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280 F29h 1956 55-40044 

This Volume is for 

Yearbook of American Churches 



Yearbook of 
American Churches 


Issued September, 1955 . 

Edited by BENSON Y. LANDIS, Ed. of Research Publications 

Bureau of Research and Survey 

Published by Office of Publication and Distribution 

National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A, 
297 Fourth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y. 

Year of 




1916 Federal Council Year Book H. K. Carroll 

1917 Federal Council Year Book H. K. Carroll 

1918 Yearbook of the Churches C. F. Armitage 

1919 Yearbook of the Churches C. F. Armitage 

1920 Yearbook of the Churches. S. R. Warburton 

1922 Yearbook of the Churches E. O. Watson 

1923 Yearbook of the Churches E. O. Watson 

1925 Yearbook of the Churches E. O. Watson 

1927 The Handbook of the Churches B. S. Winchester 

1931 The New Handbook of the Churches Charles Stelzle 

1933 Yearbook of American Churches H. C. Weber 

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1937 Yearbook of American Churches H. C. Weber 

1939 Yearbook of American Churches H. C. Weber 

1941 Yearbook of American Churches B. Y. Landis 

1943 Yearbook of American Churches B. Y. Landis 

1945 Yearbook of American Churches B. Y. Landis 

1947 Yearbook of American Churches 

B. Y. Landis, G. F. Ketcham 

1949 Yearbook of American Churches G. F. Ketcham 

1951 Yearbook of American Churches G. F. Ketcham. 

1952 Yearbook of American Churches B. Y. Landis 

1953 Yearbook of American Churches B. Y. Landis 

1955 Yearbook of American Churches B. Y. Landis 

Printed in the United States of America 

Library of Congress catalog card number: 16-5726. 

Copyright, 1955, by the National Council of the Churches of 
Christ in the United States of America 

All rights reserve^ 


This book presents compilations of information on all faiths in the 
United States. It is the 24th issue of the YEARBOOK OF AMERICAN CHURCHES. 
It is a work of reference published annually. As an annual publication it 
records the yearly changes of officers of numerous religious organizations, 
and provides a continuous record of the statistics that are also published 
yearly by the numerous religious bodies. All the information contained 
herein comes from the religious organizations themselves. 

After long discussion it has been decided to use a method of dating 
followed by a number of other publishers of reference works. Thus this 
"Edition for 1956" contains data gathered in 1955 and presents the latest 
information secured at as recent a date as practicable for the publication 
schedule. It is well known that information must be gathered some 
months prior to the printing of a book. 

The information on organized religion, and on related organizations in 
which it is believed that many religious agencies have an interest, con- 
sists chiefly of directories and of statistical and historical data. 

Among the eleven directories, one is on certain religious bodies in 
Canada. The largest directory is the one devoted to the religious bodies, 
or communions, in the United States. An effort is made to record all 
known denominations, and to report data for those willing to furnish 
documentary information. A few have declined to furnish information. 
The names and addresses of these are given, with a note indicating in- 
formation has been declined. The aim of the Editor is to be inclusive, 
to expand the coverage, and not to pass judgment on the nature of the 
program carried on. 

The "latest information" on statistics is given under categories of 
church membership, religious education, clergy, and finance. These figures 
are compiled for Continental United States, i.e., the 48 states and the 
District of Columbia, and thus are not always the total official figures 
published by a given religious body, because some denominations in 
the U.S. include members in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or even in other 
nations. The purpose in presenting a compilation for Continental U.S. 
is to provide data comparable with similar tabulations made for many 

Studies of trends, comparing the latest statistics with those of prior 
years are made for the purpose of aiding those who wish to make com- 

State and local councils are listed in three sections: those with paid 
leadership, those with voluntary leadership, and the state organizations 
of church women. It is understood that the local councils of church men 
are reported under the state and local councils of churches. 

The user of this volume deserves a frank word concerning its limita- 
tions. A few of the directories do not contain every institution or organ- 
ization in the United States. They do, however, contain large numbers 
of organizations believed to be needed in a national listing. There has 
not been available the staff time required to compile, or the money to 
print, the names of, say, every institution training clergymen, or every 
known religious periodical. At present it is not practical to present such 
lists because of costs of compilation and printing. Our listings have stood 
the pragmatic tests of many users. 


All the information in this book has been supplied generously by 
others. It is possible to scrutinize and to check with previous reports 
the data supplied. Ordinarily, however, it has not been possible to verify 
these data. If in spite of great care errors have occurred, the Editor will 
thank the users of the book for corrections which will be made in the 
next edition. 

The compilation and editing of the volume were committed to the 
Bureau of Research and Survey of the National Council. Executives and 
staff members of many units of the Council have shown an interest in 
the" book and have gladly helped in the process of preparation. 



Among the information appearing in this book: 

A total membership of 97,482,611 persons in 254 religious bodies in 
Continental United States is reported by official church statisticians in a 
compilation of "the latest information." Most of the bodies report figures 
for the calendar year 1954, or a fiscal year ending in 1954. 

This is a gain of 2.8 per cent over the figures reported a year earlier. 
The population gain was 1.7 per cent. The number of Protestant members 
reported increased 2.3 per cent over the previous annual total; the num- 
ber of Roman Catholics increased 2.9 per cent. 

The total church membership is at a new high, as is the proportion of 
church members in the population 60.3 per cent. 

The six major groups report members as follows: 

Buddhist 63,000 

Old Catholic and Polish National Catholic 367,918 

Eastern Orthodox 2,024,219 

Jewish 5,500,000 

Roman Catholic 32,403,332 

Protestant 57,124,142 

The number of local churches reported by all faiths is 300,056, a gain 
of 1.9 per cent. 

The total number of pastors reported having charges in local churches 
is 213,167. Only 219 bodies made a report on this item. The number of 
Protestant pastors reported with charges now stands at 193,522. All re- 
porting bodies give a total of 341,422 ordained persons, many of these 
being retired or in other vocations. 

There is a total enrollment of 37,623,530 persons in 262,826 Sunday or 
Sabbath schools. These have 2,970,614 teachers and officers. The gain in 
enrollment was 6.3 per cent for the year, Protestant churches reported 
93 per cent of the total enrollment, or 34,990,572 persons. 

There are 81 religious bodies with 50,000 or more members each, and 
these reported 98.4 per cent of all members of religious bodies. 



Introduction v 

I. The Calendar of the Christian Year 1 

Table of Dates Ahead 4 

II. Directories 

1. Cooperative Organizations, National 5 

2. Religious Bodies in the United States 13 

3. Religious Bodies in Canada 107 

4. Agencies Having Ecumenical Connections 110 

5. State and Local Councils 

A. With Paid Leadership 116 

B. With Voluntary Leadership 180 

C. State Councils of Church Women 199 

6. Theological Seminaries 201 

7. Colleges and Universities 207 

8. Religious Periodicals 221 

9. Service Agencies: Social, Civic, Religious 227 

III. Statistical and Historical Section 

1. The Latest Information on Membership, Reli- 

gious Education, Clergy, and Finance 236 

2. Some Trends 266 

3. Data on Recent Church Developments 269 

4. The Scriptures and Religious Book Publishing . . 277 

5. Depositories of Church History Material and 

Sources 280 

IV. Index 282 

Advertisements 282 



1955 - 1956 - 1957 - 1958 - 1959 

"The Christian Year preserves the Personality oj religion. 3 ' 

Phillips Brooks 

Season of Expectancy 

1955 1956 



1st Sunday in Advent 

Nov 27 Dec 2 

Dec 1 

Nov 30 

2nd Sunday in Advent 

Dec 4 Dec 9 

Dec 8 

Dec 7 

Universal Bible Sunday 

Dec 11 Dec 9 

Dec 8 

Dec 14 

3rd Sunday in Advent 

Dec 11 Dec 16 

Dec 15 

Dec 14 

4th Sunday in Advent 

(Sunday before Christmas) 

Dec 18 Dec 23 

Dec 22 

Dec 21 


Season of the Nativity 

1955 1956 



Christmas: The Birth of our Lord. 

Dec 25 Dec 25 

Dec 25 

Dec 25 

Sunday after Christmas 

Janl'56 Dec 30 

Dec 29 

Dec 28 

New Year's Eve (Watch Night) 

Dec 31 Dec 31 

Dec 31 

Dec 31 

1956 1957 



Festival of the Christening 

Jan 1 Jan 1 

Jan 1 

Jan 1 

Second Sunday in Christmastide 

Ta-n fi 

Jan 5 

Jan 4 

- i an o 

Twelfth Night: Epiphany Eve 

Jan 5 Jan 5 

Jan 5 

Jan 5 

Universal Week of Prayer 

Jan 1 Jan 6 

Jan 5 

Jan 4 

to 8 to 13 

to 12 

to 11 



of the Evangel 

1956 1957 



1st Sunday after Epiphany 

Jan 6 Jan 6 
Jan 8 Jan 13 

Jan 6 
Jan 12 

Jan 6 
Jan 11 

2nd Sunday after Epiphany 

Jan 15 Jan 20 

Jan 19 

Jan 18 

Missionary Day 

Church & Economic Life Week 

Jan 15 Jan 20 

Jan 19 

Jan 18 

to 21 to 26 

to 25 

to 24 

Youth Week 

Jan 29 Jan 27 

Jan 26 

Jan 25 

to Feb 5 to Feb 3 

to Feb 2 

to Feb 1 

3rd Sunday after Epiphany 
4th Sunday after Epiphany 

Jan 22 Jan 27 
Jan 29 Feb 3 

Jan 26 
Feb 2 

Jan 25 
Feb 1 

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple . . 
5th Sunday after Epiphany 

Feb 2 Feb 2 
Feb 5 Feb 10 

Feb 2 
Feb 9 

Feb 2 
Feb 8 

Race Relations Sunday 

.. Feb 12 Feb 10 

Feb 9 

Feb 8 

6th Sunday after Epiphany 

Feb 12 Feb 17 

Feb 16 

Universal Day of Prayer for Students . 
Brotherhood Week 

Feb 19 Feb 17 
Feb 19 Feb 17 

Feb 16 
Feb 16 

Feb 15 
Feb 22 

to 26 to 24 

to 23 

to Marl 

7th Sunday after Epiphany 
The Transfiguration (also Aug. 6) 

Q-J-lt Qni"i/4iTr ct-f-i-f^v TCwiWl-iavtxr 


Feb 23 
Feb 16 

Feb 9 8 

. , JC tJU ^*r 

Feb 12 Mar 2 

Ayfai. O. 


Season of Renewal 





Ash Wednesday 
World Day of Prayer 
1st Sunday in Lent 
2nd Sunday in Lent 
3rd Sunday in Lent 
4th Sunday in Lent 
The Annunciation 

Feb 15 
Feb 17 
Feb 19 
Feb 26 
Mar 4 
Mar 11 
Mar 25 

Mar 6 
Mar 8 
Mar 10 
Mar 17 
Mar 24 
Mar 31 
Mar 25 

Feb 19 
Feb 21 
Feb 23 

Mar 2 
Mar 9 
Mar 16 
Mar 25 

Feb 11 
Feb 13 
Feb 15 
Feb 22 
Mar 1 
Mar 8 
Mar 25 

Passion Sunday 
Holy Week 

Mar 18 
Mar 25 

Apr 7 
Apr 14 

Mar 23 
Mar 30 

Mar 15 
Mar 22 

to 31 

to 20 

to Apr 5 

to 28 

Palm Sunday 

Mar 25 

Apr 14 

Mar 30 

Mar 22 

Maundy Thursday 
Good Friday 

Mar 29 
Mar 30 

Apr 18 
Apr 19 

Apr 3 
Apr 4 

Mar 26 
Mar 27 

Easter Eve 

Mar 31 

Apr 20 

Apr 5 

Mar 28 

Season of the Resurrection 






. . . Apr 1 

Apr 21 

Apr 6 

Mar 29 

1st Sunday after Easter 
2nd Sunday after Easter 

Apr 8 
Apr 15 

Apr 28 
May 5 

Apr 13 
Apr 20 

Apr 5 
Apr 12 

National Christian College Day 

Apr 15 

Apr 28 

Apr 20 

Apr 12 

3rd Sunday after Easter 
4th Sunday after Easter 
May Fellowship Day 
Rural Life Sunday 

Apr 22 
Apr 29 
May 4 
May 6 

May 12 
May 19 
May 3 
May 26 

Apr 27 
May 4 
May 2 
May 11 

Apr 19 
Apr 26 
May 1 
May 3 

Youth Sunday (One of the 

Sundays after Easter) 
National Family Week 

May 6 

May 5 

May 4 

May 3 

to 13 

to 12 


to 10 

Festival of the Christian Home 

(Mother's Day) 

May 13 

May 12 

May 11 

May 10 

Ascension Day 

May 10 

May 30 

May 15 

May 7 

Sunday after Ascension Day 

May 13 

June 2 

May 18 

May 10 

Memorial Day 

May 30 

May 30 

May 30 

May 30 


Season of the Holy Spirit and of the Birth and 
Expansion of the Christian Church 

Whitsunday (Pentecost) 

Birth of the Christian Church 
Christian Unity Sunday 

Trinity Sunday 

2nd Sunday after Pentecost 

Children's Sunday 

3rd Sunday after Pentecost 

4th Sunday after Pentecost 

Nature Sunday 

5th Sunday after Pentecost 

Independence Sunday 

Independence Day 


May 20 

May 27 
June 3 
June 10 
June 10 
June 17 
June 24 
June 24 
July 1 
July 4 

June 9 

June 16 
June 23 
June 9 
June 30 
July 7 
June 30 
July 14 
June 30 
July 4 


May 25 

June 1 
June 8 
June 8 
June 15 
June 22 
June 29 
June 29 
June 29 
July 4 


May 17 

May 24 
May 31 
June 14 
June 7 
June 14 
June 28 
June 21 
June 28 
July 4 


1956 1957 

6th Sunday after Pentecost July 1 July 21 

7th Sunday after Pentecost July 8 July 28 

8th Sunday after Pentecost July 15 Aug 4 

9th Sunday after Pentecost July 22 Aug 11 

The Transfiguration (also last 

Sunday in Epiphany) Aug 6 Aug 6 

10th Sunday after Pentecost July 29 Aug 18 

llth Sunday after Pentecost Aug 5 (See 

12th Sunday after Pentecost Aug 12 Kingdom- 

13th Sunday after Pentecost Aug 19 tide) 

1958 1959 

July 6 June 28 

July 13 July 5 

July 20 July 12 

July 27 July 19 

Aug 6 Aug 6 

Aug 3 July 26 

Aug 10 Aug 2 

Aug 17 Aug 9 

Aug 24 Aug 16 

Season of the Kingdom of God on Earth 

Festival of Christ the King. . 
llth Sunday after Pentecost 
12th Sunday after Pentecost 

Labor Sunday 

Labor Day 

13th Sunday after Pentecost 
14th Sunday after Pentecost 
15th Sunday after Pentecost 
16th Sunday after Pentecost 
17th Sunday after Pentecost 
18th Sunday after Pentecost 
19th Sunday after Pentecost 
Christian Education Week. . , 

20th Sunday after Pentecost 
World-Wide Communion. . . . 

Men & Missions Day 

Churchmen's Week 

Laymen's Sunday 

21st Sunday after Pentecost. . 

World Order Sunday. 

World Temperance Day 

Reformation Sunday 

Reformation Day 

22nd Sunday after Pentecost 

All Saints' Day 

All Souls' Day 

World Community Day 

23rd Sunday after Pentecost 
24th Sunday after Pentecost 
25th Sunday after Pentecost 
26th Sunday after Pentecost 
27th Sunday after Pentecost 

Stewardship Day 

Thanksgiving Sunday 

Thanksgiving Day 




1958 1959 

Aug 28 Aug 26 
(See Whitsun- 

Aug 25 
Aug 25 

Aug 31 Aug 30 

(See Whitsun- 



Sept 1 

tide, above) 

Sept 4 

Sept 2 

Sept 1 

Aug 31 Sept 6 

Sept 5 

Sept 3 

Sept 2 

Sept 1 Sept 7 

Aug 19 

Sept 8 

(See Whitsuntide) 

Sept 4 

Aug 26 

Sept 15 

Aug 31 Aug 23 

Sept 11 

Sept 2 

Sept 22 

Sept 7 Aug 30 

Sept 18 

Sept 9 

Sept 29 

Sept 14 Sept 6 

Sept 25 

Sept 16 

Oct 6 

Sept 21 Sept 13 

Oct 2 

Sept 23 

Oct 13 

Sept 28 Sept 20 

Oct 9 

Sept 30 

Oct 20 

Oct 5 Sept 27 

Sept 25 

Sept 30 

Sept 29 

Sept 28 Sept 27 

to Oct 2 

to Oct 7 

to Oct 6 

to Oct 5 to Oct 4 

Oct 16 

Oct 7 

Oct 27 

Oct 12 Oct 4 

Oct 2 

Oct 7 

Oct 6 

Oct 5 Oct 4 

Oct 9 

Oct 14 

Oct 13 

Oct 12 Oct 11 

Oct 9 

Oct 14 

Oct 13 

Oct 12 Oct 11 

to 16 

to 21 

to 20 

to 19 to 18 

Oct 16 

Oct 21 

Oct 20 

Oct 19 Oct 18 

Oct 23 

Oct 14 

Nov 3 

Oct 19 Oct 11 

Oct 23 

Oct 21 

Oct 20 

Oct 19 Oct 25 

Oct 30 

Oct 28 

Oct 27 

Oct 26 Oct 25 

Oct 30 

Oct 28 

Oct 27 

Oct 26 Nov 1 

Oct 31 

Oct 31 

Oct 31 

Oct 31 Oct 31 

Oct 30 

Oct 21 

Nov 10 

Oct 26 Oct 18 

Nov 1 

Nov 1 

Nov 1 

Nov 1 Nov 1 

Nov 2 

Nov 2 

Nov 2 

Nov 2 Nov 2. 

Nov 4 

Nov 2 

Nov 1 

Nov 7 Nov 6 

Nov 6 

Oct 28 

Nov 17 

Nov 2 Oct 25 

Nov 13 

Nov 4 

Nov 24 

Nov 9 Nov 1 

"W-kxr QA 

TVJrtxr 1 1 

"NJrw Ifi TMrtv ft 

JLN O V t\J 

"M/-'*T O7 

1.NOV J.J. 
"NTrtxr 1 ft 

TVJrkrr 9^1 "\Trv 1 ^ 

JNOV tl 

"M/\xr OK. 


TSTn-rr oo 

Nov 13 


Nov 11 

Nov 24 

Nov 30 Nov 29 

Nov 20 

Nov 18 

Nov 24 

Nov 23 Nov 22 

Nov 24 

Nov 22 

Nov 28 

Nov 27 Nov 26 

Harvest Festivals are observed on appropriate Sundays from August through November. 

This Calendar is partly from an insert for "The Christian Year," a Suggestive Guide 
for the Worship of the Church in the Pamphlet Library on Worship published by 
the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., 297 Fourth Ave., New York 
JO, N. Y. (Revised i 1954.) 



The following table indicates when Easter and other important festival days 
occur during the next few years. It also indicates the number of Sundays during 
Epiphany and after Pentecost for each year of the period. Easter may come as 
early as March 22nd or as late as April 25th, thus bringing a wide variation in the 
number of Sundays included in certain of the Christian seasons. 





. 5s 


M j 






First Su 
in Adve 




















































































June 10 
















Year Latin Easter Orthodox Easter 

(New Calendar) 

1955 April 10 April 17 

1956 April 1 May 6 

1957 April 21 April 21 

1958 April 6 April 13 

1959 Mar. 29 May 3 

1960 April 17 April 17 

1961 April 2 April 9 

1962 April 22 April 29 

1963 April 14 April 14 





General Assembly, Triennial. (Next meeting, 1957.) 

President, Rev. Eugene Carson Blake. 
Treasurer/ Mr. Charles E. Wilson. 
Assoc. Treas., Mr. John H. Platt. 
Recording Secretary, Mr. Ralph M. Arkush. 
Vice-Presidents ai-large: 

Mr. John D. Crummey. 

Mrs. Walter B. Driscoll. 

Mr. Richard A. Farnsworth. 

Very Rev. Georges Florovsky. 

Mr. B. E. Hutchinson. 

Mrs. Eugene Ross McCarthy. 

Bishop Reuben H. Mueller. 

Bishop D. Ward Nichols. 

Rev. James E. Wagner. 

Dr. H. Torrey Walker. 

Mr. Al Whitehouse. 

Rev. Mrs. James D. Wyker. 
Vice-Presidents for the Divisions: 

Rev. Paul C. Payne 
(Christian Education) 

Mrs. Douglas Horton 
(Christian Life and Work) 

Rev. Eugene L. Smith 
(Foreign Missions) 

Rev. Purd E. Deitz 
(Home Missions) 


General Secretariat 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N.Y. 
Gen. Sec., Roy G. Ross. 

Asst. to Gen. Sec., Mrs. B. Margaret 


Assoc. Gen. Sec., Roswell P. Barnes. 
Asst. Gen. Sec. (Washington Office), 

Earl F. Adams. 
Asst. Gen. Sec. for Program, Miss Leila 

W. Anderson. 
Asst. Gen. Sec. for Administration, J, E. 

Asst. Gen. Sec. for Field Operations, 

J. Quinter Miller. 

Asst. to Asst. Gen. Sec. for Field 

Operations, Miss Theresa Capell. 
Asst. Gen. Sec. (at-large), Wilbur C. 

Asst. Gen. Sec. for Finance, Richard B. 


Division of Christian Education 

79 E. Adams St., Chicago 3, ni., and 
257 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
(except as otherwise stated) 

Central Administration 
Exec. Sec., Gerald E. Knoff (Chicago 
and New York). 

Assoc. Exec. Sees.: Alcwyn L. Roberts 
and Harry H. Kalas (Chicago); J. Allan 
Ranck and Hubert C. Noble (New 

Adm. Asst., Mrs. Orville M. Smith (Chi- 

Standard Bible Committee: Chmn., 
Luther A. Weigle (409 Prospect St., 
New Haven 11, Conn.). 

Dept. of the English Bible: Exec. Dir., J. 
Carter Swaim (New York). 

Committee on the Use and Understand- 
ing of the Bible: Dir., Philip C. Lan- 
ders (New York); Assoc. Directors: 
Earl N. Kragnes (515 Braniff Bldg., 
Oklahoma City 2, Okla.), Charles M. 
Boss (2700 Pine Blvd., St. Louis 3, 
Mo.), Gerald A. Larue (305 Grant Bldg., 
1095 Market St., San Francisco 3, Calif.), 
and Carl R. Key (1105V 2 West Chapel 
Hill St., Durham, N. C.). 

International Quadrennial Convention: 
Exec. Dir., (Chicago). 

Commission on General Christian Educa- 
tion (Chicago) 

Gen. Dir., Alcwyn L. Roberts. 

Dept. of Children's Work: Exec. Dir., 
Alice L. Goddard; Assoc. Exec. Dir., 
Mary Elizabeth Venable. 

Dept. of Youth Work: Exec. Dir., A. Wil- 
son Cheek; Assoc. Exec. Directors, 
Donald O. Newby and John S. Wood. 

Dept. of Adult Work: Exec. Dir., Rich- 
ard E. Lentz. 

Dept. of Administration and Leadership: 
Exec. Dir., W. Randolph Thornton; 
Assoc. Exec. Dir., Paul H. King. 

Dept. of Curriculum Development: Exec. 
Dir., Mildred A. Magnuson. 

Dept, of Weekday Religious Education: 
Exec. Dir., Erwin L. Shaver. 

Dept. of Religion and Public Education: 
Exec. Dir., Rolfe Lanier Hunt. 

Dept. of Audio-Visual and Radio Educa- 
tion: Exec. Dir., Pearl Rosser; Assoc. 
Exec. Dir., Milton Heitzman. 

Dept. of Educational Program: Assoc. 
Exec. Dir., Helen F. Spaulding. 

International Journal of Religious Edu- 
cation: Ed., Virgil E. Foster; Ed. emer- 
itus, Percy R. Hayward (3806 Magnolia 
Dr., Palo Alto, Calif.); Man. Ed., 
Lillian G. Williams; Dir. of Promotion 
and Circulation, J. Martin Bailey. 

Commission on Christian Higher Educa- 
tion (New York 10, N.Y.) 
Gen. Dir., Hubert C. Noble (257 4th Ave.). 
Interseminary Committee: Exec. Dir., 

Richard L. Heaton (257 4th Ave.). 
Dept. of Campus Christian Life: Exec. 
Dir., David Bryce Sageser (257 4th 


Ave.); Exec. Dir., United Student 
Christian Council, and Assoc, Exec. Dir. 
of Campus Christian Life, Herluf M. 
Jensen fl56 Fifth Ave.); Faculty Chris- 
tian Fellowship, Exec. Dir., John W. 
Dixon, Jr. 

Joint Commission on Missionary Educa- 
tion (257 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.). 
Gen. Dir,, J. Allan Ranck, 
Assoc. Gen. Dir. and Dir. of Promotion, 

William C. Walzer. 
Honorary Sec., T. H. P. Sailer. 
Dept. of Children's Work: Dir. and Ed., 

Nina Millen. 
Dept. of Youth Work: Dir. and Ed., 

Lucy M. Eldredge. 

Dept. of Adult Work: . 

Dept. of Production: Dir,, Hazel V. 

Order Dept.: Dir., Priscilla Chase. 

Joint Departments 

(Administratively related to Division 
of Christian Education) 

Joint Department of Family Life 
Exec. Dir., Richard E. Lentz. 

Joint Department of Christian Vocation 

(New York 10, N. Y.) 
Acting Exec. Dir., Hubert C. Noble (257 

4th Ave.). 
Dept. of the Ministry: Exec. Dir., Elmer 

G. Million (257 4th Ave.). 
Missionary Services Dept. (156 Fifth 

Ave.): Exec. Dir., L. Newton Thurber; 

Student Volunteer Movement, Gen. 

Sec,, L. Newton Thurber; Assoc. Gen. 

Sees, of SVM, William W. Keys, II, 

and Paul E. Converse; Field Program 

Sec. of SVM, Ruth Harris. 

Related Movements 

(Administratively related to Division 
of Christian Education) 

United Christian Youth Movement 

(79 East Adams St., Chicago 3, 111.). 
Exec. Sec., A. Wilson Cheek; Assoc. Exec. 
Sees., Donald O. Newby and John S. 

United Student Christian Council 
(156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N, Y.). 
Exec. Dir., Herluf M. Jensen. 

Student Volunteer Movement 

(156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y,) 

Gen. Sec., L. Newton Thurber. 

Assoc. Gen. Sees., William W. Keys, II, 
and Paul E. Converse. 

Field Program Sec,, Ruth Harris. 

Division of Christian Life and Work 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Exec. Sec., C. Arild Olsen. 
Assoc. Exec. Sec., R. H. Edwin Espy. 
Dept. of International Affairs: Exec. Dir., 

Walter W. Van Kirk; Assoc. Exec. Dir,, 

Kenneth L. Maxwell. 
Dept. of Pastoral Services: Exec. Dir., 

Otis R. Rice; Assoc. Exec. Dir., Paul 

L. Tilden. 
Dept. of Racial and Cultural Relations: 

Exec. Dir., J. Oscar Lee; Assoc. Exec. 

Dir., Alfred S. Kramer. 
Dept. of Social Welfare: Exec. Dir., Wil- 
liam J. Villaume. 


Dept. of the Church and Economic Life: 

Exec. Dir., Cameron P. Hall; Assoc. 

Exec. Dir., Elma L. Greenwood. 
Dept. of Worship and the Arts: Exec. 

Dir., Marvin P. Halverson. 
Dept. of Religious Liberty: Exec. Dir., 

Claud D. Nelson. 

Joint Departments! 

(Administratively related to Division 
of Christian Life and Work) 

Joint Department of Evangelism 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
(except as otherwise stated) 
Exec. Dir., Berlyn W. Farris. 
Assoc. Exec. Dir., H. H. McConnell. 
Educational Evangelism (79 E. Adams 

St., Chicago 3, III.): Dir., Paul L. 

Sturges; Assoc. Dir., Alva I. Cox, Jr. 
Dir. of University Christian Missions, 

James L. Stoner. 
Dir. of Christian Ministry in National 

Parks, Warren W. Ost. 

Joint Department of Stewardship and 

257 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Exec. Dir., Thomas K. Thompson. 
Assoc. Exec. Dir., Arthur O. Rinden. 
United Church Canvass: Dir., Arthur O. 

Division of Foreign Missions 

156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
(except as otherwise stated) 

Exec. Sec., Luther A. Gotwald. 

Assoc. Exec. Sec., Hazel E. Anderson. 

Missionary Personnel: Assoc. Sec., E. 
Bruce Copland. 

Public Relations: Asst. Sec., Elsie C. 

Asst. Treas., Selma M. Femrite. 

Joint Office for Southern Asia and the 
Near East: Exec. Sec., . 

Missionary Research Library (3041 
Broadway, New York 27, N. Y.) Cura- 
tor, . 

Far Eastern Joint Office: Exec. Sec., 
Wallace C. Merwin; Assoc. Sec., Helen 
L. Tufts. 

Africa Committee: Exec. Sec., George W. 
Carpenter; Assoc. Sec., Clara L. Bent- 

Christian Medical Council for Overseas 
Work (150 Fifth Ave., New York 11, 
N. Y.) : Exec. Sec., Douglas N. Forman 

Associated Missions Medical Office (150 
Fifth Ave., New York 11, N. Y.) : Dir., 
J. Horton Daniels; Staff Physicians: 
Esther B. Ames, Eva S. Weddigen, 
Logan Holt Roots, and Bruce W. Jar- 
vis; Asst. Sec., Edith B. Simon. 
Rural Missions Cooperating Committee' 
Exec. Sec., Ira W. Moomaw. 

Committee on World Literacy and Chris- 
tian Literature: Exec. Sec., Floyd C. 
Shacklock; Educ. Sec., Frederick J 

Committee on Cooperation in Latin 
America: Exec. Sec., Howard W. Yoder; 
Assoc. Sec., Helen M. Eklund; Ed. of 
La Nueva Democracia and Research 
Consultant, Alberto Rembao. 
Radio, Visual Education, and Mass Com- 
munication Committee: Exec. Sec., W. 
Burton Martin. 

Joint Department of American 
Communities Overseas (Administratively 
related to Division of Foreign Missions) 
257 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Exec. Dir., Robbins W. Barstow. 

Division of Home Missions 

257 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
(except as otherwise stated) 
Exec. Sees.: Edith E. Lowry and I. 

George Nace. 

Assoc. Sec., Louisa R. Shotwell. 
Asst. Treas., Merle Gripman. 
Dept. of Town & Country Church: Exec. 

Dir., Don F. Pielstick. 
Dept. of the Urban Church: Exec. Dir., 

Joseph W. Merchant. 

Migrant Work: 

Field Representative, Mrs. Monica B. 
Owen, 79 East Adams St., Chicago 3, 

Western Supervisor, Dean Collins, 3330 
W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles 18, 

Mid-Western Supervisor, William E. 
Scholes, 79 E. Adams St., Chicago 3, 

State and Area Directors: Paul M. Cas- 
sen, 836 Biscayne Drive, West Palm 
Beach, Fla.; Margaret H. Ekstrom, 
290 Slater Ave., Providence 6, R. I.; 
Kathryn A. Leaf, 3203 Gunston Rd., 
Alexandria, Va.; Louise Allen Bash- 
ford, 3230 West 31st Ave., Denver 11, 
Colo.; J. Robert Sandman, 504 West 
24th St., Austin, Texas; Dortha Ann 
Weaver, 400 North Marion, Oak Park, 
111.; William H. Koch, Jr., 6140 North 
9th St., Phoenix, Arizona. 

Indian Work: 

Field Representative, E. Russell Carter, 
7 Winona St., Lawrence, Kansas. 

Directors of Christian Education: Au- 
gusta T. Jackley, K-22 Army W.T., 
Ogden, Utah; Allen C. Wilcox, 121 
South Stanford Ave., Albuquerque, 
N.M.; George W. Smart, 2223 Tennes- 
see St., Lawrence, Kansas. 

Rural Extension Unit Directors of 
Leadership Education: Vinson A. Ed- 
wards, Tuskegee Institute, P. O. Box 
925, Tuskegee Institute, Ala.; Henry 
Ellis Plyler, Robinson School, Sanc- 
turce 34, Puerto Rico. 

American Committee on the Christian 
Approach to the Jews: Exec. Dir., 
Harold T. Floreen. 


Council Promotion and Publications: 

Dir., Wilmina Rowland. 
Christian Social Relations: Dir., Esther 

C. Stamats. 
Finance: Dir., Mrs. Francis Tucker. 

General Department of 
United Church Men 

257 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Gen. Dir., Edwin W. Parsons. 
General Department of 
United Church Women 
175 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Gen. Dir., Mrs. W. Murdoch MacLeod. 
Assoc. Gen. Dir., Edith L. Groner. 
Editor of The Church Woman, Mrs. 

David D. Baker. 
Christian World Missions: Dir., Mrs. 

James M. Evans. 
Christian World Relations: Dir., Elsie 

Leadership Training: Dir., Mrs. Floy S. 

Interpretation: Dir., Mrs. Emory Ross. 

Broadcasting and Film. Commission 

220 Fifth Ave., New York 1, N. Y. 
Exec. Dir., S. Franklin Mack. 
Assoc. Exec. Dir., Wesley B. Goodman. 
Television: Dir., Albert Crews.; Assoc. 

Dir., Frank B. Nichols. 
Radio: Dir., Ben E. Wilbur. 
Bus. Mgr. and Asst. Treas., Arthur W. 


Special Events: Dir., Arthur Austin. 
West Coast Office (5746 Sunset Blvd., 

Hollywood, Calif.): Dir., George A. 


Films: Dir., Alexander B. Ferguson. 
Films Distribution: Dir., Jane Margaret 

Broadcast Training and Enlistment: Dir., 

Charles H. Schmitz. 
Television Producer, Elizabeth Lee. 

Bureau of Church Building 

175 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Exec. Dir., C. Harry Atkinson. 

Central Department of 
Church World Service 

215 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
(except as otherwise stated) 

Exec. Dir., R. Norris Wilson. 

Assoc. Exec. Dir., Wayland Zwayer. 

Program in Asia and Other Non-Euro- 
pean Areas: Dir., A. Russell Steven- 
son; Assoc. Dir., Homer P. Gamboe. 

Immigration Services: Dir., A. Roland 

Overseas Relief Administrator, Wm. T. 

Promotional Services: Dir., John W. Ab- 
bott; Asst. Dir., John D. Metzler. 

Public Relations: Staff Associate, Gilbert 
E. Blackford. 

CROP (117 West Lexington Ave., Elk- 
hart, Ind.): Dir., Albert W. Farmer. 

Central Department of 
Ecumenical Relations 

257 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Exec. Dir., Robbins W. Barstow. 

Office of Budget 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Dir. and Assoc. Sec. for Administration, 
H. Leroy Brininger. 

Office of Business Services 

120 East 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y. 

Dir., Emerson Brown. 

Midwest Office (79 East Adams St., 
Chicago 3, HI.): Dir., Everett L. Crum. 

Office of Central Records 

120 East 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y. 

Office for Councils of Churches 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Exec. Dir., John B. Ketcham. 
Financial Counselling: Dir., Winfred P. 
Buckwalter, Jr. 

Office of Finance 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

(except as otherwise stated) 

Dir., Donald F. Landwer. 

Assoc. Dirs., Fred L. Barrows, Thomas 
W. Redick and Josephine Little. 


Assoc. Dir (79 East Adams St., Chicago 

3, 111), Melvin E. Soltau. 
Asst. to Dir., Mrs. James E, Amerman. 

Office of Organizalion and Management 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Dir., Harry T. Toulmin. 
Asst. Dir., Edwin C. Foster 

Office of Personnel 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N, Y. 

Dir., Helen F. Kindt. 

Midwest Office (79 East Adams St., 
Chicago 3, 111.): Dir., Ellen Lund. 

Office of Publication and Distribution 
120 East 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y. 

Dir., Norman E. Tompkins. 

Assoc. Dir., Robert J. Harper. 

Promotion Mgr., Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn. 

Office of Public Relations 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
(except as otherwise stated) 
Exec. Dir., Donald C. Bolles. 
Assoc. Dirs., Frederick Fletcher Coates 
(N. Y.), and Wendell Kellogg (79 E. 
Adams St., Chicago 3, HI.). 
Editorial Asst., Mrs. Geraldine Sartain. 
Assoc. Ed. of National Council Outlook, 
Aenid A. Sanborn. 

Bureau of 

Research and Survey 

297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
(except as otherwise stated) 
Exec. Dir., Lauris B. Whitman. 
Editor of Research Publications, Benson 

Y. Landis. 
Field Research (120 East 23rd St., New 

York 10, N. Y.): Dir., . 

Research in Christian Education (79 East 

Adams St, Chicago 3, HI.): Dir., Helen 

F. Spaulding. 
Research for Christian Life and Work 

(120 East 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y.) : 

Dir., Setsuko Matsunaga Nishi. 
Research in Foreign Missions (3041 

Broadway, New York 27, N. Y.): 

Dir., . 

Research Associate, Inez M. Cavert. 

Librarian, Agnes H. Campbell. 

Asst. to Exec. Dir., Marion J. Nelson. 

Office of Treasury and Accounting 
297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Dir. and Asst. Treas., John K. Petersen. 

Asst. Comptroller, Walter P. Kehoe. 

Washington Office 

122 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington 2, 

Asst. Dir., Nadine Blair. 
Special Services: Dir., Charles Magill 

Southern Office 

63 Auburn Ave., N.E., Atlanta 3, Ga. 
Dir., John Edward Lantz. 

Constituent Bodies of ihe 
National Council 

(As published by the National Council) 
African Methodist Episcopal Church: Pres., 

Council of Bishops, Bishop S. L. Greene, 

1212 Fountain Drive, S.W., Atlanta, Ga.; 

Sec., Council of Bishops, Bishop D. 

Ward Nichols, 2295 Seventh Ave., New 

York 30, N. Y. 

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church- 
Presiding Bishop of District, Bishop W. 
J Walls, 4736 South Parkway, Chicago 

15, HI.; Sec., Board of Bishops, Bishop 

American Baptist Convention: Pres., Mr. 
Frank A. Nelson, 2007 Washington Ave., 
Racine Wise.; Gen. Sec., Dr. Reuben E. 
Nelson, 152 Madison Ave., New York 

16, N. Y. 

Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church: 
Pres., Dr. Oscar A. Benson, 2445 Park 
Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Sec., Rev. D. 
Verner Swanson, 328 Hamilton St., 
Geneva, HI. 

Church of the Brethren: Mod., Rev. Paul 
Robinson, Bethany Biblical Semu, 3435 
W. Van Bur en St., Chicago 24, 111.; Gen. 
Sec., Rev. Norman J. Baugher, 22 So. 
State St., Elgin, 111. 

Colored Methodist Episcopal Church: Pre- 
siding Bishop, Bishop J, Arthur Ham- 
lett, 2112 North 5th St., Kansas City, 
Kans.; Sec., Mr. A. N. Willis, 671 Alston, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Congregational Christian Churches: Mod., 
Rev. Albert Buckner Coe, 14 Beacon St., 
Boston 8, Mass.; Acting Gen. Sec., Fred 
S. Buschmeyer, 287 Fourth Ave., New 
York 10, N. Y. 

Evangelical Unity of the Czech-Moravian 
Brethren in N. A.: Pres., Rev. H. E. 
Beseda Jr., P. O. Box 321, Rosenberg, 
Texas; Sec., O. H. Juren, P. O. Box 5, 
Fairfield, Tex. 

American Evangelical Lutheran Church: 
Pres., Rev. Alfred Jensen, 1232 Pennsyl- 
vania Ave., Des Moines 16, Iowa; Sec., 
Rev. Holger O. Nielsen, 1410 Main St., 
Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

International Convention of Disciples of 
Christ: Pres., Dr. Riley B. Montgomery, 
College of the Bible, Lexington, Ky.; 
Exec. Sec., Rev. Gaines M. Cook, 516 
K. of P. Building, Indianapolis 4, Ind. 

Evangelical and Reformed Church: Pres., 
Rev. James E. Wagner, 1505 Race St., 
Room 915, Philadelphia 2, Pa.; Sec., 
Rev. W. Sherman Kerschner, 1505 Race 
St., Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

Evangelical United Brethren Church: Pre- 
siding Bishop, Bishop I. D. Warner, 
14635 Horticultural Drive, Route No. 2, 
Puente, Cal.; Exec. Sec., Rev. H. W. 
Kaebnick, 1444 Knott Bldg,, Dayton 2, 

The Five Years Meeting of Friends: 
Presiding Clerk, Norval E. Webb, 101 
Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond, Ind.; Sec., 
Errol T. Elliott, 101 Quaker Hill Drive, 
Richmond, Ind. 

Religious Society of Friends of Philadel- 
phia & Vicinity: Clerk of Yearly Meet- 
ing, James F. Walker, 304 Arch St., Phil- 
adelphia 6, Pa.; Sec., Howard G. Taylor, 
Jr., 304 Arch St., Philadelphia 6, Pa. 

Greek Orthodox Church in America 
(Greek Archdiocese of North and South 
America): Presiding Bishop, Archbishop 
Michael, 10 East 79 St., New York 21, 
N. Y. 

The Methodist Church: Pres., Council of 
Bishops, Bishop Clare Purcell, 1801 Sixth 
Ave., North, Birmingham, Ala.; Sec., 

Council of Bishops, Bishop G. Bromley 
Oxnam, 100 Maryland Ave., N.E., Wash- 
ington 2, D. C. 

The Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum): 
Pres., Rev. F. P. Stocker, 69 West 
Church St., Bethlehem, Pa.; Rec. Sec., 
Rt. Rev. Kenneth G. Hamilton, 69 W, 
Church St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.: 
Pres., Rev. J. H. Jackson, Olivet Baptist 
Church, 3101 So. Parkway, Chicago, 111.; 
Sec., Rev. T. J. Jemison, 915 Spain St., 
Baton Rouge, La. 

National Baptist Convention of America: 
Pres., Rev. G. L. Prince, 2610 Avenue 
L, Galveston, Tex.; Sec., Rev. Henry A. 
Boyd, 523 Second Ave., North, Nashville, 

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.: Mod., 
Dr. James McDowell Richards, 341-A 
Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E., Atlanta 5, 
Ga.; Stated Clerk, Rev. E. C. Scott, 
341-A Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E., At- 
lanta 5, Ga. 

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.: Mod., 
Dr. Paul S. Wright; Stated Clerk, Dr. 
Eugene Carson Blake, 510 Witherspoon 
Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa. 

Protestant Episcopal Church: Presiding 
Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Henry Knox Sher- 
rill, 281 Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 
Sec., The Rev. C. Rankin Barnes, 281 
Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Reformed Church in America: Pres., Rev. 
Daniel Y. Brink, 220 Ballston Ave., 
Scotia, N. Y.; Stated Clerk, Rev. James 
E. Hoffman, 156 Fifth Ave., New York 
10, N. Y. 

Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Ameri- 
ca: Pres., Most Rev. Valerian D. Trifa, 
2522 Grey Tower Rd., RFD No. 7, Jack- 
son, Mich.; Sec., The Very Rev. Fr. 
Eugen LazSr, 2522 Grey Tower Rd., 
RFD No. 7, Jackson, Mich. 

Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church 
of N.A.: Primate, The Most Rev. Met- 
ropolitan Leonty, 59 East 2nd St., New 
York 3, N. Y.; Sec., The Very Rev. Jo- 
seph Pishtey, 59 East 2nd St., New York 
3, N. Y. 

Seventh Day Baptist General Conference: 
Pres., Rev. Clarence M. Rogers, Salem, 
W. Va.; Exec. Sec., Rev. A. Burdet Cro- 
foot, P. O. Box 953, Alfred, N. Y. 

Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church: Head 
of Archdiocese, The Most Rev. Metro- 
politan Anthony Bashir, 239-85th St., 
Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America: 
Metropolitan, The Rt. Rev. Bishop Boh- 
dan, 1410 Vyse Ave., New York 59, N. Y.; 
Chancellor, Rev. Walter Propheta, Box 
535, South Plamneld, N. J. 

United Lutheran Church in America: Pres., 
Rev. Franklin C. Fry, 231 Madison Ave., 
New York 16, N. Y.; Sec., Rev. F. Epp- 
ling Reinartz, 231 Madison Ave., New 
York 16, N. Y. 

United Presbyterian Church of N.A.: Mod., 
Rev. George A. Long, 209 Ninth St., 
Pittsburgh 22, Pa.; Stated Clerk, Dr. 


S. W. Shane, 209 Ninth St., Pittsburgh 

22, Pa. 

The cooperative work of the churches 
in states, cities, and counties has repre- 
sentation as provided in the Constitution 
(Article IV :2) of the National Council. 


Office: 450 Park Ave., New York 22, N. Y. 

Officers: Pres., Daniel Burke. 

Gen. Secretaries: Rev. Eric M. North (Re- 
search and Counsel); Rev. Robert T. 
Taylor (Educational Publicity & Ways 
and Means); Rev. Eugene A. Nida 
(Translations); Rev. Richard H. Ellingson 
(Distribution in the U.S.A.); Rev. Paul 
A. Collyer (Latin America and Europe); 
Rev. Laton E. Holmgren (Asia, Africa, 
Pacific Islands). 

Sec. for Promotion of Bible Use, Rev. 
James V. Claypool, 35 E. Wacker Drive, 
Chicago 1, 111. 

Sec. for Visual Materials, Henry H. Ragatz. 

Editorial and Rec. Sec., William F. As- 

Sec., Work for the Blind, S. Ruth Barrett. 

Treas., Gilbert Darlington. 

Asst. Treas., John A. Macbeth and Chas. 
W. Baas. 

District Offices in the U.S.: Eastern Dis- 
trict, Rev. John W. Osberg, 116 S. Salina 
St., Syracuse 2, N. Y.; Atlantic, Rev. 
G. G. Dilworth, 701 Walnut St., Phila- 
delphia 6, Pa.; Maryland, Rev. Edgar C. 
Powers, 9 E. Franklin St., Baltimore 2, 
Md.; S. Atlantic, Rev. L S. McElroy, Jr., 
Central National Bank Bldg., Richmond 
19, Va.; Southern, Rev. Benjamin H. 
Smith, 85 Walton St., Atlanta 3, Ga.; 
Central, Rev. G. B. Cameron, 123 E. 6th 
St., Cincinnati 2, Ohio; Northwestern, 
Rev. Carl W. Larson, 47 So. 9th St., 
Minneapolis 2, Minn.; Southwestern, 
Rev. Frank W. Langham, 2233 Bryan St., 
Dallas 4, Texas; Rocky Mountain, Rev. 
Richard E. West, 1445 Glenarm Place, 
Denver 2, Colo.; Pacific, Rev. R. W. Bay- 
less, 224 McAllister St., San Francisco 2, 
Calif.; So. California, Rev. James Z. Net- 
tinga, 164 N. Euclid Ave., Pasadena 1, 
Calif.; Atlanta Div., Rev. D. H. Stanton, 
56 Gammon Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Ga.; 
Richmond Div., Rev. K. L. Brazil, 10 
W. Leigh St., Richmond 19, Va.; Cleve- 
land Div., Rev. V. C. Hodges, 5424 Wood- 
land Ave., Cleveland 4, Ohio; Dallas 
Div., , 2233 Bryan St., Dal- 
las 4, Texas. 

Field Officers: Rev Ivan L. Bennett, 539 
Washington Bldg., 1435 G St., N.W., 
Washington 5, D.C.; Rev. Richard J. 
Dosker, 450 Park Ave., New York 22, 
N. Y.; Rev. Thomas T. Holloway, 307 
Baptist Bldg., Dallas 1, Texas; Rev, 
Walter J. Lake, 1504 Arrott Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh 22, Pa. 

Periodical: Bible Society Record (m), 450 
Park Ave., New York 22, N. Y., Wm. F. 
Asbury, Ed. 


Headquarters: 15 Park Row, 
New York 38, N. Y. 
Information declined. 



Office: 21 W. 46th St., New York 36, N. Y. 

Pres., Richard Woike. 

1st Vice-Pres., Frank E. Gaebelein. 

2nd Vice-Pres., W. Theodore Taylor. 

Treas., John A. Mawhinney. 

Exec. Sec., Henry G. Perry. 

Sec., Elmer Lewis. 


152 Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 
Pres., Robert J. Cadigan, Witherspoon 

Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa. 
1st Vice-Pres., Peter Day, 407 East 

Michigan St., Milwaukee 2, Wise. 
2nd Vice-Pres. Richard Wood, 304 Arch 

St., Philadelphia 6, Pa. 
Exec. Sec.-Treas., William B. Lipphard, 

152 Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 


Pres., Forrest C. Weir, 3330 West Adams 
Blvd., Los Angeles 18, Calif. 

Vice-Pres.: Mrs. A. B. Stenger, 209 
Methodist Bldg., Wheeling, W. Va., and 
Harold B. Keir, 210 Pearl St., Hart- 
ford 3, Conn. 

Sec., Daniel Ehalt, 820 Ontario St., Oak 
Park, HI. 

Treas., G. Weir Hartman, Room 200, 
Y.M.C.A. Bldg., Erie, Pa. 


Pres., Dr. Benson Y. Landis, 297 Fourth 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Louis Kenedy, 12 Barclay 
St., New York 8, N. Y., and Dr. H S 
Linfield, 320 Broadway, New York 7, 

Sec., Miss Clara Haberman, 57 E. Main 
St., Columbus 15, Ohio. 



Pres., J. Fred Parker, 6401 The Paseo 
Box 6076, Kansas City, Mo. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Louis Benes, Church 
Herald, 231 Jefferson Ave., S.E., Grand 
Rapids 3, Mich. 

Sec., Miss Verda Bloomhuff, Office Edi- 
tor, United Evangelical Action, 111 E. 
Fourth St., Cincinnati 2, Ohio 
* s "^ M l Lar son, Youth for Christ, 
109 N. Cross St., Wheaton, 111. 



(The Eastern Orthodox Church) 

Pres., Archbishop Antony Bashir, 239 
85th St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 

Sec., Rev. Vasile Hategan, 50 West 89th 
St., New York 24, N. Y. 

Metropolitan Bashir is Archbishop of 
New York and All North America of 
the Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Arch- 
diocese (address above). Father Vasile 
Hategan is pastor of the Romanian 
Orthodox Church of St. Dumitru 
(address above). 



Office: 122 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washing- 
ton 2, D. C. 


Chmn., Dr. Fred S. Buschmeyer. 
Vice-Chmn., Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit 

and Bishop Reuben H. Mueller. 
Sec., Dr. Fred C. Reynolds. 
Treas., Dr. Andrew R. Bird. 
Exec. Sec., Rev. Marion J. Creeger. 
Dir., Dept. of Ministry to Armed Forces 
Personnel, Rev. Joseph C. Dana. 

Periodicals: The Chaplain (bi-m), Rev., 
Marion J. Creeger, Ed.; The Link (m), 
Rev. Joseph Clark Dana, Ed. 


The International Ministerial Federation, 
incorporated in 1937 is composed of minis- 
ters and churches. The Ministerial Federa- 
tion has no ecclesiastical authority over 
members. The Federation is interdenomi- 
national, and provides a legal identity for 
the ministers of non-denominational 

General Organization 

Annual conventions of the Federation are 
announced by publication of notice 
thereof to the membership. 
Pres., Dr. Sidney Correll, 51 Best St., 

Dayton, Ohio. 
1st Vice-Pres., Dr. C. E. Britton, 1507 S. 

Marguerita, Alhambra, Cal. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Gerald Boyer, 522 

Rockton Ave., Rockford, 111. 
Exec. Sec., Dr. W. E. Opie, 724 Clark St., 
Fresno, Cal. 


The National Association of Christian 
Schools is an affiliate of the National As- 
sociation of Evangelicals. It is autonomous 
in its organizational setup. 
General Organization 
Headquarters: 10201 So. State St., Chicago 


Pres., Dr. Enock C. Dyrness. 
Educ. Dir., Dr. Mark Fakkema. 
Periodicals: Christian Teacher, issued from 
Headquarters; Yearbook Information, 
listing hundreds of private Christian 



General Organization 

Headquarters: 108 North Main St., Whea- 
ton, 111. 


Pres., Henry H. Savage. 
Assoc. Exec. Dir., George L. Ford. 

Other Organizations: The National Sunday 
School Association, The Evangelical For- 
eign Missions Association, The Commis- 
sion on International Relations (World 
Evangelical Fellowship), Women's Evan- 
gelical Fellowship, Laymen's Advisory 
Council, National Association of Chris- 
tian Schools. 

Periodical: United Evangelical Action, 
(s-m), 111 E. 4th St., Cincinnati 2, O., 
Dr. James DeForest Murch, Ed. 




(see: National Council, Y.M.C.A.) 


(see: Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion of the U.S. A.) 




(Corporate Name: National Board of 

Young Men's Christian Associations) 
Office: 291 Broadway, New York 7, N. Y. 

Pres., James C. Donnell, II. 

Chmn., Natl. Bd., Eugene R. McCarthy. 

Gen. Sec., Jay A. Urice. 

Treas., Elliott H. Lee 
Periodical: National Council Bulletin (m), 

J. Edward Sproul, Ed. 


U.S.A., Inc. 

Pres., Bishop Edgar A. Love, 1206 Etting 

St., Baltimore, Md. 
Exec. Sec., George W. Lucas, 401 South 

Summit St., Dayton 7, Ohio. 


1128 Metropolitan Bldg., Minneapolis 1, 

(An agency of coordination of those re- 
ligious bodies which hold the Wesleyan- 
Arminian theological view. Organized in 

Pres., Dr. Myron F. Boyd, Winona Lake, 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Paul L. Kindschi, 1128 
Metropolitan Bldg., Minneapolis 1, 

Periodical: Standard of Holiness (bi-m), 
1128 Metropolitan Bldg., Minneapolis 1, 
Minn., Rev. Paul L. Kindschi, Ed. 



Office: 50 Madison Avenue, New York 10, 
N. Y. 

(An agency for The United Lutheran 
Church, the American Lutheran Church, 
the Augustana Lutheran Church, the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Lu- 
theran Free Church, the United Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Church, the American 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the 
Finnish Evangelical Church.) 

Pres., Dr. Oscar A. Benson, 2445 Park 

Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 
Vice-Pres., Dr. Henry F. Schuh, 57 East 

Main St., Columbus 15, Ohio. 
Sec., Dr. F. Eppling Reinartz, 231 Madi- 
son Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 
Treas., Fred C. Eggerstedt. 
Exec. Dir., Dr. Paul C. Empie. 
Exec. Asst., Rev. Charles P. Carroll. 
Div. of American Missions: Dr. H. Con- 
rad Hoyer, 327 S. LaSalle St., Chicago 

4, HI. 
Div. of Lutheran Cooperation in Latin 

America: Dr. Stewart W. Herman. 

Div. of Pub. Rel.: . 

Div. of Student Service: Rev. Donald 

Heiges, 327 S. LaSaUe St., Chicago 4, 


Div. of Welfare: Dr. Henry J. Whiting. 
Bureau of Service to Military Personnel: 

Rev. E. O. Midboe, 2633 16th St., N.W., 

Washington 9, D. C. 
Commission on Younger Churches and 

Orphaned Missions: Dr. George F. 

Lutheran Immigration Service: Miss 

Cordelia Cox, 21 E. 26th St., New York 

10, N. Y. 

Periodical: National Lutheran (bi-m), 50 
Madison Ave., New York 10, N. Y., Erik 
W. Modean, Man. Ed. 



Pres., Rev. Marvin C. Wilbur, 156 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Vice-Pres. at-large, Miss Helen F. Smith, 
41-32 58th St., Woodside, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

Sec., Miss Helen C. Schmitz> Dept. of 
Pub. Rel. & Comm., Women's Ameri- 
can Baptist Home Missions Society, 
164 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Treas., Robert Hubbard, 252 Fulton St., 
Brooklyn 1, N. Y. 


Next Convention: November 1-3, 1955, in 
Toronto, Ont., Canada. 


Chmn., Rev. E. J. Fulton, Open Bible 
Standard Churches, 851 19th St., Des 
Moines 14, Iowa. 

Vice-Chmn.: Rev. T. A. Melton, Pente- 
costal Holiness Church, 128 N. Court 
St., Memphis, Tenn., and Rev. Rolf K. 
McPherson, International Church of 
the Foursquare Gospel, 1100 Glendale 
Blvd., Los Angeles 26, Calif. 

Sec., Rev. W. E. McAlister, Pentecostal 
Assemblies of Canada, 50 Euston Ave., 
Toronto 6, Ont., Canada. 



Treas., Kev. Gayle F. Lewis, Assemblies 
of God, 434 West Pacific St., Spring- 
field 1. Mo. 



Pres., Robert D. Whitaker, Providence 
Journal-Bulletin, 75 Fountain St., 
Providence 2, R. I. 

Vice-Pres.: Terry Ferrer, Newsweek, 
152 W. 42nd St., New York 16, N. Y., 
and Carleton A. Lundquist, Dayton 
Daily News, Dayton 1, Ohio. 

Sec., Jo-Ann Price, New York Herald 
Tribune, 230 W. 41st St., New York 36, 
N. Y. 

Treas., George W. Cornell, The As- 
sociated Press, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, 
New York 20, N. Y. 



Office: 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
In 1953 the Student Volunteer Movement 
became a unit of the Joint Department of 
Christian Vocation, under the Division of 
Christian Education, in the National Coun- 
cil of Churches (see above). 


(see: National Council, Y.M.C.A.) 




Office: 600 Lexington Ave., New York 22, 

N. Y. 

Pres., Miss Lilace Reid Barnes. 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. F. Beardsley Foster, Jr. 

Vice-Pres. at-large, Mrs. W. Maxey Jar- 

Vice-Pres., Chmn. Central Region, Mrs. 
Boyd I. Miller. 

Vice-Pres., Chmn. Eastern Region, Mrs. 
Ralph D. Booth. 

Vice-Pres., Chmn. Southern Region, Mrs. 
Eugene M. Sparling. 

Vice-Pres., Chmn. Western Region, Mrs. 
Earl Cranston. 

Sec., Mrs. A. Hudson Sealy. 

Treas., Mrs. Wandell M. Mooney. 

Asst. Treas., Mrs. William S. Blair. 

Asst. Treas., Beryl C. Waterbury. 

Gen. Sec., Mrs. Savilla Millis Simons. 

Periodical; The YWCA Magazine, Myra 
A. Smith, Ed-in-Chief. 




Advent Christian Church 

A branch of the original Adventist 
group, composed of ministers and 
churches which withdrew from the 
American Millennial Association be- 
tween 1854 and 1860, as a result of con- 
troversy over the question of immor- 
tality. As a corollary to their belief in 
conditional immortality, the group also 
held to the utter extinction of the 
wicked after the judgment. The Gen- 
eral Conference was organized in 1860. 

Churches: 410. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 368. Total 

Enrollment: 28,938. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 308. 

General Organization 

General Conference, biennial. (Next meet- 
ing, 1956.) 

Officers: Pres.-Exec., Dr. Lee Elmore 
Baker, 165 Calumet Ave., Aurora, 111. 

Sec. and Treas., Rev. Herbert H. Holland, 
20216 Albany St., Detroit 34, Mich. 

Other Organizations 

The American Advent Mission Society: 
Pres., Rev. James A. Johnson, 155 E. 
Washington St., Whitman, Mass. 

The Woman's Home & Foreign Mission 
Society: Pres., Mrs. Helen W. Keeney, 
5 Whiting St., Boston 19, Mass. 

American Advent Christian Home & Or- 

ghanage: Pres., Rev. J. A. Cargile, 606 
. Hollywood Ave., Tampa 4, Fla. 
Vernon Advent Christian Home, Inc.: 
Pres., Rev. W. S. Bezanson, South Ver- 
non, Mass. 


The Advent Christian Witness (s-m), 160 
Warren St., Boston 19, Mass., Rev. Ray- 
mond M. Beecroft, Ed. 

Present Truth Messenger (w), Live Oak, 
Fla., Rev. Gordon O, Reed, Ed. 

Appalachian Advent Christian (m), 2640 
Conner Drive, Charleston, W. Va., Rev. 
Homer D. Baxter, Ed. 

Advent Christian Missions (m), Boston 19, 
Mass., Rev. C. L. Kirby and Mrs. Helen 
W. Keeney, Eds. 

Marantha (q), Boston 19, Mass., Dr. Lee E. 
Baker, Ed. 

Yours (m), Boston 19, Mass., Mrs. Derrie 
Nichols Stearns, Ed. 

Church of God (Abrahamic Faith) 

A number of churches holding pre- 
millennial Adventist views organized 
Churches of God in Christ Jesus in 
1888. In 1921, a permanent Conference 
was organized with the name, Church 
of God of the Abrahamic Faith. (The 
corporate organization is the National 
Bible Institution, Oregon, 111.) 

Churches: 95. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath School: 95. Total En- 
rollment: 3,960. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 60. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 
Oregon, 111. 

Officers: Pres., Dale Dunbar, 308 Chestnut 
St., Swanton, Ohio. 

1st Vice-Pres,, Arlie Townsend, 138 Man- 
chester Rd., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Harry Sheets, 1717 S. Leer 
St., South Bend, Ind. 

Sec., Stanley O. Ross, 425 E. 4th St., Litch- 
field, Minn. 

Treas,, Clark Ballentine, 1841 Pembrook 
Rd., Springfield, Ohio. 

Oiher Organizations 

National Bible Institution, Oregon, ILL: 
Gen. Man., James M. Watkins. 

National Berean Society, Oregon, HI.: 
Pres., David Holquist, Box 231, Oregon, 
HI.; Sec., Dorothy EUiott, Box 231, 
Oregon, 111. 

Sunday School Association, Oregon, HI,: 
Pres., Willis Turner, 604 Webster St., 
Oregon, 111.; Sec., Mary C. Railton, Box 
231, Oregon, m. 

Evangelism and Missions Board, Oregon, 
111.: Pres., Alva Huffer, 1022 Kenner 
Ave., Crystal City, Mo.; Sec.-Treas., Mrs. 
Ada Simpson, 1018 Cass Ave,, S.E., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 


The Restitution Herald (w), Oregon, HI., 
Harold J. Doan, Ed. 

Life and Advent Union 

A group of Adventists organized in 
1863, observing the first day of the 
week as the Sabbath, and believing 
that resurrection from the dead and 

* Church statistics are fully tabulated in the section on statistics. Those given here are 
the figures reported by the official statisticians of the various religious bodies. They 
are for the calendar year 1954, or for a fiscal year ending in 1954. When the data are for 
another year, that year follows the figure given. "No report" indicates that there has 
been no information from the religious body, "No data" means that the religious body 
has no information for the particular item. 

Obviously the religious bodies here listed are of all faiths in the United States, and 
are not confined to the membership of the National Council of Churches, or of any 
pther council of churches. 



eternal life are conditional upon faith 

in Jesus Christ. 

Churches: 3. Inclusive Membership: 312. 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3. Total En- 
rollment: 123. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 3. 

Officers: Pres., Mildred A. Hooper, 116 
Grove Hill, Kensington, Conn. 

Sec., Stuart L. Babcock, 16 Neil Drive, 
Newington 11, Conn. 


The Herald of Life (bi-w), 116 Grove Hill, 
Kensington, Conn., Mildred A. Hooper, 

Primitive Advent Christian Church 

A development from the Advent 
Christian Church; all churches in W. 

Churches: 12. Inclusive Membership: 507. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools; 7 (1950). Total 

Enrollment: 155 (1950). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 12. 
Officers: Pres., P. S. Berry, Rt. 3, Box 114, 

Charleston, W, Va. 

Vice-Pres., Elza Moss, Sissonville, W. Va. 
Sec. and Statistical Officer, D. W. Dixon, 

Ciceron Rt., Box 63, Sissonville, W. Va. 

Seventh-day Adventists 

This Protestant body developed out 
of an interdenominational movement 
that appeared in different countries of 
Christendom in the early decades of 
the nineteenth century, stressing the 
imminence of the Second Advent of 
Christ. However, Seventh-day Adven- 
tists were not formally organized until 
1863. Taking the Bible as their sole 
rule of faith and practice, they are 
fundamentally evangelical, holding to 
the full inspiration of the Scriptures 
and the deity of Christ. Their two 
cardinal points of faith are: (1) belief 
in the personal, imminent, pre-millen- 
nial return of Christ, and (2) observ- 
ance of the seventh day as the Sab- 

Churches: 2,845. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,939. Total 

Enrollment: 265,443. 
Ordained clergy having charges: I,ai8. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, Cleveland, Ohio, June, 1958.) 

Headquarters: Takoma Park, Washington 
12, D. C. 

Officers: Pres., R. B. Figuhr. 

Sec., W. K. Beach. 

Treas,, C. L. Torrey. 

Other Organizations 

Dept. of Educ,: Sec., E. E. Cossentine. 
Home Missionary Dept. (Welfare): Sec,, 

Medical Dept.: Sec., T. R. Flaiz, M.D. 

Ministerial Association: Sec., R. A. Ander- 

Publishing Dept: Sec,, G. A. Huse. 

Radio and TV Dept: Sec., E. R. Walde. 

Regional Dept. (Colored) : Sec., F. L. Peter- 

Rel. Liberty Dept. : Sec., A. W. Johnson. 

Sabbath School Dept.: Sec., L. L. Moffitt. 

Young People's Dept.: Sec., E. W. Dunbar. 

And other general activities under the 
direction of the General Conference Ex- 
ecutive Committee, with a secretary for 
each organization, such as: 
American Temperance Society: Sec., W. 

A. Scharfenberg. 

Association of Self -Supporting Institu- 
tions: Sec., Wesley Amundsen. 
Bureau of Pub. Rel.: Sec., D. H. Thomas. 
Faith for Today (Television): Sec., W. 

A. Fagal. 
Home Study Institute (correspondence 

school): Sec., W. H. Teesdale. 
National Service Commission (Army 

Service): Sec., G. W. Chambers. 
Voice of Prophecy (Radio): Sec., H. M. 
S. Richards. 


Advent Review and Sabbath Herald (w), 
Washington 12, D. C., F. D. Nichol, Ed. 

Adventist Home and School (three issues 
yearly), Nashville, Tenn., A. O. Dart, Ed. 

Alert (q), Mountain View, Calif., F. A. 
Soper, Ed. 

Christian Record, Lincoln 6, Nebr., C. W. 
Degering, Ed. 

Go (m), Washington 12, D'. C., A. A. Esteb, 

Journal of True Education (five issues 

yearly), Washington 12, D. C., K. J. 

Reynolds, Ed. 
Junior Guide (w), Washington 12, D. C., 

Lawrence Maxwell, Ed. 
Liberty (q), Washington 12, D. C., F. H, 

Yost, Ed. 
Life and Health (m), Washington 12, D. C., 

J. DeWitt Fox, Ed. 
Listen (q), Mountain View, Calif., F. A. 

Soper, Ed. 
MV Program Kit (q), Nashville, Tenn., 

Mildred L. Johnson, Ed. 
Message Magazine (m), Nashville, Tenn., 

L. B. Reynolds, Ed. 
Ministry, The (m), Washington 12, D. C., 

R. A. Anderson, Ed. 
My Bible Story (w), Mountain View, Calif., 

Eugene Sample, Ed. 
Our Little Friend (w), Mountain View, 

Calif., Eugene Sample, Ed. 
Present Truth (s-m), Mountain View, 

Calif., M. L. Neff, Ed. 
Sabbath School Lesson Quarterlies, Moun- 
tain View, Calif. 
Sabbath School Worker (m), Washington 

12, D. C., L, L. Moffitt, Ed. 
Signs of the Times (w), Mountain View, 

Calif., A. S. Maxwell, Ed. 
Smoke Signals, Washington 12, D. C., F. A. 

Soper, Ed. 
These Times (m), Nashville, Tenn., R. E. 

Finney, Jr., Ed. 
Youth's Instructor (w), Washington 12, 

LK C., W. T. Crandall, Ed. 

T. L. Oswald. 

The African Orthodox Church 

The African Orthodox Church was 
instituted in 1921 by Archbishop 


George Alexander McGuire, as a unit 
of those churches of Christ adhering 
to the orthodox confession of faith. 

Churches: 30 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

7,000 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 30 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 2,400 (1953), 
Ordained clergy having charges: 30 (1953). 
Officers: Patriarch, Archbishop William 

Ernest Robertson (James I), 122 W. 129th 

St., New York 27, N. Y. 
Primate Western Province, Archbishop 

Richard Grant Robinson, 132 North 57th 

St., Phila., Pa. 
Chancellor, Rev. Fr. R. G. Robinson, Jr., 

132 N. 57th St., Phila., Pa. 
Sec., Rev. Fr. A. C. Terry- Thompson, 73 

West 115th St., New York 26, N. Y. 
Fin. Sec. and Treas., William Selkridge, 

122 W. 129th St., New York 27, N. Y. 

Amana Church Society 

The survivors of a German mystical 
group, an immigration which settled 
in Iowa in seven villages. Until 1932 
the settlement was communal but has 
since been reorganized. 

Churches: 7. Inclusive Membership: 835. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 4. Total En- 
rollment: 167. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 22. 

General Organization 

Board of Trustees 

Officers: Pres., Henry G. Moerschel, Home- 
stead, Iowa. 

Vice-Pres., Carl F. Noe, Amana, Iowa. 
Sec.-Treas., Adolph Heinemann, Middle, 

American Ethical Union 

See Ethical Culture Movement. 

American Evangelical Christian 

During the summer of 1944 a group 
of ministers, being impressed with the 
need of fellowship and conference in 
the things of God as concerns the min- 
istry of the Word, met in Chicago and 
launched a work known as the Amer- 
ican Evangelical Christian Churches. 
No statistics available. 
Headquarters: 192 North Clark St., Chicago 

1, 111. 
Officers: Mod., Dr. G. W. Hyatt, 192 No. 

Clark St., Chicago 1, HI. 
Vice-Mod., Dr. Eugene Dowdle, Chandler, 

Sec., Dr. Harold Hickson, 192 No. Clark 

St., Chicago 1, 111. 


American Rescue Workers 

A Movement formed in 1896 as a 
non-sectarian church, military in its 

Churches: 23 (1952). Inclusive Membership: 

1,240 (1952). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 23 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 1,020 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 23 (1952). 

General Organization 

Council: annual. Headquarters: 2827 Frank- 
ford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Board of Managers: Comm. in Chief., Gen. 
James Wm, Duffin; Pres., Brig. Gen. 
John Gossett; Chief of Staff & Sec., 
Brig. Gen. John Dufnn. 


The Rescue Herald (m), 101 Clark St., 
Hollidaysburg, Pa., Col. Robert Martin, 

Apostolic Overcoming Holy 
Church of God 

A Negro body incorporated in Ala- 
bama in 1919. It is evangelistic in pur- 
pose and emphasizes sanctification, 
holiness and divine healing. 

Churches: 300 (1951). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 75,000 (1951). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 180 (1942). 

Total Enrollment: 698 (1936). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 850 (1951). 
Bishop W. T. Phillips, 1070 Congress St., 

Mobile, Ala. 
Bishop D. Washington, 2650 St. Stephens 

Rd., Prichard, Ala. 
Bishop D. C. Rice, 618 Emerson St., 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Sec., Miss Rose E. Harris, 950 St. Madar 
St., Mobile, Ala. 

Assemblies of God 

Autonomous, pentecostal, evangelical, 
missionary churches associated for co- 
operative effort hi forty-two district 
councils and nine foreign language 
branches in the U.S.A. Organized at 
Hot Springs, Ark., April 2-12, 1914. 

Churches: 7,170. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 6,740. Total 

Enrollment: 775,100. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 6,400 

General Organization 

General Council, biennial. Next meeting, 

Headquarters: 434 W. Pacific Stre-et, 

Springfield 1, Mo. 
Officers: Gen. Supt., Ralph M. Riggs; 

Asst. Supts., James O. Savell, Bert Webb, 

Gayle F. Lewis, Thos. F. Zimmerman. 



Gen. Sec., J. Roswell Flower. 

Gen. Treas., Wilfred A. Brown. 

Missions Sec., Noel Perkin. 

Executive Presbytery: R. M. Biggs, James 
O. Savell, Bert Webb, Thos. F. Zimmer- 
man, Gayle F. Lewis, J. Roswell 
Flower, Wilfred A. Brown, Noel Perkin, 
all of Springfield, Mo.; D. H. McLaugh- 
lin, 435 E. 72nd St., Seattle 5, Wash.; 
Chas. W. H. Scott, 18937 Snowden Ave., 
Detroit 35, Mich.; A. A. Wilson, 3100 E. 
31st St., Kansas City, Mo.; D. P. Hollo- 
way, P. O. Box 122, West Palm Beach, 

General Presbytery: Superintendents of 
forty-two districts, plus two additional 
ministers from each district, plus two 
representatives from each of the foreign 
language branches. 

Other Organizations 

(All departmental offices located at 

national headquarters.) 
Benevolences: Dir., Wilfred A. Brown. 
Homes for the Aged, Orphanages, Old 
Age Assistance, Ministers' pensions, etc. 
Christ's Ambassadors (Youth): Dir., 
Thomas F. Zimmerman; Sec., Richard 
C. Fulmer; Servicemen, Chaplaincy Sec., 
Warren F. McPherson. 
Educational: Dir., Ralph M. Riggs. Sec., 
J, Robert Ashcroft. Executive Presby- 
ters constitute Educational Committee. 
Foreign Missions: Dir., Noel Perkin; Field 
Sees.: Africa, Everett L. Phillips; Far 
East, Howard C. Osgood; Middle East, 
Geo. H. Carmichael; Southern Asia, 
Maynard L. Ketcham; Latin America, 
Melvin L. Hodges; Purchasing, Earl 
Foster; Transportation, J. J. Mueller; 
Dir. New York Office, Robert T. Mc- 
Glasson, Room 604, 160 Fifth Ave., New 
York 10, N. Y. 

Home Missions: Dir., Gayle F. Lewis; Sec,, 
Victor D. Trimmer; Prison work, Arvid 
Ohrnell; Jewish work, Herman B. Pen- 

Men's Fellowship: Dir., Thomas F. Zim- 
merman; Sec., Don Mallough. 
Publications: Dir., James O. Savell; 

Gospel Publishing House, J. Otis 

rell; Church School Publications, Ralph 
W. Harris, Ed. 

Radio: Dir., Wilfred A. Brown; National 
Radio Voice, C. M. Ward; Promotion, 
Elmond L. Clark. 

Sunday Schools: Dir., Bert Webb; Sec., 
Paul Copeland; National Field Represen- 
tatives: Geo. H. Davis, Chas. W. Denton, 
L. B. Keener; Child Evangelism, Mrs. 
Ernest Busby; Publicity, Lin Springer; 
Workers' Training, D. V. Hurst; Spanish 
literature, H. C. Ball. 
Women's Missionary Council: Dir., Gayle 
F. Lewis; Sec., Mrs. Edith Whipple; 
Field Sees., Mrs. Edith M. Little and 
Mrs. Roy Smuland. 

Army and Navy Chaplains Commission; 
Sec. Warren F. McPherson; Washington 
Representative, Douglas G. Scott, P. O. 
Box 1928, Washington 13, D. C. 


All periodicals authorized by the General 
Council are produced by The Gospel Pub- 
lishing House, 434 W. Pacific Street, Spring- 
field 1, Mo. 

The Pentecostal Evangel (w), Robt. C. 
Cunningham, Ed. 

Christ's Ambassadors Herald (Youth) (m), 

Vernon K. McLellan, Ed. 
Christ's Ambassadors Guide (q), Richard 

C. Fulmer, Ed. 
Missionary Challenge (m), Leslie W. Smith, 

All Sunday School periodicals, Ralph W. 

Harris, Ed. 
Spanish literature, H. C. Ball, Ed. 

Associated Gospel Churches 

Address: 10380 American Ave., Detroit, 

Information declined. 

Baha'i Faith 

Followers of Baha'ulldh (1817-1892) 
whose religion upholds the basic prin- 
ciples of progressive revelation, reli- 
gious unity, and a new world order. 

The Baha'i administrative order con- 
tains local communities, elective na- 
tional assemblies, and a spiritual and 
administrative world center at Haifa 
and 'Akka, Israel, under the direction 
of Shoghi Effendi Rabbani, Guardian of 
the faith. 
No statistics available. 

General Organization 
National Spiritual Asembly. Headquarters: 

536 Sheridan Road, Wilmette, Illinois. 
Officer: Sec., Horace Holley, 536 Sheridan 

Rd., Wilmette, HI. 


American Baptist Convention 

Formerly known as the Northern 
Baptist Convention, this body of Bap- 
tist churches in northern and western 
states changed the name to American 
Baptist Convention at the annual meet- 
ing in Boston, May 24, 1950. The motion 
to change the name includes this state- 
ment, "affirming as we adopt the name 
American Baptist Convention that we 
hold the name hi trust for all Chris- 
tians of like faith and mind who desire 
to bear witness to the historic Baptist 
convictions in a framework of coopera- 
tive Protestantism." Although mission- 
ary organizational developments began 
in 1814, the convention was not formed 
until 1907. 

Churches: 6,495 (1953). Inclusive Mem- 
bership: 1,505,871 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 6,317 (1953) 
Total Enrollment: 944,324 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 5,400 


General Organization 

American Baptist Convention, annual. 
Headquarters: 152 Madison Ave., New 
York 16, N. Y. 

Officers: Pres., Mr. Frank A. Nelson, 2007 
Washington Ave., Racine, Wise. 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Matthew W. Hill, 2303 
S. Otis St., Olympia, Wash., and Rev. 
F. B. Thorn, Box 1622, Wichita, Kans. 

Gen. Sec., Rev. R. E. Nelson, 152 Madison 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 

Treas., H. J. Manson, 177 Montague St., 
Brooklyn 2, N. Y. 

The General Council consists of thirty 
members of the Convention selected 
equally for three year terms from the 
three areas, East, Central, and West. The 
President, Treasurer, and General Sec- 
retary of the Convention serve also re- 
spectively as Chairman, Treasurer, and 
Secretary of the General Council. 

The Office of the General Secretary serves 
as a clearing house for all matters per- 
taining to these committees and gen- 
eral denominational policy, and all cor- 
respondence should be addressed to the 
General Secretary. 

Other Organizations 

American Baptist Foreign Mission Society 
and Woman's American Baptist Foreign 
Mission Society: Office, 152 Madison 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Pres., Rev. 
F. B. Fagerburg, Redlands, Calif.; 1st 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. P. R. Gleason, Hamil- 
ton, N. Y.; 2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. V. O. 
Wik, Des Moines, Iowa; Rec. Sec., D. F. 
DeTrude; Treas., Forrest Smith; Assoc. 
Treas., Miss A. E. Root; Gen. Sec., 

. Overseas Dept.: Dir., D. M. 

Albaugh; Adm. Sees.: (Burma, Thailand) 
Miss H. F. Shank; (Bengal-Orissa, As- 
sam, South India) Rev. M. D. Farnum; 
(Japan, Philippines, Hongkong) Mrs. 
C. H. Sears; (Belgian Congo, Europe) 

. Adm. Assoc., Rev. W. D. 

Varney; Assoc. Sec., Miss L. M. Robert- 
son. Public Relations Dept.: Dir., Rev. 
E. A. Fridell; Assoc. Dirs., Miss I. A. 
Jones and Rev. Richard Cummings; 
Assoc. Sees., Miss A. P. Stearns, New 
York, N. Y., and Rev. D. R. Kirkwood, 
Oakland, Calif. Budget Dept.: Dir., D. F. 
DeTrude. Missionary Personnel Dept.: 
Dir., Rev. W. W. Parkinson. 

American Baptist Home Mission Society 
and Woman's American Baptist Home 
Mission Society: Office, 164 Fifth Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. Pres., Rev. C. W. 
Cranford, Washington, D. C.; Vice-Pres.: 
(Eastern) Mrs. R. G. Ford, Hawthorne, 
N. J.; (Central) Mrs. Kenneth Crawford, 
Kalamazoo, Mich.; and (Western) Rev. 
Walter Bishop, Las Vegas, Nev.; Rec. 
Sec., Rev. C. G. Hansen; Exec. Sec., Rev. 
T. M. Chastain; Treas., W. H. Rhoades; 
Asst. Treas., Harry Kummann; Sec., 
Special Services, Mrs. M. E. Wenger; 
Sec., Evangelism, Rev. W. E. Woodbury; 
Sec., Church Extension, Rev. L. B. 
Wadsworth; Sec., Edifice Funds and 
Building Counsel, Rev. L. B. Wads- 
worth; Sec., Latin America, Rev. Wil- 
bur Larson; Sec., Homes and Hospitals, 
Rev. O. H. McDonald;, Sec., Christian 
Friendliness, Miss Bernice Cofer; Sec., 
Cities, Rev. P. O. Madsen; Sec., Town & 
Country, Rev. J. H. Heartberg; Sec., 
Christian Ministry to Service Personnel, 


Rev. J. H. Heartberg; Sec., Alaska, In- 
dian Work and Schools in the U.S., Miss 

D. O. Bucklin; Sec., Publications and 
Communications, Miss H. C. Schmitz; 
Sec., Personnel, Rev. E. C. Witham; Sec., 
Pub. Rel., Rev. C. G. Hansen; Midwest- 
ern Rep., Rev. G. J. Bennett, Waukegan, 
HI.; Western Rep., Rev. V. L. Patten, 
Oakland, Calif. 

The Board of Education and Publication, 
functioning for The American Baptist 
Publication Society: (Judson Press) Of- 
fice, 1703 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 3, 
Pa., and The Board of Education: Office, 
152 Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 
Pres., H. L. Jenkins, 12 S. 12th St., 
Philadelphia 7, Pa.; Vice-Pres., Mrs. 
C. D. Eulette, 6342 S. Normal Blvd., 
Chicago, HI.; Sec., W. Z. McLear, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; Exec. Sec., Rev. L. W. 
Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.; Asst. Exec. 
Sec., Rev. R. V. Wells, New York, N. Y.; 
Asst. Exec. Sec., Richard Hoiland, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; Treas., E. L, Ruth, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board: 
Office, 75 West 45th St., New York 36, 
N. Y. Pres., L. J. Matteson, New York, 
N. Y.; Vice-Pres., Rev. C. O. Johnson, 
St. Louis, Mo.; Treas., G. W. Bovenizer; 
Fin. Consultant, J. H. Case; Actuaries, 
Huggins & Company, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Exec. Dir., Rev. M. F. Ashbrook; Assoc. 
Dir., Rev. J. W. Thomas; Asst. Treas., 
M. R. Gary; Pension Sec., J. H. W. 
Young; Sec. of Grants, Rev. F. F. 
Fisher; Cashier and Mgr. of Mortgages, 
F. L. Taylor; Western Rep., Rev. W. A. 
Shanks, Berkeley, Calif.; Mid-Western 
Rep., Rev. Fred Erion, Chicago, 111.; 
Eastern Rep., Rev. D. R. Wright, New 
York, N.Y. 

American Baptist Historical Society: Office, 
1100 S. Goodman St., Rochester 20, 
N. Y. Pres., Prof. W. S. Hudson, 1100 S. 
Goodman St., Rochester 20, N. Y.; Vice- 
Pres., Rev. M. C. Westphal, Lansdowne, 
Pa., and Rev. F. C. Stifler, Summit, N. J.; 
Rec. Sec., R. S. Rawlings, 6200 Wayne 
Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Treas., G. O. Philips, Lansdowne, Pa.; 
Curator and Cor. Sec., Rev. E. C. Starr, 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Council on Missionary Cooperation: Office, 
152 Madison Ave., New York 16, N.Y. 
Chmn., Rev. G. H. Asquith, Syracuse, 
N. Y.; Gen. Dir., Rev. R. M. Johnson; 
Asst. to Gen. Dir., Rev. P. K. Shelford; 
Treas., H. M. Greene; Sec. Lit. and Pub., 
Rev. R. D. Goodwin; Sec. Field Activi- 
ties, Rev. Haakon Knudsen; Sec. Radio 
and TV, R. I. Madsen; Sec. Visual Aids, 

E. C. Shaw; Auditor, S. J. Goddard. 
Council on Christian Social Progress: Of- 
fice, 152 Madison Ave., New York 16, 
N. Y. Chmn., Rev. H. Q. Morton, Church 
of the Redeemer, Yonkers, N. Y.; Vice- 
Chmn., Rev. W. F. Davison, Newark, 
N. J.; Sec., Rev. R. W. Spike, New York, 
N. Y.; Treas., Rev. J. W. Thomas, New 
York. N.Y.; Exec. Sec., Rev. D. B. 
Cloward; Adm. Asst., Miss M. R. Cor- 
bett; Accredited Observer to the United 
Nations, Mrs. G. B. Martin, Summit, N. J. 

The American Baptist Assembly (national 
conference center), Green Lake, Wisi. 
Pres,, J. A. Dawson, Chicago, 111.; Exec. 
Sec., Rev. L. W. Smith, Philadelphia, 



Pa.; Asst. Exec. Sec., Rev. G. F. Ander- 
son, Green Lake, Wis.; Treas., Robert 
Johnson, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Bus. Mgr., 
G. F. Anderson, Green Lake, Wis.; Serv- 
ice Mgr., W. J. Kuss, Green Lake, Wis.; 
Program Dir., Richard Holland, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Rural Church Center, American Baptist 
Assembly, Green Lake, Wis. Dir., Rev. 
J. H. Heartberg, New York, N. Y.; Dean 
and Bus. Mgr., R. T. Frerichs. 

National Council of American Baptist 
Men: Office, 152 Madison Ave., New York 
16, N. Y. Pres., C. S. Gallup, Plainfield, 
Conn.; Exec. Vice-Pres., G. D. Creas- 
man, Miami, Ariz.; Vice-Pres., V. L. 
Nutley, Seattle, Wash.; W. C. Schwem- 
lein, Norwood, Ohio; and Clarence Hen- 
dershot, Silver Springs, Md.; Treas., 
S. J. Goddard, New York, N. Y. 

National Committee of American Baptist 
Women: Office, 152 Madison Ave., New 
York 16, N. Y. Pres., Mrs. H. L. Roach, 
Plainfield, Iowa; Vice-Pres., Mrs. F. R. 
Carroll, Dayton, Ohio; Mrs. T. E. Ellis, 
Lonsdale, R. L; Miss Jennie Willis, 
Terre Haute, Ind.; Mrs. B. B. Hathaway, 
Burlington Flats, N. Y.; Mrs. M. B. 
Barker, Fresno, Calif., and Mrs. R. R. 
Schendel, Topeka, Kans.; Rec. Sec., Mrs. 
D. H. Thayer, Mesa, Ariz.; Treas., Mrs. 
Gilbert Miles, Lansing, Mich.; Adm. 
Sec., Miss Violet E. Rudd, New York, 
N. Y. 

Baptist Youth Fellowship: Office, 1703 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia 3, Pa. Pres., 
Miss Helen Unruh, Alton, HI.; Exec. 
Vice-Pres,, Elliott Bryant, 215 Shelburne 
Rd., Burlington, Vt.; Vice-Pres., Nathan 
W. Turner, Robert Wheaton, and Miss 
Ruth Davis; Cor. Sec., Miss Barbara 
Erwin, 14 Franklin St., Woburn, Mass.; 
Rec. Sec., Miss Mary Louise Van Brook- 
hoven, 545 East Orange St., Lancaster, 
Pa.; Fin. Sec., Philip E. Cline, 1661 Sixth 
Ave., Huntington, W. Va,; Adm. Dir., 
Rev. F. B. Fordham, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Dir. World Service, Miss Isabelle Gates, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Dir. Youth Evangel- 
ism, Rev. L. P. Bowling, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Dir. Junior High Work, Rev. C. R. 
Woodson, Philadelphia, Pa.; Dir. Youth 
Publications, Rev. L. P. Fitzgerald, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ministers' Council: Pres., Rev. J. G. 
Koehler, 37 Arnold Ave., Edgewood 5, 
R.I.; Vice-Pres., Rev. R. N. Middleton, 
Haddonfield, N. J.; Rev N. L. Godbey, 
Rockford, 111.; and Rev. M. G. Berglund, 
San Francisco, Calif.; Treas., Rev. E. E. 
Smith, Omaha, Nebf.; Sec., Rev. G. H. 
Schroeder, Lincoln, Nebr.; Exec. Dir., 
Rev. C. A. Carman, New York, N.Y. 

Association of Baptist Homes and Hos- 
pitals: Hdqs., 164 Fifth Ave., New York 
10, N. Y. Pres., Dr. George Earl, St. 
Paul, Minn.; Sec., Rev. O. H. McDonald, 
New York, N. Y.; Treas., Rev. J. S. Win- 
ter, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Committee on Chaplains: Hdqs., 164 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. Cor. Sec., Rev. 
J. H. Heartberg, New York, N.Y. 

Committee on World Relief: Hdqs., 152 
Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Sec., 
Mrs. E. W. Parsons, New York, N.Y. 

Stale Conventions 

Arizona Convention American Baptist 

Churches Rev. C. W. Saywell, 821 N. 

2nd St., Phoenix. 
California, N. Rev. Mack McCray, Jr., 

375 Bellevue Ave., Oakland 10. 
California, S. Rev. F. M. Kepner, 427 W. 

Fifth St., Los Angeles 13. 
ColoradoRev. G. J. MacDonald, 1425 Wei- 
ton St., Denver 2. 
Connecticut Rev. W. S. Terrell, 455 Main 

St., Hartford 3- 

Delaware (see Pennsylvania). 
District of Columbia Rev. M. C. Stith, 

1628 16th St., N.W., Washington 9. 
Idaho (see Utah). 
Illinois Rev. Russell S. Orr, 225 E. Cook 

St., Springfield. 

Indiana Rev. J. M. ^rton, 1350 N. Dela- 
ware St., Indianapolis 7. 
I owa _Rev. P. D. Smith, 1114 Grand Ave., 

Des Moines 9. 

Kansas Rev. W. F. Keucher, 310 Craw- 
ford Bldg., Topeka. 
Maine Rev. E. N. Bentley, 173 Main St., 

Mass. Rev. E. H. Tuller, 605 Tremont 

Temple, 88 Tremont St., Boston 8. 
Michigan Rev. R. T. Andem, 213 W. Main 

St., Lansing 1. 
Minnesota Rev. Joseph I. Chapman, 122 

W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis 4. 
Montana (see Utah). 
Nebraska Rev. A. M. Clarke, 1504 Dodge 

St., Omaha 2. 

Nevada (see California, N.). 
'New Hampshire Rev. R. F. Smith, 89 N. 

State St., Concord. 
New Jersey Rev. H. F. Stoddard, 158 

Washington St., Newark 2. 
New York Rev. Glenn H. Asquith, 1701 

James St., Syracuse 6. 
North Dakota Rev. R. W. Hodges, 20% 

Broadway, Fargo. 

Ohio Rev. Paul Judson Morris, Granville. 
Oregon Dr. Elmer C. Adams, 412 Fitz- 

patrick Bldg., Portland 5. 
Pennsylvania Rev. W. W. Bloom, 1703 

Chestnut St., Phialdelphia 3. 
Rhode Island Rev. C. E. Lawson, 2 Stim- 

son Ave., Providence 6. 
South Dakota Rev. Otto Nallinger, 1524 

S. Summit Ave., Sioux Falls 
Utah Rev. Dwight Dodson, 19 W. South 

Temple St., Salt Lake City 1. 
Vermont Rev. Homer 'C. Bryant, 189 S. 

