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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

^9 lime (37009 "DLf 

The Usual Suspects 6 

With Speed and Great Invention 62 

Mr. Einstein's Theory 76 

We Must Get Down to Earth at Times 84 

Relax, Relieve the Tension 112 

The Simple Facts of Life 128 





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1^ <«" -\*" f^^l 



W ilW 


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Table of Contents 1 

Dr. Tim Doyle, Dean of Students 

"It is traditional that each edition of the 
Yamacraw be dedicated to a member of the 
Oglethorpe community. The dedication is 
made to a person who exemplifies what is best 
about Oglethorpe, a person who embodies the 
unique personality and spirit of Oglethorpe 

Dean Doyle is a well known and well loved 
figure on our campus. As a professor of his- 
tory he entertained and educated us through 
many grueling semesters. Now, as Dean of 
Students, he has spearheaded many efforts to 
revive enthusiasm and school spirit. Not the 

least of his accomplishments are the hiring of Bon 
Appetit two years ago, the rapid progress on the 
rebuilding of Upper Quad, and the resurrection 
of the Yamacraw. His successes, both past and 
future, will continue to serve the student body of 
Oglethorpe University for many generations of 
classes to come. 

And so. Dean Doyle, in thanks for your 
hard work and determination on behalf of the 
students of Oglethorpe University, we offer you 
our profound thanks. It is to you that the 2005 
Yamacraw is dedicated. We look forward to many 
more years of working with you. 

Above Atter being hit with a pie 
during Stomp the Lawn '04, Dean 
Doyle gets some help cleaning off. 

Right: The De 
Laurie Berger. 

and dance captaii 

2 Dedication 

Left: Dean Doyle hangs out with 
on Carter during the Pro-Wrestling 


1 Left: Dean Doyle administered his 
brand of justice when he climbed into 
the ring to take revenge for a chair shot 
received earlier in the evening. 

Left: Dean Doyle, master of all he Above: Dean Doyle chats with Senior 
surveys. RA Charlie Ghee about the new 

freshman class. 



Dear Oglethorpe Student, 

It is my honor to introduce the 2004-05 Yamacraw. This book stands 
as testament to a tiny staff of dedicated students who take the time to 
commemorate this year's shared experiences. Milestones throughout 
the past year — ranging from the Presidential election to OU's largest 
freshman class — represent the world both inside and outside the 
''bubble/' and merit documentation for us and our successors. 

Most importantly though for individuals, students will graduate. I 
am proud of them and for them. These soon-to-be alumni committed 
to OU in an uncertain world scarred by economic and terrorist 
trauma: they leave our school when it is healthy and moving 
forward. Many students have contributed to make it so. I salute 
the Upper Quad residents' tolerance of construction; the new and 
expanding programs in Theater and Study Abroad; and a refocusing 
on a dynamic athletic program. More improvements are on the way. 

OU promises to help students "Make a life. Make a living. Make a 
difference." I trust that this book will, in the passage of time, link 
you to memories where these aspirations were met. 

All my best wishes and hopes, 

Tim Doyle 

Dean of Students and 

Vice President for Student Affairs 

4 Introduction 

Bisell McWilliams - Editor and Chief/ Photography Editor 

The 1942 classic film Casablanca was on all our minds when we 
set the theme of the 2005 Yamacraw, "As Time Goes By." Something in 
the characters, in the root causes and emotions of the story, captured 
a truth that is beyond circumstance or setting. My primary goal was 
to produce the best yearbook possible, to capture the events and 
memories both of individuals and of the university as a whole. At the 
same time, however, I was conscious of the historical changes that have 
shaped who we are today and how those captured truths permeate 
our history. I was thinking of all the changes that are happening on 
this campus, administrative turnover, professors retiring, and new 
construction projects. For those of us who spend just four years here, these changes seem incredible. 
Indeed, much of what has occurred this year will, I think, prove to be momentous in the course of the 
University's history. What I was more interested in, however, was the larger picture. What the song 
"As Time Goes By" tells us, is that no matter what may change, there are still certain fundamentals 
which will always remain. Friendships are cemented, hearts are broken, politics proves unavoidable, 
and a dusting of snow merits a page in every yearbook in Georgia. 

Meredith McKay - Layout/Design Editor 

Get up, go to class, work on the yearbook, go to Conant, go to 
rehearsal, work on the yearbook, write a paper, go to bed, dream about 
working on the yearbook 

This is what it is like to live for a day in my shoes. However, while 
it would be amusing to continue this train of thought, Bisell wants this 
page to be slightly more formal and serious in nature. Therefore, I will no 
longer endeavor to be witty and charming and will simply state, with an 
air of formality and seriousness of purpose, that despite the long hours, my 
work with Bisell, Ginny, and the rest of the yearbook staff has been terribly 
rewarding. Given another full year, I have to admit that I would likely submit myself to 
over again. 

the process all 

* Virginia Brown - Copy Editor 

When Bisell asked me to be copy editor for the Yamacraw this year, 
my first reaction was, "Are you kidding me? As if I need anything else 
on my plate." Of course I didn't say this to him. . . I believe my external 
response was something along the lines of, "hmm... I'll think about it." 
I then proceeded to think about it (always the first mistake of the liberal 
arts student). And what I thought about was this: I have spent nearly 
four years in this place, and I love it. I love my class — a great group of 
k,^ interesting, intelligent, and fun people, that I will be proud to cross the 

Yy stage with on May 7*. I love the faculty, both in my own department 

and out of it. I love the bells, and the library. I love (I admit it) the Core. 
I love that when I watched Good Will Hunting last summer I recognized 
half the names and works that Matt Damon mentions in his intellectual bar brawl. I love all these 
things about Oglethorpe, and I wanted to be a part of preserving bits and pieces of the Oglethorpe 
experience, for myself, my classmates, and for generations yet to come. So, when Bisell asked me 
again about being the copy editor, I said yes. And the rest, as they say, is. . . 

Introduction 5 

Round Lp The 
LsuAL Suspects 


6 Faces 









ture \j 

urure ijnng?, 


Seniors 7 

Alden Curtis 
Cary Aurand 
Martene Bell 

Laurie Berger 

Ashish Bohringer 

Beth Bosserman 

Ron Bowers 
Aaron Boyd 
Holen Brady 

Season Broughton 

Virginia Brown 

Danielle Carlson 


sen^ior^i^tis - n. (literally, inflammation of the 
senior) a giddy and careless condition caused by 
years of paying people to stress you out 

Carlissa Carlson 
Anna Chopra 
Katharine Cofer 
Amy Davis 
Elizabeth Dicks 

Luis Dominguez 
Linda Dreilinger 
Christopher Dyer 
Charles Ghee 
Colin Gray 

Rebecca Hayes 
Stephanie Henschel 
Margaret Hoover 

Michelle Jones 


Joselyn Kenyana 

Liliya Kovalenko 

Robert Lamar 

Catherine Lawler 

Sarah Letson 

LoUie Lott 

Beth Bosserman Leslie Prall, Casey Wallace, and Linda Dreiliiiger 

"My four years at OU have been some of the best of my life. I've 
been amazed at how fast the time has flown by and how I've 
matured as a person and a student. I mean, one day you wake up 
and the CORE all makes sense and you see how it all fits together. 
At that point, you're totally screwed." 

-Danny McGuinn 


Allison Martin 
Jillian Martin 
Melanie Martin 

Daniel Martinez 
Aaron McGinnis 
Sahara McGraw 

Daniel McGuinn 
Joshua Mclntyre 
Leah Mickens 

Nataliya Nemtseva 
Anastasia Orlov 
Lauren Peck 

Seniors 11 

Beau Pirkle 

Charity Pirkle 

Stacy- Aim Powell 

Leslie Prall 
Rebekah Schiller 
Emily Jill Sharitt 

Joy Simmons 

Wakeela Simpson 

Elizabeth Slade 

Quiana Smith 
Ashley Toney 
Casey Wallace 

Brad Stevens and Till Martin 

Darrin Williams 
Alan Zwicker 

"Over four years you get 
to know The Bubble really, 
really well. The best part 
though, is after four years, 
you get to burst it/' 

- Alan Zwicker 

Seniors 13 

Javier Agosto 
Johanna Almon 
Kionne August 

Anita Bachlani 

Margaret Bailey 

Rachel Bailey 

Carla Banderas 

Rizwan BarkatuUah 

Leigh Barnhorst 

Holly Mitchell, Mu-Hung Fang 

Cat Lawler and Danielle Carlson 

14 Faces 

Not Pictured: 
Bettina Bilbro and 
Ashley Cagle 

Kathryn Barrett 
Jonathan Bassler 
Pharadia Bastien 

Helen Beattie 
Rachel Bohan 
Kristen Bowman 

"Fm a Senior, I'm 
just short/' 

-Linda Dreilinger 

jLinda Dreilinger 

Seniors 15 

Conner Carey 

Andrew Clark 

Thomas Collens IV 

Hugh Connerty 

Stephen Deans 

Kimberly Edmiston 

William Erwin 

Mu-Hung Fang 

William Galloway 

Not pictured: Jonathan Chadwick, Daniel Close, Julie Colantoni, Gretchen Coll, 
Makeda Drummond, Stephanie DuUum, Carina Eberle 

Randal Garner 
Izumi Hamada 
Robin Jones 

Korinne Lassiter 
Amy Lester 
Dina Marto 


Holly Mitchell 


Not pictured: Danielle Holm, Leshunda Isaih, Kalanda Kambeya, Holly Lane, 
Anika-jo Lewis, John Lucas, Michael Lyons, Matthew Miller, Fredrik Moberg 

Seniors 17 

Alipi Naydenov 

Kim Nicholson 

Sally Palmer 

Kerry Pastien 
Sajal Patel 
Sonal Patel 


Crysta Paul 

Christopher Peck 

Robert Peterson 

Cecilia Pike 

Kelly Sands 

Valerie Schicho 



18 Faces 


Tyler Smith 
Kelly Spangler 
Courtney Terrell 

April Thompson 
James Turner 
Chris Vaughn 

Leigh Vaughn 
Richard Wright 
Emily Whitworth 

Not Pictured: Lisa 
Pettee, Alfonso 
Christina Riley, 
Amy Tennihan, 
Ian Trimble, 
Stephanie Tucker 

Meredith McKay, 

' Sahara McGraw, 

Danny McGuinn, 

Holly Mitchell, 

wenda Hughes 

a^e o 

_Jo ov \_J) 


Meredith McKay and Leah Sanders 



Jeremy Abernathy 
Helena Adams 
Susan Ahn 
Tenee Amodeo 

David Anderson 
Alexis Anemana 
Eli Arnold 
Miranda Atnip 

Michelle Beeken 
Brittany Bennett 
Nathan Blong 
^ Adonis Bovell 

Liselle Bovell 
Melissa Boviero 
Robin Brooks 
Miriam Brown 

Joshua Burr 
Charles Carmichael 
Jon Carter 
James Cassell 

Juniors 21 

Sophia Casusky 

Veer Chahwala 

Mary Cogan 

Matthew Corbett 

Benjamin Corey 

Ariel Crooks 

Jewelia Dakin 

Laura Darnell 

Richard Dasque 

Janessa Dauberman 

Jonathan Davis 

Thomas Davis 

Jason Duchac 

Ramiro Duran 

Mandy Eckerl 

Alexandra Edwards 

Megan Elliott 

Lisa Ellis 

Yasmin Epple 

Krystal Evans 

22 Faces 

isa Ellis and Leah Sanders 


Jessica Fugett 
Susar\ Galvar\ 
David Getz 
Kara Gliemi 


Brandon Grant 
Jessica Griffin 
Travis Griffin 
Kristin Hagan 

Ryan Hanlin 
Lauren Harris 
Reva Harris 



Not Pictured: John Cleveland, Emily Davis, Deborah Fulkerson, David 
Gay, and Marshal Gilliam. 

