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Albright College 

Reading, Pennsylvania 
ARTHUR L. SCHULTZ, B.A., B.D., M.Ed., Ph.D. 

Liberal ; 
Home E< 





Presented to 


The Pac 
bank, Cali 
Brethren ( 
the City o 
ocean, vail 
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Dr. E.E. Hallman 

:ated at Bur- 
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ric Center of 
Valley. The 
al climate in 
guests. Our 
facilities for 
laracter and 

Home for . .^, 


Infirmary for the Sick 

Cottages for Retired Ministers 

For Information 

Wrife Rev. Wm. P. Wat/cms, D.D., Superintendent 

361 E. Cypress Avenue Burbank, California 


(Church Annual) 


Evangelical United Brethren 



Statistics for 1Q6S 
RAYMOND M. VEH, D.D., Litt.D., Editor 


Published by 

Board or PuLlication 

140 S. Perr? St., Dapton, Okio 45402 

Tke Evangelical Press Tke OtterLein Preee 

Harrieturg, Pa. Dayton, Okio 

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the jolewokb Mom the 

There are some today who say, "God is dead." Others say, "The church is out 
moded." A man once said to Carlyle, "Did you know that Christianity is on its 
last legs?" And Carlyle replied, "Christianity is always on its last legs." The Church 
always seems to be living precariously near to destruction; but it lives and it grows, 
because it is "tough." 

Bishop Gerald Kennedy uses this word "tough" in connection with the church s 
vitality. It is a word which needs to be in our vocabulary as churchmen. Says he, 
"The church is tough. It is so cohesive that nothing can pull it apart. There is 
something in it which is upheld by all the might of the universe. Its foundation goes 
down to the rock-bottom absolutes of life." He s right, and we increasingly need 
to rest in this assurance. 

Despite the negatives heard about the church, our denomination this quadrennium 
is concerned over "renewal." Spiritual values are not created in a vacuum. There is 
need for the church today, as never before, to make effective the power of faith 
and to speak and act fearlessly. The world needs clear-cut word about "spiritual 
resources" and the "rebirth of faith." That s why this year we have as our de 
nominational theme: "Jesus Christ Renews His Church Through Evangelistic Witness 
and Missionary Outreach." The Church is God s means of remaking men and society. 

The Church is the only fellowship, the only institution that keeps men looking up. 
Without it, how pitiable would be our world; how sad would be our faith. This 
1966 Year Book evidences the "toughness" of the Church as it pursues its divine 
mission. It bespeaks the activities of our denomination in all areas of Kingdom 
endeavor. Let it reveal the challenge of the unfinished tasks which beckon us. 




"Jesus Christ 
Renews His Church 

Next Year s ^ Through it s 

rkU * jpraaax Penetration 

Objective _J!J3^_ O t the 

Total Community" 

Fourth Year Objective: Jesus Christ Renews His Church through its Penetration of the 
Total Community. 

Hymn: "Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life" The Hymnal, number 413. 

Text: Matthew 5: 13 You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has lost its taste, 
how shall its saltness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown 
out and trodden under foot by men. 

Definition of purpose and program 

A. To acknowledge the power of Jesus Christ to redeem the total culture 

1. Through preaching on Biblical themes which relate to the responsibility of a Chris 
tian and the Church to society. 

2. Through study in order that a better understanding of the areas of today s life which 
need Christ s redemption might be developed. Such understanding can come 
through the reading of contemporary literature, the use of audio-visuals, the observa 
tion of our own community scene and from many other sources. 

3. Through worship services which help us to see that Christ is at work in the market 

4. Through prayer which is concerned with the divided broken world around us and 
the injustices in our social order which are so evident on every hand. 

5. Through the fellowship of the Church as it seeks in its corporate life to highlight 
the meaning of the Kingdom of God. 

B. To release spiritual energies through the Church by a fresh and vital obedience to Jesus 
Christ which will permit the fellowship itself to become a potent witness to God s order 
in man s world 

1. By witness and work on the part of the church in the community in which it is located. 

2. By an inventive, adventurous, experimental demonstration of Christian fellowship in 
social action projects designed to meet basic human needs. 

3. By helpfully sustaining the various members of the church fellowship in their indivi 
dual struggle in their work and in other relationships where destructive social pres 
sures are exerted against them. 

4. Through participation in the world mission outreach of the church as a means of af 
fecting Christian change in the social order around the world. 

5. Through cooperation with councils of churches in the local community, ^ the state, the 
nation and the world as these ecumenical bodies seek to make Christ s will known 
in our social order. 

C. To accept the responsibility of Christian discipleship in personal social relationships 

1. By becoming informed on the social issues in the community and the world. 

2. By engaging in social action projects. 

3. By recognizing that the Christian life is an influence and to exert that influence for 
Christ through voting, letters, conversations, attitudes and actions. 

4. By seeking a more effective means of Christian witness in and through our work. 

5. By seeking to make our home a center of Christian life. 

The 1966 theme outline appeared in the 1965 Year Book. This theme presentation is for 1967 to 
enable advanced preparation. 


1966 Calendar for 

Evangelical United 
Brethren Churches 

Approved for observance in all churches: 
BIBLE WEEK January 2-6 

Sponsored by the General Council of Administration 


Sponsored by the Board of Evangelism. 

PIONEER DAY third Sunday in January. 

Sponsored by the Board of Pensions. 
DENOMINATIONAL YOUTH DAY last Sunday in January. 

Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education. Observance of Youth Week 
begins with this day. 

WORLD SERVICE DAY* first Sunday in February, or adjusted to local situation. 

Sponsored by Women s Society of World Service. 
TEMPERANCE SUNDAY first Sunday in March. 

Sponsored by Department of Christian Social Action. 
ARBOR DAY According to state law. 

Sponsored by The Department of the Town and Country Church. 
CHRISTIAN COLLEGE DAY First Sunday after Easter. 

Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education and the Colleges. 
CHRISTIAN FAMILY WEEK First to second Sundays in May. 

Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education. 

In certain areas, where it has been the custom, an offering will be lifted for 
benevolent homes and orphanages. 

RURAL LIFE SUNDAY fifth Sunday after Easter. 

Sponsored by The Department of the Town and Country Church. 
MISSIONS DAY Pentecost Sunday. 

Emphasis is placed on missions abroad and on this continent, as well as church 

Sponsored by the Board of Missions. 
CHILDREN S DAY second Sunday in June. 

Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education. 

Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education. 
SEMINARY DAY third Sunday in September. 

Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education and the Seminaries. 


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION WEEK last Sunday of September to first Sunday of 

Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education. 

DENOMINATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER week preceding World Communion 

Sponsored by the Women s Society of World Service. 
WORLD WIDE COMMUNION SUNDAY first Sunday in October. 
HARVEST FESTIVAL second Sunday in October. 

Sponsored by The Department of the Town and Country Church. 
MEN S DAY* third Sunday in October. 

Sponsored by the Evangelical United Brethren Men. 
WORLD ORDER SUNDAY fourth Sunday in October. 

Sponsored by the Department of Christian Social Action. 
GOOD LITERATURE DAY first Sunday in November. 

Sponsored by the Board of Publication. 
STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY second Sunday in November. 

Sponsored by General Council of Administration. 
ANNIVERSARY OF UNION third Sunday in November 1966 20th anniversary. 

Sponsored by General Council of Administration. 
CHRISTMAS OBSERVANCE Christmas Sunday or the Sunday preceding Christmas. 

In certain areas, where it has been the custom, an offering will be lifted for 
benevolent homes and orphanages; in other areas offerings will be taken for 
other projects. 

INSTALLATION DAY last Sunday in December (or the Sunday following local 
church election). 

STUDENT RECOGNITION DAY (or Christmas party) last Sunday in December. 


Events recognized and listed for observance by local organizations or churches 
wherever such observance will prove helpful to the local program. 

UNIVERSAL WEEK OF PRAYER the first full week in January. 

CHURCH AND ECONOMIC WEEK third full week in January. 

YOUTH WEEK last Sunday of January to first Sunday of February. 

RACE RELATIONS SUNDAY second Sunday in February. 


BROTHERHOOD WEEK fourth full week in February. 


WORLD DAY OF PRAYER Friday following Ash Wednesday. 

MAY FELLOWSHIP DAY first Friday in May. 

LABOR SUNDAY first Sunday in September. 

REFORMATION SUNDAY last Sunday in October. 

WORLD COMMUNITY DAY first Friday in November. 

Observed interdenominationally by church women. 
UNIVERSAL BIBLE SUNDAY second Sunday in December. 

Special offerings designated by General Conference. 


1966 Annual Conference Calendar 



Conference Place Date Host Pastor 

Susquehanna Fourth Church June 7-9 Rev. Melvin Geiman, Jr. 

York, Pa. 930 E. Market St. 

Eastern Lebanon Valley College June 14-16 Rev. Mark J. Hostetter 

Annville, Pa. 50 College Ave. 


Florida Bradenton, Fla. Feb. 16-18 Rev. Troy R. Brady 

1505 29th St. W. 

Western Penna. . . .Second Ave. Church May 17-20 Rev. James A. Woomer 

Altoona, Pa. 130 Second Ave. 

West Virginia EvUnBreth Acres May 23-26 Harry Eckels 

Buckhannon, W. Va. Rt. 5, Box 8 


Virginia Shenandoah College June 9-12 Dr. Forrest S. Racey 

Winchester, Va. Shenandoah College 

New York Oneida June 17-19 Rev. Oren A. Lorenz 

555 Sayles St. 

Erie Camp Findley June 22-26 Glenn E. Donelson 

Findley Lake, N. Y. Clymer R. D. 2 

Kentucky Beech Creek, Kentucky Apr. 26-28 Merritt D. Penner, Jr. 

Ohio Miami Camp Miami June 7-9 Charles C. Messmer 

Germantown, Ohio Germantown 

Ohio East Linwood Park June 12-15 R. E. Appel 

Vermilion, Ohio 1023 Whipple Ave., 

N.W., Canton 8 

Ohio Southeast Westerville June 20-23 Millard Miller 

First Church 90 W. College Ave. 

Ohio Sandusky Camp St. Marys June 26-29 Robert Cochran 

St. Marys, Ohio 422 W. Sandusky St., 


Tennessee Clarksville, Tenn. July 12-14 Lee A. Gate 


Annual Conference Calendar Continued 





Host Pastor 

Michigan Detroit May 9-13 R. D. Carter 

Grace Church 5770 Somerset Ave. 

Detroit, Mich. 48224 

Indiana North Oakwood Park May 16-19 Kennard M. Robinson 

Syracuse 113 S. Lake St. 

Canada Milverton May 25-29 Glenn Strome 

Indiana South Indiana Central College June 20-23 Walter Smith, Jr. 

Indianapolis 4042 Otterbein Ave. 


Wisconsin Milwaukee Memorial May 3-6 Dwight S. Busacca 

Community Church 3480 S. 52d St. 

Minnesota W. St. Paul May 9-12 Ezra Budke 

Faith Church 1544 Oakdale Ave. 

Dakota Minot, N. D. May 18-22 N. C. Neumann 

1227 7th St., N.W. 

Northwest Canada . Medicine Hat, Alberta May 31 -June 3 L. V. Meyers 

Hillcrest Church 533 llth St., S.W. 

Illinois North Central College June 21-23 Pres. A. L. Schilling 

Naperville, 111. North Central College 


Iowa Ames May 2-6 E.E.Peters 

204 S. Kellogg St. 

Kansas Forest Park May 16-20 Max M. Wright 

Topeka 2917 Virginia St. 

Okla.-Texas Stillwater, May 23-27 Sidney E. Davis 

Okla. 417 S. Lincoln St. 

Missouri Brookfield June 5-8 G. D. Hammontree 

115 E. Robard St. 

Nebraska Callaway June 21-24 Richard H. Urbach 





Host Pastor 

Montana Glasgow, Mont. 

May 10-13 

Rev. Robert E. Strutz 
927 Valley View 

Pacific Northwest . Jennings Lodge 
Camp Grounds 
Portland, Ore. 

June 7-10 Conference Supt. 

18113 S.E. Morse St. 
Portland, Ore. 97222 


Annual Conference Calendar - Concluded 

Rocky Mountain . .Calvary Church 

Colorado Springs, 

May 3-5 Rev. E. J. Ness 

1127 N. Wahsatch 
Ave., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

California First Church May 26-29 

Sacramento, Calif. 

Rev. Harvey N. Chinn 
3600 J St. 
Sacramento, Calif. 


REUBEN H. MUELLER, presiding bishop for 1966 
Supervising bishop REUBEN H. MUELLER 

East Germany . . . 

. West Berlin Church of 
the Call 
Rostock DDR 

June 28-July 3 

M. Katthaen 
West Berlin 
R. Endler 

West Germany . . . 

. Hannover 

June 21-26 

S. Soberger 

South Germany . . 

. Heilbronn 

June 7-12 

E. Lehman 


. Bern Zion Church 

June 14-19 

Th. Geissbuehler 

Central European 

.Pfullingen, Germany 
Jacob Albright House 

July 5-10 

7417 Pfullingen 
Vordem Ahlsbergl, 

Supervising and presiding bishop J. GORDON HOWARD 

Sierra Leone Bo 

Jan. 6-9 

S. M. Renner 
146 Circular Rd. 

Keister Hall, Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa., with Hammond Hall, identical 
L-shaped dormitories, were dedicated October 30, 1965. Cost $800,000. 



Jottings for your schedule of official and optional activities 
January 1, NEW YEAR S DAY 

2nd Sunday 

after Christmas 

The Epiphany 

of our Lord 

January 6, EPIPHANY 

1st Sunday 
after Epiphany 



2nd Sunday 
after Epiphany 





3rd Sunday 
after Epiphany 


4th Sunday 
after Epiphany 



> Issues 

Before the 
^ General Conference 

Executive Secretary Council of Administration, and Program Director 

THE FORTY-FIRST session of the General Conference of The Evangelical 
United Brethren Church will be held at the Conrad Hilton hotel in Chicago, 
Illinois, November 8-17, 1966. This will be the sixth General Conference since 
our Denominational Union. 

The proposed union with The Methodist Church will be the greatest single 
issue before this General Conference. The major part of the first week of the 
conference will be devoted to debate on the Plan of Union. Some revisions 
of the plan will undoubtedly be made through negotiation with a special session 
of The Methodist General Conference which will be meeting at the same time 
and place. Finally a vote on the plan will be taken. 

Favorable action to unite with The Methodist Church on the basis of the 
Plan of Union which is finally drawn up will require an affirmative vote by three- 
quarters of the delegates present and voting on the issue. Since there are ap 
proximately 420 voting delegates, more than 300 affirmative votes will be needed 
for adoption. The vote needed for approval in The Methodist General Con 
ference is a two-thirds majority. 

If both General Conferences vote favorably on the Plan of Union it will 
be submitted to the annual conferences in both denominations for voting in 
the spring and summer of 1967. Two-thirds of the aggregate vote cast in the 
annual conferences of each denomination must be affirmative in order to effect 
the Union. If the vote is favorable in the general conferences and the annual 
conferences of both denominations, Union will be officially consummated in Dallas, 
Texas, in April of 1968. 

All other issues which will come before this General Conference will prob 
ably be viewed in the light of the action of the General Conference on the matter 
of Union. If the vote on Union is favorable it is probable that the General Con 
ference will act in the expectation that the vote in the annual conferences will 
be favorable, but if it should fail or if a vote on Union should be postponed 
then the Conference would have to give serious attention to long range plans 
and programs for the years ahead. 

One issue which will be looked at very seriously is a further perfecting of 
our church structure. Major changes in structure will undoubtedly be limited to 
the General Church, but some efforts will be made to improve the work which 
was done at the last General Conference on the structure of annual conferences 
and the local church. Although no major changes are expected on local church 
structure an effort will be made to correct some of the problems which have 
developed and to simplify its operation. 

Attention must be given to long range planning for the future of the de 
nomination s work, should the hoped for Union fail to materialize. Most Prot 
estant denominations are giving much greater attention to this phase of their 
work as they confront the rapidly changing social order in which they carry 
on their mission. Our denomination will be faced with many serious problems 
which will not yield to easy solutions so that long range planning will be an 
essential part of any future work in the life of our denomination. 

Among the issues which would have to be faced in such planning would be: 

1. The plight of our many small churches in areas of declining population. 

2. The problems confronted by our inner city churches. 

(Concluded on page 16.) 






5th Sunday 
after Epiphany 


6th Sunday 
after Epiphany 




7th Sunday 
after Epiphany 

Feb. 23 Ash Wednesday 

(1st Day of Lent Season of Renewal) 

Feb. 25 World Day of Prayer 


1st Sunday 

in Lent 
( Invocabit ) 


Jesus Christ Renews 

His Church 

Through It s 


of the 
Total Community 

the next year s emphasis of the denominational theme 
"Jesus Christ Renews His Church" 

BY J. ARTHUR HECK, Vice-president emeritus 
United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

THROUGHOUT the year 1967 members of the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church will be demonstrating their concern for people in terms of their com 
munity relationships and their Christian responsibilities for the good of human 
society. The gospel of individual redemption is not ignored in the Christian s 
social concern. It is the basis rather out of which this concern arises. Jesus 
primary concern was for persons. In conjunction with this was the overall theme 
of Jesus ministry, the Kingdom of God, which is the divine society of persons. 

The world situation as we know it today, highly complex and confusing as it 
is, can hardly be compared with the Palestinian situation within which Jesus 
ministered. The church today is confronted with innumerable questions and must 
make many decisions which are not in the thinking of Palestinians nineteen centuries 
ago. Yet the principles Jesus proclaimed are dynamic, creative, and relevant to 
every age. In our time we need to catch anew the spirit of Jesus, and find the 
larger meaning of obedience to the Lord of our lives and the Head of the Church. 

One of the great fundamental truths of human existence is the interrelatedness 
of all persons within human society. This is an inescapable fact, whether we have 
been aware of it or not. The human race in its interdependence behaves like a 
huge organism no part can function without in some manner affecting every 
other part. The action of the individual upon the individual, or the individual 
upon the group, or group upon group, will be for good or for ill, depending upon 
the quality of the action. The people of God in the earth bear the responsibility 
for making effective within the structures of society, the good that is the essence 
of the Kingdom of God on earth. It is God who brings in the Kingdom, but he is 
counting upon his Church to provide the instruments whereby his will can be 

The expression "total community" as it appears in the theme is a meaningful 
and challenging concept. It emphasizes the truth that there is no part of the 
human race that is beyond the responsibility of the church. The total community 
is the entire world of persons. Our God is Lord of the universe. Obedience to 
him carries our concern to the ends of the earth with the passion of divine love 
for all who are destitute or who suffer injustices at the hands of other persons. 
Probably the greatest need within our church is to overcome the prevalence of 
provincialism and the cancer of blind prejudice. We need to understand other 
persons. We need to learn what others think and how they feel, and why they 
think and feel as they do. Then, in Christian rapport, we need to acknowledge 
what is true and good in others, and share with them such experience as may help 
both them and us. 





2nd Sunday 

in Lent 
( Reminiscere ) 


3rd Sunday 
in Lent 



4th Sunday 

in Lent 



5th Sunday 

in Lent 

Passion Sunday 


The church s involvement in total community calls the church constantly to 
the front lines of the human struggle for justice. It means that the message of the 
Kingdom of God must be proclaimed unto the uttermost parts of the earth and that 
the whole fabric of human society must be judged by its standards. It is the 
church s divine responsibility to raise the levels of human living and constantly strive 
to improve the human condition. Religion must never be divorced from life. 
Christianity must demonstrate to the world its social relevance. Christians can not 
be indifferent to human wrongs or tolerate needless suffering by the underprivileged 
or oppressed minorities. 

The objectives of our denomination s program, as adopted by the General 
Conference, are stated as follows : " ( 1 ) To acknowledge the power of Jesus Christ 
to redeem the total culture. (2) To release spiritual energies through the church 
by a fresh and vital obedience to Jesus Christ which will permit the fellowship 
itself to become a potent witness to God s order in a man s world. (3) To accept 
the responsibility of Christian discipleship in personal social relationships." In 
carrying forward and making effective these objectives the church will be involved 
in a far-flung program of social action. 

The term "social action" is still a relatively new word for many Christian 
people. Whenever any human being or group of persons seeks to make an impact 
upon social life or structure with a view to change, it is social action. To some, 
this process is frightening because it challenges to change. The established, in 
stitutionalized church of our time is not well-geared to action. A new understand 
ing and approach to the church is sorely needed. 

Professor Roy D. Miller, in a recent article, well reminds us that "the church 
sufficient for these days begins its planning with a discovery and analysis of people 
and their needs, of social problems, of factors of power, of construction and de 
struction in the community." The church must definitely be concerned with the 
current problems arising out of industrialization, scientific technology, urbanization, 
suburbanization, secularization, and personalization. We are dedicated to the realiza 
tion of a Christian society. 

The Bible is clear that it is God s intention that the church shall penetrate the 
total community as we have described it. The ancient prophets of Israel were 
outstanding champions of social justice. Read again such stirring passages as 
Amos 2:6-9; 6:4-6; Hos. 4:1-3; Micah 2:1-3; Isa. 1:23; Jer. 22:13. The 
prophets of God hesitated not to confront magistrates and to condemn rulers for 
permitting injustice, cruelty and social oppression to deprive the poor of their rights. 

Jesus set the key to his ministry in the prophetic words full of social challenge: 

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach 
good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives 
and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are op 
pressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord." Luke 4: 18, 19. 

Paul s words in Col. 3: 11 put to shame our racial and national prejudices, for in 
Christ there cannot be Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, barbarian, 
Scythian, slave, or freeman. . . ." Love for neighbor is central to biblical religion. 
"If any one says, "I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does 
not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen" 
( I John 4 : 20 ). The heart of all Christian social action is its protest against the 
inhumanities and injustices that so largely characterize our world today. 

There is a great array of specific problems which confront Christians in our 
time, and challenge the church to action. To list only a few, we remind ourselves 
of the problems of race prejudice, delinquency, profanity, alcohol, obscene literature, 
gambling, unemployment, and poverty. On the positive side, we must be con 
cerned about the proper use of leisure time, about health and medical care, about 
the population explosion, relief and refugees, war and peace, disarmament, United 
Nations, church union, Protestant-Roman Catholic relations, church-state relations, 
overseas missions, and world order. These and other issues will be faced by study 
groups throughout the denomination during 1967. 



6th Sunday 

in Lent 
Palm Sunday 
( Palmarum ) 

April 7 Maundy Thursday 
April 8 Good Friday 


Easter Sunday 

(Beginning of the 

Season of the 

Resurrection ) 


1st Sunday 
after Easter 


2nd Sunday 
after Easter 



In attempting to achieve most of the ends of the church s social concern it 
will be necessary for local churches to work together and make a united attack 
upon the citadels of evil, or a united approach to organized activity for the furthering 
of good causes. In the babel of the world s clamoring cries it is rarely possible to 
hear the word of a local congregation. Through Church Federations very much is 
being accomplished in positive Christian achievement in our world. 

Study is an indispensable ingredient of any social action program. It is ab 
solutely necessary that Christian people shall inform themselves. Knowledge is a 
necessary prelude to action. Unite with study groups in a zeal for better under 

Laymen in the church will need to cultivate a new sense of mission that will 
focus upon the needs of people, rather than upon how to renovate the church or how 
to beautify the premises. The life of the church must always point outward, away 
from itself. 

The literature that will be made available in 1967 by the general church will 
throw much light upon our theme and outline lines of action. 

Put forth a special effort to serve the persons who reside in the immediate 
neighborhood of the church. Make no distinctions between races, nationalities, or 
religious points of view. 

Endeavor to incorporate the principles of Christian social action into every 
phase of the local church s program. 

Issues Before the General Conference 

(Concluded from page 10.) 

3. The need to establish new mission churches in our rapidly expand 
ing population at an accelerated rate. 

4. The need to reach a much higher level of Stewardship if our de 
nomination is to be effective in its mission. 

5. New ways of ministry must be explored to help us to be more relevant 
to the needs of our time. 

6. The recruiting of more persons for church related vocations is manda 

7. The future of our church related institutions of higher education 
must be squarely faced. 

8. The continuing decline in membership and attendance in many areas 
of the life of our denomination produces a threat which demands 

9. Improved curriculum and better trained leadership are issues which 
also challenge us. 

We would not infer that all of these problems will be solved within the 
context of Union with The Methodist Church. Most of these issues must be 
faced whether or not union is voted, but these will become issues which our 
General Conference must confront in 1966 if Union is not an immediate prospect. 

Apartments for thirteen couples and a new and enlarged infirmary at Haven Hub- 
bard Home, New Carlisle, Indiana, will accommodate thirty-six patients; provides 
new recreational facilities, craft area, and food storage. Opened October 1, 1965. 





3rd Sunday 
after Easter 



4th Sunday 
after Easter 



5th Sunday 
after Easter 


First Sunday 
After Ascension 



Beginning of 
The Festival 
of Pentecost 


The Board of Publication Center, Dayton, Ohio. 
Dedicated September 12, 1965. Cost $900,000. 

We Look Forward to a New Curriculum 

Executive Editor, Sunday School Publications 

WHEN will there be a new curriculum in The Evangelical United Brethren 
Church? This question has been asked many times. We are moving toward 
an answer to this question. 

Why should we have a new curriculum? Isn t our present curriculum good 
enough? By curriculum we mean more than the printed materials that we use in 
our classes. These are only the tools for the teaching-learning process. Curriculum 
is changing constantly as new insights are gained and as changes take place in so 
ciety. A curriculum becomes outdated and thus the church must always be plan 
ning ahead making necessary revisions and at times creating a new curriculum. 

Curriculum in our church is defined in the following statement: "Curriculum 
is a consciously determined (and selected) plan and procedure by means of which 
the church provides opportunities for live teaching-learning experiences through 
which persons become aware of God and are guided in their response to him 
through faith and love." Printed materials are then produced to carry out this 
plan and procedure. 

The Evangelical United Brethren Church has always cooperated with other 
denominations in the development of curriculum. We have cooperated through 
the years in the Committee on Uniform Series and the Committee on Graded 
Curriculum. In 1957 a four-year basic study of curriculum was launched by these 
committees. Following this four-year study 16 denominations united in the Co 
operative Curriculum Project considering the question, "What kind of curriculum 
is needed by the Protestant churches of America?" A basic curriculum resource 
was developed including such elements as objective, scope, context, learning tasks, 
and organizing principle. The product of the Cooperative Curriculum Project was 
published in 1965. This is a basic book for denominations to use in the planning 
and building of a curriculum. 



Trinity Sunday 

Festival of the 

Holy Trinity 



1st Sunday 
after Trinity 



2nd Sunday 
after Trinity 


3rd Sunday 
after Trinity 



The product of the Cooperative Curriculum Project has been used in new cur 
riculum developed by a number of denominations. Our church has adopted it as 
the basis of our curriculum planning. The objective has been adopted as the ob 
jective of our church program. This objective reads: "The objective for Chris- 
tion education is that all persons be aware of God through his self-disclosure, 
especially his redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ, and that they respond in 
faith and love to the end that they may know who they are and what their 
human situation means, grow as sons of God rooted in the Christian community, 
live in the Spirit of God in every relationship, fulfill their common discipleship in 
the world, and abide in the Christian hope." 

Our Church Curriculum Committee voted that we must continue to cooperate 
with a denomination or denominations in curriculum planning. Because of the 
similarity in church polity and doctrine, it was voted that we should cooperate 
with The Methodist Church. This action was taken as our procedure regardless 
of the vote on proposed church union. 

The Curriculum Committees of the two denominations have been cooperating 
since 1964 in the production of a curriculum plan and outlines. This does not 
mean that printed materials will be produced cooperatively, although it is possible 
that some may be. The Methodist Church released a new curriculum for children 
in September 1964. The new youth curriculum materials will be published in 
September 1967. Some new basic courses for adults will be released in September 
1968 with the revised International Uniform Lessons being released in September 

When will the new curriculum for The Evangelical United Brethren Church 
be released? The tentative date is September 1968. The present working schedule 
is to have new curriculum materials ready for use at that time. These will be 
written on the new curriculum plan. Regional training workshops for annual 
conference leadership are being planned for the spring of 1966. As part of the 
new curriculum plan, the church school year will begin September 1 instead of 
October 1. Thus the first quarter will be September, October, November. 

The new curriculum being developed cooperatively by The Methodist Church 
and The Evangelical United Brethren Church is based on the product of the Co 
operative Curriculum Project. 

The scope of the curriculum consists of five areas: 

Life and Its Setting: the Meaning and Experience of Existence 
Revelation: the Meaning and Experiences of God s Self-Disclosure 
Sonship: the Meaning and Experience of Redemption 
Vocation: the Meaning and Experience of Discipleship 
The Church: the Meaning and Experience of Christian Community 

Each area is organized into six or seven themes, making a total of thirty-two. 
The names of the areas have been slightly revised in the Methodist-EUB design. 
The themes are used in further development resulting in teaching-learning units. 

It is to be a total church curriculum covering the total life-span. The levels 
of communication are described as follows: 

Early childhood 1-5 years 
Elementary years 6-11 years 
Youth 12-18 years 
Adult 19 years 

If union with The Methodist Church is approved by both denominations we 
will move into the new curriculum in the united church. If church union is not 
approved it is the plan of our Church Curriculum Committee to produce our cur 
riculum materials on the basis of the curriculum plan which is now being developed 
cooperatively. Thus, we look toward a new curriculum in our church. 





4th Sunday 
after Trinity 


5th Sunday 
after Trinity 


6th Sunday 
after Trinity 


7th Sunday 
after Trinity 


8th Sunday 
after Trinity 


World Council of Churches 

THE World Council of Churches maintains its general secre- 
tariant at 150 Route de Ferney, Geneva 20, Switzerland. In 
the United States, the member churches of the World Council 
of Churches are also served by the U. S. Conference for the 
World Council of Churches, 475 Riverside Dr., New York 
27, N. Y. 

The general secretary of the World Council of Churches, 
Dr. W. A. Visser t Hooft is assisted by four associate general secretaries. The Exec 
utive Secretary in the United States is Rev. Dr. Eugene L. Smith. The divisions and 
the areas which they coordinate are: 

I. Division of Studies 

Faith and Order; Church and Society; Evangelism; Missionary Studies; Racial and 
Ethics Relations; Religious Liberty. 

II. Division of Ecumenical Action 

Ecumenical Institute (including the Graduate School of Ecumenical Studies); Youth 
Department; Department on Cooperation of Men and Women in Church and Society; 
Department on the Laity. 

III. Division of Inter-Church Aid and Service to Refugees 

This division is the action "arm" of the W.C.C. dealing with refugees, fraternal workers, 
scholarships, health, and interchurch aid. 

IV. Division of World Mission and Evangelism 

V. Commission of the Church on International Affairs 

National Council of 

THE National Council of the Churches of Christ 
in the United States of America is the official 
agency of the Evangelical United Brethren Church 
for cooperating with 30 other national communions 
in common tasks. The National Council, established 
at Cleveland, Ohio, November 29, 1950, continues 
by merger the work of thirteen interdenominational 

The business of the National Council is supervised 

by a policy-making General Board, consisting of 280 members, which meets three 
times a year, and administers a $16,906,760 budget. However, there are nearly 5,071 
men and women who participate in shaping policy and program. 

They are drawn from the 30 denominations that constitute the Council as well 
as other communions that participate in the work of one or more departments. 

The National Council is truly a "partnership between the clergy and laity." Of 
the 5,071 listed above, 2,181 are lay men or women and 2,890 are clergymen. 

Canadian Council of Churches 

UR Church has four representatives in the Canadian Council of Churches com- 
prised of 9 member communions. The Council functions through an Execu 
tive Committee and the following Departments: Christian Education, Christian 
Social Relations, Ecumenical Affairs, Evangelism, Home Missions and Overseas 
Missions. There are also a number of standing Committees: Chaplaincy, Christian 
Vocation, Faith and Order, Inter-Church Aid and Service to Refugees, International 
Affairs, Stewardship and Home Missions. 



9th Sunday 
after Trinity 


10th Sunday 
after Trinity 


llth Sunday 
after Trinity 


12th Sunday 

after Trinity 

1st Sunday in 



Denominational Booklets You Need 

Spiritual Renewal Denominational Study Book 25c; 5 for $1.00 

The 1966 Year Book $ L25 

Guide for Workers with Children 30c each 

Guide for Workers with Youth single copy 25 cents 

The Youth Fellowship Handbook 50 cents 

Guide for Workers with Adults 50 cents 

Programs for EUB Men 10 monthly programs 50c each; 6 for $2.50 

Secure Above From our Bookstores 


The WSWS Year of Programs Packet and Promotional Literature on the Women s 
Society of World Service: Write the WSWS Literature Department, 601 W. River- 
view Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Promotional brochures and information on the work of missions free: Write the 
Board of Missions, Office of Interpretation and Education, 601 West Riverview 
Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Brochures and information on missionary recruitment and personnel: Write the Board 
of Missions, Office of Recruitment and Personnel, 601 West Riverview Avenue, 
Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

"Our Church and Christian Social Action," "The Church and Race," "Christians Stand 
Guard? (for military personnel), Pamphlet on Family Life, Social Issues and 
Temperance, 16 leaflets on timely subjects for men and women in national 
Service: Write the Department of Christian Social Action, 601 W. Riverview 
Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Stewardship Leaflets and Materials: All orders should be sent to the Otterbein Book 
Store, 240 West Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402, and all requests for general 
information related to Stewardship Programing and Materials should be directed 
to Department of Christian Stewardship, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 

Evangelism Tracts and Materials: All orders should be sent to the bookstores. Re 
quests for general information should be directed to the Board of Evangelism, 
601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 


Internationa! Uniform Lessons 

1966 1967 1968 

January-March What Christians Believe Luke Gospel of Compas- John Gospel of Eternal 
(13) sion (13) Life (13) 

April-June What Christians Believe The Acts of the Apostles John (2) Studies in 

(2) (13) Wisdom Literature (Job, 

The Kingdoms of Israel Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, 

andjudah(ll) James) (11) 

July-September Jesus Interprets Old The Acts of the Apostles Exile and Restoration 

Testament Commandments (13) (13) 


October-December Spokesmen for God Messages from the Writings of Faith and 

(Isaiah, Jeremiah) (11) Prophets (Amos, Micah, Encouragement (He- 
Luke(2) Hosea, Malachi) (14) brews Revelation) (13) 




13th Sunday 
after Trinity 


14th Sunday 
after Trinity 



15th Sunday 
after Trinity 

WSWS DAY OF PRAYER (as selected) 


16th Sunday 

after Trinity 

Season of God, 

The Father, 














-i J3 















rr> K 









03 (J 



4S -5 

"^ 4j 


is. it. 

^ ^ 


5 $ 

2 O 

05 -v 

S3 5 S 

*O t^ **2 

S3 7 

8 S 

"1 ^ 

t 1 




J5 13 1 
. J I s 

I H i .J 2 

iren s L< 


S 5 i 








Nursery-Kindergarten Child 
This Child of Ours 
(For Parents) 
The Twos at Church Gar. 
Message to Parents of 
At Church with Three- Year- 
Nursery Picture Sets 
Nursery Songs and Rhythms 
Message to Parents of 

~ i 

*"* J3 

1 a 

*c c 


Primary Children s Leader ( 
and Fellowship Hour) 
Bible Lesson Picture Chart 
Primary Bible Lesson P 


^ tSi 



Youth Leader (Uniform an 










* 1 

E 1 


O - 



















8 ?? 





1 1 1 


ii 2 . 



" o 
c * 





^> ^(^ 








? a i 



ffl : 

-* / 




C/3 C/5 







I!|H s 

33 o 




JJ O 3 



~ g>i 


JJ.K . JK" 




CQ cQ 

s OT 

^-iS E^J 


n rt ^ 

O ^ 


^ S3 

G ** rt" 

~ rt 



C C 


c c g 




| S |^ 




N <N m 




^ 1 


















i ff 












17th Sunday 

after Trinity 

Season of God, 

The Father, 



18th Sunday 
after Trinity 




19th Sunday 
after Trinity 



20th Sunday 
after Trinity 



21st Sunday 

after Trinity 

Festival of the 



Here s Where 
Offerings and 
Are Sent 

THE members of the Local Church shall give all offerings, gifts and contributions 
through the Local Church Treasurer. 

The Local Church 

I. The Local Church Treasurer shall send to the Conference Christian Service Fund 
Treasurer all contributions for: 

A. Christian Service Fund apportionment for General Causes. 

B. Missions Advance Program. 

C. American Bible Society. 

D. Homes and Orphanages. 

E. Missions Day and all relief offerings including One Great Hour of Sharing, 
unless otherwise designated by your Conference. 

F. Special offerings unless otherwise designated by the Conference. 

IA. Specials 

A. Send World Service Day offering to your Conference Branch WSWS 

B. Send EUB Men s Day offering to your Conference Evangelical United 
Brethren Men s Treasurer. 

C. Send all special Christian Education apportionments, Youth Fellowship and 
Youth Service Funds to your Conference Board of Christian Education 
Treasurer, unless otherwise designated. 

D. Send the Pension apportionments directly to Dr. G. L. Fleming, Treasurer, 
601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Annual Conference 

II. Hie Annual Conference Treasurer shall make checks payable and send to Caw- 
ley H. Stine, General Church Treasurer 801 W. Riverview Ave,, Dayton, Ohio, 45406 
before the 20th of each month, all monies for: 

A. Christian Service apportionments for General Causes. 

B. American Bible Society. 

C. Mid-West Benevolent Homes. 

NOTE: Please send separate checks for each item. 
IIA. Specials 

A. Branch Treasurers: send World Service Day offerings to WSWS, 601 W. 
Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio, 45406. 

B. Conference Treasurers: send all relief offerings, including One Great Hour 
of Sharing, all deputation offerings, and all special support project funds to 
Dr. Wesley O. Clark, Treasurer, Board of Missions, 601 W. Riverside Ave., 
Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

C. Conference Board of Christian Education Treasurers: send Christian Educa 
tion, Youth Fellowship, and Youth Service Funds to the General Board of 
Christian Education, Dr. E. Craig Brandenburg, Treasurer, 601 W. River- 
view Ave., Dayton, Ohio, 45406. 

D. Conference Treasurers: send all offerings for Homes and Orphanages to 
the Treasurer of the respective institutions except the Mid-West Benevolent 
Homes Christmas Offering see IIC. 





22nd Sunday 
after Trinity 

OF CHURCH UNION November 16 


23rd Sunday 
after Trinity 

(Share Our Substance) 


24th Sunday 
after Trinity 


1st Sunday 
in Advent 


Conference Camp Locations 
and Contact Persons 

CALIFORNIA (1) Idyllwild Pines, Idyllwild, 
Calif.; c/o Manager. 

(2) Mission Springs, Santa Cruz, Calif.; 
c/o Manager, R. 4. 

(3) Sierra Baptist Camp, Auberry, Calif.; 
c/o Manager. 

(4) Meteor Ranch, Upper Lake, Calif.; c/o 

CANADA (1) Golden Lake Camp, Golden 
Lake; J. R. Culp, Golden Lake, Ontario. 

(2) Carrick Camp Ground (Assembly) near 
Mildmay; Rev. R. A. Wilson, Mildmay, Ontario. 

(3) Silver Lake Camp, Silver Lake near 
Lucknow; Mr. David Butt, R. R. 4, Kincardine, 

DAKOTA (1) Big Stone Camp, Big Stone 
City, S. Dak.; Rev. Edwin Rudolph, Big Stone 
City, S. D., Manager. 

(2) Lehr Camp, Lehr, N. Dak.; Rev. Clifford 
Bergland, Lehr, N. Dak., Manager. 

EASTERN Camp Mt. Gretna, (Gretna Hts. 
and Gretna Glen), Mt. Gretna, Pa.; John J. 
Sweigart, 435 S. Fourth St., Denver, Pa.; Otter- 
bein Lodge, Mt. Gretna, Pa. 

(1) Perkasie Park, S. 9th St., Perkasie, Pa.; 
Mr. Edward D. Knox, Pres.; 7213 N. 21st St., 
Philadelphia 38, Pa. 

(2) Albright College, 13th & Union Sts., 
Reading, Pa.; Rev. R. S. Smethers, Jr., Albright 

(3) Hickory Run State Park, Albrightsville, 
Pa.; Rev. Russell Walters, 1407 Linden St., 
Allentown, Pa., Director. 

(4) Highland Park Campmeeting, Sellersville, 
Pa.; Rev. E. E. Trauger, 709 Van Reed Rd., 
Wyomissing, Pa. 

(5) Milford Park Campmeeting, R. D. 1, 
Zionsville, Pa.; Rev. G. W. J. Oplinger, 631 
Turner St., Allentown, Pa. 

(6) Bowman Park Campmeeting, Bowmans- 
town, Pa.; Rev. L. E. Rau, 51 Franklin St., 
Emerald, Pa. 

(7) Lykens Valley Campmeeting, Elizabeth- 
ville, Pa.; Rev. Richard C. Yoder, 33 E. Main 
St., Elizabethville, Pa. 

(8) Mount Gretna Campmeeting, Mt. Gretna, 
Pa.; C. J. Speicher, Mt. Gretna, Pa. 

(9) Mount Lebanon Campmeeting, R. D., 
Lebanon, Pa.; Rev. Melvin E. Patrick, 802 N. 
Railroad St., Palmyra, Pa. 

ERIE Camp Findley, Highway 426, Findley 
Lake, New York; Rev. Charles F. Palmer, R. D. 
2, Clymer, N. Y. 

FLORIDA Camp Florida, 1915 Camp Flor 
ida Rd., Brandon, Fla.; Mr. George Adams, 
1915 Camp Florida Rd., Brandon, Fla. 

ILLINOIS (1) Camp Seager, 25 W. 700 
Plank Rd., Naperville, 111.; Mr. Calvin Gross- 
huesch, 25 W. 700 Plank Rd., Naperville, 

(2) East Bay Camp, on Lake Bloomington; 
Miss Elizabeth Wier, RFD, Hudson, 111. 

(3) Barrington, Hillside Ave., Barrington, 
111.; Rev. Sam Bart, 115 W. Lincoln, Barrington. 

(4) Oakdale, 4 miles south of Freeport, on 
Forreston Rd.; Rev. Romaine Tenney, 910 
Second Ave., Sterling, 111. 

(2) Lakewood, R.R. 2, Wolcottville, Ind.; 
(10 miles north of Kendallville, Ind.) Contact: 
Merrell D. Geible, Program Director, R. R. 4, 
Box 386A, Syracuse, Ind. 46567. 

(3) Asher Woods, R. R. 2, Wabash, Ind.; 
(On Indiana 124, west of Indiana 13) Con 
tact: Merrell D. Geible, Program Director, 
R. R. 4, Box 386A, Syracuse, Ind. 46567. 

INDIANA SOUTH (1) Camp Indi-Co-So, 
Springville, Ind.; Dr. K. K. Merryman, Man 
ager, 1347 Windermire Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(2) Camp Maple Grove, Huntingburg, Ind.; 
Rev. D. V. Davis, Mgr., R. R., Huntingburg, Ind. 

IOWA Riverview Park, Cedar Falls, Iowa; 
R. H. Aurand, Supt., Box 305 Cedar Falls, 

KANSAS (1) Camp Webster, Route 2, 
Salina, Kan.; Norman Livengood, Route 2, 
Salina, Manager. 

(2) Forest Park, Route 4, Topeka, Kan.; 
Ray Oplinger, Route 4, Topeka, Manager. 

KENTUCKY Camp Red Bird, Beverly, Ky.; 
Herman W. Seidschlag, Say lor, Ky. 

MICHIGAN (1) Albright Park, Reed City, 
Michigan; Rev. S. C. Walton, 517 Chestnut St., 
Reed City, Mich. 

(2) Bay Shore Park, Sebewaing, Mich.; Rev. 
Wilbur Williams, 519 Washington St., Sebe 
waing, Mich. 

(3) Lakeside Park, Skeman Rd., Brighton, 
Mich.; Mr. Jack Boylan, Skeman Rd., Brighton, 

(4) Riverside Campground, Buchanan, Mich.; 
Mr. Carl Horton, Riverside Campground, Bu 
chanan, caretaker. 

(5) Lakeview Campground, Lakeview, Mich.; 
Rev. Willard Gilroy, Six Lakes, Mich. 

MINNESOTA Lake Koronis Assembly and 
Camp Koronis, Paynesville, Minn.; Mr. Russell 
Portinga, Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds, 
Paynesville, caretaker. 

MISSOURI Tanda-Wocanda, Kaiser, Mo.; 
C. N. Crandall, Reeds Springs, Mo. 

MONTANA Camp-On-The-Boulder, McLeod, 
Mont.; W. F. Clingman, Big Timber, Mont. 

NEBRASKA Riverside Park, Milford, Neb.; 
Rev. Lowell Johnson, Milford, Nebr. 

NEW YORK Kamp Koinonia, Middlesex. 
New York; (Acting) Supt., John D. Rein, 500 
Plank Rd., Webster, N. Y. 

Camp, Fort Ou Appelle, Sask., Rev. H. J. Burk- 
art, Lipton, Sask., manager. 

(2) Alberta Camp, Didsbury, Alberta; Rev. 
A. E. Stickel, Box 151, Didsbury, Alberta, man 

(3) Charis Camp, Chilliwack, B. C.; Rev. A. 
J. Grams, 149 Margaret Ave., Chilliwack, B. C., 

INDIANA NORTH (1) Oakwood Park, R. R. 
4, Syracuse, Ind.; Paul Eppley, R. R. 4, Box 
386A, Syracuse, Indiana 46567, Business 

OHIO EAST (1) Camp Wanake, on State 
Rt. 93, south of MassiUon, Ohio; Dr. Melvin 
A. Moody, Camp Manager, 452 Lake Ave., 
N.E., Room 212, Massillon. (Summer address: 
Camp Wanake, Rt. 2, Beach City, Ohio.) 




2nd Sunday 
in Advent 



3rd Sunday 
in Advent 


4th Sunday 
in Advent 

CHRISTMAS DAY December 25 The beginning of Christmastide- 
Season of the Nativity 





Conference Camp Locations (continued) 

(2) Linwood Park, near Vermillion, Ohio; 
Charles Dilgard, 452 Lake Ave., Massillon, 

OHIO MIAMI Camp Miami, Germantown, 
Ohio; Charles C. Messmer, Director of Program. 

OHIO SANDUSKY Camp St. Marys, St. 
Marys Ohio; Robert Cochran, 422 W. Sandusky 
St., Findlay, Ohio, manager. Also manager 
Camp Sabroske, R. D. 3, Oak Harbor, Ohio. 

OHIO SOUTHEAST Camp Otterbein, R. 3, 
Logan, Ohio. Rex. C. Smith, R. 3, Logan, Ohio. 

OKLAHOMA-TEXAS (1) Oklahoma Camp 
Redlands, Lake Carl Blackwell, Stillwater, 
Okla., Rev. E. S. Howell, R. 3, Stillwater, Okla. 

(2) Texas Howard E. Butts, Camp Texas. 
Contact person, Rev. Marvin Poison, 319 So. 
Washington, El Campo, Tex. 

PACIFIC NORTHWEST ( 1 ) Jennings Lodge 
Assembly Grounds, Fred Carpenter, 18113 S. E., 
Morse, Portland, Ore., Manager. 

(2) Newman Lake Park, Newman Lake, 
Wash.; Harvey Anderson, Newman Lake, Mgr. 

(3) Puget South Summer Assembly, Camp 
Casey, Whedby Island, Wash. 

SUSQUEHANNA Central Oak Heights, West 
Milton, Pa., and Camp Penn, Waynesboro, 
R. D. No. 4, Pa.; Director of Camping, Rev. 
Wilson A. Shearer, 3 Ardmore Circle, New 
Cumberland, Pa. 17070. 

ROCKY MOUNTAIN Templed Hills, As 
sembly Grounds, Woodland Park, Colo.; Rev. 
Glenn O. McPherson, 2925 W. Pike s Peak Ave., 
Colorado Springs, Celo. 

TENNESSEE Trinity Hills, Route No. 1, 
Marysville, Tenn.; Rev. C. W. Reagan, 2305 
Thorngrove Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. 

VIRGINIA Camp Massanetta, Massanetta 
Springs, Va.; Rev. Thomas Coffman, P. O. Box 
47, Verona, Va., Director. 

gheny, R. D. 2, Stoystown, Pa.; Cecil Wagner, 
caretaker, Camp Allegheny, R. D. 2, Stoystown, 
Pa. 15563. 

WEST VIRGINIA EvUnBreth Acres, R. 5, 
Box 8, Buckhannon, W. Va.; Rev. James H. 
Reed, R. 5, Box 8, Buckhannon, W. Va. 

WISCONSIN (1) Camp Lucerne, Route No. 
1, Neshkoro, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Oppe- 
dahl, Route No. 1, Neshkoro, caretakers. 

Statistics of European Conferences 

1965 Sessions of the Annual Conferences 


South East Germany East 
Germany (West Berlin) Germany 


Elders under appointment 41 65 7 26 47 

Superannuated elders 10 23 3 2 13 

Local elders ... 2 ... ... 2 

Number of probationers 10 6 7 

Total number of ministers 61 115 16 35 73 

Number of charges 41 57 6 26 38 

Number of organized congregations 66 193 10 53 102 
Number of appointments not or 
ganizing 39 88 3 37 131 

Members at close of last year . 6799 13 429 1411 3695 6329 

Members gained during year 525 463 75 207 193 

Members lost during year 621 481 63 282 255 

Net loss 96 18 ... 75 62 

Net gain ... ... 12 

Present membership . 6703 13 411 1423 3620 6267 

Friends of the church 7258 15 335 2181 5264 2370 

Baptisms 145 275 36 95 130 

Sunday church school enrollment . . 2527 6669 325 1288 7247 
Enrollment in catechetical or pastors 

classes 253 409 101 133+247 331 

Enrollment in youth work 1405 3043 254 387 1009 

Under 14 years of age 658 1542 109 28 ? 

Over 14 years of age 747 1501 145 359 1009 

Enrollment in men s work 335 1050 50 197 ? 

Enrollment in women s work 1099 2006 205 479 601 

1 355 967 sfrs 

Contributions for all purposes 1 432 297.06 3 227 291.50 246 482.50 530 111.87 +236 386 ffrs 

DM West DM West DM West DM East 
Contributions for all purposes in 

U. S. dollars $358,074.24 $806,822.87 $61,620.62 $ $ 

(1 U. S. $ = 4 DM) 

Note: First line in "Contributions for all purposes" is given in marks. The second line converts the 
figures into United States dollars for purposes of summary. It is really not fair to do this without taking 
into consideration the varying economic and financial factors. German marks and Swiss francs have a 
practical economic value equivalent to a dollar, when kept in the European scene. In conversion, four 
Swiss francs and four German marks are equivalent to one dollar. 


Ecclesiastical Calendar for 1966 



January 2, 1966 
O. T.: Zech. 2: 10-13 
Epistle: Heb. 1: 1-12 
Gospel: Luke 2: 21-32 


January 6 

O. T.: Isaiah 60: 1-6 
Epistle: II Cor. 4: 3-6 
Gospel: Matt. 2: 1-12 


January 9 
O. T.: Isaiah 60: 1-3, 6b 

Epistle: Eph. 3: 1-12 
Gospel: Matthew 2: 1-12 


January 16 

O. T.: Isaiah 49: 8-13 

Epistle: Eph. 2: 11-18 

Gospel: Matthew 5: 14-20 


January 23 

O. T.: I Sam. 1: 19c-28 
Epistle: II Cor. 4: 1-6 
Gospel: Luke 2: 39-52 


January 30 

O. T.: Jonah 3: 1-5 

Epistle: I Cor. 1: 18-31 

Gospel: John 12: 20-36a 


February 6 

O. T.: Hosea 6: 1-3 

Epistle: Col. 1: 21-29 

Gospel: John 1: 19-30 


February 13 

O. T.: Jer. 10: 1-7 

Epistle: Acts 8: 26-35 

Gospel: John 4: 7-26 


February 20 ( Septuagesima ) 

O. T.: Hab. 2: 18-20; 3: 24 

Epistle: I Peter 2: 4-10 

Gospel: John 1: 35-51 


February 23 

O. T.: Joel 2: 12, 15-17 

Epistle: I Cor. 9: 24-27 

Gospel: Matthew 6: 16-21 


February 27 (Invocavit) 

O. T.: Ezek. 33: 7-16 

Epistle: I John 2: 1-3, 15-17 

Gospel: Mark 1:9-12 


March 6 ( Reminiscere ) 

O. T.: Exod. 33: 18-23 

Epistle: Hebrews 12: 18-29 

Gospel: Matthew 17: 1-9 


March 13 (Oculi) 

O. T.: Amos 7:7-10, 14-16a 

Epistle: Romans 6: 15-23 

Gospel: Mark 10: 17-27 


March 20 (Laetere) 

O. T.: Lamen. 3: 22-26, 31-33 

Epistle: II Cor. 6: 1-10 

Gospel: Luke 18: 1-14 


March 27 (Judica) 

O. T.: Gen. 22: 1-2, 9-13 

Epistle: Heb. 9: 11-14 

Gospel: John 11:47-53 


April 3 (Palmarum) 

O. T.: Zech. 9: 9-12 

Epistle: Phil. 2: 5-11 

Gospel: Luke 19: 29-40 


April 7 

O. T.: Exod. 12: 1, 3, 6-8, 11, 14, 25-27 

Epistle: I Cor. 11:23-26 

Gospel: Mark 14: 17-25 


April 8 

O. T.: Isaiah 52: 1353: 12 

Epistle: Hebrews 10: 4-7, 10-23 

Gospel: Luke 23: 33-38, 44-46 



April 10 

O. T.: Isaiah 25: 1, 7-9 
Epistle: Acts 13: 26-33 
Gospel: Mark 16: 1-7 

April 17 (Quasimodogeniti) 

O. T.: Job 19: 1,23-27 

Epistle: I Cor. 15: 12-22 

Gospel: John 20: 19-31 

April 24 ( Misericordia Domini) 

O. T.: Isaiah 12: 1-6 

Epistle: Romans 6: 3-11 

Gospel: John 6: 37-40 


May 1 (Jubilate) 

O. T.: Ezek. 34: 11-16, 30-31 

Epistle: I Peter 2: 19-25 

Gospel: John 10: 11-16 


May 8 (Cantate) 

O. T.: Deut. 7: 6-11 

Epistle: II Cor. 5: 1-10 

Gospel: John 16: 16-22 


May 15 (Rogate) 

O. T.: Deut. 10: 12-15, 2011: 1 

Epistle: I John 5:1-5, 11 

Gospel: John 17: 1-5 

May 19 

O. T.: Dan. 7: 9-10, 13-14 

Epistle: Eph. 1: 15-23 

Gospel: Luke 24: 44-53 


May 22 (Exaudi) 

O. T.: Ezek. 36: 25-27 

Epistle: Romans 8: 29-39 

Gospel: John 17: 20-26 


May 29 (The Festival of Pentecost) 

O. T.: Jer. 31: 31-34 

Epistle: Acts 2: 1-8, 12-21 

Gospel: John 14: 15-17, 25-27 


June 5 

O. T.: Exo. 3: l-8fo, 10-15 
Epistle: Romans 11:33-36 
Gospel: Matthew 28: 16-20 

June 12 

O. T.: Gen. 3: 1-6, 22-23 

Epistle: Acts 3: 1-7, 11-21 

Gospel: Matthew 11: 2-6 


June 19 

O. T.: Gen. 9: 8-15 

Epistle: Acts 4: 8, 10-13, 18-20 

Gospel: Luke 10: 1-11 


June 26 

O. T.: Gen. 28: 10-22 

Epistle: Acts 9: 22, 26-31 

Gospel: John 3: 4-17 


O. T.: Gen. 45: 4-11 

Epistle: Acts 15: 1, 6-11 

Gospel: Matthew 16: 13-19 


July 10 

O. T.: Exo. 20: 1-20 
Epistle: Acts 16: 1-10 
Gospel: Luke 19: 1-10 


July 17 

O. T.: Numbers 27: 12-14a, 15-20, 22-23 

Epistle: Acts 18: 2419: 6 

Gospel: John 10: 1-10 

July 24 

O. T.: Josh. 24: 1-15, 24 
Epistle: Acts 17: 21-31 
Gospel: Luke 8: 4-15 


July 31 

O. T.: Judges 7: 2-7, 19-22 
Epistle: Acts 20: 17-28, 32 
Gospel: Matthew 10: 16-33 


August 7 

O. T.: Ruth 1: 1, 4-9, 16, 19a 

Epistle: Acts 28: 16-20, 23-24, 30-31 

Gospel: Luke 15: 1-10 


August 14 

O. T.: I Sam. 9: 15-17, 10: 1 

Epistle: Romans 8: 14-39 

Gospel: Luke 18: 18-30 



August 21 

O. T.: I Sam. 16: 1-13 

Epistle: II Cor. 3: 4-11, 17-18 

Gospel: Luke 11: 1-4, 9-13 


August 28 

O. T.: I Chron. 29: 10-18 
Epistle: Rev. 19: 1, 4, 6-8 
Gospel: Matthew 25: 31-40 

September 4 

O. T.: I Kings 18: 21-39 
Epistle: I Tim. 6: 6-19 
Gospel: Luke 16: 10-15 


September 11 

O. T.: Isaiah 6: 1-8 

Epistle: II Cor. 5: 176: 2 

Gospel: Mark 10: 28-31 


September 18 
O. T.: Obadiah 1: 1-4, 15-170, 21 

Epistle: Col. 3: 1-15 
Gospel: Matthew 7: 15-23 


September 25 

O. T.: Nahum 1: 1-8 

Epistle: Heb. 13: 1-6 

Gospel: Matthew 18: 15-22 


October 2 

O. T.: Micah 6: 1-4, 5d-8 
Epistle: Hebrews 11: 1-3, 6 
Gospel: Matthew 8: 23-27 

October 9 

O. T.: Ezek. 18: 23-32 

Epistle: James 1: 17-27 

Gospel: Luke 21: 1-4 


October 16 

O. T.: Amos 5: 18-24 

Epistle: II Tim. 2: 1-13 

Gospel: Matthew 25: 14-30 

October 23 

O. T.: Isaiah 55: 1-7 

Epistle: Phil. 1: 1-3, 10: 16 

Gospel: Luke 15: 11-32 

(The Festival of the Reformation) 

October 30 

O. T.: Nehemiah 8: 1-3, 5-8 
Epistle: Gal. 3: 23-26 
Gospel: John 2: 13-16 

All Saints Day 
November 1 

O. T.: Isaiah 51: 11-16 

Epistle: Rev. 7: 9-17 

Gospel: Matthew 5: 1-12 


November 6 

O. T.: Zeph. 3: 8-13 

Epistle: I John 2: 24-25, 28-29, 3: 1-2 

Gospel: Mark 6: 31-44 


November 13 

O. T.: Haggai 1:3-9, 2: 1, 3-7 
Epistle: II Peter 3: 8-14 
Gospel: Matthew 7: 24-29 


November 20 

O. T.: Ezra 1: 2-4, 3: 10-13 
Epistle: Jude 1: 17-21, 24-25 
Gospel: Luke 13: 22-24, 34-35 


November 24 

O. T.: Deut. 8:7-18 

Epistle: II Cor. 9: 6-12 

Gospel: Luke 12: 16-31 


November 27 

O. T.: Malachi 3: l-7b 

Epistle: Romans 13: 8-14 

Gospel: Mark 13: 33-37 


December 4 

O. T.: Isaiah 11: 1-10 

Epistle: I Thess. 5: 1-11 

Gospel: Luke 1: 26-35 


December 11 
O. T.: Isaiah 62: 10-12 
Epistle: I Cor. 4: 1-5 
Gospel: Luke 3: 2b-6 


December 18 

O. T.: Isaiah 7: 10-14 

Epistle: Titus 2: 113-7 

Gospel: Matthew 1: 18-25 


December 25 

O. T.: Isaiah 9: 2, 6-7 
Epistle: Gal. 4: 1-7 
Gospel: Luke 2: 1-20 


January 1 

O. T.: Isaiah 42: 1-9 

Epistle: I John 4: 9-16 

Gospel: John 1:1-14 


January 8 

O. T.: Isa. 60: 1-3, 6b 
Epistle: Eph. 3: 1-12 
Gospel: Matt. 2: 1-12 

January 15 

O. T.: Isa. 49:8-13 
Epistle: Eph. 2: 11-18 
Gospel: Matt. 5: 14-20 


January 22 

O. T.: I Sam. 1: 19c-28 
Epistle: II Cor. 4: 1-6 
Gospel: Luke 2: 39-52 


January 29 

O. T.: Jonah 3: 1-5 

Epistle: I Cor. 1: 18-31 

Gospel: John 12: 20-36a 

Adapted from THE BOOK OF WORSHIP FOR CHURCH AND HOME. Copyright 1964 by 
The Board of Publication of The Methodist Church, Inc. (Used by permission.) 

November 13 Heritage Sunday Recognizing 

150th Anniversary of General Conference (United Brethren, June 6, 1815; Evan 
gelical, October 14, 1816) 
150th Anniversary of Publishing (Publishing House built in 1815; first publications 

in late 1816) 
100th Anniversary of First Benevolent Home (July 1, 1866 Ebenezer Home, later 

known as Flat Rock) 

100th Anniversary of Sabbath School Association 
100th Anniversary of Lebanon Valley College 
20th Anniversary of Evangelical United Brethren Church as denomination ( Nov. 16, 


41st Session of General Conference 

200th Anniversary of Issac Long Barn Meeting ( Drnry states that the Big Meeting 
in which Boehm and Otterbein met was sometime between 1766-1768) 

Movable Festivals 1966-1975 












a ~ 

nl I-Q 


f^ QJ 







Mar. 3 

Apr. 18 

May 27 

June 6 


Nov. 28 


Feb. 23 
Feb. 8 

Apr. 10 
Mar. 26 

May 19 
May 4 

May 29 
May 14 


Nov. 27 
Dec. 3 


Feb. 28 

Apr. 14 

May 23 

June 2 


Dec. 1 


Feb. 19 

Apr. 6 

May 15 

May 25 


Nov. 30 


Feb. 11 

Mar. 29 

May 7 

May 17 


Nov. 29 


Feb. 24 

Apr. 11 

May 21 

May 31 


Nov. 28 


Feb. 16 

Apr. 2 

May 11 

May 21 


Dec. 3 


Mar. 7 

Apr. 22 

May 31 

June 10 


Dec. 2 


Feb. 27 

Apr. 14 

May 27 

June 2 


Dec. 1 


Feb. 12 

Mar. 30 | May 9 

May 18 


Nov. 30 




January 2 Second Sunday after Christinas White 

6 The Epiphany of our Lord . ! White 

9 The First Sunday after the Epiphany Green 

The Second Sunday after the Epiphany Green 

23 The Third Sunday after the Epiphany . Green 

30 The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany !!!!!! .!!!!! Green 

February 6 The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany . Green 

13 The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany . .Green 

20 The Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany . Green 

23 The First Day of Lent Ash Wednesday . .Violet 

27 The First Sunday in Lent Violet 

March 6 The Second Sunday in Lent . Vinlet- 

13 The Third Sunday in Lent " Violet 

20 The Fourth Sunday in Lent ,[[[ ! Violet 

27 The Fifth Sunday in Lent .Violet 

April 3 The Sixth Sunday in Lent (Psalm Sunday) .... Violet 

7 Maundy Thursday Violet 

8 Good Friday .........*... Black 

10 Easter Sunday The Festival of the Resurrection . ......... .White 

17 The First Sunday after Easter White 

24 The Second Sunday after Easter . . . White 

May 1 The Third Sunday after Easter White 

8 The Fourth Sunday after Easter ....!.....! . .White 

15 The Fifth Sunday after Easter White 

19 Ascension Day . White 

22 The Sunday after the Ascension white 

29 Whitsunday The Festival of Pentecost . . .. Red 

J une 5 Trinity Sunday The Festival of the Holy Trinity . White 

Jo u e o irst l u S da ^ after Trinit y Green 

19 The Second Sunday after Trinity . Green 

26 The Third Sunday after Trinity ...... . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Green 

July 3 The Fourth Sunday after Trinity . Green 

10 The Fifth Sunday after Trinity . Green 

17 The Sixth Sunday after Trinity ...... . . . . . ! . GreS 

24 The Seventh Sunday after Trinity . . Green 

31 The Eighth Sunday after Trinity .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Green 

August 7 The Ninth Sunday after Trinity . . Green 

14 The Tenth Sunday after Trinity . Green 

21 The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity . 

28 The First Sunday in Kingdomtide ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Green 

September 4 The Second Sunday in Kingdomtide . . Green 

11 The Third Sunday in Kingdomtide Green 

18 The Fourth Sunday in Kingdomtide .... .I!!!!!!! .Green 

25 The Fifth Sunday in Kingdomtide . . . ! Green 

October 2 The Sixth Sunday in Kingdomtide . . . Green 

9 The Seventh Sunday in Kingdomtide . .. , ,\ Green 

16 The Eighth Sunday in Kingdomtide Green 

The Ninth Sunday in Kingdomtide . . Green 

30 The Tenth Sunday in Kingdomtidc Reformation Day .Red 

November 6 The Eleventh Sunday in Kingdomtide . . . Green 

13 The Twelfth Sunday in Kingdomtide . Green 

20 The Thirteenth Sunday in Kingdomtide . Green 

27 The First Sunday in Advent Forefathers Sunday ................. .Violet 

December 4 The Second Sunday in Advent . Violet 

11 The Third Sunday in Advent . Violet 

18 The Fourth Sunday in Advent " Violet 

25 Christmas Day . .. . . . . . white 

January 1 The First Sunday after Christmas White 

The Epiphany of our Lord . . White 

8 The First Sunday after the Epiphany !!!!!!! ! White 


Whittemore: Symbols of the Church. record. Sale, $5.00 each without 

Thomas A. Stafford: Christian Symbol- record; $7.50 with record. 

ism in the Evangelical Churches. The Church, by LeRoy and Marie Kutz, 

Christian Symbols. 35mm color filmstrip. describes the care of the chancel and 

The Upper Room: Symbols: Signposts altar. 

of Devotion. The Altar Guild, by D. A. Menges, 

Sale, $10.00 (Methodist) Muhlenberg Press. 

Symbols of the Church Series. 35mm Our Christian Symbols, by Friedrich 

sound color filmstrip with 33& Ip Rest, Christian Education Press, 1956. 


Well-Known Organizations 

Alcoholic Foundation, for Inquiries about Alcoholics Anonymous, P. O. Box 

459, Grand Central Annex, New York 17, N. Y. 

Allied Youth, Inc., 1346 Connecticut Ave., Suite 326, Washington 6, D. C. 
American Bible Society, 450 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022 
American Friends Service Committee, 20 S. Twelfth St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. 
American National Red Cross, Washington 13, D. C. 
Boy Scouts of America, National Council, New Brunswick, N. J. 
Camp Fire Girls, Inc., 16 E. 48th St., New York 17, N. Y. 
Canadian Council of Churches, 40 St. Glair Ave. E., Toronto 7, Ont., 


CARE, 660 First Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 
Christian Endeavor, International Society and World s Union of, 1221 E. 

Broad St., Columbus 16, Ohio. 

Church Peace Union, 170 E. 64th St., New York 21, N. Y. 
Community Chests and Councils, Inc., 155 E. 44th St., New York 17, N. Y. 
Fellowship of Reconciliation, Box 271, Nyack, N. Y. 

Girl Scouts, National Headquarters, 155 E. 44th St., New York 17, N. Y. 
General Commission on Chaplains, 122 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington 2, 

D. C. 

John Milton Society for the Blind, 475 Riverside Dr., New York, N. Y. 10027 
Lord s Day Alliance of the United States, 71 W. 23rd St., New York, N. Y. 

National Conference of Christians and Jews, 43 W. 57th St., New York 19, 

N. Y. 
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U. S. A., 475 Riverside 

Drive, New York, N. Y. 10027 

Division of Christian Life and Mission 
Division of Christian Education 
Division of Overseas Ministries 
Division of Christian Unity 
Office of Planning and Program 
Office of Communication 
Office of Administration 

National Temperance League, Inc., 131 Independence Ave., S.E., Washing 
ton 3, D. C. 

National W. C. T. 17., 1730 Chicago Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Red Cross, American National, 17th and D Sts., N.W., Washington 6, D. C. 
Religion in American Life, Inc., 300 Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
United Nations, American Association, 345 East 46th St., New York, 17, N. Y. 
World Council of Churches, 475 Riverside Drive, Rm. 439, New York, 

N. Y. 10027 (American Headquarters.) 17, Route de Malagnou, 

Geneva, Switzerland. 

World Council of Christian Education, 475 Riverside Dr., New York 27, N. Y. 
Young Men s Christian Association of the U. S. A., National Council of, 

291 Broadway, New York 7, N. Y. 
Young Women s Christian Association, National Board of, 600 Lexington 

Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022 



Lesson Titles and Printed Scripture 

Young People Adult 
"Matthew Gospel of the Kingdom" (18 Lessons) 

January 2 What It Means to Believe Matthew 8:5-13; Hebrews 11:1-6 

January 9 The Source of Our Faith John 20:24-31; Romans 10:8b-14, 17 

January 16 God Is Holy 

1 Chronicles 29:10-13; Revelation 4:8-11; Romans 11:33-36 

January 23 God Is Father Hosea 11:1-4; John 14:6-11; 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 

January 30 God Is Redeemer 

Romans 3:21-26; Hebrews 10:19-22; Ephesians 1:3-8 

February 6 God Is Living Spirit John 61:7-11; Acts 2:1-4; Romans 8:9-14 

February 13 In the Image of God 

Genesis 1:26-27; Matthew 12:9-14; Hebrews 2:5-9 

February 20 Man Is a Sinner Mark 7:20-23; Romans 1:18-21; 1 John 1:5-10 

February 27 Man Redeemed . . Romans 8:1-4; 1 Peter 1:18-21; Ephesians 2:4-10 

March 6 Communion with God Luke 11:1-4, 9-13; 1 John 1:1-3 

March 13 Living with Others Ephesians 4:25-32; James 2:8-10, 14-17 

March 20 Christian Commitment Luke 9:57-62; Colossians 2:20-3:4 

March 27 What Is the Church? 

1 Corinthians 12:12-13, 27; Colossians 1:18-20; 1 Peter 2:4-10 

April 3 What Is the Church s Mission? .2 Corinthians 5:16-21; Ephesians 3:7-12 
April 10 What Is the Church s Destiny? 

1 Corinthians 15:20-26; Revelation 7:9-10, 13-17 
April 17 The Kingdom Is Divided 1 Kings 12:1-5, 16-20 

"A Nation United" (10 Lessons) 

April 24 Jeroboam Makes Israel Sin 1 Kings 12:25-33; 13:33-34 

May 1 Ahab Confronts the Moral Order 1 Kings 21:1-7, 17-20, 27 

May 8 Justice Established in Judah 2 Chronicles 19:4-11 

May 15 A Priest Saves a Kingdom 

2 Kings 11:4, 9-12, 17-19; 12:2; 2 Chronicles 24:15-16 
May 22 Corruption Amidst Prosperity (Temperance) 

2 Kings 14:23-29; Amos 7:10-12 

May 29 The Fall of Samaria 2 Kings 17:9-18 

June 5 Reformation Under Hezekiah . .2 Chronicles 29:1-11, 35b-36; Isaiah 30:15 
June 12 Manasseh Leads Judah Into Sin 

2 Kings 21:1-4, 9-15; 2 Chronicles 33:12-13 

June 19 Reformation Under Josiah 2 Kings 22:8-13; 23:1-3 

June 26 The Fall of Jerusalem 2 Chronicles 36:11-21 

"Growing As Christians" (2 Lessons) 
Unit I The Meaning of Christian Growth 

July 3 God s Right to Command 

Exodus 20:1-2; Leviticus 18:1-5; Hosea 11:1, 3, 4a; John 14:10,15 
July 10 Make Up Your Mind! 

Exodus 20:3; 1 Kings 18:17-21; Matthew 4:8-10; Mark 12:28-30 

Unit II How Christians Grow (5 Lessons) 

July 17 What Is True Worship? Exodus 20:4-6; John 4:7-10, 19-24 

July 24 Mean What You Say 

Exodus 20:7; Matthew 5:33-37; Mark 7:5-8; Titus 1:16 
July 31 How Shall I Use the Lord s Day? 

Exodus 20:8-11; Luke 6:6-11; John 5:16-18 

August 7 God s Way in the Home 

Exodus 20:12; Mark 7:9-13; Luke 2:51-52; Ephesians 6:1-4 
August 14 Are You a Murderer? 

Exodus 20:13; Matthew 5:21-2-1, -13- / /; / John 3:15-18; 4:20-21 

Unit III Hindrances to Christian Growth (2 Lessons) 

August 21 Life Can Be Clean Exodus 20:14; Matthew 5:27-28; John 8:3-11 

August 28 What Is Stealing? 

Exodus 20:15; Amos 8:4-5; Mark 12:38-40; Titus 2:7-10 

Unit IV Areas of Christian Growth (4 Lessons) 

September 4 Speak the Truth in Love 

Exodus 20:16; Proverbs 26:18-19; Matthew 12:33-37; Ephesians 4:15, 29-31 

September 11 When Greed Controls Exodus 20:17; Luke 12:13-21, 29-31 

September 18 When Inner Disciplines Go. 

Luke 21:34a; Ephesians 5:15-18; Proverbs 23:31-33; Deuteronomy 5:16-21 
September 25 The Law of Love Matthew 5:17-20; John 13:34-35; 15:10-14 

"Old Testament Biographies" (13 Lessom) 

October 2 Response to God s Call Isaiah 6:1-9, 11-12 

October 9 The Danger of Wrong Values Isaiah 5:8, 11-12, 18-23 

October 16 In Whom Do We Trust? Isaiah 7:3-7 a, 9c-16; 31:1-3 

October 23 God, Our Security Isaiah 37:14-21a (through "saying"), 33-35 

October 30 God Calls and Empowers Jeremiah 1:1-10 

November 6 Words Without W 7 orship Jeremiah 7:1-15 

November 13 God s Trust Cannot Be Destroyed Jeremiah 36:20-28, 32 

November 20 Serving in an Unfriendly World Jeremiah 29:1-7, 10-14 

November 27 A Daring Faith Jeremiah 32:2, 6-7, 9-17 

December 4 God s Promise of Peace Isaiah 11:1-9 

December 11 Redemption Through Suffering Isaiah 53:4-9, 12 

December 18 Preparing His Way Luke 1:67-80 

December 25 Born This Day A Savior -.Luke 2:8-20 

The American Bible Society 

1966: 150th Anniversary Year 

The American Bible Society is the authorized agency of the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church for giving the Bible to the world. The Society makes available 
translations (in cooperation with other national Bible Societies) in all the languages 
and dialects required by our missionaries and native workers in all the home and 
foreign fields in which our Church operates. In behalf of the Church it has played 
a large part in providing the Scriptures in 1,260 languages and dialects, in providing 
100,000 Scriptures in braille, and distributing free material to the armed forces, 
migrants, the underprivileged, and victims of disaster. It has shared largely in 
the achievement of distributing 45,000,000 Scriptures in 1965. 

The task ahead is to find the means to meet Bible needs. This year s budget 
for the Society is $6,348,000. Our Church s goal is $37,396.60. In 1964 we gave 
$21,259.86. The 82 supporting denominations are asked to give $1,600,000 annually. 
Will you aid in meeting our denomination s goal? 

The "150th Anniversary Fund" of $10,000,000 to be raised in 1966 will be 
$6,000,000 for the program "God s Word for a New Age" to distribute 75,000,000 
Scriptures, and $4,000,000 for a new Bible House in New York. 

The gifts of churches and individuals to this work should flow through the Con 
ference Treasurers to our denominational Church Treasurer, Dr. Cawley H. Stine, 
601 W. Biverview Ave., Dayton 6, Ohio. In that way gifts are credited to our de 


1966 Calendar Seminaries and Colleges 

PAUL H. ELLEH, Ph.D., LL.D., President 

Jan. 3 Classes resume. 

Jan. 11-13 Week of Prayer. 

Feb. 28 Spring Quarter begins. 

May 16 Alumni Meeting and Dinner 


May 20 End of Spring Quarter. 
Aug. 29-31 Orientation and Registration 

for new students. 

Sept. 1 Holy Communion; Lectures be 

Sept. 2 Matriculation Address. 

Nov. 21 Winter Quarter begins. 

Nov. 23-28 Thanksgiving recess. 

Dec. 16-Jan. 2 Christmas recess. 

JOHN R. KNECHT, D.D., President 

Jan. 3 Classes resume. 
Jan. 18-21 Week of Prayer. 
Feb. 25 Close of the second term. 
March 7 Opening of the third term. 
April 8 Good Friday. 
May 27 Close of the third term. 
May 31 Baccalaureate. 
June 1 Ninety-second annual commence 

June 7-July 15 Summer session. 

July 11-15 Summer Conference on the 

Church s Outreach. 

Aug. 29-31 Orientation and registration. 
Sept. 1 Opening of term. 
Sept. 9, 9:20 A.M. Convocation. 
Nov. 18 Close of first term. 
Nov. 28 Opening of the second term. 
Dec. 23-Jan. 6 Christmas recess. 

ARTHUR L. SCHULTZ, B.D., M.Eo., PH.D., President 

Jan. 3, 8:10 A.M. Classes resume. 
Jan. 17 Registration for 2nd semester. 
Jan. 18 Mid-year examinations begin. 
Jan. 26 Mid-year recess begins. 
Jan. 31 Second semester begins. 
April 1 Spring recess begins. 
April 12, 8: 10 A.M. Classes resume. 
May 25 Spring registration for fall sem 

May 26 Final examinations begin. 
June 5, 10:30 A.M. Baccalaureate. 
June 5, 2:30 P.M. Commencement. 

Sept. 6 Faculty retreat. 
Sept. 8 Freshman Orientation begins. 
Sept. 11 President s freshman reception. 
Sept. 12 Fall registration. 
Sept. 13, 8:10 A.M. Classes begin. 
Sept. 13, 11:00 A.M. Opening Convo 

Oct. 29 End of mid-semester. 
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving recess begins. 
Nov. 28, 8:10 A.M. Classes resume. 
Dec. 17 Christmas recess begins. 

I. LYND ESCH, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D., L.H.D., President 

Jan. 3 Classes resume. 

Feb. 2 Registration. 

March 28-Apr. 2 Fine Arts Festival. 

April 7-11 Easter Vacation. 

May 6 Senior Recognition Day. 

May 20 Awards Day. 

May 21 May Festival. 

May 29 Senior Candle Lighting Service 

June 2-3 Board of Trustees meeting. 

June 4 Alumni Day. 

June 5 Baccalaureate, Nurses Pinning, 

and Commencement. 
Sept. 6-7 Faculty and Staff Institute. 
Sept. 12 Fall Registration. 
Oct. 1 High School Day. 
Oct. 15 Homecoming. 
Oct. 29 Dad s Day. 
Nov. 14-18 Religious Emphasis Week. 
Nov. 23-27 Thanksgiving recess. 
Dec. 16 Christmas vacation begins. 


FREDERIC K. MILLER, Ph.D., Lixx.D., President 

Jan. 3 Classes resume. 

Jan. 17-26 First semester examinations. 

Jan. 26 Mid-year Commencement. 

Feb. 1 Second semester begins. 

Feb. 22 Founder s Day, Centennial Ob 

Feb. 28-March 3 Opening Centennial 
Symposium "The Church in Higher 

March 11-21 Spring vacation. 

March 22 Phi Alpha Epsilon Day. 

April 7-12 Spring Music Festival. 

April 7-12 Easter recess. 

April 19 Religion and Life Lecture. 

April 22 Spring Music Festival. 

April 29 Spring Music Festival. 

May 7 May Day. 

May 23-June 1 Second semester exams. 

June 3 Board of Trustees meeting. 

June 4 Alumni Day. 

June 5 Baccalaureate Service. 

June 5 97th Annual Commencement. 

June 13-22 First summer session. 

July 25-Sept. 2 Second summer session. 

Sept. 8-9 Faculty Retreat. 

Sept. 10 Board of Trustee Retreat. 

Sept. 12-14 Freshman Orientation. 

Sept. 15 Classes begin. 

Oct. 11 Religion and Life Lecture. 

Nov. 1-2 Balmer Showers Lecture. 

Nov. 5 Lebanon Valley College Day. 

Nov. 12 Board of Trustees meeting. 

Nov. 23-28 Thanksgiving recess. 

Dec. 16 Christmas recess begins. 

A. L. SCHILLING, Ph.D., President 

Jan. 31 Classes resume. 

April 1-12 Easter recess. 

May 19-25 Semester Examinations. 

May 28 Alumni Reunions. 

May 29 Baccalaureate. 

May 29 Commencement. 
June 13 Summer session. 
Sept. 6 Fall registration. 
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving recess. 
Dec. 16 Christmas recess. 

LYNN W. TURNER, Ph.D., LL.D., President 

Jan. 3 Classes Reconvene. 

Jan. 22-27 First Semester examinations. 

Jan. 28-Feb. 2 Mid-year recess. 

Feb. 3 Second Semester Begins. 

Feb. 5 Winter Homecoming. 

March 25 Mid-Semester. 

April 1 Spring recess. 

April 11 Classes Reconvene. 

April 25 Founders Day. 

May 14 May Day. 

May 23 Senior Recognition Day. 

May 26-31 Second Semester exams. 
June 5 Baccalaureate and Commence 

Sept. 10 Freshman Period Begins. 
Sept. 15 First Semester Classes Begin. 
Oct. 9 Parents Day. 
Oct. 23 Fall Homecoming. 
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Recess Begins. 
Nov. 28 Classes reconvene. 
Dec. 16 Christmas Recess Begins. 


FORREST S. RACEY, LL.D., President 

Jan. 14 Christmas vacation ends. 

Jan. 17-18 Registration. 

Jan. 19 Classes begin. 

April 6-17 Easter vacation begins 1:00 

May 5-8 Music Festival. 

May 23-26 Second Semester Examina 

May 29 91st Annual Commencement. 

June 6 Summer session registration. 

Aug. 5 Summer session ends. 

Sept. 7-8 Freshman Orientation and 


Sept. 12 Classes begin. 
Sept. 19 Ninety-second Convocation. 
Nov. 24-28 Thanksgiving recess. 
Dec. 23 Christmas Vacation begins. 


HARRY H. KALAS, D.D., LL.D., President 

Jan. 3 Classes resume. 

Jan. 3-7 2nd semester registration. 

Jan. 31 Classes begin. 

Jan. 31 Evening classes begin. 

April 5, 4:00 P.M. Easter Recess. 

April 13 Classes resume. 

April 29 Senior Recognition Day. 

May 29, 10:30 A.M. Baccalaureate. 

May 29, 4:00 P.M. Commencement. 

June 6 Summer Session Registration. 

June 7 Class session begins. 

July 13, 4.00 P.M. First term ends. 

j u jy 14 Second term begins. 

Aug. 19 Commencement. 

Sept. 10 Freshmen arrive. 

Sept. 15 Classes begin. 

Oct. 21-22 Homecoming. 

Dec. 22, 4:00 P.M. Christmas recess. 

Jan. 9 Classes resume. 


Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 
ALVIN W. MAETCHE, B.A., M.A., President 

Jan. 4 Registration second semester. 

Jan. 5 Classes resume. 

Jan. 24-30 Spiritual Emphasis Week. 

March 22 Opening of spring term in 
Liberal Arts Department. 

March 29-April 2 Semester examina 

April 1-7 Second semester examinations. 

April 12-17 Commencement. 

April 18-24 Easter recess for High 
School Liberal Arts Department. 

June 20-30 Examinations for High 
School Department. 

Sept. 7 Registration High School De 

Sept. 8 Classes begin. 

Sept. 27 Registration Liberal Arts De 

Oct. 4 First semester registration Bible 
College Department. 

Oct. 5 First semester classes begin. 

Oct. 10 Thanksgiving. 

Oct. 24-30 Spiritual Emphasis Week. 

Dec. 15-21 First semester examinations. 

Dec. 22-Jan. 3 Christmas recess. 

Clarence A. Horn Wing of the Science Hall provides classroom and laboratory 
facilities, Albright College, Reading, Pa. Dedicated Oct. 23, 1965, it cost $222,875. 


Know Our Colleges and Seminaries 

Date Founded: 1856. 
Telephone: 374-2226. 

Administrative Officers: President, Arthur L. 
Schultz; Dean, Mahlon H. Hellerich; Dean of 
Students and Dean of Men, Louis F. Weislogel; 
Associate Dean of Students and Dean of 
Women, Mrs. Doris G. Manzolillo; Registrar, 
Anna R. Benninger; Assistant to President and 
Director of Admissions; Samuel B. Shirk- Di 
rector of College Relations; Robert S. Smethers, 
[r., Treasurer, Charles L. Gordon, Jr. 

Professors: 21. 

Associate Professors: 12. 

Assistant Professors: 14. 

Instructors: 22. 

Graduate Assistants: 6. 

Part-time Personnel: 11. 
Members of Administrative 
Staff with Faculty Status: 
President, Dean, Dean of 
Men, Dean of Women, Reg 
istrar, Assistant to the Presi 
dent, Director of Athletics, 
and Librarian, Chaplain, 9. ^^ L Schu i tz 

Departments: Biology, Busi 
ness and Economics, Chemistry, Classical Lan- 
es, Education, English, Fine Arts, French, 
ogy, German, History, Home Economics, 
Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physical Edu 
cation, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, 
Religion, Sociology, Spanish. 

Special 5-year Programs: I. College-Nursing 
with Reading Hospital; and Nursing Education 
with Wilkes College. II. Engineering with Buck- 
nell, Pennsylvania State, and University of Penn 
sylvania. III. Forestry with Duke University. 
IV. N.D.E.A. Summer Institute in German. 

Degrees Offered: A.B., B.S., B.S. in Eco 

Enrollment 1964-65 in all departments: Full 
time College, 1,050; Specials, 48; Evening Di 
vision, 348; Summer School, (1965), 330; 
Total, 1776, less duplicates, 124; Net Total, 

Members in Alumni Association: 5,381. 
Library Volumes: 90,195. 

Endowment: $1,896,550.90; Scholarship 
Funds, $481,764.12. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $6,773,- 
445.95. Buildings, 32, Acres 50. 


Date Founded: 1861. 
Telephone: (312) 355-5500. 

Administrative Officers: President, Dr. Arlo 
L. Schilling; Vice-President, H. F. Siemsen; 
Academic Dean, Dr. Victor C. Arnold; Direct 
or-Public Affairs & Development, George W. 
Yenerich; Bus. Mgr., John K. A. Bobbitt; Chap 
lain, Rev. George St. Angelo; Director-Admis 
sions, Lawrence M. Bouldin; Director-Public 
Relations, David F. Ford; Director-Alumni 
Relations, David R. Stuart, Dean of Students, 
Marion C. Chase; Associate Dean, Miss Ruth 
Thorson; Business Manager, John K. A. Bobbitt. 

Arlo Schilling 

Professors: 22. 

Associate Professors: 15. | 

Assistant Professors: 13. | 

Instructors: 8. 

Part-time Personnel: 7. I 
Members of Administrative I 
Staff with Faculty Status: 3. ! 
Departments and Divisions: |^ 

I. Division of Humanities. I 

II. Social of Behavioral Sci- 
ences. III. Natural Science 
and Mathematics. IV. Di 
vision of Creative Arts. 

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor 
of Music, Bachelor of Music Education. 

Enrollment: 850. 

Library Volumes: 82,000. 

Endowment: $3,000,000. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $3,600,- 
000. Buildings, 15, Acres 53. The Library is 
valued at $400,000 additional. This building 
is owned in conjunction with the Evangelical 
Theological Seminary. 

Date Founded: April 26, 1847. 

Telephone: Area Code 614; 882-3601, 
Westerville, Ohio. 

Administrative Officers: President, Lynn W. 
Turner; Registrar, Virgil L. Raver; Academic 
Dean, James V. Miller; Dean of Students, Miss 
Joanne Van Sant; Associate Dean of Students, 
John H. Taylor; Director of Religious Activi 
ties, Kenneth H. Pohly; Vice President in 
Charge of Development, Wade S. Miller; Busi 
ness Manager, Woodrow W. Macke; Treasurer, 
Albert V. Horn; Librarian, John Becker; Di 
rector of Admissions, Michael Kish; Director 
of Testing and Institutional Research, Elsley K. 
Witt; Director of College Information, Craig 
Gifford; Director of Campus Services, Robert 
B. Fawley; College Physicians, Raymond L. 
Jennings, Harry O. Newland, Walter M. Stout; 
College Nurse, Mildred Crane; Manager of 
Dining Hall, Esther Jacobs. 

Professors: 12. ^^^ 

Associate Professors: 14. ?^ 

Assistant Professors: 38. 

Instructors: 15. 

Part-time Personnel: 18. 
Members of Administrative 

Staff with Faculty Status: 

President, Academic Dean, 
Registrar, Dean of Students, 
Associate Dean of Students, 1 
Director of Admissions, Li 
brarians, Director of Church Lynn W. Turner 
and Alumni Relations. 

Departments and Divisions: I. Division of 
Language and Literature. II. Division of Sci 
ence and Mathematics. III. Division of Social 
Studies. IV. Division of Fine Arts. V. Di 
vision of Professional Studies. 

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor 
of Science, Bachelor of Science in Education, 
Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Educa 

Enrollment 1963-64 in all departments: Full 
time 1,404, Part-time 229. 

Members in Alumni Association: 9421. 


Library Volumes: 65,000. 
Endowment: $2,035,335. 
Value of Grounds and Buildings: $5,995,000. 
Buildings, 39. Acres, 44. 

Date Founded: 1875. 
Telephone: 667-1764. 

Administrative Officers: President, Forrest S. 
Racey; Dean of Shenandoah Conservatory of 
Music, William J. Skeat; Dean of Shenandoafi 
College, Kenneth K. Kyre; Director of Admis 
sions Registrar, Kenneth Schultz; Business 
Manager, Mendle S. Zickenfoose; Dean of 
Students, Walter L. Pugh. 

Professors: 26. 
Part-time Personnel: 11. 

Departments and Divisions: 

I. Language, Literature and 
Fine Arts. II. Social Sci 
ence. III. Natural Science. 

IV. Bible and Philosophy. 

V. Teacher Education. VI. 
m^Bli^^ Nursing Education. VII. 

H| Business Administration. VIII. 
B& ,..^B I Music. 

Forrest Racey Degrees Offered: Bachelor 
of Music, Bachelor of Music 
Education, Bachelor of Music in Church Music, 
Associate in Arts, Associate in Arts in Educa 
tion, Associate in Arts in Nursing Education, 
Associate in Science, Associate in Science in 

Enrollment 1964-65 in all departments: Full 
time 409. Part-time 91; Night School 20. 
Summer Session 150. 

Members in Alumni Association: 2,155. 

Library Volumes: 11,347. 

Endowment: $115,981.58. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $1,962,393. 
Buildings, 6; Acres, 42. 



Date Founded: 1890. 
Telephone: 546-5127. 

Administrative Officers: President, H. H. 
Kalas; Dean of the College, G. O. Thompson; 
Director of College Relations, Carry 1 R. Ziettlow; 
Director of Development, Clayton G. Koth; 
Business Manager, D. L. Payne; Assistant to 
the Dean, Registrar, Harold E. Brady; Dean of 
Students, Director of Admissions, Thomas S. 
Stone; Director of Campus Activities, Duane 
G. Wilson; Chaplain, Harold W. French; As 
sociate Director of Development, Kenneth Vance; 
Director of Public Relations, Calvin G. Stickel; 
Director of Alumni and Placement, Robert 
Bitterly; Comptroller, Walter Williams. 

Library Staff. (Full-time with master s degree 
and faculty status) Esther M. Merkle, Ethel L. 
Brooks, George F. Gostas. 
Professors: 10. 
Associate: 13. 
Assistant: 20. 
Instructors: 14. 
Part-time Personnel: 8. 

Members of Administrative 
Staff with Faculty Status: 6. 

Departments and Divisions: 
I. Humanities. II. Natural 
Science. III. Social Science. 

Degrees Conferred: Bach 
elor of Arts, Bachelor of Sci 
ence, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music 

Enrollment: 1965-66 in all departments: 
Full-time, 825; Summer Session 1965, 265. 


I. Lynd Esch 

H. H. Kalas 

Members of Alumni Association: 4800. 
Library Volumes: 55,225. 
Endowment: $750,536. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $3,218,935. 
Buildings: 21, Acres, 26. 
Budget 1965-66: $1,606,250. 


Date Founded: 1902. 

Telephone: STate 7-1301. 

Esch; Assistant to the President, Arnold H. 
Hodgson; Academic Dean, Robert E. Cramer; 
Registrar, Wilmer D. Lawrence; Business Man 
age f, Leo S. Miller; Director of Admissions, 
Don E. Fleener; Dean of Students, Nathan H. 
Wooden; Dean of Women, Mary Huey; Associ- 
iitc Dean of Women, Ruth House. 

Professors: 9. 
Associate Professors: 15. 
Assistant Professors: 21. 
Instructors: 12. 
Part-time Personnel: 3. 
Members of Administrative 
Staff with Faculty Status: 
President, Academic Dean, 
Registrar, Business Manager, 
Librarian and Assistant Li 
brarian, Director and Assist 
ant Director of Admissions, 
Dean of Students, Dean of 
Women, Associate Dean of Women, Director 
and Assistant Director of Evening Division and 
Industrial Relations Center, Director of Nursing, 
Director of Public Relations, Curriculum Counse 
lor, Alumni Secretary, College Pastors. 

Departments and Divisions: I. Social Studies. 
II. Language and Literature. III. Science and 
Mathematics. IV. Fine Arts. V. Professional 
Studies. VI. Teacher Education. 

(These Divisions are further divided into 
Departments of which there are a total of 19.) 
Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor 
of Science, Associate in Arts, Associate in Sci 

Enrollment 1965 in all departments: Day 
classes, ? ??, Evening classes, ????. 

Members in Alumni Association: 3,459 four- 
year Graduates; 825 two-year graduates. 

Library Volumes: 43,039 (plus 4,000 vol 
umes of bound periodicals). (This is inventory 
count as of July 1, 1965.) (Students have 
ready access to the State Library and the 
Indiana Public Library). 
Endowment: $795,084. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $6,252,656. 
Buildings, 9. There are 28 apartment units for 
married students. Acres, 60. 


Date Founded: 1866. 

Telephone: Area Code 717, 867-3561. 

Administrative Officers: President, Frederic 
K. Miller; Dean of the College, Carl Y. Ehrhart; 
Assistant to the President, Earl R. Mezoff; Con- 
troller, Robert C. Riley; Dean of Men, George 
R. Marquette; Dean of Women, Martha C. 
Faust; Director of Development, Edward P. 
Hoffer; Director of Amissions, D. Clark Car- 
mean; Registrar, Samuel A. Farmerie; Librarian, 
Donald E. Fields; Chaplain, James O. Bemes- 
derfer; Director of Athletics, William D. Mc- 
Henry; Secretary, of the Faculty, George G. 
Struble; Director of the Public Relations, Bruce 
C. Souders; Assistant Director of Public Rela 
tions and Coordinator of Conferences, Walter 
L. Smith, Jr.; Alumni Secretary, Mrs. P. Rodney 

Kreider; Supt. of Buildings and Grounds, Ralph 
B. Shanaman; Dietitian, Mrs. Margaret Millard; 
Housekeeping Supervisor, Austin Flood; College 
Nurse, Mrs. William T. Tredick; Staff Assistant, 
Mrs. D. Clark Carmean. 

Professors: 9. 
Associate Professors: 12. 
Assistant Professors: 22. 
Instructors: 12. 
Part-time Personnel: 15. 
Members of Administrative 
Staff with Faculty Status: 8. 
Divisions: Humanities; So- 
cial Sciences. Science, Teacher 
te^ Education; Physical Educa- 

Frederic Mflle, 



Chemistry, Economics and 
Business Administration, Education, English, 
Foreign Languages, Health and Physical Edu 
cation, History and Political Science, Math- 
ematics, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Physics, 
Psychology, Sociology. 

Degrees Offered: A.B., B.S. in Chemistry, 
B.S. in Medical Technology, B.S. in Nursing. 

Enrollment 1964-65 in all departments: Full 
time 750; Part-time, 724 (day classes, 51, eve 
ning classes, 134; extension couses, 539). Pri 
vate instruction in music, 68, summer sessions, 
1965, 336. 

Members in Alumni Association: 6,500. 

Library Volumes: 83,000. 

Endowment: $2,041,003.72. 

Value of Buildings and Grounds: Grounds, 
$262,395.57. Buildings, $3,100,195.57. Equip 
ment, $874,996.59. Buildings, 26. Acres, 35. 


Date Founded: 1871. 

Telephone: 278-5817. 

Administrative Officers: President, John R. 
Knecht; Vice-President, J. Bruce Behney; Dean, 
Newell J. Wert; Registrar, George W. Frey, 
Treasurer, Henry W. Brooks. 

Professors: 12. 

Associate Professors: 2. 

Assistant Professors: 2. 

Instructors: 3. 

Members of Administrative Staff with Faculty 
Status: 1. 

Fields: Biblical Studies, The Christian Herit 
age, and The Ministry of the Church. 

Degrees Offered: B.D., M.R.E., and S.T.M. 

Enrollment: 175. 

Members of Alumni Association: 2,154. 

Library Volumes: 56,029. 

Assets: Endowment, $1,248,397.88, build 
ings, $2,480,850.98, other assets $194,372.46- 
grand total assets, $3,923,621.32. 

Buildings: 7. 

Acres: 35. 


Date Founded: 1873. 
Telephone: Area Code 312 355-0042. 
Administrative Officers: President, Paul H 
Eller; Dean, Wayne K. Clymer; Registrar, P. G. 
Rademacher; Treasurer, K. I. Clawson. 
Professors: 7. 
Associate Professors: 2. 
Assistant Professors: 2. 
Part-time Personnel: 9. 


Members of Administrative Staff with Fac 
ulty Status: 2. 

Areas: The curriculum is arranged in four 
arpas of instruction: 

The Biblical Foundations of the Church. 

The Heritage of the Church. 

The Faith of the Church. 

The Life and Work of the Church. 

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Divinity, Mas 
ter of Religious Education. 

Enrollment 1964-65 in all departments: 126. 

Members in Alumni Association: 1,608. 

Library Volumes: The collection used by 
North Central College and Evangelical Theo 
logical Seminary numbers 86,744. 

Endowment and other Assets: $1,245,745.76. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $959,119.23; 
Buildings, 12, Acres, 7. Total Assets, $2,336, 
611.93. In addition the Seminary s share of the 
College and Seminary Library is valued at 
$400,000.00. This building is owned in con 
junction with North Central College. 


Date Founded: 1877. Telephone: 6283. 

Administrative Officers: President, Supt. P. 
Handt, Hannover; Secretary, Rev. W. Mein- 
hardt, Berlin; Treasurer, Supt. J. Gaehr. 

President: Dr. Phil R. Kiicklich, D. D. 

Professors: Full-time, 4. 

Departments: Languages: German, English, 
Greek, Hebrew; History: World-Churches Ev. 
U. B. Church Mission, German and Classical 
Literature, Confessions; Theology: Systematic 
Theology, Theology of the Old and New Testa 
ments, Practical Theology, Exegesis, Confessions, 
Church Discipline; Philosophy: Psychology, 
Music and Singing. 

Professors: Dr. Phil R. Kiicklich, D.D., Pres 
ident; South Germ. Conf. Rev. P. Wiithrich, 
Switzerland Conference. Rev. Karl Steckel, 
West Germany Conference. Rev. W. Schrade, 
South Germany Conference. 

Enrollment: Full-time, 29. 
Library Volumes: 10,000. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $125.000; 
Buildings, 2; Acres, 2. 


Date Founded: 1941. 
Telephone: 527-2770, 527-2090. 

Administrative Officers: President, Alvin W. 
Maetche; Vice President 6- Treasurer, A. W. 
Riegel; Registrar 6- Student Body Dean, N. W. 
Heebner; Principal High School Department, 
G. Epp; Men s Counsellor, Adolf Janke; Women s 
Counsellor, Anne Janke. 

Instructors: 7. Part-time Personnel: 6. 
Administrative Staff: 4. 

Bible College Curriculum: A three year 
course of studies offering a Bible College Di 

Senior High School Curriculum: Grades 11 
and 12, offering the General High School Course 
or the Academic Matriculation Course in prep 
aration for university entrance. 

Liberal Arts Curriculum: Two years toward 
a Liberal Arts Degree. 

Members in Alumni Association: 295. 

Library Volumes: 2,300. 

Value of Grounds and Buildings: $360,000.00. 


Evangelical United Brethren Ministers Serving in the Armed Forces U.S.A. 

fas of January 7, 1966) 

All correspondence relevant to Chaplaincy and National Service should be addressed to: 
Dr. Cawley H. Stine, Secretary-Treasurer, 601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 45402 

By action of the Committee on Chaplaincy, names of only chaplains on active duty are printed. 
Frequent shifting of addresses has made it seem wise not to include addresses of chaplains. 


Russell W. Barr 

Jerald T. Cooney (Captain) 

James M. De Mott (Captain) 

Roger H. Ginter (Major) 

Le Roy H. Lewis (Major) 

Verlin E. Mikesell (Captain) 

Daniel L. Newman (Major) 

Paul H. Pike (Captain) 

Paul E. Reger (Captain) 

Carl Riggs (Major) 

Vernon O. Rogers (Col.) 

Glenn C. Shaffer (Col.) 

Harold D. Shoemaker (Lt. Col.) 

George H. Updegrove (Captain) 

Clinton E. Wendland (Major) 


Wendell R. Begg (LCDR) 

Florian W. Cassady (CDR) 

Kermit R. Cassady (CDR) 

Jack V. Crawford (CDR) 

Dale E. Doverspike (LCDR) 

Milton E. Merritt (LCDR) 

Roy C. Osborn, Jr. (Lt.) 

George B. Riley (CDR) 

Marlin D. Seiders (CDR) 

James K. Snelbaker (CDR) 

Charles W. Solomon (CDR) 

Warren D. Trumbo (LCDR) 

Maurice R. Van Laningham, Jr. (Lt.) 

George A. Wright (Captain) 

Kenneth P. Zeller 


Joseph F. Alutius, Jr. (Captain) 
William K. Brock (Captain) 
Silas E. Decker (Col.) 
Arthur L. Duhl (Lt. Col.) 
Robert S. Fulton (Captain) 
Charles R. Gatty (Captain) 
James W. Helt (Lt. Col.) 
William R. Hett (Lt. Col.) 
Paul I. Hunsberger (Captain) 
John Keinitz (Captain) 
Wayne F. Kildall (Major) 
Vaughn F. Learning (Lt. Col.) 
Robert N. Morrison (Lt. Col.) 
Vincent L. Rothwell (Major) 
Donald R. Sather (Major) 
Walter K. Sauer (Captain) 
Nevin D. Snyder (Captain) 
George R. Young (Major) 


Active Duty 

Harry P. Abbott (Col.) 
Dale M. Lundberg 
Tedford L. Shenefelt 
Lyle O. Snyder (Lt. Col.) 


James Leroy Harring 




Assembly National Council of Churches 

E. Craig Brandenburg 

Mario N. Berger 

Paul V. Church 

Mr. Leonard V. Sorg 

William McDonald 

Bishop H. R. Heininger 

John F. Schaefer 

Harry W. Zechman 

Bishop Paul M. Herrick 

Bishop J. Gordon Howard 

Bishop H. W. Kaebnick 

Bishop Paul W. Milhouse 

Bishop R. H. Mueller 

Bishop W. Maynard Sparks 

Cawley H. Stine 

Bernard L. Cook 

John R. Knecht 

William K. Messmer 

Marion L. Baker 

Seventeen alternates also are named. 
The General Board of NCCC 
Bishop Reuben H. Mueller, Bishop H. W. 
Kaebnick, Paul V. Church, C. H. Stine. 
Alternate: Bishop W. M. Sparks. 

The World Council of Churches 

Representatives of the denomination on the 
American Section of the World Council of 
Churches Dr. Walter N. Roberts, Dr. Paul 
H. Eller, Dr. Paul V. Church, Bishop R. 
H. Mueller, Miss Marion L. Baker, Bishop 
Paul W. Milhouse. 



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Hull II 

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General institutional expenses 

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rj K 


Bethesda Deaconess Work 

of the Evangelical United Brethren Church in Europe 


Pres.: P. Handt, Hannover. Dr. phil. R. Kuecklich, D.D., Reutlingcn; 

Vice-Pres.: Supt. F. Gahr, Stuttgart. Supt. I. Mohr, Essen; Pastor H. Kern, Stuttgart: 

Schriftfuhrer: Pastor W. Meinhardt, Berlin. Supt. H. Eckstein, Berlin. 

Staff of the Deaconess Work in Germany 

Director: Rev. K. Leonhardt, Wuppertal- Inspector: Rev. Th. Goebel, W-Elberfeld. 

Elberfeld. Motherhouse for Deaconesses: Hainstr. 35 

Inspector: Rev. H. Mistele, Stuttgart. Oberin: Diakonisse Emma Schnell, Wupper- 

Inspector: Rev. H. Kern, Stuttgart. tal-Elberfeld. 

West Germany 

Krankenhaus Bethesda, Wuppertal-Elber- Elberfeld, Briller Str. 117 (Park- 

feld, Hainstr. 35. heim). 

INSPECTOR: Rev. Th. Goebel OBERSCHWESTER: Deaconess Margare- 

te Schmid. 68 Deaconesses. Pfle- 

OBERSCHWESTERN: Deaconesses Johan- gevorschule: 20 Schiilerinnen. 

na Falb and Else Riehle 140 Dea- Krankenhaus Ebenezer, Hamburg 22, 
conesses and 60 Nurses 460 Beds. Friedrichsberger Str. 53. 

Nurses Training School with 60 

students. OBERSCHWESTER: Deaconess Irene Hes- 

ke. 31 Deaconesses and 6 Nurses. 
Diakonissenheim Bethesda, Wuppertal- 85 Beds. 

South Germany 

Krankenhaus Bethesda, Stuttgart-S, Ho- Krankenhaus Bethesda, 79 Ulm a. D., 
henheimer Str. 21. Zollernring 26-28. 

INSPECTORS: Rev. H. Mistele. OBERSCHWESTER: Deaconess Lore 

Rev. H. Kern. Kleik. 28 Deaconesses and 7 Nurses. 
OBERSCHWESTER: Deaconess Katharine 

Erz and Hedwig Tausch. 88 Dea- Diakonissen-und Alterspflegeheim Beth- 

conesses and 15 Nurses. 147 Beds. esda, Karlsruhe (Baden) Eisen- 

Nurses Training School: 22 stu- lohrstr. 32. 21 Deaconesses and 1 

Nurse. 41 Beds for old people. 

East Germany 

Krankenhaus Bethesda, Berlin SW 61, Diakonissenheim Bethesda, Tabarz/Thiir- 

Dieffenbachstr. 40 (West-Sector). ingen, Alexandrinenweg 1 (Russian 

OBERSCHWESTER: Deaconess Anna Vet- zone). 

ter. 30 Deaconesses and 10 Nurses. SUPERVISOR: Deaconess Ruth Janz. 

119 Beds. Nurses Training School 13 Deaconesses, 
with 9 students. 



Pres.: Rev. S. Schaffner, Gelterkinden (BL). Rev. F. Woodtli, Rev. Th. Geissbuehler, E. 

Vice-Pres.: Rev. E. SchJir, Bern 18. Gautschi, T. Trumpy, W. Muller. Rev. 

P. Wuthrich, Rev. W. Burkhard, Dir. E. 


Staff of the Deaconess Work in Switzerland (Basel) 

Director: Rev. E. Kuhn, Basel; Rev. J. Buch- 

Deaconess Work in France (Strasbourg) Husser, A Krieg, Rev. E. Kuhn, Rev. W. 

Nyffeler, A. Pfrimmer, W. Schmidt. 
Pres.: Dir. E. Arbogast; Vice-Pres.: Rev. H. 

Ruch; R. Arbogast, J. Beyer, Rev. F. Director: Rev. S. Lauber, Strasbourg, Has Rhin, 
Hrinkert, Dr. A. Fenerbach, J. Heitz, A. France 


Switzerland (total 108 deaconesses) 

Diaconat Bethesda, Basel, Gellertstr. 144. Diaconat Bethesda, Bern. 

Hospital and Motherhouse. 120 beds. Erholungsheim Bethesda, Aarau. 

Diakonat Bethesda, Basel, Rheinfelderstr. Hohenheim Bethesda, Lenk-Simmental. 

21 Helm zum Rheinfelderhof, Aged Nurses Training Schools at Basel and 

People s Home. 65 beds. Kiisnacht. 

Diakonat Bethesda, Itschnach, Kusnacht- 

Zurich Hospital. 110 beds. 

France (total 44 deaconesses) 

Diaconat Bethesda and Old People s Deaconess Home, 42, rue Leroyer, Vin- 
Home, Strasbourg, 1, Boulevard J. cennes, Paris, Seine. 
Preiss, Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin. 
44 Deaconesses and 75 beds. 


East Germany 

Aged People s Home, Eberswalde, Strasse Riistzeitenheim, 5808 Tabarz/Thiiringen, 

der Jungen Pionere 9a (DDR) In- Wald-Bottchergasse 5 (Russian 

habitants: 15. Zone) Guests: 32. 

Head: Supt. J. Falk. Head: Pastor B. Michalski. 

Camp for Youth, "Jacob- Albrecht-Haus," Altenwohnheim, 1 Berlin 41, Handjerystr. 

Berlin-Hermsdorf, Silvesterweg 11 50/51, (Westberlin) Guests: 27. 

(Westberlin). Leader: Alfred Fehrens. Head: D. H. Eckstein. 

Altersheim, 13 Eberswalde, StraBe der Altenwohnheim Reinickendorf, 1 Berlin 

Jungen Pioniere 9a (Russian Zone) 5l ? Breitkopfstr.46-50 (Westberlin) 

Guests: 15. Guests: 25. 

Head: Supt. J. Falk. Head: Pastor M. Katthaen. 

Erholungsheim Bethesda, 5808 Tabarz/ Jugendheim Jakob-Albrecht-Haus, 1 Ber- 

Thiiringen, Alexandrineweg 2 (Rus- l m 28, Silvesterweg 11 (Westberlin) 

sian Zone) Guests: 40. Head: A. Fehrens. 

Head: Oberschwester Diakonisse Ruth Guests: 36. 

West Germany 

Camp for Youth, "Muhle," 589 Schalks- Camp for Youth, Clausthal/Harz, 392 

miihle, Sauerland. Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Seilerstr. 7. 

Head: Mr. K. Franke, Gelsenkirchen. Head: Mr. W. Westfal, Hannover. 

Board: President-Supt., Im. Mohr. Board: President, Supt. P. Handt. 

Members: Revs. H. Gotthardt, A. Con- Members: Revs. S. Soberger, S. Kemp- 

rad, W. A. Siering. er, A. Liese, O. Nutzmann. 


Aged People s Home, Pilgerheim, in 

Honau, Kreis Reutlingen. 
Board: President Supt. O. Wisst, 

Members: Rev. K. Heilmann, Rev. 

K. Konig, H. Viering, P. Frenzel. 
Matron: Miss Crete Bode. 
Camp for Youth 

Vouth Vacation Home (Ferienheim) 

at Loffenau, Kreis Calw, Black For- 

South Germany 

est. Rev. and Mrs. R. Murrle, lead- 

Youth Center, "Jacob Albright House," 

in Pfullingen, Auf dem Ahlsberg. 
Leader: Mr. Raus (Youth Director 

of the South Germany Conference.) 
Board: Pres.: Supt. O. Wisst. 
Members: Rev. K. Heilmann, Rev. H. 

Kern, Rev. W. Schwaiger, Mr. O. 

Schweitzer, Mrs. Erika Humburger. 


Camp for Youth, "Alpina" Adelboden 

Leader: Ernst Pauli. 
Old People s Home, "Abendruh", Inter- 

Head: Rev. F. Woodtli, Interlaken 

Board: President, Rev. A. Schar, 

Members: Rev. H. Christen, Rev. F. 

Widmer, Rev. E. Hunziker, Mr. H. 

Hofer, Mrs. M. Kuster, Mr. H. Reus- 

Old People s Home, "Abendfrieden", 

Kreuzlingen (Thurgau). 
Head: Th. Schar-Guggisberg. 
Board: President: Rev. E. Kuhn, Basel. 
Members: Rev. E. Schar, Rev. J. 

Kuster, Rev. E. Hunziker, Mr. H. 

Hofer, Rev. F. Woodtle, Rev. W. 


France: Camp for Youth in Landersen par Sondernach, Haut-Rhin, France 


Persons desiring to remember the Church or any of its Boards, institutions or 
agencies in their last will and testament are encouraged and advised to secure the 
services of a lawyer or of some other qualified individual. This is advisable because 
of the variations in State laws governing bequests to religious and charitable agen 
cies. Otherwise, the intent of the testator may be defeated. The greatest care should 
be exercised so that all bequests are made in the manner prescribed by law. 