Winooski Ave., Burlington. 
Washington Rev. H. L. Caldwell, 509 
Ranke Bldg., Seattle 1. 
West Virginia Rev. Hugh D. Pickett, Box 

896, Parkersburg. 

Wisconsin Rev. E. G. Roth, 606 W. Wis- 
consin Ave., Milwaukee 3. 
Wyoming Rev A. J. Gernenz, Casper. 


Missions (m) , 152 Madison Ave., New York 
16, N. Y., Rev. J. C. Slemp, Ed. 

Crusader (m) , 3207 Kensington Ave., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., George Moll, Ed. 

The Baptist Leader (m), 1703 Chestnut St., 
Philadelphia 3, Pa., Rev. R. G. Torbet, 
Assoc. Ed. 

The Secret Place (q), 1703 Chestnut St., 
Philadelphia 3, Pa., Rev. L. L. Camp- 
bell, Ed. 


Southern Baptist Convention 

In 1845 Southern Baptists withdrew 
from the General Missionary Conven- 
tion over the question of slavery and 
other matters and formed the South- 
ern Baptist Convention. 

Churches: 29,863. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 29,243. Total 

Enrollment: 6,348,681. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 22,345. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Dr. C. C. Warren, First 
Baptist Church, Charlotte, N. C. 

Recording Sec., Dr. James W. Merritt. 

Executive Committee: Offices, 127 9th 
Ave., N., Nashville 3, Tenn. Exec. Sec., 
Dr. Porter Routh; Dir. Prom., Dr. Mer- 
rill D. Moore; Dir. Publications, Dr. Al- 
bert McClellan. 

Other Organizations 
Foreign Mission Board: Address, 2037 

Monument Ave., Richmond 20, Va. Exec. 

Sec., Baker James Cauthen. 
Home Mission Board: Office, 161 Spring 

St., NW, Atlanta 3, Ga. Pres., W. A. 

Duncan; Exec. Sec. <Sc Treas., Courts 

Sunday School Board: Office, 127 9th Ave., 

Nashville 3, Tenn. Pres., Dr. W. A. Cris- 

well; Exec. Sec. & Treas., Dr. James L. 

Relief and Annuity Board: Office, 203 

Baptist Bldg., Dallas 1, Tex. Pres., Dr. 

Wallace Bassett; Acting Exec. Sec., R. 

Alton Reed; Assoc. Sec., R. S. Jones. 
Baptist Brotherhood Commission: Office, 

Memphis 3, Tenn. Chmn., Exec. Comm., 

John W. McCall; Exec. Sec., George W. 

Woman's Missionary Union: Office, 600 N. 

20th St., Birmingham 3, Ala. Pres., Mrs. 

George R. Martin, Norfolk, Va.; Exec. 

Sec., Alma Hunt; Treas., La Venia Neal. 
Southern Baptist Foundation: Office, 127 

9th Ave., N., Nashville 3, Tenn. Exec. 

Sec., T. L. Holcomb. 
Education Commission: Office, 127 9th Ave. 

N., Nashville 3, Tenn. Exec. Sec., R. 

Orin Cornett. 
Christian Life Commission: Office, 127 

9th Ave., N., Nashville 3, Tenn. Sec., 

A. C. Miller. 
Radio and Television Commission: Baptist 

Radio Center, Atlanta, Ga. Dir., Paul M. 

Historical Commission, 127 9th Ave., N., 

Nashville 3, Tenn. Exec. Sec., Norman 

W. Cox. 
Commission on the American Baptist 

Theological Seminary, Nashville, Tenn. 

Gen. Sec. & Treas., L. S. Sedberry. 

State Conventions 
Alabama, A. Hamilton Reid, P. O. Box 870, 

Montgomery 2. 
Arizona, Willis J. Ray, 386 N. First Ave., 

Arkansas, Dr. B. L. Bridges, Baptist Bldg., 

Little Rock. 
California, S. G. Posey, 1405 Broadway, 

Fresno 21, 
District of Columbia, Dr. M. C. Stith, 

1628 16th St., N.W., Washington 1. 


Florida, John Maguire, Rogers Bldg., 218 
W. Church St., Jacksonville 2. 

Georgia, Dr. Searcy S. Garrison, 22 Mari- 
etta St. Bldg., Atlanta 3. 

Illinois, Dr. Noel M. Taylor, 306 W. Main, 

Kansas, N. J. Westmoreland, 244y 2 W. 
Main, Wichita. 

Kentucky, Dr. William C. Boone, 127 E. 
Broadway, Louisville 2. 

Louisiana, Floyd Chaffin, Box 311, Alex- 

Maryland, Clifton C. Thomas, 100 E. 23rd 
St., Baltimore 18. 

Mississippi, Chester L. Quarles, Jackson 

Missouri, Dr. T. W. Medearis, Baptist Bldg., 
Jefferson City. 

New Mexico, Rev. Harry P. Stagg, P. O. 
Box 485, Albuquerque. 

North Carolina, M. A. Huggins, Raleigh. 

Oklahoma, T. B. Lackey, Oklahoma City 2. 

Oregon, R. E. Milam, 1422 S.W. llth Ave., 

South Carolina, Charles F. Sims, 1301 
Hampton St., Columbia 29. 

Tennessee, Dr. C. W. Pope, 16th & Bel- 
court Aves., Nashville 3. 

Texas, Dr. Forrest C. Feezor, Baptist Bldg., 
Dallas 1. 

Virginia, Dr. Lucius M. Polhill, Va. Baptist 
Bldg., 1 W. Franklin St., Richmond 19. 


Royal Service, Birmingham 3, Ala., Juli- 
ette Mather, Ed. 

The Window of Y.W.A., Birmingham 3, 
Ala., Juliette Mather, Ed. 

World Comrades, Birmingham 3, Ala., 
Juliette Mather, Ed. 

Ambassador Life, Birmingham, Ala., Juli- 
ette Mather, Ed. 

Review and Expositor (q), Louisville 6, 

Southwestern Evangel, Seminary Hill, 
Tex., J. Howard Williams, Ed. 

Alabama Baptist (w), Birmingham, Ala., 
Leon Macon, Ed. 

Baptist Beacon (w), Phoenix, Ariz., W. 
Garry Barrett, Ed. 

Arkansas Baptist (w), Little Rock, Ark., 

B. H. Duncan, Ed. 

Florida Baptist Witness (w), Jacksonville, 

Fla., W. G. Stracener, Ed. 
Christian Index (w), Atlanta, Ga., J. J. 

Hurt, Ed. 
California Southern Baptist (w), Fresno, 

Cal., Floyd Looney, Ed. 
Illinois Baptist (w), DuQuoin, 111., B. J. 

Murrie, Ed. 
Baptist Digest (s-m), Box 729, Wichita, 

Kansas, Hoyt S. Gibson, Ed. 
Western Recorder (w), Louisville, Ky., 

R. T, Skinner, Ed. 
Baptist Message (w), Shreveport, La., F. 

W. Tinnin, Ed. 
Maryland Baptist (m), Baltimore, Md., C. 

C. Thomas, Ed. 

Commission, The, Richmond, Va., Frank 

Means, Man. Ed. 
Baptist Record (w), Jackson, Miss., A. L. 

Goodrich, Ed. 
Word and Way (w), Kansas City, Mo., 

H. H. McGinty, Ed. 
Baptist New Mexican (w), Albuquerque, 

N. M., Lewis A. Myers, Ed. 
Biblical Recorder (w), Raleigh, N. C., L. L. 

Carpenter, Ed, 
Ohio Baptist Messenger (m), Columbus, 

Ohio, Geo. W. Fletcher, Ed. 



Charity and Children (w), Thomasville, 

Ga., J. Marse Grant, Ed. 
Baptist Messenger (w), Oklahoma City, 

Okla., Jack Gritz, Ed. 
Pacific Coast Baptist, Portland, Ore., C. E. 

Boyle, Ed. 
Baptist Courier (w), Greenville, S. C., 

S. H. Jones, Ed. 
Baptist and Reflector (w), Nashville, Tenn., 

Richard Owen, Ed. 
Baptist Standard (w), Dallas, Texas, E. S. 

James, Ed. 

Religious Herald (w), Richmond, Va., Reu- 
ben E. Alley, Ed. 

National Baptist Convention, 
U.S.A., Inc. 

The older and parent convention of 
Negro Baptists. This body is to be dis- 
tinguished from the National Baptist 
Convention of America, usually re- 
ferred to as the "unincorporated" 

Churches: 25,603. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 22,004. Total 

Enrollment: 2,407,348. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 18,964 


General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. J. H. Jackson, 3101 
So. Parkway, Chicago, 111. 

Vice-Pres.-at-large, Rev. S. A. Owens, 761 
Walker St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Vice-Pres.: Rev. L. A. Pinkston, 239 Au- 
burn Ave., Atlanta, Ga.; Rev. E. D. 
Billups, 904 No. 33rd St., Baton Rouge, 
La.; Rev. T. S. Harten, 441 Franklin 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Rev. C. H. Hamp- 
ton, 605 So. 32nd St., San Diego, Calif. 

Sec., Rev. T. J. Jemison, 335 Maperville 
St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Treas., Rev. L. G. Carr, 5317 Master St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stat, Rev. R. W. Norsworthy, 2634 Carnes 
Ave., Memphis 11, Tenn. 

Hist., Rev. S. S. Reid, 1700 W. Davison 
St., Detroit, Mich. 

Other Organizations 
Foreign Mission Board: 701 S. 19th St., 

Phila., Pa. Sec., Rev. C. C. Adams. 
Home Missions and Evangelism Board: 

4834 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, HI. Sec., 

Rev. T. T. Lovelace. 

Benefit Board: 498 Central St., Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. Sec., Rev. M. Kirby. 
Education Board: Rev. Coleman Kerry, 

Marshall, Texas. 
B.T.TJ. Board: Sec., Rev. Roland Smith, 239 

Auburn Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Sunday School Publishing Board: 412 4th 

Ave., N., Nashville, Tenn. Sec., Rev. 

A. M. Townsend. 
Laymen's Movement: 310 Saratoga St., 

New Orleans, La. Cor. Sec., James E. 

Woman's Auxiliary Convention: Pres., 

Miss N. H. Burroughs, Lincoln Heights, 

Washington, D. C. 
National S. S. and B.T.TJ. Congress: Pres., 

Rev. W. H. J"ernagin, 1341 3rd St., N.W., 

Washington, D. C. 


National Baptist Voice (s-m), 1614 West 
Second St., Chester, Pa., Rev. J. P. Bar- 
bour, Ed. 

National Baptist Convention 
of America 

Organized in 1880. 

Churches: 11,136. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 10,100 (1944). 

Total Enrollment: 1,000,100 (1944). 
Ordained clergy having charges: no data. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual (September). 

Officers: Pres., Dr. G. L. Prince, 2610 Ave. 
L, Galveston, Tex. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. C. D. Pettaway, 714 W. 
10th St., Little Rock, Ark. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. J. C. Sams, 1027 
Jesse, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Rec. Sec., Rev. G. Goings Daniels, 1215 
Church St., Georgetown, S. C. 

Cor. Sec., Dr. William Grimble, 2635 2nd 
St., Alexandria, La. 

Off. Reporter, Rev. Wm. Downs, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Treas., Dr. A. A. Lucas, 5109 Farmer St., 
Houston, Tex. 

Stat., Rev. L. B. Tolson, 3215 Berry Ave., 
Houston 4, Tex. 

Hist., Rev. K. D. Sloan, 1719 Tulane Ave., 
New Orleans, La. 

Auditor, Rev. M. C. Allen, Virginia Semi- 
nary and College, Lynchburg, Va. 

Other Organizations 

Benevolent Board: Corr. Sec., Rev. George 
J. Johnson, Mary Allen College, Crock- 
ett, Texas; Chmn., Rev. John W. Wil- 
liams, 1414 E. 15th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Evangelical Board: Chmn., Rev. H. H. 
Robinson, 116 W. 8th St., Jacksonville, 
Fla.; Corr. Sec., Rev. E. H. Branch, 
2843 Benton Road, Kansas City, Mo. 

Foreign Mission Board: Chmn., Rev. F. D. 
Johnson, 444 E. 50th St.. Chicago, HI.; 
Corr. Sec., Rev. E. S. Branch, 2708 Web- 
ster St., Houston, Tex. 

Home Mission Board: Chmn., Rev. J. H. 
L. Smith, 4501 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, 
HI.; Corr. Sec., Rev. Ira M. Hendon, 
3993 So. Parkway, Chicago, 111. 

Publishing Board: Chmn., Rev. J. B. 
Ridley, 319 21st St., Nashville, Tenn.; 
Corr. Sec., Rev. Henry Allen Boyd, 523 
2nd Ave, No., Nashville 3, Tenn. 

Educational Board: Chmn., Rev. P. S. 
Wilkinson, 1011 Delaware St., San An- 
tonio, Tex.; Corr. Sec., Rev. E. J. Minni- 
field, 548 41st St., North Birmingham, 

B.Y.P.U. Board: Chmn., Rev. L. W. Mingo, 
217 E. Monroe St., Carbondale, HI.; Corr. 
Sec., Rev. W. A. Joshua, 703 Church St., 
Gonzales, Tex. 

Senior Woman's Auxiliary: Pres., Mrs. M. 
A. B. Fuller; Corr. Sec., Mrs. E. B. 
White, 2315 Harlem Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Junior Woman's Auxiliary: Pres., Mrs. 
Hattie L. E. Williams; Corr. Sec., Miss 
Mora D. Dailey, P. O. Box 105, Athens, 

National Baptist Brotherhood: Pres., Ira 
L. Clark; Corr. Sec., G. E. Marshall, 920 
East 65th St., Chicago, HI. 


National Baptist Youth Convention: Pres., 
Rev. Edward Hill; Corr. Sec., Katy Mae 
Jefferson, 440 Albert Walk, San Antonio, 

American Baptist Association 

A group of independent Missionary 
Baptist Churches, mainly in the South, 
Southeast and Southwest, although 
they do have churches in the North 
and West. They were organized in 
1905 and adhere strictly to the Apos- 
tolic order in church polity and co- 

Churches: 2,105 (1951). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 286,691 (1951). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,147 (1952). 
Total Enrollment: 146,000 (1952). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

American Baptist Association, Headquar- 
ters: 214 East Broad St., Texarkana, 

Officers: Pres., Dr. A. J. Kirkland, Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Vice-Pres.: W. W. Melton, Bogalusa, La.; 
W. W. Miles, Box 5116, Nashville, Term., 
and Hoyt Chastain, Malvern, Ark. 

Rec. Sees., J. Alvan Rester, Poplarville, 
Miss., Fred. G. Stevenson, Little Rock, 

Cor. Sec.-Treas., Dr. A. L. Patterson. 

Bus. Mgr. S. S. Publications, J. Alvan 

Editor-in-Chief, Rev. E, C. Gillentine, Box 
502, Texarkana, Ark.-Tex. 


Missionary Baptist Searchlight (s-m), 3310 
Asher, Little Rock, Ark. 

Baptist Monitor (s-m), Box 591, Hender- 
son, Tex. 

The Sword and Trowel (m), Box 307, Ft. 
Smith, Ark. 

The Baptist Anchor (s-m), Fender, Ga. 

The Soul Winner (m), Longview, Tex. 

Missionary Baptist Herald (m), Turley, 

Baptist General Conference 
of America 

This body was formerly known as 
the Swedish Baptist General Confer- 
ence of America; it has operated as a 
general conference since 1879. 

Churches: 406. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 432. Total En- 
rollment: 65,181. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 365. 

General Organization. 

General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 
5750 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago 26, HI. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Trustees: Exec. Sec., Rev. Wm. 
C. Tapper. 

Board of Home Missions: Sec., Rev. Wil- 
liam Turnwall. 


Board of Foreign Missions: Sec., Rev. John 
W. Wilcox. 

Board of Publication: Sec., Rev. Martin 

Board of Bible School and Young People's 
Work: Sec., Rev, Lawrence Swanson. 

Board of Women's Work: Chmn., Mrs. 
V. E. Ytterberg. 

Board of Men's Work: Chmn., Lattimer 

All located at headquarters in Chi- 
cago, above. 

Board of Education: Chmn., Dr. Carl Bur- 
ton, Bethel College and Seminary, 1480 
No. SneUing Ave., St. Paul 1, Minn. 


The Standard (w), 5750 N. Ashland Ave., 
Chicago 26, 111., Martin Erikson, Ed. 

Christian Unity Baptist Association 

Organized in 1934 from the Mace- 
donia Baptist Association, believes in 
Trinity, divine inspiration of the Bible, 
regeneration, universal atonement and 
endurance to the end to be saved. 

Churches: 13. Inclusive Membership: 635. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3 (1952). Total 

Enrollment: 99 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 3. 

General Organization 

Meets annually. 

Officers: Mod., Elder D. O. Miller, Moun- 
tain City, Tenn. 

Clk.-Treas. f Elder F. Carl Sturgill, Rugby, 

Conservative Baptist Association 
of America 

Organized May 17, 1947, at Atlantic 
City, N. J. The Old and New Testa- 
ments are regarded as the divinely 
inspired Word of God and are there- 
fore infallible and of supreme author- 
ity. Each local church is independent 
and autonomous, and free from ecclesi- 
astical or political authority. 

No statistics available. 

General Organization 

Meets annually. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Ernest G. Malyon, 

1403 S.E. Rex, Portland, Oregon. 
Rec. Sec., Rev. R. A. Pavy, 1211 Third 

Ave., S.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Corr. Sec., Rev. Joseph Hutton, 214 Beaver 

St., Philipsburg, Pa. 
Treas., Rev. J. Fred Young, 608 W. Lincoln, 

Freeport, 111. 
Eastern Vice-Pres., Rev. Joseph Sullivan, 

814 Andrews, Collingdale, Pa. 
Central Vice-Pres., Dr. George J. Carlson, 

3411 W. 31st Place, Chicago, HI. 
Western Vice-Pres., Rev. John Speering, 

521 7th Ave., Yuma, Ariz. 
Managing Editor, Rev. A. S. Taylor, Ly- 

coming Hotel, Williamsport, Pa. 
National Rep., Rev. B. Myron Cedarholm, 

2561 North Clark St., Chicago 14, 111. 




The National Voice of Conservative Bap- 
tists (m), P. O. Box 567, Williamsport, 
Pa., Rev. Albert S. Taylor, Ed. 

Duck River (and Kindred) 
Associations of Baptists 

A group of Baptist associations found 

in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and 


Churches: 326 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 9,720 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 60 (1949). 
Total Enrollment: 2,100 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no data. 

General Organization 

Meets yearly, in August. 

Officers: Duck River: Mod., Elder Claud 

Stacey, Bradyville, Tenn. 
Clk., S. F. Shelton, Christiana, R. 2, Tenn. 
General Association: Mod., Elder W. B. 

Kirby, Henagar, Ala. 
Clk., Elder James F. Patton, Morrison, 


General Conference of the 
Evangelical Baptist Church, Inc. 

Organized among independent Free 
Will Baptist Churches in 1935. Is in fel- 
lowship with several Free Will Bap- 
tist Conferences. Exchanges pastors 
with the Wilmington Conference of the 
Free Will Baptist Church. Was for- 
merly known as the Church of the 
Full Gospel, Inc. 
Churches: 31 (1952). Inclusive Membership: 

2,200 (1952). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 31 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 3,100 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 22 (1952). 

General Organizaiion 

General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 

1601 East Rose St., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Officers: Pres., Dr. Wm. Howard Carter, 

1601 East Rose St., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Vice-Pres., Dr. W. Earl Armstrong, Box 

2, Gastonia, N. C. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Emmett Murphy, Rt. 

5, Kinston, N. C. 
Sec., Mrs. Harold K. Thomas, Box 426, 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
Treas., Mrs. Jessie Byrd Carter, Box 473, 

Goldsboro, K. C. 


Quiet Hour News (m), Mrs. H. K. Thomas, 
Box 426, Goldsboro, N. C., Ed. 

Free Will Baptists 

This is a body of Arminian Baptists 
organized in the South in 1727 by Paul 
Palmer and in the North in 1787 by 
Benjamin Randall. It embraces 
churches in 31 states, Cuba and India. 
The organization in the United States 
is known as the National Association 

of Free Will Baptists. Meetings are 
held annually, at which time the Wom- 
an's Auxiliary Convention meets. In 
alternate years the nation-wide Free 
Will Baptist League Conference for 
the Youth and the Free Will Baptist 
Sunday School Convention hold meet- 
Churches: 4,023. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3,802. Total 

Enrollment: 490,000. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 3,050. 

General Organization 

National Association meets annually. 
(Last meeting, Tulsa, Okla., July, 1955.) 

Headquarters: 3801 Richland. Ave., Nash- 
ville 5, Tenn. 

Officers: Mod., Rev. Charles A. Thigpen, 
Detroit Mich. 

Sec., Rev. George Waggoner, Okawville, 

Exec. Sec., Rev, W, S. Mooneyham, 3801 
Richland Ave., Nashville 5, Tenn. 

Denominational Agencies 

Board of Foreign Missions: Pro. Sec., Rev. 

Raymond Riggs, Nashville, Tenn. 
Board of Home Missions: Pro. Sec., Rev. 

Damon C. Dodd, Nashville, Tenn. 
Board of Superannuation: Sec., Rev. J. 

O. Fort, Ayden, N. C. 
Board of Publication and Literature: 

Chmn., Rev. J. C. Griffin, New Bern, 

Free Will Baptist League Board: Sec., 

Rev. C. F. Bowen, Nashville, Tenn. 
Sunday School Board: Pro Sec., Rev. Wil- 
liam Mishler, Detroit, Mich. 
College Board of Trustees: Chmn., Rev. 

J. L. Welch, Nashville, Tenn. 
Radio-TV Board: Sec., Rev. J. D, O'Don- 

nell, Columbus, Miss. 
Woman's Auxiliary Convention: Exec. Sec., 

Mrs. H. B. Sloan, Nashville, Tenn. 


Contact (m), Nashville, Tenn., Rev. W. S. 

Mooneyham, Ed. 
Free Will Baptist (w), Ayden, N. C., Rev. 

Floyd B. Cherry, Ed. 
Free Will Baptist Gem (m), Monett, 

Mo., Rev. Lloyd Jeffreys, Ed. 
Bible College Bulletin (m), Nashville, 

Tenn., Dr. L. C. Johnson, Ed. 
Free Will Baptist Promoter (m), Wewoka, 

Okla., Rev. Ralph Staten, Ed. 

The General Association of 
Regular Baptist Churches 

Founded in May, 1932, in Chicago, 
111., by a group of churches which had 
withdrawn from the Northern Baptist 
Convention (now the American Bap- 
tist Convention) because of doctrinal 
differences. Its Confession of Faith, 
which it requires all churches to sub- 
scribe to, is the old, historic New 
Hampshire Confession of Faith with a 
premillennial ending, applied to the 
last article. 


Churches: 690 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 113,878 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools and Enroll- 
ment: No report. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 675 (1953). 

General Organization 

Meets annually (in May). 

Headquarters: 431 S. Dearborn St., Suite 
1203-06 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago 5, 111. 

Officers: Chmn., Dr. Paul R. Jackson, 
Johnson City, N. Y. 

Vice-Chmn., Dr. Arthur F. Williams, Ce- 
darville, Ohio. 

Treas., Rev. R. F. Hamilton, Chicago, HI. 

Sec., Rev. Wilbur C. Rooke, Gary, Ind. 

National Representative, Dr. R. T. Ketch- 
am, 431 S. Dearborn St., Suite 1205 Man- 
hattan Bldg., Chicago 5, HI. 


Baptist Bulletin (m), 431 Dearborn St., 
Suite 1205 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago 5, 
HI., R. T. Ketcham, Ed. 

General Baptists 

An Arminian group of Baptists first 
organized by John Smyth and Thomas 
Helwys in England, 1607. Transplanted 
to the colonies in 1714. Died out along 
the Seaboard, but revived in the Mid- 
west in 1823 by Rev. Benoni Stinson. 
Churches: 700. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 700. Total 

Enrollment: 70,000. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 600. 

General Organization 

General Association, annual. 

Officers: Mod., Rev. Dale Porter, 2100 Ann 

Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Clerk, Rev. Ollie Latch, Box 249, Poplar 

Bluff, Mo. 

Other Organizations 
General Board: Sec., Floyd Kirves, 2110 

Lodge Ave., Evansville, Ind. 
Foreign Mission Board: Sec., Marlin Dos- 

sett, Princeton, Ind. 
Board of Publications: Sec., F. N. Shields, 

Mt. Vernon, HI. 
Home Mission Board: Sec., Lawrence Ra- 

ger, Rt. 5, Evansville, Ind. 
Religious Education Board: Sec., W. N. 

Gibson, Newburgh, Ind. 
Ministers' Aid Board: Pres., Rev. O. G. 

Chapman, 222 W. Harrison, Oakland 

City, Ind. 
Women's Mission Board: Pres., Mrs. Ollie 

Warren, 1121 W. Harrison, Springfield, 



General Baptist Messenger (w), Poplar 
Bluff, Mo., Rev. Ollie Latch, Ed. 

General Baptist Minister (m), Poplar Bluff, 
Mo., Rev. Edwin Runyon, Ed. 

Quarterly Sunday School publications is- 
sued regularly. 

Publishing House, General Baptist Press, 
940 S. Highway 67, Poplar Bluff, Mo. 


General Six-Principle Baptists 

A Baptist group, organized in Rhode 
Island in 1653, drawing its name from 
Heb. 6:1-2. 

Churches: 3 (1944). Inclusive Membership: 
280 (1944). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3 (1949). Total 
Enrollment: 284 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

Conferences in Rhode Island and Penn- 
sylvania, annually, in September. 

(The main membership is in Rhode 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Elmer B. Naylor, 
Hope Valley, R.I. 

Clk. t Erving D. Matteson, R. F. D. No. 1, 
Coventry, R. I. 

Independent Baptist Church 
of America 

A body of Swedish Free Baptists, 
dating back to 1893. 

Churches: 2. Inclusive Membership: 50 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1. Total En- 
rollment: 14. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 2. 

Officers: Pres., Elmer Erickson, 3016 Long- 
fellow Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sec. Arthur Erickson, Alma Center, Wis., 
Rt. 1, Box 71. 

Treas,, Foreign Mission, Erick Sand, 7710 
So. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Treas., Home Mission, Elmer Erickson, 
3016 Longfellow Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

The Lighthouse (q), Dassel, Minn., Herbert 
D. Lindblom, Ed. 

National Baptist Evangelical 

Life and Soul Saving 

Assembly of U.S.A. 

Organized in 1921, by A. A. Banks, 
as a charitable, educational, and evan- 
gelical organization. 

Churches: 264 (1951). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 57,674 (1951). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 447 (1949). 

Total Enrollment: 46,021 (1949). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 128 


General Organization 
Assembly, general. 
Headquarters: 441 Monroe Ave., Detroit 26, 

Officers: Exec. Sec., Captain, A. A. Banks, 

Jr., 2116 Pennsylvania Ave., Detroit 14, 

Asst. Capt, J. C. Huey, 522 W. Walker St., 

Denison, Texas. 
Directress of Women's Dept., Madam F. W. 

Land, P. O. Box 324, Tchula, Miss. 

The Peoples' Soul Saving Radio Magazine, 

A. A. Banks, Man. Ed. 



National Primitive Baptist 
Convention of the U.S.A. 

(Formerly Colored Primitive Baptists) 
A group of Negro Baptists opposed 
to all forms of church organization. 

Churches: 1,019 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 80,000 (1952). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 500 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 42,308 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 600 

Headquarters: 834 West Clinton St., Hunts- 

ville, Ala. 
Chief Officers: Pres. of Genl. Convent., 

Kev. W. M. Scott, 2712 22nd Ave., Tampa 

5, Fla. 
Sec., Rev C. P. Allen, 454 W. CaU Ave., 

Tallahassee, Fla. 
Chrnn. Pub. Bd., Rev. Terry M. Batts, 

1253 Lola St., Mobile 16, Ala. 
Mgr. of House of Pub., Rev. George W. 

Gibson, 834 W. Clinton St., Huntsville, 

Sunday School and Publishing Board: Sec., 

Rev. C. W. Herndon, 300 E. Brainerd 

St., Pensacola, Fla. 

North American Baptist 

Organized May, 1950, in Little Rock, 
Ark., as the result of a division within 
the ranks of the American Baptist 
Association, or "Landmark" Baptists. 
There are several state and numerous 
local associations of cooperating 
churches. In theology these churches 
are militantly fundamentalist. 

Churches: 1,625. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,625. Total 
Enrollment: 249,201. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 1,350. 
General Organization 

Association meets annually, in March. 

Officers: Pres., W. J. Dorman, Jackson- 
ville, Tex. 

Vice-Pres.: D. N. Jackson, Box 2140, Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark., and Roy Flippo, Amarillo, 

Rec. Sees.: E. T. Burgess, Little Rock, 
Ark.; Preston Cochran, Laurel, Miss.; 

C. D. Parker, Wewoka, Okla. 

Sec. of Missions, W. J. Burgess, 824 Main 

St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Sec. of Publications, T. O. Tollett, 824 

Main St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Ed. of Publications, D. O. Silvey, 2320 

Pecan St., Texarkana, Ark.-Tex. 
Sec. of Research and Public Relations, 

D. N. Jackson, Box 2140, Little Rock, 

American Baptist (s-m), Box 2140, Little 

Rock, Ark., D. N. Jackson, Ed. 
The Baptist Trumpet (w), P. O. Box 846, 

Little Rock, Ark., E. T. Burgess, Ed. 
Baptist Progress (w), 426 W. Jefferson, 

Dallas 8, Tex., Leon Gaylor, Ed. 
The Advancer (m), 824 Main St., Little 

Rock, Ark., D. O. Silvey, Ed. 

North American Baptist 
General Conference 

These churches emanate from Ger- 
man Baptist immigrants of more than 
a century ago. Many of them are still 
bilingual in their ministry. Although 
scattered on the North American con- 
tinent, they are bound together by a 
common heritage, a strong spiritual 
unity, a Bible-centered faith, and a 
deep interest in missions. 

Churches: 282. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 293. Total 
Enrollment: 43,529. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 280. 
General Organization 

General Conference, triennial. Next meet- 
ing, 1958. 

Headquarters: 7308 Madison St., Forest 
Park, 111. 

Officers: Mod., Walter W. Grosser. 

Vice-Mod., Rev. John Wobig. 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Frank H. Woyke. 

Ed. of English Lit., Dr. Martin L. Leusch- 

Prom. Sec., Rev. J. C. Gunst. 

Treas., F. A. Grosser. 

Comptroller, Roland E. Ross. 

The General Council consists of: the Of- 
ficers of the General Conference; the 
Chairmen of four special Committees; 
representatives of the seven cooperating 1 
Societies; and two representatives of 
each of the nine local Conferences com- 
prising the General Conference. The 
Moderator, Treasurer, and Executive 
Secretary of the General Conference 
serve also respectively as Chairman, 
Treasurer, and Secretary of the General 

The Executive Secretary also serves as 
Corresponding and Statistical Secretary 
of the General Conference and of the 
General Council. All correspondence re- 
lating to general denominational policy 
should be addressed to the Executive 

Other Organizations 

General Missionary Society: Gen. Sec., 
Rev. R. Schilke. 

Commissioned Baptist Youth Fellowship: 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Lawrence Bienert. 

Sunday School Union: Gen. Sec., Rev. 
G. K. Zimmerman. 

Roger Williams Press: Bus. Mgr. f Rev. 
E. J. Baumgartner, 3734 Payne Ave., 
Cleveland 14, Ohio. 

Woman's Missionary Union: Pres., Mrs. 
Thomas Lutz; Sec., Mrs. Peter Pferffer; 
Treas., Mrs. Edward Kary. 

Baptist Men: Chmn., Mr. Raymond Engel- 
brecht; Sec. -Treas., Roland E. Ross, Box 
6, Forest Park, 111. 

Ministers' Fellowship: Pres., Rev. Leland 
A. Friesen, Okeene, Okla.; Sec.-Treas., 
Rev. Edwin Miller, Parma Heights, Ohio. 

Der Sendbote (s-m), Rev. W. J. Luebeck, 

The Baptist Herald (s-m), Rev. Martin L. 
Leuschner, Ed. 

Youth Compass (q), Rev. J. C, Gunst, Ed. 


All published by the Roger Williams Press, 
3734 Payne Ave., Cleveland 14, Ohio. 

Primitive Baptists 

A large group of Baptists, mainly 
through the South, who are opposed 
to all centralization and to modern 
missionary societies. 

Churches: 1,000 (1950). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 72,000 (1950). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 41 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 40,360 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Bus. Mgrs., Mrs. C. H. Cayce, Thornton, 
Ark., and W. H. Cayce, Thornton, Ark. 


Primitive Baptist (semi-m), Thornton, 

Ark., W. H. Cayce and Elder L. C. 

Swanner, Eds. 
For the Poor (m), Thornton, Ark., Mrs. 

C. H. Cayce and Elder L. C. Swanner, 


Regular Baptists 

A group of Baptists in the South, 
holding doctrinal positions between 
Arminianism and the Calvinism of the 
Primitive Baptists. There are about 22 
associations with no general organiza- 

Churches: 266 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 17,186 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 54 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 3,754 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 


Regular Baptist Magazine, Kensington, 
Md., H. M. Flinn, Ed. 

Separate Baptists 

A group of Baptists found in Indiana, 
Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, and 
Illinois, dating back to an association 
formed in 1758 in North Carolina. 

Churches: 87. Inclusive Membership: 6,896. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 84 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 3,419 (1936). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 60. 

General Organizalion 

General Association. 

Officers: Mod., Rev. Melvin Carlen, 

Charleston, HI. 
Asst. Mod., Rev. Ota E. Smith, 1413 S. 

Mulberry St., Muncie, Ind. 
Clk., Rev. Russell Peterson, R. R. 1, St. 

Paul, Ind. 

Seventh Day Baptist 
General Conference 

A group of Baptists organized in 
Rhode Island in 1671; they are distin- 
guished from 'other groups by their 
observance of Saturday as the Sabbath. 


Churches: 66. Inclusive Membership: 6,189. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 58. Total 

Enrollment: 3,405. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 41. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 

Seventh Day Baptist Bldg., 510 Watchung 

Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Officers: Pres., Clarence M. Rogers, Salem, 

W. Va. 

Rec. Sec., Paul C. Saunders, Alfred, N. Y. 
Cor. Sec., A. Burdet Crofoot, Box 953, 

Alfred, N. Y. 

Treas., Forrest M. Branch, Milton, Wise, 
Treas., Denom. Budget, L. Milton Van 

Horn, Milton, Wis. 

Other Organizations 

Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society: 
Cor. Sec., Rev. Everett T. Harris, West- 
erly, Rhode Island. 

Seventh Day Baptist Board of Christian 
Education: Exec. Sec., Rev. Neal D. 
Mills, Alfred, N. Y. 

American Sabbath Tract Society: Cor. 
Sec., Rev. Leon M. Maltby, 510 Watch- 
ung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 

Recorder Press: Mgr., L. H. North, 510 
Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 


Sabbath Recorder (w), Seventh Day Bap- 
tist Bldg., Plainfield, N. J., Rev. Leon 
M. Maltby, Ed. 

Seventh Day Baptists 
(Germa^ 1728) 

Refugees from the Palatinate, Ger- 
many, so-called Brethren or Dunkers, 
arrived in Philadelphia in 1720. Some 
of them observed the seventh day as 
the Sabbath and organized the above 
body in 1728. 

Churches: 3 (1951). Inclusive Membership: 

150 (1951). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2 (1951). Total 

Enrollment: 120 (1951). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 2 (1951). 

General Organizalion 
General Conference, annual. 
Officers: Pres., Crist M. King, 238 So. Aiken 

St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Vice-Pres., Eugene King, R. D. 1, New 

Enterprise, Pa. 
Sec., Mrs. Irvin C. Imler, 2612 Dysart Ave., 

Altoona, Pa. 
Asst. Sec., Mrs. Annie Baker, R. D. 1, 

Waynesboro, Pa. 
Treas., Roy Funk, R. D. 1, Waynesboro, 

Supt. Young People, Jerome Boyd, R. D. 

1, New Enterprise, Pa. 


Church News (q), New Enterprise, Pa., 
Frank R. King, Ed. 

Predestinarian Baptists 

Organized in the U.S. latter half of 
the 18th century as a protest against 



Arminian doctrines; the prominent 
leader was Elder Daniel Parker; em- 
phasize salvation by grace. 
Churches: 16 (1945). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 201 (1945). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no report. 
Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

Each church independent; informal asso- 
ciations only. 

Information concerning present officers 

United Baptists 

This group dates from meetings of 
Regular Baptists and Separate Bap- 
tists, held in Richmond, Va., in 1787, 
and a meeting under the name, United 
Baptists, in Clark County, Ky., in 1801. 
There are 16 associations in Kentucky, 
28 associations in all. Form of govern- 
ment is congregational. 
Churches: 564. Inclusive Membership: 

60 525. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 207. Total 

Enrollment: 14,983. . 
Ordained clergy having charges: 406. 
Each association meets annually. 
Correspondents: Omer E. Baker, "Whis- 
pering Pines Retreat," Route 2, Box 260 
B, Wilmington, N. C. 

Elder I. K. Cross, Eastern Baptist Institute, 
Box 242, Somerset, Kentucky. 

The United Free Will 
Baptist Church 

A body which set up its organiza- 
tion in 1870. 

Churches: 836 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 100,000 (1952). nv 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 654 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 31,500 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 915 (1952). 

General Organization 

General Conference, every 3 years. (Next 
meeting, 1956.) 

Headquarters: Kinston College, 1000 Uni- 
versity St., Kinston, N. C. 

Officers: Mod., Kev. E. M. Boll, Kinston, 
N C. 

Vice-Mod., Rev. O. L. Williams, Lakeland, 

Chmn. Exec. Board, Rev. W. F. Cox, Dur- 
ham, N. C. 

Gen. tfin. Sec., Prof. H. R. Reaves, Ayden, 
N. C. 

Gen. Rec. Sec,, Rev. J. H. O'Neal, Daytona 
Beach, Fla. 

Aud. Rev. L. E. Rasbury, Kinston, N. C. 

Mgr. Lit. Dept., Rev. J. C. Smith, 209 Free- 
men St., Raleigh, N. C. 

Ed., Rev. E. J. Brown, New Bern, N. C. 


The Free Will Baptist Advocate (s-m), 
Kinston, N. C. 

Bible Protestant Church 

The Bible Protestant Church is the 
continuing Eastern Conference of the 
Methodist Protestant Church. Name 
changed to Bible Protestant Church at 
30th Annual Session held at Westville, 
1 N. J., September 26-30, 1940. Original 
date of incorporation and granting of 
charter, September 1914; present body 
still operating under same certificate 
of incorporation with corporate name 

Churches: 37. Inclusive Membership: 2,216 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 36. Total 

Enrollment: 3,848. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 40, 

General Organization 
Meets annually. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Jesse L. Anderson, 
Black Rock Terrace, Cupsaw Lake, 
Wanaque, N. J. T , 

Exec. Sec., Rev. F. Leon Taggart, 125 Wal- 
nut St., Audubon, N. J. 
Sec. Rev. Robert E. Meisky, 732 18th St., 

South, Arlington 2, Va. 
Asst, Sec., Rev. John A. Ledden, 6 South 

Park Ave., Millville, N.J. 
Treas., Rev. David E. Miller, P. O. Box 549, 

Belmar, N.J. 
Stat. Sec., Rev. John A. Vignali, Moriches, 

Conference Reporter, Rev. Walter S. Pat- 
rick, 30 Kelsey PL, Lynbrook, L, L, N. Y. 

Bible Protestant Messenger (m) c/o Rev. 
William Becker, 340 Doughty Blvd., 
Inwood, L. I., N.Y.; Rev. Walter S. 
Patrick, 30 Kelsey PI., Lynbrook, L. I., 
N. Y., Ed. 

BRETHREN (German Baptisls) 
Brethren Church 
(Ashland, Ohio) 

The historical background is the 
same as that of the Church of the 
Brethren up until 1881, when the 
church divided; this being known as 
the Brethren Church. 
Churches: 98. Inclusive Membership: 18,979. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 79. Total 

Enrollment: 14,972. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 86. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual (August). 

Headquarters: Ashland, Ohio. 
Officers: Mod., Rev. Woodrow B. Brant, 

R. 1, Mineral Point, Pa. 
Vice-Mod., Rev. L. V. King, 1033 E. Main 

St., Louisville, Ohio. 
Sec., Rev. C. Y. Gilmer, 506 E. State St., 

Huntington, Ind. 

Treas., R. A. Hazen, 1106 Grant St., Ash- 
land, Ohio. 

Other Organizations 
Missionary Board: Gen. Sec,, W, Clayton 

Berkshire, 524 College Ave., Ashland, 




The Brethren Evangelist (w), 524 College 
Ave., Ashland, Ohio, W. S. Benshoff, Ed. 

Brethren Church (Progressive) 

A division occurred in the Church of 
the Brethren in 1882 on the question 
of the legislative authority of the an- 
nual meeting. It resulted in the estab- 
lishment of this body under a legal 
charter requiring congregational gov- 

Churches: 141 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 20,819 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 141 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 26,897 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 141 (1953). 

General Organization 

The National Fellowship of Brethren 

Churches. General Conference, annual. 
Officers: Mod., J. L. Gingrich, 68 Liberty 

St., Seville, Ohio. 
Vice-Mod., Ward Miller, 10607 Balfour, 

Whittier, Calif. 
Sec., Clyde K. Landrum, 35Q Morgantown 

St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Asst. Sec., James D. Hammer, 829 Belle 

Ave., Fort Wayne 6, Ind. 
Treas., Bryson Fetters, Berne, Ind. 
Stat., C. S. Zimmerman, 2942 Dwight Ave., 

Dayton 10, Ohio. 

Other Organizations 

Foreign Missionary Society: Pres., Charles 
W. Mayes, 1925 E. Fifth St., Long Beach 
12, Calif.; Gen. Sec. and Cand. Sec., 
Russell D. Barnard, Winona Lake, Ind,; 
Treas., Homer A. Kent, Winona Lake, 

Home Missions Council: Pres., Paul R. 
Bauman, Winona Lake, Ind.; Sec., Luther 
L. Grubb, Winona Lake, Ind.; Treas., 
Roy H. Kinsey, 1137 N. Main St., Day- 
ton 5, Ohio. 

Women's Missionary Council: Pres., Mrs. 
Kenneth Ashman, 205 Ihrig Ave., Woos- 
ter, Ohio; Rec. Sec., Mrs. Lester Pifer, 
Winona Lake, Ind.; Fin. Sec.-Treas., 
Mrs. Chester McCall, 3421 W. 82nd PI., 
Inglewood, Calif. 

Brethren Missionary Herald Company: 
Pres., Walter A. Lepp, Winona Lake, 
Ind.; Sec., Clyde G. Balyo, 19 W. Mel- 
ford Ave., Dayton 5, Ohio; Treas., Ord 
Gehman, 514 N. Jefferson St., Berne, 

Sisterhood of Mary and Martha: Pres., 
Patricia Griffith, Bob Jones University, 
Greenville, S. C.; Gen. Sec., Nancy 
Weber, 835 Spruce St., Hagerstown, Md. 

National Fellowship of Brethren Laymen: 
Pres., O. Mason Cooper, 1611 Staunton 
Ave., NW, Roanoke, Va.; Treas., Walter 
Hoyt, 409 Leland Ave., Dayton 7, Ohio. 

National Fellowship of Brethren Ministers: 
Chmn., Glenn O'Neal, 9211 Second Ave,, 
Inglewood, Calif.; Sec., Norman Up- 
house, 129 Sutherland Ave., Village 
Apts., Knoxville, Tenn, 

National Youth Council: Pres., Gerald 
Polman, 731 Elm Terr., York, Pa.; Sec., 
Cora Luna, Box 711, Taos, N. Mex,; Dir., 
Ralph J. Colburn, Box 617, Winona 
Lake, Ind. 



The Brethren Missionary Herald, Winona 
Lake, Ind., Arnold R. Kreigbaum, Ed. 
and Bus. Mgr. 

Church of the Brethren 

German pietists from Crefeld, Ger- 
many, under the leadership of Peter 
Becker, entered the colonies in 1719 
and settled at Germantown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. They have no other creed 
than the New Testament and hold to 
the principles of non-violence, temper- 
ance, and the expression of religion 
through the good life, 

Churches: 1,035. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,056. Total 

Enrollment: 140,973. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 868. 

General Organization 
General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 

22 S. State St., Elgin, 111. 
Officers: Mod., Paul M. Robinson, 3435 W. 

Van Buren St., Chicago 24, 111. 
Alternate Mod., Desmond Bittinger, Mc- 

Pherson College, McPherson, Kansas. 
Sec., Chalmer B. Faw, 404 So. Homan Ave., 

Chicago 24, 111. 
Treas., Robert Greiner, 22 S. State St., 

Elgin, 111. 

Other Organizations 

General Brotherhood Board: Chmn., Cal- 
vert N. Ellis, Taylor Highland, Hunting- 
don, Pa.; Vice-Chmn., S. Loren Bowman, 
546 Malaga St., Wenatchee, Wash.; Gen. 
Sec., Norman J. Baugher; Adm. Asst., 
Grace Hollinger; Treas., Robert Greiner; 
Fin. Rep., H. Spenser Minnich; Sec., 
Brotherhood Fund, Harl L. Russell. 

Brethren Service Commission: Chmn., D. 
W. Bittinger, McPherson, Kansas; Sec., 
W. Harold Row; Adm. Asst., Hazel 
Peters; Dir. Material Aid, Benjamin G. 
Bushong; Dir. Soc. Ed., Ralph E. 
Smeltzer; Dir. Leadership Training, Dan 
West; Dir. Soc. Act., Ora I. Huston. 

Christian Education Commission: Chmn., 
Paul H. Bowman, Timberville, Va.; Sec., 
C. Ernest Davis; Adm. Asst., Mildred M. 
Etter; Dir. Women's Work and Home 
Life, Ruth Shriver; Sec. Men's Work, 
R. E. Mohler; Dir. Youth Work, Ed. 
Crill; Dir. Junior High Work and Camp- 
ing, Paul M. Weaver; Dir. Children's 
Work, Dessie R. Miller; Ed. S.S. Pub., 

; Asst. Ed., Edith Barnes; Youth 

Ed., Vernard Eller; Children's Ed., Hazel 

Finance Commission: Chmn., Floyd A. 
Yearout, 6545 Lane St., Fresno 7, Cal.; 
Sec., Robert Greiner; Sec. Pension Plan, 
Harl L. Russell; Adm. Asst. to Sec. Pen- 
sion Plan, Mrs. Helen Flory. 

Foreign Mission Commission: Chmn., V. F. 
Schwalm, North Manchester, Ind.; Sec., 
Leland S. Brubaker; Assoc. Sec., J. 
Henry Long; Adm. Asst.; Geraldine 

Ministry and Home Mission Commission: 
Chmn., S. Loren Bowman, 546 Malaga 
St., Wenatchee, Wash.; Sec., Charles E. 
Zunkel; Adm. Asst., Alberta Yoder; 



Evangelist, I. D. Leatherman; Church 
Bldg. Counsellor, Forrest U. Groff; Dir. 
Evangelism, Edward K. Ziegler. 
Brethren House: Chmn. Bd. Dir., W. New- 
ton Long, 3600 Hillsdale Rd., Baltimore 
7, Md.; Mgr., Earl H. Kurtz; Treas., R. 
Greiner; Book Ed., Ora Garber; Mer- 
chandise Dir., Revie Slaubaugh. 


Gospel Messenger (w), Elgin, 111., Ken- 
neth Morse, Ed. 

Church of God (New Dunkards) 

A body which originated as a divi- 
sion of the Church of the Brethren 
(Conservative Dunkards) in 1848 in 

Churches: 8 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

611 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 8 (1953). Total 

Enrollment: 728 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 8 (1953). 
Officers: Mod., Rev. W. H. Patterson, 613 

Park Ave., Anderson, Ind. 
Clk., Mrs. Donell Granger, R. R. 1, Box 

30, Daleville, Ind. 

Old German Baptist Brethren 

A group which separated from the 
Church of the Brethren (formerly 
German Baptist Brethren) in 1881 as 
a protest against a liberalizing tend- 

Churches: 31 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 
4,000 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools and Enroll- 
ment: no report. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 31 (1953). 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Officers: Foreman, Elder O. A. Custer, 

No. Manchester, Ind. 
Reading Clk., Elder A. N. Peters, Lima, 

Writing Clk., Elder Henry Brovont, 

Goshen, Ind. 


The Vindicator, Covington, Ohio, Lester 
Fisher, Ed. 

Plymouth Brethren 

A movement originating in England 
about 1827, taking its name from a 
group at Plymouth. It has no ecclesi- 
astical organization, no ordained min- 
istry and few church edifices. Eight di- 
visions are recognized by the census 
reports of 1936. 

Churches: 664 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 25,806 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 550 (1952). 
Total Enrollment: 35,240 (1952). 

Ordained clergy having charges : no report. 

Correspondent: A. S. Loizeaux, 19 W. 21st 
St., New York 10, N. Y. 


Brethren in Christ 

(Formerly known as River Brethren) 
The Brethren in Christ Church was 
founded in Lancaster County, Pa., in 
about the year 1778 and was an out- 
growth of the religious awakening 
which occurred in that area during the 
latter part of the eighteenth century. 
This group became known as "River 
Brethren" because of their original 
location near the Susquehanna River. 
The name "Brethren in Christ" was of- 
ficially adopted in 1863. In theology 
they are evangelical, Arminian, Holi- 
ness, and pre -millennial. 

Churches: 113. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 167. Total 

Enrollment: 16,666. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 113. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual. 

Officers: Mod., Bishop C. N. Hostetter, Jr., 

Grantham, Pa. 
Gen. Conf. Sec., Bishop H. H. Brubaker, 

c/o N.C.L., Ft. Erie, Ont., Canada. 

Olher Organizations 

General Executive Board: Chmn., Bishop 
E. J. Swalm, Duntroon, Ont., Canada; 
Sec., Bishop Henry S. Miller, Mill Hall, 
Pa.; Treas., M. M. Book, Abilene, Kans. 

Board of Christian Education: Chmn., 
C. W. Boyer, 2223 N. Main St., Dayton 
5, Ohio; Exec. Sec., P. W. McBeth, 
Elizabethtown, Pa.; Sec., LeRoy Wal- 
ters, Waynesboro, Pa.; Treas., Walter 
Dupes, Elizabethtown, Pa. 

E. V. Publishing House: Mgr., E. W. 
Thomas, Nappanee, Ind. 

Ministerial and Examining: Chmn., Bishop 
Luke Keefer, Millersburg, Pa.; Sec., 
Cyrus Lutz, R. 6, Lancaster, Pa. 

Schools and Colleges: Chmn., Roy H. 
Wenger, Carlisle, Pa.; Sec,, Erwin 
Thomas, Nappanee, Ind.; Treas., Jno. 
Book, Upland, Cal. 

Home Mission: Chmn., Bishop Henry A. 
Ginder, Manheim, Pa.; Sec., A. H. 
Engle, Grantham, Pa.; Treas., Dale 
Ulery, 1412 Dakota St., Springfield, Ohio. 

Foreign Mission: Chmn., Graybill Wolge- 
muth, R. 2, Mt. Joy, Pa.; Sec., Bishop 
H. N. Hostetter, Washington Boro, Pa.; 
Treas., Bishop C. J. Ulery, 1332 Maiden 
Lane, Springfield, Ohio. 

Board of Benevolence: Chmn., Bishop 
E. H. Wenger, Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Sec., 
Bishop H. P. Heisey, R. 2, Louisville, 
Ohio; Treas., Musser Martin, Grantham, 


Evangelical Visitor (bi-w), Nappanee, Ind., 
J. N. Hostetter, Ed. (Clarence Center, 
N. Y.) 

Old Order or Yorker Brethren 

A group of the Brethren (River 
Brethren) in York County, Pa. They 


have no church edifices and no gen- 
eral organization. 

Churches: 7 (1936). Inclusive Membership: 
291 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no report. 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Correspondent: Hev. Jacob L. Horst, Eliza- 
bethtown, Pa. 

United Zion Church 

A branch of the Brethren in Christ, 
who settled in Lancaster County, Pa., 
and were organized under the leader- 
ship of Matthias Brinser. 

Churches: 21. Inclusive Membership: 968. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 13. Total 

Enrollment: 1,443. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 17. 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Officers: Bishops, Daniel Sipling, E. High 
St., Elizabethtown, Pa.; Peter N. Gress, 
R.D. 1, Reinholds, Lancaster County, 
Pa.; Jacob Lehman, R. D. 2, Manheim, 
Lebanon County, Pa. 

Gen. Conf. Sec., Wesley P. Martin, 1119 
Main St., Akron, Pa. 

Buddhist Churches of America 

Organized in 1914 as the Buddhist 
Mission of North America, this body 
was incorporated in 1942 under the 
present name and represents Bud- 
dhism in this country, the faith based 
on "the anatman doctrine, supple- 
mented by the idea of karma, and nir- 
vana, the holy ease or a blissful men- 
tal state of absolute freedom from 

Churches: 49. Inclusive Membership : 63,000. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 84. Total 

Enrollment: 15,450. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 43. 

General Organization 

Conference, annually (in February). Head- 
quarters: 1881 Pine St., San Francisco 9, 
Calif. (All correspondence to: 119 N. 
Central Ave., Los Angeles 12, Calif.) 

Officers: Bishop, Rt. Rev. E. Shigefuji. 

Exec. Dir., Rev. K. M. Kumata, 119 N. 
Central Ave., Los Angeles 12, Calif. 

Exec. Sec., Rev. S. Naito. 

Other Organizations 

National Young Adults Buddhist Associa- 
tion: Pres., Tokuo Nomura. 

National Young Buddhist Association: 
Pres., Mike M. Maruyama. 

National Buddhist Women's Association: 
Pres., Mrs. S. Yamate. 


Mahadharma (q), 1881 Pine St., San Fran- 
cisco 9, Calif., Rev. K. M. Kumata, Ed. 


Catholic Apostolic Church 

A body of religionists which origi- 
nated in England about 1830. They re- 
gard all baptized Christian believers 
as equally entitled to the designation, 
Catholic Apostolic. 

Address 417 W. 57th St., New York 19, 

N. Y. 

Churches: 7 (1936). Inclusive Membership: 
2,577 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2 (1936). Total 
Enrollment: 78 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Correspondent: J. Howard Torrey, 420 
Everson Place, Westfield, N. J. 

Christ Unity Science Church, Inc. 

A church of prophecy and divine 
healing, maintining church organiza- 
tions in many states. First local con- 
gregation established in 1810. 

Churches: 4,481 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 1,581,286 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3,762 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 548,990 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 4,971 

No General Organization 

Officers: Pres., Dr. N. P. Otis, 1204 Republic 
Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Frank J. Devlyn, 305 N. 
Kansas St., El Paso, Texas. 

Sec., Dr. Henry M. McHenry, 1204 Repub- 
lic Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Chmn. of Board, Dr. G. Nelson Williams, 
1204 Republic Building, Oklahoma City, 


Unity Christian Ambassador (m), 305 North 
Kansas St., El Paso, Texas, Dr. Martin 
C. Robinson, Ed. 


A body organized in 1844, opposed 
to war, interested in primitive Chris- 
tianity, believing in the setting up of 
the Kingdom of God in Palestine on 
the personal return of Christ to the 

Churches: 250. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 65 (1936). 

Total Enrollment: 1,875 (1936). 
Ordained clergy having charges: None. 

No General Organization 

The Faith, 1101 Forest Ave., Waterloo, 
Iowa, A. E. Zilmer, Ed. 



The Christian and Missionary 

An evangelical, evangelistic and mis- 
sionary movement, organized by Rev. 
A. B. Simpson, in New York, in 1887. 
It stresses "the deeper Christian life 
and consecration to the Lord's serv- 

Churches: 931 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 61,483 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 888 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 97,823 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 882 

General Organization 
Council, annual. Headquarters: 260 W. 44th 

St., New York 36, N. Y. 
Officers: Pres., Rev. H. L. Turner. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Nathan Bailey. 
Sec., Rev. W. F. Smalley. 
Treas., Rev. B. S, King. 
Home Sec., Rev. H. E. Nelson. 
Foreign Sec., Dr. A. C. Snead. 
Educ. Sec., Rev. W. F. Smalley. 
Pub. Sec., P. B. Christie. 


Alliance Weekly, New York 36, N. Y 
Dr. A. W. Tozer, Ed. 

Christian Catholic Church 

Founded in Chicago by the late Rev. 
John Alexander Dowie, February 22, 
1896. In 1899, the site of the present 
city of Zion was purchased, and in 
1900 the city was opened. 
No statistics available. 

General Organization 
Convocation, annual (end of September). 
Headquarters: 2700-14 Enoch Ave., Zion, 


Officers: Gen. Overseer, Michael J. Min- 


Asst. Gen. Overseer, Carl Q. Lee. 
Gen. Sec., E. E. Harwood. 


Leaves of Healing, 2700-14 Enoch Ave., 
Zion, Dl., Michael J. Mintern, Ed.-in- 

Christian Nation Church 

Organized in 1895, at Marion, Ohio, 
as a group of "equality evangelists," 
who later formed the Christian Nation 
Church; congregational in government; 
emphasizes evangelism. 

Churches: 30. Inclusive Membership: 500. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 40. Total 

Enrollment: 950. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 30. 

General Organization 
Congress, annual. 

Officer: Gen. Overseer, Rev. R. E. Brock- 
man, Christian Nation Church, 408 
Coal and Coke Bldg., 2319 Wythe Ave., 
Bluefield, W. Va. 

Christian Science 

See Church of Christ, Scientist. 

Christian Union 

A body organized in 1864 in protest 
against partisan political preaching. 

Churches: 220 (1938). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 15,400 (1938). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 79 (1936). To- 
tal Enrollment: 5,597 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization. 

General Council, triennial. (Next meeting, 

June, 1956). 
Officers: Pres., Rev. C. C. Donaghue, 307 

N. Francis, Excelsior Springs, Mo. 
Vice-Pres., Rev, H. I. Jones, Tryon, Okla. 
Sec., Rev. Wayne Caulkins, Milo, Iowa. 
Treas., Rev. Harold Brown, Covington, 



Christian Union Witness (s-m), Rt. 1, 
Greenfield, Ohio, James C. Shady, Ed. 

Christ's Sanctified Holy Church 

Organized in 1903 at West Lake, La., 
from among members of a Negro Meth- 
odist Church. 

Churches: 27. Inclusive Membership: 600. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 26. Total En- 
rollment: 835. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 13. 

General Organization 
Conference meets annually in September. 

Headquarters: S. Cutting Ave. & East 

Spencer St., Jennings, La. 
Officers: Pres., Elder J. A. Rigmaiden, Rt. 

1, Box 288, West Lake, La. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. C. C. Bolden, P. O. Box 

141, Crowley, La. 
Dist. Treas., Elder J. Strong, P. O. Box 713, 

Glenmora, La. 
Exec. Sec., Rev. Mary A. Paul, P. O. Box 

555, 714 Orange St., Jennings, La. 


The Christian Guide (bi-m), 2755 Ashton 
St., Shreveport, La., Madeline Brewer, 

Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. 

This body was organized by Bishop 
C. P. Jones as a holiness group in 1896. 

Churches: 151. Inclusive Membership: 


Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 151. Total En- 
rollment: 4,872 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 117. 

General Organization 

National Convention, annual. Headquar- 
ters: 329 East Monument St., Jackson, 

Officers: Senior Bishop and Pres., Bishop 
M. R. Conic, 329 East Monument St., 
Jackson, Miss. 

Rec. Sec., Rev. O. W. Mclnnis, 862 East 
Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk 4, Va. 


Truth (m), Chicago, 111., Bishop M. R. 
Conic, Ed. 

Church of Christ, Scientist 

A church founded by Mary Baker 
Eddy in 1879 to reinstate the healing 
power of original Christianity. As de- 
nned by Mrs. Eddy her religion is the 
scientific system of divine healing. The 
denomination is represented by The 
Mother Church, The First Church of 
Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., and 
its more than 3,100 branches through- 
out the world. 

General Organization 

Board of Directors, Headquarters: 107 
Falmouth St., Boston 15, Mass. 

Officers: Bd. of Dirs., Clayton Bion Craig, 
L. Ivimy Gwalter, Thomas E. Hurley, 
Francis Lyster Jandron, Alfred Pittman. 

Pres., Mrs. Gertrude W. Eiseman. 

Treas., Roy Garrett Watson. 

Clk., Gordon V. Comer. 

First Reader, Theodore Wallach. 

Second Reader, Mrs. Ruth Lund. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Education: Teaches a class of 30 
pupils once in 3 years for the purpose 
of providing authorized teachers of 
Christian Science. 

Board of Lectureship: Made up of 25 to 
30 members, delivers free lectures. 

Committee on Publication: Corrects in a 
Christian manner impositions, on the 
public in regard to Christian Science, 
and injustices to Christian Scientists. 

Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker 
Eddy: Owns and publishes Mrs. Eddy's 

Publishing Society: Publishes or sells the 
authorized literature of Christian Sci- 


The Christian Science Monitor (d), Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

The Christian Science Journal (m), Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Christian Science Sentinel (w), Boston, 

Christian Science Quarterly (q), Boston, 

The Herald of Christian Science (m), in 
German and French. 

The Herald of Christian Science (q), in 
Scandinavian, Dutch and Spanish. 


NOTE: In the above, the membership of 
the Church of Christ, Scientist, is not in- 
eluded. There is a prohibition in this 
church's Manual forbidding "the number- 
ing of people and the reporting of such 
statistics for publication." 

Church of Eternal Life 

Organized 1926 in California to pre- 
pare the way for Christ's second com- 

Churches: 2 (1940). Inclusive Membership: 
113 (1940). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no report. 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Information concerning officers unob- 


Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.) 

This body, to be differentiated from 
the Church of God with headquarters 
at Anderson, Ind., is a holiness group 
and Pentecostal. It began in 1886 in 
Tennessee, under the name of Chris- 
tian Union, and reorganized in 1902 as 
the Holiness Church. In 1907 it 
adopted the name as above. 

Churches: 2,750. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,727. Total 

Enr ollment : 25 1 ,483 . 
Ordained clergy having charges: 2,700. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, biennial. (Next meet- 

ing, 1956.) 

Headquarters, Montgomery Ave., Cleve- 
land, Tenn. 

Officers: Gen. Overseer, Zeno C. Tharp. 

Asst. Gen. Overseers: Houston R. More- 
head and James A. Cross. 

Gen. Sec. & Treas., H. D. Williams. 

Ed.-in-Chief, Charles W. Conn. 

Pres. of Lee College, R. Leonard Carroll. 

Natl. Youth Dir., Ray Hughes. 

Exec. Sec. Foreign Missions, Paul H. 

Publishing House, Cecil Bridges, Bus. 
Mgr., Montgomery Ave., Cleveland, Tenn. 


Church of God Evangel (w), Montgomery 
Ave., Cleveland, Tenn., Charles W. Conn, 

Lighted Pathway (m), Montgomery Ave., 
Cleveland, Tenn., Lewis J. Willis, Ed. 

Church of God (Anderson, Ind.) 

This body is one of the largest of 
the groups which have taken the name 
"Church of God." Its headquarters are 
at Anderson, Ind. It originated about 
1880 and is now emphasizing Christian 


Churches: 2,089. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,089. Total 

Enrollment: 212,481. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1,762. 

General Organization 

General Ministerial Assembly, annual. 
Headquarters: Box 999, Anderson, Ind. 

Officers: Chmn., Harold Boyer, Portland, 

Vice-Chmn., C. Herbert Joiner, Jr., Ander- 
son, Ind. 

Sec., Lawrence E. Brooks, Anderson, Ind. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Foreign Missions: Pres., Rev. 
Adam Miller; Sec., Rey. Lester A. Grose. 

Board of Church Extension and Home Mis- 
sions: Pres., Rev. W. H. Hunt; Sec., 
Rev. W. E. Reed. 

Board of Christian Education: Pres., Lottie 
M. Franklin; Sec., T. F. Miller. 

Publishing Houses: Gospel Trumpet Co., 
(Warner Press), Anderson, Ind.; Chris- 
tian Unity Press (German), York, Neb. 

Board of Pensions, Anderson, Ind.: Exec. 
Sec., L. E. Brooks. 


Gospel Trumpet (w), Anderson, Ind., Har- 
old L. Phillips, Ed. 

Church of God Missions Cm), Box 637, 
Anderson, Ind., A. A. Bolitho, Ed, 

Evangeliums Posaune (German) (m), York, 
Neb., G. Arbeiter, Ed. 

The Church of God (Seventh Day) 

Organization traced from Old and 
New Testament times. Reorganized at 
a convention held at Salem, W. Va., in 
November, 1933. The tithe system is 
used to pay the ministry. 

Churches: 15 (1951). Inclusive Membership: 
2,000 (1951). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 25 (1951). 
Total Enrollment: 3,000 (1951). 

Ordained clergy having charges: No re- 

General Organization 

Apostolic Council, meets bi-yearly, in 
Salem, W. Va. (on the first Sunday in 
January and the first Sunday in July). 

Headquarters: Salem, W. Va. (Box 328). 

Officers: Chmn., Apostolic Council, M. L. 

Sec. pro tern, Apostolic Council, O. D. 

Sec.-Treas., Board of Deacons, F. L. Sum- 


The Advocate of Truth, Box 328, Salem, 
W. Va., O. D. Grimm, Ed. 

The (Original) Church of God, Inc. 

This body was organized in 1886 as 
The Church of God. In 1917 a differ- 
ence of opinion led this particular 
group to include the word (Original) 
in its name. It is a holiness body. 

Churches: 75 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 6,000 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 75 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 10,000 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 50 (1952). 

General Organization 

General Convention, annual. Headquarters: 
1611 S. Lyerly St., Chattanooga 4, Tenn. 
Officers: Gen. Supt., Rev. H. R. Nix. 
Asst. Gen. Supt., Rev. C. E. Walden. 
Bus. Mgr., Rev. O. E. Scott. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. W. C. Perkins. 
Supt. Y.P.C.U.W., Rev. Lacy Coyle. 


The Messenger (s-m), 1611 S. Lyerly St., 
Chattanooga 4, Tenn., Rev. O. E. Scott, 

The Church of God 

Inaugurated by Bishop A. J. Tomlin- 
son, who served as General Overseer, 
1903 to 1943, and from which many 
groups of the Pentecostal and Holiness 
Movement stemmed. Episcopal in ad- 
ministration. Evangelical in doctrines 
of Justification by faith, Sanctification 
as a second work of grace, and of the 
Baptism of the Holy Ghost, speaking 
with other tongues, miracles of heal- 

Churches: 1,803. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,741. Total 

Enrollment: 103,093. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1,509. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. 

World Headquarters: 9305 224th St., Queens 

Village 28, N. Y. 
Officers: Gen. Overseer and Bishop, Homer 

A. Tomlinson. 
Church of God Publishing House, 9305 

224th St., Queens Village 28, N. Y. 

Church Auxiliaries 
Assembly Band Movement: Gen. Sec., Guy 

Marlow, 454 S. 32nd St., Louisville, Ky. 
Women's Missionary Band: Gen. Sec., 

Mary Rogers, 1000 Bend Kd., Cape 

Girardeau, Mo. 
Victory Leaders' Band, Youth: Voy Bull en, 

Fulton, Miss. 
Sunday Schools: Pres., Mrs. Ollie Stevens, 

9305 224th St., Queens Village 28, N. Y. 


"The Church of God" (s-m), 9305 224th 

St., Queens Village 28, N. Y., Homer A. 

Tomlinson, Ed. 
"Forward With Christ" (m), 201 East 67th 

St., New York 17, N. Y., Christopher 

Economou, Ed. 

The Church of God (Seventh Day) 
Denver, Colo. 

Organized in Michigan in 1865. This 
body observes the seventh day as the 
Sabbath; believes in the imminent, 
personal, and visible return of Jesus; 
and that the earth will be the eternal 
abode of the righteous. 


Churches: 110. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath. Schools: 110. Total 

Enrollment: 3,500. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 61. 

General Organization 

General Conference, biennial. (Next meet- 
ing, 1957). 

Headquarters: 1510 Cook St., P. O. Box 
2370, Denver, Colo. 

Officers: Chmn., E. A. Straub, Box 2370, 
Denver, Colo. 

Vice-Chmn., A. E. Lidell, 1575 North Pros- 
pect Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Sec., Archie B. Craig, P. O. Box 2370, 
Denver, Colo. 

Treas., Alex F. Dugger, 1552 Garfield St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Oiher Organizations 

Sabbath School: Chmn., Clayton L. Faub- 
ion, Stanberry, Mo. 

Foreign Missions: Chmn., Burt F. Marrs, 
5079 N9. Steele, Denver, Colo. 

Home Missions (including National Wom- 
en's Association) : Chmn., F. A. Mer- 
riam, Box 34751, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Young People: Chmn., Roy A. Marrs, 
Stanberry, Mo. 

Ministerial (including radio work) : Chmn., 
Archie B. Craig, P. O. Box 2370, Denver, 

Educational: Chmn. and Principal of 
Spring Vale Academy, Stanley J. Kauer, 
Box 156, Owosso, Mich.; Roy A. Marrs, 
Director of Midwest Bible College, 
Stanberry, Mo. 

Publishing: (Church of God Publishing 
House, Stanberry, Mo.), Mgr., H. W. 


The Bible Advocate (w), Stanberry, Mo., 
Clayton L. Faubion, Ed. 

The Christian Youth Herald and Gospel 
Call (w), Stanberry, Mo., Mrs. Elaine 
D. Christenson, Ed. 

The Sabbath School Missionary (w), Stan- 
berry, Mo., Mrs. Elaine D. Christenson, 

The Harvest Field Messenger (m), Stan- 
berry, Mo., Paul E. Heavilin, Ed. 

Listen (radio publication) (m), Denver, 
Colo., Archie B. Craig, Ed. 

The Faithful Servant (for ministers only), 
Denver, Colo., Archie B. Craig, Ed. 

The Church of God of Prophecy 

Organized, 1903, in Cherokee County, 
North Carolina. Prominent doctrines 
include: regeneration, sanctificatipn, 
baptism with the Holy Ghost, divine 
healing, communion, the premillennial 
return of Christ. 

Churches: 1,107. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 987. Total 

Enrollment: 40,478. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1,025. 

General Organization 

The General Assembly, annual. 

Officers: Gen. Overseer, M. A. Tomlinson, 
Bible Place, Cleveland, Tenn. 

Gen. Treas., J. R. Kinser, Box 658, Cleve- 
land, Tenn. 



The White Wing Messenger (w), M. A. 

Tomlinson, Ed. 
Happy Harvaster (m), Ora Mae Campbell, 

Both published by The White Wing 

Publishing House and Press, Cleveland, 


Evangelistic Church of God 

Incorporated, 1949, at Denver, Colo.; 
emphasizes pentecostal faith with holi- 

Churches: 12 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 774 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 9 (1953). Total 

Enrollment: 706 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 7 (1953). 
Officers: Gen. Overseer, Dr. N. L. Chase, 

Kt. 2, Soddy, Tenn. 
Gen. Sec.-Treas., Dr. Effie M. Chase, Rt. 2, 

Hixson, Tenn. 
Youth Leader's Band: Gen. Sec., Cecil M. 

Barton, c/o Dr. N. L. Chase, Rt. 2, Soddy, 

Women's Missionary Band: Gen. Sec., Mrs. 

Polly Barton, Rt. 3, Hixson, Tenn. 


The Church of God Final Warning (m), 
Rt. 2, Soddy, Tenn., N. L. Chase, Ed. 

Church of God and Saints 
of Christ 

Organized in 1896 by William Saun- 
ders Crowdy, in Lawrence, Kansas. 
In the year 1900 the national head- 
quarters was established in Philadel- 
phia. In 1917 Belleville, R.F.D. 1, 
Portsmouth, Va., became the interna- 
tional headquarters. Requirements for 
membership include: repentance of 
sins; confession of belief in Jesus 
Christ; baptism by immersion; bread 
and water for Christ's body and blood; 
feet washed by an Elder; being taught 
to pray; head breathed upon by an 
Elder and saluted with a holy kiss, and 
the agreement to keep the 10 Com- 
mandments of God. 

Churches: 213. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 213. Total 

Enrollment: 35,921. 
Ordained clergy having charges: no data. 

General Organization 
General Conference, quadrennial. National 

Conference, annual. 
Officers: Present leader, Bishop Howard Z. 

Plummer, P, O. Box 187, Portsmouth, Va. 
District, Bishop J. W. Brent, 313 Benson 

St., Camden, N. J. 
Chief Aide, Bishop Robert N. Butler, 405 

M Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 
District, Bishop Jehu A. Crowdy, 1031 

Cooper St., Camden, N. J. 
District, Bishop Levi S. Plummer, R.F.D. 1, 

Box 139, Portsmouth, Va. 



Gen. Bus. Mgr., Bishop R. N. Butler, 
R.F.D. 1, Portsmouth, Va. 

Gen. Sec., Elder Hugh McCollum, R.F.D. 
1, Portsmouth, Va. 

Asst. Gen. Sec., Elder J. W. Robinson, 
R.F.D. 1, Portsmouth, Va. 

Sabbath Schools: Gen. Supt., Bishop Levi 
S. Plummer. 

Statistics: Gen. Sec., Elder Thomas H. 
Woody, 2015 W. Master St., Philadelphia 
21, Pa. 

Foreign Missions: Gen. Supt., Elder Wil- 
liam Roberts; Sec., Madeline Murray. 

Young Men and Young Women's Develop- 
ment Asso.: Nat'l. Pres., Bishop Levi S. 
Plummer; Nat'l. Sec., Edyth Hill. 

The Weekly Prophet, R. F. D. 1, Box 139, 

Portsmouth, Va., Bishop H. Z. Plummer, 

The Seven Keys', R. F. D. 1, Box 139, 

Portsmouth, Va., Bishop H. Z. Plummer, 

The Daughters News Letter, 1455 N. 55th 

St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

The Church of God in Christ 

Organized in Arkansas in 1895, by 
C. P. Jones and C. H. Mason, who be- 
lieved there was no salvation without 
holiness; incorporated 1897. 

Churches: 3,240. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3,000. Total 

Enrollment: 76,127. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 3,000. 

General Organization 

National Convocation, annual. (Nov. 25th 
thru Dec. 14th.) Headquarters: 958 Ma- 
son St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Officers: Sr. Bishop C. H. Mason, 970 Ma- 
son St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Gen. Sec., Bishop U. E. Miller, 1443 W. 
Boston Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

Treas., Bishop A. M. Cohen, 1931 N. W. 
Fifth Ct., Miami, Fla.; Natl. Rec. of 
Deeds, Bishop S. Lazard, 2211 Tennessee 
St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Natl. Stat., Bishop C. A. Ashworth, 793 
Rhodes Ave., Akron 7, Ohio. 

Natl. Rec. Sec., Mrs. E. K. Johnson, 114 
Erin St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Other Organizations 

Elders Council: Natl. Chmn., Bishop W. 
G. Shipman, 4729 Flower St., Detroit, 
Mich.; Natl. Sec., Bishop J. H. Dell, 106 
Thierkield Aye., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Board of Publications: Chmn., Bishop F. 
D. Washington, 1372 Bedford Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sec., Bishop J. O. Ma- 
son, 5921 Michigan Blvd., Chicago, 111.; 
Treas., Bishop J. O. Patterson, 2204 
Chelsea Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

General and International Supervisor of 
Women's Work: Pres., Mrs. L. B. Coffey, 
7215 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111.; Sec., 
Mrs. Anna L. Bailey, 1981 W. Grand 
Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

Board of Education: Chmn., Bishop O. T. 
Jones, 118 W. Upsal St., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Vice-Chmn., Bishop W. G. Shipman, 
4729 Flower St., Detroit, Mich.; Sec., 

Bishop C. E. Bennett, 740 W. 27th Ave., 
Gary, Ind. 

Board of Home and Foreign Missions: 
Pres., Bishop Samuel Crouch, 1222 E. 
35th St., Los Angeles, Calif.; Sec., Elder 
W. J. Taylor, P. O. Box 2053, Los 
Angeles, Calif.; Corr. Sec., Miss M. 
Jackson, Temple, Texas; Treas., Mrs. 
Ida Baker, 2723 N. 28th Ave., Omaha, 
Nebr.; Asst. Sec., Elder F. G. Green, 3532 
W. 13th St., Robbins, 111.; Distributing 
Agent, Bishop C. W. Williams, 125 N. 
Main St., Ansonia, Conn. 

Board of Evangelism: Pres., Bishop L. C. 
Page, 337 Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; Sec., Elder E. P. M. Randell, 1641 
S. 15th St., Phoenix, Ariz.; Treas., Elder 
E. Jenkins, 276 47th St., Los Angeles, 

Young People's Dept.: Pres., Bishop O. T. 
Jones, 118 W. Upsal St., Philadelphia, 

Sunday School Dept.: Supt., Bishop L. 
C. Patrick, 237 King St., Detroit, Mich.; 
Chmn., Bishop C. W. Williams, 125 N. 
Main St., Ansonia, Conn.; Sec., Elder 
T. D. Iglehart, 1100 Faukner St., Waco, 

Public Relations Commission: Dir., Bishop 
L. H. Ford, 4529 S. Wabash, Chicago, 111. 

Commission on Public Information: Elder 
P. L. Grier, 56 W. 112th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Board of Volunteer Missions: Pres., Mrs. 
L. B. Coffey, 7215 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 
HI.; Vice-Pres., Mrs. Mary Davis, 1342 
E. lllth St., Chicago, 111.; Treas., Mrs. 
Birdie Whitehead, 154 Arden Park, De- 
troit, Mich.; Counsellor, Mrs. Jennie 
Lou Hunter, 14834 Leavitt St., Harvey, 

Board of Natl. Trustees: Chmn., Bishop 
A. B. McEwen, 1365 E. Parkway S., 
Memphis, Tenn.; Sec., Bishop Samuel 
Crouch, 1222 E. 35th St., Los Angeles, 

Board of Bishops: Chmn., Bishop O. T. 
Jones, 118 W. Upsal St., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Sec., Bishop Samuel Crouch, 1222 
E. 35th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


Whole Truth, 224 S. Wellington St., Mem- 
phis, Tenn., Mrs. E. V. Sparks, Ed. 

S. S. Literature, 1958 N. 6th St., Kansas 
City, Kans.: Mrs. Rosetta Young Locket, 

Y.P.W.W. Topics, 118 W. Upsal St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Bishop O. T. Jones, Ed. 

Lifted Banner, 2723 N. 28th Ave., Omaha, 
Nebr., Miss Alberta McKenzie, Ed. 

The Prayer Tower, 1233 S. Telemachus St., 
New Orleans, La., Mrs. M. McGregor 
Jones, Ed. 

The Evangelist Speaks, 23 Gaston St., 
Boston, Mass., Elder C. Range, Ed. 

Bible & Prayer Band Topics, P. O. Box 
352, Jackson, Tenn., Mrs. Ada F. Jack- 
son, Ed. 

Sun Shine Band Topics, 284 Warren Blvd., 
Chicago, 111., Mrs. E. Brooks, Ed. 

The Church of Illumination 

Organized in 1908 for the express 
purpose of establishing congregations 
at large, offering a spiritual, esoteric, 


philosophic interpretation of the vital 
biblical teachings, thereby satisfying 
the inner spiritual needs of those seek- 
ing after spiritual truths, yet permits 
them to remain in, or return to, their 
former church membership. 

Churches: 7 (1945). Inclusive Membership: 
5,000 (1945). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 8 (1952). Total 
Enrollment: 900 (1952). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

The Assemblage, annual. Headquarters: 
"Beverly Hall," Clymer Rd., Quaker- 
town, Pa. 

Officer: Dir. Gen., Rev. R. Swinburne 

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ 
of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. 

This Church as an organized body 
was founded by Bishop R. C. Lawson 
in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to New 
York City in 1919. It is founded upon 
the teachings of the Apostles and 
Prophets, Jesus Christ being its chief 
cornerstone. The churches are geo- 
graphically distributed in 27 states, the 
West Indies and Africa. 

Churches: 175 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 50,000 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 175 (1952). 
Total Enrollment: 15,000 (1952). 

Ordained clergy having .charges: 160 (1952). 

General Organization 

National Convocation, annual. Headquar- 
ters: 112-118 East 125th St., New York 
35, N. Y. 

Officers: Sr. Bishop, R. C. Lawson, Pelham 
Manor, New York. 

Gen. Sec., Dr. S. E. Williams, 1328 Mon- 
tello Ave., N.E., Washington, D. C. Office: 
1130 New Jersey Ave., N.W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Natl. Rec. Sec., Elder John W. Pernell, 
862 N. 22nd St., Richmond, Va. 

Natl. Cor. Sec., Elder T. Richardson, 107-03 
159th St., Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. 

Natl. Treas., Elder John S. Beane, 614 
Harding St., Petersburg, Va. 

Other Organizations 

Woman's Missionary Board: Pres., Mrs. 
Delphia Perry, 137 West 137th St., New 
York, N. Y.; Sec., Mrs. Alice Ladson, 
Box 44, Myers P.O., Myers, S. C. 

National Woman's Council: Chmn., Mrs. 
Miranda Beane, 614 Harding St., Peters- 
burg, Va.; Sec., Mrs. Ruby Duke, 806 
Indiana St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Young People's Dept.: Pres., James Par- 
rott, 213 Jeliff Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Sunday School Dept.: Natl. Supt., Charles 
Leader, 150-65 116 Drive, South Ozone 
Park, Jamaica, L. I., N. Y; Rec. Sec., 
Mrs. Dorothy Richardson, 107-03 159th 
St., Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. 

National Youth Congress: Pres., Rev. 


Joseph R. Fraiser, 27 Henrietta St., 

Charleston, S. C.; Sec., Miss Lavinia 

Newson, 856 East 165th St., Bronx, N. Y. 
Religious Education Dept.: Dr. James I. 

Clark, 129 Center Ave., Mamaroneck, 

N. Y. 
Foreign Mission Board: Sec., B.W.I., Mrs. 

Grace Hill, 13126 Orleans St., Detroit, 



The Contender for the Faith (m), 112 East 

125th St., New York 35, N. Y., Bishop 

R. C. Lawson, Ed. 
The Bible Way News (bi-m), 1130 New 

Jersey Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C., 

Dr. S. E. Williams, Ed. 

Church of the Gospel 

Organized 1911 at Pittsfield, Mass., 
stressing Bible doctrines of holiness 
of heart, exacting discipleship, and 
baptism by immersion. 

Churches: 4. Inclusive Membership: 50. 
Sunday or Sabbath. Schools: 4. Total En- 
rollment: 33. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 4. 

General Organization 

Convention, semi-annual. Headquarters: 
Pittsfield, Mass. 

Officers: Ordained ministers: Howard E. 
Green, 33 Elberon Ave., Pittsfield, Mass.; 
Herbert Schooley, 48 Ferry St., Hudson 
Falls, N. Y; W. Otis Gray, Stanley, Va. 

Elders: Harrison Gardner, Box 39, Lafa- 
yette, R. L; George Wyant, Whitehall, 
Va.; Samuel B. Thomas, Tidewater Trail, 
Star Route, Fredericksburg, Va.; Harry 
Dean, Elkton, Va. 


The Narrow Way (m), 33 Elberon Ave., 
Pittsfield, Mass., Howard E. Green, Ed. 

Church of the Nazarene 

One of the larger holiness bodies or- 
ganized in Pilot Point, Tex., in Octo- 
ber, 1908. It is in general accord with 
the early doctrines of Methodism and 
emphasizes entire sanctification as a 
second definite work of grace. 

Churches: 3,970. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3,939. Total 

Enrollment: 551,266. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 3,906. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, Kansas City, Mo., June 17-23, 

International headquarters: 6401 The 
Paseo, Kansas City 10, Mo. 

Officers: Gen. Supts., Dr. Hardy C. Powers, 
Dr, D. I. Vanderpool, Dr. G. B. William- 
son, Dr. Samuel Young and Dr, Hugh C. 

Gen. Ch. Sec., S. T. Ludwig. 

Gen. Treas., John Stockton. 



Other Organizations 

General Board: Sec., S. T. Ludwig; Treas., 
John Stockton. 

Departments: Foreign Missions: Sec., 
Remiss Rehfeldt; Home Missions and 
Evangelism: Sec., Roy F. Smee; Publica- 
tion: Sec., M. Lunn; Ministerial Benevo- 
lence: Sec., M. Lunn; Education: Sec., 
S. T. Ludwig; Church Schools: Sec., 
A. F. Harper. 

General Stewardship Committee: Sec., 
S. T. Ludwig. 

Nazarene Young People's Society: Sec., 
L. JT. DuBois. 

Nazarene Foreign Missionary Society: 
Sec., Mary Scott. 

Nazarene Service Men's Committee: Sec., 
L. J. DuBois. 

Christian Service Training Commission: 
Sec. and Dir., Kenneth Rice. 

National Trans. Sec., S. T. Ludwig. 

Nazarene Radio League: Dir., T. W. Wil- 

Nazarene News Service: Dir., S. T. Ludwig. 

Nazarene Junior Society: Dir., Elizabeth 


Herald of Holiness (w), S. S. White, Ed. 

The Other Sheep (m), Remiss Rehfeldt, 

Preachers' Magazine (bi-m), Lauriston J. 
DuBois, Ed. 

Church School Periodicals, A. F. Harper, 

Church School Builder (m), Erwin G. Ben- 
son, Ed. 

Lesson Material, Children's Division, Roy 
E. Swim, Ed. 

Standard (w), Margaret Cutting, Ed. 

Young People's Journal (q), Fred Parker, 

Conquest (m), Fred Parker, Ed. 

Teen Topics (q), Edith Lantz, Ed. 

Youth Comrade (w), Robert Troutman, Ed. 

Junior Joys (w), Lavaun Tombaugh, Ed. 

Sunshine (w), Lavaun Tombaugh, Ed. 

Vacation Bible School Materials (yearly), 
Mary Latham, Ed. 

Junior Society Leader (q), Elizabeth 
Hodges, Ed. 

All published by the Nazarene Publish- 
ing House, 2923 Troost Ave., Box 527, 
Kansas City 41, Mo. 


The Co-Operator (m), 1306 N. Irwin St., 
Hanford, Cal., Rev. Janet Stine Wol- 
ford, Ed. 

The Church of Revelation 

Founded 1930 at Long Beach, Cal., by 
Rev. Janet Stine Wolford, with Chris- 
tian love as the basis for membership. 

Churches: 10. Inclusive Membership: 3,490 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 6. Total En- 
rollment: 264. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 10. 

General Organization 
Board of three Trustees, annual. 
Headquarters: 1306 N. Irwin St., Hanford, 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Janet Stine Wolford, 

P. O. Box 517, Hanford, Cal. 
Vice-Pres., Donald K. Stine, 1417 West 65th 

St., Compton, Calif. 
Sec.-Treas., Rev. Ruth Mikesell, 925 N. 

Angus St., Fresno, Calif. 

Churches of Christ 

This body is made up of a large 
group of churches, formerly reported 
with the Disciples of Christ, but since 
the Religious Census of 1906 reported 
separately. They are strictly congre- 
gational and have no organization 
larger than the local congregation. 

Churches: 16,500. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,935 (1936). 

Total Enrollment: 209,615 (1936). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 14,000. 

No General Organization 

Gospel Advocate (w), Nashville 2, Tenn., 
B. C. Goodpasture, Ed. (110 7th Ave. N.) 

Firm Foundation (w), Austin, Tex., 
Reuel Lemmons, Ed. 

Christian Leader (bi-w), Dresden, Ohio, 
L. D. Harless, Ed. 

The American Christian Review (m), In- 
dianapolis, Ind., A. R. Sommer, Ed. 

Gospel Broadcast (w), Dallas, Tex., Eugene 
Smith, Ed. 

20th Century Christian, Lubbock, Tex., M. 
Norvel Young, Ed. 

The Christian Chronicle, Abilene, Tex., 
James W. Nichols, Ed. 

Churches of Christ in Christian 

Organized in 1909 at Washington 
Court House, O., as a separation from a 
Council of the Christian Union Church, 
over the issue of Holiness as a second 
definite work of grace subsequent to 

Reformed Methodist Church merged 
in September, 1952, with Churches of 
Christ in Christian Union and is now 
known as the North Eastern District of 
Churches of Christ in Christian Union. 

Churches: 192. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 192. Total 

Enrollment: 18,180. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 190. 

General Organization 

General Council, biennial. District Coun- 
cils, annual. General Headquarters: 
Circleville Bible College, 459 E. Ohio 
St., Circleville, Ohio. 

Officers: Gen. Supt., Rev. G. C. Johnson, 
2724 S. High St., Columbus 7, Ohio. 

Gen. Sec., Rev. L. C. Benner, 1521 W. Fair 
Ave., Lancaster, Ohio. 

Gen. Treas,, Rev. C. Lloyd Wright, 459 E. 
Ohio St., Circleville, Ohio. 


Gen. Office Sec., Bev. Sarah. M. Hooker, 
459 E. Ohio St., Circleville, Ohio. 

Gen. Bd. of Trustees: Chmn., Rev. S. G. 
Williams, Box 2, Lynchburg, Ohio; Vice- 
Chmn., Rev. F. E. Terry, 481 North High 
St., Chillicothe, Ohio; Sec., Rev. Ran- 
dolph Graham, 421 W. Mulberry St., 
Springfield, Ohio; Rev. Melvin Maxwell, 
447 E. Ohio St., Circleville, Ohio. 

District Superintendents (all District Su- 
perintendents are also members of the 
Gen. Bd. of Trustees) : Ohio District, Rev. 
Don Humble, Piketon, Ohio; Michigan 
District, Rev. Floyd Detty, 14945 Shirley 
St., East Detroit, Mich.; North Eastern 
District, Rev. Thomas Hermiz, P. O. Box 
152, Endicott, N. Y.; West Virginia Dis- 
trict, Rev. Howard Killingsworth, 2410 
Lincoln St., Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. 

Publishing House: Advocate Publishing 
House, 459 E. Ohio St.. Circleville, Ohio. 

Church of Christ Advocate (w), Rev. C. 

Lloyd Wright, Ed. 
Missionary Tidings (m), Rev. F. E. Terry 

& Rev. Don Humble, Eds. 
Both published at Advocate Publishing 

House, 459 E. Ohio St., Circleville, Ohio. 

Churches of God, Holiness 

A body organized by K. H. Burruss 
in Georgia in 1914 in the interest of 
holiness doctrines. 

Churches: 36. Inclusive Membership: 23,500. 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 58. Total En- 
rollment: 42,925. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 32. 

Headquarters: 170 Ashby St., N.W., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Officers: Bishop, K. H. Burruss. 

Rec. Sec., B. M. Andrews. 

Churches of God in North America 

(General Eldership) 

This body emerged out of a revival 
movement among the Germans in 
Pennsylvania in 1825, under the leader- 
ship of John Winebrenner, a German 
Reformed minister. The Bible is the 
only rule of faith and practice. 

Churches: 362. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 361. Total 

Enrollment: 47,685. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 311. 

