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ike year 
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CLASS OF 1889 


Yackety Yack 1 

Copyright 1987 by the Yackety Yack and 

the University of North Carolina Media Board. 

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North Carolina 27514. 

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Yackety Yack 

Yackety Yack 

University of North Carolina 
Carolina Union 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514 

Yackety Yack 3 


Scenario and Society 




A dm inistrators 


4 Contents 








Sporting Life 




Contents 5 

6 Prefa 



We have worked against the Yack s grain ihis year. 

If you are a Yack watcher, you may reasonably interpret UNC's 
yearbook, as "a picture book. " But we're challenging that token message, in 
light of utilizing our strong resources at hand (photographers, coordinators, 
designers and writers and researchers) and of utilizing our medium (the 

To do this, we have included a line of profiles, in the form of 13 stories 
and many more biographical sketches, for this year's book. This is an 
addition and an incorporation — not a compromise; we are not fighting our 
strong photographic and design capabilities , for these are what we've 
edified for ourselves foremost during the /9#0s. But, as said, the pictures 
will speak for themselves . 

Basically, we hope you will now see the 1987 Yackety Yack as 
UNC's book of the year , certainly lacking the ideal of objectifying the year 
through presentation of every person, event, organization, University 
building, etc. , etc. , etc. 

Herewith, we concentrate on UNC and all its pieces through particulars , 
in a word — profiles. 

Preface 7 

Yackeiy Yack 


^V4- WELL 

Introduction 9 

f * Iniroduidion 

■ i» i n vt a u umi « ' (Jtwwww 

"^ » 




_-*> «r 

&-~-_:~l~ ~-~-r --'->-.-^ *'-' V 

2 Introduction 


1 4 Introduction 

Introduction 15 




Scenario and Society 

and Society 

The Seasons, 

Architecture, Campus 

and Town, Festivals, 


and More 

Scenario and Society 1 7 


X fall 13X6 

Fall 13X6 19 


20 Scenario 

Scenario 21 


22 Winter 191/7 

's^stms wnstsmntmmKmaM m 

Winter 13H7 23 


24 Winter 13*7 


Winter 191/7 25 


26 Spring 13*7 


Spring 13X7 27 

2ft Scenario 


Scenario 29 

30 Summer 13X7 

Scenario 31 

Town and Campus 

32 Town and Campus 





\ . 

i r 



Town and Campus 33 

rThe Pit 

34 The Pit 


The Prt 35 


Bt *• 

£g ' 


* 1 




t * 



1 -;i^: ri 

1 -. 




_ WJC 


36 Tcw/i am/ Campus 

Franklin Street 






Franklin Sireef 37 

IS Town and Campus 

Town and Campus 39 

Franklin Street "Riot — " September 1 , (3#6 

40 Franklin Sheet Rioi 


Naked On Franklin Street 

Tar Heels Let it Loose When They Party 

by Bert Matthews 

A couple of days before graduation my 

J I best friend asked me, "When you 
I think back on your time here at 
Carolina, what moment will stand out 
strongest in your memory?" 

Of course, the first file to be opened from 
my mental floppy disk selection was titled 
Party. Sure, I would have liked it to have 
been Love, Romance or Adventure even 
Education but it wasn't. It was Party, because 
'86-'87 had so many outrageous passages to 

To start things out was the "Franklin 
Street Riot." 

By 9:30 p.m. the sidewalks of Franklin 
Street had become clogged with people 
barhopping for their last legal time. I 
remember standing on the corner of 
Franklin and Columbia, outside of 
Spanky's, and watching some guy motivate 
the crowd into taking the street. Each time 
he and the small band of opaque renegades 
following his command were given the 
walking green, they bounded into the 
middle of the crosswalk and sat down 
chanting, "Hell no, we won't go." 
Eventually they and the mob that joined 
them in their revelry succeeded in turning 
the traffic around and closing Franklin 

It all began when, in order to maintain 
federal highway funding, the N.C. 
Legislature passed a bill raising the 
drinking age from 18 to 21. At midnight, 
when Sunday, August 31 became Monday, 
September 1 , Labor Day, the new law was to 
go into effect. Tar Heel students "under 
age" would lose the privilege to purchase 
even the mildest of distilled spirits. As could 
be expected, Carolina students would not 
let this lamentable occasion pass without 
some form of public outcry. 

While a close friend and I sat on one of 

the benches lining Franklin Street, 
innocently taking in the chaos that had 
momentarily gained control of downtown 
Chapel Hill, I was struck with an idea. "This 
is a once-in-a-lifetime college experience," 
said a cajoling voice inside of me. "Not only 
for you, but all of those attending. It needs 
something gutsy though, something more 
original than open consumption of barley 
pop. It needs some type of revelry that will 
turn heads, open mouths and curl 
toes — some rabble rouser that could 
sufficiently add to the precedent being set 
here without causing damage to property 
or discomfort to others. It needs 
some. ..some... streakers." 

We did it. 

This, what some would call a despicably 
vain and totally inappropriate 
undermining of conventions, didn't even 
hold a candle to much of the hoopla that 
eventually transpired that night. 

Once the Franklin Street Riot wound 
down about 3:30 a.m.. Chapel Hill had 
been privy to 15 arrests, $50,000 of 
estimated damage, bomb fires, open nudity 
(no further comment), debauchery, total 
chaos and one of the most impressive 
displays of public inebriation and 
obnoxiousness the town had ever 

UNC administration as well as Chapel 
Hill police and Town Council members 
were so thoroughly disgusted with the 
behavior the riot fostered, measures were 
taken to see that this sort of thing would not 
happen again. 

During Halloween, police lined the 
sidewalks of Franklin Street to assure the 
masquerading crowd would not spill out 
into the street. It didn't. But just to make 
certain the reins of discipline were securely 
in hand, the Chapel Hill Town Council 

passed an amendment in February that 
limited the acceptable level of outdoor 

This reduction in acceptable decibels for 
outdoor events was seen by students as 
another infringement of the rights of the 
town's majority — the students — to have a 
good time. This effort by a select, powerful 
group of the town's wealthier residents to 
dictate the tone of future Carolina parties 
was successfully challenged by student 
members and Student Congess. By April a 
healthy compromise was reached that 
preserved the rights of students to hold 
outdoor parties as long as the music 
finished no later than 12:30 a.m. and didn't 
exceed 77 decibels. 

Despite the compromise on noise. Pi 
Kappa Phi's infamous Burnout party, 
which had attracted 3,000 to 4,000 in past 
years, was reduced to smoldering ashes 
when the Town Council denied the 
fraternity's request for a noise permit. 

Nevertheless, Carolina party troopers 
proved they could party hard and 
responsibly. UNC police major Charles E. 
Mauer told 1987 Springfest organizers that 
the concert on Connor Beach was the best 
run ever. No arrests were reported, and 
cleanup was handled in about two 
hours — with aluminum cans, glass bottles 
and paper collected for recycling by the 
Society of Environmentally Concerned 

Personally, though, one of my favorite 
parties last year began at a friend's house 
with a few of "the guys" sitting around 
taking long draws from cans of National 

We were listening to the radio crank out 
some of our favorite tunes, playing air 
guitars and talking about our chances of 
getting "lucky" in the very near future. 

continued on page 42 

Franklin Street RJot 4 1 

continued from page 41 

Some party, right? A Friday night scene 
that's been repeated and replayed by 
countless scores of college youths for 
innumberable years. Borrring. 

Suddenly someone had an idea. We 
catapulted ourselves to the Community 
Church on Purefoy Road where each year 
in October the German department holds 
an Oktoberfest. This under-attended 
occasion comes outfitted with a German 
oom-pah-pah band in lederhosen and all 
the beer you can drink. 

Unlike most college parties, the 
Oktoberfest is a party where everybody 

dances — together, not by themselves. It is a 
time to brush up on your polka or to learn 
the polka. It is an opportunity to dance 
hand and hand, arm and arm with women 
you've never met before dressed in 
traditional Bavarian dirndls. It is a chance 
to do something unconventional without 
taking your clothes off. 

That night was a wild whirl of spinning 
couples, boisterous laughter, spilt beer and 
merriment. It was a night rounded by a 
harvest moon and friends stumbling home 
arm in arm singing — like proper Tar Heels. 

Bert Matthews is a writer for the Phoenix. 


42 Franklin Street Riot 


Franklin Street Riot 43 


Street Festivals 

Fesiifall— October 5, 13* '6, Apple Chill— April 26, 1387 



44 FesHfall and Apple Chill 


FesHfaU and Apple Chill 45 

Springfed— April / 1 , 1387 

4f> Springfest 

Springfed 47 

48 Spring fed 


tf* V itf "iuS 

j- 5ft. .': ...» 
•5 - ... 

[wBr i__^JiHaRi 

i ■ B H H 



b ■ i a ■ ■'■, m 


- ■ r - ■ 7j 


iiwKBti ■■• "Jk- " - J 


T - i"**««S?fe'5f^|l:^E" 


f ; - 

Sprtngfest 49 

U.S. Olympic Festival- '87— July 17-26, 1387 

50 U.S. Olympic Fesbval-'Xl 

U.S. Olympic Festival- '87 51 


A Festival of Records 

North Carolina Wins a Gold for Organization 

by James Farrer 

a a *\\en U.S. Olympic Festival-'87 
\/\f was over, Gov. James G. Martin 
V V told the U.S. Olympic 
Committee he wanted it back. 

"We showed we could do it on a 
grass-roots basis and break all those 
records," Martin said at the closing 
ceremonies July 26. "Now all we need is a 
chance to break our own records." 

The records he was referring to were the 
record 460,884 spectators attending the 34 
events and the more than $3 million in 
ticket sales, which put the festival about $1 
million in the black. 

Over 3,000 of America's best amateur 
athletes competed in the festival at sites in 
Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Cary and 
Chapel Hill. For many, the festival was a 
prelude to the 1988 Olympic Games in 

The festival ended as it began — with a 
bang. During the closing ceremonies in 
Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham and the 
opening ceremonies in Carter Finley 
Stadium in Raleigh, fireworks by the 
Zambelli family — "the first family of 
fireworks" — lit up the sky for over a quarter 

In the closing ceremonies, which 
honored over 8,000 festival volunteers, 
Martin praised the efforts of the most 
important volunteer in the festival, H. Hill 
Carrow, the president of N.C. Amateur 
Sports and the man most responsible for 
bringing the event to the Triangle. 

"Hill was the fellow who early on told us 
this was possible," Martin said to a cheering 
crowd of 1 9,000. "Now aren't you delighted 
and pleased we invited this great event to 
come to the state of North Carolina?" 

Carrow said the festival was certain to put 
North Carolina on the sports map and that 
representatives from every sporting event 
had approached him about holding 
national competitions in North Carolina. 

"If a sport goes someplace, one of the 

major factors will be support by the 
spectators," Carrow said. "That has come 
off very well for us, leading to all the 
interest in the area." 

At 32, Carrow is the youngest person 
ever to direct a U.S. Olympic Festival 
organizing committee. A native of Kinston, 
he was a Morehead Scholar at UNC and a 
member of the Tar Heel's varsity 
swimming team. He is a lawyer for Carolina 
Power and Light. 

Because of Carrow's six years of advance 
planning, the festival became a major 
media event attended by over 2,400 
reporters, more than in the first six 
Olympic Festivals combined. ESPN 
broadcast 110 hours of the event with at 
least 41 hours of live air time. Beginning 
months before the opening ceremonies 
July 17, North Carolinians were 
bombarded ad nauseum with television and 
radio ads proclaiming, "Let the torch that 
sets our hearts on fire light a fire in you." 

Although only five North Carolina cities 
hosted the festival, the rest of the state got 
involved during the torch run. The run 
began with the lighting of the torch at Pike's 
Peak in Colorado Springs, Colo, and 
wound its way from Wilmington to Raleigh 
for the opening ceremonies. It was said that 
the crisscrossing trail brought the torch 
within 50 miles of almost every North 
Carolina resident. In all, the torch went 
through 375 cities, was carried by almost 
8,000 runners and traveled 2,800 miles. 

The festival was not just a sporting 
spectacular. There was also a "North 
Carolina Arts Celebration" and an 
"International Congress on Sports 
Medicine & Science." 

In the "Arts Celebration" during the 
opening weeks of the festival, new works of 
film, dance and music were presented. The 
sports medicine congress — the largest of its 
kind in the state's history — featured 

presentations by coaches, trainers and 
physicians from around the world. 

On the sporting front, the outlook for the 
festival was anything but rosy in the weeks 
before it began. In many sports, including 
women's gymnastics and men's track and 
field, the biggest name performer-athletes 
decided to stay home. 

The athletes who did show — from 
long-standing international champs to a 
slew of rising young stars — delighted 
enthusiastic North Carolina audiences 

Diver Greg Louganis, a double gold 
medal winner in the 1984 Los Angeles 
Olympics, added to his Olympic golden 
booty with another win in the 10-meter 
platform diving competition. 

Sarah Anderson, a 16-year-old swimmer 
from Riverside, Calif., set a festival record 
by winning six gold medals. 

Jessie Grieco, 13, of Emerson, N.Y. 
became the youngest winner of a festival 
gold medal in cycling by winning not just 
one but two gold medals. 

Sprinter Valerie Briscoe, winner of three 
gold medals in the 1984 Olympics, won yet 
another gold in the 200-meter dash. 

Sheila Walker, U.S. Olympic Committee 
director of festivals and competitions said 
the North Carolina festival was the biggest 
and best ever. 

"You're taking every [attendance] record 
by storm," she said at a press conference 
before the closing ceremonies. "You're not 
just breaking them by a little. You're 
breaking them by a lot. The festival has 
come of age." 

Thanks to the residents of North 
Carolina, she might have added. 

James Farrer is editor of the Phoenix. 

Amy Edwards, Paris Goodnight and 
Shea Tisdale contributed to this story. 

52 U.S. Olympic Festival- 'H7 

U.S. Olympic Festival- H7 53 


Your Specimen Cup, Please 

Athletes Line Up for Drug Testing 

by Marion Presler 

/n the fall 1986, UNC's Athletic 
Association implemented a policy of 
mandatory drug testing for all varsity 
athletes. During the school year, tests 
revealed use of marijuana and other 
"recreational" drugs by less than one 
percent of 600 student athletes. 

Similar programs in Washington and 
California were declared unconstitutional 
violations of privacy by state courts in the 
spring and summer 1987. UNC's policy was 
under review during the summer, with 
major revisions likely for the fall 1987. 

Drug abuse was a growing national 
concern this year, and the death of former 
Maryland basketball star Len Bias by a 
cocaine overdose put drug use by college 
athletics in the limelight. 

The mandatory testing policy also 
guaranteed that UNC complied with the 
National Collegiate Athletic Association's 
mandatory drug testing rule. 

But it was notjust public pressure and the 
NCAA that concerned the Athletic 
Association, officials said, but also the 
University's commitment to the athletes 
themselves — expressed through drug 
education and counseling programs. 

"We could get rid of drug testing 
entirely — it's the least important thing we 
do here," said Dr. Joseph L. DeWalt, the 
director of sports medicine and the 
physician responsible for supervising the 
urine tests. 

"No one wants to hear about our drug 
education and drug counseling program. 
Everyone is interested in urine testing," he 

Susan M. Cray, a health educator in 
charge of the drug education program at 
Student Health Services, said the urine test 
also provides a "reality hold" for athletes. It 
is easier for a drug-abusing athlete to say no 
to drugs if he knows that his urine will be 
tested, she said. 

UNC had already had a voluntary urine 
testing and drug counseling program for 

54 Drug Testing 

athletes since 1984. 

The voluntary urine test was a diagnostic 
tool that helped SHS identify the athletes 
who used drugs. The results were kept 
confidential. Coaches were not informed. 

"Participation was nearly 100 percent 
because they had a choice," Gray said. "It's 
human nature — people don't like to be told 
what they have to do with no back door." 

There was no back door with the 
mandatory policy. All 600 of UNC's varsity 
athletes and student trainers from both 
revenue and non-revenue sports were 
subject to urine testing at any time during 
the season or off-season. Each week, 40 
names were randomly drawn. The athletes 
were usually given 24 hours notice prior to 
the drug test. Most drugs take more than 48 
hours to leave the body, so the 24 hour 
warning did not affect the test results. 

The test was administered in the bowels 
of Woollen gym in the old training room. 
The procedure was simple — a bizarre cross 
between Orwell's 1984 and potty training. 
The men were required to appear in only 
shorts and women in T-shirts and shorts. 
The male athletes produced a urine sample 
under the supervision of an official test 
administrator. Women retired to the 
privacy of an adjacent bathroom. This 
procedure was designed to preclude 
cheating on the urine test. 

If drugs were detected in a urine sample, 
sanctions were imposed on the athlete. 
With his first positive test results, the 
athlete was put on probation and in the 
counseling and rehabilitation program. 
After two positive tests, the athlete was 
suspended one year from the team. After a 
third positive test, the athlete was 
suspended permanently from the team and 
lost his athletic scholarship. 

The urine was tested for drugs banned 
by the NCAA including marijuana, 
cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and 

In the summer 1987, associate athletic 

director Richard A. Baddour assembled a 
group of student athletes, coaches, 
administrators, faculty members and the 
Athletic Association who reviewed the drug 
testing and counseling program. 

Although he refused to give details of 
changes in the program before they were to 
be announced in August, he said they 
would include a greater emphasis on 
counseling and possible changes in the 
nature of the sanctions against athletes who 
tested positive. 

According to the American Civil 
Liberties Union, mandatory drug testing 
constitutes a bodily search which is 
forbidden under the Fourth Amendment 
to the Constitution. The Amendment 
makes it illegal to search citizens 
indiscriminately without a particular 
suspicion. According to ACLU, an 
institution cannot subject someone to a 
urine test unless there is evidence that he is 
using drugs. 

On the basis of this privacy argument, 
student athletes at Stanford University and 
the University of Washington won suits 
barring the mandatory drug testing 
programs of the NCAA in California and 
the University of Washington. The 
constitutions of both Washington and 
California have provisions protecting the 
right to privacy — provisions only implicit in 
the U.S. Constitution. 

North Carolina also has a privacy 
provision within its constitution, and a 
challenge to UNC's drug testing program 
might be mounted on that basis here as 
well. No UNC students have taken the issue 
to court. 

One of the likely changes in UNC's 
program for the fall 1987 would be asking 
students to sign voluntary consent forms 
saying they will submit to drug testing if 
they participate in a varsity sport, Baddour 
said. Although students will not be allowed 
to participate in varsity athletics without 
signing the forms, the University may still 

be able to claim that the program is 
voluntary rather than mandatory. 

This policy change may allow the 
University to circumvent a legal challenge 
to drug testing like those successfully 
organized by the ACLU in Washington and 

The courts have said that it is illegal to 
make the exercise of a constitutionally 
guaranteed right contingent upon a 
nominally voluntary act, such as submitting 
to a drug test. Thus it would violate the 
constitution to require that anyone 
"voluntarily" submit to a drug test in order 
to exercise a basic right such as voting. Such 
a drug testing program would in fact no 
longer be voluntary, but coercive. 

Participating on an athletic team, 
however, may not be deemed a 
constitutionally guaranteed right by the 
courts, and thus a test to which all athletes 
must submit in order to be on a team may 
nevertheless be considered voluntary. 

Those who defend mandatory drug 
testing say that to play for UNC is a 

privilege not a right. Responsibilities go 
with the privilege, and one of those 
responsibilities is to be drug free. The 
University contracts the student athlete; in 
return for playing on a team, the athlete has 
to sign a waiver stating he will agree to drug 
testing. The University must be fair in the 
application of the policy and follow correct 
due process if the policy is violated. The 
athlete's responsibilities to his teammates, 
his school and the public outweigh the 
athlete's right to privacy. 

The U.S. Supreme Court is not expected 
to decide a drug testing case soon, and 
ACLU officials say most cases will be 
determined in state courts using state 
constitutions as a guide. 

Even if urine testing infringes on 
athletes' civil liberties, many of UNC's 
athletes and coaches support the program. 

"What they are trying to do is help kids 
out; it's a valid effort," said Kelly Williams, a 
shot putter. 

"One thing I don't understand is why it's 
just athletes — what about the band and 

fraternities?" she said. 

Danny Burmeister, a football player, 
said: "By the time a guy gets to college, he 
has put a lot of time into football. You just 
can't give it up. Most guys, if they have to 
choose between drugs and football, will 
choose football." 

Frank Comfort, the swimming coach, 
displayed no reservations. 

"I'm delighted," Comfort said. "I 
supported it while some of the ideas were 
being developed, and I'm delighted it has 
been put into effect. Sure, it is a 
controversial issue but if you look at it from 
a 40-year-old's eyes, the damn stuff is 
illegal, and that's the bottom line." 

Marion Presler is a writer for the Phoenix. 
James Farrer contributed to this story. 

Drug Testing 55 

Jolt Company, Inc Promotions 


Canned Vitality 

Caffeine, Runnin Ail Around Our Brains 

by Jill Gerber 

/n 1984, millions of vending machines 
around the globe spat out $6.7 billion 
worth of their fizzy bounty tojunk food 
seekers and the nutritionally unconcerned. 

If a bifocaled economist were to sharpen 
his pencil and chart these billions in pie 
form, UNC students would most assuredly 
make up quite a hefty slice. For anyone who 
listens to the incessant rattling of coins at 
the Student Union's Great Refreshment 
Mecca knows that a Tar Heel thrives on the 
invisible nectar derived from the fruits of 
the soda machine: caffeine. 

The drive to become caffeinated is, of 
course, all very innocent on the part of the 
Carolinian, who does so only to increase his 
or her academic performance. A Diet Coke, 
for example, is largely considered 
mandatory for remaining coherent during 
an 8 o'clock class. And in the evening, a Dr. 
Pepper provides a needed jumpstart for 
the fatigued library dweller. For many, this 
mysterious substance is as vital to 
schoolwork as, say, pen and notebook. 

During finals, the quest for cola is more 

56 Caffeine 

pressing than ever as the unlikely 
academian searches for a means of making 
his brain cells more receptive to the 
chapters of econ that he hadn't gotten 
around to reading since his midterm. A 
sure sign of exam-time is when the 
trashcans in front of Davis Library are 
heaped with more aluminum than Frat 
Court on a football Saturday. 

As the caffeine connoisseur will relate, 
certain beverages are richer in the desired 
drug than others. Out of the Student Union 
selection, Mello Yello wins the award for 
packing the most caffeine per 12-ounce 
can. For the calorie conscious, Tab has the 
most of the pulse-quickening drug. But a 
can of soda has only one-third the caffeine 
of a cup of strongly brewed coffee, and 
those desperate in their search for 
stimulation forego the soda route 
altogether for a cup of Java from Lenoir. 

However, the caffeine junkies' soda 
award goes to a new kid on the block: Jolt 
Cola, the junk food that dares to be 
unhealthy. Encased in a red and yellow, 

lightning bolt embellished can and laden 
with caffeine and thick with sugar, this fizzy 
beverage will peel the skin off your tongue. 

The Jolt Company, Inc., lauds its 
product as containing "all the sugar and 
twice the caffeine" of regular soft drinks. In 
1979, father and son masterminds Joseph 
and C.J. Rapp of Rochester, N.Y., decided 
they were disgusted with wimpy tasting 
sodas. They concocted a variety packing a 
hearty 71.2 milligrams of caffeine per can, 
which squeaks right under the legal limit of 
72 milligrams. Seven years later, Jolt was on 
the market, quickening pulse rates and 
boring holes in tooth enamel nationwide. 

The soda can — like Davis Library, the Pit 
and basketball — has become a Tar Heel 
institution in itself as students seek to 
complete their tasks at a slightly more 
accelerated rate than their predecessors. 
No one need ponder the shape of academia 
in the University's near-future. It is, 
without doubt, cylindrical. 

Jill Gerber is editor of The Daily Tar Heel. 

ON jrjnMlN 


18 20 

ONLY $5.00 FOR 1 Ml 

Discount Jew 2/jrvlo^r 

t^hsr"» 4 ■ l ^- ' - s^* 

Alcohol 57 


Plylcr and Tisdale 


Dying in the Light 

A Student with AIDS Confronts His Mortality 

58 AIDS 

by James Farrer 

A IDS, like a specter from the Dark Ages, 
J I has stolen into the glitzy, technological 
m I bastion of American optimism. 

Even the comfortable and educated in 
Chapel Hill gray with fear at this primitive, 
even atavistic, threat to their lives and sexual 
freedom. It lias struck the young most of all, 
and our community has seen its first victims. 

UNC student Wain Gaskill, 24, of 
Morehead City is one of the first. While taking 
a semester break from his studies in drama 
and speech communications, he entered N.C. 
Memorial Hospital in March with what he 
thought was bronchitis. His condition was 
diagnosed as Acquired Immune Deficiency 

Sitting on the floor in a friend's 
apartment in Carrboro, wolfing down two 
day-old Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts 
and drinking Coca-Cola, Wain failed to fit 
my preconception of an AIDS victim. 

His body, clad in shorts and a tight black 
tank-top, was a beautiful cracked 
vessel — broad shoulders and thick 
muscular thighs as ephemeral as the limbs 
of an ice sculpture — bound to collapse from 
the invisible breath of disease. 

I couldn't help but think that he looked 
healthier than I, as he told me his story in 
the clear impassioned voice of a trained 

"I was the first person I ever knew with 

AIDS," he said. 

"It all seems so strange looking back on it. 
The doctor came in about eight in the 
evening and said that the tests had come 
back positive, and they were making a 
diagnosis of AIDS. He said it pretty much 
like that — very calculated, cool. So I was 
very calculated and cool and just lay there. I 
thought when he left the room I would 
probably break down, but I didn't. I just 
kind of stared up at the ceiling for a while." 
Wain said it took him over three weeks to 
recover from the Pneumocystis, the rare 
form of pneumonia that often strikes AIDS 
victims. Confined to his hospital bed, he 
received drugs against the infection 
through an intravenous tube and suffered 
through daily bouts of severe nausea as a 
side effect. 

"I got better to the point where I could 
get up and go look at myself in the mirror," 
he said. "I could wash my face, brush mv 

, hair — groom myself a little. I'd look in the 
mirror, and it would be the strangest 
feeling. I would touch my little reflection, 

! and it would be like, 'Wow, you have AIDS. 
You're the only person.' It was a terribly 

; strange and frighteningly alone kind of 

' feeling." 

Now he feels good, he said. Since he left 

(the hospital, he has gained twenty 
pounds — an unusual amount for an AIDS 
patient. He walks long distances, runs and 
i goes dancing often with his friends. 

Wain's only present hope is the drug 

AZT. If, in this age of sterile clinical 

acronyms, AIDS is the newest name for the 

i newest Black Death, then AZT — the only 

drug approved by the FDA for use with 

'AIDS patients — is the acronym of hope for 

I the victims. But, like the pockets full of 

.posies of their medieval counterparts, it 

fails as miserably in warding off their 

I; ultimate doom. 

Doctors say Wain is responding well to 

| the AZT, marketed as Retrovir. But with 

the same doctors telling him he can expect 

to live only 1 8 months, every day holds the 
fear of the onset of another attack on his 
shattered immune svstem. 

"Even with Retrovir, I will eventually 
become sick again," he said, "probably with 
pneumonia or cancer. With any luck I'll 
live through the second illness, recover 
somewhat and go on. Apparently it's a 
progression — you keep getting sicker with 

"The difficult part of this illness is you 
don't know how to approach the rest of 
your life because you don't know if you 
really have those eighteen months, or if it's 
going to be eighteen years or eighteen days. 
No one can say. 

"There's a part of me that's almost willing 
to take the dare, to say: 'I'm going to make a 
long-term plan. I'm going to move to 
Atlanta next year. I want to audition for this 
part or I want to be in this film.' Then 
there's a part of me that's really afraid to 
tempt fate and to make a long term plan. 
There's just a part of me that lives for the 
day — for the moment." 

Depression and fear are his worst 
problems. Wain said. His most severe 
depression came when a friend, a UNC 
graduate, died of AIDS in May. 

"He didn't even know he was ill," Wain 
said. "He came down with pneumonia, and 
two weeks later he died. He didn't even 
have his eighteen months, and we didn't 
even know he was ill until the call came that 
he was dead. I was like, 'Oh shit, it could 
have been me.' There was a part of me that 
almost wished that it was — that it would 
have happened to me like that, that I would 
have gone that quickly and not have 

Throughout the depression and physical 
hardship. Wain has found support in his 
friends and family. He said he has not 
experienced the isolation and rejection that 
many AIDS victims complain of. 

"I can tell you that physical affection and 
words of encouragement are a much better 

tonic than the AZT I'm taking," he said. 
"It'sjust a shame that there are lots of AIDS 
patients out there who can't get that like I 

Although friends let him sleep at their 
homes for free, buy him meals, treat him to 
movies and let him borrow their cars, 
Wain's illness has reduced him to poverty. 

Federal Medicade paid his $15,000 
hospital bill and pays for his $1,000 
monthly drug costs, but his $300 monthly 
disability checks are not enough to live on. 

"I was going to school and working full 
time," Wain said. "I hadjust enough money 
to pay rent and that was about it. When I 
got sick, I had nothing. Imagine living on 
$300 a month and trying to pay rent. I kind 
of laugh when I think about it." 

Wain said he didn't have a boyfriend 
when he was diagnosed as having AIDS, 
and he doesn't know where he contracted 
the disease. He said he hasn't slept with 
anyone since he came down with AIDS. 

"I have seen a guy a couple of times 
recently," he said. "We have discussed it, 
and it is no problem with him as long as we 
are responsible: using condoms, not 
exchanging body fluids, etc. Just because I 
have AIDS does not mean I have to lead a 
celibate lifestyle, but it does mean I have a 
certain responsibility. Keeping that in 
mind, I guess I am getting back into the 
swing of things as far as going out with 
people and dating. I've missed doing that." 

Wain will not go gentle into that good 
night. He seizes the day, enjoying the time 
he spends with his friends and speaking 
about AIDS to groups around the Triangle. 

"It's almost flattering to be in a situation 
and to say I am a whole lot stronger than I 
thought," he said. "You discover a lot when 
you are faced with the monumental task of 
adjusting to your mortality. I think 
everyone has to do that at some point." 

James Farrer is editor of the Phoenix. 

AIDS 59 

Student Life — ike Move In, Registration 


60 Student Life 


Spcramd by four *«&* 


Student Life 61 

Registration at Hanes Hall) 
Cashier s Lines at Bynuvn Hall, 
Drop- Add at Woollen Gym 


62 Student Life 

Textbook Buys, Dorm Lottery 

Student Life 63 

64 Student Life 

Student Life 65 

66 Shtdeni Life 




Siudent Life 67 



68 Student Lrfe 


Student Life 69 

Halloween — October 31 , 13X6 

70 Halloween 

Halloween 7 1 






■■■"■■ * 






■ % ' 



j3VahMu; *#: 

^iJ|: : \^ s < 


^^ - *"' JBS> 

..«,' ■ -.^i v : * 



K\ X' 'f v ^ 


- tt& 



72 Halloween 


■ W 


♦' ^JjfiHk 

1 M 



La I 



-v '*« 

*il ;, l 




.,** mi 


Halloween 73 

Fall— October 23-26, 13*6 
Spring— March 7-15, 13#7 

:♦ + + + *♦* 

74 Breaks 


Breaks lb 

76 Breaks 

Breaks 77 

WXYC '60s Dance— January 30, f9#7 




B ; 

i Jk 






&&?- i 


78 WXYC '60s Dance 

Ku KLx Klan March— June 14, 13X7 

Ku KImx Klan March 79 


A Timely Protest 

Weak-kneed and Inspired, a Student Marches on Washington 

/{ nothing else, it was a timely protest. 
In the days and weeks after the 
Mobilization for Justice and Peace in 
Central America and Southern Africa, 
Contra forces killed American volunteer 
worker Benjamin Linder; President 
Reagan reiterated his commitment to 
Contra funding; retired Maj. Gen. Richard 
Secord, testifying before the committee 
investigating the Iran/Contra affair, not 
only joked about his involvement but 
smugly defended the policy; the extreme 
right-wing Conservative Party advanced in 
South Africa's white-only elections; and a 
"legal ethicist" interviewed on Ted 
Koppel's "Nightline" claimed he saw no 
need for civil disobedience in 1987 because 
there was no situation as extreme as, say, 

The Washington Post called the April 25 
march and rally a '"60s-Style Protest," as if 
justice and peace were outre. 

For us protesters, the event was at once a 
means of showing solidarity with the 
oppressed peoples of Central America and 

by James Gardner 

Southern Africa and a vent for our anger 
and outrage over our country's foreign 
policies. It was also a celebration (albeit one 
dampened by a wintry Washington rain) of 
the coming together of about 75,000 
representatives of an America that rejects 
the exclusionist WASP definition of this 
country pushed by the mass media, 
politicians and businessmen. 

In many ways, of course, it was a '60s-style 
protest. At the morning rally, Peter, Paul 
and Mary sang "Blowin' in the Wind" and 
"This Land Is Your Land," and later I saw 
three tie-dyed shirted youths dancing in the 
mud a la Woodstock during a high-decibel 
performance by a funk band. Many of the 
banners and slogans invoked '60s protests 
in style and tone, and there was ample 
display of guerilla-theater protest, such as 
an Uncle Sam on stilts who bore a pale skull 
mask and hurled money bags representing 
Contra funding, or the bloody mannequin 
torso carried by two protesters that read 
"Contras is Another Word for Death 

If a single message could be inferred 
from this political gumbo, apart from the 
rejection of the Reagan administration's 
foreign policies, it was one of inclusion. 
These protesters, from the El Salvadoran 
mothers whose children had been 
massacred to the Detroit auto workers 
wearing baseball caps that sported 
anti-apartheid slogans, represented a 
diverse America. 

The Rainbow Coalition's multi-colored 
flag waving against the cloudy sky 
symbolized this diversity, but I'm not sure 
even Jesse Jackson envisioned so many 
different groups. According to the official 
program, 16 contingents marched, 
including: labor and religious groups, 
Latinos, Central America and South Africa 
activists, feminists, anti-racists, veterans, 
lesbians and gays, environmentalists, 
disarmament activists and the elderly. 

After gathering in the Ellipse adjacent to 
the White House, the groups marched in 

continued on page 82 

80 Proiesh Concerning Central America 

Protests Concerning Central America 81 

continued from page 80 

the rain down Pennsylvania Avenue to the 
Capitol. They sang songs ("We Shall 
Overcome," "Down By The Riverside"), 
chanted slogans (The North Carolina 
contingent shouted, "Jesse Helms has Got 
to Go!") and carried flags and banners that 
identified themselves and stated their 
messages: "Jobs, not War and Racism," 
"Support El Salvador's Labor Movement," 
"CIA Out Of Nicaragua," "Victory to the 
ANC," "Nobody Needs Apartheid, 
Contras, SDI," "War — What Good is it For? 
Absolutely Nothing." There was even a 
group of cyclists carrying a banner that 
read "Bikes not Bombs in Central 

My experience of the protest was 
fragmented, as confirmed by my missing 
the climax of the day's events, the 
afternoon speeches at the Capitol by Jesse 
Jackson, Ed Asner and the others. My 
companion and I opted for food and 
shelter after spending hours in the cold and 
rain. Thin-skinned protesters, I admit. 

After taking refuge in the Library of 
Congress's restrooms and then eating 
cheese subs in a nearby Greek deli, it was 
almost time to head back to the bus for the 
trip home after a grim, wet day. 

The day's gloom was foreshadowed by 
our arrival from Chapel Hill, as the bus 
dispensed us in the Pentagon parking lot in 
the rain. If love and beauty were physically 
extracted from the world, the Pentagon 
would be the result; its facade is as ugly as 

all that goes on within. The cold and rain, 
therefore, seemed appropriate, as it was 
hard to imagine the sun ever shining on 
that massive tomb. 

Even the great symbols of freedom — the 
Washington Monument, the Capitol 
Building, the White House — appeared 
strange and distant. The monolithic 
structures seemed to merge with the clouds 
and the cold to give an aura of gray 
imposition and inaccessibility. 

My encounter with these architectural 
symbols, however, did not shape my 
experience nearly as forcefully as did the 
faces, voices and images of the protesters. I 
might not remember the little I heard of 
Jesse Jackson's speech, but I remember the 
brazen faces of the young El Salvadoran 
men who beat drums and chanted "No 

I remember the family from 
Charlottesville, Va. who rode the Metro at 
day's end. The two small children, 
exhausted from the day's excitement, 
collapsed peacefully on their father's lap. I 
also remember the charcoal hair, the 
chiseled face and the proud eyes of the 
Latino man who pushed an elderly 
woman's wheelchair. 

On the one hand, there were many 
positive, even lighthearted, moments, such 
as the surprise family reunion I witnessed. 
"Grandpa!" shouted a woman and two 
teenagers happily as they rushed up to an 

elderly man who held a banner decrying 
the bomb. "We didn't know you were here!" 
Grandpa just smiled as beads of rain 
dropped from his nose. The family who 
protests together...? 

On the other hand, there were some 
depressing, even banal, moments. As we 
marched past the White House gates, I was 
frightened for an instant by what sounded 
like a machine gun. But the "rat-a-tat-tat" 
was only the product of some wooden 
thingamajig toted by a blonde college-aged 
youth in hiking boots. He grinned as he 
marched along chanting something about 
"kicking Reagan's ass." Arlo Guthrie was 
right when he said a person can be for 
peace and still be an asshole. 

Returning from Washington rain-soaked 
and weary, I brought home these items: a 
bus pass, a Metro ticket, a program of the 
day's events, a small red FMLN flag, a flyer 
calling for the boycott of General Electric, a 
flyer supporting the Puerto Rico 
Independence 16 and a badge protesting 
General Motors plant closings that reads, 
"A Job Is A Right." These were the symbols 
of a day's participation in democracy, of a 
small attempt to change the world for the 

As the news reminds relentlessly in the 
days and weeks since the march, there is 
plenty of work to be done. 

James Gardner is a graduate student in religion. 

82 Protests Concerning Central America 


A n+i- Apartheid 

AnH- Apartheid 83 

84 Anil- Apartheid 



AnH-Afiarfkeid 85 

Black Activism 

86 Black Activism 


Black Apathy 

Activists Face ike Challenge of Complacency 

rhis was a pivotal year for black 
But only because there wasn't 
much of it. 

Until an April 3 demonstration 
organized by the Black Student Movement, 
blacks had shown little visible concern for a 
range of issues that black leaders felt should 
have been drawing large numbers out to 

Foremost among these was the 
University administration's failure to meet 
the terms of a 1981 federal consent decree 
for minority enrollment. Under the decree, 
predominantly white schools in the UNC 
system were to have black enrollment of 
greater than 10.6 percent by 1987. Blacks 
made up just 7.8 percent of the 1986-87 

by Guy Lucas 

undergraduate population, however, a 
drop from 8.8 percent in 1985-86 and 9.5 
percent in 1984-85. Blacks accounted for 
9.41 percent of the 1986 freshman class, 
compared with 10.9 percent in 1984. 

Yet protests over these figures remained 
confined largely to black leaders, who 
claimed the administration wasn't trying, 
despite University officials saying they 
made "a good-faith effort." 

The apparent decline of black activism 
from its peak in 1 983-84, when the Campus 
Governing Council attempted to defund 
the Black Ink and take away the BSM Gospel 
Choir's travel money, frustrates current 
and past black leaders. 

"What it tells me is there is complacency," 
said Reggie Holley, speaker of the CGC in 

1984-85 and 1985 candidate for student 
body president, in an interview for the 
Phoenix. "When you build and rest and pat 
yourselves on the back and say 'Look what 
we've got now,' it says, 'Let's put out the 

The concensus is that blacks have lost a 
focus for their activism; that no great, 
central issue dominates their attention. 
While three years ago blacks turned out to 
show concern over the BSM's fight to win 
the use of the Upendo Lounge in Chase 
Hall, little attention has been given to the 
development of the Black Cultural Center. 
Sherrod Banks, 1983-85 BSM president, 
said part of the reason is a fundamental 
difference in the nature of the problems. 

"There is no less involvement on the part 

continued on page 88 

Black Activism 87 

continued from page 87 

of the work concerned,'s just that 
Upendo was seen as a confrontation — the 
BSM versus the administration," he said. 

The BCC struggle is in having students 
doing paperwork and wading through 
bureaucracy they aren't trained for, he 
said. It took two years, but construction 
began in the spring. 

Lacking a crisis, black leaders have had 
the difficult task of having to try to motivate 
the students. 

"Minority enrollment is a crisis, but it's 
not perceived as one," Banks said. "They 
have heard it so long.. ..It's not a new sore, 
it's an old sore that has been reopened." 

The major black issues — enrollment, 
faculty and student retention, the BCC and 
divestment — have proven to be difficult as 
motivators since many blacks don't perceive 
these as having a direct effect on their lives. 

