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This book is due on the last date stamped 
below unless recalled sooner. It may be 
renewed only once and must be brought to 
the North Carolina Collection for renewal. 


yackety yack 

university of north Carolina 

chapel hill, north Carolina 


Down through the years traditions have begun 
on the Carolina campus to become the mem- 
ories of yesterday and the heritage of today. 
This book is one of those heritages — an old col- 
lege yell that has become etched in the tradition 
of history. When the Dialectic Senate and the 
Philanthopic Assembly combined with the fra- 
ternities in 1890 to publish the first University 
of North Carolina yearbook, the cheer, "Yack- 
ety Yack," was taken as a name. The staff 
member who suggested the name, J. C. B. 
Ehringhaus, went on to become governor of the 
state and, through the dorm that bears his 
name, a permanent part of Carolina. That first 
Yack, also, has left a memorial — a long line of 
University annuals that have faithfully contin- 
ued its spirit. Between these covers, this book 
has tried to capture informally the whole spirit 
of U.N.C., just as did that yell of yesterday, 
"Yackety Yack!" 


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This past year has been one of controversy for 
the University of North Carolina — one in which 
its existence as a free institution of learning has 
been questioned. There were many who felt that 
the University and its citizens should devote 
themselves to the rote memorization of bland 
textbook material; there were others who felt 
that whatever occurs in the halls that they own 
should be strictly supervised by the representa- 
tives they elect — the state legislature; and 
there were also those who felt that U.N.C. was a 
malignancy to be destroyed. But there is some- 
thing to a university, something which cannot 
be destroyed by petty critics with their petty 
mores and suspicious fears. That quality is visi- 
ble in the traditions of a campus — in the physi- 
cal features that set the scene and the actors 
who play the roles. For what demagogue can 
detract from the quiet dignity that is South 
Building and the Old Well, or what self- 
righteous chauvinist can condemn the com- 
passion of students united in giving blood or 
walking 140 miles for charity? These are the 
things that make the University of North Caro- 
lina, and these are the things which will insure 
its existence long after its detractors have van- 
ished and been forgotten. 




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Much of a University's heritage and tradition can be traced 
in the history of one building and outgrowths from it. What 
is today known as Playmaker's Theatre is one such building. 
Built in 1851 Playmaker's was the fifth structure built at 
U.N.C. and was known originally as Smith Building. In those 
early years it held the only bath facilities on the campus; 
thinly clad males journeying from their dorm rooms in Old 
East and Old West were warned of the approach of females 
by the cry, "Angel on the campus!" During the War Between 
the States, when Union troops occupied Chapel Hill, they quar- 
tered their horses in Smith Building, which at that time held 
the University Library. The library remained there until 1929, 
when it was moved to the first unit of what is now Louis R. 
Wilson Library. Since 1929, Smith has housed the Playmaker's 
drama group and has served as its theatre; it has even adopted 
the name of these new tenants as its own. From this one build- 
ing a wealth of Carolina tradition can be learned, and it is by 
no means unique in this respect. 

Its cornerstone laid in 1793 and formally opened on January 
15, 1795, Old East is the oldest building on a state-supported 
campus in the United States. It is ironic, of course, that the 
seeds of discord which nearly wrecked the University are pres- 
ent in that proud boast. For in its subservience to tne state, the 
University of North Carolina is seemingly controlled by those 
very forces of ignorance which it seeks to eliminate. Yet, the 
very presence of Old East is testimony to the ability of an insti- 
tution to transcend its opponents and rise triumphant; that one 
edifice has been in existence for over 170 years, while those in 
the nineteenth century who feared atheistic, sinful science, and 
in the twentieth who feared atheistic Communism, have passed 
away. The spirit of Carolina has grown and will grow; it is evi- 
denced in its inception in Old East and in its growth to the 
present in Morrison. But there is still something else that re- 
mains and will remain even when these buildings have fallen — 
that is the student, the universal student, the University stu- 
dent. Whether he be a Carolina Gentleman or scholar, whether 
a he or a she, the student will always be here. And is it not in 
the student, in the development of the human mind, that excel- 
lence in the University and in the world is achieved? And in- 
deed, regardless of the blindness prevalent in the states, it is 
only through the student that freedom can prevail. 

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Vice President 


Social Chairman 


CLASS OF 1966 

Abrams, Benjamin Morris 

A B. in Political Science 

Acee, Jr., J. Marshall 

A.B. in Political Science 

Adams, Jeffrey Paul 

A.B. in Political Science 

Adams, 1 1 1, Junius Greene 

A.B. in English 

Adams, Prise 1 1 la Bercik 

A.B. in English 

Adams, Jr., Thurston Ray 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Adkins, Evelyn May 

A.B. in Math Education 

Aimone, William F. 

B S. in Industrial Relations 

Ainsley, Jr., William Franklin 

A.B. in Biblical Studies 

Albritton, Jr., Paul Howard 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Aldridge, John Eugene 

A.B. in Political Science 

Alexander, Jr., Roy Fink 

B S in Business Administration 

Allen, Frank William 

A.B. in English 

Allen, Allison Graham 

A.B. in Political Science 

Allen, Jane Kay 

A.B. in English 

Allen, III, Mitchell F. 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Allen, William Harvey 

A.B. in Economics 

Almond, Charles Malcolm 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Almond, Gary Ronald 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Alper, Mark 

B.S. in Mathematn 

Altman, Gregory Allen 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Ambrose, Richard William 

A B in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 

Amend, Jr., John Frederick 

A.B. in Chemistry and History 

Amos, William Robert 

A B in Psychology 

Anderson, Carol G. 

A.B. in Spanish 

Anderson, David Gaskill 

A.B. in Spanish 

Anderson, Jon Edwin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Anderson, Roy Long 

A.B. in English 

Anderson, Sylvia Anita 

B S. in Nursing 

Andrews, William Russell 

A.B. in History 

Arhart, Richard James 

B.S. in Chemistry 

Arledge, Sophie Hampton 

A B. in English Education 

Branford, C 


CLRSS OF 1966 

Arthur, Tom Donnelly 

A.B. in Economics 


Ashcraft, Cornelia Ellen 

A.B. in Secondary Education 

Chapel Hill 

Ashford, Ocravia Susan 

A.B. in Education 

New Bern 

Atchley, Judy Elizabeth 

A.B. in Sociology 


Atkins, Barbara Jean 

A.B. in Art Education 


Atkinson, Jr., Carl Wilburn 

A.8. in History 


Augustine, Andrew John 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Babb, Henry Curtis 

A.B. in Political Science 


Baddour, Richard Allen 

A.B. in Economics 


Baer, III, Richard Price 

A.B. in French 


Baggett, Henry Clifford 

A.B. in Mathematics 


Bagwell, Jr., Larry Edward 

A.B. in History 

Bahnson, III, Frederic Fries 

A.B. in Political Science 

Bailey, Beverly Kay 

A.B. in Education 

Bailey, Bobbie Jean 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Baker, Duane Leonard 

A.B. in History 




Aiken, S. C 


Baker, Jacque N. 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Baldwin, III, Bernard Coleman 

A.B. in History 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Baldwin, John C. 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Port Washington, N. Y 

Ball, Gary Floyd 

A.B. in Political Science 


Ball, Jr., James Weeks 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Elizabeth City 

Ballard, Harry Hampton 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Welch, W. Va 

Ballenger, James Caudell 

A.B. in Psychology 


Bandy, Robert Ray 

A.B. in Political Science 


Banker, Barbara Ann 

A.B. in Education 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Banks, Aubrey Malcolm 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Banks, Martha Ellen 

A.B. in Physical Education 


Barden, Jr., Heywood Lamb 

A.B. in Education 


Barf ield, James Everett 

A.B. in Political Science 

Vidalia, Ga. 

Barker, Mary Elizabeth 

A.B. in Political Science 

Jacksonville, Flo. 

Barnard, Robert Lee 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Kanna polls 

Barnes, R. Thompson 

A.B. in History 

Elm City 


Barrett, Jr., Braxton Earl 

Beitler, Alvin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Paramus, N. J. 

Bellman, Terry Richard 

B.S. in Mathematics 

West Springfield, Va. 

Belsinger, Jr., Jack Russell 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 

Benfield, Ray Denton 

A.B. in Physical Education 

Hidden ite 

Benjamin, Carol Ann 

A.B. in Education 

Baltimore, Md. 

Bennett, Mary Suzanne 

B.S. in Nursing 


Bennett, Robert E. 

A.B. in Political Science 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Benson, Paul Douglas 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Benton, Billy Brantford 

A.B. in Psychology 

Denville, N. J. 

Berry, Carol Elizabeth 

A.B. in Journalism 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Bethea, Harry E. 

A.B. in Economics 


Bethel, BrendaGwynn 

A B. in English 


Bettis, Robert Edwin 

A.B. in Journalism 


Betty, L. Tyson 

A.B. in Mathematics 


Bird, Paul Edmond 

A.B. in Political Science 

Wytheville, Va. 

Birnie, Ada Lea Norf leet 

A B. in English 

Atlanta, Ga. 

B. S. in Accounting 


Barrett, Paul Welles 

A.B. in English 

Plainfield, N. J. 

Barrett, Tobie Ann 

A B. in Elementary Education 

High Point 

Barron, Wanda Lynn 

A.B. in English 

Chester Springs, Pa. 

Barrs, William Lewis 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Bartlett, Judith Ann 

B.S. in Nursing 


Bass, Jr., Dewitt Gray 

A.B. in Zoology 


Battle, Mary Josephine 

A.B. in Social Studies Education 


Baucom, Charles Michael 

A.B. in Economics 


Baum, Jr., Robert Leo 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Baylin, Jonathan Frank 

A.B. in History 


Baynard, Jr., William Thorn 

A.B. in English 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Beall, Mary Alice 

A.B. in English Education 

Eatonton, Ga 

Beatty, Joseph Robert 

A.B. in Political Science 


Beckett, Robert Sampson 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Bnghtwaters, N. Y. 

Becton, Susan Margaret 

A.B. in English 



CLRSS OF 1966 

Bishop, III, William Thomas 

Bonczek, Robert Roger 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Webster, Mass. 

Bone, John Samuel 

A.B. in History 


Boone, Robert Edward 

A.B. in Philosophy and Psychology 


Bossen, Judith Ann 

A.B. in English 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Bost, Stanley Lloyd 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Boswell, Virgil Stephen 

B.S. in Accounting 


Botsford, Jr., Robert Adolphus 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Bowen, Linda Jean 

B.S. in Medical Technology 


Boyce, Jr., Jacob Cameron 

A.B. in English 


Boyle, Kaye Terrell 

A.B. in Art History 


Boyles, Larry Wayne 

A.B. in English 


Bradley, Michael Moran 

A.B. in History 


Brill, Alan Howard 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Brilliant, Irwin Joel 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Portland, Me. 

Britt, Elizabeth Anne 

A.B. in Sociology 

Norfolk, Va. 

Broome, Bette Louise 

B.S, in Medical Technology 


B.S. in Business Administration 

Lexington, Ky. 

Black, Kermit Lamar 

A.B. in English Education 


Black, LoisMarcia 

A.B. in Philosophy and Chemistry 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Blackley, William Jackson 

A.B. in English 


Blackwell, III, Samuel Alexander 

A.B. in History 


Blaine, Eva Lee 

A.B in History and Political Science 

Chapel Hill 

Blakeney, Virginia Claire 

A.B in English 


Blanton, Jr., Joseph Kennon 

A.B. in Political Science 


Blanton Melba Lee 

A B in Psychology 


Bledsoe, Samuel 

A B. in French 

Rockwood, Tenn. 

Blowe, Ralph Boyd 

A.B. in History 


Blue, James Madison 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Chevy Chase, Md 

Blum, William Raymond 

B S. in Accounting 

Dunwoody, Ga 

Boal, Donald Stuart 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Wake Foresl 

Boggs, Charles Irving 

B S. in Industrial Relations 

Cartersville, Va 

Boggs, Harriet Kendrick 

A.B. in Education 




Broome, Jr., Hoyle S. 

A.B. in English and Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 

Brown, Jerry Samuel 

B.S. in Chemistry 

Brown, Jimmie Charles 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Brown, Vivian Sarita 

A.B. in English Education 

Browning, Judith Lee 

B.S. in Nursing 

Broyhill, 1 1, Thomas Hamilton 

A.B. in Political Science and History 

Bruce, Robert Michael 

B.S. in Accounting 


Bryan, Hugh Douglas 

A.B. in Sociology and Anthropology 

Chapel Hill 

Bryce, Katherine Arthur 

A.B. in Social Studies Education 

Gaston ia 

Buchanan, David George 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Buchanan, Jessica Irene 

B.S. in Science Education 



A.B. in English and History 


Bullock, James Walter 

A.B. in Political Science 


Bullock, Jr., Joseph Anthony 

A.B. in Art 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla 

Bumgardner, Jr., Leonard Wilson 

A.B. in History and Sociology 


Bundy, Kay 

A.B. in English Education 


Bunte, Louis Edward 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Bunton, Ray Lincoln 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Burgess, Nelle Hicks 

A.B. in Special Education 

Burkette, David Wayne 

Atlanta, Ga. 



A.B. in Psychology 


Burkhalter, George Anton 

A.B. in Political Science 

Black Mountain 

Burnish, Sara Camlin 

B.S. in Nursing 

Roanoke, Va. 

Burns, Harriet Leah 

A.B. in English 


Burr, Catherine Ann 

A.B. in Psychology 


Burton, Betsy Hall 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Burton, Clara Eunice 

B.S. in Nursing 


Burwell Susanne Jefferay 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

New Bern 

Busby, Julian Goode 

A B. in French 


Busby, William Jarvis 

A.B. in Chemistry and History 


Butcher, Charles William 

A.B. in Art History 


Butler, George Tyssen 

A.B. in English 

Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Byrd, James Edward 

A.B. in Chemistry 



CLASS OF 1966 

Colder, Bobby James 

A B. in Psychology 

Caldwell, Richard Newton 

B 5. in Business Administration 

Cameron, Harold Harrington 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Camp, Ray Hays 

A B. in Political Science 

Campbell, Judith Ann 

A B. in Mathematics Ed-cation 

Campbell, William Terrell 

A.B. in Studio Art 

Canata, Jr., William John 

A.B. in Economics 

Cannon, Clarence Ray 

A.B. in History 

Cannon, Katherine Douglas 

A B. in Math Education 

Canter, William Glen 

BS in Business Administration 

Caputo, Kathryn Buford 

A.B in Recreation Administration 

Carlisle, Blonnie Lou 

B S in Nursing 

Carlson, Elaine Ruth 

A.B. in Education 

Carmichael, Carroll Douglas 

B.S in Physics 

Carpenter, Jr., James Robert 

A.B. in Political Science 

Carroll, Freddie Rauford 

BS in Science Education 

Carson, Donald Wayne 

A B in Political Science 

Carson, Neill Mills 

A B. in Psychology 

Carter, James Douglas 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Cassidy, William Farrell 

A B. in Chemistry 

Castleberry, Michael Scott 

A.B. in English 

Cathey, Sarah Ann 

A.B. in Education 

Cauble, Myrtle Kathleen 

A.B. in Political Science 

Cecil, Charles Richard 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Chacey, Franklin Bradsher 

A.B. in English 

Challen, Erin Gary 

A.B. in English 

Chance, Richard Brooks 

A.B. in Economics 

Cheatham, Jr., Clarence Burton 

B.S. in Education in Chemistry 

Cheatham, Elizabeth Parrish 

A B. in Chemistry 

Cheves, Jr., Keywood Cornell 

B S. in Physics 

Choi, Sang-Sam 

B.S. in Physics 

Churchill, Joseph Lacy 

B.S. in History 






Yazoo City, Miss. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Charleston, S. C. 


Annandale, Va. 

Dry Fork, Vo. 

Florence, S. C. 




Rocky Mount 

Gaston ia 


Akron, Ohio 


Easley, S. C. 



Chapel Hill 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Richmond, Va. 




Kyung Buck, Korea 

Roanoke, Vo. 


Clark, David Lewis 

A.B. in Economics 

Clark, Elsie Jane 

A.B. in Sociology 

Clark, Jerry Lee 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Clements, James Larry 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Clinard, Lelia Thomas 

A.B. in Mathematics 

Cloney, Marie Phillips 

B.S. in Nursing 

Cobb, Ronald Kay 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Coble, Samuel Newlin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Cody, Mary Ann 

A.B. in English 

Cofer, Gilbert Milton 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Coghill, James Woods 

A B. in Journalism 

Cohoon, William Charles 

A.B. in Political Science 

Colison, Margaret Estelle 

B.S. in Nursing 

Collins, Henry Boyd 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Collins, Jr., Leslie Gordon 

A.B. in Chemistry and Mathematics 

Conner, James Michael 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Cook, Jr., Billy J. 

B S in Mathematics 

Cook, Fredric William 

A.B. in Drama 

Cooke, Jon David 

A B in Geography 

Cooley, Jean Cowan 

B.S. in Sociology 

Copeland, Roxella Diane 

A.B in Political Science 

Corbett, Jr., Thomas Alvin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Cordell, Thomas McNeill 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Corder, Robert Joseph 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Corry, Paul William 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Covert, Edward Martin 

A.B. in History 

Cowen, Peter Donnelly 

A.B. in English and Philosophy 

Cox, Carl Thomas 

Cox, Elizabeth Blair 

B.S. in Nursing 

Cox, Jr., Mason Orlando 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Cox, Terry Gene 

A.B. in English 

Craig, Ernestine 

A.B. in Physical Education 

Atlanta, Ga. 



High Point 





Washington, D. C. 




Rochester, N. Y. 

High Point 




Scorsdale, N. Y. 







CLASS OF 1966 

Craige, Jane Caroline 

A.B. in English 


swick, Va 

Crampton, Guy Clark 

A.B. in Political Science 


Craven, Suzanne Winstead 

A.B. in Education 


Crawley, Jr., Jack Benjamin 

A.B. in English 


Creal, Richard Edward 

A.B. in Journalism 

Wharton, N. J. 

Creech, Alice Marie 

A.B. in Education 

Snow Hill 

Creech, Laten Lewis 

B.S. in Business Administration 



Creem, Dorothy Elizabeth 

A.B. in English 


Cresimore, Joe Huitt 

B.S. in Business Administration 

C reveling, III, William Sloan 

A.B. in Economics and English 


Crimmins, Meredith Ann 

A.B. in Mathematics 


Cromartie, Jr., Luther Martin 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Croom, Connie Piatt 

B.S. in Nursing 


Cross, Jr., Lawrence Allan 

B.S. in Physics 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Crowder, Ronald Lewis 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Crowe, Sheryl Clark 

A.B. in History 

New Bern 

Crowgey, Margaret Anne 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Crudup, 1 II, Thomas Henry 

B S. in Business Administration 


Crumley, Charles Edwin 

A B. in Chemistry 

Chapel Hill 

Crutcher, Sharron Lee 

B.S. in Mathematics 


Crutchf ield, Ann Groome 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Culberson, Ora Lou 

A B in Education 

Snow Camp 

Culbertson, Robert Barber 

A B. in Political Science 

Englewood, N. J 

Culp, Robert William 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Cunningham, Donald Edward 

BS in Business Administration 


Cunningham, Elisabeth 

A.B. in Education 


Dail, Thomas Edward 

A.B. in Recreation Administration 


Dailey, George James 

A B. in Zoology 

Wayne, N. J. 

Daniel, 1 1 1, Charles Camp 

B S in Geology 


Daniell, Mary Elizabeth 

A B. in French 

Chapel Hill 

Darnell, William Irving 

A.B. in Political Science 


Dougherty, Joseph Kenneth 

B.S. in Physics 


DeBarger, David Michael 

A B. in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 

Springtield, Mass. 

DeBruhl, Jr., Max Woodrow 

B.S. in Economics and Industrial Relotions 

Miami, Flo. 

Denny, Dwight Douglas 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Dickson, III, Paul 

A.B. in Political Science 


Dillon, II 1, Thomas Alexander 

B S. in Business Administration 


Dingeldein, George Peter 

A B. in Zoology 


Dobritch, Alexander A. 

A.B. in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 

Pcramus, N, J. 

Dorsey, Miriam J. 

A B. in Political Science 


Dotson, Jr., Bernard Earl 

A.B in Economics 


Dougherty, David Daniel 

A.B. in Chemistry and Mathematics 


Downing, Edward Converse 

A.B. in Economics 


Downton, III, Charles Edwards 

A.B. in Psychology 

Longmeadow, Mass. 

Doyle, George Wright 

A.B. in Latin 

Doyle, Ruth Lestha 

A B. in French Education 

Drew, Muriel 

A.B. in Psychology 

Droze, Gerald Alan 

A.B. in English 

Pensacola, Flo. 


Fiskeville, R. I. 

Washington, D. C. 


Dougherty, Thomas Alexander 

B.S. in Business Administration 

High Point 

Davis, Barbara Deese 

A B. in English Education 

Chapel Hill 

Davis, Carl Stephen 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Davis, Charles Thomas 

A.B. in Recreation 

New Bern 

Davis, Gregory Mack-Perry 

A.B. in Latin American Studies 

Washington, D. C. 

Davis, Jefferson Bryan 

A.B. in English 


Davis, Jenny Dale 

B S. in Business Administration 

West Cramerton 

Davis, John Mason 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Davis, John Richard 

A.B. in Zoology 

Davis, Jr., John William 

B S in Business Administration 

Davis, Louise Bahnson 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Davis, Marian 

A.B. in Education 

Davis, Jr., Paul Benning 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Davis, Robert Carlton 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Deaton, Joyce Hill iard 

A.B. in English 

Deaton, Mary Palmer 

A B. in Sociology 





Chapel Hill 

Rocky Mount 



CLRSS OF 1966 

Drummond, Dennis Gene 

Edgerton, John Steele 

A.B. in History 


Edmister, Russell Seymour 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Chapel Hill 

Edwards, Ann Clifton 

A.B. in Education 


Edwards, David Willard 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Edwards, Ted Willis 

A.B. in Political Science 


Edwards, II, William Masters 

A.B. in Physical Education 


Ehrhart, Lawrence Albert 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Orleans, Mass 

Eidson, Carol Aileen 

A.B. in Sociology 


Ekstrom, R. David 

A.B. in Psychology 

Eller, Jerri Lee 

A.B. in English Education 

Elliott, Jr., William Thomas 

A.B. in Political Science and Sociology 

Ellis, Judith Carol 

B.S. in Dental Hygiene 

Ellis, Jr., KermitWeldon 

A.B. in History 

Ellis, Robert Earl 

A.B- in Economics 

Ellis, Steven Paul 

A.B. in Psychology 

Emory, John Burke 

A.B. in History 





Roanoke Rapids 


B.S. in Chemistry 

Alexandria, Va. 

Dudley, Judith Carole 

A.B. in English Education 


Dulin, Jane Jordan 

A.B. in Education 


Duncan, Katherine Burke 

B.S. in Dental Hygiene 


Dunham, Jr., Robert Jay 

A.B. in History 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Dunlevie, Jr., Malcolm Ward 

A.B. in Economics 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Dunn, John Leo 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Dunn, Jr., John Oliver 

A.B. in History 


Dunn, Joseph Clayton 

A.B. in Physical Education 


Dunn, Mary Carole 

B.S. in Nursing 

Chapel Hill 

Dunstan, Virginia Herrington 

A.B. in English 

Elizabeth City 

Eagleton, Hugh Edward 

A.B. in Political Science 

Silver Spring, Md 

Early, Steven Thomas 

A.B. in Economics 

Hickory Corners, Mich. 

Eason, Margaret Arnold 

A.B. in Education 


Edge, Jerry Thomas 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle 

A B. in English Education 



, Md 


Engler, Robert Louis 

A.B. in Physics 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Enos, IV, Alanson Trask 

B.S. in Bacteriology 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Ephland, III, Charles Ray 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 


Estes, Melvin Joseph 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Chapel Hill 

Etherington, III, Burton Hazell 

A.B. in Psychology and B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Haverford, Pa. 

Evans, Elwyn Kim 

A.B. in Economics 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Evans, Jr., Hoyt Ray 

A.B. in English 


Everett, Alpheous Kern 

A.B. in Political Science 

Sneads Ferry 

Everett, Robert Hamilton 

A.B. in Political Science 


Everhart, Jane Crater 

A.B. in English Education 


Everhart, Jr., Koyt Woodworth 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Exum, Joe 

A.B. in Political Science 

Snow Hill 

Fann, P. Douglas 

A.B. in Psychology 


Farfour, William Neil 

A.B. in History 


Farrior, Jr., Julian Wade 

A.B. in Chemistry and Economics 


Fawcett, Robert Redman 

A.B. in English 

Durbury, Mass. 

Feder, Jeffrey H. 

A.B. in History 

York, Pa. 

Feher, David Terry 

A.B. in Economics 

Topsfield, Mass. 

Feik, Gail Elizabeth 

A.B. in Sociology 


Feingold, William Steven 

A.B. in English 

Melrose, Mass. 

Ferebee, Susan Nancy 

A B. in Mathematics 

New Bern 

Fesperman, Sylvia Ann 

B.S. in Psychology 


Fesperman, William Edward 

A.B. in English Education 

China Grove 

Field, Russel Porter 

A.B. in Economics and Spanish 

Wyoming, Del. 

Finch, Charles Wilfred 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Spring Hope 

Finch, Jr., George Washington 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Finch, Jr., William Curtis 

A.B. in Political Science 


Fish, James Arthur 

A.B. in English Education 

Alexandria, Va. 

Fisher, Margaret Gayle 

A.B. in English Education 


Fisher, Mary Ancil 

A.B. in Social Studies 


Fisher, Jr., Stanley Groth 

A.B. in English 

Kensington, Conn. 

Flanagan, Michael Perkins 

A.B. in History 



CLfiSS OF 1966 

Fleming, Jr., Henry D. 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Fleming, John Thomas 

A.B. in Chemistry and Zoology 


Flowers, 1 II, John Morgan 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Red Springs 

Foote, Diana Gayle 

A.B. in French 

King of Prussia, Pa. 

Forbes, Charles Suttle 

A.B. in Economics 


Ford, Jr., Charles Ellis 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Ford, Dale Norris 

A.B. in Political Science 


Formanek, Peter Raemin 

A.B. in History and French 

Rocky River, Ohio 

Forum, Richard Burton 

A.B. in Religion 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Foster, Jr., Leslie Hastings 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Foster, Nola Maria 

A.B. in Business Administration 


Fountain, James Markland 

A.B. in Political Science 

Easton, Md. 

Fowler, James Nelson 

A.B. in Psychology 


Fox, David K. M. 

A.B. in English 

Gary, Ind. 

Fox, Janice Kay 

B.S. in Nursing 


Franklin, Jr., E. Thomas 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Freakley, Jr., Edwin M. 

A B. in Journalism 

Ft. Monroe, Va. 

Freedman, Ceevah Ann 

A.B. in Fine Arts 


French, Jr., Berry Godwin 

A.B. in Political Science 


Freiberg, Allen Charles 

B.S. in Psychology and Industrial Relations 


Frieden, Jesslyn Rae 

A.B. in Sociology 

Norfolk, Va. 

Frye, Thomas Lawrence 

B S. in Business Administration 


Fuller, Evelyn Louise 

A B. in Mathematics and Spanish 

Columbus, Go. 

Furches, Henry Clay 

A B. in Education 


Futterer, Mary Julian 

A B in Latin 


Gallant, Dorothy Carol 

A B in Journalism 


Gann, Alice Kellogg 

A.B. in English 

Atlanta, Ga 

Ganus, John Willie 

B.S. in Geography 


Garden, Christine Josephine 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Gaster, Roy Rosser 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Gaunt, Jr., George Loren 

A.B in Chemistry and B S. in Zoology 


Gebeaux, Robert Joseph 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Fairfax, Va. 



Gebhardt, Susan Clair 

A.B. in Political Science 


Gehweiler, Richard William 

A.B. in Economics 

Youngstown, N. Y. 

Gibbs, III, Joseph Franklin 

A.B. in Physical Education 


Gibson, Anne Amelia 

B.S. in Physical Therapy 


Gibson, Martha Zink 

B.S. in Nursing 

Chapel Hill 

Giles, II, Ernest Neal 

A.B. in Political Science 

Glen Alpine 

Giles, Kenneth Darden 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 


Gilmore, Stella Florence 

B.S. in Nursing 


Gilstad, Claire John 

A.B. in English 

Kings Mountain 

Gimmon, Susan Gayle 

A.B in Social Studies Education 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Goble, Judy Clarice 

A.B. in English Education 


Godfrey, Jr., Roy Burchell 

A.B. in Zoology 

Chapel Hill 

Godwin, Howard Gibson 

A.B. in English 

Goforth, Jr., Joe Neil 

A.B. in History 

Goldberg, Linda Ruth 

A.B. in Spanish Education 

Goldman, Richard Allen 

A.B. in History 

Goldstein, Bruce 

A.B. in History and Economics 

Gonzalez, Peter William 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Goodman, Joseph H. 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Goodman, Kay 

B.S. in Nursing 

Goodnight, Patricia Lynn 

A.B. in History 

Goodwin, Mary Sheila 

A.B. in History 

Gordon, Jr., Britton Lawrence 

A.B. in Political Science 

Gorrell, Sarah Anne 

B.S. in Bacteriology 

Graham, Margaret Etheredge 

A.B. in English Education 

Graham, Jr., Walter Raleigh 


li, Flo. 



Richmond, Va. 


i, S. C. 

Sands Point 

N. Y. 






in, Va. 

East Grand Rapids, 



m, Va 

A.B. in English and Chemistry 


Graham, Jr., William Albert 

A.B. in Comparative Literature 

Chapel Hill 

Gray, Elizabeth Reaville 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

High Point 

Gray, Madeline Dell 

A.B. in Latin and History 


Gray, Mary 

B.S. in Mathematics 

St. Simons Island, Ga. 

Gray, Jr., Paul Allen 

A.B. in Comparative Literature 


Greenamyer, Richard Doyle 

A.B. in Psychology 


infield, N. J. 


CLRSS OF 1966 

Greene, Jr., John Lee 

A.B. in Journalism 

Greenway, Robert McKinley 

A.B. in English 

Greeson, Jr., Michael Ralph 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Gregory, Margaret Overman 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Griffin, James McCarley 

A.B. in Economics 

Griffin, Jean Carole 

A.B. in French 

Griffin, Samuel Cecil 

A.B. in Mathematics 

Groman, Ernest Victor 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Groome, Margaret Montgomery 

A.B. in English 

Guard, III, Jchn Etheridge 

A.B. in Social Studies 

Gulledge, Charles Brooks 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Gunderson, Karen Lee 

B.S. in Nursing 

Guthrie, Elizabeth Holmes 

A.B. in Spanish Education 

Guyer, Ann Laurice 

A.B. in Education 

Gwynne, Valerie Sue 

A.B. in Education 

Gygi, Jr., Andrew Charles 

A.B. in Zoology 

Greenville, Miss. 

Poplar Branch 




La Porte, Ind. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Norfolk, Va. 

M* W 9 

Hackman, Jeffrey Russell 

A.B. in History and English 


Hagerty, Roy Hartman 

A.B. in Psychology 


Haithcock, Jr., Willard Irvin 

B S. in Business Administration 


Haithcock, Worth Timothy 

A.B. in Political Science 


Hall, Patricia Inez 

B.S. in Science Education 


Hall, Jr., Samuel Lindsay 

B S. in Accounting 

Rocky Mount 

Hamilton, John Randle 

B S. in Business Administration 


Hamilton, Maria Garland 

A.B. in Mathematics 


Hamilton, Stephen Spencer 

B S in Business Administration 


Hamlin, Jr., William Thomas 

B S in Industrial Relations 


Hamm, Kenneth Yates 

A.B. in Psychology 

Huntsville, Ala. 

Hamrick, Richard Douglas 

B.S. in Science Education 


Hampton, Keitha Sue 

A B. in English 


Hardenbergh, Frank Eddy 

A.B. in Political Science 

Wellesley, Mass. 

Hardesty, Jr., Ivan 

A.B. in Journalism 


Hardman, Joel Cecil 

A B. in Economics 



Harrison, Jr., William Burwell 

B.S. in Economics 

Hart, James Patrick 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Hartman, Jr., James Daniel 

A.B. in French 

Harvey, Anne Elizabeth 

A.B. in Recreation 

Harville, Jr., Thomas Crawford 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Hassell, Raymond Grayer 

A.B. in History 

Hatch, William Manly 

A.B. in Political Science 

Hauser, Michael Francis 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Haverstock, Mary Elizabeth 

A.B. in Zoology 

Roanoke Rapids 

Hayes, Jr., Gerald Wilton 

A.B. in Economics 


Hayes, Margaret Sue 

B.S. in Mathematics 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Hazelton, William Dean 

A.B. in Philosophy 

Chester, Va 

Hechenbleikner, Madeline M 

B.S. in Medical Technology 



Hege, Jerald Dee 

A B. in Chemistry 


Hemphill, William Max 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Henry, Kenneth Ray 

A.B. in Psychology 


Harmon, John Matney 

A.B. in History and Economics 

Harmon, Jr., John Patrick 

A.B. in English 

Harnden, Elizabeth Boatwright 

A.B. in Sociology 

Harrell, Andrew Jackson 

A.B. in Chemistry and English 

Harrell, Joe Lynwood 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Harrell, Shirley Ann 

A.B. in Education 

Harrington, Jr., Ellis Jackson 

A.B. in Political Science 

Harris, Bayard Easter 

A.B. in History 

Harris, Cornelius Jackson 

B S. in Business Administration 

Harris, Douglas Edwin 

A.B. in Political Science 

Harris, Gaye Karyl 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Harris, James Randolph 

A.B. in English Education 

Harris, Jr., Paul Kitchin 

A.B. in Education and Mathematics 

Harris, Jr., Ralph Copeland 

B.S. in Accounting 

Harris, Robert L. 

A.B. in English 

Harrison, Linda Yvonne 

B.S. in Nursing 


Hershey, Pa. 

Snow Hill 



York, S. C 

Chapel Hill 

Chapel Hill 





Bonifay, Fla. 


CLRSS OF 1966 

Henry, Lee Elizabeth 

Hinshaw, Jr., Maxwell Norman 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Hinton, Larry Harold 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Hoffman, James William 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Holland, Rebecca May 

B.S. in Nursing 

Holland, Tony Lyles 

B S in Industrial Relations 

Holler, Jr., CatoOliver 

B.S. in Dentistry 

Hollingsworth, Jr., Harry DeWitt 

A.B. in Journalism 

Holmes, III, George Hamilton 

A.B. in International Studies 

Holton, Jean Marshall 

B.S. in Nursing 

Honeycutt, Jeffrey Scott 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Hooks, Diana Jane 

A.B. in Education 

Houston, Anne Barbee 

B.S. in Nursing 

Howard, Douglas Harold 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Howe, Daniel Bo 

A.B. in Sociology 

Howe, Donald Douglas 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Howe, George Milton, Jr. 

B.S. in Business Administration 









Pink Hill 




A.B. in Psychology 

Chapel Hill 

Hensley, Michael Jack 

B.S. in Medicine 


Hepler, Elizabeth Daisy 

A B in Education 


Herman, Carol Smith 

A.B in French and Political Science 

Bessemer City 

Herring, David Middleton 

B.S. in Mathematics 


Herring, Mary Dawn 

A.B. in Zoology 


Herter, Nancy Elizabeth 

B.S. in Nursing 


Hester, Edward Lee 

A.B. in Economics and Political Science 


Hicks, Jr., James F. 

A.B. in Political Science 

Maitland, Fla. 

Hicks, Rodney Lee 

A.B. in Political Science 


Hiers, Charles B. 

A.B. in Journalism 

Mercer, Pa. 

Hight, William Christopher 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Hightower, Jr., Felda 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Hill, Gary Prevost 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Hill, James Clinton 

A.B. in Political Science 


Hill, Mavis Helena 

A.B. in English 



Howerton, Judy Charlyne 

B.S. in Nursing 


Hoyle, Stephen Alexander 

A.B. in English 


Hoyt, Richard Lee 

A.B. in Psychology 

Jacksonville Fla. 

Hubbard, Edith Autry 

A.B. in Psychology and Sociology 

Chapel Hill 

Hudson, Ronald Ted 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Huff, Dorothy Ann 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Mars Hill 

Huffman, Gary Marvin 

A.B. in Political Science 


Huggler, David Horton 

B.S. in Business Administration 

St. Davids, Pa. 

Hughes, James Allen 

B.S. in Accounting 

Hughes, III, John William 

A B. in History and Political Science 

Hume, Richard L. 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Humphreys, Mary Scott 

A B in Elementary Education 

Hunnicutt, Benjamin Kline 

A.B. in Philosophy 

Hunt, III, Edgar William 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Hunter, James Collett 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Hunter, John Wayne 

A.B. in International Studies 

Florence, S. C. 

Great Falls, Mont. 

Hunter, Jr., Luther Gillespie 

A.B. in History 


Hunter, Robert Carl 

A.B. in Political Science 


Hurst, Nancy Ward 

B.S. in Nursing 


Hutaff, Phillip Griggs 

A.B. in Business Administration 


Hutcheson, Jr., John Ambrose 

A.B. in History 


Hynes, Barbara Easkold 

B.S. in Nursing 


Ingram, III, George Mason 

A.B, in International Studies and Political Science 

Helsinki, Finland 

Ingram, John Carter 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Mt. Gilead 

Israel, Stephen Howard 

A.B. in English 


Jackson, Thomas Clark 

A.B. in History 

Dover, Del. 

James, Roger Wayne 

A.B. in History 


Janowitz, William Harry 

A.B. in Education 

Chapel Hill 

January, Mary Lee 

B.S. in Nursing 


Jenkins, Larry Wade 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 


Jennings, Henry Edwin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Jennell, Kay Jackson 

B S. in Business Administration 


CLASS OF 1966 

Johansson, Beatrice Cate 

A.B. in Psychology 

Johnson, Carolyn Clifton 

A B. in Elementary Education 

Johnson, James David 

A.B. in Political Science 

Johnson, Jo Ann 

A B in Elementary Education 

Johnson, Michael Ruel 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Johnson, Paula Anne 

A.B. in English 

Johnson, Richard Sandusky 

A.B. in Economics 

Johnson, Robert Edwin 

A B. in Radro, Television, and Motion Pictu 

Johnston, Mary Helen 

B.S. in Pharmacy 

Jolley, Rickey Dalon 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Jolley, Roger Dale 

A.B. in Journalism 

Jones, Jean Carolyn 

A B. in French Education 

Jones, Jr., John Albert 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Jones, John Terry 

A.B. in Psychology 

Jones, Raphael Maclra 

A.B in English 

Jones, Van Michael 

B S. in Business Administration 

Jones, Jr., WaldoClyde 

A.B. in English 

Jordan, Julia Anne 

A.B. in Political Science 

Jordan, June Hunter 

A.B. in Music Education 

Jordan, Linda Virginia 

B.S. in Nursing 

Jordan, Robert Strong 

A.B. in Political Science 

Joye, E. Michael 

A.B. in Political Science 

Justice, James Donivan 

A.B. in Political Science 

Kampf, Joseph Michael 

A.B. in Economics 

Kane, Bonnie Lee Tharrington 

A B. in Elementary Education 

Kanwit, Peter David 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Kassens, Jr., William D. 

A.B. in History 

Keating, William 

A B. in English 

Keen, Aubrey Alfred 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Kellam, Jr., Nosco Hobart 

A.B. in History 

Kemlein, Jr., Donald Fleetwood 

A.B. in Economics 

Kemp, William Loring 

B S. in Business Administration 

Chapel Hill 




Memphis, Tenn. 


Hampton, Va. 






Danville, Va. 

High Point 



Pamplico, S. C. 


Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Rocky Mount 

Fairfax, Va. 


Savannah, Ga. 

Four Oaks 


Wilmington, Del. 




Kendrick, Howard Haselden 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Kenney, Jr., Edward Martin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Chcpel Hill 

Kenney, Larry James 

B.S. in Dentistry 

Chapel Hill 

Kerns, Marshall Glenn 

A.B. in Political Science 


Kesler, Pamela Ann 

A.B. in Dramatic Art 

Oak Park, III. 

Killian, Charles Edwin 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 


Killian, III, Leon M. 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Kilpatrick, Lynn 

A.B. in Education 

Short Hills, N. J. 

King, Michael Brian 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Kinlaw, Francis Harvey 

A.B. in Political Science 


Kirby, Ralph Clayton 

A.B. in Political Science 


Kirk, Cary John 

A.B. in Education 


Kirkpatrick, Jr., James Weaver 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 


Kirtley, III, Wallace Jones 

A.B. in Political Science 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Klaff, Michael Philip 

A.B. in History 

Danville, Va. 

Kline, Harvey Franklin 

A.B. in Political Science 


Kling, Margaret Carol 

B.S. in Nursing 


Knesel, David Charles 

A.B. in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 

Rockville, Md. 

Kodack, Lawrence David 

A.B. in Zoology 


Koonce, William Turner 

A.B. in Political Science 


Kraft, Naomi Gail 

A.B. in English 


Kramer, Richard Frederick 

A.B. in History 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Krames, Elliot Stephan 

A.B. in History 


Kubie, Jr., Donald A. 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Kurtz, Marguerite Breeden 

A.B. in Education 


Laban, Lois Francine 

A.B. in Political Science 

Charleston, S. C. 

Lackey, Judith Annette 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Aiken, S.C. 

Lackey, Jr., Walter Lee 

A.B. in Political Science 


Lambert, Jr., Fred Lester 

A.B. in English 

Lambert, Jerry Jefferson 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Lamm, Benajah Scott 

A.B. in Political Science 

Lane, Barbara Dean 

B.S. in Dental Hygiene 

Mount Airy 



New Bern 

CLfiSS OF 1966 

Lane, David Avra 

A.B. in History and Mathematics 

Lane, Miriam Rose 

A.B. in Political Science 

Lane, Robert Harold 

B.S. in Chemistry 

Langstaff, Joan Beth 

A.B. in Sociology 

Lansche, John Elmer 

A.B. in Political Science 

Lauder, JoAnn 

A.B. in Art History 

Lawhon, Betty Rae 

A.B. in English 

Lawrence, Jr., Edward Fox 

A.B. in Political Science 

Leder, Nathan I. 

B S. in Business Administratu 





Lee, John Lightfoot 

A.B. in History 

New York, N. Y. 

■r * 

Lee, Lawrence Borden 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Charleston, S. C. 

■• f 

Lee, Nancy Irene 

A.B. in Mathematics 



Lef ler, Charles Deems 

A.B. in History 

LeGrand, Jr., Homer Eugene 

A.B. in History and Chemistry 

Chapel Hill 


Leibold, Jean Ellen 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Leiner, Marion Ross 

B.S. in Nursing 

Carolina Beach 

Leland, Jr., Roderic Schuyler 

A.B. in English 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Lennon, Linda Fay 

B.S. in Science Education 


Lentz, Ellen Linn 

A.B. in English 


Leonard, III, John Richard 

A.B. in English and Chemistry 


Leonard, Joseph Gregory 

A.B. in Sociology 


Leonard, Kenneth Beattie 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Kings Mountain 

Lesley, Donald Williams 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Clayton, Ga. 

Levine, George Joel 

B S in Accounting 

High Point 

Lewis, Anne Haynes 

A B. in Sociology 

Martinsville, Va. 

Lewis, Claudia Bane 

A.B. in Education 


Lewis, Georgia Kathleen 

B.S. in Nursing 

Rocky Mount 

Lewis, Jr., Roger Wesley 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Lichtenstein, Marshall Harvey 

A.B. in Political Science 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Liebel, Joan Susan 

A B in Political Science 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Liipfert, Analeak Scott 

A.B. in English 


Limbert, Marly Entwistle 

A.B. in Sociology 

Louisville, Ky. 


Lindell, Jr., Carl William 

Logan, Ronald James 

A.B. in Journalism 

Chapel Hill 

Logan, III, Wade Hampton 

A.B. in Political Science 

Charleston, S. C. 

Lokey, Jr., Julian Lee 

A.B. in English 


Lollar, Susan Eileen 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Lomax, III, John Robert 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Long, Jr., Donald Matchett 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Cherry Hill, N. J. 

Long, III, Thomas Williams Mason 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Shreveport, La. 

Longino, Barbara Diane 

A.B. in English 

College Park, Ga. 

Longino, Charles F. 

A B. in Sociology 

Poplarville, Miss. 

Longino, E. Loyce 

A.B. in Education 

Ponce, P. R. 

Loudon, Alexander 

A.B. in Psychology 

New York, N. Y. 

Loudon, Douglas M. 

A.B. in Economics 

Peapack, N. J. 

Love, Sue Ellen 

A.B. in Secondary Education 


Lovell, John Thomas 

B S. in Business Administration 


Lowder, George Edward 

A B. in Education 


Lowery, Robert Herman 

A.B. in Political Science 


A.B. in English 

Jacksonville, Flo. 

Lindley, Harry Newell 

B S. in Business Administration 


Lindley, James Randall 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Snow Camp 

Lineberger, Joe Robert 

A.B. in Religion 

Gaston ia 

Link, Elizabeth Robins 

A.B. in Political Science 

Danville, Va. 

Linker, III, William Murray 

A.B. in German 


Lipp, Frederick Stanley 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Baltimore, Md. 

Little, James David 

A.B. in Political Science 


Littleton, Augusta Stanley 

B.S. in Medical Technology 


Litton, Nancy Lee 

A.B in Elementary Education 

High Point 

Livengood, Thomas Stuart 

A.B. in Studio Art 

High Point 

Livingston, Elizabeth Ann 

A.B. in English 


Lobl, Thomas Jay 

B.S. in Chemistry 

Danville, Va. 

Loewenbaum, George Walter 

A.B. in History 

New Orleans, La. 

Loftin, David H. 

A.B. in History 


Logan, Anne Hammond 

A.B. in Education 



CLfiSS OF 1966 

Lowery, Jr., Wood row Wilson 

McColl, Mary Tipton 

A.B. in Special Education 

McCoy, Kenneth Byron 

A.B. in English Education 

McCrachen, Nancy J. 

A.B. in Political Science and Spanish 

McCrary, Ernest S. 

A.B. in Journalism 

McCutcheon, Linda Holloway 

A.B. in English 

Upper Montclair, N. J. 

McDaniel, Ralph Bryan 

A.B. in English 

Lake View, S. C 

McDonald, Allen Pierce 

A.B. in English 

Atlanta, Ga. 

McDonald, Jr., Daniel Edwin 

A.B. in Political Science 


McDonald, Ford Crisp 

A B. in Art 


McDonald, Harold Ernest 

A.B. in Sociology 

Chapel Hill 

McDowell, Frances Salisbury 

A.B. in Zoology 


McFadden, V, Charles William 

A.B. in History 


McGehee, Hortense 

A.B. in Business Administration 

McGimsey, Arthur Ray 

B.S. in Accounting 

McGlohon, Artie Campbell 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

McGowan, Mary Elissa 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


B.S. in Business Administration 


Loyd, Linda Kay 

A.B. in Botany 


Lupton, Richard Byron 

A.B. in Spanish 

Swan Quarter 

Lyda, III, Oscar James 

B S. in Industrial Relations 


Lynn, Diane Elizabeth 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Mountain Home, Idaho 

Lynn, Robert Page 

A.B. in Psychology 

Petersburg, Va. 

Lyons, Jr., Joseph Eugene 

A.B. in History 


McAdams, Jr., Walter Dalton 

B.S. in Business Administration 


McArthur, William Kenneth 

A.B. in Sociology 


McBrair, Peter Sayre 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Caldwell, N. J. 

McCallie, Spencer Wyatt 

A B in Mathematics 

Chattonoogo, Tenn. 

McCampbell, Anne Bernice 

B S. in Mathematics 

Lafayette, La 

McCardell, William Paul 

A.B. in English 

Lancaster, Pa. 

McCartney, III, Ottaway Kenton 

B.S. in Business Administration 


McCaskill, Donald Terry 

B.S. in Industrial Management 

McClelland, Keith Thomas 

A.B. in Political Science 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 



McGowan, Robert William 

B.S. in Business Administration 


McGregor, Gail 

A.B. in English 

Washington, D. C. 

Mclnnis, Jr., Thomas McLeod 

B.S. in Chemistry 


Mclntyre, Susan Bartee 

A.B. in English 

Chapel Hill 

McKee, Elizabeth Jo 

B.S. in Science Education 

Annapolis, Md. 

McKeithen, Millicent Jean 

A.B. in Education 


McKnight, Norva Hope 

A.B. in Spanish Education 

Chapel Hill 

McKnight, Stephen Alen 

A.B. in Religion 

Mount Airy 

McLain, George Robert 

A.B. in English 

McLaughlin, Phillip Michael 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Highland Park, III. 

McLean, George Russell 

A.B. in Physical Education 


McMahan, Freddie Clark 

A.B. in Sociology 


McMakin, Martha Alice 

A.B. in History 


McNairy, Jr., Wyatt Hami 

A.B. in Education 



McRae, Martha Alice 

B.S. in Psychology 


MacDonald, Neil Robert 

A.B. in Education 


MacQueen, Margaret Adams 

A.B. in History 

Mack, Stephen Philip 

B S in Business Administration 

Maddox, James McMillin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Magnuson, Jr., Philip Roger 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Lakewood, N. Y. 

Manley, John Kendall 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Mann, Katherine Hendrix 

A.B. in Education 


Mann, Kenneth Lee 

B.S. in Accounting 

Lido Beach, N. Y. 

Mann, Thomas Wingate 

A.B. in Religion 


Manning, Patricia Bryden 

A.B. in Sociology 


Marshall, Jr., Albert Barnes 

B S. in Mathematics 

Umatilla, Fla. 

Marshall, Jean Mary 

A.B. in Economics 

Arlington, Va. 

Martin, Donald Payne 

A.B. in American History 

Martin, Jane Alice 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Martin, Joseph Franklin 

A.B. in Economics 

Martin, 1 1 1, William Wallace 

B S. in Science Education 

Massingill, Howard Arthur 

A.B. in History and Political Science 


Chapel Hill 


Charleston, W. Va. 


CLRSS OF 1966 

Motherly, Brenda Chandler 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Matthews, Ann Meddaugh 

A.B. in English Education 

Matthews, Robert William 

A.B. in Recreation Administration 

Maupin, Jr., Armistead Jones 

A.B. in English 

Maupin, Virginia Magruder 

A.B. in Art History 

Maxwell, Jon Hampton 

A B. in Philosophy 

May, Samuel Lyon 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Mayer, Nancy Lynn 

A B in Elementary Education 

Mead, Gary Raymond 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Meade, James Bullard 

A B. in Zoology and Russian 

Mearns, Suzanne 

A.B. in English 

Mebane, Jr., John Gilmer 

A B. in English 

Melvin, James Stuart 

B S. in Business Administration 

Merritt, Jr., Eugene Worth 

A.B. in English 

Merrow, Helen Leith 

B.S. in Nursing 

Messina, Edward Frederick 

B S. in Mathematics 

Meyer, Charles Edward 

A.B. in Mathematics Education 

Mickey, John David 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Miller, Jr., Charles Parker 

A.B. in Psychology 

Miller, Charles Raymond 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Miller, Daniel Thomas 

B.S. in Accounting 

Miller, Elizabeth Ann 

A.B. in Spanish Education 

Miller, Jr., Fred Caustion 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Miller, Ira Lawrence 

A B. in Chemistry 

Miller, Sharon Jean 

A B. in Elementary Education 

Milstead, Charlotte Barksdale 

A B. in Elementary Education 

Milton, Eunice Howze 

A B. in History 

Misenheimer, Jr., Mozelle 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Mitchell, Grace Ellen 

A.B. in Zoology 

Mitchell, Morgan C. 

A.B. in Economics 

Mitchell, Jr., Neal A. 

B S. in Accounting 

Mitchell, Jr., Walter Clifford 





Wake Forest 

New Orleans, La. 



Norwood, N. J. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Darmstadt, Germany 




Alexandria, Va. 

Miami, Flo. 

Rocky Mount 



Manhasset, N. Y. 

Yonkers, N. Y. 
Columbia, S. C. 


Tulsa, Okla. 

Marianna, Fla. 



Rye, N. Y. 





Mitchener, Joseph Pike 

B.S. in Chemistry 

Mitchiner, William Clifton 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Mittendorff, Gerald Ernest 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Mock, Frances Clara 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Mocnik, Jr., Frank Anthony 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Modling, Wilma Riley 

A.B. in Mathematics 

Monahan, Helen Stroud 

A.B. in Mathematics 

Moore, Carol Ann 

A.B. in Psychology 

Moore, II, David McDaniel 

A.B. in Political Science 

Moore, Jr., James Edwin 

A.B. in Psychology 

Moore, Michael Allan 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Moore, III, Springer Harbaugh 

A.B. in Political Science 

Moore, William Perry 

A.B. in Geography 

Moose, Jr., George Howard 

A.B. in History 

Moran, Jr., Alfred Jay 

A.B. in Philosophy 

Morgan, Daria Obolensky 

A B. in History 

Morris, Betsy Ross 

A.B. in Education 

Morris, Nancy Jean 

A.B. in English Education 

Morris, Patricia Faye 

Morrison, John Calvin 

A.B in Chemistry 

Moseley, James Whitfield 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Mosen, Jerri T. 

B.S. in Nursing 

Mosteller, Jr., Clifton Herbert 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Mount, Kenneth Marshal 

A B in English 

Mowery, Carol Marie 

A B in English Education 

Muchmore, James Harrison 

A B. in English 

Muilenburg, Martha Barrett 

A.B. in Special Education 

Mullen, Sally Jo 

A.B. in Education 

Mullinix, Gay Snuggs 

A.B. in Mathematics 

Muney, Thomas Edward 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Murphy, Andrew Marshall 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Murphy, Zacki Anne 

A B in Art 

Alexandria, Va. 





Granite Falls 


Mount Airy 

Vero Beach, Flo. 

Norfolk, Va. 


New Orleans, La. 




New Vernon, N.J. 



Glastonbury, Conn 



CLRSS OF 1966 

Mwamasso, Alfred Samuel 

A.B. in English 


-es- Salaam, Tanzania 

Myers, Andrew Barry 

A.B. in Journalism 

Sea Girt, N. J. 

Myers, Carol Lindsay 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Myers, JoAnn Baer 

A.B in Special Education 

Mount Airy 

Neal, Francis Brent 

A.B. in Education 


Neely, Alan Sanders 

A.B. in English 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Newhouse, Donald Walter 

A B in History 

Riverside, Conn. 

Newlin, Locke Mebane 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Newlin, Robert John 

A.B. in Mathematics and Radio, Televisii 

3n and Motio 

n Pictures Charlotte 

Newnam, Sherrill Reid 

A.B, in Chemistry 


Newton, Janice Faye 

A.B. in Social Studies 

Nicholson, III, George Edward 

A.B. in Political Science 

Nicholson, Thomas Westray 

A.B. in History 

Nieuwenhuis, Elizabeth Hilly 

A.B. in Mathematics 

Nislick, Stephen William 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Nixon, Elizabeth Frances 

A B. in English Education 

Chapel Hill 

Rocky Mount 

Mount Airy 

South Orange, N. J. 

Elizabeth City 

Norris, David Archie 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Wake Forest 

Norris, Nancy Jane 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Chapel Hill 

North, 1 1, Frederick Chamberland 

A B. in English 

Islamorada, Flo. 

Nuckolls, Joseph Thomas 

A.B. in Political Science 

Chapel Hill 

Oakley, Woody Fowler 

B.S. in Business Administration 


O'Brient, Carole Wayne 

B S. in Nursing 


Odom, Dewey Gene 

A B. in Religion 


O'Donnell, Sharon Marie 

A.B. in Political Science 

Annandale, Va. 

Oettinger, Kenneth Brown 

A.B. in Political Science 

Chapel Hill 

Oldham, Susan Morton 

A.B. in Education 


Olsen, John Christian 

A.B. in Political Science 


Olshinski, John A. 

B.S. in Mathematics 


Olson, Lauritz William 

A B in Botany 

Hampton, Va. 

Olson, Nancy Paula 

A.B. in English 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Opdyke, Susan Lynn 

A.B. in Sociology 

Berkeley Heights, N.J. 

O'Quinn, Clyde Saunders 

A.B. in Education 



Parker, Edwin Brownrigg Borden 

A.B. in History 


Parker, Ford Harold 

A.B. in Anthropology 


Parker, Geoffrey VanBuskirk 

A.B. in History 

Mexico City, Mexico 

Parker, James Judd 

B.S. in Accounting 


Parker, John Hill 

A.B. in Political Science 


Parks, Kenneth Reid 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Parmele, Jr., Alfred Truman 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Parson, Betty Patrick 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Stony Creek, Va. 

Partin, Jr., Hugh Elliott 

A.B. in Economics 


Paterson, Nellie Elizabeth 

B.S. in Pharmacy 


Patterson, Julia Shirley 

A.B. in History 

Chapel Hill 

Patterson, Priscilla White 

A.B. in History 

Payet, Charles Robert 

B.S. in Chemistry 

Payne, Carol Sample 

A.B. in Education 

Payne, IV, John Abb 

B.S. in Medicine 

Payne, Jr., Sloane Waller 

A.B. in Psychology 

Indian Lake Estates, Fla. 

Tupelo, Miss. 




Organ, Dennis Wayne 

A.B. in History 

Roanoke Rapids 

Overton, Sarah Lea 

A.B. in English 

Elon College 

Owens, Norman Pressly 

A.B. in History 


Pack, Marvin Hugh 

A.B. in Psychology 


Padgett, Emily Marsha 

A.B. in English Education 


Padgett, James Leroy 

A.B. in Political Science 

Crescent City, Fla. 

Page, Clarence Eugene 

A.B. in History 


Page, III, Robert Claude 

A.B. in Journalism 


Pagett, James Rogers 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Palmer, Bruce Edson 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Bernardsville, N. J. 

Palmer, 1 II, Charles Judson 

A.B. in Political Science 


Palmer, John Degler 

A.B. in Economics 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Palmer, Mary Anne 

A.B. in Education 


Park, Vernon Caldwell 

A.B. in Journalism 


Parker, II, Dallas Pritchard 

A.B. in English 

Elizabeth City 

Parker, David Archie 

B.S. in Business Administration. 



CLRSS OF 1966 

Perry, Carol Jean 

AB. in English 

Perryman, Charles Richard 

A.B. in Psychology 

Petree, Tony Wayne 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Phenicie, Ann Wentworth 

AB in English Education 

Phillips, Matti Hyles 

A B. in English 

Phillips, Robert Ronald 

B S. in Business Administration 

Phillips, Stanley Davis 

A B. in Political Science 

Phillips, Jr., William Howard 

A.B. in Psychology 

Pike, Alan Russell 

A.B. in Political Science 

Pippin, Robert Allen 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Pittman, Sandra Faye 

A.B. in Mathematics 

Pittman, Virginia Marie 

AB. in Elementary Education 

Pitts, Robert Moores 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Piatt, III, George Irving 

A.B. in Political Science 

Pollane, Leonard Paul 

AB. in Psychology 

Pollard, Jack Johnston 

B.S. in Business Administration 



Payton, Robert Michael 

B.S in Business Administration 

Peabody, Sondra Jane 

A B in French 

Pearce, David Andrews 

B S. in Business Administration 

Peedin, Anne Whitaker 

B.S. in Nursing 

Peeler, Jane Adele 

A B in Psychology 

Pegram, Jr., Paul Samuel 

AB. in Chemistry 

Pemberton, Thomas Garry 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Pender, James Clinton 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Pendill, Jr., John Walter 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Penland, Anne Wright 

A.B. in English 

Pennell, Stephen Gregg 

A.B. in Zoology 

Pennington, Kenneth Edward 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Pennington, Martha Leigh 

B S in Nursing 

Pepper, Jr., Albert Parrish 

A.B. in English and History 

Perkins, David Troy 

A.B. in Political Science 

Perry, III, Daniel Thaddeus 

A.B. in Political Science 

Miami Beach, Fla. 

Mount Airy 




Chapel Hill 


Washington, D. C 




Pope, John Ross 

A.B. in Political Science 

Atlanta, Ga 

Pope, Patrick Harris 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Porter, Paul Wayne 

B S. in Mathematics 


Potter, Harriel Ann 

A.B. in English 

Daytona Beach, Fla 

Potter, Jr., William Hollister 

A.B. in Economics 


Powell, Joanne Swartz 

B.S. in Medical Technology 


Powell, Martha B. 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Prevost, Whitgner Harris 

B.S. in Accounting 


Price, Janet 

A.B. in Education 


Price, Margaret Perkins 

A.B. in Studio Art 


Price, Nancy Lee 

A.B. in English Education 


Prillaman, Donald Gene 

A.B. in Political Science 

Chapel Hill 

Prince, Virginia Caroline 

A.B. in Sociology 


Pringle, Robert Bernard 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Haddonfield, N. J. 

Probst, Lynn Austin 

A.B. in History and Economics 

Westfield, N. J. 

Pryor, Jr., Claude Edison 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Pryor, James Michael 

Bat Cave 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Nashville, Tenn. 




Atlanta, Ga. 

A.B. in Economics 


Raymond, Eugene Phillips 

B.S. in Economics 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Read, Guy Carlton 

A.B. in Journalism and Russian 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ready, William Judson 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Rector, Gene Lloyd 

A.B. in Journalism 


Redden, Charles Arthur 

B.S. in Chemistry and Physical Educa^on 


Reed, Christopher 

A.B. in French 

West Medwoy, Mass. 

Reed, Nancy Elizabeth 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Washington, D C. 


CLRSS OF 1966 

Reedy, Vida Michaela 

A.B. in Education 

Reeves, Greylin Talcott 

A.B. in Political Science 

Reeves, Linda Fox 

Reich, Otto Juan 

A.B. in International Studu 

Reid, Edna Carolyn 

B.S. in Nursing 

Reid, Javan William 

A.B. in Philosophy 

Reid, Jr., William Booth 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Remer, Bryan Eugene 

A.B. in English 

Remsburg, Virginia Macon 

B S in Art Education 

Rendlemon, III, David Atwell 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Reynolds, Ann Thomas 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Reynolds, Jr., Claude Morris 

A.B. in Education 

Rhodarmer, Mary Rebecca 

A.B. in History Education 

Rhodes, Murden Cecil 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Rhodes, Samuel Thomas 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Rhodes, Jr., Ted O. 

A.B. in Sociology 

Rice, Sheila Eileen 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Richards, Jr., Charles Howard 

A.B. in Political Science and English 

Richards, Judith Ann 

A.B. in Social Studies Education 

Richardson, George Finney 

A.B. in History 

Riddle, Mary Davis 

A.B. in Political Science 

Ridenhour, III, Monroe Hobson 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Rike, Judy Kathryn 

A.B. in Journalism 

Rion, Aubrey Holbrook 

A.B. in Psychology 

Risman, Eric R. 

A.B. in English 

Roach, Leonard Thomas 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Roberts, Cornelia Stone 

A B in Political Science 

Roberts, Gana Louise 

A.B. in Physical Education 

Roberts, Lawrence Jay 

A.B. in Economics 

Robertson, Patricia Lynne 

A.B. in English 

Robinson, James Lowell 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Robinson, Jr., Kenneth George 

A.B in Chemistry and History 

Southern Pines 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 




High Point 

Coral Gables, Fla. 






Elizabeth City 



Augusta, Ga. 
Lynchburg, Va. 
Cranford, N.J. 
Roanoke Rapids 





% s. 


New Rochelle 

, N. 





i, D. 











McLean, Va. 


Robinson, William Harold 

A.B. in English 


Robinson, William Pressly 

A.B. in Music 

Whitmire, S. C 

Robison, Suzanne 

A.B. in Political Science 

Newport, R. 1. 

Rodgers, Jr., Raymond Stanford 

A.B. in Political Science 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Rodriguez, III, Joseph A. 

A.B. in English and Psychology 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Rogers, 1 1 1, Fred Alexander 

A.B. in Economics 


Rogers, Lucy Annette 

B.S. in Medical Technology 


Rogers, Thomas Tinsley 

B.S. in Accounting 

Chapel Hill 

Rogers, Jr., William H. 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Fuquay Springs 

Roney, Jr., John Robert 

A.B. in Recreation Administration 


Rosefield, Jr., Herbert A. 

A.B. in Psychology 

Sumter, S. C. 

Roseman, Craig Monroe 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 


Rosenbaum, Franklin D. 

A.B. in English 

Dalton, Ga. 

Ross, Barbara Jean 

A.B. in Journalism 

Pleasant Garden 

Ross, Johnny Ervin 

A.B. in Secondary Education 


Ross, Juliette Dunlap 

A.B. in Political Science 


Rouse, Helen Rebecca Koonts 

A.B. in Sociology 

High Point 

Roush, Fred William 

B.S. in Mathematics 


Rouzer, Charles Robert 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Rouzer, William Wolf 

A.B. in Political Science 


Rowe, David Lewis 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Mount Airy 

Rudell, Frederick Lawrence 

A.B. in Chemistry Harmon A. 1 

: . B., Newfoundland 

Ruenl, III, Victor Eugene 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Doylestown, Pa. 

Rumley, Patricia McMullan 

B.F.A. in Art 


Russell, Paula Sue 

A.B. in Mathematics 


Russell, Susan Caroline 

A.B. in Psychology 


Ruth, Marian Ann 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Rutledge, Jerry James 

A.B. in Political Science and History 


Rutledge, Larry Wayne 

A.B. in Political Science 


Ryland, Shirley Ann 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Sadler, George Henry 

A.B. in Recreation 


Samuels, Joyce Ferree 

A.B. in English 



Sanders, J. Robert 

A.B. in Political Science 

Sanderson, Genevia Clarke 

B.S. in Nursing 

Sandlin, M. Carole 

A-B. in Mathematics 

Sands, Jr., James William 

A.B. in Economics 

Satterfield, Jr., William R. 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Saunders, III, Jack Edward 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Saunders, Kenneth Howe 

A.B. in English 

Savage, Phillip Lane 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Sayre, Richard Howell 

B.S. in Finance 

Schaffer, Paul Howard 

A.B. in Zoology 

Scheer, Frederick Hugh 

A.B. in Spanish 

Schell, Pamela Lynn 

B.S. in Nursing 

Schlitz, David B. 

A.B. in History 

Schmidt, William Gert 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Schussel, Robert H. 

A.B. in Psychology 

Scott, Henry William 

A.B. in English 


Jacksonville, Fla 

King of Prussia, Pa 

Nashville, Tenn 

Scott, Oriana Caughman 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Fair Bluff 

Scott, Susan Lee 

A.B. in History 

Danville, Va. 

Scovil, Elizabeth Penfield 

B.S. in Nursing 


Seaton, III, George Cleveland 

A.B. in Political Science 


Seaton, Paul Russell 

A.B. in History 


Seawell, Cynthia Pauline 

A B in Religion 

Chapel Hill 

Sechrist, Douglas Barry 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Chapel Hill 

Sellers, Clarence Blanco 

A.B. in English 

Tabor City 

Sessoms, Jr., William Hugh 

A.B. in History 


Shapard, Carolyn M. 

A.B. in Education 

High Point 

Sharpe, Lawrence Harold 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Shaw, 1 1 1, Alexander Turner 

A B. in Religion 


Shaw, Gerald Edwin 

A B. in Economics 


Shaw, John Lewis 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Shearon, Cameron Edwin 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Sheehan, William Terrell 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Wake Forest 
Staunton, Va. 



Sheeley, Royal Edwin 

Simmons, William Robert 

A.B. in Education 

Simon, Gail Christine 

A.B. in Sociology 

Simon, Lawrence Howard 

A.B. in History 

Simons, Jr., Robert Lynde 

A.B. in Political Science 

Simons, Jr., William Kenneth 

A.B. in Political Science 

Simpson, David Shafter 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Simpson, Dennis Arden 

A B. in Economics 

W, Asheville 
Lexington, Va 

Sims, Faryl Evan 

A.B. in History 

Sims, Jean Tyler 

A B. in Elementary Education 

Sims, III, Marion DuBose 

A.B. in Journalism 

Singleton, Susan Elizabeth 

A.B. in English Education 

Sinness, Marit Sheldon 

A.B. in History 

Sizemore, Lynne Cameron 

A.B. in English Education 

Sledge, Charles Harold 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Smith, Alexa Jane 

A.B. in History 

Smith, Jr., Andrew Garland 

A.B. in History 

B.S. in Physics and Mathematics 

Bloomingburg, N. Y. 

Sheets, Lydia Carol 

A.B. in Sociology 


Sheffield, Lucius Grigg 

A B. in Chemistry and English 


Shelburne, John Daniel 

A.B. in German 


Shelley, Dewey Randall 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Nichols, S. C. 

Shepherd, Lois Ann 

B.S. in Business Administration 

North Wilkesboro 

Shepsle, Kenneth Allen 

A.B. in Mathematics and Political Science 

Hyattsville, Md 

Sherrill, Jr., Lee Woodrow 

A.B. in English 

High Point 

Shewmaker, Margaret Patricia 

A.B. in History 

Harrodsburg, Ky. 

Shinn, Harold Lee 

A.B. in History 


Shipman, Robert R. 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Shipman, Sally DuBose 

A.B. in Spanish 

Santa Fe, N. M. 

Shuff, Jr., London E. 

A.B. in Political Science 

Rocky Mount 

Shuford, Abel Alexander 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Shumpert, Harry David 

A.B. in History 


Simmons, 1 II, Thomas William 

A.B. in Chemistry and English 



CLRSS OF 1966 

Snyder, 1 II, Charles Edwin 

A.B. in English 

Norfolk, Va. 

Snyder, Joseph David 

A.B. in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 


Sondey, Jo Ann 

A.B. in Psychology 

Castle Hayne 

Sossomon, Creighton Wolfe 

A.B. in Economics 


Southerland, Rosa Carole 

A.B. in Political Science 


Southern, Jr., Russell Wesley 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Sparrow, John Templeton 

A.B. in Chemistry and Mathematics 

Sparrow, Roy L. 

A.B. in Political Science 

Spell, James Morris 

A.B. in Social Studies 

Spell, John Harvey 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Spell, 1 1 1, Oscar Glenn 

B.S. in Accounting 

Spencer, Jennifer Lee 

A.B. in Education 

Spivey, Charles Burden 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Stallings, Mary Mitchell 

A.B. in Sociology 

Stapleton, Charles Everett 

A.B. in English 

Starczewski, Robert Raymond 

A.B. in History 

New Bern 

Plainfield, N. J. 

Natrona Heights, Pa 

Smith, Cameron Langley 

A.B. in Psychology 

Smith, Carolyn Ann 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Smith, Dan Clayton 

A.B. in Political Science 

Smith, Franklin Neil 

A.B. in Journalism 

Smith, Gilbert Dale 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Smith, Guy Patrick 

A.B. in Political Science 

Smith, Guy W. 

A.B. in Political Science 

Smith, James Peeler 

A.B. in History 

Smith, John Michael 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Smith, Larry Emmett 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Smith, Merle Elizabeth 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Smith, Jr., Murrell Ellsworth 

A.B. in Sociology 

Smith, Robert Douglas 

A.B. in Journalism 

Smith, William McCorkle 

A.B. in Journalism 

Smith, Jr., Young Merritt 

A.B. in History 

Smithwick, James David 

A.B. in Chemistry 






North Salem, Ind. 


Chapel Hill 

Baltimore, Md. 


Granite Falls 


Morehead City 



Stark, Lucien Hadley 

A.B. in English Education 

Stanley, Charles Harvey 

A.B. in English 

Steele, John Richard 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Steele, Jr., Kenneth Franklin 

B.S. in Chemistry 

Stephens, Don Allen 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Stevens, Wade Harold 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Stevenson, Linda Gail 

A.B. in Education 

Stewart, Carl Miller 

A.B. in Economics 

Stewart, John Edward 

A.B. in Psychology 

St. John, Sarah Patricia 

A.B. in English Education 

Stokes, Jefferson Adger 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Stokes, Richard Houser 

A.B. in Political Science 

Stone, Linda Joy Moore 

B.S. in Nursing 

Stone, Richard Ten Broeck 

A.B. in English 

Story, Mary Rebecca 

B.S. in Nursing 

Stover, Charles Hubert 

A.B. in Journalism 


Baltimore, Md. 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 





Jacksonville, Fla. 

Evanston, III. 





Savannah, Ga. 


Roonoke, Va. 

# # I* 

Stowe, Eleanor Colton 

A.B. in Psychology 

Strayhorn, Jimmy Lawrence 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Stretmater, Robert Lloyd 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Strickland, Grady Champion 

A B. in Political Science 

Stringer, Jr., Edward Hand 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Strom, Gerry Paul 

B.S. in Accounting 

Stronach, Samuel Clark 

A.B. in Economics 

Strong, Sally Jo 

A.B. in English 

Strong, Susan Lee 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Strother, Mary Ellison 

A.B. in Journalism 

Stroud, Beverly Smith 

B.S. in Nursing 

Stumpf, Sheila Kay 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Styron, Gaye Nell 

A.B. in History 

Suggs, Helen Garner 

A.B. in Primary Education 

Sutton, Charles Douglas 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Sutton, George Edward 

A.B. in Chemistry and English 



Richmond, Va. 


Ardmore, Pa. 






Aiken, S. C. 





CLRSS OF 1966 

Swain, Blair Wesley 

A.B. in Political Science 

Swanson, David Mitchell 

B.5. in Business Administration 

Sweeney, David Neal 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Swofford, Ronald Lee 

A.B. in History and English 

Szczerbiak, Isabelle Frances 

B S. in Medical Technology 

Szittya, Penn Rodion 

A.B. in English 

Tallent, Clyde Ray 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Talmadge, Jr., Sam McNeill 

A B. in Studio Art 

Tanner, Emily Jane 

A B in Education 

Tart, Johnny Parker 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Tartaglia, ill, Daniel Vincent 

A B. in Chemistry 

Tarver, Margaret deLuth 

A B in Elementary Education 

Tate, Jack Pressley 

A B. in English 

Taul, Virginia Batterton 

A.B. in Education 

Taylor, Alice Kennedy 

A.B. in Math Education 

Taylor, Barbara Ann 

B.S. in Dental Hygiene 

Taylor, Elizabeth Anderson 

A.B. in English 

Taylor, Janet Elizabeth 

B.S. in Nursing 

Taylor, John Harman 

B S. in Business Administration 

Taylor, Marsha Jo 

B.S. in Science Education 

Taylor, Patrick Purnell 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Taylor, Phyllis Mitchell 

A.B. in History 

Taylor, Richard Barry 

A B in Political Science 

Taylor, III, William Woodruff 

A B. in History 

Teele, Gerald Allen 

B.S. in Accounting 

Temple, Jr., John Proctor 

A B. in Spanish Education 

Templeton, Jr., Ralph Gordon 

A B. in Political Science 

Tennant, Geoffrey, McKenzie 

A.B. in Political Science 

Terry, Jr., James Willard 

A.B. in Political Science 

Tew, Allen Roger 

A.B. in History 

Thomas, Herbert LaMar 

B.S. in Accounting 

Thomas, John Hurley 

A.B. in Religion 


Pilot Mountain 



Castle Hayne 



Athens, Ga. 


West Orange, N. J. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Arlington, Va. 



Mt. Airy 


Alexandria, Va. 

Petersburg, Va. 










Thomas, III, William Neil 

A.B. in English Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Thompson, Clyde Gilbert 

A.B. in Geography 


Thompson, David Reed 

A.B. in English 

Washington, Pa. 

Thompson, Sharon Ranson 

B.S. in Nursing 


Thorburn, Billie Jo 

A.B. in Special Education 


Tillotson, Joseph Morris 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Tinkham, Spencer Felton 

B.S. in Mathematics 


Titchener, Jr., John David 

A.B. in History and English 


Tittle, William Stewart 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Woodstock, III. 

Tolbert, Langley Ann 

A.B. in English 

Montevallo, Ala. 

Tone, Pascal Franchot 

A.B. in English 

New York, N. Y. 

Tonry, Michael H. 

A B. in History 

Easton, Pa. 

Townsend, Haynes Wayland 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Townsend, Samantha Ann 

A.B. in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 

St. Pauls 

Trawick, Gary Evans 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Treschan, Helmut 

B.S. in Accounting 

New Bern 

Tulloch, George H. 

A.B. in Political Science 

Chapel Hill 

Turner, John Edwin 

A.B. in Political Science 


Turner, Roy Steven 

A.B. in History 


Twamley, Joseph Vincent 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Baltimore, Md. 

Twiddy, Jr., Curtis Andrew 

A.B. in Economics 


Twitty, Panthea Anne 

A.B. in English Education 


Tyer, Steven Moran 

B.S. in Accounting 


Tyndall, Alvin Ray 

A.B. in Political Science 


Tyndall, Linda Faye 

B.S. in Medical Technology 

Underwood, Jr., Henry Junius 

A.B. in History 

Upshaw, III, Arthur McAllen 

A.B. in English 

Van Ness, James Henry 

A.B. in Sociology 





Varsho, Linda Kay 

A B. in Education 


Vaughan, Jr., Ross Leroy 

A B. in Chemistry 


Veitch, Jr., Charles Edgar 

B.S. in Mathematics 


Vester, Mary Richard 

A.B. in Journalism 

Spring Hope 


CLfiSS OF 1966 

Vick, Betsy Ann 

A.B. in Sociology 


Vick, Jr., Edward Hoge 

A.B. in Journalism 

Havertord, Pa. 

Viverette, Jo Anne 

B.S. in Nursing 

Rocky Mount 

Volkwein, Mary Helen 

A.B. in Education 

Dallas, Texas 

Wagenseil, Lawrence Lee 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Northfield, Vt. 

Wagner, Jerry F. 

A.B. in History 


Wainio, John Charles 

A.B. in International Studies 

Balboa, Canal Zone 

Wainwrighr, Jr., George Lindeman 

A.B. in Political Science 


Waite, Elizabeth Doyle 

A.B. in Special Education 

Mt. Airy 

Waldron, Cathy Preston 

A.B. in Music Education 


Waldrop, Jerry Wayne 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Vincent, Ala. 

Waldrop, Jr., Joseph Edmund 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Walker, Clovis Daryl 

A.B. in Political Science 

Shreveport, La. 

Walker, Mary Travis 

A.B. in English 

Walkerton, Va. 

Walker, Robert Daniel 

A.B. in Political Science 


Wall, Sylvia Anne 

A.B. in French 


Wallace, Jr., Carl Edison 

A.B. in Political Science 

Hampton, Va. 

Wallace, John Robert 

A.B. in English and History 


Walter, Daniel M. 

B.S. in Marketing 


Walter, Donald Patrick 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Walter, Robert Charles 

A.B. in Math Education 

Rutherford, N. J. 

Walters, Camilla Hays 

B S. in Medical Technology 


Walters, Dorothy Davis 

A.B. in Education 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Ward, David Russell 

B.S. in Accounting 


Ward, Laura Jane 

B S. in Medical Technology 


Wardlaw, Craig Millard 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Warfel, Joseph Rosser 

A.B. in Economics 


Warfford, Tony Wayne 

B.S. in Accounting 


Waring, Thomas N. 

A.B. in Economics 

Charleston, S. C. 

Waterfield, Ruth Anne 

B.S. in Nursing 


Watkins, Richard Ray 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Watson, Robert William 

B.S. in Accounting 

Rocky Mount 



White, Charles Craig 

B.S. in Pharmacy 

White, David Hill 

B.S. in Chemistry 

White, 1 1, Gilbert Case 

A.B. in English 

White, Terry Stephen 

B.S. in Accounting 

Whitehead, Jr., Lewis Willard 


B.S. in Accounting 


Whiteheart, Jr., Danold Sidney 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Whitley, Mary Elizabeth 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Whitley, Rodney Harry 

A.B. in Chemistry 


Whitmire, James Donald 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Whitton, Agnes Ayers 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Hilton Head Island, S. C. 

Whyte, Barbara Elizabeth 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Washington, D. C. 

Wicker, Robert Ambrose 

A.B. in Political Science 


Wiggins, Agness Ann 

B.S. in Mathematics 


Wiggins, Jr., Osborne Pinkney 

A.B. in Philosophy 

Beaumont, Texas 

Wiggins, Sally Hoppe 

A.B. in Elementary Education 


Winborne, JeanC. 

A B. in English 


Watt, Joyce Lindsey 

A.B. in English 

Weaver, Carolyn Dale 

A.B. in Elementary Education 

Webb, Diana Kay 

A.B. in History Education 

Webb, James Theodore 

B.S. in Accounting 

Webb, Jr., John Guss 

A.B. in Economics 

Webb, William Norwood 

A.B. in Economics 

Webster, Hugh Bason 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Weeks, Martha Woodall 

A.B. in Art Education 

Weiler, III, Herold James 

A.B. in Political Science 

Weinstein, Alan Robert 

A.B. in History 

Weir, Hubert Perry 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Wellons, Douglas Brockman 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Whaley, Jr., Hubert Glenn 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Whichard, Obie Guilford 

A.B. in Economics 

Whisnant, Cleatus Gene 

A.B. in Journalism 

Whitaker, Anna Neal 

A.B. in Zoology 



Arlington, Vo. 





Rocky Mount 








Bryson City 


CLRSS OF 1966 

Wilborn, David Kathryn Elizabeth 

A B in French and History 


Wilder, David Marcom 

A.B. in Political Science 


Wilkes, Jr., Franklin John 

A.B. in French 

Old Westbury, N. Y. 

Wilkie, Jr., Frederic Austin 

A.B. in English 

Forest City 

Wilkins, Charles Putnam 

A.B. in English 


Wilkinson, Emily Dolores 

A B. in English Education 


Williams, Carol Ann 

A.B. in French 


Williams, Douglas Dwight 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Williams, Jr., James Edward 

A B in Political Science 


Williams, Jerry Lynn 

B.S. in Accounting 

Chapel Hill 

Williams, Peter David 

A.B. in Sociology and Physical Education 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

Williams, Scarlette Hill 

A.B. in English 

Chapel Hill 

Williams, Susan Rose 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Williamson, III, Benjamin Napier 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 


Williamson, Jr., John Perry 

A B. in History 


Willingham, Edward Haynes 

BS in Business Administration 

Macon, Ga. 

Willingham, John Francis 

A.B. in Economics 

Macon, Ga. 

Willis, Calvin Neil 

B.S. in Chemistry 


Willis, Henry Norton 

A.B. in English 


Wi Ison, John Steven 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Wilson, Louisa Pitcher 

B.S. in Mathematics 

Newport News, Va. 

Wi Ison, Mary Tudor 

A B. in English 

Elizabeth City 

Winslow, Don Kenneth 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Elizabeth City 

Winslow, Jack Riddick 

A.B in Chemistry 

Scotland Neck 

Winslow, James E. 

A.B. in Chemistry and Zoology 

Hurdle Mills 

Winstead, Arthur Wiley 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Winstead, Charles Leigh 

A.B. in Economics 


Winters, Carole Lynn 

A.B. in Physical Education 


Wise, Julia Melverda 

B.S. in Science Education 


Withrow, Jr., William Harrill 

A.B. in International Studies 


Wolf, Robert William 

B.S. in Physics and Mathematics 

Chapel Hill 

Wollin, Jr., Ernst George 

A.B. in History and Sociology 



Womack, Jr., Herbert Marshall 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Wood, Carl Sherrill 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

High Point 

Wood, Jr., William Bennett 

A.B. in History 


Woodard, Wex Ashley 

B S. in Business Administration 


Woodard, William Samuel 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Woodcock, Neil Reaves 

B S. in Industrial Relations 


Woodworth, Joan Dee 

A.B. in Psychology 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Wooten, Hubert Kendall 

A.B. in History 


Worrell, Judy Whitley 

A.B. in English Education 

Rocky Mount 

Worrell, Kenneth Edward 

A.B. in Chemistry 

Rocky Mount 

Wright, Gary Wayne 

A.B. in Political Science 


Wright, Robert Bruce 

B.S. in Business Administration 


Wright, Jr., Seaborn 

A.B. in Political Science 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Wright, Thomas Williams 

A.B. in English 


Wright, William Fletcher 

B.S. in Accounting 


Wyatt, Linda Carroll 

A.B. in Education 

Narberth, Pa. 

Wyatt, Linda Clark 

A.B. in Psychology 

Signal Mountain, Tenn. 

Wylie, Norman Anderson 

A.B. in English 

Rye, N. Y. 

Yarbrough, Sue Ann Washington 

A.B. in Music 

Atlanta, Ga 

Yarbrough, Terry Wayne 

B.S. in Accounting 


Yelton, Virginia Carole 

A.B. in Education 


Yelverton, Paula Anne 

B.S. in Nursing 


Yelverton, William Norman 

A.B. in Psychology 


Yokley, Jr., John Hale 

B.S. in Industrial Relations 

Mount Airy 


The First Maverick 


Young, Jr., William Lawrence 

B.S. in Business Administration 

Youngblood, Lawrence Joseph 

A.B. in Political Science 

Zachary, Stephen Vander 

A.B. in English Education 

Zezefillis, Georgia 

A.B. in English 

Long Beach, Calif. 





Vice President 


-• £m 


Social Choirman 


CLRSS OF 1967 

Abbott, Arthur Trovis, Asheville 
Abrams, Carmen Lopez, 

Caparra Heights, Puerto Rico 
Adair, Laura Ann, Erwin 
Adams, Hennie Wallace, Wilson 
Adams, Larry L., Fuquay Springs 
Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Birmingham, Ale 
Albright, II, Cecil Raymond, Ft. Bragg 
Alexander, Stella Watkins, Charlotte 
Alger, III, Martin Joseph, Watertown, N. Y. 

Allen, Cyril Anthony, Fayetteville 
Allen, llene Kay, Asheboro 
Allen, Jean Frances, Greensboro 
Allen, P. Anne, Durham 
Allen, Robert H., Dover, N. H. 
Alphin, Sandra Kay, Dunn 
Altenburg, Floyd David, Coraopolis 
Amnott, Mary Susan, Durham 
Anders, Louis Holmes, Charlotte 

Anders, Rege Kaye, Winston-Salem 
Anderson, Anne Harriet, Hillsborough 
Anderson, III, Lane Schofield, Charlotte 
Andrews, Jr., Graham Lambeth, Burlington 
Aplin, James Granger, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Apperson, Theda Rae, Durham 
Arendall, Nan Boone, Mobile, Ala. 
Armstrong, Jr., Claudie Andrew, Wilmingfo 
Armstrong, William Blair, Richmond, Va. 

Arnold, Chester W., Greensboro 
Arterton, Jonathan Bell, Washington, 
Arthur, Betsy Cheryl, Princeton 
Askew, John Everett, Itasca, III. 
Atkins, Jr., Frederick Charles, 

Cranford, N. J. 
Atkins, William Shaffer, Asheville 
Austell, Jeslyn McCall, Concord 
Autrey, Randolph Bernard, Charlotte 
Averett, Herbert Marvin, Oxford 

Bachmann, Raphael John, Greensboro 
Baggett, Ann Wilson, Fayetteville 
Baker, Cyrus McNeill, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Baker, Darrell Anderson, Charlotte 
Baker, Jr., Frank E., Roxboro 
Baker, Jack Rudolph, Durham 
Baker, James Marion, Rocky Mount 
Baker, Thomas Eugene, Statesville 
Balch, Timothy John, Newport Beach, Calif. 

Baldwin, Jr., Jesse Gray, Raleigh 
Ball, Mary Lambert, Wilmington 
Ballard, Brenda Lane, Norfolk, Va. 
Ballentine, James Leroy, Charlotte 
Ballew, Richard M., University, Miss. 
Ballou, Donald Clark, New Canaan, Conn, 
Ballow, Barbara Helene, High Point 
Banov, Alan, Charleston, S. C. 
Barach, Barbara Jean, Charlotte 

Barber, James Brown, Lexington 
Barclay, Jr., William John, Raleigh 
Barker, Jr., Edward Lee, Jacksonville 
Barker, Jeffrey Hanes, Ft. Lauderdale 
Barnes, Eleanor Terry, Elm City 
Barnes, John Wesley, Raleigh 
Barnhardt, Robert Swift, Davidson 
Barnhart, Margaret Dozier, Tarboro 
Barr, Nancy Elizabeth, Hudson, Ohio 

Barrett, Nancy Glover, Chapel Hill 
Barringer, Martin C, Mullms, S. C. 
Barnngton, Cynthia Diane, Raleigh 
Barrow, Seth Tyson, Farmville 
Barthel, Francis Philip, Hickory 
Barthel, Hetty Hoke, Chapel Hill 
Barwick, Joseph Trent, Durham 
Bason, John Robert, Hickory 
Bass, Robert Winston, Farmville 

Baucom, George Lee, Concord 
Baumgartner, Becky Lynne, 
New Canaon, Conn. 

Beasley, Jr., Robert Jo 
Seattle, Elizabeth Anr 
Beaver, Jeffrey Winds 

?s, Louisburg 
, Charlotte 

Beavers, Charlotte Lee, Greensboro 

Beck, Tony Lohr, Lexington 

Beith, Lorraine Reba, Southern Pines 

Belcher, Anne Elizabeth, Kinston 
Bell, Barbara Arnold, White Plains, N. ' 
Bell, III, Drummond Crilley, Fairfield, C 
Bell, Lloyd William, Washington 
Bell, Steven Durant, Raleigh 
Cenbow, IV, Charles David, Statesville 
Benko, Peter A., East Greenbush, N. Y. 
'Bennett, Stephen Joseph, Winston-Sale 
Bennett, Wayne Michael, Columbia, S. 

Bennett, Jr., William LeGrand, Wadesborc 
Benton, Dempsey Eugene, Newton Grove 
Benton, III, Joseph Nelson, Chicago, III. 
Benton, William Grady, Winston-Salem 
Berger, Bryan Dailey, Baltimore, Md. 
Bemish, Paul Anthony, Charlotte 
Best, David Malcolm, High Point 
Beusse, Jr., George Carroll, Thomasville 
Beyer, Stephen Marc, Great Neck, N. Y. 


CLRSS OF 1967 

Bibb, Lewis B., Fayetteville 
Bickel, David Robert, Houston, Texas 
Bieber, Peter Steven, Fort Myers, Fla. 
Biggers, Betty Scales, Burlington 
Black, Martha Celeste, High Point 
Black, Sarah Rebecca, Charlotte 
Blackwell, Crist Scott, Winston-Salem 
Blackwood, William Shepard, Chapel Hill 
Blade, Anne Simpson, Durham 

Blair, Jr., Harry Leander, Greensboro 
Blake, Janet Ann, Burgaw 
Blankinship, Alyce Diane, Jessup, Md. 
Blcnkinship, Leslie Scott, Maxton 
Bhnsmon, Terry Lee, Durham 
Bloom, Warren Edward, Fairfield, Conr 
Blount, George Wesley, Raleigh 
Blumenthal, Robert Lee, Greensboro 
Boger, Gene Shelby, Winston-Salem 

Boggs, Duane Gary, Seaford, Del. 
Boone, Perry Allison, Clinton 
Booth, Deborah Ellen, Staunton, Va. 
Bordeaux, Larry Winfred, Fayetteville 
Boulware, George Walter, Charlotte 
Bowen, Charlie Hewitt, Wilmington 
Bowlen, James Albert, Thomasville 
Bowles, Erskine Boyce, Greensboro 
Bowman, Jr., William Edwin, 
Newport News, Va. 

Bowsher, Mary Margaret, Washington, D. C. 
Boyd, William Norwood, 

Charles City County, Va. 
Boykin, Jimmy Everette, Zebulon 
Bradley, Craig MacDowell, Wmgate 
Bradshaw, Betsy Anne, Raleigh 
Bradshaw, David Gerald, Newport News, Va. 
Brady, Jr., Gordon Leonard, Ramseur 
Brame, Jr., James Ballard, Durham 
Brannon, Gwendolen Nesta, Durham 

Branscome, Glenn Curtis, Semora 
Bransford, William Maurice, Greensboro 
Brantley, Jr., Julian Thweatt, Greensboro 
Bratton, Michelle Telfair, Raleigh 
Brauer, Carolyn Tom, Chapel Hill 
Braxton, Jr., Alfred Finley, Graham 
Bray, Douglas H., Summerfield 
Bregger, Louis Douglas, Clemson, S. C. 
Brennan, James John, Scituate, Mass. 

Brewer, Glenn DeLeon, Faison 
Brewer, Jr., John Dwight, Fairplay, Cc 
Bright, Don Clark, Elizabeth City 
Brinkley, Clair Lynn, Kernersville 
Brinson, Jean, Grantsboro 
Brinson, Jr., Joe Mills, High Point 
Bnnton, Charlotte Mary, Chapel Hill 
Britt, Barbara Ann, Winston-Salem 
Britt, Jr., Grady Harold, Raleigh 

roadaway, William Weaver, Marshville 
roadhurst. III, Edgar David, Greensboro 
rooks, Jr., Roy Washington, Oakboro 
rothers, Suzanne Iris, Elizabeth City 
rowder, Jerry Tyrone, Rural Hall 
rown, Jr., Alvin Maston, Winston-Salem 
rown, Kenneth B., Condado, Puerto Rico 
rown, Neilson, Harwinton, Conn, 
rown, Rufus Edward, Lake Junaluska 

Brownell, Mary Elizabeth, Asheville 
Brownett, Maria Whitehurst, 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
Brownlee, Ann Louise, Winston-Salem 
Bruce, Mary Hamilton, Lenoir 
Bruenner, David Frederick, Sands Point, N. 
Bryce, George Bennett, Alexandria, Va. 
Buck, Mary Carolyn, Manhasset, N. Y. 
Buie, John Harrell, Dillon, S. C. 
Buie, Sally Katherine, Biscoe 

Bullett, Douglas James, Jefferson 
Bullock, William Howard, Washington 
Bumgardner, Donald Hoyle, Belmont 
Bunting, Jr., Elisha Harry, New Bern 
Burford, Inman Parker, High Point 
Burgess, Larry Reid, Winston-Salem 
Burgess, Jr., Malcolm Stewart, Macon, Ga. 
Burgess, Peter K., Geneva, III. 
Burke, Catherine Lee, Winston-Salem 

Burton, Dudley Joe, Hickory 
Bush, Priscilla Jean, Barium Springs 
Butcher, Mary Ann, Griffon 
Butler, Jeanne Folley, Southern Pines 
Butler, Larry Edwin, Cherry Point 
Butler, Robert McMaster, Alexandria 
Broyhill, Robert Kenneth, Statesville 
Byrd, Samuel Martin, Lillington 
Cabaniss, Albert E., Shelby 

Caffee, Arthur Bernard, Washington, D. 
Cahoon, John Melvin, Horbmger 
Caldwell, Alice Victoria, Brevard 
Caldwell, Charles Brown, Erwin 
Caldwell, Jean Foster, Birmingham, Ala. 
Caldwell, Mary Susan, Gastonia 
Cameron, Alan Spencer, Winston-Salem 
Cameron, Anne Kay, Asheville 
Cameron, Elizabeth Ann, Raleigh 



Campbell, June Carole, Goldsboro 
Campbell, Suzanne Leslie, Hamlet 
Campen, Mary Josie, Charlotte 
Cannady, Jerry Wayne, Clinton 
Cannon, Jr., Roger Kalup, Raleigh 
Cannon, Susan Conner, Rutherford Co 
Cantwell, Carol Holland, Burgaw 
Capps, Ralph Edwards, Elizabeth City 
Carlin, Lee S., Charlotte 

Carpenter, Linda Kay, Wagram 
Carpenter, Jr , Malcolm Moore, Lincoln 
Carr, Nancy Marie, Asheville 
Carroll, Frances Preston, Shelby 
Carson, Charles Augustus, Lenoir 
Carter, Anna Lee, Asheville 
Cate, Robert K., Winnetka, Ill- 
Cater, Alleen Williams, Anniston, Ala. 
Cathey, Emily Neil, Lewisburg, Tenn, 

CaudMI, Peter Ploetz, Cary 
Caulkins, Jane Sanford, Charlotte 
Chaffin, III, William T., Oakland, Ten 
Cherry, Jr., Robert Lee, Norfolk, Va. 
Chesnutt, III, James Alfred, Clinton 
Chesson, Alvin Glenn, Washington 
Chipman, Gayle Fitz Randolph, 

Chrisafis, Gregory P., Fayetteville 
Chung, David Sei-Jong, Seoul, Korea 

Clark, III, Alexander Bayard, Hendersonv 
Clark, Louise Wilson, Tarboro 
Clark, Sarah Rene, Hickory 
Clark, Thomas Herbert, Baltimore, Md. 
Clark, Vella Betsy, Vaughan 
Clarke, Finley Bland, Sumter, S. C. 
Clarke, IV, Thomas Henry, Sumter, S. C. 
Claxton, Charles Sidney, Savannah, Ga. 
Clayton, Jerry Bruce, Greensboro 

Clem, III, Clyde Lee, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cline, Charles Emmett, Moravian Falls 
Cline, Richard Long, Conover 
Cline, Thomas Ray, Marion 
Cline, Tom Elizabeth, Salisbury 
Cloninger, Robert Truman, Dallas 
Coates, Harry Christopher, Charlotte 
Cobb, Mary Lucy, Durham 
Cochrane, William Vincent, Jackson 

Codispoti, Elena Gil, Camp Lejeune 
Coffey, John Robert, Gastonia 
Cofield, Jr., James Edward, Raleigh 
Cofield, Juan Medford, Raleigh 
Cole, Jr., James William, Lenoir 
Coleman, James Preston, Greenville, S. C 
Coleman, Mary Conrad, Charleston, S. C. 
Collins, Carolyn Florence, Atlanta, Ga. 
Collins, George Wayne, Fayetteville 

Collins, Thomas Robert, Orlando, Fla. 
Colo, Michael Steven, Charlottesville, Va. 
Colson, III, Oliver Kirby, Fort Devens, Mass. 
Coltram, Carolyn Dianne, Enfield 
Combs, Robert Meredeth, Goldsboro 
Conely, Richard Bruce, Chapel Hill 
Connaughton, James Peter, New Bern 
Connolly, Gaydie, Alexandria, Va. 
Conway, Burton Thomas, Springfield, Va. 

Cook, Jack McPherson, Liberty 
Cook, William Wilson, Madison 
Cooke, Carol Ann, Hickory 
Cooler, Ruth Rosemary, Walterboro, 
Corbett, Jr., James Patrick, Swansbo 
Corcoran, III, Clement Timothy, 

Arlington, Va. 
Cordell, II, Robert Quentin, 

Highland Park, III 

:ottle, J 

.... Will, 
icques Cle 


_.., Decatu., . 
iland, Rose Hill 


Coven, Linda Ann, Newton Centre, M 
Covington, Sam R., Rockingham 
Cowan, Susie, Kannapolis 
Cowell, III, John F., Summit, N. J. 
Cox, Christopher Hogan, Chapel Hill 
Coxe, III, James Sherwood, Raleigh 
Crates, Martha Elizabeth, Charlotte 
Craver, John Wade, Morganton 
Crawford, Jr., James Emil, Sylva 

Creech, Emelia Hollingsworth, Kinston 
Creech, Joye Loretta, Fayetteville 
Crews, Jane Penfield, Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Cnssman, Jr., Ivan Dabney, High Point 
Cristman, Robert Parker, Salisbury 
Crocker, George Howard, Sumter, S. C. 
Crockett, David Godwin, Vass 
Cromortie, Ruth Pendleton, Clinton 
Zrook, Jr., Robert Gerald, Salisbury 

:room, Jr., Ralph Taylor, Watha 
Crouch, William Ralph, Madison 
Crowder, Jr., Richard Mason, Winston-Salem 
Cummings, Brenda Carol, Guilford College 
Cummins, John Michael, Chapel Hill 
Currie, Judith Ann, Wadesboro 
Currin, Jr., Robert Graves, Henderson 
Cushen, Nancy Mae, New Orleans, La. 
luthrell, Luther Glenn, Maxton 


f « I f * 


CLRSS OF 1967 

Daetwyler, David Alan, Chapel Hill 
Dague. Carol Lorraine, Raleigh 
Dail, Delinda Jan, Goldsboro 
Dailey, Rebecca Forlines, Durham 
Dale, Ernest James, High Point 
Dancy, Beverly LeVonne, Kannapolis 
Danford, Roy Graham, Burlington 
Daniel, Patty Fletcher, Charlotte 
Dankworth, Jane Catherine, Arlington 

Danley, Russell Atkins, Mount Airy 
Davis, Edward Daffron, Cary 
Davis, Gordon Miles, Alexandria, Va. 
Davis, Jr., James Evans, Durham 
Davis, Johnny Mark, Durham 
Davis, Joseph Hiram, Burlington 
Davis, Wendell Thomas, Charlotte 
Davis, Jr., William Speed, Warrenton 
Dawsey, Rebecca G., Gastonia 

Day, Charles Samuel, Wilkesboro 
Deazley, Bernard George, Newport Ne 
Deemer, Alice Bullock, Washington, C 
DeLaney, Patricia Marie, Charlotte 
Dement, Carol Anita, Louisburg 
Dennis, Bill le Lee, Goldsboro 
Dennis, Morgan, Warrenton, Va. 
Dent, David Richard, Rye, N. Y. 
Deyo, Diana Louise, High Point 

Dial, Robin Hood, Columbia, S. C. 
Dickerson, Richard Lee, Roxboro 
Dickson, John Byron, Brevard 
Dilks, Robert Warren, Haw River 
Dillard, Jr., Roger Lee, Sylva 
Dillon, Mary Margaret, Jacksonville 
Dobbs, William Arthur, Albemarle 
Doby, Barbara Ellen, Albemarle 
Dodd, David Arthur, Atlanta, Ga. 

Dodson, Jane Elizabeth, Durham 
Dodson, Patricia Ann, Durham 
Dornbush, Robert Earl, Atlanta, Ga. 
Doyle, Elizabeth Ann, Nashville, Tenn. 
Doyne, Stephen Eric, Nashville, Tenn. 
Dozier, Henry Charles, Powells Point 
Drum, Charles David, Conover 
Dula, Brenda Lorrain, Lenoir 
Duncan, Sandra Gail, Mebane 

Duncan, Thomas Calton, Greenville 
Dunn, III, John Guion, New Bern 
Dunn, Ronald Kirby, Springfield, Va. 
Durham, Richard Dwight, Wilmington, Del. 
Duskie, Andrew Donald, Concord 
Dwight, Anthony Walcott, Summit, N. J. 
Dwyer, III, Ross Thomas, Arlington, Va. 
Dykes, Andrea Gartlan, New York, N. Y. 
Eagleson, Barbara Anne, Wilmington 

Eakins, Joey William, Ivanhoe 
Earnhardt, Jr., Carlee Raymond, Albemarle 
Easterling, Thomas B., China Grove 
Eastwood, Myles Eric, Atlanta, Ga. 
Edgar, James Clifton, Kennett Square, Pa. 
Edwards, James Scott, Winston-Salem 
Edwards, Linda Carol, Durham 
Edwards, Patsy Jane, Smithfield 
Edwards, Thomas Richard, Newport 

Edwards, Jr., William Burgan, Burlington 

Ehle, Nancy Elizabeth, Asheville 

Eichorn, Dennis Earl, Ayden 

Eisenband, Arthur, Greensboro 

Elder, Lora Glenn, Burlington 

Elias, Eva Cecile, Atlanta, Ga. 

Elkins, Wilson Oliver, Greensboro 

Eller, Stella Jean, Boone 

Elliott, III, Frederick Beniamin, Lufkin, Te> 

Ellis, III, Albert L., Raleigh 
Ellis, John Edward, Greensboro 
Elmore, Eugene Lawrence, Dallas 
Elser, Mary Duncan, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Emory, Jr., Morris S., Haverford, Pa. 
English, James Frederick, Ft. Lauderdale, 
English, Jane Anthony, Salisbury 
Enchson, Margaret Lynn, Asheville 
Essey, Henry Eugene, Roseboro 

Evans, Charles Douglas, Manteo 

Evans, Douglas Raymond, Coral Gables, Fla. 

Evans, James Clifton, Grandy 

Evans, James Edward, Savannoh, Ga. 

Evans, Linda Ann, Wilson 

Falconer, John F., Rockford, III. 

Fait, III, Joseph Byron, Huntsville, Ala. 

Farabee, Michael Luther, High Point 

Fare, James Miller, Winston-Salem 

Farmer, Leslie Benton, High Point 
Farmer, Russell Tenwey, Providence, R. I. 
Farris, Jean Leslie, Wilson 
Fatata, James Morgan, Gold Hill 
Feagan, Charles Patrick, Columbus 
Fearrington, Ann Peyton, Winston-Salem 
Feierabend, Jane Freeman, 
New Canaan, Conn. 



Fieger, Mory Northup, Louisville, Ky. 
Fields, Jr., James C, Sonford 
Finch, Esther Sharon, Thomasville 
Finison, Elizabeth Josephine, Greensbo 
Fisher, Gordon David, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Fitzpatrick, John Michael, Charlotte 
= itzpatnck, Patricia Hill, 

Corpus Christi, Texas 
Fletcher, James William, Kinston 
Fletcher, Judith T., Chapel Hill 


Faith Underhill, New Orleans, L 
.lie, Margret Faw, Wilmington 
Forbes, Jennie Kathryn, Stokes 
Forbis, Richard Marshall, Charlotte 
Ford, Virginia Leigh, Wilmington 
=oreman, Loretta Faye, Washington 
=ortune, Philip Lee, Toledo, Ohio 
fountain, II, Alvin Marcus, Raleigh 
r oushee, Mary Elizabeth, Chapel Hill 



Fowler, Ann Archei 
Fowler, Janice Marie, Asheville 
Fox, Terry Clayton, Hudson 
Foy, Herbert Miles, Statesville 
-ranklin, Linda Lou, Raleigh 
Franusiszin, Alfred John, Easton, P< 
Frauenheim, K. Eugene, Balboa, Ca 
Freeman, James Edward, Gastonia 
Freeman, John Lindsay, Charlotte 

Freeman, John Samuel, Morganton 
Freeman, Michael Norris, Spindale 
Friedlander, Ricky D., Asheville 
Frisbee, Thomas Leroy, Summit, N. J 
Fu, David Tsao, Greensboro 
Fulcher, Robert Gregory, Mayodan 
Fulk Christopher Claude, Winston-5 
Fuller, Fleming Barnes, Kinston 
Funderburk, Betty Dare, Aberdeen 

Funderburk, Ronnie Earl, Kannapolis 
Furr, Miriam Martin, Charlotte 
Furr, Jr., Vance Lee, Concord 
Futch, Jr., Kenneth Culbreth, Burgaw 
Gabriel, Charles Andrew, Statesville 
Garber, Boyd Rolla, Atlanta, Ga. 
Gardner, Nancy Lillian, Statesville 
Garrison, Donald Elliott, Wingate 
Garrison, Edwin Bud, Hayesville 

Gassman, Stephen Jay, Roslyn Heights, N. 
Gattis, William Hughes, Bynum 
Gay, James Michael, Houston, Texas 
Gebeaux, Howard Lane, Fairfax, Va. 
Gee, Margaret Blakely, Florence, S. C. 
Genung, II, Frederick M., Plainfield, N. J. 
George, Terry June, Fayetteville 
Gernon, Robert William, Charlotte 
Gideons, Heinrich A., Chapel Hill 

Gilley, Marlene Ann, Jacksonville 

Gilman, Jr., Donald Wayne, 
Newport News, Va. 

Gilmore, James Carr, Chapel Hill 

Glenn, Lenette Marie, Polkton 

Glover, Linda Lee, Nashville 

Godwin, Joseph Caswell, High Point 

Gold, Charles Lee, Richmond, Va. 
Norman S., Greensboro 
Michael David, Glen Rock, N. J. 


Good, Terry Rondall, Jackson, S. C. 
Goode, Gregory Milton, Butner 
Goodman, Jr., Rodney Renus, Kinston 
Goodson, Jerry Ray, Lincolnton 
Goodwin, James Oscar, Apex 
Goodwin, William Lloyd, Morrisville 
Gossett, Lynda Carol, Durham 
Gouger, John Sifford, Chapel Hill 
Gourlay, Charles Dossett, Lillington 

Grady, Elizabeth Cowan, Butner 
Graham, Cynthia Morgan, 

Corpus Christi, Texas 
Graham, Joseph Michael, Lincolnton 
Gramelsbach, Heidi Wilson, 

Spartanburg, S. C. 
Grant, Rebecca Ann, Franklin 
Gray, Betty Jo, Kinston 
Gray, Lyons, Winston-Salem 
Gray, Stanley David, Greensboro 
Greenbacker, Jr., John Everett, Norfolk, Va 

Greenburg, Jon David, Allentown, Pa. 
Greene, III, Herbert B., Chapel Hill 
Greene, John Zebulon, Lexington 
Greene, Johnny Lee, Forest City 
Greene, Paula Mann, Chapel Hill 
Greene, Ronald Wayne, Winston-Salem 
iwood, Paul Nicholas, Birminghan 

Greenwood, Tc 

Gregory, Lynda Josephine, Wilr 

, Calif 

Gregory, Thomas George, Shawboro 
Grifenhagen, William Beniamin, Charlotte 
Griffin, Martha Evans, Williamston 
Gross, Michael Ray, Greensboro 
Grotgen, Jr., John Frederick, Wilmington 
Guffey, James Edward, Evanston, III. 
Guy, John Alva, Charlotte 
Hackney, John Joseph, Siler City 
Hager, Hampton Croson, Charlotte 


§^ 9 % f ® %^M 

CLRSS OF 1967 

Hall, Barbara Elizabeth, Pineville 
Hall, Charles Martin, Fayetteville 
Hall, Donna Lynn, Fayetteville 
Hall, Jr., Felton Davis, Rockingharr 
Hall, Jr., James Olin, Tarboro 
Hall, Judith Anne, Newark, Del. 
Hall, Kyle Stanley, Salemburg 
Hall, Linda Kay, Rockingham 
Hall, Susan Hewlett, Rocky Mount 


Richard B., Summit, N J. 



Sunnyvale, Calif. 
Hammerstone, Richard Hall, 

Sunnyvale, Calif. 
Hanan, III, John Henry, San Francis 
Hancock, Billie Joan, Atlanta, Ga 
Hanes, Frank Borden, Winston-Sale 
Hankins, Gary William, Newport Ne 

Hardee, Martha Hoell, Whispering Pine: 
Harer, Alan E., Raleigh 
Harllee, III, Frederick Earl, Greensboro 
Harmon, Frances Gayle, South Boston, V 
Harrell, Carolyn Anne, Saratoga 
Harrington, Robert Edward, Lewiston 
Harris, Joseph Wayne, Greensboro 
Harris, Marina June, Williamsburg, Va. 
Harris, Richard Casey, Charlotte 

Harris, Vivian, Wilmington 
Hass, Marshall William, Falls Church, Va. 
Hassel, Thomas Sidney, Roper 
Hawkins, William Blame, Canton 
Hawthorne, Jane Grier, Statesville 
Hayden, John Joseph, Swampscott, Mass. 
Hayes, Jr., George Lewis, Roanoke Rapids 
Hayes, Ted M., Durham 
Haywood, Gloria Jane, Chapel Hill 

Haywood, John Davis, Durham 
Heacock, David Evans, Washington, D. C. 
Hedrick, David Gene, Statesville 
Hedrick, George William, Thomasville 
Heilig, John Lafayette, Salisbury 
Helder, Jake Carson, Waxhaw 
Hellen, III, Earle West, Greensboro 
Heller, Mary Judith, Alamo, Calif. 
Helms, John Douglas, Marshville 

Henderson, Jr., Marvin William, Charlotte 

Henderson, Nancy Dickson, Charlotte 

Henderson, Richard Elliott Lee, Mebane 

Henkel, Henry Thompson, Statesville 

Henkel, Miriam H., Kinston 

Herring, William Herman, Newton Grove 

Hester, Mary Jo, Wendell 

Hildebrand, Steven Giles, Baltimore, Md. 