General Organization 

General Eldership, meets triennially. (Next 
meeting, 1956.) 

Headquarters: 13th and Walnut Sts. f Har- 
risburg, Pa. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Roy Schreiner, 13th 
and Walnut Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Sec., Rev. C. C. George, 739 Prospect St., 
Brackenridge, Pa. 

Treas., M. A. Hoff, 308 Reno St., New 
Cumberland, Pa. 

Stat. Clk., Rev. Arthur Eakin, 32-10th St., 
McMechen, W. Va. 


Other Organizations 

Board of Missions: Pres., Rev. R. H. Daihl, 
39-N 7th St., Columbia, Pa.; Sec., Rev. 
C. H. Lefever, 921 West Poplar St., 
York, Pa. 

Board of Education: Pres., Dr. F. D. Rayle, 
13th and Walnut Sts., Harrisburg, Pa.; 
Sec., Dr. Roy Schreiner, 13th and Wal- 
nut Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Board of Publications: Pres., W. H. Yoder, 
Mt. Carmel, Pa.; Sec., Rev. E. F. Yoder, 
3410 Walnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. 


The Church Advocate (w), 13th and Wal- 
nut Sts., Harrisburg, Pa., Dr. Roy 
Schreiner, Ed. 


Church of the Living God 
(Christian Workers for Fellowship) 

A body founded by William Chris- 
tian at Wrightsville, Ark., in 1889. Its 
distinctive characteristics are believers' 
baptism by immersion, foot-washing, 
and the use of water in the sacrament. 
It is also organized along fraternal 
order lines. 

Churches: 5 (1952). Inclusive Membership: 

65 (1952). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 5 (1951). 

Total Enrollment: 36 (1944). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 7 (1952). 

General Organization 

General Assembly, Quadrennial (1959). 

Officer: Presiding Bishop, Bishop Wm. Fer- 
guson, 545 W. Liberty St., Cincinnati, 

House of God 7 Which Is the Church 

of the Living God, the Pillar and 

Ground of the Truth, Inc. 

Organized 1919. 

Churches: 119 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 4,838 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 71 (1949). 
Total Enrollment: 975 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

Meets annually, in October. 

Officers: Bishop A. H. White, 741 N. 40th 

St., Philadelphia 4, Pa. 
Gen. Sec., Sister Mildred Johnson, 41 N. 

50th St., Philadelphia 39, Pa. 


Spirit of Truth Magazine (m), 3943 Fair- 
mont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., Bishop 
A. H. White, Ed. 



General Convention of the New 
Jerusalem in the U.S.A. 

Followers of Emanuel Swedenborg, 
Swedish scientist, philosopher and the- 
ologian (1688-1772). They organized 
their first society in the U.S. in 1792 at 
Baltimore. Their church is usually 
called the New Church, and they are 
frequently referred to as Sweden- 

Churches: 63. Inclusive Membership: 3,970. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 41. Total 

Enrollment: 1,080. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 38. 

General Organization 

General Convention, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Franklin H. Blackmer, 
134 Bowdoin St., Boston 8, Mass. 

Rec. Sec., Horace B. Blackmer, 134 Bow- 
doin St., Boston 8, Mass. 

Treas., Albert P. Carter, 511 Barristers 
Hall, Boston 8, Mass. 


New-Church Messenger (bi-w), 108 Clark 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Rev. Bjorn Johann- 
son, Ed. 

General Church of the New 

An educational movement within the 
General Convention of the New Jeru- 
salem in 1876, sponsored by the "Acad- 
emy of the New Church" and looking 
toward a strict adherence to the doc- 
trines of Emanuel Swedenborg, re- 
sulted, in 1890, in the establishment, 
under Bishop W. H. Benade, of the 
General Church of the Advent of the 
Lord, and, since 1897, the General 
Church of the New Jerusalem. 

Churches: 5 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

1,677 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3 (1949). Total 

Enrollment: 71 (1949). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 15 (1953). 

General Organization 

General Assembly (International), meets 

every three or four years. 
Headquarters: Bryn Athyn, Pa. 
Officers: Bishop, Rt. Rev. George de 


Asst. Bishop, Rt. Rev. W. D. Pendleton. 
Sec., Rev. Hugo Lj, Odhner. 
Treas., L. E. Gyllenhaal. 


New Church Life (m), Bryn Athyn, Pa, 
Rev. W. Cairns Henderson, Ed. 

Community Churches 

See International Council of Com- 
munity Churches (under Service Agen- 
cies) . 

Congregational Christian Churches 

Congregational churches date back 
to the Pilgrim Fathers and the early 
colonists of New England in 1620. The 
Christian churches date back to the 
Wesleyan and revival movements at 
the end of the 18th century. These two 
groups of churches were merged at 
Seattle, Wash., in 1931. 
Churches: 5,425. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 4,783. Total 

Enrollment: 730,931. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 3,286. 

General Organization 
The General Council of the Congregational 

Christian Churches, biennial. (Next 

meeting, 1956.) 
Headquarters: 287 Fourth Ave., New York 

10, N. Y. 
Officers: Mod., Rev. Albert Buckner Coe, 

14 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass. 
Acting Gen. Sec. and Min., Rev. Fred S. 

Treas., John T. Beach. 

Other Organizations 

Missions Council: Offices, 287 Fourth Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. Chmn., Dean Russell 
A. Dixon, Washington, D. C.; Min. and 
Exec. Sec., Henry S. Leiper; Assoc. Min. 
and Assoc. Exec. Sec., Rev. David H. 
Sandstrom; Treas., Harold B. Belcher. 
14 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass.; Assoc. 
Exec, Sec., Jennie M. Doidge, 14 Beacon 
St., Boston 8, Mass.; Assoc. Exec. Sec., 
Rev. James E. Waery, 19 South LaSalle 
St., Chicago 3, Ell. 

American Board of Commissioners for 
Foreign Missions: Offices, 14 Beacon St., 
Boston 8, Mass. Pres., Dr. Ronald 
Bridges; Exec. Vice-Pres., Dr. Alford 
Carleton; Corr. Sees., Foreign Dept, 
Margaret Blemker, Alice E. Gary, Rev. 
Raymond A. Dudley, and Dr. John A, 
Reuling; Treas., Harold B. Belcher; Asso. 
Treas., E. Carl Thiessen; Asst. Treas., 
Earle E. Smith; Librarian and Res. Sec., 
Mary A. Walker; Hist. Res., Dr. Fred 
Field Goodsell; Sec. of the Missions 
Council, Jennie M. Doidge; Educ. Sec., 
Ruth I. Seabury; Sec. for the American 

Board in the Missions Council, ; 

Res. Sec., Rev. Armstrong Hunter; Sec. 
of Project Dept., Rev. Ralph R. 
Shrader; News Ed., Dorothy P. Gushing. 

Board of Home Missions: Offices, 287 4th 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. Pres., Rev. 
Eugene M. Bushong; Vice-Pres., Rev. 
Roy L. Minich, Mr. John H. Ives, and 
Mrs. W. E. Wisseman; Exec. Vice-Pres., 
Rev. Truman B. Douglass; Treas., Wil- 
liam F. Frazier; Gen. Sec., Rev. Howard 
E. Spragg. 
The following Divisions: 


American Missionary Association: Of- 
fices, 287 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Philip M. Widenhouse; 
Race Relations, Dir., Herman H. Long, 
Fisk University, Nashville, Tenn,; Sec., 
Rev. Galen R. Weaver. 
Christian Education: Offices, 14 Beacon 
St., Boston 8, Mass. Gen. Sec., Rev. 
Harry T. Stock. 

Church Extension and Evangelism: Of- 
fices, 287 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Stanley U. North; 
Dir., City Work, Rev. Ira Donald 
Black; Sec., Church Bldg., William K. 
Newman; Dir., Church Finance Advi- 
sory Service, Curtis R. Schumacher; 
Assoc., LeRoy Eide; Dir., Town and 
Country Work, Rev. Wesley A. Hotch- 
kiss; Dir., Field Res., Rev. Yoshio 

Fukuyama; Dir., Evangelism, . 

Ministerial Relief: Offices, 287 4th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. Gen. Sec., Rev. 
Frank J. Scribner; Asso. Sec., Rev. 
Samuel W. Keck. 

Pilgrim Press: Offices, 14 Beacon St., 
Boston 8, Mass., and 19 South LaSalle 
St., Chicago 3, HI. Gen. Mgr., Charles 
A. Butts (Boston). 

Promotion and Missionary Education: 
Offices, 287 4th Ave., New York 10, 
N. Y. Minister of Missions Council, 
Rev. Henry S. Leiper; Asso. Min. of 
Missions Council, Rev. David H. Sand- 

The Laymen's Fellowship: National Dir., 

Walter A. Graham, Pembroke 1, Ky. 

Council for Social Action: Offices 289 

Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. Chmn., 

Rev. Myron W. Fowell; Dir., Rev. Ray 


Congregational Board of Pastoral Supply: 
Offices, 14 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass. 
Chmn., Rev. Charles G. Christiansen; 
Sec., Rev. Horace G. Robson. 
Congregational Christian Service Commit- 
tee: Offices, 110 East 29th St., New York 
16, N. Y. Pres., Rev. Frederick H. Thomp- 
son; Vice-Pres., Rev. Joseph H. Stein. 


Advance (bi-w), 287 Fourth Ave., New 

York 10, N. Y., Rev. Andrew Vance Mc- 

Cracken, Ed. 
Minister's Quarterly (q), 287 Fourth Ave., 

New York 10, N. Y., Rev. Gaius Glenn 

Atkins, Ed. 
Social Action (m), 289 Fourth Ave., New 

York 10, N. Y., Rev. F. Ernest Johnson, 


Slate Conferences 
Afro -Christian, Rev. George Martin, Pres., 

1015 Trinity Ave., New York 56, N. Y. 
Cal., North, Rev. William D. Pratt, Supt., 

1164 Phelan Bldg., San Francisco 2. 
Cal., S. & S.W., Rev. Jessie F. Perrin, 

Supt., 3125 W. Adams Blvd., Los An- 
geles 18. 
Central South (La., Okla., Tex.), Rev. 

Royal J. Gibson, Supt., 217 N.W. 13th 

St., Oklahoma City 3, Okla. 
Colo., Rev. Leon E. Grubaugh, Supt., 3380 

Bellaire St., Denver 7. 
Conn., Rev. James F. English, Supt,, 37 

Garden St., Hartford 5. 
Conv. of the South (Ala.-Miss., Ga.-S. C., 

N. C., Plymouth, Tenn., Va.), Rev. J. 

Taylor Stanley, Supt., Box 957, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 


Fla., Rev. William N. Tuttle, Supt., P. O. 

Box 68, Avon Park. 
German, Rev. B. H. Kissler, Supt., 712 

S. Gaylord St., Denver 9, Colo. 
Hawaii, Rev. Nelson C. Dreier, Supt., Box 

150, Honolulu 10. 
Idaho, Rev. Harry W. Johnson, Supt., 303 

Idaho Bldg., Boise. 
111., Rev. Frank L. Edwards, Supt., 19 S. 

LaSalle St., Chicago 3. 
Ind., Rev. Andrew K. Craig, Supt., 55 

Warwick Rd., Muncie. 
Iowa, Rev. Judson E. Fiebiger, Supt., Ma- 

goun Hall, Grinnell. 
Kansas, Rev. L. Merle Rymph, Supt., 923 

Kansas Ave., Topeka. 
Maine, Rev. Cornelius E. Clark, Supt., 95 

Exchange St., Portland 3. 
Mass., Rev. Albert Buckner Coe, Supt.,. 

14 Beacon St., Boston 8. 
Mich., Rev. Harold N. Skidmore, Supt., 415 

W. Grand River Ave., East Lansing. 
Middle Atlantic (Del., D. C., Md., N. J.), 

Rev. Joseph H. Stein, Supt., 44 Brick 

Church Plaza, East Orange, N. J. 
Minn., Rev. Thomas A. Goodwin, Supt., 

122 W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis 4. 
Mo., Rev. W. W. Towle, Supt., 6501 Wy- 

down Blvd., St. Louis 5. 
Mont., Rev. George E. Stickney, Supt., 314 

Stapleton Bldg., Billings. 
Neb., Rev. Arthur W. Taylor, Supt., 1710 B 

Street, Lincoln 2. 
N. H., Rev. Frederick W. Alden, Supt., 85 

N. State St., Concord. 
N. Y., Rev. Robert Bruce, Supt., 289 4th 

Ave., New York 10. 
N. D., Rev. Edward S. Treat, Supt., Box 

1776, Fargo. 
Ohio, Rev. Everett A. Bab cock, Supt., 

3056 Prospect Ave., Cleveland 15. 
Ore., Rev. Paul A. Davies, Supt., 403 Park 

Bldg., Portland 5. 
Pa., Rev. Cleon Swarts, Supt., Hartman 

Homestead Conf. Center, Milroy. 
Puerto Rico, Joseph Bevilacqua, Acting 

Supt., Ryder Memorial Hospital, Huma- 

R. I., Rev. James H. Llghtbourne, Sr., 

Supt., 724 Hospital Trust Bldg., Provi- 
dence 3. 
S. D., Rev. Ralph J. Hoffman, Supt., Box 

138, Huron. 
Southeast Conv. (Ala., Ga., Ky.-Tenn.), 

Rev. Erston M. Butterfield, Supt., 673 

Piedmont Ave., N.E., Atlanta 2, Ga. 
Southern Conv. (N. C., S. C., Va., W. Va.), 

Rev. William T. Scott, Supt., Elon Col- 

Utahf'Rev. Harry W. Johnson, Supt., 303 

Idaho Bldg., Boise, Idaho. 
Vermont, Rev. Max H. Webster, Supt., 

19 Orchard Ter., Burlington. 
Wash., Rev. Archie H. Hook, Supt., 720 

14th Ave. N., Seattle 2. 
Wis., Rev. Jess H. Norenberg, Supt., 109 

E. Johnson St., Madison 3. 
Wyo., Rev. Harry W. Johnson, Supt., 303 

Idaho Bldg., Boise, Idaho. 

Congregational Holiness Church 

A body which separated from the 
Pentecostal Holiness Church in 1921; 
extensive work is carried on in India 
in cooperation with the India Pente- 
costal Church of God. 



Churches: 134. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 134. Total 

Enrollment: 7,172. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 131. 

General Organization 

General Committee, meets as called. Rep- 
resents four State divisions. 

Officers: Gen. Mod., Eev. B. L. Cox, 113 
E. Summit St., Gainesville, Ga. 

Gen. Sec., Guy T. Jones, Box 23, Cleve- 
land, Ga. 

Gen. Treas., B. B. Blalock, Et. 1, Cleve- 
land, Ga. 


The Gospel Messenger (s-m), Carrqllton, 
Ga., Rev. B. L. Cox, 113 E. Summit St., 
Gainesville, Ga., Ed.; Rev. B. A. Skel- 
ton, 265 Hogdson Drive., Athens, Ga., 
Assoc. Ed. 

Youth's Guide (m), Carrollton, Ga., Rev. 
Terry Crews, Ed. 

Disciples of Christ, 
International Convention 

In the revival period of the early 
19th century, a movement under 
Thomas Campbell and his son, Alex- 
ander, resulted in the establishment of 
a fellowship called "Christians" or 
"Disciples." The plea of this movement 
is for the reunion of the church on the 
basis of a return to New Testament 
faith and order. It is congregational in 

Churches: 7,925. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 7,945. Total 

Enrollment: 1,216,912. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 5,269. 

General Organization 

International Convention of Disciples of 
Christ, annual. (Next meeting, Sept. 29- 
Oct. 4, 1956, in Des Moines, Iowa.) 

Headquarters: 620 K of P Building, In- 
dianapolis 4, Ind. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Kiley B. Montgomery, 
College of the Bible, Lexington, Ky. 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Gaines M. Cook. 

Treas., Oren D. Pritchard. 

Rec. Sec., Gertrude Dimke. 

Asst. Sec., Robert L. Lewis. 

Other Organizations 

Unified Promotion: Offices, 222 S. Downey 
Aye., Indianapolis 7, Ind. Chmn., A. Dale 
Fiers; Vice-Chmn., J. Warren Hastings; 
Exec. Sec., C. O. Hawley; Dir. of 
Special Days, Julian E. Stuart; Dir. of 
Stewardship, R. L. Thorp; Rec. Sec., 
Jessie M. Trout; Treas., Ann Davidson. 

The United Christian Missionary Society: 
(Continuing the work of the American 
Christian Missionary Society, Christian 
Woman's Board of Missions, Inc., and the 
Foreign Christian Missionary Society): 
Offices, Missions Bldg., Indianapolis 7, 
Ind. Pres., A. Dale Fiers; Vice-Pres., 
Jessie M. Trout; Sec., Mayble M. Epp; 

Treas. & Counsel, Francis W. Payne; 
Asst. Sec., M. Christine Bruckman; Asst. 
Treas., Walter Weimer; Exec. Sec., Home 
Missions, Willard M. Wickizer; Exec. 
Sec., Institutional Missions, Mrs. Alice' 
Gadd Buckner; Exec. Sec., Social Wel- 
fare, Barton Hunter; Exec. Sec., Mis- 
sionary Education, Genevieve Brown; 
Exec. Sec., Missionary Organizations, 
Jessie M. Trout; Exec. Sec., Religious 
Education, George Oliver Taylor; Exec. 
Sec., Resources, Spencer P. Austin; Exec. 
Sec., Men's Work, William H. McKinney; 
Exec. Sec., Interpretation, Mrs. Louise 
Moseley; Exec. Sec., Audio-Visual Serv- 
ices, C. A. Weesner; Exec. Sec., Serv- 
ice, Harry G. Helwig; Exec. Sec., For- 
eign Missions (Africa, China & Japan), 
Virgil A. Sly; Exec. Sec., Foreign Mis- 
sions (Latin America), Mae Yoho Ward; 
Exec. Sec., Foreign Missions (Missionary 
Selection and Training), E. K. Higdon; 
Exec. Sec., Foreign Missions (India, 
Philippines, Thailand), Donald F. West. 

Board of Higher Education, Disciples of 
Christ: Offices, 222 S. Downey Aye., 
Indianapolis 7, Ind. Chmn., Eugene S. 
Briggs; Vice-Chmn., Maurice W. Fogle; 
Pres., Harlie L. Smith; Treas., Mrs. 
Maude Lucas Rumpler. 

The Council on Christian Unity: Office, 
222 S. Downey Ave., Indianapolis 7, Ind. 
Pres., Hampton Adams; Vice-Pres., Riley 
B. Montgomery and Irvin E. Lunger; 
Exec. Sec., George Walker Buckner, 
Jr.; Treas., Harlie L. Smith. 

Pension Fund: Office, 800 Test Bldg., In- 
dianapolis 4, Ind. Pres., Wm. H. Book; 
Vice-Pres., Oreon E. Scott and W. A. 
Shullenberger; Exec. Sec., Hollis L. 
Turley; Treas., G. F. Prewitt; Asst. 
Treas., John Cromie; Actuary, Harmon 
O. Pritchard; Statis., James W. Eaton; 
Gen. Reps., D. Ervin Sheets and Wm. 
Martin Smith; Consulting Actuaries, 
Huggins & Co. 

Board of Church Extension: Office, 222 S. 
Downey Ave. f Indianapolis 7, Ind. Pres., 
Oreon E, Scott; Vice-Pres., H. C. Gem- 
mer and Lloyd V. Channels; Exec. Sec., 
William T. Pearcy; Treas., Rolland H. 
Sheafor; Asst. Treas., Mrs. Blanche 
Wickes; Advisory Architect, Charles J. 

National Benevolent Assoc.: Office, 1602 
Landreth Bldg., St. Louis 2, Mo. Pres., 
W. C. Langley; 1st Vice-Pres., Ralph P. 
Jacoby; 2nd Vice-Pres., Clarence D. 
Cowdrey; Gen. Sec., J. Eric Carlson; 
Treas., Hob art L. Fosher; Rec. Sec., 
Marjorie L. Ford. 

Christian Board of Publication (Bethany 
Press) : Office, Beaumont and Pine Blvd., 
St. Louis 3, Mo. Pres., Wilbur H. Cramb- 
let; Chmn., Oreon E. Scott; Vice-Chmn., 
W. A. Shullenberger; Sec., Hampton 

State Organizations 
and their Secretaries 

Alabama: Alabama Christian Missionary 

Society, J. T. Beale, 2100 7th Ave. f 

North, Birmingham. 
Arizona: Arizona Christian Missionary 

Society, R. B. Fouts, 901 Arizona, El 

Paso, Texas. 
Arkansas: Arkansas Christian Missionary 

Society, Ira D. Crewdson, 1719 Broadway, 

Little Rock. 
California, North: Christian Missionary 



Society of Northern California, T. R. 
Leen, 503 Mercantile Bldg., 2082 Center 
St., Berkeley. 

California, South: Christian Missionary 
Society of Southern California, Clifford 
A. Cole, 4210 Monroe St., Los Angeles 27. 

Colorado: Colorado Christian Missionary 
Society, Maurice F. Lyerla, 1724 Vine 
St., Denver 6. 

Delaware, District of Columbia and Mary- 
land: Capital Area Christian Missionary 
Society, William J. Lineback, 1751 N St., 
N.W., Washington 6, D. C. 

Florida: Florida Christian Missionary 
Society, Lawrence S. Ashley, 16-17 
Marion Block, Ocala. 

Georgia: Georgia Christian Missionary 
Society, Charles W. Ross, 1063 High St., 

Idaho, South: South Idaho Christian Mis- 
sionary Society, Lloyd M. Balfour, 1409 
N. llth St., Boise. 

Illinois: Illinois Christian Missionary 
Society, Burrus Dickinson, Interim Sec., 
P. O. Box 499 (910 N. Main), Blooming- 

Indiana: Indiana Christian Missionary As- 
sociation, Ephraim D. Lowe, 836 E. Kes- 
sler Blvd., Indianapolis. 

Iowa: Iowa Society of Christian Churches, 
Loren E. Lair, Box 1024, 1150 25th St., 
Des Moines. 

Kansas: Kansas Christian Missionary 
Society, Raymond W. Baldwin, 1111 
Fillmore, Topeka. 

Kentucky: Kentucky Christian Missionary 
Society, Forrest L. King, 641 S. Lime- 
stone, Lexington 44. 

-Louisiana: Louisiana Christian Missionary 
Society, Joe R. Babb, 268 Leo, Shreve- 

Michigan: Michigan Christian Missionary 
Society, S. V. Mattson, 524 Charles St., 
East Lansing. 

Minnesota and North Dakota: Minnesota 
Christian Missionary Society (includes 
North Dakota), Vernon S. Stagner, 122 
W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis 4. 

Mississippi: Mississippi Christian Mission- 
ary Society, Maurice Grove, 1619 N. 
West, Jackson 2. 

Missouri: Missouri Christian Missionary 
Society, Lester B. Rickman, 227 E. 
Dunklin St., Jefferson City. 

Montana: Montana Christian Missionary 
Society, Glen A. Holman, 1025 Central 
Ave., Great Falls. 

Nebraska: Nebraska Christian Fellowship, 
C. C. McCaw, 604-607 Trust Bldg., Lin- 

New England: New England Christian 
Missionary Society, Thomas Miller, 124 
Clinton St., P. O. Box 350, Schenectady 
1, N. Y. 

New Mexico: New Mexico Christian Mis- 
sionary Society, R. B. Fouts, 901 Ari- 
zona, El Paso, Texas. 

New York and New Jersey: N. Y. and 
N. J. Christian Missionary Society, 
Thomas Miller, 124 Clinton St., P. O. 
Box 350, Schenectady 1, N. Y. 

North Dakota: see Minnesota. 

North Carolina: North Carolina Christian 
Missionary Society, Ross J. Allen, 105 
W. Vance St., Wilson. 

Ohio: Ohio Christian Missionary Society, 
Herald B. Monroe, 987 The Arcade, 
Cleveland 14. 

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Christian Mission- 
ary Society, Carl V. Covey, 505 Wright 

Bldg., 107 N.W. Second St., Oklahoma 


Oregon: Oregon Christian Missionary Con- 
vention, Charles H. Addleman, 603 

Panama Bldg., Portland 4. 
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Christian Mis- 
sionary Society, Franklin R. Payne, Penn 

Bldg., 727 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh 21. 
South Carolina: South Carolina Christian 

Missionary Society, James W. Sosebee, 

Washington & Pickens Sts., Columbia. 
South Dakota: South Dakota Christian 

Missionary Society, Vernon S. Stagner, 

122 W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis 4, 

Tennessee: Tennessee Christian Missionary 

Society, George D. West, 2005 Grand, 

Nashville 12. 
Texas: Texas Christian Missionary Society, 

Chester Crow, 2909 Lubbock, Ft. Worth 

Utah: Utah Christian Missionary Society, 

Lloyd M. Balfour, 1409 N. llth St., Boise, 

Virginia: Virginia Christian Missionary 

Society, H. Myron Kauffman, Room 201, 

11 S. 3rd St., Richmond 19. 
Washington, North Idaho, and British 

Columbia, Canada: Washington and N. 

Idaho Christian Missionary Society, Earl 

H. Van Doren, 6224 20th Ave., N.E., 

Seattle 5, Wash. 
West Virginia: West Virginia Christian 

Missionary Society, Ralph E. Valentine, 

414 Eighth St., Huntington. 
Wisconsin: (vacant). 
Wyoming: Wyoming Christian Missionary 

Society, Maurice F. Lyerla, 1724 Vine, 

Denver 6, Colo. 

World Call, Indianapolis, Ind., George W. 

Buckner, Jr., Ed. 
Christian-Evangelist, St. Louis, Mo., Lin. 

D. Cartwright, Ed. 
Front Rank, St. Louis, Mo., Ray L. Hen- 

thorne, Ed. 
Christian Plea, St. Louis, Mo., William 

Kappen Fox, Ed. 
NBA Family Talk, St. Louis, Mo., Jessie 

Mae Burke, Ed. 
Vision, St. Louis, Mo., George S. Caro- 

land, Ed. 
Hearthstone, St. Louis, Mo., E. Lee Neal, 

Secret Place, St. Louis, Mo., Leonard 

Lamar Campbell and E. Lee Neal, Co- 


Divine Science Church and 
College, Inc. 

A metaphysical organization founded 
at Denver, Colorado, in 1898. Each 
church in the metaphysical movement 
is a separate entity responsible to no 
central body. 

Churches: 28 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 7,107 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no data. Total 
Enrollment: 277 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 23 (1953). 

General Organization 

Divine Science Movement, Convention, 



Headquarters: 1400 Williams St., Denver 

18, Colo. 

Officers: Pres., Irwin E. Gregg. 
Chmn. Bd. of Trustees, Irwin MacKay. 
Sec., Mrs, Ida B. Feeney. 
Aspire To Better Living (m), 1400 William 

St., Denver 18, Colo., Elsie MacKay, Ed. 


Albanian Orthodox Church in 

A branch of the Eastern Orthodox 

Church, ministering to the Albanians 

in the United States, administratively 


Churches: 14. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 14. Total En- 
rollment: 2,842. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 14. 

Officers: Bishop Fan Stylian Noli, 26 Blag- 
den St., Boston 16, Mass. 

Sec., Rev. C. E. Ellis, 523 East Broadway, 
South Boston 27, Mass. 

The American Carpatho-Russian 
Orthodox Greek Catholic Church 

The American Carpatho-Russian Or- 
thodox Greek Catholic Church is a 
self-governing diocese that is in com- 
munion with the Ecumenical Patri- 
archate of Constantinople. The late 
Patriarch Benjamin I, in an official 
Patriarchal Document listed as No. 
1379, and dated September 19, 1938, 
canonized the Diocese in the name of 
the Orthodox Church of Christ. 

Churches: 60. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 50. Total En- 
rollment: 1,560. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 46. 

General Organization 

Sobor, quadrennial. (Next Sobor, Fall, 


Headquarters: Johnstown, Pa. 
Officers: Bishop, His Excellency, the Most 

Keverend Orestes P. Chornock, 338 Unity 

Road, Trumbull 58, Conn. 
Vicar General: Rt. Rev. Mitred Peter E. 

Molchany, 903 Ann St., Homestead, Pa. 
Chancellor: Very Rev. John Yurcisin, 249 

Butler Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Treas., Very Rev. Nicholas J. Woloshuk, 

224 W. Erie Ave., Corning, N. Y. 


"Cerkqvny Vistnik Church Messenger" 
(semi-m), 249 Butler Ave., Johnstown, 
Pa., Very Rev. John Yurcisin, Ed. 

The American Catholic Church 

This body derives its orders from 

the Syrian Patriarch of Antioch, com- 
monly called the Jacobite Apostolic 
Church, organized 1915. 
Churches: 35. Inclusive Membership: 


Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 37. Total En- 
rollment: 2,359. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 53. 

General Organization 

Synod, meets biennially, first Sunday in 

September. (Next meeting, 1957.) 
Officers: Pres., The Most Rev. Archbishop 

Metropolitan Ernest L. Petersen, 1811 

N.W. 4th Court, Miami 36, Fla. 
Vice-Pres., Most Rev. Herbert F. Wilkie, 

189 Lenox Ave., New York 26, N. Y. 
Chancellor, The Right Rev. Msgr. R. F. 

Cady, 727 N.W. 18th St., Miami 36, Fla. 
Sec. Gen., Most Rev. F. A. C. Dalrymple, 

264 Decatur St., Brooklyn 33, N. Y. 
Treas., Very Rev. Canon Sidney C, Small, 

Barbados, B. W. I. 

The American Holy Orthodox 
Catholic Apostolic Eastern Church 

in Association with 

The Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate 
of America 

A body instituted in 1932, self-gov- 
erning and independent. It is one in 
Faith with the Church of Constanti- 
nople and with every other Orthodox 
Eastern Church of the same profession. 
In 1935 a Provisional Synod was set 
up. The Patriarchal Holy Synod was 
fully established in March 1951 in the 
State of New York. 

Churches: 24 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

2700 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 14 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 740 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 20 (1953). 

General Organization 

American Holy Synod and National Coun- 
cil, triennial. 

Officers: Archbishop Pres., The Most Eev. 
Clement J. C. Sherwood, 162 East 128th 
St., New York 35, N. Y. 

Sec. and Chancellor, Rev. Elias G. Merena, 
162 East 128th St., New York 35, N. Y. 

The Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate of 
America: Patriarch, The Most Rev. 
Joseph, 118 Carew St., Springfield, 
Mass.; Patriachal Locum Tenens and 
Chancellor, The Most Rev. Clement, 162 
East 128th St., New York 35, N. Y.; Sec. 
of the Holy Synod, Rev. Elias G. Merena, 
162 East 128th St., New York 35, N. Y.; 
Chancery-New York Office: 162 East 
128th St., New York 35, N. Y. 

Department of Interdenominational Re- 
lations: Natl. Dir., H. E. The Most Rev. 
K. Chengalvaroya Pillai, The Chancery- 
New York Office, 162 East 128th St., 
New York 35, N. Y. 


The American Orthodox Church 

Title assumed by a group of Ameri- 
can converts to Orthodoxy, established 
in 1940 by act of New York State Leg- 
No statistics available. 

General Organization 

Holy Synod, meets annually. Headquar- 
ters: 52 Kingsbridge Road W., Mount 
Vernon, N. Y. 

Officers: Bishop-Adm. and Superior of the 
Society of St. Basil, Rt. Rev. Alexander 
Turner, 52 Kingsbridge Road West, 
Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Chancellor, Very Rev. Boris Flatov. 


Orthodoxy (q), 52 Kingsbridge Road West, 
Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Apostolic Episcopal Church 

A body which acknowledges the his- 
toric Eastern confession and order. It 
claims apostolic orders through the 
Chaldean succession and was consti- 
tuted in 1925 by the consecration of its 
first bishop. 

Churches: 46 (1947). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 7,086 (1947). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 23 (1944). To- 
tal Enrollment: 1,135 (1944). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Information concerning names and ad- 
dresses of present officers unobtainable. 

Armenian Apostolic Orthodox 
Church of America 

The American branch of the Ancient 
Church of Armenia. Established in 
America in 1889. Diocesan organiza- 
tion under the jurisdiction of the Holy 
See of Etchmiadzin, Armenia, U.S.S.K. 
Churches: 49. Inclusive Membership: 


Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 34. Total En- 
rollment: 2,370. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 34. 

General Organization 

Diocesan Assembly, annual (first week in 

Eastern and Midwestern States f Head- 
quarters: 630 Second Ave., New York 
16, N. Y. 

Officers: Archbishop, The Most Rev. 
Mampre (Calf ay an). 

Chmn., Very Rev. Hmayak Intoyan. 

Sec., B. Bondatzi. 

Western Headquarters: Armenian Diocese 
of California, 3503 Illinois Ave., Fresno, 

Prelate, The Very Rev. Shnork Kaloustian. 

Assyrian Orthodox Church 

One of the very ancient separated 


Eastern Churches represented among 
the Syrians in the U.S. by several 
parishes. The head of the church is the 
Patriarch of Antioch, Mar Ignatius, 
Horns, Syria. 

Churches: 4 (1951). Inclusive Membership: 

3,300 (1951). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3 (1951). Total 

Enrollment: 100 (1951). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 4 (1951). 
Statistical Officer: Rev. Elias Sugar, 701 

87th St., North Bergen, N. J. 


Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia), North Ber- 
gen, N.J. 

Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church 

A Synod of the Bulgarian Eastern 
Orthodox Church, made up largely of 
immigrants, established as The Bul- 
garian Orthodox Mission in 1909, and 
as a Bishopric in 1938. 

Churches: 20. Inclusive Membership: 2,000. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1 (1952). Total 

Enrollment: 54 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 6. 

General Organization 

Synod (meets as called). 

Officers: Bishop, His Grace Audrey, 312 

W. 101st St., New York 25, N. Y. 
Adm. ad interim, Very Rev. Kiril Anto- 

noff, Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church 

"Holy Trinity," 13th and G Street, 

Madison, 111. 

Church of the East and of the 

An American group which is a 
branch of what was for many centuries 
the major part of the Christian Church, 
its Patriarch residing in Seleucia- 
Ctesiphon, Chaldea, Mesopotamia. It 
spread out from Urhai (Edessa) and 
Arbil and sent missionaries to Persia, 
India, China and throughout Asia dur- 
ing the first and succeeding centuries. 
It is the Aramaic-speaking church. 

Churches: 10 (1952), Inclusive Membership: 
3,200 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 9 (1952). Total 
Enrollment: 690 (1952). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 8 (1952). 

Patriarch: His Holiness Mar Eshai Shi- 
mun XXIII, Catholicos Patriarch of the 
Church of the East and of the Assyrians 
CXIX, The Patriarchate, 411 North Santa 
Cruz, Modesto, Calif. 

Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church 
in America 

The foundation of this body stems 
from the authority of the wishes of 
Patriarch Tikhon of the Russian Or- 



thodox Church and the acts of his suc- 
cessors, to propagate the Orthodox 
Faith among the English-speaking peo- 
ple in America. In 1927 the Holy East- 
ern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic 
Church in America was created. The 
Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in 
America is an independent body. 

Churches: 1. Inclusive Membership: 39. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: None. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1. 

General Organization 

Governing Synod, meets semi-annually. 
Headquarters: Cathedral of Our Saviour, 

221 W. 69th St., 'New York 23, N. Y. 
Officers: Ruling Bishop, Rt. Rev. John A. 

Priest-in-Charge, Rev. Gregory R. P. 


Greek Archdiocese of 
North and South America 

Greek-speaking Orthodox Christians 
have parishes in the U.S., Canada and 
South America. These are under the 
Patriarchate of Constantinople. 

Churches: 347. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 355. Total 

Enrollment: 30,000. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 390. 

General Organization 

Congress of the Greek Archdiocese of 

North and South America, biennial. 
Headquarters: 10 E. 79th St., New York 

21, N. Y. 
Officers, Mixed Council: Pres., Most Rev. 

Archbishop Michael, 
Vice-Pres., Eight Rev. Demetrios, Bishop 

of Olympus. 

Sec., Rev. George Papadeas. 
Treas., Stephen Stephanides. 


His Eminence Michael, Archbishop of N. 

and S. America. 
Germanos Polyzoides, Bishop of Nyssa, 

1439 South Blvd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Athenagoras, Bishop of Elaia, 180 Pond 

St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 
Ezekiel, Bishop of Nazianzos, 1549 North 

Astor St., Chicago 10, 111. 
Demetrios, Bishop of Olympus, 10 East 

79th St., New York 21, N. Y. 
Irenaios, Bishop of Abydus, 1030 Julian 

Alvarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Bohdan, Bishop of Eucarpia, 1410 Vyse 

Ave., Bronx, N. Y. (Ukrainian Orthodox 

Orestes Chornock, Bishop of Agathonikeia, 

338 Unity Road, Bridgeport, Conn. (Car- 

patho-Russian Orthodox Church). 
Markos, Bishop of Lefke, P. O. Box 238, 

Natick, Mass. (Albanian Orthodox 



The Orthodox Observer (m), Garrison, 
N. Y., Prof. Emmanuel Hatziemmanuel, 

Holy Orthodox Church in America 
(Eastern Catholic and Apostolic) 

This body was instituted in 1934 for 
the presentation in the English lan- 
guage of the Eastern Liturgies and 
primitive Christianity. Its orders were 
derived through the Syro -Russian line. 

Churches: 4 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

1,300 (1944). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no report. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 4 (1953). 

General Organization 

Holy Synod, semi-annual. 
Headquarters: See House, 321 W. 101st St., 

New York 25, N. Y. 
Council of Bishops: Primate, Most Rev. 

Archbishop Theodotus S. DeWitow. 
Bishop Aux., Rt. Rev. Henry Van-Arsdale 

Parsell (Irenaeus). 
Bishop Aux., Rt. Rev. Karol Zeblo (Ele- 



Messenger of Holy Wisdom (m), 321 W, 
101st St., New York 25, N. Y. p Arch- 
bishop Theodotus, Ed. 

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate 
of America 

This body of Eastern Orthodox Chris- 
tians of Romanian descent is under the 
supervision and canonical jurisdiction 
of the Bishop of the Romanian Ortho- 
dox Episcopate of America. It has 
severed relations with the Orthodox 
Church of Romania. 

Churches: 55. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 25. Total En- 
rollment: 650. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 35. 

General Organization 

Church Congress, annual. 

Headquarters: 2522 Grey Tower Road, 

R.F.D. No. 7, Jackson, Mich. 
Officers: The Bishop: His Grace Bishop 

Valerian (D. Trifa), 2522 Grey Tower 

Road, R.F.D. No. 7, Jackson, Mich. 
The Council of the Episcopate: Pres., His 

Grace Bishop Valerian; Sec M Rev. Fr. 

Eugene Lazar, 1133 Madison St., Gary, 

Ind.; Treas., John Indreica, Sr., 8233 W. 

Ten Mile Road, Oak Park, Mich. 

Other Organizations 

The American Romanian Orthodox Youth 
(AROY): Pres., Nicholas A. Tekushan, 
134 N. Garland Ave., Youngstown 6, 
Ohio; Sec., John Mangu, Jr., 1206 Lind- 
say Ave., Akron 6, Ohio. 

Association of Romanian Orthodox Ladies' 
Auxiliaries (ARFORA): Pres., Mrs. 
Martha Gavrila, 276 Tyler, Highland 
Park, Mich.; Sec., Mrs. Maria Pavel, 
5080 Crane, Detroit 13, Mich. 


SOLIA, Romanian News (bi-w), 1350 E. 
Hancock Ave., Detroit 7, Mich. 


Russian Orthodox Catholic Church, 

Archdiocese of the Aleutian Islands 

and North America 

No statistics available. 

Officer: Most Rev. Archbishop Adam 
Philippovsky, 47 West 90th St., New 
York 24, N. Y. (Acting Exarch). 


One Church, Official Journal of the Rus- 
sian Orthodox Catholic Church, 15 East 
97th St., New York 29, N. Y., S. I. Gus- 
siev-Orenburgsky, Ed.-in-Chief. 

The Russian Orthodox Church 
Outside Russia 

(Formerly The Russian Orthodox 
Church Abroad) 

Organized in 1920 to unite in one 
body of dioceses the missions and 
parishes of the Russian Orthodox 
Church outside of Russia. The govern- 
ing body was set up in Constantinople 
sponsored by the Ecumenical Patri- 
archate. In 1921 headquarters were 
transferred to Sremsky Karlovtsy, 
Yugoslavia. From the end of World 
War II until 1950 the Synod was in 
Munich, Germany. In November, 1950, 
it came to the United States. The Rus- 
sian Orthodox Church Outside Rus- 
sia lays emphasis on being true to the 
old traditions of the Russian Church, 
but it does not compromise with offi- 
cial church leaders in Moscow, "since 
that would amount to being under the 
influence and direction of a godless 

In addition to those in the United 
States, the Synod has dioceses and 
communities in Canada, Argentina, 
Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru 
and Venezuela. There are diocesan 
bishops in London, Paris, Munich, 
Salzburg and in Australia and New 
Zealand; parishes in North Africa, 
Turkey and Iran, and there is a Mis- 
sion in Palestine. 

Statistics for the U. S. A.: 

Churches: 91 (1951). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 55,000 (1951). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 96 (1951). 
Total Enrollment: no data. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 150 (1951). 

General Organization 

Headquarters: 312 West 77th St., New York 

24, N. Y. 
(Summer residence): Hermitage of Our 

Lady of Kursk, Lake Mahopac, N. Y., 

and 1600 Carmelite Ave., Burlingame, 

Council of Bishops, Synod (elected by the 


Council): Pres., His Eminence, the 
Most Rev. Metropolitan Anastassy Griba- 

Other Members: Most Rev. Archbishop 
Vitaly, of Eastern America and Jersey 
City; Most Rev. Archbishop Tikhon, of 
Western America and San Francisco; 
Most Rev. Archbishop John, of West- 
ern Europe and Brussels; Most Rev. 
Archbishop Gregory, of Chicago and 
Cleveland; Alternate, Rt. Rev. Bishop 
Seraphim; Rt. Rev. Bishop Averky. 

Alternates: Rt. Rev. Bishop Seraphim and 
Bishop Nikon. 

Chancellor, Archpriest George Grabbe, 
312 West 77th St., New York 24, N. Y. 


Pravoslavnaya Russ ("Orthodox Russia"), 
in Russian (s-m), Abbot Constantine, 
Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, 
N. Y., Ed. 

Orthodox Life, in English (bi-m), Abbot 
Constantine, Ed. 

Tserkovnaya Zhizn ("Church Life"), in 
Russian, official publication (m), Arch- 
priest George Grabbe, 312 W. 77th St., 
New York 24, N. Y., Ed. 

The Russian Orthodox Greek 

Catholic Church of 

North America 

The Russian Orthodox Greek Cath- 
olic Church entered Alaska in 1792 
before its purchase by the United 
States. In 1872 its headquarters were 
moved from Sitka to San Francisco, 
and in 1905 to New York. Administers 
churches in the United States, Canada, 
Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, South 
America, and Japan. 

Churches: 326 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 440,000 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 208 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 6,473 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 304 

General Organization 

Sobor (General Convention), triennial. 
(Next meeting, New York, 1955.) 

Headquarters: 59 East 2nd St., New York 
3, N. Y. 

Ruling Bishop: The Most Rev. Leonty, 
Archbishop of New York, Metropolitan 
of the Russian Orthodox Greek Catho- 
lic Church of North America; Sec. to the 
Metropolitan, Alexander E. Bezsmertny, 
59 East 2nd St., New York 3, N. Y. 

Diocesan Bishops 

The Rt. Rev. Dimitry, Archbishop of Bos- 
ton and New England, 110 Washington 
Ave., Chelsea, Mass. 

The Rt. Rev. John, Bishop of Detroit and 
Cleveland, 59 East 2nd St., New York 3, 
N. Y. 

The Rt. Rev. Bishop John, Bishop of San 
Francisco, 1520 Green St., San Francisco, 

The Rt. Rev. Dionisy, Bishop of Chicago 
and Minneapolis, 1121 North Leavitt St., 
Chicago, 111. 



Metropolitan Council Officers: Pres., The 
Most Rev. Metropolitan Leonty Turke- 
vich; Sec.-Treas., Very Rev. Joseph 
Fishtey; Representative of the Council 
of Bishops, The Rt. Rev. John Garklavs. 


Russian-American Orthodox Messenger 
(m), 59 East 2nd St., New York 3, N. Y., 
Very Rev. T. Buketoff, Ed. 

Our Way (m), 1121 No. Leavitt St., Chi- 
cago, 111., Rev. Paul Nervana, Ed. 

Russian Orthodox Journal (English) (m), 
14-59 156th St., Beechhurst, L. I., N. Y., 
Walter Chanas, Ed. 

Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church 

This body of the Eastern Orthodox 
Church has its own diocese and is un- 
der jurisdiction of the Serbian Patri- 
archate (Yugoslavia) . 

Churches: 53 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

100,000 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 50 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 1,050 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 63 (1953). 

General Organization 

Serbian Eastern Orthodox Diocese for the 
United States of America and Canada, 
St. Sava Monastery, Libertyville, 111. 

Officers: Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dionisije, Ser- 
bian Orthodox Monastery of St. Sava, 
Libertyville, 111. 

Sec., Very Rev. Archimandrite Firmilian 
Ocokoljich, Serbian Orthodox Monastery 
of St. Sava, Libertyville, 111. 

Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church 

This body is a division of the Ortho- 
dox Church which is under the juris- 
diction of the Patriarch of Antioch. It 
is a member of the Federation of Or- 
thodox Greek Catholic Churches in 

Churches: 78. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 78. Total En- 
rollment: 3,800. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 85. 

General Organization 

Archdiocese, annual. Headquarters: 239 
85th St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 

Officer: Head of Archdiocese, Metropoli- 
tan Antony Bashir. 

Ukrainian Orthodox Church 

of America 
(Ecumenical Patriarchate) 

This body was organized in Ameri- 
ca in 1928, when the first convention 
was held. In 1932 Dr. Joseph Zuk was 
consecrated a first Bishop. His succes- 
sor is the Most Rev. Archbishop Boh- 
dan who was consecrated by the or- 
der of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of 
Constantinople on February 28, 1937, 
in New York City. 

Churches: 32. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 32. Total En- 
rollment: 4,251. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 44. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Headquarters: St. Mary's Church, 1410 
Vyse Ave., New York 59, N. Y. 

Officers: Pres., Most Rev. Archbishop Boh- 
dan, 1410 Vyse Ave., New York 59, N. Y. 

Most Rev. Archbishop Palladios (UAOC), 
1410 Vyse Ave., New York 59, N. Y. 

Most Rev. Archbishop Ihor (Huba) 
(UAOC), 495 East 171st St., New York 57, 
N. Y. 

Chancellor, Very Rev. Walter Propheta, 
324 Kosciusko Ave., S. Plainfield, N. J. 

Recording Sec., Very Rev. Wolodymyr 
Lewytzkyj, 1046 Fullerton Ave., Allen- 
town, Pa. 

Fin. Sec.-Treas., Very Rev. Peter Kieluch. 

Members: Very Rev. Basil Machnyk, 100 
Winder Rd., New Castle, Del.; Very Rev. 
Jacob Kostecky, 1122 Hancock St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; Very Rev. John Fedyna, 
345 E. 4th St., New York 9, N. Y. 
Zachary Hutzayluk, R. No. 1, Zionsville, 
Pa.; Very Rev. Basil Horochivsky, 34 
Happy St., Norwich, Conn. 

Ukrainian Mission Society: Rep., Very 
Rev. Wolodymyr Lewytzkyj, 1046 Fuller- 
ton Ave,, Allentown, Pa. 


Ukrainian Herald (q), 1410 Vyse Ave., 
New York 59 N. Y., Rev. Dr. Wolodymyr 
Lewytzkyj and Dr. F. M. Donahue, Eds. 

Voice of the Church (q), 277 4th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. (P. O. 10. Box 326). 

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of U.S.A. 

Formally organized in U.S. A. in 1919. 
Archbishop John Theodorovich arrived 
from Ukraine in 1924. 

Churches: 92. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 82. Total En- 
rollment: 3,619. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 84. 

General Organization 

The Sobor, which elects a Council of 
Bishops. Next meeting of the Sobor, 
October, 1956. 

Headquarters: Box 595, South Bound 
Brook, N. J. 

Officers: Metropolitan John Theodorovich, 
123 Grassmere Road, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.; 
Archbishop Mstyslaw S. Skrypnyk, Box 
595, South Bound Brook, N. J.; Arch- 
bishop Hennady Shyprykevich, 4122 W. 
George St., Chicago, 111.; Bishop Vladi- 
mir, 4719 31st St., Detroit, Mich. 

Treas., Very Rev. Andrew Beck, P. O. 
Box 595, South Bound Brook, N. J. 

Fin. Sec., Very Rev. Harry Pypiuk, P. O. 
Box 595, South Bound Brook, N. J. 

The Ecclesia of Christ 

A small group, formerly members of 
the Christadelphians, also associated 


with a larger group in Nottingham, 


Office: 17 Central Ave., Fredonia, N. Y. 

Information declined. 

Ethical Culture Movement 

A national movement of Ethical 
(Culture) Societies religious and edu- 
cational fellowships based on ethics, 
believing in the worth, dignity and 
fine potentialities of the individual, 
encouraging freedom of thought, com- 
mitted to the democratic ideal and 
method, issuing in social action. 

Societies: 20. Inclusive Membership: 5,470. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 16. Total En- 
rollment: 1,360. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 13. 

General Organization 
American Ethical Union 

Assembly, annual. Headquarters: 2 West 

64th St., New York 23, N. Y. 
Officers: Pres., L. D. Maclntyre, 7107 

Braeburn Place, Bethesda 14, Md. 
Eastern Vice-Pres., Sidney H. Scheuer, 2 

West 64th St., New York 23, N. Y. 
Western Vice-Pres., R. Walston Chubb, 

408 Olive St., St. Louis 2, Mo. 
Treas., Hyman Berman, 2 West 64th St., 

New York 23, N. Y. 
Sec., Simon Wassermann, 1512 Spruce St., 

Philadelphia 2, Pa. 
Exec. Sec., John J. Dunne, 2 West 64th 

St., New York 23, N. Y. 
Dir, Religious Ed., Florence W. Klaber, 

2 West 64th St., New York 23, N. Y. 

Other Organizations 

Frat. of Leaders: Chmn., Dr. Henry Neu- 
mann, 2 West 64th St., New York 23, 
N. Y. 

Natl. Women's Conference: Pres., Rhoda 
Kohn, 2 West 64th St., New York 23, 
N. Y. 

Encampment for Citizenship: Exec. Dir., 
William Shannon, 2 West 64th St., New 
York 23, N. Y. 

A.E.U. Foundation: Chmn., George P. 
Shettle, 2 West 64th St., New York 23, 
N. Y. 


The Standard (bi-m), New York, N. Y. 
Dr. Henry Neumann, Ed. 

Evangelical and Reformed Church 

This body was formed on June 26, 
1934, by a union of the Evangelical 
Synod of North America and the Re- 
formed Church in the United States, 
at Cleveland, Ohio. The union was 
unique in that it left all details to be 
adjusted after the union. The Consti- 
tution was declared in effect at the 
General Synod which met at Lancas- 


ter, Pa., in June, 1940. The merged 
boards were organized and on Febru- 
ary 1, 1941, took over the work car- 
ried on by the two former denomina- 

Churches: 2,735. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,630. Total 

Enrollment: 533,232. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1,859. 

General Organization 

General Synod, triennial. (Next meeting, 

Officers: Pres., Rev. James E. Wagner, 1505 

Race St., Philadelphia 2, Pa. 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Robert C. Stanger, 

4250 N. Paulina St., Chicago 13, 111. 
2nd Vice-Pres., John W. Mueller, 708-12 

Paul Brown Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Sec., Rev. W. Sherman Kerschner, 1505 

Race St., Philadelphia 2, Pa. 
Treas., F. A. Keck, 1720 Chouteau Ave., 

St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Other Organizations 

General Council: Chmn., Rev. James E. 
Wagner, 1505 Race St., Philadelphia 2, 
Pa.; 1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Robert C. 
Stanger, 4250 N. Paulina St., Chicago 13, 
HI.; 2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. John W. Mueller, 
708-12 Paul Brown Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.; 
Sec., Rev. W. Sherman Kerschner, 1505 
Race St., Philadelphia 2, Pa.; Treas., 
Mr. F. A. Keck, 1720 Chouteau Ave., 
St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Pastor Members: Revs. Harry D. Alt- 
house, 535 Second Ave., N.W., Hickory, 
N. C.; John R. C. Haas, 903 E. Powell 
Ave., Evansville 13, Ind.; Ben M. Herb- 
ster, 2330 Sherwood Lane, Norwood 12, 
Ohio; Erwin R. Koch, 894 Summit Ave., 
St. Paul 5, Minn.; Emil N. Krafft, 3236 
East 55th St., Cleveland 4, Ohio; John 
Lentz, 140 Ninth Ave., Collegeville, Pa.; 
Roy W. Limbert, Dover, Pa.; William L. 
Rest, 7020 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago 37, 

Lay Members: Allan G. Aigler, 251 Eu- 
clid Ave., Bellevue, Ohio; Herbert W. 
Beutel, 3839 Walnut Hill, Dallas 9, Texas; 
Samuel C. Bond, Jr., R.D., Orefield, Pa.; 
Carl Bosch, 1708 McCarty St., Jefferson 
City, Mo.; Mrs. E. Roy Gorman, 909 Re- 
becca St., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mrs. Milton 
C. Lang, 306 Tunbridge Rd., Baltimore 
12, Md.; Harold F. Webber, Lewisburg, 
Pa.; Joseph C. Wetzel, Edwardsville, Ifi, 

Department of United Promotion: Assoc. 
Dirs., Rev. L. C. T. Miller and Carl 
W. Klein; Dir. of Audio-Visual Aids, 
Rev. Oscar J. Rumpf; Field Sec., Rev. 
Perry L. Smith. 

Board of National Missions: Pres., Rev. 
Charles Enders, 703 N. Ivy St., Arling- 
ton, Va.; Gen. Sec., Rev. Purd E. Deitz, 
1720 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis 3, Mo.; 
Eastern Field Sec., Rev. Ralph S. Weiler; 
Western Field Sec., Rev. Henry J. 
Damm; Sec. for Town and Country 
Church, Rev. Claude J. Snyder; Sec. for 
City and Urban Strategy, Rev. John H. 
Shope; Sec., Church Bldg. Dept., Edwin 
G. Eilers. 

Board of International Missions: Pres., 
Rev. T. W. Hoernemann, 220 2nd St., 
New Philadelphia, O.; Exec. Sec., Rev. 
Dobbs F. Ehlman, 1505 Race St., Phila- 



delphia 2, Pa.; Asso. Sees., Rev. G. H. 
Gebhardt and Rev. Theophil H. Twente; 
Treas. and Asst. Sec,, Rev. Laverne R. 

Board of Christian Education and Publi- 
cation: Pres., Dr. H. A. Pflug, 475 E. 
Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves 19, 
Mo.; Exec. Sec., Rev. Franklin I. 
Sheeder, 1505 Race St., Philadelphia 2, 
Pa.; Dir. of Children's Work, Bernice A. 
Buehler; Asso. Dir. of Children's Work, 
Irene F. Balliet; Youth Work, Henry 
Tani; Asso. Dir. of Youth Work, Ethel A. 
Shellenberger; Adult Work, Rev. Oscar 
J. Rumpf ; Leadership Training, Loren J. 
Walters; Camps and Summer Schools, 
Rev. Edward L. Schlingman; Dir. of Stu- 
dent Work, Rev. Hartland H. Helmich; 
Publications, Rev. Fred D. Wentzel; Lit- 
erature Consultant, Greta P. Hinkel; 
Libr. and Asso. Ed., Rose Marie Kniker; 
Eds., Rev. Fred E. McQueen, Herman C. 
Ahrens, Jr., Marie Rose Remmel, Jean 
Louise Smith; Field Workers, Leona 
Poppe, Rev. Johanna W. Stroetker and 
Freda Dexheimer; Christian Education 
Press and Eden Publishing House. 

Board of Business Management: Pres., 
Rev. Robert C. Kienle, 3111 Linwood 
Blvd., Kansas City 3, Mo. 

Board of Pensions and Relief: Pres., Rev. 
Orris W. Haulman, 207 N. Portage Path, 
Akron 3, O.; Sec.-Treas., Rev. Silas P. 
Bittner, 1505 Race St., Philadelphia 2, 

Commission on Evangelism: Exec. Sec., 
Rev. Fred C. Schweinfurth, 2969 W. 25th 
St., Cleveland 13, O. 

Commission on Christian Social Action: 
Exec. Sec., Rev. Huber F. Klemme, 
2969 West 25th St., Cleveland 13, O. 

Commission on Higher Education: Pres., 
Rev. Arthur W. Newell, 33 Willway Rd., 
Richmond 26, Va. 

Commission on Benevolent Institutions: 
Pres., Rev. Carl C. Rasche, 6150 Oakland 
Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo. 

Commission on Stewardship: Exec. Sec., 
Rev. James W. Bright, 2969 W. 25th St., 
Cleveland 13, Ohio. 

Commission on World Service: Chmn., 
Rev. William L. Rest, 7008 S. Michigan 
Ave., Chicago 37, HI.; Exec. Sec., Rev. 
Reginald H. Helfferich, 1720 Chouteau 
Ave., St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Churchmen's Brotherhood: Exec. Sec., Rev. 
J. Kenneth Kohler, 1720 Chouteau Ave., 
St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Women's Guild: Pres., Mrs. Guy A. 
BenchofE, Woodstock, Va.; First Vice- 
Pres., Mrs. Ralph L. Kuether, 624 West 
End Ave., S., LaCrosse, Wise.; Exec. Sec., 
Florence A. Partridge, 2969 W. 25th 
St., Cleveland 13, Ohio. 

National Youth Fellowship: Pres., Lavon 
Burrichter, New Albin, Iowa. 


The Messenger (bi-w), 1720 Chouteau Ave., 
St. Louis 3, Mo. f Rev. Theodore C. 
Braun, Ed. 

Der Friedensbote (bi-w), 1720 Chouteau 
Ave., St. Louis 3, Mo., Rev. Otto Press, 

Reformatusok Lapja (bi-w), R. D. 5, Lan- 
caster, Pa., Rev. Alexander Toth, Ed. 

Youth (bi-w), 1505 Race St., Philadelphia 
2, Pa., Herman C. Ahrens, Jr., Ed. 

Year Book (annual), 1505 Race St., Phila- 

delphia 2, Pa., Rev. W. Sherman Kersch- 
ner, Ed. 

Evangelical Congregational Church 

In 1891 a division occurred in the 
Evangelical Association (later known 
as the Evangelical Church). The divi- 
sion was healed in 1922, but a portion 
of the group was not satisfied with the 
reunion and remained apart, taking 
the above name. 

Churches: 168. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 166. Total En- 
rollment: 34,511. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 161. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 

meeting, September 1958.) Headquarters: 

Myestown, Pa. 
Officers: Presiding Bishop, Rev. J. A. 

Smith, 38 S. Fulton St., Allentown, Pa. 
Sec., Dr. H. H. Scanlin, 31 S. West St., 

Allentown, Pa. 
Asst. Sec., Rev. A. E. Anderson, 1721 

Green Bay Rd., Highland Park, 111. 
Treas., Rev. H. A. Gerhart, 944 N. 19th 

St., Allentown, Pa. 


The United Evangelical (w), Myerstown, 
Pa., Rev. R. S. Wilson, Ed.; Rev. C. J. 
Yoder, Pub., Church Center Press. 

Evangelical Free Church Association 

Organized in Boston, Mass., in 1884. 
Was merged with The Evangelical Free 
Church of America in 1950 and is 
known by this latter name. 

Statistics and officers for the merged 
group may be found under the name of 
The Evangelical Free Church of Amer- 

The Evangelical Free Church of 

Organized in Boone, Iowa, in the 
1880's, as the Swedish Evangelical Free 
Mission; name later changed to above. 
The Evangelical Free Church Associa- 
tion merged with this group in June, 
1950 the merged body is known as 
The Evangelical Free Church of 

Churches: 351. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 396. Total 

Enrollment: 38,185. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 320. 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. Headquarters: 2950 
Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 8, Minn. 


Officers: Pres., Dr. Arnold T. Olson, 2950 

Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 8, Minn. 
Dir. of Evangelism, Rev. Axel J. Thorwall, 

4008 Portland Ave., Minneapolis 7, Minn. 
Sec. of Home Missions, Rev. Olai Urang, 

5541 31st Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Sec. of Foreign Missions, RQV. H. G. Ro- 

dine, 2950 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 8, 

Sec. for Youth, Rev. Wes Carlson, 2950 

Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 8, Minn. 
Sec. for Sunday Schools, Rev. Chester 

Larson, 2950 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 

8, Minn. 
Conference Chmn., Rev. Paul Cassel, 61 

Van Reypen St., Jersey City, N. J. 
Vice-Chmn., Rev. R. Berntsen, 1019 23rd 

Ave., Moline, HI. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Lester E. Nelson, 6825 

Minnetonka Blvd., Minneapolis 16, Minn. 
Vice-Sec., Rev. Wallace Bloomquist, 2406 

S. 8th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Treas., Z. Albin E. Anderson, 2950 Nicollet 

Ave., Minneapolis 8, Minn. 
Fin. Sec., H. S. Nordin, 4904 Clinton Ave., 

Minneapolis 9, Minn. 


Evangelical Beacon and Evangelist (w), 
2950 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 8, Minn., 
R. A. Thompson, Ed.; Olai Urang, Assoc. 

Evangelisten (m), 2950 Nicollet Ave., Min- 
neapolis 8, Minn., Olai Urang, Ed. 

Evangelical Mission Covenant 
Church of America 

A transplantation of a free church 
movement in the Swedish state church 
to the U.S., organized in 1885. In early 
years the name was the Swedish Evan- 
gelical Mission Covenant. 

Churches: 488. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 510. Total 

Enrollment: 76,407. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 394. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 
5101 N. Francisco, Chicago 2'5, 111. 

Officers: Pres. Exec. Bd., Dr. Theodore W. 
Anderson, Chicago, 111. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Paul S. Kees, Minneapolis, 

Sec., Rev. Joseph C. Danielson, Chicago, 


Asst. Sec., Rev. Leslie R. Ostberg, Chicago, 

Sec. Foreign Missions, Rev. Ralph P. 

Hanson, Chicago, 111. 
Treas., H. Walter Thorell, Rockford, 111. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Missions: Chmn., Dr. Earl C. 

Dahlstrom, Chicago, 111.; Sec., Rev. 

Glenn L. Lindell, Galesburg, 111.; Ex- 

officio member, Rev. Elmer W. Fondell, 

Chicago, HI. 
Ministerial Board: Chmn., Rev. Bethel N. 

Bengtson, Hilmar, Calif.; Sec,, Rev. 

Paul J. Theorell, Bridgeport, Conn.; 

Ex-officio member, Rev. Eric G. Hawk- 

inson, Chicago, 111. 


Board of Education: Chmn., Harold A. 
Anderson, Chicago, m.; Sec., Rev. Ray- 
mond A. Johnson, Red Oak, Iowa; Ex- 
officio member, Rev. Clarence A. Nel- 
son, President of North Park College 
and Theological Seminary, Chicago, 111. 

Board of Benevolence: Chmn., Elmer E. 
Harper, Chicago, 111.; Sec., Rev. D wight 
E. Elving, Chicago, 111.; Ex-officio mem- 
ber, Nils G. Axelson, Superintendent of 
Covenant Hospital and Home of Mercy, 
Chicago, m. 

Board of Pensions: Chmn., Harold O. 
Carlson, Park Ridge, 111.; Sec., Rev. 
Joseph C. Danielson, Chicago, 111.; Ex- 
officio member, H. Walter Thorell, Rock- 
ford, 111. 

Board of Publications: Chmn., Rev. E. 
Gustav Johnson, Chicago, HI.; Sec., Rev. 
Henry M. Johanson, Moline, 111.; Ex- 
officio member, Rev. G. F. Hedstrand, 
Chicago, 111. 

Board of Youth Work: Chmn., Rev. Allen 
W. Wickman, Seattle, Wash.; Sec., Edna 
Harms, Fresno, Calif.; Ex-officio mem- 
bers: Rev. Aaron B. Markuson, Exec. 
Sec.; Rev. Erick I. Gustafson, Director 
of Young People's Work; Sylvia E, 
Peterson, Director of Children's Work, 
Chicago, 111. 

Covenant Weekly, Chicago, HI., Rev. G. F. 

Hedstrand, Ed. 
Covenant Quarterly, Chicago, 111., Rev. 

G. F. Hedstrand, Ed. 
Covenant Youth Today (w), Chicago, El., 

Philip E. Liljengren, Ed. 
Crossroads (w), Chicago, 111., Sylvia E. 

Peterson, Ed. 

* Children's Hour (w), Chicago, 111., Mrs. 
Clara E. Hawkinson, Ed. 
*Published jointly: Covenant Press and 
Baptist Conference Press 

The Evangelical United Brethren 

This body had its origin in Johns- 
town, Pa., November 16, 1946, in the 
consummation of organic union be- 
tween the Evangelical Church and the 
Church of the United Brethren in 
Christ. Both these former communions 
had their beginning in Pennsylvania 
in the evangelistic movement of the 
early 19th century. Jacob Albright was 
the founder of the Evangelical Church, 
and Dr. Philip William Otterbein was 
the founder of the United Brethren 
Church in 1800. In doctrine this Church 
is Arminian and in government Meth- 

Churches: 4,498. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 4,391. Total 

Enrollment: 687,719. 
Oidained clergy having charges: 3,071. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, 1958.) 



Headquarters: Knott Building, Dayton 2, 
Ohio, and Evangelical Press Building, 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Officers: Board of Bishops, Pres., I. D. 
Warner, 14635 Horticultural Drive, Route 
No. 2, Puente, Calif. 

Sec., George E. Epp, Evangelical Press, 
3rd & Reily Sts,, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Other members of Board of Bishops: 
F. L. Dennis, 2019 Harvard Blvd., Day- 
ton 6, Ohio; D. T. Gregory, 900 East 
End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.; H. R. Hein- 
inger, 1500 East Minnehaha Parkway, 
Minneapolis 7, Minn.; R. H. Mueller, 
1401 Castle Ave., Indianapolis 27, Ind.; 
L. L. Baughman, 6342 Baltimore Ave., 
Kansas City 5, Mo. 

General Conf. Sec., W. Maynard Sparks, 
Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa. 

Oiher Organizations 

Council of Administration: Knott Bldg., 
Dayton 2, Ohio; Pres., Bishop D. T. 
Gregory; Exec. Sec., H. W. Kaebnick; 
Assoc. Sec. & Gen. Church Treas., Caw- 
ley H. Stine. 

Board of Missions: 1409 Knott Bldg., Day- 
ton 2, Ohio; Pres., Bishop G. E. Epp; 
Vice-Pres., Bishop D. T. Gregory and 
Mrs. Irma Kidd. 

Dept. of World Missions: Exec. Sec., C. 
Heinmiller; Assoc. Sec., S. G. Ziegler; 
Asst. Sec., Edwin Fisher; Treas., 
Wesley O. Clark. 

Dept. of Home Missions and Church Ex- 
tension: Exec. Sec., U. P. Hovermale; 

Assoc. Sec., M. N. Berger; Asst. Sec., 

S. B. Williams; Dir. of Town & 

Country Church, B. H. Cain. 
Dept. of Women's Service: Exec. Sec., 

Janet Gilbert; Assoc. Sec., Marion 

Baker; Sec. Children's Work, Mrs. 

Leona Hansen. 
Commissioii on Town and Country 

Church: Chmn., J. P. Hendrix; Sec. 

B. H. Cain. 
Commission on Urban Church: Chmn., 

Rev. Paul V. Church; Sec., Roy D. 


Board of Christian Education: 1800 Knott 
Bldg., Dayton 2, O.; Pres., Bishop R. H. 
Mueller; Vice-Pres., Bishop F. L. Den- 
nis; Exec. Sec., E. Craig Brandenburg; 
Assoc. Sec., E. M. Holdeman. 
Board of Publication: Evangelical Press, 
3rd & Reily Sts., Harrisburg, Pa., and 
Otterbein Press, 230 W. 5th St., Day- 
ton 2, O.; Pres., Bishop F. L. Dennis; 
Vice-Pres., Bishop George Edward Epp; 
Publs., R. H. Stetler and L. L. Huffman. 
Board of Evangelism: 1900 Knott Bldg., 
Dayton 2, O.; Pres., I. D. Warner; Vice- 
Pres., Bishop R. H. Mueller; Exec. Sec., 
R. M. Holdeman. 

Board of Pensions: 1800 Knott Bldg., Day- 
ton 2, O.; Pres., Bishop L. L. Baughman; 
Vice-Pres., Bishop H. R. Heininger; Exec. 
Sec.-Treas., A. H. Doescher; Assoc. Sec., 
John H. Ness. 

Historical Society: United Theol. Semi- 
nary, Harvard Blvd., Dayton 6, O.; Pres., 
Alfred J. Thomas; Vice-Pres., Paul H. 
Eller; Sec., A. C. Core; Treas., Cawley 
H. Stine. 

Brotherhood: 1900 Knott Bldg., Dayton 2, 
O.; Pres., Wm. M. Fox, 130 South Pitts- 
burgh St., Connellsville, Pa.; Vice-Pres.: 
W. D. Kline, 3914 N. 52nd, Milwaukee 16, 
Wise,; Harry P. Kissinger, 1745 N. Sher- 

man, York, Pa., and Walter Muller, 125 
N. Jefferson, Peoria 2, 111.; Sec., Wesley 
O. Clark, 1405 Knott Bldg., Dayton 2, 
O.; Treas., Harry R. Blanset, 2916 Bed- 
ford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Women's Society of World Service: 1412 
Knott Bldg., Dayton 2, O.; Pres., Mrs. 
Irma Kidd; Vice-Pres., Mrs. James 
Housare; Sec., Mrs. Carl Eschbach; 
Treas., Mrs. F. E. Wendland. 

Commission on Church Federation and 
Union: Pres., Bislwp G. E. Epp; Sec., 
Bishop F. L. Dennis. 

Commission on Ministerial Training: 
Chmn., Bishop F. L. Dennis; Sec., J. 
Arthur Heck. 


The Telescope-Messenger (w), Evangelical 
Press, Harrisburg, Pa., J. W. Krecker, 
Ed.; Paul W. Milhouse, Asso. Ed. 

Builders (w), Evangelical Press, Harris- 
burg, Pa., R. M. Veh, Ed. 

Sunday School Publications, Otterbein 
Press, Dayton, Ohio, O. O. Arnold, Ed.; 
H. H. Hazenfield, Assoc. Ed. 

The World Evangel (m), 1412 Knott Bldg., 
Dayton 2, Ohio, Mary McLanachan, Ed. 


Apostolic Christian Church 

This body was formed in America 
by an immigration from various Euro- 
pean nations, from a movement begun 
by Rev. S. H. Froehlich, a Swiss pas- 
tor, whose followers are still found 
in Switzerland and Central Europe. 

Churches: 25. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 25. Total En- 
rollment: 550 (1951). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 40. 

Correspondents: Elder Jacob Meyer, Apos- 
tolic Christian Church (Nazarean), Tre- 
mont, 111., and Elder G. A. Braun, 303 
Scottholm Blvd., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Apostolic Christian Church 
of America 

A body founded about 1847 by Bene- 
dict Weyeneth. It is a holiness body 
with a very informal organization in 
the U. S. 

Churches: 58. Inclusive Membership: 7,669. 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 58. Total En- 
rollment: 5,649. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 163. 

Correspondent: Elder Joe A. Getz, 410 E. 
Jefferson St., Morton, 111. 

Apostolic Faith Mission 

An evangelistic movement with two 
independent centers, one in Portland, 
Ore., and one in Minneapolis, Minn. 
These missions pay special attention to 


salvation, sanctification, baptism of 
Holy Spirit, second coming of Christ, 
and healing. 

Churches: 17 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 2,288 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 13 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 1,005 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 2 (1952). 

Officer: Pastor in charge, Miss Minnie 
Hanson, 2418 8th St., South, Minneapolis 
6, Minn. 


Good Tidings, 2418 8th St., South, Minnea- 
polis 6, Minn., Minnie Hanson, Ed. 

The Christian Congregation 

Original incorporation, March 10, 
1887; revised incorporation, October 29, 
1898. Membership by voluntary appli- 
cation, orderly recognition and accept- 
ance of the New Commandment, John 
13: 34-35, as the standard of fellowship, 
basis of doctrine, rule of conduct, bond 
of Christian union, authority in gov- 
ernment, charter of Christian liberty, 
and the only ensign of relation to one 
another and to God in Christ. Bible 
colportage service is emphasized. Gov- 
ernment is an every-member congre- 
gational council. 

Churches: 95. Inclusive Membership: 10,220. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 142. Total En- 
rollment: 9,460. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 95. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. 

Officer: Correspondent and Pastor General 
Assembly and Congregational Councils, 
O. J. Read, c/o Bible Colportage Service, 
Augusta, Tex. 


Christian Indicator Quarterly Series, Au- 
gusta, Tex. 

Church of Daniel's Band 

A body, Methodistic in form and 
evangelistic in spirit, organized in 
Michigan in 1893. 

Churches: 4 (1951). Inclusive Membership: 

200 (1951). 
Sunday and Sabbath Schools: 2 (1951). 

Total Enrollment: 100 (1951). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 4 (1951). 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Wesley Hoggard, 
R. F. D. 2, Midland, Mich.; Sec.-Treas., 
Ervin Church, R. F. D. 2, East Bradford 
Rd., Midland, Mich. 

The Church of God (Apostolic) 

A small group organized by Elder 
Thomas J. Cox, at Danville, Ky., in 


Churches: 22. Inclusive Membership: 600. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 20. Total En- 
rollment: 463. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 20. 

General Organization 

Annual Assembly, August. 

General Headquarters: St. Peter's Church 

of God (Apostolic), llth and Hickory 

Sts., Winston Salem, N. C. 
Officers: General Overseer, Bishop E. N. 

Neal, 817 24& St., Winston Salem, N. C. 
Churches in five States with State Over- 
Women's National Convention: Pres., Elder 

E. L. Henderson, 114 Meadows St., 

Beckley, W. Va. 
Young People's Dept. (A.Y.P.U.): Pres., 

Mrs. Rosetta Whitehurst; Sec., Miss 

Priscilla Taylor, 22 Community St., 

Sumter, S. C. 
Sunday Schools: National Supt., Elder W. 

J. Fitzjerld, Box 256, Tifton, Ga.; Sec., 

Mrs. Rena Neal, 817 24& St., Winston 

Salem, N. C. 
Gen. Sec., Elder D. E. Smith, 125 Meadows 

St., Beckley, W. Va. 

Church of God As Organized 
By Christ 

A small group of Mennonites which 
withdrew from the Mennonite Breth- 
ren in Christ in 1886. 

Churches: 14 (1938). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 2,192 (1938). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1 (1936). To- 
tal Enrollment: 22 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Officers: no information available. 

Metropolitan Church Association 

This body was organized in a revival 
movement in Chicago in 1894. It is a 
faith organization with a common 
treasury. It is sometimes called the 
"Burning Bush." 

Churches: 25. Inclusive Membership: 435. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 23. Total En- 
rollment: 921. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 25. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. Headquarters: 

200 S. Grand Ave., Waukesha, Wis. 
Officers: Pres., Rev. C. T. Hollingsworth. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. A. L. Boebel. 
Sec.-Treas., Rev. Murdo MacKay. 


The Burning Bush (w), Waukesha, Wis., 
Rev. C. T. Hollingsworth, Ed. 

Missionary Bands of the World, Inc. 

Organized in 1885 by Rev. V. A. 
Dake; became an independent organi- 
zation in 1892 and continues until this 
day with the purpose in mind to con- 
serve the talents of all people for the 
cause of God and souls. 



Churches: 11. Inclusive Membership: 236. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 11. Total En- 
rollment: 673. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 11. 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. Headquarters: 101 N. 
Alton Ave., Indianapolis 22, Ind. 

Officers: Pres., Herman S. Bolinger, Jr., 
63 N. Alton Ave., Indianapolis 24, Ind. 

1st Vice-Pres., Wm. C. Kennedy, 501 Ed- 
wards St., West Terre Haute, Ind. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Cozzie M. Jones, 252 
Mapleton St., Columbus, Ind. 

Sec.-Treas., A. R. Hornback, 2942 S. 
Fleming St., Indianapolis 21, Ind. 

Miss. Sec., Adah Fiddler, 101 N. Alton 
Ave., Indianapolis 24, Ind. 


"The Herald of Light and Zion's Watch- 
man" (m), 101 N. Alton Ave., Indian- 
apolis 22, Ind., Ruth Green, Ed. 

Missionary Church Association 

This body was organized in 1898 at 
Berne, Ind., for establishing churches 
for missionary purposes and for deep- 
ening the spiritual life. 

Churches: 95. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 95. Total En- 
rollment: 15,622. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 95. 

General Organization 
General Conference, annual. 
Headquarters: 3901 S. Wayne Ave., Fort 

Wayne 6, Ind. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. J. F. Gerig. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. W. H. Lugibihl. 
Sec., Rev. C. H. Eicher. 
Asst. Sec., Rev. H. L. Mitchell. 
For. Sec., Rev. C. I. Birkey. 
Treas., S. S. Gerig 


The Missionary Worker (s-m), 3901 S. 
Wayne Ave., Fort Wayne 6, Ind., Rev. 
Harvey Mitchell, Ed. 

Pillar of Fire 

This is a holiness, Methodistic group, 
organized by Mrs. Alma White in 1901 
under the name Pentecostal Union. 
The name was changed in 1917, as 

Churches: 61 (1948). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 5,100 (1948). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 42 (1949). 
Total Enrollment: 1,480 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Headquarters: Zarephath, N. J. 

Western Headquarters: 1845 Champa St., 

Denver 2, Colo. 

Officers: Pres., Bishop Arthur K. White. 
Vice-Pres. and Asst. Supt., Kathleen M. 

Treas.. Edith N. Stiffler. 

Pillar of Fire (w), Zarephath, N. J. 

Rocky Mountain PiUar of Fire (s-m), Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Occidental Pillar of Fire (m), Los Angeles, 

Woman's Chains (m), Zarephath, N. J. 

Pillar of Fire Junior (w), Zarephath, N. J. 

Pillar of Fire Bay Chronicle (m), San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Pillar of Fire Church Evangel (m), Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Pillar of Fire Midwest Evangel (m), Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Dry Legion (m), Denver, Colo. 

Arthur K. White, Editor of all periodicals 
listed above. 

Federated Churches 

Churches: 508 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 88,411 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 484 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 69,628 (1936). 

No other information available. 

Fire Baptized Holiness Church 

Organized, 1898, in Atlanta, Ga., as 
a Holiness Association. 

Churches: 300 (1940). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 6,000 (1940). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 42 (1949). 
Total Enrollment: 2,098 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

General Council, annual. Headquarters: 
556 Houston St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Officers: Bishop W. E. Fuller. 

Gen. Sec., Rev. E. Y. Bowman. 


True Witness (m), Atlanta, Ga. 

The Fire Baptized Holiness Church 

This church came into being about 
1890 as the result of definite preach- 
ing on the doctrine of holiness in the 
Methodist churches in southeastern 
Kansas. It became known as The 
Southeast Kansas Fire Baptized Holi- 
ness Association, which name in 1945 
was changed to The Fire Baptized 
Holiness Church. It is entirely Wes- 
leyan in doctrine, episcopal in church 
organization and intensive in evan- 
gelistic zeal. 

Churches: 52. Inclusive Membership: 975. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 52. Total En- 
rollment: no data. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 50. 

General Organization 

Headquarters: Independence, Kansas. 
Officers: Gen. Supt., Levi Burkhart, 602 
Park St., Cherryvale, Kan. 


Asst, Gen. Supt, H, G. Willoughby, Sar- 
coxie, Mo. 

Gen. Sec., Eldie L. Smith, Box 197, Bell- 
flower, Mo. 

Gen. Treas., Claude Dodson, Independence. 


The Flaming Sword (s-m), Independence, 

Free Christian Zion Church of Christ 

Organized, 1905, at Redemption, 
Ark., by a company of Negro ministers 
associated with various denominations, 
with polity in general accord with 
that of Methodist bodies. 

Churches: 734 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 18,975 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 734 (1952). 
Total Enrollment: 11,174 (1951). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 624 (1952). 

General Organization. 

General Assembly, annual. Headquarters: 
Nashville, Ark. 

Officers: Chief Pastors, Rev. W. M. Ben- 
son, Nashville, Ark., and Rev. Willie 
Benson, Jr., Houston, Texas. 

Sec. Gen. Bd., Edna E. Benson, 1315 
Hutchinson St., Nashville, Ark. 

Zion Board: Pres., Sister Rosetta Dicker- 
son, Douglassville, Texas; Sec., Jannett 
Turner; Treas., Delia Brooks, Tie Plant, 

Church Extension: Pres., Rev. James Giles, 
Hot Springs, Ark.; Treas., Rev. W. L. 
Land, Nashville, Ark.; Gen. Supt., Rev. 
Dean Buchette, Pine Bluff, Ark. 


Zion Trumpet (m), Texarkana, Tex., Rev. 
W. L. Lockett, Ed. 


Central Yearly Meeting of Friends 

Evangelical and fundamental in doc- 
trine. Churches in Indiana, Arkansas, 
and Michigan, with beginnings in Ohio. 
Missionary Work in Bolivia, South 

Churches: 10. Inclusive Membership: 551. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 10. Total En- 
rollment: 513. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 8. 
Yearly Meeting Headquarters, Kokomo, 

Officers: Pres. Clk., J. Edwin Newby, 1137 

S. Calumet St., Kokomo, Ind. 
Rec. Clk., Hazel Burton, 1102 West First 

St., Anderson, Ind. 
Statistician, Ann Etsler, R. 2, Alexandria, 

Treas., Leora Meshberger, 1317 West 4th 

St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Time Chmn., Donald E. Cassady, 925 E. 

Hofifer St., Kokomo, Ind. 


The Five Years Meeting 
of Friends 

The Five Years Meeting of Friends 
was formed in 1902 by eleven Yearly 
Meetings entering into a loose confed- 
eration. Since that time two of the 
original Yearly Meetings have with- 
drawn (Kansas and Oregon), and two 
American Yearly Meetings and three 
Yearly Meetings outside the United 
States have joined. The Five Years 
Meeting now consists of fourteen 
Yearly Meetings: Baltimore, Califor- 
nia, Canada, Cuba, East Africa, In- 
diana, Iowa, Jamaica, Nebraska, New 
England, New York, North Carolina, 
Western (Indiana) and Wilmington 

Churches: 499. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 428. Total En- 
rollment: 27,476. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 371. 

General Organization 
Five Years Meeting quinquennial. (Next 

Meeting, October, 1955.) 
Officers: Presiding Clerk, Norval E. Webb, 

25 South 15th, Eichmond, Ind. 
Treas., Edwin G. Crawford, 2nd National 

Bank, Richmond, Ind. 
Chmn., Exec. Council, Sumner A. Mills, 

R.R. 3, Box 847 P, Indianapolis 21, Ind. 
Gen. Sec., Errol T. Elliott, 101 Quaker Hill 

Drive, Richmond, Ind. 

Departments of the Five Years Meeting 

American Friends Board of Missions: 
Adm. Sec., Charles A. Lampman, 101 
Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond, Ind. 

Board on Christian Education: Sec. and 
Ed., Leonard R. Hall, 101 Quaker Hill 
Drive, Richmond, Ind.; (Youth), C. 
Wayne Carter; (Children), Olaf Hanson, 

Board on Education: Chmn., Clyde Milner, 
Guilford College, N. C. 

Board on Evangelism, Stewardship, and 
Ministerial Training: Sec., R. Ernest 
Lamb, 101 Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond, 

Board on Peace and Social Concerns: 
Sec., Wm. Merton Scott, 101 Quaker Hill 
Drive, Richmond, Ind. 

Friends Book and Supply House (under 
Publication Board): Mgr., Richard Ken- 
dall, 101 Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond, 


The American Friend (bi-w), Richmond, 
Ind., Errol T. Elliott, Ed. (official). 

Friends Missionary Advocate (m), Annice 
Carter, Ed,, Russiaville, Ind. 

Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends 
Church (Independent) 

Central Office: Damascus, Ohio. 
Churches: 84. Inclusive Membership: 6,275. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 84. Total En- 
rollment: 10,250. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 82. 


Officer; Clk., O. D. Lovell, 3201 Euclid 
Ave M Cleveland 15, Ohio. 

Oregon Yearly Meeting of Friends 

Churches: 56. Inclusive Membership: 4,922. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 56. Total En- 
rollment: 6,212. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 56. 
Officer: Clk., Dorwin E. Smith, Star, Idaho. 

Pacific Yearly Meeting 
of Friends 

Established 1947, at Palo Alto, Calif. 

Churches: 24. Inclusive Membership: 1,108. 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 15. Total En- 
rollment: no data. 

Ordained clergy having charges: none. 

Officers: Clk., Ruth Schmoe, 13434 40th 
Ave., N.E., Seattle 55, Wash. 

Sec., Frances Woodson, 2597 Redondo Ave., 
Long Beach 6, Calif. 


Friends Bulletin (ten issues yearly), 2814 
N.E. 27th Ave., Portland 12, Oregon, 
Esther Carter Richards, Ed. 

Religious Society of Friends 

In 1845 and 1854, under the leadership 
of John Wilbur, separations from the 
main body of Friends occurred. The 
motive for the separations was a desire 
to maintain the primitive teachings 
of the Friends. There are Five Yearly 
Meetings in this group, four in the 
U. S., each being independent of the 

Churches: 24. Inclusive Membership: 1,931. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 10. Total En- 
rollment: 299. 
Ordained clergy having charges: None. 

Yearly Meetings 
Iowa: Clk., John P. Williams, Springville, 

North. Carolina: Clk., David H. Brown, 

Woodland, N. C. 
Ohio (Barnesville): Clk., Louis J. Kirk, 

R.R. 2, Columbiana, Ohio. 
Western: Clk., Albert Maxwell, R. R. 1, 

Plainfield, Ind. 
Canada: Clk., Bertha Pollard, Norwich, 

Ont., Canada. 

Religious Society of Friends 
(General Conference) 

An association of Baltimore, Genesee, 
Illinois, Indiana, New York, and Phil- 
adelphia Yearly Meetings and Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Monthly Meeting. Formed 
in 1900 to further these Meetings' con- 
cern for the advancement of Quaker- 
ism, for religious education, and for 

implementing Quaker social testi- 

Churches: 148 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 20,106 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 127 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 6,469 (1950). 

Ordained clergy having charges: None. 

General Organization 

Friends' General Conference, biennial. 

(Next meeting, 1956.) 
Officers: Chmn., George A. Walton, R. D., 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 
Sec., Linda C. Paton, Fort Washington, 

Treas., George E. Otto, Friendly Acres, 

Newtown, Pa. 
Gen. Sec., Lawrence McK. Miller, Jr., 

1515 Cherry St., Philadelphia 2, Pa. 


Friends Journal (w), Philadelphia 2, 
Pa., William Hubben, Ed. 

Religious Education Bulletin (q), Phila- 
delphia 2, Pa., Marguerite Hallowell, Ed. 

Religious Society of Friends 
Kansas Yearly Meeting 

Churches: 85 (1952). Inclusive Membership: 
8,103 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 84 (1947). 
Total Enrollment: 6,447 (1947). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Officers: Pres. Clk., Gurney T. Hadley, 
Coldwater, Kan. 

Gen. Supt., Rev. Merle A. Roe, 1800 Uni- 
versity Ave., Wichita 12, Kansas. 

Religious Society of Friends of 
Philadelphia and Vicinity* 

Churches: 51. Inclusive Membership: 6,859. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 39 (1951). 

Total Enrollment: 2,241 (1951). 
Ordained clergy having charges: None. 

General Organization 

Yearly Meeting, annual. Headquarters: 
304 Arch St., Phila. 6, Pa. 

Representative Meeting six stated ses- 
sions a year. 

Officers: Clerks, James F. Walker, R. D. 2, 
Media, Pa., Elizabeth Yarnall, 429 Roum- 
fort Road, Philadelphia 19, Pa, 

Sec., Howard G. Taylor, Jr., 304 Arch St., 
Phila. 6, Pa. 

Treas., Horace M. Burton, 601 Commercial 
Trust Bldg., Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

Clerk of Rep. Mtg., J. Russell Edgerton. 

Other Organizations 

Committee on Church Unity: Chmn., J. 

Bernard Haviland, Westtown, Pa. 
Committee on Education (Joint with Race 

* While this edition of the Yearbook 
was in press, the Religious Society of 
Friends of Philadelphia and Vicinity 
(Arch Street Yearly Meeting) merged with 
the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the 
Religious Society of Friends (Race Street), 
to become the Philadelphia Yearly Meet- 
ing of the Religious Society of Friends. 



Street Yearly Meeting): Chmn., Robert 
W. Cope, Schwenkville, Pa. 

Friends Fiduciary Corporation: Pres., Ed- 
ward R. Moon, 31 Penarth Road, Bala- 
Cynwyd, Pa. 

Indian Committee (Joint with Race Street 
Yearly Meeting) : Chmn., Sarah M. Stab- 
ler, Wallingford, Pa. 

Committee on Family Relationships (Joint 
with Race Street Yearly Meeting): 
Chmn., Dr. Lovett Dewees, Sweetwater 
Farm, Glen Mills, Pa. 

Japan Committee (Joint with Race Street 
Yearly Meeting): Chmn., William W. 
Cadbury, 304 Arch St., Philadelphia 6, 

Peace Committee (Joint with Race Street 
Yearly Meeting): Chmn., Norman Class, 
1520 Race St., Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

Planning Committee for Philadelphia 
General Meeting (Joint with Race St. 
Yearly Meeting): Chmn., Edward M. 
Jones, 1515 Cherry St., Philadelphia 2, 

Committee on Race Relations (Joint with 
Race Street Yearly Meeting): Chmn., 
Florine Miller, 20 S. 12th St., Phila- 
delphia 7, Pa. 

Committee on Religious Education: Chmn., 
Dorcas E. Ensor, 1515 Cherry St., Phila- 
delphia 2, Pa. 

Committee on Religious Life of Our So- 
ciety (Joint with Race Street Yearly 
Meeting): Chmn., Douglas V. Steere, 
739 College Avenue, Haverford, Pa. 

Social Order Committee (Joint with Race 
Street Yearly Meeting): Chmn., Ber- 
nard G. Waring, 1515 Cherry Street, 
Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

Temperance Committee (Joint with Race 
Street Yearly Meeting): Chmn., Donald 
G. Baker, 8th Avenue, Collegeville, Pa. 

Committee in Charge of Westtown School: 
Chmn., Richard M. Sutton, Haverford 
College, Haverford, Pa. 

Young Friends Movement (Represents 
Race and Arch Streets Yearly Meetings) : 
Chmn., Paul Lacey, 1515 Cherry Street, 
Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

The Holiness Church of God, Inc. 

Established at Madison, N. C, in 
1920; incorporated in 1928. 

Churches: 25 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

535 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 21 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 601 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 25 (1953). 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. Headquarters: 
Winston Salem, N. C. 