"It's like we're waiting for some issue 
that's going to bring us together again," 
said 1985-86 BSM President Sibby 
Anderson. There are issues out there, but 
"people wait for a big issue." 

Black involvement is also sorely lacking 

in the campus's largest mostly white 
groups, such as Student Government and 
The Daily Tar Heel. Only one black ran for 
Student Congress, the group that controls 
student fees spending, and candidates for 
DTH editor always promise to increase 
minority representation at the paper, often 
with a "recruitment program" that never 
seems to materialize. 

Holley said he felt that a more active BSM 
was needed to encourage more blacks to get 
involved in all groups. During the April 3 
rally in front of South Building, newly 
elected BSM President Kenny Perry and 
other black leaders strongly encouraged 
blacks to do just that. 

Another major cause of the decline of 
visible black activism is the perception that 
racism has been defeated, black leaders 

Eric Walker, 1 986-87 BSM vice president 
and a well-recognized black activist on 
campus, said some blacks were focusing on 
academics to the exclusion of all else. 

"Many blacks take the attitude: i'm at 

Carolina, one of the best schools in the 
nation, therefore I've made it,'" he said. 
They ignore the aid cuts or racist attitudes 
that keep other blacks out. "As long as they 
feel that way, that's the biggest failure in 

Walker and Banks said activism hasn't 
necessarily declined, but rather the nature 
of the threat has changed and is causing 
activism to change and meet it. 

"The racist aspect of society is much 
more subtle now," Walker said. "You 
cannot come out and say, 'racism,' without 
conclusive proof." 

Black leaders now are working to find 
new ways to motivate the mass of black 
students to become more involved. At the 
April 3 rally, they promised greater 
visibility from the BSM and a concerted 
effort to go reach out to black students. 

The next year will tell black leaders if 
that's all that's needed, or if the problem is 
really more complicated. 

Guy Lucas is associate editor of the Phoenix. 

P» '■ 


^^ jB 

L4 r~ 


\kJ^W I 


ER 'fiRffij 




I Ux 1 


M ^^fifm0 


jgffi 1 

' ^Ifc 


Black Activism 

Coalition for Alternatives to 
Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant 


Coal/Hon for Alternatives to Shearon Harris 89 


Exorcising Shearon Harris 

CiAvnynings Conjures ike Spirits of ike Piedmoni 

A Uwarian sandstone, a chalice, two 
J I shining crystals, bark cloth from the 
W I Philippines, a homemade ceramic 
chart that follows the waxing and waning of 
the moon and multi-colored gourd rattles: 
it is from these objects that Bill Cummings 
tapped energy and wisdom for his fight 
against the Shearon Harris nuclear plant. 
"All my life I think I have been creating 
altars," said Cummings, who lives in Chapel 
Hill and is a co-founder of the Coalition for 
Alternatives to Shearon Harris. 

The objects listed above make up one of 
two altars he has arranged in his home, and 
each object has a special meaning. The 
chalice was passed around during two 
pre-CASH retreats in which future 

by Marcie Cloutier 

members informed and empowered 
themselves for the imminent fight against 
Carolina Power and Light, owners of the 

Cummings brought the bark cloth from 
the Philippines, where he confirmed his 
anti-nuclear beliefs after he observed the 
workings of a Philippine plant. Cummings 
said the plant, funded by the United States, 
was poorly planned and unsafe, and the 
Philippine people were denied a voice in 
the decision to build it. 

He made the ceramic moon chart 
himself. He said that charting time through 
the waxing and waning of the moon puts 
him in closer touch with the pulse of 
Nature, the pulse of the Piedmont. 

"The deeper parts of myself, older 
wisdom, spirit gods and the spirits of this 
place — whatever divinity exists is 
happening now," he said. "It's moving 

For Cummings, the direct voices of 
Nature provide sustenance on a personal, 
local and national level, especially 
regarding resource policy. He attributes his 
most effective preparation for CASH to the 
months he lived off the land near the Haw 
River in Alamance County. There, he said, 
he listened to the murmur of the trees and 
the river, the sounds of spirituality. 

"The message I clearly heard was to 
stand up for the integrity of the ecological 
system, our integrity as people," he said. 

90 Bill Cuyyiyriings 

"We don't have to subject our children to 

When CASH'S fight got underway in 
April 1986, though, he was out of the forest 
and back in his McCauley Street home, 
where the soft, natural murmurs became 
the earnest and dedicated voices of 
hundreds of CASH activists working there 
at all hours. 

Soon, Cummings said, his roommates 
moved out. He saw less and less of his 
children and lost touch with his parents. 
The entire downstairs of his home was 
converted into CASH headquarters. 

CASH's primary concerns were 
provisions for public protection in the 
operation of the plant, the cost of the plant 
to the taxpayer and viable and safer energy 
alternatives to which the plant could be 

Cummings gravitated toward a grass 
roots, community level approach to 

"We must tap the built-in healing 
mechanisms which exist in our 
communities," he said, "and not resort to 
the mechanical, linear, we'11-fix-it approach 
our country uses now." 

His current attitude draws from his work 

in the "opposite camp," i.e. national 

I government, to whom he attributes the 

high-tech, linear approach. He has worked 
for such agencies as the World Bank and 
the United Nations as an 
environmental/ecological specialist. 

"There [I saw that] too much of the 
diversity of life is being lost to mechanical 
and technical growth and development," 
he said. 

CASH has garnered a large following, 
and in the course of a year, influenced 
major decisions, such as resolutions by local 
assemblies opposing Shearon Harris and 
Chatham County's decision refusing 
participation in the evacuation plan 
required by federal law. 

With every step forward, though, the 
group has been pushed back. A report 
from a confidential informant working in 
the plant that alleged faulty construction 
and violations of building regulations by 
workers was judged unreliable by the 
federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

Cummings said the NRC response was 
not surprising. He said that the NRC and 
the federal government promote nuclear 
energy with very little emphasis on its safety 
and the frequent violations of regulations. 

Despite the efforts of CASH, Shearon 
Harris went into full commercial operation 
in spring 1987. But Cummings' 

perseverance has not diminished. 

According to him, the future strategy of 
CASH lies in more effective publication of 
the health hazards of low-level radiation 
emissions, the economic squeeze imposed 
on the taxpayer by an increase in the base 
tax rate and results from the monitoring of 
radiation emissions by a group affiliated 
with CASH. 

Furthermore, Cummings intends to 
create a Center for Regional Alternatives. 
Just as Shearon Harris has viable 
alternatives, he said, there are a host of 
alternatives regarding other pressing 
environmental issues, such as the 
contamination of our waters. 

"We need participation, dialogue," he 
said. "We need to encourage the 
celebration of this place, re-sanctify this 
region. There's a way to harvest our 
resources so we may yield forever." 

Many might view skeptically Cummings' 
politics, his notion of "community healing" 
and his grass roots methods, but his energy 
and tenacity through two years of work 
with CASH lend immense credit to his 
empowering personal energy resource: the 
natural life around him and its spirit gods. 

Marcie Cloutier is a writer for the Phoenix. 

Bill Cummings 9 1 

92 Scenario 

Scenario 93 



Billy Warden Tickles Ouir Tarry Toes 

/t is the day after graduation, and the 
music stores on Franklin Street have 
just been hand-delivered a fresh supply 
of Billy Warden's first record, a 45 rpm disc 
cut with two more-or-less-hit singles and 
wearing a low-budget homemade dust 
cover. Outside in the vernal heat, Billy's 
black-and-chrome Buick Electra is idling in 
neutral. From tail to nose it measures 20 
feet — a dinosaur of a car, the kind that went 
out of style fast during the Arab oil 
embargo. The cracked blue plastic 
dashboard, with its tilt steering wheel, 
"climate control" knobs and power-window 
toggles, is like the control panel of an 
aircraft. The gas pedal is the size of a 
shoebox lid. 

Billy comes out of a record shop, waving 
and fairly screaming at passersby. He 
jumps in, starts talking, and the 

by Sean Rowe 

magnanimous car moves off into traffic. 
The town falls away, and now there are 
cows and horses, green fields and red clay. 
You are going for a ride in the country with 
what Zen Buddhists call an "original mind." 

"I really believe everything I've said," 
Billy insists. "I would say I really do firmly 
believe that there are little purple 
helicopters flying all around us all the time 
doing traffic reports for some small purple 
colony, and I believe that every time you 
itch there's an earthquake in Mongolia." 

When you called Billy at his home in 
Raleigh this morning, the telephone hardly 
had a chance to ring before he answered: 
"Oh! Oh, my God, you scared me! Hello?" 
Billy explains that he was talking to and 
caressing the phone at the very moment 
you called. "You know, my mother has a 
thing about plants — I have a thing about 

appliances and so forth." 

Billy gives you a pair of overlarge, 
square-lensed sunglasses. You put them on. 
The cows turn purple along the roadside 
and the red clay bright pink. You are seeing 
the world through the eyes of Billy 
Warden, and the world is a beautiful sight. 
The Buick begins to shake furiously — there 
is something wrong with the steering, and 
on the whole the machine is just too big for 
the road — but you feel safe nonetheless. On 
the front seat there is a big chromatic 
harmonica made in Shanghai and an 
orange hairbrush. There is a small 
collection of cassette tapes, ranging from 
"Van Halen" to "Best of the Monkees" and 
including some experimental cuts by Billy's 
band, the Floating Children. In the back 
seat, amid piles of clothes, an unstrung 
electric guitar, lawn chairs and an empty 

94 Billy Warden 

suitcase, there is the same plastic reindeer 
Billy rode onstage the night be became Mr. 
UNC, "the University's most spirited 
individual." There is a dessicated leather 
sombrero roasting in the sun and an 
unopened package of plastic handcuffs 
from a tov store with a note scrawled on the 
back: "Dear Billy, They say June weddings 
are the best. How 'bout it? Lolita." 

Writing about Billy Warden is like trying 
to nail Jell-O to a wall. Everyone has a Billv 
Warden story. There was the time he 
climbed down through a manhole in the Pit 
and emerged moments later swearing up 
and down that he'd seen former UNC 
president William Fridav hunkered down 
in the sewer. There was the time he 
canvassed Franklin Street in his fluorescent 
green jump suit and gave away free samples 
of a delicacy he called "furrv doowinkles," 
made from toothpaste and Chinese 
noodles. It was Billy who promised to 
convert the gas stations of Chapel Hill into 
"Funoco Stations" and first uncovered the 
University's secret practice of issuing 
anti-sex pills to incoming freshman women. 
And on and on. 

Billy Warden, to put it vaguely, is a 
"celebrity," the only one we have, and his 
celebrity and talent are amorphous, 
wide-ranging. He's involved in graphic art. 
He's involved in broadcast media. He's 
involved in print journalism. He's involved 
in music. He's involved in theater, forensics 
and public relations. He's involved in the 

process of making his life a poem — one that 
is funny and rich and shared constantly 
with the people around him. And like any 
busy artist, he is interested in creating and 
doing more than he's interested in 
explaining himself. 

While one of Billy's eight competitors in 
the race for the Mr. UNC crown actually 
announced he intended to use his "power" 
to stop apartheid in South Africa if elected. 
Billy had this to sav about his own bid: 

"I have an extra internal organ, and it's a 
Henry Kissinger-shaped organ between my 
stomach and liver. It emits fumes and juices 
that force me into doing things like this." 
And after he w on. interviewed astraddle his 
plastic reindeer and garbed in his purple 
cape and peaked witch's hat, he said: "I feel 
like an orange tree that thinks it's growing 
oranges, and one dav a huge person comes 
along with a four-foot flexible, 
multi-colored, polka-dotted foam rubber 
fang and says, 'These aren't oranges. 
They're mother-of-pearl inlaid 
diamonds.'" In other words. Billy was 

Rumor has it that Billy has "mellowed" in 
his last year at UNC. One explanation is 
that he is channeling a good portion of his 
effusive, hypernatural energy into his 
band. Suddenly Billy Warden and the 
Floating Children seem to be plaving every 
club in the Triangle. They are also 
planning their first full-length album, to be 

produced and distributed with the help of 
Record Bar Chairman Barry Bergman. 

The band is surprisingly good, the music 
is eminently danceable and completely 
original. In the Floating Children Billy has 
found, for the moment at least, a vehicle for 
a more concise articulation of his favorite 
madcap themes: the humorous aspects of 
the "human sexual response" ("Butt" and 
"Pink Underwear"); the weird world of the 
homogenized New South ("Electric 
Southern Boy"); sensual, childlike visions 
of nature and technology ("Sprinkler"); the 
fun and foolishness of popular cinema 
("Nightmare on Elm Street, Part IV 7 "). And 
in songs like "Cosmic Rock Star" and with 
the help of his ubiquitous Republican go-go 
girls, Billy parodies the rock music medium 
itself, while he retains all the hypnotic 
power of the demigod rockandroller. 

Not everyone has joined the Billv 
Warden personality cult. There are those 
who think there must be something wrong 
with his brain. There are those who write 
him off as "a flake." There are those cynics 
who believe he is cynical, a self-promoter, a 
medium without a message. No matter; the 
"question" of Billy Warden is in the end a 
question of faith — you either have it or you 
don't. True believers know that if you have 
missed Billy Warden, you have missed the 
boat to fantasy island. 

Sean Rowe is assistant editor of the Phoenix. 

B,(ly Warden 95 

96 Scenario 

Scenario 97 



Mellowing In Rust 

A Sculptor Copes with Criticism and Indifference 

■ A ^hen I first interviewed James 
\f\f Heath Miller two years ago, I 
V Y knew him as Max. But for the 
article he told me to refer to him as Jim. 

So when I went through the first draft of 
the article I was writing for the Phoenix, I 
changed all the Maxs to Jims and thought it 
strange that his given name didn't fit him 
nearly so well as the name he gave himself. 
Max from Where the Wild Things Are 
seemed far more appropriate for the 
sullen, very thin man who chain-smoked 
imported cigarettes opposite me in the 
classically dim atmosphere of the Carolina 
Coffee Shop. 

In much the same way that the Coffee 
Shop seemed to strive for elegance — falling 
one step short — Max, at times earnestly, at 
times laconically, described the universal 
statement he was trying to make with his 
huge concrete and steel structure in front 
of the Davis Library. Through that piece, 
he said at the time, he was speaking for the 
common man, expressing an ineffable 
angst, forcing the existential dilemma into 
bold form: "a fist slamming down on the 

That was over two years ago, and the Max 
who asked me to call him Jim I now know as 
Heath. And though within the last year he 
displayed another large steel sculpture on 
the UNC campus, he has not created a new 
sculpture in almost a year. 

by Beth Haas 

Now as the gnarled steel fist slowly rusts 
into its concrete base, Heath shies away 
from his former pronouncements of 
profound meaning and universal 
significance. As he said in a recent 
interview, "the grandiose statements are 

Now he claims simply that the Davis 
sculpture "works." "It works in the way it 
geometrically deals with the space," he said. 

As is his habit, we met late at night after 
he closed Swensen's Ice Cream Factory, 
where he has worked for almost five years. 
With his still very thin legs jutting out of 
shorts, which if I saw on anyone else would 
label him to me a bagger, and a couple 
books — I assumed philosophy — scattered 
about him, he "rambled" for me. 

He said he had little to bullshit about this 
time and that his attitude and very 
approach to his "first big piece" were very 

"As part of my education, it was good for 
what it was," he said. "I had only been doing 
sculpture a year before I did that. And it 
was good for what it was trying to do even 
though at the time I had these grandiose 
ideas. I wouldn't have said this then, but the 
sheer scale of the work made it very safe 
because it's intimidating. It clearly took a lot 
of work. And with a large piece, it forces 
people to react — you're sure to get a 


The magnitude of the Davis sculpture 
and its prominent place on campus did 
force a reaction, and public response 
catalyzed the changes in his attitude toward 
his work perhaps as much as doing the 
piece itself. 

I remember hanging out at the sculpture 
listening to passing comments — and 
everyone who passed by did comment — as 
Heath, in his worn jeans and white T-shirts, 
directed the maintenance crew in pouring 
the concrete and welding the steel. 

Whether or not the sculpture's message 
was universal, the response seemed 
universally shared. I heard it called the 
wrecked helicopter, a rat's nest and, now, 
the sculpture from hell. 

Slightly defensive but hardly apologetic, 
Heath said, "It fits perfectly with what I was 
about at the time. So the negative reaction, 
the way people were approaching it, really 
blew me away. I couldn't believe the 
antagonism to the first one. That made me 
sit back and think. I thought it was my 

He added, with the same ease with which 
I've heard him rattle off the role of various 
artists in the complex relationships between 
art movements, "It messed me up bad." 

When he displayed his second 
piece — large, steel, three separate parts, 

98 Heath Miller 



near Howell Hall — it was vandalized by 
students, and for a few nights he stayed 
with it to see who would want to attack his 
art, this time physically. 

"The last pieces, I don't think were my 
fault," he said. "They weren't overbearing. 
They were very light and airy. The only 
problem was, possibly, they were very 
attractive, overly attractive. But the attitude 
i of the vandals was drunken revelry. I don't 
think they were directing anger toward an 
object generally held up in society as some 
privilege or rank. I don't think those people 
had the capacity to make those distinctions. 

"I just don't think the atmosphere on 
campus is conducive to sculpture or art in 
general. I really don't. And I'm not sure 
whose fault that is. You don't have to be 
super intelligent to approach something 
that's unfamiliar and attempt to deal with it. 
A small percentage of people will deal with 
it, people from all walks of life." 

During the interview I noted how quickly 
he wanted to point out his naivete of two 
years ago and show how relaxed he'd 

become about others' regard for his work. 
But also, as the ashtray filled and even I 
reached my limit of Diet Cokes, I never 
concluded that he had sold out. 

He seemed instead to have come to a 
turning point where frustration with the 
"corruption" of American "cultureless" 
society led him to other outlets. 

"There is no connection here with 
anything," he said. "It's just freewheeling; 
it's lost; it's drifting aimlessly because there 
is no connection with a value system, history 
or anything. Money is the only thing that 
matters. And this generation especially has 
had the real good life. It's always been 'go 
out there and get as much as you can. It's all 
there for you.' That's the whole direction of 
American society. It's why I'm leaving the 

So instead of building massive structures 
as testaments to his talent and energy, he 
studies philosophy and plans to go to 
Germany now to learn German, so he 
doesn't have to read its great philosophers 
in translation. After a time in Germany he 

plans to study art in South Africa, where 
the people, because of racial turmoil, 
cannot afford to be so complacent, he said. 

When I said that maybe there was a 
connection between the common UNC 
dream of owning a BMW and becoming an 
investment banker and the individualistic 
spirit of his drive to create, he stopped me. 

Leaning forward, one hand in a loosely 
clenched fist, his normally brooding eyes 
gleaming with determination, he said: 
"Something can be yours, your own work, 
but if it's not innovative, you haven't gone 
far enough. You haven't said anything for 
anyone to think about. I want to really hit 
that note, say something with other than 
sheer size. I want to say something more 
tangible, to take risks in the art world so the 
idea has more impact. I want so badly just to 
get it I don't know." 

To get it would be getting more than a 
fine car and chic apartment. To get it, I 
agreed, would be to say something. 

Beth Haas is editor of the Cellar Door. 

Heaik Miller 99 


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William Russell Clegg, Greensboro 



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Donnelly, Durham 
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Houston Spencer, WXYC Disk jockey 

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|im Henkcn, Greensboro 

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Rhone) j Henslev Marion 

Mind) Herman, Chapel Hill 

D Marcus Herman-Giddens. Pittsboro 

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Leon Herndon, Raleigh 
Jacqueline Hicks. Henderson 
Charles L. Hill. Charlotte 
Christie E Hill, Matthews 
Claire Hill. Fayftlt-Ltfle 
Edward Hill. AskeviUe 
Marie Hill, fa tog* 
Sandra Hill. Chapel H tit 

Jane Hinds. Garden City. S C 
Louise Hmes. W'estpart, Conn. 
Eric W. Hinson. Manassas, Va 
Kellv Hobson. Yadkmvdle 
Gretchen L Hock. Charlotte 
Laura Hocutl. Raleigh 
Charles Hoff, Orange Park. Fla. 
Steven Hotffner. H oodmere, N 1 

Seniors 1 1 1 


Temple Holder, Winston-Salem 

Betsy Sue Holdren. Raleigh 

Alecia A Holland. Goldsboro 

Ann Holland, Middlesex 

Wendv Holleman, Carrboro 

Harriet Holloman, Wilson 

Becky Hollowell, Atlantic Beach 

Paige Hollowell. Hertford 

Mark Holmes, Goldsboro 

John Warren Holshouser, Salisbury 

Melanie L. Hooker. Chapel Hill 

Julia Hooper. Tamarat. Fla 

Mary Hooper, Baltimore, Md 

Juana Hopkins, Annandale. Vo 

Emily Hord, Winston-Salem 

Michael A. Home. Winston-Salem 

Kimberly C Horton, Morganton 

Caroline Hoskins, Reidsvtlle 

Elizabeth Houk. Hickory 

Richard Brian Howard. Matthew 

Tern Howard. Terrell 

Cindy Howell. Charlotte 

Kenneth Hoyle, Sanford 

PeggyAnn Hoyle. Winston-Salem 

Rhonda Anita Hubbard. Carrboro 

Susan Hubbard, Fayettei'ille 

Margarei Huckabee. Charlotte 

Anna Hudson. Carrboro 

Bngitte Hudson, Forest City 

Carol Hudson, LumberUm 

Jacinta Hudson. Durham 

Julie Huffman, Monroe 

Louie Hughes, Burnsville 

Susan Hughes, Charlotte 

Wofford T Humphries, Suminennlle. S.C. 

Mary Hungarland, Wtnston-Salem 

Christopher Hunt, Pembroke 

Sherry Hunter. Durham 

Ricky Hunisinger. Ashnnlle 

Craig Kendall Hyatt. Pittsboro 

Shelia Ingram. Sledman 

Kay lvey. Eflattd 

Pamela lvey. Goldsboro 

ton Jackson. Chapel Hill 

David Jackson. Fayettei'ille 

Jeffrey L.Jackson. Winston-Salem 

Susan Paige Jackson, Red Springi 

Calvin E, James. Charlotte 

Melissa Jarrell. Florence, S.C. 

Jackie Jarvis. Ktngsport, Tenn. 

Catherine Jaynes. Chapel Hill 

Suzanne Jeffries, Greensboro 

Sandra Jenkins, Lincoln ton 

David Alar Joel, Washington, D.C. 

Barbara Johnson, Benson 

Caroline Johnson, Raleigh 

Chris' Johnson. N. Olmsted, Ohio 

Cynthia Johnson, Morganton 

Deborah Johnson. Granite Falls 

Denise Johnson. HUdebrtin 

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Donna |ohnson, Raleigh 
Gregor) |ohnson, FarmvUU 

LaTanja Johnson, Winshm-Salev 
Lisa Johnson, Shelby 

Parker Johnson. Raleigh 
Samuel Henry Johnson. Goldsbm 

Sherrv Johnson. Guldsboi 
Shervl Johnson, Matthew 

Tracy Johnson, Carrboru 
Violet Johnson, Winston-Salem 

Zanetta Johnson. Rocky Mount 
Jeffrev Johnston, Durham 
Amy E [ones. Boone 
Barbara A [ones. Carrboro 
Elizabeth Jones. Raleigh 
Fred H Jones. Franklin 
James Martin Jones Jr., Raleigh 
Joseph [ones. Warsaw 

Margaret Leigh Jones. Salisbury 
Pam Jones. Charlotte 
Rav |ones, Bines Creek 
William Scoll Jones. Shelby 

Belli |ordan, Clarkton 
Kimberteigh P Jordan. Raleigh 
Kimberly Jordan. Carrboro 
Susan Jordan, Colfax 

Todd Sims Jordan. Slaten-ille 
Ann Joyrier, Rocky Mount 
Pam Joyner, Nashville 
Henrv Clay Jurnev Jr.. Pinehu; 
Keiih |uiney, Charlotte 
Robert Justice. Chapel Hill 
Susie Justus. Hendrrsonville 
Parul Kachalia, Charlotte 

Bruce Kallor. Melville. N Y. 
Nicole Karagheiiiroll.yrif'idira Estal 
Elizabeth Kath. Garner 
Frances Katsoudas. San/ord 
Jeffrey Kaufman, Boca Raton, FUi. 
Tony Kearney. Chapel Hill 
Michelle R Keasling, Fayetteinlle 
Donna Keith. Charlotte 

Crystal Kelly. Statesville 
Joan Kellv. Charlotte 
Paula Kelly. Lillington 
Wendy Kelly. Durham 
Susan Kemm, High Point 
F Leigh Kempsou. A.shevtlle 
Lauic Kenan. Nnubrrry, S.C. 
Jacqueline Kennedy. Durham 

Seniors 1 1 3 

Jeff Kennedy. Winston-Salem 

Joe Kenny. Charlotte 

Alis,i [ Kenyon, Hillsborough 

Lisa Kershner. Greensboro 

Rachel Key. Lexington 

Lorna Khalil. Cherry Hill, N.J. 

Rochelle Kick, Raleigh 

Diana Kilbv, Millers Creek 

Kris Kim. Burlington 

|. Allen Kimball. Ft McPherson, Co 

John E. Kimbcrling, Henderxonville 

Lisa D. KLndley. Asheville 

Billy W king II. Wilmington 

Cynthia king. Raleigh 

Kami king. Charlotte 

Sabrma King, Pfafftoum 

Susan R King. Wnghl^-ille Bench 

|ef( kirhv. flo/^( 

Frednea Kirksev. C/irirlottr 

Mark Kits, Chapel Hill 

James Kitchen, flu™ Raton, Fin 

Lisa G. Kluttz, Burlington 

KriMi Knight, Charlotte 

Frederick Knops. Durham 

Curnn F Knoll. Oxford 
Gretchen Kciball, Virginia Beaih. Va 

Tonva Koonce. Trenton 
Lori Koonu, Lexington 

Torld Kopc/vnski. Chapel Hill 
Samuel Korschun, Goldsboro 

Suguna Kothapalli, Slier City 
Eric Kron, Rocky Mount 

Ronald Lamhe. Stone Mountain. Co, 
Karen Lambert. Greensboro 

Kenneth Lamm, (.Impel Hill 

Laura Lance. Ashrville 

Charles LanrlcTKOtl. Jupiter. Fla. 

Jennifer Lane, Raleigh 

Richaid F Lane III. TaylorsvilU 

Rick Lane, Cars 

Janel Langenbach. Chapel Hill 

Kathrvn Langford, Lexington 

Barrv Latham, Shelby 

Amelia Laughter. Hickory 

Lisa Laughter. Forest City 

Fluaheth C Lawrence, Ramseur 

James F Lawsun, Carrboro 

Jacqueline Leach, Raleigh 

Deborah Learv, Ahoskte 

Valerie Ledbetter, HendersonvilU 

1 I 4 Seniors 

Dana Leder. Goldsboro 
Karen Lcdford, Kings Mountai 
Bess A. Lee. Benson 
B. Diana Lee. Arapahoe 
Esther Lee. Vestal, N.Y 
Jennifer Jeanne Lee, Kinslon 
Ling Lee, Greensboro 
Neill Lee. Lumberton 

Kave Lehman, /(Vfcv Mount 
Candy Lewis. ThomasviUe 
Dawn Lewis, AosrOr. W/ 
Elsie Lewis. Garner 
Mary Lewis. Parkton 
Michael B Lewis, Moorcsville 
Patricia L Lewis. Garner 
Harriet Ligon. Athexille 

Todd Lmdquist. Mmganton 
Randy Lineberger, McAdmvilU 
Vijilhj Linga. Henderson 
Allison Lippard. Winston-Salem 
Anne Little. Wadeiboro 
Barhara Little, Greenville 
Joseph R Little, Winston-Salem 
Lon Little. Charlotte 

Dawn Livcngood. Winston-Salem 
Karen Liverman. Chapel Hill 
Cindy Lloyd. Burlington 
Thomas Lloyd, Wilmington 
Eric Lodge. Sanjord 
Rebecca Lolquist. Cullowhee 
Stephanie LoHus. J acksoninlle 
Beth Logsdon, Matthews 

Ava Long. Bostic 

Finlay E. Long III. Winston-Salem 
Gwen Long, Newton 
Melmda Long, Tobaccoville 
Terry Long, Lumberton 
Valerie Long. Lexington 
Ryke Longest, Raleigh 
Elizabeth Looney. Roekv Mount 

Mary Loving, Columbia, S.C. 
Leigh Lowder, Mooresinlle 
Tina Loyd, Eton College 
Guy Lucas. Carrhoro 
Gioia Lucente. Haekensack, N.J. 
Charles Ludwigson. Goldsboro 
Karen Lunny. Chapel Hill 
Thomas Lutz, Lawndalr 

Cynthia Lylerly. Salisbury 
Todd MacDonald. Charlotte 
John Michael Mackay, Greensboro 
Anlionette Mackie. High Point 
John MacMillan, Fayetteiille 
Tanya Madalozzo. Tarboro 
Laura Madison, Wichita, Kan 
Marcia Mahalfey. Winston-Salem 

Robin Mahan, Carrboro 
April Majors, Roxboro 
oanna Malpass, Wilmington 
ean Mamo, Rocky Mount 
Barron Maness. Seagrove 
Alexandra Mann. Richmond, Va 
Kathenne A Mann. Chapel Hill 
Keith Mann, WhWakers 

Kent Manning, Kernersinlle 

Mary Elizabeth Manning, Burlington 

Judith Mansfield. Voss 

Paul Marks, Charlotte 

Leslie Marlow, East Bend 

Mary Marschner. Indian Harbor Beach. Fla 

Kenneth H Marsh. Stler City 

Robin Marshall. Southampton. N.Y 

Ann Mane Marshbanks. Buies Creek 

Cynthia Martin, Walnut Cove 

Gail Martin, Lakeland, Fla. 

Patricia Martin, Heiulerson 

Tern Martin, Charlotte 

Michelle Mason. Carrboro 

Shannon Mason. Hilton Head Island, S C 

Candy Mathews, Lancaster. Pa 

Seniors I 1 5 

Harriet Matthews. Chapel Hill 

Paul Matthews, Nashville 

Kelly Mattocks. PoliocksvilU 

Danielle Manila, Raleigh 

Donna Maxwell, Ratford 

Thomas Maxwell, Burnsville 

Susan May, Greensboro 

Steve Mayes, Rockingham 

Deborah Ma/ak, Conover 

Keith D McAfee. Charlotte 

Danny McArthur, Goldsboro 

Lisa Michelle McArthur, Southern Pines 

Martha McCann, Decatur, III 

Pattv McCarthy. Chapel Hill 

Angela McCaslin, Newton 

Laura McClain, Cart 

Cathy McClure. Raleigh 

Patrick McCracken, Sanford 

Vicky McCraw, Carrboro 

Vincent McCray, Durham 

Jeffrey McDade. Raleigh 

Crystal McDanicl. Camp Springs. Md 

Melissa McDonald. Eden 

Russ McElroy, Birmingham. Ala 

Sherry McElveen. Chapel Hill 

Keena Ann McGugan, Mochsville 

Mischella McKoy, Durham 

Donna McLamb, Dunn 
Thad McLaurin, Murfreesboro 
Virginia McLendon, Greenville 

Lynn McMurry. Shelby 

Josephine B. McNeil. Chapel Hill 

David McNeill. Seagrove 

Lisa McNeill. Wilmington 

Amy McPhail. Durham 

Kimberly L. McPhatter, Lumberton 

Kimberly A. McRae. Greensboro 

James McSorlev. Cary 

Pamela McSwain. Charlotte 

Allison Meadows, Carrboro 

Mark S Medley, Graham 

Jeanelle Medlin, Raleigh 

otlu Mehringer, Massapequa, JV.)', 

Valerie Melton, Durham 

Lisa Melvjn, Bowden 

Vonda Mendenhall, Pfafftoum 

Frederick Merkel. Chapel Hill 

Charles Merrell, Fletcher 

Hope Merntt, Mebant 

Phyllis Merrill, Goldsboro 

Douglas Messina, Bridgeton, N.J. 

Garry Metcalf, Chapel Hill 

Joyce E. Metcalf, Carrboro 

Jell Michael, Albemarle 

Kimberly A. Michels. Lancaster, Pa 

Lisa Milby, FayettevilUt 

Bryan Miller, Winston-Salem 

Cheryl Miller,yam«/oiwi 

David Parrel Miller, Carrboro 

Kelly Miller. Albemarle 

ft jQA£ 

I 6 Seniors 


Kyle H. Miller. Knoxville, Tern 
Wayne Paul Miller |r , MaysvilU 
Ronnie Rich Milhgan Jr , Fayettevil 
[ulia Milner, Pittsboro 
Carlene Mitchell, Chapel Hill 
Cynthia Claire Mitchell, Salisbury 
David Mitchell, Asheville 
Teresa Mitchell, F uquay-Vartna 

Ann Mndlin, Alexandria, Va 
Robert Monds, WkiteviUe 
Donald Monevhun. Chapel Hill 
Linda |eaii Montanari, Neshamc, ,\ J 
|nhn Montgomery, Albemarle 
Carlos Monloya. Winston-Salem 
Jack Moody. Lumberton 
Angelia Moore, Southern Pines 

Connie Moore, Game} 
Ellen Moore, Kmirrsvttle 
Karen Moore, Hunternnlle 
Clayton Morgan, Greensboro 
Gaynor E. Morgan, Charlotte 
Lafmin Morgan, Durham 
Maria Morgan, Can 
Rachel Morgan, Marion 

Madlyn Morreale, Glen Ellyn, III 
Gloria Morns. Chapel Hill 
Tonya Morns, Lexington 
Ann Morrison, Fayeltevilte 
Teresa Morrison, Pinehurst 
Chris Morrow, Brevard 
Kimberly Morrow, Ruiherjordtoti 
Leslie Mosley. Ml. Airy 

Susan Moss. Gastoma 
Liza Motsinger, Kernersvitle 
Kenneth V. Momnger, Burtin 
Vvette Moxin, Raleigh 
Patricia Mullen, Carrboro 
Judy Mullings. Reidsvilte 

L"s Multis, Charlotte 
Mary Mulvihill. Lmcroft, N.J. 

John E. Mundi, Charlotte 
Kimberly Munn. Rockingham 

.\nihia Murphv. Fayettex>ilU 
\un Murray. Winston-Salem 

Briou William Murray, Annan/tale, N.j 
Eric Murray, Marion 

Holly- Murray, Norristown, Pa 
Sherri Murray. Boca Raton. Fla. 

Jim Muse, Kent, Ohio 

Norns Musselwhite. Lumberton 

Seniors 1 I 7 

Jamy Myall, Chapel Hill 

Melissa Diane Myers. Winston-Salem 

Frankie Mynck, Enfield 

Sylvia Nance, Charlotte 

Kathy Nannev. Hendfrstmville 

Sandra D Nash, Chapel Hill 

Sangeeia Navangul, Rocky Mount 

Dacia Neal. Chapel Hill 

Brian Neptune, Mt. GiUad 

Cynthia Neville, Durham 

Anne Nicholson, Murfreesbara 

Diana Nielsen, Raleigh 

Hisavo Nishimaru, Chapel Hill 

Alice Nix. Canton 

Daphne Norman. Carrboro 

Florence N orris, Raleigh 

Stephanie Nuckles. Charleston, S.C. 

Erin Nugent, WalktrsvilU, Aid 

Anthony Nutter, Ptnevtlle 

Nancy Nutter, PineviUe 

Mike Oakes, S. Boston, Va. 

Lisa J. Oakley, Chapel Hill 

Deborah Gates, Greensboro 

Michaela Oberlaender, Candler 

1 1 8 Seniors 

rimoih) Ogburn, Ashtboro 
Christina Olczak. Krmersville 
Vicki O'Neal. Franklmlon 
Vanessa Orr, Pittsburgh /'•; 
Ruben Orsi, Mattheu i 
Ja\ L. Osborne. Randleman 
Donna O'Sullivan, ChaHelu 
Carroll C. Overton. Charlotte 

Chen 1 1 Spada Owens. Columbus 
Melissa Owens. Fountain 
Beth Ownley, Manteo 
Tunva Ovcndine. Charlotte 

Page. FayeUevitU 
Man Palmer. Monroe 
Micke) Parish. Sanford 
Diane Parker, Clinton 

Kristin Parker. Raleigh 
Richard Parker. Charlotte 
Tonva Parker. Durham 
Laura Parks. StatenilU 
India Parris. Hickory 
Wes Parris. Candler 
kimberh K Parnsh. Selma 
Bnann Parson. Winston-Salem 

Robert Pate. Silver Spang, Md. 
Preeti Paiel. Chapel Hdl 
Brian Patterson. Knightdale 
Crystal Patterson, shelh, 
Dawn M Patterson. Lenoir 
>hn D Pallerson. Raleigh 
Todd Pailon. Canton 
Mark H Pavao. New Rochelle. N.Y. 

John R Peacock. Fremont 

Karen Pearson. Chapel Hit! 

Richard C. Pecci. Charlotte 

Rebecca L. Peeler. Thomasi-ille 

Sheila Pegues. Launnburg 

Gail Lorraine Pelletier.yocibom'i//? 

Mar) Pelosi. Wake Forest 

Richard A. Pemble. St. Petersburg. Fla 

Holli Pence. Go; 

Linda Pendleton, Gastonta 

Bnan Pennington. Raleigh 

Marvin Pernn. Raleigh 

Alissa C Pern. Kent. Conn 

Tammv Pern. Scotland Seek 

Todd Pern. Piltsboro 

Lvnn Sandra Peters. Columbia. Md 

Lisa A Pfrogner. Chapel Hill 
Dec Phillips, Charlotte 
kimberlv Phillips. WldUvUle 

Lisa Phillips. Gastonta 
Paul J Pickhardl. Charlotte 
Lee Picklesimer. High Point 

Pamela Piper. Raleigh 

Pttiman. Canajohane . N.Y. 
Plough, Atlantic Beach 

Candace Poais. Hickory 

AmiLisa Pomdexier. Summen-ille. S.C 

Alison Pollock. Grcrr, S C 

Seniors I 19 

Todd Pope, Raleigh 

Karen Popkin, jacksonvillt 

Cynthia F. Pops, Morgantown, W.Va 

Patricia Ann Porubsky, Sanford 

Kelly R Powell, Charlotte 

Susan Rushton Powell. Belmont 

Mark Prakke. Asheville 

Charla Price. Asheville 

Lesley Anne Price. Wilson 

Louise Price. Lumberton 

Paige Prince. Monroe 

Pamela Prince. Charlotte 

Teresa Priveue. Wake Fores! 

Alan Proctor. Winston-Salem 

Leslie Puckett, Morgan ton 

Henry Quick. Oxford 

Timothy Rambo. Ml, Pleasant. S.C 

Stacev Ramirez. Summit. N.j. 

Tim Ramsey. Spindale 

Jennifer Ransdell. Raleigh 

Anne Raper, FayeltevilU 

Melanie Rapp, Waxhaw 

Lisa Ray. Henderson 

Glenn Ravnor, fiiquay-Vanna 

Phillip Reavis. Troutman 
R. Susan Redd. Plymouth 

Karen Reece. Charlotte 
Stella Reece, Lexington 

Corey Reed. Sealevel 
Dolores Reese, Cory 

Deborah Register. Halkbn 
Shen Rhodes, KinsU 

Samantha A Rice. Tnmf\ 
Rohm Ru hards. Carrotlton, t<n 

Angela Richardson. Raleigh 

Melissa Ann Richardson. FayeltevilU 

Yvonne Richardson. Holltstei 

Shan Riddle, Southern Pines 

Elizabeth Rider, Morehead City 

Carolvn Ridgell, Lillinglon 

Lisa Rilev. New Bern 

Phillip Riplev-Parkerson. Durham 

|ulia Riichey, Blacksburg, Va 

Charles Robluns, Rocky Mount 

Phyllis Robbms. Chapel Hill 

Tina Robbms, Mooresboro 

Everette Edward Roberts, Raleigh 

Karen J. Roberts. Shawboro 

Molly RoIktis. Lemon Springs 

Susan Roberts. Durham 

120 Seniors 


|ane E Robinson. Sli-rksvillt 
|fnniicr Rogers Tarboro 
Melmda M Rogers, facksmvilU 
Todd A. Rogers, Wbemutlr 
Vivian Rogers. MooraviUe 
John Roney. \\ illiamston 
Demse Roper. MorgantOn 
AnneMane Rosenbaum. Carrboro 

Angela Ross. Littleton 

Kane Ross. Rock Hill. S.C. 