George W. Walton Hall, Albright College, Reading, Pa., is a newly-erected dormitory 
for 118 men. It cost $300,000 and dedication was Oct. 23, 1965. 


Seminary Statistics 

for the Fiscal Yeor 7965 

Evangelical United 

Theological Theological 

Seminary Seminary 

Total current expenditures 
Excess of income over expense 

Gifts received during year: 



Churches and conferences 

*Total gifts to current operations 

Plant and < 
Annuity fu 

Plant and equipment 

Total gifts other than current operations 

Annuity funds 

Endowment funds 

Scholarship funds 

Other funds, including surplus, etc. . 
Buildings, equipment and real estate 













Teaching faculty members (full time) 

Teaching faculty members (part time) *0 o 

Administrative officers | 

Total student enrollment 12 1 & 

Area of campus ? acres ,35 

Regular tuition per seminary year * on o-r 

Total fees charged to each student per year 

Average annual room rent 

1. Single student 165 225 

2. Apartment 570 

Average annual charge for board (single) 


Christian Service Fund $1 SI 2n2 

Other church and conference sources 36,708 

Other contributions to operating account (Living Endowment) 16,153 

Endowment earnings (gross) Zi Z53 

Tuition 32,025 

Other student fees fn > 

Dormitories 34,285 50,700 

All other sources 13,099 

Total current income $354,867 $434,489 


Administration $62,689 ?71,406 

Instruction 144,472 162,049 

Library 17,483 49,058 

Endowment expense 14,93 

Plant operation and maintenance 79,580 

Board and dormitories At-r 

Other current expenditures (omit athletic expense) 31,700 72,057 











Total assets, including all funds 
Total debt, including current deficit 



Grand total net worth . $2,275,908 $3,723,752 

Excluding Christian Service fund, endowment income, student income. 







-tuaw 10 a;BD!J!Viao 



JB8A iSBi 10 asoio 


sjuaiujuioddv 10 


S93JB4Q jo 

;uauj;u!0ddv Japun ION 


SJ3PI3 |BD01 




aq; ui sjapja jo 

1-1 r-l -100010 (X) <-! <-< -r-H ..... 

-oiesjin -CM -n -co -co** -n -OCD cxj CM * cvj CM 
. c^^r -n -en -i-i -in^i- -in -Qio -< ID r^ en ** 

CX10T*l-Hi-H r-t 


r-c^- OOC 

r-l -H CSJ CVJ ^H rH l-H 1-1 i-H f-l 



CM I r-H 


-uDrHi\ i 

10 r- i-H ^F CVJ CO CO =! ^H 

* <-Hcoi-HooOf-Ht-Hir5i-HCMLOirj<j>ir)iDr^cMcOif>-H*c}-^j-cMCMT-HC)r r^-^cnc 
or-^Hinooai^ooomo r~~a>^H^rcoir5incxi-3-cn^Hoocr>cDcod-^H^Hir5 

r-l CO CM r~ i-H COCOCOCM^ COi-n t-l CMCOOOCO .-HCOt-l i-HCOi-l 

r^coc^^r^<irt^Hiv^r-.ooa5r^co < *ooooci--<^i-coc)i-HCOir)^Hr^ 

IO 3- CO I-H <* ^H m ^H ^H CO CM CM t-H 9 * OO 


CM CM 1-H CM -! . 

CM oo ** ^3- in I-H in T-H co en to O.-HCO oo I-H CT> to 3- to CM CM co oo -coi^-oc 
-H r-t^H .^HT-HCM ^H I-H CM 1-1 I-H I-H CM 

. to ir> co t-~ i~v. I-H co ro ca co ^H CM oo oo r- CM r~- to ID 

. CM i-H tO i-H CO CD i-H ** i-H -CM CO 



. . .o . 

5 ii 

cu o J3 






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-M0||aj s|j|9 pue sAog 


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pue ipjniio jo 

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SJ8WJL panojua jo 




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r^-or^ocDCvJCDm <r> 
i o> 1-1 mioeo^tco c\it-i 

>^*ror (c\jcsjc>oo-" <coc\joor-r-- <ir^iDcT)Csi 
- oo LO < CT^ co co r <T> Q)CD * to c\j CNJ in * 


C^COCNJ-HO1O>CnoO -^<^CS|-^CO-H<X3lOlX3CT> 
to t * ^f CM CNJ * r-l CM i I ! CO CNJ C 


r- < CO * I ^t t t CM 



csj csj -i 

CNicotDcoQin a- oo co to i-^ to co -i -i m -i csj 2h r-~ co csj *- co csj -< >-i oo cc csj S 

KtO f ~*c r >c>* : ^ C>^ cr>CDtr)Lnooc\i -- cr>cocNiir)ooor^r^or^ooc>csi-HCT)co^t C3 
r^co<^csj(ococgcT)oou5c3cr)cocjSc)csi^ co*oo^-^3"*-- ^* Cj)Coir>r^ootocsj-H 

SS ^^Sin^r^csjCT)2csi-*cS -ioocoS^oo^-<i-i 
i-iro co -icsi csj ** ^-i co csi ~icsiioio 

mcsi csi o -i So I-H csj r~- co t-i 

i csi -H <r> oo 

<r> oo 

CO 1*^. 

T-H mcococo csjc 

* *r^*<OOtO ^^OCOOCOr-HI r^CT>CO<^>tDUOt tcOCDtO^ tOO^CDOOCsJ^f^t COCSJ 


in to * 1-1 r r-i ^-nr> csj CD 

- -i a- ?! 

i us co ^H d- -i co o co r^ r-^ 

i 3-o^-iooi-mcsi5c3co 
CSJi < Csl Csj csj CO <J> CSJ t i 

-<3- csj ^H 

i-i co csi csj I-H m to r^ 

>^ininai(>j<iCD^Hcotor^rH r Hcocsicsjcor^cor^t)^ft^oic3Cocsjcsito<r> 

" t-H r^ ID CD Csl CD Csl CO O * < W) CO ~ * to OO OO CO CSJ ^- CSJ CO CO CSJ CO OO OO CT> t i 

-ir^ I-H co co un -" 10 -i csi co in ir> t-i -i co -n-" r^ K n 

r^csj < (ooLnLncoor-^csi^LoocsicD^oocDtni .oooococ)^ (^oo LO^S 
- "" ^^rCsicsi cj-r^ 



Sunox uj 

linpv 3unox 


S M "S M Uj pa||OJU3 

i S *M S M 



^u^w -a -n - 




H3.IH JOiunf 



>.-icr> CM 



5 l I-H CVJ * rHCM t *i I r-tf-HrHCNJ -< t-H i t IO 


r-t co ir> 10 co 

CMCMr-lrH ^H ^H 



: :s : : 







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punj 901/uas 

uei}suijO uo pied 

punj 90JAJ9S uei;suno 

n^ fc 



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aouepuauv 98BJ9AV 





co .-HCSI CM r 

1 t i tr> oo co i * 


>f-i <**< 

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J i to in -H oo oo 

-H r^ r-- co 



: >, : 

5 : : 

-rn IT *- C. .^- a) o^CO^ ^ I CO ^s <U *^ OJ O 

^ 5i3 b-tf ~ g.5.2 <o S5j= c - 2 ooo o-roJt: c-* =-5b-Kt5 



%6 suoisuaj 

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-JBJ jo nan 

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aouaiOAauag PUB 

SUOjSSIIfl JOj |B10i 




-joddyjeSpng ui 

lou suoijnqujuoo 
aoua|OAauag pue 

-g n 3 





aouajOAauag pue 

> CM inmi 

coro - 

C^CM in co io r-. oor^-^-nin rco CM -. oo oo i? S * So in CM ^ CM 10 




SSSJgS :Sj :g :228g!g3ci 
3S3S8 : :S :SSffiSS2SS^K^S2 


ssiiSls51*^Scliiss^S^ K s^asic?^cl 

^ ^""csicncoSSS^i^coScn^^S^inrC 

h^ CO ^" O^ LO CM CM -< CM OO 
1^ r- 03 CM 00 O) CM CM to S 

r*^i IO^T i co ^3" ^i- to CM 

IS. : 

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%6 tUO|8U9d 

pied sasuadxg 




-jBd jo nan "! 

8DUEMOHV 3uisnoH 

jo an|BA 

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to a> oo -H cvj i 



:| : : 

I-HO oc\j COC^CT) $ r-n 
coco coco CNJ csj oo r^. r** 

00 CM CO 


> CD CT> 



in in 

CM F^- <D 

co .o 




A : i = |1 = :*|1 ; 



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lenuuy UI 

J89A 5!M1 

spunj jsnji JO/PUB 
e/uasay 10 jno P|Bd 



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siuauiaAOJduii uo pied 

s3uipiina M3N uo pied 


JB8A *!U.i 

ssaupaiqapui uo pied 

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r*. o ^r o> tr> - c 
iT-i mo5r 

to us 

^corou3O*u^o^ocQCQr^t^^i/^o^^O)Csjr ti or>cvjr i11 ** 
10 r^* o r** r^* OT csi co ^f it cxi ^~ o ^" r** oo CT> 10 10 tocoio^r 


:I : :sSS : ~ : if^ 
:3 :,ss, ;|| 

-lill = i-I.i ro if 1 ! 1 js j{ S t e 1-1 g-gl E S S 



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sasodjnd nv JOi 

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CM r^ co CM -H tj- CM LD i 
1-1 I-H "srco *->co 

CMCM-I t-fs- 10 

E : : 

TO ICL. j -ZW ; ^-JS njif-Kti ^ = roZ 

ET5,E i.2Sg ^"iPi-^* 31 ^!"^ "-= -s 

o-a^JS^J T3 5 5 to rs <u o ro co ^ x:ip<><< 1J . c i. J O *2 


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10 r^ r*^ c? o o <-D o to 

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D rM CM CO in tO *- CM OO *OO 

tOr i <d- t ^CMP^--OOCJ>*--HCI)LOCDLnCiCXD" 

CMLOOT i-HDOOc^ocDr---.Lnr < ^.oo< 

^ CM CM OO C> i I ^ O> CM CM t CD C7)< 

~ tr ^S 

HCT)COinCoS<^r^C^ -^^COC^ 

^ooi-i t-nnT-ninor^cDt-tincM^i- COO>CMC 


m ro CM ^ CD ^t- T i oo in CD r^. to csco co co i ~ H to in m oo f-n in oo CM f *^ or** i< 





Our Missionaries 



Sudan Mission 

Nigeria, West Africa 

Bohr, Rev. and Mrs. Alfred 
liurtner, Rev. and Mrs. Roger 
Dennis, Rev. and Mrs. Duane 
Erbele, Rev. and Mrs. Walter 
Faust, Dr. and Mrs. A. J. 
Gilliland, Rev. and Mrs. Dean 
Hartenstine, Miss Marion 
Hilton, Dr. and Mrs. David 
Olewiler, Dr. and Mrs. Dean 
Rees, Miss Elizabeth 
Rickard, Rev. and Mrs. David T. 
Schmidt, Miss Lois F. 
Thompson, Dr. and Mrs. A. T. 
Tschannen, Miss Emmy 
Walter, Miss Florence 
Weekley, Miss Colleen 
Weibel, Rev. and Mrs. Roscoe 
Westley, Rev. and Mrs. Eugene 
Westley, Rev. and Mrs. John 
Willey, Dr. and Mrs. Ronald 

West Africa Mission 
Sierra Leone, West Africa 

Appleman, Rev. and Mrs. Donald K. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. L. Eugene 

Bloede, R.N., Miss Gertrude 

Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. Lester 

Cobert, Miss Donna 

Eberle, Miss Jane P. 

Esau, Miss Betty 

Galow, Rev. and Mrs. Clyde F. 

Gaston, Rev. and Mrs. Fred 

Gess, Dr. and Mrs. Lowell 

Heisler, Miss Metra 

Megill, Dr. and Mrs. Donald 

Olson, Miss Vivian 

Olson, Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert 

Pickarts, Miss Virginia 

Pletsch, Rev. and Mrs. Donald 

Shirley, Rev. and Mrs. L. O. 

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. James 

Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Dean 

Thomas, Rev. and Mrs. Jack 


Archibald, Rev. and Mrs. A. Wesley 
Bell, Rev. and Mrs. Ray 
Bon Durant, Rev. and Mrs. Wayne 
Brown, Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence 
Nolte, Rev. and Mrs. Eldon 
Pletch, Rev. and Mrs. Douglas 
Senn. Rev. and Mrs. Richard 
Wilde, Rev. and Mrs. Ralph 


Hochstettler, Rev. and Mrs. J. Robert 
Lange, Rev. and Mrs. Donald 


Ashley, Rev. Charles E. 

Brandauer, Rev. and Mrs. Frederick P. 

Ward, Miss Gladys 


Brandauer, Rev. and Mrs. F. W. 
Brown, Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. 


Howe, Miss Lucy 


Anderson, Miss Irene 
Brownlee, Rev. and Mrs. Robert 
Bruns, Rev. and Mrs. Robert 
Corl, Rev. and Mrs. Javan 
Davidson, Rev. and Mrs. Merwyn 
Elmer, Miss Ruth 
Juten, Miss Shirley 
Kellerman, Miss Jean 
Keucklich, Miss Gertrud 
Lang, Rev. and Mrs. Ernst 
Schneider, Miss Doris 
Theuer, Rev. and Mrs. George 


Deiner, Rev. and Mrs. Paul 

Gipe, Mrs. Gladys 

Osborn, Rev. and Mrs. Noel 

Rauch, Miss Ruth E. 

Rice, Rev. and Mrs. A. Delbert 

Wickler, Mr. and Mrs. Howard O. 

Withee, Rev. and Mrs. Roger 


Casby, Dr. Lorraine C. 
Mosholder, Miss Wilma 
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. John 
Zech, Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. 


Eder, Rev. and Mrs. Dewey 


Beveridge, Miss Betty 

Gehm, Rev. Phillip 

Lehman, Miss Lois 

Stephenson, Dr. and Mrs. David 


Anderson, Mr. Kenneth 
Butzek, Miss Margarita 
Dietz, Miss Betty 
Findley, Rev. and Mrs. Cecil 
Friedrich, Miss Christa 
Hein, Mr. and Mrs. Kurt 
Mueller, Rev. and Mrs. Howard 
Senn, Mr. and Mrs. William C. 
Trebes, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. 


Armold, Mrs. D Alta 

5037 E. Rosewood, Tucson, Ariz. 85711 
Drury, Dr. and Mrs. Philo 

120 Cliff St., Santa Cruz, Calif. 
Dubs, Mrs. Minnie 

727 Liberty Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Granner, Miss Justine 

Western Home, 420 E. llth St., Cedar Falls, 

Hertzler, Miss Verna 

891 S. Walnut, Anaheim 2, Calif. 
Hoerner, Miss Jessie 

Apt. 3, 266 S. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. 
James, Mr. and Mrs. Stanton C. 

Story City, Iowa 


Kramer, Miss Lois 

Western Home, 420 E. llth St., Cedar Falls, 

Leader, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 

c/o Mrs. Oma Sarber, Claypool, Ind. 
Lefever, Miss Myrtle 

54 N. Lehman, York, Pa. 
McBride, Rev. and Mrs. Ira 

125 S. Guadalupe, Redondo Beach, Calif. 
Mayer, Mrs. Paul S. 

4208 Knowles Ave., Kensington, Md. 
Mohler, Mrs. C. I. 

2315 Westport Dr., Apt. 1, Anaheim, Calif. 
Musselman, Mrs. Alice (J. F.) 

400 Otterbein Ave., Mt. Gretna, Pa. 
Oldt, Dr. Frank 

612 Pierson St., Flint 3, Mich. 
Reed, Miss Elizabeth 

Quincy Home, Quincy, Pa. 

Renninger, Miss Anna M. 

1021 Oley St., Reading, Pa. 
Schell, Miss Esther 

Mt. Gretna, Pa. 
Schweitzer, Miss Edna 

410 S. Union, Los Angeles 17, Calif. 
Shively, Mrs. B. F. 

601 Mayflower Rd., Pilgrim Place, Claremont, 

Spessard, Miss Lottie M. 

22 W. Water St., Smithsburg, Md. 
Vesper, Miss Nora 

616 W. Main St., Ashland, Ohio 
Wahl, Mrs. Elizabeth 

142 N. Center St., Naperville, 111. 
Witmer, Rev. and Mrs. C. C. 

1415 Otterbein Ave., Unit 9, Puente, Calif. 


Ybor City Mission 

Tampa, Florida, 3305 15th St. 
Blumer, Miss Nancy 
Fuchs, Miss Clarice 
Gaultney, Mrs. Lorena 
Greenlee, Mrs. Genevia 
Kulp, Miss Evelyn 
Lehnus, Miss Miria 
Martin, Miss Betty 
Mitchell, Mrs. Jean 
McNabb, Miss Alice 
Navas, Rev. and Mrs. Hector M. 
Paetznick, Miss Kathleen 
Pickett, Miss Virginia 
Roa, Mrs. Joan Searcy 
Tesch, Miss Shirley 
Toskas, Mrs. Lillian 
Walker, Miss Gail 


Beverly, Bell County, Kentucky 
Airhart, Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. 
Bischoff, Dr. and Mrs. John W. 
Brandt, Miss Almeda 
Brunkow, Miss Carol 
Bundt, Miss Joan 
Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. Chester 
Grouse, Mr. Randall 
Grouse, Miss Shirley 
Dobbin, Miss Martha 
Eberhard, Miss Jeanne 
Fedderson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald 
Galau, Miss Dorothy 
Harmon, Miss Lola Ruth 
Hostler, Miss Deloris 
Knuckles, Mr. and Mrs. W. L., Jr. 
Knutson, Mrs. Lucia 
Lawson, Mrs. Esther Elmer 
McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph 
Melick, Miss Katharine 
Miner, Miss Dorothy 
Neaderhiser, Miss Marcel 
Nittler, Mr. and Mrs. Paul 
Reichert, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne 
Schaeffer, Dr. and Mrs. Everett W. 
Schappaugh, Miss Verna 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Donald 
Shickell, Rev. and Mrs. Eldon K. 
Slothour, Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. 
Smith, Miss Alice 
Squiers, Miss Velma 
Stoughton, Miss Alice 
Strong, Miss Phyllis 
Thomas, Miss Nancy 
Upton, Miss Louella 
Wackerbarth, Miss Berdena 
Williamson, Miss Bernice 

Brightshade, Kentucky (Mill Creek) 

Surface, Rev. and Mrs. George 
Columbia, Kentucky 

Martz, Rev. and Mrs. Leonard, 424 Main St. 

Young, Rev. and Mrs. Franklin, Rt. 3 

Glasgow, Kentucky 

Plowman, Rev. and Mrs. Roscoe, 200 Green 
Acres Dr. 

Helton, Kentucky (Beech Fork) 

Ehresman, Rev. and Mrs. E. T. 
Jamestown, Russell County, Kentucky 

Bobrowski, Rev. and Mrs. Waldmar 
Lewis Creek, Kentucky (Greasy Fork) 

Klinefelter, Rev. and Mrs. G. R. 
Pellyton, Kentucky (Barnett s Creek) 

Hornbaker, Rev. and Mrs. Robert 
Roark, Kentucky (Jack s Creek) 

Frankhouser, Miss Ruth 

Landis, Mr. Robert 

Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Walter 

Saylor, Kentucky (Middle Fork-Stony Fork) 
Seidschlag, Rev. and Mrs. Herman 

Stoney Fork, Kentucky 

Barb, Rev. and Mrs. Donald 



Bathke, Miss LaVerta 
Clausius, Miss Ruth 
Williams, Miss Avis 

Espanola Box 839 

Sanchez, Rev. and Mrs. Harold 
Espanola Hospital 

Bauer, Miss Gertrude 

Bischoff, Donald 

Coover, Miss Lois M. 

Craven, Miss Margaret 

Deeble, Miss Gloria 

Donica, Frances 

Dighero, Miss Linda 

Dunn, Miss Ruth 

Egli, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley 

Flading, Miss Verla 

Gordon, Miss Betty 

Hiatt, Miss Virginia 

Heim, Miss Betty Jean 

Hildinger, Miss Iva Mae 

Knepp, Miss Joan 


Lambright, Miss Verna 

Lauer, Miss Ruth 

Lehner, Miss Leona 

Martin, Miss Barbara 

Morris, Miss Arlene 

Poole, Miss Mary Joyce 

Ross, Miss Joan 

Rushton, Miss Judith 

Sinemus, Miss Anna Mae 

Skartved, Miss Amy 

Trujillo, Mrs. Violet Gruneich 

Twigg, Miss Nancy 

Vogel, Miss Dorothy Mae 

Wanless, Mr. and Mrs. D. Wayne 

Walser, Miss Eda 

Wilken, Miss Leona 

Woodworth, Miss Susan 

Ojo Caliente 

Brown, Rev. and Mrs. Lewis 
Santa Cruz 

Beringer, Miss Ada Fern 

Bonecutter, Rev. and Mrs. Maurice 

Brown, Mr. Orlando 

Burgett, Mr. and Mrs. David 

Burkett, Miss Mary Lou 

Campbell, Rev. and Mrs. Richard 

Cole, Miss Irene 

Combs, Mrs. Mary 

Frank, Miss Virginia 

Gabel, Miss Evelyn 

Hendrix, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin 

Holcomb, Mrs. Clara 

Houmes, Miss Janet A. 

Martinez, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. 

McDonald, Miss Georgene 

Nehring, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 

Nelson, Miss Dixie 

Odell, Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. 

Pomeroy, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 

Pringle, Rev. and Mrs. Adolphus W., Jr. 

Pruett, Mrs. Ethel 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Dale 

Rodriguez, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch A. 

Rhode, Miss Joyce 

Sanchez, Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto 

Sanchez, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin 

Schattschneider, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin 

Stambach, Miss Ruth 

Suazo, Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo 

Synstegard, Mrs. Fern 

Townsend, Miss Elvira 
Trujillo, Mrs. Nellwyn 
Valdez, Miss Emma 
Van Essen, Mr. Edwin 


Murphy, Rev. and Mrs. Ola Earl 

Fredrick, Rev. and Mrs. Edgar 
Leave of Absence 

Boughin, Mrs. Jessie 

1671 Susan Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 
Bulson, Mr. and Mrs. Leo 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 
Burkett, Miss Mary Lou 

R. 2, Box 202, St. Joseph, Mich. 
Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
Rt. 4, Hillsboro, Ohio 

Retired Missionaries 

Anderson, Miss Inez 

938 Cimmeron Dr., Tampa, Fla. 
Bachman, Miss Irene 

R. 2, Box 28, Espanola, N. M. 
Blake, Miss Lena 

424 Lakeside Pk., Clearwater, Fla. 
Burgett, Rev. and Mrs. Gordon 

Rising City, Nebr. 
Clippinger, Miss Lula 

146 South Second St., Chambersburg, Pa 
Germanotta, Rev. Angelo 

P. O. Box 250, Wautoma, Wis. 
Herrick, Miss Delia and Miss Zella 

Rt. 2, Box 27, Espanola, N. M. 
Johnson, Miss Alice 

Alma, Wis. 
McCracken, Dr. and Mrs. Glen F. 

Santa Cruz, N. M. 
Medina, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. 

Santa Cruz, N. M. 
Randolph, Mrs. Louise 

3315 Hickory St., Omaha 5, Nebr. 
Roa, Rev. and Mrs. Plutcarco 

2708 First Ave., N. Indian Rocks, Fla. 
Turley, Dr. and Mrs. Roy H. 

525 W. Elm St., Hartford City, Ind. 
Walker, Mrs. Mary 

3837 W. Earl Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. 


MRS. S. S. HOUGH, President Emeritus of the Women s Society of World Service 
MRS. JOHN S. STAMM, President Emeritus of the Women s Society of World Service 
MRS. J. BALMER SHOWERS, President Emeritus of the Women s Society of World Service 

The Division of World Mission has these duly appointed Port Representatives: 
Rev. Lester Wetzstein, 20211 2nd Ave., Seattle 66, Wash.; Rev. E. Clark 
Robb, 1154 Southgate Ave., Daly City (San Francisco), Cal. 94015; Rev. Robert G. 
Barnes, 90-33 213 Street, Queens Village, N. Y. 11428. 


EASTERN: 142 South Thirtieth St. Camp Hill Pa. Area Code 717 Phone 
Harrisburg 737-0801 

CENTRAL: 10 East School Ave. Naperville, 111. Area Code 312 Phone 

WESTERN: 2671 Ash St. Denver 7, Colo. Area Code 303 Phone 355-7460 

The 4-C Mission Program (Cooperative Comprehensive Christian Confron 
tation) is a simultaneous evangelistic thrust of EUB churches to EMPHASIZE teach 
ing the churched, reaching the unchurched and preaching the Word. 


Conference Superintendents 

and Their Addresses 


Northern District Paul E. Miller, 1161 Volz East Disb-ict N. C. Liesemer 17200 Plain- 

Dr., Sacramento, Calif. 95822 view Rd., Detroit, Mich. 48219 

Southern District-Oliver E Schafer 4209 W ^g^^ Gran^d R^M 
Don Felipe Dr., Los Angeles 8, Calif. 


E. E. Hallman, 398 Union Blvd. W., Kitch 
ener, Ontario, Canada. 


Southern District Leonard Kruckenberg, 702 
S. Kline, Aberdeen, S. D. 57401 

Northern District A. G. Martin, 920 Eighth 
St., South, Fargo, N. D. 58101 


West District Warren F. Mentzer, 3920 

Woodvale Rd., Colonial Pk., Harrisburg, 

Pa. 17109 
Eastern District Henry W. Zehner, 1117 

Allengrove St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19124 
Central District C. E. Kachel, 1608 N. 15th 

St., Reading, Pa. 19604 


Glenn E. Donelson, EUB Erie Conference 
Office, 2-6 W. Third St., Jamestown, N. Y. 


Wm. G. Hawk, 810 Demington St., Lakeland, 


Southern District O. F. Landis, 14 Delwood 
Dr., Decatur, 111. 62521. 

Western District John R. Bouldin, 635 Sec 
ond Ave., Dixon, 111. 61021 

Eastern District Sherman Cravens, 1124 
Catherine Ave., Box 13, Naperville, 111. 


South Bend District Wilson S. Parks, 227 

Timberlane, South Bend, Ind. 44615 
Ft. Wayne District Marshall W. Chambers, 

2616 Glencaim, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 46805 
Logansport District Verner A. Carlson, 629 

Marleton Rd., Logansport, Ind. 46947 


South District Glen O Dell, 2517 Glenwood 
Pk., New Albany, Ind. 

East District K. K. Merryman, 1347 Winder- 
mire Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 

West District Rev. Robert Koenig, 110 
Berkeley Dr., Terre Haute, Ind. 


Cedar Falls District Leonard E. Deaver, 

824 Hudson Rd., Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 
Des Moines District Alfred Wilken, 3801 

Cottage Grove Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 

Fort Dodge District John A. Dowd, 309 N. 

18th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501 


Topeka Max Wright, 2917 Virginia Ave., 

Topeka, Kan. 66605 
Salina Earl R. Ford, 1420 South llth St., 

Salina, Kan. 67401 
N ew ton C. R. Findley, 424 S. E. Sixth St.. 

Newton, Kan. 67114 


St. Paul District A. B. Utzman, 1648 

Laurel Ave., St. Paul 4, Minn. 55104 
Minneapolis District E. R. Praetorius, 6310 
Washburn Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Claude H. Crandall, Notch Route, Reed s 
Spring, Mo. 


Reuben R. Strutz, 215 Burlington Ave., Bill 
ings, Mont. 


Eastern District John Wichelt, 4040 D St.. 

Lincoln 10, Neb. 
Western District Don R. Roker, 3708 4th 

Ave., Kearney, Neb. 


John D. Rein, 500 Plank Rd., Webster, N. Y. 


T. E. Jesske, 164 Fifth St., SE, Medicine 
Hat, Alberta. 


North District Kenneth Hulit, 452 Lake 
Ave., N.E., Rm. 209, Massillon, Ohio 

South District E. P. Eberly, 452 Lake Ave., 
N.E. Rm. 209, Massillon, Ohio 44646 


Wm. K. Messmer, 1810 Harvard Blvd., 
Dayton, Ohio 45406. 


District A D. D. Corl, P.O. Box 672, Find- 
lay, Ohio 45840 

District B John C. Searle, P.O. Box 672, 
Findlav, Ohio 45840 


South District Harold Dutt, 511 Hilltonia 
Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 

North District Clayton S. Lutz, 2825 Scott- 
wood Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43229 


Roderick E. Gray, 1420 S.W. 68th St., Okla 
homa City, Okla. 73111 


Castro Smith. 2725 Linden Ave., Knoxville, 
Tenn. 37914 


Floyd L. Fulk, Box 218, Broadway, Va. 


East District C. W. Dietrich, 324 Nadonna 

St., Johnstown, Pa. 15904 
West District Harry J. Fisher, 242 Azalea 

Dr., Garden City, Monroeville, Pa. 15146 


John W. Bischoff, Red Bird Mission, Beverly, Harry Eckels, Box 8, R. 5, Buckhannon, 

Ky. 40913 


W. Va. 26201 


Eastern District H. E. Zebarth, 296 East 

19th St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Northwestern District Roy E. Bosserman, 

617 E. Grant, Eau Claire, Wis. 
Southern District Willard Schulz, 2209 

Hollister Ave., Madison 5, Wis. 


East District T. R. Buzzard. 1425 Wind 
sor Dr., Gladstone, Ore. 97027 

North District V. A. Ballantyne, 14317 Fair- 
oaks Lane, Portland, Ore. 97222 

South District George K. Millen, Jr., 3223 
S.E. Deswell St., Portland, Ore. 97222 


North District Wm. L. Young, 3149 Salem 
St., Aurora, Colo. 80011 

South District Lloyd C. Nichols, 1314 Sun 
set Rd., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80909 


Northern District R. O. Steely, 1230 Faxon 
Parkway, Williamsport, Pa. 

Southern District Clair C. Kreidler, 708 Hill 
top Dr., New Cumberland, Pa. 

Central District Paul E. Horn, 2836 East 
wood Dr., York, Pa. 



Falk, J., Eberswalde, Strasse der Jungen 

Pioniere 9a. 
Eckstein, H., Berlin-Friedenau, Handjery- 

str, 52/53. 


Handt, P., Hannover, Am Taubenfelde. 
Mohr, Immanuel, Essen, Menzelstr. 20/22. 

Wisst, O., Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2. 

Maurer, R. Karlsruhe, Hermann-Billingstr, 11. 

Gaehr, J. Stuttgart W., Senefelderstr, 109. 

Roser, D., Heideggweg 5, Aarau, Switzerland 


Renner, S. M., Freetown, 5 Godrich St. 
Carew, B. A., Taiama, Taiama via Mano. 


Executive Secretary of United Evangelical 
Church, Rev. Gilberto Robles, 51 Mariana 
Bracetti, Rio Piedras, P. R. 

Evangelists Appointed by their Annual Conferences 

California Donald B. Spitler, 626 E. 9th St., 

Long Beach, Calif. 

Q. E. Hendricks, 4168 Charlene Dr., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 90043 
Dakota Charles Sheppard, 200% Main St., 

Wilmore, Ky. 
Erie Harold Lyman, 118 N. Main St., Union 

City, Pa. 

E. Loye Donelson, Box 28, 112 Miller St., 

Sherman, N. Y. 
Indiana South Bert J. Reed, 1634 Franklin 

St., Columbus, Ind. 

Russell Ford, 1205 Lynn Dr., Carmel, Ind. 

Iowa L. B. Deedrick, Box 95, Moravia, Iowa. 

Robert S. Tabor, 4308 67th St., Des Moines, 

Iowa 50322 
Kansas J. Erwin Branson, 1022 Buchanan St., 

Plainfield, Ind. 
Minnesota W. G. Stocker, 1421 14th Ave., 

N. W., Rochester, Minn. 

Ohio Sandusky B. F. Richer, 5508 Edgewater 
Dr., Toledo 11, Ohio. 

Mark Reep, Green Springs, Ohio 

Lynn Harris, EUB Park, R.R., St. Marys, 

Ohio 45855 

Ohio Southeast Edna B. Hughes, 582 N. Wal 
nut St., Logan, Ohio. 

James DeWeerd, Pennville, Ind. 
Michigan Lon R. Woodrum, R. 2, Hastings, 

Tennessee Dewey Whirwell, 1918 Ashwood 

Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Don White, 2761 Varsity Dr., Fairborn, O. 

Virginia Joseph P. Sheesley, c/o St. Luke s 

EUB Church, Martinsburg, W. Va. 
West Virginia Arnold O. Willis, 405 Linden 

Circle, Huntington, W. Va. 25705 
Western Pennsylvania Perry E. Pyle, 71 Pine 

St., Brookville, Pa. 

E. E. Residence Hall for Women, North Central College, Naperville, 111. Dedicated 
November 12, 1965. Constructed at a cost of $500,000. 


Overseas Conferences 

In Europe 


Superintendents: J. Gahr, (7) Stuttgart 1, 
Ivcssingstr. 5; R. Maurer, (75) Karlsruhe, 
Hermann-Billing Str. 11, Germany; O. 
Wisst, (741) Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2. 

(a) Ministers 

Bauknecht, K., (792) Heidenheim (Brenz), 

Paracelsusweg Ib. 
Baumgartner, A., (7517) F<ppingen (Baden) 

Binder, H., (708) Aalen (Wurtt.) Lamstrasse 

Blessing, T., (7518) Bretten, Am. Gottesacker- 

tor 6. 

Burck, G., 61 Darmstadt, Schepp-Allee. 2. 
Burkle, R. ( (78) Freiburg (Breisgau) Kathar- 

inenstr. 9. 

Czech, W., (746) Balingen, Beethovenstr. 2. 
Uauner, Im. (717) Schwabisch Hall Saumarkt. 

Dauner, J., (7036) Schonaich Kr., Boblingen, 

Kelterweg. 28. 

Dauner, M., (7417) Pfullingen, Hauffstr. 78/2. 
Deiss, O., (703) Boblingen, Sindelfingerstr. 43. 
Deiss, S., (7411) Reutlingen-Betzingen, Im. 

Wasen 28. 
Deiss, W., (6) Frankfurt/Main 1, Auf der 

Kornerwiese 6. 
Dietze, W., (763) I,ahr (Baden) Kahnangassle 

Dillmann, H., (75) Karls-ruhe, Hermann-Billing- 

str. 11. 
Dreisbach, S., (7418) Metzingen, Friedrichstr. 

Fyisenmann, S., (66) Saarbrucken 1, Guten- 

bergstrasse 2. 
Frick, W., (792) Heidenheim (Brenz). Pan- 

oramaweg 20. 
Friedrich, O., (6142) Benshein-Auerbach, Darm- 

stadter Str. 246. 

Fuchs, E., (713) Muhlacker, Jorgenwaag 4. 
Gahr, J., (7) Stuttgart N, Lessingstrasse 5. 
Gaubatz, R., (752) Bruchsal, Moltkestr. 3. 
Geissler, M., (7242) Dornham, Kr., Horb, 

Panaramastrasse 443. 
Goll, Th. (7312) Kirchheim/Teck, Armbruststr. 

Gunther, W., (7315) Weilheim u. T., Keplerstr. 

Hauswald, F,., (7031) Weilim Schonbuch. Sees- 

Heilmann, K., (7) Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Bur- 

genlandstr. 106. 

Hensler, D., (7217) Trossingen Wagnerstr. 4. 
Herb, A., (7417) Pfullingen, Wolfgangstr. 2. 
Herrmann, G.. (7121) Kleinsachsenheim fiber 

Bietigheim, Bietigheimer Str. 6. 
Humburger, W., (753) Iforzheim, Simmler- 

strasse 4. 

Jauch, W., (732) Goppinger, Friedrichstr. 27. 
Jetter, W., (7051) Schnait uber Waiblingen, 

Silcherstr. 49. 

Kern, H., Stuttgart S. Altenbergstr. 71c. 
Kiemle, W., (7407) Mossingen, Badergasse 7. 
Killinger, G., (754) Neuenburg, Kr., Calw, 

Alte., Pforzheimerstr. 67. 

Klaiber, W., (85) Nfirnberg, Humboldstr. 81. 
Knoller. H., (7907) Langenau Karlstr. 12. 
Kohlenbrenner, R., (714) L,udwigsburg, Soli- 

tudestr. 5. 
Konig, K., (75) Karlsruhe-Durlach, Amalien- 

badstr. 5/7. 
Kratt, M., (7217) Trossingen, Kr. Tuttlingen, 

Morikestr. 18. 
Kuchlich, R., Dr. phil., D.D., (741) Reutlingen, 

Hagstr. 2. 
Kuhnle, R., (742) Munsingen, Karlstr. 5. 

Kurtz, W., (7) Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Mer- 

gentheimer Str. 15. 
Lang, K., (7521) Unterowisheim Kr. Bruchsal, 

EJisenhutstr. 4. 

Laur, W., (7315) Weilheim (Teck), Baintstr. 25. 
Lehmann, F,., (71) Heilbronn a. N., Schillerstr. 

Leo nhardt, K., (56) Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Hain- 

str. 35. 
Leonhardt, Th. (734) Geislingen (Steige,) 

Keplerstr. 20. 
Mader, E)., (7534) Birkenfeld, Kr. Calw, 

Schulstr. 10. 
Maurer, R., (75) Karlsruhe, Hermann-Billingstr. 


Memicke, R., (741) Reutlingen, Kaiserstr. 32. 
Meyer, F,., (7401) Pliezhausen, Kr. Tubingen, 

Esslinger Str. 24. 

Mistele, H., (7) Stuttgart S, Sonnenbergstr. 3. 
Mossinger, M., (7) Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, 

Zabergaustrasse 27. 

Miirle, L-, (7) Stuttgart W., Paulusstr. 8. 
Murle, R., (7501) I^offenau (Schwarzw.) Hal- 

denweg 5. 

Neumann, A., (731) Plochingen, Bergstrasse 66. 
Neithammer, A., (7454) Bodelshausen, Kr. 

Tubingen, Nelkenstrasse 6. 
Neithammer, J., (68) Mannheim, Viktoriastr. 

Palmer, W., (7064) Hebsack (Post Geradstetten ) 

Schulstr. 58. 
Plessmann, F,., (74) Tubingen a. Neckar Zep- 

plinstr. 4. 
Rempp, R., (7401) Entringen, Kr. Tubingen, 

Bahnhofstrasse 9. 

Rempp, W., (722) Schwenningen, a. N. Schiller 
str. 22. 

Renz, G., (792) Heidenheim (Brenz), Bachstr. 6. 
Richer. B., (7026) Bonlanden Kr. Esslingen, 

Schillerstr. 3. 
Rieker, O., (7417) Urach/Wurtt., Mauchental- 

str. 44. 

Rocker, G., (72) Tuttlingen, Olgastr. 26. 
Sautter, W., (7207) Aldingen. Bei Spaichingen, 

Aixheimerstr. 43. 
Schaefer, Heinz, 7 Stuttgart W. Senefelder Str. 

Schafer, K., (6) Frankfurt (Main) Gueterplatz. 

Sch anz, P., (72) Tuttlingen, Olgastr. 33. 
Schrade, W., (741) Reutlingen, Spechtarstr. 10. 
Schroth, H., (7129) Guglingen, (Wurtt.) 

Bergstr. 8. 
Schuler, G., (714) Ludwigsburg-Hoheneck, 

Hartstr. 14. 
Schwaiger, W., 7 Stuttgart W., Fylizabethenstr. 

Schwenk, A.. (7506) Herrenalb fiber Karlsruhe, 

Sanatorium "Grfiner Wald". 
Siegle, G., (7242) Dornhan, Kr. Horb, Pano- 

ramastr. 443. 
Stehle, R., (696) Osterburken (Baden), Hager- 

str. 14. 
Sticher, H., (75) Karlsruh, Hermann-Billing- 

Str. 11. 
Straub, H., (8) Mfinchen 15, Paul-Heyse 

Strasse 24. 

Theurer, K., (69) Heidelberg, I^utherstr. 13A. 
Treppmann, I., (6961) Ballenberg, Kr. Buchen 

(Baden) Neuestr. 142. 
Unrath. K., (74) Tubingen a. N., Rumelinstr. 

Veihelmann, J., (7742) St. Georgen (Schwarz- 

wald), Friedrichstr. 2. 

Veith, O., (73) Esslingen a. N., Friedensstr. 6. 
Viering, H., (744) Nurtingen, Kapellenstr. 15. 
Vohringer. R.. (7) Stuttgart- Wangen, Ebers- 

bacher Str. 3. 
Vogelmann, W., (723) Schramberg, Landenberg- 

erstr. 76. 


. 83. 

-" > - t i"., \i i *> i. j -Lyiuiiia-iinsweiler Uber 
Villingen, Koningsfelderstr. 95. 
Weller. H., (7) Stuttgart S. Mohringerstr. 81A. 

Riedner, E., 25 Rostock, 1 Alt-Bettelmonch-Str., 

St. Michaeliskirche. 
Seiffert, H., 608 Schmalkaden, Geschw.-Scholl- 

Str. 24. 

/IT v Jlut - u S "i- o. ivionringerstr. OIA. str 24 

Wetzel, H., (7128) Uuflfen a. N., Wilhelmstr. Siepmann, G., 104 Berlin 4, Schroderstr. 5. 

Wisst, O., J741) Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2. 

Uhingen, Kr. Goppingen, 

Zeiher, F, (7031) Oberjettingen, Kr., Boblingen. 

Herrenberger Strasse 200. 
Ziegler, K., (7) Stuttgart-Wangen. Feder- 

seestr. 7. 

(c) In General Service 

Kern, H. Stuttgart S. Altenbergstr. 71c. 
Kucklich, R., Dr. phil., (741) Reutlingen, 

Hagstr. 2, Predigerseminar. 
Leonhardt, K, (56) Wuppertal-Elberfeld. Hain- 

str. 9. 
Leonhardt, Th.. (734) Geislingen a.d. Steige, 

Keplerstr. 20. 
Mistele, H.. (7) Stuttgart-S, Sonnenbergstr. 

Schrade, W., (741) Reutlingen, Spechthartstr. 

Schtiler, G., (714) Ludwigsburg-Hoheneck, 
Hartstr. 14. 


District Berlin West 

Sieweck, K., 5804 Friedrichroda (Thur.) 

Schweizer Str. 18. 
Tschuschke, M., 13 Eberswalde/Mark, Ammon- 

str. 1. 

Voth, I., 50 Erfurt. Milchinselstr. 5. 
Walenski, E-, 56 Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Schmach- 

tenbergweg. 186. 

Wecke, J., 8019 Dresden, Haydnstr. 18. 
Weidemann, G., 1 Berlin 10, Kaiser-Friedrich- 

Str. 871. 
Wetzig, C., 328 Genthin, Bez. Magdeburg, Sem- 

inastr. 18. 

Wilhelm, K., 806 Dresden, Katharinenstr. 17. 
Wittko, F., 7022 Leipzig, Blumenstr. 74. 
Zuther, J., 132 Angermiinde, Heinrichstr. 4. 


Superintendents: P. Handt, (3) Hannover, 
Am Taubenfelde 1; I. Mohr. (43) Essen 
Menzelstr. 20. 

Conference Evangelist: Stossberg, H.. 6333 
Braunfels/Lahn, Haus Hohenblick. Postfach 

(a) Ministers 

Barchet. G., (43) Essen, Haskenstr. 14. 
Bensch, E., (74) Tubingen, Wilhelmstr. 87. 
Bertram B., (3432) Grossalmerode Bez. Cassel, 

Kasselerstr. 51. 
Bethke, A., (562) Velbert, Muhlenstr. 4. 

Superintendent: J. Falk, 13 Eberswalde. Strasse i ethke R U (4 ?2L et ? ld Sa S a er Str. 1. 
J T " " Bormann, E-, (3569) Kirchvers Kr. Marburg. 

Conrad, A., (433) Mulheim (Ruhr.)-Speldorf, 
Hofackerstr. 6. 

Behrend, S., 806 Dresden, Katharinester 17. ^^^ M " (21) Harabur *-Harburg. Maretstr. 

Superintendent: D. H. Eckstein, Berlin 41, 
Handjerystr. 52/53. 

District Berlin Ost and DDR 

der Jungen Pioniere 9a. 


ab 1.1.1966:1603 Eichwalde, Schulzendorfster! 


Beier, E-, Magdeburg 3018, Lubeckerstr. 21. 
Brachmann, C. Echterdingen, Keplerstr. 5. 
Eckstein, H., D.D., 1, Berlin 41, Handjerystr. 


Endler, R., 25, Rostock 1, Augusten Str. 33. 
Falk, J., Eberswalde, Strasse der Jungen 

Pioniere 9a. 
Frobisch, A., 8019 Dresden 19, Augsburger Str. 


Goebel, E-, 1 Berlin 30, Dennewitzstr. 13. 
Goebel, K., 3432 Grossalmerode, Bez. Kassel, 

Gartenweg. 2. 
Halfter, H., 6081 Herges-Hallenberg (Thur.), 

Friedens Strasse. 
Hawemann, G., 8029 Dresden Hiilindorfer Str. 

Bering, G., 1115 Berlin-Buch, Alt-Buch 30 
Herschel, W., 1502 Pottsdam-Babelsberg, Planta 

genstr. 22. 
Holzmann, F., 1 Berlin 46, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str 

29 a. 
Jiihnchen, K., 5804 Friedrichroda (Thur.) 

Schweizerstr. 18. 

Joop, R., 25 Rostock 1, Strempelstr. 7. 
Katthaen, M., 1 Berlin 10, Kaiser-Friedrich- 

Str. 87. 

Klee, W., 50 Erfurt, Klement-Gottwald-Str. 9. 
Knopsmeier, F 75 Cottbus, Ostrowerstr. 18. 
Kootz, W.. 88 Zittau, Friedrich-Haupt-Str. 11. 
Langer, H., 933 Olbernhau/Erzg, Bahnhofstr. 

Lewke, J., Wismai\ Turnplatz 4a. 

Meinhardt, W., 1 Berlin 61, Dieffenbachstr. 39 

Michalski, B.. 5808 Tabarz/Thur., Launcha- 


Dittert, D., (35) Kassel, Ludwig-Mohr-Str. 6. 
Elke, S., (443) Mulheim (Ruhr), Heissener Str. 

Elle, R., (437) Marl-Huls, Lipperweg 179. 
Ermlich, S., (2) Hamburg 13, Bogenstr. 52. 
Floren, M., (2081) Ellerbek Kr.. Pinneberg, 

Moordamm, Friedenskirche. 

Gatz, O.. (491) Lage (Lippe) Lange Str. 1. 
Goebel, Th., (56) Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Schmach- 

tenbergweg 18c. 

Gotthardt. H., (43) Essen. Menzelstr. 20. 
Gross, S., (3551) Lohra. Kr. Marburg (Lahn), 

Hollergraben 7. 

Handt, P., (3) Hannover, Am Taubenfelde 1. 
Hanf, A.. (47) Hamm (Westf.) Letterhauss- 

Str. 25. 
Harriefeld, F., der Altere, (407) Rheydt 

(Rhld.)-Odenkirchen, Karlstrasse 54. 


grund. Str. 26. 
Michalski, S., 1297 Zepernick, bei Berlin, Strasse 

der Jugend 15. 
Philebrunn, K., 22 Greifswald (Mcckl. 1 ), Strasse 

der Freundschaft 77. 
Pieper, E., D.D., 1 Berlin 61, Dieffenbach- 

strasse 39. 
Quast, P., 3018 Magdeburg, Lubecker Str. 21. 

Harriefeld, F., der Jiingere, (46) Dortmund, 

Weiherstr. 3. 

Harriefeld^ H., (565) Solingen, Emilienstr. 21. 
Heinen, E-, (3441) Grebendorf bei Eschwege, 

Eschweger Str. 20. 

Holland, W., (28) Bremen, Sedanstr. 12/14. 
Kemper, G., (493) Detmold. Muhlenstr. 16. 
Kraft, C., (463) Bochum, Aleestr. 48. 
Krebs, B., 3 Hannover, Am Taubenfeld 1. 
Liese, A., (318) Wolfsburg, Heinrich-Heine-Str. 

45 a. 
Markert, F., (43) Essen-Altenessen, Feldmann- 

hof 18. 

Meier, W., (407) Rheydt, Kreuzstr. 5. 
Mohr, H., (56) Wuppertal Elberfeld, 53 Mo- 


Mohr, W., (3012) Langenhagen (Han.) 1, Korn- 

radenstr. 13. 
Mohrmann, W., (563) Remscheid. Ludwigstr. 

6 a. 

Nutzmann, O., (495) Minden, Konigstr. 68. 
Reinhold, W., (644) Bebra, Sudstr. 23. 
Rodekamp, W., (33) Braunschweig, Petritor- 

wall 11. 
Rosenthal, W., (468) Wanne-Eickel, Deutsche 

Str. 1. 


Sanden, M., (491) Lage/Lippe. Im Gerstkarap 

Scheidhauer, A., (357) Kirchhain, Bez. Kassel. 

Bruckenstr. 12. 
Scheidhauer, E-, (41) Duisburg, Hansastrasse 


Sheu. R., (4) Dusseldorf, Hohenzollernstr. 32. 
Schumann, E. O., (5) Koln, Burgenderstr. 6. 
Siering, W., (56) Wuppertahl-Barmen, Tan- 

nenstr. 108. 
Siering, W. A., (465) Gelsenkirchen, Luitpold- 

str. 37. 
Soberger, S., (3) Hannover, Am Taubenfelde 


Steckel, K., (741) Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2. 
Stein, H.. (42) Oberhausen/Rhld., Grenzstr. 


Stein, H. V., 644 Bebra, Siidstr. 23. 
Stephan, H., 2 Hamburg 22, Eilbeker Weg 


Stolze, H. D. f (562) Velbert, Schloss Str. 20. 
Stossberg, H., (6333) Braunfels/Lahn, Haus 

Hohenblick, Postfach 42. 

Trachinpw, W., 24 Lubeck-Marli, Bulowstr. 39a. 
Wenserit, E-, 341 Duisburg-Hamborn, Gehrstr. 


(c) In General Service 
Goebel, Th., (56) Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Sch- 

machtenberweg 18c. 
Steckel, K., (741) Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2, Pre- 

Stossberg, H., 6333 Braunsfels/Lahn Friederike- 

Fliedner-Strasse, Postfach 42. 


Superintendent: Roser, D., Heideggweg 5, 5000 


Baumann, F., Untere Goldey 43, 3800 Unter- 

seen (Bern) 
Bertschi, A., Pappelweg 24, 3084 Wabern 

Bertschi, H. P., Hirschengraben 52, 8001 

Bertschi, Th., Bernstrasse 68, 3018 Bern- 

Bellinger, A. Illnauerstrasse 3, 8307 Effretikon 


Brunner, J., Postgasse 42, 8750 Glarus 
Brunner, O., Marktgasse 16, 4800 Zofingen 


Buchmuller, J., Rothhausstrasse 15, 4132 Mut- 
tenz, (Baselland) 

Burkhard, W., Riehenring 129, 4000 Basel 
Burki, R., Friedheim, 3780 Gastaad. (Bern) 
Christen H., Waldeggstr. 5, 3800 Interlaken 

Frankhauser, W., Asylstrasse 33, 3700 Spiez 

Frei, W., Bahnhofstrasse 12, 3400 Burgdorf 


Galle, W., Balmweg 5, 3000 (Bern) 
Geissbuhler, Th., Nageligasse 4, 3000 (Bern) 
Gfeller, G., Fluehli, 3150 Schwarzenburg (Bern) 
Hasler, G., 3513 Bigenthal (Bern) 
Hostettler, E-, Alte Strasse 777, 5734 Reinach 

Humbel, H., Hardstrasse 37, 5037 Muhen 

Hunziker, E., Gundeldingerstrasse 161, 4000 

Jaggi, P., Bahnhofstrasse 45, 3127 Muhlethur- 

nen (Bern) 
Jost, E., Schulhausstrasse 14, 4800 Zofingen 

Kastli, K., Talstrasse 24, 4900 Langenthal 

c., Markuskapelle, 3076 Worb (Bern) 

Kuhn, E., Gellertstrasse 180, 4000 Basel 

Kuster, J., Belpbergstrasse 9, 3110 Munsingen 

Lammlin, K.. Stauffacherstrasse 35, 8004 


Marti, E-, Rundstrasse 11, 8400 Winterthur 
Matzler, O., Kapelle am Bach, 3087 Nieder- 

muhlern (Bern). 
Miiller, A., Rosenbergstrasse 14a. 9000 St. 


Reichen, H., Kehlhof, 8572 Berg TG 
Riid, M., Postgasse 38, 3800 Interlaken (Bern). 
Riiegger, F., Bornstrasse 468, 4663 Aarburg 

Schaffner, S., Richenbacherstrasse 21, 4460 

Gelterkinden BL 
Schaer, A., Salistrasse 2, 4800 Zofingen 


Schaer, E., Bernstrasse 68, 3018 Bern-Bumpliz 
Schar, E-, Vordorf 225, 3715 Adelboden (Bern). 
Schaer, F., D.D., Kurhaus Abendberg. 3812 

Wilderswil (Bern) 
Scholl, H., 4858 Wynau (Bern) 
Somandin, E-, Churerstrasse 16, 9470 Buchs 

Steiner, A., Elimkapelle, 5040 Schoftland 

Steiner, W., Bahnhofstrasse 12, 3400 Bugdorf 

Stettler, M., Holzmattstrasse 7, 4102 Bin- 

ningen BI/ 

Stettler, S., 3135 Wattenwil (Bern) 
Stirnemann, H., Kapellenstrasse 8, 5200 Win- 

disch (Aargau) 
Trummer, E-, Klosestrasse 10, 3600 Thun 

Tschirren, E-, Kufergasse, 5742 Kolliken 

Wafler, A., 3753 Oey (Bern) 

Widmer, F., Friedenskapelle, 3714 Frutigen 

Winkler, G., Frey-Herosestrasse 17, 5000 Aarau 

Woodtli, F., Abendruh Alpenstr. 45. 3800 In 
terlaken (Bern) 

Wiirsten, E-, Bahnhofstrasse 338, 4663 Aarburg 

Wiithrich, P., Bellionstrasse 35, D-741 Reut 
lingen (Deutschland) 

Zimmermann, A., Hofmattstrasse, 4950 Hut- 
twil (Bern) 

Ministers in France 

Bauer, H., 47, rue des Verges, 68-Mulhouse, 

Brinkert, F., 11, rue de 1 Est, 68-Colmar, Haut- 

Carlen. G., 22 rue de 9e Zouaves, 68-Munstr. 

Lauber, S., 1, Bid. J. Preiss, 67-Strasbourg, 

Nyffeler, W., 2, rue Charles Abel, Metz, Mo 

Roman, C., 6, Av. du General Leclerc, Argen, 
Lot et Garonne. 

Roman, C., 6, Av. du General Leclerc, Agen, 

Ruch, H., Rue du Rhone, 67-Strasbourg-Meinau, 

Wahl, R., 58 rue Clemenceau, 67-Bischwiller, 

Weyer, M., 7, rue Sabine, 67-Strasbourg, Bas- 

Deaconess in Paris 

Sr. Ruth Brandenberger, 42, rue Leroyer, Vin- 
cennes, Seine. 


Dennis-Schneider, H, Jen P.O. Lau via Jos, N. 

Nigeria, W. Africa. 
Friedli, W., Casilla No. 1, Pucallpa (Selva) 

Tschannen. Miss E-, P.O. Lau via Jos, N. 

Nigeria, W. Africa. 

The Weekly Bulletin service furnished by the denomination keeps people in 
EUB congregations in touch with emphases authorized by General Conference. Your 
Church should subscribe to this service. Write our Book Stores for a Prospectus. 


In Latin America 


President: Orengo, Luis, A., Box 8771, 
Santurce, Puerto Rico. 

Executive Secretary: Robles, Gilberto, 51 
Mariana Bracetti, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. 

Treasurer: Vescovacci, Antonio (Layman), 
Navarro St., No. 325 Urbanization Valencia, 
Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. 

Bidot, Jose Carlos, Box 101, Humacao, Puerto 
Rico ; 

Diaz-Cardona, Ismael, 840 Avenida Campo 
Rico, Country Club, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. 

Donato, Teodoro, Box 153, Ceiba, Puerto Rico. 

Echevarria, Eulogio, Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. 

Felix, Juan Jose, D-l B Villa Grillasca, 
Ponce, Puerto Rico. 

Figueroa, Gregorio, Yuquiyu, Puerto Rico. 

Figueroa, Luis A., Villalba, Puerto Rico. 

Franceschi, Domingo, Juana Diaz, Puerto 

Franco, Juan Antonio, Box 1029, Rio Piedras, 
Puerto Rico. 

Garcia, Serafin, Box 1136, Rio Piedras, 
Puerto Rico. 

Gaud, Victor M., Box 692, Roosevelt, Puerto 

Gonzalez, Carlos Pilar, Box 533, Naguabo, 
Puerto Rico. 

Gonzalez, Leandro, Box 96, Ceiba, Puerto 

Jimenez, Eustaquio, Pefiuelas, Puerto Rico. 

Malave^ Osvaldo, Zafirp St. No. 6, Villa 
Blanca, Caguas, Puerto Rico. 

Orengo, Luis A., Box 8771, Santurce, Puerto 

Rivera-Cornier, Antonio, Cotto Laurel, Puerto 

Rivera-Rodriguez, Antonio, Fyvangelical Coun 
cil (F^xec. Sec.) Robles St. No. 54, Rio Piedras, 
Puerto Rico. 

Robles, Avelino, Box 158, Fajardo, Puerto 

Robles, Faustino, I.E-U.P.R. La Rambla, 
Ponce, Puerto Rico. 

Robles, Gilberto, 51 Mariana Bracetti, Rio 
Piedras, Puerto Rico. 

Rodriguez, Abraham, Box 506, Yabucoa, 
Puerto Rico. 

Rodriguez, Diego M., Santa Isabel, Puerto 

Roman, Alfonso, Box 1825, Ponce, Puerto 

Rosa, Celio, Box 164, Ceiba, Puerto Rico. 

Santiago, Alfredo, Salinas. Puerto Rico. 

Torres, Angel Maximo, Union St. No. 103, 
Ponce, Puerto Rico. 

Valazquez, Ernesto, Box 655, Salinas, Puerto 

Viera, Clemente, Punta Santiago, Puerto Rico. 

Zech, Harry E-, Box 1825, Ponce, Puerto 

Lay Pastors 

Casillas, Luis A., Buzon 177, Naguabo, Puerto 

De Jesus, Abraham, Box 426, Rio Piedras, 
Puerto Rico. 

Espinosa, Jose, R. F. D. 2, Buzon 891, Ponce, 
Puerto Rico. 

Irizarry, Jose Luis, R. F. D. 2-558, Ponce, 
Puerto Rico. 

Jaime, Julio, Naguabo, Puerto Rico. 

Melendez, Hipolito, Box 534, Fajardo, Puerto 

Mendez, Benito, Box 511, Fajardo, Puerto 

Rodriguez, Rafael, Box 578, Yauco, Puerto 

Santiago, Alfredo Jr., Box 13, Las Piedras, 
Puerto Rico. 

Vega, Augusto Cesar, Luquillo, Puerto Rico. 

Retired Ministers 

Barret, David Palmer, 210 Pittsford St., 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Bibiloni, Eduardo, Santurce, Puerto Rico. 

Castillo, Antolin, Constancia St. L-114, Ponce, 
Puerto Rico. 

Limardo, Miguel, Box 1029, Rio Piedras, 
Puerto Rico. 

Mattos, Manuel G., 310 Tous Soto, Roose 
velt, Puerto Rico. 

Morales, Vega Ramon, Urb. Constancia J. 
565, Ponce Puerto Rico. 

Ramirez-Lugo, Evaristo, Granada St., esq. 
Andalucia C-68 Urb, La Alhambra, Bayam6n, 
Puerto Rico. 

Robles, Gabino, Punta Santiago, Puerto Rico. 

Roman, Soto Pedro, Union Street No. 103, 
Ponce, Puerto Rico. 

Educational Assistants (Concluded from page 89) 

Isaak, Kenneth 

111 North Central Avenue, Lodi. California 

95242, Salem Church. 
Johnson, Don 

3600 J Street, Sacramento, California 95822, 

First Church. 
Klingelhoffer, Bonnie 

771 East 260th Street, Cleveland. Ohio 44132, 

Euclid, Master s Church. 
Lee, Mrs. Ray 

418 13th Avenue, S.E., Rochester, Minnesota, 

Homestead Memorial Church. 
Nance, Miss Opal 

801 Wheeling Avenue, Muncie, Indiana, 

Riverside Church. 
O Brien, Gerald W. 

15050 Hubbell Avenue, Detroit 27. Michigan. 

Calvary Church. 
Porter, Rev. Bruce 

1440 West 76th Place, Indianapolis, Indiana 

46260. Brookside Church. 
Proctor, Miss Ruth 

Erie, Pennsylvania, Glenwood Church. 
Ruhnke, Miss Janice 

292 East Center Street, Marion, Ohio. Calvary 

Scheibe, Suzanne 

2320 North 115 Street, Wauwatosa 13, Wis 
consin, Calvary Church. 
Shelly. Marie 

1415 Miller Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 

Calvary Church. 
Snyder, Miss Joan 

1829 Oakland Avenue. Elkhart, Indiana. 
Wackerman, Rev. Harry E. 

First EUB Church, York, Pennsylvania. 
Weaver, Mrs. Frieda 

185 Third Street. Barberton, Ohio, Moore 

Memorial Church. 
Weesner, Mrs. Ruth 

13828 North Boulevard, Tampa 12. Florida. 

Lake Magdalene Church. 
Zeiders, Rev. Donald 

R. R. 2, Box 240, Elizabethtown, Pennsyl 
vania, St. Paul s Church. 
Zundel, Miss Sharon 

2763 Woodhill Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44104, 
Calvary Church. 


In Memoriam 

They rest from their labors 

In General Service 

Albright, Raymond W. (Ea.) 
Finkbeiner, Thomas (Ind.No.) 
Zaiser, Gottlob (Germany) 
Himmel, Edward N. (111.) 
Huscher, Gladys (Kansas) 
Niergarth, J. R. (Mich.) 
Ranck, C. E. (Calif.) 

Adams, Leon E. (Ea. ) 
Albig, Orville M. (Mich.) 
Ames, L. E. (O. San.) 
Auchard, F. E. (Kans.) 
Aughinbaugh, Fred L. (Fla. ) 
Baker, Ray M. (la.) 
Bean, B. F. (Ind.So.) 
Beard, Charles (Va.) 
Beardsley, J. A. (Mich.) 
Beasley, Lesley C. ( Ind.So. ) 
Bender, John E. (Can.) 
Bennett, Henry F. (Kans.) 
Bennett, Mrs. Lovejoy (Kans.; 
Bergland, G. W. (Calif.) 
Blackburn, B. W. (Wis.) 
Boegler, Elgin E. (R.Mt.) 
Bowser, J. R. (O.S.Ea.) 
Bright,}. F. (Ind.No.) 
Comrey, E. S. (O.Mi.) 
F. F. Cook ( Nebr. ) 
Dornheim, Harry E. (W.Pa.) 
Durst, W. A. (Can.) 
Duvall, Donald (R.Mt.) 
Evans, E. S. (Calif.) 
Fenner, John D. (W.Can.) 
Fessler, Mrs. Laura C. ( la. ) 
Firestone, F. A. (O.San.) 
Fisher Pearle W. (Va.) 
Graunke, Harry W. (Iowa) 
Grote, Wm. E. (111.) 
Hall, Robert B. (111.) 
Hall, Wm. W. (W.Pa.) 
Halliwell, Gertrude (W.Pa.) 
Hatfield, W. A. (Ind.No.) 
Heiss, Geo. A. 
Hertzog, Charles L. (N.Y.) 
Hogan, John A. (Ok!a.-Tex.) 
Holthaus, Glen C. (Iowa) 
Hunsberger, M. E. (Pac.Nw.) 
Ivy, C. H. (Ind.So.) 
Johnson, R. T. (Tenn.) 

Kauffman, W. I. (Susq.) 
Kauffroath, R. S. (Nebr.) 
Kissinger, F. J. (111.) 
Knipe, Grace (Ind.So.) 
Lewis, J. O. (Ind.So.) 
Livengood, M. S. (Ind.No.) 
Maneval, J. Leon (Erie) 
Mankamyer, E. L. (W.Pa.) 
Martin, O. G. (Susq.) 
Mathias, Harry C. (Ea.) 
Mertz, Floyd K. (111.) 
Mohr, E. N. (Can.) 
Moyer, F. H. (Susq.) 
Moyer, Franklin U. (Kans.) 
Peffer, W. M. (W.Pa.) 
Pierce, Lloyd C. (W.Pa.) 
Pletch, A. E. (Can.) 
Price, Wm. E. (O.Ea.) 
Reese, Horace (W.Pa.) 
Render, F. A. (111.) 
Rex, Charles (O.San.) 
Rhinehart, Paul E. (Susq.) 
Riebel, W. E. (O.S.Ea.) 
Roesti, C. G. (Minn.) 
Roesti, Donald E. (Minn.) 
Roush, E. E. (O.San.) 
Rutherford, W. F. (O.S.Ea.) 
Schmidt, C. F. (111.) 
Schuerman, W. J. 
Scott, F. C. (Iowa) 
Sell, E. D. (Mo.) 
Sites, Wm. A. (W.Pa.) 
Slaughter, Fred (W.Va.) 
Smith, Kirby (Tenn.) 
Standiford, Roy E. (O.S.Ea.) 
Straw, H. E. (Kans.) 
Strong, J. Leonard (Erie) 
Snyder, Albert (Susq. 
Steely, Lewis (W.Pa/ 
Swank, Orin D. (Ea. 
Siutton, Warren W. (Wis.) 
Uhrig, R. E. (Mich.) 
Vaubel, E. G. (111.) 
Walters, Leroy R. (Ea.) 
Welenteichick, J. J. (O.Ea.) 
Whitesell, L. A. (111.) 
Widdows, Mrs. H. W. (Kans.) 
Wilson, Carl L. (O.S.Ea.) 
Wolfe, Charles N. (Ea.) 
Zimmerman, Paul B. (O.San.) 

Family Week theme for 1966 is "Develop Standards in Your Family." 
Luke 15: 11-32 is the basic Scripture reference. 

1967 Youth Week theme is "What s Mine? What s Yours?" This will 
relate closely to the mission study: "Affluence and Poverty: Dilemma for Christians." 


Donald App 
Director of Adult 
and Men s Work 

Nelson Stunts 

Assistant Director 

Dept. of Christian 


Kenneth Krueger 
Editor Adult 

Paul Stuckey 


Reuben P. Job 

Assistant Secretary 

of Evangelism 

Newly-appointed by Boards to General Positions of Leadership 

Directory of General Boards 

Elected by the Evangelical United 
Brethren General Conference 

Esther Edwards 

Director of Children s 



Board of Bishops 

President, R. H. Mueller. 

Vice-President, H. R. Heininger. 

Secretary, J. Gordon Howard. 

Bishop R. H. Mueller, D.D.. LL.D.. L.H.D., 
1401 Castle Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 

Bishop H. R. Heininger, Ph.D., LL.D., Minne 
sota Protestant Center, Suite 440, 122 W. Frank 
lin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 55404. 

Bishop J. Gordon Howard, D.D.. LL.D., 900 
East End Ave., Pittsburgh 21, Pa. 

Bishop H. W. Kaebnick. D.D., LL.D., 3rd & 
Reily Sts., Harrisburg. Pa. 17102. 

Bishop W. Maynard Sparks, D.D., 2227 23rd 
Ave., Sacramento 22, Calif. 

Bish ?P Paul M. Herrick, D.D., LL.D., 601 
Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Bishop Paul W. Milhouse, D. D., 6342 Balti 
more Ave., Kansas City 13, Mo. 

Bishops Emeriti 

Bishop E. W. Praetorius, D.D., LL.D., 1690 
St. Clair Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn. 

Bishop George Edward Epp, D.D., LL.D., 
H.H.D., 332 Eastgrove Road, Riverside, 111. 


L. L. Huffman, LL.D., The Otterbein Press, 
Dayton, Ohio 45402. 

Heinz Schaefer, 109 Senefelderstr., 7 Stutt 
gart, Germany. (All publications.) 

E. Gautschi, Nageligasse 4, 3000 Bern, 


Joe Willard Krecker, D.D., Executive Editor, 
Church and Home. 

Lee A. Ranck, Managing Editor. Church and 
Home. (Board elected.) 

(The editorial offices of the above-named are 


located at Evangelical Press, Third and Reily 
Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 17102. Ph. 233-6411.) 

Curtis A. Chambers, Th.D., Associate Editor, 
Church and Home. 

Harold H. Hazenfield, D.D., Executive Editor. 
Sunday Church School Publications. 

Raymond M. Veh, D.D., Litt.D.. Editor, 
Youth Publications and EUB Year Book. 
(Board elected; voted general officer status.) 

Kenneth W. Krueger, Editor, Adult Publica 
tions. (Board elected.) 

Paul E. Stuckey. Editor, Friends and Youth 
Leader. (Board elected.) 

Leo N. Kisrow, Editor, Children s Publica 
tions. (Board elected.) 

Mrs. Arba O. Herr, Editor Children s Story 
Papers and Grow. (Board elected.) 

David I. Bradley, Assistant Editor. Children s 
Publications. (Board elected.) 

Mrs. Carol E. Culbertson, Editorial Assistant, 
Children s Publications. 

(The editorial offices of the above-named are 
located at The Board of Publication Center, 140 
South Perry Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402. Ph. 

Editors and Publishers Emeriti 

M. Richter. Schwabstr. 149, 7 Stuttgart 1, 

Roy H. Stetler, Litt.D., 2743 Second St., 
Harrisburg, Pa. 


Executive Secretary, Board of Pensions, Har- 
ley Killer, D.D. 

Executive Secretary, Council of Administra 
tion, and Program Director, Paul V. Church. 

General Church Treasurer, Cawley H. Stine, 

Statistician, Paul V. Church, D.D. 

Executive Secretary, World Missions, John F. 
Schaefer, D.D. 

Executive Secretary, Horn* Missions. M. N. 
Berger, D.D. 

Executive Secretary, Woman s Society of 
World Service, Marion Baker. 

Missionary Treasurer, W. O. Clark. LL D., 
601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton 6, Ohio. 

Executive Secretary-Treasurer of Evangelism, 
Joseph Veakel, Executive Secretary-Treasurer 
of Christian Education, K. C. Brandenburg, 

Recording Secretary of General Conference, 
Emerson E. Bragg, D.D. 

Reading Secretary, E. Russell Praetorius. 

Publishers, Editors in Europe 

PUBLISHERS: Heinz Schaefer, Publisher, 7 
Stuttgart 1, Senefeldstr. 109, Germany. E. 
Gautschi, Nageligasse 4, CH 3000 Bern 7, 

EDITORS: K. Steckel, Evangelischer Bot- 
schafter, 741 Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2, Senefeldstr. 
109, Germany. 

Miss H. Becker, Evangelischer Kinderfreund, 
7 Stuttgart 1, Senefeldstr. 109, Germany. 

H. Schaefer, Cute Botschaft, 7 Stuttgart 1, 
Senefelderstr. 109. Germany. 

H. Weller, Miteinander, 7 Stuttgart 1, Mohr- 
inger Str. 81 A. Germany. 

W. Dietze, Die Fackel, 763 Lahr, Kahnergastr. 
1, Germany. 

Th. goebel, "Bethesdagrus," 56 Wuppertal- 
Elberfeld, Schmachtenbergweg 18c. 

O. Wisst, Helferdienst. 741 Reutlingen, 
Hagstr. 2, Germany. 

E. Gautschi, "Evangelischer Botschafter," 
Nageligasse 4, 3000 Bern 7, Switzerland. 

H. Stirnemann, "Der Kinderfreund." Kapel- 
lenstr. 8, 5200 Windisch (Aargau), Switzerland. 

S. Ermlich, Evangeliscber Missionsfreund, 2 
Hamburg 13, Bogenstrasse 52, Germany. 

General Council of Administration 

Headquarters: 601 W. Riverview Ave., 
Dayton, Ohio 45406. Ph. 222-2531 

President, Bishop R. H. Mueller, 1401 Castle 
Ave., Indianapolis 27, Ind. 

Vice President, W. Maynard Sparks, 2227 
23rd Ave., Sacramento 22, Calif. 

Executive Secretary and Recording Secretary, 
Paul V. Church. 

Treasurer, Cawley H. Stine. 

Director of Christian Stewardship, Nordan C. 

Assistant Director, Dept. of Christian Steward 
ship, in charge of Capitol Funds, Nelson Iv 

Council Members 

Bishops: R. H. Mueller, H. R. Heininger, 
J. Gordon Howard, H. W. Kaebnick, W. May 
nard Sparks, Paul M. Herrick. Paul W. Mil- 

Executive Secretary and Recording Secretary, 
Paul V. Church (Advisory). 

General Church Treasurer: Cawley H. Stine. 

Publisher: L. L. Huffman (Advisory). 

Executive Editors: J. W. Krecker (Ad 
visory); H. H. Hazenfield (Advisory). 

Executive Secretary, Division of World Mis 
sion: John F. Schaefer (Advisory). 

Executive Secretary, Division of Home Mis 
sions and Church Extension: Mario N. Berger 

Executive Secretary, Division of Women s 
Service: Miss Marion L,. Baker (Advisory;. 

Treasurer. Board of Missions: Dr. Wesley O. 
Clark (Advisory). 

Executive Secretary, Board of Christian Edu 
cation: E. Craig Brandenburg (Advisory). 

Representative of Evangelical United Brethren 
Colleges: President I. Lynd Esch. 

Representative of Theological Schools: Presi 
dent Paul H. Eller. 

President of Women s Service: Mrs. Paul E. 

President Evangelical United Brethren Men: 
Leonard V. Sorg. 

Executive Secretary, Board of Evangelism: 
Joseph Yeakel (Advisory.) 

Executive Secretary, Board of Pensions: 
Harley E. Killer (Advisory). 

General Church Historian: John H. Ness, Jr. 

Representative of Benevolent Homes: Paul 

Executive Director of the Consultation on 
Church Union, Paul Washburn, (Advisory). 

Conference Superintendents 

California O. E. Schafer. 
Canada E. E. Hallman. 
Dakota A. G. Martin. 

Eastern Warren F. Mentzer C. E. Kachel. 
Erie Glenn E. Donelson. 
Florida William G. Hawk. 
Illinois Oral F. Landis. 
Indiana North Wilson S. Parks. 
Indiana South K. K. Merryman. 
Iowa John A. Dowd. 
Kansas E. R. Ford. 
Kentucky John W. Bischoff. 
Michigan Newell C. Liesemer. 
Minnesota E- Russell Praetorius. 
Missouri Claude H. Crandall. 
Montana Reuben R. Strutz. 
Nebraska John D. Wichelt. 
New York John D. Rein. 
Northeastern Henry W. Zehner. 
Northwest Canada T. E. Jesske. 
Ohio East Edwin P. Eberly. 
Ohio Miami William K. Messmer. 
Ohio Southeast Clayton F. Lutz. 
Ohio SanduskyJohn C. Searle, Sr. 
Oklahoma-Texas Roderick E. Gray 
Pacific Northwest T. R. Buzzard. 
Rocky Mountain IJoyd Nichols. 
Susquehanna Paul Horn Reed O. Steely. 
Tennessee Castro Smith. 
Virginia Floyd L. Fulk. 
Western Pennsylvania Harry J. Fisher. 
West Virginia Harry Eckels. 
Wisconsin H. E. Zebarth. 


Eastern Area (3): Elmer N. Funkhouser 
(Pa.), Box 569, Hagerstown, Md. 

Mrs. Emma Tousant (N. E-). 41 Shelton Rd., 
Quincy 69, Mass. 

Elmer Z. Yoder (E. Pa.), 1418 Garfield 
Avenue, Wyomissing, Pa. 

East Central Area (3): George Eschbach (W. 
Pa.), 1614 Columbia, Tyrone, Pa. 

Alvin L. Kraatz (N. Y.). 636 LeBrun Rd., 
Eggertsville 26, N. Y. 

Jay Stark, Jr. (Fla.), 5908 Otis Avenue, 
Tampa, Fla. 

West Central Area (2) : Leander G. Bauman 
(Canada), 37 Gatewood Rd., Kitchener, Ont. 

Ralph Klump (Mich.), Route 1, Blissfield, 

Central Area (3): Merritt H. Clymer (Ohio 
East), 508 W. Glenwood Ave., North Canton, O. 

W. A. Hohn (O. Miami), 5700 Gables Ave., 
Dayton, Ohio 45426. 

Lee D. Lusby, R. 6, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Northwest Area (2): Paul Ammann (N. W. 
Can.), 265 5th St., S.E., Medicine Hat, Alta., 

Kenneth Johnson (Dak.), 280 Spruce, Kin 
dred, N. Dak. 

Southwest Area (1): Raymond Cook (Neb.), 
3206 S. 44th St., Omaha, Neb. 

West Area (1): Chris W. Schmidt (Calif.), 
3909 Cresta Way, Sacramento 25, Calif. 

Executive Committee 

Bishop R. H. Mueller, Chairman. 

Bishop W. Maynard Sparks, Vice Chairman. 


Bishop Paul M. Herrick, Mr. Kenneth John 
son, Mr. Ralph Klump, Mr. Alvin L. Kraatz, 
Wra. K. Messmer. O. E. Schafer, R. O. Steely. 
John F. Wichelt. 

Advisory. Paul V. Church. Cawley H. Stine, 
Nordan C. Murphy, Bishops li. R. Heininger. 
J. Gordon Howard, H. W. Kaebnick, P. W. 

General Board of Church Trustees 

President, R. H. Mueller; Vice-President, 
W. Maynard Sparks; Secretary, Paul V. 
Church, (advisory); Treasurer, Cawley H. 
Stine. (advisory); Wm. K. Messmer. R. O. 
Steely, Elmer N. Funkhouser, W. K. Merry- 
man, Oral F. Landis, T. R. Buzzard, Alvin 
Kraatz, Merritt H. Clymer, Ralph Klump, 
Raymond Cook, Paul H. Ammann. 

Program Council 

Board of Bishops: H. R. Heininger: R. H. 
Mueller; J. Gordon Howard; W. Maynard 
Sparks; H. W. Kaebnick; Paul M. Herrick; 
Paul W. Milhouse. 

Board of Christian Education: E. Craig 
Branderberg; Warren J. Hartman; Paul Price; 
Quentin C. Lansman; Esther Edwards; Donald 
B. App. 

Board of Evangelism: William H. Barrett; 
Joseph H. Yeakel; Reuben Job. 

Board of Publication: L. L. Huffman; H. 
H. Hazenfield; J. Willard Krecker; Raymond 
M. Veh; Curtis A. Chambers; Paul Stuckey; 
Lee Ranck; Leo N. Kisrow; David Bradley; 
Mrs. Arba Herr; Kenneth Krueger. 

Council of Administration: Paul V. Church; 
Cawley H. Stine; Nordan C. Murphy; Nelson 
E. Stants. 

Board of Missions: Mario N. Berber; Bern 
ard I,. Cook; Norman W. Klump; Marvin A. 
Leist; Marion L. Baker; Lois C. Miller; Mary 
McLanachan; Mary Lue Warner; John F. 
Schaefer; Edwin O. Fisher, Jr.; Wesley O. 
Clark; Vernon L. Farnham; Charles G. 
Bartsch; Parker C. Young; Elaine Gasser; 
Wm. H. Jenkins. 

Board of Pensions: Harley E- Hiller; G. L. 

Board of Ministerial Education and Relations: 
J. A. Heck. 

Historical Society: John H. Ness, Jr. 

Seminaries: Arthur C. Core; Harriet L- 
Miller; Eugene B. Wenger. 

Commission on Church Union, Paul A. Wash- 

The Department of Christian 
Social Action 

Chairman, Bishop H. R. Heininger. 

V ice-Chairman, C. Willard Fetter 

Director, Cawley H. Stine. 

Wilmert H. Wolf, J. Ruskin Howe, Mary 

McLanachan, John F. Schaefer, Raymond AI. 
Veh, C. Willard Fetter, Howard L. Brox, Lloyd 
O. Houser, Kent Swift, Harold Peiffer. Mrs. 
S. G. Cramer, Newell J. Wert, Norman W. 
Klump. Paul V. Church. Mrs. Robert Hunt, 
Quentin C. Lansman, Douglas Yost, Paul B. 
Gillespie, Paul F. McKinley. 

Conference Secretaries of 
Christian Social Action 

California A. W. Garretson, 511 Third St., 
Porterville, Calif. 

Canada G. R. Wilkinson, 45 Leonard St., 
Kitchener, Ontario, Can. 

Dakota George Warner, Box 426, Cassel- 
ton. N. D. 

Eastern Fred W. Forkel, 17 N. Symington 
Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 

Erie Keith L. Perry, 22 Pine Street, Port 
Allegany, Pa. 


Florida James W. Yost, P. O. Box 111, 
Tampa, Fla. 

Illinois Eldon Schriver, 1440 S Walnut, 
I Yeeport, Illinois 61032. 

Indiana North Don Abbey, 1023 Blaine Ave., 
Elkhart, Ind. 

Indiana South Phillip Hillsamer. 914 Madi 
son Ave., Anderson, Ind. 

Iowa P. F. McKinley, 5361 E. 14th St., 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Kansas George C. Moore, 8805 E. 54th St., 
Raytown, Mo. 

Kentucky Leo Bulson, Creston, Ky. 

Michigan Gerald R. Bates, R. R. No. 1, 
Caledonia, Mich. 

Minnesota James Schneider, Paynesville, 

Missouri Or land Moyer, R. R., Maitland, 

Montana^-Kent T. Swift, 114 West Borden 
St., Glendive, Mont. 

Nebraska Duane W. Lenz, 1622 Avenue A. 
Kearney, Neb. 

New For* Frederic M. Carlsen, 403 Graves 
St., Syracuse 3, N. Y. 

Northwest Canada A. E. Stickel, Box 151. 
Didsbury. Alberta, Can. 

Ohio East Dunne W. Somerville, 1314 Wash 
ington Blvd., Cleveland 24, O. 

Ohio Miami Gordon Core, 433 Oak St., 
Dayton, Ohio. 

Ohio Sandusky Burton Crosby, 536 E. Wayne 
St., Celina, Ohio 45822. 

Ohio Southeast Marvin Paxton, Sr., 124 
Purvis Ave., Bremen, O. 

Oklahoma-Texas Nevin H. Peterson, 710 E. 
3rd, Bartlesville, Okla. 

Pacific Northwest Richard Tusantas, Jr., 510 
Summer Street, North Salem, Oregon 97214. 

Rocky Mountain George L. Edie, 3297 Salem 
St.. Aurora, Colo. 

Susquehanna Robert E. Reasey. 219 S. 2nd 
St., Chamber sburg. Pa. 

Tennessee Lee A. Gate, 917 Madison St., 
Clarksville, Tenn. 

Virginia Paul J. Slonaker, 308 N. Brad- 
dock St., Winchester, Va. 

Western Pennsylvania Gene E. Sease, 192 
Paree Dr., Pittsburgh 39, Pa. 

West Virginia Denver Miles, 914 Chester 
Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 

Wisconsin James Verduin, R. R. No. 1, 
Adell, Wis. 

The Committee on Chaplaincy 
and National Service 

Chairman and validating agent for The Evan 
gelical United Brethren Church, Bishop R, H. 

Director, Cawley H. Stine. 

E. Craig Brandenburg, Mario N. Berger, John 
F. Schaefer. 

Christian Service Fund 

California Q. E. Henricks. 4168 Charlene 
Drive, Los Angeles. Calif. 90043. 

Canada M. E. Reuber, 4 Cross St., Elmira. 
Ontario, Can. 

Dakota Otto H. Lehner, 324 E. College St., 
Rapid City, South Dak. 

a5^rn- -James H. Whitcraft. 900 S. Arling 
ton Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 17109. 

Erie Roger D. Morey, R. D. 1, Fairview, 

Florida F. B. McMorris, 6309- 15th St., 
Tampa 10, Fla. 

Illinois L. R. Moore, 1209 Oak St.. Dan 
ville, 111. 

Indiana North Paul Eppley, R. R. 4 Box 
3 86 A, Oakwood Park, Syracuse, Ind. 

Indiana South Justin E. Marshall, 1347 
Windemere Ave., Indianapolis 27, Ind. 

Iowa Carl Faust, Hubbard, la. 

Kansas G. I. Benton, 1614 Locust St., 
St. Joseph, Mo. 

Kentucky Merritt D. Penner. Jr., R. R. 4, 
Box 739, Manchester, Kentucky 40962. 

Michigan W. Prentice Peck, 5438 South 
Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing 10, Mich. 

Minnesota John F. Rebstock, 3 14- 14th St., 
Worthington, Minn. 

Missouri Cecil E. Desper, 1500 - 8th St., 
Trenton, Mo. 

Montana Robert Dunn, 311 Broadwater, 
Billings, Mont. 

Nebraska Richard Urbach, Box 86, Call- 
away, Nebr. 

New York Eldon D. Snyder, 14 Elmwood 
Park, West Tonawanda, N. Y. 14150. 

Northwest Canada A. E. Stickel. Didsbury, 
Alberta, Can. 

Ohio East Charles K. Dilgard, Ohio East 
Conf. Office, 452 Lake Ave., N. E.-Room 212, 
Massillon, Ohio. 

Ohio Miami Wendell A. Hohn, Ohio Miami 

Conf. Office, 1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, 
Ohio 45406. 

Ohio Sandusky Robert Cochran, Conf. Office, 
422 W. Sandusky St., Findlay Ohio. 

Ohio Southeast Mary Cubbage, Chittenden 
Hotel-Room 68, 205 North High, Columbus 15, 

Oklahoma-Texas Merle B. Pulver, 1513 Sug- 
get, Enid, Okla. 

Pacific North-west L. H. Willard, 18113 S.E. 
Morse St., Portland 22, Ore. 

Rocky Mountain PL. H. Tietze, 3068 South 
Patton Court, Denver 19, Colo. 

Susquehanna Mrs. Betty L. Nusbaum, 2024 
Eastern Blvd., York, Pa. 

Tennessee William B. Milsaps. 2723 Brook- 
wood Drive, Knoxville. Tenn. 37917. 

Virginia W. B. Obaugh, 811 Woodland Ave., 
Winchester, Va. 

Western Pennsylvania O. A. Burkel, 411 
Braddock Rd., Pittsburgh 21, Pa. 

West Virginia James H. Reed, Ev-Un-Breth 
Acres, R. R. 5, Box 8. Buckhannon, W. Va. 

Wisconsin Robert Kent, 702 Fifth St., Bar- 
aboo, Wis. 

Conference Directors of 
Christian Stewardship 

California Ellsworth Benedict, 10262 S. 
Colima Rd., Whittier, Calif. 90604. 

Canada Glen R. Strome, Milverton, Ont., 

Dakota Otto H. Lehner, 324 E. College St., 
Rapid City, S. D. 

Eastern Cecil Pottieger, Grosvenor Park 
Apartments, 10401 Grosvenor PL, Apt. 904, 
Rockville. Md. 20850. 

Erie Frank Wood, R. D. 3, Centerville, Pa. 

Florida O. C. Lytton, 2633 First St., Mel 
bourne, Fla. 

Illinois Wayne C. Hess, 1501 E. Grove St., 
Bloomington, 111. 

Indiana North Fuhrman Miller, 342 S. Win 
chester, Decatur, Ind. 

Indiana South Charles Lane, 4426 S. Key 
stone Ave., Indianapolis 27, Ind. 

Iowa L. E. Deaver, 824 Hudson Rd., Cedar 
Falls, Iowa 50613. 

Kansas Alyois Hoist, 2915 W. Eighth St., 
Topeka, Kan. 

Kentucky Herman W. Siedchlag, Saylor, 

Michigan R. D. Fessner, 803 Fourth Ave., 
Lake Odessa, Mich. 48849. 

Minnesota Vernon K. Taylor, 511 E. Ninth 
St., Trenton, Missouri. 

Montana F. Everal Wines, Columbus, Mont. 

Nebraska Donald Miller, 4030 Loveland Dr., 
Lincoln, Nebr. 

New York Robert Leach, 45 Delray Ave., 
West Seneca, N. Y. 14224. 

Northwest Canada J. I. Kaiser, 116 Third 
St., Weyburn, Sask., Can. 

Ohio East Donald Shilling, 140 Mayfair Rd., 
R. R. 8, Lexington, Ohio. 

Ohio Sandusky Mr. Kent McGough, 450 S. 
Rosedale, Lima, Ohio. 

Ohio Southeast Irvin H. Lane, 2632 Sulli- 
vant Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204. 

Oklahoma-Texas Kermit Dodd, 924 E. Ran 
dolph, Enid, Okla. 

Pacific Northwest Arthur Cobb, 218 Gordon 
Ave., Spokane, Wash. 99207. 

Susquehanna Theodore C. Yohe, R. D. 5, 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055. 

Rocky Mountain Howard B. Hines, 746 
Cleveland Ave., Loveland, Colo. 

Tennessee E. A. Pierce, 108 Spruce St., 
Greeneville, Tenn. 

Virginia Millard R. Floyd, 233 S. Mineral 
St., Keyser, W. Va. 

Western Pennsylvania Arthur T. Moffat, 
1137 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 

West Virginia James Reed, 2020 17th St., 
Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Wisconsin Roy E. Bosserman, 2401 S. Wil 
liams St., Milwaukee 7, Wis. 

Sierra Leone L. O. Shirley, Freetown, Sierra 
Leone, West Africa. 

Board of Publication 

Headquarters: 140 S. Perry Street, 
Dayton, Ohio 45402 Ph. 461-5160 

President, Bishop H. W. Kaebnick. 
Vice-President, Bishop Paul M. Herrick. 
Secretary, Howard L. Orians. 

Recording Secretary, Charles E. Kachel. 
Treasurer, L. L. Huffman. 

Members of Board 

Eastern Area: W. F. Mentzer, Mr. Wm. D. 
Bryson, Mr. Dale M. Ritter. 

East Central Area: Harry J. Fisher, Mr. 
Carl G. Ritchie. 

Central Area: Harvey C. Hahn, Mr. Jesse 
Haines, Mr. Torrey A. Kaatz. 

West Central Area: K. K. Merryman, Mr. 
Ray Allen. 

Northwestern Area: Howard L. Orians, Mr. 
Walter W. Muller. 

Southwestern Area: L. E. Deaver. 

Western Area: Lloyd C. Nichols. 

Two elected at large: Horace E. Smith, Harry 

Advisory by Constitutional Provision: Pub 
lisher L. L. Huffman; Bishops R. H. Mueller; 
H. R. Heininger; J. Gordon Howard; W. 
Maynard Sparks; Paul W. Milhouse; Executive 
Editors, H. H. Hazenfield and J. W. Krecker; 
Council of Administration, Paul V. Church; 
Board of Christian Education, E. Craig Brand 
enburg; Board of Evangelism, Joseph H. Yeakel; 
Board of Pensions, Harley Killer; Board of 
Missions, Mary McLanachan. 

Managers Evangelical and Otterbein Presses 
and the Recording Secretary voted advisory 
membership: Otterbein Press, Paul E. Rum- 
barger; Evangelical Press, Edwin L. Stetler; 
Recording Secretary, C. E. Kachel. 

Publishing Houses 

The Evangelical Press, Third and Reily Sts., 
Harrisburg, Pa. 17102. 

The Otterbein Press, 240 W. Fifth St.. 
Dayton, Ohio 45402. 

Printing Establishment United 
Brethren in Christ 

Board of Trustees 

President: Bishop Paul M. Herrick. 
Vice President: Ora E. Johnson (O. San.) 
Secretary: William H. Jenkins (W. Va.) 
Treasurer: L. L. Huffman 


Harvey C. Hahn (O. M.) ; Jesse Haines (O. 

M.); Torrey A. Kaatz (O. San.); K. K. Merry- 
man (Ind. S.); Harry J. Fravert (O. M.); 
Richard E. Life (O. S. 1). 

European Boards of Publication 

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany 
Bern, Switzerland 


President, Supt. R. Maurer, Karlsruhe. 

Secretary, Supt. H. Eckstein, Berlin. 

Head of Inc., Supt. J. Gaehr, Stuttgart. 

Members: from South Germany Conference: 
Dr. R. Kucklich; Supt. R. Maeurer; Supt. 
J. Gaehr; Mr. H. Besserer. 

From West Germany Conference: Supt. I. 
Mohr; Rev. W. A. Siering; Dr. K. Steckel. 

From East Germany Conference: Supt. H. 
Eckstein; Rev. W. Meinhardt. 


President, Rev. K. Lammlin, Zurich. 
Secretary, Rev. E. Trummer, Thun. 
Members, Rev. H. Ruch, Mr. K. Kyburg, Mr. 
J. Reidiger. 

Board of Pensions 

Headquarters: 601 W. Riverview Ave. 

Room 310, Dayton, Ohio 45406 

Ph. 222-2531 

President, Bishop Paul M. Herrick. 
Vice-President, Bishop H. R. Heininger. 
Executive Secretary, Dr. Harley E. Hiller. 
Treasurer, G. I,. Fleming. 

Executive Secretaries Emeriti, Dr. John H. 
Ness, Sr. 


Bishops: H. R. Heininger, P. M. Herrick, 
J. Gordon Howard, H. W. Kaebnick, R. H. 
Mueller, W. Maynard Sparks, P. W. Milhouse, 

Ministers: Paul V. Church, Charles E. Fogg, 
H. E. Hiller, Robert Koenig, Clair C. Kreidler, 
J. I. LaFavre, Newell C. Liesemer, J. Castro 
Smith, Paul R. Wert. 

Laymen: Leander G. Bauman, Roy Blessing, 
Merritt Clymer, Ross W. Hostetter, K. B. 
Hobbs, Harry Kissinger, Alvin S. Kraatz, Ralph 
M. Ritter, George St. Angelo, Sr., Gerald Rufer. 

Advisory: Bishop Emeritus E. W. Praetor- 
ius, Bishop Emeritus George E. Epp, G. L. 
Fleming, John H. Ness. 

Executive Committee: P. M. Herrick, Chair- 
man; H. R. Heininger, Vice-Chairman; H. E. 
Hiller, Secretary; R. H. Mueller, Paul V. 
Church, Merritt Clymer, K. B. Hobbs, Robert 
Koenig, Newell C. Liesemer, Ralph Ritter, Paul 
R. Wert, Advisory; G. L. Fleming. 

Board of Missions 

Headquarters: 601 W. Riverview Ave. 
Dayton 6, Ohio 45406 

President, Bishop Harold R. Heininger. 

Vice-Presidents, Bishop J. Gordon Howard, 
Bishop W. Maynard Sparks, Mrs. Paul E. Horn. 

Recording Secretary John F. Schaefer 

Treasurer, Wesley O. Clark, (Address above). 
Phone BAldwin 2-2531. 


Secretary of Interpretation and Education: 
Miss I^ois C. Miller. 

Secretary of Personnel and Recruitment: 
Bernard L. Cook. 

Regional Secretaries: Central V. I/. Farn- 
ham, 10 E. School Ave., Naperville, 111.; Eastern 
P. C. Young, 142 S. 30th St., Camp Hill, Pa. ; 
Western C. G. Bartsch, 2671 Ash St., Denver 
7, Colo. 

Board Members 

Bishops: H. R. Heininger, Paul M. Herrick, 
J. Gordon Howard, H. W. Kaebnick. Paul W. 
Milhouse. Reuben H. Mueller, W. Maynard 

Women s Society of World Service Repre 
sentatives: Mrs. Paul E. Horn, Mrs. O. D. 
Wissler, Mrs. L. G. Stewart. Mrs. D. Dwight 
Grove, Mrs. Frederick M. Faist, Mrs. E. C. 
Schneider, Mrs. S. G. Cramer, Mrs. George R. 
Davis, Mrs. Kenneth Barnette, Mrs. Warren J. 
Hartman, Mrs. Warren R. Ebinger. Mrs. R. G. 

EUB Men: Harold Carmany. William Fox. 

Youth Fellowship: Suzanne Hartman, West- 
mar College, LeMars, Iowa 51031. Sherry 
Wells, 7645 13th Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

By virtue of office: E. Craig Brandenburg, 
H. H. Hazenfield, J. W. Krecker, Miss Mary 
McLanachan. Joseph Yeakel, W. C. Harr, 
Calvin H. Reber, Jr. 

Members at Large: C. B. Eschbach, 2113 
Catalpa Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406: Charles Mann, 
Frederic K. Miller, Lebanon Valley College, Ann- 
Lay Members, Episcopal Areas 
Eastern Area 

Fred G. Bollman, Adamstown. Pa.19501; A. 
C. Spangler, Campbelltown, Pa. 17010. 

East Central Area 

Roy Blessing, 2125 Lincoln Ave., Point Pleas- 
ant, W. Va. 25550; O. C. Lytton, 328 Ave.. C., 
Melbourne, Fla. 32901. 

Central Area 

Eldred B. Heisel, Roberts Rd., Hilliards, Ohio 
43026; Merritt B. Metzger, R. 1, Alvada, Ohio 

West Central Area 

George St. Angelo, 3rd and Geiger Sts., 
Huntingburg, Ind.47542; Norman Draker, 118 
Duncolme Dr., Hamilton, Ont., Can. 

Northwestern Area 

Victor Fisher. Cavalier. N. Dak. 58220; John 
Watkins, Wells. Minnesota 56097. 

Southwestern Area 

Carl Faust, Hubbard, Iowa 50122; Irvin 
Hamburger, 6313 N.W. Grand Blvd., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 73100. 

Western Area 

Charles Theuer, 2404 Loring St., San Diego, 
Calif. 92109; Arlo Sonnenberg, R. 2. Fleming. 
Colo. 80728. 

Executive Secretaries 

Conference Board of Missions 

Eastern Area 

Joseph H. Miller. 1017 Spring Gardens Ave., 
Berwick, Pa. 18603. 

W. A. Loesch. 900 S. Arlington Ave., Har- 
risburg, Pa. 17109. 

East Central Area 

Harold V. Lindquist, 2925 Myrtle St.. Erie, 
Pa. 16503. 

Frank B. Gilchrist, 3203 River Grove Dr., 
Tampa, Fla. 33600. 

Edward M. Wilson, 111 College Ave.. Greens- 
burg, Pa. 15601. 

Wilbur Seeley, 82 Front St., Binghamton, 
N. Y. 13900. 

F. L. Fulk, Box 208, Broadway, Va. 22815. 

J. H. Reed. Rt. 5, Box 8. Parkersburg. 
W. Va. 26201. 

Central Area 

George Surface. Brightshade. Ky. 40919. 
Charles K. Dilgard. 452 Lake Ave.. N.E-, 
Massillon, Ohio 44646. 

Louis Odon, 1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton 6, 

Ohio 45406. 


J. Paul Jones, Jr., 623 E. Boundary, Perrys- 
burg, Ohio 43551. 

Evan D. Jones, 1042 23rd St., Portsmouth, O. 

Castro Smith, 2725 Linden Ave., Knoxvillc, 
Tenn. 37914. 

West Central Area 

J. V. Dahms, 340 Park St., Kitchener, 
Ontario, Can. 

K. E. Robinson, 113 S. Lake St., Syracuse, 
Ind. 46567. 

David Hancock, 414 Carson St., Muncie, Ind. 

Director, The Appalachian Project, William 
H. Jenkins. 

Secretary of Special Support, Miss Helen 

Administrative Assistant, Church Extension, 
Miss Evelyn Beason. 

Division of Women s Service, Suite 240. 
Ph. 222-2531 

Executive Secretary, Miss Marion L. Baker. 
Secretary of Literature, Miss Mary Lue 

Editor of "The World Evangel," Miss Mary 

G. H. Kellermann, Jr., 15050 Hubbell St.. McLanachan, L.H.D., LL.D. 
Detroit. Mich. 48227. 

Southwestern Area 

R. L. Russell, 210 Sunset Rd., Waterloo, 
Iowa 50701. 

Glen C. Weinert, 2620 E. Waterman, Wichita 

Kan. 67211. 

Wilford Marrs, Box 564, Roanoke. La. 70581 

Secretary of Programs and Literature, Miss 
Elaine Gasser. 

Women s Council 

President, Mrs. Paul E. Horn, 2836 East- 
wood Dr., York, Pa. 17402. 

Vice-P resident and Chairman of Committee 

Richard A. Heim, 3245 Starr St.. Lincolnj on Programs, Mrs. O. D. Wissler, 1328 Sunny 

Neb. 68500. 

W. Eugene Kay, 2159 S. 73 E. Ave., Tulsa 29, 
Okla. 74129. 

Northwestern Area 

L. A. Kruckenberg, 702 S. Kline St., Aber 
deen, S. Dak. 57401. 

mede, South Bend, Ind. 46615. 

Secretary, Mrs. Lloyd G. Stewart, 2722 
Begole St., Flint, Mich. 48504. 

Treasurer, Mrs. D. Dwight Grove. 5025 N. 
Marvine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19141. 

Chairman Committee on Local Church Re 
sponsibility, Mrs. George R. Davis, R. R. No. 

771 ,4 T> 1, Ji ioo I\T T- 11- - *yvn*tMH*y, JYJ.IS. urcuigc JX. JL/avis 

S yd M S n SS Si 122 W " Franklm Minne - 5, Box 456 A, Kokomo, Ind, 46901. 

apolis, Minn. 55404. 

P. A. Wildeman, 865A Braeman, Medicine 
Hat. Alberta. Can. 

Sherman Cravens, P. O. Box 13, Naperville, 
111. 60540. 

Herbert C. Zebarth, 354 W. Scott St., Fond 
du Lac. Wis. 54935. 

Western Area 

L. H. Gustafson, 3295 Meade Ave., San 
Diego, Calif. 92116. 

Lewis Magsig, 905 W. Clark, Livingston, 
Mont. 59047. 

Kenneth Dooley. 3704 Summitview Ave., 
Yakima, Wash. 98902. 

Edward J. Ness, 1127 N. Wahsatch Ave., 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 80900. 


Retired Bishops: George Edward Epp, 332 
Eastgroye Rd., Riverside, 111. 60546; E. W 
Praetorius, 1690 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul, 
Minn. 55105. 

Division of World Mission: John Schaefer, 
C. G. Bartsch. V. L. Farnham, Edwin Fisher, 
P. C. Young. Miss Lois Miller. 

Division of Home Missions and Church Ex 
tension: M. N. Berger, Bernard L. Cook, 
Norman W. Klump, Marvin A. Leist. 

Division of Women s Service: Miss Marion 
L. Baker, Miss Mary Lue Warner, Miss Elaine 

Office of the Treasurer: Wesley O. Clark. 

Divisions, Officers and Staffs 

Division of World Mission, Suite 200. 
Ph. 222-2531 

Chairman, Bishop J. Gordon Howard. 

Executive Secretary, John F. Schaefer. 

Assistant Secretary, Edwin O. Fisher. Jr. 

Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Virginia J 

Special Support Secretary, Miss Minnie Walte- 

Division of Home Missions and Church Exten 
sion, Suite 230. Ph. 222-2531 

Chairman, Bishop W. Maynard Sparks. 

Executive Secretary, Mario N. Berger. 

Secretary, Department of the Urban Church, 
Norman W. Klump. 

Secretary, Department Town and Country 
Church, Marvin A. Leist. 

Chairman Committee on Spiritual Life, Mrs. 
Frederick M. Faist, 51 Roy St., Kitchener, 

Chairman Committee on Education for Mis 
sion, Mrs. E. C. Schneider, 3110 E. Turney, 
Phoenix, Ariz. 85016. 

Chairman Committee on Christian Social Rg 
lations, Mrs. S. G. Cramer, 2663 N. 40th St., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 53210. 

Chairman Committee on Leadership Educa 
tion, Mrs. W. J. Hartman, 321 Vaniman Ave., 
Trotwood, Ohio 45426. 

Chairman Committee on Branch Conven 
tions and Institutes, Mrs. Kenneth T. Barnette, 
906 Fawcett Ave., ^McKeesport, Pa. 15132. 

Chairman Committee on Missionary Educa 
tion for Youth, Mrs. Warren R. Ehinger, 105 
E. Beriton Ave., Naperville, 111. 60540. 

Chairman Committee on Missionary Educa 
tion for Children, Mrs. R. G. Feather, 117 
Lincoln Place, Harrisburg, Pa. 17112. 

Conference Branch WSWS Presidents 

California Mrs. Don Lantz 202 Sandberg 
St., Thousand Oaks. California 91360. 

Canada Mrs. E. E. Hallman, 398 Union 
Blvd., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 

Dakota Mrs. E. Walter Erdmann, 1213 N. 
12th St., Bismark, N. Dak. 58501. 

Eastern Mrs. Harold H. Quickel, 128 Atkins 
Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17603. 

Erie Miss Joyce L. Anderegg, 204 Walker 
Ave., Warren, Pa. 16365. 

Florida Mrs. William Hawk, 810 Dcmington 
St.. Lakeland, Fla. 33803. 

Illinois Mrs. E. B. Paine, R. R. 2, Box 127, 
Farmer City. 111. 61842. 

Indiana North Mrs. V. A. Carlson, 629 
Marleton Rd.. Logansport, Ind. 46947. 

Indiana South Mrs Charles Taylor, Marcngo, 
Ind. 47140. 

Iowa Mrs. F. W. Bochmann. Aredale, Iowa 

Kansas Mrs. Calvin Hartman, 211 W. llth 
Ave., Hutchison, Kan. 67501. 

Kentucky Mrs. George Surface, Mill Creek 
Center, Brightshade, Ky. 40919. 

Michigan Mrs. A. L. Spafford, Jr., 408 S. 
Main St., Vicksburg, Mich. 49097. 

Minnesota Mrs. Charles Fabian, R. R. 1, 
Campbell, Minn. 56522. 

Missouri Mrs. Vernon Taylor, 511 E. 9th 
St.. Trenton, Mo. 64683. 

Montana Mrs. Arvid Lindley, Reedpoint, 
Mont. 59069. 


Nebraska Mrs. R. A. Hildenbrand, 933 E. 
18th St.. Fremont, Neb. 68025. 

New York Mrs. Byron M. Esch. 167 Winder- 
mere Blvd., Buffalo, N. Y. 14226. 

Northwest Canada Mrs. F. W. Snyder, 4335 
2nd St. N.W., Calgary, Alta., Canada. 

Ohio East Mrs. Theodore Thrash, 1187 Mc- 
Intosh Ave., Akron, Ohio 44314. 

Ohio Miami Mrs. Lawrence L. Huffman, 
6480 Durban Rd., Dayton. Ohio 45459. 

Ohio SanduskyMrs. C. David Wright. 310 
Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus. Ohio 44820. 

Ohio Southeast Mrs. Clarence Radcliffe. 215 
E. Main St., Circleville, Ohio 43113. 

Oklahoma-Texas Mrs. B. D. Anderson. R. R. 

1, East Bernard, Texas 77435. 

Pacific Northwest Mrs. Oscar Carlson, 7225 
N.E. Prescott, Portland. Oregon 97218. 

Rocky Mountain Mrs. Duff Mollohan, R. R. 

2, Fleming, Colorado 80728. 

Susquchanna Mrs. William J. Lippert, 821 
Funston Ave.. Williamsport, Pa. 17705. 

Tennessee Mrs. E. B. Jeffers, 905 Wei- 
bourne. Johnson City, Tenn. 37601. 

Virginia Mrs. E. E. Miller, 233 Race St., 
Cumberland. Md. 21503. 

Western Pennsylvania- Mrs. Gerald O. 
Bishop, R. R. 3, Leventry Rd., Johnstown, Pa. 

West Virginia Mrs. Floyd Rogers, 1706 23rd 
St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 26102. 

Wisconsin Mrs. Solomon G. Cramer, 2663 N. 
40th St.. Milwaukee. Wis. 53210. 

Board of Ministerial Education 
and Relations 

Headquarters: 1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, 

1810 Harvard 
Ohio, 45406 

President: Bishop W. Maynard Sparks. 

Vice-President: Bishop Paul W. Milhouse. 

Executive Secretary-Treasurer: J. Arthur 

Members: Bishop R. H. Mueller, E. Craig 
Brandenburg, Paul H. Eller. Wayne K. Cly- 
mer, J. Bruce Behney, John R. Bouldin, Merle 

A. Dunn, George W. Frey, Doyle Hays, Roy 
H. Stetler, Jr.. Lawrence R. Taylor, Jr., M. 

B. Klepinger. Bishop Paul W. Milhouse, Bishop 
W. Maynard Sparks. 

Conference Secretaries of Ministerial 
Education and Relations 

California John F. Visick. 910 Indiana St., 
Gridley, Calif. 

Canada A. M. Amacher, R. R. 1. Gowans- 
town, Ont.. Can. 

Dakota E. Walter Erdmann, 924-1 1th St.. N., 
Bismarck, N. D. 

Eastern Harold C. Hollingsworth, 651 S. 
Green St., Palmyra. Pa. 17078. 

Erie Roger D. Morey. R. 1, Box 137B, Fair- 
view, Pa. 16415. 

Florida Carl E. Groff, 810 Demington St., 
Lakeland, Fla. 

Illinois Joseph A. White, 700 North East 
St., Olney, 111. 

Indiana North -Richard Kistler, Churubusco, 

Indiana South Charles F. Stanton, New 
Albany. Ind. 47150. 

Iowa Ronald D. Petrak, 5723 Franklin Ave.. 
Des Moines. Iowa 50310. 

Kansas William G. Tudor, Leonardville, 
Kan. 66449. 

Kentucky Robert E. Airhart, Red Bird 
Mission, Beverly, Ky. 40913. 

Mic hiaan Robert E. Horton, 17160 Plain- 
view Rd., Detroit, Mich. 48219. 

Minnesota Richard M. Harper, 181S-19th 
Ave., N.W., Rochester. Minn. 55901. 

Missouri John B. Morgan, 5801 Wayne Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 64110. 

Montana David J. Graff, 1746 S. 10th St., 
W., Missoula. Mont. 59801. 

Nebraska Doyle Hays, 1816 West Ninth, 
Hastings, Neb. 68901. 

New York Gerald S. Boyer, Box 215, West 
Sand Lake, N. Y. 

Northwest Canada Herbert H. Bock, 211 
Edmonds Hgts.. Sask.. Can. 

Ohio Bast <*. William Yehnert, 5930 State 
Rd., Parma, Ohio 44134. 

Ohio Miami Murn B. Klepinger, 2701 S. 
Smithville Rd., Dayton. Ohio 45420. 

Ohio Sandusky Paul Everett, 1130 Hamlin 
St., Fremont, Ohio 43420. 

Ohio Southeast Ray B. Hughes. 2307 Maple 
Ave., Zanesville, Ohio 43701. 

Oklahoma-Texas Jesse F. Manering, 3316 
E. King PI., Tulsa, Okla. 

Pacific Northwest W. W. Mills, 2660 Fill- 
more St., Corvallis, Ore. 

Rocky Mountain George W. Yost, 2133 S. 
Humboldt, Denver, Colo. 80210. 

Susquehanna Roy H. Stetler, Jr., 2700 Chev- 
erly Ave.. Cheverly, Md. 20785. 

Tennessee E. Elaine Burgess, 2812 Fairview 
Ave., N.W.. Knoxville, Tenn. 37917. 

Virginia Lee B. Sheaffer, Box 74. Inwood, 
W. Va. 25428. 

West Virginia Talbert N. Bennett, 82 S. 
Kanawha St., Buckhannon, W. Va. 26201. 

Western Pennsylvania George S. Phillips, 40 
S. Mercer St.. Greenville, Pa. 16125. 

Wisconsin Bryce Armstrong, 118 Bond St., 
Neenah, Wis. 54956. 

The Board of Christian Education 

Headquarters: 601 W. Riverview Ave. 
Dayton, Ohio 45406 Ph. 222-2531 


President, Bishop J. Gordon Howard. 

Vice-President, Bishop Reuben H. Mueller. 

Executive Secretary and Treasurer, E- Craig 

Director of Curriculum Development and 
Research, Warren J. Hartman. 

Director of Church School Administration 
and Leadership, Paul Price. 

Director of Collcpe and University Life and 
Ministry, Quentin C. Lansman. 

Director of Adult and Men s Work, Donald 
B. App. 

Assistant Director of Adult and Men s Work, 
W. Frank Crist. 

Director of Youth Work, William H. Garrett. 

Director of Children s Work, Esther Edwards. 

Youth Editorial Assistant, Susan Wolf". 

Ambassadors: Benjamin Bohnsack, Glenn 
Calkins, Jerry Gray, Carl Synan. 

Executive Committee 

Bishop J. Gordon Howard. Bishop R. H. 
Mueller, E Craig Brandenburg, Joseph H. 
Yeakel, H. H. Hazenfield, Paul H. Eller, 
Leonard V. Sorg, Harriet Miller, Stanley H. 
Forkner, Gene E. Sease. Flovd Bosshardt. Paul 
V. Church. Mario N. Berger. Advisory 
Members: Warren J. Hartman, Paul Price, 
Quentin C. Lansman. Donald B. App, W. 
Frank Crist, William H. Garrett. Esther Ed 
wards, Susan Wolfe, Lois Miller. Marvin Leist, 
Reuben Jrb. Norman Klump. 