Officers: Pres. Bishop, B. McKenney, Gra- 
ham, N. C. 

Vice-Bishop, S. M. Caeser, 806 W. 25th St., 
Winston Salem, N. C. 

Overseer, So. Dist., T. W. Fuller, South- 
ern Pines, N. C. 

Gen. Sec., Mrs. Ollie Adams, 1500 Locust 
Ave., Winston Salem 4, N. C. 

Asst. Sec., Mrs. L. M. Gilmore, 538 Guth- 
rey St., FayetteviUe, N. C. 

House of David 

Organized at Benton Harbor, Mich., 
1903 by Benjamin Purnell. 
Churches: 1. Inclusive Membership: 150. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: none. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 12. 

General Organization 

Meets monthly. Headquarters: Box 477, 
Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Officers: Pres., James Moore, Benton Har- 
bor, Mich. 

Treas., John Bulley, Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Sec., Edmund Bulley, P. O. Box 477, East 
Britain Ave., Benton Harbor, Mich. 


Shiloh's Messenger of Wisdom (m), Ben- 
ton Harbor, Mich., Charles Jeffrey, Ed. 

Independent Churches 

Churches: 384 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 40,276 (1936). 
No other information available. 

Independent Fundamental Churches 

of America 

Organized 1930, at Cicero, HI., by 
representatives of various independent 

Churches: 650 (1946). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 65,000 (1946). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no report 
Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Executive Officers 

Pres., Dr. J. Ellwood Evans, 9910 El 
Patio Drive, Dallas, Texas. 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Nye J. Langmade, 542 S. 
Dearborn St., Chicago 5, 111. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Ezra Gerig, P. O. Box 
2266, Portland, Oregon. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Roger J. Andrus, 
3964 Washington Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

Rec. Sec., Rev. Joseph Hanscom, 2017 S. 
21st Ave., Maywood, HI. 

Treas., Rev. M. M. Seguine, 542 S. Dear- 
born St., Chicago 5, HI. 


The Voice (m), 542 S. Dearborn St., 
Chicago 5, HI., Melvin Seguine, Ed, 

Independent Negro Churches 

Churches: 50 (1936). Inclusive Membership: 

12,337 (1936). 
No other information available. 

International Church of the 
Foursquare Gospel 

An evangelistic missionary body or- 
ganized by Semple McPherson 



in 1927. The parent church is Angelus 
Temple in Los Angeles, organized in 
1923, with branch churches in the 
United States and mission stations and 
meeting places in foreign countries. 

Churches: 604. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 619. Total 

Enrollment: 62,735. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 604. 

General Organization 

International Foursquare Convention, an- 

Headquarters: Angelus Temple, 1100 Glen- 
dale Blvd., Los Angeles 26, Cal, 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Rolf K. McPherson. 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Howard P. Courtney. 

Gen. Supervisor, Rev. Howard P. Courtney. 

Sec., Rev. Herman D. Mitzner. 

Dir. of Foreign Missions, Rev. Herman D. 

International Board: Rev. Rolf K. Mc- 
Pherson, Rev. Howard P. Courtney, Rev. 
Herman D. Mitzner, Rev. Clarence Hall, 
and Rev. B. A. McKeown. 

District Supervisors: 
Eastern, Rev. Warren L. Koon. 
Great Lakes, Rev. Vincent R. Bird. 
Midwest, Rev. Fred D. Beard. 
Northwest, Rev. Roy H. Mourer. 
South Central, Rev. Charles R. Gaines. 
Southeast, Rev. A. B. Teffeteller, Jr. 
Southern California, Rev. Earl W. Dor- 

Southwest, Rev. N. M. Van Cleave. 
Western, Rev. Frank A. Cummings. 

Missionary Cabinet: Comprised of Board 
of Directors, District Supervisors, Rev. 
Harold Chalfant, Rev. Harold W. Jef- 
feries, Rev. Karl Williams, Rev. Isabelle 
Helmle, and Rev. Lester Vollmer, 

Olher Organization 

International Department of Youth and 
Christian Education: International Di- 
rector of Youth and Christian Education, 
Rev. Harold G. Chalfant; National Di- 
rector of Foursquare Crusaders, Rev. 
Lester Vollmer; National Director of 
Sunday Schools, Rev. Isabelle Helmle. 


(All published at 1100 Glendale Blvd., 
Los Angeles 26, Calif.) 

The Foursquare Magazine (m), Rev. Ray- 
mond Becker, Ed. 

The Foursquare Missionary (m), Rev. 
Herman D. Mitzner, Ed. 

Carry-On (a), Student Council, Ed. 

Crusading (q), Rev. Harold G. Chalfant, 

Contact (m), Rev. Harold G. Chalfant, Ed. 

Crusader Life (bi-m), Rev. Harold G. 
Chalfant, Ed. 

Cadet Manual (q), Rev. Harold G. Chal- 
fant, Ed. 


Christian Church of North America 

Incorporated 1948 in Pittsburgh, Pa.; 
earlier the body was known as Italian 

Christian Churches, Unorganized. The 
first General Council was conducted in 
1927 in the city of Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Churches: 180: Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 130. Total 

Enrollment: no data. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 145. 

General Organization 

General Council, meets annually. 
Headquarters: 211 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh 

6, Pa. 
Officers: Gen. Supt., Rev. Frank Fortunato, 

4337 Bleigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gen. Overseers: Rev. Michael Palma, 304 

Darrow Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.; Rev. 

Frank Maruso, Trenton, N. J.; Rev. 

Mario Bongiorno, 1268 Lennon Way, 

San Jose, Calif.; Rev. Carmine Saginario, 

1163 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Rev. 

Olympus Angelelli, Miami, Florida. 
Missionary Board: Sec.-Treas., Rev. 

Richard L. Corsini, 6624 Lyric St., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Alfred Palma, 724 20th St., 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Foreign Field Rep., Rev. Eugene Palma, 

Naples, Italy. 
Youth Dept.: Youth Adviser, Rev. Carmine 

Saginario, 1163 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 


II Faro (The Lighthouse) (m), 3320 Rasp- 
berry St., Erie, Pa., Frank A. Cam- 
panella, Ed. 

Jehovah's witnesses 

"Jehovah's witnesses adhere to the 
oldest religion on earth, the worship 
of Almighty God revealed in his Bible 
as Jehovah. From man's beginning 
there have been at all times some of 
Jehovah's witnesses on earth, adher- 
ing to the Bible principle of separate- 
ness from all parts of the world organi- 
zation of men. In modern times Je- 
hovah's witnesses are primitive Chris- 
tians, recognizing and teaching the 
Bible as God's word of truth, believ- 
ing it and following its commandments, 
which accounts for their consistent 
neutrality toward any nationalistic in- 
terests. They use the Watch Tower 
Bible and Tract Society, Watchtower 
Bible and Tract Society, Inc., Inter- 
national Bible Students Association, 
and other corporations in their earth- 
wide preaching activity, and preach to 
all regardless of denomination. To be 
one of Jehovah's witnesses one must 
make an unconditional individual 
dedication to do the will of Almighty 
God and then must proceed faithfully 
to obey the commandments of God 
and Christ as expressed in the Bible, 


which course of action is the worship 
of God and is true religion. 

"Therefore, all of Jehovah's witnesses 
are ministers of the gospel and have 
no human leader. Their Yearbook 
shows them active during 1954 in 159 
countries of the earth, where there 
are approximately 580,000 such minis- 
ters preaching, teaching the people of 
all nations that God's word is true and 
that their only hope is in the Kingdom 
of Jehovah under Christ Jesus which 
has been established to rule over earth 
and which will replace all govern- 
ments of man. There are now 3,350 
congregations in continental United 
States, and worldwide 14,531 congre- 
gations." (From a statement by the 
President to the Editor of the Year- 
Statistics beyond the above not furnished. 

General Organization 
Headquarters: 124 Columbia Heights, 

Brooklyn 1, N. Y. 
Officer: Pres., Nathan H. Knorr. 

Jewish Congregations 

Jews arrived in the colonies before 
1650. The first congregation is recorded 
in 1654, in New York City, the Shearith 
Israel (Remnant of Israel). 

Congregations: 4,079. Inclusive Member- 
ship: 5,500,000. 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,840. Total 
Enrollment: 412,818. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 2,902. 

Congregational and Rabbinical 

Union of American Hebrew Congrega- 
tions: 838 Fifth Ave., New York 21, N. Y. 
Pres., Maurice N. Eisendrath; Adm. 
Sec., Louis I. Egelson. 

United Synagogue of America: 3080 
Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. Pres., 
Charles Rosengarten; Exec. Dir., Bernard 

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations 
of America: 305 Broadway, New York 7, 
N. Y. Pres., Moses Feuerstein; Sec., 
Joseph Schlang. 

Central Conference of American Rabbis: 
40 West 68th St., New York, N. Y. Adm. 
Sec., Sidney L. Regner. 

Rabbinical Alliance of America: 141 So. 
3rd St., Brooklyn 11, N. Y. Pres., Ralph 
Pelcovitz; Dir., Chaim U. Lipschitz. 

Rabbinical Assembly of America: 3080 
Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. Pres., 
Harry Halpern; Exec. Sec., Wolfe Kel- 

Rabbinical Council of America, Inc.: 331 
Madison Ave., New York 17, N. Y. Pres. 
David B. Hollander; Exec. Sec., Israel 

Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United 
States and Canada: 132 Nassau St., New 
York 38, N. Y. Chmn., Israel Rosenberg; 
Exec. Dir., Meyer Cohen. 


Synagogue Council of America: 110 W. 
42nd St., New York 36, N. Y. Pres., Abra- 
ham J. Feldman; Exec. Dir., Marc H. 
Tanenbaum. Represents all of the or- 
ganizations listed above. 

Educational and Social Service 

American Jewish Committee: 386 Fourth 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Pres., Irving 
M. Engel; Exec. Vice-Pres., John Slaw- 

American Jewish Congress: 15 East 84th 
St., New York 28, N. Y. Pres., Israel 
Goldstein; Exec. Dir., David Petegorsky. 

American Jewish Historical Society: 3080 
Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. Pres., 
Salo W. Baron; Librarian, Isidore S. 

American Jewish Joint Distribution Com- 
mittee, Inc.: 270 Madison Ave., New 
York 16, N. Y. Chmn., Edward M. M. 
Warburg; Exec. Vice-Chmn. and Sec., 
Moses A. Leavitt. 

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith: 
212 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y. 
Nat. Chmn., Henry E. Schultz; Nat. Dir., 
Benjamin R. Epstein. 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, Inc.: 165 
W. 46th St., New York 19, N. Y. Chmn., 
Natl Hillel Commission, Abram L. 
Sachar. Nat. Dir., Arthur J. Lelyveld. 

Council of Jewish Federations and Wel- 
fare Funds, Inc.: 165 W. 46th Street, New 
York 19, N. Y. Pres., Julian Freeman; 
Exec. Dir., H. L. Lurie. 

Hadassah-Women's Zionist Organization 
of America: 1819 Broadway, New York 
19, N. Y. Pres., Mrs. Herman Shulman; 
Sec., Hannah L. Goldberg. 

Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid 
Society: 425 Lafayette St., New York 
3, N. Y. Pres., Ben Touster; Exec. Dir., 
Arthur T. Jacobs. 

Jewish Agricultural Society, Inc.: 386 4th 
Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. Pres., 
Maurice L. Stone; Gen. Mgr., Theodore 

Jewish Labor Committee: 175 E. Broad- 
way, New York 2, N. Y. Chmn., Adolph 
Held; Exec. Sec., Jacob Pat. 

Jewish Publication Society of America: 
222 N. 15th St., Philadelphia 2, Pa. Pres., 
Louis E. Levinthal; Exec. Sec., Lesser 

Jewish War Veterans of the United States 
of America, Inc.: 1712 New Hampshire 
Ave., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. Comdr., 
Joseph F. Barr; Exec. Dir., Ben Kauf- 

National Council of Jewish Women: 1 W. 
47th St., New York 19, N. Y. Pres., Mrs. 
Irving M. Engel; Exec. Dir., Mrs. Elsie 

National Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs 
of the United Synagogue of America: 
3080 Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. 
Pres., Albert H. Jacobson; Sec., Joseph 
L. Blum. 

National Federation of Temple Brother- 
hoods: 838 Fifth Ave., New York 21, 
N. Y. Pres., Harold W. Dubinsky; Exec. 
Dir., Sylvan Lebow. 

National Federation of Temple Sister- 
hoods: 838 Fifth Ave., New York 21, 
N. Y. Pres., Mrs. Hugo Dalsheimer; 
Exec. Dir., Jane Evans. 

National Jewish Welfare Board: 145 E. 
32nd St., New York 16, N. Y. Pres., 



Irving Edison; Exec. Dir., S. D. Gersho- 

National Women's League of United Syna- 
gogue of America: 3080 Broadway, New 
York 27, N. Y. Pres., Mrs. Emanuel 
Siner; Exec. Sec,, Naomi Flax. 

United Service for New Americans, Inc.: 
15 Park Row, New York 7, N. Y. Pres., 
Walter H. Bieringer; Exec. Dir., Arthur 

United Jewish Appeal: 165 W. 46th St., 
New York 19, N. Y. Gen. Chmn., Ed- 
ward M. M. Warburg; Exec. Vice-Chmn,, 
Joseph J. Schwartz. 

United Israel Appeal: 41 E. 42nd St., 
New York 17, N. Y. Nat. Chmn., Ru- 
dolph G. Sonneborn; Exec. Dir., Ellis 

Women's Branch of the Union of Orthodox 
Jewish Congregations: 305 Broadway, 
New York 7, N. Y. Pres., Mrs. Wyman 
Berenson; Exec. Sec., Mrs. Rubin Lang- 

Zionist Organization of America: 41 E. 
42nd St., New York 17, N. Y. Pres., 
Irving Miller; Sec. and Exec. Dir., Sid- 
ney Marks. 


Orthodox Jewish Life (bi-m), 305 Broad- 
way, New York 7, N. Y., Saul Bern- 
stein, Ed. 
Synagogue Light (m), 12 Dutch St., New 

York 7, N. Y., Joseph Hagar, Ed. 

Reconstructionist (bi-w), 15 W. 86th St., 
New York 24, N. Y., Eugene Kohn, Ed. 

American Judiasm (q), 838 Fifth Ave., 

New York 21, N. Y., Samuel Silver, Ed. 

The Jewish Teacher (q), 838 Fifth Ave., 

New York 21, N. Y., Emanuel Gamo- 

ran, Ed. 

Kodesh Church of Immanuel 

Founded 1929 by Rev. Frank Russell 
Killingsworth, from among a group 
withdrawing from the African Meth- 
odist Episcopal Zion Church, and 

Churches: 9 (1936). Inclusive Membership: 
562 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 12 (1950). 
Total Enrollment: 1,515 (1950). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

General Assembly or Quadrennial As- 
sembly. Also Annual Assembly. 

Officers: Supervising Elders, Kev, F. E. 
Killingsworth, 1509 S St., N.W., Wash- 
ington, D. C., Rev. J. W. Harty, 24 Buf- 
fington Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Other Organizations 

Church Extension Board: Chmn., Rev. L. 

C. Braxton, Washington, D. C.; ex oflftcio, 

Rev. J. W. Harty, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mrs. 

Leta A. Ashley; Mrs. Hattie E. Friday. 
Home and Foreign Missions Board: Chmn., 

Mrs. Florence S, Woodruff; Rev. C. L. 

Jefferson, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mrs. Emma 

Ely, Portsmouth, Va.; Mrs. Laura Freer, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Kev. F. R. Killings- 
worth, ex officio. 

Young People's Societies: Gen. Pres., Miss 
Letitia O. Jones, Washington, D. C. 

Sunday Schools: Gen. Supt., Mrs. Theo. 
W. Stark, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Church of Christ, Temple Lot 

Organized 1830, at Fayette, N. Y., 
among followers of Joseph Smith; in 
1831 Independence, Mo., was designated 
as headquarters. 

Churches: 25 (1951). Inclusive Membership: 
2,275 (1951). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 10 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 319 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 
Temple Lot, Independence, Mo. 

Officers: Sec. of the Council of Twelve 
Apostles, Apostle Arthur M. Smith, Ava, 

Gen. Bus. Mgr., Bishop N. F. Denham, 810 
S. Liberty, Independence, Mo. 

General Church Recorder: Elder James M. 
Case, 1106 E. Gudgell Ave., Independ- 
ence, Mo. 


Zion's Advocate, 11427 E. 16th St., Inde- 
pendence, Mo., Wm. A. Sheldon, Ed. 

The Church of Jesus Christ 

Organized, 1862, at Green Oak, Pa,, 
by William Bickerton, who obeyed the 
Restored Gospel under Sidney Rig- 
don's following in 1845. 

Churches: 36. Inclusive Membership: 2,072. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 34. Total En- 
rollment: 1,294. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 36. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 

P. O. Box 72, Sixth & Lincoln Sts., 

Monongahela, Pa. 
Officers: Pres., W. H. Cadman, 519 Finley 

St., Monongahela, Pa. 
First Counselor, Charles Ashton, R. D. 2, 

Clairton, Pa. 
Second Counselor, Thurman S. Furnier, 

22410 Beechwood Ave., E. Detroit, Mich. 
Rec. Sec., Gorie Ciaravino, 9591 Dixie, 

Detroit 39, Mich. 


The Gospel News (m), 519 Finley St., 
Monongahela, Pa., W. H. Cadman, Ed. 

Church of Jesus Christ (Cutlerites) 

Organized in 1853 by Alpheus Cut- 
ler, a follower of Joseph. Smith in 
Fremont County, Iowa. 


Churches: 1 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

16 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: None. 
Ordained clergy having charges: None. 
Headquarters: Clitherall, Minn. 
Officers: Pres., Clyde Fletcher. 
Sec., J. E. Whiting, R. No. 1, Clitherall, 


Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints 

A body in which the Bible, the Book 
of Mormon, the Doctrine and Cove- 
nants and the Pearl of Great Price are 
regarded as the word of God. The 
primitive church organization is estab- 
lished and the same gifts of tongues, 
prophecy, revelation, visions, healings, 
and interpretation of tongues are con- 

Churches: 2,619. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,878. Total 

Enrollment: 1,021,774. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 2,619. 

General Organization 

General Conference sessions, April and 
October, at Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Headquarters: 47 East South Temple St., 
Salt Lake City 1, Utah. 

Officers: Pres., David O. McKay. 

1st Presidency: David O. McKay, Stephen 
L. Richards, and J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 

Council of the 12 Apostles: Joseph Fielding 
Smith, Pres.; Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. 
Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson, Mark E. 
Petersen, Henry D. Moyle, Delbert Leon 
Stapley, Marion G. Romney, LeGrand 
Richards, Adam S. Bennion, Richard L. 
Evans, and George Q. Morris. 

Patriarch to the Church, Eldred G. Smith. 

1st Council of the Seventy: Levi Edgar 
Young, Antoine R. Ivins, Oscar A. Kirk- 
ham, S. Dil worth Young, Milton R. 
Hunter, Bruce R. McConkie, and Marion 
D. Hanks. 

Presiding Bishopric: Joseph L. Wirthlin, 
Thorpe B. Isaacson, and Carl W. Bueh- 

Church Historian and Recorder, Joseph 
Fielding Smith. 

Auxiliary Organizations 

The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints: Gen. Pres., 
Belle Smith Spafford. 

Sunday Schools: Gen. Supt., George R. 

Young Men's Mutual Improvement Asso- 
ciation: Gen. Supt., Elbert R. Curtis. 

Young Women's Mutual Improvement As- 
sociation: Gen. Pres., Bertha S. Reeder. 

Primary Association: Gen. Pres., LaVern 
W. Parmley. 

Genealogical Society of Utah: Pres., Jo- 
seph Fielding Smith. 

Board of Education: Adm., Ernest L. 

Church Welfare Program: Man. Dir., 
Harold B. Lee. 


Desert News (d), Salt Lake City, Utah, 
O. Preston Robinson, Mgr. 


Relief Society Magazine (m), Salt Lake 

City, Utah, Belle Smith Spafford, Ed. 
Improvement Era (m), Salt Lake City, 

Utah, David O. McKay and Richard L. 

Evans, Eds. 
Instructor (m), Salt Lake City, Utah, 

David O. McKay and George R. Hill, 

Children's Friend (m), Salt Lake City, 

Utah, LaVern W. Parmley, Ed. 

Church of Jesus Christ of 

Latter-day Saints 


Begun in 1844 by James J. Strang, 
an associate of Joseph Smith. 

Churches: 6 (1952). Inclusive Membership: 
200 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: No report. 

Ordained clergy having charges: No re- 

Officers: Presiding High Priest, Elder Lloyd 
A. Flanders, Route 2, Longlane, Mo. 

High Priest, Gen. Church Treas., . 

Gen. Church Recorder, Elder Stephen 
West, Rt. 4, Box 128, Burlington, Wise. 

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter Day Saints 

A division among the Latter Day 
Saints (non-Mormon) occurred on the 
death of Joseph Smith in 1844. His 
son, Joseph Smith, became presiding 
officer of this group which has estab- 
lished headquarters at Independence, 

Churches: 764. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 834. Total 

Enrollment: 80,800. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 764. 

General Organization 

Headquarters: The Auditorium, Inde- 
pendence, Mo. 

Officers: Pres., Israel A. Smith, 

Counsellors, F. Henry Edwards, W. Wal- 
lace Smith. 

Pres. of Council of 12 Apostles, Paul M, 

Presiding Bishop, G. L. DeLapp. 

Counsellors, H. L. Livingston, W. N. John- 


Saints' Herald (w), Independence, Mo., 
I. A. Smith, F. Henry Edwards, W. Wal- 
lace Smith, and C. B. Hartshorn, Eds. 

Guide Lines (m), Independence, Mo., C. B. 
Hartshorn and Naomi Russell, Eds. 

Daily Bread (m), Independence, Mo., C. B. 
Hartshorn and Lillie Jennings, Eds. 

Stepping Stones (child, w), Independence, 
Mo., Alice Crosson Bayne, Ed. 

Zion's Hope (little tots' wV, Independ- 
ence, Mo., Lillie Jennings, Ed. 

Liberal Catholic Church 

An independent and autonomous 
body, organized in England in 1916, 



whose bishops derive their orders 
through the Old Catholic Church of 
Holland. It seeks to combine the an- 
cient form of sacramental worship 
with liberality of thought. 

Churches: 9 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

3,500 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 6 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 250 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 9 (1953). 

General Organization 

Headquarters: 2041 N. Argyle Ave., Los 

Angeles 28, Cal. 
Officer: Regionary Bishop, The Most Eev. 

Edward M. Matthews. 

Lithuanian National Catholic 

Organized by Lithuanians in 1914 at 
Scranton, Pa., with the help of Bishop 
Hodur, head of the Polish National 
Catholic Church of America. 

Churches: 3 (1951). Inclusive Membership: 

5,672 (1951). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3 (1951). Total 

Enrollment: 85 (1944). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 3 (1951). 
Headquarters: Oak and Summer St., 

Scranton, Pa. 
Officers: Bishop, Rt. Rev. John Misiaszek; 

Adm.., Very Rev. Michael Valadka. 


American Lutheran Conference 

This Conference was organized in 
1930 and dissolved November 10, 1954. 

Lutheran Synodical Conference 
of North America 

The Synodical Conference was or- 
ganized in 1872 by synods which held 
to the stricter doctrines of the Luth- 
eran Church and to closer adherence to 
the historical confessions. It comprises 
the following bodies: 

(A) The Lutheran Church Missouri 

(B) The Evangelical Lutheran Joint 
Synod of Wisconsin and Other 

(C) The Norwegian Synod of the 
American Evangelical Lutheran 

(D) The Slovak Evangelical Luther- 
an Church 


The Negro Missions, conducted 
jointly by these four bodies. 

Church membership officially re- 
ported appears under each constituent 

General Organization 

Conference, biennial. (Next meeting Aug., 

Officers: Pres., Prof. Walter A. Baepler, 

1500 Concordia Court, Springfield, HI. 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Andrew Daniel, 

Lutheran Haven, Oviedo, Florida. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. K. F. Kraus, 226 W. 

Kilbourn, Lansing 6, Mich. 
3rd Vice-Pres., Rev. George O. Lillegard, 

Bethany College, Mankato, Minn. 
Sec., Prof. M. H. Franzmann, 801 De Mun 

Ave., St. Louis 5, Mo. 
Statistician, Rev. Armin Schroeder, 210 

N. Broadway, St. Louis 2, Mo. 
Trans. Sec., Rev. Martin Piehler, 77 West 

Washington St., Chicago 2, 111. 

Other Organization 

Missionary Board: (Also officers of the 
Board of Trustees). Chmn., Rev. E. L. 
Wilson, 4922 Northland Place, St. Louis, 
Mo.; Sec., Rev. P. Boeder, 9233 Clayton 
Rd., St. Louis, Mo.; Exec. Sec., Rev. 
Karl Kurth, 210 N. Broadway, St. Louis 
2, Mo.; Treas., Charles E. Groerich, 210 
N. Broadway, St. Louis 2, Mo. 

(A) The Lutheran Church 
Missouri Synod 

This body, the largest constituent 
part of the Synodical Conference, was 
organized in 1847, holds to an unwaver- 
ing confessionalism and is the leader 
in the conservative group among the 

Churches: 4,701. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 4,523. Total 

Enrollment: 639,709. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 3,766. 

General Organization 

General Convention, triennial. (Next meet- 
ing, 1956.) 

Headquarters: The Lutheran Bldg., 210 
N. Broadway, St. Louis 2, Mo. 

Officers: Pres., Dr. J. W. Behnken, 210 N- 
Broadway, St. Louis 2, Mo. 

Sec., Dr. M. F. Kretzmann, 312 N. Tennes- 
see St., Danville, Ind. 

Treas., W. H. Schlueter. 

Planning Counselor, Dr. L. Meyer. 

Asst. Treas., Chas. Groerich. 

Sec., Miss., Dr. H. A. Mayer. 

Stat., Rev. Armin Schroeder. 

And., E. R. Streufert. 

Comptroller, Ray C. Rauscher. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Directors: Pres., Sec. and Treas. 
of the Synod, Rev. E. T. Bernthal, 922 
W. Seven Mile Rd., Detroit 3, Mich.; 
Rev. A. H. Oswald, 1512 S. 16th St., 
Milwaukee 4, Wis.*, Dr. O. R. Harms, 
2624 Reagan St., Houston 9, Texas; J. 
W. Boehne, Jr., 1058 National Press 
Bldg., Washington 4, D. C.; E. J. Gall- 
meyer, 1151 msley Drive, Ft. Wayne 6, 
Ind.; Theo. H. Schlake, 111 W. Wash- 


ington St., Chicago 2, 111.; Clarence Am- 
ling, P. O. Box 212, Santa Ana, Calif.; 
Henry Buck, 1701 Bryant Bldg., Kansas 
City 6, Mo. 

Board for Parish Education: Office, 210 N. 
Broadway, St. Louis 2, Mo.; Sec. 
Schools, Dr. A. C. Stellhorn; Ed. S. S. 
Lit., Rev. A. C. Mueller; Exec. Sec., Dr. 
Arthur L. Miller. 

Board for Higher Education: Office, 210 N. 
Broadway, St. Louis 2, Mo. Exec. Sec., 
Rev. Martin J. Neeb. 

Board of World Relief: Chmn., Rev. E. A. 
Nerger, 225 E. Lewis St., Ft. Wayne 2, 

Board for Young People's Work: Chmn., 
Rev. Clarence Peters, 6718 Alexander, 
St. Louis 11, Mo. Student Service Com- 
mission: Office, 77 W, Washington St., 
Chicago 2, HI. Exec. Sec., Dr. R. W. 

Concordia Publishing House: Board of Di- 
rectors: Offices, 3558 S. Jefferson Ave., 
St. Louis 18, Mo. Chmn., R. C. Ober- 
mann; Sec., Rev. Kenneth R. Hoffmann; 
Mgr., O. A. Dorn. 

Lutheran Laymen's League: Offices, 3558 
S. Jefferson Aye., St. Louis 18, Mo. Exec. 
Sec., Paul Friedrick. 

Lutheran Women's Missionary League: 
Pres., Mrs. Arthur Preisinger, 7412 S. 
Michigan Ave., Chicago 19, HI. 

Walther League: Offices, 875 N. Dearborn 
St., Chicago 10, HI. Exec. Sec., Rev. A. 
P. Klausler. 

Board for Missions in North and South 
America: Chmn., Rev. Walter E. Dorre, 
310 W. Cannon, Ft. Worth 4, Texas. 

Board for European Affairs: Chmn., Rev. 
L. T. Buchheimer, Westmoreland St., 
Little Neck, L. I. 63, N. Y. 

Board of Foreign Missions: Exec. Sec., 
Dr. O. H. Schmidt, 210 N. Broadway, St. 
Louis 2, Mo. 

Board of Missions to the Deaf: Chmn., 
Rev. Wm. A. Buege, 3236 34th Ave., S., 
Minneapolis 6, Minn. 

Board of Missions for the Blind: Chmn., 
Rev. Victor M. SeUe, 2811 N. 23rd St., 
Milwaukee 6, Wis. 

Church Extension Board: Mr. W. Kroehnke, 
3953 Roland, St. Louis, Mo. 

Armed Services Commission: Chmn., Dr. 
P. L. Dannenfeldt, 2313 Hanna St., Ft. 
Wayne 5, Ind.; Exec. Sec., Rev. Kenneth 
Ahl, 736 Jackson PI., Washington, D. C. 

Board for Public Relations: Chmn., Rev. 
Adolf F. Meyer, 351 E. 242nd St., Yonkers 
5, N. Y.; Exec. Sec., Rev. O. C. J. Hoff- 
mann, 2112 Broadway, New York 23, 
N. Y. Washington Office, 736 Jackson PI., 
N.W., Washington 6, D. C. 

Board for Support and Pensions: Exec. 
Sec., Rev. Edwin A. Sommer, 210 N. 
Broadway, St. Louis 2, Mo. 


Der Lutheraner (bi-w), St. Louis, Mo., 

Prof. Theo. Hoyer, Ed. 
The Lutheran Witness (bi-w), St. Louis, 

Mo., Prof. Lorenz F. Blankenbuehler, 

Concordia Theological Monthly (m), St. 

Louis, Mo., Ed. Com.., Profs. P. M. Bret- 

scher, R. R. Caemmerer, Th. Hoyer, F. E. 

Lutheran Education (m), River Forest, HI., 

Prof. Herbert H. Gross, Ed. 
Parish Education (monthly, except July 

& August), St. Louis, Mo., A. L. Miller, 



This Day (m), Family Magazine, St. Louis, 
Mo., Rev. Henry Rische, Ed. 

Young World (w), St. Louis, Mo., G. L. 
Wind, Ed. 

The Child's Companion (w), St. Louis, 
Mo., G. L. Wind, Ed. 

The Cross and the Cadaceus (bi-m), Rev. 
Justus P. Kretzmann, Ed. 

Mission Call, Rev. J. E. Herrmann, Ed. 

The Deaf Lutheran (m), Rev. N. P. Uhlig, 

The Lutheran Messenger for the Blind 
(m), Rev. O. C. Schroeder, Ed. 

The Deaf Child's Advocate (bi-m), De- 
troit, Mich., John A. Klein, Ed. 

(B) The Evangelical Lutheran Joint 
Synod of Wisconsin and Other States 

This body, a constituent part of the 
Synodical Conference, was organized 
in Wisconsin in 1850. 

Churches: 886 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 322,947 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 812 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 46,303 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 674 (1953). 

General Organizalion 

Synod, biennial. (Next meeting, 1955.) 

?fe er ^ : Pres " Rev - Oscar J - Naumann, 
727 Margaret St., St. Paul 6, Minn. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Irwin Habeck, 1114 
West Chambers St., Milwaukee 6, Wis. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Karl Krauss, 226 
West Kilborn St., Lansing 6, Mich. 

Sec., Prof. Winfred Schaller, Route No. 4, 
Fond du Lac, Wise. 

Essay Recorder, Prof. R. Fenske, Box 60, 
Mobridge, S. D. 

Statistician, Rev. Hugo Hoenecke, 1707 
Springwells Ave., Detroit 9, Mich. 

Chronicler, Professor R. Hoenecke, Col- 
lege Heights, New Ulm, Minn. 

Railroad Sec., Rev. R. Palmer, 3939 First 
Ave., So. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Trustees: (Term expires 1959): 
Rev. Chr. Albrecht; Julius Kletzke, La- 
Crosse, Wis.; Herman Fennern, James- 
town, N. D.; (Term expires 1957): Rev. 
Norbert Paustian, Sec.; B. H. Barg, 2645 
South 30th St., Milwaukee, Wis.; Walter 
Schroeder, 246 Roosevelt St., Fond du 
Lac, Wis.; (Term expires 1955): Rev. 
Harold Eckert, Exec. Chmn.; Rev. Wal- 
ter Sprengeler; Alfred Westendorf, 
Vice-Chmn., 816 West Woodruff Ave., 
Toledo, Ohio; Rev. O. J. Naumann, ex- 

Board of Support: Southeastern Wis. Dis- 
trict until 1959: Rev. R. Huth, 3214 South 
Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee 7, Wis.; 
Western Wis. District until 1957: Rev. 
G. Krause, Marathon, Wis., Sec.; North- 
ern Wis. District until 1955: Teacher 
Wm. Hellermann, 503 Oak St., Neenah, 
Wis.; Minnesota and the Dakota-Mon- 
tana Districts until 1959: Rev. R. A. 
Kettenacker, Rt. 1, Dakota, Minn.; 
Nebraska and the Pacific Northwest 
Districts until 1957: Rev. H. Spaude, 
Hader, Nebr., Chmn.; Michigan District 
until 1955: Carl Pingel, 122 West Wie- 
land Rd., Lansing 6, Mich. 



Board of Education: Office, Room 206, 

3624 West North Ave., Milwaukee 8 S 

Wis. Exec. Sec., E. Trettin. 
General Mission Board: Chmn., Rev. K. 

A. Gurgel; Sec., Rev. A. L. Mennicke. 
Board for Information and Stewardship: 

Chmn., Rev. E. Hoenecke; Sec., K. F. 

Krauss, Jr., 214 W. Main, Lansing 6, 

Spiritual Welfare Commission: Chmn., 

Rev. E. R. Blakewell. 
Church of the Evangelical Lutheran 

Confession in the Dispersion: Dir. and 

Exec. Sec., Rev. A. Maas; Rev. Harry 

Shiley; Herman Fricke, 1811 North 60th 

St., Milwaukee 8, Wis. 


Ev. Lutheran Gemeindeblatt (bi-w), Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Rev. W. Hoenecke, Ed. 

Theologische Quartelschrift (q), Thiens- 
ville, Wis., Dr. P. Peters, Mg. Ed. 

Northwestern Lutheran (bi-w), Milwaukee, 
Wis., Rev. W. J. Schaefer, Mg. Ed. 

Junior Northwestern (m), 101 N. State 
St., New Ulm, Minn. Editorial Commit- 
tee: Morton A. Schroeder, Roland H. 
Hoenecke, and C. J. Trapp. 

Northwestern Luth. Annual and Gemein- 
deblattkalender, Milwaukee, Wis. 

(C) Norwegian Synod of the 
American Evangelical Lutheran 


This body, a constituent part of the 
Synodical Conference, was organized 
in 1918 out of a minority which ob- 
jected to the union of various Nor- 
wegian groups into the Norwegian 
Lutheran Church (now E.L.C.) in 1917, 

Churches: 73 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 11,625 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 52 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 2,419 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 50 (1953). 

General Organization 

Synod, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Kev. Milton Otto, Lawler, 

Vice-Pres., Rev. J. A. O. Preus, 735 N. 
Freeman, Luverne, Minn. 

Sec., Rev. W. C. Gullixson, Box 826, Park- 
land, Wash. 

Treas., Rev. S. E. Lee, Hawley, Minn. 

Other Organization 

Lutheran Synod Book Co.: Office, Bethany 
Lutheran College, Mankato, Minn. 


Lutheran Sentinel, Lake Mills, Iowa. Rev. 
C. M. GuUerud, Ed., 1004 Plum St., 
Mankato, Minn. 

(D) The Slovak Evangelical 

Lutheran Church 

This body is a constituent part of 
the Synodical Conference. It was or- 
ganized in 1902. 

Churches: 59 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 20,562 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 45 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 4,501 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 47 (1952). 

General Organization 

Synod, biennial. (Next meeting 1957.) 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Paul Rafaj, 25 Hill- 
crest Dr., Olyphant, Pa. 

1st Vice-Pres.-Archivist, Rev. John Bajus, 
934 No. Springfield Ave., Chicago 51, 111. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Jaroslav G. Majoros, 
700 McClure Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Sec., Rev. Stephen M. Tuny, Box 253, 
Slavia, Oviedo, Fla. 

Fin. Sec., John Gavora, Jr., 95 Melrose 
Ave., Irvington 11, N. J. 

Treas., John Fenich, Jr., 53 Chestnut St., 
Yonkers 2, N. Y. 


The Lutheran Beacon (m), 4850 South 
Lake Drive, Cudahy, Wis., Stephen G. 
Mazak, Ed. 

Negro Missions of the 
Lutheran Synodical Conference 

Lutheran missions among Negroes, 
organized in 1877 and conducted by 
the Synodical Conference. 

Churches: 66 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 8,109 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 62 (1953). Total 
Enrollment: 3,894 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 32 (1953). 

General Organization 

Officers: Pres., Dr. W. A. Baepler, 1500 
Concordia Court, Springfield, 111. 

Sec., Prof. M. H. Franzmann, 801 De Mun 
Ave., St. Louis 5, Mo. 

Treas., Russell E. Rolling, 210 N. Broad- 
way, St. Louis 2, Mo. 

Statistician, Rev. Armin Schroeder, 210 
N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. 

Missionary Board 

Chmn., Rev. E. L. Wilson, 8123 Glen Echo 
Drive, Bel-Nor, St. Louis 21, Mo. 

Sec., Rev. Paul Boeder, 9233 Clayton Rd., 
St. Louis 17, Mo. 

Treas., Russell E. Rolling, 210 N. Broad- 
way, St. Louis 2, Mo. 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Karl Kurth, 210 N. Broad- 
way, St. Louis 2, Mo. 


The Missi9nary Lutheran (m), 3821 Lam- 
son, Saginaw, Mich., Rev. R. Pollatz, Ed. 

American Evangelical Lutheran 

This body was organized in 1872 
by missionaries from Denmark under 
the name, Kirkelig Missionsforening. 
In 1894 three thousand members with- 
drew to unite with what is now the 
United Evangelical Lutheran Church, 
but five thousand remained to form 
the body as above. 

Churches: 87. Inclusive Membership: 


Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 75. Total En- 
rollment: 4,824. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 76. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Alfred Jensen, 1232 

Pennsylvania Ave., Des Moines 16 la 
Sec., Rev. Holger O. Nielsen, 1410 Main 

St., Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Treas., Charles Lauritzen, 222 Pollard Ave., 

Dwight, 111. 
Trustees, Erling V. Jensen, 1104 Boyd 

Ave., Des Moines 16, Iowa; Olaf R. Juhl, 

5101 Park Ave., Minneapolis 17, Minn.; 

Holger Rasmussen, Marlette, Mich.; 

August Sorensen, Ringsted, Iowa. 
Ordainer, Rev. Valdemar S. Jensen, 1204 

Boyd Ave., Des Moines 16, Iowa. 

Lutheran Tidings (bi-m), 1336 Morton 

Ave., Des Moines 16, Iowa, Rev. Verner 

Hansen, Ed. 
Child's Friend (w), Askov, Minn., Mrs. 

Viggo Nielsen, Ed. 
Kirke og Folk (m), 8500 Maryland Ave., 

Chicago 19, HI., Paul Wikman, Ed. 

American Lutheran Church 

This Church is a constituent body of 
the American Lutheran Conference. 
It is itself the result of the merger of 
three Lutheran groups in 1930. These 
were the Evangelical Lutheran Joint 
Synod of Ohio and Other States (org. 
1818) , the Evangelical Lutheran Synod 
of Iowa and Other States (org. 1854), 
and the Lutheran Synod of Buffalo 
(org. 1845). 

Churches: 1,896 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 799,790 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,884 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 337,471 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 1,449 

General Organization 

General Convention, biennial. (Next meet- 
ing, 1956.) 

Headquarters: Columbus, O. 

Officers: Pres,, Dr. Henry F. Schuh, 57 
East Main St., Columbus 15, O. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. N. A. Menter, 4835 
Three Mile Dr., Detroit 24, Mich. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Dr. H. W. Siefkes, 184 
Graceline Blvd., Waterloo, Iowa. 

3rd Vice-Pres., Dr. E. G. Fritschel, 4710 
W. 31st Ave., Denver 12, Colo, 

4th Vice-Pres., Alvin Lentz, Beatrice, Nebr. 

5th Vice-Pres., Harley Meyer, Logan, 

Sec., Rev. Paul Moeller, 500 Hickory St., 
Dayton 10, Ohio. 

Dir. Stewardship and Fin., Rev. George S. 
Schultz, Jr., 57 E. Main St., Columbus 
15, Ohio. 

Asst. Dirs. S. & F., Rev. G. P. Krebs, 
318 S. 18th St., Omaha 2, Neb., Rev. 
T. A. Krueger, 57 East Main St., Colum- 
bus 15, O., and Rev. E. Cornils, 57 East 
Main St., Columbus 15, Ohio. 

Boards and Commissions 
Board of Trustees: Chmn., Dr. R. W. 
Miottel, 100 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 26, 


Mich.; Sec., Dr. Theo. G. Klinsick, 1127 
Huron St., Toledo 11, O. 
Board of American Missions: Chmn., Dr. 
Wm. H. Nies, 13500 E. McNichols Rd., 
Detroit 5, Mich.; Exec. Dir., Rev. R. D. 
Lechleitner, 57 E. Main St., Columbus 
15, Ohio; Sec., Rev. Robert Long, 2325 
Sherwood Rd., Columbus 9, Ohio. 
Commission on Home Missions: Chmn., 
Dr. Otto Ebert, 55 E. Main St., Columbus 
15, Ohio; Sec., Dr. H. C. Osterman, 549 
Perrysville Ave., West View, Pittsburgh 
29, Pa. 

Commission on Mexican Missions: Dir., 
Rev. A. H. Koehler, Box 206, San Juan, 

Board of Foreign Missions: Chmn., Dr. 
P. H. Buehring, 758 Francis Ave., Co- 
lumbus 9, Ohio; Sec., Elmer Dornbirer, 
57 E. Main St., Columbus 15, Ohio; Exec. 
Sec., Dr. Theo. P. Fricke, 57 East Main 
St., Columbus 15, Ohio. 

Board of Christian Social Action: Chmn., 
Rev. Theo. Pretzlaff, 4775 Iroquois Ave., 
Detroit 13, Mich.; Sec., Rev. W. A. 
Poovey, 1573 Sea Isle Rd., Memphis 17, 
Tenn.; Exec. Sec., Dr. Carl F. Reuss, 57 
East Main St., Columbus 15, O. 

Board of Higher Education: Chmn., Dr. 
W. F. Schmidt, 222 Second St., N.W. 
Waverly, Iowa; Sec., Rev. E. F. Wendt, 
512 Mathews St., Ft. Collins, Colo.; Exec. 
Sec., Dr. Wm. L. Young, 57 East Main 
St., Columbus 15, O. 

Board of Parish Education: Chmn., Dr. 
A. C. Streng, Texas Lutheran College, 
Seguin, Texas; Sec., Rev. Leonard 
Ziemer, Pottawattomie Park, Michigan 
City, Ind.; Dir. of Parish Educ., Rev. 
Raymond A. Vogeley, 57 E. Main St., 
Columbus 15, O. 

Board of Pensions: Chmn., Hon. Henry N. 
Graven, Greene, Iowa. 

Board of Publication: Chmn., Dr. Paul 
W. Nesper, 305 West Main St., Wood- 
ville, Ohio; Sec., Rev. M. E. Hollensen, 
243 S. Prospect St., Marion, Ohio. 

Canadian Board of Management: Exec. 
Sec., Rev. Edward Krempin, 416-17 
Burns Bldg., Calgary, Alta., Canada. 

Women's Missionary Federation: Pres., 
Dorothy Haas, 57 East Main St., Colum- 
bus 15, O.; Sec., Mrs. Ervin E. Krebs, 
47 Acton Rd., Columbus 14, Ohio; Treas., 
Flora Bell, 57 East Main St., Columbus 
15, O. 

Youth Board: Chmn., Rev. Arthur Holm, 
181 S. Santa Clara Ave., New Braunfels, 
Texas; Sec., Dr. Fred Bernlohr, 811 
Pleasant Ridge, Columbus 9, O.; Youth 
Director, Dr. Marcus C. Rieke, 57 East 
Main St., Columbus 15, O. 

Luther League: Pres., Wilfred Sager, 44 
Mercer, Princeton, N. J.; Sec., Miss 
Elnora Koester, St. Paul Lutheran 
Church, Waverly, Iowa. 

Brotherhood: Pres., Herbert Hufnagel, 
4415 Wentworth Rd., Baltimore 7, Md.; 
Sec., Edward Sagebiel, Seguin, Texas; 
Exec. Dir., Rev. Fred J. Landdeck, 57 E, 
Main St., Columbus 15, Ohio. 

Dir. of Evangelism: Rev. Henry E. Hoes- 
man, 57 E. Main St., Columbus 15, O. 

Lutheran Book Concern and Wartburg 
Press: Mgr., E. R, Dornbirer, 57 E. Main 
St., Columbus 15, O. 


Lutheran Standard (w), 57 E. Main St., 
Columbus 15, Ohio, Rev. E. W. Schramm, 



Lutheran Youth (bi-w), 57 E. Main St., 

Columbus 15, Ohio, Eev. Wilfred Bockel- 

man, Ed. 
Women's Missionary Outlook (m), 57 E. 

Main St., Columbus 15, Ohio, Miss 

Althea M. Christenson, Ed. 

Augustana Evangelical Lutheran 

This body, whose constituency orig- 
inally was of Swedish extraction, is a 
member of the American Lutheran 
Conference, Lutheran World Federa- 
tion, National Council of Churches of 
Christ in the U.S.A., and World Coun- 
cil of Churches, and is also a partici- 
pating body in the National Lutheran 
Council. Organization year, 1860. 

Churches: 1,158. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,116. Total 

Enrollment: 208,686. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 841. 

General Organization 

Synod annual. 

Officers: Pres., Dr. Oscar A. Benson, 2445 
Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Malvin H. Lundeen, 122 
N. Jefferson St., Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Sec., Dr. D. Verner Swanson, 328 Hamil- 
ton St., Geneva, HI. 

Treas., H. A. Smith, Elbow Lake, Minn. 

Pres. Emer., Dr. P. O. Bersell, 5320 Brook- 
view Ave., Minneapolis 10, Minn. 

Other Organizations 

Executive Council: The officers of the 
Church, the conference Presidents, and 
a lay representative from each of the 
13 conferences. 

Executive Committee of the Executive 
Council: Officers of the Church; Dr. 
Robert Holmen, 950 Lincoln Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn.; Edwin Blomquist, Star Rt. 
1, Iron Mountain, Mich.; Pastor N. 
Everett Hedeen, 3rd floor, Natl. Bank of 
America Bldg., Salina, Kansas. 

Church Boards 

Board of American Missions: Exec. Dir., 
Dr. S. E. Engstrom, 2445 Park Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Board: Chmn., Dr. 
Emil Swenson, 2445 Park Ave., Minneap- 
olis 4, Minn.; Sec., Mrs. Emil Swanson, 
4625 W. 7th St., Duluth, Minn.; Treas., 
Sam Edwins, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 

4, Minn.; Dir. of Evangelism, Pastor 
William E. Berg, 2445 Park Ave., Min- 
neapolis 4, Minn. 

Board of Finance: Dir. of Stewardship and 
Finance, Pastor Martin E. Carlson, 2445 
Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Board: 
Chmn., Dr. Carl W. Segerhammar, 1343 

5. Burlington, Los Angeles 6, Calif.; 
Sec., Russell Johnson, 2138 Berkeley 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Board of Foreign Missions: Exec. Dir., 
Dr. S. Hj. Swanson, 2445 Park Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Promotional Dir., 
Pastor Rudolph C. Burke, 2445 Park 
Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Treas., A. B. 
Strom, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, 
Minn.; Board: Chmn., Pastor Ralph Lind- 
quist, 2734 N.E. 20th Ave., Portland, Ore- 

gon; Sec., Mrs. Walter Ekelund, 2445 
Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Board of Parish Education: Exec. Dir., Pas- 
tor Lael H. Westberg, 2445 Park Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Board: Pres., Pas- 
tor Frank A. Bonander, Box 544, Worth- 
ington, Minn.; Sec., Miss Ruth Tubbe- 
sing, 786 E. Geranium Ave., St. Paul 6, 
Minn.; Treas., Pastor Herbert Gustafson, 
418 Mulberry St., St. Peter, Minn. 

Board of Youth Activities: Youth Dir., 
Dr. Wilton E. Bergstrand, 2445 Park Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Assoc. Youth Dir., 
Pastor Carl L. Manfred, 2445 Park Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Board: Pres., Pas- 
tor Carl E. Olson, 64 Church St., Man- 
chester, Conn.; Sec, -Treas., Dr. Kenneth 
Johnson, 311 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo. 

Church Institution Boards 

Augustana Book Concern: Gen. Mgr., 
Birger Swenson, Augustana Book Con- 
cern, Rock Island, 111.; Treas., Harold A. 
Swanson, Augustana Book Concern, Rock 
Island, 111.; Board of Directors: Chmn., 
Dr. Clifford A. Nelson, 700 S. Snelling, 
St. Paul, Minn.; Sec., Ivar E. Johnson, 
1401 Elm St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Immanuel Deaconess Institute: Exec. Dir., 
Pastor Vernon A. P. Serenius, 4707 N. 
34th Ave., Omaha 11, Nebr.; Board: 
Chmn., Dr. E. A. Lack, 2009 York St., 
Des Moines 16, Iowa; Sec., Pastor Eu- 
gene Nelson, 710 Carroll St., Boone, Iowa. 

Lutheran Seamen's Center: Exec. Dir., Dr. 
J. Vincent Nordgren, 6 Water St., New 
York, N. Y.; Treas., Nelton Nelsenius, 
570 81st St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Church Committees 

Augustana Mission Advance: Chmn., Pas- 
tor Wm. Siegel, 675 13th Ave., N.E., 
Minneapolis 13, Minn.; Sec., Mrs. Walter 
Ekelund, 4112 Portland Ave., Minneap- 
olis 7, Minn.; Treas., Pastor Martin 
Carlson, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, 

Church Music: Sec., Brynolf Lundholm, 
Augustana College, Rock Island, 111. 

Constitutions: Dr. A. D. Mattson, Augus- 
tana Seminary, Rock Island, 111.; Dr. 
P. O. Bersell, 5320 Brookview Ave., 
Minneapolis 10, Minn.; Dr. Oscar A. 
Benson, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, 
Minn.; Eskil C. Carlson, 411 Savings and 
Loan Bldg., Des Moines 9, Iowa; Carl O. 
Lof, 4222 Decatur St., Omaha, Nebr. 

Revision of Hymnal: Dr. E. E. Ryden, 
Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, 
I1L; Dr. E. W. Olson, 7540 Stony Island 
Ave., Chicago 49, 111.; Dr. Clifford A. 
Nelson, 1928 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, 
Minn.; Brynolf Lundholm, Augustana 
College, Rock Island, 111.; Mrs. Paul M. 
Esping, Iowa City, Iowa. 

Historical Research: Dir., Dr. O. N. Olson, 
10441/2 20th St., Rock Island, HI. 
Pension and Trust Funds 

Augustana Annuity Trust: Pres., Dr. Hugo 
Haterius, Avoca, Texas; Sec., Birger 
Swenson, Augustana Book Concern, 
Rock Island, HI.; Treas., Otto Leonard- 
son, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Augustana Lutheran Foundation: Chmn., 
E. R. Jacobson, 8819 So. Justin St., 
Chicago, 111.; Treas., Christopher Hoff, 
2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn.; 
Sec., Otto Leonardson, 2445 Park Avenue, 
Minneapolis 4, Minn. 


Augustana Pension and Aid Fund: Board: 
Chmn., Pastor George P. Bernard, 623 
W. 10th St., Willmar, Minn.; Exec. Sec.- 
Treas., Pastor O. T. Engquist, 819 Sav- 
ings and Loan Bldg., Des Moines 9, 

Student Aid Fund Association: Board: 
Chmn., Pastor Harry S. B. Johnson, Au- 
gustana College, Rock Island, 111.; Sec., 
Pastor Kenneth Andeen, Augustana Col- 
lege, Rock Island, HI. 

Special Services 

Audio-Visual Service: Mgr., Bruce Sifford, 
2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn.; 
Board: Pres., Pastor Reuben C. Ander- 
son, 4297 Webber Parkway, Minneapolis, 
Minn.; Sec., Edna L. E. Peterson, 1618 
E. 13th St., Des Moines, Iowa; Treas., 
Pastor Martin E. Carlson, 2445 Park 
Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Publicity Bureau: Dir., Bruce Sifford, 2445 
Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Asst. 
Dir., Pastor Martin E. Carlson, 2445 
Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Church Statistician: Dr. Emeroy Johnson, 
Rt. 3, St. Peter, Minn. 

Transportation Dept.: Dir., Past9r Martin 
E. Carlson, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 
4, Minn. 

Church Commissions 

Christian Higher Education: Chmn., Dr. 

Sam Dahl, 1240 N. 33rd, Lincoln, Nebr.; 

Sec., Dr. Karl E. Mattson, Augustana 

Seminary, Rock Island, 111. 
Ecumenical Relations: Chmn., Dr. Oscar 

A. Benson, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 

4, Minn.; Sec., Dr. Karl E. Mattson, 
Augustana Seminary, Rock Island, 111. 

Lutheran Liturgical Theory and Practice: 
Chmn., Dr. O. N. Olson, 1044y 2 20th St., 
Rock Island, 111. 

Morals and Social Problems: Chmn., Dr. 
A. D. Mattson, Augustana Seminary, 
Rock Island, 111.; Sec., Dr. A. F. Schers- 
ten, Augustana College, Rock Island, 111. 

Social Missions: Chmn., Pastor C. Bertram 
Swanson, 2229 W. Greenleaf Ave., Chi- 
cago 45, HI. 


Augustana Luther League: Exec. Com.: 
Youth Dir., Dr. Wilton E. Bergstrand, 
2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn.; 
Assoc. Youth Dir., Pastor Carl L. Man- 
fred, 2445 Park Ave., Minneapolis 4, 
Minn.; Pres., Gordon Storaasli, 918 San 
Francisco St., Olympia, Wash.; Vice- 
Pres., Pastor N. EuGene Larson, Sher- 
man Ave. & Lake St., Evanston, III.; 
Sec., Evelyn Thor, 25th St. & Columbus 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.; Treas., John 
C. Hult, 6513 So. Woodland Ave., Chi- 
cago 37, 111. 

Brotherhood of the Augustana Lutheran 
Church: Pres., George Novotne, Box 469, 
Creston, Iowa; Sec., Attorney Carl A. 
Swenson, 1759 Yorkshire Ave., St. Paul 

5, Minn.; Treas., Arthur E. Wanfalt, 609 
Safety Bldg., Rock Island, El.; Exec. 
Dir., Pastor C. Oscar Leonardson, 609 
Safety Bldg., Rock Island, 111. 

The Women's Missionary Society: Pres., 
Mrs. John S. Benson, 414 Dickens Ave., 
Chicago 14, 111.; Rec. Sec., Mrs. Edwin A. 
Elmer, 907 Elmwood, Evanston, 111.; Corr. 
Sec., Mrs. Theo. E. Matson, 5215 No. 
Paulina St., Chicago 40, HI.; Treas., Mrs. 


Vernon E. Ryding, 3111 N. Seminary 
Ave., Chicago 13, HI. 


The Lutheran Companion (w), Rock Island, 

111., E. E. Ryden, Ed., A. T. Lundholm, 

Assoc. Ed. 
Augustana Lutheranen (bi-w), Rock Island, 

111., E. E. Ryden, A. T. Lundholm, Eds. 
Augustana Seminary Review (q), Rock 

Island, 111., Karl E. Mattson and Hjalmar 

Johnson, Eds. 
Young People (w), Rock Island, 111., 

Emeroy Johnson, Ed. 
Church School Teacher (m), Rock Island, 

HI., Lael H. Westberg, Ed. 
Little Folks (w), Rock Island, HI., Mrs. 

C. Vernon Swenson. 
Olive Leaf (w), Rock Island, HI., Mrs. 

Kenneth Rystrom. 
Augustana Annual (a), Rock Island, HI., 

Birger Swenson, S. E. Engstrom, Eds. 

Church of the Lutheran Brethren of 

Organized in Milwaukee, Wis., in 
the year 1900. It accepts as members 
only those who subscribe to the Luther- 
an teachings and who profess a per- 
sonal experience of salvation. Luther- 
an Brethren churches have no ritual, 
nor do pastors wear gowns. Children, 
upon completion of a two-year course 
for confirmation, are given a public 
hearing and receive a certificate. No 
vow is given. 

Churches: 42. Inclusive Membership: 3,959. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 42. Total En- 
rollment: 2,775. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 42. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Headquarters: Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. M. E. Sletta, Fergus 
Falls, Minn. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. D. A. Erickson. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. T. B. Tergesen, 749 
59th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sec., Rev. Ole Vettrus, Colfax, Wise. 

Treas., Rev. H. S. Olson, Hillcrest Acad- 
emy, Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Treas. for Canada, Ole Njaa, Hagen, Sask., 

Pres., Lutheran Brethren Schools, Rev. 
A. A. Pedersen, 119 W. Vernon Ave., 
Fergus Falls, Minn. 


Faith and Fellowship, Pastor E. H. Strom, 
Minneapolis, Minn., Ed. 

Broderbaandet, Pastor R. S. Gjerde, Pasa- 
dena, Calif., Ed.; Pastor M. E. Sletta, 
Fergus Falls, Minn., Asst. Ed. 

Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church 
of America 

Name changed at 76th annual con- 
vention in 1953 to American Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Church (see above). 



The Evangelical Lutheran Church 

The Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

was formed in 1917 when three mid- 
western synods of Norwegian back- 
ground, dating back to 1843, united into 

the present organization. 

Churches: 2,460 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 900,536 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2,124 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 292,796 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 1,341 

General Organization 

Biennial meeting. (Next meeting, 1956.) 

Officers: Pres., Dr. Fredrik A. Schiotz, 
422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. S. C. Eastvold, Park- 
land, Wash. ,, _. . 

2nd Vice-Pres., Dr. Lawrence M. Stavig, 
Augustana College, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Gen. Sec., Rev. O. H. Hove, 422 S. 5th 
St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Treas., N. H. Nelson, 422 S 5th St., Min- 
neapolis 15, Minn. 

Other Organizations 

Church Council: Chmn,, Dr. Fredrik A. 
Schiotz, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, 
Minn. __ 

Board of Trustees: Chmn., Elmer E. 
Abrahamson, 120 S. LaSalle St., Chicago 
3, m.; Exec. Sec., T. G. Overson, 422 S. 
5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn.; Steward- 
ship Dir., Dr. R. M. Olson, 422 S. 5th 
St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Board of Christian Education: Chmn., Dr. 
Morris Wee, 1004 Sherman, Madison, 
Wise.; Exec. Dir., Dr. J. C. K. Preus, 
422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn.; 
Exec. Sec., Div. of Higher Education, 
Dr. Orville Dahl, 422 S. 5th St., Min- 
neapolis 15, Minn. 

Board of Home Missions: Chmn., Eev. M. 
C. Austinson, 332 North Jackson, Janes- 
ville, Wise,; Sec., Rev. O. M. Bratlie, 
Fosston, Minn.; Exec. Dir., Dr. Philip 
S. Dybvig, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 
15, Minn. 

Commission on Evangelism: Chmn., Rev. 
O. P. Sheggeby, 418 Third Ave. S., St. 
Cloud, Minn.; Dir. of Evangelism, Rev, 
Conrad M. Thompson, 422 S. 5th St., 
Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Commission on Rural Church Life: Chmn., 
Rev. O. S. Hoven, Ridgeway, Iowa; 
Rural Life Commissioner, O. Leonard 
Orvedal, 1006 9th St., Bismarck, N. D. 

Board of Foreign Missions: Chmn., Rev. 
T. H. Rossing, Nerstrand, Minn.; Mis- 
sion Secretary, Rev. R. A. Syrdal, 422 
S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Board of Charities: Chmn., Rev. G. S. 
Thompson, 1004 Oxford Ave., Eau Claire, 
Wise.; Sec., Arthur Myklebust, State 
School for the Deaf, Sioux Falls, S. D.; 
Consultant and Auditor, C. L. Nasby, 
426 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn.; 
Exec. Sec., Dr. M. A. Dahlen, 422 S. 
5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Board of Publication: Chmn., Rev. A. 
Henry Hetland, 5460 Thomas Ave., Oak- 
land, Calif.; Sec., Willmar L. Thorkel- 
son, 3036 Lee Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.; 
Exec. Sec., Treas. and Gen. Mgr. Augs- 
burg Publishing House, Dr. R. E. 
Haugan, 426 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, 

Board of Pensions: Chmn., Rev. A. L. 
Rustad, 214 N.W. 2nd St., Faribault, 
Minn.; Exec. Sec., H. N. Rye, 422 S. 5th 
St., Minneapolis 15, Minn.; Treas., N. H. 
Nelson, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, 

Book Mission: Chmn., Dr. R. M. Olson, 422 
S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn.; Sec,, 
Miss Arna Njaa, 422 S. 5th St., Minneap- 
olis 15, Minn.; Dir., Rev. p. B. Endresen, 
421 S. 4th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Board of ELC Films: Chmn., Dr. Raymond 
M. Olson, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, 
Minn.; Exec. Dir., A. Ray Johnson, 422 
S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Office of Public Relations: Dir., Rev. O. 
H. Hove, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, 

Women's Missionary Federation: Pres., 
Mrs. Oscar Branstad, Forest City, Iowa; 
Exec. Sec., Alice C. Sanne, 422 S. 5th 
St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Brotherhood of the Evangelical Lutheran 
Church: Pres., T. A. Myklebust, 835 E. 
18th Ave., Spokane, Wash.; Rec. Sec., 
Harlan Zodtner, 139 S. Garfield Ave., 
Janesville, Wise.; Finance Sec., N. H. 
Nelson, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, 
Minn.; Exec. Sec., Rev. Charles E. John- 
son, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, Minn. 

Lutheran Daughters of the Reformation: 
Pres., Arlette Pederson, 1005 W. 21st, 
Sioux Falls, S. D.; Exec. Sec., Miss Arna 
Njaa, 422 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 15, 
International Young People's Luther 
League: Pres., Mark G-ravdal, 222 Mc- 
Kinley, Eau Claire, Wise.; Youth Dir., 
Rev. C. L, Hinderlie, 422 S. 5th St., Min- 
neapolis 15, Minn. 

The Choral Union: Pres., Rev. Mandus A. 
Egge, 495 Park St., St. Paul, Minn.; 
Exec. Dir., Oscar R. Overby, Northfield, 


Lutheran Herald (w), Dr. O. G. Malmin, 

Lutheraneren (w), Dr. H. E. Jorgensen, 

Lutheran Teacher, Rev. Philip Hiller and 
Dr. J. C. K. Preus, Eds. 

Children's Friend, Rev. Gerald Giving, 

Little Folks, Rev. Gerald Giving, Ed. 

Our Young People, Rev. Gerald Giving, 

Lutheran Yearbook, Rev. T. P. Solem and 
Rev. O. H. Hove, Eds. 

Folkekalender, Rev. Olaf Holen, Ed. 

Christmas, Dr. R. E. Haugan, Ed. 

Jul i Vesterheimen, Dr. H. E. Jorgensen, 

Stewardship Digest, Dr. R. M. Olson, Ed. 

All offices at 426 S. 5th St., Minneapolis 
15, Minn. 

Evangelical Lutheran Church in 
America (Eielsen Synod) 

A small Lutheran body, the first 
Norwegian synod in the IT. S., taking 
its name from its organizer, Elling Eiel- 
sen, in 1846. 

Churches: 12. Inclusive Membership: 1,625. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 7. Total En- 
rollment: 265. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 4. 


General Organization 

Synod, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. J. O. Blaness, South 

Haven, Minn. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. L. O. Bystol, 126 Chestnut 

St., Lodi, Wis. 
Sec., Rev. J. H. Stensether, 3032 17th Ave. 

So., Minneapolis 7, Minn. 
Treas., Alfred A. Johnson, Beresford, S. D. 


Den Kristelige Lagmand (m), Minneapolis, 
Minn., Rev. J. H. Stensether, Ed. 

Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church 
of America 

A Finnish body, organized in 1872, 
under the name of Solomon Korteniemi 
Lutheran Society. In 1879 the name 
was changed as above. In 1929 the body 
was incorporated as the Finnish Apos- 
tolic Lutheran Church of America. 

Churches: 57 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

6,567 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 32 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 1,760 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 17 (1953). 

General Organization 

Meets annually, in June. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Andrew Mickelsen, 

615 Finn St., Hancock, Mich. 
Sec., Rev. W. A. Karvonen, 86 Third St., 

Laurium, Mich. 
Treas., Arthur Lepisto, 510 Florida St., 

Laurium, Mich. 


Kristillinen Kuukauslehti, Calumet, Mich., 
E, A. Millen, Ed.; Rev. W. A. Karvonen, 

Christian Monthly (m), Hancock, Mich., 
Rev. Kenneth B. Hendrickson, 7521 Chal- 
fonte Ave., Detroit 38, Mich., Ed.; Rev. 
W. A. Karvonen, 86 Third St., Laurium, 
Mich., Mgr. 

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church 
(Suomi Synod) 

This body of Finnish Lutherans was 
organized at Calumet, Mich., in 1890. 

Churches: 163. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 110. Total 

Enrollment: 11,413. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 72. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Dr. John Wargelin, 403 

Cooper Ave., Hancock, Mich. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Raymond Wargelin, 508 

Eagle St., Fairport Harbor, Ohio. 
Sec., Rev. Carl J. Tamminen, 315 Seventh 

St., Calumet, Mich. 
Notary, Rev. Douglas Ollila, 215 Maple St., 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
Treas., John J. Heikkinen, 209 Quincy St., 

Hancock, Mich. 
Suomi Synod Luther League: Exec. Dir., 


Rev. Leslie G. Lurvey, R. F. D., Dassel, 

Suomi Synod Brotherhood: Pres., John 
Lintala, 1338 Union Ave., Ashtabula, 

Suomi Synod Women's Guild: Pres., Miss 
Tyyne Paavola, Pilgrim Route, Hough- 
ton, Mich. 


Amerikan Suometar (3 times a week), 

Hancock, Mich., John Rantamaki and 

F. Y. Joki, Eds. 
The Messenger (w), Hancock, Mich., Mrs. 

Rudolph Kemppainen, Lutheran Book 

Concern, Hancock, Mich., Ed. 
The Lutheran Counselor (s-m), Hancock, 

Mich., Dr. Walter Kukkonen, Lutheran 

Book Concern, Hancock, Mich., Ed. 
Paimen Sanomia (m), Hancock, Mich., Dr. 

A. Haapanen, 303 West Montezuma Ave., 

Houghton, Mich., Ed. 
Kirkollinen Kalenteri (a), Hancock, Mich., 

Dr. John Wargelin, 403 Cooper Ave., 

Hancock, Mich., Ed. 
Directory of Suomi Synod (a), Hancock, 

Mich., Dr. John Wargelin, 403 Cooper 

Ave., Hancock, Mich., Ed. 

Icelandic Evangelical Lutheran 
Synod of America 

Now a constituent synod of the 
United Lutheran Church in America. 

Independent Lutheran Churches 

Churches: 1 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

53 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: none. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1 (1953). 
No other information available. 

Lutheran Free Church 

This body was organized in 1897 as 
the result of differences of opinion in 
the United Norwegian Church over 
the control of the Augsburg Seminary. 
It became a constituent part of the 
National Lutheran Council in 1918. 

Churches: 342. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 298. Total En- 
rollment: 27,396. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 153. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. Headquarters: 2122 
Riverside Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Officers: Pres., T. O. Burntvedt, 2122 
Riverside Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. John Stensvaag, Augsburg 
Theological Seminary, Minneapolis 4, 

Sec., Rev. Forrest T. Monson, 2122 River- 
side Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Ordainer, Rev. T. O. Burntvedt, 2122 River- 
side Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Trans. Sec., Rev. Claus Morgan, 3749 17th 
Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Other Organizations 

Lutheran Board of Missions (Foreign): 
Sec., Rev. Peder Konsterlie, 2122 River- 
side Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn, 



Board of Home Missions: Exec. Dir., Rev, 
John T. Quanbeck, 2122 Riverside Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Women's Missionary Federation: Exec. 

Sec., , 2122 Riverside Ave., 

Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Luther League Federation : Youth Dir., Rev. 
Merton Strommen, 2122 Riverside Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Lutheran Deaconess Home and Hospital, 
1412 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn.; Di- 
recting Sister, Sister Anna Ber^eland. 

The Messenger Press: 2120 Riverside Ave., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn. 


Lutheran Messenger (bi-w), Minneapolis, 
Minn., Sverre Torgerson, Ed. 

National Evangelical Lutheran 

This body was organized at Rock 
Springs, Wyo., in 1898, because of a 
disagreement in the Finnish Evangeli- 
cal Lutheran Church (Suomi Synod). 
It was originally called the Finnish 
Evangelical Lutheran National Church 
of America. It is affiliated with (but 
not a member of) the Synodical Con- 

Churches: 58. Inclusive Membership: 7,906. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 48. Total En- 
rollment: 3,220. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 26. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. J. E. Nopola, Esko, 

1st Vice-Pres., Kev. E. A. Heino, 1415 W. 
Ninth St., Ashtabula, O. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. F. J. Pies, 13926 Mar- 
lowe, Detroit 27, Mich. 

Sec. and Stat., Rev. R. W. Heikkinen, 
Sebeka, Minn. 

Treas., E. H. Buerkle, New York Mills, 


Auttaja (w), Ironwood, Mich., W. John- 
son, Ed. 

The Lutheran Voice (m), Ironwood, Mich., 
Rev. V. Latvala, Ed. in-ch.; Rev. J. E. 
Nopola, Rev. Wm. Sippola, and Rev. 
H. K. Ranta, Assoc. Eds. 

The Protestant Conference 

Organized in 1928 in Wisconsin as a 
result of differences with the Evangeli- 
cal Lutheran Joint Synod of Wisconsin 
and Other States. 

Churches: 22 (1947). Inclusive Membership: 
3,253 (1947). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1 (1947). Total 
Enrollment: 14 (1947). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

Conference, meets semi-annually. 

Officer: Exec. Sec.-Treas., Pastor Otto 
Kehrberg, Mosinee, Wis. 


Faith-Life (m), Box 311, Mosinee, Wis., 
Pastor Paul Hensel (728 N. 9th St., 
Manitowoc, Wis.), Ed. 

United Evangelical Lutheran 

This synod was organized Oct. 1, 
1896, at Minneapolis, Minn., by a 
merger of the two former Danish 
Lutheran Synods in America, the 
Danish Ev. Luth. Church Conference 
(1884) and the Danish Ev. Luth. Church 
in North America (1893). The former 
group had seceded from the Norwe- 
gian-Danish Conference (1870) and the 
latter from the Danish Ev, Luth. 
Church of America (1871). The XJELC 
is a member of the National Luth. 
Council (1918), the Lutheran World 
Federation (1947), and the World 
Council of Churches (1948). 

Churches: 167 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 52,236 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 168 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 22,662 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 128 (1953). 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. Headquarters: Blair, 

Officers: Pres., Kev. H. C. Jersild, Blair, 

Vice-Pres., Rev. J. M. Girtz, Albert Lea, 

Sec., Rev. L. Siersbeck, 606 Bluff St., Coun- 
cil Bluffs, Iowa. 

Treas., H. J. Hansen, Blair, Nebr. 

Stat., Rev. P. C. Jensen, Blair, Nebr. 

Church Council and Board of Trustees: 
Revs. Jersild, Girtz, Siersbeck; Laymen: 
P. C. Clemmensen, Atlantic, Iowa; 
Floyd Johnson, Farmington, Minn.; J. A. 
Rasmussen, 337 So. Oakhurst Dr., Bev- 
erly Hills, Calif.; M. Pedersen, Lynn, 

Other Organizations 

Board of Home Missions: Exec. Sec., Rev. 
K. M. Mathiesen, 2211 28th Ave. So., 
Minneapolis, Minn.; Rev. H. L. Ander- 
sen, Denver, Colo.; Martin J. Lange, 
Racine, Wis. Also above Council and 
nine District Presidents. 

Board of Foreign Missions: Chmn., Rev. 
N. B, Hansen, Hutchinson, Minn.; Sec., 
Rev. K. R. Jensen, Viborg, S. D.; Asst. 
Sec., Dr. P. Nyholm, Blair, Nebr. 

Board of Higher Education: Chmn., Rev. 
Arvin M. Petersen, 1200 N. 37th St., 
Lincoln, Nebr.; Harold Holm, Racine, 
Wise.; Rev. Ervin Bondo, Des Moines, 
Iowa; Rev. P. G. Rasmussen, Neenah, 

Board of Parish Education: Chmn., Rev. 
S. S. Kaldahl, Oaks, Okla.; Sec., Rev. 
Stanley Larsen, Exira, Iowa; Rev. Ver- 
ner Carlsen, Council Bluffs, Iowa; Dr. 
C. C. Madsen, Blair, Nebr.; Mrs. K. M. 
Ludvigsen, Aurora, Colo. 

Board of Publication: Chmn., N. O. 
Berthelsen, 9315 So. Elizabeth St., Chi- 

cago, 111.; Sec., John S. Gebuhr, 214 
Locust Lodge, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 
Rev. F. C. M. Hansen, Chicago, 111.; 
Rev. A. P. Staby, Fremont, Nebr.; Rev. 
Archie Mads en, Fremont, Nebr.; Marcus 
Bech, Fremont, Nebr.; Karl Christensen, 
Blair, Nebr. 

Board of Pensions: Chmn., Rev. A. Hof- 
gaard, Minden, Nebr.; Sec., S. M. Brock, 
409 Union St., Ionia, Mich.; Rev. Homer 
Larsen, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Keith Knud- 
sen, Lincoln, Nebr.; H. J. Hansen, Blair, 
Nebr. (ex offtcio). 

Women's Missionary Society: Pres., Mrs. 
T. C. Hansen, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Vice- 
Pres., Mrs. John Nielsen, Albert Lea, 
Minn.; Sec., Mrs. Carl Christensen, Tru- 
fant, Mich.; Treas., Mrs. C. C. Madsen, 
Blair, Nebr. 

Synodical Church Men: Pres., Walter 
Junker, 1938 N. Albany St., Chicago, ELL; 
Vice-Pres., E. S. Sorensen, Des Moines, 
Iowa; Sec., S. M. Brock, Ionia, Mich.; 
Treas., Ernest Petersen, Racine, Wis. 

Synodical Luther League: Pres., LeRoy 
Andersen, Trinity Seminary, Blair, 
Nebr.; Vice-Pres., Donald Olsen, Blair, 
Nebr.; Sec., Helen Videbeck, Blair, 
Nebr.; Treas., Stanley Hansen, Dana 
College, Blair, Nebr.; Youth Dir., Rev. 
Geo. Robertson, Royal, Iowa. 


Lutheran Publishing House: Blair, Nebr., 

Mgr., Otto Stave. 
Indian Mission: Oaks, Okla., Supt, Rev. 

C. A. Vammen. 
Eben-Ezer Lutheran Home and Hospital, 

Brush, Colo., Supt., Rev. Victor Bagger. 


Ansgar Lutheran (English weekly), Blair, 

Nebr., Rev. John M. Jensen (Spencer, 

Iowa), Ed.; Rev. Homer Larsen, Cedar 

Falls, Iowa, Youth Ed. 
Luthersk -Ugeblad (Danish bi-weekly), 

Blair, Nebr., Rev. P. C. Jensen, Ed. 
The Little Lutheran (children's weekly), 

Blair, Nebr., Mrs. K. M. Ludvigsen 

(Aurora, Colo.), Ed. 
Christmas Chimes (Y.P. Annual), Blair, 

Nebr., Rev. Lyle Paulsen (Harlan, Iowa), 

Child's Christmas Chimes (a), Mrs. K. M. 

Ludvigsen (Aurora, Colo.), Ed. 
Dansk Nytaar (Danish annual), Blair, 

Nebr., Dr. P. Nyholm, Ed. 

The United Lutheran Church in 

This body dates back to the Minis- 
terium of Pennsylvania, organized in 
1748, and beyond that' to early colonial 
days. It represents the union of the 
General Synod, the General Council 
and the United Synod of the South in 

Churches: 4,015. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3,988. Total 

Enrollment: 955,969. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 2,947. 

General Organization 

Convention, biennial. (Next meeting, Octo- 
ber, 1956, Harrisburg, Pa.) 


Headquarters: 231 Madison Ave., New York 

16, N. Y. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Franklin Clark Fry. 
Sec., Rev. F. Eppling Reinartz. 
Treas., Edmund F. Wagner. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Foreign Missions: Offices, 231 
Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Pres., 
M. P. Moller, Jr., 473 North Potomac St., 
Hagerstown, Md.; Vice-Pres., Rev. Ralph 
W. Loew, 1080 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y.; 
Sec., Rev. Fred J. Fiedler; Treas., Ernest 
F. Proffen; Exec. Sec., Rev. Earl S. 
Erb; Secretaries: Rev. Paul P. Anspach, 
5 Lidcol Dr., Kuala Lumpur, Malaya; 
Rev. Fred J. Fiedler; Rev. Herman L. 
Gilbert; Rev. Edwin Moll; Rev. J. F. 
Neudoerffer; Ernest F. Proffen; Helen 
R. Lawson. 

Board of American Missions, West Indies 
Mission Board and the Canada Board of 
American Missions: Offices, 231 Madison 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Pres., Rev. 
Charles B. Foelsch, 2750 Marin Ave., 
Berkeley 8, Calif.; Vice-Pres., Rev. Fred 

C. Wiegman, 125 Conger Ave., Akron 3, 
Ohio; Sec., Rev. Frederick R. Ludwig, 
2101 E. Newberry Blvd., Milwaukee 11, 
Wise.; Treas., Fred C. Eggerstedt; Asst. 
Treas., Beulah M. Weiser; Exec. Sec., 
Rev, R. H. Gerberding; Sees., English 
Missions, Rev. A. M. Knudsen and Rev. 
Donald L. Houser, Rm 432, 327 S. La- 
Salle St., Chicago 4, 111.; Sec., Special 
Missions, Rev. Paul Andrew Kirsch; Sec., 
Latin America, Rev. Wm. G. Arbaugh, 
Calle del Parque 150, Santurce 34, Puerto 
Rico; Survey and Res., Rev. Karl S. 
Henry; Dir., Church Extension, Elwood 
L. Bowman. 

Board of Higher Education: Offices, 2633 
16th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. Pres., 
Dr. Millard E. Gladfelter, Temple Uni- 
versity, Philadelphia, Pa.; Vice-Pres., 
Rev. Paul C. White, 231 Madison Ave., 
New York 16, N. Y.; Sec., Rev. Gould 
Wickey; Treas., Thomas P. Hickman, 
The City Bank, 919 Pennsylvania Ave., 
N.W., Washington 4, D. C.; Exec. Sec., 
Rev. Gould Wickey; Sees., Mildred E. 
Winston and Rev. Vernon L. Strempke. 

Board of Social Missions: Offices, 231 Madi- 
son Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Pres., Rev. 
Oscar W. Carlson, 7601 York Rd., Balti- 
more 4, Md.; Vice-Pres., Ernest P. Scott, 
1836 Euclid Ave., Cleveland 15, Ohio; 
Sec., Rev. Harold Haas, 153 North St., 
Jersey City, N. J.; Treas., William H. 
Patrick, Jr., 722 W. Sedgwick St., Phila- 
delphia 19, Pa.; Exec. Sec., Rev. C. 
Franklin Koch; Dir., Evangelism, Rev. 
Lloyd E. Jacobson; Assoc. Dirs. of Evan- 

felism, Rev. Clifton M. Weihe and Rev. 
. Dale Click; Sec., Inner Missions, Rev. 
Francis A. Shearer; Sec., Social Action, 
Rev. Harold C. Letts; Immigrant and 
Social Worker, Isolde Eland, Lutheran 
Seamen's Service, Water St., New York 
4, N. Y.; Asst. Immigrant and Social 
Worker, Welda Luht, Lutheran Seamen's 
Service, Water St., New York 4, N. Y. 
Board of Publication: Offices, 1228 Spruce 
St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. Pres., Carl N. 
Weber, 840 Queens Blvd., Kitchener, 
Ont., Canada; Vice-Pres., Rev. Russell 

D. Snyder, 7314 Boyer St., Philadelphia 
19, Pa.; Sec., Rev. Luther W. Strickler, 
1301 Colley Ave., Norfolk 7, Va.; Treas., 
Ernst P. Hoeppner; Exec. Sec. and Bus. 


Mgr., H. Torrey Walker; Adm. Sec., 
Frank G. Rhody (United Lutheran Pub- 
lication House and Muehlenberg Press). 

Board of Pensions: Offices, Room 403, 
Bailey Bldg., 1218 Chestnut St., Phila- 
delphia 7, Pa. Pres., Alfred C. Graff, 
Pennsylvania Co., 15th & Chestnut Sts., 
Philadelphia 1, Pa.; Vice-Pres., Fred C. 
Mueller, 5061 Garfield Ave., S., Minneap- 
olis, Minn.; Sec., ; Treas., 

J. Elaine Saltzer; Exec. Sec., . 

Board of Parish Education: Offices, 1228 
Spruce St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. Pres., 
Rev. John W. Rilling, 14 E. 49th St., 
Minneapolis 9, Minn.; Vice-Pres., Rev. 
Walter B. Freed, 7521 Morningside 
Heights, Washington 12, D. C.; Sec., Rev. 
Arthur H. Getz; Treas., Peter P. Hagan, 
763 Glen Rd., Baederwood, Jenkintown, 
Pa.; Exec. Sec., Rev. S. White Rhyne; 
Editors, Rev. Theodore K. Finck, Rev. 
Arthur H. Getz, Rev. W. Kent Gilbert, 
III, Rev. Donald R. Pichaske, Rev. Gus- 
tav K. Wiencke; Asst. Ed., Mabel Elsie 
Locker; Asso. Sees., Children's Work, 
Miss Catharine Juram; Young People's 
Work, Rev. Lawrence M. Reese; Adult 
Work, Rev. Earl S. Rudisill; Leadership 

Education, ; Enlistment, 

Rev. J. William Wahl; Missionary Edu- 
cation, Mrs. Mabel B. Fenner; Week- 
day Education, Rev. Harner R. Middles- 
warth; Audio-Visual Aids, Rev. George 
B. Ammon; Summer Schools and Camps, 
Rev. Joseph W. Inslee; Educational 
Missionary in Western Canada, Eleanore 
L. Gillstrom, Lutheran College and Sem., 
Saskatoon, Sask., Can.; Educational Mis- 
sionary in Eastern Canada, Elfriede 
Hartig, 237 King St., W., Kitchener, Ont., 

Board of Deaconess Work: Offices, 1228 
Spruce St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. Pres. 
Rev. John L. Deaton, 9 E. Hill St., Balti- 
more 30, Md.; Vice-Pres., Rev. Henry 
E. Horn, 338 Harvard St., Cambridge, 
Mass.; Sec., Sister Martha Hansen, 1100 
Boyce Ave., Ruxton 4, Md.; Treas., 
Charles J. Hanzlik, Equitable Trust Co., 
Baltimore 3, Md.; Exec. Sec., Sister 
Mildred Winter; Field Sec., Sister 
Evelyn Houlroyd; Assoc. Field Sees., 
Sister Elizabeth Hess and Sister Doris 

Women's Missionary Society: Offices, 1228 
Spruce St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. Pres., 
Mrs. John B. Moose, Box 457, Leesville, 
S. C.; Vice-Pres., Mrs. Roy L. Winters, 
228 South Main St., Spring City, Pa.; 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. John F. Futchs, 2291 
Bellaire St., Denver 7, Colo.; Stat. Sec., 
Mrs. Paul E. Knauss, 625 Windsor St., 
Marion, Ohio; Treas., Mrs. M. F. Rhein- 
gans; Exec. Sec., Nona M. Diehl; Staff 
Sees,, Josephine I. Darmstaetter, Frances 
Dysinger, Betty Edwards, and Mrs. 
Howard R. Gold; Assoc. Staff Members: 
In coperation with the Bd. of Educ., 
Mildred E. Winston; In cooperation 
with the Bd. of Deaconess Work, Sister 
Mildred Winter; In coperation with the 
Bd. of For. Miss., ; In co- 
operation with the Bd. of Parish Educ., 
Mrs. Mabel B. Fenner. 

Luther League of America: Offices, 1228 
Spruce St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. Pres., 
John C. Stacy, Box 602, New Springfield, 
Ohio; Vice-Pres., Malcom L. Minnick, 
Jr., 435 High St., Salem, Va.; Sec., Sue 
Culp, Box 22, Albemarle, N. C.; Treas., 

Robert W. Sanders, 2808 Duncan St., 
Columbia, S. C.; Exec. Sec., Rev. F. 
Leslie Conrad, Jr.; Assoc. Sees., Rev. 
John M. Mangum and Rev. Arthur O. 
F. Bauer. 

Brotherhood of the United Lutheran 
Church in America: Offices, Market and 
New Sts., Bethlehem, Pa. Pres., Merwyn 
C. Fuss, 316 E. Baltimore St., Taneytown, 
Md.; 1st Vice-Pres., Benjamin T. Bodie, 
900 Wildwood Ave., Columbia, S. C.; 
2nd Vice-Pres., David Blomstrom, 7-17th 
St., N.E., Atlanta, Ga.; 3rd Vice-Pres., 
Aubrey Mauney, Gaston St., Kings 
Mountain, N. C.; Sec., Eugene Kelchner, 
4703 Sherwood Ter., Merchantville 8, 
N. J.; Treas., William Shetlock, 22 S. 
4th St., Coplay, Pa.; Exec. Sec., Earle 
W. Bader; Ed. of Lutheran Men, Rev. 
Joseph B. Mohr, 3701 Avenue I, Brook- 
lyn 10, N. Y. 

Executive Committee of the Laymen's 
Movement for Stewardship: Offices, 231 
Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Pres., 
Walter O. Helwig, 8128 Wisconsin Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wise.; Vice-Presidents, Peter 
P. Hagan, 763 Glen Rd., Baederwood, 
Jenkintown, Pa.; Hon. Lawrence F. 
Speckman, 122 S. 4th St., Louisville, Ky.; 
Everett G. Mitchell, Box 84-A, R.F.D. 2, 
Wheaton, 111.; Sec., Henry Endress; 
Treas., Henry Beisler, 233 Cortlandt St., 
Belleville, N. J.; Asst. Treas., George 
Becker, 258 Claremont Ave., Kitchener, 
Ont., Canada; Exec. Dir., Henry Endress; 
Assoc. Dir., Zeb B. Trexler, Box 702, 
Concord, N. C., and Chester A. Myrom; 
Asst. Dirs., John I. Van Iderstine and 
Herbert H. Hewitt; Ed., Henry Endress. 

Department of Church Architecture: Of- 
fices, 231 Madison Ave., New York 16, 
N. Y. Exec. Dir., Rev. Edward S. Frey; 
Dept. Architect, Charles A. Scheuringer, 
505 Western Saving Fund Bldg., Broad 
and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia 7, Pa. 

Department of Press, Radio and Tele- 
vision: Offices, 231 Madison Ave., New 
York 16, N. Y. Dir., Charles C. Hushaw; 
Assoc. Dir., Richard T. Sutcliffe. 

Department of Worship: Dir., Rev. Edgar 
S. Brown, Jr., 231 Madison Ave., New 
York 16, N. Y. 


The Lutheran (w), 1228 Spruce St., Phil- 
adelphia 7, Pa., Rev. G. E. Ruff, Ed. 
The Year Book of the U.L.C.A. (a), 231 
Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y., 
Rev. F. Eppling Reinartz, Ed. 
Stewardship Bulletin (m), 231 Madison 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y., Henry En- 
dress, Ed. 

The Lutheran Quarterly (q), Gettysburg, 
Pa., Rev. T. G. Tappert, 7333 German- 
town Ave., Philadelphia 19, Pa. 

American Missions 

Ecclesia Plantanda (m), 231 Madison 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y., Rev. R. H. 
Gerberding, Ed. 
El Testigo (m), Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, 

Rev. Francisco Molina, Ed. 
Foreign Missions 

Foreign Missionary (m), 231 Madison 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y., Rev. Fred 
J. Fiedler, Ed. 
Social Missions 
Social Missions Quarterly (q), 231 Madi- 


son Ave., New York 16, N. Y., Rev. 

'C. Franklin Koch, Ed. 
Message for the Day (w), 231 Madison 

Ave., New York 16, N. Y., Rev. Francis 

A. Shearer, Ed. 
Educational News (bi-m), 2633 16th St., 

N.W., Washington 9, D. C., Rev. Gould 

Wickey, Ed. 
Parish Education 
The Parish School Magazine (m), 1228 

Spruce St., Philadelphia 7, Pa., Rev. 

Gustav K. Wiencke, Ed. 
"Let's Go," (8 issues per year), 231 Madi- 
son Ave., New York 16, N. Y., S. White 

Rhyne and Henry Endress, Eds. 



Lutheran Men (m), Market and New Sts., 
Bethlehem, Pa., Rev. Joseph B. Mohr, 
Luther League 

Luther Life (m), 1228 Spruce St., Phila- 
delphia 7, Pa., Rev. John M. Mangum, 

High Ideals (q), 1228 Spruce St., Phila- 
delphia 7, Pa., Rev. John M. Mangum, 
Women's Missionary Society 

Lutheran Woman's Work (m), 1228 
Spruce St., Philadelphia 7, Pa., Mrs. 
Howard R. Gold, Ed. 


Deaconess Messenger (3 times a year), 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sister Anna Ebert, 

The Deaconess Tidings (q), Ruxton, Md., 
Sister Martha Hansen, Ed. 

The Mediator (Jewish) (q), Westminster, 
Md., Rev. H. Einspruch, Ed. 

The Hebrew Lutheran (Jewish) (q), Balti- 
more, Md., Rev. H. Einspruch, Ed. 

El Mediador (Spanish-Yiddish) (q), Mexi- 
co, D. F., Rev. H. Einspruch, Ed. 

The Dawn (Jewish) (bi-m), Greenville, 
Pa., Rev. Dan Bravin, Ed. 

The Dawn (Lutheran Ed.) (bi-m), Green- 
ville, Pa., Rev. Dan Bravin, Ed. 

Eros Var (Hungarian) (m), Buffalo, N .Y., 
Rev. Andor M. LefBer, Ed. 

Kirchliches Monatsblatt (m), Philadelphia, 
Pa., Rev. Karl Schild, Ed. 

Luz y Verdad (Spanish) (m), Buenos 
Aires, Argentina, Rev. Jonas Villa- 
verde, Ed. 

The Southern Cross (bi-m), New Amster- 
dam, British Guiana, Rev. E. Gene Vos- 
seler, Ed. 

