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'Tis not too late to seek a newer world . . . 
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 
Alfred Lord Tennyson 


Oglethorpe University 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Published by the Yearbook Staff 
Editor-in-Chief: Debra Losner 

r '':£'^.'^fi^::^t 

Activities 13 

Classes 25 

I Faculty 63 

Sports 85 

Organizations . . . .113 
Advertisements . . .151 





iJ. U „„Li 


From America s early settlers over two 
hundred years ago to the scientists and 
astronauts of today there have been 
pioneers throughout time 
A pioneer paves the way for others or 
originates the development of something new. 

Everyone offers something to the cycle of life; 

Some will discover and invent. 
Others will benefit from the findings and creations. 




Territory to live on, materials and techniques for building, medicine, 
weapons, transportation systems, communication networks, and 
recreational equipment are derived from the efforts of the ivorUVs 






Over three hundred freshmen and transfer students went through a 
fall orientation program that introduced them to academic and social 
aspects of Oglethorpe University. Long lines at registration brought 
the new and old students together as they worked towards one com- 
mon goal — to complete the registration steps as fast as possible since 
unpacking was awaiting all, and the last few hours of the carefree days 
of summer were quickly passing by. Additions to the university in- 
cluded a new president, Japanese students, the ELS program, and 
eight new professors. 


Variety of Activities 
Busied All 

O.S.A. sponsored most activities for the students, 
and faculty members were welcome to attend, too. Due 
to the success of the Wednesday night trial Cof- 
feehouses in May, 1975, it was decided that they 
would be continued throughout the 75-76 school 
year. During fall semester. Coffeehouses featured en- 
tertainment that included folk singers, drama 
presentations, international talent, poetry reading, 
bluegrass music, soul sounds, and rock 'n' roll. Cof- 
feehouse amusement was provided by various school 
organizations, off campus talent, faculty members, and 

For the lecture goer, speakers provided insight on 
the future of Oglethorpe University and higher educa- 
tion, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and lead- 
ership. Dr. Manning Pattillo, faculty members, and 
outside guests served as speakers for the lectures. 

A few major dances were held in the fall. The Hal- 
loween Party provided students a chance to use their 
creative abilities to compete in a costume contest, in 
which the Stormy Petrel outfit took the top prize. 


Fanfare, Festivities 


New President 

(L to R) Mrs. Manning Pattillo, Dr. 

Philip Weltner (Oglethorpe's Sixth 


Faculty and guests view opening of art exhibit. 

Dean Malcolm Amerson 

(L to R) Dr. Tim Ryles (Special Assistant to the 
Governor), Dr. Manning Pattillo 


Dr. Donald Agnew (Oglethorpe's Ninth 

Dr. Charles Towers (Chairman of the Inauguration Committee) 
and Mrs, lean Towers 

Dr. and Mrs. Manning Pattillo 

Dr. Manning Mason Pattillo, Jr. officially assumed the office of Oglethorpe 
University President in the inaugural ceremony held on October 18. The inau- 
guration was preceded by the opening of a campus art exhibit on October 17, 
featuring the works of Larry Rivers, and an inaugural concert was presented 
by the Oglethorpe Chorale at the Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church. The official 
ceremony opened with the procession of the University Marshals, Delegates of 
Colleges and Universities, Delegates of Learned Societies, Associations, and 
Foundations, faculty, trustees, and dignitaries. The procession was followed 
by an invocation, the inaugural address by Dr. Franklyn A. Johnson, and 
greetings from various speakers representing the state, city, counties, alumni, 
students, faculty, and trustees. Dr. Manning Pattillo was formally inducted as 
the twelfth President of the university, and a reception concluded the inau- 
gural activities. 

Dr. Manning Pattillo 

Dr. Allen Ault (President of National Alumni 
Association of Oglethorpe University) 


Final Exams 


Holiday Season 

Thanksgiving weekend came three weeks prior to 
Christmas and semester recess. The short vacation 
gave students their last chance to relax before finals 
had to be taken on December 15-19. 

A lecture on Hinduism and a Blood Drive were held 
before the exam period. The annual Boar's Head Fra- 
ternity's Christmas Ceremony in which the Christmas 
tree atop Lupton Hall is lit was on December 12. As 
the final event of 1975, O.S.A. sponsored a Christmas 
Party on the evening of December 13. 





Studies Ebbed 
As Students 
Caught Spring Fever 

Campus activities resumed on January 18 at the conclusion of a 
month long vacation for the holidays and the semester break. An 
O.S.A. party was held early in the semester to welcome new students 
and reacquaint returning students. The National Theater Company 
presented "Declaration," a musical depicting American historical 
events. Black History month in February brought community talent to 
the stage and featured cultural achievements of Black people. A tradi- 
tional program in honor of Oglethorpe Day was conducted by Dr. J.B. 
Key on February 12. A schoolwide Oglethorpe Town Meeting was held 
at the Atlanta Athletic Club on March 6 to discuss plans for the univer- 
sity's future. 

Movies and many guest speaker programs were added to the spring 
semester calendar. A two week spring vacation in March brought relief 
from frozen grounds and wind chilled days. Blossoming dogwood 
trees and warm sunshiny days marked the return of outdoor sports 
and study sessions mixed with suntan lotion. Graduation on May 16 
culminated the school year. 



Homecoming Reflected Tradition 

Homecoming '76 was initiated by the victory 
of the Petrels over the basketball team from 
Piedmont. During the dance that followed the 
game, an old tradition was renewed when 
Lord and Lady Oglethorpe — Jimmy Kirtland 
and Nell Hopkins — were crowned. 





ELS Center Added 
Foreign Touch 

Oglethorpe University was selected as the Atlanta site for an 
English Language Services (ELS) Center because of the small 
campus and the good location in regard to the transportation 
system. ELS Language Centers conduct 13 four week English 
teaching sessions for foreign students yearly in each of its 12 
centers throughout the United States. Nine levels of English 
are offered each session, and, depending on his ability to learn 
the language, the student may attend the program for up to a 
year. Upon completion of the program each student receives a 
certificate stating that they know English well enough to be 
able to attend an American university provided that they meet 
the requirements of that institution. 

During the first year on the Oglethorpe campus, the ELS 
Center had ten teachers each session. The program was mainly 
composed of students from the Middle East, but will eventu- 
ally have students from Latin America, Europe, and Africa. All 
of the school's activities were open to the ELS students; how- 
ever, only about half of the students resided in the dormito- 
ries. Director of the Atlanta center. Dr. James Thames, pro- 
vided field trips to area attractions for the foreign students. 

h 1 



Japanese Students 
Enrolled at O.U. 

Due to foreign student interest in attending American uni- 
versities, Dr. Ken Nishimura coordinated plans that enabled 
Japanese students to attend Oglethorpe University. Twenty- 
seven students from different cities in Japan were selected as 
the initial group. An orientation program in the summer of- 
fered five weeks of classes to introduce the foreigners to Amer- 
ican culture, and to increase their study skills and knowledge 
of English. Following the classes, the students visited their 
host families from the Atlanta area for the three weeks prior to 
the start of the fall semester. The highlight of the orientation 
program was when the students prepared a Japanese dinner 
for the administration and some of their professors. The 
Japanese students took a regular schedule of classes during the 
school year. 

'i'-'*-^**«y>«*>>*»t«*<- ■ 





1^ irM 


Who's Who 

Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges 

Bottom Row (L to R): Dennis Harrison, Dennis Wheeler, Bruce Johnson, Darr McKeown, Gratton 

Woodson, Steve Gibbs; Second Row: Teresa Thacker, Deesi Thurston, Barbara Howard, Lori Arnold, 

John Skelton, Tony Taylor, Elbert Haney, Richard Green. Not Pictured: Sheree Baker, Phil 

Chamberlain, Bernard VanderLande. 


Senior Class President 
Stetson Rowles 


Sophomore Class President 
Dave Robbins 

Junior Clase President 
John Silsby 




Terry Addy 


Corliss Armstrong 


Janette Barrows 


Lynne Bilzing 

Marilyn Bivins 

Gary Bruce 


Wayne Carter 

Betty Clements 

Stephen Cowan 


Elese Culpepper 


Scotty Davis 


Leslie DeMarcus 


Luis Echemendia 


Christopher Eckert 



Kenneth Ficalore 


Michael Fishman 


Margaret Gettle 


Elizabeth Gosnell 


Richard Green 


Bruce Greenfield 



Gordon Greenhut 


AnnRita Hader 


Elbert Haney 


Robert Harman 


James Henderson 


Barbara Howard 



Mark Jaffe 


Bruce Johnson 


James Johnston 


Warner Kennon 

i'i« B.B.A. 

Elizabeth Kidder 

Tony Longarzo 


Rodney Lucas 


Stan McCalla 



Dennis Mensch 

Linda Mernan 

Miles Milbank 


Myles Mittleman 











Wm "^^ 

^ ^nHK^^I 












Jessie Pearcy 


Beth Poliakoff 


Darryl Price 


Chris Prothro 


Stetson Rowles 


Glenda Sanford 


Amy Schuman 


James Slaybaugh 


Cheryl Smelley 



David Tenenbaum 

Teresa Thacker 


Deesi Thurston 


Bernard Van der Lande 



Shirley Welborn 


Danny Wheeler 


Dennis Wheeler 


Harvey Wood 


Donald Young 


Cheryl Zachary 


Pia-Marit Lehtonen 

Tennent Neville 








Rick Abraham 
anet Abrams 
Patricia Ackerman 
Carolyn Agrin 

Ronald Anderson 
Lynn Anson 
Vickie Armstrong 
Lori Arnold 

Cathy Ayer 
Naoyuki Baba 
Micfiael Bahary 
Denise Ballachino 

Michelle Banks 
ohn Beach 
Barbara Bemis 
David Bergen 

Monica Bloom 


Martin Bogoslawsky jjj 

Tom Booker 
Pamela Boothe 
Celeste Boris [J-^ 

Brian Boss 

Robin Bowen 

Robert Bristol 

Jane Brooks 

Karl Burgess 

Steve Burnette 

Susan Butler 

Robert Byrd 

Blake Christoph 

Melanie Christopher 


Dondi Cobb 
Christopher Collier 
Cynthia Cone 
Gayla Cooper 

Kevin Cooper 
Alfred Cornelius 

Gaye Cowart 
Deborah Cox 

William Crawford 
Peter Crockin 
Ted Cummings 
Martin Cunningham 

**. AlA'vViT ^ ^1 . J>-;>i^imTi:..U 

Janet Daly 
Geneva D'Aulisa 
Paul David 
Garv Davis 


Frank Day 

Jed DeLong 

Sheila Dickson 

Mary Doran 

Barbi Doss 

Pam Drake 

David Eastis 

Ken Eckerle 

Betsy Edge 

Peggy Estes 

Pokey Taylor Fahey 

Cheikh FaU 

David Farrier . 

