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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



I ^D oddity Of pgcdi^i^, ^s o? COD Jaet. 
2. fee 6[u^Ii^ o? fc^iDg gcc^Dteic. 

%yr^. ECCBJffaiCIf y, 'fECDLMl^If y, QDIl^K, iDioiy^ci^^iy 
^11 f g?gi? to §0TX)€ d^MioiD to fceh^iof , styfe, Of po^DD^ fropD 

AA?ll^t IS Of ^pgCteJ." 

K^^ ^t Ogl^thofpg, 'ho^A?€^^ef , gec^DMeity is siroply g> 

AA?gIC0TOg ?^Ct O? Kg. AVh^^gf you loofe OD C^PDpUS, OOT 

€(uiffe ^§ AA^h^t d^BiDg as Ti^§; m?^ cdAfsU fc^ix) id 
ouf sdf ©s ^dJ id oth^s. Wasi M^onld wq h^ AA^ithout thes^ 
gccgDMciti^s? C^tg>iDly Dot Oglgthofpig'Ds; eg? t^iDly Dot 

♦eccentricity. Random House Websters College Dictionary. New York: Random House, Inc., 2001 . 

^M^ o' CoDtSDtS 















is ^ f ^^soD for gotog JoWD 


IM^ ^d AA?h^D you %e^ ft^ thiDg, th^t loofe life^ ^ 

c^stfe 0D th@ k?t, tarD to th^i®^. 'that's ^^ 
Ogkthoi'p^. you'll life^ it h^i^e. 99 


\\?h^t Jo^S th^t ^^D Stl>DJ for? 

^e!^gp:)@Dt? "^ohMy dl o? the ^fce^g. ^ ^ ^^ 

Leah Abel 

Class of 2007 

Susan Ahn 

Business Administration 

"Delicious, I'll take an 
English muffin." 

Jeremy Andersson 

Class of 2007 

Cheryl Atkinson 


"The way we do anything 

is the way we do 


Henna Agad 

Class of 2007 

Kelly Allen 

Class of 2007 

Max Arrechea 

Class of 2007 

Anne Baiter 


Society of Physics 

Students, Omicron Delta 


Leisa Barcroft 

Class of 2007 

Lindsey Callaway 


'Chi Omega, Panhellenic 

VP, Alpha Phi Omega, 

OCF, Psi Chi, Track 

Team, Campus Crusade, 

OSA, Trustee Committee 

Stephanie Chapman 

Class of 2007 

Kristy Clodfelter 

Class of 2007 

Maria Berg 

Class of 2007 

April Callen 


"Seriously? Seriously." 

1st place Stormy Petrel 
Award for a news article 

Katy Clarke 


"Hello babies. Welcome 

to Earth. It's hot in the 

summer and cold in the 

winter. There's only one 

rule that I know of, 

babies— damn it, you've 

got to be kind." 

Ellen Corsello 

Class of 2007 

Dela Coward 

Studio Art 

"Art, like morality, 

consists of drawing the 

line somewhere." 

Andrea Dean 

Public Health 

Circle K 

Eric Dickinson 

Class of 2007 

Winston Douglas 

Class of 2007 

Joesph Damour 

Class of 2007 

Alice Dendievel 


David Dobbs 


"I'm a simple man who 

wants simple things, but 

I'm always surrounded by\ 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Yvonne Druyeh 


"Injustice anywhere is a 

threat to justice 


Jason Duchac 

Class of 2007 

Timothy Ernst 

Class of 2007 

Lily Fincher 


OU Playmakers, Alpha 

Phi Omega, The 


Erin Flynn 

Class of 2007 

Molly Ellis 

International Studies 

"Beauty walks a razor's 

edge; someday I'll make it 


Jarrod Evans 

Class of 2007 

Laura Fitzgerald 


Japanese Culture Club 

Claire Fontaine 


University Singers, Alpha 

Chi, Dean's List, 2nd 

Place in Nietzsche Essay 



Susie Forbes 


Alpha Phi Omega, 

Yamacraw, Psi Chi. '07 


Rachel Gandy 

International Studies, 

Le Cercle Francais, 

SPANK, International 


Kimber Garrison 

Business Administration 

OU Cheerleaders. 

Ambassadors, Alpha 

Sigma Tau, Economics 


Justin Ginn 

Class of 2007 

Lee Freidenstein 

Class of 2007 

Rachell Garcia 

Class of 2007 

David Getz 

Class of 2007 

Joesph Green 

Class of 2007 


Crystal Harris 

Pre-Dental Studies 

Life is meant to be lived, 
so live it." 

Erik Home 

Communications and 
Rhetoric Studies 

OU Men's Soccer Team 

Stephanie Huffstutler 

Behavioral Science, 

Human Resources 


Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi 

Jordan Alex Johnson 

Politics, Pre-law 

"The best victory is when 
the opponent surrenders 
of its own accord before 

there are any actual 

hostilitiesTt is best to win 

without fighting." 

Charlynn Hayes 

Class of 2007 

Deidre Hubbard 


Student Ambassadors (03- 

04). Phi Delta Epsilon. 

OU Playgroup, Black 

Student Caucus (03-04) 

Sadia Jannath 

Class of 2007 

Shana Jones 




Katie Jost 

International Studies, 

Caitlin Kelly 

Class of 2007 

Lara Kirchner 

Class of 2007 

( J »>.«^ 

Thomas Kennedy |p 

Class of 2007 

Robert Kee 

Class of 2007 

Thaddeus Kennedy 

Class of 2007 

Magda Khoury 

Business Administration 

"Once you've taken flight 
you will forever walk the 

Earth with your eyes 

turned skyward, for there 

you have been, and there 

you will always long to 


Leigh Kite 

Business Administration 

"When you get to the enc 
of your rope let go!" 

Fatbardhe Krasniqi 


Phu-Tho Le 


'I've illuminated the 

blackness of my 


Jessica Lewis 

Class of 2007 

Amy Lowe 


There is always drama in 

Veronica Kulwicki 

Class of 2007 

Lauren Leonard 

Class of 2007 

Rhiannon Loomis 


Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Kyle Luedtke 


Senior Class President, 

Chi Omega, Phi Delta 

Epsilon, Order of Omega 


Sarah Lykens 




■ 1 

r '^^ 

m, i 

c^ Jfc^J 



f j^fl 



Rachael Maddux 

Media. Rhetoric and 

The Stormy Petrel, The 

Tower, Omicron Delta 


Stephanie Malms 


"Be the change you want 
to see in the world." 

Psi Chi, Dean's List, Fresh 
Focus mentor 

Barbara McBride 

Political Science 

Sigma Sigma Sigma VP, 

Panhellenic Council 

(President), OU 


Emily Macheski-Prestom 


JEO Scholar, Alpha 
Sigma Tau, Order of j 
Omega, Panhellenic i 

Ashley Maehr 

Class of 2007 

Bleshette Mason 


"In order to be a leader, 

you must first learn to 


Kira McCabe 


OU Chess Club, Alpha 
Phi Omega, Stormy Petre 

editor. Outlet, Feed 

America Music, Psi Chi, , 

Omicron Delta Kappa 


Jeremy McCall 

Class of 2007 

Sahara McGraw 

Class of 2007 

Benjamin Minor 

English, Philosophy 

bunder and President of 
he OU Chapter of Feed 

America Music 

Foundation, Alpha Phi 

Omega, Stormy Petrel 

editor, OSA, OU Chess 

Club, ODK 

Rachel Morris 

Art History 

When 1 grow up, 1 want 
be Catherine Kelley." 

igma Sigma Sigma, Chi 
Phi Sweetheart 

/*^' ^1 

<~ 1 

• • • F 


Latoya McCants 


OU Volleyball, 

Basketball, Track and 


Michael Meyer 

Class of 2007 

Kelly Moran 

Class of 2007 

Thuy Nguyen 

International Studies and 

"Aim for the moon, you 
may not reach it but you 
will be among the stars." 


Amanda Nichols 


OSA, Alpha Phi Omega, 

Feed America Music 

Foundation, OU Chess 

Club, Psi Chi, Yamacraw, 
Omicron Delta Kappa 

Daniel Pages 


Alpha Phi Omega, OU 
Chess Club 

Sundeep Patel 

Class of 2007 

Kathleen Pedro 


The Tower, Writing 
Center tutor. Alpha Chi 

Antoinette Niland 

Political Science 

Resident Assistant, OU 

Tennis (Captain), Chi 


Ashley Pate 

Class of 2007 


Aimee Paulk 

Class of 2007 

Maggi Pigram 


Oglethorpe Student 




Arturs Pilkevics 

Class of 2007 

Myriam Poirier 


esident Assistant. Sigma 
Sisma Sigma 

woja Pondicherry-Harish 

Class of 2007 

Jason Potts 


Matthew Piatt 

Business Administration 

Chi Phi Fraternity 

Jessica Pond 


Presidential Scholar, 

Alpha Sigma Tau. Order 

of Omega VP, Stormy 

Petrel staff writer 

Kelly Poor 


OU Playmakers, Alpha 

Phi Omega, Yamacraw. 

Writing Center, Omicron 

Delta Kappa 

David Rigdon 

Class of 2007 


Patressa Rosser 

Class of 2007 

Priscilla Scarpaci 

Class of 2007 

Jamie Smelley 

Class of 2007 

Ashley Suddith 


"There is a fine line 

between coincidence and 



Leda Saylor 

Class of 2007 

Shanequa Shuler 

Political Science, Spanis 

Circle K, Resident 
Assistant, University 

Singers, Urban 
Leadership Program, 
Office of Admissions 

Jamie Oglethorpe ■ 

Liberal Arts, Politics 

Parliamentarian, General 

"I heard some crazy 
academics named a schoi 
after me." 

James Sutherland! 

Class of 2007 

Daniel Swanick 

Class of 2007 

Kyle Taylor 

Class of 2007 

Christie Thiem 

Class of 2007 

Kate Thompson 

Math, Music History 

Mpha Phi Omega, OU 

Chess Club, Feed 
\merica Music, Alpha 
:hi. Stormy Petrel, Phi 
Eta Sigma, ODK 

Morgan Vawter 


Psi Chi 

Anthony Thompson 

Class of 2007 

Emily Treuman 

Class of 2007 

Jonathan Weininger 

Class of 2007 


Anna West-Hammer 

Japanese Studies 

"Think of a great quote. 
Pretend you read it here." 

Charlie Wilder 

Class of 2007 

Darren Williams 

Class of 2007 

Ingrid Wiggberg; 

Class of 2007 

Kimberly Wiley 

Class of 2007 

Brett Wise 

Class of 2007 

Maggi Pigram having tun liclpmg 
out on Hands on Atlanta Day. 


Andrea Wood 

Class of 2007 

Rachael Zellner 

>anish, Communications 

University Singers, 
Omicron Delta Kappa 

Mathew Woodruff 

Class of 2007 

Alex Johnson 

Kyle Luedtke 

Toeus 0D th^ jouTOey, Dot th^ 
(JestiD^tioD. Joy IS fouD J Dot iD 
,shiDg ^D ^etMty feut id JolDg it." 

Mustafa Abdullah 
Jordan Adams 
Monjuri Aimee 
Akalework Akalework 
Ogla Alexeevets 
Sophie AUamagny 

Katherine Allen 
Daniel Allender 
Kasper AUese 
David Allison 
Fauzia Amlani 
Won Ah An 

Jessica Anderson 
Matthew Anderson 
Richard Anderson 
Chad Andrews 
Tiffani Andrews 
Andrew Anslin 

Stephen Archer 
Kathryn Armstrong 
Ryanne Arola 
Brett Ashenfelter 
Jessica Atkinson 
Zachary Atkinson 

Aaron Avellanosa 
Brittiny Bach 
Adam Bailey 
Kendra Bailey 
TeiTy Bailey 
Chelsea Baker 

Evan Baker 
Leah Balch 
Patricia Baldwin 
Revee Barbour 
Thomas Barkas 
Catherine Barson 

Ricardo Bartsch-Filho 
Elizabeth Barwick 
Jacqueline Bass 
Lauren Begnaud 
Nana Bekoe 
Zeynep Bektas 

Cynthia Belinga 

Rose-Gaelle Belinga 

Travis Helton 

Austin Benedict 

Allen Bernhardt 

Cierra Berry 

Abi Berwager 

Lybia Bethel 

Bhagwati Bhakri 

Kendra Billinas 

Domonique Bligen 

Christopher Bloclcer 

Patricia Bolton 

Jessica Bonham 

Katherine Boone 

Maria Bove 

Lamona Bowden 

Danielle Bowles 

Mychal Boyd 

Laura Braddick 

Gillian Brady 
Nicholas Brady 

Saye Braucht 
Anna Breedlove 

Marie Brewer 


xeshmen smiling for the camera at the The World of Coke. 

Stephanie Laubscher and Brittany Gray. 

Grayson Briggs 
Quichelle Brimidge 
Matthew Brisendine 
Kathyrn Brogdon 
Hannah Brooks 
Ryan Brosche 

Ashlee Brown 
Daniel Brown 
Dustin Brown 
Kardea Brown 
Kathyrn Brown 
Sarah Bucey 

Edward Buckley 
Heather Bullard 
Alicia Bullock 
Alexandra Buonanotte 
Charles Burkhart 
Alison Burt 



Vanessa Burton 

Brit Butler 

David Butler 

Deborah Byrd 

Alyson Calder 

Laura Callender 

Patrick Camacho 

Krystie Campbell 

Megan Campbell 

Taylor Cannon 

Italo Cardoso 

Amanda Carpenter 

Kira-Marie Carr 

Carlos Carthen 

Scott Casey 

Barbara Casteel 

Brittany Chandler 

Michelle Chaney 

Nekisha Charles 

Si Ting Cheam 

Kasey Cheng 

Lauren Chemeski 

Fatimazahra Chiadmi 

Brian ChimikUs 

Dongjai Cho 


Alex Clark 
Lyndsay Clark 
Kemoy Clark 
Courtney Clayton 
Marao Clower 

Shanay Cobb 
David Cohen 
Eric Cohen-Greenburg 
Daniel Cohl 
Jeffery Collins 

Jody Collins 
Whitney Collins 
Julie Comer 
Millicent Cone 
Aaron Connolly 

Maureen Conner 
Taym Cooksey 
Laura Coon 
Ashley Cooper 
Genua Cooper 

Melissa Cooper 
Zoe Cooper 
Justin Copeland 
Brittany Corbett 
Maryiln Corbin 


Brooke Corker 

Jennifer Cornelius 

Lydia Cornelius 

Annie Cowan 

Callie Crabb 

Alexandra Creasy 

Jason Cree 

Phillip Crews 

Aaron Cross 

Sara Cross 

Noel Curry 

Bruna de Silva Bartsch 

Stephanie Dagesse 

Tiffany Dail 

Austin Dalbo 

Katharine Dale 

Jessica Daniel 

Rozaan Daniel 

Samantha Darby 

Sarah Darby 

Stephanie Darden 

Jason Darland 

Raquel Davies 

Andrew Davis 

Constance Davis 

Mallory Davis 

Mercella Davis 

Varietta Davis 

Kathleen Deal 

Corin Deans 

Elizabeth DeFreezer 
Jennifer deGive 
Joes deJesus 
Dacian Dejeu 
Genevieve Dempre 
Tiffany Desrosiers 

Heather DeVaney 
AlimoLi Diallo 
Danielle Diamond 
Rachel Diamond 
Antonette Diao 
David Dilibero 

Jamie Dillion 
James Dolive 
Brooke Donahoo 
Jessica Dossett 
Chiquita Douglas 
Melissa Douglas 

Cassandre Dujour 
Stephanie Dunnigan 
Anthony Dykes 
Ariane Dyson 
Shanelle Ebanks 
Chole Edwards 

Charlotte Eliscu 
Amanda Ellenburg 
Erica Ellis 
Richard Esquivel 
John Esterline 
Roger Etherington 

Allison Evans 
Mercedes Evans 
Megan Fabick 
Patrick Falco 
Morgan Falconer 
Ping Fang 

Brickford Faucette 
Maria Ferguson 
Sean Fernandes 
Rondizha Finch 
Anna Findley 
Teresa Finn 