Gospel Witness (m), Guntner, India, Dr. 
J. B. Williams, Ed. 


Church of God in Christ (Mennonite) 

A section of the Mennonite body or- 
ganized in 1859, in Ohio, for the re- 
establishment of the order and disci- 
pline of the Church. 

Churches: 32. Inclusive Membership: 3,870. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 32. Total 

Enrollment: 5,043. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 31. 
Headquarters: Goltry, Okla. 
Officer: Conf. Mod., Reuben Koehn, La- 

homa, Okla. 



Messenger of Truth (bi-w), Goltry, Okla., 
Reuben Keohn, Ed. 

Conference of the Evangelical 
Mennonite Church 

(Formerly Defenseless Mennoniies) 

A branch of the Amish Mennonite 
Church which separated in 1860 over 
the question of conversion. 

Churches: 22. Inclusive Membership: 2,088. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 22. Total 

Enrollment: 2,404. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 20. 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Headquarters: 230 East Berry St., Fort 

Wayne, Ind. 

Officers: Pres., Reuben Short, Bluffton, O. 
Vice-Pres., Milo A. Rediger, Upland, Ind. 
Sec., M. L. Klopfenstein, 1306 Ridgewood 

Drive, Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Treas., Lester C. Gerig, 2202 Lynn Ave., 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Other Organizations 

Mennonite Peace Society: E. G. Steiner, 

Berne, Ind. 
Mennonite Central Relief Committee : Mer- 

lo Zimmerman, Flanagan, 111. 


The Evangelical Mennonite (m), Berne, 
Ind., Rev. E. G. Steiner, Ed. 

Conservative Amish Mennonite 

Name changed in 1954 to: 
Conservative Mennonite Conference 

A Mennonite body holding to the 
Dortrecht confession of faith ana prac- 
tising both non-resistance and non- 

Churches: 35. Inclusive Membership: 5,119. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 58. Total 

Enrollment: 7,485. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 103. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual. 

Officers: Mod., Emanuel Peachey, Belle- 
ville, Pa. 

Assoc. Mod., Jerry S. Miller, Hartville, 

Sec., Willard Mayer, Pigeon, Mich. (R. 
No. 2). 

Other Organizations 
Peace Witness Committee: Chmn., Shem 

Peachey, Kirkwood, Pa. 
Mission Board: Chmn., Eli Swartzen- 

druber, Greenwood, Del. 
Ministers' Fellowship Committee: Chmn., 

David Beachey, Marilla, N.Y. 
Bible School Board: Chmn., David 

Beachey, Marilla, N.Y. 
Voluntary Service Director, Paul E. Yoder, 

Box 88, Meyersdale, Pa. 




The Missionary Bulletin, Raymond Byler, 
Altha, Fla., Ed. 

Evangelical Mennonite Brethren 

Formerly known as the Defenseless 
Mennonite Brethren in Christ of North 
America, this body emanates from the 
Russian immigration of Mennonites 
into the United States in 1873-74. 

Churches: 15 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

2,000 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 25 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 1,612 (1944). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 24 (1953). 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Dr. John R. Dick, 1515 S. 

10th St., Omaha 8, Nebr. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Orlando Wiebe, Dalmeny, 

Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Gen. Sec., Sam J. Schmidt, Marion, S. D. 
Gen. Treas., Rev. H. H. Dick, Mt. Lake, 

Mission Board Sec., Rev. A. P. Toews, 1701 

S. 9th St., Omaha 8, Nebr. 
Church Board Sec., Rev. H. P. Fast, 18735 

Olsen Ave., Reedley, Calif., and 1701 S. 

9th St., Omaha 8, Nebr. 


The Evangelical Mennonite (m), Rev. E. 
G. Steiner, Berne, Ind., Ed.; Rev. C. A. 
Classen, Marion, S. D., Assoc, Ed. 

The General Conference 
Mennonite Church 

One of the oldest Mennonite confer- 
ences in the United States. The present 
denominational organization dates from 
1860 (in Iowa). 

Churches: 187. Inclusive Membership: 

Sun day -or Sabbath Schools: 187. Total 

Enrollment: 36,000. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 170. 

General Organization 

General Conference. Next Conference Ses- 
sion, Summer 1956, Canada. 

Headquarters: 722 Main, Newton, Kansas. 

Officers: Pres., Olin A. Krehbiel, Berne, 

Vice-Pres., Henry N. Harder, 1312 N.E. St., 
Bloomington, HI. 

Sec., Walter Gering, Mountain Lake, Minn. 

Exec. Sec., P. K. Regier, Newton, Kans. 


The Mennonite (w), Woodward Place, 
Goshen, Ind., J. N. Smucker, Ed. 

Missionary News and Notes (m), 909 West 
Fifth, Newton, Kans., Mrs. A. D. Klas- 
sen, Ed. 

Hutterian Brethren 

Small groups of Hutterites deriving 
their name from an early martyr, Ja- 

cob Huter, (1536). They have all things 
in common and share income and ex- 
Churches: 25. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 17. Total 

Enrollment: 769. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 42. 

Rev. Daniel S. Wipf, Alexandria, S. D. 

Allan Baer, R. 1, FordvLlle, N. D. 

Joseph J. Kleinsasser, Augusta, Mont. 

Krimmer Mennonite Brethren 

A body of Mennonites formed by an 
immigration from the Crimea, Russia. 

Churches: 15. Inclusive Membership: 1,550. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 26. Total 

Enrollment: 2,050. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 15. 
Headquarters: Hillsboro, Kansas. 
Officers: Chmn., Rev. C. F. Plett, Rt. 1, 

Box 436, Dinuba, Calif. 
Vice-Chmn., Rev. A. K. Wiens, 4228 Marcy 

St., Omaha, Nebr. 

Sec., Rev. G. L. Classen, Yale, S. D. 
Rec. Sec., Walter Ediger, Hutchinson, 


Christian Witness (s-m), Hillsboro, Kans., 

Otto C. Schrag, Bridgewater, S. D., Ed. 

Mennonite Brethren Church 
of North America 

An immigration of Mennonites from 
Russia in the year 1874. 

Churches: 75. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 75. Total 

Enrollment: 14,698. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 70. 

General Organization 

General Convention, triennial. (Next meet- 
ing, 1957.) 

Officers: Chmn., Rev. H. H. Janzen, 118 
Chelsea Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can- 

Vice-Chmn., Rev. Dan Friesen, 3016 Ham- 
mond, Fresno, Calif. 

Sec., Rev. H. R. Wiens, 13 Rupert Ave., 
Reedley, Cal. 

Home Miss. Sec., A. A. Schroeter, P. O. 
Box 408, Reedley, Cal. 


Christian Leader (bi-w), Hillsboro, Kans., 
Rev. Orlando Harms, Ed. 

Zionsbote (w), Hillsboro, Kans., Rev. Or- 
lando Harms, Ed. 

Mennonite Brethren in Christ 

See United Missionary Church. 

Mennonite Church 

The largest group of the Mennonites 
who began arriving in the U.S. as early 


as 1683, settling in Germantown, Pa. 
They derive their name from Menno 
Simons, their outstanding leader, b. 

Churches: 508. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 622. Total 

Enrollment: 91,910. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 775. 
General Organization 

General Conference, meets biennially. 
(Next meeting, 1957.) 

Officers: Mod., A. J. Metzler, 801 Walnut 
Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 

Asst. Mod., Clarence J. Earner, Duchess, 
Alta., Canada. 

Sec., Paul Erb, Scottdale, Pa. 

Treas., J. Robert Kreider, Wadsworth, 

Fifth Member, C. C. Cressman, New Ham- 
burg, Ont., Canada. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Missions and Charities: Pres., 
John H. Moseman, Goshen, Ind.; Vice- 
Pres., Jesse B. Martin, Waterloo, Ont.; 
Sec. and Field Worker, J. D. Graber, 
Elkhart, Ind.; Treas. and Financial 
Agent, H. Ernest Bennett, Elkhart, Ind.; 
Sec. for Relief and Service, Boyd Nel- 
son, Elkhart, Ind.; Sec. for Publicity and 
Church Relations, Leyi C. Hartzler, 
Elkhart, Ind.; Sewing Circle Com.: Pres., 
Mrs. J. D. Graber, Elkhart, Ind.; Vice- 
Pres., Orpha Troyer, Walnut Creek, 
Ohio; Sec., Mrs. Mahlon Eigsti, Hesston, 
Kans., Treas., Amanda Frey, Archbold, 

Publication Board: Pres., E. C. Bender, 
Martinsburg, Pa.; Vice-Pres., Clarence 
Lutz, Elizabethtown, Pa.; Sec., Harold 
Zehr, Rantoul, HI.; Financial Agent, Don 
Kreider, Des Plaines, 111.; Fifth Member, 
John C. Wenger, Goshen, Ind. Menno- 
nite Publishing House, The Herald 
Press, Scottdale, Pa. 

Board of Education: Pres., Nelson E. 
Kauffman, 1417 Broadway, Hannibal, 
Mo.; Vice-Pres., Harry A. Diener, 
Hutchinson, Kans.; Sec., J. Forrest Kan- 
agy, Biglerville, Pa.; Treas., Melvin H. 
Lauver, Akron, Pa.; Financial Agent, 
Orie O. Miller, Akron, Pa.; Sixth Mem- 
ber, Howard J. Zehr, Fisher, HI. 

Commission for Christian Education: 
Chmn., John R. Mumaw, Harrisonburg, 
Va.; Vice-Chmn., Noah G. Good, Lan- 
caster, Pa.; Sec.-Treas., J. J. Hostetler, 
Peoria, HI.; Field Sec., Paul M. Lederach, 
Scottdale, Pa. 


Gospel Herald (w), Scottdale, Pa., Paul 
Erb, Ed. 

Christian Living (m), Scottdale, Pa., Mil- 
lard Lind, Ed. 

Mennonite Quarterly Review (q), Goshen, 
Ind., Harold S. Bender, Ed, 

Youth's Christian Companion (w), Scott- 
dale, Pa., Urie Bender, Ed. 

Words of Cheer (w), Scottdale, Pa., Eliza- 
beth A. Showalter, Ed. 

Beams of Light (w), Scottdale, Pa., Helen 
Trumbo, Ed. 

The Way (m), Scottdale, Pa., Harold 
Brenneman, Ed. 

Christian Ministry (q), Scottdale, Pa., 
John R. Mumaw, Ed. 


Old Order Amish Mennonite Church 

The congregations of this Mennonite 
group have no annual conference and 
worship in private homes. They ad- 
here to the older forms of worship and 

Churches: 209. Inclusive Membership: 


Sunday or Sabbath Schools: none. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 585. 

No General Organization 

Information: Ellrose D. Zook, Ed., Men- 
nonite Yearbook and Directory, Scott- 
dale, Pa. 

Old Order (Wisler) 
Mennonite Church 

This body arose from a separation of 
Mennonites dated 1870, under Jacob 
Wisler, in opposition to what were 
thought to be innovations. 

Churches: 30. Inclusive Membership: 3,904. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: none. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 47. 

No General Organization 
Information: Ellrose D. Zook, Ed., Men- 
nonite Yearbook and Directory, Scott- 
dale, Pa. 

Reformed Mennonite Church 

This body represents a movement 
under Francis and John Herr in 1812 
towards a strict discipline among the 
Mennonites, the principle of non-re- 
sistance and no fellowship with other 

Churches: 16. Inclusive Membership: 680. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: none. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 21. 
Officer: Bishop Jacob L. Kreider, 44 Cot- 
tage Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 

Unaffiliated Conservative Amish 
Mennonite Churches 

A number of small groups or con- 
gregations of both Mennonites and 
Amish Mennonites, formed over the 
past one hundred years or more. 

Churches: 29. Inclusive Membership: 2,594. 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: none. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 78. 

Information: Ellrose D. Zook, Ed., Men- 
nonite Yearbook and Directory, Scott- 
dale, Pa. 

United Missionary Church 

Organized in 1883 to promote, 
through evangelism, a united effort for 
missionary work at home and abroad. 
The church has one foreign missionary 
for every 95 members in the homeland. 



This body was formerly known as Men- 
nonite Brethren in Christ. 

Churches: 206. Inclusive Membership: 9,905. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 206. Total 

Enrollment: 23,126. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 181. 

General Organization 

General Executives: Pres., R. P. Ditmer, 
111 N. Church St., New Carlisle, O.; Sec., 
M. J. Burgess, Brown City, Mich. 

United Missionary Society: Pres., Q. J. 
Everest, 833 31st St., South Bend, Ind.; 
Sec., P. G. Lehman, 314 Frederick St., 
Kitchener, Ont., Canada. 


Gospel Banner (w), 1819 S. Main St., Elk- 
hart, Ind., E. R. Storms, Ed. 

Missionary Banner (m), 1819 S. Main St., 
Elkhart, Ind., R. S. Reilly, Ed. 

United Missionary Year Book (a), 336 
Dumfries Ave., Kitchener, Ont, E. R. 
Storms, Ed. 

Sunday School Periodicals, Bethel Col- 
lege, Mishawaka, Ind., W. I. Goodman, 


African Methodist Episcopal Church 

This church was incorporated under 
the laws oi the state of Pennsylvania 
in the year 1816. That same year Rich- 
ard Allan was elected and ordained a 
Bishop by Bishop Asbury of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church, thus becoming 
the first Bishop of the A.M.E. Church. 

Churches: 5,878 (1951). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 1,166,301 (1951). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 6,472 (1951). 
Total Enrollment: 363,432 (1951). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 5,878 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 

Meeting, 1956.) 
Officers: Pres. of Bishops' Council and 

Senior Bishop, Bishop S. L. Greene, 

1212 Fountain Drive, SW., Atlanta, Ga. 
Sec. of Bishops' Council, Bishop D. Ward 

Nichols, 1517 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, 

Pa., and 2295 Seventh Ave., New York 

30, N. Y. 
Sec. of General Conference, Dr. Russell 

Brown, 4000 Cook Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Fin, Sec., Dr. R. "W. Mance, Washington 5, 


Other Organizations 

Board of Missions: 112 W. 120th St., New 

York 27, N. Y., Sec., Rev. A. C. Clarke. 
A.M.E. Sunday School Union: 414 8th 

Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn., Sec.-Treas., 

E. A. Selby. 
Board of Church Extension: 1535 14th 

St., N.W., Washington, D. C., Sec.-Treas., 

Dr. P. W. Rogers. 
Department of Education: 414 8th Ave., 

S., Nashville, Tenn., Sec., Dr. S. L. 

Greene, Jr. 
Division of Christian Education: 414 8th 

Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn., Sec., Dr. S. 

S. Morris. 
Evangelism: Dir., Dr. E. J. Odom, 716 

South 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Woman's Missionary Society: 716 S. 19th 

St., Philadelphia, Pa., Pres., Mrs. Ann 

Heath; Sec., Mrs. Nora Link. 
Pension Department: 414 8th Ave. S., 

Nashville, Tenn., Sec.-Treas., Rev. J. E. 

Bureau of Research and History: Dr. E. A. 

Adams, 2113 Lady, Columbia 16, S. C., 

Religious Literature: 414 8th Ave. S., 

Nashville, Term., Dr. C. W. Abington. 


A.M.E. Review, 5828 Race St., Philadel- 
phia 39, Pa., Dr. George A. Singleton, 

Voice of Missions (m), 112 W. 120th St., 
New York 27, N. Y., Rev. A. C. Clarke, 

Christian Recorder, 716 S. 19th St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Rev. Fred A. Hughes, Ed. 
South Western Christian Recorder, 414 
8th Ave., S., Nashville, Tenn., Dr. S. L. 
Jones, Ed. 

Woman's Missionary Recorder, 1589 Kings 
Road, Jacksonville, Fla., Mrs. A. B. 
Williams, Ed. 

District 1 D. Ward Nichols, 2295 Seventh 

Ave., New York 30, N. Y. 
District 2 L. H, Hemmingway, 1620 15th 

St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
District 3 A. J, Allan, 2193 E. 89th St., 

Cleveland, O. 
District 4 G. W. Baber, 110 E. Boston 

Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

District 5- D. O. Walker, Wilberforce, O. 
District 6 S. L. Green, Morris Brown 

College, Atlanta, Ga. 
District 7 Frank M. Reid, Allen Univ., 

Columbia, S. C. 

District 8 H. T. Primm, Campbell Col- 
lege, Jackson, Miss. 
District 9 I. H. Bonner, Daniel Payne 

College, Birmingham, Ala. 
District 10 Joseph Gomez, Paul Quinn 

College, Waco, Tex. 
District 11 C. A. Gibbs, Edward Waters 

College, Jacksonville, Fla. 
District 12 W. R. Wilkes, Shorter College, 

Little Rock, Ark. 
District 13 E. C. Hatcher. 
District 14 (vacant), Monrovia, Liberia, 

West Africa. 
District 15 F. D. Jordan, 68 Walmer Rd., 

Cape Town, South Africa. 
District 16 R. R. Wright, Jr., Philadelphia, 


District 17 Fredrick D. Jordan, 226 West 
45th St., Los Angeles 37, Cal. 

African Methodist Episcopal Zion 

The A.M.E. Zion Church is an inde- 
pendent body, having withdrawn from 
the John Street Methodist Church of 
New York City in 1796. 

Churches: 3,160 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 760,158 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3,050 (1952). 
Total Enrollment: 350,675 (1952). 


Ordained clergy having charges: 1,800 

General Organization 

Officers: Gen. Sec.-Aud., Rev. F. Claude 
Spurgeon, 1326-28 U St., N.W., Washing- 
ton 9, D. C. 

Fin. Sec., Richard W. Sherrill, P. O. Box 
1047, Charlotte, N. C. 

Other Organizations 

Publication House: Rev. L. L. Boyd, Mgr., 

P. O. Box 508, Charlotte, N. C. 
Board of Foreign Missions: Rev. J. Clin- 
ton Hoggard, Sec.-Treas., Washington, 
D. C. 

Board of Home Missions, Pensions and 
Relief: Rev. S. S. Seay, Sec.-Treas., 
Montgomery, Ala. 
Board of Christian Education: Dr. James 

Eichelberger, Chicago, 111. 
Board of Church Extension: D. W, An- 
drews, Sec.-Treas., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Department of Evangelism: Dr. W. S. 

Dacons, Dir., Charlotte, N. C. 
Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary 
Department: Vice-Pres., Mrs. Elsie G. 
Keys, Washington, D. C.; Exec. Sec., 
Mrs. Emma B. Watson, Lancaster, S. C. 

Star of Zion, Rev. W. R. Lovell, Ed., 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Quarterly Review, Rev. David H. Bradley, 

Ed., Bedford, Pa. 
Church School Literature, Dr. J. Van 

Catledge, Ed., Charlotte, N. C. 
Missionary Seer, Rev. J. Clinton Hoggard, 
Ed., Washington, D. C. 

1st District W. J. Walls, 4736 South Park- 
way, Chicago, 111. 

2nd District J. W. Martin, 4550 South 
Michigan Blvd., Chicago, HI. 
3rd District C. C. Alleyne, 5861 Haver- 
ford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
4th District W. C. Brown, 1455 Carroll 

St., Brooklyn 13, N. Y. 
5th District W. W. Slade, 410 East First 

St., Charlotte 2, N. C. 
6th District vacant 
7th District R. L. Jones, 916 West Horah 

St., Salisbury, N. C. 

8th District H. T. Medford, 715 Randolph 

St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 

9th District H. B. Shaw, 520 Red Cross 

St., Wilmington, N. C. 

10th District S. G. Spottswood, 1931-16th 

St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

llth Distric1^-W A. Stewart, 2314-20th St., 

N.W., Washington, D. C. 
12th District D. C. Pope, 1326-28 You St., 
N.W., Washington, D. C. 

African Union First Colored 

Methodist Protestant Church, Inc. 

A Negro body formed in 1805 out of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Churches: 33 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

5 000 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 33 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 1,302 (1953), 
Ordained clergy having charges: 33 (1953). 

General Organization 
Conference, annual. 
Headquarters: 602 Spruce St., Wilmington, 



Officers: Pres., Rev. R. C. Scott. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. W. C. Cleaver. 
Book Steward, Rev. JT. T. Rector. 
Sec., Rev. T. E. Bolden, 808 Tatnall St., 

Wilmington 1, Del. 
Statistician, Rev. Robert Walters. 

Christian Methodist Episcopal 

(See Colored Methodist Episcopal 

Colored Methodist Episcopal Church 

In 1870 the General Conference of 
the M.E. Church, South, approved the 
request of its colored membership for 
the formation of their conferences into 
a separate ecclesiastical body. 

At its General Conference in Memphis, 
May, 1954, it was overwhelmingly voted 
to change the name of the Colored 
Methodist Episcopal Church to: 

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 

This has now been referred to the 
Judiciary Court. The name will not be 
officially changed until after the report 
from the Judiciary Court. 

Churches: 2,469 (1951). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 392,167 (1951). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,932 (1949). 
Total Enrollment: 125,382 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 1,820 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, 1958.) 

Officer: Sec., Mr. A. N. Willis, 671 Alston 
Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Kingdom Extension: Pres., Bish- 
op F. L. Lewis; Sec., Rev. M. L. Breed- 
ing, 1155 West 32nd St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Board of Christian Education: Pres., Bish- 
op B. J. Smith; Sec., Rev. L. Q. Brown, 
409 Hobart St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Board of Publications: Pres., Bishop H. 
P. Porter; Sec., Rev. G. H. Carter, 109 
Shannon St., Jackson, Tenn. 

Board of Conference Claimants: Pres., 
Bishop B. W. Doyle; Sec., Rev. J. B. 
Boyd, 1486 Felix St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Board of Finance: Pres., Bishop Luther 
Stewart; Sec., F. T. Jeans, Jackson, 
Tenn., P. O. Box 229. 

Board of Evangelism: Pres., Bishop W. Y. 
Bell; Sec., Rev. J. L. Tolbert, 270 Bank- 
head St., New Albany, Miss. 

Board of Lay Activities: Pres., Bishop J. 
C. Allen; Sec., W. L. Graham, Paine 
College, Augusta, Ga. 

Board of Women's Connectional Council: 
Pres., Bishop A. W. Womack; Sec., Mrs. 
Rossie T. Hollis, Rt. 1, Box 97B, Spencer, 

Commission on Race Relations: Sec., Rev. 
C. H. Tobias, 101 Park Ave,, New York, 


Christian Index (w), Jackson, Tenn., Rev. 
E. P. Murchison, Ed. 




J. A. Hamlett, 2112 N. 5th St., Kansas City, 

H. P. Porter, 817 West Chestnut St., Louis- 
ville 3, Ky. 

W. Y. Bell, 2304 North Main St., South 
Boston, Va. 

Luther Stewart, 114 Liberty St., Hopkins- 
ville, Ky. 

F. L. Lewis, 108 Leroy St., Shreveport, La. 

B. W. Doyle, 1702 Heiman St., Nashville 
8, Term. 

A. W. Womack, 1926 No. Capitol, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

B. Julian Smith, 4041 So. Drexel Blvd., 
Chicago, HI. 

J. Claude Allen, 755 West 26th Ave., Gary, 

Congregational Methodist Church 

A movement against episcopacy and 
itinerancy in the M.E. Church, South, 
resulted in the establishment of this 
body in 1852. It adopted the congrega- 
tional policy. 

Churches: 190 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 12,448 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 147 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 8,022 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 160 (1949). 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 

meeting, 1957.) 
Officers: Pres., Rev. Marvin Sheffield, 419 

N. Polk St., Dallas 8, Texas. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. A. F. Pope, 409 Douglas 

St., Cartersville, Ga. 
Exec. Sec., Rev. A. E. O'Connor, 5237 

Terry Ave., Dallas 10, Texas. 
Sec., Rev. W. T. Stevens, Rt 2, Box 131, 

Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Asst. Sec., Rev. Elton Lewis, 4817 True- 
land Dr., Fort Worth, Texas. 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. Ora Mae Malone, 302 N. 

Winnetka, Dallas 11, Texas. 

Congregational Methodist Church 
of U.S.A. 

Organized in 1852 in the State of 
Georgia (Unincorporated) . 

Churches: 100. Inclusive Membership: 7,500. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 100 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 3,250 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 100. 

General Organization 
General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 

meeting, 1957.) 
Officers: Pres., Rev* J. A. Cook, Decatur, 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Lee Emmons, Wood Lake, 



The Watchman (m), Decatur, Miss., Rev. 
J. A. Cook, Ed. 

Cumberland Methodist Church 

Organized May 5, 1950, at Laager, 
Grundy County, Tenn. This body with- 

drew from the Congregational Method- 
ist Churches of America, Inc. 

Churches: 4. Inclusive Membership: 65. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2. Total 

Enrollment: 130. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 2. 

General Organization 
General Board, annual. 
Officers: Pres., Rev. Carl A. Shadrick, 

Whitwell, Tenn. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Ed. Nunley, Tracy City, 

Sec., Rev. Arnold Dykes, Tracy City, Tenn. 

Evangelical Methodist Church 

2923 Oak Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Information not available. 

Free Methodist Church of 
North America 

This body grew out of a movement 
in the Genesee Conference of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church about 1850 
towards a more original Methodism. It 
was organized in 1860. 

Churches: 1,211. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,231. Total 

Enrollment: 145,797. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1,066. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, 1959.) 

Headquarters: Winona Lake, Ind. 

Officers: Bishops, L. R. Marston, 311 N. 
Prairie St., Greenville, 111.; M. D. Orm- 
ston, Spring Arbor, Mich.; C. V. Fair- 
bairn, 1122 S. Walnut St., McPherson, 
Kans.; and J. P. Taylor, 843 Wyatt St., 
Greenville, HI. 

Gen. S.S. Sec., A. L. Brown, Winona Lake, 

Gen. Miss. Sec., Byron S. Lamson, Winona 
Lake, Ind. 

Gen. Sec. of Evangelism, R. B. Campbell, 
705 LaDue Place, Greenville, 111. 

Gen. Church Treas., A. S. Hill, Winona 
Lake, Ind. 

Gen. Supt. Young People's Miss. Society, 
Ernest Keasling, Winona Lake, Ind. 

Publisher, Lloyd Knox, Winona Lake, Ind. 

Sec., Bd. of Adminsitration, C. A. Watson, 
5939 Monterey Rd., Los Angeles 42, Calif. 

Service Men's Dept.: Dir., Ernest Keasling. 
Interracial Evangelism: Dir., Gilbert 
James, 501 S. Elm St., Greenville, 111. 


Free Methodist (w), Winona Lake, Ind., 

C. L. Howland, Ed. 
Light and Life S. S. Literature, Winona 

Lake, Ind., B. L. Olmstead and L. M. 

Lowell, Eds. 
The Sunday School (m), Winona Lake, 

Ind., A. L. Brown, Ed. 
Missionary Tidings (m), Winona Lake, 

Ind., Alice E. Walls, Ed. 
The YPMS News (m), Winona Lake, Ind. f 

Ernest Keasling, Ed. 
The Christian Minister (bi-m), Winona 

Lake, Ind., W. C. Mavis, Wilmore, Ky., 



Holiness Methodist Church 

Organized March 24, 1909, at Grand 
Forks, N. D., from Constitution North- 
western Holiness Association. Name 
changed March 17, 1920. Not part of 
North Carolina Holiness Methodist 

Churches: 27. Inclusive Membership: 725. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 30. Total 

Enrollment: 1,528. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 27. 

General Organization 

Officer: Gen. Supt., Rev. Henry C. Kurtz, 
2823 Newton Ave. N., Minneapolis 11, 

The Independent A.M.E. 

Organized Jacksonville, Fla., 1907, by 
twelve elders who withdrew from the 
A.M.E. Church. 

Churches: 12 (1940). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 1,000 (1940). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 17 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 535 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

No further information available. 

Independent Fundamental Methodist 

Withdrew from The Methodist 
Church. Organized August 27, 1942. 
Located in Springfield, Mo. 

Churches: 15. Inclusive Membership: 534. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 15. Total 

Enrollment: 660. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 14. 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Officers: Chmn., Rev. Roy Keith, Rt. 3, Ash 
Grove, Mo. 

Sec., E. J. Ethridge, 1616 Fla. St., Spring- 
field, Mo. 

Lumber River Annual Conference 
of the Holiness Methodist Church 

A holiness body formed in North 
Carolina in 1900. 

Churches: 7 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

570 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 7 (1953). Total 

Enrollment: 1,518 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 5 (1953). 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Officers: Bishop, Rev J. R. Lowry, Pem- 
broke, N. C. 

Conf. Sec., Bro. C. N. Lowry, Rowland, 
N. C. 


The Methodist Church 

The present organization of The 
Methodist Church began in May, 1939, 
with the unification of three branches 
of Methodism the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, South, and the Methodist Prot- 
estant Church. All three of the uniting 
churches were in unbroken historical 
connection with Methodism in Amer- 
ica. The 1948 General Conference 
adopted a resolution stating that the 
Christmas Conference of 1784 is re- 
garded as the date on which the or- 
ganized Methodist Church was founded 
as an ecclesiastical organization. At 
this Conference, held in Lovely Lane 
Chapel, Baltimore, Francis Asbury and 
Thomas Coke were elected superin- 
tendents and a program of expansion 
was outlined. The Methodist move- 
ment began in England with John and 
Charles Wesley, leaders of an evangeli- 
cal revival, and was carried to Ameri- 
ca in 1760 by Methodist emigrants 
from Ireland. 

Churches: 39,801. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 37,635. Total 

Enrollment: 6,701,186. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 23,286. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, Minneapolis, Minn., April 25- 
May 9, 1956.) 

Officers: The Bishops (see list below) pre- 
side in turn. 

Sec. of Gen. Conference, Lud M. Estes, 
1669 N. Parkway, Memphis 12, Tenn. 

Council of Bishops: Pres., Bishop Clare 
Purcell, 1801 Sixth Ave., Worth, Birming- 
ham, Ala.; President designate, Bishop 
W. Earl Ledden, 317 East Jefferson St., 
Syracuse 2, N. Y. (to take office April 
26, 1956). 

Sec., Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, 100 Mary- 
land Ave., N.E., Washington 2, D. C. 

Judicial Council 

Officers: Pres., Marvin A. Childers. 
Sec., J. Ernest Wilkins, 4708 Blagden Ter- 
race, N.W., Washington 11, D. C. 

Olher Organizations 

Board of Publication: Chmn., William H. 
Swiggart, 930 Broadway, Nashville 3, 
Tenn.; Sec., Fred J, Jordan. Eau Claire. 

The Methodist Publishing House: Publish- 
ing Agents, Lovick Pierce, 810 Broad- 
way, Nashville 2, Term., and J. Edgar 
Washabaugh, 150 Fifth Ave., New York 
11, N. Y.; Book Ed., Nolan B. Harmon, 
150 Fifth Ave,, New York 11, N.Y.; 
Administrative Directors (810 Broad- 
way, Nashville 2, Tenn.); Accounting, J. 
R. Smith; Manufacturing, R. G. Gra- 
ham; Personnel and Public Relations, 
Charles A. Britton, Jr.; Publishing, Pat 



Beaird; Sales, W. L. Seaman. Branches 
and book stores: Atlanta, Baltimore, 
Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, De- 
troit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Nash- 
ville, New York, Pittsburgh, Portland, 
Richmond, San Francisco. 
Board of Missions: 150 Fifth Ave., New 
York 11, N. Y. Pres., Bishop Arthur J. 
Moore; Rec. Sec., Barbara H. Lewis; 
Treas., H. Conwell Snoke; Asst. Treas., 
Henrietta Gibson and H. Burnham Kirk- 
land; Bus. Mgr., Robert T. Henry; Per- 
sonnel Sees., Alpharetta Leeper, J. Mar- 
guerite Twinem and M. O. Williams, Jr.; 
Research Librarian, M. Dorothy Wood- 
ruff; Attorney, J. Kenneth Murray. 
Div. of World Missions: Pres., Bishop 
Richard C. Raines; Gen. Exec. Sec., 
Eugene L. Smith; Rec. Sec., Mrs. 
Gladys Gabrielsen; Exec. Sec., James 
K. Mathews (Southern Asia); Adm. 
Sees.: Tracy K. Jones, Jr. (China & 
Southeast Asia), T. T. Brumbaugh 
(East Asia), Ralph E. Dodge (Africa 
& Europe), James E. Ellis (Latin 
American Fields); Treas., H. Burnham 
Kirkland; Asst. Treas., Eleanor P. 
Clarkson, Edna L. Robertson, and 
David M. Stevens; Advance Dir., Er- 
nest E. Tuck; Advance Sec., Roy S. 
Smyres; Med. Sec., H. N. Brew- 
ster, M.D. 

Div. of National Missions: Pres., Bishop 
A. Frank Smith; Gen. Exec. Sec., Earl 
R. Brown; Exec. Sec. Home Missions, 

; Exec. Sees., Section of 

Church Extension, W. Vernon Middle- 
ton and B. P. Murphy; Rec. Sec., 
Aubrey S. Moore; Treas., S. Conwell 
Snoke; Assoc. Treas. & Compt., George 
L. Hergesheimer; Asst. Treas., Eleanor 
L. Welch and Mrs. M. A. Rassinier; 
Dir. Field Work, Benjamin F. Allgqod; 
Assoc. Sees.: Sees., Church Extension, 
Frederick L. Pedersen, J. B. Harris, 
Jr., H. M. King, and H. L. Johns; Sees., 
Home Missions, Charles Parkin, 
Charles F. Golden and P. Gordon 
Gould; Asst. Sees., Albert S. Adams 
and Isabel Kennedy; Superintendents: 
Field Service and Finance, F. Olen 
Hunt; City Work, Robert A. McKibben; 
Town and Country Work, Glenn F. 
Sanford; Goodwill Industries, Percy 
J. Trevethan; Spanish-speaking and 
Indian Work in the Southwest, Clar- 
ence W. Lokey; Research and Sur- 
vey, Roy A. Sturm; Dir. Christian 
Education and Youth Work for Out- 
posts and Mission Conferences, James 

Woman's Div. of Christian Service: 
Pres., Mrs. Frank G. Brooks; Rec. 
Sec., Mrs. J. Ernest Wilkins; Treas., 
Henrietta Gibson; Disbursing Officer, 
Mrs. Alice C. Williams; Asst. Treas., 
Hazel Best, Marguerite Hawkins, and 
Marguerite Harris. Work in Foreign 
Fields: Chmn., Mrs. Charles E. Weg- 
ner; Exec. Sees.: Ruth Lawrence 
(Africa and Europe), Lucile Colony 
(India and Pakistan), Margaret Bil- 
lingsley (East Asia), Clara M. French 
(China and S.E. Asia), Marian Derby 
(Latin America); Assoc. Sec., Mrs, F. 
Roderick Dail; Asst. Sec., Beverley C. 
Berry. Work in Home Fields: Chmn., 
Mrs. J. N. Rodeheaver; Exec. Sees., 
Muriel Day (Ed. Insts.), Mrs. Mabel 

Garrett Wagner (Urban Work), Cor- 
nelia Russell (Town and Country), 
Mary Lou Barnwell (Deaconess Work), 
Emma Burris (Soc. Welfare and Med. 
Work); Asst. Sec., Ruth Pope. Chris- 
tian Soc. Rel. and Loc. Ch. Act.: 
Chmn., Mrs. J. Fount Tillman; Exec. 
Sec., Thelma Stevens; Assoc. Sec., 
Mrs. C. A. Bender; Asst. Sec., Ethel 
Watkins. Ed. Lit., Juanita Brown; 
Assoc. Eds., Alyce L'Heritier and 
Frances Eshelman; Ed., The Methodist 
Woman, Mrs. C. A. Meeker; Pub. & 
Bus. Mgr., Mrs. E. LeRoy Stiffler; 
Circ. Mgr. and Sec. Lit., Mrs. C. C. 

Joint Section of Education and Cultiva- 
tion: Pres., Bishop W. Angie Smith; 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. Charles W. Mead; 
Woman's Section: Exec. Sec., Dorcas 
Hall; Sec. Lit. & Ed. World Outlook, 
Dorothy McConnell; Sec. Miss. Educ., 
Elizabeth Stinson; Sec. Wes. Ser. Gld., 
Lillian A. Johnson; Assoc. Sees.: Field 
Cult., Harriet Seibert; Stud. Work, 
Dorothy Nyland; Youth Work, Helen 
L. Johnson; Children, Ruby Van 
Hooser; Visual Educ., B. Elizabeth 
Marchant. Asst. to Exec. Sec., Mrs. 
Maude White Hardy; Asst. to Sec., 
Missionary Ed., Mrs. C. B. Knapp. 
Gen. Section: Exec. Sec., J. A. Engle; 
Sec. & Ed. World Outlook, Henry C. 
Sprinkle, Jr.; Dir. Dept. News Serv., 
W. W. Reid; Sees.: Miss. Educ., Karl 
K. Quimby; Vis. Educ., H. G. Conger; 
Dept. Fid. Cult., W. J. Leppert (also 
Treas.); Stud. Work, R. Claude Single- 

Board of Pensions: Pres., Bishop Ivan Lee 
Holt; Rec. Sec., George P. Extrom. Il- 
linois and Maryland Corporations: 740 
Rush St., Chicago 11, 111. Pres., Lester A. 
Kilpatrick; Exec. Sec., Charles L. Cal- 
kins; Asst. Sec., Kenneth F. Thompson; 
Treas., Donald R. McKee. Missouri Corp.: 
506 Olive St., St. Louis 1, Mo. Pres., 
Bishop Ivan Lee Holt; Exec. Sec., A. 
Thomas Mcllwain; Asst. Sec., J. Wilson 
Crichlow; Treas., Benjamin F. Frick, Jr. 

Board of Education: 1001 Nineteenth Ave., 
S., Nashville 2, Tenn. Pres., Bishop Fred 
P. Corson; Rec. Sec., Dennis V. Snapp; 
Treas., Chester W. Loughlin. 
Div. of Local Church: Chmn., Bishop 
Paul E. Martin; Exec. Sec., John Q. 
Schisler; Assoc. Sec., Nathaniel F. For- 
syth; Dept. Directors: Leadership Edu- 
cation, M. Earl Cunningham; Christian 
Family, Edward D. Staples; Gen. 
Church School Work, Walter Towner; 
Adult Work, M. Leo Rippy; Youth 
Work, Harold Ewing; Children's Work, 
Mary Alice Jones. 

Div. of Educational Institutions: Chmn., 
Bishop Paul N. Garber; Exec. Sec., 
John O. Gross; Assoc. Dirs., Section of 
Secondary and Higher Education, My- 
ron F. Wicke and James S. Thomas; 
Assoc. Dirs., College and University 
Religious Life: H. D. Bellinger, Harvey 
C. Brown, and Richard N. Bender; Dir., 
Personnel, Student Loans and Scholar- 
ships, Stanley H. Martin; Dir., Edi- 
torial Dept., Roger Ortmayer; Section 
of Ministerial Education: Chmn., Bis- 
hop Donald H. Tippett; Dir., In-Service 
Training, J. Richard Spann; Dir., The- 
ological Schools, Gerald O. McCulloch. 


Editorial Div.: 810 Broadway, Nashville 
2, Term. Chmn., Bishop Lloyd C. 
Wicke; Exec. Sec. and Ed. of Church 
School Publications, Henry M. Bul- 
lock; Adm. Assoc., Walter N. Vernon, 
Jr.; Ed., The Christian Home, Joy 
Bayless; Ed. Adult Pubs., Charles M. 
Laymon; Ed. Youth Pubs., J. Emerson 
Ford; Ed. Children's Pubs., Mary Edna 

Board of Evangelism: 1908 Grand Ave., 
Nashville 3, Tenn. Pres., Bishop W. 
Angie Smith; Vice-Pres., Bishop W. Earl 
Ledden; Rec. Sec., Ray W. Ragsdale; 
Treas., D. E. Jackson; Exec. Sec., Harry 
Denman; Assoc. Sees.: Joseph H. Edge, 
J.. W. Golden, C. Lloyd Daugherty, Jr., 
G. Ernest Thomas, Harry L. Williams, 
and Eugene Golay. Editors: George H. 
Jones and J. Manning Potts. 

Board of Hospitals and Homes: 740 Rush 
St., Chicago 11, 111. Pres., Bishop Wil- 
liam T. Watkins; Rec. Sec., Frank Prent- 
zel, Jr.; Treas., O. J. Carder; Exec. Sec., 
Karl P. Meister; Adm. Asst. and Person- 
nel Sec., Olin E. Oeschger; Assoc. in 
Child Welfare, Lena J. Martin; Assoc. 
in Personnel and Pub. ReL, Thelma Ann 
Reynolds; Assoc. in Institutional Serv- 
ices, Harold K. Wright. 

Board of Temperance: 100 Maryland Ave., 
N.E., Washington 2, D. C. Pres., Bishop 
Paul E. Martin; Vice-Pres., Bishop 
Edgar A. Love and Dr. Frank E. Loch- 
ridge; Treas., Benjamin H. Littleton; 
Rec. Sec., Edson H. Deal: Exec. Sec,, 
Caradine R. Hooton; Assoc. Sees.: 
Aubrey B. Speer and J. E. Joiner. 

Board of Lay Activities: 740 Rush St., 
Chicago 11, 111. Pres., Ray H. Nichols; 
Rec. Sec., Carl W. Haggard; Treas., W. 
Rolfe Brown; Exec. Sec., Robert G. May- 
field; Assoc. Sees.: W. Rolfe Brown, 
James H. Touchstone, E. Lamont Geis- 
singer, Shelby E. Southard, and Don L. 
Calame; Asst. Sec., Robert C. Williams. 

Council on World Service and Finance: 
740 Rush St., Chicago 11, IU. Pres., Bish- 
op Clare Purcell; Rec. Sec., George B. 
McKibbin; Exec. Sec. and Treas., Thom- 
as B. Lugg; Adm. Assoc., J. Homer Ma- 
ee; Asst., Jason E. Robinson; Dir. of 
tatistics, Albert C. Hoover; pir. of 
Transportation, James B. Hoge. 

Coordinating Council: Pres., Bishop Charles 
W. Brashares, 77 W. Washington St., 
Chicago 2, HI.; Sec., John R. Van Sickle. 

Board of World Peace: 740 Rush St., Chi- 
cago 11, HI.; New York Office, 345 E. 
46th St., New York 17, N. Y. Pres., 
Ralph W. Sockman; Rec. Sec., George 
W. Carter; Treas., Irvin S. Motz; Exec. 
Sec., Charles F. Boss, Jr.; Adm. Sec., 
Herman Will, Jr.; Field Sec., Carl D. 

Commission on Public Relations and Meth- 
odist Information: 150 Fifth Ave., New 
York 11, N.Y. Branches: 740 Rush St., 
Chicago 11, 111., and 1001 19th Ave., S., 
Nashville 2, Tenn. Chmn., Bishop Rich- 
ard C. Raines; Rec. Sec., Miron A. 
Morrill; Treas., Walter W. Van Kirk; 
Exec. Dir., Ralph Stoody; Assoc. Direc- 
tors: Arthur West and O. B. Fanning. 

Commission on Promotion and Cultivation: 
740 Rush St., Chicago 11, IU. Pres., 
Bishop William C. Martin; Treas., 
Thomas B. Lugg; Exec. Dir. and Sec., 


E. Harold Mohn; Ed. of Promotional 
Publications, O. L. Simpson; Mgr. of 
Prom. Pub., Earle H. MacLeod. 

Advance Committee: 740 Rush St., Chi- 
cago 11, 111. Chmn., Bishop Costen J. 
Harrell; Rec. Sec., Frank Baker; Treas., 
Thomas B, Lugg; Exec. Dir,, E. Harold 

Methodist Commission on Chaplains: 100 
Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington 2, D. C. 
Chmn., Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam; Exec. 
Sec., D. Stewart Patterson; Treas., Fred 
H. Heather, Jr.; Assoc. Sees., Fred C. 
Reynolds and Edwin C. Calhoun. 

Board of Social and Economic Relations: 
740 Rush St., Chicago 11, IU. Pres., 
Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke; Rec. Sec., James 
P. Brawley; Treas., Mrs. Edward R. 
Bartlett; Exec. Sec., A. Dudley Ward. 

Interboard Committee on Missionary Edu- 
cation: Box 871, Nashville 2, Tenn. 
Chmn., Bishop John Wesley Lord; Exec. 
Sec., Horace W. Williams. 

Interboard Committee on Christian Voca- 
tions: 1001 Nineteenth Ave., S., Nashville 
2, Tenn. Chmn., Bishop Edwin E. Voigt; 
Sec., Richard G. Belcher. 

National Conference of Methodist Youth: 
1001 Nineteenth Ave., S., NashviUe 2, 
Tenn. Pres., Richard Thompson; Project 
Sees., LeRoy King and Eloise KeUy. 

Radio and Film Commission: 1525 Mc- 
Gavock St., Nashville 3, Tenn. Pres., 
Bishop Donald H. Tippett; Vice-Pres., 
Bishop Marvin A. Franklin; Rec. Sec., 
Walter N. Vernon, Jr.; Treas., Chester 
W. Loughlin; Exec. Sec., Harry C. 
Spencer; Assoc. Exec. Sec., Howard E. 

Committee on Overseas Relief: 150 Fifth 
Ave., New York 11, N. Y. Chmn., Bishop 
Frederick B. Newell; Sec., Dr. Frank T. 
Cartwright; Treas., Lena Knapp; Dir., 
Gaither P. Warfield, 

Council of Secretaries: Pres., Henrietta 
Gibson; Vice-Pres., John O. Gross; Sec., 
Horace W. Williams, Box 871, Nashville 
2, Term. 


Alabama Christian Advocate (w), Bir- 
mingham, Ala., T. P. Chalker, Ed. 

Arkansas Methodist (w) , Little Rock, Ark., 
E. T. Wayland, Ed. 

Baltimore Area Messenger (m), Baltimore, 
Md., Daniel L. Ridout, Ed. 

Central Christian Advocate, The (w) (offi- 
cial), New Orleans, La., Prince A. Tay- 
lor, Jr., Ed. 

Christian Advocate, The (w) (official), 
Chicago, 111., T. Otto Nail, Ed. 

Christian Home (m), NashviUe, Tenn., Joy 
Bayless, Ed. 

Church and Campus (bi-m), Nashville, 
Tenn., Roger Ortmayer, Ed. 

Concern (bi-w), NashviUe, Tenn., Eloise 
Kelly, Ed. 

Florida Methodist (bi-w), Enterprise, Fla., 
Bascom W. Carlton, Ed. 

Holston Methodist (m), Johnson City, 
Tenn., D. Trigg James, Ed. 

Hoosier Methodist (m), Indianapolis, Ind., 
Nelson Price, Ed. 

Kentucky Methodist (bi-w), Paris, Ky., 
Dennis V. Snapp, Ed. 

Louisiana Methodist (w), Little Rock, Ark., 
E. T. Wayland, Ed. 

Methodist Layman (m), Chicago, 111., 
Shelby E. Southard, Ed. 



Methodist Woman (m), New York, N. Y., 

Mrs. C. A. Meeker, Ed. 
Michigan Christian Advocate (w), Adrian, 

Mich., John E. Marvin, Ed. 
Mississippi Methodist Advocate (w), Jack- 
son, Miss., Clinton T. Howell, Ed. 
Motive (m), Nashville, Tenn., Roger Ort- 

mayer, Ed. 
North Carolina Christian Advocate (w), 

Greensboro, N. C., Cecil W. Bobbins, Ed. 
Pastor, The (m), Nashville, Tenn., New- 
man S. Cryer, Ed. 
Pastor's Journal (m) , New York, N. Y., 

W. W. Reid, Ed. 
Power (q), Nashville, Tenn., LeRoy King, 

Shepherds (m), Nashville, Tenn., George 

H, Jones, Ed. 
South Carolina Methodist Advocate (w), 

Columbia, S. C., J. Claude Evans, Ed. 
Texas Christian Advocate (w), Dallas, 

Texas, J. Fisher Simpson, Ed. 
Upper Room (bi-m), Nashville, Tenn., J. 

Manning Potts, Ed. 
Upper Room Pulpit (m) , Nashville, Tenn., 

J. Manning Potts, Ed. 
Virginia Methodist Advocate (w), Rich- 
mond, Va., Geo. S. Reamey, Ed. 
Voice (m), Washington, D. C., Roger 

Burgess, Ed. 
Wesleyan Christian Advocate (w), Macon, 

Ga., F. M. Gaines, Ed. 
World Outlook (m), New York, N. Y., 

Henry C. Sprinkle, Jr., and Dorothy 

McConnell, Eds. 
Zions Herald (w), Boston, Mass., J. Tre- 

mayne Copplestone, Ed. 


Raymond L. Archer, Methodist Center, 
Box 483, Singapore, Malaya. 

Sante Uberto Barbieri, Rivadavia 4044, 
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Newell S. Booth, B. P. 522 EllsabethviUe, 
Belgian Congo, Africa. 

J. W. E. Bowen, 250 Auburn Ave., N.E., 
Atlanta 3, Ga. 

John Branscomb, 225 E. Duvall St., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

Charles W. Brashares, 77 W. Washington 
St., Chicago 2, 111. 

W. Y. Chen, China. 

Matthew W. Glair, Jr., 2731 Pine St., St. 
Louis 3, Mo. 

D. Stanley Coors, 1987 Summit Ave., St. 
Paul 5, Minn. 

Fred Pierce Corson, 1701 Arch St., Phila- 
delphia 3, Pa. 

Dana Dawson, 810 National Bank of 
Topeka Bldg., Topeka, Kans. 

F. Gerald Ensley, 615 Tenth St., Des 
Moines 14, Iowa. 

Marvin A. Franklin, 201 Millsaps Bldg., 
Jackson 1, Miss. 

Paul N. Garber, 404 Methodist Bldg., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

A. Raymond Grant, 514 Jackson Tower, 
Portland, Oregon. 

Odd Hagen, Langseleringen 41, Stockholm- 
Vallingby, Sweden. 

Costen J. Harrell, First Methodist Church, 
Charlotte 2, N. C. 

Ivan Lee Holt, 506 Olive St., St. Louis 1, 

Z. T. Kaung, China. 

Gerald H. Kennedy, 125 E. Sunset Blvd., 
Los Angeles 12, Calif. 

Willis J. King, 631 Baronne St., New Or- 
leans 12, La. 

W. Earl Ledden, 317 E. Jefferson St., Syra- 
cuse 2, N. Y. 

John Wesley Lord, 581 Boylston St., Bos- 
ton 16, Mass. 

Edgar A. Love, 1206 Etting St., Baltimore 
17, Md. 

Paul E. Martin, 723 Center St., Little Rock, 

William C. Martin, 1910 Main St., Dallas 1, 

Shot K. Mondol, Chapel Road, Hyderabad, 

Arthur J. Moore, 63 Auburn Ave., NJE., 
Atlanta 3, Ga. 

Frederick B. Newell, 150 Fifth Ave., New 
York 11, N. Y. 

H. Clifford Northcott, 516 First National 
Bank Bldg., Madison 3, Wis. 

G. Bromley Oxnam, 100 Maryland Ave., 
N.E., Washington 2, D. C. 

Glenn R. Phillips, 2100 S. Josephine, 
Denver 2, Colo. 

J. Wascom Pickett, 12 Boulevard Rd., Del- 
hi, India. 

Clare Purcell, 1801 6th Ave., North, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Richard C. Raines, 220 Underwriters Bldg., 
Indianapolis 4, Ind. 

Marshall R. Reed, 1205 Kales Bldg., De- 
troit 26, Mich. 

Clement D. Rockey, 37 Cantonment Rd., 
Lucknow, India. 

Julio Manuel Sabanes, Casilla 67, Santi- 
ago, Chile. 

Roy H. Short, 810 Broadway, Nashville 2, 

Ferdinand Sigg, 69 Badenerstrasse, Zurich, 

A. Frank Smith, 1049 Kirby Dr., Houston 
19, Tex. 

W. Angie Smith, 6619 Hillcrest, Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

John A. Subhan, Robinson Memorial, By- 
culla, Bombay, India. 

Donald H. Tippett, 83 McAllister St., San 
Francisco 2, Cal. 

Jose L. Valencia, P. O. Box 756, Manila, 
P. I. 

Edwin K Voigt, 230 Mid-West Capitol 
Bldg., Aberdeen, S. D. 

Ralph A. Ward, 22 Hennessey Road, Hong 
Kong, China. 

William T. Watkins, 1115 So. Fourth St., 
Louisville 3, Ky. 

H. Bascom Watts, 4201 Randolph, Lincoln, 

Hazen G. Werner, 12 North Third St., 
Columbus 15, Ohio. 

Lloyd C. Wicke, Methodist Center, Smith- 
field at 7th, Pittsburgh 19, Pa. 

Friedrich Wunderlich, Ginnheimer Land- 
strasse 180, Frankfurt 16 a/M, Ginn- 
heim, Germany. 

Retired Bishops 

Theodor Arvidson, Box 5020, Radmans- 

gaten 69 IV, Stockholm, Sweden. 
James C. Baker, 1858 California St., San 

Marino 9, Calif. 
Enrique C. Balloch, Calle China, 1738 

Cerro, Montevideo, Uruguay. 
Hiram A. Boaz, 4352 Fairfax Ave., Dallas, 

Ralph S. Cushman, 2416 East Lake Dr., 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Roberto Elphick, Casilla 3491, Santiago, 

Charles W. Flint, 100 Maryland Ave., N.E., 

Washington 2, D. C. 
Juan E. Gattinoni, Rivadavia 4044, Buenos 

Aires, Argentina. 
John Gowdy, 235 Knowles Ave., Winter 

Park, Fla. 


Wilbur E. Hammaker, 110 Maryland Ave., 
N.E., Washington 2, D. C. 

Lewis O. Hartman, 226 Bay State Rd., 
Boston 15, Mass. 

Robert E. Jones, Box 103, Waveland, Miss. 

Edward W. Kelly, 2518 Atkinson St., De- 
troit, Mich. 

Frederick D. Leete, 327 Third St., North, 
St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Titus Lowe, 3146 Washington Blvd., In- 
dianapolis 5, Ind. 

J. Ralph Magee, 1864 Sherman Ave., Evans- 
ton, 111. 

George A. Miller, 3561 Brook St., Lafay- 
ette, Cal. 

William Walter Peele, Route 1, Laurin- 
burg, N. C. 

Charles C. Selecman, 6001 HiUcrest, Dal- 
las 5, Tex. 

Alexander P. Shaw, 2151 W. 20 St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

John M. Springer, 150 Fifth Ave., New 
York 11, N. Y. 

James H. Straughn, 303 Northway, (Guil- 
ford) Baltimore, Md. 

Raymond J. Wade, Box 679, Bay View, 

Herbert Welch, 520 W. 110th St., New York 
25, N. Y. 

New Congregational Methodist 

A small body of Methodists which 
separated from the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, South, in 1881 in protest over 
administrative matters. 

Churches: 25 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 1,449 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 10 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 540 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Correspondent, Mrs. Sallie Smith, Rt. 3, 

Nicholls, Ga. 
Officers: Pres. Georgia District, Eev. R. L. 

Crosby, Waycross, Ga. 
Pres. Florida District, Rev. J. D. Williams, 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Primitive Methodist Church, U.S.A. 

This body was established at Mow 
Cop in England as an offshoot of the 
Wesleyan Connection. It was brought 
to America by immigrants in 1829, and 
organized into a General Conference 
in 1889. 

Churches: 92. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 94. Total En- 
rollment: 10,481. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 74. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. Next 

meeting, 1958. 
Officers: Pres., Rev. W. J. Waters, 516 

Jackson St., Dickson City, Pa. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Thomas W. Jones. 


Sec., Dr. Richard E. Owens, 313 E. Juniper 

St., Hazleton, Pa. 
Treas., Rev. Floyd J. Seymour, 79 Laurel 

St., Wllkes-Barre, Pa. 


The Primitive Methodist Journal (m), 106 
S. Jardin St., Shenandoah, Pa,, Dr. Wes- 
ley Boyd, Ed. 

Reformed Methodist Church 

A small group of Holiness Method- 
ists who separated from the main body 
in 1814 on issues of church govern- 
ment and the Wesleyan interpretation 
of Holiness. It is largely rural. 

Merged in 1952 with Churches of 
Christ in Christian Union (see above) , 
and is now known as the North East- 
ern District of that group. 

Reformed Methodist Union Episcopal 

Organized in 1885 at Charleston, S. C., 
among persons withdrawing from the 
African Methodist Episcopal Church; 
the doctrines were generally those of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Churches: 33. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 33. Total En- 
rollment: 684 (1952). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 33. 

General Organization 
General Conference, annual. Headquarters: 

Charleston, S. C. 

Officer: Bishop J. R. Priolean, 45 Ken- 
nedy St., Charleston 25, S.C. 

Reformed New Congregational 
Methodist Church 

Organized 1916 by J. A. Sander, In- 
dependence Mission, and Earl Wilcox- 
en, Congregational Methodist Church. 
Congregational in polity. 

Churches: 8 (1936). Inclusive Membership: 
329 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools, and Enroll- 
ment: No report. 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Information about present officers not 

Reformed Zion Union Apostolic 

Organized in 1869, at Boydton, Va., 
by Elder James R. Howell of New 
York, a minister of the A.M.E. Zion 
Church; with doctrines of the Method- 
ist Episcopal Church. 
Churches: 50. Inclusive Membership: 




Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 50. Total En- 
rollment: 3,654 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 26. 

General Organization 

Conference, annual (in August). 
General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 

meeting, October, 1958.) 
Officers: Bishop, 1st Episcopal District, Rt. 

Rev. G. W. Taylor, High St., South Hill, 

Bishop, 2nd Episcopal District, Rt. Rev. 

R. H. Jones. 
Fin. Sec., Rev. T. J. Johnson, Lawrence- 

ville, Va. 


Union Searchlight, South Hill, Va., Rev. 
T. J. Johnson, Ed. 

Southern Methodist Church 

Organized in 1945, this body is com- 
posed of congregations that declined to 
be a party to the merger of the M.E. 
Church, The M.E. Church, South, and 
the Methodist Protestant Church into 
The Methodist Church. 

Churches: 50 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 6,500 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 50 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 10,250 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 27 (1953). 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, 1958.) 

Conferences (S. C., Mid-South, and South- 
West), annual. 

Officer: Pres., Rev. D. C. Gregory, Latta, 
S. C. 

Union American Methodist Episcopal 

In 1813 a Union Church of Africans 
was incorporated in Delaware, made 
up of Negro members of the M.E. 
Church of Wilmington, Del, In 1850 a 
division occurred, and the main body 
changed its name in 1852 as above. 

Churches: 71 (1936). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 9,369 (1936). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 66 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 5,465 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. 
Headquarters: 1928 Federal St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Officers: Bishop, Philip A. Boulden. 
Sec., B. M. Fernanders. 

Wesleyan Methodist Church 
of America 

This body was formed at Utica, N. Y., 
in 1843, during the agitation of the 

slavery question in the Methodist Con- 
ferences in New York State. After the 
Civil War and the passing of the slav- 
ery issue, it stressed the doctrine of 
entire sanctification. 

Churches: 973. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday and Sabbath Schools: 1,032. Total 

Enrollment: 112,856. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 934. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, 1959.) 

Headquarters: 330 E. Onondaga St., Syra- 
cuse 2, N. Y. 

Officers: Pres., Dr. Roy S. Nicholson, 330 
E. Onondaga St., Syracuse 2, N. Y. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. F. R. Eddy, 330 E. Onon- 
daga St., Syracuse 2, N. Y. 

Lay Vice-Pres., Dr. Stephen W. Paine, 
Houghton, N. Y. 

Sec., Rev. Garl Beaver, 2101 Schuyler Ave., 
Lafayette, Ind. 

Agt. & Treas., Dr. F. R. Eddy. 

Ed. of Publ., Dr. O. G. Wilson, 330 E. Onon- 
daga St., Syracuse 2, N. Y. 

Sec. For. Miss., Dr. F. R. Birch, 330 E. 
Onondaga St., Syracuse 2, N. Y. 

Sec. Home Miss., Dr. J. R. Swauger, Box 
117, Salina Station, Syracuse 8, N. Y. 

S. S. Ed., Dr. R. D. Reisdorph, Houghton, 
N. Y. 

Gen. Sec., W. Y. P. S., Dr. H. K. Sheets, 
124 West 39 St., Marion, Ind. 

Gen. Pres., W.M.S., Mrs. Ruby Reisdorph, 
Houghton, N. Y. 


The Wesleyan Methodist (w), Syracuse 2, 

N. Y., Dr. O. G. Wilson, Ed. 
The Wesleyan Youth (m), Syracuse 2, 

N. Y., Dr. O. G. Wilson, Ed. 
The Wesleyan Missionary (m), Houghton, 

N. Y., Rev. Gracia Fero, Ed. 
The Sunday-School Banner (w), Dr. R. D. 

Reisdorph, Ed. 
The Junior Class Paper (w), Dr. R. D. 

Reisdorph, Ed. 
The Children's Friend (w), Dr. R. D. 

Reisdorph, Ed. 


Bohemian and Moravian Brethren 

A small group of Brethren organized 
in Iowa in 1858. They recognize the 
Helvetic and Westminster confessions 
of faith and use the Heidelberg and 
Westminster catechisms. The general 
polity is presbyterian. 

Churches: 2. Inclusive Membership: 225. 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 2. Total En- 
rollment: 180. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 1. 

Officers: Pastor, Rev. Francis R. Larew, 
R.F.D. No. 2, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Francis Pokorny, 
Ely, Iowa. 

Pres. Board of Elders, Arnold C. Vavra, 
Ely, Iowa. 


Evangelical Unity of the Czech- 
Moravian Brethren in North America 

Czech and Moravian immigrants in 
Texas (beginning about 1855) estab- 
lished congregations which grew into 
an Evangelical Union in 1903 and with 
the accession of other Brethren in 
Texas to the Unity as above. 

Churches: 32. Inclusive Membership: 5,276. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 24. Total En- 
rollment: 2,529. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 8. 

General Organization 

Synod, bi-annual. (Next meeting, July. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. H. E. Beseda, Jr., 
P. O. Box 321, Rosenberg, Texas. 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Frank OD. Svoboda, 700 
Sloan St., Taylor, Texas. 

Sec., O. H. Juren, Fairfield, Texas. 

Fin. Sec., Win. J. Baletka, Rt. 4, Rosebud, 

Treas., J. H. Siptak, CaldweU, Texas. 

Ecumenicity Advocate, Rev. Josef A. Bar- 
ton, Rt. 1, Bellville, Texas. 

Oiher Organizations 

Sunday School Union: Pres., F. B. Ad- 
long, Rt. 9, Box 978J, Houston, Texas; 
Sec., Stanley F. Mrnustik, 208 N. Shaw, 
Caldwell, Texas; Supt., Daniel J. Marek, 
101 E. 30, Austin, Texas. 

Hus School (for training Sunday School 
workers): Principal, Rev. John Baletka, 
4 So. 16th St., Temple, Texas. 

Christian Sisters Union: Pres., Mrs. Josef 
A. Barton, Rt. 1, BeLLville, Texas; Sec., 
Mrs. J. H. Siptak, Caldwell, Texas. 

Mutual Aid Society: Pres., W. J. Baletka, 
Rt. 4, Rosebud, Texas; Sec., O. H. Juren, 
Fairfield, Texas. 


Brethren Journal, Temple, Texas, Rev. 
Josef A. Barton, Ed. (Rt. 1, Bellville, 

Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) 

In 1735 Moravian missionaries of the 
pre-Reformation faith of John Hus 
came to Georgia, in 1740 to Pennsylva- 
nia and in 1753 to North Carolina. They 
established the Moravian Church which 
is broadly evangelical, liturgical, with 
an episcopacy as a spiritual office and 
in form of government "conferential." 

Churches: 145. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 141. Total 

Enrollment: 26,728. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 115. 

General Organization 

Two Provincial Synods (Northern and 

Northern Province 

Headquarters: 69 W. Church St., Beth- 
lehem, Pa. 
Officers: Provincial Elders' Conference: 


Pres., Dr. F. P. Stocker. 

E. Vice-Pres. and Sec., Bishop Kenneth 

G. Hamilton. 
W. Vice-Pres., Bishop I. Richard Me- 

waldt, 4045 Cherokee Dr., Madison 5, 

Treas., Stanley R. Frantz, 69 W. Church 

St., Bethlehem, Pa. 


The Moravian (m), 69 W. Church St., 
Bethlehem, Pa., Rev. John S. Groen- 
feldt, Ed. 

Southern Province 

Headquarters: 500 S. Church St., Wins- 

ton-Salem 2, N. C. 

Officers: Provincial Elders' Conference: 
Pres., Dr. R. Gordon Spaugh. 
Vice-Pres., Dr. Herbert Spaugh. 
Sec., Dr. George G. Higgins. 
Treas., Edwin L. Stockton, 500 S. 

Church St., Winston-Salem 2, N. C. 


The Wachovia Moravian (m), Dr. George 
G. Higgins, Box 187, Salem Station, 
Winston-Salem, N. C., Ed. 

Karl A. Mueller, 660 Funston Ave., San 

Francisco 18, Cal. 

Clement Hoyler, 215 E. Fifth St., North- 
field, Minn. 
J. Kenneth Pfohl, 459 S. Church St., 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Walter Vivian Moses, 16 Carrera St., St. 

Augustine, Fla. 
S. H. Gapp, 1217 Monocacy St., Bethlehem, 

Kenneth G. Hamilton, 69 W. Church St., 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
I. Richard Mewaldt, 4045 Cherokee Dr., 

Madison 5, Wis. 
Howard E. Rondthaler, 416 S. Main St., 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Carl J. Helmich, Lititz, Pa. 


There are local centers of worship 
among Muslims in the U.S.A. A 
mosque, said to be in accord with the 
full Muslim traditions, was erected 
in 1953 in Washington, D. C. There are 
perhaps 15 or 20 places of worship in 
cities in the nation. There is appar- 
ently no general organization, and 
there are only the most informal esti- 
mates of the number of persons affili- 
ated with the local centers. It may be 
that there are from ten to twenty 
thousand persons who participate in 
these places of worship. 

The information in this paragraph 
has been gathered by the Editor of this 
Yearbook, by means of correspondence 
and interviews with Muslims in the 



National David Spiritual Temple of 
Christ Church Union (Inc.), U.S.A. 

Founded in 1921 by Most Rev. David 
William Short, who was originally a 
Baptist minister. This body proclaims 
the "orthodox Christian spiritual faith." 

Churches: 65. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 63. Total En- 
rollment: 1,174. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 65. 

General Organization 

National Assembly, annual. 

Headquarters: 1508 Garfield Ave., Kan- 
sas City 27, Mo. 

Officer: Pres., Archbishop David Wm. 
Short, 1508 Garfield Ave., Kansas City 
27, Mo. 


The Christian Spiritual Voice Publica- 
tion (m), 1508 Garfield Ave., Kansas 
City 27, Mo., Bishop David Wm Short, 


See Church of the Nazarene. 

New Apostolic Church of 
North America 

This body is a variant of the Cath- 
olic Apostolic Church, which move- 
ment began in England in 1830. The 
New Apostolic Church distinguished 
itself from the parent body in 1863 by 
recognizing a succession of Apostles. 

Churches: 160. Inclusive Membership: 


Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 168. Total En- 
rollment: 2,865. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 160. 
Headquarters: 3753 N. Troy St., Chicago 

18, HI. 
Officers: Pres., Eev. John P. Fendt, 7372 

196th St., Flushing 66, N. Y. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Ewald C. Hiby, 6739 N. 

Drake Ave., Chicago 45, m. 
Sec., Charles L. Bing, 1114 N. 14th Ave., 

Melrose Park, m. 
Treas. and Asst. Sec., A. Walter Eckhardt, 

3657 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago 18, 111. 
Trustee at-Large, Carl F. Strang, 4910 N. 

Moody Ave., Chicago 30, 111. 


The Herald of the New Apostolic Church 
(s-m), 3753 N. Troy St., Chicago 18, 111., 
Charles L. Bing, Ed. 

The New Apostolic Youth's Companion 
(s-m), 3753 N. Troy St., Chicago 18, 111., 
Charles L. Bing, Ed. 

Our Family (m), 75 Sophien Str., Frank- 
furt am Main, Germany, Friedrich Bis- 
choflf, Ed. 

The American Catholic Church, 
Archdiocese of New York 

This body derives its orders from 
the Syrian Church of Antioch, com- 
monly called the Jacobite Apostolic 
Church. Its doctrines are, with few ex- 
ceptions, those held by the Old Cath- 
olic Church in Europe, but it is not in 
communion with that body. 

Churches: 20 (1947). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 8,435 (1947). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3 (1949). To- 
tal Enrollment: 489 (1949). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

Officer: Primate, Most Rev. James Francis 
Augustine Lashley, 457 W. 144th St., 
New York 31, N. Y. 

North American Old Roman 
Catholic Church 

This body is identical with the Ro- 
man Catholic Church in worship, 
faith, etc., but differs from it in dis- 
cipline. It was received into union 
with the Eastern Orthodox Church by 
the Archbishop of Beirut on August 5, 
1911, and by the Orthodox Patriarch of 
Alexandria on February 26, 1912. 

Churches: 64. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 62. Total En- 
rollment: 31,275. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 64. 

General Organization 

Synod, annual. 

Officers: Primate, The Most Rev. Carmel 
Henry Carfora, 1409 West Monroe St., 
Chicago 7, HI. 

Coadjutor, The Most Eev. Hubert A. 
Rogers, 954 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Chancellor, The Most Rev. Julian L. 
Smith, 104 West 113th St., New York 
26, N. Y. 

Reps. For. Countries: The Most Rev. Arch- 
bishop Jose Pedro Ortiz, 3a Donatello 
No. 40, Mixacoac, Mexico D. F.; The 
Very Rev. Carlo Miglioli Cremona Per- 
sico, Italy (Delegate to European Coun- 


Most Rev. James H. Rogers, 824 Dawson 
St., New York 59, N. Y. 

Most Rev. Z. K. Vipartas, 219 West Main 
St., Westville, HI. 

Most Rev. Cyrus A. Starkey, 32 East Third 
St., Moorestown, N. J. 


The Augustinian, 229 Lenox Ave., New 
York 27, N. Y. 

The Old Catholic Church in America 

This body is the American repre- 
sentative of the Old Catholic Church 


of Poland, Lithuania, France, Morocco, 
Central America and Jugo-Slavia. Also 
of the Old Catholic Church of the Or- 
der of the Mariavites. 

Churches: 28 (1940). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 6,274 (1940). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 11 (1936). 
Total Enrollment: 295 (1936). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

Synod, annual. Headquarters: Arch- 
diocesan Chancery, Box 433, Wood- 
stock, N. Y. 

Officers: Archbishop, The Most Eeverend 
William Henry Francis, Woodstock, 

Bishop for Panama and the Canal Zone, 
The Rt. Reverend A. A. Steer, P. O. Box 
331, Ancon, Canal Zone. 

Chancellor, Rev. John Augustine Whit- 
field, Box 433, Woodstock, N. Y. 


"PAX, The Old Catholic Quarterly." Box 
433, Woodstock, N. Y. 

The Reformed Catholic Church 

(Utrecht Confession) 
Province of North America 

One of the world -wide group of re- 
formed Catholic Churches, holding 
valid Orders derived from former 
Roman and Eastern Catholic sources, 
from the inception of the Church in 
the seventeenth century. Doctrine is 
based on the Nicene Creed and the 
teaching of the Ecumenical Councils 
prior to the Great Schism. 

Churches: 17. Inclusive Membership: 2,105. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no report. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 14. 

General Organization 

The Provincial Synod, meets every three 

Officers: Provincial, Bishop W. W. Flynn, 

1110 Rein St., Orange, Texas. 
Bishop of New York, Bishop John W. 

Bishop of St. Louis, Bishop Theodore 

Chancellor: Very Rev. W. J. R. Quigley, 

P. O. Box 348, Los Angeles 53, ~ "" 

Open Bible Standard Churches, Inc. 

A Protestant conservative, full gos- 
pel, denomination. Originally composed 
of two separate groups, namely Bible 
Standard Churches, founded at Eugene, 
Oregon, in 1917, and Open Bible Evan- 
gelistic Association, founded at Des 
Moines, Iowa, in 1932; a merger took 
place July 26, 1935, and the name 


Open Bible Standard Churches, Inc., 
was adopted. 

Churches: 241. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 241. Total 

Enrollment: 21,944. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 241. 

General Organization 

General Conference, annual (June). 
Headquarters: 851 Nineteenth St., Des 

Moines 14, Iowa. 
Officers: Gen. Chmn., R. Bryant Mitchell, 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
Vice-Chmn., Frank W. Smith, Des Moines, 

Sec.-Treas., G. H. Crooks, Des Moines, 

Miss. a Sec., O. Ralph Isbill, Des Moines, 

National Sunday School Supt., W. Craw- 
ford Jones, Spokane, Wash. 

National Youth Dir., G. B. Francis, Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Educ. Chmn., Chas. M. Learning, St. 
Petersburg, Florida. 


Message of the Open Bible (m), Dolores 

Rainey, Ed. 

The Overcomer (q), Gordon B. Francis, Ed. 
World Vision (bi-m), O. Ralph Isbill, Ed. 

Published at 851 19th St., Des Moines, 



Calvary Pentecostal Church, Inc. 

Organized in 1931, with emphasis on 
missionary work in the United States 
and abroad. 

Churches: 35 (1944). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 20,000 (1944). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 55 (1947). 
Total Enrollment: 8,200 (1947). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

Meets annually or semi-annually. 
Headquarters: 416 S. 12th Ave., Seattle, 

Officers: Gen. Supt., E. G. Copley, P. O. 

Box 105, Olympia, Wash. 
Exec. Sec., N. K. Meek, 523 East First St., 

Aberdeen, Wash. 
Miss. Supt.-Treas., Mrs. Margaret Copley, 

P. O. Box 105, Olympia, Wash. 


Calvary Tidings (m), 523 East First St., 
Aberdeen, Wash., Rev. N. K. Meek, Ed. 

Emmanuel Holiness Church 

Organized March 19, 1953, at Colum- 
bus County Camp Ground, Whiteville, 
N. C., by a group of men who had met 
there for a General Conference of the 
Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Holiness 



Churches: 50. Inclusive Membership: 1,000. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 50. Total En- 
rollment: 4,800. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 50. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. 

Officers: Gen. Overseer, Rev. Clark Sor- 
row, Social Circle, Ga. 

Gen. Sec.-Treas., Rev, J. D. Moore, R.F.D. 
No. 3, Anderson, S. C. 

Emmanuel Messenger (semi-m), Rt. 3, 
Anderson, S. C., J. Robert Hicks, Ed. 

International Pentecostal Assemblies 

The successor of the Association of 
Pentecostal Assemblies and the Na- 
tional and International Pentecostal 
Missionary Union. 

Churches: 96 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 60 (1947). 

Total Enrollment: 5,736 (1936). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 85 (1952), 
General Offices: Box 707, Newcastle, Wyo. 
Missionary Headquarters: 892 Berne St., 

BrlnVh A Offie*' 316 ' Pearl St., Elizabeth 

City, N. C. 
Officers: Chmn., J. A. Keiller, 316 W, 3rd 

St. S., Newton, Iowa. 

Vice-Chmn., Wm. M. Spencer, 1084 Pros- 
pect Ave., Toledo 6, Ohio, 
Natl. Sec., L. Sigsbee Miller, 316 Pearl St., 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Treas., Beda Jacobson, Box 707, Newcastle, 

Miss. Sec., Mrs. Hattie M. Earth, 892 Berne 

St., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Natl. Youth Leader: Jack Vivian, 5674 

Grindley, Dearborn, Mich. 
Natl. Field Rep., Rev. Robert Lichty, 892 

Berne St., S.E., Atlanta, Ga. 


The Bridegroom's Messenger (m), 892 
Berne St., S.E., Atlanta, Ga., Mrs. Hattie 
M. Earth, Ed. 

Pentecostal Assemblies of the 
World Inc. 

A pentecostal holiness group, origi- 
nating in the early part of the century 
and found largely in the Middle West. 
Churches: 395. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 500 (1951). 

Total Enrollment: 40,000 (1951). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 384. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Headquarters: 3040 N. Illinois St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Officers: Bishops: Samuel Grimes, 45 W. 
110th St., New York 26, N. Y.; F. L. 
Clark, 2100 Colonial Ave., S.E., Warren, 
Ohio; David Schultz, 3019 Greenwood, 
Louisville, Ky.j 7. L. Sipes, Bedford, Ind.; 
K. F. Smith, 209 N. 18th St., Columbus 
3, Ohio; F. E. Thomas, 7308 Race St., 

Pittsburgh 8, Pa.; Austin Layne, 764 N. 
Euclid Ave., St. Louis 6, Mo.; John 
Caldwell, 2546 "L" St., San Diego, Calif.; 
O. H. Sanders, 902 S. Hackby St., Mun- 
cie, Ind.; K. P. Paddock, 1342 N. Bur- 
dick St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Gen. Sec., Elder R. L. Robinson, 1019 
Lovers Lane, Akron, Ohio. 

Treas., Elder M. E. Golder, 629 Congress 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Christian Outlook (m), 3040 N. Illinois St., 
Indianapolis, Ind., Francis L. Smith, 952 
Bellowa St., Akron 11, Ohio, Ed. 

Pentecostal Church of God of 
America, Inc. 

Organized in 1919 at Chicago, 111., 
the first convention was held in Octo- 
ber, 1933. 
Churches: 624. Inclusive Membership: 


Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 685. Total En- 
rollment: 47,100. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 624. 
Headquarters: 1601 Maiden Lane, Joplin, 


Officers: Gen. Supt, Rev, R. D. Heard. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. K. R. Camp, Box H, Sta. 
A, 16th and Maiden Lane, Joplin, Mo. 

Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Holiness 

Organized in 1918, in 1920 consoli- 
dated with Pentecostal Free Will Bap- 
tists; maintains rigid discipline over 

Churches: 48. Inclusive Membership: 812. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 45. Total En- 
rollment: 5,710 (1949). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 48. 

General Organization 

General Convention, quadrennial. Head- 
quarters: Toccoa, Ga. 

Officers: Gen. Mod., Rev. J. H. Griffin, 
Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. 

Sec., Rev. J. L. Slaughter, Jr., R.F.D. No. 
5, La Grange, Ga. 


Faith and Truth (m), Lula, Ga., Miss Mary 
Garrison, Ed. 

Pentecostal Holiness Church 

This body grew out of the holiness 
movement in the South and Middle 
West from 1895 to 1900. It is premil- 
lennial in belief, emphasizes Christian 
perfection as taught by John Wesley, 
and believes in the Pentecostal bap- 
tism with the Holy Spirit, accom- 
panied by glossolalia. 
Churches: 1,082. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,006. Total 

Enrollment: 105,442. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1,013. 


Other Organization 
General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 

meeting, 1957.) 

Headquarters: Memphis, Tenn. 
Officers: Sen. Gen. Supt, Bishop J". A. 

Syrian, Box 777, Hopewell, Va. 
Gen. Supt., Bishop Oscar Moore, 1412 

Sherry Lane, Shawnee, Okla. 
Asst. Gen. Supt., Rev. T. A. Melton, Hurt, 

Gen. Sec., Rev. R. O. Corvin, 5000 N. W. 

Tenth, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Gen. Treas., Rev. W. W. Carter, Box 1808, 

Roanoke, Va. 

The above five officers constitute the Gen- 
eral Executive Board. 

Other Organization 

The Publishing House of The Pentecostal 
Holiness Church, Franklin Springs, Ga., 
Dallas M. Tarkenton, Chmn. of Board 
of Publications. 

United Pentecostal Church, Inc. 

Pentecostal Church, Inc., and Pente- 
costal Assemblies of Jesus Christ, 
merged September 25, 1945, at St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Churches: 1,200. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,100 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 130,000 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 1,200. 

General Organization 

Conference, annual. 

Headquarters: 3645 S. Grand Blvd., St. 
Louis 18, Mo. 

Officers: Gen. Supt., Arthur T. Morgan, 
3645 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis 18, Mo. 

Asst. Gen. Supts., Oscar Vouga, 293 Caw- 
thon Ave., Prichard, Ala., and Oliver F. 
Fauss, 201 Twickenham Trail, Houston 
9, Texas. 

Gen. Sec., Stanley W. Chambers, 3645 S. 
Grand Blvd., St. Louis 18, Mo. 

Foreign Miss. Sec., Wynn T. Stairs, 3645 
S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis 18, Mo. 

Home Miss. Sec., S. R. Hanby, Box 7, 
Enterprise, Ohio. 

General Presbyters: A. H. Browning, 110 
N. Louisiana, Amarillo, Texas; C. O. 
Waltman, Rt. 9, Box 44, Springhill, Ala; 
N. J. Bibbs, Box 174, Beechwood Addi- 
tion, New Castle, Ind.; Harry Branding, 
1301 Allen Ave., St. Louis 4, Mo.; T. 
Richard Reed, Box 149, Jonesboro, Ark.; 
Odell Cagle, Box 158, Exeter, Calif.; 
Harvey M. Howe, Box 463, Jonesport, 
Maine; R. G. Cook, 839 Harding Ave., 
Lancaster, Ohio; W. M. Greer, Box 398, 
Bemis, Tenn.; V. A. Guidroz, 1305 N. 8th 
St., Baytown, Texas; Earl L. Jacques, 
239 Argyle, Fredericton, N. B., Canada; 
C. C. Kirby, Box 251, Royal Oak, Mich.; 
Buford MiUer, Rt. 3, Poplarville, Miss.; 
C. A. Nelson, 218 N. Catalavah, Clare- 
more, Okla.; S. G. Norris, 745 Grand 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn.; John L. Abbott, 
50 Amsterdam Ave., Toronto 13, Ont, 
Canada; Jack Scott, 350 Dunkard Ave., 
Morgantown, W. Va.; W. A. Sherrill, 
Gen. Del., Ocala, Florida; George W. 
Stanley, 485 Front St., Northumberland, 
Pa.; C. G. Weeks, Box 29, Alexandria, 
La.; M. J. Wolff, 706 St. Louis Ave., 


Vandalia, HI.; C. H. Yadon, 3803 N. 
Massachusetts, Portland, Ore.; T. F. 
Moore, P. O. Box 201, Russellville, Ky.; 
J. R. Outlaw, Jr., 2151 E. Garfield, 
Phoenix, Ariz. 

Other Organizations 

The Pentecostal Publishing House, 3645 S. 

Grand Blvd., St. Louis 18, Mo., Ray 

Agnew, Mgr. 
Pentecostal Conquerors (Young People's 

Dept.): Pres., Calvin L. Rigdon, Box 78, 

Carbondale, 111. 
Sunday School Dept: Supt., Paul H. Box, 

308 S. Maxey St., Sherman, Texas. 
Ladies Auxiliary: Pres., Mary Cole, 601 

Edgelawn St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 


The Pentecostal Herald, 3645 S. Grand 
Blvd., St. Louis 18, Mo., Lester R. 
Thompson, Ed. 

Pilgrim Holiness Church 

This body emphasizes the new birth, 
the sanctification of believers. It is 
Wesleyan, premillenarian, evangelistic 
and missionary. 

Churches: 1,004. Inclusive Membership; 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,004. Total 

Enrollment: 65,944. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 950. 

General Organization 

General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 
meeting, June, 1958.) 

Headquarters: 226-30 E. Ohio St., Indian- 
apolis 4, Ind. 

Officers: Gen. Supt., L. W. Sturk. 

1st Asst. Gen. Supt., W. H. Nefif. 

2nd Asst. Gen. Supt., Melvin H. Snyder. 

Gen. Sec. and Treas., R. A. Beltz. 

Sec. Church Extension, R. C. Hawkins. 

Sec. For. Miss., R. G. Flexon. 

S. S. and Youth, P. F. Elliott. 

Sec. of Education, H. T. Mills. 

Publishing Agent, E. V. Halt. 


Pilgrim Holiness Advocate (w), Indianap- 
olis, Ind., P. W. Thomas, Ed. 

Polish National Catholic Church 
of America 

After a long period of dissatisfaction 
with Roman Catholic Administration 
in many Polish parishes this body was 
organized in 1904. 

Churches: 156 (1951). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 265,879 (1951). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 216 (1951). 
Total Enrollment: 23,543 (1951). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 147 (1951). 

General Organization 

Synod, decennial. (Next session, 1964.) 
Headquarters: 529 E. Locust St., Scranton 
5, Pa. 



Officers: Prime Bishop, Most Kev. Leon 

Bishop of the Central Diocese of the 

PNCC, Rt. Rev. John Misiaszek, 529 E. 

Locust St., Scranton 5, Pa. 
Bishop Joseph Soltysiak, Manchester, N. H. 

Retired Bishops 

Joseph Lesniak, P. O. Box, Webster, Mass. 
Francis Bonczak, 1117 N. Orange St., New 
Smyrna Beach, Fla. 


Associate Presbyterian Church of 
North America 

A group of Presbyterians carrying 
on the traditions of the Secession move- 
ment of 1733 in the Scottish Church. It 
uses the Psalms in praise services, ex- 
cludes membership in secret orders, 
believes in closed communion and rec- 
ognizes and seeks the essential unity of 
the church. 

Churches: 5. Inclusive Membership: 550. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 6. Total 

Enrollment: 334. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 5. 

General Organization 

Synod, annual. 

Officers: Clk., Rev. Paul J. Hindman, Box 

349, Minneola, Kans. 
Moderator, Kev. Basil G. McBee, 721 East 

Harrison, Washington, Iowa. 

Associate Reformed Presbyterian 
Church (General Synod) 

A Synod (changed in 1935 to General 
Synod) of the former Associate Re- 
formed Presbyterian Church (merged 
in 1858 with remaining Associate 
Church into the United Presbyterian 
Church). In 1822 this Synod withdrew, 
on account of difficulty of travel and 
communication, from the Northern 
branch and became the Associate Re- 
formed Synod of the South, later tak- 
ing the name of the General Synod of 
the Associate Reformed Presbyterian 

Churches: 146 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 27,171 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 145 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 20,096 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 105 (1953). 

General Organization 

General Synod, annual (June). 

Officers: Mod., Rev. C. O. Williams, 3317 

W. 12th St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Principal Clk., Rev. A. M. Rogers, P. O. 

Box 47, Chester, S. C. 
Reading Clk., Rev. T. B. McBride, 507 

Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. 


Associate Reformed Presbyterian (w), Due 
West, S. C., Rev. E. Gettys, Ed. 

Bible Presbyterian Church 

Office of the Stated Clerk: 421 Dean St., 

West Chester, Pa. 
Information declined. 

Colored Cumberland Presbyterian 

In 1869 the Negro churches of the 
Cumberland Presbyterian Church were 
set apart by the General Assembly with 
their own ecclesiastical organization. 

In May, 1940, the General Assembly 
accepted an overture from a Presby- 
tery (consisting of 17 churches and one 
school) in Liberia, Africa, and it is 
now part of the Colored Cumberland 
Presbyterian Church. 

Churches: 121 (1944). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 30,000 (1944). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 121 (1944). 
Total Enrollment: 10,605 (1944). 

Ordained clergy having charges: no re- 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual (June). 
Officers: Mod., Eev. L. J. Jennings, Pratt 

City, Ala. 
Stat. Clk., J. I. Hill, P. O. Box 546, Mt. 

Enterprise, Tex. 


Cumberland Flay (m), 620 E. Matthew St., 
Union City, Tenn., Rev. Wm. Fowlkes, 

Cumberland Presbyterian Church 

An outgrowth of the Great Revival 
of 1800, the Cumberland Presbytery 
was organized on February 4, 1810, in 
Dickson County, Tenn., by three Pres- 
byterian ministers, the Revs. Finis 
Ewing, Samuel King, and Samuel 
McAdpw. Contributing factors to the 
organization were a rejection by the 
founders of the doctrine of fatality of 
the Westminster Confession of Faith, 
and an insistence that the rigid stand- 
ards of the Presbyterian Church for the 
education of the clergy be relaxed in 
the light of extraordinary circum- 
stances existing on the American fron- 
tier. The presbytery for a time sought 
admission into the Presbyterian 
Church, but, failing in this effort, de- 
veloped eventually into a denomina- 
tion. A union with the Presbyterian 
Church, U.S.A., in 1906 was only par- 
tially successful. A considerable seg- 
ment, to whom the terms of union were 


unsatisfactory, perpetuated the Cum- 
berland Presbyterian Church as a sep- 
arate denomination. 

Churches: 1,008. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 866. Total 

Enrollment: 67,708. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 596. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual (in June). 
Officers: Mod., Rev. John Stammer Smith, 

3578 Faxon Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Stated Clk., Rev. H. Shaw Scates, Box 5535, 

Memphis 4, Tenn. 
Asst. Stated Clk., Rev. Thurman Levacy, 

1109 Morningside Drive, Maryville, Tenn. 


Cumberland Presbyterian Center, 1978 
Union Ave., Memphis 4, Tenn. (Head- 
quarters for all denominational offices, 
print shop and book store.) 

Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home, 
909 Greenlee, Denton, Tex. 

Boards and Agencies 

Board of Education: Pres., J. A. Barksdale, 
1417 E. 5th Ave., KnoxviUe, Tenn. 

Board of Missions and Evangelism: Pres., 
Rev. Paul Snellgrove, Box 105, Colum- 
bus, Miss,; Exec. Sec., Rev. J. T. Buck, 
Box 5535, Memphis 4, Tenn. 

Board of Publication and Christian Educa- 
tion: Gen. Sec., Dr. Morris Pepper, Box 
5535, Memphis 4, Tenn. 

Board of Finance: Pres., Joe H. Davis, 
First National Bank, Memphis, Tenn.; 
Exec. Sec., Eugene Warren, Box 5535, 
Memphis 4, Tenn. 

Board of Foreign Missions: Exec. Sec., 
Rev. Arleigh G. Matlock, Box 5746, 
Crosstown Sta., Memphis 4, Tenn. 

Board of Trustees of Children's Home: 
Pres., Rev. E. T. Shauf, 3615 Martin Rd., 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 


The Cumberland Presbyterian (w), Box 
5535, Memphis 4, Tenn., C. Ray Dobbins, 

The Missionary Messenger (m), Box 5746, 
Crosstown Sta., Memphis 4, Tenn., Mrs. 
T. C. Stockton, Ed. 

Vision (m), Box 5535, Memphis 4, Tenn., 
Rev. Harold Davis, Ed. 

The Cumberland Worker (m), Box 5535, 
Memphis 4, Tenn., Miss Sarah Cunning- 
ham, Ed. 

Sunday School Literature (q), Box 5535, 
Memphis 4, Tenn., Miss Sarah Cunning- 
ham, Ed. 

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church 

On June 11, 1936, certain ministers 
and elders of the Presbyterian Church 
in the U.S.A. withdrew under the lead- 
ership of the conservative scholar, the 
late Rev. J. Gresham Machen. 
Churches: 72. Inclusive Membership: 8,604. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 75, Total 

Enrollment: 8,000. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 62. 


General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. 

Headquarters: Schaff Building, 15th & 
Race Sts., Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

Officers: Mod., Rev. Robert K. Churchill, 
Cedar Grove, Wise. 

Clk., Rev. Raymond M. Meiners, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 

Gen. Sec., Miss., Rev. John P. Galbraith, 
728 Schaff Bldg., 15th & Race Sts., Phil- 
adelphia 2, Pa. 

Presbyterian Church in the U.S. 