Sami Fayoumi \ ^ \ 

Kevin Fitzpatrick 
Martha Fleming 


Richard Foster 
Gregory Fowler 

Annette Fnant 
Annette Fry 

Yukiko Fujimori 
Minoru Fukuda 
James Gant 
Timothy Gatewood 

Steve Geiger 
Michael Germano 
Laurie Gersh 
Majdou Ghamdi 

John Giddings 
Adrienne Gindes 
Kathleen Gioia 
Stephen Gold 


Billy Goldstein 

Gary Greenhaum 

Glenna Greenhut 

Bob Gregory 

David Grey 

Gloria Guzman 

Michael Guzzo 

Mary Hallock 

Peter Harrison 

Kevin Hart 

Robert Hastings 

Dixon Head 

James Hellmuth 
Era Hidenori 

WiUette HoUis 
Marie Hook 


Gronk Hoople 

T'^- Sii^^&js: Swantz Hoople 

Helen Howard 
Tom Hutchings 
Josh Ing 
Runko Ishii 

Pamela Jackson 
Janis Jacobs 
Maria James 
Tanya James 

Keith Johnson 
Lynn Johnson 
Sally Johnson 
Sewell Johnson 


Wendy Johnson 

Colby Johnstone 

Dianne Jones 

Lawrence Jones 

Leslie Jones 
John Jordan 

Daniel Joslin 
Hiroyuki Kamada 


ane Kaminer 
David Kane 
John Kennon 
William Kennon 

Susan Kessler 

Youssuff Khayat 

Minoru Kihara 

Rich Kinler 


Teruhisa Kinoshita 
Leslie Kittredge 
Mitsuhiro Konishi 
Dale Kristle 

Chisaka Kubota 
Michele Lammie 
George Lane 
Edward Lankford 

Wayne LaRue 
Tracey Lathem 

Loretta Lawrence 
Jan Lawson 

Anthony Lee 
Audrey Lee 
Daniel Lee 
Gail Leib 


Edward Leinwand 

Michael Lembeke 

Lisa Lend 

Jan Lewis 

David Liss 
Marianna Llop 
Debbie Losner 
Allison Lourie 

John Lowe 

Terry Lowenstein 

Khalid Mansour 

Diana Marcus 

Eric Martini 

Norman Mason 


Phillip Mauldin 
James McDaniel 
Wesley McFarland 
Darr McKeown 

Chris McMartm 
Robert Meaders 
Steve Merhige 
Takeo Miki 

Tracy Miller 
Catherine Mitchell 
Liz Mogill 
Carl Moore 


Robert Moore 

Donald Mullinax 

Brendan Murphy 

John Murray 

David Nadler 

Jose Nascimento 

Donna Nathan 

Mitchell Neuman 

Jules Nissim 

Tadashi Nomura 

Kim Oberholtzer 

John Odess 

Naomi Ogiyama 

Cynthia Painter 


Glen Papure 
Roger Paynter 

Christopher Pearson 
Sharon Peterson 

Wayne Pettett 
Sharon Pierce 
Sandra Pitts 
MeUssa Plotnik 

Fred Powell 

Steve Prettvman 


John Rand 

Debra Rasmussen 

Guido Raso 

Barbara Regenstein 

Denise Register 

Chris Reid 

Mark Resnick 

Pamela Richbourg 

Anita Roberts 

Judy Robinson 

Diane Rogowski 

Stacey Roman 


James Russell 
Joel Rutstein 
Ann Sakers 
Tina Salzman 

Cheryl Samet 
Reiko Sato 
Rori Satsuki 
Yulia Satsuki 

Eric Sechrist 
Lynne Serby 
Joel Shapiro 
Richard Shapiro 


Donna Shaw 

Jamie Shaw 

James Sheehan 

Fouadi Sherebi 

John Silsby 

Penny Simpson 

Marc Sloane 

Brian Smith 

Clarkson Smith 

Ruth SoweU 

Tonetta Spring 

Deborah Steeb 


Roni Steinberg 
Timothy Straus 
Sorority Suzy 
Richard Tabas 

Hideaki Takei 
Laura Tarbox 

Karl Tellekamp 
Marc Thayer 

Wanda Thornton 

^UiJ -liM 

■*■..'„.': Sharon Thurman 

■'^ ^ijtitt^i::^: ^* 


Elaine Thurmond 
Patrick Tozzo 

Keiko Tsumagari 
Rickey Turner 

Steve Vano 

Celia Vecchio 

Mary Wagner 

Katsuko Wakiya 

Lonnie Wallace 

Othman Washmi 

Alexis Weisman 

Jane Wendell 

Terry West 

Susan Westmoreland 

Susan Whitehurst 

Cyndi Williams 


Carol Willner 
Susan Wilson 

Theresa Wise 
Kerry Witt 

Pamela Wright 
Karen Wrobel 
Lynda Wrobel 
Yuko Yamada 

Mitsuo Yamanishi 

Hidevuki Yamaoka 





§4f li: 

Dr. Manning Pattillo, Jr. 


On October 18, 1975, Dr. Manning Mason Pattillo, Jr. 
was officially recognized as the twelfth president of Ogle- 
thorpe University. A graduate of the University of the 
South, Dr. Pattillo received his A.M. and Ph.D. from the 
University of Chicago where he subsequently was in- 
volved in the teaching and guidance of graduate students. 
After completion of his work at the University of Chicago, 
Dr. Pattillo held various positions in the Lilly Endowment, 
the Danforth Foundation, and the Foundation Center. Im- 
mediately prior to assuming his office at Oglethorpe, Dr. 
Pattillo was Director of Special Projects at the University of 

*-»? ^ ■■'■"^ 



John Knott 

Dean of Administration 

Elgin MacConnell 
Dean of Services 


Esther Perry 
Secretary to the President 


Nancy Dempsey 
Secretary to Dean MacKenzie 


Julie Rummel 

Secretary, University Advancement 

Linda Bucki 

Secretary to Dean Amerson 


Not Pictured: 

Bob Crosby 

Intramural Director 

Pat Elsey 

Secretary to the Graduate School 

Bill Travis 

Athletic Director 


Lauretta Jaeger 


Susan Palmer 
Director of Alumni Affairs 










Alice Richardson 
Women's Athletic Coordinator 


Ron Woodall 
Assistant Librarian 


■^Hl.- *' 

(L toR) Robert Evans, Charles Sullivan 
Director of Financial Aid; Director, Office of University Advancement 

Bruce Abrams 
Director of Student Counseling and Placement 

Brenda Millican 
Director, Merit Awards Program 


Robert Mathis 

Director of Student Activities and the University Center 


Adrina Richards 
Bookstore Manager 

Cafeteria Personnel: (L to R) Rick Jones, Bert Adamson, Carolyn Wright, Bill Dayton, Catherine Wright, Mattie He 
ard, Jo Ann Woods, Melvin Sutton, Ruby Fanning, Carl Green 


Betty Collins |^ 
Business Office Manager 

John Ferrey 
Director of Data Processing 

Business Office 







Dr. Robert Fusillo 
Associate Professor of English 

' %^ -V 

Dr. Linda Taylor 
Assistant Professor of English 



Dr. Barbara Clark 
Assistant Professor of English 


Dr. William Brightman 
Instructor of English 

William Strozier 

Instructor in Foreign Languages 

Not Pictured: 

James Bohart 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Triska Loftin 

Lecturer in Art 

Ben Smith 

Lecturer in Art 

Kintzing Emmons 

Foreign Student Advisor 

Barry Bartrum 
Instructor of English 



James Miles 
Professor of Business Administration 

Dr. William Orzechowski 
Assistant Professor of Economics 



Dr. Charlton Jones and "Volf" 

Assistant Professor of Business Administration 

Dr. William Egerton 
Professor Retired, Business 

Not Pictured: 

Dallas Gay, Jr. 

Lecturer in Business 

Alfred Hunkin 

Lecturer in Business Administration 

George Stern 

Lecturer in Business 

Phillip Winter 

Lecturer in Business 

Dr. Henry Miller 

Visiting Professor of Economics 


Philosophy/Behaviorial Sciences 

Dr. Ken Nishimura 
Fukaishi Professor of Pfiilosophy 

Dr. PhiUip Neujahr 
Assistant Professor of Philosophy 


Dr. Theodore Rose'l 
Assistant Professor of Psycholog; 



Robert Montgomery 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Dr. Johnna Shamp 

Assistant Trofessor of Psychology 

Dr. Martha Vardeman 
Associate Professor of Sociology 


Social Studies 

Leo Bilancio 
Professor of History 

Phillip Palmer 
Professor of Political Science 

Dr. David Thomas 
Associate Professor of History, 


Dr. George Waldner 

Assistant Professor of Political Sciences 

Dr. Royce Shingleton 
Visiting Lecturer in History 

Not Pictured: 
Dr. J.B. Key 
Professor of History 



George Wheeler 
Professor of Pfiysics 

Dr. David Mosher 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Brian Moores 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Daniel Schadler 
Assistant Professor of Biology 



Dr. Roy Goslin 

Professor of Physics and Mathematics 

Dr. PhilHp Zinsmeister 
Assistant Professor of Biology 

Dr. Robert Raphael 

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics 

Dr. William Harrison 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 


WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN is responsible for marching«i*p army across 
Georgia in the Civil War. He was a Union General in the Civil War and the 
commanding general of the United States for fourteen years. In 1864, Sherman 
led three armies totaling 100,000 men through Atlanta and then proceeded to 
Savannah. However, by the capture of Atlanta the South's position was top- 
pled and Lincoln was elected as President. Although in Sherman's words 
"War is hell" his successful "march to the sea" paved the way for the divided 
nation's reconcilation. 






Runners Outdistanced 


Ted Cummings 

Runners circled the track for another lap. 

(L to R) Steve Prettyman, Chris McMartin 

Bottom Row (L to R): Ted Cummings, Steve Pretty- 
man, Chris McMartin; Second Row: John Lowe, Mike 
Jones, Jed DeLong, Coach Fred Baldwin. Not Pic- 
tured; Greg Fowler, Wayne LaRue 



Although the cross country team faced strong 
opposition from larger schools than Oglethorpe, 
the team placed eighth in the State Championship 
meet out of 18 college teams. The 1975 runners 
were the best that the school has had since cross 
country was introduced to the campus in 1972. 

