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"^ ,.■ 

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Ahh. . .Pompeii! Casey and his dress (see page 14) would fit 
right in with the other Greek actors (who were also forced to 
play women) in this large classic theater from 1 AD. 

4 To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. . . 



Iord Byron's lament may 
or may not be justified; 
after all, where is the 
beauty of the ancient theater, 
the flawless architecture of the 
colisseum, the scintillating art- 
work of the Renaissance, today? 
It's right here at Oglethorpe Uni- 
versity (duh!). Have you taken a 
close look at Hermance lately? 
(If not, flip back a couple of 
pages.) When did you last at- 

tend a Playmakers' or 
an Alpha Psi Omega 
show? Have you ever 
set foot in the 
Oglethorpe University 
Museum? Our school is a living, 
breathing tribute to beautiful 
antiquity at its finest. Ourliberal 
arts educational sytem was not 
only founded by the ancients, 
but every other aspect of the 
school emulates the ancients as 

well,performing arts to student body,ath- 
letics to architecture. Take a trip with us 
from these ancient cultures to the contem- 
porary mirror-images of our campus to- 
day. After all, as Erasmus says,"lt is an un- 
scrupulous intellect that does not pay to 
antiquity its due reverence." 

To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. . . 5 


Below: Billy Leonard's sales 
pitch: "You can receive your very 
own cerebral enhancer/maximizer 
by calling 1-800-IM AFRISBEE. 
Comes in a variety of colors. . .1 
picked mine to match my hair." 

osepri Addisonsays that our experiences here at Oglethorpe mold our souls,con- 
cretizing our beliefs and opinions into a firmly knowledgable and undoubtedly 
intelligent individual. How the masses of us go about that education, that soul- 
shaping, if you will, is various and entertaining. Whether you prefer the traditional 
method, complete and utter silence bordering on insanity, or take a more Bohemian 
outlook,generally replete with fast food,athletic equipment,and Alex Bell's most sub- 
lime invention, it's not the Greatest Procrastination Approach that matters (though 
admittedly impressive!), it's the Grade Point Average. 

6 To Antiquity. Its Due Reverence. 

fLat . S 

xupture id ta a tlack af marble, 
educacLan id ta an fLuman dauL 
--Jladepfi criddidan 

Freshman Jesse DeMaria, over- 
whelmed with the transition to 
college life, finally finds solace 
drooling on the floor after receiv- 
ing the 3 essentials: Hi-C. pizza, 
and Homer. 

To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. . . 7 

Above: Let's see here, from left 
to right. Papa Smurf, Children of 
the Com Smurf, Soft Drink En- 
dorsing Smurf, and Office Supply 

Right: Patrick Ritter scolds Laura 
Anderson, "I told you not to bring 
your effigy doll to the bonfire! 
You knew it would fall in!" Kevin 
Redmon, Alicia Curtis, and Sai'ah 
Hinkle smirk knowingly. . .they 
left their effigy dolls at home. 

8 To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. 

i)rink, and dance and laugh and lie, 
Jiove the reeling midnight through, 
J^or tomojTow we shall nerer die! 
(^ut, alas, we neper do.) 

-i)orothy barker 

Oglethorpian events from 
XO's Halloween party to our 
"Where the Wild Things Are" 
Honneconning absolutely reeked of 
ancient Pagan rituals, just another 
festive habit we picked up from an- 
cestors of yore. What. . .you're sur- 
prised?! Did the ancient Celts and 
Druids dance around bonfires. . .you 
bet they did! The Greeks and Romans 
were just as guilty of paganism. . . St. 
Valentine may have been a real saint, 
but did you really think those hearts 
into which his holiday evolved had 

anything to do with Catholicism? 
Be it belief in funny little elves or 
dressing up like the fantastical 
high priest Papa Smurf, the re- 
sidual effects of paganism are rife, 
even in our largely Judeo-Chris- 
tian community. You must even 
question the intent of the Trick - 
or-Treat in Traer do-gooders, 
whose reading to the children in- 
volves a book on chickens and all 
the fun voodoo spells one can 
cast with them-don't be fooled 
by the innocent title. 

To Antiquity. Its Due Reverence. 

Unless man is committed to the belief that all 

mankind are his brothers, then he labors in vain 

and hypocritically in the vineyards of equality. 

-^dam Clayton ^owelljr 

Even though he hasn't been 
dead for multiple millenia, 
Adam Clayton Powell's 
ideas are still universal. His words 
echo the idea of equality for all 
mankind begun in the 
democratic city-state of Athens; 
of course,then,"all mankind"was 
composed of white property- 
holding males, but we've come a 
long way, baby! Ofcourse,onthis 
campus, some mankind are more 
"brothers" than others. ..and sis- 

ters, too! Oglethorpe boasts of 
quite a large population of sib- 
ling combos, and while a few are 
depicted here, you can find more 
in the student section. Whether 
playing a sport, playing around, 
or just mugging for the camera, 
these family relations are surely 
recognizable to the diligent cam- 
pus eye. . .and what better way to 
illustrate our link to past genera- 
tions than through current stu- 
dent familial relations? 

1 To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. 

Above; Amber and Kelly Hamp- 
ton, we finally found you! Aren't 
you glad you're in the Yamacrawl 

Left: "Take another little piece of 
my heart now baby," croons 
Stephanie, and her sister Alexia 
Petrakos. in line with her less 
folksy image, adds her own lyr- 
ics, "and smash it on the ground, 
mother BLAMl" 

To Antiquity. Its Due Reverence. . . \ 

at ane tim& 

la idlm^ and 

Bernard Potts, being familiar with 
kilt couture, asks a very personal 
question: "It says here in my 
guidebook that true Scotsmen go 
commando under their kilts. . .is 
that true?" 

12 To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. 

ia^, ^rati/^ui^ Me de<iue t^t acair^ ta Mm, 

CLiater and rediicin^^, narn^ 
and dametimes^ 




isten Kirkland sheepishly grins, "It's my thinking cap. . .honest." 

ndeed, the democratic youths 
of Oglethorpe University 
embark on a wide variety of activi- 
ties, all generally falling under the 
category of "idling and neglecting 
everything." I mean, hey, the student 
body does a lot here! Look at those 

Homecoming Block Party dancers, 
they must have been "practising 
gymnastic" to gyrate like that; or what 
of Bernard Potts, "listening to the 
[lesser-known] flute, [the bag-pipe!]" 
Of course, Kiley's hanging of the 
stockings,in hopes of St. Nick's arrival 

on yet-another Pagan holiday may 
be on the verge of idleness, but 
Kristen is clearly"occupied in philoso- 
phy"-that's the notorious "thinking 
cap" to which they always make ref- 
erence (or fatigue ensemble from 
KA's Apocalypse Now, I forget which). 

To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. 




bove: Casey Dryden begs 
Shaniece Broadus, "You've sim- 
ply got to make it 18 1/2 again!" 

Right; "No, 1 swear, if I can just 
pull off this prosthesis, I'll prove 
that it was the one-legged man 
who killed my wife! 

The liberal arts education of Oglethorpe University has taught us of all of these men, who exude wisdomi 
learned from our history and our heritage is that each of us imparts his own brand of wisdom throughi 
those students you may find lounging on the Academic Quad on a beautiful Spring day. Our ancestors 
student activities, that really aren't so different from those of your average Roman adolescent. We have the 
antiquity its due reverence." 

14 To Antiquity. Its Due Reverence. 

Frustrated with the Hfe cycle of regular plants. Circle K mem- 
bers Angle Baldwin and Mary Ann Erickson make an impor- 
tant discovery revolutionizing botany forever: tissue paper 
doesn't die. 

with words,tones, pen,and canvas, from the sea, the battlefield, the concert hall, and the pulpit. The lesson to be 
their unique talent, be they Singers, 7oM/er contributors, DJs, Greeks, OAK"geeks','dancers, athletes, or just one of 
laid the foundations of our school, in every aspect, from the look of it, to the sportmanship, to the arts, to the 
responsibility to make the most of that instilled liberalism, for"it is an unscrupulous intellect that does not pay to 

To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. 


-j^-^-A. e:i^f •rwi-H.riiJim*im 

16 To Antiquity, Its Due Reverence. 


Right: No, Museum Director 
Lloyd Nick, you didn't see her 
face on a milk carton— this is one 
of Duane Hanson's incredibly 
life-like sculptures. 

Above and Below: Two 

examples of Duane 

Hanson's master 

craftsmanship; these 

wax figures are eerily 


Above: A Buddhist monk creates 
art from butter! The Tibetan butter 
sculptures served as colorful 
incarnations of Tibetan art. 

18 The Arts 

Right: Amy Allen prattles on to 
Jeremy Greenup about either 
Herman Hesse's artwork or her 
latest shopping excursion; he 
listens patiently like any good 
work-study buddy would do. 

Ogllthorpl University 


We have a museum ? 

Indeed, it exists. Enter the library, take a right, enter the elevator, and press 
3. You thought it was storage, didn't you? No, actually, it's home to an 
anomaly; most schools the size of Oglethorpe could only dream of having a mu- 
seum, period, but to have one of such prestige, rivaling larger university muse- 
ums. . . it' s unheard of. Beginning in the Fall of 1996 , thousands of community 
visitors flocked to see the Buddha Maitreya, gold figurines praising Tibetan art, 
and real Tibetan monks delicately channeling colored sand into a round canvas, 
the result being a sand mandala. The Dalai Lama actually visited Oglethorpe' s 
most celebrated art exhibit- - how many of your state school friends can say thatl 
This year alone, the OU Museum has been home to the incredibly life-like 
sculptures of past OU professor Duane Hanson, the realism of Jack Beal, and the 
watercolors of Herman Hesse. They're developing a pretty snazzy permanent 
collection also. In addition, periodic lecture series give museum patrons 
an opportunity to hear the works discussed, such as the recent series on 
Herman Hesse , novelist and poet as well as artist. See what you' re miss- 
ing! There's a gift shop full of beautiful things, handpicked by Museum 
Manager Kathleen Guy; there are galas, lectures, and other public events 
coordinated by OU alumnus and longtime Museum drone Chad Vaughn; 
there' s art; there' s peaceful music; there' s Professor/ Director Lloyd Nick, 
and that, in itself, is worth the trip. 

The Arts 19 

^rf at Oglethorpe: 


I know, I know, it's probably a little too shocking to find out about 
the existence of the Museum and art classes all in one day- - 1 mean , 
what do they think this is , a liberal arts university? Sorry guys, if you 
want to avoid the culture , stay in Lupton , because it' s rampant. Since 
it's true that many students at Oglethorpe have never taken an art 
class, and some of the more clueless didn't even know that they had 
the option, this page is dedicated to bringing you the very finest in 
documentation that art classes do exist. We have chosen also to put 
in pictures of art so you can see exactly what these art classes produce. 
Hopefully one day to offer a major, OU's art program currently gives 
students the option of learning a wide variety of skills, from print- 
making to sculpture to painting. Drop by the Faith Hall studio some- 
time, and you're sure to run into devoted artists putting the finishing 
touches on their creative projects, even into the wee hours of the 
morning. How do you think we got these photos? 

20 The Arts 

Left: A summer art student puts 
paint to canvas, specifically of a 
still life that can be seen in the 

Dr. Wirth lectures on 

Herman Hesse's The 

Glass Bead Game in the 

OU Museum; who says all 

art is conveyed to canvas? 

Charles Stevens 

demonstrates the oh-so- 

wonderful joys of 



Left: Putting up her best facade 
of intellectual and aesthetic 
appreciation. Mona Jain stares 
at an art student's work. 

Above: Another summer student 
sketching an outline of what will 
surely become great art. 


The Arts 21 

Right: Meghann Hummel poses 
with Brandon Denny in one of 
Jeremy Greenup's more seduc- 
tive portraits. 

Jeremy Greenup's 

portrait of a man playing 

guitar outside of an ice 

cream shop inunediately 

captures the interest of 

anyone who sees it 

Jeremy Greenup, 


Extraordinaire, gets in 

front of the camera for a 


22 The Arts 

Above: The viewer feels as if 
they might be viewing a private 
moment in Alisa Shver's life as 
she models for Jeremy Greenup's 
untitled photo. 

Right: Collins Yates' portrait of a 
sleeping boy captures the 
serenity and innocence of 
childhood, lending beauty to a 
simple human act. 


Wreaking Jia]POC 
with Cameras 

Photography is not only the art of taking pictures that are aesthetically 
pleasing, but pictures that have the ability to change the way people view 
the world. . . not to mention one of the hardest classes in which to enroll 
at Oglethorpe. Students who are fortunate enough to actually get into this 
class go out on picture- taking frenzies all over campus trying to finish their 
many and varied assignments, and also have the honor of reeking of pho- 
tographic chemicals afterwards. Two of Oglethorpe' s best known photo- 
graphic geniuses are Jeremy Greenup, a Senior, and Collins Yates , a Sopho- 
more. Jeremy is best known for hyper- sensory images of people; the view- 
ers may experience a sense of witnessing a scene from someone's life, or 
feel involved in a more movie- esque dream sequence- -in either case, all 
senses react to the strong and overwhelming incarnations. Collins' photos 
capture candid moments in the lives of those around her and natural set- 
tings; the beauty of her work earned an Excellence in Photography Award 
at the Honors and Awards Convocation. Both she and Jeremy were fea- 
tured in the art show that took place in Hearst, as well as the photography 

exhibition in the Library. 