This body is the branch of the Pres- 
byterian Church which established a 
separate existence at the time of the 
Civil War. It is often called the "South- 
ern" Presbyterian Church. 

Churches: 3,806. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 3,742. Total 

Enrollment: 624,083. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 2,250. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. Next meeting, 
May, 1956, Montreat, N. C. 

Office of General Assembly: 341-A Ponce 
de Leon Ave., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga. 

Officers: Mod,, Dr. James McDowell Rich- 

Stated Clk.-Treas., Rev. E. C. Scott. 


Trustees of the General Assembly and 
Presbyterian Foundation: Pres., T. S. 
McPheeters, 301 Liberty Life Bldg,, Char- 
lotte, N. C.; Sec.-Treas., F. L. Jackson, 
Davidson, N. C. 

The General Council: Office, 341-C Ponce 
de Leon Ave., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga.; 
Exec. Sec., Rev. James G. Patton, Jr.; 
Assoc. Sec., Rev. Bob S. Hodges, Jr., 
Treas., Mrs. Celeste L. Jackson. 

Board of World Mission: Office, 113 16th 
Ave., S., P. O. Box 330, Nashville 1, 
Tenn. Exec. Sec., Rev. C. Darby Fulton; 
Educ. Sec., Rev. D. J. Gumming; Treas., 
Curry B. Hearn; Cand. Sec., Rev. Eugene 
Daniel; Field Sec., Rev. S. Hugh Brad- 
ley; Assoc. Educ. Sec., Mrs. L. M. 
McCutchen; Division of Overseas Relief 
and Inter-Church Aid, Sec., Rev. Paul 
B. Freeland. 

Board of Church Extension: Office, 341-B 
Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E., Atanta 5, 

Ga.; Exec. Sec., ; 

Sec. Promotion, Rev. Charles H. Gib- 
boney; Treas., G. B. Strickler, Divi- 
sional Secretaries: Home Missions, Rev. 
Claude H. Pritchard; Evangelism, Rev. 
Wm. H. McCorkle and Rev. A. E. Dim- 
mock; Negro Work, Rev. James J. Alex- 
ander; Radio, Rev. John M. Alexander; 
Christian Relations, Rev. Malcolm P. 
Calhoun; Architecture, Rev. O. V. Cau- 
dill; Sub-Div. Sec., Town & Country 
Church, Rev. James M. Carr; Defense 
Service, Rev. Claude H. Pritchard; Ur- 
ban Work, Hal E. Hyde. 

Board of Education: Office, 6-8 North Sixth 
St., Richmond 9, Va. Exec. Sec., Rev. 
Marshall C. Dendy; Treas., John S. Grant; 
Asst, Treas. & Comptroller, T. Marshall 
Gordon. Divisional Secretaries: Religious 



Education, Rev. John L. Fairly; Men's 
Work, Dr. S. J. Patterson, Jr.; Higher 
Education, Rev. Hunter B. Blakely; Pub- 
lications, Cameron D. Deans; Church 
Relations, Clinton Harris. 

Board of Annuities and Relief: Office, 341- 
C Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E., Atlanta 5, 
Ga.; Exec. Sec., Charles J. Currie; Treas., 
Rev. B. A. Mcllhany; Actuary, Rev. H. 
Allan Scott. 

Board of Women's Work: Office, 341-A 
Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E., Atlanta 5, 
Ga.; Sec., Dr. Janie W. McGaughey; 
Treas., Mary S. Quidor. 

Historical Foundation: Montreat, N. C. 
Dir., Dr. T. H. Spence, Jr. 

Mountain Retreat Association: Montreat, 
N, C. Pres.-Treas.-Mgr., Rev. J. Rupert 
McGregor; Health Officer, Dr. L. Nelson 

Training School for Lay Workers: Pres., 
Rev. Chas. E. S. Kraemer, 3400 Brook 
Rd., Richmond 27, Va. 


Presbyterian Action (official) (m), Rich- 
mond, Va., Louise H. Farrior, Ed. 

Presbyterian Survey (official) (m), Rich- 
mond, Va., William Thompson, Ed. 

Christian Observer (w), Louisville, Ky., 
Rev. W. T. McElroy, Ed. 

Presbyterian Outlook (w), Richmond, Va., 
Rev. Aubrey N. Brown, Ed. 

Southern Presbyterian Journal (w), Weav- 
erville, N. C., Rev. H. B. Dendy, Ed. 

Synodical Officers 

The listings follow this order: Synod, 

Officer, Address. 

Alabama, Rev. A. C. Windham, Opelika. 
Appalachia, Rev. D. R. Greenhoe, Box 188, 

Sweetwater, Term. 

Arkansas, Rev. John T. Barr, Norman. 
Florida, Rev. Russell F. Johnson, 1616 

Silver St., Jacksonville 6. 
Georgia, Rev. L. B. Gibbs, Box 324, Clay- 
Kentucky, Rev. D. T. Brandenburg, 


Louisiana, Rev. Robert M. McGehee, Baker. 
Mississippi, Rev. R. E. Hough, 1629 First 

Ave., Jackson 39. 
Missouri, Rev. Wm. T. Magill, Excelsior 

North Carolina, Rev. Harold J. Dudley, 

Box 6325, Raleigh. 
Oklahoma, Reid V. Robinson, 2708 N.W. 

27th St., Oklahoma City 12. 
South Carolina, Rev. Frank B. Estes, Estill. 
Tennessee, Rev. Chas. S. Ramsay, Box 

129, Arlington. 
Texas, E. A. Dean, 820 Scarbrough Bldg., 

Austin 1. 
Virginia, Rev. Donald E. Neel, 216 Nor- 

view Ave., Norfolk 13. 
West Virginia, Rev. Robert Ray, Box 344, 

Oak HUl. 

The Presbyterian Church in the 
United States of America 

The characteristic feature of this 
church is its government by "presby- 
ters" or "elders." The church is consti- 
tuted like a republic, the supreme gov- 

erning body being the General As- 
sembly. The first presbytery was or- 
ganized in 1706 in Philadelphia. The 
first General Assembly was held in 
Philadelphia in 1789. 

Churches: 8,282. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 8,238. Total 

Enrollment: 1,554,538. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 6,000. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual (May). 

The General Assembly: 
Mod. (1955-56), Rev. Paul S. Wright. 
Vice-Mod., Rev. Stephen Palmer. 
Stated Clk., Rev. Eugene Carson Blake. 
Asst. Stated Clk., Ruling Elder Henry 


Treas., The Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust 
Co., Philadelphia 9, Pa, 

Office of the General Assembly: 510 With- 
erspoon Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa. (Wal- 
nut at Juniper St.) 

Officers: Stated Clerk, Rev. Eugene Carson 
Blake; Asst. Stated Clerk, Ruling Elder 
Henry Barraclough. 

Departments of the General Assembly: 
Administration, Mgr., Otto K. Fink- 
beiner; Publicity, Mgr., Dr. Walton W. 
Rankin; History, Mgr., Dr. Charles A. 

Foundation of the Presbyterian Church in 
the U.S.A. Pres., J. Howard Pew; Adm. 
Asst, Charles W. Earle, 156 5th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y.; Treas., The Fidelity- 
Philadelphia Trust Co., Philadelphia 9, 

Permanent Judicial Commission: Mod., 
Rev. Frank R. Elder, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Vice-Mod., Thomas Dasef, Grosse Pointe 
Park, Mich.; Clerk, Rev. Walter E. 
Schiel, Carroll, Iowa. 

Department of Ministerial Relations, 3392 
N. High St., Columbus 2, Ohio; Chmn., 
Rev. Ward F. Boyd; Exec. Sec., Howard 
L. Hamilton. 

National Commission on Evangelism: 
Chmn., Rev. Robert M. Skinner; Sec., 
Rev. Charles B. Templeton, 156 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N.Y. 

Permanent Commission on Inter-Church 
Relations: Chmn., Rev. Ralph Waldo 
Lloyd, Maryville, Tenn.; Sec., Rev. Eu- 
gene C. Blake, 510 Witherspoon Bldg., 
Philadelphia 7, Pa. 

Chaplains and Service Personnel Com- 
mittee: Offices, 516 Witherspoon Bldg., 
Philadelphia 7, Pa.; Washington Office, 
Room 216, Mills Bldg., 17th and Pennsyl- 
vania Ave., N.W., Washington 6, D. C. 
Chmn., Rev. John H. Gardner, Jr.; Exec. 
Sec., Chaplain John K. Borneman; Field 
Sec., Chaplain Stanton W. Salisbury; 
Fin. Sec., Dr. Henry Barraclough. 

National Council of Women's Organiza- 
tions: Pres., Mrs. J. R. Salsbury, Rm. 
622, 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 
Contact Sec., Miss Elsie Penfield, 156 
Fifth Ave., New York 10, N.Y.; Treas., 
Mrs. Annie Mary Allen, 156 Fifth Ave., 
New York 10, N.Y. 

National Council of Presbyterian Men: 


Pres., Mr. Merle G. Jones, 421 N. 16th 
St., Beatrice, Nebr.; Exec. Sec., Paul 
Moser, 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N.Y. 

The General Council: Offices, 156 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N.Y. Chmn., Rev. 
Paul S. Wright; Sec., Rev. Glenn Warner 

Departments of the General Council: 
Stewardship and Promotion, Sec., Rev. 
John Thompson Peters; Field Promotion, 
Sec., Rev. Andrew E. Kurth; Program 
Materials, Sec., Rev. Marvin C. Wilbur; 
Audio-Visuals, Sec., Rev. Arthur M. 
Byers, Jr.; Youth Stewardship, Sec., Rev. 
Roland S. Fredericks; Special Offerings, 
Sec., Rev. Arthur S. Joice; Finance and 
Central Receiving Agency, Sec., Roger 
H. Johnson; Radio and Television, Exec. 
Dir., Rev. Clayton T. Griswold. 

Th Boards 
Board of National Missions: Offices, 156 

Fifth Ave., New York 10, N.Y. Pres., 

Rev. Hugh Ivan Evans; Gen, Sec., Rev. 

Hermann N. Morse; Assoc. Gen. Sec. 

and Minister-at-large, Rev. Louis H. 

Evans; Adm. Sec., Rev. Alexander E. 

Sharp; Sec., Div. of Miss. Support, 

Rev. Merlyn A. Chappel; Clk., Agnes 

Steiniger; Treas., Dr. D. Allan Locke. 

Division of Missionary Operation: City 
and Industrial Work: Sec., Rev. Harold 
H. Baldwin; Asst, Rev. Marshal L. 
Scott, 2330 N. Halsted St., Chicago 14, 
HI.; Asst. for Spanish American Work, 
Rev. Paul L. Warnshuis; Work in At- 
lantic, Canadian and Blue Ridge Syn- 
ods: Sec., Rev. Jesse B. Barber; Educ. 
and Med. Work: Sec., Katharine E. 
Gladfelter; Assts., Helen E. Irvine and 
Lillian A. Windham; S.S. Missions and 
Mobile Min., and Alaska: Sec., Rev. J. 
Earl Jackson; Asst. for Alaska, Rev. 
R. Rolland Armstrong, Box 2539, 
Juneau, Alaska; Field Serv., Sec., Rev. 
Herman A. Klahr; Field Survey, Sec., 
Rev. Everett L. Perry; Miss. Personnel: 
Sec., Dr. Laurence W. Lange; Assoc. 
Sec., Frances F. Ball; West Indies: Sec., 
Rev. Barney N. Morgan; Town and 
Country Church and Indian Work: Sec., 
Rev. Henry S. Randolph; Assoc. Sec., 
Alice Maloney; New Church Develop- 
ment Org. and Promotion: Sec., Rev. 
Richard S. McCarroll; Religious Broad- 
casting: Sec., John Groller. 

Division of Missionary Support: Sec. of 
Division, Rev. Merlyn A. Chappel; 
Dept. of Ch. Budget: Sec., Rev. Eben. 
Cobb Brink; Specific Work: Sec., Jane 
Gillespie; Educ. and Publicity: Sec., 
Janette T. Harrington; Youth Work: 
Sec., Rev. David Swartz; Dept. of 
Women's Orgs.: Sec., Elsie R. Penfield; 
Asst., Dorothy Foster; Area Secre- 
taries: Carolyn O. Mathews, 156 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Rachel Ben- 
fer, 77 W. Washington St., Chicago 2, 
HI.; EUanore Ewing, 228 McAllister St., 
San Francisco 2, Calif.; Florence E. 
Ludy, Room 511, 804 Grand Ave., Kan- 
sas City 6, Mo.; Special Gifts: Sec., 
Rev. F. Campbell Symonds; Audio- 
Visual Aids: Sec., Rev. Frederick R. 
Thorne; Outreach, Mrs. Florence Hayes, 

Division of Evangelism: Sec., Rev. 
Charles B. Templeton; Assoc, Sees., 
Rev. John K. Abernethy, 1138 N. Ala- 


bama St., Indianapolis 2, Ind.; Rev. 
Jesse B. Barber; Rev. Donald G. Les- 
ter; Rev. John M. Paxton, 228 Mc- 
Allister St., San Francisco, Calif.; 
Asst. Sec., Rev. Richard R. Gilbert. 
Div. of Treasury: Treas., Dr. D. Allan 
Locke; Asst. Treas., Gertrude F. Seu- 
bold; Legal Counsel, Lucien H. Tribus; 
Sec. for New Church Development and 
Building Aid, John N. Penn, Jr. 
Division of Jarvie Commonweal Service: 
Sec., Robert C. Scott; Assoc. Sec., 
Christine K. Stephan. 

Board of Foreign Missions: Offices, 156 
Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.: Pres., 
Rev. Peter K. Emmons, Scranton, Pa.; 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Charles T. Leber; Assoc. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. John C. Smith; Treas., 
Daniel M. Pattison; Sees, and Dirs.: Rev. 
C. T. Leber (Europe); Rev. J. L. Dodds 
(India, Pakistan, China); Rev. John C. 
Smith (Korea, Japan); W. Stanley Ry- 
croft (Latin America); Frances M. Gray 
(Near East, Africa); Mateo F. Occena 
(Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia); Mar- 

?aret Shannon (Women's Work); Rev. 
ohn C. Corbin (Church Relations). 
Area Secretaries: Rev. Donald Smith 
and Alice McGuire (New York); Rev. 
Henry Little, Jr., and Elisabeth E. 
Turner (Chicago); Mary Ingram (Kansas 
City); Rev. Archie R. Crouch and 
Dorothy C. Wagner (San Francisco). 
Div. Youth Work: Rev. Kyoji Buma; 
Overseas Interchurch Fellowship : Sybil 
Bailey; Special Gifts: John Rosen- 
grant; Overseas Mission Projects: Mae 
Ross Taylor; Lit. and Pub.: Rev. Wil- 
liam N. Wysham; Broadcasting and 
Films: Rev. W. Burton Martin; Student 
Work: Margaret Flory; Asst. Treas., 
Mrs. Annie M. Allen; Legal Counselor, 
Howard B. Vail; Dept. Ecumenical 
Personnel: Rev. Samuel H. Moffett 
(acting) and Mrs. Paul Cassat; Medical 
Dept.: Edw. M. Dodd, M.D., and A. G. 
Fletcher, M.D.; Rec. Sec., Mary A. 

Board of Christian Education: Offices, 
Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa. 
Pres., Rev. Ganse Little; Gen. Sec., Rev. 
Paul C. Payne; Asst. Gen. Sec., Rev. 
Ray J. Harmelink: Treas., George W. 
Renneisen; Gen. Mgr. (Gen. Div. of 
Pub.), Rev. Walter L. Jenkins; Sec., 
Central Dept. of Church Relations, Rev. 
Gordon W. Mattice; Sec., Central Dept. 
of Personnel and Office Management, 
James M. Schuck; Sec., Div. of Educ. 
in the Churches, Rev. Richard E. Plum- 
mer; Sec., Dept. of Educ. Resources, 
Rev. Hamlin G. Tobey; Editor-in- 
Chief, Rev. Norman F. Langford; Dir. 
of Miss. Educ., Neva B. Palmeter; Dir. 
of Children's Work, Julia V. D. Totten; 
Dir. of Young People's Work, Franklin 
B. Gillespie; Dir. of Adult Work, 
Wm. C. Schram; Sec., Dept. of Field 
Program, Rev. James R. Gailey; Sec., 
Div. of Higher Educ., Rev. E. Fay Camp- 
bell; Sec., Dept. of Campus Christian 
Life, Rev. Harold H. Viehman; Sec.; 
Dept. of Vocation, Rev. Marcus 3. 
Priester; Sec., Dept. of Women's Work, 
Mildred Roe; Sec., Dept. of Social Educ. 
and Action, Rev. Clifford J. Earle; Sec., 
Dept. of Graduate Christian Educ., Rev. 
Edward B. Paisley; Audio-Visual Educ., 
Robert H. Scanland; Dir. of Promotion, 



Dept of Church School Curriculum, Rev. 

S Turner Kitenour; Religious Book 

Ed., Rev. Paul L. Meacham. 
Board of Pensions: Offices, Witherspoon 

Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa. Pres., Rev. 

C Ransom Comfort, Louisville, Ky,; 

Exec. Vice-Pres., Dr. Donald L. Hibbard; 

Treas., W. W. Walters; Sec., Rev. Walter 

L. Clark. 
Council on Theological Education: Offices, 

Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa. 

Chmn., Claude S. Conley; Vice-Chmn., 

Frank H. Caldwell; Sec., E. Fay Camp- 

bell; Sec. for Promotion, Gordon w. 

Mattice; Treas., Roger H. Johnson. 

Everyone (q), 156 Fifth Aye. New York 

10 N. Y., Rev. Marvin C. Wilbur, Ed. 
Journal of the Presbyterian Historical 

Society (q), 520 Witherspoon Bldg., 

Philadelphia 7, Pa., Rev. Charles A. 

Anderson, Ed. 

ow), 518 Witherspoon 
Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa., Rev Walton 

Outreach (lo' issues yearly), 156 Fifth Aye., 

New York 10, N. Y., Florence Hayes, Ed. 
Presbyterian Life (bi-w), Witherspoon 

Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa., Robert J. 

Cadigan, Ed. 
Social Progress (m 

830 Witherspoon 

Pa.. Rev. Clifford . *.**v, -. 
Today (m), 425 Witherspoon Bld^ Phila- 

delphia 7, Pa., Rev. Earl F. Zeigler, Ed. 

Synod Executives 
California, Dr. Thomas Holden, 228 Mc- 

Allister St., San Francisco 2, Cal. 
Colorado, Dr. L. Wesley Almy, 700 Inter- 

state Trust Bldg., Denver 2, Colo. 
Illinois, Dr. Ralph Cummins, 809 S. 5th 

St Champaign, 111. 
Indiana, Dr. Roy E. Mueller, 1132 N. Ala- 

bama St., Indianapolis 2, Ind. 
Iowa, Dr. Henry C. Schneider, 525 6th 

Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. , -_ m , 
Kansas, Dr. Leslie Sweetland, 327 Topeka 

Blvd., Topeka, Kans. . 

Michigan, Dr. Kenneth G. Neigh, 1105 

Kales Bldg., Detroit 26, Mich. 
Minnesota, Dr. Eldon W. Wenzel, 122 W. 

Franklin Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 
Missouri, Dr. Ralph H. Jennings, 620-A 

East High St., Jefferson City, Mo. 
Nebraska, Rev. Geo. S. Bancroft, 314 Pat- 

terson Bldg., Omaha, Nebr. 
New Jersey, Dr. Frank D. Getty, 605 Broad 

St., Newark 2, N. J. 
New York, Dr. David S. Maclnnes, 430 

University Bldg., E. 120 Washington St., 

Syracuse 2, N. Y. 
Ohio, Rev. John Paul Vincent, 3040 N. 

High St., Columbus 2, Ohio. 
Oklahoma, Dr. Douglas V. Magers, 1001 

N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City 3, 

Oregon, Dr. G. Henry Green, 307 Fitz- 

patrick Bldg., 917 S.W. Oak St., Port- 

land 5, Oregon. 
Pennsylvania, Dr. Claude S. Conley, 

Payne-Shoemaker Bldg., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Texas, Rev. J. Hoytt Boles, Box 901, Den- 

ton, Tex. 
Washington, Rev. Clarence E. Polhemus, 

1104 17th Ave., N., Seattle 2, Wash. 

Wisconsin, Dr. Irvin E. Bradfield, 255 W. 

Broadway, Waukesha, Wis. 

Field Representatives 
Alaska, Rev. R, Rolland Armstrong, Box 

2539 Juneau, Alaska. 
Arizona, Rev. Douglas S. Vance, 2701 N. 

22nd Drive, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Atlantic, Rev. C, W. Talley, 1213 Market 

St., Cheraw, S. C. ^. , 

Blue Ridge-Canadian, Rev. H. R. Pmkney, 

1509 Sigler St., Nashville, Tenn. 
California, Northern, Rev. Ronald T. 

White, 228 McAllister St., San Francisco 

2 Cal 
California, Southern, Rev. Carroll L. 

Shuster, 315 S. Broadway, Los Angeles 

13, Cal. 
Catawba, Rev. Elo L. Henderson, 2304 

Sanders Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Florida, Rev. Chas. T. Martz, 904 Hollings- 

worth Dr., Lakeland, Fla. 
Idaho and Utah, Dr. A. Walton Roth, 1866 

Garfield Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Kentucky, Rev. Alexander M. Warren, 133 

Cherokee Park, Lexington, Ky. 
Mid-South, Dr. Marion E. Mansell, Box 

120, Rockwood, Tenn. 
Montana-Wyoming, Rev. Chas. F. Bole, 

Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Mont. 
New England, Rev. Walter David Knight, 

37 Harvard St., Brookline, Mass. 
New Mexico, Rev. William M. Orr, 3725 

La Hacienda PI., Albuquerque, N. M. 
North Dakota, Rev. Wesley R. Tennis, 

Jamestown College, Jamestown, N. D. 
South Dakota, Rev. Curtis P, Winkle, 104 

Huron College, Huron, S. D. 
West Virginia, Rev. James R. Henry, 10th 

and Market Sts., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Presbytery Executives 
Baltimore, Dr. Walter R. Cremeans, 808 

Park Ave., Baltimore 1, Md. 
Brooklyn -Nassau (vacant). 
Buffalo-Niagara (vacant). 
Chicago (vacant). 
Cincinnati, Rev. Lowell H. Palmer, Room 

22 309 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati 20, Ohio. 
Cleveland, Rev. George O. Reemsnyder, 

845 B. of L. E, Bldg., Cleveland 14, Ohio. 
Detroit, Dr. Kenneth G. Neigh, 1105 Kales 

Bldg., Detroit 26, Mich. 
Los Angeles, Rev. Carroll L. Shuster, 315 

S. Broadway, Los Angeles 13, Cal. 
New York, Dr. Paul S. Heath, 156 Fifth 

Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Philadelphia, Dr. William F. Wefer, 2200 

Locust St., Philadelphia 3, Pa. 
Pittsburgh, Dr. John K. Bibby, 2010 Com- 
monwealth Bldg., Pittsburgh 22, Pa. 
Rochester, Dr. Glen E. Morrow, 717 Case 

Bldg., Rochester 4, N. Y. 
St. Louis, Rev. Donald E. Zimmerman, 

1709 Arcade Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
San Francisco, Rev. Roland T. White, 228 

McAllister St., San Francisco 2, Cal. 
Seattle, Rev. Geo. H. McCleave, 1104 17th 

Ave., N., Seattle 2, Wash. 
Washington City, Dr. Ralph K. Merker, 

1229 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washing- 
ton 6, D. C. 
Westchester, Rev. R. H. Robinson, 45 

Guion St., Pleasantville, N. Y. 

Reformed Presbyterian Church in 
North America (General Synod) 

A group of Presbyterians, carrying 
on the Covenanter tradition of Scot- 


land, holding to restricted communion 
and to the principles of "dissent from 
all immoral civil institutions." 

Churches: 11 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 1,279 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 11 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 1,117 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 5 (1953). 

General Organization 

General Synod, annual. 

Officers: Mod., Rev. Robert W. Stewart, 

409 N. Maple St., Sparta, 111. 
Vice-Mod., Rev. Charles Holliday, 20 Sandy 

Creek Rd., Pittsburgh 21, Pa. 
Stat. Clk.-Treas., Rev. Samuel Ward, 

Coulterville, HI. 
Asst. Clk., Rev. Carl Stewart, Darlington, 



Reformed Press Advocate (m), Duanes- 
burg, N. Y., Rev. Harry H. Meiners, Jr., 

Reformed Presbyterian Church of 
North America (Old School) 

Also known as the Church of the 
Covenanters. Origin dates back to the 
Reformation days of Scotland when 
the Covenanters signed their "Cove- 
nants" in resistance to the king and 
the Roman Church in the enforcement 
of state church practices. The Church 
in America has signed two "Covenants" 
in particular, those of 1871 and 1954. 

Churches: 74. Inclusive Membership: 6,442. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 70. Total En- 
rollment: 4,821. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 56. 

General Organization 

Synod, annual. 

Officers: Mod., Rev. Walter C. McClurkin, 
Newburgh, N. Y. 

Clk., Rev. D. Howard Elliott, 207 Darling- 
ton Rd., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Treas., Chester R. Fox, 209 9th St., Pitts- 
burgh 22, Pa. 


The Covenanter Witness (w), 1209 Boswell 
St., Topeka, Kans., Dr. D. R. Taggart, 

Blue Banner Faith and Life, 415 31st St., 
Beaver Falls, Pa., Dr. J. G. Vos, Ed. 

United Presbyterian Church of 
North America 

This body dates back to the Reformed 
Presbyterian (Covenanter) Church 
(1643) and the Associate Presbyterian 
(Seceder) Church (1733), both of Scot- 
land. These two groups appeared in 
America in 1774 and 1753 respectively. 
They united and became the Associate 
Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1782. 


A minority, however, continued as the 
Associate Presbyterian Church, but in 
1858 the two groups united and became 
the United Presbyterian Church as 

Churches: 827. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 842. Total 

Enrollment: 171,733. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 636. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, meets annually, in 

Officers: Mod., Rev. George A. Long, 209 

9th St., Pittsburgh 22, Pa. 
Clerk-Treas., Dr. S. W. Shane, 209 Ninth 

St., Pittsburgh 22, Pa. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Foreign Missions: 401 W. Chel- 
ten Ave., Philadelphia 44, Pa. Gen. Sec., 
Rev. T. Donald Black; Asso. Sec., Dr. Ed- 
ward E. Grice; Treas., Dr. Hugh E. 
Kelsey; For. Sec., Dr. Glenn P. Reed. 

Board of American Missions: 702 Publi- 
cation Building, Pittsburgh 22, Pa. Gen. 
Sec., Dr. A. K. Stewart; Asso. Sec., Dr. 
James K. Leitch; Asso. Sec. of Town 
& Country Work, Dr. George P. Kerr; 
Treas., M. J. Hein. 

Board of Christian Education: 209 9th St., 
Pittsburgh 22, Pa. Gen. Sec., Dr. Lee 
Edwin Walker; Assoc. Sec. and Ed., Wil- 
liam H. Neebe; Mgr. and Treas., Dr. 
Samuel W. Shane. 

Board of Ministerial Pensions and Relief: 
1505 Race St., Philadelphia 2, Pa. Cor. 
Sec., Dr. Charles L. Hussey; Treas., John 
M. Gordon. 

Board of Directors of Women's General 
Missionary Society: 902-907 Publication 
Building, Pittsburgh 22, Pa. Pres., Mrs. 
Joseph H. Heagen; Rec. Sec., Edith L. 
McBane; Treas., Mrs. H. Ray Shear. 

Committee on Chaplains: Chmn., Dr. W. 
R. McGeary, 226 Charles St., Pittsburgh 
10, Pa. 

Committee on World Relief Appeals: 
Chmn., Dr. Vincent D. Beckett, 2128 S. 
68 St., Philadelphia 42, Pa. 


United Presbyterian (w), 209 Ninth St., 
Pittsburgh 22, Pa., Dr. R. L. Edie, Ed. 

Christian Union Herald (w), 209 Ninth St., 
Pittsburgh 22, Pa., William H. Neebe, Ed. 

The Protestant Episcopal Church 

This body entered the colonies with 
the earliest settlers (Jamestown, Va., 
1607), as the Church of England. It be- 
came autonomous and adopted its pres- 
ent name in 1789. It is an integral part 
of the Anglican Communion. 

Churches: 7,170 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 2,660,699 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 5,619 (1951). 
Total Enrollment: 713,113 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 4,963 



General Organization 

General Convention, triennial. (Next meet- 
ing, 1958.) 

Headquarters: 281 4th Ave., New York 10, 
N. Y. 

Officers: Presiding Bishop, Rt. Rev. Henry 
Knox Sherrill. 

Sec. Ho. of Bishops, Dr. John H. Fitz- 
gerald, 7301 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn 9, 

Pres. Ho. of Deputies, Rev. Canon Theo- 
dore O. Wedel. 

Sec. Ho. of Deputies, Dr. C. Rankin 

Treas. Conv., Frank Gulden, 170 Remsen 
St., Brooklyn 1, N. Y. 

Other Organizations 

National Council: Office, 281 4th Ave., 

New York 10, N. Y. Pres., Rt. Rev. 

Henry Knox Sherrill; Vice-Pres., Rt. Rev. 

John Boyd Bentley; Treas., H. M. 

Addinsell; Sec., Dr. C. Rankin Barnes. 

Overseas: Dir., Rt. Rev. John B. Bentley; 
Asst. Sees., Rev. Claude L. Pickens, 
Jr. and Rev. Gordon T. Charlton. 

Home Department: Dir., Dr. William G. 
Wright. Domestic Missions: Exec. Sec., 
Dr. WUliam G. Wright; Asst. Sees., Dr. 
Tollie L. Caution and Dr. Vine V. 
Deloria. Town & Country: Exec. Sec., 
Rev. C. L. Samuelson. College Work: 
Exec. Sec., Rev. Roger Blanchard; 
Assoc. Sec., Louise Gehan. Armed 
Forces: Exec. Sec., Rev. Robert J. 

Christian Education: 28 Havemeyer 
Place, Greenwich, Conn. Dir., Dr. 
David R. Hunter. Children: Exec. Sec., 
Miss Mary Louise Villaret. Youth: 
Exec. Sec., Rev. K. A. Larsen. Adult: 
Exec. Sec., Rev. John B. Midworth. 
Consultant, Dr. Theodore Switz. Cur- 
riculum: Exec. Sec., Rev. C. Wm. Syd- 
nor, Jr.; Assoc. Exec. Sec., Rev. Francis 
W. Voelcker; Assoc. Eds., Esther G. 
Pierce, Agnes Hickson, Eleanor E. 
Sandt, Florence L. Newbold, and Mar- 
garet McBride. Consultants: Dr. Reuel 
L. Howe, Dr. Donald M. Brieland, Dr. 
W. Norman Pittenger, and Dr. Mary 
Tully. Writer-Consultants: Dr. Ran- 
dolph C. Miller and Mrs. Dexter 
Stephens. Consultant on Parents' Ma- 
terials, Dr. Kendig B. Cully. Leader- 
ship Training: Exec. Sec., Rev. Grant 

A. Morrill, Jr.; Assoc. Sees., Rev. Wm. 

B. Murdock, Rev. A. Donald Davies, 
Rev. H. Neville Tinker, and Mrs. Dora 
Chaplin; Asst. Sees., Emma Lou Benig- 
nus and Lynette Giesecke. Audio-Visual 
Education: Acting Exec. Sec., Char- 
lotte C. Tompkins. 

Christian Social Relations: Dir., Dr. Al- 
mon R. Pepper. Health & Welfare 
Services: Exec. Sec., Rev. Kenneth E. 
Nelson; Asst. Sees., Charlotte V. Gluck 
and Mrs. Charles S. Monroe. Christian 
Citizenship: Exec. Sec., Dr. M. Moran 
Weston. Urban-Industrial Church Work: 
Exec. Sec., Rev. G. Paul Mussellman. 

Promotion: Dir., John W. Reinhardt; 
Publs., Wm. E. Leidt; Bus. Mgr., C. 
J. Fleischman; Press Relations, Douglas 
A. Busby; Missionary Information and 
Stewardship, Dr. Howard Harper; 
Radio and Television, Rev. Dana F. 

Finance: Dir. & Treas., H. M. Addinsell; 
Asst. Treas., James E. Whitney, Lind- 
ley M. Franklin; Asst. to Treas., Harry 
L. Dietz. 

Seabury Press: Mgr., Leon McCauley, 28 
Havemeyer Place, Greenwich, Conn. 

Woman's Auxiliary to the National Coun- 
cil: Exec. Sec., Mrs. A. M. Sherman; 
Assoc. Sees., Edna B. Beardsley, Avis 
E. Harvey, Ellen Gammack, Dorothy 

Advisory Committee to the Presiding Bish- 
op on Ecclesiastical Relations: Sec., Dr. 
Floyd W. Tomkins, Washington, Conn. 

Brotherhood of St. Andrew: Pres., Francis 
E. Armstrong; Sec., T. K. Evans, 709 
W. Market St., York, Pa. 

Girls' Friendly Society: 345 E. 46th St., 
New York 17, N. Y. Pres., Mrs. Harold 
E. Woodward; Sec., Mrs. Norvel E. 
Wicker; Exec. Sec., Mrs. Stephen K. 
Mahon; Treas., Mrs. John V. McKenzie. 

Church Army in the U.S.A.: Pres., Samuel 
Thorne, 27 W. 25th St., New York 10, 
N. Y.; Sec., H. Duncan Wood; Treas., 
Herbert A. Birks; Nat. Dir., Captain 
Robert C. Jones. 

Church Pension Fund: 20 Exchange PI., 
New York 5, N. Y. Pres., Rt. Rev. Ben- 
jamin M. Washburn; Treas., Charles D. 
Dickey; Exec. Vice-Pres., Robert Worth- 
ington, 20 Exchange PL, New York 5, 
N. Y. 

Church Historical Society: 4205 Spruce 
St., Philadelphia 4, Pa. Pres., Dr. W. H. 
Stowe; Sec., Spencer Ervin; Librarian, 
Dr. Walter W. Manross. 

American Church Institute for Negroes: 
Pres., Dr. Wm. G. Wright, 281 4th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. 

Presiding Bishop's Committee on Lay- 
men's Work: Exec. Dir., Dr. Howard 
Harper, 281 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 
Assoc. Dir., Rev, George W. MacCray, 
281 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Forward Movement Publications: 412 Syca- 
more St., Cincinnati 2, Ohio. Ed., Dr. 
Francis J. Moore. 


Forth (official), New York 10, N. Y., Wm. 

E. Leidt, Ed. 
The Living Church (w), Milwaukee, Wis., 

Peter Day, Ed. 
Episcopal Churchnews (w), Richmond, Va., 

Maurice E. Bennett, Jr., Publ. 
The Witness (w), Tunkhannock, Pa., Wm. 

B. Spofford, Man. Ed. 
Historical Magazine (q), New Brunswick, 

N. J., Dr. Walter H. Stowe, Ed. 


(Note: MB, Missionary Bishops; CO, Coad- 
jutor; S, Suffragan) 

(Address: Right Reverend) 

Alabama, Charles C. J. Carpenter, 521 30th 
St., N., Birmingham 3, Ala.; George M. 
Murray (S), 521 30th St., N., Birmingham 
3, Ala. 

Alaska, William J. Gordon (MB), Box 441, 
Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Albany, Frederick L. Barry, 68 S. Swan 
St., Albany 6, N. Y.; David E. Richards 
(S), 68 S. Swan St., Albany 6, N. Y. 

Arizona, Arthur B. Kinsolving, II, (MB), 
202 W. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, Ariz. 


Arkansas, Richard Bland Mitchell, 300 W. 
17th St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Atlanta, Randolph R. Claiborne, Jr., 2744 
Peachtree Rd., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga. 

Bethlehem, Frederick J. Warnecke, 321 
Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

California, Karl Morgan Block, 1055 Tay- 
lor St., San Francisco 8, Cal.; Henry H. 
Shires (S), 1055 Taylor St., San Fran- 
cisco 8, Cal. 

Central N. Y., Malcolm Endicott Peabody, 
429 James St., Syracuse 3, N. Y.; Wal- 
ter M. Higley (S), 429 James St., Syra- 
cuse 3, N. Y. 

Chicago, Gerald F. Burrill, 65 E. Huron 
St., Chicago 11, HI.; Charles L. Street 
(S), 65 E. Huron St., Chicago 11, HI. 

Colorado, Joseph S. Minnis, 1313 Clarkson 
St., Denver 18, Colo. 

Connecticut, Walter Henry Gray, 1335 
Asylum Ave., Hartford 5, Conn.; Robert 
M. Hatch (S), 1335 Asylum Ave., Hart- 
ford 5, Conn. 

Dallas, Charles A. Mason, 5100 Ross Ave., 
Dallas 6, Tex.; Joseph M. Harte (S), 5100 
Ross Ave., Dallas 6, Texas. 

Delaware, J. Brooke Mosley, 10 Concord 
Ave., Wilmington 2, Del. 

East Carolina, Thomas H. Wright, 305 S. 
3rd St., Wilmington, N. C. 

Eastern Oregon, Lane W. Barton (MB), 
P. O. Box 951, Bend, Ore. 

Easton, Allen J. Miller, Bishop's House, 
Easton, Md. 

Eau Claire, William W. Horstick, 510 S. 
Farwell St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Erie, William Crittenden, 329 W. 6th St., 
Erie, Pa. 

Florida, Frank Alex. Juhan, 325 Market 
St., Jacksonville 2, Fla.; Edward Hamil- 
ton West (CO), 325 Market St., Jackson- 
ville 2, Fla. 

Fond du Lac, Harwood Sturtevant, 75 W. 
Division St., Fond du Lac, Wis.; Wm. 
H. Brady (CO), 839 Main St., Stevens 
Point, Wise. 

Georgia, Albert Rhett Stuart, 7 E. St. 
Julian St., Savannah. 

Harrisburg, J. Thomas Heistand, 217 N. 
Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Honolulu, Harry S. Kennedy (MB), Queen 
Emma Square, Honolulu 13, Hawaii. 

Idaho, Frank Archibald Rhea (MB), Box 
985, Boise, Idaho. 

Indianapolis, Richard A. Kirchhoffer, 2847 
N. Meridian St., Indianapolis 8, Ind. 

Iowa, Gordon V. Smith, 225 37th St., Des 
Moines 12, Iowa. 

Kansas, Goodrich Robert Fenner, Bethany 
Place, Topeka. 

Kentucky, C. Gresham Marmion, Jr., 421 
S, 2nd St., Louisville 2, Ky. 

Lexington, William R. Moody, 436 W. 6th 
St., Lexington 12, Ky. 

Long Island, James Pernette DeWolf, The 
Cathedral House, Garden City, N. Y.; 
Jonathan G. Sherman (S), The Cathedral 
House, Garden City, N. Y. 

Los Angeles, Francis Eric Bloy, 615 S. 
Figueroa St., Los Angeles 17, Cal.; Don- 
ald James Campbell (S), 615 S. Figueroa 
St., Los Angeles 17, Cal. 

Louisiana, Girault M. Jones, P. O. Box 
1301, New Orleans 10, La.; Iveson B. 
Noland (S), 1620 Murray St., Alexandria, 

Maine, Oliver Leland Loring, 143 State St., 
Portland 3. 

Maryland, Noble C. Powell, 105 W. Monu- 
ment St., Baltimore 1. 


Massachusetts, Norman Burdett Nash, 1 
Joy St., Boston 8, Mass.; Anson Phelps 
Stokes, Jr., (CO), 1 Joy St., Boston 8, 

Michigan, R. S. M. Emrich, 63 E. Hancock 
Ave., Detroit 1, Mich.; Archie H. Crow- 
ley (S), 63 E. Hancock Ave., Detroit 1, 

Milwaukee, Donald H. V. Hallock, 804 E. 
Juneau Ave., Milwaukee 2, Wis. 

Minnesota, Stephen Edwards Keeler, 1409 
Willow St., Minneapolis 3, Minn.; Ham- 
ilton H. Kellogg (CO), 1409 WiUow St., 
Minneapolis 3, Minn. 

Mississippi, Duncan M. Gray, P. O. Box 
953, Jackson 5, Miss. 

Missouri, Arthur C. Lichtenberger, 1210 
Locust St., St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Montana, Henry H. Daniels, 9 Kohrs Block, 
Helena, Mont. 

Nebraska, Howard R. Brinker, 1008 W. 
O. W. Bldg., Omaha 2, Nebr. 

Nevada, William Fisher Lewis (MB), P.O. 
Box 1590, Reno, Nev. 

New Hampshire, Charles F. Hall, 63 Green 
St., Concord, N. H. 

New Jersey, Alfred L. Banyard, 808 W. 
State St., Trenton 8, N. J. 

New Mexico, James Moss Stoney, 318 
Silver Ave., S.W., Albuquerque, N. M.; 
Charles J. Kinsolving, HI, (CO), 318 Sil- 
ver Ave., S.W., Albuquerque, N. M. 

New York, Horace W. B. Donegan, Synod 
Ho., 110th St. & Amsterdam Ave., New 
York 25, N.Y.; Charles F. Boynton (S), 
Synod Ho., 110th St. <Se Amsterdam Ave., 
New York 25, N. Y. 

Newark, Benjamin M. Washburn, 24 Rec- 
tor St., Newark 2, N.J.; Leland W. F. 
Stark (CO), 24 Rector St., Newark 2, 

North Carolina, Edwin Anderson Penick, 
802 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C.; Rich- 
ard H. Baker (CO), P. O. Box 1792, 
Greensboro, N. C. 

North Dakota, Richard R. Emery (MB), 
204 9th St., S., Fargo, N. D. 

North Texas, George H. Quarterman (MB), 
Box 652, Amarillo, Tex. 

Northern Indiana, Reginald Mallett, 2117 
E. Jefferson Blvd., South Bend 17, Ind. 

Northern Michigan, Herman R. Page, 501 
E. Arch St., Marquette, Mich. 

Ohio, Nelson M. Burroughs, 2241 Prospect 
Ave., Cleveland 15, O. 

Oklahoma, Chilton Powell, P. O. Box 1098, 
Oklahoma City 1, Okla. 

Olympia, Stephen F. Bayne, Jr., 1551 
Tenth Ave., No., Seattle 2, Wash. 

Oregon, Benjamin Dunlap Dagwell, 1234 
N.W. 23rd Ave., Portland 10, Ore. 

Panama Canal Zone, Reginald H. Gooden, 
P. O. Box 2011, Ancon, Canal Zone. 

Pennsylvania, Oliver J. Hart, 202 W. 
Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia 3, Pa.; 
Joseph G. Armstrong (S), 202 W. Ritten- 
house Sq., Philadelphia 3, Pa. 

Pittsburgh, Austin Pardue, 325 Oliver Ave., 
Pittsburgh 22, Pa.; Wm. S. Thomas (S), 
325 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh 22, Pa. 

Puerto Rico, A. Ervine Swift, P. O. Box 
9672, Santurce, P.R. 

Quincy, William Leopold Essex, 601 Main 
St., Peoria 2, HI. 

Rhode Island, John S. Higgins, 101 Benefit 
St., Providence 3, R. I. 

Rochester, Dudley S. Stark, 110 Merriman 
St., Rochester 7, N. Y. 

Sacramento, A. W. Noel Porter, 2600 Capi- 
tol Ave., Sacramento 16, Calif. 



Salina, Shirley H. Nichols, P. O. Box 345, 

Salina, Kans. 
San Joaquin, Sumner F. Walters (MB), 

1617 N. Hunter St., Stockton 4, Cal. 
South Carolina, Thomas N. Carruthers, 

138 Westworth St., Charleston 6, S. C. 
South Dakota, Conrad H. Gesner (MB), 

200 W. 18th St., Sioux Falls, S. D. 
South Florida, Henry L. Loutitt, P. O. Box 

597, Winter Park, Fla.; Martin J. Bram 

(S), P. O. Box 597, Winter Park, Fla. 
Southern Ohio, Henry Wise Hobson, 412 

Sycamore St., Cincinnati 2, O. 
Southern Virginia, George P. Gunn, 618 

Stockley Gardens, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Southwestern Virginia, Wm. H. Marmion, 

P. O. Box 2068, Roanoke 9, Va. 
Spokane, Russell S. Hubbard, E. 123 12th 

Ave., Spokane 3, Wash. 
Springfield, Charles A. Clough, 821 S. 2nd 

St., Springfield, 111. 
Tennessee, Theodore N. Earth, 692 Poplar 

Ave., Memphis 5, Tenn. 
Texas, Clinton Simon Qum, 520 San Jacinto 

St., Houston 2, Tex.; John E. Hines (CO), 

2616 University Ave., Austin, Texas. 
Upper S. Carolina, C. Alfred Cole, P. O. 

Box 447, Columbia 1, S. C. 
Utah, Richard J. Watson (MB), 55 B St., 

Salt Lake City 3, Utah. 
Vermont, Vedder Van Dyck, Bishop's 

House, Burlington, Vt. 
Virginia, Fred Deane Goodwin, 110 W. 

Franklin St., Richmond 20, Va.; Robert 

F. Gibson, Jr. (CO), 110 W. Franklin St., 

Richmond 20, Va. 
Washington, Angus Dun, 1702 Rhode Island 

Ave., N.W., Washington 6, D. C. 
West Missouri, Edward R. Welles, R.R. 1, 

Grandview, Mo. 
West Texas, Everett H. Jones, 108 W. 

French PL, San Antonio 1, Tex. 
West Virginia, Robt. E. L. Strider, 1300 

Market St., Wheeling, W. Va.; Wilburn 

C. Campbell (CO), 1608A Virginia St., 

E., Charleston 2, W. Va. 
Western Massachusetts, William Appleton 

Lawrence, 37 Chestnut St., Springfield 

3, Mass. 
Western Michigan, Dudley B. McNeil, 134 

N. Division Ave., Grand Rapids 2, Mich. 
Western New York, Lauriston L. Scaife, 

1114 Delaware Ave., Buffalo 9, N. Y. 
Western North Carolina, M. George Henry, 

46 Macon Ave., Asheville, N. C. 
Wyoming, J. Wilson Hunter (MB), Box 17, 
Laramie, Wyoming. 

Caixa Postal 33, Porto Alegre, R.G.S., 

Southwestern Brazil, Egmont Machado 
Krischke (MB), Caixa Postal 98, Santa 
Maria, R.G.S., Brazil. 

Central Brazil, Louis C. Melcher (MB), 

Caixa Postal 4977, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
Cuba, Alexander H. Blankingship (MB), 

Calle 13, esq. 6, Vedado, Havana, Cuba. 
European Congregations, Stephen E. 

Keeler, 1409 Willow St., Minneapolis 3, 

Haiti, Charles A, Voegeli (MB), Box 1309, 

Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 
Liberia, Bravid W. Harris (MB), Bishop's 

House, Monrovia, Liberia. 
Mexico, Efrain Salinas y Velasco (MB), 

Mier y Pesado 212, Colonia del Valle, 

Mexico, D.F. 
Philippines, Norman S. Binsted (MB), 

P. O. Box 655, Manila; Robert F. Wilner 

(S), All Saints' Mission, Bontoc, Mt. 

Province, Philippines; Lyman C. Ogilby 

(S), P. O. Box 655, Manila, Philippines. 
Southern Brazil, Athalico T. Pithan (MB), 


Christian Reformed Church 

A group of Dutch Calvinists which 
dissented from the Reformed Church 
in America in 1857, and which was 
strengthened by later accessions from 
the same source and by immigration. 

Churches: 466. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 466. Total 

Enrollment: 46,361. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 358. 

General Organization 

Synod, annual (June), at Calvin College, 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Officers: Stat. Clk., Dr. R. J. Danhof, 944 

Neland Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids 7, 

Synodical Treas., Tony Noordewier, 855 

Kalamazoo Ave., Grand Rapids 7, Mich. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Foreign Missions: Sec., Rev. H. 

Evenhouse, 543 Eastern Ave., Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 
Board of Home Missions: Sec., Rev. J. M. 

Vande Kieft, 816 Sigsbee St., Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 
Board of Ministers' Pension Fund: Treas., 

Mr. L. Heeres, 260 Myrtle Ave., Muske- 

gon, Mich. 
Board of Publications: Mgr., J. J. Buiten, 

47 So. Jefferson Ave., S.E., Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich. 


The Banner (w), 47 S. Jefferson Ave., S.E., 
Grand Rapids, Mich., Rev. H. J. Kuiper, 

DeWachter (w), 47 S. Jefferson Ave., S,E., 
Grand Rapids, Mich., Rev. E. F. J. Van 
Halsema, Hudsonville, Mich., Ed. 

Free Magyar Reformed Church in 

A Hungarian Reformed Church was 
organized in New York in 1904 in con- 
nection with the Reformed Church of 
Hungary. In 1922 the Church in Hun- 
gary transferred most of her congre- 
gations in the U.S. to the Reformed 
Church in the U.S. Some, however, pre- 
ferred to continue as an autonomous, 
self-supporting American denomina- 
tion, and these formed the body above. 

Churches: 20 (1951). Inclusive Membership: 

7,189 (1951). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 16 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 625 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 16 (1951). 


General Organization 

Officers: Archdean, Rev. Zoltan Beky, 180 
Home Ave., Trenton 10, N. J. 

Chief Lay-Curator, Frank Szalay, Du- 
quesne, Pa. 

Gen. Sec., Joseph Urban, 895 Home St., 
Bronx 59, N. Y. 

Dean Eastern Classis, Zoltan Beky, 180 
Home Ave., Trenton 10, N. J. 

Dean Western Classis, Stephen Kovacs, 
1027 Haynes St., Akron, O. 

Legal Adviser, Albert Fiok, Esq., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 


Magyar Egyhaz (Magyar Church) (m), 25 
Winant Place, Staten Island 9, N. Y., 
Rev. I. Bertalan, Ed. 

Netherlands Reformed Congregations 

Formed from among immigrations 
from Holland; a secession from the 
State Church there. The present body 
dates from 1907. The doctrines are the 
Belgium Confession, the Heidelberg 
Catechism, and the Canons of Dort. 

Churches: 20. Inclusive Membership: 5,104. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: no data. Total 

Enrollment: 2,085. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 7. 

General Organization 

Synod, meets every two years. (Next meet- 
ing, June, 1956, in Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Officers: Chmn., Rev. W. C. Lamain, 1935 
Plainfield Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Clerk, Rev. A. Vergunst, Corsica, S. D. 

Statistician, Rev. C. Hegeman, 403 N. Main 
St., Sioux Center, Iowa. 


The Banner of Truth, 320 N. 6th St., Pater- 
son 2, N. J., Rev. J. van Zweden, 1610 
Main St., Rock Valley, Iowa, Ed. (Eng- 
lish); Rev. W. C. Lamain, 1935 Plainfield 
Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich., Ed. (Dutch). 

Protestant Reformed Churches 
of America 

Organized in 1926 in Grand Rapids, 
Mich. The doctrinal tenets are those of 
Calvinism, the Belgic Confession, and 
the Heidelberg Catechism. 
Churches and Membership: no report. 
Sunday Schools and Enrollment: no report. 
Ordained clergy having charges: no report. 

General Organization 

General Synod, meets annually (June). 

Officer: Stated Clerk, Rev. George C. Lub- 
bers, 1304 Maude Ave., Grand Rapids 5, 

Reformed Church in America 

This body was established by the 
earliest Dutch settlers of New York as 
the Keformed Protestant Dutch Church 
in 1628. It embraces many of the his- 
toric colonial churches of New York 


and New Jersey and today has many 
strong churches in the middle and 
far west. 

Churches: 796. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 797 (1953). 

Total Enrollment: 159,620 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 659. 

General Organization 

General Synod, annual. Headquarters: 156 
Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Daniel Y. Brink, 220 
Ballston Ave., Scotia, N. Y. 

Stat. Clk., Rev. J. E. Hoffman, 156 5th 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Treas., Rev. A. L. Warnshuis, 156 5th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Direction: Pres., Arad Riggs, 339 
Pondfield Rd., BronxviUe, N. Y.; Vice- 
Pres., Roger Murray II, 230 Riverside 
Drive, New York 25, N. Y.; Treas., Rev. 
A. L. Warnshuis, 156 Fifth Ave., New 
York 10, N. Y.; Dirs., George Neupauer, 
Arad Riggs, Lewis V. Mays, Richard 
Lamb, Roger Murray n, and Bernard 

Board of Domestic Missions: Pres., Rev. 
A. I. Mann, Athens, N. Y.; 1st Vice- 
Pres., Mrs. Norman V. Peale, 1030 Fifth 
Ave., New York 28, N. Y.; 2nd Vice-Pres., 
Rev. C. P. Dame, 523 S. Park St., Kala- 
mazoo, Mich.; Exec. Sec., Rev. R. J. 
VandenBerg; Exec. Sec., Beth Marcus; 
Treas., Mrs. W. L. VanKeuren; Asst. 
Treas., Margaret Wissel. All of 156 5th 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Board of Foreign Missions: Pres., Rev. 
Harvey B. Hoffman, 231 Clinton Place, 
Hackensack, N. J.; Vice-Pres., Wm. T. 
Hakken, The Central Bank, Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich., and Mrs. Howard C. Schade, 
Nyack, N. Y.; Sees., Ruth Ransom, and 
Rev. B. M. Luben, 156 Fifth Ave., New 
York 10, N. Y.; Field Sec., Eastern Div., 
Rev. L. A. Sibley, Fishkill, N. Y.; Treas., 
Rev. Henry Bovenkerk, 156 Fifth Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. 

Board of Education: Pres., James Ver- 
Meulen, American Seating Co., Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; Gen. Sec., Rev. B. J. 
Mulder, 156 5th Ave., New York 10,N.Y.; 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Ernest R. Palen, 50 
E. 7th St., New York 3, N. Y.; 2nd Vice- 
Pres., Rev. John S. Moore, 270 Lafayette 
St., Hawthorne, N. J.; Treas., R. G. 
Huizenga; Rec. Sec., Rev. F. J. Hinkamp. 

Young People's Work: Rev. Howard G. 
Teusink, Marion Van Home; Children's 
Div., Grace Pelon and Miss Elsie Stryker, 
156 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Visual 
Aids, Rev. J. E. Hoffman, 156 5th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y.; Comptroller, Sidney 
Holden, 156 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 
Dept. Publication and Sales, Rev. B. J. 
Mulder, 156 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

The Minister's Fund: (Administering the 
Widow's Fund, the Disabled Minister's 
Fund, the Ministerial Pension Fund, and 
the Contributory Annuity Fund). Pres., 
Frederick E. Bauer, East Nortnfield, 
Mass.; Gen. Sec., Rev. Gerard R. Gnade, 
156 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Vice- 
Pres. and Asst. Treas., Rev. Deane Ed- 



wards, 119 East 19th St., New York 3, 
N. Y.; Treas., Myron G. Darby, 156 5th 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 


The Church Herald (w), 231 Jefferson 
Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich., Rev. 
L. H. Benes, Ed. 

Reformed Episcopal Church 

In 1873, Bishop Cummins withdrew 
from the Protestant Episcopal Church 
in protest against certain sacramentalist 
and ritualistic tendencies and, with 
other clergymen and laymen, organ- 
ized the church as above. 
Churches: 68. Inclusive Membership: 8,579. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 68. Total 

Enrollment: 6,194. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 52. 

General Organization 

General Council, triennial. (Next meeting, 

Officers: Pres. and Presid. Bishop, Kev. 

Joseph E. Kearney, Summerville, S. C. 
Sec., Rev. Theophilus J. Herter, 232 Wen- 

dover Dr., Havertown, Pa. 
Treas., G. Arnold Pfaffenbach, 317 St. 

John St., Havre de Grace, Md. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Foreign Missions: Pres., Rev. 
Edwin A, Bustard; Sec., Rev. Howard J. 
Miekley; Treas., Robert Mitchell. 

Board of Home Missions: Pres., Rev. Wil- 
liam Jerdan, Jr., 7310 Dorcas St., Phila- 
delphia 11, Pa.; Sec. -Treas., Henry M. 
Bates, Hatfield, Pa. 

Trustees Sustentation Fund: Pres., Nor- 
man S. McCausland, Wawa, Pa.; Treas., 
J, Stewart Montgomery, 422 Bryan Ave., 
Havertown, Pa. 

Publication Society: Pres., Bishop Howard 
D. Higgins; Treas., Rev. M. Nelson Buf- 
fler; Sec., Rev. John T. Finney. 

Women's Auxiliary to the Board of Home 
Missions: Pres., Mrs. Louis Troelsch, 846 
Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia 3, Pa. 


Locust St., 
Howard D. 


Joseph E. Kearney, Summerville, S. C. 
Howard D. Higgins, 109 Glenwood Rd., 

Merion Station, Pa. 
William Culbertson, 922 Elmwood Ave., 

Evanston, 111. 

The Roman Catholic Church 

The largest single body of Christians 
in the U.S., the Roman Catholic 
Church, is under the spiritual leader- 
ship of His Holiness Pope Pius XII. 
This body dates back to the priests 
who accompanied Columbus on his sec- 

ond voyage to the New World. A set- 
tlement, later discontinued, was made 
at St. Augustine, Fla. The continuous 
history of this Church in the Colonies 
began at St. Mary's, in Maryland, in 

Churches: 20,794. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 17,639 (1949). 

Total Enrollment: 2,087,395. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 15,277. 

(The following information has been 
furnished by the editor of The Official 
Catholic Directory, published by P. J. 
Kenedy and Sons, 12 Barclay St., New 
York 8, N. Y. Reference to this complete 
volume will provide more adequate infor- 

Head of the Church 

His Holiness the Pope, Bishop of Rome 
and Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of St. 
Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Supreme 
Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch 
of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop 
and Metropolitan of the Roman Province 
and Sovereign of Vatican City. 


Eugenio Pacelli (Crowned, March 12, 1939) 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy 

Supreme Pontiff, 

His Holiness Pope Pius XII 

(Born 1876 Crowned, 1939) 

The College of Cardinals 

(70 members when complete) 

(Listed according to rank of precedence; 
the year after each is that of birth.) 

Cardinal Bishops 

Tisserant, Eugene, 1884, Dean of the Sa- 
cred College; Secretary of the Sacred 
Oriental Congregation; Prefect of the 
Sacred Congregation of Ceremonies; 
Bishop of Ostia and Porto and Santa 
Rufina. Res. Rome, Via Po, 25c. Mail 
address, Vatican City. 

Micara, Clemente, 1879, Vicar General of 
His Holiness for the City and district of 
Rome; Bishop of Velletri. 

Pizzardo, Giuseppe, 1877, Secretary of the 
Supreme Congregation of the Holy Of- 
fice; Bishop of Albano, Prefect of the 
Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and 

Aloisi Masella, Benedetto, 1879, Bishop of 
Palestrina; Pro-Prefect of the Sacred 
Congregation of the Sacraments. 

Piazza, Adeodado Giovanni, O.C.D., 1884, 
Bishop of Sabina and Poggio Mirteto; 
Sec. of the Sacred Consistorial Congre- 

Tedeschini, Federico, 1873, Datary of His 
Holiness; Archpriest of the Basilica of 
St. Peter; Prefect of the Sacred Congre- 
gation of the Basilica of St. Peter; Bish- 
op of Frascati. 

Cardinal Priests 
Verde, Alessandro, 1865, Archpriest of the 

Basilica of St. Mary Major. 
Van Roey, Joseph Ernest, 1874, Archbishop 

of Malines. 
Segura y Saenz, Peter, 1880, Archbishop 

of Seville. 

Cerejeira, Emanuel Goncalves, 1888, Patri- 
arch of Lisbon. 

Lienart, Achille, 1884, Bishop of Lille. 

Fumasoni-Biondi, Pietro, 1872, Prefect of 
the Congregation for the Propagation of 
the Faith. 

Fossati, Maurilio, 1876, Archbishop of 

Dalla Costa, Elia, 1872, Archbishop of 

Innitzer, Theodore, 1875, Archbishop of 

Tappouni, Ignatius Gabriel, 1879, Syrian 
Patriarch of Antioch. 

Copello, James Louis, 1880, Archbishop of 
Buenos Aires. 

Gerlier, Peter, 1880, Archbishop of Lyons. 

Agagianian, Gregory Peter XV, 1895, Pa- 
triarch of Cilicia of the Armenians. 

Mooney, Edward, 1882, Archbishop of De- 

Saliege, Jules, 1870, Archbishop of Tou- 
louse, France. 

McGuigan, James Charles, 1894, Archbish- 
op of Toronto, Canada. 

Stritch, Samuel A., 1887, Archbishop of 

Roques, Emile, 1880, Archbishop of Rennes. 

de Jong, John, 1885, Archbishop of Utrecht. 

de Vasconcellos Motta, Carlo Carmelo, 
1890, Archbishop of Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Gilroy, Norman, 1896, Archbishop of Syd- 

Spellman, Francis Joseph, 1889, Arch- 
bishop of New York. 

Caro Rodriguez, Jose Maria, 1866, Arch- 
bishop of Santiago, Chile. 

De Gouveia, Teodosio Clemente, 1889, 
Archbishop of Lourengo Marques. 

de Barros Camara, Jaime, 1894, Archbish- 
op of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Pla y Deniel, Enrique, 1876, Archbishop 
of Toledo, Spain. 

Arteaga y Betancourt, Manuel, 1879, Arch- 
bishop of Havana. 

Frings, Joseph, 1887, Archbishop of Co- 

Griffin, Bernard, 1899, Archbishop of 

Mindszenty, Joseph, 1892, Archbishop of 
Esztergom, Hungary. 

Rufnni, Ernesto, 1888. Archbishop of Paler- 

Caggiano, Antonio, 1899, Bishop of Rosario, 

Tien, Thomas, 1890, Archbishop of Peking. 

Costantini, Celso, 1876, Chancellor of the 
Holy Roman Church. 

da Silva, Augusto Alvaro, 1876, Archbishop 
of San Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. 

Cicognani, Gaetano, 1881, Prefect of the 
Sacred Congregation of Rites, Pro- 
Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the 
Apostolic Signatura. 

Roncalli, Angelo Giuseppe, 1881, Patriarch 
of Venice. 

Valeri, Valerio, 1883, Prefect of the Sacred 
Congregation of the Affairs of Re- 

Ciriaci, Pietro, 1885, Prefect of the Sacred 
Congregation of the Council. 

Feltin, Maurice, 1883, Archbishop of Paris. 

Mimmi, Marcello, 1882, Archbishop of 

de la Torre, Carlos Maria, 1873, Arch- 
bishop of Quito. 

Stepinac, Aloysius, 1898, Archbishop of 

Grente, Georges F.X.M., 1872, Archbishop- 
Bishop of Le Mans, France. 


Siri, Giuseppe, 1906, Archbishop of Genoa. 

D'Alton, John, 1882, Archbishop of Ar- 

Mclntyre, James Francis, 1886, Archbish- 
op of Los Angeles. 

Lercaro, Giacomo, 1891, Archbishop of 

Wyszynski, Stefan, 1901, Archbishop of 
Gniezno and Warsaw. 

de Arriba y Castro, Benjamin, 1886, Arch- 
bishop of Tarragona, Spain. 

Quiroga y Palacios, Fernando, 1900, Arch- 
bishop of Santiago de Compostela. 

Leger, Paul-Emile, 1904, Archbishop of 

Luque, Cristanto, 1889, Archbishop of Bo- 

Gracias, Valerian, 1900, Archbishop of 

Wendel, Joseph, 1901, Archbishop of Mu- 
nich and Freising. 

Cardinal Deacons 

Canali, Nicola, 1874, Grand Penitentiary; 

President of the Pontifical Commission 

for the government of Vatican City. 
Mercati, Giovanni, 1866, Librarian and 

Archivist of the Holy Roman Church. 
Ottaviani, Alfredo, 1890, Pro-Secretary of 

the Supreme S. Congregation of the 

Holy Office. 

Apostolic Delegate to the United States 

Most Rev. Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, 
3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Wash- 
ington 8, D. C. 


(Archbishops should be addressed as Most 
Rev., Cardinals as His Eminence) 

Baltimore: Francis P. Keough, 408 N. 
Charles St., Baltimore, Md.; Jerome D. 
Sebastian, Aux. Bishop, 2638 E. Balti- 
more St., Baltimore, Md. 

Boston: Richard J. Gushing, 2101 Com- 
monwealth Ave., Brighton, Mass.; Eric 
F. MacKenzie, Aux. Bishop, 1321 Centre 
St., Newton Centre, Mass.; Jeremiah F. 
Minihan, Aux. Bishop, 547 Washington 
St., Norwood, Mass. 

Chicago: Samuel Cardinal Stritch, 1555 N. 
State St., Chicago, 111.; Bernard J. Sheil, 
Aux. Bishop, 3546 N. Paulina St., Chi- 
cago, 111.; William D. O'Brien, Arch- 
bishop-Aux. Bishop, 100 W. 18th St., 
Chicago, HI. 

Cincinnati: Karl J. Alter, 5870 Belmont 
Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio; Clarence G. Is- 
senmann, Aux. Bishop, 29 E. 8th St., 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Denver: Urban J. Vehr, 777 Pearl St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Detroit: Edward Cardinal Mooney, 1880 
Wellesley Drive, Palmer Wood, Detroit, 
Mich.; Alexander M. Zaleski, Aux. Bish- 
op, 197 S. Parke St., Pontiac, Mich.; 
Henry E. Donnelly, Aux. Bishop, 4151 
Seminole Ave., Detroit, Mich.; John A. 
Donovan, Aux. Bishop, 1234 Washington 
Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

Dubuque: Leo Binz, 1105 Locust St., Du- 
buque, Iowa; Loras T. Lane, Aux. Bish- 
op, Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa. 

Hartford: Henry J. O'Brien, St. Thomas 
Seminary, Bloomfield, Conn.; John F. 
Hackett, Aux. Bishop, St. Thomas Sem- 
inary, Bloomfield, Conn. 

Indianapolis: Paul C. Schulte, 128 W. 
Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Kansas City in Kansas: Edward J. Hun- 



keler, 1228 Sandusky Ave. f Kansas City, 

Los Angeles: James Francis Cardinal Mc- 
Intyre, 1531 W. 9th St., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; Joseph T. McGucken, Aux. Bish- 
op, 311 N. Haymond Ave., Pasadena, 
Calif.; Timothy Manning, Aux. Bishop, 
906 S. Bronson Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Louisville: John A. Floersh, 1118 S. 3rd 
St., Louisville, Ky.; Charles G. Maloney, 
Aux. Bishop, 1118 S. 3rd St., Louisville, 

Milwaukee: Albert G. Meyer, 2000 W. Wis- 
consin Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.; Roman R. 
Atkielski, 5400 W. Washington Blvd., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Newark: Thomas A. Boland, 552 S. Orange 
Ave., South Orange, N. J.; Justin J. 
McCarthy, Aux. Bishop, 217 Prospect St., 
South Orange, N. J. 

New Orleans: Joseph F. Rummel, 2809 S. 
Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La.; L. 
Abel Caillouet, Aux. Bishop, 1342 MoSs 
St., New Orleans, La. 

New York: Francis Cardinal Spellman, 452 
Madison Ave., New York 22, N.Y.; Joseph 
P. Donahue, V.G., Aux. Bishop, 221 W. 
107th St., New York 25, N. Y.; Edward 
V. Dargin, V.G., Aux. Bishop, 215 Hal- 
stead Ave., Harrison, N. Y.; Stephen J. 
Donahue, Aux. Bishop, 207 W. 96th St., 
New York 25, N. Y.; William R. Arnold;, 
Military Delegate, 30 E. 51st St., New 
York, N. Y.; Joseph F. Flannelly, Aux. 
Bishop, 460 Madison Ave., New York 22, 
N. Y.; Raymond A. Lane, M.M., Mary- 
knoll, N. Y.; James H. Griffiths, Aux. 
Bishop to Military Delegate, 30 E. 51st 
St., New York 22, N. Y.; Fulton J. Sheen, 
Aux. Bishop, 366 Fifth Ave., New York 
16, N. Y.; Joseph M. Pernicone, Aux. 
Bishop, 627 E. 187th St., Bronx, N. Y. 

Omaha: Gerald T. Bergan, 6300 Dodge 
St., Omaha, Nebr. 

Philadelphia: John F. O'Hara, C.S.C., 5700 
City Line Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.; J. Car- 
roll McCormick, Aux. Bishop, 3805 N. 
Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.; Joseph 
McShea, Aux. Bishop, 4625 Springfield 
Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Portland in Oregon: Edward D. Howard, 
733 N.W. 20th Ave., Portland, Ore. 

St. Louis: Joseph E. Ritter, 3810 Lindell 
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.; Charles H. Helm- 
sing, Aux. Bishop, 4510 Lindell Blvd., 
St. Louis, Mo.; Leo C. Byrne, Aux. Bish- 
op, 8900 Clayton Rd., Richmond Heights, 

St. Paul: John Gregory Murray, 239 Selby 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn.; James J. Byrne, 
Aux. Bishop, 324 S. Prior Ave., St. Paul, 

San Antonio: Robert E. Lucey, 230 Dwyer 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

San Francisco: John J. Mitty, 1100 Frank- 
lin St., San Francisco, Cal.; Hugh A. 
Donohoe, Aux. Bishop, 1100 Franklin St., 
San Francisco, Calif.; Merlin J. Guil- 
foyle, Aux. Bishop, 3321 16th St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Santa Fe: Edwin V. Byrne, 219 Cathedral 
PL, Santa Fe, N. M. 

Seattle: Thomas A. Connolly, 907 Terry 
Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Washington: Patrick A. O'Boyle, 619 Tenth 
St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; John M. 
McNamara, Aux. Bishop, 26 Grant Cir- 
cle, N.W., Washington, D.C.; Bryan J. 
McEntegart, Rector, Catholic University 
of America, Washington, D. C. 

(Address: Most Rev.) 

Albany, William A. Scully, Thurlow Ter- 
race, Albany, N. Y. 

Alexandria, Charles P. Greco, 1805 Jack- 
son Ave., Alexandria, La. 

Altoona, Richard T. Guilfoyle, 1211 13th 
St., Altoona, Pa. 

Amarillo, Lawrence J. FitzSimon, Box 
2009, Amarillo, Tex, 

Austin, Louis J. Reicher, P. O. Box 1057, 
Austin, Tex. 

Baker, Francis P. Leipzig, Box 879, Baker, 

Belleville, Albert R. Zuroweste, 925 Cen- 
terviUe Ave., Belleville, HI. 

Bismarck, Lambert A. Hoch, P. O. Box 
419, Bismarck, N. D. 

Boise, Edward J. Kelly, Box 769, Boise, 

Bridgeport, Lawrence J. Shehan, 359 Wash- 
ington Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Brooklyn, Thomas E. Molloy, Archbishop- 
Bishop, 241 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
Raymond A. Kearney, Aux. Bishop, 378 
Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; John J. 
Boardman, Aux. Bishop, 245 Prospect 
Park W., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Edmund J. 
Reilly, Aux. Bishop, 7320 4th Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Buffalo, Joseph A. Burke, 77 Oakland 
Place, Buffalo, N. Y.; Leo R. Smith, V.G., 
Aux. Bishop, 77 Oakland Place, Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Burlington, Edward F. Ryan, 52 Williams 
St., Burlington, Vt.; Robert F. Joyce, 
Aux. Bishop, Convent Ave., Rutland, Vt. 

Camden, Bartholomew J. Eustace, 342 
Kings Highway W., Haddonfield, N. J. 

Charleston, John J. Russell, 114 Broad St., 
Charleston, S. C. 

Cheyenne, Hubert M. Newell, 3106 Carey 
Ave., Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Cleveland, Edward F. Hoban, Archbishop- 
Bishop, 193 E. 105th St., Cleveland, O.; 
Floys L. Begin, Aux. Bishop, 8000 Euclid 
Ave., Cleveland, Ohio; John J. Krol, 
Aux. Bishop, 1007 Superior Ave., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Columbus, Michael J. Ready, 198 E. Broad 
St., Columbus, Ohio; Edward G. Het- 
tinger, Aux. Bishop, 893 Hamlet St., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Corpus Christi, Mariano S. Garriga, 620 
Lipan St., Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Covington, William T. Mulloy, 1140 Madi- 
son Ave., Covington, Ky. 

Crookston, Francis J. Schenk, 1200 Me- 
morial Drive, Box 610, Crookston, Minn. 

Dallas-Fort Worth, Thomas K. Gorman, 
6435 Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas; Augus- 
tine Danglmayr, Aux. Bishop, 4080 Wal- 
nut Hill Lane, Dallas, Texas. 

Davenport, Ralph L. Hayes, 1430 Clay St., 
Davenport, Iowa. 

Des Moines, Edward C. Daly, O.P., 180 37th 
St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Dodge City, John B. Franz, P. O. Box 591, 
Dodge City, Kans. 

Duluth, Thomas A. Welch, 2215 E. 2nd St., 
Duluth, Minn. 

El Paso, Sidney M. Metzger, 1012 N. Mesa 
Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Erie, John M. Gannon, Archbishop-Bishop, 
205 W. 9th St., Erie, Pa.; Edward P. 
McManama, Aux. Bishop, 35 Pearl Ave., 
OH City, Pa. 

Evansville, Henry J. Grimmelsman, 224 
S.E. 1st St., EvansvUle, tna, 


Fall River, James L. Connolly, 394 High- 
land Ave., Fall River, Mass. 

Fargo, Aloisius J. Muench, Archbishop- 
Bishop, 608 Broadway, Fargo, N. D.; Leo 
F. Dworschak, Aux. Bishop, 608 Broad- 
way, Fargo, N. D. 

Fort Wayne, John F. Noll, Archbishop- 
Bishop, 1415 W. Wash. St., Fort Wayne, 
Ind.; Leo A. Pursley, Aux. Bishop, Apos- 
tolic Administrator, 4525 Arlington Ave., 
Fort Wayne, Ind, 

Gallup, Bernard T. Espelage, O.F.M., P. O. 
Box 110, Gallup, N. M. 

Galveston, Wendelin J. Nold, Broadway 
and 14th St., Galveston, Tex. 

Grand Island, John L. Paschang, 804 W. 
Division St., Grand Island, Nebr. 

Grand Rapids, Allen J. Babcock, 2006 
Lake Drive, S.E., East Grand Rapids, 

Great Falls, William J. Condon, 725 3rd 
Ave., N., Great Falls, Mont. 

Green Bay, Stanislaus V. Bona, Box 65, 
Green Bay, Wis.; John B. Grellinger, 
Aux. Bishop, 46 Monroe Ave., Oshkosh, 

Greensburg, Hugh L. Lamb, Park St. at 
Maple Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Harrisburg, George L. Leech, 111 State St., 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Helena, Joseph M. Gilmore, P. O. Box 1729, 
Helena, Mont. 

Honolulu, James J. Sweeney, 3735 Diamond 
Head Circle, Honolulu, T. H.; John J. 
Scanlan, Aux. Bishop, 1184 Bishop St., 
Honolulu, T. H. 

Joliet, Martin D. McNamara, 310 Bridge 
St., Joliett, HI. 

Juneau, Dermot O'Flanagan, P. O. Box 
1301, Juneau, Alaska. 

Kansas City, Edwin V. O'Hara, Archbishop- 
Bishop, 5921 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, 
Mo.; Joseph M. Marling, C.P.P.S., Aux. 
Bishop, 2800 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 

LaCrosse, John P. Treacy, 2425 Main St., 
LaCrosse, Wis. 

Lafayette, Jules B. Jeanmard, 505 Cathe- 
dral St., Lafayette, La.; Maurice Schex- 
nayder, Aux. Bishop, St. Michael 
Church, Crowley, La. 

Lafayette, John G. Bennett, 610 Lingle 
Ave., Lafayette, Ind. 

Lansing, Joseph H. Albers, 829 W. Michi- 
gan Ave., Lansing, Mich. 

Lincoln, Louis B. Kucera, 2801 Calvert St., 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Little Rock, Albert L. Fletcher, 4605 Crest- 
wood Dr., Pulaski Heights, Little Rock, 

Madison, William Patrick O'Connor, Box 
111, Madison, Wis. 

Manchester, Matthew F. Brady, 657 River 
Rd., Manchester, N. H. 

Marquette, Thomas L. Noa, 300 Rock St., 
Marquette, Mich. 

Mobile-Birmingham, Thomas J. Toolen, 
Archbishop-Bishop, P. O. Box 966, Mo- 
bile, Ala.; Joseph A. Durick, Aux. Bish- 
op, 714 4th Court, W., Birmingham, Ala. 

Monterey-Fresno, Aloysius J. Willinger, 
C.S.S.R., 1550 N. Fresno Ave., Fresno, 

Nashville, William L. Adrian, 1804 Graybar 
Lane, Nashville, Term. 

Natchez, Richard O. Gerow, 237 E. Amite 
St., Jackson, Miss. 

Norwich, Bernard J. Flanagan, 274 Broad- 
way, Norwich, Conn. 

Ogdensburg, Walter P. Kellenberg, 624 
Washington St., Ogdensburg, N.Y. 


Oklahoma, Eugene J. McGuinness, 1521 N. 
Hudson, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Owensboro, Francis R. Cotton, 1535 Fred- 
erica St., Owensboro, Ky. 

Paterson, James A. McNulty, 178 Derrom 
Ave., Paterson, N. J. 

Peoria, William E. Cousins, 740 N. Glen 
Oak Ave., Peoria 4, 111. 

Pittsburgh, John F. Dearden, 5078 War- 
wick Terrace, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Coleman 
F. Carroll, Aux. Bishop, 310 Shady Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Portland, Joseph E. McCarthy, 307 Con- 
gress St., Portland, Me.; Daniel J. 
Feeney, Coadjutor, 307 Congress St., 
Portland, Me. 

Providence, Russell J. McVinney, 30 Fen- 
ner St., Providence, R. I. 

Pueblo, Joseph Clement Willging, 325 W. 
15th St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Raleigh, Vincent Stanislaus Waters, 15 N. 
McDowell St., Raleigh, N. C.; James J. 
Navagh, Aux. Bishop, Nazareth, N. C. 

Rapid City, William T. McCarty, C.S.S.R., 
1622 West Blvd., Rapid City, S. D. 

Reno, Robert J. Dwyer, 843 Marsh Ave., 
Reno, Nev. 

Richmond, Peter L. Ireton, Aux., 800 
Cathedral PL, Richmond, Va.; Joseph H. 
Hodges, Aux. Bishop, 316 E. Marshall 
St., Richmond, Va. 

Rochester, James E. Kearney, 50 Chestnut 
St., Rochester, N. Y.; Lawrence B. Casey, 
296 Flower City Park, Rochester, N. Y. 

Rockford, Raymond P. Hillinger, 1243 N. 
Court St., Rockford, m. 

Sacramento, Robert J. Armstrong, 4300 
Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, Calif. 

Saginaw, Stephen S. Woznicki, 1555 So. 
Washington Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 

St. Augustine, Joseph P. Hurley, Arch- 
bishop-Bishop, 40 Cathedral Place, St. 
Augustine, Fla.; Thomas J. McDonough, 
Aux. Bishop, 40 Cathedral Place, St. 
Augustine, Fla. 

St. Cloud, Peter W. Bartholome, 6th Ave. 
N. and 15th St., N., St. Cloud, Minn. 

St. Joseph, Charles Hubert LeBlond, P. O. 
Box 590, St. Joseph, Mo.; John P. Cody, 
Coadjutor Bishop, P. O. Box 590, St. 
Joseph, Mo. 

Salina, Frank A. Thill, 421 Country Club 
Rd., Salina, Kans. 

Salt Lake City, Duane G. Hunt, 333 E. So. 
Temple St., Salt Lake City, Utah; Joseph 
Lennox Federal, Aux. Bishop, 331 E. So. 
Temple St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

San Diego, Charles Francis Buddy, 2031 
Sunset Blvd., San Diego, Calif. 

Savannah- Atlanta, Gerald P. O'Hara, Arch- 
bishop-Bishop, 222 E. Harris St., Savan- 
nah, Ga.; Francis E. Hyland, Aux. Bish- 
op, Box 1560, Savannah, Ga. 

Scranton, Jerome D. Hannan, 315 Wyo- 
ming Ave., Scranton, Pa.; Henry T. 
Klonowski, Aux. Bishop, 1213 Prospect 
Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Sioux City, Joseph M. Mueller, 2221 Ne- 
braska St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Sioux Falls, William O. Brady, 423 N. 
Duluth Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Spokane, Charles D. White, 238 E. 13th 
Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Springfield, HI., Wm. Aloysius O'Connor, 
524 E. Lawrence Ave., Springfield, HI. 

Springfield, Mass., Christopher J. Weldon, 
68 Elliot St., Springfield, Mass. 

Steubenville, John King Mussio, 422 Wash- 
ington St., SteubenviUe, O. 



Superior, Joseph J. Annabring, 1108 E. 
2nd St., Superior, Wise. 

Syracuse, Walter A. Foery, 1234 James St., 
Syracuse, N. Y.; David F. Cunningham, 
Aux. Bishop, 1400 Park St., Syracuse, 

Toledo, George J. Retiring, 2544 Parkwood 
Ave., Toledo, O. 

Trenton, George W. Ahr, 901 W. State St., 
Trenton, N. J. 

Tucson, Daniel J. Gercke, 192 S. Stone 
Ave., Tucson, Ariz.; Francis J. Green, 
Aux. Bishop, 1946 E. Lee St., Tucson, 

Wheeling, John J. Swint, Archbishop- 
Bishop, 13th and Byron Sts., Wheeling, 
W. Va.; Thomas J. McDonnell, Coadjutor 
Bishop, P. O. Box 807, Wheeling, W.Va. 

Wichita, Mark K. Carroll, 307 E. Central 
Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Wilmington, Edmond J. Fitzmaurice, 1301 
Delaware Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

Winona, Edward A. Fitzgerald, 275 Harriet, 
St., Winona, Minn. 

Worcester, John J. Wright, Bishop's House, 
Worcester, Mass. 

Yakima, Joseph P. Dougherty, Box 901, 
Yakima, Wash. 

Youngstown, Emmet Michael Walsh, 1360 
5th Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Ukrainian Greek Catholic: Most Rev. 
Constantine Bohachevsky, Archbishop- 
Bishop, 705 Medary Ave., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Ambrose Senyshyn, Aux. Bishop, 
"Ukrainian Seminary, Stamford, Conn. 

Pittsburgh Greek Rite: Daniel Ivancho, 50 
Riverview Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Nicholas 
Elko, Apostolic Administrator, 50 River- 
view Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Military Delegate: William R. Arnold, 30 
E. 51st St., New York 22, N. Y.; Chan- 
cellor of Military Ordinariate and Aux. 
to Military Vicar, James H. Griffiths, 
30 E. 51st St., New York 22, N.Y. 


National Catholic Welfare Conference: 
Offices, 1312 Massachusetts Ave,, N.W., 
Washington 5, D. C. Gen. Sec., Rt. Rev. 
Msgr. Howard J. Carroll. 

Administrative Board: Chmn. and Epis- 
copal Chmn. of the Exec. Dept., Most 
Rev. Karl J. Alter, Archbishop of Cin- 
cinnati; Vice-Chmn., Most Rev. Francis 
P. Keough, Archbishop of Baltimore; 
Treas., Most Rev. John F. O'Hara, C.S.C., 
Archbishop of Philadelphia; Sec., Most 
Rev. Joseph E. Ritter, Archbishop of 
St. Louis; Episcopal Chmn. of the Legal 
Dept., Most Rev. Emmet M. Walsh, Bish- 
op of Youngstown; Episcopal Chmn. of 
the Immigration Dept., Most Rev. Michael 
J. Ready, Bishop of Columbus; Chmn. of 
the Youth Dept., Most Rev. John J. 
Mitty, Archbishop of San Francisco; 
Episcopal Chmn. of the Dept. of Educa- 
tion, Most Rev. Matthew F. Brady, Bish- 
op of Manchester; Episcopal Chmn. of 
the Dept. of Lay Organizations, Most 
Rev. Richard J. Gushing, Archbishop of 
Boston; Episcopal Chmn. of the Press 
Dept., Most Rev. Thomas K. Gorman, 
Bishop of Dallas-Fort Worth; Episcopal 
Chmn. of the Dept. of Social Action, 
Most Rev. Francis P. Keough, Archbish- 
op of Baltimore, 

Catholic Church Extension Society: Offices, 
1307 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. Pres., 
Most Rev. W. D. O'Brien, 

Catholic Missionary Union: 415 W. 59th 
St., New York, N.Y. 

Catholic Foreign Mission Society: Mary- 
knoll P. O., N.Y. Super. Gen., Most 
Rev. Raymond A. Lane, M.M. 

Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions: Of- 
fices, 2021 H St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Dir., Rev. J. B. Tennelly, S.S. 

Catholic Board for Mission Work Among 
Colored People: Offices, 154 Nassau St., 
New York. Dir., Rev. Edw. C. Kramer. 

St. Joseph's Society for Colored Missions: 
Offices, 1130 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, 
Md. Super. Gen., Very Rev. Thomas P. 
McNamara, S.J. 

The Society for the Propagation of the 
Faith: Offices, 366 Fifth Ave., New York, 
N.Y. Nat'l Dir., Most Rev. Fulton J. 

The Salvation Army 

An evangelistic organization with a 
military government, first set up by 
General William Booth (1829-1912) in 
England in 1865, and introduced into 
America in 1880. 

Churches: 1,327. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 1,150. Total 

Enrollment: 133,504. 
Ordained clergy having charges: no data. 

General Organization 
National Headquarters: 120-130 West 14 St., 

New York 11, N. Y. 

Officers: National Commander, Commis- 
sioner Donald McMillan. 
National Sec., Colonel P. L. DeBevoise. 

Territorial Organizations 

Eastern Territory, 120-130 West 14 St., 
New York 11, N. Y. C9mmissioner Nor- 
man S. Marshall; Chief Sec., Colonel 
Llewellyn W. Cowan. 

Central Territory, 719 North State St., 
Chicago 10, HI. Commissioner Claude E. 
Bates; Chief Sec., Colonel Wm. G. Harris. 

Western Territory, 101 Valencia St., San 
Francisco 3, Calif. Lt. Comm. Holland 
French; Chief Sec., Colonel Samuel Hep- 

Southern Territory, 54 Ellis St., Atlanta 3, 
Ga. Comm. William Dray; Chief Sec., 
Colonel, Albert E. Ramsdale. 

U.S.O. Division: Exec. Dir., Major Milton 


War Cry (w), New York, N. Y., Lt. Col. 
Rowland Hughes, Ed. 

War Cry (w), Chicago, 111., Lt. Colonel R. 
Lewis Keeler, Ed. 

War Cry (w), Atlanta, Ga., Sr, Major Lil- 
lian Hansen, Ed. 

War Cry (w), San Francisco, Calif., Sr. 
Major Muriel Creighton, Ed. 

Young Soldier (w), New York, N. Y., Cap- 
tain Ruth Tripp, Ed. 

Young Soldier (w), Chicago, HI., Captain 
Gertrude Chevallier, Ed. 

Young Soldier (w), Atlanta, Ga., Sr. Capt. 
Ivy Waterworth, Ed. 

Young Soldier (w), San Francisco, Calif., 
Sr. Captain Miriam A. Pebbles, Ed. 

Stridsropet, Swedish, (w), Chicago, 111., 
Major Edward O. Nelson, Ed. 



The Schwenkfelder Church 

Descendants of a German migration 
from Silesia into Pennsylvania in 1734, 
followers of a Reformation leader, Kas- 
par von Schwenckfeld. 

Churches: 5 (1950). Inclusive Membership: 
2,400 (1950). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 6 (1950). To- 
tal Enrollment: 2,200 (1950). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 5 (1950). 

General Organization 

General Conference, semi-annual. Head- 
quarters: Pennsburg, Pa. 

Officers: Mod., Wayne C. Meschter, 228 
Roberts Ave., Glenside, Pa. 

Sec., Wilbur C. Kriebel, 624 E. 15th St., 
Chester, Pa. 

Treas., Lester Heebner, Norristown, Pa. 


The Schwenkfeldian (m), 2509 N. 30th St., 
Philadelphia 32, Pa., H. K. Heebner, Ed. 

Servants of Yah 

A group reported to have been 
formed by former members of Jeho- 
vah's witnesses, see above. 

Headquarters: G.P.O. Box 542, Brooklyn 

1, N. Y. 
Further information not furnished. 

Social Brethren 

Organized 1867 among members of 
various bodies; confession of faith has 
thirteen articles, evangelical. 

Churches: 23. Inclusive Membership: 1,278. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 22, Total 

EnroUment: 452 (1936). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 16. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, annual. 

Officers: Mod. of General Assembly, Eev. 

Erastus Barger, Eddyville, m. 
Mod. (Union Association), Rev. Erastus 

Barger, Eddyville, 111. 
Mod. (Illinois Association), Rev. Elmer 

Grisham, Harrisburg, HI. 

International General Assembly of 

Organized, Buffalo, N. Y., 1936, for 
the purpose of chartering Spiritualist 

Churches: 182 (1952). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 157,000 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 257 (1952). 
Total Enrollment: 4,635 (1952). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 204 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. Headquarters: 1915 
Omohundro Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Officers: Pres., Fred Jordan, 1915 Omohun- 
dro Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Sec.-Treas., Rev. Wm. Blount Darden, 
101 High St., Portsmouth, Va. 

The National Spiritual Alliance of 
the U.SA 

This body, founded in 1913, believes 
in supernormal personal and imper- 
sonal manifestations and in intercom- 
munication between denizens of differ- 
ent worlds. 

Churches: 26, Inclusive Membership: 1,050. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools & Enrollment: 

no report. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 29. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. Headquarters: Lake 
Pleasant, Mass. 

Officers: Pres., Rev. George Guilmette, 85 
Homer Ave., Cortland, N. Y. 

Treas., Mr. Lloyd F. Rockwell, 47 Mount 
Vernon St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

Sec., Marion A. Rockwell, 47 Mount Ver- 
non St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

National Spiritualist Association 
of Churches 

This body consists of believers in 
communication with the so-called dead. 
Churches: 244. Inclusive Membership: 7,958. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 55. Total 

Enrollment: 1,402. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 149. 

General Organization 

Convention, annual. 

Officers: Pres., Charles R. Smith, 2147 N. 

52nd St., Milwaukee 8, Wis. 
Sec., Emil C. Reichel, 11811 Watertown 

Plank Rd., Milwaukee 13, Wis. 
Treas., Clyde Dibble, 1912 Easton Drive, 

Burlingame, Cal. 

Other Organization 

Bureau of Education: Supt., Dr. Victoria 

Barnes, 1265 Glenlake Ave., Chicago 40, 


The National Spiritualist (m), Robert J. 

MacDonald, 328 Jefferson Ave., Niagara 

Falls, N. Y., Ed. 

Swedenborgian Churches 

See General Convention of the New 
Jerusalem in the U.S.A. 

Triumph the Church and Kingdom 
of God in Christ 

Organized in 1902 in Georgia, by 
Elder E. D. Smith, emphasizing sanc- 



tification and the second coming of 

Churches: 500 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 5,000 (1952). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 800 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 30,400 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 387 (1953). 

General Organization 

Quarterly Conference: annual. Internation- 
al Religious Congress, quadrennial. 

Headquarters: 4255 Seventh Ave., No., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Officers: Chief Bishop, Bishop R. B. Har- 
ris, 4216 5th Ave. N., Birmingham, Ala. 

Gen. Rec. Sec., Bishop D. H. Harris, 320 
Robinson St., Pittsburgh 13, Pa. 