Eric Fladland 

Hanna Fortenberry-Henry 

Sean Freeman 

Dominic Fried 

Ryan Fulgham 

Robert Fulkerson 

Morgan Fuller 

Victoria Fuller 

Francesca Funderburk 

Sarah Fuqua 

Jessica Fuson 

Alexi Galperin 

Alicia Garcia 

Mariana Garcia 

Valeria Garcia Diza Villamil 

Johannah Garon 

Julia Gates 

Sarah Gault 

Krystal Gayle 

Marvin Gayle 

Frewieny Gebremeskel 

Selamewet Gebremeskel 

Tahnee Gerard 

Stephen Germany 

Gia Gibbs 
Lauren Gibson 
Virgina Gibson 
Ander Giddens 
Stephen Gilbert 
Stephanie Gill 

Mary Claire Gillis 

Eve Gislain 

Paul Golden 

Nathaniel Goldman 

Brain Gomez 

Irasema Gonzalez 

Lindsey Gordon 

Andrew Gottlieb 

Kristina Grace 

Benjamin Grad 

Melissa Grammont 

Jessica Graner 


Jhana Grant 
Brittany Gray 
Erica Gray 
Kendra Grays 
Elijah Green 
LaKrisha Dallas Greene 

Nicholas Greenfield 
Alexis Grier 
Keith Griffin 
Morgan Griffin 
Whitney Griffin 
Eric Gulley 

Michael Hadjisimos 
Elizabeth Hale 
John Hale 
Stephanie Hall 
Carly Hallman 
Ashley Hamilton 

Abigail Hammond 
Laura Hammond 
Meagan Hanes 
April Harris 
Brittney Harris 
Martha Harris 

Christopher Harvin 
Gabriel Henderson 
Rachel Hensler 
Jennifer Hernandez 
Amber Heyman-Valchanov 
Michael Hicks 

Ashlee Brown 








Hubert Pare 


Adam Higginbotham 

"Bertha Hill 

Calen Hinrichs 

Tracsen Hinz 

Marley Hirsch 

Hong Ho 

Kenneth Hobbs 

Megan Hodge 

Lydia Hofstetter 

Amanda Holochak 

William Horton 

Jacob Hoyer 

Shu-Yuan Hu 

Nayisha Hugh 

Arther liyabayev 

Christopher Isbell 

Aryka Ishmon 

Pamela lyere 

Craig Jackson 

Marian James 

Yaminah Jappah 

Akele Jeffers 

Jayne Jeter 

Candice Johnson 

Jailyn Johnson 


Jasmine Johnson 
Logan Johnson 
Shenae Johnson 
Katherine Johnston 
Brandy Jones 

Lawrence Jones 
Taymah Jones 
Tiffanie Jones 
Erika Jordan 
Sandhya Joshi 

Noelle Jozefowicz 
Roxanna Jozefowicz 
Maria Jurado 
Adolfo Kang 
Soumya Kantamneni 

Benoy Kazani 
Jennifer Keller 
Jonathan Kelley 
Chelsey Kendig 
Sarah Kennedy 

Bryan Kennicott 
Stephanie Kerner 
Charlotte Kilboum 
Clayton Kimhrel 
Kathryn Kimrey 

Julia Kincaid 
Ashley King 
Emily Kirby 
Aleksey Kirillov 
David Knorr 

Amel Komic 

Kelly Korell 

Joesph Koscioiek 

Mary Koziura 

Russell Kramer 

Colin Kress 

Michael Krueger 

Katherine Kuhn 

Katie Kulavic 

Elizabeth Lahoz 

Melinda Lahr 

Denise Lane 

Walker Lane 

Stephine Laubscher 

Jansen Lawrence 

Kara Lawrence 

Andrey Lazar 

Luciana Lazzarino 

Rebecca Le Compte 

Elizabeth Lee-Haw 


Christopher Letts 
Philip Levine 
Ailsa Lewis 
Jason Lewis 
Micheal Lewter 

Beth Lindahl 
Avery Livingston 
Andrew Llano 
Thania Lloyd 
Sherine Lobban 

Kevin Logan 
Deari Loggins 
Jonh Lombardy 
Soubanh Louangvilay 
Gloria Love 

Deborah Lubbe 
Christopher Lucas 
Guillaume Lucq 
Heather Lutz 
Joesph Lyda 

Wendy Madill 
Halley Malison 
Stephine Mallen 
Michael Malone 
Alfonzo Mantilla 



Charles Marie 
Alycia Marotto 
Daniel Marsden 

Elliott Martin 

Maria Martin 

John Martin III 

Arthur Massey 

Geogre Matter 

Chloey Mayo 

Caitlin Mazzarino 

Curtis McLeod 

Cameron McAllister 

Alexander McCarthy 

Sarah McCollum 

Jonathan McConnell 

Phillip McCary 

Cathryn McCrimmon 

Robert McGee 

Michael McGowan 
Craig Mckee 

Lynette McKinney 
Brandon McMichael 
Richard McWhorter 

Jennifer Meadows 

Josin Meagley 

Joshua Means 

Meagan Meekin 

Ember Melcher 

Jordan Mertens 

Joonas Mikkila 


Jennifer Miller 
Laura Miller 
Jeffanne Millien 
Stefanie Milligan 
Leandra Milton 
Erica Minson 

Sumbul Mirza 
Tehmina Mirza 
Camesha Mitchell 
Ashley Money 
Brittany Monroe 
Shavon Monroe 

Courtney Moor 
Alana Moore 
Amanda Moore 
Cliff Moore 
Jessie Morris 
Bonnie Morscheiser 

William Mosley 
Ryan Moss 
Christopher Moua 
William Mueller 
Mallori Muhlfelder 
Kidest Mulat 

Michael Muller 
Samuel Murray 
Sharese Muse 
Yoshinori Magai 
Jose Navarro 
Wessen-Celine Neguede 

Brittany Nesmith 
Bethany Newman 
Kathleen Nichol 
Tyler Nichols 
Casey Nicodemus 
Philipp Niermann 

Jessica Nilson 
Nancy Nix 
Gwinn Nixon 
Kofi Nketiah 
Radia Nusrat 
Max Nystrom 


Ashley Obregon 

Hope O'Dell 

James Odom 

Lisa Ohman 

Liana Olin 

Christina Ongor 

Anne Oredeko 

Jamie Osmanson 

Maria Osti 

Marlene Otero 

Ligia Padilla 

Christopher Page 

Eric Palmer 

Cecile Parages 

Hubert Pare 

Thomas Paretta 

Matthew Parham 

Chong Park 

Jessica Parker 

Kyle Parker 

Marvin Parkman 

Zack Parris 

Lashay Paschal 

Heena Patel 

Robert Pavelka 

Cynthia Payne 

Derin Pekin 

Denise Penning 

Reketta Peterson 

Sarah Praff 

Joshua Phillips 

Sydney Pigram 

Brendan Pilger 

Jorge Pinto 

Ricardo Pomales 

Elena Ponizhaylo 

Lache Pool 

Caitlyn Post 

Evan Price 

Robert Pugh 

Kayla Pulley 

Lauren Rafferty-Boyd 

Allison Rains 
Ramtahal Vinash 
Carly Reed 
Courtney Reed 
Zanna Reid 
Robert Reitze 

Rachel Renz 
Brandon Rhodes 
Rafael Ribeiro 
Brandy Rich 
Kathleen Richards 
J. Richardson 

Rachel Richardson 
Elizabeth Richmann 
Jennifer Riley 
Daniel Rinn 
Isabella Rivera 
Mario Rivera 


Kiera Robbins 

Christopher Roberts 

Natina Roberts 

Catherine Rocamora 

Sunny Rodgers 

Ashley Rogers 

Ebony Rogers 

Brent Rose 

Joshua Rosendahl 

David Ross 

James Rowe 

Amanda Rowell 

Chelcie Rowell 

Anthony Rudd 

Amy Russ 

Jay Russell 

Victoria Ruth 

Stephen Sabsowitz 

Elga Sanchez 

Enrique Sanchez 

Jessica Sander 

Miguel Santiago 

Lauren Schaffer 

Joy Schambach 

Kathryn Schambach 


Laura Schiff 
Deyonna Scott 
Jessica Scott 
Sharaya Seidel 
Ahmad Shaheed 

Trevor Sheffield 
Carrie Shirah 
Jeong-Ki Shon 
Brittany Silva 
Leon Slivers 

Devon Simons 
Ashley Smith 
Lisa Simth 
Michael Smith 
Nubia Smith 

Robert Smith 
Ryan Smith 
Sable Smith 
Jelani Snipes 
Jason Soby 

Grady Sonam 
Steven Sorci 
Udara Soysa 
Sarah Sparks 
Paul Springman 



Alix Stalnaker 

Rashida Starks 

Samantha Starratt 

Theodore Stathakis 

Hillary Steele 

Brandyn Steen 

Natalie Stefano 

John Stellbauer 

Tiana Stevens 

John Storz 

Ryan Strachan 

Kristin Strickland 

Daniel Suddes 

Matthew Suggett 

Mallory Summers 

Anta Sylla 

Santina Takori 

Makenzie Talley 

Marinella Taoushiani 

Ashley Taylor 

Ali Tecman 

Georgie Tenorio 

Alesha Tentinger 

Ashley Thompson 

Chris Thompson 

Jewel Thompson 

Kayla Thompson 

Lauren Thompson 

Lauren Thompson 

Rebecca Thompson 


Mallory Thompson 
Deneisha Thornton 
Cara Tillotson 
Adam Tomhn 
Diana Toro 
Rosemary Toulas 

Sarah Trammell 
Maji Bao Ngoc Tran 
Sara Troficanto 
Carlyne Troudt 
Stevie Tucker 
Andrew Tulowitzky 

Irene Turner 
Nicholas Turner 
Sean Tuttle 
Christina Tyler 
Nathan Tyre 
Taylor Urbanski 

Maziar Valadari 
Juan Valero 

Eckhardt Van Der Linde 
Kareline Van Der Linden 
Meagan Van Doran 
Josue Vargas 

Nicole Vamer 
Julie Vaughan 
Julian Vega 
Andrea Vinson 
Timothy Von Gal 
Tamara Voxnaes 


Kasee Wall 
Vinessa Walls 
Andrea Walsh 
Emory Walton 
Candace Ward 
Theodore Ward 

John Warde 

Adele Wardnier 

Zachariah Warner 

Tresa Washington 

Samuel Waters 

An'renae Watkins 

Alexander Watterson 

Nicholas Watterson 

Katherine Weisz 

James Weldon 

Cassie Wells 

Bradley White 

Jamie White 

Johanna Whitehill 

Christopher Whitmire 

Katherine Wildenhaus 

Hannah Wiles 

Kim Wilkerson 

Justin Willard 

Chad Williams 

Christopher Williams 

Henrey Williams 

Lauretta Williams 

Matthew Williams 

Nicole Williams 
Michael Willis 
Amaris Wilson 
Brandi Wilson 
Arion Winfield 
Talia Witherspoon 

Kimberly Wokomaty 

Alexander Wolff 

Renee Wood 

Adrienne Woodall 

Justin Wooton 

Alexandra Woychek 


Ashley Wrigley 
Brandon Wrobleski 
Ren Wysolovski 
Gonzalo Yahuitl 
Ariana Yazdi 
Susan Yi 

Nichole Young 
Patrick Young 
Sonya Zafrani 
Christian Zavala 
Christina Zaytsev 
Duo Zhou 

Sean Ziegler 
Maddison Zulak 



"Ml y^ho \i^^ voedil^t^d OD th^ ^t of 

th^ fete o? @!X)pte@s dep^DJs oD th@ eJue^tioD 

of youth." 


Dr. Larry Schall 

Dr. Bill Shropshire 

Ms. Annie Hunt Burriss 

Mr. Tim Doyle 

Ms. Marilyn Fowie 

Ms. Janet Maddox 

Ms. Kelly Robinson 

Mr. Peter Rooney 

iidmlnlstration - Dr. Larry Schall ~ University President, Dr. Bill Shropshire ~ Provost and Senior 
'ice President, Ms. Annie Hunt Burhss ~ Associate Provost of Evening Degree Program and 
)eputy to the President for Community Relations, Mr. Tim Doyle ~ Vice President of Student 
vffairs, Ms. Marlyn FowIe ~ Vice President for Business and Finance, Ms. Janet Maddox ~ 
)irector of Institutional Research, Ms. Kelly Robinson ~ Executive Director of Marketing and 
'ubiic Relalons, Mr. Peter Rooney ~ Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, Lucy 
.eusch (Not Pictured) ~ Vice President for Enrollment 


Dr. Keith H. Aufderheide 

He can wiggle his ears 
and nose simultaneously. 

Dr. Christian Y. Benton 

Director of Accounting 

He pledged SAE in Fall 

Dr. Kristian Blaich 


He's into competitive 

running and windsurfing - 

every summer he goes to 

the Columbia River Gorge 

to go windsurfing. 

Dr. Robert A. Blumenthal 


Dr. William Brightman Dr. Ronald L. Carlisle 


Computer Science 

Dr. Charles L. Baubei 


Dr. James A. Bohari 

He is very much intot 
model trains. I 


)r. John S. Carton 


[e loves watching the 
laily Show, loves Star 
^ik, and could eat pizza 
every night. 

Dr. Jeffrey Collins 

Art History 

He practices the art form 
Tai Chi on his roof. 


Dr. Cassandra Copeland 


i)r. John A. Cramer 

, Physics 

have two com snakes 
nd raise mice to feed 

Dr. Lynn J. Gieger 


She is a beer judge. 

Dr. Amanda Gray 


She worked at a John 

Deere parts distribution 

center during college and 

drove a forklift. 

Dr. Mario A. Chandler 


Dr. Roarke E. Donnelly 



Dr. Nancy A. Herring i 


Dr. Robecca C. Hyman 


Dr. Bruce Hetherington Dr. Robert B. Hornback 



Prof. Catherine Kelley 

Art History 

Dr. Kendra King 


Dr. Stephen Herschleii 



He was an extra for an o 
Jet Li flick. Born to 

Dr. Elizabeth Johnson 


She took care of an 

orphaned baby monkeyi 

her apartment for a fe\ 

months while she waii 

doing research. 


Joseph Knippenberg 


Dr. Jay Lutz 


Dr. Peter J. Kower 


Dr. Jeanne McCarthy 


Dr. Douglas McFarland 


He drove a truck for 

awhile before he went to 

graduate school. 

Prof. Lee Knippenberg 


Professor Alan Loehle H 


He once spent the day 

with a professional 

alligator trapper and tied 

the feet of a seven-foot 


Dr. Nicholas B. Maher 


When he was around three 

years old, he used to 

climb bookshelves, and 

bring them toppling down 

on himself. 


Dr. Deborah Merola 


When she was a young 

teenager, she read 

Huckleberry Finn and 

wanted to float down the 

Mississippi river on a raft. 

Dr. John D. Orme 


Dr. Philip J. Neujahr 


He once had a pet turtle 
named Aristutle. 

Dr. Caroline Noyes 


Dr. Viviana Plotnik Dr. Irwin W. Ray 



Dr. John C. Nardo 


Claims that he is a TV 
junkie. He has seen all 
357 episodes of Dallas 
and all 218 episodes of 

Dr. Richard Palmet 

Film Studies 

I was a contestant on th 

quiz show Jeopardy ir 

1974, winning $800 bi' 

losing in the end to a 

homemaker from 



3r. Beth Roberts 


r. Karen Schmeichel 


Dr. Michael Rulison Dr. Daniel Schadler 



Dr. Bradford Smith 


Over the years his friends 

have claimed that he has 

psychic powers. 

Dr. Simon R. Sparks 


Dr. Anne Rosenthal 

Communications and 
Rhetoric Studies 

Dr. Seema Shrikhande 

Communications and 


Dr. Robert Steen 


Dr. J. Dean Tucker 

Economics and Business 

Dr. Linda J. Taylor 


She once won a baton 
twirhng contest. 

Dr. Victoria L. Weiss 


She once took voice 

lessons from a vocal 

teacher who performed 

with the Metropolitan 


Dr. Philip D. Tin 


He is addicted to an 

online game similar to 

Scrabble called Literati. 

Prof. Ginger Williams 


She is married, and is still 

married to, her high 

school sweetheart. 