Daily practices during the season were not 
enough to produce a winning team. Successful 
runners usually average 10-20 miles every day of 
the year. "It is a sport which demands year-round 
conditioning, dedication, and determination," re- 
marked Coach Fred Baldwin. 

John Lowe, the number one runner, led the team 
to victory against archrival, Emory University. 
Team captains were John Lowe and Chris McMar- 
tin. All of the cross country runners contributed to 
the track team. 

Wayne LaRue 

(L to R) Wayne LaRue, Mike Jones 

John Lowe 


Soccer Team Exhibited Fancy Footwork 

Stan McCalla 

Darryl Price 

Bottom Row {L to R): Miles Milbank, 
Brian Taylor, Robert Hastings, Steve 
Gibbs, Sam Iraggi, Chris Pearson, 
Richard Fahey; Second Row: Robert 
Bristol, John Silsby, Tim Strauss, Mike 
Moyer, Dave Grey, Darryl Price, Guido 
Raso, Stan McCalla, Coach Phil 
Zinsmeister. Not Pictured: Warner 
Kennon, Harold Lovinger, Joe Schae- 
dler, Dave Tenebaum. 

afftSeSiSSSt' 4?MS»?SS8| JsT^¥==r^^ 



Brian Taylor 


Because most of the members of the soccer team re- 
turned from the previous year, the team improved 
upon past school records. However, opponents Berry 
College and Georgia State, both nationally ranked 
teams proved to be too strong for the Oglethorpe team. 
The outstanding game of the season was the Confer- 
ence game victory over Georgia College in Mil- 

Dr. Phillip Zinsmeister coached the team, and Guido 
Raso served as team captain. John Silsby scored the 
most goals during the season. Brian Taylor was cited 
as the best freshman player. 

■•*» ■* ,<»ii»siti|^s-.. 

(L to R) Mike Moyer, Guido Raso 

John Silsby 

(L to R) Mike Moyer, Brian Taylor ; 


Returnees Raised Record 

Soccer team contemplated game tactics. 

Guido Raso 

Robert Hastings 


Stormy Petrels 
Showed Stamina 

Varsity basketball got off to a slow start since most of the 
players had not worked together on the court before the 
beginning of the year. The four returning lettermen, Ricky 
McCord, Chris Reid, Gary Sams, and Tommy Sams pulled the 
team together after the semester break to raise the team's 
record. The team participated in the Palm Beach Atlantic 
Christmas Tournament and then continued to play teams from 
the Georgia Intercollegiate Conference. 

Tic Anderson, Bill Gardner, and Ricky McCord led the team 
in scoring while top rebounders were Bill Gardner, Kevin 
Hart, and Ricky McCord. Coach Bill Stewart conducted the 
players through weekday practice sessions. Under the direc- 
tion of Renee Sams, eight cheerleaders sparked enthusiasm in 
the crowds. 

Bill Gardner 

Ricky McCord 


Jimmy Bryant 

Gary Martin 

Ricky McCord 


(L to R) Ricky McCord, Bill Gardner 

Bottom Row (L to R): Coach Bill 
Stewart, Gary Martin, Tic Anderson, 
Chris Reid, Gary Sams, Tommy Sams, 
Chris Mauldin; Second Row: Randy 
Harris, Mitch Neuman, Bill Gardner, 
Jimmy Bryant, Kevin Hart, Ricky 
McCord, Reggie Pressley. 

Tic Anderson 

Cagers Dribbled 
Out of Corners 


Bottom Row (L to R): Gary Sams, Colby Johnstone, Wanda 
Thornton; Second Row: Ricky McCord, Jimmy Bryant, Debbie Ras- 
mussen, Ann Sakers; Third Row: Tanya James, Cheryl Smelley, 
Cindy Williams, Bonnie Friedman. 

Tanya James 


JV Squad 
Bounced Back 

By playing junior college varsity teams, Oglethorpe's junior varsity 
basketball team gained experience from the stronger opponents before 
taking on junior varsity squads from the Georgia Intercollegiate Con- 
ference. Terry Lindley and Norman Mason led the team in scoring and 
top rebounders were Mitchell Neuman and Reggie Pressley. The team 
practiced weekdays under the direction of Coach Bill Travis. 

Tony Kornegay 

(L to R) Tony Kornegay, Reggie Pressley 

Bottom Row (L to R): Tim McQinsky, 
Dondi Cobb, Alan Meaders, Terry 
Lindley, Norman Mason; Second Row: 
Keith Travis, Randy Harris, Mitch 
Neuman, Reggie Pressley, Mike 
Blackman, Steve Daniels. Not Pictured: 
Tony Kornegay. 





(L to R) Steve Prettyman, Terry Lindley, Jed DeLong, Melvin Hendricks 

Mike Jones 


«WBUv<TOwv^,n-^, 't„„^^^ 

Melvin Hendricks 

Trackmen participated in indoor and outdoor 
track schedules that matched them against stronger 
talent from larger schools. Coming off of an unde- 
feated 1975 season, the team drew large support 
from the student body due to the team's strength. 
Indoor events were held in January and February 
with field events being conducted in March 
through May. Coach Fred Baldwin guided the 
team throughout the lengthy season. 

Bottom Row (L to R): Mike Jones, Robert Hastings, Steve Pret- 
tyman, Terry Lindley, Jed Delong, Latralle Lockwood; Second 
Row: Bob Germon, John Lowe, Pat Tozzo, John McWilHams, 
Paul David, Wayne LaRue, Melvin Hendricks, Greg Fowler, 
Coach Fred Baldwin. Not Pictured: Tic Anderson, Tony Lee, 
Gary Martin, Ricky McCord, Chris McMartin, Skip Morris, 
Scott Sloan 


Field Events 




Spring Signaled Baseball Season 


Batters Whacked Out Base Hits 

(L to R) Alan Meaders, Tim Straus 

Baseball action get under way in 
March with a relatively new squad. 
The team, made up of mainly 
freshman players, competed within 
the G.I.A.C. division. The 1976 
season was the first year that Tony 
Palma served as baseball coach. 

(L to R) Steve Wilson, David McGrath 

afii..i«^ ... . 

(L to R) Steve Vano, Terry West 



(L to R) Tim Straus, David McGrath 

Bottom Row (L to R): Darryl Price, Phil 
McMichen, Robert Welty, Steve Vano, Alan 
Meaders, Tim Straus, Mike Barlovi^; Second Row: 
Coach Tony Palma, William Jaeger, David 
McGrath, Steve Wilson, Chris Mauldin, Fred 
Mills, Alan Arnold, Terry West, Donald Mul- 
linax, David Pair. Not Pictured: Dondi Cobb, 
Mike McDaniel, Gary Sams 

■■■-■- -■ ■ ' '" ' Vb .'■ ■ 

{L to R) Chris Mauldin, David Pair, Terry West, Mike Barlow 



Tennis Players 
Lobbed Opponents 

New players predominated on both tennis teams since 
there were only three returnees: Susan Kessler, David 
Kane, and Robert Moore. The schedule included stronger 
opponents than in previous seasons because both teams 
joined a conference. Alice Richardson and Coach Bill 
Stewart directed the women's and men's teams, respective- 


Mike Vann 

Barbara Ginsburg 

Robert Moore 

Tracey Lathem 


(L to R): Alice Richardson, Barbara Ginsburg, 
Monica Bloom, Susan Kessler, Tracey Lathem, 
Sharon Gomez, Patty Bamett, Laurie Gersh, 
Celeste Boris 

(L to R): Coach Bill Stewart, Ronald Klein, Mike Vann, Robert Moore, Eric Martini, Jim Steinhouse, 
David Kane, Brad Barker, Jim Shad, Ed Rapp, Darr McKeown 

Patty Bamett 



Football Ranked Favorite 
On Intramural Schedule 






-»- .;% 






^ "# 


H > 


r ■-« 



Intramural Program 

Offered Physical 

Activity to Students 

Academic frustration and dorm room boredom were exhausted 
in the newly reorganized intramural sports program. The year's 
program of sports involved over 200 men and women. Coor- 
dinators Bob Crosby and Alice Richardson planned the game 
schedules. Seven teams of men participated in football, volleyball, 
basketball, and baseball. Five teams of women competed in ten- 
nis, bowhng, volleyball, basketball, and Softball. Teams with the 
best records and the most valuable players were awarded at the 
end of the season. 









Dave Anderson 

Phil Chamberlain 

Blake Christoph 

Frank Day 

Roger Dickerson 

Peggy Estes 

Kevin Fitzpatrick 

Steve Geiger 

Steve Gibbs 

Betsy Gosnell 

Kathy Glynn 

Bill Kennon 

Warner Kennon 

Sam Christopher — President 

Lynn Johnson — Vice President 

Janet Daly — Secretary 

Greg Fowler — Treasurer 

Peter Harrison — Parliamentarian 

Diana Marcus 

Linda Mernan 

Carl Moore 

Robert Moore 

Glen Papure 

Dave Robbins 

Stetson Rowles 

Jim Russell 

Jim Shadd 

John Silsby 

Bonnie Sopkin 

Deesi Thurston 

Tricia Wool 


The Oglethorpe Student Association met biweekly to 
consider changes that could be made to accommodate the 
student body. Efforts on the part of O.S.A. representatives 
resulted in longer library hours, Coffeeehouses on 
Wednesday nights, dances, and lectures. The Universal 
Gym System, a body building and exercise machine, was 
purchased by O.S.A. to serve the entire school. 

(L to R) Sam Christopher, Marsha Russell 

Stetson Rowles 

Bonnie Sopkin 


Frank Day 

Kevin Fitzpatrick 

Bottom Row (L to R): Rich Tabas; Second 
Row: John Beach, Chris Cashion, Susan 
Deutsch, Freci Powell, Pam Jackson, Debbie 
Steeb, Tanya James, Leshe Jones, Kevin 
Fitzpatrick (Editor-in-Chief), Rich Shapiro, 
Dave Anderson, Ricky Turner, Stan Carpen- 
ter, Frank Day; Third Row: Donald Mul- 
linax, Dondi Cobb, Joel Shapiro. Not Pic- 
tured: Naomi Cannon, Barbara Ginsberg, 
Mark Goldberg, Marie Hook, Mike Jones, 
Liz Kidder, Dennis Mensch, Glen Papure, 
Howard Pousner, Bill Rickard. 


Rich Tabas 


Debbie Steeb 

Stormy Petrel 

Biweekly issues of the school's newspaper featured campus news 
and commentaries about both national politics and the sports scene. 
The Stormy Petrel was funded by O.S.A. and advertisers. A calendar 
of events in the Atlanta area was included in each issue. 