Juniors 23 

James Hill 

John Hinson 

Jennifer Hofstetter 

Alena Hrebickova 

Deirdre Hubbard 

Gwenda Hughes 

Jennifer Iddings 

AnneMarie Ippolito 

Stephanie Jo Janssen 

Christiana Johnson 

Robert Johnston 

Emily Jones 

Mandi Jones 

Philip Jones 

Rachel Jones 

Jennifer Keck 

Thaddeus Kennedy 

Thomas Kennedy 

Caroline King 

Svetlana Kovalenko 

24 Faces 

Laura Kraich 
Michaela Kunze 
Abigail Kurland 
Rudolph Lartey 

Thomas Layman 
Lauren Leonard 
Kathryn Lohmann 
Alex Magowitz 

Kate March 
Laura McGee 
Meredith McKay 
Bisell McWilliams, III 

Meredith Melton 
Michael Meyer 
Kelly Moran 
Jodi-Ann Moses 

Mayur Nayee 
Nhan Nguyen 
Brian Norman 
Tames Odom 

Not Pictured: Sarah Kennedy, Emily Kirby, Kenneth Magness, Lisa 

Juniors 25 

Sarah Opp 

Christopher Pape 

Rachel Parton 

Mark Raczynski 

Sean Raleigh 

Ronald Remington 

Robert Reynolds 

David Rigdon 

Eugene Rivers 

Nyonnah Roberts 

Patressa Rosser 

Susan Royal 

Terrance Ruth 

Jessica Sammons 

Leah Sanders 

Priscilla Scarpaci 

James Scott 

Mary Seagrave 

Diego Sebastianni 

Kirbie Smith 

Richard Stengard 
Mariyandi Strachan 
Stephanie Stroud 
Jeffrey Sullivan 
Marie Sutherland- 

26 Faces 

M %^ m 

Geoff Hetherington Ryan Hanlin 


Kyle Taylor 
Sharmaine Turner 
Zachary Van 

Alice Veciunca 
Pattie Walmsley 

Kelli Weatherall 
Amanda Wheat 
Kimberly Wiley 
John Williams 
Sharon Williams 

Tiffany Williams 
Brandi Wilson 
Jennifer Wilson 
John Wilson 
Brett Wise 

Anna Wolfe 
Whitney Wood 
Arleen Wren 
Andrew Yelton 
Connie Yip 

Not Pictured: 
Courney Roberts 
and Erica Shead 

Kim Wiley 

Juniors 27 

ho ^re Lfou v^a l(, av\o 

wn^t were ljou before...: 

Amanda Nichols and Emily Gantert 




Fana Abay 
Leah Abel 
Bethlehem Abera 
John Agel 

Kelly Allen 
Ashley Anderson 
Katie Anderson 
Jeremy Andersson 

Domenica Antonucci 
Celine Aoyama 
Cheryl Atkinson 
Zachary Atkinson 

Anne Baiter 
Sandra Banderas 
Maria Berg 
Jessica Binkley 

Patricia Bolton 
Grayson Briggs 
Irene Browne 
Lauren Biindy 

Sophomores 29 

Charles Burkhart 

April Callen 

Edward Campbell 

lonathan Carll 

Scott Casey 

Stephanie Chapman 

Moise Charitable 

Catherine Clarke 

Kristy Clodfelter 

David Cohen 

Eric Cohen-Greenberg 

Alexis Colvard 

Brittany Corbett 

Jaclyn Crissey 

John Cross 

Andrea Dean 

Amanda DeGrave 

Genevieve Dempre 

Eric Dickinson 

Winston Douglas 

:)allas Greene and Katherine Thompson Anne Baiter 

Tara Duttenhaver 
Molly Ellis 
Timothy Ernst 
John Esterline 

Lily Fincher 
Laura Fitzgerald 
Erin Flynn 
Claire Fontaine 

James Fowler 
Sean Freeman 
Jon Gabriel 
Rachel Gandy 

Sophomores 31 

Emily Gantert 

Rachell Garcia 

Selamenet Gebremeskel 

Elizabeth Giddens 

Joseph Green 

Lakrisha Green 

Christina Griffin 

Eric Gulley 

Lucille Hall 

Eunim Henslee 

Erik Home 

Dierdre Hubbard 

Stephanie Huff stuttler 

Nayisha Hugh 

Adam Humar 

Lindsey Ibarra 

Sadia Jannath 

Jordan Johnson 

Elizabeth Jones 

Shana Jones 

Katie Jost 

Noelle Jozefowicz 

Kenneth Kaden 

Robert Kee 

Caitlin Kellv 


ot Pictured: Patrice Griffir\, Lucie Hall, Ashley Lakey, Denise Lane, Barbara McBride, Amy 

Maggie Khoury 
Lara Kirchner 
Rachel Knox 
Michael Krueger 
Katherine Kuhn 

Veronica Kulwicki 
Phu Tho Le 
Daniel Lemus 
Ailsa Lewis 
Jessica Lewis 

Beth Ann Lindahl 
Rhiannon Loomis 
Kyle Luedtke 
Jeffrey Lura 
Sarah Lykens 


Rachel Maddux 
Ashley Maehr 
Charles Marie 
Bleshette Mason 

Nadia Mawani 
Kira McCabe 
Latoya McCants 
Richard McWhorter 
Jordan Mertens 

Sophomores 33 

Samantha Miller 

Benjamin Minor 

Fransesco Monteleoni- 

Rachel Morris 

Meagan Morrow 

Thuy Thu Ngu\'en 

Amanda Nichols 

Rachel Oswell 

Daniel Pagei^ 

Travis Palladino 

Ashley Pate 

Sundeep Patel 

Aimee Paulk 

Kathleen Pedro 

Shavonda Perryman 

Maggie Pigram 

Jennifer Plant 

Myriam Poirier 

Jessica Pond 

Roja Pondicherry-haris 

Kelly Poor 

Sharon Pustejovsky 

Megan Rader 

Rachel Renz 

Brandon Rhodes 

Brent Rose 

Joshua Rosendahl 

Adrienne Rowe 

Paul Rowe 

Scott Royalty 


_%^ ^^^i 



Not Pictured: Mallory Pusch, Lauren Rafferty-Boyd, Anthony Sabala, Shanequa Shuler, 
Joshua Washburn. 

Ashley Suddith 
Sarah Summerfield 
ames Sutherland 
Daniel Swanick 
Katherine Thompson 
Emily Treuman 

Morgan Vawter 
Lindsey Walker 
Jonathan Weininger 
Anna West-Hammer 
Allen Whitehart 
Charlie Wilder 

Rachel Gandy and Catherine Clarke 

4^. ^ 

^bigaile Berwager, Amanda Nichols, Lauren Harris 

Sophomores 35 


ne beginning o 







Cynthia Aby 
Anna Adair 
Laura Agbor-Tabi 
Ana Albaugh 
Tanesha Alexander 

Olga Alexeevets 
Kelly Allen 
Felicia Alston 
Fauzie Amlani 
J'Vante Anderson 

Jessica Anderson 
J Richard Anderson 
Kathryn Armstrong 
Tammy Autry 
Terry Bailey 


Revee Barbour 
JilUan Barcroft 

Catherine Barson 
Newal Basha 
Jaqueline Bass 
Nana Bekoe 
Rose-Gaelle Belingua 

Freshmen 37 

Travis Belton 

Abigale Berwager 

Jessica Bonham 

Gillian Brady 

Saye Braucht 

Anna Breedlove 

Matt Brisendine 

Kathryn Bogdon 

Yolanda Browder 

Britton Butler 

David Butler III 

Deborah Byrd 

Michelle Calderon 

Lindsey Callaway 

Laura Callender 

Tai Calloway 

Megan Campbell 

Taylor Cannon 

Miriam Cash 

Devane Casteel 

Deborah Chandler 
Kaitia Charitable 

Miriam Charitable 
Maurice Cheeks 
Anique Childrey 


38 Faces 

^8 Aft 

Brian Chimklis 
Jiwon Choi 
Kemoy Clarke 
Courtney Clayton 
Natasha Collier 

Whitney Collins 
Millicent Cone 
Taryn Cooksey 
Ashley Cooper 
Genna Cooper 

Leigh Cooper 
Spencer Cooper 
Lydia Cornelius 
Jason Cree 
Sherrie Crews 

Sara Cross 
Corey Crummell 
Juana Cruz 
Tareq Dabdoub 
Rozaan Daniel 

Stephanie Darden 
Jason Darland 
Kori Darr 
Alonna Davis 
Constance Davis 

Freshmen 39 

Mallory Dav: 
Mercella Dav: 

Tiffany Desrosiers 
Rachel Diamond 

Antonette Diao 

Jamie Dillon 

David Dobbs 

Chiquita Douglas 

Yvonne Druyeh 

Brendan Dumont 

Anthony Dykes 

Laura Echerd 

Rachael Edmondton 

Allison Evans 

Dylan Evans 

Megan Fabick 

Brickford Faucette 

Eric Fladland 

Stephanie Floyd 

Amy Fortener 

Stefanie Frede 

Valerie Freer 

40 Faces 

Brick Faucette, Alex Watterson, Nicholas Watterson 

Fransesca Funderburk 
Sarah Fuqua 
Claudia Gamez 
Johannah Garon 
Micah Garrison 
Julia Gates 

Krystal Gayle 
Frewieny Gebremeska 
Stephen Germany 
Josh Gilbert 
Stephanie Gill 
Erin Givarz 

Irasema Gonzalez 
Benjamin Grad 
Melissa Grammont 
Jessica Graner 
Elijah Green 
Nicolas Greenfield 

Alexis Grier 
Keith Griffin 
Lucas Griffith 
Lena Hackeloeer 
Tsedeniya Hailemeskel 

Freshmen 41 


Megan Hanes 

Emily Hannigan 

April Ham 

Crystal Harri 

Martha Harri 

Christopher Han\'in 
Roland Havasi 
Shanice Henry 
Rachel Hensler 
Caren Hinrichs 

Lydia Hofstetter 
William Horton 
Steven Horzweski Mm ^^ 
Shayne Houston H|| ^^^ 
Jacob Hoyer 


Saher Iqbal 

Craig Jackson 

Tristan Jackson 

Akele Jeffers 

Brittany Jenkins 

Jailyn Johnson 

Shenae Johnson 

Christopher Jones 

Brandy Jones 

Tiffanie Jones 

U ^ / jhcilrlr 


Not Pictured; Thomas Harrison 

42 Faces 


Arnel Kadic 
Soumya Kantamneni 
Anna Kemmer 
Stuart Kent 
Ausrine Klicius 
Margaret Knight 

Valerie Kobrovsky 
Kelly Korell 
Alex Kramer 
Russell Kramer 
Colin Kress 

Seana Lawrence 
Luciana Lazzarino 
Matthew Leazer 
Elizabeth Lee Hew 
Anna Lester 
Eric Link 

Xiaolei Liu 
DeAri Loggins 
John Lombardy 
Soubanh Louangvillay 
Maya Lovelace 
Christina Lu 

Wendy Madill 
Halley Malison 
Stephanie Malms 
Michael Malone 
Carl Marshall 
John Martin 

Lauren Milligan 

Freshmen 43 

Elliott Martin 

Jessica Martinez 

Arthur Massey III 

George Matter 

Jeremy McCall 

Alexander McCarthy 

Jonathan McConnell 

Robert McGee 

Samantha Meaux 

Jeffane Millien 

Lauren Milligan 

Stefanie Milligan 

Sumbul Mirza 

Tehmina Mirza 

Camesha Mitchell 

44 Faces 


Ezikiel Mitchell 
Ashley Money 
Jessie Morris 
Matt Morris 
William Mosley 
David Mueller 

Harriet Muluhya 
Jessica Nilson 
Anne Oredeko 
Bart Orso 
Christopher Page 
Anne Pages 

Hubert Pare 
Joseph Parker III 
Jessica Parker 
Zack Parris 
Devin Pekin 
Fabiola Philidor 

Yuri Pikul 
Matthew Piatt 
Samantha Piatt 
Eleena Ponizhaylo 
Jennifer Popejoy 
Caitlyn Post 

Jason Potts 
Carly Reed 
Apolline Riblier 
Kiera Robbins 
Natina Roberts 
Sunny Rodgers 