Shen Lynn Ross, Carrboro 

\Vend\ Rouse. Kinston 

(..eorge A Rowland. Xcuport New, \~t> 

Subhash Rm. {.aithershirg. Sid 

\ angela Royal, Greensboro 

Shern Roy all, Raleigh 

[eff Rumlt-y, Washington 

John Ruocchio. Raleigh 

Anne Rupp. China Grove 
Sle\c Ruppenthal. Charlotte 

William Carl Rusiin 111. Ratsigh 
Mary Annella Rutherford, Raleigh 

Michelle Sain, Siorganton 
Deborah Saine. Charlotte 

Mark Sakaia. Chapel Hill 
Man Anne SaJerni. Queens. A* ) 

Courtney Sanders. Chapel Hilt 
Amy Sanderson, Newport ,V>uij, Ya, 
Allison Sapp. Cermanton 
Paine Sapp, Stone Mountain. Ga 
Donna Sauflcy. Slooresinlle 
Anne Saunders. Charlotte 
I wuriid Sawyer. Slmock 
Lisa Sawyer, Erwm 

Lisa Scandalios, Raleigh 

Renec Scanlon. Chapel Hill 

(.race Scarboro. Atlanta. Ga. 

Karen SchickedanLz. Greensboro 

Roger B. Schlegel, Washington. D.C 

Bianca Schmidt, Carrboro 

J Douglas Schmidt, Clinton Corners. AT 

Sandv Schoeps. Charlotte 

Elaine Schrodt. Raletgb 
Kathenne Schweighart. Pfafftoi 
David Scott, Advance 
Janet Seaboch, Salisbury 
Martha Seamon. Slooresi'tlle 
Lisa Searcy. Climax 
Stephanie Sedberrv. Greensboro 
Garett Seivold. Parkton. Sid 


Seniors 1 2 1 

Richard Sellars, MooresvilU 

Rajesh Shah, Rockingham 

Sonda Shank, Chapel Hill 

Myra Sharpe, Reidsville 

Elizabeth Anne Sharrow, Eden 

Monica Shaughnessy, Frederick, Md 

Selby Shaver. MooresvilU 

Angela Shaw, FayettevilL> 

Cynthia Leigh Shaw. Winston-Salem 
Timothy Shea. Wilmington, Del 

Christopher Shearer. {.Impel Hill 

John D. Shields, Atlanta, Ga 

Ann Shinn, Salisbury 

William H. Shoemaker [I, Raleigh 

Tern Shoffncr, Greensboro 

W Keith Shreve. Kernersvdle 

Joseph W. Shugari, Winston-Salem 

Lisa Sigmon, NewU 

Olivia Chloc Silber, Gam 

Linda Silvers, Greensbo 

Joseph Silvestro, Bay Village, Ohio 

Jonathan Sinikins. Meadowbrook, Pa. 

Felisa Simpson, Reidsville 

MaryNeil Sinclair, Raleigh 

Sherry Sinclair. Clinton 

Beth Sisel, Winston-Salem 

Mclanie Skidmore. Chapel Hill 

Philip Skillman, Asheinlle 

Scott Douglas Skinner, Charlotte 

Angela Sloan, Carrboro 

Mark Sloinick, Pittsboro 

Charles K. Smith. Dublin 

Cynthia Smith. Wilmington 

David Smith, Castonm 

Donme C. Smith. Envm 

Ellon Smith Jr.. Durham 

Gary Neal Smith. Kernersville 

J. Douglas Smith, Leesburg, Va. 

)anct Smith, Columbus 

Kenneth Smith, Charlotte 

Kirhv H Smith III. New Bern 

Michelle Y, Smith, Carrboro 

Nancy Smith, Clinton 

Pamela Ann Smith, Sanford 

Elaine Smith, RobersonvilU 

Randy Smith. Matthews 

Sarah Smith, Stanley 

Solon E Smith 111. Strawberry Plains, Tenn 

Tamara Smith. Eden 

William Van Smith Jr., Askeville 

Elizabeth Snotherly, Shite Road 

Teresa Snow, Washington 

Sherrie Snyder, Denton 

David Sobanski, Hickory 

Kathryn Sousa, Apex 

•Karen Spamhour, Dobson 

Llovd Spargo, Gastonia 

Robert Spearman, Clinton 

Alice Spencer, Cary 

Douglas Spencer. Butner 


1 - K 2 Seniors 

Lori Spivey. HobhsviOe 
Donna Spoon, Chapel Hill 
Mephen G Spoon, Burlington 
(.hip Stabler, H insbm Salem 
Maridle Siachura, Carfufr. Pa 
Sherrj * Stanridd, Prospect Hill 
\\.u\ Starling. Pine Level 
Tamim Siatum, Roamtkr. 1 a 

Karen Stebbins. Lnfisvillr 

Lisa M. Steele. Chaprl H>ll 

Lvnn Steele. Blark Mountain 

Melinda K Steele, Shelby 

Don F Sleelman. YadkinviU* 

Melissa Sleiben. Edison, V / 

Karen Gail Stephenson. Fuqvay-Yanu, 

Christopher Stepp. Hrndrruimntlr 

Alfred Sternberg. Chapel Hill 
Eric Stockton. Spnngfitld. Ya 
Annetta Stokes. Goldsbaro 
Steven Stout. Aihebvro 
Margaret A. Stover. Monroe 
Jeff Stnckland. Pembroke 
Shelbv Stroud. Snow Hill 
J Berrv Stubbs. Atlanta, Ca 

Seniors 123 

Annie Stokes. Thomasvitle 

Teresa Suddreth, Elkin 

Karen Sugg, Snow Hill 

Amanda Sullivan. Wilson 

Diane Sutton. Louisburg 

Ethan Sutton. WaynesviUe 

Frank Swcarington, Winston-Salem 

Katherme K. Sweet. Raleigh 

Drew Sylvester. Salisbury 

Tracy Tabh, Tallahassee, Fla 

Morgan Tacked, Bahama 

Kelly Talley. Concord 

Rebecca Talley, Shelby 

Michael Tandy, Arden 

Man Margaret Tart. Dunn 

Margaret Tate. Efland 

Steven C. Tate, Loveltsville, Ya. 

James Taylor II. Winston-Salem 

Lori Taylor, Charlotte 

Mary Taylor, CarrboTo 

Nancy Taylor. Shelby 

Charlotte Teague. Asheville 

Amy Teeters. McLeansvillt 

Darwin Shane Teeters. Chapel Hill 

Kristin Elizabeth Terry, Hopkinton, Maw. 

S. Duane Tester, Vilas 

Renee Thacker, Greensboro 

Meianie Thomas. Durham 

rim Thomas, Berryville, Va 

Joanna Thomasson, Newton 

Debbie Thompson, Mineral Springi 

Joy Thompson. Rocky Mount 

Marie Thompson. Wilmington 

Leigh Thome, Wilson 

Shuiord Thornton. Chapel Hill 

Ted Thornton, Conover 

Beverly Thorpe, Cliapel Hill 

Charles F Threshie. Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Crystal Tillman, Charlotte 

Tina L.Tinnin. Liberty 

Paul Tobin, Raleigh 
Bettv Tolar, Goldsboro 

Linda Tolar. Reil Springs 
Richard Tooke. Raleigh 

Laurie Toreson. Durham 
Amy Toth. Can 

Lee Tremlett, High Point 
Amy Triplet!. Hickory 

Sherry Trogdon. Clintoi 
James M Tro|an, Creensbon 

0*&& *?% 


■-i: • 














■ .-*- 



Julie D. and Professor Rufus Dream-Smoke 

1 24 Seniors 

f\ fa fa o 

DeAnne Tsakanikas, Chariot!, 
Karen rucker, Winston Satem 
Denise ["unsiall, Rn/^A 
Holly Turnbull. ( hapel Hilt 
EIisj Turner, Catawba 
Sara Turner, Raleigh 
[uli. i Ulmer, Matthews 
Willis Underwood, Golasboro 

Brandon Uttley, Charlotte 
Raymond VanUyke, a.f/ //<// 
Brent VanRees. Mtljord, Del. 
David Venable, Charlotte 
Rhesa Versola, Raleigh 
James Vetrone. Charlotte 
Douglas Vick. Asheboro 
Laura Vickroy, SAort //i&, /V./ 

Jacqueline Vogeley, Charlottesville, Va 
Lisa VonHagen. Greensboro 
Tony Vuncannon, Randleman 
Kim Wade. WAitoAm 
John Wagoner. Reidsinlle 
Marianne Waldrop, MoTthtad City 
Michaela Waldrop. Raleigh 
Braxton Walker. Shelby 

Christopher Walker. Chapel Hill 
trie V Walker. New Bern 
Janice Walker. Winston-Salem 
Jodie Walker. New Ben, 
Austin Wallace. Durham 
Shawn Walsh, Wake Forest 
Jo Walters. Fvqvay-Varina 
lanet A Ward, Goldsboro 

|ill Wardle, Launnburg 
Tommy Warlick. Gastonia 
Felicia Washington. KenansvUi 
Richard Wassell, Charlotte 
Mary E. Watson. Chapel Hdl 
Miriam Watson, Wnodleaf 
Mela Felice Watts. Burgaw 
Vikki Watts. Tabor City 

Joanna Weathers. Lmusburg 
Karen Weatherspoon. Raleigh 
C. Riddick Weber, Winston-Salem 
Lori Weeks, Wilmington 
Richard L. Weeks III, Cary 
Scott Welch. Jamestown 
Anna Wells. Whitevitle 
Beverly Wells. Washington 

Mary Robin Wells. Ruhmond. Vc 
Laurie Weltin. Wilmington 
Bvron Wesson. Vale 
Amy West. Fuuuay-Vanna 
Donna L. West. Lexington 
Kccia West. Rose Hill 
Stephen Lee West, Chapel Hill 
Gregory Westby, Hickory 

Scoti L. Wharton, Greensboro 
James R Wheeler, Matthews 
Lee Wheeler, New Bern 
Michael Wheless. Chapel Hill 
Valerie Whisnani, Tampa, Flu 
Evelma S. White. Wake Forest 
John Brian White, Greensboro 
Laura White. Onancoch, Va. 

Laurie White, Long Beach 
Lee White. Onancock. Va. 
Sue Ellen Whitehead. Matthews 
Kevin Whitfield, Durham 
Michael Whitfield. Hillsborough 
Laura Whitley. Fayetieville 
Rebecca Whitlow. Roxboro 
Mark Whitson, Winston-Salem 

(.ma Whiltenton. Dunn 
Eric Whittington, High Point 
Jacqueline Whittington, furleur 
Laura Willes, Charlotte 
Joanne Williams. High Point 
Julie Williams, FayettexnUe 
Lisa Williams, Monroe 
Lynda Williams. Whiteville 


Seniors 125 

Mama Williams, Wilmington 

Rhunda Williams. Wadesboro 

Rhonda J Williams. Chapel Hill 

Ruben Williams. Walker town 

Timothy Williams, Charlotte 

Wavne Williams. Knightdate 

K wanna V. Williamson. Carrboru 

Rebecca Williamson. Chapel Hill 

Wendy Williard, Hampstead 

Emilv Wilson. Garnet 

Hal Wilson, Charlotte 

Marianne Wilson. Canton 

Michael R Wilson. Winston-Salem 

Rob Wilson, Granite Falls 

Wesley Wilson. Woodteaf 

Paul Winandv. Arlington Heights, III 

La Wan da Winningham, Asheboro 

Paul Winter. Raleigh 

Julia Wise. Bessemer City 

Abner Withers Jr., Drexel 

Dawn Wood, Winston-Salem 

Keith Wood. High Point 

Amy Woodall, Raleigh 

Lisa Woodie, Charlotte 

Sharon Woods. Ashtville 

Zinla Woods. Durham 

(Catherine Wrenn. Roxboro 

Allen Wright, Stain 

Donna Wyail, Chapel Hilt 

Kelly Wyatt, Raleigh 

Cara WyckofT. Laurinburg 

Karla Yarger. Raleigh 

Rebecca Yoakum, Marion 

Soon Yon. Charlotte 

April Yontz, Winston-Salem 

Karen York, OUu 

Virginia York, Chapel Hilt 

Manly Youmans, Charlotte 

Elizabeth Younce, Greensboro 

Alyson Paige Young, Greensboro 

Amv Young. Lexington 
Tina Young. Asheville 

Tracy Young, Carrboru 
Jennifer Vow. Wilmington 

Jack Zachanas, Rutherford, N.J. 
David Zai zar, Raleigh 

Heidi Zehnal. Calabash Acres 
Robvn Zesch, Raleigh 

Kristine Zimmerman. Charlotte 
Chnsiine Zone. Chapel Hill 

I 26 Seniors 

Sieve Zorn. Asheboro 

David ZubkdfT, Ftorbam Park. \J 


Lisa Adams, Chapel Hill 
Randv Aldndge. Southport 
Lisa Allen. Borne, Md 
Christopher Allnian, Greensboro 
Melissa Allred. Chapel Hill 
Ginger Altman. Chapel Hill 
Emesi Anderson. Charlotte 
Nancv Arne. Fa\etleiille 

Brad Airowood. Winston-Salem 
Andrea Askins. Fayettexnlle 
David Atkins. SU. Olive 
Bonnie Bacnik. Bahama 
Lauren Bailey. West End 
Tammv Baker. Matthews 
William Ball. Elizabeth On 
Melissa Bame. Carolina Beach 

Man Banner. Chapel Hill 
jean Barnes. Burlington 
Leslie Barnwell. Chapel Hill 
Melissa Baron. Raleigh 
Karen Barrett. Red Spring* 
Paula Bass. Fayettexnlle 
Leigh Ann Benton, Pikeinlle 
Kaihrvn Bells. Winter Park, Fla 

Chip Beverung. Chapel Hill 

Kim Bird. New Bern 

Jane Bobbin. Roncnrrte. W.Va. 

Jennifer Boles. McLeansinlie 

jo Bonev, Graham 

Susan Booker. Chapel Hill 

Christopher Borg. Tryon 

Robert Bovd. Greensboro 

Ruth Bracev. Red Springs 
Galen Braddv. Washington 
M. Susan Brady. Greensboro 
Julie Braswell. Winston-Salem 
Knsiin Brawlev . Mooresiille 
Bam Bridges. Lemon Springs 
Dawn Bnnklev. Sneads Fern 
Laura Brock. Carrboro 

Jennifer Brooker. Salisbury 
David Brown. Oak Ridge. Tenn 
Debra Brown. Chapel Hill 
jeffre* Brown. Statesrille 
Karen Brown. Raleigh 
Leslie Brown. Hudson 
Ann Bruton. Carthage 
Cvnthia Brvson. Cullouhee 

Ross Burkhan. Chapel Hill 
James Burrus. Cary 
Traci Butler, Gamer 
Leshe Bvrd. Eltzabethtou-n 
Ann Campbell. Fuqua\-\'anna 
Alethea Canter. Millers Creek 
Tina Carden. Chapel Hill 
Michele Camevale. Hukor\ 

Juniors 127 

Rebecca Carr, West End 

Stephen Carrigan, Tayloi sville 

[cnnifcr Career, Raleigh 

Tanya Carter. Boonville 

Mechelle Cash, Timber Luke 

Philip Caces. Chapel Hilt 

Kaye Clark, Pillsboro 

David Clary, Richmond. Va. 

Julie Coffey. Greensboro 
Thomas Cole, Ashevifle 
Tracey Cole, Asheville 

David Conner. Gastonia 

Lundee Covington, Charlotte 

Samancha Cox, Lumberton 

Sheila Craft, Greenville 

Gary Cram. Raleigh 

Anna Critz, Chapel Hilt 

Dana Crocker, Salisbury 

William Crowe, Cary 

Kiran Cummings, Princeton, N.J. 

Shelly Cummmgs, Euston, Aid 

Chandra Cunningham. Winston-Salem 

[Catherine Dal ton. Chapel Httt 

Melissa Daughely, Kinston 

Tracy Davenport, Charlotte 

Anne Davidson. Longmeadow, Mass, 

Gayle Davis, Kimton 

Maria Davis. Raleigh 

Sanjiv Desai. Chapel Hill 
Lisa Dickey, Pensacola, Fin 

Susan Dickson, Chapel Hill 

Mary Doares. Lumberton 

Rebekah Dodd, Henderson 

William Dowdy. Greensboro 

Lisa Durham. Chapel Hill 

Allison Dver, Troy 

Traci Earnhardt, Charlotte 

[ulie Earp. Smithjietd 

Teresa Eatmon. Mars Hill 

Suzette Edge, Carrboro 

Beth Edgerton, Greensboro 

Catherine Edwards. Winston-Salem 

Elizabeth Edwards. Gastonia 

Lisa Elmore. Greensboro 

Wendy Elwell. Alexandria. Va 

Lisa Esies, Durham 

Phillip Evans, Greenville 

Timothy Faulkner, Eayeltevilte 

Paulby Fish. Chapel Hill 

Alecia Flowers. Clayton 

Lisa Ford. Kent) 

Lisa Freeze, Wilkesboro 

Michael Fussell. Roanokr Rapid; 

M. Kathryn Geddie. Chapel Hill 

Pain Gerckens, Old Tappan, N.J. 

Chip Gibson, Carrboro 

Thomas Gibson. Belmont 

Heather Giun, FayettevitU 

Gene Glaze, Gastonia 

Jeffrey Glenn, Gastonia 

I 28 Juniors 

Pans Goodnight, Kannapolis 
\pril Craves, Burlington 
tru Green, Wilmington 
Dana Gregg, Jamestown 
Dawn Griffin, Raleigh 
|nhii GuptOIl, Raleigh 
Richard Hjllnrd. IVinrfon-Salein 
[ill Hamrick, SArffry 

Rom Harbcrt, Lincolnton 
Maria Haren, ' lyde 
f'jul Harrelson. New Orleans. La 
Will Harrill, Wtm/ow-Sa/m 
Mark Hartsell, Henderson 
Amy Hauser, Wmston-Safrtn 
Rebecca Hawkins, Carrboro 
Andrea Hayworth, Yatdosta, Ga. 

Lisa He nd rick, flu™/ Ha« 
Greg Hendricks, Cherryvitte 
Alison Hirsch, Carrboro 
Carolyn Hot. Chalfont, Pa 
Jan Holder. Saitford 
Cathy HoIIoway, Ronda 
|ames Holshouser. Salisbury 
Amanda Hovle, Connelly Springs 

Juniors 129 

Greg Hughe 

Sarah Hugh 

. Carrborc 
S, Ralegh 

Laura Hulett, Winston-Sale 
Teresa Hungerford, Ashevilli 

Tammy Jackson, WhitevUlt 
Sheri Jennings, Raleigh 

rie Johnson. Pilot Mountain 
Stephen Johnson. Raleigh 

David [ones, KernersvitU 

Leslie Jones, Laurel, Md 

Abbv Joy. Carrboro 

Peggy Joyner, Ahoskie 

Jane Kellam, Summerfield 

| ,i 11 Kelly, £/"» College 

Pam Kessler, Pinehurst 

Jonathan Kiefer, Asheville 

Debbie King, Hxckory 

Lisa King, Winston-Salem 

Nancv King, Charlotte 

Thomas Kissinger, Upper Saddle River, N.f 

Peter Klein. Knoxville. Trim 

Robert Knoeppel, Huntington, N.Y. 

Keilah Kuzminski, Pmeblujf 

Anne Lacy, Seminole, Fla 

Robin Lassiter, Rich Square 

Annette Layman, Durham 

Keith Layne, Chapel Hill 

Kevin Layne. Chapel lldl 

Joseph Lee, Morganton 

Lisa Lee. Cliapel Hill 

Julie Leonard. Lexington 

Arthur Lewis, Roanoke Rapids 

Stephen Lewis. Mooresville 

Anne Logan, Chapel Hill 

Pam Long. Tarboro 

Camille Lore. Raleigh 

Edward Love. Lexington 

Suzanne Lowe, Raleigh 

RichelLe Lowery. Shelby 

Barbara Malarkey. Ctunlollr 

Kendall Mallard. Charlotte 

Timothy Marion, Greensboro 

Kim McCombs. Chesterfield, Md 

Leslie McDonald. Chapel Hilt 

Samuel McDonald. Southern Pinei 

MichaeKMcGeough, Warren, Ohio 

Belli McKee, Boding Springs 

Margarei McKinnon, Chicago, III 

Marsha McLamb, Geldsbora 

Laura McLeod. Raeford 

130 > 

Shcrril McLcod- Arnold. Chapel Hiti 
Kcnnv Mi Manns. Malthewt 
Ann Mane McNeill. Berne. Ml 
Renee McPh alter, Red Springt 
Karen McQuaid, WimUm-Selem 
Elena Medlin, HeUj Ridgt 
Keith Meyerl, ' ary 
Mart) Michaels, ChristianslniTg \a 

Mollj Mich els, ReidsviUt 
DeAnnah Miller, Winston-Salem 

Leucia Mills. Peaehland 
David Molfiti, Pfafftoam 
Helen Moore. Charlotte 
Lewis Moore. Rowland 
Mar) Moore, Monroe 
Walter Mums, Pm/Auol 

Monica Murchison, Spring t_,iki 
Gavle Murrell. Cott^ofo 
Debbie Nance. Carrhoto 
Ginger Nance. Raleigh 
Davidson Neville. Smithfield 
Barbara Nichols. Vienna. Va 
Michelle Nicolle, Greenville 
Susan Noecker. Wilson 

Paul Norman. Carrboro 
Kaihrvn Oaklev. Raleigh 
Elizabeth Ocon. Atlanta, Go 
Susan Odenkirchen, Chap/I Hill 
Bobbv Lee Padgeu II. Gastonia 
Sara Page. W'imton -Salem 
Tom Parsons. Chapel Hill 

ilcr Pegram. Wtnslon-Salem 

Phvllis Pettit. Pittsboro 

Gaihanne Phelps. Si Petenburg. Fla 

Jalie Phifer. Chapel Hill 

Leslie Phillips. Hendenon 

Mail Plvler, Sutnet Broth 

Charles Porter. Matthnu 

Laura Proclor. Rocfa .V^oint 

Sonva Quailes. Ktnston 

Rimberlv Quails. Littleton 
George Ragsdale II. Carrboro 

Rebecca Rankin, Durham 
David Ra\. Elizabeth City 

Teresa Rav. Greensboro 
Chrvstal Redding. Chapel Hill 

Bradlev Rice. Rexky Mount 
Charles Rmer, H inston-Salei 

Gina Rockev. Charlotte 
Sonva Rokes. Clarrmom 

Juniors I 3 1 


M;irk Rosendahl, Raleigh 

Coleman Ross, Simsbury, C, 

Michael Rosscnbaucher, Chapel Hill 

Patricia Ruark. Slier City 

Peggy Sandin. Greensboro 

David Sawyer. Greensboro 

Kathryn Schachner, Charlotte 

Brian Scud. Monroe 

Karen Seagraves. ('.Impel Hill 

Elizabeth Sechrist, SlatesviUe 

Abraham Segres, Rocky Mount 

Elizabeth Selby, Richmond, Va 

Mona Seth. Thomasville 

Julie Settle, Kernersville 

Kathryn Sewell, Jacksonville 

Debbie Shearin, Creedmoor 

Tammy Sheldon, Chapel Hill 

]aye Sit ton. Chapel Hill 

Keith Smith. Johnstown, Pa. 

Shelley Smith. Lexington 

Susan Smith. Chapel Hill 

Demse Smiiherman, Greensboro 

Angela Spangler, Shelby 

Abigail Spicei . Roaring River 

Steen Spove. Newberry, S.C 
|eanelle Starling. Autreyville 

Leon Staion, Chapel Hill 
Kenneth Steele. Hillsborough 

Suzy Street. New Bern 
Donna Strickland. Stedman 

Tracie Summerlm. Camp Lejeunt 
Ken Sutton, Ashevillt 

Camilla Taft, GreenviUt 

Jamie Taylor. Indian Trail 

Norwood Teaguc, Raleigh 

Alice Teddv, Gastonia 

Jackie Tosh. Greensboro 

Michael Tester. Etktrt 

< Irystal 1 higpen. Kinston 

Melissa Thomas, Durham 

Belh Toomes. Chapel Hill 

JoAnn Toriello, Pinnacle 

Regina Tourish. Flemington, .V,/. 

Delores Tuck, Durham 

Ricky Tucker, Henderson 

jell Tuten, Bath 

|ames Valsame, Garnet 

Tracy Vinson. Greenville, S.C 

Natalie Vrooman, Grtjton 

Christine Walker. Chapel Hill 

132 > 

Kim Walker. Mocksville 
Robert Walker, Charlotte 
Mary Waller, Kinston 
Jane Walters, Rockwell 
Michael Warren, Hickory 
Rebecca Warren. Chapel Hill 
Ardis Waikins. Raleigh 
Betsy Weathers, Newton 

riffany Weddle, CAa/w/ //<// 
Patricia Weed, Charlotte 
Deborah West. Warsaw 

efr Whitley. Albemarle 
Angela Williams. Statesville 
Kaiherine Wilson. Salisbury 
David Wood. Chapel Hill 
Linda Woods, Waxhaw 


3,354 Sophomores 

Beth Abee. West Jefferson 

i Adams. Winston-Salem 
Rubin Agnew, Carrboro 
Elizabeth Allonsi, Salisbury 
Felix Allen. Louisburg 
Kelly Amos, Greensboro 
Kathy .Anderson, Fuauay-Vanna 
Wendy Anderson. Raleigh 

Tern Argabnghi, Winston-Salem 
Beverly Arrowood, Davidson 
Pam Atkinson. Raleigh 

Auman, Chesapeake, Va 
Natalie Bagby. Charlotte 
Chris Baggett. Chapel Hill 
Christy Bailey, Raleigh 
Terah Bain. Chapel Hill 

Cherie Barnes. Matthews 
Charles Balan. Chapel Hill 
Dianne Baldwin. Charlotte 
Jule Banzet, Warrenton 
Ashley Baichelor, Durham 
Jodv Beasley. Fa\eltevtlte 
Elizabeth Bell. Basking Ridge, NJ. 
uce Bennett. N. Palm Beach, Fla 

Greg Bergano. Chapel Hill 
Elizabeth Berry, Southport 
nna Blackwell, Matthews 
Dan Blair. Gloucester 
Annette Boles, Walnut Cove 
Martha Borden. Chapel Hill 
Vickie Bowen, Williamslon 
Eara Bowens, Chape! Hill 

Vicky Bradford. Brevard 
Robvn Brady. Batio, Md 
Preston Brewer. States-wile 
Kimberly Brings. Winston-Salem 
Carolyn Brill. Clinton 
Gene Brown. Elizabethtown 
Heather Brown, Scarboro, Ontario 
|einuler Brown. Raleigh 

Sopkoniores 133 


Mark Brown. King 

Susan Bryan, Garner 

Megan Buehl, Alexandria, Va. 

Beth BuHliiKlon._/afi.M>Ht'i//f 

Ramona Bultman, Winston-Salem 

Michelle Bunce, Stedman 

Amy Burgess, West Jefferson 

J Pablo Caceres, Roanoke Rapids 

Kevin Callaghan, Matthews 

Roderick Cameron, Chapel Hill 

Catherine Chandler. Greensboro 

Elizabeth Cheek, Man Hill 

Norwood Cheek. Eden 

Kathrvn Clapp, Chapel Hill 

Melissa Clewis, Chapel Hill 

Barry Cobb, Merry Hill 

Edgerson Coble. Hope, N.J. 

Kenneth Coley. Huntersville 

Cynthia Collins, Elm City 

Suzanne Collins, Durham 

iristopher Connelly, Mark Mountain 

Whitnev Cork. Conway, S.C, 

Ginger Cox. Monroe 

Elizabeth Cranford. Winston-Salem 

Michelle Creech. Farmville 

Buddy Creef. Manleo 

Hennen dimming*. Carrboro 

Sarah Dallon, Stony Pom! 

James Dean. Chapel Hill 

Shelley Dennis, Jamestown 

Laura DiGiano, Chapel Hill 

Mary Dillon. Sparta 

Dennis Douds. Fayettevillt 

Melissa Eaiman, Chapel Hill 

Rohert Eaves, Atlanta, Ga. 

Ivan Edwards, Lumberlon 

Muhelle Edwards, Aulavdcr 

Wanda Edwards. Fayettevillt 

Karen Elroil, Summerfield 

Robert Emory, Charleston, S.C. 

Elliol Field, Monroe 

David Fountain, Greensboro 

Lori Foushee, Roxboro 

Margaret Fowler, Charlotte 

Lawrence Frank, Durham 

Kaihcnne Frazier, Henderson 

Hilary Fnedholm. Crosse Pointe, Mich. 

Susan Fry, Chatham, NJ 

Tim Fry, Lexington 

Raiford Carrabrant. Ralrigh 

Elizabeth Gawen. Fairfax, Va. 

Chris Glover. Ellenboro 
Michelle Goode. Chapel Hill 
Paula Goodman. Mooresville 

Wayne Goodwin. HamL 
Randy Gordon, Birmingham, Ah 
Frances Griffin, Durh 

Kimberly Gruber. Matthews 
Robin Hager, Denver 
John Hjrdy, Oxford 

134 Sophovnores 

s». hi Hart, Fayeitevittt 
Ann. Harvey, Chapel Ihll 
Lindsaj Hayes, rVi wport News, \'u 
Kenneth Haywood, Raleigh 
John Helms, Monroe 
Kathleen Henderson, Chapel Hill 
Cynthia Hendricks. Battleboro 
Gregory Henshaw, Shelby 

Pam Highsmilh. Rocky Point 
David Hildrelh, Wadesboro 
Venita Hodges, Durham 
rhomas Hoerning. Castonia 
Todd Holder. Mt. Airy 
Elaine Hoi ley, Winston-Salen 
Kenneth Holl. Rulagh 
Maria Hondros, Charlotte 

Tracy Hopkins. Chapel Hill 
Lisa House, Raleigh 
Donna Hussev. Robbnu 
William Hvait. Easton, Md. 
Virginia Iler, Rocky Mount 
|anet \n^}t:, J amestouti 
[ohn [ackson, Plymouth 
Sonya Jackson, Chapel Hill 

Sophomores 135 


P iSA| 

Paula Jefferson, King 

Robert Jessup, Wallace 

Jenny Johnson, Conway 

Margaret Jones, Sapphire 

Michael [ones. Raleigh 

William Kallam, Kinston 

Terri Kandara, Winston-Salem 

David Kessler, New Orleans, La. 

Melinda Kindy, Daytot 

Kellev King. Grt 

William Kirk, Kern 

Veronica knesel. Clemmons 

Samuel Langley, Mebane 

Kim Latia, Durham 

Elizabeth Laws, Carolina Beach 

Kimherlv Leaird, Lillinglon 

Daniel Lee. Chapel Hill 

Willa Lee, Greensboro 
Sara Levin, Chapel Hill 
Todd Lewis, Chapel Hill 

Bud Long. Statesville 

Margaret Lowrance, Catawba 

Janelle Mason, Mogoek 

David Matney. Newport News, Va 

Byron Matthews, Chapel Hill 

Catherine Matthews. Winston-Salem 

Rachel Mauncy. Skrlby 

Missy McDaniel, Raleigh 

[ngrid Mckeel, Charlotte 

Sara McMurray, Charlotte 

Waller McNairy. Raleigh 

Wade McSwain. Albemarle 

Felicia Mebane. Slier City 

Lana Medlin. Monroe 

Patricia Melton. Morganton 

Scott Miller. Chape! Hill 

Lvnne Milhones, Matthews 

Charles Mills. Peaehiand 

Richard Mills, Charlotte 

David Minton, Stolen hland. N Y 

Tracy Moffett. Pinnnllt 

Gabriel Montero, Chapel Hill 

Marjorie Moure, Chapel Hill 

Elizabeth Morrah. Chapel Hill 

Walter Murray, Chapel Hill 

Rebecca Mustard. Matthews 

Felisa Neuringer, Swannanoa 

Tuyei Nguyen. Raleigh 

Brenda Noretz, Boone 

Robert OHara. Chapel Hill 

Bonnie O'Quinn, Chapel Hill 

Patricia Owen, Chapel Hill 

John Oxford. Kuuitori 

Jules Padgett, Jamestown 

Cathy Paparazo, Goldsboro 

Barbara Parker. Wilmington 

Tonv Parker. Lawndale 

Dipa Patel. Charlotte 

Lindsev Payne, Mebane 

Michelle Pennington, Reidsville 

136 Sophomores 


Melissa Perrell, Lexington 
Kaihryn Phiter. Marshvillt 
Wendy Phifcr, \\ ingah 
Kimberlj Phillips. Pinevitle 
Lauren Phillips. Newport 
rricia Pierce. Greensboro 
Cheryl Pond. Raleigh 
Madris Poole, Lillington 

Chris Pope. Durham 
E. Matthew Pope, Durham 
Ruth Pope, Carrboro 
Sharon Powell, Liberty 
Jamie Prevail. Fayetteville 
Man 1 Pruette, Concord 
Parnsh Pullen. Hampstead 
Sabra Quarles, Kingston 

Jacci Queen. Elm City 
Gordon Rankin. Dallas 
(.'.aria Ratley. Fairmont 
Kimberly Reese. Swannanoa 
Michael Reiter. Candler 
April Rhoades, Richmond. Va 
Kelly Rhodes, StatesvilU 
Jeanne Riddick. Blanch 

Sandv Rierson. Summerfteld 
Christopher Rilev. Salisbury 
Wilborn Robertson, Lmwood 
Lee Roberts, Asheboro 
Lynkiia Roberts. Butner 
Carla Robinson. Candler 
Debra Rohen, Chapel Hill 
Heidi Rummel. Toledo, Ohio 

Donna Ruocco. Charlotte 
Amy Saifer. Kernmville 
Paige Saleeby, Greensboro 
Melinda Sawyer, Mirtock 
Deanna Schmitt, Miami, Fla. 
Randv Scull. Raefurd 
RaeAnn Shaak. Chapel Hdl 
Philip Sheridan. £ Setauket, N.Y. 

Anne Sherow, Dayton, Ohio 
Brian Sipe. Hickory 
Suzanne Smiley, Spartanburg, 
Deanna Smith. Timberlake 
Teresa Smith. Wadesboro 
William Smith. Concord 
Katherme Snyder, Albemarle 
Ihom Solomon, Yanceyville 

Deborah Southern, Greensboro 
Ashley Sowers, Slate Road 
Todd Sparger. Trquesta, Fla. 
Timothy Sparks, Raleigh 
John Spercher, Camp Lejeune 
Scott Standi. Chapel Hill 
Henry Steven. Warsaw 
J Tucker Stevens. Atlentuwn. Pa. 

Suzanne Stoit, Wilson 
Julie Stovall. AshevilU 
Stacy Stowe. Lakeland, Fla 
Virginia Slrause. Henderson 
Stuart Stroud. Kinston 
Cynthia Stubbs. Marion 
Charlie Suh. Chapel Hill 
Alice Talberl. Rockingham 

[eanette Temple. Beaufort 
Debbie Thompson, Chapel Hill 
Paige Thompson. Ashevitle 
Robyn Thompson, Wimton-Satem 
Kell) Thorbum. Raleigh 
Angle Tickle. Winston-Salem 

John Trevathan, Murphy 

Lisa Turner. Pink Hill 

Dawn TuiierOW, Denver 

Anna Vassilion. Raleigh 

Sherry Vaughn. Winston-Salem 

Leonard Vermillion. Charlotte 

Sherri Vogel, Carrboro 

Charles Vollmer. Gwynedd Valley. Pa 

Carolyn Volpe. H' Hartford. Conn. 




Paul Vo5s, Charlotte 

Nancy Waldrop, Horse Shoe 

Lynn Wallace, Greensboro 

and Walton, yacAnmui/fe, /■'/« 

_awrence Warlick, Winchester 

Susan Watkins, Durham 

Devaii Watson, Greensboro 

Nanty Wayne. Whiteville 

Todd Weddle, Chapel Hill 

Nicki Weisensee, Lawrinburg 

Mam Welch, Greenville 

Cheryl West, Asheboro 

Rami Wesl. Oakton, Va. 

Joseph While. Mocksville 

Amanda VVhiteleaiher. Raleigh 

Kaiherine Wiggins, Chapel Hill 

Kohm Wilhett, Greensboro 

Susan Williams, Durham 

Traci Wilson, King 

Sami Winter. Wilmington 

Karen Wise, Jamestown 

Ashley WUcher. High Point 

Brute Wolfe, Raleigh 

Jonathan Woody. Charlotte 


3,358 Freshmen 

Catherine Adams. Sylvia 

Alysa Adkinson, Durham 

Stephanie Ahlschwede, Chapel Hill 

Yasmine Ahmed. Chapel Hill 

Betul Akdil. Timberlake 

Keia Albright. Chapel Hill 

Paige Alexander, StatesvilU 

Anila Allard. Chapel Hill 

John Alley. Goldshoro 

Jessica Almv. Greensboro 

Elise Anderson, Durham 

Theresa Anderson, Raleigh 

April Andrews, Rocky Mount 

Laura Andrews, Raleigh 

Teresa Andrews. YoungsvilU 

Andrea Antonelli. Greensboro 

Edward Appert. Winston-Salem 

Amy Archer, Burlington 

Kristen Arey, Salisbury 

Angie Armour. Gary 

Join Arp. Dunn 

Jay Ashendorf, Charlotte 

Salhe Attkisson, Winasot 

Amy Austin. Kings Mountain 

Lisa Bainetle, Columbus 

Anna Bainl, Apex 

Eh/abeth Baker, Raleigh 

kenncth Barber. Durham 

Yvonne Barber. Greensboro 

W Trayis Barkley, Elm City 

Rachel Baskin. Durham 

Paul Bates, Greensboro 

\ 38 Freshmen 

to > A«wfti 

f iRfi 

^1 ^ 

r n*^ 

Maria Batista, Greensboro 
[eanna Baxter, //^/i Pw'n/ 
Dennis Bean, Charlotte 
Stephanie Beard, Ml Gi/«id 
Marj Beckom, Hickory 
James Belli). Chapel It ,11 
Roben Belton, Nashvillt, Tenn 
Michael Benefield, Wilmington, Del 

Stephanie Bennett, Wwl Jefferson 

Carol Benton, Lincoln 

Mike Bcrard. Elizabeth City 

[Catherine Bergamo. Thompson Ridge, V ) 

L-aura Bessevre. Chapel Hill 

l.iniinv Blackard, Roxboro 

Amanda Biackman, Winston-Salem 

Edward Blackmon, Charlotte 

Martha Blackwelder. Danville. Va. 

[onathan Blair. Lenoir 

Amy B la lock, Rockingham 

April Blalock, Racking/urn, 

Mike Boehnnger, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

[an Baling. H<gA Pom/ 

Lanee Borsman, Emerald Isle 

Cheryl Borszich. Southport 

Julie Bo wen, } adkmville 
Mark Bowles. C/w/W Hi// 

Jennifer Bowman. V'nk 
Robert Bowman. Marietta, Ga 

Elizabeth Boxlev. Raleigh 
Monte Bover. Middletoum. Md. 

Candace Bradley, Burlmgloi 
Ronald Bradlev, Fairview 

Dawn Bradshaw. Johnson City, Ten, 
Kristin Breuss, Nashville. Tenn. 

Stephanie Bridges. Shelby 
Rob Brossart. Middletoum, Ohio 
Ferdonia Brown. Chapel Hill 
Karen Brown. Chapel Hill 
Sheila Brown. Chapel Hill 
Stephanie Brown. Seattle. Wash. 
feane Brumlev. Chapel Hill 
Mark Brumston, Raleigh 

Vincent Bryant. Clinton 
Cathy Brvson. Chapel Hill 
Shan Lvnne Buflum, Charlotte 
Dayid Bull. Columbia. S.C. 
Lisa Bullis. Greensboro 
Eric Burgess. West Jefferson 
Geoffrey Burgess. Charlotte 
Harry Burgess, Hickory 





Shannon Burlesson, Spruce Pine 

|ohn Butler, Matthews 

Rob Bvrum, Albemarle 

Beth Cadoret, Charlotte 

Willie Cain. Elizabethtoum 

Tommy Caldwell, Monroe 

Derrick Cameron, Chapel Hill 

Anna Campbell. Slunills Ford 

Jennifer Capps, Lumberton 

Midge Carawan, Rose Hill 

Hope Carlson, Durham 

Melanie Carr, Poland, Ohio 

Daughly Carstarphen. Greensboro 

Shana Carter, Winston-Salem 

Todd Carter. Chapel Hill 

Tonya Carter. Chapel Hill 

Kristin Case, Charlotte 

Michelle Cauble, Salisbury 

Caroline Caudill, Asheboro 

Mark Cerny, Atlanta. Ca. 

Julia Chandler. Chapel Hill 

Chris Church. Chapel Hill 

Renarta Clauion, Fayetteville 

Jody Clay. Duncanville. Ala. 