Hill, Charles Marion, Asheville 

Hill, III, James Wells, Murfreesboro 
Hill, Maggie, Greenville 
Hill, Nancy Ann, Bethesda, Md. 
Hill, Russell Lanney, Beulaville 
Hines, James Michael, Lenoir 
Hinkle, Mary Elizabeth, Winston-Sali 
Hinkle, Robert Linville, Charlotte 
Hinkle, Talmadge Russell, Lexington 
Hinkle, Thomas Lowing, Thomasville 

iS„ Ann 

, Va. 

Hinton, Jr.. Willi< 

Hoar, Stephen Warren, Sumte 

Hobgood, Jr., William Sands Holloway, 

Hobson, Judith Elizabeth, Asheboro 
Hockfield, Steven Alan, Durham 
Hodge, Jr., John Ernest, Troy 
Hofmeister, Stanley Irving, Raleigh 
Hogue, David Barclay, Bloomington, Ind. 
Holcombe, Jr., Robert Odell, Lexington 

Holder, Jr., Walter Dalton, Winston-Salen 
Holland, Jon Ronald, Franklinville 
Holland, IV, Robert W., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Holland, III, Sherrill Reid, Statesville 
Holland, Jr., Walter A., Smithfield 
Holleman, Larry Benton, Durham 
Hollister, Virginia Person, New Bern 
Holmes, Jeffrey Lynn, Dunn 
Holt, Jon David, Graham 

Hood, Jr., Floyd Collins, Charlotte 
Hook, III, George Allen, Bessemer City 
Hooks, Jr.. William Borden, Tarboro 
Hooper, Thomas Lewis, Charlotte 
Hopper, Carolyn Rudulph, Washington, 
Horney, Mary Ann, Jamestown 
Houck, William Jerome, Morganton 
Hough, James Gaston, Charlotte 
Houghton, Jon Kenneth, Melbourne, Fla 

Houle, III, Jerome Lawrence, Atlanta, Ga. 
House, Gloria Anne, Hobgood 
Houser, Blanche Evangeline, Cherryville 
Howe, James Arthur, Badin 
Howell, David James, Goldsboro 
Howell, Freda Elizabeth, Gibson 
Howell, Henderson Lee, Gastonia 
Howell, Sammy Kay, Ellerbe 
Hubbard, Grady Allen, Kannapolis 



Hubbard, James Ryan, Rocky Mount 
Hubble, John Howard, Falls Church, Va. 
Hudson, Jr., Herman DeGrace, Greensbo 
Hudson, Howard Vinson, Dunn 
Hudson, John Dwight, Wilson 
Huf, William Langley, Arlington, Va. 
Huffman, Daniel Frederick, Hickory 
Hugenschmidth, James J., 

Canandaiqur, N. Y. 
Huggins, Guy Hal, Hickory 

Hughes, John Rodney, Pollocksville 
Hughey, Michael Weaver, Raleigh 
Hundley, Carl Wallace, Durham 
Hunnicutt, Barbara Kay, Charlotte 
Hunt, Allan William, Lawndale 
Hunt, Jr., John Cameron, Rocky Mount 
Hunter, Gale Elizabeth, Charlotte 
Hunter, III, Thomas Allison, Greensboro 
Huntley, Marsha Carol, Lexington 

Huppert, George Nixon, Jacksonville 
Hurt, Jr., Floyd Williford, Charlotte 
Hussey, Martha Lane, Wilson 
Hutchins, Julia Marguerite, Winston-Sale 
Hutchins, Ralph Wayne, Durham 
Hutchison, Mary Ann, Oceanside, N. Y. 
Hutson, Jr., Edward Arman, Greensboro 
Hyman, Michele Wendy, Salisbury 
Inge, Jr., William Andrew, Burlington 

Ingram, Donald Charles, Winston-Salerr 
Irvin, Robert Gilford, Mullins, S. C. 
Irvine, Susan Chambliss, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Ivey, Sarah Lane, Chapel Hill 
Ivins, G. Anthony, Downers Grove, III. 
Jackson, Isaiah Fearing, Elizabeth City 
Jackson, Juanita Wilson, Dunn 
Jackson, Marvin Wade, Princeton 
Jackson, Robert Earl, Durham 

Jacobson, Joseph Laurence, Pensacola, Fla. 
James Elizabeth Young, Burlington 
Jarman, Jr., William Franklin, Washington 
Jarrell, Fred Fincher, Mt. Gilead 
Jarvis, Jr., Wade Henry, Thomasville 
Jeffress, Harriet Osborne, Kinston 
Jennings, Ann Braswell, Wilson 
Jennings, Jacqueline Frances, Chapel Hill 
Jennings, James Hayden, Taylorsville 

Jennings, Roger Dean, Bluefield, Va. 
Jennings, William James, Charlotte 
Jenrette, Jr., Julius Poe, Asheville 
Jernigan, Frank Hundley, Augusta, Ga. 
Jernigan, Jasper Truett, Lillington 
Jernigan, John David, Mt. Olive 
Jervey, Mary Gardiner, Greenville, S. C. 
Johnson, Barbara Lynne, New Canaan, Co 
Johnson, Carl H., Wilmington, Del. 

Johnson, Marion Lee, Burgaw 
Johnson, Molly Parker, Apex 
Johnson, Raymond Horace, Henderson 
Johnson, Robert Arthur, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Johnson, Robert Leslie, Asheville 
Johnson, III, William Halsey, 

Huntington, N. Y. 
Johnston, Betsy Ann, Totowa Borough, N. J. 
Jones, Evelyn Elizabeth, Trenton 
Jones, James Judson, Sophia 

Jones, John Marshall, Red Springs 

Jones, Linda Louise, Raleigh 

Jones, III, Plummer Flippen, Statesville 

Jones, Sarah Elaine, Durham 

Jones, Stephen Allen, Winston-Salem 

Justice, Max Edward, Hendersonville 

Kale, Ernest Lee, Charlotte 

Kaplan, Kenneth Franklin, Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Katz, Craig D., Short Hills, N. J. 

Kaye, Lawrence M., Merrick, N. Y. 
Kayed, Ahmad Farah, Charlotte 
Keating, Frances Helene, Hendersonv 
Keener, Candace Kane, Charlotte 
Keever, Jr., Frederick Lester, Maiden 
Keith, Thomas Jeffery, Passaic, N. J. 
Keller, Paul Gordon, Asheville 
Keller, Roland Rudolf, Hickory 
Kelley, Kenneth Taylor, Durham 

Kelly, Michael Burge, Martinsville, Vc 
Kelly, Jr., Vincent Stanley, Greensborc 
Kemmer, Kaye Sybil, Nogales, Az. 
Kennerly, Baniamm Smith, Greensborc 
Kern, Natalia Alexandra, Fayetteville 
Key, Tony Harrison, Concord 
Kilgo, Dale Wayne, Rocky Mount 
Killian, Richard Wayne, Jacksonville, 
Kimel, Larry Leslie, Winston-Salem 

King, Don Gaither, Winston-Salem 
King, Edward Gaines, Greensboro 
King, James Roy, Durham 
King, Jennings Graham, Laurinburg 
King, Linda Huggins, Kinston 
King, Jr., Millard L., Zebulon 
Kinney, Jr., Charles Edward, Ramseu 
Kinslond, Carolyn Dwain, Franklin 
Kipps, Ann Michele, Blacksburg, Va. 


CLRSS OF 1967 

Kirk, Mary Susan, Raleigh 

Kirkman, Brenda Joyce, Pleasant Garden 

Kirkwood, Kathleen Morris, Charlotte 

Kirstein, Philip L., Suffern, N. Y. 

Kiser, David Monroe, Statesville 

Kiser, Mayada Lela, Gastonia 

Kiser, Thomas Neil, Statesville 

Kishony, Rachetta Pearl, Fairmont, W. Va. 

Kispert, John Joseph, Havelock 

Clyde Dewey, Randleman 
William Walter, Parkton 

land Heights, Ohn 



Kleitman, Kenneth, Levittown, N. Y 
Kline, Jr., Charles Robert, Camden, S. C. 
Knight, Barbara Ann, Raleigh 
Knowles, Michael Ray, Durham 
Kohn, Robert B., Montgomery, Ala. 
Konopka, Edward Allen, Murray Hill, N. J 

Koomen, John Chapin, Raleigh 

Koontz, Charlie Alexander, Mocksville 

Kouba, William Dudley, Greensboro 

Krider, Jennie Lynn, Salisbury 

Krug, Michael Charles, South Orange, N. J. 

Kuester, Kate Adele, Charlotte 

Kultg, Douglas Joseph, West Warren, Mass 

Kurth, Franz Jeffrey, Hicksville, N. Y. 

Lacher, Walter Scott, Aiken, S. C. 

Lackey, Everette Stephen, Winston-Sale 
Lackey, Lokie Charles, Murfreesboro 
Laffman, Karen Jo, Rowland 
Lail, Gary David, Granite Falls 
Lail, William Steve, Hickory 
Lain. William Douglas, High Point 
Lalanne, Barbara Boren, Chapel Hill 
Lambert, John Wallace, Raleigh 
Lambeth, Philip David, Greensboro 

Lamm, Dwight Copper, Nashville 
Lamm, Kerry Lynn, Bailey 
Lamm, Jr., Riddick Madison, Wilson 
Lamont, George James, Biscoe 
Lancaster, Jr., Beaufort Marion, Spindale 
Land, Christiania Ingram, Lincolnton 
Landman, Max Valentine, Annandale, Vc 
Lane, Jr., Chauncey Muneer, Greensboro 
Langston, Mary Virginia, Winterville 

LaPointe, Sharon Ann, Charlotte 
Latham, Janet Elizabeth, Greensboro 
Lauder, Linda Lee, Ruffin 
Lawrence, Jr., Claude Haynes, Greensbo 
Lawson, Jerry Wayne, High Point 
Lazarus, Deboroh Anne, Chapel Hill 
Leach, William Johnston, Littleton 
Leader, Jack Gary, Rock Hill, S. C. 
Leafe, Jr., Norman E., Charlotte 

Leak, III, James Alexander, Wadesbo 
Leeper, David Franklin, Greensboro 
Lemons, Kenneth Marvin, Spray 
Lentz, William Jeremiah, Sanford 
Lenz, James Lewis, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Leonard, Baxter Columbus Jones, 

Bryson City 
Leonard, Carol-Anne, Bethesda, Md. 
Leonard, Charles Nolan, Lexington 
Leonard, James Raymond Wesley, 

Bryson City 

Leslie, Jr., Donald Alexander, Atlanta, Ga 
Lethco, Helen Roberta, Arlington, Va. 
Lewis, Jr., Clarence Franklin, Goldsboro 
Lewis, Don Vincent, Wilmington 
Lewis, Edward Lee, High Point 
Lewis, Mary Suzanne, North Wilkesboro 
Leyman, Margaret, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Liles, Nancy Maddocks, Laurinburg 
Liles, Robert Moore, Raleigh 

Lindsey, Jr., Mark McDonald, Hamlet 
Lineberger, Archibald Caleb, Belmont 
Lineberger, Walter Guy, Charlotte 
Linkous, III, Harry Abraham, Macon, Ga. 
Lmville, Ray Pate, Winston-Salem 
Lipford, Anne Birch, Charlotte 
Lippa, Matthew S., Jersey City, N. J. 
Lippmcott, Jr., Robert L., Riverton, N. J. 
Lister, Eva English, Mount Olive 

Little, Edgar Watson, Gibsonville 
Little, III, Fred Eugene, Wilmington 
Little, Rachel Emma, Lincolnton 
Little, Sara Elizabeth, East Palatka, Fla 
Livesay, Jonathan Craig, Tarboro 
Lizotte, Carol Ann, Raeford 
Lloyd, Charles Braxton, Chapel Hill 
London, Jr., Fred Williams, Raleigh 
London, II, Henry Adolphus, Charlotte 

Londono, Jairo Hernan, Medellm, Colombia 
Long, IV, Benjamin Franklin, Greensboro 
Long, Martha Anne, Kenly 
Long, II, Samuel S., Charlotte 
Long, Jr., William Alton, Greensboro 
Long, William Thomas, Mebane 
Longest, Jr., Frank Alexander, Mount Airy 
Lorek, Barbara Jo, Fayetteville 
Loughlin, Kenneth Dale, Wilmington 



Love, Judith Huggins, Charlotte 
Love, Judy L., Raleigh 
Love, Lawrence Leslie, Glynco, Ga 
Lovett, Connie Berry, New Bern 
Lovett, Sarah Elizabeth, Liberty 
Lovings, Jr., James Wilbur, Charlotte 
Lowder, James Alvin, Albemarle 
Lowe, Ronald Jeffrey, Swannanoa 
Lowman, Jr., Samuel Enoch, Charlotte 

Lowry, Jane Mildred, El Macero, Calif. 
Lucey, Richard John, Kensington, Md. 
Ludington, Jr., John Robert, Bethesda, Md. 
Lutz. Jr., Robert Miller, Greensboro 
Lyerly, II. Hubert Spencer, Kannapolis 
Lyman, Donald Roy, Miami Shores, Fla. 
McAdams, Larry William, Swepsonville 
McAlister, Dwight Hiram, Chapel Hill 
McArthur, Mary Edith, Laurinburg 

McCain, Derrell Watson, Monroe 
McCallum, Charles William, Rowland 
McChesney, III, James Munn, Rocky Mo 
McClain, Richard Marvin, Raleigh 
McClaine, Joan Conaway, Washington, 
McClendon, Barbara Lee, Jacksonville 
McCnckard, Donald Lee, Virginia Beacr- 
McCullen, Allie Ray, Clinton 
McCullough, John Douglas, Swansboro 

McDonald, Paul Wayne, Fayetteville 
McDougle, James Herbert, Oxford 
McDuffie, Donald Chavel, Chapel Hill 
McEwen, III, Luther Morris, Charlotte 
McFadden, David Morris, Asheboro 
McFall, Charles Daniel, Madison 
McFarland, Susan Diane, Summit, N. J. 
McGee, John Oliver, Newton 
McGirt, Jr., Joseph Ward, Charlotte 

McGregor, Jr., Hugh Frank, Charleston, S. C. 
McKee, Linda Gale Kircus, Chapel Hill 
McKenzie, Carolyn Hay, Bristol, Tenn. 
McKethan, Jr., Kenneth A , Fayetteville 
McKinnon, Thomas King, Hickory 
McKoy, Victor Paul, Wilmington 
McLamb, II, Myron Douqlas, Clinton 
McLean, Harry Ardrey, Raeford 
McLean, Jonathan Owens, Harbinger 

McLean, Nancy Croom, Short Hills, N. J. 
McLean Robert M., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
McLean, William Starr, Kinston 
McLendon, Lennox Lane, Oakboro 
McMillan, Charles Knox, Wilson 
McMillan, John Samuel, Red Springs 
McPhatter, Richard Nathan, Concord 
McSweeney, Sophocles, Houston, Texas 
McWhorter, Helen Louise, Roxboro 

MacKesson, Mary Elizabeth, Statesville 
MacKethan, Lulie Biggs, Fayetteville 
MacNeill. Jr., John Coble, Charlotte 
Macon, Frances Marie, High Point 
MacPherson, H. L., Wilmington, Del. 
Madeley, Claudia Carole, Wrightsville Beach 
Malcolm, John Buckner, Winston-Solem 
Malone, Jacqueline Lou, Newport 
Mann, John Thomas, Kinston 

Marcuson, Marilyn Akers, Winston-Sa 
Margerison, Jr., Kenneth Hilton, Gasto 
Marion, Russell Aubrey, Wmston-Salei 
Markham, Jr., John Edward, Durham 
Markham, Lawrence William, Durham 
Marshall, Beth Bellaire, Hillsborough 
Marshall, Georgia Ann, Winston-Salen 
Marshall, Michael Lee, Kernersville 
Marshall, Philip R., Portsmouth, R. I. 

Marshburn, Gary Wriston, Jacksonville 
Martin, Anthony Charles, Pinehurst 
Martin, Jr., Douglas Purdum, Winston-Sale 
Martin, Jr., Ralph Hamilton, Apex 
Mason, Gloria Jeanne, High Point 
Mason, Michael Dana, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Massey, Ollie Mae, Salisbury 
Mastin, Thomas Alan, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Matthews, Cheryl Dean, Charlotte 

Matthews, Gene Wiley, Matthews 
Matthews, Kathy Elliott, Memphis, Tenn. 
Matthews, Timothy McKay, Springfield, Va. 
Matthews, Wanda Lee, Havelock 
Ma-ney, Harry Jenkins, Shelby 
Mayo, Louise Chenlle, Clayton 
Mazza, Jeffrey Paget, Lontana, Fla. 
Meador, Jr., Philip D , Franklinton 
Meads, Alma Elizabeth, Elizabeth City 

Meditz, James Richard, Winston-Saler 
Memory, Stella Meredith, Raleigh 
Mendenhall, Carol Ann, Jonesville 
Menefee Martha Fans, Durham 
Mercer, Forrest Alvah, Lexington, Ky. 
Mercer, Gary Allen, Jacksonville 
Mickler, Martin Joseph, Jacksonville, I 
Midgett, Jane Adair, Kinston 
Miller, Jean Brooks, Charlotte 



CLRSS OF 1967 

Millis, Jr., Clarence Edward. Newport 
Millsaps, Carol Renae, Statesville 
Minard, Frank Pell Lowrence, 

Montclair, N. J. 
Minismam, Bertram Goodwin, 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mitchell, Carolyn Anne, Kannapolis 
Mitchell, Jr., George, Audubon, N. J. 
Mitchell, Jr., Nicholas W., Winston-Sale 
Mitchell, Richard Foutz, Haw River 
Mitchell, Susan Guion, New Bern 

Modlin, John Wayne, Woodville 
Montgomery, Ella Smith, New Orleans 
Moody, Harvey Wayne, Louisburg 
Moody, Sandra Lynne, Bethel 
Moore, Elizabeth Louise, Washington, 
Moore, James Alan, Spindale 
Moore, Judy Carlette, Mebane 
Moore, Terry Warde, Wilmington 
Moore, Thaddeus Thomson, Alexandr 

Moore, Jr., William Beniomin, Reidsville 
Morgan, Charles Leland, Durham 
Morgan, Donald Hobbs, Biloxi, Miss. 
Morgan, Karlyn Merle, High Point 
Morns, Kemp Randolph, Virginia Beach 
Morris, Malvary DeLozier, West Ashevil 
Morris, Jr., Sherrill F., Lexington 
Morrison, Mills Lane, Savannah, Ga. 
Morton, Roger Lewis, Birmingham, Ala. 

Moss, Ann DeWitt, St. Simons Island, Ga 
Moss, John Foy, Mooresville 
Moulton, II, John Adkins, Winston-Salei 
Moye, Jr., James M., Greenville 
Mullen, Mary-Jo, Severna Park, Md. 
Mull, Joe Thomas, Morganton 
Mulhnax, Robert Lee, Asheville 
Munns, Harris Alton, High Point 
Murphy, Jesse Thomas, Leaksville 

Murray, III, Charles Osborne, Hickory 
Murray, Drusylla Ann, Durham 
Murray, Jr., John Clifford, Asheboro 
Muyangana, Christopher Mutemwa, 

Mongu, Zambia 
Myers, Charles C, Elkin 
Myers, Mary Willard, Charlotte 
Nachman, Stewart Lee, Hampton, Va. 
Napolitono, Julia Delorese, Charlotte 
Nash, Jr., Charies E., High Point 

Nash, David Alan, Charlotte 
Nash, Sara Gordon, Winston-Salem 
Neal, Charles Hylton, Winston-Salem 
Neiburg, Dale Alan, Pendleton, S. C. 
Newhn, Robert Barclay, Piedmont, S. C. 
Nichols, Archie McRoy, Pollocksville 
Nichols, Jr., Wyman Andrew, Fayettevil 
Nicholson, Ivan Wayne, Bath 
Noggle, Jr., J. Edison, Shelby 

Norman, Carole Jean, High Point 
Norman, Jr., Roger William, Sanford 
Norment, Anne Marie, Arlington, Va 
Norwood, Jr., William Walker, Bulloc 
Nottingham, Sue Carol, Norfolk, Va. 
Nowell, Alton Gwynn, Raleigh 
Nucciarone, William Joseph, 

Manasquan, N. J. 
Nulton, Vivia Lynn, Jacksonville 
Nussbaum, Mary Louise, Greensboro 

Oakley, Frances Newell, Raleigh 
Obenshain, III, Wiley Shackford, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Odom, Linda Ann, Macon, Ga. 
Ogburn, James Hobbs, Smithfield 
Oliver, Jr., George Motley, Cary 
O'Neal, Beniamin Sheldon, Manteo 
Orr, James \/ance, Henderson 
Orren, Donald Wayne, Matthews 
O'Toole, Dennis Theodore, Baskervil 

Overton, Ashley Calhoun, Salisbury 
Owen, David Plott, Canton 
Owen, Edward Caraway, Roseboro 
Owen, James David, Fayetteville 
Owens, Jr., Hugh S., Goldsboro 
Oxendine, Linda Ellen, Pembroke 
Oxford, Jr., Roger Clark, Kinston 
Pace, Vincent John, Little Silver, N. J. 
Page, Robert Lee, Ruffin 

Pagett, Edward Eugene, Winston-Salen 
Palmer, Margaret Lena, Crossnore 
Parham, Eliza Huske, Henderson 
Parker, Charles Owen, Durham 
Parker, Jr., Robert Britt, Enfield 
Parker, Sophie Victoria, Alexandria, Vi 
Parrish, David Key, Durham 
Parsons, John Regis, Asheboro 
Paster, David Joseph, Memphis, Tenn 

Patrick, Evelyn Gail, Raleigh 
Patterson, F. M. Simmons, New Bern 
Patterson, Michael Joseph, Memphis 
Patterson, Ronnie Howard, China Gi 
Paul, Margaret June, Jacksonville, F 
Payne, Timothy Joel, Charlotte 
Peacock, Lynda Alice, Raleigh 
Pearce, Georgia Kay, Gastonia 
Pearce, Harris James, Greensboro 



'earce, Joseph Adolphus, Louisburg 
'earson, Philip S., Mt. Airy 
3 ennigar, Sara Frances, Charlotte 
3 eoples, Dallas Allen, Greensboro 
'erkins, Carol Lynne, Darien, Conn, 
'erkins, Patricia Jones, Timberlake 
'erkins, Sandra Elizabeth, New Bern 
3 erkins, Vernon Ray, Gatesville 
3 errell, Woodrow Franklin, Lexingtor 

3 erry, Jr., Darrell Lamar, Louisburg 
3 erry, Richard Douglas, Zebulon 
3 eterson, Frank James, Lykens, Pa. 
D eterson, III, Henry Oscar, Leland 
'eterson, Robert M., Coral Gables, FIc 
'etitt, Jerry Stewart, Alexandria, Va. 
Phillips, Jr., Harold Lee, Charlotte 
Phillips, Hilliard Brooks, Cary 
'hillips, Thomas Franklin, Carthage 

Piacentino, Edward Joseph, Elizabeth City 
Pinkham, Jimmy Randolph, Winston-Salem 
Pitt, Walter Wrinza, Rocky Mount 
Pittard, Robert Earl, Roanoke Rapids 
Pittman, William Bryan, Wilson 
Planck, Shirley Gray, Raleigh 
Planck, Joseph Gordon, Durham 
Plummer, Douglas Allen, Baltimore, Md. 
Poe, Jr., William Dismukes, Raleigh 

Poitras, Robert Herman, Saddle River, N. 
Polk, John Thomas, Hamlet 
Polk, Larry Douglas, Fayetteville 
Pollard, Elizabeth Gibson, Fayetteville 
Pollock, Jr., Carlton Arthur, Kinston 
Pond Jonathan Davidson, Bethesda, Md. 
Pool, III, R. A. Jack, Clinton 
Poole, Jr., Joseph Wray, Sophia 
Poore, Jr., James Paul, Marion 

Pope, James Phillip, Leesburg, Fla 
Poplin, Homer Bascom, Norwood 
Porter, Susan Kathryn, Miami, Fla 
Potter, Fronk Hollister, Beaufort 
Potter, James Richard, Kinston 
Powell, Jr., Edwin Dean, Mt. Holly 
Powell, Marilyn Gayle, Ruffin 
Powell, Richard Randolph, Asheville 
Powell, Robert Franklin, Greensboro 

Powell, Jr., Robert Stone, Thomasville 
Pratt, Cynthia Jone, Winston-Salem 
Preston, Carl H., Fairfield, Conn. 
Price Betsey Jean, High Point 
Price, Doris Jean, Smithfield 
Price, William Raymond, Wallace 
Pndgen, Robin Lee, Wilmington 
Prince, Mary Diane, Fuquay-Varina 
Pnndle, Randall Donavon, Atlanta, Ga. 

Pritchett, W. Marcille, High Point 
Privette, Janet Quinn, Rio de Janeiro, I 
Proctor, Alan Ray, Rocky Mount 
Proctor, James Richard, Rocky Mount 
Pruett, Jimmy Cleveland, Shelby 
Pugh, Jackson Taylor, Oriental 
Pugh, Jr., James Edward, Hickory 
Purdie, Elaine Johnson, Davidson 
Putnam, Jr., Russell Henry, 
Gaithersburg, Md. 

Raban, Reginald James, Cherry Hill, N. J. 
Raker, Don Crossley, Winston-Salem 
Raley, Nancy Sue, Nashville 
Rambo, James Everett, San Francisco, Calif 
Randall, Annette Mauney, Newton 
Randolph, Christopher Fitz, New York, N. Y 
Rankin, Nancy Null, High Point 
Rankin, III, Pressley Robinson, Ellerbe 
Rasmussen, Jr., Richard G., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Ray, Flossie Elizabeth, Marshall 

Ray, III, James David, Raleigh 

Ray, Wesley Carl, Charlotte 

Reavis, Johnny D-, Harmony 

Redd, Francis Marion, Charlotte 

Redmon, John Anson, Bernardsville, N J. 

Reed, James Alexander, Reading, Pa. 

Reed, Mark, Hickory 

Reese, Norman Clifford, Roanoke Rapids 

Reichle, Mary Sedin, Chapel Hill 
Reid, George Hamilton, Winston-Salem 
Reider, Horace Oliver, Rosemont, Pa. 
Reignwater, Nancy McKinnon, Salisbury 
Reitzel, Elizabeth Ann, Raleigh 
Renegar, Gary Van, Yadkinville 
Renfrow, William Clyde, Fair Bluff 
Reynolds, Thomas Edward, Fletcher 
Rhodes, Dale Mark, Wilmington 

Rhoney, Dale Van, Washington, D C. 
Rich, David Maurice, Burlington 
Rich, Dwight Douglas, Castalia 
Richardson, Kathryn Ann, Ellerbe 
Rickards Robert Richard, Milltown, N 
Ricks, Susan Dianne, Jarratt, Va. 
Ripa, Paul Joseph, Andover, Mass. 
Rives, Elisebeth Stuckey, High Point 
Robb, James Lawrence, Hickory 






CLRSS OF 1967 

Robbins, III, Charles Thomas, Asheboro 
Robbins, James Tate, Chattanooga, Tenr 
Roberson, Edwin Stewart, Lilesville 
Robert, George Lamar, Niantie, Conn. 
Roberts, Grace Jane, Swannanoa 
Roberts, Janet Lee, Asheboro 
Robertson, Jr., William Bruce, Charlotte 
Robertson, Jr., Yancey Hagerman, 

Fuquay Springs 
Robey, Elizabeth Ann, Charlotte 

Robinson, Arthur Joseph, Statesville 
Robinson, David Allen, Wilmington 
Robinson, Ronald Louis, Durham 
Robinson, Jr., Sam F., 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Robinson, Terrell Embrey, Gastonia 
Rodgers, Margaret Judith, Franklinvil 
Rogan, Patrick Charles, Winston-Sale 
Rogers, Joseph Andrew, Huntersville 
Rogers, Nancy Ruth, Roxboro 

Rogers, Jr., Thomas Orlando, Miami, Fla. 
Rollins, Glenn William, Warsaw 
Roper, Sandra Howell, Washington, D. C. 
Rosenblum, Stephen Frederick, Laurens, S 
Ross, Randy Joseph, Durham 
Roth, Beniamin Sterling, Charlotte 
Rothstein, Lilly Ruth, Medellin, Colombia 
Roughton, John Brooks, Thomasville 
Rouse, Jerry Randolph, Kinston 

Roveano, Victoria June, Waynesville 
Rowe, Mary Gail, Hendersonville 
Rubin, William L., Neponsit, N. Y. 
Rucker, Catherine Christie, Greensbor 
Rudisill, Betty Rutfin, Lincolnton 
Rutf, George Harper, Chapel Hill 
Rufty, Joe Hearne, Salisbury 
Rush. James Belk, Miami, Fla. 
Russ, David Perry, Fayetteville 

Russel, Mary Augusta, Cleveland, Miss 
Rutherford, Weaver Polk, Enka 
Rjtledge, James Carlyle, Kannapolis 
Saleeby, George Craven, Carrboro 
Saleeby, James Jeffrey, Salisbury 
Salmony, Steven E., Roanoke, Va. 
Salsbury, III, Sherrod, Morganton 
Salters. Sophia Hay, Elizabeth City 
Sandberg, III, Hyrum Carl, Mobile, Ala 

Sanderson, James Maxey, Lexington 
Sanderson, Richard David, Burgaw 
Sasser Herman Wallace, Indian Trail 
Sasser, William Dudley, Goldsboro 
Satisky Evelyn Rothstein. Chapel Hill 
Satisky, Howard Phillip, Chapel Hill 
Saukey, Roger Curtis, Cleveland. Ohio 
Saum, David Wendell, Camden, S. C 
Saunders, Phillip Melton, Biscoe 

Saunders, III, Richard Robertson, Reidsville 
Scarboro, Edward Evans, Kannapolis 
Scarborough, Savannah Rose, Hamlet 
Schafer, Gerald Samuel, Mount Airy 
Scharff, Charlotte Gray, 
West Chesapeake, Va. 
Schaum Alice Virginia, Winston-Salem 
Scherr, III, Harry, Huntington, W. Va 
Schlenger, William Edward, Rutherford, N 
Schmick, Charles Albert, Catonsville, Md 

Schnabel, William Wilson, Greensboro 
Schneider, Robert M., Winston-Salem 
Schoo, John Linton, Chevy Chase, Md 
Schuler, Jane Carol, Elmhurst, III. 
Schwab, Nelson, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Scott, Gray C, Dobson 
Scott, Jr., Jack Hillman, Gastonia 
Scott, Mary Elizabeth, Nashville, Tenn 
Scovel, Terry Lynn, Charlotte 

Scruggs, Jimmie Ray, Spencer 
Seaman, Louis B., White Plains, N. Y. 
Seate, Billy Fenton, Oxford 
Seawell, Terrell Johnson, Chapel Hill 
Sedlacek, Cheryl Lynn, 

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 
Selden, Samuel T., Santa Monica, Calif 
Sellers, James Worth, Cherryville 
Sellers. Kenneth Ray, Kannapolis 
Serunian, Barry Victor, Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Sessoms, Jr., Merville W., Colerain 
Settlemire, Earl S., Chapel Hill 
Sexton, Daniel Glenn, Garner 
Seymour, Jr., James E., Decatur, Ga. 
Shaffer, Carol Ann, Richmond, Va. 
Shaffer, Charlotte Winborne, Chapel Hill 
Shaffer, Eleanor Louise, Elmwood, III. 
Sharp, David Edward, Salisbury 
Shearer, Susann Elizabeth, Fayetteville 

Sheann, Jr., Norman Wilson, Rocky Mounl 
Shearon, David Royal, Wake Forest 
Shearon, Kenneth Lewis, Wake Forest 
Sheehan, Charles McDonnell, Salisbury 
Shell, Jr., William Claybrook, 

Roanoke Rapids 
Shelor, Adelaide Chenault, Clearwater, Fla 
Shepard, E Allen, Charlotte 
Shepherd, Gloria Jean, Wilmington 
Shepherd, John Calvin, Lumberton 


Sherwood, II, George Royall, Wilson 
Shields, Jr., Edgar W., High Falls 
Shields, William G., Carrboro 
Shivers, James Allison, High Point 
Shoffner, Robert Hunter, Burlington 
Shore, Charles Martin, Thomasville 
Shorten, Richard Jeffrey, Canfield, Ohio 
Sickerott, Candace Karen, Ocean City, N. J. 
Simerly, David Riley, Kannapolis 

Glenn Richard, Newton 
. Patricia Ann, Chapel Hill 
Simons, James Brandon, Statesville 
Simpson, 111, George Lee, Atlanta, Ga. 
Simpson, Jr., John Reginald, Williamston 
Singleton, Frank Harrison, Rockingham 
Sipe, Kerry Winton, Salem, Va. 
Sitterson, Jr., Joseph Carlyle, Chapel Hill 
Skinner, Armeta Lou, Norfolk, Va. 

Slebos, William Gerard, Western Springs 
Sleeper, Russell Gage, Dayton, Ohio 
Smith, Alan Foster, Fayetteville 
Smith, Carol Elaine, Wilmington 
Smith, Jr., Charles Kersey, Kinston 
Smith, David Bomar, Dillon, S. C. 
Smith, Jr., Harold Henkel, Concord 
Smith, James Eastman, Westfield, N. J. 
Smith, Kenneth Leo, Beulaville 

Smith, Louise Jordan, Greensboro 
Smith, Matthew Allison, Atlanta, Ga. 
Smith, Roderick Sheldon, 
Port Washington, N. Y. 
Smith, Ronald Emerson, Charlotte 
Smith, Sally Ann, Asheville 
Smith, Stephen Allen, Raleigh 
Smoake, Ernest C, Durham 
Sneed, John Ryman, Pinehurst 
Snipes, Jr., Lyman Ralph, Graham 

Snuggs, Jr., Edgar E., Albemarle 
Sobol, John Woodrow, Black Mountain 
Solomon, Lucas Deleon, Charlotte 
Southerland, Mickey Garland, Enfield 
Sparks, Stephen Andre, Winston-Salem 
Sparrow, Donald Gilmore, Greensboro 
Sparrow, Ronald Wilford, Williamston 
Spaugh, Shirley Jean, High Point 
Spaulding, Jr., Beniamin Warren, 

Spears, Edgar M., Millers Creek 
Specs, Claudia Anne, Winston-Salem 
Spencer, James Richard, Chapel Hill 
Spencer, John Howard, Leesburg, Va. 
Spencer, Marilyn Gale, Rocky Mount 
Spencer, Mary Scott, Hickory 
Spencer, Ross Dee, Hendersonville 
Spencer, Thomas Safford, Charlotte 
Stacy, Mary Patricia, Gastonia 

Staggers, Samuel Richard, Meta;r 
Stanley, Donald Wayne, Kernersv 
Starer, Susan Merryl, Charlotte 
Starnes, Jeanne Louise, Gastonia 
Starnes, Richard Lynn, Charlotte 
Statler, James S., Levittown, N. Y 
Stedman, Charles N., Burlington 
Steed, Clark Russell, Greensboro 
Steelman, Nancy Rae, Asheville 


Courtney SolTee, Jacksonville, 
Donald Wayne, Durham 
Hugh Johnson, Washington 
Alan Clements, Red Springs 
, Mary Kay, Raleigh 
, Norma Kay, Gastonia 




Stephens, Ronald La 



Stewart, Janice Carol, Franklin 
Stikeleather, James Gudger, Asheville 
Stinson, III, Thomas Wilder, Charlotte 
Stockdale, Jerry William, Roanoke Rapids 
Stokely, William Robert, Edenton 
Stone, James Madren, Durham 
Stone, William Stewart, Pilot Mountain 
Story, Jr., Willie Thomas, Roanoke Rapids 
Stovall, Harry Wylie, Wrightsville Beach 

Strader, Sandra Jean, Ruffin 
Streaker, James Franklin, Lancaster, 
Strickland, Jr., Ralph Bowling, Durha 
Stroud, James Michael, High Point 
Stroud, Jr., Joseph Oliver, Raleigh 
Stubbs. John David, Kernersville 
Stupak, John William, Greensboro 
Sturdevant, Paula May, Chapel Hill 
Sullivan, Terrence Daniel, Charlotte 

Sumner, Jr., John Southall, Charlotte 
Surratt, John Peeler, Rose Hill 
Surratt, Sherry Lynn, Charlotte 
Sutphin, Richard Leroy, West End 
Sutton, Judith Anne, Burlington 
Sutton, Turner Bond, Windsor 
Swanson, Merry Susan, Winston-Salem 
Swofford, William Oliver, North Wilkesboro 
Sykes, Jr., Claude O., Yonkers, N. Y. 


CLRSS OF 1967 

Symonds, Peter Lamson, Marbleheod, Mass 
Talbert, Katherine Pierson, Chapel Hill 
Tanner, Ronald Leroy, Jacksonville 
Tario, Patricia Ellen, Chicago, III. 
Tasker, Tamara Jean, Chapel Hill 
Tatum, Rebecca, Chapel Hill 
Taylor, Michael Lyndon Finch, Chapel Hill 
Taylor, Raymond George, Baltimore, Md. 
Teasdale, Margo Ann, Palm Beach, Fla. 

Tennent, Alexandra, Salisbury 
Tennille, Judy M., Chapel Hill 
Thomas, Dixie Gay, Winston-Salem 
Thomas, Jr., Dwight Elwood, Rocky Mount 
Thomas, Jr., Henry C, Chapel Hill 
Thomas, II, Johnny Martin, Albemarle 
Thomas, Stephen Mason, Sylva 
Thomas, Susan Jane, Elizabeth City 
Thomas, Wanda Lou, Walnut Cove 

Thompson, Benjamin Eborn, Aurora 
Thompson, Ellen Diane, Durham 
Thompson, James Beniamin, Durham 
Thompson, Lawrence G., New York, N. Y. 
Thompson, Linda Faye, Hallsboro 
Thompson, Rodney Ferrell, Hickory 
Thompson, Sherdenia, Carrboro 
Thompson, Jr., Stanley John, Midland, Mu 
Thompson, Terry Elizabeth, Atlanta, Ga. 

Thorndike, Jr., James Arthur, Hendersonvills 
Thorne, Thomas Stanley, Durham 
Thrift, Michael Francis, Winston-Salem 
Thrift, Robert Craig, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Thurston, Thomas W., Richmond, Va. 
Thuss, Noland Wells, West Palm Beach, Fla 
Tillery, Jr., Wade Hampton, Wilmington 
Tillman, Helen Jean, Hickory 
Titus, Jr., Glen Neal, Roxboro 

Todd, Nina Carolyn, Hendersonville 
Tomford, William Webster, Memphis, Tenn 
Townson, Barbara Whichard. Edenton 
Traub, Kenneth Warren, Bishopville, S. C. 
Trobaugh, Roma Leah, Memphis, Tenn. 
Trott, Edward Wadsworth, Kannapolis 
Tull, Virginia Anne, Wake Forest 
Turlington, Jr., Henry Eugene, Chapel Hill 
Turner, Jr., Charles Hancock, New Bern 

Turner, Charles Ronald, Lincolnton 
Turner, James Palmer, Louisburg 
Turner, Michael Wayne, Morristown, N. J. 
Turner, Jr., Wilburne Wells, Winston-Salem 
Tuttle, Jr., Harold Pulliam, Rocky Mount 
Tuttle, Reuben Gray, Winston-Salem 
Tygart, Frederick B., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Tyndall, II, Robert Glenn, Kinston 
Tyndall, Roy Franklin, Durham 

Ubell, Donald Paul, Hollywood, Fla. 
Umstead, Jane Katherine, Bahama 
Underwood, Robert Gordon, Chapel Hill 
Uzzell, Jr , George Randolph, Salisbury 
Vaden, Virginia Louise, Raleigh 
Van Damm, Gregory Mark, Atlanta, Ga. 
Van Loon, Eric Elton, Nashville, Tenn. 
Venn, Sally Bingham, Birmingham, Ala. 
Vanpelt, Max Lee, Kannapolis 

Varner, Jr., Grant Bernard, 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Vars, III, Addison Foster, Washington, D. C. 
Vaughan, Hannah Bailey Heptinstall, 

Vaughan, Ann Cheryl, Maryville, Tenn. 
Vaughn, William Edward, Chapel Hill 
Vecellio, Constance Marie, Salem, Va. 
Venters, George Cole, Richlands 
Verlenden, III, William Lane, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Vernon, Diane Lynne, New Canaan, Conn. 

Vinson, Iris Lee, Durham 
Viverette, Jr., Eugene Alston, Rocky Mount 
Voight, William Ken, Boxford, Mass. 
Wadsworth, James Allan, Hendersonville 
Wagner, Renia Patrice, Williamston, S. C. 
Wagoner, Joe Edward, Misenheimer 
Wagoner, Otis Tucker, Thomasville 
Wainer, Eric Sayle, Winston-Salem 
Wait, III, Dwight William, Glenshaw, Pa 

Walker, Daniel Marvin, Mebane 
Walker, Robert Shackford, Hudson 
Walker, Wayne Browning, Durham 
Wall, Amanda Lou, Boiling Springs 
Wall, Audrey Diana, Raleigh 
Wall, Frances Mial, Whiteville 
Wall, Jr., John Nelson, Rockingharr 
Wall, Malinda Carole, Marion 
Wall, Marianne, Raleigh 

Walls, Jr., William Ralph, Asheville 
Walters, III, John Parrott, LaGrange 
Ward, Jr., Bernard Rudolph, Goldsbor. 
Ward, Joe Frank, Freeport, Fla. 
Ward, John A. J., New Bern 
Ward, Linda Carol, Richmond, Va. 
Ward, Richard Dwight, Monroe 
Waring, Linda Marie, Greensboro 
Warren, Maurice Allen, Tarboro 



Warren, Susan Jane, Dunn 
Warrington, Caleb Van, Wilmington, Del. 
Watkins, Jr., Arthur W., Raleigh 
Watkins, Betty Leigh, Durham 
Watkins, Joyce Dianne, Gaffney, S. C. 
Watson, Jr., Edgerton Lynn, Louisburg 
Watson, Wenona Feris, Ararat 
Watt, Melvin L., Charlotte 
Watts, Jr., Evan Dale, Wilmington 

Weede, Harry Walker, Cheraw, S. C. 
Weeks, Wallace Webb, Kinston 
Wei, Enoch Ping, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Weldon, Virginia Anne, Durham 
West, Jr., Douglas Nathaniel, 

f-t. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Westbrook, Jr., James Layman, Durham 
Wetherbee, Harry Lon, Springfield, Mass. 
Whichard, Jr., David Emerson, Roanoke, Va. 
Whitaker, Judith Gayle, Durham 

Whitaker, III. William Asbury, 

White, David Henry, Charlotte 
White, Jr., Howard Vernon, Rocky Mol 
White, Luther Glenn, Pittsboro 
White, Mary Caroline, Wilson 
White, Melba Louise, Mebane 
White, III, Sidney Russell, New Bern 
White, III, Thomas Skinner, Durham 
White, William Eugene, Monticello, FIc 

White, William James, Raleigh 
Whitehead, Jr., Millard Eley, Murfreesboro 
Whitehurst, James Alton, Raleigh 
Whitehurst, John Howard, Wilson 
Whitfield, Jr., Ruben Long, Chapel Hill 
Whitley, Howard Landis, Smithfield 
Whitley, James Edwards, Nashville 
Whitley, Jimmy Norwood, Selma 
Wiebel, II, George Clement, 
North Wilkesboro 

Wilfong, Ida Lee, Hickory 
Willey, Susan Alice, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Williams, Betty Gaile, Thomasville 
Williams, III, Bryant Bennett, Elizabeth City 

w v ^ ^ w cw w 

f % ■ 1 j 

Williams', Charles Eug 
Williams, Courtenay A 

. Chapel Hill 
Capidan, . - 
Williams, David Arnold, Battleboro 
Williams, Edwin, Wantogh, N. Y. 
Williams, Holly Gayle, Fayetteville 

Williams, Ja 








Samuel, Tabor City 
Walker, Rocky Mount 
Judy West, Ahoskie 
Michael Forrest, Littleton 
Patricia Sue, Burlington 
Raymond A., Winston-Salem 
Richard Barry, Durham 
n, Jr., Robert Lawrence, 
Mount Airy 
Willardson, John Stanley, 
Santa Monica, Calif. 

Williard, Coy Orville, High Point 
Willis, Dewey Wayne, Williston 
Wills, Jr., Worren Westbrook, Atlanta, Ga 
Wilson, Carol, Mt. Olive 
Wilson, Jr., Edward H., Cary 
Wilson, Jr., Holman R., Louisville, Ky. 
Wilson, Robert Owen, Charlotte 
Wimbish, Helen Patricia, Greensboro 
Winborne, 111, John Wallace, Atlanta, Ga. 

Winburn, George Randolph, Radnor, Pa. 
Winchester, Jr., Thomas Page, Monroe 
Winn, Bryan Lee, Leaksville 
Winston, Zachary Richard, Asheville 
Wise, Pamela Price, Charlotte 
Witherspoon, Nancy Elizabeth, 

Hagerstown, Md. 
Witt, Florence Elder, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Womble, Mary Olivia, Wagram 
Wood, III, Newton Oliver, Washington, D. C. 
Wood, Norman Eugene, Raleigh 

Wood, Paul Frederick, Southport, Conn. 
Woodall, Barbara Elizobeth, Benson 
Woodruff, Jr., James Edward, Raleigh 
Woolard, Mary Martha, Robersonville 
Worley, Charles Robert, Asheville 
Worley, Donna Jean, Asheville 
Worrell, George Anthony, Goldsboro 
Worsham, Jr., Douglas Thomas, Waynesville 
Wortham, Verna Marie, Greensboro 
Worthen, Peter Thacher. Andover, Mass. 

Wrenn, Alexander Elmer, Greensboro 
Wright, Cleveland Augustus, Petersburg, Va. 
Wright, Helen, Wrightsville Beach 
Wright, Jo Ann, Shelby 
Wright, III, John Raleigh, Jarvisburg 
Wright, Mary Wadleigh, Bluffton, S. C. 
Wright, Jr., Melvin Forbes, Elizabeth City 
Wright, Jr., O. Richard, Tabor City 
Wright, Richard Newton, Greensboro 
Writer, George Sneden, Nyack, N. Y. 

Wuehrmann, Janet Linda, Birmingham, Ala. 

Wyche, Paul Byron, Hallsboro 

Wyman, Jr., Samuel Dow, Greenwich, Conn. 

Yager, Virginia Monroe, Dahlonega, Ga. 

Yarborough, Richard Fenner, Louisburg 

Yeats, Richard N,, Greenville 

Young, Elizabeth Courtney, Charleston, S. C. 

Young, Robert Maynard, 

White River Jet., Vt. 
Yount, Gail Elizabeth. Claremont 
Zuckerman, William Bernard, 

Valley Stream, N. Y. 



y; LIZA ROBB. Social 


CLRSS OF 1968 

^ercrombie, Ronald Ford, Greenville, S. C. 
^raham. Napoleon Fordham, Charlotte 
^brams, Peter S., Maplewood, N. J. 
<kdams, Ronald Wayne, Thomasville 
«,dkins, Karl, Fayetteville 
Mnslie, Peter Gooding, Kingsport, Tenn. 
Mbright, William Harry, Mebane 
Mdnch, Wallace Neel, Charlotte 
Mexander, Richard Boatwright, Charlotte 

Mien, Dwight Woodard, Goldsboro 
Mien, Jr., Joseph William, Jacksonv 
Mlran, Michel Lee, Mount Airy 
Mired, Charles Lacy, Burlington 
Mired, Nancy Lynne, Raleigh 
Mmond, Tony Roman, Albemarle 
Mtman, Gardner Howard, Fayettevi 
\mlong, William Robert, South Miai 
Anders, Archie Wilbert, Clinton 

\ndersen. III, William Alfred, Rocky Mount 
Anderson, Brian James, Goshen, N. Y. 
^derson, Jr., James Prentice, LaGrange 
\nderson, Jr., Malcolm MacGregor, 

Charleston, W. Va. 
\nderson, Vernon Wayne, Elizabeth City 
\ngell, Charles Marshall, Miami, Fla. 
\ngell, III, Monrovie Jones, Statesville 
\ppel, Shirley F., Richmond, Va. 
Armour, Barry Samuel, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Vmstrong, Jr., Robert Howard, Concord 
Mchley, Jr., George T., Morrisville, Pa. 
\uman, Johnny Everett, Asheboro 
Austin, Jr., John Parker, Four Oaks 
^ydelette, Robert Jerome, Greensboro 
Babcock, Anna Erskine, Charlotte 
Baer, Melvin Jay, Dunn 
Baggett, Anthony Lambert, Salemburg 
Baggett, Jr., James Dudson, Jacksonville 

Bahnson, Bert Bennett, Winston-Salem 
Bailey. Ill, Joseph A., Washington, D. C. 
Bailey, Mary Blois, Roleigh 
Ballard, Patricia G., Wilmington, Del. 
Bandy, Margaret Elizabeth, Newton 
Barber, Susan Lee, Winston-Salem 
Barden. Ronald Stephens, Rocky Mount 
Barefoot, James Wilson, Canton 
Barham, William Lovell, Leaksville 

Barkley, Allan Pierson, Raleigh 
Barnes, Jr., Henry Franklin, Bel Air, Md. 
Barnes, Jr., James Houston, Greensboro 
Barnes, III, Robert Luther, Sims 
Barnes, William Roscoe, Fairmont 
Barnett, Thomas Vance, Atlanta, Ga. 
Barragan, J. Bruce, Savannah, Ga. 
Barrett, Michael Carlton, Atlanta, Ga. 
Barron, M. Susan, Chapel Hill 

Berwick, Charles Killian, Belleville, III. 
Basista, Gerry Lynn, Mooresville 
Bass, James Herbert, Edenton 
Bass, Jr., Walton Elbert, Lucama 
Batten, Lona Ann, Rocky Mount 
Battle, Jr., Isaac Andeaux, Gatesville 
Batuyios, Harry James, Wilmington 
Bauguess, Bernard Wayne, Winston-Sale 
Baur, Edward Turner, St. Louis, Mo. 

Baxley, Douglas Wooley, Sylva 
Bazemore, William Robert, Colerain 
Beam, Daniel Wayne, Hickory 
Beaty, Robert Stanford, Raleigh 
Beauheu, Michel Elaine, Norfolk, Va. 
Beck, Cornelia Ruth, Lexington 
Beck, David Earl, Lexington 
Beck, Gurney David, Thomasville 
Beeston, Michael David, Chapel Hill 

Belden, Joseph Campbell, 
Port Washington, N. Y. 
Bell, Charles Everette, Pilot Mountain 
Bell, Richard James, Launnburg 
Benbow, Andrew C, Oak Ridge 
Benson, John Howard, Asheboro 
Betnon, Barrett Gilbert, Savannah, Ga. 
Benton, Thomas Iden, Roanoke Rapids 
Bergeron, James Wilfred, Charlotte 
Berkowitz, Stephen A., Richmond, Va. 

Betts, Jr., John Monie, Greensboro 
Betty, Everett Mitchell, Asheville 
Beverly, Gerald Maclyn, Fullerton, Call 
Biggerstaff, Bobby Garrison, Marion 
Billings, Cynthia Ann, Durham 
Black, Candie Lynn, Jamestown 
Black, III, James Bell, Richmond, Va. 
Blackman, William Carlton, Greensbon 
3lair, Jr., Edward Henry, Lenoir 

3lair, Robert Jackson, Lenoir 

Blokely, David Allen, Cornwells Heights, Pa 

Blakemore, Porter Randall, 

Newport News, Va. 
Blalock, III, Alvin Coleman, Warrenton 
Blankenship, Malcolm Brittain, Charlotte 
Blanton, Jr., William Lawrence, Atkinson 
Block, Jr., Michael John, Mt. Pleasant 
Blodgett, Jr., Williom Allan, 

Herrods Creek, Ky. 
Blount, William Gray, Greenville 



CLRSS OF 1968 

Blue, F. Richard, Atlanta, Ga. 

Bobo, Ronald Brown, Charlotte 

Boice, Beverly Carole, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Boling, Jr., Vernon Raymond, Randleman 

Bonner, Henrietta Shannon, 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Bost, Barbara Shipman, Chapel Hill 
Bost, Joe Gentry, Hickory 
Bouldin, Mary Crump, Winston-Salem 
Boulus, Peter Michael, Salisbury 

Bowden, Emily Rebecca, Gastonia 
Bowling, Patricia Gayle, Durham 
Bowling, Jr., Thomas Benson, Durham 
Bowman, William Harold, Soddy, Tenn. 
Boyette, Rodney Dickinson, Raleigh 
Boyles, Jr., Norman Bennett, Greensboro 
Bradner, Robert Beverly, Hrgh Point 
Brake, Jerry Roger, Asheville 
Bramlett, James Everett, Asheville 

Braswell, William Edward, Winston-Salem 
Bratcher, Sandra Dee, Bowling Green, Ky. 
Breslow, Kenneth Alan, 
Caparra Heights, Pu 
Brett, K. William, Bate 

, Sus 


;rto Rico 
1 Rouge, 1 
rd, Hend. 


Bridges, E. Barton, CI 
Bndgford, June Ellen, Charlotte 
Brigman, Paul Hamer, High Point 

Britt, Betty Carolyn, Lumberton 
Britt, James Laurent, Newington, Conn. 
Britt, Preston Holmes, Lumberton 
Broadway, Douglas Earl, Charlotte 
Brookreson, Joe Wade, Langley A. F. B., Va. 
Brooks, William Jennings, Shelby 
Brown, David Bulluck, Greenville, Del. 
Brown, James Earl, Asheboro 
Brown, Jane Michelle, Chapel Hill 

Irown, John Michael, Concord 
Srown, Julian Winston, Murfreesboro 
Irown, Jr., Thomas Creasman, Gates 
Irown, Jr., Walter Franklin, Charlotte 
i, William Sherrod, Greenville 
iscombe, Clement Dale, Charlotte 
, Brenda Jeanne, Durham 
,_..t, Richard Louis, Roanoke 
Bullard, Roger Howard, Fayetteville 

Bunce, Harold Lee, Stedman 
Bunch, Sandra Elizabeth, Edenton 
Burcham, Ira Roberts, Leaksville 
Burleson, David K., Johnson City, Tenn. 
Burnette, Richard Lane, Swannanoa 
Burns, Jr., John Kendrick, Whiteville 
Butler, Clifford Roosevelt, Dunn 
Butler, Jr., Raymond Grant, Wilson 
Butts, Robert Bruce, Elm City 

Byler, David Michael, Hickory 
Byrd, III, Robert Bryant, Greensboro 
Byrum, Joan Sadler, Charlotte 
Cagle, Gregory Allen, Glen Alpine 
Caldwell, George Charles, Chamblee, Ga. 
Caldwell, III, Mack Denson, Charlotte 
Cameron, Kenneth Ray, Charlotte 
Campbell, Jr., Donald Lincoln, 

South Yarmouth, Mass. 
Campbell, Doniver Dean, Elizabethtown 

Campbell, Gregory Paul, Bayonne, N. J. 
Campbell, Jeffrey Lann, Union Grove 
Campbell, Mark Donald, Kings Mountaii 
Campbell, Marvin Albm, Dunn 
Carey, Brooks, Hutchinson, Kan. 
Carhart, David Henry, Annandale, Va. 
Carnes, Jr., Oscar McDonald, Belmont 
Carpenter, Thomas Edward, 

Waynesville, Ohio 
Carr, Elizabeth Margaret, Charlotte 

Carr, Garland Edwin, Albemarle 
Carroll, Mary Catherine, Greensboro 
Carter, London Claybrooke, 

Newport News, Va. 
Casey, Ronald Nelson, Durham 
Cashwell, Wayne F., Raleigh 
Catlette, Jr., Raymond Walter, Raleigh 
Causey, Jr , William Mitchell, Greensbor 
Cavalans, Harry Thomas, Charlotte 
Cavenaugh, Audrey Irene, Williamston 

Chambers, Donald McDonald, Prospect, Ky. 
Chambers, James Howard, Reidsville 
Chaney, Jr., Hubert Cleveland, Monroe 
Chauncey, Jr., Russell Fred, Clarkton 
Chapman, Donald Dennis, Rutherfordton 
Chase, George Richard, Valparaiso, Fla. 
Cheatham, Ronald Mitchell, Franklinton 
Checksfield, Karen Marie, Wescoesville, Pa. 
Cheers, Gary Alan, Shallotte 

Childs, Paul Jennings, Wadesboro 
Chrisco, David Edwin, Downes Grove, III. 
Christian, Emily Louise, Sanford 
Christian, William Alexander, Sanford 
Ciccone, Jr., John Gary, Dunn 
Civils, John David, Kinston 
Claris, Bleeka Brantley, Hendersonville 
Clark, John Hector, Elizabethtown 
Clark, Sherry Lynn, Greensboro 



Clark, Jr., Wilson Ayers, Kinston 
Clarkson, Geoffrey Leland, Riverside, Cor 
Clay, Phillip Leroy, Wilmington 
Clay, William Larry, Lenoir 
Clegg, Jr., Aubrey Luther, Greensboro 
Clemens, William Jenkins, Leesburg, Va. 
Cobb, William Thurston, Goldsboro 
Coble, Charles Morrison, Laurinburg 
Coffield, III, Orus Reid, Rutherfordton 

Colby, Whitney Coffin, Wayne, Pa. 
Coleman, James Donald, Rockingham 
Coleman, Richard Clark, Silver Spring, Md. 
Coleman, Robert Bruce, Silver Spring, Md. 
Coleman, III, Robert Feaster, Wilmington 
Comer, Charles Cline, Concord 
Conine, Walter Lind, Statesville 
Connolly, Robert James, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Connor, Jr., John Marcus, Biscoe 

Cook, Terry Lynn, Statesville 
Cook, William Andrew, Badin 
Cooley, William Frederick, Chevy Chase, Md 
Cooper, Samuel Louis, Bradley Beach, N. J. 
Cooper, Stephen Edward, Greensboro 
Cooper, Willie, Elm City 
Corbett, Barry Wayne, Charlotte 
Corkran, Michael Wescott, Wake Forest 
Corne, John Ransom, Charlotte 

Couch, John William, Arden 
Coudriet, Charles Edward, Richmond, Va. 
Coudriet, Gregory Bray, Raleigh 
Collins, Curtis Jerome, High Point 
Conan, III, Everett Campbell, 

Parkesburg, Pa. 
Cowen, Robert S., Teaneck, N. J. 
Cox, Derenda Louise, Winston-Salem 
Crabtree, Jacqueline Leigh, Durham 
Cranford, Charles Herman, Thomasville 

Cranford, Tommy Lee, Asheboro 
Crawford, James Woodrow, Newton 
Crayton, Jr., Paul Washington, New Bern 
Crews, John William, Greensboro 
Cross, William Seth, Greensboro 
Crouse, Janet Wrenn, Lexington 
Crowder, William Roberts, Candler 
Crumley, Robert Wearn, Chapel Hill 
Crumpler, Thomas Nelson, Selma 

Culbreth, Donald Love, Stedman 
Culbreth, II, Fred Malcolm, Raeford 
Culp, III, Robert G., High Point 
Culpepper, Michael Lee, Elizabeth City 
Cummings, Arthur Skelton, Richmond, Va. 
Cummins, Richard Oliver, Morehead City 
Cunningham, Reed L., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Currie, John Withers, Chevy Chase, Md. 
Currie, Robert Austin, Charlotte 

Currin, Marshall Hart, Oxford 
Cutchin, III, Joseph Henry, Shernll's F 
Dahan, Elliott E., Rego Park, N. Y. 
Dail, Norman Wayne, Ayden 
Dale, Jr., Arthur Allen, Marion 
Daniel, Lawrence Kolte, Kennett Squa 
Daniel, Max Lambeth, Charlotte 
Daniel, III, Samuel Venable, Durham 
Daniel, William Larry, Durham 

Daughtry, Richard Fetner, Goldsboro 
Daughtry, William Frederick, Southern Pines 
Davant, Bonnie Susan, Greensboro 
Davenport, Jr., Bill Trammell, Morehead City 
Davey, Amanda Moore, Greenville, S. ~ 


..., Ill, Paul Edward, J__ .. 

Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Raleigh 

Charles Douglas, Fayetteville 

lie. FIc 

Davis, Joan Carol, Grahar 

Davis, Richard Burtchell, Greensboro 
DeBruhl, Claude Michael, Candler 
Deese, Roger Michael, Caroleen 
DelCorro, Dario Manuel, Fayetteville 
Denny, Andy Clyde, Garner 
Denny, Donald Jefferson, Asheville 
DeRiemer, Neil Breckinridge, Wayne, Pa. 
Derrick, Sharon Elizabeth, Jacksonville 
Dew, Jr., John Lewis, Rocky Mount 

Diamond, Monty Ereza, Bethesda, Md. 
Dickinson, Jr., Charles Francis, New Bern 
Dickinson, III, George Herefield, Chapel Hill 
Difatta, Peter James, Southern Pines 
Dilda, James Hammond, Fountain 
Dill, Jr., Green Redmond, New Bern 
Dixon, James H , Malvern, Pa. 
Dixson, Jr., Carl Eugene, Winston-Salem 
-Codson, Thomas Lee, Durham 

Doggett, Lew Belton, Cherryville 
Domina, Walter Lee, Virginia Beach 
Donnell, Jr., George Stratford, Wilm 
Dotson, Grover Lee, Spindale 
Drum, Darrell Calvin, Durham 
Durham, Kenneth Ranson, Raleigh 
Dye, Anne Elizabeth, Chapel Hill 
Early, William Daniel, Lenoir 
Earp, Charles William, Chralotte 


CLRSS OF 1968 

Eason, Donald Matthews, Four Oaks 
Eastwood, William Donald, Alliance 
Eaten, David Robert, Baltimore, Md. 
Eatman, George Hackney, Rocky Mount 
Edmonson, Judy Carolyn, Denver 
Edwards, Charles Harper, Indianapolis, lr 
Egbert, III, John Clinton, Cincinnati, Ohi. 
Egeler, Jr., Clark Raymond, 

The Hague, The Netherlands 
Eggers, John David, Glen Alpine 

Elledge, Sherry Blanche, Marion 
Ellington, Randy Thomas, Carrboro 
Elliott, Jr., Galen Omar, Willow Spring 
Ely, Joseph Harrison, Morristown, N. J. 
Esser, Richard Boice, Hartsdale, N. Y. 
Estes, William Elliott, Birmignham, Mic 
Evans, Barbara Ellen, Four Oaks 
Evans, Larry M., Lexington 
Evans, Paul Yelverton, Greenville 

Everett, John William, Bath 
Ewell, Jr., Sam Earl, Enfield 
Fambrough, Marion Lee, Chapel Hill 
Farb, Robert Louis, Livingston, N. J. 
Farish, Charles Morrison, Ann Arbor, Mil 
Farmer, George Lawrence, Washington 
Farmer, Jerry Roger, Winston-Salem 
Farns, Jr., Robert Arthur, Wilson 
Fater, David Hill, Asheville 

Fawcett, Jr., George Thomas, Mt. Airy 
Fawsett, Robert Hastings, Washington, D. C 
Feder, Robert Dean, Roslyn Heights, N. Y. 
Felder, Robert B., Clemson, S. C. 
Feldman, Paul Stephen, New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Fenninger, Jr., Randolph Bourne, Aiken, S. C 
Fields, John William, Durham 
Finch, Margaret Floyd, Henderson 
Findlay, William Allan, Charlotte 

Finkelstein, Jr. Leo, Asheville 
Fisher, Donald Woody, Franklin 
Floyd, James Monroe, Mebane 
Ford, George Joseph, Atlanta, Ga. 
Ford, Michael Rodney, Cramerton 
Foreman, Robert Born, Glencoe, Ml. 
Forester, Betty Ann, Winston-Salen 
Formy-Duval, John Mills, Hallsboro 
Forstadt, Matthew James, Durham 

Fortenbery, John David, Charlotte 
Fowler, Desmond Ernest, High Point 
Fox, Charles Leigh, Hudson 
Fox, Larry Lee, Roxboro 
Fox, Steve Eliot, Atlanta, Ga. 
Free, Noel Karl, Dallas, Texas 
Freedland, Irwin, Wilmington 
Fruitt, Jerry Byron, Greensboro 
Frye, James Baxter, Homewood, III. 

Fulp, George Totten, Stoneville 
Furr, Robert Carol, Charlotte 
Futrell, Thomas Merrill, Raleigh 
Gaddy, Nancy Louise, Aiken, S. C. 
Gafford, Jr., William Franklin, 

Langley A. F. B., Va. 
Gaines, Edmund Louis, Statesville 
Gaines, Michael John, Miami Beach, F 
Gainey, Jr., Charles Robert, Stedman 
Gallimore, Dianne Olivia, Greensboro 

Galloway III, Hunter Henderson, Greensborc 
Galloway, Kenneth Ray, Waynesville 
Galyon, Luther Anderson, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Gammon, III, George Roland, Whitakers 
Gardner, Ted Wells, Williamston 
Garner, Archie Wayne, Roanoke Rapids 
Garner, Bob Nelson, Greensboro 
Garner, Patrick Howell, Goldston 
Garrison, James David, Statesville 

Gatewood, Charles William, Asheville 

Gatms, Joseph F., Atlanta, Ga. 

Gentry, Donald Ray, Winston-Salem 

Gentry, Jerry Gray, Roxboro 

Geraghty, Kevin Edward, Raleigh 

Gerard, Frederic Michael, Massapequa, N. Y 

Gibbs, Guy Freeman, Engelhard 

Gibson, Charles Warren, New Castle, Del. 

Gibson, Cynthia llene, Asheboro 

Gibson, Dan Howard, Burlington 
Gibson, Jonathan Carl, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Gilkey, Jr., John Millard, Marion 
Gilliam, Larry Maurice, Whiteville 
Gingles, Jr., Ralph Cornelius, Gastonia 
Ginsberg, David Mark, Hudson, N. Y. 
Gitelson, Richard Jay, Durham 
Glasser, Paul Lyle, Bradley Beach, N J. 
Gleason, William Moore, Culver, Ind 

Godfrey, John Augustus, New York, N. 
Goldberg, Frank Elliott, Charleston, S. C 
Goldman, Joseph K., Salisbury 
Goodman, Richard Park, Salisbury 
Gordon, III, William Jones, Fairbanks, . 
Graham, Alice Kirk, Raleigh 
Graham, Janice Camille, Raleigh 
Graham, Joseph Mark, Winston-Salem 
Graham, Roger Evans, New Paltz, N. Y 



Grauer, Peter Thacher, Gladwyne, Pa. 
Gray, James Robert, Wilkesboro 
Gray, Michael Haslam, Delano, Calif. 
Green, Brent Pierce, Winter Park, Fla. 
Greene, Benjamin Franklin, Trenton 
Greene, Richard Harlee, Star 
Greenfield, Lois Ann, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gregory, Edgar Bernard, Durham 
Gribble, Jr., G. Dickson, Raleigh 

Broyhill, Robert Kenneth, Statesville 
Griffin, Philip Warren, Jamesville 
Griffith, Peter Wendell, Richmond, Va. 

, Cary 

Groce, Hugh Dale, Ashe 
Gross, Gary Robert, Asheville 
Grossman, Carl, Modesto, Calif. 
Grosswald, Ralph R., Charlotte 
Gunter, Coke Steel, Asheville 

Guy, William Hill, Statesville 
Hackney, Elmore Howard, Durham 
Hadden, II, Earl French, Charlotte 
Haigh, III. Philip Wiley, Fayetteville 
Haigler, Nanci Kaye, Chapel Hill 
Hall, Augustus Richard, Oxford 
Hall, Jr., Brandon Hooper, Fayetteville 
Hallman, II, Vance Luther Burnette, 

Mount Airy 
Haltom, Lee Andrew, 

Neuilly sur Seine, France 

Ham, John Ross, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Hamlet, William Frederick, Durham 
Hamlin, Linda Cobb, Roxboro 
Hamm, Jr., James Henry, Charlotte 
Hammerbeck, Edward Cox, Camp Leieune 
Hamrick, III, Alger Vason, Shelby 
Hankins, III, Irvin White, Charlotte 
Hannci, Jr., Edward Charles, Bethesda, Md. 
Hanna, III, Oba Thomas, Greensboro 

Hanson, Karl Boyles, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Hardison, Ashley G., Columbia 
Hardison, Samuel Christopher, William: 
Hargett, Hugh Franklin, Richlands 
Hargis, Sarah Anne, Chapel Hill 
Harper, John F., Ridgewood, N. J. 
Harrell, III, Lonnie Clayton, Saratoga 
Harrington, Jr., Craig Winston, Durham 
Harrington, Judith Cannady, Lewiston 

Harris, Ann Virginia, Pittsboro 
Harris, Joel Gates, Fayetteville 
Harris, Lambert Scott, Henderson 
Harris, Thomas Bradley, Mebane 
Harris, Thomas Earle, Washington 
Hart, Stephen Eddie, Lenoir 
Harvel, Ross Lynne Hill, Chapel Hill 
Haswell, Joel Wayne, Durham 
Hauser, Samuel Franklin, Fayetteville 

Hayes, Susan Whitsett, Wilkesboro 
Haynsworth, Jr., Perry Beattie, 

Plainfield, N. J. 
Haywood, Edgar, Mt. Gilead 
Haywood, III, Hubert Benbury, Raleigh 
Hazen, Elizabeth Guyer, Simpsonville, S. 
Heard, John Owsley, Sewickley, Pa. 
Heaton, Frederick Christian, Raleigh 
Hedman, Kent Sheldon, Wilmington 
Hellebush, Peter Loomis, Godfrey, III. 

Helms, John Benjamin, Wingate 
Helms, William Harold, Wingate 
Helvestme, William Albert, Miami 
Hemphill, Betty Jean, Lexington 
Hemric, Stephen Gregg, Cycle 
Herndon, Michael Doak, Charlotte 
Hervey, Howard David, Hertford 
Hester, Ralph Edward, Lillington 
Hewitt, Jr., Harold Edward, Newto 

Higgins, III, Thomas Dupree, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Highsmith, Vance Ross, Robersonville 
Hildebrandt, Jr., Thomas George, 

Guilford College 
Hildt, Jeffrey Louis, New York, N. Y. 
Hill, Billy Dare, Washington 
Hill, Karen Renee, Chopel Hill 
Hill, Michael Wilton, Washington 
Hillard, John Rain, Westfield, N. J. 
Hinnant, Dan Bernard, Durham 

Hinnant, Jr., Jesse Ray, Wendell 
Hinson, Lynda Jeraldine, Pinehurst 
Hitchcock, Robert Harry, Minneapol 
Hobcood, Robert Haywood, Louisburg 
Hobson, III, Henry Wise, Cincinnat 
Hockfield, Edward Jay, Durham 
Hodges, Andrew Fullarton, Charleston 
Hodges, Christophi 



■ lie 

Hodgin, Jon Darryl, Miami, Fla 

Hofman, Jr., Milo Johnson, Charlotte 
Holcomb, Sara Lynn, Winston-Salem 
Holcombe, Jerry Thomas, Greensboro 
Holderness, Richard Thurston, Greensboi 
Hollan, Jr., William Edwin, Winston-Sale 
Holland, David Gene, Henrietta 
Holland, Ronald Lamar, Dallas 
Holloway, Algin Napoleon, Durham 
Holsapple, Merritt Curtis, Winston-Saler 


[U WlM 

CLRSS OF 1968 

Honeycutt, Jack Oren, Marion 
Hopfer, Arthur Edwin, Jacksonville 
Horn, William Baker, Chapel Hill 
Home, John Hannan, Greenville 
Howell, III, Bisco Redmond, Honolul 
Howell, Phillip Lewis, Lenoir 
Hryharrow, John Ellis, Beaufort, S. C 
Hudson, William Jerry, Wilkesboro 
Huffman, Gloria Merle, Asheville 

Hughes, John Schley, Durham 
Humphreys, William Preston, Shelby 
Hupfer, Charles John, Lincolnton 
Hurley, Richard Banivan, Canton 
Hurst, Richard Steven, Greensboro 
Hussman, Walter Edward, Camden, Ark. 
Hutchins, Mickey Lee, Spray 
Hutton, George Thompson, Greensboro 
Hux, Jr., Clifton McRae, Weldon 



s Edwin, Canton 
r., Lecter Lloyd, Hendersonville 
th, Karl Frederick, Charlotte 
ram, Willie Eugene, Sanford 
ion, Robert Harris, Fayetteville 
:oe, Jr., Jack Elwood, Durham 
ng, Richard Edward, Cherry Point 
k, Ruth Wood, Wilmington, Del. 
kson, Joseph Andrew, Pilot Mountaii 

mes, Anne Wylie, Mebane 
mes, Robert Lee, New Bern 
mieson, Ann Grimsley, Greensboro 
irboe, Joseph Howard, La Plata, Md. 
y, Donald L., Greensboro 
nkins, Gregory Lee, Star 
nnings, Michael Dean, Kensington, M 
nnings, Michael Speas, Pfafftown 
nnings, Robert Kenneth, Salem, N. J. 

Jenrette, Jr., Thomas Shepard, Galax, Va. 
Jenzano, Carol Ann, Chapel Hill 
Jester, James Elliot, Greensboro 
Jewell, Karen Christine, Carrboro 
Johansson, Anders Daniel, Chapel Hill 
Johnson, Michael Wayne, Sanford 
Johnson, Jr., Richard Newton, Pittsboro 
Johnson, Richard William, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Johnson, Stephen Angus, High Point 

Johnston, Jr., Richard Blaine, 

North Wilkesboro 
Jones, Charles Max, Asheville 
Jones, Elmer Wayne, Winston-Salem 
Jones, George Phillips, Greensboro 
Jones, George Thomas, Kensington, Md. 
Jones, Gordon Kempton, Chapel Hill 
Jones, Michael Charles, East Flat Rock 
Jones, Natalie, Greenville, S. C. 
Jones, Richard Moore, Mebane 

Jones, Robert Barrow, Raleigh 
Jones, Robert Michael, Pfafftown 
Jordan, Jr., Joseph Thomas, Laurinburg 
Jurash, Stephen Rodney, Elizabeth City 
Justice, Barry Page, Snow Camp 
Justice, Richard Warren, Badin 
Kabet, Lee Spencer, Greensboro 
Kalfur, William Paul, Smithtown, N. Y. 
Kaplan, Ronald David, Charleston, S. C. 

Karres, Matthew James, Charlotte 
Karro, Marshall H., Charlotte 
Kattenburg, Philip Clark, Chapel Hill 
Kearney, James Irwin, Greensboro 
Keaton, Mark Haizlip, Winston-Salem 
Keel, Jr., Page Clark, Rocky Mount 
Keller, John Esten, Chapel Hill 
Kellogg, John Thomas, Petersburg, Va. 
Kelly, Michael Wayne, Carlisle, Pa. 

Kemic, Stephen Bruce, Enka 
Kenan, III, James Graham, Atlanta, Ga. 
Kennedy, David Monroe, Jamestown 
Kerley, Lloyd Kent, Taylorsville 
Kesler, Phyllis Jeanette, Henderson 
Kiel, David Harris, High Point 
Killough, Jr., Walter Jackson, Charlotte 
Kimball, Clayton Gates, Charlotte 
King, Alvin Darrell, Asheboro 

King, Charles Ervin, Richmond, Va. 
King, Judy LaRue, Raleigh 
King, Paul Frederick, Rocky Mount 
King, III, Walter Winburne, Greensboro 
Kirkman, Jr., James Marvin, Greensboro 
Kirkton, Douglas Bruce, Charlotte 
Klein, Richard Arthur, Matthews 
Kleinmaier, Alan Robert, Kinston 
Klioze, Solomon Samuel, Richmond, Va. 

Kluttz, Jr., William Clarence, Salisbury 
Knedlik, Sheila Ann, Greensboro 
Knight, Charles Franklin, Laurinburg 
Knight, Henry Clayton, Durham 
Knott, Jr., Lawrence Harding, St. Pauls 
Koch, III, John Henry, Walhalla, S C 
Koonce, Donald Gillis, Raeford 
Koonts, Larry Clifford, Lexington 
Koontz, Gilbert Quinn, High Point 



Kropelnicki, Jr., Steven, Lake Toxaway 
LaBarre, David Quinton, Durham 
Lackey, Jr., Lawrence Evans, Shelby 
Lambeth. Elizabeth Browning, Raleigh 
Lambrecht, David John, St. Petersburg, Fla 
Lamp, William Curtis, Haverford, Pa. 
Langston, Ethel Olivia, Wagram 
Lawrence, Jim, Alexandria, Va. 
Lawrence, Jr., John Elmore, Raleigh 

Lea, Kenneth Robert, Raleigh 
Leach, Beverly Jane, Mount Airy 
Leach, II, Norman Edward, Sanford, Fla. 
League, Hugh Michael, Charlotte 
Lee William Thomas, Fayetteville 
Leinster, William Luttrell, Raleigh 
Leippe, Richard Albert, Raleigh 
Lente, Herman Lee, Mt. Ulla 
Leonard, Charles David, Lincolnton 

Lester, Agnes A. Gaskins, Chapel Hill 
Levering, Ralph Brooks, Avaret, Va. 
Levi, David S., Asheville 
Lewis, Charles Carson, Statesville 
Lewis, Herschel Horton, Asheboro 
Lewis, James Larry, Durham 
Lewis, Jr., Richard North, West End 
Lewis, William Jennings, Charlotte 
Libby, Jr., Gilbert Butler, Mauldin, S. C 

Light, Arthur Heath, Chatham, Va. 
Liles, Lewis Oliver, Zebulon 
Lilley, Sarah Jane, Williamston 
Lineberry, Richard Bryan, Charlotte 
Linker, Jr., Thurman Sinclair, Concord 
Lipscomb, III, Thomas Walker, Asheville 
Lipson, Peter Schuyler, Sugar Hill, N. H. 
Little, Robert Guy, Hickory 
Little, Robert Marcus, Hickory 

Little, Robert Winfield, Gibsonville 
Livengood, Thomas Dillon, Winston-Sale 
Livingston, Jr., Paul Hanna, Laurinburg 
Livingston, Jr., Thomas Frank, Rowland 
Livingston, Judy Pruette, Charlotte 
Loew, Anton, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Loftin, Ann Barrow, Kinston 
Long, III, Arthur Stanley, Charlotte 
Long, Byrd Jackson, Hurdle Mills 

Long, Donald Ray, Rocky Mount 
Long, Robert Delaney, Lincolnton 
Long, William Everett, Newton 
Long, William Lunsford, Raleigh 
Lorber, Robert Norton, Winston-Salem 
Love, Thomas Avery, Stanfield 
Lowry, John Robert, Charlotte 
Lund, Thomas Richard, Charlotte 
Lung, James William, Morehead City 

Lyons, Stephen Patrick, Newburyport, Ma 
McBennett, Jr., Joseph Leo, Fayetteville 
McBrayer, Stephen Brooks, Rutherfordtor 
McBride, Rickie Edwin, Asheboro 
McCall, Alfred Clarence, Jr., Greensboro 
McCanless, Mary Roueche, Salisbury 
McCarroll, Steven Mort, Waynesville 
McClain, Jimmie L., Indian Trail 
McClellan, James Daniel, Charlotte 

McCormick, William Henry, Greensboro 
McCotter, John Muse, New Bern 
McCoy, James Rhea, Huntsville, Ala. 
McCullough, John Adams, Hanover, Mass 
McCurdy, William Scott, Charlotte 
McCurry, Dan Carol, Candler 
McDonald, Morris Irwin, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. 
McDowell, Jean Gill, Adelphi, Md. 
McFadden, David Darrah, Hickory 

McFadden, J< 
McGlinn, Lou 
McGrath, Tei 

mes Stuart, Asheboro 
se Steuart, Haverford, Pa. 
ill Stacey, Rutherfordton 
rkman, Greensboro 


McKeel, Nancy Lynn, Ashebon 
McKeithan, Tim Shepard, Wilmington 
McKmney, William Forrest, Charlotte 
McLean, Jr., Horace Bradford, Greensboro 
McManus, Ronald Ney, Charlotte 

McMurray, III, William Harvey, 

Black Mountain 
McNairy, Charles Luther, Greensboro 
McNally, Danny Donald, Fayetteville 
McNeill, George Vernon, Lumberton 
McRae, Dave Carroll, Spruce Pine 
McRorie, II, Carl Cleave, Spring Lake 
McRorie, Charles Winston, Bostic 
McSwain, Lloyd Grover, Belmont 
McSween, John Dillard, Greensboro 

McVicker, Sara Jane, Fayetteville 
Mabry, Jr., Ira Glenn, Charlotte 
Macomson, Robert Edwin, Shelby 
Maerz, Margaret Lee, Westbury, N. Y. 
Malcolm, Carol Elizabeth, Pittsboro 
Manley, Thomas J., Barksdale, La- 
Mann, Jr., Roger C, Levittown, N. Y. 
Manning, Jr., John Thomas, Greensbor 
Mariette, Richard Warren, Charlotte 


CLRSS OF 1968 

Marks, William, Charlotte 
Marquez, Ernest B., Havelock 
Martin, James Earle, Winston-Salem 
Mason, Charlotte Anne, Panama City, Fla 
Mauldin, R. Barton, Charlotte 
Mays, Glenn Leslie, Taylorsville 
Mayo, David Hargrove, Raleigh 
Meade, Jr., Forest Chauncey, Lexington 
Meores, Claude Francis, Wilmington 

Meeks, Robert Michael, Fayetteville 
Mees, William Newcomb, Huntington, N. Y. 
Menius, Michael Albert, China Grove 
Mercuri, Richard, New York, N. Y. 
Mentt, Stephen Michael, Rocky Mount 
Meyer, Jr., George Wright, Chapel Hill 
Milbrath, Jr., Arthur Gordon, Elizabeth City 
Miller, Dale Elizabeth, Charlotte 
Miller, Jack Daniel, Jefferson 

Miller, Jr., Kenneth Larry, Charlotte 
Miller, Richard Jackson, Milwaukee, V 
Miller, Ronald Wayne, Milwaukee, Wn 
Miller, William Propst, Concord 
Mills. Stephen Robert, Asheville 
Mims, Jr., Billy Burns, Greensboro 
Mitchell, Robert Henry, Louisburg 
Mitchell, Roy Truslow, Leaksville 
Mitchell, Vernon Lee, Cycle 

Mitchell, Jr , William Morris, Greensboro 
Mixon, Jr., Herman, Greensboro 
Moister, Peter C., Atlanta, Ga. 
Monds, Alvah Price, Hertford 
Moore, Donald Wayne, Matthews 
Moore, Richard Alan, Long Beach, Calif. 
Moore, Robert Harold, Smithfield 
Moore, Jr., William Worsham, Washingtoi 
Morehead, III, John Motley, Charlotte 

Morgan, Charles Russell, Atlanta, Ga. 
Morgan, Michael David, Asheboro 
Morgan, Jr., Robert Knight, Asheville 
Morgan, William Kent, Maysville 
Morns, David Stephen, Siler City 
Morris, Jr., Grant Leslie, New Bern 
Morrison, Allen Lou Gray, Alexis 
Morrow, Thomas Archbell, Washington 
Mueller, Steven Jay, Brigantine, N. J. 

Mumav, Thad Eugene, Fayetteville 
Munday, Carl Bradley, Durham 
Munden, Miriam Elsie, Rocky Mount 
Murchison, John Laurence, Rocky Mount 
Murray, Charles Forrest, Wagram 
Murray, Philip Ignatius, Durham 
Myrick, Robert Wade, Smithfield 
Nalstad, Margaret Camilla, Raleigh 
Nance, Neil Russell, Asheboro 

Neal, Robert Stedman, Burlington 
Neal, William Ronald, Greensboro 
Neble, Frances Ruth, Gates 
Neely, John Curry, Montreal, Canada 
Neely, Robert Yount, Columbia, S. C. 
Nemeth, John William, Fairfield, Conr 
Nesbitt, Robert Edwin, Weaverville 
Newton, James Byron, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Newton, Robert Frank, Greensboro 

Nichols, Johnnie Earl, Gastonia 
Nichols, Terry William, Lexington 
Noland, John Burden, Baton Rouge, La. 
Nordan, Gary Leigh, Badin 
Norman, Joseph Adrian, Mountain Park 
Northington, Jr., Robert Stith, 

Norvelle, Johnny Edward, Candler 
Norwood, Nancy Catherine, Hickory 
Nycum, Richard Michael, Charlotte 

Nye, Glenn Carlyle, Narberth, Pa. 
Oakley, Charles Lee, Mebane 
O'Briant, III, Samuel Edward, Elizabeth City 
O'Keefe, Edward Michael, Bealeton, Va. 
Oland, Patricia Nell, Boone 
Oldham, Betty Marie, Greensboro 
O'Neill, Jr., John, Rocky Mount 
Orr, Robert Flynn, Hendersonville 
Osborne, III, Colin Porter, Lumberton 

Overlock, Jr., Willard Joseph, 


■ Car 

Owen, Tony Brevard, Salisbury 
Palisoul, Alan Arthur, Lexington 
Palmer, Jr., Hollis Vestal, Greensbor 
Pamplin. Robert Boyd, Reidsville 
Parhom, Kennon Carter, Raleigh 
Parker, Frank Marion, Asheville 
Partin, Lois Kay, Raleigh 
Paschal, Donald Herley, Rockinghor 


, Scott Grove, Chevy Chase, 
all, Jack Coxe, Roanoke Rapids 

Patt is _ 

Pearson, Frederic H., Elizabeth, N. .. 

Pennell, Samuel Newton, Charlotte 

Pergerson, Lawrence Earl, Henderson 

Perry, Joseph David, Roseboro 

Perry, Richard Thomas, Pittsburgh, Pa. 



oland Linwood, Ta _ . 
Zarol Anne, Riegelwood 



Peterson, Jr , Robert Edward Lee, Greensbo 
Peterson, Victor Scott, Bryson City 
Phelps, Nicky Byrnes, Williamston 
Phrfer Melvin Buford, Charlotte 
Phillips, John Everette, Kenansville 
Pierce, III, William Franklin, New Bern 
Pietersz, Ray Philip, 

Curacao, Netherlands Antilles 
Pittman, Marshall Dean, Rocky Mount 
Pittman, Michael Graham, Enfield 

Plisco, Irwin Seymour, Wilmington 
Poole, William Thomas, Lumberton 
Pope, Clarence Hatcher, Magnolia 
Pope, Tony Lehn, Hickory 
Poplin, III, Robert Overton, Mt. Airy 
Porter, Joel Scott, Chapel Hill 
Powell, Jr., Benjamin Edwin, Roberso 
Powell, Kenneth Lynn, Falls Church, ' 
Powers, James Wesley, Elkin 

Powers, Wayne Paul, Siler City 
Price. Philip King, Leaksville 
Priester, Frederick Cornell, Davenport, 
Provo, Donna Sherron, New Bern 
Pugh, Elizabeth Redding, Randleman 
Purdy, William Richard, Burlintgon 
Pyne, John Sloane, Far Hills, N. J. 
Quick, John Craig, Rocky Mount 
Rabb, Michael Tribble, Meridian, Miss. 

Ragan, Jr., Thomas Edward, High Point 
Rainey, Hal Griffin, Atlanta, Ga. 
Rainey, Petrie M., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Ramsay, David Allan, Washington 
Ramsey, Cynthia Jeanne, Brevard 
Rankin, Haywood Forney, Gastonia 
Rannells, William Sterling, Chapel Hill 
Raper, Laura Jacqueline, High Point 
Raper, William Cranford, Asheville 

Ray, Brion Charles, Atlanta, Ga. 
Ray, David Graham, Greensboro 
Ray, Linda Jane, Robbins 
Read, Jr., Robert Prentice, Chapel Hill 
Reames, Frederick Van, High Point 
Reavis, Judith Cain, Mocksville 
Reavis, Pajl Richard, Kernersville 
Redmond, II, Edgar Frazier, Winston-Sali 
Reel, William Riley, New Bern 

Reid, Harold Claude, New York, N. Y. 
Reifsnider, Donna Lee, Winston-Salem 
Rhodes, Patrick Lawson, Greensboro 
Rhyne, Joseph Mundy, Lincolnton 
Rhyne, Richard Bryant, Raleigh 
Rice, Elizabeth Ann, Alliance 
Richardson, Lance Bradley, Washingtor 
Richbourg, Jc 

Richter, Jr., Lav 

: E., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 

Rickman, Robert Reid, Raleigh 
Ricks, Wayne Keith, Selma 
Rierson, Gwendolyn Fay, Greensboro 
Riggan, Jr., William E., Raleigh 
Riker, III, Philip, Peterson, N. J. 
Rmehardt, William Marvin, Ramseur 
Roadman, Larry Scott, Margaretville, N. Y. 
Robb, Elizabeth Walker, Durham 
Robbins, Jr., Charles Austin, Rocky Mount 

Robbins, Edward Denmore, Scarsdale, N, 
Roberts, Leonard Thomas, Belmont 
Robertson, Jr., Crowder B., Virgilina, Va. 
Robertson, Jr., Francis Dillon, Wilson 
Robinson, Ellen Chenault, Huntsville, Ala 
Robinson, Esta Silvey, Wrightsville Beach 
Robinson, Kathryn Elizabeth, Murfreesbo 
Robinson, Roland Joseph, Charlotte 
Robinson, Ronald Philander, Gastonia 

Rogers, George Allen, Durham 
Rogers, Randall Durham, Indianapolis, I 
Rogers, William Clark, Asheville 
Rogers, William Lee, Wake Forest 
Rogers, William Olin, Williamston, S. C. 
Rollins, Paul Crisp, Graver 
Rose, Sharon Lee, Charlotte 
Roughton, William Payne, Winston-Sale 
Rowe, Jr., Roy Herbert, Burgaw 

Royster, Bobby Dean, Lawndale 
Russ, Nancy C, Westchester, Pa. 
Sadler, Thomas Gordon, Creedmoor 
Saenger, George Walter, Asheville 
Sain, James Ronald, Hickory 
Salmony, Lawrence Donald, Danville, Va. 
Salvati, Ronald Charles, Ft. Lauderdale, F 
Sams, III, Walter Augustus, Athens, Ga. 
Sandbank, Mark Frederick, Kinston 

Sauder, John Larry, Charlotte 
Savage, Jr., Robert Thomas, Winston-Salen 
Sawyer, Janet Elizabeth, Richmond, Va. 
Sawyer, Jr., Logan Everett, Elizabeth City 
Sawyer, Nancy Carole, Arlington, Va. 
Saxon, Jr., Hugh Holliday, Atlanta, Ga. 
Scarborough, Jr., Steve Ballard, Canton 
Schmidt, Fredrick Nels, Sea Girt, N. J. 
Schwartz, Barry Howard, Baltimore, Md. 



CLRSS OF 1968 

Scott, Jr., Albert Harris, Charlotte 
Scott, Charles Eugene, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Scott, Jr., William Jackson, High Point 
Scurry, William Cooper, Reidsville 
Sechler, Kenneth Lomax, Greensboro 
Sessoms, John Charles, Elm City 
Seymour, Margaret Dianne, Raleigh 
Shadburn, Paul Lewis, Atlanta, Ga. 
Shade, Robert James, Rockville, Md. 

Shanks, Elizabeth Lane, Charlotte 
Sharpe, Dan Coble, Williamston 
Sharpe, III, Harold Stanley, Greensboro 
Shelton, Sandra Jo, Durham 
Sherman, Lisa Dulce, North Caldwell, N. 
Shields, Frank Hodgin, Scotland Neck 
Shoaf, Michael D., High Point 
Short, Ronald Jay, Winston-Salem 
Shreve, Brandon Wickliffe, 
Green Farms, Conn. 

Sides, Richard Lee, Winston-Salem 
Siebenschuh, Frederick Royal, Newp 
Siler, Barry Lee, Waco, Texas 
Silver, Jr., Charles Hinton, Raleigh 
Silverstein, Eric Howard, Charlotte 
Simmons, Ernest Jordan, Roseboro 
Simpson, James Oscar, Fayetteville 
Simpson, Joel Stewart, Union, N. J. 
Simpson, Larry Morgan, New Bern 

Simpson, Rosemary Louise, Silver Spring, Md 
Simpson, Sarah Ann, Richmond, Va. 
Simpson, William Franklin, Waxhaw 
Sizemore. Jr., Ray Brewer, Cullowhee 
Skinner, Jr., Henry Morrill, Wilson 
Skinner, III, John Harrison, Lititz, Po. 
Skinner, Phillip Stanton, Durham 
Slaughter, Katherine Marie, Kenly 
Slawter, William Frank, Greensboro 

Charles Phillip, Concord 
, Jr., James W., Fair Bluff 
, Alan Kent, Silver Spring, Md. 
, Alan Vernon, Kernersville 
, Belvin Grey, Yanceyville 
, Edwin Douglas, High Point 
, Harold Gray, Cherryville 
, Jr., Kenneth Douglas, Summe 
, Paul Daniel, Portland, Me. 

Smith, Richard Jackson, Westfield 
Smith, Susanne Leinster, 

Wassenaar, The Netherlands 
Smith, Jr., William Bunyan, Charlotte 
Smithers, Mary Ann, Burlington 
Snyder, Peter Vreeland, Bellport, N. Y. 
Spalding, IV, Jack Johnson, Atlanta, G 
Sparks, William Judson, Winston-Saler 
Spillman, Ray Albert, Winston-Salem 
Stables, Roger W., Durham 

Stainback, Robert Gill, Henderson 
Stallings, Jr., Lindsey Coleman, LaGrange 
Stamps, Lyttleton L., Yanceyville 
Stanley, Randell Lawrence, Andrews 
Starnes, Jerry Smith, Hickory 
Steinbrecher, Alan King, Dearborn Mich. 
Stephenson Larry Wayne, Winston-Salem 
Stewart, Samuel Ethelbert, Princeton, N, J. 
Still, David Mitchell, Albemarle 

Stone, Jr., Howard Eben, Durham 
Stone, Raymond Harvey, Lumberton 
Stragand, William Edward, Durham 
Strange, Jr., Aubrey Edwin, Greensboro 
Stratten, Gaye Harold, Toronto, Canada 
Strawbridge, John Larry, Durham 
Strickland, John Connell, 
Bloomfield Hills, Mich, 
Strickland, Matthew Theodore, Nashville 
Strupler, Patricia Lee, Raleigh 

Sulecki, Richard, Graham 
Summey, II, Paul Bickett, 

Albrook A. F. B., Canal Zone 
Suttle, James Vance, Shelby 
Suttles, Thomas W., Marion 
Swaim, Rusty Lawrence, Greensboro 
Talbott, Walter Lee, Charlotte 
Tanner, Jr., James Mahan, Birminghan 
Tao, Fumiyo, Cleveland 
Tate, III, John Clyde, Greensboro 

Tate, William Cummings, Banner Elk 
Tatum, Richard Arthur, Charlotte 
Taylor, Carolyn Spillman, Winston-Salem 
Taylor, Jr., Joseph Ovander, Sanford 
Taylor, Michael William, Macon, Ga. 
Taylor, Jr., Paul Cyrus, Rutherfordton 
Taylor, William Benton, Durham 
Tcylor, William Fitzhugh, Morehead 
Teague, Jr., Charles William, High Point 

Teague, George Maior, Morganton 
Tennille, Ben Fortune, Winston-Sale 
Terres, Miriam Lee, Charlotte 
Thayer, Richard Allen, High Point 
Thigpen, Fronis Ray, Fair Bluff 
Thomas, Carol Fay, Durham 
Thompson, II, Charles Everett, 

Thompson, Elizabeth Gray, Akron, C 
Thompson, Jr., Hurley Efird, Norfolk 



Thompson, Jr., James Hall, Statesville 
Thompson, Paul William, Leaksville 
Thompson, Thomas Coolidge, Pine Bluff 
Thrift, Ashley Ormand, Charlotte 
Thursby, Alan Robert, Jacksonville 
Tilford, John Emil, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Tilley, Sandra Elizabeth, Raleigh 
Tilley, Jr., Thomas Gray, Winston-Salem 
Tillotson, James Edwin, Charlotte 

Timmons, Michael Linn, Towson, Md. 
Titterud, William Frederick, Carlisle, Pa. 
Tolbert, Jr., James Louie, Morganton 
Toms, Jr., Francis Rogers, Petersburg, Va. 
Toomey, Robert Creighton, Greenville, S. C. 
Townsend, James Robert, Greensboro 
Trask, Richard Ten Broeck, New York, N. Y. 
Travis, Robert Moore, Lyons, Ga. 
Travis, William Beale, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Triplett, Felix Dennis, Lenoir 
Trott, William MacNider, Raleigh 
Truitt, Jane Sawyer, Arlington, Va. 
Tucker, James Robert Theodore, Wendell 
Tucker, Larry Hunter, Summerfield 
Turbeville, James Lester, Cerro Gordo 
Turner, Gary Lee, High Point 
Turner, John Leslie, Pink Hill 
Upshaw, Andrew Johnson, Mocksville 

Urquhart, Richard Alexander, Raleigh 
Vance, Jr., Joe, Cheverly, Md. 
Vance, Victor Stuart, Chapel Hill 
Van Wagenen, Fred, Salisbury 
Varn, Michael James, Endwell, N. Y. 
Vaughn. Jr., Elbert Harding, Durham 
Vick, Barbara Rae, Lucama 
Vincent, Charles Marion, Greenville 
Vinson, Jr., Jesse Glendon, Roseboro 

Vogler, Ronald Hartmon, Advance 
Waddell, Jr., Edward Wallace, Charlotte 
Wade, Jeffrey Lee, Winston-Salem 
Wagg, John Langford. Gunshaw, Pa. 
Wald, Richard Mark, Rocky Mount 
Walker, Charles Blake, Miami Springs, F 
Walker, David Lynn, Mocksville 
Walker, III, Owen, Raleigh 
Wall, Daniel Thomas, Columbia, S. C. 

Wallace, Glenn Ansley, Stanley 
Wallace, John Edgar, Durham 
Wallace, Stephen Curtis, Jacksonville 
Walsh, Steve Michael, North Wilkesbo 
Walton, Donald Fred, Hicksville, N. Y. 
Wannamaker, III, Charles Woods, 

Ward, Jr., Leslie Arden, 

North Palm Beach, Fla. 
Ward, Marvin Dwane, Durham 
Worren, Charles Albert, 

Warren, Howard Baillie, Gadsden, Ala. 
Watlington, Makhus Lynn, Kinston 
Watson, Jr., Milton Alexander, Decatur, 
Watson, Richard Neill, Red Springs 
Wats, III, Clifford John, Dunn 
Way, Brady Cole, Beaufort 
Weatherly, Jr., James Harry, Charlotte 
Webb, Jr., Jesse Alton, Greensboro 
Weinkle, Brian Earle, Asheville 

Welborn, Ricky L 

Welch, II, Willian 

Wellman, Willian 

Wells, Calvin Flei 

Wells, John Alvin 

Wells, Raymond Edward, Charlott. 

Wells, William Earl, Goldsboro 

Werner, Robert Conrad, Teaweek, 

West, Howard Pearson, Fayettevil 

s, Winston-Salen 
Godfrey, Liberty 
Edward, Clei 
ing, Wilmmc 
Rocky M' 

West, Mary Charlotte, Raleigh 
Wester, John Robbins, Rockingham 
Westerholm, II, Harold Stanley, Oxford 
Westmoreland, David Gray, Mooresville 
Wharton, Robert Hewitt, Atlanta, Go. 
Wheeler, Robert Clifford, Durham 
Wheeler, Teo Randall, Durham 
Whichard, Ernest Bryant, Robersonville 
Whitoker, Dan P., Louisville, Ky. 

White, Charles Ernhart, Scotland Neck 
White, Claude George, Tarboro 
White, James Logan, High Point 
White, Joseph Barrow, Charlotte 
White, Robert Crawford, 
West Simsbury, Conn. 
White, Robert Edgar, Concord 
White, Ronald Goran Blacknall, New Bern 
Whitehead, Thomas Howard, Whiteville 
Whitfield, Richard Allen, Durham 

Whitlatch, George Terrill, Atlanta, Ga. 
Whitlock, Thomas Cyrus, Bennettsville, 
Wiggins, Jr., William Wilson, Rocky Mo 
Wiley, George Bell, Atlanta, Ga. 
Wilhelm, William Thomas, Barber 
Wilkerson, Richard Charles, Charlotte 
Wilkins, Barbara Ann, Greensboro 
Wilkinson, Anita Wray, Durham 
Williams, David Brown, Newark, Del. 


CLRSS OF 1968 

Williams, Gerald Alan, Union Grove 
Williams, Jerry Frederick, Hickory 
Williams, Joe Anders, Fayetteville 
Williams, Judith Virginia, Charlotte 
Williams, Stephen Bruce, Asheville 

Williams, III, Thomas Nottingham, 

Bethesda, Md. 
Williams, Wendell Middleton, Fayetteville 
Wilson, Douglas Lingle, Mebane 
Wilson, Jr., John Moore, Wilson 
Wilson, Judith Claire, High Point 

Wilson, Richard Paris, Washington 
Wilson, Stewart Leigh, Raleigh 
Wilson, Thomas Wayne, Sylva 
Wilson, William Henry, Asheville 
Winborne, Johnny Hutchmgs, Edentc 

Winfrey, Ronald Eugene, Winston-Salen 
Winn, Marcia Marie, Leaksville 
Winton, Robert Emmett, Raleigh 
Wolcott, III, William Francis, Asheville 
Womble, George Earl, Lillington 

Womble, Jr., James Dorsett, Murfreesboro 
Womble, Robert Thomas, Carrboro 
Woodruff, Jr., Leon Festus, Selma 
Woodson, Jr., Paul Bernhardt, Wilmington 
Woosley, Beverly Dale, Winston-Salem 

Worth, Randolph Luther, Raleigh 
Wortham, Charles Frederick, Richmond, Va. 
Worthington, Donna Lou, Winston-Salem 
Wright, Bobby Dale, Asheboro 
Wright, III, James Joseph, Greensboro 

Wright, John Bryan, Farmville 
Wright, Jr., Robert Thomas, Bethle 
Wright, Jr., Roscoe Julian, Durhart 
Wright, Wilbur Wayne, Shelby 
Wright, 111, William Mason, 
Washington, D. C. 

Yarbrough, Richard Lane, Winston-Sa 
Yates, Charles Hunter, Fayetteville 
Yates, II, John W., Asheboro 
Yelverton, Jr., Ira Adams, Wilson 
Young, James Richard, Raleigh 

Young, Nancy Gayle, Durham 
Zambelli, William Walter, Dobbs Ferry, N. 
Zambrana, Jr., Efram, Elizabethtown 
Zettel, Norman Joseph, Martinsville, N. J. 
Zumwalt, Elmo Russell, Coronado, Calif. 




Vice President 

Social Chairman 

Not Pictured: TONY GORE, Treas 


CLASS OF 1969 

Abernathy, George Wayne, Rocky Mount 


Robert, Bun 
s, Jennifer Anne, Durham 
s, Robert Thomas, Alexandria 
s, II, William Harry, Winston- 
s, William Healey, Charlotte 
:k, Jerry Wayne, Henderson 
;, Edward James, Greensboro 

Ahl, David S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Aiken, Joel Weston, Forest Park, Ga. 
Albert, William Michael, Pisgah Forest 
Albright, George Bishop, Salisbury 
Alderman, Jr., Ray Sumner, Grantsboro 
Aldridge, William Ronald, Yanceyville 
Alexander, Jr., Joe McKnitt, Beaufort 
Alexander, Mary Lynne, Wilson 
Alford, Guy Franklin, Tarboro 
Allen, Dan Reid, Smithfield 

Allen, Donna Dee, New Orleans, La. 
Allen, Herbert Frank, North Wilkesboro 
Allen, Jennie Lucille, Greensboro 
Allen, Steve Nicholas, Burlington 
Alley, Larry Gray, Winston-Salem 
Allison, Lorry Brent, Horse Shoe 
Allison, Michael Cole, Hillsborough 
Allran, William James, Cherryville 
Allred, David Wayne, Burlington 

Allred, Jr., James Perry, Hillsborough 
Allred, Robert Smith, Charlotte 
Alperin, Robert Bruce, 

Rockville Centre N. Y. 
Amerson, William Franklin, Wilson 
Anderton, Jr., Charles Henry, 

Signal Mountain, Tenn. 
Andrews, Judith Kay, Wilmington 
Andrews, Jr., Phillip Monroe, Carrboro 
Antrim, Patrick Steven, Omaha, Neb. 
Applefield, James Milton, Statesville 

Argo, Steven Fredrick, Kannapolis 
Arhart, Roger William, Greensboro 
Armantrout, Linda Ann, Maitland, Fla. 
Armstrong, Earl Graham, Charlotte 
Armstrong, Lanny Lee, Lincolnton 
Arney, John Stephen, Hickory 
Arnold, Andrew John, Roper 
Arnold, Cheryl Lynne, Pittsford, N. Y. 
Arnold, Donald George, High Point 

Arnold, Larry Lanier, Fuquay-Varina 
Arps, Jr., Joseph Warren, Plymouth 
Ashley, Ronald Kemp, Angier 
Atkins, Kenneth Alton, Durham 
Atterbury, III, William Wallace, Radn. 
Augustin, Calvin John, Shelby 
Austin, Lawrence Bruce, Lewiston 
Austin, Jr., Perry Lee, Taylorsville 
Auten, Joseph Lee, Huntersville 

Auten, William Lee, Huntersville 

Autry, Robert Kent, Fayetteville 

Ayers, David Alexander, Rutherford College 

Ayscue, Jr., Corl Beaman, Warrenton 

Babcock, Richard Randolph, Charlotte 

Badger, David Russell, Charlotte 

Baker, Jr., Clarence Lee, Kinston 

Baggett, Fred Parker, Reidsville 

Baggett, Wayne Martin, Quant ico, Va. 

Bagwell, Erna Jane, Gastonia 
Bailey, Virginia Pafrey, Baton Rouge, La. 
Baker, John Dickinson, Spring Lake, Mich. 
Balding, Phyllis Margaret, Hickory 
Baldwin, Jr., Worth Bagley, Greensboro 
Ball, David Lee, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Banner, Alan Grey, Jonesville 
Banner, Laura Leslie, Asheville 
Barba, Louis Douglas, Short Hills, N. J. 

Barbee, III, George Sprite, Sanford 
Barbee, James Ray, Stanfield 
Barbour, Don Garland, Selma 
Barclay, Hugh Gaylord, Waynesboro, < 
Bardm, Jefferson Davis, Wilson 
Barefoot, Stephen Glenn, Four Oaks 
Barger, John Vastine, Mooresville 
Barkley, Patrick Lee, Newton 
Barlow, James Curtis, West Jefferson 

Barnes, Bill Ray, Belmont 
Barnes, Gordon Wmson, Columbia 
Barnes, Kenneth E., Lucama 
Bartel, Jr., Joseph Carl, Winston-Salen 
Bartholomew, Carol Lynn, Durham 
Barton, Nancy Carolyn, Roxboro 
Bass, Jonathan York, Darien, Conn. 
Bassett, Carol Grisette, Fairview 
Batchelor, Jr., William Lowell, Jacksor 

Batmasian, Jim Harutun, Coral Gable 
Batten, Johnnie Wayne, Selma 
Batten, Melody Lou, Griffon 
Batten, Wayne Russell, Thomasville 
Beale, Ernest Franklin, Wilmington 
Beall, Thomas Allen, Edgewater, Md. 
Beam, Harriett Anne, Charlotte 
Beamon, Irene Faye, Goldsboro 
Beane, John Calvin, Asheboro 



Beard, III, Bryce Parker, Salisbury 
Beattie, George Hamilton, Atlanta, Ga. 

Becton,' John Wilhu 
Beeson, David Way 

David Wayne, Winston-Salem 
Behrman, Douglas Newton, Chapel Hill 
Belk, Larry Warren, Kannapolis 
Bell, Julia Ann, Blacksburg, Va. 
Bell, Jr., William McGregor, Windsor 

ir, Charles M., Culver, Ind. 