Freshmen 45 

Nicolas Roland 
Sergio Rowe 

Anthony Rudd 

Alex Ruiz 

Philip Russo 

Triin Runs 

Ashlee Sapp 

Joy Schambach 

David Schroeder 

Deyonna Scott 

Ahmad Shaheed 
Trevor Sheffield 

Ashley Smith 
Matthew Smith 



& ^^^Bh 

Jason Soby 

Jacob Springman 
Mix Stalnaker 
Rashida Starks 
Joshua Strable 
Rachel Strich 

Keenan Summerlin 
Mallory Summers 
Melissa Swainson 
Maria Sy\'ertsen 

Freshmen 47 

Margaret Taiwo 

Ashley Taylor 

Judith Taylor 

Anthony Thompson 

Cara Tillotson 

Julia Titova 
Marcus Tomldns 

Angela Tot 
Sarah Trammell 

Bryan Trice 

Sara Troficanto 

Stevie Tucker 

Andrew Tulowitzky 

Irene Turner 

Nathan Tyre 

Taylor Urbanski 

Nicole Vamer 

Julian Vega 

Andrea Vinson 

Emory Walton 

Theodore Ward 

Matthew Warner 

Joshua Washburn 

Tresa Washington 

An'Renae Watkins 

48 Faces 

Alex Watterson 
Nicholas Watterson 
Roshika West 
Jaime White 

Chris Whitmire 
Hannah Wiles 
Justin Willard 
Chad Williams 

Arion Winfield 
Adrienne Woodall 
Zachary Yeager 
Susan Yi 

Asako Yoshida 
Danielle Young 
Duo Zhou 
Sean Ziegler 

Freshmen 49 

nat rig 

lit J 



to think---- 



Dr. Ronald L. Carlisle Dr. Robert A. Blumenthal Dr. John C. Nardo 

Computer Science Mathematics Mathematics 

and Mathematics 

Dr. Philip D. Tiu 

Dr. Mario Chandler 


Dr. Jay Lutz 



Dr. Viviana P. Plotnik 

Dr. Robert Steen 

Dr. William L. Brightman 


Faculty 51 

Dr. Robert B. Hornback 


Dr. Douglas McFarland 



Dr. R. Barton Palmer 


Dr. Linda J. Taylor 


Dr. Victoria L. Weiss 

Dr. J. Lynn Gieger 


Dr. Caroline Noyes 
Education and Psychology 

Dr. Beth Roberts 


52 Faces 

Mrs. Ginger Williams 

Dr. Christian Y. Benton Dr. Cassandra C. Copeland 

Accounting Economics 

Mrs. Holly L. Middlemis 

Dr. Dean Tucker 

Economics and Business 

Dr. James M. Turner 

Dr. Roberta K. Deppe 


Dr. Elizabeth C. Johnson 


Dr. Alan E. Marks 

Faculty 53 

Dr. Brad L. Stone 


Dr. Alan N. Woolfolk 

Dr. Keith H. Aufderheide 







Dr. John A. Cramer 



Dr. Roarke E. Donnelly 


Dr. Michael K. Rulison 


Dr. Daniel L. Schadler 


Dr. Monte W. Wolf 

Dr. Philip R Zinsmeister 


Dr. Jeffrey Collins 

Study Abroad 

Dr. Stephen B. Herschler 


Dr. Kendra A. King 

Dr. Joseph Knippenberg Dr. Nicholas B. Maher Dr. Alexander M. Martin 

Politics History History 

fl^ft'RI "l^'l 

I Dr. John D. Orme 

■ Politics 

Dr. W. Bradford Smith 

Dr. James A. Bohart 


Faculty 55 

Dr. Philip J. Neujahr 

Dr. W. Irwin Ray 

Dr. Seema Shrikhande 

Dr. Jason M. Wirth 

Dr. Alan Loehle 

Dr. Catherine Kelley 

Mrs. Lee Knippenberg 

Dr. Deborah Merola 

56 Faces 

Faculty 57 

e re on 

L( poor corrupt 





T^d m I n 1 9 ■(: r ^ 1 1 o n 

Administration 59 

Dr. Larry Large 

Mr. David Rhodes 
Vice President of Enrollment 

Dr. Chris Ames 

Dr. Tim Doyle 
Dean of Students 

Mrs. Susan Bacher 

Ms. Janet Grant 
Financial Aid 

Mr. Chuck Wingo 

60 Faces 

Admission Office 

Alumni and Development Offices 

Student Life and Health Services 

Business Office 


Registrar's Office 

Administration 61 

With Speed and 
Great Invention 



62 Sports 

Russ Churchwell 


Churchwell breaks SCAC all-time 
scoring record 

ATLANTA, G A - Senior forward Russ 
Churchwell of Oglethorpe had 23 points to 
surpass Sewanee's Ryan Harrigan and become 
the SCAC men's all-time leading scorer with 
1,676 points. Oglethorpe needed almost every 
one of those points as the Petrels pulled out 
a 70-66 victory over Millsaps Saturday at 
Dorough Fieldhouse. Harrigan's record of 
1,675 career points had stood since 1998. 
Churchwell also had 11 rebounds and moved 
into third place on the all-time rebounding list 
with 742 boards. He is 18 from second place 
and 19 from the record - currently held by Joe 
Ringger of DePauw (761). 

Oglethorpe now boasts both the men's 
and women's all-time leading scorer. Heather 
Francoeur (99/00-02/03) is the SCAC's career 
leader among both men's and women's players 
with 1,795 points. 

SCAC Men's Basketball 
Career 1,000 point scorers 

Congratulations Russ! 

1. Russ Churchwell, 
Oglethorpe (00/01- 


2. Ryan Harrigan, 
Sewanee (94/95-97/ 


3. Neal Power, Rhodes 


4. Dan Waguespack, 
Millsaps (98/99-01/ 


5. Joe Nixon, DePauw 


Sports 63 

Men's Soccer 


Jon Akin, Gilbert Jean-Baptiste, 

Ron Apollon 

Jonathan Bassler (Goalkeeper) 
Chris Freidenstien (Defender) 

In 2004, the men's soccer team rolled 
to a second place finish in the SCAC. 
The promise of the previous year's 
team combined with key new talent 
helped the men to their best finish (12- 
7) in school history The 2005 SCAC 
championship looks well within their 

Right: Coach Akin gives the guys a 
pre-game pep talk. 

Above: The guys cool down after a Right: Russell Kramer practices 
grueling practice. his 'Hercules' pose on the field. 

64 Sports 

Left: AkeLe Jeffers prepares to take 
control away from her opponent. 

Left: Ashley Money takes a 
few tips from goal trainer Ron 

Below: Anna Wiles does a "defense 
dance" with her opponent. 

Above: The ladies cool down 
during a post game chat. 

Women's Soccer 

Head Coach: 
Jon Akin 

Assistant Coach: 
Gilbert Jean-Baptiste 

Courtney Terrell and Kara Glielmi 

The 2004 Women's Soccer team had a 
season of exceeded expectations. With 
a team of mostly freshmen and many 
key injuries, the Lady Petrels endured a 
tough conference schedule and finished 
6-9-1. With 14 players returning, the 
ladies look poised to make a strong run 
at conference in 2005. 

Soccer 65 

Mens Golf 

Led by: 

Coaches Jim 

Owen and 


In the 2005 season of Men's Golf at Oglethorpe University 
both the team and the school are proud to host the 2005 NCAA Men's 
Division III Championship in partnership with the Central Florida Sports 
Commission. The Commission hosts approximately 50 events a year all 
over the central Florida area. In a joint effort with Oglethorpe the Central 
Florida Sports Commission submitted a bid for the 2005 event and were 
selected by the NCAA in July of 2003. The Men are proud to be selected 
for this honor and look forward to the opportunity. 

Adam Pry, Matt Suggett, Danny Swanick, 
Travis Palladino, Joe Parker, Taylor 
Urbanski, Coach Owen, Grayson Briggs, 
Jon Weininger, Brian Norman, Corey 
Gamer, Joe Green, Jon Davis, Brad S 

Above: Joe Green tees off at Fine Right: Brian Norman blasts ou 
Needles. of the sand. 

66 Sports 

Top Left: Leigh Kite and Julia Gates 

Top Middle: Jessi Bonham 
and Mallory Pusch celebrate a 
successul day- 

Bottom Left: Heather March putts 
as her teammates look on. 

Coach Adam Pry, Jessi Bonham, 
Mallory Pusch, Heather March, 
Megan Elliott, Leigh Kite, Julia 
Gates, Trish Baldwin, Coach Jim 

Women's Golf 

Led by: 

Coaches Jim 

Owen and 

Adam Pry 

In the 2005 season of Women's Golf at Oglethorpe University, both 
the team and the school are proud to be anticipating the 2006 and 2007 
NCAA Women's Division II Championships which they have been selected 
to host in partnership with the Central Florida Sports Commission. The 
Commission hosts approximately 50 events a year all over the central 
Florida area. In a joint effort with Oglethorpe the Central Florida Sports 
Commission submitted a bid for the 2006 and 2007 events and were 
selected by the NCAA in 2003. The women are proud to be selected for this 
honor and look forward to the opportunity. 

Golf 67 

Men's Basketball 

Head Coach: 
Philip Ponder 

Assistant Coaches: 
Ed Wilson and Barrett Karvis 

The 04-05 team is coming off an 03-04 season in which they 
advanced to the championship game of the SCAC tournament. 
Although boasting just one senior and one jumior, this year's 
team is hoping to build on last year's late season success by 
improving their regular season record and again competing 
for an conference championship and NCAA tournament bid. 
With All- American candidate Russ Churchwell, and potential 
All-Conference players in Burr and Dickinson, expectations 
are high for this year's Stormy Petrel squad. 

Right: A fight to the death 


r - =- ?^ ™ 3 '-r r ■; '^-'^■H «i « 51 

- M 

Above: Two of the guys hang out 
during the women's game. 

Left: An unidentified Petrel i: 
spotted making a fantastic shot. 

Above: Coach Wilson, Coach 
Karvis, Andrew T. and Jason 
Darlin watch the game. 

68 Sports 

Lett: btetanie Jo Janssen 

Left: Amy Fortener 

Below: Carly Hallman sidesteps 
her opponent as she moves in for 
the shot. 











j I^^R^^^H 




Left: Megan Elliott works to keep 
the ball away from a Toccoa Falls 

Above: Kirbie Smith, Kim Wiley, 
and Katie Michalczyk look for the 

Women's Basketball 

Ron Sattele 

Assistant Coach: 
Liz Campbell 

Graduate Assistant: 
Alyson Adkisson 


Julie Colantoni, Katie 

Michalczyk, Megan Elliott 

In Coach Sattele's first year the Lady Petrels jumped out to the 
best start in school history. Senior Julie Colantoni is leading the 
team in scoring and moving up in career scoring for OU and the 
SCAC— she is currently 19* all time in the SCAC scoring and 4th 
at OU but on pace to finish 2"-^ at OU. Stefie Jo Janssen, Brittany 
Corbett and Megan Elliott are all among the conference leaders 
in scoring. Senior Katie Michalczyk is ranked in the top 10 in the 
conference in rebounding. Kirbie Smith has played almost every 
position this season because of her knowledge of the game. Kim 
Wiley is providing solid minutes inside and Hannah York comes 
off the bench to knock down outside shots. Latoya McCants has 
been solid defensively. Freshmen Chiquita Douglas, Amy Fortener, 
Carly Hallman and Racquel McGhee have all contributed in their 
rookie season. 

Basketball 69 

Men's and Women's Tennis 

In 2004, both the Oglethorpe University men's and women's tennis teams achieved 
winning seasons with 15-9 and 20-3 records, respectively. With several of their 
teammates graduated. Coach Peter Howell says "We will be hard pressed to 
duplicate last year's records, but these teams have great potential." On the men's 
team this season all the players are exciting prospects this season and, according 
to Coach Howell create a team depth and strength. The women's team members 
all plan to work hard to maintain the team's stellar record. Overall, Coach Howell 
is pleased with his teams and anticipates a successful 2005 season for Petrel termis 

Below: Sarah Lykens is amused by 
a teammate's antics. 

Left: (from left to right) 
Antoinette Niland, Ashley 
Cooper, Sarah Lykens, Maggie 
Khoury, Katie Kuhn, Sarah 
Zipperer (not pictured: Tiffany 

Left: (from left 
to right) Derin 
Pekin, Chris Peck, ' 
Drue Malone, 
Daniel Close, John J 
Esterline, Ralph 
Horton, Brick 
Faucette, Coach 
Peter Howell 
(not pictured: Jim 

Above: Ashley Cooper responds 
to Sarah's amusement with a wink 
and a backswing. 

Left: Ralph Horton inspects his Above: Drue Malone and 
racquet before a practice session. Chris Peck practice with the 

team on a sunnv afternoon. 

70 Sports 


Left: Anthony Sabala, J.T. Baker, Brad 
Sims, and Scott Casey mill about the 
field between innings. 

Left: Scott Casey warms up 
before the big game. 

Above: Dr. Smith's son and Dr. 
Large are entertained by the 
puppy... don't forget the game! 


The modern era of baseball at Oglethorpe enters its 14th season and with it brings a new coach 
and a new attitude. Long time coach Bill Popp left to become Baseball coach and AD at Reinhardt 
College. Taking over the helm is Dan Giordano who is no stranger to the program. Oglethorpe 
enters this season with a long tradition of excellence on and off the field. The Petrels can boost 
eight former Major Leaguers as well as All- Americans, All Region performers and countless All- 
SCAC award winners. Looking towards the future Giordano says, " We are in the process of 
developing a strong foundation for baseball recruits that will continually give us quality student 
athletes year in and year out." They expect to increase numbers every year and to start winning 
Conference Championships in the short future. "With the administration's new optimism on 
athletics we feel we are backed 100% and that support will go a long way towards building a 
solid athletic program." The future is bright. 

Tennis and Baseball 71 

Track and Field 


Bob Unger 

James Unger 

Warren Matthews 

Steve Green 

Jill Sharitt 
Jill Martin 
Jon Gabriel 
Jon Carter 

During coach Bob Unger 's tenure as a track coach at 
Oglethorpe, his teams have boasted 52 victories in dual meets 
while losing only 17. For over a decade, Unger 's squads have been 
producing an assortment of honors both in the classroom and at 
the track, including numerous Academic All- Americans and All- 
Coriference awards, as well as a handful of NCAA qualifiers. Unlike 
other sports, track and field is much more competitive between 
divisions. It is for this reason that in the past, Unger 's squads have 
on occasion posted higher marks than even competitors from larger 
Division I and II schools. 