Members of the Board 

Bishops: Reuben H. Mueller. J. Gordon 
Howard, H. R. Heininger, H. W. Kaebnick, 
W. M. Sparks, Paul Herrick. Paul W. Mil 

Bishop Emerti: E. W. Praetorius, George 
Edward Epp. 

Executive Secretary of Christian Education, 
E. Craig Brandenburg. 

Executive Secretary of Evangelism. Joseph H. 

Publisher, L. L. Huffman. 

Editors of Church Literature Harold H. 
Hazenfield, J. Willard Krecker, Curtis A. 
Chambers, Lee A. Ranck. Kenneth W. Krueger, 
Raymond M. Veh, Paul E. Stuckey. Leo N. 


Kisrow. Arba Herr, David I. Bradley, Mary 

Presidents of the Colleges and Theological 
Seminaries: Arthur I*. Schultz Albright Col 
lege, Reading, Pennsylvania; I. Lynd Esch, 

Indiana Central College, Indianapolis, Indiana; 
Frederic K. Miller, Lebanon Valley College, 
Annville, Pennsylvania; Arlo L. Schilling, North 

Central College, Naperville, Illinois; Lynn W. 
Turner, Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio; 
Forrest S. Racey, Shenandoah College, Win 
chester, Virginia; Harry H. Kalas, Westmar 
College, Le Mars, Iowa; Paul H. Eller, Evan- 

Montana James Field. 1031 Maier Road, 
Billings, Montana. 

Nebraska John Wichelt, 4040 D. Street, 
Lincoln 10, Nebraska. 

New York Gerald S. Boyer, Box 215. West 
Sand Lake, New York. 

Northwest Canada Leroy V. Myers, 533 
llth St., SW, Medicine Hat. Alberta. Canada. 

Ohio East Melvin A. Moody, 452 Lake Ave., 
NE, Room 212, Massillon. Ohio. 

Ohio Miami Charles Messmer, Camp Miama, 
Germantown, Ohio. 

Ohio Sandusky John F. Osborn, P. O. Box 

gelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, Illinois; 672 Findlay, Ohio. 45840. 

T i T-k T*- 1 , TT -. i /^i 1 _ _i o : filnrt V /)./> /T c R#v i 

John R. Knecht, United Theological Seminary, 
Dayton, Ohio. 

President of Evangelical United Brethren 
Men, Leonard V. Sprg, 5811 Wayne Ave., 
Kansas City. Missouri. 

President of General Youth Fellowship, Miss 
Patsy Schar, R. R. 1, Creston, Ohio. 

Executive Secretary of the Council of Ad 
ministration, Paul V. Church. 

Secretary of Christian Social Action, Cawley 
H. Stine. 

Secretary of Stewardship, Nordan C. Murphy. 

Executive Secretary of the Board of Missions, 
Mario N. Berger. 

Executive Secretary of the Women s Society of 
World Service, Marion L. Baker. 

Ohio Southeast Rex C. Smith, R. D. 3, 
Logan, Ohio 43138. 

Oklahoma-Texas Robert O. Tupper. 1245 
SW 34th St., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Pacific Northwest]. Robert Wetzel, 7510 
N. Chautauqua, Portland, Oregon. 

Rocky Mountain Allen L. Unger. 205 Har 
vard Dr. SE. Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Susquehanna Ben F. Heiser, Susquehanna 
Conference Center, New Cumberland, Penn 

Tennessee Sherman Starling, R. R. 6, Pine 
Grove Road, Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Virginia Roy Hedrick, Rt. 3, Box 3. Mt. 

Clinton, Virginia. 




sylvania Gene E. Sease. 192 

orta service, Marion L,. >aicer. "*: " * *" ~.r "" >*-*v;. ^ w ^ v 

Professors of Christian Education of the Thco- Paree . Drive. Holiday Park, Pittsburgh, Penn- 

logical Schools: H. A. DeWire, Harriet Miller, 
Eugene B. Wenger. 

General Directors and Staff: Warren J. Hart- 
man, Paul Price. Quentin C. Lansman, Donald 
B. App, William H. Garrett, Esther E. Edwards, 
W. Frank Crist, Susan Wolfe. Carl Synan, 
Benjamin Bohnsack, Glenn Calkins, Jerry Gray. 

Members-at-Large: Wilmert Wolfe, Sr., 
3736 Meridian Drive, Indianapolis. Indiana 
46227; Robert Koenig, 110 Berkeley Drive, Terre 
Haute, Indiana; Ivan Epley, Rt. 2, Waverly. 


West Virginia Robert Dille, Rt. 5. Box 7, 
Buckhannon, West Virginia. 

Wisconsin Milton Giese. 364 W. Scott St., 
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935. 

Youth Fellowship Executive Council 

Headquarters: 601 W. Riverview Ave. 
Dayton, Ohio 45406 

mute, Indiana; Ivan Spley, Kt Z, Waverly. President: Patsy Schar, R. R. 1, Creston, 

Iowa; Lois Wool worth. 3601 N. Broadway, Ohio 44217. 

Wichita, Kansas; Jane W. French, 5930 State 
Road, Cleveland. Ohio; Paul D. Walter, 844 
Sunnehanna Drive, Johnstown, Pennsylvania; 

Ulysses S. Estilow. Jr., Lincoln Road, Mullica 
Hill, New Jersey. 

Advisory Members: O. T. Deever (retired) ; 
Rachel Brant (retired) ; W. R. Montgomery 
(retired) ; Norman Klump, Secretary of Urban 
Church Commission; Reuben Job, Assistant 
Secretary of Evangelism, Marvin A. Leist, 
Secretary of Town and Country Church; Lois 
C. Miller, Secretary of Interpretation and Edu 
cation; A. W. Maetche, Hillcrest Christian 
College, Alberta, Canada. 

Conference Directors of Christian Education 

California Paul E. Miller, 1161 Volz Drive, 
Sacramento 22, California. 

Canada Lome A. Dorsch. 49 Onward Ave., 
Kitchener, Ontario. Canada. 

Dakota A. G. Martin, 920 Eighth Street S., 
Fargo, North Dakota. 

Eastern Ezra Rank, 900 South Arlington 
Ave., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

Erie Gerald M. Lundeen, 12 Langmaid Lane, 
Bradford, Pennsylvania. 

Florida Emerson R. Rugh, P. O. Box 869, 
Brandon. Florida. 

Illinois Wayne Hess, 1211 North Park- 
Street, Bloomington, Illinois. 

Indiana North Merrill D. Geible, Rt. 4, 
Box 386 A, Syracuse, Indiana. 

Indiana South Heedlie M. Cobb, 219 College 
Ave., Richmond, Indiana. 

Iowa John A. Dowd, 309 N. 18th St., Fort 
Dodge, Iowa. 

Kansas Verlyn C. Harr. Leona Kansas. 

Kentucky W. Bobrowski, Rt. 2. Jamestown, 

Michigan Stanley Frokner, 5438 S. Penn 
sylvania Ave., Lansing 10, Michigan. 

Minnesota Floyd Bosshardt, 122 West Frank 
lin Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minnesota. 

Missouri L. E. Wetherell, R. R. 4, Pleasant 
Hill, Missouri. 

Vice-President: Kenneth Knoespel, Jr., 2654 
N. 73rd St., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53210. 

Secretary: Judy Sharp, R. R. 2, Riley, 

Treasurer (advisory) : E. Craig Branden 
burg, 601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Ambassadors: Benjamin Bohnsack, Glenn 
Calkins, Jerry Gray, Carl Synan. 601 W. 
Riverview Ave., Dayton Ohio. 

Youth Editorial Assistant: Susan Wolfe, 601 
W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Commission Chairmen: Faith Kathleen 
Yinger, R. R. 1, York Haven, Pennsylvania 
17370; Witness Gery Deaver, 824 Hudson 
Road, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Outreach Suzanne 
Hartman, 321 Vaniman Ave., Trotwood, Ohio 
45426; Fellowship Jane Smith, 2619 27th Ave., 
Parkersburg, West Virginia 26103; Citizenship 
Douglas Yost, 2133 S. Humboldt. Denver 10, 

Representatives at Large: Dan Berger, 6543 
Jefferson, Hammond, Indiana; Curt Johnson, 
Box 124, Salix, Pennsylvania, John Osborn, 
120 Eastowne Park Row, Findlay, Ohio 45840; 
Lynda Schumann, R. D. 1. Rice, Minnesota; 
Georgeann Small, 2917 Harview Ave., Balti 
more, Maryland 21234; Sherry Wells. 7645 
13th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Adult Counselors: Director of Youth Work, 
William H. Garrett, 601 W. Riverview Ave., 
Dayton, Ohio 45406; Secretary of Interpretation 
and Education, Board of Missions. Lois C. 
Miller, 601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 
45406; Executive Secretary, Board of Christian 
Education, E. Craig Brandenburg, 601 W. 
Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406; Secretary, 
Commission on Social Action, Cawley H. Stine, 
601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406; 
Editor, Builders, Raymond M. Veh, 140 South 
Perry, Dayton, Ohio 45402; Editor. Friends, 
Paul E. Stuckey, 140 South Perry, Dayton, 
Ohio 45402; Secretary of Stewardship, Nordan 
Murphy, 601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 
45406; Executive Secretary. Board of Evan 
gelism, Joseph H. Yeakel, 601 W. Riverview 
Ave., Dayton, Ohio 4540$, 


Co-opted: Mrs. Warren Ebinger, 105 E- 
Benton Ave., Naperville, Illinois. 

Evangelical United Brethren Men 

Headquarters: 601 W. Riverview Ave. 
Dayton, Ohio 45406 

President: Leonard V. Sorg, 5811 Wayne 
Ave.. Kansas City 10, Missouri. 

First Vice-President: Norman Draker, 118 
Buncombe Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

Second Vice-President: L. T. Hicks, 4639 
E. 55th Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135. 

Third Vice-President: James Landis, 2135^ 
S. Lafayette St., Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Secretary: Steve Brown, 2528 Quincy Ave., 
Long Beach, California. 

Treasurer: Fred Harris, R. R. 5, Box 485 
E, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Areal Directors 

Eastern Area: 

East Central Area: Jay Stark, Jr., 5908 
Otis Ave., Tampa 4, Florida. 

Central Area: William S. Wagner, 6689 
Kemary Ave., R. R. 1, Navarre, Ohio 44662. 

West Central Area: Ralph Klump, R. R. 1, 
Blissfield. Michigan 49228. 

Northwestern Area: Ora Lueptow, Box 316, 
Markesan, Wisconsin. 

Southwestern Area: Ivan G. Epley, R. R. 

2, Waverly. Iowa 50677. 

Pacific Area: Charles J. Theuer, 2404 Lor- 
ing St., San Diego 9, California. 

Commission Chairmen 

Devotional Life: Odin Poppe, 1023 W. 9th, 
Grand Island, Nebraska. 

Christian Training: Thomas Moore, Box 31, 
Bucyrus, Ohio. 

Christian Service: Orville B. Spencer, 2319 
Nayland Road, Columbus 21. Ohio. 

Christian Fellowship: Elvy Christner, R. R. 

3, N. Church St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 15666. 
Christian Outreach: Paul Hoffer, 138 W. 

Frederick St., Millersville, Pennsylvania. 

Other Members 

Representative of the Board of Bishops: 
Reuben H. Mueller. 1401 Castle Ave.. Indian 
apolis, Indiana 46227. 

Executive Secretary of Christian Education: 
E. Craig Brandenburg, 601 West Riverview 
Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Director of Adult and Men s Work: Donald 
B. App, 601 W Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 

Assistant Director of Adult and Men s Work: 
W Frank Crist, 601 W. Riverview Ave.. Day 
ton, Ohio 45406. 

Past President: William M. Fox, 128 S. 
Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pennsylvania. 

Finance Committee Members: Harry Blanset, 
2916 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pennsylvania; 
Harry Kissinger, 1745 N. Sherman St., York, 

Conference Directors of Recruiting 

California Mrs. Elsie Yochem, 3856 W. 
118th Place, Hawthorne, California. 

Canada E. E. Seebach, 492 E. 16th St., 
Hamilton, Ontario. 

Dakota Robert Logan, Streeter. North 

Eastern Harold S. Pfieffer, 937 W. Walnut 
St., Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

rtV Harold Lindquist, 2925 Myrtle St., 
Krie, Pennsylvania. 

Florida -H. H. Hummel. 339 S. Crescent Dr., 
Melbourne. Florida. 

Illinois Samuel Batt, 115 Lincoln Ave., 
Barrington, Illinois 60010. 

Indiana Norths-Joe Penrod, 110 S. 9th St., 
Decatur, Indiana. 

Indiana South John Chessman. 3023 Noble 
St., Anderson, Indiana. 

Iowa Harlan Winter, Aredale. Iowa 
Kansas Roy J. Brotton. R.F.D. 2. Osborne, 

Kentucky Robert E. Airhart, Red Bird 
Mission, Beverly, Kentucky. 

Michigan Leonard Putnam, 119 Lincoln. 
Niles, Michigan. 

Minnesota Clinton Becker, 305 N. Union 
Ave.. Fergus Falls, Minnesota. 

Missouri G. I>. Hainmontree, 115 L. Robard 
St., Brookfield. Missouri. 

Montana Robert Strutz, Broadview, Montana. 

Nebraska Armon Vogt, DeWitt, Nebraska. 

New York Gerald S. Boyer, West Sand Lake, 

Northwest Canada T. E. Jesske, 164 5th 
St., SE. Medicine Hat, Alberta. Canada 

Ohio East James Wolf. 2413 23rd St., 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 

Ohio Miami Harvey B. Smith. 7126 Bon- 
Dette Circle, Dayton, Ohio 45459. 

Ohio SanduskyS. W. Brandyberry, Box 
18, Old Fort. Ohio. 

Ohio Southeast David Davis, 724 Sherwick 

Jir. W. Mill.. 2660 Fill. 
more, Coraville, Oregon. 

Rocky Mountain Bruce Grauberger. 205 
Holly Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Oklahoma-Texas Raymond DeLaughter, 
Grace EUB, 1000 Linda LOU Drive, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Susquehanna Wilson Shearer, Susquehanna 
Conference Center. New Cumberland, Pennsyl- 

Tcnnessee Dwight Kenney, Rt. 7. Am- 
herst Road Knoxville, Tennessee 37921. 

Virginia Howard Fulk, 719 New York Ave., 
Martinsburg, West Virginia. 

Western Pennsylvania William J. Cowfer, 
R.D. 4. Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 

West Virginia Neil Irons, 2042 5th Ave., 
Huntingdon. West Virginia. 

Wisconsin Don Fenner, 223 Wisconsin Ave., 
Madison 3, Wisconsin. 

The Board of Evangelism 

Headquarters: 601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton 
Ohio, 45406. Ph. 222-2531 

President, Bishop Paul W. Milhouse. 

Vice-President. Bishop Harold R. Heininger. 

Executive Secretary and Treasurer, Rev. 
Joseph H. Yeakel. 

Associate Secretary, Dr. E. Craig Branden- 

Assistant Secretary, Rev. Rueben P. Job. 

Assistant Secretary, The Rev. Joseph H. 
Yeakel. (Executive Secretary elect). 

Administrative Assistant, Miss Lois Pottle. 

Secretary Emeritus, Dr. O. T. Deever. 

The Ambassadors: Ben Bohnsack, Glenn 
Calkins, Jerry Gray, Carl Synan. 

Bishops: Reuben H. Mueller, H. R. Hem- 
inger, T. Gordon Howard, H. W. Kaebnick, W. 
M. Sparks, P. M. Herrick, P. W. Milhouse. 

Secretaries: Joseph H. Yeakel. E. Craig 
Brandenburg, Rueben P. Job. 

Executive Secretary of the Council of Ad 
ministration: Paul V. Church. 

Executive Secretary of the Board of Christian 
Education: E. Craig Brandenburg. 

Editor: Curtis Chambers. 

Executive Secretary of World Missions: John 
F. Schaefer. 

Executive Secretary Home Missions and 
Church Extension: Mario N. Berger. 

Seminary Professors of Evangelism: Wayne 
K. Clymer. Calvin H. Reber. 

Youth Fellowship Witness Commission Chair 
man: Gery Deaver. 

Ministerial Members elected by General Con 
ference: Orla E. Bradford. O. E. Schafer, 
Frederick M. Faist, Stanley H. Forkner, Ken 
neth W. Krueger, Harry W. Zechman. 

Lay Members elected by General Conference: 
D. W. Hummel, 601 Nichols Ave., Clearneld, 
Pa.; Kenneth McGrath, 829 Lanreco Blvd., 
Lancaster, O.; Mrs. Charles Taylor. Marengo, 


Ind.; E. S. Wegner. 2416 Sewell Ave., Lincoln 
2, Neb. 

Advisory Members: Bishops E. W. Praetorius, 
G. E. Epp; O. T. Deever, Secretary Emeritus; 
Donald B. App, Director of Adult and Men s 
Work; William Garrett, Director of Youth 
Work; Paul Price, Director of Church School 
Administration and Readership; Quentin C. 
Lansman, Director of Campus Christian Life; 
Esther Edwards, Director of Children s Work; 
Miss Lois M. Pottle, Administrative Assistant; 
Warren Hartman, Director of Curriculum Re 
search and Development. 

Executive Committee: Bishop Harold R. 
Heininger, Chairman; Bishop Paul W. Mil- 
house, Vice Chairman; Joseph H. Yeakel, Secre 
tary and Treasurer; E. Craig Brandenburg, 
Rueben P. Job, Paul V. Church, John F. 
Schaefer, Mario N. Berger, Kenneth W. 
Krueger, Frederick M. Faist, E. S. Wegner, 
Mrs. Charles Taylor. Advisory Members: O. T. 
Deever, the staffs of the Board of Christian 
Education and of Evangelism. 

Conference Secretaries of Evangelism 

California O. E. Schafer, 4209 Don Felipe 
Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Canada Emerson Dorsch, Box 404, Bridge 
port, Ont., Canada. 

Dakota Leonard Kruckenberg, 702 S. Kline, 
Aberdeen. S. Dakota. 

Eastern Harry Zechman, 2130 Rudy Road, 
Harrisburg, Pa. 17104. 

Erie Bertil Peterson, 13E Northrup PI.. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 14214. 

Florida Troy Brady, 1505 29th St.. W., 
Bradentpn, Fla. 

Illinois Wayne C. Hess, 209 Livingston 
Bldg., Bloomington, 111. 

Indiana North Kenneth Overmyer, 154 Van 
Buren, Berne, Ind. 46711. 

Indiana South Homer W. Achor, 1031 N. 
10th St., Vincennes, Ind. 

Iowa A. E. Wilken, 3801 Cottage Grove 
Ave., Des Moines, la. 

Kansas Paul Life, Box 158, Jewell, Kansas 

Kentucky E. T. Ehresman. Helton, Ky. 

Michigan Gerald H. Fisher, 111 Griggs St. 
S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Minnesota E. Russell Praetorius, 63 10 Wash- 
burn Ave. S., Minneapolis 23, Minn. 

Missouri G. D. Hammontree, 115 E. Robard 
St., Brookfield, Mo. 

Montana David Graff, 1746 S. Tenth, Mis- 
soula, Mont. 

Nebraska Melvin F. Koelling, 524 W. 12th 
St., Grand Island, Nebr. 

New York Stewart McCleary, Beaver Falls, 
N. Y. 

Northwest Canada A. H. Brown, Hanna, 
Alberta, Can. 

Ohio East Daniel T. Lansell, 1946 Westwood 
St.. N.W.. Warren, Ohio. 

Ohio Miami Paul Chastain. 11 E. South St., 
Arcanum. Ohio. 

Ohio SanduskyH.. Joe Grimm, 125 Hall St., 
Tiffin, Ohio. 

Ohio-Southeast William L. Snider, 2800 S. 
High St., Columbus, Ohio 43207. 

Oklahoma-Texas Merle B. Pulver, 1513 
Suggett, Enid, Okla. 

Pacific Northwest Robert D. Bletcher, 6220 
S. E. 92nd Ave., Portland, Ore. 97266. 

Rocky Mountain O. L. Grauberger, 703 
Van Buren, Pueblo. Colorado, 81005. 

Susquchanna Arthur W. Stambach, R. D 1 
New Cumberland, Pa. 17070. 

Tennessee Glen Fox, 106 Union St., Greene- 
ville, Tennessee. 

Virginia John Sawyer, 410 W. Beverley St.. 
Staunton, Va. 

Western Pennsylvania Gene E. Sease. 192 
Paree Dr., Pittsburgh 39, Pa. 

West Virginia Robert E. Dille, Route 5, Box 
7. Buckhannon, W. Va. 

Wisconsin Willard W. Schulz, 2209 Hollis- 
ter Ave., Madison 5, Wis. 

Commission on Church Union 

Chairman, Bishop R. H. Mueller. 

Vice Chairman, Bishop H. R. Heimnger. 

Secretary, Bishop J. Gordon Howard. 

Executive Director, Paul A. Washburn. 

Bishops: R. H. Mueller, H. R. Heininger, J. 
Gordon Howard, H. W. Kaebnick, W. M. 
Sparks, P. M. Herrick, P. W. Milhouse. 

Ministers: C. E. Kachel, Glen O Dell, John 
Sawyer, C. R. Findley, Paul E. Miller, Paul A. 

Laymen: L. L. Huffman. Wm. Fox, Torrey 
A. Kaatz, Garland Hubin, J. B. Winter, Herbert 
G. Gerster. 

General Historical Society 

President, Alfred J. Thomas, Red Lion, Pa. 

Vice-President, Paul H. Eller, Naperville, 
111. 60540. 

Curator-Secretary, John H. Ness, Jr., 140 S. 
Perry St., Dayton, Ohio 45402. 

Treasurer, Cawley H. Stine, 601 Riverview 
Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Member-at-Large on Executive Committee, 
A. C. Core, 1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 

Board of Trustees 

Clarence Attig, Gail Barkalow, A. C. Core, P. 
H. Eller, Donald Gorrell, Bishop Paul Herrick, 
Clayton Lehman, Howard H. Marty, J. H. Ness, 
Jr., W. N. Roberts, Bruce Souders, James Stein, 
Cawley H. Stine, A. J. Thomas, and Lynn 

Historians of Conference Historical Societies 

California Floyd B. LaFavre, 7231 Hillrose 

St.. Tujunga, Calif. 91042. 

Canada J. Henry Getz, 378 Murray St., 
Pembroke, Ont., Can. 

Dakota W. D. Elmer, 702 7th St., Wahpe- 
ton, N. D. 

Eastern Bruce Souders, Lebanon Valley Col 
lege, Annville, Pa. 17003. 

Erie Leon H. Tickner, 21 N. Water St., Al 
bion, Pa. 16401. 

Florida Earl V. Cavanagh, 735 W. Emma 
St., Tampa, Fla. 33603. 

Illinois John Osborn, Hooppole, 111. 61258. 

Indiana North Harry O. Huffman. 450 E. 
53rd Ct., Gary, Ind. 46409. 

Indiana South George G. Cocker, 1416 Hoyt 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46203. 

Iowa H. H. Marty, 205 E. Anson, Marshall- 
town, la. 50158. 

Kansas Clayton Lehman, 205 E. First St., 
Hillsboro, Kansas 67063. 

Kentucky Frank V. Young, R. D. 3, Box 
42A, Columbia, Ky. 42728. 

Michigan W. H. Watson, 8037 Ida East Rd., 
Ida, Mich. 48140; John F. Price. 302 Ann 
Arbor Rd., Manchester, Mich. 48158. 

Minnesota R. S. Heitke, 501 Fourth Ave., 
N.E., Waseca, Minn. 56093. 

Missouri Lowell Newland, R. D. 4, Bloom- 
field, la. 52537. 

Montana E. J. Bott, Circle, Mont. 59125. 

Nebraska Harvey Schwab, Box 37, Ithaca, 
Neb. 68033. 

New York Harold J. Wood, 160 N. Main 
St., Geneva, N. Y. 14456. 

Northwest Canada F. E. Vorrath, 651 E. 
54th Ave., Vancouver, B. C., Canada 00100. 

Ohio East I,. Ross Carothers, 338 Williams 
St., Huron, Ohio 44839 

Ohio Miami Dr. Roy D. Miller, 1821 Au 
burn Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 

Ohio SanduskyC. David Wright, 1820 
Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820. 

Ohio Southeast Elbert M. Shelton, Box 786, 
Lucasville, Ohio 45648. 

Oklahoma-Texas Marvin Poison, 309 S. 
Washington St., El Campo. Tex. 47437. 

Pacific Northwest L. G. Uecker, 1807 S. E. 
25th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97214. 


Rocky Mountain Victor L. Walter, 301 E. 
7th St., Cheyenne, Wyo. 82001. 

Susquehanna Alfred J. Thomas, 600 S. Main 
St. Red Lion, Pa. 17356; Paul Holdcraft, 3605 
Howard Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21207. 

Tennessee R. C. Mott, 1201 Valley Ave. S.E-, 
Knoxville, Tenii. 37920. 

Virginia David F. Glovier, "Sunrise" Rural 
Res. R. 4, Staunton, Va. 24401. 

West Virginia T. N. Bennett, 82 S. Kana- 
wha, Buckhannon, W. Va. 

Western Pennsylvania Wra. C. Beal, Jr., 
Industry, Pa. 15052. 

Wisconsin Earl W. Reichert, 2130 Mt. Zion 
Ave., Janesville, Wis. 53545; H. A. Block, 4241 
N. 44th PI., Apt. 229, Milwaukee, Wis. 53216. 


Superintendents of Homes and 

Colonel R. M. Baker Home for Retired Min 
isters, O. B. Devine, Superintendent, 1411^ 
S. Otterbein Ave., La Puente, Calif. 

Evangelical Home, Paul S. Wheelock, Super 
intendent, Lewisburg, Pa. 

Evangelical Manor, I. J. Bobst, Superinten 
dent, 8401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia IS, Pa. 

Flat Rock Children s Home, C. W. Winch, 
Superintendent, Flat Rock, Ohio. 

Friendly Acres, Newton, Kan., Wm. H. Nel 
son, Supt. 

Haven Hubbard Memorial Old People s Home, 
Mearl L. Dustin, Superintendent, New Carlisle, 

Otterbein Home, William A. Robinson, Super 
intendent, Lebanon, Ohio. 

Pacific EUB Home, Wm. A. Watkins, Super 
intendent, 361 E. Cypress Ave., Burbank, Calif. 

Quincy Orphanage and Home, S. Fred Christ- 
man, Superintendent, Quincy, Pa.; Lewis A. 
Johnson, Assistant. 

Western Home, J. I. La Favre, Superintend 
ent, 420 E. Hth St., Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Board of Trustees, Quincy Orphanage 
and Home, Quincy, Pa. 

President. Bishop H. W. Kaebnick. 

First Vice-Prcndent, Bishop J. Gordon 

Second V ice-President, Dr. J. Paul Gruver. 

Secretary, Dr. T. S. May. 

Treasurer, Mr. John Morris. 

Eastern Conference: Mr. George L. Brown, 
Dr. Thomas S. May, Dr. Warren F. Mentzer. 
Mr. A. F. Witmer. 

Erie Conference: Dr. Glenn E. Donelson, 
Dr. H. Ray Harris. 

Florida Conference: Dr. W. G. Hawk. 
Susquehanna Conference: Mr. Walter L. 
Dentler. Dr. Paul E. Horn, Rev. Ira C. 
Keperling. Mr. John A. Morris. 

Virginia Conference: Dr. Floyd L. Fulk, 
Dr. J. Paul Gruver. 

West Virginia: Mr. Roy Deem, Rev. Robert 

Western Pennsylvania Conference: Rev. 
Warren K. Alnor, Dr. A. T. Moffat, Dr. Paul 
D. Walter. 

Trustees-at-Large : Rev. J. Byron Bishop, 
Dr. C. W. Dietrich, Dr. Harry Eckels, Dr. 
Harry J. Fisher, Mr. J. Stewart Glen. Jr. At 
torney, Dr. Charles E. Kachel, Dr. Clair C. 
Kreidler, Mr. Robert I. Meek. 

Board of Trustees, Flat Rock Chil 
dren s Home, Flat Rock, Ohio 

President, Bishop J. Gordon Howard. 

V ice-President, Clarence Kamerer. 

Secretary, Dr. O. E. Johnson. 

Treasurer-Superintendent, Dr. C. W. Winch. 

Ministers: R. A. Heim, Ralph Hines, H. O. 
Thompson. H. H. Vogel, C. B. Winter, John 
BarteC K. W. Hulit, Jos. Graham. 

Laymen: Walter Muller, Mrs. L. R. Moore, 
Alex Miller, Myron Jacobs, Donald Entenman, 
Mrs. Wilbur Dallas, Dr. Eldred Heisel. 

M ember s-at-Large: Ora E. Johnson, Mr. 
Clarence Kamerer. Mr. Donald Entenman, Mr. 
Thomas Billiard, Fred A. Kraus. 

Board of Trustees, 

Col. R. M. Baker Home for Retired 
Ministers, R. 1, La Puente, Calif. 

President, H. M. Slusher. 
Vice-President, A. McCandless. 

Secretary, Dean Humbert. 

Treasurer, Percival Grumbein, Jr. 

Superintendent, O. B. Devine. 

Ministers: Harold M. Slusher, Alexander 
McCandless, Walter M. Stanton. Dean E. 
Humbert, Philip Strickler. 

Lay Members: Percival Grumbein, Jr., John 
H. Stolte. Arthur Korn, Wallace Rogers. 

Consultants Bishop W. Maynard Sparks, O. 
E. Schafer, Paul E. Miller. 

Board of Trustees, Evangelical Manor, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

President, Bishop Hermann W. Kaebnick. 

Vice-President, Dr. C. E. Kachel. 

Secretary, Dr. J. Wolf. 

Treasurer, C. D. Smeltzer, Esq. 

Superintendent, I. James Bobst. 

Assistant Superintendent, Carl ton S. Dodge. 

Ministers: Bishop H. W. Kaebnick, C. E. 
Kachel, J. M. Hunsberger, J. Wolf, Frederick 
C. Seyfert, Jr., Harold Young, C. P. E. Pot- 

Lay Members: C. D. Smeltzer, F. Trout- 
wein, Harry Worley, Thomas Patton, J. Fred 
Schock. Frederic H. Earth. 

Board of Trustees, Evangelical Home 
Lewisburg, Pa. 

President, Bishop H. W. Kaebnick. 

V ice-President, Ralph M. Ritter. 

Secretary, Rev. William J. Lippert. 

Superintendent, Rev. Paul S. Wheelock. 

Assistant to the Superintendent, Dale L. Book. 

Treasurer, Rev. Paul S. Wheelock. 

Representative from Board of Bishops: Bishop 
H. W. Kaebnick. 

Central Pennsylvania Conference: Revs. W. 
L. Baughman, Jr., R. L. Close, P. H. Kleffel, 
C. C. Kreidler, W. J. Lippert, R. O. Steely, 
R. E. Springman, Mr. C. R. Harer, Mr. W. J. 
R. Rein, Mr. Ralph Ritter. 

Eastern Conference: Revs. L. C. Updegrove, 
H. W. Zehner, R. J. C. Pottieger, Mrs. H. L. 
Miller, Mr. H. G. Zeigler. 

New York Conference: Dr. John Rein, Mr. 
Alvin Kraatz. 

Western Pennsylvania Conference: Revs. 
Robert Berkebile, K. M. Bishop, W. M. West, 
Dr. H. LeRoy Marlow, Mr. T. A. Blackburn. 

Trustees-at-Large: Mr. Richard Bollman, Mr. 
Norman W. Hoffman, Mr. Chester R. Heidle- 
baugh, Dr. Kenneth L. Benfer, Rev. C. W. 
Dietrich, Dr. Paul Horn, Dr. S. Philip Laucks, 
Rev. Warren Mentzer. 

Representative from the Woman s Auxiliary, 
Mrs. Joseph Ritter. 


Board of Trustees, Western Home, 
Cedar Falls, Iowa 

President, Rev. Leonard E. Deaver. 

Vice-President, Mr. Raymond C. Cook. 

Secretary, Rev. Donald H. lies. 

Treasurer. Mr. Hoyt Messerer. 

Ministers: L. E. Deaver, Donald H. lies, 
K. F. Brice, Wm. Daeschner, A. B. Utzman, 
Walter D. Elmer, Donald J. Nunnally, R. C. 
Pfaltzgraff. Bishop Paul W. Milhouse. 

Lay Members: F. W. Johnson, H. G. Schwen, 
Clarence Ahrens, Harold Jordan, Loren Clark. 

Superintendent, Dr. J. I. La Favre. 

Board of Trustees, Haven Hubbard 
Memorial Home, New Carlisle, Ind. 

President, Bishop R. H. Mueller. 

V ice-President, C. E. Perkins. 

Secretary, Dr. W. C. Bassett. 

Treasurer-Supt., Mearl L. Dustin. 

Chaplain, Herbert E. Ryan. 

Ministers: W. C. Bassett, Wilson S. Parks, 

C. M. Bowman, R. W. Faulkner, A. L. Keller, 
K. K. Merryman, Sherman A. Cravens, V. A. 

Lay Members: Russell Creighton, William 
H. Bartz, Robert Cochran, J. N. Lehman, 
Glen J. Beams, C. E. Perkins, Ralph Klump, 
Myron Fromm. 

Board of Trustees, Otterbein Home, 
Lebanon, Ohio 

President, Bishop Paul M. Herrick. 

Vice-President, Dr. William K. Messmer. 

Secretary, Dr. Emerson D. Bragg. 

Superintendent, W. A. Robinson. 

Ministers: D. D. Corl, Rex Smith, Emerson 
Bragg, D. W. Gorbett, J. D. Cotherman, A. L. 
Brandyberry, W. K. Messmer, Bennett Fulp, 
Castro Smith. 

Lay Members: Paul Bilby, Lawrence Tabott, 
Kenneth Shively, F. C. Grandey, Dr. C. H. 
Ade, Frank Heiple, Jr., Foster Williams, C. 

D. Welty, Paul Honan, Henry Ruegg. 

Board of Trustees, Pacific Evangelical 
United Brethren Home, Burbank, 

President, Bishop W. Maynard Sparks. 

Vice-President, L. H. Gustafson. 

Secretary, H. Wesley Roloff. 

Treasurer-Supt., Dr. William P. Watkins. 

Ministers: Dr. Paul E. Miller, L. H. Gustaf 
son, Dr. O. E. Schaefer, H. Wesley Roloff 
Theodore Yackel, Dean L. Vermillion, J. D. 
Lindsey. Q. E. Henricks. 

Lay Members: Reynold Heiser, Marvin G. 
Marquardt, Clarence W. Mauerhan, Martin 

Executive Committee: Bishop W. Maynard 
Sparks, Dr. O. E. Schaefer, L. H. Gustafson, 
H. Wesley Roloff, Clarence Mauerhan, Marvin 
G. Marquardt. 

Board of Trustees, Friendly Acres, 
Newton, Kansas 

President, Dr. C. R. Findley. 

Vice-President, Mr. Paul B. Adrian. 

Secretary, Frank A Little, Jr. 

Supt.-Treas., Rev. Wilmer H. Nelson. 

Ministers: LeRoy A. Bott, C. H. Crandall, 
Roderick E. Gray, Bishop Paul W. Milhouse, 
Chester W. Iwig, Leland H. Young, Donald V. 

Lay Members: Frieda Dreier, Mrs. G. C. 
Hammer, Homer Stiller, O. J. Thompson, Dr. 
Melvin C. Schlender. 

Board of Trustees, Old People s Home 
Pilgerheim, at Honau, Germany 

(Property of the South Germany Conference) 
President, Supt. O. Wisst, Reutlingen. 
Members: Rev. K. Heilman, Stuttgart-Feuer- 

bach; Rev. K. Konig, Karlsruhe-Durlach; Rev. 

H. Viering, Niirtingen; Mr. P. Frenzel, Pful- 

Matron, Oberschwester (Deaconess) Luise 



Boards of Trustees 
Albright College, Reading, Pa., 

President, George C. Bollman. 

First V ice-President, W. Richard Eshelman. 

Second Vice-President, Bishop H. W. Kaeb- 

Secretary, C. E. Kachel. 

Ministers: William C. Beal, Jr.; Bishop J. 
Gordon Howard (Advisory): Ralph S. Kresge, 
H. L. Loveless, D. Stewart McCleary, Rollin 
T. Reiner, Roy H. Stetler, Jr.; Alfred J. 
Thomas, William F. Woods. 

Lay Members: Fred G. Bollman; James F. 
Brusch; Charles Campbell, Jr.; William E. 
Dearden; Edgar M. EHenberger; Mrs. Carl L. 
N. Erdman; Ulysses S. Estilow, Jr.; Walter 
H. Fehr; Russell R. Grumling; Jacob L. Hain; 
Chester R. Heidlebaugh; S. D. Kline; William 
E. Maier; Carl F. Mogel, Esq.; John Moxon; 
Robert Poppendieck; Robert A. Reeser; Rus 
sell E. Ritter; William R. Snyder; Mrs. Donald 
D. Sullivan; Mrs. Ferdinand K. Thun; J. 
Boyd Trostle; William C. Troutman; H. K. 
Willits; J. Britain Winter, Esq.; Earl V. Wise, 
Jr.; Victor R. H. Yarnell. 

Indiana Central College, Indianapolis, 

President, Dr. L. L. Huffman. 

V ice-President, Dr. Hobart Creighton. 

Secretary, Dr. K. K. Merryman. 

Treasurer, Leo S. Miller. 

Bishops: R. H. Mueller, H. R. Heininger. 

Executive Committee: I. Lynd Esch, Chair 
man, Ministers, V. A. Carlson, Marshall Cham 
bers, Robert W. Koenig, H. R. Heininger, O. F. 
Landis, K. K. Merryman, R. H. Mueller, A. 
Glen O Dell, Wilson S. Parks. Lay Members, 
Hobart Creighton Paul R. Honan, L. L. Huff 
man, Justin E. Marshall. 

Board Members: Ex Officio: I. Lynd Esch, 
President of the College; Bishop H. R. Hein 
inger, Bishop Northwestern Area; Bishop R. H. 
Mueller, Bishop West Central Area; John 
Mullen, ^ President of the Alumni Association. 

Illinois Conference: Ministers, Kenneth 
Kortemeier, O. F. Landis, Joseph White, Lay 
Members, Harold Everitt, John E. Simpson. 

Indiana Conference North: Ministers, Wil 
son S. Parks, V. A. Carlson, Marshall Cham 
bers, A. Hunter Colpitts, Wilbur Wilson, 
Wilbur Workman. Lay Members, Chalmer 
Bollenbacher, Howard Decker, Mrs. Everett 
Huffman, Philip O. Reidenbach. 

Indiana Conference South: Ministers, Robert 
W. Koenig. K. K. Merryman, H. Orval Moore, 
A. Glen O Dell, Wm. F. Hill, Philip Stone. 
Lay Members, R. M. Crawford, Maynard Mylin, 
Francis M. Wilcoxon, George St. Angelo, Sr. 

Alumni Trustees: E. Craig Brandenburg, 
Sherman Cravens, Ralph A. Coddington, Justin 

E. Marshall, Blanche Penrod. 
Trustees-at-Large: Otto T. Fitzwater, Donald 

F. Carmony, Hobart Creighton, Paul R. Honan, 
L. L. Huffman, Edwin G. Plum, Gregg Rans- 
burg, William H. Trimble, Herman C. Kran- 
nert, E. B. Newill. 


Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa. 

President, Allan W. Mund. 

First Vice-President, Charles H. Horn. 

Second Vice-President, Lawton W. Shroyer. 

Secretary, Ernest D. Williams, Jr. 

Treasurer, Samuel K. Wengert. 

Representatives from the Eastern Conference. 
Jefferson C. Barnhart, D. Leroy Fegley, G. 
Edgar Hertzler, Mark J. Hostetter, Ezra H. 
Ranck, Paul C. Ehrhart, Walter C. Eshenaur, 
Harold II. (Juickel, D. Dwight Grove. Daniel L. 
Shearer, Thomas S. May, Lawton Shroyer, 
Warren F. Mentzer. 

Representatives for the Susquchanna Con 
ference: Paul E. Horn, Gerald D. Kauffman, 
Albert Watson. Curvin Thompson, Lester M. 
Kauffman, H. W. Shenk, Mervie H. Welty, 
Fred W. Mund, J. Stewart Glen, Melvin S. 
Rife, Calvin B. Haverstock, Robert W. Lutz, 
John E. Greesey. 

Representatives from the Virginia Conference: 
Donald N. Fridinger, Charles B. Weber, Carl 
W. Hiser, John . Oliver, J. Paul Gruver, Paul 
J. Slonaker. 

Alumni Trustees: James H. Leathern. DeWitt 
M. Essick, Mrs. Ruth E. Gerberich. 

Tru stees-at-Large : Bishop H. W. Kaebnick, 
William D. Bryson, Charles H. Horn. John 
F. Matsko, Allan W. Mund, Samuel K. Wen 
gert, John L. Worrilow, Richard P. Zimmer 
man, E. D. Williams, Jr., Woodrow Waltemyer. 

Honorary Trustees: William J. Fisher, E. N. 
Funkhouser, E. D. Williams, Sr. 

North Central College, Naperville, 111. 

Chairman, M. E. Stauffer. 

Vice Chairman, Dr. Irvin F. Keeler. 

Ministers: John Bouldin, Frank A. Dauner, 
F. M. Faist, Arnold G. Ettenhofer, H. R. Hein- 
inger, T. E. Jesske, James Neuman, E. M. 
Schendel, Paul A. Washburn. 

Lay Members: Paul Boyer, H. A. Erffmeyer, 
Russell Frank. Edward D. Gruber. B. Lowell 
Jacobsen, Torrey Kaatz, Kenneth Kroehler, Dr. 
Haldon Leedy, Dr. Daniel Ruse, A. J. Senty. 
Charles W. Schwab Maurice E. Schwen. Mrs. 
A. R. Seder, Charles J. Scanlon, Paul F. Zim 
merman, Arthur Taylor. 

Advisory Members: Dr. E. Craig Branden 
burg, Bishop R. H. Mueller. 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 

Chairman, Dr. Harold L. Boda. 

Vice-Chairman, L. William Steck. 

Secretary, Rev. Dr. Elmer A. R. Schultz. 

Assistant Secretary of the Board, Miss Mary 

Executive Committee: Ministers, Elmer A. 
Schultz, Murn B. Klepinger, Dr. M. J. Miller. 
Lay Members, Dr. Harold L. Boda, Dr. Homer 

D. Cassel, Mrs. F. O. Clements, Dr. Emerson 
K. Shuck, L. William Steck, Dr. E. N. Funk 
houser, Jr., Herman F. Lehman, Roger K. 

Conference Trustees: Ministers, George 
Bigss. Charles Bradford. Lee A. Gate, Robert 

E. Dille, Edwin P. Eberly, Dr. Lloyd O. Houscr. 
Dr. Murn B. Klepinger, Dr. Harold V. Lind- 
quist, Dr. Clayton F. Lutz, John K. Bergland, 
Paul E. Stuckey, J. Stanley Barnes, Dr. M. 
J. Miller. Dr. Elmer A. Schultz, Dr. Ray N. 
Shaffer, Dr. Castro Smith, William L. Snider, 
Spurgeon, D. Witerow. Lay Members, Mrs. 
Avery Gaskins, Richard K. Sillers, Mr. George 
Gilts. Dr. R. L. Pounds, Mrs. Bane D. Shafci . 
Dr. Paul D. Walter. James W. Yost. 

Alumni Trustees: Lay members, Dr. Harold 
L. Boda, Homer D. Cassel. Philip L. Charles, 
Mrs. F. O. Clements, Judge Horace W. Troop. 
Dr. E. N. Funkhouser, Jr., Judge Earl R. 
Hoover, Herman F. Lehman, Dr. Donald R. 
Martin. L. William Steck. 

Trustees-at-Large : Ministers, Bishop Paul M. 
Herrick. Lay Members, Richard Allaman, 
George H. Dunlap, Dr. James R. Riley. Miss 
Verda Evans. Mrs. E. S. Kern, Roger K. 
Powell, Dr. Emerson C. Shuck. Miss Mary B. 
Thomas. Virgil O. Hinton. Honorary Trustee, 
Dr. Homer B. Kline, Dr. Elmer N. Funkhouser. 
Adrisory: J. Gordon Howard. 

Shenandoah College and Shenandoah 

Conservatory of Music, Winchester, 


President, Mr. W. O. Cooley. 

Vice-President, Dr. Floyd L. Fulk. 

Secretary, Mr. E. C. Tutwiler, Jr. 

Treasurer. Mrs. Leota C. Racey. 

Attorney: Mr. John F. Anderson. 

Ministers: Robert Bridgers, Millard R. Floyd, 
Howard L. Fulk, F. L. Fulk, Carl W. Hiser, 
David F. Glovier, E. E. Miller, Bishop J. 
Gordon Howard, William H. Jenkins, William 
B. Obaugh, J. R. Sawyer, Paul J. Slonaker, 
Forrest S. Racey, James A. Swain, G. E. 
Schnabel, Lee B. Sheaffer. 

Lay Members: Mrs. L. M. Allen, J. Barger, 
Mrs. Lana Long, Frank Armstrong, Jr., Ben 
jamin Belchic. E. C. Burtner, E. N. Funk 
houser, David Liskey, Voyne B. Omps, James R. 
Wilkins, W. O. Cooley, Pascal Cooper, Dr. 
Munford D. Custer, Fred L. Glaize, Jr., Marvin 
E. Gore, Jr., G. A. Kyle, John Linhoss, Mrs. 
Forrest S. Racey, D. S. Ruddle, E. C. Tutwiler, 
Jr., Hon. W. E. Edwards, Clarence Schenck, 
Marvin D. Weaver, Harold D. Patton, J. 
Thomas Kremer, E. C. Wine. 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 

President, Dr. Harlan S. Heim. 

Honorary Chairman, Bishop Paul W. Mil- 

Vice-Chairman, J. Clark Tindall. 

Secretary, Mrs. Ernest Woolworth. 

Treasurer, E. W. Maser. 

Ministers: Bishop Paul W. Milhouse, Bishop 
W. Maynard Sparks, Marvin V. Herrick, Theo 
dore Yackel, Ray Thompson, Dr. Earl R. 
Ford, Dr. Henry H. Vogel, Francis Bayles, Jr., 
Lloyd Uecker, Arvid J. Lindley, Donald R. 
Roker, Leland H. Young, Reuben Job, A. E. 
Wilken, Claude Crandall. Ex-Officio: E. 
Craig Brandenburg. 

Lay Members: Dr. Harlan S. Heim, Eliza 
beth R. Haverland, J. Clark Tindall, Mrs. Er 
nest Woolworth, Clarence Schroeder, V. F. 
Fisher, Darrel F. Ketelsen, R. H. Roseberry, 
Mrs. O. K. Webster, James A. Bogenreif, 
Leonard Eberle, Gordon L- Mennen. Clyde L. 
Eastman, Dr. O. A. Bosshart, Kenneth Johnson, 
Charles Mann, Wilmer Johnson. 

Trustees Emeriti: Dr. Stanley B. Williams, 
Walter J. Schwen, Sr.. Hill Crest Christian 
Col., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, 
Naperville, Illinois 60540 

President, Bishop H. R. Heininger. 

Vice-President, Dr. A. G. Martin. 

Secretary, Dr. Paul A. Washburn. 

Bishops: R. H. Mueller, H. R. Heininger, 
P. W. Milhouse, J. Gordon Howard, H. W. 
Kaebnick, W. Maynard Sparks, Paul M. Her- 

Executive Secretary, Board of Christian 
Education: E. Craig Brandenburg. 

Executive Secretary, Council of Administra 
tion: Paul V. Church. 

Alumni Trustee: A. Hunter Colpitts. 



Illinois: Revs. O. F. Landis, P. A. Wash- 
burn, Mrs. Paul Farley. 

Indiana North: Revs. F. H. Willard, M. W. 
Chambers, Mr. C. E. Perkins. 

Wisconsin: Revs. M. A. Simonsen, R. E. 
Bosserman, Mrs. Leona Bartel. 

Iowa: Rev. J. A. Dowd, Mr. Stanton James. 

Michigan: Rev. W. C. Bassett, Mr. Donald 
H. Theuer. 

Minnesota: Rev. E. Russell Praetorius, 
Mr. Vernon Scholer. 

Nebraska: Rev. R. A. Heim, Dr. E. S. 

Canada: Rev. John V. Dahms. 

Dakota: Rev. A. G. Martin. 

Montana: Rev. Robert L. Dunn. 

Northwest Canada: Rev. T. E. Jesske. 

Pacific Northwest: Revs. T. R. Buzzard, 
Herman R. Praetorius. 

Kansas: Rev. H. H. Vogel. 

Rocky Mountain: Rev. W. L. Young. 

Oklahoma-Texas: Rev. Iceland H. Young. 

Trustees-at-Large : Mr. Milo Lease, Mr. 
Vernon S. Hoesch. 

Hillcrest Christian College 

Medicine Hat, Alberta. 

President, Rev. F. W. Snyder. 

Vice-president, Rev. T. E. Jesske. 

Secretary, Rev. M. R. Heebner. 

Executive Committee: F. W. Snyder. T E. 
Jesske, M. R. Heebner, H. H. Bock. P. A. 
Wildeman, L. Gustafson, E. Buss, A. W. 
Maetche (advisory), A. W. Riegel (advisory), 
Rena Lyons (advisory). 

Ex-officio Members: Bishop H. R. Heininger, 
Dr. E. Craig Brandenburg, Rev. T. E. Jesske, 
Rev. L. V. Myers. 

Ministers: F. W. Snyder, M. R. Heebner, 
A. R. Lieske, H. H. Bock, A. E. Stickel, F. 
E. Vorrath, A. H. Brown, P. A. Wildeman. 

Lay Members: R. Gahr, R. Somers. B. B. 
Brower, E. Buss, Len Gustafson, E. Feddersen, 
D. Ebel. 

Member s-at-Large : Rev. Reuben Strutz, 
Rev. E. E. Hallman, H. Strom. 

United Theological Seminary, Day 
ton, Ohio 45406 

President, Bishop J. Gordon Howard. 

Bishops: R. HL Mueller, Harold R. Hein 
inger, H. W. Kaebnick, Paul M. Herrick, W. 
Maynard Sparks, P. W. Milhouse. 

Executive Secretary, Council of Administra 
tion: Paul V. Church. 

Executive Secretary, Christian Education: E. 
Craig Brandenburg. 

Eastern Area: Clair C. Kreidler, Charles E. 
Kachel, Paul Horn, Mark Hostetter, Raymond 
G. Mowrey. 

East Central Area: Chalmers Bell, Floyd L. 
Fulk, Lloyd O. Houser. 

Central Area: Harold Boda, M. J. Mil 
ler, Harvey C. Hahn, George Gilts, Melvin 

West Central Area: A. Glenn O Dell. 

Southwestern Area: Harry W. Sims. 

Western Area: Harvey N. Chinn. 

Alumni Trustee: Paul E. Stuckey. 

Trustees-at-Large: William D. Bryson, Harvey 
Hammink, W. K. Messmer, Mrs. Emma S. 
Tousant, Lloyd C. Nichols, Ralph Ritter, Horace 

Theological Seminary, Reutlingen, 

President, Supt. P. Handt. 
Vice-President, Director E. Kuhn. 
Secretary, Rev. W. Meinhardt. 
Treasurer, Supt. J. Gahr. 


Members: South Germany Conference: Rev. 
H. Sticher, Supt. R. Maurer, Supt. J. Gahr, 
Dir. K. Richter (Layman). 

East Germany Conference: Supt H. Eckstein, 
Rev. W. Meinhardt. 

West Germany Conference: Supt. P. Handt, 
Rev. F. Harriefeld. 

Switzerland Conference: Supt. D. Roser. 
Director E. Kuhn. 


California Harvey N. Chinn. 3600 Jay St., 
Sacramento, Calif. 95816. 

Canada G. R. Strome, Milverton, Ont., 

Colorado E. Paul Camber, 212 E. Vermigo, 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Dakota Robert H. Feind, 202 S. 5th St., 
Milbank, S. Dak. 57252. 

Eastern Walter E. Deibler, 510 Walnut St., 
Columbia, Pa. 17512. 

Erie Jerry F. Angevine, 9550 Clarence 
Center Rd., Clarence Center, N. Y. 14032 

Florida William R. Obaugh, R. 1, Box 323, 
Tampa, Fla. 33612. 

Illinois Eugene J. Moore, 911 S. Finley Rd,, 
Lombard, 111. 60148. 

Indiana North William L. Peterson, Brook, 
Ind. 47922. 

Indiana South Chester B. Winter, 950 N. 
Bolton Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46219. 

Iowa Robert R. MacCanon, 7 N. 5th Ave., 
Marshalltown, Iowa 50158. 

Kansas Paul Deever, 702 Columbia St., La- 
Crosse, Kan. 67548. 

Kentucky E. Arthur Russell, Beverly, Ky. 

Michigan John W. Murbach, 4323 Davison 
Rd., Flint, Mich. 48506. 

Minnesota Delmont Gordy, 113 N. Saratoga, 
St. Paul, Minn. 55104. 

Missouri Mrs. Leslie Sensintaffer, Brook- 
field, Mo. 64628 

Montana Harvey E- Bartram, ll-16th St., 
X., Great Falls, Mont. 

Nebraska Donald J. Nunnally, Box 293, 
Aurora, Neb. 68818. 

New York Sherman B. Eckel, 536 Eggert 
Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. 14215 

Northwest Canada A. W. Riegel, 2802 17th 
Ave. S.E., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Can. 

Ohio East Allan H. Zagray, 1720 Schneider 
Rd. N.W., North Canton, Ohio 44720. 

Ohio Miami Emerson D. Bragg, 1516 Salem 
Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 

Ohio Sandusky Joseph R. Graham, 637 E- 
Elm St., Lima, Ohio 45804. 

Ohio Sou t hea st Kenneth E. Wrightsel, 4458 
Etna Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43213. 

Oklahoma-Texas James F. Williamson, 205 
S. Palm, Ponca City, Okla. 74601. 

Pacific Northwest Willard A. Backer, 1203 
N. E. 96th, Seattle, Wash. 98115 

Rocky Mountain E. Paul Gamber, 214 E. 
Vermijo, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80903. 

Susquchanna Robert H. Stolte, 204 E. Mid 
dle St., Hanover, Pa. 

Tennessee A. B. Burgess, 2812 Fairview 
Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 37917 

Virginia Carl W. Hiser, 26 E. Mary St., 
Cumberland, Md. 21503 

Western Pennsylvania John W. Russell, 700 
Farren St., Portage, Pa. 15946 

West Virginia Robert E. Dille, Box 7, Rt. 
5, Buchanon, W. Va. 26201 

Wisconsin Dwight S. Busacca, 3450 S. 52nd 
St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53219. 

South Germany Conference Rev. H. Kern, 
7 Stuttgart- W. EHsabethenstr. 11. 

West Germany Conference Rev. Th. Goebel, 
56 Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Hainstr. 35. 

East Germany Conference E. Goebel, Berlin 
W35, Dennewitzstr. 13; H. Seifert, Schmalk- 
alden, Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 24. 

Switzerland Conference Rev. Theo. Geiss- 
buhler, Nageligasse 4, Bern. 


Ministers of Education 

Babcock, Rev. Vernoa 

215 Stadium, Findlay, Ohio, First Church. 
Baer, Rev. Joel 

1020 Bellaire Avenue, Dayton, Ohio. Belmont 

Bender, Rev. Brian 

497 Ephraim, Kitchener, Ontario. Canada, 

Zion Church. 
Bloom, Rev. James M. 

460 Madison Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44320, 

Emanuel Church. 
Bontrager, Rev. G. Dewayne 

St. Luke s EUB Church, Kokomo, Indiana. 
Brown, Rev. Alan S. 

117 East Clay Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 

Otterbein Church. 
Day, Rev. Keith 

531 South Bedford Street, Carlisle, Pennsyl 
vania, Grace Church. 
Dumm, Rev. Durlan 

2521 12th Street, N.W., Canton 8, Ohio, 

First Church. 
Edmonds, Rev. Harold 

1750 North Towne, Pomona, California, 

Pomona Church. 
Edwards, Rev. Phil 

914 Madison Avenue, Anderson, Indiana, 

First Church. 
Fyipper, Rev. Keith 

2033 Berkshire Place, Toledo, Ohio 43613, 

Upton Church. 
Ellis, Rev. Ronald F. 

225 South Second Street, Chambersburg, 

Pennsylvania. First Church. 
Frees, Rev. David 

1323 10th Street, N.W., Canton. Ohio 44710, 

St. Paul Church. 
Hadley, Jr., Rev. Charles 

2203 South Exposition, Wichita, Kansas, West 

Side Church. 
Hepner, Rev. Theodore 

19750 West McNichols Avenue, Detroit, Michi 
gan. Trinity Church. 
Iwig, Rev. James 

First EUB Church, Naperville. Illinois. 
Lang, Rev. Ernie 

c/o First EUB Church, Roosevelt & Union, 

Bloomington, Illinois 61701. 
Lohr, Rev. Bert 

5555 West Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, Wiscon 
sin 53216, First Church. 
Matteson, Rev. Mervyn 

2132 Catalpa, Dayton, Ohio, Fairview Church. 
Parsons, Rev. J. Maurice 

2128 Catalpa Drive, Dayton, Ohio, Fairview 

Peckham, Rev. Charles 

1516 Salem Avenue. Dayton, Ohio 45406, First 

Peyton, Rev. Browning 

4721 3rd Place, N.W.. Washington, D. C. 

20011, Albright Memorial Church. 
Reitz, Rev. LeRoy 
206 North Wayne Street, Fremont, Ohio 43420, 

Trinity Church. 
Schuman, Rev. James 

118 North Locust Street, Hagerstown, Mary 
land. St. Paul Church. 
Somers, Rev. Keith 

1756 West Michigan Avenue, Sagmaw, 

Michigan. Michigan Avenue Church. 
Thomas, Rev. Tames 

5930 State Road, Cleveland. Ohio 44134, 

Parma Church. 
Zechman. Rev. Donald 

2448 Duke Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
17204, Harrisburg Derry Street Church. 

Directors of Christian Education 

Bower. Dale 

309-231 Herman Avenue, Lemoyne, Pennsyl 
vania, Grace Church. 
Clement, Miss Shirley 

Alma, Wisconsin 54610, Buffalo and Trempe- 
leau County Church. 

Dvorak, Miss Bernice 

1140 Claremont Avenue, Ashland, Ohio 44805. 

First Church. 
Eberly, Rev. Harry 

525 North Railroad Street, Palmyra, Penn 
sylvania 17078, First Hershey Church. 
Khrhart. Paul 
445 Herr Avenue, Millersville, Pennsylvania, 

Otterbein Church. 
Esbenshade, Miss Lucille 

30 Gilbert Avenue, Terre Haute, Indiana, 

Otterbein Church. 
Focht, Mrs. David 

Main Street at High, Manheim, Pennsylvania, 

Salem Church. 
Gall, Miss Evelyn 

1605 41st Street, Apt. 5, Canton 9, Ohio, 

First Church. 
Harvey, Mrs. Iris 

First EUB Church, West Main and Grove 

Streets. Westerville, Ohio 43081. 
Hayes, Mrs. Franklin 

1262 North llth Street, Reading, Pennsyl 
vania, Reading Inner-City Parish. 
Heisner, Mrs. Lloyd 

707 Kingsley Street, Normal, Illinois, Grace 

Hoopes, Rev. Warren G. 

213 Pearl Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 

Covenant Church. 
Jones, Miss Lois 

6411 Landover Road, Apt. 301. Cheverly, 

Maryland, Cheverly Church. 
Layser, Gene R. 

617 East Cypress Street, Palmyra, Pennsyl 
vania, First Church. 
Lochinger, Kay 

Box 141, R. R. 1, New Stanton, Pennsyl 
vania, Youngwood Church. 
Menefee, Miss Gertrude 

229 East Front Street, Berwick, Pennsyl 
vania 18603, Bower Memorial Church. 
Miller, Miss Zeta G. 

2565 A King Lear Drive, Pitcairn, Pennsyl 
vania, Garden City Church, Monroeville. 
Stambach, Miss Ruth 

Santa Cruz EUB Church, Box 6, Santa Cruz, 

New Mexico. 
Sutherland, Mrs. James 

Ellsworth and Van Buren, Naperville, Illinois, 

Grace Church. 
Wilson, Miss Sandra 

206 Hadley Avenue, Dayton, Ohio, Oakwood 

Young, Mrs. Lois Horton 

915 Milford Mill Road, Baltimore 8 Mary 
land, Milford Mill Church. 

Educational Assistants 

Bartes, Mrs. Sarah 

411 Rittenhouse Street, N.W., Washington. 

D. C., Albright Memorial Church. 
Beaver, Mrs. Catherine 

2031 Shaftsbury Road, Dayton, Ohio 45406, 

Otterbein Church. 
Busier, Miss Ellen 

430 Floyd, Toledo, Ohio, First Church. 
Coates. Mrs. Retta M. 

25 North Woodlawn, Battle Creek, Michigan, 

Calvary Church. 
Gilts, James 

Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, Ken 
tucky, Zion Church. 
Gingrich, Fredric D. 

1232 Crescent Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Crescent Avenue Church. 
Hager, Mrs. Marge 

111 Griggs Street, S.E-, Grand Rapids, Michi 
gan, Griggs Street Church. 
Hays. Mrs. Doyle 

1816 West Ninth, Hastings, Nebraska, Hast 
ings Church. 
Hemphill, Mrs. Martha 

1232 Crescent Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 
Crescent Avenue Church. 

"iS WesTpearl, Willard, Ohio 44890, Willard 
First Church. 

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Ministerial Appointments 
to Churches 

Conferences, Superintendents, Districts, Pastors 

NOTE: For churches in Washington, D. C, see Susquehanna and Virginia Conferences 

For churches in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New England, see 
Eastern Conference list. 

For churches in Baltimore see Susquehanna Conference lists. 

NOTE FOR PASTORS: When members move to a new location, notify a pastor in the 
city to which the family is moving. 

Pastors notified of newcomers to the city who may reside in an area served by another 
EUB church, kindly refer names and addresses to the pastor of that church. 


Southern District 
O. E. SCHAFER, Superintendent 

Anaheim, Dean E. Humbert. 


La Puente (Bell Memorial), Robert E. W. Bason. 

La Puente (Hillgrove), Earl McCallum. 

Long Beach, Alexander McCandless. 

Los Angeles (Christ Community), Harold M. 


Los Angeles (Community), Jeremiah Rowe. 
Los Angeles (Grace), A. Philip Strickler; Asst., 

Neal Neuenburg. 

LOS Angeles (Palms), Richard T. Burdine. 
Norwalk, Wendell W. Jones. 
Ontario, Cecil A. Goss. 
Pacoima, James E. Brecheisen. 
Phoenix, Arizona (First), Everett C. Schneider. 
Phoenix, Arizona (West), Glen R. Peck. 
Pomona, John R. Duvall; Harold W. Edmonds, 

Minister of Christian Education. 
Riverside, L- Wesley Robbins. 
San Bernardino, Donald W. Coughenour. 
Santa Ana (Faith), Ehrhardt I. Lang. 
Santa Ana (Grand Avenue), O. Wilbur Fix. 
San Diego (Euclid), James K. Smith. 
San Diego (First), L. H. Gustafson. 
Spring Valley, Robert W. Hempy. 
Torrance (Central), W. M. Stanton. 
Torrance (Hope), D. E. Kenney. 
Whittier, Ellsworth A. Benedict. 

Northern District 

PAUL E. MILLER, Superintendent 

Cupertino, Roy S. Dunn. 
Durham, James O. Miller. 
Gridley, A. W. Garretson. 
Kerman, F. Clifford Johnson. 
Lodi, H. Wesley Roloff. 
Meadow Vista, Philip McGallian. 
Oakland. Robert G. Keller. 
Point Pleasant, Robert E. Walker. 
Pprterville, Fred L. Fanthorpe. 
Riverdale, Harry W. Flickinger. 
Sacramento (First), Harvey Chinn. 
Sacramento (Hope), Vernon R. Kraft. 
Sacramento (Riverside), Waldo E. Hahn. 
Sacramento (Trinity), Howard E. Walker. 
San Francisco (Westlake), E. Clark Robb. 
Selma, David G. Simpkins. 

Stockton (Grace), Wesley W. Lawrence. 
Stockton (Woodruff Memorial), John W. Eberle. 
Walnut Creek, Theodore Yackel. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Professor, Evangelical Theological Seminary, 
F. W. Boelter. 

Assistant Director Peniel Missions, Charles W. 

Bible Meditation League, Oregon, Harley F. 

Chaplain, U. S. Air Force, James DeMott. 

Chaplain, U. S. Navy, Kenneth P. Zeller. 

President, Indiana Central College, I. Lynd 

Religious Director, Family Films, Inc., Donald 
R. Lantz. 

Assistant to Dean of Men, North Central Col 
lege, Vernon M. Visick. 

Professor, La Verne College, J. Russell Davis. 

Professor, University of Pacific, John L. Den 

Superintendent, Baker Home, O. B. Devine. 

Superintendent, Burbank Home, William P. 

Evangelists, Q. E. Henricks, Donald B. Spitler. 


E. E. HALLMAN, Superintendent 

Conference Office, 398 Union Blvd., Kitchener, 

Hamilton Group 

Campden, J. C. Weller. 
Hamilton, B. E. Seebach. 
Morriston, Peter Tucker (supply). 
Pelham and Attercliffe, F. P. Erb. 
Selkirk, J. S. Oestreicher. 
South Cayuga, J. Bechtel. 
Willoughby, C. T. Houck. 

Hanover Group 

Chesley and Elmwood, W. Roth (supply). 

Hanover, W. T. Brown. 

Listowel, G. Sim. 

Mildmay, K. G. Wettlaufer. 

Normanby, R. Clyde (supply). 

Port Elgin, J. Bauman. 

Wallace, A. M. Amacher. 


Ottawa Valley Group 

Arnstein, F. Wicks. 
Golden Lake, J. R. Gulp. 
Locksley, J. W. Gillings. 
Pembroke, J. H. Getz. 
Rosenthal, David Bauman. 

Stratford Croup 

Crediton, H. G. Zurbrigg. 

Dashwood, M. J. James. 

Milverton and Rostock, Glen R. Strome. 

Rodney, C. B. Heckendorn. 

Sebringville, E. E. Pletch. 

Stratford, J. W. Siebert. 

Tavistock and South Easthope, R. Saylor. 

Zurich and McKillop, M. Shatto. 

Waterloo Group 

Bridgeport, E. F. Dorsch. 

Elmira, M. E. Reuber. 

Kitchener (Calvary), J. V. Dahms; Assistant 

to Minister, G. B. Kilcup. 
Kitchener (Olivet), L. A. Dorsch. 
Kitchener (St. Timothy s), G. R. Wilkinson. 
Kitchener (Zion), F. M. Faist; Associate 

Minister, B. S. Bender. 

New Hamburg and Lingelbachs, T. E. Dahms. 
North Easthope, Student: Lynn Snyder. 
Roseville and Wilmot Centre, A. M. Schlenker. 
St. Jacobs, C. B. Carr. 
Waterloo, H. L. Brox. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 
Missionary in Sierra Leone, Donald Pletsch. 
Missionary in Brazil, Douglas Pletsch. 
Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio, W. O. 

National Council of Churches, U. S. A., New 

York, N. Y., W. L. Kaiser. 


Northern District 

A. G. MARTIN, Superintendent 

Bantry, Yoked with Rugby Methodist, (Under 
Conference Superintendent). 

Bismarck (Calvary), Ira E. Herzberg. 

Bismarck (First), E. Walter Erdmann. 

Bowbells-Coteau, Royal Speidel. 

Casselton-Chaffee, Dale Erbele. 

Cavalier, Gideon Eberhart. 

Drake-Balfour-Anamoose, Clarence Stanley. 

Elgin-Peace-Zoar, Lawrence Sackmann. 

Forgo (Calvary), Robert Strutz. 

Fargo (Edgewood), Norman E. Winkelman. 

Goodrich-Chaseley, Yoked with Goodrich Meth 
odist, Robert Bechtle. 

Grand Forks, Walter D. Elmer. 

Great Bend, Thomas Benoy. 

Hazen-Beulah, Yoked with Zap United Church 
of Christ, Edwin Werner. 

Hebron, Yoked with Taylor United Church of 
Christ, Rudolph Rieker. 

Holmes-Pleasant View, Walter Schott. 

Jamestown, Kenneth K. Koth. 

Kindred-Zion, A. R. Aleson. 

Langdon, Yoked with Stilwell Community, Peter 

Mandan, George Worner. 

Marion, Yoked with Hickey & Berlin Methodist, 
Roland Voegeli. 

Martin, Yoked with Harvey Methodist, Clarence 

McClusky-Mercer, Theodore Rath. 

Minot, N. C. Neumann. 

Sheldon, Clarence Ketterling. 

Tuttler, Yoked with Robinson Methodist, Rich 
ard L"tz. 

Wahpeton, Charles Ritter. 

Williston, Robert Worner. 

Southern District 

L. A. KRUCKENBERG, Superintendent 

Aberdeen, Samuel E. Graf. 

Ashely-Salem, Clarence Knoepfle. 

Beresford (under Conf. Supt.) 

Big Stone City, E. Rudolph. 

Bowdle, Yoked with Methodist & United Church, 
John Iszler. 

Butler-Kidder, Wm. Brieher. 

Clear Lake, Yoked with Clear Lake Methodist, 
Boyd Blumer. 

EHendale, Yoked with EHendale Methodist, O. 
A. Gehring. 

Eureka, E. J. Berreth. 

Herreid-Artas, John Walter. 

Kulm, W. E. Janetzki. 

Lehr-Hope, Cliff Bergland, Jr. 

Linton, yoked with Linton Methodist, Sterling 

McLaughlin, Roland R. Walkes. 

Monroe-Brothersfield, Roger Cheek, Under Con 
ference Superintendent. 

Milbank, Robert H. Feind. 

Napoleon, Yoked with Napoleon Methodist, 
James Pomeroy. 

Olivet-Wittenberg, Elmer Sprunk. 

Ramona, Yoked with Oldham Methodist, Bud 
Jewett, Under Conference Superintendent. 

Rapid City, O. H. Lehner. 

Sioux Falls, Yoked with Ellis Methodist, Robert 

Stickney, Henry Vix. 

Streeter-Hope, Robert Logan. 

Tappen-Medina, Oliver Ketterling, Medina, 
Yoked with Steele Methodist, Clayton Schaef 

Twin Brooks, Revillo, yoked with Corona Meth 
odist, James McQuiston. 

Watertown-Kellerton, Rex V. Logan. 

Western Mission, Bethany, Yoked with Het- 
tinger Methodist, DeVern Schwenn. 

Wishek, W. E. Janetzki. 

Yankton-Menno, Kenneth Monette. 

Ministers in other field of service: 

African Sudan Mission, Walter Erbele. 

Chaplain, U. S. Army, John E. Kienitz. 

On Staff of Chicago Church Federation, Reuben 

Professor, Evangelical Theological Seminary, 

K. James Stein. 

Professor, North Central College, J. Sackmann. 
Kentucky Mission, E. T. Ehresman. 
Serving on staff of Westmar College, Harold 

Serving as Chaplain-Director of the UCCF 

Foundation at Kearney, Nebr., Darrell Weist. 
Serving as Conference Evangelist, Charles A. 



C. E. RACHEL, Central District Superintendent 
W. F. MENTZER, West District Superintendent 
H. W. ZEHNER, East District Superintendent 

EZRA H. RANCK, Conference Director of 
Christian Education 

WARREN LOESCH, Executive Secretary 
of Missions 


Conference Office: 900 S. Arlington Ave. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

East District 

Kingfield, New Portland, Salem, J. C. Reid. 


East Wareham. R. M. Clifford. 

Middlesex, C. W. Hoeldtke. 

Quincy, E. W. Sturzenacker. 


Rhode Island 

Pawtucket, A. M. Herman. 

New York 

Brooklyn (Emanuel), C. C. Kyle (supply). 

Cypress Hills (Church of Peace), B. B. Estridge. 

Forest Hills (St. Paul s), H. K. Vassalo. 

Glendale, E. C. Minnich. 

Lakeview, W. Hempstead, W. H. Wolf, Jr. 

Port Jefferson Station, J. A. Morlock. 

Queens Village (Calvary V R. G. Barnes. 

Richmond Hill (Bethany), C. F. Brown. 

Ridgewood (St. John s), J. M. Hunsberger. 

New Jersey 

Candlewood, L. S. Buxton. 

Clarksboro, B. B. Bosworth. 

Jersey City, L. D. Harris, Kansas Conference 


North Bergen, J. S. Deedrick. 
Paterson, C. Nagel, Minn. Conf. Methodist 

Church (supply). 
Union City, W. A. Leier. 
Willingboro, D. R. Repsher. 


Ackermanville-Saylorsburg. C. W. Matz, Jr. 

Allentown (Calvary), I. C. Fortna. 

Allentown (Ebenezer), M. A. Masteller. 

Allentown (Emmanuel), E. H. Munyan. 

Allentown (Grace), Ira C. Fortna. 

Allentown (Salem), R. E. Walters. 

Allentown (Zion), F. J. Zimmerman. 

Bangor, C. N. Kindt. 

Bath Circuit, D. R. Barley. 

Bethlehem (St. John), W. R. Kunz. 

Bethlehem (St. Luke), Student Assistant, J. A. 


Broomall, W. R. Kohler. 
Catasauqua. J. Eckhart (supply). 
Drexel Hilf, P. R. Wert. 
East Greenville, C. W. Homer. 
Easton (Christ), D. L. Burkhart. 
Easton (Trinity), G. A. Oswald. 
Fairless Hills, F. C. Seyfert, Jr. 
Hellertown-Springtown, D. L. Spencer. 
Hendricks, T. E. Adams. 
Lansdale, H. M. Young. 
Lehigh Circuit, P. M. Carlson. 
Milford, R. E. Stauffer. 
Mont Clare, W. C. Blatt. 
Nazareth, T. G. Kostenbader. 
Norristown, G. E. Matter. 
Palmerton, A. W. Lucas. 
Pen Argyl, W. P. Mohr. 
Perkasie, E. R. Cook. 

Emmaus, Student Assistant, J. A. Landis. 
Philadelphia (Belfield Ave.j, W. C. Boyer. 
Philadelphia (Calvary), (Inner City ministry), 

L. B. Waynick, R. E. Ziegler. 
Philadelphia (Crescentville), J. Wolf. 
Philadelphia (Emanuel), R. L. Underwood. 
Philadelphia (Grace), P. E. Adams. 
Philadelphia (Juniata Park), E. F. Ohms. 
Philadelphia (Mt. Pisgah), J. H. Shenk. 
Philadelphia (St. Mark), E. B. Hendrickson. 
Philadelphia (Third), W. J. Woodruff, Kansas 


Philadelphia (Trinity), L. E. Barrett. 
Phoenixville, L. D. Carl. 
Pottstown, A. M. Herman. 
Prospectville, T. R. Marsh. 
Quakertown, A. A. Dodge. 
Slatedale-Emerald, L. E. Rau. 
Telford (Grace), J. H. Werner. 
Warminster, J. F. Willson. 

Central District 

Akron, R. C. Voight. 
Barnesville-Quakake, K. H. Keller. 
Birdsboro (Christ), A. Beistline (supply). 
Brownstown-Rothsville, H. E. Huddell. 
Brunnerville, W. G. Grosz. 
Coatesville, F. G. Flurer. 
Columbia, W. E. Deibler. 
Cressona-Landingville, G. V. Alexander. 

Danielsville-Bowmanstown, S. A. Fake. 
Denver, C. L. Wagner Jr. 

Elizabethtown, G. E. Hertzler; Minister s As 
sistant, D. E. Zeiders. 
Ephrata (First), E. D. Wert. 
Ephrata (Hope), V. G. Megill, Jr. 
Fleetwood, G. J. Umberger. 
Hazleton, W. H. Rothwell. 
Hempfield, B. L. Lenich. 
Highville, W. V. Atwell. 
Hopeland, E. T. Uhler. 
Intercourse-Mt. Tabor, C. E. Esterline. 
Ironville, H. L. Ulmer. 
Lancaster (Bethany), H. W. Butt. 
Lancaster (Community), J. R. Martin. 
Lancaster (Covenant), H. S. Peiffer; Student 

Assistant, W. G. Hoopes. 
Lancaster (Otterbein), D. L. Fegley; Assistant 

Minister, A. S. Brown. 
Lancaster (Pearl Street), G. R. Earth. 
Lehighton, D. H. Humphrey (supply). 
Lincoln Park, R. H. Klenck. 
Lititz, H. M. Falstick. 
Manheim, S. H. Stoner. 
Matamoras, E- M. Wray. 
Middle Creek, To be supplied. 
Millersville K. R. Texter. 
Mohnton, L. W. Althouse; Student Assistant, 

James Mohn. 

Mount Joy (Glossbrenner), C. W. Wolfe. 
Mount Joy (St. Mark s), C. E. Ulrich. 
Mountville, H. J. P. Himmelberger. 
Neffsville, H. C. Mark. 

Oregon, C. Beamesderfer (supply). 
New Berlinville, K. L. Kline. 
New Holland, F. C. Lowery. 
Newtown, R. W. Coulter (supply). 
Orwigsburg-Port Carbon, Ira R. Fortna. 
Paradise, Lancaster County, F. A. Nickel, Jr. 
Paradise, Monroe County A. F. Bubel. 
Pequea Circuit M. R. King. 
Pottsville, R. S. Kresge. 
Ranck s. M. Eugene Patrick. 
Reading (Ebenezer), C. W. Hartman. 
Reading (Faith), H. R. Blouch. 
Reading (Inner City Parish), G. W. Bashore, 

R. Kretzschmer, Jr. 
Reading (Park), W. S. Boyer. 
Reading (St. Matthew), L. R. Bergstresser. 
Reading (Trinity) B. W. Sheetz. 
Refton, Blanche C. Lengel (supply). 
Ruhl s, H. M. Tobias. 
Schoeneck, A. S. Hildebrand. 
Schuylkill Circuit, R. R. Hunsberger. 
Schuylkill Haven (Covenant), W. H. Quaid. 
Shenandoah, G. N. Klinger. 
Shoemakersville-Berne, E. R. Hostetter. 
Stehman s-Green Hill, W. E. Sherriff. 
Tamaqua-Coaldale, G. D. Hoag. 
Terre Hill, P. H. Dickinson. 
Wayne Circuit, Wm. Smith (supply). 
West Lawn, R. T. Reiner; Student Assistant, 

J. S. Smith. 

West Willow, A. L. Musser. 
Wilkes-Barre, J. L. Harring. 
Wyomissing, E. E. Trauger. 

West District 

Annville, M. J. Hostetter. 

Avon, C. D. Ulrich. 

Bellegrove Circuit, R. L. Hoffman. 

Campbelltown, M. G. Sponsler, Jr. 

Catawissa Circuit, J. Haupt, III. 

Charlton, P. A. Gottschalk. 

Cleona, H. E. Aughinbaugh. 

EHzabethville, R. C. Yoder. 

Enders and Powell s Valley, G. N. Miller; As 
sistant Minister, H. E. Fogleman. 

Fishburn s. E. H. Horst 

Grantville-Manada Hill, L. G. Gehr. 

Halifax, G. M. Dietrich. 

Harrisburg (Mt. Calvary), R. J. Miller. 

Harrisburg (Colonial Park), R. H. Sholter. 

Harrisburg (Derry Street), H. W. Zechman; 
D. E. Zechman. 

Harrisburg (First), R. E. Etter. 

Harrisburg (Harris Street), F. J. Rehrig. 


Harrisburg (Otterbein), H. M. Ebright. 
Harrisburg (Park Street), F. S. Lewis. 
Harrisburg (Penbrook Grace), R. G. Dunwoody. 
Harrisburg (Penbrook Trinity) L. McClarren. 
Harrisburg (Sixth Street), H. H. Smith. 
Harrisburg (State Street), T. S. May. 
Harrisburg (29th Street), R. P. Longenecker. 
Hegins, C. W. Shearer, Jr. 
Hershey, T. W. Guinivan; Student Assistant. 

H. M. Eberly. 

Hiphspire, M. G. Sponsler, Sr. 
Hillsdale Circuit, R. A. Hill. 
Hummelstown (First), D. L. Shearer. 
Hummelstown Circuit, A. I,. Stinner. 
lona, P. F. Rock, II. 
Tonestown-Fredericksburg, H. B. Suskey. 
Lebanon (Bethany), R. C. Wentling. 
Lebanon (Hebron). A. G. Biely. 
Lebanon (Kochenderfer s), R. J. C. Pottieger 
Lebanon (North-side Parish), A. M. Gottschalk. 

Lebanon (St. Luke s), S. R. Stover. 
Lebanon (St. Paul s), O. D. E. Potti 
Lebanon (Salem), R. M. Daugherty; Student 

Lebanon (St. Paul s), O. D. E. Pottieger. 

Salem), R. M. 
Assistant, C. J. Curley. 

Lebanon (Trinity), H. E. Beamesderfer. 

Lebanon (West-side Parish), E. W. Steiner; 
Assistant, P. E. Fridinger. 

Lickdale (Circuit), L. S. LeFever. 

Linglestown, C. M. Schneider. 

Lykens, R. M. Dickey. 

Middletown, R. G. Bechtel. 

Millersburg (Grace), R. P. Stokes. 

Millersburg (Hebron) R. S. Zimmerman. 

Milton Grove-Moyer, J. R. MacDonald (supply). 

Mount Carmel Area Parish, H. R. Stoner; Stu 
dent Assistant, H. J. Wertz. 

Mount Gretna, A. H. M. Stonecipher (supply). 

Myerstown, W. A. Miller. 

Oberlin, R. W. Swartz. 

Ono (Memorial) and (Salem), J. S. Fulmer. 

Palmyra (Bethany), L. C. Updegrove. 

Palmyra (First), H. C. Hollingsworth; Assist 
ant Minister, P. S. Reitz. 

Palmyra (Second), M. E. Patrick. 

Paxinos Circuit, E. L. Heiser. 

Pine Creek Circuit, L. R. Helt. 

Pine Grove, H. R. Souder. 

Rocherty-Fontana, A. G. Miller. 

Rockville, G. J. Stutzman. 

Royalton, R. C. Trego. 
" Schaefferstown-Kleinfeltersville, A. S. Lick. 

Shamokin (First), J. W. Luckcns. 

Shamokin (St. John), F. W. Strmlwick. 

Shamokin, Second Cricuit, F. E. Bennetch. 

Shirk s, N. I. Fake (supply). 

Shope s, F. C. Aungst (supply). 

Steelton (Centenary), J. F. Ferich, Jr. 

Steelton (Grace), Dr. S. T. Dundore; Mrs. 
S. T. Dundore (supply). 

Sunbury (Albright), W. H. Moyer. 

Sunbury (Otterbein), D. R. Morgan. 

Tower City-Muir, F. E. Tice. 

Tremont-Barry, R. U. Stahley. 

Union Deposit, R. J. Miller. 

Upper Dauphin Circuit, S. A. Sitler (supply). 

Valley View, G. W. J. Oplinger. 

Wiconisco-Loyalton, K. B. Wise. 

Williamstown (Seybert), Willinmstown (West 
St.), F. E. Robatin 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Professor of Church History, The Episcopal 

Theological School, Cambridge, Mass., R. W. 

Chaplains, United States Army, J. F. Alutiu, 

J. W. Helt, N. D. Snyder. 
Professor, Albright College, E. H. Earth. 
Professor, United Theological Seminary, I. W. 

Chaplain, Danvers, Mass. State Hospital, Dan- 

vers, Mass., H. R. Beede. 

Vice-President and Professor United Theolog 
ical Seminary, J. Bruce Bcnney. 
Chaplain and Professor, Lebanon Valley College, 

J. O. Bemesderfer. 

Division of World Missions. F. P. Brandauer. 
Missionary to Indonesia, F. W. Brandauer. 

Editor, Adult Publications, Associate Editor, 
Church and Home, Curtis A. Chambers. 

Dean and Professor, Evangelical Theological 
Seminary. W. K. Clymer. 

Assistant Professor of Religion, Albright Col 
lege, Ronald E. Cocroft. 

Missionary to the Philippines, P. W. Deiner Jr. 

Dean and Professor, Lebanon Valley College, 
Carl Y. Ehrhart. 

Chaplain, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind., 
E. E. Filbey. 

Director of Public Relations, Religion in Amer 
ican Life, Inc., David W. Gockley. 

Executive Director, East Harlem Protestant 
Parish, Narcotics Committee, Lynn Hageman. 

Executive Director, Bridgeport, Conn., Chapter 
American Red Cross, A. Koster. 

Division of Home Missions and Church Exten 
sion. Robert C. Landis. 

Director of High Rise Apartment Ministry for 
The EUB Church Division of Home Missions 
and Church Extension and the Board of Evan 
gelism, C. P. E. Pottieger. 

Director of Church School Administration and 
Leadership Education, Paul Price. 

Professor, Evangelical Theological Seminary, 
P. C. Rademacher. 

General Director, Commission on Missionary 
Education. The National Council of Churches. 
J. Allan Ranck. 

Pastoral Counselor, Chit Chat Foundation, Al 
coholic Rehabilitation, Raymond W. Miller. 

Chaplain, United States Navy, Marlin D. Seid- 

Director, Men s Choir, United Theological Sem 
inary, Aaron M. Sheaffer. 

Director of College Relations, Albright College, 
R. S. Smethers. 

Director of Public Relations, Lebanon Valley 
College, Bruce C. Souders. 

General Church Treasurer; Secretary, the 
Department of Christian Social Action; 
Secretary, the Committee on Chaplaincy and 
National Service, Cawley H. Stine. 

Chaplain, United States Air Force, G. H. Upde 

Professor, Evangelical Theological Seminary, 
Naperville, 111., Eugene B. Wenger. 

Dean and Professor. United Theological Sem 
inary, N. J. Wert. 

Chaplain Intern at Allentown State Hospital, 
Dunn P. Zimmerman. 


GLENN E. DONELSON, Superintendent 

Central Office: 2-6 W. Third St., Jamestown, 
N. Y. 

Bradford Group 

Bradford (Hill Memorial), Leo R. Hansen. 
Bradford (West Branch), Gerald M. Lundeen. 
Evans Memorial (Degolia-Lewis Run), LeRoy 

L. Lundgren. 

Gifford, C. Dale Dupont (supply). 
Great Valley, Elwin J. Sheerer. 
Rew. Paul H. Whitcomb. 
Rixford, C. Norton Warner (supply). 
Salamanca, Richard Casler. 
Sawyer, Harold A. Burdick. 
Steamburg, Howard K. Markell. 

Buffalo Group 

Buffalo (First), Lloyd O. Houser. 
Buffalo (Riverview), William F. Atkins. 
Buffalo (White Memorial), Bertil G. Peterson 
Clarence Center, Jerry F. Angevine. 
Harris Hill, Gene H. Sackett. 
Rapids, James F. Burdick. 
Pendleton, Charles H. Gray. 
Tonawanda (Bethany), James W. Thompson. 
Williston, Harry L. Bauer. 


Erie Group 

Albion, Leon H. Tickner. 
Bear Lake, Lynn H. Ostrander. 
Corry, Ivan J. Hunsberger. 
Edwards Chapel, Roger E. Winn. 
Erie Glenwood, Harold V. Lindquist. 
Erie Salem. Jay M. Reichenbach. 
Findley Lake. David L. Derk. 
Lake Pleasant, Gerald L. Litherland. 
New Ireland, Peter A. DeGerlando. 
North East, W. Raleigh Harris. 
Union City, Robert I. Smith. 
Wayne Valley, Leonard B. Adams. 
Weis Library, Roger D. Morey. 

Jamestown-Warren Group 

Cable Hollow, Donald deHaven (supply). 
Chandlers Valley, c/o Superintendent. 
Clarendon, Meredith N. Swift. 
Dewittville, Cecil E. Ross. 
Frewsburg, Wayne B. Ostrander. 
Hartfield. R. John Rough. 
Jamestown (Grace), Don McEntire. 
Jamestown (Kidder), H. Ray Harris. 
Jamestown (Stillwater). Spurgeon D. Witherow. 
Mayville. William H. Sturdevant. 
Warren (Bethel), Franklin R. Wood. 
Warren (First), Lynn A. Bergman. 
Warren (Salem), Lynn A. Bergman, 
Youngsville, F. Eugene Donelson. 

Port Allegany Group 

Alma, c/o superintendent. 

East Smethport-Coleville, John P. Ruggles. 

Farmers Valley, Leo W. McGaughey. 

Millport, Robert G. Casler. 

Nile, Thomas C. Meade. 

Obi, Byron V. Berry. 

Olean (Showers Memorial), Curtis E. Gould. 

Oswayo, Eugene Wilkins. 

Port AlleRany, Keith L. Perry. 

Sartwell Creek, Wallace Strock (supply). 

Sweden Valley, Harold B. West. 

Titusville Group 

Brown Hill, Claude E. Hunsberger. 
Cussewago, Darell D. Harris. 
Deckard, Arthur J. Vrooman. 
Diamond, Frederick Bailey. 
Fairview, G. T. Bergman (supply). 
Geneva, John W. Olosky (supply). 
Grand Valley, Floyd E. Martin. 
Hickernell, Lloyd A. Whitcomb. 
Kaneville, Raymond R. Reed (supply). 
Little Cooley, Claude Groters. 
Pleasantville, David L. Ostrander. 
Sugar Lake, Lionel E. Sayers. 
Titusville, Elmer L. Coleman. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 
Missionary to Nigeria, West Africa, Rev. and 

Mrs. Eugene Westley, Rev. and Mrs. John 

Missionaries to Kentucky, Rev. and Mrs. Mer- 

ritt D. Penner, Rev. and Mrs. Frank V. 


Missionary in Japan, Ernst Lang. 
Professor in United Theological Seminary, 

Harold H. Platz. 
Professor, Lebanon Valley College, Perry J. 


Evangelists. Harold L. Lyman; E. Loye Donel 
Gospel Light Press, Revs. Mr. and Mrs. D. K. 


Chaplain, United States Army, Vincent Rothwell. 
Sudan Interior Mission, Nigeria, West Africa, 

Charles N. Hershelman. 
Special assignment, Starbrick Community 

Church, Warren, Pa., Ernest A. Kaebnick, 




WILLIAM G. HAWK, Superintendent 
Bradenton (Immanuel), Troy R. Brady. 
High Point, Emerson C. lies. 
Lakeland, William G. Hawk. 
Lake Magdalene. William R. Obaugh. 
Limona. Emerson R. Rugh. 
Lutz, William N. Hamilton. 
Melborne, H. H. Hummel. 
St. Petersburg (First), H. D. Oeschger; Paul 

H. demons, Assistant. 
Sarasota, John Winters. 
Tampa (First), Frank B. Gilchrist. 
Tampa (St. Paul), Hector M. Navas. 
Winter Park, Kenneth Cave. 
President, Bible Meditation League, Don R. 


Chaplain, USAF, Jerald T. Cooney. 
Superintendent of Faith Mission, Crystal Beach, 

C. W. A. Bredemeier. 


O. F. LANDIS, Southern District Superintendent 

SHERMAN A. CRAVENS, Eastern District 

JOHN R. BOULDIN, Western District 

WAYNE C. HESS, Program Director 

Conference Office: 1121 N. Park St., Blooming- 
ton, 111. 61701 

Southern District 

Bloomington Group 
Anchor, (Yoked with Sibley), Donald R. Mann 

Bloomington (First), J. D. Cotherman, Ernie 

Lang, Minister of Christian Education. 
Bloomington (Grace), H. I. Newell. 
Elliott (Yoked Field), Robert Hackl. 
Gibson City, Jack Kaley. 
Lexington, Keith Myers. 
Prairie Chapel (Yoked with DeWitt Meth.), 

E. B. Paine. 
Saybrook, Don Ferrill. 

Casey Group 
Casey, Victor Gross. 
Casey Circuit, M. G. Benner. 
Charleston-Unity, Max White. 
Johnstown, John Kauffman. 
Marshall (Trinity), Wayne Glabe. 
Marshall (Immanuel-Zion), Harry Johnson. 
Mattoon, John Kauffman. 
Rose Hill Circuit, William Rennels (supply). 
Westfield, F. R. Brooks. 

Danville Group 

Danville (First). Walter Ewert. 
Danville Circuit, Don Funk. 
Danville (Farmers Chapel), Dale Ferris. 
Hillery, Walter Ewert. 
Longview, Herb Smith (supply). 
Oakwood, C. L. Finley. 
Paris, L. B. Honderich. 

Potomac (Yoked with Potomac Methodist), Ray 
mond Roberts. 
Vermilion, L. B. Honderich. 

Decatur Group 
Argenta-Shiloh. L. N. Main. 
Beecher City-Clarksburg, Harold Carrell. 
Dalton City-Casner, John Smith. 
Decatur (First), Wilson Forbush. 
Decatur (South Shores), Wm. Ping. 
Decatur (Third), Orville Salzman. 
Decatur (Trueblood), Norman Zurbrigg. 
Fame, Herald Adam (N. W. Canada). 
Harmony, Norman Williams. 
Locust Grove, Gaylord Bus (N. W. Canada). 
Oakley-Garver Brick, Junior Akers (supply). 

Parkville (Yoked Field), Robert Merritt (Meth). 

Springfield (First), Robert Rosebrough. 

Springfield Circuit, Lawrence Hamrich, (sup 

Springfield (Hope), Care of Superintendent. 

Teheran, Harold McCoy. 

Westervelt, J. Murray Haworth. 

White Heath-Galesville, Otto Richardson, (sup 

Lawrenceville Group 
Birds-East Pinkstaff, Gale McElwain. 
Lawrenceville, Charles Wheeler. 
New Hebron Circuit, Earl Michels. 
Oblong, G. E. McDaniel. 
Pearl-Union, Louis Shelton, (supply). 
Robinson, Virgil Hague. 

St. Francisville-Sand Barrens, Laverl Cook. 
Sumner, (Yoked with Suraner U.C.C.), Leland 

Culp (U.C.C.). 
Sumner Circuit, Pearl Curry, (supply). 

M t . Carmel Group 

Adams Vorner-Patton, Don McAnally (supply). 
Calhoun Circuit, John Whitten (supply). 
Carmi (Emmanuel-Zion), William D. Payne. 
Enterprise-Wynoose, Albert Atteberry. 
Lancaster Parish, Wayne Waggoner. 
Mt. Carmel, Kenneth Kortemeier. 
Olney (Immanuel), Joseph White. 
Parkersburg Parish, Earl Lytle, (supply). 
West Salem, Harold Leu. 

Mt. Vernon Group 
Bluford-Oakdale, Steve James. 
Brownstown Circuit, (Yoked with Methodist), 
Charles Simpkins and Ron Channel (Meth.). 
Elm River Parish, George Haram. 
Flora, Dale Doolen. 
Granite City, Philip Burke, Jr. 
Mt. Vernon, L. V. Threlkeld. 
Vergennes-Hallidayboro, Paul Hawf. 
Wood River. Glenn Huffman. 

Eastern District 
Chicago Group 
Atwood Heights, Orrell Ruth. 

Bethany (Yoked Field), Paul Graham (Meth.). 
Calvary, W. Vern Longenbaugh. 
Parish of the Holy Covenant, Robert Harman. 
Parish of Reconciliation, Sheldon Trapp & 

Robert Burkhart. 
First, L. W. Stauss. 
Grace (Logan Square), Carl Zager. 
Humboldt Park, James Neuman, Vidal 

Cordova, Assistant. 
Trinity, Harvey R. Neuman. 
Immanuel, Victor McCartney. 
Second, Gerald Goethe, Lawrence Dutenhaver. 
Dolton Grace, Kenneth Brooks. 
Oak Park, J. R. Howe (O. Ea.). 

Elgin-Elmhurst Group 
Barrington, Samuel Batt. 
Bensenville, Gale Barkalow. 
Deerfield, Eugene Wykle. 
Des Plaines, Ned Hawbecker. 
Elgin, Edward Henninger. 
Elmhurst, Willis Locke. 
Hampshire, Arthur Ferguson. 
Highland Park, Herbert George (Meth.) 
Itasca, Paul Farley. 
Lindenhurst, Albert Murphy. 
Lombard, Eugene Moore. 
Melrose Park. Fred Reiner. 
North Northfield, Kenneth Mull. 
Prairie View, Albert Murphy. 
Villa Park, Kenneth Truckenbrod, Assistant, 

Earl Samstag. 
Winfield. Lew Allbee. 
Wood Dale, Melvin Lang. 

Naperville Group 
Aurora, George Jacobs. 
Batavia (Yoked Field), Martin Krieger (Church 

of the Brethren). 
Downers Grove, Leonard Sukut. 
Joliet, L. H. Laubenstein. 
Manhattan-Symerton, Kenneth Rude. 
Naperville (First), Warren Ebinger; Assistant, 

James Iwig (Kan.). 
Naperville (Grace), Grant V. Graver. 
Oswego, Frank Closson. 

Oswego (Prairie and Wheatland), Ira Wilson. 
Peotone Yoked Parish, Ted Rockwood. 
Plainfield, James Allen. 

Western District 

Canton-Galesburg Group 
Adair-New Philadelphia, Charles Shriver. 
Alexis-Henderson, Thomas Lowery, Sr. 
Astoria, Russell Fry. 
Canton-White Chapel, Claire Harris. 
Center-Jerusalem, Kenneth Hanley. 
Colusa, O. B. Silvey. 
Fairview Center, Keith Simpson. 
Galesburg, Dale Catlin. 

London Mills (Yoked Field), Lyle Leverton. 
Macomb and Willow Grove, Clyde Leslie. 
Shields Chapel-Locust Lane, Max Burley. 
Smithfield-Point Pleasant, Harry Ryan. 

Dixon Group 
Ashton, Andrew Noxon. 
Dixon, Harland Krell. 
Eldena, Harland Krell, Supervisory Pastor; 

Thomas Oakes, Student Pastor. 
Malta, Andrew Noxon, Supervisory Pastor, 

Donald Rigg, Student Pastor. 
Mendota, J. G. Howe. 
Meriden, Care of Superintendent. 
Perkins Grove (Yoked Field), Russell Coats. 
Pierce. I. F. Huber. 
Red 6ak, Orville Cole. 
Reynolds, Howard Miller. 
Scarboro, C. A. Rieder. 
Sterling, Romaine Tenney. 

Freeport Group 

Afolkey-Orangeville, Hobart Prunty. 
Davis-Rock City, c/o Superintendent. 
Florence, William Stotts. 
Freeport (Faith), Eldon Schriver; William 

Stotts, Assistant Pastor. 
Freejort (Main Street), Pearl City, Ewald 

Lieske; Assistant Pastor to be supplied. 
Freeport (Trinity), E. E. Schaefer. 
Ridott-Winnishiek, Milton Witt. 
Rock Grove-Fairfield, Lynn Longenbaugh. 
Rockford-Beth Eden, Carol Franke. 
Rockford (St. John s), Willard Giese; Thomas 

Eck, Associate Pastor. 
Stockton, Charles Fleck. 
Woodbine, Morris Catron. 

Geneseo Group 
East Moline, Wallace Gabel. 
Fairview Annawan, Robert Roederer. 
Fenton, Wallace Gabel, Supervisory Pastor. 

Jim Harker, Student Pastor. 
Geneseo, E. A. Schmidt. 
Hooppole, John Osborn. 
Lorraine Parish. Raymond Bjork. 
Church of the Cross, Francis Guither. 

Kankakee Group 
Bradley, Eugene Kunce. 
Charlotte-Emmanuel-Pontiac, Edward York. 
Chatsworth, L. R. Huntley. 
Danforth, Reed Shirey (supply). 
Bonfield-Grand Prairie, Dean Miller. 
Kankakee, Earl Bruso. 
Reddick-Zoar, Phillip Merritt. 

Peoria Group 

East Peoria, Claude Mosher. 
El Paso, George Compton (supply). 


Groveland, Wm. F. Rademacher. 
Low Point (Yoked Field), Walter Krech (Meth.). 
Peoria (Bradley Avenue), Tom Garnhart. 
Peoria (First), Fred Stroebel; Clark Taylor, 

Assistant Pastor. 

Peoria (Grace). Glendon Harris. 
Peoria Inner City Parish, Clark Taylor. 
Spring Bay, Frank Unger. 
Washington, Milford Best. 

Shannon Group 

Brookville-Elkhorn, Harold Flessner. 
Chadwick-Fair Haven, Kenneth Cohee; W. Don 

Ekstrom, Assistant Pastor. 
Coleta-Malvern, Robert Webb. 
East Jordan Bill Bryan. 
Forreston, Duane Mevis. 
Polo, Leonard L. Huff. 
Shannon (Yoked Field), Robert Hartman. 

Streator Group 
Dwight, Herbert R. Zager. 
Granville, Henry Euler (supply). 
Ottawa, E. J. Larson. 
Ransom (Yoked Field), Clarence Kimmel. 
Richland (Yoked Field), Robert Sharp 

Streator, Guy James. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

John Bischoff, Superintendent, Kentucky Con 

Lawrence M. Bouldin, Dir. of Admissions, 
North Central College. 

Robert Bruns, Missionary to Japan. 

Paul V. Church, Exec. Sec. General Council of 

Merrill Davis, Professor at Westmar College. 

Paul H. EHer, President, Evangelical Theo 
logical Seminary. 

Clyde Galow, Missionary to Sierra Leone, West 

H. H. Kalas, President, Westmar College. 

Paul W. Milhouse, Bishop, Southwestern Area. 

John F. Schaefer, Exec. Sec., Division of 
World Missions. 

H. F. Siemsen, Vice President, North Central 

Richard Tholin, James Will, Professors, Evan 
gelical Theological Seminary. 

R. E. Weibel, Missionary to Africa. 

Wilmert H. Wolf, Professor, Indiana Central 

Dale Doverspike, Chaplain, United States Navy. 

D. R. Eder, Board of Missions Staff Rep. 

Leslie Gabel, Temperance Worker. 

Donald F. Landwer, Asst. Gen. Sec. for Finance, 
National Council of Churches. 

Christian Rieder, Chaplain, Goodwill Indus 
tries; Director of Development, Midwest 
Community Council. 

Fred Rickleff, Asst. Dir., Dept. of Church 
Planning and Development, Church Federa 
tion of Greater Chicago. 

C. W. Solomon, Chaplain. United States Navy. 

Melvin E. Soltau, Executive Secretary, Central 
Region, American Bible Society, and Execu 
tive Secretary, Chicago Bible Society. 

Maurice Van Laningham, Chaplain, United 
States Navy. 

Paul Washburn, Executive Director, Commis 
sion on Church Union. 

John Kalas, Professor, Lake Forest College. 

Willis O. Simpson, Executive Director 

Herman Cook, Chaplain Billings Hospital. 

Hector Navas, Pastor of St. Paul s Church, and 
Superintendent of Ybor City Mission. 


MARSHALL W. CHAMBERS, Superintendent 
Ft. Wayne District 

V. A. CARLSON, Superintendent Logansport 

W. S. PARKS, Superintendent South Bend 

MERRELL D. GEIBLE, Director of Christian 
Education and Program Director 

PAUL EPPLEY, Conference Business Manaycr 

Conference Office: Oakwood Park, 
Syracuse, Ind. 

Fort Wayne District 

Decatur Group 

Berne, Kenneth Overmyer. 

Craigsville-Lancaster Chapel, Gerald Wibert 

Decatur, J. O. Penrod and Fuhrman Miller (co- 

Decatur (Calvary), William Welker (supply). 

Geneva, Robert Miller. 

Linn Grove Circuit, Robert Bonewitz. 

Petroleum and Phenix, Floyd Nevil. 

Gilead, Ralph Faber (supply). 

Tocsin, John Paul McAhren. 

Union Chapel, William Bushee. 

Fort Wayne Group 
Churubusco, Richard Kistler. 
Fort Wayne (Bethany), Emmett Anderson. 
Fort Wayne (Calvary), Karl Tauber. 
Fort Wayne (Crescent Avenue), A. H. Col- 


Fort Wayne (First), A. L. Keller. 
Fort Wayne (South Wayne), Lynn Henry. 
Green Center, B. T. Yeager (supply). 
Monroe ville-East Liberty, Robert Klingel (sup- 

ply). . 

Nine Mile, Norman Detroy. 

Ossian Circuit, Jerry Fair (supply). 

Huntington Group 
Bethesda, Daniel Groff. 
Bippus Circuit, Ray Davis (supply). 
Collins Circuit, Robert DeBell (supply). 
Collins (Trinity), Orla Hibbs (supply). 
Columbia City, Howard Rees. 
Goblesville Circuit, Ray Dunlap (supply). 
Huntington (Bethel), A. E. Givens. 
Huntington (First), Robert Seitz. 
Pleasant Chapel Circuit, Gerald O Brien. 
Pleasant Grove, Herbert Edwards (supply). 
Roanoke, John Davis. 
South Whitley, Ross Cook. 
Washington Center Richard Raab (supply). 
Zanesville, L. T. Norris. 

Warsaw Group 

Atwood Circuit, Stephen Gubi. 
Burket Circuit, Paul Garner. 
Claypool, Fred Pflugh. 

Etna Green Circuit. Richard Austin (supply). 
Packerton, E. M. Cornelius. 
Silver Lake, Donald Bommarito (supply). 
Silver Lake Center, Burket Smith. 
Walnut Creek, Robert Wyman (supply). 
Warsaw (First), John Chambers, Assistant; 

Larry Beverly (supply). 
Wooster, Norman Uphouse (supply). 

Waterloo Group 
Albion, Gene Flickinger. 

Rig Run- Jerusalem, Thomas Mellott (supply). 
Butler (Zion), Nelson Cairl (supply). 
Butler (First), Keith Burch. 
Center Chapel, Peter Retzlaff (supply). 
Kendallville (First), Paul Temple. 
Maple Grove, A. H. Sholty (supply). 
Newville Circuit, Lloyd Overmyer. 
Pleasant Lake Circuit, Lewis Strong. 
Waterloo, C. Samuel Overmyer. 
Wolcottville Circuit, Ralph Cunningham. 

Logansport District 
Brook Group 

Brook, William Peterson. 
Brushwood, Lorin Clemenz. 


Gilboa, Jean McCan. 

Morocco-Mt. Zion, Eldon Shingleton. 

Lafayette Croup 

Battleground Circuit, Bruce Price (supply). 
Colburn Circuit, Herbert LePage. 
Frankfort, Donald Littler. 
Jefferson-Farmer Chapel, Armour Keller. 
Lafayette (Grace), L. Kenneth Kraft. 
Monroe, Clyde Wake (supply). 
New Hope Circuit, Thomas Bowman. 
Otterbein Circuit, LaVerne Howard. 
West Lafayette, James Nutt. 
Weaver Chapel, George Cripe (supply). 

Peru Group 
Erie, John Schroeder. 
Greentown, George Holston (supply) ; Waupe- 

cong, Arthur Whitaker (Methodist supply). 
Hillsdale Chapel, Charles Kramer. 
Kokomo (St. Luke), Dillon Laffin. 
Kokomo (Faith), Frank Engle. 
Kokomo (Zion), J. H. Schaeffer. 
Logansport (Broadway), Jay Taylor. 
Logansport (Third St.), Harold J. Bond 
Otterbein, Richard Larry Smith. 
Peru, Paul Steele. 
Twelve Mile Circuit, Russell Wilbur; New 

Waverly, L Dean Cornelius (supply). 
Young America Circuit, Larry Newberg. 

Rochester Group 

Akron-Deedsville, Dale Turner (supply). 
Athens, Wayne Johnson. 
Fulton, Philip Isgrigg. 
Fulton Circuit-Olive Branch, V. L. Garner, 

Prairie Grove, Clyde Walters (supply). 
Grass Creek, John Rcddix. 
Kewanna Circuit, Keith Smitley. 
Rochester, William Simpson. 
Royal Center Circuit, Alva Ward. 

Wabash Group 
Laketon, Thomas Ford. 
Liberty Mills, Kenneth Hostetler. 
Lincolnville, Carl Thompson. 
North Manchester, Ronald Liechty. 
Rich Valley, J. C. White. 
Urbanna, James Dressier. 
Wabash (North Central), Robert Lundy. 
Wabash (Lebanon), Roger Burk (supply). 
I Wabash (Southside), Fred Kuebler. 

South Bend District 

Calumet Group 

Gary (Centennial), James Hook. 
Gary (Glen Park), Harry Huffman. 
Hammond (First), H. J. Berger. 
Hobart Trinity, Ivan Woods. 
Porter, Richard Bunnell. 
Whiting Lakeside, David Lynch (supply). 

Elkhart Group 

Elkhart (Albright), Wilbur Workman. 
Elkhart (Bethel), Cecil Hendrix. 
Elkhart (Castle), Garth Shepherd. 
Elkhart (Dunlap), Carl Lemna. 
Elkhart (First), W. W. Kennell. 
Elkhart (Good Shepherd). Don Abbey. 
Elkhart (Salem), David Braun (supply). 

Bremen Group 
Bourbon (Albright Circuit), Marvin Gaskill 


Bourbon (First), Samuel Pritchard. 
Bremen Circuit, Raleigh Walker. 
Bremen (Grace), Elwood Walker. 
Bremen (Salem), Theodore Snider. 

Plymouth Group 

Culver Larger Parish, Dwight McClure; Assist 
ant, Joe Haney. 

Donaldson, to be supplied. 

Grovertown, Carl Ricks (Methodist Supply). 

Plymouth (First) William Nangle. 

Pretty Lake Trinity Circuit, Thomas Rough, 
Trinity, to be supplied. 

San Pierre, Russell Richardson (Methodist 


Teegarden-Tabor Circuit, P. F. Young. 
Tyner, Kaye Casterline. 
Walkerton, David Eiler. 
Wanatah, Marvin Anderson. 

South Bend Group 

Mishawaka (Coalbush), Walter House. 
Mishawaka (First), Wilbur Wilson. 
South Bend (All Saints), Kenneth Foulke. 
South Bend (Broadway), Orla Bradford. 
South Bend (Central), O. D. Wissler. 
South Bend (First), Donald Kime. 
South Bend (Grace), Louis Reynolds (Methodist 


South Bend (Lydick), Walter Mayer. 
South Bend (Maple Lane), G. DeWayne Bon- 

South Bend (Southlawn), Brooks Heck. 

Syracuse Group 
Concern, to be supplied. 

Indian Village, Marvin Jones (Methodist Sup- 
Island Chapel, R. R. Wilson (supply). 
Ligonier, C. R. Bitzer. 
Nappanee, Donald Ruhl. 
New Paris, F. H. Willard. 
Solomon s Creek-Burr Oak, Joe Bear. 
Syracuse, Kennard Robinson. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Associate Secretary of Evangelism, National 
Council of Churches, Ralph M. Holdeman. 

Bishop Emeritus, Dept. of Town and Country 
E. W. Praetorius. 

Minister, Red Bird Mission, Beverly, Ky., 
George Surface. 

Professor, Indiana Central College, James A. 

Chaplain, Veterans Administration Hospital, N. 
Little Rock Division, Little Rock, Ark., H. 
P. Abbott. 

Director of Stewardship, Dayton, Ohio, Nordan 

Executive Secretary, St. Joseph County Coun 
cil of Churches. Clifford O. Nantz. 

Chaplain (Captain U.S.A.) Hq. and Hq., Ber 
lin Brigade, APO N. Y., N. Y. 09742. 

Secretary Emeritus, Department of Town and 
Country, B. H. Cain. 

Professor, Westmar College, Oscar Schinkel. 

McCurdy School, Santa Cruz, New Mexico, 
Maurice Bonecutter. 

Minister to Hammond Community Center (Un 
der the Board of Missions), William Myers, 

South Bend Christian Service Coordinator, 
Stephen Whitehead. 


Conference Office: 1347 Windermire Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 

East District 

K. K. MERRYMAN, Superintendent 

Anderson Group 
Albright, Harold Rush. 

Anderson (Bailey Chapel), Marlston Swango. 
Anderson (Colonial). John Cheesman. 
Anderson (First), Philip Hillsamer; Assistant, 

Philip D. Edwards. 
Bethlehem, Ruth Eastburg (supply). 
Lapel, Harry W. Smith. 
Noblesville (First). Chester H. Grace. 
Pendleton, Yung Sheng Chen. 
Union Chapel, James Farnsley. 

Greenfield Group 
Amity. Wayne C. Stine. 
Blue River, Gerald L. Wilson (supply). 


Liberty, Raymond Chapman. 
Greenfield, Robert L. Riggs. 
Gwynneville, Paul E. Dubois. 
Milners, Corner, Robert Galloway, R. R. 2, Box 

173 A, Pendleton. 
Mohawk, Broten H. Martin. 
St. Paul-Union Chapel. Bill Waugh. 
Warrington, H. C. Schlarb (supply). 

Indianapolis Group 

Greenwood-Honey Creek, Wilma Allen. 