Dr. Brad L. Stone 


He was once briefly 
mistaken for the murders 
Gary Gilmore while on 

Dr. James Turner 



Monte W. Wolf 


Dr. Alan Woolfolk 


He is terrorized by his 

wife's 90-pound poodle on 

a daily basis. 

Mr. Chad Yarborough 


He spoke exclusively in 
an English accent for 6 

months once. 

Not pictured: 

Dr. Straley - Business and IVIathematics 

Dr. Lynn A. Gudtie - Business 








C^TOpas %^ht^ 

CgDt^i" hr Cit'ie E-Dl^l^Ki^Dt 

FlD^DCi^l ^iJ 

If Ign'icgs 



%fmUwr^c^ &■ jiom^k^epkf^ 



tnd&ot ifl^bin 


Od Octofe^ 2S, 2006, Ogfethoi^pe hdd its ^ddu^I 1?^ttb 

of th^ 1?loo^ M^sh, ^ tag-of-AA?g>f eorop^titioD fcgtAA?g@D 

stuJ^Dts ^dJ ^ eowfeiD^tioD of faculty ^dJ steff vo^voh^n. 

fbis tr^JitioD eoTX)iDO^p:)or^t@s th@ TI^Z fe^ttfe to AA^hleh 

J^!X)es OgkthoT'pg's troops cfgf^^tgJ th^ Ip^Dish od It. 

Iipdod's Idmd. iDt^f ^sttogly ^Dough, th^ y^TX)^(!T^ trifee 

^Iso p^tieipg>t^J. fhis y^^ th^ faculty md st^ff tria-TOplieJ 

oA^^i® th@ stuJ^Dts AA?ith thdi® tAA?o-to-oD^ A^ictoi!y. 

The Students 

Faculty and Staff 

f^^SODS IS AA^hy AA?^'f € Dot h^^. 


^Iph^ ligPD^ "fm 

ihe §istgp§ o? Mphs %i^vos f 3u stsy hmy throughout thg yg^ AA?ith 
ch^ptgr feusiDgss, social ^ctif ittes, sistgfhooJs, phibDthropy AA^ork, &dJ 
h^tog ?udI fhg Dglt^ I'i eh^pt©!" h^s groWD coDSlfe&fely stDcg its ^ri^iA^^l 
§t Ogkthorpg ID 2000. ^If sisters JgJic^tg trrog ^dJ effort to v^ofkjD^ 
A/C'ith philg'Dthropies like the I'lDe KouDt^iD lettleroeDt School, K^feitg't 
for K^TO^Dity, the Ius^d Q. KoroeD 1?re&st C^Dcer ^R-wg^^eDess FudJ, &dJ 
the l^oys ^D J Qirls Clufe o? ^tbDtg. Od c^ropus, ^If holJs 9 piDk hsk^d 
gooJs s^le e^^ery October JuriDg "Ptok Week to r^ise TOODey for fcre^st 
c^Dcer ^^eDess. It is do surprise th^t this ye^ the ^If Delt^ Pi 
Chapter AA?oD the l¥esiJeDt's 1?roD2e ifb^^d for YoluDteeriDg for the 
seeoDJ ye?r id s rcr^l E^ch seroester, the sisters get together for the 
eN°eW Kewfeer lietre^t to streDgtheD olJ feoD^s md forro DeW oDes. ^e 
id^sU of ^Iph? ligTOg* "fm ^e erofeoc^ieJ iD its opeD to otto: ^ctif e, self- 
retot, 3dJ trust-worthy. 


QU l*hi 

flie Chi 'ttii ?f ^teDity is ^ t'^la^s-fe^s^J org^Di^^tioD fouD J^J od fc^ 

J)^sis o? ff ath, KoDor ^D J l^e!"S0D^l iDtegf ity. fhese ^@ tip^gfess 

t'^lags A^hich gaidg th^ ftiD^^po^Dt^l pOTpos^s o? th@ ^r^t^fDi^. 

f oJ^)?, our cn^est ^Dd fcgiT J)g>Jgg ^@ pufclic syrafcols for th@ feoth^rs 

o? Chi %,l sywfcok th^t ^@ iDSt^Dtly recogDi^^fcfe to p^gp^fegrs, feat 

still appropriately ofcscurg to oatsiJers. fh^ comwuDkst^ our prouJ 

history AA^ithout oA^ert fcr^ggiDg. 
Cot'ert sywfcols i>DGf Jeeply rootgJ ?ud Ji^PD^Dt^ls o? vifim ^dJ truth, 
hoDor i>dJ iDtegrity, hind us together iD ^ brotherhood th^t is stroDg 

md tiroeless. 


Chi Opd^& 

"f o x>9lm the td^viU o? -Woto^d to gDcour^gg 

th^TO ID fgg'feiDg, thdr gfg^tgst poteDti^L 

fhssg ^g the priDcipks apoD AA?hich Chi 

OTOgg^ AA??§ fouDJgJ ID 189S &t the 

UDi^grsity o? iflfl^g'DS^s. 

f oJ^, Chi OuDgg^ is the Ingest AA?oTOeD§ bstsfVid org^DiZ^tioD iD the 
^^ofld A^ith SOCOOO iDiti^tes &d J 169 collegiate ch^pteps. liDce its 
fce^DiDg, Chi Oroeg^ h^S DOTtareJ its TOerofeers fcy proA?iJiDg thero AA?ith 
aDi6[ue opportuDities iD lei'Jership, iD sehotehip, ^dJ id life-loDg 
MeD^ship. Otin is s JisttDguisheJ history ^dJ out roost A^it^l role h^S 
fceeD the prep^g'tioD of youDg AA^oroeD to g'chie^?e their highest possible 

cN°oAA?, ox>^ s ceDtury l^ter, these ?ouDJiDg pYiDciples ^e jast s% rele^?3Dt. 
Chi ©TJDegg Vfstsfr^ity ^^9% fouDefeJ ^t s tiroe AA?heD A^oroeD A^ei^e just 
fcecoTOiDg, f isifele od oar D^tioD's ODiA^ersity c^wpuses. 'fhese e^ly 
collegiate A^^oroeD AA?e?e JestiDeJ Dot oDly to mmd^e horoe ^'dJ hmily, 
hvX they A'VoalJ est^felish s foothoW s$ Usd^% iD the coTOWiuDity md the 
feasiDess AA^orlJ. 


Vdt9 lteTO9 1>hi 

CMl W^ ^D J AVotU M?^ I, the chapter aa?^s f giDSt^teJ ^t 
Ogkthorpg. f oJ^ ^§ AA?g €Dte this Dev^ c@Dtui^, M?g St Mphs Xu 
^@ pi^ouJ to e^in^ th@ tof eh h^D J@ J JcrWD fey the toothers AA?ho 
e^TOe fcefore us. Deto ligTO^ 'Vhi is eoDtiDuiDg to grow, ^dJ 
carreDtly fco^sts ^ weTOfeership th^t is ]m>ok>^d od c^wpas md id 
the coTOTOUDi^. Kof e iwport^Dtly, the iJe^ls o? Deto ligw^ "Phi ^e 
^foe ID the he^ts o? e^?e10^ oDe of om toothers. ^Iwost eigh^ yei^s 
^go, s group of weD AA^ith foresi^t md couri>ge est^fclisheJ the 
^Iph^ eN°u chapter of the Deto ligra^ '^hi ^r^terDity ^t Oglethorpe 
ODif ersity. f oJ^, AA?e follow id their footsteps, th^t the A^^orlJ vo^ 
e^?er fee eoDA^iDced of the siDcerity of our purpose. 


K^pp^ ^Iph^ 

fl^g K^pp^ Mphs Ofdef AA?^§ fouD JgJ 0D Dgcewfegf 21, 18GS ^t 
AA?h^t IS DefW W^shiDgtoD ^D J L@@ ODi^^gTSity. ^g poissioD 0? K^ is 
to CT^^tg ^ l&tipo^ gxp^kDcg, M^\iich e^Dt^rs OD f ^@r@Dcg to 
QoJ, Juty, hoDor, eh^^ctgf , ^d J ^evthwmly coDcfuet n intpimd 
fey ]ioJ)gi"t £. L^g, our spiritug'l himd^. 'I^^tks h^^ f ^DggJ id 
thgiJDg ?f OTO iRpoe^lypse cN^ow to "H^dl Qf ^s. K^/l is ^d ^cti^^g 
p^tieipg>Dt ID Qr^gfe M?@gfe md !d thg lDt@r-&^tgf Dity CoaDcil. 


i^vo^ ^Iph^ EpsiloD 




I^E is cN'orth ^Tw^fic^'s tog^st social ^r^i^mit^ AA^ith too? ^ fc^D 
2§0,000 iDitMgJ TOgrafegrs. Fr^tg?D^l ^wfeok toclaJe the lioD, the 
pho^DK, 'HiD^n'^, ^dJ the &OT-Je-&. ligw^ ^Iph^ B-psiloD aa?^s the 
Fif St fr^tefDity to est^fclish ^ D^tioD^l he^Jcfa^ters (1929), ^ D^tioD^l 
Le^feship Ichool (19SS), ^ D^tioD^l HeDS K^^lth Issues CoTOiwittee 
(1980), ^dJ ^ cg^eel"-Je^?elopTOeDt progf^TO eD title J the Le^JiDg EJge 
(1990). CuffeDtly, the ^f^te^Dity offes ^ eoTOpreheDSiN^e iwewfeer- 
eJuc^tioD prog? ^TO called fhe ff ae QeDtlew^D iDiti^tit'e. ligp^^ i^lph^ 
B-psiloD ^t Oglethorpe stris^es to pf oTOote the highest le^^els o? 
eh^^cter, schotehip, ^dJ le^teship fi^ow its !X)e!X)J)ef s ^dJ to sei^e 
^s s pi^iTOe ex^TOple o? the positit'e aspects o? Qreefe li?e. 


Hw^ lito^ lito^ 


W^ ' 


K^^V%-' W^rv*^ ^^^^^^^1 


0Dcg loDg 9go, ID fgT av^ay toWD id Tirgtoi? liN^gJ sight hemti^ul Isiht -who staTOJ)le(J apoD the 
cre^tioD c^lk^ the I.I.I dnh. 'fliis elufe a/^^s Dot just hf anyoviQ hut ovily hf the most 
upst^DJiDg 3dJ -^irtaoas -wotosd -who A^?eDt to LoDgWooJ College. fheD od the fetefal dsy of 
^pril 20, 1S98, these eight v^omeD CTei>teJ M^h^t is kooWD to^^ ^s 9 sof ori^. 
fweDty ye^s s»go, this doaa? felooPDiog A?iolet orgsDiZstioD fouD J its yv§y to Oglethorpe e^ropus. 
fhese "sigTOS's" sarrooDJ the c^PDpus 'With lo^e, baghter, ^dJ h^ppiDess. 1?ut these TOoJero dsy 
TDQVoh^t of the I.I.I dtih could Dot fee coDt^iDeJ to the "Oglethorpe feaJ)fele", iDSte^J they 
t?^el to fe sdJ JsDgeroas ^dJs iD ^ilmts °m ordsr to A^isit ill chilJreD liroiteJ to their 
hospital -v^i'lls. Whether to make § quick &ft project -with thero or Qv^h^k od s Hsfdi Qrss 
'PsfsdQ, ligP3^§ M?gre Ms to do and ^eeoroplish much wore to chiWreD M?ho r^ely s^ 

f o J^te, the ligTO^ ligiwi* ligiw^'s of Oglethorpe h^e feeeD i^ccrecfiteJ -with Ko^o^s. sr^d 1?eefey 
LeCoTOpte "Will represeDt EpsiloD fhets* ^s the sole persoD iDiti&teJ 9i coDf eDtioD. WheD 
Oglethorpe thiDfes of £psiloD ^et^'s chapter of %i^w§ ligroa ligprs*, thiDfe Dot of the esoteric 
D?tare of its TOerofeers hut the sereDcfipitous quality of the org^DizatioD a% a -whole. 



fhg OgkfeoTpg lDt^?i*^t@i"Dity CouDcil (o^ IFC) exists prrPD^ily 
to prop:)otg Ff ^t^Dity li?g ^t Ogkthofpe ODit'gi'Si^. V7^ stfit'g 
to iTOprot'g J)oth th@ rro^gg o? ^r^tgrDity life ^t Ogfethoi^pg ^dJ 

to ITOpfOt'g COTOTOUDlC^tlOD fcgtWg^D th^ ODlf @fSl^ ^dJ 

iTD^pD^e? fr^t^YDitks. fh^ ffC gDcouf^ggs positit'g rglg>tioDships 

J)gtAA?ggD !X)gP3J)gr fr^terDltteS ^D J hoWs th^TX) ^CCOUDt^fefe tO 

ffC ^dJ ODis^^rsity policies, id o?fe to farther the ^utoDowy 
md iDcre^se the ^ccouDt^fcility of indWidiid Fr^terDities. 


Ofd^ of Oix)^!^ 

TioDof sockty msd^ up o? fcg iwost ^x^vopl^fy hsd^ft ?? ©to 
social Qf ggfe Of g^Dfe^tioDS. fh^ Of Jgf o? OPD^g^ exists to 
f gcogDfeg thos^ stuJ^Dts AA?Ti0 h^g ^tt^iDgJ ^ hi^ ttmdsfd 
o? k^Jgf ship iD iDtgf-Qf ggfe ^ctiN^iti^s, to eDcouf ^gg th^w to 
eoDtiDUg ^loDg this lrD@, ^dJ to iDSpif @ oth^f s to stfit'e ?of 
sip^ito eoDSpieaous Mfmw^V)t ih^ Of fe o? Ow^pt go^l is 
to f)f iDg tog^th^f the TOost f gpf eseDt^tis^g ?f ^tgfDity i>dg[ 
sof ofity p^gpofegf s, ^vid to cf e^te ^D Of g^Diz^tioD AA?hich AA?ill 
help POoU the seDtipoeDt of the iDStitutioD od efuestioDS o? 
loc^l ^dJ iDtef collegiate ^??^if s. fhe Of Jef of 0!X)eg^ stfit'es 
to J)f iDg togethef ixiepofcef s of the faculty, dixvovi, md 
stuJeDt roe!X){)ef s of the iDStitatioD's ff ^tefDities ^dJ 
sof Of ities od s fc^sis of wata^l iDtef est, a^JefSt^DJiDg, md 
coopef ^tioD, ipopf oA^iDg Qf eefe life fof dl staJeDts ^t 


"fh^l®^ IS DO 

pk^surg to h^tog Dothto 
fuD is to li^tog lots to 

Joto^ it." 

to Jo; th^ 

^D J Dot 



etch K 

Circfe K is the pi^^TOief @ sewice ^dJ k^cfgrship d^dopw&^i 
ofpviZ^iioD fe colfegg staJgDts. With o^^f SOO chapters id 10 
couDtf ks, wore th^D 11,000 staJeDts sewe theif e^wpuses ^dJ 
copowaDitks ^^ry dsiy. %pomof^d by ]Qyj^mi% Ivit^fwtlowl, Cifck 
K fceg^D ID 19WI ^t C^th^ge College ID C^th^ge, IL. the Circle K 
iwo^^eweDt vapidly spread ^o^oss eK'ofth ^roeric^. fliis loose 
^?FifotioD of elufcs fcecg'PDe Circle K iDtefD^tioD^l od Octofcer Z2, 
19SS, AA^heD the Ewoi^^ ODit'ersi^ chapter i^eceit'eJ Ch^ter ^1. the 
Qeorgi^ Disti^ict aa?^§ ?oaD JeJ od October 12, 19S9 AA^ith Z2 dnh%. 
Oglethorpe ODit'ersity Circle K (ODCKI) v^^t First ch^tereJ id 
BS^t. DariDg the p^st ^tS yg^s, the clafc h^s spp^^^d ^d J 
Jis^ppe^eJ foar tiroes, fhe fourth f^k>d of the clafc aa?^s iD the 
f^ll of 199§ ^fter § 10 ye^ hiatus. Id the first ye^ of its Dew 
existeDce, 20 TOerofcers deJic^teJ ot'er SOO hours to the clufc. 


ocmty of ftysies Itu^^Dts 

peopfe iDt^rgstgJ Id sckDcg, p^ticatoly physics vo^pn to 
PD@@t ^dJ colbfcor^te. Oar go^l is to eDcour^gg others to 
k^D ^fcoat scieDcg ^dJ physics. We ^e ^Iso ^ for upd for 
scieDce staJeDts to g^iiD toowleJge throa^ the exch^Dge 
of iDfofw^tioD i'dJ iJe^s. 



tsi Chi is the Xsiioml Ko^oi" Society iD "Psychology, ?oaDJgJ id 
1929 ?of the purposes o? gDcoar^giDg, stiroul^tiDg, ^dJ 
vofmifmlD^, sxcgltot schol^ship, ^dJ ^Jt'^DciDg the scieDce o? 
psycholo^. Id JactioD iDto l^si Chi recfuif es st^D&Js o? sad^voic 
^chi@^?eTO@Dt ?or those vofpfm^ or TOiDoriDg iD psycholo^. "Psi 
Chi ?aDctioDS ^s ^ ?eJer^tioD o? chapters loc^teJ o^?e? 1,000 
seDior colleges sr^d UDif ersities iD the ODiteJ States 
^D J C^D#J^. the Oglethorpe Chapter h^pvi iD 19S5, md AA^ithiD 
the p^st tAA^o ye^s h^s M^orkeJ to ^ecowe wore ^ctiN^e od the 
Oglethorpe c^popas. 