Bennett, Dave Alan, Burlington 
Bennett, Jr., John Boyce, Cullowhee 
Bennett, Mary Susan, Nashville, Tenn. 
Benson, James Henderson, North Wilkesbo 
Benson, Jr., Karl Rickert, Concord 
Benton, Ronald Edward, Havelock 
Bernasek, Linda Ann, Winston-Salem 
Bernstein, Norman David, Vineland, N. J. 
Bess, Thomas Henry, Gastonia 

Best, III, Hugh Elroy, Tarboro 
Beusse, Donnie Ray, Thomasville 
Bevacqua, David Michael, Raleigh 
Biggerstaff, Charles Ross, Kannapolis 
Bingham, Jr., William Henry, Spencer 
Bishop, Doritha Anne, Princeton, N. J. 
Bishop, III, Elmer Liston, Asheville 
Black, III, Norman McKinley, Charlotte 
Black, Ronald Wilburn, Shelby 

Black, William Harmon, Greensboro 
Blackburn, James Barry, Lincolnton 
Blackwell, Richard Thomas, Winston-Sal' 
Blackwood, Stephen Alexander, Greensboi 
Blair, Jean Marie, Winston-Salem 
Blakeley, Merrill Patrick, Sanford 
Blakeslee, Terry Francis, Selma 
Blalock, Jr., George Asbury, Rockingha 
Bland, Betsy Swann, Hickam A.F.B., Ha 

Bland, Michael Steven, Rutherfordton 
Blankenship, Betty Robeana, Marion 
Blanton, Jr., Thomas Edmund, Ellenboro 
Blayney, Carolyn Ann, Charlotte 
Blumenthal, Alan, Charlotte 
Bogenschutz, Stephen Andrew, Raleigh 
Bobert, Dixie Lee, Denville, N. J. 
Bonney, Jr., Benjamin Ray, Elizabeth City 
Booker, Beniamin Walton, Smithfield 

Booth, Brenda Lou, Durham 
Boring, Dennis Edgar, Andrews 
Boring, III, Walton Herbert, Asheville 
Bost, William Stephen, Newton 
Bostick, James Samuel, Atlanta, Ga. 
Boswell, Cramer Lee, Burkeville, Va. 
Bourne, Elizabeth Wallace, Greensborc 
Boutwell, Robert Marshall, Havelock 
Bower, David Pell, Jefferson 

Bowman, David Lee, Burlington 

Bowman, Kay Erwin, Greensboro 

Bowman, Terry Rodney, King 

Boyd, Donald Lee, Charlotte 

Boyette, Douglas Ray, Kenly 

Boykin, Eddie Jannette, Kenly 

Boyle, David, Jacksonville 

Brackett, Jr., Travis Edgar, Lawndale 

Brackett, William Ernest, Hendersonville 

Brady, William Edward, Launnburg 
Brandenburg, Robert Allen, Burlingtc 
Brantley, Charles Frank, Aurora 
Brantley, Jr., James Otis, Sanford 
Brauer, Philip David, Andrews 
Breckinridge, Margaret Burns, 

Summersville, W. Va. 
Brendel, Leonard A., Drexel 
Bressler, Richard Irwin, Atlanta, Ga. 
Brick, Jon C, Jacksonville 

Briggs, Larry Neal, Leasburg 
Bristol, Edward Roland, Morganton 
Britt, Sedrick Ray, Conway 
Broadfoot, III, William Gillies, Wilm 
Brooks, Jr., Cecil James, Siler City 
Brooks, Nell Geradhne, Shelby 
Brooks, Stephen Allen, Lansing 
Broughton, Harold Steven, Durham 
Brown, Candice Horlick, High Point 

, Dale King, Hiddenite 
, Don Michael, Jacksonville 
, Harry Devan, Landis 
i, Joseph Calhoun, Bethesda, Md. 
, Kenneth Walker, Greenville 
, Mac Henry, Chapel Hill 
i, Robert Warren, Hartsdale, N. Y 
runing, Jr., James David, Statesville 
ryant, Francis Lanier, Charlotte 

Bryant, James Bedford, Kinston 
Buchan, Jr., Ralph Godfrey, 

North Wilkesboro 
Buckner, Jansen Wooldridge, Chapel Hill 
Buckner, John Kern, Chapel Hill 
Buckner, Jr., Kermit George, Lexington 
Buckner, Norman Bruce, Asheville 
Budd, Christine Augusta, Woodbury, N. J 
Buff, James Steve, High Shoals 
Bull, III, Irving Stuart, Greensboro 


CLRSS OF 1969 

Bullard, James Michael, Laurjnburg 
Bullard, III, Richard Larkin, High Point 
Bullock, III, Duncan Douglas, Rowland 
Bunting, William Carl, New Bern 
Burchett, Bruce Myatt, Durham 
Burd, John Robert, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Burgess, Russell Earle, New Bern 
Burgwyn, Steve White, Jackson 
Burkehart, Byron Cleveland, Lexington 

Burns, Candace Karen, Moncure 
Burns, John Francis, Aberdeen 
Burn, Theodore Warren, 
Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Burton, James Howard, Charlotte 
Burton, Joseph Franklin, Reidsville 
Burwell. David Reid, Burlington 
Butler, Robert Hoyt, Gastonia 
Butts, Joseph Eugene, Deep Run 
Byers, Ronnie Neil, Shelby 

Byrd, Richard Gary, Brevard 
Caire, Michael Jordan, New Orleans, La. 
Calderwood, Cynthia, Winston-Salem 
Caldwell, Wayne Troy, Asheville 
Callan, John Garling, Manhasset, N. Y. 
Callihan, Robert Edgar, Asheville 
Calloway, Jr., Donald Ray, Greenville 
Camnitz, Paul Samuel, Kinston 
Camp, John Michael, Concord 

Campen, Georgie Hooker, Alliance 
Cannon, Thomas Bernard, Greensboro 
Cantor, Susan Faith Van Noorden, 

Dover, Mass. 
Canupp, Tony Wayne, Fayetteville 
Capehart, III, George Washington, Windsor 
Carey, Beniamin Arthur, Kinston 
Carey, Jane Elizabeth, Charlotte 
Carlton, Jr., Alfred Pershing, Greensboro 
Carney, George Michael, Charlotte 

Carney, III, Robert Bostwick, 

Washington, D. C. 
Carr, Sara Jennifer, High Point 
Carrington, Luther H., Chapel Hill 
Carroll, Jr., Felix Alvin, High Point 
Carroll, Perry Thomas, King 
Carroll, Thomas Henry, Chevy Chas 
Carter, George Kenneth, Salisbury 
Carter, James Joel, Candler 
Carter, Judson Wade, Draper 

Cartwright, Jr., John Walter, Clinton 
Cashion, John Albert, Davidson 
Cathey, Jr., William Lewis, Gastonia 
Caughman James Franklin, High Point 
Causby, Janine Walker, High Point 
Cavolaris, James Thomas, Charlotte 
Cawthorne, George Kennedy, Norlina 
Chamberlain, James David, Mooresville 
Chance, Charles William, Burlington 

Chaney, Charles Richard, Cramerton 
Chappeil, Tommy Stephen, Mooresville 
Chastain, Charles Keith, High Point 
Chitty, Frederick Cole, Jacksonville, Fla 
Chronister, Allen Boyd, Gastonia 
Chumley, Vassar Diane, Slater, S. C. 
Church, Jimmy Howell, Valdese 
Clark, III, Franklin St. Clair, Fayettevill 
Clark, Gordon Michael, Stokes 

Clark, Jr., Malcolm Nash, Raeford 
Clark, Terry Finley, Lenoir 
Clarke, Gerald Stephen, Enfield 
Clayton, Gary Paige, Rockingham 
Claywell, Carol Ann, Morganton 
Clmard, Paul Michael, Lexington 
Cloud, James Merle, Winston-Salem 
Cloud, Randolph Edgar, Fayetteville 
Clower, Lea Adolph, Charlotte 

Coats, Bonnie Irene, Selma 
Cobb, Carolyn Thompson, Raleigh 
Cobb, Donald Toliver, Roxboro 
Cobb, John Leonard, Bethesda, Md 
Cocke, Jr., William Booth, Wilmington 
Coffey, Michael Clinton, Greensboro 
Coker, Mary Claire, Manson 
Cole, Jacqueline Michael, Roanoke Rapids 
Cole, Ralph Lewis, Hillsborough 

ile, Will 


! Lynn, 

<ingsport, Ter 



m Elaine 

, Erwm 



Ann, Gastonia 



ul Doug 

las, Bethesda, 




, Robert 

Daniel, Colun 


n Eugen 

e, Albemarle 



Joseph Max, Kernersville 




i Rayburn, 


t City, Ten 


inkle, John Allen, Cashiers 




Conner, Chester Lee, Jamesville 
Connor, Lee Osborne, Danville, Va 
Cook, Rodney Alan, Winston-Salem 
Cook, Ronald Ross, Cleveland 
Cooke, Jr., Ralph McBnde, Elkin 
Cooke, Randy Boyd, Wilkesboro 
Cooke, Richard Thomas, Williamsto 
Cooke, Sherwood Keith, Enfield 
Cooper, Donnie Vee, Shelby 


Cooper, M- Bixby, Birmingham, A 
Cope, Jr., Kenneth Glenn, Canton 
Copple, Carol Elizabeth, Nashville 
Cornwell, Gary Dean, Lincolnton 
Corell, James Michael, Lenoir 
Costner, Elbert Stephen, Shelby 
Cotty, John Dennison, Kinston 
Cox, David Malcolm, Charlotte 
Cox, Kenneth Eldridge, Newton Grove 



ence Harold, Proctorville 
ael Ray, Thomasville 
ee, Oscar Phillip, Wendell 
Kenneth Thomas, Lenoir 
Judith Louise, Durham 
Robert Arthur, Charlotte 
Stephen Monroe, Winsto 

Jr., Tho 

i Burke, 

Mountain Lakes, N. J. 
awford, Bruce Hampto 

Crawley, Jr., Lowell Blake, Burlington 
Crisman David Wilson, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Crisman. Clinton Charles, High Point 
Crittenden, John Cecil, Crewe, Va. 
Crocker, Robert Lee, Rocky Mount 
Crump, II, Joseph Henry, Siler City 
Crutchfield, Rebecca Jean, Winston-Salem 
Cryer, Frederick Harris, Sudbury, Mass. 
Cukor, Richard Gregory, New York, N. Y. 

Culp, Gary Keith, Raleigh 
Cuthrell, Jr., Hiram Johnson, Whiteville 
Cutting, James Eric, Annapolis, Md. 
Dale, Robert, Raleigh 
Dalmas, James David, Valdese 
Daniel, III, Clifton, Goldsboro 
Daniel, Robert Michael, Spring Hope 
Dannemann, Frederick K., Norfolk, Va. 
Darling, Peter Ransome, Raleigh 

Datnoff, Glenn Morton, Hickory 
Dougherty, Mary Roxana, China Grove 
Daughtry, Joseph Colby, Durham 
Davidson, Donold Thomas, Jacksonville, I 
Davis, Jr., Everett VanDerueer, Knox, Pa. 
Davis, Frank Elbert, Griffon 
Davis, George Ike, Rocky Mount 
Davis, John Haywood, Winston-Salem 
Davis, John Kent, Winston-Salem 

Davis, Larry Wayne, Charlotte 
Davis, Pamela Nelle, Chapel Hill 
Davis, Richard Elliot, Mount Airy 
Davis, Robert Alexander, Hope Mills 
Davis, Stanley Daryl, Chattanooga, Ten 
Davis, Stephen Van, Asheville 
Davison, Joan Louise, Asheville 
Dawson, III, Amos Council, Raleigh 
Day, Kenneth Coyner, Burlington 

Day, II, William E., Jacksonville 
Dayvault, Jr., Bernard Lynn, Kannapohs 
Deal, Timothy Edward. Jacksonville 
Deans. Jr., Jennings Bryan, Wilson 
Dearth, Gregg Miller, Bloomfield Hills, Mic 
Deaton, Jr., Ashley Ruben, Asheboro 
Dedmond, Richard Eugene, Shelby 
Dees, John Woodward, Goldsboro 
Delaney, Charles Mark, Cambridge, Mass. 



Rodenck Charles, 

:hy, Jr 
Alexandria, Va. 
Denning, Charles Vance, Smithfield 
Denton, Jr., Robert Leroy, Charlotte 
Denton, III, Samuel Andrew, Fayettev 
Dickerson, Jr., Norvin Kennedy, Monr 
Dickson, John Wyatt, Raeford 
Dietz, John Edwin, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Dill, George Leigh, Morehead City 
Dillard, Dwight Wayne, Raleigh 

Dillard, Robert Weyher, Villanova, Pa. 
Dillon, Henry Kenneth, Winston-Salem 
Dingledem, Paul Harper, Greensboro 
diSanti, Anthony Samuel, Hendersonville 
Dixon, Gladys Ellen, Seabrook, Md. 
Dixon, Sherlynn Ann, Gastonia 
Dodd, Zane Alan, Atlanta, Ga. 
Domina, Robert Ladd, Virginia Beach, Va 
Donnelly, Gerald William, Lenoir 

Dorsett, Charles Michael, Ramseur 
Doss, William Robert, Winston-Salem 
Dorsey, Hugh Manson, Atlanta, Ga. 
Doughton, Richard Louis, Sparta 
Douglas, Thomas Emerson, Piney Creel 
Driscoll, Jr., John Richard, Salisbury 
Driver, Richard Allen, 

Signal Mountain, Tenn 
Drogos, Mary Catherine, Chapel Hill 
Drum, Keith Allen, Shernll's Ford 

Dudley, Cecelia Ann, Rocky Mount 
Dudney, John Bernard, Wilmington 
Dunnivant, Jr , Noel, Whiteville 
Dunn, James Hugh, Pmetops 
Dunn, Jane Osborne, Williamston 
Durham, Walter Braxton, Chapel Hill 
Dzwonek, Joseph Harrison, Spot 
Eaddy, John Fred, Lincolnton 
Eadie, Robert Baker, Charlotte 



CLASS OF 1969 

Eaglin, Frances Elaine, Fayetteville 
Earnhardt, Joe Ondre, Albemarle 
Eason, Elton Richard, Roanoke Rapids 
Eason, William Preston, Roanoke Rapids 
Easterly, Lee Ellen, Silver Spring, Md. 
Eastman, Jr., Leslie Ray, High Point 
Eaton, Martin Joseph, Thomasville, Ga. 
Eaton, Robert Clark, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Eaton, Ronald Edwin, Yadkinville 

Eberhart, Clare Millicent, Bethesda, Md. 
Echevern, Elssie, Greensboro 
Eckard, Stephen Paul, Conover 
Edmister, Gregory Clyde, Chapel Hill 
Edmonson, Aldert Root, Smithfield 
Edwards, Jr., Guy Randle, Polkton 
Edwards, III, James Upshur, 

Manchester, N. H. 
Edwards, Jr., Joseph Albert, Kinston 
Edwards, Michael Swenson, Wilson 

Edwards, Ryland Alexander, Rocky Mount 

Efird, Richard Lee, Burlington 

Etird, Roger Wilkins, Denton 

Elder, Mary Ann, Burlington 

Ellis, Sylvia Ann, Clayton 

Ellison, John Gray Blount, Greensboro 

English, Charles Richard, Raeford 

Etherington, Linda Ruth, Hendersonville 

Eudy, Eslie Mae, China Grove 

Evans, DeLyle Mooring, Winterville 
Evans, Frederick Vaiden, Kinston 
Evans, Jr., Neil Clifford, Lexington 
Ewing, Jr., James Richard, Kannapolis 
Fagan, Harry Lynn, Granite Quarry 
Fahrner, William Butler Ryon, Greenville 
Faircloth, Irene Gloria, Chapel Hill 
Fairless, Annette Harrell, Colerain 
Faison, Jr., Ollie William, Knightdale 

Farfour, Jr., Leslie Aloysius, Morgantoi 
Farrell, Barna Allen, Troy 
Farrell, William Seward, Hendersonvili. 
Farrington, Terry Lynn, Mooresville 
Farris, Jr., Charles Patrick, Wilson 
Farthing, Edwin Glenn, Greensboro 
Farthing, Larry James, Taylorsville 
Faucette, Betty Elaine, Durham 
Fells, Michael Moore, Beirut, Lebanon 

Fennell, III, James Grey, Orlando, Fla. 
Ferguson, Janice Elizabeth, 

Satellite Beach, Fla. 
Ferguson, William Russell, Waynesville 
Fergusson, Ian Campbell, Waynesville 
Ferris, Gregory Glenn, Dover, Mass. 
Fifield, Jr., Stiles Rich, Greensboro 
Finch, James Cabiness, Monroe 
Finlay, Jr., Joseph Burton, Wilmington, [ 
Fisher, Virginia Norman, Fayetteville 

Fitts, Calvert A., Cortland, N. Y. 
Flanagan, Richard Davis, Kinston 
Fleishman, Edward Jay, Lumberton 
Fleishman, Jo Ellyn, Fayetteville 
Fleishman, Mark Alan, Fayetteville 
Flick, Arthur Bartholomew, 

Shngerlands, N. Y. 
Flickinger, Edward Garner, Lima, Ohi< 
Flora, Jr., Fred Leslie, LaGrange 
Florick, Linda Carol, Hockessin, Del. 

Floyd, Clarence Ozell, Wilmington 
Flythe, Joseph Franklin, High Point 
Fogarty, Stephen Henry, Greensboro 
Fogleman, Susan Gwen, Durham 
Fonville, Marcia Agnes, Burlington 
Ford, David Edward, Lumberton 
Ford, Jr., James Kinnaird, North Wilkesboro 
Ford, Philip Larkin, Cramerton 
Ford, Theresa Page, Kinston 

Forehand, John Randolph, Springfield, Mo. 
Forney, Susan Jo, Atlanta, Ga. 
Forrest, Stephen Taylor, Greensboro 
Forrester, Ronald Barry, Bessem,r City 
Fort, Danny Clinton, Gastonia 
Foster, Mary Elizabeth, North W.lkesboro 
Fouts, George Michael, Thomasville 
Franklin, David Leon, Raleigh 
Franklin, John Owen, Gnfton 

Franklin, Walter Wayne, Greensboro 
Frazier, James Howard, Black Mountan 
Frederick, Jr., Richmond Stanfield, 

Freeman, Larry David, Durham 
French, Peter Newton, Hamden, Conn. 
Friddle, George Hobart, Greensboro 
Friese, David Walter, Charlotte 
Frost, Robert Hayward, New London, C< 
Frye, William Steven, Lexington 

Fulk, Charles Samuel, Pilot Mountain 
Fuller, Middleton R., Verona, Italy 
Fuller, Thomas Michael, Greensboro 
Funderburk, Charleen Lucille, Charlotte 
Funderburk, Dan Robert, Raleigh 
Furness, Terence Nash, Enka 
Furr, Neil Blake, Salisbury 
Gadd, Jr., Hamilton Melvm, Atlanta, Ga. 
Gaddy, Stanley Braxton, Jackson Springs 



Gallop, Roger Graham, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Galloway, Lynda Gayle, Cullowhee 
Gambill, Jr , Charles William, Wilkesbon 
Gambill, Jimmy Darrell, Jefferson 
Gammon, Kenneth Lee, Raleigh 
Gantt, Kenneth Otto, Gastonia 
Gantt, Stephen Martin, Bethel Park, Pa. 
Gardner, James Franklin, Hickory 
Gardner, Jr., Lytt Irvine, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Gardner, III, Oliver Max, Shelby 
Gardner, William Ernest, Woodleaf 
Garfinkle, M. Jerry, Charleston, S. C. 
Garner, Alvin Van, Newport 
Garner, Jr., Prentiss McCord, Newport 
Garner, Terry Randolph, Newport 
Garrett, Aaron Douglas, Matthews 
Garrett, Linda Marie, Salisbury 
Garrison, James Robert, Belmont 

Garriss, James Arthur, Powellsville 
Garvin, David Connolly, Greensboro 
Gash, Richard Alan, Horse Shoe 
Gaskins, Jr., Charles Perkins, Greenville 
Gates, III, William Franklin, 

Makati, Philippine Islands 
Gegerson, Ralph Wayne, New York, N. Y. 
Geise, Patricia Ann, New Cumberland, Pa. 
Gellerman, George Irwin, 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Gentry, Lloyd Michael, Pelham 

Gibson, Barbara Lee, Raleigh 
Gibson, Michael Brian, Greensboro 
Gilbert, Bennett Harold, Cocoa, Fla. 
Gilchrist, William MacDougal, Beaufort 
Giles, Billy Eugene, Raleigh 
Giles, Larry Devon, Raleigh 
Gilmore, Frank Rowell, Durham 
Ginger, William Reynold, Raleigh 
Gingras, Terry James, Belford, N. H. 

Glass, John Gregory, Connelly Springs 
Glenn, George Alan, Salisbury 
Glenn, John Frazier, Dalton, Ga. 
Glenn, Thomas Carroll, Salisbury, Md. 
Glenn, II, Thomas Kearney, Atlonta, Ga. 
Godfrey, Eleanor Anne, Chapel Hill 
Godfrey, Eric Brian, Asheville 
Godley, Maggie Beth, Aurora 
Goines, Melvin Douglas, Charlotte 

Goldberg, Richard Neil, Norwich, Conn. 
Goldstein, Gerald Lee, Woodbury, N. Y. 
Gonser, William Arnold, Kinston 
Goodall, Jr., Will Edward, Monroe 
Gooden, Michael Dean, Florence, S. C. 
Goodfellow, Alexander Scott, 

Coronado, Calif. 
Goodfellow, Robin Tucker, Bethesda, Md. 
Goodman, Julie Rae, Winston-Salem 
Goodson, Michael Lee, Burlington 

Goodwin, Barry Mansfield, Durham 
Goodwin, Jr., Herbert Truett, Durham 
Goodwin, Larry Darrell, Charlotte 
Gore, Larry Ronald, Delco 
Gore, S. Tony, Whiteville 
Gould, Robert Gene, Newport 
Graham, Baxter Wayne, Asheville 
Graham, Virginia Borden, Chapel Hill 
Grant, Ben Pryor, Franklin 

Grant, Jane Knox, Jackson 
Grantham, David Bowden, Charlotte 
Grassi, Temple, Ruxton, Md. 
Graven, Carol Louise, Charlotte 
Graves, Reginald Ogburn, Charlotte 
Gray, Jr., David Graham, Gostoma 
Greathouse, Richard Heath, Durham 
Greathouse, Samuel Toler, Rocky Moun 
Grebner, Richard George, Gastonia 

Green, Jesse Franklin, Thomasville 
Greene, Donna JoAnne, Salisbury 
Greer, Riley Thomas, Wilmington, Del. 
Gregson, Don Nelson, Laurinburg 
Gresham, Carolyn Denton, Warsaw 
Griffin, Gerald Lee, Granite Falls 
Griffin, Jr., James Rowland, Charlotte 
Griffin, Robert Oliver, New Bern 
Griffin, Timothy Hal, Gastonia 

Griffith, Sharon Sue, Richmond, Va. 
Grigg, Dorcas Cornelia, Raleigh 
Grimes, Jr., Sidney Ray, Statesville 
Grimsley, III, Walter Henry, Whitevi 
Gnndstaff, Dexter Norman, Andrew 
Grosse, Cecelia Louise, Greensboro 
Grotnes, Lynn Anne, Atlanta, Ga. 
Grossman, Steve Howard, Richmond 
Grove, Greg Kent, Wilmington 

Guilford, William Bonner, Aurora 
Gunter, II, Woodrow Wilson, Hamlet 
Gupton, Timothy Wayne, Henderson 
Gurganus, Thomas Edward, Jacksonville 
Gussenhoven, John Walter, 
Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Guthrie, Robert Clifton, Morehead City 
Guthrie, Tommie Michael, Swansboro 
Gwin, Kathryn Monroe, Hickory 
JHass, Leslie John, Moncks Corner, S. C. 


CLRSS OF 1969 

Hack, Jr., Eugene Rolland, Weston, Cor 
Haddock, Samuel Parker, Jacksonville 
Haines, Mary Richards, Haverford, Pa. 
Haisley, Jr., Robert Eugene, Havelock 
Hall, Jr., Richard Anderson, Stotesville 
Hall, Stewart Kent, Rochester, N. Y. 
Hall, Thomas Johnston, Charlotte 
Hall, William David, Roxboro 
Hamill, William H. B., Princeton, N, J. 

nilton, Douglas Ames Pollock, 
\ilwaukee, Wis. 
nilton. Johnny Earlie, Clinton 
nilton, Raleigh Joseph, Greensboro 
nlet, Fred Thurman, Pittsboro 
nlet, James Edward, Roxboro 
nmond. Kenneth Wayne, Rocky Mo 
npton, Wade Louis, Launnburg 
nrick, III, Charles Rush, Shelby 
nrick, Edward Zane, Rutherfordton 

Hanaway, Thomas Walbridge, 

Babylon, N. Y. 
Haney, Kenneth Jackson, Matthews 
Hannah, Robert Kelly, Chapel Hill 
Hannen, Walter Lewis, Durham 
Hardy, John Gregg, Lexington 
Hare, Rufus Dwight, Pikeville 
Hargrove, III, Walter Clark, Tarboro 
Harmon, Elizabeth Sharon, Kannapolis 
Harmon, Thomas Gene, Whispering Pines 

irrell, Jr., James Andrew, Elkin 
irrell, William Bennett, Tarboro 
irnll, Charles Winston, Monroe 
irrington, Thomas Michael, Sanford 
'" , Anderson Page, Charlotte 

Harris, Herbert Thomas, Durhar 
Harris, Jr., James Curtis, Siler City 
Harris, III, William Ballard, New Bern 
Harris, III, William Clinton, Raleigh 

Harrison, Frank Spruill, Rocky Mount 
Harrison, Jerry Douglas, Leland 
Harrison, Jr., William Heyward, 

Louisville, Ky. 
Harriss, Brenda Marie, Frederick, Md. 
Hart, Charles Lee, Concord 
Hart, Lynnie Dale, Kinston 
Hartzog, Dan McCord, Raleigh 
Hassenfelt, Jr., Hal Edward, Southern Pines 
Hasty, Anne Blair, Hickory 

Hatcher, John Louis, Morehead City 
Hawfield, Jr., William Beniamine, Charlotte 
Haynes, Jimmie Alex, Elkin 
Headley, II, Julien Christian, 

Somerset, Bermuda 
Heafner, William Henry, Lincolnton 
Heaton, David Randolph, Raleigh 
Heavener, Lewis Richard, Gastonia 
Hechenbleikner, Herbert Ingenuin, Charlotte 
Heck, Susan Elizabeth, Northbrook, III. 

Heckler, Louis Roy, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hedgepeth. Charles Dwight, Fayetteville 
Helbig, Anna Maria, Havelock 
Helman. Jr., Warren Nelson. Cansdole, Pa 
Helms, Robert Vaughn, Salisbury 
Helton, Harold Eugene, Culberson 
Henderson, John Davis, Williamston 
Henderson, William James, Black Mountain 
Henley, Jr., John T., Hope Mills 

Henry, Jr., Marshall Webster, Rocky Mount 
Henry, Paul DuWors, Memphis, Tenn. 
Hensgen, Jr., Lowell Webster, Oxford 
Herter, Christian Archibald, 

Cambridge, Mass. 
Hertz, Richard Steven, Freehold, N. J. 
Heys, Thomas Baisden, Chattanooga, Tenn 
Hickman, Atlas Wayne, Lumberton 
Hickman, Dewey Clifford, Concord 
Hicks, Alan Scott, Fremont 

Hicks, Dayle Jeanne, Raleigh 
Hicks, James Paul, Belmont 
Hicks, William Harold, Allenwood, N. J. 
Higdon, Jane Grant, Hendersonville 
Higdon, Jr., William Logan, Honolulu, He 
Higginbotham, Betty Lou, Kinston 
Higgms, Jr., Thomas Michael, Charlotte 
High, Sandy Richard, Sanford 
Hill, David Crowell, Denton 

I, Garry Alton, Charlotte 

I, John Michael, High Point 

I, Kenneth Woodrow, Hickory 

I, Jr., Lawrence Willard, Thomasville 

I, Reginald Doran, Oakboro 

Hard, William Beckwith, Baltimore, Mi 

ton, Hugh Anthony, China Grove 

inant, Milton Darrell, Goldsboro 

ishaw, Jr., Roland Franklin, Greensbon 

Hinson, Kenneth Elwood, Greensboro 
Hinton, III, Charles Lewis, Elizabeth City 
Hite, James Duncan, Gastonia 
Hobbs, Sanford Lewis, Durham 
Hobgood, III, Alfred Llewellyn, Smithfield 
Hodges, Ernest Mayford, Hildebran 
Hodges, Jr., James Marcus, New Bern 
Hofer, Jeffrey R., Denver, Colo. 
Hofler, Sheryl Anne, Elizabeth City 



Holden, David Allen, Supply 
Holding, Jr., James Claude, Lourinburg 
Hoiladay, James Douglas, Baltimore, Md. 
Holland, Charles Wayne, Durham 
Holland, Kenneth Rollins, Canton 
Holland, William Shelton, Statesville 
Holliday, Joseph Lambert, 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Holman, III, Joseph Wright, Wilmington 
Holmes, Charles Graham, Louisburg 

Honeycutt, Jr., Joseph Young, Louisv 
Honeycutt, Roy Lemuel, Greenville 
Honeycutt, Russell Glenn, Millbrook 
Hooks, Stephen Roy, Chadbourn 
Hooper, Elizabeth Anne, Morganton 
Hope, Stephen Douglas, Charlotte 
Hopkins, Thomas Larry, Raleigh 
Horn, David Edward, Rocky Mount 
Hornaday, John Dexter, Fayetteville 

Horney, Louise Foushee, Greensboro 
Howard, Jr., David Asbury, Jacksonville, 
Howard, Thomas Hartwell, Charlotte 
Howe. Henry Thomas, Belmont 
Howell, L. Kathryn, Skaneateles, N. Y. 
Howell, Margaret A., Skaneateles, N. Y. 
Howerton, Thomas Dean, Gibsonville 
Hubbard, John Lewis, Kingsport, Tenn. 
Hubbard, Lynnette Gail, Rocky Mount 

Hubbard. Jr., Stanley Beniamin, Charlotte 
Hudnell, William Thomas, Washington 
Hudson, Christopher Columbus, Fairfield 
Hudson, Jr., F. Parker, Atlanta, Ga. 
Hudson, Jr., James Thomas, Arlington, Va 
Huey, Jr., William Earle, Waxhaw 
Huff, James Lee, Akron, Ohio 
Huff, Judith Lynn, Winston-Salem 
Hughes, Dawny Ray, Henderson 

Hughes, Eugene Anderson, Raleigh 
Hughes, IV, Miles Preston, Ramseur 
Hull, Floyd Carol, Charlotte 
Humphrey, Loydette, Beckley, W. Va. 
Huneycutt, Jr., Arlie Scott, New London 
Hunt, Edward Wall, New Bern 
Hunt, Janet Anne, Chapel Hill 
Hunt, Raymond Charles, Rocky Mount 
Hunter, III, Alex McKay, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hunter, David Hill, Winston-Salem 
Hunter, III, Fillmore Holt, High Point 
Hunter, Jr., Robert Neal, Greensboro 
Huntley, James William, Charlotte 
Huntley, III, William B., Manlius, N. Y 
Hurder, Wayne John, Champaign, [II. 
Hurley, Patrick Andrew, Canton 
Hurst, Thomas Dunbar, Roanoke, Va. 
Hutchison, M. Gail, Oceanside, N. Y. 

Hyman, Robert Edward, Lewiston 

Ingham, Helen Annelle, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Ingle, John Wyatt, Whitsett 

Irons, Harold Gene, Chapel Hill 

Isenhour, Danny Edwin, Rutherford College 

Isenhower, John Glenn, Newton 

Isherwood, Jr., George, Springfield, Pa. 

Isley, Robert Arnold, Greensboro 

luele, James George, Winston-Salem 

Jackson, Daniel Warren, Dobson 
Jackson, Francis Daniel, Morganton 
Jackson, Frank Bownlow, Hendersonville 
Jackson, Martha Acora, Kenly 
Jacobs, Richard S., Elkins Park, Pa. 
James, Randall Lester, Rocky Mount 
Jarrett, Brenda Joyce, Thomasville 
Jeffcoat, Orman Cecil, Rocky Mount 
Jenkins, Jr., Abram Edward, Edenton 

Jenkins, Jr., Everette Earl, Concord 
Jennette, John Charles, New Bern 
Jernigan, William Lambert, Mcintosh, Fla 


Jr., Dan 


Johnson, George Larkin, Goldsbo 
Johnson, Jr., James Mc 
Johnson, Lee Best, Dun 
Johnson, Jr., Ralph DeVane, Roseboro 
Johnson, Samuel Rowland, Fuquay-Var 

Johnson, Sarah Lee, Leaksville 
Johnson, Susan Handy, Raleigh 
Johnson, Vann Stewart, Rose Hill 
Johnson, William Glenn, Lillington 
Johnston, Daniel Rogers, Asheville 
Johnston, Jr., George Burke, Blacksburg, V 
Johnston, William Charles, North Wilkesb 
Jolley, Max Amos, Forest City 
Jolly, Bruce O., Arlington, Va. 

Jones, Bernice Rouse, Kinston 
Jones, Charles Jerald, Greensboro 
Jones, David Blodgett, Hingham, Mass. 
Jones, James Edward, Iron Station 
Jones, Julia Ann, Asheville 
Jones, Richard English, Brevard 
Jones, Samuel Tipton, Sweetwater, Tenn. 
Jones, Jr., Williom Vernon, Durham 
Jordan, Michael Lance, Raleigh 


CLRSS OF 1969 

Jorgensen, Alice Coe, Durham 
Joyce, Randolph, Greensboro 
Joyce, Theodore Lee, Fayetteville 
Joyner, Reid Lyon, Charlotte 
Joyner, Ronald Wayne, Troutman 
Justice, Jacqueline Lola, Canton 
Kaemmerlen, Ruth Adele, Charlotte 
Kail, Robert Patrick, Sarasota, Fla. 
Karesh, Susan S., Charleston, S. C. 

Katz, Michael David, Orlando, Fla. 
Kaufman, Steven Howard, Raleigh 
Kearney, Edwin doner, Durham 
Keller, III, John Andrew, Mount Holly 
Keller, R. Michael, Naperville, III. 
Kelly, Francis Burns, Macon, Ga. 
Kelly, Michael Hunter, Durham 
Kelly, Richard Ellsworth, Severna Park, Md 
Kelly, III, William Ebbin, Goldsboro 

Kelso, Cassandra Van, New Bern 
Kennedy, David Ray, Goldsboro 
Kerr, Fred Richard, High Point 
Kerr, Frederick Charles, Burlington 
Kessler, Michael David, Camp Hill, Pa. 
Kilcollin, Mark Camp, Charleston, W. Va. 
Killion, James Thomos, Salisbury 
Kilpatrick, David Russell, Belhaven 
Kindley, Paul Lindsay, High Point 

King, Adrian Leon, Kinston 
King, Barry Lane, Raeford 
King, 111, Bruce Fonville, Raleigh 
King, Ellen Virginia, Wilmington 
Kirby, William Leslie, Columbus, Ga. 
Kirk, Grig, Raleigh 
Kirkland, Gordon Ashby, Salisbury 
Kirkland, Walter Glenn, Atlanta, Ga. 
Kleto, Nicholas Gus, Charlotte 

Knowlton, Steven Reed, Huntersville 
Koch, Barry Nelson, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Koeblitz, Robert Ralph, Greenville 
Koehne, Jr., Richard Sperry, Lawrence, N. 
Koester, III, Thomas Frederick, Reidsville 
Koon, Michael Miller, Chapel Hill 
Koonce, Neil Wright, Jacksonville 
Kornegay, Jr., Alonzo Dixon, Statesville 
Kramer, Kenneth Russell, Goldsboro 

Krichbaum, Jr., George West, Asheville 
Kroncke, James Ernest, Roanoke Rapids 
Kubochko, Stephanie Ann, Durham 
Kuesel, Jeffery Thomas, Greenvale, N. > 
Lackey, Jr., Herman Edward, Hiddenite 
Lacklen, Jay Flynn, Greensboro 
Laird, Clinton Swan, Wilmington, Del. 
Lamb, Raymond Earl, Fairmont 
Lamb, II, Stephen Burnham, 
Oyster Bay, N. Y. 

Lancaster, Jr., Raymond Harold, 

Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 
Landrum, Betty Jean, Nashville, Tenn 
Landry, Jr., Patrick Gay, Greensboro 
Lane, Jr., Hubert Allan, Jacksonville 
Laramee, James Carl, Fayetteville 
Lassiter, Donald Tinkham, Eure 
Latham, Sarah Merriam, Washington 
Latta, Jerry Warren, Bunnlevel 
Laviner, Ronnie Kenneth, Wagram 

Lawrence, William Brent, White Plains 

Laxton, James Allan, Concord 

Layton, III, Buxton Lawn, New Orleans, La. 

Lee, 111, Lansing Burrows, Augusta, Ga. 

Lee, Richard Calvin, Winston-Salem 

Lee, Rodney Mark, Arapahoe 

Lee, III, Rufus McCaskill, Wingate 

Lee, William Uzzle, Raleigh 

Leech, Thomas Hale, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

LeFebre. George Bradburn, Atlanta, Ga 
Legler, Earbara Dunn, Larchmont, N. Y. 
Leigh, Robert Daniel, Chapel Hill 
Leinwand, Mark Allen, Flushing, N. Y. 
Lemonds, Ronald Harrison, Charlotte 
Lenfestey, Mary Susan, Charlotte 
Lennon, William Ellery, Morganton 
Lentz, Jo Ann. Blowing Rock 
Lentz, Tony Marion, Stony Point 

Leon, Roger Steven, Winston-Salem 
Leonard, Donnie Mac, Marshville 
Leonard, Richard Allen, High Point 
Leonard, III, William Oscar, Greensboro 
Lester, Daniel Jay, Jenkintown, Pa. 
Lester, Michael Louis, San Antonio, Texas 
Levy, Richard David, Greensboro 
Lewis, Ellen Ann, Fairmont 
Lewis, Irwin Allen, Greensboro 

Lewis, James Edward, Clinton 

Lewis, Stanley Roy, Long Branch, N. J. 

Lewis, Ted Donovan, Beaufort 

Liles, John Underwood, Raleigh 

Liles, Robert Edward, Rocky Mount 

Lilley, James Preston, Old Trap 

Lillich, John Michael, West Lafayette, Ind. 

Link, Jr., John Marshall, Durham 

Linstrum, Jr., Charles Henry, Fort Bragg 



Lipscomb, Jr., Nathan, Webster Groves, Mo. 

Lisk, Gerald Stephen, Carthage 

Litten, Frederic Chapin, Winnetka, III. 

Little, David James, Lincolnton 

Little, Jr., James Bryan, Greenville, S. C. 

Little, Phyllis Idalia, Kernersville 

Little, Jr., Robert Anderson, Lincolnton 

Little, Rose Mary, Wilson 

Livingston, Jr., William Alexander, Charlotte 

Lloyd, Jr., Richard Porter, Wilmington, 
Lock, Robert Carroll, Jacksonville 
London, Stuart S., Hewlett, N. Y. 
Long, Johnny Paul, Mount Airy 
Long, Joyce Bittle, Rockingham 
Long, Linda Kaye, Asheville 
Long, Robert Earl, Marion 
Loomis, Patricia Frances, Fayetteville 
Lorch, Terry Glenn, Albemarle 

Love, Michael Thaddeus, Charlotte 
Low, Richard Christensen, Houston, Texas 
Lowder, Bobby Gene, Albemarle 
Lowman, Danny Howard, Connelly Springs 
Lowrance, David William, Mooresville 
Ludlow, Jr., James M., Arlington 
Ludwig, Neil Cohen, Faith 
Lumsden, Katherme Taylor, Raleigh 
Lunday, Michael Theodore, Pinehurst 

Lunger, William Pless, Arlington, Va. 
Lunsford, John Wesley, Roxboro 
Lupton, Charles Hamilton, Birminghan 
Lutz, Frederik Simon, High Point 
Lyles, Jr., Ray Von, Mooresville 
Lynch, Jr., Charles Hollie, Hanover, Pa 
Lynch, Larry Oneal, Enfield 
McBnde, Jr., Carl Eugene, Goldsboro 
McCall, David Edgar, Whitnel 

McCall, Forrest Schell, Spruce Pine 
McCall, Thomas Cecil, Ellerbe 
McClelland, III, William Shields, Charlotte 
McClure, Jr., William Oakley, Gastonia 
McCrimmon, Edward William, Hope Mills 
McDiarmid, Grover Williamson, 

Charlottesville, Va. 
McDonald, Jr., John Alonzo, Jacksonville 
Mcrarland, Leighton Wilson, Greensboro 
McGaw, Robert Edward, Windsor 

McGee, III, James Edward, Bluefield, W. Va. 
McGee, Teresa, Mebane 
McGee, Jr., Willie Eldndge, Charlotte 
McHaney. Carol Ann, Durham 
Mclnnis, Daniel Angus, Fayetteville 
Mclntyre, Marie Kennedy, Charlotte 
McKellar, Jr., Henry Northington, Rowland 
McKellar, Jr., William Evans, Clarkton 
McKenzie, III, Sheppard Allen, 
Alexandria, Va. 

McKenzie, William Thorpe, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
McKmnish, Rock Conley, Pisgah Forest 
McLamb, Lorraine Brooks, Fayetteville 
McLaughlin, Jr., Charles Allan, 

Southern Pines 
McLean, George Wallace, Clinton 
McLean, Stuart Thomas, Pound Ridge, Is 
McLemore, Stephen Harcourt, 

Springfield, Ohio 
McNabb, Rodney C-, Zebulon 
McNames, Dennis Wayne, Winston-Sale 

McPhail, John Philson, Enfield 
McWhorter, John Bowman, Lexington 
Macdonald, Bruce Tower, Hendersonville 
Mace, Spencer Rodgers, Reidsville 
MacFadyen, John Loudon, Chapel Hill 
MacKenzie, Gordon Alexander, 

Sewickley, Pa. 
Mackie, Andrew Lawrence, Yadkinville 
MacLean, Donald Bruce, Augusta, Ga. 
MacNaughton, John Phillip, Charlotte 

MacNelly, Jeffrey Kenneth, 

Cedai hurst, N. Y. 
Macy, Earl Elgar, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Mailliard, Henry Ward, Santa Rosa, Calif. 
Maisto, Richard Frank, Durham 
Mallison, Jr., Percy Warner, 

Fort Lauderdale Fla. 
Maness, Douglas Wayne, Greensboro 
Maness, Ronald Dean, Carthage 
Mann, III, Ivan Holden, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Mann, III, Julian, Raleigh 

Mann, William Joseph, Sanford 
Manning, Samuel Johnston, Williamston 
Mansfield, Bruce Henry, Chapel Hill 
Mansfield, Keith Allen, Chapel Hill 
Marble, Warren Nickerson, 

South Orleans, Mass. 
Margolis, Jay, Durham 
Markel, III, Bruce Stewart, Brownston, In. 
Marks, Patrick Hugh, Fayetteville 
Marren, John Michael, Charlotte 

Marsh, Jr., Edward Marcus, Winston-Salen 
Marsh, Jane Marie, Kannapolis 
Marsh, Jr., Steve Parker, Marshville 
Martin, Anne Murray, Nashville, Tenn. 
Martin, Darryl Ray, Spindale 
Martin, II, David Arthur, Greensboro 
Martin, Jr., George Davis, Baltimore, Md. 
Martin, II, John Wright, Charlotte 
Martin, Kenneth Hayes, Hayesville 




CLRSS OF 1969 




I, Philip Hobbie, Mount Do 
Mason, George Graham, New Ber 
Mason, Nancy Elizabeth, Wiln 
Massey, Wayland Everett, 
Mast, Ralph Steve, Morganton 
Matalene, Jr., Eugene Manuel, 

New York, N. Y. 
Mathison, Jr., Robert Vincent, Asheville 
Matthews, III, Clifford Harry, Rome, Go. 
Matus, II, Theodore Patrick, Cullowhee 

Maultsby, Betty J., Mebane 
Maupin, Addison, Terrace Park, Ohio 
Maxey, III, William Edward, Powhatan, 
Maxwell, Rosemary Clae, Alexandria, V 
May, Jr., Kenneth Nolan, Burlington 
Maynor, Barry Alan, Greensboro 
Mayse, John Druary, Forest City 
Meocham, Jonice Carlene, Chapel Hill 
Means, Graeme Donald, Providence, R 

Mease, Donna Lee, Richlands 
Medding, Walter Blake, New York, N. Y. 
Medley, Clement Ebulus, Greensboro 
Meeker, Michael David, Asheville 
Melville, William Edward, Garner 
Melvin, Edna Earl, Elizabethtown 
Mendelson, James Mitchell, Tallahassee, 
Mendelson, Sarah Frances, Tallahassee, F 
Mendenhall, Karl Joachim, Siler City 

Mercer, Jr., Charles Henry, Laurinburg 
Merrick, Frederic Dupuy, Huntington, N. Y 
Merncks, Ann Sweeney, Charleston, W. Va. 
Merritt, Gerald James, Fayetteville 
Mewborn, Judith Moore, Walstonburg 
Michalove, Ronald Steven, Winston-Salem 
Michaels, Andrew Gordon, Lawrence, N. Y. 
Mickey, William Herman, Winston-Salem 
Miller, II, Carson McCoy, Denton 

Miller, Deborah Elizabeth, Durham 
Miller, Edward Henry, Mooresville 
Miller, Elizabeth Gail, Salisbury 
Miller, Howard Glenn, Atlanta, Go. 
Miller, Jay Robert, Charlotte 
Miller, Jr., John Alton, Charlotte 
Miller, Jr., Lloyd Cardm, Charlotte 
Miller, Robert Adam, Ahoskie 
Miller, Roy Howard, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Miller, Stephen Thomas, Charlotte 
Miller, Steve Carl, Canton 
Millikan, Troy Watson, Randleman 
Millis, Hollard Keith, Newport 
Mills, Randy Wayne, Yadkinville 
Milstead, Stephen Kent, Statesville 
Minor, James Robert, Reidsville 
Mitchell, Janice May, La Plata, Md. 
Mitchell, Murray Nash, Cocoa, Fla. 

Mitchell, William Edward, Leaksville 
Mitchell, William Graham Champion, 

Mizell, Worth Miller, Morehead City 
Mobley, Simon Deon, Durham 
Modlin, Larry Ray, Woodville 
Moessen, Bruce James, Hendersonville 
Moffatt, Ronald, Pottstown, Pa. 
Moll, Jr., Richard Charles, Mount Gilead 
Money, James Graydon, Madison 

Moore, David George, Durham 
Moore, Ralph Crowder, Raleigh 
Moore, Steven Richard, Jamestown 
Moore, Susan Elizabeth, Raleigh 
Mooretield, Jr., Charles Thomas, Gr 
Moorefield, Janet Anne, Danbury 
Moorhouse, Gary Dean, St. Augustii 
Morelli, Frederick Taylor, Winston- 
Morgan, Beverly Ann, Carrboro 

Morgan, Douglas Willans, Canton, Ohio 
Morgan, Mark Sidney, Winston-Salem 
Morgan, Peggy Ann, Chapel Hill 
Morris, Jr., Glenn Alexander, Marion 
Morns, James Davis, Greensboro 
Morris, III, John Birch, Albemarle 
Morrison, Barbara Romaine, Plainfield, N. 
Morrison, Daniel Ray, Washington, D. C. 
Morton, Charles Ivery, Albemarle 

Moseley, Jr., Preston Wooten, Wilmingtor 
Moseley, Walter Phillip, Henderson 
Moser, Allen Curtis, Winston-Salem 
Moser, Sidney Thomas, Winston-Salem 
Moyer, Jr., Robert Holden, Media, Pa. 
Mullinax, Jr., Theron Ernest, Tuxedo 
Mullis, Joe Wayne, Gastonia 
Murchison, Clarence Lynn, Rocky Mount 
Murphy, Jr., Kenneth Roy, Greensboro 

Murphy, Ted Richard, Hickory 
Murphy, Thomas Hoyle, Bunn 
Murphy, Thomas Lynch, Salisbury 
Murray, Marshall Raymond, Raleigh 
Murray, Thomas Edward, Burlington 
Myers, Charles Stephen, Concord 
Myers, James Julian, Thomasville 
Myers, III, Joel Harrison, Monroe 
Myers, Joel McCrae, Lexington 



Myers, William Steve, Asheville 
Myles, III, John Francis, Charlotte 
Myrick, Jr., Roland Wayne, Troy 
Nagy, Barbara Ann, Durham 
Nale, Janice Lee, Cherry Point 
Nance, David Daniel, Charlotte 
Nance, John E., Durham 
Nanney, Patrick DeVault, Spindale 
Neal, Beverly Dee, Mount Airy 

Neal, Daniel Fred, Kings Mountain 
Neal, John William, Hamlet 
Neal, Linda Kay, Walnut Cove 
Neal, William Albert, Sanford 
Neal, William Huey, Waxhaw 
Nealeans, Alan Vann, High Point 
Neighboors, Stephen Rae, Hillsborough 
Neill, Terry Haze, Troutman 
Nelson, Bobby Michael, Randlemon 

Nelson Cecil Linwood, Morehead City 
Nethercutt, Helen Shell, Roanoke Rapids 
Nevin Thomas, Westfield, N. J. 
New, Jr., John Robert, Greenville, S. C. 
Newlin, James Wilbert, Burlington 
Newton, Darrell Philip, Albemarle 
Nickell, Frank Templeton, Greensboro 
Nickens, Raymond Thomas, Asheboro 
Nickles, Curtis Ausborne, Cedar Grove 

Nicks, Nancy Lou, Durham 
Nisbet, Jr., James Douglas, Waxhaw 
Nixon, Willard Blanchard, Gates 
Norman, Beth Thomas, Wilkesboro 
Norris, Michael H., Camp Lejeune 
Norton, Nathaniel Goodwin, Naples, Fla. 
Noulles, Thomas Goerge, Tulsa, Okla. 
Nunnenkamp, Thomas William, Charlotte 
Nye, Richard Randall, Charlotte 

Oakley, Jr., Clyde Thomas, Roxboro 
Oakley, Jr., Gil M., Roxboro 
Oakley, Jr., Jeter Stanley, Morganton 
Oakley, Lauren Dexter, Lawsonville 
Oakley, Samuel Steven, Carrboro 
O'Bryan, Gregory Early, Stoneville 
O'Bryan, John Michael, Pollocksville 
Ochsman, Robert Bruce, Silver Spring, Md. 
O'Connor, John, Valley Cottage, N. Y. 

Odom, Marshall Harrell, Wilson 
Oehmann, III, J. Henry, Fort Lauderdale, F 
Often, III, Roger Lansing, Kensington, Cor 
Ogburn, Harris Johnson, Raleigh 
Ogburn, Manone Kay, Chapel Hill 
Oglesby, Tommie Dwayne, Newport 
O'Leary, Michael Stone, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Oliver, James Herbert, Greensboro 
Olliffe, William Edward, Cheraw, S. C. 

Orander, Stephen Carling, Durham 
Ormsby, Jr., Grady Cameron, Hamlet 
Overcash. Norman Gilbert, Mooresville 
Owens, Thomas Cox, Whiteville 
Pace, Charles Brownlow, Griffon 
Page, Richard Wayne, Charlotte 
Paige, Rickey Douglas, Greensboro 
Painter, William Stanley, Charlotte 
Palmer, Douglas La Mar, Whiteville 

Pappas, Cathleen Susan, Winston-Salem 
Pardue, David Earl, Burlington 
Parker, David Robert, Clinton 
Parker, John Garrett, Roanoke Rapids 
Parker, Lanny Clay, Pinebluff 
Parker, Marian Faye, Greensboro 
Porks, Donald Ritchie, Gastonia 
Parnell, Richard James, Greenville 
Paschal, III, George Washington, Raleigh 

Patterson, Alan Morris, Hendersonville 
Patterson, David Read, New Bern 
Patterson, Donald Wade, Salemburg 
Patterson, Pat Victor, Baton Rouge, La. 
Patterson, Jr., Ernest Finney, Davidson 
Patterson, John Thomas, Kannapolis 
Potterson, Robert Michael, Broadway 
Patterson, Thomas Adrian, Greenville 
Patterson, William Nelson, Monhasset, N Y. 

Pattishall, Jr , David Henry, Raleigh 
Paulsen, William Frederick, Kinston 
Payne, Lorna Willard, Norfolk, Va. 
Payne, Ronald Dean, Taylorsville 
Pearce, William Philip, HendersonvilU 
Peebles, Joanne Antoinette, Raleigh 
Peebles, Lyston Clyde, Greenville, S. C 
Pendergrass, Pamela Jean, Raleigh 
Penkava, Larry Dean, Asheboro 

Penny, Robert Graham, Angler 
Perkerson, Kathleen, Atlanta, Ga. 
Perkins, III, Norris Lynwood, Ridgecrest 
Perkins, Robert Douglas, Hickory 
Peterson, Harry Praeger, Leland 
Peterson, James Douglas, Winston-Salem 
Pettigrew, Jr., Robert Stephens, Reidsville 
Phillips, Jr., Freeman Murray, New Bern 
Phillips, Kenneth Gregory, Siler City 


HI I] 

CLRSS OF 1969 

Phillips, Margaret S., Lenoir 
Phillips, Roy Donell, Roanoke Rapids 
Phipps, Charles Leonard, Creedmoor 
Phipps, Eugene Hardy, Rocky Mount 
Phipps, Philip Porter, Salemburg 
Piaski, Philip Webster, Kinston 
Pierce, Richard Darryl, Havelock 
Pierczynski, Sara Jo, Charlotte 
Pierson, Sue Linda, Charlotte 

Pigott, Jr., Robert Empy, Shallotte 
Pinkston, Peggy Ellen, Salisbury 
Pinson, Jr., Joseph Raymond, Charlotte 
Pitt, Joseph Whitehead, Tarboro 
Pitt, Olivia Jean, Rocky Mount 
Pittman, David Walton, Wilson 
Pittman, Nancy Ruth, Durham 
Pittman, Robert Beasley, Stantonsburg 
Pittman, Jr., William Gibbs, Lewiston 

Plonk, George Webb, Kings Mountain 
Plummer, Cleta Kay, Charlotte 
Poe, Jr., Charles Aycock, Raleigh 
Polk, Claudia Louise, Gastonia 
Pollock, Roy Davis, Clinton 
Porter, III, James Neely, Charlotte 
Porter, Jo Anne, Raleigh 
Porter, Joseph Emory, Spray 
Povill, Gary Irwin, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


ckson, Mr 

__.l Patrick, 
ly, Jennings Gille . 
, Barbara James, Wallace 
, Donald LeRoy, Chatham, Va. 
, Maicolm Pmkney, Seven Springs 
my Lee, Ocean Drive, S. C. 

, Ste 


, Cle 

Pridgen, Lorry Carlton, Norlina 
Priest, Jr., Gordon Webb, Towson, Md. 

Pritchard, Kenneth Gene, Stony Point 
Privette, Jr., William Avon, Zebulon 
Provo, Andrew Mitchell, Raleigh 
Pruett, III, Samuel Richard, Pfafftown 
Pruitt, Walker Leonard, Fairfax, Va. 
Purcell Barbara Kathenne, Raleigh 
Purdy, Frank Paul, Raleigh 
Pultz, David Andrew, Greensboro 
Queen, Jr., James Richard, Alexandria, Vc 

Queen, Roger Wayne, Shelby 
Quinn, Beverly Doris, Gastonia 
Quinn, David Hazel, Greensboro 
Radford, John Stewart, Chapel Hill 
Radford, Jon Daniel, Louisburg 
Rafferty, James Winn, Rye, N. Y. 
Ragan, Jr., Bradley Eugene, Spruce Pine 
Ramsey, James Albert, Asheville 
Ramsey, Roger Dean, Raeford 

Raney, Jr., William Alexander, Wilm 
Rapp, David Michael, Quantico, Va. 
Rattner, Victor Jay, Augusta, Ga. 
Ray, Edward Carroll, Canton 
Ray, Kenneth Jeffrey, Fayetteville 
Raymond, Janice, White Plains, N 1 
Raynor, Douglas P., Red Bank, N. J. 
Reaves, Lacy Hill, Raleigh 
Rector, Gary Wayne, Stony Point 

Reed, James Ronald, Sylva 
Reeves, III, Ralph Bernard, Raleigh 
Reid Howard Hughes, Winston-Salem 
Reid. Jr., Lewis Gordon, Charlotte 
Reid, Nicholas Evans, Waterville, Me. 
Renfrew, James MacGregor, 

Monterrey, Mexico 
Renn, Michael Thomas, Siler City 
Reynolds, Brugh, Nashville, Tenn. 
Reynolds, Jr., Frank Russell, Wilmington 

Reynolds, Richard Larry, Red Springs 
Reynolds, III, Roger Nixon, Winston-Saler 
Reynolds, Stephen Dolrymple, 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Rhew, Garris Clayton, Woodsdale 
Rhoades, Nancy Virginia, Charlotte 
Rhodes, George Samuel, Augusta, Ga. 
Rhodes, Robert Arnold, Charlotte 
Rhodes, Thomas Jackson, Williamston 
Rice, Charles Douglas, High Point 

Rice, Edward Daniel, Bayboro 
Rice, Frances Sutton, Arlington, Va. 
Richardson, III, Augustus Cullen, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Richardson, David Lee, Launnburg 
Richbourg, Alison Thomas, Greensboro 
Riddick, Jr., Harry Stuart, Gatesville 
Ridenhour, Calvin Brown, Charlotte 
Riggan, Margaret Anne, Raleigh 
Riggins, Barbara Elaine, Raleigh 

Ritchie, Gordon Francis, Chevy Chase, Md 
Ritchie, Lewis Ray, Concord 
Ritter, Linda June, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Roberson, Samuel Albert, Wilson 
Roberts, Bruce Taylor, Richmond, Va. 
Roberts, Cecelia Orlene, Marshall 
Roberts, John Preston, Charlotte 
Roberts, III, Warren, Flat Rock 
Robertson, Stephen Otis, Spray 



Robertson, Thomas Roy, Falls Church, Va. 
Robertson, William Davenport, Hickory 
Robinson, Jerry Wayne, Winston-Salem 
Robinson, Jr., John Hunter, 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Robinson, Jr., Royce William, Gastonia 
Robinson, Russell Austin, Charlotte 
Robinson, Thomas Little, Chester, 5. C. 
Rock, Ronnie Mike, Lexington 
Rodden, Jimmy Lee, Winston-Salem 

Rogers, Francina Marcia, West Asheville 
Rogers Jr., Weaver Bickett, Asheville 
Rollins William Keith, Hobbsville 
Ronman, Peter Edward, Chapel Hill 
Rose Charles Wagoner, Reidsville 
Rose, William Dickinson, Fremont 
Roseman, John Tyler, Lincolnton 
Rosen, Stewart William, Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 
Roskind, Robert Allen, Atlanta, Ga. 

Rouse, Carrie Williams, Raleigh 
Rouse III, John Lawrence, High Point 
Rouse, III, Robert Dixon, Farmville 
Rowe, Mary Caroline, Fayetteville 
Rowe William Mercer, Wilmington 
Royall, Kenneth Clairborne, Durham 
Rudisill. Jr., Jesse Richardson, Hickory 
Rule William Stanley, Winston-Salem 
Rush, John Randall, Rye, N. Y. 

Rusmisell, Keith Michael, Morganton 
Rutledge, John Randolph, Oxford 
Rybka, Judith Claire, Raleigh 
Sadler, Gail Elizabeth, Greensboro 
Sadusk, George Waymon, Bethesda, Md 
Sale, Alvin Thomas, Winston-Salem 
Salter, Alonza Bryan, Davis 
Salter, Edwin Roger, Atlantic 
Samonds, Bernard Joseph, Charlotte 

Sanders, Leslie Joseph, Alexandria, \ 
Sanford, James Robert, Raleigh 
Sarratt, John Lester, Atlanta, Ga. 
Satisky. Stephen Richard, Fayettevill 
Sauer, Candice Baughn, Greensboro 
Saunders, Chase Boone, Charlotte 
Saunders, Douglas McPherson, Wayn 
Savitz, Stephen Terry. Columbia, S. C 
Sayre, June Bourne, Tryon 

Sayre, Sally Edn 

Scaaber, Carol Anne, Durham 
Schafer, Mark Warren, Raleigh 
Schell, Walter Werner, Pottstown, F 
Schochet, Kenneth Barry, Asheville 
Schonfeld, Warren Hal. Orange, Cc 
Schroer, Richard Joseph, Fayettevil 
Schultz, Frances Maud, Winston-Sa 
Schultz, Howard Sheldon, Durham 

Schumacher, Christine Lucille, 

Annapolis, Md. 
Schwartz, Arthur Jay, Atlanta, Ga. 
Schworm, William Emery, Charlotte 
Scognamillo. Frank, West Milford, N. J. 
Scott, John Troy, Wilmington 
Scott, Michael L., Chapel Hill 
Scott, Nancy Walker, Greensboro 
Scott, Terry Lee, Winston-Salem 
Scroggs, Jan, Chapel Hill 

Seibel, Mary Linda, Chapel Hill 
Sella, Andrew Frederick, Lenoir 
Selby, Thomas Norwood, Charlotte 
Serra, Frank Anthony, Bayville, N. Y 
Sessoms, Jr., Stuort McGuire, Bethesda, Md 
Sewell, Jr., Cecil Whitaker, Morehead City 
Seymour, Dennis Bland, Winston-Salem 
Seymour, III, Hubert Elmo, Greensboro 
Sharer, Douglas Muir, Rocky Mount 

Shaw, John Wade, Raleigh 
Shedd, John Douglas, Red Bank, N. J. 
Shedd, Steven Abell, Leonia, N. J. 
Sheehan, John Parker, Jacksonville 
Shepherd, Walton Smith, Charleston, W. Va. 
Sheppard, James Robert, Winston-Salem 
Sheppard, John William, Lake Bluff, III. 
Sherman, Joelyn Ann, Charleston, S. C. 
Shernll, Guy Noah, Hickory 

Sherrill, Mary Lee, Troutman 
Shinn, Ronald Wayne, Kannapolis 
Shipman, Boyce Earl, Horse Shoe 
Shivar, William Harold, Newport Ne 
Shoffner, Kenneth Weid, Burlington 
Short, Margaret B., Morven 
Shrum, James Ricky, Shelby 
Shuman, Donald Lee, Swannanoa 
Shuping, Paul Gene, Valdese 

Sieber, Linda Susan, Charlotte 
Sigmon, Mary Elizabeth, Concord 
Sigmon, Thomas Nelson, Sherrills Ford 
Siler, Jr., Arch Kenneth, Greensboro 
Siler, John Henderson, Waynesville 
Simmons, Stephen Edwin, Columbus, Ga. 
Simms, Thomas Wayne, Skaneoteles, N. Y. 
Simon, Lloyd Newton, Rockville Centre, N. Y. 
Simon, Lynn Bernice, Asheville 



CLRSS OF 1969 

Simpson, Alan Barnes, Lucama 
Simpson, Jr., Eugene Myers, Columbia, S. C. 
Simpson, John Larry, Troutman 
Simpson, John Michael, Mayodan 
Singletary, Anna Bradford, Wellesley, Mass. 
Sink, Freddie Keith, Thomasville 
Sipka, Jr., Louis James, Laurinburg 
Sitterson, III, Simon Carlyle, Kinston 
Slade, Jr., Charles Marshall, Rich Square 

Sloop, Jr., Frank Brown, Asheville 
Small, Lynn Scott, Nashville, Tenn. 
Smith, Alan Richard, Oakboro 
Smith, Claud Vandiver, Charlotte 
Smith, Claudia Lynn, Washington 
Smith, Earl Jones, Yanceyville 
Smith, Edgar Bruce, Wallace 
Smith, Garnett Andrews, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Smith, Jr., George Robinson, Charlotte 

lith, Gregory Wyatt, Atlanta, Ga. 
lith, Henry Lawrence, Tallahassee, Fla. 
iith, Jerome Michael, Leaksville 
(lith, Kathryn Hoke, Kipling 
nith, Larry Lynn, Roseboro 
iith, Lester Mark, Oxford 
lith, Mark Clifford, Atlanta, Ga. 
iith, Michael Paul, Fayetteville 
nth, Patricia, Black Mountain 

iith, Peter Ohmar, Erie, Pa. 
nth, Richard Wayne, Greenville 
nith, Rodney B , Chillicothe, Ohio 
nith, Roger Parker, Goldsboro 
nith, Sarah Carpenter, Miami, Fla. 
nith, Stephen Dewey, Nashville 
nith, Stephen Wayne, Raleigh 
nith, Thomas Edward, Columbus 
nith, William G., Winston-Salem 

jnts Creek 

Smithwick, Jr., Bryan Wilson, B 
Smyre, Melford Echerd, Durhan 
Snipes, Raymond Arthur, Atlanta, Ga. 
Snow, Gregory Lee, Winston-Salem 
Snow, Wiley Edgar, Winston-Salem 
Snowdon, Jr., Henry Taft, Washington, D. C 
Sockwell, Jr., James Boyd, McLeansville 
Soles, Douglas Keith, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Somers, Marcia Gail, New Bern 

Southerland, Fendal Edward, Durham 
Southerland, John William, High Point 
Southern, Jr., John Carlton, Asheville 
Southern, Michael Tesh, Raleigh 
Spalding, Lyman Austin, Lockport, N. Y. 
Sparks, Cecilia Curl, Greensboro 
Speaks, William McGee, Winston-Salem 
Spears, Michael Roland, Fayetteville 
Speas, John David, Winston-Salem 

Speir, Alan McBain, Charlotte 

Spell, Kris, Dunn 

Spencer, John David, Halifax 

Spencer, Stephen Lynn, Dayton, Ohio 

Spiliotis, Peter Harry, Wilmington 

Sprinkle, James Coy, Roxboro 

Sprinkle, Ronnie Vernon, Winston-Salem 

Spurlock, Sara Daphne, Wilmington 

Stacy, Gerald Lee, Bethesda, Md. 

Staelin, John Robert, Riverside, Conn. 
Stafford, Susan Brite, Greenville 
Stallings, Jr., Julius Wooten, Tarboro 
Stallings, Susan Elizabeth, Thomasville 
Stallings, Wallace Daniel, Rocky Mount 
Stambaugh, Mark Frederick, Rock Hill, S 
Stancil, Richard Clarke, Gold Hill 
Stanley, Gregory Howard, Ahoskie 
Stanton, Diana Lynn, New Bern 

, E. Stanley, Gri 
Staropoh, Glen Anthony, Larchmont, I 
Staton, James Sherwood, 

West Hartford, Conn. 
Staton, Marshall Alexander, Raleigh 
Steele, Robert Gibson, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn 
Stein, Andrea Judy, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Stephens, David Bruce, Kernersville 

Stephens, Page Pascal Coles, Westfield, N. J. 
Stephens, Richard Eugene, Clarendon 
Stephenson, Carolyn Grace, Sanford 
Stevens, James William, Lenoir 
Stevenson, Sina Grace, New Bern 
Stewart, Jr., Harry Max, Sanford 
Stewart, Wanda Elaine, Oakboro 
Stigall, Larry Everett, Kernersville 
Stocks, Maurice Lee, Virginia Beach, Va. 

Stoff, Eric Harry, Jamaica, N. Y. 
Stogner, Larry Neal, Yanceyville 
Stone, Duke Llewellyn, Raleigh 
Stone, James Edgar, Greenville, S. C. 
Straughan, John Bruce, Raleigh 
Streater, Donald Alton, Morven 
Strickland, Ronald Ray, Lumberton 
Strickler, David Williams, Atlanta, Ga. 
Stromeyer, William McDonald, 
West Chester, Pa. 



Stutts, Jr., Clyde Livingston, Shelby 
Styers, Richard Stanley, Thomasville 
Styron, Elvin Thomas, Davis 
Sugg, Margaret Ellen, Silver Spring, Md. 
Summerhn, III, Charles Allen, Goldsboro 
Summers, Andrew Kent, Statesville 
Summey, Dan Morris, Charlotte 
Sutton, Frank Morrison, Kinston 
Sutton, Pattye West, Kinston 

Sutton, Roger Bryan, Greensboro 
Swaim, Jr., Lindian Joseph, Durham 
Swann, Michael Andrew, Annandale, Va. 
Swartley, John Michael, Souderton, Pa. 
Sweanngen, Jr., Charles Douglas, Hamlet 
Swendiman, Alan Kobert, Kensington, Md. 
Swepston, III, Lee StClair, Greensboro 
Sykes, Alan Joyner, Enfield 
Talbert, Terry LeGrande, Lincolnton 

Tanny, Stephen Robert, 

Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 
Tarlton, Jerry Columbus, Marshvllle 
Tart, Virginia Gayle, Dunn 
Tate, IV, John Austin, Charlotte 
Tate, William Samuel, West Asheville 
Tatum, William Byron, Asheboro 
Taylor, Barbara Leslie, 

Rockville Centre, N. Y. 
Taylor, Jr., Benjamin Loyall, Villanova, Pa. 
Taylor, David Gilbert, Raleigh 

Taylor, Jr., Joseph Gaston, New Bern 
Taylor, Nancy Emily, Raleigh 
Taylor, Ramona Hope, Winston-Salem 
Taylor, Richard Allen, Ellerbe 
Taylor, Richard Smith, Raleigh 
Taylor, Sammy Kaye, Enfield 
Taylor, Susan, Arlington, Va. 
Taylor, William Montague, Asheville 
Taylor, William Wayne, Williamston 

Teague, Keith Gerard, Lenoir 
Teague, Randall Scott, Taylorsville 
Teague, Jr., Shearin Pleasant, Landis 
Thomasson, Roy Lynn, Hamptonville 
Thompson, Elaine Denny, Graham 
Thompson, James Dana, Rutherfordtc 
Thompson, John Price, Greensboro 
Thompson, Jr., William Alexander, 

Fort Bragg 
Thornton, James Goodlett, Wilmingto 

Thursby, Jerry Gilbert, Jacksonville 
Tilley, Bonnie Jean, Raleigh 
Tilley, Gary Carson, Mount Airy 
Tillman, Michael Gaines, Sanford 
Tipton, Laurence William, Elon College 
Todd, Rex Houston, Yadkinville 
Todd, Rixey Browning, Princeton, W. Va. 
Tomlinson, John Garrett, Candor 
Towe, Suzzanne Craig, Rocky Mount 

Townsend, David Eugene, Charlotte 
Trachtenberg, Joseph Elisha, Goldsboro 
Tracy, Robert Sperry, Western Springs, II 
Transon, Larry Lee, Elkin 
Treadaway, Jr., James Alexander, 

Triplett, III, William Lindsay, Burlington 
Trogdun, Jr., James Lestor, Randleman 
Troxler, Jr., John Wesley, Greensboro 
Tubbs, A. Leonard, Westfield, N. J. 

Tull, James Franklin, Wake Forest 
Turner, Edna Mae, Raleigh 
Tuttle, Jr., Clifford L., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Tyson, Margaret Louise, Clinton 
Uhrich, Jr., Harry Joseph, Lebanon, Pa. 
Upchurch, Wallace Gray, Durham 
Upton, David Hugh, Smithfield 
Vance, Donna Kay, Walkertown 
VanHecke, Jr., James Maurice, Greensboro 

Vaughan, Paul Moss, Henderson 
Veasey, Robert Thomas, Durham 
Venters, E. Jerome, Richlands 
Vining, Richard Bentley, Roxboro 
Voliva, Edward L., Belhaven 
Wade, Michael Kevin, Winston-Sale 
Wagstaff, Richard John, Swarthmor. 
Walcroft, Cheryl Lynne, Lanham, M 
Waldrop, Morris Mitchell, Gastonia 

Walker, Robert Russell, Kinston 
Walkup, Ronald Worth, Rutherfordton 
Wall, Michael A., Chapel Hill 
Wallace, III, James Young, 

Spartanburg, S. C. 
Wallace, John Douglas, Winter Park, Fli 
Wallace, Scott Buchan, Chapel Hill 
Wallace, Susan Mary, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Wallick, Ronald Laramie, Greensboro 
Walter, Jr., James Willis, Tampa, Fla. 

Walz, David Henry, Greensboro 
Walz, Joel Chandler, Asheville 
Wanzer, Jr., Philip Hoyden, Charlotte 
Ward, Milton Ross, Clarendon 
Ward, Nancy Rose, Rose Hill 
Ward, Paul Porvis, Hendersonville 
Warren, III, Burney Simon, Greenville 
Warren, Donald Lee, Hiddenite 
Warren, Michael Craig, Newport 


CLRSS OF 1969 


i, Ron 

aid Lee, Asheville 


is, III, 


rles Edward, Greensboro 


n, Jr., 


les M., Kinston 


Richard Davis, Winston-Salem 

Way, . 

lohn Edwar 

d, Beaufort 


i, Patr 



, Jams 

■s Cc 

nrad, Shelby 


ir, Johi 

n Eai 

1, Newton Grove 





Webb, Virginia Ann, Bethesda, Md. 
Webb, III, William Edwin, Statesville 
Wedge, Robert Bruce, Atlanta, Ga. 
Weinberg, Paul Allen, Asheville 
Welborn, William Marion, Winston-Salem 
Welch, Gloria June, Durham 
Wellons. Elmer James, Smithfield 
Wells, Bruce Charles, Durham 
Wells, David Sydnor, Chapel Hill 

Wells, Jr., Hugh Albert, Chapel Hill 
Werz, Ann Marie, Norfolk, Va. 
Wesley, Jr., Robert Norman, Winston-Sali 
West, Philip Ray, Kernersville 
Wester, Jr., Clifford C, East Point, Ga. 
Westerlund, Jr., Albert Foch, 

Charleston, S. C. 
Whaley, Donald Murrell, Wallace 
Wheat, Kenneth Ray, High Point 
Wheeler, David Carlyle, Stedman 

Wheeler, Rodney Clarke, Swannanoa 
Whisnant, Gregory Sigmon, Claremont 
Whisnant, William Howard, Slier City 
Whitaker, Joel Laverne, Troy 
White, Beniamin Taylor, Atlanta, Ga. 
White, Betty Anne, Maxton 
White, Charlotte Cotting, Durham 
White, David Cooper, Pittsboro 
White, Jr., Edgar Childress, Trinity 

White, James Bennett, Saratoga 
White. Richard Terry, Elon College 
Whitehurst, Lee Albert, Greenville 
Whitehurst, Robert A., Paris, France 
Whitesides, Jr., George Joseph, Charlotte 
Whitfield, Linda Kaye, Roxboro 
Whitley, Steven Alton, Albemarle 
Whitworth, John Dale, Waco 
Wicks, Daniel Howard, Northport, Ala. 

Wiggins, Leonard Barbee, Richlands 
Wilbur. Robert Carleton, Babylon, N. Y. 
Wilcox, Staten Langbourne, Charlotte 
Wilhelm, Miles Leo, Belmont, Mass. 
Wilkerson, Ralph Walter, Williamsport, Pc 
Wilkins, Jr., George, Hendersonville 
Wilkins, Jr., Louis George, Edenton 
Willard, Leslie Eugene, High Point 
Willey, Jr., John Fletcher, Gates 

Williams, Jr., Arthur Davis, Lenoir 
Williams, Butch l|ans, Tulsa, Okla. 
Williams, Jr., Fred Franklin, Greensboro 
Williams, Karen Linda, Silver Spring, Md. 
Williams, Linda Darrell, Durham 
Williams, Ludolph Glenn Fox, Rockmghan 
Williams, Stephen Darnall, Gastonia 
Williams, Stuart Thomas, Raleigh 
Willis, Jr., James Granville, Rocky Mount 

Willis, Jr., Ralph Morgan, Greensboro 
Willis, Sharon Anne, Fayetteville 
Wilson, III, Charles Peter, Winston-Sali 
Wilson, Daniel Bruce, Mill Spring 
Wilson, David Lee, Hillsborough 
Wilson, Donald Ray, Madison 
Wilson, Horry Edward, Shelby 
Wilson, Philip Robinson, Mt. Olive 

Winkelman, Martn 

oklyn, N. Y. 

Wise, Carol Truman, Maiden 
Wise, Cathy Lynn, Winston-Salem 
Wolfington, Ronald Eugene, 

Woltz, William K., Mount Airy 
Womble, James Thomas, Tarboro 
Wood, Jr., William Zeno, Winston-Salem 
Woodall, Donald Wayne, Winston-Salem 
Woodall, Hal Breen, Snow Hill 
Woodard, Beniamin Bunn, Rocky Mount 

Woodroof, III, Albert Cecil, Greensboro 
Woolard, Jodie Dee, Kinston 
Worley, Jerry Shelton, Selma 
Worley, Robert Thomas, Chattonooga 
Worsley, Jerry Mack, Tarboro 
Worsley, Jr., William Rufus, Tarboro 
Worthington, Charles Edward, Winter' 
Wrenn, Creighton, Mooresville 
Wright, Gregory Vincent, Charlotte 

Wurn, Lawrence Joseph, Jacksonville, F 
Wyatt, John Clinton, Greensboro 
Wyman, Stephen Dow, Greenwich, Com 
Wylie, Jr., James Calvin, Greensboro 
Wynne, Walter Bruce, Louisburg 
Wyszynski, Mary Patricia, Chapel Hill 
Yancey, John Rockett, Newton 
Yarbrough, III, Edwin Search, Durham 
Yarus, Stuart Alan, Charlotte 



Yates, Joy, Hamlet 

Yates, Judy Starr, Apex 

Yrager, William Donald, Morehead City 

Yelton, David Ellis, Hickory 

Yoder, Charles DsWayne, Valdese 

Yokeley, Stephen Adams, Winston-Salem 
Young, Jr., Richard Baker, Charlotte 
Yount, Bobby Lon, High Point 
Yount, Peter Shuford, Winston-Salem 
Yuhas, Robert Vincent, Seattle, Wash 

Zachary, Jonathan Alexander, Cashiers 
Zachary, Lawrence Fetzer, Wadesboro 
Zachary, Jr., Walter Lee, Yadkinville 
Zibart, Henry Herrick, Nashville, Tenn. 
Zimmerman, Michael David, Lexington 

r , ; \ 



For his constant willingness to lend counsel whenever 
needed, for his desire to provide us with the finest 
dental school available anywhere, and for his unceasing 
devotion to the advancement of dental education, we, 
the students of the School of Dentistry wish to dedicate 
our section of the Yackety Yack to our retiring Dean, 
Dr. John C. Brauer. 

Sixteen and one-half years now have elapsed since 
the dean assumed his responsibilities for the activation 
and development of the first school of dentistry in 
North Carolina. The 1966 class is the twelfth to grad- 
uate, and with it five hundred twenty-eight graduates 
in dentistry have provided a health service primarily 
for the citizens of this state. However, other states 
throughout the country, dental education, research, the 
Armed Forces and the Federal Services, also have bene- 
fited in many ways. In addition, there have been sixty- 
four dentists who have completed their graduate work, 
to qualify for one of the specialties in dentistry. Then, 
too, one hundred fourteen graduates in dental hygiene 
have met the requirements for practice in various states 
throughout the nation. 

About one year from this time the graduates to date 
will see the new Dental Research Center completed, 
which will provide further opportunities and challenges 
to those who would extend the frontiers of knowledge 
for greater service to all mankind. Furthermore, the 
final achitectural drawings for the new educational 
wing to the school will be completed, thereby, permit- 
ting the activation of this added facility some two years 


All this has been made possible by the combined 
efforts of the state and the University administrations, 
State Legislature, dentists of the state, graduates, 
faculty of the school, and the many friends associated 
with the profession. The results of this coordinated 
planning and effort during the past sixteen years have 
been phenomenal indeed, and, the pattern for future 
programs has been established firmly. The develop- 
ment and publication of textbooks and other scientific 
materials which have emanated from research, the 
many honors which have been directed to our faculty 
and graduates, and the number of educational and 
clinical programs which have been labeled throughout 
the national and world as "created at the University of 
North Carolina," are the products which can be real- 
ized only through service above self. 

With the above realities, it is at this stage of pro- 
fessional evaluation in the school and state, that the 
present dean leaves the administrative scene, to permit 
the greater tomorrows as time and history moves on 
with changing objectives and concepts. Indeed, it has 
been a privilege to serve a cause which is greater than 
man itself. 



Alexander, Jerry Marvin, Canton 
Attkisson, Wayne Page, Carrboro 
Bottoms, John Willis, Canton 
Bryant, Jr., Howard McKenzie, Asheboro 
Bumette, Jerry Carter, Chapel Hill 

Camak, Pascal Swann, Wilmington 
Cloninger, John Lester, Dallas 
Devereux, James Lawrence, Charlotte 
Eagle, Jr., James Carr, Chapel Hill 
Evans, Jr., Richard Henderson, Greenvi 

Gibson, James Robert, Mayesville 
Gorman, Richard Forbes, Winterville 
Handy, Thomas Gordon, Winston-Sale 
Harris, Jr., Charles Jay, Mebane 
Hartness, III, William Robert, Elkin 

Haynes, John Elliott, Gastonia 
Hicks, Earl Preston, Harriman, Tenn. 
Holstein, Jr., Samuel P., Monetta, S. C. 
Hornthal, Allen Lane, Tarboro 
Howden, Eugene Frederick, Winter Par 

Jackson, Samuel Philip, Chapel Hill 
Johnson, II, Charles Edward, Hertford 
Kiser, Jr., John Donald, Charlotte 
McDonald, Chauncey Maurice, Mebani 
Mann, Lynn Senter, Lillington 

Mason, Jr., Carle Woodruff, Chapel Hill 

Matkins, John Alan, Mebane 

Minah, Glenn Ernest, Durham 

Morris, Jr., Walter Smith, Morehead City 

Myers, William Charles, Charlotte 

Nibbelmk, Jan C, High Point 
Peck, Sheldon, Durham 
Rivers, Lawrence Durell, Chapel Hill 
Shelton, Chavis, Walnut Cove 
Simpson, David Murray, Pfafftown 

Smith, Jr., Warren Kirkland, SpringfieU 
Stepp, Alfred Paul, Gastonia 
Strange, Charlton B., Danville, Va. 
Trammell, Jr., Jerry Clyde, Brown Sumr 
Upchurch, Tommy Dorsey, High Point 

Williams, Durward Robert, Chapel Hill 
Williams, Larry Albert, Tabor City 
Wilson, Robert Woodrow, Roanoke, Va. 
Young, J. Blake, Washington, D. C. 


































Averett, Dan Morrissette, Oxtord 
Crumpler, Lyle Ellis, Chapel Hill 
McCall, Jr., Charles William, Tryon 
Rosenbaum, Henry Harris, Chapel Hill 

Aycock, Charles B., Durham 
Davis, Jr., Herbert Crippon, Lexington 
McKee, Michael Thomas, Chapel Hill 
Sherwood, William James, Chapel Hill 

Blackman, III, John Walton, Fremont 
Ellis, Beniamm Thomas, Shelby 
Miller, Ronnie Henderson, Spencer 
Shuford, Gene M., Chapel Hill 

Bost, Michael Eorl, Morion 

Finger, Jr., Richard Bryan, Greenville, I 

Moore, Carl B , Chapel Hill 

Stroud, Charles Douglas, Ellenboro 

Brown, Beniamin William, Chapel Hill 
Fox, Robert Darlan, Winston-Salem 
Patterson, Jerry Eugene, Kings Mountain 
Thompson, James Cecil, Hillsborough 

Church, George Franklin, North Wilkesboro 
Goodwin, II, William Carroll, Greenville 
Perdue, Phillip Sterling, Louisburg 
Ward, John D., Nakina 

Collins, Michael Lee, High Point 
Head, Thomas Jack, Chapel Hill 
Pleasants, Jr., Riley Clyde, Raleigh 
Wood, Evan Harvey, Charlotte 

Cox, William Boyd, Greenville 

Hutchens, Jr., Luther Hill, Winston-Salem 

Raynor, Bobby Carlyle, Wallace 



Bazemore, Jr., Cyrus William, Raleigh 
Elliott, James C, Chapel Hill 
Holland, Gene Allen, Glenwood 
Porter, Jr., Lee Warwick, Chapel Hill 
Stonestreet, James Frank, Albemarle 

Burnham, Joseph Smallwood, Asheville 
Farrior, Stanley McNair, Chapel Hill 
Kaley, James Dudley, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Reaves, Thomas B., Fayetteville 
Stout, Frank Palmer, Chapel Hill 

Cabe, James Jerry, Brevard 
Fulp, Jr., James Francis, Chapel Hill 
Keith, Preston Wylie, Mebane 
Ridout, Henry Wayne, Durham 
Taylor, III, Herman LeRoy, Arapahoe 

Carter, Dewey Gaston, Burlington 
Griffin, Morris Hal, Davidson 
Langdon, Charles W., Coats 
Roberson, Theodore Milton, Durham 
Thomas, Philip Winston, Asheboro 

Clapp, Hubert Bruce, Swannanoa 
Hayes, Jr., James Robert, Raleigh 
Lopp, Frederick Bland, Reidsville 
Satterfield, William C, Raleigh 
Ward, Ronald Young, Raleigh 

Clark, Eddie N., Chopel Hill 
Hoyle, Jr., Wilson Smith, Henderson 
McCaslin, Alston Jones, Chapel Hill 
Shelton, Jr., Frank Wesley, Durham 
Wells, Jr., George Otto, Atkinson 

Dimsdale, James Richard, Cramerton 
Hill, Jr., Edward Harvie, Plymouth 
Mahaffey, Charles Edward, Elizabeth C.ty 
Stike, Johny Ray, Wilmington 
Wilkins, Edward Vernon, Smithfield 

Dixon, Robert Harold, Coats 
Hudock, James John, Durham 
Moye, Robert Wilson, Snow Hill 
Stone, Harold Eugene, Falls Church, Va. 
Wright, Henry Neil, Tabor City 











































Avant, Hugh Brackett, Carrboro 

Brooks, Thomas Eugene, Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Bryson, Richard Lilton, Chapel Hill 

Bullard, Vaughn Evans, Chapel Hill 

Clark, Jerry Ralph, Glenside, Pa. 

Cozart, Bucky Wayne, Roxboro 
Crawford, Jr., Emerson Germanion, Franklii 
Davis, Jr., Norman McBrayer, Charlotte 
Floyd, Steven Courtney, Bradenton, Fla. 
Frye, Steven Raleigh, Hickory 

Greeson, Claude Dugan, Burlington 
Guthrie, Herbert Carlton, Chapel Hill 
Harrell, Jr., Norfleet Gladstone, Ahoskit 
Hart, James Cleaver, High Point 
Hicks, Robert Gordon, Holland, Pa. 

Holman, James Blanding, Batesburg, S. C. 
Hyman, Stephen Allen, High Point 
LaFevers, Frederick Stevens, Goldsboro 
Lewis, Jr., Jasper Lee, Cherryville 
McArthur, Douglas Ray, Red Springs 

Mackler, Stephen B., Smithfield 
Massengill, Roy Sherman, Four Oaks 
Matheson, John Davis, Brevard 
Mooring, Jr., Joseph Ray, Fremont 
Neal, Larry Kent, Durham 

Noel, Richard Johnston, Henderson 
Parrish, Jr., Walter Bennett, Rocky Mount 
Parsons, David Larry, Charleston, W. Va. 
Peterson, Thomas McKeel, Elon College 
Phillips, Jr., Robert C, Matthews 

Sayre, Jr., Edward Hugh, Tryon 
Spongier, Jr., Arthur Neal, Lattimore 
Steelman, Ronald Howell, Statesville 
Taylor, Donald Wayne, Fuquay-Varina 
Traub, Alan Michael, Kinston 

Tripp, Jr., William E., Greenville 
Vinson, James Douglas, Franklin 
Walker, James William, Reidsville 
Warren, III, Alfred Daniel, Snow Hill 
Weathers, William Albert, Lattimore 

Whisonant, Don Stuart, Lincolnton 
Williams, Bill J., Boone 
Williams, Corbin Ott, Hendersonville 
Young, John David, Washington, D. C. 



Buchanan, Sally Ann, Raleigh 
Craig, Beverly Doris, Stanley 
Holler, Frances E., Goldsboro 
Keck, Mary Helen, Burlington 

Lowe, Elsie Allene, Mt. Olive 
Pemberton, Betty Pate, Greensboro 
Perry, Melissa Caroline, Raleigh 
Richardson, Janet Kay, Kannapolis 

Smith, Susan Gail, Clayton 
Smittle, Patricia Catherine, Raleigh 
Wheeler, Karen Sue, Swannanoa 



Almond, Taska La-Rue, New L( 
Davis, Jane, Durham 
Harris, Margaret Sue, Apex 
Hinson, Bessie Jim, Goldsboro 

Jones, Donna Marie, Durham 
Morris, Patricia Ann, New Bern 
Pierce, Carol Anne, Charlotte 
Ray, Marcia Lynne, Fayetteville 

Rhodes, Barbara Ann, Mebane 
White, Ruth Dickens, Enfield 
Williams, Judy Aloma, Randlemc 
Young, Miranda Edith, Charlotte 

*^^- >*fl^ '^fc^ a 

W fy & » 



Founded as a private school in 1843 by William H. 
Battle, the Law School was not completely incorporated 
into the University until 1899. Battle, a judge of the 
Superior Court, later a justice of the State Supreme 
Court, was made Professor of Law in the University in 
1845 and the University provided that the degree of 
Bachelor of Laws should be conferred on those com- 
pleting the prescribed two year course. 

The School maintained a certain independence from 
the University for a long time. The Professor of Laws 
received no salary, though he did receive fees from his 
classes. The students were not entirely subject to the 
discipline of the University. This was the position of 
the School during the professorship of Judge Battle, 
who retired in 1 879; during the two years when the law 
classes were conducted by Kemp P. Battle, then Presi- 
dent of the University; and to a considerable extent, 
during the professorship of John Manning, who was 
elected in 1 881 and died in 1 899. The building in which 
the School is now located was named for Professor Man- 
ning. In 1899, the School was completely incorporated 
into the University as the School of Law. The first dean 
was James C. MacRae, previously a justice of the Su- 
preme Court of North Carolina. 

A succession of deans has followed Dean MacRae. 
This year marks the beginning of a new stage in the 

history of the School. Not only did the School open its 
doors to the largest first year class in its history, but 
also welcomed a new dean. J. D. Phillips succeeds Dean 
Henry P. Brandis, Jr. who served from 1949 until 1964. 

Top Left: JAMES L. NELSON, Secretory. Top Right: THOMAS J. BOLCH, Treasi 
M. ALLEN, JR., President. Bottom Right: THOMAS J. WHITE, III, Vice President. 

•er. Bottom Left: WILLIAM 


Top Row: Walton McNairy; Troy Smith; Roy Lanier. Bottom Row: Walter Baker; Charle 
Gene Hafer. 

Brown, Chief Justice; 


William B. Cannon; Ronold R. Howell; Dons R Bray; Charles B. Robson, Jr.; Thomas B. Wettach; William R. 



Allen, Jr., William Marion, Elkin 
Arnold, Stanley Gerald, Fuquay-Varina 
Ashburn, Michael Anthony, Winston-Salem 
Aycock, Charles Ronald, Wilson 

Barber, Leon Worth, Raleigh 
Beaman, Grafton Gatlmg, Ahoskie 
Beischer, George Dietrich, Pensacola, Fla. 
Bolch, Thomas Jefferson, Hickory 

Boles, Richard Joseph, Chapel Hill 
Broome, Jr., Henry George, Ventnor 
Brown, Charles Palmer, Albemarle 
Browning, Robert Ross, Greenville 

Chandler, Jr., William James, Oak Ridge 
Cole, Howard Dunwody, Greensboro 
Cook, Edward Tollett, Charlotte 
Craver, Jr., Comonn Penry, Winston-Salem 

Cummings, Thomas Ernest, Winston-Salen 
Day, Harry Frederick, Chapel Hill 
Doyle, Jr., John James, Charlotte 
Echols, III, William Richard, Hillsborough 

Evans, John Farnham, Chapel Hill 
Freeman, James Alexander, Asheville 
Gantt, Lynn Morgan, Albemarle 
Giles, Jr., Roy Andre, Glen Alpine 

Guller, Jeffrey M., Charlotte 
Hafer, Frederick Eugene, Chapel Hill 
Ivey, William W., Asheboro 
Jackson, George Winfield, Chapel Hill 



Johnson, Robert White, Burgaw 
Katz, Robin A., Lido Beach, N. Y. 
Klepfer, Jr., Robert Onan, Mooresville 
Leonard, Jerry, Chapel Hill 

Liebolt, Jr., Frederick Lee, New York, N. Y. 
Liggett, III, Frank Rohm, Chapel Hill 
Long, James Eugene, Burlington 
Lunney, William G., Carrboro 

McFadyen, Henry C, Lenoir 
Phillips, William Royal, Roseboro 
Powers, Charles Francis, Raleigh 
Reybitz, Chester A., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Robson, Jr., Charles B., Chapel Hill 
Rouse, David Mark, Goldsboro 
Russell, Raymond Wilson, Carrboro 
Scott, Jr., Elmer Glenn, Charlotte 

Sharpe, Allen Nelson, Hiddinite 
Stallings, John Gilbert, Louisburg 
Taylor, John Walker, FayettevMIe 
Thomas, George S., Farmville 

Thompson, Robert LeGrande, Charlotte 
Thornton, Jr., William Irving, Asheville 
Vallery, Ray Colton, FayettevMIe 
Vinroot, Richard Allen, Charlotte 

Waddell, Jr., Lewis Eugene, Salisbury 
Weigel, Jr., John Thurman, Rocky Mount 
White, III, Thomas Jackson, Chapel Hill 
Winner, Dennis Jay, Asheville 



Austell, Mary Adelaide, Shelby 
Baddour, Jr., Philip A., Goldsboro 
Beach, Neil Douglas, Chapel Hill 
Bowen, John Melvin, Williamston 
Boxley, John MacLachlan, Raleigh 
Branon, Jr., Rovy Frost, Charlotte 
Brewer, James Clark, Greenville 
Brinson, III, Oscar R., Durham 
Carson, II, George, Elkin 

Carter, Jr., Jack Franklin, Southern Pines 
Clark, II, Eugene Fielding, Conover 
Clifford, Locke T., Ware Shoals, S. C. 
Collie, George C, Chapel Hill 
Colston, Harold Donald, Chapel Hill 
Cornelius, Clarance Preston, Troutman 
Crisp, Nelson Blount, Chapel Hill 
Dobbin, Richard Bynum, Spruce Pine 
Edwards, Herbert Jackson, Goldsboro 

Erwin, Martin N., Lexington 
Fairley, John, Monroe 
Farris, Ray Simpson, Matthews 
Goldstein, Steven Ira, Asheville 
Harris, III, Richard Foster, Charlotte 
Harrison, Jr., Reginald Woodrow, Wilson 
Hays, Jr., William Arthur, Franklin 
Hiner, James Randall, Lynchburg, Va. 
Hinson, Larry Capehart, Waxhaw 

Jarrett, Tommy Willis, Hayesville 
Johnson, Larry Douglas, Chapel Hill 
Kirkman, John Manliff, Chapel Hill 
Kuzyk, Volodar Steven, Trenton, N. J. 
Lancaster, Harold Martin, Goldsboro 
Levenherz, Steven Harris, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mandel, Leonard Howard, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Martin, Franklin Edwin, Chapel Hill 
Mayo, Gerald Mack, Durham 

Monroe, Jr., Joseph Reece, Eagle Springs 
Morgan, Jr., Melzer Adron, Smithfield 
Orcutt, David Stanley, Richmond, Va. 
Pennell, Edwin Adam, Taylorsville 
Robinson, James R. L., Scotland Neck 
Rubin, Joseph Harvey, Greensboro 
Saunders, Stuort Alan, Hampton, Va. 
Smarr, Albert Copeland, Charlotte 
Smith, Jr., J. Troy, Chapel Hill 

Smith, Roger William, Albemarle 
Smith, Thomas Sidney, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Vann, Terry, Bayside, N. Y. 
Ward, Jr., Frank Jefferson, Tyner 
Warrick, Benjamin Raymond, Selma 
Welborn, William Wayne, Winston-Salem 


Abbott, Omega Clark, Henderson 
Abernethy, John William, High Point 
Aldridge, John Graves, Burlington 
Ammons, Larry Rogers, Waynesville 
Asbill, Richard McKendrie, Washington, D. C. 
Aycock, Jr., Edwin Burtis, Greenville 
Ayers, Jr., John Stedman, Lumberton 
Barker, Robert J., Apex 
Beam, Jr., William Austin, Shelby 

Bell, II, Daniel Locke, Foirfax, Va. 
Bissette, Jr., Winston Louis, High Point 
Brown, William Barker, Decatur, Ga. 
Buchanan, Victor Wayne, Greensboro 
Buckley, III, Charles Robinson, Raleigh 
Bunn, Jr., James A., Winston-Salem 
Burbage, William H., Albemarle 
Butler, Jr., Algernon Lee, Clinton 
Clark, Fred Stuart, Goldsboro 

Collins, Wesley William, Columbus, Ga. 
Craig, Jerry Wayne, Greensboro 
Culbreth, Stephen Edward, Wilmington 
Currie, Walter Lee, Chapel Hill 
Daisy, William Louis, Winston-Salem 
Davis, Louis James, Morehead City 
Dekle, Donne Robert, Matthews 
DeRamus, Jr., Judson Davie, Winston-Salem 
Dockery, William John, Brooklyn, N. Y. 



Donahue, Daniel William, Matthews 
Douglas, III, Robert Dick, Greensboro 
Duggins, Jr., Jomes Nathan, Fayetteville 
Dunn, Jr., Jackson Thomas, Charlotte 
Few, William Preston, Durham 
Fisher, Anne, Elizabethtown 
Folger, Jr., Worth Barnard, Sparta 
Foxworth, Robert Parker, Raleigh 
Frazier, Jr., A. D., Lumberton 

Fullwood, James Roy, Jacksonville 
Gainey, William Glenn, Maxton 
Gehring, John Edward, Albemarle 
Going, Sammy Cordell, Spray 
Gourley, Robert Harrison, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Gray, Clayland Boyden, Washington, D. C. 
Greensburg, Stephen Neil, Queens, N. Y. 
Groce, Jr., Fred Ford, Asheville , 
Gunkel, Richard Jurgen, Baltimore, Md. 

Gualtney, Richard Lem, Taylorsville 
Hanna, III, George V., Eau Gallie, Fla. 
Harris, James Osburn, Oxford 
Hatch, William A. Harriman, Birmingham, 
Hatcher, Kenneth B., Manhasset, N. Y. 
Holland, Max Kermit, Statesville 
Hollander, Jeffrey Alan, Greensboro 
Hoyle, William S., Chapel Hill 
Hulse, William Frederick, Charlotte 

Hunt, Ronald Forrest, Lawndale 
Ingram, Alexis Gordon, Chapel Hill 
Jeffreys, Jr., Sidney Bryan, Greensboro 
Johnson, Dale Patton, Clinton 
Johnson, Van Hewes, South Mills 
Kane, Harry Joseph, Chapel Hill 
King, Jr., Malvern Francis, Weldon 
Kosma, Jr., Alexander, Concord 
Lanier, Elton Ray, Goldsboro 

Lanier, Jr., Russell Jarvis, Beulaville 
Lasting, Richard Paul, Chesapeake, Va. 
McClure, Jr., Robert Garrett, Chapel Hill 
McDevitt, Larry Stephen, Chapel Hill 
McElroy. Pender Roberts, Marshall 
McMillan, William Honnon, Chorlotte 
MacKethan, John Alexander, Whitakers 
Malski, Carl Michael, Hendersonville 
Mann, William Arthur, Ridgewood, N. J. 

Miller, Gene Arthur, Stanley 
Nelson, Willard John, New York, N. Y. 
Newby, Kenneth Alvin, Winfall 
Nolan, Jr., Walker Felton, Goldsboro 
Oelschlager, Worth Kurt, Asheville 
Parker, Manley Clark, Charlottesville, Va. 
Parks, III, Owen Tracy, Southern Pines 
Patty, Seldon Elijah, Hendersonville 
Pearson, Loren Robert, Williamsville, N. Y. 

Penny, A. Carl, Raleigh 

Penny, Ronald Terry, Fuquay Springs 

Prickett, Jr., Carlton Sylvester, Burlington 

Purdom, Eugene Woods, Guilford College 

Ricks, John Addison, Salisbury 

Rogers, Jr., Hugh Barnes, Winston-Solem 

Sampson, Jr., Alfred Kenneth, Chapel Hill 

Sayers, Donald Dean, Gastonia 

Schulz, Shepherd Landis, Chopel Hill 

Shelton, James David, High Point 
Shoaf, Jr., M. Bays, Kannapolis 
Singer, Richard Gregg, Salisbury 
Stanley, Jr., William Elbert, Greensboro 
Steed, Roland Edward, Denton 
Stevens, Jr., Harrell Hugh, Burlington 
Taylor, Jr., John Russell, McLeansville 
Teele, Jr., Henry Dockery, Tarboro 
Thompson, Robert Livingston, Brunswick, C 

Thompson, Samuel Griffin, Wilson 
Thompson, William Hugh, Chapel Hill 
Tomlinson, Jr., Aubrey S., Louisburg 
Toms, Frederic Earl, Forest City 
Tyser, Jr., Wallace Clemson, Gastonia 
Vanetti, Henry Richard, Barre, Vt. 
Veol, Tommy Hudson, Raleigh 
Vickery, Charles Eugene, Forest City 
Vincent, Jerome Richard, Swannanoa 

Voorhees, Richard Lesley, Winston-Salem 
Voorheis, Bruce Meyer, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Ward, Gene LaFayette, Burlington 
Weil, Alan, Goldsboro 
West, Jack Livingston, Hickory 
Westall, Jr., Jack Wiley, Asheville 
Wiley, Jr., Samuel Shannon, Durham 




Archer, Joan Louise, Atlanta, Ga. 
Davidson, Dianne Ellen, North Mil 
Davis, Ann Lynn, Grifton 
Ferris, Margaret Jan, Atlanta, Ga 

Fisher, Aloma M., Salisbury 
Gibson, Anne Amelia, Waynesville 
Kreiser, Bette Jane, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
McDermott, Maureen Ann, River Vale, N. J. 

Macy, Ulrike R., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Miller, Linda Marlis, Jenkintown, Pa. 
Miller, Mary Ann, Charlotte 
Van Arsdale, Susan Harkness, Lakeview 


Davenport, Nancy Elaine, Trenton 
Godett, Robin Pietra, Oakland, N. J. 
Hess, Carol Jean, Madison, Tenn. 
Kahdy, Barbara Ann, Raleigh 

Lowe, Dorothy Sandra, Greensboro 
Russell, Jane Banks, Chapel Hill 
Shannon, Maureen A., Westfield, N. J. 
Stancil, Judith Elaine, Charlotte 

Wall, Marianne, Raleigh 
Warren, Susan Lee, Raleigh 




Left to Right: Joel Rothermel, Bob Whitley, Bob Vanderberry, Jerry Pelletier, Gerald Blake, Bob 
Bilbro, Bill Rawls, Bill Crutchf ield, Bob Gibson, Jerry Norton. Not Pictured: Ron Joyner, Bill Alls- 
brook, Ellis Fisher. 


Brenner, Edward H., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Briggs, Jr., John G-, Hendersonville 
Brown, Paul Eugene, Huntersville 
Bryan, John Hugh, LaGrange 
Chaplin, Don C, Columbia 
Cromartie, III, Robert Samuel, Fayetteville 
Dalton, Jr., Bruce Atwood, Lenoir 
Fisher, C. Ellis, Selma, Ala. 
Froneberger, John Daniel, Lincolnton 

Hanna, John Edward, Sarasota, Flo. 
Haselden, Jr., Edward Wheeler, 

Columbia, S. C 
Heindel, Clifford Craig, Chapel Hill 
Heymann, Pete, Asheville 
Jordan, William Rand, Wilson 
Kirk, Charles Dayton, Asheville 
Latham, Horry Staton, Bethel 
Leonard, Daniel Lindsay, Burlington 
Lesesne, Jr., Edward Huguenin, 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Lucas, Charles Clement, Lucama 
MacDonald, Jr., Henry John, New Bern 
Mewborn, Jr., Quentin Alexander, Formvil 
Middleton, III, Henry Moore, Raleigh 
Pearsall, David Williams, Bedford, Mass. 
Pittman, Houston Harris, Whiteville 
Powers, James Scott, Raleigh 
Russell, Joseph Dwight, Kinston 
Sheps, David Samuel, Middletown, Conn. 

Synder, James William, Thomasville 
Swisher, Cynthia Ellen, Roaring Gap 
Thornburg, John Glenn, Charlotte 
Watts, Nelson Barnett, Asheville 
Williams, Jr., Russell E., Robersonville 
Wilson, William Faison, Clinton 


Ange, David Westley, Farmville 
Bensch, George William, Raleigh 
Craig, Isaac Alan, Lenoir 
Davidian, Edward William, Smithfield 
Drcke, Jcmes Edwin, Charlotte 
Golden, Terry Donald, Raleigh 
Griffin, Jr., Joseph Waldo, Williamston 
Gwathmey, Frank Winston, Wilmington 
Harris, Samuel Ranchor, Thomasville 

Henderson, Jr., Hoke Frederick, Elkin 
Henley, Thomas Ladd, New York, N. Y. 
Jones, Robert Brooke, Chapel Hill 
Kearse, Jr., William Oliver, Canton 
Lewis, Valerie Ann, Bronx, N. Y. 
Little, James Conrad, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Lutz, Michael David, Reading, Pa. 
Powell, John Livingston, Chapel Hill 
Proctor, Camilla Allyn, Elm City 

Rubin, David Martin, Greensboro 
Shavender, Eugene Franklin, Raleigh 
Teachey, William Swam, Rose Hill 
Wall, Jack Gardner, Burlington 
Whitaker, James Allen, Rocky Mount 
Wilderson, Mattie Carole, Greenville 
Williams, Roberta Gay, Rocky Mount 
Williams, Jr., Morris Eugene, Henderson 
Woodard, Jerry Cleon, Wilson 


Wright, Jr., John Herman, Asheboro 
Young, Stephen Wiley, Angier 


Arndt, Hans Joachim, Berlin, Germany 
Avant, George R., Forest City 
Carter, Joey Mieshele, Kannapolis 
Clarke, Jr., Charles Lee, Goldsboro 
Currie, John Lauchlin, Carthage 
Dunlap, Weldon Aaron, Asheboro 
Evans, David Arnold, Rich Square 
Flye, Melvyn Wayne, Tarboro 
Garrison, Robert Donald, Hayesville 

Homesley, Howard David, Cherryville 
Hundley, James Davenport, Wallace 
Kleiman, Scott Gerald, Raleigh 
Lane, Jr., James Randolph, Asheboro 
Lewis, Jr., Clifford Thomas, Beaufort 
Little, John Zebulon, Albemarle 
McLamb, James Norwill, Wilmington 
Madry, Jr., Robert Wilson, Wilmington 
Mumford, Larry, Pikeville 



Overton, John Blanton, Salisbury 
Owens, Harold Burley, Bostic 
Parker, Jr., Herman Richard, Chapel Hill 
Pelletier, Jr., Gerald, Stella 

Roper, II, Albert Lonsdale, Norfolk, Va 
Rothermel, Joel Edward, Winchester, Mass. 
Russell, Douglas M., Dover 
Sabiston, Walter Roberts, Kinston 

Spruill, James Henry, Windsor 
Thomason, Jr., Henry Clayton, Gastonia 
Wachs, Marvin Dennis, Pittsboro 
Welborne, Barry McNeil, Winston-Salem 
Williams, Jr., Rhoderick Thomas, Formville 



Abell, James Curtis, YanceyviMe 
Alford, James David, Zebulon 
Archer, Willis Arthur, Salisbury 
Bergeron, Jr., Garry Patrick, Farmville 
Bilbro, Robert Hodges, Greenville 
Burroughs, Jr., Paul Leach, Raleigh 
Collins, Earnest Swindell, Chapel Hill 
Crawford, III, John Robert, Salisbury 
Crutchfield, William Monroe, Pittsboro 

Davis, Nelson Park, Jamestown 
Deaton, Philip Carl, Greensboro 
Garrabrant, Edgar Cornelius, Wilmington 
Grigsby, Jr., George Talmadge, Holly Springs 
Hedden, Carol Ann, Lenoir 
Henry, Lawrence D., Horse Shoe 
Hinshaw, Howard Thomas, Greensboro 
Howell, Nelson Neil, High Point 
Koontz, Thomas Jeffrey, Lexington 

Kress, Sidney Carl, Gainesville, Fla. 
Land, Jr., Roy Vernon, Smithfield 
Morris, Peter Lorenz, Charlotte 
Morton, Jr., Duncan, Charlotte 
Murray, Jr., Hugh Grattan, Chapel Hill 
Paddison, George M., Smithfield 
Pons, Roy Kenneth, Valdese 
Pressly, James Allen, Mooresville 
Pnntz, Don Warren, Asheville 

Scott, Charles Kimbrey, Haw River 
Sevier, Robert English, Chapel Hill 
Sigmon, Jr., James Lewis, Newton 
Simmons, Robert George, Roseboro 
Smyre, Herbert Lee, Newton 
Spivey, Elizabeth Harrison, Williamston 
Steele, Walter Frank, Hickory 
Stevens, Jr., Elliott Walker, Warsaw 
Thomas, Donald A., Roanoke Rapids 

Thomas, Jr., Henry Fuller, Spindale 
Tucker, III, William Beverly, Hertford 
Vaughan, William Hunter, Tryon 
Whicker, James Hubert, North Wilkesboro 
Yount, James Alvin, Claremont 




The fall semester of 1965 marked the beginning of 
the sixty-eighth year of pharmaceutical education at 
the University of North Carolina. This 6th year in 
Beard Hall was significant for with it came a new 
dean of Pharmacy school, Dr. George P. Hager who 
was formerly dean of the College of Pharmacy and 
Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Uni- 
versity of Minnesota. We were fortunate that former 
Dean E. A. Brecht chose not to retire but to remain as 
a member of our faculty. 

Pharmacy school is composed of lectures with 
laboratories for most courses. This combination gives 
the students the practical and formal knowledge 
needed in the profession. Many student organiza- 
tions are an important aspect of our school. They 
include Student Branches of A. Ph. A. and N.C.P.A., 
RhoChi, Pharmacy Senate, Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta 
Chi, and Kappa Psi. Our social calendar is high- 
lighted by fraternity dances and parties, Pharmacy 
Day, Christmas party, Pharmacy Weekend and a 
Senior Commencement Party. 


JUDIE PHILLIPS, Secretary-Treasurer; NEILL MUSSELWHITE, President; MARK 
WILLIAMS, Vice President. 

This is Pharmacy School — extracurricular and social 
activities combined with this combination is a study 
on a professional level; produces conscientious, well- 
rounded pharmacists who are not only qualified but 
have a sense of pride in themselves and their work 
and who find honor in their contribution to the health 
and welfare of mankind. 


MARY HELEN JOHNSTON, Secretary-Treasurer; LARRY BABER, President; DEL 
CRANFORD, Vice President. 



Baber, Larry G., Rutherfordton 
Bailey, John William, Carrboro 
Batts, Anthony Dwight, Wallace 
Bell, Jr., Louis Pershing, Rocky Mount 

Bennett, Jr., Charles Craven, Apex 
Blount, James Gordon, Elizabeth City 
Boone, William Shelton, Castalia 
Boyd, Robert Wilson, Sanford 

Brown, Jr., Eugene Glenn, Jacksonville 
Buchanan, John Russell, Nashville 
Burnham, Laura Gaither, Chapel Hill 
Cameron, William Stewart, Lillington 

Carr, Robert Lee, Rose Hill 
Connelly, Fred Allen, Spruce Pine 
Cranford, Delbert Marvin, Denton 
Doggett, Walter Clark, Summerfield 

Gebhardt, Margaret Clayton, Charlotte 
Gilbert, Sandra Jean, Maxton 
Gray, Richard Adrow, Newport 
Habrat, Nancy Jane, Charlotte 

Heatherington, Terry Walter, Be 
Hill, Christie Early, Murfreesbor< 
Holland, Nicholas, Chapel Hill 
Johnston, Mary Helen, Raleigh 

Jones, Larry Wilson, Asheboro 
Jones, Thomas Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. 
Kelly, Marion Nelson, Chapel Hill 
King, James Arnold, Wallace 

Kiziah, Larry Cleveland, Hickory 
Laxton, Carroll Malcolm, Lenoir 
Leggett, Martha Victoria, Williamsto 
Logan, Philip Howard, Shelby 



McCaskill, Rodney Lynn, Ellerbe 
McCommons, Robert Joseph, Alberr 
McLeod, Donald Claude, Norman 
Matthews, Harry Leigh, Stoneville 

Matthews, James Spencer, Clinton 
Minton, Solon Scott, Asheville 
Moore, Hugh Jackson, Spindale 
Moseman, Marilyn Hogsed, Chapel Hill 

Neal, Donna Booth, Durham 
Newman, Maynard Simons, Salisbury 
Paterson, Nellie Elizabeth, Charlotte 

Pharr, Jones Neil, Harrisburg 
Powell, William Dorsey, Fuquay-Varina 
Rickard, II, Hearne Franklin, Kannapolis 
Roycroft, William Douglas, Shallotte 

Sellers, Jr., Alva Broughton, Asheboro 
Small, Ronald Hugh, Burlington 
Solter, Alan Warren, Colonia 
Sullivan, Harry Moseley, Waynesville 

Taylor, Frances Elizabeth, Snead's Ferry 
Tripp, Jimmy Noah, Sanford 
Wells, Sara Alice, Atkinson 
Williams, Berry Lynn, Zebulon 

Woodard, Jr., Erwin Carlyle, Hertford 
Zahray, Ronald Craig, Teaneck, N. J. 