Track season begins in January, and stretches through the 
begirming of May. Oglethorpe's track and field team is hard at 
work every weekday afternoon for several hours, improving fastest 
times, longest distances, and highest heights. With a combination 
of experienced upperclassmen and talented newcomers, the Stormy 
Petrels are always looking to improve upon their finishes from the 
year before. The graduation of numerous conference leaders from 
other SCAC schools means that Oglethorpe can realistically expect to 
move up the competitive ranks of the conference this season. 

Cross Country 

Head Coach: 
Bob Unger 

Josh Mclntyre 
Holen Brady 

The 2004 season was an interesting and exciting time. Both 
teams are relatively "yoimg" in the sport. Holen Brady is the only 
senior on the women's team and Tom CoUens and Josh Mclntyre are 
the only seniors on the men's team. 

A cadre of freshman men joining the squad have the 
distinction of having competed against each other in years past 
while attending high school: Michael Smith, Steve Horzewski and 
Travis Belton attended local high schools and donned the same 
uniform for the first time when the men opened their season at the 
Sewanee Invitational Sept. 4. 

Holen Brady, hopes to continue to lead the pack but could be 
closely followed by her sister ~ freshman Gillian Brady. They will be 
joined by one other freshman, Muyinat Taiwo, who is a newcomer 
to the sport and several upperclassmen who will be completing their 
first full season on the team. 

72 Sports 

Track and Field 73 




Head Coach: 
Dan Giordano 

Student Assistant: 
Anthony Sabala 

Team Manager: 
Jillian Martin 

Head Athletic Trainer: 
Adam Grier 

The Lady Petrel volleyball team took a small step backward 
in their quest for a SCAC Championship. Finishing the season 6- 
29 and 1-17 in the conference, it's hard to find bright spots in what 
seems to be a dismal season. "You have to keep working and 
believing that one day all the hard work is going to start paying 
off." Giordano said. "We need to learn and grow every single day 
as a team. The spring workouts will let us continue to work on 
fundamentals and also grow together as a team." 

Though the team struggled there were some great individual 
achievements. Senior setter Gretchen Coll became the school's 
second all time assist leader and only the second player in school 
history to finish her career with more than 3,000 assists and 1,000 
digs. Sophomore standout Katie Kelly had one of the best seasons 
ever for a Petrel. She finished with the third best kills per game 
and second best digs per game in any one season. The Petrels also 
placed four members on the SCAC Fall Honor Roll which rewards 
a 3.25 or better GPA during the playing season. Those members 
include Gretchen Coll, Mallory Summers, Jessica Anderson and 
Emily Hannigan. But no matter how successful the individual 
members, they must strive towards the ultimate team goal of a 
SCAC championship. 

Above: Senior Captain Above: The girls huddle to 
Tiffany Williams plan their next move. 

Above Right: ^^B 
Freshman Emily ^^^H 
Hannigan ^aSP 


Right: Sophomores Bp 
Latoya McCants and J|p 
Katie Kelly ^^^ 



Ht -* 

74 Sports 

sports 75 

Mr. Einstein's 


76 Academics 

Academics 11 

Right: Dr. Large and his wife, Marsha, 
at a school function. 

Below: How many University 
presidents do you know who drive 
a Harley? 

Above- Dr. Large involves 
himself m many aspects of 
campus life 

Dr. Large 

Dr. Larry Large has been president of Oglethorpe for 
six years, beginning April 1999. In his time here, he 
has significantly raised the profile of the university 
within Atlanta and the southeastern region. He has 
developed many new academic programs, including 
Urban Ecology, Oglethorpe University Students 
Abroad, a theatre major, and a Master of Arts in 
Teaching. During his time here, he has overseen the 
development of the campus master plan and other 
plans to guide the next stage of Oglethorpe's future. 
Oglethorpe Board of Trustees Chairman Warren Jobe 
described Large as a leader who brought structure 
and creative strategies to the university amid 
growing challenges to American higher education. 
Among students, he is known as a friendly and 
welcoming figure, always ready with a smile and a 
greeting. We will miss him, and wish him the best of 
luck in the next phase of his life. 

78 Academics 

Left: Our president and his wife are not 
above picnicking with the students. 

Lett Dr and Mrs Large at a basketball Above: Dr. and Mrs. Large await the 
game. new Student Ambassadors at the 

Lanier House. 

Dr. Large 79 


Study Aoroad 

Living in another country is an experience like no other. 
Actually staying with other students or with a host family 
helps a study-abroad participant really live life in another 
culture and not be only an observing tourist. For these reasons, 
Oglethorpe encourages students to study-abroad through the 
Oglethorpe University Students Abroad (OUSA) program. 
The international exchange institutions are schools that have a 
special connection with Oglethorpe and serve as sister schools 
throughout the world. They are located in Latin America, 
China, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and Russia, 
and cost essentially the same as what a student would pay at 
Oglethorpe. A student can also act as a transient student at 
another university and study abroad through a program offered 
at that other university; the OUSA advisor can help facilitate 
this non-partnership study abroad. Finally, OUSA sponsors 
short study abroad trips every year. These trips, for which the 
students receive academic credit, are offered in December, March, 
and May, and are led by professors. These various programs 
- whether studying at a partnership school, finding another 
university study abroad program, or taking a short trip - enhance 
the liberal arts education and experience. They offer the chances 
to meet new friends, taste strange foods, struggle with cultural 
barriers, and learn about one's own culture and society, as well as 
those of another country. Quite simply, OUSA is a great way for 
Oglethorpe students to live life outside of The Bubble! 

Above: How many American 
students can fit into an Oxford 
phone booth? 

Left: Two Americans in Paris: 
Meredith McKay and Emily 
Whitworth In front of the Arc de 

Left Page: Assorted pictures from Leah Sanders' 
trip to Oxford, Emily Whitworth's trip to Paris, 
and other student excursions abroad. 

Study Abroad 81 

Near Left: Nicolas Roland and 
Cara Tillotson enjoy the Boar's 
Head celebration. 

Far Left: Ira Gonzalez slides down 
a hill during the ice storm. 


International students at Oglethorpe come from thirty-five countries from 
around the world. Many of them attend universities that are sister schools to 
Oglethorpe. Coming to study in the United States is a difficult task for them 
and requires great dedication. International students must take the difficult 
standardized test called TOEFL, guarantee their ability to support themselves 
financially, often with little assistance, and must overcome communication 
barriers in the application process. All of their hard work pays off, though, and 
they tend to have very high GPA's at Oglethorpe. Most stay for a year, though 
some fall in love with Oglethorpe and decide to complete their education 
here. To help them acclimate. Community Life sets up various programs to 
take them around Atlanta, and the International Club often provides a base for 
starting friendships. By having these students at Oglethorpe, the international 
students get to taste American life, and Oglethorpe students make friends from 
around the world! 

82 Academics 


^fter 32 distinguished years at Oglethorpe University, Dr. Philip P. 
'insmeister will retire at the end of the 2004-2005 academic year. Over the 
-ears, Dr. Zinsmeister has taught General Biology, Genetics, Embryology, Cell 
iiology. Evolution, and Science Core. Dr. Zinsmeister is known for his ability 
interest people from all areas of study in the world of science. Dr. Schadler, 
i^hose office has looked into Dr. Zinsmeister 's for the last 30 years, fondly 
emembers seeing him enthrall even a mathematician with the embryological 
ievelopment of a fish's beating heart. Dr. Zinsmeister says that he's always 
iewed students as junior colleagues about to enter the field, and has enjoyed 
uilding personal relationships with both students and faculty. His smile 
nd wit have cheered Oglethorpe students for decades, and the impact of his 
caching has the potential to change the face of science. 


I've noticed through the years that the 

students stay the same age, but I keep 

getting older. -Phillip Zinsmeister 

One office, one smile, thirty- 
two years. 

While Phil has served Oglethorpe as a 

fine teacher and scholar, he has served 

me and many others as a close friend 

and valued colleague. 

-Dr. McFarland 

"Dr. Zinsmeister has been a wonder- 
ful professor, encouraging me when 

I couldn't seem to get a chicken 
embryo onto my slide, never getting 
upset when I walked in late to class 

(frequently), and teaching me to 

constantly look at science from new 

angles." -Beth Bosserman 


Wc Must Oct 
Down to Earth 
At Times 

Meredith McKay lets her disgust be known. 

Clubs and 

84 Organizations 

The Tower 

Miriam Brown 

Alex Edwards 


The Tower is Oglethorpe University's 
literary magazine. Traditionally the Tower 
has published one issue each spring, collecting 
fiction, essays, poetry, and visual artwork from 
students throughout the school year. This year, 
we have added a staff-only issue in the fall, 
entitled Of Babel, which we hope will become 
an annual publication as well. The Tower takes 
its name from the Lupton Bell Tower, where 
our offices were originally located. 

The Tower aims to provide an outlet 
for artistic expression in the Oglethorpe 
community by publishing a magazine of 
student work. In addition to our publications, 
the Tower is starting to provide a regular 
workshop environment where writers can 
meet to critique and encourage one another. 
We are also responsible for running two events 
each year. Night of the Arts, held each fall, is 
a chance for OU students, staff, and faculty 
to share their talents through performance. 
Massacouer, held on Valentine's Day, is a 
celebration of love /hate and is often a chance 
for students to participate in a more informal 
open mic performance. 

re: LoUie Lott and guitarist Jeff 
jam to an old Big Band tune 
\g 'Night of the Arts.' 

The Tower 85 

Above: Mallory Davis, Matt Corbett, and Jon Carter 
hard at work... well, two out of three at least. 

Above: Seniors R.G. Lamar, Danny McGuinn, and Will Galloway 
ponder the deep insights of the latest issue of the Stormy Petrel. 

Above: Jon Carter and Ariel Crooks review layout 
before a deadline. 


Rachael Maddux 


Ariel Crooks 
Mallory Davis 


Kira McCabe 
Andrea Wood 


Matt Corbett 

Asst. A&E 

Ben Minor 


Colin Gray 
Danny McGuinn 

Miriam Brown 

Jon Carter 
Asst. Sports 

Hannah York 

Linda Dreilinger 

Leslie Prall 
Business Manager 

Mallory Davis 
Layout Editor 

Danielle Young 

Seema Shrikhand 

Mark DeLong 

Above: Jon Carter, Ariel Crooks, and Rachael 

Above: Kira McCabe reviews material 
for an upcoming article. 


The Stormy Petrel 

The Stormif Petrel has been Oglethorpe's student-run newspaper since 1919. We have gone 
through many revisions, from developing new layouts to creating new sections, as a long line of 
editors have tried their hand at running the paper. The 2004-2005 year brings us all the way to 
our 80"" volume 

The purpose of The Stormy Petrel is to provide news to the Oglethorpe community, 
particularly the news that relates to what happens on our own campus. This year we have 
moved from a bi-weekly to a weekly paper, and we're working to build relationships with all the 
departments, clubs, and organizations at OU. We do our best to both inform and entertain our 
readers with a new issue every Friday. 

Below Rachael Maddux after a long 

The Stormy Petrel Staff for '04 i)t 
(Left to Right) Ben Minor, Rachael 
Maddux, Jon Carter, Leslie Prall, 
Miriam Brown, Matt Corbett, Mal- 
lory Davis, Kira McCabe, Ariel Crooks, 
Danielle Young 

The Stormy Petrel 87 

The Yamacraw 

"What is the YAMACRAW? 

The YAMACRAW is a small book about a small college, put together by a few amateurs 
who, short on experience and funds and help, dared to hope they could have a yearbook any- 
how. They know the YAMACRAW's faults, they've known them so long and so well that 
they've almost come to like them. They got the book out." 

-Introduction to the 1947-1948 Yamacraw, and still just as true today. 

Above: Abby Kurland and Girmy 
Brown enjoy a moment of hilarity 
at the Yamacraw's Spaghetti Dinner 

Right: Bisell McWilliams, better 
known simply as 'the Cameraman,' 
lignment in Traer. One of the 
few existing pictures of the man 
behind the lens. 

88 Organizations 

Top: Abby Kurland, Rachel Zellner, and Jenee 
Amodeo...too silly for words. 

Middle: Carolyn McWilliams (Bisell's mom), Meredith 
McKay, and Ginny Brown stuffing their faces o\'er 
brilliant conversation. 
Bottom: Hannah York looking oh so cute 

Left: Bisell McWilliams tries to make Below: ... Meredith McKay replies with 
a point as *e uncounterable retort. 

Left: Emily Gantert points out all 
sorts of editing mistakes. 