Joel Shapiro 

ll f^l .^ 



Susan Deutsch 

Pam Jackson 



Yearbooks were available free to all full time students 
due to the increased activity fee which provided partial 
funds for publication. Advertising and the sale of year- 
books to the faculty provided the monies needed to meet 
the additional costs incurred by the Yamacraw '76. The 
annual highlighted the nation's Bicentennial, and featured 
more written material than previous Oglethorpe annuals. 

Rick Foster (Photographer) 

Debbie Losner (Editor-in-Chief) 

Audrey Lee (Activities) 

Dave Bruno (Photographer) 


Patti Ackerman (Underclass) 

Tracey Lathem (Faculty) 

Susan Whitehurst (Underclass) 

\-M\" iy y 

Cheryl Samet (Faculty) 


Oglethorpe Players 

(L to R) Eina Wells, Steve Gold, Mr. Jim Bohart 

Bottom Row (L to R): Steve Gold, Bonnie Sopkin, Jamie Shaw, Michele Lammie, Janet Daly; Sec- 
ond Row: Rich Shapiro, Eina Wells, Sheila Dickson, Sam Christopher, Tanya James. Not Pictured: 
Lori Arnold, Mike Bahary, Betsy Edge, Cleveland Foster, Margaret Gettle, Richard Green, Helen 
Howard, Laura Johnson, Lou Johnson, Beth Poliakoff, Mark Resnick, Mary Steinberg, Jane Wen- 

Oglethorpe Players presented productions that reflected what they learned 
at their regular meetings during the year. Behind the scenes, Mr. Jim Bohart, 
Mr. Barry Bartrum, Dr. William Brightman, and Dr. Linda Taylor provided the 
dramatists with lessons that made use of oral interpretation, mime, and vocal 
exercises. The Lonesome Train, The Wizard of Id, Sesame Street, Down in the 
Valley, and Old Testament Review were performed by the Players. 

(L to R) Rich Shapiro, Jamie Shaw, Michele 


Players performed The Lonesome Train citing 
scenes from the life of Abraham Lincoln. 


David Nadler 

Brendan Murphy 

WJTL, the school's student operated 
radio station, could not function for a 
few months due to a delay in repairing 
broken transmitter lines. The radio sta- 
tion, 640 AM on your radio, recovered 
and operated seven days a week from 
10:00 AM to midnight. 

(L to R) Dixon Head, David Nadler, Brendan Murphy (Station Manager), Rick Abraham, Ken 
Hutchinson, Carrie Agrin. Not Pictured: Brad Barker, John Beach, Dondi Cobb, Frank Day, Steve 
Merhige, Sharon Pierce, Stacy Roman, Frank vanAmeringen, Steve Vano. 






(L to R) Lou Johnson (Director), Mar- 
garet Gettle, Janet Daly, Jane Wendell, 
Susan Deutsch, Barbara Ginsburg. Not 
Pictured: Laura Johnson (Director), 
Mark Resnick. 

Instruction and activities designed to edu- 
cate area elementary school students about 
music, art, and drama were provided by the 
Children's Creative Dramatic Workshop (for- 
merly known as the Oglethorpe Children's 
Theater). Student teachers provided classes on 
movement, story telling, art, and music each 
Saturday morning. Performances were offered 
for the students' parents throughout the pro- 

Lou Johnson 


American Chemical Society's 
Student Affiliates 

Students majoring in mathematics or the natural sci- 
ences could join the Student Affiliates of the American 
Chemical Society. The society resumed a series of lec- 
tures that were started in the spring of 1975. Professors 
and scientists from the community spoke about the 
application of the laws of chemistry and physics. 

Bottom Row (L to R); Jeff Carels (Vice President — 
Treasurer), Pat Gresham, Barbara KroU, Dr. Brian 
Moores, Bruce Johnson (President), Gratton Wood- 
son, Chris Conley; Second Row: Dennis Harrison, Jan 
Lazor, Larry Cohen. Not Pictured: Deborah Cox, Di- 
anne Jones, Ken Krasne, Susan Landrum, Joe Schae- 
dler, Gerald Sutton. 


Oratorio Society 

Michael Anderson 

Audrey Armstead 

Sharon Bohart 

Emily Brandon 

Barney Burroughs 

Sandy Burroughs 

Noralyn Carpenter 

Nancy Chandler 

Dot Coates 

Rod Colson 

Glenn Cooper 

Diane Davies 

Mai Davies 

Thorn Davies 

Deedy Dryman 

Linda Fleming 

Donna Floyd 

Pat Gresham 

Elizabeth HiO 

Laura Johnson 

Lou Johnson 

George Kubica 

Emmy Lou Legerton 

Jane Littlejohn 

Ruby Lloyd 

Pat Marcus 

Bob Mathis 

Dave Messman 

Jo Ott 

Ilia Patterson 

Lisa Pittman 

Mark Resnick 

Dan Schadler 

Cindy Sedran 

Frank Walker 

Judy Wallis 

Barb Werboff 

Warren Williams 

Oglethorpe Community Chorus 

Students, faculty, and members of the com- 
munity make up the Oratorio Society. The sin- 
gers meet once a week with Mr. Jim Bohart to 
learn choral works from all musical periods, 
sacred and secular styles. Oratorio Society 
members presented the annual fall and spring 

The Oglethorpe Community Chorus is a 
combination of the Collegiate Chorale, 
Oratorio Society and the Oglethorpe Pres- 
byterian Church Chancel Choir. They per- 
formed the inaugural concert and an all Ran- 
dall Thompson Concert. 


Bottom Row (L to R): Blake Christoph, Jack 
Skelton, Sean Randall; Second Row: Peggy 
Estes, Rori Satsuki, Ann Schlossman, Roger 
Dickerson; Third Row: Jessie Pearcy, Yulia 
Satsuki, Lou Johnson; Fourth Row: Lynn 
ohnson, Betsy Gosnell, Susan Bird, Richard 
Green; Fifth Row: Linda Daniell, Margaret 
Gettle, Chris Johnson, Laura Johnson. 

Oglethorpe Community Chorus 

Before the summer of 1975, the Chorale 
filmed a television special and hosted an 
American composer during his three day visit 
to the campus. The Boar's Head Ceremony fea- 
tured singing by the Chorale. During spring 
semester the singers held a special concert of 
religious choral music and participated in the 
opera "Down in the Valley". The Chorale re- 
hearses four days a week for one hour credit. 

Oglethorpe Community Chorus 


Sigma Zeta 


(L to R) Gratton Woodson, Bob Germon 

Bottom Row (L to R): Bruce Johnson, Gratton Woodson (President), Miles Mil- 
bank, Bob Germon; Second Row: Dr. William Harrison, Kenneth Krasne {Vice 
President), Susan Landrum (Secretary), Teresa Thacker, Dianne Jones, Dr. 
Dorothy Zinsmeister, Dr. Phillip Zinsmeister, James Henderson (Treasurer), 
Dr. Robert Raphael. Not Pictured: Philip Chamberlain, Beatrice Combs, De- 
nnis Harrison, Michael Locklear, Darr McKeown, Michael Sanders, Allison 

Science majors with a 3.3 grade point average in their sci- 
ence courses, and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average were 
invited to join the Alpha Nu Chapter of Sigma Zeta. The hon- 
orary club sponsored lectures by scientists and medical doctors 
to inform members about the wide range of career oppor- 
tunities in the science field, how to prepare to take entrance 
exams for graduate schools and how to apply to medical 
schools. Sigma Zeta members added landscaping around Gos- 
lin Hall. 


Kenneth Krasne 



Education majors were informed about applying for a 
teaching job. 

Bottom Row (L to R): Donna Floyd, Linda Daniel] 
(Treasurer), Betsy Gosnell, Barbara Howard (Presi- 
dent), Charles Short, Mary Wagner; Second Row: 
Kathy Read, Glenna Greenhut (Secretary), Jan Bar- 
rows, Elise Culpepper, Cheryl Smelley. Not Pictured: 
Debra Canarick, Vicki Grimes, Laura Johnson, Louis 
Johnson, Ann Schlossman, Judy Suter. 

The function of the Student National Education Association 
is to keep education majors abreast of current information in 
their field. Guest speakers from schools in the Atlanta area 
provided information about how to get the first teaching job, 
how to deal with classroom problems, and what an education 
degree can be used for besides teaching. 


Dorm Council 

(L to R) Sam Christopher, Phil Chamberlain, Tricia Wool, Greg Fowler 

Resident assistants for each dorm aided 
students with any problems that were en- 
countered in the dorms. Nancy Barrett, 
Deborah Cox, Tricia Wool, Liz Kidder, Phil 
Chamberlain, Sam Christopher, Greg 
Fowler, Dave Robbins, and Joe Schaedler 
served as resident assistants during the 

(L to R) Joe Schaedler, Liz Kidder 

(L to R) Phil Chamberlain, Tricia Wool, Dave Robbins 





Bottom Row (L to R): Peggy Estes, Roger Dickerson, 
Donna Royd, Patricia Wallace, Jan Lazor, Deborah Cox, 
Pam Jackson, Glen Papure, Pamela Richbourg, Cathy 
Mitchell; Second Row: Kevin Cooper, Ken Hutchinson, 
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jeff Schaefer, Karl Burgess, George 
Lane, Greg Fowler, Robert Hastings. Not Pictured: Frank 
Day, Alice Hewell, Jan Lewis, Debbie Losner, Lucretia 
Shoeman, Debbie Steeb, Susan Still. 

Induction ceremonies held in the fall were 
the first formal meeting in the Freshman 
Honor Society's existence. In the spring of 
1975, freshmen with a 3.5 cumulative grade 
point average were selected as charter mem- 
bers for Oglethorpe's Freshman Honor Society. 
Freshmen who met the grade requirements 
were inducted each semester. Members served 
as peer advisors prior to the fall semester. 

(L to R) Mr. Phil Palmer, Pam Jackson, Glen Papure 

(L to R) Karl Burgess, George Lane 


Duchess Club 

Junior and senior women with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average 
were eligible for membership in the Duchess Club. The honorary organi- 
zation provided food and clothing for a needy family at Thanksgiving. 
Members helped at the Inaugural Ceremony for Dr. Manning Pattillo and 
served as hostesses at the school's alumni programs during the year. 