Unitarian Churches 

The Unitarian movement in Congre- 
gationalism, beginning in the 18th cen- 
tury, produced the American Unitarian 
Association in 1825. In 1865 a national 
conference was organized. 

Churches: 366. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 350. Total 

Enrollment: 40,721. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 366. 

General Organization 

American Unitarian Association. Head- 
quarters: 25 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass. 
Branch Offices: 42 Green St., Concord, 
N. H.; Hotel Ten Park Ave., New York 
16, N. Y.; 700 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago 
15, HI.; 2441 LeConte Ave., Berkeley 9, 
Calif.; 21600 Shaker Blvd., Shaker 
Heights, Cleveland 22, Ohio; 217 Pershing 
Ave., San Antonio 9, Texas; P. O. Box 
9036, Birmingham 9, Ala.; 681 Banning 
St., Winnipeg, Man., Canada. 

Officers: Mod., William Roger Greeley, 9 
Arlington St., Boston, Mass. 

Pres., Rev. Frederick May Eliot. 

Sec., Rev. Walter Donald Kring. 

Treas., Leon M. Little. 

Dir. Ext. & Maintenance, Rev. Richard 

Dir. Dept. of Ministry, Rev. Raymond B. 

Dir. Div. of Publications, Melvin Arnold. 

Dir. Dept. of World Churches, Rev. Ed- 
ward A. Cahill. 

Minister Church of the Larger Fellowship, 
Rev. Grant A. Butler. 

Other Organizations 

Unitarian Ministers' Association: Pres., 
Rev. John G. McKinnon; Vice- Pres., 
Rev. Irving R. Murray; Sec., Rev. 
Straughan L. Gettier; Treas., Rev. James 
M. Hutchinson. 

General Alliance of Unitarian and Other 
Liberal Christian Women: Pres., Mrs. H. 
Malcolm Priest; Vice-Pres., Mrs. Elbridge 
F. Stoneham; Sec., Mrs. John H. Sea- 
man; Treas., Mrs. Harry H. Burns. 

Unitarian Laymen's League: Pres., J. Ray 
Shute; Sec., William C. Loring; Treas., 
Dana V. Humphrey. 

Liberal Religious Youth: Pres., Clara Mayo; 

Vice-Pres., Kim Beach; Sec., Nancy 

Wynkoop; Treas., Warren H. Green, Jr. 
United Unitarian Appeal: Pres., David 

Connolly; Vice-Pres., Rev. Dale DeWitt 

and Paul A. Wilks; Treas., Roger Burton; 

Asst. Treas., S. S. Rowe; Clerk, Roland 

B. Greeley. 
Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice: 

Pres., Dr. Earl A. Martin; Vice-Pres., 

Rev. Robert S. Hoagland; Sec., Rev. 

Walter Royal Jones, Jr.; Treas., Rev. 

Ross Allen Weston. 
Unitarian Pacifist Fellowship: Pres., Rev. 

Emerson S. Schwenk. 
Unitarian Sunday School Union: Pres., 

Rev. James C. Brewer; Vice-Pres., Rev. 

Charles A. Engrail; Corr. Sec., Ruth P. 

Smith; Rec. Sec., Miss Jane Boyajian; 

Treas., Ernest L. Gowen. 
Unitarian Temperance Society: Pres., Rev. 

Roy B. Wintersteen; Sec., Rev. William 

H. Gysan; Treas., Rev. Harold G. Arnold. 
Unitarian Service Pension Society: Pres., 

Roland B. Greeley; 1st Vice-Pres., Dr. 

Wilburn B. Miller; 2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. 

Robert T. Weston; Sec., Rev. Elbridge 

F. Stoneham; Treas., Henry V. Atherton. 


The Christian Register, 25 Beacon St., 
Boston 8, Mass., Melvin Arnold, Ed. 

Wayside Community Pulpit, 25 Beacon 
St., Boston 8, Mass., Staff, Div. of Pub- 
lications, Ed. 

Council of Liberal Churches 
(Universalist-Unitarian) Inc. 

Organized to aid and assist the American 

Unitarian Association and The Universalist 

Church in such fields as may be assigned 

to it by bilateral action. 

Headquarters: 16 Beacon St., Boston 8, 

Officers: Presiding, Rev. Alan F. Sawyer; 
Sec., Rev. George N. Marshall; Treas., 
Mrs. Cyrus F. Springall. 

Division of Education: 25 Beacon St., Bos- 
ton 8, Mass. Dir., Rev. Ernest W.Kuebler. 

Public Information: 270 Park Ave., New 
York 17, N. Y. Dir., Roland Gammon. 

United Brethren in Christ 

A division occurred in the Church of 
the United Brethren in Christ in 1889 
over changes in the constitution oi 
1841. This body retained the constitu- 
tion unchanged. 

Churches: 318. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 314. Total 

Enrollment: 33,885. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 245. 

General Organization 
General Conference, quadrennial. (Next 

meeting, 1957.) 
Headquarters: United Brethren Bldg., 

Huntington, Ind. 


Officers: Bishops, E. M. Funk and Lloyd 


Exec. Sec.-Treas., C. E. Carlson. 
Sec. Educ., E. Becker. 
Sec. of Publications, J. Clair Peters. 
Sec. Christian Educ., R. W. Hash. 


The United Brethren (w), Huntington, 
Ind., Ernest Gingerich, Ed. 

United Christian Church 

A group which separated in 1862-70 
from the United Brethren in Christ; or- 
ganized at Campbelltown, Pa,, 1878. 

Churches: 14 (1953). Inclusive Membership: 

603 (1953). 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 11 (1953). Total 

Enrollment: 1,601 (1953). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 9 (1953). 

General Organization 

General Conference, meets annually (May). 
Officers: Mod., Elder George A. Shaud, 10"2 

East Main St., Annville, Lebanon County, 

Presiding Elder, Irwin K. Curry, 118 Cocoa 

Ave., Hershey, Pa. 

Other Organization 

Mission Board: Pres., Rev. Irwin K. Curry, 
118 Cocoa Ave., Hershey, Pa.; Sec., Rev. 
David S. Sellers, Lebanon R.F.D. 4, Pa.; 
Treas., Rev. Elmer H. Dutweiler, Leba- 
non R.F.D. 1, Pa. 

United Holy Church of America, Inc. 

Organized in 1886 at Method, N. C. 
Ordinances of baptism by immersion 
and the Lord's Supper are observed. 

Churches: 376 (1953). Inclusive Member- 
ship: 26,560 (1953). 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 347 (1953). 
Total Enrollment: 12,929 (1953). 

Ordained clergy having charges: 353 (1953). 

General Organization 

Convocation, quadrennial. (Next meeting, 

May, 1956.) 
Headquarters: 500 Gulley St., Goldsboro, 

N. C., and 31 Miami Ave., Columbus 3, 

Officer: Bishop H. H. Hairston, 31 Miami 

Ave., Columbus 3, O. 


The Holiness Union (m), 133 N. Fullerton 
Ave., Montclair, N. J., Rev. H. W. Fields, 
2733 Broad Creek Rd., Norfolk, Va., Ed. 

The Universalist Church of America 

A democratic religious body believ- 
ing in the worthiness of man and his 
ability to create the good life (King- 
dom of God) for all men in this world. 
Modern Universalism emphasizes con- 
fidence in God and human nature, the 


universality of truth, the use of the sci- 
entific method in the quest for wiser 
human relationships, the right of each 
member to formulate his own philos- 
ophy of religion and the universal re- 
ligious truths found in all of the great 
world religions. 

The philosophy of Universalism origi- 
nated with the doctrine of universal 
salvation in the first century A.D., and 
was carried to America in the 18th 
century by Dr. George DeBenneville, 
a French Huguenot, and John Murray, 
an Englishman. 

Churches: 401. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 290 (1952). 

Total Enrollment: 17,040 (1952). 
Ordained clergy having charges: 243. 

General Organization 

General Assembly, biennial. 
Headquarters: 16 Beacon St., Boston 8, 


Officers (unless otherwise noted, all ad- 
dresses are 16 Beacon St., Boston 8, 
Mass.): Pres., Alan F. Sawyer, 518 Lin- 
coln Ave., Saugus, Mass.; Gen. Supt., 
Dr. Brainard F. Gibbons. 
Sec., Esther A. Eichardson. 
Treas., Howe Anderson, Box 314, Concord, 

The program of the church is adminis- 
tered through the following departments: 
Education; Service; Ministry; Extension; 
Business Administration; Survey and Eval- 
uation; Publications; Public Relations and 

It should be noted that the functions of 
the Department of Education were turned 
over to the Council of Liberal Churches 
(Universalisl-Unilarian) on July 1, 1954, 
and the functions of the Department of 
Public Relations were turned over to the 
same group on January 13, 1955. (See 
Council of Liberal Churches [Universalist- 
Unitarian], listed after Unitarian 

Other Organizations 

Association of Universalist Women: Head- 
quarters, 16 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass. 
Pres., Mrs. Laura B. Hersey, 51 Sawyer 
Ave., Tufts College, Medford 55, Mass. 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. Norman Whippen, R.R., 
Durham, N. H.; Exec. Dir., Mrs. J. R. 
Bowman, 16 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass. 

Association of Universalist Men: Pres., 
C. F. Springall, 50 Park St., Maiden 
Mass.; Sec., Henry W. Felton, Montr ose, 

Liberal Religious Youth: Organized in 
June 1954, as the merged organization of 
the former Universalist Youth Fellow- 
ship and the American Unitarian Youth. 
Pres., Mrs. Clara Mayo, 15 Bemis Rd., 
Wellesley Hills 82, Mass.; Exec. Dir., 
Rev. William J. Gold, 16 Beacon St., 
Boston 8, Mass.; Sec., Miss Nancy Wyn- 



koop, 32 Wells Hall, Miami "University, 
Oxford, Ohio. 

Universalist Publishing House: (Includes 
The Universalist Leader and The Murray 
Press), 16 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass. 
Pres., David Pierce, 2 Muzzey St., Lex- 
ington, Mass.; Clk., Alice E. Dorr, 16 
Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass.; Acting 
Mgr. and Ed. of The Universalist Leader, 
Dr. Emerson H. Lalone, 16 Beacon St., 
Boston 8, Mass. 

Universalist Ministers' Association: Pres., 
Dr. Fenwick L. Leavitt, Jr., 19 Church 
St., Barre, Vt.; Sec., Rev. Warren B. 
Love joy, 53 Washington St., Rumford, 


Universalist Leader (m), Boston, Mass., Dr. 
Emerson H* Lalone, Ed. 

Universalist Herald (m), Canon, Ga., Rev. 
W. R. Bennett, Ed. 

The BulletinOfficial Organ of The Asso- 
ciation of Universalist Women (5 times 
a year), Boston, Mass., Mrs. J. R. Bow- 
man, Ed. 

The Youth Leader (5 times a year), Boston, 
Mass., Bruce Johnson, Ed. 

TeamworkJournal of The Universalist 
Ministers' Association (q), Hoopeston, 
HI., Rev. Donald B. King, Ed. 

One Humanity Publication of The Depart- 
ment of Service (4 or 5 times a year), 
Rev. Dana E. Klotzle, Ed. 

Headquarters: 34 West 71st Street, New 

York, N. Y. 
Leader: Swami Pavitrananda. 

Vedcmta Society 

Followers of the Vedas, the scrip- 
tures of the Indo-Aryans, doctrines ex- 
pounded by Swami Vivekananda at 
the World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. There 
are altogether 11 such Centers in the 
U.S.A. All are under the control of 
the Ramakrishna Mission. Organized 
by Swami Vivekananda in India. 

Churches: 11. Inclusive Membership: 1,200. 
Sunday or Sabbath Schools: None. 
Ordained clergy having charges: 13. 

Volunteers of America 

A religious social welfare organiza- 
tion, founded in 1896 by Ballington and 
Maud Booth; it provides spiritual and 
material aid for those in need, through 
approximately 448 service units in the 
continental U.S. 

Churches: 191. Inclusive Membership: 

Sunday or Sabbath Schools: 150. Total 

Enrollment: 9,479. 

Ordained clergy having charges: 301. 
National Headquarters: 340 West 85th St., 

New York 24, N. Y. 
National Officers: Commander in Chief, 

Genl. Charles Brandon Booth. 
National Sec., Col. John F. McMahon. 
Religious Sec., Lt. Colonel H. Mills Eroh. 
Social Welfare Sec., Maj. Belle Leach. 
Youth Sec., Lt. Col. Robert E. Nolte. 
Salvage and Rehabilitation Sec., Major 

William T. Altaian. 
East-Central Area Headquarters: 1211 

Chestnut St., Philadelphia 7, Pa.; Area 

Comm., Col. Oliver P. Strickland. 
Midwest Area Headquarters: 1126 North 

Dearborn St., Chicago 10, m.; Area 

Comm., Col. Leo R. Kelly. 
Northwest Area Headquarters: 1411 First 

St., Detroit 26, Mich.; Area Comm., Col. 

William G. Boswell. 
Southern Area Headquarters: 303 Vincent 

Bldg., New Orleans 12, La.; Area Comm., 

Col. Frank J. Tremont. 
Western Area Headquarters: 538 S.E. Ash 

St., Portland 14, Ore.; Area Comm., 

Col. Ida N. Spiess. 
Greater New York Division: 340 West 85th 

St., New York 24, N. Y. 


The Volunteer Gazette (m), published at 
National Headquarters. 



Baptist Convention of 
Ontario and Quebec 

Offices: 190 St. George St., Toronto 5, Ont, f 

Officers: Pres., Mr. Norman Moore, Brant- 
ford, Ont. 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. Ivan C. Milne, Ottawa, 
Ont., and Rev. Harold E. Lewis, Toronto, 

Gen. Sec.-Treas., Rev. T. B. McDormand, 
Toronto, Ont. 

Foreign Mission Board: Chmn., Rev. Har- 
old E. Lewis, Toronto, Ont; Vice-Chmn., 
Rev. D. F. MacDormand, Truro, Nova 
Scotia; Frank Inrig, Toronto, Ont.; Rev. 
G. M. Edwards, Edmonton, Alta.; Gen. 
Treas., Rev. T. B. McDormand. 

Home Mission Board: Chmn., Mr. S. E. 
Clark, Toronto, Ont.; Vice-Chmn., Mr. 
Sidney Johnson, Toronto, Ont.; Rev. C. 
C. Boyter, Toronto, Ont.; Gen. Treas., 
Rev. T. B. McDormand, Toronto, Ont.; 
Supt., Rev. Dixon A. Burns, Toronto, 

Board of Religious Education: Gen. Sec., 
Rev. L. A. Gregory, Toronto, Ont.; Ed. 
of Bapt. Publs., Rev. Fred J. Helps, 
Toronto, Ont. 


The Canadian Baptist, 190 St. George St., 
Toronto 5, Ont., Rev. Harold Trinier, Ed. 

Baptist Union of Western Canada 

Offices: 321 Empire Bldg., Edmonton, Alta. 
Officers: Pres., Mrs. J. R. McDonald, 70 

Brock St., Winnipeg, Man. 
Gen. Sec., Rev. W. J. MacDonald. 
Treas., J. A. Young. 

United Baptist Convention 
of the Maritime Provinces 

Officers: Pres., Rev. Freeman C. Fenerty, 

517 Main St., Kentville, N. S. 
Gen. Sec., Dr. J. Murray Armstrong, 8 

Market Square, Saint John, N. B. 
Treas. Den. Funds, Miss L. Rae Curry, 

Box 575, Saint John, N. B. 
Supt. Home Missions, Rev. R. E. Whitney, 

Wolfville, N. S. 
Field Sec., Bd. of Christian Education, 

Rev. James Wilson, 6 Churchill St., 

Truro, N. S. 


The Maritime Baptist, Wolfville, N. S., Dr. 
A. Gibson, Ed. 

Baptist Federation of Canada 

A coordinating agency for: the Bap- 
tist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, 
the Baptist Union of Western Canada, 

and the United Baptist Convention of 
the Maritime Provinces. 

The Assembly of the Federation 
(consisting of delegates from all the 
churches) meets every three years. The 
Council (consisting of 33 members) 
meets annually. 

Officers: Pres., Dr. Watson Kirkconnell, 

Wolfville, N. S. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. C. H. BentaU, 55 Hed- 

dington Ave., Toronto, Ont., and Mrs. 

R. H. Boyer, Vancouver, B. C. 
Sec., Rev. A. J. Langley, 154 Preston St., 

Halifax, N. S. 
Treas., Mr. Earl Peverell, Bedford, N. S. 

The Fellowship of Evangelical 
Baptist Churches in Canada 

Headquarters: 140 Argyle St., Toronto 3, 


Officers: Pres., Rev. Norman Pipe. 
Vice-Pres., Mr. A. R. Alloway and Rev. 

W. N. Charlton. 
Sec.-Treas., Rev. J. R. Armstrong. 

Union of Regular Baptist Churches 
of Ontario and Quebec 

Was amalgamated with the Fellowship 
of Independent Baptist Churches of 
Canada on October 21, 1953, to form: 
The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist 
Churches in Canada (see above). 

The Church of England in Canada 

General Synod 

Officers: Primate of all Canada, The Most 
Rev. W. F. Barfoot, Archbishop of Ru- 
pert's Land, Synod Office, Trinity Hall, 
Winnipeg, Man. 

Prolocutor, Rev. C. C. Swanson, 227 Bloor 
St. E., Toronto, Ont. 

Gen. Sec., Rev. Canon H. R. Hunt, 600 
Jarvis St., Toronto 5, Ont. 

Treas., John R. Ligertwood, 600 Jarvis St., 
Toronto 5, Ont. 

General Synod Departments 

Offices: Church House, 600 Jarvis St., 
Toronto 5, Ont. 

Department of Missions (Missionary Soci- 
ety of the Church of England in Can.): 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Canon L. A. Dixon; Gen. 
Treas., J. R. Ligertwood. 

Department of Religious Education (Gen- 
eral Board of Religious Education) : Gen. 
Sec., Rev. Canon A. H. Priest; Hon. 
Treas., Chancellor R. H. Soward. 

Department of Christian Social Service 

* This is not a complete listing of the religious bodies of Canada. Many of the reli- 
gious bodies of the U. S. have members in Canada. 



(Council for Social Service): Gen. Sec., 
Rev. Canon. W. W. Judd; Hon. Treas., 
J. O. Elton. 

Department of Pensions: Gen. Sec., 
E. T. C. Orde. 

Department of Finance: Hon. Treas., J. R. 
Ligertwood; Sec., Robert L. Crombie, 
Church House, 600 Jarvis St., Toronto 5, 

Department of Literature and Supplies 
(Anglican Book Centre) : Dir., Rev. M. B. 
Parker, 600 Jarvis St., Toronto 5, Ont. 
Metropolitans (Archbishops) 
(Address: The Most Rev.) 

Ecclesiastical Province of: 

Canada: Philip Carrington, Bishopthorpe, 
Quebec, P. Q. 

Rupert's Land: Walter Foster Barfoot, 
Trinity Hall, Winnipeg, Man. 

British Columbia: H. E. Sexton, 906 Van- 
couver St., Victoria, B. C. 

Ontario: (vacant) 

Diocesan Bishops 
(Address: The Rt. Rev.) 

Algoma: W. L. Wright, Bishophurst, Sault 
Ste. Marie, Ont. 

Arctic: D. B. Marsh, 600 Jarvis St., Toron- 
to 5, Ont. 

Athabasca: R. J. Pierce, Peace River, 

Brandon: I. A. Norris, Synod Office, 
Brandon, Man. 

British Columbia: H. E. Sexton (Archbish- 
op), Bishop's Close, Victoria, B. C. 

Caledonia: H. G. Watts, Prince Rupert, 

Calgary: G. R. Calvert, Union Building, 
Calgary, Alta. 

Caribou: (vacant) 

Edmonton: H. H. Clark, 10029-103rd St., 
Edmonton, Alta. 

Fredericton: W. H. Moorhead, 116 Princess 
St., Saint John, N.B. 

Huron: G. N. Luxton, Bishopstowe, Lon- 
don, Ont. 

Keewatin: H. E. Hives, Kenora, Ont. 

Kootenay: P. R. Beattie, 608 Sutherland 
Ave., Kelowna, B. C. 

Montreal: J. H. Dixon, 1444 Union Ave., 
Montreal, P. Q. 

Moosonee: C. C. Robinson, Bishopstope, 
Porcupine Highway, Schumacher, Ont. 

Newfoundland: P. S. Abraham, St. John's, 

New Westminster: G. P. Gower, 329 Sey- 
mour St., Vancouver, B. C. 

Niagara: W. E. Bagnall, 67 Victoria Ave. 
S., Hamilton, Ont. 

Nova Scotia: R. H. Waterman, 414 Bar- 
rington St., Halifax, N. S. 

Ontario: K. C. Evans, Bishop's Residence, 
Kingston, Ont. 

Ottawa: E. S. Reed, Bishop's Court, Otta- 
wa, Ont. 

Quebec: P. Carrington (Archbishop), Bish- 
opthorpe, Quebec, P. Q. 

Qu'Appelle: M. E. Coleman, Bishopscourt, 
Regina, Sask. 

Rupert's Land: W. F. Barfoot (Archbish- 
op), Trinity Hall, Winnipeg, Man. 

Saskatchewan: H. D. Martin, Bishop- 
thorpe, Prince Albert, Sask. 

Saskatoon: S. C. Steer, 59 York Building, 
Saskatoon, Sask. 

Toronto: F. H. Wilkinson, 135 Adelaide St., 
E., Toronto 1, Ont. 

Yukon: Tom Greenwood, Whitehorse, Yu- 

All-Canada Committee of the 
Churches of Christ (Disciples) 

The Churches of Christ (Disciples) 

in Canada began 150 years ago. The 

All-Canada Committee was organized 

in May, 1922. 

Officers: Chmn., D. R. MacDonald, 34 Arm- 
view Ave., Halifax, N. S. 

Vice-Chmn., T. M. Maltby, 306 Dawlish 
Ave. West, Toronto, Ont. 

Treas., C. S. Bond, 332 Bloor Street, West, 
Toronto 5, Ont. 

Gen. Sec., Oliver W. McCully, 332 Bloor 
Street, West, Toronto, Ont. 


Canadian Disciple (m), 332 Bloor St., West, 
Toronto, Ont., Mrs. Jean Hambleton, Ed. 

The Evangelical 
United Brethren Church 

This Church has its headquarters in 
the Knott Building, Dayton 2, Ohio, 
U.S.A. It has two Conferences in Can- 

Officers: Pres., Bishop R. H. Mueller 
Sec., Rev. H. L. Brox, Sebringville, Ont. 
Treas., Rev. M. E. Reuber, New Hamburg, 

Superintendents: Rev. E. E. Pletch, Rev. 

A. S. Caughell, Rev. Walter Krotz, Rev. 

C. H. Cornwell, and Rev. J. V. Dahms. 

Officers: Chmn., Bishop E. W. Praetorius 
Superintendent, Rev. T. E. Jesske. 
Sec., Rev. H. W. Riegel, 480 McKenzie St., 
Winnipeg 4, Manitoba. 

The Pentecostal Assemblies 
of Canada 

Incorporated under the laws of the 
Dominion of Canada in 1919. 
Headquarters: 50 Euston Ave., Toronto 6, 

Ont., Canada. 

Officers: Gen. Supt, Rev. W. E. McAlister. 
Gen. Sec.-Treas., Dr. C. M. Wortman. 
For. Miss. Sec., Rev. G. R. Upton. 
S.S. and Young People's Dir., Rev. Jas. 


The Pentecostal Testimony, Rev. W. E. 

McAllister, Ed. 

Presbyterian Church in Canada 

General Organization 

Headquarters: 63 George St., Toronto 5, 
Ont., Canada. 

General Assembly 

Officers: Mod., Dr. J. L. W. McLean, Vic- 
toria, B. C. 

Clerks: Dr. E. A. Thomson and Rev. L. H. 

Treas., E. W. McNeill. 


The Reformed Episcopal Church 

Officers: Bishop, Et. Rev. George A. Veck, 
103 Pretoria Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

Sec., Rev. C. C. Ware, 196 Glenforest Rd., 
Toronto, Ont. 

Treas., Walter Terry. 

United Church of Canada 

This body is the result of the union 
in 1925 of the Methodist Church of Can- 
ada, the Presbyterian Church in Can- 
ada and the Congregational Churches 
in Canada. 

General Organization 
General Council, biennial. (Next meeting, 

Headquarters: 299 Queen St., W. Toronto 

2B, Ont., Canada. 

Officers: Mod., Rt. Rev. George Dorey. 
Sec. of Gen. Council, Rev. E. E. Long. 
Treas., Rev. Victor T. Mooney. 

Other Organizations 

Board of Christian Education: Chmn., Dr. 

G. A. Wheable; Sec., Rev. D. T. I. 

Forsyth; Assoc. Sees., Rev. A. J. Cooper, 

Rev. F. P. Fidler. 
Board of Colleges and Secondary Schools: 

Chmn., Rev. W. C. Lockhart; Sec., Rev. 

W. Harold Young. 
Board of Evangelism and Social Service: 

Chmn., Rev. A. J. MacQueen; Sec., Rev. 

J. R. Mutchmor; Assoc. Sec., Rev. W. G. 

Berry; Asst. Sees., Rev. R. S. Christie 

and Rev. Homer R. Lane. 
Board of Home Missions: Chmn., Rev. W. 

M. Mustard; Sec., Rev. M. C. Macdonald; 

Assoc. Sec., Rev. John Leng; Asst. Sec., 

Rev. R. W. K. Elliott. 
Board of Men: Chmn., Dr. W. B. Cowan; 

Sec., Ralph Young. 
Board of Overseas Missions: Chmn., Rev. 

A. B. B. Moore; Sec., Rev. D. H. Galla- 
gher; Assoc. Sec., Rev. T. E. F. Honey. 
Board of Publication: Chmn., Mr. J. A. 

Northey; Book Steward, Rev. C. H. 

Dickinson; The United Church Observer, 

Rev. A. J. Wilson, Ed.; S. S. Publ., Rev. 

P. G. White, Ed. 
Committee on Missionary Education: Sec., 

Rev. G. S. Bell; Asst. Sec., Rev. A. C. 

Committee on the Deaconess Order and 

Women Workers: Sec., Mrs. W. J. Cam- 
Department of Pensions: Sec., Rev. H. G. 

Woman's Missionary Society: Gen. Sec., 

Miss Anne I. Ward. 
Dominion Woman's Association Council: 

Pres., Mrs. W. C. Sturtridge. 


United Church Observer, Toronto 2B, Ont., 
Canada, Rev. A. J. Wilson, Ed. 

United Churchman, Sackville, N.B., Rev. 
W. F. Munro, Ed. 

The Salvation Army in Canada 

National Headquarters: 538 Jarvis St., To- 
ronto 5, Ont. 

Officers: Territorial Commander, Commis- 
sioner W. WyclifEe Booth. 

Chief Sec., Colonel William Davidson 

Field Sec., Lt.-Col. Clarence Wiseman 

Fin. Sec., Brig. Robert Watt. 

Sec. for Immigration, Sr. Major Arthur 

Editor of War Cry, Brig. Herbert Wood. 

The Society of Friends 

Canada Yearly Meeting (Orthodox) 

Clerk, Sterling Nelson, Niagara Falls, 

Genesee Yearly Meeting (Hicksite) 

Clerk, Mable B. Wilson, Welland, Ont. 
Canada Yearly Meeting (Conservative) 

Clerk, Bertha Polland, Norwich, Ont. 
Canadian Friends' Service Committee 

(representing three branches) 

Gen. Sec., Fred Haslam, 60 Lowther 

Ave., Toronto, Ont. 

The Canadian Council of Churches 

3 Willcocks St., Toronto 5, Ont., Canada 

Officers: Pres., Most Rev. W. F. Barfoot. 

Vice-Pres.: Rt. Rev. George A. Dorey, Rt. 
Rev. J. L. W. McLean, Rev. H. L. Den- 
ton, and Col. Wm. Davidson. 

Treas., R. B. Whitehead. 

Gen. Sec., Rev. W. J. Gallagher. 


Ecumenical Affairs: Chmn., Rev. W. C. 

Lockhart; Sec., Rev. W. J. Gallagher. 
Evangelism: Chinn., Rev. Arthur Organ; 

Sec., Very Rev. W. A. Cameron. 
Social Relations: Chmn., Rev. A. L. Farris; 

Sec., Rev. Fred N. Poulton. 
Christian Education: Chmn., Rev. F. J. 

Nicholson; Sec., Rev. Kenneth S. Wills. 
Overseas Missions: Chmn., Rev. H. S. Hill- 

yer; Sec., Very Rev. W. A. Cameron. 


The Church of England in Canada 
The Baptist Federation of Canada 
The Churches of Christ (Disciples) 
The Evangelical United Brethren Church 
The Presbyterian Church in Canada 
The Reformed Episcopal Church 
The United Church of Canada 
The Salvation Army 
The Society of Friends 

Affiliated Members 

The National Council Y.M.C.A. 
The National Council Y.W.C.A. 
The Student Christian Movement of 

In Friendly Association 

The United Lutheran Church in America. 



in Association with he International Missionary Council 

17 Route de Malagnou 
Geneva, Switzerland 

Next Assembly: August, 1960 
Central Committee meets annually 


Rev. Dr. John Baillie, Scotland 
Bishop Sante XJberto Barbieri, Brazil 
Bishop Otto K. Dibelius, Germany 
Metropolitan Juhanon Mar Thoma, India 
Archbishop Michael, U.S.A. 
Rt. Rev. Henry Knox Sherrill, U.S. A. 

Central Committee 

Chairman, Rev, Dr. Franklin Clark Fry 
Vice-Chairman, Dr. Ernest A. Payne 

General Secretary 

Dr. W. A. Visser 't Hooft ................ 17 Route de Malagnou, Geneva, Switzerland 

Associate General Secretaries 
Dr Robert S Bilheimer ................... IV Route de Malagnou, Geneva, Switzerland 

Dr* Leslie K *Cooke ........................ 17 Route de Malagnou, Geneva, Switzerland 

Rev Francis Harry House ................. 17 Route de Malagnou, Geneva, Switzerland 

D? O : ^dlrick^Tolde. .... .................... 297 Fourth Ave., New York ID, N. Y. 

Executive Secretary in America 
Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert ......................... 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Divisions, Departments, Commissions, and Officers 

Division of Ecumenical Action: . 

Divisional Comm.: Chmn., Dr. Marc Boegner; Sec., Dr. Francis H. House. 
Youth Dept. Working Comm.: Chmn., Roderick French; Vice-Chmn., Miss Lydia 

Garrido and Dr. Jean Meyendorf; Exec. Sec., Rev. Bengt-Thure Molander; Sec. 

in Geneva, Rev. Philip Potter; Sec. in New York, Miss Frances Maeda. 
Dept. of Laity: Chmn., Mr. R. D. Paul; Vice-Chmn., Dr. H. H. Walz. 
Comm. on Ecumenical Institute: Chmn., Mrs. Kathleen Bliss; Dir., Dr. H. H. Wolf . 
Comm. on Cooperation of Men and Women: Co-Chmn., Miss Gwenyth Hubble and 

Dean W. G. Muelder; Sec., Madeleine Barot; Chmn., Working Comm., Mrs. 

Mary Ely Lyman. 

Division of Interehurch Aid and Service to Refugees: 
Divisional Comm.: Chmn., Dr. Alphons Koechlin; Dir., Dr. Leslie E. Cooke; Assoc. 

Dir., Dr. Edgar Chandler, 

Division of Studies : . 

Divisional Comm.: Chmn., Professor W. Freytag; Sec., Dr. Robert S. Bilheimer. 
Comm. on Faith and Order: Chmn., Dr. Oliver S. Tomkins; Sec., Dr. J. Robert 

Comm. on Church and Society: Chmn., Professor E. De Vries; Vice-Chmn., Mr. 

Denys Munby; Sec., Rev. Paul Abrecht. 

Comm. on Evangelism: Chmn., Canon Theodore O. Wedel; Sec., Dr. D. T. Niles. 
Comm. on Missionary Studies: Chmn., Professor M. Searle Bates; Vice-Chmn., 

Professor H. Kraemer. 

Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (sponsored jointly with the 
International Missionary Council): Pres., - ; Chmn., Dr. Kenneth 
Grubb; Dir. Dr. O. Frederick Nolde; Treas., W. Rodman Parvin; Exec. Sec., Dr, 
Richard Fagley; Sec. in Geneva, Dr. Elfan Rees; Sec. in London, Rev. Philip 

Department of Information: Chmn., Mr. Charles P. Taft; Sec., Rev. John Garrett. 
Department of Finance and Administration: Chmn., Dr. Eugene Blake; Vice-Chmn., 
Georges Lombard; Sec., Frank Northam. 



Board of Ecumenical Review: Chmn., Archbishop Y. Brilioth; Vice-Chmn., The 
Bishop of London, Dr. John W. C. Wand; Editor, Dr. W. A. Visser 't Hooft. 

Joint Commission of International Missionary Council and World Council of 
Churches: Chmn., Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen; Sec., Dr. Norman E. Goodall, 10 Eaton 
Gate, London S.W. 1, England. 

East Asia Office (sponsored jointly with the International Missionary Council): 1 
Flagstaff St., Royapuram, Madras, India; Sec., Dr. Ralph B. Manikam. 

New York Office: 156 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y.; Exec. Sec., Dr. Samuel 
McCrea Cavert; Administration and Finance Sec., Eleanor Kent Browne; Informa- 
tion Sec., Rev. Elsie Thomas Culver. 


The Ecumenical Review (q), Dr. W. A. Visser 't Hooft, Ed. 
The Ecumenical Press Service (w), Alexandre de Weymarn, Ed. 
These periodicals are issued from the Geneva office of the World Council of Churches, 

17 Route de Malagnou, and available from the New York office, 156 Fifth Avenue, 

New York 10, N, Y. 


Headquarters: 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N.Y. 

Meets annually. 

Officers and Staff: Chmn., Rt. Rev. Henry Knox Sherrill; Vice-Chmn., Dr. Franklin 
Clark Fry; Exec. Sec., Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert; Adm. and Fin. Sec., Eleanor 
Kent Browne; Sec. for Promotion, Antonia H. Froendt; Pub. ReL Sec., Elsie 
Thomas Culver; Treas., W. Rodman Parvin; Consultants, Dr. O. Frederick Nolde, 
Dr. Richard Fagley, and Miss Frances Maeda. 


Comm. on Interpretation and Support: Chmn.., Charles C. Parlin; Vice-Chmn., Mrs. 

Henry Hill Pierce; Sec., Eleanor Kent Browne. 
Comm. on Faith and Order: Chmn., Rt. Rev. Angus Dun; Sec., Dr. Samuel McCrea 

Advisory Comm. on Interchurch Aid and Service to Refugees: Chmn., Dr. Franklin 

Clark Fry; Sec., Dr. Wayland Zwayer. 


The Ecumenical Courier (6 issues a year), 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y., Mrs. 
Elsie Thomas Culver, Ed. 


World Office: Room 1036, 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

North American Office: Room 1107, 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N.Y. 

British Office: Annandale, North End Rd., London, N.W. 11, England. 

Meets every four years (next meeting, 1958) 

Officers: Pres., Rt. Hon. Lord Mackintosh of Halifax, London, England. 

Chmn. Assembly, Dr. Luther A. Weigle, New Haven, Conn. 

Gen. Sec., Rev. Nelson Chappel, New York, N. Y. 

Assoc. Gen. Sees., Rev. Russell F. Harrison, New York, N. Y., and Rev. Andrew 
Wright, London, England. 

Assoc. Sees., Philip C. Jones, New York, N. Y.; Everett M. Stowe, New York, N. Y.; 
and Edgar G. Youdell, London, England. 

Treas., Paul Sturtevant, New York, N. Y. 


156 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y. 
Edinburgh House, 2 Eaton Gate, London, S.W.I, England. 

An international body composed of the following national missionary organizations 
and Christian Councils: 

Australia: National Missionary Council of Australia, Rev. R. A. Hickin, 242 Pitt St., 

Sydney, N.S.W. 
Belgium: Soci6t6 Beige des Missions Protestantes au Congo, Pasteur Emile Hoyois, 

20 rue du Transvaal, Antwerp. 
Brazil: Confederacao Evangelica do Brasil, Rev. Rodolfo Anders, Rua Buenos Aires, 

135-6, Rio de Janeiro. 
Burma: Christian Council, Rev. G. P. Charles, St. Gabriel's Church, Bogyoke Market, 

Rangoon; Assoc. Sec., Rev. U. Maung Pe, 419 Godwin Rd., Rangoon. 
Canada: Canadian Council of Churches, Dept. of Overseas Missions, Dr. W. A. 

Cameron, 3 Willcocks St., Toronto 5, Ont. 



Ceylon: National Christian Council, Rev. B. C. D. Mather, 87 Station Rd., Angulana, 
Chir^? r Nati^nal Christian Council, Missions Building, 169 Yuan Ming Yuan Road, 
Con|of cfonfeil Protestant du Congo, Rev. J. Shrneman, Boite-Postale 3094, Leopold- 
CubaPco^ncii e of Evangelical Churches, Rev. E. G. Morgado, Marti 30, Santa Cruz 

DenmlrkfDanfk^MSionsraad, Rev. C. Bendtorff Strandagervej 24 Hellerup 
Fmland: Suomen Lahetysneuvosto, Rev. Tuure Vapaavuon, Tahitornmkatu 18, Ob- 

FraSST'sSSlSdS MSs Evangeliques de Paris, Pasteur Ch. Bonzon, 102 Boule- 
Germa r nyf Dluts^her'Eva^gelischer Missionsrat, Missionsdirektor Prof. W. Freytag, 


al Council of Churches in Indonesia, Rev. Simon Marantika, Djalan 
J. W. Poxon, Excelsior School, Vineyard Town P.O. 

Japan-^Nattonal Christian Council, Rev. Akira Ebisawa; Hpn Assoc Sec Dr. Paul S. 

Maver Christian Central Building, 2,4-chome Gmza (Chuo-Ku>, Tokyo. 
Korea! National Christian Council, Rev. Ho Choon Yu, Box 134, Kwang-Whamoon, 

MalfyaTchristian Council, Rev. John. Fleming, 23B, Coleman St., Singapore. 
Mexico: Concilio Evangelico de Mexico, Rev. Jose O. Velasco, Apartado 97 bis, 

Near East*?' Near* East Christian Council for Missionary Co-operation, Rev. Dr. E. E. 

Elder, American Mission Building, Ezbekieh, Cairo, Egypt. 
Netherlands: Nederlandsche Zendings-Raad, Rev. J. Blauw, Herengracht 368, Am- 

New S ZeafaSd: National Missionary Council of New Zealand, The Secretary, Epworth 

Buildings, 176 Hereford Street, Christchurch. 

Norwav Norsk Misjonsrad, Rev. Ernst Hallen, Holbergsgt. 23, Oslo. 
PakStan: All-Pakistan Christian Council, Very Rev : Dr. A, Thakur Das 8 Empress 

Road, Lahore, W. Pakistan; Rev. P. K. Barui, Mission House, Rajshahi, E. Pakis- 

Philippines: Philippine Federation of Christian Churches, Rev. Jose" A. Yap (Execu- 
tive Sec.), Union Seminary Building, 726 Taft Ave., Manila. 
Puerto Rico: Evangelical Council of Puerto Rico, Rev. Benjamin Santana, P. O. Box 

River Plate? Confederacitfn de Iglesias Evangelicas del Rio de la Plata (Argentina, 

Paraguay, Uruguay), Rev. Adam F. Sosa, Corrientes 728, Buenos Aires. 
Sierra Leone : United Christian Council, Rev. W. G. B. Ream, P. O. Box 404, Freetown. 
South Africa: Christian Council of South Africa, Rev. A. W. Blaxall, P. O. Box 81, 

Sweden : e Sviska^?sslonsradet, Rev. Martin Linden, Drottninggatan 55, IH, Stock- 
Switzerland: Schweizerischer Evangelischer Missionsrat or Conseil Suisse des Mis- 
sions Evangeliques, Rev. R. Kurtz, Basel Evangelical Missionary Society, Mis- 

ThaSand: Na?ional Christian Council, Dr. Horace W. Ryburn, Correspondent, 138 

United States: "bivisf on o Foreign Missions, National Council of the Churches of 
Christ in the U.S.A., Rev. Luther A. Gotwald, Miss Hazel E. Anderson, 156 Fifth 
Avenue, New York 10, N. Y. 

Officers: Chmn., Dr. John A. Mackay. 

Vice-Chmn.: Rev. Rodolfo Anders, Rev. C. G. Baeta, Mrs. Ba Maung Chain, Dr. G. 
Garcia, Rt. Rev. W. B. L. Greer, Dr. Helen Kim, Prof. H. Kraemer, and Dr. D. G. 

New York Sees.: Dr. John W. Decker, Dr. Glora M. Wysner, and Dr. Jesse R. 

London Sees.: Rev. Ronald K. Orchard, Rev. Erik W. Nielsen, and Mr. Ernest J. 

Joint Sees, with the World Council of Churches: Dr. Norman Goodall and Dr. 

Rajah B. Manikam. 


International Review of Missions (q), 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y., Ernest J. 
Bingle, Ed.; Miss Margaret Sinclair, Assoc. Ed. 




The Alliance 

The General Council: Next meeting, 1959. 

Officers: Fres., Rev. Dr. John A. Mackay, Princeton Theological Seminary, Prince- 
ton, N. J.; Vice-Pres., Rev. Dr. G. Campbell Wadsworth, Montreal, Canada; Dr. 
Benjamin Moraes, Brazil; Rev. Prof. J. L. Hromadka, Czechoslovakia; Rev. Dr. 
C. B. Brink*. South Africa; Rev. K. Yohan Masih, India; Rev. Dr. A. C. Watson, 
Australia; Gen. Sec., Rev. Dr. Marcel Pradervand, 17 Route de Malagnou, Geneva, 
Switzerland; North American Sec., President Ralph Waldo Lloyd, Maryville 
College, Maryville, Tenn.; Gen. Treas., M. Georges Lombard, 11 Carraterie. 
Geneva, Switzerland; Chmn. Woman's Dept., Lady MacDermott, Belfast, North 

The Norlh American Area 

Next meeting, 1956. (Place and time to be selected.) 

Officers: Chmn., Rev. Dr. G. Campbell Wadsworth, 20 Curzon St., Montreal, Canada; 
Vice-Chmn., Dr. Tim J. Campbell, 505 Maytag Bldg., Newton, Iowa; Sec., Presi- 
dent Ralph Waldo Lloyd, Maryville College, Maryville, Term.; Rec. Clerk, Rev. 
Dr. Roy E. Grace, 506 Midvale Rd., Upper Darby, Pa.; Treas., Mr. Roger F. 
Murray, Bankers Trust Co., New York, N.Y.; Publicity Rep., Rev. Dr. W. W. 
Rankin, 518 Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa. 


Headquarters: 1628 16th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Meets every five years. (Next meeting, 1960.) 
Officers: Pres., Rev. F. Townley Lord, 4 Southampton Row, London, W.C.I, England; 

Past Pres., Rev. C. Oscar Johnson, Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, Mo.; Gen. 

Sec., Dr. Arnold T. Ohm, 1628 16th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C.; Assoc. Sec., 

Dr. W. O. Lewis, 4 Southampton Row, London, W.C.I, England; Youth Sec., 

Dr. Joel Sorenson, 50 Klarabergsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden. 


Ecumenical Patriarchate: His All-Holiness Athenagoras, Archbishop of Constanti- 
nople, and Ecumenical Patriarch, Phanar, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Patriarchate of Alexandria: His Holiness Christopher II, Patriarch of Alexandria 
and all Egypt, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Alexandria, Egypt. 

Patriarchate of Antioch: His Holiness Alexander, Patriarch, of Antioch, Damascus, 

Patriarchate of Jerusalem: His Holiness Timotheos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Jeru- 
salem, Old City, Jordan. 

Patriarchate of Moscow: His Holiness Alexei, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, 5 
Tchisty, Moscow 5, U.S.S.R. 

Patriarchate of Serbia: His Holiness Vikentije, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Patri- 
arch of the Serbs, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 

Patriarchate of Romania: His Holiness Justinian, Metropolitan of Bucharest and 
Patriarch of Romania, Bucharest, Romania. 

Patriarchate of Bulgaria: His Holiness Kyril, Patriarch of Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Church of Greece: His Beatitude Spyridon, Archbishop of Athens and Primate of All 
Greece, Athens, Greece. 

Church of Cyprus: Most Rev. Archbishop Makarios, Metropolitan of Cyprus, Nico- 
sia, Cyprus 

Church of Sinai : The Archbishop- Abbot Porphyrios, Mt. Sinai, Arabia. 

Church of Georgia : His Beatitude Melchizedek, Metropolitan of Urbni, Georgia, 

Church of Albania : Most Rev. Archbishop Passi, Tirane, Albania. 

Church of Finland: Most Rev. Archbishop Herman Aava, Kupio, Finland. 

Church of Poland : Most Rev. Metropolitan Macarius, Metropolitan of Warsaw and 
All Poland, Warsaw. 

Church of Czechoslovakia: Most Rev. Metropolitan Eleutherius, Prague, Czecho- 



20 South 12th Street, Philadelphia 7, Pa. 
Sec., James F. Walker. 


Meets every five years. Next meeting, 1958. 

Officers: Moderator, Dr. S. Maurice Watts, 57 Uphill Road, Mill Hill, London, N.W. 7, 
England; Vice-Mod., Rev. Russell Henry Stafford, Hartford Seminary Foundation 
Hartford 5, Conn.; Minister and Sec., Dr. Sidney M. Berry, 110 Memorial Hall, 
Farringdon St., London, E.G. 4, England; Treas., Dr. Arthur S. Wheelock, 26 
Idlewood Rd., White Plains, N. Y. 




International Headquarters: Singel 386, Amsterdam C, The Netherlands. 

U.S. A.: 15 Park Row, New York 38, N. Y. 
Information declined. 


Next meeting: expected to be in 1958. 

Officers: Chmn. and Convener, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev. Geoffrey 
FrancisFisher; Sec. of the Consultative Body, c/o Lambeth Palace, London, 
S.E. 1, England. 


Office: 17 Route de Malagnou, Geneva, Switzerland. 

Next meeting: U.S.A., August, 1957. 

Officers* Pres., Bishop Hanns Lilje, Hannover, Germany; Vice-Pres., Dr. Franklin 
Clark Fry New York, N. Y., and Bishop Johannes Smemo, Oslo, Norway; Treas., 
Charles Delbruck, Les Graviers, Valentigney (Doubs), France. 

CIS National Committee: Dr. Franklin C. Fry, New York, N.Y.; Dr. Henry H. 
Bagger Philadelphia, Pa.; Mrs. C, W. Baker, Jr., Duquesne, Pa.; Dr John R. 
B?fkhofff Chlrlotte N. C. Rev. Frank K. Efird, Salisbury, N. C,; Fred C. Egger- 
stedt New York, N. Y.; Dr. Charles B. Foelsch, Berkeley, Calif.; Judge James 
I HemiSger, Alientowii, Pa.; Erwin H. List, Chicago 111 ; Mrs M. F. Rhemgans, 
Milwaukee^ Wise.; Dr. F. Eppling Reinartz, New York N.Y; , Dr. L. Ralph 
Tabor BaStaore. Md.; Dr. Bees Edgar Tulloss, Springfield, Ohio; Rev. John 
V^etstone Muncy, Pa.; Dr. Fredrik A. Schiotz, Minneapolis, Minn.; Dr. J. A. 
Aasgaard, Minneapolis, Minn.; Dr. Martin Anderson, Minneapolis, Minn.; T. F. 
Gulfixson, St. Paul, Minn.; Dr. Raymond Olson, Mineapolis, Minn.; Dr. Lawrence 
M. Stavig, Sioux FaUs, S. D.; Dr. Henry F. Schuh, Columbus^ Ohio; Herbert 
Engelbrecht, Waverly, Iowa; Dr. Norman A. Menter, Detroit, Mich Dr. R. w. 
Miottel, Detroit, Mich.; Dr. Harold C. Osterman, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Dr. William L, 
Young, Columbus, Ohio; Dr. Oscar A. Benson, Minneapolis, Minn.; Dr. H F. 
Kilander, East Orange, N. J.; Harold LeVander, South St Paul, Minn^ Dr. Malvm 
H. Lund4en, LaGrange, HI.; Dr. Hans C. Jersild, Blair, Nebr.; Dr. T. O. Burnt- 
vedt, Minneapolis, Minn.; Dr. John Wargelin, Hancock, Mich.; Dr. Alfred Jensen, 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Periodical: Lutherischer Rundschau. English Edition: Lutheran World. 


Next meeting: 1957 (in Europe). 

Officer: Chmn. Executive Committee, Dr. Harold S. Bender, Goshen College, Goshen, 


(see: World Methodist Council) 


(see: The World Conference of International Pentecostal Churches) 


146 Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. 

United Bible Societies is a World Fellowship of Bible Societies. 
Next meeting: Standing Committee, September, 1955; Council, 1957. 
Officers: Pres., Rt. Rev. Bishop E. Berggrav; Gen. Sec., Olivier BSguin. 
Periodicals: United Bible Societies Bulletin (q), Olivier B<guin, Ed.; The Bible Trans- 
lator (q), Rev. W. J. Bradnock, Ed. 


(156 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y.) 

On January 1, 1954, this Council became officially related, to Division of Christian 
Education (National Council of Churches), under its Commission on Chirstian Higher 
Education in the Department of Campus Christian Life. (See Cooperative Organi- 


Headquarters : 37 Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland; 291 Broadway, New York 7, N. Y. 

World Centennial Conference, 1965. 

Officers: Pres., ; Gen. Sec., Paul M. Limbert 




Headquarters, Paris, France 

(Sec., Dr. Andr< D. Toledano, 4 Victor Hugo, St. Germain.) 
Headquarters, American Council: 170 E. 64th St., New York 21, N. Y. 
Officers, American Council: Pres., Walter D. Head; Treas., Edgard J. Fisher; Gen. 
Sec., Dr. Henry A. Atkinson; Asst. Sec., John R. Inman; Educ. Sec., Dr. A. Wm. 

Periodical: World Alliance News Letter (m), A. William Loos, Ed. 


Conference, triennial. (Next meeting, 1958.) 

Hon. Sec.: Dr. J. Roswell Flower, 434 West Pacific St., Springfield, Mo. 

Officers and Presidium for 1952 Conference: Rev. Leonard Steiner, Secretary of the 
Swiss Pentecostal Mission, 26 Biascastrasse, Basle, Switzerland; Rev. Donald Gee, 
4 Kenley Lane, Kenley, Surrey, England; Rev. Samuel Kystrom, P. O. Box 6082, 
Stockholm, Sweden; Rev. Abelines Schoeman, Box 1636, Johannesburg, South 
Africa; Rev. J. Roswell Flower, Gen. Sec. Assemblies of God, 434 W. Pacific St., 
Springfield, Mo. 

Advisory Board for 1955 Conference: Lewi Pethrus, P. O. Box 6082, Stockholm, Swe- 
den; Donald Gee, 4 Kenley Lane, Kenley, Surrey, England; Leonard Steiner, 26 
Biascastrasse, Basle, Switzerland; Noel Perkin, 434 W. Pacific St., Springfield, 
Mo.; and J. Roswell Flower, 434 W. Pacific St., Springfield, Mo. 

Periodical: Pentecost (q), 4 Kenley Lane, Kenley, Surrey, England, Rev. Donald 
Gee, Ed. 


Gen. Sec., Rev. Jesse M. Bader, 175 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 


Next meeting: Sept. 4-15, 1956, Lake Junaluska, N. C. 

Officers: Pres., World Organization, Bishop Ivan Lee Holt, 20 North Kingshighway, 
St. Louis 1, Mo.; Chmn. Exec. Comm. U.S.A., Dr. Oscar Thomas Olson, 1919 East 
107 St., Cleveland 6, Ohio; Sec. U.S.A., Dr. Elmer T. Clark, Lake Junaluska, N. C.; 
Treas. U.S.A., Edwin L. Jones, 1700 Brandon Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 


Headquarters: 13 rue Calvin, Geneva, Switzerland. 
American Office: c/o USCC, 156 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 
Next meeting, General Committee, 1956. 
Gen. Sec., Philippe Maury. 
American Sec., Herluf M. Jensen. 


Headquarters: 37 Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland. 
Next World's Council meeting: 1955. 

Officers: Pres., Lilace Keid Barnes; Vice-Pres. for N. A., Mrs. J. Birdsall Calkins; 
Gen. Sec., Helen Roberts. 



This section contains a directory of state and local councils of churches 
and of religious education. It is divided into councils with paid leadership 
and councils with voluntary leadership. There is also a directory of state 
councils of church women. These directories are compiled by the National 
Council of Churches. 

When the name of a city is omitted from an address of an individual, the 
city is the same as that of the organization. 


f Indicates -that information came from preceding Yearbook. 
* Indicates part-time leadership. 



511 Title Guarantee Bldg., Birmingham 3 

Exec/ Sec., Mr. D. R. Price 


Pres., Mr. Irvin C. Kinney 
Vice-Pres,, Mr. Hugh Roberts 
Treas., Mr. F. M. M. Eichardson 


Camp Winnataska, Mr. Gilbert Ritchie 

Children's Division, Mrs. W. A. Jenkins 

Education, Mr. I. F. Simmons 

Finance, Mr. L. A. Corcoran 

Young People's Division, Mr. Earl McBee 



350 North First Avenue, Phoenix 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Charles Crouch 
Dir. Arizona Migrant Ministry, Mr. Wil- 
liam H. Koch, Jr. 


Pres., Dr. Harold Lunger, 740 E. Speed- 
way, Tucson 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Waldo S. Richards, 2710 

N. 7 Ave. 
Regional Vice-Pres. 

Central Region, Rev. Roscoe S. Striv- 
ings, 3530 N. 32 St. 

Northern Region, Rev. Chas. F. Parker, 

Box 904, Prescott 
Sec., Rev. James Ostergren, Box 145, Litch- 

field Park 
Treas., Mr. Thomas Mattingly, 3207 E. 


Mr, Dewey Swihart, YMCA, 350 N. 1 


Christian Education, 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. Walter 
Dugan, 517 W. Pima 

Comity, Rev. Waldo S. Richards, 2710 N. 
7 Ave. 

Cooperative Missions, Rev. James Hadley, 
251 W. Cleveland, Chandler 

Evangelism & Interchurch Activities, Dr. 
Geo. Walker, 4050 N. 2 St. 

United Church Men, Mr. Jack Rath, 3355 
N. 18 Ave. 

United Church Women, Mrs. Walter Wrin- 
kle, 1424 E. Almeria 


350 N. First Ave., Phoenix 


Pres., Rev. Carl D. Soults, 402 W, Monroe 

Vice-Pres., Rev. George Cole, 4735 N. 19 

Sec., Rev. Harold H. Kuhlman, 2409 N. 36 

Treas., Mr. Andrew B. Loper, 822 E. Edge- 

mont Ave. 


Central Departments 

Business and Finance, The Very Rev. 

W. F. Carman, 100 W. Roosevelt 
Public Relations, Rev. DeWitt Joseph 

Brady, 1407 N. 2 St. 

General Departments 

United Christian Youth Council, Rev. 

Wm. Tapscott, 300 West Monroe 
United Council of Church Men, Mr. 

Jack Rath, Pres. 
United Council of Church Women, Mrs. 

John Finney, 21 East Riverside 
United Ministerial Fellowship, Rev. 

DeWitt Joseph Brady, Pres. 

Program Division Departments 

Division of Christian Education, Mrs. 

Roscoe S. Strivings, 3530 N. 32 St. 
Division of Christian Life and Work, 
Rev. Waldo S. Richards, Encanto 
Comm. Cong. 

Social Relations Committee, Rev, 

Wm. Opitz, 1608 West Monroe St. 

Institutional Services Committee, 



Pastor Frank H. Clutz, 805 E. 
Membership Committee, Rev. E. 

Alex Gray, 546 E. Osborn Rd. 
Division of Christian Missions, Rev. 
Ralph Kleen, 1875 North Central 


516 North 5 Avenue, Tucson 

Exec. Sec., Mr. Lawrence B. Ford 


Pres., Dr. Hayden S. Sears, P. O. Box 6306 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Robert May, 416 Valley 

Nat' 1 Bldg. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Delwin Thigpen, P. O. 

Box 6306 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Sharlot Swem, 1919 E. 3 


Sec., Mrs. Harold Lunger, 2755 E. 7 St. 
Treas., Mr. Morgan Maxwell, 920 N. 10 



Comity, Rev. Jerry Wallace, 819 N. Stone 


Education, Rev. Don Leavitt, 740 N. 4 Ave. 
Evangelism, Dr. Glenn C. McGee, 740 N. 4 

Finance, Mr. Robert May, 416 Valley Nat'l 


Interchurch Relations, Rev. George Vance 
Leadership Training, Rev. Don Leavitt, 

740 N. 4 Ave. 
Membership, Rev. Lawrence B. Ford, 7514 

N. 5 Ave. 

Press, Mr. Clermont Loper, Mr. W. C. War- 
man, Mr. Frank Johnson 
Public Institutions, Mrs. Royal Irving, 233 

Calle de Madrid 
Public Relations, Mr. Clermont D. Loper, 

516 N. 5 Ave. 
Radio & TV, Dr. Harold L. Lunger, 740 E. 

Social Action, Mrs. John Mclnnes, 548 E. 

Special Meetings, Rev. William Hobbs, 915 

E. 4 St. 
United Church Canvass, Rev. Clovis 

Snider, 510 E. Drachman St. 
Vacation Church Schools, Rev. P. V. 

Samano, 317 W. 23 St. 
Visual Aids, Rev. J. B. McKendry, 740 E. 

Youth Work, Rev. Delwin Thigpen, P. O. 

Box 6306 



83 McAllister St., San Francisco 2 

Exec. Dir., Dr. Abbott Book 

Dir. of Communications, Rev. Emory M. 

Dir. of Heifer Project, Inc., Mr. L. Russell 

Dir. Committee on the Use and Under- 
standing of the Bible, Dr. Gerald A. 

Dir. Church and Community Music Proj- 
ect, Dr. William W. Norton 

Dir. of Visitation Evangelism, Rev. Mahlon 
B. Young 

Financial jSec., Miss Janet Verkuyl 


Pres., Dr. John R. Wilkins, 83 McAllister 
St. (2) 

1st Vice-Pres., Mrs. Scott Haymond, 180 
Tamalpais Rd., Berkeley 8 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. T. K. Chiu, 925 Stock- 
ton St. (8) 

Sec., Dr. Abbott Book, 83 McAllister St. (2) 

Treas., Mr. John A. Beckett, 2 Pine St. (11) 


Administration and Public Information, 
Rt. Rev. Henry H. Shires, 1055 Taylor 
Business Administration, Rev. Abbott 

Book, 83 McAllister 
Council History, Rev. Clifford Drury, 

San Francisco Theological Seminary, 

San Anselmo 
Finance, Rev. Benton S. Gaskell, 225 

Tilton Ave., San Mateo 
Norminations and Personnel, Rev. Wm. 

D. Pratt, 608 Flood Bldg. 
Policy and Parliamentary Procedure, 

Rev. Thomas Holden, 228 McAllister 


Christian Education, Dr. Frank A. Lind- 

horst, College of the Pacific, Stockton 

Adult Work Commission, Miss Mar- 
garet Lobb, 1798 Scenic Ave., Berke- 

Children's Work Comm., Miss Jessie 
O. Todd 

Leadership Education, Rev. Robert 

Recreation, Mr. Buford Bush, Inver- 

Weekday Religious Education, Mr. 
Gerald C. Fahrenholz, 1713 Grove St., 

Youth Work, Rev. Robert Neal, 2032 
Center St., Berkeley 

Christian Life and Work, Rt. Rev. Sumner 

Walters, 1617 N. Hunter St., Stockton 

Church and Economic Life, Rev. Rich- 
ard C. Smith, San Francisco Theo- 
logical Seminary, San Anselmo 

Evangelism, Rev. Henry H. Mitchell, 
375 Bellevue Ave., Oakland 

International Justice and Goodwill, 
Rev. H. Solomon Hill, 530 37 St., 

Peace, Mr. Ben Seaver, 1830 Sutter St. 

Legislation and Public Morals, Rev. 
Robert W. Moon, 1600 Bancroft Ave., 
San Leandro 

Migrant Work Commission, Rev. G. 
Howard Greenwalt, 128 Sycamore 
St., Modesto 

Ministry to Aging Persons, Mr. C. G. 
Coit, 1647 La Loma, Berkeley 

Religion and Health, Rev. Robert Les- 
lie, 1798 Scenic Ave., Berkeley 

Social Welfare, Sr. Capt. Frances Shen- 
nan, 101 Valencia St. 

Town and Country, Rt. 1, Box 220, 
Yuba City 

Urban Church Comm., Dr. Galen Lee 
Rose, 1119 6 St., Sacramento 

Communications, Rev. Charles M. Guil- 
bert, 1055 Taylor St. 

Interchurch Relations 

Comity, Survey and Extension, Rev. 
Paul E. Miller, 611 6 Ave., Sacra- 

Overseas Relief, Rev. Kenneth C. Senft, 
227 D St., Redwood City 




3330 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles 18 


Gen. Sec., Dr. Forrest C. Weir. 
Assoc. Gen. Sec., Rev. James T. Smith 
Dir. of Christian Education, Mrs. Wallace 

G. Frasher 
Dir of Social Welfare, Rev. Erwin W. 

Dir. of Migrant Services, Miss Betty 

Whitaker _ 

Western Supt. of Migrant Services, Rev. 

Dean S. Collins 

Dir. of Research & Planning, 

Dir. of Sacred Music, Dr. Gordon Bacn- 

Dir. of Understanding & Use of the Bible, 

Dr. Gerald A. Larue 

Pres., Dr. Harold G. Jones, 233 W. 5 St., 

1st Vice-Pres., Mrs. Lyman T. Grossman, 

421 W. Roses Rd., San Gabriel 
2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. George J. Busdieck- 

er, 1502 N. Parton St., Santa Ana 
Sec.,, Rev. Cyrus B. McCown, 1021 West- 

Treas., Rev. Herbert L. Ruthrauff, 5306 

Denker Ave. (62) 

Christian Education, Rev. Rival Hawkins, 

4210 Monroe St. 
Field Administration, Rev. Oscar W. Se- 

dam 748 "E" St., San Bernardino 
General Department of Church Women, 

Mrs. Lyman T. Grossman, 421 West 

Roses Rd., San Gabriel 
Ministers' Convocation, Dr. Emerson G. 

Hangen, Cedar & 3 Sts., Long Beach 
Ministry to National Parks, Rev. J. Ian 

Fraser, Rm. 221, 315 S. Broadway 
Missions & Services, Rev. Frederic G. 

Appleton, 200 W. Las Tunas Dr., San 

Public Affairs, Dr. S. Douglas Walters, 

1125 Appleton St., Long Beach 
Radio & TV, Prof. Glenn McMurry, 3567 

Helms Ave., Culver City 
Research & Planning, Rev. Frank Purnell, 

4210 Monroe St. . nnM 

Sacred Music, Rev. Charles P. Smith, 2721 

E. Florence Ave., Huntington Park 
Youth Work, Rev. Richard Edgar, 125 E. 

Sunset Blvd. 



327 "A" Street, Bakersfield 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Ralph Turnidge 

Pres., Dr. Charles Russell Prewitt, 1701 

Truxtun Ave. 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Vercil Wilson, 1208 So. 

Chester Ave. 

Sec., Mrs. Elmer Peery, 2112 Roosevelt St. 
Treas., Mrs. Alvie E. Myers, 1204 Brent- 

Broadcasting, Television & Films, Rev. 

Selby Swift, P. O. Box 267 

Christian Education, Mrs. Gordon Wilkin- 
son, 1656 Camino Sierra 
Christian Family Life, Mrs. Chas. E. Lord, 

Evangelism, Mr. ' Vercil Wilson, 1208 So. 

Chester Ave. 
Finance, Mr. Merle Baker, 2412 Kentucky 

Migrants, Miss Frances Frey, 2028 Oregon 

Ministerial Affairs, Rev. Chas. E. Lord, 

724 Niles St. 
Music and Dramatics, Mr. Sherlo Shively, 

2608 La France 

Personnel, ~~~ 

Relief and Rehabilitation, Mr. Don Tasker, 

124 Weatherly Dr. 
Social Education and Action, Rev, Henry 

Collins, 1092 Ralston St. 


1713 Grove Street, Berkeley 9 


Exec. Sec., Mr. Gerald C. Fahrenholz 
Supervisor of Weekday R.E., Miss Ella Lee 


Teachers: Miss Doris A. Hartley 
Mrs. A. E. Ellison 
Mrs. H. H. Mitchell 

Pres., Rev. Ross F. Hidy, 2516 Durant Ave. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. Lester E. Reukema, 

2319 Oregon St. (5) 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Stuart L. Anderson, 

1554 LeRoy Ave. (8) 
Sec., Mrs. L. W. Varblow, 513 Curtis St., 

Treas , Dr. Fred W. Starratt, 1331 Oxford 
St. (9) 


Christian Education, Rev. Lester C. Ramp- 
ley, 2401 Le Conte Ave. (9) 

Christian Education Week, Mr. William H. 
Reasoner, 19 HiUcrest Rd. (5) 

Community Relations, Dr. Ralph E. Knud- 
sen, 2606 Dwight Way (4) 

Church World Service, Mr. Alfred C. Nel- 
son, 1215 Glen Ave. (8) 

Curriculum, Mrs. R. E. Knudsen, 2912 Pine 
Ave. (5) 

Evangelism, Rev. James Comfort Smith, 
1640 College Ave. (4) 

Finance, Mr. William A. Borden, 1813 San 
Lorenzo (7) 

Holy Week, Mr. George S. Martin, 1825 
Vine St. (9) 

Housing & Mobile Classrooms, Mr. Edward 
A. Wilson, 16 San Mateo Rd. (7) 

Interfaith Representatives, Rev. Philip Ell- 
man, 1744 University Ave. (3) 

Interracial & Cultural, Mr. Milton Karr, 
2001 Allston Way (4) 

Leadership Education, Miss Linda Town- 
send, 2525 Durant Ave. (4) 

Parents, Mrs. Edward A. Wilson, 16 San 
Mateo Rd. (7) 

Personnel, Dr. Harold B. Frazee, 1127 
Fresno Ave. (7) 

Program, Dean Sherman E. Johnson, 605 
Woodmont Ave. (8) 

Public Relations, Mrs. Frank Jepsen, 1721 
Francisco St. (3) 

Radio-TV, Dr. Gordon Lahrson, 2606 
Dwight Way (4) 



Social Education & Action, 

Special Services, Dr. St. Elmo Nauman, 

2430 Dana St. (4) 
Temperance, Mrs. G. F. Papenfuss, 423 

Boynton Ave. (7) 

Vacation Church. School, 

Weekday Religious Education, Rev. Philip 

Ellman, 1744 University Ave. (3) 
World Order, Dr. Edward W. Blakeman, 

21 Highland Blvd. (7) 



2211 Kern St., Fresno 1 

Exec. Sec., Rev. John B. Cavitt 


Pres., Rev. Thos. P. Krumpe, 2435 Thesta 
Vice-Pres., Dr. Dwight H. Trowbridge, 

2912 Fresno St. 

Sec., Mrs. C. C. Carter, 2236 Harvard 
Treas., Mr. C. K. Wakefield, 612 University 



Christian Education, Mr. Wm. Porter, 1350 
"M" St. 

Christian Race Relations, Rev. Carl J. 
Maier, 2139 Lily St. 

Comity, Rev. Irvin E Shrout, 473 Howard 

Community Action, Rev. Vernon Miller, 
3901 Clinton Ave. 

Evangelism, Rev. Banes Anderson, 1728 
Grant Ave. 

Finance, Rev. David L. Kratz, 1362 "N" 

Hospital, Rev. Byron P. Hovey, 210 N. 

Membership, Rev. A. Bryce Sidebotham, 
1550 "M" St. 

Public Relations, Rev. George M. Wood- 
gates, 45 Garland Ave. 

Welfare, Rev. Walter Gourley, 222 Foun- 
tain Way 


114 West Broadway, Glendale 4 

Exec. Sec., Rev. A. Donald Minton 


Pres., Rev. William H. Merwin, 1015 No. 

Central (2) 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Archie McWilliam, Security 

Bank Bldg., 102 No. Brand Blvd. (3) 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. W. L. Overman, 2404 

Hollister Ter. (6) 
Sec., Mrs. Doris Daggett, 1015 No. Central 

Treas., Mr. Arthur Hutchinson, 102 No. 

Brand Blvd. (3) 
Asst. Treas., Mr. Carlos J. Moorhead, 114 

W. Broadway (4) 


Christian Education, Rev. Chas. A. L. 

Bickel, 134 No. Kenwood (6) 
Evangelism & Spiritual Welfare, Rev. Karl 

E. Kniseley, 233 So. Kenwood (5) 
Finance, Mr. Jack A. Crickard, 102 No. 

Brand (3) 
Men's Work, Police Chf. Carl Eggers, 111 

N. Howard (6) 

Music, Mr. John Key, 4314 Oakwood Lane, 

La Canada 
Public Relations, Rev. Andrew F. Hayes, 

415 E. Acacia (5) 
Radio, Rev. C. Leroy Doty, Jr., 620 No. 

Pacific (3) 
Released Time, Dr. Clarence W, Kerr, 219 

E. Harvard (5) 
Social Welfare & Social Action, Dr. Gayle 

W. Wood, 2015 Robles Dr. (6) 
Women's Work, Mrs. A. J. Meyer, 228 

Spencer (2) 
Youth, Rev. Vance Geier, 1500 No. Ver- 

dugo Rd. (8) 



611 East 3 Street, Long Beach 12 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Robert C. Walker 

Sec., Mrs. Helen Simons 

Supervisor-Teacher, Mrs. Marion McLean 

Sec. Weekday Christian Ed., Mrs. Mar- 
garet Waddelow 

*Institutional Chaplain, Rev. Frank C. 


Pres., Miss Elsie Farris, Heartwell Bldg. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. William Harrison My- 
ers, 507 Pacific Ave. (12) 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Alien R. Steele, Heart- 
well Bldg. (2) 

Sec., Mrs. Bess Bulgin, 457 Golden Ave. 

Treas., Mr. Gus A. Walker, 3 & Pine (12) 


Community Affairs, Dr. Grover Bagby, 317 

Termino (14) 

Finance, Mr. Kenneth Wing, 30 Linden (2) 
Interchurch Activities, Rev. Roy Mason, 

5620 Linden (5) 
Leadership Training, Rev. L. K. Davis, 

2325 E. 3 (14) 
Public Relations, Mr. John Hutchison, 

2503 E. 10 (4) 
Social Welfare, Mr. Joseph McDonald, 

1213 Cedar (13) 
Weekday Christian Education, Chaplain 

W. R. Hall, Centralia & Sunfield (8) 


3330 West Adams Boulevard, 
Los Angeles 18 


Exec. Dir., Dr. Forrest C. Weir 
Asst. Treas., Miss Goldie E. Driscoll 
Dir. of Chr. Educ., Mrs. Wallace G. Frasher 
Dir. of Youth Work, Rev. James T. Smith 
Dir. of Church Welfare Bureau, Rev. Er- 

win W. Johnston 
Dir. of Case Work, Mrs. Frances W. Poyn- 


Dir. of Case Workers, Miss Muriel J. Ir- 
win, Rev. M. David Riggs, Mrs. Wilma 
Dir. of Group Work, Mr. Henry A. Tal- 

Supv. of Area Group Work, Miss Tetsu 


Supv. of Group Workers, Rev. Jacob Ash- 
burn, Mrs, Ruby Chuman, Mrs. Alberta 
Craggett, Mr. Lemuel Dominguez, Mrs. 



Elizabeth Dunworth, Miss Mary Leon- 

Dir. of Information and Referral, Miss 
Elizabeth McMechen 

Dir. of Research & Planning, 

Dir. of Sacred Music, Dr. Gordon Bach- 

Admin. Dir. Weekday Christian Educ., 
Rev. Roy D. Ford 

Supv. of Weekday Teachers, Mrs. Winifred 
Winget, Mrs. Ruthalie Heffner 


Pres., Mrs. Charles O. Goodwin, 450 South 
Bundy Dr. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dean Earl Cranston, 3518 
University Ave. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. F. Lyman Tibbitts, 
4333 Wawona St. 

Sec., Rev. Walter H. Staves, 14115 Mag- 
nolia Blvd. 

Treas., Mr. E. B. Eckdahl, 510 South Spring 


Business and Finance, Dr. Carroll L. Shus- 

ter, 315 S. Bway. 
Christian Education, Rev. Rival Hawkins, 

4210 Monroe St. 

Ecumenical Relations, Dr. William S. Mey- 
er, 663 S. Berendo St. 
Evangelism & Devotional Life, Rev. Harry 

V. Victorson, 4909 Crenshaw Blvd. 
Institutional Ministry, Rev. Walter E. 

James, 315 S. Bway. 
Ministerial Life & Relations, Dr. Amos A. 

Thornburg, 6817 Franklin Ave. 
Public Affairs, Rev. Graydon McClellan, 

115 N. Ave. 53 
Research and Planning, Rev. Merle E. 

Fish, Jr., 4390 Coif ax Ave. 
Sacred Music, Rev. Charles P. Smith, 2721 

E. Florence Ave. 
Social Welfare, Rev. Merrill O. Brinin- 

stool, 301 N. Oxford Ave. 
TV-Radio, Prof. Glenn McMurry, 3567 

Helms Ave. 
Women's Work, Mrs. F. Lyman Tibbitts, 

4333 Wawona St. 


2101 Telegraph Avenue, Room 324, 
Oakland 12 

Exec. Dir., Dr. E. C. Farnham 

Pres., Mr. Franklin C. Stark, Financial 

Center Bldg. (12) 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Walter Mueller, Plymouth 

Congregational Church, 3805 Piedmont 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. E. G. Soeth, 601 Hillgirt 


Sec., Mr. Ernest S. Thomas, 832 34 St. 
Treas., Mr. Julian P. Anderson, 3879 St. 

Paul Ct. 


Dept. of Evangelism, Rev. Donald Smiley, 

Laurel Methodist Church, Kansas & 

Radio & TV Commission, Dr. Gordon 

Lahrson, Berkeley Baptist Divinity 

School, Berkeley 
Religious Education, Dr. Harold Eymann, 

Piedmont Community Church, 400 

Highland Ave., Piedmont 

Social Welfare, Dr. George Warmer, First 
Methodist Church, 24 & Bway 

Women's Work, Mrs. E. G. Soeth, 601 
Hillgirt Circle 


109 S. Los Robles, Pasadena 1 


Council Minister, Dr. T. Ross Paden 
Minister of Youth, Rev. Burton A. BishoD 
Dir. of Christian Educ., P 


Pres., Dr. Alden S. Mosshammer, 464 E 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Clete Becker, Y.M.C A 
235 E. Holly ' 

Sec., Mrs. Hobart Barnes, 2525 N. High- 
land, Altadena 

Treas., Mr. Tom Carter, 500 E. Colorado 


Christian Education, Dr. Thomas Stone 

585 E. Colorado 
Christian Life and Work, Mr. Stuart In- 

nerst, 2540 E. Orange Grove 
Church Women, Mrs. Wayne Granger 

1060 Elizabeth S ' 

Community Worship, Dr. Wesley Ford 

245 E. Walnut 
Evangelism, Rev. Hylton Sanders, 2033 E. 

Fellowship Church, Mr. Linn Hatter si ev 

1038 Elizabeth y ' 

Mexican-American Board, Mrs. G. E. Ken- 
nedy, 514 Punahou, Altadena 
Ministry, Dr. Clayton Gill, 943 E. Foothill, 

Nominating, Rev. George Grain, 1416 N. 

Public Relations, Mrs. Abram Le Grand, 

1754 Asbury Dr. 
Radio, Mrs. Margaret Speer, 2889 San 

Week Day Christian Educ., Mrs. Harold 

Kime, 121 E. Foothill, Altadena 
Youth, Rev. Hugh Nelson, 700 S. Rosemead 


1430 Palm Drive, Burlingame 

Exec. Sec., Rev. George E. Harrison 

Pres., Mr. W. Phil Herriott, 3028 Del Rey, 

San Mateo 
First Vice-Pres., Dr. C. Douglas Hayward, 

36 & Hacienda, San Mateo 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Raymond Hanson, 

527 Edinburgh, San Mateo 
Treas., Mr. Cy M. Freeberg, 142 Warren 

Rd., San Mateo 

Sec., Rev. George E. Harrison, 823 Cross- 


Christian Citizenship & Social Action, 
Rev. Myron Herrell, 1443 Howard 

Christian Education, Mrs. Arthur Smoth- 
ers, 31 Rolling Hill, San Mateo 

Evangelism & Church Extension, Rev. 
Wilder V. Immel, 27 Ave. & Flores, 
San Mateo 

Finance, Dr. Geo. T. Peters, 1308 Balboa 



Nominating, Mrs. Harry Cox, 1 So. Fre- 
mont, San Mateo 

Publicity & Public Relations, Mr. Paul 
Thomas, Sr., 846 Paloma 

Radio, Dr. Benton Gaskell, 225 Tilton 
Ave., San Mateo 

Social Welfare & Relief, Mrs. A. R. Mason, 
122 Castillian, San Mateo 

Youth. Work, Rev. Bruce Hile, 1308 Balboa 


Y.M.C.A. Building, 

500 East Citrus Avenue, Redlands 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Oscar W. Sedam 

Pres., Mr. Otto C. Knudsen, 216 Grand 

View Dr. 
Vice-Pres., Dr. Marc Jack Smith, 927 

College Ave. 
Sec., Mrs. Charles D. Howell, 116 West 

Cypress Ave. 
Treas., Mr. Robert H. Sherrod, 329 West 

Cypress Ave. 


Christian Education, Rev. John D. Foer- 

ster, 908 Church St. 
Church and Community, Dr. William 

Klausner, 1309 College Ave. 
Public Relations and Finance, Dr. Marc 

Jack Smith, 927 College Ave. 
United Christian Youth, Mr. & Mrs. Ray 

Swanagon, 17 Vets Village 
United Church Men, Mr. Paul Gerrard, 

1513 Cedar Ave. 
United Church Women, Mrs. Robert J. 

McCandliss, 215 Grand View Dr. 
Worship and Evangelism, Rev. Lawrence 

H, Sellars, 604 E. State St. 


P. O. Box 1789, Richmond 

Dir., Released Time Weekday Religious 
Education Classes, Mrs. Helen W. Wer- 


Pres., Mr. B. A. Johnson, 650 Wilson Ave. 
Sec., Rev. Dean K. Echols, 520 Bissell Ave. 
Treas., Mrs. Grace Fitzell, 440 Tenth St. 


Finance, Rev. Morris W. Roach, 3415 Bar- 
rett Ave. 


3720 Folsom Boulevard (16) 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Galen Lee Rose 


Pres., Mr. A. J. Schmidt, 3209 T St. 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Scott Lathrop, 1225 Fitch 

Sec., Mr. Isaac Bivens, 3745 Nineteenth 

Treas., Mr. John Maier, 4800 Morena Ave. 

Christian Education, Rev. G. Chilton 


Christian Youth Council, Mr. Jack Franck 
Comity, Rev. Pyron McMillen 
Credit Union, Dr. Carl Burkland 
Evangelism, Rev, Robert Ferguson 
Finance, Mr. Frank Bower 
Institutional Ministry, Rev. Robert Tarr 
Radio, Rev. J. Wesley Pierson 
Race Relations, Rev. Leon England 
Social Education & Action, Rev. Edw. Peet 
Service Personnel, Chaplain Daniel B. Jor- 

gensen, McClellan Air Force Base 
United Church Women, Mrs. Kenneth An- 
United Church Men, Mr. Phil Myer 


Y.M.C.A., 5th & "F" Streets, 
San Bernardino 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Oscar W. Sedam 

Pres., Judge Edward P. Fogg, 2359 Ser- 
rano Rd. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Arthur W. Aim, 1354 
"G" St. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Theo. M. Brinson, 
1059 Western Ave. 

Sec., Mrs. Eva B. Morley, 601 So. Water- 
man Ave. 

Treas., Mr. Robert T. Magnuson, Y.M.C.A. 
5th & "F" Sts. 


Christian Education, Mr. Don Lindblom, 

1001 Arrowhead Ave., and Mrs. Arline 

Peckham, 222 E. 16 St. 
Community Worship and Evangelism, Rev. 

James Parrott, 1001 Arrowhead Ave. 
Institutional Ministries, Rev. J. Keith 

Hammond, 1407 Arrowhead Ave. 
Ministers' Fellowship, Rev. N. Robert Kes- 

ler, 3310 "G" St. 
Missions and Services, Rev. George W. 

Haskell, 502 9 St. 
Office and Property, Mr. T. E. Armstrong, 

1186 "F" St. 
Public Relations and Finance, Mr. John C. 

Oliver, 1863 "E" St. 
Radio, TV, Drama and Music, Rev. Ray 

V. Pedrotti, 734 W. "C" St., Colton 
Religion and Health, Rev. Samuel E. Col- 

lett, 2701 Del Rosa Ave., Del Rosa 
Social Education and Action, Mr. Keith 

Henninger, 775 Fairview Ave. 
Youth Counselor, Rev. Charles W. Peck- 
ham, 222 E. 16 St. 


3901 Lomaland Dr., San Diego 6 

Exec. Sec., Mr. Wayne A. Neal 

Dir. of Christian Educ., Miss Carrie M. 

*Dir. of Music, Mr. Carl W, Dewse 

'Audio-Visual Dir., Mrs. Raymond H. Gor- 

*Dir. of Youth, Mr. Edgar H. BonDurant 

Dir. of Special Services, Col. Perry O. 
Wilcox (volunteer) 




Pres., Dr. Leland Cook, Sr., 901 "F" St. 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Ellis D. Dugger, 1821 

Oliver Ave. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Kichard J. Osgood, 

2301 Lucerne Dr. 

Sec., Mrs. John J. Barbour, 4632 Tom Lane 
Treas., Mr. George A. Scott, 1014 5 Ave. 


Campus, Dr. Claude F. Shouse, 2306 Chal- 
Chaplaincy, Dr. Lester K Bond, 4773 

Marlborough Ave. 
Christian Education, Dr. C. B. Loomis, 

3902 Lomaland Dr. 
Civic Affairs, Dr. William M. Maclnnes, 

5075 Campanile Dr. 
Comity, Rev. Charles W. Severns, 3900 

Cleveland ,,. _ 

Council of Church Women, Mrs. Ellis D. 

Dugger, 1821 Oliver 
Evangelism, Eev. LZoyd George Gibbs, 

4045 Epsilon St. ^ o= 

Hospitality, Mrs. Charles J. Theuer, 6485 

Avenida Cresta, La Jolla . 

Human Relations, Rev. Robt. Lormg 

Young, 4144 Campus St. 
Men's Work, Mr. Richard A. Nelson, 1125 

1 St. 
Ministerial Assn., Rev. Arthur V. Huntley, 

1643 Front St. 
Music, Mr. DeGraff Stanley, 4100 Normal 

Public Relations, Dr. Frank Lowe, 2555 

Radio-Television, Rev. John Atwood, 1984 

Sunset Cliffs 
Recreation, Mr. Floyd E. Clark, 4856 Fel- 

ton St. 
Reformation Sunday, Dr. Stanley McKee, 

1112 Ninth Ave. 
Scout Award, Rev. Robert C. Fleisher, 

2210 Columbia St. 
Youth, Rev. Donald B. Cooke, P. O. Box 

251, Lemon Grove 


83 McAllister Street, San Francisco 2 

Exec. Dir., Dr. John A. Gardner 

Pres., Mrs. William Lister Rogers, 37 

Presidio Ave. (16) 
1st Vice-Pres., Dr. William E. McCormack, 

432 Mason St. (2) 
2nd Vice-Pres,, Mr. William H. Courson, 

252 Ewing Terrace (18) 
Sec., Mrs. Kenneth C. Berry, 37 West Clay 

Park (21) 
Treas., Mr. George W. Rayhill, 220 Bush 

St. (4) 


5 No. 8 St., San Jose 

Exec. Sec., Miss Etta M. Peoples 

Pres., Rev. Constant R. Johnson, 1550 

Meridian Rd. 
Vice-Pres., Miss Edith Titcomb, 1206 Blew- 

ett Ave. 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Gene Rich, 1120 Pine Ave. 
Treas., Mr. Alfred Robins, 24 Maro Dr. 
Sec., Miss Elizabeth Blaisdell, Y.W.C.A., 
Second & San Antonio Sts. 


Evangelism, Rev. T. Elmer Smith, 720 S. 

3 St 
Finance, Mrs. Robt, Teegarden, 1331 Glen 

Eyrie Ave. 
Juvenile Hall, Rev. Dick Ingraham, 24 N. 

5 St. 
Leadership Training, Rev. Eugene Duncan, 

110 S. 10 St. 
Migrant Work, Mrs. James Goble, 14634 

Nelson Cl, Los Gatos 
Race Relations, Rev. C. W. Washington, 

175 S. 31 St., and Mrs. Florence Bry- 
ant, 615 S. 5 St. 

Radio, Rev. Gerald Ford, 80 S. 5 St. 
Social Action, Dr. J. W. Fair, 24 N. 5 St. 
Special Meetings, Mr. Phil Hokenson, 

10320 Dover Way 
Weekday Released Time, Rev. Wayne Kes- 

sel, 64 El Campo Dr. 


1528C Princeton Street, Santa Monica 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Howard J. Baumgartel 
Dir. of Religious Education, Miss Ruth 

Cleveland, 1012 10 St. 


Pres., Mr. B. E. Her, 1844 Midvale St., W. 
Los Angeles 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Lowell R. Hoff, 329 S. 
Thurston Ave., W. Los Angeles 

Sec., Mrs. Edith Overin, 376 23 St. 

Treas., Mr. Garland I. Yarrow, 830 Stan- 
ford St. 


Christian Citizenship, Mr. Thomas Hodges, 
726 Santa Monica Blvd. 

Christian Education, Rev. Wales E. Smith, 
609 Arizona Ave. 

Finance, Dr. Hubert T. Wilken, 1530 Ari- 
zona Ave., Col. Raymond C. Baird, 
522 25 St. 

Leadership, Rev. Robert E. Cordell, Lin- 
coln at Victoria, Venice 

Men's Work, Mr. Fred McNairy, Bay Cit- 
ies Bldg. 

Ministerial Association, Rev. Frederick 
Strathdee, 237 Hill St. 

Music, Mr. John A. Westervelt, 2717 Ari- 

Released Time, Rev. Earle R. Harvey, 2425 
Washington Ave. 

Women's Work, Mrs. Alexander Wittick, 
1034 B'dway 

Youth, Rev. Ernest H. Midkiff, 1215 Cali- 
fornia Ave. 


Anderson "Y" Center, College of the Pa- 
cific, Stockton 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Alfred W. Painter 


Pres., Rt. Rev. Sumner Walters, 1617 N. 


Vice-Fres., Edward Betz, 1457 W. Walnut 
Sec., Rev. Arthur Siewart, 116 W. Willow 
Treas., Mr. Robert E. Lee, 2329 Telegraph 



1458 Pennsylvania Street, Denver 3 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Edward L. Whittemore 
Dir., Ministry to Migrants, Miss Louise 

Dir., Church World Service CROP, Rev. 

Tom Franks 
Dir., Town & Country Work, Rev. Herbert 

E. Stotts 
Dir., Social Education & Action, Rev. 

Clark P. Garrnan 
Dir., United Church Women, Mrs. W. R. 



Pres., Rev. Sidney H. Buckham, 1128 Pine 

St., Boulder 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Howard G. Colwell, 1020 

Lincoln St., Loveland 
Sec., Mrs. C. G. Bartsch, 3255 Josephine 

St. (5) 
Treas., Col. Hubert W. Keith, 1575 Monroe 

St. (6) 


Christian Education, Rev. Robert S. 

Thomas, 703 Interstate Trust Bldg. (2) 
Church World Service CROP, Rev. Ken- 
neth M. Smith, 512 W. 2 St., Loveland 
Ecumenical Planning & Strategy (Comity), 

Dr. George J. MacDonald, 1425 Welton 

St. (2) 
Evangelism, Rev. Arthur J. Greer, Calvary 

Baptist Church, So. Main St. & Church 

PI., Pueblo 

Finance, Mr. Lisle T. Ware, University Me- 
morial Center, University of Colo., 

Ministry to Migrants, Mrs. Oscar W. Low, 

748 So. Ogden St. (9) 
Ministry to Public Institutions, Dr. Harvey 

H. Fotthoff, 2201 So. University Blvd. 

Radio & TV, Rev. Jeffrey D. Hoy, 220 W. 

Evans Ave., Pueblo 

Social Education & Action, 

Town & Country Work, Rev. Wm. Wayne 

Allen, Wiggins 
United Church Women, Mrs. J. R. Kessler, 

820 Clarkson St. (18) 
Youth Work, Rev. Rodney D. Glasscock, 

1724 Vine St. (6) 



300 Trinity Bldg., 1820 Broadway, 
Denver 2 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Harvey W. Hollis 
Dir., Social Service, Rev. Dale Dargitz 
Dir., Christian Ed., Miss Iva Worm 
Dir., Special Projects, Mr. Freeman Talbot 
Dir., Men-In-Service, Mr. Paul S. Brooks 
Dir., Survey & Analysis, Dr. Herbert E. 


Hospital Chaplains, Rev. Glenn R. Martin, 
Rev. O. R. Graumann 


Pres., Dr. Henry G. Smith, 881 S. Joseph- 


Rev. David G. Colwell, 2600 Leyden 
Dr. Kenneth E. Oberholtzer, 414 14 St. 
Mr. Wayne D. Williams, 1735 Ivanhoe 
Mrs. Samuel Harris, 2815 Lafayette 

Clerk, Mr. Ray Gordon, 314 14 St. 

Treas., Mr. William E. Troutman, 3105 S. 


Business & Finance, Mr. Sam Sweet, 1176 

Christian Education, Dr. Howard Ham, 

2201 S. University Blvd. 
Christian Social Education & Action: 

Mr. Robert P. Colwell, 130 S. Cherry 

Mr. William R. Burnett, 732 S. Gilpin 
Church Extension & Comity, Rev. Kurtis 

F. Naylor, 960 S. Vallejo 
Evangelism, Dr. Elmer C. Elsea, 1670 Sher- 
Hospital Ministry, Dr. Lowell B. Swan, 

1355 Gilpin 
Membership, Dean Paul Roberts, 1313 

Men-In-Service, Bishop Glenn R. Phillips, 

2100 S. Josephine 
Personnel, Rev. Daniel W. Nicely, 1400 

Public Relations, Mr. Calvin K. Snyder, 

1301 Welton 
Radio & TV, Rev. Harleigh M. Rosenber- 

ger, 1567 Downing 
Relations Other Organizations, Mrs. E. V. 