Todd Cleveland, Iron Station 

Kristin Coan, Winstan-SaUm 

Karen Cobb, WiUiamston 

Kristy Cockerhani, Lowell 
Becky Cohen, Charlotte 
Kerry Collins. Ml. Any 

Nathan Collins, High Point 

Courtney Colvard, Greensboro 

Nicole Compton. Charlotte 

Dustin Cone, Jacksonville. Fla 
Mike Connor. Gastonia 
Lance Cook. Mars Hill 

Laura Cooke, Elizabethtoum 

Robert Corbet l, Greensboro 

Catherine Cor die, Tarboro 

Carolyn Corr. Carmel, hid. 

Alexa Costin, Wilmington 

Jett Covington. Charlotte 

Jane Cox, Thomasville 

Beth Craig, Elkm 

Stephanie Craig. High Point 

Cassandra Crall. Greensboro 

Carol Crmer, Raleigh 

Kelley Cross. Elizabethtoum 

Linda Cunningham, Mill Spring 

Christine Curtis, Lenoir 

Tim Dalton, Hallister 

Patrick Dalzell, Camp Ltjeune 

S us ana Dancy, Wilmington 

Lisa Darden, Walstonburg 

Derek Daschke, Basking Ridge, N.J. 

Mark Daughtridge, Lemur 

Tonya Daughtridge. Tarboro 

Brad Davidson. Movresville 

Keir Davis. Chapel Hill 

Kunberly Davis, Robemmville 

** © f* ft 

140 Freshmen 

^*- \' Jn^' ">L 

toil A Mil 

• If 

Susan Odenkirchen und u-dd\ 

Rodney Davis, Raleigh 
Eva Hawkins. Charlotte 
Grariela Deangelis. Chapel Hill 
Christopher DiGiano, Chapel lirfl 
Robb* Diseker. Winston-Salem 
David Devine, Wiruton-Sa/fln 
Ibny Dims. Carrboro 
NiiuIj Dixon. LawndaU 

Jennifer Dodson. Haw Riser 
Leanne Donohue, Smithfield 
rimothy Dore, Weslbrook, Conn 
Frances Doughton. Chapel Hill 
kim Dunaway, Chapel Hill 
Michelle Earnhardt. Miseuhnmrr 
Lisa Edwards. Chapel Hill 
Ann Elliott, Ashevitie 

Rachel Enrich. Boslir 
Donna Epps. Charlotte 
Beth Eskridge, Kingt Mountain 
Gregory Fauceile. Raleigh 
Michael Finch. Columbus 
Susan Fipps, Fayettn-ille 
Tracy Fish, Fuauay-Yanna 
Cheryl Fishel. WinsUm-Salem 

Roddy Fletcher. Chapel Hill 
Sharon Fletcher. Charlotte 
Philip Floyd, Chapel Hill 
Bnan Foley, Chapel Hill 
Thomas Folk. Charlotte 
Ron Foresta. Virginia Beach. 1 
Beih Forester. Ashextlle 
Dawd Foster. Hendersoniille 

Kathv Foster, Henderson 
Kimberlv Foster. Staten-ilte 
Jennifer Fowler, Concord 
Enc Fralev. Rutherfordton 
Ellen Frye. Chatham. N.J 
Darby Fulford. Greenville 
Michele Gaeto, Chapel Hill 
\m\ Gallimore. Den/on 

Michele Gamble. Charlotte 
Chris Garrett. Raleigh 
Raymond Geilner. Charlotte 
Chns Gibbons. Chapel Hill 
Tallon Gibson. Crenisbvro 
Amv Giddens. New Bern 
Stephen Giles. Creedmore 
Gary Gisdiel, LulherviUe. Md 

Leigh Glenn, Gastenia 
Suzanne Coins, Chapel Hill 
Sherry Goodin, Conavtr 

Greg Goodman, Chapel Hill 
Whit Goodrich, Winston-Salem 
Chris Gould. Ralrtgh 

Thomas Grast} . Chapel Hill 
Angle Gray. Charlotte 
Jessica Green. Chapel Hill 

Susan Green, Statesiille 
Cenme Greene, Blowing Rock 
Michael GnlFin. Fleetwood 




Joseph Grunkemeyer, Raleigh 
Beth Guin, Ml. Hoik 

Rim Gupta, Charlotte 
Richard Gupton, Raleigh 

Nicki Guv. FaiioTi 
Susanna Hackney. WhiteviUe 

Michele Halby, Greenville 
Ticrsa Hall, Raleigh 

Macy Hamm, ll'«/fo<f 
Susan Hammond, Rundlenian 

Cynthia Hardesty. KorAtaum, Va. 

Terri Hardin. Morganton 

Stephanie Hardy, Charlotte 

Chip Harris, Greensboro 

Jada Harris. Caslalia 

Michelle Harris. Burlington 

Michelle Harris, Pembroke 

John Harrison, Robbinsville 

Heather Harriss, Durham 

Christi Hart, High Point 

Jo Harvell, Bakersville 

David Harvey, Raleigh 

Margaret Hatch, Raleigh 

Melissa Hawks. Ml Airy 

Susan Hayes. Reidsville 

Carole HedRepeih, Bronx, N.Y. 

Kimberlv Helms, Charlotte 

Dee Dee Hcniby, Southport 

Darron Henderson. Union Grove 

Wendy Henderson, Southern Pines 

Elizabeth Hepner, Sharon, Conn. 

Susan ne Herrell, Monrof 

Melinda Hester, Hurdle Mills 

Jim Hiatt, ML Airy 

Don Highsmiih. Winton 

Arthur Hill, Durham 

Muchel Hi\l, Jericho, N.y 

Suzanne Hilser, Rhineheck. NY 

Amy Hinshaw, Bermuda Run 

|ennifcr Hinshaw, Boone 

John IIitl*. Winston-Salem 

Clay Hodges, Elizabeth City 

James Hodges, Dovei 

Martha Hodgin. Chapel Hill 

Margaret Hoff. New Bern 

Susan Holdsclaw, Calawba 

Brian Holiday, Wilmington 

C Edwin Holleman, Fuquay-Varina 

Mary Holleman, Moeksville 

Ann Holloway, Lenoir 

EP I&ft 

142 Freshmen 



[an Hokermann. Chapel Hill 
Kimberl) Honey) mi. Matthew 
Rodney Honcycutt. Willow Spring 
Daniel Hornfedc. Chantitfy, Va 
Dawn Hostler, Polhton 
Bryan Hough. Ml Holly 
Andrea Huber. Chapel Hill 
Herman Huffman, Marion 

KimherK Huffman, Hickury 
Elizabeth Hume, Orange Park. Fla 
Vivian Hwang, Greensboro 
Susan Ingle. WeavervilU 
Sandra Jackson, Raleigh 
Elizabeth James. Alexandria. Va 
Leigh J.ninev. Eden 
Steve | arret L, Charlotte 

Colette Jashinskj, SlatesviUe 
Paul Javomik, HendersomnlU 
Peggv Jenkins, Washington, I) C 
Kim [essup, Greensboro 
David Johnson. Chapel Hill 
Gregory Johnson, Rocky Mount 
[udith Johnson, New Bent 
Karen Johnson. Henderson 

Leonard Johnson. PollocksvilU 
Nancy Johnson, Greenville 
Robert [ohnson. Chapel Hill 
Ch ristopher Jones. JaraesvUle 
Kimberly Jones. Camden 
Louanne Jones, Forest City 
Scott Jones, Chapel Hill 
Andrew [ovner. Charlotte 

Sam Kaplan. Voidest 
Alka Kapur, Eton College 

Jnh Kat/enstem. Gastonia 
Kimberh Kaulman. Chapel Hill 
Charlotte Keck. Kannapolis 
Patti Keeler. Wmtennlle 
Teresa Keller. Marshall 
| Kelly, Chapel Hill 

Ralph Kelly, Oak Ridge 
Anna Keziah. Belmont 
Oregon' Khost, Caldwell, N.J. 
Elizabeth Kiser. Man Hill 
Chip Kiichings, Goldston 
James Knox. Valdese 
Michael Kolb. Charlotte 
Valerie Kornegay, Charlotte 

Julie Krait. Chapel Hill 
Laura Kusla. Chapel Hill 
Janelle Lambert. Bennett 
Larry Lancaster, Sharpsburg 
David Laxion, Lenoir 
Gillian Lebovitz, Bennington, Vt 
Christine Lentz. China Grove 
Brian Leonard. Lexington 

Heather Leonard. Lexingtot 
Sandra Leonard, Matthews 
Bnen Lewis. Toronto 
David Lewis. Greensboro 
Leigh Lewis. Raleigh 
Rov Lewis, Greenville 
David Lindlev. Raleigh 
Kelly Lindsley, York. Pa 

Peier Lineberrv. RockvilU, Md. 
Barbara Linn. Chal/ont. Pa 
Sherri Lmthitum. Salisbury 
Melissa Livengood. Raleigh 
Catherine Lockerham. Winston-SaUm 
Christopher Locklear. Chap.i Hill 
Donna Lou. Chapel Hill 
Trey Loughran, Charleston, S.C. 

Donna Lovetl. Launnburg 
Barn' Lovette. Walnut Cove 
ason Lowe. Greensboro 
Brian Lowrv. Raleigh 
Debra Lucovsky. Cory 
Darrell Ludlow. Chapel Hill 
Dcnnv Mabe. Chapel Hill 
Bill Madden. Raleigh 




Wendy Mallard, Castle Hayne 

ScotI Marler, Chattanooga, Tenn 

Jim Marsh. ttt^A Poini 

Marnv Marsh. Fayetteville 

Kim Marshall. Walkertowi 

Kevin Martin, Charlotte 

Lisa Martin, Chapel Hill 

Alex Mav. Durham 

[ennifer May. Harrisburg 

Judy Maynard. Greensboro 

Randall McCoy, West Jefferson 

Kristy McCuIlough, Fairfax, Va 

Leigh Ann McCuIlough, Charlotte 

Mark McDougal, Fayetteville 

Don McGowan, Dunwoody, Ga 

limmi McCuire, TkomasviUe 

Eva Mclntyre, /'»i 

Yvonne M< Laurin, B«jr Cwft 

Lori McLeese, Rum! Hall 

Mflcolm McLeod, Chapel Hill 

Michael McMillian, Statesville 

|ennifer McNeal, AshevilU 

Layne McNeill. Morganton 

Philip McRevis, Portsmouth, Va. 

144 Freshmen 

Elizabeth Meade, Greensboro 
Arlene Medder. Greensboro 
Gene Mellon. Rocky Mount 

Pamela Melton, Roclr, Mount 
Fave Mendelsohn, Charlatan, 5 ( 
Tonja Mever. Clinton 

Angle- Mane Miles. Kannapolis 
Kevin Miles. Raleigh 
Cindy Miller. \\ ake Forest 

Elizabeth Miller. Pisgah Forest 
Tamtnv Miller. Ahoskie 
eff Moeller. Raleigh 

Lisa Monette. Chesapeake, Va. 
Leigh Moore. Chapel Hill 
Shelbv Moorman, Martinsville, Va. 
Karen Moose. Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Ted Morgan. Chapel Hill 
Arturo Morosoff, Durham 
Robbie Morrison. Atlanta, Ga. 
Eric Morton, Jacksoniille 

Maria Morton. Charlotte 
Caroline Moser, P faff town 
Pamela Moxlev. Sparta 
Rupal Naik. Charlotte 
Akiko Nakana. Fletcher 
Kevin Newman. Ethn 
Fairron Newton. Eltiabethtown 
Chinh Nguven. FayetteinUe 

Gina Noto, Ashnnlte 

■anna O'Brien. Stovall 
Laura Oaklev. Timberlake 
Elizabeth Ogburn. W inston- Salem 
Chris Olson. Raleigh 
Teresa Oolev, Hendersonmlle 
Lisa Orringer, Chapel Htll 
John Ouderkirk. Chapel Hill 

Jennifer Overton. Oxford 
Russell Owens, Virginia Beach. Va. 
Robert Page. Cary 
Andv Palmer, West Jefferson 
Monica Parham, Chapel Hill 
Melanie Parker. Cabipso 
Pamela Parker. Durham 
Shannon Parker. Raleigh 

Kelli Partin. Raleigh 
Mike Partridge. Wilmington 
Shari Patterson, Chattanooga, Tenn 
Tonva Paul. Wintennlle 
David Pearson. Moorennlle 
Valene Person. Chapel Hilt 
Randv Peters. Smithsburg, Md 
ason Phillip. Hickory 

Lynn Phillips. Cincinnati, Ohio 

Paige Phillips. Greensboro 

Stephen Phillips. Boone 

Julie Pike. AshevilU 

Jannette Pippin. Jacksonville 

Pamela Pittman, Hillsborough 
Pledger. Longwood. Flo 
f Plummer. Hattiesburg, Miss 

Freshmen 145 


9 J ^x^ 

Amy Plvler. Charlotte 

Beth Poinseli, Clemmons 

Babette Powell. Hillsborough 

Erica Prater. Charlotte 

Amy Price. Chapel Hill 

Beth Price, Lucama 

Brenda Price. Smith field 

Sandra Purnell. Launnburg 

James Purves, Chapel Hill 

Janel Pustilnik, Richmond. Va 

Deana Queen, Charlotte 

Rhonda Quinn. Charlotte 

Chris ta Rabenold. Norwalk, Conn 

Danny Radclifl. AshevilU 

Liz Ramsey. High Point 

Jackson Ramsey III. Brysou City 

Karen Ray. Winston-Salem 

Jeffrey Rayner. Chapel Htll 

Sarah Reckford, Chapel Hill 

Karen Redd. Plymouth 

John Redhead, Wilmington 

Jason Reed, Delniar, NY 

Clara Riggs. MaysvilU 

Stephanie Roach, Hayesville 

Sarah Robbins, Southborough, Maw. 
Christy Roberson. Williamston 

Stephanie Roberson. ('.Impel Htll 
Deborah Roberts. Chapel Hill 

Suzanne Rodders. Elizabeth City 
Jill Rogers, Tarboro 

Joyce Rogers. Durham 
Pamela Romines. Sanford 

Mindelle Rosen hurg, Charleston, S C 
Danny Rosin. Portsmouth, Va. 

Connie Roth, Raleigh 

John Rublein. Henderson 

Jon Rust. Cape Girardeau, Mo 

Kecta Rust, Scarborough, Ontario 

Leigh Sample. Statesville 

Kristen Sams. Greensboro 

Kathleen Samsoi, Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Leslie Sapp, Germantoum 

Allen Sasser. Pikeville 

Teresa Sauers, Belteaire, Flu. 

Sharon Scotl. Rose Hill 

Martha Searcy. Fore. 1 .! City 

Juhe Sctzer, Chapel Hill 

Timika Shafeek, Trotwood, Ohio 

Sunjay Shah. C.ary 

Kristen Sharrard, High Point 

146 Freshmen 

David Shellenbcrger. Wilmington, Drl 
Catherine Sherer, Chapel Hilt 
Kelly Sherrill. Eton College 
Amy Shipman. High Point 
Jennifer Shon. Berlin, Md 
Jessica Shon. Berlin, Md. 
Heather Shuler. Hendersonville 
Stephama Sid berry. Wilmington 

Gurprit Singh, Wnulon-Salem 
Melissa Skinner. MorrisviUe 
Amy Smith. Rutherf'ordton 
Cynthia Smith. Garner 
Lisa Smith. Albemarle 
Mark Smith. Charlotte 
Mary Smith. Atlanta, Ga. 
Raqucl Smith, Charlotte 

Sandra Smith. FaytUeviUe 
Tammv Smith. Chapel Hill 
John Sparrow. Kinston 
Christopher Spivey. Chapel Hill 
April Spruill. Plymouth 
Beth Spruill, Jackson. Term. 
Anna Stafford. Statennlle 
Laura Stapleton. Macon. Ga 

Harry Starnes. Chapel Hill 
hn Stemper, Clemmons 

Harry Stevens. Roanoke, \'a 
Carolvn Stewart. Shemtls Ford 

Jennifer Stewart. Advance 
Pam Strickland. Farmville 

Tanya Strickland. Washington 
Tracy Scull, Chapel Hill 

Sonya Summitt. Salisbury 

Sean Sumner. Scarborough. Ontario 

Elizabeth Swaim. Winston-Salem 

Michelle Sylvester. Charlotte 
uli Szamszlo. Austin, Texas 
Lloyd Tagos. Greensboro 
Greg Tallev. Mebane 
Chris Tate. Durham 
Debbie Tatum, Raleigh 
Paul Tax. Chapel Hill 

Michelle Taylor. Garner 
Katrina Thompson. Charlotte 
Amanda Tillev. Goldsboro 
Jeffrey Tillman. Durham 
Karen Torrence, Concord 
Andrea Towerv. Hickory 
Susan Tsumas. Slatesxnlle 
Marv Clare Turner. Chapel HiU 

Freshmen 147 

William Ulfeldcr, Carrboro 

David VanLenten. Warminster, Pa. 

Christopher Vaughn, Hendenonville 

Sara Vernon. Doytestoum, Pa. 

Eric Vick, Raleigh 

Haylee Waddey, Nashville. Term. 

Doretta Walker, Durham 
W. Kent Walker, Charlotte 
Glenn Wallace. Chapel Hill 

Linda Wallace, Indian Trail 

Richard Wallace. Arden 

Jennifer Walton. Chapel Hill 

J. Andrew Ward, Clarkton 

John Ward II. Shallots 

Yvette Warner, Washington 

Michelle Warren. Charlotte 

Amy Wearmouth. Sterling. \'a. 

Michael Webber. Hickory 

Beth Webster. Kings Mountain 

Ellen Wenner , Jacksonville 

Elizabeth Wheless, Raleigh 

Paula Whiltey, Forest City 

Lara Wiehe. Clemmons 

Virginia Wilkes. Spartanburg, S.C. 

Ava Williams, Askevillt. 

Mary Williams. Wendell 

Vicki Williams. Raleigh 

Paul Willingham, Decatur. Ga. 

Jennifer Wilson, Troy 

Mary Winfrey, Mocfaville 

Laurie Winkler. Flanders, N J. 

Carla Withrow, Smithfield 

Valeria Witt, Chapel Hill 

Dave Wolfe, Chapel Hill 

Gloria Wyly, Gary 

Joanne Wynck. Greensboro 

Jerry Yarborough Jr., High Point 

Laura Yardle, Charlotte 

Carole Yost, China Grove 

Debbie Young, Spruce Pine 

Su Yun Yu, High Point 

Michael Zagora. Charlotte 

Cane Zimmerman, Charlotte 
Anthoula ZourZOtlklS, Ashemllc 

J * 





148 Freshmen 

In Memoriam 

Herbert Alexander Bar geon 

Lisa Kay Barrier 

Diane Harris Fink 

Marcus Landon Houston 

Maurice Jackson 

James William Morrow III 

Jennifer Diane Ney 

John Partridge 

Frederick Sealy Patterson 

Gilbert Whitted Ray 

Sarah Jane Thomas 

Frances Elizabeth Williams 

In Memoriam 149 







On- campus and 

Off- campus 


Residency 151 


152 Residency 


Residency 153 

154 Residency 


Residency 155 

Residence Colleges 





Hinton James 

Olde Campus 



Old East 
Old West 

156 Residence Colleges 


History: Male dorm until 1976, housed naval cadets 

in 1924 
Activities: Initiated first annual Olde Campus 

water war, initiated big sister program for 
freshmen, dinner with professors, 
screw mixer 
Officers: President Pamela Prince, Vice President 

Jenna Blackwell, Secretary Maria Towe, 
Treasurer Gina Lamb, Social Chair 
Sarah Shackelford, Historian LeAnn Purcell 
Total Residents: 97 

Ruffin 157 



History: Built in 1922, named for 

Willie Person Mangum and 
Adolphus Williamson Mangum, Lewis and 
Mangum combined dorms this year 
Activities: Haunted house for the Burn Center raised 

$2,100, Lewis streak 
Officers: Presidents David Hester and Mark Morris, 
Vice President Jonathan Woody, 
Secretary Brent Lambert, Treasurer 
Hampton Oxendine, Intramural Chair 
Mark Allard, Social Chairman Mike Ferone 
Total Residents: 96 

158 Mangum 

Hinton James 

fi I N T O N JA.H^.% 

Hinton James 1 59 



160 Henderson Residence College 


Residence College 

Alexander, Connor and Winston Dormitories 



Alexander Officers: 
Connor Officers: 

Winston Officers: 

Henderson Officer: 
Total Residents: 

Alexander was built in 1938 and named for 
Eben Alexander, Connor was built in 1946 and 
named for R.D.W. Connor, Winston was built 
in 1947 and named for George Taylor Winston, 
Henderson was named for Archibald Henderson 
Springfest, Project Can Do — recycling project, 
parents weekend, ice skating mixer with Avery 
Dorm, all-campus toga party 
President Richard Hughes, Secretary/Treasurer 
Debbie Truax, Social Chair Tani Schrift 
President Ann Holland, Vice President John 
Hernandez, Secretary/Treasurer Rod Brooks, 
Social Chair Randy Kirby 
President Kent Carrington, Vice President 
James Bolen, Secretary/Treasurer Rich 
Wassell, Social Chair Lori Curtis 
Governor Pam Covais 

Henderson Residence College 161 


History: Built in 1986, named for 

Cathryn Kennedy Carmichael, will be 
formally dedicated in fall 1987 
Activities: Set up new government, placed first 

in three homecoming contests 
Officers: President Jamie McLawhorn, 
Vice President Richard Hayes, 
Secretary Alicia Teddy, 
Treasurer Michelle Creech 
Total Residents: 496 

162 Carniickael 


Old West 


Total Residents: 

Called West 


New West was 




S p 

e n c e r 



Total Residents: 

Named for 
Spencer, oldest 

Lawn party, 
secret Santas, 
team champs 

Old Wed and Spencer 163 


e r m a n 



Total Residents: 

Built in 1937 
Stranger mixer, '60s mixer, 
aerobics, roommate game, 
ice cream socials, 
N.C. State mixer 
President Sallie Allen, 
Vice President Pam Reeves, 
Secretary Sheila Wilson, 
Treasurers Susi Barinowski 
and Leah Totten, Social 
Chairs Lisa Chorebanian 
and Julie Stovall 

If>4 AUerman 

M c I v e r 


Mclver 165 




Total Residents: 

Built in 
1924, named 
for Charles 
Powder puff 
stranger mixer, 
movie mixers, 
first place in 

contest at 
Snowdon and 
Paula Zellmer 

A y c o c k 

■ ■■ *mwrw» — !-w 




J o y n e r 

Sponsors a dorm scholarship, 
football game blocks, brunches, 
Christmas party, formal 
President Mary Dillon, Vice 
President Myra Lynn Mullis, 
Secretary Anna McMahan, Treasurer 
Paige Elrod, Special Projects Chairs 
Jean Lutes and Sherry Vaughn, 
Social Chairs Kim Baines and 
Laura Willis, Historians 
Lisa McArthur and Shari Riddle 

166 Aycoci. and Joyner 


Ehringhaus 167 

168 Granville Residence College 


Residence College 


Granville Residence College 169 






Total Residents: 

Built in 1958, named for 

Col. William Waighstill Avery, 

became co-ed in 1979 

Hey Dude mixer, ice skating mixer, 

co-sponsor for two blood drives, 

International Day 

President Roni Harbert, 

Vice President Jimmy Randolph, 

Secretary Ann Maclntoshe, 

Treasurer Jan Spielvogel 


1 70 Avery 





Total Residents: 

Was a nurses' dorm 

Social mixers at Duke, campus mixers, 

can food drive, movie nights 

President Carol Ambrose, 

Vice President Tamera Majors, 

Secretary Jill Norris, 

Treasurer Pam Joyner, 

Social Chairs Barbara Johnson 

and Connie Moore 


Whitehead 171 

Off- Campus Living 

172 Off-Campus Living 

Off- Campus Living 173 

1 74 Sporting Life 

Sporting Life 

Basketball, Field 

Hockey, Softball, 

Football, Fencing 

and More 

SporHng Life 175 

1 76 Sporting Life Introduction 

Sporting Life Introduction \11 

178 Spading Life Inb-odudion 

Sporting Life Introduction 179 

* i 

I A 


■ " 

* * 4 

/ J 


*■ / 

r J ▼ ** 

^ -| 


■■W. c^ » 

■ :>ii<r ^aSjL^B AJ 

La I 

1 «M*m- g>> 


Men's Basketball Team 

Curtis Hunter, senior 
Michael Norwood, senior 
Dave Popson, senior 
Kenny Smith, senior 
Joe Wolf, senior 
Ranzino Smith, junior 
Steve Bucknall, sophomore 
Jeff L.ebo, sophomore 
Pete Chilcutt, freshman 
Jeff Denny, freshman 
Marty Hensley, freshman 
JR. Reid, freshman 
Scott Williams, freshman 

ISO Men's Basketball 

Men's Basketball 

Season record 32-4. ...Atlantic Coast 
Conference record 14-0. ..lost in NCAA 
final eight game to Syracuse. ..ACC 
regular season champions. ..ranked 
number one nationally in most 
preseason polls... Sports Illustrated 
featured Joe Wolf in a two-page spread 
on Carolina basketball. ..Kenny Smith 
broke the University assist record with 
768 assists and was named first team 
all- American... Sports Illustrated 
featured JR. Reid on the magazine 
cover... J. R. Reid was named ACC rookie 
of the year.. . Jeff Lebo was the only ACC 
player chosen to play in the Pan 
American Games. 

Mens Basketball 181 


~ -1 

182 Men's Basketball 

Men's Baskeiialt 183 



184 Mens Basketball 

wT la * 1 li 


976 G6LD l AlEDAL 

Men's Basketball 185 

1 86 Men's Basketball 

Mens Basketball 187 

188 Men 's Baskeiball 

ACC Basketba] 


190 Men's Basketball 

L 353 



# •» «™w 

1 £8fr- 


Hi t * ^ m 

r Twit \ 


. -JL.- 

/Ken 'j Basketball 191 


192 Men's Basketball 


Men's Baskefialt 193 

194 Men's Basketball 


Men's Basketball 195 


196 Men's Basketball 

Men's Baskeihall 197 

NCAA Final Eight Tournament Game — UNC vs. Syracuse 


198 Mens Basketball 

Men's Basketball 199 


Season record 19-10. ..ACC record 9-5. ..senior 

members are Center Dawn Royster, Wing Marlene 

List, Guard Darlene Cannon. ..Dawn Royster is 

All- ACC. ..Liza Donnell was on the U.S. Olympic 

Festival-'S7 East women's team. 

200 Women's Basketball 





Season record 2-8. ..Head Coach Dereck 
Galvin... Stacy Kaplan finished sixth in the 
NCAA Southeast regional with a 36.65 score 
in all-around competition, ending her season 
with the sixteenth highest score in the nation. 

Gymnastics Team 

Kristin Bilotta. all-around 

Amy Bincarousky, all-around 

Elizabeth Boulton, all-around 

Barbi Callahan, all-around 

Lynne Cote, bars, balance beam 

Kelley Dean, all-around 

Stacy Kaplan, all-around 

Missy Shaffer, all-around 

Libby Tate, all-around 

Heather Trethewey, bars, balance beam 

Michelle Zafrani, all-around 

Gymnastics 201 




202 Men's Lacrosse 


Season record 9-4. ..ACC record 

1-2. ..placed third in ACC.Tom Hans. 

Joey Seivold and Chris Walker are 

captains. ..lost in A'C/L4 semifinal 

championship game to Johns Hopkins 

(11-10). ..Tom Haus is 

all- American... Tom Haus and Pat 

Welsh are all- ACC... ranked fifth in 



Men's Lacrosse 203 

I J» 


ma \ 


Season record 33-9-1 ...Virginia Augusta and 
Maria Powers are captains. ..Carolina Pride 
Invitational Tournament champions. 

204 Softball 

Field Hockey 

Season record 19-3. ..placed third in 
NCAA tournament. ..lost to New 
Hampshire in NCAA semifinal 
tournament game (2-1). ..ACC 
champions... Julie Blaisse, Lori Bruney, 
Maryellen Falcone and Tracey Yurgin 
are NCAA all-tournament team 
members. ..Lori Bruney and Louise Hines 
are U.S. Olympic Festival-'87 team 

FieU Hockey 205 



206 Football 


Season record 7-4-1...ACC record 
5 -2... victorious over Citadel, Kansas, 
Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Maryland, 
Virginia and Dtike... homecoming October 
18, 1986... competed in Aloha Bowl in 
Hawaii with Arizona and lost 
3 0-21... Derrick Fenner and Harris Barton 
(offense), Walter Bailey and Tim Goad 
(defense) are all-ACC... Harris Barton is 

Fooiball 207 




208 Football 

Football 209 


210 Football 


Football 211 


212 Football 


Football 215 


214 Football 

Football 215 



216 Football 

Football 217 





218 Football 


Football 2\<Z 



220 Football 

Football 221 






222 Fencing 


Meit's season record 18 -7... women's season 
record 17-5. placed fourteenth in 
NCAA tournament... N hi Lan Le is 



Men 's season record 21-5... women "s fall sea- 
son record 29-9. ..women's spring season 
record 6-0... men s ACC record 5-1... women 's 
ACC record 7-0. tied for second in 
ACC. ..women placed first in ACC and fourth 
in ACC tournament... Eddie Stewart, Jeff 
Chambers. Don Johnson. Gina Goblirsch, 
Valerie Farmer and Petra Wessels are all- 
ACC... Jeff Chambers finished thirty-fourth in 
the nation. 


Tennis 223 

224 Swimming and Diving 

Swimming and Diving 

Men's season record 6-4. ..women's season 
record 8-2.'s ACC record 4-2. ..women's 
ACC record 5-1... men placed third in 
ACC. ..women placed second in ACC and 
ninth in nation .. .Danny Frack and Doug 
Sawyer are men's captains. ..Susan O'Brien 
and Martha McCann are women's 

captains. ..opened Koury Natatorium in 
October 1986 and won Carolina Pride In- 
vitational. ..Danny Frack made two Univer- 
sity records in 1000- and 500-yard free- 
shies. ..Tony Monasterie competed in the 400- 
and 800-meter free-style relays for Puerto 
Rico in the Pan American Games. 

llli M ttt.tlil. a iill ltt ll l l ^ M M^y^rlk^rr V^^vwUHj^A^^tuq^M^^t** 

Swimming and Diving 225 

226 Swimming and Diving 

Swimming and Diving 227 







228 Women's Coif 


Men's Golf 

Placed sixth of 10 teams in Elk River 
Collegiate Invitational. ..placed seventh of 
24 in John Ryan Memorial. ..placed fifth of 
21 in Hargrove B. Davis 
Intercollegiate. ..placed seventh of 14 in 
Golf World/Palmetto Dunes 
Collegiate. ..OMNI Virginia Invitational 
champion. ..Greg Parker and John Hughes 
are all-ACC. 

Mens Coif 229 

230 Women's Soccer 



Season record 24 -0-1. ..tied University 
record for most wins... national champions 
for fifth time in six years. ..Head Coach 
Anson Dorrance has career record of 
117-7-2. ..April Heinnchs and Marcia 
McDermott are captains. ..Mania 
McDermott broke a University record with 
23 season assists. ..April Hemnchs, the 
University's all-time leading scorer, was 
named soccer's female athlete of the year for 
1986 by the U.S. Soccer Federation. 

Women's Soccer 231 



232 Women's Soccer 

Men's Soccer 

Season record 13-6-1. ..ACC record 
1-4-1. ..David Smyth is a second team 
all-American member. 

Men's Soccer 233 



and CtossXountry 

Mm placed fimfm in AC.C. tournament. ..v,<aineii placid 
second in AC.C* tournament. ../im Farmer fins chain jiiou 
We KIJHH). meter competition at the \'C.AA Region 111 
cross country tournament. ..Reggis llarfis. Kevin 
Mrdorlx, till Irizany and Kim Austin were individual 
■winners at the AC.C. tournament. 


Track, and Cross Counhy 





i " 


.I » » 



. Lm -** M. 

sM i 

i Avn ' 




Hi -4 















Track and Cross Country 2.'5r> 



Season record 18-5. ..ACC record 
6-0.. .ACC champions... ranked fifth in 
nation by Amateur Wrestling News at start 
of season.. Jon Cardi, Chip McArdle, Rob 
Koll and Al Palacio were ranked in the 
nation's top ten at start of season. ..Al 
Palacio, Lenny Bernstein, Jon Cardi, Rob 
Koll and Joe SUvestri are all-ACC.Al 
Palacio, Lenny Bernstein and Rob Koll are 
all- American. 

Wrestling 237 


Season record 31-22. ..ACC record 13-7. ..five returning 
starters... loss to N.C. State in ACC tournament 
semifinals. ..Darin Campbell was named a preseason 
ail-American pick. 


Baseball 239 


Season Record 25-13. ..ACC record 

7-0. ..placed second in ACC. .Jill Berkebile, 

Andrea Wells and Sherri Vogel are 

all-ACC... Sharon German and Ann 

Schildmeyer participated in U.S. Olympic 


240 Volleyball 


Volleyball 24 1 



The Smith Center Hues 

Why isn't Dean's Dome Carolina Blue? 

by Jo Fleischer 

♦^asketball fans who fancy themselves 

^^architecture critics have only one 
t^beef with the Dean E. Smith 
Activities Center, the colossal octagonal 
structure where the North Carolina Tar 
Heels play their ball: "The Dean Dome is 
not Carolina blue," they complain. 

The building's major aesthetic flaw is so 
glaringly obvious that it virtually screams at 
you: 'No, these bricks are not sky blue!' 

The structure's exterior, its builders say, 
is composed of "tan fascia aggregate panels 
from a quarry in South Carolina which help 
it blend in with its natural surroundings. 
Nearby groves of trees..." Wrong, wrong, 
wrong. The building's exterior is totally 
inconsistent with the tasteful and partisan 
color-scheme of its cavernous innards. 

Inside, the seats are blue, as are the walls, 
the counters, a large portion of the playing 
surface, the ceiling and the carpets. Even 
the adjacent Maurice J. Koury Natatorium 
is utterly blue. 

Why then, some fans ask, can't the color 
of the building's exostructure be of the 
same shade of blue that decorates 
everything else even remotely connected 
with the revered tradition of Tar Heel 

round ball? 

Obviously, money was no object in 
making the statement 'yes, the Heels are a 
basketball force to be reckoned with.' 
Statements are expensive. In this case it 
took $38 million to construct a basketball 
shrine rivaling even the Sistine Chapel in its 
magnanimous edification of its object. This 
object happens to be the man who counsels 
young seven-foot-tall men on the art of 
stuffing an orange sphere through a thin 
metal toroid elevated 10 feet off the 
ground. This man, whose team wears sky 
blue, who himself favors blue suits and who 
lives under a blue sky, favors baby blue: the 
Dean E. Smith. 

"But wouldn't a seven-and-a-half acre 
building just one shade shy of Smurf blue 
appear to be just a little garish?" ask those 
who favor earth tones in their 
clothing — and in their basketball arenas. 

"You spent 38 million clams on a 
gymnasium, and you're worried about 
appearances," answer the blue boosters. 

But it would be rash to tear down the 
walls to right this small question of color. 
Those who favor blue bricks are content to 
wait until the tawny bricks need replacing. 

After all, they hold rights to their seats into 
the next millennium and need only to instill 
blue values in their children (who are due to 
inherit the seats) and to urge them to go 
forth and replace brown bricks with blue. 
The blue crew can afford to wait. And they 
are content with what they already have — a 
veritable Valhalla of round ball. 

The blue and brown brick-favoring 
Dome builders are a collection of Tar Heel 
alumni. They're known as the Educational 
Foundation, or more accurately as the 
Rams Clubbers (not because they club 
sheep, but because that's what the club is 
called). These Rams Clubbers graduated 
from UNC back in the days before the boys 
that Silent Sam now remembers were lost in 
what later came to be known as the War 
Between the States. 

Since their graduation, these men and 
women have acquired a great passion for 
basketball and a great deal of money. 
Hence when one of their ranks, the late 
great Hargrave "Skipper" Bowles, had a 
dream about watching his ball from a 
comfortable courtside seat much like his 
La-Z-Boy at home — instead of sitting on a 
wooden bench in a gym with a bunch of 

242 Dean £. Smrth Center 

loud obnoxious students — others soon 
came to share this dream. 

The donations poured in, especially after 
an inventive marketing strategy was 
developed. For a donation of $250,000 or 
more, one could ensure one's continued 
rights to purchase season tickets and to 
watch basketball from a comfortable seat 
for eternity, with the reserved right to pass 
on that privilege when one died. An 
additional sum would guarantee parking 
space for a similar period. Oh, some 
student tennis courts would have to be 
bulldozed, but all in the pursuit of allowing 
a few to watch a sport rather than allowing 
many to get all sweaty and smelly playing 

Students would be content with the 3,000 
seats furnished to them by the Rams Club in 
a fit of noblesse oblige. 

In a flash the Rams had collected the $38 
million. In August 1982, they rushed out 
and immediately started buying bulk 
quantities of anything Carolina blue. They 
blasted out 20,000 tons of decidedly unblue 
rocks and earth for the 300,000 square foot 
sites; bought nearly $500,000 of blue 
speakers and microphones to tell fans what 
they were seeing; got four blue scoreboards 
and two message boards, which flash 
messages like "Let's Go Heels" and other 

catchy slogans in four different colors 
(including blue); and bought more than 
20,000 blue seats including the blue 
courtside La-Z-Boys with high backs and 
arm rests. And, it's rumored, these plush 
seats even contain pulsating electric "magic 
fingers" to rouse even the most lifeless 
octogeneric fan when the action gets hot 
and heavy. 

The playing floor itself is a "Spring- Aire" 
system set on hundreds of tiny shock 
absorbers, which allows the floor to "give" 
one-eighth inch whenever several players 
create pressure in the same area. 

The roof, not blue — yet — is a 15,000 
square foot affair with a small teflon coated 
fiberglass white dome at the top to let the 
light shine in from the Carolina blue sky 
overhead. Underneath the roof are a 
collection of blue banners, rivaling the 
United Nations' collection in quantity (not 
color) to commemorate the success of the 
Heels in a number of crusades against less 
proficient teams unguided by the mighty- 
Dean with his 579-171 record. 

And that's just the playing area. It doesn't 
even begin to describe the inner catacombs 
housing the pool, locker rooms, offices and 
a "Donor's Room" complete with its own 
basketball museum. The locker room is a 
classic affair done in a tasteful blue color 

throughout, with one exception: the toilets 
are white. In deference to the players' 
extraordinary size, the sinks, mirrors, 
showerheads, hand/hair dryers and the 
aforementioned bowls are elevated to 
superhuman heights. 

Open since a Jan. 18, 1986 game against 
the dark blue team of Duke, the Dean 
Dome (as it has come to be called, not 
because of Dean's hair, which is bountiful, 
but because of its roof, which is white and 
dome-like) has become a multi-activity 
venue. But its main function will onlv be the 
edification of North Carolina's chief cagers, 
their fans and the man who made them 
number one. 

Basketball Valhalla, the Dean Dome, the 
SAC (one word — so called by those still too 
naive to concede that its not the Student 
anything anymore), the S.A.C., the Place, 
the house that Dean built, the proper Dean 
E. Smith Activities Center or, improper, 
Dean's SAC — no matter what you call it, it 
still is not blue. But, with a little luck and 
with a lot of blue bricks, the building could 
become a hulking blue monument to the 
man, whose partisans believed that 
accolades alone were not enough. 

Jo Fleischer is assistant University editor 
o/ The Daily Tar Heel. 

Dean E. SmnHt Center 243 

244 Organizaiio 




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and Honoraries 

Organizations 245 


Recognized Organizations 


Alliance of Black Graduate and Professional Students 

Alliance of Minoritv Business Students 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Sigma 

Alpha Delta Pi 

.Alpha Epsiion Delta 

-Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

Alpha Phi Alpha 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Tau Omega 

American Indian Law Students .Association 

Amnesty International USA Group 8-1 

Anthropology Student Sodct] 

Ami- Discrimination Coalition 

Arnold Air Societv 

Association of International Students 

Association of Nursing Students 

Association of Political Science Students 

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Campus Bible Study 

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Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies 

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Graduate and Professional Student Federation 

Graduate Student Action Body 

Great Commission Students of Carolina 

Great Decisions '87 

High Kicking Heeb 

Hillel Student Organization at CN'C-CH 

Holderness Moot Court 

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Internationalist Books 

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Korean Students Society 

Lab Theatre 

[jbrarv Science Students' Association 

Lutheran Campus Ministry 

M jr. in, nil. i Campus Ministries 

MBA Student Association 

Minority and International Student Caucus 

Moravian Student Fellowship 

N.C. journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation 


Newman Catholic Student Center 

Nihongo o Hanasu Kai 

North Carolina Law Review Association 

North Carolina Student Legislature 

Oktnawau Shorinryu Karate Club 

Order of the Bell Tower 

Order of the Grail-Valkvnes 

Order of ihe Old Well 

Panhetlenic Council 

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Rape Action Project 

Rape and Assault Prevention Escort 

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Saint Anthony Hall 

Second Careers in Law 

Semper Ftdelis Society 

Senior Class of 1987 

Sigma Chi 

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Silver Wings Flight 

Sociedad Hispanica i aroiini --.i 

Society ol Hellenas 

Sodct) Of Janus 

Student Bar Association 

Student Bodv of the School of Pharmacy 

Student Branches of American and N.C. Pharmaceutical Associations 

Student Congress 

Student Consumer Action Union 

Student Educational Broadcasting, Inc. 