The Arts 23 

fall [^rcductiens: 

JSlew Talent ^vealed 

The 1998 Fall Semester proved to be one full of theatrical perfor- 
mances. Lupton Auditorium had its fill of life beginning with Al- 
pha Psi Omega' s production of The Dining Room and then moving 
on to the Shadowbox Players' Night of One Acts. New to 
Oglethorpe's theatrical arena, Night of One Acts featured six stu- 
dent- written and directed plays. The independent theater organi- 
zation, consisting of both novices and more well- seasoned perform- 
ers, no doubt made its debut a riveting success. Not to be left out of 
the limelight, the Conant Performing Arts Center received its share 
of attention in November with the Playmaker' s production oi Iphigenia 
at Auh's. Two new Oglethorpe primadonnas Jesse Demaria and 
Chalon Payne injected hot, fresh, young blood into the Playmaker' s 
tragedy, setting the Conant Center ablaze. 

24 The Arts 

Left: Casey Dryden's regal, yet 
menacing, gaze meets the 
unfortunate faces of the 
messengers Kevin Trotter and 
Justin Allegood. 

Cleve HiU hobbles 

across the stage in 

"The Council," but he 

doesn't fall down. 

True to her Greek 

nature. Chalon Payne 

thinks to herself, "My 

gods! I look divine in this 


Above: Mandy McDow, Heidi 
Blackwell, and Adrienne Lemer 
make good use of their poker 
faces in The Dining Room. 

The Arts 25 

Right: Kerry Kerr, Cleve 
Hill. Kevin Woolf, Lance 
Ozier. Heather Ringer, and 
Jackie McSparron 

unpleasently surprise Rob- 
ert (Jeremy Jeffra) on his 
thirty-fifth birthday in Com- 
pany, the most succesful 
show in OU history. 

Peter (Lance Ozier) looks 
gleefully out into the future 
while holding Robert 
(Jeremy Jeffra) close and 
dreaming of being closer, a 
surprising role reversal! 

"In the most riveting 
primate portrayal since 
Gorillas in the Mist'^ raves 
Shanna Hobson, Emily 
Gudat thoughtfully enjoys 
a delectable banana in All 
in the Timing. 

Above Right: Angel Mallard 
exclaims. "Is that a sausage in 
your hand, or. . .?" as Dean 
Tucker stands in awe. able only 
to mutter "oooo" in the presence 
of such a wondrous item. 

Right: Stephanie Petrakos seems to be unaware that she's next to 
naked; Sam Rasnake and Tom Beaulieu definitely notice! 


26 The Arts 

Spring [)r€du€ti€n$: 

Independents 'Take the Stage 

This Spring Oglethorpe witnessed a surprising crescendo of independent 
theater productions starting off with the Shadowbox Players' production of 
Steven Sondheim's musical Company. Company was the biggest produc- 
tion by far this Spring, bringing in the largest crowds for a theater perfor- 
mance in Oglethorpe history. Other independent productions included 
All in the Timing, performed under Carla Hyman's direction, and Jeremy 
Greenup' s self- written and directed play , He Dances Fright. These unique 
producrtions made for an entertaining night of student- produced plays. 
Not to go unnoticed, the Playmakers, under the direction of Lee 
Knippenberg, kicked off the Spring theater season with its annual Children' s 
Play ( including not only Playmakers but also Dean Tucker) . Although it 
was obviously geared towards children, it was an enjoyment to both the 
young, and the not- so- young- looking. Noises Off, a hilarious play that 
shows what truly goes on backstage, was Playmakers' major performance 


d the final one of this year. The love triangles, droplines, and barely- 

there costumes gave the play an air of reality seldom found on the stage. 

The Arts 27 

^ands battle for 

There are many niusicans at Oglethorpe. Some are talented, some try. 
Many Oglethorpe students had the chance to hear and enjoy each of 
these bands during the Battle of the Bands in the Upper Quad. The 
bands that came out were Chronic Pentatonic, a definitely unique and 
talented band with a sound that's hard to describe with just one word. 
Dark Night of Soul and Hart- O-Maniahoth featured Hart Master D on 
vocals. Deep Waters was the big winner this year however, earning the 
privilege of opening for The Connells during Stomp the Lawn. With 
Oglethorpians Chad Mozley on vocals and Jim Payne on drums, Deep 
Waters is a Christian band with talent. Jim Payne, especially, seemed to 
be Big Man on Campus this year playing in Deep Waters, Poor Man's 
Field, anA Dark Night of Soul. Other bands from off- campus , such as 
Seven Day Jesus, also had the opportunity to perform for Oglethorpe 
courtesy of Salt and Light. 


28 The Arts 

Left; Chronic Pentatonic makes the crowd feel the funky 
vibes as they rock into the ever-so-chilly night. 

Left: Jim Payne, playing 
for Poor Man 's Field. Deep 
Waters, and Dark Night of 
Soul (but not at the same 
time), was a hot commodity 
this year sought by many 

At least as hardcore as ^B 
AC/DC, his knees can't 
even support him: 
Patrick Ritter shows off 
Iiis musical abilities at the 

The hours of training 
Andy Milford spent on 
his middle finger finally 
pay off during the Battle 
of the Bands. 

Left: Hart Deer breaks on 
through to this side with his 
band Dark Night of Soul. 

The Arts 29 

How tall do you have to be 
to ride? Heather Cordeiro 
demonstrates her ability to 
charm the camera as she 
waits backstage before a 
Singers' concert. 

Singers Tina Stults and 
Katie Coakley can't keep 
their bodies off this hunk of 
big inflatable love during 
the Singers' retreat to 
Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 

Above right: A group of 
Singers readily pose for a 
picture while anxiously awaiting 
their turn to take the stage at the 
annual Boar's Head Concert. 

Right: The Singers once again 
share the stage when they 
perform with Holcomb Bridge 
Middle School's chorus during 
the Boar's Head Concert. 

Right: Chad Mozley, Jodie Sexton, Tina 
Stults, Mandy McDow, and Andy Milford 
pose in front of their choice for the new 
fresh-dipped school mascot. The Ogledogs! 

30 The Arts 











The Singers have hit a high note this year, sounding the best they 
have in years and finally moving out of Lupton and into the 
Conant Center thanks to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. John 
Conant. Celebrating this transition, the Singers performed 
Henry Purcell's Come Ye Sons o/y4rf with a baroque orchestra and 
three professional soloists in addition to their Fall Concert 
material. The Singers perform a wide variety of music ranging 
from serious works from composers such as Brahms to tongue- in- 
cheek pieces like Cheek to Cheek, a nocturnal tango that even 
moved Dr. Ray's cheeks. At the Boar's Head concert. Dr. Ray 
and his wife competed for center stage as both of their choirs 
performed separately as well as together; "F m not practicing 
nepotism, they just happen to be a very talented youth choir, " Dr. 
Ray swears. The Singers' activities this year included a 
restful trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and a workshop with the 
Scholars of London choral group. The Singers concluded a 
successful year with "Mozart's Mass in C Major, " performed in 
conjunction with the Dekalb Choral Guild and the Atlanta 
Chamber Orchestra. This year for the Singers was so successful 
because they were able to perform with many different groups of 
people; they were more than happy to share the spotlight, unlike 
their self- absorbed concerts of the past. 

The Arts 31 

The ins and outs 
of £earning: 

In and Out of the Classroom, that is. . . 

One of the many advantages of going to a school near a big city is the 
plethora of opportunities for career development and advancement; fu- 
ture plans are molded through not only academics but through experien- 
tial education as well. Students who intern are able to get an edge on 
the job market and to see what careers are available in their field of 
interest. The Carter Center, Eggleston Children's Hospital, the Geor- 
gia Shakespeare Festival, the Atlanta History Center, the High Mu- 
seum, Atlanta Magazine, CNN, the Capitol, you name it, OU stu- 
dents have done it, all thanks to the wonderful women of Goodman, 
Kate Williams and Katherine Nobles. Kate Williams is making quite a 
splash for a rookie here at Oglethorpe, as Intern Coordinator as well as 
Urban Leadership Director. With these women' s help, there is no short- 
age of opportunities and no limits to which Oglethorpe students will not 
go to intern. Not all shining stars have internships; many students at 
Oglethorpe stand out above the rest due to their involvement and scho- 
lastic achievement. For whatever reason, every student honored here is 
counted among the creme de la creme, the cream of the crop, the soup 
du jour (no wait, don' t eat the soup! ) here at Oglethorpe and their hard 
work and active involvement deserves recognition. 

32 The Arts 

Left: Giles Judd, Jr. received the 
1 999 Charles Longstreet Weltner 
award from the Stormy Petrel Bar 
Association, the Sally Hull Weltner 
award for superior scholastic 
achievements, an award for 
Outstanding Achievement in 
Classical Languages given by Dr. 
McFarland, not to mention an 
award that he would have been 
given for excellent tutoring in Latin 
by his tutoring students (one of 
whom happened to write this 
caption) if such an award existed. 

Being a Caux Scholar, Kevin 

Wooif will study for 4 1/2 
weeks in Caux, Switzerland in 
a program that focuses on 
moral and spiritual dimen- 
sions of peacekeeping. 

From Jerry Portwood's 
direction of Eleemosynary to 
his "most rewarding" experi- 
ence as Vice-President of 
Programming Board, he 
closed out his Oglethorpe 
career by winning the Petrel 
Cup, given to two students 
who most personify the ideals 
of Oglethorpe. 

Left: International Studies Major 
Megan Podolsky poses with 
former governor Zell Miller after 
her stint with the Governor's 
Intern Program in the Department 
of Industry. Trade, and Tourism. 

Above: He doesn't just play ball, folks! 
Fulton County was very impressed with 
Billy Lopresti's stay at Hanes Bridge, and 
he is described as a cutting edge teacher. 
Dr. Hall says Billy "has the potential to 
become a master level teacher." 

The Arts 33 

Right: Jim Payne lights his fire 
during the Alpha Chi induction 

Amy Katz pauses from 
her light-hanging duties 
to flash her sexy smile at 
Casey Dryden during 
OAK'S annual Christmas 
tree decoration. 

Rob Wesley carefully directs 
Pat DiCicco's anxious hand 
as he signs the Order of 
Omega rollbook. 

34 The Arts 

Above: The Alpha Chi honor 
society inducts only the best 
and brightest, the top 10% of the 
Junior and Senior class. 

Right: They can feel it coming in 
the air tonight: The Order of 
Omega inductees have been 
waiting for this moment for all 
their lives (oh Lord). 

Jionor Societas 

That's Latin for Honor Societies in case 
those of you who aren't in one couldn't 

figure it out. 

There are many honor societies at Oglethorpe University, so many in fact 
that there was no possible way to mention every one on this humble page. 
There is room, however, to mention a few. Order of Omega is one of 
these prestigious honor societies. This society honors those students who 
exhibit outstanding leadership in Greek organizations. The new induct- 


were Pat DiCicco and Kristen Kirkland (present in the picture) , and 

Kip Chambers, Mandy McDow, and Heather Cordeiro (in absentia). 
Alpha Chi prides itself on having members with the most outstanding 
academic records at Oglethorpe; only those with OP As in the top 10% of 
the Junior and Senior class are privy to this honor. Last, but certainly 
not least, is OAK, its exclusive circle being limited to fifteen students. 
To be inducted into OAK, one must master involvement in several of five 
areas: scholarship, honors and organizations, athletics, student govern- 
ment and supporting committees, and the media, publications, and per- 
forming arts. Then, once in OAK, one must master the Force. 

The Arts 35 


Breaking Out of the 
Oglethorpe Bubble 

I know it's terrifying, but after all, we sent the Seniors off with quite a 
reception, a raucous round of applause, and the one thing for which 
they came here: their diploma! Now get out there and make a Uving, 
you punks! In all seriousness, it was a beautiful ceremony and a equally 
lovely day; the sunshine in the sky only caused a few fainting casualties, 
mainly the parents of those students more acclimated towards Northern 
climates. President Emeritus Donald Stanton took us through the past, 
present, and future of Oglethorpe University, reminding us that "The 
Stormy Petrel Still Flies, " President Larry Large spoke words of inspira- 
tion to the departing Class of 1999, and Senior Class President Jeremy 
Greenup spoke candidly to those with whom he's spent the past four 
years of his life. The Singers sang beautifully, the graduates sat still, 
somber and at the same time joyous, until that all- satisfying moment at 
which they each walked across the stage, to cries of delight from friends 
and family. When it was all over, the merrymaking began (it took 
little imagination to "Party Like It's 1999") . It's truly a time of new 
beginnings for all graduates of 1999, and we wish them the best. Come 
back and visit the bubble anytime! 

36 The Arts 

Left: "Yes, Oglethorpe, you're 
here to remind us, Nescit 
Cedere," the Singers croon along 
with Dr. Ray and musical 

Senior Cat Dunham 
ponders her impending 
doom. . .er, graduation. 

"I got my hat. . .on, I got my 

robe. . .dusty; I got my 

diploma. . .in my hand, it's a 

liberal arts degree. . .1 

demand. . .1 wanna be a 

graduate. . ." Patrick Ritter 

just loves obscure music 


Left: Peggy Nix even made it into Dr. Stanton's 
speech; among many career and life accomplish- 
ments, she's also earned the reputation as 
Oglethorpe's oldest graduate. Just how old is 
she? You NEVER ask a woman's age! 

Above: The future's so bright. 
Dr. Stanton's gotta wear shades; 
Trustee Warren Jobe and Dr. 
Large know it's just a song, they 
tough it out without shades. 

The Arts 37 


38 The Arts 


A nighr op mischie]: 

Below: Tommy Davis delares, "O 
out. damn blam. . .1 mean, damn spo 

Halloween: a time for ghosties, 
ghoulies, three legged beasties, and 
things that go bump in the night. . . 
even Shakespeare sticks his head in 
from time to time. Unfortunately, he 
was unable to attend the annual XO 
Halloween party. Thankfully, his 
quotes were able to appear as cap- 
tions. The Bard would probably roll 
over in his grave if he knew how we 
were using his immortal words. But 
hey, this is Oglethorpe. We abuse 
everything we touch, and our wit is 
of a higher caliber than that of the 
average state school literate. What 
can we say? Knowledge is power. 
Power corrupts, and absolute power 
corrupts absolutely. Therefore, 
knowledge corrupts absolutely. Did 
I mention that we're corrupt? 