%! D^lfe EpsiloD 

thg highest st^Dfc Js o? gthics te) 

l@N?@k o? car?@Dt social md ^codotoic 
issues ^s r^l^tgJ to TOgJieiD@, fcg prg'cticg 
0? TOgJieiDg, md oth^r he^Ithc^g r^l^teJ 

f o pf oTOote DODp?o9t gfoup ^gn'icg to 
fo propDotg fellowship ^dJ TOgDto:fiDg, 


lr:f%^mtioml Qlnh 


iDt^TD^tioD^l ClaJ) is ^ groap TO^^Dt to felDg Ogkthorpg 
staJ^Dts together: staJeDts o? Jfflgr^Dt ?^c@s, ^thDic 
f)^cfegi"0aDJ§, md social groups. W^ feow lots o? @\^gDts 
tteou^out th^ school y^^ (saeh ^s oot ^gr-poputo 
iDt^fD^tioD^l elVight) th^t gif @ th^ stuJ^Dt hody ^ ch^Dcg to 
explore th^if ovi^D caltar^s, ^s ^@ll ^s th^ ealtuf ^s of thdr 



OU c^TOpm. %ocid g^?gDts r^DglDg ?f ©to th^ Chi 
%! K^llov^eeD p^^, fcg ligix)^ ligTO^ ligTO^ 
K^llmA?@gDte Iioi>st, ^dJ th^ litem's K^llmA?ggD 
h^^ pfo^id^d pkDty of opportUDittes hf 

StuJgDtS to J^gSS up ^D J h^@ fUD. ^J, of 

fricfe or ff @^t Id "ff^gT" gN^gDt, Id 
AA^hich feiJs ??oTO loe^l ^ftgf school 

hoas^, pl^ pvo^%, md tfiefe or tr^^t 
tooQ^oat th@ JorpDitoi^. 



10' dJ 


Pjl ■'■'■',■ "^"^ 

' .;^|hH 





^wr^e%ly iDte 

Itottog up ID th^ 2d(J lew^st^r, 
^p:)D@sty iDteD^tioD^l OO 1% 

Jiffe^Dcg ID th^ AA?io^ htxvom 
rights ^€ r^sp^et^J ^D J 
f ^eogDfeeJ AA?ithiD th^ 
tot^TO^tioD^l e<!)ix)p:)aDity. 

)gCTgt^: Ofoi^ ]\(!)C^pDor^(D0t pictured)) 


flie p^%t y^^ \i^% J)@@D s v^ry 
g>ctiA?€ oD^ ?of th^ OO 

th^^Mc^l folk. Id Ufw$ o? 
TO^lDSt^gg proJuctioDS 
pg??0fTO@J Id CoD^Dt the^tf e, 

K^cL^od's d^kly 

comk 'fh^ J{oa§& of y&§ to direct for his seDior project to l^pt^iJ^fed 
CoD^Dts f gctoic^l Dfrgctof Ch^ Jwick y^fcorou^ follov^gj AA?ith ^ 
fe^llDg t'grsioD of Cd^&t, Ogfethorpg's Brst TOUSie^l Id %^^d y^^t. 
Id th^ spf iDg, s^Diof ^TOy Low^ Jirect^J h^f owd ^^grsioD of K^x 
Lue^ Jos chilJreDS feoofe sDtitk J y^y /?f ^ $p&cld. tE^of^ssoif L^g 
KDippgDfc^g dfegcteJ B.agdD@ loD^seos ^fcsarJist fh^ I^^U %opfmo in 
@^ly "K^cli, ^D J th^ TO^iDSt^ge pro JuctioDS eoDcluJ^J Id ^pfil -with 
the^tf ^ Jgp^tTO^Dt h@i>J t)gJ)or^h Heroics A^^sioD of f oDy KashD^f s 

v^iddy ^cdfiTD^d ^^d% ID ^vo^fks. 
Wh^i ^ bn$y Z00G-Z007 %mov> th© 

tf^ditlowl vofvo)%U^^ pfodiictiom ftg oDly 
g^^iJgDeg of Ogkthorpe staJ^Dts ^&n>of for 
fcg^tr^. fwicg teiDg ftg fg>ll s^TO^ste, 
Eto^i^sod's l^owfesh^lte "hosteJ ^ f ^kty of 
stucf^Dt pfodnctiom, AA^hidi ?@sulteJ fi^ow ^ 
colbfcorg'tioD of pl^o^ritlDg, Jir^etiDg, ^dJ 

^JJitioD^lly, sopho!30org Iteph^Dk 
Lmhch^f md s@Dior K^lly "foor 
roouDteJ th^ir oWD pfoJuctioD of 
9sc^ WiU^S fl^g Iwport^Dcg of 

i^gtog B-^D^St ID LuptoD ^uditOTlUIX). 


Djsvoss fwo% to Qmich. the ^^gDsss o? 
febcfe caltOTes ^t Oglgthorpe ODif ersity 
^D^ the "HQifo-MbviU ^g^. Wg r@c0gDi2€( 
feoth thg DggJ ?oi? UDity ^TOoDg hbck \ 

^11 aDcfgrgr^Ju^tgs. 

Furthermore, A^e pkJge to fee ^ctif e, 

proJuctb^e TOewfeets o? the ^lohd 

coTOTOUDity fey p^tlCip^tlDg ID 

phibDthropy, political ^ctit'to, social 

e^?eDts, lectOTe/gaest spe^fcers, 

ere^tioD/JistiDctioD o? pafelic^tioDS, etc. h^ 

the feeDeSt ^dJ proraotioD o? the ^Mc^Dt 


Kof eo\?er, AA?e stri^^e to promote Jif ef si^,' 

^ppreci^tioD, integrity, Je\^elop!X)eDt, ^dJ 

coTOTwaDity iDter^ctioD feetWeeD febcfes ^dci 

staJeDts o? ^11 ethDicities ^dJ h§ck4,fouDdt 

Jewish ItaJ^Dt Odiod 

,Gfw^(Js, ^ F^cgfeoofe groap, ^d J jotoeJ btsr fey 

^Dothe? ?T€shTO^D, eK'^th^Dtel QoUto^d, the 

Oglethorpe Jewish StaJeDt Odiod h^s cowe 

^0 li?e. DeterwiDeJ to create soroethiDg ?ro!X) 

DothiDg, they soa^t oat ^ sponsor, Dr. 
l^oDDie Kessler o? the couDseltog ceDter, ^dJ 
feeg,^D sh^ptog theif of g^Dfe^tioD fee?o?e they 

A^ere entirely sure there -woalJ fee the 
DUPDfeers to support one. l¥esiJeDt QoUto^d 


We M^mt the JSO to prot'iJe s weetiDg 

^fonv)d ?or the Jewish stuJeDt cotj^to unity to 

[!0PDe together, md to sh^e experiences w?ith 

the l^ger Oglethorpe stuJent comvouv)it^. 

^ semester bter, flie Jewish ItaJent Onion is 

STO^ll feat ^?ery ^cti^e. It h^s hosteJ se^^er^l 

saccess?al e^?ents, incWing s TO0^?ie night, 

)h^fefe&t dinner AA?ith ?^calty md st^?? ^ttenJees, 

^nJ § K^nakk^h p^ty, md is currently 
in^^obeJ planning future events, the group 
^Iso h^s ^ new fe^nner hanging in the Jining 


"fhe TOost ipDport^nt thing ^feout the JIG to 

Twe is not necessmly th^t we h^e e\?ei^feoG^ 

^t ^^ e^?ent, feut ?or the students to know 

th^t AA^ere here i? they neeJ us," s^s M^ 



%^ck ItuJ^Dt caucus 

the purpose o? th@ I^SC is to UDi^y the ^Mc^d ^weric^D 

copDTOUDity o? Oglethorpe ODif ersi^ A^?ith copDWUDity sewice 

Je^?elopp^eDt, group JiscmsioDS, sctMimt ^dJ eNj'eDts. fhe I^IC i§ 

^ c^acas A^?ith ^ c^use, md th^t c^ase is to h^ s support ?or febcfe 

md TOiDority stuJeDts A^ho ^tteDJ Oglethorpe ODif ersity fey 
prof iJiDg UDity, opportuDity sv)d ^^eDess. Its prro?^ fuDctioD 
is to help stuJeDts AA^ith the g'JjustraeDts ^dJ ^Jf ersities th^ tx)^ 

?^ce fey ^ttewJiiDg s preJoTwiDg>Dtly A^hite UDif ersity. ftis 
org^DiZ^tioDS go^l is to proN^icfe ^c^Jeroic ^dJ socig'l guiJ^Dce ?or 

its wewfeers md the cowpDUDity. 'flie I^IC AA?ill represent ^dJ 

protect the interests o? ifl?ric^D ^TOeric^D §r^d roiDority students 

oD the Oglethorpe ODiA^ersit)^ c^popus, ^s A^ell ^s the surrouD JiiDg 

coPQTOUDity. ^Iso, the I^SC AA?ill stri^^e to increase the ^^eDess 

o? ^Mcm ^Tweric^D coDtrifeutioDS, issues, sv)d iJeg'S od the 

csmpu.% n 'Well ^s the coTOTOUDity. 


'i 1 .1' • "^x^ 





^jll[[ - — 



^Iph^ "Phi Ovo^p 



^Iph^ l^hi Oweg^ is coTOwitteJ to 

k^tes, iiDStilliDg bsttog ?rigDJ§Mp§, 

&dJ ?o§tgriDg ^ li?gtip:)@ o? sgnJice to 

^U, peopk. We Jo o^?©r ^0 projects 

^^^ seuDester, ^d J h^e 

^ccaToateJ ^D ^er^ge o? of ©y 

1000 hoOTS ^ ye^. 

loTwe o? OOT TO^jo? projects iDclaJe: 

fricfe o? fre^t ID fr^er, lieJ Cross, 

^T?Dmc^D C^Dcer Society, Lyi^^ooJ 

"^^fe TDoeDtortDg, ushertog, ^oimi 

c&TOpas, frees i^tbDt^, QooJ-A^ill, 

^dJ PDUch TOore. 

^Iph^ l^hi Oweg,^ is ^ cN^g'tioD^l Co- 

eJ Le^Jership ^dJ Sei^ice 

Org^Di^^tioD l)^seJ oD the Icoat 

O^th ^dJ L^. flie Oglethorpe 

Chapter, Ka Ka, feeg^D ^t 

Oglethorpe ODi^^ersity iiD Feka^ 

19S§ ^dJ ^n re-ch^tereJ iiD 1976. 

liDce theD, AA?eN?e feeeD one o? the 

Ingest org^DiZ^tioDS JeJic^teJ to 

ser^?ilDg the school, the coTOTOUDity, 

the D^tioD, ^dJ our org^Di^^tioD - 

^D ^ll-tDclasit'e collegii'te 



V^^d ^w^ia Kasic 

to supply gr^Dts to howeless 
shelters so they c^d fceep o?feiDg 
their sen'iee to those "Who DeeJ it. 
MKF raises TOoDey fey cowpifog 
soDgs o? lessef-toov^D hmdt ^dJ 
TOUsici^DS oDto CDs ^dJ hostiDg 
shows ^dJ coDcerts th^t git'e ^ 
A^^iety o? ^tists ^d opportaDity to 
show o?? their pDUSic to ^ greater 

Dltip^^tely, FeeJ ^m^ia 
Hasic FoQD J^tioD hopes to 
Y^ise peoples ^^eDess ^feout 
the growing profclepo o? 
hoTOelessDess, help supply 
foDcfiDg to those AA?ho ^e 
trying to help homeless 
people, get ^ t'^iety of lesser- 
fooWD TOUSic oat to poore 
people, md support feoth the 
^ts ^dJ eoTO!X)UDity ser^^ice by 
t^feiDl ^ role iD feoth. 




'" ~*^^ii 







C^Dt^ hf QMC B.D^^^g!X)^Dt 

MLK project at Achieve Academy 

Ogkthorpg ODiA^gf si^ officially opeDeJ to 
eJVoA^eTOfcgr ZOOG to g%p^DJ, @Dh^DC€ md 
pfowoU oar coDDgctioDS AA^ith the City o? 
^tbDtg* tteoa^ sgr^^ie@ k^DiDg, stuJ^Dt 
iDt^YDships, k^Jgrship ^dJ 

coTOTOUDity dg^?glopTOeDt. ItuJ^Dts h^e volivoU^v^d ^t schools, 
hoTOgkss shelt^YS, food hmk%, md gD^^iroDTO^Dt^l gJac^tioD 

Ofg^Dl^^tioDS. "E,^ly ID J^Da^, BO StuJgDtS tf^d^d to elTeV^ Offe^DS 

oa? third trip to th^ city - to hdp gat md mvoo^^ wold froTO hoas^s 
ftiiD^d JartDg K^rric^Dg K^triD^. ^fcg^^, Ogkthorpg "h^s fc^^D cit^d 
by th@ l^oys ^dJ Qirk Clafe, fa^ j^om^ tJ^pot, ^dJ 'ft^esiJ^Dt l^mh for 
its coTOPQitTO^Dt to s^i^iDg oar cowwaDity. , 

this spriDg, three staJeDts AA?ill ^orfc ^% pfid iDterDS, "CiA^ic ( 

EDg^geTX)eDt ^vobn'^^dof%" iD the CeDter, helping to pto, 

coordinate g>DJ le^J serN^ice projects, 
caltar^l enrichweDt progr^ws, svid 
cowvouDit^ oatre^ch iDiti^ti\?es od md off- 
c^TOpas. three entering first ye^ staJents 
-will receive fall-taition schotoships, md ^s 
"CiA^ic^geTOent Ichotos", they AA?ill 

Winter Break New Orleans V 


^oft !d the C^Dtg? 10 hoiift p@T^ M?ggk, 

)be€TOgDt St the DODpf oPit o? the!? choice 
[OTtog jUDio? ye^. Id the bll, AA?e aa^IH 
)ffe si% courses AA?ith ^ sewice-of leDteJ 
'owpoDeDt. this is just the fcegiDDiDg. 