Adams, Jr., Charles Nolan, Marshall 
Allen, Dorothy Carolyn, Benson 
Baxley, Robert Earl, Wagram 
Boston, Mono Yvonne, Lillington 
Bowman, Rita Lee, Lumberton 
Brogden, Connie Baxter, Chapel Hill 
Brogden, Harry Lee, Chapel Hill 
Bryan, Harrel Dean, Chapel Hill 
Butler, Bonnie Claire, Gastonia 

Cagle, Stephen Wayne, Henderson 
Carabateas, Angela, Charlotte 
Coble, Jr., Worth Thomas, Durham 
Cotten, Robert Wesley, Fuquay-Varina 
Davis, Jerry Carl, Pine Level 
Dunn, Patsy Ann, Chapel Hill 
Freeman, Stephen Monroe, Elkin 
Gretz, Susan Gertrude, Hendersonville 
Hall, James Ray, Sanford 

Herring, Gene Frederick, Warsaw 
Home, William P., Hamlet 
Kearney, Robert E., Henderson 
Lowdermilk, Edward Lenoir, Valdese 
Lowe, Robert B., Swannanoa 
Massey, James Dale, Waynesville 
Meads, Lawrence Craig, Shawboro 
Medlin, Gerald Lloyd, Benson 
Michael, Howard Mitchell, Thomasville 

Moore, Thomas Marion, Wilmington 
Morgan, Jr., Jack Led well, Raleigh 
Morris, Michael Monzo, Newton Grove 
Myers, Charles Earl, Mount Airy 
Nelson, Judith Karen, Hillsdale, N. J. 
Phillips, Judie Wayne, Hayesville 
Rawlins, John F., Tarboro 
Rickleton, David Kendall, Charlotte 
Robinson, Jr., Clyde Wilson, Winston-Salem 

Seawell, Ellon G., Rockingham 
Shaw, Margaret Elliott, Wagram 
Shaw, Jr., Theodore Roosevelt, Windsor 
Smyre, Larry Elvin, Hickory 
Sykes, Jr., Robert Nathan, Smithfield 
Taylor, John Bynum, Boone 
Teague, Mary Gray, Fayetteville 
Thompson, William Lawrence, Charlotte 
Whitehead, Charles Michael, Ramseur 

Williams, Mark Oliver, Laurinburg 
Willis, Barbara Ann, Lincolnton 
Young, David Marion, Hendersonville 


Adams, Nancy Ruth, Carolina Beach 
Anderson, Eugene Gibson, Enfield 
Avery, Jan Wayne, Erwin 
Bailey, Alice Lee, Asheville 
Barrett, II, Joe Hilton, Rocky Mount 
Baucom, Judith Margaret, Hickory 
Beatty, Dennis Gold, Kings Mountain 
Bolick, Harold Arthur, Hudson 
Bulla, Robert Keith, Burlington 

Canady, Rena Lynn, Selma 
Carroll, Sandra Ann, Smithfield 
Crawford, John Spencer, Old Fort 
Critcher, Elizabeth Chatham, Moravian Falls 
Deal, Douglas Wayne, Connelly Springs 
Eakins, Janet Lela, Chillicothe 
Fonvielle, Carroll Bryce, Tabor City 
Freeman, John William, Robbins 
Fulton, Mary Ann, Winston-Salem 

Fulton, Jr., Thomas A., Greensboro 
Futrell, Thomas Merrill, Raleigh 
Gaddy, Sarah Phyllis, MarshvMIe 
George, Samuel Lorman, Four Oaks 
Glass, Alan Ronald, Bethlehem 
Hardison, LaVoice Larine, Wallace 
Haywood, Leon Stanley, Robbins 
Hendrix, Martha Hamilton, Hickory 
Henson, James Baker, Jacksonville 

Hollomon, III, James Arthur, Winston-Salen 
Houser, Christine Carpenter, Cherryville 
Hovis, Larry Kenneth, Lincolnton 
Hunter, Stephanie Rogers, Raleigh 
Jones, Richard Trevor, Salisbury 
Kaucher, Margarete Suson, Burlington 
Kaufman, Kenneth Phillip, Chapel Hill 
Killiam, James Franklin, Lincolnton 
Kinlaw, Alton Emory, Chapel Hill 



Kroboth, Timothy Ray, Charlotte 
Lancaster, Mary Lena, Burlington 
Lowman, Jr., Samuel Enoch, Charlotte 
Lynch, Linda Candace, Dunn 
Lynn, Felma Ruth, Kings Mountain 
Malone, John Edgar, Coats 
Martin, Paul Gray, Pilot Mountain 
Moore, Jr., George William, Conover 
Myers, Charlotte Rebecca, Canton 

Oakley, William Melvin, Durham 
Phillips, Jr., Grady Samuel, Winston-Salem 
Pike, III, Joseph William, Concord 
Rhew, Marilyn Margaret, Durham 
Rhoden, Charles William, Shelby 
Stancil, John Wayne, Selma 
Sutton, Johnnie Eugene, LaGrange 
Taylor, Carl Dewey, Chapel Hill 
Taylor, Thomas George, Boone 

Umstead, Allan W., Fayetteville 
White, Rodgers Selwyn, Carrboro 
Willets, George Marshall, Pine Level 
Williams, Patricia A., Robbins 
Wilson, Thomas Steve, Madison 
Winter, Jean Carolyn, Staunton, Va. 
Woodard, John Vernon, Chapel Hill 


Amato, N. Paul, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Barkley, Allan Pierson, Raleigh 
Brinton, Daryl Elizabeth, Lenoir 
Brooks, William Jennings, Shelby 
Clark, Jr., James Robert, Camp Hill, Pa. 
Dameron, Richard Gordon, Tabor City 
Dayvault, Frances Annette, Lenoir 
Deal, Janet Marie, Lenoir 
D'Oyley, Harry deBohun, Concord 

Fayed, Salmen Tucker, Roanoke Rapids 
Ferrell, Jerry Leonard, Durham 
Glace, Charles Lawrence, Elkin 
Hamrick, Charles Vinson, Elizabeth City 
Harrell, III, Clarence Brooks, Elizabeth City 
Hensley, Clyde Eugene, Marion 
Hiatt, Monty Dean, Mount Airy 
Hinnant, Jr., Jesse Ray, Wendell 
Holland, David Louis, Chapel Hill 

Johnson, Jr., Joseph Lewis, Graham 
Kannon, Ruth Annette, Franklmton 
Kausch, John Gustave, Metuchen, N. J. 
Keith, Celinta Suzanne, Holly Springs 
Kiser, Camille McCorkle, Dallas 
Lehman, David Christian, Roanoke Rapids 
McCracken, Saundra Lynn, Hamlet 
McCray, Kay Lorren, Hildebran 
McDaniel, Pamela Allene, 
Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Manship, Mark Auburn, Wilkesboro 
Morgan, Robert Lindsey, Bakersville 
Neal, Robert Stedman, Burlington 
Owens, Patricia Ann, McGrady 
Parker, James Edgar, Smithfield 
Patterson, Robert Dwayne, Shelby 
Peal, George Wainwright, Chadbourn 
Pinnix, III, John Marshall, Kernersville 
Plisco, Irwin Seymour, Wilmington 

Rachide, Frederick Joseph, Havelock 
Schiller, Mary Suzanne, Raleigh 
Setzer, Bobby Ray, Raeford 
Simmons, Jr., Calvin Albert, Siler City 
Sinclair, Janet Lynn, Charlotte 
Smith, Sidney Glenn, Lexington 
Stacy, John Neely, Boone 
Stallings, John Basil, Hertford 
Stuhr, David Charles, Winston-Salem 

Sudderth, Stephen Thomas, Winston-Salem 
Summey, Ann Amelia, Gastonia 
Swaim, Ronnie Lee, Boonville 
Teague, Bruce James, Hickory 
Teeter, Robert Tennant, Marion 
Tilley, III, Claude Stroud, New Bern 
Wallace, Stephen Curtis, Jacksonville 
Webster, Wanda Connie, Madison 
Williams, Benjamin Odell, Morganton 
Zurek, Brenda Antionette, Cary 


Second Yeor: RICHARD DAMERON, Vice President; FRANCES DAYVAULT, Secretory-Treasurer. 
Not Pictured: MARK MANSHIP, President. Third Yeor: JEAN WINTER, Secretary-Treasurer. 
Not Pictured: TOM FULTON, President; JOHN MALONE, Vice President. Fourth Year: DOUG 
WILKERSON, President; RITA BOWMAN, Secretary-Treasurer; JAMES HALL, Vice President. 

NEDY, Vice President. Not Pictured: CHARLES HITE, Treas- 
urer; JOHN MALONE, Assistant to the President. 




Students come into the School of Public Health with 
a sense of purpose — that of preparing themselves, 
usually in one academic year, for a new profession. 
Beginning as physicians, engineers, teachers, mathe- 
maticians, nurses, they have become imbued with the 
factor of health in economic and social development 
at home and abroad. 

Students go out from the School of Public Health 
to the four corners of the earth. Problems of water 
and air pollution, of infant mortality and family 
planning, of nutrition, and of pestilence are univer- 
sal in scope, and the public health student, whether 
he serves in a local community or in a far away land, 
employs the tools he has forged in his intensive train- 
ing at our School. 

One of fourteen such accredited Schools of Public 
Health in North America, students engage in study 
and research in ten academic departments of the 
school: Biostatistics, Environmental Sciences and En- 
gineering, Epidemiology, Maternal and Child Health, 
Parasitology, Public Health Education, Public Health 
Nursing, Public Health Nutrition and Mental Health. 
All instruction is on the graduate level, with increas- 
ing numbers of students pursuing doctoral studies. 



Ali, Muhammad Mobarak, Dacca, Pakistan 
Allport, Catherine Dove, Alexandria, Va. 
Bailey, Elizabeth R., Greensboro 
Barck, John C, London, Ohio 
Bhatavadekar, Prabha Vithal, Bombay, India 

Blank, Carl H., Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bradham, Mary Stobo, Greenville, S. C. 
Brock, Darrell William, Boise, Idaho 
Buchanan, Brenda Lee, Franklin, Mass. 
Callison, Jr., H. Grady, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Casey, Edward L., Henderson, Tenn. 
Chynoweth, David Paul, Louisville, Ky. 
Conrad, Joan Mae, Clifton Heights, Pa. 
Covil, Stacy H., Burgaw 
Davidson, Gary D., Sidney, Ohio 

Davis, Lillian Carol, Pikeville 
Day, Robert E., Sea Isle City, N. J. 
Decker, Margaret B., Fairfield, Conn. 
De La Torre, Angel Ernest, Miami, Fla. 
Doughty, Leroy Charles, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Drye, Jr., Robert Jackson, Charlotte 
Duffy, Jr., Edmond Daniel, Chapel Hill 
Emily, Elmo E., Henderson, Ky. 
Fisher, Les, Pottsville, Pa. 
Fung, Daniel Yee Chak, Hong Kong 

Gakstatter, Jack Henry, Chapel Hill 
Galloway, Virgil Andrew, Lubbock, Texas 
Grabe, Sally Ann, Camp Hill, Pa. 
Green, Suzanne Blackwell, Norfolk, Va. 
Hale, B. D., Brownsville, Tenn. 

Honif, Mohammad, Lahore, Pakistan 
Harris, James Paul, Wellston, Ohio 
Hartley, William Ralph, Willingboro, N. J. 
Hays, Dorothy D., Independence, Mo. 
Henderson, Oliver, Carrboro 



Hill, Larry O., Chapel Hill 

Huber, Paul Brooks, Athens, Ala. 

Huff, Wallace Lee, Pilot, Va. 

Jablonski, Jr., Thaddeus Henry, 
Washington College, Tenn. 

Jack, Elizabeth Stephens, Duncan, S. C. 

John, David T., Chapel Hill 
Justice, Roger N., Lexington, Ky. 
Kathpalia, Kanta, Poona, India 
Kendall, William Forrest, Chapel Hill 
Kollias, Wan Anthony, St. Louis, Mo. 

Koury, David N., Quincy, III. 
Lampert, Alvin Jerome, Chapel Hill 
Lawson, Larry Gordon, Martinsville, Va. 
Lee, Donald Thiell, Neodesha, Kan. 
Lemelman, Toby Ruth, Washington, Pa. 

Little, Abby Ethel, Cornelia, Ga. 
Little, Linda West, Durham 
Logan, Ruth Rose, Stoughton, Mass. 
Long, Martha V., Tampa, Fla. 
McArthur, Wilson Cooper, Chapel Hill 

McConnell, Henry Elden, Chapel Hill 
McGhee, Wyatt Lemuel, Franklinton 
McKinnery, Jr., William Nelson, Clinton, III. 
Martin, Ronald Edwin, Chapel Hill 
Maynard, Arthur Stanley, Chapel Hill 

Merolla, Robert Scott, Waukegan, III 
Miliner, Robert Alden, Chapel Hill 
Miller, Fred William, Chapel Hill 
Mitchell, Jewell Marie, Decatur, Ga. 
Moore, Deria Foster, Durham 

Mulligan, Jr., John B., Conaan, N. Y. 
Murphey, Francis Florian, Denver, Colo. 
Nicholas, Marlene Helen, Emmaus, Pa. 
Nohlgren, Stephen Richard, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
O'Kelly, James Thomas, Tucker, Ga. 



Otudeko, Bernice Green, Anderson, S. C 
Padgett, James Aaron, Maple Hill 
Page, Elizabeth Ingram, Chapel Hill 
Paisley, Kenneth O., Berwick, Pa. 
Peoples, Robert Francis, Trenton, N. J. 

Pidcoe, Vem, Norristown, Pa. 

Pierson, Dallis Joseph, Tremonton, Utah 

Poitras, Paul E., Denver, Colo. 

Radford, Jr., Norman DePoe, Chapel Hill 

Redding, Bobby Riley, Oxford, Miss. 

Regdon, Ardith Jane, New Castle, Pa. 

Richards, Jr., Benjamin Franklin, 
Sewell, N. J. 

Rimer, Alan E., Greenwich, Conn. 

Robinson, Estelle M., Chapel Hill 

Robinson, Jon Royce, Hepburn, Iowa 

Robinson, Sally Suzanne, Hepburn, 

Rose, Charles Herbert, Carrboro 

Roshan, Syed Mahmud, 
Lahoel, West Pakistan 

Shaffer, Carol Marie, Elmhurst, III. 

Sharna, Santosh, Lucknow, India 

Shotwell, Randolph W., Criglersville, Va. 
Suggs, Morris Talmage, Atlanta, Ga. 
Sullesta, Enriqueta O., Jordan, Philippine 
Swerdloff, George, San Antonio, Texas 
Taylor, David G., Agawam, Mass. 

Temple, Harold G., Carrboro 
Tho, Tran Phuoc, Saigon, Viet Nam 
Torraco, Louise Carolyn, San Jose, Cal. 
Vesilind, P. Aarne, Beaver, Pa. 
Walker, William Conway, Carrboro 

Waslick, William F., Luzerne, Pa. 
Wellman, James J., Huntington, W. Va. 
Wilkes, Frank Gilbreath, Louisville, Ky. 
Wilson, Jr., Emmett L, Clay, W. Va. 
Woodward, Lowell Harold, Wausau, Wis. 
Yao, Kuan Mu, Christchurch, New Zealand 


Acting Deon 


1 ' p- 

m , 


The School of Social Work derives from the School of 
Public Welfare ( 1 920); the School of Public Adminis- 
tration ( 1 932); and since 1 950 has been the graduate 
School of Social Work, one of sixty-four such schools 
in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

The program is based upon two years of interre- 
lated course instruction and supervised field experi- 
ence in social welfare agencies, and culminates in 
the Master of Social Work degree. Opportunities are 
offered for professional training in social casework 
in such areas as family service, public welfare, child 
welfare, corrections, medical social service, psychi- 
atric social work, and school services. There is also 
provision for preparation for careers in community 
administration. Graduates are qualified to offer 
services in public and private welfare agencies in 
city, county, state, federal, national, and interna- 
tional settings. 


ck Row: Jim Shimkus, Treasurer; Howard N. Lee, President; John Ollis, Vice 
jsident. Front Row: Jane Lamb, Secretary; Dr. Meada Gohnsky, Faculty Ad- 
or; Patsy Sparrow, Assistant Secretary. 

Back Row: Mr. James Wight; Mr. Florian Lewandowski; Mr. Hansel Hollings- 
worth. Middle Row: Mrs. Jane Parker; Mrs. Barbara Cleaveland; Dr. Ruth Wells; 
Mr. Gerald Southerland. Front Row: Mr. Albert King; Mrs. Alsi McKinnon; Dr. 
Maeda Galinsky. Not Pictured: Dr. Albert Fink. 


Happy students swap class room for an agency's office 
while doing field work. 

A scene of SA5W members listening to a professional social 
worker speak on the changing trend in the field. 

Social Work students study in small groups 

A typical scene of students during field work 



Bennett, Betsy Rea, Ocean City, N.J. 
Berenguer, John, Durham 
Blackburn, Sherley, Dobson 
Booth, Marquerite Collins, Greensboro 
Brown, James Patton, Kingsport, Tenn 

Browning, Charlotte, Chesapeake, V 
Bunch, Anne Paige, Salisbury 
Capehart, Mary Shuford, Greensboro 
Cauthen, Ralph Baker, Carrboro 
Colmer, Margaret Bess, Greensboro 

Crosswell, Alice Marie, Earlsboro, Okla. 
Curlee, Wilson Vaughn, Winston-Salem 
Godfrey, Richard J., Winston-Salem 
Houser, Robert S., Chapel Hill 
Kennedy, Linda Logan, Durham 

Kolmer, Jr., George A. L., Salem, Va. 
Krones, Selma Dove, Chapel Hill 
Lamb, Jane Adams, Durham 
Lee, Howard Nathaniel, Savannah, Ga 

Martin, Melvin R., Roxboro 
Minton, Blan Vance, Kinston 
Moritz, Mary Linda, Stamford, Conn 
Morris, Madge E., Columbia 
Murphey, Ruth Swayer, Chapel Hill 

Nottingham, Betsy T., Norfolk, Va. 
Novotny, Sally F., Orange, Va. 
Pass, Mary Joyce, Buford, Ga. 
Shimkus, James Robert, Chapel Hill 
Smith, Marion Sylvester, Asheboro 

Snead, Charlotte S., Chapel Hill 
Turo, Mary Allen, Cape Elizabeth, Me. 
Watson, Robert Donald, Thomasville 
Weiss, Delma Faye, Bucklin, Kans. 
Wright, Carl Sylvester, Cleveland 



Blackwell, Emily Claire, Jefferson, 5. C. 
Blount, Susan Hill, Raleigh 
Bradsher, Sidney Preston, Chapel Hill 
Carlisle, Minerva W., Gastonia 
Chopin, Edwin Hubbell, Charlotte 

Cole, Jack Dempsey, Riegelwood 

Craven, Sara H., Asheville 

Farmer, Boyd Leon, Hamlet 

Felty, Garland Preston, Covington, Va. 

Grabe, Sarah Louise, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jones, Barbara Crump, Winston-Salem 
Jones, Robert Reid, Forest City 
Kleppel, Jerry Wayne, Concord 
Lovelace, Richard, Reidsville 
Lundstedt, Ann-Mari, Stockholm, Sweden 

McDonald, Vernon Paul, Pinehurst 
Mann, III, Lonnie B., Charlotte 
Moore, Jr., John Ira, Raleigh 
Motley, Velna Louise, Rocky Mount 
Neal, Garry G., Natick, Mass. 

Ollis, John W., Ingalls 
Parkin, Susan Dale, Marshfield, Wi: 
Reid, Paul Nelson, Chapel Hill 
Sparrow, Patricia Anne, Thomasvill 
Stevens, James Robert, Asheville 

Wall, Merlene King, Charlotte 
Willis, Miriam Louise, Lawndale 








Left to right: Steve Hockfield; John Ingram; Britt Gordon; Paul Dickson; Bob Wilson; Charles McFodden; Harry Weiler. 


Executive Assistant 

Presidential Assistant 

Boldly accepting the challenges created by an 
expanding student community, the Student 
Government, led by President Paul Dickson, III, 
has moved steadily forward in providing serv- 
ices for the Student Body. Working continu- 
ously for the improvements of the judicial, edu- 
cational, cultural, state, and campus affairs of 
students, they have combined forces with the 
faculty and administration to meet the chal- 
lenges of our massive University. 



Executive Secretary 

This was a year of student interest and student participation. Toronto 
Exchange and State Student Legislature interviews were swamped by 
many qualified applicants; numerous interested students served capably 
on both the Attorney General's staff and on the various executive com- 
mittees. Student elections, tabulated for the first time by a computer, had 
greater participation than in the past. 

With the many new proposals of the Dickson Administration now be- 
coming a reality, Student Government can look back with pride on 1965. 




First Row, Lett to Right: Charlie Hinton; Jane Dodson; Ginny Vaden; Edward Hockfield; Elaine Purdie; Lloyd 
Simon; Susie Warren; Robert Little; Sara Nash; John Neely; Jim Brame, Chairman; Steve Hope; D. Robert 
Enten. Second Row: Chip Brethen; Sam Selden; Joe Ely; Sol Klioze; Bill Davis; Robin Read; Zack Winston; Susan 
Warren. Third Row: Kenneth Day; Michael Zimmerman; George Tennille; Bill Bullock; Steven Hildenbrand; 
Frank Kelly; David Simerly; Pete Hellenbush; Johnny Turner; George Teague. Fourth Row: Tommy Cannon; 
Charlie Mercer; Tony Gore; Mike League; Ray Snipes; Carl Johnson; John Harrison; Garnett Smith. 


Sected, Lett to Right: Melliu .. 

Langley Tolbert; Joyce Watt. Standing: J 


Maureen Shannon; Susan Barron; Margaret Groome; Priscilla Patterson; 
Smith; Billy Jarmon; E. J. Simmons; Teddy O'Toole; Gene 







First Row, Left to Right: Kothy Cauble; Camilla Walters; Faryl Sims, Chairman. Second Row: Russ Sleeper; 
Phil Riker; Jim Little; Van McNair; Sonny Pepper; Phil Kirstein; Frank Martin. 


Seated, Left to Right: Patti Hamilton; Linda McCutcheon; Baynard Harris; Linda Glover; Carol Wilson. Stand- 
ing: Dave Bruenner, Co-Chairman; Ellen Lentz, Co-Chairman; Emily Cathy; Bill Whitaker; Penny Cromartie; 
Faison Kuester; John Dunn. 


Left to Right: Eric Van Loon, Chairman; Drusylla Murray; Charlotte 
Mason; Jim Laurence; Chase Saunders; Joel Simpson; Douglas 
Morgan; Pun Barrett; Judy Hay. 






EESS^SS ■ ; 

'■'. *^Wi *!^^*Ps 


J ^jfk' -■ ■ * SB 

■ «l ^^ »' I 

I ^1 S| 

Q»U lii " 

¥2? * f ■*■ 

,1J * ; V. "~"~ ' ^ 

MBfl^^<9|^H (: Em 

B T?*l 


Front Row, Lett to Right: Bill Webb, Chairman; Dr. Levin, 
Second Row: Tom Corbit; Stan Hofmeister; Steve Chappell. 


First Row, Left to Right: Liz Niewenhaus; Trip McPherson; Jean Caldwell; Dick Sayre, Chairman. Second Ro 
John Dunn; Dave Harris, Tom White; Si Sitterson. 



Left to Right: Sherry O'Donnell, Chairman; Carol Gallant; Tobi 
Barrett; Ann Rice; Judy Fletcher. 

The Secretariat is an organization within stu- 
dent government made up of industrious and 
charming, young co-eds under the leadership 
of Sherry O'Donnell. As part of student govern- 
ment, they play a vital role in keeping student 
government a smooth running and efficient 
operation and in handling all the correspond- 
ence for the twenty-four committees within 
their organization. Also, their office handles 
all correspondence between their student gov- 
ernment and those of other universities in con- 
nection with gathering and testing new ideas 
and programs within their organization. 

communicfiTions commiTTEE 

Front Row, Left to Right: Mary Wright, Anne Anderson; Judy Wright; Pam Wise; Holly Williams; Hurley Thompson, Chairman; Harriet Bur 
Gail Sadler; Michelle Bratton; Audrey Wall. Second Row: Robert Farb; Gene White; Walter Kirkland; Bill Day; Jim Cutting; Bob Farm 
Lewis Liles; Robert Wedge; Dan Johnson. 

s; Dabby Bishop; 
Mike Jennings; 



The Department of Judicial Affairs is that executive depart- 
ment headed by the Attorney General. The purpose of this de- 
partment is to see in so far as possible that the Constitution is 
adhered to in the various activities of Student Government. 

To implement this aim the department has four agencies. 
The Attorney General's Staff is responsible for the investigation 
and presentation of all alleged Honor or Campus Code viola- 
tions. It also advises and aids the defendant in the protection 
of his rights. 

The Honor System Commission conducts an orientation pro- 
gram for all candidates for judicial offices and is responsible 
for the judicial orientation of all incoming students. 

The Election Board conducts fall and spring elections and 
conducts all special elections and referendums. The board 
makes rulings on all disputes under the General Elections Law. 

The Special Legislative Service aids the executive branch in 
preparing legislation. It is also responsible for the records and 
documents of Student Government. 

Front Row, Left to Right: Sandy O'Quinn; Jim Aplin; Dwight Thomas. Second Row: Grey Reeves, Women's Attorney General; Janet Blake; Eddy Trott; Bet 
Taylor; David LaBarre; Mary Elizabeth Barker; David Wilborn; Margaret Groome; Holly Williams; Jean Winborne; Nebby Barr; Carol Sheets; Susan Bocton; 
Richard Roskind; Don Lyman; Simmons Patterson. Third Row: John Ingram, Attorney General; Gary Boggs. Fourth Row: Steve Hildebrand; Phil Murray, 
Bill Broadway; Leon Woodruff; Pete Hellebush; Trey Obenshain; John Morrison; Ed MacDonald; Bill Wolcott; Robert Farb; John Lovell; Rick Taylor. Fifth 
Row: Bill Bowman; Scott Edwards; Bob McClean; Rick Miller; Richard Thayer; Ernest Whichard. 


The Honor System Commission studies the functions of the honor system and recommends improvements. It 
is also responsbile for presenting our system to new students, other student governments, and to high schools 
throughout the state. 




Seated, Left to Right: Patty DeLoney; John Dickson; Larry Gore. Standing: Roger Reynolds; Pat Taylor, Chair- 
man, Emily Cathey; Tom Jenrette; John Callans; James Cofield; Bob Combs. 


First Row, Left to Right: John Winborne; Brooks Carey; J 
Everett Thompson; Bob Newlin. Standing: Glen Nye; Jan W 
Robertson; Morris McDonald; Bill Whitaker. 

Robertson Second Row: Ale: 

King; Alvm Tyndall, Chairman; Scotty 




The Department of Education and Cultural Affairs is one of 
the five new departments responsible for seven executive 
committees. Director of this department, Bill McFadden, 
coordinates and evaluates the activities of these committees 
as they carry out the Student Legislature's laws or do special 
work during the year. 



Ascending Left: Marshall Lichtenstein; Bob Powell; John 
Greenbacker; Paul King; Stan Oakley; Dick Mitchell; Rich- 
ard Taylor; J. Robinson West. Ascending Right: George E. 
Nicholson, Chairman; Langley Tolbert; Naomi Kraft; David 
Hogue; Charles Downton; Lois Laban. 

First Row, Left to Right: Bill Wails, Chairman; Don Ubell; Gwen Rierson; C 
Warren Schonfeld; Mary Beth Coker; Mark Schafer; Chini Smith; Bill Tate; 
Menius. Second Row: Elder Witt; Jim Evans; Mary Catherine Carroll; Dave Gar 
Joe Holliday; Nancy Ehle; Mike Taylor; Bruce Jolly; Bill Nucciarone. 

•ol Thomas; Norvin Dickerson; 
ob Barnes; Don Lassiter; Mike 
n; Kelly Hunter; Stanley Davis; 


The National Merit Scholarship 
Committee works to bring Nation- 
al Merit Scholarship finalists and 
semi-finalists to Carolina to show 
them what the University has to 
offer. An expansion of this pro- 
gram to include other scholarship 
winners and outstanding students 
is now being considered. 

Seated, Left to Right: Bill Miller; Ellen Allen; Judy Rodgers; Wyatt McCallie, Chairman; Mary 
McCanless; Cynthia Gibson. Standing: Frank Parker; Ronald White; Barney Varner; Mike Brown; 
Dave Carhart; Will Bryan Fittman; Mark Keaton. 

nRTionflL itierit scholarship commiTTEE 



First Row, Left to Right: Sylvia Wall, Co-Chairman, Hubert Wooten, Co-Chairman; Dean William G. Long; 
John Hamilton; Judy Lackey; Dave Broadhurst; Sondra Peabody; Mellie Wise; Madeline Gray. Second 
Row: Bill McFadden; Bet Taylor; Armistead Maupin; Jane Crews; George Ingram; Sharon Rose; Eric Van 
Loon; Eileen Zwerm. Third Row: Bill Tomford; Betsy Morris; Mike Knowles; Al Ellis; Howard Godwin; 
Gusty Russell; Diane Foote; Elaine Carlson; Jack Tate. Fourth Row: Lanny Shuff; Joan Woodworth; Hugh 
Blackwell; Ty Beatty. 



Every November twenty-six students 
from the University of Toronto visit 
our campus; the same number of 
U.N.C. students visits the Canadian 
campus in January. The participants 
engage in a week of debates, semi- 
nars, and discussions in attempts to 
amalgamate cultures of diverse na- 
ture and explore new areas of 

on HonoRS 

Lett to Right: Priscilla Patterson; John Wall, Chairman; Susan Eskildsen; Roma Leak Trobaugh; Bill 
Thomas Craver; Spencer Tinkham; Jim Evans; Robert McGaw; Don Brown; Ralph Levering. 




Seated: Britt Gordon, Speaker. Left to Right: Gloria Stephenson, Clerk; Teddy O'Toole, Parliamentarian; George 
Ingram, Minority Floor Leader; DeHaven Cleaver, Sergeant-at-Arms; Ann Belcher, File Clerk; Jim Little, 
Speaker Pro Tern; Don Wilson, Majority Floor Leader. 


Left to Right: Steve Jolly; Jim Smith; Kathy Cauble; Byron McCoy, 
Sandy Hobgood, Chairman; Sharon Rose; Bill Purdy. 

lurys firm mEfins 

Left to Right: Joe Chandler; Craig Wardlaw; Bill Long; Tony Ivins; Jim Robinson 


As the Fortieth Assembly opened, many issues were antici- 
pated, especially the establishment of a full scale Residence 
College System in all residence hall areas. In addition, the long- 
awaited revision of the antiquated Student Government Stat- 
utes, which would revise the basic structure of the Executive 
Branch into a departmental system, was also probable for con- 
sideration. Finally, the continuing question of Judicial and 
Court structure reform seemed to be even more pressing for 

Left to Right, Seated: Frank Longest; Hugh Blackwell, 
Chairman; Ellen Allen; Don McPhaul. Standing: Lance 
Reaves; Jerry Wagoner. 




Left to Right: Dethaven Cleaver; Elaine Carlson; Bill Scott; Dwight Allen; Susan Barber, 
Leon Solomon. Seated: Jim Little, Chairman. 


CRROLiriR womEirs 


The Carolina Women's Council is the co-ordinating body 
among women's dormitories. It is composed of a chairman 
elected in the spring campus elections; a social chairman and 
two activities chairmen from each dormitory; a representative 
from Women's Athletic Association; and Dorothy Fulgum, ad- 
visor from the Office of the Dean of Women. 

C. W. C. sponsors activities within each dormitory and 
among all the dormitories such as mixers, bridge tournaments, 
Sunday breakfasts, and informal parties between dorms. The 
council also works with various other organizations to provide 
further activities for the coed, and awards certificates to the 
freshman with the highest average in her field. In the spring 
it honors the five outstanding senior dormitory women with a 

The main goals of C. W. C. are greater unity and enthusiasm 
among dormitory women; therefore, this year, in addition to a 
scholarship trophy, the council awarded a trophy to the dorm 
that had participated the most and contributed the most to 
dormitory life. 

Front Row, Left to Right: Jerri Moser; Nancy Mayer; Ann Smith; Betsy Price; Ellen Sugg; Bobbi Atkins; Kay Cansler; Judy Hobson; Karen Laffman; Sherry 
Surratt; Anne Peacock; Mary Ann Homey; Vivian Brown. Second Row: Judy Richardson; Suzanne Mearnes; Celia Dudley; Frances Dayvault; Gloria Shep- 
erd; Chris Garden; Alice Graham; Lynn Barron; Cotting White; Kathy Robinson; Nancy Cushen; Joyce Deaton; Pat Strupler; Mickey Reedy. 


womErrs resideiice 

Women's Residence Council is the women's legis- 
lative branch of the Student Government, formulat- 
ing all rules governing the social standards and wel- 
fare of women students. In addition to this legis- 
lative function, the council serves as a link between 
the women students and the administration, as a co- 
ordinator of the dormitory and sorority proceedings, 
and as a sounding board for problems which arise in 
the residences. This year W.R.C. has given special 
attention to the House Councils, revising the manner 
in which members are chosen and increasing their 
functions and responsibilities. 

Seated, Left to Right: Anne Penland; Dorothy Fulghum; Pat St. John; Susan Gretz; Penny Scovil, Chairman; Mary Haverstock; Alice Gann; Ellen Allen; 
Susan Becton. Standing: Carolyn Weaver, Carol Ann Shaffer; Jerri Moser; Marie Slaughter; Shirley Ryland; Ann Cameron; Karen Gibbon; Hunter Jordan; 
Diane Webb; Dianne Coltrain; Ginny Schaum; Betty Dare Funderburk; Mary Ann Fulton; Brantley Claris, Mary Justice; Jane Russell; Bonnie Butler. 





This year, the Men's Residence Council has con- 
tinued its efforts toward the establishment of a sys- 
tem of residence colleges at the University. Eight 
colleges have been established incorporating all the 
men's residence halls. The Social program rose to a 
new high providing more and better social activities 
than ever before. It has been geared to the residence 
college level and has been marked by an enthusiasm 
and a quality that has never before been obtained. 
Court reforms and changes in the representative 
form have made this a complete year of transition 
and achievement. 

Left to Right, Seated: Joe Goodman. Standing: Paul Russell; Bryon McCoy, Wayne Cannady; Jim Hough; Til 
Haithcock; Bob Hunter; Howard Crocker. 


Left to Right, Seated: Bob Hunter, Chairman. Standing: Chuck Allard; Andy Holland; Wayne 
Cannady; Nolan Thuss; George Burkhalter. 




womErrs HonoR 

The Women's Honor Council is the court of original jurisdiction 
for all alleged violations of the campus and Honor Codes by 
women students. In addition, it hears cases involving major 
residence rule violations and appeals from the Women's House 

There are three officers: a chairman, elected each spring by 
and from the Council, a vice-chairman and a House Council 
coordinator, who work to coordinate the various resident hall 
and sorority councils. Three members of the Women's Council, 
including the chairman, serve on the Constitutional Council. 

The Council also strives to improve the Honor System and 
the students' knowledge of it. It attempts to educate the stu- 
dent body about the responsibilities of academic freedom, per- 
sonal integrity and mature social conduct. This year the Coun- 
cil, in conjunction with the Men's Honor Council, visited the 
various resident halls, fraternities and sororities to discuss the 
Honor System and its many implications. Furthermore, it is 
strongly supporting many of the judicial reforms which have 
been proposed in the area of court structure, penalties and 
women's rules. 

Front Row, Left to Right: Valerie Gwynne; Mary Grey Teague; Chairman, Leith Merrow; Bee Forester; Emily Cathey. Bock Ro 
Kirk, Barbara Britt; Diana Ricks; Ann Jamieson; Judy Fletcher; Alice Graham; Bobbie Bailey; Karen Checksfield. 

Madeline Grey; Mary Susar 



Left to Right: Richard Holderness; Tom Manley, Du 

itieits HonoR 

The Men's Honor Council, the primary judicial body for campus 
law at the University of North Carolina, has original jurisdic- 
tion in all instances of violations of the Honor and Campus 
Codes. Under the Constitution the Council has the authority to 
render decisions which include reprimand, placing on proba- 
tion, and suspension from the University. In a long tradition of 
student self-reliance, the decisions of the Council stand as a 
monument to autonomy. 

Part of the work of this year's Council has been to promote 
the Honor System throughout the campus by means of talks 
with various organizations, dormitories, sororities, and frater- 
nities. The main effort has been directed toward instilling in the 
mind of each student the credo, "The System — right or wrong," 
and toward making them especially aware that the System will 
be upheld above all. There can be no compromise of honorable 

chell, Mike Mulcatv, Taylor Branch; Bill Miller; Hap Stewart; Bill Robinson; Will Bryan Pittmar 


The Pub Board of the University is the publishing agency for 
The Daily Tar Heel, the student newspaper, and The Yackety 

Yack, the student yearbook; a pub board is also the sideboard 
in an English drinking establishment on which the meat and 
bread are placed (this practice was begun in the sixteenth cen- 
tury to keep inebriation at a civilized level by forcing the 
drinker to leave his seat and get three or four steps of exercise 
in stumbling to the sideboard), but that is irrelevant. The Board 
at UNC is composed of two faculty members appointed by the 
Chancellor, four student members elected by the student body, 
a representative of the Student Legislature, and representatives 
of the various student publications. The Board controls the 
financial policies of the two publications, which are financed 
by appropriations from student fees and by receipts from ad- 
vertising. The content of each publication is prepared and 
edited by students, under the supervision of an editor elected 
by the student body. 



Kneeling, Left to Right: Frank Longest; Tony Ivins. Standing: Dr. Kenneth Byerly; Hugh Blackwell; Dave Heacock; Ray Cass; Louise Fuller; Mrs. Fran 
Sparrow; Tom White; and Jack Harrington. 




I r HI • * 



ip- I 


L £ 

a W 4£ 

W^» j 


First Row, Left to Right: Gail Smith; Sally Buchanan; Betty Pemberton; George 
Burkhalter. Second Row: John Gilmore; Stu Matthews; Norm Wood; Steve 
Hildebrand; Richard Williams. 


Left to Right: Walter Hussman; Joan Woodworth; Chuck 
Downton, Editor; Liz Nieuwenhuis. 

Designed to familiarize the new student with 
Carolina life, Student Government, extra-curricu- 
lars, and sports, the Carolina Handbook is the 
source of information and insight into the student 
life of the University. Used predominently during 
Fall Orientation, the Handbook continues through- 
out the entire year as a sourcebook for all stu- 
dents, in addition to freshmen. The 1965-1966 
Handbook was one of the finest ever printed, well 
designed, and packed with more information than 
ever before. 




ERNEST ROBL, Photographer 
CHIP BARNARD, Cartoonist 

Sports Editor 

Managing Editor 

Celebrating its seventy-second year of editorial in- 
competence, The Daily Tar Heel, the official news 
publication of the University of North Carolina, hit 
the stands this year with a resounding thud. Pub- 
lished by students daily except Mondays, examina- 
tion periods, vacations, and when the circulation 
boys were asleep, the Tar Heel contained such items 
of earth-shaking importance as Otelia Connor's ob- 
session with trivia and David Rothman's schizo- 
phrenic drive. Ernie McCrary showed his leadership 
as editor by seeking sanctuary in the infirmary for 
six weeks of the fall semester, while the associate 
editor demonstrated his ability by being fired midway 

through the year. The Tar Heel's political writer, 
John Greenbacker, indicated that his destiny lay 
with the Hearst syndicate, the New York Journal- 
American, the New York Daily News, or the National 

Enquirer, by exhibiting an uncanny knack for jour- 
nalistic inaccuracies and inadvertant libel. One can- 
not help but commend student Charles Schulz for 
his brilliant amateur cartoon work in the Tar Heel's 
comic section, and Chip Bernard for his ability to 
confuse even the most "in" students with his acid 
caricatures. All things considered, it was a typical 
year for The Daily Heel. 


Left to Right, First Row: John Greenbacker; Lynne Harvel; Andy Myers; Ray Linville; David Rothman. Second 
Row: Kerry Sipe; Ed Freakley. 

Left to Right: Jack Harrington; John Askew; To 
Clark; Woody Sobol. 

Left to Right: Sandy Treadwell; Wayne Hur- 
der; Bill Hass; Ron Shinn; Bill Rollins; Gene 


Managing Editor 

Business Manager 

THE 1966 

Layout Editor 







Photography Co-ordii 



Top: Bob Combs, ROTC; Penny Wyszynski, Professional Schools; Carole 
Southerland, Sororities; Paula Johnson, Sororities. Middle: Gana Roberts, 
Organizations; Tommy Thurston, Photography. Bottom: Carol Dague, Tele- 
phone Editor; Linda Jones; John Lansche, Class Editor; Betsy Keen; Vassar 








"G.M. Presents." Behind this simple statement 
stands the Graham Memorial Activities Board, dedi- 
cated to serving the out-of-class needs of the cam- 
pus. G.M.A.B. is the programming agency for the 
Student Union, composed of seven student commit- 
tees — Social, Current Affairs, Publicity, Games, 
Drama, Music, and Films. Each works diligently to 
serve the student through his recreational, social, 
cultural, and academic interests. G.M.A.B. is also 
responsible for planning the G.M. Series, presenting 
top-level performers and entertainers who brighten 
the calendar with illustrious names. In the spring, it 
sponsors Jubilee, the annual all-campus weekend 
filled with concerts, entertainment and recreation. 
Recognizing that a full educational experience is not 
found in books and classes alone, the three words 
"G.M. Presents," which inconspicuously accompany 
scores of programs and activities, are indication that 
G.M.A.B. is trying its best to provide opportunities 
which can make the student's stay at Carolina as rich 
and fruitful as possible. 


Left to Right, First Row: Camilla Walters; Beverly Bailey; Diane Webb; Frank Cathey; 
Dave Knesel; Harold Cameron- Second Row: Robin Dial; Charles Evans. 

Assistant Director 


♦ ^'Jr'-'4 



•*• - --^ : ■'■ /f^ ■ 




66 C^ 


The Carolina Symposium is a concerted effort of the 
University community of Chapel Hill to bring to the 
campus outstanding speakers in various fields. In 
searching for a topic for the 1966 Carolina Sym- 
posium, the Program Committee examined many 
proposals to study particular malaises of our times. 
But in the course of this examination, we felt that 
underlying all of these was a lack of self-confidence 
in modern man, a failure of nerves. Where were we 
going? No one seemed to know; no one seemed to 
possess any basis for beginning an answer. Then the 
suggestion that our age had outgrown its myths and 
had failed to create replacements provided our direc- 
tion for the answer. Hence the topic: Man, Mind, 
and Myth. 

The 1966 Carolina Symposium examined the 
problem of myth. We began our definition of myth 
as a story which embodies and explains an already 
existing institution, phenomenon or belief. 






Because of its simplicity and the justification it lends 
to a society's pattern of operation, the myth becomes 
a powerful force, both prepetuating that pattern and 
shaping the thoughts and values of individuals in 
that society. 

Hence if a society is to attain any measure of 
intellectual self-awareness, it must understand the 
structure of its mythology and the manner in which 
this mythology affects the society as a whole, and its 
members. The purpose of the 1966 Carolina Sym- 
posium has been to conduct the university com- 
munity in such an examination. 

As of this writing, November 3, 1 965, we have had 
acceptances from Dean Alan Richardson, Dr. Daniel 
Boorstin, Dr. Walter Kaufmann, Mr. Nelson Algren, 
the Hon. Morris K. Udall, the Hon. John Lindsay, 
Mr. Ralph Ellison, and Dr. C. Vann Woodward. 

First Row, Left to Right: William Thomford; Christopher 
B. Wright. Second Row: Betsy Ross Morriss; Joan Wood- 
worth; Lyons Gray. Third Row: Kathy Cauble; J. Robin- 
son West; William Taylor. Fourth Row: Stephen Hoar. 

Left to Right: Mary King; Dr. Daniel W. Patterson, Faculty Advisor; George Butler; David Lane; William Graham; Eric Van Loon. 



«&8 Qse 

MH0T4 »«» 

►KHoH 88' 


The UNC Men's Glee Club, in its 75th touring anniversary year, 
has concentrated its major efforts toward a planned European 

This year the Club started the Fine Arts Festival at Wilming- 
ton College, sang for the Convention of American Choral Direc- 
tors, and started a radio series dedicated to the Glee Club 
alone, and to its type of music. 

On the European tour planned for June and July, the Club 
will tour England, France and several other Western European 
countries. It has tentative dates at Westminster Cathedral; the 
Welsh International Eisteddfod; the Danish-American Fourth 
of July Celebration Festival (representing the United States); 
and a two day appearance at the University of Lyon. 

The emphasis this year has also been devoted to drawing the 
students of this University and the Men's Glee Club together. 
This was accomplished to some extent through a series of con- 
certs held on the campus. These performances included the 
Scott College Dedication Ceremony, University Day, the Tues- 
day Evening Series, Christmas Caroling, and one of the Graham 
Memorial series programs. 

The Club presented approximately 40 concerts during the 
year, giving the best of CAROLINA to the people of the State, 
the Nation and the World. 



"An organized body of college men . . . dedi- 
cated to and actively involved in the enjoyment 
and the performance of good choral music" — 
so reads the constitution of the University Glee- 

Since its beginning in 1 963 as a feeder group 
for the Varsity Glee Club, the Gleemen has be- 
come an outstanding organization in its own 
right, having many accomplishments to its 
credit. In its three years, it has functioned as a 
performing group in various clubs, churches, 
and other organizations around the campus, 
and around Chapel Hill. It also has supple- 
mented the work of the Varsity Glee Club in 

joint performances at University Days, for the 
Governor's Inauguration, and for other miscel- 
laneous events. 

The club has increased in size since its be- 
ginning, and this year had approximately eighty 
voices. Doctor Joel Carter is the director of the 
club, and under his capable leadership, the 
Gleemen has established a broad repertoire of 
religious, folk, and popular music. Besides liv- 
ing up to its constitution by producing fine 
choral music, the Gleemen also derives great 
enjoyment from its singing, and each member 
enjoys being a part of the organization. 

■ . ft 



The 1965-1966 academic year was the Playmakers' 48th 
season. As often in the past, the Playmakers opened with a 
musical. This season it was Gilbert and Sullivan's famous 
musical comedy, "The Mikado." The revival of this light- 
hearted satire, which was presented by the Playmakers seven- 
teen years ago and starred then student-actor Andy Griffith, 
won great critical acclaim and played three nights to huge 
audiences in Memorial Hall. This season also included: "The 
Summer Tree," a new romantic play by U.N.C.'s Schubert 
Fellow in Playwriting, Randolph Umberger; "Holiday Moun- 
tain" by Ugo Betti; "The Importance of Being Earnest" by 
Oscar Wilde; and "Liliom," the play on which the musical 
"Carousel" is based, by Ferenc Molnar. 



First Row, Left to Right: Doug Lawson; Eunice Milton, President of YWCA; Jim Medford, President of YMCA; Mary Stahl- 
ings; Robert Schusell. Second Row: Corol Croige; Jean Winter; Tom Israel; Janet Price; Liz Nuienhuis; Walter Jackson. 

Carolina's YM and YWCA function as twin organ- 
izations to serve the needs of the student body, the 
university, and the community. Claiming Y Building 
as its traditional home, the organizations keep a 
bustle of activity in motion through the activities of 
numerous committees and special projects. Separate 
YM and YW Cabinets are composed of committee 
chairmen and executive officers and meet independ- 
ently and jointly to coordinate the organizations' 
activities and to discuss special issues. 

Community service committees sponsor programs 

with the university hospital, the mental hospital at 
Butner, the Chapel Hill rest home, and local Girl 
Scout troops. Other commitees are the United Na- 
tions, Peace Education, Public Affairs, International 
Relations, Foreign Students, Tutoring, Religious Em- 
phasis, Writer-in-Residence, Human Relations, and 
Campus Chest committees. 

Special projects during the year have included an 
International Gift Bazaar, seminar trips to the UN 
at Thanksgiving, and special speakers and discussion 

at YMCA freshman camp 


U. P. Chairman 


The University Party, founded in 1926, is Carolina's oldest 
political party. It is based on the principle that the more persons 
active in government, the stronger the government. 

This year the Party set up the most comprehensive committee 
structure in its history. A Traffic Commission will investigate 
some alternative solutions to the parking solution put into effect 
this past September. The Campus Action Board will continue its 
fine work of bringing students' complaints to the attention of 
the Administration. The Academic Affairs Committee will hold 
a Majors Week and also try to increase the length of the read- 
ing period at the end of the semester. The Research Commission 
on Challenges and Opportunities will study the problems being 
created by the ever growing University. These committees in 
addition to solving some of the more pressing campus problems 
will give members experience in committee work. 

In the fall, the Party held its most successful membership 
drive, ending with 1,300 members in the U. P. ranks. With the 
Party membership being evenly divided between fraternities 
and residence hall individuals it can truly be said that the 
University Party is an ALL CAMPUS PARTY. 

ty Party in actk 



The Lutheran Student Association maintains a 
spirit of Christian fellowship primarily through 
weekly discussion meetings dealing with topics 
of interest to the modern college student. 
LSA'ers also enjoy fellowship through recrea- 
tion, informal parties, and retreats for Lutheran 
students in the Triangle area. The Campus Cen- 
ter provides UNC Lutherans and their friends 
and dates with a place for quiet study, watching 
television, and general relaxation. 


First Row, Left to Right: Emily Vickers; Diane Copeland; Peg Maerz; Pat Parker. Second Row: 
Munir Gurgen; Cheryl Walcroft; Abdo Bardawil; Yumiko Nozaki; M. Y. Saaed; Richard Hill-Br 
Ann Hicks; Ian McDonald; Paulo Motta; Chris Muyangana; Judy Lackey; Kumio Kikichi. 

cosmopouTpn club 


First Row, Left to Right: John Harrison, President of Di-Phi; John Greenbocker; Baxter Linney, President of Di; Wright Doyle, Presi- 
dent of Phi; Karen Keen; D. K. E. Wilborn; Jane Truitt; Panther Twitty. Second Row: Jeff Davis; Ted Murphy; Don Wilson; Mary 
Canson; Mary Daniel; Chris Pansons. Third Row: Jeremy Munro; Charles Allard; Tom Wilson; Barry Schwartz Fourth Row: Randy 






The Student National Education Association is the 
professional organization for college and university 
students preparing to teach. The function of S.N. E. A. 
is to provide opportunities for professional growth; 
development of leadership; understanding of the 
history, ethics, and programs at state and national 
levels; and participation in professional activities at 
local, state, and national levels, especially integrat- 
ing programs of local associations and student edu- 

cation associations. The Carolina chapter is the 
Frank Porter Graham Chapter of S.N.E.A. and is 
affiliated with the North Carolina Education Associ- 
ation and the National Education Association. There 
are 1 37 members. The officers are Dick Bulla, presi- 
dent; Nancy Litton, treasurer; Barbara Banker, sec- 
retary; Jane Early Chanon, membership chairman; 
and Ann Guyer, vice president. 


The UNC Young Democrat Club was largely responsible for this enthusiastic welc 
Vice President Humphrey at the Raleigh-Durham Airport last Spring. 

Providing outlets for political interests 
on both the state and national level, the 
University's Young Democratic Club 
enjoyed a successful year. While ex- 
panding its membership across a broad 
cross-section of the University com- 
munity, the YDC instituted a seminar 
called Politics Backstage to approach 
politics through people who make it 
work, expanded social activities and 
presented thought-provoking speakers. 


Front Row, Left to Right: David Kiel; Ken Starling; Don Bumgardner; Eric Van Loom. 
Second Row: Curtis Branscome; Sue Whitt; Steve Kemic; Jed Dietz. Third Row: Steve 
Savitz; Bob Powell; Ed Bristol. Fourth Row: Craig Bradley; Barry Schochet; Johr 
Sarratt; Jerry Wagner. 


The Debate Team continues to build its national 
reputation by wins at Emory and at the nation- 
ally famous Dartmouth Invitational Tourna- 
ment. This year, in addition to Emory and 
Dartmouth, the team will travel to NYU, Har- 
vard, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, and Duke while 
debating the topic RESOLVED: "That law 
enforcement agencies in the U. S. should be 
given greater freedom in the investigation and 
prosecution of crime." 

The varsity team is now beginning to show 
the results of the expanded novice (first year 
debator) program which has been carried on 
during the last two years. And to this year's 
novice team passes the task of being defending 
ACC champions for the second consecutive 

In its First Annual Tarheel Invitational De- 
bate Tournament the Debate Team was host 
to twenty-three schools and over one hundred 
debators from the North, South, and Mid-West. 
The nine rounds of collegiate debate ended 
with the University of Georgia in first place. 
The response was very favorable and plans are 
being made for next year's tournament and 
efforts are being made to bring a greater num- 
ber of schools to UNC for the competition. 

womErrs rthletic RssociRTion 

Front Row, Left to Right: Tammy Tasker; Judy Hall; Ann Palmer. Second Row: Gana Roberts; Marti Banks; Sherry Clark; Jan Vo 
cannon; Gail Austin; Miss Cranford; Lynn Canady; Linda Connelly; Annie Leonard. Third Row: Jan Wuehrmann; Holly Willian 
Georgia Marshall; Stella Eller; Jean Miller; Johnna Everett, Audrey Cavenaugh; Daisy Hall, and Carol Benjamin. 




The Student Athletic Council was established by the 
Student Legislature in 1 959, to serve as a co-ordinat- 
ing body for athletic matters. The chairman of the 
Council is the President of the Carolina Athletic 
Association, and the other twelve members represent 
various athletic-oriented student organizations, as 
well as representatives from the legislative and ex- 
ecutive branches of Student Government. 

Planning the Homecoming Weekend is the major 
project of the S.A.C. The 1 965 Homecoming was the 
best ever. The first campus-wide election of the 
Queen, a big Fireworks-Pep Rally, a display contest, 
and an elaborate halftime ceremony highlighted a 
successful weekend. The active Council also spon- 
sored the Carolina Sweethearts, a group of twenty- 
three coeds representing all women's dormitories and 
sororities. The girls softened-up visiting football and 

Front Row, Left to Right: Rick Kramer. Second Row: Jerry 
Houle; Sharon Rose. Third Row: Dave Rowe; Lee January; 
Gail Austin; Harry Hollingsworth. Fourth Row: John Harmon. 

basketball teams in their "Welcome to Carolina" 

A pep club was organized this year by the S.A.C. 
to follow the Tar Heel basketball team in games 
around the state. Their enthusiasm and support were 
big assets to the team. 

All projects of the Student Athletic Council are left 
to the discretion and initiative of the council, and 
periodic reports are made to the Student Legislature. 

Lett Up: Fleming, Shannon 
Graham; Murphy; Sandlin; 

Dankworth; Waite, Patterson; Bennett; Fisher; Sherman; Wiggii 
Prince; Howerton; Hooper; Rumley; Shaffer; Teague; Morris; Bar 

-inett; Yokley Bock to Front: Wall; 


, ' 


^XSS^^Pv \ 



Midshipman Commander 
Battalion Executive Officer 

First Row, Left to Right: Lt (ig.) J. A. Novelline; Lt. S. Fields; Lcdr. E. W. Hille; 
Ma|. H. L Cook; Lt. M. L. Mulford; Lt. (jg.) D. B. Trantham. Second Row: 
R. B. Robinson, Ssgt; C. A. Taylor, Ync; R. J. Brown, Gmgc; S. D. Jones, Qmc; 
C. L. Smith, Sk 1. 




Midshipman Captain 
Battalion Commander 

Center Front: Wright, T. W.; First Row, Left to Right: Mittendorf, G. E.; 
Ingram, J. C; Kolodziei, U. D. Second Row: Moore, S. H.; Beckett, R. S.; 
Sessoms, W. H. 


Feher, D. T., Executive Officer. 


The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, commanded by 
Captain Rex W. Warner, USN, was established at UNC in 
1940, the first ROTC unit on this campus. The UNC unit 
was chosen this summer to conduct the six week training 
camp, a requirement for the new NROTC two year program. 
The unit is the third largest in the United States and has 
commissioned over eleven hundred officers. Overy fifty 
midshipmen will be commissioned as ensigns in the United 
States Navy this year. 

The NROTC Midshipman Battalion is commanded by 
Midshipman Captain Richard S. Johnson and is composed 
of approximately three hundred university students. Within 
the battalion are several groups, such as, the Drill Team, 
Rifle Team, and the Drum and Bugle Corps. For the past 
two years Carolina's NROTC Unit has received the highest 
rating possible in both administrative and military aspects. 


zales, P. W , Guide. Standing, Left to 
Right: Keber, R L., CPO; Bledsoe, S., 
Commander; Newcomb, R. D., Execu- 
tive Officer. 



*t SrJ J 

Wijjjil I 



STAFF. Front: Hume, 

R. L., Guide. Standing, 

Left to Right: Twiddy, 

C. A., CPO; Bellmon, 

T. R., Commander; 

Wagenseil, L. L., 

Executive Officer. 

STAFF. Front: Palmer, 
C. J., Guide Standing, 
Left to Right: Killian, 
C. E., CPO; Greenamyer 
R. D., Commander; 
Lovell, J. T., Executive 



First Row, Front to Bock: F. J. DiAddezzo; M. B. Wigg 

A. S. Cameron; J. J. Norkus. Second Row: R. B. Newlin; L. S 
Anderson; J. R. Burd; G. D. Smith. Third Row: A. B. Flick, 

B. N. Koch; J. R. Fernstrom; F. C. Chitty. Fourth Row: C. J 
Watts; S. Bledsoe; J. C. Carrington; A. P. Garrett. Center 
R. S. Johnson, Pres. 

First Row, Lett to Right: SSgt R. B. Robinson, Team Coach; Libby; Schnable; Marvin; 
Hammerbeck; Pergerson. Second Row: Wagenseil, Captain; Spencer; Bellman; Mitten- 
dorff; Leinoter; Moseley. 

Left to Right: R B. Pamplin; H. L. Weatherbee; C. A. Pr 
ton; M. W. Sills. 

Seated: J. T. Kellog. Standing, Left to Right: A. S. Cameron; B. T. McDonald; D. S. Boat; 
M. S. O'Leary; A. B. Flick; S. Bledsoe; J. W. Robinson; J. H. Nicholson, Editor; R. J. Shade. 




Professor of Aerospace Studies 

DETACHMENT STAFF. Front Row, Left to Right: Maj. W. H. Khnker; Ma|. T. F. Hamilton, 
Capt. B. E. Whisenant; Capt. R. H. Bucher. Bock Row, Left to Right: MSgt. C. M. Long; 
SSgt. W. J. Vogel; TSgt. C. R. Evans; SSgt. F H. Woodward. 

CADET HEADQUARTERS STAFF. First Row, Left to Right: Bandy; Harville; Skeen; Poujet 
Mosteller; Finch; Evans; Rector. Second Row: Davis; Marshall; Davis; Snuff; Wallace 
Creal; Hollingsworth; Scheer. Third Row: Markham; Chaffin; Deaplez; Linvilla; Clark 
Pedone. Fourth Row: Fradley; McDonald; Scruggs; Sanuake; Finklestien. 

Group Commander 







«M .- ■ 


Over two hundred and fifty cadets filled the ranks 
of the Air Force ROTC this year. Led by Cadet 
Colonel Ellis J. Harrington, Jr., the cadets were 
given an integrated training program on the 
drill field, in leadership laboratory periods, and 
through other corps activities. Thirteen senior 
cadets were involved in the Flight Instruction Pro- 
gram (FIP), which leads to a private pilot's license. 

The Rammers, state AFROTC drill team cham- 
pions, continued their fine performances with 
appearances throughout the state, at the state 
competition, and at the Cherry Blossom festival 
in Washington, D. C. Other corps activities in- 
cluded the ROTC formal ball, two corps picnics, 
and a cadet talent show. Another highlight was 
the care and entertainment of the Angel Flight — - 
a group of University coeds who serve as official 
hostesses for cadet functions. 

For the first time this year, seven scholarships 
were given to rising juniors. In addition, a two-year 
AFROTC program was started this summer. This 
new program requires six weeks of summer camp 
after the sophomore year and two years of aca- 
demics. The most worthwhile event, of course, is 
commissioning — that moment toward which all 
the drudgery, sweat and effort has been directed. 
This year more than forty cadets will take the oath 
of office as officers in the Air Force. 






First Row, Left to Right: Connie Roberts, Commander; Connie Croom; Ann Mcintosh; Michel Bealieu; Betty Pemberto 
Atchley; Isabelle Szczerbiak; Peggy Dukes; Meg Dillon; Shelia Knedlik; Toffy Henry; Judy Edmonson; Libby Beatie 
Pictured: Terry Verduin; Nancy Litton; Ernestine Craig. 

i; Diane Gallirr 
Betty Oldhan 

The Angel Flight is the auxiliary of and is sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. The purposes of the Flight are 
to strengthen and promote interest in the AFROTC, to aid in the progress of the Arnold Air Society and the 
Cadet Corps, and to gain and to promote the high morale in the AFROTC Corps. 

To fulfill these objectives, the Angels maintain a full schedule of activities. They assist the Corps through 
the planning and preparation of coffee hours, the Air Force Ball, the Corps' picnics and other social events. 
They also accompany cadets on Air Force Base visitations and attend the Angel Flight National Conclave, 
which was held in Dallas, Texas, this year. 

Though most of the Angel Flight's activities take place on a local level, it is a national organization with 
one hundred twenty flights within the United States. As in the past, this has been a full and rewarding year for 
the girls who wear the silver wings of the Angel Flight here at UNC. 

The Arnold Air Society, founded in 1 947 in honor of General H. H. "Hap" Arnold, is a national honorary serv- 
ice organization composed of selected AFROTC cadets. To promote interest within the Cadet Corps and in the 
Air Force, the Society offers a wide variety of activities from speakers and films to service projects and social 
events. UNC's Jesse J. Moorhead Squadron is now serving its second consecutive year at Area B-2 Headquar- 
ters, supervising the activities of a six-school program in Virginia and North Carolina. 

First Row, Left to Right: C. W. Finch, G. L. Rector; R. R. Bandy; B. G. Deazley; C. G. Thompson; N. R. Woodcock; G. L. Andrews. Second Row: T. C. Har- 
ville; A. B. Marshall; B. H. Etherington; L. W. Markham; R. E. Creal; R. S. Bernhardt. Third Row: R. E. M. Frady; G. R. McLain; J. R. Warfel; A. J. Augus- 
tine; L. E. Shuff; J. P. Acree; E. W. Hellen; B. T. Conway; W. T. Chaffin. Not Pictured: C. L. Clem; F. H. Scheer. 

M\ ■ #. 

First Row, Left to Right: R. 5. Bernhardt; T. W. Wright; K. E. Worrell; T. R. Bellman; R. R. Bandy; R. S. Johnson. Second Row: R. D. Greenamyer; W. M. 
Hatch; A. A. F. Seawell; D. S. Boal; F. H. Scheer; A. M. Murphy; G. R. McLam; L. L. Wogneseil; J. P. Acree; R. B. Newlin; R. B. Taylor; A. S. Anderson; 
E. J. Harrington. Third Row: N. R. Woodcock; L. S. Blankinship; J, R. Warfel; B. E. Remer; J. E. Gordon; C. A. Twiddy; Mo|. Klinker, Advisor; Ma|. Cook, 
Advisor; C. W. Finch; F. L. Rudell, B. H. Etherington; S. W. McCallie; T. H. Clerk. Fourth Row: R. E. M. Frady; D. R. Thompson; A. Loudon; H. J. Wiler; 
H. L. Wetherbee; L. W. Markham; A. B. Marshall; R. J. Gebeaux; C. G. Thompson, Not Pictured: T. C. Harville; R. M. Combs; G. L. Rector; S. Bledsoe; 
J. Ingrham. 

Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of 
Wisconsin in 1904 as a national honorary military 
society for the purpose of developing and fostering 
ideals, practice, and education of military affairs in 
the United States. At the University of North Caro- 
lina, "L" Company, 8th Regiment was established in 
1949. Scabbard and Blade is composed of outstand- 

ing juniors and seniors from the ranks of NROTC 
midshipmen and AFROTC cadets. The primary re- 
quirements for selection for membership are service 
and interest in the ROTC program. Scabbard and 
Blade, also sponsors the annual Military Week 
which culminates in the Military Ball. 

Semper Fidelis celebrates Marine Corps Birthday 

The Alpha Chapter of the Semper Fidelis Society was 
established at the University of North Carolina on 9 
October 1952. It was founded by students to prepare 
themselves as officers in the United States Marine 
Corps. They set forth objectives of receiving and 
disseminating policies, doctrines, and vital informa- 

tion pertinent to better understanding of their future 
responsibilities as officers in the U. S. Marine Corps; 
stimulation and protection of the high traditions and 
ideals of the Corps; promotion of good fellowship and 
cultivation of the social virtues among its members. 





Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international honor society 
for pre-medical and pre-dental students. It was founded 
at the University of Alabama in 1926. The University 
of North Carolina Beta Chapter was founded in 1936. 
The object of the society is to stimulate and recognize 
excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental scholarship. 








DR. WILLIAM R. STRAUGH Advisor, Honorary Member 


Abbott, Arthur Travis 
Atkins, William Shaffer 
Baker, Jack Rudolph 
Bright, Don Clark 
Busby, William Jarvis 
Cameron, Harold Harrington 
Carver, John Henry, Jr. 
Cohan, Robert Henry, Jr. 
Coxe, James Sherwood, 1 1 1 
Dingeldein, George Peter 
Eakins, Joey William 
Elkins, Wilson Oliver 
Goodwin, James Oscar 
Graham, Walter Raleigh, Jr. 
Gygi, Andrew Charles, J r. 
Henderson, Frederick Wayland 
Holder, Walter Dalton, Jr. 
Kirk, Mary Susan 

Leonard, James Raymond Wesley 
Ludington, John Robert, Jr. 
McFadden, David Morris 
Montgomery, Elwood Lee, Jr. 
Morrison, John Calvin 
Olive, George Morley, Jr. 
Patterson, F. M. Simmons, Jr. 
Pegram, Paul Samuel, Jr. 
Peterson, Henry Oscar, III 
Pittman, William Bryan 
Powell, Richard Randolph 
Ruskin, Paul Alan 
Sasser, William Dudley 
Smithwick, James David 
Steele, John Richard 
Surratt, John Peeler 
Wait, Dwight William, III 
Yelton, Blane Wesley, Jr. 


dnrgnn a Mmb IGofoge 



Scriptor Quaestor 




■ . 


Nicholas B. Adams 
Walter R. Berryhill 
James B. Bui! I it 
Raymond H. Dawson 
Clifford M. Foust 
Keener C. Frazer 
William M. Geer 
Edward McG. Hedgpeth 
Urban T. Holmes 
Dougald MacMillan 


Charles Michael Baucom Samuel Bean Kellett 

James Ballard Brame, Jr Geoffrey Van Buskirk Parker 

Thomas Hamilton Broyhill, II Charles Harvey Stanley 

Larry Moses Dew Malcom Thurston Upchurch 

John Burke Emory James Henry Van Mess 

William Lewis Joyner John Hale Yokley, Jr. 


Phi Beta Kappa was founded at the College of William and Mary December 5, 1776. The Alpha Chapter 
of North Carolina was established here November 7, 1904, and there are at present 170 chapters. 





Recording Secretary 

Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer 


Composed of the above officers and following professors: 


Joseph Robert Beatty 
Robert Joseph Corder 
Mary Elizabeth Daniell 
Joseph Kenneth Dougherty 
George Wright Doyle 
Alexander Baron Holmes, IV 
Katherine Elizabeth Jenner 
David Avra Lane 
John Richard Leonard, III 
Spencer Wyatt McCaliie 
Charles William McFadden, V 
James Bullard Meade 
John Calvin Morrison, Jr. 
Lauritz William Olson 
John Atlas Phillips 
John Daniel Shelburne 
Richard Alfred Sperling 
David Mitchell Swanson 
Spencer Felton Tinkham 
Samuel Augusta Truitt 
Roy Steven Turner 


Robert Traywick Allen, III 

Carven Dwight Angel 

Marie Land Avery 

Rosa Long Beckwith 

Robert Augustus Buchanan, Jr. 

Thomas Jefferson Byrum, Jr. 

James William Clark, Jr. 

Janice Elaine Cutler 

Victor Wayne Daniel 

Wallace Lee Daniel, Jr. 

Dorothy Miller Davis 

Joel Flood Drinkard, Jr. 

Alton Paul Eason 

Jane Engle 

Beth Louise Fineberg 

Earl Williamson Good 

Cleon Walton Goodwin, Jr. 

Anne Walker Gore 

RufusMcPhail Herring, Jr. 

Vicky Jane Hodges 

Phyllis Harris Jack 

William Delmar Jenkins, Jr. 

Dale A. C. Keyser 

Marian Kimmerer 

Victoria Hallie King 

Jerry Allen Little 

Colin Kim Loftin 

Daniel Irwin Maclntyre, IV 

Park McGinty 

Brooke Hamilton McKomy 

Michael David McLaurin 

Edward Stephens Martin 

John McRae Medlin 

Edward Frederick Messina 

b r 

Jessatha MacFarland Mills 
Bonnie Glenn Harper Mitchell 
Sandra Levoy Morgan 
George Curtis Petree, Jr. 
Margaret Anne Pierce 
Peter Ross Range 
Vernon Joseph Robinson 
Barbara Lee Samuel 
Richard Berton Sargent 
Thomas Fletcher Scott, Jr. 
Ann Layton Skelly 
Robert Blonton Stafford 
Gray Temple, Jr. 
Richard Stockton Trenbath 
Anina Tribble 
Sara Anne Trott 
Henry Wilson Tysinger, III 
Heathcote Wales 
Francis Marion Welsh, III 
Russell Everett Williams, Jr. 
Mitzi Jean Yount 

DECEMBER 7, 1965 

Vivian Priscilla Bercik Adams 
Henry Belden Aldridge 
Ac Ann McGalliard Brunson 
Richard Lilton Bryson 
Thomas Milton Byrd 
Lelia Thomas Clinard 
Vance Darron, Jr. 
Walter Raleigh Graham, Jr. 
James Charles Gray 
Robert Edward Huff 
Pamela Susan Johnston 
Richard Elliott Jones 
Glenn Aubrey Lancaster, Jr. 
Nancy Irene Lee 
Herbert Leroy Left 
Richard A. Levin 
William Murray Linker, III 
Allen Pierce McDonald 
Susan Bartee Mclntyre 
Quincy Albert McNeil, Jr. 
Patricia Evelyn Miller 
Andrew Marshall Murphy 
Dennis Wayne Organ 
Sloane Waller Payne, Jr. 
Susan Price Powell 
William Pressly Robinson 
Herbert Evans Siskron, Jr. 
Shirley Ann Wolfe (Smith) 
Kay Phillips Williams 
Ritchie Devon Watson, Jr. 
Paul David Wellstone 
Hugh McCall Wilson 


William Clyde Friday 



Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman honorary fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois March 22, 
1923, and at the present time has 1 25 chapters. Our chapter was established in 1947. 







DR. DAVID T. LANKIN Faculty Adviser 




MARCH 31, 1965 

Stephen Vaughn Bolcom 
John Under Barber 
Berlin Francis Barham, Jr. 
Charles Killian Barwick 
Franklin Taylor Branch 
John Michael Brown 
Llewellyn Gartrelle Brown 
William Howard Bullock 
Dudley Joe Burton 
Michael Evan Byrd 
Thomas Edward Carpenter 
Ronald Nelson Casey 
Michael Wescott Corkran 
Daniel Thomas Cox 
Charles Herman Cranford 
Reed Ligon Cunningham 
Nathan Edward Davis 
Jacob Leonard Dickens, Jr. 
David Arthur Dodd 
Francis Marion Faulkner 
Robert Bradham Felder 
William Allan Findlay 
James David Garrison 
Fredric Michael Gerard 
Jonathan Carl Gibson 
Frank Elliott Goldberg 
Ralph Ronald Grosswald 
Craig Winston Harrington, Jr. 
Hubert Benbury Haywood 
James Michael Hines 
Steven Alan Hockfield 
Richard Thurston Holderness 
Bruce Bryan Hughes 

George Thompson Hutton 
Frederic Tony Jaffee 
Michael Wayne Johnson 
Frank Allen Jones, Jr. 
David Harris Kiel 
Lawrence Evans Lackey, Jr. 
Ralph Brooks Levering 
William Jennings Lewis 
William Everett Long 
Thomas Jack Manley 
John Thomas Manning, Jr. 
David Darrah McFadden 
Donald Martin McPhaul 
William Propst Miller 
William M. Mitchell, Jr. 
Edward Michael O'Keefe 
Ernest Norwood Petteway, Jr. 
Petrie Morrison Rainey 
Haywood Forney Rankin 
Claude Mark Reed 
William Lee Rogers 
Logan Everett Sawyer, Jr. 
William Lee Schlosser 
Barry Howard Schwartz 
Joel Stewart Simpson 
Haywood Clark Smith, Jr. 
Jack Johnson Spalding, IV 
Michael William Taylor 
Carl Franklin Thompson, Jr. 
Francis Rogers Toms, Jr. 
William MacNider Trott 
Michael James Varn 
John Nelson Wall 
Howard Pearson West 
Robert Emmett Winton 
John William Yates, II 
William Walter Zambelli 


d^rber of tfte #ratl 



. . . . Scribe 
. . Exchequer 

JAMES BULLARD MEADE .... Vice-Exchequer 


Donald Wayne Carson 
Paul Dickson, III 
Lawrence Albert Ehrhart, III 
Britton Lawrence Gordon, Jr. 
William Albert Graham, Jr. 
John Matney Harmon 
Joseph Franklin Martin 
Armistead Jones Maupin, Jr. 
Spencer Wyatt McCallie 
Allen Pierce McDonald 

James Bullard Meade 
James Allen Medford 
Dennis Theodore O'Toole 
Albert Parish Pepper, Jr. 
John Daniel Shelburne 
Penn Rodion Szittya 
William Neil Thomas 
Don Thomas Wilson 
Robert Owen Wilson 




c \\>e Old g 



Major Bird 
Minor Bird 
Money Bird 


275 Randy "Whooping Bananaquit" Bennett 

276 Erskine "High-leaping Roadrunner" Bowles 

277 Terrell "Broad-billed Bee Eater" Boyle 

278 Kathy "Olive-sided Seed Snipe" Cannon 

279 Bubba "Babbling Bustard Bird" Doggerell 

280 John "Whale-headed Bulbill" Dwight 

282 Susie "Spot-breasted Stilt" Gebhardt 

283 Pam "Rockhopping Harpy" Hooper 

284 Julia "White-flanked Ibis" Jordon 

285 Sammy "Ocellated Surf Scoter" Kellett 
268 Buddy "Mumbling Magpie" Lawrence 

287 Scottie "Silver-eared Stomping Skua" Liipfert 

288 Mary "Buffleheaded Sugarbird" Lowe 

289 Frank "Noisy Billed Friarbird" Martin 

290 Jeff "Great Bodied Snakebird" Parker 

291 Mikey "Raving Notnot" Rettew 

292 Patricia "Black-spotted Antpipit" Rumley 

293 Jean "Swift-serving Stonechat" Sims 

294 Harvey "Rough-winged Butcherbird" Stanley 

295 John "Semipalmated Trumpeter" Trull 
259 Bill "Bull-headed Plover" Upchurch 

296 George "Cackling Caracara" Wainwright 

297 Martha "Mighty-footed Weka" Weeks 

298 Charles "Plush-capped Hammerhead" Wilkins 

299 Ed "Vinous-throated Rufous" Williams 

124 Katherine "Chickadee" Carmichael 

125 Frances "Fantai I" Hogan 
127 Charles "Catbird" Bernard 

129 Doug "Dodo" Sessoms 

130 J. P. "Hummingbird" Harland 

146 George "Morning Dove" Daniels 

147 Jessie "Junco" Rehder 


233 Douglas "Albagross" Eyre 

234 James "Floating Fowl" Godfrey 

235 Spero "Moon-fronted Jug Swallow" Dorton 

238 George "Skung-headed Blackbird" Barclay 

239 Arthur "Jailbird" Beaumont 

240 Hugh "Bushy-eye Limpkin" Lef ler 



OFFICERS 1964-65 
Philip Augustine Baddour, Jr. 
Edward Stephens Martin 
Heathcote Woolsey Wales 
Roger William Smith 

MARCH 29, 1965 

724 James Roy Fullwood 

725 Joseph Curtis Sloane 

726 William Geremain Hancock 

727 Gray Temple 

728 Charles Batcheller Neely, Jr. 

729 Willis Howard Williams 

730 Ralph Henderson Scott 

731 ParkMcGinty 

732 James William Clark, Jr. 

733 Kenneth Henderson Willard 

734 Joseph Franklin Martin 

735 James Hodson Clotfelter, Jr. 

736 William Monroe Geer 

737 Albert Lee Sneed, Jr. 

738 Vance Barron, Jr. 

739 Russell Timothy Oliver 

740 John Daniel Shelvurne 

741 Malvern Francis King, Jr. 

742 Michael Henry Chanin 

743 Paul Dickson, III 


662 Henry Newton Patterson, Jr 
706 William Arthur Hays 
71 1/P"hilip Augustine Baddfi<Jr, Jr y 
714 Roger William Smityr 
724 James Roy Fullwoo^r: 
Joseph Franklin Martin 
John Daniel Shelburne 
Malvern Francis King 
Paul Dickson/Hl 
, JF/A 


Mfred Williams Haywood, J 




ACliLTVf^RGONAUTS 1965-66 

Jward Teague 
1ph Rankin 
Burton House 
|Jst Lloyd Mackie 
srt Coates 
Burton Linker 

idrydon Perry Spruill 

■ridrifclt CanlWi 
'Eor/e/Ho/afci H 
Joseph/ Mqrya t 
/tdb«r»A|eJ<(jn 1 
Frederick Henry Weaver 
Alfred Guy Ivey 
Ernest Craige 
James Evans Davis 
John Franklin Lynch, Jr. 
William Melvin Shuford 
Isaac Montrose Taylor 
James Frederick Newsome 
Hugh Talmadge Lefler 
Harry Kitson Russell 
William West Taylor 
Frank William Hanft 
William Clyde Friday 
John Alvin Kirkland 
Robert Allison Fetzer 
Walter Reese Berryhill 
Roy Walston Holsten 
John Lassiter Sanders 
Henry Parker Brandis 
John Martin Schnorrenberg 
Julian Dewey Mason 
Dudley Dewitt Carroll 
Thomas Antony Ressuto, Jr. 
Kenneth Lowing Pengar 
William Woodard McLendon 
Henry Hursell Dearman 
Preston Herchel Epps 
Foster Fitz-Simons 
Louis Round Wilson 
Wilton Elman Mason, Jr. 
William Brantley Aycock 
Bernard Henry Boyd 
Sturgis Elleno Leavitt 
Nathan Anthony Womack 
George Vanderbeck Taylor 
Kenneth Merle Brinkhous 
Frederick Guillermo Gil 
Joseph Summers Floyd, Jr. 
Samuel Smythe Hill, Jr. 
Joseph Curtis Sloane 
William Monroe Geer 


Elizabeth Penfield Scovil 
Myrtle Kathleen Cauble 

Myrtle Kathleen Cauble 
Diana Gayle Foote 
Martha Zink Gibson 
Madeline Dell Gray 
Susan Gertrude Gretz 
Sue Stalvey Guerry 

Sara Anne Trott 
Betsy C. Williams 
Sylvia Shields 
Jane Engle 
Jean Hampton Dillon 


President Madaline Dell Grey 


Martha Zink Gibson 



MEMBERS 1965-1966 

Mary Susan Kirk 
Miriam Rose Lane 
Helen Leith 
Eunice Howze Milton 
Sharon Marie O'Donnell 
Elizabeth Penfield Scovil 


Roxanne B. Kalb 
Mary John Cobb 
Jane Baldwin Dallen 
Nancy Gayle Raulerson 
Elizabeth Louise Menefee 

Elizabeth Anderson Taylor 
Mary Gray Teague 
Sylia Anne Wall 
Camilla Hays Walters 
David Kathryn Wilborne 
John Dee Woodworth 

Martha Nietold Johnson 
Hatice Uskup 
Suzanne Micaud 
Mrs. Sara Jo Manning 
Mrs. Paul F. Sharp 


LflmBDfl phi omEGfl 





Michael Charles Krug, High Priest 
Michael John Gaines 
D. Robert Enton 
Gary Robert Gross 
Richard Reed Rosen, II 

I. Robert Helbein 
Steven Morehead Kaplan 
Richard Fowler Gins 

Richard Scoot Savitt 

Myron Leonard Slutsky 
Charles Hagerman Goldman 
Barry Ashley Zaslav 
Lawrence Thurston Heller, II 



Louis Davidson Legum 
Martin Greer Friedland 
Aaron Mason Levy 
Michael Geoffrey Zaslav 
Richard Baxter Weiner 
Hilton Drummond Goldman 
Stephen Marc Beyer 
Michael Phillip Jagger 

Paul Lyle Glasser 

Jack Henderson Hanchrow 

Paul Leon Chused 

Peter Lawrence Heymann 

Zachery Richard Winston, Poppii 







Albert Gordon Appell 
Ronald Charles Aycock 
Phillip Augustine Baddour, Jr. 
James Clark Brewer 
Edward R. Burt 
Donald Wayne Carson 
Larry Harold Coleman 
Issac Alan Craig 
Perino Marcellin Dearing, Jr. 
Paul Dickson, III 
Gerald Alan Droze 
James Ray Fullwood 
William Arthur Hays, Jr. 
Samuel Pancoast Hunt, II 

Robert Carl Hunter 
John Carter Ingram 
Charles F. Longino 
Kenneth Byron McCoy 
Robert Michael Payton 
Paul Gregory Russell 
Albert Parrish Pepper 
London Earl Shuff 
Robert Worthington Spearman 
Walter Warren Tuthill 

In Memoriam 

Roger A. Davis 


Wesley Neil Bass Edward N. Ha I ford 

Robert Wilson Carter William E. Houser 

Charles Dunn Thomas N. Walters 


William Brantley Aycock 
Arthur James Beaumont 
John S. Bennett 
James Cansler 
Donald Atlas Furtado 
Charles Henderson, Jr. 
Robert B. House 
James C. Wadsworth 
Frederick Henry Weaver 

Robert White Linker 
William Graves Long 
James Parker 
Walter Rabb 
Paul F. Sharp 
Fred Shroeder 
Paul Sturdivant 
James C. Wallace 


Wot ®xbtx of t&e 0lh Meli 













William Donald Carmichael 
William Robert Coulter 
Jesse Henry Dedmond 
Peter Harry Gerns 


Samuel Hisch Willia 

Charles Louis Jonhston, Jr. Basil L 

Allard Kenneth Lowenstein Donah 

William Ernest Mackie 
Basil LamarSherrill 
Donald Gray Shropshire 

Leonard Adolph Szafaryn 
Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory 
Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie 
Dr. William Smith Wells 

Henty Belden Aldrige 
Ellen Beattie Allen 
Leslie Wilmer Bailey, Jr. 
Thomas Eugene Barrier 
Everett I ra Baucom 
Milton Vaughn Bauguess 
Myrtie Moon Bilbro 
Hugh Allen Blackwell 
Alice Murdoch Brown 
Diana Wellons Butner 
Helen Manly Butt 
Myrtle Kathleen Cauble 
Larry Harold Coleman 
Michael Henry Chanin 
Donald Wayne Carson 
William Terrell Campbell 
Stanley William Terrell Campbell 
Jefferson Bryan Davis, Jr. 
William Elmo Davis 
Stephen Neal Dennis 
Jean Hampton Dillin 


Charles Edwards Downton, III 
Adolphus Drewry Frazier 
Lawrence Albert Ehrhart 
John Daniel Froneberger 
Britton Lawrence Gordon, Jr. 
Judith Pierrepont Grape, Jr. 
William Geremain Hancock 
Bayard Easter Harris 
Charles Roberson Hassell, Jr. 
Samuel Pancoast Hunt, III 
Neal Andrews Jackson 
Victoria Hallie King 
Richard Fredick Kramer 
Mary Linda Lewis 
Frances Lichtenfels 
James Woodson Light 
James David Little 
William Wilson Lowrance, Jr. 
John Malcolm MacNicholas 
Arthur Dwight Mai I let 
Kenneth Lee Mann 

Edward Stephens Martin 
Armistead Jones Maupin, Jr. 
Spencer Wyatt McCallie 
James Bullard Meade 
Elizabeth Louise Menefee 
Edwin Brownrigg Borden Parker 
Geoff ry Van Buskirk Parker 
Robert Michael Payton 
Albert Parrish Pepper, Jr. 
Carolyn Louise Plott 
Nancy Gayle Ravlerson 
James CI if ford Riley 
David Lawrence Robbins 
John Daniel Shelburne 
Faryl Evan Sims 
Ellen Joan Solomon 
Sharon Stanley 
William Neil Thomas 
Richard Stockton Trenbath 
Helen June Troy 
Warren W. Williams, Jr. 


Phi Alpha Theta is a national honoray society whose purpose is to honor excellence in history. It was 
founded at the University of Arkansas on March 14, 1 921 , and Delta Pi Chapter at U.N.C. was founded 
in 1952. 






Faculty Advisor 


William Preston Aycock, II 
John Andrew Britton 
Larry Gipson Crumpler 
Elbert Edwin Edwards 
Jerry Jordon Ellis 
Frank Hall 
Sharon Elaine Hardy 
John Matney Harmon 
Gerald Garant Hodges 
Alexander Baron Holmes, IV 
Sandra Sue Horton 
William Sidney Hoyle 
Harry Trent Hutcheson 
John A. Hutcheson, Jr. 
Harold Martin Lancaster 

DECEMBER 11, 1964 

Miriam Lane 

Elton Ray Lanier 

Charles Deems Lefler 

John Calvin Morrison 

William A. Neustadt 

Priscilla White Patterson 

John Daniel Shelburne 

Margaret Patricica Shewmaker 

Alexa Jane Smith 

Michael Brooks Terry 

Sara Ann Trott 

Ray Steven Turner 

David Katherine Elizabeth Wilborn 

Hubert Kendall Wooten 






LOUIS P. BELL, JR Secretary-Treasurer 


J. L. Brannon 

E. A. Brecht 

M. A. Chambers 
Shu-Sing Cheng 
G. H. Cocolas 
A. W. Jowdy 
Claude Piantadosi 
James K. Lim 

F. T. Semeniuk 
H. O. Thompson 
J. K.Wier 


Louis Pershing Bell, Jr. 
Margaret Clayton Gebhardt 
Terry Walter Heatherington 
Thomas Theophilis Lilly 
Neill Hector Musselwhite, III 
Nellie Elizabeth Paterson 
Allan Warren Solter 



Sigma Theta Tau is the national honor society for nurses. Alpha Alpha Chapter 
was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1962. The purpose of the 
society is to promote high professional standards and individual development 
and to advance the profession of nursing. Members are honored for their supe- 
rior scholarship, leadership qualities, and capacity for personal growth. 


JO ANN PAIGE President 

STELLA GILMORE Vice President 

FRANCES ROSS President-Elect 

LUCY FORT Corresponding Secretary 

KAREN GUNDERSON Recording Secretary 






llene Kay Allen 

Claudia Barnes 

Judith Bartlett 

Mary Margaret Bowsher 

Marie Phillips Cloney 

Rhonda T. Cozart 

Lyle Marie Fisher 

Martha Zink Gibson 

Stella Gilmore 

Karen Gunderson 

Rebecca Holland 

Ann Barbee Houston 

Elizabeth Fay McNaull 

Frances J. Thomas 

Elaine Morrison Whitehurst 

Carolyn Williams 


Deanna Cross 
Martha Clyde Davis 
Lucy Fort 
Beverly Fussell 
Nancy Gi Mi land 
Virginia Hargett 
Linda Hudson 
Dr. Elizabeth Kemble 
Dr. Eloise Lewis 
Doris Lister 
Margaret Moore 
Sally Nicholson 
Faye Pickard 
Betty West 


Elizabeth Scott Carrington 
Mary V. Cheek 
Margaret B. Dolan 
Dr. Margaret Shetland 
Carrie M. Spurgeon 











331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 

343 Dudley DeWitt Carroll 

365 George Watts Hill 

385 Robert Ervin Coker 

439 James Penrose Harland 

442 Robert Burton House 

490 Fletcher Melvin Green 

492 Charles Milton Shaffer 

540 Ernest Craige 

546 Harry Kitsun Russell 

582 Isaac Montrose Taylor 

634 Lyman Atkinson Cotten 

650 Roy Walter Holsten 

662 Sydenham Benoni Alexander 


i ■ 

663 Frank Wysor Klingberg 

664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 

665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 

678 Herbert Ralph Baer 

679 George Dail Penick 
714 George Mills Harper 
751 William Brantley Aycock 
763 Hugh Talmage Lef ler 
786 James Benton Hickey 

797 George Linderman Wainwright 
803 Charles Mercer Reeves, 1 1 1 

814 Thomas Skinner White, III 

815 Stephen B. Baxter 

816 Peter F. Walker 









Ada Lee Burnie 

Mary Lowe 

Cathy Cannon 

Bill Parham 

Tommy Crudup 

Jeff Parker 

Margaret Eason 

Martha Powell 

Jack Emory 
Lucy Grasty 

Neal Harrell 

Gaye Harris 

Bonnie Horner 






Mi key Retew 

Susan Russel 

Harvey Stanley 
George Wainwright 

Diane Webb 

Charles Wilkins 




Donald Wayne Carson 
Jane Baldwin Dallen 
Paul Dickson, III 
George Wright Doyle 
William Albert Graham 
John Everett Greenbacker, Jr. 
William Geremain Hancock, Jr. 
Neal Andrew Jackson 
Isaac Baxter Linney 
James David Little 


Eric Van Loon 

Armistead Jones Maupin, Jr. 
Christopher Allen Parsons 
Albert Parrish Pepper, Jr. 
Robert Stone Powell, Jr. 
Albert Lee Sneed, Jr. 
Heathcote Woolsey Wales 
Donald Thomas Wilson 
Robert Owen Wilson 



Spotlight ANN SMITH 







Mrs. Mabel Brittain 
Mrs. Gerald Lynch 
Miss Sue Ross 
Miss Daryl Farrington 
Miss Mary Greenwood 
Miss Clyde Hogsed 
Dr. Bernard Boyd 
Dr. Charles E. Edge 
Mrs. Emily O'Neil 
Dr. Eloise Lewis 


Barbar Whyte 
Sally Shipman 
Buff Cox 
Penny Scovil 
Leith Merrow 
Betsy Taylor 
Pat St. John 
Sue Bennett 
Muff Gibson 
Ginger McDavid 
Mary Haverstock 

Maureen Shannon 
Jean Leibold 
Linda Harrison 
Betsy Stof ford 
Mary Linda Lewis 
Jan Fox 
Nancy Herter 
Nancy Grubb 
Ellen Seawell 
Jean Marshall 
Annie Leonard 
Karen Gunderson 

Susan Moore 
Liz Critcher 
Charlotte Beavers 
Margaret Colison 
Anita Anderson 
Ann Willis 
June Blalock 
Chris Marti 
Sarah Lovitt 
Judy Howeton 
Hean Holton 
Mary Carol Dunn 







John Stewart, Secretary-Treasurer; Jack Cook, President; Ma 
Henderson, Vice President. 

Battle-Vance-Pettigrew: a brown English castle 
guarding the northwest corner of the campus. 
Our ivy-hugged battlements, our gaping gar- 
goyles, our Wizard of ID, Silent Sam, keep con- 
stant vigil over Davis Quad and Franklin Street. 
Protectors of Harry's, benefactors of the Dairy 
Bar, the not-so-white Knights of BVP rule this 
neck of the woods. No matter if our fortress isn't 
large. Small but tough, that's BVP. 


om Manly, President; Moc Talmadge, Treasurer; Allen Shepard, Speaker of Senate; Joey 
iken. Social Vice President. 


Money is no object, points don't count, this year 
we're just going to have fun. So fun it is, and 
fun costs money: beer blasts, combos, Seduc- 
tives, Nomads, Rocking Riffs, and cheese sand- 
wich receptions. Colored lights, combos and 
parties . . . watch the go-go girls ... go Hodges 
and Elizabeth, and mixers will be served. We 
are the greatest, so naturally we won the Home- 
coming display with bulldog-hotdogs. It was six 
days' work, work achin' work. 

On the serious side: racial and religious re- 
striction dropped from Senate . . . New resi- 
dence college bureaucratic system completed in 
January, now we gain other south campus petty 
bureaucrats . . . Midnight signals our official 
name change, fifth floor in-crowd plus new 
members continue to run the Haus . . . "Gosh, 
you guys, I feel awful about not being able to 
help, but you see, I have this class . . . STUD 
continues under new editor — after pork barrel- 
ing clean up . . . Hail STUD, long may you wave 
over the home of the fools and place of the 
brave . . . slumber parties at Capris Homecom- 
ing . . . Big Maron? . . . Mause House? . . . foot- 
ball team surrenders. We will always lead the 
pack . . . Ehringhaus lives on . . . upward from 
the lair. 

"Honeybun" wows 'em 



Rodney Goodman 


Jim Coxe, Secretary-Treasurer; Rodney Goodman, President, 
George White, Social Chairman. 



All right, Kramer, what'd you do? 

Joyner student takes off disguise 



No, fellows, we took the trophy picture last week 

B.D.D.O.C. Best Damn Dorm on Campus is a 
phrase that every residence hall, from the ratti- 
est to the most monolithic, likes to use. It sup- 
posedly conjures up visions of a super-cool, 
ultra-intelligent, exceedingly athletic race of 
dorm-mates. To this exaggerated "James Bond- 
ism," we say: "Sure, guys, sure . . 

Mangum Mugs (catchy, isn't it?) are just a 
bunch of regular fellas . . . like Wild Bill Elliott, 
mad-masher M.R.C., intramural ramrod, re- 
spected for his authoritative decisions (his size 
helps) . . . like Andy Holland, "El Presidente," 
always ready to offer his views for fun or profit, 
depending on which is the most expedient at 
the time . . . like Stump Beck and his Witty 
social commentaries on Yankees (and anything 
else that comes to mind) . . . like Joe Dunn, 
whose being born late is no excuse . . . 

Mangumites might be prone to give honorary 
membership in the dorm to the German poet, 
Goethe, for his apt dictum: "A mystic bond of 
brotherhood makes all men one." But, we of 
Mangum have a saying of our own: "Look out, 
brother dorms, the Mugs are coming!" 



Manly began the academic year with a big bang ... a fire- 
cracker out of a first floor window . . . this type of action did 
not continue, however, as the new regime closed in. Quiet pre- 
vailed everywhere. Of course everyone had his own brand of 
fun if sometimes his "methods" had to be called down . . . 
W. G. spoke out on the harmful effects of an education . . . 
J. E. L. and M. L. R. furthered the P. E. program by giving 
lessons in the parachuting and free fall . . . Rozier, despite 
"The Fugitive" and "Amos Burke," began to study (the only 
Riverrat ever kept in the South Wing of the Hospital over two 
days) . . . Snuffy Smith is drinking more now and enjoying it 
less ... 106 retains the "Black Belt" for their Magnificent 
"mat-action" . . . White is in love again . . . second floor grows 
"little Tiny Hairs" on its faces and obtains permits to perform 
in Y-Court . . . the Plague of Triple-Bunkism was wiped out by 
the dirty, toilet-paper throwing Administration, and the dorm 
inhabitants forced to walk on bed-to-bed floors ... 107 takes 
"Wild Wall" award hands down. 

Fairness would be nil and life would be no more than a 
vicious circle of hog-callers if we didn't bestow the spotlight 
on some of the famous names which have brought warmth to 
our hearts and fire to our dorm . . . Withrow the Traveller, 
Cliffie Swann, "Stewball," "Army Boots" Carden, and the in- 
famous "Bug," not to mention "Dung-Tongue." 


Lewis Hooper, Vice President; Joe Hackney, MRC; Sterling Ruth, 





THE WINNING EVENTS: the Victory Gong; the "Beat 
Dook" float; Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs; beer 
busts; our Gymkhana; Martha P. Vineyard lectures; the 
D.O.M.; 3 Mavericks and a Maverick Maid capture 
N.S.A.; our raid on Wake; Fall Froliks; our push to 
Dook; Founders Award from the National Heart Asso- 
ciation; Mary King, ourC.U. and Homecoming Queen; 
reception for National Debators; M.H. cops all three 
top M.R.C. residence hall trophies; HOW SWEET IT 
IS!!.. ."Number 1 ." . . . 

THE WINNING PEOPLE: Eddie's water bomb; We 
love you, Mary!; the way they legislate makes us regur- 
gitate; the DOM. P.; Patti scores in the Miss N. C. con- 
test; Happy Birthday, Otto!; . . . and by the way, who was 
under the hay that night?; Mavericks subdue Wake 
Forest; the big heist from 412 Schroeder Swamp; 
Cheesesteaks at the Pines and Cheese cake at the Tri- 
Delts; from the mouth of our President through both 
feet: "And we really hated to make this decision . . ."; 
House Parents Mansfield and Beaumont; Wiley 
a-Go-Go; . . .YEA!!!!! 

Miss Mississippi — 1965 


CLEM, Prime Minister; McMAHAN, President; REICH, Vice President; FERGUSON, WOOD, HEIDT, 

7aA A lA .* yP% 


Phyllis Kesler, Ann Smith, Pot St. John, Robin Godett, Nancy Herter 


8 o'clock classes . . . wards . . . clinics . . . after- 
noon labs . . . cadavres . . . gross anatomy . . . 
hospital food . . . shorts and raincoats . . . curl- 
ers . . . closed study? . . . signing in and out . . . 
campusment . . . 

The nurses' dorm is the leading girls dorm on 
campus this year. It has already won the prize 
for the best homecoming display, and it is the 
only girls dorm to be represented in the YACK. 
Although the girls in the nurses' dorm are hid- 
den away from the rest of the campus, several 
of our girls hold very important offices. Leith 
Merrow is on the Women's Council; Penny Sco- 
vil. Women's Residence Council; and Jerri 
Moser, Carolina Women's Council. Living in 
our dorm besides nurses, are girls studying 
physical therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, medical 
technology, and many general college students. 

But where's the booze? 

Nurses engage in hot game of strip poker 




Fraternity spirit . . . Blue Ribbon dorm 
. . . Carolina Gentlemen one and all . . . 
"friendly competition with Mangum . . . 
All night bridge sessions ... an intel- 
lectual atmosphere (.1 to 4.0) . . . 
MRC's with their hands full . . . the 
smell of booze on the fourth floor . . . 
the smell of popcorn on the first . . . the 
Beach Party at O.D. . . . Ruffin over 
Spencer in tag football engagement . . . 
"broad" minded men . . . weenie roast 
with gals from Spencer . . . the weekend 
migrations to W.C. . . . the order of the 
wall . . . Playboy wallpaper . . . getting 
burned in the showers . . . shaving 
cream in your shoes . . . "the best 
around" in intramural competition . . . 
the campus snowman ... a new look for 
the social room . . . Sportie and Eric . . . 
a farewell to Barnes. 

Advisors "par excellence," i.e., Den- 
mother Dave, Worthless, and Hinsey 
. . . Bang up intramural program under 
Markland and Crenshaw . . . Norm, 
Tom, John, and Roberts — Progressive 

School spirit . . . athletic prowess . . . 
diligent study . . . all-out participation 
. . . long-lasting friendships ... a fine 
group of young men in the spirit and 
tradition of Ruffin . . . 

JOHN LAWRENCE, Secretary; NORMAN LEAFE, President; 
TOM BROWN, Vice President. 

B e 9 


■k *. , 





- • ^B» 


MCtJI ' 

■fe ^1 





Morehead Residence College, 
composed of Aycock, Stacy, 
Graham, Lewis, and Everett was 
established last spring as an 
effort to further a sense of unity 
and spirit in our residence halls, 
to help cope with the "identity 
crisis" of a growing university. 
Through combo parties, mixers, 
speakers, the Morehead Mes- 
senger, and our own local gov- 
ernment, the college hopes to 
make the life of each man more 
enjoyable and rewarding while 
a student at Carolina. 

Morehead College govern- 
ment has worked hard to im- 
prove the social life of the 
Morehead man, holding fre- 
quent parties each semester. 
Through the welcome efforts of 
the Men's Residence Council, 
there is a social room open to 
all couples in the basement of 
Graham. Week - nights, out- 
standing faculty members 
speak here on such topics as 
"the double standard" and 
"sex and the college girl." 

The Homecoming display, c 
regular newspaper, the parties, 
and a common quiz file are 
some of the projects instilling 
pride in our college. We are 
young and have many ideas 
with real potential, but already 
Morehead College men have 
made outstanding contribu- 
tions to intramurals and the 
rest of Carolina life, staging the 
only decent panty raid on cam- 
pus last spring. 



The Year of the Bird at Aycock — The Alcoholic Party 
victorious — Goldpits — football team romps, portage 
of things to come — Chief Beaumont comes through 
again — Co-ed football goes over big — Our Mad Muff 
leads us on to grosser . . . err, greater heights — The 
Aycock B.T.'s strike — Study room renovated at last! 
. . . Sign and newspaper committees best on campus 
. . Oh, those beer blasts . . . We love Moding Gunch . . . 
Intramurals go over big . . . Our egg rolls really swing 
. . . Purity Test . . . We're all DAMNED . . . Where'd all 
these Freshmen come from? . . . Coolest bunch of ad- 
visors . . . Lawman Pullwood, Stick Williams, and Old, 
Old Man . . . 80% attendance at dorm meetings, what 
next? . . . TV Gold chosen tube captain . . . Belvin 
never retires before 8:30 . . . Hundley's Heroes paint 
the dorm red . . . Please Flush the Toilets . . . Robin the 
sign painter . . . "Get Bent" . . . Woodall's hairspray 
gums up the works . . . "Homeward bound Budd" . . . 
"Fook Duck?" "So the place burns down, so what?" . . . 

"Everett " . . . For the last time, shut up in the 

halls . . . Colored TV set . . . "Dwight Dirksen — UNC 
Leg" . . . Not another contest ... "I hate Freshmen" 
. . . "Hey look me over . . . ugh" . . . Get them pins, 
Resus . . . Kurth, Reuhl, Belvin, Hundley, Hudson, 
Buddy D., Job well done ... "I hate Seniors" . . . Noth- 
ing like a collapsing bed, eh Tom G.? . . . "Damnit 
Byron, don't you know bridge?" . . . "When I was 
pitching in the Little League," . . . Burt's in love with 
rocks . . . Two touchdowns, Bulldog? . . . Motto, 1 18, 
no! ... "I hate Ants!" . . . Shower song . . . who the hell 
flushed the toilet? . . . "Pusseycat, pusseycat" . . . 
Thanks for the dollar, boys . . . "I'm broke, Lloyd" . . . 
The greatest year at Aycock . . . "Girls beware, Boys 
beware . . . Fuhng! 

BUDDY DIXON, Intramun 
HUNDLEY, Extra-Curricul 
RUEHL, Secretary-Treasur 

Manager; JIM SMITH, President; CARL 
r; FRANK KURTH, Vice President; VIC 

JIM SMITH, President 





*? •& 


v 1 ' 


ROBERT ZENDEL, Co-President, with 
ZACKIE MURPHY, Sweetheart 

The sign over the door says EVERETT. The people that dwell therein call it 
ROGAH. It is special. What other dorm on campus has had a color TV for a 
year (thanks to ex-president, ace con-man Hashimoto Old). What other dorm 
has the name of the "dorm-to-beat" down at the intramural office. What other 
dorm could go through the political upheaval of four presidents in one year 
and still come out second in the best dorm on campus contest. 

It is a pity, but ROGAH House has become somewhat of a forgotten dorm 
overshadowed by that wealthy palace out in the sticks which doth bestrode the 
narrow campus like a colossus. Years ago, before those people ever donned 
their blue stetsons and grew their bovine horns, a dirty old building in one 
corner of the Lower Quad raised its head and decided to take that creative 
giant step in dormitory life — making life in Everett meaningful, productive, 
and enjoyable. ROGAH House was born. And things were done, too. Just look 
at the record. People like Sam Shapiro and Paul Dickson, and Pete Williams 
have led us to moments of glory, and we're proud of it, proud that the spirit 
of dorm unity, of belonging, of accomplishing, came first to ROGAH House. 
We'll do it reluctantly, but we'll smile patiently and understandingly and let 
the newcomers, the johnnie-come-latelys, the gong-beating copycats take the 
credit. Being pioneers is a lonely business anyway. 



Crackers, Bells, and Climbers compile worse 
record than Redskins! Hyde leads defense of 
wrestling crown as volleyball and basketball 
teams break through with aid of new candy and 
coke machine in TV room. 

Basement scene of notable debates, like 
whether to have a Yack page or a beer and 
pizza party. Fink runs dorm's card game in 
guise of Buddha. Steve Hyde is benefactor with 
beer having won everyone's heart (at 3c a 

Graham's freshmen shame the veterans with 
their relentless studying. Veterans amazed at 
refurbished dorm — new tiles over cigarette 
burns and cheerful paint job create new, re- 
spectable atmosphere. Gone are dorm's biggest 
grossers (to ROGAH's relief). New dedicated 
academicians are crumbling the hell raising 
past. Graham has become a cracker dorm. Big- 
gest achievement: new regulator showers. 
Easterling good laundry man. Surfer and all 
the boys at Graham Dormitory "May the bird 
of paradise fly up your nose." 

Was there really a game scheduled fo 

Dorm sweetheart, a real honey at getting 
girls rooms on big weekends, boys good at 
bringing spirit(s) to big — and little weekends. 
President Jim Sturgess becomes a real Graham 
man (pop. 8000). Tom Jarett brings a law book 
and a jar head to a tough job. Arthur Hays 
another good advisor as is Denny Benton. Hal 
Triplett "bridges" gap between fun and study, 
providing expert commentary on all TV sports. 
Dorm interamurals real sport, as teams do not 
support practice makes perfect doctrine. 

Long wait till Thanksgiving, longer wait till 
Easter. Cannot wait for beach. Graham empties 
its three-man rooms in the spring, secure in the 
knowledge that they'll begin to study for exams 





First Row: 

Vice President 
Intramural Manager 
Second Row: 

As the new school year started with surprising quiet- 
ness, Stacy began determined to improve last year's 
third place standing for best-dorm-or-campus. 

The upper classmen soon initiated the freshmen into 
the "Grand Order of Ye Ole Studs" and all proved the 
perennial boast; "A Stacy man is welcome wherever he 
goes ... a Stacy man needs no introduction ... a Stacy 
man knows what to do, because a Stacy man is a Stud." 





Morrison Residence College has started off its first year by 
setting the pace for others to follow. 

Morrison made the headlines when some of the men of "Big 
Mo" raided Maverick House and heisted the victory gong. 
Later, the elevator doors in Morrison opened to reveal the gong 
hanging from the ceiling, with the words "Morrison No. I, Big 
Mo." Byron McCoy, Morrison Governor, presented it to em- 
barrassed Maverick officials. 

Morrison originated the idea of the campus "a-Go-Go" 
parties by opening its fabulous Morrison a-Go-Go Club. Over 
five hundred couples visited the club during homecoming week- 
end to dance to the music of the Castaways, Embers, and 
Seductives and watch the "Go-Go" girls. At the Homecoming 
a-Go-Go, William G. Long was presented with a plaque naming 
him Honorary Housefather of Morrison College for 1965-66. 
In addition, Miss Anita Wilkinson was crowned Miss Morrison 
College. Our governor played Go-Go-boy by dancing on stage 
with one of the girls. 

The men of "Big Mo" will long remember Schroeder Swamp, 
the beer blasts, and our own special theme song sung by the 
Morrison Balcony Chorus: 

"Our dorm's bigger than your dorm, 
Our dorm's bigger than yours." 



Zenz, Don Essom, Jack Jackson 


We of B-floor of Morrison College have chosen to call our new 
home Branson House in honor of Kenan Professor Eugene C. 
Branson, who came to U. N. C. in 1914. Dedicated to the better- 
ment of rural, social, and economic conditions, he organized 
courses in social economics and social work, and later was 
instrumental in the establishment of a School of Public 

Under the able leadership of our officers and the watchful 
eye of our sweetheart Claire Brinkley, the men of Branson 
House are undertaking an ambitious social program — mixers 
with Carolina coeds and W. C. girls, Beat Dook float, champion- 
ship intramural teams, Go-Go parties, cultural and service 
projects — which will be of benefit to the House, Morrison 
College, and the University. 

CHARLES WOOTEN, Secretary-Treasurer; BILL GATES, Vice President; LANDIS 
WHITLEY, President. 



This first year has been very successful for Cavalier 
House of Morrison College. Aside from having good of- 
ficers, their sweetheart, Nita Wilkinson, was elected 
Miss Morrison College. Cavalier House had several 
parties, the best of which came after the Homecoming 
game. Recently Jim Ogburn assumed the duties of the 

ROBIE SMITH, Secretary-T 
OGBURN, Vice President. 

Presidency when Robert Pittard was forced to leave 
school because of Mono. Mixers with Nurses, W. C. and 
. . . Sex Bowls with Cobb . . . And if you'll think real hard, 
you'll remember the "Sound of Music" from 401. Good 
Year for Morrison; great year for Cavalier. 


FRED LIPP, Vice President; JAMES GRAY, Secretary-Treas 
urer; JOE EARNHARDT, Senator; ROBERT KAIL, Senator 

0P li^!?* *ltr#-» ^ 

A new dorm necessitates starting from the bottom in an attempt 
to unify the men of each house. "Draught" House has done just 
this through mixers, raffles, and beer blasts. It is with hope that 
the enthusiasm and spirit acquired through intramurals, ath- 
letics, student government, and other extra curricular activi- 
ties, by the 1 14 men of the house this year will continue io grow 
in the Carolina tradition. 


, & 


* it 


— : 


DARRELL KING, Intramural Manager; BILL BELL, President; WARD MAILLIARD, Vice 
President; BILL LENNON, Secretary-Treasurer; HENRY ALDRIDGE, House Advisor; MIKE 
TORRY, House Advisor. 


Vice President; GARY BOGGS, President; DOUG BARBA, Secretary- 




Griffith House of Morrison Residence College began the 
year with the election of officers in a flurry of signs, 
speeches, and posters, resulting in the election of Thomas 
S. Spencer, Pres.; Bill Rowe, V. Pres.; and Bill Faison, Sec. 
Andy Griffith House was selected for the house name, 
while Judy Brown was chosen as house sweetheart. 

School spirit not lacking, the Griffith House gods put up 
window letters on the eighth floor of Morrison which 
spelled out "Beat the Terps." Then with Homecoming the 
whole gang pitched in to make a huge whale for the Morri- 
son Homecoming display. 

Griffith House residents pile out for cheering 

from the eighth floor balcony 



H-House Senators: Billy Taylor, Bucky Ga 
Gary Tomlinson. 

JOHN ELLIS, President 

JOHN ELLIS, President; STEVE FOGARTY, Secretary 
Treasurer; CHUCK POE, Vice President. 