Student Legal Services 

Student National Medical Association 

Student National Pharmaceutical Association 

Student Part-time Employment Service 

Student Television for UNC-CH 

Students Teaching Early Prevention 

Students for America 

Students for Cobey 

Tau Epsiion Phi 

The Daily Tar Heel 

The Japan Club 

The Phoenix 

Theta Chi 

Toronto Exchange 

L'NC-CH Anti-Apartheid Support Group 

UNC-CH Baha'i Club 

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UNC-CH Black Writers' Group 

UNC-CH Campus V 

UNC-CH Christian Dental Society 

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I N< -CH Student Chapter Affiliate of APICS 

UNC-CH Student Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild 

UNC-CH Student Government— Executive Branch 

I NC-CH Student Occupational Therapy Association 

UNC-CH Students for David Price 

UNC-CH Students for Healthy Living 

UNC-CH Water Polo 

I NC-CH Women's Basketball Club 

UNC-CH Women's Crew Team 

UNC-CH Women's Lacrosse Club 

UNC-CH Women s Volleyball Club 


Undergraduate Art Association 

Undergraduate Historj Association 

Undergraduate Sociology Club 

I mted Christen Fellowship 

Whitehead Medical Society 


I in 1 

Yacketv Yack 

Yin-Yang Tae Kwon Do Academy 

Young Democrats of UNC-CH 

Zeta Phi Beta 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Organizations 1A1 



L' 18 Fraternities and Sororities 




Fraternities and Sororities 249 




250 Fraternities and Sororities 


Bid Night 

Fraternities and Sororities 251 



2 i- Fraternities and Sororities 



Sigma Nu 

Sponsors Campus and Community Activities 

Sigma Nu Members 

in order of initiation 

Martin Borden 

Todd Ballanger 

Kent Moore 

Karl Bitter 

Trey Carter 

Christopher Peeler 

Davis Bradshaw 

Jay Dees 

Tommy Porter 

Putt Browning 

Jeffery English 

Grey Sarvis 

Skipper Hines 

Charles Furr 

Ned Schenck 

Barrett Kitch 

Keith Norris 

Robert Smith 

Tony Pemble 

Keith Payne 

William Stratton 

Edward Toth 

Ha! Rollins 

Jeffrey Wells 

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Todd McKee 

Scott Scott 

Steven Case 

Marc Croggon 

David Smith 

Sean Gibbons 

Harris Gilbert 

Brady Wells 

Colin Gillespie 

Matthew Mikula 

John Parham 

Michael Goldman 

Gregory Zeeman 

Richard Moore 

Andrew Hunter 

254 Sigma Nu 

j r 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Renovated Its House 

Alpha Tau Omega Members 

Tommy Bagwell 
Bo Barfield 
Vann Blakenship 
John Bittner 
Ford Bowers 
Harry Burgess 
Russell Cauble 
John Campbell 
Tony Ciamillo 
Rob Dellinger 
Steve Fennell 
Sam Franklin 
Tyson Gischel 
Geoff Grisham 
Guy Guarino 
Scott Had en 
Boyd Harden 
Bo Harrison 
Mike Hartley 
Kurt Hausler 
Bill Heeden 
Dave Hollan 

George Howard 
Nelson Hughes 
Dave Huntington 
Dupont Kirven 
Bill Outcaster 
Al Mason 
John McAllister 
Ripley Rand 
John Robbins 
Doug Scott 
Steve Shaw 
Sean Spainhour 
Steen Spove 
Mark Sternal 
Scott Sternberg 
James Taylor 
Kerry Thompson 
Chris Tobin 
Michael Webber 
Al Whitley 
Chris Wilkinson 
Ronnie Wiilard 


Virginia Military Institute, 

Va„ 1865 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Virtue, Truth and Love 


Renovated its house for 



President Guy Guarino, 

Vice President James 

Taylor, Secretary Dupont 

Kirven, Treasurer Tommy 


Total Members: 


Total Pledges: 


Alpha Tau Omega 255 

Delta Tau Delt 


Recolonized in 1384 

Delta Tau Delta Members 

Phil Amnions 

Doug Mecklenburg 

Tom Brock 

Tim Mehringer 

Mike Bunting 

Doug Messina 

Jon Clark 

Chris Porter 

Rich Crawford 

Chris Read 

Billy Daniels 

Scott Russsell 

Alan Diamond 

Quinton Smith 

George Fisher 

Kirt Storch 

Mike Groch 

Scott Taylor 

John Guy 

Chris Walker 

Chris Hawkins 

Randy Wheeler 

James Hill 

Mike Wing 

Gary Klein 

Dave Wyatt 

Keith McAfee 

Mike Zimmerman 


Bethany College, Va., 1858 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 

April 12, 1921 


To strive for positive 

involvement in growth of the 

community and selves through 

competitive spirit and original 

ideas by diverse brotherhood 


Recolonized in 1 984 after 

suspension by Interfraternity 


Total Members: 


Total Pledges: 



President Mike Groch, 

Vice President Dave Wyatt, 

Secretary Alan Diamond, 

Treasurer James Hill 

256 Delia Tau Delta 


Kappa Psi 

Pharmaceutical Fraternity 



Russell Military Academy, 


UNC Chpt. Founded: 

May 1, 1915 


To promote the profession 

of pharmacy 


Hypertension and 

osteoporosis clinics, 

Ronald McDonald Houses 



Psi Members 

Joseph Abdalla 

Bill Koonce 

David Agner 

Sterling Koonce 

Brvan Baines 

Steve Koontz 

Glenn Bass 

Ken Krause 

Chris Bond 

Henrietta Lee 

Clavton Brooks 

Mvra Lindsav 

Mark Brooks 

Katie Mavo 

Gene Brown 

Brent Miller 

Matt Cartrette 

Jonathan Miller 

Phil Cates 

Greg Morris 

Jerry Clavton 

Andy Myers 

Jeff Collins 

Merrit O'Brien 

Karen DeBruhl 

Julie Pinson 

Lisa Edwards 

Joev Pippin 

John Evans 

Scott Plvler 

Todd Ferguson 

Mike Raper 

Eric Fralev 

Jonathan Reece 

Gene Glaze 

Allen Rogers 

Mark Glover 

Pam Sarver 

Mark Greenwell 

Raju Shah 

Beth Hamilton 

Sherrie Snyder 

Paul Heath 

Teddy Tedder 

Anthony Jarman 

Jimmy Vecchiolla 

David ke\s 

John Watson 

Butch King 

Melissa Williams 

Mary Knight 

Randy Winslow 

Kappa Psi 257 


Pi Kappa Phi 

Supports N.C. Burn Center 


Pi Kappa 

Phi Members 

Rod Andrew 

Patrick Long 

Alan Atwcll 

Jay Mahoney 

Scott Bain 

Eric McDonald 

Andy Ball 

Randy McFayden 

Patrick Ballantine 

Jeff Michael 

Arthur Barbee 

Scott Miller 

Jim Belk 

Pete Moore 

Mark Bessette 

Rick Moore 

Johnny Biggers 

Ransom Murphy 

Sam Bright 

Hunter Norman 

Daryl Brown 

Mike Nowakowski 

Craig Burris 

Tim Ogburn 

Lee Burris 

Dave Parker 

Chip Butler 

Mike Petty 

Chris Coker 

Brandon Pope 


Rusty Crafton 

Chris Poulos 

Walter Craven 

Paul Quinn 

Bennett Deane 

Jack Redhead 

Tim Donoghue 

Chris Regeis 

Joh Eason 

Dan Reiman 

Sean Fincher 

Lance Rhew 

John Flora 

Jim Riedy 

Chip Fontaine 

Len Rowe 

Scott Fuller 

John Sanzone 

Mike Garrett 

Tim Shank 

Scott Gerlach 

Jeff Sluder 

Steve Goodson 

Van Smith 

Eric Goodwin 

Jim Sorge 

John Hairr 

Shane Stadler 

Brian Hawn 

Steve Stout 

Todd Hierman 

Sam Sugg 

Ed Howie 

Jeff Sura! 

Ken Johnson 

Jim Townsend 

John Kimberling 

Chuck Tutterow 

Scott Leazer 

Craig Ward 

David Lewis 

Richard Weeks 

Todd Lewis 

Lee Wheeler 

Tommy Lloyd 

Scott Willard 

Chris Logan 

Chris Worden 


National College, S.C., 1904 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Nothing will tear us under 


N.C. Burn Center, Big Buddy 



House burned in 1975, 

annual party since 1976 with 

profits for the Burn Center 


Presidents Jeff Michael and 

Steve Stout, Vice Presidents 

Johnny Biggers and Patrick 

Ballantine, Secretaries 

Brandon Poke and Steve 

Stout, Treasurers Alan Atwell 

and Vann Smith 

258 Pi Kappa Phi 



Phi Gamma Delta 

First Organized Fraternity 


Washington and 

Jefferson College, 


UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Central Orphanage, 



First organized 

fraternity, annual Fiji 

Island party since 

the 1940s 


President Hunter 

Bost, Secretaries 

Brian Carver 

and Anc Newman 

Historian Bart Arthur 

Phi Gamma Delta Members 

Jeff Adams 
Bart Arthur 
Glenn Barber 
Hunter Bost 
Charles Carriere 
Steve Covington 
John Combs 
Brian Graver 
Dene Dawson 
David Divine 
Brad Dozier 
Rob Edwards 
Brandon Fentress 

Paul Foreman 
Raiford Garrabrandt 
Brannon Gilliam 
Paisley Gordon 
Alfred Griffin 
David Gwyn 
Jay Harris 
Adam Hill 
Joe Hogan 
Phillip Hornthal 
Battle Koonce 
Jeff Lebo 

David Lewis 
Fielding Lowe 
Will Mayo 
Edwin Miller 
James Myers 
Anc Newman 
Ethan Ontjes 
Trip Park 
Bryan Pennington 
Scott Pryzwansky 
David Ray 
Chris Roof 

Rick Russell 
Sam Simpson 
Bill Smith 
Durk Steed 
Chip Taylor 
Adam Team 
John Tillery 
Dee Warner 
David Weaver 
Alex Winters 
Frank Wood 
Robert Wooten 

Phi Gamma Delta 259 



Beta Theta Pi 

Continues Tradition of Social Fraternity 

Beta Theta Pi Members 

Will Allen 

David Lewis 

Kent Alphin 

Matt Lotspeich 

Neil Anderson 

Sam MacRae 

Bill Beery 

David Martin 

David B rough ton 

John Mason 

Billy Brown 

Rob McCain 

Paul Browne 

Philip Miller 

Brad Conger 

Steve O'Malley 

Oscar Cranz 

David Parr 

George Dowdy 

H. Penton 

Ragan Dudley 

Bryan Pitney 

Jimmy Earnhardt 

Brooke Pitts 

Tom Eckerman 

Walker Poole 

Banks Edwards 

Andy Pulliam 

Randy Gill 

Ed Raine 

David Greene 

Rod Rose 

Alex Hagan 

Aubrey Roth rock 

Wes Hall 

Tim Roven 

Nat Hayes 

Tod Schroeder 

LeGrande Hayes 

George Scott 

Brian Hendrix 

Pete Sherman 

Mike Herrin 

Hugh Shields 

Don Higley 

Scott Shower man 

Boh Hobson 

Billy Smith 

David HuHstetler 

Scott Stepakoff 

Greg Humphreys 

Eddie Stewart 

Ian Hunter 

Berry Stubbs 

Austin Jones 

David Taylor 

Ben Kahn 

Ryan Temple 

Koley Keel 

Josh Troy 

Lon Keith 

Scott Tyler 

Rob Kenney 

Tony Ursano 

Jim Kitchen 

Jeff Vermillion 

Jack Knight 

John Whitford 

Brad Lail 

Jack Wiser 

T. Lander 

Clay Young 

Carwile LeRoy 


Miami University, Fla., 1839 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



To continue tradition of 

the social fraternity 


Underprivileged children at 



House was built in 1929 and 

will be renovated during 1987 


President Sam MacRae, 

Vice President Scott Taylor, 


Treasurers Banks Edwards 

and Bob Hobson, 

House Managers Matt Hayes 

and Austin Jones 

260 Beta Theta Pi 

' i 

Chi Phi 

Blowout Not Held After 12 Years 

Chi Phi Members 

David Adams 

Chris Hodge 

Chimp Alarig 

Jeff Hoffman 

Gus Allen 

Laine Kenan 

Andy Alspaugh 

Rob Kinsey 

Brad Baker 

Frank Leak 

Wes Bernhardt 

Spencer Lilly 

Jeff Bradley 

Finlay Long 

Doug Bray 

Demon Lyons 

Brian Burchfield 

Thud Mangier 

Bruce Burchfield 

Frank Marshall 

Paul Burroughs 

Toot McDonald 

James Cole 

Pete Messner 

Dan Deuterman 

Dixon Mitchell 

Steve Dorer 

Rob Roney 

E.B. Early 

Jon Sargeant 

Rick Foster 

Jack Shoemaker 

Flvin Freeland 

Joe Shugart 

Todd Freeland 

Mush Sowers 

Chris Gosney 

Tucker Stevens 

Jay Gump 

Steve Tepper 

James Hampton 

J eft Trana 

Scott Hanvev 

Soup Valentine 

John Haystack 

Bebo Weisner 

Hash Heckman 

Rick Whittaker 

Nob Hobby 

UNC Chpt. 


Hobart University 


Total Members: 

Blowout party not held after 
12 years, pledge formal and 
beach weekend combined 
President Spencer Lilly, 
Vice President Roy McDonald, 
Secretary Joe Shugart, 
Treasurer Todd Freeland, 
Sergeant at Arms Rob Roney 

Total Pledges: 


Chi Pfu 261 

Sigma Chi 

Sponsors Derby Days 

Sigma Chi Members 

Skeen Ad cock 

Mike Killian 

Alex Barnctt 

Jeff Knight 

Steve Bayliss 

M. Scott Knox 

Tommy Beaty 

J. Scott Knox 

Ken Benson 

Jeff Krenk 

Tim Berrigan 

Todd Linquist 

Woody Bibb 

Winston Lloyd 

Rodney Brooks 

Bruce Loth 

Joe Cambria 

Bobby Merritt 

John Carr 

Brett Myers 

Rick Carroll 

Kirk Nobles 

Jeff Christian 

Rence Oliphant 

Doug Clark 

Chuck Osborne 

Tommy Cole 

Greg Potts 

Tracey Cole 

Eric Prior 

Keith Cooke 

Danny Rosin 

Michaux Crocker 

Brent Robertson 

|ohn Cummings , 

Todd A. Robinson 

Steve Dairy m pic 

Todd P. Robinson 

Alan Dodson 

Pete Roethling 

Mark Doggett 

Jeff Royal 

Derek Ezzeil 

John Ruocchio 

John Cooper 

John Saitta 

Trey Flault 

Dave Sawin 

Ronald Foresta 

Todd Silliman 

Tom Fro man 

Vinny Simone 

Whit Goodrich 

Kevin Smith 

Mark Gunter 

John Stemper 

Zachary Hamm 

Jeff Stenzel 

Dave Hansen 

Damion Taylor 

Will Harrill 

Max Tilson 

Allen Hewett 

John T re vat hart 

James Holshouser 

Craig Tierney 

Andy House 

Steve Vaughn 

David Huggins 

Jay Wardlaw 

Greg Jarvis 

Morgan Wells 


Miami, Ohio, 1855 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Derby Days, a preschool in Raleigh for 

which Sigma Chi raised $8,000 over two 



President Todd Robinson, Vice President 

Ken Benson, Secretary Michaux Crocker, 

Treasurer Zack Hamm 

Total Members: 


262 Sigma Chi 

i r- 


Z e t a P s i 

Chapter Founded in 1858 


UNC Chpt. Founded: 


New York, 1847 


President Duncan Morton, 

Vice President Joe 

Jenkins, Secretary 

S. Lineberger, Treasurer 

Mike Stainback, Sergeant 

at Arms John Ruddy 

Zeta Psi Members 

Tripp Anderson 

Carter Lee 

Jim Shuford 

Mike Bateman 

David Liggett 

Byron Smith 

Bill Blount 

Sullivan Lineberger 

Martin Sprock 

Tilden Collier 

Britt Mercer 

Mike Stainback 

Chris Donohue 

Duncan Morton 

Nick Street 

Hugh Donohue 

Peck Morton 

Billy Thomas 

Marshal! Dunlap 

Paul Parker 

Chris Thompson 

John Gibbs 

Leigh Pell 

Cam Walker 

Jim Hill 

Ashton Poole 

Dunlop White 

Cash Hilnier 

Kenan Poole 

John White 

Drew Howell 

George Ragsdale 

Jay Wotring 

Allen Ives 

Marshall Rand 

Murray Williams 

Joe Jenkins 

John Ruddy 

Joel Williams 

David Lacy 

Gray Schell 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Rechartered in September 1J86 

Lambda Chi 

Alpha Members 

Nick Bagshawe 

Allen Home 

Chris Bcnsen 

Jeff Jenkins 

Scott Bilbro 

Robert Jessup 

Scott Boatwright 

David Johnson 

William Bolton 

Dayton Kayler 

Craig Bomberger 

Brent Lambert 

Lee Brogden 

Robert Larkin 

Foster Brown 

Scott Larsen 

John Burton 

David Lewis 

Tim Cable 

Gordon Martin 

Mark Chamberlain 

Charles Moore 

Eric Chilton 

Mark Morris 

John Cloninger 

Jay Osborne 

Gary Cram 

Mark Peters 

Walter Denning 

Dan Raynor 

Brock Dickinson 

Lacy Reeder 

Monty Dixon 

Jamal Reimer 

Tim Edmisten 

Scott Riddle 

Mike Farrell 

Alan Rights 

Ray Fields 

Pat Simpson 

James Freeman 

Daryl Smith 

Brian Gallagher 

John Smith 

Ed Garrabrant 

Will Smith 

Durral Gilbert 

Pete Sonkin 

Sterling Gilreath 

Todd Sparger 

Bill Greene 

Steve Tilley 

John Griset 

Dave Warlick 

Billy Hagwood 

Tommy Warlick 

Stan Hardesty 

Dave Wiggins 

John Hardy 

David Williams 

Dan Hester 

Brian Windham 

Steve Holmes 

Andy Witherspoon 



UNC Chpt. Founded: 

April 22, 1926, rechartered 

September 27, 1986 


Fraternity of honest friendship 


Interfaith Council, Red Cross, 

Camp New Hope 


Rechartered one year after 



President Dan Raynor, 

Vice President Scott 

Boatwright, Secretary Stan 

Hardesty, Treasurer Bill 


Greene, Rush Chairman 

Eric Chilton 

264 Lambda Chi Alpha 

Phi Delta Chi 

Sponsors March of Dimes, Walk America 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 

Michigan, 1883 



Each needs the help of the other 
March of Dimes, Walk America, 
Pharmacy Symposium 
President Trent Beach, Vice President 

Total Members: 

Kim Watson, Secretary Nan Tauscher, 

Treasurer Duane Davis 


Total Pledges: 


Phi Delta Chi Members 

Trent A. Beach 
David Cody 
Pamela Corrigan 
B. Duane Davis 
Chris Greene 
Lisa Harvey 
Leigh Jeffreys 
Jeff Jones 
Robbin Lee 
Robert Lee 
Roddy Michelove 
Brian Neptune 
Kimberlv Owens 
Dana Roten 
Luisa Spivev 
Nan Tauscher 
Kimberly Watson 
Stefani Wolff 


Phi Delta Chi 265 

Kappa Sigma 

Attends National Convention Semiannually 


University of Virginia, Va., 


UNC Chpt. Founded: 

June 3, 1893 


American Cancer Society, 

Lenox Baker Children's 

Hospital, Durham, 

Oxford Orphanage 


formal at Jekyll Island, 

Ga., voted top 10 chapter 

in nation a few years ago, 

attends national 

convention semiannually 

Kappa Sigma Members 

Matthew Ayotte 

Gary Kayye 

Tony Baddour 

Elmer Kennedy 

Tom Ballus 

Randy Kirby 

Matt Beam 

John McClanahan 

Tom Bennett 

Scott McGahey 

Josh Bobbitt 

Preston McKenzie 

David Brady 

Jon Michalec 

Ricky Brewer 

Steve Mohorn 

Malcolm Campbell 

Thorn Morris 

Rob Chase 

Tom Newby 

Pete Chepul 

Wes Parris 

David Clary 

Michael Patton 

Ross Coulter 

Chris Peace 

Phil Craig 

Donnie Peoples 

Bob Crawford 

Todd Perry 

Tom Crawford 

Lee Picklesimer 

David Dailey 

Stuart Powell 

Billy Dillon 

Rick Radford 

Dirk Edwards 

Scott Rankin 

Dave Ely 

John Rogers 

Brent Ericson 

John Schmitz 

Jay Foscue 

Chris Scott 

Mitch Fuller 

Tom Shaw 

Ray Gold 

Greg Simmons 

Kyle Grady 

Chuck Vollmer 

Rick Greene 

Jon Wallner 

Tim Hall 

Jeff Wilder 

Mark Harris 

Mel Williams 

Chip Hawke 

Keith Wood 

Stu Hawley 

Kelly Woodruff 

Sparky Heitman 

Lynn Woodruff 

Scott Hinkle 

Bob Wooten 

Choots Humphries 

Denny Worley 

Hal Hunnicut 

Kevin Yoo 

Andrew Jackson 

Greg Yuzuik 

Todd Jove 

Mike Zlotnicki 

Stu Kagel 

266 Kappa Sigma 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Sponsors ike 5 0-Year- Old Beat Dook Parade 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Greg Adzema 
James Babb 
Robert Babb 
Edward Bates 
Jerry Ben field 
Edwin Bland 
Charles Blanton 
Jared Blass 
Edward Boehm 
Kenneth Brockway 
David Burcham 
Daniel Ciprari 
Joseph Ciprari 
Jamie Clark 
Roger Cobb 
David Conner 
John Crymes 
Marshall Draughn 
John Elderkin 
William Elfiand 
Randall Farmer 
William Fine 
Stuart Friou 
William Fuller 
Robert Gore 
Jeffery Guillebeau 
James Hale 
Sean Hickey 
Danny Howat 
Thomas Jernigan 
Edward Johnson 
Charles Jones 
Jeffrey Kaufman 
Jeffrey Kirby 
Stuart Levinson 
Doyle Marler 
Paul McGarr 
Franklin McGuire 
Chapman McQueen 
Brent Milgram 
Christopher Miller 
Eric Oliver 
Myers Perry 
David Pokela 
Bradley Rice 
Thomas Rogers 
Robert Rose 
Michael Rosenbacher 
Norman Sharpless 
Charles Snellgrove 
David Spindle 
Henry Stevens 
Overton Suiter 
Steve Sytz 
Norwood Teague 
William Walker 
Steven Yurko 

Pi Kappa Alpha 267 

Chi Psi 

Continuously Active Since 192X 

Founded: Union 
UNC Chpt. Founded: 1855 

Chi Psi Members 

James Albright 

Kris Fetter 

Mike Mezei 

Richard Archie 

David Fountain 

Smithson Mills 

Scott Bailev 

Stephen Frucci 

Wade Mills 

Jon Baker 

Scott Garfinkel 

Clem Monroe 

Ryan Baiot 

Dan Goldstein 

Peter Morris 

Chuck Beasley 

Robert Gourley 

Walter Morris 

James Beeler 

James Greenhill 

Chris Mum ford 

Bill Bernard 

Todd Hart 

Brian Murray 

James Best 

Bryan Hassel 

Mark Pavao 

Peter Brooks 

Pat Havden 

Pat Plewman 

Chuck I). Brown 

Terence Healy 

Benjamin Popkin 

Chuck Chuck M. B 

own Reggie Henderson 

Vic Randolph 

Eddie Burgin 

David Hermer 

Ted Ridgway 

David Burns 

Kimo Higgins 

Chris Routh 

Greg Camp 

Robert H in ton 

Darren Royer 

Charles Cassell 

Alex Hodges 

Jon Rust 

Chris Chapman 

Alec Hudnut 

Scott Ruth 

Martin Clark 

Hector Ingram 

Tom Safford 

Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld David Joel 

David Samuels 

Stephen Comfort 

Eddie Jones 

Alan Singleton 

Louis Corrigan 

Ray Jones 

Devin Smith 

Claude Courbois 

Charles Kanos 

Jerome Smith 

Pip Courbois 

Jeremy Kelly 

Mike Soboeiro 

James Crutch field 

Robert Kennedy 

Andrew Taubman 

Dwight DeBrcc 

Bud Long 

Rob Vanderberry 

John Devine 

Bill Madden 

Kit Wellman 

Stephen Ducey 

Rick Maechling 

Clinton Wilburn 

John Edwards 

Wayne Maness 

Ian Williams 

Mike Egues 

Ned Martel 

Bill Yelverton 

Glenn Elter 

Scott Martin 

Alex Young 

Ali Farahnakian 

Drew McNally 

Jack Zehner 

James Fawcett 

268 Chi Psi 

v. ; ,"'; aihiw ^'W TJETr 


Delta Upsilon 

Sixth. Oldest Fraternity 

Delta Upsil 

on Members 

Rand Ayer 


Brian Bailev 

Brad Link 

Warren Bane 

Mike Littlejohn 

Mike Bellamy 

Bill Loeffler 

Drake Berryhill 

Ty Lowery 

James Bone 

Dennis Massengill 

Joe Bonnin 

Toby Moore 

Mark Brown 

John Morrissee 

Joseph Bryan 

David Mullinix 

Kyle Caddell 

Alex Monroe 

Dan Cahill 

Tracy McCorquodale 

Matt Campbell 

John McGee 

Mike Carter 

Jeff Neel 

Bruce Cohen 

Greg Pate 

Keith Collier 

John Patterson 

Neil Conti 

Rob Paynter 

Buddy Creef 

Rich Peccie 

Thomas Crockett 

Craig Pippert 

Grady Grumpier 

Kevin Prakke 

David Cunanan 

Mark Prakke 

Steve Day 

Randv Robinson 

Randy Diggs 

Coleman Ross 

Dennis Douds 

Pat Sarsfield 

Scott Edlein 

Will Shoemaker 

Phillip Edwards 

Gregg Sista 

Scott Garrison 

Matt Slotkin 

Dave Gavin 

Garrick Smith 

Brian Goode 

Will Sneden 

Jeff Graham 

Kepley Stonestreet 

Nathan Gray 

Mike Tandv 

David Gubin 

Jeff Taylor 

Ash Gurgis 

Mike Taylor 

Jim Hall 

Mike Tester 

Will Henderson 

Marc Turner 

Hugh Highsmith 

Don Vincent 

Ross Hobson 

Wes Watkins 

Mitch Johnston 

Brandon Wells 

Chris Jones 

John Williams 

Keith Jurney 

Woodv Winter 

Nick Kiousis 

Dave Wood 

Steve Klein 

Jim Zook 

Chris Krogh 

Andre Zwilling 

Rick Lane 

Gregg Zwilling 

Kenny Lawson 


Williams College, 1834 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Justice, our foundation 


American Red Cross, 

Oxford Orphanage 


Fall beach date party 

held for 1 9 years 


Sixth oldest fraternity, 

intramural champions 

six of last seven years 


President Mark Prakke, 

Vice President Will 


Delta Upsilon 269 

Delta Sigma Pi 

Business Fraternity 


N.Y. University 

School of 


Finance and 



UNC Chpt. Founded: 

May 25, 1925 


To foster the 

study of 

business in 

universities and 

to encourage 


social activity 

and student 



President Heidi 


Delta Sigma Pi Members 

Carolyn Anderson 

Suzanne Fulp 

Kim Munn 

Linda Arruda 

Mary Grant 

Mike Oakes 

Donna Base 

David Griffin 

Steve Page 

Barbara Baumann 

Anne Harboe 

Christa Pendry 

Scott Bengel 

Debora Harrington 

Patricia Porubsky 

Les Bethune 

Drew Haynie 

Christine Powers 

Linda Birkin 

David Helms 

Jennifer Quinn 

Bobby Blakley 

Ginna Hermosisima 

Nicole Rowland 

Jennifer Boles 

Robbie Honeycutt 

Brian Rourke 

Karen Boyer 

Sharon Hong 

Susan Ruppe 

Kim Boyette 

Lorie Hoppers 

Mary Shelton 

Renee Briley 

Paul Isle 

Jeff Sims 

Karen Brown 

Tammy Jackson 

Doug Spencer 

Patricia Bryant 

Scott Jones 

Sunday Spinn 

Debbie Butensky 

Richard Kannan 

Steen Spove 

Christy Carter 

Debbie Kaplan 

Tom Stab 

Estella Christie 

Jane Kellam 

Mark Stancil 

Julie Coffey 

Mini Khanna 

Alice Stetson 

Chris Cooley 

Lee Kiser 

Ken Sutton 

Linda Cooper 

Anne Lacy 

Sarah Temple 

Lee Danford 

Phil Lanning 

Richard Tooke 

Pam Danford 

John Lee 

Lisa VonHagen 

Pamela Dent 

Harper Liles 

Brent Waddell 

Mike Desmond 

Lynn Linthicum 

Michaela Waldrop 

Mark Doggett 

Scott Martin 

Mary Waller 

Jill Edwards 

Stephanie McCotter 

Pam Ward 

Julie Edwards 

Russ McElroy 

Mark Warmuth 

Donna Eidson 

Susan McKay 

Jeff West 

Bob Ellis 

Mandy McNamara 

Angela Williams 

Lynne Evans 

Roy McRea 

Heather Williams 

Vickie Ferris 

Mona Moon 

Heidi Zehnal 

David Fisher 

Laura Morgan 

Athena Zourzoukis 

Steve Fishe 

Sheree Morton 

270 Delia Sigma Pi 



Phi Delta Theta 

Sponsors Department of Pediatrics 

Phi Delta Theta Members 

Bill Abernathy 
Chuck Alexander 
Page Allen 
Baines Authur 
Waightetill Avery 
Bill Bainbridge 
Mark Brooks 
Allen Clayton 
Lee Edwards 
Chris Elliot 
Jay Faison 
David Ferguson 
Samuel Froelich 
Jim Galloway 
Corey Gavitt 
Michael Giblin 
Raymond Gibson 
John Gilbert 
Harvey Grasty 
Ethan Hadley 
Sandy Hardison 
Kevin Haus 
Geoff Henson 
Russ Hollers 
Tommy Hunter 
Wesley Johnson 
Lunsford King 

Chuck Lotz 
Jeff Lowe 
John Lowe 
J.L. Lowe 
Ben Lucas 
Hunter McShan 
Robert Mitchener 
Ben Mosley 
Carter Newbold 
Craig O'Caliaghan 
Richard Pace 
Whit Page 
Jimmy Patrick 
Jack Patteson 
John Pope 
Chris Pugh 
Joe Roddey 
Will Rogers 
Chris Smith 
Gib Smith 
Jim Spencer 
Joe Stanley 
John Staton 
Thiele Todd 
Brent Walker 
David Ward 
Adams Whithers 
David Woronoff 



University of Miami, Ohio, 1848 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Department of Pediatrics 


President David Ward, Vice 

President Jack Patteson, 

Secretary Carter Newbold, 

Treasurer Chuck Lotz 

Phi Delta Theta 271 

St. Anthony Hall 

Literary Fraternity 

St. Anthony Hall 

Brian Bannigan 
Russ Barberio 
Greg Black well 
Ellen Braswell 
D.J. Cervino 
Lauran Custer 
Anna Davenport 
Robin Dial 
John Ensslin 
Lynn Evans 
Jen Fahey 
Genevieve Halkett 
Mark Harrison 
Stuart Irby 
Tom Jenkins 
Ken Kasriel 
Quince Marcum 
Tom Maxwell 
Allyson Metzger 
Ann Marie Noakes 
Noelle Ocon 
Kellan Peck 
Todd Plummer 
Brian Rainey 
Mark Slotnick 
Jim Spainhour 
Teddie Spence 
Jennifer Stanley 
Charlie Teravainen 
Jamie Tyson 
Sheila West 
Laura Wilson 


Columbia University, N.Y., 


UNC Chpt. Founded: 

1854, rechartered 1926 


Poetry readings, Swing 

Out party for alumni 


Alumni include Charles 

Kuralt and Jeff MacNelly 


President Greg Blackwell, 

Secretary Brian Bannigan, 

Treasurer Chuck 

Teravainen, Sergeant at 

Arms Stuart Irby 

Total Members: 


272 St Antony Halt 


r o r 1 1 1 e s 

Delta Phi Epsilon 

Sponsors Annual Balloon Ascension for Cystic Fibrosis Since 1373 

Delta Phi Epsilon Members 

Cynthia Childs 
Suzanne Collins 
Lisa Davidson 
Heather Frey 
Claudia Gresham 
Lindsay Hayes 
Beth Kraczon 
Keilah Kuzminski 
Nancy Linder 
Beth Meekins 
Erika Milnor 
Stephanie Nuckles 
Teresa Ooley 
Amy Quesenberrv 
Robin Sehexnayder 
Alicia Sisk 
Sara Stone 
Laura Swanson 
Kim Thigpen 
Ann Trollinger 
Anne Westall 
Debbie Zolner 

Delia Pki Epsilon 273 


Founded: Wesleyan Female College, Ga., 1851 
UNC Chpt. Founded: November 1 1 , 1 939 
Credo: We live for each other 
Sponsors: National Philanthropy, Ronald 
McDonald House 
History: Oldest secret society for women in world 
Officers: President Beth Beaver, Vice Presidents 
Kelly Thorburn and Michelle Hockman, 
Treasurer Jean Smith 
Total Members: 92 
Total Pledges: 52 

274 Alpha Delia Pi 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Oldest Secret Society for College Women 

Alpha Delta Pi Members 

Angela Allred 

Tracy Dickinson 

Jenny Hensel 

Claire Mickler 

V irginia Smith 

Sally Atkisson 

Lisa Doughten 

Lisa Hettler 

Laurie Milholen 

Lynn Sorrels 

Kim Badders 

Anna Dunstan 

Ashley Hinton 

Julie Miller 

Laura Sturn 

Holly Baker 

Elisa Edwards 

Michelle Hockman 

Mollie Modlin 

Elizabeth Sullivan 

Beverlv Barnhil! 

Paige El rod 

Carol Hooks 

Carol Moodv 

Elizabeth Swaim 

Beth Beaver 

Barbara Evans 

Sarah Hoskins 

Dana Mossman 

Camilla Taft 

Ruth Bennett 

Carole Ferguson 

Pam Howard 

Pam Murphy 

Adair Tamplin 

Kathy Boone 

Lisa Ferguson 

Paige Ingram 

Lee Ann Necessary 

Mary Thomason 

Anissa Boyer 

Ashley Ferrell 

Elizabeth Jones 

Jill Nunnerv 

Kellv Thorburn 

Micah Brawley 

Katherine Fleer 

Katie Jump 

Eve O'Neil 

Kellon Tippett 

Alice Bumgarner 

Carla Fox 

Catherine Kirkpatrick 

Cathy Paparazo 

Emily Traywick 

Dana Bunker 

Laura Ford 

Martha Koonce 

India Parris 

Karen Tucker 

Susan Burke 

Amy Fulton 

Rainey Langley 

Boo Patterson 

Lisa Upchurch 

Joanne Carlson 

Cathy Furr 

Leigh Lanier 

Michele Philbrick 

Havlee Waddey 

Nancy Cashion 

Kelly Gallagher 

Tracev Leber 

Angie Powell 

Cornelia Wallace 

Sarah Cheney 

Suzanne Coins 

Elizabeth Levergood 

Donna Rigley 

Hayes Warren 

Andrea Collias 

Betsy Goldman 

Missy Lingenfelter 

Jane E. Roper 

Mendv Wartman 

Katie Cooley 

Lynnette Griesmer 

Harriet Litde 

Kristina Rundquist 

Beth Weeks 

Karen Cottingham 

Patty Griggs 

Beth Long 

Lori Rusher 

Jill West 

Cindy Courson 

Julie Groves 

Richelle Lowery 

Chris Schultz 

Copie Wheless 

Sarah Covington 

Linda Hagaseth 

Kirsten Lue 

Diane Scober 

Sheri Whitacre 

Mar)' Ann Coward 

Cindy Hagood 

Elizabeth Malcom 

Laurenn Sharp 

Laura Whidev 

Suzanne Craft 

Kim Hall 

Tania Malik 

Laura Singer 

Alicia Wilfong 

Marsie Cranford 

Paige Hansen 

April Maness 

Amy Sloop 

Michelle Wilson 

Missy Cranford 

Robin Harper 

Marv Martin 

Suzanne Smiley 

Rebecca Wilson 

Stephanie Crovell 

Lisa Hawgood 

Donna McGee 

Janet Smith 

Christine Winchester 

Anne-Lvnne Davis 

Leisa Hawley 

Trish McKane 

Jean Smith 

Sami Winter 

Eve Davis 

Wendy Heavner 

Jill Merkin 

Raine Smith 

Susan Wood 

Dawn Derby 

Alpha Delia Pi 275 

Pi Beta Phi 

First Secret Women's Society Modeled After Greek Fraternities 


Monmouth College, III., 1867 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



National philanthropy, Fine Arts 

Festival, Bike Across America 


Bloodmobile, Cancer Society smoke 

Smoke Out, Derby Week 


First secret women's society modeled 

after Greek fraternities 

Pi Beta Phi Members 

Mamie Abbott 
Mary Adanison 
Coleman Allen 
Fiz Anderson 
Chase Avery 
Spencer Barnes 
Julia-Carr Bayler 
Sarah Beth Bennett 
Barbara Bissell 
Martha Blackwelder 
Anslcy Bosi 
Catherine Bowen 
Katie Boyer 
Molly Brooks 
Maria Browne 
West ray Bunn 
Christy Carson 
Andrea Carter 
Sallie Carter 
Kate Connor 
Alicia Corbin 
Claire Corter 

Sebrell CoupJand 
Landis Cox 
Laura Crabtree 
Cynthia Crews 
Wanda N. Culbrelh 
Kimberly Culler 
Patti Gulp 
Ashley Davis 
Catherine Davis 
Laurie Dhue 
Natalie Dick 
Gwen Dixon 
Elisabeth Donnovin 
Cackie Dowd 
Heather Duncan 
Jean Eriksson 
Gigi Evans 
Tenley Farrell 
Mary Kendall Fergu 
Caroline Finklea 
Tracy Folck 

Paige Ford 
Nici Fraley 
Deedee Frasche 
Nicole Frei 
Donna Gamble 
Caroline Garden 
Susan Gardner 
Carol Geer 
Nicki Girmes 
Lisa Goddard 
Connie Godwin 
Babette Goldstein 
Gena Graham 
Seldon Gray 
Ginger Hamby 
Nancy Hanes 
Jennifer Harley 
Susan Harris 
son Mary Hahn Hendon 
Vicki Herbert 
Anslev Herring 

Sarah Houghton 
Mary Howe 
Eleanor Huffmes 
Laurie Hynes 
Berkley Ingram 
Kerry James 
Janet Jarman 
Caroline Johnson 
Margaret Jonas 
Alystyre Julian 
Mary Pat Karme! 
Leigh Kempson 
Francis King 
Susan Klompmaker 
Susan Larimer 
Kirsten Lellcr 
Susan Long 
Linda Louder mi Ik 
Beth Anne Lovekin 
Dabney Mann 
Susan Martin 

Michelle Mason 
Kellie McElhaney 
Sally McEhoy 
Amy Meadows 
Catherine Merriman 
Alice Michaux 
Meredith Miller 
Claire Mitchell 
Laura Morris 
Leta Morris 
Douglass Mottley 
Lauren O'Connor 
Debbie Oates 
Caroline Okun 
Tracy Orcutt 
Margaret Park 
Louise Patrick 
Anne Patteson 
Fanny Peel 
Merrie Mac Pell 
Farsh Percy 

Debbie Plettner 
Kim Potter 
Frances Robicseck 
Laurie Rodgers 
Grace Roth rock 
Nina Ruberti 
Caroline Rumsey 
Amy Sawyer 
Theresa Slechta 
Elizabeth Sloan 
Ann Stephenson 
Paula Storeh 
Susan Suratt 
Harriel Tauber 
Carolyn Taylor 
De Thomes 
Lucy Thompson 
Patty Thompson 
( larolyn Thornton 
Kathleen Thornton 
Jessie Tomlinson 

Kari Torjussen 
Lee Tremlett 
Ellen Turner 
Mary Turner 
Tonya Turner 
Karen Underwood 
Martha Van Winkle 
Bowen Vanderberry 
Raymur Walton 
Ashley Watters 
Mary Weiss 
Megan Wetherill 
Mary Beth White 
Milary While 
Cassie Whiteside 
Brady Whitley 
Laura Wilier 
Leslie Williams 
Mary Beth Wooten 
Marly Worthy 
Mary Hannah Wyman 

276 Pi Beta Pki 

Delta Sigma Theta 

First Black Sorority on Campus 

Delta Sigma Theta Members 

Tanya Bryant 
Felecia Carter 
Brettia Egerton 
Virginia Hardy 
Tammy Hunter 
Lauren Jovner 
Christe! Lee 
Angelia Moore 
Helen Pierce 
Chrystal Redding 
Keisha Richardson 
Michelle Smith 
Annetta Stokes 
Amanda Thompson 
Debbie Thompson 
Granette Trent 
Evelma White 
Kwanna Williamson 


Howard University, Washington, D.C., 


UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Intelligence is the torch of wisdom 


Annual Sweetheart Ball since 1975, 

Founder's Week activities, peer 

counseling project, reception with 

two other sororities 


First black sorority on campus, over 

200,000 members including chapters 

in Haiti and Virgin Islands, alumni 

include Rhodes Scholar Robyn M. 