Right: "He that loves to be flattered is 
worthy of the flatterer." Or at least, 
that's what Rebekah Ager is trying to 
convince Chris Antone and Lindsay 

40 Student Revelry 

Left; Jessica Hendrickson won- 
ders. "Romeo. Romeo, wherefore 
art thou Romeo? 
Below; "Get thee to a nunnery," 
Misty Hood! 

Student Revelry 41 

Right: "Welcome to Borckhead!" OAK Presi- 
dent Catherine Borck was involved in every as- 
pect of the production: singer, speaker, recorder 
player.. .the list goes on. 

Below: OAK initiate Kevin Woolf flashes a 
"woolfish'" grin as he contemplates the mischief 
he could inflict with the ladder. 

Above: The Oglethorpe University 
Singers gleefully perform "Mary's 
Little Boy Chile" with the Holcomb 
Bridge Middle School Honors Choir. 

42 Student Revelry 

oar's; ^tah 

"The Boar's Head is a big ole' head, they lopped 
it off a pig; it's big and it's stinky and it smells 
really bad. . ." If Saturday Night Live did a rendi- 
tion of the Boar's Head carol, it would go some- 
thing like this. The true lyrics buried amidst re- 
corder-playing and the initiates' gagging at the 
smell of their supposed fare, this version is at least 
an approriate summation. Besides, Olde English 
is so passe. Marking the traditional opening to 
the Christmas Season here at Oglethorpe, Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa presents the Boar's Head festi- 
val as a supplement to its annual initiation. Fes- 
tivities this year included a reading from Para- 
dise Lost by Dr. McFarland. a performance by the 
Oglethorpe University Singers, and the reading of 
the Boar's Head tale. As legend has it, a vicious 
boar, ferocious nostrils flaring, charged the stu- 
dent Copcot as he walked peacefully in the forest 
of Shotover. The Queen's College student really 
fixed that pig's wagon with a dose of Aristotle 
down its throat; his battle cry was "Wisdom con- 
quers even the treacherous beast." Reports vary 
as to whether he added "you apple-sucking swine." 
At any rate, in celebration of the youth's bravery, 
we now revere a pig's head, its aromatic fragrance 
wafting over the new initiates in the front row. Did 
I mention they get to kiss it? 

Above left: Faculty OAK initiate Dr. Alan 
Loehle follows a long and distinguished 
tradition by puckering up and planting a 
smacker on our porky friend. 

Left: They swear it's not blood with 
which they're signing. Susie Polyak wit- 
nesses as Molly Lewis makes her mark 
in the membership book. Vincent Pisani, 
Mandy McDow, Nicole Garbarini and 
Katherine Fox check her penmanship 
while waiting their turn. 

Student Revelry 43 



As the day awakens clear and chilly, the sound 
of bagpipes cuts the silence: another Oglethorpe 
Day has dawned. Once again, classes are 
moved and schedules reorganized in order for 
students, faculty, and alumni to give thanks for 
the past, present, and future of Oglethorpe 
University. Deeming James Edward 
Oglethorpe's birthday as the day for revelry, 
students gather to watch the thrilling "Petrels of 
Fire" race, in which mere mortals race to beat 
the furious clanging of Lupton's bells. Follow- 
ing the mad dash around the quad, bystanders 
march to the Conant Center for the traditional 
performances and speeches. Paul Hudson 
opened the ceremony with a brief description 
and explanation of this year's theme: "In Pur- 
suit of the Millennium: Thornwell Jacobs and 
Cosmic History at Oglethorpe." Immediately 
following was the original one-act play, "Cos- 
mic Thing" (Not the B-52 album) written by 
Jeremy Jeffra, which provided a glimpse into 
the much-feared Cosmic History course once 
required of every graduating Senior. Appar- 
ently, this study of the history of earth from the 
very beginning of time put even Human Nature 
to shame. The ceremony closed with insignia- 
clad Singers performing the 
Alma Mater. Lunch was served 
in the Milky Way Galaxy, the 
Black Hole, and Mars; of 
course, shuttles every fifteen 
minutes from the student center 
provided transportation. 

Below: "See, Katie? My head really 
flat!" Bubba Brownly exclaims to a felk 
student during Dr. Jacob's Cosmic H 
tory class. 

Right: Alright, Joe Smith, Jill Orlando, and 
Sean Hannay: run for your family, your 
school, your pride! Whatever you're run- 
ning for, beat those bells! 

44 Student Revelry 

Left: "And can you tell me the speed of light?" 
Jeremy Jeffra, aka Thomwell Jacobs asks. 

Below: "So do you think they" 11 make it this 
Jeanette Randall (c/o '91), of Admissions 
notoriety, asks her colleague. But, alas, this year 
it was not written in the stars. 

. -^^c. .»■ ■■ ■- 

Above: "Faster, you fools! Your scholarship 
depends on this. ..wait. AAA schools can't 
give athletic scholarships!" Coach Unger de- 
cides to change tactics. 

Student Revelry 45 

Right: Lord and Lady Oglethorpe '99, Mandy McDow 
and Jeremy Greenup. 

Below: This is shameless self promotion for Katie 
Coakley-after all, she planned the event so she deserves 
to be on the spread. Also, we just couldn't resist putting 
these three lovely ladies in the yearbook--after all, the 
other two edit it, they deserve to be on the spread. 

Above: Chris Rylands, David Jenkins 
Megan Wallace, Kevin Woolf, and Kevin 
Martin decide that there is always time 
for a pillow fight. 

46 Student Revelry 

It's a time for school spirit, big parties, 
and a touch of pyrotechnics. Home- 
coming '99 was no exception. Junior 
class President Katie Coakley decided 
to show Oglethorpe "Where the Wild 
Things Are" and planned accordingly. 
The schedule ran a little differently this 
year with the bonfire on Thursday 
night, the basketball game on Friday 
night followed by the block party, and 
the dance on Saturday night. The 
Petrel's victory over Southwestern 
roused the fans and put a decidedly fes- 
tive mood in the air. That festive mood 
carried over to the club/concert hall, 
The Tabernacle, providing the neces- 
sary ambience so different from the 
normal, stuffy Holiday Inn ballroom. 
The band didn't hurt either; scantily 
clad in grass skirts, mesh shirts, and 
halter tops. Members Only seduced the 
crowd with '80s hits known and loved 
by all. (At least half the women in the 
audience were in love with hula boy.) 
By night's end, everyone was a little 
wilder, and better for it. 

Above left: Tiffani Hulsey. Jackie 
McSparron, Katrina Wiggins, Robin 
Elms, and Rebekah Ager groove to the 
music at tlie block party. 

Left: After stripping out of coats, ox- 
fords, and hats, the OU dancers taunt the 
crowd with their sexy moves and seduc- 
tive smiles. At least this year they didn't 
grab crotches. 

Student Revelry 47 



'Twas a typical school night in 

Oglethorpe town; the students were 

studying or fooling around. 

When all of a sudden a phone call was 

placed, that circled the dorms at a most 

rapid pace. 
"Look outside, look outside, you've got 
to see this! It's snowing, I swear it, save 

your work to a disk! 

We're going to play in the snow-I'm not 

lying— screw studying, stop whining, I 

know that you're tired." 
From Upper Quad and New Dorm and 
Traer they came, laughing and shouting 

and calling out names. 
For students to join in the white revelry, 
that had fallen from heaven at quarter to 


So all through the night the laughter was 

heard as frisbee games and snow fights 

continually occurred. 
But alas, the next morning, 
classes began, and the snow 
starting melting right out of 

our hands. 

But no one can forget that 

one glorious night when the 

snow covered everything 

and blinded our sight. 

Below: And we thought polar bears 
were suppossed to be more agile in the 
snow. Wait, this isn't a polar bear- 
this "Bear" belongs to the baseballjl 

Right: An anomaly fit for Oglethorpe: 
Barbie's bulbs coverd with snow. 

48 Student Revelry 

Left: The reincarnation of Frosty: Chad 
Mozley and Jodi Sexton grin proudly at their 
chilly friend. 

Below: "The library lights through air in the 
evening...'" Dr. Taylor's second stanza of 
the Alma Mater didn't account for snow. 

Above: Hiding behind the snowflakes. 
Hillary Barrowman and Kristen Wentzel 
take a break from one of many snowball 
tights to flash their toothy smiles. 

Student Revelry 49 

Right: "To the left, to the left, to the right, to 
the right, now dip, baby, dip" Patrick Ritter 
coaxes Nicki Gilpin during dance lessons at 
Swing Night. 

Below: "I love cotton candy! It's so sticky 
and sweet," screams Lance Ozier. Be like 
Lance, make cotton candy. 

Above: Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper, 
Tina Stults and Shaniece Broadus prepare to "put 
on the Ritz" at Swing Night (Super Duper!). 

50 Student Revelry 

Programmiiig Board 

They don't just spend your money. . .they spend it well. 

Quad Quamival. Casino Night. Stomp the Lawn. 
While these are expected annual events, they by no 
means encompass all that the Programming Board ac- 
complishes in a school yeai". After a major overhaul. 
Programming Board emerged bright and shiny new 
with Jerry Portwood heading up the group. Under 
his expert guidance, Programming Board sponsored 
and co-sponsored over twenty events. The year 
started off with the re- spelled Quad Quamival featur- 
ing inflatable games (a must at any good shindig), for- 
tune tellers, and henna tatoos. James Randi debunked 
the mystical and magical in the Fall, and students 
pressed their luck in the cafeteria at Casino Night. 
Swing Night was held in the gym with Mike Fulford 
acting as DJ and instructor and Virgin Bourbon trans- 
formed the Traer courtyard into a Oglethorpian New 
Orleans (sans Red Light District, of course). How- 
ever, Programming Board not only plans their own 
events, they co-sponsor other groups as well. With- 
out Programming Board, the music of Seven Day 
Jesus would not have pulsed from Lupton auditorium 
and the talented Oglethorpe acting eUte would not have 
been able to entertain the masses in "Company." So, 
call them "joiners" if you must. But by all means, re- 
spect them. They don'tjust spend your money. They 
spend your money well. 

Above: As a result of Programming Board, 
students discovered their hidden pottery 
skills and made beautiful pieces of artwork; 
we're talking museum quality here, people! 

Below: Tina Stults, Heather Cordeiro, and 
Kelly Falany whirl up some non-alcholic bev- 
erages for the party-goers at the Virgin Bour- 
bon Party. 

Student Revelry 5 1 


This ain't your daddy's frisbee. 

The past academic year was very promis- 
ing for the Oglethorpe Ultimate Disc 
Association. An excited group of Fresh- 
man bolstered the numbers to nearly two 
dozen at times. Another big development 
came from adding Ultimate as an intra- 
mural sport. With a somewhat higher 
profile on campus, they are looking to- 
ward seeing some new, as well as more 
familiar, faces next year. Additionally, a 
number of Oglethorpe students have 
begun to play Ultimate outside of the 
bubble (what? We can go outside of the 
bubble?). This serves to increase their 
reknown and improve their talent. With 
no Seniors to lose, they hope to soon 
become officially recognized as a campus 
organization, begin practicing on the 
weekends, and travel to some out- 
of-state tournaments. Right now, 
Oglethorpe Ultimate is all potential. 

Below: Again, the frisbee proves too 
slippery for A.J. Tiarsmith and Tom 
Namey's hands. 

Right: A typical scence from an Ulti- 
mate frisbee game. Players running 
from every direction. Players looking 
the wrong way. Players who refuse to 
get out of your face. Mayhem. Abso- 
lute mayhem. 

52 Student Revelry 

Left: "Ok. which people are on my team?" 
Kevin Woolf momentarily forgets to whom 
he should throw the frisbee during a game. 

Below: "Hey, back off! The frisbee is 
mine!" Ryan Goudelocke shouts before 
tackling his opponent Jimmy Ewing. 

Above: Dan Heacox meditates: "I am the best 
Ultimate frisbee player. I am the frisbee. lam 
the plastic that composes this frisbee." 

Student Revelry 53 

Right: The impulse to pinch Kevin Redmon's 
now even sweeter cheeks is just too much for 
Jeremy Greenup to resist. Ah well, it's a face 
only a big brother could love. 

Below: Paybacks are hell. Cafeteria guru Rob 
Shutsky gets no mercy from disgruntled OU 
students during his term in the dunking booth. 

Above: After being creamed himself, Professoi 
Doyle seeks revenge. "Let this be a lesson to all 
who choose to nap through my stimulating lec- 
tures," he says menacingly to David Jenkins. 

54 Student Revelry 

Stomp the Lawn 

This year marked a first in Stomp the 
Lawn history. Instead of Springfesters 
joining in the festivities, the visitation 
weekend was broken into two "Make the 
Connection" weekends. Needless to say, 
the absence of high school seniors did 
not dampen the spirits of Oglethorpe 
students nor did the rain that threatened 
that morning. Instead, the sun shone 
brightly as students waded in the sound 
of Deep Waters, laughed at the antics of 
Dad's Garage, and chilled with The 
Connells. In addition, booths were scat- 
tered around the Academic Quad as 
fortune tellers mystified their wary cus- 
tomers and faculty got their just desserts. 
The dunking booth was popular this year, 
but EZZ's pie-throwing fund-raiser auc- 
tion was by far the most attended. For 
what seemed a small fee, Oglethorpians 
were given the chance to take out a little 
frustration on various members of faculty 
and staff such as Sarah 
Hinkle, Bernard Potts and 
Professor Doyle. Who said 
that revenge isn't sweet? 