New Orleans - Rally against violence 

New Orleans - Rally against Violence 

House Gutting in New Orleans 



OOfLEf is OgkthoTpgs LQl^f Q 0rg^D!2;i>ti0D, p^tieip^tiDg to ix)^Dy 
^^Dts fe oaghout the y@^, tocluJlDg cJT^tioD^l CowiDg Oat D^, 
^IDI M^^lk, md X^ilowl V^ of lifeDce. We ^e ^ social ^dJ 
giTDotioDg'l support gf oap fof g^ TO^D, ksfctos, J)is@%a^ls, ^dJ those 
(^aestioDiDg their iJeDtities od c^wpus. We sen'e ^s ^d eJac^tioD^l 
outreach ^dJ coTWpDUDi^ sen'ice oi^g^Di^^tioD pfowotiDg eJuc^tioD 
md e^u^Iity ?or lesfci^D, g^, fcisexa^l, ^dJ tr^DSgeD JereJ people. Host 
0? dl, AA?e ^e ^D I'ctit'e ^dJ positive iw^ge md t'oice for gsys md 
lesfci^DS OD e^iwpus. ^s the old s^iiDg goes, We're here, AA^e're G[aeer, 
^D J -We AA?0Dt dis^ppe^I 



fh@ f ower is Oglethorpgs liUrsfy 
wspzlDQ, compfmd o? -worfe hy 
Ogkthofpe staJ@Dt§ ^dJ JgsigDeJ, 

pa^lishtog ^ ?all issue to the F^ll ^dJ 
IpriDg semesters, rather th^D the single 
issue per ye^ o? the pi'St. 'E^ch o? these 
issues uses s UDicfue l^out, JesigDeJ hy 
fhe f ovi?er st^?£ to collect md Jispl^ 
QctioD, ess^s, poet^, ^dJ f isu^l ^t froTO 
the Oglethorpe covovouDity. 'fl^e f ov^er 
t^fees its D^Twe ?ro!X) the LuptoD l^ell 
f owef , AA?hef e the ofQces A^ere oi^ig^^lly 

fl^e f oWer ^iros to prof iJe ^d outlet ?or ^tistic expressioD iD the 
Oglethorpe cowrauDity hy pu^lishiDg s vo^pztD^ o? stuJeDt M^ofk. Id 
^JJitioD to our pu-^lic^tioDS, "fhe f oWer pro\?iJes ^ regulrf A^orfeshop 
eDf iroDTOeDt -where stu<JeDt AA?riters c^d roeet to critiG[ue ^dJ eDcour^ge 
oDe ^Dother. We ^e ^Iso respoDSifele for ruDDiDg oDe e\?eDt e^ch ye^, 
eDtitleJ Xi^t o? the ^rts. It is helJ e^ch Ml md is ^ ch^Dce ?or OU 
stuJeDts, st^?£ ^dJ faculty to sh^e their talents through perforw^Dce. flie 
e^?eDilDg iDcluJes s dhpl^ o? f isu^l ^tAA?orfe, ^s A^ell ^s poeti^y, "rooDologues, 
^dJ TOUSic^l copDpositioD. 


dVi^t o? th^ ^rt§ 

pD^g^^iDg, fh^ f owe!", org^Dl^eJ 
2006's eN'i^t of fcg i^rts. 

W^gfe^DJ, this ^^Dt allows 

staJgDts ff ee reigD to exhifcit theif 

t^feDts fcoth for stuJ^Dts md 

A^isittog p^^Dts Id E.!X)er§oDS 

iRuJkDcg TO^Twfeers ^Djoy^J the 

I'gfreshTJDgDtS ^dJ pfe^tg-th^TO^J 

Jgeori>tioDS n mnc^^ I. B,. 

th@ ^ets, which iDdaJgJ poeti^ 

dgpDODStr^tioD, md wore. t^. 
Orwe ^gD PD^SPoeri^gJ us OD the 
pi^DoI ^JJitioD^lly, across the 
fcuiUiDg ID the f\r louDge, 1>r. 
Loehle ditpl^^d staJeDt ^Wofk 


^1 !S»»^ ^^^^■^^■^^^^^^^^^^^H 

1 "^ ^^^_^HBIIii!!^9 


^H '^I^H^^^^H 

1^ ^H 

^^I^^P -^^J 


^@ Opdictod VdU K^pp^ lockty is fcg D^tioD^l h^d^^ip hoDo? 
gx^TOpl^ ch^^ete?. H^TOfcership id ODK is th^ hi^^st JistlDctioD 

^D J llODOr. toph^SiS is pbceJ 0D thg JeN^^lopw^Dt of thg 'Whofe 

coDtfifcator to ^ fegtt^r society.' 

SH^^^HH Sl^ 4| 

jjjm^ ^w^ ^jmj|^ 




^TK i^il 


: . .H.-;-- ,*?^ 

, :^ ..." •■ '^*>A 



"Bo^'S ji^^d 

mhhf^t^t its ^DDU^l ^nd^voic 

h[g^J cgr^TOoDy foSowgJ fey ^ ?gstiA^@ 
"gcgptioD ID fc@ CoD^Dt the^teg. thg 
DO Itogei^S f gg^feJ us AA?ith ^ holid^ 
!ODc^t, JurlDg -which th^ guests A^grg 

:rg6[UgDtly llDA^ited to SlDg ^loDg. (fwo of 

>?our eJitof s, ^it^^dJ^ eN'iehols ^dJ Kelly 
Poor @^^eD helpe J c^fry the fco^s he^J 
teiiDg the cef ewoDy (finally, ^d 
?jA?g>Dt^ge to fceiDg short). 


ODis^^sity Itotos 

Ogkthofpe Dvfvo^tit^ liDggfS is the pfiw^ vomkd orpr^iz^tiovf 
dt Ogfefeorpe ODit'gfSi^. fhe ^Dsewfek pfovid^% for fee stucfy 
^dJ per fo^TO^Dce o? sigDiBc^Dt choral lite^tuf e -wifelD fee Ifeef ^l 
^t§ coDtext 0? fee ODiN^ef sity ^d J is opeD to stuJeDts o? ^11 
JiscipliDes. flie TOixed-t'oice coDceft choif o? ^pproxiPD^tely 
thii^ty-fl^e t'oiees, ud Je? the feectioD o! 1>r. W. IrwiiD li^, is iD 
eoDSt^Dt d^vomd hf perforpD^Dces iiD the covomtmlt^ ^dJ o?teD 

fhe TOewfeers of UDis^ef sity liDgef s f ehe^se three hoars e^eh 
-Weefe ^D J for their bfeor receiA^e oDe hour o? ^c^Jepoie ereJit ^dJ 
the pleasure of the ^cti^^ity itself, flieir repertoire iDcluJes s^ered 
md secato liter^tare, fcoth ^ecoiwp^DieJ md nwccovop^Vfmd, 
r^DgiDg froTO the PifteeDth ceDtary to the present. It is likely Dot 
tiDtrue to st^te th^t ^^ TOepofcer of DDit'ersity liDgers, p^st md 
preseDt, Jep^ts ^t the eDd of e^eh ye^ AA?ith soroe feeling of 
satisfaction iiD the -wort ^ecoTOplished ^d J the wasie cre^teJ. 


Ch^ss Qlnh 

fhg Ch^ss Club sMf @s to dlov^ md gDcoar^gg the pl^lDg o? chess 
^D J pfo^id^ those iDtereste J A^ith the Deeess^ po^teri^ls to Jo so. 
^artheiTOOf e, -We iDteDJ to eDli^teD the Oglethorpe cowpDUDity 
thi'ough chess. liewewfeef iw^tiDg is ?ud, Id chess th^t isl 



^g fadim locigty Jg!'i^?€S its mvo^ ?roTO 
fh^lgs, "WhoTO is coDSiJgrgJ to feg the "fet" 
philosophe? ?roTO Qrggcg. Oot locigty is oDg 
o? Oglgthorpe ODi^?grsi^'§ olJgst clal)§. Id 
thg 1990'§ thg fh^to locigty strugglgJ to 
PD3i»t3iD itsgl? 3DGf €\?€Dtag'lly Ml 3p^t. ^ 
fgw g>ttgTOpt§ hsd fcggD TO§>Jg iD pr^ious 
yg^s to rg^?i^?€ thg clafe, feat it AA?g>§D't UDtil 
fg^ll 0? 2006 th^t fYg^?o^ IheffielJ f^iv^d 
thg ^^to Society, fhis ye^ the fh^li^D 
Society' hg'S feailt ap PQore TOOTOeDtaw then 
it \i9t hsd iD ye^s. }{opsMly A^^ith the help 
of p3§§ioD3te Oglethorpe ODiA?e?§ity stuJeDts 
the ^^li^D Socie^ A^ill coDtiDae to ^fo\^ 
md coDtrifeate to the coTOwuDity of the 
school. We host -Weefely TweetiDg od c^TOpus 
th^t 3re coTOpriseJ TOostly of Og,lethorpe 
StaJeDts. ODce s TOODth there is s gaest 
spes'ker'. StacfeDts frow s X)m^^ of TO^jors 
9fn kDo\A?D to spe^fe St TOeetiDgs od topics 
th^t they finJ to fee of persoDi'l iDtef est. 
KeTJDfeers of the fh^to Society ^Iso trg^el 
to other ani^ersities A^'ithiD the st&te of 
Qeor^^ to listeD to spe^feers. We encoar^ge 
oar TOeTOfeers to -work JiligeDtly od papers 
thg»t Sf^ safeTOitteJ to coD^eDtioDS across the 
D^tioD. Throa^ this process, ^^tos hopes 
to iropro^e the l^d of schol^ship I'TOoDgst 
oar TOemfeers 3dJ fellov^ school TOg'tes. 


ri^ts for p^opfe of ^11 r^c^s, 
cf^^d% md ^thDieittes, ^dJ 
■^ coDtrDU^J protectioD of th^ 

V-^^"^' ^Djoy ^§ ^werie^DS. It's Dot 

II^SD ^feout AA?hieh p^t)? yoa %ide 

AA?lth. It's ^feoUt fe^IDg 

tohfvo^d ^D(J ^^@ ^Doa^ 
to fi^t fof AA^h^t yoa fe^li^^ 
is ri^t. 


Ks^ptog Oolce? QtoW ItTonger 


KOQI is ^ s@i^ie@ ^^^^^H^^^^H 

i org^Dl^^tioD 


JgJie^ted to 


^(Jf OC^tlDg OD 

\ ^~- v*^^B 

1 hAdi 0? 

\ T H 


} k jB 


i^^^^ S 

OO Vmc^n 

fh@ OO D^Dc^s, AA^hiA hs% J)@@D ID msteDcg id its cntf^Dt 
hrw siDcg 1998, h^$ Uk^D pfid^ to r^pr^s^DtiDg the test th^t 
OO \is$ to o??@r. fhe J^Dcgrs ^g A^?gll-f ouD^eJ staJ^Dts A^^ho 
sh^e ^ stroDg JeJic^tioD to saecess ^dJ ^ Ioa^^ o? J^Dcg. Id 
^JJitioD to J^DclDg ^t hnkethdl pvo^%, ^g^iD this ye^ the te^pD 
h^s feeeD hoDored to represeDt Oglethorpe iD 'the 01^ 
Collegiate cN'^tioD^l CowpetitioD helJ id L^s Yeg^i 


OD Ch^^k^fes 

JtiTOp hi^, I'gftgls, ggt up o?f you? ?ggtl 

chggrlg^Jgrs puTOp thg !Pgt?gl§ up to 
A^ictory. LeJ fey jUDior KillicgDt Kickki 
CoDg 3dJ sophoTOorg L^TOODg* l^cm^to, 
the OO Cheerlg^fes jUTOp, ydl, md 
^g>Dcg -while pfoPDotiDg, spirit ?o? the 
te^TTD. ^ese spirited studeDts PD^fee it 
their ^od to pro^iJe support hf the 

-while eDtert^iDEDg the cfov^d in the 
process, fhe s<^U3J, -which &lso coDSiSts 
o? ?reshTOeD iAshlee 1??0Aa?d ^dJ K^b 
flioTOpsoD, sophopDores Christopher 
liofeerts, Knhis lixiith, ^dJ Eric3 KiDSoD, 
md juDior DeyoDD^ Icott, is prouJ to 
-we^ hbck, iold, md -white! Qo l^etrelsl 



Kh^os B,Dtot^!DP3gDt is ^d gcfeetie dmc^ group th^t ^dlTmt 

th§ Ogkthorpg IpMt Co^litioD. Co!X)prisgJ o? s^^d fgw^ks 

i>dJ oDg vod^, this J^Dcg teg>TX) cg'ptb^^tes ^a&Dc^s AA^ith its 

B^cg Jg>Dcg PDOA^^s. "P^hfwmcQt ^e ch9fdct^f]X^d fey 

iDtric^tg hip-hop chof gogf ^phy ^d J toJ^s bt^st p^usie. flig 

tg^pD iDclaJ^s !X)g!X)J)^s frop3 A^gT^ioas st^t^s such ^s Q^orgi^, 

f gDDgssgg, e^^g^A? york, ^fkm%s$, Ohio, ^dJ ^11 th^ aa^^o^ to 

Mississippi, fliis eoIl^fcoi^^tioD git'es th^ tg^P3 ^d aDicfag Wif 

md gJgg. 

^shl^Q? f ^lof - Csptfvo) 
JgDDi?^ CorD^lius - Co-c^pt^iD 
h^m ^f^^vom - Chorgogr^ph^ 

^fe%is Qf i^ 
J^pDig M?hit^ 

y^xDkf^h J^ppA 



to ^Amc^ thg OgfethoTpg @%pgrkDcg fey ^ctiDg ^s ^Jt'oc^t^s 

for StaJgDt C0DC@?DS, ^Jf ^DCIDg r^l^tlODShlpS J)@tAA?ggD StaJ^DtS 

md ^(imMtif^ion, pfovid]D^ ^^vU ^dJ progr^wwiDg to th^ 
e^TOpas, ^dJ fey iroprot'iDg c^wpus Ife foi" Ogfeftofpg stuJ^Dts. 
Id ^11 ^ctioD, ftg Ol^ steit'es to fairly mpf^t^Vfi stad^Dt fco^ 



put oD ^^r>U saA ^s th© 0?i@Dt^tioD 1^^^ ^t C^?^ f rfa 

f ^Dgo, D@^J D^s ^A^g ^t ^df^$ l^pttfm, j^Qw^comiJO)^ dt th@ 

^JJitioD^lly, thg Ol^ feJ ftg effort ^dJ sp^Dt ^ sigDificg'Dt 
g'lwouDt OD f ^Do^^^tiiDg the fcowJ) shefe ^dg[ ^dJtog the 
eDteft^topDeDt th^t is thei^e toJ^. 


fb^ IteifPDy "Petfd 

flig ItofTOy 'pQtfd hst h^^V) Ogfethof pes staJ^Dt-roD 
D^wsp^pgf siDce 1919. Wg h^g goDe tooagh w^Dy f ^Mods, 

frOTO J^glopIDg D^W l^oatS to erg^tlDg Dew SeCtlODS, ^S ^ 

loDg liDe 0? eJitoi^s ^lg>^?e tf te J fceir h^Dd ^t ruDDtog fee p^pef . 
fl^e 2006-2007 ye^ kiDgs m dl the aa?^ to out 82d J ^^olau^e. 
fhe purpose o? flie Itorwy "Petrel is to pfo^id^ Dews to the 
Oglethorpe cototoqd!^, p^ticutoly the Dews th^t f ebtes to 
wh^t h^ppeDS oD oiif oWD c^TOpus. fliis ye^, the p^per h^s 
f etarDeJ to its tr^JitioD^l fci-weei^ly pufelic^tioD. ?or the 2006- 
2007 school ye^, there ^e six seetioDS th^t complete flie 
Itorwy "fetrel: cJTews, Life iD the l^nhhh, OpiDioDS, ^rts &■ 
B>Dtert^iDPQeDt, Iports, ^dJ j^kxlti^t. 




Left to right: Kira McCabe, Rachael Maddux, Ben 

Minor, Mallory Davis, Eckhardt Van der Linde 

(Sports editor) 




Copy EcfiEor 

]Cdly "Poor 
^hoto EcfrEoi? 

Lily ?iDche!^ 

JosteDS Hep 

%mdfs KcC^thy 


L5OT3 C^lleDJer 

%st% Isfcgll 
K^DD^h Wife 
"L&" Ich^??©? 
liassgll Kr^TOgp 
"H^ig l^reWgr 
K^lloi^ t>^i§ 

K^thleeD %dfo 

l^itdl ncWillim% 

Hannah Wiles 

Matt Isbell 

Laura Callender 

Lauren "La" Schafferf 


"I hsvQ toU my frteDJs DarogToas trrogs, "fhis is thg 
closest th&t I -will g^?gr coTOg to h^iDg 3 fe^fey." It's 
oD€ o? the scg^test things I couW h^e gN?er JoDe; it 
still is l)ec^use dow you're regJiK^ it. WheD 1?isell 
stk^d we to t^fee oA^er for the 2007 feooi^, I tolJ hiro, 
"Oh^: here's to HS ^/^oi pg'ges." 1?at dow, th^Dfes to 
TOy A^oDJer?ul st^f?, this Wm^, fcre^thi»g eDtit)^ th^t 
-wg's oDce 3 prgyer h^s turoeJ into s reg'lit)? th^t I 
v^ill De^er forget." 