Hadley, pledges are called the 

pyramid circle 


President Evelma S. White, Vice 

Presidents Virginia D. Hardy and 

Helen E. Pierce, Secretary Tammy 

D. Hunter, Treasurer Chrystal W. 


Total Members: 


Total Pledges: 


Delia Sigma Theta 277 

Delta Delta Delta Members 

Martha Abercrombie 

Kilby Dixon 

Ashley Hoskins 

Kristen Morris 

Sarah Staedke 

Susan Abrahamson 

Torie Donovan 

Beth Howard 

Regan Murray 

Mary Scott Strain 

Mary Charles Avinger 

Karen Draughon 

Margaret Huckabee 

Rebecca Nesbit 

Becky Stratton 

Meg Baillo 

Chrissy Duffy 

Hillary Humphrey 

Angie Nix 

Tyler Stuart 

Ellen Bakken 

Ashley Early 

Susan Ibraham 

Lisa Ogburn 

Rosaiyn Tanner 

Elyse Balderacchi 

Charlotte Eaves 

Mary Campbell Jenkins 

Sarah Parrot 

Marsha Tart 

Missy Barker 

Elizabeth Edwards 

Caroline Johnson 

Reid Patton 

Kristen Terry 

Elizabeth Bass 

Jennifer Edwards 

Jane Ivey Johnson 

Laura Peay 

Christy Thomas 

Tara Benton 

Lauren Elder 

Kelly Jorgenson 

Marcie Perrin 

Hannah Thompson 

Larissa Biggers 

Michelle Elder 

Caroline Kearns 

Mary Pleasant 

Annie Towe 

Jill Blevins 

Margaret Ellington 

Jennifer Keller 

Emily Pleasants 

Mary Claire Turner 

Emily Blount 

Louise Evans 

Susan Kemm 

Betsy Plumlee 

Nicole Turner 

Kelly Bowles 

Savannah Farlowe 

Heyden Kennedy 

Susan Powell 

Josie Ward 

Keith Brettman 

Christy Ford 

Julie Kennedy 

Anne Ragsdale 

Laurie Watel 

Jan Brown 

Karen Gansman 

Jenny Kline 

Louise Rambo 

Ashley Watson 

Kate Brown 

Eleanor Garrou 

Sallie Krawcheck 

Anne Raper 

Katherine Watson 

Elizabeth Campbell 

Jane Gibson 

Lee Lattimer 

Tisha Reed 

Marty Welch 

Cameron Capei 

Carolin Girmes 

Betty Bobbitt Lee 

Robin Richards 

Stacy Wells 

Kate Carlson 

Ginny Glascock 

Beverly Lester 

Sarah Robbins 

Kristen Whelpley 

Latta Chapman 

Marty Glascock 

Anne Little 

Harriet Robinson 

Carmen Whicker 

Caroline Charbonnet 

Claire Glidden 

Barbara Little 

Bristol Rouse 

Rhetta Whiley 

Virginia Cherry 

Sally Graham 

Elizabeth Looney 

Elizabeth Rouse 

Martha White 

Tweed Cline 

Lilly Hardison 

Ginger Mattocks 

Holly Ruff 

Mary White 

Katherine Cockrell 

Sally Hargrave 

Kelly Mattocks 

Tamara Rurrie 

Caroline Wight 

Martha Collins 

Sandy Harrell 

Mallory May 

Alston Russell 

Nancy Williams 

Kerry Cooke 

Charlotte Harris 

Jane McCall 

Barbara Russell 

Courtney Wood 

Mary Ruth Cooke 

Bibby Harriss 

Lucy McClellan 

Jane Sandridge 

Lisa Wood 

Elizabeth Cooper 

Marty Hattaway 

Kelly McCorkle 

Sophie Sartain 

Virginia York 

Catherine Coxe 

Beth Herring 

Amy McFarland 

Ginna Scenck 

Betsy You nee 

Kendall Crosswelt 

Elizabeth Hightower 

Eileen McLaughlin 

Carolyn Shields 

Lynne Younce 

Lou Cunningham 

Sheldon Hollowell 

Elizabeth McMillion 

Camille Simpson 

Julie Yount 

Lorraine Davis 

Anne Hoopes 

Tracy Mihas 

Mary Katherine Smith 

CoCo Dawson 

Camilla Hornsby 

Laura Moore 

Sallie Smith 

278 Delta Delia Delia 

Delta Delta Delta 

Second in Scholarship Among Sororities 


Boston University, 

Mass., 1888 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



Children's Cancer 

Society, women's 



Derby Week, Pansy 

Breakfast, Parents 

Weekend, Faculty Tea, 

Pledge Formal 


Second in scholarship 

among sororities 


President Karen 

Gansman, Vice 

President Chrissy Duffy, 

Secretary Betty Bobbitt 

Lee, Chaplain Sophie 


Delta Delta Delta 279 



UNC Chpt. Founded: 





Longwood College, Va. 

February 11, 1979 

Association for Retarded Citizens 

Bloodmobile, dance-a-thon for ARC, 

Parents Weekend 

Won first place in homecoming float 

contest, designated a crown chapter by 

national sorority 

President Carolyn Hof, Vice Presidents 

Karen Aman and Beth Gwynn, Treasurer 

Jennifer Jones 

280 Zeia Tau Alpha 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Designated a Crown Chapter by National Sorority 

Zeta Tau Alpha Members 

Karen Aman 

Donna Davenport 

Jay Hovle 

Beth Nieman 

Anna Sheddon 

Lara Amparan 

Kim Duncan 

Liz Jenkins 

Danielle Nieman 

Barbara Shehan 

Sonva Andrew- 

Ellen Earnest 

Carol Johnson 

Jean Newman 

Sherry Sinclair 

Ashley Arthur 

Natalie Edmund 

Taryn Johnson 

Anne Nicholson 

Angie Smith 

Kim Baker 

Caren England 

Jennifer Jones 

Elizabeth Noble 

Cheryl Smith 

Terah Bain 

Pam Estes 

Karin Kebe 

Florence Norris 

Lisa Smith 

Melissa Bass 

Tracy Fish 

Andi Keenan 

Catherine Norton 

Christie Snowdon 

Elizabeth Bell 

Jennifer Fite 

Mindi Kindv 

Corin Ortlam 

Carole Southern 

Jennifer Boatright 

Angel Fontana 

Dana Kiser 

Kim Osmon 

Tondra Strickland 

Barbara Booe 

Jane Gabrielson 

Liz Lane 

Sherri Outlaw 

Nancy Taylor 

Bonnie Bordsen 

Kristen Gardner 

Donna Leinwand 

Marv Parsons 

Cyndv Thomasson 

Caroline Bozzo 

Julie Garner 

Melinda Long 

Lvnn Phillips 

Robyn Thompson 

Lisa Brads her 

Missv Gerock 

Beth MacFadven 

AmiLisa Poindexter 

Sherrill Todd 

Angela Bray 

Allison Goff 

Kristi Mason 

Tracy Pollen 

Susan Trammel! 

Chris Brinkman 

Lalla Gribble 

Alicia May 

Wendy Rager 

Paula Vallas 

Mary Catherine Bunn 

Beth Gwynn 

Christine Mayo 

Corey Reed 

Nancv Watson 

Karen Casey 

Tracv Hamrick 

Cathy McClure 

Mindelle Rosenberg 

Farrell Webster 

Denise Chouinard 

Stephanie Harmon 

Faye Mendelsohn 

Catherine Rowland 

Anna Wells 

Kelly Clarke 

Andi Havworth 

Lisa Milbv 

Meg Sallev 

Janet West 

Teresa Collins 

Christie Hill 

Brenda Moretz 

Leigh Sample 

Carol Williams 

Caroline Cory 

Sharon Hodges 

Chris Morgan 

Allison Sapp 

Sara Wolf 

Cassi Crall 

Carol vn Hof 

Laura Morrison 

Marcia Schwartz 

Michelle Wulfhorst 

Ali Davis 

Deborah Howard 

Caroline Moser 

Paige Sharpe 

Robvn Zesch 

Wendy Davis 

Nancy Howard 

Lisa Neal 

Zefa Tau, Alpha 281 

Kappa Delta 

Sponsors Essay Contesi Since 13X4 



Longwood College, Va., 1897 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 

May 12, 1951 


Friendship, involvement, 

enthusiasm and individuality 


Children's Hospital, National 

Chapter for Prevention of Child 



Essay contest, Shamrock Project 


President Louise Anderson, 

Vice President Ceci Poole 

Kappa Delta Members 

Louise Anderson 
Maryann Arends 
Holly Austin 
Elizabeth Baker 
Elizabeth Baldridge 
Sara Barber 
Martha Beers 
Christine Blasey 
Elizabeth Boulton 
Elizabeth Boxley 
Anna Brake 
Melissa Brandt 
Kristen Brown 
Erin Brown field 
Lee Bryant 
Amy Buxton 
Lucia Calvert 
Phaedra Canata 
Elizabeth Carlisle 
Carolyn Church 
Martha Church 
Charlotte Clark 
Dustin Cone 

Juliane Conley 
Shannon DeLappe 
Jane DeVeau 
Lisa Dodson 
Eileen Dordek 
Deon Droze 
Gade Edwards 
Lara Edwards 
Brooke Ferguson 
Ann Finley 
Shelia Fishel 
Sadie Fowle 
Deborah Fox 
Dena Frith 
Amy Funderburk 
Kate Gamble 
Marti George 
Leigh Glenn 
Mary Godwin 
Regina Gontram 
Veronica Gontram 
Chandler Grant 
Katherine Grantham 

Deborah Greene 
Mary Grigg 
Lorraine Gupton 
Hannah Haigh 
Kristen Haines 
Amy Hall 
Barbara Hall 
Mary Hall 
Martha Harless 
Susan Hearn 
Susan Heath 
Kristen Heid 
Kathleen Hickey 
Pamela Highsmith 
Kelly Hogan 
Sonya Holder 
Elizabeth Holt 
Mary Hooper 
Elizabeth Huffstetler 
Mary Hungarland 
Margaret Hutton 
Leigh Jenkins 
Amy Jennings 

Wendy Johnson 
Julie Johnston 
Amy Jones 
Honor Jones 
Margaret Jones 
Lorrie Justus 
Stacy Kaplan 
Kimberly Kirby 
Ina Kretzschmar 
Kathryn Lambeth 

Judith Latham 
Harriette Leggett 
Laura Lehman 
Kathryn Lewallen 
Melissa Lewis 
Laura Madison 
Maureen Mahaney 

Jean Mamo 

Tracy Mann 

Sarah Marsh 

Elizabeth Martin 

Lisa Martin 

Shannon Mauldin 
Misty McCall 
A. McConnachie 
Margaret McKinnon 
Virginia Mewborne 
Melissa Miller 
Tracy MofTett 
Melayne Morgan 
Lisa Muckenfuss 
Tracy Nelson 
Anne Norwood 
Rue Ormand 
Alice Parker 
Lisa Parli 
Sharon Payne 
Laura Pease 
Candace Peele 
Christie Perkins 
Michelle Pettibone 
Anna Phillips 
Elizabeth Phillips 
Frances Phillips 

Victoria Plyler 
Mary Poisson 
Carolyn Poole 
Mary Pruette 
Laura Pulliam 
Julie Purdy 
Elizabeth Reed 
Suzanne Reeves 
Margaret Resch 
Margaret Robinson 
Allison Rosen 
Kristen Rosenkampff 
Clarissa Rowe 
Frances Russ 
Dawn Schiller 
Ashley Shaffner 
Melissa Shaffner 
Jill Sir kin 
Laura Smith 
Sallie Sprague 
Shana Stephens 
Allison Sugg 

Nancy Swann 
Denise Tanner 
Margaret Tanner 
Mary Taylor 
Anne Tennant 
Melanie Thomas 
Laura Thompson 
Nina Tobin 
Cheryl Troutman 
Mary Turner 
Sara Turner 
Crystal Tyson 
Barbara Waida 
Crystal Walker 
Whitney Warren 
Wendy Wegner 
Susan White 
Elizabeth Wicker 
Robin Willett 
Sally Williams 
Susan Winters 
Nora Witcher 

282 Kappa Delia 

— ~ 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

First Women's Creek Letter Organization 

Kappa Alpha 

Theta Members 

Janet Adler 

Erin Leahy 

Sarah Alani 

Kari Levine 

Caroline Allnuit 

Mary Lewis 

Andrea Antonelli 

Elizabeth Little 

Lauren August 

Susanne Loyd 

Beth Bakeman 

Marv Lynn 

Colette Ballou 

Jennifer Mathews 

Jennifer Barton 

Lisa Maunev 

Blair Beaumont 

Kimberlev McCartv 

Debbie Belle 

Laura McClain 

Page Bentzel 

Karen McManis 

Shellie Berlin 

Christie McQueen 

Anne Black 

Chris Mencini 

Jo Boobas 

Mary Mercer 

Heidi Bowden 

Christina Moffitt 

Margaret Brice 

Lorraine Moore 

Nancy Buckley 

Laura Morris 

Lisa Callen 

Sheree Morton 

Patricia Castellanos 

Jody Noe 

Michelle Cauble 

Kathleen O'Dell 

Susan Christian 

Carol Osborne 

Anne Clemmer 

Donna O'Suliivan 

Annie Crowder 

Allyson Page 

Liane Crowe 

Mary Palmer 

Tricia Daughertv 

Katv Parsons 

Mindv Denny 

Kellv Payne 

Chaudron Dillard 

Ann Pearce 

Teresa DeStefano 

Kathrvn Peters 

Stephanie Draper 

Pauline Phelan 

Jane Drenkhahn 

Candace Poats 

Trad Edwards 

Sandra Potter 

Jennifer English 

Angela PraLher 

Carey Fitzmaurice 

Maria Ramsey 

Marci Friedman 

Leighann Ratcliff 

Ellen Frve 

Susan Reinecke 

Susan Frve 

Beth Rhea 

Jean Gallagher 

Virginia Richards 

Cheryl Gates 

Cindy Rockaway 

Ginger Gay 

Amy Rosenberg 

Meg Germany 

Michelle Rvan 

Ashlynn Greene 

Paige Saleebv 

Julie Gunter 

Anne Sherow 

Valerie Gunther 

Detra Sigmon 

Natalie Hamrick 

Karen Sims 

Shea Henson 

Jave Sitton 

Donna High 

Amy Jo Slater 

Alison Hirsch 

Margaret Smart 

Beth Howard 

Betsy Smith 

Chiaki Ito 

Teresa Snow 

Beth Jessee 

Jana Sowers 

Jennifer Johnson 

Sherri Sowers 

Kristen Johnson 

Pam Starkev 

Stacey Jonasz 

Shelby Stroud 

Leslie Jones 

Laura Ware 

Mandy Jove 

Anne Watson 

Stacv Juliano 

Bunnv Watson 

Tracv Karpinos 

Mary Wells 

Susan Kebschull 

Gretchen White 

Shawn Keller 

Claudia Whitlow 

Millyn Kellev 

Judv Wilson 

Robin Kimmelman 

Wendv Wilson 

Lisa Ladd 

Emily Wright 

Kim Langdon 

Melissa Wright 

Kappa Alpha Theta 283 

Founded: DePauw University, Ind., 1885 
UNC Chpt. Founded: January 22, 1 977 

Credo: Together let us seek the heights 
Sponsors: Easter Seals, Cystic Fibrosis, MacDowell 

Colony, Alpha Chi Omega Foundation 
Activities: Bloodmobile, stocking stuffing for 

hospital children, first annual Frisbee 
Golf Fling 
History: Founded as a music fraternity 
Officers: President Marinn Wyke, Vice Presidents 
Velvet Hall, Jodi Ross and Betsy Weathers, 
Treasurer LuAnn Turner 

284 Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Founded as a Music Fraternity 

Alpha Chi Omega Members 

Lisa Albright 
Karen Alexander 
Bonner Anthony 
Melissa Asbill 
Laurie Austin 
Carolyn Back 
Bonnie Bacnik 
Allison Baker 
Millie Barkley 
Amy Barnes 
Jennifer Bobbitt 
Beth Brisbane 
Ginger Brown 
Holly Bryan 
Gretchen Bryant 
Joanna Burnette 
Lauren Burnham 
Laura Byrd 
Laura Carroll 
Marty Caye 
Stephanie Chesson 
Pam Chilton 
Kim Clark 

Nancy Clayton 
Lisa Connolly 
Elizabeth Cornwell 
Catherine Crowell 
Susan Curtis 
Suzanne DeSoye 
Beth Denny 
Katey Durham 
Michele Eager 
Julie Earp 
Paige Estep 
Kimball Evans 
Marcy Farel 
Sara Faucette 
Tess Fernandez 
Kim Ford 
Les Forde 
Carla Fox 
Kathy Fredericks 
Jenna Garden 
Meg Garrison 
Nancy Green 
Beth Guin 

Beth Hackney 
Mary Hairr 
Velvet Hall 
Mary Hamilton 
Shelly Hamilton 
Maria Haren 
Graham Harris 
Ann Harrison 
Meg Hays 
Mary Henderson 
Erin Hendrix 
Jackie Herold 
Kim Holbrook 
Norma Holshouser 
Carol Hudson 
LuAnn Hyatt 
Jennifer Ihnot 
Paige Jackson 
Kathy Jepson 
Beth Johnson 
Morgan Johnson 
Leigh Jones 
Stephanie Jones 

Kathie Keever 
Kathy King 
Kim Kitchen 
Elizabeth Lamm 
Lori Lloyd 
Catherine Long 
Mitra LotFi 
Shannon Mason 
Michele McCaskill 
Fonda McMahon 
Beth Merrill 
DeAnnah Miller 
Kelly Miller 
Ann Modlin 
Ashley Morris 
Caroline Moore 
Elizabeth Moore 
Ann Murray 
Becky Mustard 
Beth Newsom 
Stacy Osborn 
Caroline Payne 
Melanie Peel 

Merry Penegar 
Ginger Penegar 
Melissa Perrell 
Layne Poole 
Virginia Ramsey 
Elizabeth Reitz 
Sandy Rierson 
Liza Riggio 
Lisa Riley 
Wendy Rochester 
Jody Ross 
Stephanie Sams 
Kim Saylor 
Karen Schickedantz 
Christy Seay 
Amy Shaw 
Cathy Shubkin 
Janene Sutphin 
LeeAnn Sides 
Dee Smith 
Willa Stancill 
Jeanne Stroud 
Julie Stublen 

Cindy Suits 
Josie Summey 
Lynne Surratt 
Ashlee Tate 
Alisa Thomas 
Jodi Thrana 
Amy Tierney 
Natalie Tindol 
Betty Tolar 
LuAnn Turner 
Joy VanBlerkom 
Gina Wallace 
Janet Ward 
Alice Waters 
Betsy Weathers 
Lynn Weller 
Laurie Weltin 
Alexis White 
Caroline Wilkerson 
Lisa Williamson 
Sheila Wilson 
Marinn Wyke 
Lara Young 

Aipka Chi Omega 285 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Sponsors Play Therapy for Hospitalized Children 


Sigma Sigma Sigma Members 

Kim Abernathy 
Tammy Baker 
Mary Lynn Buie 
Lynn Craig 
Corinne Edwards 
Juana Hopkins 
Lesley Jones 
Mary Ann McCracken 
Jill McFarland 
Diane Miller 
Cathy O'Brien 
Beih Ownley 
t Crystal Patterson 
Wendy Patterson 
Cheri Pepper 
Laura Roberts 
Mary Rutherford 
Bridget Wallace 


Farmville, Va., 1898 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 



To serve children 


Hospitalized children at N.C. Memorial 

Hospital, Children's Medical Center 

in Texas 


President Mary Ann McCracken, 

Vice President Wendy Patterson, 

Secretary Lesley Jones, Treasurer 

Cheri Pepper, Education Beth Ownley 

Total Members: 


Total Pledges: 


286 Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Chi Omega 

First Sorority Instituted on Campus 


UNC Chpt. Founded: 



University of Arkansas, 1 895 
February 1923 

Orange County Women's Center 
Donations to the OCWC 


First sorority instituted 

Total Members: 

on campus 

President Britt Asher, Vice 

President Sara Smith, Secretary 

Holly Everton 


Chi Omega Members 

Amy Albright 
Meg Adams 
Melissa Allen 
Amy Anderson 
Sister Andrews 
Ruth Arnall 
Britt Asher 
Rainev Astin 
Karen Atkinson 
Margaret Augur 
Susan Ay res 
Leigh Barnhill 
Molly Barnes 
Andrea Bath 
Lisa Beatty 
Aimee Belue 
Marie Blair 
Anne Blake 
Sloane Bovkin 
Polly Brooks 
Rebecca Brown 

Meg Brown 
Amy Camp 
Amy Campbell 
Anne Campbell 
Kim Carraway 
Marjorie Carson 
Katherine Chambfee 
Lacy Churchill 
Margaret Claiborne 
Kendrick Cleveland 
Ginny Coley 
Kathy Collins 
Jennifer Crane 
Martha Culp 
Trish Dernpsey 
Anne DeRossett 
Ellen DeRossett 
Angela Dewar 
Betsy Diedrick 
Suzanne Dix 
Mary Doolan 

Jennifer Doyle 
Stephanie Dozier 
Nancy Dubose 
Beth Duerson 
Beverly Dupree 
Farleigh Earhart 
Gigi Edwards 
Leigh Elliot 
Mary Enderle 
Kristi Erikson 
Porter Esk ridge 
Jesma Evans 
Holly Everton 
Karen Farnsworth 
Mary Ferguson 
Katherine Fisher 
Kellv Fitch 
Louise Folger 
Kelly Gallagher 
Mary Galloway 

Cristy Gibson 
Julia Greer 
Peggy Hardister 
Wesley Harrell 
Suzanne Hines 
Carmen Holding 
Carson Holding 
Katherine Hortenstine 
Sam Howard 
Sue Howard 
Ava Hyatt 
Sally Hyde 
Jennifer Jackson 
Phyllis Jackson 
Cassie Jacobs 
Molly Jahnke 
Elizabeth James 
Celeste Johnson 
Amanda Johnson 
Mary Johnson 

Tina Johnson 
Kathy Keel 
Julia Ann Kelly 
Liza Keenan 
Amy Kittner 
Page Kizer 
Beth Knauff 
Diana Landers 
Martha Lassiter 
Sidney Lassiter 
Lori Little 
Ellie Lunde 
Sally Maddison 
Margaret Martin 
Louise Massey 
Faye Mazo 
Meg McCullen 
Tammy McNierney 
Michelle Mendel 
Katherine Miller 

Harriet Mitchener 
Christina Monroe 
Stacy Montford 
Sloane Moretz 
Caroline Morris 
Nicky Murdoch 
Katherine Noah 
Darby Payne 
Polly Pearce 
Penny Pelletier 
Robin Pinckert 
Kara Quadland 
Anne Raugh 
Blair Robinson 
Gina Rocky 
Lisa Schwabeland 
Betsy Scott 
Katherine Seale 
Lara Shelton 
Jennifer Smith 

Sara Smith 
Shelly Smith 
Sidney Smith 
Katherine Snow 
Karen Spencer 
Beth Steele 
Fredanel Story 
Elizabeth Thompson 
Kathy Thompson 
Martel Thompson 
Frances Turner 
Melissa Vervack 
Paige Walker 
Wooten Warner 
Catherine Watkins 
Allison Westmoreland 
Cricket Williams 
Whitney WilJingham 
Monica Witterholt 
Rheney York 

Chi Omega 287 



Monmouth College, III. 

UNC Chpt. Founded: 

November 8, 1958 


Rose McGull Fund 


Shrimp and Beer Party, Pumpkin Walk, 

Fall Picnic, Pig Pickin' 


President Amy Grissom, Vice Presidents 

Betsy Durland and Mary Kent Parker, 

Secretary Elizabeth Weaver, Treasurer 

Celeste Beasley 


288 Kappa Kappa Gamma 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Founded at Monmouth College with Pi Beta Phi 

Kappa Kappa Gamma Members 

Alicia Allison 

Martha Dagenhart 

Kristin Gruebmeyer 

Mary Long 

Julie Peters 

Andrea Szot 

Jessica Almy 

Anne Davidson 

Connie Harris 

Betsv Lowrance 

Betsv Pfiffner 

Tracy Taft 

Kathryn Ankers 

Carrie Deaner 

Anne Harvey 

Leslie Marlowe 

Catherine Phelps 

Elaine Taub 

Nancy Arne 

Kathy Dickinson 

Jennifer Hill 

Kristv McAlister 

Brinkley Prescott 

Missy Tinslev 

Michelle Barge r 

Kathy Dolocek 

Melinda Hill 

Heather McCausland 

Amy Pritchard 

Debbie Truax 

Celeste Beasley 

Molly Donahue 

Julianna Hofeld 

Hollv McCausland 

Suzanne Pugh 

Nika Tumpes 

Lennis Bennett 

Betsy Durland 

Catherine Hollers 

Lynn McMurry 

Carolvn Roff 

Anne Turner 

Robin Brody 

Beth Eckert 

Tracey Horowitz 

Beth Meacham 

Heidi Rummel 

Jodie Uzzell 

Robin Bryant 

Lisa Eller 

Holly Howard 

Jeannie Mitchell 

Kate Samsot 

Natalie Uzzell 

Cathy Bryson 

Jennifer Essen 

Polly Hunter 

Kim Moddasser 

Elaine Saravalli 

Lucy Vanderberry 

Bettie Burwell 

Laura Faltynski 

Dana Hurka 

Donna Monti 

Suzanne Savod 

Jamie Wall 

Kathryn Campbell 

Mary Faltynski 

Lauren Johnson 

Amy Moose 

Stone Shiflet 

Cindv Wallace 

Kiersten Carlson 

Michelle Featherstone 

Sharon Jordan 

MargEva Morris 

Linda Silvers 

Joy Walsh 

Angela Chiles 

Barbara Ferringa 

Natalie Kraft 

Yvette Moxin 

Cathy Smith 

Melanie Watson 

Grace Choung 

Jennifer Freeman 

Karen Lambert 

Sherri Murray 

Cynthia Smith 

Amy Watt 

Tina Claydon 

Betty Fuchs 

Lisa Lambert 

Tara Norman 

Jennifer Smith 

Suzanne Watts 

Joan Clifford 

Julie Gaca 

Michelle Lambert 

Cathy Olice 

Cinda Smyre 

Elizabeth Weaver 

Barbara Cowan 

Jill Gilbert 

Wooten Lee 

Sigrid Olson 

Margherita Soule 

Leslie Webb 

Jane Cox 

Heather Ginn 

Sara Levin 

Amy Paige 

Kellv Squires 

Cindi Weber 

Robin Craig 

Sarah Goolsby 

Allison Lippard 

Mary Parker 

Audrey Stemper 

Sarah Wible 

Elizabeth Cross 

Ginger Green 

Cindi Liston 

Paige Parker 

Alice Stetson 

Mary Ann Wicker 

Ellen Crow 

Heather GrifFin 

Ginger Lollv 

Elke Paulson 

Rachel Stroud 

Ginnv Wilson 

Katy Crunn 

Amy Grissom 

Gwen Long 

Debbie Perkins 

Fielding Sullivan 

Robin Zeller 

Kiran Cummings 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 289 



UNC Chpt. Founded: 




Wesleyan College, Ga., 1852 

May 3, 1964 

Project Health Oppotunities for 

Everyone, Children's Miracle Network 


Sigma Chi Derby Day winner for three 

straight years, co-sponsored P. McCarthy 

for homecoming court, hosted Phi Mu 

N.C. State Day 

President Patty McCarthy, Vice President 

Sarah McCracken, Secretary Susan 

Chabay, Treasurer Beth Harrelson, 

Rush Chair Julie Johnson, 

Pledge Director Susan Bullard, 

Panhellenic Council Delegate Katherine 

Bell, Standards Chair Jacqueline 

Vogeley, Social Chair Anne Everitt, 

House Manager Nicole Karagheuzoff 

290 Phi Mu 

Phi Mu 

Sigvna Cki Derby Day Winner Since 13#3 

Phi Mu Members 

Jane Ammons 

Kathv Davidson 

Maria Hondros 

Raquel Ardito-Barletta 

Allison Davis 

Donna Hubbard 

Billie Atkins 

Elise Deal 

Sarah Hughes 

Julie Austin 

Penny Delk 

Jennifer Hunter 

Pam Bannasch 

Susan Dellinger 

Hollv Johnson 

Jennifer Bass 

Wendv Diamond 

Wendy Johnson 

Ashley Batchelor 

Anne Doggett 

Jennifer Jones 

Ann Bernasek 

Zoe Dorton 

Larissa Jones 

Laura Bernhardt 

Frances Doughton 

Kav Kallam 

Shelly Bridges 

Kristin Duly 

Man- Kelly 

Charlotte Brown 

Lari Edgerton 

Sheila Kennedy 

Pam Bruce 

Laura Enloe 

Meg Kennett 

Roehelle Buchman 

Man' Fonville 

Dale Kinney 

Allison Bunklev 

Lisa Fox 

Lisa Lancaster 

Tristan Carter 

Nicole Furr 

Lisa Lee 

Carol vn Chilton 

Shawndell Cainous 

Trish Lee 

Chris Church 

Arm Gerdes 

Surekha Malkani 

Rosie Clark 

Kelly Hackett 

Kim Marlow 

Sandv Clarke 

Karen Halverson 

Laura Mathias 

Ginny Clay 

Amv Harrelson 

Susan Mav 

Inge Connolly 

Jackie Hendrix 

Maggie Mclnnis 

Lisa Corbin 

Liza Higgins 

Kathv McMahon 

Rainey Couniham 

Tracey Hockert 

Patti McMahon 

Becky Crook 

Karen Holbrook 

Missy McMillan 

Molly Daniel 

Becky Hollowell 

Heather McSwain 

Jill Nauman 
Karen Neal 
Molly OTuel 
Jules Padgett 
Janice Parker 
Beth Parks 
Renee Pearce 
Susan Pemble 
Laura Proctor 
Stacey Ramirez 
Kim Roberson 
Suzy Rodgers 
Leigh Rogers 
Candace Rowland 
Kelley Ruppert 
Kathy Salmon 
Mary Sampson 
Amy Sanderson 
Robin Scharf 
Kathryn Scott 
Hollv Seymour 
Ann Shinn 
Susan Shumate 
Crystal Sims 
Susan Smith 

Catherine Spearman 
Beth Spruill 
Christy Stephens 
Kelly Still 
Kathy Streiff 
Jill Stryker 
Dawn Summers 
Kim Swindell 
Mar)' Tart 
Dana Taylor 
Tiffany Taylor-Wed die 
Maggie Tomei 
Ashlev Tulloss 
Julie Ulmer 
Lynn Wachinski 
Julie Wall 
Janet Wardle 
Jill Wardle 
Kelley Wayco 
Daneen Whisenant 
Sheldon Wray 
Elisabeth Wright 
Jennifer Yekerton 
Jacqui Young 

PhiMu 291 



292 Service Organizations 



Order of the Bell Tower 

Student Arm of the Alumni Association 

Order of the Bell Tower Members 

Brian Bailey 

Cathy Harper 

Lisa Riley 

Allison Baker 

Beth Hungarland 

Carolyn Roff 

Bruce Bennett 

Michael Jackson 

Jon Rust 

Tonya Blackwell 

Greg Johnson 

Michelle Sain 

Kevin Bridges 

Stephanie Jones 

Courtney Sanders 

Heather Brown 

Fred Jones 

Pat Simpson 

Mark Brown 

Kim Kaufman 

Brian Smith 

Holly Bryan 

Tom Krebs 

Cinda Smyre 

Craig Bu Wciii 

Michael Kuo 

Tim Sparks 

Pablo Caceres 

Elizabeth Lamm 

Alice Stetson 

Nichelle Cherry 

Steve Lisk 

Michelle Straka 

Elizabeth Cross 

Jeff Luttrell 

Jeff Taylor 

Katy Crum 

Tamera Majors 

Amanda Thompson 

Jeff Dailey 

Laurie Martin 

Melissa Tinsley 

Dan Daley 

Gene Maynard 

Laurie Toreson 

Sarah Davis 

Patton McDowell 

Debbie Truax 

Susan Easter 

Ann Modlin 

Mary Turner 

Mike Ferone 

Rupal Naik 

David Venable 

James Freeman 

Jill Norris 

Eric Walker 

Dena Frith 

John Oxford 

Marv Ann Wicker 

Bill Fuller 

Amy Paige 

Mike Webb 

Jill Gilbert 

Mary Paradeses 

Karin West 

C-reg Griggs 

Melissa Perrell 

Allan Younger 

Lori Goldsmith 

Julie Peters 

Steve Zorn 

Tom Grasty 

Darrin Poole 




Alumni Association 


Hosts Chancellor Forham's 

pre-game brunch during football 

season, hosts spring press 

convention, aids high school 



Publishes a freshman record, 

sells exam survival kits 


President Fred Jones, Vice 

President Dan Daley, Secretary 

Cinda Smyre, Treasurer 

Susan Easter 


By application 

294 Order of ike bell Tower 


The Daily Tar Heel 

The University and Towns Oldest Newspaper 

Jim Zook, editor 

Randv Farmer, managing editor 

Ed Brackett, associate editor 

Dewey Messer, associate editor 

Tracy Hill, news editor 

Grant Parsons, university editor 

Linda Montanari, city editor 

Jill Gerber, state and national editor 

Scott Fowler, sports editor 

Kathy Peters, features editor 

Robert Keefe, business editor 

Elizabeth Ellen, arts editor 

Dan Charlson, photography editor 



The Daily Tar Heel Staff 

Founded: 1893, as a daily 

paper since 1929 
Services: Distributes over 135 
issues during 
academic year 
Circulation: 22,000 copies per 
Cost: Free 
History: Chapel Hill's oldest 
newspaper, oldest 
daily, only morning 
paper, alumni include 
Tom Wolfe, 
Tom Wicker, 
Roger Mudd 

Ruih Anderson 
William Austin 
Dorothy Batts 
Jeanna Baxter 
Michael Benfield 
Patricia Benson 
Mike Berardino 
Bonnie Bishop 
Ed Brackett 
Julie Braswell 
Jessica Brooks 
Marv Brown 
Stephanie Burrow 
Charlotte Cannon 
Eleni Chamis 
Chris Chapman 
Dan Charlson 
Stephanie Chesson 
Larry Childress 
Cindy Clark 
Jamie Cobb 
Adam Cohen 
Bill Cokas 
Creg Cook 
Paul Cory 
Jennifer Cox 
Sabrina Darlev 
Ruth Davis 
Tony Deifell 
Robbie Dellinger 
Kimberly Edens 
Michelle Efird 
Elizabeth Ellen 
Jennifer Essen 
Phyllis Fair 

Jeannie Faris 
Randy Farmer 
Carole Ferguson 
Jo Fleischer 
Scott Fowler 
Jennifer Frost 
Anne Fulcher 
Rita Galloway 
Jennifer Garden 
Jill Gerber 
Scott Greig 
Laura Grimmer 
Amy Hamilton 
Maria Haren 
Jennifer Harley 
Nancy Harrington 
Cammie Henry 
David Hester 
Tracy Hill 
Clay Hodges 
Greg Humphreys 
Beverly Imes 
Janet Jarman 
Suzanne Jeffries 
Susan Jensen 
Michael Jordan 
Sharon Kebschull 
Robert Keefe 
Lorna Khali! 
Sal lie Krawcheck 
Michael Kolb 
Teresa Kriegsman 
Laura Lance 
Eddy Landreth 

Alicia Lassiter 
Donna Leinwand 
Brian Long 
Lisa Lorentz 
Mitra Lofti 
Jean Lutes 
Mike Mackay 
Jeanie Mamo 
Alexandra Mann 
Laura Martin 
Kelli McElhaney 
Justin McGuire 
Chrissy Mennitt 
Beth Merrill 
Dewey Messer 
Rene Meyer 
Linda Montanari 
Toby Moore 
Dan Morrison 
Regan Murray 
Sherri Murray 
Kathy Nannev 
Felisa Neuringer 
Tammy Norris 
Rachel Orr 
Corin Ortlam 
Angela Ostwalt 
Trip Park 
Grant Parsons 
Fred Patterson 
Sally Pearsall 
Mary Pearse 
Angie Peele 
Kathy Peters 

Lynn Phillips 
Layne Poole 
Anne Raymer 
Beth Rhea 
Kelly Rhodes 
Elizabeth Rich 
Mindelle Rosenberg 
Liz Saylor 
Julie Settle 
Jill Shaw 
Rob Sherman 
Sheila Simmons 
Peggy Smith 
Marielle Stachura 
David Starnes 
Rachel Stiffler 
Julie Stovall 
Wendy Stringfellov 
James Surowiecki 
Kent Sutton 
Joy Thompson 
Pierre Tristam 
Elisa Turner 
Ashley Watters 
Nicki Weisensee 
Katie White 
Robert Wifderman 
Beth Williams 
Mollie Womble 
Bruce Wood 
Susan Wood 
Stacy Wynn 
Bob Young 
Jim Zook 

The Daily Tar Heel 295 


Marching;Tar Heels 


Majorette Squad Performs at Football Games and Parades 

Marching Tar Heels Majorette Squad Members 

Gretchen Bryant 
Karen Antic Geerken 
Cindy Haas 
Amy Perry 
Candace Poats 
Cheryl Smith 
Tracy Starling 
Kristen Whelpley 

Activities: Performs at football games of which 
the band performs, practices every 
night with the band and then alone 
for an additional three hours during 
football season, performs in parades 
Leader: Tracy Starling 
Membership: Spring tryouts 

296 Marching Tar Heels Majorette Squad 


Raised $211 ',000 in Pledges for Senior Class Gift 

Sponsors: Senior class gift, 
class newsletter 

Activities: Sponsored 1 st annual 
senior class formal, 
raised $217,000 
pledges for class 
gift, organized 
spring cruise to 
Bahamas, distributed 

Officers: President David 
Venable, Vice 
President Michele 
Killough, Secretary 
Jacqueline Jarvis, 
Treasurer Patrick 

Senior Class Officers and Marshals 

Sibbv Anderson 

William Jones 

Elizabeth Baldridge 

Thomas Kearney 

Margaret Barren 

Michele Killough 

Jeffrey Bengel 

Marlene Lair 

Patrick Broadway 

Cindv LJovd 

Megan Casey 

Thomas McDermott Jr. 