Above left: "You've got to be kidding!" 
Stephanie Petrakos exclaims, when asked 
if this is a profession. Katie and Erin just 
nod and smile. 

Left: Nope, this isn't the newest dance 
craze. Instead, the guys from Dad's Ga- 
rage do their best Mr. Roboto imperson- 
ation with a little help from OU student 
Harry Schroeder. 

Student Revelry 55 

International Mqll 

Every year at International Night, 

its namesake club sparks everyone's 


With a showcase of art, song, and dance 

that opens our eyes 

to the many wonders and benefits of 

international ties. 

How does one eat spaghetti the way that 

is right? 
Do you hold your fork in the left hand 

or right? 
But, then, what does one do with one's 

Does the proper Japanese bow have an 

appropriate height? 
So many questions to answer in just one 


But the price of ignorance is bound to 

cause strife 

If you widen your horizons beyond 

Oglethorpe's binds. 
So, if international travel is in your 
sight, Give that wandering 

mind a respite. 

Open wide that mind, from 

those tests shut tight. 

At another year's International 


Below: Former president of the Inter- 
national Club, Mauricio Amaya, gives 
the audience a demonstration of just 
what his band, "Vientos Del Pueblo," 
can do. 

Right: A characature scene portraying 
American and German stereotypes: 
Luke Molitor, portraying a Texan, and 
Wolfgang Niehues, portraying a Ger- 
man—wait, he is a German! 

56 Student Revelry 


Left: Hey OU dancers, check out 
this German dancing machine 
(Chris Spaniol)! Do you need any 
new recruits? 

Below: Dr. Pringle performs a 
customary Japanese dance in full 

Above: Philip Meyers and 
Wolfgang Niehues share the spirit 
of "true" football with a few spir- 
ited German chants. 

Student Revelry 57 

Right: "Let's see. . .should I get Grease 
Combo 1 or Grease Combo 2? Hmmmm. . 
.1 wish we could go back and get some of 
that tasty cafeteria food." 

Above: "How long do we have to keep 

"' asks Heather Ringer. "I don't know, but 
this whole revolving restaurant thing makes 
me want to hurl," replies Lance Ozier. 

58 Student Revelry 


"Hi, and welcome to Oglethorpe University! I'm 
(insert Ambassador name here) and I'll be leading 
your tour today. . ." Can you picture those bright 
smiles and happy faces that just emanate love for 
OU? Anyone can tell you, that's how you can 
identify an Ambassador. They don't get much 
attention, for their job is less flashy than some others 
around campus. But, if you pay close attention, you 
may see a small group of people that you don't 
recognize walking around like ducks. Chances are, 
an Ambassador is playing Mama Duck. This year 
presented new challenges for the Ambassadors and 
Admissions staff. Instead of one Springfest week- 
end, two "Make the Connection" weekends were 
held. During this Sunday-Monday overnight visit, 
prospective students were bussed around Atlanta, 
visiting various landmarks such as the revolving 
restaurant at the Weston-Peachtree, Centennial 
Park, and the Varsity. Following scavenger hunt- 
type clues, the prospectives found a new contact at 
each destination; each new activity allowed them the 
chance to bond with each other and Ambassadors. 
While the 'festers were missed at Stomp the Lawn, 
there is no doubt that the endless bus ride and 
assorted antics captured and held their deUght for 
hours. Additionally, their absence from any merri- 
ment designed for older students 
surely fostered a much more positive 
image of Oglethorpe in their young, 
impressionable minds-the only thing 
that made these kids' stomachs lurch 
was good, wholesome Varsity food! 


Above Left: The Oglethorpe Ambassa- 
dors are a wonderful group of people who 
lead wide-eyed prospectives around 
campus through wind, rain, and shine. 

Left: "The Petrel has landed? What 
the hell is a Petrel?" several prospec- 
tive students query. 

Student Revelry 59 

Sionn\\ ?ctrcl 

From their snazzy captions such as "Large 
in Charge" to the Rob Shutsky-turned-fas- 
cist April Fool's edition to their cutting 
edge editorials on Upper Quad garbage. 
The Stormy Petrel keeps students daily 
(or at least bi-weekly) informed as to the 
goings-on around the Oglethorpe campus. 
The Stormy Petrel % unmatched skill was 
well documented at the Honors and 
Awards Convocation, as writers Ann Hsu, 
Catherine Borck, and Nicole Garbarini 
swept all ten of the coveted Excellence in 
Journalism awards. While the Vamacraivs 
single award paled in comparison, the staff 
takes comfort in the fact that twenty years 
from now, this lovely navy volume will 
more likely be found on alumni's book- 
shelves (I say bah! to the tawdry print of 
the newspaper) . Just kidding. . .you people 
are so touchy. Even the Yamacraw stasis 
forced to admit that when Oglethorpe stu- 
dents want to know, it's in The Petrel. But 
when you want to know the name of that 
guy who sat next to you in Narratives of 
the Self who always slept and 
woke up in a puddle of drool 
on his desk, that's in the 
Yamacraw (assuming he got 
his picture taken, which he 
probably didn't). Ok, fine. 
The Petrel is actually pretty 
informative and useful. . .at 
the very least, when news 
breaks, they fix it. 

Below: Kevin Woolf exhibits all the symp 
toms of being addicted to his camera: th 
glazed eyes, the meticulous unzipping of th 
camera bag, and the permanent attachment c 
the camera to his hand. 

Right: Editor-in-chief Nicole 
Garbarini and Chris Jackson share a 
Lance-a-cola and a smile. 

60 Student Revelry 

Left: Julie Greenwell sure knows her pictures. 

Below: Ann Hsu is always ready to offer sage 
advice, especially when it concerns handicap 
spaces, tow trucks, and OU security. 

Above: They've all been on staff at one time or 
another: Heidi Blackwell. Nicole Garbarini. Chris 
Geronimos, Casey Dryden, Jerry Portwood. Amy 
Katz, Jeanee Ledoux. and Dan Heacox. 

Student Revelry 61 

Right: "We are the best editors ever," 
sings Megan Podolsky. "Yes," Molly 
agrees, "and I'm so happy to be done. 
I shall lift my fellow editor!" 

Above: Katie Coakley, Student Revelry co- 
editor, in a moment of reflection. All of you 
can thank her for the creative copy and cap- 
tions in her section. . .actually, if it's cre- 
ative, chances are, she had a hand in it. 

62 Student Revehy 

Above: Yippee-kayay, Allison Osborne! She dissected the Anatomy of Oglethoq 

v: "Welcome to my hiding place. 
Id y'all like a tour?" Hillary 
iwman. Student Revelry co-editor, 
Dusly asks. 


The phone shatters the stillness of the tiny of- 
fice, and staff member Shanna Hobson 
nonchalantly picks it up: " 'Ya mama' craw, 
can I help you?" If it weren't for the joking, 
the random caption ideas, keeping a stiff up- 
per lip, and the wonderful people at computer 
support (and Megan's and Molly's respective 
therapists), we wouldn't have made it. But 
you're reading it, so we must have! (By the 
way, if you don't like it, take it to the new edi- 
tors, we don't want to hear it.) It's been an 
uphill journey, but we put ever}' ounce of en- 
ergy we had into making the 1998-1999 
Oglethorpe University Yamacraw\}n^& very best 
it could be, sacrificing nothing, from the copy 
to the captions to the photos, to make this pub- 
lication as accurate, representative, and aes- 
thetically pleasing as possible. This page is a 
shrine to all the hard workers who made it 
possible, so if you like your yearbook, thank 
them, and we mean wholeheartedly . We'd like 
to thank a few others as \vell: Megan Breece, 
for her outstanding work on the opening pages' 
collage, Erin Sanderson for ZAE pictures, 
Angle Baldwin for Circle K copy, Dan Heacox 
for Ultimate copy, Chris Jackson 
for printer help. . .heck, just any 
of the Stormy Petrel AoiVs, who 
hung out with us while we tried 
to meet simultaneous deadlines. 
We've enjoyed it. And two out 
of two editors agree: how did 
we get roped into this? 

Left: Sports editor Rebekah Ager and 
Layouts editor Windy Hunter both 
agree that Yearbook can be an intense 
source of fun. Upon interviewing both, 
they agreed that every meeting was 
filled with excitement (of course, most 
of the staff wouldn't know, having not 

Student Revelry 63 


This aint your daddy's ^ible study. 

No, they don't sit around singing 
"Kumbayah." These are new, fresher 
versions of Salt N' Lighters of the past. 
First announcing their presence on 
move-in day, the faithful members of 
this Christian group will soon sing and 
clap their way into your heart. However, 
they do more than serenade you with 
"Jesus Loves You"--these kids know what 
they want, and they were frequently seen 
gettin' down to business on Oglethorpe's 
campus. With their bank balance to 
back them up. Salt N' Light sponsored 
several different events around campus, 
including the performance of Christian 
rock bands Seven Day Jesus, Captive 
Free, and Poor Man 's Field. With the 
promise of a campus minister, much 
more is sure to come. Perhaps the big- 
gest indication of the resurrection of this 
group came at the Honors and Awards 
Convocation when Kelly Falany, chair- 
person, mounted the stage to receive the 
Dean's Award for Outstanding Achieve- 
ment. While some, including 
her then incredulous 
suitemate, Katie Coakley, 
expected her to raise the 
plaque and yell, "This is for 
you. Big Guy," Ms. Falany 
demonstrated poise and 
restraint. At least she waited 
until she got outside. 

Right: Salt N" Light members Katie 
Coaldey, Jessica Hitchcock, Kelly Falany, 
and friend Jenny Cannon love sharing 
body heat on a cold March Day. 


Below: Billy Leonard wears the we! 
known Salt N' Light t-shirt while lend 
ing a helping hand to a stressed paret 
on move-in day. 

64 Student Revelry 

Left: Kelly Falany, chairperson of Salt N' Light, 
proudly accepts the Dean's Award for Outstand- 
ing Achievement, due to the organization's 
overwhelming success. 

Above: Salt N" Light members en- 
joy fun and fellowship while listen- 
ing to one of the many bands that 
Salt N' Light sponsored. 

Student Revelry 65 

Right: With a big grin and an even 
larger pumpkin. Circle K member Karen 
Anthony shares the Halloween spirit 
with nursing home residents. 

Above: Mika Mueller tests her artis- 
tic ability on an unusual canvas at 
AOQ's annual Trick-or-Treat in Traer. 

66 Student Revelry 

A Helping Hand: 
OgletJorpians give a little Lack 

"Tis a far, far better thing doing stuff for other 
people." This misquote by Alicia Silverstone's 
character in "Clueless" does a pretty good job of 
summing up community service. Not only do you 
help your fellow man (or woman), but you get a 
warm, fuzzy feeling to go along with it. Several 
organizations on campus, such as AOQ, Amnesty 
International, and the newly reinstated Circle K, 
are devoted solely to helping humanity and par- 
ticipate in activities ranging from the AIDSwalk 
Atlanta to collecting supphes for hurricane victims. 
Can anyone forget the sight of all those little kids 
running around Traer for AOQ's Trick-or-Treat in 
Traer? However, other groups on campus get in 
on the fun as well. The Greek community is dedi- 
cated to helping the less fortunate and volunteers 
many hours to various organizations such as Scot- 
tish Rite, the Boys and Girls Club, and various 
nursing homes around Atlanta. While we live the 
lives of hard- working college students, it is clear 
that we cannot live by Aristotle and Analytical 
Geometry alone. So, when you're feeling stressed 
out and cranky, get out there and lend a hand. It's 
amazing what you get back. 

Above left: "Deck the halls with boughs 
of holly..." Members of OU Panhellenic 
use their ever-lovely voices to calm the 
savage shoppers of Stone Mountain Vil- 
lage during the Christmas season. 

Left: A hand to hold: Megan Breece 
reaches out and bridges the generation 

Student Revelry 67 

Circle K 

Service, Leadership, and FUN! After a 
ten year hiatus, Circle K International 
has returned to Oglethorpe thanks to 
president Angie Baldwin. Circle K is the 
premiere service and leadership devel- 
opment organization for college stu- 
dents. With over five hundred chapters 
in ten countries, more than 1 1,000 stu- 
dents serve their campuses and commu- 
nities every day. Here at Oglethorpe, 
twenty CKI'ers dedicated over 800 hours 
to service in the past year. Through 
Hunger Walk, a Halloween Party at 
Eden Gardens Assisted Living, and 
projects for the Scottish Rite Children's 
Home, Oglethorpe's CKI'ers helped en- 
rich the Atlanta community. May they 
continue to thrive! 

Right: The members of CirkleK: Back 
Row : Daniel Wilder, Karen Anthony, 
Angie Baldwin, Katherine Nobles, 
Megan Wallace. Front Row : Megan 
Breece, Matthew Ericksen, Mary Ann 
Ericksen, Karen Murray, Rebekah Ager, 
and Tien Ly. 

Below: President Angie Baldwin pr 
sents a treat to an eager onlooker at tl 
children's creativity booth at the 195 
Dogwood Festival . 

68 Student Revelry 

Left: Karen Anthony exhibits her extraor- 
dinary pine straw spreading abilities at a 
Habitat for Humanity home in Macon, GA. 

Below: Playing the role of Santa Claus, Hart 
Deer stuffs his bag full of presents for 
needy families. 

Above: Busted! Cirkle K caught shamelessly 
engaging in fun and creative service projects. 

Student Revelry 69 

Above: AFW members take a break 
from helping others to help themselves 
to a fun-filled camping trip on Blackrock 

Right: Nicki Chhabra, Heather 
Staniszewski, Jackie McSparron, Chris 
Scott, Laura Moon, and Mehssa Conrad 
are proud of their contributions to the 
local community through their member- 
ship in AFW. 