Indianapolis (Belmont), Leland Brett. 

Indianapolis (Broadway), Frank E. Nordby. 

Indianapolis (Brookside), William F. Hill. 

Indianapolis (Calvary), Ralph Adkins. 

Indianapolis (Faith), Chester B. Winter. 

Metropolitan Mission Work, Arthur I. Neuer- 

Indianapolis (New York St.), James E. Miller. 

Indianapolis (Otterbein), H. Orval Moore. 

Indianapolis (Rosedale Hills), Charles Lane. 

Indianapolis (Second), George G. Cocker (sup 

Indianapolis (Trinity), Robert M. Todd. 

Indianapolis (University Heights), Walter 
Smith, Jr.; Minister of Christian Education, 
Dale E. Harner. 

Indianapolis (White Harvest), Tom Terrell. 

Lebanon (First), Paul W. McFarland. 

Smith Valley, Ival Lane. 

Terhune, to be supplied. 

Marion Group 
Elwood, J. P. Rousch. 
Marion (Christy St.), Robert P. Lutton. 
Marion (First), L. G. D. Wertz. 
Marion (Sunnycrest), Raymond Myers. 
Marion (Swayzee St.), Howard Pearson. 
Oak Chapel, Dee McGee. 

Muncie Group 

Daleville, Vaughn Murray. 

Hartford City, Russell Hiatt; Assistant, Dr. 
Roy H. Turley (supply). 

Honey Creek Circuit, Jerry Crouse. 

Muncie (Center Chapel), Max L. Smith. 

Muncie (Corinth), L. C. Beasley. 

Muncie (Fountain Square), Kenneth R. Vaught. 

Muncie (Industry), Homer W. Achor. 

Muncie (Normal City), William R. Clayton. 

Muncie (Riverside), C. David Hancock. 

Muncie (Royerton-Olive Chapel), Dale Sense- 

Muncie (Wilmore-Memorial), James K. Dilley. 

New Castle, L. L. Rapp. 

Selma, Paul F. Hill. 

Portland Group 
Bethel, William Cutshaw. 
Center-Hopewell, J. C. Stadler (supply). 
Dunkirk, Calvin C. Brandenburg. 
East Portland Circuit Dennis G. Buwalda. 
Northwest Portland Circuit, John Modesitt. 
Pleasant Dale, Mildred Whetsell. 
Portland (First), Floyd J. Elliott. 
Redkey, Albert Hood. 
Ridgeville-Emmettsville, Lawrence West. 
Saratoga, Robert Carey. 

Richmond Croup 

Andersonville, Jess J. Gettinger (supply). 
Connersville, H. L. Lanahan. 
Franklin Circuit, Kenneth Bose. 
Pershing, Orville Hendrixson. 
Richmond, H. M. Cobb. 
Rockdale, A. R. Jansen. 
Rushville, Bertha Hardy. 
Salem, Orville Hendrixson. 

South District 

A. GLEN O DELt., Supt. 

Columbus Group 

Columbus (Wertz Memorial), Charles Russell. 
Freetown, Earl Nossett. 

Grandview, David Fisher (supply). 

Medora. Donald I. Miller. 

Mt. Calvary, Paul Byard. 

Mt. Nebo, Kenneth Kritzer. 

North Vernon Circuit, Earl Carmichael. 

Ogilville, J. A. Kirsch. 

Sardinia, Paul Byard. 

Seymour, Glen C. Porter. 

Corydon Group 

Central, William J. Byrum, Sr. 
Corydon, Nelson Chamberlin. 
Crawford Circuit, Treasie Hardy. 
Hursttown, Walter Steepleton (supply). 
Marengo, Leonard Wood. 
Mauckport. John G. Rowe (supply). 
New Middletown, Nelson Vance. 
Palmyra, Foster Stone; Assistant, John Kings- 

Pfrimmer s Chapel, Wilfred E. Smith. 
Potato Run, W. S. Brandenburg (supply). 
Ramsey, Richard C. Johnson. 
White Cloud, Carl Marshall. 

Evansville Group 

Boonville, Claude B. Webb. 
Elberfeld, David L. Rogers. 
Evansville (First), Gene Crawford. 
Evansville (St. James), D. W. Gorbett. 
Mackey, Wm. J. Byrum, Jr. 
Mt. Vernon, Paul Gentry. 
Oakland City, Robert B. Garrison. 
Princeton-St. Marks, George H. Koch. 
Somerville, James Wells. 

Huntingburg Group 

Boling, Ky., J. Edward Schutz (supply). 
Clove rport. Ky., James Wolfe. 
Dale, Paul A. Hurst. 

Huntingburg (Emanuel), J. Alan Coahran. 
Lincoln City, Harlan McGlothlin (supply). 
Midway, Eugene Rapson. 
Mt. Olive, Gordon Byrum. 
Rockport Charge, Joe M. Miller. 
Tennyson, Gordon Byrum (supply). 
Union Chapel, Spencer Co. Larger Parish 
United Church of Christ. 

New Albany Group 

Atkins Chapel, Cecil E. Byrd (supply). 
Borden Charge, Everett McFarland. 
Edwardsville, Elmer E. Bosworth. 
Georgetown, B. La Von Rogers. 
Grant Line, Earl W. Reed. 
Jeffersonville, Harold E. Underwood. 
Louisville (First), R. E. Miller. 
Louisville (Zion), Russell Youngblood. 
New Albany (First), Charles F. Stanton. 
Scottsburg Circuit, David Nightingale (supply). 
Valley Station (Trinity), Raymond Armstrong. 

PaoK Group 

Bedford (Fairview), John Flockhart. 
Bedford (First), John Flockhart. 
Bloomington, Jack P. Miller. 
Concord (Harned Chapel), Matthew Totten 


Eckerty, Roman Miller (supply). 
Frenck Lick, H. H. Taylor. 
Leipsic-Old Union, Robert L. Cox. 
Paoli, John Russell. 
Shoal s Circuit, Lloyd Butler. 
Sulphur Creek, C. M. Mattson (supply). 


West District 

Brazil Group 

Brazil (First), Kenneth Angle. 

Center Point, Ralph E. Miller. 

Cloverland, Albert Williams. 

Harmony, Robert Crecelius. 

North Union-Oak Hill, V. Ray Dixon, A. L. 


Rockville Circuit. Luther Page. 
Saline City, Oakley Russell. 
Union. William A. Thomas. 

Linton Group 
Beech. Ivan E. Steed. 
Briley Chapel. Hareld Chancy (supply). 
Clay City, Harold E. Frederick, Jr. 
Coal City, Dale Jackson. 
Jasonville, C. C. Fruth (supply). 
Lewis, George Jewell. 
Linton, Harold Scott; Assistant, John Bond 

Oak Grove, Martin Storey. 

Terre Haute Group 

Black Hawk, Fred Bolinger. 

Emmanuel, T. J. Wilson (supply). 

Fontanet, James H. Carothers (supply). 

Hillsdale, Ellis Thompson. 

Terre Haute (Barbour Ave.), R. S. Miller. 

Terre Haute (Breden Memorial), William E. 

Terre Haute (First), Philip Stone; Minister of 
Christian Education, Lucile Esbenshade. 

Terre Haute (Locust Street), Gerald Stitt. 

Terre Haute (Otterbein), Dale Wilson. 

Terre Haute Inter-Church Parish, (Branden 
burg-Second Ave.), Henry H. Karg. 

West Terre Haute, G. Dale Cottom. 

Universal-Bethlehem, Edgar Walls. 

Veedersburg Group 

Attica, Elva Hardy. 

Bowers. A. W. York (supply). 

Cates-Coopers Chapel. Thomas Stapp. 

Crawfordsville (First), Bennett Fulp. 

Crawfordville (Mt. Zion), Richard Clayton. 

Gessie-Rileysburg. Colon E. Parks. 

Independence, Eldon Brown. 

Kingman, Harold Kollmeyer. 

Stone Bluff, Conley E. Rowland. 

Union Chapel, Clyde Hendrickson (supply). 

Veedersburg, Harold MorricaL 

Washington Group 

Decker, Robert Vaught (supply). 

Freelandville, W. H. Harrell (supply). 

Montgomery, Fred Beedle. 

New Bethel. Fred Beedle. 

New Butler, Robert Bean (supply). 

Odon, S. Wilson Lovell. 

Plainville, Harley Jones. 

Pleasant Hill, Donald Shanks. 

Raglesville Charge. Fred Wilson (supply). 

Vincennes, Ralph E. Bowman. 

Washington, R. P. Hawkins. 

White River Chapel, O. A. Beanblossom (sup- 


Zion, Harley Jones. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Bishop of the West Central Area, Reuben H. 

Executive Secretary of the Board of Christian 

Education, E. Craig Brandenburg. 
Academic Dean of Indiana Central College, 

Robert E. Cramer. 
Professor at Indiana Central College, Robert E. 

Professor, Otterbein College, Donald W. Moly- 

Editor of Sunday School Literature, Harold H. 


President of United Theological Seminary, John 

R. Knecht. 
Chaplain, North Central College, Napervillc, 

111., George St. Angelo, Jr. 
Missionary to Africa, Jack K. Thomas. 
Chaplain, U. S. Air Force Academy, Colorado 

Springs, Harold D. Shoemaker. 
Chaplain, U. S. Air Force, Verlin Eugene 

Academic Dean of Otterbein College, James 

Vince Miller. 
Evangelistic Relations, Russell E. Ford. Bert 

Professor at Otterbein College, Norman Chancy. 


Conference Office: 824 Hudson Rd., Cedar 
Falls, Iowa 

Cedar Falls District 
L. E. DEAVER, Superintendent 

Alburnett, Joseph Ricks. 

Alburnett-Lafayette, Joseph Ricks. 

Alta Vista, Richard Mark. 

Belle Plaine, Byron D. Surface. 

Blairstown, Byron D. Surface. 

Castalia, Curtis Webster. 

Cedar Falls (First), D. H. lies. 

Cedar Falls (Washington Chapel), David J. 
Pillow (supply). 

Cedar Rapids (Buffalo), E. C. Boom. 

Cedar Rapids (Faith), E- C. Boom. 

Cedar Rapids (Salem), A. F. Frankhauser. 

Cedar Rapids (Sharon). A. T. Washington. 

Cedar Rapids (Shueyville), C. I. Carter. 

Cedar Rapids (Union), C. I. Carter. 

Cedar Point (Alice), to be supplied. 

Center Point (Zion), Howard Grossoehme 

Clinton, James H. Riegel. 

Columbus Junction, Cairo, Robert Dodder (sup 

Columbus Junction, Spring Run, Wilbert 

Cranston, Richard Eis (supply). 

Cresco, Dean Timm (supply). 

Davenport, William J. Miller. 

Dysart, T. R. Balm. 

Hudson, R. F. Dold. 

Iowa City-Sharon, S. J. Hahn. 

Lansing, J. Paul Stevens. 

La Porte City, John McFarland. 

Monona, to be supplied. 

Morley, M. L. Dutro. 

Muscatine, W. Ray Thompson. 

Olin, M. L. Dutro. 

Palo-Lincoln, A. W. Ebert. 

Postville, to be supplied. 

Postville (Forest Mills), Curtis Webster. 

Sumner (Murphy), W. M. Robinson. 

Sumner ( Salem V Lynn J. King. 

Sumner (Union), W. M. Robinson. 

Van Home. H. A. Stenberg. 

Vinton, H. M. Raecker (supply). 

Walcott, C. W. Ellerbeck. 

Waterloo (Calvary), R. C. Pfaltzgraff. 

Waterloo (First), R. L. Russell. 

Waterloo (Graves), John McFarland. 

Waverly, R. L. Miller. 

Wayland, Wilbur Trusheim. 

Wilton, C. W. Ellerbeck. 

Des Moines District 

A. E. WILKEN, Superintendent 

Aftoii-Beulah, to be supplied. 
Albia, D. M. Gruber. 
Ames, E. E. Peters. 
Chariton. V. E. Shickell. 
Clarinda-Rose Hill, to be supplied. 
Collins, F. A. Richardson. 
Colo. F. A. Richardson. 
Council Bluffs, Warren Duit. 
Hawson, Donald Thompson. 


Des Moines (Christ), R. D. Petrak. 

Des Moines (First), David Waterman. 

Des Moines (Marquisville), P. F. McKinley. 

Des Moines (Miller), H. L. Herlein. 

Des Moines (St. Andrews), J. A. Eveland. 

Des Moines (Sheridan Park), Eugene Koth. 

Des Moines (Staves), P. O. Pfaltzgraff. 

Garwin. G. E. MacCanon. 

Gladbrook, W. F. EHerbeck (supply). 

Gladbrook Chapel, Akos Papp (supply). 

Granger, A. R. Schram. 

Griswold-Nobel. L. E. Powell. 

Laurel, W. D. Winter. 

Laurel-Hickory Grove, Morris Hay (supply). 

Lovilia, W. L. Lowry. 

Lucas-Norwood, I. C. Fellers. 

Madrid-Hopkins Grove, A. R. Schram. 

Marshalltown (Bethany), Donald C. Howard. 

Marshalltown (First), H. H. Marty. 

Marshalltown (Grace), R. R. MacCanon. 

Maxwell-Loring, P. F. McKinley. 

Moravia, J. A. Ogden. 

Nevada, Robert Link. 

Sewal, L. W. Mendenhall. 

Seymour, L. W. Mendenhall. 

Silver Creek, C. S. Henry. 

Toledo R. S. Hefty. 

Van Meter, Donald Jones. 

Winterset, Charles Updike (supply). 

Fort Dodge District 

JOHN A. DOWD, Superintendent 

Ackley. M. R. Houts. 

Adaville, Leland Eyres. 

Allendorf, C. W. Kile. 

Aredale. Harlan Winter. 

Audubon (Zion), Edward Schaller. 

Audubon (Ross), Edward Schaller. 

Boxholm, William Charles. 

Bristow, Harlan W. Winter. 

Britt-Stilson, F. M. Lay. 

Correctionville, C. W. Kerns. 

Defiance, Donald C. Gatrelle (supply). 

Dumont (Bethany), Rudolf Trusheim. 

Dumont (Salem), Rudolf Trusheim. 

Fort Dodge, Duane Voas. 

Fort Dodge (Lundgren), William Charles. 

George, C. W. Kile. 

Goodell. F. M. Lay. 

Hubbard (Evergreen), L. L. Musser. 

Hubbard (Salem), H. O. Thompson. 

Kensett-Bolan, H. W. Dellit. 

Le Mars. H. A. Varce. 

Lu Verne, R. S. Hindman. 

Manly. H. W. Dellit. 

Mason City, M. L. Hulse. 

Merrill (Melbourne), Richard Gist (supply). 

Merrill (Stanton), M. G. Vance (supply). 

Meservey, G. C. Cook. 

Moville. D. W. Church. 

Nora Springs, C. D. James (supply). 

Ogden, to be supplied. 

Paton, Leo Wilson. 

Pomeroy, E. M. Miller. 

Radcliffe, L. L. Musser. 

Ralston, I. D. Rose. 

Renwick. Laurice Streyffeler. 

Sheffield. Paul L- Miller. 

Spencer, Gerald Boutelle. 

Story City, P. H. Beckman. 

Ventura. Clyde Sparks. 

Washta-Meadow Star, C. W. Kerns. 

Webster City, A. E. Rau. 

Zearing. H. E. Buss. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Superintendent of Western Home, J. I. La- 

Chaplain, U. S. Navy, Wendell Begg. 

Chaplain, U. S. A. F., Carl Rigp s ". 

Evangelist, L. B. Deedrick, R. S. Taber. 

Missionary to Kentucky, E. A. Russell F, K. 

Missionary to Africa, A. J. Faust. 

Professor at Westmar College, G. O. Thomp 

Administrative Ass t & Treasurer, Evangelical 
Theological Seminary, K. I. Clawson. 

General Director of Campus Christian Life, 
Q. C. Lansman. 

Director of Church Relations, Westmar College, 
C. R. Ziettlow. 

Missionary to Brazil, E. G. Nolte. 

Admissions Counsellor, Westmar College, Will 
iam Geiger. 


Conference Office: 115 Old Main, Newton, Kan. 

Newton District 
C. R. FINDLEY, Superintendent 

Arkansas City, LaVerne Williams. 
Attica, F. L. Nance. 
Butler Zion, Leon H. Hayen. 
Center Ridge-Maple Grove, C. H. Borchers. 
Chanute, William J. Baldwin. 
Cherry Mound, James Townson. 
Coffeyville, Lawrence W. Life. 
Dearing, Lawrence W. Life. 
Dennis, Harold O. Jensen. 
Derby, Clarence H. Haber. 
Earlton-Urbana, C. H. Borchers. 
El Dorado, Leon H. Hayen. 
Fairview, F. Reuel Wampler. 
Fort Scott, Jack Mathis. 
Greeley, James Townson. 
Golden Valley, Robert Huse (supply). 
Hesston, John E. Gilbert. 
Hutchinson (Calvary), Donald Powell. 
Hutchinson (Central), C. Robert Brown. 
Hutchinson (10th Ave.), Calvin P. Hartman. 
Independence, R. LeRoy Rayson. 
Tola, W. J. Deckinger. 
lola (Salem), W. J. Deckinger. 
Jeddo, Robert Huse (supply). 
Kimball, Lehr W. Biddle. 
Maize, Owen W. Prince. 
Moundridge, Leonard Goosen. 
Newton, Donald V. Bumgarner. 
Park City, Darrell Hecht. 
Parsons, Paul R. Hett. 
Penalosa, Richard Krenz (supply). 
Pittsburg, Francis Reichart. 
Pleasant Grove, Earl L. Enyeart. 
Pleasant Valley, J. R. Harrington. 
Sterling Salem, T. J. Mehl (supply). 
Summit, Roy Nelson. 
Sycamore, W. J. Chittenden. 
Sylvia, F. Reuel Wampler. 
Toronto-Batesville, H. Marvin Bower. 
Turkey Creek, V. C. Buttermore. 
Valeda-Trenton, C. L. Shields. 
Wichita (Hyde Park), Willis J. Elliott. 
Wichita (Trinity), Glenn C. Weinert. 
Wichita (Waco Ave.), A. V. Rowland. 
Wichita (West Side), LeRoy A. Bott; Assist 
ant, Charles E. Hadley. 
Winfield, Dale W. Smith. 
Yates Center, V. C. Buttermore. 

Salina District 

EARL R. FORD, Superintendent 
Abilene, Gaylen P. Minner. 
Alexander, James Stewart. 
Alida, Paul Iwig. 
Alton, H. A. Iwig. 
Amherst, Robert Vance. 
Cheyenne, V. J. Boehringer. 
Clayton, Claude McMinn. 
Concordia, H. H. Vogel. 
Detroit-Bethany, Charles Chipman. 
Edmond, J. Oscar Brown (supply). 
Esbon-Union, D. T. Miller. 
Fairview-Womer, Roger Thomas. 
Great Bend, Eugene V. Solomon. 
Harlan, H. H. Stewart (supply). 
Hillsboro, Clayton G. Lehman. 
Hoisington, Robert Coltrane. 
Huscher, Merton Zeisset. 
Industry, Robert Walter. 
Ionia, David Trott. 


Jewell, Paul Life. 

Johnson-Plum Creek, Harry Chandler (supply) 
Kill Creek, Roy Brotton. 
Kismet, Raymond L. York. 
LaCrosse, Paul S. Deever. 

Lebanon, Independence, Lloyd Swindler (sup 

Liberal, Duane Larkins. 

Lincoln-Lost Springs-Tampa, Henry Bruchs. 
Longford, Lowell P. Herrick. 
Lucas, V. J. Boehringer. 
Luray, care of superintendent. 
Mankato, Paul life. 
Marion, G. Carol Gilbert. 
Mayflower, Harry Chandler (supply). 
Mizpah, Robert Walter. 
Mt. Liberty, Lucille Wehmeyer (supply). 
Mullinville, Donald E. Carper. 
Niles, Donovan W. Smith (supply). 
Norway, Merton Zeisset. 
Odessa, David Trott. 
Offerle, Paul L. Seyffer. 
Republic, Loren Silsby. 
Rose Valley, H. H. Stewart (supply) 
Russell, Robert Vance. 

St. John Circuit, Dale Chenoweth (supply). 
Salina, Walter R. Brant. 
Woodston, H. A. Iwig. 
Youngtown, G. Carol Gilbert. 

Bernard L. Cook. Secretary of Promotion and 
Personnel, Division of Home Missions and 
Church Extension. 

Jack V. Crawford, Chaplain, U. S. Navy. 

O. T. Deever, Secretary Emeritus, Board of 

W. Cecil Findley, Mission Associate to the 

Harold W. French, Chaplain, Westmar College. 

Merle W. Harner, Chair of Greek and New 
Testament, United Theological Seminary. 

Wilber C. Harr, Chair of Missions, Evangelical 
Theological Seminary. 

Warren J. Hartman, Director of Curriculum 
and Research Development. 

Andrew J. Mattill, Jr., Professor of Bible, Liv 
ingstone College. 

James D. Nelson, Librarian, United Theological 

W. H. Nelson, Superintendent of Friendly 

Harold L. Peck, Director of CWS-CROP, Kan 
sas Council of Churches. 

Vernon Lloyd Phelps, Professor of Religion, 
Barber Scotia College. 

Thomas S. Stone, Registrar and Director of 
Admissions, Westmar College. 

Clinton E. Wendland, Chaplain, U. S. Air 

Topeka District 

M. M. WRIGHT, Superintendent 
Bellevue, Verlyn C. Harr. 
Bern, Karl H. Kuglin. 
Berryton-Salem, W. D. Knight. 
Big Springs, John Friesen. 
Camp Creek, Lee Wiersma. 
Clair, L. W. Wendland. 
Coal Creek-Rock Creek, Peter Teigrob. 
Corning, Wm. J. Underwood (supply). 
Cosby, L. H. Sander. 
Countryside, W. G. Tudor. 
Emporia-Ebenezer, B. E. Faulkner. 
Eudora-Clearfield, Richard Benton. 
Falls City, David W. Bletscher. 
Fancy Creek-Fact, William D. Ritchey. 
Glasgow, Darrell Knight. 
Green, Leslie Klocke. 
Greenleaf, Lawrence Lee. 
Hiawatha, H. E. Tubach. 
Holton, Lyle Roe. 

Kansas City (Calvary), George C. Moore. 
Kansas City (Oliver), Harry W. Sims. 
Kansas City (Roeland Park), Lowell Thuma. 
Kansas City (Trinity), W. E. Daeschner. 
Kansas City (University), W. R. Holt. 
Lawrence, Lawrence R. Kurth. 
Leavenworth, Chester W. Iwig. 
Lecompton, Lybran Endsley. 
Leonardville, W. G. Tudor. 
Manhattan, Charles McCullough. 
McLouth-Edmonds, Homer H. Wolcott. 
Meriden, Lloyd V. Kurtz. 
Oregon, Orland Moyer, (supply) 
Ozawkie, Lloyd V. Kurtz. 
Peach Grove, Jacob Penner (supply). 
Peoria, W. J. Ritchie. 
Preston, Henry Wagoner. 
Richland, W. D. Knight. 
Robinson, H. E. Tubach. 
Shawnee Heights, D. D. Hines. 
St. George, Ross Olson (supply). 
St. Joseph (I), G. I. Benton. 
St. Joseph (II), D. H. Bletscher. 
Stull, John Friesen. 
Swede Creek, Jacob Penner (supply). 
Topeka (Grace), Merwin R. Kurtz. 
Topeka (Otterbein), A. E. Hoist. 
Vassar-Mt. Pleasant, Robert Baer. 
Worden, W. J. Ritchey. 

Ministers in other fields of service : 
Don K. Appleman, Missionary to Africa. 
J. Erwin Branson, Evangelist. 
Lowell H. Brown, Director of CWS-CROP, Il 
linois Council of Churches. 


(Missionary Conference) 

JOHN W. BISCHOFF, Superintendent 
Cumberland District 

ROSCOE E. PLOWMAN, District Leader 

Barnett s Creek-Lovedale, Norman Chapel, 
Robert H. Hornbaker. 

Bear Wallow-Red Lick. Frank V. Young. 

Calvary, Frank V. Young (supply). 

Columbia, Leonard T. Martz. 

Desda-Smith Grove, Harrison Davidson (sup 

Glasgow, Roscoe E. Plowman. 

Union Chapel-Manntown (to be supplied). 

Red Bird District 

ROBERT E). AIRHART, District Leader 
Beech Creek, Merritt D. Penner, Jr. 
Beech Fork-Lower Beech Fork, Edward T. 


Beverly, Robert E. Airhart. 
Bowen s Creek, Robert C. Landis. 
Greasy Fork, Gerald R. Klinefelter. 
Jack s Creek, Upper Jack s Creek, Waldemar 


Lend-A-Hand Appointment, E. Arthur Russell. 
Middle Fork, Herman W. Siedschlag. 


Mill Creek-Bear Creek, George Surface. 
Philips Fork, Eldon K. Shickell. 
Stoney Fork, Donald Barb. 


N. C. LIESEMER, Superintendent, East District 
Lawrence R. Taylor, Superintendent, West 

STANLEY H. FORKNER, Director of Conference 
Program and Christian Education 

Conference Office: 5438 S. Pennsylvania Ave., 

Lansing, Mich. 

Adamsville-Kessington Circuit, Walter Rothfuss. 
Ann Arbor (Calvary), Harold Mann. 
Bainbridge, Curtis Gruff (supply). 
Battle Creek (Calvary). Ivan Niswender. 
Battle Creek (First), G. A. Steeby. 
Bay City, E. N. Sheridan. 
Benton Harbor (Grace), James Timmons. 
Berrien Springs, Arden. Fred Fischer. 
Berrien Springs, Theodore Bennink. 


Blissfield, R. H. Lindley. 

Blissfield, Ogden, James Sherwood. 

Boyne City, Horton Bay Circuit, Lowell Dimos. 

Brown City Circuit (Flynn and Immanuel), 

Keith Laidler. 

Byron Center, Carlisle, Chester Erickson. 
Buchanan, A. A. Fall. 
Capac (Zion), John P. Kitchens. 
Carleton and Port Creek, Charles R. Fox. 
Caro Circuit, M. H. Willard. 
Cass City, R. E. Betts. 
Chase Circuit, Donald Totten. 
Chesaning (Salem), Wilbur Gettig. 
Cloverdale (Immanuel), George Marshall (sup 
Cloverdale (North Maple Grove and South 

Maple Grove), E. F. Rhoades (supply). 
Coleman Circuit, H. A. Brannan. 
Columbiaville, Oregon, H. R. Krieg. 
Dearborn (First) Grant Wessell. 
Detroit (Bethany), M. R. Everett. 
Detroit (Calvary), G. H. Kellerman, .Ti. 
Detroit (Faith), Conrad Higden. 
Detroit (Grace), R. D. Carter. 
Detroit (Hillcrest). R. F. Joop. 
Detroit (Immanuel), Paul Truran. 
Detroit (Trinity), Robert Horton; Theodore 

Hepner, Ass t. 

Detroit (Waterman), Otto F. Hood. 
East Detroit, G. D. Everett. 
East Raisinville, David Burkett (supply). 
Eaton Rapids, W. P. Peck. 
Elkton, James Wood. 
Erie, L. E. Reyner. 

Evart Circuit, Richard LoCicero (supply). 
Ferndale, O. G. Knechtel. 
Flint (First), R. H. Kretzschmer, Sr. 
Flint (Emmanuel), John W. Murbach. 
Fremont Circuit, L. E. Willqughby. 
Gailen (Olive Branch), Leslie Smith. 
Gilead Circuit, Harold J. Slater. 
Gilford, Carl Litchfield. 
Gladwin^ Bethel, H. A. Brannan. 
Grand Rapids (Griggs), Gerald Fisher. 
Grand Rapids (Northlawn) Charles Ball. 
Grand Rapids (Olivet), O. M. Bailey. 
Greenville Turk Lake, George Flemming. 
Hastings, H. J. Buwalda. 
Hersey Circuit, Otto Flachsmann. 
Howard City Maple Hill Zion, Joseph Shaw. 
Howe, Ind.. Lima, Arthur Norris. 

Howell Circuit, Richard Myer. 

Ida P. R. Crabtree. 

Ionia, R. R. Fassett. 

JJackson Circuit, George A. Belknap. 

Jackson (Greenwood Park), J. G. Crosby. 

Jasper, James Varner. 

Kalamazoo, L. G. Walker. 

Kilmanagh, H. E. Blakely. 

Lake Odessa, Raymond Flessner. 

Lambertville-South Whiteford, Fred Knecht. 

Lansing (Calvary), Morris Bauman. 

Lansing (Good Shepherd), Edward Cherry- 

La Salle-Zion, Jack G. Kraklan. 

Leighton, Gerald Bates. 

Livonia (St. Matthews), James Lange. 

Ludington (Grace; Zion), Robert Grigereit. 

Marcellus Circuit, Donald Silvis. 

Manchester, Sharon, John Price. 

Marshall, Ellis Corners, Logan Weaver. 

Mendon, West Mendon, Wm. Foster. 

Milan-Seybert, Darrel K. Osborn (supply). 

Monroe Calvary, James Underwood. 

Monroe (First), Elwood Berkompas. 

Mt. Pleasant Circuit Lloyd Hansen. 

Nashville, Jason Hollopeter. 

Niles, L. F. Putnam. 

Niles Portage Prairie, Mark Matter. 

Novi-Willowbrook, M. E- Rickert. 

Owendale, J. D. Montei. 

Owosso, M. R. Jewell. 

Owosso, New Haven, Howard Somers. 

Petoskey (Epsilon), Jack Mulder, Jr. 

Petoskey (Trinity), L. A. Ruegsegger. 

Pigeon, C. M. Tosch. 

Pipestone Circuit, Haldon Ferris. 

Pontiac (Baldwin), D wight Reibling. 

Pontiac (Northeast), Ross Geiger. 

Reed City, S. C. Walton. 

Saginaw, R. J. Lautner. 

Saginaw (Lawndale), E. N. Sheridan. 

Scottdale, Richard Johns. 

Sebewaing, Trinity, A. L. Spafford, Jr. 

Six Lakes, Willard Gilroy. 

Snover Circuit, A. J. Lewis. 

Sodus-Chapel Hill, Myron Williams. 

Southfield Detroit (Magnolia), G. A. Pohly. 

Southfield Detroit (St. Marks), R. S. Burkett. 

South Haven Circuit, John Crotser. 

South Rockwood, G. B. Ball. 

St. Johns (Salem), Ralph Conine. 

St. Johns Circuit, Norman Crotser. 

St. Joseph, Richard Johns. 

Suttons Bay (Keswick), Blakely Grant. 

Swartz Creek, Winchester Village, L. E. Lee. 

Three Rivers, Center Park, Eugene Friesen. 

Traverse City, Raymond F. Roe. 

Vicksburg, David L. Morton. 

Waterloo Circuit, Wilbur Silvernail. 

Woodland, Lakewood, Carl Silvernail. 

Wyandotte, Raymond Yenkel. 

Wyoming (Wyoming Park), James Dempsey. 

Yale, Greenwood, R. J. Matteson, (supply). 

Ypsilanti, Lincoln Community, Bernard Hearl. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Area chief psychologist, Veterans Administra 
tion, Boston, Mass., H. L. Deabler. 

Chaplains, U. S. Air Force, R. H. Ginter, L. 
H. Lewis. 

Professor, Biblical Theology, Asbury Seminary, 
D. R. Rose. 

Director of Strategy and Church Planning, 
Detroit anl Michigan Council of Churches, 
R. E. Sain. 

Secretary, Dept. of Urban Church, Division of 
Home Missions and Church Extension, Nor 
man W. Klump. 

Chaplain, Haven Hubbard Home, H. E. Ryan. 

Missionary to Santa Cruz, New Mexico. Division 
of Home Missions and Church Extension, 
R. C. Campbell. 

Instructor, Albion, Mich., College, James Waltz. 

Protestant Chaplain, Federal Reformatory for 
Women, Alderson, W. Va., Richard Neu? 

Evangelist, Lon Woodrum. 

Professor at Indiana Central College, Indian 
apolis, Ind., John G. Swank. 

Under appointment by the Susquehanna Confer 
ence as Director of Christian Education and 
Minister of Music, Ronald F. Ellis. 

Centennial Director, Flat Rock, O., Children s 
Home, Chester R. Turner. 

Executive Director Michigan Council of 
Churches, Wendell C. Bassett. 

Director of Adult Education, Mott Foundation, 
Flint Board of Education, B. C. Chapman. 

J W. Maxey Boy s Training School Chaplain, 
Walter L. Eldred. 

Associate Director Presbyterian Guidance Cen 
ter, Centre College, Kentucky, Ray Middleton. 

Director Religious Counseling Center, Kalama- 
zoo Council of Churches. Charles Nesseth. 

Associate Pastor, First Methodist Church, Wy 
andotte, Mich., Paul S. Thomas. 
Executive Secretary, Ann Arbor-Washtenaw 
County Council of Churches, Wilbur A. 


E R PRAETORIUS, Superintendent, Minneapolis 

A. B. UTZMAN, Superintendent, St. Paul District 

FLOYD E. BOSSHARDT, Director of Christian 

Conference Office: Protestant Center, 122 W. 
Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 55404 


Minneapolis District 

Bellingham-Madison, M. P. Northern. 
Blue Earth, V. E. Hilton. 
Buffalo Lake, Roy E. Marks. 
Danube, Kenneth A. Giere 
East Blue Earth, Kenneth Rice 
Fairmont-Welcome, Ralph Dunn 
Germantown-Red Rock, Lyle Krumrie. 
Hendricks, Keith Duehn. 
Hutchinson, I. E. Kottke 
Kiester, Donald Mielke. 
Lamberton, Under Conf. Supt. 
Luverne-Steen, Under Conf. Supt. 
Maple Grove-Hanover, Dennis Ruhnke. 
Mankato, Edward Stevens. 
Marshall, Jack Parriott. 
Mayer, E. J. Utzinger. 
Minneapolis (Grace), G. V. Walder. 
Minneapolis (Oakland), Ray Boehlke 
Minneapolis (Olivet), Donald Walkes. 
Minneapolis (Peace), Lowell A. Reinking. 
Minneapolis (River Hills), Gordon Wendland. 
Odessa-Correll, Layen Adelmann. 
Olivia-Osceola, Stanley Propp. 
Paynesville, James Schneider. 
Pipestone-Salem, Earl Werner. 
Pleasant Prairie, Lawrence Zimmerman. 
Redwood Falls-Middle Creek, Howard Krueger. 
Rice Lake, E. H. Pfeifer. 
Sleepy Eye-New Ulm, E. M. Schendel 
South Haven, Wayne Abdella. 
Wabasso-New Avon, Omer Leske. 
Wells t> Herbert F. Cook. 
Worthington, John Rebstock. 
Zion, Salem-Ebenezer, James Rutgers and E. 
G. Podoll. 

St. Paul District 

Austin, Earle Tousley. 

Brainerd, B. C. Siewert. 

Cherry Grove, Kenneth Nicholson. 

Deer Creek-Ottertail, C. W. Moore. 

Duluth, W. W. Zahl. 

Eyota, Dale Wordelman. 

Faribault-Prairieville, David Schneider. 

Farmington, Delburn Kurtz. 

Fergus Falls-Western, Clinton Becker. 

Grey Eagle, Harold Biederman. 

Hammond, Harvey Thede. 

Hewitt-Wrightstown, Robert McClelland. 

Kasson, William Buller. 

Le Sueur-Le Center, Truit Nordstrom. 

Nerstrand, Methodist Pastor, Richard Vork. 

Norcross, Vern Schendel. 

Pequot Lakes, Herbert S. Frank. 

Racine-Sumner Center, to be supplied. 

Rochester (Bethany), Richard Harper. 

Rochester (First), Robert Painter. 

Rochester (Homestead), Merle A. Dunn. 

St. Clair-Beauford, Harold Kraft. 

St. Cloud-Graham, Bruce Buller. 

St. Paul (Calvary), Delmont Gordy. 

St. Paul (Hope), Donald Utzman. 

St. Paul (Faith), E. H. Budke. 

St. Paul (First), Richard Smith. 

St. Paul (Mount Bethel), Omar Hardin. 

Sargeant, LeRoy P. Roesti. 

South Ridge, O. S. Monson. 

Spring Valley-Preston, Carlton Bauer. 

Tenney-Taylor, Vern Schendel. 

Waseca, Roy Heitke. 

Waterville-Morristown-Cannonville, Melvyn 

Winona. O. S. Monson. 

Executive Secretary, General Board of Pensions, 

H. E. Killer. 
Chaplain, Veterans Administration Hospital, 

Long Beach, Calif., Dale Lundberg. 
Tnstrnctnr, Taylor University, Darvin Miller. 


(Includes Louisiana and Arkansas churches.) 
C. H. CRANDALL, Superintendent 

Adrian, Clayton Paxton. 

Barker, Lowell Newland. 

Bethel, L. E. Wetherell. 

Brashear, James Crawford. 

Brookfield, G. D. Hammontree. 

Crescent Hill, Clayton Paxton. 

Fulton, E. J. Miller. 

Grandview, C. E. Kinney (supply). 

Jennings. La. 

Kansas City (Memorial), John B. Morgan. 

Kirksyille, Harold Spradhng. 

Livonia, Roy E. James. 

Mt. Hermon, A. E. Foust. 

Mt. Zion, Harry M. Cook (supply). 

Nevada, care of superintendent. 

Eagleville, Charge, R. E. Johnson (supply). 

Otterbein-Princeton, Bertha M. Rush. 

Pleasant Grove, Don Sensintaffar (supply). 

Roanoke, La., Wilford Marrs. 

Shiloh, Orland Moyer. 

South Eagle, Don Sensintaffar (supply). 

Springfield, Dorsey Levell. 

Trenton, K. Vernon Taylor. 

Wye, Ark., Roger Crossgrove (supply). 


REUBEN R. STRUTZ, Superintendent 

Beach, C. Lee Birdsall. 

Big Timber, W. F. Clingman. 

Billings (First), R. L. Dunn. 

Billings (Hawthorne), Richard Kienitz. 

Billings (Lockwood), James Field. 

Bozeman, Jack Dabner. 

Broadview, Roland Strutz. 

Circle, E. J. Bott. 

Columbus, F. E. Wines. 

Fallen, J. D. Lindley. 

Glasgow, Robert Strutz. 

Glendive, Kent Swift. 

Great Falls, Harvey Bartram. 

Harlem, Roy Anderson. 

Livingston, Lewis Magsig. 

Missoula, David J. Graff. 

Plentywood, Merton Peterson. 

Rapelje, John Douglas. 

Reedpoint, Arvid Lindley. 

Rudyard, Albert Cackle. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Professor, Westmar College, James Zottnick. 

Missionary to Brazil, Annapolis, Goias, Brazil, 
Wayne BonDurant. 

Chaplain U. S. Army, D. B. Mydland. 

World Gospel Mission, Burundi, Central Africa, 
Donald Hohensee. 

Assistant Editor, Children s Publications, Day 
ton, Ohio, David Bradley. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Chaplain, U. S. Army Donald Sather. 
Assistant Professor, Indiana Central College, 

Marvin L. Hendricks. 
Editor of Children s Publications, Leo Kis- 


Chaplain, Rochester Hospitals, Harvey Thede. 
Missionaries to Africa, Lowell A. Gess, Howard 

Evangelist, W. G. Stocker. 



Eastern District 

JOHN F. WICHELT, Superintendent 

Barada, Henry Wagoner (supply). 

Blue Springs, Lynn H. Humston. 

Cheney, Philip E. Bede. 

Crofton, Stanley Warfield, Jr. (supply). 

Dawson Bethany, Bethel and Howe, Raymond 

P. Boyer. 
DeWitt, Armin Vogt. 

DuBois and Pleasant Valley, Chas. P. Grier 

Elmwood and Murdock Emmanuel, F. E. 


Fremont, F. F. Gross. 
Geneva and Angus, Clifford Bahr. 
Helvey, Paul S. Quackenbush. 
Hoskins, John E. Saxton (Un. Ch. of Christ). 
Ithaca, Harvey A. Schwab. 
Julian, Paul M. Weinert (supply). 
Lincoln (Calvary), V. P. Schroeder. 
Lincoln (First), Richard A. Heim. 
Lincoln (South Gate), Donald C. Miller. 
Lincoln (Southminster), Marvin Herrick. 
Logan Center, Jesse A. Withee. 
Lushton, Maude V. Mann (supply). 
McCool Jet., Walter E. Bachman. 
Milford, Lowell B. Johnson. 
Monroe and Okay, Guy M. Savage. 
Murdock, Ebenezer, O. W. Matzke. 
Mynard, Albert Murdoch. 
Nehawka, Ivan Kilpatrick. 
Norfolk, Wendell Davis. 
Omaha (Olive Crest), H. J. Schroeder. 
Omaha (Westwood Heights), Elton P. Garrison. 
Orchard, Alvin Smith. 
Pickrell, E. A. Weber. 
Ralston, Robert L. Folkers. 
Seward, Wayne Schreurs. 
Shelby, Martin G. Braun. 
Stanton, Harold Williams (supply). 
Sutton and Clay Center, R. A. Pfeifer. 
Tilden, Morning Star, Robert L. Miller. 
West Point, supplied by United Church of 

Christ, Charles A. Kurtz. 
Winslow and Telbasta, G. F. Jansson. 
York and Harmony, Robert S. Enck. 

Pastors to Students: 

Nebraska University, UCCF Pastor, Alan Pick 

Norfolk Junior College, Wendell Davis. 
Omaha University, Robert L- Folkers. 
Peru Teachers College, Raymond P. Boyer. 
Wayne Teachers College, John E. Saxton. 

Service Arrangements: 

DuBois St. John s E and R Church, Chas. P. 


Royal Methodist, Alvin Smith. 
Elgin Methodist, Robert L. Miller. 
Brainard Methodist, Wayne Schreurs. 
Dixon Methodist, Jesse A. Withee. 
DeWitt Methodist, Armin Vogt. 
Swanton Methodist, Paul Quackenbush. 
Julian Methodist, Paul Weinert. 
Wynot Methodist, Stanley Warfield, Jr. 
Union Methodist, Albert Murdoch. 

Western District 

D. R. ROKER, Superintendent 

Amherst and Miller, W. H. Lenz. 

Archer and Marquette, Don Bredthauer. 

Aurora, Donald Nunnally. 

Broken Bow, Lester A. Boilesen. 

Bushnell, Loren Mullins. 

Callaway and Finchville, Richard H. Urbach. 

Cambridge and Orafino, Earl Higgins. 

Chase County, Imperial, Keith L. Griffith. 

Lamar Trinity, Michael W. McMurtry (sup- 

Cozad and Eustis, J. Russell Mead. 

Culbertson, Eldo Kirkus. 

Elba, Cotesfield and Scotia Larger Parish, J. C. 


Fullerton and North Star, H. M. Jones f supply). 
Grand Island Salem, Melvin F. Koelling. 
Harvard, William D. Armold. 
Hastings, Doyle Hays. 
Hollinger, Hollinger Bethel and Mascot Bethel, 

C. L. -Sheffield. 

Holstein, supplied by Presbyterians, F. Castillo. 
Kearney, Duane W. Lenz, Assistant Pastor, 

DarEH T. Weist. 
Merna, George Vavra. 
Mira Valley and Ord, Melvin Luetchens. 

Morning Star (Custer Co.), supplied by Metho 
dist Conf., Mrs. Audrey M. Scott 
Oconto and Eddyville, Melvin Shafer. 
Pleasanton and Ravenna Zion, Harold Onwiler. 
Rock County, Harold Koelling. 
Rosedale, Larry Vallery (supply). 
Shelton, Leonard S. Clark (Methodist Supply). 
Shelton Bethel and Zimmerman, O. Davidson. 
St. Francis, Richard Shapland. 
Taylor, C. R. Anderson. 
Woodruff, O. W. Michel (supply). 

Pastors to Students: 

Kearney State Teachers College, UCCF pastor, 

DarEH T. Weist. 
Hastings College, Doyle Hays. 
McCook Junior College, Eldo Kirkus. 

Service Arrangements: 

Hansen Presbyterian, supplied by Larry Val 
lery, student. 

Culbertson Methodist, Eldo Kirkus. 

Gibbon Methodist, Oliver Davidson. 

Harvard Methodist, Wm. Armold. 

St. Francis, Kansas, Lawn Ridge Methodist, 
Richard Shapland. 

Ministers in other fields of service; 
Westmar College Faculty, Robert Embree. 
Chaplain U. S. Army, Vaughn F. Learning. 
Associate Prof. Concordia College, Moorhead, 

Minn., Laurence L- Falk. 
Professor at United Theological Seminary, 

Arthur C. Core. 

Chaplain U. S. Navy, Milton E. Merritt. 
Missionary to Ecuador, Donald Lange. 
Missionary to Japan, Merwyn F. Davidson. 
Missionary to the Philippine Islands, Roger A. 


Oklahoma-Texas Conference Appointment, E. S. 


JOHN D. REIN, Superintendent 

Albany (Calvary), and West Sand Lake 
(Salem), Gerald S. Boyer. 

Amsterdam (Elizabeth St.), Charles Smith (sup 

Beaver Falls (Salem), D. Stewart McCleary. 
Naumberg (Zion), D. Stewart McCleary. 

Binghamton (Emmanuel), Wilbur S. Seeley. 

Buffalo (Cleveland Hill), Sherman B. Eckel. 

Buffalo (Church of the Good Shepherd), Mar 
shall L. Littlejohn. 

Buffalo (Memorial), Byron M. Esch. 

Buffalo (Seneca), Robert B. Leach. 

East Stone Arabia, Edward J. Cornelius (Pro 

Ebenezer (First), Fredrick Carlsen. 

EHicott (Emmanuel), Lewis K. Starkweather. 

Geneva (First), Harold J. Wood. 

Grand Island (Emmanuel), to be supplied by 
John O. Mabuce, Methodist. 

Grand Island (Trinity), John M. Larsen. 

Grove and Swain, Lester Linder (supply). 

Laona (Emmanuel), Frederick Wood (Proba 

Lyons (First), Richard Ricker (Probationer). 

Newark (Emmanuel), William L. Deighton 

Niagara Falls (First), Clarence C. Van. 

Oneida (St. Paul s), Oren A. Lorenz. 

Rochester (Calvary), Lester W. Driftmyer. 

Syracuse (Calvary), Robert O. Overmier. 

Syracuse (First), to be supplied by Claude 
Moorefield, Baptist. 

Tonawanda (First), Eldon D. Snyder. 

Warsaw (Immanuel), Harvey P. Schoopmg. 
Attica (Zion), Harvey P. Schooping. 

East Bennington (Emmanuel), Harvey P. 

Wayland (First), Henry Masman (Methodist). 

Webster, (to be supplied). 

West Valley (St. Paul s), William Eversdyke. 


West Walworth (Zion), Robert Brandenstein 

Missionaries to the Philippines, David P. Lub- 

ba and Marion Lubba. 


T. E. JESSKE, Superintendent 

Calgary (Centre St.), (Alta.), F. W. Snyder. 
Calgary (Killarney), (Alta.), E. W. Riegel. 
Calgary (Salem), (Alta.), D. R. Sipe. 
Castor (Alta.), R. Leis. 
Chilliwack, (B. C.), A. J. Grams. 
Didsbury, (Alta.), A. E. Stickel. 
Edmonton (Bethany), (Alta.), E. M. Brust. 
Edmonton (Richmond Park), (Alta.), H. E. 


Esk, (Sask.), H. A. Hunter. 
Hanna, (Alta.), A. H. Brown. 
Hilda, (Alta.), G. W. Brandt. 
Hodgesville, (Sask.), C. S. Daku. 
Holden, (Alta.), F. Becker 
Kelowna, (B. C), E. H. Hartfield. 
Kenaston, (Sask.). B. Friesen. 
Leader, (Sask.), C. W. Rahn. 
Upton, (Sask.), H. J. Burkart. 
Macoun, (Sask.), W. H. Erion. 
Medicine Hat (Hillcrest), (Alta.), L. V. Myers; 

Wisdom, E. H. Riegel. 
Medicine Hat (Memorial), (Alta.), P. A. Wilde- 


Medicine Hat, (Norwood), (Alta.), J. A. Kaiser. 
Melville, (Sask.), H. T. Ginther. 
Morris, (Man.), A. Hein. 
New Sarepta, (Alta.), H. Leischner. 
Regina, (Sask.), E. Bayly. 
Rosthern, (Sask.), D. E. Sipe. 
Saskatoon (Sask.), A. R. Lieske. 
Three Hills (Alta.), A. G. Knopp. 
Vancouver (Grace), (B. C.), F. E. Vorrath. 
Vancouver (Richmond Faith), S. B. Taetz. 
Vulcan, (Alta.), M. R. Heebner. 
Warner, (Alta.), J. D. Elhard. 
Wapella, (Sask.), L. P. Hepting. 
Weyburn, (Sask.), V. J. Schorr. 
Winnipeg, (Man.). A. W. Roth. 
Yorkton, (Sask.), R. F. Deimert. 

Ministers in other fields of service; 

President, Hillcrest Christian College, A. W. 

Instructors, Hillcrest Christian College, N. W. 
Heebner, A. W. Riegel. 

Missionaries to India, H. F. Reinhardt, N. 
Krampitz, G. Coles. 

Home Mission Field, Kentucky, W. Bobrowski. 

Director of Public Relations, Hillcrest Chris 
tian College, S. R. Sherman. 

Missionary to Nigeria EUB Church, A. Bohr. 

Crusade Evangelism of Canada, H. H. Bock. 


KENNETH HULIT, Superintendent, Northern 

E. P. EBERLY, Superintendent, Southern 

M. A. MOODY, Director of Christian Education 

CHARLES K. DILGARD, Executive Secretary of 

Missions and Church Extension, 

Business Manager 

Conference Office: Room 209, 452 Lake Ave.. 
N. E. Massillon, Ohio. 

Northern District 

Akron Group 

Akron (Bethel), R. E. Carmany. 
Akron (Boulevard). I. Grant Carothers. 
Akron (Calvary). Robert H. Hahn. 
Akron (Emanuel), James M. Bloom. 

Akron (Faith), Stanley Partridge. 

Akron (First), J. Franklin Beck. 

Akron (Hope), J. Stanley Barnes. 

Akron (N. Hill), Alvin Richard. 

Akron (Park), A. C. Zagray. 

Akron (Wedgewood), A. L. Riter. 

Barberton, Horace Fischer. 

Brimfield, Thurman Tobias. 

Chippewa Lake, W. Dean Smith; supply Asst., 

Karl Garling. 

Clearview, Gail Bergstresser. 
Cuyahoga Falls (Grandview), James Wolf. 
Cuyahoga Falls (Zion), LaRoy C. Ruble. 
East Liberty Herbert C. Hoover. 
Greensburg, Richard K. Hoover. 
Lockwood, Irving F. Chase; Assistant, Michael 


Manchester, A. C. Shonkwiler. 
Montrose, Walter S. Chisholm. 
Mt. Pleasant, C. L. Beward (supply). 
S.-iwyc-rwood, Samuel W. Smith. 

Cleveland Group 

Amherst, Robert Sutherland. 

Brownhelm-Elyria Zion, Martin E. Mickey. 

Ceylon, Paul Fredrick (supply). 

Cleveland (Calvary), Donald Huffman. 

Cleveland (Church of Our Lord), Richard 

Cleveland (Church of Redeemer), Lewis E. 

Cleveland (Ebenezer), Earl Goodwin. 

Cleveland (Emanuel), Virgil Springer. 

Cleveland (Faith), Lewis H. Naumann. 

Cleveland (First), Robert Sherman. 

Cleveland (Lakewood), L. E. Dietzel. 

Cleveland (Parma), Charles W. Yehnert; As 
sociate, James Thomas. 

Cleveland (Trinity), Alva W. Knoll. 

Euclid (Master s), Rolland R. Reece. 

Fairview Grace, Floyd Sartwell. 

Hope Ridge, R. M. Lautenschlager. 

Huron, L. R. Carothers. 

Independence, Victor H. Peterson. 

Lorain (Emmanuel), Blake D. Wagner. 

Lorain (First). Paul W. Kirk. 

Mayfield Heights, James G. Skinner. 

Director, Cleveland Inner-City Work, George 

Vermilion, Donald Opfer. 

Warren Group 
Ashtabula, D. V. Hall. 
Ashtabula (Cy. Ct.), E. J. Lauffenburger. 
Conneaut, P. E. Wright. 
E. Lordstown, H. Don Tallentire. 
East Palestine, Guy E. Smith. 
Loy s Corners, Melvin Lindberg. 
New Springfield, Howard S. Lauby. 
Niles, Donald Switzer. 
North Lima, Kenneth Martin. 
Silica, LeRoy E. Glover. 
Smith Corners, Robert M. Earle. 
State Line, L. M. Eldred. 
Warren (First), W. E. Fulraer. 
Warren (Grace), Daniel J. Lansell. 
West Austintown, H. Don Tallentire. 
Wildard, Leslie Burbick. 
Youngstown (Grace), Melvin W. Lindberg. 

Southern District 

Ashland Group 

Ashland (Emmanuel). James A. Herbst. 
Ashland (First), P. W. Frees. 
Bethel. Roy Amstutz (supply). 
Rurbank. Charles Stevens. 
Butler, Allen Jennings. 
Fairview, to be supplied. 
Lakefork. Dennis L. Hartman. 
Lexington-Church of Cross, Donald Shilling. 
Mansfield (First), Wm. A. Seith. 
Mansfield (Main St.), C. C. Vandersall. 
McZena, (Hope), Donald Barlenbaugh. 
Mifflin. Ed. Boardman (supply). 
Nova, James Cuffman. 
Oak Grove, H. N. Doerres (supply). 

[ 105 

Paradise Hill, Fred A. Schmidt, Jr. 
Mt. Pleasant, Robert Forbes (supply). 
Red Haw, Lloyd Hulit (supply). 
Trinity, N. Lynn Long (supply). 
West Salem, Wm. J. Kouth. 

Canton Group 

Alliance (First), M. F. Hollingsworth. 

Alliance (Beechwood), Miles Strine. 

Alliance (Salem), Earl Matthews. 

Canton (Bethany), Robert Buswell. 

Canton (Calvary), M. A. Hayes. 

Canton (First), A. L. Brandyberry; Minister 
to Youth, Durlan K. Dumm. 

Canton (St. Paul s), D. W. Foreman; Assist 
ant, David Frees. 

Canton (Trinity), Glenn Waggamon. 

Canton (Zion), Richard E. Appel. 

Fairhope, Duane W. Somerville. 

Homeworth, Byron L. Osborne (supply). 

Louisville, V. C. Stamets. 

Magnolia, Rodney Warstler. 

Mapleton, Fred Hofer (supply). 

North Canton (Grace), Allan H. Zagray. 

Otterbein, T. M. Biglow. 

Werner, Paul W. Murphy. 

Massillon Group 
Beach City, Dean V. Roush. 
Justus, A. Allen Arner. 
Marshallville, Thomas Harper. 
Massillon, O. Lloyd Hutchinson. 
McDonaldsville, Charles Ulmer. 
Navarre, H. L. Smith. 
N. Lawrence. C. C. Gortner. 
Pigeon Run, Earl Bailey, Jr. (supply). 
Rittman, Forrest Donaldson. 
Sterling, Charles P. Tozer. 
Wooster-Madisonburg, E. Knight Worth. 

New Philadelphia Group 
Barnhill, Roy Maneely (supply). 
Bowerston, C. Raymond Jackson. 
Coshocton, George E. Thomas 
Dennison, J. Lewis Marshall (supply). 
Dover-Bisel, Howard Knittle. 
East Springfield. A. L. Huffman. 
Nellie Chapel, Warren Costick (supply) ; Robert 

Wells (supply). 

Newcomerstown, Paul Baxter, Sr. 
New Philadelphia, John W. Armbrust. 
New Rumley, Clarence T. Berry (supply). 
Sugarcreek, S. V. Huffman. 
Strasburg. Howard E. Fox. 
Western Coshocton Cy. Larger Parish, Richard 

Forsythe (supply). 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Missionary to Brazil, A. W. Archibald. 

Professor of Old Testament at United Theo 
logical Seminary, W. E. Barr. 

Bishop of the Northwest Area, H. R. Heininger. 

Chaplain, United States Army, R. N. Morrison. 

Missionary to Japan, George H. Theuer. 

Red Bird Mission, Kentucky, G. R. Klinefelter. 

Missionary to Sudan Mission, Division of World 
Mission, Dean S. Gilliland. 

Red Bird Mission, Kentucky, Robert E. Airhart. 

Missionary to Nigeria, Division of World Mis 
sion, Philip S. Gehm. 

Assistant Prof, of Bible and Religion, North 
Central College, William H. Naumann. 

Associate Prof, of Church History, United 
Theological Seminary, Donald K. Gorrell. 

Pastor of Puerto Rican Mission in Lorain, Jose 

Secretary, Dept., Town and Country Church, 
Division of Home Missions, Marvin A. Leist. 

Director of Religious Activities, Otterbein Col 
lege, Kenneth H. Pohly. 

Editorial Intern, graduate student, University of 
Iowa, Larry G. Willey. 


WM. K. MESSMER, Superintendent 
CHAS. C. MESSMER, Program Director 
Louis ODON, Director of Development 

Conference Office: 1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, 
Ohio 45406. 

Northwest Group 

Abbpttsville-Caylor Chapel, Harold J. Messmer. 

Antioch, Forrest Garner. 

Arcanum, Paul Chastain. 

Arlington, Ralph Tinsley. 

Rrookville, Harry Deaven. 

Castine-Yankeetown, Harold Hollister. 

Clayton, Everett Aldstadt. 

Eaton, Harley D. Brown. 

Eldorado, Donald Pickens. 

Englewood, James Duvall. 

Greenville, John McRoberts. 

Ithaca, Raymond Merz. 

Lewisburg, Lester Grove. 

Nashville, Earl W. Toy. 

New Hope, Donald Van Kirk. 

New Madison, W. W. Arnold. 

Otterbein-Savona, James Melhorn. 

Phillipsburg, Eugene Griffith. 

Potsdam, Vernon Hauser. 

Pyrmont, Vernon Denney. 

Trinity Circuit, Thomas J. Ramsey. 

Union City, Carl W. Hahn, Jr. 

Verona, Robert Anderson. 

Wares Chapel, Charles Ruth. 

Waterhouse-Hillgrove, Fred Luzader. 

West Manchester-West Sonora, Wendell Butt. 

West Group 

Community, Charles Muller. 
Farmersville, Howard Hahn. 
Germantown. J. C. Herbert. 
Greenbush, Jerome Schulz. 
Hamilton (First), Demi Edwards. 
Hamilton (Ninth St.), James Farrell. 
Jacksonburg, Dale Waters. 
Maple Park-Oregonia, Richard Reeves. 
Middletown, Clifford Stearns. 
Millville, Richard Harden. 
Otterbein Home, Robert Eschbach. 
Pleasant Ridge, Frank Robinson. 
Springboro, Lee Kreider. 
St. Mark s, Owen Delp. 
State Road, Harold Miller. 
TJnion Chapel, Clifton Hatfield. 
West Elkton, James Yater. 

Southwest Group 
(Cincinnati Churches) 
Batavia, Richard Waddle. 
Cherry Grove, Kyle Phipps. 
Cheviot, Wendell Freshley. 
Clifton, George McAhren. 
Clough, James Frazier. 
College Hill, William Worth. 
Dunlap, Byron H. Sprague. 
Mt. Airy, William Hensley. 
Mt. Healthy, Herman Emmert. 
New Haven-Harrison, Harry Sinks. 
Newport, Ronald Hill. 
North Bend, Eugene Purdy. 
Prince of Peace. Marvin McRoberts. 
Willey Memorial, David Schneider. 
Zion, Charles Loveless. 

Central Group 
(Dayton Churches) 
Aley, Richard E. Hedges. 
Beardshear, Howard R. James. 
Beavertown, John Bergland. 
Belmont, James Flinchbaugh; Assistant, Joel 


Christ. Carl R. Robinson. 
Drexel, Robert Fyffe. 
Eastmont, H. Eugene Risch. 


Fairview, Carl B. Eschbach; Assistant, J. 
Maurice Parsons; Mervyn Matteson, Min 
ister to Youth. 

First Church, C. Willard Fetter, Emerson Bragg, 
Charles Peckham. 

Ft. McKinley, Maurice Gribler. 

Good Shepherd, James B. Kendrick. 

I/iberty, James Legg. 

Miami Chapel, Faust Hissong. 

Miamisburg, Donald L. Irvin. 

Normandy, Milford Ater; Associate, Harvey 

Oak Street, Gordon Core. 

Oakwood, Harold Brown. 

Otterbein, Harvey C. Hahn. 

Parish Pastor, Roy Fisher. 

Residence Park, John W. Hall. 

Southern Hills, James Wagner. 

Sulphur Grove, Grover D. Letner. 

Trinity, C. Edwin Pellett. 

Troy Street, Albert E. Howard. 

Vandalia, Walter N. Miranda; Assistant, Craig 

Wayne Avenue Robert Copeland. 

Zion, James Riley. 

Southeast Group 
Bloom Rose, Carl Vorpe. 
Hillsboro-East, Danville, Andrew Tucker. 
Mowrystown-Ketterman, Carl Cotrone. 
Second Creek, Raymond Wiblin. 
Union Plains-Brownstown, Paul Westbrook. 
Wrightsville-Liberty Chapel, Robert Stanley. 

Northeast Group 
Bowlusville, Kent Adams. 
Columbus Avenue, Frank Cross. 
Fletcher, Dana Heaton. 
Ginghamsburg, Dwayne Ferguson. 
Lagonda, Gerald Geiger. 
Lockington-New Hope, Harry Sherry. 
Piqua, Charles E. Selby. 
Rosewood, Robert Bullock. 
Xenia, Robert Zweitzig. 

Ministers in other fields of service; 

Bishop, Central Area, Paul M. Herrick. 

Professors, United Theological Seminary, E. E- 
Burtner, Roy D. Miller. 

Professor, Evangelical Theological Seminary, 
Philip Deever. 

Bishop, East Central Area, J. Gordon Howard. 

President emeritus, United Theological Sem 
inary, Walter N. Roberts. 

Chaplain, U. S. Army, George Young. 

Secretary of Council of Churches, Attleboro, 
Mass., Robert Ryder. 

Graduate Studies. James Bergland. 

Marriage Counselor, Joseph B. Henry. 


JOHN C. SEARLE, SR., Superintendent District B 
DANIEL D. CORL, Superintendent District A 

JOHN F. OSBORN, Director of Christian Educa 
tion and Program 

Robert Cochran, Business Manager 

Conference Office: 422 W. Sandusky St., 
Findley, Ohio. 

District "A" 

Wapakoneta Group 
Celina (Bethany), Burton Crosby. 
Celina Ct., Donald Beam. 
Celina (Mt. Zion), W. W. Meek. 
Celina (Old Town), David Lupton. 
Fort Recovery (Bethel), George Campbell. 
Lakeview, Charles Adams. 
Olive Branch, Spencer Cunningham. 
Pasco, Robert Bumgarner. 
Sidney, Loyd Rife. 
St. Marys, Theron Donaugh. 
Wapakoneta, Walter Marks. 

Van Weri Group 
Grover Hill Ct., Ronald Williams. 
Mt. Pleasant, George Pike. 
Rockford, Charles Bradford. 
Van Wert (Calvary), Howard McCracken. 
Van Wert (North Ct.), Donald Ricard. 
Van Wert (Trinity), Edwin Endicott. 
Wiltshire, Delbert Cress. 
Wren, James Wise. 
Wren Ct., Russell Panico. 

Defiance Group 

Bridgewater, Marshall Fulkerson. 
Bryan, Walter Adams. 
Continental, Larry Hopkins. 
Continental Ct., H. B. Grimm (supply). 
Defiance (First), Cleo C. Roth. 
Edgerton, Donald Baer. 
Hicksville, Victor Roebuck. 
Montpelier, Richard Ward. 
Oakwood, Robert Whitacre. 
Oakwood Ct., Harry Troutner. 
West Unity, Stanley Walton. 
Williams Center, George Font. 

Napoleon Group 
Delta Ct., Truman Hiatt. 
Delta (First), Carl Minter. 
Delta (Lebanon), David Havens (supply). 
Liberty Center, Joseph Hefner. 
Malinta Ct., Luther Hahn. 
McClure, Elmer Stockman. 
Monclova, Leonard Smith. 
Napoleon, Isaac Johnson. 
Wauseon (First), Kenneth Ladd. 
Wauseon North Dover, Daniel Bare. 
Wauseon (Zion), Lawrence Drum. 
Whitehouse, Stanley Sherriff. 
Wilkins, C. C. Nichols. 

Toledo West Group 
Emmanuel, E. Ted Wonder. 
Toledo (Calvary), Gerald H. Coen. 
Toledo ( Colby rne), Myron Kottke. 
Toledo (First), Robert Williman. 
Toledo (Point Place), Donald Bartow. 
Toledo (Somerset). Kenneth Stover. 
Toledo (Upton), Eustace Heckert; Associate 

Pastor, Keith Eipper. 
Toledo (Zion), Laurence Feaver. 

Toledo East Group 
EHiston. E. W. Leist. 
Hayes, Donald L. Williams. 
Millbury ?St. Paul), Carl Groff. 
Moline, Charles Cory. 
Oregon (Faith), Roy Cramer. 
Perrysburg, J. Paul Jones, Jr. 
Toledo (Oakdale), Dale F. Emrick. 
Toledo (Salem). A. C. Mathias. 
Walbridge, E. J. Haldeman (supply). 
Woodville, J. Paul Sutherland. 

Bowling Green Group 
Belmore-Townwood, Nicholas Cucare. 
Bowling Green, John C. Searle, Jr. 
Custar Ct.. Thomas Scoby. 
Deshler-Oakdale, James Hough. 
Hoytville, John Hoover. 
Luckey, J. V. Bigelow. 
Mt. Herman, William Bushong. 
North Baltimore, Duane Johnson. 
Portage (Mt. Zion), Thomas Weisenborn. 
Tontogany, Robert Simmons. 
Webster-Cloverdale, W. L. Gunther. 

Fostoria Group 

Bairdstown, Gordon Kleiner (supply). 
Bascom, Paul Eichar. 
Bloomdale Ct., Calvin Wise. 
Burgeon, Gerald E. Bell. 
Fostoria (Bethel), Russell Hawk. 
Fostoria (First). Mahlon D. Wenger. 
Helena, James Nuhfer. 
Kansas-Canaan, Herman Kear. 
Risingsun, Kenneth Galdeen. 
Scott (Trinity), Edmund Wells. 


District "B" 

Fremont Group 
Fremont (Memorial), Paul Everett. 


Kremont (Trinity), C. 
Pastor, LeRoy Reitz. 

D. Osborn. Associate 

, . 

r,!hsonburg, Charles Miller 
Kelleys Island, J. Warren Walt.m (supply). 
LaPointe, Paul Sherman. 
Lindsey, Paul Zimmerman. 
Port Clinton, R. F. Haskins. 
Sandusky (Columbus Ave.), H. Stanley Eichen- 

Sandusky (Salem), Robert Priest. 

Tiffin Group 
Attica, Rea Book. 
Attica Ct., Clyde Huther. 
Bellevue, George Fisher. 
Bettsville, Hugh Bowland. 
Bloom ville, Claude Chivington. 
Bloomville (Harmony), Jack Cordier. 
Flat Rock (Ebenezer), Hubert Boles. 
Green Springs, L. C. Toepfer. 
Mt. Carmel, Darell Smith. 
Old Fort. S. W. Brandyberry. 
Republic, Herbert Landis. 
Tiffin. H. Joe Grimm. 

Shelby Group 

Chapel Hill, Edward Wallen. 
Johnsville, Floyd Miller. 
Leesville, Dale Girton. 
Pleasant Grove, Robert Oler (supply). 
Shelby Bevan Kimmel. 
Tiro, Joseph Phillips. 
Willard, Harry Adams. 
Williamsport, David Studer. 

Bucyrus Group 

Broken Sword Ct., Calvin Moorhead 
Bucyrus Ct.. D. J. Youngr. 
Bucyrus East Ct., Harold Stockman. 
Bucyrus (Grace). Arnold Ettenhofer. 
Bucyrus (Mt. Zion), Mrs. Dorothy Wright 


Bucyrus-Olive Branch, Mrs. Dorothy Wright 
Bucyrus (Woodlawn), C. David Wright. 
Climax, John Ash 
Galion, Paul Walter. 
New Winchester, Loren Onweller. 
North Robinson, Donald Patterson. 

Marion Group 

Broadway, Thomas Miles (supply). 
Cardington Ct., Daniel Baker (supply) 
Hepburn Ct., F,. Randolph Leist. 
Marion (Calvary), C. R. Wendell. 
Marion (First), Ronald Foulk. 
Marion (Greenwood), Bruce Harris. 
Marion (Oakland), H. V. Falor. 
Marion (Salem), E. T. Shepard. 
Mt. Vernon South, Robert Breese. 
Peoria Ct., Raymond Donaugh. 
York Center, Henry Brooks (supply). 

Upper Sandusky Group 
Carey, Robert Klingel. 
Dunkirk, Heth H. Corl. 
Oceola, Leo Bulson (supply). 
Smithville, J. Wesley Spahn. 
Sycamore, Ernest H. Daubeit. 
Upper Sandusky, M. W. George 
Upper Sandusky Ct., Edward Spyker. 
Wharton-Big Oak, Donald Cayman. 

Findlay Group 

Benton Ridge, Calvary, Marion Hanover. 
Benton Ridge Ct., Dick Powell. 
Buffton Ct., Roger Amstutz. 
Findlay (Bethlehem), R. L. Clark. 
Findlay (East Ct.), James Clark. 
Findlay (First), O. E. Johnson; Associate Pas 

tor. Vernon Babcock. 

Findlay Powell Memorial, Ronald Cataline 
Findlay (Salem), Ronald Cataline. 
Findlay (St. Paul), Franklin Cody 
Findlay (South Ct.), Jack Clemens. 

Findlay (Zion Station), David Bush. 
Findlay (West Park), A. E. McVey. 
Mt. Cory Ct., Reynaldo Hernande/. 
Rawson, Everett Goings. 
Van Buren, Charles Dillm;m. 
Vanlue, C. W. Walmer. 
Vanlue Ct., Mark Burden. 
West Independence, Lowell RerHrr. 

Lima Group 
Blue Lick, Paul Watson. 
Columbus Grove, Robert Bacr. 
Cridersville. A. N. Straley. 
Delphos, V. I. Sullivan. 
EHda, Donald Smith. 
Kemp, Joel Meyers. 
Leipsic-Bethel, E. K. Vance. 
Lima (First), Joseph Graham. 
Lima (Forest Park), Ronald Ricard. 
Lima (High Street), H. Glenn Crabtree. 
Lima (Sharon Park), R. W. Faulkner. 
Ridge, Larry Kaser. 
Vaughnsville, Paul Strouse. 
Walnut Grove, Fred McComb. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 
Missionaries serving under the EUB Board of 

Missions: Javan R. Corl, Duane Dennis, 

Robert Hochstettler, Noel D. Osborn, Mrs. N. 

Brookhart Trujillo. 
Evangelists at Large: Mark Reep, B. F. Richer, 

Lynn Harris. 

Editor, Builders, Raymond M. Veh. 
Regional Secretary, Division of World Mis 
sion, EUB Church, Parker C. Young. 
Director, Audio-Visuals and Promotion, Board 

of Publication, Floyd Watt. 
Treasurer, United Theological Seminary, H. W. 


Treasurer, Board of Pensions. G. L. Fleming. 
Editor, Friends and Youth Leader, Paul 


Overseas Crusades, Inc., Jack Stowell. 
Chaplain, Veteran Administration Hospital, 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Lyle O. Snyder. 
Director of Chaplaincy Training, 516 Amity Dr., 

El Reno, Okla., Mark Shedron. 
Assistant Professor of Religion, Olivet College, 

Olivet, Mich., Dr. John Ebersole. 
Chaplain Miami Children s Center, Maumee, 

Ohio, Clarence Carnahan. 


North District 

C. F. LUTZ, Superintendent, North District 
HAROLD DUTT, Superintendent, South District 
REX C. SMITH, Director of Christian Education 

Conference Office: 205 N. High St., Room 68. 
Columbus, Ohio. 43215 

Group 1 Westerville 
Bellpoint, Larry Houser. 
Canal Winchester, Earl Bender. 
East Linden, Delbert R. Krumm. 
Etna, J. E. Huston. 
Franklin, Maurice Martindale. 
Miller-Memorial, Gerald Yinger. 
Minerva Park, Carl Wiley. 
North Linden, T. R. McGinnis. 
Ostrander, Richard Jones. 
Peachblow, Allen Fry. 
Wagram, Ralph DeLong. 
Westerville (First), M. J. Miller. 
Westerville (Second), Woodrow Bell. 

Group 2 Lancaster -Logan 
Baltimore (Market St.), Parker Hin/man. 
Baltimore (Beulah-Olive). Robert Van Gilder 
Bremen, Marvin Paxton. 
Carroll, Richard Carson. 
Corning. Kenneth Brown. 
Enterprise, Charles Jenkins. Jr. 
Gore, John Currens. 


Junction City, (To be supplied). 

Lancaster (Mills Mem.), Roger Bishop. 

Lancaster (Maple St.), Wendell Emerick. 

Logan (First). Stanley Dunkle. 

Millersport, Jack Swick. 

New Lexington. Francis Glazier. 

New Zion-Fairview, (To be supplied). 

Pickerington, Wayne Fowler. 

Rockbridge, Paul Hooks. 

Rushville. Earl Snyder. 

Union Furnace, Larry Taylor. 

Group 3 Newark-Zanesville 

Amsterdam, Joseph Mullenix. 
Cambridge (First), Robert Miller. 
Crooksville, T. C. Gregory. 
East Cambridge, Glenn Bate. 
Fairfield Beach, Joseph Mullenix. 
Fairview-Black Oak, Maxine Krisher. 
Newark (Cox Memorial), J. Brooks Gregory. 
Newark (C. E. Memorial). David Davis. 
Newark (First), George Allton. 
Newark (Marne), Emmett Osborne. 
Newark (Wright Memorial), W. H. Long. 
Newark Circuit (North), Emmett Frazier (sup- 


Philo, Richard Darby. 
Zanesville, Ray Hughes. 

Group 4 Athens-Marietta 

Athens, Gerald Lewis. 
Belpre, Homer Thompson, Jr. 
Broadwell Circuit, Richard Wiblin. 
Constitution Circuit, Walter Frost. 
Jacksonville-Hollister, William Airson. 
Marietta, William Alvey. 
Mount Zion, Maxine Krisher. 
Murray City, William Airson. 
Ohio River Circuit, Frank Conley. 
Pomeroy Circuit, Menzel Smith. 
Rinard Mills, Joseph Zeigler. 
Syracuse Circuit, Paul Sellers. 
Tuppers Plains, Eugene Emerson. 

South District 

Group 1 Columbus 

Avondale, Louis Matthew. 

Burgess Avenue, Irvin H. Lane. 

Como Avenue, Jo"hn Larason. 

E. Eighth Avenue, Richard Allen. 

Faith, Richard Pettibone. 

Fifth Avenue, Marvin Beavers. 

Grove City, Richard N. Davis. 

Harrisburg, Ray Mann. 

Hilltonia, George Godorhazy. 

Hope, William Roberts. 

Miller Avenue, Glenn Thompson. 

Northwest, Paul Brown. 

Oakland Park, Harold Bower. 

Ohio Avenue, Fred Ketner. 

Reese, Gerald Seymour. 

South High Street, William L. Snider. 

St. Mark s. Lloyd Tuttle. 

Wagner Memorial, Gerald Koster. 

Washington Avenue, Carl Butterbautfh 

Westgate, Harold Buckley; Assistant, Richard 

Whitehall, Kenneth Wrightsel. 

Group 2 Circleville Chillicothe 

Amanda, (To be supplied). 
Ashville. John Morgan. 
Cedar Hill. Cyril Burns. 
Chillicothe (First), Raymond Welch. 
Chillicothe (Tyler Memorial), Robert A. Long. 
Chillicothe Circuit (To be supplied). 
Circleville (First), Eugene Flowers. 
Circleville (Calvary). Gerald Niswender. 
Circleville (Emmanuel), Paul McDonald. 
Hallsville, W. H. Mathias. 
Laurelville (First), Roy Gearhart. 
Laurelville Circuit Leonard Stevens. 
Pickaway Circuit, Richard Frasure. 
Stoutsville, Maurice Bailev. 
Yellow Bud, Robert Duffy. 

Group 3 Jackson-Wellston 

Allensville Circuit, Listen Halley. 
Beaver, Clarence Leach. 
Coalton, Joseph Tripp. 
Dundas Circuit, Lewis Williamson. 
Hamden, James Leach. 
Jackson (First), Glenn Biddle. 
Jackson (Calvary), R. L. Fisher 
Oak Hill, Harold Strum. 
Rio Grande, Ray Kennedy (supply). 
Wellston (First), Orville Gibbs. 
Wellston Circuit, Orville Exline; Ellsworth 

Group 4 Portsmouth-Iranian 

Adams Mem. & Long Run, L. S. Metzler. 
Ironton (First), James McClung. 
Ironton Circuit, Joseph Barnes. 
Lecta Circuit, Richard Graham. 
Lucasville, E. M. Shelton. 
Lucasville Circuit, Wm. Cramer. 
Portsmouth (Boulevard), Fred Brown. 
Portsmouth (First), Evan Jones. 
Portsmouth (Nauvoo), Percy Pringle. 
Portsmouth (Second), Floyd Adams. 
Salem, Clarence Leach. 
South Webster-Pinkerman, Wiley Baker. 
Waverly, James R. Smith. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

South China Mission, Charles E. Ashley. 

Ryder Memorial Hospital, Humacao, Puerto 
Rico, John A. Smith. 

Professor, Kennedy School of Missions, Hart 
ford, Conn., Robert T. Parsons. 

Superintendent of Maywood Mission, Lancaster, 
Ohio, Anthony Ruble. 

Chaplain, U. S. Army, Arthur Duhl. 

Chaplain, Ohio State Juvenile Diagnostic Cen 
ter, Columbus, Ohio, Harold Davidson. 

Assistant Professor of History, Indiana Central 
College, Frederick Hill. 

Chaplain, Ohio Soldier and Sailor Orphan Home. 
Xenia, O.. Glenn E. Howard. 

Pastor, Brown Rd. Community Ch., Mabel Rife 

Evangelists, James DeWeerd, Edna Beougher 

Executive Sec., Columbus Area Council of 
Churches, G. Weir Hartman 

Staff Artist, Otterbein Press, Terry Hitt. 


DR. RODERICK E. GRAY, Superintendent 

Conference Office: 1420 S.W. 68th, 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 73159. 

Alva, Donald L. Smith. 

Bartlesville, Nevin H. Peterson. 

Big Cabin Circuit-Longview Otterbein Wesley 

H. White. 

Blackwell, Milburn Burrows (supply). 
Dacoma, Ray P. Engleking. 
Drummond, Robert G. Hunt. 
Eden Chapel, Van Nickels. 
El Campo, Marvin Poison. 
Enid (Bethany). Kermit P. Dodd. 
Enid (First), Merle B. Pulver. 
Hardesty, Frank V. Jaap. 
Hayward, Elmos Howell (Nebr. Cnnf.) 
Houston, Floyd L. Vick. 
Lissie, Thomas F. Kirby. 
Lost Creek. Van Nickels. 
Maramec, (To be supplied). 
Moore (Cathedral Ave.), Paul E. Caskey. 
Mt. Zion, O. C. Ellis. 
Oklahoma City (Capitol Hill), Robert O. Tup- 


Oklahoma City (Ridgecrest), W. D. Gilbert. 
Orlando. Freeman H. Pearson. 
Ponca City, James F. Williamson. 
Post Oak, R. P. Soupiset (supply) 
San Antonio (First), E. Stephen Raby. 
San Antonio (Grace), Raymond P. DeLaugh- 



Shawnee, Owen H. Ackley. 
Stillwater, Sidney E. Davis. 
Temple, William G. Whitaker. 
Thomas, to be supplied. 
Tulsa (Hale Heights), W. Eugene Kay. 
Tulsa (Harvard), Jesse Manering. 
Wichita Falls, Texas, Iceland H. Young. 
Woodward, Edward Enns. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Chaplain, United States Air Force, Paul E- 

Missionary to Sierra Leone, Africa, Fred W. 


GEORGE K. MILLEN, Superintendent, South Dis 
T. R. BUZZARD. Superintendent, East District 

V. A. BALLANTYNE, Superintendent, North Dis 
L. H. WILLARD, Treasurer. 

Conference Office: 18113 S.E. Morse St. 
Portland, Oregon 97222 

East District 

Elmore, under the Superintendent, Jack Glaze. 

Harrington, Raymond Bryant. 

Highland, Ralph Tipple, Jr. 

Latah, Isaac Willems. 

Maupin, Carl-Reid Duhrkoop. 

Moses Lake, (c/o Supt.) Albert Richardson. 

Portland (Glenfair), Allen H. Backer. 

Portland (Lents), Robert D. Bletscher. 

Portland (Tabor Heights), Lloyd G. Uecker; 
Darrell Reeck, Associate. 

Portland (Tremont), (c/o Supt.) C. M. Berg- 

Reardan, V. T. Speece. 

Spokane (Lidgerwood), C. Arthur Cobb. 

Spokane (Lloyd Memorial), Norman A. Riggins. 

Spokane (Manito), Donald L. Jeter. 

The Dalles, Virgil A. Brown. 

Toppenish, D. Robert Knoll. 

Walla Walla, Neil Roth. 

Yakima (First), A. G. Jamieson. 

Yakima (Westpark), Kenneth Dooley. 

North District 

Adna, Kenneth H. Dunkleberger. 

Amboy, (c/o Supt.). 

Beaver, Charles Ludwig. 

Bellingham, Louis McConnell. 

Burien, Lester A. Wetzstein. 

Dayton, Delbert W. Dow. 

Everett, C. E. Freed. 

Hopewell, Walter R. Rowley. 

Kinton, Rodney Vermillion. 

Lafayette, (c/o Supt.) 

Laurel, Paul Kuhn. 

Manor, Harold E. Moyer. 

Mt. Home, John McDonald. 

Portland (Collins View), (c/o Supt.) Herbert 

Portland (First), Robert L. Morris. 

Portland (Mock s Crest), J. Robert Wetzel. 

Portland (West), Delbert M. Keller. 

Portland (Williamette Blvd.), D. L. Vermillion. 

Seattle (Echo Lake), Allen C. Odell. 

Seattle (First), James H. Vance. 

Seattle (Green Lake), (c/o Supt.) H. E. Ben 

Seattle (Maple Leaf), W. A. Backer. 

Seattle (Shoreline), Eugene F. Kester. 

Seattle (Wallingford), L- H. Willard. 

Tacoma, Douglas B. Drysdale. 

Tigard, Roger Swaren. 

Unionvale, Walter R. Rowley. 

Vader, (c/o Supt.). 

Vancouver, Eugene V. Lamb. 

Vernonia, (c/o Supt.) Raymond P. Taggart. 

South District 

Albany, Alfred D. Enns. 

Canby, (c/o Supt.) Robert D. Bennett. 

Clear Lake, John M. Pike. 

Corvallis, W. W. Mills; Chas. W. Whelchel, 


Dallas, M. Edward Hegle. 
Eugene, M. Max Morgan. 
Florence, F. Gene Elliott. 
Foster, Arthur Still. 
Fruitland. H. C. Ryan. 
Happy Valley, David Elliott. 
Harmony, Maynard McGavin. 
Jefferson, Folmer Strunk. 
Labish. David G. White. 
Lebanon, Ira Weight. 
Liberal, (c/o Supt.) Ralph Myrick. 
Mapleton. Lyman Myers. 
Middle Grove, Robert S. Bowers. 
Milwaukie, H. H. Dockter. 
Monmouth, David Haberly. 
Oregon City, Austin Chamberlain. 
Pedee, John Sills. 
Philomath, W. C. Hines. 
Roseburg, Stephen Watkins. 
Salem (Englewood), Bruce Cornelly. 
Salem (First), Richard Tusant, Jr. 
Sodaville, (c/o Supt.). 
Sweet Home, Milton W. Hopper. 
Swisshome, Kenneth Friesen. 
Taft, Charles Waite. 
Wichita, Robert F. Day. 
Willakenzie. David Weinert. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Regional Director, Central Area, Dept. World 
Mission, V. L. Farnhara. 

Missionary to The Philippines, A. Delbert Rice. 

Missionaries to Japan, R. Wallace Brownlee; 
Wesley L. Wildermuth. 

Missionary to Brazil, Ralph W. Wilde. 

Missionary to Nigeria, Africa, David T. Rickard. 

Missionary, Kenya, Africa, Dean Strong. 

Director of Admissions, Seattle Pacific College, 
Dwaine Bassett. 

President, Evangelistic Missionary Fellowship, 
Jamaica, E. E. Pontious. 

Director of Counselling, Westmar College, Le- 
Mars, la.. Charles W. Semke. 

Missionary to Sierra Leone, Africa EUB Church, 
Gilbert Olsen. 

Chaplains, United States Army, Paul Huns- 
berger, Wayne Kildall, Walter K. Sauer. 

Missionary to Kentucky, R. E. Plowman. 

Administrative Secretary, World Gospel Mis 
sion, Harold M. Good. 

President, Western Evangelical Seminary. Paul 
P. Petticord. 

Dean. Western Evangelical Seminary, Kenneth 
P. Wesche. 

Vice-President, Western Evangelical Seminary, 
Leo M. Thornton. 

Professors Western Evangelical Seminary, Eldon 
Fuhrman, Bern M. Warren, Noble V. Sack. 

Chaplain and Professor, Cascade College, Robert 
D. Bennett. 

Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association (Man 
ager Radio Station, WMTC), Wilfred Fisher. 

Northwest Representative, World Gospel Mis 
sion, Lester E. Moore. 

Missionary to Japan (Oriental Missionary So 
ciety), Arthur Shelton. 

Chaplain, United States Air Force, Paul H. 

Pastor Neighborhood Church. Vancouver, Wash., 
J. M. Ricker. 

Director, Men with Vision, World Gospel 
Mission. Delmer Ransdell. 

Village Mission, Bridge, Oregon, David Patter 

Professor, Cascade College, H. R. Dymale. 

Peniel Mission, Sacramento, Calif., World 
Gospel Mission, George Hayes. 

Missionary to Formosa, Oriental Missionary 
Society, Lowell Williamson. 

Pastor, Bethel Church, Plummer, Idaho, Louis 
R. Buckley. 


Dean of Students and Professor, Malone College. 

Keith A. Bell. 
Field Representative, N. W. Region, National 

Association of Evangelicals, Wilmer N. 

Pastor North Broadway Methodist Church, 

Seattle, Washington, Gene A. Erust. 
Pastor Talbot, Oregon, Community Church, 

Gordon E. Jaffe. 
Associate Pastor, First Methodist Church, Ala- 

meda, Calif., Bernard E. Mott. 


Conference Office: 3149 Salem, Aurora, Colo. 

North District 

WILLIAM L- YOUNG, Superintendent 
Aurora, G. L. Edie. 
Berthoud, C. C. Allen. 
Bethune, David B. Finley. 
Boulder, Francis Bayles, Jr. 
Cheyenne, Victor L. Walter. 
Dailey-Rockland, Robert Miller. 
Denver (Alameda), Gordon Alderman. 
Denver (Evanston), George Yost. 
Denver (Aurora First), G. L. Edie. 
Denver (Grace), Harold H. Maxwell. 
Fort Collins. Keith W. Spahr. 
Genoa, Morris R. Churchill. 
Greeley-Osgood, Rodney L. Wagner. 
Johnston. Raymond Scott. 
Kirk-Idalia, Care of Superintendent. 
LeRoy, Albert M. Wells. 
Longmont, Delbert G. Hargreaves. 
Mead, E. H. Dahm. 
Niwot, Montie Slusher. 
Peetz, V. J. Lamm. 
Seibert. O. A. Gayley. 
Sterling, William Woelfle. 
Stratton, David B. Finley. 

Yuma (Bethany, Pleasant Valley), Care of 

South District 

LLOYD C. NICHOLS, Superintendent 
Albuquerque (Carlisle Plaza), James F. Lorenz. 
Albuquerque (University Heights), Allen L,. 


Alcalde. Edgar R. Fredrick. 
Arlington, Paul H. Woelfle. 
Blue Cliff, Philip Cline. 

Colorado Springs (Calvary), Edward J. Ness. 
Colorado Springs (First), E. Paul Camber. 
Colorado Springs (Good Shepherd), Bruce L 

Colorado Springs (Trinity), Glenn O. McPher- 

Eads, Paul H. Woelfle. 

fllicott, Paul Tapey. 
spanola, James Bruening. 
Hernandez. Harold Sanchez. 
Matteson, Willis F. Goettel. 
Ojo Caliente Circuit. Lewis D. Brown. 
Ordway, Philip Cline. 

Pueblo (Bruener Park), O. L. Grauberger. 
Pueblo (First), Ralph Hines. 
Santa Cruz, Richard Campbell 
Simla, Willis F. Goettel. 
Wagon Mound. Care of Superintendent. 
Vallecitos, to be supplied. 
Velarde, Edgar K. Fredrick. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Principal, McCurdy Grade School, A. W. 

Missionaries to Brazil, Richard E. Senn, Ray 
L. Bell. 

Missionary to Kentucky, Robert H. Hornbaker. 

Missionary to Indonesia, Richard E. Brown. 

Assistant Professor, Westmar College, James 

Western Regional Secretary, Board of Missions, 
C. G. Bartsch. 

Lowell E. Burkhart, Executive Director, Con 
cern, Inc. 

Chaplain, Kansas Neurological Institution, Tope- 

ka, Kan., Robert Perske. 
Group Ministry, Denver Inner City Protestant 

Parish, O. K. Schlesselman. 
Breckenridge Methodist Church, Mark L. 



REED O. STEELY, Superintendent Northern Dis 

CLAIR C. KREIDLER, Superintendent Central 

PAUL E. HORN, Superintendent Southern 

BEN F. HEISER, Program Director and Direc 
tor of Christian Education 

ARTHUR W. STAMBACH, Secretary of Evan 
gelism and Director of Adult Work 

WILSON A. SHEARER, Director of Youth Work, 
Camping and Recruiting 

MRS. BETTY NUSBAUM, Treasurer-Accountant 

Conference Office: 500 Ninth St., New Cum 
berland, Pa. 

Northern District 

Avis, Geo. W. Barto, III. 

Beavertown, C. W. McCulloh. 

Bellefonte, Ronald E. Bowersox. 

Berwick (Bethany), R. K. Heim. 

Berwick (Bower Memorial), W. L. Baughman, 

Berwick (St. Paul), J. H. Miller. 

Bloomsburg, T. R. Springman. 

Buffalo Run, R. Wayne Hogue. 

Buffalo Valley, Glen A. Miller. 

Burnham, M. F. Warntz. 

Castanea-Farrandsville, C. W. McCulloh, Jr. 

Centre Hall-Spring Mills, R. B. Gehlbach. 

Columbia Circuit, G. R. Kibbe. 

Danville-Milton, Paul F. Zieber. 

Dushore and Lopez. C. E. House. 

East Salem, Carl Hollinger. 

Espy, E. D. Spencer. 

Freeburg, G. V. Peters. 

Grover, (a supply) Maurice E. Edlund. 

Howard, H. E. Glasgow. 

Hughesville, C. E. Keafer. 

Hummels Wharf, A. R. Walker. 

Jersey Shore, H. A. Klingeman. 

Lewisburg (St. Paul s), I. C. Bailey, Jr. 

Lewistown (Grace), C. A. Russ. 

Lewistown (Trinity), Ralph E. Springman. 

Liberty, Clarence Walters. 

Liverpool, L. K. Sholes, Jr. 

Lock Haven (First), P. H. Kleffel. 

Lock Haven Mission^ A. F. Romberger. 

Lycoming, Herbert S. Entz. 

McClure, W. P. Walker. 

Mexico. C. A. Bailey. 

Middleburg, W. C. Wittmer. 

Mifflin, H. C. Hornbeck. 

Mifflinburg, I. W. Moyer. 

Millheim, J. L. Shellenberger. 

Milton (First), K. I. Bower. 

Montoursville, R. L. Lundy. 

Mount Nittany, C. L. Klinger. 

Mount Pleasant Mills, William E. Utterback. 

Nescopeck, A. John Perna. 

New Berlin. W. J. Otto. 

Northumberland, J. F. Ritter. 

Paxtonville, E. N. Reiter. 

Pennsdale, L. W. Bartges. 

Penns Creek, Luke J. Brinker. 

Port Treverton, Jack Moyer. 

Ransom, David H. Gill. 

Rebersburg. H. M. Rhoads. 

Richfield, S. F. Bingman. 

Ringtown, Paul M. Miller. 

Runville, Wm. F. Zimmerman. 

Salladasburg, E. L. Hollopcter. 


Selinsgrove, J. M. Rimert. 
Sonestown, W. A. Baker. 
State College-Park Forest Village, I. W. Moy- 

er , Jr. 

State College (St. John), M. L. Whitmire. 
Sugar Valley, Paul L. Wolgemuth. 
Union Circuit, John J. Washburn. 
Warrensyille, George A. Grant. 
West Milton, H. F. Springman. 
West Nanticoke, David H. Gill 
White Deer, Charles E. Snyder. 
Williamsport-Balls Mills, D. P. Austin. 
Williamsport (Christ), A. F. Ridall. 
Wilhamsport (Eagle), Galen R. Menne. 
Williamsport (First), W. H. Kelly. 
Williamsport (Grace), Paul J. Erb. 
Williamsport (Heshbon Park), David A. Keller. 
Williamsport (St. John), W. J. Lippert. 
Williamsport (St. Paul), L. S. Bundy. 
Williamsport (Trinity), G. B. Hummer. 
Winfield. W. J. Otto. 
Witmers, Darrell G. Frey. 

Central District 

Benevola, Md., Charles W. Lightner. 

Biglerville, John H. Witmer. 

Big Pool, Md., James R. Geiselman. 

Boiling Springs, Richard D. Leonard. 

Blue Mountain, Leon A. McCleary. 

Boonsboro, Md., Theodore E. Elser 

Carlisle (First) H. A. Houseal. 

Carlisle (Grace), Gerald D. Kauffman; Assist 
ant, Keith E. Day. 

Chambersburg (First), Robert E. Reasey; Min 
ister of Ch. Ed., Ronald F. Ellis. 

Chambersburg (Park Ave.), M. Eugene Fisher. 

Chestnut Grove, Bruce D. Gearhart. 

Chewsville, Md., Monroe J. Shearer. 

Clines, John Lehman. 

Cumberland, J. R. Shafer. 

Delbrook, Larry M. Plymire. 

Dillsburg, Golden A. Gaither. 

Duncannon, Donald L. Harbaugh. 

Enola (First), Donald G. Haulman. 

Fayetteville, Earl E. Redding. 

Fetterhoff s, Harold V. March. 

Fishing Creek (Salem), Harry L. Fehl, Jr. 

Frederick, Md., Clifford P. Lloyd 

Gardners, R. Kent Hall. 

Gettysburg (Memorial), Wm. N. Smeltzer. 

Gettysburg (Salem), Paul O. Shettel. 

Greencastle, Marvin L. Rice. 

Hagerstown, Md., (Emmanuel), Ira C. Keper- 

Hagerstown, Md., (Grace), Laverne E. Rohr- 
baugh; Assistant, Edward I. Fisher. Jr 

Hagerstown, Md., (St. Matthew s), W. L. 
Baughman, Sr. 

Hagerstown, Md., (St. Paul s) Lester M. Kauff 
man; Assistant, James E. Schuman. 

Keystone-Perry, Colin J. Shaffer. 

Keedysville, Md., Ivan G. Naugle 

Leesburg, R. W. Schloyer. 

Lemasters, John W. Schildt. 

Lemoyne (Calvary), Russell C. Oyer. 

Lempyne (Grace), W. F. Woods. 

Lewisberry, F. E. Frey, Jr. 

Marion, Earl J. Ensimger. 

Marysville, Thomas C. Webb. 

Mechanicsburg (First), Miller S. Schmuck; 
Assistant, Charles R. Slaybaugh, Jr. 

Mechanicsburg (Grace), E. E. Bigler. 

Middleburg, Walter H. Gable. 

Mt. Alto, Donald S. Burkhart. 

Mt. Holly Springs, J. K. Earner. 

Mt. Rock, Clair R. Troutman. 

Mt. Tabor, John Loewen. 

Myersville, Md., Monroe J. Shearer. 

Newberrytown, D. P. Bailey, Jr. 

New Bloomfield, Raymond M. Kingsborough. 

Newburg, Marlin H. Lauver. 

New Cumberland (Community), Curvin L. 

New Cumberland (Trinity), D. Rayborn Hig- 

New Kingston, Percy D. Brown. 

Newport, Mark S. Jordan. 

Oakville, Robert E. Strock. 
Orrtanna, Alfred K. Gotwalt. 
Potomac, Md., James R. Geiselman. 
Quincy, John L. Rauch (W. Pa.). 
Rohrersville, Md., Archie D. Whisner. 
Scotland-Salem, Jacob P. Zepp. 
Shepherdstown, Theodore C. Yohe. 
Shermans Dale- Young s, Clarence L. Earnst. 
Shiloh, Md., Paul D. Bartles. 
Shippensburg (Messiah), Homer D. Kendall. 
Shiremanstown, Martin W. A. Trostle. 
Spring Run, Jerome S. Stambach. 
St. John s, Amos M. Funk. 
Taneytown, Md., Robert P. Mitchell. 
Thurmont-Deerfield, Md., Elmer R. Andrews. 
Upper Strasburg, Floyd S. Sollenberger, Jr. 
Walkersville, Md., Junior C. Mentzer. 
Waynesboro. EHwood E. Needy. 
Wellsville, John E. Lehr. 
West Fairview, Harold O. Sipe. 
Williamsport, Md., John C. Britcher. 
Wolfsville, Md., David L. Keperling. 
Wormleysburg, Donald A. Misal. 
Young s-Mt. Zion, Ronald K. Strader. 

Southern District 

Adamsville-Pleasant Grove, Goodell E. Williams. 

Alexandria, Va., W. E. Basom. 

Baltimore, Md., (Calvary), John P. Reside. 

Baltimore, Md., (Catonsville), Frederick W. 

Baltimore, Md., (Christ), Charles R. Sechrist. 

Baltimore, Md., (Dorguth Memorial), Frederick 
W. Mund; Seminary Intern, R. Frederick 

Baltimore, Md., (Hebbville), L. W. Kopp. 

Baltimore, Md., (Immanuel), G. G. Heilman. 

Baltimore, Md., (Milford Mill), C. E. Young; 
Assistant, William L. Schmid. 

Baltimore, Md., (Old Otterbein), Paul E. Hold- 
craft, George B. Sprenkle. 

Baltimore, Md., (Olive Branch), Wm. L. Raker. 

Baltimore, Md., (Otterbein Memorial), Calvin 
H. Cole. 

Baltimore, Md., (Rodgers Forge), V. E. Miller. 

Baltimore, Md., (Salem), Clair L. Leber. 

Baltimore, Md., (Siemers Memorial), Karl I. 

Baltimore, Md., (St. Johns), (c/o Superintend 

Baltimore, Md., (St. Matthews), Leslie G. Met- 

Baltimore, Md., (Third), Bernard Fogle. 

Baltimore, Md., (Trinity), H. A. Kerstetter. 

Barts, Richard Wolfe. 

Bryansville, Darwyn J. Nace. 

Cheverly, Md., R. H. Stetler, Jr. 

Craley, Mendell L. Gainer. 

Dallastown, Donald L. Harper. 

Daniels, Md., H. R. Lindsey. 

Dorsey, Md., L. E. Kline. 

Dover (Bethany), Merritt A. Copenhaver. 

Dover-Maytown, Gary McCullough. 

East Prospect, M. O. Mickey. 

Emigsville-Longstown, Paul W. Kauffman. 

Felton, Preston L. Haugli. 

Glen Rock, Karl S. Fetterman. 

Greenmount, Md., Robert A. Reider. 

Hanover (Grace), Jack H. Cassel. 

Hanover (Lohr s Memorial), Robert H. Stoltc. 

Hellam, Chester L. McCullough. 

Hellam-Druck Valley, Glen Jones. 

Jacobus, W. C. Dickert. 

Jefferson-Greenmount, Earl H. Kauffman. 

Loganville, R. L. Wright. 

Manchester, Md., Samuel H. Miller. 

Manchester, Pa., Roland E. Garvin. 

Mt. Olivet, Martin B. Heiland. 

Mt. Victory, Gerald W. Roberts. 

Mt. Wolf, Paul E. Stambach. 

Mt. Zion, Donald G. Fishel. 

Pleasureville, Robert E. Zuver. 

Rayville, Md., Arthur W. Garvin. 

Red Lion (Bethany), Mervie H. Welty. 

Red Lion (Chapel), Clarence L. Chubb. 

Red Lion (St. Paul s), A. J. Thomas. 

Red Lion (Zion), Leon L. Desenberg. 


Rockland, Md., Donald L. Shover, Jr. 

Saginaw-Starview, John H. Hamm. 

Silver Spring, Md., David H. Andrews. 

Spry, John R. Lebo. 

St. John s, Amos M. Funk. 

Washington, D. C. (Albright Memorial), W. A. 
Bartges; Assistant, Browning Peyton. 

Windsor (Emmanuel), Julian H. Shrader. 

Windsor (Grace), David W. Schmuck. 

Winterstown, Calvin G. Kipp. 

Wrightsville, C. W. Willson. 

Yoe (Christ), J. H. Fleckenstine. 

Yoe (Salem), Henry E. Gable. 

York (Bethany), J. F. Diehl. 

York (Bethlehem), E. L. Younken. 

York (Christ), Carson A. Troup, Jr. 

York (First), Calvin B Haverstock, Jr.; Stu 
dent Assistant, Melvin D. Bole. 

York (Second), Charles R. Miller. 

York (Third), Thomas R. Jones. 

York (Fourth), Melvin Geiman, Jr. 

York (Fifth), Roger E. Keech; Seminary In 
tern, John Grove. 

York (Grace), W. E. Giant. 

York (St. Paul), G. E. Laurenson. 

York (Trinity), W. R. Fisher. 

York (Violet Hill), E. L. Younken. 

York (Zion), R. L. Close. 

Yorkana, E. H. Yarnell. 

York Haven-P. Grove, Arthur F. Edmunds. 

Yorkshire, B. F. Knisley. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Assistant General Secretary for Administration, 
National Council of Churches, H. I,. Brin- 

Professor of Christian Education and Psychol 
ogy, United Theological Seminary, H. A. De- 

Superintendent, Evangelical Home, Lewisburg, 
Pa., Paul W. Wheelock. 

University Pastor, Ohio State University for 
Ohio Conferences, Norman R. Snook. 

Professor of Old Testament History and litera 
ture, United Theological Seminary, G. W. 
Frey, Jr. 

Chaplain, Albright College, W. R. Marlow. 

Executive Editor, Church and Home, J. W. 

Missionary, Africa Inland Mission, C. C. Ness. 

Executive Secretary, Delaware State Council of 
Churches, S. A. Snyder, Jr. 

University Pastor, Westminster Foundation, 
Bloomington, Ind., K. E. Spilman. 

Director of Youth Work, General Board of 
Christian Education, W. H. Garrett. 

Missionary to Nigeria, West Africa, Roger E. 

Superintendent of Quincy Orphanage and Home, 
S. Fred Christman. 

Chaplain, Miami Valley Hospital and Professor 
at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, 
Ohio, James E. Flinchbaugh. 

Curator, General Historical Society, Dayton, 
Ohio, John H. Ness, Jr. 

Chaplain, Veterans Hospital, Dayton, Ohio, Ted- 
ford L. Shenefelt. 

Executive Secretary of Evangelism, Dayton, 
Ohio. Joseph H. Yeakel. 

Missionary, Puerto Rico, Harry E. Zech. 

Chaplain, Quincy Orphanage and Home, John I,. 


J. CASTRO SMITH, Superintendent 

Greeneville District 
Greeneville (Circuit), Earl Hickman. 
Greeneville (First), Glen Cox. 
Jeraldstown, Harry Thomas. 
Tohnson City (First), E. B. Jeffers. 
Mosheim Circuit, Isaac Harding, Jr. 
Mt. Hebron, Verley C. Ratliff. 
Mt. Zion, E. A. Pierce. 
Otterbein Circuit, Harry Thomas. 
Union Temple, Harry Thomas. 

Knoxville District 

Grant Chapel, Kenneth Huff (supply). 
Knoxville (Bethel), Dwight Kenney. 
Knoxville (Bookwalter), Harold W. McDaniel. 
Knoxville (First), A. Elaine Burgess. 
Knoxville (Marble City), W. B. Milsaps. 
Knoxville (Piney Grove), Sherman Starling. 
Knoxville (Sand Branch), Calvin Reagan. 
Knoxville (St. Paul), Wilbur E. Grace. 
McCampbell s Chapel, R. C. Mott. 
White Pine (Edward s Chapel), T. Y. Boyd. 

Nashville District 

Clarksville (Cumberland Heights), William 


Clarksville (First), Lee A. Gate. 
Nashville (First), Tommy Dowdy. 
Nashville (Rosebank), Tommy Dowdy. 
Perry County Mission, Delbert Corbin. 
Vanleer care of Group Leader. 
White Bluff (Johnson s Chapel), care of Group 


Ministers in other fields of service: 

Serving in Kentucky Missionary Conference, 

Leonard T. Martz, Leo Bulson. 
Evangelists, Dewey Whitwell, Don White. 


DR. FLOYD L. FULK, Superintendent 
Berkeley Springs District 

Berkeley-Morgan Charge. Carroll Jay. 
Berkeley Springs Charge. Charles VanGildcr. 
Berkeley Springs Station, James A. Swain; Lay 

Leader, Ward M. Dawson, Sr. 
Great Cacapon. Calvin S. Harden. 
Sleepy Creek, Daniel A. Frazier. 

Harrisonburg District 

Broadway, C. Fred Hickle. 

Cedar Grove, Daniel Agnew. 

Dayton, H. Fred Edge. 

Elkton, Don N. Fridinger. 

Hardy, R. Dean Fawley. 

Harrisonburg, Robert L. Bridgers; Lay Leader, 

Hugh T. Frey. 
Keezletown, Cameron Miller. 
Lacey Springs, Daniel Agnew. 
Massanutten. Lewis Armentrout. Jr. 
Mt. Carmel. William D. Keller. 
Mt. Clinton, Roy Hedrick. 
Mt. Horeb, William B. Ramcy. 
Mountain Valley, Gilbert R. Jones, Jr. 
Otterbein, H. Fred Edge. 
Pleasant Valley, Lee G. Bowman. 
Shenandoah Charge. David Nankivell. 
Shenandoah Station, Robert L. Nair. 
Singers Glen, Doyle E. Payne. 

Keyser District 
Antioch, Irvin Shultz. 
Bayard, Thomas Crogan. 
Cumberland (Bethel), Elaine F. Rinkcr. 
Cumberland (Calvary). Carl W. Hiser. 
Cumberland (First). E. E. Miller. 
Keyser, Millard R. Floyd; Lay Leader, Bryan 


Mill Creek Valley, Robert Dunn. 
Potomac Park-Ridgeley, George S. Widmyer. 
Westernport, Wayne Jordan. 

Marttnsburg District 
Blairton-Greensburg, Wilbur Jay. 
Inwood-Pikeside, Lee B. Sheaffer. 
Jones Springs. Frank Douty. 
Martinsburg Charge, George Collis. 
Martinsburg (First), Charles B. Weber. 
Martinsburg (St. Luke s), Howard L. Fulk; 
Lay Leader, Mr. E.lwQod Frye. 


Metropolitan District 

Arlington (St. Mark s). George E. Schnabcl. 
Fairfax, Sleepy Hollow, Wilton B. Thomas; Lay 

Leader, Mr. Walter Lockowandt. 
Manassas, Eugene Baker. 

Petersburg District 

Franklin, Lawrence Frye. 

Pendleoton-Grant. Edward Null. 

Petersburg, W. E. Wolfe; Lay Leader, Mr. 

Glenn Kile. 
Riverton, Glen Black. 
South Branch, Harding Nelson. 

Staunton District 

Augusta, Bruce C. Pfeiffer. 

Bethel, Kenneth Shumake. 

Churchville, Raymond Campbell. 

McKinley. Kenneth Frank. 

Mt. Bethel, Kenneth Shumake. 

Pleasant Grove, Kenneth Shumake. 

Roanoke, Andrew C. Agnew, Sr. 

Staunton (Cherryvale), Arthur E. Grant. 

Staunton (St. Paul s), John R. Sawyer; Lay 

Leader, G. A. Kyle. 
Verona, Thomas L. Coffman. 
Waynesboro, Olin R. Kesner. 

Winchester District 

Edinburg, Josef E. Schaerfl. 

Mt. Jackson Charge, Roscoe L. Rexroad. 

Reliance, Sherman J. Westfall. 

Toms Brook, William B. Obaugh (supply). 

Wardensville, Gilbert Jones, Sr., (Lay Supply). 

West Frederick, John Moran. 

Winchester Charge, John H. Ware, Jr. 

Winchester (First), Paul J. Slonaker; Lay 
Leader, Mr. Howard Collins. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Chaplain, U. S. Air Force, Vernon O. Rogers 

Missionaries to Sierra Leone, W. Africa, Revs. 
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie O. Shirley. 

Chaplain U. S. Navy, Florian W. Cassady. 

Chaplain U. S. Navy, Kermit R. Cassady. 

Conference Evangelist, Joseph P. Sheesley. 

Vice-President in Charge of Development at 
Otterbein College. Dr. Wade S. Miller. 

President, Shenandoah College and Conserva 
tory of Music. Dr. Forrest S. Racey. 

Dean, Shenandoah College, Kenneth K. Kyre, 
Director of Religious Activities of Shenandoah 
College and Conservatory of Music, J. Paul 

Member of the Faculty of United Seminary, 
Dayton, Ohio, Ben F. Wade. 

Chaplain, U. S. Air Force, Daniel L. Newman. 

Chaplain, U. S. Navy, George B. Riley. 

Chaplain, U. S. Navy, Warren D. Trumbo. 

Professor in Florida Southern College, Lake 
land, Florida, Harold E. Albert. 


C. W. DIETRICH, Superintendent East District 
H. J. FISHER, Superintendent West District 

GENE E. SEASE, Director of Program, Chris 
tian Education, Evangelism and Social Action 

Conference Office: 324 Nadona Ave., Johnstown, 

East Area 

Altoona District 
Altoona (Faith), Wesley Smeal. 
Altoona (First), C. J. Fox. 
Altoona (Garden Heights), Homer E. Gauntt, 

L. C. Rose, Emeritus. 
Altoona (Grace), Donald J. Ciampa. 
Altoona (Greenwood), Charles R. Murray. 
Altoona (Otterbein) Donald J. Ciampa. 
Altoona (Pleasant Valley). Harold Huey, 

Altoona (Schum Memorial), C. R. Doverspike. 

Altoona (Second Ave.), James A. Woomer. 

Altoona (Third), Fred D. Walker. 

Altoona (Wehnwood), Ronald E. Dietrich. 

Bellwood H. B. Greer. 

Coalport-Beaver Valley, J. Robert Singleton. 

East Freedom, William Griffith. 

Glasgow, William A. Slick (supply). 

Pinecroft, Harry B. Greer. 

Tyrone, J. Byron Bishop. 

Clearfield District 

Bigler, Leo Black. 
Clearfield, Bruce H. Bishop. 
Morgan Run, Bernard Flegal. 
Mount Hope, John McClimans. 
Philipsburg, Fern T. Earner. 
Port Matilda, Benjamin T. Grove. 
Summit Hill, Homer A. Smith. 
Winburne, Lyle Miller (supply). 
West Decatur, Kenneth Polen. 
Woodland, Harrison Price. 

Huntingdon District 

Huntingdon (First), Gerald Witt. 

Huntingdon Larger Parish (Fulton Memorial 

and Three Springs), S. Merle Cowher; Ken- 

nard Foster, Asst. 
Mapleton, Barry L. Lewis. 
Orbisonia-Mt. Nebo, T. R. Bowers. 
Shade Gap, Raymond A. Piper. 

Johnstown District 

Beaverdale, William D. Schmeling. 

Belsano-Twin Rocks. Dale R. Rhodes. 

Brush Valley, James F. Bray. 

Conemaugh (Calvary), EHas A. Kessler. 

Conemaugh (First), Thomas E. Dipko. 

Fishertown, Charles F. Rhoades. 

Holsopple, Robert G. Callihan. 

Johnstown (Barren Ave.), C. T. Miller. 

Johnstown (Belmont), Harold R. Burgess. 

Johnstown (Bethany), G. O. Bishop. 

Johnstown (Beulah), Budd R. Smith; A. E- 
Lehman, B. E. Coleman^ Emeriti. 