__jjiL— .+. 

, '"JBREP 

-"-:.-—•= * 




<y ^ 

r -•' 


SS - , ^ttjhfl 

' 'J 

JAY MAROLIS, Secretary-Ti 
BILL MEANS, Vice President 

§ n 

KEN DURHAM, President; 




5TEVE TURNER, Secretary; JON ANDERSON, President; JIM POORE, Vice President; MARSHALL 

During the first administration of George 
Washington, on October 12, 1793, the corner- 
stone of Old East (originally known as "North 
Wing") was laid. It was the first building to be 
erected on the campus of any state university 
in the United States. 

In 1846, Old East was enlarged toward the 
north one-half its former length. It was in this 
addition that the original cornerstone was 
covered up by bricks. The North Carolina Room 
of the Library has the original copper plaque 
that was attached to this cornerstone. The 
plaque was found by an alumnus in a Tennessee 
junk pile, after it had been missing for many 

During the Civil War, Yankee soldiers were 
quartered in historic Old East. In 1924, the 
interior was thoroughly renovated, and at the 
present time Old East houses ninety-four Caro- 
lina Gentlemen. 


DAVE RENDLEMAN, Newspaper Editor; JOHN RONEY, MRC; HARRY BLAIR, Vice President; ROY 
ALEXANDER, Secretary-Treasurer. 


Not since Sherman bedded down his horses in ] 864 has 
Old West seen a grubbier crew. This year the guys have 
voted negative in every referendum on campus, failed to 
elect an MRC candidate who ran unopposed, and extended 
a 143-year winning streak in all athletic contests with 
Old East. 

Old West is divided into three sections: The South Sec- 
tion houses the brain trust of hard core rednecks, as evi- 
denced by the display of the Confederate Flag and the 
playing of Dixie during the FSM Rally last spring; The 
Center Section, or Kindergarten, led by Purdy, Williamson, 
and the crew, looks like the Huns ran through it and is 
more or less considered the low-rent slum district; The 
North Section, built in 1 844, is the new wing, and the boys 
there are well on their way to being accepted by the old 
guard aristocracy. 

Operation Match padded the coffers pretty well, however 
falling short of the sum needed to buy the summer beach 
house in the Bahamas. The Lizzard of the Week award 
was captured forever by Everett, Creveling and Fundy for 
the stunt on April Fools' Day that fished in a crowd of 
sixty. Jessie, the custodian, married during the summer . . . 
quality of work deteriorating. Roney and Billie are proud 
parents of a son, John Beauregard Roney, III, who has al- 
ready been reserved a room in South Section. Rendleman 
and Blair, birdmen of Old West, wound up with a retarded, 
albino parakeet named Rodan. Curtis continues to gloat 
over the World Series; Lane continues to search for the 
original sin. 

We are sick. 

JOE GOODMAN, President 




Scott meets Scott 

Scott College officially came of age October 31, 1965, 
when North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Robert W. Scott 
dedicated the college named in honor of W. Kerr Scott, 
former governor and U. S. Senator. 

For over a year Scott College, a pilot project in the 
residence college system, has charted the way for the other 
residence areas on campus. A few Scott "firsts" include: 
the first residence college newspaper, the SCOTT JOUR- 
NAL; the first college humor magazine, the CHANTI- 
CLEER; the first college pixie, Poo-Poo; the first college 
Senate; the first college constitution; and the first, the 
biggest, and the best college dedication. 

With the completion of the ultra-swank social room in 
the basement of the Teague "Hilton" at the beginning of 
the school year, Scott social life moved into high gear with 
combo parties after the home football games. All were 
excited about the residence college ideas and the com- 
pletion of the social room has kept Scott morale high. 

ROBERT HUNTER, Governor; Portrait: W. KERR SCOTT, 
former N. C. Governor and U. S. Senator for whom the 
college was named; ROBERT W. SCOTT, Lt. Governor of 
North Carolina. 

Robert Hunter, Mike League, Tom Mimms, j. 

Mike Kelly, Darry DelCorro, Bob Farris, Charles Richard 

Hope, Dan Funderbuck, Charles Morgan, 





Dorm meetings attendance ten . . . beer parties 
attendance two hundred . . . hours spent in can- 
teen . . . basketball players . . . SEX-BOWL 
football game with U.N.C.G. . . . Another soft- 
ball championship? . . . Crowds waiting for late 
mail . . . Combo parties in P.T.A. social room 
. . . R.A.G.O. . . . Scott dedication . . . Mixer 
with Spencer . . . Evening debates with Ehring- 
haus and Morrison . . . Frequent trips to East- 
gate A. B.C. ... 1 69 subscriptions to PLAYBOY 
. . . Janitors rearranging the dirt every day . . . 
All nighters . . . Guided tours of the arboretum 
for girls . . . Nights at the Grill . . . Sunday 
morning hangovers . . . QUIET HOURS . . . 
Every weekend off with a bang . . . All in all 
another typical year at AVERY. 


Secretary; JOHN SPENCER, Treasurer; BUD SULLIVAN, Intramural Manager. 


Ecstacy, sweet ecstacy! 

leadership from Headmaster, Clark Brewer, 
President, Bob Farris; Secretary, Darry Del- 
Corro; Treasurer, John Spencer; Social Chair- 
men, Frank Norris and John Leonard . . . Best 
Homecoming Display Trophy awarded by Park- 
erites . . . Unanimous decision . . . Beautiful 
bods from isometrics by Butch "Hot Dog" 
Watts and Eddie "Spyder Ball" Gaines . . . Jock 
activity daily by "Hot Dog" Watts, "Doughnut" 
Killiam, "Jim Hickey" Sullivan, "Danny Tal- 
bot" Hippity Hopper, "Butterfingers" Altman, 
DelCorro "The Great," "Defender" Allan 
Hughes, "Spyder Ball" Gaines . . . Parker can- 
non for football games . . . "Stud Room" of 
Smitty and Wyatt . . . Playboy Mag Office in 
the President's room (Bob Farris and John 
Leonard) . . . Playboy McNally breaks down 
to a lamb . . . Mary, Mary quite contrary, how 
does your Gardner Grow . . . adapted Parkerite 
McGrath . . . Philanthropists Sam Howe, Bob 
Werner, and Robert Long . . . second floor pas- 
sion pit . . . Cut the damn radio down, Rick 
Elliott and Rich Cline . . . "Super Stud" Steve 
Myers . . . Third floor juke box . . . put quarter 
in Mike Gabriels' ear and watch him play . . . 
Coke party fizzes to suds . . . Falk V. Sweat- 
shirt . . . "Boo" Charlie . . . freshmen pledges 
becomes slaves to Parker . . . Bacon, Cobb, J. D., 
Henry, Roseman, and others . . . Hobbs plays 
MRC and break a leg . . . beauties Dudly, Scott 
and McCracken are winked at by Parker "Eye 
for Beauty" . . . The Fug eludes justice every 
Tuesday at Parker . . . Cookies and punch for 
innocent parents and down-home girls . . . after 
football games? . . . Smitty n' Britches . . . Del- 
Corro and his Beard . . . Pegram gets taken 
again by the big "B" . . . "Can I, Gardner" . . . 
Farris licks the big "C" . . . Will the year end 
with Alven T. at the laundry. 




Tradition is no virtue unless it meets the needs of each 
individual. So it is here that we strive to emphasize the 
individuality of each Teague Tea Totler and incorporate 
his abilities into the creation of a new tradition. 

With 197 residents, Teague initiated the new year with 
such competent officers as President Chuck Richards, Vice 
President Hokey Cleaver, Secretary Lane Ferris, and Treas- 
urer Robert Farb. 

Then there was the first floor Gestapo, little Jim Orr . . . 
"Big Brother is watching you" . . . Tom Jones who so pro- 
fessionally bartered $75 for five bucks worth of flowers 
. . . who takes showers with the Great Pumpkin? . . . quietly 
flows the Don through the basement windows . . . "playboy 
come yet?" . . . "ya wanna stand in for Yack picture, 
Joey?" . . . the slow laundry service . . . "alroot" . . . 
"Hey, thought ya flunked out" . . . last but not least, the 
Tube Team . . . the cops got Payton's pet owl . . . 

All in all, Teague has enjoyed a good year with their 
new social room the "coke parties" and the never ending 
football game behind the dorm. 

Tar Heel defense at work 









This is her night . . . Yea! Spencer! Flea leads us in 
another cheer . . . It's Ann's party and she'll cry if she 
wants to . . . Penny becomes a sweater girl . . . Love at 
noon, Joan ? . . . Lois, why is there scotch tape on your 
ring? . . . Have washcloth — will sleep . . . This is a re- 
cording — Sylvia is not here . . . Weejuns come to Benson 
. . . Pierce plays detective . . . Will you hold my cigarette 
while I drive? . . . Penland slips on broken glass ... I 
know I'm small, but I'm mature ... Do gophers go south, 
Judy? . . . The ugliest majorette . . . Buff is hanging over 
a Cliff . . . We need a song practice, BAAD . . . Dining 
Room stock rises . . . Dankworth has a smashing good 
night ... I really do miss you, Ted . . . Sam joins the 
crowd . . . Jean goes to standards every week . . . He's in 
the Navy now . . . Susanne's teepee 'round Indian door 
. . . Nancy sings-Pass-me-by . . . Pam, Buddy, and Bird- 
cage . . . Can he dance? . . . Leibold is such a sweet- 
heart? . . . Margaret's Bagel . . . Mary Gray changes 

wallpaper quite often . . . 1 -2-3-4-5-YEA POOS'" ... 23 
arsonists visit fire department. 




















# I f f "f" % 

































The Chi O's return to the roar of cycles, Zorba, and the 
Philosopher's counseling . . . The Wise Old Owl hoots to the 
tune of "Do It Dekes!" and ATO's provide midnight enter- 
tainment . . . Only Margie's hairdresser knows what hap- 
pened to the Duck Fluff . . . Ann goes BAREFOOT to the 
church . . . Nancy brings charm from Scotland . . . Eva a 
GO GO alias Miss U.N.C.L.E. on campus . . . Jean Win- 
borne's Nose Knows of a STOWE-AWAY at Saint A house 
. . . Meg's hot for Campbell Soup . . . Winborne refuses 
proposal out of Chi O loyalty . . . It's CURTains for Martha 
this summer! . . . And Tay likes her weekends Sonny-side 
up' . . . Bean Bird Harris ... A Russian Aristocrat ... A 
tall, mysterious woman from Alabama . . . Hey, Grey, 
where's your lipstick? . . . Russell plays leader of Hell's 
Angels ... A breath of culture Shirley brings ... A tinge 
of seriousness from Delaware . . . MANN, that BUBBLE 
DANCER' . . . Macon's false front has a heart behind it 
. . . Pat likes her RICE with lots of gravy . . . Sims leads the 
CRAZY FOAM Brigade . . . We'll try we'll vie for Zeta 
Psi, B. B. . . . Our Little Kind . . . K. C. at bat on campus. 

t^&k A /^ £^ f 2 k 

f ft # • 
















Russell, G. 
Russell, S. 



Christmas is for children? 






"Consider Yourself At Home" . . . K.T. Doll — wind it 
up, it works miracles . . . Ranch House — good times 
with the "Good Timers" . . . Mrs. Landis, we adore you 
. . . Get the phone, pledge — it's for you anyway . . . 
Tricia, buy him a toupee! . . . Carol leads Hennie and 
our 25 chicks . . . Mr. Clean nearly drowns, but rallies 
in time . . . Lead a cheer, Pam — "J . . . O . . . H . . ." 
. . . Phi Gam mixer inGRAINED in our memories . . . 
Lucy violently opposes . . . everything ... we miss 
you, Marianne . . . SCREECH WITH CREECH 1 . . . 
Heart Sisters warm ours . . . "I'm a Tri-Delt pledge 
who answers the phone" . . . Which Phi Gam, Mar- 
garet Anne? . . . Cannon, is there anything you can't 
do? . . . Lots of-a da spaghet . . . Wanna buy a light 
bulb, Mother? . . . Bonnie, "Flea," and Joyce — "Let 
Me Call You Sweetheart" . . . Where's Griffin? . . . 
Moo, have I paid you yet? . . . Tradin'. dancing shoes 
for desks? Not "Jukin' Judy" . . . Mary Ellison and 
Carole keep us in politics . . . "Perry Mason" Party 
. . . Myers and her "Young Man of the Year" . . . 
Susan, what are you doing in the kitchen? . . . Zacki 
shoots "B.B.'s" at "Z's" . . . Maria and her jewels, 
Humptey and Dumptey . . . Waiters' party — Mrs. 
Locke pulls a fast one . . . Pledges' Home-coming Dis- 
play — Georgia "Frog hops on the judges" . . . "Little 
Shy loves her guy, and he loves his Delta-Tri." 


Zen Yoga flourishes at Tri-Delt 





Let's drink a toast . . . Birmingham — Hi Ho . . . Giggles 
from ECC . . . Rene curls waiter's toes with hot pink 
dress . . . Louise dons leopard skin . . . Sadie Ravioli . . . 
Roses and loving cup are missing . . . Betsy, where is 
your bicycle? . . . Atled Appak . . . Harmonious Marian 
Twenty-seven plus one . . . Even the plant is potted 
. . Crowded parking sends Bug to infirmary . . . Oh, 
dear Gussie . . . The art King sleeps on and on . . . Susan 
has ERitis . . . puh-leeze . . . Left hands sparkle for the 
future . . . Sherry, would you SPell that? . . . Nancy 
rambles to Dook . . . Wait for the bell, Mac . . . Pledges- 
er-new sisters . . . What's 50c if you divide it up? . . . 
Pretty ears . . . Fang reveals portrait of the great Pooh- 
bear . . . Gloria hangin' ten with surfers . . . Sarah Bette, 
what are you doing in the closet? . . . George's Stuck . . . 


Have you ever raked toilet paper? . . . Why so many 
secrets, pledges? . . . Two Jerrys around cause double 
trouble . . . DDWs carry KD weight . . . Chain gang to 
DB ... $5 if you miss Macy's Thanksgiving parade . . . 
Lynne checks the book . . . Granny and Phi Gams . . . Jet 
Pilot soars in with Grand Prix . . . AIR RAID . . . Maggie 
earns a candlelight . . . Three hours to Raleigh — long 
distance? . . . Marsha Jo making mushroom soup — I 
think ... J. M.'s MATCH burns out . . . Penny and 
Dean Marian on best of terms . . . SOBs get new bag- 
gies . . . KD's become WAA supporters . . . T.W. to you 
. . . Spike sails Jordan for best Hunt ... Six a.m. illu- 
mination brightens Mary Susan, Janie, Rene, Jeanne 
Kenny drives her man to drink . . . Here's to the Life you 
have giv'n us . . . AOT. 

*M *■*••$.! 

f##f if ?f 














































Martha, our summer Santa cheers us on thru rush . . . 
Nana Dog Dorothy really sweats it . . . but Tanner ropes 
in 26 new hides . . . Kappas take cold showers as Becton 
goes ape over hot water heater . . . The two Linda's 
Madeline and Joan — The Phi Delt Four — play "I Spy" 
. . . "Aw, ya mudder wears combat boots" . . . Harriet 
leaves the fabulous five the fearsome four . . . charter 
members of the Women's Naval Auxiliary — Barrie and 
Sarah . . . Bob watches Betsy blow it out . . . Billy Jo's 
fine — Les . . . Emmie files PB&J in drawer . . . Sally, the 
Super-Twit, gets Maid as Liz goes Dutch with bills . . . 
Mary pledged to kidnapping . . . Sheryl's Tonette is swell 
in wet weather . . . Slick Monte pulls 23rd all-nighter in 
a row . . . Twammy twinkles as Jean works in the alley 
. . . "Who's got my turquoise file box? . . . Louisa-Bobo, 
the waughing lion and everbody's buddy . . . Toni and 
Nebby, future pill peddlers . . . Elsie and the Red Rooster 
ride again . . . "The Art of Mixing in Four Frustrating 
Lessons" by Jean Cooley . . . Libby brings a vampire to 
dinner . . . and Becky always knows the face, but what 
is the name again, please? . . . Jackie installs 7th trans- 
mission this year as Lynn and Jane learn the twang . . . 
The anemic Kappas got stuck, but, then again, we al- 
ways stick with it. 














Myers, B. 
Myers, M. 


















w % $ '§ 













phi mu 

Ber-tha, Ber-tha! ... It was either Critter, or who? . . . "Mee- 
ow-Ow!" . . . Red and green curtains on a poker table ... A 
fingernail check? . . . Another scarey! . . . Greatest plagues 
on earth . . . Looks as though we have all the brains and the 
jocks! . . . What'd you say the Phi Mu phone number is? . . . 
"Who ate my cream puff?" . . . You say the porch is falling 
through and the hot water faucet leaks? . . . 'Member the 
night we blew 1 3 fuses? . . . O.K., who's blocking my car! . . . 
Who left those dirty dishes! . . . Who'd like to go get some ice 
cream? . . . The 1 1 p.m. "bacon set" . . . Well, I'm going on 
a diet — tomorrow . . . Did I hear dogs barking on Homecom- 
ing day? . . . The skeleton on the door of Room I . . . Phi Mu 
Relics and Relic Road Trips . . . Little lllya . . . "The Man 
from U.N.C.L.E." on Mary's tiny tv . . . Hair raid! . . . Rock 
with the block! . . . Ya I it-tie crit-ter! . . . Super Cookie . . . 
"Up the fire escape, and don't miscount!" . . . You say Pooh- 
Bear dropped a course? . . . Who's tired of Duke football 


No more cuts for PT's ... At the mountains with 

her parents? . . . Ghosts in Room 7? ... A loaf of bread, a 
jug of wine, and . . . An early merry Christmas, and a foot 
locker from Bill . . . What's Berry advertising now! . . . Did 
you hear the professor of S.E. in Room 2? . . . Lucky Sue and 
Hank! . . . Gribby and Ben, Mave and Bill, Nancy and Carl 
. . . Virginia and Sammy? . . . "Let's go motor!" 











And the best looking one of them ol 

Bootleg Toothpaste 








gail McGregor 


$ f %'A 

<? 4 f f 


Howdy Doody, it's Mary Betty time! Short Fat 
Fanny is leader of the pack as Howze runs a soft 
and silent second with scheduled book in one 
hand and gavel in other — Hey, where's the pea- 
nut butter, Babs Banker? . . . Letters from Tahoe 
still, Peg?? Robin's nest gets messed as Rotunda 
Wonder Terryl barrels by — Shirley plays Liz in 
leopardskin "Hello, Dahlin" . . . from Harlowe 
— Ada Babes adjourns short-lived Breakfast 
Club after Crutch finally lives up to her name — 
Bissell whistles as Sally wiggles — Priscilla stars 
as the champagne bubble girl . . . Austin sprints 
to Wake Forest . . . Meanwhile, Craven takes a 
Chance — Another birthday party, Rabbit and 
Boo? — Cheatham's Liza Dooslot on Honey's 
honey . . . B. Birds Scottie, Geb, and Jule study 
society at the Shop as Bet keeps up the average 
and Foote keeps up the spirit . . . Mock screams, 
"Those aren't Dex, Camilla!!" . . . Horner re- 
turns for fifth year, this time as house guidance 
counselor^) . . . Kesler plays the role while 
Missy demands, "Gooood Grief! What am I 
gonna do???" — "TGIF!" heard as Payne speeds 
South in a cloud of green dust, Dulin becomes 
Dulin again, and Webfoot gets that sly week- 
end grin . . . We still hear Morris pleading, 
"Whatever you do, don't do anything to upset 
Boone!" See you later, Mary Betty . . . Answer: 
"Mmm mmm mmm . . . Ooook . . ." 









% 9 i 


Patterson, P. 
Patterson, S. 










Beverly Bailey, Paula Ru 
Overton, Kay Taylor. 

ell, Madeline Gray, Julia Jurden, Dershie McDevitt, 5a 


ppriHELLEnic councn 

The Panhellenic Council is the advisory-governing 
board for the seven sororities on campus. This year 
the Council's main concern was the expanding and 
strengthening of the sorority system at UNC. Specific 
areas of action included the evaluating and revising of 
the rush system, sponsoring of a workshop for the new 
officers of all the sororities, arranging of joint programs 
with the dormitory women on the identity of a woman 
beyond graduation, and generally striving for greater 
cooperation and understanding among sororities. The 
Council also sponsored a community service project, a 
Christmas benefit project, and an all-women's activity 
with the Carolina Women's Council. 

The Panhellenic Council is composed of the Pan- 
hellenic Advisor, Mrs. Larry McDevitt, sorority presi- 
dents, sorority rush chairmen replaced after rush by 
pledge representatives, two representatives from the 
Stray Greek Organization, and an executive committee 
made up of members from each sorority. 

Row One: Gray, McGregor, Matthews, Taylor. Row Two: Mowery, McCutch- 
eon. Berry, Pollard. Row Three: Cline, English, Roberts, Hooks. Row Four: 
Lentz, McQueen, Tanner. Row Five: Russell, Mason, Remsburg, Smith. 
Row Six: Jurden, Whitley, Land Row Seven: McDevitt, Barron. 





Delta Ga 



Alpha Xi 



ack, C. 

Sigma Kappa 

Black, 5 

Delta Zeta 



Chi On 






Delta : 


Alpha ( 



Xi Delta 



a Ph 





•na Delta 


The girl wearing the green ribbon dur- 
ing rush is a member of the Stray Greek 
organization. She is a member of a 
sorority whose chapter has not colon- 
ized on this campus. The primary pur- 
pose of the organization is to preserve 
the bonds of unity and sisterhood fos- 
tered by the absent sorority. It further 
stimulates cooperation between sorority 
and dormitory women and serves its 
members as a service and social organ- 

nega ization. 

Operation of the Panhellenic Post 
a Delta Office during rush is the major function 
of the Stray Greeks. They also partici- 
pate in swap night, PanHel cultural pro- 
grams and eat in the sorority houses. 


Alpha Gamma Delta 


Kappa Alpha Theta 


Zeta Tau Alpha 


Alpha Xi Delta 


Alpha Phi 




Alpha Delta returns for a year of pleasant sur- 
prises. The sports fans are welcomed by the 
HELLOOO! of the MROA's Supreme Sequoia. 
Granny's mystery meat, Suede's chapter func- 
tions, and Mrs. Scott's sudden approval of 
scopes highlight the action. Spudder, Super-Stu, 
and Frog have gone down for the last time. 
Hemplock pushes high school honeys, but 
Skeeter is forced to resign as the Sweetheart 
of Chi O. Willy Raper sets new single-month 
record with the loss of seven pipes, but Eagle 
counters with seven new and different dates. 
Newt beats all by going on a diet, hoping to 
take Bo-de-dog's place as the chapter scape- 

Other activities are on tap. The R. Hass hot- 
dog award goes to the man himself for three 
months in a row, retiring the trophy. Teague 
gets D. A. award after many hours on stage. 
Rowdy slides in to the Scholarship trophy as he 
fights for 2.0 and the stock market. Young 
makes bid as campus executive, seeking to 
repair the Grit's mistakes. Wannamaker adds 
excitement with his pre-Germans Heart attack. 
All points to a successful year of Garden Clubs, 
match-making, and the Big Apple to the strains 
of our modernistic box. 



, R. 
ish, P. 

Bicksler, W. 
Brame, J. 
Broyhill, T. 
Burgwyn, H. 
Corbett, J. 
Currin, R. 

Davis, J. 
Gordon, B. 
Hanson, K. 
Hooks, W. 
Johnson, D. 
Kleinmaier, A. 
Liebhart, J. 

Logan, W. 
Mitchell, N. 
Moss, J. 
Munday, C. 
Norfleet, S 
Peoples, L. 
Raper, W. 
Reeves, D. 

Roughton, J. 
Stephenson, A. 
Story, W. 
Teague, G. 
Tennville, G. 
Tone, P. 
Turner, J. 
Vaughon, J 
Wannamaker, ( 

White, G. 
Wicker, R. 
Williams, P. 
Woodard, C. 
Woodruff, L. 
Yates, John 
Yates, Joseph 
Yokeley, J. 
Young, J. 





The Wild West Show moved into the center ring with Fountain 
of Youth as ringmaster . . . Beta . . . Good manages to hide key 
from rest of animals while Benito and Sparks go Scott-free and 
Scott becomes "unBurdened" . . . Holmes takes study-break for 
first date in twenty years and Sweet Pea's date provides side- 
show attraction by eating beer cans. Dr. Kinsey plays cello 
recital at St. Mary's . . . but Ballard keeps important "contact" 
in D. C. The Great White Whale and Hotchamoto balled from 
Delta Bunnies. Horsh cleans Fred Jr. at bridge table while Maud 
leaves goodies on landing and Padgett pervades the air. 

Another phenomenon, Elmorisrn, oozes through the House 
. . . "that did it" . . . plus the Sophomores, led by Gleason, seek 
security in their pins . . . "fantastic, unbelievable" . . . 

The Betas Bus to Wake and "Bond" pleads for pit stop, but 
White Trash finds Bar suitable . . . and, Broadhurst, the com- 
puter pimp, collects laundry for others but gets himself Mar- 

Sambo gets 70% better performance with his Varoom . . . 
his what? 


Adams, J. 
Ballard, H. 
Barrett, P. 
Benton, W. 
Broadhurst, E. 
Come, J. 

Fountain, J. 
Frye, J. 

Gunter, C. 
Harrell, L. 
Haywood, J. 
Heaton, F. 
Inderfirth, K. 
Little, B. 

Markham, J 
McLean, H. 
Mitchell, B. 
Mitchell, M. 
Osborne, C. 
Pagett, E. 

Peterson, E 
Reid, H. 
Robb, J. 
Rogers, F. 
Scott, H. 

Sneed, J. 
Sparks, S. 
Thrift, M. 
Wilson, J. 
Winton, R. 
Wood, W. 



The big spenders of '64 return to the White House on the Hill to begin 
their descent for '65 . . . Sluggo doesn't show his face or his A . . . Four 
potential Gl's get hitched ... A moment of silence for the Blue Goose 
and the Yellow Flash . . . The PW club grows . . . Loving scares two 
and Foggy is out for the season . . . The Ralphin Alpha and friends 
return across the big water with smiles on their faces . . . The stray 
Greek returns . . . Munch goes into the hotel business and the Public 
Drunk walks back . . . Jimmy kills two Beatles in his closet . . . Sandy 
rides the gray inferno . . . Sammy is made House Mother . . . The Stick 
Man dies slowly and L.C. plays possum . . . Gardeners sits this one 
out and the Womb rearranges a little furniture . . . End room windows 
are replaced by lenses and the Jersey Kid opens a new season . . . Easy 
becomes demolition expert as Almound burns a cross . . . Sophomores 
drink 'em up and the West Palm exhibitionist takes off his sheets . . . 
The "Beak" resigns and Lane steals cotton by the bale. Swaf gets a 
haircut and "The Pizza" graces our campus at last . . . Residence 
Colleges are on the way out and Chi Phi will never die. 


Bennett, L. 
Chrisafis, G 
Bobo, R. 
Broyhill, R. 
Downing, E. 
Dickson, J. 
Dunn, R. 
Flanagan, M. 

Foster, B. 
Hammerstone, J 
Hammerstone, R 
Hobson, H. 
Howell, D. 
Ingram, G. 
Jarman, W. 
Johnston, R. 

Lippincott, R. 
Lund, T. 
McLean, R. 
Morrison, M. 
Myrick, R. 
Payne, T. 
Polk, L. 
Raban, R. 

Swofford, W. 
Van Wegener 
Wyman, S. 



Alpha Sigma takes Thayer Trophy second consecutive year . . . 
Second in R. B. House . . . PR 1 01 -A . . . The Zookeepers ... Bat 
Cave remodeled . . . Brothers out-cool pledges on clue hunt . . . 
PES . . . The Hardee Boy drops stat . . . Convention a roaring 
success . . . Deb Slumping and Philadelphia Lockjaw . . . Heating 
problem in Exotica . . . Mystic goodies surprise 29 . . . Kappas 
donate second consecutive Maid . . . No October trip to New York 
— "Wait till next year!" . . . Skels donates color tube . . . Hair 
unties the Rope . . . Gruesome and Ghoul . . . Loretta . . . Family 
man gets surprise package at banquet . . . TB and BM win Best 
Pledge . . . Bear wins Best Brother . . . NL, Skels, and Cadaver 
invade Vance . . . Lurch . . . NARS reactivated . . . Lech at Lyons 
. . . The Surfer returns . . . CDA Mackander on Executive Com- 
mittee . . . Night-riders dormant . . . L. I. Zard Award . . . The 
Brock Tree . . . Laura Laurinburg wins fall fashion award . . . 
Melanie gets her Papagallas wet . . . Great year coming up. 


1 1 

^v •* 

g,i^- '", 

• '\ S' m 

• ■ .. 

">Tj FT. - sfl 

K jri 

aXA ^ 


I J'-'i 

r Sla 



Hodges, A. 
Hofmeister, S. 
Hryharrow, J. 
Jacobson, J. 
Jarboe, J. 


, W. 
nbrechi, D. 

Manley, J. 
Marshall, S. 
McCallie, S. 
Miller, W. 
Neely, A. 
Neely, J. 
Neely, R. 
Powell, R. 
Rainey, H. 

Randolph, C. 
Raymond, E. 
Read, R. 

Sawyer, H. 
Strickland, J. 

White, R. 
Wilson, R. 
Yelverton, J. 





Barnes, R. 
Baur, E. 
Blamton, W. 
Brown, N. 
Bruenner, D. 

Butler, G. 
Carey, B. 
Churchill, J. 


Egbert, J. 
Evans, D. 
Grauer, P. 

Gribble, G. 
Hanes, F. 
Hedman, K. 
Holderness, R. 
Hoyt, R. 


Schmidt's what? . . , "Fat Augie" moves out of house to get something done; 
"Super-Squat" returns to plague new wing . . . Hanes gives up on the gridiron; 
mist descends on Carmichael . . . Reub and Young mumble the mystics . . . 
Lord Butler quits bumming, retreats to his "estate" . . . Rush about kills 
Crash . . . Old finds his first chapter meeting a little short . . , "T" Tommy, 
still mole-ing around, dreams of going to the Tundra region, but settles on the 
Balan . . . Whale does a "damn good job" on the basement before the pledges 
take to the mop . . . Grauer hangs up strap, joins the Arkansas sow in midnight 
burlesque . . . Jet junks files, heads for Va. Beach . . . Although his fleece may 
not be white as snow, Mary's little lamb is still scampering right behind her . . . 
No word from Morocco; Lexy holding her own . . . Potts and the crew eat more 
than apple at "the Garden" . . . Shuford tightens up; takes to the woods to 
supply Wed. night venison . . . 

And that's the way it is — and always will be. As the star of Venus slips out 
of sight, and the golden chariot makes its way across the horizon, the Great 
Mcchine of Caldwell will slowly murmur around the hallowed halls of regal 
red, rousing those so casually reclined on the banquet couches and disturbing 
even the wakeful trio of goddesses who have lengthened our lives that we may 
fulfill their decree of "Do it, Dekes!" 


Hk ~ ^1 

■ *• 1 

V J 


Hussman, W. 
King, W. 
Kluttz, W. 
McCarroll, Z. 
McCotter, J. 
McDonald, M. 




"Order of pancakes!" . . . another day and year starts 
at the DU House . . . Van, stop reading those magazines 
. . . "PLEDGE!" . . . and along came Beastwood and we 
pledged the . . . What? Piggy a brother? . . . Trip's on the 
rampage — 10th of the month . . . Dial lost his tennie 
pumps . . . Currie finally found a girl that would date 
him . . . Shuff's got new night-vision binoculars for 
"bird-watching" . . . "I'm for broads" . . . Slebos is 
pinned — again? . . . Gray's got a nose job!?! . . . Alex 
is the turtle specialist . . . Elig is the original "bumper 

sticker" . . . oh, no, not at the Holiday Inn . . . my, what 
a big harpoon you have . . . who's got the quiz file key? 
... or for that matter who's got the quiz f i le? . . . where's 
the damn mailman? . . . "How should I know? Ask 
Neil" . . . Lipp, Sheldon, and Streaker head up the fish 
squad . . . "Greetings from the Kremlin" . . . who, Mr. 
Lewis? . . . (click) . . . "Cordell, you're out of order" . . . 
What' Mason passed already — it's only 6:00 . . . Have 
a Schotch, W. D? . . . Nassau, here we come 1 

Bunting, E. 
Burgess, P. 

Cordell, R 

Downton, C. 
Durham, R. 
Eastwood, M. 

Evans, J. 
Fenninger, R. 
Goforth, J. 
Goodwin, J. 
Hagerty, R. 


Hayes, G. 
Hardenbergh, F. 
Heacock, D. 
Hildenbrand, S. 
Hague, D. 
Howe, D. 

Jennings, M. 
Kitts, J. 
Lipp, F. 
Long, W. 
Mason, M. 

Menius, M. 
Nemeth, J. 
Pridgen, R. 
Rabb, M. 
Ray, B. 
Slebos, W. 

Smith, H. 
Vars, A. 
Warren, H. 
Watson, M. 
Wo Icott, W. 
Wright, M. 


Allison, C. 
Barnett, T. 
Barragan, J 
Brett, K. 
Brewer, J. 

Boyles, N. 
Bullock, J. 
Butler, C. 
Christy, T. 
Crampton, ( 
DeBruh, M. 

Fait, J. 
Fawcett, R. 

Ford, C. 
Garrett, M. 

Gehung, F. 
Helvestine, W. 
Kenny, L. 
McDaniel, R. 
McDonald, H. 


, O. 

Mickler, N 
Nye, G. 
Orr, R. 
Parker, E. 
Perry, D. 
Perry, R. 


Rhodes, T. 
Rhyne, R. 
Rush, J. 
Salsbury, S. 

Shipman, R. 
Shreve, B. 
Smith, M. 
Snyder, P. 

Stewart, T. 
Trosk, R. 
Travis, R. 
Travis, W. 

Tygart, F. 
Wallace, C. 
Williams, T. 


Wills, W. 
Wilson, E. 

Squirrel season begins for the Southern Gentleman(?) . . . Wharf 
Rat gets things settled later and rings the Chi O Bell . . . Spats 
topheavy with Beatle-mania . . . Fly-away Coop and Genung 
keep petsin bush . . . Wills without date for Duke-Stratford 
game . . . Muhammed Frampton and Bobo X. lead Lincoln High 
in anti-N.S.A, protest . . . Simons and Bliss fight over torso- 
length mirror . . . Harry Tygart receives High School Achieve- 
ment award . . . Brewer and Christy develop square eyeballs, 
shoot many furry creatures in TV room . . . Weyman and Ward 
barricade back seat, late date Beaumont . . . Banks and Rush 
invest $ 1 . 1 on three day drunk . . . Michelangelodin denounced 
by Marsha, defaces bathroom walls in vengeance . . . Redeep 
. . . "A beer! Ted, you've been deceiving me!" "Fred, my Mommy 
wants me home by 1 0" . . . "Claudette, this is Bonnie. Bonnie, 
this is Claudette. Where did R.H.F. go?" . . . McDunhouill gives 
secret hair growing formula to infirmary . . . Fisher boycotts 
barbers, Q.P.s . . . "Carl, what has four wheels, one fender, no 
riders, and hits dump trucks, telephone poles, etc. . . . "Whale 
,Tail harpooned at Duke . . . Craig McDonald likes mixers . . . 
Morgan finances Earl's new house on two-year poker plan . . . 
"Como esta Usted? Senor McLemore . . . Uh, I musta missed 
that lecture, sir." 




Alger, M. 
Beverly, G. 
Coates, H. 

Garner, B. 

Gilkey, J. 
Hankins, I. 
Hensley, C. 
Hillard, J. 
Johnson, R. 
Kirtley, W. 
Knight, H. 

Lokey, J. 
McGirt, J. 
Oxford, R. 
Salvati, R. 
Sobol, J. 
Solomon, L. 
Staggers, S. 

Stephens, C. 
Stokes, J. 
Stringer, E. 
Teeter, R. 
Thomas, W. 
Wright, T. 
Wylie, N. 
Zettel, N. 


Prise ilia squeezes by W. W. in annual Sweet- 
heart battle . . . Shut up, Alvin! ! . . . Go-Go Girls 
highlight Germans . . . That's not the way they 
do it in Floor-ada, says Starves . . . Tonk, anyone? 
. . . DeReimer and 007 in thtir Blue Heaven . . . 
Slide Rule ponders his square root . . . Wash the 
pig . . . Hammerhead drills in hall, as Chap drills 
in little girls room . . . Don't D. A. ever go to 
class? asks tank . . . J. C. plays with organ . . . 

Hankins turned down by minotaurs . . . Disney 
dates Tinkerbell as Henry gets Stone(d) . . . I've 
been scalded . . . Stick Staggers — every week- 
end . . . Collect LD. for Colo . . . Stokes drops 
B. A., goes into room rent business . . . shift 
much, Neil? . . . Garner wiped out by Home- 
coming and toilet paper ... Is Normie-pooh 
there? . . . Trade in your Sprite for a coke, Tom 
. . . Black and White at the Beach?!?! 



Lambdas flow back to the Hill as Guppy spawns in 
Booze Creek and Droop's moon gets rained on . . . 
Commodore Bulbous Benny leads dance around 
maypole on new patio while "What a Man" walks 
. . . Wild Bill learns about PH paper and YoYo's 
string falls off . . . Smiley burns cross and rejects 
local Klan member. . . Kattenburg TRIES . . . Pussy- 
cat Pollard has a new scar . . . Terrible Terry drives 
his big red Ford and Rudolph finds Peel slippery . . . 
Super Whimp redecorates room with Coathanger 
that hangs on Scott tissue . . . Rich uses "Kreth" to 
reduce cavity by 23% ... Dumbo's trunk goes on 
African safari and Snoz sells out grandmother for 
second helping . . . Florida Fats goes on French diet 
and gains weight . . . Tonry loves Penny's . . . Mean- 
while Westership finds early to bed early to rise and 
the Bobsey Twins find high school better than ever 
. . . Farish believes in close family relations while 
Davis picks an Iris . . . Malcolm keeps busy at home 
and at school . . . Dapper Dan the gambling man 
loses as Wayne aborts motorcycle . . . Ray shoots 
possums instead of squirrels . . . The year ends as 
the Lambdas owe their soul to the IDC . . . ALL 
RIGHT, Lambda Chis! 





ft f f 

Ambrose, R. 
Anderson, M. 
Andrews, G. 
Boker, C. 
Beatty, J. 
Bibb, L. 

, W. 

Fitzparrick, J. 
Gehweiler, R. 
Hardesty, I. 

Hunter, S. 
Kottenburg, P. 
McCoy, J. 
McNairy, W. 
Mead, G. 
Parmele, A. 
Pollard, J. 
Pond, J. 
Rainey, P. 

Renfrow, W. 
Ray, W. 
Smith, A. 


Tonry, M. 
Waldrop, J. 
Wells, R. 
Whitaker, D. 


PDT's begin new year by kicking over Kool Aid bucket . . . Beserk drops 
house duties for Pi Phi social affiliation . . . Bags carefully eyes Pi Phi 
house too . . . Father Forum begins new remodeling program — violently 
. . . Bell keeps brotherhood spellbound with safety demonstrations and 
dancing lessons . . . Bitch opens new hosiery plant in Roxboro . . . Tricky 
doin' same old stuff . . . B. Jones plays old man role in Raleigh . . . A'lou 
has annual date early this year . . . Freddie B. "captures" new audience 
. . . Rufus Bad Wing stars in smoochathon . . . Haxx leads Christmas 
Tree dance . . . Rowe drives Felda to questionable night life ... X bites 
Brown's fanny for practice . . . Babybody plays with Mississippi footballs 
. . . Reet pulls same tricks with a new crop this year, as Whitaker finds 
out too late . . . Robert sweeps up eyeballs after pajama party . . . Bird- 
man wins anual B.S. degree . . . Snakebody leads Alcoholic Acres to win 
less season, Waldo does slightly better . . . William Red finally gets 
date at Duke as Bear promises free ceremony . . . Roses are red / Violets 
are blue / You chase me / And so am I. 

Jones, W 
Lesley, D 
Leslie, D. 


Wester, J. 
Williams, . 
Winstead, C. 
Worth, R. 
Wright, J. 





From the dark, dank corners of everywhere once again 
emerge the motley plant-like forms that annually in- 
habit Vance Hall. Fate has taken them under its wing 
and has once more tilted the computer to allow another 
chance of finding that gloriously sought "great time" 
before the hand of realization clutches them and drags 
them down to the depths of study, books and classes. 

Leading this menagerie is Charles "Easy" Wilkins 
whose been easing in and out of a variety of new de- 
velopments. Bowman, Renegar and Spell team up with 
some Nitty D-D-Ditties to form a new and controversial 
organization of D.S.'ers. 

Daily drills executed by Panda, Nude and Kize keep 
the house up on the latest tactics to win all the romper 
room events. Max keeps the house on wheels. Moye and 
Aycock pledge full support to Tect. Bickel and Holland 
become so down to earth, they're Hell. 

Slowly another year of Phi Gamma Delta blooms and 
withers to be recorded in South Building as a good or 
bad season. But one thing is for sure, these same plant- 
like forms will reappear in the fall if the arms of Fate 
can continue to hold up such a bewildering mass. 



Eagleton, H. 
Godfrey, J. 
Higgins, T, 

le, J. 
ck, J. 

Hudson, J. 
Hughes, J. 
Justice, J. 
Keel, P. 

Kiser, D. 
Kiser, T. 
Lineberger, A. 
McDonald, D. 
Miller, R. 
Miller, R. 


•is, D. 

Moye, J. 
Pattisall, J. 
Pollock, C. 
Renegar, G. 
Sain, J. 
Scherr, H. 
Shell, W. 

Shepherd, . 
Shields, F. 
Smith, C. 
Smith, S. 
Sparrow, R. 
Spell, J. 
Stanley, W 

Swanson, [ 
Tanner, J. 
Vincent, C 
Wilkins, C 
Williams, I 
Wright, R, 




Blue, J. 
Boggs, C. 
Clarke, F. 
Clarke, T. 
Frtsbee, T. 

Lanier, E. 
Lewis, C. 
Lovell, J. 
McCullough, J. 
McKiethan, T. 
McPhatter, R. 
Nowell, G. 

Palmer, B. 
Pinkham, J. 
Pope, C. 
Robinson, R 
Smith, R. 
Spell, O. 
Taylor, R. 

Urquhart, R. 
Vance, J. 
Whitley, J. 
Winburn, G. 
Wood, N. 
Wyche, P. 


Mornin', Chef . . . "Grits" for 
breakfast, Annie . . . Slewfoot 
speaking . . . Germ and Bru dine 
out — at Durham County Fair 
. . . Big Kahuna takes "Waikiki 
Wong" on Surfin' Safari . . . 
Tom's Beautiful doors . . . 
"Mani" scopes 3-D; Fern scopes 
W. C. . . . Telephone, Dick . . . 
Rummelism: I may not be rich 
but I'm drunk . . . Money-man 
steals from U-Peter to pay Paul 
K E . . . Got a light, Hubna? . . . 
Rod and Bert make big in A. F. 
. . . Charlie's gas bill exceeds 
tuition . . . P. W. most P. Wed 

. . . "Yamoto" Ham subs for 
Herald — "Angel"? Seriously, I 
suppose you wonder . . . Joe's 
T.T.A.H. ideal date for Chi Hi 
. . . Big A tries a box of cookies 
. . . Norm's license count ex- 
ceeds QP's . . . Columbia, Rols 
— S. C. or Mo? . . . Jump back 
Scubie and keep on pushing . . . 
Blue finally makes it . . . Bronze 
God Statue crumbles . . . Big 
John works in Big Macs' . . . Top 
Right pulls shade and Phi Kaps 
fall off to sleep. 


Cline, T. 
Fortune, P. 
Gernon, W. 
Godwin, J. 
Holler, K. 
Mabry, G. 
MocNeill, J. 

McCormick, W. 
Patterson, M 
Putnam, R. 
Siebenschuh, F. 
Ubell, D. 
Watson, R. 
Worley, C. 



Phi Sigs first return to the White House . . . Love 
thy neighbors . . . Runners invade . . . Onward 
Christian soldiers, to the jungle and the dun- 
geon . . . Putnam in charge of banister-polishing 
. . . For ten dollars plain, a refrigerator that 
doesn't work, compliments of Manager Bill . . . 
Where's the damn screwdriver . . . How much 
toilet paper from the Lower Quad this week, 
Joe . . . Fond memories of the Trading Post . . . 
Who calls National this week . . . "HELP" is on 
the way from the Brothers Witt and Papa Ten- 
nessee . . . Brother Brown comes through . . . 
Host to Miss UNC-G after the Virginia game 
. . . Joseph and Mary still going strong with — 
soon to follow . . . Nurse Joan sets Phi Sig rec- 
ord, First Lady to tour . . . Hey, He's got a 2.0 
. . . Sharp, nothing but cool . . . Shouldn't we 
vote on that . . . Wonder what the Phi Mu's used 
that Red Room for . . . "Hello. Where are you 
going?" . . . Sorry, Mrs. Chapman . . . Does that 
German teacher know any French . . . Hold 
those tanks up, Jane . . . This way to the Phi Sig 



September . . . Brothers return to a renovated Chapter House 
to meet the new housemother in time to say good-by . . . 
"pinning fever" sweeps the House . . . pledges again, thank 
God . . . the routine starts . . . Buzzard turns into a Blue Ribbon 
... Is Stumpy a part of the Socialist-Communist conspiracy? . . . 
"Do-Tell-Twa-Tell, what makes a baboon smell?" . . . Yard Dog, 
finally academically successful, is initiated and immediately 
proclaims himself King of the World . . . Lummox proclaims 
himself Emperor of the World and refuses to call Yard Dog 
"Mister" . . . Hog Jowles moves Petunia to Carolina so he can 
go over to her sty and play in the mud more often . . . Hee Hee 
. . . Coach Magoo wishes he had another Jule . . . Baby Joe grows 
up and runs off with the Yack Queen . . . Will Staph get the 
next "Winter of Our Discontent Award?" . . . Gomer becomes 
a civilian again . . . "Fast Eddie" Peace secretly marries him- 
self because he's hopelessly in love with his mirror . . . Ten 
after six . . . Yank comes South and loves IT . . . Spring Rush 
. . . My God, exams again . . . Isn't school HELL??? 


Benton, J. 
Bishop, W. 
Blakely, D. 
Brown, J. 

Hunter, T 
Irving, J. 
Jones, R. 

Jordan, J. 
Maddox, J. 
McGowan, R. 
Misenheimer, T. 
Morton, R. 
Niven, D. 

Porker, J. 
Perry, D. 
Rufty, J. 
Sheehan, C 
Smith, G. 

Stapp, F. 
Suttle, J. 
West, S. 
Williams, I 
Wilson, T. 



Smith, J. 
Smyre, L. 
Teele, G. 
Wainio, J. 
Watson, R 
White, R. C 
White, R. E 


Another successful year for the Pi Kapps . . . 
Luther hunts Gnus in Bechuanaland . . . Echoes 
of Blue Buntay . . . The Lizard discovers Jen- 
nifer Jones . . . Ears breaks down at Homecom- 
ing . . . Nooch hits the campaign trail . . . Pike 
gets Les(lie) fun out of life . . . Indian enjoys the 
Cave . . . Hogbod gets new trough . . . Zero 
zeroes in . . . Pledges burning a lot of gas in the 
Barracuda . . . Hudson goes Latin American . . . 
Surf's Up! Lensworth and Doz hang ten . . . 
White and Smitty make big splash . . . Beebop 
goes Ivy League . . . Rico sweats down to 130 
. . . Treasurer Teele makes Exodus . . . Rah, 
Rah, Roadman . . . Zoommmmm!!! 



September — Brother's return to school minus 
our fearless Leader . . . the Columbus County 
Flash and Fayetteville Fats married??? John 
finds his orafice most amusing again this year 
. . . the Major contribution to the house has 
been mazing, really amazing . . . Oreeose, while 
hanging one, made good use of his Baggies this 
summer at Myrtle . . . having just won first 
place in a Danny Thomas lookalike contest, 
Nose erects Volkswagen Dealership on Park 
Place . . . Fox crams for exams between hands 
. . . after loafing last semester, Bam rolls on, 
becoming more swell-headed than ever . . . the 
Kingpin bids goodbye to Bagrash and Boogotch, 
returns to school as ninth semester sophomore 
. . . Diamond Rick, our number two man on 
the "tube team" and young man in a hurry 
astounds everyone with his rapid secretarial 
performances and numerous sorties to Greens- 
boro . . . Cecil B DeWaldo shoots prize-winning 
documentary on the life of an overdrive solonoid 
switch . . . Jive-Ass has his room stolen while 
taking shower and car bashed while getting 


Alper, M. 
Brilliant, J. 
Coffey, J. 
Eisenband, A. 
Fox, D. 

Freiberg, A. 
Ginsberg, D. 
Greenbacker, J. 
Hyman, S. 
Katz, R. 

LaBarre, D. 
Levine, G. 
Mackler, S. 
Monn, K. 
Rosenbaum, J. 

Rubin, J. 
Satisky, H. 
Woiner, E. 
Weinstein, A. 
Winner, D. 



i | 

fad*] <iU^3l 




Allen, A. 
Anderson, L. 
Campbell, W. 
Martin, J. 
Newlin, L. 

Pope, J. 
Rodgers, R. 
Vanness, J. 
Yarborough, R. 


HP** ' ^| 

! 1 





Love potions cause heavy toll on natives return- 
ing to reservation. Chief J. Frog gets worried 
and dates same girl twice, while Zeke holds 
pre-dawn fertility rites between trips to Athens. 
Loudmouth and Newlin share tepee, find 
squaws, and get out early in blood-brother fash- 
ion, meanwhile Gunter and Grasty horror show 
signs contract for extended tour. Bule continues 
to hunt with Doodle safe at W.C., and Junior 
forsakes cards to tag along. Yazoo Booper 
woos Meg with continental rain dance, as Grum, 
despite car and cycle, is unable to escape new 
repeating guns of paleface co-eds. Big Time 
forced to peddle trinkets as witch doctors' 
prophecy of three years proves untrue. Apollo 
is slandered, warns M. E. B. in time, and out- 
shines sins, as Dougherty wins Q.P. baytle with 
white-man's computer to earn love of Minerva. 
Casualties kept at minimum as moons pass, but 
firewater could cause trouble for tribe. It's quiet 
— too quiet. 







Tony panorama includes three day gin game and wiffle 
court . . . soccer team manages training at Antoines . . . 
Boke, the original dirty old man . . . jefe's lower case 
mono . . . Arterton's innate pattern of symbolism . . . 
Fawcett's champagne d'argent . . . Wilkes applies 
French tactics with apparent success . . . Dwight and 
Kelley corner market on Stones . . . Zoobie . . . Isey, did 
you leave a message? ... P. L, a model's man . . . Ger- 
mans with the Yum girl . . . Rasputin . . . Pyne-stab's 
fixation, the girl of his dreams . . . Treadwell in Yankee 
stadium to impress Mary . . . Hammer's Saturday morn- 
ings with Bugs Bunny . . . Keats circles Apt., then gives 
in . . . Changing kaleidoscope darkens as it comes into 
focus . . . We will see another Panathenaic festival. 


Armour, B. 
Arterton, J. 
Bollou, D. 
Bell, D. 
Chambers, D. 

Dwight, A 
Fawcett, R. 
Gatins, J. 
Heard, J. 
Hildt, J. 

Holland, R. 
Keating, W. 
Lipson, P. 
McCullough, J. 
Minard, F. 

Pyne, J. 
Redmon, J. 
Sitterson, J. 
Symonds, P. 
West, J. 


The Snail leads the Chis into battle against the bottle throwers greatly aided 
by his loyal recruit from Fairyland ... the opposition, ably led by Ewie and 
Schiltz, win many major victories, even though without the leadership of 
Goods . . . Hunchmules eases out of the action and down to Jeff's to check 
out the latest T. P. M.'s . . . Crazy is busy laying them in the aisles down at 
Kenan, followed by Rameses VIM . . . Spanky and the Fabulous Boar Hog 
extend the domain of the Chi Bag into the Halls of Deliberation, exhibiting 
superior judgement on all matters . . . the Moose leaves, roaring all the while 
and flexing his astounding muthels . . . Lucky continues his mysterious R.T.'s, 
always accompanied by his storied "deal bag" . . . Short Story amuses all by 
his amazing ability to emit volumes of puns and witty phrases . . . Glides 
returns for ninety-fifth semester and assumes role of Grand Chi while pushing 
eats in the kitchen . . . Pennule, heir apparent, hunts for birds, squirrels, and 
other more lucrative things . . . C-Jobs enlists Yankee aid from Duh and the 
junior transfer in his fight to resume the Civil War. 

Alas, the last of the original Nadular Birds are leaving, but they leave the 
Chi Bag as strong as ever after another great year in the annals of Sigma Chi. 



Baggett, H. 
Barnes, J. 

Brantley, J. 
Brigman, P. 

Dcniel, M. 
Davis, P. 
Davis, R. 
Fowler, D. 
Hunter, J. 
Jones, G. 
Koontz, G. 

Lawrence, C. 
Lawson, J. 
Lindell, C. 
Lutz, R. 
Overton, A. 
Palisoul, A. 
Richter, L. 


Adams, T. 
Angell, M. 
Arthur, T. 
Baddour, R. 
Barrow, S. 
Bason, J. 

Bost, J. 
Burgess, M. 
Chance, R. 
Combs, R. 
Crayton, P. 
Domina, L. 
Eggers, J. 

Freeman, J 
Forbes, C. 
Hackney, E. 
Hankins, G. 
Harrell, A. 
James, R. 




King "L" leads Linus show with club foot while Dirtball and Hoggy 
cultivate forty acres . . . Ev shuns twin for Surf City, leaving Mule to 
hang eleven . . . Commodore keeps stock in Eastern and Breath, Inc. 
becomes monopoly ... at dawn Roadmap commands kamikazes . . . 
Foggy, Moon, and Pooh Bear . . . Captain Ovaltine trains year round 
and Crazy joins Chirp Chirps . . . Troll eats candy and Killowatt ponders 
two girls and one bulb . . . Motor-Mouth is off to kooch show but Atomic- 
Rodent saves self for marriage . . . Egg moves away to hatch, lives with 
Najocka and Stu-Babe ... J. Mouse and Pear Skirmish to PiKA House 
. . . FT. A. calls Stratford again while J. B. attends school in Raleigh . . . 
Bold Bob bids eight hearts to Ernst T. who's smoking again . . . Barney? 
Barney my a . . . Lurch and Egor on late show while Whimpy stages spec- 
tacular turtle . . . Couch leads house in academics now that High Point 
scholar is gone . . . Dean and Chuck move away; Orang keeps house . . . 
Mac chases everybody, C. Q. follows . . . Cochise goes on rampage but 
Be Bop visits jail . . . Tommy Don retires ax to Titt . . . Erich steals shot 
put as Hack putt putts . . . Hester shoobies at G. M. while Y. A. gives 
information, "Patricia, she's not here and neither is Elmer" . . . last 
but not least, G. T. prays for all. 

sigitir nu 

Jester, J. 
Kelly, R. 
Marshburn, C 
Martin, J. 
McLamb, M. 


itt, E. 

Obensham, W. 

Parker, G. 
Potter, W. 
Quick, J. 
Silver, C. 
Smith, C. 
Smith, G. 

Taylor, P. 
Tennant, G. 
Thompson, C. 
Titterud, W. 
Tuttle, H. 
Whitehead, T. 
Wright, R. 


Allen, D. 
Byrd, B. 
Ciccone, G. 
Cole, W. 

Davenport, W. 
Edwards, T. 
Gebeaux, R. 

Goode, G. 
Hart, J. 
Hill, J. 
Hook, G. 

Huggler, D. 
Hunter, R. 
Ingram, J. 
Jackson, I. 



Br * ^tB $ 



Br ■ 1 

***** ^**^ 


Br^9 1 - 

^^k n*i- ' ^^^^r 


1 J» 


1 JTT'TBjH 9 





The mob returns less one D. B. and Sean. Thumb 
says "no" to black pussy cat but we still have 
our Panda. Igor resolves to give up cards, but 
Sloth has returned, so it's all over. Lindsley re- 
sents chapter meetings in his bedroom. Remer 
enjoys success with motorcycle and Alumni 
Day(?). Informal rush starts a new ball game. 
Speaking of wipe-outs, have you seen Mc- 
Dougald's room?? Seems Bluto left in a hurry. 
Cole stays sober in spite of Baldo's shining 
example. "Mustangs are for people on the way 
up." Right, Patty? House observes "Dump on 
Junior Brothers" Month, while enduring the 
usual pinning panic. Huggler exemplifies tradi- 
tion of high scholarship and housebills. Thumbs 
down on everything. Elk gives unselfishly 
towards new tube. If it's in color, we'll watch it. 
Strayborn can get reduced rates for suicides. 
Says Peanut: "If we can't raise the house aver- 
age, maybe we can lower the all men's aver- 
age." Byrd discourses on shooting down storks. 
Next Sunday's flick: "Me Tiny, you Jane." 
Farewell to the bald-headed dynasty. 


Abrams, P. 
Allen, R. 
Breslow, K. 
Cooper, S. 
Dahan, E. 
Dobritch, A 
Enten, D. 
Feder, R. 


Goldberg, F. 
Goldman, J. 
Goldman, N. 

Goldstein, B. 
Greenburg, J. 
Grifenhagen, W. 
Gross, G. 
Grosswald, R. 
Hockfield, E. 
Hockfield, S. 
Katz, C. 

Kaye, L. 
Klaff, M. 
Krug, M. 
Leader, J. 
Leder, N. 
Lippa, M. 
Lyman, D. 
Mann, Jr., R. 

Nislick, S. 
Plisco, I. 
Roberts, L. 
Silverstein, E. 
Statler, J. 
Winston, Z. 
Zuckerman, W. 





It's the Eve of Frustration . . . the camp crew is back . . . Mirk 
finally gets a look at the other side of the fence . . . Chused 
leaves but Monty fills in . . . Helbein leaves but Ibil fills in — it 
almost wrecked 'urn . . . Rosen just leaves . . . Fatty barfs and 
gains three pounds . . . the corpulent look is in this fall at the 
Phi House, just ask Butch . . . Gaines buys out Lurch's interest 
in the Talon Zipper . . . Lonnie Garth is now fourteen . . . L.P.O. 
rejuvenated . . . Chi Chi choochoos . . . Bwaaark . . . Gomer Pyle 
invades the Phi House . . . Matt goes to class . . . Spot begins to 
resemble dome of Morehead Planetarium . . . Zack goes on 
three month binge . . . Harry conquers the files . . . drummer boy 
gets shot down over Washington . . . Philly, anyone? . . . Stets 
attacked in the second stall . . . Katzini gets corner on the whale 
oil market . . . Yuckety Yuck strikes again . . . Harry moves out 
on campus . . . Goldie leaves the Howyouse to buy some 'tater 
chips . . . Sigma Tau Beta has best rush ever . . . the S. T. B.'s, 
L. P. O.'s, Tri Betes, We Five and Beta Pi's compete for pledges 
. . . Buzzy loses two with a hang ten . . . fun and frolic to the 
tune of the "Sandpipers" . . . "Bye, Bye now!!" 



Cooper, S. 
Cowen, R. 
Feder, J. 
Feingold, W. 
Fox, 5. 
Gitleson, R. 

Lichtenstein, M. 
Loewenbaum, G. 
McColl, F. 
Mills, S. 
Minisman, B. 
Nachman, S. 
Paster, D. 


, G 

Taylor, R. 
Van Damm, G 
Weiss, K. 
Young, R. 


Z.B.T. has greatest year in history. The house makes great strides forward in 
all phases. Do, Bag, and A. B. decide to sell house to pay for Barbara Streisand 
at Anniversary. F. D. R., better known as Ralph, wins award as biggest drinker. 
Kenny plans to wed t. a. g., but hasn't decided which one. Gerald spends many 
sleepless nights when S. N. gets excited over his novels. Alex wins praise from 
brotherhood for taste in attire. Young usurps jukebox. Tommy loses forty 
pounds and snakes best friend. Zimbo spends year's allowance on sound equip- 
ment. Karro says that fourteen-year-old wine tastes great. Paster becomes proc- 
tor and is never seen again. Kirstein wins award as best liked brother. Natt 
plans to marry hometown honey. Feingold plans to go to law and medical school. 
Looper just loops along. Kiel takes over campus. B. G. creates greatest social 
season ever. Bobby leads football team to victory. Cowen finds out that the 
house really does have a Vice President. Gitlelson spends most of his time 
fishing and catching crabs. Feldman becomes noted Biblical scholar. G. V. D. 
takes place of Segovia. Steady spends from midnight to two reading world's 
greatest literary masterpieces. Schneider breaks hands snapping fingers. Panda 
gets thrown in wrestling everytime by runt. Petet spends life decorating mirror. 
Taylor is the conscience of the f ratty bag. 


Welcome back Jack! Zetes return to 
find Fred and Freeman fatally ill. Ban- 
ner year starts with "Lima Beans" grow- 
ing in oil slick. Jap returns off date 
probation as Grindle loses eyes. Sloth 
hangs six; Long hangs ten; Baldwin 
raises thirteen. UMGAWA KAWA- 
Joan eats peanut not knowing crop is 
contaminated. Gordon endures! Hairlip 
listens carefully to Tigger. Ervin forks 
out ten dollars thinking he's going 
native. Lurch returns from summer 
school at U. of Transylvania. Schmoo 
heads up carny act in Durham as 
Blodgett takes Hot Point to High Point. 
Burger leads charge in Nantucket. 
Duck has Eskimo Pie in Penman's re- 
siduary . . . worthy Phi tries for left- 
overs. Black sports fall fashions with 
"Drip Dry" as Redhead red lights it in 
Kinston. Godzilla pledges with a crash. 
Lizard finds Websters more receptive 
in Chapel Hill than out "west." 



Alexander, R. 
Baldwin, B. 
Barber, J. 
Black, J. 
Bowles, E. 

Emory, J. 

Harrison, W. 
Leach, W. 

Long, W. 
McMillan, C 
Meade, F. 
Noland, J. 
Nowell, A. 

Simmons, T. 
Smith, G. 

Stanley, C. 
Vance, V. 
Venters, G. 
Weeks, W. 






The Interfraternity Council serves as the unifying 
and governing body for fraternities at Carolina. The 
Council is composed of the president and the elected 
representative from each of the twenty-three chap- 
ters on campus, and acts as the legislative branch. 
The I.F.C. Court, with the President and Vice Presi- 
dent sitting as ex-officio members, maintains a self- 
imposed discipline among fraternities. This body 
serves as the judicial branch. Under the leadership 
of the Executive Committee, made up of the major 
officers, the I.F.C. plans and coordinates all phases 
of fraternity life. The work of the I.F.C. is done 

through use of the Rush, Publicity, Greek Week, 
Scholarship, Rules, and Activities Committees. These 
groups strive to promote the lofty ideals of the entire 
fraternity system. 

To encourage competition among the fraternities, 
the I.F.C. awards several trophies each year. These 
include the R. B. House Trophy for the best fraternity, 
the Scholarship Trophy for most improved scholar- 
ship, and the Sturm Trophy for the year's best pledge 
class. The competition for these awards furthers the 
goals and aspirations of the Interfraternity Council. 

Left to Right: R. Combs, J. Freeman, F. Martin, B. Dotson, T. White, G. Parker 


Left to Right: Wainwright, Sarrett, Wills, McKenzie, Parker. Seated: Martin, Freeman, White, Schmidt, Lawson. 





Parker, B 
Parker, J. 

P* * e tfl 

1 ^IL *•• 1 1 •_• 

■I B^- V 



GERmnns club 













Another year . . . the new breed becomes the old 
guard . . . White pops his top . . . Munchy finally 
leaves . . . the Half-Breed and Switch-blade catch cop 
setting off fire crackers in the nude . . . King James 
challenges God . . . Ridenhour's wife saves money . . . 
Wex takes speed talking course . . . Moore's martin- 
izing goes bankrupt . . . Edwards buys binoculars . . . 
Dear Abby . . . Taylor does nothing while Marsha 
supports him . . . it's easier to go out the door . . . 
Feher becomes Admiral . . . Canter fries in apart- 
ment . . . Altman catches Whitehead peeping . . . 
George contemplates life in South America . . . HELP! 

New Sweetheart 

Altman, Gregory 
Bachman, Raphael 
Canter, William 
Carnes, Oscar 
Edwards, Dave 
Feher, David 

Griffin, James 
Hanna, III, Oba T. 
Harllee, Fred 
Howe, Jr., George M 
Howe, Jim 
Keen, Aubrey 

King, James 
Moore, Bill 
Muncy, Tom 
Raines, Hubert 
Ridenhour, -Monroe 
Scruggs, Jim 

Stroud, J. Michael 
Sutton, Doug 
White, Terry 
Whitehead, Lewis 
Woodard, Wex 
Zambelli, Bill 


What! Me Worry? 

Monthly Meeting 





PDC's return to find new neighbors . . . Nichols cracks 
whip as house gets face lifting . . . Rich gets a bad 
break and Carr keeps his T-Bird running . . . Anybody 
seen Mac since the convention??? Bodge rules the 
roost and marriage claims Hosey ... Ed gives up 
farming to lead Tube Team . . . Telephone for Lurch 
. . . Get a Nurse for Whitehead . . . Rowe makes the 
fatal mistake . . . Beatty evades the FBI . . . Who's 
the only #&*@ Yankee??? Stan swims for distance 
as John leads the Athletes . . . Back in the saddle 
again, Gene ?? ? . . . Grub, Grub, Grub . . . Hovis bits 
the books as Binoccie scopes . . . Pledges riot with 
rosy cheeks . . . Libby's our Sweetheart as Granville 
Shadows the Gingerbread House. 



, Euge 

Berkley, Allan P. 
Beatty, Dennis G. 
Bolick, Harold A. 
Carr, Robert L. 
Cranfill, James 5. 
Freeman, John W. 

Glass, Alan R. 
Haywood, Leon S. 
Hovis, Larry K. 
Lowdermilk, Edward L. 
Lowe, Robert B. 
McCaskill, Rodney L. 
Morris, Michael M. 

Powell, William D. 
Rickard, II, Hearne F. 
Swain, Ronnie L. 
Smith, Sidney G. 
Sudderth, Stephen T. 
Whitehead, Charles M. 
Williams, Benjamin O. 

«*» tiB& *-* •»"'*"*/ 



During the thirty years Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega 
National Service Fraternity has been active here at Carolina, 
brothers have been adding much to the physical and spiritual 
well-being of Chapel Hill. Through a spirit of fraternal to- 
getherness, A Phi O has developed its cardinal principles of 
leadership, friendship, and service into tangible benefits to 
the brotherhood, the community, and the nation. 

Under president Don Cunningham and faculty advisor 
James Wadsworth, UNC Director of Housing, A Phi this 
year has organized and operated the A Phi O Book Exchange, 
Ugliest Man On Campus Contest, and Parent's Day, as well 
as cooperated with civic leaders in the annual Community 
Chest drive, assisted at area scout camporees, worked with 
local retarded children, manned campus election polls, and 
ushered at Carolina Playmaker's productions. 

A Phi O, though, by no means overlooks social affairs. 
Bi-weekly dinner meetings, frequent parties and outings, and 
informal daily gatherings in the chapter room do much to 
fulfill brother's needs for relaxation as well as help form 
the bond of brotherhood required to devote long and hard 
hours to service projects. 



Clark, Jerry 
Corcoran, Tim 
Dougherty, Ton 
Edenster, Russe 
Fulcher, Greg 
Guard, John 

Holler, Ken 
Hilderbrandt, Tom 
Hinnant, Ben 
Holding, J. C. 
Horn, Bill 
Hubbard, John 

Inscoe, Jack 
Knight, Charles 
Marks, Bill 
Mazza, Jeff 
McCallum, Charles 
McManus, Ronald 

Moorhouse, Gary 
Newlin, Robert 
Nichols, Terry 
Porter, Scott 
Powell, Randy 
Robertson, Bruce 

Robinson, Bill 
Sanders, Bob 
Sessoms, Merv 
Seymond, Hubert 
Stone, Bill 
Walker, Rusty 



Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York Uni- 
versity on November 7, 1907. Alpha Lambda 
at U.N.C. was founded on May 9, 1925. The 
national magazine is The Deltasig and the 
flower is the rose. 

Carpenters, not businessmen . . . S-Bird 
teaches a pledge to fly . . . Mike the Orator is a 
loser . . . Bill tells Ann his profession . . . What 
Girl pinned Tom??? Tony takes a field trip . . . 
Hen-pecked attends Home Ec. convention . . . 
Dave-the-Accuser buys a door for the house . . . 
THE NIGHT TRAIN" 1 Will the real Sandy, 
please stand up . . . Cool Don pledges to "Raise 
Hell" . . . Did Grady really wash his hands??? 
Ed is glad that Ken is on at halftime . . . Howard 
sleeps through 7:00 p.m. class. 

Almond, Gary R 
Barnard, Robert L 
Barden, Bob S. 
Belsinger, Jack R. 
Bower, Charles H. 

roadway, William W. 

Creech, Laten L. 
Culp, Robert W. 
Dillon, Thomas B 

Guffey, James 
Hall, David 
Harris, Galen 
Hawkins, Blaint 
Helder, Jake C. 




Hutchins, Ralph W. 
Hyatt, Thomas 
Jennings, James S. 
Johnson, Michael R. 
Lomax, John R. 
Oakley, Woody 

Paschal, Don H. 
Parker, Charles < 
Petree, John W. 
Potter, Frank 
Potter, James R. 
Robinson, Dave 
Robinson, Jerry 

Robinson, Ron 
Rogers, William H. 
Stallings, Lindsey 
Ward, Leslie A. 
Winchester, Thomas 
Wmsted, Arthur W. 


phi mu RLPHR sinFonifi 

Anders, Rege K. 
Bass, Robert W. 
Brown, Mac H. 
Brown, Walter F. 
Cameron, Harold H. 
Dilda, James H. 
Dobbs, William A, 

Field, Russell P. 
Ford, Phillip L. 
Fowler, James N. 
Gibson, Charles W. 
Glace, Charles L. 
Harris, Bayard E. 
Hazleton, W. Dean 

Herrick, D. Gene 
Herring, William H. 
Hoar, Stephen W. 
Hutcheson, John A. 
luele, James G. 
Jernigan, Frank H. 
Jones, R. Flippen 

Kalfur, William Paul 
Kellog, JohnT. 
Killian, Charles E. 
King, A. Darrell 
Lambert, John W. 
Lambeth, Philip D. 
Leach, Norman E. 

Malcolm, J- Buckner 
Martin, Donald P. 
Marvin, Phillip H. 
McCoy, K. Byron 
Moulton, John A. 
Murphy, Ted. R. 
Norris, David A. 

Park, V. Caldwell 
Scott, Gene 
Shepard, E. Allen 
Shore, Charles M. 
Simpson, Joel S. 
Simpson, Larry M. 
Strange, A. Edward 

Steele, Kenneth F. 
Tinkham, Spencer F. 
Wall, John N. 
White, Ronald G. B. 
Whitfield, Richard A. 
Williams, Joe A. 
Willis, Calvin R. 


fi> V.4&J& 


Hey Keed! We make feelthy pictures 

100, 99, 98, 97, 96 

Yea? Well you d 

Men of Black Triangle return to Hall of Alpha Rho from 
Mexico, England, and Gilkey . . . J-0 gets award for 
conduct most becoming a brother, inserts it in ear, 
and spreads word over east coast . . , Much clatter of 
pins changing bodies . . . Christine back to stay . . . 
Gotcha . . . Superbrother produces grandmother for 
everybody and goes off on cycle after one-armed man 
. . . Lambert uses tie to keep erect . . . Noah sees many 
floods but no rainbow . . . Ace makes good use of 
head . . . PJ brings new rug, but old Sinfonian has the 
biggest pud . . . But do you really love each other? . , . 
Nice . . . Moons over Morrison . . . Gurgle does dance 
. . . Two birds with one ticket . . . Fowler and Horton 
get more than their share . . . Steve opens house . . . 
Sphincter . . . One more and it's 69 . . . 10:00 in the 
morning, Russ? . . . Hunt avoids Sam . . . Wall opens 
answering service for pledges . . . The Blue Bald Goose 
homes in on G'boro . . . More fish on Friday . . . White 
adds color to group as Rho takes twenty-two . . . Have 
you seen the Monk? . . . Steele absconds . . . Joel brings 
culture to inquisitions . . . Twenty new Plummer's 
friends . . . She was only . . . Our father . . . Rik, we 
know you'd like to have me as a brother, but . . . Seduc- 
tives miss 300 pounds but wail on . . . Chirp . . . Good- 
night Frank . . . And with best chapter award, another 
great year. Hail Sinfonia! 


Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded in 
1879. Beta Xi Chapter was established at the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina in 1915. Membership in the 
fraternity is limited to pharmacy students of good 
character, who have proven scholarship ability, and 
who have a wholesome college spirit. The fraternity 
flower is the red carnation and the colors are scarlet 
and cadet gray. The official publication is The Mask. 
The young marrieds invade . . . Tile Morgan is at it 
again with the beautification program . . . Musseilhead 
leads the way with buckets of QP's . . . Sunshine glows 
on the third flow . . . Hooty is still at it . . . Rawlins 
makes frequent trips to Raleigh and Eastgate . . . Hen- 
son thrown the bomb . . . Cotton throws in the towel, 
will 64 lab ever be over??? Pledges climb latter to see 
what they can see, get caught . . . Heatherington cap- 
tains the tube team . . . Cameron leads the " " 

team but no one follows too closely . . . Corkey is back 
in action. How's you folks, etc.??? Willets and Moore 
form Combo . . . 2/5's love organic, okaaay . . . Who 



will be the next D.I.??? Smith knows where the action 
is . . . Atlas is still confused . . . Pledges rumble, brothers 
roll, all study, this has to be a good year! 

Bailey, II, John W. 
Barrett, II, Joe H. 
Boone, WilliamS. 
Boyd, Robert S. 
Cameron, WilliamS. 
Cranford, Delbert M. 

Cotton, Robert W. 
Dameron, Richard G 
Gray, Richard A. 
Hail, James Ray 
Harper, J. Michael 
Heatherington, Terry W. 

Henson, James B 
Inman, Robert H. 
Kroboth, Timothy R. 
Lamm, Benaiah S. 
Matthews, James S. 
Meads, Lawrence C. 

erald L. 

Morgan, Jack L. 
Moore, Michael A 
Musselwhite, Neill H. 
Pharr, J. Neil 

Pike, Joseph W. 
Rachide, Frederick J. 
Rhoden, Jr., Charles W. 
Smith, Harold G. 
Williams, Berry L. 
Williams, Mark O. 


Lambda of 

Adams, Nancy R. 
Bailey, Alice L. 
Baucom, Judith M. 

Bostin, Mona Y. 
Bowman, Rita L. 
Burnham, Laura 

Butler, Bonnie C. 
Canady, Rena L. 
Carabateas, Angela 

Eakins, Janet L. 
Gebhardt, Margaret C. 
Gilbert, Sandra J. 

Gretz, Susan G. 
Habrat, Nancy J. 
Houser, Christine 

Hunter, Stephanie R. 
Johnson, Kay E. 
Johnston, Mary Helen 

Leggett, Martha V. 
Lynn, Falma R. 
Rhew, Marilyn M. 

Seawell, Ellon G. 
Shaw, Margaret E. 
Teague, Mary G. 

Wells, Sara A. 
Williams, Patricia A. 
Winter, Jean C. 

Kappa Epsilon is a national professional 
fraternity for women students in phar- 
macy. It was founded on May 13, 1921 at 
Iowa State University. Lambda Chapter 
was begun at the University of North 
Carolina in 1940. The purposes are to 
stimulate a desire for high scholarship 
among its members, to foster a profes- 
sional consciousness, and provide a bond 
of lasting loyalty, interest, and friendship. 
The fraternity takes pride in its members 
throughout the nation who are leaders in 
the pharmaceutical profession. 





monoGRfim club 

The University Monogram Club is composed of all varsity 
athletes who qualify by winning letters in one or more 
sports. Its goals are to further school spirit, traditions, and 
standards of scholarship, as well as encouraging athletes 
to engage in many different types of activities. The club 
has its headquarters in Woollen Gym which is open to all 
members. Among the projects of the club are the spring 
practice game, inviting high school athletes to the Univer- 
sity's football games, and a scholarship fund. 

*****mm*dH\ ummtmim !ft> 



i Meade, John Atherton, Steve Lister, Charles Worley, Bo Wood, Ed Stringer 

Despite the fact that there was sometimes little to cheer 
about, U.N.C.'s varsity cheerleaders performed dili- 
gently and enthusiastically. Under Head Cheerleader 
Jerry Houle, the squad introduced new cheers, center- 
ing on acrobatics and tumbling, with added emphasis 
placed on pep rallies and co-ordinated cheering. Houle, 
who somehow managed to survive a D.T.H. blast of 
incompetence, and the rest of the cheerleaders deserve 
much credit for their work in promoting school spirit. 


Houle, Head. First Row: Fleming, Starnes, Hooper, Sanolin, Tyndall, Shannon. Second Row: Davis 
Shaffer, Yelverton, Patterson, Garner, Dankworth, Womack. 


nn n 

*►:<►:< ►:< >:os 

S<SoS SoSS< 
SoSS< solos 

SoS Si SoSS< 
Solos S<SoS 

mm m 
mm m 

&m a® 

Concert Band 


Holhngsworth, President; Barton, Glace, Hoar, Easterling, Crabtree. 

The University Band has proven itself one of 
the best representatives of the University both 
on and off of the campus. Under the direction of 
John Yesulaitis, and resplendent in their new 
uniforms, the Marching Band provided out- 
standing and entertaining halftime shows. In 
addition to the Marching Band and the Concert 
Band, which studies and performs the best in 
concert music, Tar Heel basketball games were 
highlighted by the Pep Band. 





fail ITS 





|3 \ t 


^Ht&^WXf^^mrTdtkJ^i^flA^^I^Bim . 

•*«r I .»» ••»■» '■- 

.V«,**ii,J On 

The Tarheels in 1965 played both exciting and 
dull football; they upset some teams and they 
were upset; they showed running and passing 
ability and an almost total incompetence at de- 
fense — in short the Heels were the same medi- 
ocre team of years gone by. No more exciting 
game was played in 1 965 than at Kenan Stadium 
when Clemson dropped a 17-13 thriller (end ng 
the game on the Carolina one foot line), or when 
Carolina and Georgia staged a tremendous offen- 
sive battle at Homecoming (with the Bulldogs 
putting on a superhuman come-from-behind 
fourth quarter effort to score 26 points and win 
47-34); but against Virginia, after a brilliant 
first quarter, the Tarheels played one of the 
dullest and poorest games of the year, finally 

losing 21-17. Ohio State and Maryland found 
that the Heels could come up with a big win 
(14-3 and 12-10); mighty Notre Dame had to 
call on every one of the saints for three quarters 
before Carolina went down fighting 17-0; but 
Wake Forest showed that the men in blue could 
be upset by the conference's worst, 13-10. 

Head Coach Jim Hickey's team was led in the 
line by Joe Fratangelo. Fratangelo played well in 
all games and his defensive prowess made it seem 
as if the entire defensive burden were on his 
shoulders. There were other good players on 
the team: Max Chapman, Hank Barden, Joe 
Churchill, Jimmy Byrd, Dave Riggs, and Jay 
Malobicky to name a few. Quarterback was the 
position most abundant in talent with two fine 

players in Danny Talbott and Jeff Beaver. The 
kicking staff also did a good job this year, led 
by Bill Edwards' punting, Charlie Carr's kick- 
offs, and Talbott's field goals. 

The latter was particularly effective against 
one of two bitter enemies as Carolina outlasted 
Cow College 10-7. But all the material available 
went to no avail as the Tarheels' bid for the 
A.C.C. championship fell short in Durham one 
cold November afternoon. The world came to an 
end that day as Dook Training School stole 
Rameses, the championship, the Victory Bell, and 
all hint of Carolina pride and dignity in surging 
to a 34-7 annihilation. 


t •.- \M 








-"^"^^ - 

Perhaps if nothing else the 1965 season was a 
training session for next year's Carolina team. 
Certainly one has to look hard to find other bene- 
fits of the '65 team. Next year, as UNC takes on 
another difficult slate of opponents, may bring 
the same results as this year's team, for Carolina 
insists on playing big-time football with small- 
time money. Let's hope that future seasons will 
be more profitable than this; at the same time, 
let's not be too harsh on the 1965 edition of the 




At the beginning of this year's Soccer season, Coach 
Allen said that "This team is a good one simply be- 
cause it is talented." But this year's team had some- 
thing more than just talent. It had the desire to win. 
For the first seven games the Soccer team made 
winning look easy with only one goal scored against 
them. And it wasn't until the Maryland game that 
this team showed what stuff they were really made 
of. Only in this game was there the determination 
that it takes to make a good Soccer team. They lost 
in a double overtime, not to a team second-best in 
the A.C.C., but to one that has been always ranked 
among the top teams in the nation. 

This year's Co-Captains were Tom Roberts and 
Drew Murphy. In scoring, Jack Writer led the team 
with ten goals, followed by John Loud and Larry 
Heath with seven, Johnston with five, Polak with 
four, Murphy and Galves with two each, and Van 
Wick with one. Also, there were others such as Terry 
Henry, Eddie Belmont, and Billy Reeves whose efforts 
and zeal added greatly to the team's fine showing; 
much praise goes to Jim Hammer, Jimmie Johnston, 
and Jack Writer who made the All South Soccer 
team. The final hand goes to Coach Allen, whose 
coaching ability was further recognized with his one- 
hundredth win, made all the more enjoyable since it 
came over Dook. 




•*■-:% ''■;-. .- 

■ . . ■ ' 

, 4 • '^^ 






The Harriers, under Coach Joe Hilton, turned what might have 
been a discouraging season into a fairly successful one. With 
only one loss in the conference to Maryland, they came in sec- 
ond to Duke in the Annual North Carolina State Cross Country 
Championship meet. In the Annual Atlantic Coast Conference 
Championships, they placed third to Maryland and Duke. 

Coach Hilton said the team did exceptionally well consider- 
ing that they were plagued with difficulties all season long. In 
the very beginning of the season, they lost Drummond Bell and 
Trip MacPherson. Captain Jim Meade had a sore throat before 
the Virginia meet and couldn't run, but on the whole turned in 
some exceptionally fine performances for the entire season. 
Also, Coach Hilton said that with the help of some of his regular 
milers and quarter milers and the harriers from last year's 
Freshman team, that he was very pleased with the outcome of 
this year's season. 


FEncinG TEfim 



In swimming this year the Dolphins, as Coach 
Pat Earey put it, have not had a very successful 
season, even though the team has produced 
some outstanding performances. This year the 
swimming team was made up of a young group 
and lacked the depth and front line strength of 
past years while the competition in swimming 
has been rather stiff. This year Navy and Army 
have had their best teams in years, and proved 
too strong for Carolina's young team. The same 
has been true in the A.C.C. with State and 
Maryland having above average teams, and 
true throughout the whole Eastern United 

Nevertheless, the swimming team has done 
its best under the leadership of Captain Fred 
Lipp who has continued to turn in good per- 
formances in the butterfly stroke. Phil Riker 
who joined the team in the middle of the semes- 
ter has helped the team greatly with his versa- 
tility in the relays, freestyle, and butterfly. Also, 
Gaye Stratten from Canada in the back stroke 
and Pete Worthen in sprints have both added 
their strength to the team with fine perform- 






Although Coach Dean Smith had predicted that 
this year's team would be only somewhat better 
than average, the Tar Heels turned in a very 
superior showing. Led by Bob Lewis and Larry 
Miller, who blazed the courts with amazing 
scoring streaks, the Carolina squad won reward- 
ing victories over the Future Farmers of Amer- 
ica, the heretical Baptists, and one of the 
enemies from South of the border, while losing 
tough ones to the Violet Yankees, the aristo- 
crats from North of the border, and oh yes, the 
Dookies. One could, at least, relax this. year, as 
opposed to those in the past, since the Tar Heels 
seemed by and large to win those games they 
should have won and lose the ones they were 
predicted to lose. 


VE <*c? WL. t Lm 

m. 4ww r.i 

Perhaps the 1965-66 version of the 
U.N.C. basketball team was not a can- 
didate for national or even conference 
honors, and perhaps they weren't as 
great as past Tar Heel fives, but this 
was a team that gave effort all the way. 
It was also a fine example of teamwork 
— something which had been conspicu- 
ously absent in the past. Even with a 
one-two punch like Lewis and Miller, 
who together averaged well over forty 

points per game, the team played as a 
well-knit unit — not as a few superstars 
and a few supergoofs. Without the back- 
court assistance of John Yokely and 
Tom Gauntlett, and the able dexterity 
at pivot position of both Bob Bennett 
and Mark Mirken, it would have been 
curtains for the Dynamic Duo. But the 
versatile Tar Heels managed to come 
through with big wins most of the time. 
Playing their first year in Carmichael 

Coliseum-Auditorium, the U.N.C. 
squad gave the fans a rare display of 
talent and excitement as they cavalierly 
disposed of some opponents, dueled 
others to the death, and fell gallently 
to a small few. But, at any rate, the 
typical Carolina fan who could finally 
bring in his favorite form of refresh- 
ment enjoyed watching whatever it was 
he watched and whatever it was he saw. 











William & Mary 




Ohio State 












Florida State 
















West Virginia 








Wake Forest 








N. C. State 








Wake Forest 








South Carolina 





With three matches left in the 1 965-66 season, 
the U.N.C. matmen have compiled a 5-4 record. 
Carolina grapplers, under the able hand of 
Coach Sam Barnes, were especially impressive 
in wins over Davidson and Washington and Lee, 
and completely swamped the Dookies of Dur- 
ham 28-8, giving the Devils their worst defeat 
in twenty years. With on outstanding freshman 
team, 6-1 at press time, rated by Coach Barnes 
as the best ever at U.N.C, Carolina has hopes 
for continued successes in wrestling. 




First Row: Coach Kenney, Chanin, Owen, Gray, Robinson, Glascolli, Robbir 
Second Row: Tucker, Hoopes, Baldwin, Fleicher, Prevost. 


Coach Joe Hilton is looking forward to another 
good year with U.N.C.'s track team. Besides 
Co-Captains Charlie Little and Bill Graham, 
only five other men have graduated, and those 
returning will be joined by a host of promising 

Returnees include shotputter Tom Cordell 
and Grant Vomer, javelin thrower Pascai Tone, 
hurdler Gary Mead, and broad jumper Bill 
Young. Jim Moore and Tom Reynolds will place 
the high jumpers while John Johnson will per- 
form as polevaulter. Pete Worthen, Bill Johnson 
and U.N.C. record holder Bo Wood are all ex- 
cellent discus hurlers. 

There will be a host of runners back, all of 
whom could be the best in the A.C.C. Dale 
White holds the U.N.C. record of 9.5 in the 1 00 
dash. Others are 330 hurdlers Rich Ambrose 
and Jeff Stokes, sprinter Jon Levin, and Eddie 
Daw in the 440 and 880. Star distance runners 
Jim Meade, "Trip" McPherson and Drummond 
Bell will return. 





After two years of typical high-level administrative 
incompetence and indecision over the home of one of 
the few championship teams Carolina manages to field, 
it was finally decided to allow the 1966 Tar Heel base- 
ball team to play in their new stadium — excuse me, on 
their new field; or is that an old cow pasture, it's hard 
to tell just yet. Of course, the fans will be sitting in 
dilapidated but still standing Emerson field watching 
the Unforgettable Unseen playing the Intrepid Invisies, 
but that is neither here nor there — at least to the powers 
that be. 

Coach Walter Rabb will probably have a good team 
this year, as he did this past one, and the year before 
that. The fans will know this, however, only through 
the dubious reporting of the Daily Tar Heel. For the 
only fans the team will have will be porkers and others 
of that ilk who have an affinity for mud. It is sad, too, 
that such great Carolina talent will go largely unob- 
served; but that's the upstairs gang for you. 




Lacrosse is the newest varsity sport at Carolina, 
last year being only its second year; but the 
game has been played on this campus for many 
years beginning with the Lacrosse Club formed 
by the Navy pre-f light boys in World War II. 
Now, as the game spreads farther south, it has 
come to be a varsity sport in its own right, the 
season lasting from March to May. 


'*-»-*> A** /"'" j« 

'' .V^V-l-lk'-v 1 v. 





As in the past the Tar Heel Tennis team continues to be a 
name in Carolina sports, coming up with an endless number 
of A.C.C. championship victories. During the eight years Coach 
Don Skakle has been at Carolina, he has produced seven win- 
ning teams with hope that this year will follow in the same 
tradition. Last year both the Varsity and the Freshman went 
undefeated, and, having lost only two seniors last year, the 
Varsity hopes to produce another perfect record this spring 
under the leadership of their Co-Captains Ken Oettenger and 
Brcnscn Van Wyck. 

This spring the courts will be humming with action from the 
first day of practice as the up-and-coming Sophomores of last 
year's, undefeated, Freshman team battle for positions with 
the Varsity, who are all nationally or sectionally ranked. And 
as Coach Skakle said, the team is eager and ready to go for 
another season, and with hope and a great deal of hard work 
they are looking forward to another perfect season in Carolina 

First Row: Wadsworth, Parrish, Goddord, Bronson Van Wyck. 

Second Row: Chewning, West, Oettinger, Coach Skakle, Long, Floren, Markham, Mgr 





i'*V ' 



Top Row: MARGRET TARBER, Zeto Beta Tau; JUDY TUCKER, Alpha Tau Omega; 
LINDA WILSON, Phi Mu Alpha. Center: BRENDA BALLARD, Delta Upsilon. 
Bottom Row: JUDY HOWARD, Delta Sigma Pi; BILLIE JO THORBURN, Pi Kappa 


Top Row: JEAN LIEBOLD, Beta Theta Pi; ELEANOR 5TOWE, Saint Anthony; 
PEACH PEARCE, Phi Delta Theta. Bottom Row: SUSAN PEAY, Phi Gamma Delta; 
SANDY SCHWARTZ, Tau Epsilon Phi; MARTHA HENDRIX, Lambda Chi Alpha. 


Top Row: MARY ANN SMITHERS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; BONNIE BUTLER, 
Kappa Psi; CAROL LOFTIN, Pi Kappa Alpha. Bottom Row: SALLY SHIP- 
Kappa Epsilon. 


Top Row: MICKY MURRAH, Kappa Alpha; MRS. MARY POPE, Sigma Phi; 
"SHERRIFF," Zeta Psi. Middle Row: LA NELLE JONES, Sigma Nu; JACKIE TATE, 
Alpha Phi Omega; CINDY WEBB. Bottom Row: DONNA LEE HARTMAN, Pi Lamb- 
da Phi; JAYNE YANCY, Phi Kappa Sigma; LIBBY LOWE, Phi Delta Chi. 



Top Row: PAT DURFEY, Lewis Hall; ROXANNE SCARBROUGH, Avery Hall. 
Center: ANN MARTIN, Hell House of Morrison Residence College Bottom Row 
JUDY ANNETTE BROWN, Griffith House of Morrison Residence College CHERYL 
SEDLACEK, Old East Hall, CAROL McKENZIE, Old West Hall 

Manly Hall 



' " ** i 

-, '> 


Top Row: SUSAN EHRINGHAUS, Ehringhaus Hall; SUE BENNETT Nurses Dorm- 
KAREN GIBBON, Falcon House of Morrison Residence College. Right Center': 
BEVERLY BAILEY, Joyner Hall. Bottom Row: HOLLY WILLIAMS, I House of 
Morrison Residence College; CLAIRE BRINKLEY, Branson House of Morrison 
Residence College; RAMONA TAYLOR, Esquire House of Morrison Residence 


Top Row: MARY KING, Alpha House of Mor- 
rison Residence College; ANNE WARD, Ay- 
cock Hall; SHARON FINCH, Draught House 
of Morrison Residence College. Bottom Row: 
KAY VARSHO, Grimes Hall; SANDRA Mc- 
Graham Hall. 


Top Row: ZACKIE MURPHEY, Croige Residence College; TONI GREEN- 
WOOD. Scott Residence College; BETTY WATKINS, Stacy Hall Bottom 
Row: NITA WILKINSON, Cavalier House of Morrison Residence College; 












mARY KinG 




firm miss consouDfiTED uiiiversity 














Thomas Jefferson stated: "If there be any among us 
who would wish to dissolve this Union or change its 
republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monu- 
ments of the safety with which error of opinion may be 
tolerated where reason is left free to combat it." The 
most glorious, sovereign state of North Carolina, how- 
ever, decided to correct this evil tradition and bowed to 
the spirit of Joseph McCarthy in prohibiting Communist 
speakers from the people's University. But, alas, real- 
izing that the subversive Southern Association would 
withdraw the University's accreditation and that the 
atheistic, Communistic, unconstitutional Supreme 
Court might void the law, the wise state legislature 
amended its decree to let the University trustees decide 
which Communists were too un-American to speak. 
However, it soon became clear that ol' Joe wouldn't be 
let down, because His Excellency, the Hon. Dan K. 
Moore, held that any lousy Commie invited to speak 
would only engender controversy; thus continues the 
University's long fight for academic freedom. 













Thomas Wolfe, a little-known Carolina graduate, once 
said that you can't go home again; many alumni, how- 
ever, seemed not to realize that as they journeyed back to 
their Alma Mater for the annual Homecoming Game. In 
1 965, the Tar Heels played host to the University of Geor- 
gia Bulldogs. U.N.C. seemed to be almost too hospitable 
as they blew a thirteen point lead and wound up getting 
trounced. The only consolation, and almost worth the de- 
feat, was the Homecoming Queen, who was presented at 
half-time. Beautiful Mary King, who had been named 
Miss Consolidated University only two weeks previously, 
was sponsored by Maverick House and reigned over a 
lovely court of charming co-eds. Yet, even in the face of 
defeat, the bawdy revellers and inebriates were not to be 
denied. Lively combos blasted on into the night. And if 
the Tar Heel footballers were shot down, the same could 
hardly be said for the A. B.C. store. But like the bright 
displays which were planned for a month, built in a week, 
and forgotten in a day, Homecoming Weekend soon van- 
ished with a bad head. 







b Js^8Bfe> jA i ■""•"] -JfiaB MfesSfl 


W BL aL- N ^1 

f -.j^*v 

) J 

mar ii ^^H 

BE-'" 1 "' ( ;■ ^Wi 

Jr «llA ill 




•'■1 , 

D'OVrp 111 


Ra ra beat dook ra ra boy what a laugh 34 to 7 who are 
you kidding ra ra guess we showed 'em ra ra how to 
lose a Victory Bell and all pride in four easy quarters 
ra ra even the parade was a flop all the crowd and an 
anti-climax to a climax that would never come ra ra big 
floats sexy girls gross males all the usual ra ra non- 
sense ra ra how about that a parade in three segments 
ra ra with cars and motor scooters ra ra in between 
ra ra just for laughs ra ra and the lovable but ignorant 
Chapel Hill oaf that calls himself ra ra a cop hey bud 
get offa the street there ra ra well ra ra as mehitabel 
says ra ra lets all get bombed wothehel ra ra wothehel. 


















• ▼ 


' f 

-' ' - 

; *^»? ! 



Spring is the time of youth, the time of joy, the time of revels 
and celebrations. For after escaping from under the dead ice 
of winter, the disciples of Bacchus toast their newly gained 
freedom with the fruit of the vine in jubilant fertility rites. But, 
while across most of the world Satyrs were chasing Bacchanals 
over the green, Carolina Gentlemen were hard put to find a 
green over which to chase Carolina Co-eds. Jubilee, U.N.C.'s 
annual spring orgy, was originally set for the luxuriant lawn 
in front of the Temple of Graham Memorial; it was abruptly 
uprooted and scheduled for the Circus Kenanus; however, soon 
discovering that some miscreant had rudely ploughed up the 
gladiator's turf, the powers of Olympus moved the festival 
around the flagpole-maypole in the Forum McCorkle. Once 
these petty deterrents were removed, Carolina students went 
about their traditional pursuits with more than the usual zeal. 


Our revels now are ended. These our actors 

As I foretold you, were all spirits, and 

Are melted into air, into thin air; 

And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, 

The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, 

The solemn temples, the great globe itself, 

Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve; 

And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, 

Leave not a rock behind. We are such stuff 

As dreams are made on, and our little life 

Is rounded with a sleep. 

— The Tempest 





BALL, GARY; Student Party, Y.D.C. 

ACEE, JR., MARSHALL; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), Intra- 
mural Manager (3, 4), Track (1). 

ADAMS, JEFFREY; Beta Theta Pi; Football (2), N.S.A. 
(3), Orientation Counselor (3), Student Government 
Committee (3), University Party (1 , 2, 3, 4, Chairman 2, 
3), State Student Legislature (3, 4, Chairman 4), Co- 
ordinator of Campus Affairs (3). 

ADAMS, JR., THURSTON; Pi Koppo Phi; Monogram 
Club (2, 3, 4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M C A 
(I), LaCrosse (1, 2, 3, 4). 

ADKINS, EVELYN; Baptist Student Union (3, 4), Stu- 
dent NEA (4). 

AINSLEY, JR., WILLIAM; Baptist Student Union, Y DC. 

ALEXANDER, JR., ROY; Dormitory Officer (4). 

ALLEN, ALLISON; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; University 
Party (1,2), Y.M.C.A. (1). 

ALLEN, WILLIAM; Monogram Club (3, 4), Student 
Party (2, 3), Track (1, 2, 3, 4), Westminster Fellowship 
(1, 2), Y.D.C. (2), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3), Campus Chest 

ALMOND, GARY; Delta Sigma Pi. 

ALPER, MARK; Pi Lambda Phi; Cardboard (3), Student 
Council (1). 

ALTMAN, GREGORY; Alpha Kappa Psi; M.R.C. (1, 2). 

AMEND, JR., JOHN; Cardboard (2, 3, 4), Dormitory 
Officer (2, 3), M.R.C. (2, 3), Men's Honor Council (2, 3), 
Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Wrestling (1), Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4). 

AMOS, WILLIAM; A.F.R.O.T.C. [I, 2), Dialectic and 
Philanthropic Senate (3, 4), Dialectic Society (4), M R.C. 
(2), Orientation Counselor (4), Westminster Fellowship 
(4), Century Squadron (1, 2), Resident Advisor (4), 
Gamma Beta Phi Society (3, 4). 

ANDERSON, CAROL; Delto Gamma; Dormitory Officer 
(4), Student Government Committee (3), Student NEA. 
(3), University Party (3, 4), W.A.A. (3), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 
Stray Greeks. 

ANDERSON, JON; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), M.R.C. (3, 
4), Track (1), University Party (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

ANDERSON, SYLVIA; SNA (1, 2, 3, 4). 

ARHART, RICHARD; Phi Eta Sigmo, Alpha Chi Sign 

ATCHLEY, JUDY; Dormitory Officer (4), Angel Flight 

ATKINS, BARBARA; Carolina Women's Council (3, 4), 
Dormitory Officer (3, 4). 


Arnold Air Society, Orientation Counselor, University 
Party, Rifle Team. 

BABB, HENRY; M.R.C (1), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4), Carolina Political 
Union (4). 

BADDOUR, RICHARD; Sigma Nu; Class Cabinet (2, 3), 
Daily Tar Heel (2, 3), Orientation Counselor (2), Publi- 
cations Board (3, 4), Student Government Committee 
(2), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Yackety Yack (Business 
Manager 3, 4), German's Club. 

BAER, RICHARD; Class Cabinet (1, 2), Yackety Yack 

(3, 4), Lacrosse (1). 

BAGGETT, HENRY; Sigma Chi; Student Legislature (3, 
4), University Party (2, 3, 4), Order of Nodular Birds 

BAGWELL, JR., LARRY; Phi Delta Theta; University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (2, 3), Freshman Camp 
Orientation Counselor (2, 3). 

BAILEY, BOBBIE; Alpha Delta Pi; Maiorette (4), Orien- 
tation Counselor (4), Student Party (3, 4), W.A.A. (3), 
Women's Honor Council (3, 4), Y.R.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. 
(3), Medical Technology Club (3, 4), Campus Chest 
Carnival (3). 

BALDWIN, BERNARD; Zeta Psi; Carolina Symposium 
(4), Gimghoul (2, 3, 4), M.R.C. Court (3, 4), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

BALDWIN, JOHN; Golf (1, 2, 3, 4). 

BALLARD, HARRY; Beta Theta Pi; Carolina Symposium 
(4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

BALLENGER, JAMES; Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Phi 
Alpha; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Sophomore Scholar- 
ship Committee. 

BANDY, ROBERT; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Arnold Air 
Society (2, 3, 4), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), Rifle Team 
(1, 2, 3). 

BARDEN, JR., HEYWOOD; Football (1,2,3, Co-Captain 

BARFIELD, JAMES; M.R.C. (2), Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Caro- 
lina Conservative Club (3, 4). 

BARKER, MARY; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Symposium (4), 
G.M.A.B. (3), Attorney General's Staff Secretary (2), 
University Party (3, 4), Y.W C.A. (3, 4), Campus Chest 
Publicity Chairman, Orientation Counselor (4). 

BARNARD, ROBERT; Delta Sigma Pi. 

BARNES, R.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; University Party (1, 
2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (3, 4), Y.M C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Campus 
Chest (1), Carolina Conservative Club (3, 4). 

BARRETT, PAUL; Beta Theta Pi; Swimming (1), Univer- 
sity Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Minotaurs 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Lacrosse, Delta Beta (1, 2, 3 4). 

BARRETT, TOBIE; Kappa Delta; University Chorus (3). 

BARRON, WANDA; Alpha Xi Delta; Panhellenic Coun- 
cil (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Stray Greeks (3, 4, 
President 4). 

BAUCOM, CHARLES; Phi Delta Theta; Gorgon's Head 
(2, 3, 4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (2, 3), 
German's Club (2, 3, 4). 

BAYLIN, JONATHAN; Baseball (I, 2, 3, 4). 

BAYNARD, JR., WILLIAM; Chi Psi; Golf (1), Men's 
Honor Council (3), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Student 
Party (2, 3), University Party (1, 4), Freshman Camp 
Committee (2). 

BEATTY, JOSEPH; Lombdo Chi Alpha, Phi Eto Sigma, 
Phi Beta Kappa; Orientation Counselor (3, 4), University 
Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), Carolina 
Political Union. 

BECKETT, ROBERT; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

BECTON, SUSAN; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Orientation 
Counselor (4), University Party (4), Women's Residence 
Council (4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Attorney General's Staff 

BEITLER, ALVIN; Toil Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation 
(1, 2, 3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (I, 2), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Track (1). 

BELSINGER, JR., JACK; Delta Sigma Pi. 

BENNETT, ROBERT; Phi Kappa Sigma; Basketball (4), 
Monogram Club (3), Track (I), University Party (3), 
Y.M.C.A. (3). 

BENSON, PAUL; Lambda Chi Alpha, President (4); 
A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), I.F.C. (3, 4), Orientation Counselor 
(3), Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3), Track (I), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

BENTON, BILLY; N R.O.T.C, Fencing. 

BETHEA, HARRY; Phi Gamma Delta. 

BETHEL, BRENDA; Dormitory Officer (4); Y.W.C A. (4). 

BETTIS, ROBERT; Cardboard (2), Daily Tor Heel (2, 3, 

4), Press Club (4), Y.M.C.A. (2). 

BETTY, TYSON; Alpha Tau Omega; Tennis (1), Univer- 
sity Party, Y.M.C.A., International Relations Committee 
Chairman (3), Model U.N. Director (3). 

BLAINE, EVA; Chi Omega; Carolina Symposium (3), 
Class Cabinet (1), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Student 
Government Committee (2, 3), University Party (2, 3), 
W.A.A. (2), Yackety Yack (2), Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). 

BLAKENEY, VIRGINIA; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club (4), 
Cosmopolitan Club (4), Panhellenic Council (3, 4) 
Y.W.C.A. (4), Campus Chest (3, 4). 

BLEDSOE, SAMUEL; Cardboard (3), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 
4), Orientation Counselor (3), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), 
Wrestling (3), Yackety Yack (3). 

BLUE, JAMES; Phi Kappa Sigma. 

BLUM, WILLIAM; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

BOGGS, CHARLES; Phi Kappa Sigma; Baseball (1), Foot- 
ball (1, 2, 3, 4), Monogram Club (4), University Party 
(2, 3,4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2,3,4). 

BONCZEK, ROBERT; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Football (4), 
Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). 

BOSSEN, JUDITH; Hillel Foundation (3, 4), N.S.A. (3, 4), 
Student Party (4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

BOYLE, KAYE; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Symposium (4), 
Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4), 
University Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 
Attorney General's Staff (3). 

BRADLEY, MICHAEL; Dance Committee (3), Dormitory 
Officer (1), M.R.C. (1), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Stu- 
dent Government Committee (2), Swimming (1), Univer- 
sity Party (I, 2), Wrestling (1), Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

BRILLIANT, IRWIN; Pi Lambda Phi; Daily Tar Heel (I) 

Dance Committee (1), Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4), 
I.F.C. (2), N.R.O.T.C. Drill Team (1, 2, 3, 4), Student 
Government Committee (2, 3), Student Party (3, 4), 
Swimming (1, 2, 3), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

BRITT, ELIZABETH; Mountain Climbing Club (3). 

BROOME, BETTE; Baptist Student Union (2), Orienta- 
tion Counselor (2), Y.W.C.A. (2), Year at Lyon (3). 

BROOME, JR., HOYLE; Pi Kappa Phi; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 
2), Dialectic-Philanthropic Society (1, 2), I.F.C, Univer- 
sity Party (1, 2, 3, 4), WUNC (1, 2), Y.D.C. (1, 2), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

BROWN, JERRY; Alpha Chi Sigmo; American Chemical 
Society (3, 4), Karate Club (4), Scuba Club (2, 3, 4), 
Westminster Fellowship (4). 


BROWN, VIVIAN; Carolina Women's Council (3, 4), 
Dormitory Officer (4), Student NEA. (3, 4), Student 
Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

BROYHILL, II, THOMAS; Alpha Tau Omega; Gorgon's 
Head (2, 3, Princeps 4), Order of Beanbirds (2, 3, Maior 
Bird 4), University Party (1). 

BRYAN, HUGH; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Student Government Committee, Student 
Party (3, 4). 


House Council. 

BULLOCK, JAMES; Kappa Alpha; University Party (1, 
2, 3), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). 

BULLOCK, JR., JOSEPH; Sigma Nu; Cardboard (3, 4), 
Splash Club (3, 4), University Party (I, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 


(2, 3), N.C.P.A. (2,3). 

BUNDY, KAY; Dormitory Officer (Treasurer 4), Univer- 
sity Party (2, 3), Yackety Yack (3, 4), House Council 
(2), Carolina Symposium Fund Committee. 

BURKHALTER, GEORGE; Canterbury Club (4), Carolina 
Handbook (3, 4), M.R.C. (3, 4), M.R.C. Court (3, 4), 
WUNC (2, 3), Y.M.C.A. (1). 

BURNISH, SARA; SNA (1, 2), Yackety Yack (1, 2). 

BURNS, HARRIET; Alpha Delta Pi; Dormitory Officer 
(3), University Party (3, 4), W.A.A. (3, 4), House Council. 

BURR, CATHERINE; Modern Dance Club (2, 3). 



BURTON, BETSY; Delta Delta Delta; Dance Committee 
(4), University Party (3, 4), Order of Nodular Birds. 

BURWELL, SUSANNE; Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation 
Counselor (4), Student N.E.A. (3, 4), University Party 
(3, 4), W.A.A. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. 

BUSBY, JULIAN; Sigma Chi; Class Cabinet (4), Dormi- 
tory Officer (1), Order of Nadular Birds (3, 4), Student 
Legislature (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. 
(2, 3, 4). 

BUSBY, WILLIAM; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Class Cabinet 
(2, 3), Student Government Committee (3, 4), Track 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

BUTLER, GEORGE; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Carolina 
Forum. Carolina Symposium (Chairman 4), Gimghoul 
(2, 3, 4), Monogram Club, Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), Carolina 
Political Union. 

BYRD, JAMES; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), Baseball (1), Foot- 
ball (1, 2, 3, 4). 

CAMERON, HAROLD; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Alpha 
Epsilon Delta; G.M.A.B. (4), Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3,4), 
Orientation Counselor (3), Westminster Fellowship (1, 

CAMPBELL, JUDITH; Baptist Student Union (3, 4), Stu- 
dent N.E.A. (4), University Party (3, 4). 

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Class 
Cabinet (1, 2), G.M.A.B. (1, 2, 3, 4), Order of the Old 
Well (3), Orientation Counselor (2), University Party (1, 
2, 3). 

CANNON, CLARENCE RAY; Band (1, 2), Men's Glee 
Club (1), Orientation Counselor (4), Y.M.C.A. (2, 3). 

CANNON, KATHERINE; Delta Delta Delta; Class Cab- 
inet (4), Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), Orientation Counselor 
(4), University Party (3, 4), Women's Honor Council 
(3), Senior Class Treasurer. 

CANTER, WILLIAM; Alpha Kappa Psi; Track (1), 
Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). 

CAPUTO, KATHRYN; Cheerleader (I). 

CARLSON, ELAINE; Dormitory Officer (4), Student 
Government Committee (3, 4), Student Legislature (3, 
4), Student Party (3, 4), WUNC (3, 4). 

CARPENTER, JR., JAMES; Morehead College Senate. 

CARSON, DONALD; Amphoterothen (2, 3, 4), Dormi- 
tory Officer (1), M.R.C. (1,2), M.R.C. Court (1, 2), Order 
of the Grail (3, 4), Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Society 
of Janus (2, 3, 4), Student Government Committee (2, 
3), Student Legislature (1, 2, 3), Student Body Vice 
President (3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4, Executive 
Committee 2, 3, 4), Carolina Political Union (2, 3, 4). 

CARSON, Ml, NEILL; Band (1,2, 3), Pep Band (2, 3, 4). 


CAUBLE, MYRTLE; Chi Omega, Pi Sigma Alpha; Caro- 
lina Symposium (3, 4), C.U.S.C. (3, 4), N.S.A. (3), Order 
of the Old Well (3, 4), Orientation Committee Women's 
Coordinator (3, 4), State Student Legislature (3, 4), 
Student Legislature (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), 
Valkyries (3, 4), Women's Honor Council (3), Y.D.C. 
(3, 4), Jane Craige Gray Award (3). 

CHANCE, RICHARD; Sigma Nu; Swimming (1). 


CHEATHAM, ELIZABETH; Gamma Beta Phi; Baptist 
Student Union (4), Acquaholics (3), Medical Technology 
Club (4). 

CHURCHILL, JOSEPH; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Football, 
Monogram Club, University Party. 

CLARK, DAVID; N.S.A., University Party. 

CLARK, JERRY; Alpha Phi Omega; Track (1 ), Y.M.C.A. 

CLONEY, MARIE; Sigma Theta Tail; SNA. (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Baptist Student Union (1, 2), House Council (2). 


COGHILL, JAMES; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Tar Heel (4), 
Press Club (3, 4), Intramural Manager (3). 

COHOON, WILLIAM; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (4). 