Angela Chiles 

Patricia McMahon 

Abigail Clayton 

Ann Novak 

Bruce Cohen 

Michael Oakes 

Juliane Conley 

Preeti Pate I 

Elizabeth Cross 

Pamela Piper 

Jane Drenkhahn 

Lisa Riley 

Susan Easter 

Anita Sawhne\ 

Donna Gooden 

Brian Smith 

Gregory Griggs 

Michelle Smith 

Andrew Gross 

Manelle Stachura 

Michael Gunzenhauset 

Marie Thompson 

Susan Harbin 

Kelly Trewartha 

Dana Hefter 

David Venable 

Peggy Hoyle 

David Williams 

Gregory Jarvis 

Julia Wise 

Jacqueline Jarvis 

Senior Class of 19#7 297 

Media Board 

Financial Governing Board for ike 
Carolina Quarterly, Cellar Door, Phoenix and Yackety Yack 

Media Board Members 

Rebecca Berman, business manager of the Phoenix 

Barry Bridges, business manager of the Yackety Yack 

Allison Bulsterbaum, business manager of the Carolina Quarterly 

James Fairer, editor of the Phoenix 

Paris Goodnight, two year term member 

Beth Haas, editor of the Cellar Door 

William Hatchett, treasurer 

Fifi Kashani-Sabet, business manager of the Cellar Door 

Guy Lucas, one year term member 

Jeanie Mamo, student body president appointee 

Liza Motsinger, editor of the Yackety Yack 

Neil Riemann, Student Congress appointee 

Emily Stockard, editor of the Carolina Quarterly 

Suzy Street, secretary 

Hannah Thompson, business manager of the Cellar Door 

John Williams, student body treasurer 

Zanna Worsham, chairperson 

\Aedia Board 





Founded: 1981 

Services: Distributes a newspaper 

containing investigative news 
Circulation: 5,000 per week 
Cost: Free 
Editors: Editor James Farrer, Associate 
Editor Guy Lucas, Business 
Manager Rebecca Berman, 
Photography Editors Ava Long 
and Steve Matteson 

Lance Anderson 
Tammy Athans 
Wilson Barnette 
Brad Beebe 

Guy Lucas 
Chris Lucht 
Steve Matteson 
Bert Matthews 

David Benge 
Rebecca Berman 

Molly McNeill 
John Millikin 

Suzanne Bolch 

Eugene Naughton 

Terrence Bray bo v 

Eric Nichols 

Jackie Carr 

Robert Corbett 

John Ouderkirk 
Marv Pelosi 

Jennifer Cox 

Diantha Pinner 

Mary Jo D'Arco 
Mickey Death 
Lisa Dickey 

Marion Presler 
Sonya Quarrels 
Mark Rhodes 

David Dixon 

Valerie Roback 

Kevin Dixon 
Clifton Dowell 

JoAnne Rocker 
Sean Rowe 

James Farrer 

Charlotte Runde 

Anita Fine 

Jon Rust 

Paris Goodnight 
Beth Haas 
Kathleen Henry 
Gretchen Hock 
Silvia Holschneider 

Courtney Sanders 
Priti Shah 
Scott Shelton 
Doug Smith 
Shawn Stover 

Alison Howard 
Beth Jolly 
Balram Kakkar 

Margaret Sullivan 
Kim Thigpen 
Sara Turner 

Gary Kay ye 
Eric Knislev 

Laura Van Sant 
Petra Wessels 

Chris Kridler 

Belinda Wilbourn 

Rose Lee 

Dawn Williams 

Ava Long 

Phoenix 299 


300 Carolina Athletic Association 

arolina Athletic Association 

Advocate on Athletic fssuies Since 1834 




Distributes game tickets, organizes 
homecoming, publicizes intramurals 
President Mark Pavao, Vice 

Presidents Megan Casey, Carol 
Geer, Suzanne Lowe, K. McManus, 

Total Members: 

Suzy Street and Denny Worley 

Carolina Athletic Association 


Pam Avers 

Suzanne Lowe 

Lennis Berrett 

Julie Manus 

Betsy Borland 

Bart Martin 

Craig Brown 

Allyson Mathis 

Celeste Bruce 

Kennv McManus 

Bill Brvson 

Robbie Morrison 

Laurie Burbank 

Yvette Moxin 

Megan Casey 

Krissy Murphv 

Suzanne Craft 

Mark Pavao 

Susie DeVille 

Dannv Radcliff 

Randy Diggs 

Scott Riddle 

Cathv Gardner 

Megan Rhvne 

Carol Geer 

Suzv Street 

Jeff Graham 

Michael Tester 

Sonja Henderson 

Gina Williams 

Becton James 

Stephanie Williams 

Morgan Johnson 

Wesley Wilson 

Lisa Lancaster 

Denny Worley 

Kennv Lawson 

Bill Velverton 

Ryke Longest 

Carolina Athletic Association 30 1 

Entrepreneur's Club 

Founded in Spring 13$& 

Club Members 

Audie Cashion 
Jennifer Doyle 
David Robie 
Jim Kitchen 
Dewey Hammond 
Walter Harris 
Tim Marion 
Meredith Hutchinson 
Reggie Holley 
Gary Leonard 
Jill Whitley 
Jess Washburn 
Jordan Washburn 

302 Entrepreneur s Club 




To bring professors, 

businessmen and 

students on common 



Brainstorm sessions, 

April 11, 1987 

conference at Kenan 



Pres. Audie Cashion 



Cellar Door 

Literary Magazine 

Cellar Door Staff 

Lance Ashdown 

Heather Harriss 

Julia Bayler 

Lori Hodge 

Julie Beale 

Carson Holding 

Suzanne Bolch 

Fifi Kashani-Sabet 

Brad Bostian 

Kevin Knight 

Tweed Cline 

Ned Marte! 

Louis Corrigan 

Brian McCuskev 

Dereck Paschke 

Allen Singleton 

Anna Davenport 

Sallie Smith 

Jean Dobbs 

Mary Spear 

Kara Donaldson 

Bill Spruill 

Bryan Donnell 

David Starnes 

Avram Eisen 

Tracy Taft 

Beth Haas 

Laura Walker 

Jennifer Hanft 

Ravmur Walton 

Michelle Harrington 

Katie White 

Founded: 1 973 

Activities: Presents Jesse Rheder Award for best 
poetry and prose printed in either fall or 
spring magazine, spring reading 
History: Replaced first literary magazine 
The Carolina Reader 
Circulation: 500 copies per edition of the 48-paged 
magazine published biannually 
Editors: Editor Beth Haas, Prose Editor 

Louis Corrigan, Poetry Editor Suzanne 
Bolch, Graphics Editor Jennifer Hill, 
Business Manager Fifi Kashani-Sabet 

Cellar Door 303 





Performs 50 times per year including 

fall and spring concerts 

Female counterpart is the Loreleis, 

first time Clef Hangers and Loreleis 

performed together was in 1987 in 

"Harmony on the Hill" 

President Jeff Sluder, Secretary 

David Venable, Treasurer Berry Stubbs, 

Tour Manager Doug Schmidt, Music 

Director Mitch Fuller, Publicity 

Directors Todd Carter and Mike Nicholson, 

Concert Manager Tim Sparks 

304 Clef Hangers 

Clef Hanger s 

Acappetla Singing Group 

Clef Hangers Members 

Todd Carter 
Mitch Fuller 
Durral Gilbert 
Bobby Hobgood 
David Moflitt 
Mike Nicholson 
Doug Schmidt 
Jeff Sluder 
Vic Spangler 
Tim Sparks 
Berry Stubbs 
David Venable 

Clef Hangers 305 


Yackety Yack 



Yack Staff 

Brad Arrowood 

Joseph Lee 

Martha Blackweldc 

r Penny Mabe 

Frank Bragg 

Tres Magner 

Barry Bridges 

Kim Marshall 

Dan Charlson 

Judy Maynard 

Larry Childress 

Keena McGugan 

Jody Clay 

Teresa McLean Dancy 

Kim McRae 

Chanda Douglas 

Todd Miller 

Amy Edwards 

David Minion 

David Foster 

Elizabeth Morrah 

Amy Fulton 

Liza Motsinger 

Joy Golden 

Melanie N orris 

Bob Gourley 

Wrenn Ogbuni 

Heather Griffin 

Matthew Plyler 

Carol Harbers 

Sonya Rokes 

Jada Harris 

Leigh Sample 

Paula Hinson 

Kim Sampson 

Alison Hirsch 

, Cindy Shail 

Kelly Hobson 

Kelly Sherrill 

Beth Houk 

Deanna Smith 

Laura Hulett 

Marielle Stachura 

Kclley King 

Shea Tisdale 

Gretchen Koball 

Julie Walker 

Kim Latta 

Gina Williams 

Mary Winfrey 


1 890 as the Hellenian, 

1901 as the Yackety Yack 


Provides class portrait services, 

distributes poster free-of-charge, 

distributes yearbooks 


Name derived from school cheer 


3,000 copies per edition of 

the 432-paged book published 



$21 .00 


Editor Liza Motsinger, 

Photography Editor Matt Plyler, 

Busi. Manager Barry Bridges, 


Office Manager Alison Hirsch 


Every fourth Wednesday 

)6 Yackety Yack 


Residence Hall Association 

Central Dormitory Government 

Residence Hall Association 


Barry Cobb 
Kelly Clark 
Pam Covais 
Laura DiGiano 
Stasia Droze 
Tom Eure 
John Fanny 
Marshall George 
Bob Gourley 
Mike Home 
Ray Jones 
Neal Keene 
Elizabeth Larschan 
Anne Mcintosh 
Mark Morris 
Dawn Randolph 
Claire Watts 

Founded: Pre-1973 as the Residence College 
Federation, 1 973 as RHA 

Sponsors: Events and programs for dorm areas 
Activities: Advocates for campus dorms and 

Granville Towers, checks housing money 

Officers: President Ray Jones, Executive 

Secretary Dawn Randolph, Treasurer 
Bob Gourley, Executive Assistant 
Anne Mcintosh, Board Chairman 
John Fanny 

Residence Hall Association 307 

Student Television 

Broadcasts "Campus Profile " and "Off ike Cuff" 


Student Television Staff 

Melody Badgett 

Don Harris 

Tim McMillan 

Rick Beasley 

Donna Harrison 

Christie McQueen 

Galen Black 

Anita Hayes 

John McQuiston 

Patricia Brown 

Chip Hearn 

Tracy Newbold 

Natalie Buda 

Kenny Hirsch 

Molly O'Tuel 

T. Michael Childs 

Kim Honeycutt 

Karen Patch 

Martin Clark 

Mike I sen hour 

Becky Pate 

Anne Davidson 

Alicia Johnson 

Corey Reed 

Michele Denton 

Kelly Johnson 

Kate Reed 

Helen Downs 

Patrice Jones 

Adam Reist 

J eft Ervin 

Rob Kehoe 

Janet Roach 

Paige Estep 

Rick Keller 

John Schrum 

Mark Evans 

Jackie Leach 

Pam Scott 

Ashely Early 

Dana Leder 

Monica Shaughnessy 

Luchina Eisher 

Stephanie Loftus 

Jon Shipley 

Shawn Fordham 

Rheta Logan 

Mark'o Slotnick 

Winifred Fordham 

Jeanie Mamo 

Thorn Solomon 

Cricket French 

Laurie Martin 

Eric Spell 

Missy Furr 

Holly McCausland 

Kim Weaver 

Sonja Gantt 

Amy McFarland 

Jill Wienberry 

Jennifer Click 




"Campus Profile, "Off the Cuff" 

weekly programs 


Airs special programs, produces 

video yearbook Images 


At Student Union 12-1 p.m. 

Thursdays and Fridays, at Pizza 

Hut 10-11 p.m. Mondays and 



Station Manager Martin Clark, 

Station Manager-elect Don Harris 

308 Shident Television 


Honoraries 309 

James ISA . Johnston Scholars 

Undergraduate Scholars 

Melissa Dianne Adams 
LyneUe Wood Alexander 
Barbara Carol Allen 
Lisa Maureen Allen 
Susan Michelle Amos 
Deborah Lynne Anderson 
Michael Thomas Archey 
Thomas Joseph Archey 
James Martin Armes 
Marguerite Madeline Arnold 
Elizabeth Lee Avant 
Beth Allen Bakeman 
Gerald Davis Ballance 
Keith Taylor Barber 
Robert Brian Barefoot 
Dean Batten 
Darin Kenneth Baucom 
Susan Camilla Beard 
Sandi Renee Bell 
Jon Michael Bellamy 
Laura Elizabeth Bernhardt 
Neill Franklin Blanton 
Nia Lee Bodell 
Pamela Lynne Boone 
Margaret Emily Boothroyd 
Melodie Dawn Bowen 
Amy Carolyn Bowman 
Monte Alan Boyer 
Camilla Ann Brantley 
Patrick Ray Broadway 
Cedric Levon Brown 
Patricia Ann Bruce 
Kristin Lee Bruning 
Tracy Ellen Bunting 
Ross Earl Burkhart 
Melinda Lee Burnette 
Curt Matthew Burns 
Jeanna Rene Burress 
Bobby Dale Cagle 
John Peter Campbell 
Alethea Ann Canter 
Sara Lenoir Carr 
Angela Koren Cawa 
John Thomas Chepul 
Muriel Nichelle Cherry 
Michelle Leigh Chiddister 
Latonia Dee Clark 
Patti Jo Cooper 
Margaret Ann Cranford 
Agnes Tiphaine Crenn 
Dean Bradley Davis 

Kimberly Darlene Deans 
Beth Camille Delsavio 
Suresh DeSilva 
Sheri Lynn Dickson 
Dennis Mitchell Dowdy 
Kathryn Elizabeth Doyel 
Marie Christine Drew 
Stephen Alexander Ducey 
Lesley Michelle Duggins 
Phillip Ray Duncan 
Tracy Marie Eatmon 
Wanda Renee Edwards 
Darby Celene Eliades 
Robert Wayne Ellis 
Steven Bruce Epstein 
Edward Wayne Evans 
Blaise Byron Faint 
Kimberly Dawn Farmer 
Donna Louise Foster 
Vickie Ann Fowler 
Karen Lillemor Franck 
Rebecca Jean Frederick 
Hans Peter Gabriel 
John Tyra Gantt 
Sean David Garrison 
Richard Ryan Gessner 
Sireatla Johleen Gibson 
Jill Gilbert 
Kimberly Ann Gilleo 
Carmen Rebecca Graham 
Gregory Floyd Graves 
Michael Tobit Gray 
Samuel McKinley Gray III 
Keith Philip Griffler 
Calvin Scott Hall Jr. 
Patricia Ann Halsey 
Sara Lynne Hamlet 
Claude Felton Harris Jr. 
Jada Kaye Harris 
Jo Lynn Harvell 
Tonya Denise Haskins 
Jennifer Leigh Henry 
Paul Edward Higgins 
Suzanne Brigid Hilser 
Susan Lillian Holdsclaw 
Richard Coe Holmes 
Rodney Eugene Hood 
Alison Page Howard 
John Curtis Howard 
James Malloy Ivey Jr. 

310/amex M. Jokndon Scholars 

Undergraduate Scholars 

Paige Lenore lvey 
Pamela Jean lvey 
Brandoch Alexander Johnson 
William Berkeley Johnson 
Ilva Ismenee Jones 
Richard Austin Jones Jr. 
William Scott Jones 
Ericka Lee Jorgensen 
Stacy Marie Juliano 
Beejal Dinesh Kachalia 
Elizabeth Frances Karpati 
Lowell Jay Keith 
Clifton Ryan Kinlaw 
Ingrid Dorothy Kinney 
Bradley Lane Kirkman 
Christine Michele Kridler 
Glynnis Elizabeth Lane 
Carla Wright Lawrence 
Byron Dale Lee 
Jackie Leigh Leonard 
Randy Dale Lineberger 
Cindy Ann Lloyd 
Winston Pendergrass Lloyd 
Christopher Lynn Locklear 
Stephen Kelly Long Jr. 
John Francis Lue 
Kirsten Anne Lue 
Kalhryn Lynn Maclin 
Tammy Lynn Markham 
Letitia Towanda Mason 
Lana Deirdre Matthews 
Rebecca Lee Mauldin 
Tama Carol May 
Karen Ann McManis 
William Edward McNeely III 
Elena Lynne Medlin 
Christine Ann Mennitt 
Teresa Melinda Miller 
Eileen Therese Mitchell 
Julia Ann Mitchell 
Sylvia Elizabeth Moestl 
Edith Yolanda Morgan 
Pamela Joan Morgan 
Felisa Melanie Neuringer 
Jeffrey Lee Oakes 
Cheryl Lynn Oliver 
Kimberly Lynne Orr 
Amy Lynne Overby 
Jamie Shirlann Pace 
Ronald Alan Padgett Jr. 
Phillip Keith Parkerson 
Sharon Marie Payne 
Lisa Ann Pfrogncr 
James Matthew Phipps 
Henry Newton Pleasant Jr. 
Kalhryn Amy Plu miner 
Kimberly Ann Potter 
Karen Kristine Poulos 
Babettc Elaine Powell 
Kevin Adrian Prakke 
Pamela Gail Prakke 
Todd Douglas Price 
Helen Karen Radford 
Jackson Burlcy Ramsey HI 

Larry Wayne Ramsey Jr. 
James Henry Randolph IV 
Victor F. Randolph 
Anthony David Realini 
Mark Patrick Riegner 
Mary Alice Elizabeth Rocks 
Kristin Ann Rosenkampff 
Jacqueline Marie Royal 
Kelley Ann Ruppert 
Christy Anne Safrit 
Amy Gayle Sasser 
Robert Edward Scheppegrell 
Michael Lawson Schoen 
George Anthony Scott 
Elizabeth Marie Sebik 
Jeffrey Charles Seymour 
Sarah Hope Shackelford 
Tami Lynne Share 
Edmund Arnliot Shaw 
Jeanne Marie Shaw 
William Joseph Shclton Jr. 
Kimberly Kay Sheppard 
Reginald Tyrone Shuford 
Karen Patricia Sims 
Angela Denise Smith 
Tammy Dee Smith 
David Hyosup Song 
Sunday Leigh Spinn 
Angela Dawn Spivey 
Marielle Monika Stachura 
Rachel Elizabeth Stiffler 
Amy Eileen Slock 
William Douglas Sturdivant 
Slacey A. Sullivan 
Russell Morton Taylor II 
Charles Burton Tcague 
Christopher Leslie Tharrington 
Gina Leigh Thomas 
Marni Anne Thomas 
Erin Elizabeth Thompson 
Susan Priscilla Thompson 
Lee Ann Tremlett 
Deborah Lynn Truax 
Deanne Marie Tsakanikas 
Denise Annette Tucker 
Elizabeth Grant Tyler 
David Van Lenten 
Janeen Lavay VanHooke 
Catherine Raymond Wagner 
Trecinda Maria Wallace 
Beth Leigh Warren 
Tammy Renee Watson 
Suzanne Laura Watts 
Cynthia Denice West 
Krislina Renee Wilken 
Marie Elaine Wilson 
Patricia Earlene Wilson 
Robert Daniel Windsor III 
Katherine Marie Wingerson 
Alan Craig Wyall 
Wendy Jean Wyatt 
William Christopher Wyatt 
Roliert Francis Young 

Nursing Scholars 

Kristine Limnena Ambert 
Anne Griffith Barrus 
Saundra Obie Best 
Deborah Hamlett Beverly 
Gina Blythc Blair 
Suzanne Elizabeth Cafiero 
Suzanne Lee Foster Chabon 
Cherie Lucia Cheek 
Crystal Earlinda Credle 
Susan Elizabeth Crump 
Elizabeth Lyn Davis 
Laura Frances Drum 
Gail Epley 
Lynne Anne Foster 
Amy Louise Fryar 
Maryanne Salerni Gilliand 
Cheryl Renee Hall 
Sue Ellen Hall 
Lisa Kimberly Hcdgepeth 
Elizabeth Ackerson Hudson 
Dana Elizabeth Hull 
Glenda Marett Jeffries 
Eva Maria Kcsler 
Sarah Anne Kooienga 
John Victor Korby 
Patrac Harris I.asasso 
Mary Elizabeth Leff 
Lisa Annette Melvin 
Margaret Anne Moylan 
Deborah Annette Nance 
Eileen Marie Pcrketi 
Diane Elizbeth Pilkcv 
Carolyn Andrews Poe 
Susan Diane Redding 
Carolyn Ridgell 
Vangela Leigh Royal 
Anne Evelyn Sales 
Jon Edward Seskevich 
Virginia Lois Shaffer 
Nailah Amal Siddique 
Betsy Palmer Smith 
Desiree Monich Stallings 
Carmen Allison Stella 
Annie Mac Stukcs 
Ann Louise Thompson 
Tina Louise Tinnin 
Ann Marie Tucker 
Lisa Marie Tucker 
Jacquelyn Marie Yaughan 
Vera Ellen Walker 
Kwanna Vcrnila Williamson 
Rebecca Wooten Williamson 
Donna Gail Wvatt 

James M. Johnston Scholars 31 1 


Di sting i4i shed Scholars 


Jay Robertson Gump 
Brooks Emerson Nelson 
William Elmore Spruill 


William Todd Arthur 
John Wayne Hawkins 
Paula Rae Hayes 
Carl Edward Peoples III 
Chrystal Walker Redding 
Angela Renee Ross 
Davida Lynne Scott 
Diane Yoshi Sutton 

Mark Braswell 

Julie Ann Avanl 
Mary Susan Bohland 
Karen Sue Corbctt 
Rebecca Lynne Fowler 
Thomas Jeffery Grimes 
Kalurah Ann Hartley 
Elizabeth Rose Lamm 
Nancy Ruth Smith 
Michael Edward Thompson 
Kaihryn Avonia Watson 
Susan Fay W<itson 

Josephus Daniels 

Geanninc Marie Boyette 
Linda Joyce Cooper 
Bryan Emery Gates Jr. 
Gary Alexander Hagan 
Tiersa Noelle Hall 
William Carter Joyner Jr. 
Henrietta Lynne Lee 
Eugene Harold Maynard Jr 
Richard Owen Morton 
Mark Anthony Norris 
Larry Douglas Potter Jr. 
Anna Marie Vassilion 
Michael Jonathan Zogry 

Herbert Worth 

Michael Dewitt Ayers 
Thomas Shane Barnes 
Teresa Rae Eatmon 
Ellen Starr Franklin 
Susan Neal Harrison 
John Gregory Jackson 
Benny Ray Jones 
Patricia Elizabeth Kelley 
Susan Joy King 
Jeffrey Ray Kiser 
Ivan Heinrich Kowski 
Scott Alan Larsen 
David Alan Linn 
Janet Elaine Ritter 
Shelli Samantha Saperstein 
Deanna Renee Smith 
Alice Wilson Thomas 
Angela Marie Willow 
Paul Andrew Woods 

Marvin B. Smith 

Andrea Elaine Austin 
Philip Craig Lanning 
Milchell Judson Price 
Donna Kim Pulliam 
Michelle Lynn Riddick 
Brian Michael Rourke 

Fred Morrison 

Charles David Finley 
Alan Keith Goble 
Mark Roy Graham 
Melinda Faye Grimes 
Kathleen Elizabeth Higgins 
Charles Andrew Jennings Jr. 
David James Karlin 
Alan Anders Laughter 
Cynthia Gaye Lyerly 
Brooke Lynn Moose 
Laurie Ray 

Rebecca Hobbs Riddick 
Scott Marc Schneiderman 
Julie Ann Woods 

3 1 2 University Distinguished Scholars 


Herbert Dale and 

Mayme Carter Pegg Scholars 

Stephanie Maria Beard 
Dale Wayne Boles 
Jessica Vaughan Brooks 
Shana Denise Carter 
David Kelly Clark 
Shelley Rac Dennis 
Robert Arthur Diseker III 
Connie Leigh Dunn 
Roddy Alan Fletcher 
Melissa Lee Hawks 
Laura Jane Hinkle 
Sherdenia Fay Jones 
Willa Lee 

Franklin Douglas Page 
Brian Douglas Riggs 
Clarissa Jill Rowe 
Margaret Christina Sandin 
Scott Brower Spransy 
Wendy Karen Thomas 
Jolynn Dru Weaver 
Jonathan Ashley Whitt 
Charles Thomas Wilcox 
Cary Damon Wilson 

William A. Whitaker Scholars 

Angela Marghcrita Abbaticllo 
Virginia Lee Allen 
Lisa Annette Barnes 
Kathleen Angelique Baynard 
Jerry Michael BenfieldJr. 
Lois Jane Brooks 
Rosemary Lynn Casey 
Geneva Susan Chappell 
Alicia Diane Delaney 
Paris Thad Goodnight 
Eric Paul Green 
Cynthia Cristin Jackson 
Edgar Thomas Jenkins 
Catherine Elizabeth Jump 
Alison Carroll Meares 
William Curtis Messick 
Karen Kay Miller 
Wesley Moore 
Teresa Ann Morrison 
Melissa Carole Oakley 
William Ray Parrish 
Angela Dawn Richardson 
Denise Marie Roper 
Teresa Michelle Sevier 
Martin Troy Slaughter 
Sherrie Lynne Snyder 
Sarah Lane Temple 
Amy Lynne Toth 
Henry Thomas Walke Jr. 
Felicia Ann Washington 
Lisa Ann Williams 
Neal Andrew Zamore 

Untversrfy Distinguished Scholars 3 1 3 

Morehead Scholars 


in medicine 

Melissa Ward Burch 
Richard Hratchia Havunjian 
Henry L. Shapiro 
Jon Pointon Woods 

in graduate school 

Etan Savir 

Bradley Evans Wilson 

Class of 1987 

James Andrew Alspaugh II 

Elizabeth Jane Brant 

Kevin Marc Bridges 

Stephen Ben Burgess 

Sally Marcel la Butler 

Rudolf Josepf Colloredo-Mansfeld 

Kim Diana Connolly 

Richard Walsh Crawford 

Gregory Lawrence Cullum 

Paul Dominic Edwards 

Michael Egues 

Adam Frederick Falk 

Karen Farnsworth 

James Curtis Farrer Jr. 

Gino Marcello Freeman 

Margaret Nell Catling 

Thomas Allan Poynler Godfrey 

Donna Ray Gooden 

Cezanne Alejandra Gray 

Elizabeth Ann Haas 

Marymelda Hall 

Peter Wolverton Hatcher 

Richard David Hoile 

John Gill Holland Jr. 

Camilla Elizabeth Hornsby 

Alexander Putnam Hudnul 

Ellsworth Jerome Hughes 

Mary Campbell Jenkins 

Fred Howell Jones 

Balram Kakkar 

Anna Louise Kantzer 

Joseph Francis Kenny 

Barrett Tyler Kitch 

Sallie Lee Krawcheck 

Aaron Jenkins Land III 

William Steven Maler 

Terri Regina Martin 

Mark David Maye 

Martin Tanner McCracken 

Timothy Lee Minion 

Mark Hersey Pavao 

Julie Kris Peters 

Walker Lynch Poole 

Edward Raine 

Theodore Schimpf Ridgway Jr. 

Carolyn Fay Roff 

John Douglas Shields 

John Douglas Smith 

Cynthia Kelly Smyre 

Michael Francis Soboeiro 

Mary Elizabeth Spear 

Lindo Terry Spencer Jr. 

Andrew Reed Sutherland 

Benjamin David Sutker 

Neely Anne Towe 

Antonio Ursanojr. 

Francesca Nancy Rachel Varcoe 

Raymond Cornelius Wallington 

William Kenneth Whitchurst 

Michael Roscoe Wilson 

Alan James Young 

Martin James Zagari 

David Jordan Zubkoff 


Class of 1988 Class of 1989 Class of 1990 

Garth Quinn Ainslie 

John Thomas Alexander 

Brian David Bailey 

Jonathan Saul Baker 

James Graham Best 

Hunter Huss Bost 

Rochelle Monique Brandon 

Dawn Lee Brinkley 

Martha Leona Brown 

Benjamin Danford Burroughs 

Barry Todd Campbell 

Emma Lucy Carr 

Richard Andrew Colven 

Mariana Landis Cox 

Victoria Kathleen Marjorie Donovan 

Elizabeth Delaney Ellen 

Robert Glenn Etter Jr. 

James Alastair Geoffry Fawcett 

Charles Ian Forster 

David Herr Gardner 

Scott Keenan Garrison 

Lisa Armsrees Gillespie 

Sandra Heather Ginn 

Camille Sue Grady 
James Giffard Greenhill 
Jack Norman Grose Jr. 

Robin Ann Harlukowicz 
Todd Christopher Hart 

Bryan Christopher Hasscl 
Jerry Leo Horner 
Scott Gowcr Huelin 
William Gillespie Hunter 
Patricia Lyn Hurst 
Eric Tyler Landis 
Edward Carwile LeRoy Jr. 
Steven Dean Lisk 
Scott Thomas Martin 
Thomas Gerald McCarter Jr. 
Lucy Dell McClellan 
Margaret Borden McKinnon 
MargEva Morris 
Kathryn Louise Mulvey 
Nathan Carter Newbold IV 
Henry Neal Pharr III 
Sean Michael Phelan 
Darrin Maurice Poole 
Louise Birch Rambo 
Monica Patricia Riedy 
Karen Lynn Rogers 
Sean Rowe 
Sophie Sartain 
Norman Edward Sharpless 
Janie Allison Sitton 
Laura Anderson Smith 
Ross Jordan Smyth Jr. 
Katherine Elizabeth Snelling 
Elizabeth Whitlock Stanley 
James Michael Surowiecki 
Geoffrey Scott Theobald 

Lucy Whitehurst Vanderberry 
Laura Lynn Walker 
Frank Kevin Yoo 

Robin Andrew Agnew 
Rainey Lee Astin 
Jody Keith Beasley 
David Anthony Bernath 
Robert Scott Boatwright 
William Clarence Boyd IV 
Heather Anne Brown 
Timothy Foster Brown 
Ingrid Jayne Brunk 
Juan Pablo Caceres 
Kevin Patrick Callaghan 
Roderick Archibald Cameron 
Anthony Todd Capitano 
Charles Pierre Carriere IV 
Barry Sidney Cobb 
Stephen Nathaniel Cole 
Terence Bradley Conger 
Anne-Lynnc Davis 
James Douglas Dean 
John Gerard Devine 
Laura Ann DiGiano 
Brock Harvey Dickinson 
Mary Margaret Dillon 
Jennifer Anne Edwards 
David Burton Fountain 
Hilary Anne Fridholm 
William Hugh Fuller III 
Krislen Dawn Gardner 
Carol Parks Geer 
John Garabed Giragos Jr. 
George Wayne Goodwin 
Robert Harrison Gourleyjr. 
Frances Heather Griffin 
David Anthony Hermer 
Elizabeth Hayes Hightower 
Elizabeth Carson Holding 
Julie Sheldon Huffaker 
Firoozeh Kashani-Sabel 
Shireen Enette Khan 
Claude Rickelts Maechling 
Bartoo Elfred Martin 
Brian Wesscll McCuskey 
William Patton McDowell IV 
Michael Sandor Mezei 
Walter Alastair Murray 
Jonathan Clay Oxford 
Cathy Marie Paparazo 
Thomas Patrick Brien Plewman 
Amy Lee Pritchard 
Michael Kendrick Reiter 
Neil Alvin Riemann 
Sandra Lynn Rierson 
Patrick Joseph Simpson 
Andrew Bennett Taubman 
Amanda Yvettc Thompson 
Tonya Lynn Turner 
Carolyn Law Volpe 
Richard James White III 
Dawn Duzan Williams 
David Kent Williams Jr. 
Stephcnie Beth Winter 

John Granville Alley Jr. 
Carlton Ray Blount 
Robert Scott Bowman 
Kristin Lynn Breuss 
Geoffrey Pritchard Burgess 
Robert Stuart Byrum 
Hope Stephanie Carlson 
Angela Coretta Chadwick 
Christine Robinette Curtis 
Eva LaDawn Dawkins 
Christopher John DiGiano 
Eileen Jill Dordek 
Andrew Keith Dunkerton 
Philip Duncan Floyd 
Sujata Vijay Ghale 
Jessica Hawkins Green 
Polly Connor Guthrie 
James Patrick Hayden 
Michael Worth Hinshaw Jr. 
Alexander Weld Hodges 
William Dennis Hollister II 
Kimberly Anne Huffman 
Peggy Marie Jenkins 
Nancy Elizabeth Johnson 
Bobby Ray Jones Jr. 
Charles Richard Jones III 
Kimberly Kathleen Kaufman 

Jeremy John Marshall Kelly 
Keith Chae Kim 
William Brien David Lewis 
Kelly Gay Lindsley 

Joseph Michael Loughran III 
Michael Cameron Lunsford 
Kirk Russell Martsen 
Samuel Neal McKnight 
Virginia Jordan Mcwborne 

Timothy Truitt Mizellc 
Roxanne Katherine Mosley 
Rupal Manu Naik 

Teresa Grace Ooley 
Monica Glynn Parham 
Melanie Dawn Parker 

William Aaron Pizer 

James Mackay Purves 

Tamara Jo Rorrie 

Kecia Susanna Rust 

Jon Kurka Rust 

Timika Shafeek 

Richard Michael Smith 

Victoria Abigail Spence 

Robert Collins Styles 

Sean Maxwell Sumner 

James Leon Tanner Jr. 

William Harrison Ulfelder II 

Margaret Bowen Vanderberry 

Eric Pierre Vick 

William Kent Walker Jr. 

John Andrew Ward 

Leslie Anne Williams 

MoreheaJ Scholars 315 

Order of the Golden Fleece 


Camille Zebretta Roddy, jason 
Michael Roscoe Wilson, hyparchos 
William Regan Burton, grammateus 
Mark Hersey Pavao, Chrystopher 

Active Argonauts 

Sherrod Banks 
Edith Maria Baxter 
Anne Rea Bowden 
James Jervalle Exum 
Sharon Lee Parker 
Albertina Denise Smith 

Order of ike Old Well 


Ray Jones, president 
Leake Little, vice president 
Jaye Sitton, secretary 
Mark Pavao, treasurer 
Marcella Butler, member at large 

Active Members 

George L. Anderson 
Sibby Ellen Anderson 
Scott McKinley Baker 
Benita Faye Banks 
Sherrod Banks 
Lorre Donette Bonner 
Patrick Eugene Bradshaw 
William Regan Burton 
Martin Matthews Clark 
Rudolf Colloredo-Mansfeld 
Vann Williams Donaldson 
Steven Bruce Epstein 
Cynthia Eileen Hales 
Balram Kakkar 
Barrett Tyler Kitch 
Laura Love Madison 
Steven Troy Marshall 
Jean Elizabeth Mitchell 
Robert Fitzgerald Pharr 
Camille Zebrella Roddy 
James Hugh Slaughter 
Albertina Denise Smith 
Kenneth Michel Smith 
Helen Angela Smits 
Katy Miranda Whitener 
Tamara Anne Vincent 
David Jordan Zubkoff 


Emily Urquhart Ayscue 
Michelle Elaine Barger 
Ellen Marie Barnard 
Asa Lee Bell 
Suzanne Elisabeth Bolch 
Patrick Ray Broadway 
Cassandra Quinn Bulls 
Megan Lee Casey 
David Kelly Clark 
Alexander Pollard Dickey 
Victoria Kathleen M. Donovan 
E. David Edquist 
Frederick Wellington Evans 
Robert Brian Friedman 
Carol Parks Geer 
Bryan Christopher Hassel 
Peter Wolverton Hatcher 
Patricia Lyn Hurst 
Jennifer Anne Keller 
Lauren Elena Lindsey 
James Patrick Longest Jr. 
Suzanne Mari Lowe 
Kimberly Love McCombs 
John Philip McQuiston 
Madlyn Cathryn Morreale 
MargEva Anne Morris 
Yvette Marie Moxin 
Grant Alexander Parsons 
Darrin Maurice Poole 
Walker Lynch Poole 
Mary Susan Scholl 
Suzanne Ross Street 
David Alexander Venable 

Order of ike Old Welt 3 1 7 

Order of ike Grai 

Active Order 

James Francis Duley 
John Edward Fox 
Bryan Christopher Hassel 
James Thornhill Johnston 
Raymond Clifton Jones 
Steven Troy Marshall 
Mark Hersey Pavao 
Kenneth Michel Smith 
Michael Roscoe Wilson 
David Jordan Zubkoff 


Martin Matthews Clark 
Rudolf Colloredo-Mansfeld 
Alexander Pollard Dickey 
John Stanley Edwards 
James Curtis Farrer 
Todd Christopher Hart 
Steven Dean Lisk 
William Steven Maler 
Jeffrey Dean Michael 
Walker Lynch Poole 
Robert Fitzgerald Ried-Pharr 
Richard Scott Ruth 


Richard Judson Richardson 
Timothy Dean Smith 

318 Order of tixe Grail 

rder of ike Valkyries 

Active Order 

Rochelle Moniquc Brandon 
Sally Marcella Butler 
Elizabeth Ann Haas 
Mary Campbell Jenkins 
Miehele Diane Killough 
Madlyn Cathryn Morreale 
Jean Elizabeth Mitchell 


Maria Louise Ackers 
Emily Urquhart Ayscuc 
Michelle Elaine Barger 
Ellen Marie Barnard 
Margaret Bryant Barren 
Cassandra Quin Butts 
Elaine Catherine Carroll 
Angela Michelle Chiles 
Carol Parks Geer 
Firoozeh Kashani-Sabel 
Jennifer Anne Keller 
Nhi Lan Le 
Lucy Dell McClellan 
Elizabeth Neal Motsinger 
Sophie Sartain 


Donella R. Croslan 

Order of the Valkyries 319 

Chancellor s Awards 



The Undergraduate Prize in Art History 

riven mutually to the undergraduate student who. in the opinion oj a faculty 
ittre, litis limn' the mo\t outstanding work in art history 

Michelle Elaine Barger 
The Kenneth C. Royall Award 

given annually to the senior Air Forte Reserve Officer Training Corp cadet who 
Mtrates excellence in scholarship taut officersbip 

Philip Russell Fitlante 

The John Honigmann Prize 
in Anthropology 

given to the student in the anthropology department who has completed the best 
undergraduate honors project in tlml discipline 

Susan Leigh deVille 

The Peter C. Baxter Memorial Prize 
in American Studies 

given to the outstanding senior in the American studies curriculum 

Ann Robinson Modlin 

The Harold D. Meyer Award 
in Recreation Administration 

ivsn annually to the outstanding undergraduate student majoring in recreation 

Sarah Catherine Davis 
The Bernard Boyd Memorial Prize 

inuully to the member of the senior class majoring in religious studies who 
... .« selected l»y a faculty committee as most outstanding in academic 

Charles Eric Propsl 
The Josephus Daniels Scholarship Medal 

given annually to the senior midshipman in the Naval Reserve Officers Training 

Corps who has attained the highest average in academic courses of study in the 


Charles Meredith Carroll 

The James M. Johnston 

Distinguished Senior Award in the 

Undergraduate Program 

given to the senior student in the James M. Johnston Vndergrad" "" 
'tServing of recognition for outstanding an 

Janeen Lavay Vanhooke 

The James M. Johnston 

Distinguished Senior Award in the 

Nursing Program 

given to the senior student in the James M. Johnston Nursing Program judged to 

be deserving of recognition jor outstanding academic achievement and 

contributions to the nursing program 

Anne Griffith Barrus 

The Undergraduate Award for 
Excellence in French 

h language and 
'i faculty committee 

Beth Allen Bakeman 

The Sterling A. Stoudemire Award 
for Excellence in Spanish 

given annually to the outstanding senior student in Spanish 

John Carlos Brockington 
The Camoes Prize in Portuguese 

ilWB annually to the outstanding undergraduate student in f'ortugiiesi 

Jan Susan Weydemeyer 

The Ria Stambaugh Undergraduate 
Award for Excellence in German 

' - -' to have achieved the most distingue 
. in language and literature 

Hans Peter Gabriel 

The Francis J. LeClair Award 
in Botany 

Randall Scott Faircloth 

The Op White Prize in Geology 

given annually to the outstanding senior in geology 

Mark Hersey Pavao 
The Patrick. F. Earey Award 

ember of the graduating class who has • 

ting class who lias rxhd 
involvement and leader 

Sidonie Kathleen Lysiak 
The Undergraduate Prize in Economics 

given annually to the undergraduate student majoring in economics who U judged 
to lie the most outstanding on the basis of performance in major arid related courses 

Donna Marie Grote 
Marcus William Tralhen 

The McNally Award for Excellence 
in Geography 

i//v to a graduating senior who is selected Iry the geography faculty on 
rior academic performance 

Sally Marcella Butler 

The Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship 
Key Award 

given to the graduating senior who ranks highest in scholarship for the entire 
course in commerce and business administration 

James Russell McElroy III 

Chancellor's Awards 

p i 

The Frederico G. Gil Award 

i writrs thr hrsl honors thnis 

Maria Louise Ackers 

The Howard W. Odum 
Undergraduate Sociology Award 

Lisa Rene Lackmann 

The Terry Sanford Award 
for Excellence 

Steven Bruce Epstein 

The Louis D. Rubin Jr. Prize 
in Creative Writing 

Kaye Gibbons 

The Paul E. Shearin Outstanding 
Senior Award in Physics 


The Richard Levin Band Award 

|« , 4 M . Hf " 

Charles Riddick Weber 

The Robert White Linker Award 

hall living 

Heike Maria Arendt 

The International Leadership Award 

ml/ tii- 


ting on criteria of 

Adam Frederick Falk 

The Albert Suskin Prize in Latin 

annually In thr undergraduate stud, 
understand Latin poetry and to traitslc. . 

Jocelyn Catherina Ballanlyne 

The Chi Omega Award 
for Scholarship and Leadership 

u ndersta tiding 

Francesca Nancy R. Varcoe 

The Pharmacy Student Body Award 

given annually by the School of Pharmacy student Itody to the member of I 
graduating class who has demonstrated the highest qualities of charactt 
scholarship, parlicipat 

d characteristics thai would distinguish him or her in the pmfr 


Virginia Pickens Suiter 
The George Livas Award 

Crystal Lee Kellv 

The Edward McGowan Hedgpeth Award 

Neely Anne Towe 

The Venable Medal 

given anually lo the i 

Robert Michael Boerner 

The Archibald Henderson Prize 
in Mathematics 

the greatest pro. 