70 Student Revelry 

Alpha Phi 

With rush held both in the Fall and Spring, Alpha Phi Omega grows stronger every 
year. As a service fraternity, AOQ's members venture into the local community to 
offer their love, support, and labor to needy families, children, AIDS patients. . .the 
list goes on. By visiting orphanages and children's hospitals, they brighten a child's 
day. Through Project Open Hand, they cook food for AIDS patients. AOQ even 
sponsors the annual Trick- or-Treat in Traer, which gives the children from the Boys 
and Girls Club an opportunity to visit Oglethorpe and receive candy from Traer 
residents. This year, fraternity members took a break to camp out on Blackrock 
Mountain. Though snow prevented them from clearing trails, it did not prevent 
them from having a good time. Through fun-filled ser\'ice and a loyal brotherhood, 
members are able to give back to the community and feel a close bond themselves. 
They are proud of their fraternity, and not a day goes by when those gold letters are 
not spotted on someone's chest. Thanks, AOQ, for showing all of us that college 
students can make a difference! 

Right: Preparing food for ADDS patients 
with Project Open Hand is a difficult 
job. but Misty Hood, Jeff Poole. Robin 
Elms, and Blake Stabler seem to be 
quite adept at it. Hey guys, do you 
want a job in the Oglethorpe cafeteria? 

Student Revelry 71 


Chi Omega 

As the Saturday of move-in arrives, the 
freshman students may notice bright 
eyed girls rushing to lend a hand, er. . .or 
back, as the case may be. These girls are 
adorned with strange symbols across 
their chests; while some wear the triple 
sigma, others boast the "X and Horse- 
shoe." These are the girls of the Chi 
Omega Fraternity. It soon becomes 
clear that these girls are a force to be 
reckoned with. Attend a Playmakers 
event-you'll see a Chi O. Support your 
athletic teams and you'll notice girls on 
the field and in the stands who proudly 
flaunt their letters. Their activities are 
varied throughout the honor societies 
and athletic teams as well as service and 
literary groups. Within the fraternity, 
XQ participates in many different ser- 
vice projects such as the Scottish Rite 
Art of the Season, in addition to the 
usual social functions. As with every- 
thing on the Oglethorpe 
campus, things are not as 
they may sometimes ap- 
pear: these girls are not 
your typical bowheads! 

Below: The Buff and the Beautiful. ChiC 
Heidi league, Dani Stellin, Allison Osbom 
Rebecca Bowers, and Marie Heflin flex the 
muscles during Greek Week. 

Right: Kristen Wentzel, Molly Lewis, 
Megan Podolsky, and Hillary 
Barrowman flash peppy smiles at an 
OU basketball game-we told you 
they're everywhere! 

72 Student Revelry 


Left: Brooke Roberts. Kara White, and Ashley 
Zimmerman demonstrate that they really will 
bend over backwards for their sisters. 

Below; She"s not seventeen, but Jesse DeMaria 
certainly wins the title of Dancing Queen with 
partner Ryan Bondi-Lynch at the Xill/X<t> 80's 

' '''■^■' 

Above: No Greek Week skit is ever complete with- 
out as many pop culture references as possible: 
•■^'■m Lauren Montagno leads fellow Chi Os in a rendition 
of Brittany Spears" "Hit Me Baby, One More Time." 

Student Revelry 73 

Right: Johnny Schaeffer tries a tiara on for 
size, knowing that he has precious few sec- 
onds before it is confiscated by the real prom 
queen, Molly Lewis. 

Above; "Look at this skin! You only wish 
you had skin Uke this," Jeremy Greenup ex- 
claims of XO brother and model Jason 

74 Student Revelry 

To the naked eye, it may look as if all fraternities are 
basically the same. However, once orientation is over 
and the students get into the groove of things, it be- 
comes obvious that nothing is exactly as it seems. After 
the first CF party of the year, students come to ex- 
pect outlandish flyers, hamburgers on the top deck, 
and brothers that double as sisters. Despite this some- 
what bizarre description, the brothers of CF know 
how to throw a party and have some good, clean, 
old-fashioned fun. As hosts of some of the most memo- 
rable parties of the year such as Pimp N' Ho, Drag 
Party and CF Halloween, the boys get the chance to 
let go of their everyday stress (and dress, on occa- 
sion). Fortunately, they extend this opportunity to the 
rest of the campus as well. However, there is more 
to this fraternity than techno music and tiaras. After 
their unfortunate expulsion from Greek Week, the 
brothers resorted to what they felt was their only 
choice in the situation. On that fateful Sunday night, 
five brothers took the stage to the strains of "You 
Can Leave Your Hat On" and preceded to wow the 
audience with their incredible dance moves and cloth- 
ing removal techniques. The audience went crazy as 
assorted sorority girls drooled and whistled at the 
exhibition. "Playgirl" extended offers to graduating 
Seniors Jeremy Greenup and Pat 
DiCicco; the other boys have de- 
cided to obtain their degrees first. 

Top Left: Ooga Booga. Kipp Cham- 
bers screams in frustration as "Milton," 
one of three monkeys stuck in a room 
writing Hamlet during the OU spring 
production of All in the Timing. 

Left: With just a wink and a smile, 
Brandon Denny. Pat DiCicco. Nick 
Shapiro. Ryan Bondi-Lynch and Jer- 
emy Greenup taunt the screaming fans 
at Greek Week Sing. 

Student Reveli7 75 


Once again, the brothers of ALO have really 
outdone themselves. Famous for their "Get 
Lei'd, Can't Say No" party and "Safe Sex in 
the Snow," Delta Sig has the reputation of 
an oasis for thirsty freshman girls. How- 
ever, after the unfortunate Hunch Punch 
incident, the brothers were unable to use 
their Egyptian aphrodisiac to seduce the 
women of campus anymore. Affirmative 
action was taken by Ms. Amy Lantz, Greek 
Affairs coordinator extraordinaire, and AZO 
was put on social probation. The rest of the 
year saw a much quieter, gentler side of the 
brotherhood. Even Greek Week seemed to 
have lost much of its spunk when this very 
musically talented group couldn't get 
enough brothers together to participate in the 
Sing. However, all was well when the Skits 
came around. Their "Fraternity Feud" both 
enlightened and unified the members of the 
Greek community at OU when they revealed 
the number one answer to the question of 
what most Oglethoipe University students 
want to toss~the Greek Affairs Coordinator! 

Right: The brothers of AZ(S> give new 
meaning to the term "athletic supporter" 
at the 1999 Homecoming game. Front 
row: Austin Gillis, Michael Keene, Bran- 
don King, Shah Nateghi. Second row: 
Adam Ballew, Ashley Bourne, Chris 
Brown, Johnathan Lind, Travis Jones. 
Back row: Chris Shukar, Aaron Martin, 
Bubba Brownley, Matt Breston. Bran- 
don Parker, Beau Jones, Adam Vossler. 

Below: Beau Jones uses his excellen 
marketing skills to sell the newest lini 
of cereals: Crack in A Box, good witl 
or without milk. 

76 Student Revelry 

Left: Ooh, baby. Gregg Dodd cops a 
feel on Adam Vossler's bulging biceps 
as Chris Brown waits his turn. 

Below: The crest of Delta Sigma Phi. 
Just a question, but why does a Greek 
organization have so many Egyptian 

Above: '■Pssst...hey. Adam, is KA 
ahead of us? Wait. I didn't tell you to 
stop spinning! Dammit, keep spin- 
ning!" Micheal Keene yells. 

Student Revelry 77 

Right: "What are we bidding for 
this fine piece of meat?" Zach 
Davis tries to figure the worth of 
Wes Wade. 

Below: The glorious crest of 
Kappa Alpha, established 1864. 
So tell us, KA, just where are God 
and the ladies? 

Above: "I thought I was Moe!" 
Chad Donaghue exclaims to An 
thony Freeman and Robert Pace 

78 Student Reveliy 

lelow: All that's missing to make this 
/hite Trash picture complete is the 
road whore," according to Matt 
icDonald, Brad Nye, and Dant 


Gentlemen for all seasons 

Since 1972, the Beta Nu 
chapter of the Kappa Alpha 
Order has been making their 
mark on the Oglethorpe cam- 
pus. Following a produc- 
tive Rush Week, Kappa Alpha 
threw their annual tribute 
to napalm and army fatigues 
with Apocahqjse Now, a party 
complete with bamboo and 
menacing men. The "south- 
ern gentlemen" of KA are 
always ready to lend a help- 
ing hand, even if it costs 
an arm and a leg, as they 
demonstrated with the pledge 
auction. Luckily, most of 
the pledges were affordable 
with all members intact, 
just like KA's little-known 
motto: "Affordable, with 
all members intact!" 

Left: The brothers of the Kappa Alpha 
Order: Back Row : Peter George, BJ 
Best. Dant Banner. Josh Podolsky, 
Bubba Van Hook, Brad Nye, Wes Wade, 
Anthony Freeman. Middle Row : Rob- 
ert Pace, Christian Blonshine, Mike 
Evans, Matthew McDonald, Matt Mills, 
Tony Nguyen, Jeff Waie, Bryant David. 
Front Row : Eric Salis, Dave 
Hernandez, Colin Pajot, Chad 
Donaghue, Michael Newkirk, Zachary 

Student Revelry 79 


Boxer Rebellion. Paddy Murphy. 
Cajun Party. A barrage of faces, the 
sound of booty music and the feel of a 
cool breeze off the back deck assault 
the memory. The place where some- 
thing is always happening, be it an 
impromptu game of pool or maybe just 
some of the guys watching football— 
you know, manly things. With a fresh 
new batch of soccer players. . .er, 
brothers, the SAEs have kept a rather 
low profile with no recorded acts of 
sabotage and a few less panty drawers 
raided. That' s not to say that these 
boys are tame— not at all. They still 
know how to play a mean game of 
intramural basketball. 

Below: Those sparkling eyes, that 
confident smile... the matching 
socks. ..Brian Findley truly represents 
the ideal S AE brother. 

Right: It's time for the annual trip to the 
Red Dot liquor store. . .in Paddy's 
honor, of course. Back Row: Joris van 
Daalen, John Slack, Chris Fort, David 
Jenkins, Ryan Goudelocke, Mark 
Lauman, Doug Daniels, Jason Amos, 
Lauren Montagno, David Crabbe, An- 
drew Shahan, Matt Merker, Brian 
Moriarty, Rob Wesley, Steven Hummel, 
Brian Findley. Front Row: Erin 
Sanderson, Cody Partin, Anthony 
Dowell, Tim Watt, Becca Sipper, Joanna 
Duggan-Pitocco, Rebecca Bowers, Liz 
Campbell, Jamie Fisher, Josh Saliba, 
Mark Olas. 

80 Student Revelry 

Left: Shoes, shoes, birkenstocks, shoes, 
shoes. ..some of these pallbearers have a Httle 
more respect for the dead than others. 

Below: John Slack, Mark Olas, Jay Williams, and 
Josh Saliba would be a serious match for Ben 
Hur in this Greek Week event. . .mainly because 
they're the only ones who really have a chariot. 

Above: Fa La La La La La, ZAE brothers 
Tim Watt, Rob Wesley, and David Crabbe 
chant; these boys sure know how to smurf 
a good skit. 

Student Revelry 81 

Right: Marlies Hohener, Brandi Camron, and 
Kristen Kirkland, posing as KAs, help their beer- 
deprived "brother" (Marissa Rojas) into a keg 

Below: Paparozzi are a problem even for fic- 
tional characters! "Can you not leave me in 
peace to smoke one damn cigarette?" quips 
Kiley Ryba, aka Pippi Longstocking. 

Above: "That's a fine-lookin' pair of Sigmas 
you got there." Jill Orlando and Emily Gudat 
giggle. . . "we know." 

82 Student Revelry 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

"Sisters Wanted," their Bid Day T-shirts pro- 
claimed. But sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma 
seem to be doing just fine as they are. Each year 
brings a new wave of purple to the campus and a 
new fleet of sailboats float across the doors of 
the dorms. They sing of "Pearls and Girls and 
Memories," and have the sureshots to prove it. 
The annual Purple Passion crush party has the 
Oglethorpe men crossing their fingers in antici- 
pation of that secretive invite in their mailboxes. 
The HallowZZZnie roast is also a holiday favor- 
ite. Where else can you meet Pippi 
Longstocking, mingle with friends, and bob for 
apples at the same time? When it comes to 
campus activities, you are always sure to spot 
that splash of purple in the stands and hear the 
loudest and most spirited yells issuing from 
these sisters. From Ambassadors to OSA to 
soccer, the Sigmas represent their chapter with 
pride. However, membership in Sigma Sigma 
Sigma is not simply parties and pearls. Instead, 
it is a committment, a way of life. They're 
Sigma bom, and they're Sigma bred, and when 
they die, they'll be Sigma dead. . .at any rate, 
sisterhood is for life! No matter how hard they 
try, they can't help but display that Sigma pride! 