(L to R) Dr. Martha Vardeman, Barbara Howard, 

Deesi Thurston 

Donna Rossman 

Bottom Row (L to R): Mary Wagner, Linda Mernan, 
Jessie Pearcy, Barbara Howard (President), Lynn 
Johnson, Marilyn Bivins, Kay Franklin; Second Row: 
Joanne Pair, Linda Daniell, Allison Stewart, Dianne 
Jones, Margaret Gettle, Jane Andrews, Suzanne Be- 
natar, Annrita Hader; Third Row: Betty Clements, 
Glenna Greenhut, Nancy Funari, Donna Rossman, 
Jan Barrows, Elise Culpepper, Cheryl Smelley, Deesi 
Thurston. Not Pictured: Sheree Baker, Kathy Calla- 
way, Frances Eeraerts, Susan Landrum, Amy Schu- 
man, Roberta Steen, Judy Suter, Teresa Thacker, 
Laurie Weiner, Cheryl Zachary. 

Induction Ceremony 


Boar's Head Fraternity 

Dennis Wheeler 

Members conducted the Boar's Head Christmas Ceremony. 

(L to R): Bruce Johnson (President), 
Dennis Wheeler (Vice President — 
Treasurer), Jack Skelton, Richard 
Green, Tony Taylor, Kenneth Cox, 
Gratton Woodson, Steve Gibbs, Ron 
Sherman. Not Pictured: Dennis Harri- 
son, Darr McKeown. 

Eleven members were chosen to be in the Boar's Head Fra- 
ternity on the basis that they were in the junior or senior class, 
had at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, and were 
active in other organizations. Their main activity was the An- 
nual Boar's Head Christmas Ceremony in which the Christmas 
tree atop Lupton was lit and Christmas carols were sung. 


4 r 

Psychology Club 

Psychology Club sponsored a guest speaker. 

Anyone interested in the area of psychology 
could join the Psychology Club. Field trips to 
Yerkes Primate Center, Milledgeville Mental 
Health Institution, and the Atlanta Federal 
Prison were part of the year's activities. The 
Psychology Club sponsored many guest speak- 
ers that lectured on hypnotism, prison psy- 
chology, and sexual deviancy. During the 
spring semester, members performed the play 
"Wizard of Mind." 

Bottom Row (L to R): Sam Iraggi, Rick Abraham, Lynn Johnson, 
Colby Johnstone, Dr. Johnna Shamp, Ron Sherman, Wendy 
Richmond, Sheree Baker, Ray DeLee; Second Row: Roberta 
Steen (President), Dee Howe, Shirley Welborn (Secretary), Jes- 
sie Pearcy, Richard Green. Not Pictured: Barbie Doss, Linda 
Mernan, Miles Mittleman, Cindy Pollard. 


Alpha Chi 

Alpha Chi selected juniors and seniors who 
had achieved a 3.7 cumulative grade point av- 
erage. Production and the sale of the student 
directories was one of Alpha Chi's service 
projects. Members further served the school by 
administering teacher evaluation forms, tutor- 
ing students, and assisting in the inaugura- 
tion. Articles written by the honor students 
that commented on Oglethorpe's academic af- 
fairs were featured in the school's newspaper 
throughout the year. Each year Alpha Chi 
awarded two $100 scholarships to returning 

Bottom Row (L to R): Susan Landrum, Frances Eeraerts, Teresa 
Thacker, Jessie Pearcy, Richard Green (President), Roberta 
Steen, Gratton Woodson; Second Row; Darr McKeown, Bruce 
Johnson, Tony Taylor, Jack Skelton, Elbert Haney, Joyce Jones, 
Dr. Phillip Neujahr. Not Pictured: Betty Clements, Kenneth 
Cox, Elise Culpepper, Linda Daniell, Laura Johnson, James 
Johnston, Walter Rainwater, Cheryl Zachary. 


Black Student Caucus 

Bottom Row (L to R): Barbara Howard, Alfred 
Cornelius, Denease Butler, Kathy Wells (Presi- 
dent); Second Row: Pam Jackson (Vice Presi- 
dent), Sheila Dickson, Deborah Jackson, 
Elizabeth Martin, Michelle Banks, Sharon Pierce 
(Treasurer); Third Row: Latralle Lockwood, 
Maxine Jordan, Tanya James, Audrey Lee, Paul 
David. Not Pictured: Ronald Anderson, Glenda 
Clark, Dondi Cobb, Cynthia Cone, (Secretary), 
Vanessa Griffin, Melvin Hendricks, Maria James, 
Leslie Jones, Rodney Lucas, Rick McCord, Chris 
Reid, Jerome Searcy, Toni Spring, Eina Wells, 
Cyndi Williams. 

With a larger membership than in 
the previous year, the Black Student 
Caucus initiated many activities in 
which the entire school could partici- 
pate. The club sponsored a Disco 
Dance and an International Cof- 
feehouse during the fall semester. Dur- 
ing Black History Week in February, 
there was a dinner for the club's 
alumni and activities that featured 
fashion, plays, and modern dancing 
from the Black culture. 

(L to R) Eina Wells, Tanya James 


Phi Alpha Theta 

Bottom Row (L to R): Jan Barrows, Margaret 
Gettle (Vice President), Donna Rossman, 
Mary Graydon; Second Row: Elbert Haney, 
Frances Eeraerts (Secretary-Treasurer), Bar- 
bara Howard, Marc Ball (President), Bruce 
Greenfield. Not Pictured: Linda Daniell, 
Nancy Funari, Glenna Greenhut, William 
Madden, Doug Metcalf, Walter Rainwater, 
Lisa Shone. 

Phi Alpha Theta, an international 
history honor society, admitted stu- 
dents with a 3.0 cumulative grade 
point average and a 3.1 grade point av- 
erage in at least four history courses. 
Members assisted other chapters at the 
International Historical Convention 
held in December in Atlanta. Phi 
Alpha Theta sponsored a lecture in the 
fall by Dr. Manning Pattillo about the 
future of Oglethorpe University and 
higher education. 

Marc Ball 


Pre-Law Association 

Interested pre-law students 
formed the Pre-Law Association to 
provide an organization that could 
unify the future law school candi- 
dates and bring in speakers from 
the area of politics. The club's first 
project, a leadership forum, had as 
its participants faculty members 
and a professor from Georgia Tech. 
Other notable guests appeared to 
speak in front of the association 
throughout the year. 

Dan Lee 

Dave Anderson 

Bottom Row (L to R); Dennis Mensch, Dan Lee, Mr. Phil Palmer, Dave Anderson (President), Gordon 
Greenhut (Treasurer), Rich Shapiro; Second Row: Dana Sentinella, Betty Clements, Robert Baker (Vice 
President), Theresa Wise (Secretary), Audrey Lee, Sandra Pitts. Not Pictured: Melissa Plotnik. 


(L to R) Hank Gant, Pat Tozzo, Stacy Roman, Susan Deutsch 





Pam Wright 

Bottom Row (L to R); Bonnie Sopkin, Barbara Ginsburg, Pam Wright, Shari Franklin, Naomi 
Cannon, Susan Deutsch, Diana Marcus, Joe Schaedler (President); Second Row; Martin Cunning- 
ham, CeHa Vecchio, Ann Titelman, Anita Roberts, Annette Fry, Deborah Cox; Third Row; Dan 
Lee, Peter Bade, Eric Martini, Fred Powell, Rich Kinler, Stan Carpenter, Pat Tozzo, Hank Gant, 
Dale Kristle, Mike Bahary, Peter Harrison (Vice President), Bonnie Friedman (Secretary- 
Treasurer), Dave Robbins. Not Pictured; Rick Foster, Greg Fowler, Bill Kennon, John Lowe, 
Dennis Mensch, Glen Papure, Steve Prettyman, Stetson Rowles, Tricia Wool. 

Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, was 
reestablished in the fall. Women were admitted in the 
organization which served the school and community. 
In the fall, members worked with the Alpha Phi 
Omega fraternities from Georgia Tech and Atlanta 
University at the local Boy Scout Exhibit, manning 
booths and judging projects. The membership assisted 
in various school projects, conducted the THOR 
project to register students' valuable possessions with 
the Police Department, and held two Blood Drives. 
With the combined efforts of APO fraternities from 
area colleges, they completed another service project in 
the spring. 

Nurses helped in APO's Blood Drives. 





Chi Omega 

When the school year began, the Chi Omegas directed 
their energies toward furnishing their newly acquired so- 
rority house. Rush and pledging followed, with a House- 
warming Party being given in the fall for their alumni. 
Halloween was celebrated by the sisters going Trick or 
Treating for U.N.I.C.E.F., and cutting pumpkins to give to 
the fraternities. The traditional Apple Polishing Tea for the 
faculty was held in November. In December, the girls de- 
corated the Christmas Tree in the cafeteria, helped the At- 
lanta Jaycees with the Empty Stocking Fund, and held 
their annual Christmas Formal. Chi Omega held the fra- 
ternity presidents as hostages until the brothers offered 
enough canned foods for their release, and this food was 
given to needy families at Eastertime. The sisters held var- 
ious fundraising projects and mixers with the fraternities 
throughout the year. 

(L to R) Debbie Steeb, Lynn Johnson, Debra Rasmussen, Peggy Estes, 

Tricia Wool 


lone Smith 

(L to R) Debbie Steeb, Tricia Wool, Colby Johnstone, Deborah Cox (L to R) Kathy Read, Karen Vaccaro 

Girls scrubbed, sprayed, and shined customers' cars. 


Debra Rasmussen 

Lynn Johnson 

Bottom Row (L to R): Tricia Wool (Treasurer), Deesi Thurston (Secre- 
tary), Lori Arnold (President), Betsy Gosnell (Vice President), Lynn 
Johnson (Pledge Trainer); Second Row: Karen Vaccaro, Kathy Read, 
Ann Sakers, Debbie Steeb, Deborah Cox, Colby Johnstone, Peggy 
Estes, Debbie Gardner, Kathy Glynn, Debra Rasmussen, Marie 
Hook, Not Pictured: Helen Howard, Dana Sentinella, lone Smith. 

(L to R) Mr. William Strozier, Kathy Read 


Kappa Alpha 

Rush and pledging activities were the 
first order of business for Kappa Alpha in 
the fall. Convivium was held in honor of 
the fraternity's spiritual founder, Robert E. 
Lee. The brothers earned the intramural 
football championship title. Kappa Alpha 
hosted a Valentine's Party for retarded 
children and participated in the March of 
Dimes Walkathon. Their traditional Old 
South Ball was held in collaboration with 
the Georgia Tech Kappa Alpha Fraternity. 
KA annually participates in Greek Week 
and presents the Golden Apple Award to 
the teacher of the year. 

Gerry Gelke 


KA brothers showed off football trophy 

— •^; 

(L to R) Sam Iraggi, Glen Papure 



'\r ... 