Johnstown (Bowersdale, Calvary, Mt. Olive), 
Merle Leventry, (supply), John Stowe. 

Johnstown (Centennial- Faith), William J. Cow- 

Johnstown (Christ), H. L. Loveless. 

Johnstown (Cooper Ave.), Kenneth R. Rippen. 

Johnstown (Fairfield Ave.). William West. 

Johnstown (Garfield St.), E. R. McClain. 

Johnstown (Grace), F. Martin Bell. 

Johnstown (First). E. A. R. Schultz; John D. 
Good, Emeritus. 

Johnstown (Ferndale), Jack F. Emerick. 

Johnstown (Homestead Ave.), George Biggs. 

Johnstown (Overbrook), B. Frank Ciampa. 

Johnstown (Park Ave.), Charles R. Weslager. 

Johnstown (St. Paul s), Dwayne C. Carter. 

Johnstown (Trinity), Don Sease; John Mil 
ler, Emeritus. 

Johnstown (Westmont), Ernest R. Peterson. 

Mt. Hope, D. Jackson Hockensmith. 

New Florence. Daniel Orris. 

New Paris, Ralph Mostoller. 

Pleasantville, H. L. Lohr. 

Portage (Bethany), John W. Russell. 

Portage (Trinity), Herbert E. Claar. 

Salix-Elton, John Sass, Jr. 

Scalp Level, Ralph Brownfield. 

Sidman-St. Michael, Gordon Burrows. 

South Fork, H. G. Paul. 

Wilmore, Ronald G. Naugle. 

Windber-Dunlo, J. Paul Ciampa. 

Punxsutawney District 

Brookville, Robert Berkebile. 
Cherry Tree, Gordon Bolt (supply). 
Clarion River. E. R. Miller. 
DuBois, Gerald L. Pardoe. 
Hawthorne, (supply). 
Indiana, M. L. Kaufman. 
Juneau, William R. Kinsey. 
Knoxdale, Albert Womer. 


Marchant, Sherwood Barnette. 

New Salem, William A. West. 

Oak Ridge, Earl E. Meyers. 

Punxsutawney Area Parish, (Albion, Mahaffey, 

and Worthville), Harvey Williams. 
Punxsutawney (First), Jay F. Shaffer. 
Timlin, (supply). 
Westover, Carlton J. Pearce. 

West Area 

Beaver Valley District 

Beaver Falls (First), I. S. Thompson. 

Beaver Falls (Riverview), Donald L. Joiner. 

Freedom-Salem, Wm. O. Anderson. 

Industry, William C. Beal. Jr. 

New Castle, Donald Crawford; H. H. Grove, 


Rochester, Horace B. Pollock. 
Sewickley, Raymond W. Cartwright, Jr. 

Franklin District 

Barkleyville, George A. Lyford. 
Dempseytown, J. Robert Miller. 
Franklin (First). Arthur T. Moffat. 
Franklin (Grace), Lloyd S. Sturtz. 
Greenville, George S. Phillips. 
Heckathorn, Cecil C. Cowder. 
Lickingville-Venango, Fred W. Doverspike 

Oil (S Ci P ty, y O. A. Womer. 

Venus (Trinity), Charles H. A. Woods. 

Greensburg District 

Arona. Robert Blank. 
Bradenville-Derry, Ralph K. Weber. 
Connellsville (Albright), M. M. Wirick. 
Connellsville (East-Pennsville), W. C. Beal. Sr. 
Connellsville (First), Lester M. Crum. 
Country Hills, Jack Rees. 
Everson-Mt. Olive, Robert B. Patton. 
Fairmount-Zion, Arnold Kastner. 
Greensburg (Otterbein), Edward M. Wilson. 
Greensburg (Fourth St.), Lycippus, Albert J. 


Herminie, D. N. Ciampa. 
Indian Creek, Boyd W. Scott. 
Jeanette-Claridge, Jack L- Hemskey. 
Latrobe, Paul J. Halstead; W. A. Sites. C. E- 

Hetzler, Emeriti. 
Laughlintown, Clifford Moore. 
Ligionier (First), Harold J. Knepp; W. A. 

Wissinger. Emeritus. 
Madison, Darl E. Reichard. 
Monessen-Dunlevy, William M. West. 
Mt. Pleasant, Allen W. Reed. 
Paradise Francis T. Bach. 
Penns Woods, Arlie D. Cassidy. 
Rector, H. Donald Lash. 
Scottdale, James D. Mowrey. 
Springfield, Samuel J. Weible. 
Westmoreland-Mt. Nebo. Howard L. Weisz, Jr. 
Wyano, A. Thomas Rutter. 
Youngwood, John F. Springer. 

Pittsburgh District 

East Pittsburgh, Paul Toothman. 

Garden City. R. C. Jessell. 

Holiday Park. Gerald A. McCormick. 

McKeesport (First), C. H. Empfield. 

McKeesport (Shoemacker), Harry E. Hull. 

McKeesport (Kephart), K. T. Barnette. 

North Braddock, Merle I. Potter. 

Pitcairn, Lester C. Schmittle. 

Pittsburgh (Arlington Ave.), Bruce E. Bryce. 

Pittsburgh (First), Robert B. Baker; H. E 

Dornheim, Emeritus. 

Pittsburgh (Franklin St.), David Allcorn. 
Pittsburgh (Lorenz Ave.). A. B. Fulton. 
Pittsburgh (Madison Ave.). David Alcorn. 
Pittsburgh fStanton Heights), K. M. Bishop. 
Sarver-Winfield, Ray E. Gnagey. 
Trafford, H. Wayne Beam. 
Valencia, D. Herbert Stevenson. 
Wall, Paul E. Toothman. 

Wilkinsburg (Christ), O. A. Burkel. 
Wilkinsburg (Grace), James N. Strohm. 

Somerset District 

Casselman, G. Edward Kelly. 

Ellerslie, J. Howard Smith. 

Hooversville, J. R. Peterson. 

Hyndman, John W. Weaver. 

Jennerstown, Wm. E. Wineberg. 

Meyersdale, Paul E. Snyder. 

Rockwood, Lloyd G. Mulhollem. 

Shanksville-Central City. Marlin A. Miller. 

Somerset Circuit, A. Dean Wilson. 

Somerset (First), Warren K. Alnor; B. F. 

Bungard, Emeritus. 
Somerset (Grace), C. L. Rummel. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Bishop of Eastern Area, H. W. Kaebnick. 

Bishop of Pacific Area, W. Maynard Sparks. 

Assistant Director, Dept. of Stewardship, Nel 
son E. Stants. 

Professor in Department of Philosophy and Re 
ligion. Otterbein College, Paul H. Ackert. 

Graduate Study, Glenn C. Shaffer. 

Chaplain, United States Navy. George A. 

Chaplains, U. S. Army, Robert S. Fulton, C. R. 

Specialist in Social Service, MRA, Paul E. 

Conference Evangelist, Perry E. Pyle. 
Pennsylvania Temperance League. Harrisburg, 

Pa., R. G. Feather. 

President, Albright College, Arthur L. Shultz. 
Associate Executive Secretary, Indiana State 

Council of Churches. Chauncey J. Varner. 
Superintendent of Flat Rock Children s Home, 

C. W. Winch. 
Oriental Missionary Society, Wallace D. Reh- 


Graduate Study, Cyrus W. Wion. 
Secretary of Evangelism, Penna. Council of 

Churches, Max M. Houser. 
Director Adult and Men s Work, Dayton, Ohio, 

Donald B. App. 
Instructor in Sociology, Bethany College, Robert 

E. Shoup. 


HARRY ECKELS, Superintendent 

ROBERT E. DILLE, Director of Christian 

JAMES H. REED, Treasurer-Manager 

Conference Office: Evunbreth Acres, Buck- 

hannon, W. Va. 26201. 

Buckhannon District 

Alton, Ronzel Roberts. 
Buckhannon Station, T. N. Bennett. 
Buckhannon Circuit, Aulbert L. Roberts. 
Volga, Forrest Murray. 

Clarksburg District 

Bridgeport, Frederick Sprigg. 
Clarksburg (Duff St.), Eugene M. Garlow. 
Clarksburg (North), Bland Brady. 
Clarksburg (West), Donald Pringle. 
Clarksburg (Chestnut St.), O. D. Harman. 
Clarksburg (East), Lonnie Armentrout; Assist- 

ant serving Chub Run, John Halderman. 
Liberty-Wilsonburg, Edward Hardman. 
Shinnston, Clyde Crites. 

Charleston District 

Charleston Weekly Memorial, Bryan Blair. 
Charleston, (South), John R. Campbell. 
Dunbar, Denver L. Miles. 
Red House, Edsil Bragg. 
Midway Ct. f Dorsey Linch. 
Nitro, Borden Brady. 


St. Albans, John C. Foster, Sr. 
Roxalana, Ralph Sager, Jr. 
Tyler Heights, Henry katheny. 

Elkins District 

Belington Junior, Guy Harmon. 
Behngton Ct., Mark McAllister. 
E kins Ct., Kenneth Corley. 
Elkins, Leon B. Rhodes 
Parsons, B. A. Harris. 

Fairmont District 

Fairmont, Clarence D. Edman. 
Mannington, Paul Fortney. 
Morgantown, Lejeune Lewis 
Peora, Robert Shackelford. 
Rmehart, George E. Grandstaff. 
Rivesville, Earl Perkins, Williard Springer. 

Grafton District 
Arden, Denzil Moore. 
Grafton, Durward W. Poling 
Philippi, Bernard Lieving, jr. 
Tunnelton Ct., Anthony O Dell Booth. 

Huntington District 

Huntington (First), Neil Leon Irons 
Huntington (4th Ave.), Parker Kerns. 
Huntington (South), B. J. Lockhart 
Huntington Ct., Harold Jefferson. 
Huntington (Z. Warner), C. L. Campbell. 
Huntington (Union Ridge), C. Edward Hood. 

Middlebourne District 
Bens Run, Paul H. Lovejoy. 
Middlebourne, Homer F. Burge. 
Reader, Earl Gum. 
Wilbur, Ancil Jack Hart. 

Parkersburg District 
Morristown, Gayle Ruble. 
Parkersburg (First). Ray N. Shaffer. 
Parkersburg (7th St), L. Norman Butler. 
Parkersburg (South), Bill Angel 
Parkersburg Ct., Clyde Brammer, Jr. 
Red Hill, Charles L. Parrish 
Rosemar, C. E. Ruble. 
Sand Hill, John Nesselroade. 
Vienna, Homer Hicks. 
Vienna East, James Gum. 

Walker Ct., J. H. Life, Earl Brookover sen 
mg Highlawn. 

Pt. Pleasant District 

Apple Grove, Frank Brotherton. 

Bachtel, Mrs. Achsah Miller. 

Bellemeade, Jack Higgins. 

Good Shepherd, Donald Lockhart. 

Krebs Chapel, William Matics 

Mason, Lester Lane. 

New Haven, Martin Berisford. 

Pt. Pleasant Heights, Charles Frum. 

Union, Stanley Moore. 

Pennsboro District 

Freed, Wade Simons. 
Greenwood, David Cottrill. 
Harrisville, John Wildman. 
Pennsboro, Mrs. Lois R. Luzader. 

Ripley District 

Cottageville, Gerald Sayre. 

Fairplain, William Sullivan. 

Ravenswood, Denzil Proudfoot. 

Ripley, Roy McCoy. 

Ripley Ct., Robert Season. 

Rockcastle, Frank Bennett and H. G. Raines. 

Silverton, J. C. Foster, Jr. 

Salem District 

Mt. Olive, Richard Smearman. 
Salem, Hartzel Bodkin. 
Smithburg, Hearl Jones, Jr. 
West Union, Russell F. Crawford. 

Terra Alta District 

Deep Creek Lake, John H. Icenhower. 

Kingwood, Dennis Miller. 

Mt. Lake Park, Oscar W. Hull. 

Mt. Top Mission, W. C. Dunson. 

S wanton-Mr. Bethel, G. W. Simpson, Claude W. 


Terra Alta, Manley O. Collins. 
Terra Alta Circuit, Charles Teets. 

Weston District 

Freemansburg, C. F. Rexroad. 
Gassaway, Beryl R. Lockhart. 
Orlando, William Hoover. 
Tanner, H. E. Gillespie. 
Troy, Michael O Dell. 
Richwood, William Gail Cain. 
Weston, Robert F. Evans. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Assistant Secretary, Division of World Mission, 
Dayton, Ohio, Edwin O. Fisher. 

Executive Secretary of LTnion Missions of North 
America, James H. Mollendick. 

Director of Religious Activities, Bowling Green 
University, Bowling Green, Ohio, Eugene 

Division of Home Missions, Dayton, Ohio, Wil 
liam H. Jenkins. (Appalachian Project). 

Professor Salem College, Salem, W. Va., Walter 
J. Cain, Sr. 


Conference Office: 364 W. Scott St., Fond du 
Lac, Wis. 

Eastern District 

HERBERT E. ZEBARTH, Superintendent 

Appleton, Frank A. Dauner. 

Batavia, James Verduin. 
Bonduel, Milton L. Geisler. 

Brillion. Willard Albertus. 

Brookfield. Lealand Graben. 

Cascade, Richard L. Bonney. 

Clintonville. Selo A. Gutknecht. 

Denmark-Mishicot, Lorenz Kern. 

Door County, Kenneth Boettcher. 

Eden, Richard L. Bonney. 

Fond du Lac, Harold Fischer. 

Forest Junction, Theodore F. Jordan. 

Germantown, Harvey Raduege. 

Gillet, Jerry Rohleder. 

Green Bay, Lowell Bartel. 

Greenville, Russell Miller. 

Lark, Merlin Goehring. 

Lomira, Richard S. Sweitzer. 

Marinette, Robert R. Doverspike (W. Pa. 

Menomonee Falls, Harvey W. Schweppe. 

Milwaukee (Bethel), Galen Luebke. 

Milwaukee (Calvary), Solomon G. Cramer; As 
sistant, Clarence Knoespel. 

Milwaukee (Church of the Good Hope), John 
W. Bartel. 

Milwaukee (Concordia Ave.), Milton Wolf. 

Milwaukee (Emmanuel), Chester M. Schendel. 

Milwaukee (Faith), Franklin T. Jordan. 

Milwaukee (First), Gordon Bender; Hilbert 
Lohr, Minister of Education. 

Milwaukee (First Community), James Hynes. 

Milwaukee (Memorial), Dwight S. Busacca. 

Milwaukee (Salem), Armin Weber. 

Milwaukee (Wauwatosa), Kenneth S. Knoespel. 

Neenah, Bryce G. Armstrong. 

Oshkosh, Homer Retzlaff. 

Port Washington, Robert Boettcher. 

Reedsville, Merlin Goehring. 

Richfield-Colgate, Clifford E. Olsen. 

Seneca, C. S. Bigler (Meth.). 

Seymour, Franklin Block. 

Sheboygan, Owen Miller. 

Two Rivers, Karl F. Koch. 

Van Dyne-Eldorado, Thomas Johns. 


Northwestern District 
ROY E. BOSSERMAN, Superintendent 

Alma, Eugene S. Antrim. 

Arcadia, Independence and Whitehall Mdli., 
Ruwal Freese (Methodist). 

Augusta, George Gould. 

Berlin, Milton F. Nehrbas. 

Bloomer, Gordon Welch. 

Butternut, Irvin Lepien. 

Chili-Dorchester, Lloyd J. McCormick. 

Chippewa Falls, Wilmer T. Bloy. 

Dell-Ottervale-Sugar Grove Meth., Edward John 

Eau Claire, Henry Clark, Jr. 

Elk Mound, Glenn Kohlhepp. 

Elroy, to be supplied by United Church of 

Gilmanton-Montana, Lloyd Denzer. 

Hope, Lome L. Outcalt. 

Marshfield, Lynn Kollath. 

Menomonie, Milton Siewert. 

Neshkoro, Lester Thiel. 

New Auburn, Gordon Welch. 

New Richmond, James LeCount. 

Norwalk, LeRoy Mielke. 

Ontario, Charles Saleska (Methodist). 

Prairie Farm, Roy Headley. 

Princeton, Earl W. Huelster. 

Ripon, Stanley C. F. Hayes. 

Sparta, LeRoy Mielke. 

Tomah, Vernon Miller. 

Turtle Lake, Lome L. Outcalt. 

Valley, Edward Johnson. 

Viola, Clyde Cross. 

Wautoma, Lester Thiel. 

Webster, Norman Silvester. 

Westfield, Lyndon Viel. 

West Lima (La Farge Methodist Church), 
Geo. B. Robson. 

Wheeler, Lowell Roderick. 

Southern District 

WILLARD W. SCHULZ, Superintendent 
Arlington, Frank Wolf. 
Ash Creek, Harold Welch. 
Baraboo, Donald Pardun. 
Beaver Dam, Arnold Weaver. 
Beloit, James Klein. 
Blackhawk, Rolland Kerch. 
Boaz, J. Wesley Corbin. 
Broadhead, Paul J. Gibson. 

Clarno-Staver, Frank Hinebaugh. 
Gillingham-Bloom City Methodist, Henry Bah 

renberg, Methodist. 
Hartford, Harvey Schoss. 
Horicon, Arthur Vieth. 
Ithaca-Loyd, Frank Drollinger. 
Janesville, Earl W. Reichert. 
.Jefferson, Arthur J. Keen. 
.hula, Melvin Nickel. 
Kenosha. Merlin Hoeft. 
Lake Mills, David Brice. 
Lime Ridge, Sandusky and Cazenovia Methodist, 

Norbert Miller. 

Madison (First), Donald Fenner. 
Madison (Our Master s), Anthony Farina. 
Madison (West Side Mission), Lowell Messer- 


Markesan, Donald Sumwalt. 
Monroe (Bethel), Burton Holling. 
Monroe (Immanuel), Melvin J. Roehrdan/.. 
Monticello-New Glarus, Burton Holling. 
Oak Creek (Community), Verlin Wandrey. 
Oak Creek (Root River), Edward A. Zager. 
Pleasant Ridge, Lester Mathews. 
Portage and Merrimac Methodist, David Worm. 
Prairie du Chien, Bud C. Wilder, Methodist. 
Prairie du Sac, Melvin A. Simonsen. 
Prairie du Sac Circuit, A. G. Gauerke. 
Racine (Faith), George Coy. 
Racine (First), Nathan N. Bartel. 
Reedsburg, Johannes Schleicher. 
Richland Center, Kenneth F. Brice. 
Walworth, Bruce Berg. 
Waukesha, Robert A. Dennert. 
Wauzeka, James Barnes. 

Ministers in other fields of service: 

Bishop Emeritus, Evangelical United Brethren 

Church, George E. Epp. 
Executive Secretary, Dept. of Home Missions, 

Church Extension, Mario N. Berger. 
Missionary to Brazil, L. A. Brown. 
Promotional Director Otterbein Press, Dayton, 

Ohio, Floyd W. Mevis. 
Conference Director, Christian Education, Milton 

Chaplain, Army of the United States, William 

Red Bird Mission, Herman W. Siedschlag. 
Evangelical Theological Seminary, Asst. Pro 
fessor Practical Theology, Louis Bloede. 
Chaplain. U. S. Army, Orlando Hayne. 


Program Council January 5, March 30, September 15, Dayton, Ohio 
General Council of Administration November 7, Chicago, Illinois 
Departments: Christian Social Action January 10-11 
Christian Stewardship January 13-14 
Christian Health and Welfare April 28-29 
Christian Communication January 20-21, June 27-28 

Board of Missions March 22-24, October 18-20 

Board of Evangelism July 5-6, Dayton, Ohio 

Board of Christian Education July 7-8, Dayton, Ohio 

Historical Society Quadrennial Meeting July 12-14, Lebanon Valley College, Ann- 

ville, Pa. 

Board of Pensions August 2, Dayton, Ohio 
Board of Publication November 3-4, Dayton, Ohio 
General Conference November 8-17, Chicago, Illinois 

Cover artist, Walter Schoonmaker. 

The Editor expresses appreciation of the indefatigable work of the office 
secretary at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Virginia McGarvey, and the secretary at 
Dayton, Ohio, Mrs. Lucille Sutherland, in aiding in the preparation of the YEAR BOOK, 
particularly in keeping the lists of appointments and addresses up to date. 


Ministerial Directory 

( Alphabetical ) 

Evangelical United Brethren Ministers 


Calif. California 

Can. Canada 

Dak. Dakota 

Ea. Eastern 

Er. Erie 

Fla. Florida 

111. Illinois 

Ind. No. Indiana (North) 

Ind. So. Indiana (South) 

la. Iowa 

Kan. Kansas 

Ky. Kentucky (Missionary Conference) 

Mich. Michigan 

Minn. Minnesota 

Mo. Missouri 

Mont. Montana 

Neb. Nebraska 

N. Y. New York 

Nw. C. Northwest Canada 

O. Ea. Ohio East 

O. Mi. Ohio Miami 

O. San. Ohio Sandusky 

O. S. E. Ohio Southeast 

Okla.-Tex. Oklahoma-Texas 

Pac. Nw. Pacific Northwest 

R. Mt. Rocky Mountain 

Susq. Susquehanna 

Tenn. Tennessee 

Va. Virginia 

W. Pa. Western Pennsylvania 

W. Va. West Virginia 

Wis. Wisconsin 

Abbey, Donald D. (Ind. No.) 

1023 Elaine Ave., Elkhart, Ind. 46514 
Abbott, Clyde H. (Ind. No.) 

Hemlock, Ind. 46937 
Abbott, Chaplain (Col.) Harry P. (Ind. No.) 

6510 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock, Ark. 
Abdella, Wayne (Minn.) 

Box 38, South Haven, Minn. 55382 
Accola, Harvey (Wis.) 

R. 2, Prairie du Sac. Wis. 53578 
Achor, Homer W. (Ind. So.) 

1910 Mock Ave., Muncie, Ind. 
Ackerman, Peter G. (Dak.) 

Langdon, N. Dak. 58249 
Ackert, Paul H. (W. Pa.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 
Ackley, Owen H. (Okla.-Tex.) 

215 N. Center, Shawnee, Okla. 74801 
Adam, Herald L. (N. W. Can.) 

R. F. D. 1, Box 43, Moweaqua, 111. 62550 
Adams, Charles (O. San.) 

P. O. Box 194, Lakeview, Ohio 43331 
Adams, Floyd A., Jr. (O.S.E.) 

1808 Harrisonville Ave., Portsmouth, Ohio 

Adams. Harry L. (O. San.) 

315 W. Pearl St., Willard, Ohio 44890 
Adams, Kent (O. Mi.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Adams, Leonard O. (Erie) 

R. D. 3, Corry, Pa. 
Adams, P. E. (Ea.) 

6130 N. Fairhill St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120 
Adams, Thomas E. (Ea.) 

Box 211, Hendricks, Pa. 18979 
Adams, W. H. (Wis.) 

1717 EHda St., Janesville, Wis. 53545 
Adams, W. W. (O.S.E.) 

R. R. 2, Sciotoville, Ohio 45664 
Adams, Walter (O. San.) 

126 S. Cherry St., Bryan, Ohio 43506 
Adelmann, L. M. (Minn.) 

Blue Earth, Minn. 

Adelmann, Layen R. (Minn.) 

Box 18, Odessa, Minn. 56276 
Adkins, Ralph (Ind. So.) 

1620 Hoyt Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46203 
Aegerter, Ambrose (O. Mi.) 

1849 Fauver Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45420 
Agne, Joe (111.) 

1179 S. Humphrey St., Oak Park, 111. 60300 
Agnew, Andrew C. (Va.) 

624 Ferdinand Ave. S.W., Roanoke, Va. 

Agnew, Daniel (Va.) 

Lacey Springs, Va. 22833 
Airhart, Robert E. (O. Ea.) 

Beverly, Ky. 40913 
Airhart, Robert E. II (Ky.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 
Airson, William (O.S-E.) 

Box 128, Jacksonville, Ohio 45740 
Akers, Junior (111.) 

Oakley, 111. 62552 
Albee, Edgar F. (Pac. Nw.) 

525 "B" St., Clackamas Heights, Oregon 

City, Ore. 
Albert, Harold E. (Va.) 

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Fla. 

Albertus, Willard (Wis.) 

117 W. Water St., Brillion, Wis. 54110 
Alcorn, David (W. Pa.) 

530 McClintock Ave., Pittsburgh 14, Pa. 
Alderman, Gordon L. (la.) 

147 S. Lowell Blvd., Denver, Colo. 
Aldstadt, Everett H. (O. Mi.) 

Box 38, Clayton, Ohio 
Aleson, Ardell R. (Dak.) 

271 Linden St., Kindred, N. Dak. 58051 
Alexander, George V. (Ea.) 

17 S. Second St., Cressona, Pa. 17929 
Allbee, Lewis (111.) 

27W625 Beecher St., Winfield, 111. 60190 
Allen, Ashton (N. Y.) 

209 Northampton St., Buffalo, N. Y. 14208 


Allen, C. L. (O. Ea.) 

2325 Harborview Blvd., Lorain, Ohio 44052 
Allen, Cecil Charles (R. Mt.) 

Box 193, Berthoud, Colo. 
Allen, James Edward (111.) 

601 Dillman St., Plainfield, 111. 60544 
Allen, Max L. (la.) 

Bar None Ranch, R. 2, Anoka, Minn. 
Allen, Richard 

6536 Portsmouth Drive, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 

Allen, Wilma (Ind. So.) 

6060 Hardegan St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Allison, John P. (Wis.) 

155 Milton St., Lake Mills, Wis. 53551 
Allman, Roy B. (O.S.E.) 

980 Bryden Road, Columbus, Ohio 43205 
Allman, V. H. (O. San.) 

Bayshore Garden, 305 N. Radcliffe PL, Brad- 

enton, Fla. 
Allton, George D. (O.S.E.) 

Carstairs Rd., Rt. 6, Newark, Ohio 43055 
Alnor, Warren K. (W. Pa.) 

119 W. Race St., Somerset, Pa. 
Allton, Morris E. (O. Ea.) 

240 N. Vine St., Westerville, Ohio 
Althouse, Lawrence W. (Ea.) 

12 N. Church St., Mohnton, Pa. 19540 
Alutius, J. F., Jr. (Ea.) 

28 D Arrowhead Rd., Fort Benning, Ga. 
Alvey, William G. (O.S.E-) 

617 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750 
Amacher, A. M. (Can.) 

R. R. 1, Gowanstown, Ont., Can. 
Ames, L. E- (O. San.) 

94 W. Main St., Georgetown, Mass. 
Amore, I. H. (O.S.E-) 

532 S. Seventh St., Coshocton, Ohio 43812 
Amstutz, Rogert (O. San.) 

Box 91, Mt. Corjr Ohio 45817 
Amstutz, Roy (O. Ea.) 

913 Claremont Ave., Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Amy, Ronald (Can.) 

304 Louisa St., Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Amy, William O. (Can.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 
Anderson, C. R. (Neb.) 

Taylor, Neb. 
Anderson, Emmett L. (Ind. No.) 

7911 Sunny Lane, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 46805 
Anderson, Esther L. (Ind. So.) 

10941 62nd Ave., N., Largo, Fla. 
Anderson, George M. (Ind. So.) 

10941 62nd Ave., N., Largo, Fla. 
Anderson. H. C. (Okla.-Tex.) 

1309 18th St. Wichita Falls, Tex. 76301 
Anderson, Joe R. (Okla.Tex.) 

R. 1, East Bernard, Tex. 
Anderson, Ken. (O. Ea.) 

6363 South Grove Rd., Mentor, Ohio 
Anderson, Marvin (Ind. No.) 

R. 1, Box 255, Wanatah, Ind. 46390 
Anderson, Robert (O. Mi.) 

Box 657, Verona, Ohio 
Anderson, Roy J. (Mont.) 

Harlem, Mont. 
Anderson, Wayne (Ind. No.) 

1005 Altgeld, South Bend, Ind. 
Anderson, William O. (W. Pa.) 

362 Fifth St Freedom, Pa. 15042 
Andrews, David H. (Susq.) 

9221 Watson Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 20910 
Andrews, David L. (O. Ea.) 

4532 Cleveland Rd., Wooster, Ohio 44694 
Andrews, Elmer R. (Susq.) 

Thurmont, Md. 21788 
Andrews, Larry (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 1, Decatur, Ind. 
Angel, Bill M. (W. Va.) 

1810 Rayon Dr., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Angevine, Jerry (Er.) 

9550 Clarence Center Rd., Clarence Center. 

N. Y. 
Angle, Kenneth P. (Ind. No.) 

813 N. Walnut, Brazil, Ind. 
Angove, Arthur E. (la.) 

Pontiac, Mich. 

Antrim, E. S. (Wis.) 

Second St., Alma, Wis. 54610 
App, Donald B. (W. Pa.) 

2526 Greenbriar Dr., Dayton 16, Ohio 
Appel, Richard E. (O. Ea.) 

4612 13th St. N.W., Canton, Ohio 44708 
Appleman, Donald K. (Kan.) 

EUB Mission, Moyamba, Sierra Leone, W. 

Archibald, A. Wesley (O. Ea.) 

Caixa Postal 526, Anapolis, Goiaz, Brazil 
Ardell, Gaynell (W. Pa.) 

120 Lyndale, Buffalo 23. N. Y. 
Armbrust, John W. (O. Ea.) 

138 Fourth St., N.E., New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Armentrout, Lewis C., Jr. (Va.) 

R. 2, Box 31, Elkton, Va. 22827 
Armentrout, Lonnie (W. Va.) 

Box 328, R. 2, Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Armold, William D. (Neb.) 

Harvard, Neb. 
Armstrong, Bryce G. (Wis.) 

118 Bond St., Neenah, Wis. 54956 
Armstrong, Raymond (Ind. So.) 

10019 Stonestreet, Valley Station, Ky. 
Armstrong, Thomas (Ea.) 

1520 Moffet St., Hollandale, Fla. 
Arner, A. Allen (O. Ea.) 

R. F. D. 3, Navarre, Ohio 
Arnold, B. S. (O. Ea.) 

3050 Frank Rd., R. 1, Clinton, Ohio 44216 
Arnold, Glen C. (O. San.) 

820 Ridgelawn Ave., Hamilton, Ohio 
Arnold, Walter W. (O. Mi.) 

Box 115, New Madison, Ohio 
Ashcraft. C. E- (Neb.) 

3011 Harvard Blvd., Dayton 6, Ohio 
Ashley, Charles E. (O.S.E-) 

P. O. Box 163, Etna, Ohio 43018 
Askew, Kenneth C. (Mich.) 

41985 Expressway, Belleville, Mich. 
Ater, Milford E. (O. Mi.) 

456 W. Alexanderville-Bellbrook Rd., Dayton, 

Ohio 45459 
Atkins. William F. (Er.) 

29 Crowley Ave., Buffalo 7, N. Y. 
Atteberry, Albert (111.) 

R. F. D. 3, Cisne, 111. 62823 
Atwell, Wayde V. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Conestoga, Pa. 17516 
Auer, Glenn (Calif.) 

6975 Capistrano Way, Riverside, Calif. 
Aughinbaugh, Harry E. (Ea.) 

29 E. Maple St., Cleona, Pa. 17042 
Aungst, Frank C. (Ea.) 

112 Quarry Rd., Hummelstown, Pa. 17036 
Aurand, R. H. (la.) 

436 N. Division, Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Austin^ Donald P. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Cogan Station, Pa. 17728 
Ayres, Carl E- (O. San.) 

30 Warren St., Tiffin, Ohio 44883 
Azbell, B. C. (O.S.E.) 

143 Belvidere Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 

Babcock, Roy Vernon (O. San.) 

215 Stadium Dr., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Baber, E. M. (R. Mt.) 

2229 Birch St., Denver, Colo. 
Babler, Mary K. (O. Ea.) 

151 Harrison St., Magnolia, Ohio 
Babler, O. E. (O. Ea.) 

151 Harrison St., Magnolia, Ohio 44643 
Bach, C. E. (Dak.) 

519 W. Ash St., Lebanon, Ind. 
Bach, Francis J. (W. Pa.) 

R D. 2, Mt. Pleasant. Pa. 
Bachman, Walter E. (Neb.) 

R. F. D., McCool Junction, Neb. 
Backer, Allen H. (Pac. Nw.) 

105 N.E. 143 Ave., Portland, Ore. 97230 
Backer, W. A. (Pac. Nw.) 

1203 N.E. 96th St., Seattle, Wash. 98115 
Bacon, W. B. (Tenn.) 

505 Oakcrest Drive, Knoxville, Tenn. 37912 


Baer Donald E. (O. San.) 

127 E. Lynn, Box 211, Edgerton, Ohio 43517 
Baer, Jeffrey (Ind. So.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Baer, Joel (O. Mi.) 

1020 Bellaire Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45420 
Baer, Robert I,. (Kan.) 

Box 15, Vassar, Kan. 66543 
Baer, Robert Dale (O. San.) 

203 N. High St., Columbus Grove, Ohio 45830 
Bahn, Arlington M. (N. Y.) 

174 Minnesota Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 14214 
Bahr, Clifford L. (Neb.) 

Shickley, Neb. 
Bahrenburg, Henry, Jr. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 76, Bloom City, Wis. 54617 
Bailey, Charles A. (Susq.) 

Mexico, Pa. 17056 
Bailey David P. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Box 126, Etters, Pa. 17319 
Bailey, Earl Jr. (O. Ea.) 

503 Broad St. N.W., Canton, Ohio 44708 
Bailey, Frederick L. (Er.) 

R. D. 4, Titusville, Pa. 
Bailey, Harley F. (Calif.) 

430 Larry Ave., North Salem, Ore. 97303 
Bailey. I. C., Jr. (Susq.) 

42 S. Fourth St., Lewisburg, Pa. 17837 
Bailey. J. C. (Ind. No.) 

70 State St., Hillsdale, Mich. 
Bailey, Miss Kathryn L. (Susq.) 

2363 W. 14th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Bailey, Maurice E. (O.S.E.) 

Box 22, Stoutsville, Ohio 45154 
Bailey, O. M. (Mich.) 

148 Stewart St. S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Bailey, Paul C. (Va.) 

Union Theological Seminary, 3401 Brood Rd 

Richmond, Va. 23227 
Bailey, Paul F. (Mich.) 

647 Park Ave., Piqua, Ohio 45356 

Bailey, P. O. (111.) 

1014 W. Second St., Dixon, 111. 61021 
Bailey, Richard E. (O. Ea.) 

91 West Northwood, Columbus 1, Ohio 
Baker, Donald (O. Mi.) 

6430 Taylorsville Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45424 
Baker, H. Eugene (Va.) 

820 Longstreet Dr., Manassas, Va. 22110 
Baker, Ray M. (la.) 

112 W. 4th St., Boone, la. 55036 
Baker, Robert B. (W. Pa.) 

486 S. Graham Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15232 
Baker, Warren A. (Susq.) 

Sonestown, Pa. 17770 
Baker, Wiley R. (O.S.E.) 

P. O. Box 298, South Webster, Ohio 45682 
Baldwin, William J. (Kan.) 

7th and Kansas, Chanute, Kan. 66720 
Ball, Charles G. (Mich.) 

1141 Northlawn N.E-, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ball, G. B. (Mich.) 

6171 S. Huron River Dr., South Rockwood, 

Mich. 48179 
Ballantyne, V. A., Jr. (Pac. Nw.) 

14317 S.E. Fairoaks Lane, Portland Ore. 

Balm, T. R. (la.) 

Dysart, Iowa 
Balyeat, C. Wayne (O. Ea.) 

3660 Erie Ave., S.W., Massillon, Ohio 44646 
Barb, Donald R. (Kan.) 

R. F. D. 1, Randolph, Kan. 66449 
Barber, Fred W. (Er.) 

R. 1, Bolivar, N. Y. 
Barden, F. M. (Mich.) 

R. 2, South Haven, Mich. 
Bare, Daniel Vernon (O. San.) 

417 Howard Ave., Wauseon, Ohio 43567 
Barkalow, Gale (111.) 

17 E. Lincoln St., Bensenville, 111. 60106 
Barley, Donald R. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Bath, Pa. 18014 

Earner, Fern T. (W. Pa.) 

910 Pine St., Phillipsburg, Pa. 16866 
Earner, J. Kenneth (Susq.) 

20 Chestnut St., Mt. Holly Springs, Pa. 
Barnes, James R. (Wis.) 

Wauzeka, Wis. 53826 
Barnes, Joseph E. (O.S.E.) 

Rt. 3, Box 36. Ironton, Ohio 
Barnes, J. Stanley (O. Ea.) 

2650 Cory Ave., Akron, Ohio 44314 
Barnes, R. G. (Ea.) 

90-33 213th St., Queens Village, L. L, N. Y. 

Barnett, A. L. (W. Pa.) 

Glasgow, Pa. 
Barnette, Kenneth T. (W. Pa.) 

906 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 15131 
Barnette, Sherwood (W. Pa.) 

Marchand, Pa. 
Barr, Russell W. (Ea.) 

821 Combat Support Gp., SAC, Ellsworth 

AFB, S. Dak. 57706 
Barr, Wayne E. (O. Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton 6, Ohio 
Barrett, Leonard E. (Ea.) 

6337 Baynton St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 
Barrick, Charles G. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Sullivan Ohio 44880 
Barrick, Milford D. (Ind. So.) 

587 Wayne Ave., El Cagon, Calif. 
Bartel. Bruce (Wis.) 

1705 S. 82nd St., West Allis, Wis. 53214 
Bartel, John W. (Wis.) 

8700 W. Good Hope Rd., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bartel, Lowell C. (Wis.) 

1684 Lilac Lane, Green Bay, Wis 54302 
Bartel, Nathan N. (Wis.) 

212 llth St., Racine, Wis. 53403 
Bartges, L. W. (Susq.) 

Pennsdale, Pa. 17761 
Bartges, W. A. (Susq.) 

N.W., Washington, D. C. 

411 Rittenhotise St 

Barth, E. H. (Ea.) 

2122 Highland St., West Lawn, Reading, Pa. 

Barth, G. R. (Ea.) 

1514 Clearview Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17601 
Barthel. Benj. (R. Mt.) 

330 E. 16th Ave. Apt. 14, Denver, Colo. 
Barthel, G. F. (Can.) 

162 Union Blvd., Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Bartles. Paul David (Susq.) 

668 Highland Way, Hagerstown, Md. 
Bartlett, Harold T. (O. San.) 

311 E. Madison St., St. Marys, Ohio 45885 
Barto, George W., Ill (Susq.) 

Avis, Pa. 17721 
Bartoe, W. E. (O.S.E.) 

1010 S. New York Ave., Wellston, Ohio 45692 
Barton, Kenneth (O. Ea.) 

Smithville, Ohio 
Bartow, Donald (O. San.) 

5435 303rd Street, Toledo, Ohio 43611 
Bartram, Harvey E. (Mont.) 

11 16th St. N.. Great Falls, Mont. 
Bartsch, C. G. (R. Mt.) 

2671 Ash St., Denver, Colo. 
Bash, J. A., Jr. (Ea.) 

2512 Stanford Ave.. Fort Collins, Colo. 80521 
Bashore, George W. (Ea.) 

1325 Perry St., Reading, Pa. 19604 
Basom, W. E. (Susq.) 

3422 Old Dominion Blvd.. Alexandria, Va. 
Bason, Robert E. W. (Calif.) 

1747 S. Nogales, Rowland Heights, Calif. 

Bassett, Dwaine (Pac. Nw.) 

3307 3rd Ave., W., Seattle, Wash. 98119 
Bassett, Lowell D. (O.S.E.) 

337 Crescent Dr., Hilliard, Ohio 43026 
Bassett, W. C. (Mich.) 

447 Verlinden, Lansing, Mich. 
Batdorf, I. W. (Ea.) 

1504 Burbank Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 


Bate, V. Glenn (O.S.E.) 

530 Byesville Rd., Cambridge, Ohio 43725 
Bateman, Karl C. (Va.) 

Dormstadt American Sclmul A I D 175, New 

York, N. Y. 
Bates, G. R. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Caledonia, Mich. 
Batt, Samuel (111.) 

115 W. Lincoln Ave.. Harrington, 111. onoiu 
Bauer, Carlton (Minn.) 

705 S. Washington Avc., Spring Valley, 

Minn. 55975 
Bauer, Harry I,. (Er.) 

R. D. 3, Williston Road, East Aurora. NYw 

Baughman, W. L., Jr. (Susq.) 

139 E. Front St., Berwick I a. 18603 
Baughman, W. I,., Sr. (Susq ) 

505 W. Franklin St., Hajii-rstuwn, Md 21740 
Bauman, A. C. (Mich.) 

2261 Union Blvd., S.E)., Grand Rapids, Mich 
Bauman, David (Can.) 

Palmer Rapids, Ont., Can. 
Bauman, James (Can.) 

Floradale, Ont., Can. 
Bauman, Kenneth (Can.) 

55 Dorset St., Waterloo, Ont., Can. 
Bauman, M. E. (Mich.) 

1620 Shubel Ave., Lansing, Mich. 48910 
Baumgarner, Robert (O. San.) 

R. 5, Sidney, Ohio 45365 
Baumgartner, I. L. (la.) 

1531 34th St., Des Moines, Iowa 
Baxter, Paul, Sr. (O. Ea.) 

504 S. River St., Newcomerstown, Ohio 
Bayles, Francis M., Jr. (R. Mt.) 

1920 Glennwood Dr., Boulder Colo 
Bayly, E. (N.W. Can.) 

403 E. Mullin Ave., Regina, Sask., Can. 
Bayne, E. J. (Susq.) 

740 S. Royal St., York. Pa. 
Beal, William C., Jr. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 2, Industry, Pa. 15052 
Beal, William C., Sr. (W. Pa.) 

2003 Buttermore Blvd., Connellsville, Pa. 
Beam, Donald (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Beam, H. Wayne (W. Pa.) 

330 Edgewood Ave., Trafford, Pa. 15085 
Beamesderfer, Cornwell (Ea.) 

142 Woodside Rd., Lancaster, Pa. 17601 
Beamesderfer, Harold E. (Ea.) 

340 S. 8th St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Beamesderfer, Lloyd E. (Ea.) 

Dauphin County Home and Hospital, Harris- 
burg, Pa. 17101 
Bean, Robert (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Hazleton, Ind. 
Beanblossom, O. A. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Petersburg, Ind. 
Bear, Joseph F. (Ind. No.) 

R. 1, Box 325, Syracuse, Ind. 46567 
Beard, W. O. (111.) 

2507 S. 7th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 47801 
Beavers, Marvin E. (O.S.E.) 

184 Glencoe Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43214 
Bechtel, James A. (Can.) 

R. R. 2, Selkirk, Ontario, Can. 
Bechtle, Robert (Dak.) 

Goodrich, N. Dak. 58444 
Beck, J. Franklin (O. Ea.) 

164 S. Union St., Akron, Ohio 44304 
Beck, John M. (N. Y.) 

515 Broadway Ave., Oneida, N. Y. 13421 
Beck, Larry J. (O. San.) 

790 Sixth St., Findlay, Ohio 
Becker, Clinton (Minn.) 

305 Union Ave., N., Fergus Falls Minn. 

Becker, F. (Nw. C.) 

Holden, Alberta, Can. 
Becker, J. G. (Ea.) 

50 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N. Y. 10017 
Beckman, A. S. (la.) 

Western Home, Cedar Falls, Iowa 

Beckman, P. H. (la.) 

620 Elm Ave., Story City, la. 
Becktel, Russell G. (Ea.) 

239 Spruce St., Middletown, I a. 17507 
Kede, Philip E. (Neb.) 

7940 Reno Rd., Lincoln Neb. 
Redwell, Raymond (Ind. So.) 

1008 Duke Ave., Columbia, S. Car. 
Beede, Harold R. (Ea.) 

20 Yale Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 01880 
Beedle, Fred (Ind. So.) 

Box 162, Montgomery, Ind. 
Beers, M. C. (Mich.) 

9135 Ashdown St., R. 3, Union Lake, Mich. 
Beery, John (Pac. Nw.) 

3603 Englewood Ave., Yakima, Wash. 
Begg, Wendell R. (la.) 

Fleet ASW School, San Diego 47. Calif. 
Behney, J. Bruce (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Beistline. Ronald J. (Ea.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Beittel, C. R. (Ea.) 

3312 N. 4th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17110 
Belknap, G. A. (Mich.) 

2102 Francis Street, Jackson, Mich. 49203 
Bell, Gerald Elwin (O. San.) 

Box 45, Burgoon, Ohio 43407 
Bell, Keith A. (Pac. Nw.) 

Malone College, Canton, Ohio 
Bell, Ray Lee (R. Mt.) 

Pedra de Guaratiba, G. B., Brazil, S. A. 
Bell, Woodrow (O.S.E.) 

147 S. State St., Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Bellus, Chas. W. (la.) 

4531 67th St., Sacramento, Calif. 95820 
Beman, Larry (N. Y.) 

1804 Woodard Rd., Webster. N. Y. 14580 
Bemesderfer, James O., Sr. (Ea.) 

R. 1 Ridge Rd., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Bender, A. W. (W. Pa.) 

Knox, Pa. 
Bender, Brian S. (Can.) 

Zion Church, Weber St., Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Bender, Charles A. (Wis.) 

3721 Hillcrest Dr., Madison, Wis. 53705 
Bender, Earl W. (O.S.E.) 

91 E. Columbus St., Canal Winchester, Ohio 

Bender, Gordon R. (Wis.) 

5555 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. 53216 
Benedict, Ellsworth A. (Calif.) 

10262 S. Colima Road, Whittier, Calif. 90604 
Benfer, K. L. (Susq.) 

258 E. Market St., York, Pa. 
Benner, M. G. (111.) 

310 N. Central Ave., Casey, 111. 62420 
Bennetch, Frederick E. (Ea.) 

314 Center St., Shamokin, Pa. 17872 
Bennett, H. E. (Pac. N.W.) 

7800 Stone N., Seattle, Wash. 98103 
Bennett, Joree C. (Neb.) 

Scotia, Neb. 
Bennett, Robert D. (Pac. Nw.) 

15319 La Crescenta Way, S.E., Portland, 

Ore. 97222 
Bennett, Talbert N. (W. Va.) 

82 S. Kanawha St., Buckhannon, W. Va. 
Benoy, Thomas (Dak.) 

Great Bend, N. Dak. 
Benson, L. H. (W. Pa.) 

29*/ 3 Brockway St., Box 443, Greenville, Pa. 
Benton, G. I. (Kan.) 

1614 Locust St., St. Joseph, Mo. 64501 
Benton, Richard (Kan.) 

810 Church St., Endora, Kan. 
Benton, Thomas H. (111.) 

524 S. McGregor St., Bloomington, 111. 61701 
Beougher, William C. (O.S.E.) 

R. 1, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 
Berg, Bruce E. (Wis.) 

Box 386, Walworth, Wis. 53184 
Berg, Roy W. (Wis.) 

778 Elm St., Neenah, Wis. 
Berger, Daniel H. (Neb.) 

Clay Center, Neb. 


Berger, Hilbert J. (Ind. No.) 

6543 Jefferson Ave., Hammond, Ind. 46324 
Berger, John N. (Wis.) 

1813 6th Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Berger, Mario N. (Wis.) 

760 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45405 
Bergesen, Monrad M. (Calif.) 

4552 N. San Antonio Way, Claremont, Calif. 
Bergland, Clifford M. (Dak.) 

Lehr, N. D. 
Bergland, Clifford M., Jr. (Dak.) 

Lehr, N. Dak. 58460 
Bergland, James W. (O. Mi.) 

Apt. 5-C, 49 Claremont Ave., New York 27, 

N. Y. 
Bergland, John K. (O. Mi.) 108 Stanton Court W.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 

3121 Wilmington Ave., Kettering, Ohio 45429 Bishop, Roger L. (O.S-E.) 

Bingman, S. F. (Susq.) 

Richfield, Pa. 17086 
Birdsall, C. Lee (Mont.) 

Beach, N. Dak. 
Bischoff, J. V. (111.) 

361 E. Cyprus Ave., Burbank, Calif. 91500 
Bischoff, John W. (111.) 

Beverly, Kentucky 40913 
Bishop, Bruce H. (W. Pa.) 

705 Dorey St., Clearfield, Pa. 16830 
Bishop, Gerald O. (W. Pa.) 

Box 363, R. D. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 15904 


Bishop, J. Byron (W. Pa.) 

1319 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 
Bishop, K. M. (W. Pa.) 

Bergland, Mildred E. (Mont.) 

415 32nd St., N., Great Falls, Mont. 
Bergland, P. C. (Wis.) 

3047 S. Superior, Milwaukee, Wis. 53207 
Bergman, Lynn A. (Er.) 

4 S. Marion St., Warren, Pa. 
Bergman, P. K. (Ea.) 

501 E. Bridge St., Weissport, Pa. 17885 
Bergstresser, C. S. (Pac. Nw.) 

200 S. 9th Ave., Kelso, Wash. 
Bergstresser, Gail (O. Ea.) 

1724 Krumroy Rd., Akron, Ohio 44312 
Bergstresser, L. R. (Ea.) 

1625 Perkiomen Avenue, Reading, Pa. 19602 
Berisford, Martin, Jr. (W. Va.) 

Box 327, New Haven, W. Va. 
Berkebile, Melvin (O. San.) 

R. R. 4, Box 25, Swanton, Ohio 43558 
Berkebile, Robert (W. Pa.) 

67 Barnette St., Brookville, Pa. 
Berkompas, Elwood V. (Mich.) 

207 W. Third St., Monroe, Mich. 48161 
Bernhardt, Hugo A. (Wis.) 

R. 2, Greenleaf, Wis. 54126 
Bernhardt, Otto J. (Kan.) 

816 S. Emporia St., El Dorado, Kan. 67042 
Berreth, E. J. (Dak.) 

806 8th Street, Eureka, S. Dak. 57437 
Berry, Byron V. (Er.) 

R. 2, Cuba, N. Y. 
Berry, Clarence T. (O. Ea.) 

613 17th Street, N.W., Canton, Ohio 
Berry, George M. (111.) 

R. F. D. 3, Box 138, Cherokee, la. 51012 
Best, Milford (111.) 

411 Hilldale, Washington, 111. 61571 
Betts, R. E. (Mich.) 

4454 Ale St., Cass City, Mich. 48726 
Beuerman, A. (la.) 

210 W. Ninth St., Maryville, Mo. 
Bevis, N. D. (O. San.) 

405 N. Laura St., Payne, Ohio 
Beward, C. L. (O. Ea.) 

2989 Greenleaf Dr., Akron, Ohio 44312 
Bickhart, Ronald L. (Ea.) 

79 E. Pine Street, Ephrata, Pa. 17522 
Bickel, Charles O. (Kan.) 

6004 The Paseo, Kansas City 10. Mo. 
Biddle, H. Glenn (O.S.E.) 

267 Locust St., Jackson, Ohio 45640 
Biddle, Lehr W. (Kan.) 

116 S. Park, Parsons, Kan. 
Biederman, Harold R. (Minn.) 

Box 156, Grey Eagle, Minn. 56336 
Biely, Alden G. (Ea.) 

421 E. Walnut St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Bigelow, J. Vaughn (O. San.) 

411 Krotzer, Box 157, Luckey, Ohio 43443 
Biggs, George (W. Pa.) 

109 Homestead Ave., Johnstown Pa 15902 
Bigler. Clarence (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 162, Marion, Wis. 54950 
Bigler, Edward E. (Susq.) 

15 W. Simpson St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 
Biglow, Terence Max (O. Ea.) 

147 King St., Lancaster, Ohio 43130 
Bitzer, C. R. (Ind. No.) 

R. 3, Lincolnway W., Ligonier, Ind. 46767 
Bjork, Raymond A. (Ky.) 

R. F. D. 1, Box 127, Prophetstown, 111. 61277 
Black, Galen (O. Ea.) 

New Springfield, Ohio 
Black, Glen (W. Va.) 

P. O. Box 375, Riverton, W. Va. 26814 
Black, Leo (W. Va.) 

Box 416, Bigler, Pa. 
Black, Walter D. (Er.) 

7 Lafayette St., Frewsburg, N. Y. 
Blackburn, B. W. (Wis.) 

R. 1, LaFarge, Wis. 54639 
Blair, G. Bryan (W. Va.) 

914 Chester Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 
Blakely, Harold F. (Mich.) 

2015 S. Bay Port Rd., Bay Port, Mich. 
Blank, Richard G. (Ea.) 

Southern Methodist Church, Turbelille, S. C. 

Blank, Robert (W. Pa.) 

Box 17, Arona, Pa. 
Blatt, W. C. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Phoenixville, Pa. 19460 
Bletscher, David W. (Kan.) 

1810 Morton St., Falls City, Neb. 68355 
Bletscher, Donald H. (Kan.) 

202 W. Hyde Pk., St. Joseph, Mo. 64504 
Bletscher, Robert D. (Pac. Nw.) 

6323 S.E. 92nd Ave., Portland, Ore. 97266 
Slimline, F. E. (HI.) 

Argenta, 111. 62501 
Blinn, Paul H. (Kan.) 

11842 Timmy Lane, Garden Grove, Calif. 
Block, Franklin J. (Wis.) 

507 S. Main St., Seymour, Wis. 54165 
Block, Herman A. (Wis.) 

4241 N. 44th Place, Apt. 229, Milwaukee, 

Wis. 53216 
Bloede, Louis W. (Wis.) 

15 S. Wright St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Bloom, James M. (O. Ea.) 

460 Madison Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44320 
Blouch, H. R. (Ea.) 

1502 N. 15th St., Reading, Pa. 19604 
Bloy, Wilmer T. (Wis.) 

1108 Superior St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Blubaugh, B. F. (Susq.) 

2241 Southland Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21207 
Blum, G. H. (Wis.) 

903 W. Oklahoma St., Appleton, Wis. 54912 
Blumer, Boyd A. (Dak.) 

Clear Lake, S. D. 57226 
Boardman, Edwin (O. Ea.) 

423 Broad St., Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Bobrowski, Waldemar (Nw. C.) 

R. R. 2, Jamestown, Ky. 42629 
Bobst, I. J. (Ea.) 

8401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120 
Bock, H. H. (Nw. C.) 

211 Edmond Heights, Saskatoon, Sask., Can. 

3976 Faircrest St., S.W., Canton, Ohio 44706 Bodkin, Hartzell (W. Va.) 

1 TN 1 TT ./* 1 \. CC "\T O* C-1 tlT 

Binder, Daniel F. (Mich.) 

Fairgrove, Mich. 
Bingaman, A. L. (Mich.) 

511 Hemlock St., Evart, Mich. 

55 Moore St., Salem, W. Va. 
Boehlke, Raymond (Minn.) 

4413 Oakland Ave., So., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Boehringer, E- F. (Kan.) 

307 S. Grove St., Yates Center, Kan. 
Boehringer, Vernon J. (Kan.) 

Lucas, Kan. 67648 
Boelter, F. W. (Calif.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Boepple, J. T. (Ea.) 

2121 Westfield Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21214 
Boettcher, Arthur O. (Wis.) 

160 Fair St., Juneau, Wis. 53039 
Boettcher, Kenneth (Wis.) 

Egg Harbor, Wis. 54209 
Boettcher, Robert A. (Wis.) 

501 Grand Aye., Port Washington, Wis. 53074 
Bohnsack^ Benjamin (Mich.) 

2820 German Rd., Columbiaville, Mich. 
Bohr, A. (Nw. C.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Boilesen, Lester A. (Neb.) 

728 South F, Broken Bow, Neb. 
Bole, Melvin D. (Susq.) 

Eastern Blvd. at Mill St., York, Pa. 17402 
Boles, David (Fla.) 

2221 Loch Lomond, Winter Park, Fla. 
Boles, Hubert A. (W. Pa.) 

Box 52, Flat Rock, Ohio 
Bolinger, Fred H. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Pimento, Ind. 
Bomberger, C. Grant (Can.) 

R. R. 2, Waterloo, Ont., Can. 
Bond, Glenn Richard (Ind. So.) 

522 College St., Oakland City, Ind. 
Bond, Harold J. (Ind. No.) 

1401 N. 3rd St., Logansport, Ind. 46947 
Bondurant, Wayne (Mont.) 

Annapolis, Goiaz, Brazil 
Bonecutter, Maurice (Ind. No.) 

McCurdy s School, Santa Cruz, New Mexico 
Bonewitz, Robert H. (Ind. No.) 

Box 63, Linn Grove, Ind. 46769 
Bonney, Richard L. (Wis.) 

605 Madison Ave., P. 0. Box 196, Cascade, 

Wis. 53011 
Bontrager, G. DeWayne (Ind. No.) 

54304 Maple Lane, South Bend, Indiana 44635 
Book, Rea (O. San.) 

Box 411, Attica, Ohio 44807 
Boom, Donald C. (la.) 

608 E. North Broadway, Apt. C, Lombard, 

111. 60148 
Boom, Elmer C. (la.) 

1010 30th St. N.E-, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Bommershine, Thomas E. (O. Mi.) 

Union Theological Seminary, New York City, 

N. Y. 
Booth, Anthony O Dell (W. Va.) 

Tunnelton, W. Va. 
Borchers, C. H. (Kan.) 

Earlton, Kan. 66731 
Bose, Kenneth Ray (Ind. So.) 

216 Seminary St., Liberty, Ind. 
Bosserman, Roy E. (Wis.) 

617 E. Grant Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 
Bosshardt, David (Minn.) 

224 N. Loomis St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Bosshardt, Floyd E. (Minn.) 

2310 Taft St., N.E-, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Bosshardt, Paul (Minn.) 

2310 Taft St., N.E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Boston, W. T. (la.) 

2122 Pine St., Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Bosworth, Burton B. (Ea.) 

P. O. Box 175, Cohawkin Rd., Clarksboro, 

N. J. 08020 
Bosworth, Elmer (Ind. So.) 

Box 474, 4830 State Rd. 64, New Albany, 

Bott, E. J. (Mont.) 

Circle, Mont. 
Bott, LeRoy A. (Kan.) 

1328 Lotus, Wichita, Kan. 67213 
Bouldin. John R. (111.) 

635 Second Avenue, Dixon, 111. 61021 


Bouldin, Lawrence M. (111.) 

27 N. Sleight St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Bourquin, David R. (O. San.) 

213 N. High St., Columbus Grove, Ohio 458 jO 
Boutelle, Gerald (Minn.) 

Westmar College, LeMars, la. 
Bower, Dale V. (Susq.) 

Evergreen Road, Mounted Route, New Cum 
berland Pa. 17070 
Bower, H. Marvin (Kan.) 

Toronto, Kan. 66777 
Bower, Harold F. (O.S.E.) 

1416 Chesterton Sq., N., Columbus, Ohio 

Bower, K. I. (Susq.) 

118 Lower Market St., Milton, Pa. 17847 
Bowers, Herbert H. (Ea.) 

2601 N. 4th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 
Bowers, Robert S. (Dak.) 

3386 48th Ave. N.E-, Salem, Ore. 
Bowers, Theodore R. (W. Pa.) 

Box 147, Orbisonia, Pa. 
Bowers, Walter G. (Ea.) 

2228 N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17101 
Bowers, William M. (O. San.) 

120 E. Main St., Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431 
Bowersox, Ronald E. (Susq.) 

123 W. Linn St., Bellefonte, Pa. 16823 
Bowland, Hugh (O. San.) 

Box 71, Bettsville, Ohio 44815 
Bowman, Charles M. (O.S.E.) 

188 Cornell Ct., Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Bowman, F. M. (O. San.) 

2908 Letchworth Pkwy., Toledo 6, Ohio 
Bowman, Lee G. (Va.) 

Pleasant Valley, Va. 22848 
Bowman, Lloyd S. (Va.) 

R. 2, Box 242-A, Halifax, Pa. 17032 
Bowman, Ralph E. (Ind. So.) 

1031 N. 10th St., Vincennes, Ind. 
Bowman, Thomas (Ind. No.) 

2131 E. Hanna Apt. A-l, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Boyd, John (O. Mi.) 

22 Sycamore St., Union City, Ind. 
Boyd, T. Y. (Tenn.) 

2811 Fairview Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 37917 
Boyer, Gerald S. (N. Y.) 

Box 215, West Sand Lake, N. Y. 12196 
Boyer, Raymond P. (Neb.) 

Dawson, Neb. 
Boyer, W. C. (Ea.) 

473^ N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19141 
Boyer, W. S. (Ea.) 

1246 Chestnut St.. Reading, Pa. 19602 
Boyle, Mary P. (Ind. So.) 

2905 S. 4th, Terre Haute, Ind. 
Braden, Ernest F. (O. San.) 

225 E. Perry St., Walbridge, Ohio 43465 
Bradford, Charles (O.S.E.) 

205 W. Market, Rockford, Ohio 45882 
Bradford, Ernest F. (O.S.E.) 

Carroll, Ohio 43112 
Bradford, Orla E. (O.S.E.) 

4819 York Rd., South Bend, Ind. 44614 
Bradley, David I. (Mont.) 

4312 Old Salem Rd., Englewood, Ohio 
Brady, Borden (W. Va.) 

98 Lock St., Nitro, W. Va. 
Brady, G. Bland (W. Va.) 

1310 N. 19th St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Brady, H. A. (Dak.) 

Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa 
Brady, Harold E. (Dak.) 

Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa 
Brady, Troy R. (Fla.) 

1505 29th St. W., Bradenton, Fla. 
Bragg, Edsil (W. Va.) 

Box 403, Eleanor, W. Va. 
Bragg, Emerson D. (O. Mi.) 

1516 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Brammer, Clyde, Jr. (W. Va.) 

R. 1, Box 241A, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Brandauer, Frederick P. (Ea.) 

c/o Church of Christ in China, Morrison 
Memorial Bldg., 191 Prince Edward Rd., 
Kowloon, Hong Kong 


Brandauer, F. W. (Ea.) 

Sekolah Theologia, Box 140, Makassar, In 
Brandenburg, Calvin C. (Ind. So.) 

416 N. Main St., Dunkirk, Ind. 
Brandenburg, E. Craig (Ind. So.) 

1367 Catalpa Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Brandenburg, W. S. (Ind. So.) 

613 Farquar Ave., Corydon, Ind. 
Brandenstein, Robert (N Y.) 

128 W. Walworth Rd., Macedon, N. Y. 14502 
Brandstetter, A. L. (R. Mt.) 

Santa Cruz, New Mex. 
Brandt, D. D. (Susq.) 

E. Trindle Rd., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 
Brandt, G. W. (N.W. Can.) 

Hilda, Alberta, Can. 
Brandyberry, Abraham L. (O. Ea.) 

2521 12th St. N.W., Canton, Ohio 44708 
Brandyberry, S.W. (O. San.) 

Box 18, Old Fort, Ohio 44861 
Brannan, H. A. (Mich.) 

314 Center St., Box 573, Coleman, Mich. 

Branson, J. Erwin (Kan.) 

1022 Buchanan St., Plainfield, Ind. 
Brant, Walter R. (Kan.) 

1600 Rush, Salina, Kan. 67401 
Braun, Martin G. (Neb.) 

Shelby, Neb. 
Bray, James F. (W. Pa.) 

Box 53, Brush Valley, Pa. 15720 
Breaw, Floyd (Dak.) 

Streeter, N. Dak. 58483 
Breaw, O. R. (Neb.) 

R. 3, Cedar Falls, la. 
Brecheisen, James F,. (Calif.) 

14601 Terra Bella St., Pacoima, Calif. 91332 
Bredemeier, C. W. A. (Fla.) 

P. O. Box 288, Crystal Beach, Fla. 
Bredesen, Howard (Minn.) 

224 N. Loomis, Naperville, 111. 
Bredthauer, D. D. (Neb.) 

Marquette, Neb. 
Breese, Robert (O. San.) 

105 Crystal Ave., Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050 
Brett, Leland I,. (Ind. So.) 

1509 S. Belmont St., Indianapolis, Ind 46221 
Brett, William F,. (Ind. So.) 

2318 S. 7th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 47802 
Brice, David (Wis.) 

408 N. Main St., Lake Mills, Wis. 53551 
Brice, Kenneth F. (Wis.) 

241 E. Union St., Richland Center, Wis. 

Brice, Mrs. K. F. (Wis.) 

241 E. Union St., Richland Center, Wis. 

Bridgers, Robert L. (Va.) 

166 W. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 
Brieher, William (Dak.) 

Box 23, Butler, S. D. 57222 
Brill, R. L. (Fla.) 

5995 43rd Terrace N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Brininger, H. L. (Susq.) 

4-25 Lyncrest Ave., Fair Lawn, N. J. 
Brinker, Luke J. (Susq.) 

Penn s Creek, Pa. 17862 
Brinkhoff, Harlan F. (R. Mt.) 

1900 Ford St., Golden, Colo. 
Britcher, John C. (Susq.) 

18 E. Salisbury St., Williamsport, Md. 21795 
Brock, W. Kermit (Ind. No.) 

Chaplain (Captain U.S.A.), H.Q., Berlin 

Brigade, B.P.O. New York, N Y. 09742 
Brookens, H. D. (Mich.) 

R. 4, Fremont, Mich. 
Brooks, Frederick Ray (111.) 

P. O. Box 98, Westfield, 111. 62474 
Brooks, Henry W. (O. San.) 

1818 S. Malvern Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Brooks, Kenneth L. (111.) 

15101 Grant, Dolton, 111. 60419 
Brose, D. F. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 1, Box 29, Canby, Ore. 98013 
Brotton, Roy (Kan.) 

R. F. D. 2, Osborne, Kan. 67473 

Browe, Raymond H. (Wis.) 

318 W. 12th Ave., Menomonic, Wis. 54751 
Brown, Alan S. (Ea.) 

117 E. Clay St., Lancaster, Pa. 17602 
Brown, Arthur H. (Nw. C.) 

Hanna Alberta, Can. 
Brown, C. Robert (Kan.) 

119 E. 6th St., Hutchinson, Kan. 67051 
Brown, Charles F. (Ea.) 

112-14 107th Ave., New York N. Y. 11419 
Brown, Eldon L. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 3, Attica, Ind. 
Brown, Fred V. (O.S.E.) 

1316 Cole s Blvd., Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 
Brown, Harley D. (O. Mi.) 

208 Bruce St., Eaton, Ohio 
Brown, Harold S. (O. Mi.) 

3106 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45429 
Brown, J. Oscar (Kan.) 

Edmond, Kan. 
Brown, Kenneth E. (O.S.E.) 

Box 91, E. Main St., Corning, Ohio 43730 
Brown, Lawrence A. (Wis.) 

Caixa Postal 154, Ceres, Goias, Brazil 
Brown, Lewis D. (R. Mt.) 

Ojo Calienta, New Mexico 
Brown, Lowell (Kan.) 

1909 N. 24th, Springfield, 111. 
Brown, Paul R. (O.S.E.) 

255 Hillcrest, N., Billiard, Ohio 43026 
Brown, Percy D. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 
Brown, R. R. D. (O. Ea.) 

136 Corinne St., S.W., Grand Rapids 7, Mich. 
Brown, Richard E. (R. Mt.) 

c/o L. Brown, 2015 Tesla Drive, Colorado 

Springs, Colo. 
Brown, Thomas A. (Calif.) 

5142 Highland View Ave., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90041 
Brown, Virgil A. (Pac. Nw.) 

1009 E. 12th St., The Dalles Ore 
Brown, Willard F. (Ind. So.) 

1224 Castle Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Brown, Wilmer N. (Pac. Nw.) 

300 First Street, Lake Oswego, Oregon 
Brown, William J. (Kan.) 

Athol, Kan. 
Brown, W. T. (Can.) 

Hanover, Ontario, Can. 
Brownfield, Ralph W. (W. Pa.) 

1714 Baumgardner Ave., Windber, Pa 15963 
Brownlee, R. Wallace (Pac. Nw.) 

62 Nishi-Yayoi-cho, Tomakomai, Hokkaido, 

Brox, Howard L. (Can.) 

42 Central St., Waterloo, Ontario, Can. 
Bruchs, Henry (Kan.) 

Lost Springs, Kan. 
Bruening, James R. (R. Mt.) 

P. O. Box 160, Espanola, N. Mex. 
Brumagin, Harold R. (Er.) 

St. Paul s Meth. Church, 1800 S. C. St., 

Oxnar, Calif. 
Brumbaugh, T. A. (O. Ea.) 

R. 1, Box 17, Phalanx Station, Ohio 
Brunemeier, E. H. (Calif.) 

1128 N. Kraemer Ave., Placentia, Calif. 92670 
Bruns, Robert W. (Til.) 

5936 Tokiwa Che, Mito City, Ibarakikcn, 

Bruso, Earl J. (111.) 

1200 Calista St., Kankakee, 111. 60901 
Brust. Emil M. (Nw. C.) 

9816 81st Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
Brvan, Bill L. (111.) 

R. F. D. 1, Sterling, 111. 61081 
Brvant, Raymond (Pac. Nw.) 

Harrington, Wash. 
Bryce, Bruce E. (W. Pa.) 

435 Bon Aire St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15210 
Bubel, Albert E. (Ea.) 

R. D. 4, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360 
Buch, Oscar K. (Ea.) 

43 S. Penn St., Manheim, Pa. 17545 
Buchanan, Richard L. (Ind. So.) 

1907 N. Drexel, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Buck, H. M., Jr. (Susq.) 

Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa 

Buckley, Howard W. (O.S.K.) 

53 S. Powell Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204 

Buckley, Louis R. (Pac. Nw.) 
Plummer, Idaho 

Budke, Ezra (Minn.) 

122 W. Franklin, Minneapolis, Minn. 55404 
Budke, Melvyn R. (Minn.) 

110 South Mill, Waterville, Minn. 56096 
Buller, Bruce (Minn.) 

708 6th Street, S., St. Cloud, Minn. 56301 
Buller, William H. (Minn.) 

307 2nd Ave. N.W., Kasson, Minn. 55944 
Bullock, Robert G. (O. Mi.) 

P. O. Box 102, Rosewood, Ohio 
Bulson, Leo (Tenn.) 

Oceola, Ohio 44860 
Bumgarner, Donald V. (Kan.) 

109 W. First, Newton, Kan. 67114 
Bumgarner, Robert R. (O. San.) 

R. R. 5, Sidney, Ohio 45365 
Bundy, Lyle S. (Susq.) 

1429 Memorial Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 
Bungard. B. F. (W. Pa.) 

130 Violet St Johnstown, Pa. 
Bunnel, Paul (O Mi.) 

311 Millville Oxford Rd., Hamilton, Ohio 
Bunnell, Richard (Ind. No.) 

Box 187, Porter, Indiana 46369 
Burbick, Leslie (O. Ea.) 

R. 3, Cortland, Ohio 44410 
Burch, Keith W. (Ind. No.) 

519 S. Sixth St., Vincennes, Ind. 
Burch, Keith W. (ind. N.) 

123 W. Main Street, Butler, Indiana 46721 
Burden, Mark (O. San.) 

125 W. Main Street, Box 92, Vanlue, Ohio 

Burdick, Harold A. (Er.) 

688 S. Kendall Ave., Bradford, Pa. 
Burdick, James F. (Er.) 

7209 Rapids Rd., Lockport, N. Y. 
Burdine, Richard T. (Calif.) 

10309 Tabor Street, LOS Angeles, Calif. 90034 
Burge, Homer F. (W. Va.) 

Middlebourne, W. Va. 
Burgert, Chester O. (Kan.) 

514 Old Main, Newton, Kan. 67114 
Burgess, A. Elaine (Tenn.) 

2812 Fairview Ave., Knoxville. Tenn. 37917 
Burgess. Harold R. (W. Pa.) 

106 Coldren St., Johnstown, Pa. 15904 
Burgett, Gordon S. (Susq.) 

Rising City, Neb. 
Burkart, H. J. (Nw. C.) 

Lipton, Sask., Can. 
Burke, Phillip H., Jr. (111.) 

2317 W. Wilson Ave., Granite City, 111. 62042 
Burkel, Oscar A. (W. Pa.) 

411 Braddock Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15221 
Burkett, John (O. San.) 

Poston, Ariz. 
Burkett, Raymond S. (Mich.) 

20375 Melrose, Southfield. Mich. 48076 
Burkhardt, J. M. (Wis.) 

R. 2, Thiensville. Wis. 53092 
Burkhart, D. L. (Ea.) 

207 W. Lincoln St., Easton, Pa. 18042 
Burkhart. Donald S. (Susq.) 

Mont Alto, Pa. 17237 
Burkhart, J. Paul (Susq.) 

103 E. Ridge St., Carlisle, Pa. 
Burkhart. Lowell E. (R. MM 

701 Colorado Bids?.. 1615 California St. 

Denver, Colo. 
Burkhart. Robert G. (III.) 

1653 W. School, Chicago, 111. 60657 
Burley, Max F. (Neb.) 

R. F. D. 1, Canton, 111. 61520 
Burns, C. B. (O.S.E-) 

R. 1, Amanda, Ohio 43102 
Burr. Blair (Va.) 

Box 384, Riverton, W. Va. 26814 

Bursack, G. L. (Wis.) 

468 Lawrence St., R. 1, Westficld, Wis. 

Burtner, Elmer Edwin (O. Mi.) 

2536 Malvern Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Burtner, Roger E. (Susq.) 

Kano, N. Nigeria, West Africa 
Busacca, Dwight S. (Wis.) 

3480 S. 52nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53219 
Bush, David L. (O. San.) 

525 W. Lima Ave., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Bushee, William H. (Ind. No.) 

121 S. 4th, Decatur, Ind. 46733 
Bushee, Mrs. William (Ind. No.) 

121 S. 4th, Decatur, Ind. 46733 
Buss, Gaylord (N. W. Can.) 

R. F. D. 1, Box 110, Assumption, 111. 62510 
Buss, H. E. (la.) 

Zearing, Iowa 
Buswell, Robert C. (O. Ea.) 

5731 Middlebranch Rd., N.E., Canton, Ohio 

Butler, Lloyd (Ind. So.) 

Star Route, Shoals, Ind 
Butler, Norman E. (Susq.) 

Box 197, Wellsville, Pa. 
Butler, Norman L. (W. Va.) 

2020 17th St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Butschat, William (Calif.) 

120 So. Washington Ave., Lodi, Calif. 
Butt, H. W. (Ea.) 

801 N. President Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17603 
Butt, Wendell (O. Mi.) 

Box 108, W. Manchester, Ohio 
Butterbaugh, Carl R. (O.S.E.) 

347 Markison Axe., Columbus. Ohio 43207 
Buttermore, V. C. (Kan.) 

206 E. Mary, Yates Center, Kan. 66783 
Buwalda, Dennis G. (Ind. So.) 

221 Floral Ave., Portland, Ind. 
Buwalda, Herbert J., Sr. (Mich.) 

514 Grand St., Hastings, Mich. 49059 
Buxton, Leonard S. (Ea.) 

102 Salem Hill Rd., Lakewood, N. J. 08701 
Buxton, Robert I. (Ea.) 

405 N. 36th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17101 
Buxton, Sidney E. (Ea.) 

1311 Nevada St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 
Buzzard, T. R. (Pac. Nw.) 

1425 Windsor Dr.. Gladstone, Ore. 97027 
Byard, Paul (Ind. So.) 

R. 3, North Vernon, Ind. 
Bvrd. Cecil E. (Ind. So.) 

New Middletown, Ind. 
Byrum, William J., Jr. (Ind. So.) 

Box 96, Mackey, Ind. 
Byrum, William J., Sr. (Ind. So.) 

Box 76, Central, Ind. 
Byrum, Gordon L. (Ind. So.) 

Maple Grove Camp, R. R. 1, Huntingburg, 

Cain, B. H. (Ind. No.) 

621 Columbia St., Warsaw. Indiana 
Cain, Walter J., Jr. (W. Va.) 

R. 1, Box 123, Piqua. Ohio 
Cain. Walter J., Sr. (W. Va.) 
. Va. 

Burris, Clinton E. (O. Mi.) 

1542 Crystal Lake Dr., Lakeland. Fla. 

Salem, W. 
Caldwell. A. R. (Neb.) 

R. 2, York. Xeb. 
Calkins. Glenn C. (Susq.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd.. Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Callihan, Robert G. (W. Pa.) 

Hollsopple, Pa. 
Camp, Guy W. A., Jr. (Susq.) 

1810 Harvard Bid.. Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Campbell, Basil R. (O. San.) 

6607 Greene St., Chestnut Hill Academy, 

Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
Campbell, Carus L. (W. Va.) 

Star Route, Lesage, W. Va. 
Campbell Donald (111.) 

230 S. 15th St., Mt. Vernon, 111. 


Campbell, George P. (W. Va.) 

Box 189, c/o Floyd Sudduth, N. Lewisburgr, 

Campbell, J. E. (Ind. No.) 

Box 296, Mulberry, Ind. 
Campbell, John R. (W. Va.) 

212 D St., S. Charleston, W. Va. 
Campbell, Price W. (O. San.) 

1745 S. Eighth St., Columbus 7, Ohio 
Campbell, R. C. (Mich.) ( 

Box 6, Santa Cruz E-U.B. Church, Santa 

Cruz, N. Mex. 
Campbell, Raymond E. (Va.) 

Churchville, Va. 24421 
Campbell, W. H. (Can.) 

Selkirk, Ont., Can. 
Cannon, M. B. (Neb.) 

R. 4, Albany, Ore. 
Caplinger, Ernest B. (Va.) 

3766 W. 39th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44100 
Carder, O. H. (W. Va.) 

Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. 
Carey, Robert E. (Ind. So.) 

Saratoga, Ind. 
Carl, Larry D. (Ea.) 

257 Morgan Street, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 

Carlsen, Fredrick M. (N. Y.) 

195 Cloverside Ct, West Seneca, N. Y. 14224 
Carlson. Helen L. (Ind. No.) 

629 Marleton Rd., Logansport, Ind. 46947 
Carlson, John A. (Er.) 

R. 1, Port Allegany, Pa. 
Carlson, P. M. (Ea.) 

4177 Elm Dr., Maple Hills, Allentown, Pa. 

Carlson, V. A. (Ind. No.) 

629 Marleton Rd., Logansport, Ind. 46947 
Carmany, Paul Glenn (Ind. No.) 

8316 Sierra, Fontana, Calif. 
Carmany, R. E. (O. Ea.) 

924 Stadelman Ave., Akron, Ohio 44320 
Carmichael, Earl (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 3, North Vernon, Ind. 
Carmichael, I,. R. (O.S.E.) 

South Webster, Ohio 45682 
Carmony, L. N. (O. Ea.) 

4347 Cleveland Rd., Wooster, Ohio 44694 
Carnahan, Clarence D. (O. San.) 

2500 River Rd., Maumee, Ohio 
Carnes, Robert (O.S.E.) 

200 Mulberry St., Baltimore, Md. 43105 
Carothers, Ivan Grant (O. Ea.) 

728 Kenmore Blvd., Akron, Ohio 44314 
Carothers, James H. (Ind. So.) 

710 Kentucky St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Carothers, L. R. (O. Ea.) 

338 Williams St., Huron, Ohio 44839 
Carper, Donald E. (Kan.) 

Box 108 Mullinvile, Kan. 67109 
Carr, Cuthbert B. (Can.) 

St. Jacobs, Ontario, Can. 
Carrell, Harold L. (111.) 

Box 343, Beecher City, 111. 62414 
Carson, Richard Ray (O.S-E.) 

Box 212, Carroll, Ohio 43112 
Carter, Clifford I. (la.) 

Shueyville, la. 
Carter, Dwayne C. (W. Pa.) 

195 Derby St., Johnstown, Pa. 15905 
Carter, Ronald D. (Mich.) 

5770 Somerset Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48224 
Cartwright, Raymond W., Jr. (W. Pa.) 

R. 4, Box 32, Sewickley, Pa. 15143 
Caskey, Paul E. (Okla. Tex.) 

P. O. Box 347, Moore, Okla. 73060 
Casler, Leroy M. (Er.) 

West Clarksville, N. Y. 
Casler, Richard (Er.) 

25 Ward St., Salamanca, N. Y. 
Casler, Robert G. (Er.) 

Millport, Pa. 

Cassady, Florian W. (Va.) 

(CDR) U.S.S. Galveston, FPO San Fran 
cisco, Calif. 

Cassady, Kermit R. (Va.) 

(CDR, CHC, USNJ Office of the Chaplain 
P. O. Box 404, U. S. Naval Station, FPO 
188, New York, N. Y. 
Cassel, Jack H. (Susq.) 

203 Spring St., Hanover, Pa. 17331 
Cassiday, Arlie D. (W. Pa.) 

101 Niagara St., Penns Woods, Irwin, Pa. 
Casterline, Kaye R. (Ind. So.) 

Tyner, Indiana 46572 
Castillo, F. (Neb.) 

Kenesaw, Neb. 68956 
Casto, Dale (W. Va.) 

Belington, W. Va. 
Castor, P. H. (Ea.) 

2580 Onieda Ave., Denver, Colo. 80207 
Cataline, Ronald (O. San.) 

R. R. 4, Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Gate, Lee A. (Tenn.) 

917 Madlison St., Clarksville, Tenn. 37040 
Catlin, Dale (111.) 

555 S. Day St., Galesburg, 111. 61401 
Catron, Morris (111.) 

Box 237, Woodbine, 111. 61090 
Caughell, A. S. (Can.) 

39 Central St., Waterloo, Ont., Can. 
Cave, Kenneth (O. San.) 

100 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park, Fla. 
Cerka, Walter (la.) 

2104 18th St., S.W., Celar Rapids, Iowa 
Chamberlain, Austin (Pac. Nw.) 

1024 Linn Ave., Oregon City, Ore. 
Chamberlain, L. E. (Mich.) 

R. 2, Boyne City, Mich. 
Chamberlin, Nelson M. (Ind. So.) 

332 E. Walnut, Box 343, Corydon, Ind. 
Chambers, Curtis A. (Ea.) 

1498 Lynnfield Dr. Dayton, Ohio 45429 
Chambers, John E. (Ind. No.) 

2019 E. Market, Warsaw, Ind. 46580 
Chambers, Marshall W. (Ind. No.) 

2616 Glencairn, Fort Wayne, Ind., 46805 
Chandler, Harry (Kan.) 

R. 2, Osborne, Kan. 
Chancy, Hareld (Ind. S.) 

116 E. McDonald, Brazil, Ind. 
Chancy, Norman (Ind. So.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 
Channel, Ron (111.) 

R. F. D., Vandalia, 111. 
Channon, William P. (O. Mi.) 

73 Berlin Ave., Southington, Conn. 
Chapman, B. E. (Mich.) 

211 S. Franklin, Flint, Mich. 48503 
Chapman, Raymond (Ind. So.) 

Box 254A, Mounted Route, Greenfield, Ind. 
Chapman, T. B. (Ea.) 

836 Lake St., Lancaster, Pa. 17600 
Charles, Wm. N. (la.) 

Boxholm. Iowa 
Chase, Irving F. (O. Ea.) 

3680 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44319 
Chastain, Paul E. (O. Mi.) 

HE. South St., Arcanum, Ohio 
Cheek, Roger (Dak.) 

Monroe, S. Dak. 
Cheeseman, John A. (Ind. So.) 

3023 Noble St., Anderson, Ind. 
Chen, Yung Sheng (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Box 182D, Pendleton, Ind. 
Chenoweth, Dale (Kan.) 

R. 3, St. John, Kan. 
Cherryholmes, Edward (O.S-E.) 

3809 Sumpter, Lansing, Mich. 48910 
Chilcott, John L. (Er.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Chinn, Harvey N. (Calif.) 

3600 J St., Sacramento, Calif. 95816 
Chipman, Charles (Kan.) 

Detroit, R. R. 5, Abilene, Kan. 67410 
Chisholm, Walter S. (O. Ea.) 

545 N. Cleveland-Massillon Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Chittenden, Walter J. (Kan.) 

Sycamore, Kan. 67363 


Chivington, Claude (O. San.) 

Box 175, Bloomville Ohio 44818 
Chivington, Mrs. Marilyn (O. San.) 

Box 113, Bloomville, Ohio 44818 
Christian, Mike (O. Mi.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Christman, S. Fred (Susq.) 

Quincy Orphanage and Home, Quincy, Pa. 
Chubb, Clarence L. (Susq.) 

R. 2, Red Lion, Pa. 17356 
Church, Dale W. (la.) 

19 S. Third St., Moville, Iowa 
Church, Paul V. (111.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Churchill, Robert Morris (R. Mt.) 

Genoa, Colo. 80818 
Ciampa, B. Frank (W. Pa.) 

2 Logan St. Johnstown. Pa. 
Ciampa, Donald J. (W. Pa.) 

911 Third St., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 16601 
Ciampa, Donald N. (W. Pa.) 

108 Church St., Herminie, Pa. 
Ciampa, J. Paul (W. Pa.) 

501 Ninth St., Windber, Pa. 
Ciampa, Ralph C. (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Claar, Herbert E. (W. Pa.) 

817 Caldwell St., Portage, Pa. 15946 
Clark, Edward L. (W. Pa.) 

4457 Sellers Ave., Columbus 14, Ohio 
Clark, Harvey G. (O. Mi.) 

1631 Westona Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45410 
Clark, Henry G., Jr. (Wis.) 

1013 Sixth Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 
Clark, Ira C. (O. Mi.) 

Laura, Ohio 
Clark, Leonard S. (Neb.) 

Shelton, Neb. 
Clark, Richard (la.) 

Westmar College, LeMars, la. 
Clark, R. L. (O. San.) 

R. 3, Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Clawson, Kenneth I. (la.) 

615 N. Ellsworth, Naperville, 111. 
Clayton, Richard (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 4, Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Clayton, William R. (Ind. So.) 

1711 W. Jackson St., Muncie, Ind. 
Clemens, Jack (O. San.) 

1716 N. Main St., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Clemenz, Lorin (Ind. No.) 

R. 1, Box 20, Dyer, Ind. 
demons, Paul H. (O. San.) 

2755 Dartmouth Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Clifford, R. M. (Ea.) 

Depot St., East Wareham, Mass. 02538 
Cline, Jerry A. (Susq.) 

Box 94, Sonestown, Pa. 
Cline, Philip W. (R. Mt.) 

Ordway, Colo. 
Clingman, W. F. (Mont.) 

Big Timber, Mont. 
Close, Robert L. (Susq.) 

1699 Altland Ave., York, Pa. 
Closson, Frank B. (Ind. No.) 

74 W. Benton, Oswego, 111. 60543 
Clough, Paul E. (Ind. So.) 

2610 S. 6th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Clyde, R. S. (Can.) 

Clifford, Ont., Can. 
Clymer, W. K. (Ea.) 

209 N. Brainerd St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Coahran, J. Alan (Ind. S.) 

211 4th Street, Huntingburg, Indiana 
Coats, Russell (111.) 

R. 2, LaMoille, 111. 61330 
Cobb, C. Arthur (Pac. Nw.) 

E. 218 Gordon, Spokane, Wash. 99207 
Cobb, Heedlie M. (Ind. So.) 

219 College Ave., Richmond, Ind. 
Cocroft, Ronald E. (Ea.) 

Sunshine Rd., Greenfields, Reading, Pa. 19601 
Cody, Franklin D. (O. San.) 

321 E. Lincoln, Findlay, Ohio 45840 

Coen, Gerald H. (O. San.) 

2409 Georgetown Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43613 
Coffman, Thomas Lee (Va.) 

P. O. Box 47, Verona, Va. 24482 
Cohee, Kenneth (111.) 

Chadwidc, 111. 61014 
Cole, Calvin H. (Susq.) 

1000 W. 38th St., Baltimore, Md. 21211 
Cole, Lillian (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Cole, Orville E. (111.) 

R. 1, Walnut, 111. 61376 
Coleman, A. B. (Susq.) 

493 W. Fourth St., Lewistown, Pa. 
Coleman, B. E. (W. Pa.) 

9 Jefferson St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Coleman, Elmer L. (Er.) 

512 W. Spruce St., Titusville, Pa. 
Coleman, Richard E. (Fla.) 

Box 179, Grant, Fla. 32949 
Coles, G. (Nw. C.) 

Tara Bhawan, Private Sector El, P. O. Shah 

pura, Bhopal, M. P., India 
Collatz, Paul V. (Minn.) 

409 Crawford St., Luverne, Minn. 56156 
Collins, Helen G. (Ind. So.) 

524 Lennox St., Anderson, Ind. 
Collins, Manley O. (W. Va.) 

103 Shaffer St., Terra Alta, W. Va. 
Collis, George H. (Va.) 

Greenbrier Rd., P. O. Box 724, Martinsburtf, 

W. Va. 25401 
Colpitts, A. Hunter (Ind. No.) 

1232 Crescent Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46805 
Coltrane, Mrs. Fern (Kan.) 

109 N. Vine, Hoisington, Kan. 
Coltrane, Robert (Kan.) 

109 N. Vine, Hoisington, Kan. 67544 
Comfort, Mrs. Vivian (O. Mi.) 

826 Uhrig, Apt. 2, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Comfort, William I. (O. Mi.) 

826 Uhrig, Apt. 2, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Compton, George B. (111.) 

153 W. 2nd St., El Paso, 111. 61738 
Conine, Ralph (Mich.) 

2153 Hyde Rd., R. 3, St. Johns, Mich. 
Conley, Frank (O.S.E-) 

Fly, Ohio 45730 
Conn, R. C. (Kan.) 

1111 S. Santa Fe St., Salina, Kan. 
Conrad, Edgar W. (Ea.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Cook, Bernard L. (Kan.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Cook, Darrell (Ind. So.) 

1911 E. 14th, Muncie, Ind. 
Cook, E. R. (Ea.) 

505 Market St., Perkasie, Pa. 18944 
Cook, G. Clive (la.) 

Meservey, la. 
Cook, Harry M. (Mo.) 

R. R., Bynumville, Mo. 65238 
Cook, Herbert F. (Minn.) 

Buffalo Lake, Minn. 55314 
Cook, Herman (111.) 

605 W. Third St., Elmhurst, 111. 60126 
Cook, Howard F. (Calif.) 

1415 S. Otterbein Ave., Unit 17, La Puente, 

Calif. 91745 
Cook, Laverl (111.) 

Box 26, St. Francisville, 111. 62460 
Cook, Ross (Ind. No.) 

309 Water, South Whitley, Ind. 46787 
Cookman, Claude (Ind. So.) 

1429 W. 10th St., Anderson, Ind. 
Cooksley, Wm. H. (Pac. Nw.) 

4011 Manzanita Ct., Vancouver, Wash. 
Cooney, Jerald T. (Fla.) 

61 Woodham St., Fort Walton Beach, Fla. 
Cooper, Paul E. (Susq.) 

1685 Devers Rd., York, Pa. 17404 
Coover, John W. (Kan.) 

551 Reed, Liberty, Mo. 


Copeland, Robert (O. Mi.) 

912 Wayne Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45410 
Copenhaver, Merritt Allen (Susq.) 

R. 4, Dover, Pa. 17315 
Corbett, James D. (Fa.) 

United Theological Seminary. Dayton, Ohio 

Corbin, Delbert (Tenn.) 

R. b, Linden, Tenn. 3709o 
Corbin, J. Wesley (Wis.) 

R. 1, Richland Center, Wis. 53581 
Cordier, Jack (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Tiffin, Ohio 44883 
Core, Arthur C. (Neb.) 

1700 Radcliffe Rd., Dayton 6, Ohio 
Core, Gordon C. (O. Mi.) 

433 Oak St., Dayton, Ohio 45410 
Corely, Kenneth (W. Va.) 

Mill Creek, W. Va. 
Corl, Daniel D. (O. San.) 

113 Warrington Dr., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Corl, Heth Howard (O. San.) 

420 N. Main St., Dunkirk, Ohio 45836 
Corl, Inez Pearl (O. San.) 

113 Warrington Dr., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Corl, Javan R. (O. San.) 

3-16 Tatemukai, Ueda, Morioka, Iwate Ken, 

Corley, John Kenneth (W. Va.) 

Mill Creek, W. Va. 
Cornelius, Edward J. (Ind. No.) 

R. D. 2, Fort Plain, N. Y. 13339 
Cornelius, F. M. (Ind. No.) 

405 Groff St., No. Manchester, Ind. 46962 
Cornelius, L. Dean (Ind. No.) 

Twelve Mile, Ind. 
Comely, Bruce F. (Pac. Nw.) 

556 23rd N.F., Salem, Ore. 
Cornwell, Lewis (Mo.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Cortner, Raymond L. (R. Mt.) 

1672 S. Adams St., Denver, Colo. 80210 
Cory, Charles W. (O. San.) 

R. 1, Wallbridge, Ohio 43465 
Costick, W. W. (Susq.) 

Westerville, Ohio 
Cotherman, Jesse D. (111.) 

5 Wilmette Dr., Normal, 111. 61761 
Cotrone, Carl (W. Pa.) 

334 Fnxing Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45449 
Cotter, Robert N. (Fa.) 

2637 Spaulding Ave., Chicago, 111. 60647 
Cottom, G. Dale, (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 3, Box 145, Terre Haute, Ind. 
Cottrill, David B. (W. Va.) 

Greenwood, W. Va. 
Couch, D. Grundy (Wis.) 

Coughenour, Donald W. (W. Pa.) 

224 F. 16th St., San Bernardino, Calif. 92404 
Coulter, Richard W. (Fa.) 

1019 Salisbury Ct.. Lancaster, Pa. 17600 
Cowder, Cecil C. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 1, Box 343A, Seneca, Pa. 16346 
Cowfer, William J. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 4, Johnstown, Pa. 
Cowher, S. Merle (W. Pa.) 

Three Springs, Pa. 
Cox, A. B. (O.S.F.) 

1609 Leisure Drive, Apt. 04, Bradenton, Fla. 
Cox, Glen (Tenn.) 

106 Union St., Greeneville, Tenn. 37743 
Cox, Robert L. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 2, Paoli, Ind. 47454 
Coy, George J. (Minn.) 

1013 Harmony Dr., Racine, Wis. 53402 
Crabill, Donald (Ind. No.) 

208 N. Loomis, Naperville, 111. 
Crabtree, H. Glenn (O. San.) 

1164 W. High St., Lima, Ohio 45805 
Crabtree, P. R. (Mich.) 

2838 Mill St., Ida, Mich. 48140 
Grace, Wilbur F. (Tenn.) 

Box 298, South Webster, Ohio 
Cramer, Robert F. (Ind. So.) 

2525 Rutgers Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 

Cramer, Roy F. (O. San.) 

301 S. Coy Rd., Oregon, Ohio 43616 
Cramer, Solomon G. (Wis.) 

2677 N. 40th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53210 
Cramer, William F. (O.S.F.) 

1625 Jackson St., Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 
Crandall, Claude H. (Mo.) 

Notch Route, Reeds Spring, Mo. 65737 
Crause, G. Fdwin (111.) 

West Frankfort, 111. 
Cravens, Sherman A. (111.) 

P. O. Box 13, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Crawford, Donald (W. Pa.) 

126 Mitchell Road, New Castle, Pa. K.I 01 
Crawford, Gene P. (Ind. So.) 

616 Van Dusen Ave., FyVansville, Ind. 
Crawford, Jack V. (Kan.) 

5103 Randolph Rd., Rockville, Md. 
Crawford, James F. (Mo.) 

Box 237, Brashear, Mo. 63533 
Crawford, Russell F. (W. Va.) 

201 Neely Ave., W. Union, W. Va. 
Crecelius, Robert M. (Ind. So.) 

Box 14, Harmony Indiana 
Cress, Delbert F. (O. San.) 

P. O. Box 64, Wiltshire, Ohio 45898 
Cressman, W. O. (Fa.) 

661 Kline Ave., Pottstown, Pa. 17901 
Crider, Robert F. (Susq.) 

112 W. Conway Street, Baltimore, Md. 21201 
Cridland, H. C. (W. Pa.) 

Fvangelical Manor, 8401 Roosevelt Blvd., 

Philadelphia 52, Pa. 
Crites, Clyde S. (W. Va.) 

932 Clark St., Shinnston, W. Va. 
Crites, F. A. (W. Va.) 

310 Penn Ave., Nutter Fort, W. Va. 
Crogan, Thomas (Va.) 

Box 16, Bayard, W. Va. 26707 
Crone, A. C. (Susq.) 

437 W. Penn St., Carlisle, Pa. 17013 
Crosby, Burton L- (O. San.) 

536 F. Wayne St., Celina, Ohio 45822 
Crosby, James G. (Mich.) 

738 W. Morrell St., Jackson, Mich. 
Cross, Clyde S. (Wis.) 

Box 313, Viola, Wis. 54664 
Cross, Frank (O. Mi.) 

2641 Churchland Ave., Davton, Ohio 45406 
Cross, M. O. (W. Va.) 

Buckhannon, W. Va. 
Crossgrove, Roger (Mo.) 

Box 231, Roland, Ark. 
Crotser, John R. (Mich.) 

692 64th St., R. 4, Box 263, South Haven, 

Crotser, Norman C. (Mich.) 

R. 2, St. Johns, Mich. 48879 
Grouse, Jerry D. (Ind. So.) 

Honey Creek, Ind. 
Gruff, Curtis (Mich.) 

R. 2, Box 391, Benton Harbor, Mich. 49022 
Crum, Lester M. (W. Pa.) 

203 Lincoln Ave.. Connellsville, Pa. 
Cucare, Nicholas (O. San.) 

543 Whittlesey St., Fremont, Ohio 43420 
Cuffman, James H. (O. Fa.) 

Box 21, Nova, Ohio 
Culp, Leland (111.) 

412 Christy Ave., Sumner, 111. 62466 
Culp, John R. (Can.) 

Golden Lake, Ontario, Can. 
Cunkle, Paul V. (Susq.) 

500 Half Hollow Rd., Deer Park, L. L, N. Y. 
Cunningham, Ralph (Ind. No.) 

Box 267, Wolcottville, Ind. 46795 
Cunningham, Spencer (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Walbridge, Ohio 45830 
Cunningham, William (Ind. No.) 

2480 Hobart St., East Gary, Ind. 
Curley, Charles J. (Fa.) 

Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa. 17003 
Currens, John (O.S.F-) 

852 Mohican Ave., Logan, Ohio 43138 
Curry, Pearl (111.) 

223 S. Avenue, Sumner, 111. 62466 


Cutshaw, William J. (Ind. So.) 
R. R. 1, Dunkirk, Ind. 

Dabner, Jack (Mont.) 

909 W. Olive, Bozeraan, Montana 
Daeschner, William E. (Kan.) 

6416 Rockhill Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 64131 
Dahm, Edward H. (Kan.) 

1303 E. Broadmoor Dr., Loveland, Coin 
Dahms, J. V. (Can.) 

340 Park St., Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Dahms, N. E. (Can.) 

163 Elgin Cres., Waterloo, Ont., Can. 
Dahms, T. Edward (Can.) 

New Hamburg, Ont., Can. 
Dailey, E- H. (O. Mi.) 

55 W. Parkk St., Westerville, Ohio 
Daku, C. S. (Nw. C.) 

Hodgeville Sask Can. 
Damewood, James L. (O.S.E-) 

1506 S. Champion Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Darby, Richard Irvin, Jr. (O.S.E-) 

Box 62, Main St., Philo, Ohio 43771 
Darkes, Mrs. Ethel May (Ea.) 

515 E. Main St., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Daubert, Ernest H. (O. San.) 

Box 396, Sycamore, Ohio 44882 
Daugherty, George C. (Susq.) 

Richmond Furnace, Pa. 
Daugherty, Robert M. (Ea.) 

803 S. 12th St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Daugherty, S. B. (Susq.) 

43 N. Keesey St., York, Pa. 17402 
Dauner, Frank A. (Wis.) 

310 E. Harris St., Appleton, Wis. 54912 
Davidson, Harold E. (O.S.E.) 

3221 Edler St., Hillia rd, Ohio 43026 
Davidson, Harrison (Ky.) 

Aaron, Ky. 42601 
Davidson, Merwyn F. (Neb.) 

1728 Nozuta Machida Shi, Tokyo, Japan 
Davidson, Oliver (Neb.) 

Box 226, Gibbon, Neb. 
Davis, D. V. (Ind. So.) 

Cloverport, Ky. 
Davis, David C. (O.S.E.) 

724 Sherwick Road, Newark, Ohio 43056 
Davis, J. Russell (Calif.) 

585 S. Walnut Ave., San Dimas, Calif. 51733 
Davis, John W. (Ind. No.) 

202 N. Seminary, Roanoke, Ind. 46783 
Davis, Lloyd E. (HI.) 

202 Park Ave., Box 276, Bloomingdale, 111. 

Davis, M. Eugene (W. Va.) 

313 Thurstin Street, Bowling Green, Ohio 
Davis, Merrill C. (111.) 

Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa 51031 
Davis, M. Wendell (Neb.) 

2413 W. Madison Ave., Norfolk, Neb. 
Davis, Paul L. (Okla.-Tex.) 

2309 Jasper, Wichita Falls, Tex. 76301 
Davis, Ray M. (Mich.) 

628 Opal St., Huntington, Ind. 
Davis, Richard Marlin (O.S.E.) 

577 Columbian Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 
Davis, Roy (O. San.) 

4530 Suder Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43611 
Davis, Roy V. (Ind. So.) 

1310 Edwards Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Davis, Sidney E. (Okla.-Tex.) 

Box 23278, Stillwater, Okla. 74074 
Davison, Wallace V. (Wis.) 

693 Klondike Ave., Hillsboro, Wis. 54634 
Day, Keith E. (Susq.) 

531 S. Bedford Street, Carlisle, Pa 17013 
Day, Robert F. (la.) 

9310 S.E. Wichita St., Portland, Ore. 97222 
Dayton, M. W. (Susq.) 

1285-N. Oyler Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Deabler, H. L. (Mich.) 

186 Downer Ave., Hingham, Mass. 
Deaven, Harry W. (O. Mi.) 

Maple and Hayes Aves., Brookville, Ohio 

Deaver, Leonard E. (la.) 

824 Hudson Rd., Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Decker, A. James (W. Pa.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Decker, A. Thomas (W. Pa.) 

United Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Decker, Silas E. (Ind. So.) 

Office of Chaplain, Hq. t USAIC, Ft. Benning, 

Deckinger, William J. (Kan.) 

201 N. Chestnut, lola, Kan. 66749 
Deedrick, J. S. (Ea.) 

8541 Kennedy Blvd., North Bergen, N. J. 

Deedrick, L. B. (la.) 

Box 96, Moravia, Iowa 
Deeds, Harry G. (O. San.) 

515 S. West St., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Deem, Ronald L. (Ind. So.) 

6411 W. Jewell St., Denver, Colo. 80226 
Deering, P. C. (Nw. C.) 

3627 Kilkenny Rd., Colgary, Alberta, Can. 
Deever, O. H. (Kan.) 

1169 Macvicar, Topeka, Kan. 
Deever, O. T. (Kan.) 

4643 Free Pike, Dayton, Ohio 
Deever, Paul S. (Kan.) 

702 Columbia St., LaCrosse, Kan. 67548 
Deever, Philip O. (O. Mi.) 

620 N. Brainard St., Naperville, 111. 
De Gerlando, Peter A. (Er.) 

10 Atlantic St., Union City, Pa. 
DeHaven, G. Donald (Er.) 

R. D. 2, Russell, Pa. 
DeHoff, Paul (Ind. No.) 

R. F. D., Swan Rd., Avilla, Ind. 46710 
Deibler, Walter E. (Ea.) 

510 Walnut St., Columbia, Pa. 17512 
Deighton, William L. (N. Y.) 

202 Colton Ave., Newark, N. Y. 14513 
Deimert, R. F. (Nw. C.) 

264 Broadway W., Yorkton, Sask., Can. 
Deiner, Paul W., Jr. (Ea.) 

P. O. Box 40, Baquio City, Philippine Islands 
Deininger, LeRoy (O. Ea.) 

1767 23rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Deitzler, J. C. (Ea.) 

701 E. Main St., Annville, Pa. 17003 
DeLaughter, Raymond P. (Okla.-Tex.) 

926 Linda Lou Dr., San Antonio, Tex. 78223 
Dellit, H. W. (la.) 

Manly, Iowa 
DeLong, Ralph E. (O.S.E.) 

R. 3, Pataskala, Ohio 43062 
Delp, Owen (O. Mi.) 

4605 Fairfield Ave., Fairfield, Ohio 
DeMott, James M. (Calif.) 48673A (Chaplain) 

USAF Hosp. Box 424, APO 220, New York, 

N. Y. 
Dempsey, J. W. (Mich.) 

2244 Porter St., S.W., Wyoming, Michigan 

Dennert, Robert A. (Wis.) 

150 South St., Waukesha, Wis. 53186 
Denney, Vernon (Ind. No.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 
Dennis, Duane (O. San.) 

3916 Treat Rd., Adrian, Mich. 
Dennis, John L. (Mich.) 

1615 El Camino Ave., Stockton, Calif. 95209 
Denzer, Lloyd (Wis.) 

Box 68, Gilmanton, Wis. 54743 
Derk, David L. (Er.) 

P. O. Box 405, Findley Lake, N. Y. 
Desenberg, Leon L. (Susq.) 

R. 3, Red Lion, Pa. 17356 
Detroy, Norman E. (Ind. No.) 

6303 Winters Rd., R. 8, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

DeVine, O. B. (Calif.) 

1415 S. Otterbein Ave., Unit 21, La Puente, 

Calif. 91745 
DeVries, A. C. (Mich.) 

435 Magnetic, Marquette, Mich. 
DeWeerd, James A. (O.S.E.) 

290 S. Union St., Pennville, Ind. 


DeWein, Larry I,. (Er.) 

254 Harding Rd., Williamsville, N. Y. 
DeWire, H. A. (Susq.) 

1833 Auburn Ave., Dayton 6, Ohio 
Dickert, Wilson C. (Susq.) 

Jacobus, Pa. 17338 
Dickey, Dennis (Minn.) 

481 Dayton Ave., Apt. C, St. Paul, Minn. 

Dickey, Richard M. (Ea.) 

538 N. 2nd St., Lykens, Pa. 17048 
Diehl, J. F. (Susq.) 

447 Fitzpatrick St., Box 214, Hellam, Pa. 

Dickinson, P. H. (Ea.) 

103 W. Main St., Terre Hill, Pa. 17581 
Diekvoss, Hubert C. (Wis.) 

802 West St., Beaver Dam Wis. 53916 
Dierdorf, H. A. (la.) 

2033 42nd Ave., Oakland, Calif. 
Dietrich, Clyde W. (W. Pa.) 

324 Nadona Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 15904 
Dietrich, Glen M. (Ea.) 

233 Armstrong St., Halifax, Pa. 17032 
Dietrich, Ronald E. (W. Pa.) 

2511 Juniata Gap Rd., Altoona, Pa. 16601 
Dietzel, L. Emerson (O. Ea.) 

16305 Hilliard Rd., Lakewood, Ohio 44107 
Dille, Robert E. (W. Va.) 

Box 7, R. 5, Buckhannon, W. Va. 
Dilley, Mrs. Catherine (Ind. So.) 

2100 W. 8th St., Muncie, Ind. 
Dilley, James K. (Ind. So.) 

2100 E. 8th Street, Muncie, Indiana 
Dillman, Charles N. (O. San.) 

Box 86, Van Buren, Ohio 45889 
Dillow, S. M. (Neb.) 

Shelton, Neb. 
Dimmick, Vance M., Jr. (Susq.) 

120 S. High St., Kenton, Ohio 
Dipko, Thomas E. (W. Pa.) 

414 First St., Conemaugh, Pa. 
Divelbiss, James E. (R. Mt.) 

445 Lombardi Rd., Le Mars, Iowa 
Dixon, V. Ray (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Cory, Ind. 
Dockter, Henry H. (R. Mt.) 

1825 27th St., Milwaukie, Ore. 
Dockter, Theodore F., Jr. (Dak.) 

418 6th Ave., N.W., Jamestown, N. D. 
Dockter, Vernon (Dak.) 

Jamestown, N. Dak. 
Dodd, Kermit P. (Mo.) 

924 E. Randolph, Enid, Okla. 73701 
Dodder, Robert (la.) 

115 S. Main, Wapello, la. 
Dodge, A. Alton (Ea.) 

805 Park Ave., Quakertown, Pa. 18951 
Dodge, C. S. (Ea.) 

8401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120 
Dolby, Richard (Ind. No.) 

R. 7, Columbia City, Ind. 46725 
Dold, Ronald F. (la.) 

Hudson, Iowa 
Dom, Harold (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Donaldson, F. D. (O. Ea.) 

361 W. Sunset Dr., Rittman, Ohio 44270 
Donaugh, Raymond (O. San.) 

352 Clover Ave., Marion, Ohio 43305 
Donelson, E. Loye (Er.) 

112 Miller St., Sherman, N. Y. 
Donelson, F. Eugene (Er.) 

26 Second St., Youngsville, Pa. 
Donelson, Glenn E. (Er.) 

222 Park St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Donnenworth, H. H. (R. Mt.) 

10954 Connecticut Ave., Sun City, Ariz. 
Donough, Theron E. (O. San.) 

502 Columbia St., St. Marys, Ohio 45885 
Doolen, J. Dale (111.) 

428 W. Third St., Flora, 111. 62839 
Dooley, Kenneth D. (Pac. Nw.) 

3704 Summitview Ave., Yakima, Wash. 98902 
Dorsch, Emerson F. (Can.) 

Bridgeport, Ont., Can. 

Dorsch, Lorne A. (Can.) 

49 Onward Ave., Kitchener, Ont. Can. 
Douglas, John H. (Mont.) 

Rapelje, Mont. 
Douty, Frank (Va.) 

Jones Springs, W. Va. 25429 
Doverspike, C. R. (W. Pa.) 

Timblin, Pa. 
Doverspike, Dale Emerson (111.) 

LCDR, CHC, USN, U.S.S. Boyer LPH-4 

FPO New York, N. Y. 09501 
Doverspike, Fred W. (W. Pa.) 

Lickingville, Pa. 
Doverspike, R. R. (W. Pa.) 

1065 Marinette Ave., Marinette, Wis. 54143 
Dow, Delbert W. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 185, Dayton, Oregon 97114 
Dowd, John A. (la.) 

309 N. 18th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa 
Dowdy, Tommy (Tenn.) 

510 Rosebank Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37206 
Draeger, Erwin E. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 224, Cochrane, Wis. 54622 
Dragoo, R. O. (la.) 

Lewistown, Mont. 59457 
Dressier, James C. (Ind. No.) 

Box 7, Urbana, Ind. 46990 
Driftmyer, Lester W. (N. Y.) 

511 Melville St., Rochester, N. Y. 14609 
Drollinger, Frank (Wis.) 

R. 2, Richland Center, Wis. 53581 
Drum, L. A. (O. San.) 

535 N. Fulton St., Wauseon, Ohio 
Drumheller, Donald R. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Drummond, S. A. (O. Ea.) 

164 Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton, Ohio 
Drury, P. W. (la.) 

1413 Otterbein Ave., La Puente, Calif. 
Drysdale, Douglas B. (Pac. Nw.) 

4501 6th Ave., Tacoma, Wash. 98406 
Dubois, Paul E. (Ind. So.) 

Gynneville, Ind. 
Ducker, Paul (Ind. No.) 

Lapel, Ind. 
Duckwall, George W. (O. Mi.) 

711 Sweitzer St., Greenville, Ohio 
Duehn, Keith (Minn.) 

Hendricks, Minn. 56136 
Duffy, Robert Arden (O.S.E.) 

Route 23, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 
Duhl, Arthur L., Lt. Col. (O.S.E.) 

U. S. Army Chaplain, U. S. Army Sch. 
Europe (Murnau), APO 09172, New York 
Duhrkoop, Carl-Reid (Pac. Nw.) 

P. O. Box 157, Maupin, Ore. 
Duit, Warren (la.) 

23 Locust Lodge, Council Bluffs, Iowa 
Dumm, Durlan K. (O. Ea.) 

2521 12th St., N.W., Canton, Ohio 44708 
Dundas, Charles (Minn.) 

Stewartsville, Minn. 
Dundore, Mrs. S. T. (Ea.) 

5709 Ridgeview Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 17112 
Dundore, S. T. (Ea.) 

5709 Ridgeview Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 17112 
Dunkelberger, Kenneth H. (Pac. Nw.) 

Adna, Wash. 
Dunkle, Stanley (O.S.E.) 

144 W. Hunter St., Logan, Ohio 43138 
Dunlap, R. L. (O.S.E.) 

R. 1, Huntington, Ind. 
Dunlop, Russell S. (Minn.) 

Box 79, Cedar, Minn. 
Dunn, Frank E. (O.S.E.) 

216 W. Main St., Crooksville, Ohio 43731 
Dunn, Merle A. (Minn.) 

410 13th Ave. S.E-, Rochester, Minn. 55901 
Dunn, Ralph (Minn.) 

311 Prairie Ave., N., Fairmont, Minn. 56031 
Dunn, Robert (Va.) 

Purgitsville, W. Va. 26752 
Dunn, Robert L. (Mont.) 

335 Broadwater Ave., Billings, Mont. 
Dunn, Roy S. (Calif.) 

19624 Homestead Rd., Cupertino, Calif 


Dunson, W. C. (W. Va.) 

R. 1, Terra Alta, W. Va. 
Dunwoody, Richard G. (Ea.) 

2706 Hoffer St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17103 
Dutenhaver, Lawrence (III.) 

1854 N. Sedgwick, Chicago, 111 60614 
Dutrp, M. Lloyd (la.) 

Olin, Iowa 
Dutt, Harold (O.S.E.) 