COLISON, MARGARET; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), Stu- 
dent Government Committee (3), Women's Honor Coun- 
cil (2, 3, 4), Yackety Yack (1, 2), Order of the Old 
Lampshades (3, A), S.N. A. (1, 2). 

COLLINS, JR., LESLIE; Pi Kappa Phi. 

COOK, JR., BILLY; Wrestling 

COOK, FREDRIC; Carolina Playmakers (3, 4). 

COOKE, JON; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, A), Lutheran Stu- 
dent Association (1), Student Party (3), Y.M.C.A. (4). 

COOLEY, JEAN; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Orientation 
Counselor (4), Student Government Committee (4), Uni- 
versity Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

COPELAND, ROZELLA; Carolina Playmakers (3, 4), Cos- 
mopolitan Club (3, 4), Dormitory Officer (4), Student 
Party (3), University Party (4). 

CORBETT, JR., THOMAS; Student Government Com- 
mittee (3). 


CORDER, ROBERT; Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma 
Sigma; University Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. (4), Y.M.C.A. (2, 

3, 4). 

CORRY, PAUL; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1), Dormitory Officer (3), 
M.R.C. (3, A), Newman Club (1). 

COVER, EDWARD; Carolina Quarterly (1), Dormitory 
Officer (2), Westminster Fellowship (3, 4), Y.D.C. (1,2, 
3, 4). 

COWEN, PETER; Sigma Nu; Carolina Symposium (4), 
Daily Tar Heel (4), University Party (3, 4). 

COX, CARL; Delta Sigma Pi; Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). 

COX, ELIZABETH; Alpha Delta Pi; Carolina Women's 
Council (2, 3), Class Cabinet (4), Orientation Counselor 
(4), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), S.N. A. (1, 2, 3), Order of 
Old Lampshades (2, 3, 4). 

COX, TERRY; A F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Govern- 
ment Committee (2), Student Party (1, 2). 

CRAIG, ERNESTINE; Phi Mu; W.A.A. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. 
(4), Angel Flight (3, 4). 

CRAIGE, JANE; Delta Delta Delta; University Party (1, 
2), Women's Residence Council (1), Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). 

CRAMPTON, CLARK; Kappa Alpha; Class Cabinet (2, 
3), Student Government Committee (2, 3), Student 
Legislature (3, A), University Party (2, 3). 

CRAVEN, SUZANNE; Pi Beta Phi; Men's Honor Council 
Recorder (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (3), Student 
N.E.A. (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), W.A.A. (3, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Campus Chest. 

CREAL, RICHARD; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Arnold Air 
Society (3, A), Daily Tar Heel (2), Track (1 ), Westminster 
Fellowship (1,2, A), Cross-Country (1). 

CREECH, LATEN; Delta Sigma Pi; Track (I). 

CREEM, DOROTHY; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Univ 
Party (3, A), Y.W.C.A. (4), Fine Arts Festival (3). 

CRESIMORE, JOE; Delta Sigma Pi. 


CROOM, CONNIE; Angel Flight (3, 4), S.N. A. (I, 2, 3, 


CROSS, JR., LAWRENCE; Pi Mu Epsilon. 

CROWDER, RONALD; G.M.A.B. (2), Y.M.C.A. (1). 

CROWE, SHERYL; Kappa Kappa Gamma; University 
Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. (4), Y.W.C.A. (4), Fine Arts Festival 
(3), Campus Chest (3), Class Committee (3). 

CRUDEP, III, THOMAS; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Baseball 
(1), Carolina Playmakers (4), Men's Honor Council (I, 2, 
3), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Track (2), University 
Party (I, 2, 3, A), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 


CRUTCHFIELD, ANN; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Forum (4), 
Class Cabinet (3), G.M.A.B. (4), University Party (3, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (4). 

CULBERSON, ORA; Wesley Foundation (1, 2). 

CULP, ROBERT; Delta Sigma Pi. 

CUNNINGHAM, ELISABETH; Kappa Delta; University 
Party (3, A), Yackety Yack (4), Y.W.C.A. (3, A), 
C.C.U.N., Fine Arts Festival (3). 

DAIL, THOMAS; M.R.C. (2). 

DAILEY, GEORGE; N.R.O.T.C. (1), Fencing Club (4). 

DANIELL, MARY; Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma Alpha 
Lambda; Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4.) 

DAVIS, CARL; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

DAVIS, CHARLES; Football (1 , 2, 3, 4), Monogram Club 
(3, A), Track (1), Wrestling (1), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). 

DAVIS, GREGORY; Cardboard (1), Cosmopolitan Club 
(1), Daily Tar Heel (4), Dormitory Officer (1, 2), Men's 
Glee Club (1), Yackety Yack (1). 

DAVIS, JEFFERSON; Carolina Quarterly (1, 2), Class 
Cabinet (2), Dialectic-Philanthropic Society (3, 4), 
N.S.A. (4), Order of the Old Well (3, A), Orientation 
Counselor (4), Publications Board (1, 2), Student Gov- 
ernment Committee (2, 3, A), Student Legislature (1, 
2), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (2, 3, A), Y.M.C.A. 
(3, 4), Carolina Political Union (2, 3, 4), Dirty Old Men 
(3, 4). 

DAVIS, JOHN M.; University Party (2, 3, 4) 

DAVIS, JOHN W.; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

DAVIS, LOUISE; Pi Beta Phi; University Party (3, 4). 

DAVIS, ROBERT; Beta Gamma Sigma; Y.D.C. (4); 
Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). 

DEATON, JOYCE; Carolina Women's Council (4), Dor- 
mitory Officer (4). 

DEATON, MARY; Orientation Counselor (4), Y.W.C.A. 

DE BARGER, DAVID; Carolina Playmakers (1, 2), 
N.R.O.T.C. (1), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), WUNC-TV 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). 

DE BRUHL, JR., MAX; Kappa Alpha. 

DENNY, DWIGHT; Student Party (1, 2, 3, A), Y.D.C. 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4), Brooks Scholar. 

DICKSON, III, PAUL; Chi Psi; Amphoterothen (2, 3, A). 
C U.S.C. (4), Dormitory Officer (2), M.R.C. (2), Men's 
Honor Council (2), N.S.A. (4), Order of Golden Fleece 
(4), Order of the Grail (4), Student Government Com- 
mittee (2, 3), Student Legislature (3), Student Party 
(I, 2, 3, 4), Order of Janus (2, 3, A), Lacrosse (2), Caro- 
lina Political Union (3), President of the Student Body 

DILLON, III, THOMAS; Delta Sigma Pi; Baptist Student 
Union (4), Daily Tar Heel (1), Dormitory Officer (2), 
G M.A.B. (2), Order of the Old Well, Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Student Government Committee (2), Student 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Track (I), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, A), 
Semper Fidelis Society (1, 2, 3, 4). 

DINGELDEIN, GEORGE; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Orienta- 
tion Counselor (4), Morehead Scholar. 

DOBRITCH, ALEXANDER; Tau Epsilon Phi; Monogram 
Club (2, 3, A), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), Track (1, 2, 3), WUNC- 
TV (3, 4). 

DORSEY, MIRIAM; Dormitory Officer (3), Orientation 
Counselor (4), Student Legislature (3, 4), Student Party 
(3, 4), The Open Forum (Editor 3, A), Women's Resi- 
dence Council (3), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Presi- 
dential Press Secretary (3). 

DOTSON, JR., BERNARD; Pi Kappa Phi; I.F.C. (3, 4), 
Orientation Counselor (4), Student Legislature (2), Uni- 
versity Party (1, 2, 3, A), Y.D.C. (1, 2), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 
3, A), Class Committee (2). 

DOWNING, EDWARD; Chi Phi; A.F.R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3,4), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

DOWNTON, III, CHARLES; Delta Upsilon; Carolina 
Handbook (2, 3, Editor 4), N.S.A. (3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 

2, 3, A), Order of the Old Well (3, A), Orientation Coun- 
selor (2, 3), Publications Board (3, A), Student Legisla- 
ture (1, 2), Student Party (1, 2, 3, A), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 

3, 4), Mock Political Convention, Y.R.C, Freshman 
Camp Counselor (2, 3). 

DOYLE, GEORGE; Amphoterothen, Canterbury Club (1, 
2), Dialectic-Philanthropic Society (1, 2, 3, 4), I.F.C. (2), 
N.S.A. (4), Carolina Conservative Club, Y.R.C. (3, A), 
Carolina Political Union (4), Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4), Phi 
Eta Sigma. 

DOYLE, RUTH; Dormitory Officer (4), Student N.E.A. (3, 
4), Student Party (3, A), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

DREW, MURIAL; Splash Club (1, 2), Physical Therapy 
Club (1, 2). 

DROZE, GERALD; Phi Kappa Sigma; M.R.C. (2, 3, A), 
Society of Janus, Attorney General's Staff, M.R.C. Court 
Vice Chairman. 



DRUMMOND, DENNIS; Chi Phi; Y.R.C. (3), N.E.S.P. 

DUDLEY, JUDITH; Future Teachers of America (4), Uni- 
versity Party (4), Y.W.C.A. (4). 

DULIN, JANE; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Symposium (4), 
Orientation Counselor (4), W.A.A. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

DUNHAM, JR., ROBERT; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

DUNLEVIE, JR., MALCOLM; Chi Psi; D.T.H. (3), Student 
Party (3, 4), University Party (1, 2), Attorney General's 
Staff (1, 2). 

DUNN, JR., JOHN; Zeta Psi; Gorgon's Head (4), I.F.C. 
(4), Order of Beanbirds (4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
G.B.E. (4), Order of Mmotaurs (2, 3), Attorney General's 
Staff (3). 

DUNN, JOSEPH; Dormitory Officer (1, 2). 

DUNN, MARY; Order of Old Lamp Shades (3, 4), Stu- 
dent Nurses Association (1, 2). 

DUNSTAN, VIRGINIA; Women's Residence Council (3). 

EAGLETON, HUGH; Phi Gamma Delta; Cardboard (1, 
2) Class Cabinet (4), Football (I), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 
4), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), University Party (1, 2, 
3, 4), Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). 

EARLY, STEVEN; Chi Psi; Orientation Counselor (1, 2), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

EASON, MARGARET; Chi Omega; Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Student N.E.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4), C.C.U.N. (4). 

EDGE JERRY; A.F.R.O.T.C. (2, 3), Dormitory Officer (4), 
M.R.C. (3). 

EDGERTON, CLYDE; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Baseball 

EDGERTON, JOHN; Delta Koppa Epsilan. 

EDMISTER, RUSSELL; Alpha Phi Omega; A.F.R.O.T.C. 
(I, 2), Communications Committee (3). 

EDWARDS, ANN; Chi Omega; Student N.E.A (3, 4), 
Student Party (3), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4), Homecoming Court 

EDWARDS, DAVID; Alpha Kappa Psi; Class Cabinet (2), 
Dormitory Officer (2), University Party (4), Y.M.C.A, (4). 

EDWARDS, TED; Delta Upsilon; Student Party (3, 4). 

EDWARDS, II, WILLIAM; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Foot- 
ball (1, 2, 3, 4), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 
2), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (1, 2, 3, 4), M.R.C. 

EHRHART, LAWRENCE; Chi Psi, President; Cardboard 
(I), Carolina Handbook (2), Carolina Symposium (2), 
Class Cabinet (1, 2), Carolina Political Union (3), Fresh- 
man Camp Counselor (2), I.F.C. (3, 4), Morehead (1, 2, 
3, 4), Order of the Grail (3, 4), Order of the Old Well 
(3), Orientation Committee (2), Orientation Counselor 
(2), President of Class (2), Student Government, Comm 
(2), University Party (1, 2). 

ELLIOTT, JR., WILLIAM; A.F.R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3, 4), 
Arnold Air Society (3, 4), Dormitory President (4), In- 
tramural Manager (4), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), M.R.C. 

ELLIS, JUDITH; Kappa Delta; Cardboard (3), Student 
Credit Commission (4), Newman Club (3, 4), Stud.nt 
Government, Comm. (4), University Party (3, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), C.C.U.N., Campus Chest (3, 4). 

ELLIS, ROBERT; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), W.U.N.C. 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (2, 3, 4). 

EMORY, JOHN; Zeta Psi; Gorgon's Head (3, 4), Mono- 
gram Club (4), Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), Order of Mmo- 
taurs, G.B.E. (3, 4), Lacrosse (1, 2, 3, 4). 

ENOS, IV, ALANSON; St. Anthony's Hall; Cosmopolitan 
Club (2), Men's Glee Club (2), Y.M.C.A. (3), Semper 
Fidelis Society (3, 4). 

EPHLAND, III, CHARLES; Football (1, 2, 3, 4). 


A. F R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4), 
Golf (1), I.F.C. (1), N.S.A. (3), Orientation Counselor 
(2), Soccer (1, 2), Student Government, Comm. (3), Uni- 
versity Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), West- 
minster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4). 

EVERHART, JANE; Student N.E.A. (3, 4). 

EVERHART, KOYT; Attorney General's Staff (3, 4). 

EXUM, JOE; Sigma Nu; Basketball Intramurals (1,2, 
3, 4), l-ootball Intramural (1, 2, 3, 4), Orientation Coun- 
selor (3), Student Party (1, 3), University Party (2), 
Yackety Yack (1,3), Freshman Camp Counselor (2). 

FANN, DOUGLAS; Phi Eta Sigma; Band (I). 

FAWCETT, ROBERT; Saint Anthony's Hall. 

FEDER, JEFFREY; Zeta Beta Tau; Class Cabinet (2), 
I.F.C. (3, 4), Student Government, Comm. (3, 4), Univer- 
sity Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 
3, 4), Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4), Carolina Courts Committee (2), 
Infra-university Relations Committee (3, 4). 

FEHER, DAVID; Alpha Kappa Psi; Cheerleader (2, 3), 
N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

FEIK, GAIL; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), Student Govern- 
ment Committee (3), Student Legislature (3, 4), Student 
Party (3, 4), Baptist Student Union, House Council. 

FEREBEE, SUSAN; Kappa Delta; Orientation Co 

FIELD, RUSSELL; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band (1, 2, 3, 
4), Carolina Playmakers (1, 2), Men's Glee Club (1, 2), 
N.R.O.T.C. (I), W.U.N.C. (1), Pep Band (1, 2, 3, 4), 
U.N.C. Orchestra (1, 2), Wind Ensemble (1, 2). 

FINCH, CHARLES; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and 
Blade (3, 4), A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Dormitory Officer 
(3), M.R.C. (3, 4). 

FINCH, JR., GEORGE; Dormitory Officer (3). 

FINCH, WILLIAM; Student Party (2). 

FISH, JAMES; Student N.E.A. (4). 

FLANAGAN, MICHAEL; Chi Phi; University Party. 

FOOTE, DIANA; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Symposium (3), 
Student Party (3), Valkyries (3, 4), Y.W.C.A, (4), U.N.C. 
Year at Lyon (4). 


FORMANEK, PETER; Sigma Chi; Carolina Quarterly (2), 
Carolina Symposium (4), U.N.C. Year at Lyon (3). 

FOUNTAIN, JAMES; Beta Theto Pi; I F.C. (4), Student 
Government, Comm. (3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), Order of the Minotaurs (2, 3), Campus 
Chest (1, 2). 

FOWLER, JAMES; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band (1, 2). 

FOX, JANICE; SNA. (3, 4). 

FREAKLEY, JR., EDWIN; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Tor 
Heel (4), M.R.C. (3), Press Club (3, 4), W.U.N.C. (3), 
U.N.C. Journalist (Editor, 4), Dormitory Officer (3). 


FREIBERG, ALLEN; Pi Lambda Phi; Hillel Foundation 
(1, 2, 3, 4), I.F.C. (3, 4), Orientation Committee, Orien- 
tation Counselor (4), Student Government, Comm. (3, 
4), Student Party (3, 4), University Party ( 1 , 2), Y M C.A. 

FRIEDEN, JESSLYN; University Party (3, 4). 

GARDEN, CHRISTINE; Carolina Women's Council (3, 
4), Class Cabinet (3), Dormitory Officer (3, 4), Future 
Teachers of America (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4), 
Student N.E.A. (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Yackety 
Yack (4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Women's House 
Council (3), C.C.U.N. (3), Campus Chest (4). 

GASTER, ROY; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

GEBEAUX, ROBERT; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 
2, 3, 4), Orientation Counselor (2), Scabbard and Blade 
(3, 4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

GEBHARDT, SUSAN; Pi Beta Phi; G.M.A.B. (4), Order 
of Beanbirds (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. 
(3), Men's Honor Council Recorder. 

GEHWEILER, RICHARD; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

GIBB, III, JOSEPH; Baseball (1) 


GIBSON, MARTHA; Dormitory Officer (1 2, 3), Orien- 
tation Committee (3), Orientation Counselor (2), Valky- 
ries (3. 4), Women's Honor Council (2, 3), S.N. A. (1, 3), 
Sigma Theta Tau. 

GILES, KENNETH; Dormitory Officer (4), M.R.C. (4). 

GILMORE, STELLA; SNA. (1, 2, 3, 4), Sigma Theta Tau. 

GIMMON, SUSAN; Student N.E.A. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3). 

GOBLE, JUDY; Buptist Student Union (3, 4), Carolina 
Quarterly (3), Student N.E.A. (3), House Council (3). 

GODWIN, HOWARD; Chi Psi, Phi Eta Sigma; Men's 
Honor Council (1, 2), N.S.A. (1), Orientation Counselor 
(2), Student Government Committee (1, 2), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), Morehead Scholar. 

GOFORTH, JR., JOE; Delta Upsilon; G.M.A.B. (3), I.F.C. 
(3, 4), Student Party (1, 2), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). 

GOLDBERG, LINDA; Cosmopolitan Club (4), Student 
N.E.A. (4), Student Party (3), University Party (2), Stu- 
dent Government Committee, Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4). 


GOLDSTEIN, BRUCE; Tau Epsilon Phi; Student Party 
(2, 4), Hillel (2, 3, 4). 

GONZALEZ, PETER; Chi Psi; N R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), 

Student Party (3, 4). 

GOODMAN, JOSEPH; Band (2, 3, 4), Dormitory Officer 
(4), M.R.C. (4), Orientation Counselor (3), Student Party 

GOODNIGHT, PATRICIA; Women's Residence Council 
(4), U.N.C. Chorus. 


GORDON, JR., BRITTON; Alpha Tau Omega; 

A F.R O.T.C. Band (1,2), Attorney General's Staff (1,2), 
Carolina Conservative Club (3, 4), Constitutional Coun- 
cil (2), Men's Honor Council (2), Order of the Grail (3, 4), 
Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Carolina Political Union (2, 
3), Soccer (2), Student Legislature (3, Speaker 4), Track 
(1) University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Government 
Committee (4), Y.R.C. (3), Freshman Camp (2, 3), Stu- 
dent Body Vice President (4). 

GRAHAM, MARGARET; Chi Omega; G.M.A.B. (3, 4), 
Publications Board (3), University Party (3, 4). 

GRAHAM, JR., WALTER; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta 

GRAHAM, JR., WILLIAM; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta. 

GRAY, ELIZABETH; Angel Flight (3, 4), Doily Tar Heel 

(3), House Council (3). 

GRAY, MADELINE; Alpha Delta Pi; N.S.A. (3), Orienta- 
tion Counselor (3), Panhellenic Council (President 4), 
Student Party (2, 3, 4), Valkyries (3, 4), Women's 
Honor Council (3, 4), Secretary of the Student Body (3). 

GRAY, MARY; Y.D.C. (2, 3). 

GREENAMYER, RICHARD; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Scab- 
bard and Blade (3, 4). 

GREENE, JR., JOHN; WUNC-TV (3, 4), Press Club (3, 4). 

GREESON, JR., MICHAEL; Beto Theta Pi. 

EVERETT, ALPHEOUS; Dormitory Officer. 

EVERETT, ROBERT; A.F.R.O.T.C. (I), Track (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Westminster Fellowship (1), Cross Country (I, 2, 3, 4). 

FULLER, EVELYN; Kappa Delta; Publications Board, 
University Party, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club, C.C.U.N. 

FURCHES, HENRY; Alpha Phi Omega; Student N.E.A. 
(4), Swimming (2), Y.D.C. (2). 

GRIFFIN, JAMES; M.R.C. (2), N.S.A. (4), University 
Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4). 

GRIFFIN, JEAN; Phi Mu; Angel Flight (3, 4), W.A A. 

GRIFFIN, SAMUEL; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), M.R.C. (2), 
Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (4). 



GROMAN, ERNEST; U.N.C. Symphony (1, 2, 3, 4). 

GROOME, MARGARET; Chi Omega; Carolina Sympo- 
sium (4), Orientation Committee (4), Student Council 
(3), Student Government Committee (4), University 
Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3). 

GUARD, III, JOHN; Student N.E.A. (4), Student Party 
(3, 4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1 , 2, 3, 4). 

GULLEDGE, CHARLES; Cardboard (1, 2), Student Gov- 
ernment Committee (4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

GUNDERSON, KAREN; Sigma Theta Tau; Order of Old 
Lamp Shades (3, 4), Class Officer (3), S.N. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

GUYER, ANN; Phi Mu; Orientation Counselor (4), Stu- 
dent N.E.A. (3, 4), University Party (3, 4). 

GWYNNE, VALERIE; Chi Omega; Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), University Party (3, 4), Women's Honor 
Council (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3). 

HACKMAN, JEFFREY; Phi Delta Theta; A.F.R.O.T C (1 
2, 3, 4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HAGERTY, ROY; Delta Upsilon; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1), Mono- 
gram Club (2, 3, 4), Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A, (4), 
Lacrosse (1 ). 


HAMILTON, JOHN; Canterbury Club (1), Student Gov- 
ernment Committee (2), Cross Country ( I ). 


HAMLIN, JR., WILLIAM; Phi Kappo Sigma; University 
Party (2, 3, 4), Yackety Yack (2, 3), Y.M.C.A. (2, 3). 

HAMPTON, KEITHA; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), Orienta- 
tion Counselor (4), Y.W.C.A. (3), C. C.U.N. (3). 

HARDENBERGH, FRANK; Delta Upsilon; Monogram 
Club (3), University Party (2, 3, 4), Lacrosse (1, 2). 

HARDESTY, JR., IVAN; Lambda Chi Alpha; Carolina 
Playmakers (4), Daily Tar Heel (3, 4), University Party 
(3, A), Press Club (3, 4). 

HARDMAN, JOEL; Pi Kappa Alpha; University Party 
(I, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1). 

HARMON, JOHN; Phi Delta Theta; Class Cabinet (2, 
4), Football (I, 2, 3, 4), Monogram Club (3, 4), Order of 
the Grail (3, 4), Splash Club (3, 4), Student Government 
Committee (1), Student Legislature (2, 3), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Senior Class President. 

HARMON, JR., JOHN P.; Chi Psi; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1,2) 
Drill Team (1, 2); Morehead Scholar, Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), C.A.A. (3, 4). 

HARNDEN, ELIZABETH; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Orien- 
tation Counselor (4), University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. 
(3, 4), Campus Chest. 

HARRELL, ANDREW; Sigma Nu; I.F.C. (3), Orientation 
Counselor (2, 3), Student Government Committee (2, 3), 
Student Party (1,2, 3). 

HARRELL, JOE; Pi Kappa Phi; University Party (2, 3, 4). 

HARRELL, SHIRLEY; Physical Therapy Club (1, 2). 

HARRINGTON, JR., ELLIS; Pi Sigma Alpha; A.F.R.O.T.C. 
(1, 2, 3, A), Class Cabinet (1), Daily Tar Heel (Business 
Manager 3, A), Men's Glee Club (2), Publications Board 
(3, 4), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). 

HARRIS, BAYARD; Phi Alpha Theta; Men's Glee Club 
(1, 2, 3, A), Men's Honor Council (2, 3), Order of the 
Old Well (3, A), Orientation Counselor (3, 4), Student 
Government Committee (3), University Party (3, 4), 
Resident Advisor (3, A), Campus Chest (3, 4). 

HARRIS, CORNELIUS; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3). 


HARRIS, JAMES; Carolina Playmakers (4), Dormitory 
Officer (3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (1), Orientation Committee 
(4), Orientation Counselor (3, 4), Student Government 
Committee (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Party (I, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HARRIS JR., RALPH; Delta Sigma Pi. 

HARRISON, LINDA; Carolina Forum (3), Class Cabinet 
(2, 4), Dormitory Officer (2), Order of Old Lamp Shades 
(3, 4), University Party (3), S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, A), Women's 
Honor Council (3), Attorney General's Staff (3, 4). 

HARRISON, JR., WILLIAM; Zeta Psi; Basketball (2), 
Gimghoul (3), Men's Honor Council (1), Orientation 
Counselor (1), University Party (2). 

HARTMAN, JR., JAMES; Carolina Symposium (3), Cos- 
mopolitan Club (4), Orientation Counselor (2, 3, A), Stu- 
dent Government Committee (4), French Exchange (3). 

HARVEY, ANNE; Alpha Chi Omega; Carolina Women's 
Council (3), Dormitory Officer (3), Panhellenic Council 
(3), Stray Greeks. 

HARVILLE, JR., THOMAS; A.F.R.O.T.C.; Arnold Air 
Society, Scabbard and Blade. 

HASSELL, RAYMOND; Alpha Tau Omega; Basketball 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Daliy Tar Heel (1), Golf (1), Monogram Club 
(2, 3, 4), Track (1, 2), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

HATCH, WILLIAM; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), University 
Party (3), Semper Fidelis Society (3, President 4). 

HAVERSTOCK, MARY; Dormitory Officer (4), Women's 
Residence Council (4), Order of Old Lampshades. 

HAYES, JR., GERALD; Delta Upsilon; Student Party 

HAYES, MARGARET; Kappa Delta; Campus Chest 

HAZELTON, WILLIAM; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; 

A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), Band (1, 2, 3). 


University Party (3, A), Homecoming Court (3). 

HENRY, LEE; Alpha Gamma Delta; Angel Flight (3, 4), 
Stray Greeks (4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4, Murdock Head 4). 

HEPLER, ELIZABETH; Cosmopolitan Club (2, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 4), Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HERMAN, CARL; Carolina Playmakers (1), Dormitory 
Officer (1), Student Council (2), University Party (3, 4), 
Y.R.C. (2, 3, A), Y.M.C.A.' (2, 3, A). 

HERRING, DAVID; Men's Glee Club (3, 4). 

HERTER, NANCY; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), S.N.A. (1, 
2, 3, 4, Officer 3), Order of Old Lampshades (3, 4), 
Nursing Class Officer (2, 4). 

HESTER, EDWARD; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), Arnold Air So- 
ciety (2), Student Government Committee (4), Student 
Party (1, 2, 3, A), Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3). 

HICKS, JR., JAMES; Pi Sigma Alpha; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1), 
Football (1), M.R.C. (3), Orientation Counselor (3), 
Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HICKS, RODNEY; Football (1). 

HIERS, CHARLES; Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha; 

Press Club (4). 

HIGHTOWER, JR., FELDA; Phi Delta Theta; University 
Party, Y.M.C.A. 

HILL, GARY; Dormitory Officer (3), Campus Chest (1). 

HILL, MAVIS HELENA; Phi Mu; Carolina Women's 
Council (3), Daily Tar Heel (4). 

HINTON, LARRY; Dormitory Officer (3), Football (1), 
Student Legislature (1, 2), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 


HOLLER, JR., CATO; U.N.C. Carobmers (1, 2, 3, 4). 

4), Band (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Athletic Council (4). 

HOLTON, JEAN; Student Nurses Association, Order of 
Old Lampshades. 


HOUSTON, ANNE BARBEE; Student Nurses Association 
(1, 2, 3, Officer 3), Sigma Theta Tau (3, 4). 

HOWE, DANIEL; Delta Upsilon. 

HOWE, DONALD; Dormitory Officer (1, 2, 3), M.R.C. 
(3), Orientation Counselor (3), Student Government 
Committee (3), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HOWE, JR., GEORGE; Alpha Kappa Psi; Wrestling (3), 
Officer of Professional Interfraternity Council. 

HOWERTON, JUDY, Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation Coun- 
selor (3), University Party (2, 3, 4), Women's Honor 
Council (3), Campus Chest (4), Carolina Sweethearts, 
Order of Old Lampshades (3, 4), Student Nurses' Asso- 
ciation (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HOYT, RICHARD; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Carolina Sym 
posium (4), Class Cabinet (2), Daily Tar Heel (2, A), 

Interfraternity Council (2), Orientation Counselor (2), 
Student Government Committee (2), University Party (1, 
2, 3, 4), Year-at-Lyon, Attorney General Staff. 


HUDSON, RONALD; Pi Kappa Phi. 


HUFFMAN, GARY; Y.D.C. (3, 4), Gamma Beta Phi (3, 4). 

HUGGLER, DAVID: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Officer of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, I.F.C. (3, A), Orientation Committee (2), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (3, 4). 

HUGHES, III, JOHN; Phi Gamma Delta; Officer of Phi 
Gamma Delta (3, 4), Carolina Handbook (3), Carolina 
Symposium (3, 4), Dormitory Officer (2), Orientation 
Counselor (3), University Party, Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). 

HUME, RICHARD; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HUNNICUTT, BENJAMIN; Men's Glee Club (1). 

HUNT, EDGAR; Alpha Phi Omega; M.R.C. (3), Orienta- 
tion Counselor (4), Student Government Committee (3), 
Dormitory Officer (3, 4). 

HUNTER, JR., JAMES; Sigma Chi; Swimming (1,2), Uni- 
versity Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Order of Nadular Birds (1, 2, 
3, 4). 

HUNTER, JR., LUTHER; M.R.C. (2), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

HUNTER, ROBERT; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi 
Omega; President of Teague (3), M.R.C. (3, 4, Chairman 
of M.R.C. Court 4), Orientation Counselor (4), Student 
Government Committee (3, 4), University Party (3), 
Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Society of Janus (3, 4), Governor of 
Scott College (4). 

HURST, NANCY; Student Nurses' Association. 

HUTAFF, PHILLIP; Pi Kappa Phi; I.F.C. 

HUTCHESON, JR., JOHN; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Phi 
Alpha Theta; G M.A.B. (4), Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Student Party (1 ); Y.M.C.A. 

HYNES, BARBARA; Student Nurses' Association (1, 2). 

INGRAM, IV, GEORGE; Chi Phi; I.F.C. (2, 3), N.R.O.T.C. 
(1, 2), Budget Committee Chairman, Student Legisla- 
ture (2, 3, 4), University Party (2, 3, 4), G.M. Board of 

INGRAM, JOHN; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President (4), I.F.C. 
(4), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, A), Scabbard and Blade (4), 
Attorney General (4), Society of Janus (4), Student 
Government Committee (2, 3). 

ISRAEL, STEPHEN; Zeta Beta Tau; Officer (2, 3), Caro- 
lina Symposium (4), I.F.C. (2), Fine Arts Festival (3). 

JAMES, ROGER; Sigma Nu. 


JANUARY, MARY; Alpha Delta Pi; Carolina Women's 
Council (2. 3), Cheerleader (1), Class Cabinet (2), Dor- 
mitory Officer (3), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Orien- 
tation Committee (4), Panhellenic Court (4), Student 
Athletic Council, Student Legislature (3), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Women's Honor Council (4), Order of 
Old Lampshades (3,4), S.N.A. (1,2). 

JENNINGS, HENRY; G.M.A.B. (3), Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Swimming (1). 

JENNELL, KAY; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). 

JOHANSSON, BEATRICE; Student Party (2), W.A.A. (2, 
3), Y.W.C.A. (1), W.W.S. (3, 4). 

JOHNSON, JAMES; Dormitory Officer (3, A), M.R.C. (3, 
4) Orientation Counselor (4), Student Government 
Committee (4), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

JOHNSON, JO ANN; Phi Mu; N.E.A., Student Party. 

JOHNSON, MICHAEL; Delta Sigma Pi. 

JOHNSON, PAULA; Alpha Delta Pi; University Party, 
Yackety Yack, Campus Chest. 

JOHNSON, RICHARD; Kappa Sigma; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 
3 4) Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Scabbard and Blade 
(3, A), Student Legislature (2), University Party (2, 3), 
Morehead Scholar. 

3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), Catholic Student Union (1, 2). 

JOHNSTON, MARY; Koppa Epsilon. 

JONES, JEAN; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Legisla- 
ture (3), University Party (4), Y.W.C.A. (3), Class Com- 
mittee (3), Campus Chest (3). 

JONES, JR., JOHN A.; A.F.R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3, 4). 

JONES, JOHN T.; Pi Kappo Phi; I.F.C. (3), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

JONES, RAPHAEL; Kappa Sigma; Dialectic-Philanthropic 
Society (3), I.F.C. (1, 2), Campus Chest (3), Student 
Government Committee (2), Tennis (1), Y.M.C.A. (3), 
Debating Team (3), Thomas Wolfe Award (3). 

JONES, JR., WALDO; Phi Delta Theta; Orientation 
Counselor (2), University Party (1, 2, 3), Campus Chest 



JORDAN, JULIA; Pi Beta Phi; Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), 
Orientation Counselor (4), Panhellenic Council (4), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

JORDAN, JUNE; Alpha Xi Delto; University Chorus (3, 
4), Dormitory Officer (3, 4), Future Teachers of America 
(1, 2), University Party (3, 4), Stray Greeks (3, 4). 

JORDAN, LINDA; Student Nurses Association (1 , 2, 3, 4). 

JOYE, MICHAEL; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

JUSTICE, JAMES; Phi Gamma Delta; Class Cabinet (1), 
Orientation Counselor (1, 2), Student Council, Univer- 
sity Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). 

KAMPF, JOSEPH; Dormitory Officer (2, 3), University 
Party (2, 3), Intramurals (2, 3, 4). 

KEATING, WILLIAM; St. Anthony Hall. 

KEEN, AUBREY; Alpha Kappa Psi. 

KENDRICK, HOWARD; Dormitory Officer (1) 
KENNEY, LARRY; Kappa Alpha; Lacrosse 

KESLER, PAMELA; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Playmakers 
(3, 4), N.S.A. (3, 4), Student Party (3, 4), Class Officer 
(3), Modern Dance Club (3). 

KILLIAN, CHARLES; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio; Band (I, 
2), Men's Glee Club (3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

KILLIAN, III, LEON; University Party (1, 2), Y.D.C. (I, 
2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

KELPATRICK, LYNN; Koppa Delta; Orientation Com- 
mittee (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Yockety Yack 
(3), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

KINLAW, FRANCIS; Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

KIRK, CARY; N.E.A. (3,4). 


KLINE, HARVEY; Band (1), Carolina Symposium (1), 
Class Cabinet (2), Orientation Counselor (2), Student 
Government Committee (3), Student Legislature (3), Ex- 
change Student (3), Morehead Scholar, Freshman 
Honors Program (I), Honors in Political Science (4). 

KLING, MARGARET; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2), Student Nurses 
Association (1, 2, 3, 4). 

KNESEL, DAVID; Dormitory Officer (1, 2, 3), G.M.A.B. 
(2, 3, 4), Student Government Committee (3), University 
Party (3), W.U.N. C. (3), Model U.N. (3). 

KODACK, LAWRENCE; WUNC (1, 2, 3, 4). 

KRAFT, NAOMI; Delta Phi Epsilon; Dormitory Officer 
(3), Hillel Foundation (3, 4), Y.D.C. (3), Toronto Ex- 
change (3). 

KRAMER, RICHARD; Basketball Statistician (1 2 3 
4), Dormitory Officers (3), M.R.C. (3), Carolina Athletic 
Association (President 3, 4), Student Athletic Council 
(2, Chairman 3, 4), Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3 4) Dor- 
mitory Resident Advisor (4), U.N. Model Assembly (I) 

KURTZ, MARGUERITE; University Party (3 4) YWCA 
(3, 4), Campus Chest (3). 

LACKEY, JUDITH; Cosmopolitan Club (4), Orientation 
Counselor (4), International Students Board (4) 
C. C.U.N. (3). 

LAMM, BENAJAH; Koppa Psi; Y.D.C (1, 3) YMCA 
(1,2, 3), N.C.P.A. (2, 3), Chess Club (4). 

LANE, DAVID; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Alpha 
Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha; Carolina Forum (2, 3), Carolina 
Symposium (4), Student Government Committee (2 3) 
Carolina Political Union (3, Chairman 4). 

LANE, MIRIAM; Carolina Symposium (4) NSA (1 2 
3), Carolina Political Union (3, 4). 

LANE, ROBERT; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). 

LANSCHE, JOHN; Orientation Counselor (3), Student 
Party (1), University Party (2, 3, 4), Yockety Yack 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (1), Y.M.C.A. (1), Mock Political 
Convention Delegation Chairman (2). 

LAWHON, BETTY; Daily Tor Heel (3), Dormitory Officer 
(3), N.E.A. (3), University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3). 

LEE, JOHN; St. Anthony Hall, Phi Alpha Theta; Caro- 
lina Quarterly, Publications Board. 

LEE, LAWRENCE; Canterbury Club (1, 2), Dormitory 
Officer (2), Soccer (1, 2), Y.R.C., Fencing. 

LEEPER, CHARLES; Phi Alpha Theta; M.R.C. (2), Mono- 
gram Club (2, 3, 4), Student Legislature (1, 2), Student 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Track (2, 3), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

LEIBOLD, JEAN; Alpha Delta Pi; University Party (1, 2), 
Yockety Yock (3), Y.R.C. (2, 3), Y.W.C.A. (2, 3), Caro- 
lina Sweetheart (3), Order of the Old Lampshades, 
Medical Technology Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 

LELAND, JR., RODERIC; M.R.C. (2), Soccer (I), Track 

LENTZ, ELLEN; Alpha Delto Pi; Orientation Counselor 
(3), Panhellenic Council (3, 4), Publications Board (2, 
3), University Party (2, 3, 4), Yockety Yack (1, 3), 
Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4), Campus Chest (3, 4). 

LEONARD, III, JOHN; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa; 

Dormitory Officer (3), M.R.C. (3), Student Party (2). 

LESLEY, DONALD; Phi Delta Theto. 

LEVINE, GEORGE; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Lambda Phi; 

Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1), Hillel (3, 4). 

LEWIS, CLAUDIA; Phi Mu; Panhellenic Council, Stu- 
dent N.E.A., Student Party. 

LICHTENSTEIN, MARSHALL; Zeto Beta Tau; Carolina 
Forum (2, 3, 4), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4|, Phi Beta Koppa (4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4), 
Phi Eta Sigma (4) 

LIEBEL, JOAN; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panhellenic 
Council (3), Fine Arts Festival (3), Campus Chest Com- 
mittee (3), Social Committee of Junior Class (3). 

LIIPFERT, ANALEAK; Pi Beta Phi; Order of the Bean- 
birds (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4), University Party 
(3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

LIMBERT, MARY; Chi Omega. 

LINDELL, JR., CARL; Sigma Chi; University Party, 
Wrestling (1), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), Campus Chest Com- 

LINK, ELIZABETH; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Forum (4), 
Carolina Symposium (4), Orientation Counselor (4), 
University Party (3, 4), Y.R.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 
Attorney General's Staff (3). 

LINKER, WILLIAM; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, 
Delta Phi Alpha; Band (I, 2), Dormitory Officer (1), 
Wind Ensemble Club, German's Club, Lutheran Student 

LITTLE, JAMES; Chi Psi; Amphoterothen (3, 4), 
C.U.S.C. (4), Dormitory Officer (1), Editor of Paper (2, 
3), Men's Honor Council (2), Order of the Old Well 
(3, 4), Orientation Counselor (2), Publications Boord 
(2, 3), Student Government, Comm. (1, 2, 3), Student 
Legislature (2, Officer 3, 4), Student Party (2, 3, 4), 
Chairman, State Student Legislature (3, 4), University 
Party (2), Y.D.C. (4), YMCA, (1, 2, 3, 4), Chairman 
Judicial Committee of Legislature (3, 4). 


LOBL, THOMAS; Alpho Chi Sigma; A.F.R.O.T.C. (I, 2), 
Arnold Air Society (2), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C 
(3), Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4). 

LOEWENBAUM, GEORGE; Zeto Beta Tau, President; 
Carolina Forum (3, 4), Carolina Symposium (2), I.F.C. 
(2, 3, 4), Orientation Counselor (3), University Party (2, 
3, 4). Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4), Graham Memorial Board of 

LOGAN, WADE; Alpho Tau Omega; Class Cabinet (1) 
I.F.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), University Party (I, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. 
(1, 2, 3), Freshman Honors Program. 

LOKEY, JULIAN LEE; Kappa Sigma; I.F.C. (3, 4), Ori- 
entation Counselor (3), Yockety Yack (I), German's 
Club (3). 

LOMAX, II, JOHN; Delto Sigmo Pi. 

LONGINO, BARBARA; Alpha Delta Pi. 

LOUDON, ALEXANDER; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Men's 
Glee Club (1), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). 

LOVELL, JOHN; Phi Kappa Epsilon; Attorney General's 
Staff (2, 3, 4), Class Cabinet (3), Campus Chest (1, 2), 
GM.A.B. (3), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Orientation Coun- 
selor (2), State Student Legislature (3), University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Officer, Y.R.C. (1, 2), Semper Fidelis Society 
(3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (4). 

LYNN, DIANE; Angel Flight (1, 2). 
LYONS, JR., JOSEPH; N R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3, 4) 


McADAMS, JR., WALTER; Pi Kappa Phi; University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

McARTHUR, WILLIAM; Victory Village Board of Alder- 

McCALLIE, SPENCER; Chi Psi, Phi Beta Koppa, Phi Eta 
Sigma; Class Cabinet (2), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), 
N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Order of the Grail (3, 4), Order 
of the Old Well (3, 4), Orientation Committee (4), 
Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), Student 
Government Committee (2, 3, 4), Student Party (2, 3), 
University Party (1), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Freshman 
Camp (2, 3, 4). 

McCARDELL, WILLIAM; Canterbury Club (2), Card- 
board (2, 3), Carolina Playmakers (4), Carolina Quar- 
terly (4), G.M.A.B. (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). 

McCARTNEY, III, OTTOWAY; Dormitory Officer (2). 

McCOLL, MARY; Student N.E.A. (4). 

McCOY, KENNETH; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio; Band (1, 2), 
Class Cabinet (3), Dormitory Officer (2, 3, 4), M.R.C. (2, 
3, 4), Men's Glee Club (1, 2, President 3, 4), Orientation 
Counselor (4), Student Legislature (3, 4), Student Party 
(2, 3, 4), Gamma Beta Phi Society (3, President 4), 
Society of Janus (3, 4). 

McCRACKEN, NANCY; Phi Mu; Daily Tar Heel (2, 3), 

Orientation Counselor (4), University Party (2, 3, 4), 
Y.D.C. (4), Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4), Scuba Club (3). 

McCRARY, ERNEST; C U.S.C. (4), Daily Tor Heel (3, 

Editor 4), Publications Board (4), Press Club (3, 4). 

McCUTCHEON, LINDA; Kappa Kappa Gamma (Presi- 
dent 4); Orientation Committee (3), Panhellenic Coun- 
cil (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 
Campus Chest Carnival Committee (3), Class Commit- 
tee (3), Fine Arts Festival, News Guide (Editor 3). 

McDANIEL, RALPH; Kappa Alpho; Golf, Orientation 
Counselor (2), University Party, Campus Chest (2), 
German Club (3). 

McDONALD, ALLEN; Phi Eta Sigma; Order of the Grail 
(3), Swimming (1, 2, 3), Westminster Fellowship (Presi- 
dent 3). 

McDONALD, HAROLD, Kappa Alpho; Men's Honor 
Council (2), Orientation Commitee (I, 2, 3), Orientation 
Counselor (2, 3), Student Government Committee (2, 3), 
University Party. 

McDOWELL, FRANCES; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club (3, 4), 
University Party (3, 4), University Chorus (3, 4), Campus 
Chest (3, 4). 

McFADDEN, V, CHARLES; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beto 
Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta (President 4); M.R.C. (2, Court 
3), Student Government Committee, Toronto Exchange 
(4), University Party (2, 3, 4), Resident Advisor (4), 
YMCA. (1, 2, 3, 4), Circulo Hispanico (3, President 
4), Whitaker Scholar. 

McGOWAN, MARY; Student N.E.A. (4). 

McGOWAN, ROBERT; Pi Kappa Alpha. 

MclNNIS, JR., THOMAS; Alpho Chi Sigmo; A.F.R.O.T C 

(1, 2). 

MclNTYRE, SUSAN; YWCA. (1, 2, 4). 

McKEITHEN, MILLICENT; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Sym- 
posium (4), Student Government Committee (4), Stu- 
dent N.E.A. (4), University Party (3, 4), W.A.A. (3, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Campus Chest (3), Attorney General's 
Staff (4). 



McKNIGHT, NORVA; Sigma Delta Pi. 

McLAUGHLIN, PHILIP; Baseball (1, 2, 3, A), Monogram 
Club (2,3,4). 

McLEAN, GEORGE; Basketball (1). 

McNAIRY, JR., WYATT; Swimming (1,3, 4). 

McRAE, MARTHA; Physical Therapy Club (1, 2). 

MAC QUEEN; Pi Beta Phi; Panhellenic Council (3, 4), 
University Party (3, 4), Women's Residence Council (3). 

MADDOX, JAMES; Pi Kappa Alpha; Soccer (1), Univer- 
sity Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

MAGNUSON, JR., PHILIP; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Uni- 
versity Party (1), Y.R.C. (1,2,3,4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2,3 4). 


MANN, KATHERINE; Chi Omega; Student N.E.A. (3, 4), 
University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

MANN; KENNETH; Pi Lambda Phi; Class Cabinet (1), 
M.R.C. (I), I.F.C. (2, 3, 4), Order of the Old Well (3, 4), 
Orientation Counselor (4), Student Government Com- 
mittee (I, 2), Student Party (3), Tennis (I), WUNC (I, 
2), Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4). 

MARSHALL, JR., ALBERT; A. F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4), Dialectic-Philanthropic So- 
ciety (1), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), Swimming (2), 
University Party (1, 2), WUNC (1, 2). 

MARSHALL, JEAN; Kappa Delta; Carolina Symposium 
(4), Order of the Old Lampshades, Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), University Party (2, 3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 
House Council (3, 4). 

MARTIN, DONALD; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Men's Glee 
Club (2, 3, 4), University Party (1), Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

MARTIN, JOSEPH; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gimghoul (2, 
3, 4), I.F.C. (1, 2, 3, President 4), Order of Golden Fleece 
(3, 4), Order of the Grail (2, 3, 4), Order of the Old Well 
(3, 4), Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), Student Government 
Committee (2), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C A 
(1), Assistant Attorney General (3). 

MASSINGILL, HOWARD; St. Anthony Hall. 


MATTHEWS, ROBERT; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3), N.R.O.T.C. 

MAUPIN, JR., ARMISTEAD; Amphoterothen (3, 4), 
Class Cobmet (1 ), Doily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4), Dormitory 
Officer (2), M.R.C. (2), N.S.A. (2), Order of the Grail 
(3, 4), Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Commencement Marshal (3), University Party 
(2, 3, 4), Student Legislature (2, 3), Student Government 
Committee (1, 2, 3), Toronto Exchange (3), Y.M C.A. 
(4), Senior Class Vice President (4), State Student Legis- 
lature (Chairman 2), Carolina Political Union (3, 4), 
The Cabal (2, 3, 4). 

MAXWELL, JON; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 

MEAD, GARY; Lambda Chi Alpha; Monogram Club (2, 
3, 4), Track (1, 2, 3, 4), University Party (2, 3). 

MEADE, JAMES; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Order of the 
Grail (2, 3, 4), Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Track (1,2, 
3, 4). 

MEARNS, SUZANNE; Carolina Women's Council (3, 4), 
Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4), Dormitory Officer (1, 2, 3, 4), 
University Party (3, 4), Women's Residence Council (1), 
Y.W.C.A. (4). 

MEBANE, JR., JOHN; Beta Theta Pi; University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C A. (1, 2), Campus Chest (1). 

MERRITT, JR., EUGENE; Sigma Nu; Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Soccer (3), Student Government Committee 
(3, 4), Student Legislature (4), Student Party, Y.M.C.A 
(3, 4), Karate Club. 

MERROW, HELEN; Carolina Symposium (4), Dormitory 
Officer (1, 2), Order of Old Lampshades (2, 3, 4), Stu- 
dent Government Committee (2, 3, 4), University Party 
(1), Women's Honor Council (2, 3, Chairman 4), SNA. 
(1, 2, 4), Nursing Officer (3). 

MESSINA, EDWARD; Phi Beta Kappa. 

MILLER, ELIZABETH; Student N.E.A. (3, 4). 

MILLER, IRA; University Party (1), Y.R.C. (4). 

MILLER, SHARON; Angel Flight (2, 3, 4), Student N.E.A. 
(4), S.N.A. (1). 

MILSTEAD, CHARLOTTE; Chi Omega; Orientation 
Counselor, Student Legislature (1), University Party (2), 

Valkyries (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Fine Arts Festival, 
Toronto Exchange. 

MITCHELL, GRACE; Y.W.C.A. (3), Wesley Foundation 


MITCHELL, JR., WALTER; Y.D.C. (3, 4). 

MITCHENER, JOSEPH; Alpho Chi Sigma; M.R.C. (1). 

MITTENDORFF, GERALD; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

MOCK, FRANCES; Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Counselor 
(4), Student N.E.A. (4), University Party (3, 4), W.A.A. 
(3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), C.C.U.N. (3, 4). 


MOORE, II, DAVID; Student Government Committee (2, 
3), North Carolina State Legislative Internship (3), 
Morehead Scholar. 

MOORE, MICHAEL; Kappa Psi; Carolina Playmakers 
(2), Orientation Counselor (3, 4). 

MOORE, III, SPRINGER; Kappa Sigma; Monogram Club 
(2, 3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4). 
Track (1), University Party (1, 2, 3), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). 

MOORE, WILLIAM; Alpha Kappa Psi; Y.M.C.A (2). 

MOOSE, JR., GEORGE; Dormitory Officer (4), M.R.C. (3). 

MORAN, JR., ALFRED; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Cardboard 
(1, 2), Carolina Symposium (1, 2, 3, 4), G.M.A.B. (1, 2, 
3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (3, 4), Y.M.C A. 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

MORGAN, DARIA; Chi Omega; Fine Arts Festival. 

MORRTS, BETSY; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Symposium (4), 
Student Government Committee, Orientation Counselor, 
University Party, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Carolina Sweet- 

MORRIS, NANCY; Kappa Delta; Carolina Forum (3), 
Orientation Counselor (4), Student Government Com- 
mittee (3, 4), University Party, Yackety Yack (3, 4), 

University Chorus (3, 4), Carolina Sweetheart. 

MOSER, JERRI; Carolina Women's Council (2, 3, Presi- 
dent 4), Orientation Counselor (2), University Party (2), 
Women's Honor Council, Women's Residence Council, 
Nursing Class Officer (President 2), Carolina Sweet- 

MOSTELLER, JR., CLIFTON; A. F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) 

MOWERY, CAROL; Delta Delta Delta (President); Class 
Cabinet (3), Dormitory Officer, Panhellenic Council, 
Student N.E.A., University Party, Y.W.C.A. 

MUILENBURG, MARTHA; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

MULLEN, SALLY; Delta Delta Delta; University Party 
(3, 4), W.A.A. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (4). 

MULLINIX, GAY; University Party (3) 

MUNCY, THOMAS; Alpha Kappa Psi; Cardboard. 

MURPHY, ANDREW; St. Anthony Hall; Baseball (1), 
Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (1 , 2, 3, 4), Soccer 

MWAMASSO, ALFRED; Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3). 

MYERS, CAROL; Delta Delta Delta; Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), Tennis (3), University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C A 
(3, 4), Student N.E.A. 

NEELY, ALAN; Chi Psi; I.F.C. (3), Men's Glee Club (1), 
Student Party (1, 2), Tennis (1), University Party (1), 
Y.M.C.A. (2). 

NEWLIN, LOCKE; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; I.F.C. (4), Uni- 
versity Party (2, 3), Attorney General's Staff (2, 3, 4). 

NEWLIN, ROBERT; Band (1, 2), Amateur Radio Club 
(3),WUNC (1, 2, 3, 4), WUNC-TV (3, 4). 

NEWNAM, SHERRILL; Alpha Chi Sigma. 

NEWTON, JANICE; Dormitory Officer (4), Orientation 
Counselor (4), Student Legislature (4), Student Party 
(3, 4), Y.D.C. (3), Tennis Club (3). 

NICHOLSON, III, GEORGE; Carolina Forum (2, 3, Chair- 
man 4), Carolina Symposium (2), Student Government 
Committee (2, 3, 4), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, President 4), Carolina 
Political Union (2, 3, 4). 

NICHOLSON, THOMAS; Cardboard (2, 3, 4), Dormitory 
Officer (2, 3), M.R.C. (2, 3), Orientation Committee (2), 
Student Party (2, 3, A), Y.M.C.A. (1,2). 

Carolina Handbook (Business Manager 3), Orientation 
Secretariat (3), Orientation Counselor (4), Westminster 
Fellowship, Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), C.C.U.N. 

NORRIS, DAVID; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Cardboard. 

NORTH, II, FREDERICK; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), 
University Chorus (2). 

NUCKOLLS, JOSEPH; Alpha Phi Omega. 

OAKLEY, WOODY; Delta Sigma Pi. 

O'BRIENT, CAROLE; Orientation Counselor (2), W.A.A. 
(2), S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Baptist Student Union (2, 3). 

O'DONNELL, SHARON; Kappa Delta; C.U.S.C. (3), Stu- 
dent Party (3, 4), Valkyries (3, 4), Y.R.C. (3), State Stu- 
dent Legislature (3 4), Secretary of Student Body (4). 

OETTINGER, KENNETH; Basketball (1), Monogram Club 
(2, 3, 4), Tennis (1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4). 

OLDHAM, SUSAN; Phi Mu; Orientation Counselor (4), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

OLSON, LAURITZ; Phi Beta Koppa, Delta Phi Alpha. 

O'QUINN, CLYDE; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpho Phi Omega; 

Orientation Counselor (3, 4), Student Government Com- 
mittee, Attorney General's Staff (3, 4), University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

ORGAN, DENNIS; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta 
Rho; Dormitory Officer, Y.R.C. (3, 4), M.R.C. (2), Aca- 
demic Affairs Committee (2). 

OVERTON, SARAH; Kappa Koppa Gamma; Orientation 
Counselor (4), Panhellenic Council (4), Y.W.C.A. 

PADGETT, EMILY; Canterbury Club (1,2). 

PADGETT, JAMES; Beta Theta Pi (President 4); I.F.C. 
(4), Orientation Counselor (3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 
4), Order of the Minotaurs (2, 3, A), German's Club (3), 
Attorney General's Staff. 

PAGE, CLARENCE; Dormitory Officer (2), Men's Glee 
Club (3, 4), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Baptist Student 
Union (3, 4). 

PAGETT, JAMES; Y.M.C.A. (1,2, 3, A), A. F.R.O.T.C. (1). 

PALMER, BRUCE; Phi Kappa Sigma; Baseball (I), Ori- 
entation Committee (3), Orientation Counselor (3), 
University Party (2, 3, A), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). 


PALMER, JOHN; A. F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

PALMER, MARY; Kappo Delta; Orientation Counselor 
(4), Student Government Committee (3), University 
Party (3, A), W.A.A. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3). 

PARK, VERNON; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band (1, 2, 3, 
4), Dormitory Officer (3, A), Student Party (1), Y.D.C. 
(1), Maverick Marshal, House Council, Dirty Old Men. 

PARKER, II, DALLAS; Band (3, 4), University Orchestra 
(3, 4). 

PARKER, DAVID; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dormitory Officer 
(1), Orientation Counselor (3), University Party (2, 3, 4), 
Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (2). 

PARKER, EDWIN; Kappa Alpho; I.F.C. (2, 3, 4), N.S.A. 
(2), Order of the Old Well (3, A), Orientation Com- 
mittee (1, 2), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

PARKER, FORD; Delta Sigma Pi; Spanish Club, Anthro- 
pology Club. 

PARKER, GEOFFREY; Sigma Nu; Doily Tor Heel (4), 
Gorgon's Head, German's Club (3, 4), I.F.C. (3, Court 
Chairman A), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Order of the 
Old Well, Order of Beanbirds, Lacrosse (I, 2, 3, A), 
Gamma Beta Epsilon. 

PARKER, JOHN; Pi Koppa Alpha; Soccer (1), Swimming 
(1,2), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Alpha Beta Chi. 



PARMELE, JR., ALFRED; Lombdo Chi Alpho; Dormitory 
Officer (1), Orientation Counselor (4), University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (3, 4). 

PATTERSON, JULIA; Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club (1), 
Carolina Symposium (2, A), Class Cabinet (2, 3, 4), 
G.M.A.B. (3, 4), Order of Beanbirds (2, 3, 4), Orientation 
Counselor (2, 3, 4), Freshman Counselor (2), University 
Parly (2, 3, 4), W.A.A. (2), Y.W.C.A. (2). 

PATTERSON, PRISCILLA; Pi Beta Phi; Fine Arts Festival 
(3), Homecoming Court (3), Campus Chest (3), Student 
Government Committee (3, 4), Carolina Symposium (2, 
4), Cheerleader (1, 3, 4), Class Cabinet (1, 3, 4), Orien- 
tation Committee (4), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Uni- 
versity Party (2, 3, 4), Yockety Yack (3), Gommo Alpha 
Lambda, Phi Alpha Theta. 

PAYET, CHARLES; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1,2, 
3, 4), Student Party (2, 3, 4). 

PAYNE, CAROL; Pi Beta Phi; Class Cabinet (4), 
G.M.A.B. (3), Orientation Counselor (4), Student Govern- 
ment Committee (3), University Party (4), W.A.A. (3, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

PAYNE, IV, JOHN; Student Party, Y.M.C.A. 

PEABODY, SONDRA; Carolina Women's Council (2), 
Class Cabinet (1), Student Government Committee (1), 
U.N.C. Year-at-Lyon (3). 

PEARCE, DAVID; Phi Kappa Sigma; Y.M.C.A. 

PEELER, JANE; Phi Mu; W.A.A. (3, 4), Y.R.C. (3). 

PEGRAM, JR., PAUL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta 
Sigma; Orientation Counselor (2). 

PENDER, JAMES; M R.C. (I, 2, 3), Student Party (2, 3, 
4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Society of Janus. 

PENNINGTON, MARTHA; R.N. Club, Baptist Student 

PEPPER, JR., ALBERT; Amphoterothen (3, 4), Class 
Cabinet (2, 3), C.U.S.C. (4), Dormitory Officer (1, 2), 
M.R.C. (2, 3, President 4), Society of Janus Scholarship 
(3), Order of the Grail (3, 4), Order of the Old Well (3, 
4), Order of the Dirty Old Men (3, 4), Orientation Com- 
mittee (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4), Resident Ad- 
visor (4), Society of Janus (2, 3, 4), Student Government 
Committee (1, 2, 4, Chairman 3), Student Party (2), 
University Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. 

PERRY, CAROL; N.E.A. (4), Student Party (3, 4). 

PERRY, III, DANIEL; Kappa Alpha; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), 
University Party (3, 4). 

PETREE, TONY; Student Party (2). 


PHILLIPS, STANLEY; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Carolina 
Symposium (4), Men's Honor Council (1), University 
Party ( 1 , 2, 3, 4), WUNC (1 , 2), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

PIKE, ALAN; Pi Kappa Phi; I. F.C. (3, 4), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

PITTMAN, VIRGINIA; Lutheran Student's Association 

PITTS, ROBERT; Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1), Intra- 
murals, Wesley Foundation. 

PLATT, III, GEORGE; Cardboard (3, 4), Cosmopolitan 
Club (4), Splash Club (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), 
Yackety Yack (4), Y.R.C. (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4), 

POPE, PATRICK; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dormitory Officer 
(1 ), I. F.C. (2, 3, 4), Orientation Counselor (3), University 
Party (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3). 

POTTER, HARRIETT; Band (1, 2), Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4). 


POWELL, JOANNE; Dormitory Officer (3). 

POWELL, MARTHA; Delta Delta Delta; University Party 
(3, 4). 

PREVOST, WHITEHER; Golf (1, 3, 4). 

PRICE, JANET; Delta Delta Delta; G.M.A.B. (3), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

PRICE, NANCY; Yockety Yack (3). 

PRILLAMAN, DONALD; Pi Koppa Alpho; Football (1, 

PRINCE, VIRGINIA; Phi Mu; Panhellenic Council (3), 
University Party (3), Y.W.C.A. (4), Campus Chest. 

PRINGLE, ROBERT; Orientation Counselor, Track (1). 

PROBST, LYNN; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), University Party 

PRYOR, JR., CLAUDE; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) 


(I, 2, 3, 4). 

(1), Student Party 

RAINES, JR., HUBERT; Alpha Kappa Psi; N.R.O.T.C. 

RAMAGE, NANCY; Chi Omega; Orientation Counselor 
(4), W.A.A. (3). 

RARBACK, SHERI; Orientation Counselor (2, 3). 

RATHBUN, ALEXANDRA; N.S.A., Student Government 
Committee (4), Yackety Yack (4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), 
Y W.C.A. (3, 4), Fine Arts Festival (3), Campus Chest 


RAYMOND, EUGENE; Chi Psi; Men's Glee Club (1), 
Orientation Counselor (2), University Party (2, 3). 

READY, WILLIAM; Cardboard (4), Orientation Coun- 
selor (2), Student Party (4), Y.D.C. (4), Resident Advisor 

RECTOR, GENE; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Arnold Air 
Society (2, 3, 4), Daily Tar Heel (4), Dormitory Officer 
(3, 4), M.R.C. (3, 4), Men's Glee Club (1, 2), Scabbard 
and Blade (3, 4). 

REDDEN, CHARLES; Cardboard (3, 4), Monogram Club 
(4), N.E.A. (3, 4), Student Party (3, 4), Track (3, 4), 
Cross Country (3, 4). 

REEDY, VIDA; Carolina Playmakers (4), Carolina 
Women's Council (4), Cosmopolitan Club (1), Dormi- 
tory Officer (4), W.A.A. (3), Y.W.C.A. (3), S.N. A. (1, 2). 

REEVES, GREYLIN; Chi Omega; University Party (3), 
W.A.A. (3), Attorney General's Staff (3, 4), Women's 
Honor Council (3). 

REEVES, LINDA; SNA. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

REICH, OTTO; Dormitory Officer (2, 3, 4), Independent 
Party (3, 4), M.R.C. (4), University Party (2), Wrestling 
(2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3). 


REMER, BRYAN; Sigma Phi Epsilon; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 
3, 4), Soccer (1,2, 3). 

REMSBURG, MACON; Chi Omega; University Party (3). 

RENDLEMAN, III, DAVID; Class Cabinet (3), Dormitory 
Officer (1, 2, 3), M.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Orientation Coun- 
selor (2, 3), Student Government Committee (2), Student 
Legislature (1, 2), Student Party (1, 2, 3, A), Y.R.C. (3, 
4). Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Carolina Conservative Club 

REYNOLDS, ANN; Medical Technology (4). 

REYNOLDS, JR., CLAUDE; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), 
M R.C. (3, A), Student Party (2, 3, A), Swimming (1), 
Independent Party (3), University Party (2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. 
(2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). 

RHODARMER, REBECCA; Kappa Koppa Gamma; Uni- 
versity Party (3, A), Yackety Yack Queen (3), House 
Council (4), Fine Arts Committee (3), Opera Workshop 
(3. A), Graham Memorial Music Committee (4). 

RHODES, SAMUEL; Band, University Party (4), Y.R.C. 
(3), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, A), Fencing Club, Scuba Diving 

RHODES, JR., TED; Koppa Alpha. 

RICE, SHEILA; Dormitory Officer (4). 

RICHARDS, JR., CHARLES; Dormitory Officer (1), Stu- 
dent Party (2), M.R.C. (1), Scott Residence College 



Women's Residence Council (3), Y. 


RIKE, JUDY; Delta Zeta. 

RISMAN, ERIC; Sigma Nu; Orientation Counselor (2). 

ROBERTS, CORNELIA; Angel Flight (3, Commander A), 
Canterbury Club (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4), Uni- 
versity Party (3), Dormitory House Council (3). 

ROBERTS, GANA; Alpho Gommo Delta; House Council 
(4), Women's Residence Council (3), Yackety Yack (3, 
4), W.A.A. (4), Physical Therapy Club (1, 2), Golf Club 
(1), Stray Greeks (4). 

ROBERTS, LAWRENCE; Tou Epsilon Phi; A.F.R.O.T.C. 

(1, 2), Student Party (3), WUNC-TV (3, 4), Mock 
Political Convention Executive Committee (2). 

ROBERTSON, PATRICIA; Chi Omega; Dormitory Officer, 
N.S.A. (3), Orientation Counselor (4), Student N.E.A. 
(4), University Party (3, A), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

ROBINSON, JAMES; Student Legislature (4), Track (1, 
2), University Party (3, A), Y.R.C. (4), Carolina Con- 
servative Club (3, 4). 

ROBINSON, WILLIAM; Alpha Phi Omega; Dormitory 
Officer (2, 3), M.R.C. (3), Men's Glee Club (1 , 2), Men's 
Honor Council (2, 3, A), Society of Janus (4), Orientation 
Counselor (2, 3, A), Student Government Committee (3), 
Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Campus Chest (1, 3), Elec- 
tions Board (2), Resident Advisor (4), Constitutional 
Council (3). 

ROBINSON, WILLIAM P.; U.N.C. Chorus (I, 2, 3, 4). 

ROBISON, SUZANNE; Alpha Chi Omega; G.M.A.B. (4), 
University Party (3, 4). 


ROGERS, JR., WILLIAM; Delta Sigma Pi. 

RONEY, JR., JOHN; Phi Kappa Sigma; Dormitory Officer 
(2), M.R.C. (2), University Party (1, 2, Chairman 3, A), 
Student Government Committee (3), Y.D.C. (3, 4), At- 
torney General's Staff (2, 3). 

ROSEFIELD, JR., HERBERT; Wrestling (2, 3, 4). 

ROSEMAN, CRAIG; Football (1, 2, 3). 


ROSS, BARBARA; Press Club (3, 4) 

ROSS, JOHNNY; M.R.C. (3), Y.R.C. (1), Baptist Student 
Union (1,2). 

ROSS, JULIETTE; Y.D.C. (3, 4). 

ROUSH, FRED; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. 

ROUZER, WILLIAM; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Carolina 
Cutter (3, 4), Drum and Bugle Corps (1, 2, 3, 4). 

ROWE, DAVID; Phi Delta Theta; Basketball (1), Dormi- 
tory Officer (1), Student Government Committee (3, 4), 
Student Legislature (I, 3, A), University Party (1, 2, 3, 
A), Y.M.C.A. Campus Chest, Freshman Camp (1, 2, 3). 

RUMLEY, PATRICIA; Delta Delta Delta; G.M.A.B. (3), 
Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4), 
University Party (2, 3, 4), Carolina Sweetheart (4). 

RUSSELL, PAULA; Phi Mu; Panhellenic Council, Uni- 
versity Party (3), Y.W.C.A. (3), Campus Chest. 

RUSSELL, SUSAN; Chi Omega; Carolina Symposium (4), 
University Party (4), Y.W.C.A. (3), Gamma Beta Epsilon. 

RUTH, MARIAN; Koppa Delta; Orientation Counselor 
(4), Y.W.C.A. (4). 

RUTLEDGE, JERRY; Student Government Committee 
(3), Student Legislature (3), University Party (2, 3, A), 
Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), State Student Legislature (3, 4). 

RUTLEDGE, LARRY; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

RYLAND, SHIRLEY; Chi Omega; Orientation Counselor, 
Women's Residence Council (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, A), Fine 
Arts Festival Committee (3). 

SADLER, GEORGE; Football (1, 2, 3, 4), Monogram Club 
(3, 4), Splash Club (3, A), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Class Officer (4). 

SANDERS, ROBERT; Alpha Phi Omega; M.R.C. (3, 4), 
Scott College Senator. 

SAMDLIM, CAROLE; Delta Delta Delta; Cheedleader 
(4), Orientation Counselor (4), University Party (3, A), 
Y.W.C.A. (4), Carolina Sweetheart (4). 

SATTERFIELD, JR., WILLIAM; University Party (1, 2, 
3, 4). 



SAUNDERS, III, JACK; Monogram Club (3, 4), Univer- 
sity Party (3), Wrestling (2, 3, 4). 

SAVAGE, PHILLIP; Canterbury Club (I), M.R.C. (2, 3), 
Student Party (1), Yackety Yack (1), Y.D.C. (1), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

SAYRE, RICHARD; Carolina Symposium (4), Class Cab- 
inet (1, 2), Dormitory Officer (1, 2), Monogram Club 
(3, 4), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Student Government Committee (I, 2, 3, Chairman 4), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Dirty Old Men, Freshman Camp 
Director (4). 

SCHAFFER, PAUL; Doily Tar Heel (3, 4), Orientation 
Counselor (4), Student Party (4), Attorney General Staff 

SCHEER, FREDERICK; A.F.R.O.T.C. (3, 4), Arnold Air 
Society (3, 4), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). 

SCHELL, PAMELA; Student Nurses Association (1, 2, 
3, 4). 

SCHILTZ, DAVID; Sigma Chi; Future Teachers of Amer- 
ica (3,4), N.R.O.T.C, University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

SCHMIDT, WILLIAM; Delta Kappa Epsilon, President 
(4); G.M.A.B. (2, 3), I.F.C., Student Government Com- 
mittee (2, Chairman 3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
German's Club (3, President 4). 

SCHUSSEL, ROBERT; Freshman Camp (1, 2, 3, 4), Orien- 
tation Committee (3), Orientation Counselor (3, 4), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Orientation Reform Committee 
(Chairman 4). 

SCOTT, HENRY; Beta Theta Pi; Monogram Club (I), 
N.S.A. (4), Soccer (1), Student Government Committee 
(3), Student Legislature (3, 4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 
4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 



SCOVIL, ELIZABETH; Kappa Delta; Dormitory Officer 
(President 3), Orientation Counselor (2), Student Gov- 
ernment Committee (2), University Party (3, 4), Valky- 
ries (3, President 4), Women's Residence Council (2, 3, 
Chairmon 4), Y.W.C.A. (1 ), Order of Old Lampshades (2, 
3, 4), S.N. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

SEATON, III, GROVER; Cardboard (4), Orientation 
Counselor (3), Student Government Committee (1, 2), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4), Campus 
Chest (1), Chess Club (3, 4), Judo Club (3), Karate 
Club (4) College Council for U.N. (4). 

SEATON, PAUL; Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Dormitory 
Officer (3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 
2, 3, 4). 

SECHRIST, DOUGLAS; Sigma Nu; Tennis (1). 

SELLERS, CLARENCE; Order of the Old Well. 

SESSOMS, JR., WILLIAM; Baseball (I), Dormitory Of- 
ficer (3), M.R.C. (3, 4), N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Univer- 
sity Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. (4), Y.M.C.A. (4), Intramurals 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

SHAW, GERALD; Phi Eta Sigma; Men's Glee Club (1), 
University Party (3), Morehead Scholar, O-tdoor Club 
(3), Westminster (4). 

SHAW, JOHN; Baseball (2, 3, 4). 

SHEARON, CAMERON; Student Party (2, 3, 4). 

SHEEHAN, WILLIAM; Beta Gamma Sigma. 

SHEELEY, ROYAL; A.I. P. (1, 2, 3, President 4). 

SHEFFIELD, JR., LUCIUS; University Party (2, 3, 4). 

SHELBURNE, JOHN; Phi Beta Kappa; Canterbury Club 
(I, 2), Cosmopolitan Club (1,2, 4), Order of Golden 
Fleece (3, 4), Order of the Grail (3, 4), Order of the Old 
Well (3, 4), Orientation Committee (4), Orientation 
Counselor (4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4), Toronto and Gottingen 

SHEPHERD, LOIS; Alpha Delto Pi; Majorette (1,2, Chief 
3, 4), Orientation Counselor (3), Student Party, Carolina 
Sweetheart (3). 

SHEPSLE, KENNETH; Pi Sigma Alpha; N.S.A. (2), Stu- 
dent Government Committee (2, 4), Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4), A.D.A. (4). 

SHERRILL, JR., LEE; Sigma Chi; Basketball (1), Class 
Cabinet (I), Football (1), I.F.C. (2, 4), Studen! Govern- 
ment Committee (1, 4), University Party (I, 2, 3, 4), 
Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Order of Nadular Birds (1, 2, 3, 4). 

SHIPMAN, ROBERT; Kappa Alpha. 

SHIPMAN, SALLY; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cheerleader 
(1), University Party (3), Order of Old Lampshades (2, 
3, 4), Campus Chest (2, 3). 

SHUFF, JR., LAN DON, Delta Upsilon; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 
2, 3, 4), Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4), Class Cabinet (I, 

2, 3), Graham Memorial Board of Directors, Janus 
Society (2, 3, 4), Student Government Committee (1,2, 

3, Director 4), Student Legislature (1, 2), Student Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

SIMMONS, WILLIAM; Dormitory Officer (3), Orienta- 
tion Counselor (4), University Party (1), Y.D.C. (2), 
Cosmopolitan Club (4). 

SIMONS, JR., ROBERT; Kappa Alpha; Baseball (1, 3), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), 

SIMONS, JR., WILLIAM; Intramurals (1, 2, 3), Student 
Government Committee (2, 3), Student Party (2, 3, 4), 
Y.D.C. (3, 4), Fencing (1, 2, 3, 4). 

SIMPSON, DAVID; A.F.R.O.T.C. (2, 3, 4). 

SIMPSON, DENNIS; kappa Sigma; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1). 

SIMS, FARYL; Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 4), C.U.S.C. 

(Chairman 4), G.M.A.B. (2), Order of the Old Well (3, 
4), Orientation Counselor (3), Student Government Com- 
mittee (3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (2, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (1, 4). 

SIMS, JEAN; Chi Omega; Future Teachers of America 
(3, 4), Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), Panhellenic Council 
(3, 4), Student N.E.A. (2, 3, 4), University Party (2, 3, 
4), Women's Honor Council (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. 


SINGLETON, SUSAN; Chi Omega; Orientation Counselor 



SIZEMORE, LYNNE; Kappa Delta; Daily Tar Heel (4), 
Women's Honor Council (3), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

SMITH, ALEXA; Kappa Delta, Phi Alpha Theta; Daily 
Tar Heel (3), Panhellenic (4), University Party (3, 4), 
Women's Honor Council (3), Women's Residence Coun- 

SMITH, CAROLYN; Carolina Women's Council (4), Dor- 
mitory Officer (4), Order of Old Lampshades (2, 3, 4). 

SMITH, DAN; Y.M.C.A. (1). 

SMITH, GILBERT; Dormitory Officer (3), N.R.O.T.C. 

SMITH, GUY; Pi Kappa Alpha; Golf (1), Orientation 
Counselor (2, 3), Swimming (1, 3), University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

SMITH, GUY; Sigma Nu. 

SMITH, JAMES; Class Cabinet (3), M.R.C. (3), Orienta- 
tion Counselor (3), Orientation Committee (4), Student 
Legislature (3, 4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. 
(1,2,3, 4). 

SMITH, JOHN; Basketball (3, 4). 

SMITH, MERLE; Student N.E.A. (4). 

SMITH, JR., MURRELL; A.F.R.O.T.C, Drill Team, Mono- 
gram Club (2, 3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Lacrosse, 

SMITH, ROBERT; A.F.R.O.T.C, Arnold Air Society, 
Daily Tar Heel (3), Orientation Counselor (4), Scabbard 
and Blade (3). 

SMITH, WILLIAM; Daily Tar Heel (2), Dormitory Officer 
(1), M R.C. (1), WUNC (2, 3), Yackety Yack (1), Press 
Club (2, 3, 4). 

SMITH, JR., YOUNG; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 

SMITHWICK, JAMES; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Basketball 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Student Party (2, 
3, 4), Track (1). 

SNYDER, JOSEPH; WUNC (1, 2), WUNC-TV (2, 3). 

Club, M.R.C (3), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.D.C. (1, 
2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1). 

SOUTHERLAND, ROSA; Delta Delta Delta; Daily Tar 
Heel (3, 4), Orientation Committee (3), Orientation 
Counselor (4), Student Legislature (3, 4), University 
Party (3, 4), Yackety Yack (3, 4). 

SPARROW, ROY; Carolina Political Union. 

SPELL, JAMES; Men's Glee Club (2, 3, 4). 

SPELL, III, OSCAR; Phi Kappa Sigma; M.R.C. (2, 3, 4), 
Student Government Committee, University Party (I, 2, 

SPIVEY, CHARLES; Band (1, 2), Symphony (1, 2). 

STALLINGS, MARY; Koppa Kappa Gamma; Orientation 
Counselor (4), University Party (3, 4), Y.D.C (3, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (4). 

STAPLETON, CHARLES; Alpha Tau Omega; University 
Party (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). 

STARCZEWSKI, ROBERT; Football (I, 2, 3, 4). 

STARK LUCIEN; Delta Sigma Pi; University Party (1, 
2, 3), Yackety Yack (1), Y.M.C.A. (1), Wesley Founda- 
tion (1,2, 3). 

STANLEY, CHARLES; Zeta Psi; Grogon's Head (3, 4), 
Monogram Club (3, 4), Order of Beonbirds (3, 4), Mino- 
taurs, Gamma Beta Epsilon (3, 4), Lacrosse (I, 2, 3, 4, 
Captain 3, 4). 

STEELE, JOHN; Phi Delta Theta. 

STEELE, JR., KENNETH; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band 

(1, 2). 

STEPHENS, DON; U. S. Marine Corps Platoon Leaders 
Class (1, 2, 3, 4), Graham Scholarship (1, 2, 3, 4), Uni- 
versity Party (2, 3), Y.M.C.A. (2, 3), Semper Fidelis 
(2, 3, 4). 

STEVENSON, LINDA; Delta Delta Delta; Orientation 
Counselor (4), Panhellenic Council (3, 4). 

STEWART, CARL; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Carolina Sym- 
posium (2, 4), Class Cabinet (1,2), Men's Honor Council 
(3, 4), Student Government, Comm. (4), University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

STOKES, JEFFERSON; Kappa Sigma; Monogram Club 
(2, 3, 4), Track (1, 2, 3, 4). 

STOKES, RICHARD; Dormitory Officer (1, 2), Student 
Party (4). 

STONE, LINDA JOY; SNA (1, 2, 3, 4). 

STONE, RICHARD; Chi Phi, President (4); I.F.C. (3, 4), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 

STORY, MARY; Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation Counselor 
(4), University Party (3, 4). 

STOVER, CHARLES; Sigma Delta Chi; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 
2), Y. DC. -Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3), Press Club (2, 3, 4). 

STRAYHORN, JIMMY; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student 
Party, Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). 

STRETMATER, ROBERT; Dormitory Officer (2, 3), Intra- 
mural Manager (2, 3), Resident Advisor (4). 

STRINGER, JR., EDWARD; Kappa Sigma; Football (1,2, 
3, 4), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). 

STROM, GERRY; Chi Phi; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 


STRONG, SUSAN; Medical Technology Club. 

STROTHER, MARY; Delto Delta Delta; Daily Tar Heel 

(2, 3, 4), G.M.A.B. Publicity Committee (3, 4), Orienta- 
tion Counselor (3), Splash Club (1), Student Party (1), 
University Party (2, 3, 4), Y.D.C (3), Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4), 
Press Club (2, 3, 4), Student Government Committee, 
Class Committee, House Council. 


SUGGS, HELEN; Basketball, Carolina Woman's Council 
(3, 4), Dormitory Officer (4), W.A.A. (3). 

SUTTON, CHARLES; Alpha Kappa Psi; Y.D.C. (3, 4). 


SWAIN, BLAIR; University Party (2, 3). 

SWANSON, DAVID; Phi Gamma Delto, Phi Beta Kappa, 
Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma; Orientation Coun- 
selor (2), Y.D.C. (2, 3). 

SWOFFORD, RONALD; Orientation Counselor (2), Stu- 
dent Party, Outing Club (2, 3, 4), U.N.C Carobiners 

(3, 4). 

SZCZERBIAK, ISABELLE; Angel Flight (3, 4), Medical 
Technology Club (3, 4). 

SZITTYA, PENN; Carolina Handbook (2), Class Cabinet 
(2), Order of the Grail (4), Orientation Counselor (3), 
Soccer (1), Student Government Committee (2, 3), 
Toronto Exchange (3). 


TALMADGE, JR., SAM; Dormitory Officer (4), M.R.C. 
(3, 4), Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Soccer (1), University 
Party (1,2), Campus Chest Committee (1,2). 

TANNER, EMILY; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory 
Officer (3), Panhellenic Council (3, 4), University Party 
(3, 4), Y.W.C.A. 



TART, JOHNNY; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dormitory Officer 
(1), Orientation Counselor (3), Student Party (1), Uni- 
versity Party (2, 3, 4), Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.CA. 
(1, 2). 

TARTAGLIA, III, DANIEL; Band (1), Carolina Quarterly 

(4), G.M.A.B. (3, 4), Swimming (1), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3), 
U.N.C Wind Ensemble (1). 

TARVER, MARGARET; Alpha Delta Pi; Student N.E. A. 
(4), University Party (3, 4), Y.D.C. (3, 4). 

TATE, JACK; Phi Eta Sigma; Daily Tar Heel (2, 3), Dor- 
mitory Officer (2), Student Government Committee (2), 
Student Legislature (3), Student Party (3, 4), Sophomore 

TAUL, VIRGINIA; Student N.E. A. 

TAYLOR, ALICE; Delta Delta Delto; Panhellenic Council 
(3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Editor Panhellenic Rush 
Manual (4). 

TAYLOR, ELIZABETH; Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Coun- 
selor (4), University Party (3, 4). 

TAYLOR, JOHN; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Cardboard (4), Uni- 
versity Party (1,2, 4). 

TAYLOR, MARSHA; Kappa Delta; Y.W.C.A. 

TAYLOR, PATRICK; Sigma Nu; Orientation Counselor 
(4), Student Government Committee (3, 4), Yackety 
Yack (2, 3, 4), 

TAYLOR, RICHARD; Zeta Beta Tau; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 
3, 4), Carolina Forum (4), Carolina Symposium (2, 4), 
Student Government (4), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Attorney General's Staff (2, 3, 4). 

TAYLOR, III, WILLIAM; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta 
Sigma; Baseball (1), Class Cabinet (2), University Party 
(2, 4), Yackety Yack (2), Y.M.CA. (1, 2, 4), U.N.C. 
Year at Lyon (2). 

TEELE, GERALD; Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma; 

Class Cabinet (1, 2), Student Government Committee 
(I, 2), University Party. 

TEMPLETON, JR., RALPH; Young Republican's Club 
(3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 


THOMAS, HERBERT; Alpha Kappa Psi. 

THOMAS, JOHN; Intramurals, Floor Advisor (4), Cross 
Country (1). 

THOMAS, III, WILLIAM; Kappa Sigma, President (3); 
I.F.C. (2, 3, 4), Order of the Grail (3, 4), Order of the 
Old Well (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (2),Orientation 
Committee (3), Publications Board (2, 3), Student Gov- 
ernment, Comm. (3), Tennis (1), University Party (1, 2, 
3, 4), W.A.A. (1, 2), Yackety Yack (1, 2, 3), Editor-in- 
Chief (3), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Moreheod Scholar, Honors 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

THOMPSON, CLYDE; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Arnold 
Air Society (2, 3, 4), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), M.R.C 

THOMPSON, DAVID; Sigma Phi Epsilon; N.R.O.T.C. 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

THOMPSON, SHARON; S N A. (I, 3, 4). 

THORBURN, BILLIE; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

TINKHAM, SPENCER; Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa 
(3). Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha; Dormitory Officer 
12, 3), Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Government, 
Comm. (4), Student Party (1, 2), Track (1), Honors 
Program (1, 2), Morehead Scholar, Dean's List, Gamma 
Beta Phi. 

TITCHENER, JR., JOHN; Phi Gamma Delta; Class 
Cabinet, N.R.O.T C , Student Legislature, University 
Party, Y.M.C.A. 

TITTLE, WILLIAM; Chi Psi; Soccer (1, 2, 3), University 
Party (2). 

TOLBERT, LANGLEY; Chi Omega; Orientation Com- 
mittee (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), University Chorus 

TONE, PASCAL; Alpha Tau Omega; Carolina Play- 
makers (1, 2, 3, 4), Dormitory Officer (1), Monogram 
Club (2, 3, 4), Student Party (2, 3, 4), Track (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Y M C A ( 1 , 2, 3, 4), Little Theatre Workshop ( 1 , 2, 3, 
4), Freshman Executive Committee (1). 

TONRY, MICHAEL; Lambda Chi Alpha; Y.D.C. (4), 
Class Cabinet (2), I.F.C. (2), Student Government, Com- 
mittee (1, 2), University Party (3, 4). 

TOWNSEND, SAMANTHA; Alpha Delto Pi; Band (3, 4), 
Cardboard (3), Carolina Playmakers (3, 4), Class Cab- 
inet (4), Student Party (3, 4), WUNC (4), WUNC-TV 
(4), Yackety Yack (4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 
Carolina Sweetheart (3), Majorette (3, 4). 

TRAWICK, GARY; Dormitory Officer (3). 

TURNER, JOHN; Y.R.C. (3). 

TURNER, ROY; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi 
Eta Sigma; Dormitory Officer (3, 4). 

TWAMLEY, JOSEPH; Dormitory Officer (4), Football (I, 
2 3, 4), Dormitory Senate (4), Class Cabinet (4), Mono- 
gram Club (4), University Party (4), Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 

TWIDDY, JR., CURTIS; Phi Eta Sigmo; Semper Fidelis, 
N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

TWITTY, PANTHEA; Dialectic-Philanthropic Society (3, 
4) Dormitory Officer (4), Student N.E. A. (4), Student 
Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Freshman Counselor (4). 

TYER, STEVEN; University Party (4), Y.R.C. (4). 

TYNDALL, ALVIN; Class Cabinet (4), Dormitory Officer 
(1), Men's Glee Club (Business Manager, Treasurer, 
Librarian 4), Student Government, Comm., Chairman 
Elections Board (4), Student Party (Treasurer, Advisory 
Board 4), Orientation Counselor (1 ), Y.D.C. (4), Y.M.C.A,, 
Secretary, Cabinet (4). 

UPSHAW, III, ARTHUR; Cardboard (4), Orientation 
Counselor (3). 

VAN NESS, JAMES; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gorgon's 
Head (3, 4). 

VAUGHAN, JR., ROSS; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2), Orientation 
Counselor (3), Dean's List (2). 

VESTER, MARY; Daily Tar Heel (4), Yockety Yack (4), 

Press Club (3, 4). 

VICK, BETSY; Freshman Counselor. 

VICK, JR., EDWARD; Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Sigma Delto 
Chi; I.F.C. (2, 3, 4), Press Club (4), University Party 
(1, 2, 3), Student Party (4), Y.R.C. (2, 3, 4), Y.M C.A. 
(1, 2, 3), Student Affairs Comm. (1, 2), Campus Chest 

VIVERETTE JO ANNE; Canterbury Club (2, 3, 4), Dor- 
mitory Officer (4), House Council (3), S.N.A. (1, 4). 

VOLKWEIN, MARY; Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Counselor 
(4), N.E. A. (4), University Party (3, 4), W.A.A. (3, 4), 


WAGENSEIL, LAWRENCE; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Rifle 
Team (1, 2, 3, 4), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). 

WAGNER, JERRY; Delta Upsilon; Dialectic-Philan- 
thropic Society (4), Orientation Counselor (4), Student 
Government Committee (3, 4), Student Legislature (3, 
4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Debate Team (3, 4). 

WAINIO, JOHN; Pi Kappo Phi; I.F.C. (2, 3), University 
Party (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (I, 2), Lacrosse (2). 

WAINWRIGHT, JR., GEORGE; Phi Delto Theta, Presi- 
dent (4); Class Cabinet (3), Dance Committee (2), 
Gimghoul (2, 3, 4), I.F.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Order of Beanbirds 
(3 4), Student Government Committee (3), Student 
Legislature (3), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A, 
(I, 2, 3, 4). 

WAITE, ELIZABETH; Kappa Koppa Gamma; Orienta- 
tion Counselor (3, 4), Student Government Committee 
(3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Women's Residence Coun- 
cil' (3), Fine Arts (3), Order of Old Lampshades (2, 3, 4), 
Carolina Sweetheart (4). 

WALDRON, CATHY; Women's Residence Council 

WALDROP, JR., JOSEPH; Lambda Chi Alpha; I.F.C. (4), 
University Party (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1,2, 3). 

WALKER, MARY; W.A.A. (2), Y.W.C A (3). 

WALKER, ROBERT; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Monogram 
Club (3, 4). 

WALL, SYLVIA; Alpha Delto Pi; Cosmopolitan Club 
(4) Orientation Counselor (4), Student Government 
Committee (3), Women's Honor Council (3), Y.W.C A 
(3, 4), Toronto Exchange (3, 4). 

WALLACE, JR., CARL; Kappa Alpha; AF.R.O.T.C. (1, 
2), University Party (3, 4). 

WALLACE, JOHN; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

WALTER, DONALD; Monogram Club (2, 3), Wrestling 
(1, 2, 3). 

WALTERS, CAMILLA; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Symposium 
(4), Class Cabinet (2, 3, 4), Dormitory Officer (2), 
GM.A.B. (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (3), Student 
Government Committee (2, 3, 4), University Party (1, 
2, 3, 4), Medical Technologist Association (2, 3), 
Women's Honor Council (2), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (2), 
Attorney General's Staff (2). 

WARD, DAVID; WUNC (1,2), Beto Gamma Sigma (3,4). 

WARD, LAURA JANE; Delta Delto Delta; Orientation 
Counselor (4), University Party (3, 4), Women's Resi- 
dence Council (4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Medical Technologist 
Club (4). 

WARDLAW, CRAIG; Chi Phi; Student Government Com- 
mittee Student Legislature (3, 4), Track (4), University 
Party (3, 4). 

WARFEL, JOSEPH; Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Alpho Phi 
Omega; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Arnold Air Society 
(2 3 4), Carolina Symposium (2, 4), Class Cabinet 
(4) Orientation Counselor (3), Student Government 
Committee (2, 3), Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4), 
Attorney General's Staff (4). 

WARING, THOMAS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; G.M.A.B. 
(2) N R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), Orientation Counselor (2), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3), Fine 
Arts Festival Committee (3). 

WATERFIELD, RUTH; Women's Honor Council (2), Stu- 
dent Nurses Association (1, 2). 

WATSON, ROBERT; Phi Sigmo Kappa, Treasurer; 
Track (1). 

WATT, JOYCE; Delto Delto Delta; Dance Committee 

(4), Orientation Committee (3), University Party (3, 4), 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

WEAVER, CAROLYN; Carolina Women's Council (3), 
Dormitory Officer (4), Women's Residence Council (4). 

WEBB, DIANA; Pi Beta Phi; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), 
G M A B (4), University Party, Women's Residence 
Council (3, 4). 

WEBB, WILLIAM; Dormitory Officer (3, 4), Orientation 
Counselor (3), Student Government Committee (2, 3, 
4, Chairman 4), Student Legislature (2, 3), University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3), Campus Chest 
Committee (2, 3), State Student Legislature (3, 4). 

WEEKS, MARTHA; Chi Omega; G.M.A.B (3, 4), Order 

of the Old Beanbirds (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4), 
University Party (3, 4), Fine Arts Festival (3). 

WEINSTEIN, ALAN; Pi Lambda Phi; Hillel Foundation 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Student Party (3, 4), Swimming (I), Y.M C.A 
(1, 2). 

WELLONS, DOUGLAS; Chi Psi; Men's Residence Council, 
Interfraternity Council, N.R.O.T.C, Orientation Coun- 
selor, Student Party, University Party. 

WHICHARD, OBIE; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Track (1, 
2, 4), Y.D.C. (3, 4), Cross Country (1, 2, 3). 

WHISNANT, CLEATUS; Sigma Phi Epsilon; A F.R.O.T.C. 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Daily Tor Heel (3), Orientation Counselor 
(3), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

WIGGINS, SALLY; Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Symposium (4), 
Student N E.A. (4), University Party (3, 4), W.A.A. (3, 
4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Carolina Sweetheart. 

WINBORNE, JEAN; Chi Omega; Carolina Symposium 
(4), University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Women's 
Attorney General's Staff (4). 

WHITAKER, ANNA; Dormitory Officer (4). 

WHITE, CHARLES; Basketball (1). 

WHITE, DAVID; Alpha Chi Sigmo; Outing Club (2, 3), 
Scuba Diving Club (2, 3, 4). 

WHITE, II, GILBERT; Alpho Tau Omega; University 
Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Freshman Camp Counselor (3, 4). 

WHITLEY, MARY; Alpha Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council 
(4), Student Government Committee (3, 4), Student 
N.E. A. (3, 4), University Party (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 

WHITLEY, RODNEY; Y.M.C.A., Westminster Fellowship 

(3, 4). 

WHITMIRE, JAMES; Football (1, 3, 4). 

WHITTON, AGNES; University Party (4), Yackety Yock 

(3), Y.W.C.A. (4). 

WHYTE, BARBARA; Order of the Old Lampshades (2, 
3, 4), Modern Dance Club (3, 4). 

WICKER, ROBERT; Alpho Tau Omego; Student Govern- 
ment Committee (2), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Y.D.C. (4), Y.M.C.A., Attorney General's Staff (2). 

WILBORN, DAVID; Phi Alpho Theto (3, 4); C.C.U.N. 
(3). International Students Board (4), Attorney Gen- 
eral's Staff (4), Student Government Committee (3), 
Dialectic-Philanthropic Society (3, 4). 

WILDER, DAVID; Student Party (1, 2, 3), Y.D.C. (I, 2, 
3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4), Baptist Student Union (1, 2). 

WILKES, JR., FRANKLIN; St. Anthony's Holl; Canter- 
bury Club Cardboard, Cosmopolitan Club, N.R.O.T.C, 

WILKIE, JR., FREDERIC; WUNC (2), Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4). 

WILKINS, CHARLES; Phi Gamma Delto, Gamma Beta 
Epsilon; Class Cabinet, Doily Tor Heel, Dance Commit- 
tee I F.C, Order of Beanbirds (3, 4), Orientation Com- 
mittee (1), Orientation Counselor (1), University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Yackety Yack (2, 3), Y.M.C.A. 

WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS; Football (1). 

WILLIAMS, JR., JAMES; Phi Delta Theta; Order of the 
Beanbirds (3, 4), Gorgon's Head (3, 4). 



WILLIAMS, PETE; Dormitory President (3), IDC. (2, 3), 
Monogram Club (3, A), Resident Advisor (4), Society of 
Janus (2, 3, 4, Chairman 4), Intramural Manager (2), 
Varsity Lacrosse (2, 3, 4). 

WILLIAMS, SCARLETTE; English Club (3). 

WILLINGHAM, EDWARD; Kappa Alpha; Dance Com- 
mittee (1), I.F.C. (I, 2), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), 
University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

WILLINGHAM, JOHN; Kappa Alpha; University Party 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Intramurals. 

WILLIS, CALVIN; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; A. F.R.O.T.C. 
(1, 2,3,4). 

WILLIS, HENRY; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Campus Chest. 

WILSON, JOHN; Beto Theta Pi; Class Cabinet (1), 
Orientation Committee (3), Student Government Com- 
mittee, Student Legislature (2), University Party (I, 2, 
3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Delta Beta. 

WILSON, LOUISA; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cosmopoli- 
tan Club; N.SA, Orientation Counselor, Student Gov- 
ernment Committee, Student Legislature, University 
Party, W.A.A., Fine Arts Festival. 

WINSLOW, DON; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. 

WISE, JULIA; Dormitory Officer (2, 4), Orientation Com- 
mittee (4), Orientation Counselor (2, 3), Student Gov- 
ernment Committee, Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 

WITHROW, JR., WILLIAM; IDC (1, 2, 3), N. R.O.T.C. 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Class Cabinet (1), Orientation Committee 
(4), Orientation Counselor (4), Student Government 
Committee (1, 2), Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 

WOLLIN, JR., ERNST; G.M. Film Committee (2, 3), 
IDC. (1, 2), Orientation Counselor (4), Student Party 
(4), Y.D.C. (4), Y.M.C.A. (4), Parapsychology Club (1). 

WOOD, JR., WILLIAM; Beta Theta Pi; Football (1), 
N. R.O.T.C , Student Government Committee, University 
Party (I, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). 

WOODARD, WEX; Alpha Kappa Psi; A F.R.O.T.C, Band 
(2), University Party (1), Y.M.C.A. (1). 

WOODARD, WILLIAM; N.SA. (2), Orientation Commit- 
tee (3), Orientation Counselor (3, 4), Student Govern- 
ment Committee (2, 3, 4). Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (2, 
3, 4). 

WOODWORTH, JOAN; Alpha Delta Pi; Carolina Hand- 
book (3), Carolina Symposium (4), Orientation Com- 
mittee (3), Orientation Counselor (4), Y.W.C.A. (4). 

WOOTEN, HUBERT; Phi Alpha Theta; Orientation 
Counselor, Student Government Committee, Y.D.C., 
Toronto Exchange. 

WORRELL, JUDY; Student N.E.A. (3, 4). 

WRIGHT, THOMAS; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury (2, 3), 
Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), N. R.O.T.C, Scabbard and 
Blade (3, 4), University Party (I, 2, 3, 4), Campus Chest 

WRIGHT, WILLIAM; Delta Sigma Pi; Student Party. 

WYATT, LINDA; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dormitory 
Officer (3), Orientation Counselor, Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 
Campus Chest (3). 

WYATT, LINDA; Orientation Committee (4). 


YOKLEY, JR., JOHN; Alpha Tau Omega; Basketball (I, 
2, 3, 4); Gorgon's Head Lodge (3, 4), Monogram Club 
(2, 3, A), University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Senior Basketball 
Committee (4), Fellowship of Christian Athle*es. 

YOUNG, JR., WILLIAM; A. F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3), Football 
(I, 2), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Track (2, 3, 4). 

YOUNGBLOOD, LAURENCE; Basketball (I, 2, 3, 4). 

ZACHARY, STEPHEN; Sigma Delta Chi; A. F.R.O.T.C. 
(1), Daily Tar Heel (2, 3), Dormitory Officer (3), Stu- 
dent Government Committee (4). 


SK&F Foreign Fellows Have Gone to 


At hospitals and medical outposts abroad, medical students 
contribute to international understanding and goodwill by helping 
to provide much-needed medical services to people in developing 
areas of the world. 

This unusual opportunity to work and study in foreign countries 
is offered to students through the Foreign Fellowships Program of 
Smith Kline & French Laboratories. Administered by the 
Association of American Medical Colleges, the program has 
enabled ISO students to work and study in more than 40 countries 
during the past six years. Junior and senior medical students are 
eligible for Fellowships, which provide on the average 12 weeks' 
work abroad, to be completed before internship. Interested students 
should apply through the deans of their schools. 

Smith Kline & French has published an illustrated 24-page booklet 
telling the story of SK&F's Foreign Fellowships Program. For your 
free copy of "Fellowships in Medicine," write to: SK&F Services 
Department, Smith Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania 19101. 