Steve Gibbs 

Bottom Row (L to R): Vincent Lankford, Luis Echemendia, Scott 
Young; Second Row: Guido Raso, Sam Iraggi, Gerry GeLke, 
Steve Farr; Third Row: Steve Vano, Tim Straus, Robert Hast- 
ings, Stan McCalla; Fourth Row: Bill Dayton, John Silsby (Vice 
President), Chris Collier (Secretary), Mike Moyer; Fifth Row: 
Debbie Canarick, Steve Gibbs (President), Gloria Guzman. Not 
Pictured: Phil Chamberlain, Dan Grandy, Darr McKeown, 
Steve Merhige, Glen Papure, Tony Watkins. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon started the year off by helping with fresh- 
men orientation followed by rush and pledging. They held various 
parties throughout the year and participated in the intramural 
sports program and Greek Week activities. Additionally, the 
brothers assisted in the inauguration, decorated a Christmas tree 
in Lupton Hall, planned Christmas and Easter parties for orphans, 
and performed jobs for the elderly. 

Bottom Row (L to R): Carl Moore, Tricia Wool, Annette Friant, Lynn Johnson, lone 
Smith, Lori Schwartz, Nancy Barrett; Second Row: Mike Lembcke, Bernard Van der 
Lande, Warner Kennon (President), Skip Morris, Jim Shad, Jimmy Kirtland, Marc 
Bail, Robert Moore; Third Row: Blake Christoph, Miles Milbank (Vice President), 
Tony Longarzo, Clark Saxton, Bill Kennon, Gary Martin; Fourth Row: David Fastis, 
Greg Fowler, John Grant, Stetson Rowles, Danny Joslin, Ben Bishop, Kevin Cooper; 
Fifth Row: Harold Lovinger, Jeff Winn, Jim Sheehan, Bill Queen, Sean Randall, Bob 
Gregory, Pat Moore, George Green, Keith Johnson, Roger Dickerson, John Kennon. 
Not Pictured: Chris McMartin, Darryl Price, Phil Stalvey, Jack Skelton. 

Roger Dickerson 

David Fastis 


Warner Kennon 

Blake Christoph 


Dennis Wheeler 

Keith Kronish and Santa Claus 

(L to R) Bob Jacobs, Matt Perry, Rich Tabas 


Chi Phi 

(L to R) Keith Kronish, Bob Jacobs, Kenny Richter, Tom 

Chi Phi assumed residency in a new fraternity house this year and 
celebrated with a welcoming party early in the year. Rush and pledg- 
ing got under way in September. The brothers held a fundraising 
party featuring the Jerome Olds Band and collected money for Muscu- 
lar Dystrophy in the fall. The fraternity was responsible for getting the 
Christmas Tree that was erected atop Lupton Hall. Chi Phi partici- 
pated in the intramural sports program and Greek Week activities. 
Their annual Chartering Celebration was held in the spring. 

Tom Kitchen 

Bottom Row (L to R): Keith Kronish; Second Row: Bob Roth, Dennis 
Wheeler, Bob Jacobs (President), Mark Jaffe, Matt Perry (Treasurer), 
Jeff Carels (Secretary), Bill Kitchen, Pete Crockin, Karl Burgess; 
Third Row: Rich Tabas, Tom Kitchen, David Liss, Gary Greenbaum, 
Brian Boss, Tom Booker, Eric Sechrist, Jules Nissim, Steve Geiger, 
Joel Shapiro; Third Row: Cheryl Samet, Linda Mernan, Mike Shap- 
iro, Sue Whitehurst, Barbie Hirschfield, Jane Andrews, Leslie Guy, 
Patti Ackerman, Betsy Gosnell, Lori Arnold. Not Pictured: Bob Ber- 
rent, Arnie Gale, Tim McNamara, Kenny Richter. 

Tom Booker and Santa Glaus 



In Memoriam 

DONDI ERIC COBB, a student at Og- 
lethorpe University, died on March 15, 
1976. Bom in Atlanta on February 27, 1957, 
Dondi had graduated from Northside High 
School in May, 1974. Throughout school 
Dondi had been very active in athletic pro- 
grams. He excelled in basketball where he 
was captain of his high school basketball 
team during his senior year. Dondi had at- 
tended Morehouse College prior to trans- 
ferring to Oglethorpe University in Sep- 
tember, 1975. His love for all sports carried 
over to the Stormy Petrel newspaper where 
he served as Sports Editor. Dondi played 
on the varsity basketball team at Og- 
lethorpe during the 1975-1976 season. 
He also participated in intramural sports 
and played on Oglethorpe's baseball team. 
Dondi served as Junior Official in the Cas- 
cade Youth Organization and at the 
Peachtree Road Methodist Church. 



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Compliments of Steve Schmidt 

Dixie Seal & Stamp Company 

— Atlanta — 



Mr. and Mrs. John W. Crouch, Class 

Dr. Barbara Batchelor 

Mr. James Bohart 

Dr. Charlton Jones and Volf 

Dr. J.B. Key 

Dr. David Mosher 

Dr. Phillip Neujahr 

Dr. Theodore Rosen 

Mr. William Strozier 

Dr. Martha Vardeman 

Mr. George Wheeler 


Fill the future with warm memories . . 
Support your yearbook and make it 
possible for more volumes to follow. 

Compliments of the Brotherhood 






Abraham, Rick — 43, 121, 132 

Abrams, Janet — 43 

Ackerman, Patricia — 43, 119, 149 

Ackerman, Virginia 

Acks, Teri 

Acree, James 

Addy, Theodore — 33 

Agrin, Carolyn — 43, 121 

Alexander, Allen 

Almand, Richard 

Anderson, David — 116, 136 

Anderson, Ronald — 43, 93, 95 

Andrews, Jane — 130, 149 

Anepohl, Frank 

Anson, Lynn — 43 

Armstrong, Corliss — 33 

Armstrong, Vickie — 43 

Arnold, Alan — 103 

Arnold, Lori — 30, 43, 143, 149 

Ashley, Grace 

Ashworth, Paul 

Axelrod, Fredric 

Ayer, Cathy — 43 


Baba, Naoyuki — 43 

Bade, Peter— 137 

Bahary, Michael — 43, 137 

Bailey, Gerald 

Baker, Anita 

Baker, Blanche 

Baker, Robert — 136 

Baker, Sheree — 132 

Ball, Marc — 135, 146 

Ballachino, Denise — 43 

Ballard, Randall 

Ballenger, Charles 

Banks, Michelle — 43, 134 

Barker, Bradley — 105 

Barlow, Michael — 103 

Bamett, Patricia — 105 

Barrett, Nancy — 146 

Barrows, Janette — 33, 127, 130, 135 

Basten, David 

Beach, John — 43, 116 

Bedford, Warren 

Beebe, Deborah 

Bell, Gary 

Bemis, Barbara — 43 

Benatar, Suzanne — 130 

Bergen, David — 43 

Berkman, Elaine 

Bilancio, Robert 

Bilzing, Lynne — 33 

Bird, Susan — 43, 125 

Bishop, Ben — 146 

Bivins, Marilyn — 33, 130 

Bizzell, Ira 

Black, Betsy — 43 

Blackman, Michael — 97 

Blanton, Nancy — 43 

Bloom, Monica — 43, 105 

Boggs, Mary 

Bogoslawsky, Martin — 44 

Booker, Thomas — 44, 149 

Boothe, Pamela — 44 

Boris, Celeste — 44, 105 

Boss, Brian — 44, 149 

Bowen, Robin — 44 

Bristol, Robert — 44, 88 

Brooks, Jane — 44 

Brown, Ann 

Brown, William 

Bruce, Gary — 33 

Bryant, Jimmie — 94, 95, 96 

Bunpermkoon, Vithun 
Burgess, Karl — 44, 129, 149 
Burks, Michael 
Burnette, Steve — 44 
Butler, Susan — 44, 134 
Byrd, Robert — 44 