511 Hilltonia Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 
Button, Benjamin C. (111.) 

Saybrook, 111. 61770 
Duttweiler, Alfred F. (N. Y.) 

149 Bennington Rd., Snyder, N. Y. 14226 
Duvall, James B. (O. Mi.) 

101 Jefferson St., Englewood, Ohio 
Duvall, John R. (Calif.) 

1750 N. Towne Ave., Pomona, Calif. 91767 
Dymale, Herbert R. (Pac. Nw.) 

15414 S. E. Taggart, Portland, Oregon 97236 

Earle, Robert M. (O. Ea.) 

5436 Kirk Rd., Austintown, Ohio 44515 
Earlenbaugh, Donald G. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Lakeville, Ohio 44638 
Earnst, Clarence L. (Susq.) 

Shermans Dale, Pa. 17090 
Eastburg, Ruth (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 5, Olio Rd., Noblesville, Ind. 
Eberhart, Emil (Dak.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Eberhart, Gideon (Dak.) 

107 Elizabeth St., Cavalier, N. D. 58220 
Eberhart, Victor (Dak.) 

Box 654, Rolla, N. D. 
Eberle, John W. (O. Ea.) 

235 S. Stanislaus St., Stockton, Calif. 95202 
Eberly, Edwin P. (O. Ea.) 

452 Lake Ave., N.E-, Massillon, Ohio 44646 
Eberly, Harry M. (Ea.) 

525 N. Railroad St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078 
Ebert, Alvin W. (Wis.) 

426 Longwood Dr., N.E-, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Ebinger, F. C. (Neb.) 

Elmwood, Neb. 
Ebinger, Warren R. (111.) 

105 Benton Ave., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Ebright, Harvey W. (Ea.) 

3308 N. 4th Street, Harrisburg, Pa. 17110 
Eck, Thomas H. (Minn.) 

114 Sunset Ave., Rockford, 111. 61103 
Eckel, Sherman B. (N. Y.) 

27 Elm St., Webster, N. Y. 14580 
Eckels, Harry (W. Va.) 

Box 8, R. 5, Buckhannon, W. Va. 
Eckerley, E. L. (Ind. So.) 

Noblesville, Ind. 
Eckhart, John E. (Ea.) 

112 Lincoln Ave., Catasauqua, Pa. 18032 
Eddv, T. T. (Mich.) 

417 E. Gillespie, Flint, Mich. 
Eder, Dewey R. (111.) 

142 S. 30th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 
Edge, H. Fred (Va.) 

P. O. Box 156, Dayton, Va. 22821 
Edie, George L. (R. Mt.) 
^ 3297 Salem St., Denver, Colo. 80010 
Edlund, Maurice E. (Susq.) 

Grover, Pa. 17735 
Edmond, Clarence D. (W. Va.) 

1023 Fairfax St., Fairmont, W. Va. 
Edmonds, Harold W., Jr. (W. Pa.) 

1750 N. Towne Ave., Pomona, Calif. 91767 
Edmonds, Raymond (Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Edmunds, Arthur F. (Susq.) 

Box 186, York Haven, Pa. 17370 
Edwards, Demi B. (O. Mi.) 

Park and Dick Aves., Hamilton, Ohio 
Edwards, Esther (Ind. So.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Edwards, H. A. (111.) 

627 Hannah St., Paris, 111. 61944 
Edwards, Philip D. (Ind. So.) 

1004 W. 8th St., Anderson, Ind. 

Ehlers, A. A. (Calif.) 

1415 S. Otterbein Ave., Unit 11, La Puente, 

Calif. 91745 
Ehresman, E. T. (Dak.) 

Helton, Kentucky 40840 
Ehrhart, Carl Y. (Ea.) 

643 E. Queen St., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Eichar, Paul (O. San.) 

Bascom, Ohio 44809 
Eichenauer, H. Stanley (O. San.) 

112 W. Farwell St., Sandusky, Ohio 44871 
Eiler, David (Ind. No.) 

503 Michigan St., Walkerton, Ind. 46574 
Eipper, Keith (O. San.) 

2033 Berkshire PI., Toledo Ohio 43613 
Eis, Richard (la.) 

P. O. Box 426, Letts, la. 
Eisenhut, Fred (111.) 
Deerfield, 111. 60015 
Eisinger, Richard L. (Ind. No.) 

4235 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 46205 
Ekstrom, Wm. Don (111.) 

Chadwick, 111. 61014 
Eldred, Laurence M. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 3, Conneaut, Ohio 44030 
Eldred, W. E- (Mich.) 

6474 Richalle Dr., Brighton, Mich 48116 
Elhard, John D. (Nw. C.) 

Warner, Alberta, Can. 
Eller, Darald D. (la.) 

103 E. 25th St., Dubuque, Iowa 
Eller, Paul H. (111.) 

308 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville, 111. 60540 
EHerbeck, Clifton W. (la.) 

Walcott, Iowa 
EHerbeck, W. F. (la.) 

Garwin, Iowa 
Elliott, David W. (Pac. Nw.) 

10601 S. E. 129th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97236 
Elliott, F. J. (Ind. So.) 

325 S. Meridian St.. Portland, Ind. 
Elliott, F. Gene (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 95, Florence, Ore. 
Elliott, H. J. (Ind. No.) 

Hayfield, Minn. 
Elliott, Willis J. (Kan.) 

228 S. Ellis, Wichita, Kan. 67211 
Ellis, Charles P. (111.) 

806 Perry St., Lehigh Acres. Fla. 
Ellis, Edgar (Ind. No.) 

327 N. Loomis, Naperville, 111. 
Ellis, O. C. (Okla.-Tex.) 

R. 3, Okarche, Okla. 73762 
Ellis, Ronald F. (Mich.) 

154 E. Washington S., Chambersburg, Pa. 

Elmer, Donald (Dak.) 

Evangelical Theo. Seminary, Naperville, 111. 
Elmer, R. Wm. (Pac. Nw.) 

Trust Terr, of Pac. Is., Truk Dist. East 

Caroline Is. 96942 
Elmer, Walter D. (Dak.) 

Grand Forks, N. D. 58201 
Elser, Theodore E. (Susq.) 

119 N. Main St., Boonsboro, Md. 21713 
Embree, Robert A. (Neb.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 
Emenhizer, J. S. (W. Pa.) 

1010 Houserville Rd., State College Pa 
Kmerick, Jack F. (W. Pa.) 

221 Atlee St., Johnstown, Pa. 15905 
Emerson. Eugene E. (O.S.E.) 

Box 49, Tuppers Plains, Ohio 45783 
Emmert, A. L. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 5. Brazil, Ind. 
Emmert, Herman (O. Mi.) 

7511 Perry St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 
Empfield, C. Harold (W. Pa.) 

215 Parkway (Highland Grove), McKees- 

port, Pa. 15132 
Emerick, Dale F. (O. San.) 

2201 Townley Rd., Toledo. Ohio 
Kmrick. Wendell W. (O.S.E.) 

411 Baldwin Dr., Lancaster, Ohio 43130 
Enck. Robert S. (Neb.) 
613 E. 8th, York, Neb. 


Endicott, Edwin L. (O. San.) 

403 E. Crawford St., Van Wert, Ohio 45891 
Endsley, Lybran (Kan.) 

Lecompton, Kan. 66050 
Engle, F. L. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 4, Kokomo, Ind. 46901 
Engleking, Ray (Okla.-Tex.) 

Dacoma, Okla. 37371 
Enns, Alfred D. (Pac. Nw.) 

1332 E. First Street, Albany, Oregon 97321 
Enns, Edward (Okla.-Tex.) 

1412 Texas Ave., Woodward, Okla. 
Ensminger, Earl J. (Susq.) 

48 Walter Ave., Greencastle, Pa. 17225 
Entz, H. S. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Cogan Station, Pa. 17728 
Enyeart, E. L. (Kan.) 

R. F. D. 1, Burrton, Kan. 67020 
Epp, George Edward (Wis.) 

332 Eastgrove Rd., Riverside, 111. 60546 
Eppley, Paul (Ind. No.) 

R. 4, Box 386A, Oakwood Park, Syracuse, 

Ind. 46567 
Erb, F. Paul (Can.) 

R. R. 3, Fenwick, Ont., Can. 
Erb, Paul J. (Susq.) 

351 Market St., S. Williamsport, Pa. 17707 
Erbele, J. Dale (Dak.) 

906^ N. llth St., Bismarck, N. D. 58501 
Erbele, Walter (Dak.) 

Olivet, S. Dak. 
Erdmann, Edgar Walter (Dak.) 

1213 N. 12th St., Bismarck, N. D. 58501 
Erffmeyer, E. E. (Kan.) 

6025 Holmes, Kansas City, Mo. 
Erford, Roy (Calif.) 

12031 Pacific Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Erickson, Chester J. (Mich.) 

1084 76th St., R. 3, Byron Center, Mich. 
Erickson, Richard C. (111.) 

2450 N.W. 63d St., Seattle, Wash. 98107 
Erickson, Robert Lee (Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Erion, W. H. (Nw. Can.) 

Macoun, Sask., Can. 
Ernst, Gene A. (Pac. Nw.) 

913 E. Lynn, Seattle, Wash. 98102 
Ernst, N. R. (Can.) 

Woodham, Ont. Can. 
Erny, Leo R. (Ind. No.) 

R. 3, Plymouth, Ind. 
Erny, Thelma E. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 3, Plymouth, Ind. 
Erskine, Martha I. (O. Ea.) 

544 E. Brett St., Englewood 3, Calif. 
Ervin, Michael L. (Ea.) 

1106 Jamaica Rd., Lancaster, Pa. 17600 
Esbenshade, Mary Lucile (Ind. So.) 

2442 Wabash Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Esch, Byron M. (N. Y.) 

167 Windermere Blvd., Buffalo, N. Y. 14226 
Esch, I. Lynd (Calif.) 

4051 Otterbein Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Eschbach, Carl B. (O. Mi.) 

Fairview at Catalpa Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Eschbach, Robert M. (O. Mi.) 

Otterbein Home, R. 2, Lebanon, Ohio 
Esterline, Clifford E. (Fa.) 

77 Linda Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17602 
Esterly, Fred B. (O. San.) 

308 Clifton Ave., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Estridge, B. B. (Ea.) 

195 Nichols Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 11208 
Ettenhofer, Arnold G. (O. San.) 

320 Hopley, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Etter, Russell E. (Ea.) 

256 Boas St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 
Eubank, Gary (O. Mi.) 

508 W. North St., Arcanum, Ohio 
Euler, Henry (111.) 

Box 561, Granville, 111. 
Evans, Robert F. (W. Va.) 

240 Broad St., Weston, W. Va. 
Eveland, J. Arthur (la.) 

3116 lola, Des Moines 12, Iowa 

Everett. Gordon D. (Mich.) 

22765 Pleasant Ave., East Detroit, Mich. 

Everett, Myron R. (Mich.) 

2131 Lakewood Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 48215 
Everett, Paul (O. San.) 

1130 Hamlin St., Fremont, Ohio 43420 
Everly, Floyd (Ind. So.) 

Lapel, Ind. 
Eversdyke, Wm. (Fla.) 

711 Main St., Box 132, West Valley, N. Y. 

Eversole, John (O. San.) 

Olivet College, Olivet, Mich. 49076 
Evert, Herbert D. (Wis.) 

Kimmel Hall, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Ewert, Walter H. (111.) 

308 W. Fairchild St., Danville, 111. 61832 
Ewing, B. E. (O.S.E.) 

250 E. Park St., Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Ewing, D. A. (O. Ea.) 

R. 1, Dover, Ohio 44663 
Exline, Orville (O.S.E-) 

17 Cambrin St., Jackson, Ohio 
Exman, Gary W. (O.S.E.) 

2432 Westwood Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43204 
Eyres, Leland C. (la.) 

R. 2, Merrill, la. 

Fair, D. R. (Susq.) 

963 W. Trindle Rd., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Fair, Jerry (Ind. No.) 

324 W. Will St., Ossian, Ind. 
Faist, F. M. (Can.) 

51 Roy St., Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Fake, N. I. (Ea.) 

208 W. Sheridan Ave., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Fake, Sterling A. (Ea.) 

R. 1, Emmaus, Pa. 18049 
Falk, Laurence L. (Neb.) 

R. 2, Moorhead, Minn. 
Falk, Wesley Charles (Wis.) 

208 N. Loomis St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Falkenberg, Don R. (Fla.) 

1416 Tanager Dr., Orlando, Fla. 
Fall, Albert A. (Mich.) 

105 W. 3rd St., Buchanan, Mich. 49107 
Fall, E. Dale (Mich.) 

Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. 
Fall, Meredith S. (Mich.) 

R. F. D., Traverse City, Mich. 
Falor, H. V. (O. San.) 

905 Bellefontaine Ave., Marion, Ohio 43305 
Falstick, Homer M. (Ea.) 

107 N. Cedar St., Lititz, Pa. 17543 
Falstick, K. M. (W. Pa.) 

101 Marieman Dr., Westerville, Ohio 
Fanthorpe, Fred L. (Calif.) 

88 E. Putnam Street, Porterville, Calif. 93257 
Farina, Anthony (Wis.) 

4202 Esch Lane, Madison, Wis. 53704 
Farley, Paul (111.) 

301 W. Center, Itasca, 111. 60143 
Farmer, Clarence (Ind. So.) 

612 Indiana Ave., Anderson, Ind. 
Farnham, V. L- (Pac. Nw.) 

10 E. School St., Naperville, 111. 
Farnsley, James (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Shelbyville, Ind. 
Farrell, James M. (O. Mi.) 

354 Todd PI., Hamilton, Ohio 
Fassett, Ray R. (Mich.) 

229 Lafayette St., Ionia, Mich. 48846 
Faulkner, B. E. (Kan.) 

911 Congress St., Emporia, Kan. 66801 
Faulkner, R. W. (O. San.) 

608 Gloria, Lima, Ohio 45805 
Faust, A. J. (la.) 

Zinna, via Jos and Lau, N. Nigeria, W. 

Faust, E. S. (Mich.) 

213 N. Julian St., Naperville, 111. 
Fawley, R. Dean (Va.) 


Mathias, W. Va. 26 


Feaster, Robert K. (Susq.) 

St. James School, Hagerstown, Md. 
Feather, R. G. (W. Pa.) 

117 Lincoln PI., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Feaver, Laurence E. (O. San.) 

4033 Graceway Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43606 
Fegley, D. Leroy (Ea.) 

113 E. Clay St., Lancaster, Pa. 17602 
Fehl, Harry L-, Jr. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Fitters, Pa. 17319 
Fehl, Harry L., Sr. (Susq.) 

Box 43, Quincy, Pa. 17247 
Fehlman Francis E- (Er.) 

904 W. Granada Ct., Ontario, Calif. 
Femd, Robert H. (Dak.) 

202 S. 5th St., Milbank, S. D. 57252 
Felty, Richard G. (Susq.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Fenner, Donald D. (Wis.) 

223 Wisconsin Ave., Madison, Wis. 53703 
Ferch, Henry H. (Wis.) 

655 Fourth St. (P. O. Box 137), Prairie du 

Sac, Wis. 53578 
Ferch, Rolland L. (Wis.) 

Rt 1, Sauk City, Wis. 53583 
Ferguson, Arthur (111.) 

20 W. Jackson St., Hampshire, 111. 60140 
Ferguson, Dean M. (Ind. So.) 

Indois Hotel, 204 Wabash Ave., Terre Haute 

Ferguson, Dwayne (Mo.) 

R. 2, Box 265, Tipp City, Ohio 45371 
Ferich, John F., Jr. (Ea.) 

403 Pine St., Steelton, Pa. 17092 
Ferrill, C. Don (111.) 

Box 327, Saybrook, 111. 61770 
Ferris, Dale (111.) 

R. D. 3, Danville, 111. 61832 
Ferris, Haldon (Mich.) 

R. 1, Box 228, Eau Claire, Mich. 49111 
Fessler, Mrs. Laura C. (la.) 

614 N. llth St., Clarinda, Iowa 
Fessler, T. (la.) 

614 N. llth St., Clarinda, Iowa 
Fetter, C. W. (O. Mi.) 

1516 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Fetterman, Karl S. (Susq.) 

New Street, Glen Rock, Pa. 17327 
Field, James (Calif.) 

1031 Maier Rd., Billings, Mont. 
Fiester, Mark L. (R. Mt.) 

P. O. Box 156, Frisco, Colo. 
Filbey, E. E. (Ea.) 

Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind. 64250 
Filbey, E. J. (Ea.) 

16 Newton Ave., Sussex, N. J. 07461 
Findley, C. R. (Kan.) 

200 S.W. 12th St., Newton, Kan. 67114 
Findley, W. Cecil (Kan.) 

2006 Recto Ave., Manila, Philippines 
Finley, C. L. (111.) 

Oakwood, 111. 61858 
Finley, David B. (R. Mt.) 

325 Kansas St., P. O. Box 54, Stratton, Colo 
rado 80836 
Fischer, Fred G. (Ea.) 

3132 Willoughby Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21234 
Fischer, Frederick (Mich.) 

R. 1, Box 181B, Berrien Springs, Mich 
Fischer. Harold C. (Wis.) 

120 Sheboygan St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 54935 
Fischer, Horace H. (Er.) 

185 Third St. N.W., Barberton, Ohio 44203 
Fishel Donald G (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 
Fisher, Edward J., Jr. (Susq.) 

720 Church Street, Hagerstown, Md. 21740 
Fisher, Edwin O.. Jr. (W. Va.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Fisher, George (O. San.) 

R. R. 4, Box 89, Bryan, Ohio 43506 
Fisher, Gerald H. (Mich.) 

1844 Horton Ave., S.E-, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Fisher, Harry J. (W. Pa.) 

242 Azalea Dr., Monroeville, Pa. 15146 

Fisher, M. Eugene (Susq.) 

1140 Edgar Ave., Charabersburg. Pa. 17201 
Fisher, Robert F. (Fla.) 

1550 29th Ave. W., Bradenton, Fla. 
Fisher, Rolland L. (O.S.E.) 

56 Daisy Ave., Jackson, Ohio 45640 
Fisher, Roy W. (O. Mi.) 

4250 Maricarr Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45429 
Fisher, Wilfred (Pac. Nw.) 

Vancleve, Breahitt County, Ky. 
Fisher, W. R. (Susq.) 

239 E. King St., York, Pa. 17403 
Fix, O. Wilbur (Calif.) 

2121 N. Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, Calif. 

Flachsmann, Otto F. (Mich.) 

107 Wood St., Hersey, Mich. 49639 
Fleck, Charles, Jr. (111.) 

132 W. Benton, Stockton, 111. 61085 
Fleckenstein, Jay H. (Susq.) 

2 Hill St., York, Pa. 
Flegal, Bernard (W. Pa.) 

Morgan Run, Pa. 16666 
Fleming, G. L. (O. San.) 

1823 Rutland Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Fleming, George W. (Mich.) 

R. 3, Greenville, Mich. 48838 
Flessner, Harold B. (111.) 

R. F. D., Box 110, Polo, 111. 61064 
Flessner Ray D. (Mich.) 

779 Washington Blvd., Lake Odessa, Mich 

Fletcher, F. H. (Ea.) 

Evangelical Home, Lewisburg, Pa. 17837 
Flickenger, Gene A. (Ind. No.) 

303 W. Main, Albion, Ind. 46701 
Flickinger, Harry W. (Calif.) 

P. O. Box 698, Riverdale, Calif. 
Fliehman Minnie (O. Mi.) 

R. 1, Harrison, Ohio 
Flinchbaugh, James E. (Susq.) 

921 Donald Ave., Dayton 10, Ohio 
Flockhart, John C. (Ind So ) 

1910 "N" St., Bedford, Ind. 
Flowers, Eugene (O.S.E.) 

555 Ridgewood Drive, Circleville, Ohio 43113 
Floyd, Millard R. (Va.) 

233 S. Mineral St., Keyser, W. Va. 26726 
Flurer, Francis G. (Ea.) 

49 S. 6th Ave., Coatesville, Pa. 19320 
Fogg, Charles E. (Pac. Nw.) 

1118 S.E. 182nd, Portland, Ore. 
Fogg, E. A. (Pac. Nw.) 

200 W. 40th St., Vancouver, Wash. 
Fogle, Bernard E. (Susq.) 

1809 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, Md. 21223 
Fogleman, Harry E. (Ea ) 

R. 2, Halifax, Pa. 17032 
Foley, John W. (Neb.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminar, Naperville, 

Folkers, Robert L. (Neb.) 

7782 State St., Ralston, Neb. 
Font, George (O. San.) 

R. R. 4, Box 89, Bryon, Ohio 43506 
Forbes, Robert (O. Ea.) 

1210 King Road, Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Forbush, Wilson R. (111.) 

1904 Home Park Ave., Decatur, 111. 62521 
Ford, Earl R. (Kan.) 

1420 S. Eleventh St., Salina, Kan. 67401 
Ford, Russell E. (Ind. So.) 

1205 Lynne Dr., Indianapolis, Ind. 46202 
Foreman D. W. (O. Ea.) 

2717 Maywood Place, S.W., Canton, Ohio 

Foreman, Robert L. (Fla.) 

137 Cornwall Rd., Winter Park, Fla. 
Forkel, F. W. (Susq.) 

17 N. Symington Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21228 
Forkner, Stanley H. (Mich.) 

1414 Lindbergh Dr., Lansing, Mich. 48910 
Fortna Ira C. (Ea.) 

738 N. 6th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 
Fortna, Ira R. (Ea.) 

205 S. Liberty St., Orwigsburg, Pa. 17961 


Fortney, Paul (W. Va.) 

R. 3, Mannington, W. Va. 
Foster, John C., Jr. (W. Pa.) 

801 Galletin St., Ravenswood, W. Va. 
Foster, John C., Sr. (W. Va.) 

706 Hansford St., St. Albans, W. Va. 
Foster, Kennard (W. Pa.) 

Saltillo, Pa. 
Foster, L. B. (la.) 

2704 50th St., Des Moines, Iowa 
Foster, William L. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Galien, Mich. 49072 
Foulk, Ronald I,. (O. San.) 

267 Malo Dr., Marion, Ohio 43305 
Foulke, Kenneth E. (Ind. No.) 

816 E. Ewing Ave., South Bend, Ind. 46613 
Foust, A. E. (Mo.) 

R. R. 6, Unionville, Mo. 63565 
Fowler, Wayne M. (O.S.E-) 

137 N. Center St., Pickerington. Ohio 43147 
Fox, Charles J. (W. Pa.) 

704 Eveningtide Ave., Altoona, Pa. 16602 
Fox, Charles R. (Mich.) 

12755 Mill St., Carleton, Mich. 48117 
Fox, Evelyn (Mich.) 

12755 Mill St., Carleton, Mich. 
Fox, Howard E. (O. Ea.) 

P. O. Box 225, Strasburg, Ohio 44680 
Fox, Merrill H. (Pac. Nw.) 

112 "E" St., Halsey, Ore. 
Fox, William J. (O. Mi.) 

Springboro, Ohio 
Foyle, Harvey C. (Calif.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Frank, C. B. (Minn.) 

Buffalo Lake, Minn. 55314 
Frank, H. S. (Minn.) 

R. R. 1, Farmington, Minn. 55024 
Frank, Herbert S. (Minn.) 

Box 306, Pequot Lakes, Minn. 56472 
Frank, Kenneth (Va.) 

R. 5, Staunton, Va. 24401 
Franke, Carol W. (111.) 

3201 Huffman Blvd., Rockford, 111. 61103 
Frankhauser, A. F. (la.) 

225 1 Ave. S.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Frankhauser, C. R. (la.) 

1234 N. Academy, Galesburg, 111. 
Franklin, Miss Myrtle (Kan.) 

715 N. 7th, Salina, Kan. 
Frasure, Charles Richard (O.S.E-) 

458 E. Franklin St., Circleville, Ohio 43113 
Frazier, Emmitt (O.S-E.) 

R. 2, Hedgesville, W. Va. 25427 
Frazier, Emmitt (O.S.Ea.) 

Rt 1 Stoutsville, Ohio 43154 
Frazier, James V. (O. Mi.) 

7276 Clough Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45244 
Frederick, Harold, Jr. (Ind. So.) 

210 E. 8th St., Clay City, Ind. 
Fredrick, Edgar (Wis.) 

Velarde, N. Mex. 
Freed, C. E. (Pac. Nw.) 

2009 Colby, Everett, Wash. 
Freeman, Mrs. Wyvonne (O. Mi.) 

R. 2, Peebles, Ohio 
Frees, David P. (O. Ea.) 

2706 6th St., S.W., Cantcn, Ohio 44710 
Frees, Lewis E. (O. Ea.) 

2420 S. Taylor Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Frees, Paul W. (O. Ea.) 

822 Hoover Dr., Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Freese, Ruwal (Wis.) 

Arcadia, Wis. 
Freiberg, Arvid (Pac. Nw.) 

4627 S.E 49th Ave., Portland, Ore. 
French, Harold W. (Kan.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 
Freshley, W. W. (O. Mi.) 

Woodbine and Lovell Aves., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Frey, Darrell G. (Susq.) 

464 Columbia Ave., Milton, Pa. 17847 
Frey, Frank E., Jr. (Susq.) 

P. O. Box 33, Lewisberry, Pa. 17339 

Frey, George W., Jr. (Susq.) 

2749 Windlow Dr., Dayton 6, Ohio 
Frey, Jesse (O. San.) 

May Manor Mobile Home Park, 239 Pearl 

St., 1705 Chase St., Lakeland, Fla. 
Freymeyer, Daniel K. (O. Ea.) 

2100 Surrey Rd., Apt. 1, Cleveland Heights 

6, Ohio 
Fridinger, Donald N. (Va.) 

505 E. Spottswood Ave., Elkton, Va. 22827 
Fridinger, Paul E. (Ea.) 

P. O. Box 27, Mt. Gretna, Pa. 17064 
Friesen, B. W. (Nw. Can.) 

Kenaston, Sask., Can. 
Friesen, Eugene W. (Mich.) 

R. 2, Box 122, Three Rivers, Michigan 
Friesen, John W. (Kan.) 

1519 Powers, Lawrence, Kan. 
Friesen, Kenneth (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 61, Swiss Home, Ore. 
Fritz, Jim M. (Ind. No.) 

Box 638, Galveston, Ind. 
Fritz, O. H. (Ind. So.) 

401 Wedecking Ave., Evansville, Ind. 
Froese, G. T. (Nw. C.) 

1004 E. 58th Ave., Vancouver 15, B C., 

Frost, Walter A. (O.S-E.) 

R. 1, Belpre, Ohio 45714 
Frum, Charles L. (W. Va.) 

2018 Main St., Point Pleasant, W. Va. 
Fruth, C. C. (Ind. So.) 

212 N. Park, Jasonville, Ind. 
Fruth, Harvey C. (Ind. No.) 

126 W. Chicago Rd., Quincy, Mich. 
Fry, George Allen (O.S.E-) ( 

1750 Sale Rd., Columbus. Ohio 43224 
Fry, Russell (111.) 

Astoria, 111. 61501 
Frye, Lawrence R. (Va.) 

Box 94, Franklin, W. Va. 26807 
Fuhrman, Eldon (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Fulk, Floyd L. (Va.) 

Box 218, Broadway, Va. 22815 
Fulk, Howard Lee (Va.) 

719 New York Ave., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Fulkerson, Marshall (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Montpelier, Ohio 
Fuller, C. L. (la.) 

Story City, Iowa 
Fulmer, Jay S. (Ea.) 

Ono, Pa. 17077 
Fulmer, W. E. (O. Ea.) 

127 Atlantic St. N.W., Warren, Ohio 44483 
Fulp Bennett (Ind. So.) 

907 E. Main St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Fulp, Paul A. (Ind. S.) 

907 E. Main St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Fulton, A. Byron (W. Pa.) 

856 Crucible St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15220 
Fulton, Robert S. (W. Pa.) 

Chaplain U. S. Army, 4412 Ridgecrest Dr., 

Lawton, Okla. 
Funk, Amos M. (Susq.) 

R. D. 3, Fayetteville, Pa. 17222 
Funk. Donald Wm. (111.) 

1112 E. Seminary St., Danville, 111. 61832 
Fyffe, Robert (Ky.) 

55 Miller Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45427 

Gabel, H. D. (111.) 

849 N. Ellsworth St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Gabel, Leslie E. (111.) 

15 N. Julian St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Gabel, Wallace (111.) 

3117 7th St., East Moline, 111. 61244 
Gable, Henry (Susq.) 

194 N. Main St., Yoe, Pa. 17313 
Gable, John H. (Ea.) 

233 E. Cherry St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078 


Gable, Walter H. (Susq.) 

State I^ine, Pa. 1726.3 
Cackle, Albert L. (Mont.) 

Rudyard, Mont. 
Gainer, Mendell (Susq.) 

Craley, Pa. 17312 
Gaither, Golden (Susq.) 

2 S. Chestnut Street, DillsburK, I a. 17U19 
Gallagher Ralph A. ((). San.) 

1105 W. Packard Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Galloway, Gerald (Ind. No.) 

R. 3, Wabash, Ind. 
Galloway, Robert (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 4, Box 102, Pendleton, Ind 
Galow, Clyde F. (111.) 

Box 86, Bo, Sierra Leone, West Africa 
Gamber, E. Paul (R. Mt.) 

214 E. Vermijo, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Garberson, H. A. (O. San.) 

2313 Sand Rd., Port Clinton, Ohio 
Garling, Karl (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Box 57, Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Garloch, L. W. (Ind. So.) 

Fredericksburg, Ind. 
Garlow, Eugene M. (W. Va.) 

401 Duff St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Garner, Forrest (O. Mi.) 

10265 Wolf Creek Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45426 
Garner, Paul (Ind. No.) 

Burket, Ind. 46508 
Garner V. L. (Ind. No.) 

510 Madison St., Rochester, Ind. 
Garnhart, Tom (111.) 

1805 Fredonia Ave., Peoria, 111. 61606 
Garretson Alvin W. (Calif.) 

910 Indiana Street, Gridley, Calif. 95948 
Garrett, William H. (Susq.) 

209 Eppington Court, Trotwood, Ohio 
Garrison, Elton P. (Neb.) 

12514 Seldin Dr., Omaha 44, Neb. 
Garrison, Robert (Ind. So.) 

410 S. Madison, Oakland City, Ind. 
Garrison, R. W. (Neb.) 

1923 Sixth Ave., Kearney, Neb. 
Garvin, Arthur W. (Susq.) 

R. 1, Parkton, Md. 21120 
Garvin, Roland E. (Susq.) 

203 High St., Manchester, Pa. 17345 
Gaston, Fred W. (Okla.-Tex.) 

Box 86, Bo, Sierra Leone, W. Africa 
Gatrelle, Donald C. (la.) 

Defiance, la. 
Gatrelle, O. C. (la.) 

Radcliffe, Iowa 
Gatty, C. R. (W. Pa.) 

136 C-5E, Ft. Hamilton, Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 
Gauerke, A. G. (Wis.) 

R. 1, Prairie du Sac, Wis. 53578 
Gauntt, H. E. (W. Pa.) 

112 Bellview St., Altoona, Pa. 16602 
Gayley, Owen A. (R. Mt.) 

Seibert, Colo. 
Cayman, Donald (O. San.) 

Box 244 Wharton, Ohio 43359 
Gearhart, Bruce D. (Susq.) 

R. D. 3, Dillsburg, Pa. 17019 
Gearhart, Roy (O.S.E-) 

Box 94, Laurelville, Ohio 43135 
Gedcke, Roger F. (Can.) 

R. R. 1, Gowanstown, Ont., Can. 
Gehlbach, Robert B. (Susq.) 

Centre Hall, Pa. 16828 
Gehm, Phillip S. (O. Ea.) 

1325 West Beech St., Alliance, Ohio 44602 
Gehr, J. Louis (Ea.) 

Box 117, Grantville, Pa. 17028 
Gehring, Otto A. (Dak.) 

315 Main St., FJlendale, N. D. 58436 
Geible, Merrell D. (Ind. No.) 

R. 4, Box 372C, Syracuse, Ind. 46567 
Geiger, Gerald (O. Mi.) 

2034 Mitchell Blvd., Springfield, Ohio 
Geiger, Ross M. (Mich.) 

820 Mt. Clemens, Pontiac, Mich. 48058 

Geiger, William F. (la.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, la. 
Geiman, Melvin, Jr. (Susq.) 

930 E. Market St., York, Pa. 17403 
( .cist-lnian, James R. (Susq.) 

Big Pool, Md. 21711 
C.eisler, Milton L- (Wis.) 

Box 266, 134 1C. Green Kay St., Bondurl, 

Wis. 54107 
(iris/lor. Ervin A. ( Pac. Nw.) 

R. 3, Box 235, Oregon City, Ore. 97045 
Gentry, Paul A. (Ind. So.) 

221 Wolflin St., Mt. Vernon, Ind. 
George E. F. (O. San.) 

146 Loomis St., Naperville, 111. 
George, Herbert (111.) 

1704 McGovern, Highland Park, 111. 60035 
George Jack J. (Dak.) 

c/o Mrs. Margaret George, 420 3rd St., Find- 
lay, Ohio 45840 
George, M. W. (O. San.) 

209 W. Wyandot St., Upper Sandusky, Ohio 

Georgius, H. H. (Minn.) 

43 W. Wyoming, St. Paul, Minn. 55107 
Germanotta, Angelo (Wis.) 

R. 3, Box 250, Wautoma, Wis. 54982 
Gesell, Oliver W. M. (Ea.) 

1462 East Lake Rd., Middlesex, N. Y. 14507 
Gess, Lowell A. (Minn.) 

Danube, Minn. 56230 
Gettig, Wilbur (Mich.) 

207 Pearl Street, Chesaning, Mich. 48616 
Gettinger, Jess J. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Glenwood, Ind. 
Getz, J. Henry (Can.) 

378 Murray St., Pembroke, Ont., Can. 
Getz, James F. (Susq.) 

Albright College, Reading, Pa. 
Gibble, P. B. (Ea.) 

100 E. Maple St.. Palmyra, Pa. 17078 
Gibbs, Orville F. (O.S.E-) 

240 S. New York Ave., Wellston, Ohio 45692 
Gibson, C. C. (Mich.) 

Box 454, Nashville, Mich. 
Gibson, Paul J. (Wis.) 

503 First Center Ave., Brodhead, \Vis. 53520 
Giere, Kenneth A. (Minn.) 

Danube, Minn. 56230 
Giese, Milton W. (Wis.) 

364 W. Scott St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 54935 
Giese, Willard A. (111.) 

732 John St., Rockford, 111. 61103 
Gilbert, G. Carol (Kan.) 

218 Elm, Marion, Kan. 66861 
Gilbert, George C. (Kan.) 

512 N. Lincoln, Marion, Kan. 
Gilbert, John E. (Kan.) 

Box 5, Hesston, Kan. 67062 
Gilbert, Mrs. M. A. (Okla.-Tex.) 

2309 West St., Stillwater, Okla. 74974 
Gilbert, W. D. (Kan.) 

3629 N.W. 24th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Gilchrist, Frank B. (Fla.) 

3203 River Grove Dr., Tampa 10, Fla. 
Gill, David H. (Susq.) 

71 E. Poplar St., W. Nanticoke, Pa. 18634 
Gillespie, D. E. (O. Mi.) 

Seminole Manor, 584 Owasso Rd., Lantana, 

Gilliland, Dean S. (O. Ea.) 

Sudan United Mission, Jos Via Lagos, Ni 
geria, West Africa 
Gillings, J. W. (Can.) 

R. R. 7, Pembroke, Ont.. Can. 
Gilman, Paul E. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 1, LaGrange, Ind. 
Gilroy, Willard G. (Mich.) 

Six Lakes, Mich. 48886 
Gilts, James Lewis (O. San.) 

1110 W. Main Cross St., Findlay, Ohio and 
2825 Lexington Rd., Louisville, Ky. 

Gingrich, Franklin R. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, 




Ginter, R. H. (Mich.) 

1308 Kenneth Drive, Rantoul, Illinois 
Ginther, H. T. (Nw. C.) 

Melville, Sask., Can. 
Girton, Dale Irvan (O. San.) 

R. 2, Creestline, Ohio 
Gist, Richard (Minn.) 

R. 1, Merrill, la. 
Givens, Arthur E. (Ind. No.) 

625 Riverside Dr., Huntington, Ind. 46750 
Givens, O. P. (Ind. No.) 

415 E. Main St., Peru, Ind. 
Glabe, Wayne (111.) 

607 Chestnut, Marshall, 111. 62441 
Giant, William E. (Susq.j 

370 S. Yale St., York, Pa. 
Glanville, A. N. (Pac. Nw.) 

2993 S. Arbor Dr., Oswego, Ore. 
Glaser, William K. (Susq.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Glasgow, H. E. (Susq.) 

Box 378, Howard, Pa. 16841 
Glass, Richard Lee (O. Ea.) 

11534 Mt. Overlook, Cleveland, Ohio 44104 
Glaze, C. E. (Kan.) 

Luray, Kan. 
Glaze, Jack (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 1, Box 191, Potlatch, Ida. 
Glazier, Francis H. (O.S.E.) 

198 Fowler s Lane, New Lexington, Ohio 

Glen, J. Stewart (Susq.) 

129 Highland Rd., Chambersburg, Pa. 17201 
Click, Mrs. J. B. (Ind. No.) 

944 E. Dr., Woodruff Place, Indianapolis, 

Glover, LeRoy E. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Box 299, Garretsville, Ohio 44231 
Glovier, David F. (Va.) 

"Sunrise" Rural Res., R. 4, Staunton, Va. 

Gnagey, Raymond E. (W. Pa.) 

Box 108, Sarver, Pa. 16055 
Cocker, George G. (Ind. So.) 

1416 Hoyt Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46203 
Gockley, David W. (Ea.) 

5 Sterling Dr., Westport, Conn. 06880 
Godorhazy, George J. (O.S.E.) 

522 Columbian Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 
Goehring, Merlin H. (Wis.) 

R. 2, Greenleaf, Wis. 54126 
Goethe, Gerald H. (111.) 

1854 N. Sedgwick, Chicago, 111. 60614 
Goettel, Willis F. (R. Mt.) 

Simla, Colo. 80835 
Goff, William John (W. Pa.) 

186 N. Ogden Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204 
Goforth, James M. (Ind. So.) 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Goings, E. W. (O. San.) 

102 S. Main, Rawson, Ohio 44852 
Goldsmith, Dale (Mont.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 
Goldsmith, Dennis (Mont.) 

4200 S. E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 
Goller, Ingo (R. Mt.) 

137 Sumac, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Gonser, Ross E. (O.S.E.) 

413 Ballard Ave., Newark, Ohio 43055 
Good, Harold M. (Pac. Nw.) 

403 Wharton Dr., Marion, Ind. 
Good, John D. (W. Pa.) 

Box 123, Quincy Orphanage and Home, 

Quincy, Pa. 
Good, Ronald Earl (O. San.) 

3756 Bellevue Road, Toledo, Ohio 
Goodrich, M. (Pac. Nw.) 

361 E. Cypress Ave., Burbank, Calif. 
Goodwin, Earl L. (O. Ea.) 

2191 W. 65th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44102 
Goosen, Leonard (Kan.) 

Moundridge, Kan. 
Gorbett, D. W. (Ind. So.) 

1040 Washington Ave., Evansville, Ind. 
Gordy, Delmont K. (Minn.) 

1636 Scheffer Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55116 

Gorrell, Donald K. (O. Ea.) 

49 Claremont Ave., Apt. 6A, New York, 

N. Y. 10027 
Gortner, Clayton C. (O. Ea.) 

14062 Orville St. N.W., North Lawrence, 

Ohio 44666 
Goss, Cecil A. (Calif.) 

705 East "I" Street, Ontario, Calif. 91762 
Goss, Vernon B. (Ind. So.) 

Box 134, Fishers. Ind. 
Gossett, Robert (111.) 

224 N. Loomis, Box 104, Naperville, 111. 

Gottschalk, A. M. (Ea.) 

2100 Hill St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Gottschalk, P. A. (Ea.) 

5918 Jonestown Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. 17112 
Gotwalt, Alfred K. (Susq.) 

R. 1, Orrtanna, Pa. 17353 
Gould, Curtis E. (Er.) 

1807 W. State St., Olean, N. Y. 
Gould, George A. (Wis.) 

Box 17, Augusta, Wis. 54722 
Graben. Lealand (Wis.) 

12960 W. North Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 53005 
Graby, James K. (Ea.) 

56 Greenwood Ave.. Madison, N. J. 07940 
Grace, Chester H. (Ind. So.) 

1137 Plum St., Noblesville, Ind. 
Graf, Samuel E. (Dak.) 

509 S. Jay St., Aberdeen, S. D., 57401 
Graff, David J. (Mont.) 

1746 S. 10th Ave., Missoula, Mont. 
Graham, Burman (Ind. So.) 

3143 Carson Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Graham, Joseph R. (O. San.) 

637 E. Elm St., Lima, Ohio 45804 
Graham, Paul (111.) 

6109 N. Northcott, Chicago, 111. 60631 
Grams, A. J. (Nw. C.) 

149 Margaret Ave., Chilliwack, B. C., Can. 
Grandstaff, George (W. Va.) 

P. O. Box 1023, Fairmont, W. Va. 
Grant, Arthur E. (Va.) 

1113 Skymont Rd., Staunton, Va. 24401 
Grant, Blakely (Mich.) 

R. 2, Box 251, Suttons Bay, Mich. 
Grant, George A. (Susq.) 

Warrensville, Pa. 17775 
Grauberger, Bruce L. (R. Mt.) 

205 Holy Drive, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Grauberger, O. L. (R. Mt.) 

703 Van Buren Ave., Pueblo, Colo. 
Graver, Grant V. (111.) 

520 E. Highland, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Gray, Charles H. (Er.) 

Tonawanda Creek Rd., Lockport, N. Y. 
Gray, Roderick E. (Okla.-Tex.) 

1420 S.W. 68th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Greer, Harry B. (W. Pa.) 

607 N. Fourth St., Bellwood, Pa. 16617 
Gregory, J. Brooks (O.S.E.) 

1031 Buckeye Ave., Newark, Ohio 43056 
Gregory, Talmadge C. (O.S.E.) 

114 Sycamore St., Crooksville, Ohio 43721 
Gribler, Maurice (O. Mi.) 

3709 W. Siebenthaler Ave., Dayton, Ohio 

Grier, Charles P. (Neb.) 

DuBois, Neb. 
Griesemer, Fred W. (111.) 

Lancaster, 111. 62855 
Griffith, Eugene (O. Mi.) 

P. O. Box 107, Phillipsburg, Ohio 
Griffith, Keith L. (Neb.) 

724 Broadway, Imperial, Neb. 
Griffith, William (W. Pa.) 

East Freedom, Pa. 15962 
Grigereit, Robt. C. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Box 97, Ludington, Mich. 49431 
Grimes, Basil E. (la.) 

Huxley, Iowa 
Grimm, H. B. (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Holgate, Ohio 


Grimm, H. Joseph (O. San.) 

125 Hall St., Tiffin, Ohio 44883 
Grimme, H. E. (111.) 

10122 S. Eberhart Ave., Chicago, 111. 60628 
Groff, Carl E. (O.S.E.) 

P. O. Box 6, Millbury, Ohio 43447 
Groff, J. Daniel (Ind. No.) 

R. 9, Huntington, Ind. 46750 
Gross, F. F. (Neb.) 

1120 N. Main, Fremont, Neb. 
Gross, Fred S. (111.) 

670 W. Walnut St., Canton, 111. 61520 
Gross, G. I,. (Can.) 

Listowel, Ont., Can. 
Gross, J. F. (Ea.) 

1137 Penn Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. 19096 
Gross, Victor W. (111.) 

510 E. Main St., Casey, 111. 62420 
Grossoehme, Howard (la.) 

Box 377, Center Point, Iowa 
Grosz, W. G. (Da.) 

R. D. 1, Lititz, Pa. 17543 
Groters, Claude G. (Er.) 

R. D. 3, Centerville, Pa. 
Grove, Benjamin T. (W. Pa.) 

Box 511, Port Matilda, Pa. 
Grove, Eddie (Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Grove, H. H. (W. Pa.) 

327 E. Wallace Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Grove, J. C. (Susq.) 

571 Linden Ave., York, Pa. 
Grove, Lester (O. Mi.) 

Box 7, Lewisburg, Ohio 
Grove, W. E. (Susq.) 

528 Lansvale St., Marysville, Pa. 
Grover, Claude C. (Er.) 

2045 E. Aspen Ave., Mesa, Ariz. 
Groves, Raymond Scott (O. San.) 

1801 Elaine St., Findlay, Ohio 
Gruber, D. M. (la.) 

509 E. Washington Ave., Albia, Iowa 
Grueser, Albert N. (O.S.E.) 

3414 Meadow Lane, Grove City, Ohio 43123 
Gruver, J. Paul (Va.) 

305 High St., Shepherdstown, W. Va. 
Gubi, Stephen (Ind. No.) 

Box 128, Atwood, Indiana 46502 
Gudgeon, L. M. (Wis.) 

West Lima, Wis. 54668 
Guinivan, Thomas W. (Ea.) 

64 W. Chocolate Ave., Hershey, Pa. 17033 
Guither, Francis G. (111.) 

R. F. D. 2, Box 282, Port Byron, 111. 
Gums, Reuben (Dak.) 

1847 N. Lincoln, Chicago, 111. 60614 
Gunther, Carl F. (Susq.) 

618 Hopper St., Corpus Christ!, Tex. 
Gunther, W. L. (O. San.) 

R. 2, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 
Gunyan, H. A. (Mich.) 

Haven Hubbard Home, New Carlisle, Ind. 
Gustafson, L. H. (Calif.) 

3295 Meade Ave., San Diego, Calif. 92116 
Gutknecht, Selo A. (Wis.) 

29 N. Clinton Ave., Clintonville, Wis. 54929 
Gyorog, J. S. (Nw. C.) 

2831 N. E. 7th Ave., Portland, Ore. 


Haas, Vernon (Dak.) 

3804 N. E. 34th Ave., Portland, Ore. 
Ilaber, Clarence H. (Kan.) 

900 E. Madison, Derby, Kan. 67037 
Haber, John (Kan.) 

425 Nebraska Ave., Holton, Kan. 
Haberly, David E. (Pac. Nw.) 

819 E. Main St., Monmouth, Ore. 
Hackett^ Frank B. (W. Pa.) 

513 S. Ingraham, Lakeland, Fla. 
Hackett, Mrs. Zelma (W. Pa.) 

513 S. Ingraham, Lakeland, Fla. 
Hackl, Robert (111.) 

Box 157, Elliott, 111. 60933 
Hadden, Mrs. Marguerite (111.) 

H E. Edgar St., Casey, 111. 62420 

Hadley, Charles, Jr. (Kan.) 

3127 Bonn, Wichita, Kan. 67217 
Hagan, C. C. (Ind. No.) 

Haven Hubbard Home, New Carlisle, Ind. 
Hageman, Lynn (Ea.) 

435 E. 105th St., Apt. 11G, New York, New 

York 10029 
Hager, Ardella (O. Ea.) 

718 Fourth St. S.W., Canton, Ohio 44707 
Hague, Virgil J. (111.) 

604 E. Pine St., Robinson, 111. 62454 
Hague, W. C. (111.) 

947 W. Center St., Decatur, 111. 62521 
Hahn, Carl W., Jr. (O. Mi.) 

807 Cherry Street, Union City, Ohio 47390 
Hahn, Harvey C. (O. Mi.) 

152 Quitman Street, Dayton, Ohio 45410 
Hahn, Howard L. (O. Mi.) 

55 California St., Farmersville, Ohio 
Hahn, Luther G. (O. San.) 

P. O. Box 127, Malinta, Ohio 43535 
Hahn, Robert J. (O. Ea.) 

580 Moreley Ave., Akron, Ohio 44319 
Hahn, S. J. (la.) 

R. 1, Kalona, la. 
Hahn, Waldo E. (Calif.) 

803 Vallejo Way, Sacramento, Calif. 95818 
Haidle, Duane (Mont.) 

705 N. Killingsworth, Portland, Ore. 
Ilaidle, Jerry (Dak.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Haines, Virginia (O. San.) 

57 Garrett Dr., Milford, Ohio 
Haldeman, E. J. (O. San.) 

369 Perry St., Fostoria, Ohio 44830 
Hale, L. D. (R. Mt.) 

2106 Armstrong St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Hall, Donald V. (O. Ea.) 

5621 Dunbar Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio 
Hall, John W. (Ea.) 

212 Elmhurst Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45417 
Hall, R. Kent (Susq.) 

710 S. York St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Halley, Liston, Jr. (O.S.E.) 

R. 1, Londonderry, Ohio 45647 
Halliwell, Mrs. Gertrude (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 1, New Paris, Pa. 
Halliwell, Rupert (W. Va.) 

R. D. 1, New Paris, Pa. 
Hallman, E. E. (Can.) 

398 Union Blvd., W., .Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Halstead, Paul J. (W. Pa.) 

103 Avenue B, Latrobe, Pa. 
Hamerich, Lawrence (111.) 

1408 E. Culiver, Springfield, 111. 62700 
Hamilton, Ella F. (O. Mi.) 

Otterbein Home, Lebanon, Ohio 
Hamilton, William N. (W. Va.) 

P. O. Box 5, Lutz, Fla. 
Hamm, John P. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Mount Wolf, Pa. 17347 
Hammond, D. I. (R. Mt.) 

Lyons, Colo. 
Hammontree, G. D. (Mo.) 

115 E. Robard, Brookfield, Mo. 64628 
Hancock, C. David (Ind. So.) 

414 Carson, Muncie, Ind. 
Haney, Charles L. (Ind. No.) 

906 Lakeshore Dr., Culver, Ind. 
Hanks, William P. (O. Ea.) 

1709 Orange Blvd., Kissimmee, Fla. 
Hanley, Kenneth V. (111.) 

Box 21A, Good Hope, 111. 61438 
Hanlin, William (O. Ea.) 

East Springfield. Ohio 
Hana, William G. (Susq.) 

54 Howard Street, Red Lion, Pa. 17356 
Hannigan, Mill Nina L. (Susq.) 

311 Teel Hall, Albright College, Reading, Pa. 
Hanover, Marion L. (O. San.) 

Box 179, Benton Ridge, Ohio 45816 
Hansen, Edward J. (111.) 

104 Dundee Ave., Barrington, 111. 60010 
Hansen, Leo R. (Er.) 

42 Kennedy St., Bradford, Pa. 


Hansen, Lloyd R. (Mich.) 

208 Elizabeth St., Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 48858 
Haram, George (111.) 

Rt. 3, Flora, 111. 62839 
Harbaugh, Donald L. (Susq.) 

101 High St., Duncannon, Pa. 17020 
Harbour, Wm. A. (Ind. So.) 

835 N. Center, Terre Haute, Ind. 
Harden, Calvin S. (Va.) 

R. 4, Box 180-J, Martinsburg, W. Va. 25401 
Harden, Richard (O. Mi.) 

311 Millville-Oxford Rd., Hamilton, Ohio 
Hardin, Omar (Minn.) 

2831 I,ynn Ave., Inver Grove Heights, Minn. 

Harding, Isaac (Tenn.) 

R. 3, Mosheim, Tenn. 37818 
Hardman, Edward (W. Va.) 

R. 3, Box 328A, Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Hardy, Bertha A. (Ind. So.) 

824 W. 7th St., Rushville, Ind. 
Hardy, Elva (Ind. So.) 

306 Brady St., Attica, Ind. 
Hardy, Treasie (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, English, Ind. 
Hargreaves, Delbert G. (R. Mt.) 

637 Terry, Longmont, Colo. 
Harker, Jim (111.) 

Box 67, Fenton, 111. 61251 
Harlow, R. W. (Calif.) 

1403 S. Otterbein Ave., La Fuente, Calif. 

Harman, O. Dexel (W. Va.) 

867 S. Chestnut St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Harman, Paul A., Jr. (Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Harman, Robert John (111.) 

2749 N. Wilton Ave., Chicago, 111. 60614 
Harmon, Guy S. (W. Va.) 

Belington, W. Va. 
Harner, Dale E. (Ind. So.) 

4105 Bowman Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 
Harner, Merle (Kan.) 

R. F. D. 2, Brookville, Ohio 
Harnish, A. H. (Kan.) 

Box 4, Corning, Kan. 
Harper, Donald L. (Susq.) 

105 E. Main St., Dallastown, Pa. 17313 
Harper, Richard (Minn.) 

1815 19th Ave. N.W., Rochester, Minn. 55901 
Harper, Thomas N. (O. Ea.) 

Box 2, Marshallville, Ohio 44645 
Harr, Verlyn C. (Kan.) 

Leona, Kan. 66448 
Harr, Wilbur C. (Kan.) 

225 N. Julian St., Naperville, 111. 
Harrell, W. H. (Ind. So.) 

P. O. Box 146, Freelandville, Ind. 
Harring, James L. (Ea.) 

109 Dana St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18700 
Harrington, John R. (Kan.) 

2511 Arkansas St., Wichita, Kan. 
Harris, Claire L. (111.) 

115 E. Locust St., Canton, 111. 61520 
Harris, Darell D. (Er.) 

Venango, Pa. 
Harris, David (Ea.) 

3007 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Harris, E. B. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Box A-276, Mt. Valley Lake, Ash 
land, Pa. 17921 
Harris, Glendon E. (111.) 

1504 S. Stanley, Peoria, 111. 61605 
Harris, H. Ray (Er.) 

504 Charles St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Harris, L. D. (Kan.) 

1671 Hudson Blvd., Jersey City, N. J. 07305 
Harris, Lynn H. (O. San.) 

EUB Church Park. R. R. 2, St. Marys, Ohio 

Harris, W. Bruce (O. San.) 

440 W. Mark St., Marion, Ohio 43302 
Harris, W. Raleigh (Er.) 

67 E. Division St., North East, Pa. 
Harrison, Mrs. Marie (O.S.E.) 

300 E. Walter St., Baltimore, Ohio 43105 

Harrison, Ray (111.) 

1843 S. Wolf Rd., Des Plaines, 111. 60016 
Hart, Ancil Jack (W. Va.) 

Alma, W. Va. 
Hartfield, E. H. (Nw. C.) 

1352 Richter St.. Kelowna, B. C., Can. 
Hartley, Loyde (W. Va.) 

c/o Emory University, Atlanta, Ga. 
Hartman, C. P. (Kan.) 

211 W. llth Ave., Hutchison, Kansas 67501 
Hartman, Chester W. (Ea.) 

333 N. 9th St., Reading, Pa. 19601 
Hartman, Dennis L. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Jeromesville, Ohio 44840 
Hartman, G. Weir (O. Ea.) 

474 E. Dunedin Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43214 
Hartman, Robert W. (111.) 

Shannon, 111. 61078 
Hartman, Warren J. (Kan.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Hartmann, Charles F. (Kan.) 

220 W. 12th Ave., Hutchinson, Kan. 
Hartsaw, J. W. (Fla.) 

1849 Walker Ave., Winter Park, Fla. 
Hartsaw, Paul (111.) 

325 Harbison Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46219 
Harvey, Robt. (W. Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, O. 45406 
Haskins, Robert F. (O. San.) 

312 W. 5th St., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 
Hassinger, Merrill A. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Hatfield, Clifton W. (O. Mi.) 

R. 4, 8284 Keister Rd., Middletown, Ohio 
Haugh, Preston L. (Susq.) 

Felton, Pa. 17322 
Haught, James (R. Mt.) 
Haulman, Donald G. (Susq.) 

147 Wyoming Ave., Enola, Pa. 
Haupt, Jerome W. Ill (Ea.) 

475 Mill St., Catawissa, Pa. 17820 
Hauser, V. D. (la.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 
Haverstock, Calvin B., Jr. (Susq.) 

114 N. Newberry St., York, Pa. 
Hawbecker, Ned (111.) 

1499 S. Wolf Rd., Des Plaines, 111. 60016 
Hawf, Paul (111.) 

Vergennes, 111. 62994 
Hawk, Russell A. (O. San.) 

361 Perry St., Fostoria, Ohio 44830 
Hawk, W. G. (W. Pa.) 

311 N. 6th St., Safety Harbor, Fla. 33572 
Hawkins, R. P. (Ind. So.) 

Box 225, Highway 57N, Washington, Ind. 
Haworth, Donald J. (111.) 

408 Richards St., Streator, 111. 61364 
Haworth, F. Murray, Sr. (111.) 

Box 25, Westervelt, 111. 62574 
Hay, Morris (la.) 

Kellogg, la. 51035 
Hayden, Paul M. (Pac. Nw.) 

109 N. Shamrock Dr., Yakima, Wash. 
Hayen, Leon H. (Kan.) 

439 Eunice St., El Dorado, Kan. 67042 
Hayes, Franklin Wm. (Wis.) 

1260 N. llth St., Reading, Pa. 19604 
Hayes, George (Pac. Nw.) 

4500 63rd St., Sacramento, Calif. 
Hayes, M. A. (O. Ea.) 

1465 Gibbs Ave., N.E-, Canton, Ohio 44705 

Hayes, Stanley C. F. (Wis.) 

Elm and Liberty Sts., Ripon, Wisconsin 54971 
Hayes, Wm. C. F. (Wis.) 

250 R. llth St.. Fond du Lac, Wis. 54935 
Hayes, Wm. D. (Mich.) 

637 E. Eighth St., Traverse City, Mich. 
Hayne, Orlando V. (Wis.) 

United States Army. 
Haynes, Lowell K. (R. Mt.) 

c/o Mrs. M. D. Haynes, 312 Quincy St., 

Pueblo, Colo. 
Hays, Doyle (Neb.) 

1816 W. Ninth, Hastings, Neb. 


Hazenfield, Harold H. (Ind. So.) 

6919 Park Vista Rd., Englewood, Ohio 45322 
Headley, Roy H. (Wis.) 

R. 1, Prairie Farm, Wis. 54762 
Hearl, Bernard (Mich.) 

9066 Whittaker Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Hearn, R. E. (O. Ea.) 

723 Forrest Ave., Kissimmee, Fla. 
Heather, Thomas (111.) 

899 Parkside, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Heaton, Dana (O. Mi.) 

207 S. Walnut St., Box 146, Fletcher, Ohio 
Heberlig, Mrs. R. S. (Ea.) 

S. Mt. Airy Rd., R. D. 1, Coatesville, Pa. 

Heberlig, R. S. (Ea.) 

S. Mt. Airy Rd., R. D. 1, Coatesville, Pa. 

Hecht, Darrell E. (Kan.) 

6400 N. Hydraulic, Wichita, Kan. 67219 
Heck, Brooks (Ind. No.) 

60756 U. S. 31, South Bend, Ind. 46614 
Heck, J. A. (Ea.) 

3221 Cornell Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Heckendorn, C. B. (Can.) 

Rodney, Ontario, Can. 
Heckert, Eustace S. (O. San.) 

1919 Loxley Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43613 
Hedges, Richard E. (O. Mi.) 

444 Shadylane Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45432 
Hedrick, Roy E. (Va.) 

R. 3, Box 3, Mt. Clinton, Va. 22801 
Heebner, Mervyn R. (Nw. C.) 

Box 780, Vulcan, Alberta, Can. 
Heebner, N. W. (Nw. C.) 

1777 28th St., N. W., Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Heffner, Mrs. Erladean (O.S.E-) 

602 E. Cliff St., Baltimore, Ohio 43105 
Hefner, Joseph L. (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Liberty Center, Ohio 
Heft, Mrs. Mildred (O.S.E-) 

R. R., Sycamore, Ohio 44882 
Hefty, Robert E. (la.) 

103 S. East, Toledo, la. 
Hegarty, W. G. (Kan.) 

803 E. Hth, Ottawa, Kan. 
Hegle, M. Edward (Pac. Nw.) 

312 Church St., Dallas, Ore. 
Heidinger, A. S. (Dak.) 

1485 Acorn Park St., Eugene, Ore. 
Heiland, M. B. (Susq.) 

Freeland, Md. 21053 
Heilman, G. G. (Susq.) 

506 Annabelle Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21225 
Heim, H. S. (Neb.) 

Humboldt, Neb. 
Heim, R. Kenneth (Susq.) 

116 Summerhill Ave., Berwick, Pa. 18603 
Heim, Richard A. (Neb.) 

3245 Starr St., Lincoln, Neb. 
Hein, A. (N.W. Can.) 

Morris, Manchester, Can. 
Heininger, H. R. (O. Ea.) 

Minnesota Protestant Center, 122 W. Franklin 

Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 55404 
Heinmiller, Carl H. (Pac. Nw.) 

13505 S. E. River Road, Portland, Oregon 

Heinmiller, W. H. (111.) 

154 N. Columbia St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Heinrich, Robert E. (HI.) 

2840 Sheakespeare Ave., Chicago, 111. 60647 
Heiser, Ben. F. (Susq.) 

500 9th St., New Cumberland, Pa. 17070 
Heiser, E. L. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Box 68A, Paxinos, Pa. 17860 
Heitke, Roy S. (Minn.) 

501 4th Ave. N.E., Waseca, Minn. 56093 
Held, Daniel R. (Kas.) 

Campbell Hall, Sterling, Kas. 
Helt, James W. (Ea.) 

Hq. Post Chaplain Office, Fort Chaffee, Ark. 

Helt, Lloyd R. (Ea.) 

Star Route, Sacramento, Pa. 

Hempy, Robert W. (Calif.) 

9400 Carapo Road, Spring Valley, Calif. 92077 
Hemskey, Jack L. (W. Pa.) 

213 N. Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Henby, Sylvia E. (Ind. So.) 

Box 34, Gessie, Ind. 
Hendrickson, C. W. (Ea.) 

1100 Howard St., Wheaton, 111. 60187 
Hendrickson, Clyde (Ind. So.) 

New Market, Ind. 
Hendrickson, Earl B. (Ea.) 

206 Glendalough Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19118 
Hendrix, Cecil L. (Ind. No.) 

1415 N. Michigan, Elkhart, Ind. 46518 
Hendrix, Joe P. (O. Mi.) 

Fletcher, Ohio 
Hendrixson, Orville E. (Ind. So.) 

Box 146, Pershing, Ind. 
Henline, W. Z. (la.) 

W. Wind Drive, Toledo, Iowa 
Henninger, Edward W. (111.) 

653 Forest, Elgin, 111. 60120 
Henrich, Melvin Wayne (Wis.) 

R. F. D. 2, Ripon, Wis. 54971 
Henricks, Marvin L. (Minn.) 

Indiana Central College, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Henricks, Q. E. (Calif.) 

4168 Charlene Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Henry, Charles S. (la.) 

Hancock, Iowa 
Henry, Eddie (Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Henry, Joseph B. (O. Mi.) 

423 Santa Rosa Rd. Arcadia, Calif. 91006 
Henry, W. Lynn (Ina. No.) 

3516 S. Wayne Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46807 
Hensley, William E. (O. Mi.) 

2651 North Bend Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 
Henthorne, Arnold (W. Va.) 

1606 W. Pike St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Hepner, Theodore W. (Mich.) 

19750 McNichols, Detroit, Mich. 48219 
Hepting, L. P. (N.W. Can.) 

Wapella, Sask., Can. 
Herbert, /. C. (O. Mi.) 

36 S. Cherry St., Germantown, Ohio 
Herbst, James A. (O. Ea.) 

332 Cleveland Ave., Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Herlein, H. L. (la.) 

3018 E. 13th St., Des Moines 16, Iowa 
Herman, A. M. (Ea.) 

390 N. Franklin Street, Pottstown, Pa. 19464 
Herman, Mentor O. (Ind. No.) 

Oakwood Park R. 4, Box 382, Syracuse, Ind. 
Hernandez, Reynaldo Ferdin (O. San.) 

c/o Mrs. Elaine Laden, 715 W. Lincoln, 

Ionia, Michigan 48846 
Herner, D. G. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Hegins, Pa. 17938 
Herrick, D. V. (Neb.) 

3400 N. St., Lincoln, Neb. 
Herrick. Lowell P. (Kan.) 

Longford, Kan. 67458 
Herrick, Marvin V. (Neb.) 

3001 S. 16th, Lincoln, Neb. 
Herrick, Paul M. (O. Mi.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Herrold, Thomas E- (Ea.) 

Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, 

Pa. 17600 
Hershelman, Charles N. (Er.) 

Sudan Interior Mission, Kaltungo via. Gombe, 

Nigeria, W. Africa 
Hertzler, G. Edgar (Ea.) 

154 E. High St., EHzabethtown, Pa. 17022 
Herzberg, Ira E. (Dak.) 

1108 N. 19th St., Bismarck, N. D. 58501 
Herzberg. Robert (Dak.) 

Sioux Falls, S. D. 57106 
Herzog, J. Ronald (Pac. Nw.) 

9515 S. E. Knight, Portland, Ore. 97266 
Hess, Wayne C. (111.) 

1211 N. Park, Bloomington, 111. 61701 


Hett, Paul R. (Kan.) 

320 N. 24th St., Parsons, Kan. 67357 
Hett, William R. (Wis.) 

Office of Post Chaplain, Fort Lewis, Wash. 
Hetzler, Charles E. (W. Pa.) 

43 E. Center St., Farmersville, Ohio 
Hewitt, C. M. Kempton (111.) 

Durham Univ. (St. John s College Sem.), 

Durham, England 
Hiatt, Herbert D. (Ind. So.) 

445 W. Hanna, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Hiatt, Russell F. (Ind. So.) 

309 N. Walnut St., Hartford City, Ind. 
Hiatt, Truman A. (O. San.) 

R. 3, Box 250, Delta, Ohio 43515 
Hibbs, Orla (Ind. No.) 

330 N. Line St., Columbia City, Ind. 
Hickle, C. Fred (Va.) 

Box 404, Broadway, Va. 22815 
Hickman, Wm. Earl (Tenn.) 

205 Walnut St., Greeneville, Tenn. 37743 
Hicks, Homer T. (W. Va.) 

4001 Grand Central Ave., Vienna, W. Va. 
Higdon, Conrad (Ind. So.) 

12011 Corbett Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48213 
Higgins, D. Rayborn (Susq.) 

413 Bridge St., New Cumberland, Pa. 17070 
Higgins, Earl E. (Neb.) 

Cambridge, Neb. 
Higgins, Jack (W. Va.) 

R. 1, Box 42 A, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. 
Hildebrand, Alvin S. (Ea.) 

6261 Jeanette Dr., East Petersburg, Pa. 17520 
Hilgenfeld, S. F. (Calif.) 

120 E. Broadway St., Anaheim, Calif. 
Hill, Albert W. (Neb.) 

Elba. Neb. 
Hill, Frederick D. (O.S.E.) 

5655 S. East St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Hill, Harold F. (Tenn.) 

4812 Avis Lane. Knoxville, Tenn. 37914 
Hill, Paul F. (Ind. So.) 

Box 192, Selma, Ind. 
Hill, R. A. (Ea.) 

Box 53, R. D. 1, Middletown, Pa. 17507 
Hill, Ronald (O. Mi.) 

114 W. Ninth St., Newport, Ky. 
Hill, William F. (Ind. So.) 

3327 Brookside Pwky., S. Dr., Indianapolis, 

Ind. 46218 
Hiller, H. E. (Minn.) 

1512 Cory Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Hillier, Benjamin (Neb.) 

3204 T St., Lincoln 3, Neb. 
Hillsamer, Philip (Ind. So.) 

1123 W. 8th St., Anderson, Ind. 
Hiltner, George J. Ill (Susq.) 

600 W. 122nd St., New York, N. Y. 10027 
Hilton, Bruce (Minn.) 

Greenville, Miss. 
Hilton, R. M. (Pac. Nw.) 

15842 14th N.E., Seattle, Wash. 98155 
Hilton, V. E. (Minn.) 

412 E. Sixth St., Blue Earth, Minn. 56013 
Himmelberger, Harry J. P. (Ea.) 

45 Main St. Mountville, Pa. 17554 
Himmelheber, Emma (Ind. So.) 

Rockport, Ind. 
Hindman, Ralph S. (la.) 

LuVerne, Iowa 
Hinebaugh, Frank R. (Wis.) 

R. 1, Box 106, Monroe, Wis. 53566 
Hines, Donald D. (Kan.) 

R. R. 1, Tecumseh, Kansas 66542 
Hines, Howard B. (R. Mt.) 

908 E. Kelly Dr., Loveland, Colo. 80537 
Hines, Ralph C. (R. Mt.) 

119 W. Adams St., Pueblo, Colo. 
Hines, Ronald L. (R. Mt.) 

119 W. Adams St., Pueblo, Colo. 
Hines, Walter C. (Pac. Nw.) 

Philomath, Ore. 
Hinklin, Robert L. (Mich.) 

4529 W. Shore Dr., Caledonia, Mich. 
Hinton, Clyde P. (O.S.E.) 

Rt. 1, Pomeroy, Ohio 45769 

Hinzman, Parker L. (W. Va.) 

221 E. Floral Ave., Portland, Ind. 
Hiser, Carl W. (Va.) 

26 E. Mary St., Cumberland, Md. 21503 
Hissong, J. Faust (Susq.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Kitchens, John P. (Mich.) 

402 N. Main St.. Capac, Mich. 48014 
Hitt, Terry K. (O.S.E.) 

York Center E.U.B. Church, York Center, 

Hoag, G. D. (Ea.) 

121 Pine Street, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania 

Hoch, August (Kan.) 

Riley, Kan. 
Hochstettler, J. Robert (O. San.) 

Casilla 2320, Quito, Ecuador, S. A. 
Hockensmith, D. Jackson (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 2, South Fork, Pa. 
Hoeft, Merlin J. (Wis.) 

5040 21st Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 53140 
Hoeldtke, Carl W. (Ea.) 

21 Talbot St., Medford, Mass. 02055 
Hoerner, Clarence E., Jr. (W. Pa.) 

651 7th St., Pitcairn, Pa. 
Hoesch. Armin C. (Okla.-Tex.) 

625 N. Loomis, Naperville, 111. 
Hoesch, H. C. (Okla.-Tex.) 

1222 Arthur St., Holdredge, Neb. 
Hofer, Fred (O. Ea.) 

Homeworth, Ohio 
Hoffman, B. G. (Susq.) 

151 Richard Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 
Hoffman, Robert H. (Ea.) 

32 W. Ridge. Coaldale, Pa. 18218 
Hoffman, Russell L. (Ea.) 

117 N. Railroad St., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Hogg, David C. (O.S.E.) 

2549 Claridon Road, Columbus, Ohio 43224 
Hogue, Paul E. (W. Pa.) 

Dellwood, Mt. Kisco, New York 
Hogue. R. Wayne (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Bellefonte Pa. 16823 
Hohensee, Donald (Mont.) 

Burundi, Central Africa 
Holcomb, Jean R. (Er.) 

Port Allegany, Pa. 
Holcomb, Merle V. (O.S.E.) 

8 Marlboro Dr., Chillicothe, Ohio 45602 
Holdcraft, Paul E. (Susq.) 

3605 Howard Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Holdeman, Ralph M. (Ind. No.) 

11 E. 86th St., New York, N. Y. 10028 
Rolling, Burton (Wis.) 

1924 14th Ave., Monroe, Wis. 53566 
Hollinger, Carl E. (Pa.) 

Cocolamus, Pa. 17014 
Hollinger, Emma Paige (O. San.) 

812 N. 29th St., Corvallis, Ore. 
Hollingsworth, Chester C. (Ea.) 

604 E. Maple St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078 
Hollingsworth, Harold C. (Ea.) 

651 S. Green St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078 
Hollingsworth, M. F. (O. Ea.) 

29 Florence Ave., Alliance, Ohio 44601 
Hollister, H. L. (Ea.) 

Box 111, Castine, Ohio 
Hollopeter, E. L. (Susq.) 

Salladasburg, Pa. 17766 
Hollopeter, Jason P. (Susq.) 

336 Middle, Nashville, Mich. 49073 
Holmes, Thomas J. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Hoist, Alyois E. (Kan.) 

4304 Stratford Rd., Topeka, Kan. 66606 
Holston, George G. (Ind. No.) 

1622 So. Market. Kokomo, Ind. 
Holt, W. Ralph (Kan.) 

1964 Tennyson, Kansas City, Kan. 66102 
Honderich, Lester B. (111.) 

408 W. Washington, Paris, 111. 61944 
Hood, Albert (Ind. So.) 

Box 131, Redkey, Ind. 


Hood, Otto F. (Mich.) 

816 Rademacher, Detroit, Mich. 48209 
Hook, James, Jr. (Ind. No.) 

765 Rhode Island, Gary, Ind. 46402 
Hooks, Paul Jasper (O.S.E-) 

Box 88, Rockbridge, Ohio 43149 
Hooper, Robert O. (W. Pa.) 

New Florence, Pa. 
Hoopes Warren G., Jr. (Ea.) 

213 Pearl St., Lancaster, Pa. 17603 
Hoover, Edwin (Kan.) 

337 Kendall, Topeka, Kan. 
Hoover, Herbert C. (0. Ea.) 

1255 Cherry Lane, R. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 

Hoover, J. P. (O. San.) 

Box 184, Hoytville, Ohio 43529 
Hoover, Richard K. (O. Ea.) 

Box 155, Greensburg, Ohio 44232 
Hoover, William H. (W. Va.) 

Orlando, W. Va. 
Hopkins, Larry Dale (O. San.) 

Box 185, Continental, Ohio 45831 
Hopper, J. D. (O.S.E.) 

126 East St., Ashville, Ohio 43103 
Hopper, Milton W. (Pac. Nw.) 

1351 Long St., Sweet Home, Ore. 
Horan, Raymond B. (N. Ea.) 

100 E. Naples St., Wayland, N. Y. 14572 
Horn Alvin L. (Calif.) 

Olds Hall, P. O. Box 791, Daytona Beach, 

Fla. 32015 
Horn, Paul E. (Susq.) 

2836 Eastwood Dr., York, Pa. 17402 
Hornbaker, Robert H. (R. Mt.) 

Barnett s Creek E.U.B., Pellyton, Ky. 42767 
Hornbeck, H. C. (Susq.) 

Mifflin, Pa. 17058 
Homer, C. W. (Ea.) 

1764 Farmington Ave., Pottstown, Pa. 19464 
Horst, Elmer H. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Hershey, Pa. 17033 
Horton, Robert E- (Mich.) 

17160 Plainview Rd., Detroit, Mich. 48219 
Hostetler, Kenneth J. (Ind. No.) 

1206 W. Main St., No. Manchester, Ind. 

Hostetter, Eugene R. (Ea.) 

605 Main St., Shoemakersville, Pa. 19555 
Hostetter, Mark J. (Ea.) 

50 College Ave., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Hottenstein, C. S. (Ea.) 

117 S. Second St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Houck, C. T. (Can.) 

2321 Dawlish Ave., Niagara Falls, Out., Can. 
Hough, James C. (0. San.) 

423 N. Ash St., Deshler, Ohio 43516 
House, Clyde E. (Susq.) 

Dushore, Pa. 18614 
House, Walter R. (Ind. No.) 

15977 Jackson Rd., Mishawaka, Ind. 46544 
Houseal, David A. (Susq.) 

R.F.D. 3, Earville, 111. 
Houseal, H. A. (Susq.) 

40 Conway St., Carlisle, Pa. 17013 
Houser, Larry (O.S-E.) 

R. 2, Ostrander, Ohio 43061 
Houser, Lloyd O. (Er.) 

557 Martha Ave., Buffalo 15, N. Y. 
Houser, Max M. (W. Pa.) 

7880 Skyline Dr., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Houser, Richard E-, Jr. (Calif.) 

P. O. Box 50, Smith River, Calif. 95567 
Houts, M. R. (la.) 

801 2nd Ave., Ackley, Iowa 
Hovermale, Mrs. U. P. (Va.) 

1340 West Way Dr., Sarasota, Fla. 33577 
Howard, Albert E. (Ind. So.) 

808 Troy St., Dayton, Ohio 45404 
Howard, Donald (la.) 

217 Park View Dr., Ankeny, Iowa 
Howard, Glenn E. (O.S.E.) 

Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Orphans Home, 

Xenia, Ohio 45385 
Howard. J. Gordon (O. Mi.) 

900 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Howard, LaVerne R. (Er.) 

Box 247, Otterbein, Ind. 47970 
Howard, Lloyd (111.) 

R. F. D., Sumner, 111. 62466 
Howard, Riffle (Ind. So.) 

Box 22, Center Point, Ind. 
Howe, J. G. (111.) 

808 Jefferson St., Mendota, 111. 61342 
Howe, J. Ruskin (O. Ea.) 

209 N. Columbia St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Howell, E. S. (Okla.-Tex.) 

R. R. 3. Camp Redlands, Stillwater, Okla. 
Howell, Ernest (O. Ea.) 

107 E. Liberty St., Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Howell, Willis A. (6. San.) 

223 S. Main St., Gibsonburg, Ohio 
Howland. A. V. (Kan.) 

1918 Arkansas, Wichita, Kan. 67203 
Huber, Irvine F. (111.) 

27W074 Manchester Rd., Winfield, 111. 60190 
Huber, Jerome D. (Wis.) 

2926 S. 17th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 53081 
Huddell, H. E. (Ea.) 

10 Church St., Brownstown, Pa. 17508 
Huddleston, L. A. (Ind. So.) 

1531 Mills Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Hudson, Ralph V. (O.S.E.) 

Mobile Home Manor 2756 E. Grand River, 

East Lansing, Michigan 
Huelster, Earl E. (Wis.) 

221 S. Fulton St. (P. O. Box 42), Princeton, 

Wis. 54968 
Huey, Harold E. (W. Pa.) 

1226 Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, Pa. 

Huff, Kenneth (Tenn.) 

2309 Yorkcrest Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 37912 
Huff, L. L. (HI.) 

105 S. Jackson, Polo, 111. 61064 
Huffman, Aubrey Lee (O. Ea.) 

Box 135, East Springfield, Ohio 43925 
Huffman, Donald W. (O. Ea.) 

2763 Woodhill Rd., Cleveland 4, Ohio 
Huffman, Glenn E. (HI.) 

1106 Poplar. Wood River, 111. 62095 
Huffman, Harry O. (Ind. No.) 

450 E. 53rd Court, Gary, Ind. 46409 
Huffman, S. V. (O. Ea.) 

Box 305, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681 
Hughes, Mrs. Edna B. (Mich.) 

582 N. Walnut St., Logan, Ohio 43138 
Hughes, Ray B. (O.S.E.) 

2307 Maple St., Zanesville. Ohio 43138 
Hulit, Kenneth (O. Ea.) 

452 Lake Ave., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 44646 
Hulit, Lloyd (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Polk, Ohio 
Hull, Harry E. (W. Pa.) 

1911 Beaver Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 15132 
Hull, Oscar W. (W. Va.) 

Mt. Lake Park, Md. 
Hulse, M. L. (la.) 

1412 N. Adams, Mason City, Iowa 
Humbert, Dean E. (Calif.) 

800 S. Lemon St., Anaheim, Calif. 92805 
Hummel H. H. (W. Pa.) 

339 S. Crescent Dr., Melbourne, Fla. 
Hummel, Norman L. (Susq.) 

502 Walton Ct., Lemoyne, Pa. 
Hummer, George B. (Susq.) 

1971 Lycoming Creek Rd., Williamsport, Pa. 
Humphrey, David H. (Ea.) 

Pen Argyl, Pa. 18072 
Humphreys, H. A. (Susq.) 

1016 Crosby Rd., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Humston, Lynn H. (Neb.) 

Blue Springs, Neb. 
Ilunsberger, A. R. (Ea.) 

New Ringgold, Pa. 17960 
Ilunsbergre, Claude E. (Er.) 

R. D. 3, Cambridge Springs, Pa. 
Ilunsberger, Ivan G. (Er.) 

911 N. Center St., Corry, Pa. 
Ilunsberger, J. M. (Ea.) 

1735 Linden St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 11227 
Ilunsberger, Paul L. (Pac. Nw.) 

9641 N. E. 12th Ave., Bellevue, Wash. 


Hunsberger, R. R. (Ea.) 

New Ringgold, Pa. 17960 
Hunsinger, Paul (111.) 

Redlands University, Redlands, Calif. 92373 
Hunston, Lynn H. (Neb.) 

Blue Springs, Neb. 
Hunt, Robert G. (Okla.-Tex.) 

P. O. Box 208, Drummond, Okla. 73735 
Hunt, Virgil G. (Ind. So.) 

Otterbein Home, Lebanon, Ohio 
Hunter, Paul W. (Er.) 

4921 Jordan Rd., Erie, Pa. 
Hunter, William (O.S.E.) 

2687 Eakin R oa d, Columbus, Ohio 43204 
Huntley, LaRoy (111.) 

310 E. Elm, Chatsworth, 111. 60921 
Huntzberry, Larry S. (Susq.) 

204 N. Cannon Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 
Hurley, Charles (Dak.) 

1509 Cottonwood, Grand Forks, N. Dak. 
Hurst, Paul A. (Ind. So.) 

Box 32 Dale, Indian 
Huse, Robert (Kan.) 

Savonburg, Kan. 
Husler, T. R. (Susq.) 

45 E. Broadway, Red Lion, Pa. 
Huston, J. E. (O.S.E.) 

Box 88, Etna, Ohio 43018 
Hutchinson, O. Lloyd (O. Ea.) 

712 Tremont Ave. S.W., Massillon, Ohio 

Huther, Clyde E. (O. San.) 

218 S. Main, Box 293, Attica, Ohio 44807 
Hyden, O. A. (Ea.) 

Evangelical Home, Lewisburg, Pa. 17837 
Hynes, James (Wis.) 

1521 N. Astor St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53202 

Icenhower, John H. (W. Va.) 

McHenry, Md. 
lies, Donald H. (la.) 

215 W. Ninth St., Cedar Falls, Iowa 
lies, Emerson C. (O. San.) 

R. 1, Box 731, Clearwater, Fla. 
Inbody, Tyron (Ind. No.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Ireland, Willard (Mich.) 

405 Cottage St., Clare, Mich. 48617 
Irons, Neil L. (W. Va.) 

2042 Fifth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 
Irvin, Donald L. (O. Mi.) 

80 S. Park Ave., Miamisburg, Ohio 
Isgrigg, Philip (Ind. No.) 

Box 115, Fulton, Ind. 46931 
Iszler, John H. (Dak.) 

Box 147, Bowdle, S. D. 57428 
Iwig. Chester W. (Kan.) 

315 N. 6th, Leavenworth, Kan. 66048 
Iwig, Herbert A. (Kan.) 

Box 67, Alton, Kan. 67623 
Iwig, James H. (Kan.) 

20 N. Center, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Iwig, Paul W. (Kan.) 

Rt. 3, Junction City, Kan. 66441 

Jaap, Frank V. (Okla.-Tex.) 

Box 71, Hardesty, Okla. 73944 
Jackson, C. Raymond (O. Ea.) 

Box 14, Bowerston, Ohio 44695 
Jackson, Dale R. (Ind. So.) 

Box 42, Coal City, Ind. 
Jackson, Maynard (Ind. So.) 

Dale, Ind. 
Jacobs, George E. (HI.) 

802 Hinman St., Aurora, 111. 60505 
Jacobs, H. H. (Susq.) 

Evangelical Home, Lewisburg, Pa. 
Jacobs, Paul F. (Susq.) 

Drew University, Madison, N. J. 
Jaffe, Gerald K. (Pac. Nw.) 

3520 Lancaster Dr., Salem, Ore. 
Jaffe, Gordon E. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 1, Box 202, Jefferson, Ore. 97352 

James, C. D. (la.) 

604 N. Grand Charles City, Iowa 
James, George Wm. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, English, Ind. 
James, Guy R. (111.) 

306 E. Bridge St., Streator, 111. 61364 
James, Howard R. (O. Mi.) 

3145 Stop Eight Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45414 
James, Merrill J. (Can.) 

Dashwood, Ont., Can. 
James Roy E. (Mo.) 

R. F. D. 1, Brookfield, Mo. 64628 
James, Steve (111.) 

218 Douglas, Effingham, 111. 62401 
Jamieson, A. G. (Pac. Nw.) 

7 N. llth Ave., Yakima, Wash. 
Janetzki, W. E. (Dak.) 

307 6th St., S., Wishek, N. D. 58495 
Jansen, A. R. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Harrison. Ohio 
Jansson, G. F. (Neb.) 

Winslow, Neb. 
Jay, Carroll (Va.) 

R. 1, Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 25411 
Jay, H. Wilbur (Va.) 

R. 3, Box 9-A, Martinsburg, W. Va. 25401 
Jeffers, E. B. (Tenn.) 

905 Welbourne St., Johnson City, Tenn. 37601 
Jefferson, Harold (W. Va.) 

Star Route, Lesage, W. Va. 
Jenkins, A. Morgan (Susq.) 

1137 Grandview Rd., York, Pa. 
Jenkins, Charles E-, Jr. (O.S.E.) 

Box 4, Enterprise, Ohio 43118 
Jenkins, Ivan E. (O. Mi.) 

1139 S. Shawnee, Wayne Lakes, Ohio 
Jenkins, Kenneth (O. Mi.) 

R. 1, 13040 Eaton Pike, New Lebanon, Ohio 
Jenkins, Lynn (W. Pa.) 

724 Ormsby Dr., Xenia, Ohio 
Jenkins, William H. (W. Va.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Jennings, Allen C. (O. Ea.) 

Box 455, Butler, Ohio 44822 
Jensen, Harold O. (Kan.) 

Box 84, Dennis, Kan. 67341 
Jessell, Robert C. (W. Pa.) 

700 Greenleaf Dr., Monroeville, Pa. 15146 
Jesske, T. E. (Nw. C.) 

164 Fifth St., S.E., Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Jeter, Donald L. (Pac. Nw.) 

S. 2403 Grand. Spokane, Wash. 99202 
Jewell, George (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Box 32A, Lewis, Ind. 
Jewell, Marvin R., Sr. (Mich.) 

521 N. Ball St.. Owosso, Mich. 48867 
Jewett, C. I. (Dak.) 

Box 705, Madison, S. Dak. 
Job, Reuben P. (Dak.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Johns, Richard E. (Mich.) 

979 Wadena, St. Joseph, Mich. 49085 
Johns, Thomas L. (Wis.) 

302 Vandyne Rd. (P. O. Box 12), Vandyne, 

Wis. 54979 
Johnson, A. P. (111.) 

630 Hermitage Dr., Deerfield, 111. 60015 
Johnson, Barry (111.) 

Bloomington, 111. 
Johnson, Duane E. (O. San.) 

301 N. Tarr, North Baltimore, Ohio 45872 
Johnson, Edward F. (Wis.) 

R. 3 Dell, Westby, Wis. 54667 
Johnson, F. Clifford (Pac. Nw.) 

3095 N. Madera Ave., Kerman, Calif. 
Johnson, Fred L. (Okla.-Tex.) 

1202 W. Pine St., Enid, Okla. 
Johnson, Harry V. (111.) 

708 Poplar St., Marshall, 111. 62441 
Johnson, Lavern (Minn.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville. 

111. 60540 
Johnson, Lowell B. (Neb.) 

Milford, Neb. 
Johnson, Ora E. (O. San.) 

1523 E. Main Cross, Findlay, Ohio 45840 


Johnson, R. E. (Mo.) 

Box 92, Eagleville, Mo. 64442 
Johnson, Richard C. (Ind. So.) 

Ramsey, Ind. 
Johnson, Warren S. (Ind. So.) 

3750 E. Kessler Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Johnson, Wayne R. (Ind. No.) 

Claypool Ind. 46510 
Johnston, Isaac J. (O. San.) 

228 W. Clinton St., Napoleon, Ohio 43545 
Joiner, Donald J. (W. Pa.) 

1516 21st Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 15010 
Jones, David E. (Mich.) 

15011 W. Brady Rd., Chesaning, Mich. 
Jones, Donald (la.) 

Van Meter, la. 
Jones, Evan D. (O.S.E-) 

1042 23rd St., Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 
Jones, Gilbert, Jr. (Va.) 

307 E. College St., Bridgewater, Va. 22812 
Jones, Glen D. (Susq.) 

412 W. Beaver Street, Hellam, Pa. 
Jones, Harley (Ind. So.) 

Box 193, Plainville, Ind. 
Jones, Hearl, Jr. (W. Va.) 

Smithburg, W. Va. 
Jones, H. M. (Neb.) 

Fullerton, Neb. 
Jones, J. Paul, Jr. (O. San.) 

623 E. Boundary, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 
Jones, J. Paul, Sr. (O. San.) 

325 E. Charles St., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Jones, Marvin (Ind. No.) 

Cromwell, Ind. 
Jones, Richard (O.S.E-) 

Ostrander, Ohio 43061 
Jones, Robert A. (O. San.) 

1722 Vancouver Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Jones, Thomas R. (Susq.) 

614 W. King St., York, Pa. 17404 
Jones, Wendell W. (Calif.) 

11009 S. Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk, Calif. 90605 
Jones, William E. (O.S.E-) 

439 Townsend Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 
Joop, Rudolph F. (Mich.) 

15906 Prairie Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48238 
Jordan, Andy (Kan.) 

Box 157, Maize, Kan. 
Jordan, Franklin T. (Wis.) 

9105 W. Adler St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53213 
Jordan, Mark S. (Susq.) 

211 N. Fourth St., Newport, Pa. 17074 
Jordan, Theodore (Wis.) 

P O Box 66, Forest Junction, Wis. 54123 
Jordan, Wayne (Va.) 

434 Vine St., Westernport, Md. 21562 
Julius, John W. (Dak.) 

Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa 

Kachel, C. E. (Ea.) 

1608 N. 15th St., Reading, Pa. 19604 
Kachel, Charles V. (Ea.) 

222 E 4th St., Scottsdale, Ariz. 85251 
Kaebnick, Ernest A., Sr. (Er.) 

106 Canton St., Warren, Pa. 
Kaebnick, H. W. (W. Pa.) 

The Evangelical Press, 3rd and Reily Sts., 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 
Kaiser, John A. (Nw. C.) 

2347 20th Ave. S.E-, Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Kaiser, Ward L. (Can.) 

National Council of Churches, 475 Riverside 

Dr., New York, N. Y. 10027 
Kalas, H. H. (111.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 51031 
Kalas, John (111.) 

26 S. College Campus, Lake Forest, II 
Kaley, Jack (111.) 

210 E. 9th St., Gibson City, 111. 60936 
Karg, Henry H. (Ind. So.) 

1111 N. 23rd St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Kastner, Arnold S. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 1, West Finley, Normandy, Pa. 1537- 

Kauffman, Earl H. (Susq.) 

Codorus, Pa. 17311 
Kauffman, Gerald D. (Susq.) 

420 W. South St., Carlisle, Pa. 17013 
Kauffman, John E. (111.) 

915 Wabash Ave., Mattoon, 111. 61938 
Kauffman, Lester M. (Susq.) 

108 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown, Md. 21740 
Kauffman, Paul W. (Susq.) 

Box 205, Emigsville, Pa. 17318 
Kaufman, George N. (Pac. Nw.) 

2112 W. Maxwell, Spokane, Wash. 
Kaufman, M. L. (W. Pa.) 

216 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Kay, W. Eugene (Okla.-Tex.) 

2159 S. 73d East Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74129 
Keafer, C. E. (Susq.) 

113 E. Second St., Hughesville, Pa. 17737 
Kear, Herman F. (O. San.) 

Kansas. Ohio 
Keebler, Ronald (O. Mi.) 

650 Hadley Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45419 
Keech, Roger E. (Susq.) 

1300 Chapel Dr., York, Pa. 17404 
Keefer, H. D. (Neb.) 

1703 L St., Auburn, Neb. 
Keegstra, Bruce H. (Mich.) 

116 High St., Middleville, Mich. 
Keen, Arthur J., Jr. (Wis.) 

435 E. Linden St., Jefferson, Wis. 53549 
Keene, J. E. (Ea.) 

EUB Home, Quincy, Pa. 17247 
Kehr, August H. (O. Ea.) 

501 Stowe St., Box 245, Huron, Ohio 44839 
Keifer, P. M. (Mich.) 

1656 Snyder Rd., East Lansing, Mich. 
Kelbaugh, R. L. (W. Va.) 

R. 3, Box 173, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Keller, A. Leroy (Ind. No.) 

4420 Woodstock Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46805 
Keller, Armour J. (Ind. No.) 
R. 6, Frankfort, Ind. 46041 
Keller, Charles H. (O. Ea.) 

575 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Keller, Charles W. (Susq.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Keller, David A. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Williamsport, Pa. 17702 
Keller, Delbert (Pac. Nw.) 

9440 S. W. 49th, Portland, Ore. 97219 
Keller, Mrs. Goldie 

575 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Keller, J. B. (Nw. C.) 

2702 Clink-skill Dr., Saskatoon, Sask., Can. 
Keller, K. H. (Ea.) 

Barnesville, Pa. 18214 
Keller, Robert G. (Calif.) 

5375 Manila Ave., Oakland, Calif. 94618 
Keller, Ronald (111.) 

444 N. Harvard, Villa Park, 111. 60181 
Keller, William D. (Va.) 

R. 1, Fulk s Run, Va. 22830 
Kellermann, Garfield H., Jr. (Mich.) 

14839 Ardmore Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48227 
Kellermann, Garfield H.. Sr. (Mich.) 
302 N. Monroe St., Monroe, Mich. 
Kelly, G. Edward (W. Pa.) 

R 3 Box 206. Rockwood, Pa. 
Kelly, W. H. (Susq. 1 ) 

604 Market St., Williamsport, Pa. 17702 
Kendall. D. Homer (Susq.) 

114 N. Prince St., Shippensburg, Pa. 17257 
Kendrick. James (Tenn.) 

4818 Nelapark Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45424 
KiMinclI. Woodrow W. (Ind. No.) 

2019 Roys Ave., Elkhart, Ind. 46517 
Kenney, D. E. (Calif.) 

3347 Artesia Blvd., Torrance, Calif. 90504 
Kenney, Dwight (Tenn.) 

R. 7, Knoxville, Tenn. 37921 
Keperling, David L. (Susq.) 

812 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 21740 
Keperling. Ira C. (Susq.) 

812 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 21740 


Kern, Charles H. (O. Ea.) 

Haven Hubbard Home, New Carlisle, Ind. 
Kern, Chester L. (O. San.) 

522 Ohio St., Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Kern, Lorenz A. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 246, Denmark, Wis. 54208 
Kerns, C. W. (la.) 

Washta, Iowa 
Kerns, Ottis A. (Susq.) 

R. 3, Shippensburg, Pa. 
Kerns, Parker L. (W. Va.) 

3031 Fourth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 
Kerstetter, Howard A. (Susq.) 

3312 Elmora Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21213 
Kesecker, E. R. (Va.) 

R. 1, Berkley Springs, W. Va. 25411 
Kesner, O. R. (Va.) 

701 Highland Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 22980 
Kessler Elias A. (W. Pa.) 

225 Second St., Coneraaugh, Pa. 
Kester, Eugene (Pac. Nw.) 

2511 N.E. 145th St., Seattle, Wash. 98155 
Ketner, Frederick M. (O.S.E.) 

973 S. Ohio Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43206 
Ketterling, Clarence W. (Dak.) 

Sheldon, N. D. 58068 
Ketterling, Oliver R. (Dak.) 

Box 3, Tappen, N. D. 58487 
Kibbe, George R. (Susq.) 

117 W. 16th St., Berwick, Pa. 18603 
Kidder, Rolland E. (Er.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Kiefer, Paul M. (Mich.) 

1656 Snyder Rd., East Lansing, Mich. 
Kienitz, John (Dak.) 

Chaplain, 13 La Poterie St., Ft. Bragg, N. C. 
Kienitz, Richard A. (Mont.) 

625 Mattson Lane, Billings, Mont. 
Kilcup, Gerald B. (Can.) 

42 Church St., Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Kildall, Wayne F. (Pac. Nw.) 

Hq. 2nd A.S.A. Field Sta., Two Rock Ranch 

Station, Petaluma, Calif. 
Kile, Clifford W. (Cafif.) 

George, Iowa 
Kilpatrick, Ivan (Neb.) 

3735 S. 48th, Apt. 2, Lincoln, Neb. 
Kime, Donald C. (Ind. No.) 

938 Bellevue Ave., South Bend, Ind. 44615 
Kimmel Bevan (O. San.) 

19 Washington St., Shelby, Ohio 44875 
Kimmel, Clarence E. (111.) 

Box 6, Ransom, 111. 60470 
Kindred, M. P. (Ind. So.) 

1446 E. Edwards Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Kindt, C. N. (Ea.) 

137 S. Main St.. Bangor, Pa. 18013 
King, Elmer C. (Kan.) 

819 W. Prescott, Salina, Kan. 
King, Lynn J. (la.) 

209 Chicago Ave., Sumner, la. 
King, Mark R. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Box 215, Gap, Pa. 17527 
King, William L. (Wis.) 

Rt. 1, Westfield, Wis. 53964 
Kingsborough, Raymond M. (Susq.) 

New Bloomfield, Pa. 17068 
Kingsley, John (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Rockville, Ind. 
Kinney, Charles B. (Er.) 

Box 33, Findley Lake, N. Y. 
Kinney, C. E- (Mo.) 

135 E. Clark, Brookfield, Mo. 64628 
Kinney, Mrs. Ethel E. (Er.) 

Box 33, Findley Lake, N. Y. 
Kinsey, William R. (W. Pa.) 

Juneau, Pa. 
Kintz, Mrs. G. H. (Wis.) 

886 N. Central Ave., Richland Center, Wis. 

Kintz, Guy H. (Wis.) 

886 N. Central Ave., Richland Center, Wis. 

Kipp, Calvin G. (Susq.) 
R. 3, Red Lion, Pa. 1! 


Kirby, Thomas F. (Okla.-Tex.) 

P. O. Box 237. Lissie, Tex. 77454 
Kirk, Paul W. (6. Ea.) 

2225 Reid Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44052 
Kirkus, Eldo N. (R. Mt.) 

Culbertson, Neb. 
Kirn, S. P. (Mich.) 

6744 Third St., Cass City, Mich. 
Kirsch, J. A. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 7, Columbus, Ind. 
Kisrow, Leo (Minn.) 

4549 Seville Dr., Englewood, Ohio 45322 
Kistler, Richard (Ind. No.) 

Churubusco, Ind. 46723 
Kitzenberger, G. D. (Kan.) 

2609A McGee Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 
Klass, Walter K. (111.) 

146 N. Sleight St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Klatt, Raymond O. (Can.) 

Schutt, Ont., Can. 
Kleffel, Paul H. (Susq.) 

48 W. Main St., Lock Haven, Pa. 17745 
Klein, James E. (Wis.) 

2375 Prairie Ave., Beloit, Wis. 53511 
Kleinbach, Russell L. (Minn.) 

Rollingstone, Minn. 
Kleiner, Gordon (O. San.) 

Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Kleinsassar, Alvin D. (Mo.) 

Mountain Lake, Minn. 56159 
Klenck, Robert H. (N. Y.) 

1 Carlisle Ave., Lincoln Park, Reading, Pa. 

Klepinger, Murn B. (O. Mi.) 

2701 S. Smithville Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45420 
Kline, Kenneth L. (Ea.) 

R. 1, Perkiomenville, Pa. 18074 
Kline, L. E. (Susq.) 

R. R. 4, Box 437, Baltimore 27, Md. 21227 
Klinefelter, Gerald R. (O. Ea.) 

Lewis Creek, Ky. 40851 
Klingel Robert (O. San.) 

231 Findlay St., Carey, Ohio 43316 
Klingeman, H. A. (Susq.) 

1407 Allegheny St.. Jersey Shore, Pa. 17740 
Klinger, Charles L. (Susq.) 

1300 Houserville Rd., State College, Pa. 16801 
Klinger, G. N. (Ea.) 

27 Jardin St., Shenandoah, Pa. 17976 
Klingman, Mrs. Nellie (Kan.) 

1929 S. St. Francis, Wichita 11, Kan. 
Klocke, Leslie (Kan.) 

210 E. Hazelwood, Waterville, Kan. 66548 
Klotzbach, Louis (la.) 

Rt., Blair, Wis. 
Klump, Norman W. (Mich.) 

1731 Tennyson Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Knapp, Charles G. (W. Va.) 

Bellville, W. Va. 
Knapp, Clyde D. (Er.) 

2001 2nd Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 33713 
Knecht, Fred W. (Mich.) 

6965 Whiteford Center Rd., Lambertville, 

Mich. 48144 
Knecht, John R. (Ind. So.) 

United Theological Seminary, 1810 Harvard 

Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Knechtel, O. G. (Mich.) 

15 Oakdale Blvd., Pleasant Ridge, Mich. 
Knepp, Harold J. (W. Pa.) 

241 Washington St., Ligonier, Pa. 15658 
Knepp, Noah E. (Ind. No.) 

R. R., Bourbon, Ind. 
Knight, Darrell (Kan.) 

621 4th, Glasgow, Mo. 65254 
Knight, W. D. (Kan.) 

Berryton, Kan. 
Knisley, Bruce F. (Susq.) 

3102 Eastern Blvd., York, Pa. 
Knittle, Howard R. (O. Ea.) 

439 E. Second St Dover, Ohio 44622 
Knoepfle, Clarence E. (Dak.) 

Ashley, N. Dak. 58413 
Knoespel, Clarence (Wis.) 

2677 N. 40th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53210 
Knoespel, Kenneth S. (Wis.) 

7265 W. Center St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 53210 


Knoll, A. W. (O. Ea.) 

13813 Alder Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio 44112 
Knoll, D. Robert (Pac. Nw.) 

203 Robart Lane, Toppenish, Wash. 98948 
Knoll, F. M. (Pac. Nw.) 

106 N. Glenn Dr., Yakima, Wash. 98902 
Knopf, Dr. E. J. (R. Mt.j 

16314 Santa Ana, Bellflower, Calif. 
Knopp, A. G. (Nw. C.) 

Three Hills, Alberta, Can. 
Knosp, H. R. (Neb.) 

Elmwood, Neb. 
Knuth, H. C. (Mont.) 

928 llth Ave., N., Glasgow, Mont. 
Koch, George H. (Ind. So.) 

527 E. Illinois St., Princeton, Ind. 
Koch, Earl F. (Wis.) 

2407 17th St., Two Rivers, Wis. 54241 
Koelling, Harold W. (Neb.) 

Rose, Neb. 68772 
Koelling, Melvin 

Grand Island, Neb. 68801 
Koenig, Robert (Ind. So.) 

110 Berkeley Dr., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Kohler, Walter (Ea.) 

2828 Springfield Rd., Broomall, Pa. 19008 
Kohlhepp, Glenn O. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 157, F,lk Mound, Wis. 54739 
Kohn, Harold (111.) 

Charlevoix, Mich. 49720 
Kolander, C. H. (Wis.) 

8615 W. Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53222 
Kolb, Charles I,., Jr. (Mich.) 

1103 Braeview Dr., Howell, Mich. 48843 
Kolb, Daniel L. (Kan.) 
R. 1, Orlando, Okla. 
Kollath, Lynn K. (Wis.) 

904 S. Cherry Ave., Marshfield, Wis. 54449 
Kollmeyer, Harold (Ind. So.) 

Kingman, Ind. 
Koontz, Mrs. Bessie (Kan.) 

1006 E. 5th St., Newton, Kan. 
Koontz, Clyde A. (Kan.) 

1006 E. 5th St., Newton, Kan. 
Koontz, T. T. (O. San.) 

Bluff ton. Ohio 45817 
Koelling, Marvin (Neb.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Koelling, Melvin F. (Neb.) 

524 W. 12th, Grand Island, Neb. 
Kopp, Lamar W. (Susq.) 

7507 Windsor Mill Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21207 
Koronkiewicz. Lawrence J. (Wis.) 

R. 2, Peshtigo, Wis. 54157 
Kortemeier, Kenneth (111.) 

510 N. Cherry St., Mt. Carmel, 111. 62863 
Koss, David H. (111.) 

Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, 

N. J. 
Kostenbader, Truman (Ea.) 

338 E. Walnut St., Nazareth, Pa. 18064 
Koster. Arthur (Ea.) 

80 Yarrow Rd.. Fairfield, Conn. 06430 
Koster, Mrs. Beulah ( i 

728 W North St., Springfield, Ohio 45504 
Koster, Gerald M. (O.S.E-) 

494 Woodbury Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43223 
Koteskey, C. E. (Mich.) 

R. 2. Boyne City. Mich. 
Koth, C. Eugene t )* 

4038 Morton St., Des Moincs 17, Iowa 
Koth, Kenneth K. (D;ik.) 

1023 6th Ave., N.E., Jamestown, N. Dak. 

Kottke, I. E. (Minn.) 

536 Franklin St., S., Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 
Kottke, Myron M. (O. San.) 

2056 Colony Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43614 
Kottler, H. C. (Susq.) 

R. 1, Keedysville, Md. 21756 
Kouth, William J. (O. Ea.) 

Box 266, West Salem, Ohio 44287 
Kraatz, Alvin L-, Jr. (N. Y.) 

9309 Hunting Valley Rd., Clarence, N. Y. 
Kracklan, Jack (Mich.) 

1607 Yargerville Rd., LaSalle, Mich. 48145 

Kraft, Harold (Minn.) 

St. Clair. Minn. 56080 
Kraft, L. Kenneth (Ind. No.) 

1009 N. 13th St., Lafayette, Ind. 47904 
Kraft, Vernon R. (Calif.) 

6600 Steiner Dr., Sacramento, Calif. 95823 
Kramer, Charles G. (Ind. No.) 

R. 5, Kokomo, Ind. 46901 
Krampitz, Nathan (Nw. C.) 

20 Stanley Rd., Allahabad, U. P., Ind. 
Krauss, T. M. (Pac. Nw.) 

1431 S. Otterbein Ave., La Punte, Calif. 

Krech, Walter D. (111.) 

Box 222, Washburn, 111. 
Krecker, J. W. (Susq.) 

3811 Maple St Harrisburg, Pa. 
Kreichbaum, William T. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Kreider, Lee (O. Mi.) 

65 Willow Dr.. Springboro, Ohio 

708 Hilltop Dr. 

Kreidler, Clair C\ (Susq.) 
~ r., New C 
J. (111. 

umberland, Pa. 17070 

Krell, C. J. (111.) 

340 S. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Krell, O. Harland (111.) 

913 E. Fellows, Dixon, 111. 61021 
Krenz, Richard (Kan.) 

Penalosa, Kan. 
Kresge, R. S. (Ea.) 

1329 W. Market St., Pottsville, Pa. 17901 
Kretzschmer, R. H., Jr. (Mich.) 

609 Meade Terrace, Shillington, Pa. 19607 
Kretzschmer, R. H., Sr. (Mich.) 

G-1403 Autumn Dr., Flint, Mich. 48504 
Krieg, Harold R. (Mich.) 

2971 German Rd., R. 2, Columbiaville, Mich. 

Krieger, Martin (111.) 

611 N. Van Buren, Batavia, 111. 60510 
Krisher, C. Maxine (O.S.E-) 

R. 1, Laurelville, Ohio 43135 
Kritzer, Kenneth (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 6, Columbus, Ind. 
Krone, H. E. (Susq.) 

E. Main St., Thurmont, Md. 
Kronholm, Roger H. (Neb.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 
Kruckenberg, Leonard A. (Dak.) 

702 S. Kline St., Aberdeen, S. Dak. 57401 
Krueger, Howard W. (Minn.) 

Rt. 1, North Redwood, Minnesota 56275 
Krueger, Kenneth W. (Wis.) 

1537 North Euclid Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Krug, Harry E. (Wis.) 

3263 Shorewood Dr., Oshkosh, Wis. 54901 
Krugh, B. C. (O. San.) 

100 S. Grove St., Walbridge, Ohio 
Krumm, Delbert R. (O.S.E-) 

2418 Taylor Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211 
Krumrie, Lyle F. (Minn.) 
Lamberton, Minn. 56152 
Kuebler, Frederick G. (Ind. No.) 

1406 Adams St., Wabash, Ind. 46992 
Kuehn, A. R. (Mich.) 

410 Johnson St., Ionia, Mich. 
Kuglin, Karl H. (Kan.) 

Bern, Kan. 66408 
Kuhn, Paul (Pac. Nw.) 

R 2, Box 61. Hillsboro, Ore. 97123 
Kunce, E. C. (111.) 

135 S. Center, Bradley, 111. 60915 
Kunz, W. R. (Ea.) 

17 E. North St., Bethlehem, Pa. 18018 
Kurth, Adolph E- (Kan.) 
524 Iowa, Holton, Kan. 
Kurth, Lawrence R. (Kan.) 

1508 Vermont, Lawrence, Kau. 66044 
Kurtz, Charles A. (Neb.) 

West Point, Neb. 
Kurtz, Delburn (Minn.) 

200 8th St., Farmington, Minn. 55024 
Kurtz, Glenn (Kan.) 
Meriden, Kan, 


Kurtz, Lloyd V. (Kan.) 

Meriden, Kan. 66512 
Kurtz, Merwin Ray (Kan.) 

2536 Lincoln St., Topeka, Kansas 
Kyle, C. C. (Ea.) 

400 Melrose St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 11237 
Kyre, Kenneth K. (Va.) 

Green Acres, R. 5, Winchester, Va. 22601 

(O. San.) 

St., Wauseon, Ohio 43567 

Ladd, Kenneth P. 

231 W. Chestnut 
LaFavre, Floyd B. (Calif.) 

7231 Hillrose St., Tujunga, Calif. 91042 
LaFavre, J. I. (la.) 

2103 Walnut, Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Laffin, Dillon (Ind. No.) 

118 E. Ricketts, Kokomo, Ind. 46902 
Lahr, R. H. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Box 320-H, Timberlane Dr., St. Joseph, 

Laidler, Keith (Mich.) 

Box 148, Brown City, Mich. 48416 
Lakes, James Lowell (O. Mi.) 

Jacksonburg Rd., Trenton, Ohio 
Lamb, Eugene V. (Pac. Nw.) 

4104 N.E. St. John s Rd., Vancouver, Wash. 

Lamb, Fredrick L. (Mich.) 

1036 E. Main St., Lansing, Mich. 
Lambrecht, Paul A. (Wis.) 

3945 S. 51st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53220 
Lamm, Virgil J. (R. Mt.) 

Peetz, Colo. 
Lanahan H. L. (Ind. So.) 

2700 Grand Ave., Connersville, Ind. 
Landis, Herbert (O. San.) 

Box 144, Republic, Ohio 44867 
Landis, J. A. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Box 86, Sellersville, Pa. 18960 
Landis, Kenneth L. (Ind. So.) 

409 S.E- 6th, Linton, Ind. 
Landis, M. D. (Kan.) 

1205 S. Poplar, Newton, Kan 
Landis. Oral F. (111.) 

14 Delwood Drive, Decatur, 111. 62521 
Landis, Robert C. (O. Ea.) 

Red Bird Mission, Jack s Creek, Roark, Ky. 

Landwer, Donald F. (111.) 

600 Fulton, Apt. 3 IF, Hempstead, N. Y. 

Lane, C. S. (Tenn.) 

R. 3, New Market, Tenn. 37820 
Lane, Charles R. (Ind. So.) 

4426 S. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lane, Irvin H. (O.S.E.) 

626 Chestershire Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43204 
Lane, Ival (Ind. So.) 

Box 520, R. R. 4, Greenwood, Ind. 
Lane, Lester (W. Va.) 

Mason, W. Va. 
Lang, Ehrhardt I. (Er.) 

1915 W. McFadden, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Lang, Ernst (Er.) 

Kikuna Machi 405, Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama, 

Lang, Ernstfried J. (Er.) 

First E. U. B. Church, Roosevelt and Union 

Sts., Bloomington, 111. 
Lang, Melvin W. (111.) 

206 N. Wood Dale Rd., Wood Dale, 111. 60191 
Lange, Donald D. (Neb.) 

Spanish Language Institute, Apartado 2240, 

San Jose, Costa Rica 
Lange, James A. (Mich.) 

17306 Doris Lane. Livonia, Mich. 48152 
Langenberg, A. (Neb.) 

1112 N. Saunders. Hastings, Neb. 
Lansell, Daniel J. (O. Ea.) 

1946 Westwood St., N.W., Warren, Ohio 

Lansman, Q. C. (la.) 
1427 Princeton Dr., 

Dayton, Ohio 

Lantow, F. J. (la.) 

1614 48th St., Des Moines, Iowa 
Lantz, Donald R. (Calif.) 

202 Sandberg St., Thousand Oaks, Calif. 
LaPrairie, Larry L- (Susq.) 

R. 1, York Haven. Pa. 
Larason, John W. (O.S.E.) 

37 E. Como Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43202 
Larkins, Duane E. (R. Mt.) 

515 W. Pine, Liberal, Kan. 67901 
Larsen, John M. (N. Y.) 

2074 Whitehaven Rd., Grand Island, N. Y. 

Larson, E. J. (111.) 

416 Leland St., Ottawa, 111. 61350 
Lasater, W. C. (R. Mt.) 

Friendly Acres, Newton, Kan. 
Lash, H. Donald (W. Pa.) 

Box 92, Rector, Pa. 15677 
Laswell, Roy E. (Ind. So.) 

Box 145, New Lisbon, Ind. 
Lathrop, F. H. (111.) 