Smith Kline & French Laboratories 



Abbott, Arthur, 93 

Abbott, Omega, 150 

Abell, James, 155 

Abercrombie, Ronald, 109 

Abernathy, George, 122 

Abernethy, John, 150 

Abraham, Napoleon, 109 

Abrams, Carmen, 93 

Abrams, Peter, 51, 109 

Acee, Jr., J., 51, 270 

Adair, Laura, 93, 290 

Adams, Charles, 159 

Adams, Hennle, 93, 282 

Adams, James, 122 

Adams, Jennifer, 122 

Adams, Junius, 51 

Adams, Larry, 93 

Adams, Nancy, 159, 357 

Adams, Priscilla, 51 

Adams, Robert, 122 

Adams, Thomas, 93, 332 

Adams, Jr., Thurston, 51 , 322 

Adams, William Harry, 122 

Adams, William Healey, 122 

Adcock, Jerry, 122 

Adkins, Edward, 122 

Adkins, Evelyn, 51 

Adkins, Karl, 109 

Ahl, David, 122 

Aiken, Joel, 122, 249 

Aimone, William, 51 

Ainsley, Jr., William, 51 

Ainslie, Peter, 109 

Albert, William, 122 

Albright, Cecil, 93 

Albright, George, 122 

Albright, William, 109 

Albritton, Jr.. Paul, 51 

Alderman, Jr., Ray, 122 

Aldrich. Wallace, 109 

Aldridge, Henry, 267 

Aldridge, John E., 51 

Aldridge, John G., 150 

Aldridge, William, 122 

Alexander, Terry, 141 

Alexander, Jr., Joe, 122 

Alexander, Mary, 122 

Alexander, Richard, 109 

Alexander, Roy, 51, 271 

Alexander, Stella, 93, 290 

Alford, Guy, 122 

Alford, James, 155 

Alger, Martin, 93 

Ali, Muhammad, 163 

Allen, Allison, 51, 326 

Allen, Cyril, 93 

Allen, Dan, 122 

Allen, Donna, 122 

Allen, Dorothy, 159 

Allen, Dwight, 109, 187 

Allen, Frank, 51 

Allen, Herbert, 122 

Allen, llene, 93 

Allen, Jane, 51 

Allen, Jean, 93 

Allen, Jennie, 122 

Allen, Jr., Joseph, 109 

Allen, Lee, 105 

Allen, Mitchell, 51 

Allen, P., 93 

Allen, Robert, 93 

Allen, Steve, 122 

Allen, William H 51 

Allen, Jr., William M., 146, 148 

Alley, Larry, 122 

Allison, Craig, 278 

Allison, Larry, 122 

Allison, Michael, 122 

Allport, Catherine, 163 

Allran, Michael, 109 

Allran, William, 122 

Allred. Charles, 109 

Allred, David, 122 

Allred, Jr., James, 122 

Allred, Nancy, 109, 288 

Allred, Robert, 122 

Almond, Charles, 51 

Almond, Gary, 51, 352 

Almond, Taska, 145 

Almond, Tony, 109 

Alper, Mark, 51, 325 

Alperin, Robert, 122 

Alphin, Sandra, 93 

Altenburg, Floyd, 93 

Altman, Gregory, 51 , 346 

Amato, N.. 160 

Ambrose, Richard, 51, 311 

Amend, Jr., John 51 

Amerson, William. 122 

Amlong, William, 109 

Ammons, Larry, 150 

Amnott, Mary, 93 

Anders, Archie, 109 

Anders, Louis, 93 

Anders, Rege, 93, 354 

Anderson, Anne, 93, 179 

Anderson, Brian, 109 

Anderson, Carol, 51, 293 

Anderson, David, 51 

Anderson, Eugene, 159. 161, 348 

Anderson, Jr., Henry, 151 

Anderson, Jr., James, 109 

Anderson, Jon, 51, 270 

Anderson, Lane, 93 

Anderson, Jr., Malcolm, 109 

Anderson, Roy, 51 

Anderson, Sylvia, 51 

Anderson, Vernon, 109 

Anderson, William, 109 
Anderton, Jr., Charles, 122 
Andrews, Jr., Graham, 93 
Andrews, Judith, 122 
Andrews, Jr., Phillip, 122 
Andrews, William, 51 
Ange, David, 154 
Angel I, Charles Marshall, 109 
Angell, Monrovie, 109, 332 
Antrim, Patrick, 122 
Aplin, James, 93, 185, 312 
Appel, Shirley, 109 
Appell, Gordon, 270 
Apperson, Theda, 93 
Applefield, James, 122 
Archer, Joan, 152, 286 
Archer, Willis, 155 
Arendall, Nan, 93, 290 
Argo, Stephen, 122 
Arhart, Richard, 51 
Arhart, Roger, 122 
Arledge, Sophie, 51 
Armantrout, Linda. 122 
Armour, Barry, 109 
Armstrong, Jr., Claudie, 93 
Armstrong, Earl, 122 
Armstrong, Lanny, 122 
Armstrong, Jr., Robert, 109 
Armstrong, William, 93 
Arndt, Hans, 154 
Arney, John, 122 
Arnold, Andrew, 122 
Arnold, Cheryl, 122 
Arnold. Chester, 93 
Arnold, Donald, 122 
Arnold, Larry, 122 
Arnold, Stanley, 148 
Arps, Joseph, 122 
Arterton, Jonathan, 93 
Arthur, Betsy, 93 
Arthur, Tom, 52, 332 
Asbill, Richard, 150 
Ashburn, Michael, 148 
Ashcraft, Cornelia, 52 
Ashford, Octavia, 52, 280 
Ashley, Ronald, 122 
Askew, John, 93, 197 
Atchley, Jr., George, 109 
Atchley, Judy, 52 
Atkins, Barbara, 52, 188 
Atkins, Jr., Frederick, 93, 304 
Atkins, Kenneth, 122 
Atkins, William, 93 
Atkinson, Carl. 52 
Atterbury, William, 122 
Attman, Gardner, 109 
Augustin, Calvin, 122 
Augustine, Andrew, 52 
Auman, Johnny, 109 
Austell, Jeslyn, 93 
Austell, Mary, 152 
Austin, John, 109 
Austin, Lawrence, 122 
Austin, Jr., Perry, 122 
Auten, Joseph, 122 
Auten, William, 122 
Autrey, Randolph, 93 
Autry, Robert, 122 
Avant, George, 154 
Avant, Hugh, 144 
Averett, Dan, 142 
Averett, Herbert, 93 
Avery, Jan, 159 
Aycock, Charles, 142 
Aycock, Charles R., 150 
Aycock, Edwin, 150 
Aydelette, Robert, 109 
Ayers, David, 122 
Avers, Jr., John, 150 
Ayscue, Jr., Carl, 122 


Babb, Henry, 52 

Babcock, Anna, 109 

Babcock, Richard, 122 

Baber, Larry, 156, 157 

Bachmann, Raphael, 93, 346 

Baddour, Jr., Philip, 262 

Baddour, Richard, 52, 198, 332, 344 

Badger, David, 122 

Baer, Melvin, 109 

Baer, III, Richard. 52 

Baggett, Ann, 52, 93, 285 

Baggett, Anthony, 109 

Baggett, Fred, 122 

Baggett, Jr., James, 109 

Baggett, Wayne, 122 

Baggett, Erna, 122 

Bagwell, Jr., Larry, 52, 312 

Bahnson, Bert, 109 

Bahnson, III, Fred, 52 

Bailey, Alice, 159, 357 

Bailey, Beverly, 52, 203, 242, 

280, 425 
Bailey, Bobbie, 52, 192, 278 
Bailey, Elizabeth, 163 
Bailey, John, 157, 356 
Bailey, III, Joseph, 109 
Bailey, Mary, 109 
Bailey, Virginia, 122 
Baker, Jr., Clarence, 122 
Baker, Cyrus, 93 
Baker, Darrell, 93 
Baker, Duane, 52 
Baker, Frank, 93 
Baker, Jack, 93 
Baker, Jacque, 52 
Baker, James, 93 

Baker, John, 122 

Baker, Thomas, 93 

Balch, Timothy, 93 

Balding, Phyllis, 122 

Baldwin, III, Bernard, 52 

Baldwin, Jr., Jesse, 93 

Baldwin, John, 52 

Baldwin, Jr., Worth, 122 

Ball, David, 122 

Ball, Gary, 52 

Ball, Jr., James, 52 

Ball, Mary, 93 

Ballard, Brenda, 93, 290, 420 

Ballard, Mary, 52, 297 

Ballard, Patricia, 109 

Ballenger, James, 52, 294 

Ballentine, James, 93 

Ballew, Richard, 93 

Ballou. Donald, 93 

Ballow, Barbara, 93 

Bandy, Margaret, 109 

Bandy, Robert, 52 

Banker, Barbara, 52, 290 

Banks, Aubrey, 52 

Banks, Martha, 52, 216 

Banner, Alan, 122 

Banner, Laura, 122 

Banov, Alan, 93 

Barach, Barbara, 93, 286 

Barba, Louis, 122, 267 

Barbee, III, George, 122 

Barbee, James, 122 

Barber, James, 93 

Barber, Leon, 148 

Barber, Susan, 109, 187 

Barbour, Don, 122 

Barck, John, 163 

Barclay, Hugh, 122 

Barclay, Jr., William, 93 

Barden, Jr., Heywood, 52 

Barden, Ronald, 109, 352 

Bardin, Jefferson, 122 

Barefoot, James, 109 

Barefoot, Stephen, 122 

Barfield, James, 52 

Barger, John, 122 

Barham, William, 109 

Barker, Jr., Edward, 93 

Barker, Jeffrey, 93 

Barker, Mary, 52, 180, 290 

Barkley, Allan, 109, 160, 348 

Barkley, Patrick, 122 

Barlow, James, 122 

Barnard, Robert, 52, 352 

Barnes, Bill, 122 

Barnes, Eleanor, 93, 290 

Barnes, Gordon, 122 

Barnes, Jr., Henry, 109 

Barnes, Jr., James, 109 

Barnes, John, 93 

Barnes, Kenneth, 122 

Barnes, III, Robert, 109, 182 

Barnes, Thompson, 52 

Barnes, William, 109 

Barnett, Thomas, 109 

Barnhardt, Robert, 93 

Barnhart, Margaret, 93, 285 

Barr, Nancy, 93, 180, 286 

Barragan, Bruce, 109 

Barrett, Jr., Braxton, 53 

Barrett, II, Joe, 159, 356 

Barrett, Nancy, 93, 177, 290 

Barrett, Paul, 53, 297 

Barrett, Tobie, 53, 179, 285 

Barringer, Martin, 93 

Barrington, Cynthia, 93 

Barron, Harriet, 286 

Barron, Susan, 109, 175, 217, 278 

Barron, Wanda, 53, 188, 292, 293 

Barrow, Seth, 93. 332 

Barrs, William, 53 

Barrel, Jr., Joseph, 122 

Barthel, Francis, 93 

Barthel, Hetty, 93 

Bartholomew, Carol, 122 

Bartlett, Judith, 53 

Barton, Nancy, 122 

Barwick, Charles, 109 

Barwick, Joseph, 93 

Basista, Gerry, 109 

Bason, John, 93, 332 

Bass, Jr., Dewitt, 53 

Bass, James, 109 

Bass, Jonathan, 132 

Bass, Robert, 93, 354 

Bass, Jr., Walton, 109 

Bassett, Carol, 122 

Batchelor, Jr., William, 122 

Batmasian, Jim, 122, 267 

Batten, John, 122 

Batten, Lona, 109 

Batten, Melody, 122 

Batten, Wayne, 122 

Battle, Jr., Isaac, 109 

Battle, Mary, 53 

Batts, Anthony, 157 

Batuyios, Harry, 109 

Baucom, Charles, 53 

Baucom, George, 93, 316 

Baucom, Judith, 159. 357 

Baugess, Bernard, 109 

Baum, Jr., Robert. 53 

Baumgartner, Becky. 93 

Baur, Edward, 109, 302 

Baxley, Douglas, 109 

Baxley, Robert, 159 

Baglin, Jonathan, 53 

Baynard, Jr., William, 53, 300 

Bazemore, Jr., Cyrus, 143 

Bazemore, William, 109 

Beach, Neil, 150 
Beale, Evnest, 122 
Beall. Mary, 53 
Beall, Thomas, 122 
Beam, Daniel, 109 
Beam, Harriett, 122 
Beam, Jr., William, 150 
Beaman, Crafton, 148 
Beamon, Irene, 122 
Beane, John, 122 
Beard, III, Bryce, 123 
Beasley, Jr., Robert, 93 
Beattie, Elizabeth, 93 
Beattie, George, 123 
Beatty, Dennis, 159, 348 
Beatty, Joseph, 53, 311 
Beaty, Robert, 109 
Beaulieu, Michel, 109 
Beaver, Jeffrey, 93,312 
Beaver, Marilyn, 93 
Beavers, Charlotte, 93, 286 
Beck, Cornelia, 109 
Beck, David, 109 
Beck, Gurney, 109 
Beck, Tony, 93 
Beckett, Robert, 53 
Becton, John, 123 
Becton, Susan, 53, 189, 286 
Beeson, David, 123 
Beeston, Michael, 109 
Behrman, Douglas, 123 
Beischer, George, 148 
Beith, Lorraine, 93 
Beitler, Alvin, 53 
Belcher, Anne, 93, 186 
Belden, Joseph, 109 
Belk, Larry, 123 
Bell, Barbara, 93 
Bell, Charles, 109 
Bell, II, Daniel, 150 
Bell, III, Drummond, 93 
Bell, Julia, 123 
Bell, Lloyd, 93, 267 
Bell, Jr., Lois, 157 
Bell, Steven, 93 
Bell, Jr., William, 122 
Bellman, Terry, 53 
Belsinger, Jr., Jack, 53, 352 
Benbow, Andrew, 109 
Benbow, IV, Charles, 93 
Benfield, Ray, 53 
Benjamin, Carol, 53, 216 
Benko, Peter, 93 
Benner, Charles, 122 
Bennett, Betsy, 168 
Bennett, Jr., Charles, 157 
Bennett, Dave, 123 
Bennett, Jr., John, 123 
Bennett, Mary, 53, 123, 425 
Bennett, Robert, 53 
Bennett, Stephen, 93 
Bennett, Wayne, 93 
Bennett, Jr., William, 93 
Bensch, George, 154 
Benson, James, 123 
Benson, John, 109 
Benson, Jr., Karl, 123 
Benson, Paul, 53, 310 
Benton, Barrett, 109 
Benton, Billy, 53 
Benton, Dempsey, 93 
Benton, III, Joseph 
Benton, Ronald, 123 
Benton, Thomas, 109 
Benton, William, 93, 297 
Berenguer, John, 168 
Berger, Bryan, 93, 332 
Bergeron, James, 109, 155 
Berkowitz, Stephen, 109 
Bernasek, Linda, 123 
Bernish, Paul, 93 
Bernstein, Norman, 123 
Berry, Carol, 53, 288, 292 
Berry, Jr., Harold, 300 
Bess, Thomas, 123 
Best, David, 93 
Best, III, Hugh, 123 
Bethea, Harry, 53 
Bethel, Brenda, 53 
Bettis, Robert, 53 
Betts, Jr., 109 
Betty, Everett, 109, 294 
Betty, Tyson, 53 
Beusse, Dennie, 123 
Beusse, Jr., George, 93 
Bevacqua, David, 123 
Beverly, Gerald, 104 
Beyer, Stephen, 94 
Bhatavadekar, Prabha, 163 
Bibb, Lewis, 94 
Bickel, David. 94 
Bicksler, William, 294 
Biddle, Richard, 300 
Bieber, Peter, 94 
Biggers, Betty, 94 
Biggerstaff, Bobby, 109 
Biggerstaff, Charles, 123 
Bilbro, Robert, 153, 155 
Billings, Cynthia. 109 
Bingham, Jr., William, 123 
Bird. Paul, 53 
Birnie, Ada Lea, 53, 290 
Bishop, Doritha, 123, 179 
Bishop, III, Elmer, 123 
Bishop, III, William, 54 
Bissette, Jr., Winston, 150 
Black, Candie, 109 
Black, Ml, James, 109, 344 
Black, Kermit, 54 
Black, Lois, 54 

Black, Martha, 94,293 

Black, III, Norman, 123 

Black, Ronald, 123 

Black, Sarah, 94, 293 

Blackburn, James, 123 

Blackburn, Sherley, 168 

Blackley, William, 54 

Blackman, III, Walton, 109, 142 

Blackwell, Crist, 94 

Blackwell, Emily, 169 

Blackwell, Hugh, 184, 194 

Blackwell, Richard, 123 

Blackwell, III, Samuel, 54 

Blackwood, Stephen, 123 

Blackwood, William, 94 

Blade, Anne, 94 

Blaine, Eva, 54, 280 

Blair, Jr., Edward, 109 

Blair, Jr., Harry, 94, 198,271 

Blair, Jean, 122 

Blake, Janet, 94, 286 

Blackely, David, 107, 320 

Blackeley. Merrill, 123 

Blakemore, Porter, 169 

Blackeney, Virginia, 54, 288 

Blaeslee, Terry, 123 

Blalock, III, Alvin, 109 

Blalock, Jr., George, 123 

Bland, Betsy, 123 

Bland, Michael, 123 

Blank, Carl, 163 

Blankenship, Betty, 123 

Blankenship, Malcolm, 109 

Blankinship, Alyce, 94 

Blankinship, Leslie, 94 

Blanton. Jr., Joseph, 54 

Blanton, Melba. 54 

Blanton, Thomas, 123 

Blanton, Jr., William, 109 

Blayney, Carolyn, 123 

Bledsoe, Samuel, 54 

Blinsmon, Terry, 94 

Block, Jr., Michael, 109 

Block, William. 123 

Blodgett, Jr., William, 109 

Bloom, Warren, 94 

Blount, George, 94 

Blount, James, 157, 267 

Blount, Susan, 169 

Blount, William, 109 

Blowe, Ralph, 54 

Blue, Richard. 110 

Blue, James, 54 

Blum, William, 54, 311 

Blumenthal, Alan, 123 

Blumenthal. Robert, 94 

Boal, Donald, 54 

Bobo. Ronald, 110, 299 

Bogenschutz, Stephen, 122 

Boger. Gene, 94 

Bogart, 123 

Boggs, Charles. 54 

Boggs, Duane, 94. 190. 267 

Boggs, Harriet, 54, 285 

Boice, Beverly, 110 

Bolch, Thomas, 146, 148 

Boles. Richard, 148 

Bolick, Harold, 159, 348 

Boling, Jr., Vernon, 110 

Bonclek, Robert, 54 

Bone, John, 54 

Bonner, Henrietta, 110 

Bonney, Jr., Benjamin, 123 

Booker, Benjamin, 123 

Boone, Perry, 94 

Boone, Robert, 54 

Bonne, William, 157, 356 

Booth, Brenda. 123 

Booth, Deborah. 94 

Booth, Marguerite, 168 

Bordeaux, Larry, 94 

Boring, Dennis. 123 

Boring, III, Walton, 123 

Bossen, Judith, 54 

Bost, Barbara, 110 

Bost, Joe, 110 

Bost, Michael, 142 

Bost, Stabley, 54 

Bost, William, 123 

Bostick, James, 123 

Boston, Mona, 159, 357 

Boswcll, Cramer, 123 

Boswell, Virgil. 54 

Botsford, Jr., Robert, 54 

Bottoms, John, 141 

Bouldin, Mary, 110 

Boulus, Peter, 110 

Boulware, George, 94 

Bourne, Elizabeth, 123 

Boutwell, Robert, 123 

Bowden, Emily, 110 

Bowen, Charlie, 94, 352 

Bowen, John, 150 

Bowen, Linda, 54 

Bower, David, 123 

Bowlen, James, 94 

Bowles, Erskine, 94 

Bowling, Patricia, 110 

Bowling, Jr., Thomas, 110 

Bowman, David, 123 

Bowman, Kay, 123 

Bowman, Rita, 159. 161, 357 

Bowman, Terry, 123 

Bowman, Jr., William. 94, 180, 184 

Bowman, William, 110 

Bowsher, Mary, 94 

Boxley, John, 150 

Boyce, Jr., Jacob, 54 

Boyd, Donald, 123 

Boyd, Robert, 157, 356 









Boyd, William, 94 
Boyette, Douglas, 123 
Boyette, Rodney, 110 
Boykin, Eddie, 123 
Boykin, Jimmy, 94 
Boyle, David, 123 
Boyle, Kaye, 54, 290 
Boyles, Larry, 54 
Boyles, Jr., Norman, 110 
Brackett. Jr., Travis, 123 
Brackett, William, 123 
Bradham, Mary, 163 
Bradley, Craig, 94, 216 
Bradley, Michael, 54 
Bradner, Robert, 110 
Bradshaw, Betsy, 94 
Bradshaw, David, 94 
Bradsher, Sidney, 169 
Brady, Gordon, 94 
Brady, William, 123 
Brake, Jerry, 110 
Brame, Jr., James, 94, 1 75, 294 
Bramlett, James, 110 
Branch, Franklin, 193, 300 
Brandenburg, Robert, 123 
Brannon, Gwendolen, 94 
Branscome, Glenn, 94, 216 
Bransford, William, 94 
Brantley, Charles, 123 
Brantley, Jr., James, 123 
Brantley, Jr., Julian, 94 
Brantley, Tom, 351 
Braswell, William, 110 
Bratcher, Sandra, 110 
Bratton, Michele, 94, 179, 282 
Bauer, Carolyn, 94 
Brauer, Philip, 123 
Braxton, Jr., Alfred, 94 
Bray, Douglas, 94 
Breckinridge, Margaret, 123 
Bregger, Louis, 94 
Brendel, Leonard. 123 
Brennen. James, 94 
Brenner, Edward, 153 
Breslow, Kenneth, 110 
Bressler, Richard, 123 
Brett, William, 110 
Breneman, James, 110 
Brewer, Glenn, 94 
Brewer, John, 94 
Brewer, Susan, 110 
Brick, Jon, 123 
Bridges, Barton, 110 
Bridgford, June, 110, 286 
Briggs, John, 153 
Briggs, Larry, 123 
Bright, Don. 94 
Brigman, Paul, 110 
Brill, Alan, 54 
Brilliant, Irwin, 54 
Brinkley, Clare, 94, 278, 425 
Brinson, Jean, 94 
Brinson, Jr., Joe, 94 
Brinson, III, Oscar, 150 
Brinton, Charlotte, 94 
Brinton, Daryl, 160 
Bristol, Edward, 123, 216 
Britt, Barbara, 94, 192 
Britt, Betty, 110 
Britt, Elizabeth, 54 
Britt, Jr., Grady, 94 
Britt, James, 110, 300 
Britt, Preston, 110 
Britt, Sedrick, 123 
Broadway, William, 94, 180, 352 
Broadfoot, III, William, 123 
Broadhurst, III, Edgar, 94, 184, 

Broadway, Douglas, 110 
Brock, Darrell, 163 
Brogden, Connie, 159 
Brogden, Harry, 159 
Brookreson, Joe, 110 
Brooks, Cecil, 123 
Brooks, Nell, 123 
Brooks, Jr., Roy, 94 
Brooks, Stephen, 123 
Brooks, Thomas, 144 
Brooks, William, 110, 160 
Broome, Bette, 54 
Broome, Jr., Henry, 148 
Broome, Jr., Hoyle, 55 
Brothers, Suzanne, 94 
Broughton, Harold, 123 
Browder, Jerry, 94 
Brown, Jr., Alvin, 94 
Brown, Benjamin, 142 
Brown, Candice, 123 
Brown, Charles, 147, 148 
Brown, Dale, 123 
Brown, David, 110 
Brown, Don, 123, 184 
Brown, Jr., Eugene, 157 
Brown, Harry, 123 
Brown, James, 110 
Brown, James Patton, 168 
Brown, Jane, 110 
Brown, Jerry, 55 
Brown, Jimmie, 55 
Brown, John, 110, 183 
Brcwn, Joseph, 123 
Brown, Julian, 110 
Brown, Kenneth, 94 
Brown, Kenneth, 123 
Brown, Mae, 123, 354 
Brown, Neilson, 94 
Brown, Paul, 153 
Brown, Robert, 123 
Brown, Rufus, 94 
Brown, Jr., Thomas, 110, 257 

Brown, Vivian, 55, 188 

Brown, Jr., Walter, 110, 354 

Brown, William, 150 

Brown, William, 110 

Brown, Lynne, 278 

Brownell, Mary, 94, 280 

Brownett, Maria, 94, 282 

Browning, Charlotte, 168 

Browning, Judith, 55 

Browning, Robert, 148 

Brownlee, Ann, 94 

Brownscanbe, Clement, 110 

Broyhill, Robert, 94, 299 

Broyhill, II, Thomas, 55, 294 

Bruce, Brenda, 110 

Bruce, Mary, 94 

Bruce, Robert, 55 

Bruienner, David, 94, 176, 302 

Bruning, Jr., James, 123 

Bryan, Harrel, 159 

Bryan, Hugh, 55 

Bryan, John, 153 

Bryant, Francis, 123 

Bryant, Jr., Howard, 141 

Bryant, James, 123 

Bryant, Richard, 110 

Bryce, George, 94 

Bryce, Katherine, 55 

Bryson, Richard, 144 

Buchan, Jr., Ralph, 123 

Buchanan, Brenda, 163 

Buchanan, David, 55. 300 

Buchanan, Jessica, 55 

Buchanan, John, 157 

Buchanan, Sally, 145, 195 

Buchanan, Victor, 150 

Buck, Mary, 94 

Buckley, III, Charles, 150 

Buckner, Jansen, 123 

Buckner, John, 123 

Buckner, Jr., Kermit, 123 

Buckner, Norman, 123 

Budd. Christine, 123 

Buff, James, 123 

Buie, John, 94 

Buie, Sally, 94, 282 

Bull, III, Irving, 123 

Bulla, Robert, 159 

Bullard, Carl, 55 

Bui lard. James, 124 

Bullard, Richard, 124 

Bullard, Roger, 110 

Bullard, Vaughn, 144 

Bullet, Douglas, 94 

Bullock, III, Duncan, 124 

Bullock, James, 55 

Bullock, Jr., Joseph, 55 

Bullock, William, 94, 175 

Bumgardner, Donald, 94, 216 

Bumgardner, Jr., Leonard, 55 

Bunce, Harold, 110 

Bunch, Anne. 168 

Bunch, Sandra, 110 

Bundy, Kay, 55, 198 

Bunn, Jr., James, 130 

Bunte, Louis, 55, 322 

Bunting, Jr., Elisha, 94 

Bunting, William, 124 

Bunton, Ray. 55 

Burbage, William. 150 

Burcham, Ira, 110 

Burchett. Bruce, 124 

Burd, John, 124 

Burford. Inman, 94 

Burgess, Larry, 94 

Burgess, Jr., Malcolm, 94, 332 

Burgess, Nelle, 55 

Burgess, Peter, 94, 304 

Burgess, Russell, 124 

Burgwyn, Henry, 294 

Burgwyn, Steve, 124 

Burke. Catherine, 94 

Burkehart, Byron, 124 

Burkette, David, 55 

Burkhalter, George, 55. 191, 195 

Burleson, David, 110 

Burnette, Jerry, 141 

Burnette, Richard, 110 

Burnham, Joseph, 143 

Burnham, Laura, 152, 357 

Burnish, Sara, 55 

Burns, Candace, 124 

Burns, Harriet, 55, 179, 278 

Burns, John, 124 

Burns, Jr., John, 110 

Burns, Theodore, 124 

Burr, Catherine, 55 

Burroughs, Jr., Paul, 155 

Burton, Betsy, 55, 282 

Burton, Clara, 55 

Burton, Dudley, 94 

Burton, James, 124 

Burton, Joseph, 124 

Burwell, David, 124 

Burwell, Susanne, 55, 278 

Busby, Julian, 55 

Busby, William, 55 

Bush, Pricilla. 94 

Butcher, Charles, 55 

Butcher. Mary, 94 

Butler, Jr., Algernon, 150 

Butler, Bonnie, 159, 189, 282, 357 

Butler, Clifford, 110 

Butler, George, 55, 206 

Butler, Jeanne, 94 

Butler, Larry, 94 

Butler, Jr., Raymond, 110 

Butler, Robert, 124 

Butler, Robert M . 94 

Butts, Joseph, 124 

Butts, Robert, 110 
Byers, Ronnie, 124 
Byler, David, 110 
Byrd, James, 55 
Byrd, Richard, 124 
Byrd, Robert. 110 
Byrd, Samuel, 94 
Byrum, Joan, 110 

Cabe, James, 143 
Caffee, Arthur, 94 
Cagle, Gregory, 110 
Cagle, Stephen, 159 
Cahoon, John, 94 
Caire, Michael, 124 
Calder, Bobby, 56 
Calderwood, Cynthia, 124 
Caldwell, Alice, 94 
Caldwell, Charles, 94 
Caldwell, George, 110 
Caldwell, Jean, 94, 178, 290 
Caldwell, Mack, 110 
Caldwell, Mary, 94 
Caldwell, Richard, 56 
Caldwell, Wayne, 124 
Callan, John, 124, 181 
Callihan, Robert, 124 
Callison, Jr., Grady, 163 
Calloway, Donald, 124 
Camak, Pascal, 141 
Cameron, Alan, 94 
Cameron, Anne, 94 
Cameron, Elizabeth, 94, 189 
Cameron, Harold. 56, 203, 354 
Cameron, Kenneth, 110 
Comeron, William, 157, 356 
Camp, John, 124 
Camp, Ray, 56 
Campbell, Donald, 110 
Campbell, Doniver, 110 
Campbell, Gregory, 110 
Campbell, Jeffrey, 110 
Campbell, Judith, 56 
Campbell, June, 95 
Campbell, Mark, 110 
Campbell, Marvin, 110 
Campbell, Leslie, 95 
Campbell, William, 56, 202 
Campen, Georgie, 124 
Campen, Mary, 95, 282 
Canady, Rena, 159, 216, 357 
Canata, Jr., William, 56 
Cannady, Jerry, 95, 190, 191 
Cannon, Clarence, 56 
Cannon, Katherine, 50, 56, 282 
Cannon, Roger, 95 
Cannon, Susan, 95 
Cannon, Thomas, 124, 175 
Canter, William, 56, 346 
Cantor, Susan, 124 
Cantwell, Carol, 95, 278 
Canupp, Tony, 124 
Cape hart, George, 124 
Cape hart. Mary, 168 
Capps, Ralph, 95 
Caputo, Kathryn. 56 
Carabateas, Angela, 159, 357 
Carey, Benjamin, 124 
Carey, Brooks, 110, 181 
Carey, Jane, 124 
Carhart, David, 110, 183 
Carlin, Lee, 95 
Carlisle, Blonnie, 56 
Carlisle, Minerva, 169 
Carlson, Elaine, 56, 184, 187 
Carleton, Jr., Alfred, 124 
Carmichael, Carroll, 56 
Carnes, Jr., Oscar, 110, 346 
Carney, George, 124 
Carney, III, Robert, 124 
Carpenter, James, 56 
Carpenter, Linda, 95 
Carpenter, Jr., Malcolm, 95 
Carpenter, Thomas, 110, 300 
Carr, Elizabeth, 110 
Carr, Garland, 110 
Carr, Nancy, 95 
Carr, Robert, 157, 348 
Carr, Sara, 124 
Carrington, Luther, 124 
Carroll, Jr., Felix, 124 
Carroll, Frances, 95 
Carroll, Freddie, 56 
Carroll, Mary, 110, 182 
Carroll, Sandra, 159 
Carroll, Thomas, 124 
Carson, Charles, 95 
Carson, Donald, 56 
Carson, II, George, 150 
Carson, III, Ne ill. 56 
Carter, Anna, 95 
Carter, Dewey, 143 
Carter, George, 124 
Carter, Jr., Jack, 150 
Carter, James, 56 
Carter, Joel, 124 
Carter, Joey, 154 
Carter, Judson, 124 
Carter, Landon, 110 
Cartwnght. Jr., John, 124 
Casey, Edward, 163 
Casey, Ronald, 110 
Cashion, John, 124 
Cashwell, Wayne, 110 
Cassidy, William, 56 
Castelloe, Linda, 175 
Cate, Robert, 95, 345 

Cater, Alleen, 95 

Cathey, Emily, 95,176,181, 192, 

Cathey, Sarah, 56 
Cathey, Jr., William, 124 
Catlette, Jr., Raymond, 110 
Cauble, Kathleen, 56, 175, 176, 

206, 280 
Caudill, Peter, 95 
Caughman, James, 124 
Caulkins, Jane, 95 
Causby, Janine, 124 
Causey, Jr., William, 110 
Cauthen, Ralph, 168 
Cavalaris, Harry, 110 
Cavalaris, James, 124 
Cavenaugh, Audrey, 110, 216 
Cawthorne, George, 124 
Cail, Charles, 56 
Chacey, Franklin, 56 
Chaffin, III, William, 95 
Challen, Erin, 56 
Chamberlain, James, 124 
Chambers, Donald, 110 
Chambers. James, 110 
Chance, Charles, 124 
Chance, Richard, 56, 332 
Chandler, Jr., William, 148 
Chancy. Charles, 124 
Chaney, Hubert, 110 
Chapin, Edwin, 169 
Chaplin, Don, 153 
Chapman, Donald, 110 
Chappell, Tommy, 124, 178 
Chase, George, 110 
Chastain, Charles, 124 
Chauncey, Jr., Russell, 110 
Cheatham, Clarence, 56 
Cheatham, Elizabeth, 56 
Cheatham, Ronald, 110 
Checksfield, Karen, 110, 192 
Cheers, Gary, 110 
Cherry, Jr., Robert, 95 
Chesnutt, III, James, 95 
Chesson, Alvin, 95 
Cheves, Jr., Keywood, 56 
Childs, Paul, 110 
Chipman. Gayle, 95 
Chitty, Frederick, 124 
Choi, Sang-Sam, 56 
Chrisafis, Gregory, 95, 299 
Chrisco, David, 110 
Christian, Emily, 110 
Christian, William, 110 
Christy, Thomas, 95 
Chronister, Allen, 124 
Chumley, Vassar, 124, 199 
Chung, David, 95 
Church, George, 142 
Church, Jimmy, 124 
Churchill, Joseph, 56 
Chynoweth, David, 163 
Ciccone, Jr., John, 110 
Civihs, John, 110 
Clapp, Hubert, 143 
Claris, Brantley, 110, 189 
Clark, III, Alexander, 95 
Clark, David, 57 
Clark, Eddie, 143 
Clark, Elsie, 57, 286 
Clark, II, Eugene, 95 
Clark, III, Franklin, 124 
Clark, Gordon, 124 
Clark, Jr., James, 160 
Clark, Jerry, L., 57, 351 
Clark, Jerry R., 144 
Clark, John, 110 
Clark, Louise, 95, 280 
Clark, Jr., Malcolm, 124 
Clark, Rene, 95, 285 
Clark, Sherry, 110, 216 
Clark, Terry, 124 
Clark, Thomas, 95, 197 
Clark, Vella, 95 
Clark, Jr., Wilson, 111 
Clarke, Jr., Charles, 154 
Clarke, Finley, 95 
Clarke, Fred, 148 
Clarke, Gerald, 124 
Clarke, IV, Thomas, 95 
Clarkson, George, 111 
Claxton, Charles, 95 
Clay, Phillip, 111 
Clay, William, 111 
Clayton, Gary, 124 
Clayton, Jerry, 95 
Claywell, Carol, 124 
Clegg, Jr., Aubrey, 111 
Clem, III, Clyde, 95, 255 
Clemens, William, 111 
Clements, James, 57 
Clifford, Locke, 150 
Clinard, Lelia, 57 
Clinard, Paul, 124 
Cline, Charles, 95 
Cline, Richard, 95 
Cline, Jr., Thomas, 95 
Cline, Toni, 95, 286, 292 
Cloney, Marie, 57 
Cloninger, John, 141 
Cloninger, Robert, 95 
Cloud, James, 124 
Cloud, Randolph, 124 
Clower, Lea, 124 
Coates, Harry, 95 
Coats, Bonnie, 124 
Cobb, Carolyn, 124 
Cobb, Donald, 124 
Cobb, Jr., Herbert, 148 
Cobb, John, 124 

Cobb, Lucy, 95, 286 

Cobb, Thurston, 111 

Coble, Charles, 111, 308 

Coble, Samuel, 57 

Coble, Jr., Worth, 159 

Cochrane, William, 95 

Cocke, Jr., William, 124 

Codispoti, Elena, 95 

Cody, Mary, 57 

Cofer, Gilbert, 57 

Coffey, John, 95 

Coffey, Michael, 124 

Coffield. Ill, Oras, 111 

Cofield, Jr., James, 95, 181 

Cofield, Juan, 95 

Coghill, James, 57 

Cohoon, William, 57 

Coker, Mary, 124 

Colby, Whitney, 111, 300 

Cole, Howard, 148 

Cole, Jack, 169 

Cole, Jacqueline, 124, 413, 414 

Cole, Jr., James, 95 

Cole, Ralph, 124 

Cole, William, 124 

Coleman, Ann, 124 

Coleman, James D. 111 

Coleman, James P., 95 

Coleman, Jo, 124 

Coleman, Mary, 95 

Coleman, Paul, 124 

Coleman, Richard, 111 

Coleman, Robert B., 111 

Coleman, III, Robert D., 124 

Coleman, III, Robert F., 111 

Coley, Marvin, 124 

Colison. Margaret, 57 

Collie, George, 57 

Collins, Carolyn, 95, 290 

Collins, Curtis, 111 

Collins, Earnest, 155 

Collins, George, 95 

Collins, Henry, 57 

Collins, Jr., Leslie, 57 

Collins, Michael, 142 

Collins, Thomas, 95 

Collins, Wesley, 150 

Colmer. Margaret, 168 

Colo, Michael, 95 

Colson, III, Oliver. 95 

Colston, Harold, 150 

Coltrain, Carolyn, 95, 189 

Coltrane, Jr., Joseph, 124 

Combs, Robert, 95, 181, 199, 228, 

332, 352 
Comer, Charles, 111 
Comfort, Jr., William, 124 
Camnitz, Paul, 124 
Conely, Richard, 95 
Conine, Walter, 111 
Conkle, John, 124 
Connaughton, James, 95 
Connelly, Fred, 157 
Conner, Chester. 124 
Conner, James, 57 
Connolly, Gaydie, 95 
Connolly, Robert, 111 
Connor, Jr., John, 111 
Connor, Lee, 124 
Conrad, Joan, 163 
Conway, Burton, 95 
Cook, Jr., Billy, 57 
Cook, Edward, 148 
Cook, Fredric, 57 
Cook, Jack, 95, 248 
Cook, Rodney, 124 
Cook, Ronald. 124 
Cook, Terry, 111 
Cook, William A., 111 
Cook. William W., 95 
Cooke, Carol, 95 
Cooke, Jon, 57 
Cooke, Jr., Ralph, 124 
Cooke, Randy, 124 
Cooke, Richard, 124 
Cooke, Sherwood, 124 
Cooler, Ruth, 95 
Cooley, Jean, 57, 286 
Cooley, William, 111 
Cooper, Donnie, 124 
Cooper, Bixby, 125 
Cooper, Samuel, 111 
Cooper, Stephen, 111 
Cooper, Willie, 111 
Cope, Jr., Kenneth, 125 
Copeland, Rozella. 57, 214 
Copple, Carol, 125 
Corbett, Barry, 111 
Corbett, Jr., James, 95, 294 
Corbett, Jr., Thomas, 57 
Corcoran, III, Clement, 95, 351 
Cordell, II, Robert, 95 
Cordell. Thomas, 57 
Corder, Robert, 57 
Corkran, Michael, 111 
Corne, John, 111, 297 
Cornelius, Clarance, 150 
Cornelius, Jr., Willis, 95 
Cornwell, Gary, 125 
Correll, James, 125 
Corry, Paul, 57 
Costner, Elbert, 125 
Cotten, Robert, 159, 356 
Cottle, Jacques, 95, 311 
Cotty. John, 125 
Couch John, 111 
Coudnet, Charles, 111 
Coudriet, Gregory, 111 
Coven, Linda, 95 
Covert, Edward, 57 



Durham, i\orth Carolina 



cvpTj&P^* "'■ c !* fit ~ 


If? 15^ ^.ffw 


Campus Talk 


Fashions.. . 

your personal invitation 

to marvelous collections of suits, 

coats, sportswear; 

day ana e veiling dresses; 

millinery, and accessories. 

Other MontalQo's Xorth Carolina Stores in Charlotte, Winston Salem ana Greensb 



Covil, Stacy, 163 
Covington, Sam, 95 
Cowan, III, Everett, 111 
Cowan, Susie, 95 
Cowcll, III, John, 95 
Cowen, Peter, 57 
Cowen, Robert, 111 
Cox, Carl, 57 
Cox, Christopher, 95 
Cox, David, 125 
Cox, Derenda, 111 
Cox, Elizabeth, 57, 278 
Cox, Kenneth, 125 
Cox, Lawrence, 125 
Cox, Jr., Mason, 57 
Cox, Michael, 125 
Cox, Terry, 57 
Cox, William, 124 
Coxe, III, James. 95, 250 
Cozart, Becky, 144 
Crabtree, Jacqueline, 111 
Crabtree, Oscar, 125 
Craig, Beverly, 145 
Craig, Ernestine, 57, 288 
Craig, Isaac, 154 
Craig, Jerry, 150 
Craig, Kenneth, 125 
Craige, Jane, 58. 211, 282 
Crain, Judith. 125 
Crampton, Guy, 58 
Crane. Robert. 125 
Cranfill, James, 348 
Cranford, Charles, 111 
Cranford, Delbert, 15G, 157, 356 
Cranford, Tommy, 111 
Crates, Martha. 95, 285 
Craven, Sara, 169 
Craven, Suzanne, 58, 290 
Crauer, Jr., Comann, 148 
Craver, John, 95 
Craver, Stephen, 125 
Craver, Jr., Thomas. 125, 184 
Crawford, Bruce, 125 
Crawford, Jr., Emerson. 144 
Crawford, Jr., James, 95 
Crawford, James, 111 
Crawford, III. John R . 155 
Crawford, John S., 159 
Crawley, Jr., Jack, 58 
Crawley, Jr., Lowell, 125 
Crayton, Jr., Paul, 111, 332 
Creal. Richard, 58 
Creech, Alice. 58. 282 
Creech, Emelia. 95 
Creech, Joye, 95 
Creech, Laten, 58. 352 
Creem, Dorothy, 58, 286 
Cresimore, Joe. 58, 352 
Creveling, William. 58 
Crews, Jane, 95, 184, 280 
Crews. John, 111 
Crimmins. Meredith. 58. 288 
Crisman. David. 125 
Crisp, Nelson, 125 
Crissman, Clinton, 125 
Crissman, Jr., Ivan, 95 
Cristman, Robert. 95 
Critcher. Elizabeth. 159 
Crittenden. John, 125 
Crocker, George, 95. 190, 255 
Crocker, Robert, 125 
Crockett. David. 95 
Cromartie, Jr., Luther, 58 
Cromartie, III. Robert. 1 53 
Cromartie, Ruth, 95 176, 278 
Crook. Jr.. Robert, 95 
Croom, Connie, 58 
Croom, Jr., Ralph, 95 
Cross, Jr., Lawrence, 58 
Cross. William, 111 
Crosswell. Alice, 168 
Crouch, William, 95 
Crouse, Janet. 111 
Crowder, Jr., Richard, 95 
Crowder, Ronald, 58 
Crowder. William. 111. 297 
Crowe, Sheryl. 58. 286 
Crowgey, Margaret. 58 
Crudup, III. Thomas. 58 
Crumley, Charles, 58 
Crumley. Robert. 111 
Crump. II, Joseph. 125 
Crumpler, Lyle, 142 
Crumoler, Thomas, 111 
Crutcher. Sharron. 58 
Crutchfield, Ann, 58, 290 
Crutchfie'd, Rebecca, 125 
Crutchfield. William, 153 
Cryer, Frederick, 125 
Cukor, Richard, 125 
Culberson, Ora. 58 
Culbertson. Robert, 58 
Cu'breth. Donald, 111 
Cuibreth, Fred. 111 
Culbreth. Steohen, 150 
Culp, Gary. 125 
Culp, III. Robert. 111, 312 
Culp, Robert. 58. 352 
Culpepoer, Mirhael. 111 
Cummings, Arthur. 111 
Cummings, Brenda, 95 
Cummings. Thomas, 148 
Cummins, John. 95 
Cummins. Richard, 111 
Cunningham, Donald. 58. 350 
Cunningham, Elisabeth, 58, 285 
Cunningham. RePd. 111 
Curlee, Wilson, 168 
Currie, John I., 154 
Currie, John W., 111, 304 

Currie, Judith, 95 
Currie, Robert, 111 
Currie, Walter, 150 
Currin, Marshall, 111 
Currin, Jr., Robert, 95 
Cushen, Nancy, 95. 188 
Cutchin, III, Joseph, 111 
Cuthrell, Jr., Hiram, 125 
Cuthrell, Luther, 95 
Cutting, James, 125 

Daetwyler, David, 96 

Dague, Carol, 96, 199 

Dail, Delinda, 96 

Dail, Norman, 111 

Dail. Thomas, 58 

Dailey, George, 58 

Dailey, Rebecca, 96 

Daisy, William, 148 

Dale, Jr. Arthur, 111 

Dale. Ernest, 96 

Dah. Robert, 125 

Dalmas. James. 125 

Dalton, Jr., Bruce, 153 

Dameron, Richard, 160, 161, 356 

Dancy, Beverly. 96 

Danford. Roy, 96 

Daniel, III, Charles, 58 

Daniel, III. Clifton, 125 

Daniel, Max, 111 

Daniel, Patty, 96 

Daniel. Robert. 125 

Daniel, III. Samuel, 111 

Daniel, William, 111 

Daniell, Mary, 58 

Dankworth, Jane, 96, 217, 278 

Danley. Russell, 96 

Dannemann, Frederick, 125 

Darling, Peter, 125 

Darnell. William. 58 

Datnoff, Glenn, 125, 273 

Daugherty, Joseph, 58 

Daugherty, Mary, 125 

Daugherty, Thomas, 59, 351 

Daughtry, Joseph, 125 

Daughtry, Jr.. Richard, 111 

Daughtry, William, 111 

Davant, Bonnie, 111 

Davenport, Jr., Bill, 111 

Davenport, Nancy, 152 

Oavey, Amanda. 111 

Davidian, Edward, 154 

Davidson, Dianne, 152 

Davidson, Donald. 125 

Davidson, Gary. 163 

Davidson, III. Paul. 111 

Davis, Ann, 152. 288 

Davis. Barbara. 59 

Davis. Jr., Benjamin, 111 

Davis, Carl. 59 

Davis, Charles D., 111 

Davis, Charles T., 59 

Davis, Edward, 96 

Davis, Jr., Everett, 125 

Davis, Frank, 125 

Davis, George, 125 

Davis, Gordon, 96 

Davis, Gregory, 59 

Davis, Jr., Herbert, 142 

Davis, Jr., James, 96 

Davis, Jane, 145 

Davis, Jefferson, 59, 214 

Davis, Jerry C. 159 
Davis, Jerry, 59 
Davis, Joan, 111 

Davis, John Haywood, 125 
Davis, John K., 125 

Davis, John M., 59 

Davis, John R., 59 

Davis, Jr., John W., 59 

Davis, Johnny, 96 

Davis, Joseph, 96 

Davis, Larry, 125 

Davis, Lillian, 163 

Davis, Louis, 150 

Davis, Louise, 59, 290 

Davis, Marian, 59 

Davis, Park. 155 

Davis, Jr., Norman, 144 

Davis, Pamela, 125 

Davis, Jr., Paul, 59 

Davis, Richard B.. 111 

Davis, Richard E., 125 

Davis, Robert A., 125 

Davis, Robert C, 59 

Davis, Stanley, 125, 182 

Davis, Stephen, 125 

Davis, Wendell. 96 

Davis, Jr., William, 96, 175 

Davison, Joan, 125 

Dawsey, Rebecca. 96 

Dawson, Amos, 125 

Oay, Chanes, 96 

Day, Harry, 148 

Day, Kenneth, 125, 175 

Day, Robert. 163 

Day, III. William, 125, 179 

Dayvault, Jr., Bernard, 125 

Dayvault, Frances, 160, 161, 188 

Deal, Douglas. 159 

Deal, Janet. 160 

Deal, Timothy. 125 

Deans, Jr., Jennings, 125 

Dearth, Gregg, 125 

Deaton, Jr., Ashley, 125 

Deaton, Joyce, 59, 188, 293 

Deaton, Mary, 59 
Deaton, Philip, 155 
Deazley, Bernard, 96 
DeBarger, David, 59 
DeBruhl, Claude, 111 
DeBruhl, Jr., Max, 59 
Decker, Margaret, 163 
Dedmond, Richard, 125 
Deemer, Alice, 96, 286 
Dees, John, 125 
Deeve, Roger, 111 
Dekle, Donne, 150 
Delaney, Charles, 125 
DeLancy. Patricia, 96, 181 , 280 
De La Torre, Angel, 163 
DelCorro, Dario, 111, 272, 274 
Dement, Carol, 96 
Dennehy, Jr., Roderick, 125 
Denning, Charles, 125 
Dennis, Billie Lee, 96 
Dennis, Morgan, 96 
Denny, Andy, 111 
Denny, Donald, 111 
Denny, Dwight, 59 
Dent, David, 96 
Denton, Jr., Robert, 125 
Denton, III, Samuel, 125 
DeRamus, Jr., Judson, 150 
DeRiemer. Neil, 111 
Derrick, Sharon, 111 
Devereux, James, 141 
Dew, Jr., John, 111 
Deyo, Diana, 96 
Dial, Robin. 96, 203 
Diamond, Monty, 111 
Dickerson, Jr., Norvin, 125, 182 
Dickerson, Richard, 96 
Dickinson, Jr., Charles, 111 
Dickinson, III, George, 111 
Dickson, John B . 96. 181, 299 
Dickson, John W.. 125 
Dickson, III, Paul. 59, 172, 300 
Dietz, John, 125, 216 
Difatta, Peter, 111 
Dilda, James, 111, 354 
Dilks. Robert, 96 
Dill, George, 125 
Dill. Jr., Green, 111 
Dil'ard, Dwight, 125 
Dillard, Robert, 125 
Dillard, Roger, 96 
Dillon, Henry, 125 
Dillon, Mary. 96 
Dillon, III, Thomas, 59, 352 

Dimsdale, James, 143 

Dingeldein, George, 59 

Dingeldein. Paul, 125 

DiSarti. Anthony. 125 

Dixon, G'adys, 125 

Dixon, James, 111 

Dixon, Robert. 143 

Dixon, Sherlynn, 125 

Oixson, Jr.. Carl, 111, 259 

Dorbin, Richard, 150 

Dobbs. William, 96, 354 

Dobritch, Alexander, 59 

Doby, Barbara, 96 

Dockery, William, 150 

Dodd, David, 96, 300 

Dodd, Zane, 125 

Dodson, Jane. 96, 175 

Dodson, Patricia, 96 

Dodson, Thomas, 111 

Doggett, Lew, 111 

Doggett, Walter, 157 

Domina, Robert, 125 

Domina. Walter. 111 

Donahue, Daniel, 151 

Donnell, Jr., George, 111 

Donnelly, Gerald. 125 

Dornbush. Robert, 96, 199 

Dorsett, Charles. 125 

Dorsey, Hugh, 125 

Oorsey, Miriam, 59, 173 

Doss, William, 125 

Dotson, Jr., Bernard, 59 

Dotson, Grover. 111 

Dougherty, David, 59 

Doughton. Richard. 125 

Doughty, Leroy. 163 

Douglas, Robert, 151 

Douglas, Thomas, 125 

Downing, Edward, 59, 299 

Downton, III, Charles, 59, 182, 
195, 304 

Doyle, Betsy, 96, 285 

Doyle, George, 59, 214 

Doyle, Jr., John, 148 

Doyle, Ruth. 59 

D'Oyley. Harry, 160 

Doyne, Stephen, 96 

Dozier, Henry, 96, 322 

Drake, James, 154 

Drew, Muriel, 59 

Driscoll. Jr., John, 125 

Driver. Richard. 125 

Drogos, Mary, 125 

Droze, Gerald, 59 

Drum, Charles, 96 

Drum, Darrell, 111 

Drum, Keith, 125 

Drummond, Dennis, 60 

Drye, Robert. 163 

Dudley, Cecelia. 125, 188 

Dudley, Judith, 60, 413, 415 

Dudney, John. 125 

Duffy. Jr., Edmond, 163 

Duggins, Jr., James, 151 

Du'a, Brenda. 96 

Dulin, Jane, 60, 290 

Duncan, Katherine, 60 
Duncan, Sandra, 96 
Duncan, Thomas, 96 
Dunham, Jr., Robert, 60 
Dunivant, Jr., Noel, 125 
Dunlap, Weldon, 154 
Dunlevie, Jr., Malcolm, 60 
Dunn, Jr., Jackson, 151 
Dunn, James, 125 
Dunn, Jane. 125 
Dunn, III, John G., 96 
Dunn, John L., 60 
Dunn, Jr., John 0., 60 
Dunn, Joseph, 60 
Dunn, Mary, 60 
Dunn, Patsy. 159 
Dunn. Ronald, 96, 299 
Dunstan, Virginia, 60 
Durham, Kenneth, 111, 269 
Durham, Richard, 96 
Durham, Walter, 125 
Duskie, Andrew, 96 
Dwight, Anthony, 96 
Dwyer, III, Ross, 96 
Dye, Anne, 111 
Dykes, Andrea, 96 
Dzwonek, Joseph, 125 

Eaddy, John, 125 
Eadie, Robert, 125 
Eagle, Jr., James, 141 
Eagleson, Barbara, 96 
Eagleton, Hugh, 60 
Eaglin, Frances, 126 
Eakins, Janet, 159, 357 
Eakins, Joey, 96 
Early, Steven, 60, 300 
Early, William, 111 
Earnhardt, Jr., Carlee, 96, 262 
Earnhardt, Joe, 126, 266 
Earp, Charles, 111 
Eason, Donald, 112 
Eason, Elton, 126 
Eason, Margaret, 60, 280 
Eason. William, 126 
Easterling, Thomas, 96 
Easterly, Lee, 126 
Eastman, Jr., Leslie, 126 
Eastwood, Myles, 96, 204 
Eastwood, William, 112 
Eaten, David, 112 
Eatman, George, 112, 297 
Eaton, Martin, 126 
Eaton, Robert, 126 
Eaton. Ronald, 126 
Eberhart, Clare, 126 
Echeverri. Elssie, 126 
Echols, III, William. 148 
Eckard, Stephen, 126 
Edgar, James, 96 
Edge, Jerri, 60 
Edgerton, Clyde, 60 
Edgerton, John, 60 
Edmister, Gregory, 126 
Edmister, Russell, 60. 351 
Edmonson, Aldert, 126 
Edmonson, Judy, 112 
Edwards, Ann, 60, 280 
Edwards, Charles. 112 
Edwards, David, 60. 34S 
Edwards, Jr., Guy, 126 
Edwards, Herbert, 150 
Edwards, James S., 96, 180 
Edwards, James u . 128 
Edwards, Jr., Joseph, 126 
Edwards, Linda, 96 
Edwards, Michael. 126 
Edwards, Patsy, 96 
Edwards, Ryland, 126 
Edwards, Ted, 60, 304 
Edwards, Thomas. 96, 334 
Edwards, Jr., William, 96 
Edwards. II, William, 60 
Efird, Richard, 126 
Efird, Roger, 126 
Egbert, III, John, 112, 302, 345 
Egeler, Jr.. Clark. 112, 198, 199 
Eggers, John, 112 
Ehle, Nancy, 96, 182. 278 
Ehrhart, Lawrence. 60, 300 
Eichorn, Dennis, 96 
Eidson, Carol, 60 
Einstein, James, 320 
Eisenband, Arthur. 96. 325 
Ekstrom, Robert, 60 
Elder, Lora, 96 
Elder, Mary, 126 
Elias, Eva. 96,293 
Elkins. Wilson, 96 
Elledge, Sherry, 112 
Eller, Jerri, 60 
Eller, Stella, 96, 216 
Ellington, Randy, 112 
Elliott, Frederick, 96 
Elliott, Jr., Galen. 112 
Elliott, James, 143 
Elliott. Jr.. William, 60 
Ellis, III, Albert, 96, 184, 322 
Ellis, Benjamin, 142 
Ellis, John, 96, 268 
Ellis, Judith, 60, 285 
Ellis, Kermit, 60 
Ellis, Robert, 60 
Ellis, Steven, 60 
Ellis, Sylvia, 126 
Ellison, John, 126 
Elmore, Eugene, 96 

Elser, Mary, 96 

Ely, Joseph, 112, 175, 304 

Emily, Elma, 163 

Emmerson, Fred, 311 

Emory, John, 60, 341 

Emory, Jr., Morris, 96 

English, Charles, 126 

English, James, 96 

English, Jane. 96, 292, 293 

Enos, IV, Alanson, 61 

Enten, David, 175, 336 

Ephland, Charles, 61 

Erichson, Margaret, 96, 280 

Esseo, Richard, 112 

Essey, Henry, 96 

Essom, Don, 265 

Estes, Melvin, 61 

Estes, William, 112 

Etherington, III, Burton, 61 

Etherington, Linda, 126 

Eudy, Eslie, 126 

Evans, Barbara, 112 

Evans, Charles, 96, 203, 304 

Evans, DeLyle, 126 

Evans, Douglas, 96 

Evans, Elwyn, 61 

Evans. Frederick, 126 

Evans, Jr., Hoyt, 61 

Evans, James C, 96 

Evans, James E., 96, 182, 184, 304 

Evans, John, 148 

Evans, Larry, 112 

Evans, Linda, 96 

Evans, Jr., Neil, 126 

Evans, Paul, 112 

Evans. Jr., Richard, 141 

Everett, Alpheous, 61 

Everett, John, 112 

Everett, Robert, 61 

Everhart, Jane, 61 

Everhart, Koyt, 61 

Ewell, Jr., Sam, 112 

Ewing, Jr., James, 126 

Exum, Joe, 61 

Fagan, Harry, 126 

Fahrner, William, 126 

Fain, James, 306 

Faircloth, Irene, 126 

Fairless, Annette, 126 

Fairley, John. 150 

Faison, Jr.. Ollie. 126. 264 

Falconer, John. 96. 322 

Fait, III, Joseph, 96, 306 

Fambrough, Marion, 112, 287 

Fann, Douglas, 61 

Farabee, Michael, 96 

Farb, Robert, 112, 179, 180 

Fare, James, 96 

Farfour, Jr.. Leslie. 126 

Farfour, William, 61 

Farish, Charles. 112, 311 

Farmer, Boyd, 169 

Farmer, George, 112 

Farmer, Jerry, 112 

Farmer, Leslie. 96 

Farmer, Russell, 96, 322 

Farrior, Julian, 61 

Farrior, Stanley, 143 

Farris, Jean, 96 

Farris, Jr., Robert, 272 

Farrell. Barna, 126 

Farrell, William. 126 

Farrington, Terry, 126 

Farris, Jr., Charles, 126 

Farris, Robert, 112. 274 

Farthing, Edwin, 126 

Farthing, Larry, 126 

Fatata, James, 96 

Fater. David, 112 

Faucette, Betty, 126 

Fawcett, Jr., George, 112 

Fawcett, Robert, 61, 329 

Fawsett, Robert, 112 

Fayed, Salmen, 160 

Feagan, Charles, 96 

Fearrington, Ann, 96. 278 

Feder, Jeffrey, 61,238 

Feder, Robert. 112, 336 

Feher. David. 61, 346 

Feierabend, Jane, 96, 280 

Feik, Gail, 61 

Feingold. William. 61 

Felder, Robert, 112 

Feldman, Paul, 112 

Fells, Michael, 126 

Felty, Garland. 169 

Fennell, III, James, 126 

Fenninger, Jr., Randolph, 112, 304 

Ferebee, Susan, 61. 285 

Ferguson, Corbin, 96 

Ferguson, Janice, 126 

Ferguson, Margaret, 96 

Ferguson, William, 126 

Ferguson, Ian, 126 

Ferrell, Jerry, 160 

Ferris, Gregory. 126 

Ferris, Lane. 275 

Ferris, Margaret, 152 

Fesperman, Sylvia. 61 

Fesperman, William, 61 

Few. William, 151 

Fieger, Mary, 97, 280 

Field, Russell, 61, 354 

Fields, Jr., James, 97 

Fields, John. 112 

Fifield, Jr., Stiles, 126 



on the way UP! 

Today's textile industry plays a modern, dynamic role in our 

lives through its continuing scientific research and development. 

Cone Mills is an important part of this great industry. 

If you are interested in joining a progressive team of people 
engaged in production, administration, research and sales, 
come to see us or write our Industrial Relations Department. 


"Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today." 

EXECUTIVE OFFICES MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Avondale. Cliffside. Greensboro, Forest City. 

Greensboro, N. C. Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in 

North Carolina. Greenville in South Carolina. 


Carlisle & Greenville. S. C. 

Gieensboro & Haw River, N. C. SALES HEADQUARTERS — Cone Mills Inc , New York 



Finch, Charles, 61 

Finch, Esther, 97, 290, 426 

Finch, Jr., George, 61 

Finch, James, 126 

Finch, Margaret, 112 

Finch, Jr., William, 61 

Findlay, William, 112 

Finger, Jr., Richard, 142 

Finison, Elizabeth, 97 

Finkelstein. Jr., Leo, 112 

Finlay, Jr., Joseph, 126 

Fish, James, 61 

Fisher, Aloma, 152 

Fisher, Anne, 151 

Fisher, Ellis, 153 

Fisher, Donald, 112 

Fisher, Gordon, 97 

Fisher, Les, 163 

Fisher, Margaret, 61 

Fisher, Mary, 61, 217 

Fisher, Jr., Stanley, 61, 306 

Fisher, Virginia, 126 

Fitts. Calvert, 126 

Fitzgerald, Donald, 270 

Fitzpatrick, John, 97, 311 

Fitzpatrick, Patricia, 282 

Flanagan, Michael, 61, 299 

Flanagan, Richard, 126 

Fleishman, Edward, 126 

Fleishman, Jo, 126 

Fleishman, Mart, 126 

Fleming, Jr., Henry, 62 

Fleming, John, 62 

Fleming, Judy, 217, 282 

Fletcher, James, 97 

Fletcher, Judith, 97, 179, 192, 278 

Flick, Arthur, 126 

Flickinger, Edward, 126 

Flora, Jr., Fred, 126 

Florick, Linda, 126 

Flowers, III, John, 62 

Floyd, Clarence, 126 

Floyd, James, 112 

Floyd, Steven, 144 

Flye, Melvin, 154 

Flythe, Joseph, 126 

Fogarty, Stephen, 126, 268 

Fogle, Faith, 97 

Fogleman, Susan, 126 

Folger, Worth, 151 

Fonville, Carroll, 159 

Fonville, Marcia, 126 

Fonvielle, Margaret, 97 

Foote, Diana, 62, 184, 290 

Forbes, Charles, 62 

Forbes, Jennie, 97, 278 

Forbis, Richard, 97 

Ford, Jr., Charles, 62 

Ford, Dale, 62 

Ford, David, 126 

Ford, George, 112 

Ford, Jr., James, 126 

Ford, Michael, 112 

Ford, Philip, 126, 354 

Ford. Theresa, 126 

Ford, Virginia, 97 

Forehand, John, 126 

Foreman, Loretta, 97 

Foreman. Robert, 112 

Forester, Betty, 112, 192, 282 

Formanek, Peter, 62 

For my- Duval, John, 112 

Forney, Susan, 126 

Forrest, Stephen, 126 

Forrester. Ronald, 126 

Forstadt, Matthew, 112. 263 

Fort, Danny, 126 

Fortenbery, John, 112 

Fortune, Philip, 97, 318 

Forum, Richard, 62, 312 

Foster, Bruce, 299 

Foster, Jr., Leslie, 62 

Foster, Mary, 126 

Foster, Nola, 62 

Fountain, II, Alvin, 97 

Fountain, James, 62, 297 

Foushee, Mary, 97 

Fouts, George, 126 

Fowler, Ann, 97, 280 

Fowler, Desmond, 112 

Fowler, James, 62 

Fowler, Janice, 97 

Fox, Charles, 112 

Fox, Dale, 325 

Fox, David, 62 

Fox, Janice, 62 

Fox, Larry, 112 

Fox, Robert, 142 

Fox, Steve, 112, 338 

Fox, Terry, 97, 255 

Foxworth, Robert, 151 

Foy, Herbert, 97, 312 

Franklin, David, 126 

Franklin, Jr., Thomas, 62 

Franklin, John, 126 

Franklin, Linda, 97 

Franklin, Walter, 126 

Franusiszin, Alfred, 97 

Fraenheim, Eugene, 97 

Frazier, Jr., A. D , 151 

Frazier, James, 126 

Freakley, Jr., Edwin, 62, 195 

Frederick. Jr.. Richmond, 126 

Free, Noel, 112 

Freedlawn, Irwin, 112 

Freedman, Ceevah, 62 

Freeman, James, 148 

Freeman, James E., 97 

Freeman, John, 97, 341 

Freeman, John S., 97 

Freeman, John w,, 159, 348 
Freeman, Larry, 126 
Freeman, Michael, 97 
Freeman, Stephen, 159 
Freiberg, Allen, 62, 325 
French, Jr., Berry, 62 
French, Peter, 126 
Freiddle, George, 126 
Frieden, Jesslyn, 62 
Friedlander, Rick, 97 
Friese, David, 126 
Frisbee, Thomas, 97 
Fronenberger, John, 153 
Frost, Robert, 126 
Fruitt, Jerry, 112 
Frye, James, 112 
Frye, Steven, 144 
Frye, Thomas, 62 
Frye, William, 126 
Fu, David. 97 
Fuicher, Robert, 97, 351 
Fulk, Charles, 126 
Fulk. Christopher, 97 
Fuller, Evelyn, 62, 194, 285 
Fuller, Fleming, 97 
Fuller, Middleton, 12S 
Fuller, Thomas, 126 
Fullwood, James, 151 
Fulp, George, 112 
Fulton, Mary, 159, 189 
Fulton, Jr., Thomas, 159, 161 
Funderburk, Betty, 97,189 
Funderburk, Charleen, 126 
Funderburk, Dan, 126, 272 
Funderburk. Ronnie, 97 
Fung, Daniel, 163 
Furclies, Henry, 62 
Furness, Terence, 126 
Furr, Miriam, 97 
Furr, Neil, 126 
Furr, Robert, 112 
Furr, Jr., Vance, 97 
Futch, Kenneth, 97 
Futrell, Thomas, 112, 159 
Futterer, Mary, 62 

Gabriel, Charles, 97 
Gadd, Jr., Hamilton, 126 
Gaddy, Nancy, 112 
Gaddy, Sarah, 159 
Gaddy, Stanley. 126 
Gafford, Jr., William, 112 
Gaines, Edmund, 112 
Gaines, Michael, 112 
Gainey, Jr., Charles, 112 
Gainey, William, 151 
Gakstatter, Jack, 163 
Gallant, Dorothy, 62, 179 
Gallimore, Dianne, 112 
Gallop, Roger, 127 
Galloway, III, Hunter, 112 
Galloway, Kenneth, 112 
Galloway, Lynda, 127 
Galloway, Virgil, 163 
Galyon, Luther, 112, 312 
Gambill, Charles, 127 
Gambill, Jimmy, 127 
Gammon, III, George, 112, 268 
Gammon. Kenneth, 127 
Gann, Alice, 62, 189 
Gantt, Kenneth, 127 
Gantt, Lynn, 148 
Gantt, Stephen, 127 
Ganus, John, 62, 253 
Garber, Boyd, 97 
Garden, Christine, 62, 188 
Gardner, James, 127 
Gardner, Jr., Lytt, 127 
Gardner, Nancy, 97 
Gardner, III, Oliver, 127 
Gardner, Ted, 112 
Gardner. William, 127 
Garfinkle, Jerry, 127 
Garner, Alvin, 127 
Garner, Archie, 112 
Garner, Bob, 112, 308 
Garner, Patrick, 112 
Garner, Jr., Prentiss, 127 
Gamer, Terry, 127 
Garrabrant, Edgar, 155 
Garrett, Aaron, 127 
Garrett, Linda, 127 
Garrett, Michael, 306 
Garrison, Donald, 97 
Garrison, Edwin, 97 
Garrison, James, 112 
Garrison, James, 127 
Garrison, Robert, 154 
Garriss, James, 127 
Garvin, David, 127, 182 
Gash, Richard, 127 
Gaskins, Jr., Charles, 127 
Gassman, Stephen, 97, 337 
Caster, Roy, 62 
Gates, III, William, 127, 265 
Gatewood, Charles, 112 
Gatins, Joe, 112, 329 
Gattis, William, 97 
Gaunt, Jr., George, 62 
Gay, James, 97 
Gebeaux, Howard, 97 
Gebeaux. Robert, 62, 334 
Gebhardt, Margaret, 157, 357 
Gebhardt, Susan, 63, 290 
Gee, Margaret, 97 
Gegerson, Ralph, 127 

Genring, John, 151 

Gehweiler, Richard, 63, 311 
Geise, Patricia, 127 
Gellman, George, 127 
Gentry, Donald, 112 
Gentry, Jerry, 112 
Gentry, Lloyd, 127 
Genung, II, Frederick, 97 
George, Samuel, 159 
George, Terry, 97, 287 
Geraghty, Kevin, 112 
Gerard, Fredrick, 112 
Gernon, Robert, 97, 318 
Gibbs, Guy, 112 
Gibbs, III, Joseph, 63 
Gibson, Anne, 63, 152, 288 
Gibson, Barbara, 127 
Gibson, Charles, 112, 354 
Gibson, Cynthia, 112, 183 
Gibson, Dan, 112 
Gibson, James. 141, 153 
Gibson, Jonathan, 112 
Gibson, Martha, 63 
Gibson, Michael, 127 
Gideons, Heinrich, 97 
Gilbert, Bennett, 127 
Gilbert, Sandra, 157, 357 
Gilechrist, William, 127 
Giles, Billy, 127 
Giles, Ernest, 63 
Giles, Kenneth, 63, 251 
Giles, Larry, 127 
Giles, Jr., Roy, 148 
Gilkey, Jr., John, 112, 308 
Gilley, Marlene, 97 
Gilliam, Larry, 112 
Gilman, Donald, 97 
Giimore, Frank, 127 
Gilmore, James, 97 
Giimore, Stella, 63 
Gilstead, Claire, 63 
Gimmon, Susan, 63 
Ginger, William, 127 
Gingles, Jr., Ralph, 112 
Ginsberg, David, 112, 325 
Gitelson, Richard, 112 
Glace, Charles, 160, 354 
Glass, Alan, 159, 348 
Glass, John, 127 
Glasser, Paul, 112, 336 
Gleason, William, 112, 297 
Glenn, George, 127 

Glenn, John, 127 

Glenn, Lenette, 97 

Glenn, Thomas, 127 

Glenn, II, Thomas, 127 

Glover, Linda, 97, 176, 278 

Goble, Judy, 63 

Godett, Robin, 152, 256 

Godfrey, Eleanor, 127 

Godfrey, Eric, 127 

Godfrey, John, 112 

Godfrey. Roy. 63 

Godley, Maggie, 127 

Godwin, Howard, 63, 184 

Godwin, Joseph. 97 

Goforth, Jr., Joe, 63, 304, 305 

Goines, Melvin, 127 

Going, Sammy, 151 

Gold, Charles, 97 

Goldberg, Frank, 112 

Goldberg, Linda, 63 

Goldberg, Richard, 127 

Golden, Terry, 154 

Goldman, Joseph, 112, 336 

Goldman, Norman, 97, 336 

Goldman, Richard, 63, 300 

Goldstein, Bruce, 63 

Goldstein, Gerald, 127 

Goldstein, Michael, 97 

Goldstein, Steven, 150 

Gonser, William, 127 

Gonzalez, Peter, 63, 300 

Good, Terry, 97 

Goodall, Jr., Will, 127 

Goode, Gregory, 97 

Gooden, Michael, 127 

Goodfellow, Alexander, 127 

Goodfellow, Robin, 127 

Goodman, Joseph, 63, 190, 271 

Goodman, Julie, 127 

Goodman, Kay, 63 

Goodman, Richard, 112, 302 

Goodman, Jr., Rodney, 97, 250 

Goodnight, Patricia, 63 

Goodson, Jerry, 97 

Goodson, Michael, 127 

Goodwin, Barry, 127 

Goodwin, Jr., Herbert, 127 

Goodwin, James, 97 

Goodwin, Larry, 127 

Goodwin, Sheila, 63 

Goodwin, II, William, 142 

Goodwin, William, 97 

Gordon, Jr., Britton, 63, 123, 172, 
186, 294 

Gordon, III, William, 112, 297 

Gore, Larry, 127, 181 

Gore, Tony, 121, 127, 175 

Gorman, Richard, 141 

Gorrell, Sarah, 63 

Gossett, Lynda, 97 

Gouger, John, 97 

Gould, Robert, 127 

Gourlay, Charles, 97, 316 
Gourley, Robert, 151 
Grabe, Sally, 163 
Grabe, Sarah, 169 
Grady, Elizabeth, 97, 288 
Graham, Alice, 112, 188,192, 

Graham, Baxter, 127 
Graham, Cynthia, 97, 282 
Graham, Janice, 112 
Graham, Joseph, 112 
Graham, Joseph M., 97 
Graham, Margaret, 63, 280 
Graham, Roger, 112 
Graham, Virginia, 127 
Graham, Jr., Walter, 63 
Graham, Jr., William, 63, 207 
Gramelsbach, Heidi, 97 


Hall, Augustus, 113 

Hall, Barbara, 98 

Hall, Brandon, 113 

Hall, Charles, 98 

Hall, Donna, 98 

Hall, Jr., Feiton, 98, 352 

Hall, Jr., James, 98 

Hall, James, 159,161,356 

Hall, Judith, 98, 216 

Hall, Kyle, 98 

Hall, Linda, 98 

Hall, Patricia, 64 

Hall, Jr., Richard, 128 

Hall, Jr., Samuel, 64 

Hall, Stewart, 128 

Hall, Susan, 98 

Hall, Thomas, 128 

Hall, William, 128 

Haller, Kenneth, 98, 318, 351 

Hallman, II, Vance, 113 

Haltom, Lee, 113 

Hamm, John, 113, 316 

Hamill, William, 128 

Hamilton, Douglas, 128 

Hamilton, John, 64, 184 

Hamilton, Johnny, 128 

Hamilton, Maria, 64 

Hamilton, Patricia, 98, 176, 291 

Hamilton, Raleigh, 128 

Hamilton, Richard, 98 

Hamilton, Stephen, 64 

Hamlet, Fred, 128 

Hamlet, James, 128 

Hamlet, William, 113 

Hamlin, Linda, 113 

Hamlin, Jr., William, 64 

Hamm, Jr., James, 113 

Hamm, Kenneth, 64 

Hammerback. Edward, 113, 308 

Hammerstone, Jr., James, 98, 299 

Hammerstone, Richard, 98, 299 

Hammond, Kenneth, 128 

Hamnick, III, Alger, 113 

Hampton, Keitha, 64 

Hampton, Wade, 128 

Hamrick, III, Charles, 128 

Hamrick, Charles, 160 

Hamrick, Edward, 128 

Hamrick, Richard, 64 

Hanan, III, John, 98 

Hanaway, Thomas, 128 

Hancock. Billie, 98, 280 

Handy, Thomas, 141 

Hanes, Frank, 98, 302 

Haney, Kenneth, 128 

Hanif, Mohammad, 163 

Kankins, Gary, 98 

Hankins, III, Irvin, 113, 308 

Hanna, Jr., Edward, 113 

Hanna, III, George, 151 

Hanna, John, 153 

Hanna. Ill, Oba, 113, 346 

Hannah, Robert, 128 

Hannen, Walter, 128 

Hanson, Karl, 113, 294 

Hardee, Martha, 291 

Hardenbergh, Frank, 64, 305 

Hardesty, Jr., Ivan, 64, 311 

Hardison, Ashley, 113 

Hardison, LaVoice, 159 

Hardison, Samuel, 113 

Hardman, Joel, 64 

Hardy, John, 128 

Hare, Rufus, 128 

Harer, Alan, 98 

Hargett, Hugh, 113 

Hargis, Sarah, 113 

Hargrove, III, Walter, 128 

Harllee, III, Frederick, 98, 34S 

Harmon, Elizabeth, 128 

Harmon, Frances, 98 

Harmon, John, 50, 65, 312 

Harmon, John, 65, 217, 300 

Harmon, Thomas, 128 

Harnden, Elizabeth, 65, 287 

Harper, John, 113 

Harper. John M., 346 

Harrell, Andrew, 65 

Harrell, Carolyn, 98, 288 

Harrell, III, Clarence, 168 

Harrell, Jr., James, 128 

Harrell, Joe, 65. 322 

Harrell, III, Lonnie, 113, 297 

Harrell, Jr., Norfleet, 144 

Harrell, Shirley, 65 

Harrell, William, 128 

Harrill, Charles, 128 

Harrington, Jr., Craig, 113 

Harrington, Jr., Ellis, 65, 194, 

Harrington, Judith, 113 
Harrington, Robert, 98 
Harrington, Thomas, 128 
Hams, Jr., Anderson, 128 
Harris, Ann, 113 

Harris, Bayard, 65, 176, 354 
Harris, Jr., Charles, 141 
Harris, Cornelius, 65 
Harris, Douglas, 65 
Harris, Galen, 352 
Harris, Gaye, 65, 280 
Harris, Herbert, 128 
Harris, Jr., James C, 128 
Harris, James 0., 151 
Harris, James P., 163 
Harris, James R., 65 
Harris, Joel, 113 
Harris, Joseph, 98 
Harris, Margaret, 145 
Harris, Lambert, 113 
Harris, Marina, 98 
Harris, Jr., Paul, 65 
Harris, Jr., Ralph, 65 
Harris, Richard, 98 
Harris, ill, Richard F., 150 
Harris, Robert, 65 
Harris, Samuel, 154 
Harris, Thomas, 113 
Harris, Thomas E., 113 
Harris, Vivian, 98 
Harris, William B., 128 
Harris, III, William C, 128 
Harrison, Frank, 128 
Harrison, Jerry, 128 
Harrison, Linda, 65 
Harrison, Jr., Reginald, 150 
Harrison, Jr., William, 65 
Harrison, Jr., William H , 128 
Harriss, Brenda, 128 
Hart, Charles, 128 
Hart, James, 144 
Hart, James P., 65, 334 
Hart, Lynnie, 128 
Hart, Stephen, 113 
Hartley, William, 163 
Hartman, Jr., James, 65 
Hartness, III, William, 141 
Hartzog, Dan, 128 
Harvel, Ross, 113 
Harvey, Anne, 65, 293 
Harville, Jr., Thomas, 65 
Haselden, Jr., Edward, 153 
Hass, Marshall, 98, 197 
Hassell, Raymond, 65, 217, 294 
Hassell, Thomas, 98 
Hassenfelt, Jr., Hal, 128 
Hasty, Anne, 128 
Haswell, Joel, 113 
Hatch, William, 151 
Hatch, William M., 65 
Hatcher, John, 128 
Hatcher, Kenneth, 151 
Hauser, Michael, 65 
Hauser, Samuel, 113 

Haverstock, Mary, 65, 189 

Hainfield, Jr., William, 128 

Hawkins, William, 98, 352 

Hawthorne, Jane, 98 

Hayden, John, 98 

Hayes, Jr., Gerald, 65 

Hayes, Jr., Lewis, 98 

Hayes, James, 143 

Hayes, Margaret, 65, 285 

Hayes, Stephen, 320 

Hayes, Susan, 113, 198 

Hayes, Ted, 98 

Haynes, Jimmie, 128 

Haynes, John, 141 

Haynsworth, Jr., Perry, 113 

Hays, Dorothy, 163 

Hays, Jr., Arthur, 150 

Haywood, Edgar, 113 

Haywood, Gloria, 98 

Haywood, III, Hubert, 113 

Haywood, John, 98. 297 

Haywood, Leon. 159. 348 

Hazelton, William, 65, 354 

Hazen, Elizabeth, 113 

Heacock, David, 98, 194, 304 

Head, Thomas, 142 

Headley, II, Julien, 128 

Heafner, William, 128 

Heard, John, 113, 329 

Heatherington, Terry, 157, 161, 

Heaton, David, 128 

Heaton, Frederick, 113 

Heavener, Lewis, 128 

Hechenbleikner, Herbert, 128 

Hechenbleikner, Madeline. 65, 287 

Heck, Susan, 128 

Heckler, Louis, 128 

Hedden, Carol, 155 

Hedgecoe, Joel, 142 

Hedgepeth, Charles, 128 

Hedman, Kent, 113, 302 

Hedrick, David, 98 

Hedrick, George, 98 

Hege, Jerald, 65 

Heilig, John, 98 

Heindel, Clifford, 153 

Helbig, Anna, 128 

Helder, Jake, 98, 352 

Hellebush, Peter, 113, 175. 180, 

Hellen, III, Earle, 98 

Heller, Mary, 98 

Helman, Warren, 128 

Helms, John, 113 

Helms, John, 98 

Helms, Robert, 128 

Helms, William, 113, 316 

Helton, Harold, 128 

Helvestine, William, 113, 306 

Hemphill, Betty, 113 



Printing Company 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

"Time is All it Costs to Compare" 
Call and Find Out the Differences 

William M. Buell 


The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
P.O. Box 1314, 121 W. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill 
BUSINESS 942-6966 RESIDENCE 968-6622 



Hemphill, William, 65 

Hemric, Stephen, 113 

Henderson, Jr., Hoke, 154 

Henderson, John, 128 

Henderson, Jr., Marvin, 98, 248 

Henderson, Nancy, 98, 278 

Henderson, Oliver, 163 

Henderson, Richard, 98 

Hendnx. Martha, 159, 287, 421 

Henkel, Henry, 98 

Henkel, Miriam, 98 

Henley, Jr., John, 128 

Henley, Thomas, 154 

Henry, Kenneth, 65 

Henry, Lawrence, 155 

Henry, Lee, 66, 293 

Henry, Jr., Marshall, 128 

Henry, Paul, 128 

Hensgen, Jr., Lowell, 128 

Hensley, Clyde, 160 

Hensley, Michael, 66 

Henson, James, 159, 356 

Hepler, Elizabeth, 66 

Herman, Carl, 66 

Herndon, Michael, 113 

Herrick, Gene, 354 

Herring, David, 66 

Herring, Gene, 159 

Herring, Mary, 66 

Herring, William, 98, 354 

Herter, Christan, 128 

Herter, Nancy, 66, 256 

Hertz, Richard, 12d 

Hervey, Howard, 113 

Hess, Carol, 152 

Hester, Edward, 66 

Hester, Mary, 98 

Hester, Ralph, 113 

Hewitt, Jr., Harold, 113 

Heymann, Pete, 153 

Heys, Thomas, 128 

Hiutt, Monty, 160 

Hickman, Atlas, 128 

Hickman, Dewey, 128 

Hicks, Alan, 128 

Hicks, Dayle, 128 

Hicks, Earl, 141 

Hicks, Jr., James, 66 

Hicks, Paul, 128 

Hicks, Robert, 144 

Hicks, Rodney, 66 

Hicks, William, 128 

Hiers, Charles, 66 

Higdon, Jane, 128 

Higdon, Jr., William, 128 

Higginbotham, Betty, 128 

Higgins, III, Thomas, 113 

Higgins, Jr., Michael, 128 

High, Sandy, 128 

Highsmith, Vance, 113 

Hight, William, 66 

Hightower, Jr., Felda, 66 

Hilderbrandt, Jr., Thomas, 1 1 3, 351 

Hildenbrand, Steven, 98, 175, 180, 

195, 305 
Hildt, Jeffrey, 113, 329 
Hill, Billy. 113 
Hill, Charles, 98 
Hill, Christie, 157 
Hill, David, 128 
Hill, Jr., Edward, 143 
Hill, Garry, 128 
Hill, Gary, 66 
Hill, James C, 66 
Hill, II, James W., 95, 334 
Hill, John, 128 
Hill, Karen, 113 
Hill, Kenneth, 128 
Hill, Larry, 164 
Hill, Jr., Lawrence, 128 
Hill, Maggie, 98 
Hill, Mavis, 66, 288 
Hill, Michael, 113 
Hill, Nancy, 98 
Hill, Reginald, 128 
Hill, Russell, 98 
Hillard, John, 113, 308 
Hilliard, William, 128 
Hilton, Hugh, 128 
Hiner, James, 150 
Hines. James, 98 
Hinkle, Mary, 98, 287 
Hinkle, Robert. 98 
Hinkle, Talmadge, 98 
Hinkle, Thomas, 98 
Hinnant, Dan, 113, 351 
Hinnant, Jr., Jesse, 113 
Hinnant, Jr., Jesse, 160 
Hinnant, Milton, 128 
Hinshaw, Howard, 155 
Hinshaw, Jr., Maxwell, 66 
Hinshaw, Jr., Roland, 128 
Hinson, Bessie, 145 
Hinson, Kenneth, 128 
Hinson, Larry, 150 
Hinson, Lynda, 113 
Hinton, III, Charles, 128, 175 
Hinton, Larry, 66 
Hinton, Jr., William, 98 
Hitchcock, Robert, 113 
Hite, James, 128 
Hoar, Stephen, 98, 207, 354 
Hobbs, Ralph, 274 
Hobbs, Sanford, 128 
Hobgood, III, Alfred, 128 
Hobgood, Robert, 113 
Hobgood, William, 98 
Hobson, III, Henry, 113, 299 
Hobson Judith, 98 
Hockfield, Edward, 113, 175 

Hockfield, Steven, 98, 172, 175 
Hodge, Jr., John, 98 
Hodges, Andrew, 113, 301 
Hodges, Christopher, 113 
Hodges, Ernest, 128 
Hodges, Jr., James, 128 
Hodgin, Jon, 113 
Hofer, Jeffrey, 128 
Hoffman, James, 66 
Hoffman, Milo, 113 
Hofler, Sheryl, 128 
Hofmeister, Stanley, 98, 178, 301 
Hogue, David, 98, 182 
Holcomb, Sara, 113 
Holcombe, Jerry, 113 
Holcombe, Jr., Robert, 98 
Holden, David, 129 
Holder, Jr., Walter, 98 
Holderness, Richard, 113, 193 
Holding, Jr., James, 129, 351 
Holladay, James, 129 
Hollan. Jr., William, 113 
Holland, Charles, 129 
Holland, David, 113 
Holland, David, 160 
Holland, Gene, 143 
Holland, Jon, 98 
Holland, Kenneth, 129 
Holland, Max, 151 
Holland, Nicholas, 157 
Holland, Rebecca, 66 
Holland, IV, Robert, 98 
Holland, Ronald, 113 
Holland, III, Sherrill, 98 
Holland, Tony, 66 
Holland, Walter, 98. 191 
Holland, William, 129 
Hollander, Jeffrey, 151 
Holleman, Larry, 98 
Holler, Jr., Cato, 66 
Holler, Frances, 145 
Holliday, Joseph, 129 
Hollingsworth, Jr., Harry, 66, 217 
Hollister, Virginia, 98, 287 
Hollomon. Ill, James, 159 
Holloway, Algin, 113 
Holam, James, 144 
Holman, III, Joseph, 129 
Holmes, Charles, 129 
Holmes, III, George, 66 
Holmes, Jeffrey, 98 
Holsapple, Merritt, 113 
Holstein, Jr., Samuel, 141 
Holt, Jon, 98 
Holton, Jean, 66 
Homesley, Howard, 154 
Honeycutt, Jack, 114 
Honeycutt, Jeffrey, 66 
Honeycutt, Jr., Joseph, 129 
Honeycutt, Roy, 129 
Honeycutt, Russell, 129 
Hood, Floyd, 98, 322 
Hook, III, George, 98 
Hooke, Diana, 66. 288 
Hooks, Stephen, 129 
Hooks, Jr., William, 98, 294 
Hooper, Elizabeth, 129 
Houper, Thomas, 98, 253 
Hope, Stephen, 129, 175, 272 
Hopfer, Arthur, 114 
Hopkins, Thomas, 129 
Hopper, Carolyn, 96, 285 
Horal. Bill, 351 
Horn, David, 129 
Horn, William, 114 
Hornaday, John, 129 
Home, John 114 
Home, William, 159 
Horney, Louise, 129 
Homey, Mary, 98, 188, 287 
Hornthal, Allen, 141 
Houck, William. 98 
Hough, James, 98, 190, 262 
Houghton, Jon, 98 
Houle, III, Jerome, 98. 217 
House, Gloria, 98, 285 
Houser, Blanche, 98 
Houser, Christine, 159, 357 
Houser, Robert, 168 
Houston, Anne, 66 
Hovis, Larry, 159, 348 
Howard, Jr., David, 129 
Howard, Douglas, 66 
Howard, Thomas, 129 
Howden, Eugene, 141 
Howe, Daniel, 66, 305 
Howe, Donald, 66 
Howe, Jr., George, 66, 346 
Howe, Henry, 129 
Howe, James, 98 
Howe, Jim, 346 
Howell, III, Bisco, 114 
Howell, David, 98, 299 
Howell, Freda, 98 
Howell, Henderson, 98 
Howell, Kathryn, 129 
Howell, Margaret, 129 
Howell, Nelson, 155 
Howell, Phillip, 114 
Howell, Sammy, 98 
Howerton, Judy, 67, 217, 278, 

Howerton, Thomas, 129 
Hoyle, Stephen, 67 
Hoyle, William, 148 
Hoyle, Jr., Wilson, 143, 151 
Hoyt, Richard, 67, 302 
Hryharrow, John, 114, 301 
Hubbard, Edith, 67 
Hubbard, Grady, 98 

Hubbard, James, 99, 212, 312 
Hubbard, John, 129, 351 
Hubbard, Lynnette, 129 
Hubbard, Stanley, 129 
Hubble, John, 99, 312 
Huuer, Paul, 164 
Hudnell, William, 129 
Hudson, Christopher, 129 
Hudson, Jr., Parker, 129 
Hudson, Herman, 99 
Hudson, Howard, 99 
Hudson, Jr., James, 129 
Hudson, John, 99 
Hudson, Kenneth, 314 
Hudson, Ronald, 67, 322 
Hudson, William, 114 
Huey, Jr., William, 129 
Huf, William, 99 
Huff, Dorothy, 67 
Huff, James, 129 
Huff, Judith, 129 
Huff, Wallace, 164 
Huffman, Daniel, 99 
Huffman, Gary, 67 
Huffman, Gloria, 114 
Hugenschmidt, James, 99 
Huggins, Guy, 99 
Huggler, David, 67. 334 
Hughes, Danny, 129 
Hughes, III, Eugene, 129 
Hughes, James, 67 
Hughes, John, 99 
Hughes, John, 114 
Hughes, III, John, 67 
Hughes, III, Miles, 129 
Hughey, Michael, 99 
Hull, Floyd, 129 
Hulse, William, 151 
Hume, Richard, 67 
Humphrey, Lloydette, 129 
Humphreys, Mary, 67 
Humphreys, William, 114 
Hundley, Carl, 99, 259 
Hundley, James, 154 
Huneycutt, Arlie, 129 
Hunnicutt, Barbara, 99 
Hunnicutt, Benjamin, 67 
Hunt, Allan, 99 
Hunt, III, Edgar, 67 
Hunt, Edward, 129 
Hunt, Janet, 129 
Hunt, Jr., John, 99 
Hunt, Raymond, 129 
Hunt, Ronald, 151 
Hunt. William. 274 
Hunter, III, Alex, 129 
Hunter, David, 129 
Hunter, III, Fillmore, 129 
Hunter, Gale, 99, 282 
Hunter, Jr., James, 67 
Hunter, John, 67 
Hunter, Jr., Luther, 67 
Hunter, Robert C, 67, 190, 191, 

272, 334 
Hunter, Jr., Robert, N .. 129 
Hunter, Stephanie, 159, 357 
Hunter, III, Thomas, 99, 320 
Huntley, James, 129 
Huntley, Marsha, 99 
Huntley, III, William, 129 
Hupfer, Charles, 114 
Huppert, George, 99 
Hurder, John, 129, 197 
Hurley, Patrick, 129 
Hurley, Richard, 114 
Hurst, Nancy, 67 
Hurst, Richard, 114 
Hurst, Thomas, 129 
Hurt, Floyd, 99 
Hussey, Martha, 99, 288 
Hussman, Walter, 114, 195, 303 
Hutaff, Phillip, 67 
Hutchens, Jr., Luther, 142 
Hutchenson, Jr., John, 67, 354 
Hutchins, Julia, 99, 285 
Hutchins, Mickey, 114 
Hutchins, Ralph, 99 
Hutchison, Gail, 129 
Hutchison, Mary, 99 
Hutson, Jr., Edward, 99, 316 
Hutton, George, 114 
Huy, Jr., Clifton. 114 
Hyatt, Thomas, 114 
Hyder, Jr.. Lecter, 114 
Hyman, Michele. 99 
Hyman, Robert, 129 
Hyman, Stephen, 144 
Hynes, Barbara, 67 

Inderfurth, Karl, 114, 297 

Inge, Jr., William, 99 

Ingham, Helen, 129 

Ingle, John, 129 

Ingram, Alexis, 151 

Ingram, Donald, 99 

Ingram, George, 67, 184, 186, 299 

Ingram, John, 67, 172, 180, 334 

Ingram, Willie, 114 

Inman, Robert, 114, 356 

Inscoe, Jr., Jack, 114, 351 

Irons, Harold, 129 

Irvin, Robert, 99 

Irvine, Susan, 99, 280 

Irving, John, 320 

Irving, Richard, 114 

Isenhour, Danny, 129 

Isenhower, John, 129 

Isherwood, Jr., George, 129 
Isley, Robert, 129 
Israel, Stephen, 67, 338 
luele, James, 129, 354 
Ivey, Sarah, 99, 280 
Ivey, William, 148 
Ivins, Anthony, 99, 187, 194 

Jablonski, Jr., Thaddeus, 164 
Jack, Elizabeth, 164 
Jack, Ruth, 114 
Jackson, Daniel, 129 
Jackson, Francis, 129 
Jackson, Frank, 129 
Jackson, George, 148 
Jackson, Isaiah, 99, 334 
Jackson, Joseph, 114, 265 
Jackson, Juanita, 99 
Jackson, Martha, 129 
Jackson, Marvin, 99 
Jackson, Robert, 99 
Jackson, Samuel, 141 
Jackson, Thomas, 67, 312 
Jacobs, Richard, 129 
Jacobson, Joseph, 99, 301 
James, Anne, 114 
James, Elizabeth, 99, 287 
James, Randall, 129 
James, Robert, 114 
James, Roger, 67 
Jamieson, Ann, 114, 192, 285 
Janowitz, William, 67 
January, Mary, 67, 217, 278 
Jarboe, Joseph, 114, 301 
Jarman, Jr., William, 99, 175, 299 
Jarrell, Fred, 99 
Jarrett, Brenda, 129 
Jarrett, Tommy, 150 
Jarvis, Jr., Wade, 99 
Jay, Donald, 114 
Jeffcoat, Cecil, 129 
Jeffress, Harriet, 99 
Jeffreys, Jr., Bryan, 149 
Jenkins, Jr., Edward, 129 
Jenkins, Jr., Earl, 129 
Jenkins, Gregory, 114 
Jenkins, Larry, 67 
Jennell, Kay, 67 
Jennett, John, 129 
Jennings, Ann, 99 
Jennings, Henry, 67 
Jennings, Jacqueline, 99, 287 
Jennings, James, 99 
Jennings, Michael .. 114, 305 
Jennings, Michael S., 114, 179 
Jennings, Robert, 114 
Jennings, Roger, 99 
Jennings, Jr., William, 99 
Jenrette, Jr., Julius, 99 
Jenrette, Jr., Thomas, 114, 181 
Jenzano, Carol, 114 
Jernigan, Frank, 99, 354 
Jernigan, Jasper, 99 
Jernigan, John, 99 
Jernigan, William, 129 
Jervey, Mary, 99, 285 
Jessup, Jr., Percy, 149 
Jester, James, 114 
Jewell, Karen, 114 
Johansson, Anders, 114 
Johansson, Beatrice, 68 
John, David, 164 
Johnson, Barbara, 99 
Johnson, Carl, 99, 175 
Johnson, Carolyn, 68 
Johnson, II, Charles, 141 
Johnson, Dale, 151 
Johnson, Jr., Daniel, 129 
Johnson, Donald, 294 
Johnson, George, 129 
Johnson, James, 68 
Johnson, Jr., Marvin, 129 
Johnson, Jo, 68, 288 
Johnson, Jr., Joseph, 160 
Johnson, Kay, 357 
Johnson, Larry, 150 
Johnson, Lee, 129 
Johnson, Marion, 99, 280 
Johnson, Michael R., 68 
Johnson, Michael W., 114 
Johnson, Molly, 99 
Johnson, Paula, 68, 199, 278 
Johnson, Jr., Ralph, 129 
Johnson, Raymond, 99 
Johnson, Jr., Richard N.. 114 
Johnson, Richard S., 68, 219, 308 
Johnson, Richard w., 114 
Johnson, Robert A., 99 
Johnson, Robert E., 68 
Johnson, Robert L., 99 
Johnson, Robert W., 149 
Johnson, Samuel, 129 
Johnson, Sarah, 129 
Johnson, Stephen, 114 
Johnson, Susan, 129 
Johnson, Van, 148 
Johnson, Vann, 129 
Johnson, William G .. 129 
Johnson, III, William H , 99 
Johnston, Betsy, 99 
Johnston, Daniel, 129 
Johnston, Jr., George, 129 
Johnston, Mary, 68, 156, 157, 357 
Johnston, Jr., Richard. 114, 299 
Johnston, William, 129 
Jolley, Max, 129 
Jolley, Rickey, 68 
Jolley, Roger, 68 

Jolly, Bruce, 129, 182 
Jolly, John, 150 
Jones, Barbara, 169 
Jones, Bernice, 129 
Jones, Charles J., 129 
Jones, Charles M . , 114 
Jones, David, 129 
Jones, Donna, 145 
Jones, Elmer, 114 
Jones, Evelyn, 99 
Jones, George P., 114 
Jones, George T., 114 
Jones, Gordon, 114 
Jones, James E., 129 
Jones, James J., 99 
Jones, Jean, 68, 287 
Jones, Jr., John A., 68 
Jones, John M., 99 
Jones, John T.. 68 
Jones, Julia, 129 
Jones, Larry, 157 
Jones, Linda, 99, 199 
Jones, Michael, 114 
Jones, Natalie, 114 
Jones, III, Plummer, 99, 354 
Jones, Raphael, 68 
Jones, Richard E., 129 
Jones, Richard M., 114 
Jones, Richard T.. 159 
Jones, Robert Barrow, 114 
Jones, Robert Brooke, 154 
Jones, Robert M., 114 
Jones, Robert R., 169 
Jones, Samuel, 129 
Jones, Sarah, 99 
Jones, Stephen, 99 
Jones, Thomas, 157 
Jones, Van, 68 
Jones, Jr., Waldo, 68, 312 
Jones, Jr., William, 129 
Jordan, Jr., Joseph, 1 1 4, 320 
Jordan, Julia, 68, 291, 292 
Jordan, June, 68, 189, 293 
Jordan, Linda, 68 
Jordan, Michael, 129 
Jordan, Robert, 68 
Jordan, William, 153 
Jorgensen, Alice, 130 
Joyce, Randolph, 130 
Joyce, Theodore, 130 
Joye, Michael, 68 
Joyner, Reid, 130 
Joyner, Ronald, 130, 153 
Jurash, Stephen, 114 
Justice, Barry, 114 
Justice, Jacqueline, 130 
Justice, James, 68 
Justice, Max, 99 
Justice, Richard, 114 
Justice, Roger, 164 

Kabat, Lee, 114,338 
Kaemmerlen, Ruth, 130 
Kahdy, Barbara, 152 
Kail, Robert, 130, 266 
Kale, Ernest, 99 
Kaley, James, 143 
Kalfur. William, 354 
Kampf, Joseph, 68 
Kane, Bonnie, 68 
Kane, Harry, 151 
Kannon, Ruth, 160 
Kanwit, Peter, 68 
Kaplan, Kenneth, 99 
Kaplan, Ronald, 114 
Karesh, Susan, 130 
Karres, Matthew, 114 
Karro, Marshall, 114 
Kassens, Jr., William, 68 
Kathpalia, Kanta, 164 
Kuttenburg, Philip, 114, 311 
Katz, Craig, 99 
Katz, Michael, 130 
Katz, Robin, 149 
Kaucher, Margarete, 159 
Kaufman, Kenneth, 159 
Kaufman, Steven, 130 
Kausch, John, 160 
Kaye, Lawrence, 99, 336 
Kayed, Ahmad, 99 
Kearney, Edwin, 130 
Kearney, James, 114 
Kearney, Robert, 159 
Kearse, Jr., William, 154 
Keating, Frances, 99, 293 
Keating, William, 68, 329 
Keaton. Mark, 114, 183 
Keck, Mary, 145 
Keel, Jr., Page, 114 
Keen, Aubrey, 68, 346 
Keener, Candace, 99 
Keever, Jr., Frederick, 99 
Keith, Celinta, 160 
Keith, Preston, 143 
Keith, Thomas, 99 
Kellam, Jr., Nosco, 68 
Keller, III, John A., 130 
Keller, John E., 114 
Keller, Paul, 99 
Keller, R. Michael, 130 
Keller, Roland, 99 
Kelley, Kenneth, 99 
Kellogg, John, 114, 354 
Kelly, Francis, 130, 175 
Kelly, Marion, 157 
Kelly, Michael B., 99 
Kelly, Michael H., 130 





Complete Line of Classroom Supplies 
Reference Books — Outlines — Textbooks 





■ "*■'&&> 

H'iStWk i«^ lf ^ -»%'ii ii" vlM 

t .~v ' .'jy*- ~ "**' -i tin. - ■ >x*i Lj 


The University Host 



Kelly, Michael W., 114,272 

Kelly, Richard, 130, 333 

Kelly, Jr., Vincent, 99 

Kelly, III, William, 130 

Kelso, Cassandra, 130 

Kemic, Stephen, 114, 216 

Kemlein, Jr., Donald, 68 

Kemmer, Kaye, 99, 261 

Kemp, William, 68 

Kenan, III, James, 114 

Kendal, William, 164 

Kendrick, Howard, 69 

Kenndey, David M.. 114 

Kennedy, David R ., 130 

Kennedy, Linda, 166 

Kennerly, Benjamin, 99 

Kenney, Jr., Edward, 69 

Kenney, Larry, 69, 306 

Kerley, Lloyd, 114 

Kern, Natalia, 99 

Kerns, Marshall, 69 

Kerr, Frederick, 130 

Kerr, Richard, 130 

Kesler, Pamela, 69, 291 

Kesler, Phyllis, 114, 256 

Kessler, Michael, 130 

Key, Tony, 99 

Kiel, David, 114, 216 

Kiicollin, Mark, 130 

Kilgo, Dale, 99 

Killian, Charles, 69, 354 

Killian, James, 159 

Killian, III, Leon, 69 

Killian, Richard, 99 

Kill ion, James, 130 

Killough, Jr., Walter, 114 

Kilpatrick, David, 130 

Kilpatrick, Lynn, 69, 285 

Kimball, Clayton, 114 

Kimel, Larry, 99 

Kindley, Paul, 130 

King, Adrian, 130 

King, Alvin, 114, 267, 354 

King, Barry, 130 

King, III, Bruce, 130 

King, Charles, 114 

Kine, Dan, 99 

King, Edward, 99 

King, Ellen, 130 

King, James A., 157 

King, James R., 99, 346 

King, Jenning, 99, 316 

King, Judy, 114 

King, Linda, 99 

King, Malvern, 151 

King, Michael, 69 

King, Jr., Millard, 99 

King, Paul, 114, 182 

King, III, Walter, 114, 181, 303 

Kinlaw, Alton, 159 

Kinlaw, Francis, 69 

Kinney, Jr., Charles, 99 

Kinsland, Carolyn, 99 

Kipps, Ann, 99 

Kirby, Ralph, 69, 255 

Kirby, William, 130 

Kirk, Cary, 69 

Kirk, Charles, 153 

Kirk, Grig, 130 

Kirk, Mary, 100, 192, 285 

Kirkland, Gordon, 130 

Kukl and. Walter. 130, 179 

Kirkman, Brenda, 100 

Kirkman, Jr., James, 114 

Kirkpatrick, Jr., James, 69 

Kirkton, Douglas, 114 

Kirkwood, Kathleen, 100 

Kirotein, Philip, 100, 176, 338 

Kirtley, III, Wallace, 69, 308 

Kirser, Camille, 160 

Kiser, David, 100 

Kiser, Jr., John, 151 

Kiser, Mayada, 100 

Kiser, Thomas, 100 

Kishony, Rachetta, 100 

Kispert, John, 100 

Kistlei, Jr., Clyde, 100 

Kitchin, Jr., William, 100 

Kitts, Jr., John, 100 

Kiziah, Larry, 157 

Klaft. Michael, 69 

Kleiman, Scott, 154 

Klein, Richard, 114 

Kleinmaier, Alan, 114, 294 

Kleitman, Kenneth, 100 

Klepfer, Jr., Robert, 149 

Kleppel, Jerry, 169 

Kleto, Nicholas, 130 

Kline, Jr., Charles, 100 

Kline, Harvey, 69 

Kling, Margaret, 69 

Klioze, Soloman, 114, 175 

Kluttz, Jr., William, 114, 303 

Knedlik, Sheila, 114, 227 

Knesel, David, 69, 203 

Knight, Barbara, 100, 282 

Knight, Charles, 114, 351 

Knight, Henry, 114 

Knott, Jr., Lawrence, 114 

Knowles, Michael, 100, 184 

Knowlton, Steven, 130 

Koch, Barry, 222 

Koch, III, John, 114, 130 

Kodack, Lawrence, 69 

Koeblitz, Robert, 130 

Koehne, Jr., Richard, 130 

Koester, III, Thomas, 130 

Kohn, Robert, 100, 338 

Kollias, Van, 164 

Kolmer, Jr., George, 168 

Konopka, Edward, 100 
Koomen, John, 100 
Koon, Michael, 130 
Koonce, Donald, 114, 130 
Koonce, Neil, 130 
Koonce, William, 69 
Koonis, Larry, 114 
Koontz, Charlie, 100 
Koontz, Gilbert, 114, 331 
Koontz, Thomas, 155 
Kornegay, Jr., Alonzo, 130 
Kosma, Jr., Alexander, 151 
Kouba, William, 100 
Koury, David, 164 
Kraft, Naomi, 69, 182 
Kramer, Kenneth, 130 
Kramer, Richard, 69, 217 
Krames, Elliot, 69 
Kreiser, Bette, 152 
Kress, Sidney, 155 
Krichbaum, Jr., George, 130 
Krider, Jennie, 100, 288 
Kroboth, Timothy, 160, 356 
Kroneki, James, 130 
Krones, Selma, 108 
Krug, Michael, 100 
Kropelnicki, Jr., Steven, 115 
Kubachko, Stephanie, 130 
Kubie, Jr., Donald, 69 
Kuesel, Jeffery, 130 
Kuester, Kate, 100, 281 
Kulig, Douglas, 100 
Kurth, Franz, 100,259 
Kurtz, Marguerite, 69 
Kuzyk, Volodar, 150 

Laban, Lois, 69, 182 
Labarie, David, 115, 180, 325 
Lacher, Walter, 100 
Lackey, Everette, 100 
Lackey, Jr., Herman, 130 
Lackey, Judith, 69, 184, 214 
Lackey, Jr., Lawrence, 115 
Lackey, Lokie, 100 
Lackey, Jr., Walter, 69 
Lacklen, Jay, 130 
LaFevers, Fredrick, 144 
Laffman, Karen, 100, 186 
Lail, Gary, 100 
Lail, William, 100 
Lain, William, 100 
Laird, Clinton, 130 
Lalanne, Barbara, 100, 281 
Lamb, Jane, 166, 168 
Lamb, Raymond, 130 
Lamb, II, Stephen, 130 
Lambert, Jr., Fred, 69 
Lambert, Jerry, 69 
Lambert, John, 100, 354 
Lambeth, Elizabeth, 115 
Lambeth Philip, 100, 354 
Lambrecht, David, 115, 301 
Lamm, Ben, 69, 356 
Lamm, Dwight, 100 
Lamm, Kerry, 100 
Lamm, Jr., Riddick, 100 
Lamont, George, 100 
Lamp, William, 115 
Lamport, Alvin, 164 
Lancaster, Jr., Beaufort, 100 
Lancaster, Harold, 150 
Lancaster, Mary, 160 
Lancaster, Jr., Raymond, 130 
Land, Christianna, 100, 281, 292 
Land, Jr., Roy, 155 
Landman, Max, 100 
landrum, Betty, 130 
Landry, Jr., Patrick, 130 
Lane, Barbara, 69 
Lane, Jr., C, 100 
Lane, David, 70, 206, 207 
Lane, Jr., Hubert, 130 
Lane, Jr., James, 154 
Lane, Miriam, 70 
Lane, Robert, 70 
Langdon, Charles, 115 
Langstaff, Joan, 70 
Langston, Ethel, 115 
Langston, Mary, 100 
Lanier, Elton, 147, 151 
Lanier, Jr., Russell, 151 
Lansche, John, 70, 199 
Lapointe, Sharon, 100 
Laramee, James, 130 
Lassiter, Donald, 130, 182 
Lasting, Richard, 151 
Latham, Harry, 153 
Latham, Janet, 100 
Latham, Sarah, 130 
Latta, Jerry, 130 
Lauder, JoAnn, 70 
Lauder, Linda, 100, 288 
Laviner, Ronnie, 130 
Lawhon, Betty, 70 
Lawrence, Jr., Claude, 100, 331 
Lawrence, Jr., Edward, 70 
Lawrence, Jim, 115, 177 
Lawrence, Jr., John, 115, 257 
Lawrence, William, 130 
Lawson, Jerry, 100 
Lawson, Larry, 164 
Laxton, Carroll, 157 
Laxton, James, 130 
Layton, III, Bucky, 130, 198 
Lazarus, Deborah, 100, 288 
Lea, Kenneth, 115 
Leach, Jane, 115 

Leach, II, Norman, 115, 354 

Leach, William, 100 

Leader, Jack, 100, 336 

Leafe, Jr., Norman, 100, 257 

League, Hugh, 115, 175, 198, 272 

Leak, III, James, 100 

Leder, Nathan, 70 

Lee, Donald, 164 

Lee, Howard, 166, 168 

Lee, John, 70 

Lee, III, Lansing, 130 

Lee, Lawrence, 70 

Lee, Nancy, 70 

Lee, Richard, 130 

Lee, Rodney, 130 

Lee, III, Rufus, 130 

Lee, William T., 115 

Lee, William U 130 

Leech, Thomas, 130 

Leeper, David, 100 

Lefebre, George, 130 

Lefler, Charles, 70 

Leggett, Martha, 157, 357 

Legler, Barbara, 130 

LeGrand, Jr., Homer, 70 

Lehman, David, 160 

Leibold, Jean, 70, 278 

Leigh, Robert, 130 

Leiner, Marion, 70 

Leinster, William, 115 

Leinwand, Mark, 130 

Leippe, Richard, 115 

Leland, Jr., Roderic, 70 

Lemelman, Toby, 164 

Lemonds, Ronald, 130 

Lemons, Kenneth, 100 

Lenfestey, Mary, 130 

Lennon, Linda, 70 

Lennon, William, 130, 267 

Lentz, Ellen, 70, 176, 278, 292 

Lentz, Herman, 115 

Lentz, James, 100 

Lentz, JoAnn, 130 

Lentz, Tony, 130 

Lentz, William, 100 

Leon, Roger, 130 

Leonard, Baxter, 100 

Leonard, Carole, 100, 216 

Leonard, Charles D .. 115 

Leonard, Charles N., 100 

Leonard, Daniel, 153 

Leonard, Donnie, 130 

Leonard, James, 100 

Leonard, Jerry, 149 

Leonard, III, John, 70 

Leonard, Joseph, 70 

Leonard, Kenneth, 70 

Leonard, Richard, 130 

Leonard, III, William, 130 

Lesesne, Jr., Edward, 153 

Lesley, Donald, 70, 312 

Leslie, Jr., Donald. 100, 312 

Lester, Agnes, 115 

Lester, Daniel, 130 

Lester, Michael, 130 

Liethco, Helen, 100 

Levenherz, Steven, 150 

Levering, Ralph, 115, 184 

Levi, David, 115 

Levine, George, 70, 325 

Levy, Richard, 130 

Lewis, Anne, 70 

Lewis, Charles, 115 

Lewis, Jr., Clarence, 100 

Lewis, Claudia, 70, 288 

Lewis, Jr., Clifford, 154 

Lewis, Don, 100 

Lewis, Edward, 100 

Lewis, Ellen, 130 

Lewis, Georgia, 70 

Lewis, Herschel, 115 

Lewis, Irwin, 130 

Lewis, James E., 130 

Lewis, James L., 115 

Lewis, Jr., Jasper, 144 

Lewis, Mary, 100 

Lewis, Jr., Richard, 115 

Lewis, Jr., Roger, 70 

Lewis, Stanley, 130 

Lewis, Ted, 130 

Lewis, Valerie, 154 

Lewis, William, 115 

Leyman, Margaret, 100, 281 

Libby, Jr., Gilbert, 115 

Lichtenstein, Marshall, 70, 182, 

Liebel, Joan, 70, 287 
Liebhart, Jerald, 294 
Liebolt, Jr., Frederick, 149 
Liggett, III, Frank, 149 
Light, Arthur. 115 
Liipfert, Analeak, 70, 291 
Liles, John, 130 
Liles, Lewis, 115, 179 
Liles, Nancy, 100 
Liles, Robert, 130 
Liles, Robert E., 100 
Liles, Robert M., 100 
Lilley, James, 130 
Lilley, Sarah, 115 
Lillich, John, 130 
Limbert, Mary, 70 
Lindell, Jr., Carl, 71, 331 
Lindley, Harry, 71 
Lindley, James, 71 
Lindsey, Jr., Mark, 100 
Lineberger, Archibald, 100 
Lineberger, Joe, 71 
Lineberger, Walter, 100 
Lineberry, Richard, 115 

Link, Elizabeth, 71, 291 
Link, Jr., John, 130 
Linker, Jr., Thurman, 115 
Linker, III, William, 71 
Linkous, III, Harry, 100 
Linstrum, Jr., Charles, 130 
Linville, Ray, 100, 197 
Lipford, Anne, 100, 287 
Lipp, Frederick, 71, 266, 305 
Lippa, Matthew, 100, 336 
Lippincott, Jr., Robert, 100, 299 
Lipscomb, Jr., Nathan, 131 
Lipscomb, III, Thomas, 115 
Lipson, Peter, 115, 329 
Lisk, Gerald, 131 
Lister, Eva, 100, 282 
Litten, Frederick, 131 
Little, Abby, 164 
Little, David, 131 
Little, Edgar, 100 
Little, III, Fred, 100 
Little, Jr., James, 131 
Little, James C, 154 
Little, James 0., 71, 176, 188, 

187, 301 
Little, John, 154 
Little, Linda, 164 
Little, Phyllis, 131 
Little, Rachel, 100 
Little, Jr., Robert, 131 
Little, Robert G., 115, 175 
Little, Robert M., 115 
Little, Robert W., 115 
Little, Rose, 131 
Little, Sara, 100 
Littleton, Augusta, 71 
Litton, Nancy, 71, 227,288 
Livengood, Thomas D., 115 
Livengood, Thomas S., 71 
Livesay, Jonathan, 100 
Livingston, Elizabeth, 71 
Livingston, Jr., Paul, 115, 301 
Livingston, Thomas, 115 
Livingstone, Judy, 115 
Livingstone, Jr., William, 131 
Lizotte, Carol, 100 
Lloyd, Charles, 100 
Lloyd, Jr., Richard, 131 
Lobl, Thomas, 71 
Lock, Robert, 131 
Loew, Anton, 115 
Loewenbaum, George, 71, 338 
Loftin, Ann, 115 
Loftin, David, 71 
Logan, Anne, 71 
Logan, Philip, 157 
Logan, Ronald, 71 
Logan, Ruth, 164 
Logan, III, Wade, 71, 294 
Lokey, Jr., Julian, 71, 306 
Lollar, Susan, 71, 282 
Umax, III, John, 71. 353 
London, II, Henry, 100 
London, Jr., Fred, 100 
London, Stuart, 131 
Londono, Jairo. 100 
Long, III, Arthur, 115 
Long, IV, Benjamin, 100, 313 
Long, Byrd, 115 
Long, Jr., Donald, 71 
Long, Donald, 115 
Long, James, 149 
Long, Johnny, 131 
Long, Joyce, 131 
Long, Linda, 131 
Long, Martha A., 100, 285 
Long, Martha V., 164 
Long, Robert D., 115 
Long, Robert E., 131 
Long, II, Samuel, 100 
Long, Thomas, 71 
Long, Jr.. William A., 100 
Long, William E., 115, 187, 305 
Long, William L., 108, 115 
Long, William T., 100 
Longest, Jr., Frank, 100, 187, 194 
Longino, Barbara, 71, 279 
Longino, Charles, 71 
Longino, Loyce, 71 
Loomis, Patricia, 131 
Lorber, Robert, 115 
Lorch, Terry, 131 
Lorek, Barbara, 100, 227 
Louden, Alexander, 71 
Louden, Douglas, 71 
Loughlin, Kenneth, 100 
Love, Judith H., 101, 291 
Love, Judy I., 101, 279 
Love, Lawrence, 101 
Love, Michael, 131 
Love, Sue, 71 
Love, Thomas, 115 
Lovelace, Richard, 169 
Lovell, John, 71, 180, 221, 316 
Lovett, Connie, 101 
Lovett, Sarah, 101 
Lovings, Jr., James, 101 
Low, Richard, 131 
Lowder, Bobby, 131 
Lowder, George, 71 
Lowder, James, 101 
Lowdermilk, Edward, 159, 348 
Lowe, Dorothy, 152 
Lowe, Elsie, 145 
Lowe, Robert, 159, 348 
Lowe, Ronald, 101 
Lowery, Robert, 71 
Lowery, Jr., Woodrow, 72 
Lowman, Danny, 131 
Lowman, Jr., Samuel, 101, 160 

Lowrance, David, 131 
Lowry, Jane, 101, 285 
Lowry, John, 115 
Loyd, Linda, 72 
Lucas, Charles, 153 
Lucey, Richard, 101 
Ludington, Jr., John, 101 
Ludlow, Jr., James, 131 
Ludwig, Neil, 131 
Lumsden, Katherine, 131 
Lund, Thomas, 115, 299 
Lunday, Michael, 131 
Lundstedt, Ann-Mar i, 169 
Lung, James, 115 
Lunger, William, 131 
Lunney, William, 149 
Lunsford, John, 131 
Lupton, Charles, 131 
Lupton, Richard, 72 
Lutz, Frederick, 131 
Lutz, Michael, 154 
Lutz, Jr., Robert, 101 
Lyda, III, Oscar, 72 
Lyerly, II, Hubert, 101 
Lyles, Ray, 131 
Lyman, Donald, 101, 180 
Lynch, Jr., Charles, 131 
Lynch, Larry, 131 
Lynch, Linda, 160 
Lynn, Diane, 72 
Lynn, Felma, 160, 357 
Lynn, Robert, 72 
Lyons, Jr., Joseph, 72 
Lyons, Stephen, 115 


Mc Adams. Larry, 101 
McAdams, Walter, 72, 322 
McAlister, Dwight, 101 
McArthur, Douglas, 144 
McArthur, Mary, 101 
McArthur, William, 72 
McArthur, Wilson, 164 
McBennett, Jr., Joseph, 115 
McBrair, Peter, 72 
McBrayer, Stephen, 115 
McBride, Carl, 131 
McBride, Rickie, 115 
McCain, Derrell, 101 
McCall, Alfred, 142 
McCall, Charles, 142 
McCall, David, 131 
McCall, Forrest, 131 
McCall, Thomas, 131 
McCallie, Spencer, 72, 183, 219, 

McCallum, Charles, 101, 351 
McCampbell, Anne, 72 
McCanless, Mary, 115, 183, 285 
McCardell, William, 72 
McCarroll, Steven, 115 
McCartney, Ottaway, 72 
McCaskill, Donald, 72 
McCaskill. Rodney, 159, 348 
McCaslin, Alston, 143 
McChesney, James, 101 
McClain, Jimmie. 115 
McClain, Richard, 101 
McClaine, Joan, 101, 291 
McClellan, James, 115,263 
McClelland, Keith, 72 
McClelland, III, William, 131 
McClewdon, Barbara, 101 
McClure, Robert, 131 
McClure, William, 131 
McColl. Mary, 72 
McCommons, Robert, 158 
McConnell, Henry, 164 
McCormick, William, 115, 318 
McCotter, John, 115 
McCoy, James, 115 
McCoy, Kenneth, 72, 187, 190, 

264, 354 
McCracken, Nancy, 72, 288 
McCracken, Saundra, 160, 426 
McCrary, Ernest, 72 
McCray, Kay, 160 
McCrickard, Donald, 101 
McCrimmon, Edward, 131 
McCullen, Al lie. 101 
McCullough, John A., 115, 329 
McCullough, John D., 101 
McCurdy, William, 115 
McCurry, Dan, 115 
McCutcheon, Linda, 72, 176, 

287, 292 
McDaniel, Pamela, 160 
McDamel. Ralph, 72 
McDermott, Maureen, 152, 288 
McDevitt, Larry, 151 
McDiarmid, Grover, 131 
McDonald, Allen, 72 
McDonald, Maurice, 141 
McDona'd, Jr., Daniel, 72 
McDonald, Ford, 72 
McDonald, Harold, 72, 30S 
McDonald, John, 131 
McDonald, Jr., Morris, 115, 181 
McDonald, Paul, 101 
McDonald, Vernon, 169 
McDougle, James, 101 
McDowell, Frances, 72, 288 
McDowell, Jean, 115 
McDuffie, Donald, 101 
McElroy, Pender, 151 
McEwen, III, Luther, 101 
McFadden. Charles, 72, 172, 




serving students of the University of North 
Carolina with offices in 14 major cities in 
the State; in Chapel Hill continuously since 




Member of Federal Reserve System and 
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 

Deposits in excess of $690 millions; 
Capital accounts in excess of $56 millions. 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 1966 