Top left: "Can I entice you with some 
brownies, gooey Rice Krispy Treats, 
or homemade chocolate chip cookies'? 
Come on. support Panhellenic!" Julie 
Greenwell pleads to the camerawoman 

Left: With their flannel pajama pants 
and cute animal slippers, the Tri-Sig- 
mas belt out their rendition of "Sandra 

Student Revelry 83 

Delta Iota 

Sure, they're clandestine in that they don't flaunt 
their letters literally, but they're far from hidden 
on this campus; in fact, they're donoiright promi- 
nent. Many may not be aware, but the 7th fra- 
ternity on this campus goes by the name AI, or as 
we lovingly like to call it, those "Damn Indepen- 
dents." From reorganizing student clubs to lead- 
ing some of OU's sports teams to victory, all of 
these students have made a tremendous impact 
on Oglethorpe. For instance, she's served as 
Stormy Petrel Editor, Singers President, and 
OAK President (just to hit the biggies). . .you 
guessed it, Catherine Borck! Her leadership on 
campus earned her the James Edward Oglethorpe 
Cup at graduation. Or what about Kelly Falany? 
In the two years she's been here, she's gotten her- 
self involved in just about everything; most no- 
tably, she's worked long hours to reorganize Salt 
'N Light. This club for Oglethorpe's Christian 
community has grown larger and more promi- 
nent under Kelly's leadership. As OSA secretary, 
Tina Stults rejuvenated the missing Interclub 
Council. With its revival, the Oglethorpe com- 
munity functions a lot more smoothly. And we 
need not mention Mike Deckert's athletic prow- 
ess on both the Men's Basketball and Golf teams 
(but he'd probably like it if we did). Let's not 
forget Patrick Ritter's jump start to the long-dead 
W]TL-the station's on-line and the DJs are ac- 
tive, participating as volunteers at 
this year's Music Midtown to raise 
money for this organization that 
does not promise to disappear 
soon. They're everywhere, they're 
strong leaders, and Oglethorpe is 
that much more extraordinary be- 
cause of those "Damn Indepen- 


Below: Graduate Catherine Borck ends 
fours years of academic and extracur- 
ricular success singing her heart out at 1 
this year's Commencement. 

Right: Kelly Falany with one of the many 
members of Salt 'N Light Josh Gramling. 

84 Student Revelry 

Left: Who's this handsome fellow? Why, 
it's Mike Deckert, Golf and Basketball 

Below: TinaStults has made her mark on 
Oglethorpe as OSA Secretary, Ambassa- 
dors President, and a member of Univer- 
sity Singers and Chorale. 

Above: Patrick Ritter is a recognizable face 
on this campus due to his RA position in the 
New Residence Hall and his weU-known mu- 
sical talent. 

Student Revelry 85 

Right: Matthew MacDonald, Robert Pace, and 
Jamie Swindell perform yet another moving ren- 
dition of "Hit Me Baby, One More Time." 

Below: "You think you can beat me," Joris van 
Daalen yells at his opponents. "Ha! Never! I 
can beat all of you with my trusty steed 

Above: Host of "Fraternity Feud," Austin Gillis 
shakes hands with one of the more popular fami- 
lies at Oglethorpe, the Schmidts. Steve and 
Jeanne don't really look like this! 

86 Student Revelry 

Greek Week 

Kickball. Cosmic Pong. Fooseball. Flag Foot- 
ball. Trivial Pursuit. The competition is fierce, 
some win and some lose, but a fun time is had by 
all. Field day. Skit, and Sing are three of the most 
popular events, allowing the fraternities and so- 
rorities to showcase their athleticism, witticism, and 
narcissism, in that order. While Sing showcases 
musical talent (and cute, thematic costumes). Skit's 
reputation remains a blatant mockery of all that is 
reverent about Oglethorpe. With references to 
the Smurfs, Alice in Wonderland, Brittany Spears' 
"Hit Me Baby One More Time," and T.V. 
gameshows, this year's Greek Week skits will hold 
a special place in the annals of Greek Week. How- 
ever, a deep absence pervaded the Dining Hall 
this year, in that Springfesters did not attend. 
Prospectives attended one of two "Make the Con- 
nection" weekends that occurred before and after 
Greek Week. Coincidence? We think not. Be- 
cause prospectives were not present, the Greeks 
bared all, and we mean all. Stripping became 
popular this year, and everyone saw their share of 
skin. Delighted by this turn of events, Greeks 
voted to never allow prospectives to attend Greek 
Week again: "If it's down to seeing the Smurfs 
naked or having prospectives, I vote smurfs, ev- 
ery time," Amy Lantz insists. 

Above left: "Come on girls! Dig in and 
pull !" grunts Team Chi Omega captain Liz 

Right: Jo Duggan-Pitocco, as Alice, has 
just landed herself in the crazy, chaotic 
land of the Greeks. Watch out for the 
ZAE lion, Alice— he's always on the prowl. 
And don't follow that rabbit too closely 
or he might lead you astray! 

Student Revelry 87 

Student Revelry 














t~e-ie: ^./vsios^ 

Left: Serious about scoring, Jason Amos stretches his strong soccer legs. 

Right: As Jessica Hendrickson runs, she issues a "stop" to the ball: "Let me catch up!' 

90 Athletics 

^nrfi^ iH^I^J^L^H^ ^cyol^BaSC 

He's at the 20... the 10... the 5... 
TOUCHDOWN! The kicker punts a 
field goal for the extra point. 
Oglethorpe's in the lead, 7-0. Oh Wait, 
we don't have that kind of football! At 
least we can dream that we're a big 
school. Instead, there is SOCCER, the 
real football! Soccer, the most popular 
sport in the world, is also a popular one 
at Oglethorpe. It attracts the hottest guys 

and girls on campus with their fresh sum- 
mer tans. The players demonstrate great 
dedication to their sport by arriving at 
school two weeks before other 
Oglethorpians emerge. Like mailmen, 
they get the job done in all conditions, 
be it rain or shine. Their perseverance 
pays off when the stands are full and the 
crowd is spirited. Even the dogs come 
out to watch. 

Above: Coach Lochstampfor presents Missy Roedersheimer and Susie Polyak with flowers to congratulate 

them on their perseverance with soccer throughout their OU career. 
Bottom Left: Mike Pompilio passes, fierce pressure all around. 
Bottom Center: Positioning for the perfect kick. Amy Myers sets her target. 
Bottom Right: Reminiscent of Fred Astaire. David Crabbe uses some quick foot action to foil his opponent. 

Athletics 91 

"Don't miss the ball! Don't miss the ball!" 
Erin Sanderson repeats to herself. Luckily 
she didn't, and it was an "AHH ACE! 123 

Assistant Coach Ann Mason re- 
assures Shawna Fields that her 
hair is fine before she enters the 

92 Athletics 


ing an intense match against LaGrange College, Alanna Gluhm 
s the time to see if her teammate has anything on her butt. Now 
's team unity! 

Ace it to me baby, 

lih hunh, lih hunh! 

The pressure is on, the ball all over the country, even to the 

is served, bumped back, and to the Rocky Mountains of 

the other team sets it up for Colorado. Coach Meredyth 

a spike. Will she get there Grenier has a close bond with 

in time to save it from the her gkls, which stimulates their 

ground and back over? The enthusiasm for the game. With 

intensity of the sport takes the friendships made this sea- 

your breath away (like the son, the Lady Petrels show that 

nonstop action of "Top they know how to have a good 

Gun"!). They had an excel- time on and off the court, 
lent season, rocking their way 

Erin Sanderson says, "TAKE 
THAT" to the blockers of 
LaGrange. Through the years, 
Erin has become one of the hard- 
est hitters on the team. 

Athletics 93 

Cross Country Running, 

Left; "Oh really?! I'll show you how to throw a javehn!" Katie Sobush is very defensive 

when it comes to her javelin throwing. 
Above: Sean Hannay hears the blast of the gun and is off for the relay race. 

94 Athletics 

rrack and Field 

"No guts, No glory." This runs through the minds of 
many athletes, especially those who do the running. 
The Cross Country and Track teams put endurance 
to the test. They are both very competitive sports, 
with one's self. The breaking of a P.R., or personal 
record, is a big deal to these athletes. Except in relay 
races, the only constant competitor one has is his or 
herself. Although running against other teams, the real 

thing that runners compete against is the clock. On 
the other side of the track are those that participate in 
the field events. These events take a lot of strength 
and ability. Once again it is a personal field. There 
are many athletes who compete in both cross country 
and track. This gives them a year-long work out, 
keeping them at peak condition. Both are coached 
by Bob Unger. 

/^bove: The Men's Cross Country Team (1 to r): Matt Pazdemik. Harry Schroeder, Sean Hannay, Dan Keeley, Seth Slocumb, and 

Brett Cave 
Below Left: Cross Country and Track Diva, Jill Orlando, takes a breather after competing in the Beat the Bells race on Oglethorpe 

Below Center: Mark Lauman, Josh Saliba, Mark Olas, and Mike Pullen stretch, talk, scuff the ground, and examine the dirt under 

finger nails as they wait for Coach Unger to come see them. 
Below Right: Erica Millette gives it all she's got as she launches the discus into the air 

Athletics 95 

Kristi Wright poses for a triumphant photo 
after recieving recognition for her outstand- 
ing performance as an Division III Women's 
Team golfer. 

Heather Baber, Kristi Wright, Amy 
Myers, and Beth Barnes display their 
lovely 18th hole tattoos. 

96 Athletics 


It's not lust a game lor Old, rich men 

Is golf really a sport? Yes! 
Although golf is thought to be 
a sport for old. rich guys, the 
name and age of golf is 
changing. The OU golf team 
has done a great job of re- 
shaping the stereotype of the 
golfer. It is no longer a rich 
man's sport, nor is it an old 
man's game. For that mat- 
ter, it is no longer just a 
man's sport. Five lovely la- 
dies on the team this year, 
Heather Baber, Beth Barnes, 
Amy Myers, Kristi Wright, 
and Katie Bale, broke 
through the male boundaries 
to show the men and OU 

ach Jim Owen oversees Assistant Coach Williams" putting skills, 
ping him up to par. 

that they had talent. While 
freshmen brought in a lot of 
new players, they also brought 
in a lot of good looks. Each 
team member has the appro- 
priate "golfer's tans," white 
sock lines, white short lines, 
and the ever noticeable golfer 
shirt line on the arms. Coach 
Jim Owen, along with the help 
of assistant coach ToUiver Wd- 
Uams, and the women's coach. 
Angle Milford, brought up 
these two great looking teams. 
The teams travelled around the 
State and the Southeast, as 
well as visiting Texas for their 
Conference tournament. 

1 uili 

^^H ^^■'^IBBB 






™^ \-^ 

^r' ■^^^^^^^ 







i^B^^^ 4^hHBM|| 



jjt ^^^Btr^ 





The men's team (left to right): 
Drew Farris, Brent Bell, 
Jonathan Milford. Mike 
Deckert, Jonathan Spurgeon, 
Evan Ruggiero, Stan Ripp, 
Robert Fink, Jeff Ashmore. and 
Tolliver Williams. 

Athletics 97 

i i 
I I 


Men's Basketball: i 

Left: "This is my ball, baby!" Chris Wall uses his offensive skills to get the ball down the court. 

Right; He shoots and oh, does he score! With an awesome shot like that, Dan Brown leaves his last Homecoming game smihng. 

98 Athletics 

It's All Net 

Guided by Coach Jim Owen, the Men's Basketball 
Stormy Petrels flew to another successful season. 
This was Coach Owen's first year as head of the 
Men's Basketball team. The supportive cheerlead- 
ers and OU Dancers helped to pump up not only 
the crowd, but also the boys. During the Home- 
coming game, these great guys played like champs, 
keeping the score close and the crowd anticipating. 
This very trying sport, not only to the minds and 

souls, but also to the knees and other body parts of 
the players, requires a lot of dedication and prac- 
tice. Our Seniors know this well, Dan Brown, Mike 
Deckert, Billy LoPresti, Casey Nunn, and Chris 
Wall. These men will be greatly missed as they 
hang up their uniforms and trade them for gradua- 
tion robes, thus departing the play of OU and head- 
ing out for the work of the real world. 

Above: "Oh yeah!" Casey Nunn, Josh Podolsky, and Jamie Swindell watch their team dribble and shoot to win. 
Bottom Left: "Ooh, ooh, aah, aah," Mike Deckert tries the monkey approach against Southwestern. 
Bottom Center: "What's that. Coach?" The players absorb sound advice from Jim Owen. 
Bottom Right: Billy LoPresti tries his best to anticipate his opponent's next move. 




1 '^ ^tL 







Athletics 99 

Although a sweet and caring RA off court, 
when the game is on. Kendra Rimbert dem- 
onstrates her ability to stare down the com- 

Liz Campbell looks for a receiver 
as the opponent tries the nose- 
picking strategy to make this bas- 
ketball diva slow down. 

100 Athletics 

Women's Basketball 

sheer concentration on Leah Patrick's face makes one quickly 
the desire to get in this girl's way on the court. 

Off and Dunking with 

Girl Power, Style, and 


Starting off this season, the 
Women's Basketball Team 
wanted improvement, and 
they got it. Rising from a 9- 
15 record last year to a 12- 
13 smashing record this sea- 
son, the Lady Petrels soared. 
This success can be attrib- 
uted to the girls' skill and to 
their coaching. With the de- 
parture of Beth Elbon, Angle 
Milford stepped in. Volley- 
ball coach Meredyth Grenier 
helped as assistant coach. 
Their success was aided by 
team captains Lisa Boley, 
Cheryl Ayers, and Amy 
Myers. Since there are no 
Seniors on the team, they 

must only be destined for suc- 
cess in the next year, especially 
with players like Kendra 
Rimbert. This name automati- 
cally conjures images of "win- 
ner." During the SCAC con- 
ference (8-9), Kendra was 
named All-conference, 2nd 
team. By her teammates, she 
was named Best Offensive. In 
addition. Heather Crawford 
was honored as Best Defen- 
sive, and Heather Baber as 
Lady Petrel. These awards 
indicate the vitality of this 
team and point to renewed suc- 
cess for the future. May these 
ladies pick up where they left 
off: with a victory in the 
Homecoming game. 

Let's fly away. The Lady Petrels 
are ready to take off on this play. 
And take off they did! 