"Dsllss, Mtor-to-Chte? 

"I sappose ty AA?ritiDg this it iwe^DS th^t AA?e ^ctu^lly 
toisheJ the ye^fcoofe. ^^t is A^ictory eDoa^. WheD 
Vslls% g'S&eJ TJDe to fee layout eJitor Ig'St yegT" I 
thought, "Why Dot, soudJs like fuD." It ^^s% oDly the 
feeg^DiDg of this ye^ th^t AA?e feoth fouDJ out -We 
-Were completely clueless od how oDe goes ^feout 
pgg'kiDg s yeg^&ook. }{&^<s^(Sf, -We did it sr^d the 
result resewfeles ^ ye^feoofe. LookiDg h§ch od the 
process, it -wg>s f^voafkMy fuD...yet stressful ^t tiroes, 
^yw^y, I hope you eDjoy it ^s TOUch ^s I h^e 
eDjoyeJ iJD^feiDg it." 

Amavda cNlchoJs, Layout Ecfiter 

"I h^ppeDeJ across roy positioD ^s this ye^'s y^ro^cr^ 
copy eJitor rather uDexpecteJly. Id f^ct, D^ll^s f irtu^lly 
^ssigDeJ me the jofe, cbiroiDg th^t roy E,Dglish TOS'jor 
DecessitgiteJ roy iDA^obeuDeDt. "Mostly, the pg>st yegn? hi'S 
fceeD iDcreJifely e\?eDtful for roe, so I hope th^t D^lbs is 
Dot too Jis^ppoiDteJ "With her JecisioD ^Dcf th^t I did Dot 
cgiuse us to TOiss ioo ro^Dy Jeg'cfliDes. Otherwise, if you 
do Dot kDow TOe, Yvo 9 ((nifky little seDior here si 
Oglethorpe geDer^lly referreJ to s$ kellypoor, s cfuicl^ly 
SpokeD hyferiJ. I hope th^t this eJitioD of the y^'ro^cr^ 
-Will satisfy es^eryoDe's Dost^lgi^ iD the coroiDg ye^s." 

Kelly I'oor, Copy BJitor 


V^sd t>^ 


ch^Dcg to eefefe^te (^dJ %tiidy, ff 
you'f g luefey) J)g?o?g ?iD^ls Jf ^fc) ^11 

St^TO!DI> ^dJ TOOtit'^tiOD. ItuJ^Dts 

-which toofe pl^eg ^t l^ucftg^J's 

^Jf eV^'S OpSt^lTS OD DeC^TOfcer II ^?tgl^ ^ full d^ of 

f g]u^?@D^tioD, staJgDts J^cfegJ oat Id pspm^t AA?gf @ tr^^teJ to ^ l^tg- 
Di^t kd%i coofceJ fey OO's A^it^fck faculty md stg>ff (todudtog 1)r. 
Ichdh A^if^I) ^t th^ fctoDU^l Eggs ^.K. I^f g^fefg'St. 




k. ^ 


^....,., ^^■L\\"'*^HH| 



fh^ ZOOG school y^n feought AA?ith it ^ aa?^@ o? r@D©wg J 

fDte^st ID staJ^Dt Of g^Dl^^tioDS. Ig^?@?^l clufcs AA^grg 

lfg^?^^gd md f^dvop^d id fcg ?^ll, rDcluJiDg th^ Jewish 

ItuJgDt UDioD, fee l^bcfe Itud^Dt C^acas, the ihAim 

lociety, md ^iwDes^ iDte^D^tioD^L Kost of the dtiht th^t 

AA?e!fe feou^t {)i>ck -Were JoDe so fey ^ few fifeshweD md 

oDe fey ^ faculty p^eTOfeei'. 

Trevor Sheffield 

Jewish Student Union 

■flie Jev\?ish ItuJeD ODioD aa?^s ferou^t fe^cfe fey ff eshweD 
eN'g'th^Diel (^oldmm md Chloe B>Jw^Js. fhe l^bcfe ItudeDt 
Caucus' l^esideDt is ^i^eshiw^D Chelsi^ QreeD. ^ J ^wDesty 

iDterD^tioD^l M^^% ?e^^if eJ fey freshw^D R,ich^J Escfait'el. 

flie fh^feD locie^, hoWe^^ef , h^s stooJ oat fropo the p^cfe. 

JuDior ff e^?o? IhefSelJ ^dJ 1>!". lirooD Ip^fa v^ofk^d 

togethei" to fere^the life fe^cfe into the orgi>Di2^tioD. 




ID ^ ^^ry uD-ofd^fly ^J^ofld. I? you g^t 
AA?G?IJ e^D't g§t you o?f." 





H^d's loee^i? 


Xv . I. 

V/ /^*' 

1 1 

^@ 2006 KgD's loccgr f g^iw: 
(top TOAA?) Igg'D FgTD^iDJgs, Kich#@l Kufe, Cfe FreiJeDStgfD, JODD 

Kich^el K^Jjisrroos ffroDt rcA^) Josh Ho^gDJ^hl, Erife Ko^d@, itofeoDy 


Wopd^d's loce^if 







^shky HoD^y 




Kif ^ C^T!" 




X^th^rrDg Mhvf 




Jalk Y^ugh^D 




Itgph^Dfe Ch^pTO^r 




M% %idv}^hef 




iflmmds C^P^Dter 




Hy^DDg ififoU 




Jg'pote DilloD 




^fe%^DJ?^ Crg^sy 




L^urgD fhoPDpSOD 




C^ly K^Uto^d 




^gfe Jg??^S 








l^oDDte MoTsehgis^r Wt 





) Cb^ 

>S cK'^TOg 



firo EfDSt 



l^ofc^t I'^glk^ 



itod?gw f alc^it^fey 



m^tt \Vo0*uff 



Bs^^D 1^l>fe^ 



eK'icfe Qf ^^dB^U 



l^rmdyv) Itg^D 



|gg>D f uttk 



H^tt ^fesoD 



Iteph^D ^rcTi€? 



^astlD '^^gDgJlCt 



"P^tfick ^dco 



l^gD QiJJ^DS 



JohD K^fe 



^Jrew Ltoo 



Chris Lac^s 



l^rmdovf HcHkhsd 



l^f^vidsv) Mg€i^ 



H^io ^k>^s 



J.J. R,i220 



fb^o Itg'feg'feis 






K^tk Kglly 



Lsffoy^ HaCmU 



Jgssie^ ^fesoD 



LyD^ttg KcKiDD^fy 



H^sgm H@@feiiD 



Ih^^O^^ IdJel 



K^lloi^y thoTOSOD 



Ch^Is^^ l^^fegf 



^feoD l^llft 



J^ssie^ Dossett 



C^ss^DJrg Dnjou? 



%mdy K© 



K^llof i Kahlfelfe 



H^b Osti 



Cmd^c^ ^/^^d 


Qfo%% QouDtry 

Woto^d's Cross CouDtry 1 




Qillto 1^r^(^ 


Lydb Kofttett^r 


Defcof ^h LufcJ)^ 


w@D(^ n^diii 


M^hy iTOife 


K^Ilo^ lUTOTOgrS 


1^r^D(^ I^ich 


yA5@s-LiD@ Qhisl^fc) 




^V^ Lit'fDgStOD 

H^d's Cross Comiry 1 




Kyfe f ^lor 


thillip Cr^s 


Hy^D ^d^^TO 


^^OD CoDDolly 


Josg DeJ^sas 


JooD^s Hikkib 


B-A^^D l¥ie€ 


B,Dri6[a€ I^Dchg^ 

M^opd^d's §r M^d's Qolf 


)gD'§ f g^p:) 200G-2007 




Jato Q^tes 




^to^dJ^ C^peDtgr 


X^tk D^fe 


ff ^cs^D K&^2 

H^D's f e^TO 200^-2007 1 




D^DDy lAA?^Dicfe 


"K^tt laggett 


f ^lo? OA^Dsfei 


JoD WeiDiDger 


Cto J ^G[?g\A?§ 


D^iJ Dilifc^o 


Kich^^l Kicfes 


Ry^D %i^% 


Icott '?ugh 


"Wopd^d's '^nh^thdl 

XuTO Cb%% 




K^tig Kal^ie 






^D^ Ftodfey 



K^DD^h l^rooks 



CMtlto l^fi^Wdl 



^VQ^it Aa^iIsod 



l^ritt^Dy Corfcett 



f iD^ Qr^c@ 



^pril K^^is 



CouftD^y l^ggrf 



1^12 R.ic'hTO^DD 






Vmidh l^owks 



K^d's 1i^%keihdl 






Quilbuwe Luc6[ 



^f thaf l^ilfe^ich 



^ Jf ©w f ulowit^fey 



Mkk W^ttgf SOD 



Cf ^ig J^dsoD 



f gfry l^fll^ 



ifihx W^ttgf SOD 



Dg^iJ MisoD 



V.ddm l^nAky 



H^it ^Voo Jf uff 



Mc "Pdvoev 



^k% Kif illo^? 



W^Jg W@WoD 



^to^J K^g@TO iTiA^gJ 



Me DicfclDSoD 



Jof J^D ^d^wt 



K^sp^ M^sg 

E. I IT i>. ■ •^*''» -•" 


.*^ .>,.... nc 

■"■ - ' ■^'^gijg^: 

■r.'X*^* "*"" ,»' jf^' 




M^opd^d's md K^d's f ^ddis 

Woto^d's f g^TO ZOOG-ZOOl 

lo J^TOk DilloD 

lo L^urgD fhoTOpsoD 

m^D's ^^m ZOOG-ZOOl 

Jogy Kosciofefe 

l^f^d White 



coTOpgtitioD fegg^D ^t 6:00 1>.K. ^§ oar L^^ 
l^gtrek d^h^Ud the Kills^ps College K^jo^S §7 to 
67. ^?tefW^J§, our toad's te^K) pl^eJ &t §:00 md 
lost fey the STO^ll TO^gte) o? ?oaf potots A^ith the 
t'ictoT^ goiDg to Kills^ps AA?ith 7S pototi i^ll the 
spectators AA?ere tre^teJ to ^ close cowpetitioD md 
eDtert^totog h^l?trroe shoAA?s. 

L^ter th^t e\?eD!Dg, Oglethorpe helJ its greatly 
^Dticip^teJ KowecoTOiDg D^Dce ?roTO 11:00 
1>.H. to g:00 ^M. ^t the ?o% theater's s^lish 
E^pti^D l^^lfooopD. "Hmy staJeDts ^ttewJei 
md AA?e ^11 shif erecf together to oot feest ^tttee 
^s A^e roJe the shuttle feases sv)d checfeeJ to st 
the ?ox. the J^Dce ?loo? aa?^s feasy the eDtfre 
Di^t, md those od the periphe^ eDjoyeJ 
ch^tttog -with MeD Js, postog hr photographs, 
md e^ttog the t^sty hors J'oeowes A^hich 
toclaJeJ ^ chocobte ?oaDt^to. 

cN°g^ the ^V)d 0? the ?€Stb?itie§, the t>J p^aseJ ?or the seDior M?^lk to 
recogDtee md c^hhfsU those staJeDts gr^Ja^ttog ^row Oglethorpe. Id 
sdditlor) to dl o? oOT PDewories ^dJ photos ?ropD this ye^'s Ko^^^o^^i^^' 
staJeDts receif eJ soos^eDi? t-shirts ^d J cloefes AA?heD they parch^seJ their 
tickets to the toce. ^J ^ ?ew J^s l^ter od oot ^ddq^I Oglethorpe D^, 
D^lbs QreeDe md l^eD Ktoor AA?ere croAA?DeJ Lor J ^dJ L^<^ Oglethorpe. 

to ^Dyv^h^f g ID thg couDti^. lo, faculty ^dJ stud^Dts took 

^dvmt^i^ o? this 0??@r. Dr. LoAfes ^t studio dm AA?€Dt to 

eK'@\A? yorfe hf oDg J^. 1>r. D@fcorg»Ti "H^rol^ toofe ^ gf oup 

of th^^tfe staJeDts oD ^ fairly iwpT^oTOpta tAA?o-J^, od^ 

Di^t tT^ip to cN'ev^ yorfe City th^Dfes to ^i? ff ^d's 

g@D€f osity to Ogfethof pg. ^11 o? th^ stuJ^Dts M^r:>d^d 

Yoy^g&, th@ ^TO^ziDg first iDSt^llrogDt o? f oto Itopp^Js 

D^W tfilog?, tT^^ C^^S"^ of C^ojE)/^. ^of th@ rgw^iDte o? 

thg t?ip, stuJ^Dts hfok^ o?? iDto %vodl groups, o? od th^ir 

oWD, to ©Djoy the ci^'s ^^^st caltur^l offeriDgs. ^Ithou^ 

exh^usteJ apoD their bU retarD to iRttot^, the tf ^etes 

thoroughly eDjoyeJ their trip ^d J AA?ere gr^te?al ?or the 




.^d ^^\l9i ^ Dicg bcdi^t it is. ^?to t^kin^ ^ y^^ off ^?tgf 

thg h^^ily, jDX>oh^d coDStractioD o? th^ r^siJ^Dcg h^ll 

cN^olo, stottDg Id the saiwTOgr of ZOOG, Ogfethorpg 

UDJ@rW@Dt TO^D}? f ©DOA^^tiODS. ^ f^AA? of the fgDeWlDg 

projects h^ppeDed fey fuD JiDg fropo geDef oas Jodots; 

others h^ppeDeJ froiw the school's oper^ttDg feadget, ^dJ 

sorae c^TOe iDto fceiDg fcec^ase o? staJeDt iDpat. 

n^st, fr^er doors got ^ fresh co^t of p^iDt fciDg the 

suTOwer. lecoDJly, Opper Qa^d suites receif eJ Dew 

c^petiDg ^D J ^Iso ^ fresh co^t of pi'iDt; md Qreefe R,oaa? 

floors AA^eDt froTO c^petiDg to the to ore pr^ctic^l tile 



"fhg t^DDis cotifU AA^gfg cowphidy rgDo^^tecf md hid theiT 

op^DiiDg egr^TOoDy g^te iD fc@ ?^IL fh@ l^orafc Ih^lter 

AA?@Dt toon^ ^ coTOpkte o^gA^al, A^^hieh a^^^s pfid hf by 

0%if[ md fcg staJgDts ^ctit'ity ?g@, ^dJ it doaa? y ^Dks ^s od@ 

o? thg coolest h^Dg-oat pbcgs hf stuJ^Dts ^d J st^?? ^l&@. 

I^at the fciggest dffigf eDce oD nwpm is the Dew f esiJeDce 

\idl, (^tifmily cotoed tt^se II, th^t is fceiDg fcuilt feehte) J 

Dewpsey K^IL It is s^iJ to fee corapleteJ iiD August 2007. 


1 -.-Jl^c^^. 


^ hdox)^d tfsditiov) hf sta&Dts md faculty d!k^, Ogfethofpg 

Dg>y J)gg^D just {)@fe@ D00D oD ^ p^ticatoly colJ Y^feDtrD^'s 

D^ A^ith ^ fc^gpipe suTOTOODS oD th^ ^e^dgTOic Qa^J. flig first 

ehiTOe o? th@ 12:00 hdk th^D w^fegJ the st^t o? the wuch- 

^Dticip^te J %ifd% o? Fire r^ce. "FlDishtog first, f iro ErDSt aa?^s 

oDiy ^ split seeoD J short of cowpletlDg the Z70-y^d d^sh 

^ouD J the Gfa^J before the bst toll of the bells. 

'fhe sotiD J of the bagpipes theD leJ stuJeDts ^d J faculty to the 

CoD^Dt "t^erforro^Dce ^rts CeDter for CoDA^oc^tioD feg>turrDg 

fce^Dote speaker Defeor^h Lipstg'Jt, the Dorot l^ofessor of 

KoJerD Jewish ^Vfd Holocaust ItaJies ^t toory ODit'ersity 

md ^athor of History od f ri^l: Hy D^ iD Court A^^ith 1)^id 

Ir\?iDg. fhe excitiDg Jr)? coDclaJed AA^ith ^ cowpliPoeDt^ 

baffet-style fe^st for the Oglethorpe cowTOUDity fe^turiDg 

s^TOples froTO ^ttot^ t'eDdors. 