(Jamma (Jt//ee Smfi 






McFadden, David D., 115 
McFadden, David M., 101 
McFadden, James, 115 
McFadyen, Henry, 149 
McFan, Charles, 101 
McFarland, Leighton, 131 
McFarland, Susan, 101, 287 
McGaw, Robert, 131, 184 
McGee, James, 131 
McGee, John, 101 
McGee, Theresa, 131 
McGee, Willie, 131 
McGehee, Hortense, 72 
McGhee, Wyatt, 164 
McGimsey, Arthur, 72 
McGirt, Joseph, 101, 308 
McGlinn, Louise, 115 
McGlohon, Artie, 72 
McGowan, Mary, 72 
McGowan, Robert, 73 
McGrath, Terrill, 115 
McGregor, Gail, 73, 290, 292 
McGregor, Jr., Hugh, 101 
McHaney, Carol, 131 
Mclnnis, Daniel, 131 
Mclnnis, Thomas, 73 
Mcintosh, Ann, 115, 227 
Mclntyre, Marie, 131 
Mclntyre, Susan, 73 
McKee, Elizabetn, 73 
McKee, Linda, 101 
McKee, Michael, 142 
McKeel, Nancy, 115 
McKeithen. Miilicent, 73, 291 
McKeithan, Tim, 115, 316 
McKellar, jr., Henry, 131 
McKellar, Jr., William, 131 
McKenzie . Carolyn, 1 01 , 424 
McKenzie, III, Olin, 306, 345 
McKenzie, III, Sheppard, 131 
McKenzie, William, 131 
McKethan, Jr., Kenneth, 101 
McKiever, Charles, 264 
McKinney, William, 115 
McKinney, Jr., William, 164 
McKinnish, Rock, 131 
McKinnon, Thomas, 101 
McKnight, Norya, 73 
McKnight, Stephen, 73 
McKoy, Victor, 101 
McLain, George, 73 
McLamb, James, 131, 154 
McLamb, II, Myron, 101 
McLaughlin, Jr., Charles, 131 
McLaughlin, Philip, 73 
McLean, George Ft., 73, 131 
McLean, George W., 227 
McLean, Harry, 101 
McLean, Horace, 115, 297 
McLean, Jonathan, 101 
McLean, Nancy, 101, 291 
McLean, Robert, 101, 299 
McLean, Stuart, 131 
McLean, William, 101 
McLemore, Stephen, 131 
McLendon, Lennox, 101 
McLeod, Donald, 158 
McMahan, Freddie, 73 
McMakin. Martha, 73 
McManus, Ronald, 115, 351 
McMillan, Charles, 101 
McMillan, John, 101 
McMillan, William, 151 
McMurray, William, 115 
McNabb, Rodney, 131 
Mc Na it y. Charles L., 115 
McNairy, Wayne, 311 
McNairy, Wyatt, 73 
McNally, Danny, 115 
McNames, Dennis, 131 
McNeill, George, 115 
McPhail, John, 131 
McPhatter, Richard, 101, 312 
McRae. Dave, 115 
McRae, Martha, 73 
McRorie, II, Carl, 115 
McRorie, Charles, 115 
McSwain. Lloyd, 115 
McSween, John, 115 
McSweeney, Sophocles, 101 
McVicker, Sara, 115 
McWhorter, Helen, 101 
McWhorter, John, 131 


Mabry, Jr., Ira, 115,318 
Macdonald, Bruce, 131 
MacDonald, Jr., Henry, 153 
MacDonald, Neil, 73 
Mace, Spencer, 131 
Macomson, Robert, 115 
MacFadyen, John, 131 
Mack, Stephen, 73 
MacKenzie, Gordon, 131 
MacKesson, Mary, 101, 288 
MacKethan, John, 151 
MacKethan, Lulie, 101, 288 
Mackie, Andrew, 131 
Mackler, Stephen, 144 
MacLean, Donald, 131 
MacNaughton, John, 131 
MacNeill, Jr., John, 101, 318 
MacNelly, Jeffrey, 131 
Macon, Frances, 101 
MacPherson, H. L., 101, 305 
MacOueen, Margaret, 73, 291 
Macy, Earl, 131 
Macy, Ulrike, 152 

Maddox, James, 73, 320 
Madeley, Claudia, 101 
Madry, Jr., Robert, 154 
Maerz, Margaret. 115,214 
Magnuson, Jr., Philip, 73 
Mahaffey, Charles, 143 
Mailliard, Henry, 131, 267 
Maisto, Richard, 131 
Malcolm, Carol, 115 
Malcolm, John, 101, 354 
Mallison, Jr., Percy, 131 
Malone, Jacqueline, 101 
Malone, John, 160, 161 
Malski, Carl, 151 
Mandel, Leonard, 150 
Maness, Douglas, 131 
Maness, Ronald, 131 
Manley, John, 73, 301 
Manley, Thomas, 115, 193, 249 
Mann, III, Ivan, 131 
Mann, John, 101, 313 
Mann, III, Julian, 131 
Mann, Katherine, 73. 281 
Mann, Kenneth, 73, 324 
Mann, III, Lonnie, 169 
Mann, Lynn, 141 
Mann, Jr., Roger, 115, 336 
Mann, Thomas, 73 
Mann, William A., 151 
Mann, William J., 131 
Manning, Diane, 168 
Manning, Jr., John, 115 
Manning, Patricia, 73 
Manning, Samuel, 131 
Mansfield, Bruce, 131 
Mansfield. Keith, 131 
Manship, Mark, 160, 161 
Marble, Warren, 131 
Marcuson, Marilyn, 101 
Margerison, Jr., Kenneth, 101 
Margolis, Jay, 131 
Mariette, Richard, 115 
Marion, Russell, 101 
Markel, Bruce, 131 
Markham, Jr., John, 101 
Markham, Lawrence, 101, 227 
Marks, Ricky, 131 
Marks, William, 116, 351 
Marquez, Ernest, 116 
Marolis, Jay, 269 
Marten, John, 131 
Marsh, Jr., Edward, 131 
Marsh, Jane, 131 
Marsh, Jr., Steve, 131 
Marshall, Jr., Albert, 73, 227 
Marshall, Beth, 101 
Marshall, Georgia, 101, 216 
Marshall, Jean, 73, 285 
Marshall, Michael, 101 
Marshall, Philip, 101 
Marshall, III, Samuel, 301 
Marshbutn, Gary, 101 
Martin, Anne, 121, 131, 424 
Martin, Anthony, 101 
Martin. Darryl, 131 
Martin, II, David. 131 
Martin, Donald, 73, 354 
Martin, Jr., Doug'as, 101 
Martin, Franklin, 150. 175 
Martin, Jr., George, 131 
Martin, James, 116, 333 
Martin, Jane, 73 
Martin, II, John, 131 
Martin, Joseph, 73, 326, 327 
Martin, Kenneth, 131 
Martin, Melvin, 168 
Martin, Paul, 160 
Martin, Jr., Ralph, 101 
Martin, Ronald, 164 
Martin, III, William, 73 
Marvin, Philip, 132, 354 
Mason, Jr., Carle, 141 
Mason, Charlotte, 116, 177 
Mason, George, 132 
Mason, Gloria, 101, 285, 292 
Mason, Michael, 101, 305 
Mason, Nancy, 132 
Massengill, Roy, 144 
Massey, James, 159 
Massey, Ollie, 101 
Massey, Wayland, 132 
Massingill, Howard, 73 
Mast, Ralph, 132 
Mastin, Thomas, 101, 313 
Matalene, Jr., Eugene, 132 
Matherly, Brenda, 74 
Matheson, John, 144 
Mathison, Jr., Robert, 132 
Matkins, John, 141 
Matthews, Ann, 74 
Matthews, Cheryl, 101 
Matthews, III, Clifford, 132 
Matthews, Gene, 101, 175 
Matthews, Harry, 158 
Matthews, James, 356 
Matthews, Kathy, 101,279 
Matthews, Robert, 74 
Matthews, Timothy, 101 
Matthews, Wanda, 101 , 285, 292 
Matus, II, Theodore, 132 
Mauldin, Barton, 116 
Maulfield, Ben, 273 
Maultsby, Betty, 132 
Mauney, Harry, 101 
Maupin, Addison, 132 
Maupin, Armistead. 50. 74, 184 
Maupin, Virginia, 74, 288 
Maxey. Ill, William, 132 
Maxwell, Jon, 74 
Maxwell, Rosemary, 132 

May, Jr., Kenneth, 132 

May, Samuel, 74 

Mayer, Nancy, 74, 188 

Maynard, Arthur, 164 

Maynor, Barry, 132 

Mayo, David, 116 

Mayo, Gerald, 150 

Mayo, Louise, 101 

Mays, Glenn, 116 

Mayse, John, 132 

Mazza, Jeffrey, 101, 351 

Meacham, Janice, 132 

Mead, Gery, 74, 311 

Meade, Forest, 116 

Meade, James, 74 

Meador, Jr., Philip, 101,322 

Meads, Alma, 101 

Meads. Lawrence, 159, 356 

Means, Graeme, 132 

Means, William, 269 

Meares, Claude, 116 

Mearns, Suzanne, 74, 188 

Mease, Donna, 132 

Mebane, Jr., John, 74 

Medding, Walter, 132 

Meditz, James, 101 

Medley, Clement, 132 

Medlin, Gerald, 159, 356 

Meeker, Michael, 132 

Meeks, Robert, 116 

Mees, William, 116 

Melville, William, 132 

Melvin, Edna, 132 

Melvin, James, 74 

Memory, Stella, 101 

Mendelson, James, 132 

Mendelson, Sarah, 121, 132 

Mendenhall, Carol, 101, 132 

Menetee, Martha, 101, 291 

Menius, Michael, 116, 182 

Mercer, Jr., Charles, 132, 175 

Mercer, Forrest, 101 

Mercer, Gary, 101 

Mercuri, Richard, 166 

Meritt, Stephen, 116 

Merolla, Robert, 164 

Merrick, Frederic, 132 

Merricks, Ann, 132 

Merritt, Jr., Eugene, 74 

Merritt, Gerald, 132 

Merrow, Leith, 74, 192 

Messina, Edward, 74 

Mewborn, Judith, 132 

Mewborn, Jr., Quentin, 153 

Meyer, Charles, 74 

Meyer, Jr., George, 116 

Michael, Howard, 159 

Michaels, Andrew, 132 

Michalove, Ronald, 132 

Mickey, John, 74 

Mickey, William, 132 

Mickler, Martin, 101,306 

Middleton, III, Henry, 153 

Midgett, Jane, 101, 287 

Milbrath, Jr., Arthur, 116 

Miliner. Robert, 164 

Miller, Carson, 132 

Miller, Jr., Charles P., 74 

Miller, Charles R., 74 

Miller, Dale, 116 

Miller, Daniel, 74 

Miller Deborah, 132 

Miller, Edward, 132 

Miller, Elizabeth A., 74 

Miller, Elizabeth G., 132 

Miller, Jr., Fred C, 74 

Miller, Fred W.,164 

Miller, Gene, 151 

Miller, Howard, 132 

Miller, Ira, 74 

Miller, Jack, 116 

Miller, Jay, 132 

Miller, Jean, 101, 216, 291 

Miller, Jr., John, 132 

Miller, Jr., Kenneth, 116 

Miller, Linda, 152 

Miller, Jr., Lloyd, 132 

Miller, Mary, 152 

Miller, Richard, 116, 180 

Miller, Robert, 132 

Miller, Ronald, 116 

Miller, Ronnie, 142 

Miller, Roy, 132 

Miller, Sharon, 74 

Miller, Steve, 132 

Miller, Stephen, 132 

Miller, William, 116, 183, 193, 301 

Millikan, Troy, 132 

M ill is . Jr., Clarence, 102 

Millis, Holland, 132 

Mills, Randy, 132 

Mills, Steven, 116, 338 

Millsups, Carol, 102 

Milstead, Charlotte, 74, 281 

Milstead, Stephen, 132 

Milton, Eunice, 74, 211, 291 

Mims, Jr., Billy, 116 

Mimms, Tom, 272 

Mmah, Glenn, 141 

Minard, Frank, 102 

Minisman, Bertram, 102 

Minor, James, 132 

Minton, Blan, 168 

Minton, Solon, 158, 356 

Misenheimer, Tony, 320, 345 

Mitchell, Carolyn, 102 

Mitchell, George, 102 

Mitchell, Grace, 74 

Mitchell, Janice, 132 

Mitchell, Jewell, 164 

Mitchell, Morgan, 74 
Mitchell, Murray, 132 
Mitchell, Jr., Neal, 74 
Mitchell, Jr., Nicholas, 102, 294 
Mitchell, Richard, 102, 182, 193 
Mitchell, Robert, 116 
Mitchell, Ron, 116 
Mitchell, Susan, 102 
Mitchell, Vernon, 116 
Mitchell, Jr., Walter, 74 
Mitchell, William E., 132 
Mitchell, William G., 132 
Mitchell, William, M., 116 
Mitchener, Joseph, 75 
Mitchiner, William, 75 
Mittendorff, Gerald, 75, 219 
Mixon, Jr., Herman, 116 
Mizell, Worth, 132 
Mobley, Simon, 132 
Mock, Frances, 75, 291 
Mocnik, Frank, 75 
Modlin, John, 102 
Modlin, Larry, 132 
Modling, Wiima, 75 
Moessen, Bruce, 132 
Moffatt, Ronald, 132 
Moister, Peter, 116, 303 
Moll, Jr., Richard, 132 
Monahan, Helen, 75 
Monds, Alvah, 116 
Money, James, 132 
Monroe, Joseph, 150 
Montgomery, Ella, 102, 291 
Moody, Hatvey, 102 
Moody, Sandra, 102 
Moore, Carl, 142 
Moore, Carol, 75 
Moore, David E., 132 
Moore, David M., 75 
Moore, Deria, 164 
Moore, Donald, 116 
Moore, Elizabeth, 102 
Moore, Jr., George, 160 
Moore, Hugh, 158 
Moore, James A., 102 
Moore, Jr., James E., 75 
Moore, Jr., John, 169 
Moore, Judy, 102 
Moore, Michael, 75, 356 
Moore, Ralph, 132 
Moore, Richard, 116 
Moore, Robert, 116 
Moore, Springer, 75, 219 
Moore, Steven, 132 
Moore, Susan, 282 
Moore, Susan, 132 
Moore, Terry, 102 
Moore, Thaddeus, 102, 303 
Moore, Thomas, 159 
Moore, Jr.. William B., 102 
Moore, William P., 75, 346 
Moore, Jr., William W., 116 
Moorefield, Jr., Charles, 132 
Moorefield, Janet, 132 
Moorhouse, Gary, 132, 351 
Mooring, Jr., Joseph, 144 
Moose, Jr., George, 75 
Moran, Jr., Alfred, 75 
Morehead, IV. John, 116 
Morelli, Frederick, 132 
Morgan, Beverly, 132 
Morgan, Charles L, 102 
Morgan, Charles R., 116, 270, 

Morgan, Daria, 75, 281 
Morgan, Donald, 102 
Morgan, Douglas, 132, 177 
Morgan, Jr., Jack, 159, 356 
Morgan, Karlyn, 102 
Morgan, Mark, 132 
Morgan, Michael, 116 
Morgan, Peggy, 132 
Morgan, Jr., Robert, 116 
Morgan, Robert L., 160 
Morgan, William, 116 
Montr, Mary, 168 
Morris, Betsy, 75, 184, 207, 

217, 291 
Morris, David, 116 
Morris, Glenn, 132 
Morris, Jr., Grant, 116 
Morris, James, 132 
Morris, III, John, 132 
Morris, Kemp, 102 
Morris, Madge, 168 
Morris, Mai vary, 102 
Morris, Michael, 159. 348 
Morris, Nancy, 75, 285 
Morris, Patricia A., 145 
Morris, Patricia F., 75 
Morris, Peter, 155 
Morris, Sherrill, 102 
Morris, Jr., Walter, 141 
Morrison, Allen, 116 
Morrison, Barbara, 132 
Morrison, Daniel, 132 
Morrison, John, 75, 180 
Morrison. Mills, 102, 299 
Morrow, Thomas, 116 
Morton, Charles, 132 
Morton, Jr., Duncan, 155 
Morton, Roger, 102 
Moseley, James, 75 
Moseley, Jr., Preston, 132 
Moseley, Walter, 132 
Moseman, Marilyn, 158 
Moser, Allen, 132, 266 
Moser, Jerri, 75, 188, 189 
Moser, Sidney, 132 
Moss, Ann, 102 

Moss, John, 102, 294 
Mosteller, Jr., Clifton, 75 
Motley, Velna, 169 
Moulton, II, John, 102 
Mount, Kenneth, 75 
Mowery, Carol, 75, 282, 292 
Moye, Jr., James, 102 
Moye, Robert, 143 
Moyer, Jr., Robert, 132 
Muchmore, James, 75 
Mueller, Steven, 116 
Muilenburg, Martha, 75, 287 
Mulieri, Mary-Jo, 102 
Mull, Joe, 102 
Mullen, Sally, 75,282 
Mulligan, John, 164 
Mullinax, Robert, 102 
Mullinax, Jr., Theron, 132 
Mullinix, Gay, 75 
Mullis, Joe, 132 
Mumau, Thad, 116 
Mumford, Larry, 154 
Muncy, Tom, 75, 346 
Munday, Carl, 116, 294 
Munden, Miriam, 116 
Munns, Harris, 102 
Murchison, Clarence, 132 
Murchison, John, 116 
Murphy, Andrew, 75 
Murphy, Francis, 164 
Murphy, Jesse, 102, 322 
Murphy, Jr., Kenneth, 132 
Murphy, Ruth, 168 
Murphy, Ted, 132, 214 
Murphy, Thomas H., 132 
Murphy, Thomas L., 132 
Murphy, Zacki, 75, 217, 282, 427 
Murray, Charles F., 116 
Murray, III, Charles 0., 102 
Murray, Drusylla, 102, 177 
Murray, Jr., Hugh, 155 
Murray, Jr., John, 102 
Murray, Marshall, 132 
Murray, Philip, 116, 180 
Murray, Thomas, 132 
Musselwhite, III, Ne ill . 156, 

Muyangana, Christopher, 102, 214 
Mwamasso, Alfred, 76 
Myers, Andrew, 76, 197 
Myers, Carol, 76, 282 
Myers, Charles C, 102 
Myers, Charles E., 159 
Myers, Charles S., 132 
Myers, Charlotte, 160,287 
Myers, James, 132 
Myers, JoAnn, 76 
Myers, III. Joel H.. 132 
Myers, Joel M., 132 
Myers, Mary, 102, 287 
Myers, William C, 141 
Myers, William S., 133 
Myles, III, John, 133 
Myrick, Robert, 116,299 
Myrick, Jr., Roland, 133 


Nachman, Stuart, 102, 338 
Nagy, Barbara, 133 
Nale, Janice, 133 
Nalstad, Margaret, 116 
Nance, David, 133 
Nance, John, 133 
Nance, Neil, 116 
Nanney, Patrick, 133 
Napolitano, Julia, 102 
Nash, Jr., Charles, 102 
Nash, David, 102 
Nash, Sara, 102, 175, 291 
Neal, Beverly, 133 
Neal, Charles, 102 
Neal, Daniel, 133 
Neal, Donna, 158 
Neal, Francis, 76 
Neal, Garry, 169 
Neal, John, 133 
Neal, Larry, 144 
Neal, Linda, 133 
Neal, Robert, 116, 160 
Neal, William A., 133 
Neal, William H., 133 
Neal, William R., 116 
Nealeans, Alan, 133 
Neble, Frances, 116 
Neely, Alan, 76, 301 
Neely, John, 116, 175, 301 
Neely, Robert, 108, 116, 301 
Neiburg, Dale, 102 
Neighbours, Stephen, 133 
Neill, Terry, 133 
Nelson, Bobby, 133 
Nelson, Cecil, 133 
Nelson, Judith, 159 
Nelson, Willard. 151 
Nemeth, John, 116, 305 
Nesbitt, Robert, 116 
Nethercutt, Helen, 133 
Nevin, Thomas, 133 
New, Jr., John, 133 
Newby, Kenneth, 151 
Newhouse, Donald, 76 
Newlin, James, 133 
Newlin, Locke. 76, 326 
Newlin, Robert B.. 102, 161, 

222, 351 
Newlin, Robert J., 76 
Newman, Maynard, 158 
Newnam, Sherrill, 76 








Finerquality . . . 
Greater selection 



West Franklin Street 

Chapel Hill 


The New York Life Agent 

on Your Campus 
Is a Good Man to Know 

4.1 OIM.I L. < O V Bll All 

WJNC 9 42 

1 41 III /HIS ifl'/HI'Sf'll 1 41 till' 

A Mutual Co. 

Founded 1845 






Newsom, Patti, 281 
Newton, Darren, 133 
Newton, James, 116 
Newton, Janice, 76 
Newton, Robert, 116 
Nibbelink, Jan, 141 
Nicholas, Marlene, 164 
Nichols, Archie, 102 
Nichols, Johnnie, 116 
Nichols, Terry, 116, 351 
Nichols, Jr., Wyman, 102 
Nicholson, III, George, 76, 182 
Nicholson, Ivan, 102 
Nicholson, Thomas, 76 
Nickel I Frank, 133 
Nickens, Raymond, 133 
Nickles, Curtis, 133 
Nicks. Nancy, 133 
Nieuwenhuis, Elisabeth, 76, 178, 

195, 287 
Nisbet, Jr., James, 133 
Nislick, Stephen, 76, 336 
Niven, David, 320 
Nixon, Elizabeth, 76 
Nixon, Willard, 133 
Noel, Richard, 144 
Noggle, Jr., J., 102 
Nohlgren, Stephen, 164 
Noland, John, 166 
Nolan, Walker, 151 
Nordan, Gary, 116 
Norfleet, Strudwick, 294 
Norman, Beth, 133 
Norman, Carole, 102 
Norman, Joseph, 116 
Norman, Roger, 102 
Norment, Anne, 102 
Norris, David, 76. 354 
Norris, Michael, 133 
Norris, Nancy, 76 
North. Frederick. 76 
Northington, Jr., Robert, 116 
Norton, Nathaniel, 133 
Norvelle, Johnny, 116 
Norwood, Nancy, 116 
Norwood, Jr., William, 102 
Nottingham, Betsy, 168 
Nottingham, Sue, 102, 283 
Noulles, Thomas, 133 
Novotny, Sally, 168 
No we 1 1 A., 102 
Nucciarone, William, 92, 102, 

Nuckolls, Joseph. 76 
Nulton, Vivia, 102 
Nunnenkamp, Thomas, 133 
Nussbaum, Mary, 102 
Nycum. Richard, 116 
Nye, Glenn, 116, 181, 303 
Nye, Richard, 133 

Oakley, Charles, 116 
Oakley, Jr., Clyde. 133 
Oakley, Frances, 102 
Oakley, Gil, 133 
Oakley, Jr., Jeter, 133, 182 
Oakley, Lauren, 133 
Oakley, Samuel, 133 
Oakley, William, 160 
Oakley, Woody, 76. 353 
Obenshain, III, Wiley, 102, 180, 

O'Brient, Carole, 76 
O'Briant, IV, Samuel, 116 
O'Bryan, Gregory, 133 
O'Bryan, John, 133 
Ochsman, Robert, 133 
O'Connor, John, 133 
Odom, Dewey, 76 
Odom, Linda, 102 
Odom, Marshall, 133 
O'Donnell, Sharon, 76, 174, 179, 

Oehmann, III, Henry, 133 
Oelschlager, Worth, 151 
Oettinger, Kenneth, 76 
Often, III, Roger, 133 
Ogburn, Harris, 133 
Ogburn, James, 102, 266 
Ogburn, Marjorie, 133 
Oglesby, Tommie, 133 
O'Keefe, Edward, 116 
O'Kelley, James, 164 
Oland, Patricia, 116 
Oldham, Betty, 116, 227 
Oldham, Susan, 76, 288 
O'Leary, Michael, 133 
Oliver, Jr., George, 102 
Oliver, James, 133 
Oliffe. William. 133 
Ollis, John, 166. 169 
Olsen, John Christian, 76 
Olshinski, John, 76 
Olson, Lauritz, 76 
Olson, Nancy, 76, 279 
O'Neal, Benjamin, 102 
O'Neill, Jr., John. 116 
Opdyke, Susan, 76 
O'Quinn, Clyde, 76, 180 
Orander. Stephen. 133 
Orcutt, David, 150 
Organ, Dennis, 77 
Ormsby, Jr., Grady. 133 
Orr, James, 102, 275 
Clrr, Robert, 116. 306 
Orren. Donald, 102 
Osborne, Colin, 116, 297 

O'Toole, Dennis, 102, 175, 186 
Otudeko, Bernice, 165 
Overcash, Norman, 133 
Overlook. Jr., Willard, 116 
Overton, Ashley, 102, 331 
Overton, John, 155 
Overton, Sarah, 77, 287, 292 
Owen, David, 102 
Owen, Edward, 102 
Owen, James, 102 
Owen, Tony, 116 
Owens, Harold, 155 
Owens, Hugh, 102 
Owens, Norman, 77 
Owens, Patricia, 160 
Owens, Thomas, 133 
Oxendine, Linda, 102 
Oxford, Jr., Roger, 102, 308 

Pace, Charles, 133 
Pace, Vincent, 102 
Pack, Marvin, 77 
Paddison, George, 155 
Padgett, Emily, 77 
Padgett, James, 165 
Padgett, James L., 77, 296 
Page, Eugene, 77 
Page, Elizabeth, 165 
Page, Richard, 133 
Page, III, Robert, 77, 102 
Pagett, Edward, 102, 297 
Pagett, James, 77 
Paige, Ricky, 133 
Painter, William, 133 
Paisley, Kenneth, 165 
Palisoul, Alan, 116, 331 
Palmer, Bruce, 77 
Palmer, Charles, 77, 341 
Palmer, Douglas, 133 
Palmer, Hon is. 116 
Palmer, John, 77 
Palmer, Margaret, 102 
Palmer, Mary, 77, 216, 285 
Pamplin, Robert, 116 
Pappas, Cathleen, 133 
Pardue, David, 133 
Parham, Eliza, 102, 282 
Parham, Kennon, 116 
Parham, William, 294 
Park. Vernon, 77, 354 
Parker, Charles, 102, 353 
Parker, II, Dallas, 77 
Parker, David A., 77 
Parker, David Robert, 133 
Parker, Edwin, 77, 307, 344 
Parker, Ford, 77 
Parker, Frank, 116, 183 
Parker, Geoffrey, 77, 344 
Parker, James E., 160 
Parker, James J., 77 
Parker, John G., 133 
Parker, John H., 77, 320 
Parker, Lanny, 133 
Parker, Manley. 151 
Parker, Marian, 133 
Parker, Jr., Robert, 102 
Parker, Sophie, 102 
Parkin, Susan, 169 
Parks, Donald. 133 
Parks, Kenneth, 77 
Parks, III, Owen, 151 
Parmele, Alfred, 77 
Parnell, Richard, 133 
Parrish, David, 102 
Parrish, Jr.. Walter, 144 
Parson, Betty, 77, 281 
Parsons, David, 144 
Parsons, John, 102 
Partin, Jr., Hugh, 77 
Partin, Lois, 116 
Paschal, III, George, 133 
Paschal, Oonald, 116, 313 
Pass, Mary, 168 
Paster, David, 102, 338 
Patterson, Nellie, 77, 158 
Patrick, Evelyn, 102, 289 
Patterson, Alan, 133 
Patterson, David, 133 
Patterson, Donald, 133 
Patterson, Earl, 133 
Patterson, Jr., Ernest, 133 
Patterson, Simmons, 102, 180 
Patterson, Jerry, 142 
Patterson, John, 133 
Patterson, Julia, 77, 291 
Patterson, Michael, 102 
Patterson, Priscilla, 77, 175, 184, 

217, 291, 420 
Patterson, Robert 0., 160 
Patterson, Robert M., 133 
Patterson, Ronnie, 102 
Patterson, Thomas, 133 
Patters-n, Scott, 116, 297 
Patterson, William, 133 
Pattisall, Jack, 116 
Pattishall, Jr., David 
Patty, Seldon, 151 
Paul, Margaret, 102, 291 
Paulsen. William, 133 
Payet, Charles, 77 
Payne, Carol, 50, 77, 291 
Payne, John, 77 
Payne, Lorna, 133 
Payne, Ronald, 133 
Payne, Jr., Sloane, 77 
Payne, Timothy, 102, 299 
Payton, Robert, 78 

Peabody, Sondra, 78, 184 

Peacock, Lynda Alice, 102 

Peal, George, 160 

Pearce, Oavid, 78 

Pearce, Georgia, 102, 414, 415, 

Pearce, Harris, 102 
Pearce, Joseph, 103 
Pearce, William, 133 
Pearsall, David, 153 
Pearson, Fredric, 116 
Pearson, loren, 151 
Pearson, Philip, 103 
Peck, Sheldon, 141 
Peebles, Joanne, 133 
Peebles, Lyston, 133 
Peedin, Anne, 78 
Peeler, Jane, 76, 289 
Pegram, Jr., Paul, 78 
Pelletier, Jr., Gerald. 153, 155 
Pemberton, Betty, 145, 195 
Pemberton, Thomas, 78 

Pender, James, 78 

Pendergrass, Pamela, 133 

Pendill, Jr., John, 78 

Penkava, Larry, 133 

Penland, Anne, 78, 189, 279 

Pennell, Edwin, 150 

Pennell, Samuel, 116 

Pennell, Stephen, 78 

Pennigar, Sara, 103 

Pennington, Kenneth, 76 

Pennington, Martha, 78 

Penney, Carl, 151 

Penny, Robert, 133 

Penny, Ronald, 151 

Peoples, Dallas, 103 

Peoples, Lewis, 294 

Peoples, Robert, 165 

Pepper, Jr., Albert, 78, 176, 190 

Perdue, Phillip, 142 

Pergerson, Lawrence, 116 

Perkerson, Kathleen, 133 

Perkins, Carol, 283 

Perkins, Carol Lynn, 103 

Perkins, David, 78 

Perkins, III, Norris, 133 

Perkins, Patricia, 103 

Perkins, Robert, 133 

Perkins, Sandra, 103, 267 

Perkins, Vernon, 103 

Perrell Woodrow, 103 

Perry, Carol, 78 

Perry, III, Daniel, 78 

Perry, Jr., Darrell. 103 

Perry, Joseph, 116 

Perry, Melissa, 145, 285 

Perry, Richard, 103 

Perry, Richard T., 116 

Perry, Roland, 116 

Perrymen, Charles, 78 

Peters, Carol, 116, 285, 426 

Peterson, Frank, 103 

Peterson, Harry, 133 

Peterson, III, Henry, 103 

Peterson, James, 133 

Peterson, Jr., Robert 

Peterson, Robert H., 103 

Peterson, Thomas, 144 

Peterson, Victor, 117 

Petitt, Jerry, 103 

Petree, John, 353 

Petree, Tony, 78 

Petrie, John, 353 

Pettigrew, Jr., Robert, 133 

Pharr, Neil, 158, 356 

Phelps, Nicky, 117 

Phenicie, Ann, 78, 293 
Phifer, Melvin, 116 
Phillips, Jr., Freeman, 133 
Phillips, Jr., Grady, 160 
Phillips, Jr., Harold. 103 
Phillips, Hilliard, 103 
Phillips, John, 117 
Phillips, Judie, 156, 159 
Phillips, Kenneth, 133 
Phillips, Margaret, 134 
Phillips, Matti, 78 
Phillips, Jr., Robert, 144 
Phillips, Robert P.., 78 
Phillips, Roy, 134 
Phillips, Stanley, 78 
Phillips, Thomas, 103 
Phillips, Jr.. William. 78 
Phillips, William R . 149 
Phipps, Charles, 134 
Phipps, Eugene, 134 
Phipps, Philip, 134 
Piacentino, Edward, 103 
Piaski, Philip, 134 
Pidcoe, Vern, 165 
Pierce, Carol, 145 
Pierce, Richard, 134 
Pierce, III. William. 117 
Pierczynski, Sara, 134 
Pierson, Dallis, 165 
Pierson, Sue, 134 
Pietersz, Ray, 117 
Pigott, Robert, 134 
Pike, Alan, 78, 322 
Pike, III, Joseph, 160, 356 
Pinkham. Jimmy, 103 
Pinkston, Peggy, 134 
Pinnix, III, John, 160 
Pinson, Jr., Joseph, 134 
Pippin, Robert, 78 
Pitt, Joseph, 134 
Pitt, Olivia, 134 
Pitt, Walter, 103 
Pittard, Robert, 103, 266 

Pittman, David, 134 

Pittman, Houston, 153 

Pittman, Marshall, 117 

Pittman, Michael, 117 

Pittman, Nancy, 134 

Pittman, Robert, 134 

Pittman, Sandra, 78 

Pittman, Virginia, 78 

Pittman, William B , 103, 183, 193 

Pittman, Jr., William G., 134 

Pitts, Robert, 78 

Planck, Joseph, 103 

Piatt, III, George, 78 

Pleasant, Jr., Riley, 142 

Plisco, Irwin, 117, 160. 336 

Plonk, George, 134 

Plummer, Cleta, 134 

Plummer, Douglas, 103 

Poe, Jr., Charles, 134, 268 

Poe, Jr., William, 103 

Poitras, Paul, 165 

Poitras, Robert, 103 

Polk, Claudia, 134 

Polk, John, 103 

Polk, Larry, 103, 299 

Pollane, Leonard, 78 

Pollard, Elizabeth, 103, 279, 292 

Pollard, Jack, 78 

Pollock, Jr., Carlton, 103 

Pollock, Roy, 134 

Pond, Jonathan, 103 

Pons, Roy, 155 

Pool, R. A., 103 

Poole, Jr., Joseph, 103 

Poole, William, 94 

Poore, Jr., James, 103, 270 

Pope, Clarence, 117, 316 

Pope, James, 103 

Pope, John, 79, 326 

Pope, Patrick, 79 

Pope, Tony, 117 

Poplin, Homer, 103 

Poplin, III, Robert, 117 

Porter, III, James, 134 

Porter, Jo, 134 

Porter, Joel, 117, 351 

Porter, Joseph, 134 

Porter, Jr., Lee, 143 

Porter, Paul, 79 

Porter, Susan, 103 

Potter, Frank, 103. 353 

Potter, Harriett, 79 

Potter, James, 103, 353 

Potter, Jr., William, 79, 333 

Povill, Gary. 134 

Powell, Jr., Benjamin, 117 

Powell, Jr., Edwin, 103 

Powell, John, 154 

Powell, Joanne, 79 

Powell, Kenneth, 117 

Powell, Marilyn, 103, 283 

Powell, Martha, 79, 283 

Powell, Richard, 103, 351 

Powell, Robert, 103 

Powell, Jr., Robert, 103, 182, 216, 

Powell, William, 158, 348 

Powers, Charles, 149 

Powers, James S., 153 

Powers, James W., 117 

Powers, Wayne, 117 

Prather, Carl, 134 

Pratt, Cynthia, 103 

Pressly, James, 155 
Pressly, Jennings, 134 
Preston, Carl, 103 
Prevost, Whitewer, 79 
Price, Barbara, 134 
Price, Betsey, 103, 168 
Price, Oonald, 134 
Price, Doris, 103 
Price, Janet, 79, 211, 283 
Price, Malcolm, 134 
Price, Margaret, 79 
Price, Nancy, 79 
Price, Philip, 117 
Price, Ronny, 134 
Price, Steven, 134 
Price, William, 103 
Prickett, Jr., Carlton, 151 
Pridgen, Larry, 134 
Pridgen, Robin, 103 
Priest. Jr., Gordon, 134 
Priester, Frederick, 117 
Prillaman. Donald, 79 
Prince, Mary, 103, 279 
Prince, Virginia, 79. 217, 289 
Prindle, Randall, 103 
Pringle, Robert, 79 
Printz, Oon. 155 
Pritchard, Kenneth, 134 
Prichett, Mareille, 103 
Privette, Janet. 103 
Privette, Jr., William, 134 
Probst, Lynn, 79 
Proctor, Alan, 103 
Proctor, Camille, 154 
Proctor, James, 103 
Provo, Andrew, 134 
Provo, Donna, 117 
Pruett, Jimmy, 103 
Pruett, III, Samuel, 134 
Pruitt, Walker, 134 
Pryer. Jr., Claude, 79 
Pryor, James, 79 
Pugh, Elizabeth, 117 
Pugh, Jackson, 103 
Pugh, Jr., James, 103 
Pulsifer, James. 79 
Pults, David, 134 

Purcell, Barbara, 134 
Purdom, Eugene, 151 
Purdie, Elaine, 103, 175,283 
Purdy, Frank, 134 
Purdy, Rob, 79 

Purdy, William, 117, 187, 313 
Putnam, Jr., Russell, 103 
Pyne, John, 117, 329 

Queen, Jr., James, 134 
Gueen, Roger, 134 
Quick, John, 117, 383 
Quick, William, 79 
Quinn, Beverly, 134 
Quinn, David, 134 

Raban, Reginald, 103, 299 

Rabb, Michael, 108, 117, 305 

Rachide, Frederick, 160, 356 

Radford, John, 134 

Radford, Jon, 134 

Radford, Jr., 165 

Rafferty, James, 134 

Ragan, Bradley, 134 

Ragan, Jr., Thomas, 117 

Raines, Hubert, 79, 346 

Rainey, Hal, 117, 301 

Rainey, Petrie, 117 

Raker, Don, 103 

Rakestraw, Frank, 79 

Raley, Nancy, 103 

Ramage, Nancy, 79, 281 

Rambo, James, 103 

Ramsay, Oavid, 117 

Ramsey, Cynthia, 117 

Ramsey, James, 134 

Ramsey, Roger, 134 

Randall, Annette, 103 

Randolph, Christopher, 103, 301 

Raney, Jr., William, 134 

Rankin, Haywood, 117 

Rankin, Nancy, 103 

Rankin, III, Pressley, 103 

Rannells, William, 117 

Paper. Laura, 117 

Raper, William, 117, 294 

Rapp, David, 134 

Rarback, Sheri, 79 

Rasmussen, Jr., Richard, 103 

Rathbun, Alexandra, 79 

Rattner, Victor, 134 

Rawlins, John, 159 

Ray, Brian, 117 

Ray, David, 117 

Ray, Edward, 134 

Ray, Flossie, 103 

Ray, III, James, 103 

Ray, Kenneth, 134 

Ray, Linda, 117 

Ray, Marcia, 145 

Ray, Wesley, 103 

Raymond, Eugene, 79 

Raymond, Janice, 134 

Raynor, Bobby, 142, 301 

Raynor, Douglas, 134 

Read, Guy, 79 

Read, Jr., Robert, 117, 175, 301 

Ready, William, 79 

Reames, Frederick, 117 

Reaves, Lacy, 134, 187 

Reaves, Thomas, 143 

Reavis, Johnny, 103 

Reavis, Judith, 117 

Reavis, Paul, 117 

Rector, Gary, 134 

Rector, Gene, 79, 197, 263 

Redd, Francis, 103 

Redden, Charles, 79 

Redding, Bobby, 165 

Redmon, John, 103, 329 

Redmond, II, Edgar, 117 

Reed, Christopher, 79 

Reed, James, 103 

Reed, James Ronald, 134 

Reed, Mark, 103 

Reed, Nancy, 79 

Reedy, Vida, 80, 188 

Reel, William, 117 

Reese, Norman, 103 

Reeves, David, 294 

Reeves, Greylin, 80, 180, 281 

Reeves, Linda, 80 

Reeves, III, Ralph, 134 

Regdon, Ardith. 165 

Reich, Otto, 80, 255 

Reichle, Mary, 103 

Reid, Carolyn, 80 

Reid, George, 103 

Reid, Harold, 117, 297 

Reid, Howard, 134 

Reid, Javan, 80 

Reid, Jr., Lewis 

Reid, Nicholas, 134 

Reid, Paul, 169 

Reid, Jr., William, 80 

Reider, Horace, 103, 301 

Reifsnider. Donna, 117 

Reignwater. Nancy, 103 

Reitzel, Elizabeth, 103, 281 

Remer, Bryan, 80 

Remsburg, Virginia, 60, 281, 292 

Rendleman, III, David, 80, 271 

Renegar, Gary, 103 

Renfrew, James, 134 



You're in the 
Pepsi generation! 

Electric Construction Company, Inc. 

"Since 1935" 

Desk Lamps, Portable Typewriters 
And All Your Electrical Needs 


165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hil 

A Trade and a Trait 

Cfje Colonial Press, 3nc. 

Telephone 942-1956 504 W. Franklin St. 



ihe most in DM CLEANING 

Two Convenient Locations to Serve You: 

No. 1. Eastgate Shopping Center 

No. 2. Corner Weaver & Elm Sts., Carrboro 

• Expert Alterations 

• Dyeing 

• Formal Rentals 

• Monograms 

• Reweaving 

• Uniforms 

Custom Made Suits and Coats 
for Men and Women 


140V 2 Franklin Street — Tel. 942-6067 



Renfrow. William, 103 

Renn, Michael, 134 

Reybitz, Chester, 149 

Reynolds, Ann, 80 

Reynolds, Brugh, 134 

Reynolds, Jr., Claude, 60 

Reynolds, Jr., Frank, 134 

Reynolds, Richard, 134 

Reynolds, III, Roger, 134, 181 

Reynolds, Stephen, 134 

Reynolds, Thomas, 103 

Rhew, Garris, 134 

Rhew, Marilyn, 168, 357 

Rhoades, Nancy, 134 

Rhodarmer, Mary, 80 

Rhoden, Charles, 160, 356 

Rhodes, Barbara, 145 

Rhodes, Dale, 103 

Rhodes, George, 134 

Rhodes, Murden, 80 

Rhodes, Patrick, 117 

Rhodes, Robert, 134 

Rhodes, Samuel, 80 

Rhodes, Jr., Ted, 80 

Rhodes, Thomas, 134 

Rhoney, Dale, 103 

Rhyne, Joseph, 117 

Rhyne, Richard, 117 

Rice, Charles, 134 

Rice, Edward, 134 

Rice, Elizabeth, 117,179 

Rice, Frances, 134 

Rice, Sheila, 80 

Rich, David, 103 

Rich. Dwight, 103 

Richard, Jr., Charles, 80, 272, 275 

Richards, Jr., Benjamin, 165 

Richards. Judith, 80 

Richardson, Augustus, 134 

Richardson, David, 134 

Richardson, George, 80, 341 

Richardson, Janet, 145 

Richardson, Kathryn, 103 

Richardson, Lance, 117 

Richbourg, Alison, 134 

Richbourg, James, 117 

Richter. Jr., Lawrence, 117, 331 

Rickard, II, Hearne, 348 

Rickards, Robert, 103 

Rickelton, David, 159 

Rickman. Robert, 117 

Ricks, John, 151 

Ricks, Susan, 103, 192, 281 

Ricks, Wayne, 117 

Riddick, Harry, 134 

Riddle, Mary, 80, 289 

Ridenhour, Calvin, 134 

Ridenhour, III, Monroe, 80, 346 

Ridout, Henry, 143 

Rierson, Gwendolyn, 117, 182 

Riggan, Margaret, 134 

Riggan, Jr., William, 117 

Riggins, Barbara, 134 

Rike. Judy, 80. 293 

Riker, III, Philip, 117, 176, 303 

Rimer, Alan, 165 

Rinehardt, William, 117 

Rion, Aubrey, 80 

Ripa. Paul, 103 

Risnian, Eric, 80 

Ritchie, Gordon, 134 

Ritchie, Lewis, 134 

Ritter, Linda, 134 

Rivers, Lawrence, 141 

Rives, Elisebeth, 103 

Roach, Leonard, 80, 301 

Roaoman, Larry, 117, 322 

Robb, Elizabeth. 108, 117,283 

Robb, James, 103. 297 

Robbins, Jr., Charles, 117 

Robbins, III, Charles, 104 

Robbins, Edward, 117 

Robbins, James, 104 

Roberson, Edwin, 104 

Roberson, Samuel, 134 

Roberson, Theodore, 143 

Robert, George, 104 

Roberts, Bruce, 134 

Roberts, Cecelia, 134 

Roberts, Cornelia, 80 

Roberts, Gana, 80, 199, 216, 293 

Roberts, Grace, 104 

Roberts, Janet, 104, 283, 292 

Roberts, John, 134 

Roberts, Lawrence, 80 

Roberts, Leonard, 117 

Roberts, III. Warren, 134 

Robertson, Jr., Crowder, 117 

Robertson, Jr., Francis. 117, 181 

Russell, Susan, 81, 281 

Ruth, Marian, 81 

Rutherford, Weaver, 104 

Rutledge, James. 104 

Rutledge, Jetty, 81 

Rutledge, John, 135 

Rutledge, Larry, 81 

Rybka, Judith, 135 

Ryland, Shirley, 81, 189,281 

Robertson, Patricia, 80, 281 

Robertson, Stephen, 134 

Robertson, Thomas. 135 

Robertson, Jr., William, 104, 181, 

Robertson, William D., 135 
Robertson, Jr., Yancey, 104 
Robey, Elizabeth, 104, 285 
Robinson, Arthur, 104 
Robinson, Jr., Clyde, 159 
Robinson, David, 104, 354 
Robinson, Ellen, 117 
Robinson, Esta, 117 

Robinson, Estelle, 165 
Robinson, James L., 80, 187 
Robinson, James R. L, 150 
Robinson, Jerry, 135, 353 
Robinson, Jr., John, 135 
Robinson, Jon. 165 
Robinson, Kathryn, 117, 188 
Robinson, Kenneth, 80 
Robinson, Roland, 117 
Robinson, Ronald L, 104, 353 
Robinson, Ronald P., 117 
Robinson, Jr., Royce, 135 
Robinson, Russell, 135 
Robinson, Sally, 165 
Robinson, Jr., Sam, 104 
Robinson, Terrell, 104 
Robinson, Thomas, 135 
Robinson, William, 81, 193, 351 
Robinson, William P., 81 
Robinson, Suzzanne, 81 
Robson, Jr., Charles, 147, 149 
Rock, Ronnie, 135 
Rodden, Jim, 135 
Rodgers, Margaret, 104 
Rodgers, Jr., Raymond, 81 
Rodriguez, III, Joseph, 81 
Rogan, Patrick, 104 
Rogers, Francina, 135 
Rogers, III, Fred, 81, 297 
Rogers, George, 117 
Rogers, Jr., Hugh, 151 
Rogers, Joseph, 104 
Rogers, Lucy, 81 
Rogers, Nancy, 104 
Rogers, Randall, 117 
Rogers, Thomas 0., 104 
Rogers, Thomas T., 81 . 199 
Rogers, Jr., Weaver, 135 
Rogers, William C, 117 
Rogers, Jr., William H., 81, 353 
Rogers, William L., 117 
Rogers, William 0., 117 
Rollins, Glenn, 104, 197 
Rollins, Paul, 117 
Rollins, William, 135 
Roney, Jr., John, 81,271 
Ronman, Peter E., 135 
Roper, II, Albert, 155 
Roper, Sandra, 104, 293 
Rose, Charles H , 165 
Rose, Charles W., 135 
Rose, Sharon, 117, 184, 187,217 
Rose, William, 135 
Rosefield, Jr., Herbert, 81 
Roseman, Craig, 81 
Roseman, John, 135 
Rosen, Stewart, 135, 266 
Rosenbaum, Franklin. 81, 338 
Rosenbaum, Jerry, 142 
Rosenblum, Stephen, 104 
Roshan, Syed, 165 
Roskind, Robert, 135, 180 
Ross, Barbara, 81 
Ross, Johnny, 81 
Ross, Juliette, 81 
Ross, Randy, 104 
Roth, Benjamin, 104, 253 
Rothermel, Joel, 153, 155 
Rothstein, Lilly, 104 
Roughton, John, 104, 294 
Roughton, William, 117 
Rouse, Carrie, 135 
Rouse, David, 149 
Rouse, Helen, 81 
Rouse, Jerry, 104, 198, 263 
Rouse, III, John, 135 
Rouse, III, Robert, 135 
Roush, Fred, 81 
Rouzer, Charles, 81 
Roozer, William. 81 
Roveano, Victoria, 104, 285 
Rowe, David, 81, 217 
Rowe, Mary, 135 
Rowe, Mary Gail, 104 
Rowe, Jr., Roy, 117 
Rowe. William. 135 
Royall, Kenneth, 135 
Roycroft, William, 158 
Royster. Bobby, 117 
Rubin, David. 154 
Rubin, Joseph, 150 
Rubin, William, 104 
Rucker, Catherine, 104 
Rudell. Frederick. 81 
Rudisill, Betty, 104 
Rudisill. Jr., Jesse, 135 
Ruehl. Ill, Victor, 81,259 
Ruff, George, 104 
Rufty, Joe, 104, 320 
Rule. William, 135 
Rumley, Patricia, 81, 217, 283 
Rush, James. 104 
Rush, John, 135 
Rusmisell, Keith, 135 
Russ, 104 
Russ, Nancy, 117 
Russell, Mary, 104. 281 
Russell, Bayard, 301 
Russell, Douglas. 155 
Russell, Jane, 152. 189 
Russell, Joseph, 153 
Russell, Paula, 81, 289, 292 
Russell, Raymond, 149 

Sabiston, Walter, 155 
Sadler, Gail, 135. 179 
Sadler, George, 81 
Sadler, Thomas, 117 

Sadusk, George, 135 
Saen, George, 117, 313 
Sain, James, 117, 315 
Sale, Alvin, 135 
Salmony, Lawrence, 117, 331 
Salter, Alonza, 135 
Salter. Edwin, 135 
Salvati, Ronald, 117 
Samonds, Bernard, 135 
Sampson, Jr., Alfred, 151 
Sams, III, Walter, 117 
Samuels, Joyce, 81 
Sandbank, Mark, 117 
Sanders, James, 82, 275 
Sanders, Leslie, 135 
Sanderson, Genevia, 82 
Sandlin, Carole, 82, 217, 283 
Sands, Jr., James, 82 
Sanford, James, 135 
Sarratt, John, 135, 216 
Sasser, William, 104 
Satisky, Evelyn, 104 
Satisky, Howard, 104, 325 
Satisky, Stephen, 135 
Satterfield, William, 143 
Satterfield. Jr., William, 82 
Sauder, John, 117 
Sauer, Candice, 135 
Saukery, Roger, 104 
Saum, David, 104 
Saunders, Chase, 135, 177 
Saunders, Douglas, 135 
Saunders, III, Jack, 82 
Sounders, Kenneth, 82 
Saunders, Stuart, 150 
Saunders, Phillip, 104 
Saunders, Ml, Richard, 104 
Savage, Phillip, 82 
Savage, Jr., Robert, 117 
Savitz, Stephen, 135. 216 
Sawyer, Jr., Harold, 301 
Sawyer. Janet, 117 
Sawyer, Jr., Logan, 117 
Sawyer, Nancy, 117 
Saxon, Jr., Hugh, 117, 338 
Sayers, Donald, 151 
Sayre, Jr., 144 
Say re, June, 135 
Sayre, Richard. 82, 178 
Sayre, Sally. 135 
Scarboro, Edward, 104 
Scarborough, 104, 293 
Scarborough, Steve, 117 
Schaber, Carol, 135 
Schafer, Gerald, 104, 198 
Schafer, Mark, 135, 182 
Schaffer, Paul, 82 
Scharff, Charlotte, 104 
Schaum, Alice, 104. 189, 287 
Scheer, Frederick. 82 
Schell, Pamela, 82 
Schell, Walter, 135 
Scherr, III, Harry, 104 
Schiller, Mary, 160 
Schiltz, David, 82 
Schlenger. William, 104 
Schmick, Charles, 104 
Schmidt, Fredrick, 117 
Schmidt, William, 82, 302, 303, 

Schnagel, William, 104 
Schneider, Robert, 104 
Schochet, Kenneth, 135, 216 
Schonfeld, Warren, 135, 182 
Schoo, John, 104 
Schroer, Richard, 135 
Schuler, Jane, 104, 287 
Schultz, Frances, 135 
Schultz, Howard, 135 
Schulz, Shepherd, 151 
Schumacher, Christine. 135 
Schussel, Robert, 82, 211 
Schwab, Nelson, 104. 303 
Schwartz, Arthur, 135 
Schwartz, Barry, 117, 214 
Schworm. William. 135 
Scognamillo. Frank. 135 
Scott. Jr., Albert, 118 
Scott. Charles, 118 
Scott, Charles, 155 
Scott, Jr., Elmer, 149 
Scott, Gary, 104, 354 
Scott, Henry, 82, 187, 297 
Scott, Jr.. Jack. 104 
Scott, John, 135 
Scott, Mary. 92, 104, 291 
Scott. Michael. 135 
Scott, Nancy, 135 
Scott, Oriana, 82, 289 
Scott, 82 
Scott, 135 

Scott. Jr., William, 118 
Scovel, Terry, 104 
Scovil, Elizabeth. 82, 189, 285 
Scroggs, Jan, 135 
Scruggs, Jimmie, 104, 346 
Scurry, William, 118 
Seaman. Louis. 104, 299 
Seate, Billy, 104 
Seaton, III, Grover, 82 
Seaton. Paul. 82 
Seawell, Cynthia. 82 
Seawell, Ellon. 159. 161, 357 
Seawell, Terrell. 104 
Sechier. Kenneth. 118 
Sechrist, Douglas, 82 
Sedlacek. Cheryl. 104, 424 
Scibel, Mary, 135 
Sella. Andrew, 135 
Selby, Thomas, 135 
Selden, Samuel, 104, 175 

Sellers, Alva, 158 

Sellers, Clarence, 82 

Sellers, James, 104 

Sellers, Kenneth, 104 

Serra, Frank, 135 

Serunian, Barry, 104 

Sessoms, John, 118 

Sessoms, Jr., Merville, 104, 354 

Sessoms, Jr., Stuart, 135 

Sessoms, Jr., William, 82 

Seetlemire, Earl, 104 

Setzer, Bobby, 160 

Sevier, Robert, 155 

Sewell, Jr., Cecil, 135 

Sexton, Daniel, 104 

Seymond, Hubert, 351 

Seymour, Dennis, 135 

Seymour, Hubert, 135 

Seymour, Jr., James, 104 

Seymour, Margaret, 118 

Shadburn, Paul, 118 

Shade, Robert, 118 

Shatter, Carol, A., 104, 165, 189, 

Shaffer, Charlotte, 104, 217, 281 
Shaffer, Eleanor, 104 
Shanks, Elizabeth, 118 
Shannon, Maureen, 152, 175, 217, 

Shapard, Carolyn, 82 
Sharer, Douglas, 135 
Sharna, Santosh, 165 
Sharp, David, 104 
Sharpe, Allen, 149 
Sharpe, Dan, 118 
Sharpe, II, Harold, 118 
Sharpe, Lawrence, 82 
Shavender, Eugene, 154 
Shaw, III, Alexander, 82 
Shaw, Gerald, 82 
Shaw, John L, 82 
Shaw, John w.. 135 
Shaw, Margaret, 159, 357 
Shaw, Jr., Theodore, 159 
Shearer, Susann, 104, 287 
Shearin, Jr., Norman, 104 
Shearon, Cameron, 82 
Shearon, David, 104 
Shearon, Kenneth, 104 
Shedd, John, 135 
Shedd, Steven, 135 
Sheehan, Charles, 104, 320 
Sheehan, John, 135 
Sheehan, William, 82 
Sheeley, Royal, 83 
Sheets, Lydia, 83, 180. 285 
Sheffield, Jr., Lucius, 83 
Shelburne, John, 83 
Shell, Jr., William, 104 
Shelley, Dewey, 83 
Shelor, Adelaide, 104 
Shelton, Clavis, 141 
She Hon, Frank, 143 
Shelton, James, 151 
Shelton, Sandra, 118 
Shepard, Allen, 104. 249. 354 
Shepherd, Gloria, 104, 188 
Shepherd, John, 104 
Shepherd, Lois, 83,279 
Shepherd, III, Walton, 135 
Sheppard, Jr., James, 135 
Sheppard, John, 135 
Sheps. David, 153 
Shepsle, Kenneth, 83 
Sherman, Joelyn, 135 
Sherman, Lisa, 118, 217 
Sherrill, Guy, 135 
Sherrill, Jr., Lee, 83, 336 
Sherrill, Mary, 135 
Sherwood, II, George, 105 
Sherwood, William, 142 
Sheumaker, Margaret, 83 
Shields, Jr., Edgar. 105 
Shields, Frank, 118 
Shields, William, 105, 267 
Shimkus, James. 166, 168 
Shinn, Harold, 83 
Shinn, Ronald, 135. 197 
Shipman, Boyce. 135 
Shipman, Robert. 83 
Shipman, Sally, 83. 287, 422 
Shivar. William, 135 
Shivers. James, 105 
Shoaf, Jr., M., 151 
Shoaf, Michael, 118 
Shoffner, Kenneth, 135 
Shoffner. Robert, 105 
Shore, Charles. 105. 354 
Short, Margaret, 135 
Short, Ronald. 118 
Shorten. Richard, 105 
Shotwell. Randolph. 165 
Shreve, Brandon. 118 
Shrum, James, 135 
Shuff, Jr., Landon, 83, 175, 184 
Shuford, Abel, 83 
Shuford, Gene, 142 
Shuman, Donald, 135 
Shumpert, Harry, 83 
Shuping, Paul, 135 
Sickerott, Candace, 105, 289 
Sides, Richard. 118 
Siebenschuh, Frederick, 118 
Sieber, Linda, 135 
Sigmon, Mary, 135 
Sigmon, Thomas, 135 
Slier. Jr . Arch. 135 
Siler, Barry, 118 
Siler, John, 135 
Silver, Jr., Charles, 118 
Silverstein, Eric, 118, 336 

Simerly, David, 105, 175 
Simmons, Jr., Calvin, 160 
Simmons, Ernest, 118, 175, 264 
Simmons, Glenn, 105 
Simmons, Patricia, 105 
Simmons, Robert, 135 
Simmons, Stephen, 135 
Simmons, Thomas, 83, 341 
Simmons, William, 83 
Simms, Thomas, 135 
Simon, Gail, 83 
Simon, Lawrence, 83 
Simon, Lloyd, 135, 175 
Simon, Lynn, 135 
Simons, James, 105 
Simons, Jr., Robert, 83 
Simons, Jr., William, 83 
Simpson, Alan, 136 
Simpson, David, 141 
Simpson, David S., 83 
Simpson, Dennis, 83 
Simpson, Jr., Eugene, 136 
Simpson, III, George, 105 
Simpson, James, 118 
Simpson, Joel, 118, 177,354 
Simpson, John L., 136 
Simpson, John M., 136 
Simpson, Jr., John R., 105 
Simpson, Larry, 118, 354 
Simpson, Rosemary, 118 
Simpson, Sarah, 118 
Simpson, William, 118 
Sims, Faryl, 83, 176 
Sims, Jean, 83, 280 
Sims, III, Marion, 83 
Sinclair, Janet, 160 
Singer, Richard, 151 
Singletary, Anna, 136 
Singleton, Frank, 105 
Singleton, Susan, 83, 281 
Sink, Freddie, 136 
Sinness, Marit, 83 
Sipe, Kerry, 105, 195 
Sipka, Jr., Louis, 136 
Sitterson, Jr., Joseph, 105 
Sitterson, III, Simon, 136, 178 
Sizemore, Lynne, 83 
Sizemore, Jr., Ray, 118 
Skinner, Armeta, 105 
Skinner, Jr., Henry, 118, 255 
Skinner, III. John, 118 
Skinner, Phillip, 118 
Slade, Jr., Charles, 136 
Slaughter, Katherine. 118, 189 
Slawter, William, 118 
Slebos, William, 105, 305 
Sledge, Charles, 83 
Sleeper. Russell, 105, 175 
Sloop, Charles, 118 
Sloop, Jr., Frank, 136 
Small, Lynn, 136 
Small, Jr., James. 118 
Small, Ronald, 154 
Smarr, Albert, 150 
Smith, Alan F., 105 
Smith, Alan K., 118 
Smith, Alan R., 136 
Smith, Alan V., 118 
Smith, Alexa, 83, 181. 272, 284 
Smith, Jr., Andrew, 83 
Smith, Belvin, 118 
Smith, Cameron. 84 
Smith, Carol, 105. 199 
Smith, Carolyn, 84, 188,256 
Smith, Jr., Charles, 105, 333 
Smith, Claud. 136 
Smith, Claudia, 136 
Smith, Dan, 84 
Smith, David, 105 
Smith, Earl, 136 
Smith, Edgar, 136 
Smith, Edwin. 118 
Smith, Franklin, 84 
Smith, Garnett, 136,175 
Smith, Jr., George, 136 
Smith, Gilbert, 84 
Smith, Gregory, 136 
Smith, Guy P., 84 
Smith, Guy W., 84 
Smith, Harold, 118. 356 
Smith, Jr., Harold, 105 
Smith, Henry, 136 
Smith, Jr., J. Troy, 150 
Smith, James E., 105, 259 
Smith, James P., 84, 175,187 
Smith, Jerome, 136 
Smith, John, 84 
Smith, Kathryn, 136 
Smith, Jr., Kenneth D.. 118 
Smith, Kenneth L, 105 
Smith, Larry E., 84 
Smith, Larry L., 136 
Smith, Lester, 136 
Smith, Louise, 105 
Smith, Marion. 168 
Smith, Mark, 136 
Smith, Matthew. 105 
Smith, Merle, 84 
Smith, Michael, 136 
Smith, Jr.. Murrell. 84 
Smith, Patricia. 136 
Smith, Paul, 118 
Smith, Peter, 136 
Smith, Richard J.. 118 
Smith, Richard W., 136 
Smith, Robert, 84, 266 
Smith, Roderick, 105 
Smith, Rodney, 136 
Smith, Roger P., 136 
Smith, Roger W., 150 
Smith, Ronald, 105 



"Every man to his business, but indeed 
the craft of a tailor is beyond all doubt 
as noble and as secret as any in the 



133V2 E. Franklin Street 
Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Wherever You Go 

Whatever You Do 

Good books are as close as 
your nearest mailbox 

The Intimate Bookshop 

119 East Franklin Street 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

. . . where traditional styling is merged with 
the latest in campus styles, producing the 
look that has made our store and Chapel Hill 
the sartorial leaders in the South. 

The Hub of Chapel Hill 

Where Quality Is a Tradition, Not a Price . . . 
103 E. Franklin St. 942-1252 

Robert Rollins Blazers, Inc. 

242 Park Ave. South, New York 3, N. Y. 


Schools Glee Clubs Goll Clubs 

Colleges Choral Groups Sororities 

Classes Athletic Teams Fraternities 

Bands Awaids Committees Honor Societies 


RESTAURANT Chapel Hill, N. C. 



(Open from 5-11 P.M.) 

C^dqe on ^jrainion 

of Chapel Hill 


Durham, N. C. 




Smith, Sally, 105 
Smith, Sarah, 136 
Smith, Sidney, 160, 348 
Smith, Stephen A., 105 
Smith, Stephen D., 136 
Smith, Stephen w ., 136 
Smith, Susan, 145, 195 
Smith, Susanne, 118 
Smith, Thomas E., 136 
Smith, Thomas S., 150 
Smith, Jr., Warren, 141 
Smith, Jr., William B., 118 
Smith, William C, 136 
Smith, William M., 84 
Smith, Jr., Young, 84 
Smithers, Mary Ann, 118, 422 
Smithwick, Jr., Bryan, 136 
Smithwick, James, 84 
Smittle, Patricia, 145 
Smoake, Ernest, 105 
Smyre, Larry, 159 
Smyre, Lee, 155 
Smyre, Melford, 136 
Snead, Charlotte, 168 
Sneed, John, 105, 297 
Snipes, Jr., Lyman, 105 
Snipes, Raymond, 136, 175 
Snow, Gregory, 136 
Snow, Wiley, 136 
Snowdon, Henry, 136 
Snuggs, Jr., Edgar, 105 
Snyder, Jr., Charles, 84 
Snyder, Joseph, 84 
Snyder, Peter, 118 
Sobol, John, 105, 197 
Sockwell, Jr., James, 136 
Soles, Douglas. 136 
Solomon, Lucas. 105, 187 
Solter, Alan, 158 
Somers, Marcia, 136 
Sondey, Jo Ann, 84 
Sossomon, Creighton, 84 
Southerland, Fendal. 136 
Southerland, John, 136 
Southerland, Mickey. 105 
Southerland, R. Carole, 84, 199, 

Southern, Jr., John, 136 
Southern, Michael. 136 
Southern, Jr., Russell. 84 
Spalding, IV, Jack. 118 
Spalding, Lyman. 136 
Spangler, Jr., Arthur, 144 
Sparks, Cecilia, 136 
Sparks, Stephen, 105, 297 
Sparks, William, 118 
Sparrow, Donald, 105, 331 
Sparrow, John, 84 
Sparrow, Patricia, 166, 169 
Sparrow, Ronald, 105, 315 
Sparrow, Roy. 84 
Spaugh, Shirley. 105 
Spaulding. Jr., Beniamin, 105 
Speaks, William. 136 
Spears, Edgar, 105 
Spears, Michael, 136 
Speas, Claudia. 105 
Speas, John, 136 
Speir, Alan, 136 
Spell, James, 84 
Spell, John, 84 
Spell, Kris. 136 
Spell, III, Oscar, 84 
Spencer, James, 105 
Spencer, Jennifer, 84 
Spencer, John D ., 136 
Spencer, John H . 105, 274 
Spencer, Marilyn. 105 
Spencer, Mary, 105 
Spencer, Ross, 105 
Spencer, Stephen, 136 
Spencer, Thomas, 105, 268 
Spiliotis, Peter, 136 
Soillman. Ray, 118 
Spivey, Charles, 84 
Spivey, Elizabeth, 155 
Sprinkle, James, 136 
Sprinkle. Ronnie, 136 
Soruill. James, 155 
Spurlock. Sara, 136 
Stables, Roger, 118 
Stacy, Gerald, 136 
Stacy, John, 160 
Stacy, Mary, 105 
Starlin, John, 136 
Stafford, Susan, 136 
Staggers. Samuel, 105. 345 
Stainback, Robert. 118 
Stallings, John, 160 
Stalling;, John. 149 
Stallings, Jr., Julius, 136 
Stallings, Jr., Lindsev. 118, 353 
Stallings, Mary, 84. 211 
Stallings, Susan, 136 
Stallings, Wallace, 136 
Stambaugh. Mark, 136 
Stamps, Lyttleton, 118 
Stancil, John. 160 
Standi, Judith. 152 
Stancil, Richard, 136 
Stanley, Charles, 85, 341 
Stanley, Donald, 105 
Stanley, Gregory, 136 
Stanley, Randall. 118 
Stanley, Jr., William, 151 
Stanton, Diana, 136 
Stapleton, Charles. 84 
Stapp, Jr., Fred. 320 
Starczewski, Robert, 84 
Starer, Susan, 105 
Stark, Lucien, 85 

Starling, Claude, 136 
Starling, Kenneth, 136 
Starnes, Jr., Stanley, 136 
Starnes, Jeanne, 105 
Starnes, Jerry, 118 
Starnes. Richard, 105, 299 
Staropoli, Glen, 136 
Statler, James, 105, 336 
Staton, James, 136 
Staton, Marshall, 136 
Stedman, Charles, 105 
Steed, Clark, 105 
Steed. Roland, 151 
Steele, John, 85 
Steele, Jr., Kenneth, 85, 354 
Steele, Robert, 136 
Steele, Walter, 155 
Steelman, Nancy, 105 
Steelman, Ronald, 144 
Stein. Andrea, 136 
Steinbock, Delmar, 105 
Steinbrecher, Alan, 118, 301 
Stem, Mary, 105 
Stephens, Courtney, 105 
Stephens, David, 136 
Stephens, Don, 85 
Stephens, Donald, 105 
Stephens, Hugh, 105 
Stephens, Page, 136 
Stephens, Richard, 136 
Stephens, Ronald, 105 
Stephenson, Alan, 105, 294 
Stephenson, Carolyn, 136 
Stephenson, Larry, 118 
Stephenson, Mary, 105 
Stephenson, Norma, 105, 293 
Stepp, Alfred, 141 
Stevens, Jr., Elliott, 155 
Stevens, Jr., Hugh, 151 
Stevens, James R., 169 
Stevens, James W., 136 
Stevens, Wade, 85 
Stevenson, Gail, 85, 283 
Stevenson, Sina, 136 
Stewart, Carl. 85, 193 
Stewart, Jr., Harry, 136 
Stewart, Janice, 105 
Stewart, John, 85, 248 
Stewart, Samuel, 118 
Stewart, Wanda, 136 
Stigail, Larry, 136 
Stike. Johnny, 143 
Stikeleather, James, 105 
Still, David, 118 
Stinson, Thomas, 105 
St. John, Sara, 85, 189, 256 
Stockdale, Jerry, 105 
Stocks, Maurice, 136 
Stoff, Eric. 136 
Stogner, Larry, 136 
Stokely, William, 105 
Stokes, Jefferson, 85 
Stokes, Richard, 85 
Stone, Duke. 136 
Stone, Jr., Harold, 143 
Stone, Jr., Howard, 118 
Stone, James E., 136 
Stone, James M 105 
Stone, Linda, 85 
Stone, Raymond, 118 
Stone, Richard, 85. 299 
Stone. William, 105, 351 
Stonestreet, James. 143 
Story, Mary, 85, 279 
Story, Jr.. Willie. 105, 294 
Stout, Frank, 143 
Stout. John, 299 
Stovall, Harry, 105 
Stover, Charles, 85 
Stowe, Eleanor, 85, 281, 421 
Strader, Sandra, 105 
Stragand, William. 118 
Strange, Jr., Aubrey, 118, 354 
Strange, Charlton, 141 
Stratten, Gaye, 118 
Straughan, John. 136 
Strawbridge, John, 118 
Strayhorn, Jimmy, 85 
Streaker, James, 105 
Streater, Donald, 136 
Stretmater, Robert. 85 
Strickland, Grady, 85 
Strickland, John. 118, 301 
Strickland. Matthew, 118 
Strickland, Jr.. Ralph. 105, 263 
Strickland. Ronald. 136 
Strickler, David, 136 
Stringer, Jr., Edward, 85 
Strom, Gerry. 85 
Stromeyer, William. 136 
Stronach, Samuel, 85 
Strong, Sally, 85 
Strong, Susan, 85 
Strother. Mary, 85. 283 
Stroud, Beverly, 85 
Stroud, Charles, 142 
Stroud, Ja,nes, 105, 346 
Stroud, Joseph, 105 
Strupler, Patricia, 118, 188 
Stubbs, John, 105 
Stuhr, David. 160 
Stumpf, Sheila. 85 
Stupak, John, 105 
Sturdevant, Pau'a, 427 
Sturdevant, Paula, 105 
Stutts, Jr.. Clyde. 137 
Styers, Richard. 137 
Styron, Elvin, 137 
Styron, Gaye, 85 
Sudderth, Stephen, 160, 348 
Sugg, Margaret, 137, 188 

Suggs, Helen, 85 
Suggs, Morris, 165 
Sulecki, Richard, 118 
Sullesta, Enriqueta, 165 
Sullivan, Harry, 158 
Sullivan, Terrence, 105, 274 
Summerlin, 111, Charles, 137 
Summers, Andrew, 137 
Summey, Ann, 160 
Summey, Dan, 137 
Summey, II, Paul, 118 
Sumner, Jr., John, 105 
Surratt, John, 105, 258 
Surratt, Sherry, 105. 188 
Sutphin, Richard, 105 
Suttle, James, 118 
Suttles, Thomas, 118 
Sutton, Charles, 85, 346 
Sutton, Frank, 137 
Sutton, George, 85, 333 
Sutton, Johnnie. 160 
Sutton, Judith, 105 
Sutton, Pattye, 137 
Sutton, Roger, 137 
Sutton, Turner, 105 
Swaim, Jr., Lindian, 137 
Swaim, Ronnie, 160 
Swaim, Rusty, 118 
Swain, Blair, 86 
Swain, Ronnie, 348 
Swann, Michael, 137 
Swanson, David, 86 
Swanson, Merry, 105, 283 
Swartley, John, 137 
Swearingen, Jr., Charles, 137 
Sweeney, David, 86 
Swendiman, Alan, 137 
Swepston, III, Lee, 137 
Swerdlott, George, 165 
Swisher, Cynthia, 153 
Swofford, Ronald, 86 
Swofford, William, 105, 299 
Sykes, Alan, 137 
Sykes, Jr., Claude, 105 
Sykes, Jr., Robert, 159 
Symonds, Peter, 106, 329 
Szczerbiak, Isabelle, 86 
Szittya, Penn, 86 

Talbert, Katherine, 106, 283 
Talbert, Terry, 137 
Talbot, Walter, 119 
Tallent, Clyde, 86 
Talmadge, Jr., Sam, 86 
Tanner, Emily, 86, 287, 292 
Tanner, James, 118, 315 
Tanner, Ronald, 106 
Tanny, Stephen, 137 
Tao, Fumiyo, 118 
Tario, Patricia, 106 
Tarlton, Jerry, 137 
Tart, Johnny, 86 
Tart, Virginia, 137 
Tartagcia, III, Daniel, 86 
Tarver, Margaret, 86, 279 
Tasker, Tamara, 106, 216, 287 
Tate, Jack, 86, 184 
Tate, III, John A., 137 
Tate, III, John C, 118 
Tate, William C, 118, 182 
Tate, William S., 137 
Tatum, Rebecca, 92, 106, 281 
Tatum, Richard, 118 
Tatum, William, 137 
Taul, Virginia, 86 
Taylor, Alice, 86, 283, 292 
Taylor, Barbara A., 86 
Taylor, Barbara L., 137 
Taylor, Jr., Benjamin, 137 
Taylor, Carl, 160 
Taylor, Carolyn, 118 
Taylor, David, 137, 165 
Taylor, Donald, 144 
Taylor, Elizabeth, 86, 184, 291 
Taylor, Frances, 158 
Taylor, Herman, 143 
Taylor, Janet, 86 
Taylor, John B., 159 
Taylor, John H., 86 
Taylor, Jr., John R., 151 
Taylor, John W., 149 
Taylor, Jr., Joseph G., 137 
Taylor, Jr., Joseph, 118, 303 
Taylor, Marsha, 86, 285 
Taylor, Michael L. F., 106,301 
Taylor, Michael W., 118, 182 
Taylor, Nancy, 137 
Taylor, Patrick, 86, 181, 333 
Taylor, Jr., Paul, 118 
Taylor, Phyllis, 86 
Taylor, Ramona, 137, 425 
Taylor, Raymond, 106 
Taylor, Richard A., 137 
Taylor, Richard B., 86, 180, 182 
Taylor, Richard S., 137 
Taylor, Sammy, 137 
Taylor, Susan, 137 
Taylor, Thomas, 160 
Taylor, William B., 118 
Taylor, William F., 118 
Taylor, William M., 137 
Taylor, William W., 137 
Taylor, III, William W., 86 
Teachey, William. 154 
Teague, Bruce, 160 
Teague, Charles, Jr., 118 
Teague, George, 118, 175, 294 
Teague, Keith, 137 

Teague, Mary, 159, 192, 279, 357 

Teague, Randall, 137 

Teague, Jr., Shearin, 137 

Teasdale, Margo, 106 

Teele, Gerald, 86 

Teele, Jr., Henry, 151, 322 

Teeter, Robert, 160, 308 

Temple, Harold, 165 

Temple, John, 86 

Templeton, Jr., Ralph, 66 

Tennant, Geoffrey, 86 

Tennent, Alexandria, 106 

Tennille, Ben, 118 

Tennille, George, 175, 294 

Tennille, Judy, 106 

Terres, Miriam, 118 

Terry, Jr., James, 86 

Tew, Allen, 86 

Thayer, Richard, 118, 180 

Thigpew, Fronis, 118 

Tho, Tran, 165 

Thomas, Carol, 118, 182, 285 

Thomas, Dixie, 106, 283 

Thomas, Donald, 155 

Thomas, Dwight, Jr., 106, 180 

Thomas, George, 149 

Thomas, Jr., Henry C, 106 

Thomas, Jr., Henry F., 155 

Thomas, Herbert, 86 

Thomas, John H., 86 

Thomas, II, Johnny M., 106 

Thomas, Stephen, 106 

Thomas, Susan, 106 

Thomas, Philip, 143 

Thomas, III, Neil, 87 

Thomas, Wanda, 106 

Thomason. Jr., Henry, 155 

Thomasson, Roy, 137 

Thompson, Benjamin, 106 

Thompson, II, Charles, 118, 181, 

Thompson, Clyde, 87, 227 
Thompson, David, 87 
Thompson, Elaine, 137 
Thompson, Elizabeth, 118, 279 
Thompson, Ellen, 106 
Thompson, Jr., Hurley, 118, 179 
Thompson, James B., 106 
Thompson, James C, 142 
Thompson, James D., 137 
Thompson, Jr., James H., 119 
Thompson, John, 137 
Thompson, Lawrence, 106 
Thompson, Linda, 106 
Thompson, Paul, 119 
Thompson, Robert LeGrande, 149 
Thompson, Robert Livingston, 151 
Thompson, Rodney, 106 
Thompson, Samuel, 151 
Thompson, Sharon, 87 
Thompson, Sherdenia, 106 
Thompson, Jr., Stanley, 106 
Thompson, Terry, 106 
Thompson, Thomas, 119 
Thompson, Jr., William A., 137 
Thompson, William H., 151 
Thompson, William L., 159 
Thorburn, Billie, 87, 420, 287 
Thornburg, John, 153 
Thorndike. Jr., James, 106 
Thorne, Thomas, 106 
Thornton, James, 137 
Thornton, Jr., William, 149 
Thrift, Ashley, 119, 263 
Thrift, Michael, 106, 297 
Thrift, Robert, 106 
Thursby, Alan, 119 
Thursby, Jerry, 137 
Thurston, Thomas, 106, 199 
Thuss, Noland, 106, 191 
Tilford, John, 119 
Tillery, Jr., Wade, 106 
Tilley, Bonnie, 137 
Tilley, III, Claude, 160 
Tilley, Gary, 137 
Tilley, Sandra, 119 
Tilley, Jr., Thomas, 119, 313 
Tillman, Helen, 106 
Tillman, Michael, 137 
Tillotson, James, 119 
Tillotson, Joseph, 87 
Timmons, Michael, 119 
Tinkham, Spencer, 87, 184, 354 
Tipton, Laurence. 137 
Titchener, Jr., John, 87 
Titterud, William. 119 
Tittle, William, 87, 301 
Titus, Jr., Glen, 106 
Todd, Nina, 106 
Todd, Rex, 137 
Todd, Rixey, 137 
Tolbert, Jr., James, 119 
Tolbert, Langley, 87. 175. 182, 281 
Tomford, William, 106, 184 
Tomlinson, Aubrey. 151 
Tomlinson, John, 137, 268 
Toms, Jr., Francis, 119 
Toms, Frederic, 151 
Tone, Pascal, 87, 294 
Tonry, Michael. 87. 311 
Toomey, Robert, 119 
Torraco. Louise, 165 
Torry, Mike, 267 
Towe, Suzanne, 137 
Townsend, David, 137 
Townsend, Haynes, 87 
Townsend, James, 119 
Townsend, Samantha, 50, 87, 

198, 279 
Townson, Barbara, 106 
Tracy, Robert, 137 

Trachtenberg, Joseph, 137 
Transou, Larry Lee, 137 
Trammell, Jr., Jerry, 141 
Trask, Richard, 119 
Traub, Alan, 144 
Traub, Kenneth, 106 
Travis, Robert, 119 
Travis, William, 119 
Trawick, Gary, 87 
Treadaway, Jr., James, 137 
Treschan, Helmut, 87 
Tripled. Felix, 119 
Triplett, III, William, 137 
Tripp, Jimmy, 158 
Tripp, Jr., William, 144 
Trobaugh, Romaleah, 106, 184 
Trogdon, Jr., James, 137 
Trott, Edward, 106, 180 
Trott, William, 119 
Truitt, Jane, 119, 214 
Truxler, Jr., John, 137 
Tubbs, Leonard, 137 
Tucker, James, 119 
Tucker, Larry, 119 
Tucker, III, William, 155 
Tull, James, 137 
Tull, Virginia, 106, 289 
Tulloch, George, 87 
Turbeville, James, 119 
Turlington, Jr., Henry, 106 
Turner, Jr., Charles, 106 
Turner, Charles, 106 
Turner, Edna, 137 
Turner, Gary, 119 
Turner, James, 106 
Turner, John, 87 
Turner, John, 119, 175, 294 
Turner, Michael, 106 
Turner, Roy, 87, 270 
Turner, Jr., Wilburne, 106 
Turo, Mary, 168 
Tuttle, Jr., Clifford, 137 
Tuttle, Harold, 106, 333 
Tuttle, Reuben, 106 
Twamley, Joseph, 87 
Twiddy, Jr., Curtis, 87, 221 
Twitty, Panthea, 87, 214 
Tyer, Steven, 87 
Tygart, Frederick, 106, 307 
Tyndall, Alvin, 87, 181 
Tyndall, Linda, 87 
Tyndall, II, Robert, 106 
Tyndall, Roy, 106 
Tyser, Jr., Wallace, 151 
Tyson, Margaret, 137 


Ubel, Donald, 106, 182, 318 
Uhrich, Jr., Harry, 137 
Umstead, Allan, 160 
Umstead, Jane, 106 
Underwood, Jr., Henry, 87 
Underwood, Robert, 106 
Upchurch, Tommy, 141 
Upshaw, Andrew, 119 
Upshaw, III, Arthur, 87 
Upton, David, 137 
Upchurch, Wallace, 137 
Urquhart, Richard, 119, 258, 316 
Uzzell, Jr., George, 106 

Vaden, Virginia, 106, 175 

Vallery, Ray, 149 

Vann, Terry, 150 

Van Arsdale, Susan, 152 

Vance, Donna, 137 

Vance, Jr., Joe, 119, 316 

Vance, Victor, 119, 341 

Van Damm, Gregory, 106, 338 

Vanetti, Henry, 151 

Van Hecke, Jr., James, 137 

Van Loon, Eric, 106, 184, 207, 216 

Vann, Sally, 106, 291 

Vanness, James, 87, 326 

Vanpelt, Max, 106 

Van Wagenen, Fred, 119, 299 

Varn, Michael, 119 

Varner, Jr., Grant, 106, 183, 301 

Vars, Addison, 106 

Varsho, Linda, 87, 426 

Vaughan, Joseph, 294 

Vaughan, Paul, 137 

Vaughan, Jr., Ross, 87 

Vaughan, William, 155 

Vaughn, Ann, 106 

Vaughn, Jr., Elbert, 119 

Vaughn, Hannah, 106, 283 

Vaughn. William, 106 

Veal, Tommy, 151 

Veasey, Robert, 137 

Vecellio, Constance, 106, 285 

Veitch, Jr., Charles, 87 

Venters, E., 137 

Venters, George, 106, 341. 345 

Verlenden, III, William, 106 

Vernon, Diane, 106, 287 

Vesilind, P., 165 

Vester, Mary, 87 

Vick, Barbara, 119 

Vick, Betsy, 88 

Vick, Jr., Edward, 86 

Vickery, Charles, 151 

Vincent, Charles, 119, 315 

Vincent. Jerome, 151 

Vining, Richard, 137 

Vinroot, Richard, 149 


BRADY'S East Franklin 
Facilities for Private Parties 


"We Create Good Impressions" 

East Franklin Street 
Chapel Hill 


Texaco Station 

The Best in Service 

Corner Franklin and Columbia 



"Since 1903" 




124 East Franklin Street 
Chapel Hill 


Remember the 


'One of Carolina's Finest Motels' 


Photographic Supplier for 

the Professional and Amateur 





Vinson, Iris, 106 
Vinson, James, 144 
Vinson, Jr., Jesse, 119 
Veverette, Jr., Eugene, 106 
Veverette, Jo, 88 
Vogler, Ronald, 119 
Voigt, William, 106 
Voliva, Edward, 137 
Volkwem. Mary, 88, 291 
Voorhees, Richard, 151 
Voorheis, Bruce, 151 


Wachs, Dennis, 155 

waddell, Jr., Edward, 119 

Waddell, Jr., Lewis, 149 

Wade, Jeffrey, 119 

Wade, Michael, 137 

Wadsworth, James, 106 

Wagenseil, Lawrence, 88, 221, 222 

Wagg, John, 119 

Wagner, Jerry, 88, 181, 187, 216 

Wagner, Renia, 106 

Wagoner, Joe, 106 

Wagoner, Otis, 106 

Wagstaff, Richard, 137 

Warner. Eric, 106 

Wainio, John, 88 

Wainwright, Jr., George, 88, 312 

Wait, III, Owight, 106 

Waite, Elizabeth, 88, 217 

Walcroft, Cheryl, 137, 214 

Wald, Richard, 119 

Waldron, Cathy, 88 

Waldrop, Jerry, 88 

Waldrop, Jr., Joseph, 88 

Waldrop, Morris, 137 

Walker, Charles, 119 

Walker, Clovis, 88 

Walker, Daniel, 106 

Walker, David, 119 

Walker, James, 144 

Walker, Mary, 88 

Walker, III, Owen, 119 

Walker, Robert, 88 

Walker, Robert R., 137 

Walker, Roberts., 106,351 

Walker, Wayne, 106 

Walker, William, 165 

Walkup, Ronald, 137 

Wall, Amanda, 106 

Wall, Audrey, 106,179, 217,291 

Wall, Daniel, 119 

Wall, Frances, 106 

Wall, Jack, 154 

Wall, John, 106, 184. 354 

Wall, Malinda, 106,293 

Wall, Marianne, 106, 152 

Wall, Merlene, 169 

Wall, Michael. 137 

Wall, Sylvia, 88, 164,279 

Wallace, Jr., Carl, 88 

Wallace, Glenn, 119 

Wallace, III, James, 137 

Wallace, John 0., 137 

Wallace, John E., 119 

Wallace, John R., 88 

Wallace, Scott, 137 

Wallace, Stephen Curtis, 119 

Wallace, Stephen Curtis, 160 

Wallace, Susan, 137 

Wallick, Ronald, 137 

Walls, Jr., William, 106 

Walsh, Steve, 119 

Walter, Daniel, 88 

Walter, Donald, 88 

Walter, Jr., James, 137 

Walter, Robert, 88 

Walters, Camilla, 88. 176, 203, 291 

Walters, Donald, 119 

Walters, Dorothy, 88 

Walters. Ill, John, 106 

Walz, David, 137 

Walz, Joel, 137 

Wannamaker. Ill, Charles, 119, 294 

Wanzer, Jr., Philip, 137 

Ward, Jr., Bernard, 106 

Ward, David, 88 

Ward, Jr., Frank, 150 

Ward, Gene, 151 

Ward, Joe, 106 

Ward, John A., 106 

Ward, John, 142 

Ward, Laura, 88, 283 

Ward, Jr., Leslie, 119, 353 

Ward, Linda, 106 

Ward, Marvin, 119 

Ward, Milton, 137 

Ward, Nancy, 137 

Ward, Paul, 137 

Ward. Richard, 106 

Wardlaw, Craig, 88, 187 

Warfel, Joseph, 88, 227 

Warfford, Tony, 88 

Waring, Linda. 106 

Waring, Thomas, 88 

Warren, Alfred, 144 

Warren, III, Burnet, 137 

Warren, Charles, 119 

Warren, Donald. 137 

Warren, Howard, 119 

Warren, Allen, 106 

Warren, Michael, 137 

Warren, Ronald, 138 

Warren, Susan, 107, 175, 283 

Warren, Susan Lee, 92, 152, 175, 

Warrick. Benjamin, 150 
Warrington, Caleb, 107 
Waslick, William, 165 

Waterfield, Ruth, 88 
Watkins, Jr., Arthur, 107 
Watkins, Betty, 107,427 
Watkins, III, Charles, 138 
Watkins, Joyce, 107 
Watlington, Malchus, 119 
Watson, Jr., Charles, 138 
Watson, Jr., Edgerton, 107 
Watson, Jr., Milton, 119 
Watson, Richard, 119 
Watson, Robert, 168 
Watson, Robert W., 88 
Watson, Wenena, 107 
Watt, Joyce, 89, 175, 283, 422 
Watt, Melvin, 107 
Watts, III, Clifford, 119,222 
Watts, Evan, 107 
Watts, Nelson, 153 
Watts, Richard, 138 
Way, Brady, 119 
Way, John, 138 
Wayne, Patricia, 138 
Wease, James, 138 
Weatherly, Jr., James, 119 
Weathers, William, 144 
Weaver, Carolyn, 89, 189 
Weaver, John, 138 
Webb, Barry, 138 
Webb, Diana, 89, 189, 291 
Webb, James, 89 
Webb, Jesse, 119 
Webb, Jr., John, 89 
Webb, Virginia, 138 
Webb, William N., 89, 178 
Webb, III, William E., 138 
Webster, Hugh, 89 
Webster, Wanda, 160 
Wedge, Robert, 13S, 179 
Weede, Harry, 107 
Weeks, Martha, 89, 281 
Weeks, Wallace, 107,341 
Wei, Enoch, 107 
Weigel, Jr., John, 149 
Weil, Alan, 151 

Weilea, III, Herold, 89, 172, 178 
Weinberg, Paul, 138 
Weinkle. Brian, 119 
Weinstein, Alan, 89 
Weir, Hubert, 89 
Weiss, Delma. 168 
Weiss, Kenneth, 338 
Welborne, Barry, 155 
Welborn, Ricky, 119 
Welborn, William M , 138 
Welborn, William W., 150 
Welch, Gloria, 138 
Welch, William, 119 
Weldon, Virginia, 107, 287 
Wellman, James, 165, William, 119 
Weilons, Douglas, 89, 301 
Wei Ions. Elmer, 138 
Wells, Bruce, 138 
Wells, Calvin, 119, 313 
Wells, David, 138 
Wells, George, 143 
Wells, Hugh, 138 
Wells, John, 119 
Wells, Raymond, 119 
Wells, Sara, 158, 357 
Wells, William, 119 
Werner, Robert, 119 
Werz, AnnMarie, 138 
Wesley, Robert, 138 
West, Jr., Douglas, 107, 301 
West, Howard. 119 
West, Jack, 151 
West, John, 182, 207, 345 
West, Mary, 119 
West, Philip, 138 
Westall, Jack, 151 
Westbrook, Jr.. James, 107 
Wester, Jr., Clifford, 138 
Wester. John, 119 
Westerholm, II, Harold, 119 
Westerlund, Jr., Albert, 138 
Westmoreland, David, 119 
Wetherbee, Harry, 107 
Whaley, Donald, 138 
Wha'ey, Jr., Hubert, 89 
Wharton. Robert, 119 
Wheat, Kenneth, 138 
Wheeler, David, 138 
Wheeler, Karen, 145 
Wheeler, Robert, 119 
Wheeler. Rodney, 138 
Wheeler, Ted, 119 
Whichard, Jr., David, 107 
Whichard, Ernest, 119, 180 
Whichard, Obie, 89 
Whicker, James, 155 
Whisnant, Cleatus, 89 
Whisnant, Gregory, 138 
Whisnant. William, 138 
Whisonant, Don, 144 
Whitaker, Anna, 89 
Whitaker, Dan, 119. 311 
Whitaker, James, 154 
Whitaker, Joel, 138 
Whitaker, Judith. 107 
Whitaker, III, William, 107, 176, 

White, Benjamin. 121, 138 
White, Betty, 138 
White, Charles, 89 
White, Charles, 119 
White, Charlotte, 138 
White, Claude, 119, 250 
White, David C, 138 
White, David H., 107 
White, David H., 89 

White, Jr., Edgar, 138 

White, Gilbert, 89, 294 

White, Jr., Howard, 107 

White, James B., 138 

White, James L., 119 

White, Joseph, 119 

White, Luther, 107 

White, Mary, 107, 289 

White, Melba, 107 

White, Richard, 138 

White, Robert C, 119 

White, Robert E., 119 

White, Rogers, 160 

White, Ronald, 119, 183, 354 

White, Ruth, 145 

White, III, Sidney, 107 

White, Terry, 89, 346 

White, III, Thomas J., 146, 149 

White, III, Thomas S., 107, 174, 

White, Wihiam E., 107 
White, William J., 107 
Whitehead, Charles, 159, 348 
Whitehead, Jr., Lewis, 89, 346 
Whitehead, Jr., Millard, 107 
Whitehead, Thomas, 119, 333 
Whitehead, Jr., Donald, 89 
Whitehurst, James, 107 
Whitehurst, John, 107 
Whitehurst, Lee, 138 
Whitehurst, Robert, 138 
Whitesides, Jr., George, 138 
Whitfield, Linda, 138 
Whitfield, Richard, 119, 354 
Whitfield, Jr., Ruben, 107 
Whitlatch, George, 119 
Whitley, Howard, 107,265 
Whitley, James, 107 
Whitley, Jimmy, 107 
Whitley, Mary, 69, 278, 292 
Whitley, Rodney, 89 
Whitley, Steven, 138 
Whitlock, Thomas, 119 
Whitmire, James, 89 
Whitton, Agnes, 89 
Whitworth. John, 138 
Whyte, Barbara, 89 
Wicker, Robert, 89, 294 
Wicks, Daniel, 138 
Wiebel, George, 107 
Wiggins, Agness, 89 
Wiggins, Leonard, 138 
Wiggins, Jr., Osborne, 89 
Wiggins, Sally, 89, 217, 291 
Wiggins, William, 119 
Wilborn, David, 90, 180 
Wilcox, Staten, 138 
Wilbur, Robert, 138 
Wilder, David, 90 
Wiley, George, 119 
Wiley, Samuel, 151 
Wilfong, Ida, 107 
Wilhelm, Miles, 138 
Wilhelm. William, 119 
Wilkerson, Mattie, 154 
Wilkerson, Ralph, 138 
Wilkerson. Richard, 119 
Wilkes, Frank, 165 
Wilkes, Jr., Franklin, 90 
Wilkins, Barbara, 119 
Wilkins, Charles, 90, 314 
Wilkins, Edward, 143 
Wilkins, Jr., George, 138 
Wilkins, Jr., Louis, 138 
Wilkinson. Anita, 119, 283, 413. 

Wilkinson, Emily, 90 
Willard, Leslie, 138 
Willardson, John, 107 
Willets, III, George, 160 
Willey, Jr., John, 138 
Willey, Susan, 107 
Williams, Arthur, 138 
Williams, Benjamin, 160, 348 
Williams, Berry, 158, 356 
Williams, Betty, 107 
Williams, Bill, 144 
Williams, III, Bryant, 107 
Williams, Burch, 138 
Williams, Carol, 90. 291 
Williams, Charles, 107 
Williams, Corbin, 144 
Williams, Courtney, 107, 287 
Williams, David A., 107 
Williams, David B., 199 
Williams, Douglas, 90 
Williams, Durwood, 141 
Williams, Edwin, 107, 255 
Williams, Jr., Fred, 138 
Williams, Gerald, 120 
Williams, Holly, 179, 180, 216, 

279, 425 
Williams, James E., 90 
Williams, James S., 107 
Williams, James w., 107 
Williams, Jerry F., 120 
Williams, Jerry L, 90 
Williams, Joe. 140, 354 
Williams, Judith, 120 
Williams, July A., 144 
Williams, Judy W., 107 
Williams, Karen, 138 
Williams, Larry, 141 
Williams, Linda, 138 
Williams, Ludolph. 138 
Williams, Mark, 156, 159, 356 
Williams, Michael, 107 
Williams, Jr.. Morris. 154 
Williams, Patricia, 160, 357 
Williams, Patricia S.. 107 
Williams, Peter D., 90 

Williams, Peter P., 294 
Williams, Raymond, 107 
Williams, Jr., Rhoderick, 155 
Williams, Richard, 107, 195 
Williams, Roberta, 154 
Williams, Scarlette, 90 
Williams, Stephen B., 120 
Williams. Stephen D., 138 
Williams, Stuart, 138 
Williams. Susan, 90 
Williams, Thomas, 120 
Williams, Wendell, 120 
Williamson, III, Benjamin, 90 
Williamson, Jr., John, 90 
Williamson, Jr., Robert, 107, 198 
Williard, Coy, 107 
Willingham, Edward, 90, 307 
Willignham, John, 90, 307 
Willis, Barbara, 159, 279 
Willis, Calvin, 90, 354 
Willis, Dewey, 107 
Willis, Henry, 90 
Willis, Jr., James, 138 
Willis, Miriam, 169 
Willis, Jr., Ralph, 138 
Wilson, Carol, 107, 176, 279 
Willis, Sharon, 138 
Wills, Jr., Warren, 107 
Wilson, III, Charles, 138 
Wilson, Daniel, 138 
Wilson, David, 138 
Wilson, Donald, 138 
Wilson, Douglas, 120 
Wilson, Jr., Edward, 107 
Wilson, Jr., Emmett, 165 
Wilson, Harry, 138 
Wilson, Holman, 107,331 
Wilson, Jr.. John M., 120 
Wilson, John S., 99, 297 
Wilson, Judith, 120 
Wilson, Louisa, 90, 287 
Wilson, Mary, 90 
Wilson, Philip, 138 
Wilson, Richard, 120 
Wilson, Robert 0., 107,141,172, 

Wilson, Robert W., 141 
Wilson, Stewart, 120 
Wilson, Thomas, 160, 214 
Wilson, Thomas, 120 
Wilson, William, 153 
Wilson, William H , 120 
Wimbish, Helen, 107 
Winborne, Jean, 89, 180, 281 
Winborne, Johnny, 120 
Winborne, III, John 107, 181 
Winburn, George, 107 
Winchester, Jr., Thomas, 107, 353 
Winfrey, Ronald, 120 
Winkleman, Martin, 138 
Winn, Bryan, 107 
Winn, Marcia. 120 
Winner. Dennis. 149, 325 
Winslow, Don, 90 
Winslow, Jack, 90 
Wins'ow, James, 90 
Winstead, Arthur, 90, 354 
Winstead, Charles, 90 
Winston. Zachary, 107, 175, 336 
Winter, Jean, 160, 161, 211, 279, 

Winter, Jr., Wilburn, 320 
Winters, Carole, 90 
Winton, Robert, 120 
Wise, Carol, 138 
Wise, Cathy, 138 
Wise, Julia, 90, 175, 184 
Wise, Pamela, 107, 179 
Witherspoon, Nancy, 107, 265 
Withrow, William, 90 
Witt, Florence. 107, 182, 281 
Wolcott, III. William, 120, 180, 305 
Wolf. Robert, 90 
Wolfington, Ronald, 138 
Wollin, Jr., Ernst, 90 
Woltz, Jr., William, 138 
Womack, Jr., Herbert, 91 
Womack, James, 260 
Womble, George, 120 
Womble, Jr., James, 120 
Womble, James, 138 
Womble, Mary, 107 
Womble. Robert, 120 
Wood, Carl, 91 
Wood, Evan. 142 
Wood, III, Newton. 107 
Wood, Norman. 107, 195 
Wood, Paul. 107 
Wood, Jr., William, 91, 297 
Wood, Jr.. William Z., 138 
Woodall, Barbara, 107, 279 
Woodall, Donald. 138 
Woodall, Hal, 138 
Woodard, Benjamin, 138 
Woodard, Jr., Erwin, 158 
Woodard, Jerry, 154 
Woodard, John, 160 
Woodard, Wex, 91, 346 
Woodard. William. 91 
Woodcock, Neil, 91, 227 
Woodroof, III, Albert, 138 
Woodruff, Jr., James, 107 
Woodruff, Jr., Leon, 120, 180, 294 
Woodson, Jr., Paul, 120 
Woodward, Lowell, 165 
Woodworth, Jean, 91, 184, 194, 

207. 297 
Woolard, Jodie, 138 
Woolard. Mary, 107, 279 
Woosley, Beverly, 120 
Wooten, Hubert, 91, 184 

Wooten, Charles, 107, 265 
Worley, Donna, 107 
Worley, Charles, 318 
Worley, Jerry, 138 
Worley, Robert, 138 
Worrell, George, 107 
Worrell, Judy, 91 
Worrell, Kenneth, 91 
Worsham, Jr., Douglas, 107 
Worsley, Jerry, 138 
Worsley, Jr., William, 138 
Worth, Randolph, 120, 313 
Woitham, Charles, 120 
Wortham, Verna, 107 
Worthen, Peter, 107, 303 
Worthington, Charles, 138 
Worthington, Donna, 120 
Wrenn, Alexander, 107 
Wrenn, Creighton, 138 
Wright, Bobby, 120 
Wright, Carl, 168 
Wright, Cleveland, 107, 303 
Wright, Gary, 91 
Wright, Gregory, 138 
Wright, Helen, 107,281 
Wright, Henry, 143 
Wright, James, 120, 345 
Wright, JoAnn, 107,281 
Wright, III, John, 120 
Wright, Jr., John, 154 
Wright, III, John, 107 
Wright, Mary, 107, 179, 289 
Wright, Jr., Melvin, 92, 107 
Wright, Jr., Richard, 107, 264 
Wright, Richard, 107 
Wright, Robert, 91 
Wright, Jr., Robert, 120, 315 
Wright, Jr., Roscoe, 120 
Wright, Jr., Seaborn, 91 
Wright, Thomas, 91,219 
Wright, Wilbur, 120 
Wright, William, 91,352 
Wright, III, William, 120 
Writer, George, 107 
Wuehrmann, Janet, 107, 181, 216, 

Wurn, Lawrence, 138 
Wyatt, John, 138 
Wyatt, Linda, 91 
Wyatt, Linda, 287 
Wyche, Jr., Paul, 107 
Wylie, Jr., James, 138 
Wylie, Norman, 308 
Wyman, Jr., Samuel, 299 
Wyman, Stephen, 107, 138 
Wynne, Walter, 138 
Wyszynski, Mary, 138, 199 

Yager, Virginia, 107 
Yancey, John, 138 
Yao, Kuan, 165 
Yarborough, Richard, 107 
Yarbrough, III, Edwin, 138 
Yarbrough, Richard, 120 
Yarbrough, Sue Ann, 91 
Yarbrough, Terry, 91 
Yarus, Stuart, 138 
Yates, Charles, 120 
Yates, John, 120, 294 
Yates, III, Joseph, 294 
Yates, Joy, 139 
Yates, Judy, 139 
Yeats, Richard, 107 
Yelverton, Paula, 91 
Yeager, William, 139 
Yelton, David, 139 
Yeiton, Virginia, 91 
Yelverton, Jr., Ira, 120 
Yelverton, William, 91 
Yokeley, Stephen, 139 
Yoder, Charles, 139 
Yokley, Jr., John, 91 , 21 7, 294 
Young, David, 159 
Young, Elizabeth, 107, 283 
Young, J., 141 
Young, James, 120, 294 
Young, John, 144 
Young, Miranda, 145 
Young, Nancy, 120, 285 
Young, Jr., Richard, 139 
Young, Robert, 107 
Young, Stephen. 154 
Young, Jr., William, 91 
Younblood, Lawrance, 91 
Young, James, 155 
Young, Peter, 139 
Yount, Bobby. 139 
Yount, Gail, 107 
Yuhas, Robert, 139 

Zachary, Jonathan, 139 
Zachary, Lawrence, 139 
Zachary, Stephen, 91 
Zachary, Jr., Walter, 139 
Zahray, Ronald, 159 
Zambelli, William, 120, 346 
Zambrana, Efrain. 120 
Zendel, Robert, 260 
Zenz, James, 265 
Zettel. Norman, 120,208 
Zezefillis, Georgia, 91 
Zibart, Henry, 139 
Zimmerman, Michael, 139, 175 
Zuckerman, William, 107, 336 
Zumwalt. Elmo, 120 
Zureck, Brenda, 160 


The Blair House 


Durham -Chapel Hill Boulevard 

Recommended By 



®rau*l-©n iEfltornjrl? (En. 

504 W. JrsttiUtit $t. 
aUppri fill. N. <£. 

"JSprabquartrrfl ifnr Aftnrnturr" 

Joseph's Hair Stylists 

Specializing in 






Carolina Beauty Shop 

For Prescriptions 


On the Corner 

Across from Theater 

Uarmfg Mvub H?ar 

147 E. Franklin Street 
Clothiers of Distinction 


Thanking You for 
Your Patronage 




Vown & Campud 


Academic Affairs Committee 182 

A.F.R.O.T.C 224 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 


Angel Flight 

Arnold Air Society 
Attorney General's Staff 

Audit Board 



Budget Committee 
Campus Affairs Committee 
Campus Chest Committee 
Carolina Forum 
Carolina Handbook 
Carolina Playmakers 
Carolina Quarterly 
Carolina Symposium 
















Carolnia Women's Council 188 

Cheerleaders ...361 

Communications Committee 179 

C.U.S.C 176 

Cosmopolitan Club 214 

Cross Country 376 

Daily Tar Heel ...196 

Debating Team 216 

Dental Hygiene 145 

Di-Phi Society 214 

Elections Board 181 

Fencing 379 

Football 365 

Fraternities 294 

Freshmen 122 

Gamma Beta Epsilon 245 

Germans Club 344 

Glee Club 208 

Gleemen 209 

Golf 393 

Gorgon's Head Lodge 231 

Graham Memorial 202 

Honor System Commission 181 

Interfraternity Council 342 

International Students Board 183 

Juniors 93 

Lacrosse 398 

Lambda Phi Omega 238 

Lutheran Association 213 

Men's Honor Council 193 

Men's Residence Council 190 

Monogram Club 360 

National Student Association 177 

National Merit Committee 183 

N.R.O.T.C 219 

Order of the Golden Fleece 236 

Order of Gimghoul 244 

Order of the Grail 234 

Order of the Old Beanbirds 235 

Order of the Old Lampshades 246 

Order of the Old Well 240 

Orientation Committee 175 

Panhellenic Council 292 

Pharmacy Senate 161 

Phi Alpha Theta 241 

Phi Beta Kappa 232 

Phi Eta Sigma 233 

Physical Therapy 152 

Professional Fraternities 346 

Publicataions Board 194 

Residence Halls 247 

Rho Chi 242 

Scabbard and Blade 228 

School of Dentistry 140 

School of Law 146 

School of Medicine 153 

School of Pharmacy 156 

School of Public Health 162 

School of Social Work 166 

Secretariat 179 

Semper Fidelis 228 

Seniors 51 

Sigma Theta Tau 243 

Soccer 374 

Society of Janus 239 

Sophomores 109 

Sororities 278 

State Affairs Committee 177 

Stray Greeks 293 

Student Athletic Association 217 

Student Committee on Honors 184 

Student Government 172 

Student Legislature 185 

S.N.E.A 215 

Swimming 380 

Tennis 400 

Toronto Exchange Committee 184 

Track 394 

University Band 362 

University Party 212 

Valkyries 237 

Women's Athletic Association 216 

Women's Honor Council 192 

Women's Residence Council 189 

Wrestling 390 

Yackety Yack 198 

Young Democrats Club 215 

Y.M.C.A. - Y.W.C.A 211 



to my really hard-working staff: especially to Gana, Clark, Tom, Harry and 
Bush; to Eva Blaine and Nita Brown for doing emergency relief work; to the 
people who turned copy in on time; to the DTH for only turning it in a month 
late; to Mr. Henry, Mrs. Fambrough, and especially Archibald Copeland, 
Esq., for all their consideration and assistance; to Mr. Fay Smith and Smith 
Studios; to West Cobb, Winston, Delta Delta Delta, Joyner, Phi Gamma 
Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, and Pi Beta Phi for being so understanding in that 
the editor forgot to give credit to them for sponsoring the Yack Queen and 
her court; to Harry and Susan for those long evenings spent doing layouts 
and drinking tea; to the U. S. Navy for the photograph on page two hundred 
twenty-three; to Loftin, Roueche, Whitsett, Hotney, Chris, Carol and all the 
other Yack girls for their smiling faces; to anyone who likes my cover; to 
the U.N.C. Photo Lab; to the Publications Board and Hugh Blackwell for 
being so helpful (?) in deciding all of the Yack's problems; to the DTH for 
the use of basketball photographs; to Charlotte Engraving for making the 
year more interesting by missing all deadlines to the printer; to Mary King, 
Sandra Burden, Sophie Weston, Bessie Keen, Tony Ivins, Frank Longest, 
Glenn Sexton, Tom Jones, Bob Lewis and Tom Gaunlett for serving on the 
selection committee for the Frank Porter Graham Awards; to Mr. C. P. Lesh 
of Lesh Paper Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, for his contribution of the 
Yack's stationery; to Tom Rogers for his great color photography; to the Sports 
Publicity Office for their assistance in preparing the sports section; to Sophie 
Dornbush for seeing that the editor received at least one green vegetable a 
month; to Mr. Frank Fleming and Washburn Printing Company, all of whom 
are totally exhausted from trying to get the book out on time; to Dr. Conda 
G. Rox, who kindly served as editorial psychiatrist; to my family and friends 
for everything; THE END!!!!!! 





Susan Amnott 
Judy Andrews 
Barry Armour 

Dick Baddour 
Richard Baer 
Tobie Barrett 
Harry Blair 
Kay Bundy 

Ray Catlette 
Vassar Chumley 
Rene Clark 
Thurston Cobb 
Bob Combs 
Rhonda Cox 

Carole Dague 
Earl Dornbush 

Clark Egeler 
Joe Exum 

Chris Garden 
Brenda Goodwin 
Lynda Gregory 

Maggie Hayes 
Susan Hayes 
Maggie Hill 
Dan Hinnant 
Bessie J. Hotney 

Paula Johnson 
Linda Jones 

Betsy Keen 

Bucky Layton 
John Lansche 
Mike League 
Ann Loftin 
Larry Love 

Lee McBennet 
Mary McCanless 
Jim Muchmore 

Ann Phenicie 

Jim Rambo 
Marcia Ray 
Gana Roberts 
Tom Rogers 
Jerry Rouse 

Gerry Schafer 
Glenn Sexton 
Anne Sink 
Carol Smith 
Carole Southerland 
Judy Sutton 

Pat Taylor 
Tom Thurston 
Samantha Townsend 

John Watts 
Ben Williams 
R. L. Williamson 
Penny Wyszynski 



OBSERVED TODAY IS NEITHER a victory of the annual staff, nor even of 
the business manager, but a celebration of a miracle in that the Yack ap- 
peared at all. The campus is very different today than when the Hellenian 
made its debut in 1882, for the student government holds in its hands the 
power to destroy all forms of student misery and all forms of students. And 
yet the problems that beset the Hellenian are the same with which the Yack 
must meet — a screaming little business manager, irate engravers and print- 
ers, and indifferent students. It must not be forgotten that the present staff 
are heirs of that first effort, but let this book go forth from this time and 
place as a testament that a new generation of Carolinians have peered into 
the future, unwilling to let either the difficulties of the past or the issues of 
the present hinder their determination. 

TO THOSE WHO CLAIM we have deviated from the past, it has been 
done in the interest of the present. 

TO THOSE WHO CLAIM we have continued many of the practices of the 
past with little originality, it must be remembered that tradition is of the 
essence of the present. 

TO THOSE WHO CLAIM we have belittled their efforts, let them examine 
anew these efforts. 

TO THOSE WHO BELITTLE our efforts, let it be known that we accept 
criticism with gratitude, for we must begin again to build for the future. 

ALL THE WORK OF putting together the Yack was not done in one hun- 
dred days, nor could all that should have been done been accomplished in 
all the thousands of days of earth. But what we have done is a beginning, 
and each year is a new beginning. For even this moderate achievement, the 
responsibility belongs to those students who devoted their time and effort 
without reward to the betterment of the Yack. 

AND SO, IF ONE should criticize the yearbook, let him think what he can 
do for the Yack, not what it can do for him. It is in your hands, more than 
anyone else's that the final success of the book depends, for without your 
assistance and support, all our industry is futile. With a sense of accom- 
plishment our only clear reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, 
we have presented the 1966 Yackety Yack to you, hoping for your acceptance 
this year and your help in the future.