4519 Farmington Rd., Peoria, 111. 61600 
Latta, O. V. (O. Ea.) 

207^2 Olney Ave., Marion, Ohio 
Laubenstein, Lester H. (111.) 

135 Hobbs Ave., Joliet, 111. 60433 
Lauby, H. S. (O. Ea.) 

4093 Columbiana-New Castle Rd., New 

Springfield, Ohio 44443 
Lauffenburger, Ernest J. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 4, Jefferson, Ohio 44047 
Laurenson, G. Edgar (Susq.) 

715 W. Poplar St., York, Pa. 17404 
Lautenschlager, Robert M. (O. Ea.) 

7207 Johnnycake Ridge Rd., Mentor, Ohio 
Lautner, R. J. (Mich.) 

1810 W. Michigan Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 

Lautner, Vern R. (Mich.) 

414 Beach St., LaGrange Park, 111. 
Lauver, Marlin H. (Susq.) 

Newburg, Pa. 17240 
Lawrence, Ralph (Pac. Nw.) 

4208 S.E. Adams, Milwaukie, Ore. 
Lawrence, Wesley W. (Calif.) 

1545 Rose Marie Lane, Stockton, Calif. 95207 
Lawson, Paul (Ind. So.) 

2219 Franklin, Columbus, Ind. 
Lay, Forrest M. (la.) 

Britt, Iowa 
Leach, Clarence O. (O.S.E.) 

Box 143, Beaver, Ohio 45613 
Leach, Robert B. (Er.) 

45 Delray Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 14224 
Leach, Mrs. Susannah (Va.) 

Box 13, Petersburg, W. Va. 26747 
Leader, Charles W. (Ind. So.) 

Claypool, Ind. 
Learning, Lt. Col. V. F. (Neb.) 

Office of the Chaplain Hgs. Sixth U. S. Army, 

APO 301, San Francisco, Calif. 
Leathers, Glen H. (111.) 

230 S. Ohio St., Olney, 111. 62450 
Leber, Clair L. (Susq.) 

3403 Gough St., Baltimore, Md. 21224 
Lebo, John R. (Susq.) 

2419 S. Queen St., York, Pa. 17402 
LeConte, William G. (111.) 

4915 Best St., Peoria, 111. 61600 
LeCount, James M. (Wis.) 

167 N. Arch Ave., New Richmond, Wis 

LeCount, Robert (Wis.) 

167 N. Arch Ave., New Richmond, Wis. 

Lee, Lawrence (Kan.) 

Box 244. Hanover, Kan. 66945 
Lee, L. E. (Mich.) 

5101 Seymour Rd., Swartz Creek, Mich. 

Leech. Edward W. (Susq.) 

26 N. Vernon St., York, Pa. 17402 
Leedy, R. B. (O. San.) 

328 E. Fourth St., Lakeside, Ohio 
LeFever, Lloyd S. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Lickdale, Jonestown, Pa. 17038 


Legg, James H. (Va.) 

712 Five Oaks Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Lehman, A. E. (W. Pa.) 

Box 116, Memorial Farm Community, Penney 

Farms, Fla. 
Lehman, Clayton G. (Kan.) 

205 E. First, Box 94, Ilillsboro, Kan. 67063 
Lehman, John H. (Susq.) 

207 Walnut St., Boiling Springs, Pa. 17007 
Lehner, Otto H. (Dak.) 

324 E. College St., Rapid City, S. Dak. 57703 
Lehr, John E. (Susq.) 
Wellsville, Pa. 17365 
Leier, William A. (Ea.) 

404 33rd St., Union City, N. J. 07087 
Leining, G. F. (Pac. Nw.) 

516 24th Ave., Spokane 35, Wash. 
Leis, R. (N.W. Can.) 
Castor, Alta,. Can, 
Leischner, Henry (Nw. C.) 

New Sarepta, Alberta, Can. 
Leist, E. Randolph (O. San.) 

120 S. High St., Kenton, Ohio 43325 
Leist, Earl W. (O. San.) 

Box 17, EHiston, Ohio 43415 
Leist, Marvin A. (O. Ea.) 

1933 Burbank Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Lembke, Clarence W. (N. Y.) 

2A Cuyler Ave., Albany, N. Y. 12209 
Lembke, W. A. (Wis.) 

5260 N. 37th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53209 
Lemna, Carl (Ind. No.) 

4445 Myers Ave., Elkhart, Ind. 46517 
Lempke, M. F. (Mich.) 
Box 43, Acme, Mich. 
Lengel, Blanche C. (Susq.) 

126^ E. Lemon St., Lancaster, Pa. 17602 
Lenich, Bruce L. (Ea.) 

3124 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17601 
Lenz, Duane W. (Neb.) 

1622 Ave. A, Kearney, Neb. 
Leonard, Richard D. (Susq.) 

Box 163, Boiling Springs, Pa. 17007 
Lenz, F. A. (Pac. Nw.) 

2275 Englewood Ave., N.E-, Salem, Ore. 
Lenz, Walter H. (Neb.) 

Amherst, Neb. 
LePage, Herbert C. (Ind. No.) 

R. 4, Box 216, Delphi, Ind. 46923 
Lepien, Irvin A. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 175, Butternut, Wis. 54514 
Leske, Omer A. (Minn.) 
Wabasso, Minn. 56293 
Leslie, Clyde H. (111.) 

622 E. Carroll St., Macomb, 111. 61455 
Letner, Grover D. (O. Mi.) 

7505 Taylorsville Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45424 
Leu, Harold L. (111.) 

108 S. Albion St., West Salem, 111. 62476 
Levell, Dorsey (Mo.) 

2232 Luster Blvd., Springfield, Mo. 65804 
Leventry, Mearle (W. Pa.) 

Elton, Pa. 15934 
Leverton, Lyle (111.) 

London Mills, 111. 61544 
Lewellen, Lilly (Ind. No.) 

342 E. Main St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Lewis, Allen J. (Mich.) 
Snover, Mich. 48472 
Lewis, Barry (W. Pa.) 

Mapleton Depot, Pa. 17052 
Lewis, F. S. (Ea.) 

1608 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17103 
Lewis, Gerald R. (O.S.E-) 

43 Ohio Ave., Athens, Ohio 45701 
Lewis, Lejeune (W. Va.) 

520 Burroughs Ave., Morgantown, W. Va. 
Lewis, LeRoy H. (Mich.) 

C.M.R. No. 1, Box 2655, A.P.O. Seattle, 

Wash. 98742 
Lick, Artz S. (Ea.) 

S. Carpenter St., Schafferstown, Pa. 1708 
Lidster, Lawrence L. (Ind. So.) 

R. R 2 Box 28, Terre Haute, Ind. 
Liebau, Paul W. (Can.) 

Clinical Theology Centre, Weston Ave., Mt. 
Hooton Rd., Nottingham, England 

Liechty, Ronald W. (Ind. No.) 

305 E. Third St., N. Manchester, Ind. 46962 
Liesemer, Newell C. (Mich.) 

17200 Plainview Rd., Detroit, Mich. 48219 
Lieske, Albert R. (Nw. C.) 

55 Hoeschen Cres., Saskatoon, Sask., Can. 
[ ( ieske, E. A. (111.) 

647 W. Pleasant St., Freeport, 111. 61032 
Lieving, Bernard H., Jr. (W. Va.) 

309 S\ Main St., Philippt, W. Va. 
Life, L. W. (Kan.) 

Box 434 (1001 W. 8th), Coffeyville, Kan. 

Life, Paul (Kan.) 

Box 145, Jewell, Kan. 66949 
Lightner, Charles W. (Susq.) 
R. 1, Boonsboro, Md. 21713 
Lincoln, Leslie T. (Er.) 

Box 122, Cochranton, Pa. 
Lindberg, Melvin W. (O. Ea.) 

2932 Northview Blvd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Linder. Lester W. (Er.) 

Swain, N. Y. 14884 
Lindley, Arvid J. (Mont.) 

Reedpoint, Mont. 
Lindley, Joe D. (Mont.) 

Fallen, Mont. 
Lindley, Rupert H. (Mich.) 

302 E\ Jefferson St., Blissfield, Mich. 49228 
Lindquist, Harold V. (Er.) 

2925 Myrtle St., Erie, Pa. 
Lindsey, Howard R. (Susq.) 

Daniels, Md. 21033 
Link, Aaron J. (Minn.) 

313 De Kalb St., Redwood Falls, Minn. 56283 
Link, Robert W. (la.) 

605 Eighth St., Nevada, Iowa 
Linson, William A. (Ind. So.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Lippert, William J. (Susq.) 

821 Funston Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 17705 
Litchfield, Carl J. (Mich.) 

29 N. Bradleyville Rd., Gilford, Mich. 48736 
Litchfield, David (Mich.) 

213 W. Douglas, Naperville, 111. 
Litherland, Gerald L. (Er.) 

59 W. High St., Union City, Pa. 
Littlejohn, Marshall L. (N. Y.) 

643 Best St., Buffalo, N. Y. 14211 
Littler, Donald E. (Ind. No.) 

352 E. Clinton St., Frankfort, Ind. 46041 
Litton, Terry (O. Ea.) 

Evangelical Theological Sem., Naperville, 111. 
Lloyd, Clifford P. (Susq.) 

208 Magnolia Ave.. Frederick, Md. 21701 
Locke, Willis A. (111.) 

Ill W. North Ave., Elmhurst, 111. 60126 
Lockhart, B. J. (W. Va.) 

1548 Harvey Rd., Huntington, W. Va. 
Lockhart, Beryl R. (W. Va.) 

107 M. Elk St., Gassaway, W. Va. 
Lockhart, Donald (W. Va.) 

R. 2, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. 
Loesch, Warren A. (Ea.) 

4603 Danbury Rd., Devon Manor, Harrisburg. 

Pa. 17109 
Loewen, John (Susq.) 

R. 2, Box 56, Gardners, Pa. 17324 
Loffer, Robert E. (Ind. So.) 

700 S. Brittain Muncie, Ind. 
Logan, Rex V. (Dak.) 

413 N. Maple. Watertown, S. Dak. 57201 
Logan, Robert A. (Dak.) 

Box 38, Streeter, N. D. 58483 
Logsdon, R. M. (Pac. Nw.) 

1415 S. Otterbein Ave., La Puente, Calif. 

Lohr, Herbert (W. Pa.) 

Box 27, Alum Bank, Pa. 
Lohr, Hilbert E. (Wis.) 

5555 W. Capitol Dr.. Milwaukee, Wis. 53216 
Long, N. Lynn (W. Pa.) 

Box 201, Chippewa Lake, Ohio 
Long. Robert Allen (O.S.E.) 

381 Church St., Chillicothe, Ohio 45602 


Long, Willard H. (O.S.E.) 

27 E. Channel St., Newark, Ohio 43055 
Longenbaugh, I. E. (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, Warsaw, Ind. 
Longenbaugh, Lynn (111.) 

R. F. D. 2, Rock City, 111. 61070 
Longenbaugh, W. V. (111.) 

4958 W. Ainslie, Chicago, 111. 60630 
J/mgenecker, Robert P. (Ea.) 

721 S. 29th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17111 
Lonsberry, A. L. (Pac. Nw.) 

711 Academy St., Dallas, Ore. 
Loose, Ralph W. (Ind. No.) 

R. 4, Oakwood Park, Syracuse, Ind. 
Lorenz, James F. (R. Mt.) 

3010 ValVerde Dr., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Lorenz, Oren A. (N. Y.) 

555 Sayles St., Oneida, N. Y. 13421 
Loschert, Jack (O. Mi.) 

32 Triangle Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45419 
Loss, C. R. (Susq.) 

Dallastown, Pa. 17313 
Loss, Kenneth (Susq.) 

1899 Marshall Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 17705 
Loveless, Charles W. (O. Mi.) 

R. 2, Box 92A, Zion Rd., Cleves, Ohio 
Loveless, Harold L. (W. Pa.) 

763 Linden Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Lovell, S. Wilson (Ind. So.) 

103 N. Grove, Odon, Ind. 
Lowery, Frederick C. (E. Pa.) 

272 W. Main St., New Holland, Pa. 17557 
Lowery, Thomas E-, Jr. (111.) 

Hooppole, 111. 
Lowery, Thomas, Sr. (111.) 

Alexis, 111. 61412 
Lowry, Wesley L. (la.) 

Lovilia, Iowa 
Lubba, David P. (N. Y.) 

c/o Philippine Missionary Interboard, P. O. 

Box 461, Manila, Philippines 
Lucas, Arthur W. (Ea.) 

813 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, Pa. 18071 
Luciano, Jose A. (O. Ea.) 

414 W. 18th St., Lorain, Ohio 44052 
Luckens, John W. (Ea.) 

106 E. Sunbury St., Shamokin, Pa. 17872 
Luckert, Karl (Kan.) 

213 N. Sleight, Naperville, 111. 

Luckey, Leila (Pac. Nw.) 
3ypress Ave., B 
Ludwick, C. J. (O. San.) 

361 E. Cypress Ave., Burbank, Calif. 
637 Crew Ave., Galion, Ohio 44833 

Ludwick, Pearl j; (W. Pa.) 

322 Brandon St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Ludwig, Charles R. (Calif.) 

P. O. Box 135, Beaver, Ore. 
Ludwig, Theodore F. (O.S.E.) 

Box 43A, R. 8, Morgantown, W. Va. 
Luebke, Galen A. (Wis.) 

2401 S. Williams St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53207 
Lueck, Gary (Minn.) 

224 N. Loomis, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Luetchens, Melvin H. (Neb.) 

R. 2, Ord, Neb. 
Lund, Nancy (O. Ea.) 

6057 S. Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Lund Neal Glenn (O. Ea.) 

6057 S. Drexel Aye., Apt. 3, Chicago, 111. 
Lundberg, Dale (Minn.) 

3153 Monogram Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 

Lundeen, Gerald M. (Er.) 

12 Lang Maid Lane, Bradford, Pa. 
Lundgren, LeRoy L. (Er.) 

Box 122, Lewis Run, Pa. 
Lundy, Robert L. (Susq.) 

1260 N. Wabash St., Wabash, Ind. 46992 
Lundy, Robert (Susq.) 

513 Spruce St., Montoursville, Pa. 17754 
Lutton Robert P. (Ind. So.) 

503 E. Stephenson St., Marion, Ind. 
Lupton, David J. (O. San.) 

100154 N. High St., Hartford City, Ind. 

Lutman, Mark (O. San.) 

Box 1391, Logan, W. Va. 

Lutz, Clayton F. (O.S.E.) 

2825 Scottwood Road, Columbus, Ohio 43209 
Lutz, Don (Va.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Lutz, Philip (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 3, North Vernon. Ind. 
Lutz, Richard (Dak.) 

Tuttle, N. Dak. 58488 
Luzader, Fred (W. Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Luzader, Mrs. Lois R. (W. Va.) 

Box 516, Pennsboro, W. Va. 
Lyford, George A., Jr. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 1, Harrisville, Pa. 
Lyman, Craig (Er.) 

Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Ky. 
Lyman Harold L. (Er.) 

118 N. Main St., Union City, Pa. 
Lyman, Lawrence A. (Er.) 

308 E. Morrison, Wilmore, Ky. 
Lynch, David J. (Calif.) 

1546 Roberts Ave., Whiting, Ind. 
Lytle, Earl (111.) 

R. F. D. Allendale, 111. 62410 


MacAllister, N. Howard (Fla.) 

R. 1, Box 3, Lutz, Fla. 
MacCanon, F. R. (Mich.) 

13629 Monte Vista, Detroit 38, Mich. 
MacCanon, G. E. (la.) 

Garwin, Iowa 
MacCanon, R. R. (la.) 

7 N. 5th Ave., Marshalltown, Iowa 
MacDonald, J. R. (Ea.) 

637 Fishburn Rd., Hershey, Pa. 17033 
MacDonald, Paul D. (O.S.E.) 

404 Madison Ave., Lancaster, Ohio 43026 
McAhren, George H. (O. Mi.) 

245 W. McMillan St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 
McAhrens, John Paul (Ind. No.) 

Box 55, Tocsin, Ind. 46790 
McAnally, Don (111.) 

721 S. Hart, Princeton, Ind. 
McBride, Ira E. (Neb.) 

125 S. Guadalupe Ave., Redondo Beach, Calif. 
McBride, Robert E. (Ind. So.) 

2103 Lawrence Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
McCallister, Howard C. (W. Va.) 

4836^ B McCorkle Ave., S. Charleston, 

McCallum, Earl L. (Calif.) 

1415 S. 9th Ave., Hacienda Hts., Calif. 91745 
McCan, Jean F. (Ind. No.) 

R. 1, Fowler, Ind. 47944 
McCandless, Alexander (Calif.) 

1700 Temple Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 90804 
McCartney, Victor A. (111.) 

907 W. 66th St., Chicago, 111. 60621 
McClain, Ernest R. (W. Pa.) 

223 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 15906 
McClain. Oral Gene (Ind. So.) 

498 Northgate, Greenwood, Ind 
McClarren, Lloyd C. (Ea.) 

5 N. 25th St., Penbrook, Harrisburg, Pa. 

McClary, James (Ind. So.) 

411 Mill St., Rockport, Ind. 
McCleary, D. Stewart (N. Y.) 

Beaver Falls, N. Y. 13305 
McCleary, Leon A. (Susq.) 

Big Spring Heights, R. D. 2, Newville, Pa. 

McClelland, Robert R. (Minn.) 

Box 98, Hewitt, Minn. 56453 
McClimans, John H. (W. Pa.) 

Hawthorn, Pa. 
McClung, James B. (O.S.E.) 

316 S. 6th St., Ironton, Ohio 45638 
McClure, Dwight L. (Ind. No.) 

403 S. Main, Culver, Ind. 46511 
McComb, Fred J. (O. San.) 

R. R. 4, Kenton, Ohio 43326 
McConnell, A. Louis (Pac. Nw.) 

207 Texas St., Bellingham, Wash. 98225 


McCormick, Gerald A. (W. Pa.) 
4000 Impala Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15239 
McCormick, L. L. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 75, Chili, Wis. 54420 
McCoskey, Leslie (Ind. So.) 

Scottsburg, Ind. 
McCoy, Harold (111.) 

R. F. D. 2, Box 50, Mason City, 111. 62664 
McCoy, Roy (W. Va.) 

205 Court St., Ripley, W. Va. 
McCracken, Glen F. (R. Mt.) 

Santa Cruz, N. Mex. 
McCracken, Howard (O. San.) 

401 S. Washington St., Van Wert, Ohio 

McCrocklin, C. G. (Ind. So.) 

2001 S. Eighth St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
McCulloh, Charles, Jr. (Susq.) 

317 McElhattan Ave., Castanea, Pa. 17745 
McCulloh, Charles W., Sr. (Susq.) 

Beavertown, Pa. 17813 
McCullough, C. L. (Susq.) 

128 E. Market St., Hellam, Pa. 17336 
McCullough, Charles (Kan.) 

1517 Hartford Rd., Manhattan, Kan. 66502 
McCullough, Gary (Susq.) 

69 N. Main Street, Dover, Pa. 17315 
McDaniel, G. E. (111.) 

103 N. Garfield St., Oblong, 111. 62449 
McDaniel, Harold (Tenn.) 

823 Glen Oaks Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 37912 
McDonald, John A. (Pac. Nw.) 

Rt. 3, Box 177, Sherwood, Ore. 
McDonald, Paul D. (O.S.E.) 

404 Madison Ave., Lancaster, Ohio 43130 
McDonald, William (O. Ea.) 

1810 Harvard Boulevard, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
McElwain, Gale (111.) 

Birds, 111. 62415 

McFarland, Everett T. (Ind. So.) 
R. R. 2. Box 474, Borden, Ind. 
McFarland, John H. (la.) 

610 Allen, Waterloo, Iowa 
McFarland, Paul W. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 3, Box 87, Lebanon, Ind. 
McFarren, Thomas (O. Ea.) 

Evan. Theo. Seminary, Naperville, Illinois 
McGallian, Philip T. (Calif.) 

P O Box 185, Meadow Vista, Calif. 95722 
McGaughey, Leo W. (Er.) 

R. D. 3, Smethport Pa. 
McGavin, Maynard (Pac. Nw.) 

7517 Sunnyside Dr., Portland, Ore. 97222 
McGee, Dee (Ind. So.) 

208 S. D St., Marion, Ind. 
McGinnis, T. R. (O. S. E.) 

2187 Ferris Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43224 
McGormley, Duane (O. San.) 

1346 McPherson Blvd., Fremont, Ohio 
Mclntire, Don (Er.) 

1007 N. Main St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Mclntyre, Charles M. (Er.) 

Main St., Chandlers Valley, Pa. 
McKain, A. B. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 4, Seymour, Ind. 
McKibbens, Horace (Ind. So.) 

R. 1, Shoals, Ind. 
McKinley, L. K. (Ind. No.) 

1226 Wabash Ave., Rochester, Ind. 
McKinley, P. E- (la.) 

5361 E 14th St., Des Moines 13, Iowa 
McMinn, Claude H. (Kan.) 

Clayton, Kan. 67629 
McMurtry, Michael W. (Neb.) 

Lamar, Neb. 
McPherson, Glenn O. (R. Mt.) 

2925 W. Pike s Peak, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
McQuiston, James E. (Dak.) 
Twin Brooks, S. D. 57269 
McRoberts, David (O. Mi.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
McRoberts, John (O. Mi.) 

208 Wayne Ave., Greenville, Ohio 
McRoberts, Marvin A. (O. Mi.) . 

10507 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 

, Ohio 45840 

Maerz, L. E. (Nw. CanJ 

140 41 Ave. N. W., Calgary, Alberta, Can. 
Maerz, Leslie R. (Nw. Can.) 

140 41 Ave. N. W., Calgary, Alberta, Can. 
Maetche, A. W. (Nw. C.) 

1698 29th St., S. E., Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Magsig, F. S. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 345, Battleground, Wash. 
Magsig. Lewis E. (Mont.) 

90S W. Clark St., Livingston, Mont. 
Mahoney, L. R. (W. Va.) 

1221 Lynn St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Maiden, Arthur L. (Va.) 

3154 20th St. N., Arlington, Va. 22204 
Maiden, W. Marvin (Va.) 

R 1 Box 334, Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 
Main, C. O. (Minn.) 

2319 Upton Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

M BC 2i7*24?E? Park St., Argenta, 111. 62501 
Maneely, Roy (O. Ea.) 

R. 1, Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832 
Manering, Jesse F. (Okla.-Tex.) 

3316 E. King PI., Tulsa, Okla. 74115 
Mankamyer, E. I. (W. Pa.) 

205 Cobb Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mann, Donald R. (111.) 

Box 201, Sibley, 111. 61773 
Mann, Harold L. (Mich.) 

700 Newport PI., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Mann, Maude V. (Neb.) 

Luston, Neb. 
Mann, Ray (O.S.E.) 

Box 127, School Lane, Harrisburg, Ohio 43126 
March, Harold V. (Susq.) 

113 Sandy Circle, E. Guilford Hills, Cham- 

bersburg, Pa. 17201 
Mark, Harry C. (Ea.) 

2662 Lititz Pike, Neffsville, Pa. 17556 
Mark, Richard C. (la.) 

R. F. D. 3, Cedar Falls, la. 
Markel, Howard K., Sr. (Er.) 

Steamburg, N. Y. 
Markley, L. P. (Susq.) 

228 Hummel Ave., Lemoyne, Pa. 
Marks, Harvey W. (R. Mt.) 

1591 E. Bates Ave., Englewood, Colo. 
Marks, R. E. (Minn.) 

Buffalo Lake, Minn. 55314 
Marks, T. A. (R. Mt.) 

2266 S. Gilpin St Denver, Colo. 
Marks, Walter (O. San.) 

409 E. Bellefontaine, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895 
Marlow, William R. (Susq.) 

1319 Linden St., Reading, Pa. 
Marrs, Wilford (Mo.) 

Box 564, Roanoke, La. 70581 
Marsh, T. R. (Ea.) 

Box 12, Davis Grove Rd., Prospectville, Pa. 

Marshall, Carl W. (Ind. So.) 

Star Route, Corydon, Ind. 

M 920 n Eighth St., a s;, Fargo, N. Dak. 58101 
Martin, Broten H. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Greenfield, Ind. 
Martin, C. W. (111.) 

Pierson Station, 111. 61947 
Martin, Floyd E. (Er.) 

Box 67, Grand Valley, Pa. 
Martin, /ere R. (Ea.) 

1755 Wiker Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17602 
Martin, J. Marshall (Kan.) 

248 N. 10th, Kansas City, Kan. 66102 
Martin, Kenneth (O. Ea.) 

Box 313, North Lima, Ohio 
Martin, W. L. (Pac. Nw.) 

5908 237th S.W., Mountlake Terrace, Wash. 
Martindale, Maurice W. (O.S.E.) 

6900 New Albany-Condit Rd., New Albany, 

Ohio 43054 
Marty, H. H. (la.) 

201 Anson, Marshalltown, Iowa 
Martz, Leonard T. (Tenn.) 

424 Main St., Columbia, Ky. 42728 


Mason, Charles (Tenn.) 

1703-F McSpadden Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Mast, Gerald (Ind. No.) 

6 Essex Lane, Elkhart, Jud. 46515 
Mast, P. L. (Ind. No.) 

122 S. Whitlock, Bremen, Ind. 
Masteller, M. A. (Ea.) 

631 Turner St., Allentown, I a. 18102 
Masters, Charles E. (O. Ea.) 

1419 16th St., N.W., Canton, Ohio 44703 
Masters, H. Blake (O. Ea.) 

4430 20th St. N., St. Petersburg 4, Fla. 
Matheny, Henry I,. (W. Va.) 

4864 W. Washington St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Mathew, Louis C. (O.S.E.) 

83 Avondale Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43222 
Mathews, Lester (Wis.) 

705 E. Court St., Box 45, Richland Center, 

Wis. 53581 
Mathias, Albert C. (O San.) 

840 N. Main St., Toledo, Ohio 43605 
Mathias, W. H. (O.S.E.) 

Box 8, Hallsville, Ohio 45633 
Mathis, Jack E. (Kan.) 

206 Andrick, Fort Scott, Kan. 66701 
Mathis, James J. (Mich.) 

1938 Marquette St., Saginaw, Mich. 
Matter, G. E. (Ea.) 

11 E. Marshall St., Norristown, Pa. 19401 
Matter, Mark K. (Mich.) 

3310 Chicago Rd., Niles, Mich. 49120 
Matteson, Mervyn L. (O. San.) 

2132 Catalpa Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Matthews, Donald L. (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Matthews, Earl L,. (O. Ea.) 

14113 Salem Church St., N.E-, Alliance, Ohio 

Mattill, A. J., Jr. (Kan.) 

817 S. Ellis, Livingstone College, Salisbury, 

Matz, Cla ir W., Jr. (Ea.) 

Ackermanville, Pa. 18010 
Matzke, Orville W. (Neb.) 

Murdock, Neb. 
Maurer, Lewis E. (Ea.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Maurer, Lloyd M. (Ind. No.) 

662 Fairway Dr., Wabash, Ind. 
Maxwell, Harold H. (R. Mt.) 

3021 Zenobia, Denver, Colo. 
May, Thomas S. (Ea.) 

2403 Bellevue Park, Harrisburg, Pa. 17103 
Mayer, Ludwig (O. Ea.) 

11695 81st PI., N., Ridgewood Mountain Vil 
lage, Largo, Fla. 
Mayer, Walter L. (Ind. No). 

55047 Quince Rd., South Bend, Ind. 44628 
Mays, J. B. (Susq.) 

1418 Locust St., Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Mead, David (Minn.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 
Mead, J. Russell (Neb.) 

114 East 9th, Cozad, Neb. 
Meade, A. G. (W. Pa.) 

Brush Valley, Pa. 
Meade, A. G. (W. Pa.) 

Box 172, Friendship, New York 
Meek, Wimbert W. (Ea.) 

R. 4, Box 125, Celina, Ohio 45822 
Medcalf, John (Ind. So.) 

1013 W. Third St., Mt. Vernon, Ind. 
Megill, Harold (Kan.) 

R. 2, Box 42B, Espanola, N. Mex. 
Megill, Mrs. Pearl (Kan.) 

R. 2, Box 42B, Espanola, N. Mex. 
Megill, V. Glen (Kan.) 

109 E. 12th, Hutchinson, Kan. 
Megill, Virgil G., Jr. (Ea.) 

340 Washington Ave., Ephrata, Pa. 17522 
Meier, H. E. (Nw. C.) 

9336 69th Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, Can. 
Melhorn, James I. (Susq.) 

R. 1, New Madison, Ohio 

Mellott Thomas (Ind. No.) 

403 E. Main, Butler, Ind. 
Melton, William N. (Neb.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 
Mendehall, L. W. (la.) 

Sewal, la. 
Mengel, H. W. (Ea.) 

1909 Olive St., Reading, I a. 19600 
Menne, Galen R. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Cogan Station, Pa. 17728 
Mentzer, H. M. (Ea.) 

Valley View, Pa. 17983 
Mentzer, Junior C. (Susq.) 

Walkersville, Md. 21793 
Mentzer, Warren F. (Ea.) 

3920 Woodvale Rd., Harrisburg, Pa 17109 
Mericle, C. J. (O. San.) 

Van Buren, Ohio 45889 
Merritt, Milton E. (Neb.) 

3539 Pacific Ave., San Pedro, Calif 
Merritt, Phillip E. (III.) 

Box 63, Reddick, 111. 60961 
Merritt, Robert (111.) 

Sadorus, 111. 62872 
Merryman, K. K. (Ind. So.) 

4250 Otterbein Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Mershon, W. A. (111.) 

R. 5, Campbellsville, Ky. 42718 
Merz, Raymond (O. Mi.) 

Box 95, Ithaca, Ohio 
Messerschmidt, Lowell (Wis.) 

521 Toepfer Ave., Madison, Wis. 53711 
Messersmith, E. E. (Ea.) 

2317 Wood St., Rohrerstown, Pa 17571 
Messmer, Charles C. (O. Mi.) 

Camp Miami, Germantown, Ohio 
Messmer, Harold J. (O. Mi.) 

R. 1, Greenville, Ohio 
Messmer, William K. (O. Mi.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Metcalf, Leslie G. (Susq.) 

614 N. Bouldin St., Baltimore, Md. 21205 
Metzler, L. Spurgeon (O.S.E.) 

R. 3, Circleville, Ohio 43113 
Mevis, Duane Ben (Wis.) 

Box 186, Forreston, 111. 61030 
Mevis, Floyd W. (Wis.) 

6900 Rushleigh Rd., Englewood Ohio 
Meyer, Fred W. (111.) 

Lexington, 111. 61753 
Meyer, Thomas E. (N. Y.) 

513 Shirley Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 14215 
Meyers, Earl E. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 1, Fairmount City, Pa. 
Meyers, Joel (O. San.) 

R. R. 4, Box 125, Celina, Ohio 45822 
Michel, Otto W. (Neb.) 

Long Island, Kan. 
Michels, Earl (111.) 

Rt. 1, Calhoun, 111. 
Mickey, Martin E. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Box 92, Elyria, Ohio 44038 
Mickey, M. O. (Susq.) 

East Prospect, Pa. 17317 
Mickey, Paul A. (O. Ea.) 

100 Laurel Ave., Kingston, New Jersey. 
Middleton, Ray C. (Mich.) 

186 Madison Ave., Danville, Ky. 
Mielke, Donald (Minn.) 

Kister, Minn. 56051 
Mielke, LeRoy (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 201, Norwalk, Wis. 54648 
Mignery, Lloyd B. (O.S.E.) 

163 Parkview Ave., Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Mikesell, Verlin Eugene (Ind. So.) 

3960th Strat Wing (SAC) (BC), APO 334 

San Francisco, Calif. 
Miles, Denver L. (W. Va.) 

1400 Myers Ave., Dunbar, W. Va. 
Miles, T. L. (W. Va.) 

900 Nineteenth St., Vienna, W. Va. 
Milhouse, Paul W. (111.) 

6342 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 64113 
Millen, George K., Jr. (Pac. Nw.) 

3223 S. E. Deswell, Portland, Ore. 97222 
Miller, Mrs. Achsah (W. Va.) 

New Haven, W. Va. 


Miller, Anthony J. (Okla.-Tex.) 

2713 W. Ave., Temple, Tex. 76501 
Miller, Arthur G. (Ea.) 

R. D. 4, Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Miller, Cameron (Va.) 

681 Ohio Ave., P. O. Box 24, Harrisonburg, 

Va. 22801 
Miller, C. E. (W. Pa.) 

Hyndman, Pa. 
Miller, C. L. (Kan.) 

Haven, Kan. 
Miller, C\ T. (W. Pa.) 

123 Barren Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 15906 
Miller, Charles L. (O. San.) 

836 Ludwig Ave., Box 102, Gibsonburg, Ohio 

Miller, Charles R. (Susq.) 

217 Harding Ct., York, Pa. 17403 
Miller, D. A. (W. Pa.) 

219 Central Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

219 Central Ave., Johnstc 
Miller, Darvin L. (Minn.) 
726 W. McDonald St., H< 

Eartford City, Ind. 
Miller, Dean (111.) 

Bonfield, 111. 60913 
Miller, DeWitt T. (Kan.) 

Esbon, Kan. 66491 
Miller, Donald C. (Neb.) 

4030 Loveland Dr., Lincoln, Neb. 
Miller, Donald I. (Ind. So.) 

David St., Medora, Ind. 
Miller, E. E. (Mich.) 

Box 13, Marcellus, Mich. 
Miller, E. Edward (Va.) 

233 Race St., Cumberland, Md. 21503 
Miller, E. J. (Mo.) 

R R. 3, Fulton, Mo. 65251 
Miller, Edward M. (Minn.) 

853 N. 20th St., Ft. Dodge, Iowa 50501 
Miller, Elton M., Sr. (la.) 

R. 3, Hampton, Iowa 
Miller, E. R. (W. Pa.) 

311 Greenwood Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Miller, Floyd L. (O. San.) 

Box 5A, Shauck, Ohio 43349 
Miller, Fuhrman (Ind. No.) 

342 Winchester, Decatur, Ind. 46733 
Miller, Glen A. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Lewisburg, Pa. 17837 
Miller, Grant N. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Halifax, Pa. 17032 
Miller, H. T. (Neb.) 

1 Englewood Place, Albany 3, N. Y. 
Miller, Harold E. (Susq.) 

R. 2, Box 384B, Germantown, Ohio 
Miller, Homer H. (Calif.) 

5805 Tilbury St., Lakewood, Calif. 90713 
Miller, Howard (111.) 

R. D. 1, Ashton, 111. 61006 
Miller, J. M. (W. Pa.) 

500 Wood St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Miller, J. Robert (W. Pa.) 

Box 151, R. 1, Cooperstown, Pa. 16317 
Miller, Jack Paul (Ind. So.) 

417 S Jordan, Bloomington, Ind. 
Miller, James E. (Ind. So.) 

901 N. Audubon Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 46203 
Miller, James I. (O. San.) 

212 N. Hurlbut St., Gibsonburg, Ohio 
Miller, James M. (la.) 

Bristow, Iowa 
Miller, James O. (Calif.) 

P. 6. Box 277, Durham, Calif. 95938 
Miller, James Vance (Ind. So.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 
Miller, Joe M. (Ind. So.) 
R R 1 Richland. Ind. 
Miller, Joseph H. (Susq.) 

1017 Spring Garden Ave., Berwick. Pa. 18603 
Miller, L. Dean (111.) 

Box 66, Bonneld, 111. 60913 
Miller, L. M. (Susq.) 

2013 Rosemont Ave., N.W., Washington. 

D. C. 
Miller, Iceland D. (la.) 

7207 14th St., S.W., Des Momes, Iowa 
Miller, Luke (Dak.) 

E.U.B. Church, Beresford, S. D. 

Miller, Marlin A. (W. Pa.) 

Box 2, Shanksville, Pa. 
Miller, Marlin H. (Okla.-Tex.) 

2940 Rosedale, Dallas 5, Tex. 
Miller, Millard J. (O.S.E.) 

90 W. College Ave., Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Miller, Milton M. (Kan.) 

253 S. Minnesota, Wichita, Kan. 
Miller, Norbert H. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 82, Lime Ridge, Wis. 53942 
Miller, Owen E. (Wis.) 

1115 N. 9th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 53081 
Miller, P. E. (la.) 

Goodell, Iowa 
Miller, Paul E. (Calif.) 

1161 Volz Dr., Sacramento, Calif. 95822 
Miller, Paul L. (la.) 

Sheffield, Iowa 
Miller, Paul M. (Susq.) 

Ringtown, Pa. 17967 
Miller, R. E. (Ind. So.) 

4023 River Park Dr., Louisville, Ky. 
Miller, R. H. (Dak.) 

Box 5284, Minneapolis 7, Minn. 
Miller, R. S. (Ind. So.) 

2500 Garfield Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Miller, Ralph E-, Jr. (Ind. So.) 

Box 12, Center Point, Ind. 
Miller, Ralph R. (Neb.) 

Champion, Neb. 
Miller, Raymond W. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Wernersville, Pa. 19565 
Miller, Richard C. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Columbia, Pa. 17512 
Miller, Richard L. (la.) 

322 2nd St., N. W.. Waverly, Iowa 
Miller. Robert J. (Ea.) 

15 N. Fairville Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 17112 
Miller, Robert J. (O.S.E.) 

605 Jefferson Ave., Cambridge, Ohio 
Miller, Robert L. (Ind. No.) 

Box 202, Geneva, Ind. 46740 
Miller, Robert L. (Neb.) 

Elgin, Neb. 
Miller, Robert L. (R. Mt.) 

R. 1 (Dailey), Fleming, Colo. 
Miller, Roman (Ind. So.) 

Eckerty, Ind. 
Miller, Roy (O. Mi.) 

3311 Arlene Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Miller, Russell E. (Wis.) 

1525 Wisconsin Ave., Appleton, Wis. 54913 
Miller, S. A. (Ea.) 

746 Railroad St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078 
Miller. Samuel H. (Susq.) 

221 York St., Manchester, Md. 21102 
Miller, Thomas J. (Kan.) 

Evangelical Theo. Seminary. Xaperville, 111. 
Miller, Vernon E. (Susq.) 

56 Stevenson Lane, Baltimore, Md. 21212 
Miller, Vernon R. (Wis.) 

115 W. Foster St., Tomah, W T is. 54660 
Miller, Wade S. (Va.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Miller, William A. (Ea.) 

24 E. Main St., Myerstown, Pa. 17067 
Miller, William J. (la.) 

2038 N. Ohio, Davenport, Iowa 
Mills, Delbert S. (O.S.E.) 

P. O. Box 526, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008 
Mills, W. W. (Pac. Nw.) 

2660 Fillmore St.. Corvallis, Ore. 
Milsaps, William, Jr. (Tenn.) 

2723 Brookwood Rd., Knoxville, Tenn. 37917 
Mindt, Leon W. (Dak.) 

United Theological Seminary. Dayton, Ohio 

Minner, Gaylen P. (Kan.> 

207 N. E. Sixth St.. Abilene, Kan. 67410 
Minnich, Edwin C. (Ea.) 

66-14 Central Ave., Glendale. N. Y. 11227 
Minter, Carl F. (O. San.) 

503 Palmwood, Delta. Ohio 43515 
Minton, Frank (111.) 

28 N. Wright St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Miranda, Walter N. (O. Mi.) 
200 S. Dixie Dr., Vandalia, Ohio 


Misal, Donald A. (Susq.) 

118 N. Front St., Wormleysburg, Pa. 17043 
Miser, Earl C. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 8, Box 383, Muncie, Ind. 
Mitchell, Lloyd B. (la.) 

441 llth Ave. N.E., Hampton, Iowa 
Mitchell, Richard L. (O.S.E.) 

Box MB58, Pickerington, Ohio 43147 
Mitchell, Robert P. (Susq.) 

Box 16, Taneytown, Md. 21787 
Mittman, William A. (Calif.) 

1064 S.E. Sycamore Ave., Santa Ana, Calif. 

Mock, C. A. (W. Pa.) 

361 E. Cypress Ave., Burbank, Calif. 
Modesitt, John (Ind. So.) 

1002 N. Meridian St., Portland Ind. 
Moellendick, James (W. Va.) 

P. O. Box 125, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Moffat, Arthur T. (W. Pa.) 

1137 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 16323 
Mohn, J. C. (Ea.) 

201 N. Church St., Mohnton, Pa. 19540 
Mohney, H. M. (W. Pa.) 

R. 1, Harrisville, Pa. 
Mohr, Warren P. (Ea.) 

118 E. Penn. Ave., Pen Argyl. Pa. 18072 
Molyneux, Donald (Ind. So.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 
Monette, Kenneth L. (Dak.) 

310 W. 5th St., Yankton, S. Dak. 57078 
Monson, O. S. (Minn.) 

457 S. Baker St., Winona, Minn. 55987 
Montague, Roger E. (O. San.) 

9275 Custar Rd., Custar, Ohio 43541 
Montei, J. D. (Mich.) 

Owendale, Mich. 
Montgomery, W. R. (Ind. So.) 

2170 Malvern Ave., Dayton 6, Ohio 
Moody, M. A. (O. Ea.) 

452 Lake Ave., N.E., Massillon, Ohio 44646 
Moore, B. L. (Susq.) 

245 S. Charles St., Dallastown, Pa. 
Moore, Charles W. (Minn.) 

Deer Creek, Minn. 56527 
Moore, Clifford H. (W. Pa.) 

Box 44, Laughlintown, Pa. 
Moore, Denzil M. (W. Va.) 

Arden, W. Va. 
Moore, Eugene J. (111.) 

911 S. Finley Rd., Lombard, 111. 60148 
Moore, F. L. (Mich.) 

839 Burlington St., Downers Grove, 111. 60515 
Moore, George C. (Kan.) 

8805 E. 54th St., Raytown, Mo. 64133 
Moore, H. Orval (Ind. So.) 

5009 E. 21st St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Moore, L. H. (Dak.) 

8908 La Mar St., Spring Valley, Calif. 
Moore, Lester E. (Pac. Nw.) 

18315 S.E. River Rd., Portland, Ore. 97222 
Moore, O. W. (Ind. No.) 

2000 W. 33rd St., Orlando, Fla. 
Moore, Robert L. (W. Va.) 

Terra Alta, W. Va. 
Moore, Stanley (W. Va.) 

R. 1, Letart, W. Va. 
Moorehead, C. M. (O. San.) 

R. 1, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Moran, John (Va.) 

Shenandoah College, Winche.,ter, Va. 22601 
Morey, Roger D. (Er.) 

Box 137B, R. D. 1, Fairview, Pa. 
Morgan, Donald R. (Ea.) 

356 Vine St., Sunbury, Pa. 17801 
Morgan, John (O.S.E.) 

30 Plum St., Ashville, Ohio 43103 
Morgan, John B. (Mo.) 

5801 Wayne Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 64110 
Morgan, J. C. (Neb.) 

1012 McKaig, York, Neb. 
Morgan, M. Max (Pac. Nw.) 

843 Monroe St., Eugene, Ore. 
Morlock, J. A. (Ea.) 

8 Yava St., Port Jefferson Station, L. L, 
N. Y. 11776 

Morrical, Harold L. (Ind. So.) 

204 N. Mills St., Veedersburg, Ind. 
Morris, Paul A. (W. Pa.) 

1004 Loucks Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 
Morris, Robert L. (Pac. Nw.) 

921 S.W. Clay, Portland, Ore. 97222 
Morrison, Robert N. (O. Ea.) 

2 Riverside Dr., Ft. Leavenworth, Kans. 
Morton, David L. (Mich.) 

408 S. Main St., Vicksburg, Mich. 49097 
Moses. Mrs. J. C. (W. Pa.) 

Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 
Moses, J. C. (W. Pa.) 

Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 
Mosher, Claude (111.) 

2401 Springfield Rd., E. Peoria, 111. 61611 
Mostoller, Ralph A. (W. Pa.) 

New Paris, Pa. 15902 
Mott, Bernard (Pac. Nw.) 

1337 Pearl St., Apt. A, Alameda, Calif. 94501 
Mott, Royden C. (Tenn.) 

1201 Valley Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 37920 
Mott, Stephen C. (Tenn.) 

Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mowrey, D. Floyd (Susq.) 

615 Reno St., New Cumberland, Pa. 17070 
Mowrey, James Dale (W. Pa.) 

203 Market St., Scottdale, Pa. 15683 
Moyer, Charles R. (Susq.) 

226 W. Broad St., Yoe, Pa. 
Moyer, Harold Eugene (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 2, Box 303, Battleground, Wash. 
Moyer, Ivan W., Jr. (Susq.) 

1839 Park Forest Ave., State College, Pa. 

Moyer, Ivan W., Sr. (Susq.) 

411 Green St., Mifflinburg, Pa. 17844 
Moyer, Jack D. (Susq.) 

Port Treverton, Pa. 17864 
Moyer, Orland (Mo.) 

R. 2, Mound City, Mo. 64470 
Moyer, W. H. (Ea.) 

445 Chestnut St., Sunbury, Pa. 17801 
Moynihan. Lawrence J. (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Mueller, H. E. (Minn.) 

17400 S. E. River Rd., Portland, Ore. 97222 
Mueller, Howard (Minn.) 

Albert Academy, Freetown, W. Africa 
Mueller, Reuben H. (Ind. So.) 

1401 Castle Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Mulder, Jack M., Jr. (Mich.) 

R. 2, Petoskey, Mich. 49770 
Mulhollem, Lloyd G. (W. Pa.) 

621 Broadway, Rockwood, Pa. 
Mull, Kenneth (Minn.) 

741 Sanders Rd., Northbrook, 111. 60062 
Mullenhour, Wesley (O. San.) 

244 W. 3rd St., Delphos, Ohio 45833 
Mullenix, Joseph L. (O.S.E.) 

187 Buckingham St., Newark, Ohio 43055 
Muller, Charles (O. Mi.) 

4922 Todd Rd., Franklin, Ohio 
Mulling, Thomas (O. Mi.) 

Box 351, Orange, Va. 
Mullins, Loren L. (Neb.) 

Bushnell, Neb. 
Mumaw, Dale D. (111.) 

405 S. Spring St., Odon, Ind. 47562 
Mumma, M. S. (Ea.) 

221 E. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. 18015 
Mund, Fred W. (Susq.) 

525 Scott St., Baltimore, Md. 21230 
Munyan, Edgar H. (Ea.) 

2326 S. 9th Ave., Allentown, Pa. 18103 
Munyon, G. C. (Kan.) 

55 Circle Dr., Fort Collins, Colo. 
Murbach John W. (Mich.) 

2050 Covert Rd., Flint, Mich. 48506 
Murdoch, Albert R. (Neb.) 

R. 1, Plattsmouth, Neb. 
Murphy, G. Albert (111.) 

101 S. Beck Rd., Lindenhurst, 111. 60046 
Murphy, Nordan C. (Ind. No.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 


Murphy, Paul William (O. Ea.) 

5116 Werner Church Rd., N.E-, Canton, Ohio 

Murray, Charles R. (W. Pa.) 

1505 E. Walton Ave., Altoona, Pa. 16602 
Murray, Forrest (W. Va.) 

Volga, W. Va. 
Murray, Vaughn (Ind. So.) 

Box 474, Daleville, Ind. 
Music, Ray (O. San.) 

124^ W. High St., Mt. Gilead, Ohio 
Musser, Arthur L. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Willow Street, Pa. 17584 
Musser, Lloyd L. (la.) 

Rt., Hubbard, la. 
Mydland, D. B. (Mont.) 

U. S. Army, 1141 L. St., Antioch, Calif. 
Myers, Arthur Franklin (O.S.F,.) 

1410 Indianola Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201 
Myers, Eldon L- (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Box 495, Terre Haute, Ind. 
Myers, Leroy V. (Nw. C.) 

533-llth St., S.W., Medicine Hat, Alta., Can 
Myers, Lyman L. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 177, Mapleton, Ore. 
Myers, Raymond P. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Box 33, Marklcvillc, Ind. 
Myers, Richard (Mich.) 

1103 Braeview Dr., Howcll, Mich. 48843 
Myers, W. Keith (111.) 

207 E. Chestnut, Lexington, 111. 61753 
Myers, W. Robert (O. Ea.) 

129 Michigan Ave., Decatur. Ga. 30030 
Myers, William H., II (Ind. No.) 

441 Detroit St., Hammond, Ind. 46320 
Myrice, A. G. (O. San.) 

519 Pauly Rd., Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 
Myrick, Ralph (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 2, Box 463A, Molalla, Ore. 


Nace, Darwyn J. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Delta, Pa. 17314 
Nagel, C. (Minn.) 

29 E 16th Street, Paterson, N. J. 07524 
Nair, Robert L. (Va.) 

P. O. Box 273, Shenandoah, Va. 22849 
Nance, F. L. (Okla.-Tex.) 

Attica, Kan. 67009 
Nangle, William A. (Ind. No.) 

417 So. Mich., Plymouth, Ind. 46563 
Nankivel, David R. (Ea.) 

R. 6, Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 
Nantz, C. O. (Ind. No.) 

807 E. Woodside, So. Bend, Ind. 46614 
Nash, W. W. (Pac. Nw.) 

Tieton. Wash. 
Naugle, Ivan G. (Susq.) 
Keedysville, Md. 21756 
Naugle, Ronald G. (W. Pa.) 

Wilmore, Pa. 
Naumann, L. H. (O. Ea.) 

4110 Bush Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44109 
Naumann, William H. (O. Ea.) 
629 Fifth Ave., Naperville, 111. 
Navas, Hector M. (111.) 

3305 15th St., Tampa, Fla. 33605 
Neben, Robert (Neb.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Needy, EHwood E. (Susq ) 

104 N. Potomac St., Waynesboro, Pa. 1726b 
Nehrbas, Milton F. (Wis.) 

134 S Adams Ave., Berlin, Wis. 5492, 
Nelson, Harding (Va.) 

Arthur, W. Va. 26703 
Nelson, Jacob (Kan.) 

1545 Barker Ave., Lawrence, Kan. 
Nelson, James D. (Kan.) 

1521 Burroughs Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Nelson, R. A. (W. Pa.) 

210 W. Green St., Connellsville, Pa. 
Nelson, Roy (Kan.) 

114 S.W. 12th, Newton, Kan. 67114 

Nelson, W. B. (Pac. Nw.) 
R. R., Bonners, Ferry, Idaho 

Nelson, Wilmcr H. (Kan.) 

Box 335, Newton. Kan. 67114 
Nelson, W. S. (Mich.) 

605 Orchard St., Wyandotte, Mich. 
Nesmith, Ray (Mo.) 

819 Church St., Box 965, Jennings, T-a. 70546 
Nesmith, S. W. (Mo.) 

819 Church St., Jennings, La. 70546 
Ness, Carroll C. (Susq.) 

A i.M Mulango, Box 49, P. O. Kitu,, Kenya, 

E. Africa 
Ness, C. R. (Susq.) 

509 N. Newberry St., York, Pa. 

1 ^1127 N. Wahsatch Ave., Colorado Springs, 

Colo. 80903 
Ness, John H., Jr., (Susq.) 

1033 Yorkshire Place, Dayton, Ohio 45419 
Ness, John H., Sr. (Susq.) 

2064 Rugby Road, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Nesselroade, John S. (W. Va.) 

1309 27th St., Vienna, W. Va. 
Nesseth, Charles (Mich.) 

R. 3, Lake Odessa, Mich. 
Nestor, Gordon (W. Va.) 

Belington, W. Va. 
Neuenberg, Neal H. (Calif.) 

4112 W. Slauson Ave., LOS Angeles, Calif. 

Neuerman, Arthur I. (Ind. So.) 

968 EHenberger Parkway W. Dr., Indianapolis, 

Neuman H. R. (111.) 

1107 S. Austin Blvd., Chicago, 111. 60644 
Neuman, James (111.) 

2122 N. Mozart St., Chicago, 111. 60647 
Neumann, Norman C. (Dak.) 

1227 7th St., N.W., Minot, N. Dak. 58701 
Neustifter, Richard (Mich.) 

325 Terrace, Lewisburg, Pa. 
Nevil, Floyd (Ind. No.) 

Petroleum, Ind. 
Newberg, John A. (Mich.) 

Box 67, Christianburg, Ohio 
Newberg, Larry W. (Ind. No.) 

Young America, Ind. 46988 
Newcomer, William L. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

809 S. Bunn St., Bloomington, 111. 61701 
Newland, Lowell (Mo.) 

R. R. 4, Bloomfield, Iowa 52537 
Newman, Daniel L. (Va.) 

A 0932587 (Major) 397th Bombardment Wing 

(SAC) Dow AF Base, Maine 04401 
Nichols, C. C. (O. San.) 

Box 80, R. 4, Swanton, Ohio 43558 
Nichols, C. E. (Neb.) 

Murdock, Neb. 
Nichols, E. H. (O. Mi.) 

2804 Kingston Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45420 
Nichols, Lloyd C. (R. Mt.) 

1314 E. Sunset Rd., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Nicholson, Kenneth, Jr. (Minn.) 

R. 1, Spring Valley, Minn. 55975 
Nickel, Frank A., Jr. (Ea.) 

Paradise, Pa. 17562 
Nickel, Melvin H. (Wis.) 

P 6. Box 116, Juda, Wis. 53550 
Nickels, Van (Okla.-Tex.) 

Box 145, Perkins, Okla. 74059 
Nickolson, Donald L. (Wis.) 

North Central College, Seager Hall, Naper 
ville, 111. 60540 
Nicodemus, Alonzo (Ind. No.) 

R. 8, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Nicoson, Ernest 

409 N. Broad St., Sullivan, Ind. 

989 S. Ohio Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43206 
Nightingale, David (Kan.) 

R. R. 3, Scottsburg, Ind. 
Niswender, G. H. (O.S.E.) 

425 S. Washington St., Circleville, Ohio 43113 


Niswender, Ivan (Mich.) 

15 N. Woodlawn, Battle Creek, Mich. 49107 
Noblitt, L. S. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 6, Columbus, Ind. 
Noblitt, Minnie Waifs (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 6, Columbus, Ind 
Noll, W. C. (Neb.) 

1214 Kiplinger, York, Neb. 
Nolte, Eldon G. (la.) 

Caxia postal 15. Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Noltemeier, Karl W. (111.) 

912 N. Johnson Ave., Rockford, 111. 61100 
Nordby, Frank E. (Ind. So.) 

5614 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 46220 
Nordstrom, Truit F. (Minn.) 

122 5th St. N., Le Sueur, Minn. 56058 
Norris, Arthur V. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Howe, Ind. 46746 
Norris, I,. T. (Ind. No.) 

Box 35, Zanesville, Ind. 46799 
Northern, M. P. (Minn.) 

Box 6138, Bellingham, Minn. 56212 
Nossett, Earl (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Box 87, Cortland, Ind. 
Notbohm, Ronald (Dak.) 

Minot, N. Dak. (State College) 
Noxon, Andrew (111.) 

720 N. First St., Ashton, 111. 61006 
Nuhfer, James E. (O. San.) 

Box 116, Helena, Ohio 43435 
Null, Edward (W. Va.) 

Box 25, Franklin. W. Va. 26807 
Nunnally, Donald J. (Neb.) 

Box 293, Aurora, Neb. 
Nutt, James Oliver (Ind. No.) 

322 Meridian, West Lafayette, Ind. 47906 

Oakes, Thomas G. (111.) 

Eldena, 111. 61324 
Obaugh, William B. (Va.) 

811 Woodland Ave., Winchester, Va. 22601 
Obaugh, William R. (Fla.) 

R. 1, Box 323, Tampa, Fla. 33612 
O Brien, Gerald (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, Roanoke, Ind. 46783 
Odell, Allen C. (Pac. Nw.) 

1656 N. 196th PI., Seattle, Wash. 98133 
O Dell, A. Glen (Ind. So.) 

2517 Glenwood Park, New Albany, Ind. 
O Dell, P. L. (W. Va.) 

Fairview, W. Va. 
Odon, Louis O. (O. Mi.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 

Oehlerking, J. H. (Neb.) 
Otterbein Home, L 

Lebanon, Ohio 
Oeschger, Harold D. (Fla.) 

4532 Huron Dr. N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Oestreicher, J. M. (Can.) 

Clifford, Ont., Can. 
Oestreicher, John S. (Can.) 

South Cayuga, Ont., Can. 
Ogden, J. A. (la.) 

Box 115, Moravia, la. 52571 
Ohms, Edward F. (O. Mi.) 

1438 E. Hunting Pk. Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ohms, F. J. (Ea.) 

1729 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 11237 
Oldt, Frank (O. Mi.) 

612 Pierson St., Flint, Mich. 48503 
Oler, Robert (O. San.) 

Chesterville, Ohio 
Olewine, Esther (Neb.) 

3605 Ernst Ave., Omaha, Neb. 
Olexa, John F. (Er.) 

7 Fielus Ct., Bradford, Pa. 
Olin, Gary L. (O. Ea.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Olin, Judith Stone (O. Mi.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Oliver, J. E. (Va.) 

401 N. Robinson Ave., Pen Argyl, Pa. 18072 

Oliver, Richard (la.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Olsen, Clifford E. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 6, Richfield, Wis. 53076 
Olson, Gilbert W. (Pac. Nw.) 

12042 9th, N.W., Seattle, Wash. 98177 
Olson, Ross (Kan.) 

1830 College Heights Rd., Manhattan, Kan. 
O Malley, Steven (Ind. So.) 

Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Conn. 
Onweller, Loren H. (O. San.) 

R. R. 3, Box 148A, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Onwiler, Harold M. (Neb.) 

Pleasanton, Neb. 
Oplinger, G. W. J. (Ea.) 

W. Main St. and Old Mill Rd., Valley View, 

Pa. 17983 
Orians, Howard L. (Wis.) 

5114 Marathon Dr., Madison, Wis. 53705 
Osborn, C. D. (O. San.) 

206 N. Wayne St., Fremont, Ohio 43420 
Osborn, J. H. (111.) 

Box 26, Hooppole, 111. 61258 
Osborn, John F. (O. San.) 

Box 672, 422 W. Sandusky, Findlay, Ohio 

Osborn, Noel D. (O. San.) 

San Fernando, La Union Province, Philip 
Osborn, Chaplain Roy C. (O.S.E-) 

U. S. Navy 
Osborne, Emmett R. (O.S.E.) 

R. 4, Newark, Ohio 43055 
Ostrander, David L. (Er.) 

281 N. Main St., Pleasantville, Pa. 
Ostrander, Lynn H. (Er.) 
Box 65, Bear Lake, Pa. 
Ostrander, Wayne B. (Er.) 

22 E. Main St., Frewsburg, N. Y. 
Oswald, G. A. (Ea.) 

682 Northampton St., Easton, Pa. 18042 
Oswald, K. G. (Can.) 

Warner, Albert. Can. 
Otto, W. Jackson (Susq.) 

Winfield, Pa. 17889 
Outcalt, Lome L. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 73, Turtle Lake, W 7 is. 54889 
Overmier, Robert O. (N. Y.) 

203 Molloy Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. 13211 
Overmiller, John R. (Calif.) 

3010 South Court, Palo Alto, Calif. 
Overmyer, C. Samuel (Ind. No.) 
Box 125, Waterloo, Ind. 46793 
Overmyer, Daniel L. (111.) 

5345 S. Harper Ave., Apt. 106, Chicago, 111. 

Overmyer, E. E- (O. San.) 

625 N. Sleight St., Naperville, 111. 
Overmyer, Kenneth (Ind. No.) 

154 W. Van Buren, Berne, Ind. 46711 
Overmyer, Lloyd W. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 1, Butler, Ind. 46721 
Overturf, V. C. (la.) 

509 S. Louisiana, Mason City, la. 
Owen, E. C. (111.) 

556 S. Center, Plainfield, 111. 46167 
Owen, R. M. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 1, Box 164 G, Mt. Vernon, Wash. 
Oyer, David N. R. (Susq.) 

502 Ohio Ave., Lemoyne, Pa. 17043 
Oyer, Russell C. (Susq.) 

502 Ohio Ave., Lemoyne, Pa. 17043 

Page, Luther (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Rockville Ind. 
Paine, E. B. (111.) 

R. F. D. 2, Box 127, Farmer City, 111. 61842 
Painter, Robert C. (Minn.) 

1730 Third Ave. N.E-, Rochester, Minn. 55901 
Palm, Carl H. (Ea.) 

1191 Varnum Ave., Lowell, Mass. 01854 
Palmer, Wayne M. (Mich.) 

R. 1, c/o D. E. Wiggins, Jones, Mich. 


Pang, Arthur L. (Er.) 

637 Palmer St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Papp, Akos (la.) 

R. F. D. 2, Gladbrook, la. 
Pardoe, Gerald O. (W. Pa.) 

56 E. Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Pardun, Donald (Wis.) 

619 Ash St., Baraboo, Wis. 53913 
Pardun, Leslie (Wis.) 

Stockton, Wis. 
Parks, Colon E. (Ind. So.) 

Box 34, Gessie, Ind. 
Parks, Roger (Minn.) 

Kimmel Hall, E.T.S., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Parks, Sylvia E. (Ind. So.) 

Box 34, Gessie, Ind. 
Parks, Wilson S. (Ind. No.) 

227 Timber Lane, South Bend, Ind. 46615 
Parriott, Jack (Minn.) 

300 Elm St., Marshall, Minn. 56258 
Parrish, Charles L. (W. Va.) 

R. 2, Box 201, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Parsons, J. Maurice (O. Mi.) 

Fairview at Catalpa Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Parsons, Robert T. (O. S. E.) 

80 Sherman St., Hartford, Conn. 06105 
Partridge, Stanley (O. Ea.) 

931 Brittain Rd., Akron, Ohio 44305 
Patrick, Melvin E- (Ea.) 

802 N. Railroad St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078 
Patrick, M. Eugene (Ea.) 

R. 2, New Holland, Pa. 17557 
Patterson, David L. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 52B, Bridge Rt., Myrtle Point, Ore. 

Patterson, Donald E- (O. San.) 

Box 93, North Robinson, Ohio 
Patterson Ronald Paul (O. San.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 
Patton, Robert B. (W. Pa.) 

414 Painter St., Everson, Pa. 
Paul, H. G. (W. Pa.) 

311 Main St., South Fork, Pa. 
Paulhamus, A. C. (Susq.) 

R. 2, Box 94, Williamsport, Pa. 
Paxton, Clayton (Mo.) 

Box 178, Adrian, Mo. 64720 
Paxton, Marvin M. (O. S. E.) . 

124 Purvis Ave., Bremen, Ohio 43107 
Payne, Doyle (Va.) 

Singers Glen, Va. 22850 
Payne, Robert (111.) 

Hampshire, 111. 60140 
Payne, Wilbur D. (111.) 

702 N. Third St., Carmi, 111. 62821 
Pearce, George O. (W. Pa.) 

336 W. Main St., Youngsville, Pa. 
Pearce, J. Carlton (W. Pa.) 

Westover, Pa. 16692 
Pearce, N. A. (W. Pa.) 

Box 37, Marchand, Pa. 
Pearson, Freeman H. (Okla-Tex.) 

Box 6, Orlando, Okla. 73073 
Pearson, Howard (Ind. So.) 

304 N. Washington, Marion, Ind. 
Pecarchik, J. Robert (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Peck, G. R. (Calif.) 

2538 N. 53rd Ave., Phoenix. Ariz. 85035 
Peck, Harold L. (Kan.) 

5531 W. 27th St., Topeka, Kan. 66614 
Peck, W. Prentice (Mich.) 

4718 W. Holt Rd., Holt, Mich. 
Peckham, Charles Wesley (O. Mi.) 

1516 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Peden, Arthur P. (W. Pa.) 

R. 1, Box 151-A, Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Peiffer, Harold S. (Ea.) 

937 W. Walnut St., Lancaster, Pa. 17601 
Pellett, C. Edwin (O. Mi.) 

1500 E. Huffman Ave., Dayton, Ohio 4: 
Pellett, D. H. (Ind. No.) 

919 Race St., Logansport, Ind. 
Pellett, Mrs. Celia (Austin) (Ind. No.) 
919 Race St., Logansport, Ind. 

Pelton, Robert V. (O. Mi.) 

3686 Montfort Heights Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Pemberton, Ora C. (Ind. So.) 

2753 Earth Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46203 
Penner, Jacob (Kan.) 

R. 1, Lecompton, Kan. 
Penner, Merritt D., Jr. (Er.) 

R. 4, Box 739, Manchester, Ky. 40962 
Penrod, Joseph O. (Ind. No.) 

110 S. 9th St., Decatur, Ind. 46733 
Perkins, C. W. (111.) 

1228 Market St., Mt. Carmel. 111. 62863 
Perkins, Earl (W. Va.) 

Rivesville, W. Va. 
Perna, A. John (Susq.) 

509 E. Third St., Nescopeck, Pa. 18635 
Perri, Ben (Calif.) 

2295-3 Patterson Dr., Eugene, Ore. 97405 
Perry, Howard (Pac. Nw.) 

276 W. 12th St., Eugene, Ore. 
Perry, Keith L. (Er.) 

22 Pine St., Port Allegany, Pa. 
Perske, Robert A. (R. Mt.) 

Kansas Neurological Institute, Topeka, Kan. 
Pertuche, L. A. (Okla. -Tex.) 

Big Cabin, Okla. 
Peters, E. E. da.) 

204 S. Kellogg Ames, Iowa 
Peters, George V. (Susq.) 

Hummels Wharf, Pa. 17831 
Peterson, Bertil G. (Er.) 

13 E. Northrup PI., Buffalo 14, N. Y. 
Peterson, David (Wis.) 

1521 N. Astor St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53202 
Peterson, Ernest L. (W. Pa.) 

1502 Menoher Blvd., Johnstown, Pa. 15905 
Peterson, J. R. (W. Pa.) 

120 Charles St., Hooversville, Pa. 
Peterson, J. W. (la.) 

1015 Fremont, Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Peterson, Merton (Mont.) 

305 S. Main, Plentywood, Mont. 
Peterson, Nevin H. (Okla. -Tex.) 

710 E. Third St., Bartlesville, Okla. 74003 
Peterson, Victor H. (O. Ea.) 

6615 Brecksville Rd., Independence, Ohio 

Peterson, William L. (Ind. No.) 

Box 214, Brook, Ind. 46602 
Petrak, Ronald D. (la.) 

2110 Merle Hay Rd., Des Moines 10, Iowa 
Pettibone, Richard A. (O. S. E.) 

3293 Roswell Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43227 
Petticord, E. W. (Pac. Nw.) 

4548 63rd St., Sacramento, Calif. 95820 
Petticord, Paul P. (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S. E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Petty, Edgar L., Jr. (Kan.) 

3628 N. Independence, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Petznik, Ervin E. (Ind. No.) 

3608 Kirkfield Dr.. Fort Wayne. Ind. 
Peyton, Browning (Susq.) 

411 Rittenhouse St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Peyton, Lester E. (Ind. So.) 

86 Potomac Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Pfaltzgraff, P. O. (la.) 

2723 E Madison, Des Moines, Iowa 50317 
Pfaltzgraff, R. C. (la.) 

1621 E. 4th St., Waterloo, Iowa 
Pfeifer, E. H. (Minn.) 

Wells, Minn. 56097 
Pfeifer, Russell A. (Neb.) 

Sutton, Neb. 
Pfeiffer, Bruce C. (Va.) 

Box 48, Mt. Sidney. Va. 24467 
Pfeil, Robert (Minn.) 

Timberline Lodge, Government Camp. Ore. 
Pferrer. R. G. (O. Ea.) 

4620 9th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla., or 

Linwood Park, Vermilion, Ohio 
Pflugh, Fred (Ind. No.) 

Box 51, Claypool, Ind. 46510 
Phegley, Mary (Ind. So.) 
R. R. 1, Lewis, Ind. 


Phelps, Lloyd Vernon (Kan.) 

Barber-Scotia College, Concord, N. C. 
Phillips, George (W. Pa.) 

40 S. Mercer St., Greenville, Pa. 16125 
Phillips, I. M. (Neb.) 

644 North 9th, Broken Bow, Neb. 
Phillips, Joseph (O. San.) 

Box 27, Tiro, Ohio 44887 
Phinney, E. .Sterl (Ind. No.) 

Taylor University, Upland, Ind. 
Phinney Mark A. (Pac. Nw.) 

Star Rt., Box 1320, Glenwood, Ore. 
Phipps, Kyle S. (O. Mi.) 

8342 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 
Pickens, Donald (O. San.) 

Box 5, Eldorado, Ohio 
Pieper, F. A. (la.) 

Hubbard, Iowa 
Pierce, David W. (Susq.) 

221 N. Front St., Milton, Pa. 17847 
Pierce, F,. A. (Tenn.) 

108 Spruce St., Greeneville, Tenn. 37743 
Pierce, Faye (Ind. So.) 

112 S. Martin St., Muncie, Ind. 
Pierce, L. C. (W. Pa.) 

Lickingville, Pa. 
Pierce, Ronald F,. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Pike, George (O. San.) 

R. 1, Middle Point, Ohio 45862 
Pike, John M. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 45-A, R. 1, Oregon City, Ore. 
Pike, Paul H. (Pac. Nw.) 

4510 Combat Support Gp., Luke A.F.B., Ariz. 

Pillow, David J. (la.) 

1708 Primrose Dr., Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Pine, Mrs. Virginia (R. Mt.) 

Director of Women, Raleigh Rescue Mission, 

Box 2552, Raleigh, N. C. 
Ping, William (111.) 

133 S. Shore Dr., Decatur, 111. 62521 
Piper, Raymond W. (W. Pa.) 

Shade Gap. Pa. 17255 
Platz, Charles R. (Kan.) 

19 Wheatland Dr., Hutchinson, Kan. 
Platz, Edward C. (Er.) 

1320 Amherst PL, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Platz, Harold H. (Er.) 

1320 Amherst PI., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Pletch, E. E. (Can.) 

Sebringville Ont., Can. 
Pletsch, Donald (Can.) 

Yonibani, Sierra Leone, W. Africa 
Pletsch, Douglas (Can.) 

Christianopolis, Goiaz, Brazil 
Plowman, Roscoe E. (Pac. Nw.) 

200 Green Acres Dr., Glasgow, Ky. 42141 
Plummer, Erwin H. (111.) 

Buckhorn, Ky. 
Plummer Joseph W. (O. Ea.) 

R. 2, Massillon, Ohio 44646 
Plymire, Larry M. (Susq.) 

4731 Del Brook Rd., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Podoll, E. G. (Minn.) 

Paynesville, Minn. 56362 
Pohly, Gerald A. (Mich.) 

18200 St. Marys, Detroit, Mich. 48235 
Pohly, Kenneth W. (O. Ea.) 

92 Bishop Dr., Westerville, Ohio 43081 
Poindexter, Robert (Ind. So.) 

English, Ind. 
Polen, Kenneth (W. Va.) 

West Decatur, Pa. 
Poling, C. S. (O. S. E.) 

R. 2, Baltimore, Ohio 43105 
Poling, Durward W. (W. Va.) 

308 Yates Ave., Grafton, W. Va. 
Pollock, Horace B. (W. Pa.) 

935 Sunflower Rd., Rochester, Pa. 15074 
Poison, Marvin M. (Okla.-Tex.) 

309 S. Washington, El Campo, Texas 77437 
Pomeroy, James (Dak.) 

Napoleon, N. Dak. 

Pontious, Elry E. (Pac. Nw.) 

18506 S. E. Wilmot, Portland, Ore. 97222 
Porter, Bruce (Ind. So.) 

1440 W. 76th PI., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Porter, Glen (Ind. So.) 

401 Calvin Blvd., Seymour, Ind. 
Potter, Merle I. (W. Pa.) 

Box 42, Wyano Pa. 
Potter, Robert (Kan.) 

717 N. 32nd, Kansas City, Kan. 
Pottieger, Cecil P. E. (Ea.) 

Grosvenor Park Apts., 10401 Grosvenor PI., 

Apt. 904, Rockville, Md. 20850 
Pottieger, O. D. E. (Ea.) 

429 N. 8th St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Pottieger, R. J. C. (Ea.) 

1105 Kochenderfer Rd., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Pottieger, W. E. (Ea.) 

2426 Elm St., Penbrook, Harrisburg, Pa. 

PowelL Dick (O. San.) 

R. R. 4, Box 25A, Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Powell, Donald D. (Kan.) 

Ill S. Plum, Hutchinson, Kan. 67501 
Powell, L. E. (la.) 

R. 2, Griswald, Iowa 
Powell, W. E. (O. Ea.) 

53l l / 3 Center St., Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Praetorius, E. Russell (Minn.) 

6310 Washburn Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Praetorius, E. W. (Ind. No.) 

1690 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn. 
Price, Bruce K. (Er.) 

Box 143, Battle Ground, Ind. 
Price, Curtis L. (111.) 

Hooppole, 111. 61528 
Price, Harrison (W. Pa.) 

Woodland, Pa. 
Price, John F. (Mich.) 

302 Ann Arbor Rd., Manchester, Mich. 48158 
Price, Paul (Ea.) 

2427 Arlene Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Price, Ralph V. (Kan.) 

Box 41, Elizabeth, Colo. 
Priest, Robert Leroy (O. San.) 

123 Division St., Sandusky, Ohio 44870 
Prince, Owen W. (Kan.) 

Maize, Kan. 67101 
Pringle, A. W. (R. Mt.) 

Santa Cruz, N. M. 
Pringle, Donald (W. Va.) 

323 S. 22nd St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Pringle, Percy J. (O.S.E.) 

1403 5th St., West Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 
Pritchard, J. Samuel (Ind. No.) 

304 N. Main St., Bourbon, Ind. 46504 
Procasco, C. E. (Ea.) 

3513 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17101 
Prochnow, Robert (Wis.) 

Ransom, 111. 
Propp, Stanley (Minn.) 

601 DePue E., Olivia, Minn. 56277 
Proudfoot, Denzil E. (W. Va.) 

909 Virginia St.. Ravenswood, W. Va. 
Prunty, Hobart (111.) 

105 S. East, Orangeville, 111. 61060 
Prust, Richard C. (Wis.) 

7123 W. Locust St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 53210 
Pulver, Merle B. (Okla.-Tex.) 

1513 Suggett, Enid, Okla. 73701 
Purdy, Eugene Earl (O. Mi.) 

123 Symmes Ave., North Bend, Ohio 
Purdy, Walter (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Rawson, Ohio 45881 
Purvis, L. R. (Mo.) 

R. 3, Fulton, Mo. 65051 
Putnam, Leonard F. (Mich.) 

119 N. Lincoln, Niles, Mich. 49120 
Pyle, Perry E. (W. Pa.) 

71 Pine St., Brookville, Pa. 



Quackenbush, Paul A. 

DeWitt. Neb. 
Quaid, William H. (Ea.) 

209 E. Main St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 17972 


Raby, 15. Stephen (Okla.-Tex.) 

1105 Nolan St., San Antonio, Tex. 
Racey, Forrest S. (Va.) 

President s Office, Shenancloah College, Win 
chester, Va. 22601 
Rademacher, Paul G. (Ea.) 

120 S. Sleight St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Rademacher, William F. (111.) 

R. 1, Box 488, Pekin, 111. 61554 
Rader, Elaine B. (Mich.) 

221 Pitney Place, Madison, N. J. 
Raduege, Harvey W. (Wis.) 

N160 W11650 Church Ave., Germantown, 

Wis. 53022 
Raecker, H. M. (la.) 

310 4th Ave., Vinton, Iowa 
Ragsdale, J. L. (111.) 

Elliott, 111. 60933 
Rahn, C. W. (Nw. C.) 

Leader. Sask., Can. 
Raker, William L. (Susq.) 

1520 S. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 21230 
Ramey, W. Boyd (Va.) 

R. 2, Box 145, Dayton, Va. 22821 
Ramsey, Arthur O. (111.) 

4615 N. Sheridan Rd., Peoria, 111. 61600 
Ramsey, Thomas A. (O. Mi.) 

P. O. Box 6, Rossburg, Ohio 
Ramsey, Thomas J. (Ind. So.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Ramsey, W. D. (O. San.) 

511 Adams St., Huron, Ohio 44839 
Ranck, Ezra H. (Ea.) 

604 Redwood St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17109 
Ranck, J. Allan (Ea.) 

97 Montclair Ave., Montclair, N. J. 07042 
Ransdell, Delmer C. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 949, Marion, Ind. 
Rapp, Lorin I,. (Ind. So.) 

211 N. 14th St.. New Castle, Ind. 
Rapson, Eugene F., Jr. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Boonville. Ind. 
Rath, Theodore (Dak.) 

304 E. 2nd St., McClusky, N. Dak. 58463 
Ratliffe, Verley C. (Tenn.) 

R. 8, Greeneville, Tenn. 37743 
Rau, Alfred E. (la.) 

1015 Wilson Ave., Webster, City, Iowa 
Rau, L. (Nw. Can.) 

212 W. Main, Wilmore, Ky. 
Rau, Luke E. (Ea.) 

Slatedale, Pa. 18048 
Rauch, John L-, Jr. (W. Pa.) 

Quincy, Pa. 
Rayson, Ralph LeRoy (Kan.) 

415 S. 13th, Independence, Kan. 67301 
Reagan, Calvin W. (Tenn.) 

2305 Thorn Grove Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Reasey, Robert E. (Susq.) 

219 S. Second St., Chambersburg, Pa. 17201 
Reber, Calvin H., Jr. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Rebstock, John (Minn.) 

314 14th St., Worthington, Minn. 56187 
Recob, James (O.S.E.) 

25 Church Street, Franklin, Mass. 
Redding, Earl E. (Susq.) 

Fayetteville, Pa. 17222 
Reddix, John W. (R. Mt.) 

Grass Creek, Ind. 
Rediger, Milo A. (Ind. So.) 

Taylor University, Upland, Ind. 
Redman, Kenneth (Minn.) 

Apt B-24, 1401 N. College Ave., Claremont, 

Reece, Rolland R. (O. Ea.) 

771 E. 260th Street, Euclid, Ohio 44132 
Reeck, Darrell L. (Pac. Nw.) 

2305 S. E. 66th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97260 
Reed, Allen W. (W. Pa.) 

714 Walnut St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Reed, Bert J. (Ind. So.) 

1634 Franklin St., Columbus, Ind. 
Reed, Earl W. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Box 327, New Albany, Ind. 
Reed, Glenn O. (Er.) 

76 Main St., Salamanca, N. Y. 
Reed, Irene Roberts (Ind. No.) 

2418 108th Ave. N.E-, Bellevue, Wash. 
Reed, James H. (W. Va.) 

R. 5 Box 8, Buckhannon, W. Va. 
Reed, M. E. (Ind. No.) 

Box 12, Winamac, Ind. 
Reed, Raymond R. (Er.) 
R. D. 1, Oil City, Pa. 
Reeder, Lowell (O. San.) 

R. R. 2, Fostoria, Ohio 44830 
Reep. Charles H. (Pac. Nw.) 

4307 S. E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Reep, George D. (Kan.) 

Green Springs, Ohio 44836 
Reep, Mark Joseph (O. San.) 
Green Springs Ohio 44836 
Rees, Howard (Ind. No.) 

208 S. Chauncey St., Columbia City, Ind. 

Rees, Jack R. (W. Pa.) 

103 Fairwood Dr., Country Hills, Irwin, Pa. 
Reeves, Richard M. (Mich.) 

16515 W. Ridge Rd., Oakley, Mich. 
Reger, Paul E. (Okla.-Tex.) 

U. S. Air Force 
Rehner, Wallace D. (W. Pa.) 

Oriental Missionary Society, Casilla 860 

Guayaquil, Ecuador 
Rehrig, F. J. (Ea.) 

360 Beverly Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 
Reibling, Dwight E. (Mich.) 

210 Baldwin Ave., Pontiac, Mich. 48058 
Reichard, Darl E. (W. Pa.) 

Box 206, Madison, Pa. 
Reichart, Francis L. (Kan.) 

405 S. Locust, Pittsburg, Kan. 
Reichenbach, Jay M. (Er.) 

1021 Myrtle St., Erie, Pa. 16502 
Reichert, Earl W. (Wis.) 

2130 Mt. Zion Ave., Janesville, Wis. 53545 
Reid John Charles (Ea.) 

W. Kingfield Rd., Kingfield, Maine 04947 
Reider, Robert A. (Susq.) 
Greenmount, Md. 21072 
Reiff, O. R. (O. Ea.) 

2277 Boughton Dr., Akron, Ohio 44320 
Rein, John D. (N. Y.) 

500 Plank Rd., Webster, N. Y. 14581 
Reiner, Fred J. (Dak.) 

1417 N. 37th Ave., Melrose Park, 111. 60160 
Reiner, Rollin T. (Ea.) 

2324 Spring St., West Lawn, Pa. 16909 
Reiners, Kenneth (Dak.) 

United Theo. Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 4540() 
Reinhardt, H. F. (Nw. C.) 

South India Bible Institute, Box 20, Banga- 

raper, Mysore State, India 
Reinking, H. C. (Fla.) 

435 S. Summit, Iowa City, Iowa 
Reinking, Lowell A. (Minn.) 

6305 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Reisinger, D. K. (Er.) 

725 E. Colorado St., Glendale, Calif. 91205 
Reisinger, Mrs. Mary H. (Er.) 

725 E. Colorado St., Glendale, Calif. 91205 
Reiter, Edward N. (Susq.) 

Paxtonville, Pa. 17861 
Reitz, LeRoy (Ea.) 

206 N. Wayne St., Fremont, Ohio 43420 
Reitz, Paul S. (Ea.) 

1231 E. Derry Rd., Hershey, Pa. 17033 
Remaley, Daniel R. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Box 233, St. Charles, 111. 
Remaly, F. E. (Susq.) 

235 W. Pomfret St., Carlisle, Pa. 
Rembolt, William G. (Neb.) 

601 Circle K., Good Samaritan Village, Hast 
ings, Neb. 


Rennels, Wra. (111.) 

919 3. Elm St., Olney, 111. 
Rentzel, Bradley E. (Susq.) 

Center Street, Mt. Wolf, Pa. 17347 
Repsher, Donald R. (Ea.) 

77 Barrington Lane, Willingboro, N. J. 08046 
Reside, John P., Jr. (Susq.) 

2433 E. Madison St., Baltimore, Md. 21205 
Retzlaff, Homer H. (Wis.) 

549 Washington Blvd., Oshkosh, Wis. 54901 
Retzlaff Peter (Ind. No.) 

Brimfield, Ind. 
Retzlaff, Peter (Wis.) 

434 E. Lake St., Lake Mills, Wis. 53551 
Reuber, Mervyn E. (Can.) 

Elmira, Ont., Can. 
Reuhman, Allen D. (Ind. So.) 

3105 S. Rural, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Rexroad, Roscoe L. (W. Va.) 

Mt. Jackson, Va. 22842 
Reyner, Louis E. (Mich.) 

1100M-151, Erie, Mich. 48133 
Reynolds, L. D. (O. San.) 

R. 3, Box 231, Port Clinton, Ohio 
Reynolds, Louis (Ind. No.) 

921 Cleveland Ave., South Bend, Ind. 44628 
Reynolds, R. M. (Neb.) 

708 Circle M., Good Samaritan Village, 

Hastings, Neb. 
Rhoad, Edwin M. (Ea.) 

235 S. West End Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17603 
Rhoades, E. F. (Mich.) 

210 Sherman St., Nashville, Mich. 
Rhoads, H. M. (Susq.) 

Rebersburg, Pa. 16872 
Rhodes, Arnold R. (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Rhodes, Charles F. (W. Pa.) 

Fishertown, Pa. 
Rhodes, Dale R. (W. Pa.) 

Box 47, Belsano, Pa. 15922 
Rhodes, E. F. (Mich.) 

210 Sherman St., Box 536, Nashville, Mich. 
Rhodes, Leon (W. Va.) 

1106 S. Davis Ave.. Elkins, W. Va. 
Ricard, Don (O. San.) 

Box 128, Scott, Ohio 45886 
Ricard, Ronald Paul (O. San.) 

215 S. Collins, Lima, Ohio 45804 
Rice, A. Delbert (Pac. Nw.) 

Alicia, Isabella, Philippine Is. 
Rice, Kenneth (Minn.) 

Blue Earth, Minn. 56013 
Rice, Marvin L. (Susq.) 

101 N. Washington St., Greencastle, Pa. 

Richard, J. Alvin (O. Ea.) 

898 Dayton St., Akron, Ohio 44310 
Richards, A. F. (W. Pa.) 

Meyersdale, Pa. 
Richards, Robert E. (Ind. So.) 

5434 E. 17th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Richardson, Albert (Pac. Nw.) 

302 N. Dale Rd., Moses Lake, Wash. 
Richardson, Fred A. (la.) 

Colo, Iowa 
Richardson, Otto (111.) 

4001 E. Marietta St., Decatur, 111. 62521 
Richardson, Russell (Ind. No.) 

La Crosse, Ind. 
Richer, Benjamin F. (O. San.) 

5508 Edgewater Dr., Toledo 11, Ohio 
Richer, Harry E. (Ind. No.) 

211 E. Main St., Peru, Ind. 
Richie, G. A. (Ea.) 

466 E. Main St., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Rickard, David T. (Pac. Nw.) 

870 W. 8th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 
Ricker, J. M. (Pac. Nw.) 

711 S.E. 101st Ave., Vancouver, Wash. 
Ricker, Richard M. (N. Y.) 

30 Holley St., Lyons, N. Y. 14489 
Rickert, Marvin E. (Mich.) 

24575 Border Hill Rd., Novi, Mich. 
Rickleff, Frederick L. (111.) 

615 Fairview St., Elmhurst, 111. 60126 

Ricks, Joseph G. (la.) 

Alburnett, la. 
Ridall, Archie F. (Susq.) 

1120 W. Southern Ave., S. Williamsport, Pa. 

Rider, Gordon I. (Susq.) 

213 Daycotah Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 
Riebel, John D. (111.) 

YMCA, University of North Carolina, Chapel 

Hill, N. C. 27514 
Rieder, Christian A. (111.) 

7032 W. 40th St., Berwyn 111 60402 
Riegel, A. W. (Nw. C.) 

2802 17th Ave., S.E-, Medicine Hat, Alta., 

Riegel, E. H. (Nw. Can.) 

470 7th St. S.W., Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Riegel, E. W. (Nw. C.) 

3304 28th Ave., S.W., Colgary, Alberta, Can. 
Riegel, H. W. (la.) 

820 7th St., W. Des Moines, la. 
Riegel, J. H. (la.) 

304 S. 4th St., Clinton, Iowa 
Rieger, A. A. (Calif.) 

524 E. Locust Ave., Lodi, Calif. 95242 
Rieker, Rudolph (Dak.) 

123 Elm Street, Hebron, N. Dak 58638 
Rife, Boyd C. (O.S.E-) 

1773 Lonsdale Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43227 
Rife, Carl B. (Susq.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton 6, Ohio 
Rife, Loyd M. (O. San.) 

122 Beech St., Sidney, Ohio 45365 
Rigg, Donald L. (111.) 

R. F. D. 1, Box 28, Malta, 111. 
Riggins, Norman A. (Pac. Nw.) 

3516 W. Princeton Ave., Spokane Wash. 

Riggs, Carl B. (la.) 

4158 Lancaster Ave., Newburgh, N. Y. 
Riggs, Robert L. (Ind. So.) 

520 N. Swope St., Greenfield, Ind. 
Rightsell, C. W. (Tenn.) 

R. 4, Knoxville, Tenn. 37914 
Riley, George B. (Va.) 

(Chaplain-Cdr.), 2808 Jennifer Drive, Castro 

Valley, Calif. 94546 
Riley, James H. (O. Mi.) 

8 Grove Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45404 
Rimert, J. Marlyn (Susq.) 

322 W. Mill St., Selinsgrove, Pa. 17870 
Rinker, F. Elaine (Va.) 

Route 5, Box 730, Cumberland, Maryland 

Rippin, Kenneth R. (W. Pa.) 

610 Cooper Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Risch, H. Eugene (O. Mi.) 

5039 Woodbine Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45432 
Ritchey, William D. (Kan.) 

R. R. 2, Randolph, Kan. 66554 
Ritchey, W. J. (Kan.) 

R. 1, Baldwin, Kan. 66006 
Riter, A. L. (O. Eat) 

626 Yerrick Rd., Akron, Ohio 44312 
Ritter, Charles (Dak.) 

702 7th St., N., Wahpeton, N. D. 58075 
Ritter, H. A. (Mont.) 

Rudyard, Mont. 
Ritter, Joseph F. (Susq.) 

326 Sixth St., Northumberland, Pa. 17857 
Rittermeyer, John E. (Pac. Nw.) 

361 E. Cypress Ave., Burbank, Calif. 
Roa, Ethel B. (Fla.) 

2708 1st St., N., Indian Rocks Beach, Fla. 
Roa, Plutarco (Fla.) 

2708 1st St., N., Indian Rocks Beach, Fla. 
Robatin, F. E. (Ea.) 

139 West St., Williamstown, Pa. 17098 
Robb, E. Clark (Pac. Nw.) 

50 Northridge Dr., Daly City, Calif. 94015 
Robbie, Franklin L. (Mont.) 

2208 Elm St., Billings, Mont. 
Robbins, John F. (O.S.E-) 

617 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750 
Robbins, L. Wesley (Calif.) 

3625 Ottawa Ave., Riverside, Calif. 92507 


Robbing, V. K. (la.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 
Roberts, Aulbert L. (W Va.) 

R. 4, Buckhannon, W. Va. 
Roberts, Gerald (Ind. So.) 

507 N. 8th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Roberts, Gerald W. (Susq.) 

Box 194, R. 1, Gardners, Pa. 17324 
Roberts, John C. (Ind. So.) 

701 Rex St., Muncie, Ind. 
Roberts^ Lura Jones (Ind. So.) 

701 Rex St., Muncie, Ind. 
Roberts, Raymond (111.) 

Box 206, Potomac, 111. 61865 
Roberts William A. (O.S.E.) 

321 Colton Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43207 
Roberts, Walter N. (O. Mi.) 

1730 Radcliffe Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Robertson, M. W. (Ind. So.) 

English, Ind 
Robinson, Carl R. (O. Mi.) 

5980 Wilmington Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45440 
Robinson, Frank E. (O. Mi.) 

R. R. 4, 1052 Middletown-Eaton Rd., Middle- 
town, Ohio 
Robinson, Kennard E. (Ind. No.) 

113 S. Lake St., Syracuse, Ind. 46567 
Robinson, Wilfred M. (la.) 

R. 1, Sumner, Iowa 
Robson, George B. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 103, LaFarge, Wis. 54639 
Rock, Paul F., II (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, lona, Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Rockwood, Theodore B. (111.) 

213 W. Main St., Peotone, 111. 60468 
Roe, Lyle B. (Kan.) 

221 Pennsylvania, Holton, Kan. 66436 
Roe, Raymond F. (Mich.) 

520 Wadsworth St., Traverse City, Mich. 

Roebuck, Garrison (O. San.) 

Oak St., Spencerville, Ohio 45887 
Roebuck, Victor (O. San.) 

137 E. High St., Hicksville, Ohio 43526 
Roederer, Irwin G. (Ind. No.) 

210 W. South St., Bremen, Ind. 
Roederer, Robert I. (111.) 

R. F. D. 1, Sheffield, 111. 61361 
Roehrdanz, Melvin J. (Wis.) 

1611 16th Ave., Monroe, Wis. 53566 
Roesti, LeRoy P. (Minn.) 

Sargeant, Minn. 55973 
Rogers, B. LaVon (Ind. So.) 

Georgetown, Ind. 
Rogers, David L. (Ind. So.) 

224 N. Loomis St., Elberfeld, Ind. 
Rogers, Chaplain Vernon O. (Va.) 

5992 43d Terrace, N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Rohleder, Jerry (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 115, Gillett, Wis. 54124 
Rohrer, Glenn E. (O.S.E.) 

87 N. Ogden Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204 
Rohrbaugh, L. E. (Susq.) 

712 Church St., Hagerstown, Md. 21740 
Roker, Don R. (Neb.) 

3708 4th Ave., Kearney, Neb. 
Rollings, John W. (Ind. No.) 

54620 29th St., So. Bend 15, Ind. 
Roloff, H. Wesley (Calif.) 

Elm and Central Ave., Lodi, Calif. 95242 
Romberger, A. F. (Susq.) 

211 E. Park St., Lock Haven, Pa. 17745 
Roppel, H. E. (Can.) 

Tavistock, Ont., Can. 
Roscoe, F. G. (Pac. Nw.) 

4018 S.W. Iowa St., Portland, Ore. 97201 
Rose, Delbert R. (Mich.) 

307 N. Walnut St., Wilmore, Ky. 
Rose, Ivan D. (la.) 

Ralston, Iowa 
Rose, L. C. (W. Pa.) 

231 S. Broad St., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Rosebraugh, Robert D. (111.) 

1237 N. 5th St., Springfield, 111. 62702 
Ross, Cecil E. (Er.) 

Dewittville, N. Y. 

Rosselot. G. T. (Ind. No.) 

472 No. Salisbury St., West Lafayette. Ind. 

Roth, A. W. (Nw. C.) 

480 McKenzie St., Winnipeg, Man., Oui. 
Roth, Cleo (O. San.) 

311 Seneca, Defiance, Ohio 43512 
Roth, Neil (Pac. Nw.) 

908 S. Howard, Walla Walla, Wash. 
Rothfuss, Walter (Mich.) 

R. 1, Box 40, Edwardsburg, Mich. 49112 
Rothgeb, E. A. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Bradenton, Fla. 
Rothwell, Vincent L. (Er.) 

821 Grayson Rd., WoodbridKe, Va. 
Rothwell, Wayne H. (Ea.) 

803 W. Diamond St., Hazleton, Pa. 18201 
Rough, H. Dale (O. E.) 

2499 Coronada Ave., Akron, Ohio 44313 
Rough, R. John (Er.) 

R. D. 1, Mayville, N. Y. 
Rough, Thomas (Mich.) 

R. 3, Box 189, Plymouth, Ind. 46563 
Roukema, Andrew (Mont.) 

St. John s Lutheran Home, Billings, Mont. 
Rousch, Joseph P. (Ind. So.) 

611 N. Anderson St., Elwood, Ind. 
Roush, Dean V. (O. Ea.) 

Box 336, Beach City, Ohio 44608 
Rowe, Jeremiah C. H. (Calif.) 

6525 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Rowland, Conley E. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 4, Box 128, Veedersburg, Ind. 
Rowley, Walter R. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 1, Box 148, Dayton, Ore. 97114 
Royer, J. Frank (O. Mi.) 

R. 1, New Paris, Ohio 
Royer, James S. (Ea.) 

147 Walnut St., Mohnton, Pa. 19540 
Ruberg, J. Harland (111.) 

R. F. D. 1, Latham, 111. 
Ruble, Anthony I. (O.S-E.) 

520 S. Columbus St., Lancaster, Ohio 43130 
Ruble, C. E. (W. Va.) 

Core Rd., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Ruble, LaRoy C. (O. Ea.) 

1636 Rexdale Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Rude, Kenneth (111.) 

355 Park Ave., Manhattan, 111. 60442 
Rudolph, Ervin (Dak.) 

Big Stone City, S. Dak. 57216 
Rudolph, Mae Luther (Ind. So.) 

Nabb, Ind. 
Ruegsegger, L. R. (Mich.) 

211 State St., Petoskey, Mich. 49770 
Ruggles, John P. (Er.) 

Box 7, East Smethport, Pa. 
Rugh, Emerson R. (O. Ea.) 

P. O. Box 869, Brandon, Fla. 
Ruhl, Donald (Ind. No.) 

301 N. Main St., Nappanee, Ind. 46550 
Ruhlman. C. W. (O.S-E.) 

33 Arlington Ave., London, Ohio 43140 
Ruhnke, Dennis (Minn.) 

R. 3, Osseo, Minn. 55369 
Rummell, C. 1. (W. Pa.) 

126 E. Church St., Somerset, Pa. 
Rush, Bertha Porter (Mo.) 

R. R. 4, Memphis, Mo. 63555 
Rush, I. Harold (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Albright, Ind. 
Russ, Charles A. (Susq.) 

125 Logan St., Lewistown, Pa. 17044 
Russell, Charles (Ind. So.) 

1911 Home Ave., Columbus, Ind. 
Russell, E. Arthur (la.) 

Red Bird Mission, Beverly, Ky. 40913 
Russell, Howard G., Jr. (W. Pa.) 

619 Curtin Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15210 
Russell, John (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Paoli, Ind. 
Russell, John W. (W. Pa.) 

700 Farren St., Portage, Pa. 15946 
Russell, Oakley (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Center Point. Ind. 


Russell, R. I,. (la.) 

210 Sunset Road, Waterloo, Iowa 
Rusweiler, A. H. (F,a.) 

519 Pawnee St., Bethlehem, Pa. 18015 
Rutgers, James (Minn.) 

710 Stearns Ave., Paynesville, Minn. 56362 
Ruth, A. C. (Susq.) 

205 S. 4th St., Mt. Wolf, Pa. 
Ruth, Charles F. (O. Mi.) 

R. 1, West Manchester, Ohio 
Ruth, Orrell (111.) 

11717 S. Avers, Chicago, 111. 60655 
Ryan, H. C. (Pac. Nw.) 

813 63rd Ave., N.E., Salem, Ore. 
Ryan, Harry F. (111.) 

Box 206, Smithfield, 111. 61477 
Ryan, Herbert E. (Mich.) 

31845 Chicago Trail, New Castle, Ind. 
Ryder, Robert (O. Mi.) 

71 N. Maple St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Sack, Noble V. (Pac. Nw.) 

18125 S.E. River Rd., Portland, Ore. 97222 
Sackett, Gene H. (Er.) 

4300 S. Harris Hill Rd., Williamsville, N. Y. 
Sackmann, Jacob (Dak.) 

North Central College, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Sackmann, L. E. (Dak.) 

Box M, Elgin, N. Dak. 58533 
Sager, Ralph G., Jr. (W. Va.) 

1830 Roxlana Rd., Dunbar, W. Va. 
Sain, Raleigh E. (Mich.) 

1772 Earlmont, Berkley, Mich. 
St. Angelo, George Jr. (Ind. So.) 

North Central College, Naperville, 111. 
Salzman, Orville (111.) 

1144 E. Locust St., Decatur, 111. 62521 
Salmen, Michael (N. Y.) 

790 Ridge Road, W., Webster, N. Y. 14580 
Samstag, Earl C. (111.) 

25W480 Plank Rd., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Sanchez, Harold E. (R. Mt.) 

Box 839, Espanola, N. Mex. 
Sander, lister H. (Kan.) 

R. 1, Cosby, Mo. 66436 
Sander, Mark (Kan.) 

415 S. Lynn Dr., Le Mars, Iowa 
Sanders, Dennis (O. Ea.) 

2825 llth St., N.W., Canton, Ohio 44708 
Sanford, Sylvester (111.) 

1335 E. Knox St., Galesburg, 111. 61401 
Sartwell, Floyd R. (O. Ea.) 

4376 W. 224th St., Fairview Park, Ohio 44126 
Sass, John, Jr. (W. Pa.) 

Box 106, Salix, Pa. 
Sather, Donald R. (Minn.) 

U. S. Army Chaplain School, Ft. Hamilton, 

N. Y. 11252 
Sauer, Dale J. (O. Ea.) 

618 W. 23rd St., Lorain, Ohio 
Sauer, Walter K. (Pac. Nw.) 

Ch. (Capt.) 4th Div. Arty., Fort Lewis, 

Savage, Guy M. (Neb.) 

Monroe, Neb. 
Savery, G. T. (Neb.) 

1625 Nemaha, Lincoln, Neb. 
Sawyer, John Carson (Va.) 

Lebanon Valley College, Annville, I a. 17003 
Sawyer, John R. (Va.) 

406 College Circle Dr., Staunton, Va. 2-1401 
Saxton, John E- (Neb.) 

R. 1, Norfolk, Neb. 
Sayers, Lionel E. (Er.) 

R. D. 1, Cooperstown, Pa. 
Saylor, Ronald F. (Can.) 

Tavistock, Ont., Can. 
Sayre, D. L. (W. Va.) 

803 S. Ashburion Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Sayre, Gerald (W. Va.) 

Cottageville, W. Va. 
Schadl, Michael (O. Ea.) 

3680 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44319 
Schadt, Frederick J. (Kan.) 

532 N. Arthur, El Dorado, Kan. 

Schaefer, C. M. (Wis.) 

822 Second St., N.W., Rochester, Minn. 

Schaefer, E. E. (111.) 

210 W. Broadway, Freeport, 111. 61032 
Schaefer, John F. (111.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Schaefer, John L. (O. Mi.) 

48 E. Jefferson St., Naperville, 111. 
Schaefer, W. G. (R. Mt.) 

622 N. Custer Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Schaeffer, Clarence J. (Dak.) 

Harvey, N. D. 58341 
Schaeffer, H. E. (Ea.) 

304 S. 31st St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17109 
Schaeffer, J. H. (Ind. No.) 

R. 4, Box 34, Kokomo, Ind. 46901 
Schaerfl, Josef (Va.) 

622 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 
Schafer, O. E. (Calif.) 

4209 Don Felipe Dr., LOS Angeles, Calif. 

Schaller, Edward (la.) 

R. 1, Box 55, Audubon, Iowa 
Schar, David (O. Ea.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Schauer, U. S. (Calif.) 

1415 S. Otterbein Ave., Unit 23, La Puente, 

Calif. 91745 
Scheaffer, Clayton (Dak.) 

Jamestown College, Jamestown, N. Dak. 
Scheifele, Lloyd S. (Mich.) 

5125 Midfield Dr., Kalamazoo, Mich. 49001 
Schendel, A. A. (Minn.) 

220 10th Ave., S.E., Waseca, Minn. 56093 
Schendel, Chester M. (Wis.) 

5644 N. 38th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53209 
Schendel, E. M. (Minn.) 

212 S. Grove St., Sleepy Eye, Minn. 56085 
Schendel, Laurel (111.) 

Denver, Colo. 80200 
Schendel, Vern (Minn.) 

Norcross, Minn. 56274 
Schendel, W. G. (111.) 

806 S. Wright St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Schierholz, Virginia Stephens (Kan.) 

508 Pine St., Carthage, Mo. 
Schildt, John W. (Susq.) 

R. 1, St. Thomas, Pa. 17252 
Schindell, D. L. (Nw. C.) 

719 Heather Rd., Richmond, B. C., Can. 
Schinkel, Oscar J. (Can.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 
Schlarb, Henry C. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 3, Box 46, Pendleton, Ind. 
Schleicher, Johannes (Wis.) 

120 West Ave., Reedsburg, Wis. 53951 
Schlenker, A. M. (Can.) 

R. R. 1, Ayr, Ont., Can. 
Schlesselman, O. K. (R. Mt.) 

861 Galapago, Denver, Colo. 
Schlosser, Gary (Neb.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, NapervilU , 

Schloyer, Ray W. (Susq.) 

R. D. 2, Shippensburg, Pa. 17257 
Schmeling, William D. (W. Pa.) 

723 Cameron Ave., Beaverdale, Pa. 
Schmid, Wm. L. (Susq.) 

831 Temple Cliff Rd., Baltimore, Md. 2120.S 
Schmidt, Erwin A. (111.) 

316 N. Center St., Geneseo, 111. 61254 
Schmidt, Fred A., Jr. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 5, Ashland, Ohio 44805 
Schmidt, John M. (Calif.) 

P. O. Box 342, Etna, Calif. 96027 
Schmidt, William J. (Wis.) 

527 Riverside Dr., New York, N. Y. 10027 
Schmittle, Lester C. (W. Pa.) 

214 Highland Ave., Pitcairn, Pa. 15085 
Schmuck, David W. (Susq.) 

13 W. Main St., Windsor, Pa. 17366 
Schmuck, Miller S. (Susq.) 

135 W. Simpson St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Schnabel, George E. (Va.) 

2421 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va. 22207 

Schneider, Carl D. (Ea.) 

601 122nd St. and Broadway, Hastings Hall 

New York, N. Y. 10027 
Schneider Carl M. (Ea.) 

P. O. Box 6146, Linglestown, Pa. 17112 
Schneider, David (Minn.) 

521 Fifth Ave., N.W., Faribault, Minn. 55021 
Schneider, David Walter (O. Mi.) 

3736 Borden St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 
Schneider, E. C. (Calif.) 

2242 E. Campbell Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 85016 
Schneider, James H. (Minn.) 

406 W. Mill St., Paynesville, Minn. 56362 
Schock, H. (Nw. C.) 

2455 N.E. 121 Ave., Portland 20, Ore. 
Schod, C. H. (Mo.) 

R. 2, Bigelow, Ark. 
Schoenherr, Gustav M. (111.) 

438 S. Wright St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Schooping, Harvey P. (N. Y.) 

R. 1, Warsaw, N. Y. 14569 
Schoppert, Edmund A. (Minn.) 

5406 Penn Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 55430 
Schorr, V. J. (Nw. Can.) 

Box 221, Weyburn, Sask., Can. 
Schoss, Harvey W. (Wis.) 

435 N. Main St., Hartford, Wis. 53027 
Schott, Walter J. (Dak.) 

Reynolds, N. Dak. 58275 
Schrader, Edgar I,. (O. Mi.) 

10409 103d St., Ozone Park, N. Y. 11417 
Schram, A. R. (la.) 

Granger, Iowa 
Schreckengost, George E. (O. Ea.) 

4681 Dornur Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 44109 
Schreiber, R. R. (Kan.) 

1833 Wayne, Topeka, Kan. 
Schrenk, George (Kan.) 

365 Wolff St., Denver 19 Colo 
Schreurs, Wayne L. (Neb.) 

429 N. 4th, Seward, Neb. 
Schriver, Charles F. (111.) 

Box 354, Penny Farms, Fla. 32079 
Schriver, Eldon V. (111.) 

35 W. Pleasant St., Freeport, 111. 61032 
Schroeder, E- J. (Mont.) 

1415 S. Otterbein, La Puente, Calif. 
Schroeder, Frank E- (Neb.) 

Elmwood, Neb. 
Schroeder, Harvey J. (Neb.) 

6102 Country Club Rd., Omaha 12, Neb. 
Schroeder, John (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, Peru, Ind. 46970 
Schroeder, Vernn P. (Neb ) 

1121 Garfield St., Lincoln 2, Neb. 
Schueler, Edward J. (N. Y.) 

246 MHls St., Buffalo, N. Y. 14211 
Schultz, Arthur L. (W. Pa.) 

Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 
Schultz, Elmer A. R. (W. Pa.) 

430 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa. 15901 
Schulz, Frederik (Wis.) 

2209 Hollister Ave., Madison, Wis. 53705 
Schulz, Jerome (O. Mi.) 

2307 Linden Ave., Middletown, Ohio 
Schulz, Willard W. (Wis.) 

2209 Hollister Ave., Madison, Wis. 53705 
Schuman, James E. (Susq.) 

118 N. Locust St., Hagerstown, Md. 21740 
Schurman, Robert (Mich.) 

622 Park St., Ashland, Ohio 
Schutz, J. Edward (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Reynolds Station, Ky. 
Schwab, Gerald L. (Neb.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Schwab, Harvey A. (Neb.) 

Ithaca, Neb. 
Schwanke, D. D. (Minn.) 

Stillman, 111. 
Schwanke, Robert R. (Neb.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Schwenn, De Verne (N. Dak.) 

Hettinger, N. Dak. 

Schweppe Harvey W. (Wis.) 

N. 84 W 16707 Menoraonee Ave., Menomonee 

Falls, Wis. 53051 
Scoby, Thomas S. (O. San.) 

Box 5, Custar, Ohio 
Scott, Mrs. Audrey M. (Neb.) 

Callaway, Neb. 
Scott, Boyd W. (W. Pa.) 

Box 332, Indian Head, Pa. 
Scott, Harold E. (Ind. So.) 

290 6th St., N.E., Linton, Ind. 
Scott, K. J. (W. Va.) 

902 Lynn St., Sidney, Ohio 
Scott, Raymond B. (R. Mt.) 

Johnstown, Colo. 
Scull, D. L. (Ind. So.) 

927 Mechanics St., Jeffersonville, Ind. 
Searle, John C., Jr. (O. San.) 

220 N. Summit St., Bowling Green, Ohio 

Searle, John C., Sr. (O. San.) 

422 W. Sandusky St., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Sease, Donald (W. Pa.) 

169 Orlando St., Johnstown, Pa. 15905 
Sease, Gene E. (W. Pa.) 

192 Paree Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15239 
Sechrist, Charles R. (Susq.) 

4844 Reisterstown Rd.. Baltimore, Md. 21215 
Secrest, C. H. (Ind. So.) 

Milltown, Ind. 
Seebach, Bruce E. (Can.) 

492 E. 16th St., Hamilton, Out., Can. 
Seeley, Wilbur S. (N. Y.) 

82 Front St., Binghamton, N Y 13905 
Seiders, Marlin D. (Ea.) 

Senior Chaplain, U. S. Naval Air Station, 

Lemoore, Calif. 93246 
Seiler, William G. (Ea.) 

Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa. 17003 
Seith, William A. (O. Ea.) 

92 Gibson Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 44907 
Seitz, Robert E- (Ind. No.) 

422 Guilford, Huntington, Ind. 46750 
Selby, Alice (Mo.) 

R. R. 2, Bigelow, Ark. 
Selby, Charles (O. Mi.) 

806 W. High St., Piqua, Ohio 
Self ridge, Philip R. (Calif.) 

8221 Starr, Stanton, Calif 
Sell, W. C. (W. Pa.) 

2367 6th St., La Verne, Calif 
Sellars, Paul A. (O.S.E.) 

R. 1, Racine, Ohio 45771 
Semke, Charles W. (Pac. Nw.) 

221 Second Ave., S.E-, Le Mars, Iowa 
Senft, A. E. (Nw. Can.) 

729 Hockelaga St. W., Moose Jaw, Sask., 

Senn, David (R. Mt.) 

R. 1, Box 249 A, Loveland, Colo. 
Senn ; Richard E. (R. Mt.) 

Caixa Postal 1727, Anapolis, Goiaz, Brazil, 

W. A. 

Senseman, F. Dale (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 6, Muncie, Ind. 
Sensintaffar, Donald (Mo.) 

R. R. 1, Brookfield, Mo. 64628 
Servey, Paul R., Sr. (Okla.-Tex.) 

1434 Schley Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 78210 
Sexton, T. F. (W. Pa.) 

R. 1, Indiana, Pa. 
Seyfert, Frederick C., Jr. (Ea.) 

501 Wistar St., Fairless Hills, Pa. 19030 
Seyffer, Paul L. (Kan.) 

Offerle, Kan. 67563 
Seymour, E. W. (O.S.E.) 

1015 Garfield Ave., Lancaster, Ohio 43131 
Shackelford, Robert (W. Va.) 

R. 1, Box 54, Shinnston, W. Va. 
Shadie, H. M. (O. San.) 

The Methodist Home, 3420 Shamrock Dr., 

Charlotte, N. C. 28205 
Shafer, John R. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Carlisle, Pa. 17013 
Shafer, Melvin L. (Neb.) 

Eddyville, Neb. 


Shafer, Philip (W. Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 4S406 
Shaffer, Colin J. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Marysville, Pa. 17053 
Shaffer, Glenn C. (W. Pa.) 

Westerville, Ohio 
Shaffer, Jay F. (W. Pa.) 

210 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Shaffer, Ray N. (W. Va.) 

1801 Washington Ave., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Shank, C. B. (Susq.) 

Big Pool, Md. 
Shank, M. E. (la.) 

R. 1, Griswold, Iowa 
Shanks, Donald (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Odon, Ind. 
Shapland, Richard (Neb.) 

118 East 1st St., St. Francis, Kan. 
Shappell, H. E. (Kan.) 

1426 N. W. 30th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Shappell, Mrs. H. E. (Kan.) 

1426 N. W. 30th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Sharp, Lucy R. (Ind. So.) 

536 Ellsworth St., Gary, Ind. 46404 
Sharp, Robert (111.) 

Lostant, 111. 61334 
Sharp, Wayne (Kan.) 

27 N. Washington, Naperville, 111. 
Shatto, Manno (Can.) 

Zurich, Ont. Can. 
Shaw, J. A. L. (Ind. So.) 

Cowan, Ind. 
Shaw, Joseph E. (Mich.) 

R. 2, Howard City, Mich. 49329 
Shay, Russell L. (Ea.) 

1032 Swarthmore Rd., New Cumberland, Pa. 

Sheaffer, Aaron M. (Ea.) 

724 Ridge Ave., Troy, Ohio 45373 
Sheaffer, Eleanor F. (Ea.) 

522 Woodbine St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17101 
Sheaffer, Lee Benjamin Jr. (Va.) 

100 Payne s Ford Rd., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Sheaffer, Lee E. (Va.) 

101 Short St., Petersburg, W. Va. 26747 
Shearer, Charles H., Jr. (Ea.) 

Box 111, Hegins, Pa. 17938 
Shearer, Daniel L. (Ea.) 

210 W. Main St., Hummelstown, Pa. 17036 
Shearer, Irvin C. (Susq.) 

123 E. Coover St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Shearer, Monroe J., Jr. (Susq.) 

Myersville, Md. 
Shearer, Monroe J., Sr. (Susq.) 