^ ' 



Abdullah, Mustafa 23, 62, 11 1 
Abel, Leah 6 
Agad, Henna 6 
Ahn, Susan 6 
Aimee, Monjuri 23 
Akalework, Akalework Amde 23 
Alexeevets, Olga 23 
Allamagny, Sophie 23 
Allen, Katherine 23 
Allen, Kelly 6 
Allender, Daniel 23 
Allese, Kaspar 23 
Allison, David 23 
Allison, Davis 1 14 
Amlani, Fauzia 23 
Anderson, Jessica 23 
Anderson, Matthew 23 
Anderson, Richard 23 
Andersson, Jeremy 6 
Andrews, Chad 23 
Andrews, Tiffani 23 
Anglin, Andrew 23 
Archer. Stephen 23 
Armstrong, Kathryn 23 
Arola, Ryanne 23 
Arrechea, Max 6 
Ashenfelter. Brett 23 
Atkinson, Cheryl 6 
Atkinson, Jessica 23, 85, 1 14 
Atkinson, Zachary 23 
Aufderheide, Keith 48 
Avellanosa, Aaron 23 


Bach, Brittiny 23 
Bailey. Adam 23 
Bailey, Kendra 23 
Bailey, Terry 23 
Baker, Chelsea 23 
Baker, Evan 23 
Balch, Leah 23 
Baldwin, Irish 23, 87, 95 
Baiter, Anne 6,71, 94, 95 
Barbour, Revee' 23 
Barcroft, L. Erin 7 
Barkas, Thomas 23 
Barson, Catherine 23, 129 
Baitsch-Filho, Ricardo 23 
Barwick, Elizabeth 23 
Basha, Newal 76 
Bass, Jacqueline 23 
Baube, Char: -- 48 
Begnaud, Lau vi 23 

Bekoe, Nana 23 

Bektas, Zeynep 23 

Belinga, Cynthia 24 

Belinga, Rose-Gaelle 24 

Belton, Travis 24, 136 

Benedict, Austin 24 

Benton, Christian 48 

Berg, Maria 7, 78, 90 

Bernhardt, Allen 24 

Berry, Cierra 24 

Berwager, Abi 24, 86, 100, 111,112 

Berweager, Abi 86 

Bethel, Lybia 24 

Bhakri, Bhagwati 24 

Billings, Kendra 24 

Bird, Lauren 26 

Bligen, Domonique 24 

Blocker, Christopher 24 

Blumenthal, Robert 48 

Bohart, James 48 

Bolton, Patricia 24 

Bonham, Jessi 24, 45 

Boone, Katherine 24 

Bove, Maria 24 

Bowden, Lamona 24 

Bowels, Danielle 24 

Boyd, Mychal 24, 84 

Braddick, Laura 24 

Brady, Gillian 24 

Brady, Nicholas 24 

Braucht, Saye 24 

Breedlove, Anna 24 

Brewer, Marie 24 

Briggs, Grayson 25 

Brightman, William 48 

Brimidge, Quichelle 25 

Brisendine, Matthew 25. 104 

Brogdon, Kathryn 1 1 1 

Brogdon, Kathym 25 

Brooks, Hannah 25 

Brosche, Ryan 25 

Brown, Ashlee 25, 31 

Brown, Daniel 25 

Brown, Dustin 25 

Brown, Kardea 25 

Brown. Kathryn 25 

Buchey, Sarah 25 

Buckley, Edward 25 

Bullard. Heather 25 

Bullock, Alicia 25 

Buonanotte, Alexandra 25 

Burkhart, Andrew 98 

Burkhart, Charles 25 

Burriss, Annie Hunt 47 

Burt, Alison 25 

Butler, Brit 26 
Butler, Britton 146 
Butler, David 26 
Byrd, Lauren 56 


Calder, Alyson 26 

Callaway, Lindsey 7, 78 

Callen, April 7 

Callender, Laura 26, 108 

Calloway, Lindsey 63, 89, 129 

Calloway. Lndsey 66 

Camacho, Patrick 26 

Campbell, Krystie 26 

Campbell, Megan 26, 28, 71, 94, 

Cannon. Taylor 26 

Cardoso, Italo 26 

Carlisle, Ronald 48 

Carpenter. Amanda 26 

Carr, Kira-Marie 26 

Carthen, Carlos 26 

Carton, John 48, 49 

Casey, Scott 26 

Casteel, Devane 26 

Chandler, Brittany 26 

Chandler, Mario 49 

Chaney, Michelle 26 

Chapman, Stephanie 7 

Charles, Nekisha 26 

Cheng, Kasey 26 

Chemeski, Lauren 26 

Chimiklis, Brian 26 

Cho, Dongjai 26 

Clark, Lyndsey 27 

Clarke, Alex 27 

Clarke, Katy 7, 71,87, 104, 105, 


Clarke, Kemoy 27 

Clayton, Courtney 27 

Clodfelter, Kristy 7, 73 

Clower, Margo 27 

Cobb. Shanay 27 

Cohen. David 27 

Cohl, Dan 66 

Cohl, Daniel 27 

Collins, Jeffrey 49 

Collins, Jody 27 

Collins, Whitney 27 

Comer, Julie 27 

Cone, Milicent 27 

Conner, Maureen 27 

Connolly, Aaron 27 

Cooksey, Taryn 27, 129 

Coon, Laura 27 

Cooper, Ashley 27 




joper, Genna 27 

joper, Lindsey 57. 89 

joper, Melissa 27 

[^loper. Zoe 27 

jpeland, Cassandra 49, 111 

I'peland, Justin 27 

Irbett. Brittany 27 

Irbin. Marilyn 27 

Irker. Brooke 28 

Irnelius, Jennifer 28 

Irnelius, Lydia 28 

Irsello, Ellen 7 

Zwan, Annie 28 

Zward, Dela 8 

Zibb, Gallic 22, 28 

Zimer, John 49 

];asy, Alexandra 28 

2ie. Jason 28 

:;ws. Phillip 28 

:)ss, Aaron28, 81 

])ss, Sara 28, 136 

:rry, Noel 28 

IcSilva Bartsch, Bruna 28 
)gesse, Stephanie 28 
)ii. Tiffany 28 
) e, Katherine 28 
)aiel. Jessica 28 
>-bo. Austin 28 
).'by, Samantha 28 
>-by. Sarah 28 
);'land, Jason 65 
);/enport, Andrew 133 
);/ies, Raquel 28 
)i:/is. Andrew 28 
)i/is, Gonstance 28 
);/is, Mallory 28, 71, 106, 107, 112, 

)f/is, Mercella 28, 85, 1 14 
)<'is, Varietta 28 
\l Katie 28 
)(in. Andrea 8 

){ins, Gorin 28, 88, 89, 137, 146 
){Teezer, Elizabeth 29 
ierive, Jennifer 29 
)eesus, Joey 29 
5e2u, Dacian 29 
Jeapre, Genevieve 29 
)eidievel, Alice 8 
)erosiers. Tiffany 29 
)e/aney. Heather 29 
3illo, Alimou 29 
^inond, Danielle 29 
3imond, Rachel 29 

Diao, Antonette 29 
Dickinson, Eric 8 
DiLibero, David 29 
Dillon, Jamie 29, 126 
Dobbs. David 5, 8, 60, 114 
Dossett, Jessica 29 
Douglas, Ghiquita 29 
Douglas, Melissa 29 
Douglas, Winston 8. 137 
Doyle, Tim 47 
Doyle, Timothy 90 
Druyeh, Yvonne 8 
Duchac, Jason 9 
Dujour, Gassandra 29 
Dykes, Anthony 29 
Dyson, Ariane 29 


Ebanks, Shanelle 29 
Edwards, Ghloe 29 
Ellenburg, Amanda 29 
Ellis, Erica 29 
Ellis, Molly 9 
Ernst, Timothy 9 
Esquivel, Richard 29, 79, 98 
Esterline, John 29 
Etherington, Nicholas 29 
Etherington, Nick 77, 87 
Evans, Allison 29, 119 
Evans, Jarrod 9 

Fabick, Megan 29 
Falco, Patrick 29 
Falconer, Morgan 29 
Fang, Ping 29 
Faucette, Brick 45, 65, 90 
Faucette, Brickford 29 
Ferguson, Maria 29 
Femandes, Sean 29 
Finch. Rondizha 29 
Fincher, Lily 9 
Findley, Anna 29 
Finn, Teresa 29, 71,85 
Fitzgerald, Laura 9 
Fladland, Eric 30 
Flynn, Erin 9 
Fontaine, Glaire 9 
Forbes, Susie 5, 10 
Fowle, Marilyn 47 
Freeman, Sean 30, 78 
Freidenstein, Ghristopher 10 
Fried, Dominic 30 
Fugua, Sarah 30 
Fulgham, Ryan 30 

Fulkerson, Robert 30 
Fuller, Morgan 30 
Fuller, Victoria Ann 30 
Funderburk, Francesca 30 
Fuson, Jessica 30 


Gandy, Rachel 10. 137 

Garcia. Alicia 30 

Garcia. Mariana 30 

Garcia. Rachell 10 

Garcia. Valeria 30 

Gardiner, Jay 90 

Garon, Johannah 30 

GaiTison, Kimber 10 

Gates, Julia 30 

Gauh, Kendall 85,91, 128 

Gault, Sarah Kendall 30 

Gayle, Krystal 30, 82 

Gayle, Marvin 30, 114 

Gebremeskel, Frewieny 30 

Gebremeskel, Selamawet 30 

Geiger, Lynn 49 

Gerard, Tahnee 30 

Germany, Stephen 30, 78 

Getz, David 10,77 

Gibbs, Gia 30 

Gibson, Virginia Erin 30 

Giddens, Ben 30 

Gilbert, Trent 30 

Gill. Stephanie 76 

Gills. Mary-Claire 30 

Gills, Stephanie 30 

Ginn, Justin 10 

Gislain, Eve 30 

Golden, Paul 30, 64 

Goldman, Nathaniel 30 

Gonzalez, Irasema 30 

Gordon, Lindsey 30 

Gottlieb, Andrew 30 

Grace, Kristina 30 

Grad, Ben 39, 98 

Grad, Benjamin 30 

Grammont, Melissa 30 

Graner, Jess 91 

Graner, Jessica 30 

Grant, Rashida 3 1 

Gray, Amanda 49 

Gray, Brittany 25, 31,36, 59 

Gray, Erica 3 1 

Grays, Kendra 3 1 

Green, Chelsia 1 13 

Green, Elijah 31 

Green, Joseph 10 

Greene, Dallas 31, 85, 86, 106, 109 


Greenfield, Nicolas 31 

Greer, Alexis 3 1 

Griffin, Keith 31, 45, 62, 77, 112 

Griffin, Morgan 3 1 

Griffin, Whitney 3 1 

Gulley, Eric 3 1 


Hadjisimos, Michael 31 
Hale, Elizabeth 3 1 
Hale, John 3 1 
Hall, Stephanie 3 1 
Hallman, Carly 3 1 
Hamilton, Ashley 31 
Hammond, Laura 31 
Hanes, Megan 31 
Harris, April 3 1 
Harris, Brittany 3 1 
Harris, Crystal 11.56, 78, 115 
Harris, Martha 3 1 
Harvin, Christopher 3 1 
Hayes, Charlynn 1 1 
Henderson, Gabriel 31 
Henry, Barbara 56 
Hensler, Rachel 3 1 
Hernandez, Jennifer 31 
Herring, Nancy 50 
Herschler, Stephen 50, 55 
Hetherington, Bruce 50 
Heyman, Amber 3 1 
Hicks, Michael 31 
Higginbotham, Adam 32 
Hill, Bertha Cierra 32 
Hinrichs, Calen 32 
Hinz, Tracsen 32 
Hirsch, Marley 32 
Ho, Hong 32 
Hodge, Megan 32 
Hofstetter, Lydia 32,111 
Holochak, Amanda 32 
Hornback, Robert 50 
Home, Eric II. 129 
Horton, William 32 
Hoyer, Jacob 32 
Hu, Shu- Yuan 32 
Hubbard, Deirdre 1 1 
Hubbard, Dierdre 114, 115 
Huffstutler, Stephanie 1 1 
Hugh, Nayisha 32 
Hyman, Rebecca 50 


Ilyabayev, Arthur 32 
Isbell, Matt 32, 91,98, 108 
Ishmon, Aryka 32, 84 

lyere, Pamela 32 


Jackson, Craig 32 

James, Marian 32 

Jannath, Sadia 1 1 

Jappah, Yaminah 32 

Jeffers, Akele 32. 119 

Jeter. Jayne 32. 77 

Johnson, Alex 5, 1 1, 21, 60, 66, 71, 

78,85,87,90,94,97, 104 

Johnson, Candice 32 

Johnson, Elizabeth 50 

Johnson, Jailyn 32 

Johnson, Jasmine 33 

Johnson, Logan 33 

Johnson, Shenae 33 

Johnston, Katherine 33 

Jones, Brandy 33 

Jones, Lawrence 33 

Jones. Shana 1 1, 75, 76, 90, 1 12 

Jones, Taymah 33 

Jones, Tiffanie 33 

Jordan, Erika 33, 1 13 

Joshi, Sandhya 33 

Jost, Katie 12, 90 

Jozefowicz. Noelle 33 

Jozefowicz, Roxanna 33 

Jurado, Maria 33 


Kantamneni, Soumya 33, 76 
Kazani, Benoy 33 
Kee, Robert 12 
Keller, Jennifer 33 
Kelley, Catherine 50 
Kelley, Jonathan 33 
Kelly, Caitlin 12 
Kendig, Chelsey 33, 67 
Kennedy, Sarah 33 
Kennedy, Thaddeus 12 
Kennedy, Thomas 12 
Kennicott, Bryan 33 
Kerner, Stephanie 33 
Khoury, Magda 1 2 
Kilbourn, Charlotte 33 
Kimbrel, Clayton 33 
Kimrey. Kathryn 33 
Kincaid, Julia 34 
King, Ashley 34 
King, Kendra 50 
Kirby, Emily 34 
Kirchner, Laura 1 2 
Kirilov, Aleksey 34 
Kite, Leigh 12 

Knippenberg, Joseph 5 1 
Knippenberg, Lee 5 1 
Knorr, David 34 
Komic, Amel 34, 45 
Korell, Kelly 34, 67 
Kosciolek, Joseph 34 
Kower, Peter 5 1 
Koziura, Mary 34 
Kramer, Russell 34, 45 
Kj-asniqi, Fatbardhe 13 
Kress, Colin 34 
Krueger, Michael 34 
Kuhn, Katherine 34 
Kuhn, Katie 79, 115, 116 
Kulavic, Katie 34 
Kulwicki, Veronica 13 


Lahoz, Elizabeth 34, 71,85 

Lahr, Melinda 34 

Lane, Walker 34 

Laubscher, Stephanie 25, 34, 71, 78 

80, 81, 87 

Lawrence, Jansen 34 

Lawrence, Kara 34 

Lazar, Andrey 34 

Lazzarino, Luciana 34 

Le, Phu-Tho 13 

Le Compte, Rebecca 34 

LeCompte, Rebecca 67 

Lee Hew, Elizabeth 34 

Leonard, Lauren 1 3 

Letts, Christpher 35 

Levine, Phillip 35 

Lewis, Ailsa 35 

Lewis, Jason 35 

Lewis. Jessica 13 

Lewter. Michael 35 

Lindahl. Beth Ann 35 

Livingston. Avery 35. 105 

Llano. Andrew 35 

Lloyd, Thania 35, 84 

Lobban, Sherine 35 

Loehle, Alan 51 

Logan, Kevin 35 

Loggins, DeAri 35 

Lombardy, John 35, 62 

Loomis, Rhiannon 13 

Louangvilay, Soubanh 35 

Love, Gloria 35 

Lowe, Amy 13, 81 

Lucas, Christpher 35 

Lucq, Guillaume 35 

Luedtke, Kyle 5, 13,21, 112 

Lutz, Jay 5 1 


jyda, Joseph 35 

ykens. Sarah 4. 5, 14,89, 



acheski-Preston, Emily 14, 95 

addox, Janet 47 

addux, Rachael 14, 94, 106, 107 

adill, Wendy 35 
laehr, Ashley 14 
laher, Nicholas 51 
lains, Stephanie 14 
lalison, Halley 35 
[alien. Stephanie 35 
'alone, Andrue 35 
'alone, Drue 65, 126 
'antilla, Alfonzo 35 
'arie, Charles 36 
'arotto, Alycia 36 
'arsden, Daniel 36 
'artens, Jordan 36 
artin, Elliot 137 
artin, Elliott 36 
artin, John 36, 129 
artin, Maria 36 
artin, Pete 81, 136 
ason, Bleshette 14 
assey, Arthur 36 
atter, George 36 
ayo, Chloey 36 
azzarino, Caitlin 36 
: Leod, Curtis 36 
:Allister, Cameron 36 
:Bride, Bonnie 14 
:Cabe. Kira 14, 71, 87, 94, 95, 106, 