Bisell McWilliams 

Layout Editor 

Susan Royal 
Layout & Design Editor 

Meredith McKay 
Copy Editor 

Virginia Brown 
Photo Editor 

Bisell McWilliams 

Business Manager 

Rick Stengard 
Fundraising Coordinator 

Emily Gantert 
Submissions Coordinator 

Emily Gantert 
Sports Coordinator 

Hannah York 



Our Special Thanks to all who contributed to the 
2005 Yamacraw: 
Beth Bosserman and Danielle Young on Layout; 
Leah Sanders, Rachael Maddux, Mallory Davis, 
Catherine Barson, Daniel McGuinn, and Amy Lowe 
on Copywriting; Noelle Jozefowicz and Maria Berg 
on Photography; and Jenee Amodeo and Abigail 
Kurland on Fundraising. And to the friends and 
family who put up with us these several months. 

The Yamacraw 

Below: Lost? In more ways than Right Lauren Bundy and Anne Baiter 

one, perhaps? Kyle Taylor, Pastor wrestle it out for a seat in the tront row 

Jim Eaton, and Announcement Bov Or perhaps they're after hunky lead 

Danny McGuinn try to hnd their way guitar Josh Mclntyre. 
home. Good thing they ha\e their 
trusty Bowie knife! 

Above: Smiling sweetly, and it's only 
the first day of the retreat. 

Right: Spiritual Advisor Arturo 
Castaneda prepares for college-style 

90 Organizations 

Oglethorpe Christian Fellowship 


Jim Eaton Oglethorpe Christian Fellowship is 

Leadership Team: a ministry focused on outreach to 

Josh Mclntyre, Jill Sharritt, Kyle Taylor, Oglethorpe students, providing an 

RG Lamar, Danny McGuinn atmosphere for fellowship and worship. 
Leslie Prall and Will Galloway 

Top; Deep in discussion. Josh Mclntyre, Joy Mazef, 
Stephanie Frede 

Below: An AGAPE style meal. Can you feel the 

shove: A new kind of prayer circle? Kyle Taylor, Danny McGuinn, Joy Mazef, Mary, Will 
alloway, and Leslie Prall 

Oglethorpe Christian Fellowship 91 

International Club 

Liliya Kovalenko (President) 
Nadia Mawani (Vice President) 
Cynthia Abby (Secretary) 
Soumya Kantamneni (Treasurer) 

International Club is one of the largest, 
most diverse clubs on campus, attracting 
all kinds of students who are interested in 
other cultures and who desire to learn of 
other cultures. "It is the most exciting and 
fun club on campus," say various professors 
visiting our events. Our mission is to spread 
cultural diversity, as well as a knowledge 

and appreciation of other countries and their 

We host many events to include all of 
the students on campus and to spread diversity 
as well as education on different cultures to 
all. International Night is the year's major 
event, where students perform their songs, 
dances, and skits, and even professors join in 
on the fun. There are salsa dances, major Belly 
dancing. ... European Night incorporates all 
of European culture and creates a nightlife 
atmosphere with delicious food, prepared by 
our very own officers and members. 


Soumya Kantamnem, Nadia 
Mawani, Liliya Kovalenko, Anita 

92 Organizations 

Japanese Culture Club 

Anna West-Hammer (President) 

The Japanese Culture Club has been 
reserving the Dolive Theater on Monday 
nights for the past couple of years to spread 
knowledge about Japan through live action 
and animated film showings. Each week the 
members gather for dinner off campus to 

discuss current events and recent discoveries. 
We also attend Anime Weekend Atlanta, 
Dragon*Con, and other various conventions 
involving Japanese animation. This is the 
first year in which the Philip Weltner Library 
has manga (Japanese graphic novels) in its 
collection, thanks to donations from the 
Japanese Culture Club. 

International Club & Japanese Culture Club 93 

Alpha P 

HI Omega 

President: Anna Chopra 

been one of the largest organizations dedicated 

1 Vice President of Service: Amy Lowe 

to serving the school, the commimity, the 

Vice Presdient of Membership: Dallas Greene, 

nation, and our organization. An all-inclusive 

Jennifer Hoffstetter 

collegiate Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega is 

Treasurer: Charlie Ghee, Sean Raleigh 

committed to being the foremost student-run 

PledgeMaster: Kimberely Nicholson, Kristy 

organization in developing lifelong leaders. 


instilling lasting friendships, and fostering a 

Parliamentarian: Tiffany Amber Hatfield, 

lifetime of service to all people. We do over 40 

Amanda Nichols 

projects every semester, and have accumulated 

Historian: Jennifer Hofstetter, Dallas Greene 

an average of over 1000 hours a year. 

Inter-Chapter Liason: Andrea Wood, Emily 

Some of our major projects include: 


Trick or Treat in Traer, Red Cross, American 

Secretary: Amanda Nichols, Shana Jones 

Cancer Society, Lynwood Park mentoring. 

ushering around campus. Trees Atlanta, 

We are a National Co-ed Leadership 

Goodwill, and many more. 

and Service Organization based on the Scout 

Oath and Law. Our Chapter, MuMu, began at 

Oglethorpe University in February 1958 and 

was re-chartered in 1976. Since then, we've 

Above: "I don't wanna, you can't 
make me!" says brother Jenny 

Above: Amanda Nichols, advisor 
Cliff Portnoff, and Laura Callendar 
enjoy good times at Feliru's. 

94 Organizations 

Left: Santa has his lap full with 
Beth Bosserman, Cat Lawler^ 
Geoff Hethenngton, Leslie Prall, 
and Lollie Lott. 

Below: Not your average family 
portrait! (tront) Kim Nicholson, 
Tiffani-Amber Hatfield, Emily Gan- 
tert, Dallas Greene (back) Andrea 
Wood, Krysty Evans, Cliff Portnoff, 
Geoff Hethenngton. 

3ve: Buzzing brother Emily 
itert warns trick-or-treaters 
he evil that lurks inside the 
mted house, formerly known 

Right: Got beef? Not here! Brother 
Krysty Evans poses with her cowpal 
before returning to work at the SEC 

Alpha Phi Omega 95 



Circle K 

Leah Sanders (President) 
Jodi-Ann Moses (Vice-President) 
Lisa Ellis (Secretary) 
Mayur Nayee (Treasurer) 

Circle K International is a world- 
wide organization that provides college 
students with opportunities to serve their 
communities, gain leadership skills, and 
socialize with other college students. Circle 
K has existed on the Oglethorpe campus 
at many points in the past. After a hiatus, 
Oglethorpe Circle K started again several 
years ago after a determined group of 
students brought this organization back into 

existence at Oglethorpe. It is now a strong 
organization of students who want to help the 
Atlanta community. 

Oglethorpe Circle K exists primarily 
to help students find places to volunteer in 
the Atlanta community. A few of the activities 
include playing with and teaching children 
at places such as the Brookhaven Boys and 
Girls Club, preparing food at the Atlanta 
Community Food Bank and Project Open 
Hand, and stocking the thrift store of the St. 
Vincent de Paul Society. Additionally, Circle 
K is a great place for Oglethorpe students to 
meet and gives them the chance to meet other 
college students through club interaction. 

Above: (back row) Katie Kuhn, Phu-To Le, Sarah Lykens, Andrea Wood, Jeffanne 

Millien, Krystal Gayle 

(Front row) Cynthia Aby, Connie Yip, Liliya Kovalenko, Lisa Ellis 

Above: Jeffanne helps a liitle boy and 
between the two of them they get the 
job done. 

96 Organizations 

'e Middle: Leah Sanders work- 
ith young kids during one of 
iny tun service projects. 

Above Bottom: Katie Kuhn and 
Krystal Gayle working hard. 

Above: Courtney Clayton and Wendy 
Madill having as much hm making 
crafts as the kids at Lynwood. 

Circle K 97 


Environmentally Concerned 
Oglethorpe Students 

Sarah Summerfield (President) 
Brittany Bennett (Vice-President) 
Erin Givarz (Historian) 

ECOS is a group with a progressive 
mindset and a concern for the environment 
in which we live. We represent the student 
voice on campus with regard to environmental 
issues and we promote a general awareness of 
issues such as recycling and conservation. We 
have been a vital component of this campus for 
several years and have helped to further define 
the "flavor" of the Oglethorpe community. 

ECOS sponsored its first bake sale 
this year and we also have our hemp jewelry 
sale every Fall Semester in order to fundraise 
for our big Spring Semester projects, such as 
Earth Week! During this week and on Earth 
Day itself, we have environmentally-oriented 
activities, such as a "no-driving day" As the 
sidewalk chalk says: "Get off your ass and 
walk to class!" It is our goal to encourage 
conscientiousness and a love for the world 
in which we all coexist. Peace, Love, and 
Cookies. . . and Pudding. . . and Mud. 

Far Right: Sarah Summerfield is ever 
on duty, separating the recycling. 



Laurie Berger, Johannah Garon, Lauren 
Rafferty-Boyd, Christine Smith (presidents) 
Brittany Bennett (secretary) 
Stephanie Phillips (advisor) 

OUTlet is Oglethorpe University's 
LGBTQ organization, participating in many 
events through the year, including National 
Coming Out Day, AIDS Walk, and National 
Day of Silence. We are a social and emotional 

support group for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals 
and those questioning their identities on our 
campus. We serve as an educational outreach 
and community service organization — 
promoting education and equality for lesbian, 
gay, bisexual and transgendered people. Most 
of all, we are an active and positive image and 
voice for gays and lesbians on campus. As the 
old saying goes, "We're here, we're queer, and 
we won't disappear!" 

Above Right: Club President Laurie 

Above Left: The members of Outlet. 

Left: OUTlet members participate in 
Pride 2003. 

ECOS & OUTlet ' 

University Singers and Chorale 

University Singers is the primary musical organization at Oglethorpe University. The 
ensemble provides for the study and performance of significant choral literature w^ithin the 
liberal arts context of the University and is open to students of all disciplines. The approximately 
thirty-five member, mixed-voice concert choir rehearses three hours each week for one hour 
of academic credit. Repertoire includes sacred and secular literature, both accompanied and 
unaccompanied, ranging from the fifteenth century to the present. Every semester, Uruversity 
Singers performs at several small events, such as church services and retirement homes, in 
addition to their full-length concert at the end of every term and the Boar's Head Ceremony in 

In addition to the Oglethorpe University Singers, Oglethorpe's music department also 
includes University Chorale, a small chamber choir auditioned from the membership of the 
University Singers. The skill and musicianship of the Chorale allows for the performance of 
more complex and virtuosi music. This group performs in conjunction with the Singers at major 
concerts and events. 

Abo\, ilK,n> + \.!il.\ \ml,iMm \niM bie . .lln\ , \nu I . s|, , k, ith ( ,i illin I ia\ is Griffin, 
Robert Smilh, \ uginia Blown, baiali kenned), Ivijbtal L\ ans, (Kow 3) Kaehel Zellner, S.E. 
Trammell, Abigail Kuiland, Aaron Wl-utworth, Saye Braucht, Anthony Rudd, Megan Hodge, 
Joy Simmons, Mary Seagrave; (Row 2) Jacqulin Bass, Priscilla Scarpaci, Meredith McKay, 
Winston Douglas, George Matter, Sela Gebremeskel, Jenee Amodeo, Elizabeth Slade; (Row 1) 
Alex Ruiz, Asako Yoshida, Jessica Graner, Stephen Germany, Claire Fontaine, Laura Callender, 
Meredith Melton 

Top: Meredith McKay, Abby Kurland, and Meredith Melto 
Bottom: Megan Hodge and George Matter.. .singing away 

100 Organizations 


Left: Laura Callender twitters away on her flute, 
much to the delight of her fellow singers and to the 

RightL Jenee Amodeo and Rachel Zellner show their 
smiles while waiting to perform at a church run-out 

Virginia Brown 


Abigail Kurland 

(Vice President) 

Elizabeth Slade 

(Secretary Treasurer) 

Travis Griffin 


Jenee Amodeo 

(Communications Director) 

Above (from the left) Travis Griffin, Saye 
Braucht, and Stephen Germany sing "What 
Did You Learn In School Today" during the 
fall Singer's concert while Mr. Buice looks on, 
thoroughly amused. 

Above' Dr. Ray conducting while the Singers 
brmg joy to churchgoers Sunday morning. 

ibove: Abigail Kurland, Anna Breedlove, Virginia Brown, Meredith Melton, Meredith McKay, Megan 

University Singers 101 


The Theatre Program's official performance company, the Playmakers, is one of the oldest campus 
organizations at the University Mounting a season of four full faculty-directed productions per year, 
one of which is often presented by Alpha Psi Omega, the company is dedicated to providing laboratory 
opportunities for student actors, technicians, and dramaturges that embrace a wide range of styles, 
historical periods, and points-of-view. Traditionally, one production per year is a theatre piece for young 
audiences performed as a benefit for local Atlanta children's charities. 