Chewsville, Md. 21721 
Shearer, Wilson A. (Susq.) 

2 Aramore Circle, New Cumberland, Pa. 
Shedron, Mark (O. San.) 

Director Chaplaincy Trng., 516 Amity Dr., 

El Reno, Okla. 
Sheerer, Elwin J. (En) 

Great Valley, N. Y. 
Sheesley, J. P. (Va.) 

R. 2, Box 101-B, Martinsburg, W. Va. 25401 
Sheetz, Byron W. (Ea.) 

S. Tulpehocken Rd., Reading, Pa. 19600 
Sheffield, C. L. (Neb.) 

Alma, Neb. 
Shellenberger, John L. (Susq.) 

Millheim, Pa. 16854 
Shelton, Arthur T. (Pac. Nw.) 

1648 Mergurita, Higashi-Murayama, Tokyo, 

Shelton, E. M. (O.S.E.) 

Lucasville, Ohio 45648 
Shelton, Louis (111.) 

401 W. Martin, Grayville, 111. 62844 
Shenefelt, Chaplain T. L. (Susq.) 

Veterans Adm. Hosp., Dayton, Ohio 
Shenk, Jerome Louis (O. San.) 

Room 606, Kent Hall, 616 Cirale St., Madi 
son, Wis. 53703 
Shenk, John H. (Ea.) 

134 E. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Shepard, E. T. (O. San.) 

R. 6, Marion, Ohio 43002 
Shepherd, Barth L. (Ind. No.) 

511 Middlebury, Elkhart, Ind. 46514 
Sheppard, Charles (Dak.) 

200y 2 Main St., Wilmore, Ky. 
Sheridan, Mrs. Arlene (Mich.) 

509 Tenth St., Bay City, Mich. 
Sheridan, E. Neil (Mich.) 

509 Tenth St., Bay City, Mich. 
Sherman, Delmas D. (Va.) 

Mathias, W. Va. 26812 
Sherman, Paul (O.S.E.) 

159 Church St., Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449 
Sherman, Robert E. (O. Ea.) 

4210 Orchard Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44113 
Sherman, S. R. (Nw. C.) 

2442 Jackson PI., Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Sherriff, Stanley G. (O. San.) 

6656 Texas St., Whitehouse, Ohio 43571 
Sherriff, William E. (Ea.) 

R. 1, Millersville, Pa. 17551 
Sherry, Harry C. (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Sherwood, James H. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Blissfield, Mich. 
Shettel, P. O. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Hilltop Rd., Boiling Springs, Pa. 

Shickell, Eldon K. (la.) 

Red Bird Mission, Beverly, Ky. 40913 
Shickell, Virgil E. (la.) 

225 N. 8th, Chariton, Iowa 
Shields, C. L. (Kan.) 

2601 N. Blvd., Parsons, Kan. 
Shields, C. W. (W. Pa.) 

217 S. Elk St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Shields, Richard W. (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Shike, J. W. (Kan.) 

Chanute, Kansas 
Shilling. Donald W. (O. Ea.) 

236 Otterbein Dr., Lexington, Ohio 44904 
Shingleton, Eldon (Ind. No.) 

Box 254, Morocco, Ind. 47963 
Shirey, Reed S. (W. Pa.) 

1326 N. Eagle St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Shirley, L. O. (Va.) 

Box 86, Bo, Sierra Leone, Africa 
Shirley, Mrs. L. O. (Va.) 

Box 86, Bo, Sierra Leone, Africa 
Shoemaker, Harold D. (Ind. So.) 

Protestant Cadet Chaplain, U.S.A.F. Acad 
emy, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Sholes, L. K., Jr. (Susq.) 

Liverpool, Pa. 17045 
Shelter, Robert H. (Ea.) 

3212 Meadow Lane, Harrisburg, Pa. 17109 
Sholty, A. H. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 5, Angola, Ind. 
Shonkwiler, A. C. (O. Ea.) 

5635 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44319 
Short, Samuel M. (Susq.) 

Port Royal, Pa. 
Shoup, Robert E. (W. Pa.) 

120 Sharon Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15221 
Shoup, Robert W. (Susq.) 

1124 Baldwin Street, Williamsport, Pa. 
Shover, Donald R., Jr., (Susq.) 

395 Chapel Ave., ElHcott City, Md. 21043 
Shrader, Julian H. (Susq.) 

66 W. Main St., Windsor, Pa. 17366 
Shriver, Charles (111.) 

Box 265, Adair, 111. 61411 
Shrode, Elizabeth (Ind. So.) 

1025 Pleasant Hill, Logansport, Ind. 
Shumake, Kenneth (Va.) 

105 Madison PI., Staunton, Va. 24401 
Sibert, J. E. (HI.) 

2039 W. 67th Place, Chicago, 111. 60636 
Siebert, F. W. (Ea.) 

85 Pyle Rd., Oberlin, Ohio 44074 
Siebert, J. W. (Can.) 

15 Strachan St., Stratford, Ont., Can. 


Siedschlag, Herman W. (Wis.) 

Saylor, Ky. 40866 
Siemsen, H. F. (111.) 

228 S. Sleight St., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Siewert, B. C. (Minn.) 

313 "C" St. N.E., Brainerd, Minn. 56401 
Siewert, Milton O. (Wis.) 

621 Wilson Ave. at 7th St., Menomonie, Wis. 

Sills, John F. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 2, Box 145, Monmouth, Ore. 
Silsby, Loren J. (Kan.) 

Republic, Kan. 66964 
Silvernail, Carl (Mich.) 

R. 3, Lake Odessa, Mich. 
Silvernail, Wilbur (Mich.) 

R. 3, Grass Lake, Mich. 49240 
Silvester, Norman K. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 14, Webster, Wis. 54893 
Silvey, O. B. (ill.) 

Colusa, 111. 62329 
Silvis, Donald R. (Mich.) 

Box 396, Marcellus, Mich. 
Sim, George A. (Can.) 

Listowel, Ont., Can. 
Simmermon, J. R. (Ind. So.) 

938 N. Bradley St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46201 
Simmons, Robert I,. (O. San.) 

1616 Waverly, Toledo 7, Ohio 
Simonsen, Melvin (Wis.) 

301 Park Ave., Prairie du Sac, Wis. 53578 
Simpkins, Charles (111.) 

800 Walnut St., St. Elmo, III. 
Simpkins, David G. (Calif.) 

2016 Dennis Dr., Selma, Calif. 93662 
Simpson, G. W. (W Va.) 

Mt. Lake Park, Md. 
Simpson, James (Kan.) 

142 S. 30th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 
Simpson, Keith B. (111.) 

R. 4, Monmouth, 111. 61462 
Simpson, William (Ind. So.) 

811 Jefferson, Rochester, Ind. 46975 
Simpson, Willis O. (111.) 

2130 W. Lawrence Ave., Springfield, 111. 

Sims, Harry W. (Kan.) 

242 N. 26th, Kansas City, Kan. 66110 
Singleton, John R. (W. Pa.) 

Box 344, Coalport, Pa. 16627 
Sinks, Harry T. (O. Mi.) 

9086 Church St., Harrison, Ohio 
Sinks, Walter H. (O. Mi.) 

Englewood, Ohio 
Sipe, D. E. (Nw. C.) 

Rosthern, Sask., Can. 
Sipe, D. R. (Nw. Can.) 

231-9A St., N.E., Calgary, Alberta, Can. 
Sipe, Harold O. (Susq.) 

109 North St., West Fairview, Pa. 17096 
Sippel, J. C. (Dak.) 

439 High St., Vermillion, S. Dak. 
Sippell, W. M. (Can.) 

11 Laurel St. W., Waterloo, Ont., Can. 
Sitler, Stanley A. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Millersburg, Pa. 17061 
Skinner, James G. (O. Ea.) 

1314 Washington Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Skipworth, A. Gene (111.) 

2078 Lakewood Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45420 
Slater, Harold J. (Mich.) 

R. 4, Bronson, Mich. 
Slaughter, J. P. (Ind. No.) 

901 Court St., Winona Lake, Ind. 
Slaybaugh. Charles R., Jr. (Susq.) 

58 S. 36th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 
Slenker, Palmer M. (Susq.) 

Box 155, Quincy, Pa. 17247 
Slick, Wm. A. (W. Pa.) 

Glasgow, Pa. 
Slivis, Donald R. (Mich.) 

Box 396, Marcellus, Mich. 
Slonaker, Paul J. (Va.) 

308 N. Braddock St., Winchester, Va. 22601 

Slusher, Harold M. (Calif.) 

13432 S. Vermont Ave., Gardena, Calif. 

Slusher, Montie (R. Mt.) 

Niwot, Colo. 
Smales, Chaplain C. P. (Calif.) 

6002 Freckles Rd., Lakewood, Calif. 90713 
Smeal, Wesley (W. Pa.) 

511 llth St., Altoona, Pa. 16602 
Smelker, LeRoy (O. Mi.) 

2216 Rugby Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Smeltzer, D. Phillip (Susq.) 

Evangelical Home, Lewisburg, Pa. 
Smeltzer, W. N. (Susq.) 

28 W. High St., Gettysburg. Pa. 
Smethers, Robert S., Jr. (Ea.) 

611 N. 25th St., Reading, Pa. 19604 
Smith A. D. (Ind. So.) 

Philo, Illinois 
Smith, Alvin H. (Neb.) 

Orchard, Neb. 
Smith, B. F. (Ind. No.) 

4700 Loring Place, Orlando, Fla. 
Smith, Budd R. (W. Pa.) 

518 Fronhiser Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Smith, Burkett L. (Er.) 

Box 56, Silver Lake, Ind. 46982 
Smith, Castro (Tenn.) 

2725 Linden Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 37914 
Smith, Charles W. (N. Y.) 

393 Division St., Amsterdam, N. Y. 12010 
Smith, Clarence S. (O. Mi.) 

2241 Lehigh PI., Dayton, Ohio 45439 
Smith, Dale M. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Corydon, Ind. 
Smith, Dale R. (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Smith, Dale W. (Kan.) 

1820 Millington, Winfield, Kan. 
Smith, Darrell (O. San.) 

R. 4, Bellevue, Ohio 44811 
Smith, Donald L. (Okla.-Tex.) 

611 4th St., Alva, Okla. 73717 
Smith, Donovan W. (Kan.) 

Rt. 2, Amity, Ark. 
Smith, E. Donald (O. San.) 

110 W. Main St., EHda, Ohio 45807 
Smith, George A. (O. Ea.) 

R. 1, Dover, Ohio 44622 
Smith, Guy E. (O. Ea.) 

222 W. Martin St., East Palestine, Ohio 

Smith, Harry W. (Ind. So.) 

Box 295, Lapel. Ind. 
Smith, Harvey (O. Mi.) 

7126 VonDette Circle, Dayton, Ohio 45459 
Smith, Herb (111.) 

R. F. D., Alvin, 111. 
Smith, Herbert L. (O. Ea.) 

405 Park St., Navarre, Ohio 44662 
Smith, Homer A. (W. Pa.) 

R. D., Morrisdale, Pa. 16858 
Smith, Howard H. (Ea.) 

2337 N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17110 
Smith, J. A. (111.) 

2074 Ramsey Dr., Decatur, 111. 62521 
Smith, J. Howard (W. Pa.) 

Box 247, Ellerslie, Md. 
Smith, Jack S. (Ea.) 

2425 Fairview St., West Lawn, Reading, Pa. 

Smith, James K. (Calif.) 

4101 48th St., San Diego, Calif. 92105 
Smith, James R. (O.S.E.) 

113 W. Third St., Waverly, Ohio 45690 
Smith. John A. (O.S.E.) 

Ryder Memorial Hospital, Humacao, Puerto 

Smith, John F. (111.) 

Box 2, Dalton City, 111. 62925 
Smith. Joseph D., jr. (Ea.) 

2632 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17110 
Smith, L. E. (Ea.) 

1127 N. 12th St., Reading, Pa. 19604 
Smith, Leonard R. (Mich.) 

8001 Monclova Rd., Monclova, Ohio 43542 


Smith, Leslie E. (Ind. So.) 
R. 1, Galien, Mich. 

Smith, Lloyd Emerson (O.S.E.) 

3235 S. 17th St., Lincoln, Neb. 
Smith, Max L. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 7, Box 73, Muncie, Ind. 
Smith, Rex C. (O.S.E.) 

R. 3, Logan Ohio 43138 
Smith, Richard (Minn.) 

1045 Euclid St., St. Paul, Minn. 55106 
Smith, Richard Larry (Ind. No.) 

Box 607, Galveston, Ind. 46932 
Smith, Robert I. (Er.) 

9 Parade St., Union City, Pa. 
Smith, Ronald (O. San.) 

121 E. Eagle St., Findlay, Ohio 44840 
Smith, S. G. (Tenn.) 

R. 4, Knoxville, Tenn. 37914 
Smith, Samuel W. (O. Ea.) 

956 Mohawk Trail, Akron, Ohio 44312 
Smith, W. B. (O. San.) 

R. R. 3, Mylander Rd., Oak Harbor, Ohio 

Smith, W. Dean (O. Ea.) 

Box 201, Chippewa Lake, Ohio 44215 
Smith, Walter, Jr. (Ind. So.) 

4042 Otterbein Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Smith, Wilfred E. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 1, Corydon, Ind. 
Smith, William E- (O.S.E.) 

110 Spring St., Newark, Ohio 43055 
Smith, William (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Lake Ariel, Pa. 18436 
Smitley, Keith J. (Ind. No.) 

R. 1, Kewanna, Ind. 46975 
Smock. Fred D. (Er.) 

R. D. 2, Cochranton, Pa. 16314 
Smoker, John L. (Ea.) 

P. O. Box 85, Mt. Gretna, Pa. 17064 
Smouse, George (la.) 

Vinton, Iowa 
Snapp, Henry P. (O. Mi.) 

Masonic Home, Springfield, Ohio 
Snelbaker, James K. (Susq.) 

U. S. Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla. 
Snelling, Joseph W. (O.S.E.) 

2092 Ferris Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43224 
Snider, Theodore W. (Minn.) 

326 W. Plymouth, Bremen, Ind. 46506 
Snider, William L. (O.S.E.) 

2821 Thorndale Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43207 
Snook, H. A. (Susq.) 

Evangelical Home, Lewisburg, Pa. 
Snook, Norman R. (Susq.) 

47 E. 12th Ave., Columbus, Ohio 
Snow, Harlan C. (la.) 

4349 American Dr., Apt. 202, Anandale, Va. 
Snyder, Charles E. (Susq.) 

New Columbia, Pa. 17856 
Snyder, Earl F. (Ind. No.) 

4727 South Main St., Elkhart, Ind. 
Snyder, Earl W. (O.S.E.) 

Box 53, Rushville, Ohio 43150 
Snyder. Eldon D. (N. Y.) 

14 Elmwood Pk. W., Tonawanda, N. Y. 14150 
Snyder, F. W. (Nw. C.) 

4335 2nd St. N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Can. 
Snyder, Geo. E. (Susq.) 

343 W. High St., Red Lion, Pa. 
Snyder, Gilbert D. (Ea.) 

237 E. Rockland St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120 
Snyder, L. O. (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Trailwood, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Snyder, Nevin D. (Ea.) 

442A Craig Dr., Ft. Benning, Ga. 31905 
Snyder, Paul E. (W. Pa.) 

Center St., Garrett, Pa. 15724 
Snyder, S. A., Jr. (Susq.) 

217 N. Bradford St., Dover, Del. 
Snyder, W. H. (Susq.) 

3607 Latham Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Snyder, William (W. Pa.) 

4204 N. Lois Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Sollenberger, Floyd S., Jr. (Susq.) 

R. D. 3, Newville, Pa. 17241 

Solomon, C. William (111.) 

Union Theological Seminary, New York, 

N. Y. 
Solomon, Eugene V. (Kan.) 

2901 23rd St., Great Bend, Kan. 67530 
Soltau, M. E. (ill.) 

550 White Oak Dr., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Somers, Howard (Mich.) 

951 E. Riley Rd., R. 3, Owosso, Mich. 
Somers, K. D. (Mich.) 

1756 W. Michigan Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 
Somerville, Duane W. (O. Ea.) 

933 Parkview, Louisville, Ohio 44641 
Sorebo, Gilbert (Minn.) 

510 W. Grand Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 
Sorg, C. L. (Kan.) 

Friendly Acres, Newton, Kan. 
Souder, Howard R. (Ea.) 

21 E. Pottsville St., Pine Grove, Pa. 17963 
Souders, Bruce C. (Ea.) 

150 W. Sheridan Ave., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Soughan, Lynn (Ind. No.) 

1721 Kentucky, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Soupiset, R. Paul (Okla.-Tex.) 

463 Pamela, San Antonio, Tex. 
South, A. Craig (O. Mi.) 

Vandalia, Ohio 
Spafford, Arthur L., Jr. (Mich.) 

519 Washington, Sebewaing, Mich. 48759 
Spafford, A. L., Sr. (Mich.) 

R. 2, St. Johns, Mich, 
pahn, J. Wesley (O. San.) 


R. R." 4, Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351 
Spahr, Keith W. (R. Mt.) 

2600 Tulane Dr., Ft. Collins, Colo. 
Spangler, Dwight M. (W. Pa.) 

608 Twelfth St., Pitcairn, Pa. 
Sparks, Clyde G. (la.) 

Ventura, Iowa 
Sparks, W. Maynard (W. Pa.) 

2227 23rd Ave., Sacramento 22, Calif. 
Spatz, Edgar E. (Susq.) 

267 Belvedere St., Carlisle, Pa. 
Speake, G. W. (Susq.) 

7235 Fairbrook Rd., Chadwick Manor 8, 

Baltimore County, Md. 
Spears, Jerry G., Sr. (O.S.E.) 

2693 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43204 
Speece, V. T. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 56, Reardan, Wash. 
Speidel, Royal (Dak.) 

Box 155, Bowbells, N. Dak. 58721 
Spencer, Denton L. (Ea.) 

939 Detweiler St., Hellertown, Pa. 18055 
Spencer, E. D. (Susq.) 

2407 Old Berwick Rd., Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815 
Spilman, Kenneth E. (Susq.) 

3514 Park Lane, Bloomington, Ind. 
Spitler, Donald Byron (Calif.) 

626 E. 9th St., Long Beach, Calif. 
Spitler, G. A. (Mich.) 

2740 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Spong, F. A. (Minn.) 

5409 10th Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 55417 
Sponseller, Grace H. (Susq.) 

R. 1, Chambersburg, Pa. 
Sponsler, Melvin G., Jr. (Ea.) 

150 E. Main St., Campbelltown, Pa. 17010 
Sponsler, Melvin, G., Sr. (Ea.) 

201 Market St., Highspire, Pa. 17034 
Spore, C. E. (Neb.) 

1525 Harrison, Lincoln, Neb. 
Spradling, Harold E. (Mo.) 

1707 McPherson, Kirksville, Mo. 63501 
Sprague, Byron Herbert (O. Mi.) 

430 Elvin Ave., Hamilton, Ohio 
Sprenkle, George B. (Susq.) 

193 Oaklee Village, Baltimore, Md. 21229 
Spriggs, Vinton (O.S.E.) 

R. 2, Box 232, Piketon, Ohio 
Spring, Mrs. W. A. (la.) 

New Providence, Iowa 
Spring, W. A. (la.) 

New Providence, Iowa 
Springer, John F. (W. Pa.) 

1 N. 5th St., Youngwood, Pa. 


Springer, Virgil D. (O. Ea.) 

3046 W. 12th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113 
Springman, H. F. (Susq.) 

West Milton, Pa. 17886 
Springman, R. E. (Susq.) 

379 S. Main St., Lewiston, Pa. 17044 
Springman, Thomas R. (Susq.) 

422 E. Fourth St., Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815 
Sprunk, Elmer A. (Dak.) 

Olivet, S. Dak. 57052 
Spyker, Edward H. (O. San.) 

R. R. 1, Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351 
Squires, Leslie (O. San.) 

c/o Virgil Rinehart, R. R. 2, Galion, Ohio 
Stadler, Jasper Clayton (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Portland, Ind 
Stahl, L. S. (Ea.) 

4700 Oak Parkway, Reading, Pa. 19606 
Stahley, Russel V. (Ea.) 

37 Clay St., Tremont, Pa. 17981 
Stalnaker, V. Dale (W. Va ) 

97 S. Main St., Keyser, W. Va. 
Stambach, Arthur W. (Susq.) 

212 Allendale Way, Camp Hill, 17011 
Stambach, C. Guy (Susq.) 

1866 Susquehanna Trail North York, Pa 

Stambach, Jerome S. (Susq.) 

Box 42, Spring Run, Pa. 17262 
Stambach, Paul E- (Susq.) 

131 Center St., Mt. Wolf, Pa. 17347 
Stambach, Pauline E. (Susq.) 

Spring Run, Pa. 
Stamets, V. C. (O. Ea.) 

600 Gorgas St., E-, Louisville, Ohio 44641 
Standiford, Roy (O.S.E-) 

Junction City, Ohio 43748 
Stang, C. H. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 1, Mars Rd., Valencia, Pa. 
Stangle, L. A. (la.) 

401 S. Main St., Toledo, Iowa 
Stanley, Clarence E. (Dak.) 

Box 174, Drake, N. Dak. 58736 
Stanley, Robert C. (Ky.) 

R. R. 4, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133 
Stanton, C. F. (Ind. So.) 

606 Terrace Court, New Albany, Ind. 
Stanton, Walter M. (Calif.) 

1547 Marcelina Ave., Torrance, Calif 
Stants, Nelson E. (W. Pa.) 

426 Sycamore St., Brookville, Ohio 
Stapp, Thomas E. (Ind. So.) 

Box 17, Gates, Ind. 
Starkweather, Lewis K. (N. Y.) 

EHicott Rd., Orchard Park, N. Y. 14127 
Starling, Sherman (Tenn.) 

R. 6, Knoxville, Tenn. 37914 
Stauffacher, George A. (la.) 

R. 2, Box 53M, Palmetto, Fla. 
Stauffer, Robert E. (Ea.) 

201 Main St., East Greenville, Pa. 18041 
Stauss, Lawrence W. (111.) 

11001 Ave. "L," Chicago, 111. 60617 
Stearns, Clifford D. (O. Mi.) 

11 Baltimore St., Middletown, Ohio 
Stearns, Jack E. (Susq.) 

Columbia Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Ga. 
Steeby, G. Allen (Mich.) 

340 Meachem Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. 
Steed, Ivan Eugene (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Box 170, Coal City, Ind. 
Steele, Paul (Ind. No.) 

R. 1, Peru, Ind. 46970 
Steely, R. O. (Susq.) 

1230 Faxon Parkway, Williamsport, Pa. 17706 
Steepleton, Walter (Ind. So.) 

R. 1, Laconia, Ind. 
Stein, K. James (Dak.) 

204 N. Elmwood Dr., Naperville, 111. 
Steiner, A. J. (W. Pa.) 

410 Euclid Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Steiner, Edward W. (Ea.) 

1812 Center St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Stelling, Harry J. (111.) 

2106 Chaplain St., Ottawa, 111. 61350 
Stenberg, H. A. (la.) 

Van Home, Iowa 

Stenzel, Frank (Calif.) 

1524 A Wall Street, Tracy, Calif. 
Stephens, H. A., Jr. (Dak.) 

819 E. Palmer St., Comtton, Calif. 
Stetler, Roy H., Jr. (Susq.) 

2700 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, Md. 20785 
Stevens, Charles C. (O. Ea.) 

Box 127, Burbank, Ohio 44214 
Stevens, Edward (Minn.) 

413 Lafayette St., Mankato, Minn. 56001 
Stevens, F. H. (Neb.) 

1635 Prospect, Lincoln, Neb. 
Stevens, J. P. (la.) 

Box 218, Lansing, Iowa 
Stevens, Leonard (O.S.E-) 

R. 1, Londonderry, Chillicothe, Ohio 45647 
Stevenson, D. Herbert (W. Pa.) 

Valencia, Pa. 
Stewart, Elmer S. (Ind. So.) 

1206 N. Hawthorne Lane, Indianapolis 19, 

Stewart, H. H. (Kan.) 

Portis, Kan. 
Stewart, James R. (Calif.) 

Alexander, Kan. 67513 
Stickel, Alfred E. (Nw. C.) 

Box 151, Didsbury, Alberta, Can. 
Stickler, Forest R. (Ind. So.) 

Attica, Ind. 
Still, Arthur (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 783, Foster, Ore. 
Stine, B. C. (111.) 

1118 Saratoga Dr., Danville, 111. 61832 
Stine, Cawley H. (Ea.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Stine, Wayne V. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Greenfield, Ind. 
Stinner, Albert L. (Ea.) 

6220 Chamber Hill Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Stitt, Gerald E. (Ind. So.) 

2111 N. llth St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Stivender, Theodore E. (Fla.) 

c/o Lutz E-U.B. Church, Lutz, Florida 
Stocker, W. G. (Minn.) 

1421 14th Ave., N.W., Rochester, Minn. 

Stockman, Elmer H. (O. San.) 

Box 34, McClure, Ohio 43534 
Stockman, Harold M. (O. San.) 

R. R. 2, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Stockman, Otto, W. (O.S.E-) 

900 E. Main Pkwy., Newark, Ohio 43055 
Stockman, Paul E. (O.S.E.) 

Rt. 132, Batavia, Ohio 
Stockslager, Earl (O. Mi.) 

1014 Chateau Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45429 
Stohler, Artie E. (Ind. So.) 

R. 4, Box 172, Pendleton, Ind. 
Stokes, Robert P. (Ea.) 

860 Center St., Millersburg, Pa. 17061 
Stolte, Robert H. (Susq.) 

204 E. Middle St., Hanover, Pa. 17331 
Stone, Foster (Ind. So.) 

Palmyra, Ind. 
Stone, H. H. (W. Va.) 

R. 3, Box 173, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Stone, Philip (Ind. So.) 

367 S. 22nd St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Stone, Thomas S. (Kan.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 

Stonecipher, A. H. (Ea.) 

723 E. Maple St., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Stoner. H. Rodney (Ea.) 

14 S. Vine St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 17851 
Stoner, John C. (W. Pa.) 

1018 Jefferson Ave., Portage, Pa. 15946 
Stoner, Samuel H. (Ea.) 

161 N. Laurel St., Manheim, Pa. 17545 
Storey, Martin (Ind. So.) 

Hymera, Ind. 
Stotts, William R. (111.) 

R. F. D. 2, Freeport, 111. 61032 
Stover, Kenneth (O. San.) 

431 Somerset, Toledo, Ohio 43609 
Stover, Sandy R. (Ea.) 

2323 Lehman St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 


Stowell, Jack R. (O. San.) 

130 Kurd Ave., Findley, Ohio 
Strader, Ronald K. (Susq.) 

Mounted Route, Enola, Pa. 17025 
Straight, Richard (Kan.) 

1101 N. Kuney, Abilene, Kan. 
Straley, Albert N. (O. San.) 

2075 Lynn Grove, Cridersville, Ohio 45806 
Strasbaugh, Ralph A. (Susq.) 

121 S. Market St., Shiremanstown, Pa. 17091 
Straub, Louis E. (Pa.) 

803 Carnation Ave., Winter Park, Fla. 
Strawser, Clayton S. (O. San.) 

Shady Lawn Trailer Pk., No. 18, 710 Trenton 

Ave., Findlay, Ohio 45840 
Strehler, L. T. (W. Pa.) 

218 E. Lincoln Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Stressman, Herbert M. (Mich.) 

5989 Maple Hill Rd., Howard City, Mich. 
Stressman, Roger M. (Mich.) 

P. O. Box 6106, Tucson, Ariz. 
Streyffeler, Alan (la.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Streyffeler, Laurice (la.) 

Renwick, Iowa 
Strickler, A. Philip (Calif.) 

4112 W. Slauson Ave., LOS Angeles, Calif. 

Strickler, E. M. (Ea.) 

1375 Otterbein Ave., La Puente, Calif. 91745 
Strickler, George O. (Ind. So.) 

1504 Euclid Ave., Marion, Ind. 
Strine, Miles M. (O. Ea.) 

1538 W. Beech Rd., Alliance, Ohio 44601 
Strock, Robert E. (Susq.) 

R. 1, Shippensburg, Pa. 17257 
Stroebel, Fred O. (111.) 

122 N. State St., Peoria, 111. 61605 
Strohl, G. C. (O. Ea.) 

527 Forest St., Mansfield, Ohio 44907 
Strohm, James N. (W. Pa.) 

1108 Hay St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Strome, Glen R. (Can.) 

Milverton, Ontario, Can. 
Strong, Dean (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 123, Kericho, Kenya, E. Africa 
Strong, Lewis W. (Ind. No.) 

Pleasant Lake, Ind. 
Strouse, Paul J. (O. San.) 

Box 85, Vaughnsville, Ohio 45893 
Struble, E. A. (Ind. So.) 

113 Flamingo Dr., Clarksvillc, Ind. 
Strudwick, F. W. (Ea.) 

1218 W. Arch St., Shamokin, Pa. 17878 
Strunk, Folmer (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S. E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Oregon 

Strutz, C. F. (Dak.) 

1024 13th St. N., Bismarck, N. D. 58501 
Strutz, Reuben R. (Mont.) 

215 Burlington Ave., Billings, Mont. 
Strutz, Robert E. (Mont.) 

927 Valley View, Glasgow, Mont. 
Strutz, Robert H. (Dak.) 

1524 5th Ave. S., Fargo, N. Dak. 58101 
Strutz, Roland R. (Mont.) 

Broadview, Mont. 
Stubbs, C. D. (Ea.) 

257 Morgan St., Phoenixville, Pa. 19460 
Stuckey, Paul Eugene (O. San.) 

3212 Lindale Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45414 
Studer, David P. (O. San.) 

R. 2, Box 154, Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338 
Stum, David E. (Susq.) 

519 Walnut St., Lemoyne, Pa. 
Sturdevant, William H. (Er.) 

91 Valley St., Mayville, N. Y. 
Sturm, Harold (O.S.E.) 

Box 576, W. Main St., Oak Hill, Ohio 45656 
Sturm, Lester B. (W. Va.) 

R. 2, Box 31, Buckhannon, W. Va. 
Sturtz, Lloyd S. (W. Pa.) 

31 Parker Ave., Franklin, Pa. 16323 
Sturzenacker, E. W. (Ea.) 

100 Albatross Rd., Quincy, Mass. 02169 

Stutzman, Gerald J. (E. Pa.) 

4338 N. Sixth St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17110 
Sudler, Fred, Jr. (Ind. So.) 

3831 Eisenhower Dr., Indianapolis, Ind. 46224 
Suenkel, G. H. (la.) 

5914 McArthur Ave., St. Louis 20, Mo. 
Sukut, Leonard L- (Nw. C.) 

5832 Fairview Ave., Downers Grove, 111. 

Sullivan, V. I. (O. San.) 

649 S. Jefferson, Delphos, Ohio 45833 
Sullivan, Wm. G. (W. Va.) 

Ripley, W. Va. 
Summers, A. I. (W. Va.) 

R. 3, Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Sumwalt, Donald E. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 274, Markesan, Wis. 53946 
Surface, Byron (la.) 

Blairstown, Iowa 52209 
Surface, George (Ind. No.) 

Brightshade, Ky., 40919 
Suskey, Harry B. (Ea.) 

Market and Broad Sts., Jonestown, Pa. 17038 
Sutherland, John Paul (O. Ea.) 

201 W. First St., Woodville, Ohio 43469 
Sutherland, Robert W. (O. Ea.) 

553 S. Main St., Amherst, Ohio 44001 
Sutherland, Roy L. (O. San.) 

3107 36th Ave., W., Brandenton, Fla. 33505 
Swain, J. C. (O. San.) 

4113 13th Ave., S.S., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Swain, James A. (Va.) 

108 S. Green St., Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 

Swain, Sam (Tenn.) 

P. O. Box 910, Akron, Ohio 44304 
Swango, Marlston H. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 6, Box 518, Anderson, Ind. 
Swank, J. Graham (Mich.) 

Indiana Central College, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Swaren, Roger B. (Pac. Nw.) 

13620 S. W. Pacific Hwy., Tigard, Ore. 97223 
Swartz, Chauncey R. (Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Willow Street, Pa. 17584 
Swartz, Richard W. (Ea.) 

1251 Highland St., Oberlin, Steelton, Pa. 

Sweitzer, Richard G. (Wis.) 

529 Church St., R. 1, Lomira, Wis. 53048 
Swick, Jack L. (O.S-E.) 

Box 347, Millersport, Ohio 43046 
Swift, Kent T. (Mont.) 

114 W. Borden, Glendive, Mont. 
Swift, Meredith N. (Er.) 

101 Main St., Clarendon, Pa. 16313 
Swihart, H. E. (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, White Pigeon, Mich. 
Swindler, Lloyd (Kan.) 

Lebanon, Kan. 
Switzer, Donald E. (O. Ea.) 

29 Fairview Ave., Niles, Ohio 44446 
Syrian, Carl (Susq.) 

R. 6, Hagerstown, Md. 21741 

Tabbert, W. A. (O. San.) 

228 Cable, Sandusky, Ohio 44870 
Taber, R. S. (la.) 

4308 67th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50322 
Taetz, S. B. (Nw. C.) 

1186 Montego St., Richmond, B. C., Can. 
Talbott, Geo. M. (la.) 

Allendorf, Iowa 51330 
Tallentire, Howard D. (O. Ea.) 

6749 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 44515 
Tapey, Paul G. (R. Mt.) 

R. 2, Calhan, Colo. 80808 
Targgart, Raymond P. (Pac. Nw.) 

1768 N. Ainsworth St., Portland 17, Ore. 
Tauber, Karl P. (Ind. No.) 

926 E. Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wane, Ind. 46806 
Taylor, Clark E. (111.) 

2615 N. Prospect Ave., Peoria, 111. 61600 
Taylor, H. H. (Ind. So.) 

108 Monon, French Lick, Ind. 


Taylor, J. Thomas (Calif.) 

United Theological Seminary Dayton Ohio 

Taylor, Jay A. (Ind. No.) 

1408 E. Broadway, Logansport, Ind. 46947 
Taylor, K. Vernon (Mo.) 

511 K. 9th St., Trenton, Mo. 64683 
Taylor, Lawrence R., Jr. (Mich.) 

770 Three Mile Rd., N.E., Grand Rapids, 

Teets, Charles (W. Va.) 

Crellin, Md. 
Teigrob, Peter (Kan.) 

Valley Falls, Kan. 66088 
Temple, M. J. (O. Ea.) 

R. 2, Box 1194, Largo, Fla. 
Temple, Paul R. (Ind. No.) 

411 E. Harding, Kendallville, Ind. 46755 
Tenney, R. W. (111.) 

910 Second Ave., Sterling, 111 61081 
Terrell, Tom W. (Ind. So.) 

7642 Ditch Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 46208 
Texter, Kenneth R. (Ea.) 

163 W. Frederick St., Millersville, Pa. 17551 
Thayer, Lawrence O. (Pac. Nw.) 

1255 Summer St., N.E-, Salem, Ore. 97301 
Thede, Gaius (Minn.) 

600 W. "C" St., Dixon, Calif. 95620 
Thede, Harvey (Minn.) 

1305 6th St., S.E., Rochester, Minn. 55901 
Theuer, George H. (O. Ea.) 

850-31 Senriyama Suita, Osaka Perfecture, 

Thiel, Lester G. (Wis.) 

520 W. Elm St., Wautoma, Wis. 
Tholin. Richard D. (111.) 

15 N. Columbia Ave., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Thomas, A. F. (W. Pa.) 

Penn St., New Bethlehem, Pa. 
Thomas, A. J. (Susq.) 
^600 S. Main St., Red Lion, Pa. 17356 
Thomas, Benjamin G. (Ind. No.) 

2018 N. Jessie Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Thomas, George E. (N. Y.) 

906 Orchard St., Coshockton, Ohio 43812 
Thomas, Harry (Tenn.) 

R. 2, Chuckey, Tenn. 37641 
Thomas, Jack K. (Ind. So.) 

Box 86, Bo, Sierra Leone, British W. Africa 
Thomas, James F. (Ind. No.) 

5930 State Rd.. Cleveland, Ohio 44134 
Thomas, Nathan (Neb.) 

Parkside Homes, Inc., 610 No. Darr, Grand 

Island, Neb. 
Thomas, Paul S. (Mich.) 

414 St. Johns, Wyandotte, Mich. 
Thomas, Roger W. (Calif.) 

R. 1, Smith, Kan. 
Thomas, William A. (Ind. So.) 

R. 5, Box 247, Brazil, Ind. 
Thomas, Wilton B. (Va.) 

3332 Holloman Rd., Falls Church, Va. 22042 
Thompson, Carl (Ind. No.) 

R. 4, Wabash, Ind. 46992 
Thompson, Curvin L. (Susq.) 

1506 Bridge St., New Cumberland, Pa. 17070 
Thompson, Donald (la.) 

Dawson, Iowa 
Thompson, Ellis (Ind. So.) 

1105 S. Main St., Paris, 111. 
Thompson, Frank E. (Wis.) 

224 N. Loomis St., Naperville, 111. 
Thompson, Glenn E- (O.S.E-5 

1048 Miller Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43205 
Thompson, G. O. (la.) 

120 Ninth St., S.W., Le Mars, Iowa 
Thompson, H. O. (la.) 

Hubbard, Iowa 
Thompson, Homer O., Jr. (O.S.E.) 

720 Clement Ave., Belpre, Ohio 45714 
Thompson, Homer O., Sr. (O.S-E-) 

52 8th St., Newark, Ohio 43055 
Thompson, Ivan S. (W. Pa.) 

1833 Seventh Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 15010 
Thompson, James W. (Er.) 
;., To 

266 Ashford Ave., Tonawanda, N. Y. 14151 

Thompson, W. Ray (la.) 

507 E. 6th, Muscatine, Iowa 
Thomson, Donald H. (Mich.) 

4665 W. Holt Rd.. Holt, Mich. 
Thomson, Elizabeth (111.) 

Box 113, Parkersburg, 111. 62452 
Thornton. Leo M. (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S. E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Thorson, Larry M. (Calif.) 

1625 Bronson Ave.. Modesto, Calif. 
Thrash. Adrial (O. Ea.) 

Box 206, Kimmel Hall, 224 N. Loomis St., 

Naperville, 111. 
Threlkeld, L. Vivian (111.) 

237 S. 16th St.. Mt. Vernon, 111 62864 
Thuma, R. Lowell (Kan.) 

5104 Cedar, Mission, Kan. 66205 
Tice, Floyd E. (Ea.) 

642 Grand Ave., Tower City. Pa. 17980 
Tickner, Leon H. (Er.) 

21 N. Water St., Albion, Pa. 
Timm, Dean (la.) 

219 Country view, Hudson, la. 
Timmons, James R. (Mich.) 

364 Empire, Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Tinney, F. A. (W. Va.) 

270 W. Main St., Salem, W. Va 
Tinsley, Ralph W. (O. Mi.) 

39 McKinley St., Brookville, Ohio 
Tinsman, C. Wilton (Va.) 

Rockbridge Baths, Va. 24473 
Tipple, Ralph W., Jr. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 1. Box 343, Tieton. Ore. 98947 
Tittlebaugh. Kenneth (O. Ea.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Tobias. Harry M. (Ea.) 

R. 4, Box 59A, Manheim, Pa. 17545 
Tobias, Thurman H. (O. Ea.) 

4187 State Rt. 43, Kent, Ohio 44240 
Tobias, W. B. (W. Pa.) 

R. 1, Rossiter, Pa. 
Todd, Robert M. (Ind. So.) 

523 N. Beville Ave., Indianapolis. Ind. 46201 
Toepfer. L. C. (O. San.) 

Box 6, 115 Kansas St., Green Springs, Ohio 

Toothman, Paul (W. Pa.) 

213 Beech St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Tosch, Clare M. (Mich.) 

23 Mabel, Pigeon, Mich. 48755 
Totten, Donald L. (Mich.) 

Box 411, Evart. Mich. 
Totten, Matthew (Ind. So.) 

R. 1, Marengo, Ind. 
Tousley, Earle K. (Minn.) 

1004 First Ave. N.W., Austin, Minn. 55912 
Townson, James P. (Kan.) 

Greeley, Kan 
Toy. Earl W. (O. Mi.) 

626 Sweitzer St., Greenville, Ohio 
Tozer, C. P. (O. Ea.) 

R. D. 1, Sterling, Ohio 44276 
Trapp, Sheldon (111.) 

1516 Roscoe St., Chicago, 111. 60657 
Trauger, E. E- (Ea.) 

709 Van Reed Rd., Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 
Tredinnick, James H. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Trego. Robert C. (Ea.) 

236 Rife St., Royalton, Middletown, Pa. 17057 
Trent, R. G. (Okla.-Tex.) 

213 W. Cedar, Enid, Okla. 73701 
Tripp. Joseph Alfred (O.S.E-) 

R. 2, McArthur, Ohio 45651 
Trostle. Martin W. A. (Susq.) 

407 E. Main St., Shiremanstown, Pa. 17091 
Trott. David (Kan.) 

Ionia, Kan. 66947 
Troup, Carson A., Jr. (Susq.) 

147 W. Cottage Place, York, Pa. 
Trout, David (O. Mi.) 

1007 Sorg PI., Middletown, Ohio 
Troutman, Clair R. (Susq.) 
R. D. 5, Carlisle, Pa. 17013 


Troutman, Perry J. (Er.) 

Annville, Pa. 
Troutner, Harry L. (O. San.) 

Box 226, Oakwood, Ohio 45873 
Truckenbrod, Kenneth (111.) 

227 E. Highland Ave.. Villa Park, 111. 60181 
Trujillo, Mrs. Nellwyn Brookhart (O. San.) 

Box 14, E.U.B. Mission, Vallicitos, N. Mex. 
Trumbo, Chaplain Warren D. (Va.) 

(Lt. Cmndr.), Quarters NAAS, Chase Field, 

Beeville, Tex. 78102 
Truran, Paul C. (Mich.) 

10635 Peerless Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48224 
Trusheim, Rudolf (la.) 

Dumont, la. 
Trusheim, Wilbert (la.) 

Wayland, Iowa 
Tubach, Howard E. (Kan.) 

105 S. Third St., Hiawatha, Kan. 66434 
Tubach, Jerry (Kan.) 

105 S. 3rd St., Hiawatha, Kan. 
Tucker, Andrew A. (W. Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Tucker, Peter (Can.) 

69 Falesy Ave., Kitchener. Ont., Can. 
Tudor, William G. (Kan.) 

Leonardville, Kan. 66449 
Tupper, Robert O. (Okla.-Tex.) 

1244 S.W. 33rd St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Turley, Roy H. (Ind. So.) 

525 W. Elm St., Hartford City, Ind. 
Turner, Chester R. (Mich.) 

Flat Rock Children s Home, Flat Rock, Ohio 
Turner, Dale (O. Ea.) 

Box 309, Seybert Hall, 224 N. Loomis St., 

Naperville, 111. 
Turns, Larry E. (Ea.) 

574 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19133 
Tusant, Richard H., Jr. (Pac. Nw.) 

510 Summer St. N., Salem, Ore. 97301 
Tuttle, Lloyd W. (O.S.E-) 

4673 Stiles Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43228 
Tyson, M. R. (W. Pa.) 

Box 211, South Connellsville, Pa. 

Uecker, Lloyd G. (Pac. Nw.) 

1807 S. E. 25th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97214 
Uhler, E. T. (Ea.j 

R. 1, Box 265, Lititz, Pa. 17543 
Uhrich, R. G. (Ea.) 

Methodist Home, Cornwall, Pa. 17106 
Ulmer, Charles W. (O. Ea.) 

7621 Wales Ave., N.W., North Canton, Ohio 

Ulmer, H. L. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Columbia, Pa. 17512 
Ulmer, W. P. (Neb.) 

Dawson, Neb. 
Ulrich, Hubert R. (Pac. Nw.) 

3564 O Conner Dr., Box 346, Lafayette, Calif. 
Ulrich, C. Y. (Ea.) 

49 Mt. Vernon Ave., Pitman, N. J. 08071 
Ulrich, Clarence D. (Ea.) 

1205 E. Cumberland St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Ulrich, Clarence E. (Ea.) 

35 E. Main St., Mt. Joy, Pa. 17552 
Umberger, G. Jay (Ea.) 

28 W. Washington St., Fleetwood, Pa. 19522 
Underkoffler, W. W. (Neb.) 

1735 N. 16th, Reading, Pa. 
Underwood Harold E. (Ind. So.) 

804 Marigold Dr., Jeffersonville, Ind. 
Underwood, James W. (Mich.) 

790 Paterson Dr., Monroe, Mich. 48161 
Underwood, R. L. (Ea.) 

3007 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19133 
Underwood. Richard A. (Ind. So.) 

804 Marigold Dr., Jeffersonville, Ind. 
Underwood, W. I. (O. Mi.) 

6708 Cheviot Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 
Underwood, William J. (Kan.) 

Corning, Kan. 
Unger, Allen Leroy (O. Mi.) 

205 Harvard Dr., S.E., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Unger, F. J. (111.) 

R. 1, East Peoria, 111. 61611 
Updegrove, George H. (Ea.) 

14-B McArthur St., Westover A.F.B., Mass. 

Updegrove, L. C. (Ea.) 

40 E. Cherry St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078 
Updike, Charles (la.) 

219 E. Washington, Winterset, Iowa 
Uphouse, Norman (Ind. No.) 

R. 3, Warsaw, Ind. 
Urbach, Richard H. (Neb.) 

Callaway, Neb. 
Utterback, William E. (Susq.) 

Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 17853 
Utzinger, E. J. (Minn.) 

636 Oak St., Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 
Utzman, A. B. (Minn.) 

1648 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55104 
Utzman, Donald (Minn.) 

3691 Harvester Ave., Lake Elmo, Minn. 55042 

Vallery, J. Larry (Neb.) 

R. 1, Doniphan, Neb. 
Van, Clarence C. (N. Y.) 

1613 Cleveland Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Vance, Edwin Kelly (O. San.) 
83 South St., P. O. Box 37, 

Leipsic, Ohio 

Vance, James H. (Pac. Nw.) 

173 Valley St., Seattle, Wash. 98109 
Vance, Milford G. (Neb.) 

R.F.D., Merrill, Iowa 
Vance, Nelson A. (Ind. So.) 

New Middletown, Ind. 
Vance, R. E- (Ind. No.) 

710 Nuttman Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Vance, Robert B. (Kan.) 

Box 524 (527 Maple), Russell, Kan. 67665 
Vandersall, C. H. (la.) 

141154 S. Otterbein, La Puente, Calif. 
Vandersall, Coburn C. (O. Ea.) 

253 Saxton Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 44907 
VanGilder, Charles H. (Va.) 

R. 3, Box 3, Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 25411 
VanGilder, R. C. (O.S.E.) 

415 S. Main St., Baltimore, Ohio 43105 
VanKirk, Donald E. (Ea.) 

R. 2, New Hope, Eaton, Ohio 45320 
Van Laningham, Maurice R., Jr. CHC (111.) 

U. S. Naval Station, F. P. O., New York, 

N. Y. 09540 
VanNatta, Robt. H. (Susq.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
VanWey, I. E. (111.) 

P. O. Box 13, Ninth and Main Sts., St. 

Francisville, 111. 62460 
Varce, Donald G. (la.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings, Portland, Ore. 
Varce, Harold A. (la.) 

901 3 Ave. S.E., Le Mars, Iowa 
Varner, B. James (Mich.) 

8371 Jefferson St., Jasper, Mich. 49248 
Varner, Chauncey J. (W. Pa.) 

1622 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis 2, Ind. 
Varner, Karl I. (Susq.) 

4201 Hooper Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21229 
Vassallo, H. K. (Ea.) 

70-11 Loubet St., Forest Hills, Long Island, 

N. Y. 11375 
Vaught, Kenneth R. (Ind. So.) 

4115 S. Madison, Muncie, Ind. 
Vaught, Robert (Ind. So.) 

1322 Buckeye, Terre Haute, Ind. 
Vavra, George G. (Neb.) 

Merna, Neb. 
Veh, Raymond M. (O. San.) 

140 S. Perry St., Dayton, Ohio 45402 
Veigel, C. Harding (Wis.) 

R. 2, Box 64, Fort Atkinson, Wis. 53538 
Venatta, Leo B. (O. Mi.) 

R. 1, Lerna, 111. 
Verduin, James (Wis.) 

R. 1, Adell, Wis. 53001 


Vermillion, Dean I,. (Pac. Nw.) 

2133 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, Ore. 

Vernillion, Rodney D. (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 97222 
Vick, Floyd L. (Okla.-Tex.) 

7414 Joplin St., Houston, Texas 77017 
Viel, Lyndon C. (Wis.) 

502 S. Main St., Westfield, Wis. 53964 
Vieth, Arthur W. (Wis.) 

212 N. Hubbard St., Horicon, Wis. 53032 
Vinaroff, G. E. (O. San.) 

P. O. Box 130, Russell, Kan. 
Vining, F. N. (Kan.) 

Mound Valley, Kan. 
Violett, D. C. (Mont.) 

Harlem, Mont. 
Visick, John F. (Calif.) 

5903 Woodlawn Dr., Marysville, Calif. 95901 
Visick, Vernon M. (Calif.) 

Kaufman Hall, North Central College, Naper- 

ville, 111. 
Vix, Henry J. (Dak.) 

Box 128, Stickney, S. D. 57375 
Voas, Duane R. (la.) 

802 N. 25th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa 
Voegeli, Roland (Dak.) 

Marion, N. Dak. 
Voelker, H. I. (Mich.) 

4875 Nottingham Rd. t Detroit, Mich. 
Vogel, D wight W. (Kan.) 

935 Central, Le Mars, Iowa 51031 
Vogel, Henry H. (Kan.) 

406 E. 13th, Concordia, Kan. 
Vogt, Armin E. (Neb.) 

DeWitt, Neb. 
Voigt, R. C. (Ea.) 

119 N. llth St., Akron, Pa. 17501 
Vork, Richard (Minn.) 

Nerstrand, Minn. 55053 
Vorpe, Carl W. (O. Mi.) 

10668 Weil Rd., Loveland, Ohio 45140 
Vorrath, F. E. (Nw. C.) 

65 IE 54th Ave., Vancover, B. C., Can. 
Vrooman, Arthur J. (Er.) 

R. D. 1, Cochranton, Pa. 


Wachter, W. C. (Susq.) 

31 Big Spring Ave., Newville, Pa. 
Wackerbarth, H. J. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 1, Box 285A, Chehalis, Wash. 
Wackerman, Harry E. (Susq.) 

247 Harding Court, York, Pa. 17403 
Wacknitz, F. C. (Ind. No.) 

921 S. Main St., Kendallville, Ind. 
Waddle, Richard (O. Mi.) 

165 N. 5th St., Batavia, Ohio 
Wade, Ben Frank (Va.) 

Apt. 8H, 542 W. 112th St., New York, N. Y. 

Waggamon, Glenn A. (O. Ea.) 

810 Linwood Ave., S.W., Canton, Ohio 44710 
Waggoner, Wayne L. (111.) 

Lancaster, 111. 62855 
Wagner, Blake D. (O. Ea.) 

3827 S. Hogan Dr., Lorain, Ohio 44053 
Wagner, Clair I,., Jr. (Ea.) 

422 Main St., Denver, Pa. 17517 
Wagner, James K. (O. Mi.) 

1615 Mayo Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45409 
Wagner, Rodney L. (R. Mt.) 

1207 12th Ave., Greeley, Colo. 
Wagoner, Henry C. (Kan.) 

R. 1, Falls City, Neb. 68355 
Waite, Charles (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 716, Taft, Ore. 
Wake, Clyde (Ind. No.) 

Stockwell, Ind. 
Walder, Gerald V. (Minn.) 

2514 Cleveland St., N.E-, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Waldron, V. J. (Calif.) 

5409 W. Flying M St., Tucson, Ariz. 85713 
Walker, A. Robert (Susq.) 

Hummels Wharf, Pa. 17831 

Walker, Elwood (Ind. No.) 

321 N. Montgomery, Bremen, Ind. 46506 
Walker, Fred D. (W. Pa.) 

704 East St., Altoona, Pa. 16602 
Walker, Harvey T. (Ind. So.) 

Montpelier, Ind. 
Walker, Howard E. (Calif.) 

2245 Highridge Dr., Sacramento, Calif. 95825 
Walker, Lloyd G. (Mich.) 

1324 Lane Blvd., Kalamazoo, Mich. 49001 
Walker, Raleigh C. (Ind. No.) 

525 S. Shumaker Dr., Bremen, Ind. 46506 
Walker, Robert E. (Calif.) 

R. 1., Box 1433, Elk Grove, Calif. 95624 
Walker, William P. (Susq.) 

Box 33, McClure, Pa. 17841 
Walkes, Donald (Minn.) 

4412 Zenith Ave. N., Robbinsdale, Minn. 

Walkes, R. R. (Dak.) 

McLaughlin, S. Dak. 57642 
Walls, Edgar (Ind. So.) 

Universal, Ind. 
Walls, Richard L. (Ind. So.) 

5908 Ruskin PI., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Walmer, C. W. (O. San.) 

209 E. Main St., Box 37, Vanlue, Ohio 45890 
Walter, Clyde A. (O.S-E.) 

525 W. "B" St., Wellston, Ohio 45692 
Walter, E- R. (la.) 

1429 J. Ave., Nevada, Iowa 
Walter, John (Dak.) 

Herreid, S. Dak. 
Walter, Owen H. (Susq.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Walter, Paul C. (O. San.) 

742 Cherry St., Galion, Ohio 44833 
Walter, Robert W. (Kan.) 

Wakefield, Kan. 67487 
Walter, Victor E. (R. Mt.) 

476 W. 3rd St., Loveland, Colo. 
Walter, Victor Leroy (R. Mt.) 

301 E. Seventh St., Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Walters, Clarence G. (Susq.) 

Liberty, Pa. 
Walters, Clyde R. (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, Box 121, Rochester, Ind. 
Walters, Dale C. (W. Va.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Walters, John (Dak.) 

Herreid, S. Dak. 
Walters, Russell E-, Jr. (Ea.) 

1407 Linden St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 
Walther, O. K. (Ea.) 

7515 Whitaker Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19111 
Walton, Seward C. (Mich.) 

517 Chestnut St., Reed City, Mich. 49677 
Walton, Stanley W. (O. San.) 

505 W. Church St., West Unity, Ohio 43570 
Waltz, James (Mich.) 

710 S. Superior St., Albion, Mich. 
Walz, Charles P. (Calif.) 

138 N. Charles St., Lima, Ohio 
Wampler, F. Reuel (Kan.) 

Box 98, Sylvia, Kan. 67581 
Wandrey, Verlin M. (Wis.) 

1400 W. Puetz Rd., Oak Creek, Wis. 53154 
Wanner, I. W. (W. Pa.) 

518 51st Ave., Drive West, Bradenton, Fla. 

Wantz, Charles F. (Neb.) 

2117 Lincoln Ave., York, Neb. 
Ward, Alva C. (Ind. No.) 

Royal Center, Ind. 46978 
Ward, Arthur (Kan.) 

R. 1, Suring, Wis. 
Ward, Richard M. (O. San.) 

216 Empire St., Montpelier, Ohio 43543 
Ward, William E. (O. Mi.) 

1585 N. Euclid Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Ware, John H., Jr. (Va.) 

325 National Ave., Winchester, Va. 22601 
Ware, Phillip (Okla.-Tex.) 

1029 Church St., Alva, Okla. 
Warfield, Stanley M., Jr. (Okla.-Tex.) 

501 2nd Ave. S.W., Le Mars, Iowa 


Warner, Mrs. Ada M. (Calif.) 

14635 Horticultural Dr., La Puente, Calif. 

Warner, C. Norton (Er.) 

156 Looker Mt. Trail, Bradford, Pa. 
Warntz, Malvin F. (Susq.) 

513 E. Freedom Ave., Burnham, Pa. 17009 
Warren, Bern M. (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Warren, Mrs. L. F,. (Wis.) 

409 Milton Ave., Janesville, Wis. 53545 
Warstler, Rodney J. (O. Ea.) 

Box 354, Magnolia, Ohio 44643 
Washburn, John J. (Susq.) 

Box 54, Millmont, Pa. 17845 
Washburn, Paul A. (111.) 

201 Blairwood Dr., Trotwood, Ohio 45426 
Washington, A. T. (la.) 

809 18th Ave., S.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Waterman, David P. (la.) 

918 Des Moines, Des Moines 16, Iowa 
Waters, Dale C. (W. Va.) 

R. R. 2, 4654 Oxford-Middletown Rd., Mid- 

dletown, Ohio 
Watkins, Stephen A. (Pac. Nw.) 

757 N.E. Church Ave., Roseburg, Ore. 97470 
Watkins, William P. (Neb.) 

361 E. Cypress Ave., Burbank, Calif. 91502 
Watson, J. Wilbur (W. Pa.) 

7 S. Fifth St., Youngwood, Pa. 
Watson, Paul (O. San.) 

3114 Clement Dr., Lima, Ohio 45806 
Watson, Wm. H. (Mich.) 

8037 Ida East Rd., Ida, Mich. 
Watt, Floyd F,. (O. San.) 

240 W. Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio 45402 
Waugh, William (Ind. So.) 

Waldron, Ind. 
Waynick, Leo B. (Ea.) 

6414 Camac St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Weaver, Arnold (Wis.) 

120 Vermont St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 53916 
Weaver, George M., Jr. (Ea.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Weaver, John W. (W. Pa.) 

Box 91, Hyndman, Pa. 
Weaver, Logan (Mich.) 

4323 Sunnybrook Dr., Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Webb, Claude B. (Ind. So.) 

623 S. 4th St., Boonville, Ind. 
Webb, Robert L. (Calif.) 

Coleta, 111. 61017 
Webb, Thomas C. (Susq.) 

106 Church Heights, Marysville, Pa. 17053 
Weber, Armin, Jr. (Wis.) 

3015 W. Mitchell St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53215 
Weber, Charles B. (Va.) 

547 N. Queen St., Martinsburg, W. Va. 25401 
Weber, Earl A. (Neb.) 

6701 Lexington, Lincoln, Neb. 
Weber, F. C. (Neb.) 

1939 N. 67th, Lincoln, Neb. 
Weber, J. A. (Ind. No.) 

1526 E. Castle Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Webster, Curtis (la.) 

Postville, la. 
Weedon, Max F. (Pac. Nw.) 

205 Summit N., Seattle, Wush. 98102 
Wehmeyer, Lucille (Kan.) 

Oak Hill, Kan. 
Weibel, Roscoe E. (111.) 

Box 652, Jos, N. Nigeria, W. Africa 
Weible, Samuel J. (W. Pa.) 

Mill Run, Pa. 15464 
Weigel, Charles E-, Jr. (Ea.) 

Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa. 17003 
Weight, Ira F. (Pac. Nw.) 

80 E. Vine St., Lebanon, Ore. 
Weinert, Arthur A. (Mich.) 

22214 Cleveland Ave., Dearborn, Mich. 
Weinert, David W. (Kan.) 

260 Willakenzie Rd., Eugene, Ore. 97401 
Weinert, Glenn C. (Kan.) 

2620 E. Waterman, Wichita, Kan. 67211 

Weinert, Paul M. (Kan.) 

2310 Chase St., Falls City, Neb. 68355 
Weisenborn, Thomas H. (O. San.) 

106 Church St., Rawson, Ohio 45881 
Weiss, L. M. (la.) 

Defiance, Iowa 
Weist, DarEH T. (Dak.) 

Kearney State College, Kearney. Neb. 
Weisz, Howard L-, Jr. (W. Pa.) 

505 Market St., Scottdale, Pa. 15683 
Welch, C. K. (Va.) 

105 Race St., Cumberland, Md. 21503 
Welch, Gordon K. (Wis.) 

1714 Main St., Bloomer, Wis. 54724 
Welch, Harold (Wis.) 

Rt. 2, Richland Center, Wis. 53581 
Welch, Raymond B. (O.S-E.) 

573 E. Main St., Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 
Welker, William (Ind. No.) 

540 Studebaker, Decatur, Ind. 
Weller, James C. (Can.) 

Campden, Ont., Can. 
Wells, Albert M. (R. Mt.) 

Rt. 2, Fleming, Colo. 
Wells, Edmund E. (O.S.E.) 

R. 1, Rising Sun, Ohio 43457 
Wells, James (Ind. So.) 

Oakland City College, Oakland City, Ind. 
Wells, John (Ind. No.) 

4 Sweetbrier, Westville, Ohio 
Welty, Mervie H. (Susq.) 

123 W. Broadway, Red Lion, Pa. 17356 
Wendell, C. R. (O. San.) 

195 S. Vine St., Marion, Ohio 43302 
Wendland, C. E. (Kan.) 

c/o M. L. Wendland, Randolph, Kan. 
Wendland, Franklin E. (Kan.) 

708 E. Ninth St., Concordia, Kan. 
Wendland, Gordon (Minn.) 

11216 Lake Count, Burnsville, Minn. 
Wendland, L. W. (Kan.) 

R. 1, Box 215, St. Joseph, Mo. 64506 
Wendler, Wm. F. (Ea.) 

1704 Palmetto St., Ridgewood, N. Y. 11227 
Wenger, Eugene B. (Ea.) 

312 Sycamore Dr., Naperville, 111. 60540 
Wenger, Mahlon D. (O. San.) 

243 W. High St., Fostoria, Ohio 44830 
Wentling, Russell C. (Ea.) 

38 Mifflin St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Wenzel, LeRoy (Dak.) 

Evangelical Theo. Seminary, Naperville, 111. 
Wenzel, Sterling (Dak.) 

504 First St., N.E., Linton, N. Dak. 58552 
Wenzel, Warren (111.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, 

Naperville, 111. 
Werner, Carl (Kan.) 

413 S. Washington, Hillsboro, Kan. 
Werner, Earl E. (Minn.) 

709 2nd Ave., S.W., Pipestone, Minn. 56164 
Werner, Edwin H. (Dak.) 

18 E. 3rd St., Hazen, N. Dak. 58545 
Werner, Josiah H. (Ea.) 

213 Main St., Telford, Pa. 18969 
Werner, R. R. (Minn.) 

Rest Home, Buffalo Lake, Minn. 55314 
Wert, Edgar D. (Ea.) 

64 N. Church St., Ephrata, Pa. 17522 
Wert, Newel J. (Ea.) 

1548 N. Euclid Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Wert, P. R. (Ea.) 

2622 Bond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 19026 
Wertz, Howard J. (Ea.) 

602 E. Cameron St., Shamokin, Pa. 17872 
Wertz, Lawrence G. D. (Ind. So.) 

103 North "E" St., Marion, Ind. 
Wesche, Kenneth P. (Pac. Nw.) 

4200 S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 97222 
Weslager, C. R. (W. Pa.) 

701 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Wessel, Grant (Mich.) 

22186 Nona, Dearborn 8, Mich. 
West, F. W. (Kan.) 

Preston, Neb. 
West, Harold B. (Er.) 

R. 4, Coudersport, Pa. 


West, Lawrence (Ind. So.) 

306 E. First St., Ridgeville, Ind. 
West, W. M. (W. Pa.) 

475 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa 
West, William A. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 2, Mayport, Pa. 15052 
Westbrook, Paul (O. Mi.) 

R. R. 1, Mt. Grab, Ohio 
Westfall, C. B. (Mich.) 

1001 Lynn Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Westfall, Sherman J. (Va.) 

Reliance, Va. 22649 
Westley, Eugene M. (Er.) 

Sudan United Mission, P. A. Zinna, Via Jos 

& Yola, N. Nigeria, W. Africa 
Westley, John D. (Er.) 

Bambur, via Jos and Lau, N. Nigeria, West 

Wetherbee, George B. (Fla.) 

R. 3, Box 2093, Lutz, Fla. 
Wetherell, Lauran E. (Mo.) 

R. 4, Pleasant Hill, Mo. 64080 
Wettlaufer, K. G. (Can.) 

Mildmay, Ont., Can 
Wetzel, J. Robert (Pac. Nw.) 

7510 W. Chautauqua Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Wetzstein, Lester A. (Pac. Nw.) 

20211 2nd Ave., S., Seattle, Wash. 98148 
Wheeler, Charles R. (111.) 

1208 Eleventh, Lawrenceville, 111. 62439 
Wheeler, H. A. (Neb.) 

Gibbon, Neb. 
Wheeler, Mrs. H. A. (Neb.) 

Gibbon, Neb. 
Wheelock, Paul S. (Susq.) 

Evangelical Home. Lewisburg, Pa. 
Whelchel, Charles (Pac. Nw.) 

116 S. 2nd St., Corvallis, Ore. 
Whetsel, Mildred (Ind. So.) 

347 E. North St., Dunkirk, Ind. 
Whetstone, M. Gene (Ind So.) 

812 20th St., Logansport, Ind. 
Whipple, Mabel Rife (O.S.E.) 

1179 Brown Rd.. Columbus, Ohio 43223 
Whisner. Archie D. (Susq.) 

Box 31, Rohrersville, Md. 21779 
Whitacre, Robert C. (O. San.) 

Box 226, Oakwood, Ohio 45873 
Whitaker, Arthur (Ind. No.) 

612 Cassville Rd., Kokomo, Ind. 
Whitaker, Walter L. (O.S.E.) 

Rt. 3, Lancaster, 43131 
Whitaker, William (Ind. So.) 

1713 Rogene Dr., Waco, Tex. 
Whittaker. William (Ind. So.) 

1823 Maple Ave., Waco, Tex. 
Whitcomb, Lloyd A. (Er.) 

R. D. 1, Springboro, Pa. 
Whitcomb, Paul H. (Er.) 

Rew, Pa. 
White, David G. (Pac. Nw.) 

R. 2, Box 468, Salem, Ore. 97303 
White, Don E. (Tenn.) 

2761 Varsity Dr., Fairborn, Ohio 45324 
White, Ellsworth (O.S.E.) 

345 Avonwich Place, Gahanna, Ohio 43020 
White, J. C. (Ind. No.) 

Box 26, Richvalley, Ind. 46970 
White, Joseph (111.) 

700 N. East Ave., Olney, 111. 62450 
White, LaVerne (111.) 

700 N. East Ave., Olney, 111. 62450 
White, Lawrence (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, Culver, Ind. 
White, Max (111.) 

805 Harrison, Charleston, 111. 61920 
White, Wesley H. (Okla.-Tex.) 

33 South 72nd E. Ave., Tulsa 12, Okla. 
White, Wilson W. (111.) 

R. F. D. 2, 616 W. Alpine St., Siloam 

Springs, Ark. 72761 
Whitehead, Stephen (Ind. No.) 

733 Harvey, South Bend, Ind. 46618 
Whitesell, Glen (111.) 

1630 N. Vine, Chicago, 111. 60614 

Whitmer, Eugene R. (O. San.) 

14 Watkins St., Nelsonville, Ohio 
Whitmire, M. L. (Susq.) 

306 W. Beaver Ave., State College, Pa. 16801 
Whitten, John (111.) 

827 Prine S., Princeton, Ind. 
Whitwell, Dewey (Tenn.) 

1918 Ashwood Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37212 
Wiblin, Raymond (O.S.E.) 

R. 2, Blanchester, Ohio 45107 
Wiblin, Richard E. (O.S.E.) 

Lake Washington, Washington, W. Va. 
Wichelt, John F. (Neb.) 

4040 D St., Lincoln, Neb. 
Wickre, Jerry (Dak.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Wicks, F. W. (Can.) 

Arnstein, Ont., Can. 
Widmer, H. E. (Pac. Nw.) 

1004 Morton St., Colfax, Wash. 99111 
Widmyer, George S. (Va.) 

M Ave., Potomac Park, Cumberland, Md. 

Wiener, W. H. (Minn.) 

406 S. 1st St.. Marshall, Minn. 56258 
Wiersma, Lee (Kan.) 

Cummings, Kan. 66016 
Wigner, Clyde (W. Va.) 

224 N. Stout St., Harrisville, W. Va. 
Wilbert, Gerald (Ind. No.) 

Craigville, Ind. 
Wilbur, Russell (Ind. No.) 

Twelve Mile. Ind. 
Wilde. Ralph W. (Pac. Nw.) 

Brazil, S. A. 
Wildeman, P. A. (Nw. C.) 

865 A Braemar St., Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Wilder. Benjamin A. (Ind. So.) 

Oakland City. Ind. 
Wilder, Bud (Wis.) 

625 Dousman St., Prairie du Chien, Wis. 
Wildermuth. Wesley L. (Pac. Nw.) 

1648 Megurida, Higashi Murayama, Tokyo, 

Wiley, Carl L. (O.S.E.) 

4914 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43224 
Wilfong, L. N. (W. Va.) 

Weston, W. Va. 
Wilhelm, J. Anson (Ea.) 

1001 Quentin Rd., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Wilken, A. E. (la.) 

3801 Cottage Grove, Des Moines 11, Iowa 
Wilkins, Eugene (Er.) 

Oswayo, Pa. 
Wilkinson, George R (Can.) 

45 Leonard St.. Kitchener, Ont., Can. 
Will. James E. (HI.) 

49 Golden Larch Dr., Naperville, III. 60540 
Willard, Francis H. (Ind. No.) 

New Paris, Ind. 46553 
Willard, Lyle H. (Pac. Nw.) 

4123 Bagley Ave., N.. Seattle, Wash. 98103 
Willard. M. H. (Mich.) 

107 Washington St., Caro, Mich. 48723 
Willems, Isaac (R. Mt.) 

Box G, Latah, Wash. 
Willey, Larry G. (O. Ea.) 

731 Hawkeye Apts.. University of Iowa, Iowa 

City, Iowa 52240 
Willey, Ronald R. (W. Pa.) 

Bambur via Jos, N. Nigeria, W. Africa 
Williams, Albert (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Brazil, Ind. 
Williams. Amos A. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Fountain, Mich. 
Williams, A. R. (Kan.) 

1145 Macomb, El Reno, Okla. 
Williams, Miss Avis F. (R. Mt.) 

Alcalde Mission School, Alcalde, New Mex. 
Williams, Donald L. (O. San.) 

3929 Wise St., Toledo, Ohio 43616 
Williams, Goodell E. (Susq.) 

133 S. 6th St., Mount Wolf, Pa. 17347 
Williams, Harold (Neb.) 

406 Bluff, Norfolk, Neb. 


Williams, Harvev L. (W. Pa.) 

R. D. 3, Clearfield, Pa. 
Williams, La Verne (Kan.) 

Box 123, 218 E. Washington, Arkansas City, 

Kan. 67005 
Williams, Myron K. (Mich.) 

R. 1, Sodus, Mich. 49126 
Williams, Norman (111.) 

3726 McArthur Rd., Decatur, 111. 
Williams, Oliver E. (Er.) 

805 Robles St., Tampa, Fla., or R. D. 1, 

Union City, Pa. 
Williams, Ronald J. (Kan.) 

Box 113, Grover Hill, Ohio 45849 
Williams, Stanley B. (Kan.) 

4511 Leavenworth Rd., Kansas City, Kan. 
Williams, W. H. (Tenn.) 

840 Walnut St., Williamsburg, Ky. 
Williams, Wilbur A. (Mich.) 

1521 Pine Valley Blvd., Apt. 32B, 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104 
Williamson, C. F. (Okla.-Tex.) 

Box 148, Spavinaw, Okla. 
Williamson, James F. (Okla.-Tex.) 

205 S. Palm St., Ponca City, Okla., 74601 
Williamson, Lewis (O.S.E-) 

Box 11, Dundas, Ohio 45625 
Williamson, Lowell E. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 74, Taichung, Taiwan 
Williman, Robert E- (O. San.) 

2216 Rosedale, Toledo, Ohio 43606 
Willis, Arnold 6. (W. Va.) 

405 Linden Circle, Huntington, W. Va. 
Willmert, John Allen (Ind. No.) 

9278 Pauline St., Montague, Mich. 
Willoughby, Leon E. (Mich.) 

Box 53, Fremont, Ind. 48737 
Wills, N. B. (Susq.) 

3826 Taylor Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21236 
Willson, Charles E. (Ea.) 

R. 2, Box 249, Douglassville, Pa. 19518 
Willson, C. Wesley (Susq.) 

406 Hellam Street, Wrightsville, Pa. 17368 
Wilmert, F. J. (Ind. No.) 

53 Elm St., Wabash, Ind. 
Wilson, Andrew Dean (W. Pa.) 

396 Race St., Somerset, Pa. 
Wilson, Dale M. (Ind. So.) 

1908 Washington Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Wilson, Edward M. (W. Pa.) 

Ill College Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Wilson, Fred H. (Ind. So.) 

R. R. 2, Odon. Ind. 
Wilson. Gerald L. (Ind. So.) 

52 N. Irvington Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Wilson, Ira B. (111.) 

Rt. 1, Box 94A, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Wilson, John F. (Ea.) 

999 York Rd., Warminster, Pa. 18974 
Wilson, Leo A. (la.) 

Paton, Iowa 
Wilson, R. R. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 5, Warsaw, Ind. 
Wilson, Ronald A. (Can.) 

Sioux Lookout, Ont., Can. 
Wilson, Sandra J. (O. Ea.) 

1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Wilson, T. J. (Ky.) 

Box 263, New Goshen, Ind. 47863 
Wilson, W. C. (Ind. No.) 

530 Clay St., Mishawaka, Ind. 46544 
Wilt, W. A. (Ea.) 

118 College Ave., Annville, Pa. 17003 
Wimmer, Harvey L. (Kan.) 

3574 Washington St., Riverside, Calif. 
Winch, C. W. (W. Pa.) 

Flat Rock, Ohio 
Wineberg, William E- (W. Pa.) 

Jennerstown, Pa. 
Wines, F. Everal (Mont.) 

Columbus, Mont. 
Winkelman, Norman E. (Dak.) 

1426 9th St. N., Fargo, N. Dak. 58102 
Winn, Roger E. (Er.) 

R. D. 1, Clymer, N. Y. 
Winsor, Jerry (Kan.) 

315 Mulberry St., Maryville, Mo. 

Winter, Chester B. (Ind. So.) 

950 N. Bolton Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46219 
Winter, Harlan W. (la.) 

Aredale, Iowa 
Winter, W. D. (la.) 

Laurel, Iowa 
Winters, John E- (Fla.) 

1900 Meadowwood St., Sarasota, Fla. 
Wion, Cyrus W. (W. Pa.) 

4126 Broad Ave., Altoona, Pa. 16601 
Wirick, Melroy (W. Pa.) 

203 E. Wine St., South Connellsville, Pa. 
Wise, Calvin (O. San.) 

503 N. Main St., Bloomdale, Ohio 44817 
Wise, James (O. San.) 

Wren, Ohio 45899 
Wise, Keith B. (Ea.) 

Box 154, Wiconisco, Pa. 17097 
Wissinger, W. A. (W. Pa.) 

315 Morrell PI., Johnstown, Pa. 
Wissler, O. D. (Ind. So.) 

1328 Sunnymede Ave., South Bend, Ind. 

Withee, Jesse A. (Neb.) 

R. R., Laurel, Neb. 
Withee, Roger (Neb.) 

P. O. Box 40, Baguio City, Philippines 
Witherow, Spurgeon D., Jr. (Er.) 

R. D. 2, Jamestown, N. Y. 
Witmer, C. C. (Ea.) 

1415 Otterbein Ave., Unit 9, La Puente, 

Calif. 91745 
Witmer, F. R. (Calif.) 

8060 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, Calif. 
Witmer, John A. (Ea.) 

4926 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Tex. 75214 
Witmer, John H. (Susq.) 

Biglerville, Pa. 17307 

Witt, B. G. (Minn.) 

Spring V 
Witt, Milton H. (111.) 

R. R. 1, Spring Valley, Minn. 55975 

Ridott, 111. 61067 
Witt, Norman C. (Minn.) 

224 N. Loomis, Naperville, 111. 60540 
Witt, W. Gerald (W. Pa.) 

313 12th St., Huntingdon, Pa. 16652 
Wittmer, W. C. (Susq.) 

Middleburg, Pa. 17842 
Woelfle, Paul H. (R. Mt.) 

Eads, Colo. 
Woelfle, William L. (R. Mt.) 

228 Williams PI., Sterling, Colo. 
Wocott, Homer H. (Kan.) 

McLouth, Kan. 66054 
Wolf, Archer I. (O. San.) 

517 Cleveland Ave., St. Marys, Ohio 45885 
Wolf, Charles W. (Ea.) 

713 Church St., Mt. Joy, Pa. 17526 
Wolf, Earl E. (Ea.) 

3924 High Bluff Dr., Harbor Hills, Largo, 

Wolf, Frank G. (Wis.) 

P. O. Box 96, Arlington, Wis. 53911 
Wolf, James B. (O. Ea.) 

2413 23rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 
Wolf, Joseph (Ea.) 

412 E. Senter St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120 
Wolf. Milton (Wis.) 

308 W. Concordia Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wolf, Wilmert H., Jr. (Ea.) 

732 Donlon Ave., W. Hempstead, N. Y. 11552 
Wolf, Wilmert H., Sr. (111.) 

4917 McFarland Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 
Wolfe, A. S. (O. Mi.) 

1829 Shuey Ave., Walnut Creek, Calif. 
Wolfe, Barry (O. San.) 

Mt. Cory, Ohio 
Wolfe, Charles W. (Ea.) 

713 Church St., Mount Joy, Pa. 
Wolfe, James (Ind. So.) 

Cloverport, Ky. 
Wolfe, Ralph H. (Ea.) 

319 Birchland Ave., Mount Joy, Pa. 17526 
Wolfe, Richard D. (Susq.) 
r, Hs 

1027 Broadway, Hanover, Pa. 17331 


Wolfe, Susan Jane (Susq.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Wolfe, William E. (Va.) 

P. O. Box 477, Petersburg, W. Va. 26747 
Wolff, Orville (Dak.) 

Yankton, S. Dak. 
Wolgemuth, Paul L. (Susq.) 

Loganton, Pa. 17747 
Wolverton, Merl F. (Mich.) 

7 E. Prospect St., St. Louis, Midi. 
Womer, Albert (W. Pa.) 

Box 82, Knoxdale, Pa. 15847 
Womer, O. A. (W. Pa.) 

115 E. First Ave., Oil City, Pa. 16302 
Wonder, Everett Ted (O. San.) 

7715 W. Bancroft, Toledo, Ohio 43617 
Wood, Frank R. (Er.) 

5 Hertzel St., Warren, Pa. 
Wood, Frederick (N. Y.) 

R. D. 1, Box 272, Fredonia, N. Y. 
Wood, Harold J. (N. Y.) 

160 N. Main St., Geneva, N Y 14456 
Wood, Ivan R. (Ind. No.) 

3700 E. 34th Lane, Hobart, Ind. 43263 
Wood, Leonard (Ind. So.) 

Marengo, Ind. 
Wood, Thomas J. (Mich.) 

134 S. Main St., Elkton, Mich 48731 
Woodruff, W. J. (Kan.) 

4655 N. Camac St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19140 
Woodruff, William J. (Kan.) 

Vassar, Kan. 
Woodrum, Lqn R. (Mich.) 

R. 2, Hastings, Mich. 
Woods, Charles H. A. (W. Pa.) 

Box 42, Venus, Pa. 16364 
Woods, William F. (Susq.) 

321 Hermann Ave., Lemoyne, Pa. 17043 
Woodworth, L. Scott (la.) 

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, 

Wooldridge, Frank W. (Pac. Nw.) 

908 S. Howard Ave., Walla Walla, Wash. 
Woomer, D. Darrell (W. Pa.) 

United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Woomer, James A. (W. Pa,) 

130 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 16602 
Wordelman, Dale (Minn.) 

Eyota, Minn. 55934 
Workman, Wilbur E. (Ind. No.) 

1112 Cone St., Elkhart, Ind. 46518 
Worner, George (Dak.) 

Box 426, Casselton, N. Dak. 58012 
Worner, Robert (Dak.) 

413 14th Ave., W., Williston, N. D. 58801 
Worth, E. Knight (O. Ea.) 

5086 Cleveland Rd., Wooster, Ohio 44694 
Worth, William D. (O. Mi.) 

1443 Marlowe Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45224 
Wortman, Henry W. (111.) 

602 S. May St., Sumner, 111. 62466 
Wray, Edwin M. (Ea.) 

100 Avenue G, Matamoras, Pa. 18336 
Wright, C. David (O. San.) 

816 Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Wright, Mrs. Dorothy (O. San.) 

862 Cherry St., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Wright, G. A. (W. Pa.) 

District Chaplain s Office, Commandant, 5th 

Naval Dist., Norfolk, Va. 23511 
Wright, Lee (Kan.) 

500 E. Kirwin, Salina, Kan. 
Wright, M. M. (Kan.) 

2917 Virginia, Topeka, Kan. 66605 
Wright, P. E., Jr. (O. Ea.) 

530 Sherman St., Conneaut, Ohio 44030 
Wright, Ralph L. (Susq.) 

Loganville, Pa. 17342 
Wrightsel, Kenneth E. (O.S.E.) 

4458 Etna Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43213 
Wrye, Whrelda J. (Neb.) 

2005 Caltalpa Dr., Dayton 6, Ohio 
Wurtz, Samuel R. (Mich.) 

157 Tanview, Oxford, Mich. 48051 

Wygant, C. M. (W. Pa.) 

121 Orchard St., Franklin, Pa. 
Wykle, Eugene M. (111.) 

808 Warrington Rd., Deerfield, 111. 60015 
Wyman, Robert (Ind. No.) 

R. 2, Warsaw, Ind. 
Wvnn, Bernard I. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Loganton, Pa. 

Yackel, Theodore (Calif.) 

260 Walnut Avenue, Walnut Creek, Calif. 

Yarbrough, William (Tenn.) 

Box 147A, R. 1, Clarksville, Tenn. 37040 
Yarnell, Edward H. (Susq.) 

R. D. 9, York, Pa. 17402 
Yater, James (O. Mi.) 

R. R. 2, Kokomo, Ind. 
Yeager, B. T. (Ind. No.) 

R. 3, Albion, Ind. 
Yeakel, Joseph H. (Susq.) 

601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Yehnert, C. William (O. Ea.) 

3702 Albertly Ave., Parma, Ohio 44134 
Yenkel, Raymond (Mich.) 

414 Riverbank, Wyandotte, Mich 
Yinger, Gerald (O.S.E.) 

Rt. 1, Box 311, Johnstown, Ohio 43031 
Yingling, W. E. (Susq.) 

R. D. 3, Hanover. Pa 
Yoder, Richard C. (Ea.) 

33 E. Main St., EHzabethville, Pa. 17023 
Yohe, Theodore C. (Susq.) 

R. D. 5, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 
York, A. W. (Ind. No.) 

R. R. 5, Frankfort, Ind. 
York, Charles (111.) 

Charleston, 111. 61920 
York, Edward (III) 

R. 1, Cullom, 111. 60929 
York, Raymond L. (Kan.) 

Kismet, Kan. 67859 
Yost, George W. (R. Mt.) 

2133 S. Humboldt, Denver, Colo. 80210 
Young, Carl E. (Susq.) 

915 Milford Mill Road, Baltimore, Md. 21208 
Young, Delmar J. (O. San.) 

632 N. Lane St., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 
Young, Donald E. (Kan.) 

1413 Andrews, Winfield, Kan. 
Young, Frank V. (Er.) 

Box 42A, R. D. 3, Columbia, Ky. 42728 
Young, George R. (O. Mi.) 

02272284 Hqs. 4th Armored Div., Chaplain 

Section, A. P.O. 326, New York, N. Y. 
Young, Harold M. (Ea.) 

1020 Valley Forge Rd., Mtd. R. 2, Lansdale, 

Pa. 19446 
Young, Jack F. (O.S.E.) 

30 Florence Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204 
Young, Leland H. (Kan.) 

1503 Broad, Wichita Falls, Tex. 76301 
Young, Mamie J. (Neb.) 

707 Circle R., Good Samaritan Village, Hast 
ings, Neb. 
Young, Parker C. (O. San.) 

142 South 30th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 
Young, P. F. (Ind. No.) 

Box 5, Teegarden, Ind. 46569 
Young, William L. (R. Mt.) 

3149 Salem St., Aurora, Colo. 80011 
Youngblood, Russell (Ind. So.) 

2420 Carolina Ave., Louisville, Ky. 
Younken, Edward L. (Susq.) 

R. D. 1, Seven Valleys, Pa. 

Zachman. H. L. (O. Ea.) 

5641 Elmwood Ave., N.W., North Canton, 

Ohio 44720 
Zager, Carl J. (111.) 

3321 Wrightwood, Chicago, 111. 60647 
Zager, Edward H. (Wis.) 

10940 S. Nicholson Rd., Oak Creek, Wif. 


Zager. H. R. (111.) 

209 W. Mayon St., Dwight, 111. 60420 
Zagray, A. C. (O. Ea.) 

2230 22nd St., S.W., Akron, Ohio 44314 
Zagray, Allan H. (O. Ea.) 

1720 Schneider Rd., N.W., North Canton, 

Ohio 44720 
Zahl, Willert W. (Minn.) 

815 N. 18th Ave. E-, Duluth, Minn. 55812 
Zebarth, Herbert E. (Wis.) 

364 W. Scott St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 54935 
Zech, Harry E. (Susq.) 

Box 1825, Ponce, Puerto Rico 
Zechman, Donald E. (Ea.) 

2448 Duke St., Harrisburg, Pa. 17104 
Zechman, Harry W. (Ea.) 

2130 Rudy Road, Harrisburg, Pa. 17104 
Zehner, H. W. (Ea.) 

1117 Allengrove St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19124 
Zeiders, Donald E. (Ea.) 

R. D. 2, Box 240, EHzabethtown, Pa. 17022 
Zeigler, Roy R. (Susq.) 

Quincy Home, Quincy, Pa. 
Zeisset, Merton S. (Kan.) 

R. R. 3, Concordia, Kan. 66901 
Zeller, Kenneth P. (Chaplain) (Calif.) 

U. S. Naval Station, 3801 Nebraska Ave., 

N.W., Washington, D. C. 20390 
Zellmer, G. E. (Wis.) 

R. 2, Ripon, Wis. 54971 
Zepp, Jacob P. (Susq.) 

Box 75, Scotland, Pa. 17254 
Zieber, Paul F. (Susq.) 

112 Iron Street, Danville, Pa. 17821 
Ziegler, Joseph (W. Va.) 

Rinard Mills, Ohio 45774 
Ziegler, Robert E. (Ea.) 

521 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19133 
Ziegler, S. G. (Susq.) 

1756 Radcliffe Road, Dayton, Ohio 45406 
Zietlow, Carl F. (Wis.) 

81 Woodward Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 14214 

Ziettlow, Carryl R. (la.) 

321 7th St., S.W., Le Mars, Iowa 
Zike, T. J., Sr. (la.) 

4032 E 44th St., Des Moines, Iowa 
Zike, Mrs. Vera (la.) 

4032 E. 44th St., Des Moines, Iowa 
Zimdars, Benjamin A. (Wis.) 

Bonduel, Wis. 54107 
Zimdars, Dale (Wis.) 

Bonduel, Wis. 54107 
Zimmerman, Clinton D. (Ea.) 

24 Clearview Dr., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 
Zimmerman, Durrn P. (Ea.) 

472 E. Green St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 
Zimmerman, Frederick J. (Ea.) 

837 Linden St., Allentown, Pa. 18101 
Zimmerman, H. O. (111.) 

Western Home, Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Zimmerman, Kenneth (O. San.) 

2795 Sherwood Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Zimmerman, Lawrence (Minn.) 

Winnebago, Minn. 56098 
Zimmerman, Robert S. (Ea.) 

422 Market St., Millersburg, Pa. 17061 
Zimmerman, William F. (Susq.) 

R. D. 3, Bellefonte, Pa. 16823 
Zornes, Vernon A. (Pac. Nw.) 

Box 326, Wenatchee, Wash. 
Zottnick, James (Mont.) 

Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa 
Zuehl, B. F. (la.) 

900 Second Ave., S.E., Le Mars, Iowa 
Zumbaugh, Harley T. (Mich.) 

R. 2 Box 122, Three Rivers, Mich. 
Zurbrigg, Howard G. (Can.) 

Crediton, Ont., Can. 
Zurbrigg, Norman H. (111.) 

1768 N. Maple, Decatur, 111. 62526 
Zuver, Robert E. (Susq.) 

2598 N. Sherman St., York, Pa. 17402 
Zweitzig, Robert R. (Ea.) 

217 W. Third St., Xenia, Ohio 

Sierra Leone, West Africa, Conference 

Active Itinerant Elders 

Local Elders 

Superannuated Elders 

Number of Probationers/Licentiates 

Elders under special assignment 

Total Number of Ministry 

Number of Evangelists employed 

Number of Teacher/ Agents serving Churches 

Number of Organized Congregations 

Number of Preaching places 

Number of appointments not organized 

Number of Members beginning the year 

Members reported at close of the year 

Members gained during the year 

Members lost during the year 

Net Gain 

Present Membership 

Number of regular Communicant Members 

Baptisms ( all ages ) 

Enrolled in Pastor s Classes (Seeking members) 

Total Sunday school Enrollment 

Enrolled in Youth Fellowship 

Enrolled in Men s Organizations 

Christian Service Fund 

Contribution for all purposes (not including D.W.M. and Government Grants) 

Number of new Churches organized +OOA n 

Amount expended for Church Expansion * V AK 

Number of Primary Schools ^5 

Number of Teachers 

Number of Pupils 17 > ( 

The African pounds, shillings and pence have been translated into U. S. A. dollars. 




. . . $87,969.76 






SINCE 1883 
PHONE 388-2691 


LOWEST NET COST LIFE INSURANCE this is reality, not 

PRESBYTERIAN MINISTERS FUND offers you the most for 
your money. It is a ministers fund, conducted by ministers and 
friends of ministers for benefit exclusively of ministers. 

FRIENDSHIP has been the key to the Funds relationships since 
its beginning 246 years ago. Friendship and low rates have made the 
Fund America s No. 1 Insurer of Protestant clergy. 
Old low premium rates have gone lower. 
Find out how PMF can help you share in a better future. 
Write to 


Alison Building 
Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 

S. CARSON WASSON, President 
22 Branches Coast to Coast Texas to Ontario 


The Greatest Gift a Congregation Can Give Itself 


Any congregation may enjoy 
the pride, inspiration and 
complete practicality of 
Schulmerich Carillons. Ac 
claimed as the standard of 
excellence in bells. Schul 
merich offers a range of 
models practical for even the 
most modest budget. No 
tower needed. An inspiring 
memorial. And the world s 
greatest cast bells are also 
available from Schulmerich. 

Trademark of Schulmerich Carillons, Inc. 


9496 Carillon Hill Sellersville, Pa. 

World s Most Honored Name in Carillons, Bells, Chimes 

In Remembrance 

A dignified and beautiful book 
for recording special gifts, be 
quests and memorials. Padded 
covers, 9 l / 2 x Iiy 2 inches, in Ec 
clesiastical red, gold stamped title 
and symbolic design. Looseleaf, 
Mult-O-Ring binding. Title page 
and interior sheets printed in red 
and black with passion flower de 
sign for decoration. 

Mult-O*Ring Covers 

No. GlllO-Padded simulated leather. $9.00 No. G1116-Padded genuine leather. $20.00 

Sheets Available 

No. Z70 "To the Glory of God and la Loving Memory of". Space for name of person 
or persons to be memorialized, nature of memorial, name of donor and date of 
donation. One gift per page. Printed on both sides. 

No. Z71-Same as Z70 except it reads, "To the Glory of God and in HONOR of. 

No. Z72-Similar to Z70 for Special Gifts (one per page). 

No. Z80-Page heading: "In Remembrance of". Space for 10 entries on each side of 
page. Provides for name of person to be memorialized, name of donor, date of 
donation and nature of memorial. 

No. Z81-Same as Z80 except it reads "In HONOR of. 

No. Z82-Similar to Z80, reading "Special Gifts". 

No. Z90-No headings. Decorative design at top and bottom with 16 rules on each side 
of page. 

No. Z91-Same as Z90 without rules. 

All sheets $1.50 per package of 12. 

No. X70-Package of 12 acetate pockets, size 8& x 11 with special punching for Mult-O- 
Ring binding. Will fit all above books. $4.80 per package of 12 sheets. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 

Dayton, Ohio 45402 



Church Bulletins in Full Color 

For All Church Holiday Seasons and General Use 

Available at 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 

Dayton, Ohio 45402 


Choir- Pulpit 



The C. E. Ward Co. 
New London, Ohio 

Catalog on request 

Treasurer s Records 

bound and loose leaf style 

Sunday School Secretary 

Records, Classbooks, 

Attendance Cards and Related 


Meyer & Brother, Publ. 

1414 S. Wabash Avenue 
Chicago, Illinois 60605 


The Evangelical Book Store The Otterbein Book Store 

3rd & Reily Sts. 240 W. Fifth St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 Dayton, Ohio 45402 





Stained & Leaded Glass 

Church Windows Repairs a Specialty 

211 Wood St., Progress 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

"Modem Craftsmanship of an Ancient Art" 


is the 
of the 







Here is a close look at a minister s theological and 
legal right to receive and hold confidences. 

THE RIGHT TO SILENCE / Privileged Communication and the Pastor 
WILLIAM H. TIEMANN discusses the Church s historic position on con 
fession and the current theological re-examination. He surveys court 
cases which have helped shape present statutes and offers guidance to 
the minister who has been subpoenaed. The author s emphasis through 
out is that the pastor s right to silence is not adequately protected today. 
Three appendixes; fully indexed. $4.00 


Third and Reily Streets 
Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 


240 West Fifth Street 
Dayton, Ohio 45402 

discover how 


Easier Faster Better 

solve your 

2 3 


Popular models include standard rectangu 
lar, square, round; with handy storage 
trucks plus two versatile rolling-folding 
units for limitless uses. 


Your high standards for quality 
and performance are met with 
Mitchell . . . giving you the 
greatest values ever. 



Assure unobstructed view for best Create one-level platforms and 
appearance and performance. stages for any occasion. 

Make multi-level "unitized" set 
ups for countless activities. 

L 1 

Write for descriptive literature by product number 


2774-A So. 34th St., Milwaukee 46, Wisconsin 


you hear the fine tonal 
quality custom built into 
every Moller pipe organ. 

Prices Start at $6100. 


OUR 92nd YEAR 

Church Furniture by Tiffin 

Sketches and estimates without obligation 


Established in 1874 
70 Melmore St. Tiffin, Ohio 



A complete selection; all 
colors and shades. Send 
today for FREE catalog: 
C-182 (Choir Robes and 
Accessories); J-182 
(Children s Robes); P- 
182 (Pulpit Robes). 



48-25 36th St. 169 W. Wacker Dr. 1 5525 Cabrito Road 


Church and Church School Supplies 


Filled with ideas for churches, 
church schools and homes. 

Yours for the asking 

Third and Reily Streets 
Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 


240 W. 5th St. 
Dayton, Ohio 45402 









P. O. BOX 2254 


Curtains made of flameproofed 
acoustical constructed fabric. Curtains 
operate on aluminum track that can 
be curved. 


Nelson, original publishers of the Re 
vised Standard Version Bible, offers you 
the largest selection of RSV Bibles avail 
able today. Choose from over 110 Bibles 
and Testaments in a wide variety of 
attractive and durable bindings and styles. 
Whether you require a modestly priced 
Award Bible or a handsome Pulpit 
Edition, the Nelson name is your guar 
antee that each Bible is an outstanding 
example of quality craftsmanship. 

For your copy of our new Bible Catalog 
write : 

The Evangelical Book Store 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 

The Otterbein Book Store 

Dayton, Ohio 45402 


Enhance any room in your home with the new 
est creations in wall plaques! Rich, bright 
colors are printed on genuine linen and 
trimmed in walnut at the top and bottom 
edges. A perfect gift for yourself or anyone. 
3 sizes and each is gift boxed. 


8 x 12 




1 ! ~r *** "*** 

. :x x jay-- -w -. "" : ^ ^^^5W xo*** 

.r*^i :mtW^ 

"May be purchased at your Otterbein and 
Evangelical Book Stores." 


le Third Dimension 


To the universally accepted three-step, square-base brass altar 
set, REVELL-WARE has added "The Cross with the Third Dimen 
sion" a cross one full inch in depth in the most popular 24" 
and 30" sizes. 

Here is altar ware created from heavy, solid brass hand 
polished to a radiant luster, protected for many years by a guar 
anteed, baked-on enamel finish. 

REVELL-WARE S forged bases are guaranteed to be free of the 
imperfections often found in the cast bases of other altar ware. 
The specially treated vase liners, perfectly matching the richness 
of REVELL-WARE S solid brass, cannot tarnish and are easily 

Beautifully proportioned, architecturally adaptable, the 
REVELL-WARE Altar set available in four sizes is designed for 
use in all types of churches, regardless of size. 







$65.00 ea. 




78.00 ea. 








55.00 pr. 




55.00 pr. 

Crosses above measure 2 

" in width; 1" 

in depth. 




$42.00 ea. 




48.00 ea. 




34.00 pr. 




34.00 pr. 




39.50 pr. 

Crosses above measure 1 /j 

" in width; % 

" in depth. 

Extra Vase Liners; RW-1224V. $8.50 pair; RW-1215V, $6.00 pair 
Candlesticks. Vases and Vase Liners supplied singly at one half 
the pair price. 

Cross supplied with IMS emblem unless ordered otherwise. 
Altar sets can be engraved at slight charge; contact for details. 



These extra deep offering plates are designed to 
insure ease in handling and maximum capacity. 
They ore finished with an extremely durable 
baked-on enamel which will withstand years of 
constant handling. 

velvet pads are removable so that plates 

be washed. 

le specify color of pad {green or maroon) 

whether or not the IMS emblem is desired. 

6V." x I /," 
RW-65 Brass only $6.00 

9" x iy 2 " 

RW-90 Brass 

RW-90-C Chrome 

RW-90-SP Silver Plate 13.50 


12" x2" 


Silver Plate 
Sterling Silver 




Increasingly popular in churches of all 
denominations is the hanging cross. 
Made of solid brass, this handsome 
hanging cross possesses the same 

baked-on enamel finish featured in all 
REVELl-WARE brass pieces. 
24" CROSS 

24" x 2" x 1". crossarm. 13" 
RW 2024 $45.00 


30" x 2" x 1", crossarm. 16 
RW-2030 $70.00 


36" x 2" x 1". crossarm. 18 
RW-2036 $90.00 

48" CROSS 

48" x 3" x l /i", crossarm, 25" 
RW 2048 $150.00 

Cross supplied with IMS emblem unless ordered other 
wise. (Instruction for hanging and five feet of brass chain 
supplied with each cross.) 

Inquire about prices for larger hanging crosses. 

Give your church the most appreciated memorial. 
Any piece engraved at slight additional charge. 




If you are planning 

a Church Building 

...we can help you 



P. O. BOX 142-URBANA, ILL. 61802 

C B I will gladly respond to your 

request for a meeting. 

Minister or Chm. 

Name of Church 


Just Published the 

Revised Standard 

Version edition of the 


One of the most helpful, informative 
and complete editions of the Bible 
ever published, newly revised in ac 
cordance with the Revised Standard 
Version and completely reset. 

Contains Introductory articles 

Prose set in paragraphs Poetry 
set in verse 16 full-color maps 
Large, easy-to-read type Printed on 
quality Bible paper Binding stamped 
in gold, with protective jacket 1760 
pages Attractively bound in blue 
cloth over boards, $8.95 
Bound in imitation leather with gold 
edges, $12.95 

Available from: 

The Evangelical Book Store 

Third and Reily Streets 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102 

The Otterbein Book Store 

240 West Fifth Street 

Dayton, Ohio 45402 


Can you broaden YOUR church s ministry? 

Certainly! One easy and effective way is to supply The Upper Room 
to each family in your congregation. 

The Upper Room, which contains a daily Bible reading, prayer, medita 
tion and Thought for the Day, has become more than just a publication. 
Interdenominational, interracial, and international, it has become a move 
ment and a ministry, helping to fulfill the spiritual needs of millions of 
people in some 120 countries around the world. 

Upwards to fifty thousand churches broaden their ministry through the 
distribution of The Upper Room to their families. These churches have 
found that it not only encourages individual and family worship, but also 
church attendance and support. Those who have devotions in the home are 
more dedicated church members. 

The price is only 10 cents per copy in lots of 10 or more of one issue to 
one address. Churches can make this small cost self-liquidating. 

When in Nashville, visit The Upper Room Chapel, Museum and Devo 
tional Library. Write for free city map. 

A free sample copy of The Upper Room will be sent upon request. Just 


The world s most widely used daily devotional guide 
1908 Grand Avenue Nashville, Tennessee 37203 



Biblical Knowleu: 



Vol. I General Articles; Genesis, Exodus 

Vol. II Leviticus-Samuel 

Vol. Ill Kings-Job 

Vol. IV Psalms, Proverbs 

Vol. V Ecclesiastes-Jeremiah 

Vol. VI Lamentations-Malachi 

Vol. VII General Articles; Matthew, Mark 

Vol. VIII Luke, John 

Vol. IX The Acts, Romans 

Vol. X Corinthians-Ephesians 

Vol. XI Philippians-Hebrews 

Vol. XII James-Revelation; General Articles 

(including the Dead Sea Scrolls); Indexes 

Christendom s most comprehen 
sive commentary on the entire 
Bible. King James and Revised 
Standard Versions printed in par 
allel columns. The work of 146 
Bible scholars. 

Single volumes, $8.75 
The 12 -volume set, $89.50 

Available in leather-bound edition 
(12-volume sets only), $199.50 


An illustrated encyclopedia defining and explaining: 
EVERY person named in the Bible or Apocrypha 
EVERY town and region, hill and stream 
EVERY plant, animal, and mineral 
EVERY object used in daily life 
MAJOR biblical doctrines and theological concepts 
More than 1,000 black-and-white illustrations 
32 pages of full-color illustrations 
24 pages of full-color Westminster maps 

The 3,976 page, four-volume set, $45 

Published by ABINGDON PRESS 

The Evangelical Book Store 

Third and Reily Streets 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 

The Otterbein Book Store 
240 West Fifth Street 
Dayton, Ohio 45402 



Le Mars, Iowa 
Liberal Arts 


Teacher Training 

Fully Accredited 

Devoted to academic excellence, person-mindedness 
and church-relatedness. 

HARRY H. KALAS, President 

For Further Information Write: 


Since 1938 it has been the prime task 
of Cathedral Films to interpret the 
Bible in terms of fine Audio Visual 
materials for teachers. See your E.U.B. 
film library today, or write: 


2921U W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank California 


tterbetn College 



Serving the Church and Society 
for 118 Years 

For details concerning Otterbein, write to the 







For Information 





TO understand the content of the Christian faith. 
TO relate this understanding to the problems and 

complexities of people and the world. 
TO full and uncalculated Christian obedience. 

Address inquiries to : 
President Paul H. Eller 
Evangelical Theological Seminary 
329 East School Avenue 
Naperville, Illinois 60540 



Liberal Arts 
Science . . . Nursing 

Teacher Training 

Business Administration 


A faculty dedicated to academic excellence 
A friendly, Christian environment 

For further information write to: 
Director of Admissions 


Indianapolis, Ind. 46227 

Indiana Central College 

Department of Nursing offers a 

year, Associate Degree, Nursing Program 
Carries full college credit 

May be completed in 21 months of 

Conducted on co-educational campus 

Permits full participation in extra 
curricular activities 

Accredited by Indiana State Board 
of Nurse Registration and Nursing 

For furtker information write to Director of Admissions 

Indiana Central College, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227 


OUR 55th YEAR 


Compiled by 

Homer Rodeheaver and George W. Sanville 

A New all-purpose hymn book of three hundred and seventy-six 
selections of Standard Hymns and Gospel Songs. 

We have brought to this compilation the experience of nearly 50 
years of successful hymn book publishing. Every selection has been 
tested and chosen after the most exacting examination for congrega 
tional singing. 

Send for an examination copy and see for yourself what a superior 
collection of material we have for your use. 

Full Cloth Binding, $1.85 a copy, postpaid 

$155.00 per 100, not postpaid 

(Published by The Rodeheaver Company, Winona Lake, Indiana) 
Order these hymnals from: 

Third and Reily Sts. or 240 West 5th St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 Dayton, Ohio 45402 



Revised Standard Version 


These easy-to-carry, easy-to-read volumes are 
slim... compact... beautiful. Scarcely one inch 
thick, they are printed on incredibly thin World 
Indo-Text Imperial India paper... wonderfully 

white, opaque, extremely durable, luxurious tc 
the touch. 

Handsomely bound. . .perfect personal Bibles 
ideal gifts. Note these special features: 

128 -page Concordance 

16 full-color illustrations 
especially painted for World 
by Cleveland L. Woodward 

8 full-color maps 

6-page Family Register 

Presentation Page 

More than 1400 pages, 
convenient size, 

45/ 8 " x 1" xl" 

Black Letter Edition. 
Page size: 

" x 7"x 1". Gift boxed. 

semi-overlapping covers, red 
edges $ 6.00 

semi-overlapping covers, 
amber edges $ 6.00 

semi-overlapping covers, gold 
edges, silk marker $10.00 

semi-overlapping covers, 
leather-lined, gold edges, silk 
marker (no illustrations) $16.50 

INDEXING: All above, except zipper Bibles, avail 
able with Thumb Index at $1.50 additional. 

Wonderfully clear, 
distinct type, 
self-pronouncing text 

Center column reference: 

6 beautiful bindings 

waters shall 

come a flood 

flesh. "When 

the clouds, I will 

and remember the 

covenant between 

every living creature of all 

flesh that is upon the earth." 

n God said to Noah, "This is 

27 Gen 10.2- 

NEW! World s Popular Gift Bibles 


with Concordance, 16 full-color illustrations 

King James Version, $2.50 Revised Standard Version, $2.7: 

Wonderful to give for any occasion! Extraordinary values at thi 
very modest price. Both versions contain a comprehensive Concorc 
ance, reader helps, 16 illustrations and 8 maps in full color, illuminate 
Presentation Page and Family Register. Printed from easy-to-rea< 
self-pronouncing type and superbly bound in durable, morocco-graine 
WORLUX, limp style. Choice of black, white, or red. 


Red Letter Edition Black Letter Edition 

No. 243C Black with red edges No. 5103C 

No. 243CR Red with red edges No. 5103CR 

No. 243CW White with amber edges No. 5103CW 

itroducing an economical paperback edition 


$1 45 


For young and old, the popular New 
Testament in the Language of Today 
speaks your language as you speak in 
your home, to your children and with 
your friends, over the back fence or at 
the coffee break. Now you can purchase 
this widely received American transla 
tion as an attractive and inexpensive 
paperbound book for only $1.45. Why 
not add copies for everyone to your 
home library ... for Bible class, school, 
and meetings. 

THE NEW TESTAMENT in the Language of Today 

A new American translation by William F. Beck 
Complete with the study helps of the cloth edition 

Flowing paragraphs with lively headings 

Marginal chapter and verse numbering 

Old Testament references after each book 

Historical footnotes to tell where and when 

Chronology of New Testament writers and rulers 

Deluxe, black clothbound edition . . . $4.75. 





Paperbound or Deluxe Clothbound 



Third and Reily Streets 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 



240 West Fifth St. 
Dayton, Ohio 45402 


Send for catalog showing 
complete line of 


24" Cross 30" Cross 

Complete 5 piece set:. .. .$157.50 $167.50 
Individual pieces: 

SB80 IHS Cross each 62.50 72.50 

SB81 Candlesticks pr. . . 47.50 

SB82 Vases pr 47.50 

Extra liners pr 6.00 

SB15B Candles 12 in 

box 3.50 

SB25 Tube Candles pr. . 7.00 
SB15D Candles for SB25, 

12 in box 1.25 

Base: SB80 6" x 414", SB81 & SB82 

3y 2 " x 31/2" 

Cross Flat Brass: 1%" x &" 
Cross Arms: 24"-10"; 30"-13" 

Overlay Altar Set Solid Brass Bright polish 

I I 

solid brass rod, tapered ends, superimposed on 
satin finish cross. Pieces in "H" finish are all 
satin except for base and trim in bright polish. 

Complete 5 piece sets 24" Cross 30" Cross 

SB80 Overlay Cross $177.50 $190.00 

SB80-K Celtic Cross 167.50 177.50 

SB80-K Celtic Overlay 

Cross 187.50 200.00 

Individual pieces: 

SB80 Overlay Cross each . 82.50 
SB80-K Celtic Cross 

each 72.50 

SB80-K Celtic Overlay Cross 

each 92.50 

SB81-H Candlesticks, 12" 

pr 47.50 

SB82-H Vases, 8%" pr. . 47.50 



A new and unusually handsome hanging cross, illustrated in satin finish 
with bright polish overlay, can be special ordered to specifications. 
Check with your Dealer or architect as to your individual size require 

SB65 24" 

Brass Ea. $ 65.00 

Chrome Ea. 95.00 

Silver Plate . . .Ea. 105.00 

SB65 30" 

$ 85.00 



Crosses, 24" and 30", equipped with 3 chain, 48" with 6 chain. 
Additional chain 25c per ft. 


Third and Reily Streets 
Harrisburg, Pa. 17102 


240 West Fifth Street 
Dayton, Ohio 45402 




American Bible Society 40 

Annual Conference Calendar 

Annual Conference Secretaries 

Bethesda Deaconess Work 52-54 

Board of Bishops Addresses 75 

Calendar, Civil 

Calendar for 1966, Evangelical United Brethren 


Colors of Paraments and Vestments 37 

Colleges and Seminaries, 1966 Calendar and Statistics 41-43, 48^9 

Conference Camp Locations and Contact Persons 3032 

Conference Superintendents and Addresses 68-69 

Conference Branch WSWS Presidents 80-81 

Denominational Booklets You Need 

Ecclesiastical Calendar for 1966 33-36 

Evangelists 69 

Foreword by The Editor 

General Board Memberships: 

Board of Christian Education (General YF, EUB Men) 81-83 

Board of Evangelism 8384 

Board of Missions ( Membership ) 79-80 

Division of World Mission 80 

Division of Home Missions and Church Extension 80 

Division of Women s Service 80 

Board of Ministerial Education and Relations 81 

Board of Pensions 79 

Board of Publication 78-79 

Council of Administration 76-78 

Church Trustees 77 

Historical Society 84-85 

Home Statistics, Board, Superintendents 5051, 8586 

Issues Before the General Conference Paul V. Church 10 

"Jesus Christ Renews His Church Through Its Penetration of the Total 

Community" 12 

Know Our Colleges and Seminaries 44-46 

Boards of Trustees 86-88 

Literature of the Church 26 

Local Aids in Christian Education Directory 89 

Ministerial Directory, Alphabetical 118174 

Ministers and Appointments 90117 

Ministers Memorial Roll 74 

Missionaries: Overseas Fields and Home Fields 65-67 

Offerings, Where to be sent 

Overseas Ministers 7073 

Printing Establishment, United Brethren in Christ 78-79 

Sunday School Lessons, Titles and Scripture 3940 

Statistics Dr. Paul V. Church, Statistician 56-64 

Statistics of European Conferences 

Statistics of Seminaries 55 

Statistics of Sierra Leone, West Africa, Conference 174 

Well-Known Organizations and Addresses 38 

We Look to a New Curriculum Rev. Harold H. Hazenfield 





Dayton, Ohio 
The First Term begins September 6, 1966 

A professional graduate school of the Evangelical United Brethren Church 
for the training of ministers, Christian education workers and missionaries, ac 
credited by the American Association of Theological Schools. 

A well-qualified faculty of nineteen scholars doing continuous study and 
research in their fields. Close faculty-student relationships. 

Three full-time professionally trained librarians. Over $12,000 is spent an 
nually for new books. The Library building is one of the best in America and 
contains more than 57,000 well-selected volumes. 

Offers a total of 140 courses, 36 of which 
are required for graduation with the Bachelor 
of Divinity degree, 24 for the Master of 
Religious Education degree and 9 post-B.D. 
courses plus thesis for the Master of Sacred 
Theology degree. 

The A.B. degree or its equivalent is re 
quired for admission. Scholarship help avail 

Applicants Address 


United Theological Seminary, 

Dayton, Ohio 45406 


A Two-year Accredited Junior College 
Founded 1875 

Courses in General Education, Liberal Arts, Business Administration, 
Pre-professional, Nursing Education. 


A Four-year, Degree granting, Accredited School of Music 
Degrees Granted: Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, 
Bachelor of Music in Church Music. 

Pledged to the Standards of the Church 

For Catalog and full information: 


Director of Admissions Winchester, Virginia 

Lebanon Valley College 


Celebrates Its Centennial in 1966 

A co-educational college of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Fully accredited by the American Chemical Society, the Department 

of Public Instruction of Pennsylvania, the Middle States Associ 
ation of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the National 
Association of Schools of Music. 

A member of the American Council on Education, the Association 

of American Colleges, the College Entrance Examination Board, 
the College Scholarship Service, the Council of Protestant Col 
leges and Universities, the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges 
and Universities, and the Pennsylvania Foundation for Inde 
pendent Colleges. 

Approved by the American Association of University Women and 

the Regents of the University of the State of New York. 

Offers a Choice Among Five Degrees: 

Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Science 

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 

Bachelor of Science in Medical 


Bachelor of Science in Nursing