Robin Joseph Cunningham 
rhe Eben Alexander Prize in Greek 

Preeti Vithalbhai Patel 

The Ernest L. Mackie Award 

Bryan Christopher Hassel 

The Jane Craige Gray Memorial Award 

i fclwM Aii 'fcitt i hto 

Emily Urquhart Ayscue 

The Interfraternity Council-Panhellenic 
Council Outstanding Senior Awards 

passages of Greek not j 

Sarah Bland Smith 
The Worth Award 

•w<r* | w"*r^*"P" 

James Andrew Alspaugh II 
Jane Ellen Drenkhahn 

The Walter S. Spearman Award 

Steven Joseph Emery 

Mark Hersey Pa\«v, 

The Sports Club Achievement Award 

nually to the undergraduate student who. in the judgment of a cti 
Council and the Carolina Athletic AssacUti 

either the Sports Club Council or one or more individual clubs 

Richard Scott Ruth 
The J. Maryon Saunders Award 

especially in the residence half pr 

Raymond Clifton Jones 

The Willie P. Mangum Medal 
in Oratory 

Steven Bruce Epstein 

The Ernest H. Abernethy Prize 
in Student Publication Work 

uiirk during the 

James Randolph Zook 
The Irene F. Lee Award 

Cassandra Quin Butts 

The Jim Tatum Memorial Award 


Felecia Deneen Carter 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award 

jip tmi p kth uiUp k m 

Peter Wolverton Hatcher 
Camille Zebretta Roddy 

The Cornelius O. Cathey Award 

guru tinnuittlt lo the unilrr^rndualr \ludritt who has mtiilr thr ' 
rimtribulioH Id thr quality oj ramftus life or thr rfftrart of 1'nivrrsily r - 

Todd Christopher Hart 

The Gladys Hall Coates and 
Albert Coates Award 

Janie Allison Sitton 

The Robert B. House 
Distinguished Service Award 

Steven Troy Marshall 

The John Johnston Parker Jr. Medal 
for Unique Leadership 
in Student Government 

Raymond Clifton Jones 
The Ferebee Taylor Award 

mm g smm 

James Thornhill Johnston 
Walker Lynch Poole 

The Patterson Award 

given annually lo the senior athlete in the University who is judged by a 
of faculty, administrators and students to lie mast outstanding in all 

Kenneth Smith 

Fred Howell Jones 

The Frank Porter Graham Award 


Sibby Ellen Anderson 

Chancellor's Awards 321 

ACC Senior Scholarship Award 

Dick Jamerson Most Valuable Swimmer Award 

Dick Jamerson Most Outstanding Swimmer Award 

Dick Jamerson Most Improved Swimmer Award 

E. Carrington Smith Trophy — Most Valuable Player Award for Basketball 

Outstanding Senior Award — Basketball 

Martha Jordan Award — Basketball 

Overall Statistical Leader — Varsity Basketball 

Butch Bennett Award — Freshman Basketball 

Carmichael-Cobb Award — Basketball 

Oscar Vatz Award — Basketball 

William F. Prouty Memorial Award — Best All-around Senior in Football 

Bill Arnold Memorial Award — Outstanding Offensive Lineman in Football 

Foy Roberson Award 

Gary Boshamer Award — Outstanding Defensive Lineman in Football 

Louis Graves Award — Outstanding Offensive Back in Football 

S.H. Basnight Award — Most Valuable Player in Baseball 

E.J. Evans Award — Track 

EJ. Evans Award — Freshman Track Award 

Grover Wilhoit Award — Freshman Wrestling 

Francis "Trip" Bourne Award — Most Dedicated Player in Baseball 

Patterson Medal 

David L. Wall Wrestling Award 

Rick Sharp Award — Varsity Basketball 

E. Carrington Smith Trophy — Most Valuable Player Award for Football 

Mary Frances Andrews Award — Basketball 

Jim Tatum Award 

E.V. Patterson Award — Track 

Walter Rabb Award — Most Improved Player in Baseball 

Sam Barnes Award — Wrestling 

Turnbull Award — Most Valuable Player in Lacrosse 

Unsung Hero Award — Lacrosse 

Outstanding Specialty Team Player — Football 

Outstanding Defensive Back — Football 

Captain's Award — Football 

Mike McLeod Memorial Award — Golf 

UNC Most Improved Player Award — Golf 

Hill Carrow Spirit Award — Swimming 

Bruce Webster Memorial Award — Most Dedicated in Swimming 

Men's Basketball Team Captains 

Andy Hacskaylo Low Stroke Average Award 

Basketball Coaches Award — Assists 

Basketball Coaches Award — Block Shot 

Basketball Coaches Award — Draw Charge 

Basketball Coaches Award — Screenei 

Athletic Director's Scholar-Athlete Award in Football 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Soccer 

Scholar- Athlete Award in Cross Country 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Field Hockey 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Volleyball 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Basketball 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Gymnastic 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Swimming 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Fencing 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Wrestling 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Baseball 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Lacrosse 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Softball 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Golf 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Tennis 

Scholar-Athlete Award in Track 

James Thomas Farmer, Delora Ann Simons 
Laurens Carl Block, Susan Diane O'Brien 
Melanie Ann Buddemeyer, Charles Douglas Sawyer III 
Karen Helene Engel, Christopher Jack Himebauch 
Kennetk Smith 
Joseph Jai 
Jeffrey Brian Lebo 
Joseph James Wolf 
Herman Reidjr. 
Joseph James Wolf 
Herman Reidjr. 
David M. Truitl 
Harris Scott Barton 
David Gerrard Popson 
Ronald Leon Burton 
Eric Maurice Streater 
Howard Paul Freiling 
Kevin Francis McGorty 
Johan Mathew Boakes, Mia Katrice Pollard 
Benjamin William Oberly 
Devy L. Bell 
Kenneth Smith 
Robert Franklin Koll 
Michael Morgan Nonuood 
Harris Scott Barton, Mark David Maye 
Herman Reidjr. 
Felecia Deneen Carter 
Jill Tracey Irizarry 

Darin Emanuel Campbell, Howard Paid Freiling 
Hays Lewis Lewalfen 
Thomas Reilly Hans 
Taylor Speer Classen 
Kenneth Joseph Miller Jr. 
Walter Lee Bailey 
Walter Lee Bailey 
Gregory Lee Parker 
Peter Anthony Brennan 
Daniel John Flack, Martha Jane McCann 
Timothy Francis Shea 
Joseph James Wolf, Kenneth Smith 
Gregory Lee Parker 
Kenneth Smith 
Scott Christopher Williams 
Jeffrey Brian Lebo 
David Gerrard Popson 
Harris Scott Barton 

Marcus Christopher Martin, Marcia Ann McDermott 
Karol D. Chambers, James Thomas Farmer 
Annemarie Rosenbaum 
Jill Berkebile 

Darlene Catinon, Jeffrey Brian Lebo 
Barbara Jeanne Callahan 

Martha Jane McCann, Charles Douglas Sawyer HI 
Christopher Patrick Kaiser, Nhi Lan Le 
Albeiro Palacio 
Todd Michael Kopczynski 
Joseph W. Seivold Jr. 
Virginia Leigh Augusta 
Kathleen Bishop Grady, Gene Allen Holland 
Jeff Kenneth Chambers, Mariana Landis Cox 
James Thomas Fanner, Delora Ann Simo7is 

"he Exalted Order 
of me Hasbeens 

A Toast for Status Quoism 

I'd rather be a could be 

If I could not be an are 

For a could be is a maybe 

With a chance of reaching par 

But I'd rather be a hasbeen 

Than a might-have-been by far 

For a might-have-been has never been 

While a hasbeen was once an are 

001 Mark Dearmon 

002 Martha Farlow 

003 John Speagle 

004 Joyce Fitzpatrick 

005 Frances Murray 

006 Susan Kelly 

007 Carl Bauchle 

008 Dennis Moser 

009 Kevin Ryan 

010 George Basco 

01 1 James Grimsley 

012 Ted Kyle 
013Chrisann Ohler 

014 Tom Barnes 

015 Mary Beth Searle 

016 Bob Donnan 

017 Cathy Robinson 

018 Trey Monroe 

019 Valerie Fisher 

020 Greg Dinkins 

021 Peter Krogh 

022 Danny Kester 

023 Bryce Lankard 

024 Lisa Cranberry 

025 Philip Berney 

026 Ward Galium 

027 Sam Kittner 

028 Kathy Kramer 

029 Ava Long 

030 Charles Ledford 

031 Larry Childress 

032 Liza Motsinger 

033 Matthew Plyler 

The Exalted Order oftfie Hasbeens 323 

Rko Cki 

Active Members 

Thornton Dixon Adams Jr. 
Charles Martin Adcock 
Chadamas Annavadhana 
Todd Alan Barbee 
Lois Jane Brooks 
Leslie Ladd Cadd 
Jean Cauvel Clyde 
Elizabeth Ann Collins 
Benjamin Michael Cooper 
Michelle Depot 
Mary Beth Dorr 
Martha Eleanor Dye 
Lisa Marie East 
Patricia Fitzgerald Ellsworth 
Suzanne McDonald Fields 
Nancy Jean Ford 
Harriet Frances Frick 
Susan Leigh Gilliam 
Kevin Wallace Guffey 
Lynda Joan Habever 
Karen Jo Harper 
Beverly Diane Helton 
Merri Melanie Houser 
Thomas Lanier Jones 
Sterling Grady Koonce 
Robin Dunfee Latham 
Randy Dale Lineberger 
Thomas Alan Martin 
James Notaro 
Paul Joseph Nunnally 
Laurie Ann OTJaniel 
Glynda Diane Parker 
Terry Anne Peele 
Stephanie Lorraine Perry 
Josephine L. Polhemus 
Gary Pulvermacker 
Jonathan Dairl Reece 
Geraldine Mary Re id 
Ted Lee Rice 
Jacqueline M. Rob 
Virginia Pickens Suiter 
Caro Lynn Turlington 
Janeen Lavay Vanhooke 
William Ralph Woodell 
Lee Ann Yount 


Gill Bailey Abernathy 
Judy Mabe Atkins 
Denise Elizabeth Atkinson 
Richard Brian Barker 
Lynne Colston Coats 
Edward Roderick Coley 
Christopher Nordgren D'Amico 
Jonas Burns Daugherty 
Mark Lee Glover 
Nancy Palmer Godbout 
Marianne Phillips Hall 
Paula Rae Hayes 
Pamela Jean Jacobs 
Kimberly Anne Johnson 
Lori Ann Jones 
Ann Curtis Kirby 
Christine Marie Kurtz 
Susan Dileema Lee 
Kimberly Locklear 
Debra Ann Martin 
Vicky Lynn McCraw 
Andrianne Elizabeth McGlohan 
Betsy Elaine Miller 
April Tammy Morris 
Ron Evan Nelson 
Stephen Venson O'Quinn 
Patricia Leigh Parker 
Oanh Hoang Pham 
Julianne Brittain Pin son 
Joyce Theresa Procopio 
Orapin Pruksananonda 
Rodney Glenn Richmond 
Pamela Jean Sarver 
Renee Alison Scanlon 
Melinda Kay Steele 
Charles Dean Tysinger 
Antonia Maria Valakas 
Thomas Alan Werk 
Karin Anne Wiedenmayer 
Lori Lee Wilkins 
Amy Annette Young 

4 Rho Chi 

Society of HeUenas 


Elizabeth Kelly Mattocks, president 
Sidney Griffith Smith, vice president 
Cynthia Claire Mitchell, treasurer 

Active Members 

Marnie Louise Abbott 
Mary Ruffin Adamson 
Amy Taylor Albright 
Karen Anne Alexander 
Karen Lee Aman 
Louise Davis Anderson 
Deanna Britt Asher 
Beverly Lynn Barnhill 
Karen Celeste Beasley 
Elizabeth Lanier Beaver 
Katherine Grace Bell 
Laura Elizabeth Bernhardt 
Barbara Louise Booe 
Heidi Lynn Bowden 
Pamela Jane Bruce 
Rochelle Lynn Buchman 
Lauren Zachary Burnham 
Elizabeth Harley Campbell 
Tristan Elizabeth Carter 
Mary Latta Chapman 
Susan Chabay 
Angela Michelle Chiles 
Gail Ann Coates 
Anne McKay Coble 
Kathryn Sue Collins 
Juliane Christine Conley 
Mariana Landis Cox 
Mary Lynn Craig 
Cynthia Kaye Crews 
Elizabeth Ryan Cross 
Anne York Crowder 
Wanda Gay Culbreth 
Carla Michelle Currence 
Susan Elaine Curtis 
Eve Marie Davis 
Penny Jeanette Delk 
Carrie Lynn Deener 
Margaret Elizabeth Denny 
Jennifer Adams Doyle 
McAlister Dowd 
Stephanie Crutchin Dozier 
Jane Ellen Drenkhahn 
Christina Maria Duffy 
Elizabeth Wood Durland 
Charlotte Anne Eaves 
Lauren Virginia Elder 
Anne Elizabeth Everitt 
Mary Eileen Ealtynski 
Mary Kendall Ferguson 
Jennifer Atkins Fite 
Nancy Laura Ford 
Lisa Gail Fox 
Kelly Burns Gallager 

Sonja Adelle Gantt 
Claudia Lynnette Gresham 
Amy Susan Grissom 
Julia Elizabeth Groves 
Barbara Helen Hall 
Velvet Allison Hall 
Mary Dabney Hamilton 
Mary Beth Harrelson 
Charlotte Durham Harris 
Lisa Doane Hawgood 
Andrea Elizabeth Hayworth 
Susan Jennifer Heath 
Christie Ellen Hill 
Ashley Ann Hinton 
Carolyn Louise Hof 
Juana Elizabeth Hopkins 
Margaret Elizabeth Huckabee 
Mary Elizabeth Hungarland 
Jennifer Marie Ihnot 
Jennifer Lynn Jackson 
Susan Paige Jackson 
Jane Elizabeth Jessee 
Carol Luanne Johnson 
Leslie Ann Jones 
Samantha Benton Joye 
Kathryn Lynn Kallam 
Terry Lynn Kempsom 
Katherine Lee King 
Elizabeth Ann Kraezon 
Linda Lee 

Patricia Victoria Lee 
Laura Kaye Lehman 
Emma Jean Levi 
Nancy Jean Linder 
Elizabeth Mills Little 
Lee Branch Marks 
Leslie Karen Marlowe 
Maureen Shaw Mahaney 
Shannon Lee Mason 
Patricia Lynn McCarthy 
Sarah Catherine McClure 
Mary Ann McCracken 
Sarah Florence McCracken 
Christine Anne Mencini 
Michelle Dana Mendel 
Kimia Moddasser 
Ann Robinson Modlin 

Florence Love Norris 
Anne Hart Norwood 
Stephanie Elaine Nuckles 
Jane Burrell Nunnery 
Donna Jean O'Sullivan 
Mary Kent Parker 
Anne Walker Patteson 
Josephine Reid Patton 
Sharon Diane Payne 
Polly Conley Pearce 
Julie Kris Peters 
Helen Elizabeth Pierce 
Emily Wood Pleasants 
Kimberly Anne Potter 
Anne Whitted Raper 
Chrystal Walker Redding 
Robin Ann Richards 
Kelly Ann Ruppert 
Mary Annella Rutherford 
Cheryl Susan Smith 
Janet Leigh Smith 
Jean Whiting Smith 
Laura Anderson Smith 
Michelle Yzonnechris Smith 
Sara Sue Smith 
Sharon Recca Sowers 
Phyllis Elizabeth Steele 
Marsha Leigh Tart 
Ashlee Jewel Tate 
Harriet Ann Tauber 
Jodianne Thrana 
Natalie Marie Tindol 
Donna Melissa Tinsley 
Nina Louise Tobin 
Lee Ann Tremlett 
Paula Vallas 

Lucv Whitehurst Vanderberry 
Laura Jean Ware 
Suzanne Laura Watts 
Elizabeth Carole Weathers 
Mary Robin Wells 
Anne Katherine Westall 
Ruth Copeland Wheless 
Alicia Lvnne Wilfong 
Kwanna Vernita Williamson 
Ala Marinn Wyke 
Elizabeth Eichhorn Younce 

Society of Hellenas 325 

Phi Beta Kappa 


James Russell McElroy HI, president 

Dorothy Diana Fischler, vice president 

Sherri Lynn Arthur, recording secretary 

Eugene Harold Maynard Jr., Ernes! Mackie Scholarship 

Fall 1986 Initiates 

Brian David Bailey 
Beth Allen Bakeman 
Andrew Roland Gillie Baxter 
Herman Lee Bennett 
Nicole Berhault-Kaplan 
Sarah Alice Bickley 
Aliza Neiman Blachman 
Norman Douglas Bullard 
Stephen Ben Burgess 
Stefanie Jeanette Chen 
Angela Michelle Chiles 
Martha Meredith Cloutier 
Thomas Benjamin Collier 
Elizabeth Gantt Cornwell 
Joseph Whitfield Creech Jr. 
Andree Suzanne Daly 
Jeffrey Lewis Darsie 
Gary William Divers 
Elizabeth Delaney Ellen 
Barbara Linda Feringa 
Lucy Kathryn Flagler Fleer 
Adam Elfmon Fleishman 
Susan Kay Fuhr 
David John Gavin 
Scott David Gest 
Kimberly Ann Gilleo 
Jean Grossman Oilman 
Stephanie Wolfe Heindel 
William Martin Hull III 
Stacy Joy Kaplan 
Susan Kim Kebschull 
Peter Gordon Klein 
Frederick William Knops HI 
Sallie Lee Krawcheck 

Sidonie Kathleen Lysiak 
Andrew Christopher Martin 
Rebecca Lee Mauldin 
Eugene Harold Maynard Jr. 
Florence MacKenzie McMillan 
Chapman Teague McQueen 
Bonnie Lynn Morris 
MargEva Ann Morris 
Kathryn Louise Mulvey 
Ann Christine Nowakowski 
John Scheffer Pietri 
Louise Birch Rambo 
Robin Anne Richards 
June Gail Rigsbee 
Nannette Elise Rochat 
James Richard Rogers 
Karen Lynn Rogers 
Linda Newton Rowe 
Sophie Sartain 
Natalie Ann Schilling 
Michael Jonah Schoor 
Norman Edward Sharpless 
Julie Lynn Stublen 
James Michael Surowiecki 
Benjamin David Sutker 
Lois Elaine Thornburg 
Murphy Furman Townsend III 
George Bradley Turpi n 
Kathcrine Anne Waters 
Frederick Breithoff Weller 
Kristina Renee Wilken 
Joseph Wendell Wilson 
Jack Spero Zacharias 


Charles Marc Abbey 
William Borden Abernethy III 
Margaret Ann Aderholt 
James Talat Al-Hussaini 
Holly Lynn Austin 
Lauren Gaye Bailey 
Amy Allen Barnes 
Elizabeth Lanier Beaver 
Wilson Stuart Bigham 
Linda Elaine Boswell 
Amy Carolyn Bowman 
Cynthia Lynette Boyd 
Martha Leona Brown 
Pamela Jane Bruce 
Elizabeth Rice Burrus 
John Peter Campbell 
Thomas Edward Campbell 
Emma Lucy Carr 
Anne Foster Checkoway 
Martha Helene Church 
Connie Diane Cole 
Heather Sue Conklin 
Laura Leigh Dagenhart 
Mary Sue H. Davis 
James Worth Draughn Jr. 
Marshall Lee Edgison 
Gerald Linn Evans 
Tenley Frances Farrell 
Charles David Finley 
Todd Curtis Freeland 
Dena Leigh Frith 
Margaret Nancy Furyk 
Hans Peter Gabriel 
John Thomas Gibbs 

326 Phi Beta Kappa 

Spring 1987 Initiates 

Glenn Hoang-Anh Gillen 
Cheryl Ann Goble 
Charles Ray Gold 
Camille Sue Grady 
Mary Ann Graham 
David Lee Griggjr. 
James Graham Hall 
Mary Ann Hancock 
Andrea Elizabeth Hayworth 
Edward Lawrence Hedrick IV 
Mark Robert Hoffman 
Edward Jeffrey Holm 
Mary Elizabeth Hungarland 
Beth Lynnelte Jolly 
Mary Landau Kirk 
Michael Lawrence Krass 
Lisa Rene Lackmann 
Stephen Edwin Lewis 
Charles Nelson Loeb 
Charles Randall Macon 
Claude Ricketts Maechling 
William Nicholas Martschenko 
William Howard McAllister 
Jill Anne McCartney 


Kimberly Love McCombs 

Brian Wessell McCuskey 

Susan Norris McKay 

Robert Martin Merritt 

Douglas Frank Messina 

Allison Ellen Miller 

Donna Marie Monti 

Brooks Emerson Nelson 

Alan Keith Newton 

Jane Burrell Nunnery 

Rachel Fay Orr 

Bing Shih Pao 

Richard Christopher Peccie 

Julie Kris Peters 

Larry Douglas Potter Jr. 

Karen Kristine Poulos 

Victor F. Randolph 

Linda Jane Reinhardt 

Lansdon Breckinridge Robbins III 

Todd Allen Rogers 

Peggv Sandin 

Leslie Constance Schaar 

David Alan Schwartz 

Diane Donker Scobie 

Pamela Ann Scott 
Rodnev Shelton Shaffer 
May Cornwell Sigmon 
Delora Ann Simons 
Dcanna Renee Smith 
Jean Whiting Smith 
William Haywood Smith 
Mary Elizabeth Spear 
Leslie Wyndel Starnes 
Toby Paterson Stephan 
Alan Stewart 
Jerry Jay Stifelman 
Kathleen Marie Streiff 
Janine Ayars Taylor 
Caron Michelle Ternullo 
Christopher Leslie Tharrington 
Patricia Carol Thomas 
Dorothy Kim Thompson 
Arthur Patrick Valentine 
Laura Lynn Walker 
Laura Campbell Wilier 
Karla Marie Yarger 
Alan James Young 

Phi Seta Kappa 327 


Gorgon's Head Lodge 



Charles Pachal Shook IV, princeps 
John Worthington Kelly, cencor 
Stephen Carrington Mitchell, scriptor 
Robert Luther Huffines, quaestor. 


Thurman Seay Brooks 
John Thomas Gibbs 
Edward Leigh Tell III 
Michael Lawrence Rogers 
William Smith 
Robert Leigh Spruill 
John Finley White 



Student Elections 


330 Student Elections 

332 Shideni Elections 

Election Returns — February 3, 1987 

Brian Bailev. student body president (February 10 run-off) 

Carol Geer, Carolina Athletic Association president 

Jill Gerber, The Daily Tar Heel editor 

Kelly Clark, Residence Hall Association president 

Anne Davidson, senior class president 

Dave Brown, senior class vice president 

Student Elections 333 

.'534 Administrators 



Chancellor, Provost, 

Vice Chancellors 

and Deans 

Administrators 335 

£J ; 


Christopher C. Fordham III 


Susan H. Ehringhaus 
Assistant to the Chancellor 

Douglass Hunt 
Special Assistant to the Chancellor 

David D. Dill 
Assistant to the Chancellor for Planning 

Samuel R. Williamson Jr. 

G. Philip Manire 
Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Graduate School 

Farris W. Womack 
Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance 

Gary Evans 
Vice Chancellor for Development and University Relations 

Garland Hershey 
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs 

Donald A. Boulton 
Vice Chancellor and Dean of Student Affairs 

Harold Wallace 
Vice Chancellor for University Affairs 

Robert Cannon 
Affirmative Action Officer 

Gillian Cell 
Dean of the General College and 
of the College of Arts and Sciences 

Stuart Bondurant 
Dean of the School of Medicine 

Maria Young 
Secretary of the University 

John P. Evans 
Dean of the School of Business Administration 

Ben D. Barker 
Dean of the School of Dentistry 

Frank Brown 
Dean of the School of Education 

Richard R. Cole 
Dean of the School of Journalism 

Kenneth S. Broun 
Dean of the School of Law 

Evelyn Daniel 
Dean of the School of Library Science 

Laurel A. Copp 
Dean of the School of Nursing 

Tom S. Miya 
Dean of the School of Pharmacy 

Michel A. Ibrahim 
Dean of the School of Public Health 

John B. Turner 
Dean of the School of Social Work 

David Lanier 

Tom Scott 
Director of the Office of Research Services 

Tim Sanford 
Director of Institutional Research 

Dwight C. Rhyne 
Director of Extension Division 

Eleanor Morris 
Director of Student Aid 

Donald C. Tarbet 
Director of Summer Session 

Richard G. Cashwell 
Director of Undergraduate Admissions 

Wayne Kuncl 
Director of University Housing 

Douglas S. Dibbert 
Director of Alumni Association 

Jack H. Gunnells 
Director of Personnel 

Marcia B. Harris 
Director of Career Planning and Placement 

John Swofford 
Director of Athletics 

Judith R. Cowan 
Director of Student Health Sen'ice 

James J. Gallagher 

Director of Frank Porter Graham 

Child Development Center 

Lee T. Shapiro 
Director of Morehead Planetarium 

Eugene Swecker 
Director of Physical Plant 

Joseph Tulchin 
Director of International Programs 

Wes Lefler 
Director of UNC News Bureau 

336 Administrators 

r i 

CD. Spangler 


Date of Birth: 




Favorite Sports: 

April 5, 1932 

Charlotte, N.C. 

B.S. from UNC-Chapel Hill, M.B.A. from 

Harvard University 

Businessman of construction, real estate 

and banking, member of the Charlotte 

Board of Education, member of the N.C. 

State Board of Education, president of the 

University of North Carolina 

Basketball, snow skiing, backpacking 

and tennis 

CD. Spongier 337 


Christopher C. Fordham III 


Date of Birth: November 28, 1926 
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C. 
Education: B.S. from UNC-Clmpel Hill, M.D. from 
Harvard University 
Career: Dean of the medical school at UNC-Chapel 
Hill, vice chancellor for health affairs at 
UNC-Chapel Hill, chancellor at 
UNC-Chapel Hill 
Favorite Sports: Basketball, football 

338 Christopher C. Fordham III 


Date of Birth 




Special Interests: 
Favorite Sport: 

November 10, 1935 

Bogolusa, La. 

B.A. from Tulane University, M.A. from 

Harvard University, Ph.D. from Harvard 


History professor at Westpoint Military 

Academy, history professor at Harvard 

University, associate professor of history 

and curriculum head of peace, war and 

defense department at UNC-Chapel Hill, 

provost at UNC-Chapel Hill 

Travel, photography 


Samuel R. Williamson Jr. 339 

Farris W. Womack 

Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance 

Date of Birth: 




Special Interest: 
Favorite Sports: 

December 5, 1934 

Concord, Ark. 

B. A. from the University of Central 

Arkansas, M.A. from the University of 

Arkansas, Ph.D. from the University of 


Executive vice president of the University of 

Arkansas, director of finance and 

administration for the University of 

Arkansas, vice chancellor for business and 

finance at UNC-Chapel Hill 


Basketball, football 


340 Farris W. Womack 


' I 





■A r^ 

/ J* s 


1 '" 



Gary A. Evans 

Vice Chancellor for Development and University Relations 

Date of Birth: 

July 13, 1935 


Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 


B.A. from LaFayette College, MA. from 

Rutgers University 


Vice president for resource development at 

Rensselaer Polylechnical Institute, vice 

chancellor for development and university 

relations at UNC-Chapel Hill 

Special Interest: 

Classical Music 

Favorite Sport: 



Gary A. Evans 341 

Donald A. Boulton 

Vice Chancellor and Dean of Student Affairs 

Date of Birth: 




Special Interest: 
Favorite Sport: 

December 31, 1930 

Schnectady, N.Y. 

B.S. from Alfred University, M.A. from 

Rutgers University, D.Ed, from Columbia 


Dean of medical school at Upstate Medical 

College, dean of student affairs at 

University of Illinois, vice chancellor and 

dean of student affairs at UNC-Chapel 




342 DonaU A. Boulion 

Harold G. Wallace 

Vice Chancellor for University Affairs 

Date of Birth: August 13, 1945 



Special Interests: 
Favorite Sport: 

Gaffney, S.C. 

B.A. from Claflin College, M.Div. from 

Duke University 

Student advisor at Duke University, vice 

chancellor for university affairs at 

UNC-Chapel Hill 

Gardening, restoring old cars 


HaroU C. Wallace 343 


Gillian T. Cell 

Dean of ike General College and of ike College of Aris and Sciences 



Special Interest: 
Favorite Sport: 

Birkenhead, England 

B. A. from the University of Liverpool, 

Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool 

History professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, 

dean of the general college and of the 

college of arts and sciences at UNC-Chapel 


Classical music 



344 Gillian T. Cell 

John P. Evans 

Dean of the School of Business Administration 

Date of Birth: 




Special Interests: 
Favorite Sport: 

September 21, 1937 

Warsaw, Ind. 

B.S. from Cornell University, M.S. from 

Cornell University, Ph.D. from Cornell 


Business professor at the University of 

Chicago, dean of the school of business 

administration at UNC-Chapel Hill 

Tennis, running, reading, opera 


John P. Evans 345 

Frank Brown 

Dean of ike School of Education 

Date of Birth: May 1, 1935 

Education: B.S.from Alabama State University, M.S. 
from Oregon State University, Ph.D. from 
Career: Education professor at State University of 
New York at Buffalo, dean of the school of 
education at UNC-Chapel Hill 
Special Interests: Travel, jazz, photography 
Favorite Sports: Basketball, football 

346 Frank Brown 

\ r 

Richard R. Cole 

Dean of ike School of Journalism 

Date of Birth: 




Special Interest: 
Favorite Sport: 

April 20, 1942 

Forney, Texas 

B.A. from the University of Texas at 

Austin, M.A. from the University of Texas 

at Austin, Ph.D. from the University of 


Assistant professor of journalism at 

UNC-Chapel Hill, dean of the school of 

journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill 

International travel 



Richard R. Cole 347 


348 Performances 


Speakers and ike Arts, 

Concerts and Events 

Performances 349 


Speakers and the Arts 

i -"Swrv I ■ * «?^<v. 

in Raleigh. October 8, 1986. 











■ 3 




— * 

r mm cm 

v f 

r ^ 1 

Y?,v - 


fiaW Reagan 

George Plimpton. Memorial Hall. October 13, 1986. 

George Plimpton 35 1 





Terry Sanford. October 13, 1986. 

2 Terry Sanford 

Carmichael Auditorium. March 24, 1987. 


Gerald Ford 353 

Human Rights Week. November 9, 1986. 

r ■» 




Jack Healey 

Human Rights Week. November 10, 1986. 

Maki Mandela 355 

Byrd & Brass. January 13, 1987. 

d O- Brass 

Senior Class Comedy. January 16, 1987. 


Senior Class Comedy 359 

Charles Kuralt. "North Carolina is My Home." January 23, 1987. 







I* : 

Four Soviet Physicians Speak on 

"Community convocation: Prescription for Preventing Nuclear War. 

Leonid llyin, Vladimir Almazov, Feodor Soprunov and N. Kipshidze. 

Soviet Physicians 


The Frank Porter Graham Conference on "Crisis 
in American Liberalism." 


E^r ^w^ 

^^ ^^i^^^fc^» 




Frank Porter Graham Conference 363 


Kuumba Theatre. 

The Heart of the Blues." January 17, 1987. 

mba Theatre 

Floyd McKissick. Presentation of 

Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship. January 19, 1987. 









• ' 

Floyd McKissick 365 

"Drugs: The Great Debate." February 2, 1987. 

Peter Bensinger. 

i6 Peter Bensinger 

Timothy Leary. 

Timoihy Lean/ 367 

Peter Vidmar. 

'•;••—■-. ■-.-. ; 

368 Peter Vidmar 


Concerts 369 


;i70 Concerts 

Concerts 37 1 

M o n k e e s 

First Rock Concert at the Dean E. Smith Student Activity Center 

October 17, 13#6 


f^ - f- .' 

'2 MonfecJ 


Memorial Hall 

November 3, 1386 

Bonnie Raiti 373 


Dean E. Smith Center 

November #, 138G 

Lionel Richie and Sheila E. 


Lionel Richie and Sheila E. 375 


Dean E. Syniih. Center 

January 31 , February 22,23, 13#7 


Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University 

April 21, 13X7 



, I ! M 

R. E. M. 

Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University 

November 15, 1386 

R.EM. 379 



Dean E. Smith Center 

ApritS, 1387 


«R ( ..* 






\ . . .* 


Memorial Hall 

October 18, 1386 

> -•*-«, 




.. ' 

GeneralPublic 381 



Memorial Hall 

February 27, 13*7 


Dean E. Smith Center 

March 27, 1387 


Memorial Halt 

January 27, 1387 

Billy Joel and Bruce Hornsiy and ihe Range 383 


Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University 

November 15, 13#6 

Michael W. Smith 

Memorial Hall 

March 17, 1387 



George Winston 

Memorial Halt 

February 13, 1387 






Br/ *s 

l > 

Michael W. Smith and George Winston 385 


Pat Metheny 

Memorial Hall 

October 8, i3$C 

386 Pat Meiheny 



Inauguration of CD. Spangler as President 
of the University System — October 17, 1JX6 





Valuing Student Contact 

by Clifton Dowell 

""T - he new president of the University 
I of North Carolina usually has lunch 
• in Lenoir Hall once a week. It has 
been 37 years since Clemmie Dixon 
Spangler Jr. first began eating in Lenoir as 
a freshman at UNC. He resumed the habit 
in 1986 when he became the president of 
the UNC system-. He said although his job 
gives him the opportunity to interact with 
students regularly, there can never be 
enough contact. 

He said his respect for education dates to 
early childhood. 

"When I was a young boy in Charlotte, I 
knew how much my mother and father 
respected the schools where I went," he 
said. "They respected the principal as being 
a leader in the community, and they 
respected the school teachers. That respect 
was so obvious to me that it never occurred 
to me not to have that respect. 1 guess that's 
one of the reasons I'm here today." 

Spangler is a relaxed and polite man who 
enjoys backpacking in the Rockies once a 
year and reading biographies of great men. 

continued on page 388 
CD. Spongier Inaugurabon 387 



continued from page 387 

The examples of Winston Churchill, who 
failed repeatedly and yet would not accept 
his failures; and of Abraham Lincoln, who 
led an almost entirely disloyal cabinet, 
interest and inspire Spangler. 

"The basis of leadership, in my 
estimation, is having a background steeped 
in the liberal arts," he said. 

Someone called upon to head a leading 
scientific firm will "be dealing with people, 
not scientific equations," he said. 

"The University must educate people to 
look at their options and to feel some 
degree of comfort with change," he said, 
"because change is with us. To be able to 
live with it is a great asset. It is not a great 
asset to be so technically and narrowly 
trained that when technology changes you 
lose your job." 

In a larger world view Spangler sees 
education as "one hope — the best hope" for 
solving the critical problems that face 
society today. 

He said that the main issue facing people 
today has probably never changed since the 
beginning of time: 

"It is simply for all of us to learn to live 
together in as much peace as we can 
possibly engender," he said. 

He said that he has never seen any system 
of government that rivals democracy as the 

"best mechanism for keeping peace." 

He believes that America is still a place of 
opportunity where people from a humble 
background can get to a position of real 
leadership through their own abilities. 
Many people, however, lose their 
opportunity for success by having the 
wrong idea of success, he said. 

"Success, in my mind, is knowing what 
you do well and doing it," he said. "It does 
not have a relationship to economics. It 
does not have a relationship to how many 
times your name is on the front page of the 
newspaper. It has only the relationship of 
being what you do well." 

Spangler graduated from UNC-Chapel 
Hill in 1954 with a bachelor of science 
degree and obtained a master's in business 
administration from Harvard Graduate 
School in 1956. He then spent two years in 
the U.S. Army and in 1958 returned to his 
hometown of Charlotte to a job with the 
CD. Spangler Construction Co., which had 
been founded by his father. 

In 1973, while serving as president of the 
rapidly expanding company, he became 
chairman of the Bank of North Carolina. 
The 70-branch institution prospered 
under his leadership and was merged in 
1982 into the NCNB Corp. 

A background of active involvement 

reflects Spangler's regard for public 
education. He was elected to the 
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of 
Education in 1972 and served as vice 
chairman from 1974 to 1976. He was 
chairman of the N.C. State Board of 
Education from 1982 until early 1986 and 
co-chaired Gov. James B. Hunt's 
Commission on Education for Economic 
Growth in 1984. 

He is enjoying his new job. 

"I like meeting new people and seeing | 
new situations that are of benefit to the 
University, and trying to make those peoplel 
and situations work together so that they 
help," he said. 

"The University of North Carolina,"! 
Spangler said, "is the best state university in 
the nation. My goal would be to keep it that 
way — to do what we have done before and 
to do it better if we can; to get support for 
our faculty; to remember that the reason 
we are here is to educate students. 

"I've always enjoyed being around|( 
teachers. It's a good profession with peoplep 
who are really well-motivated and do a| 
marvelous job. 

"Being associated with young people] 
with students, has got to be working on thdl 
side of the angels." 

Clifton Do-well is associate editor of the Phoenixl 

388 CD. Spangler Inauguration 

CD. Spongier Inauguration 389 


University Day — October 12, 13#6 

390 University Day 

University Day 391 

Alumni Basketball Game — September 6, 13$ 6 

392 Alumni Basketball Qavne 

9 I 

Bulls vs. Lakers Came — October 1X , 13X6 

Bulls vs. Lakers Came 393 

Sports illustrated Photographs Joe Wolf 


Millan/Sports Illustrated 

394 Joe Wolf 

J i 


Epilogue 395 

Graduation— May 10, 13#7 

396 Graduah 

I i 

¥ J 

* * 



* * * 



f IB 1 











Graduation 397 

398 Graduation 



Graduation 399 


So Long, So What? 

Post-Graduation Hometown Blues 

by Ava Long 

^^^ear Leslie, 

m I Well, howdy, muchacha, que tal? How's your job with that advertising agency 

^^r going? How's Jeff? How's N.Y.C.? 

I is grajooated from collage now, and my mama and daddy are real proud. This was 
something I'd been eagerly awaiting for a long, long time, but it's not quite what I had 

I don't really know what I expected, but here I am, sittin' on my grandma's front 
porch, unemployed, listening to the bullfrogs chirp. 

My father gave me money for a down payment on a new car, but now I have to makf 
payments. And since I haven't found a job yet, Mama has taken me back under hei 
wing, and I have moved back home, regressing into a state of childish bliss. 

400 Graduation 

Six months ago, I was in a bad frame of mind. You and all the rest of mv friends, it 
seemed, had graduated and moved away to exciting new lives. 1 felt like my last vear at 
UNC was a prison sentence, and I marked each day off on the calendar as it passed. I 
was so busy wishing my life away that I forgot to relax and just be a student. I made 
decent grades, but I was slack with my classes and cvnical about the people around me. 
This was my fifth year at UNC. and I was simply tired of being there. 

I walked to classes from my apartment, wearing a large, floppv hat that covered most 
of my face, dark sunglasses and my Walkman headphones, listening to loud, abrasive 
music. And probablv wearing a scowl on my face. I stopped going into the Pit between 
my classes, stopped picking up the DTH, and even stopped listening to WXYC. 

I fantasized buying a big pickup truck with a camper, selling or giving awav most of 
mv possessions and heading west for adventure. 

Since I've been at home, unemploved and broke, I've had a lot of time to think these 
things over. I don't want to stay at home for very long, but I am enjoving mv time here. 
I'm spending a lot of time with mv mother, brother and grandmother, who will 
celebrate her 76th birthday this month. I might as well make the best of it. 

Well, Leslie, when I scrape up some money, maybe I'll visit y'all in New York. Or 
mavbe you can come down here for a weekend and visit me here on the farm. I'd love to 
see you. 


Ava Long « photo editor of the Phoenix. 

Graduation 40 1 

402 Epilogue 

Epilogue 403 

404 Epilogue 

Epilogue 405 


106 Epilogue 


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410 Ef>:iogue 

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Epilogue 413 


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Epilogue 429 


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Meade Willis 


Bread 'N Butter Silk Screen 

Charles Randall Bryan 

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Steven B. Painter 

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Richard J. Richardson 

James Albert Rouse 

D. Barry Sechrist 

David B. Sloan Jr. 

Jay Wayne Wagner 

Eric S. Whittington 

Rebecca R. Winter 


Fowler's Food Store 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson Jr. 

Frances Murray Keenan 

Susan Nichols 

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Jim Kimmitt, Tom and Denise Adams, WXYC Deana 
Nail, Chad McArver, Jolt Cola, Jules for the Thursday 
night escapes and Khaki Ferret. And Betty thanks 
Ava. And W. and P. thank James! 

432 Closing