This season's productions included: The Dining Room, Dancing At Lughnasa, The Dinosaur Play, Top 
Girls, and The Odyssey of Modesty Forth. In addition to all of these, the growing theatre department, in an 
effort to embrace the newly established theater major, has also begun to add a laboratory setting for student 
directed production through the class "Directing for the Stage 1" in the fall semester. 

Although productions, auditions, and classes are open to all students, as well as to faculty and staff, 
there are a few hard working students are selected each year to be members of Alpha Psi Omega (a national 
drama fraternity) for their dedication and excellent work within the Playmakers program. The current 
members of Alpha Psi Omega are: Kim Edminston (senior), Jesse Hinson (junior), Meredith McKay (junior), 
and Marie Sutherland-Lawless (junior). 

Above: Jesse Hinson, Charity Pirkle 
and Liam Knipggnbergmuckabout 'in 
the garden' in the November produc- 
tion of "Dancing At Lughnasa." 


Above Beau Pirkle looking astounded 
in "Sure Thing " 

Right: Jesse Hinson and Amy Lester 
perform for Playreaders Theatre. 

102 Orgariizations 

Below: S.E. Trammell enjoying her 
antics as Kafka the monkey in the 
Playmaker's Lab production of 
"Words, Words, Words." 

Above: Brent Rose and Stephanie Frede, 
deep in theatrical conversation during 
rehearsal for "Bolero." 

Above: (From the left) Bob Unger, Rachel Renz, Chris Peck, Amy 
Lester, Kelly Poor, Liam Knippenberg, Charity Pirkle, and Lee Knip- 
penberg fill the stage with talent in "Dancing At Lughnasa." 

Left: Adrian Woodall, S.E. Trammell, 
and Stephanie Frede chit chat and 
relax before Playreader's Theatre. 

Playmakers 103 



Laurie Berger (captain) 

Lauren Montagno (coach '02) 

Dr. Charlie Baube (advisor) 

The OU Dancers perform at several 
events throughout the year, including 
basketball games and the Boar's 
Head ceremony, as well as a national 


Above: The OU Dancers dazzle the 
audience at the Holiday Boar's Head 

Right: Grace McGee performs with the 
dancers during half time at a basketball 

Right: OU Dancers are (Back) Cara 
Tillotson, Jessica Griffin, Jessi Sammons 
(Middle) Nikki Parker, Re\'ee Barbour, 
Grace McGee (Front) Kelly Moran, 
Laurie Berger, Emily Treuman 

104 Organizations 

Above: (Back) Ashley Taylor, Tai Calloway, Shanice Henry, Sean Freeman, Tiana 
Johnson, Alexis Grier, Triin Ruus (Front) Yvonne Druyeh, Samantha Meaux, 
Felicia Alston (Not Pictured) Crystal Harris, Max Foley (honorary member) 

Urban Dance Steppers 

Sean Freeman 


Tiana Johnson 


Crystal Harris 


Candace Maddox 


Since its conception in January of 2003, Urban Dance Steppers 
has played a very active and integral part in the development of 
student spirit here at Oglethorpe University. The organization, 
also known as UDS Illusions, was founded by graduate members 
Chantae King and Sonal Narottam. Along with five other Oglethorpe 
students, the Urban Dance Steppers formed a new dance team with 
the idea of incorporating more culture and rhythmic flavor into their 
performances. After winning a campus wide talent show, this group 
of exciting dancers took the Oglethorpe campus by storm. When 
the Urban Dance Steppers perform, you know that you're going to see 
a showl These dancers perform at various functions throughout the 
school year including Lady Petrels' volleyball games, basketball 
games. Homecoming, and Stomp the Lawn. They also provide a 
large amount of support for the Athletic Department and can be seen 
cheering on our teams from the stands. 

Dancers & Urban Dance Steppers 105 



Sean Freeman (Coach) 
Christiana Johnson (Captain) 
Bonny McBride (Co-Captain) 
Jessica Rae Fugett (Treasurer) 
Yvonne Druyeh (Secretary) 
Shavonda Ferryman (Manager) 

"I trade sweat for strength... I trade 
doubt for beHef... I trade cheerleading 
for nothing." The Oglethorpe University 
cheerleading program is a student activity as 
well as a sport. As such, its first and foremost 
responsibility to the student is to support and 
not to compromise the student's academic 
career. Secondly, the program aids in the 
overall development of the student participant 

into a responsible, mature, and independent 
adult. The newly revamped Oglethorpe 
University Cheerleading squad has provided 
a large amount of support for the athletic 
department this year. That support is directed 
to: (1) raise the level of fan support for the 
athletics program by performing gymnastics, 
partner stunts, and dance movements tokeep 
the crowd's attention and direction focused 
towards the floor, and (2) to serve as public 
relations ambassadors for the college. Their 
energetic cheers and catchy chants have 
captivated the Oglethorpe community and 
have helped to strengthen the spirits of our 
Stormy Petrels. 

Above: The girls show silent support 
as a player prepares for a foul shot. 

Left: Don't look down! Laura Kraich 
gets the crowd pumped from a high 

Right: OU Cheer is (Back) Y\'onne 
Druyeh, Jessica Rae Fugett, Josh 
Rosendahl, Laura Kraich, Christiana 
Johnson (Front) Deyonna Scott, 
Bonny McBride , Mickki Cone, Laura 
Agbor-Tabi (Not Pictured- Sha\'onda 

106 Organizations 



Kira McCabe (President) 
Dallas Greene (Secretary) 
Kate Thompson (Treasurer) 
Alex Johnson (Parlimentarian) 

The Oglethorpe Chess Club was 
founded in the 2004 spring semester. The 
initial leadership included Stuart Spetseris 
(President), Dallas Greene (Secretary), 
Kate Thompson (Treasurer), Ben Minor 
(Parliamentarian), and Dr. Steen (Advisor). 
We had biweekly playing sessions and 
held a school-wide tournament on April 
3, 2004. Though the OCC is still in its 

developing stages, it should prove to be a 
lasting organization and asset to Oglethorpe 

The purpose of the OCC is to allow and 
encourage the playing of chess and provide 
those interested with the necessary materials to 
do so. Furthermore, we intend to enlighten the 
Oglethorpe community though chess. We also 
intend to enter intramural chess tournaments 
with other colleges. The main event for this 
year is the Second Annual Chess Tournament 
in April 2005. 

Above Left: Jon and Matt place their 
bets as their girlfriends prepare for 

Above Right: Kate advises Jon on his 
next move against Chess Queen Kira. 

Left: Kira and Jon battle it out. 

Cheerleaders & Chess Club 107 

Accounting Society 

Corey Garner (President), Sonal Patel (Treasurer), Tom CoUens (Vice President) 

Our group of members was founded in order to allow accounting majors to interact with 
other accounting majors outside of their classes and help them gain connections with members 
of accounting firms and other companies so that they can find employment after graduation. 
We have evolved a lot over the years and are currently involved in a service project with Cafe 
458 (a non-profit soup kitchen) and we also host two receptions for accounting majors to mingle 
with business professionals in order to obtain employment. Our plan for the spring of 2005 is to 
host a raffle at one of the basketball games in order to help get people out to enjoy each other's 
company as well as support Oglethorpe athletics. 

108 Organizations 

Above: Giimy Brown, BCioime August, 
Thomas Collens, Miriam Brown, and 
Meredith McKay.. .pig kissing time! 

Above; Season Broughton, Jessica 
Griffin, and Sarah Opp all smiles.. 

Above: Linda Drelinger, Miriam Brown, and 
Cat Lawler smiling right back 

Below: Season Broughton smiles for the 
camera with Miriam Brown 

Below: What a pair! Jill Martin 
and Kionne August 

Below: Ginny Brown and Meredith 
McKay.. .awww 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Daniel Schadler (Faculty advisor) 
Cat Lawler (President) 

Membership: Cat Lawler, Linda Dreilinger, Katie Michalczyk, Season Broughton, JiUian Martin, Russ ChurchweU, 
I Virginia Brown, Thomas Collens, Sarah Opp, Hannah York, Miriam Brown, Christiana Johnson, Veer Chawala, 
I Kionne August, Meredith McKay and Jessica Griffin... plus faculty. 

The Omicron Delta Kappa Society is the national leadership honor society for college students, faculty 
staff, administrators, and alumni that recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership, and exemplary 
character. Membership in ODK is a mark of the highest distinction and honor. Emphasis is placed on the 
development of the whole person, both as a member of the college community and as a contributor to a better society. 


Accounting Society & ODK 109 

Oglethorpe Student Association 

The Oglethorpe Student Association works 
to enhance the Oglethorpe experience by acting as 
advocates for student concerns, advancing relationships 
between students, administrators, alumni and the world 
beyond. We work to provide quality programming that 
is both educational and entertaining. 

This year, OSA Senate has implemented the 
OSA Concerns and Events Board where students can 
use forms to voice concerns, request funds for their 
organization's events, form new organizations, receive 
event planning help, and post their organization's event. 

The OSA Programming Board has put on 
a host of events, both new and old, such as the Pro 
Wrestling Show, Virgin Bourbon, Battle of Bloody 
Marsh, Casino Night, Dead Day's Eve at Loca Luna, 
Homecoming, Battle of the Bands, Stomp the Lawn, and 
Senior Party. 

The OSA Executive Council has overseen 
successful Freshmen Class Elections, Interclub Council, 
and put on a variety of class projects, including 
Broomball, Cafe Intermezzo, and Art Night. 


Left: The members of OSA for 2004- 

Below Left: Jill Martin skips happily 
across the quad in celebration of the first 
student victory in several years at the 
Battle of Bloody Marsh. 

Below: Matt Dunn '03 and wrestler 
Scott Armstrong are captured on film 
by Sahara McGraw. The Pro WrestUng 
Show, co-sponsored by OSA and 
the Dean's Office, was a big hit with 
Ogltheorpe's wrasslin' fans. 

110 Organizations 

Below: Dr. Brightman leads the charge 

as the faculty pull hard against the 

students, but to little avail. 

Above: The student team for the 
Battle of Bloody Marsh in their final, 
victorious pull. 

Left: Eugene Rivers carefully folds 
the ceremonial rope used in the 
annual Battle of Bloody Marsh. 

Above: Eugene Rivers pins Pete 
Martin following the Pro Wrestling 

Oglethorpe Student Association 111 


Relax, Relieve 
THE Tension 

Greek Lin 

112 Greek Life 

Greek Life 113 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

So far this year, the ladies of the Delta Pi chapter 
of Alpha Sigma Tau have participated in many events. 
September started off with formal recruitment where 
we got our lovely Zeta new member class. During the 
rest of the month, we threw a very successful car wash 
and held a Sorority Growth and Development activity 
on Alcohol Awareness to promote a safer campus 

In early October, we went on our annual Retreat to 
Lake Wiley, S.C. and later that month we had a fun mixer 
with Chi Phi. We passed out Breast Cancer Awareness 
ribbons and accepted donations for the National Cancer 
Foundation and also participated in the Halloween 
carnivals organized by Panhellenic Council for the Boys 
and Girls Club of Atlanta. 

During the first weekend of November, we 
celebrated our National Founders Day and initiated 
the 6th pledged member class for Delta Pi and got 11 
new sisters. Later in November, we held a mixer with 
the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi and the brothers of 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon held a party in our honor. We also 
assisted in the TOPS program with the Boys and Girls 
Club of Atlanta by visiting the kids and teaching a much 
requested dance /cheer class throughout the month. 

Above: The women of AST, 
looking purrfect. 

Abo\c: Irish Baldwin, Whitney Above: Genevieve Dempre 

Collins, and iennityr Hammontree flashing that smile 

114 Greek Life 

Below: The new 
sisters of AST 

Above: There's notliing 
but smiles on Bid Day. 

Left: Liles Knight 
and Jessi Fugett 

Alpha Sigma Tau 115 

All of the girls celebrate their friendship 
and their time spent together, photo- 
graphing memories for years to come. ^ 

116 Greek Life 

Chi Omega 

Above: Emily Hannigan, Maggie Khoury, 
Sara Troficanto, and Stefanie Milligan 

Above: Kim Wiley 
and Miranda Atnip 

Chi Omega, the largest fraternal women's organization in the 
world with 300,000 initiates and over 170 chapters nationwide, is 
committed to excellence in scholarship, leadership, and life long 

The six guiding purposes of Chi Omega are Sincere Learning and 
Creditable Scholarship, High Standards of Personnel, Participation in 
Campus Activities, Friendship, Career Development, and Community 
Service. These purposes have brought each member incredible 
opportunities for personal and professional growth. The sisters of the 
Delta Theta Chapter of Chi Omega strive to live their daily lives by the 
Chi Omega Symphony of "high purpose and helpfulness." 