;Call, Jeremy 15 
:Cants, Latoya 15, 117, 121 
:Carthy, Alexander 36 
;Carthy, Jeanne 5 1 
:Collum, Sarah Paige 36 
bConnell, Johnathan 36 
;Crary, Phillip 36 
;Crimmon, Cathryn 36, 81, 90 
;Farland, Douglas 51 
:Gee. Robert 36 
;Gowan, Michael 36 
:Graw, Sahara 15 
:Kee, Craig 36, 45 
;Kinney, Lynette 36 
:leod, Curits 62 
:leod, Curtis 91 
:Michael, Brandon 36 
Whorter, Richard 36 
;adows, Jennifer 36 
:agley, Josin 36 

Means, Joshua 36 

Meekin, Meagan 112 

Meekin, Megan 36 

Melcher. Ember 36, 42, 76, 88, 

112, 136 

Merola, Deborah 52 

Meyer, Michael 15 

Mikkila, Joonas 36 

Miller, Jennifer 37 

Millien, Jaffanne 89 

Millien. Jeffane 37 

Milligan, Stephanie 37 

Milton, Leandra 37 

Minor, Ben 15, 86, 87, 95, 106, 

112, 114 

Minor, Benjamin 97 

Minson, Erica 37 

Mirza, Sumbul 37 

Mirza, Tehmina 37 

Mitchell, Camesha 37 

Money, Ashley 37, 104, 119 

Monroe, Brittany 37 

Monroe, Shavon 37 

Moore, Alana 37 

Moore, Amanda 37 

Moore, Cliff37, 71,81,85, 87, 

Moore, Courtney 37 

MoiTis, Jessie 37. 1 12 

MoiTis, Rachel 15, 111 

Morscheiser. Bonnie 37 

Mosley, Nick 37 

Moss, Ryan 37, 136 

Moua, Christopher 37 

Mueller, David 37, 1 14 

Muhlfelder, Mallori 37 

Mulat, Kidest 37 

Muller, Michael 37 

Muse, Sharese 37 


Nagai, Yoshinori 37 

Nardo, John 52, 1 1 1 

Nash. Tamara 57 

Navarro, Jose 37 

Neguede, Wessen-Cemine 37 

Nesmith. Brittany 37 

Neujahr, Philip 52 

Newman, Bethany 37 

Nguyen, Thuy 15 

Nichol, Kathleen 37 

Nichols, Amanda 16, 71, 78, 79, 

94, 97, 109 

Nichols, Tyler 37. 80, 81 

Nicodemus. Casey 37 

Niermann, Philipp 37 

Niland, Antoinette 16 
Nilson, Jessica 37 
Nix, Nancy Ryan 37 
89,98, Nixon, Gwen 37 
Nketiah, Kofi 37 
Noyes, Caroline 52 
Nusrat, Radia 37 
Nystrom, Max 37 


O'Dell. Hope 38 
Obregon. Ashley 38. 112 
Odom. James 38 
107, Office. Business 56 
Ohman, Lisa 38 
Olin, liana 38 
Ongor, Christina 38 
Oredeko, Anne 38, 82 
Osmanson, Jamie 38 
Osti, Maria 38 
Osti, Maria 117, 136, 137 
Otero, Mariene 38 



Padilla. Lilly 89, 112 

Page, Christopher 38 

Pages, Daniel 16,90,97 

Palmer, Eric 38 

Palmer, Richard 52 

Parages, Cecile 38 

Pare, Hubert 31, 38, 90 

Paretta, Thomas 38 

Parham. Matthew 38 

Park, Chong 38 

Parker, Jessica 38 

Parker. Kyle 38 

Parkman, Marvin 38 

Parris, Zack 38, 39 

Paschal, Lashay 38 

Pate, Ashley 16 

Patel. Heena 38 

Patel, Sundeep 16 

Paulk, Aimee 16 

Pavelka, Robert 38, 65 

Payne, Cynthia 38 

Pedro, Kathleen 16, 36, 77, 78, 90. 92. 


Pekin, Derin 38, 90, 97 

Penning, Denise 38 

Perdue, Sonny 60 

Peterson, Reketta 38 

Phaff, Sarah 38 

Phillips, Joshua 38, 71, 85. 1 14 

Phillips, Stephanie 91 

Pigram, Maggi 20 

Pigram. Maggie 16 

Pigram, Sydney 38 

Pilger, Brendan 38 

Pilkevics, Arthur 17 

Pinto, Jorge 38, 39, 1 14 

Piatt, Matthew 17, 62 

Plotnik, Viviana 52 

Poirier, Myriam 1 7 

Pomales, Ricardo 38, 39, 1 14, 126 

Pond, Jessie 17, 60 

Pondicherry-Harish. Roja 17 

Ponizhaylo, Elena 38 

Pool, LaChae 113 

Pool, Lache 38 

Poor, Kelly 17, 71, 81, 93, 94, 109, 


Post, Caitlyn 38 

Potts, Jason 17 

Price, Evan 38 

Pugh, R. Scott 38 

Pugh, Scott 66 

Pulley, Kayla 38 


Rains, Allison 39 

Ramtahal, Vinash 39 

Ray, Irwin 52 

Reed, Carly 39 

Reed, Courtney 39 

Reid, Zanna 39 

Reitze, Robert 39 

Renz, Rachel 39, 129, 136, 137 

Rhodes, Brandon 39 

Rich, Brandy 39 

Richards, Kathleen 39 

Richardson, Rachel 39 

Richmann, Elizabeth 39 

Rigdon, David 17 

Riley, Jennifer 39 

Rinn, Daniel 39 

Rivera, Isabella 39 

Rivera, Mario 39 

Robbins, Kierra 40 

Roberts, Beth 53 

Roberts, Natina 40 

Robinson, Kelly 47 

Rodgers, Sunny 40 

Rogers, Ashley 40 

Rogers, Ebony 40 

Rooney, Peter 47 

Rose, Brent 40, 129, 137 

Rosendahl, Josh 104 

Rosendahl, Joshua 40 

Rosenthal, Anne 53 

Ross, David 40 

Rosser, Patressa 18 
Rowe, James 40 
Rowell, Amanda 40, 60, 91 
Rowell, Chelcia 40 
Rudd, Anthony 40 
Rulison, Michael 53 
Russ, Amy 40 
Russell, Jay 40 
Ruth, Victoria 40 

Sabsowitz, Stephen 40 

Sanchez, Elga 40, 91, 105, 114 

Sanchez, Enrique 40 

Sander, Jessica 40 

Santiago, Miguel 40 

Saylor, Leda 18 

Scarpaci, Priscilla 18 

Schadler, Daniel 53 

Schaffer, Lauren 108 

Schall, Larry 47. 90, 114, 133 

Schambach, Joy 40, 66, 90, 94, 95, 97. 

104, 112 

Schambach, Kathryn 40, 71, 78, 85, 

90, 115, 136 

Schiff, Laura 41 

Schmeichel, Karen 53 

Scott, Deyonna41 

Scott, Jessica 41 

Seidel, Sharaya4I 

Shaheed, Ahmad 41 

Sheffield, Trevor 41, 62. 98, 1 13 

Shirah, Carrie 41 

Shon, Jeong-Ki Eric 41 

Shrikhande, Seema 53 

Shropshire, William 47 

Shuler, Shanequa 18,94 

Silva, Brittany 41 

Silvers, Leon 41 

Simons, Devon 41 

Smelley, Jamie 18 

Smith, Ashley 41 

Smith, Bradford 53 

Smith, Janelle 58 

Smith, Lisa 41 

Smith, Michael 41 

Smith, Nubia 41 

Smith, Robert 41 

Smith, Ryan 41 

Smith, Sable 41 

Snipes, Jelani 41 

Soby, Jason 41 

Sonam, Grady 41 

Sorci, Steven 41 

Soysa, Udara41 

Sparks, Sarah 41 

Sparks, Simon 53 

Springman, Jacob 41 

Stalnaker, Alix 42 

Starks, Rashida 42 

Starratt, Samatha 42 

Stathakis, Theodore 42 

Steen, Brandyn 42 

Steen, Robert 54 

Stefano, Natalie 42 

Stellbauer, Kyle 42 

Stem, Nate 57, 88, 89, 1 1 1 

Stevens, Tiana 42 

Stone, Brad 54 

Storz, John 42 

Strachan, Ryan 42 

Strickland, Kristy 42 

Suddes, Daniel 42 

Suddith, Ashley 18, 87, 97, 100, L 

Suggett, Matthew 42, 66 

Sullivan, Jeff 98, 137 

Summers, Mallory 42 

Sutherland, James 1 8 

Swanick, Daniel 19 

Sylla, Anta 42 


Takori, Santina 42 
Talley, Makenzie 42 
Taoushiani, Marinella 42 
Taylor, Ashley 42 
Taylor, Linda 54 
Tenorio, Georgie 42 
Tentinger, Alesha 42, 67 
Thiem, Christie 19 
Thompson, Anthony 19 
Thompson, Ashley Marie 42 
Thompson, Chris 42 
Thompson, Jewel 42 
Thompson, Kate 19, 114 
Thompson, Kayla 42 
Thompson, Lauren 42 
Thompson, Lauren P 42 
Thompson, Rebecca 42 
Thomson, Mallory 43 
Thornton, Deneisha 43 
Thornton-Riley, DeNeisha 113 
Tillotson, Cara 43, 67 
Tiu, Philip 54 
Tomlin, Adam 43. 87, 104 
Toro, Diana 43 
Toulas, Rosemary 43 
Trammell, S.E. 81 
Trammell, Sarah 43, 93, 136 
Tran, Bao Ngoc 43 

leuman, Emily 94 
reumsn. Emily 19 
Yoficanto, Sara 43 
Toudt, Carlyne 43 
ucker. Dean 46, 54, 112 
ucker. Stevie 43 
"ulowitzky, Andrew 43 
umer, Irene 43 
urner, James 54 
"umer, Nicholas 43 
uttle, Sean 43 
'yler, Christina 43 
'yre, Nathan 43 


Irbanski, Taylor 43, 66 


'afadari, Maziar 43, 45, 110. 

'alero, Juan 43 

'an der Linde, Eckhardt 43, 106 


an Der Linden, Kareline 43 

anDoran, Megan 43 

amer, Nicole 39, 43 

aughan, Julie 43 

awter. Morgan 1 9 

ega, Julian 43 

inson, Andrea 43 

on Gal, TC 43 

'oxnaes, Tamara 43 


/all. Kasee 44 
/alls, Vinessa 44 
/alsh, Andrea 44 
/alton, Emory 44 
/ard, Candace 44 
/ard, Theodore 44 
/arde, Jonn 44 
/argnier, Adele 44 
/amer, Zac 66 
/amer, Zachariah 44 
/ashington, Tresa 44 
/aters, Samuel 44 
/atkins, An'Renae 44 
/atterson, Alex 44 
/atterson, Nicholas 44 
/eineger, Jon 19 
Zeiss, Victoria 54 
/eisz, Katherine 44 
/eldon, James Wade 44 
/eldon. Wade 90 
/ells, Cassie 44 
/est-Hammer, Anna 20 

White, Bradley 44 
White, Jamie 44 
Whitehill. Johana 44 
Whitmire, Chris 44 
Wildenhaus, Katherine 44 
Wilder. Charlie 20 
Wiles, Hannah 44, 60, 79, 108 
Wiley, Kimberly 20 
Wilkerson, Kim 44 
Willard, Justin 44 
Williams, Chad 44 
Williams, Christopher 44 
Williams, Darren 20, 44 
Williams, Ginger 54 
Williams. Lauretta 44 
Williams, Matt 62 
Williams, Matthew 44 
Williams, Nikki 44 
14 Willis, Michael 44 

Willis. Mike 98 
107, Wilson, Amaris 44 
Wilson, Brandi 44 
Winfield, Arion 44 
Wise, Brett 20 
Witherspoon, Talia 44 
Wokomaty, Kimberly 44 
Wolf, Monte 55 
Wolff, Alexander 44 
Wood, Andrea 2 1 
Wood, Renee 44 
Woodall, Adrienne 44 
Woodmff, Matthew 21 
Woolfolk, Alan 55 
Wooten, Justin 85 
Wooton, Justin 44, 114, 129 
Woychek, Alexandra 44 
Wringley, Ashley 45 
Wrobleski, Brandon 45 
Wysolovski, Michael 45 
Wysolovski, Ren 98 


Yahuitl, Gonzalo 45 
Yarborough. Chadwick 55 
Yazdi, Ariana 45 
Yi, Susan 45 
Young, Hoyt 136 
Young, Nichole 45 
Young, Patrick 36, 45, 87 


Zafrani, Sonya 45 
Zavala, Christian 45 
Zaytsev, Christina 45 
Zellner, Rachael 21, 87, 94, 129 

Vfow w^. f o you. 

It's ifsdltiowl hf the gJitor-iD-chk? to pf essDt s kttgf to ths w^ss^s. It h 
Dot tr^JitioD^l, "hoAA^eN^er, to put s^iJ togr ^t the a^@i^ @dJ o? the ^ook. f o 
l)@ catg, I coulJ §^ th^t this p^ticalg>T ^oofe iSD't tr^JitioD^l, ^at I v^svi to 
l)@ hoDest AA?ith yoa. I pat this little Dote ^t the eDJ hf Wo re^soDS: oDe, 
I sw Dot ^D eloGfaeDt spe^feer, md tAA?o, I AA?^DteJ it to ^e the t'ery bst 
thiDg th^t I v^ork^d od iD this y^sfhook I A^^^DteJ ^^ry aa?otJ th^t aa?#s 
typ^d to fee siDcerely ?roTO wy he^t, AA?ith dl o? the yi>m^cr^ 2007 
experieDces ?reshly feehiDJ rae. 

fhere AA^gT^e ^ lot o? felooJ (pvp^ cats), SAA?e^t (raDDiDg to get those l^st 
Qd^I pietai'es), ^dJ te^s (feecg'ase o? the p^per cats ^dJ raDDiDg) th^t AA?ere 
pat iDto this y^nhook. We c^we ap AA?ith the thewe Ecc&DMcity hf Z007 
feec^ase AA?e really AA^^DteJ to portr^ A^^h^t Oglethorpe is; th^t is, i? it c^d 
eA^eD fee pat iDto oDe A^or J. So, ye^s JoWd the rosd AA?heD yoa picfe this 
feoofe ap to TeliA^e sopoe weiTDories, I hope yoa c^d SPDile md %sy, "that's 
exactly hoAA? I rewewfeer it. Wh^t w&r& AA?e thiDkiDg?" 

I hope yoa't'e eDJoyeJ my little t'iew o? the pl^ce th^t I Je^ly loA^e. 

Vdh% QreeDe 
ym^cm^ 2007 

(This isn't me, but I really like the picture.) 


th^ ym^cf^ 2007 is 

d^dic^t^d to.... 

I 1?ut TOostly, the 
gay AA^lio J^gpt the 

feD0>A?!r)^ it. 

^^dLs, H^fe. you're the ^re^test. 


■rflWflw^. (WS? : 


'Th^^ Is ^ th^o^ AA^hich states th^t I? ^^f hf my 

?01f ^D J AA?hy it IS Tl^f ^ it AA?lll iDSt^Dtly As^pp^^ ^D J 

fcg f^phc^d fey sow^thiDg ^€D p:)oi"^ h^x^n^ md 
iD^xplic^fek. ^^^ IS ^Doth^ th^t states th^t this h^s