Dyer, Emily 
Dyer, Stephen 


Callaway, Kathy 

Canarick, Debra — 145 

Cannon, Naomi — 137 

Cardinale, Jeff 

Carels, Jeff— 123, 149 

Carter, Donald 

Carter, Wayne — 34 

Cashion, Christine — 116 

Cave, Richard 

Chamberlain, Philip — 128 

Chandler, Dennis 

Chewning, Gregory 

Chisholm, Timothy 

Christman, Dale 

Christoph, Blake — 44, 125, 146, 147 

Christopher, Melanie — 44 

Christopher, Sam — 115, 120, 128 

Clay, Darrell 

Clements, Betty — 34, 130, 136 

Cobb, Dondi — 45, 97, 116 

Cofer, Anita 

Cohen, Larry — 123 

Cohen, Rodney 

Collier, Christopher — 45, 145 

Combs, Nancy 

Cone, Cynthia — 45 

Conley, Chris — 123 

Cooper, Gayla — 45 

Cooper, Kevin — 45, 129, 146 

Cornelius, Alfred — 45, 134 

Cowan, Stephen — 34 

Cowart, Gaye — 45 

Cox, Deborah — 45, 129, 137, 142, 146 

Cox, Kenneth — 131 

Crawford, William — 45 

Crockin, Peter — 45, 149 

Crystal, Pam 

Culpepper, Elese — 34, 127, 130 

Cummings, Ted — 45, 86 

Cunningham, Martin — 45, 137 

Cuthbert, Beth 


Daly, Janet — 45, 120, 122 

Darnell, Linda — 125, 127, 130 

Daniels, Steve — 97 

D'Aulisa, Geneva — 45 

Davenport, Diane 

David, Paul — 45, 99, 134 

Davis, Gary — 45 

Davis, Scotty — 34 

Day, Frank — 46, 116 

Day, Steven 

Dayton, BiU — 71, 145 

DeLee, Raymond — 132 

DeLong, Jed — 46, 86, 98, 99 

DeMarcus, Leslie — 34 

Deny, John 

Deutsch, Susan — 116, 117, 122, 137 

Dickerson, Roger — 125, 129, 146 

Dickson, Sheila — 46, 120, 134 

Dilbeck, Susan 

Ditrolio, Philip 

Dobbs, Ruth 

Doran, Mary — 46 

Doss, Barbara — 46 

Dotson, Crystal 

Drake, Pamela — 46 

Dryman, Dorothy 


Eastis, David — 46, 146 

Eber, Harry 

Echemendia, Luis — 34, 144, 145 

Eckerle, Kenneth — 46 

Eckert, Christopher — 34 

Edge, Betsy — 46 

Eeraerts, Frances — 133, 135 

Elmer, Elaine 

Ely, Cathy 

Emerick, Nancy 

Estes, Peggy — 46, 125, 129, 142, 143 


Fahey, Pokey — 46, 88, 89 

Farr, Steven — 145 

Farrier, David — 46 

Feldman, Mary 

Felker, Betty 

Few, Ronnie 

Ficalore, Kenneth — 35 

Firkser, Karen 

Fishman, Michael — 35 

Fitzpatnck, Kevin — 46, 116, 129 

Flax, Eric 

Fleming, Martha — 46 

Flowers, Bengi 

Floyd, Donna — 127, 129 

Folsom, Walter 

Foster, Cheryl 

Foster, Cleveland 

Foster, Richard — 47, 118 

Fowler, Gregory — 47, 98, 128, 129, 146 

Frank, Wendy 

Franklin, Kay — 130 

Franklin, Shari — 137 

Friant, Annette — 47, 146 

Friedman, Bonnie — 96, 137 

Fry, Annette — 47, 137 

Fujimori, Yukiko — 47 

Fujita, Tetsuo 

Fukuda, Minoru — 47 

Furnari, Nancy — 130 


Gaines, Don 

Gant, James — 47, 137 

Gardner, Debra — 143 

Gardner, William — 92, 95 

Gate wood, Tim — 47 

Geiger, Steve — 47, 149 

Gelke, Gerry — 144, 145 

Germano, Michael — 47 

Germon, Robert — 99, 126 

Gersh, Laurie — 47, 105 

Gettle, Margaret — 35, 122, 125, 130, 135 

Gibbs, Stephen — 30, 88, 131, 145 

Giddings, John — 47 

Gindes, Adrienne — 47 

Ginsburg, Barbara — 104, 105, 122, 137 

Gioia, Kathleen — 47 

Glenn, Frances 

Glynn, Kathy — 143 

Gold, Stephen — 47, 120 

Goldberg, Mark 

Goldburg, Ricky 

Goldstein, William — 48 

Gomez, Sharon — 105 

Goodman, James 

Gorff, Candice 

Gosnell, Betsy — 35, 125, 127, 143, 149 


James, Maria — 49 

James, Tanya — 49, 96, 116, 120, 134 

Johnson, Bruce — 30, 37, 123, 126, 131, 133 

Johnson, Christine — 125 

Johnson, Jeff 

Johnson, Judith 

Johnson, Keith — 49, 146 

Johnson, Laura — 125 

Johnson, Louis — 122, 125 

Johnson, Lynn — 49, 125, 130, 132, 142, 143, 


Johnson, Margaret 

Johnson, Sally — 49 

Johnson, Sewell — 49 

Johnson, Wendy — 50 

Johnston, James — 37 

Johnstone, Colby — 50, 96, 132, 142, 143 

Jones, Dianne — 50, 126, 130 

Jones, Joyce — 133 

Jones, Lawrence — 50, 86, 87, 98, 99 

Jones, Leslie — 50, 116 

Jones, Linda 

Jordan, John — 50 

Jordan, Maxine — 134 

Joslin, Daniel — 50, 146 


Grady, Faye 

Graham, Jeanette 

Grandis, Alyce 

Grandy, Daniel 

Grant, John — 146 

Graydon, Mary — 135 

Green, George — 146 

Green, Richard — 30, 35, 125, 131, 132, 133 

Greenbaum, Gary — 48, 149 

Greenfield, Bruce — 35, 135 

Greenhut, Glenna — 48, 127, 130 

Greenhut, Gordon — 36, 136 

Greer, Vicki 

Gregory, Robert — 48, 146 

Gresham, Patricia — 123 

Grey, David — 48, 88 

Griffin, Vanessa 

Grimes, Vicki 

Guzman, Gloria — 48, 144, 145 

Guzzo, Michael — 48 

Hosse, Robert 

Howard, Barbara — 30, 36, 127, 130, 134, 135 

Howe, Dee — 132 

Howard, Helen — 49 

Hutchings, Malcolm 

Hutchings, Thomas — 49 

Hutchinson, Kenneth — 121, 129 


Inman, Linda 
Iraggi, Sam — 
Irby, William 
Ishii, Ruriko — 49 

, 132, 145 



Hader, AnnRita — 36, 130 

Hale, Leslie 

Hall, Florence 

Hallock, Mary — 48 

Haney, Elbert — 30, 36, 133, 135 

Harman, Robert — 36 

Hamer, Robert 

Harris, Denise 

Han-is, Randy — 95, 97 

Harrison, Beth 

Harrison, Dennis — 30, 123 

Harrison, Peter — 48, 137 

Hart, Kevin — 48, 93, 94, 95 

Hastings, Robert — 48, 88, 89, 91, 

Hatton, Jay 

Head, Dbcon — 48, 121 

Hellman, Deanna 

Hellmuth, James — 48 

Helson, Michael 

Henderson, James — 36, 126 

Hendricks, Melvin — 98, 99 

Hersh, Howard 

Hewell, Alice 

Hidenori, Era — 48 

Hobbs, William 

Hoffmeyer, Jane 

Holbrook, Lydia 

HolHs, Willette — 48 

Hook, Marie — 48, 143 

Hopkins, Nell 

Hopper, Thomas 

Hosier, Peter 

Jackson, Deborah 
Jackson, Pamela - 
Jackson, Randy 
Jacobs, Bob — 148, 149 
Jacobs, Janis — 49 
Jaeger, Sandra 
Jaffe, Mark — 37, 149 

' 134 

49, 116, 117, 129, 134 

Kamada, Hiroyuki — 50 

Kaminer, Mary Jane — 50 

Kane, David — 50, 105 

Kanoo, Saud 

Kapp, Beverly 

Katz, Brian 

Kennon, John — 50, 146 

Kennon, Warner — 37, 146, 147 

Kennon, William — 50, 146 

Kessler, Michael 

Kessler, Susan — 50, 105 

Kibler, Laura 

Kidder, Liz — 37, 128 

Kihara, Minoru — 50 

Kikuchi, Kazuo 

Kinler, Richard — 50, 137 

Kinoshita, Teruhisa — 51 

Kirtland, James — 146 

Kitchen, Bill — 149 

Kitchen, Tom — 149 

Kittredge, Leslie — 51 

Klein, Ronald — 104, 105 

Kline, Albert 

Koch, Linda 

Kolman, Steven 

?, 129, 145 


Konishi, Mitsuhiro — 51 
Kornegay, Anthony — 97 
Krasne, Kenneth — 126 
Kraus, Nancy 
Krebs, Gary 
Kristle, Dale — 51, 137 
Kroll, Barbara — 123 
Kronish, Keith — 148, 149 
Kubota, Chisaka — 51 
Kucher, Charles 
Kvle, loan 


Lammie, Michele — 51, 120 

Landrum, Susan — 126, 133 

Lane, George — 51, 129 

Lankford, Edward — 51, 145 

LaRue, Wayne — 51, 87, 99 

Lathem, Tracey — 51, 104, 105, 119 

Lawrence, Loretta — 51 

Lawson, Jan — 51 

Lazor, Jan — 123, 129 

Lee, Anthony — 51, 100 

Lee, Audrey — 51, 118, 134, 136 

Lee, Daniel — 51, 136, 137 

Lehtonen, Pia-Marit — 41 

Leib, Gail — 51 

Leibovit, Judy 

Leinwand, Edward — 52 

Lembcke, Michael — 52, 146 

Lend, Lisa — 52 

Lenzer, Robert 

Lenzer, Thomas 

Leonard, Frank 

Lewis, Janice — 52 

Lewis, Lori 

Lindley, Terry — 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 

Linowes, Robin 

Lipham, Wilma 

Liss, David — 52, 149 

Llop, Marianna — 52 

Lloyd, Margaret 

Locklear, Michael 

Lockwood, Latralle — 99, 134 

Longarzo, Anthony — 37, 146 

Losner, Debra — 52, 118, 172 

Lourie, Allison — 52 

Lovinger, Harold — 146 

Lowe, John — 52, 86, 87, 99, 100 

Lowenstein, Terry — 52 

Lucas, Rodney — 37 

Lyon, Diane 


Mabie, Margarete 

Malone, Martin 

Manikoff, Gina 

Marcus, Diana — 52, 137 

Markham, John 

Markland, Cathy 

Martin, Alfred 

Martin, Elizabeth — 134 

Martin, Gary — 93, 94, 95, 146 

Martini, Eric — 52, 105, 137 

Mason, Norman — 52, 97 

Masuda, Yasuhiko 

Matsui, Rei 

Mauldin, Phillip — 53, 95, 103 

Mayfield, Annette 

McCalla, Stanley — 37, 88, 145 

McConnell, Betty 

McCord, Ann 

McCord, Rickey — 92, 94, 95, 96 

McDaniel, James — 53 

McFadyen, Neill 

McFarland, Wesley — 53 

McGrath, David — 102, 103 

McGuinness, Kevin 

McKee, John 

McKeown, Darr — 30, 53, 105, 133 

McLinskey, Tim — 97 

McMartin, Chris — 53, 86 

McMichen, Phillip — 101, 103 

McWilliams, John — 99, 100 

Meaders, Robert — 53, 97, 101, 102, 103 

Mehler, John 

Mensch, Dennis — 38, 136 

Merhige, Steve — 53 

Mernan, Linda — 38, 130, 149 

Metcalf, Dwyer 

Mevs, William 

Miki, Takeo — 53 

Milbank, Miles — 38, 88, 91, 126, 146 

Miller, Baron 

Miller, Sheron 

Miller, Tracy — 53 

Mills, Fred — 101, 103 

Minchew, Ellen 

Mingledorff, Elizabeth 

Mitchell, Catherine — 53, 129 

Mitchell, Ronald 

Mittleman, Myles — 38 

Mogill, Liz — 53 

Molofsky, Philip 

Monteiro, Arturo 

Moore, Carl — 53, 146 

Moore, Patrick — 146 

Moore, Robert — 54, 104, 105, 146 

Moore, Terrie 

Monarty, Pat 

Morris, Skip — 146 

Morton, Jeffrey 

Moyer, Michael — 88, 90, 145 

Mullinax, Donald — 54, 101, 103, 116 

Murphy, Brendan — 54, 121 

Murphy, Maureen 

Murray, John — 54 


Nadler, David — 54, 121 

Nash, Stephen 

Nathan, Donna — 54 

Neill, Carol 

Neuman, Mitchell — 54, 95, 96, 97 

Neville, Tennent — 41 

Newsome, William 

Nissim, Jules — 54, 149 

Noller, Maria 

Nomura, Tadashi — 54 

Norris, Debra 




Oakes, Bobby 
Oberholtzer, Kim 
O'Brien, Thomas 
Odess, John — 54 
Ogiyama, Naomi — 54 