Delta Theta maintains their commitment to community service 
not only with fundraisers for their national philanthropy, the Make-A- 
Wish Foundation, but also by organizing the annual Halloween Festival 
and Easter Egg Hunt for the Boys and Girls Club of Brookhaven, in 
which other Greek organizations participate. Each fall Chi Omega also 
holds their annual Carnation King Pageant, with 
proceeds donated to a local charity. 

The sisterhood is strengthened with outings 
on and around campus, mixers, formals and semi- 
formals. Chi Omegas are often seen supporting 
their sisters at soccer and basketball games, 
tennis matches, and in performances with the OU 
Playmakers. Chi Omega also organizes two Faculty 
and Staff appreciation events: the Faculty and Staff 
Breakfast at Your Desk in the fall, and the Apple 
Polishing Tea in the spring. 

Chi Omega 117 


Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Jessica Griffin (President) 
Bonnie McBride (Vice-President) 
Kim Edmiston (Secretary) 
Annemarie Ippolito (Treasurer) 
Laura Darnell (Education Director) 
Rachel Morris (Recruitment Director) 

Sigma Sigma Sigma is a national women's 
sorority with 90,000 members. We host chapters on 
107 college campuses. We believe, as our National 
President states, that "Tri Sigma is friendship. We 
value the lifelong connection that we have with one 
another. Tri Sigma is strong womanly character. We 
value that we challenge one another to be the best she 
can be. Tri Sigma is high ethical standards. We value 
honesty and integrity as a way of day-to-day living." 

Epsilon Theta strives to live up to the standards 
of our organization and to strengthen our bonds of 
sisterhood. This year, Tri Sigma recruited wonderful 
new women, hosted the annual Halloweenie 
Roast, held mixers with fraternities, invited guest 
speakers to participate in educational programs, 
raised money for the Starlight-Starbright Children's 
Foundation, planned and attended fun activities 
for the Foundation held in Atlanta area children's 
hospitals, and traveled to Savannah to assist with 
the installation of the second chapter of Tri Sigma to 
come to Georgia. The sisters of Tri Sigma are looking 
foward to many great years to come. 

Top: Sigma's beautiful new members 
Middle: The sisters of Sigma anxiously 
awaiting the arrival of their new members 
on Bid Day. 

Bottom: Sisters enjoying their first 
Halloweenie roast. 

Above: Jessica Griffin, Beth 

Bosserman, and Rhiarmon 

Loomis all dressed up with no 

where to go. 

nS Greek Life 

Above: Sigmas hanging out 
with friends. 

Above: Rhiannon Loomis, 
Grace McGee and Michelle 
Beeken having fun at the Hal- 
loweenie Roast. 


Left April Thompson and 
Marshal Gilliam 

Below Sailmg away with 
Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Below: Rhiannon Loomis and 
Anna Kemmer lounging on 
Sigma's comfy couches. 

7 - % ^^Mm 

Above Left: Bid Day 2004 
brought even more girls in to 
the Sigma sisterhood. 

Left: Grace McGee, Johanna 
Almon, April Thompson, 
Ashley Cagle, and Marshal 
Gilliam wearing their Sigma 
t-shirts with pride. 

Above: Sarah Opp and 

Kionne August smiling, as 


Sigma Sigma Sigma 119 




III .j^t^^^^s '1 ^^^^Bh^I 

When the cat's away... 

the mice will play. 

120 Greek Life 

Chi Phi 

Chi Phi was founded in the 10* century AD by roaming 
warlords bent on the destruction of the petty remains of 
civilization in Europe and are considered largely responsible for 
the Dark Ages being so darn long. These savages were among 
the first practitioners of witty banter, which they used to torture 
their captives and slaves, leading them on in stunning examples 
of circular reasoning and obnoxious wordplay. It is believed the 
warlords' primary goal for destroying civilization was so they 
would seem even smarter in contrast to the bookless, stinking 

Our organization has changed over the intervening 
centuries, transforming into a benevolent society of likeminded 
individuals who wish to bring knowledge and hard-partying into 
the lives of others, as well as witty banter (we no longer approve 
of torture, however, and are fully compliant with the Geneva 
Conventions). The Chi Phi Halloween party is widely considered 
to be the best party of the year, unless you like standing around 
getting uncomfortable while some girl is grinding on a pole. 

Above: The brothers of Chi Phi 
having a bite to eat. 

Above: Fun on the Chi Phi Lawn 

Chi Phi 121 

Delta Sigma Phi 

The Alpha Nu chapter of the Delta 
Sigma Phi Fraternity was originally 
founded in 1835 in Milledgeville, Georgia, 
and after both the Civil War and World 
War I the chapter was reinstated at 
Oglethorpe. Today, as we enter this 
new century, we at Alpha Nu are proud 
to carry the torch handed down by the 
brothers who came before us. Delta Sigma 
Phi is continuing to grow, and currently 
boasts a membership that is involved 
on campus and in the community. More 
importantly, the ideals of Delta Sigma 
Phi are alive in the hearts of every one 
of our brothers. Almost eighty years 
ago, a group of men with foresight and 
courage established the Alpha Nu chapter 
of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity at 
Oglethorpe University. Today, we follow 
in their footsteps, "that the world may 
ever be convinced of the sincerity of our 

122 Greek Life 


Delta Sigma Phi 123 

Above: Another unidentifiable 
shirtless boy. 

Above; They guys enjoy a night in. Top: The guys enjoy a night out. 

124 Greek Life 

Kappa Alpha 

Jonathan Baker (President) 
Brett Wise (Vice President) 
Nate Blong (Secretary) 
Jon Esterline (Treasurer) 

The Kappa Alpha Order was founded on 
December 21, 1865 at what is now Washington 
Lee University. The mission of KA is to create a 
lifetime experience, which centers on reverence 
to God, duty, honor, character, and gentlemanly 
conduct as inspired by Robert E. Lee, our 
spiritual founder. KA sponsored a Blood Drive 
this year. Parties have ranged in theme from 
"Apocalypse Now" to Mardi Gras. KA is an 
active participant in Greek Week and in the 
Interfraternity Council. 

Above: Nathan Blong 

Above; The brothers of KA are 
always in style. 

Above: Brett Wise is ready for 
action in his camo. 

Kappa Alpha 125 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Ron Bowers (President) 
Alan Zwicker (Vice-President) 
Alex Johnson (Recorder) 
Travis Palladino (Treasurer) 

The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to 
promote the highest standards of friendship, 
scholarship and service for its members based 
upon the ideals set forth by the Founders 
and as specifically enunciated in its creed, 
"The True Gentleman." The Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon Fraternity is a leader in the social 
development of college men. Our values 
have been embraced by more than 270,000 
men since our founding in 1856, making 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon the largest social 
fraternity in North America. The goals of 
the Georgia Eta Chapter here at Oglethorpe 
University are to work hard through 
academics, philanthropy and fund raising, 
while never forgetting to have a good time. 

Above; Nelson Davis and his special girl 
Alyson Adkisson show some beautiful 
smiles for the camera. 

Above Anthony Thompson, Jason Cree, Tra\-is 
Belton, Mark Raczynski, and David Dobbs mug for 
the camera in the midst of working for Habitat for 

Above: Everybody loves the SAE foam parties. 

126 Greek Life 


Below: All the boys and company pose 
for a picture after a fun afternoon of 
Halloween and haunted house mischief. 

Below: Brad Sill and all his lady 
friends look like they need a bit 
of an attitude adjustment. 



Above: One of SAE's eighteen pledges, Tony Thomp- 
son, turns his bid into President Ron Bowers while 
Zach Atkinson, Jonathan Bassler and many others 
prepare to "baptize" another pledge. 

Left: (from the left) Five generations 
of SAE presidents-Grant Reed, Trent 
Erb, Daniel Irwin, Matt Vance, and Ron 
Bowers— smile for the camera around 
the the famous SAE lion. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 127 

Tnc Simple Tacts 
Or LirE 

Katie Jost, Anne Baiter, Bisell McWilhams, and Stephen Germany 


128 Lifestyles 

Right: Rival parties exchanges looks 
and glances but hopefully not foul 

Below: Dallas Greene shows her 
support for the Kerry Edwards 


The 2004 Presidential 
campaign and election were 
top news stories and topics of 
conversation for much of the 
country throughout the year, 
and the Oglethorpe campus was 
no exception. While organized 
political activity was scant on 
campus, tensions ran high as 
students touted their chosen 
candidates via bumper stickers, 
badges, and signs hung in dorm 
windows. It all escalated on 
election night, November 2nd, 
as many students gathered in 
common rooms and TV lounges 
all across campus to tune in to 
the unfolding final events of the 
long campaign. November 3rd 
foimd many students elated, 
some depressed, and some just 
glad it was all over after Kerry 
announced his concession to 
President Bush. 

Above: A conscientious citizen 
signs his name to join the College 

National Elections 129 

On August 21, 2004, an uncommonly large freshman class moved into 
the assorted residence halls at Oglethorpe University. With the help of 
several sports teams and some dedicated club members, unpacking 
went smoothly as eager students settled into Upper Quad, New Res, 
and, of course, Traer. While parents lingered and the food still seemed 
tasty, students began to mix and mingle in order to discover whether 
or not they would have a place to go when the roomies became 

Once classes began on Tuesday, the reality of college life hit - hard. 
With classes consuming a minimal portion of the day, there was simply 
nothing to do. By September, the sheer and utter boredom of college 
left many freshmen in the dark about what to do with their spare 
time. Ironically, the series of hurricanes than ran through the campus 
left students in the dark as well. The combination of spare time and 
inclement weather led several freshmen to attempt the age-old sport of 

Soon enough, more of the freshmen insanity emerged. Late-night 
shenanigans became the norm as certain individuals jumped from 
smoke-filled walkways into the unfortunate bushes below, and others 
revealed their questionable mental state by subjecting themselves 
to Dr. William Brightman's Narratives of the Self I class. Only five 
of these particular freshmen opted to take Dr. Brightman's second 
session. Maybe Sally and Sam should be committed. 

Some upper-classmen wonder at the competence of the freshmen. 
Some freshmen doubt the intelligence of their peers. Even though Traer 
seems to be the new party central, especially after the destruction of 
the Upper Quad, the diversity of the class of 2008 promises to briiig 
new life to Oglethorpe. Transitions are hard, but this class has done a 
beautiful job, and only has room to improve in the years to come. 

130 Lifestyles 

Left: Alexa Anderson strikes a Below: Catherin Barson and 
deadly pose during Trick or Treat her Renaissance trio, the Three 
in Traer Ravens, impress the Oglethorpe 

Arts scene. 

Freshmen 131 

Above: And the fun is just beginning!!! 
Demolition crews rip down both Trustee 
and Dempsey bit by bit by bit. 

Top: The crumbling 
remains. It's almost hard to 
teU the difference. 

Middle: Reflections of the 

Bottom: The last ones stand- 

Above: Dr. Large gives a ground 
breaking address inside the cafeteria 
in September of 2004 when rainy 
weather foils plans for an outdoor 

Above Out with the old and m 
with the new' With the demoh- 
tion of Trustee and Dempsey, the 
Upper Quad became the Upper 

The Joys of Progress 

Beginning Summer 2004, Oglethorpe ushered in 
a new era of campus life with the demolition of 
Trustee and Dempsey halls to make way for the 
new Upper Quad residence building. Ground was 
broken on September 8th for the new hall, which will 
house 160 students in four-person suites featuring 
single rooms, a common room, kitchenette, and two 
full bathrooms. The new hall will actually be two 
buildings connected by a glassed-in staircase, and 
will feature such amenities as game and media rooms, 
as well as additional lecture, conference, and study 
spaces. Construction is slated to wrap up by the start 
of the 2005-2006 school year, at which time the OU 
community will rejoice- both for the completion of a 
much-needed asset to the growing campus, and for 
the cessation of construction which was the bane of 
Upper Quad residents' early morrung sleep schedules 
for most of the year. But this is only the beginning of a 
much-anticipated transformation of the OU campus, 
which includes a second phase of residence hall 
development on the Quad, as well as the construction 
of a state-of-the-art student center to replace the aging 
Emerson Student Center, to be built on the site where 
Goodman Hall now stands. 

Top: Hearst got a face lift this 
year, too. After the renovations, 
the first floor hall looked brand 

: Our construction crews 
follow Benjamin Franklin's injunc- 
tion: Plough deep while sluggards 

132 Lifestyles 

Fearsome'' Weather 

The 2004-2005 school year saw its share of 
inclement weather. Three hurricanes passed 
through Atlanta on their way north from 
Florida, leaving in their wake nearly as much 
devastation as the Spring Breakers who pass 
through Atlanta in the same direction. It was 
also the year for the ice storm /snow day 
that hits Atlanta every few years. This is the 
day when local students panic and /or play 
outdoors whilst students from anywhere 
north ofTennessee look on with a mix of 
bewilderment and good-natured contempt. 
In each instance, OU's students adapted 
quite well. After all, power outages, insect 
migrations and flooding are all a normal part of 
life here at Oglethorpe. 