Athletics 101 

Cheerleaders Get 

Above: Captain Kristen Wentzel raises her hand; she's SURE her squad looks good while performing a routine during Homecoming halftime 

Above left: OU Cheerleaders Kristen Wentzel, Allison Osborne, and Cat Dunham make Basketball support signs for Homecoming; Lorie Terry? 

Beth Barnes discuss whether or not they're doing a good job; Liz Campbell is skeptical. . . "Hmm. . .let me help." 

102 Athletics 

Jiggy With It! 

PE-TRELS, LET'S GO, L-E-T-S-G-0! The enthusiasm 
echoing through the Schmidt Center is somewhat conta- 
gious. . .but not as contagious as the girls would like for it 
to be. However, Captain Kristen Wentzel and five other 
peppy OU women have worked very hard to raise the 
prestige of the advisorless Cheerleading Squad in the last 
year, and have persevered through a barrage of setbacks. 
Cheerleading star Kara White's torn ACL definitely put a 
damper on their first appearance at Emory, but it didn't 
squelch her spirit, and thankfully, she'll be returning to the 
squad just in time for next season. And the meek strains of 
"Getting Jiggy With It" during the Women's Homecoming 
Game, barely audible to the Cheerleaders, much less the 

crowd, didn't throw these talented girls offbeat. The mu- 
sic returned full force for the Men's game, and these chip- 
per girls sprung into action, and sprung Kristen Wentzel 
into an elevator. Their stunting capabilities, virtually dead 
for the last several years, have exceeded expectations this 
season, thanks to what the girls jokingly call the "OU 
Cheerleading Powerhouse," Allison Osborne and Molly 
Lewis. Oh, the wonders of upper body strength. Hope- 
fully, these women will continue to keep up that Petrel spirit 
next season; although noncompetitive, this fun varsity sport 
is much-appreciated encouragement to the Basketball teams. 
'Thanks for all your support," Senior Basketball player Mike 
Deckert continually tells these ladies. 

Clockwise from left, OU Cheerleaders Allison Osborne, Cat Dunham, Kristen Wentzel, Heather Cordeiro, Molly Lewis, and Mamie Gloon 

hrl ([^ 

,4 p 


Get excited-get up and cheer. . 

"1 -2-down-up" Cat calls, as Molly and Allison lift Knsten 

into proper "Getting Jiggy" posidon; Mamie and Heather 

prefer to get jiggy on the ground. 

. .get excited-or get out of here ! 

Athletics 103 

Dave Hernandez grits his teeth and 
winds up. The batter should be scared, 
at least from this brutal face. 

Swing batta batta, swing! Senior 
player. Josh Gazaway, prepares to 
hit one out of the ball park. 

104 Athletics 

OU Baseball 


And then there was light" 


Sumner CuUum fields beautifully in the fading afternoon light. 

A waste of money? No. The brand 
new lights in Hermance stadium are ac- 
tually a reflection of the devotion that 
Oglethorpe has for its baseball team. 
Although the team did not have any 
night games this year, the Baseball Pe- 
trels look forward to showing off their 
new toy to opponents next year. By 
that time, they will be able to function 
under the spotlight. Okay, time for the 
seventh inning copy stretch. Yaawwnn! 
Ok, back to the copy. This year, the 
baseball team faired out with a good 
medium of players, many of whom 
shall return next year. Coached by the 
beloved Bill Popp, the team is batting 
a thousand, with great potential for next 
year. In addition, the Budweiser ferret 
will begin attending all games to sing 
"Take Me Out to the Ballgame." 

"This is what we are going to 
do, no ifs, ands, or buts about 
it," the OU Petrels plot their 
strategy under the direction of 
Team Captain James Morelli. 

Athletics 105 

0^ ^eMMU: 

Above Left: 'Tm too sexy for my hat. . .too sexy for my hat. . .what you think about that?" 
Coach Groslimond proclaims of his studly OU Tennis cap. 

Above: Scott -'Scooter" Stephens pulls off the Jeff "East Coast" Bates victory cheer. 

106 Athletics 

Not riy Swatters, Fly Killers 

Many think that hitting a puny yellow-green rub- 
ber ball over a 2 foot net takes as much talent as 
hitting a fly with a fly swatter. They are ignorant. 
The Oglethorpe Tennis players put a lot of effort 
and energy into their sport. They enjoy the game 
and excel at it, and are rewarded handsomely. The 
gratuitous encouragement from the coach is a nice 
incentive for busting up the body— and bodily harm 
does happen. Heather Zardus, notorious for her 

incredible dives, could tell you all about it! When 
a puny yellow-green ball and a giant fly-swatter 
powered by pure muscle combine, a deadly 100 
m.p.h. projectile rockets across the court. When 
that projectile hits unsuspecting people, including 
the teammates, the screams can be heard through- 
out the campus, especially when they hit below 
the belt— an unfortunate experience for the brave 
Mike Eis. 

ve: Andrew Shahan, Joris van Daalen, Coach Gery Groslimond, and Andras Unger watch fellow players through the safety of the links. 

Below Left: Mike Eis shows follow-through on a powerful forehand hit. Watch out for fast, low balls, Mike! 

Below Center: Rosa Serulle and Lorie Terry thank Wesleyan for a good game. 

Below Right: Senior Tanja Van Der Krabben's power serve knocks the opponent off her feet. 



1 l^^^hBh 






Athletics 107 

108 Athletics 

1' ' 


-i J .»- j- 

^ ■ X 

Abernathy, April 
Abraham, Rejish 

AUegood, Justin 
Allen, Amy 

Allen, Daniel 

Amos, Jason 

Anderson, Laura 

Anderson, Moniquc 

Anderson, Penn\ 

Anglade, Dominique 

Annikov, Ivan 

Anthony, Karen 

Antone, Chris 

Armour, Margaret 

Baber, Heather 
Badamo, Maria 

Bakare, Richard 
Baldwin, Angie 

Baldwin, Robert 

1 10 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Ballew. Adam 
Banks. Nicole 
Barnes. Beth 
Barrouse. Charles 
Barrowman, Hillary 

Barry, Mike 
Bartenfield, Caroline 
Baumgarten, Nancy 
Bays, Brooke 
Beck, Kristy 

Bell. Meiyen 
Bellows, Layla 
Benner, Chris 
Benoit. Jennifer 
Black, Natalie 

Blacklidge, Anna 
Blackwell, Heidi 

Blonshine, Christian 
Bloodworth. Steven 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 1 1 

Blue, Chrystal 

Boley, Lisa 

Bond, Andrew 

Bondi-Lynch, Ryan 

Bone, Laura 
Borck, Catherine 
Boughner, Erica 
Bourgeois, Scott 

Bowen, Samuel 

Bowie, Alina 

Boyle, John 

Brabham, Holly 

Bradford. Beth 

Brandon, Jennis 

Brantley, Chris 

Breece, Megan 

Brenner, Arianna 

Breuer, Julie 

Broadus, Shaniece 

Brown, Caryn 

Brown, Chris [ 

Brown, Dan 

112 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Brown, Debra 
Brown. Shamane 

Brownley, Bubba 
Bryant, Lekim 

Buchhave, Brit 
Bulow. Karyn 

Bundy, Vanessa 
Burpo, Melissa 
Burrell, Earline 
Bush. Kami 
Butler. Melissa 

Cail. Daniel 
Call, Kirk 
Calton. Aran 
Cameli. Jennifer 
Campbell, Liz 


The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 13 

Camron, Brandi 
Carrillo, Claudia 

Cartwright, Richard 
Gates, Lauren 

Cave, Brett 
Chambers, Kipp 

Chaves, Jen 
Chestnutt, Leigh 
Chhabra, Navnit 

Coakley. Katie 

Coane, Katherine 

Colhns, Lori 

Combs, Katryn 

Conrad, MeUssa 

Copeland, Jessie 

Cordeiro, Heather 

Cortes, Charlotte 

Crabbe, David 

Crawford, Erik 

1 14 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Crawford. Heather 
Crosby, Andrew 
Crumley. Samantha 
Cuffy, Marlon 
Currie, Heather 

Curtis, Alicia 
Dale. Nicole 
Daniel. Robert 
Danziger. Zada 
David. Bryant 

Davis. Tommy 
Deckert, Mike 
Deer, Hart 
Delashmitt, Candace 
DeLucenay, Amber 

Denny, Brandon 
Di Cicco, Patrick 

Dickson. Jonathan 
Donaghue, Chad 

Matthew and Mary Ann Erickson 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 15 

Dowell, Anthony 

Dryden. Casey 

Duncan. Elizabeth 

Eckmann, Jake 

Ellington, John 

EUiott, Jimmy 

Erickson. Mary Ann 

Esposito, Christine 

Evans, Brad 

Falany. KelK 

Fallahi, Pontia 

Farris, Drew 

Fields, Shawna 

Fink, Brandon 

Fiorentino. Marie 

Fisher, Mackenzie 

Fisher, Reagan 

Flanagan, Amy 

Fletcher, Alana 

Floumoy, Richard 

Fort, Chris 

Fox, Katherine 

1 16 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 


Frost, Geoffrey 
Fuller, Frank 

Funderburke, Josh 
Furstein, Jana 

Garbarini, Nicole 
Gardner, Angela 

Gamer. Jennifer 
Gavorsky. Scott 
Gazaway. Josh 
George, Peter 
George, Shibbon 

Gillis. Austin 
Gilpin. Nikki 
Giordano. Francis 
Gluhm, Alanna 
Golden, Chris 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 1 7 

Goudelocke, Ryan 
Gramling, Josh 

Greenup. Jeremy 
Greenwell, Julie 

Grisar, Hannah 

Grove, Jama 

Gudat, Emily 

Gundelach, Cirrus 

Gupton, Brian 

Hall, Betony 

Hall, Eric 

Hamlyn. Emily 

Hampton, Kelly 

Hanik, Ryan 

Hannay, Sean 

Hardy, Elizabeth 

Hargrove. Kathryn 

Harris, Amanda 

Harris, Clinl 

1 18 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Haviland. Sara 
Hayden, Jason 
Heacox, Dan 
Hedges. Bethany 
Heflin, Marie 

Heinek. Melissa 
Hendrickson, Jessica 
Henry, Anne 
Herbert. Emily 
Hill. Cleve 

Hitchcock. Jessica 
Hobson. Shanna 
Hoch. Kimberly 
Hohener. Marlies 
Hood. Misty 

Hooper. Janey 
Hoople, Schwantz 

Hope. Laura 
Horsefield, Jeremy 

Siham and iN'ewall Mohammed 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 119 

Hosea, Tyler 

Houston. Josh 

Howard, Quadirah 

Hsu, Ann 

Hubiak, Margie 

Hudson, Paul 

Hughes, Heather 

Hummel, Meghanii 

Hunter, Wind\ 
Hutz, Malt 

Hyder, Joseph 
Hyder, Tim 

Hyman, Carla 

Iskhakov, Liliya 


Jackson, Christopher 

Jackson, Mia 

Jain, Mona 

James, Karen 

Jeffries, Katie 

Jeffra, Jerem> 

Jenkins, David 

1 20 The Anatomy of Oglethoq^e 

Johnson, Kim 
Jones. Beau 

Jones. Harley 
Joubert. Michelle 

Judd. Giles 
Jung. Chang-Won 

Karp. Samantha 
Katz. Amy 
Kay. Thais 
Keeley. Daniel 
Keene. Michael 

Kelley, Tracey 
Kelly, Kevin 
Kendall, Anthony 
Kenna, Bryan 
Kennedy, Elizabeth 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 121 

Kerr, Kerry 
King. Audra 

King, Audria 
King, Kris 

King, Rebecca 

Kirby, Kristine 

Kirkland, Kristen 

Klimm, Jennifer 

Kostelansky, Melissa 

LaPointe, Anna 
Lawless, Leigh 

Leddy, Maureen 

Ledet, D. J 

Ledoux, Jeanee 

Lee, Choung 

Legget. Ben 

Leibig, Kara 

Leighty, Deborah 

Leonard, Billy 

122 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 


Lerner, Adrienne 
Letaw, Jessica 
Levens, Beth 
Lewis. Julie 
Lewis, Molly 

Lindley. Katherine 
Loureiro, Steve 
Low. Joey 
Lowe. Chad 
Lucas. Robin 

Luthman, Jennifer 
Ly. Tien 

MacDonald. Matt 
Marques. Sama 
Martin. Aaron 

Martin, Kevin 
Matson, Whitney 

McAlister, Elien 
McAllan. Kathryn 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 23 

McDow, Mandy 

McDowell, Thomas 

McGhee, Amy 

McLean, Thomas 

McNeill, Heather 

McSparron, Jackie 

Merker, Matt 

Messonier, Michael 

Meyers, Philippe 

Milford, Andy 

Miller, Kelly 

Millette, Erica 

Mills, Heather 
Mills, Matt 

Miistead, Lori 
Minix, Amanda 
Minney, Joshua 

Mohammed, Newal 

Mohammed, Siham 

Montagno, Lauren 

Moon, Laura 

Moore. Cara 

124 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Moore, Rachel 
Moore, Sarah 

Moriarty, Brian 
Moss-Solomon, Rachel 

Mozley, Chad 
Mueller, Mika 

Muhlfelder, Jessica 
Murray, Karen 
Murray. Matthew 
Murrell, Andrew 
Mytsa, Natalya 

Nguyen, Michelle 
Nix. Peggy 
Nunn, Casey 
Nye, Brad 
Oglethorpe, Jamie 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 25 