Painter, Cynthia — 54 

Pair, David — 103 

Pair, Joanne — 130 

Papure, Glen — 55, 129, 144, 145 

Paris, Penny 

Paynter, Roger — 55 

Pearcy, Jessie — 39, 125, 130, 132, 133 

Pearson, Christopher — 55, 88 

Perry, Matthew — 148, 149 

Peterson, Sharon — 55 

Pettett, Wayne — 55 

PhilUps, Kathleen 

Pickering, Gary 

Pierce, Sharon — 55, 134 

Pittman, Vicki 

Pitts, Sandra — 55, 13b 

Plotnik, Melissa — 55 

Poliakoff, Beth — 39 

Pollack, Peter 

Pollard, Cindy 

Polstein, Stephen 

Powell, Fred — 55, 116, 137 

Preiser, Terri 

Presslev, Reggie — 95, 96, 97 

Prettyman, Steve — 55, 86, 98, 99 

Price, Darryl — 39, 88, 91, 101, 103 

Protho, Christopher — 39 

Prudhomme, Stephen 


Queen, William — 146 


Rand, John — 56 

Randall, Sean — 125, 146 

Rapp, Edward — 105 

Rasmussen, Debra — 56, 93, 96, 142, 143 

Raso, Guido — 56, 88, 90, 91, 145 

Read, Katherine — 127, 142, 143 

Regenstein, Barbara — 56 

Register, Denise — 56 

Reid, Chris — 56, 92, 95 

Reifman, Shiomo 

Resnick, Mark — 56 

Richbourg, Pamela — 56, 129 

Richmond, Wendy — 132 

Richter, Kenneth — 149 

Robbins, Dave — 31, 128, 137 

Roberts, Anita — 56, 137 

Robertson, Donna 

Robinson, Judith — 56 

Rogowski, Diane — 56 

Roman, Stacey — 56, 137 

Ross, Janey 

Rossman, Bernard 

Rossman, Donna — 130, 135 

Roth, Bob — 149 

Rovick, Alan 

Rowles, Stetson — 31, 39, 115, 146 

Rowley, Stephen 

Russell, James — 57 

Russell, Marsha — 115 

Rutstein, Joel — 57 


Sakers, Ann — 57, 96, 143 
Salzman, Tina — 57 
Samet, Cheryl— 57, 119, 149 
Sams, Garry — 95, 96 
Sams, Tom — 95 
Sanders, Michael 
Sanford, Glenda — 39 

Sato, Reiko — 57 

Satsuki, Rori — 57, 125 

Satsuki, YuUa — 57, 125 

Savard, Katherine 

Sax ton, Clark — 146 

Saye, Mike 

Scanlon, Nancy 

Schachtel, Donna 

Schaedler, Joe — 128, 137 

Schaefer, Jeff — 129 

Schiltz, Melissa 

Schlossman, Ann — 125 

Schuman, Amy — 39 

Schwartz, Lori — 146 

Sechrist, Eric— 57, 149 

Sellers, Tracey 

Sentinella, Dana — 136 

Serby, Lynne — 57 

Shad, James — 105, 146 

Shapiro, Joel — 57, 116, 117, 149 

Shapiro, Michael — 149 

Shapiro, Richard — 57, 116, 120, 136 

Shaw, Donna — 58 

Shaw, Jamie — 58, 120 

Sheehan, James — 58, 146 

Shemaria, Mark 

Shepherd, Thomas 

Sherman, Ronald — 131, 132 

Sheron, Alan 

Shoeman, Lucretia 

Shone, Lisa 

Short, Charles — 127 

Silsby, John — 31, 58, 88, 89, 90, 144, 145 

Siminovichi, Alfred 

Simmonds, Stephanie 

Simpson, Penny — 58 

Singer, Kathryn 

Skelton, Jack — 30, 125, 131, 133 

Slaybaugh, James — 39 

Sliney, Laurie 

Sloan, Scott 

Sloane, Marc — 58 

SmeUey, Cheryl — 39, 96, 127, 130 

Smith, Brian — 58 

Smith, Clarkson — 58 

Smith, lone — 142, 146 

Snyder, Denice 

Sobelton, Gretchen 

Sopkin, Bonnie — 115, 120, 137 

Sowell, Ruth — 58 

Spence, Bunni 

Spiro, Ellen 

Spring, Tonetta — 58 

Stapen, Amv 

Steeb, Deborah — 58, 116, 117, 142, 143 

Steen, Roberta — 132, 133 

Steinberg, Mary 

Steinberg, Roni — 59 

Steinhouse, James — 105 

Stewart, Allison — 130 

Still, Susan 

Straus, Tim — 59, 88, 101, 102, 103, 145 

Summers, Karen 

Suter, Judith 

Sutton, Gerald 


Tabas, Richard — 59, 116, 119, 148, 149 

Tabet, Sam 

Takei, Hideaki — 59 

Tarbox, Laura — 59 

Taylor, Beverly 

Taylor, Brian — 88, 89, 90 

Taylor, Charles 

Taylor, Tony — 30, 131, 133 

Tellekamp, Carl — 59 

Tenenbaum, David — 40 

Tenenbaum, Lori 

Thacker, Teresa — 30, 40, 126, 133 

Thayer, Marcus — 59 

Thornton, Wanda — 59, 96 

Thorp, Stuart 

Thurman, Sharon — 59 

Thurmond, Elaine — 60 

Thurston, Deesi — 30, 40, 130, 143 

Titelman, Ann — 137 

Tozzo, Patrick — 60, 99, 137 

Travis, Keith — 97 

Tsumagari, Keiko — 60 

Tsuno, Kyoko 

Turner, Rickey — 60, 116 


Vaccaro, Karen — 142, 143 

VanAmeringen, Frank 

Van der Lande, Bernard — 40, 146 

Vanella, John 

Vann, Mike — 104, 105 

Vano, Steve — 60, 102, 103, 145 

Vaughan, Vickie 

Vecchio, Celia — 60, 137 

Vergara, Hugh 


Wagner, Mary — 60, 127, 130 

Wakiya, Katsuko — 60 

Walker, Christine 

Walker, Ruth 

Wallace, Lonnie — 60 

Wallace, P.J. — 129 

Wansker, William 

Wasser, Carolyn 

Watkins, Joseph 

Weatherly, Alvis 

Weiner, Laurie 

Weisman, Alexis — 60 

Welhorn, Shirley — 41, 132 

Wells, Eina — 120, 134 

Wells, Kathy — 134 

Welty, Robert— 103 

Wendell, Jane — 60, 122 

West, Terry — 60, 102, 103 

Westmoreland, Susan — 60 

Wheeler, Danny — 41 

Wheeler, Dennis — 30, 41, 131, 148, 149 

Whetsell, Loraine 

White, Jenny 

Whitehurst, Susan — 60, 119, 149 

Williams, Cyndi — 60, 96 

Willner, Carol — 61 

Wilmer, Knox 

Wilson, Steve — 102, 103 

Wilson, Susan — 61 

Wimberly, Clayton 

Winn, Jeff— 146 

Wise, Theresa — 61, 136 

Witt, Kerry — 61 

Wolff, Sam 

Wood, Harvey — 41 

Wood, Lillian 

Woodson, Gratton — 30, 123, 126, 131, 133 

Wool, Patricia — 128, 142, 143, 146 

Wright, Albert 

Wright, Pamela — 61, 137 

Writer, Anne 

Wrobel, Karen — 61 

Wrobel, Lynda — 61 


Yamada, Yuko — 61 
Yamanishi, Mitsuo — 61 
Yamaoka, Hideyuki — 61 
Young, Scott — 145 
Young, Donald — 41 

Zachary, Cheryl — 
Zellars, John 
Zens, Timothy 
Zipperman, Neal 




Founded 1835 


Photography Credits 


John Beach — candids 

Rick Foster — candids and group pictures 

John Jordan — soccer candids 

Richard Kinler — cross country and soccer candids 

John Murray — cover picture 

Rich Tabas — candids and group pictures 

Frank vanAmeringen — soccer candids 


Dave Bruno — candids 

Bob Blumenthal — theme and bicentennial selections 

Jerome Drown — inaugural pictures, group pictures of basketball teams and 

Ross Henderson — inaugural pictures 
Mark Losner — theme and bicentennial selections 
Joe Samples — student portraits 


Knowledge is provided by the educational system. 

Incentive grows within the student during the educational process; 

The well educated graduate can contribute significantly to the world. 



" .'/ // 




It is by the work of these 
graduates that leads to new 
methods and mechanisms; 
Automation reduces manpower 
and worktime. 
Modern science seeks cures, 
triggers exploration of the 
universe, and plots planetary- 


;=r- - ^rcs 


History shows how pioneers constructed 
the world as it presently appears, but 
how will future citizens shape the land? 


Publisher — Hunter Publishing Company, Winston Salem, N.C. 

Hunter Representative — William Wolfe, Atlanta 

Portrait Photographer — Joe Samples of Samples Studios 

Paper Stock — Dull Enamel 

Headline Style — Palatine 141 

Type Style — Palatino 

Press Run — 825 

Before you close this book please understand that it has surfaced from struggling 
times (mostly due to the student body's lack of interest and cooperation) to cap- 
ture most of the events at O.U. during the '75-76 year so that every student 
would have a reminder of days long passed. Everyone's concern came too late since 
all deadlines had been met by February. 
I must acknowledge and offer my thanks to the people mentioned below: 

Hardworkers' Tracey Lathem (faculty section). Rick Foster and Rich Tabas (photo- 
graphically covered almost all campus events), and alumnus Dave Bruno (provided 
many pictures, especially student candids and basketball). 

The services of many photographers were utilized in order to fill the pages 
with the appropriate pictures. My Miami photographers' Bob Blumenthal and Mark 
Losner supplied many pictures of Atlanta and other scenes, with Mark printing both 
of their negatives. 

Dr. Brightman for checking most of the copy for this book and his interest, Ms. 
Palmer for supplying pictures that Jerome Drown and Ross Henderson had taken. Dean 
MacKenzie and her secretaries for information, coaches for their cooperation, pro- 
fessors for their support, and O.S.A. for the funds. 

Bill Wolfe for explanations. 

Mrs. Stone for her confidence in my endeavors and for all of the experience I 
gained during my three years on the CATAMOUNT staff. 

My family for understanding the situation and the friends that listened — "ZERO 
pages to go!" 

Historical places and people relative to Oglethorpe University have been highlight- 
ed in this volume in honor of our nation's Bicentennial year . . . Happy Birthday U.S.A. 

thanks for the memories, 




• Winston-Solem 


• North CorolJno 




,^ >>'^^M