Above Alauiidiv basket rope, 
and his Jeep are all Chris Dyer 
needs to take advantage of the 
slick conditions. 

Top Left: During a blackout, David 
Getz attempts to entertain mildly 
bewildered suitemate Moise 

Middle Left: Beau Pirkle hits the slopes 
in front of the library. 

Left: Danny McGuinn gets a push 
down the hill. 

Above Beth Bossirman tries 
out the laundrv basket \\ ith 
mixed results. 

Lifestyles 133 

Below: Amy Lowe attempts to lure the 
children into Traer. 

Below Right: Anna Chopra gets caught 
using her science major for evO instead 
of good. 

Trick or Treat in Traer 


A community joins together to help bring smiles, laugh- 
ter and even screams to local children. "Trick or Treat in Traer" 
is a Halloween party for local groups like "Boys and Girls 
Club," Lynwood Park After School program, Kipp Path Acad- 
emy, and other child based centers. Sponsored by Alpha Phi 
Omega, this annual event is the culmination of several months' 
worth of planning (led this year by Vice President of Service, 
Amy Lowe). 

The party starts with children and APO volunteers 
dressing up in their Halloween costumes. The bottom floor 
of Traer is transformed into a Haunted House, while the top 
floors offer games, crafts, and food for the trick-or-treaters. 
Hallways are decorated and many residents dress up for the 
children, handing out candy when the kids knock on their 

This year's theme was "Story Book Characters." The 
event was attended by 100 kids and over 35 volunteers from 
APO and Circle K. Most popular was the Haunted House, 
where kids watched witches brewing potions and crazy 
doctors in the midst of bloody surgery, while eerie sounds 
came from walls and corners. More timid kids enjoyed games 
such as the lolli-pop tree, ring toss, and pin the nose on the 
pumpkin. The kids received prizes when they won a game. 
Also popular was the Gypsy fortune teller played by Dallas 

With so much help and support, "Trick or Treat in Traer" 
was a great success! APO and Circle K are looking forward to 
next year as they ponder new ways to shock and delight trick- 

Top: Linda Dreilinger gets Cat La\' 
'good witch' persona. 

Middle: Fortune Teller Dallas Greene \veIcomes ' 

134 Lifestyles 

Bottom: Laura Callendar comforts a spooked trick-or-treatei 

Left: "Hermme" ( Abi Berwager) adopts 
a black cat (Amanda Nichols). 

Left: Charlie Ghee. comment. 

Below: Seniors Linda Dreilinger, Anna 
Chopra, Kim Nicholson, Charlie Ghee 
and Cat La wler pause to enjoy their last 
year at Trick-or-Treat in Traer. 

Above: Reindeer Lisa EUis and angel Phu-Tho Le bring a 'Nightmare 
Before Christmas' type ambiance to the Traer Festivities. 


Trick-or-Treat in Traer 135 

Right: Eugene Rivers hands out one of 
many prizes that were given through 
the course of the evening. 

Casino NiQht 

(Top) Beth Bosserman places 
her bets at roulette while 
(middle) Jeff Lura and Erin 
Gi\'arz look on and (bottom) 
Emily Gantert plays the 

In November, Casino Night- 
which has become a favorite occasion 
in the past few years, and may well be 
on its way to becoming a solid campus 
tradition- returned to Oglethorpe. The 
event saw the dining hall transformed 
into a Last Vegas style casino, 
featuring tables staffed by members 
of the Programming Board, which also 
sponsored the event. Although many 
wouldn't mind having a good chunk 
of their $50 activities fee handed 
back to them to gamble away as they 
please, students were instead allotted 
fake currency with which to hedge 
bets on games such as craps, blackjack, 
roulette, and high /low slots. 

Big winners were eligible to win 
one of a multitude of quality prizes- 
one of two X-Box gaming systems, one 
of three 19-inch color TVs, or one of 

the few personal DVD players, board 
games, CDs, DVDs, and even a much- 
coveted $100 gift certificate to the OU 

Sophomore Kira McCabe 
summed up her Casino Night 
experience as bittersweet. "Blackjack is 
fun until you split two aces, each pair 
totaling to 16, and you lose half your 
chips." Other than that, however, she 
says she had an enjoyable experience. 

Crystal Harris, also a sophomore 
as well as a PB member, serv^ed as 
one of the dealers in her second year 
working on the event. "People were 
happy with the games, and the prizes 
were bigger and better this year," she 
said, noting that attendance was good 
and that she considered it an "overall 

136 Lifestyles 


elow: Tom CoUens. 'Nuff said. 

Below: Nothing like gambling to bring 
couples closer together. 

Left: Candace Maddox and Connie 
Yip take a moment from distributing 
raffle tickets to mug for the camera. 

Top: To Melanie Martin's chagrin, 
luck has chosen not to be a lady 

Casino Night 137 


Above: Dean Doyle, 

Dr. Cramer, and Dr. 

Herschler schmooze it 

up at the Boar's Head 


The Boar's Head ceremony has been 
an Oglethorpe tradition since 1944. 
The celebration always begins with 
a private induction ceremony for 
the new members of Omicron Delta 
Kappa. The public ceremony begins 
with the procession of new inductees 
and old members of Omicron Delta 
Kappa wearing academic regalia and 
carrying the boar's head on a litter. 

The school worked hard to bring 
this year's Boar's Head ceremony 
back to its roots. When the event first 
began at Oglethorpe, it was more a 
party for professors and students than 
a formal event. This year's celebration 
reflected that lighter tone, inviting 
the audience to participate and even 
staging a puppet show to accompany 
the traditional reading of the Boar's 
Head legend. 

In addition to the induction 
ceremony, the celebration featured a 
holiday concert that wove together 
performances by the Oglethorpe 
University Singers, led by Dr. Irwin 
Ray, the Oglethorpe Dancers, and 
the Salvation Army brass sextet. The 
faculty reading, chosen and read this 
year by Dr. Douglas McFarland, was 
a:, untitled ode by the Roman poet 
Horace, read first in Latin, then in 

Top: The twelve 

initiates stand in the 


Bottom: Follo%\'ing 

tradition, Aristotle's 

Politics is placed ir 

the hoar 's mouth. 

138 Lifestyles 



^^KBk "^^Hli^ ■* ^^£^^1 

Left: CatLawler, 

^jfel" ^\. 


^m ^^HK^H 

Linda Dreilinger, 
Miriam Brown, Sarah 


Opp, Natalie Dietz, 


*^'' JtM 

and Meredith McKay 





all take turns pucker- 
ing up. 

Far Left: A s 

ing Veer Chahwala 

enjoys the evening 

with ftiends, Piercen 

Oliver and Kelli 


Left: Dr. Schadler 
talks to guests after 
the concert. 

Above Left: Dr. Large 
and Dr. Zinsmeister 

Left: Dr. Benton 
heads for a chocolate- 
induced coma. 

Above: The litter-bearers: 
Ginny Brown, Meredith 
McKay, Kionne August, 
and Miriam Brown 

Boar's Head 139 

Right: Chris Dyer leads off the 
Senior Walk with his urbane and 
erudite sense of style. 

Below: The evening passes in a blur 
while couples and friends spin each 
other across the dance floor. 

Abo\e: The Stormy Petrels 
fight hard to a victorious 
firush as adoring fans look 
on. The score 68-67; GO 

140 Lifestyles 


Vwins into Tour li.oarin3 20/../* 

Homecoming week 2005 began with the men and women's 
homecoming basketball games, and following these games, 
Oglethorpe students celebrated throughout the week featuring the 
daily "Spirit Week" themes of "Black and Gold Day," "Twin Day" 
"Pajama Day" "Retro/70s Day," and finally "Tacky Day" All 
of this silliness then culminated in the Homecoming Dance. The 
dance was held Friday February 18 at the Westin Buckhead, with 
shuttles running between the dance and the school from 9PM 
until 2AM. The theme of the night was "Swing into Your Roaring 
Twenties," and plenty of Oglethorpe students celebrated in 1920's 
fashion. Students all around seemed to be enjoying themselves. 
The room at the Westin was spacious enough for many tables, 
which were great for laughing with friends and munching on the 
yummy food. At the same time, the dance floor was consistently 
packed with students, who were definitely enjoying throwing 
all cares away and dancing to their hearts' content. Part way 
through the evening, the 2005 graduates did a Senior Walk, and 
then the 2005 Lord and Lady Oglethorpe were announced. With a 
response of many cheers and applause, Jillian Martin was crowned 
Lady Oglethorpe and Danny McGuinn Lord Oglethorpe. Once 
again, the students picked up their dancing, and the packed room 
reverberated with energy until the end. Homecoming 2005 was 
indeed a "roaring" success. 

Above: The OU Cheerleaders, OU 
Dancers, and Urban Dance Steppers 
all demonstrate talent and school 
spirit at the homecoming games. 

Above: Kionne August and her gang 
mug for the camera. 

Left: Presenting Lord and Lady 
Oglethorpe, 2005: His Majesty 
Danny McGuinn and Her Highness 
Jillian Martin. 

Below: In the midst of his success 
Danny McGuinn remains quite 
suave and debonair as Leslie 
Prall, Tom CoUens, Cat Lawler, 
and Beth Bosserman react with 
mild enthusiasm to the good 

Above: Lord and Lady 
Oglethorpe Danny McGuinn and 
Jillian Martin: we always knew 
Danny was a ladies' man. 

Left: Caroline King, sporting the 
appropriate '20s style, is fascinated 
by the joys of technology. 


Homecomine 141 

\bu Might Be A Petrel Ir 

. . .people come to your classes barefoot. 

. . .the groundbreaking for your new dorm was held in the cafeteria. 
. . .and you weren't that surprised. 
. . .you pronounce 'petrel' with a long 'e'. 

. . .you know a straight girl who's dating a girl and a lesbian who's dating a guy. 
. . .you or a friend have ever quoted Nietzsche in the course of a casual lunchtime 

. . .you use words like "reckless endangerment" in a discussion on whether to go laundry- 
basket sledding in the Lenox parking lot. 
. . .you've ever gotten caught in the crossfire of an Ultimate 
Frisbee game on the Quad. 
. . .half your classmates work at Starbucks. 
. . .your post-graduation plans include standing on the side of 
1-85 with a cardboard sign that reads, "Will philosophize for 

you ran into a professor at an Ani DiFranco concert. 

'I live in Traer" is a valid pick-up line. 

you're scared of Dr. Brightman. 

your idea of a drunken brawl involves Aristotle. 

you've called an exorcist to 
investigate the dorm fire alarm 

. . .at the first hint of spring, you 
beg your teachers to have class 

. . .sometimes they say yes. 
. . .you get more sleep on the 
Hearst sofas than in your own 

. . .you know that Dean Doyle was 
"The Professor" in the ring and 
not just the classroom. 
. . .you think "hey, it's 
Oglethorpe..." excuses just about 

142 Lifestyles 


And speaking of Dr. 
Brightman (because most of 
our editors are English majors): 

You might be a Brightmanite 


. . .you used to be scared of Dr. 
Brightman, but now you try and coax hapless freshmen into 
taking one of his classes. 

. . .you've been taking his classes for three years and still 
don't know who Sally is. 

. . .you've found yourself coveting a pair of Birkenstocks or 
a Generic Coffee Mug. 

. . .you have called the Chamblee Police to see if Brightman 
ever actually threw someone out a window. 

You might be a Petrel if... 143 

144 Candids 

Candids 145 

146 Candids 

Candids 147 

The Yamacraw 


G? Graphiic Design and 
The Yamacraw needs you 


No experience necessary. 


for more information. 

The Oglethorpe University Bookstore 
Congratulates the Class of 2005 

L -le^-s- .'ip«f = 

'' '' "^^TO 


Your Shopping Center on Campus: 
Dorm and Fashion Accessories—Best 
Sellers--Gifts--Cards and Stationary- 
School SuppHes-Textbooks 

Monday-Thursday 9:30am-6:00pm 

Friday 9:30am-5 :00pm 

or shop online 

keyword: bookstore 


Senior Portraits Courtesy of 

Southern Expressions Photography 






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From the Office of the Dean 

Congratulation and Best Wishes to the 

Graudating Class of 2005 

Congratulations to the Class of 2005 


Office of Student Life 



150 Ads 


Dr. Larry Lar^e 

15th President of Oglethorpe University 
April 1999 to August 2005 

Thank you for all you have done for Oglethorpe, 
for her faculty, staff students and alumni. 

VSle hid you a fond farewell and wish for you and 

Marsha a happy, healthy, and prosperous retirement. 

Senior Staff 


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152 Closing