Olas, Mark 
Oiler. Heidi 

Orlando. Jill 
Orr. Michael 

Osborne. Allison 

Ottman, Kathleen 

Owens, Brian 

Ozier, Lance 

Pace. Robert 

Pajot. Colin 

Parker. Brendan 

Partin, Cody 

Patrick, Leah 

Patrick. Matthew 

Patterson. Naeque 

Payne. Chalon 

Payne. Jim 

Pazdemik. Matt 

Percilla. Lauren 

126 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Perez, Milagros 
Peterkin, Makini 
Petrakos, Alexia 
Pettie, Christine 
Phillips, Eric 

Phillips, Greg 
Pisani, Vince 
Podolsky. Megan 
Polyak, Susie 
Pompilio, Mike 

Poole, Tiffany 
Pope, Kate 
Portwood, Jerry 
Potocsnak, Elizabeth 
Quinones, Jorge 

Radcliffe, Christine 
Rafter, Laura 

Rancken, John 
Rasnake, Samantha 

- » » ^ 1 . , II 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 127 

Reddock, Craig 

Redmon, Kevin 

Reed, Cameran 

Regnier, Amanda 

Rehm, Trey 

Richardson, Jerri 

Richey, Tracey 

Richie, John 

Ringer, Heather 

Ritter, Patrick 

Roberts, Brooke 

Roe, Rachel 

Ruggiero, Evan 

Ruiz, Zandra 

Ryan, Asheley 

Ryba, Kiley 

Rylands, Chris 

Safri, Akhtar 

Saliba, Josh 

Salus, Eric 

Sameja, Shahina 

Sanderson, Erin 

128 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Satterfield. Christina 
Schrems, Aaron 

Schroeder, Harry 
Schukar, Chris 

Scott, Christopher 
Scott, Nicole 

Sells, Jennifer 
SeruUe, Rosa 
Sexton. Jodie 
Shah, Nina 
Shapiro, Nick 

Sheffer, Johnny 
Shenoy, Arathi 
Sherrer, Chasanne 
Sheth, Rupal 
Shiferaw, Meron 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 29 

Sidenstricker, Lara 
Slack, John 

Slocumb, Seth 
Smith, Joseph 

Soanes, Megan 

Sobczak, Daniel 

Sobush, Kathleen 

Sogolow, Erin 

Spaniol, Christoph 

Spencer, Nicole 

Spurgeon, John 

Stabler, Blake 

Stanley, Renata 

Stellin, Dani 

Stephens, Scott 

Stiner, Ann 

Stoeva, Mina 

Stout, Mariah 

Stracener, Melissa 

130 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Stults, Tina 
Swindell, Jamie 
Teague, Heidi 
Terry. Lorie 
Tiarsmith, A. J. 

Torrenti, Dan 
Totino, Steven 
Trimboli, Jennifer 
Trotter, Kevin 
Trowbridge. Patricia 

Trujillo, Kalen 
Urbanek, Nicole 
Uzialko. Kim 
van Daalen. Joris 
van Der Krabben, Tanja 

Vance, Joe 
Viberg. Erik 

Vossler, Adam 
Wade, Wesley 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 3 1 

Wall, Chris 

Wallace, Matt 

Waller, Trey 

Watkins, Kimberly 

Weiner, Stephanie 

Wentzel. Kristen 

Wesley, Rob 

Wesner, Rachel 

Wessling, Lisa 

Westbrook, Christy 

White, Kara 

White. Matthew 

Wieberg, Shane 

Wilder, Daniel 

Wilkerson, Lauren 

Wilkinson, Mariana 

Williams, Alex 

Williams, Allison 

Williams, Crystal 

Williams, Jay 

Williams, John 

Williams, Johnathan 


132 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Williams, Katie 
Williams. Taina 

Wilson, Misty 
Wilson, Lainie 

Wong, Melanie 
Woolf, Kevin 

Wright, Brian 
Wright, Kristi 
Yancey, Laurie 
Yates, Collins 
Zabinska, Anna 

Zardus, Heather 
Zauderer, Brock 
Zhong, Shu Fang 
Zimmerman, Ashley 
Zom. Jorjanne 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 133 


Dr. Malcolm Amerson 

Dr. Keith Aufderheide 

yir. Keith Baker 

Dr. Charles Baube 

Mr.Kristian Blaich 

Dr. Robert Blumenthal 

Mr.James Bohart 
Musical Studies 

Dr. William Brightman 

Dr. Barbara Clark 

134 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Dempsey &Swann 
Public Speaking & Comedic Team 

Dr. Roberta Deppe 

Dr.Timotliy Doyle 

Dr. Markus Fischer 
Political Studies 

Dr.Ann Ha 

Dr. Bruce & Scott Hetiierington 
Economics &WJTLDJ 

It was a tough riiyme for Dave. A regular man of the sea, he had been trying to wave the sails all morning. Worse, he had not been able 

to get through to his broker about those stares of shock in the aquarium company, and yesterday his son had told him a light why 

about growing the mass. To top it all off, Dave's blows started to need whenever he tossed his Lemper. But Dave had no clue that his 

bubbles were a trout. Poor Dave. He had inherited his grandfather William's candy hearse. Every sword he weighed came out 

scrambled. Yep, old Dave Spooner was truly a blip off the old chock.-Benjamin Leggett, Geek Week's Dark and Stormy Petrel entry 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 35 

Dr. Joe Knippenberg 
Political Studies 

Mrs. Lee Knippenberg 

Mr.Alan Loehle 

Dr.Jay Lutz 

Dr. Nicholas Maher 

Dr. Alex Martin 

Dr. Douglas McFarland 

"She's a looker alright," mused Hank DeLuca as he sidled onto the packed subway, his left hand fondling thoughtfully the uneven iurr 

of flesh where his right eyeball should have been, his tight, rigid manhood pressing insistently against the tall blondes smooth, lear 

side "and she's wearing one honey of a crucifix."-Amy Katz, Geek Week's Dark and Stormy Petrel entry 

1 36 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Dr.Philip Neujahr 

Mr. Lloyd Nick 
Museum Curator 

Mr. Wolfgang Niehues 

Dr. Caroline Noyes 

Dr.John Orme 
Political Studies 

Dr.Viviana Plotnik 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 37 

While neither the darl<est of nights the world has even seen, nor the stormiest, it was a dreary enough night of November to be 
sufficient for the birthing of monsters.--Dan Heacox, Geek Week's Dark and Stormy Petrel entry 

Dr. Patricia Pringle 

Mr. Tad Ransopher 
Legal Studies 

Dr. Irwin Ray 
Musical Studies 

Dr. Anne Rosenthal 

Dr.Michael Rulison 

Dr. Dan Schadler 



I\ ^^' 







Dr. William Shropshire 

iVlrs.lVlargaret Smith 
Political Studies 

138 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

r y 








Dr.Douglas Stewart 

Dr. Brad Stone 


Dr.Michael Strizhevsky 

Dr. Linda Taylor 



Dr.James Turner 


Dr. Deborah Webb 

3 wandered endlessly through the gray streets until one day he stumbled upon the dark cavern, drawn in by the sultry jazz music that rolled 
ito the street carried on clouds of cigarette smoke with each opening of the thick door.the door which he entered only to find his destiny 
1 stage, dressed in red lace and a feather boa, wrapped around a pole, gyrating before him. 

-Amanda Regnier,Geek Week's Dark and Stormy Petrel entry 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 39 


Dr. Monte Wolf 




140 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 







Health Services 

Linda Bucki 
Human Resources 

Eleanor Burgin 
President's Staff 

Paul Dillingham 
President's Staff 

Business Team 

Financial Aid Team 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 1 4 1 

Harold Johnson 

Dr. Nancy Kerr 

Dr.John Knott 
Vice President 

Princess of the Greek Kingdori 


1 42 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Janet Maddox 
Institutional Research 



Dean Donald Moore 
King of Community Life 

Marshall Nason 
Prince of Organizations 

Katherine Nobles 
Career Services 

Network Services 

Stephanie Phillips 
Library Services 


The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 143 

Bernard Potts 
Duke of the Gate House 

Health Sercvices 

Food and Beverages 

Janelle Smith 
Goddess of Student Life 

Registrar's Office 
IVliki Williams and Paul Hudson 

Dr. and Mrs. Stanton 
President Emeritus 

144 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

Mr.George Stewart 
Reference Librarian 


Provost's Office 

Chad Vaughn 
luseum Program Coordinator 

Dr.Victoria Weiss 

Kate Williams 
Urban Leadership Director 

Bookstore Business Manager 

he Actress was not enjoying being tied to the concrete slab with less clothing on that could be made from a full size handkerchief. The 
roducer said that it was so they could save money on costumes, but she doubted that this was really the case. To make matters worse It was 
old, wet,rainy,and overall dreary this day on location. While the crew members and the actors portraying the evil cult members probably 
/ere not enjoying the weather either, they were obviously enjoying the effects that it was having on her. Aside from the obvious physical 
ignals, several of them would mess up their lines on purpose so they would have to do several retakes. 

--Robert Baldwin, Geek Week's Dark and Stormy Petrel entry 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 145 



Jack Berkshire 
Director of Athletics 

Susan Coole 
Assistant Volleyball Coach 

Volleyball Coach 

Michael Lochstampfor 
Soccer Coach 

Jim Owen 
Basketball and Golf Coach 

Billy Popp 
Baseball Coach 

Bob Linger 
Track & Cross Country Coach 

146 The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 

The Anatomy of Oglethorpe 147 





Congratulations to the Class 
of 1 999 

Steve '40 & Jeanne '42 

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Atlanta, GA 30319 




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Worship With Us 
St. James United l\/lethodist Church 

4400 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, NE 

Atlanta, GA 30342-3531 

Phone: 404.261.3121 

Sunday Services 

Early Service - 8:45 a.m. 

Sunday School 9:30 a.m. 

Morning Worship - 10:55 a.m. 


Congratulations to the Class of 1999! 
We Wish You Much Success. 

--The Oglethorpe Universin Admission Staff 

"Best wishes to the 

students ancCfacuCty of 

OgCethorpe University 

from your friends at 

SunTrust 'Bank. 


Member FDIC / SunTrust is a registered service mark belonging exclusively to SunTrust Banks, Inc. 

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congratulates Oglethorpe's 
graduating Class of 1999. 




better scores, better schools 


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2715 Peachtree Road NE 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Our Mission; 
Taking Christ to Our Community. 


8:30, 11 a.m. 
Traditional Service in Sanctuary 

9:40 a.m. - Contemporary Service in Family Life Center 
6:30 p.m - Fresh Wind at Second-Ponce 


5 p.m. 
Fellowship Supper and Worship Service 

College students, Graduates, 
Graduate Students, and Young 
Professionals are all welcome 
to come join us at the College 
Department of Second Ponce 

de Leon Baptist Church. 

Fellowship, rafting, movies, 

singing, concerts, dinners, 

sports, and just hanging out. . . 

Come join us every Sunday 
at 10:00 (after the 9:00 
Contemporary Service) in 
the Family Life Center! 

Need a place to woft out? Relieve 
stress? Meet new people? 




Baptist Church 

Swimming, Aerobics, Basketball, 

Weight room, Cardio Room, 
Raquetball, Indoor Track, Special 

Programs, and much more! 
Oglethorpe Students Only. . .One 

Year Membership $95 
(Registration fee waived with ID) 

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We are proud to welcome our newest members ! We look forward to your active involvement in 

your Alumni Association. 

But no need to wait until graduation for that... 

All you future alumni, let us get to know you now! The OS A President, Senior Class President, 
and one student appointed each year serve as student representatives on the Alumni Board — share 

Alumni Office yo^"" thoughts and ideas with us ! ^^^ D ^-^^^^ ,94 

Second Floor, Lupton Hall Alumni Director 

(404) 364-8326 FUN & (404) 364-8439 FRIENDS 

• Thai Peanut Chicken 
A Unique New Dimng Experience... . Mediterranean Grilled 

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.-..•.• ...and more 

3877 Peachtree Rd., N.E. Atlanta, GA 30319 
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Preshyterian Church 

3016 Lanier Drive ▲ 233-.')469 

▲ .Sunday .School (9:30 a.m.) 

▲ Wor.'ihip Service (1 1 a.m.) 

▲ I're.scliool & MMO(M-I') 

▲ Social & I'a.sloral Services 

▲ AA/NA/AI-Aiioii 

▲ Licensee! Personal Counselint; 

Grow your spirij^Vi^ whh us! 

Flexible Products Company 

Marietta, GA 

IVe Rape y.aur 


experience fiad heen 


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Congratulates the 

Class of 1999 



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Your Shopping Center on Campus 
Dorm and Fashion Accessories- 
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Stationary— School Supplies 

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM-7:30 PM 

Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM 

Saturday 10:00 AM-12:00 PM 

(404) 364-8361 

(Textbooks too!) 


(The Laundry Professionals) 

Proudly supports 
Oglethorpe Students 

Service • Accountability • Quality 

General Hardware 

4218PeachlreeRd. • Atlanta, GA30319 
(404)237-5209 • FAX (404) 233-5998 

Home of Hard to Find Items 

Wishing the 

Class of 1999 

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vt/qnrec| ro 
Be U/re Lqnoe andi aell 

I ora of qd apqoe. 

We l^e aqc| n ow. 

Advertising 157 

Chrliline Mtio^s ani 

Ashley Zimmerman, under severe 
shouted another pep squad member^ 
during a Middle School Football 
Tiffany Poole's biggest insult has been 

Shani^Ga ^roadue' 


Jeremy Greenup's ideal " 

Care you really surprised?). 

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name during a '^^Hello " cheer 
Game: '''Kelly !^^ 

that she looks like Claudia (the whiny 

girl) from "Party of Five." 

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^pall my nama?" 

FUTURE IS ''Cultural Icon 

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''My roomatG Was on fire! I 
couldn't just let \\qv burn!'' 

Yamacraw student survey. . .better luck next year. 

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— Nancy Astou 




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