Dunklee, 727 Washington 
Social Service, Mrs. Eugene Revelle, 220 

Student Work, Rev. Hugh F. Miller, 2265 

S. Clayton 
Worship & Sacred Music: 

Rev. Alexander Bryans, 2190 S. Uni- 

Mr, David Pew, 1313 Clarkson 
United Christian Young Adults, Miss Mary 

Bloomer, 1644 Lincoln 
United Christian Youth: 

Miss Jane Hicks, 3390 Bellaire 

Mr. Roger Wilkowski, 721 E. 14 Ave. 
United Church Men, Mr. Wm. A. Loach, 

1374 S. Vine 
United Church Women, Mrs. W. R. Lee, 

1533 Fairfax 


130 E. Kiowa St., Y.W.C.A. Bldg., Colorado 


Ebcec. Sec., Mr. C. I. Vessey 


Pres., Nelson V. Hunt, 1107 Wood Ave. 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Ray Bringham, 1727 

N. Royer St. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Dorothy Sumner, 1525 

N. Weber St. 
3rd Vice-Pres., Mr. William Hogsett, 1802 

E. Platte Ave. 
4th Vice-Pres., Mr. Charles Pieratt, First 

Christian Ch., Platte at Cascade Ave. 
Treas., Mr. Earl Morrison, 1702 E. Platte 

Exec. Sec., Mr. C. L Vessey, 610 Lake Ave. 




Christian Education, Miss Elizabeth Clark, 
20 E. St. Vrain St. 

Extension, Survey & Location, Rev. Stand- 
ley Scott, 1431 W. Pikes Peak 

Community Service, Rev. Maurice H. Mc- 
Dowell, 20 E. St. Vrain St. 

Evangelism, Dr. Ben F. Lehmberg, Boul- 
der at Nevada Ave. 1st Methodist 

Finance, Mr. Earl Morrison, 1702 E. Platte 

Radio <Sc Television, Rev. Milton C. John- 
son, 207 E. Platte Ave. 

United Church Men, Mr. Wm. Hogsett, 
1802 E. Platte Ave. 

United Church Women, Mrs. Dorothy 
Sumner, 1525 N. Weber St. 

United Christian Youth, Mr. Charles Pie- 
ratt, First Christian Church, Platte at 
Cascade Ave, 



210 Pearl Street, Hartford 3 


Gen. Sec., Rev. Harold B. Keir 
Assoc. Sec., Miss Edith F. Welker 
Business Manager, "Thoughts of God for 

Boys and Girls," Mr. Louis Antos 


Pres., Mr. Edmund S. Wolfe, 189 State St., 

Vice-Pres., Rev. C. Lawson Willard, Jr., 

53 Wall St., New Haven 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Allan S. Taylor, 56 Henry 

St., Manchester 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. William O. Gardiner, 161 

Klondike St., Stratford w 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Jack Westbrook, Water- 

Treas., Mr. Harold L. Blakeslee, Box 1809, 

Rec. N Iec., Itev? Harold E. Craw, 163 Deer 
Hill Ave., Danbury 


Business & Finance, Mr. Alden T. Bun- 
yan, 26 Cumberland Rd., West Hart- 
Denominational Co-op Work, Rev. Robert 
Heydenreich, 58 Grove St., Waterbury 
Evangelism, Rev. Howard O. Staarns, 
Wildemere Beach Chapel Cong., Mil- 
Religious Education, Prof. Edna M. Bax- 
ter, 55 Elizabeth St. 
Social Relations, Dr. Payson Miller, 133 

Girard Ave. (5) 

Women, Mrs. William O. Gardiner, 161 
Klondike St., Stratford 



30 Elmwood Place, Bridgeport 5 


Exec. Dir., Rev. Frank L. Hutchison 
Dir. of Christian Educ., Mrs. Arthur D. 



Pres., Rev. Howard Orr, 2140 Main St. (8) 
Vice-Pres., Mr. George E. Quandt, Dicta- 
phone Corp., 375 Howard Ave. (5) 
Sec., Rev. Caryl V. Benson, 29 Sherley PI. 

Treas., Mr. A. George Lindquist, 383 Fair- 

Asst. Treas./Mr. H. Lansing Speer, 945 
Main St. (3) 


Christian Education, Miss Grace R. Ster- 
ling, 70 Unquowa Hill St. (4) 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. Wm. W. 
Sullivan, 570 Booth Hill Rd., Trum- 

Evangelism & Worship, Rev. Paul J. 
Theorell, 408 Laurel Ave. (5) 

Finance, Mr. Leonard A. Beadle, 1350 
Kings Highway, Fairfield 

Public Relations, Mr. Albert E. Diem, 
Dictaphone Corp., 375 Howard Ave. (5) 


315 Pearl Street, Room 204, Hartford 4 


Exec. Sec., Rev. John Chester Smith 
Dir. of Social Service, Mr. John A. Ban- 

Warburton Dir. of Christian Education, 

Mrs. Harold R. Sanderson 


Pres., Mr. Vincent B. Coffin, 140 Garden 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Carl E. Lindstrom, 10 
Prospect St. 

Vice-Pres., Christian Ed., Mr. John W. 
Wallace, Town Hall, Newington 

Vice-Pres., Human Rel., Rev. Loyd F. 
Worley, First Methodist, 571 Farming- 
ton Ave. 

Vice-Pres., Social Service, Mr. Daniel W. 
Dedrick, Arsenal School, 1800 Main St. 

Sec., Miss Majorie Cormack, 879 Farming- 
ton Ave., West Hartford 

Treas , Mr. Winston O. Abbott, 729 Main 
St. (3) 


Children's Work, Mrs. Carl A. Hansen, 15 
J. Forest St., Manchester 

Church Planning & Research, Mr. Carle- 
ton F. Sharpe, Municipal Bldg. 

Church & Scouting, Mr. Jesse M. Bailey, 
191 Steele Rd. _ 

Church World Service, Mr. Harmon D. 
Unbewust, 15 Dowd St., Newington 

Downtown Inter-Church, 

Evangelism & Special Services, Rev. David 
Bronson, 362 Bloomfield Ave, 

Institutions, Rev. Donald E. Smith, Broad- 
view Community Ch., 45 Oliver St. 

Inter-Church Recreation, Mr. Arthur W. 
Allen, 54 Wells Farm Dr., Wethersfield 

Leadership Training, Rev. Carl G. Lugn, 
47 Bentwood Rd., West Hartford 7 

Radio-TV, Rev. Keith M. Jones, 11 Marsh 
St., Wethersfield 

United Church Canvass, Mr. William Ellis, 
Aetna Ins., 151 Farmington Ave. 

Young Adult Work, Mr. Harold Harmon, 
54 Hillcrest Ave., Wethersfield 

Youth Work, Rev. Donald C. Ellwood, St. 
James Ch., 75 Zion St. 



53 Wall St., New Haven 

Exec. Sec., 

Pres., Rev. Paul A. Lorimer (Bethesda 

Lutheran) 305 St. Ronan St. 

Mr. Frederick T. Backstrom, First Fed- 
eral Sav. & Loan Assn., 80 Elm St. 

Rev. William T. Murphy (Calvary 

Baptist) 165 York St. 
Treas., Mr. John E. Nettleton (S.N.E. Tel. 

Co.) 227 Church St. 
Asst. Treas., Mr. William J. Phelps (Phelps 

Ins. Agcy) 153 Court St. 
Rec. Sec., Rev. Edward Vorba (Orange 

Congr'l) Orange 


Administration & Finance, Mr. E. Herbert 

Schwensen, 205 Church St. 
Communication, Rev. Marshall Whitehead, 

103 Hall St. 
Planning & Survey, Mr. Myrlon Farnham, 

405 Crescent St. 
Public Relations, Mr. Edward J. Bracken, 

51 Prospect St. 
Public Worship, Rev. E. Paul Sylvester, 

150 Dwight St. 
Religion and Health, Rev. John W. Van- 

norsdaU, 292 Orange St. 
Religious Education, Dr. Randolph C. Mil- 
ler, 409 Prospect St. 
Social Relations, Rev. Robert Forsberg, 

40 Oak St. 


238 West Main St., Waterbury 2 

Exec. Sec., Mr. Thomas S. Smith 

Pres., Rev. John R. Yungblut, 21 Church 


Mrs. Harry R. Humiston, 1127 Hamil- 
ton Ave. 

Rev. Paul M. Humphreys, 208 Grove 

Rec. Sec., Mr. Earl M. Dinger, Y.M.C.A., 

136 W. Main St. 
Treas., Mr. Theodore W. Reinbrecht, Chase 

Brass & Copper Co., 236 Grand St. 
Asst. Treas., Mr. W. Craig Barber, Sco- 

vill Co., 99 Mill St. 


Advisory, Mr. G. Horace Baldwin, 24 Cen- 
tral Ave. 
Christian Education and Leadership, Mr. 

John R. Gaines, Am. Brass Co., Mead- 
ow St. 
Comity, Rev. Ivey J. Shuff, 12 Homestead 

Evaluation, Rev. Standish Macintosh, 262 

Main St., Oakville 
Evangelism and Corporate Worship, Rev, 

J. Gorman Smith, Jr., 368 Piedmont 

Finance, Mr. Roger S. Makepeace, Scovill 

Mfg. Co., 99 Mill St. 
Membership, Rev. John Westbrook, 40 

DeForest St. 


Ministry to Institutions, Rev. William 
Stone, Wolcott 

Press, Radio & Television Programs, Rev. 
Robert H. Porter, 18 Hewlett St. 

Social Action, Rev. Charles B. Hart, P. O. 
Box 983 

Stewardship, Mr. Maurice C. Presley, Sco- 
vill Mfg. Co., 99 Mill St. 

Weekday Church Schools, Miss Margaret 
Henderson, 585 Park Rd. 

Youth, Mr. Kenneth Barton, Y.M.C.A., 136 
W. Main St. 




1015 Tatnall Street, Wilmington 1 


Exec. Sec., Mr. E. Melvin Jewett 
Assoc. Sec., Dept. of Christian Educ., Rev. 

Philip H. Dunning 


Pres., Rev. J. Elmer Leas, 806 W. 25 St. 


Dr. William F. Dunkle, Jr., 903 West 


Dr. Donald C. Wilson, 222 Oakwood 
Rd., Fairfax 

Rec. Sec., Mrs. Theda M. Wilson, 1623 N. 
Franklin St. 

Treas., Mr. Stewart E. Poole, 3201 Ford- 
ham Rd. 


Administration, Mr. Frank C. Evans, 1100 

Brandon Lane, Westover Hills 

Finance and Property, Mr. Frank C. 
Evans, 1100 Brandon Lane, Westover 

Personnel, Mr. Anson B. Nixon, Dela- 
ware Trust Bldg. 
Christian Education, Rev. George W. 

Goodley, 402 HUlcrest Ave., Hillcrest 

Audio-Visual Aids, Miss Mary G. 
White, 903 West St. 

God and Country, Mr. Frederic D. 
Gingrich, 418 Martin Dr., Collins 

Leadership Education, Dr. Gordon R. 
Conning, No. 2 Winding Lane, Roll- 
ing Park, Claymont 

Protestant Church League, Mr. Edward 
Pelham, 525 Essex Ave., Bellemoor 

Radio-TV, Rev. Wilbert B. Smith, Jr., 
No. 20 The Strand, New Castle 

Vacation Church School, Rev. W. 
Russell Zimmerman, 4 S, Stuyvesant 
Drive, Edge Moor Terrace 

Youth Council, Mrs. Randall Black- 
mer, 1513 Stoney Run Drive, North- 
Christian Social Relations, Rev. H. Kirby 

Krams, 2206 Market St. 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. H. 
Kirby Krams, 2206 Market St. 

Institutional Chaplaincy, Dr. Donald 
C. Wilson, 222 Oakwood Rd., Fairfax 

Overseas Relief, Mrs. Harold L. 
Springer, Jr., Center Meeting Road, 
R.D. 1 

Pastoral Counselling, Rev. W. P. Kes- 



model, 11 N. Maryland Ave., Rich- 
ardson Park 
Outreach, Rt. Rev. J. Brooke Mosley, No. 

10 Concord Ave. 

Church Music, Mr. William H. Cant- 
well, 309 Irving Drive, Brandywine 

Comity and Expansion, Mr. Alva E. 
Lindley, 909 N. Franklin St. 

Evangelism, Rev. George T. Jamieson, 
Marshallton, R.D. 5 

Lenten Services, Dr. A. H. Kleffman, 
1013 Park Place 

Refugee Resettlement, Mr. Charles 
Aydelotte, 1902 Field Rd., Rockford 
Park Manor 

Men's Committee, Rev. Harold H. 
McConnell, 300 Jackson Ave., Wood- 

Missionary Education, Mrs. Lester B. 
Gorman, 1413 N. Harrison St. 

Special Days of Observance, Rev. 
Brooks E. Reynolds, 110 W. Roose- 
velt Ave., Wilmington Manor, New 

Stewardship, Mr. John B. Moore, 716 
Coverdale Rd. 

Christian World Affairs, Mr. Wilbert 
B. Smith, Sr., 704 Blackshire Rd., 



1751 N Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Exec. Sec,, Dr. Frederick E. Reissig 

Dir., Dept. of United Church Women, Miss 
Etta Mai Russell 

Dir., Dept. of Christian Educ., Mrs. Joseph- 
ine H. Kyles 

Dir., Dept. of Institutional Ministry, Rev. 
Daniel E. Weeks 

Dir., Dept. of Radio and TV, Miss Ella F. 

Dir., Dept. of Research and Church Plan- 
ning, Rev. Vladimir E. Hartman 

Dir. Service Commission of the Churches, 
Mr. Bryson Couvillon 

Dir., Dept. of Soc. Welfare, Dr. Albert E. 

Pres., Dr. Albert P. Shirkey, 900 Mass. 

Ave., NW 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Robert S. Trenbath, St. 

Alban's Rectory 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Colbert H. Pearson, 1028 

Irving St., NE 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. J. Dennett Guthrie, 3237 

Arcadia PI., NW 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Clarence T. Nelson, New 

Hamp. Ave., and V. St., NW 
Sec., Rev. Arthur Azlein, 4219 13 St., NE 
Treas., Mr. George H. Ward, 16th and P 

Sts., NW 
Asst. Treas., Mr. Walter W. Britt, 5724 3rd 



Annual Award, Rev. Robert E. Lee, Coles- 

viUe Rd, and Highland Dr., Silver 

Spring, Md. 
Business and Finance, Mr. Vincent E. Jay, 

1731 New Hampshire Ave., NW 
Christian Education, Dr. Walter B. Freed, 

1226 Vermont Ave., NW 

Church and World Affairs, Rev. J. Artley 
Leatherman, 16 and Allison Sts., NW 

Civil Defense, Rev. Frank Blackwelder, 
Cathedral Ave. and Woodley Rd. 

Commission on Community Life, Mrs. 
Margaret Haywood, 2217 14 St., NW 

Ecumenical Relations, Dr. E. B. Willing- 
ham, 16 St. and Columbia Rd., NW 

Evangelism, Rev. George Schnabel, 2421 
N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va. 

Government Personnel, Rev. Charles 
Kean, 1317 G St., NW 

Institutional Ministry, Rev. Roy H. Stet- 
ler, Jr., 2700 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, 

Lectureship, Dr. Lawrence D. Folkemer, 
212 East Capitol St. 

Nominating Committee, Dr. Edward H. 
Pruden, 1326 16 St., NW 

Personnel, Dr. Philip Edwards, 100 Mary- 
land Ave., NE 

Public Meetings, Rev. William Kepler, 
Alaska Ave. & Kalmia Rd., NW 

Radio and Television, Rev. Robert W. Ole- 
wiler, 1626 Primrose Rd., NW 

Research and Church Planning, Rev. Cur- 
tis Draper, 1702 Rhode Island Ave., 

Service Commission of the Churches, Mr. 
Jesse Aiken, Box 17, Ashton, Md. 

Social Welfare, Dr. Henry C. Koch, 1920 
G St., NW 

United Church Women, Mrs. J. Dennett 
Guthrie, 3237 Arcadia Place, NW 



807 Fisk St., Jacksonville 4 

Exec. Sec,, Mrs. J. M. Edenfield 

Pres., Rev. Howard Lee, 32 Sevilla St., St. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Melton Ware, c/o First 

Methodist Church, Vero Beach 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Cecil Davis, 216 Riv- 

erview Blvd., Daytona Beach 
Sec., Rev. Robert Frey, 4921 11 Ave., St. 

Treas., Mr. Fred B. Mohle, 4510 Evergreen 



Audio Visual Activities, Prof. Troy Wake- 
field, 707 Seagle Bldg., Gainesville 
Christian Education, Rev. W. V. Meredith, 

Box 78, Lakeland 
Christian Social Relations, Rev. Robert 

Man, 311 Magnolia Dr., Clearwater 
Comity, Rev. Glenn C. James, Trinity 

Methodist Church, Tallahassee 
Evangelism, Rev. Rankin Shrewsbury, 

1310 Halifax, Daytona Beach 
Finance, Rev. H. Paul Guhse, 235 14 Ave. 

NE, St. Petersburg 
Membership, Rev. Richard K. Morton, 

1215 Market St. 
Migrant, Mrs, Glenn C. James, 610 N. 

Adams St., Tallahassee 


711 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., 141 N. E. 
3rd Ave., Miami 

Exec. Dir., Rev. Wilfred P. Harman 




Pres., Dr. Lewis N. Head, Coral Gables 

First Methodist Church, 536 Coral Way, 

Coral Gables 
Vice-Pres., Dr. Ronald S. Wilson, 1790 

N. E. 2 Ct. 
Sec., Dr. Melanie Rosborough, 5601 S. W. 

78 St. 
Treas., Mr. John B. Keena, Ingraham Bldg. 



Chaplaincy, Dr. R. Wiley Scott, 1620 

Drexel Ave., Miami Beach 
Christian Education, Rev. A. Waldo 

Farabee, 2001 N. W. 35 St. 
Men's Work, Mr. Glenn Gold, 1525 

S.W. 12 St. 
Public Relations, Judge Ray Pearson, 

Ct. House, 73 W. Flagler 
Radio & TV, Dr. Frederick Nelson, 

9823 N. E. 4 Ave. 
Sacred Music, Mrs. J. W. Hunt, 1130 

S.W. 13 Ave. 

Stewardship & Finance, Mr. T. How- 
ard Oden, 835 W. Flagler 
Women's Work, Mrs. J. J. McFarlin, 

475 N.E. 55 Terr. 


William Jennings Bryan Lectureship, 

Rev. Henry Dahlberg, 609 Brickell 

Festival of Faith, Rev. Clayton Cal- 

houn, 121 N.W. 10 Ave. 
Holy Week Services, Dr. Ronald S. 

Wilson, 1790 N.E. 2 Ct. 


512 First Federal Building, St. Petersburg 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Ben F. Wyland 


Pres., Rev. Aaron N. Meckel 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Harold E. Buell 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Glenn McCormick 
Treas., Mr. Francis W. Clark, 574 1 Ave, 

Sec., Mrs. Patricia E. Robison 


Civic & Moral Welfare, Rev. H. Paul 


Comity, Judge Victor O. Wehle 
Evangelism & Public Meetings, Rev. Henry 

V. Kahlenberg 
Home & Family, Rev. Ben F. Wyland; 

Consultant, Dr. Herbert D. Williams 
International Justice & Goodwill, Rev. J. 

Wallace Hamilton 
Membership, Rev. Joseph G. Hutchinson, 

Rev. Paul R. Hortin 
Promotion & Finance, Mr. E. G. Deane 
Race Relations, Mrs. E. C. Brown 
Radio & TV, Rev. Walter N. Kalaf, Rev. 

Vaughn M. Johnson 
Religious Education, Rev. Thomas Nadal 



63 Auburn Avenue N.E., Atlanta 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Edward A. Driseoll 


Pres., Rev. Dr. Dow Kirkpatrick, First 

Methodist Church, Athens 
Vice-Pres., Mr. C. O. McAfee, Box 242, 

Vice-Pres., Bishop S. L. Greene, Morris 

Brown College 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Stewart Colley, Grant- 

Rec. Sec., Rev. M. B. Porter, Jr., Center 

Congregational Church 
Treas., Dean, Phil B. Narmore, Georgia 



Budget & Finance, Rev. Herman L. Tur- 
ner, 246 Peachtree Rd., N.E. 

Christian Education, Rev. Arthur L. Gil- 
more, 63 Auburn Ave., N.E. 

Christian Missions, Mrs. L. L. Austin, 1174 
Zimmer Dr., N.E. 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. George E. 
Clary, Jr., 63 Auburn Ave. N.E. 

Life & Work, Rev. S. Wilkes Dendy, P. O. 
Box 232, Dalton 

Membership, Rev. Lester Rumble, St. John 
Methodist Church, Augusta 

Public Relations, Mr. Bluford B. Hestir, 
341 Ponce de Leon Ave. N.E. 

Research & Survey, Prof. Earle Brewer, 
Candler School Theology, Emory 

United Church Women, Mrs. A. H. Sterne, 
132 Westminster Dr., NJE. 


167 Walton Street, N.W., Atlanta 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Harrison McMains 

Pres., Dr. McDowell Richards, Columbia 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Frank Player, 2647 Dell- 
wood Drive, N.W. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Charles L. Allen, Grace 
Methodist Church 

Treas., Mr. Charles C. Cross, 89 Luckie 
St., N.E. 


Christian Cooperation & Evangelism, 
Rev. Walter Griswold, 1516 Kewalo St. 

Finance, Mr. Ralph M. Nichols, 2921 Pa- 
cific Hts. Rd. 

Public Relations, Rev. Richard Trelease, 
Jr., Queen Emma Square 

Special Services, Rev. Shuichi Fujishiro, 
925 Punahou St. 

Religious Education, Rev. Kenneth Re- 
wick, Punahou & Wilder Sts. 

Youth, Rev. Harold Jow, 467 Judd St. 




P. O. Box 337, 1040 Richards St., 

Honolulu 9 

Exec. Dir., Rev. Richard D. Isler 


Pres., Mr. Thomas C. Major, 3518 Alani Dr. 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Glen O. Balsley, 1565 

Dominis St. 



2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Jen Fui Moo, 3035 

Kamuela Place 
Sec., Mrs. Mary O. Komuro, 330 B. South 

Vineyard St. 
Treas., Mr. Howard H. Moore, 2544 Alaula 


Christian Cooperation & Evangelism, Rev. 

Ernest Heeren, 162 Kailua Kd., Kailua, 

Finance, Mr. Ralph Nichols, 2921 Pacific 

Heights Rd. 
Public Relations, Rev. Richard Bimson, 

P. O. Box 547, Aiea, Oahu 
Religious Education, Dr. Thomas L. 

Crosby, 1660 So. Beretania St. 
Special Services, Rev. Shuichi Fujishiro, 

1918 University Ave. 
Honolulu Ministerial Union, Rev. Harold 

Jow, 467 Judd St. 
United Church Women of Honolulu, Mrs. 

Leslie McEwen, 915 A. Alewa Dr. 
Youth, Rev. Harold Jow, 467 Judd St. 



100 West Adams Street, Springfield 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Vernon H. MacNeill 
Assoc. Exec. Sec., Rev. Roy A. Kale 
Dir. of Evangelism, Rev. John H. Blough 
Dir. of CROP, Rev. Elvin D. Frantz 


Pres., Rev. Harry M. Davis, 600 East Cook 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Walter Schlaretzki, 1867 

N. Maple St., Decatur 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Robert Nolte, 301 E. 3 

St., Pana 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Carl H. Hoy, 2040 Birch- 
wood Ave., Chicago 45 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Sam Wilcoxen, 3040 W. 

Washington Blvd., Chicago 12 
Rec. Sec., Mr. Philip Morgan, YMCA, 317 

S. 7 St. 
Treas., Mr. O. M. Hatch, III, First National 



Christian Education, Dr. P. Henry Lotz, 


Comity, Dr. Russell S. Orr, 225 E. Cook 
CROP, Mr. C. Warren MofFet, Modesto 
Evangelism, Rev. O. D. Drake, 220 E. 

Adams, Taylorville 

Finance, Dr. Russell S. Orr, 225 E. Cook 
Migrant, Rev. B. C. Dutton, R F D 1, 

Radio, TV and Visual Aid, Rev. Dale 

Catlin, Colusa 
Town and Country, Rev. Wayne W. Hox- 

sie, 320 S. 19 St., Mt. Vernon 
United Christian Social Action, Rev. Har- 
ry J. Stelling, 1114 Illinois, Ottawa 


77 West Washington Street, Chicago (2) 


Exec. Vice-Pres., Dr. John W. Harms 
Assoc. Exec., Rev. Ralph G. Schell 
Exec. Sec., Dept. of Christian Education, 

Rev. Hughbert H. Landram 
Exec. Sec., Dept. of Ministry in Institu- 
tions, Rev. Irvin E. Deer 

Exec. Sec., Dept. of Social Welfare, Mr. 
F. Grover Fulkerson 

Dir. of Special Projects, Mrs. Marion 

Dir., Youth Service Bureau, Mr. William 
H. Robinson, 127 N. Dearborn (2) 

Exec. Dir., Bureau of Research and Plan- 
ning, Rev. Richard A. Myers 

Assoc. Dir., Bureau of Research and Plan- 

Sec., CWS Refugee Committee, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Mow 

Office Ex., Council of Church Women, 
Miss Helen E. Bouchet 

Exec. Sec., Churchmen, Mr. Paul M. Ful- 

Asst. in Christian Education, Miss Meta 
Ruth Ferguson 

Chaplain and Exec. Sec., Park Forest 
Council of Cooperating Denomina- 
tions, Rev. Joseph L. Hughes, 220 Fir 
St., Park Forest 

Pres., Rev. Robert K. Bell, Hutchinson Rd. 
at Carroll Pkwy., Flossmoor 


Mr. L. L. McClow, 19 S. LaSalle St. 
Mrs. Floyd V. Filson, 2330 N. Halsted 

Rev. Kermit Long, 9848 S. Winchester 

Rev. A. Leon Bailey, 5347 S. Michigan 


Mr. R. Kenneth Newhall, 38 S. Dear- 
born St. 

Acting Sec., Dr. John W. Harms 

Christian Education, Mr. Thomas H. West, 
59 W. Jackson Blvd. 

Church Development and Comity, Rev. 
John E. Simpson, 4555 Church St., 

Citizenship Education and Action, Mr. 
James Henderson, 1807 W. Walnut St. 

Council of Church Women of Greater Chi- 
cago, Mrs. Ross L. Snyder, 1564 E. 58 
St. (37) 

Ecumenical Education, Dean W. Barnett 
Blakemore, 1156 E. 57 St. (37) 

Evangelism, Rev. August M. Hintz, 5244 
Lakewood Ave. (40) 

Greater Chicago Churchmen (Laymen's 
Division) Pres. W. Russell Shull, 407 
S. Dearborn St. 

Ministry in Institutions, Rev. Charles S. 
Jarvis, 324 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak 

Radio and Television, Rev. Kenneth Hilde- 
brand, 410 S. Michigan Ave. (5) 

Religion and Education, Mr. Thomas H. 
West, 59 W. Jackson Blvd. 

Research and Planning, Rev. W. Alfred 
Diman, 19 S. LaSalle St. (3) 

Social Welfare, Rev. James S. Caskey, 615 
Wellington Ave. (14) 

Weekday Church School, Prof. J. Fredrick 
Burgh, 5138 North St. Louis Ave. 

United Christian Youth Fellowship of 
Greater Chicago, Stephen Janick, m, 
(Pres.), 2745 Winnemac Ave. (25) 

Youth Service Bureau, Mr. Harold E. Elli- 
son, 120 McKinley, Elmhurst 

Area Weekday Church Schools 
in Chicago 

(Correlated under Commission on Week- 
day Church Schools of the Dept. of Chris- 
tian Education of the Church Federation) 


Supervisor, Rev. William H. Roberts, 

1015 Barry Ave. (13) 
Pres., Rev. Luke Sezenov, 2622 North 

Ashland Ave. (8) 

Pres., Rev. Frederick H. Haag, 3062 

Palmer Sq. (47) 

Supervisor, Mrs. Hattie K, Bell, 10201 

South Morgan (43) 
Pres., Rev. Reynold N. Hoover, 924 

East 76 St. (19) 

Supervisor, Mrs. O. G. Sandstrom, 

6754 South Loomis Blvd. (36) 
Pres., Rev. Eugene Bonham, 7131 

Princeton Ave. (21) 

Supervisor, Mrs. Floyd Mulkey, 610 

South Ashland Blvd. (7) 
Pres., Mr. John T. Hughes, 1347 West 
Erie St. (22) 



314 Millikin Bldg., Decatur 

Exec. Sec., Miss Lelia Lytle, 314 Minikin 

Pres., Rev. Vern Longenbaugh, 259 W. 
Eldorado St. 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Paul Smallwood, 401 Long- 
view Place 

Treas., Mr. Fred Durbin, 1325 N. Monroe 


Christian Education, Rev. Orville Salz- 

man, 1144 E. Locust 
Finance, Mr. Victor Dewein, 244 N. State 

Inter-Church, Rev. A. E. C. Pentland, 

1265 E. Prairie 
Leadership Education, Rev. Don Fein, 650 

W William. 
Public Relations, Mr. James Barr, 201 W. 

Social Education & Action, Rev. Orville 

Weekday Religious Education, Dr. Logan 

Cobb, 1058 W. Center 
Youth Council, Miss Mary J. Bartholomew, 

120 Park Place 



Superint., Mrs. Lyle Wade, 603 Page Drive 

Mrs. Lyle Wade 

Mrs. Omer Thomas, 1013 Academy 

Mrs. Kenneth Gross, 510 Squires Ave. 
Mrs. Ralph Cross, Truesdell Rd. 


Mrs. A. A. Vinz, 410 South Ottawa Ave. 
Mrs. Ray A. Miller, 1014 Johnson St. 


Pres., Rev. A. A. Vinz, 410 So. Ottowa 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Sidney Bloomquist, First 

Methodist Church 

Sec., Mrs. Ray A. Miller, 1014 Johnson St. 
Treas., Mr. Paul Armstrong, 222 W. Cham- 

berlin St. 

Leadership Training, Rev. Don Littlejohn, 

317 W. Second St, 
Weekday Christian Education, Rev. George 

J. Curran, 421 S. Peoria Ave. 
Youth Advisor, Rev. Malcolm D. Ludy, 

110 E. Third St. 


224^ East Chicago Street, Elgin 


Exec. Dir., Rev. S. Allan Watson 


Pres., Rev. Clarence Wittenstrom, 420 Ful- 

1st Vice-Pres., Mr. David C. Cook, HI, 850 
N. Grove 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Leland Brubaker, 50 
S. DuBois 

Sec., Mrs. George Berke, 668 Forrest 

Treas., Mr. Edmund Scholer, 8 S. Grove 


Business and Administration: 

Mr. LeRoy Mote, 106 National St. 
Mr, Edwin Grossnickle, 44 Monroe 

Community Relations: 

Dr. W. Harold Row, 22 S. State 
Rev. Ernest Cummings, 322 Perry 

Inter church Activities: 

Rev. E. J. Hoefer, 220 Division. 
Rev. Wesley Olson, 555 Douglas 

Radio and Communications, Mr. J. Henry 
Long, 22 S. State 

Religious Education, Mr. Chester Alex- 
ander, 775 South St. 


627 Grove Street, Evanston 

Exec. Sec., Mrs. Charles L. Calkins 

Pres., Rev. Frederick W. Putnam, 2421 

Vice-Pres., Mr. H. Alan Volkmar, 1020 

Church St. _ 

Treas., Mr. H. A. Hunsberger, 1415 Klin or 

Sec., Miss Elzabe Yocum, 2508 Thayer St. 


Christian Education, Dr. Charles F. Kraft, 
Garrett Biblical Institute 

Community Service, Miss Frances Phil- 
brick, 607 Lake St. 

Council of Church Women, Mrs. G. Eugene 
Durham, 1744 Chicago Ave. 

Public Relations, Mrs. Richard C. Art, 3000 

World Service*, Mr. L. Melvin Nelson, 817 

United Church Canvass, Mr. Sidney J. 

Williams, 2501 McDaniel 



Youth, Rev. Newland C. Roy, 1472 Chicago 



820 Ontario St., Oak Park 

Exec. Sec., Mr. Daniel R. Ehalt 


Pres., Dr. Herbert Brockway 
Vice-Pres., Dr. Bertrand Smith 
Sec., Dr. Eva Pring 
Treas., Mr. H. Harold Davis 


Administration and Finance, Mr. Earl 

Christian Education, Rev. Benjamin Burns 
Community Relations, Mrs. Gordon Mont- 

]^terchiux)h Activities, Dr. Fred Hoskins 


530 First National Bank Building, Peoria 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Harold C. Bradshaw 
Dir. of Friendship House, Rev. Ralph 



Pres., Rev. Jack North, 2014 North Uni- 
versity Ave. 
Vice-Pres. ; 

Mr. Boyd Goldsworthy, Central Na- 
tional Bank Building 
Rev. Howe Donaldson, 400 7 Ave. 
Rev. Howard Detweiler, 1115 E. Re- 
public St. 

Mrs. C. L. Pannabecker, 500 W. Rich- 
woods Blvd. 

Mrs. L. J. Fletcher, Detweiler Park Rd. 

Mr. T. H. Kahl, Mossville Rd., Dunlap 

Sec., Mrs. A. K. Ulrick, 109 Green way 

Treas., Mr. John Williams, 533 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg. 


Christian Education, Rev. Idris Jones, 1000 
Hamilton Blvd. 

Evangelism, Rev. William O'Neill, 564 Moss 

Public Affairs, Mr. Lou Hesse, Keystone 
Steel & Wire Co., Bartonville 

Radio and Television, Rev. Russell Coulter, 
100 Cole Ave., East Peoria 

Social Education and Action, Rev. Theo- 
dore Larson, 935 Hamilton Blvd. 

United Church Women, Mrs. C. L. Panna- 
becker, 500 W. Richwoods Ave. 



2835 11 Y Z Ave., Rock Island 

Office Sec., Mrs. J. P. Magnuson 


Pres., Mr. Theodor LeVander, 750 35 St. 
Vice-Pres., MJ. Willard O'Neill, 2622 17 

Ave., Moline 

Sec., Miss Marion L. Forgy, S 15 St., Silvis 
Treas,, Mr. Robert L. Peterson, 1522 15 St. 


Christian Education, Rev. Walter G. Batty, 

158 13 St., Silvis 
Church World Service, Mr. E. W. Collison, 

Box 35, East Moline 
Evangelism, Rev. A. M. Beaudoin, 539 18 

Ave., East Moline 

Men's Work, Mr. T. C. Scott, 1428 36 St. 
Social Action, Rev. A. T. Clark, 4007 29 

Women's Work, Mrs. C. P. Domeyer, 3003 

15 St. A, Moline 
Youth Work, Mr. Billy Lee, 1915 10 St. 


East Capitol Avenue, Springfield 


Exec. Sec., - 
Hospital Chaplain, Rev. D. L. Jeffers, 528 
So. 8 St. 

Pres., Rev. Gordon W. Bucher, 2158 So. 

11 St 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. W. Guthrie Piersel, 1137 

So. 4 St. Ct. 
Rec. Sec., Rev. J. Arnold Olsen, 1319 So. 

13 St. 

Treas., Mr. M. V. Horney, 40H E. Capitol 
Asst. Treas., Mr. Keith Corneill, 401 V 2 E. 



Administration, Mr. Arthur H. Gottschalk 
Christian Education and Local Church Ac- 

tivities, Rev. H. David Conway 
Christian Community Relations, Rev. G. B. 

Interchurch Service & Worship, Rev. 

W. L. Jacobs 
Radio & TV, Dr. A. Burd Arganbright 


126 N. Utica St., Waukegan 

Exec. Sec., Mrs. Melvin E. Amstutz 

Pres., Rev. Ralph A. Peterson, 658 Grand 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Wayman Mclntosh, 517 

Helmholz Ave. 

Sec., Miss Bertha Wilson, 720 Grove Ave. 
Treas., Mr. J. Mason Smith, R 1, North 



Church & Community Relations, Rev. 

Theodore E. Frank, 320 Grand Ave. 
Evangelism, Rev. John D. Trefzger, 326 

Julian St. 

Ministry to Institutions, Rev. William 
F. Kamphenkel, 108 N. West St. 



Radio Devotions, Rev. R. Claibourne 
Johnson, 401 N. Genesee St. 

Special Days, Mrs. E. Richard Whit- 
acre, R 2, Box 538, Zion 
Finance, Mr. C. E. Meador, Haddon Lane, 

Publicity, Mrs. Howard Glenn, 523 N. 

Martin Ave. 
Religious Education, Mrs. Edwin C. 

George, 1604 Alexander Ct. 
Women's (Council of Church Women), 

Mrs. William O. Schilling (Pres.), 320 

Douglas Ave. 
Youth (Adult Counselor), Mr. Wendell O. 

Norton, 401 N. Genesee St.; (President), 

Mr. Haig Koshkarian, 533 N, Elmwood 




1138 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis 1 


Exec. Sec. (Acting), Dr. Roy E. Mueller 
Dir. CROP, 


Pres., Dr. Roy E. Mueller, 1132 N. Alabama 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Edwin R. Garrison, 219 

Underwriters Bldg. 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Joseph O. Waymire, 6050 

Lawrence Rd. 
Sec., Mrs. Dorsey D. King, 1029 N. Frexel 

Treas., Mr. Russell J. Townsend, Jr., Board 

of Trade Bldg. 


Administrative, Dr. Roy E. Mueller, 1132 

N. Alabama St. 
Audio-Visual, Rev. Orville Moore, 1711 W. 

Jackson St., Muncie 
Christian Education, Rev. Lyle Harvey, 

222 S. Downey Ave. 
Children's Work, Mrs. Herald Demaree, 

R. 3, Franklin 

Comity, Dr. Roy E. Mueller, 1132 N. Ala- 
bama St. 
Finance & Public Relations, Mr. Roy T. 

Combs, Rm. 43, County Court House 
Institutional Chaplaincies, Rev. Robert 

Stewart, 1132 N. Alabama St. 
Migrant, Mrs. L. C. Trent, 411 N. Arsenal 

Pastors Conference, Rev. W. F. Ogleton, 

432 S. Taylor St., So. Bend 
Social Action, Rev. E. Paul Weaver, Mex- 
Town & Country, Rev. Lonnie Hass, 836 E. 

Kessler Blvd. 
United Church Men, Mr. Marcus Kendall, 

United Church Women, Mrs. Paul Flowers, 

1001 W. 3 St., Marion 
Weekday, Rev. Stanley Kreidler, 1132 N. 

Alabama St. 
Youth, Mr. Frank Liddle, 1101 K of P Bldg. 


819 South Main, Goshen 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Joseph Quick 

Pres., Mr. Elmer E. Lehman, 420 So. 5 St., 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Elmer Baker, 1124 Strong 

Ave., Elkhart 
Sec., Miss Jane Dinehart, 120 Cleveland 

Ave., Elkhart 
Treas., Mr. Robert Long, Municipal Bldg., 



Christian Education, Mrs. Albert Farmer, 

R.R. 5, Elkhart 
Community Relations, Rev. W. W. Kennell, 

2019 Roys Ave., Elkhart 
Evangelism, Rev. Glenn L. Tudor, 5 and 

Franklin, Elkhart 
Finance, Mr. George Cooper, 1429 Strong 

Ave., Elkhart 
Youth, Mrs. Dorothy Nelson, 1210 S. 8, 


Youth Council, Pres., Mr. Steve White- 
head, 311 Wolf Ave., Elkhart 
World Friendship, Rev. John Metzler, 

117% W. Lexington, Elkhart 


203 YMCA BuHding, Evansville 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Nevin E. Danner 

Dir. of Lay Activities, Mr. Jack Bircher 

Dir, of Christian Educ., Miss Evelyn 

Superv. of Week Day Schools, Mrs. Emily 


Pres., Mr. George Nicoson, 313 Iroquois 


Sec., Mrs. W. W. Brizius, 2812 E. Mulberry 
Treas., Mr. George Wright, 1933 E. Gum 


Division of Christian Education, Mr. Wil- 
liam Jardine, 813 S. Norman 
Leadership Training, Dr. Herbert Erd- 

mann, 3311 E. Mulberry 
Week Day Christian Education, Mrs. 

John Visher, Mt. Pleasant Rd. 
Youth, Miss Nada Miyat, 641 Washing- 
ton Ave. 
Audio-Visual, Rev. William Brett, 1609 

S. Evans St. 

Vacation Church School, Miss Mar- 
garet Lehman, R.R. No. 4, Big Cyn- 
thiana Rd. 

Division of Church's Community Witness, 
Mrs. Clarence E. Baker, 507 S. Roth- 
Public Relations, Mrs. Cecil Sansbury, 

1301 E. Park Dr. 
Radio and TV, Rev. Walter Noffke, 

2913 First Ave. 
Institutional Chaplaincy, Mr. Melvin 

Grindle, 100 N. Frederick 
Layman and His Vocation, Mr. Donald 

Elliott, 544 S. Weinback 
Church and Industry, Rev. William 

Hawley, 641 Washington Ave. 
Service Projects, Mr. William Fincher, 

1113 S. Burkhardt Rd. 
Religious Liberty, Rev. Gene Craw- 
ford, 1064 Madison Ave. 



Division of Church's Life and Work, Rev. 
Clifford Farmer, R.R. No. 9 

Rev. Robert Holmes, R.R. No, 12, 
KratsviUe Rd. r , 

Mrs. Charles Tyner, 1415 S. Harlan 
Stewardship, Mr. Arthur Lumley, 908 

Bayard Park Dr. 

Research and Survey, Rev, Wilson Jay- 
cox, R.R. 13, Box 135 
Special Services, Dr. J. V. Roth, 869 

Walnut St. 
Christian Family Life, Rev. Roland 

Mernitz, 416 N. W. 6 St. 
Christian Missions 

Mr. Thomas Land, 1920 E. Blackford 

Mrs. Hugo Schuessler, 605 Jefferson 

United Churchmen, Mr. L. Paul Brock, 

1124 S. Frederick 

Division of Finance and Promotion, Mr. 
Carlton Sexson, 1201 E, Delaware 
Budget and Control, Miss Pearl 

Schnitz, 4322 E. Oak 


302 Gettle Building, Fort Wayne 

Admin. Sec., Mrs. J. J. Farwell 

Dir. of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. Nadine S. Hopkins 

Teachers Weekday Religious Education: 
Mrs. Jeffrey Cox, Mrs. Frances Gantz, 
Mrs. Ruth I. Gifford, Mrs. Mae Lan- 
sing, Mrs. Naomi Patty, Mrs. Norma 
Schmoe, Mrs. Vera E. Waldrop 

Trailer Hauler, Mr. L. H. AUendorph 


Pres., Mr. Louis E. Wade, 204 Paramount 

Vice-Pres., Mr, Dwight Shirey, 133 West 

Wayne St. 
Vice-Pres., The Rev. Gerald H. Jones, 910 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. Clyde W. Eulitt, 1815 Ida 

Sec., Mrs. C. W. Howard, R.R. 2, Hardesty 

Treas., Mr. Carl J. Suedhoff, 921 Gettle 

Bldg. , 

Church Women, Mrs. Clyde W. Eulitt, 1815 

Ida St. 
Christian Education, Rev. John W. Meister, 

201 E. Washington 
Evangelism, Rev. Charles S. Hartman, 219 

W. Washington 
Finance, Mr. James F. Anglin, 201 Ft. 

Wayne Bank Bldg. 
Interchurch Relations, Rev. Wm. J. Ratz, 

1633 Huffman 
Public Relations, Mr. Haywood M. Davis, 

312 East Main 
Radio Broadcasting, Rev. Ervin E. Petznik, 

207 E. DeWald 
Weekday Religious Education, Rev. V. O. 

Barnhart, 137 E. Wildwood 
World Fellowship, Mr. Wm. J. Brutton, 

826 Ewing St. 



Y.M.C.A. Building, Kokomo 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Alexander Gillander 

Pres., Rev. Donald J. Bailey, Washington 

& Mulberry Sts, 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Harry Walrond, 317 W. 

Walnut St. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Richard Speicher, 1405 

Vice-Pres., S Mr. Max R. Tyner, 703 S. 

Lafountain St. 

Sec., Mrs. Carol Kring, 524 Park Ave 
Treas., Mr. Lorain Garbert, 508 S. Arm- 


Evangelism Committee, Rev. Garth Shep- 
herd, 701 N. Washington 

Finance Committee, Mr. Ralph Mitchell, 
803 S. Main St. 

Migrant Committee, Rev. Elwood Walker, 
R R 5 

Publicity Committee, Mr. Robert Hamp, 
Jr., W. Sycamore Rd. 

Weekday Religious Education, Rev. Rich- 
ard Speicher, 1405 S. Webster St. 

Youth Committee, Mr. Marvin Carruth, 
1925 S. Buckeye St. 


YMCA Bldg., 310 N. Illinois St., 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Laurence T. Hosie 
Dir. Div. of Soc. Service, Mr. Gilbert T. 


Dir. Div. of Christian Educ., 

Bus. Mgr., Mr. H. B. Holloway 


Pres., Mr. Harold F. Brigham, 140 N. Sen- 
ate Ave. 

Rev. H. J. Kieser, 2801 W. Wash. St. 

Mrs. A. R. Kauffman, 619 Kessler 
Blvd., E, Dr. 

Rev. Clinton M. Marsh, 2501 Paris Ave. 

Mr. Henry J. Richardson, Jr., 157 N. 

Illinois St. 
Rec. Secy., Mrs. Dorsey D. King, 1029 N. 

Drexel Ave. 
Asst. Rec. Secy., Mrs. Jonathan A. Dames, 

521 W. 29 St. 
Treas., Mr. Floyd D. Wallace, 217 S. Bel- 



Division of Business Administration and 


Finance Committee, Mr. Paul H. Kel- 
ler, 122 S. Meridian St. 

1956 Finance Campaign Com., Mr. Paul 
L. Boardman, 108 N. Penn. 

General Public Relations Com., 

Publicity & Promotion Com., Robert 
L. Lewis, 620 K of P Bldg. 

Radio Committee, Rev. Leroy C. 
Hodapp, 5500 N. Meridian St. 

Television Committee, Prof. Alfred R. 
Edyvean, 4600 Sunset Ave. 



Division of Christian Education, Mr. W. S. 
Barnhart, 5702 E. Michigan St. 
Adult Education Council, Prof. James 

A. Weber, 4001 Otterbein Ave. 
Youth Council, Rev. Robert Elliott, 

4550 N. Ill St. 
Children's Council, Miss Nellie C. 

Young, 202 E. Walnut St. 
Division of Christian Life and Work 

Comity Committee, Prof. B. A. Norris, 

4600 Sunset Ave. 

Social Education & Action Com., Rev. 
F. T. Johnson, 301 N. Grant Ave. 

Race Relations Committee, 

International Justice & Goodwill Com., 

Mrs. Ernest B. Foster, 940 Brunswick 

Division of Social Service, Mrs. D. J. 

Hendrickson, 39 N. Webster 

Family Life Committee, Mrs. Sexson 

E. Humphreys, 3806 S. Olney 
Court & Probation Com., Rev. Arthur 

I. Neuerman, 5009 E. 21 St. 
Community Education Com., Miss 

Anna P. Stout, 4125 Clarendon Rd. 
Joint Department of Evangelism, Rev. 

Robert Koenig, 4008 Otterbein Ave. 
Joint Department of National & Interna- 
tional Church Relations, Rev. Frank 
M. Templin, 5500 N. Meridian St. 
Council of Church Men, Mr. Henry J. 

Richardson, Jr., 157 N. Illinois St. 
Nominating Committee, Mr. Oren D. 

Pritchard, 610 Board of Trade Bldg. 
Personnel Committee, Dr. Ozie D. Pruett, 
401 N. Meridian St. 


310 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis 


Exec. Dir., Dr. Florizel A. Pfleiderer 
Assoc. Dir. of Admin., Mrs. Emeline T. 

Assoc. Director of Finance, Dr. Frederick 

W. Backemeyer 

Consultant, Miss Marie Gillespie 
Pub. Relations Asst, Mrs. Naomi Whitesell 


Pres., Mr. John S. Lynn, 740 S. Alabama 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Paul H. Buchanan, Jr., 
Fletcher Trust Bldg. 

Sec., Mr. Homer J. Williamson, 5724 Crest- 
view Dr. 

Treas., Mr. Donald N. Test, Jr., 421 N. 
Capital Ave. 


Curriculum, Mr. L. E. Hall, 1219 N. Tuxedo 

Executive, Mr. John S. Lynn, 740 S. Ala- 
bama St. 

Finance, Mr. Neil E. Funk, 5333 N, Perm 

Legal, Mr. Raymond Clutter, 7998 Oakland 

Personnel, Mr. Charles Sunthimer, 3490 
Birchwood Ave. 

Policy, Mr. Maynard F. Poland, 612 Berk- 
ley Rd. 

Public Relations, Mr. John Jewett, 1200 
Madison Ave. 


Y.M.C.A. Building, South Bend 1 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Grover L. Hartman 
Asst. in Christian Ed., Miss Silva M. 

Institutional Minister, Rev. James E. 


Pres., Dr. Harold D. Neel, 301 Edgewater 

Dr., Mishawaka 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Clarence E. Perkins, 502 

Whitcomb Keller Bldg. 
Sec., Mr. Carl W. Petersen, 1123 Prospect 

Dr., Mishawaka 
Treas., Mr. Donald Adair, 1410 E. Wayne 



Christian Education, Mrs. Leroy Geiger, 

628 E. Indiana Ave. 
Comity, Rev. James H. Ellerbrook, 137 E. 

Indiana Ave. 
Evangelism, Rev. Almon J. Coble, 1007 W. 

Coif ax Ave. 

Finance, Mr. Ralph E. Jones, 112 W. Jef- 
ferson Blvd. 
Public Relations, Dr. Paul E. Chalfant, 117 

S. Frances St. 
Radio & TV, Rev. Thomas J. Luke, 929 N. 

Olive St. 
Social Relations, Dr. Frank E. Davison, 

316 S. Main St. 
United Church Men, Mr. Louis M. Ham- 

merschmidt, J.M.S. Bldg. 
World Friendship, Mrs. P. D. Pointer, 3305 

S. Michigan St. 




525 Sixth Ave., Des Moines 


Exec. Sec., Dr. J. O. Nelson 
Dir. Christian Ed., Rev. Stanley L. Hunt 
Chaplain, Rev. Lloyd Bartholomew, 831 

Dearborn, Iowa City 
CROP Dir., Rev. John Nolin 


Pres., Dr. Loren Lair, 1150 25 St. 
Vice-Pres. : 

Bishop Gordon Smith, 225 37 St. 

Mrs. R. B. Atwater, 2511 40 St. 
Sec., Rev. John Hunter, 1079 16 St. 
Treas., Mr. John J. Montgomery, 5005 

Waterbury Rd. 


Christian Education, Rev. Tom Foglesong, 
515 E. 12 St. 

Christian Social Action, Dr. Paul Becker, 
4106 40 St. 

Church Planning and Adjustment, Dr. 
Loren Lair, 1150 25 St. 

Church World Service, Rev. Charles Mar- 
tin, 1114 Grand Ave. 

Evangelism, Dr. Harry Thompson, 3801 
Cottage Grove 

Radio and TV, Dr. Frielie Conaway, 525 
Sixth Ave. 



Town and Country, Rev. Donald Koontz, 
Simpson College, Indianola 


509^ Third Avenue S.E., Cedar Rapids 

Exec. Sec., Mrs. Edward P. Geer 

Pres., Mr. Edward Sears, 426 Longwood 

Drive, NJS. 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. James Webb, 2009 

Bever Ave., S.E. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Olaf Slostad, 521 14 

St., S.E. 
3rd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Frazer Thomason, 321 

Highland Dr., N.W. 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. Edwin Zeller, 2115 E Ave., 

Treas., Mr. Harley Steele, 251 13 St., N.W. 


Audio-Visual, Mrs. Dwight Krumboltz, 2231 

5 Ave., S.E, 
Christian Education, Mr. Bruce Allingham, 

2751 Franklin Ave., N,E. 
Comity & Planning, Rev. Otto Artopoeus, 

438 8 Ave., S.W. 
Evangelism, Rev. Frazer Thomason, 321 

Highland Drive, N.W. 
Finance, Mr. Lee Winterberg, 1727 First 

Ave., S.E. 
Public Relations, Mr. Glenn B. McMillan, 

253 Johnson Ave., N.W. 
Social Relations, Mr. Edwin Zeller, 2115 

E Avenue, NJE. 
Union Service, Mr. Robert H. Caldwell, 

2700 Franklin Ave., N.E. 
Union Service, Rev. Theodore Youngquist, 

238 24 Street, S.E. 
Women's Work, Mrs. Frazer Thomason, 

321 Highland Dr., N.W. 
World Service, Mrs. M. R. Warren, 2008 5 

Ave., S.E. 


217 Davidson Bldg., Des Moines 

Exec. Sec., Dr. John D. Clinton 


Pres., Mrs. Charles M. Houser, 520 43d St. 
Vice-Pres. : 

Rev. Everett Dorr, 1610 8 St. 

Mr. Russell Van Dyke, 1505 Linden 


Sec., Mr. Joseph E. Fugate, 833 31 St. 
Treas., Mr. Hubert E. James, 210 6 Ave. 


Christian Education, Mr. Garrett Lanhart, 

WHO, llth & Walnut 
Community Relations, Mr. Don Easter, 

1805 Keo Way 
Evangelism and Interchurch, Dr. Warner 

Muir, 25 and University 
Finance, Mr. R. J. Quackenbush, 334 S.W. 

Ministerial Association, Rev. Harold A. 

Varce, 3116 lola Ave. 
United Churchwomen: 

Mrs. Norman Olphin, 1207 13 St. 

Mrs. Dorothy Ross, 441 59 St. 
Youth, Miss Marlene Jessen, 3830 King- 
man Blvd. 




327 Topeka Ave., Topeka 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Milton R. Vogel 
CWS-CROP Dir., Rev. Arnold N. Lambert 


Pres., Dr. H. E. Lobaugh, 5529 W. 13 

Mr. J. D. Smerchek, State Farm Bu- 
reau, Manhattan 

Mrs. Ernest Tonsing, 105 N. Courtland 
Rec. Sec., Dr. Harry O. Ritter, Box 363, 

Treas., Mr. Charles H. Everett, Wakarusa 


Central Department 

Finance, Dr. Adel F. Throckmorton, 
State House 

Public Relations, Rev. Harald Wise- 
garver, Smith Center 

Field Work & Personnel, Rev. Ned 

Burr McKenney, 1248 Buchanan 
Division of Christian Education, The Rev. 

Ralph Strong, College of Emporia, 


Children's Work, Mrs. Merrit R. Lee, 
712 S. Hillside, Wichita 

Youth Work, Miss Joyce Raye Patter- 
son, Baldwin 

Adult and Family Life, Dr. C. A. 
Choate, 1st Methodist Church, Wel- 

Leadership Education, The Rev. J. 
Joyce Wilson, Baldwin 

Vacation Church School, Miss Jean 
Easter, 203 Derby Bldg., Wichita 

Weekday Church School, Mrs. J. P. 
McClellan, 331 N. Hillside, Wichita 

Audio-Visual Education, The Rev. John 
Covey, 724 E. 7, Newton 

Radio & Television, Dr. C. Orville 
Strohl, Southwestern College, Win- 

Scouting, Dr. J. R. Throckmorton, 1st 

Methodist Ch., Hutchinson 
Division of Christian Life and Work, The 

Rev. A. O. Engelmann, 512 Shawnee, 


Evangelism, The Rev. Paul Life, Cha- 

Chaplaincy, Chaplain Robt. Preston, 
Winter VA Hospital 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. Leon- 
ard J. Smoot, Cofifeyville 

Ecumenical Fellowship, Dr. S. Walton 
Cole, 1st Methodist Church, Manhat- 
Division of Christian Missions, Dr. Roy M. 

Brady, 412 Locust, Independence 

Church Planning & Strategy, Dr. L. M. 
Rymph, 923 Kansas Ave. 

Town and Country Church, The Rev. 
Donald Zimmerman, 1326 N. Wheel- 
er, McPherson 

Church Bldg. & Architecture, Prof. 
Ronald Whiteley, K.S.C., Manhattan 

CWS-CROP, Mr. Herman Praeger, 

Ministry to Special Groups, Dr. J. W. 
Fretz, Methel College, Newton 



Friendly Relations to Foreign Stu- 
dents, Mrs. Leona S. Dobson, 930 
Osage, Manhattan 



603 Huron Bldg., 905 N. 7th St., Kansas City 

Exec. Dir., Rev. Norman E. Berry 


Pres., Mr. Earl L. Petersen, Wyandotte 

County Court House 
Vice-Pres. : 

Dr. Emanuel Fromm, 1926 Nebraska 

Mrs. William M. Blount, 402 Quindaro 


Sec., Mrs. J. M. Gill, 2049 Tremont 
Treas., Mr. Harold Schlosser, 906 N. 18 St. 


Christian Education, Rev. C. Vincent Hall, 

6667 Leavenworth Rd. 
Community Relations, Mr. Hylton Harman, 

601 Minnesota Ave. 
Evangelism and Inter-Church Activities, 

Rev. Wilbert Dunlap, 1912 Central Ave. 
Finance Committee, Dr. W. R. Holt, 2031 

N. 32 St. 
Public Relations, Rev. A. O. Ackenbom, 

2274 Russell Ave. 
Weekday Religious Education, Mrs. L. M. 

Vogel, 2216 Orville 


327 Topeka Blvd., Topeka 

Exec. Dir., Rev. H. Coleman Lamb 


Pres., Mr. G. R. Umbarger, 1603 Webster 
Vice-Pres. : 

Mr. Lawrence M. Gab el, 2700 Burlin- 
game Rd. 

Mrs. Royall E. Tyler, 405 Madison 

Rev. Ray C. Jones, 1714 Collins 

Mrs. John Campbell, 1829 Lincoln 
Sec., Mrs. Harry B. Williams, 208 W. 21 
Treas., Mr. R. S. Fox, 1839 Mission 
Legal Adv., Mr. Ralph F. Glenn, Capitol 

Federal Bldg. 


Christian Education, Mr. Wade Pierce, 

1235 College 

Children's Work Committee, Miss Elea- 
nor Burns, 1181 Plass 

Youth Council Sponsor, Rev. Harry 
Adamson, 817 Harrison 

Church and Public Education, Dr. Orlo 
Choguill, 817 Harrison 

Audio-Visual Education, Rev. Lee E. 

Wilhelm, 601 Harrison 
Evangelism, Dr. Max W. Morgan, 112 W. 9 
Inter-Church Activities, Rev. Donald 

Evans,, 418 Elmwood 

Church Survey and Planning, Rev. Ned 
Burr McKenney, 1171 Mulvane 

Summer Services, Rev. Fred Paxton, 
2702 Belmont 

Holy Week Services, Rev* Lowell Bry- 
ant, 622 Topeka Blvd. 

Radio, Rev. Ernest Tonsing, 105 N. 

Television, Dr. L. E. Schwarz, 1275 

Institutional Ministry, Rev. Thomas 

Klink, 1726 Medford 

Social Relations, Rev. Ivan Rymes, 1016 
Community Relations, Miss Gloria 

Metzger, YWCA 
Human Relations, Dr. Merton French, 

1319 Garfield 
International Relations, Dr. Harold 

Conrad, 1710 W. 15th 
Labor-Religion-Management, Dr. John 

Bright, 1718 Collins 
Overseas Relief, Rev. A. E. Hoist, 112 

pi -10 

Social Agencies, Miss Romanna Hood, 
1400 W. 6 

United Church Men, Mr. Robert Romig, 
3631 Stratford Rd. 

United Church Canvass, Mr. Charles Mar- 
ling, 1421 Plass 


315 Derby Building, 352 North Broadway, 
Wichita 2 


Exec. Dir., Rev. Homer K. Shafer 
Dir. of Christian Education, Mrs, Merrit 

R. Lee 
Financial Sec., Mrs. Ann Bond 

Pres., Mr. William P. Thompson, Union 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Vice-Pres., Dr. D. K. McColl, 147 S. Hill- 

Sec., Mrs. Edwin M. Harms, 215 N. Dell- 
Treas., Mr. N. Russell Johnson, 721 W. 


Christian Community Service, Rev. Roger 

Allen, 525 N. Broadway 

Church Planning and Strategy, Mr. 

Gordon Jones, 919 E. Douglas 
Christian Education, Rev. Robert O, Las- 

ser, 158 N. Madison 

Weekday Christian Education, Mrs. 
Cora Fulton, 628 N. Harding 

Leadership Education, Rev. Everett 

Mitchell, 1532 N. Pershing 
Christian Life and Work, Rev. Everett 

Norling, 1101 N. River Blvd. 

Christian Citizenship, Mr. Kenneth L. 
Meyers, 1607 W. Hillside 

Evangelism, Dr. Ronald Meredith, 330 
N. Broadway 

International Goodwill, Mrs. Harry 
Brown, 956 S. Holyoke 

Worship and Music, Mr. Harold Deck- 
er, 1635 Fairmount 
United Church Women, Mrs. Joseph H. 

Brown (Pres.), 3250 E. Pine 
United Church Youth, Mr. Norman Dirks 

(Pres.), 3742 E. Central 



152 East High Street, Lexington 

Exec. Sec., Rev. John S. Chambers 




Pres., Rev. Robert G. McClure, Booneville 
Vice-Pres,, Rev. George Hewson, 604 East- 

ern Parkway, Louisville 
Sec., Rev. W. Kendrick Anderson, 1864 

Wildwood Ave. 
Treas., Mr. Henry Cogswell, 153 Chenault 



Broadcasting, Rev. C. M. Yates, 1826 Mc- 

Donald Rd. 
Christian Education, Dr. George V. Moore, 

631 S. Lime 
Community Relations, Dr. Lewis Smythe, 

631 S. Lime 
Evangelism & Interchurch Activities, Dr. 

John Meloy, YMCA Bldg., Louisville 
Finance, Dr. Albert G. Stone, 3 & Guthrie 

Streets, Louisville 
Institutions, Mr. Richard V. Wood, Hey- 

burn Bldg., Louisville 
Membership, Rev. James W. Averitt, Floyd 

& B'way., Louisville 
Ministers' Activities, Rev. W. Franklin 

Lahr, 1228 E. Breckenridge Street, 

Personnel, Dr. Hayes Farish, 341 Aylesford 

Program, The Very Rev. NorveU E. Wick- 

er, 421 S. 2 Street, Louisville 
Town & Country, Rev. Emmett Insko, 

Science Hill 
Youth, Rev. Randle Dew, Kentucky Wes- 

leyan College, Owensboro 
Women's Work, Mrs. J. S. Van Winkle, 




620 Greenup St., Covington 


Pres., Mr. Charles S. Hildreth, R. No. 2, 

Box 40, Ludlow 
Treas., Miss Julia Hill, 101 Kennedy PI., 

Ft. Wright 


410 Coppin Building, Covington 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Jesse L. Murrell 


Pres., Rev. Kenneth G. Parks, 14 W. 4 St. 
Treas., Mr. W. Wade, Y.M.C.A. 

Christian Education, Rev. Don Hopkins, 

Rt. 4, Box 349-B, Erlanger 
Christian Family, Rev. Bruce A. Weatherly, 

326 Madison Ave. 
Finance, Mr. W. C, Whitson, 55 Dudley 

Pike, Edgewood, Covington 
Fine Arts, Miss Adelaide R. Kerr, 202 W. 

32 St. 
Institutions, Rev. Alfred E. Brown, 10 E. 

31 St. 

Public Relations, Mr. W. Sharon Florer, 
3909 Lincoln Ave. 

Recreation, Rev. Robert Hart, 108 Ken- 
nedy Rd. 

Social Action, Rev. Jas. A. Shepard, 2549 
Dixie Highway 

Spiritual Life, Rev. C. Duke Payne, 14 W. 
5 St. 

Youth, Rev. John B. Estles, 1025 Madison 


152 E. High St., Lexington 

Exec. Sec., Rev. John S. Chambers 


Pres., Dr. H. A. Wright, 714 Headley Ave. 
Vice-Pres., Dr. W. P. Frymon, 635 E. High 


Sec., Mrs. Jesse K. Lewis, 624 Elsmere Park 
Treas., Mr. Henry Cogswell, 153 Chenault 



Constitution, Rev. E. C. Gortiell, 317 
Albany Rd. 

Education, Dr. George V. Moore, College 
of the Bible 

Finance, Mr. Claude Sogesen, 1229 Sum- 
mitt Dr. 

Institutions, Mr. John Angellis, 261 Albany 

Personnel, Dr. Hayes Forish, 341 Ayles- 
ford PI. 

Program, Mr. O. D. Smith, 353 Gorden Rd. 

Youth, Rev. Donald Herron, 140 Cochran 


210 Y.M.C.A. Bldg., Louisville 2 


Exec. Sec., Rev. John W. Meloy 
Asst. Exec. Sec., Dr. N. Burnett Magruder 


Pres., Dr. W. A. Benfield, Jr., 1001 Chero- 
kee Rd. 


Mr. Morton Walker, 2301 S. 3 

Dr. D. E. King, 2200 W. Walnut 

The Rev. Wilfred B. Myll, 330 N. 

Hubbard's Lane 
Mr. Wm. T. McConnell, 9&1 S. 3 St. 

Sec., Dr. Frank M. Stites, Heyburn Bldg. 

Treas., Mr. Karl E. Rothrock, Realty Bldg. 

President, Council of Churchwomen, Mrs. 
Dan Kennelley, 1814 Gresham Rd. 



5401 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans 25 

Exec. Sec., Rev. George H. Wilson 


Pres., Dean Wm. E. Craig 
1st Vice-Pres., Dr. A. M. Serex 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. L. K. Benson 
3rd Vice-Pres., Mr. J. Calvin Williams 



Sec.-Treas., Mr. L. W. McFaul 
Chancellor, Mr. James I. McCain 

Christian World Fellowship, Rev. C. H. 

Snelling, Jr. 

Civic Affairs, Rev. O. S. Chiocchio 
Boy Scout Chapel, Rev. T. Horace Clark 
Evangelism, Rev. R. M. Bentley 
Finance, Mr. Fred Dykhuizen 
Harbor Missions, Rev. L. F. Modschiedler 
Institutions, Rev. Walter D. Langry 
Marriage and Home, Dr. John S. Land 
Membership, Rev. Geo. P. EUerbrake 
Protestant Laymen (Pres.), Mr. J. Calvin 


Noon Day Services, Dr. Albert S. Hurley 
Pastoral Relations and Counselling, Rev. 

Paul C. Dickenson 
Radio and Television, Mr. Samuel A. 


Research and Comity, Rev. A. B. Link 
Stanton Home Board, Canon William S. 


Worship, Rev. Alex W. Hunter 
Women (Pres.), Mrs. L. K. Benson 



97A Exchange Street, Portland 3 


Exec. Sec., Miss Marion L. Ulmer 
Rural Field Worker, Mrs. Carl M. Kings- 


Pres., Rev. Shirley B. Goodwin, 119 Coyle 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Lester L. Boobar, 20 
Center St., Waterville 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Chauncey D. Went- 
worth, 38 Oak St., Orono 

Sec., Rev. Charles R. Monteith, 35 Beech 
St., Rockland 

Treas., Mr. Irving W. Maxwell, 443 Con- 
gress St. 


Christian Education of Adults, Miss Helen 

E. Lockwood, 244 Woodford St. 
Christian Education of Children, Rev. 

Gladys D. York, Cumberland Center, 

Christian Education of Youth, Rev. Daniel 

Leavitt, Wilton 
Church Music, Mrs. Bertrand E. Cobb, 28 

HoUis Rd. 
Comity, Dr. Rodney W. Roundy, 257 

Vaughan St. 
Finance, Mr. Elmer F. Clark, 465 Congress 


Leadership Education, Rev. Richard Ar- 
nold, Farmington 
Radio & TV, Rev. H. Travers Smith, 19 

Pleasant Ave. 
Regional Councils, Rev. Douglas Harwood, 

10 White St., Lewiston 
Rural Life, Rev. Donald W. Henderson, 

South Windham, R. I. 
Social Education & Action, Rev. Harvey 

F. Amerman, 61 State, Augusta 
World Order, Rev. Walter K. Miller, 788 

Stevens Ave. 


30 High St., Bangor 

(Please address all mail to Pres.) 


Chaplain to Hospitals, Rev. Reuel W. 

Pres., Rev. Edward G. Ernst, 30 High St., 

Treas., Miss Gladys Taylor, Bangor 


311 Cumberland Ave., Portland 

*Exec. Sec., Rev. Arthur N. Moore 

Pres., Rev. Elbert M. Parkhurst, 312 

Broadway (7) 
Vice-Pres., Rev. James W. Lenhart, 159 

State St. 

Sec., Rev. Nelson Canfield, 21 Alton St. 
Treas., Mr. Clement Pratt, 22 Pembroke 



Christian Education, Rev. Wallace Harris, 
First Cong. Ch., Cottage Rd., So. Port- 

Finance, Mr. George Goodall, 465 Con- 
gress St. 

Ministry in Public Institutions, Rev. H. 
Travers Smith, 19 Pleasant Ave. 

Radio, Rev. D. Stanley Rawson, 712 
Stevens Ave. 



14 West Madison Street, Baltimore 1 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Willis R. Ford 

Dir,, Christian Education, Miss Mable 

Dir., Christian Social Relations, Mrs. Mil- 
dred Atkinson 

Asst., Christian Social Relations, Mrs. Lil- 
ian Lottier 

Dir., Radio & Television, Mr. Bronson 

Dir., Agricultural Migrant Work, Miss 
Kathryn Leaf 

Dir., Larger Parish Program, Rev. James 
M. Jones 

Dir., Town & Country Church Develop- 
ment Program, Rev. Samuel A. Snyder 

Chaplain, City & United States Public 
Service Hospital, Rev. William L. 


Pres., Rev. Harry Lee Doll, 24 W. Saratoga 

Vice-Presidents : 

Rev. Frederick D. Eyster, 130 W. 

Franklin St., Hagerstown 
Rev. John E. French, Denton 
Rev. O. A. Bartley, 17 Cecil St., Dover 
Rev. Joshua O. Williams, 507 W. Lan- 

vale St. 



Mrs. Raymond M. Miller, 313 S. Ell- 
wood St. 

Mrs. John E. Tyson, Rising Sun 
Sec., Mr. Henry Schultheis, Baltimore Life 

Treas., Mr. John H. Hessey, Fidelity Bldg. 


Administrative, Rev. Joseph C. Wood, 3121 

Walbrook Ave. 

Administration & Leadership, Miss Mar- 
garet Ballard, 505 Nottingham Rd. 
Audio-Visual Education, Rev. Raymond M. 

Miller, 313 S. Ellwood Ave. 
Children's Work, Miss M. V. Hopkins, 1313 

Lakeside Ave. 
Christian Social Relations, Rev. T. G. 

Speers, 1316 Park Ave. 
Eastern Shore Migrants, Rev. R. Jervis 

Cooke, Seaford 
Evangelism, Rev. Carroll Klug, 1700 N. 

Caroline St. 
Inter-Church Relations & Comity, Rev. 

J. F. Replogle, 3610 Mohawk Ave. 
Ministerial Union, Rev. Roland W. Renkle, 

703 N. Chapel Gate Lane 
Ministry to Service Men & Women, Miss 

Corabelle Taylor, 618 Dumbarton Ave. 
Radio & Television, Rev. F. K. Bostian, 

5600 Purdue Ave. 
Town & Country, Rev. George F. Packard, 

Youth Work, Rev. Howell O. Wolkins, Mid- 




14 Beacon Street, Boston 8 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Forrest L. Knapp 
Assoc. Exec. Sec., Mr. Frederick A. Watson 
Dir., Dept. Research and Strategy, Dr. 

Glen W. Trimble 
Asst. Dir., Dept, Research and Strategy, 

Dr. David F. Cox 
Dir., Dept. Religious Ed., Dr. Olivia P. 

Sec., Dept. Institutional Ministry, Dr. Jud- 

son D. Howard 
Sec., Dept. Public Relations, Miss Elizabeth 

Press Consultant, Mr. Gordon W. Sanders 


Pres., Bishop John Wesley Lord, 581 Boyl- 

ston St., (16) 

Rev. Gardiner M. Day, 1 Garden St., 

Mr. James F. Farr, 15 State St., (9) 

Rev. Walter A. Telfer, 25 Cleveland 

St., Holyoke 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. J. David McKinney, 14 

Beacon St., (8) 
Treas., Mr. William M. Breed, 30 State St., 



Evangelism, Rev. H. Gardner Andersen, 
20 Front St., Walpole 

Finance, Mr. George Wells, 31 Cross St., 

Fort Devens, Dr. Frank E. Duddy, 72 Burn- 
coat St., Worcester 

Institutional Ministry, Dr. Emil M. Hartt, 
27 Wheeler St., (16) 

International Relations, Rev. Russell H. 

Bishop, 83 Herrick Rd., Newton (59) 
Migrant Work, Rev. Baldwin W. Callahan, 

14 Beacon St., (8) 
Public Relations, Rev. Francis C. Wilson, 

95 Monadnock Rd., Worcester 
Radio and Television, Rev. Harry W. 

Birch, 6 Oak Ave., Greenwood 
Religious Education, Miss Lillian M. Boyd, 

1 Joy St., (8) 
Research and Strategy, Rev. Walter D. 

Knight, 185 Bay State Rd., (15) 
Social Relations, Rev. Charles W. Havice, 

Northeastern Univ., (15) 
Town and Country, Rev. Charles N. Fors- 

berg, 88 Tremont St., (8) 
United Church Men, Mr. John E. Budding- 
ton, 95 Sewell Woods Rd., Melrose 
United Church Women, Mrs. William D. 

Kennedy, 660 Boston St., Lynn 


71 North Main St., Attleboro 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Robert C. Ryder, 12 Rocky 



Pres., Mr. Robert Merrifield, 21 Hodges St., 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Edgar D. Romig, 104 N. 

Washington St. 
Sec., Miss Myrtle Bartlett, 62 Grove St., 

No. Attleboro 

Treas., Mr. Willard Olmsted, Warren Rd. 
Audit., Mrs. Ethel Parker, 5 County St. 


Christian Education, Mrs. Murray Winter, 

South St., Wrentham 
Council Services, Rev. John M. Bowmar, 

32 E. Bacon St., PlainviUe 
Institutional Ministry, Rev. Harold Rogers, 

32 Old Post Rd. 
Publicity & Public Relations, Rev. Evert 

M. Olson, 68 Veery Rd. 
Radio, Rev. Ralph Seguine, Jr., 12 Grove 

Special Projects, Rev. Russell Richardson, 

3 Fourth St. 
United Church Canvass, Mr. Theodore 

Beers, 106 Park St., Wrentham 
Youth Advisor, Rev. Edward Spradling, 

Bungay Rd., No. Attleboro 


180 Newbury St., Boston 

(See Massachusetts Staff) 

Pres., Rev. John David Erb, 180 Newbury 


Rev. John E. Barclay, 85 Shawnut Ave. 
Rev. Theodore P. Ferris, Trinity 

Church (16) 
Rev. Clayton Brooks Hale, 874 Beacon 


Mr. Edwin C. Johnson, 316 Hunting- 
ton Ave. (16) 
Mrs. Frederick M. Meek, 474 Chestnut 

Hill Ave., Brookline 
Rev. Richard M. Owens, 69 Crawford 
St., Roxbury 



Rec. Sec., Rev. Robert M. Phillips, 14 Bea- 
con St. 

Treas., Mr. William M. Breed, 14 Beacon 


14 Beacon St., Boston 8 

Dir., Miss Esther B. Strieker 


320 Main St., Brockton 

*Exec. Sec., Rev. Arvid L. Anderson 

Pres., Rev. Charles D. Broadbent, 24 

Pleasant St. 
1st Vice-Pres., Mrs. J. Howard Allen, 149 

Clifton Ave. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. C. Leslie Updegraph, 

320 Main St. (YMCA) 
3rd Vice-Pres., Rev. J. Arthur Dahlstrand, 

53 Market St. 
Rec. Sec., Miss Grace Harlow, 128 New- 

bury St. 
Treas., Miss Clara Howard, 119 Newbury 


Asst. Treas., Mrs. Alice Brown, 119 New- 
bury St. 


Community Relations, Chaplain Paul John- 
son, Veterans Hosp., Belmont St. 

Finance, Mr. Herbert Allen, 11 N. Winni- 
fred Rd. 

Inter-Church Activities, Rev. Lester G. 
Myers, 35 N. Main St. 

Ministers' Union, Rev. Daniel K. Davis, 
70 Pleasant St. 

Public Relations, Miss Virginia Leonard, 
60 Main St. 

Radio, Rev. Frank Oxenford, 169 Pleasant 

Religious Education, Rev. Daniel K. Davis, 
70 Pleasant St. 

Sacred Music, Mr. Francis Yates, 155 
Laureston St. 

United Church Men, Mr. Thomas Hanna- 
ford, 78 Cross St. 

United Church Women, Mrs. Ralph W. 
Arnold, 25 Frankton Ave. 

United Christian Youth, Mr. Richard Mapp, 
547 Crescent St. 

U.C.Y. Advisor, Rev. Clyde Wolf, 199 War- 
ren Ave. 


47 Cross St., Belmont 78 

Dir,, Mrs. Jurretta Jordan Murray 


350 North Main St., Fall River 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Vernon Lee Phillips 

Pres., Rev. Edward L. Thomas, 626 Plym- 
outh Ave. 

1st Vice-Pres., Mr. Ralph Friar, 1408 Globe 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Newton D. Skinner, 
572 Locust St. 

Sec., Miss Helen Chidsey, 444 June St. 

Treas., Mr. Donald Farrington, 277 Bel- 
mont St. 


Christian Education, Rev. Robert G. Doyle, 
821 Read St., Somerset 

Evangelism, Rev. Vernon Lee Phillips, 108 
Bogle St. 

Finance, Mr. Robert E. Burnett, 242 Lin- 
coln Ave. 

Hospitals and Homes, Rev. M. Webb 
Wright, Central Cong. Church, 100 
Rock St. 

Ministerial Association, Rev. M. Webb 
Wright, 100 Rock St. 

Radio Ministry, Rev. C. Homer Ginns, 577 
Hanover St. 

Social Action, Mr. Forrest Heckman, 149 
Middle St. 

United Church Women, Miss Madeline 
Smalley, 611 June St. 

United Services, Dr. Finley Keech, 1st 
Baptist Church, Pine St. 

Youth, Mr. Benjamin Boothroyd, 171 War- 
ren St. 



418 Lowell Street, Lawrence 


*Exec. Sec., Dr. Allan R. McAllaster 
Dir. of Weekday Religious Ed., Dr. (Mrs.) 

Jurretta Jordan Murray 


Pres., Dr. Allan R. McAllaster, 50 Strath- 
more Rd., Methuen 

1st Vice-Pres., Mr. Henry D. Ramm, 12 
Timber Lane, Methuen 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Marshall A. Ryder, 
25 Wilmot St. 

Sec., Mrs. Norman L. Heald, 46 Melrose St. 

Treas., Mr. Robert M. Henderson, 8 Dum- 
barton St., Andover 

Asst. Treas., Mr. Herbert E. Petzold, 20 
Boehm St. 


Audio-Visual Aids, Dr. Hans Sidon, 47 
Olive St., Methuen 

Church- YMCA Recreational, Mr. Robert 
H. Searle, 16 Winthrop Ave., Methuen 

Council Library, Rev. Norbert Smith, 48 
Ashland Ave., Methuen 

Evangelism, Rev. Donald Ellis, 32 Park St., 

Finance, Mr. Norman E. Grossman, 276 
Andover St. 

Institutional Ministry. 

Men's Work, Mr. George Driscoll, 24 Dur- 
rell St., Methuen 

Public Affairs, 


Public Worship, Rev. William S. Holliday, 
1 Logan St. 

Religious Education, Rev. Robert G. Mor- 
ris, 220 Osgood St., No. Andover 

Research, Community and Church Plan- 



Women's Work, Miss Lillie M. Searle, 11 

Kimball Rd., Methuen 
Young Adults, Miss Eunice Eichhorn, 5 

Court St., Methuen 
Youth Council, Mr. Herbert Gray, Jr., 17 

Tyler St., Methuen 


636 Purchase St., New Bedford 


Exec. Sec., Dr. William B. Gate 

Kev. George H. Parker, Jr. 

Rev. J. Kenneth Holliday 

Rev. Charles Hodges 
Dir. of Rel. Ed., 

Released Time Program, Rev. Edward 
A. Hailes 


Pres., Mr. Mason M. Tabor, 196 Hersom St. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. J. Thurston Powell, 70 

Willis St. 
Clerk, Mrs. Clinton Braley, Jr., 18 Felton 

Treas., Mr. Andre Kasap, 119 Tremont 


Adult Activities, Mr. John Russell, 20 

Middle St., So. Dartmouth 
Chaplaincy, Rev. John H. Moddeford, 133 

Laurel St. 
Community and Institutional Relations, 

Rev. Charles Hodges, 10 Junior St. 


Mental Health, Miss Hilda MacKay, 50 

Chancery St. 

Nominations, Mrs. James Radcliflfe, 139 Or- 
chard St. 

Personnel, Rev. Joseph O. Purdue, Dart- 
mouth St., So. Dartmouth 
Public Relations, Mr. Austin Sistare, 8 

Main St., Fairhaven 
Radio & Television, Dr. Eugene D. DoUofif, 

192 Cottage St 
Religious Celebrations, Rev. Edgar Smith, 

Religious Education, Rev. George Pike, 762 

County St. 
Research and Strategy, Mr. Lawrence Hill, 

Rotch St. 
Social Issues, Rev. Willard Legg, 347 

County St. 
University of Life, Rev. William M. 

Thompson, 28 Mapleview Terr. 
Youth and Young Adult, Mr. Donald 

Evans, 136 Greene St., Fairhaven 


304 Central St., Auburndale 66 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Sydney Adams 

Pres., Mr. Ralph B. Emery, 15 Kenmore 

St., Newton Centre 

Mr. H. Dowell Jones, 285 Mt. Vernon 
St., W. Newton 

Mrs. Raymond A. Green, 7 Dexter Rd., 


Sec., Rev. -Sydney Adams 
Treas., Mr. Edson L. Fitch, 47 Oxford Rd., 

Newton Centre 


Civic Affairs, Mr. Loomis Patrick, 855 
Chestnut St., Waban 

Community Worship, Rev. Hamilton Gif- 
ford, 56 Somerset Rd., W. Newton 

Council of Church Women, Mrs. E. Tyler 
Parkhurst, 64 Parker St., Newton Cen- 

International Relations, Rev. David J. Gar- 
rett, 48 Quincy St., Cambridge 

Publicity, Mr. Norman Lockwood, 37 Rus- 
sell Rd., Wellesley 

Religious Education, Dr. Walter Holcomb, 
247 Grove St. 

United Church Canvass, Mr. M. J. Ham- 
ant, 81 Eliot Ave., W. Newton 

Y.M.C.A., Mr. Alex Miller, 7 Tamworth 
Rd., Waban 


50 Sumner Avenue, Springfield 8 

Exec. Dir., Rev. Joseph E. Porter 


Acting Treas., Rev. Daniel A. Thurston, 

240 Walnut St., Holyoke 
Sec., Mrs. Edward B. Sullivan, 66 Bangor 



Springfield, Rev. Eben Chapman, 20 Mon- 
roe St., Agawam 

Holyoke, Rev. Daniel Thurston, 240 Walnut 
St., Holyoke 

Northampton, Mr. Frank H. Doane, 17 
Fairfield, Florence 

Greenfield, Rev. Arthur Hopkinson, 94 
Franklin St., Greenfield 


1245 Hancock Street, Quincy 69 

Exec. Sec., Rev. William H. Duvall 


Pres., Mr. William J. Martin, 390 Adams St. 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Charles E. Hirtle, 68 Rus- 
sell St., N. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Peter V. Corea, 300 Manet 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Wesley A. Mallery, 176 

Bellevue Rd., N. 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. M. Boyce Bailey, 64 Davis 

St., Wollaston 
Treas., Mr. E. Milton Grant, 18 Prospect 

Ave., Wollaston 


Boy Scout Advisory, Rev. Chester A. Por- 

teus, 17 Elm St. 
Communion Breakfast Committee, Mr. 

Gilbert L. Crofts, 108 W. Elm Ave., 

Evangelism & Special Religious Events, 

Rev. Luther Ek, 11 Roselin Ave. 
Finance, Mr. E. Milton Grant, 18 Prospect 

Ave., Wollaston 
Girl Scout Advisory, Rev. M. Alicia Corea, 

300 Manet Ave. 
Protestant Community Service (Social 

Service) Rev. Peter V. Corea 
Radio Committee, Rev. Chester A. Porteus, 

17 Elm St. 
Religious Education Committee, Mr. A. 



Elmon Balentine, 303 Elmwood Ave., 

Social Action, Rev. Robert W. Lawson, 323 

Farrington St., Wollaston 
United Church Women (Pres.), Mrs. 

Charles E. Hirtle 
Youth Committee, Mr. Eric Simpson, 109 

Wildwood Ave., Braintree 


131 Market Street, Rockland 

Exec. Sec., Mrs. Bruce B. Folsom 


218 South St., Southbridge 

Exec. Sec., Mrs. H. R. Moulton 


Pres., Mr. Albert Young, 330 South St. 
Vice-Pres. : 

Mr. Ralph F. Bardwell, 45 Dupaul St. 

Mr. W. F. Baxter, 24 Marjorie Lane 
Sec., Miss Joan Zitka, 66 Guelphwood Rd. 
Treas., Mr. Hans Cerny, 51 Columbus Ave. 


Christian Education, 

Christian Social Relations, Mr. Albert 
Sladdin, 72 Guelphwood Rd. 

Finance, Mr. Wm. McKinstry, 775 Denni- 
son Dr. 

Music, Mr. W. G. Buckley, Jr., 14 Hard- 
ing Ct. 

Promotion & Publicity, 

United Church Women, Mrs. A. R. Ander- 
son, 23 Jawbs Rd. 

United Laymen, Mr. W. R. Stark, 66 Cen- 
tral Dr. 

United Youth Fellowship, 

University of Life, Rev. William Slater, 


50 Sumner Ave., Springfield 8 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Abram W. Sangrey 


Pres., Mr. Russell L, Williams, 961 Roose- 
velt Ave. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. David E. Weinland, 52 
Sumner Ave. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Ivan Nickerson, 70 
Freeman Terr. 

3rd Vice-Pres., Rev. Otis A. Maxfield, 1st 
Cong'l Church 

4th Vice-Pres., Rev. Thomas Tamblyn, 649 
State St. 

Sec., Mr. Taber Bolden, 36 Ambrose St. 

Treas., Mr. L. C. Clarke, 166 Alvord St. 

Ass't. Treas., Mr. Walter English, 112 East- 
ern Ave. 


Christian Education, Rev. Thomas Tam- 
blyn, 649 State St. 
Audio-Visual Aids, Mrs. H. Arthur 

Avery, 160 Wellington St. 
Leadership Training, Mr. Sidney F. 

Law, 33 Greenleaf St. 

Vacation Church School, Miss Martha 
Smith, 763 Longmeadow St. 

Youth Council, Rev. Chester Miller, 17 

Commonwealth Ave. 

Community Relations, Rev. Ivan Nicker- 
son, 70 Freeman Terr. 

Interfaith Relations, Mrs. David Rap- 
paport, 20 Valentine St. 

Press Relations, Rev. Carl H. Noble, 
763 Longmeadow St. 

Radio & Television, Rev. Eben Chap- 
man, 20 Monroe St., Agawam 

Relief & Rehabilitation, Mrs. John J. 
Johnson, 242 Ft. Pleasant Ave. 

Social Education & Action, Rev. Em- 
ery Wallace, 619 Miller St., N. 
Evangelism, Rev. Otis A. Maxfield, 1st 

Congl Church 

Comity Com., Rev. Howard Munson, 
Whittum Ave. 

Public Meetings Com., Rev. Bryan F. 
Archibald, 649 State St. 

World Christian Fellowship, Mrs. Don- 
ald C. Stone, 240 Norfolk St. 
Finance Com., Mr. George R. Yerrall, 745 

Plumtree Rd. 

Auditor, Mr. Ernest Carlson, 529 Plum- 
tree Rd. 
Pastoral Services, Dr. David E. Weinland, 

52 Sumner Ave. 

Counseling Com., Rev. George P. Don- 
nelly, 37 Bangor St. 

Courts, Mrs. Benson H. Harvey, Main 
St., Easthampton 

Hospitals, Miss Jennie Dixon, 38 Green 

Juveniles, Rev. Glen Glazier, 170 At- 
water Rd. 

Member-at-Large, Rev. Donald Simp- 
son, 156 Bowles Park Ext. 

Social Agencies, Prof. Harold Harlow, 
Springfield College 


56 Taunton Green, Taunton 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Warren C. Campbell 
Morton Hospital Chaplain, Rev. Gilman 

L. Lane 


Pres., Mr. Warren L. Ide, Berkley 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Marcus A. Rhodes, Jr., 4 

Vine St. 
Clerk, Miss Florence M. Cordner, 32 White 

Treas., Mr. Charles M. Collingwood, 77 

Summer St. 


Audio-Visual Aids, Mr. Richard Boyden, 

12 Hodges Ave. 
Christian Life Institute, Rev. Herman C. 

Johnson, 6 Bow St. 
Church Vacation Schools, Mrs. Roger S. 

Crapo, 12 Everett St. 
Civic Relations, Rev. Ralph F. Seaver, Jr., 

92 Winthrop St. 
Evangelism, Rev. Manual A. Oliveira, 492 

Somerset Ave. 
Finance : 

David S. Vaughn, South St. Raynham 

Percy W. Haskell, 18 South St. 
Institutional Ministry, Rev. Gilman L. 

Lane, 401 Somerset Ave. 
Music, Mrs. Bion Pierce, 10 West Weir St. 



Radio, Rev. Oilman L. Lane, 401 Somerset 

Released Time Study, Rev. Frank C. Sey- 
mour, Center St., Dighton 

Religious Education, Mrs. Charles F. 
Crist, Assonet 

Religious Education Week, Mrs. Leonard 
B. Cope, 20 Prospect St. 

Taunton Brotherhood, Mayor Joseph C. 
Chamberlain, 24 Myrtle St. 

United Church Men, Mr. Kenneth L. Legg, 
9 Monroe St. 

United Church Women, Mrs. Warren 
Haradon, 22 West Britannia St. 

United Young Adult, Miss Janice Cope- 
land (Pres.), 20 Chester St. 

Youth Co-Advisors: 

Rev. Joseph Gamson, 49 Railroad Ave. 
Mr. Lemley N. Barr, 33 Hodges Ave. 
Miss Nancy J. Ives (Pres.), 6 Green St. 


63 Wachusett Street, Worcester 9 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Ralph L. Holland 

Pres., Rev. O. Karl Olander, 73 Lancaster 
St. (9) 

Vice-Pres,, Rev. Francis C. Wilson, 52 Sal- 
isbury St. (9) 

Clerk, Dr. George A. Maclver, 79 Cool- 
idge Rd. (2) 

Treas., Mr. Lloyd Anderson, 311 Main St. 

Auditor, Mr. Paul H. Phleps, 22 Lee St. (2) 


Comity, Dr. Frank E. Duddy, 72 Burncoat 
St. (5) 

Evangelism, Rev. Frank H. Kennedy, 52 
Howland Terrace (2) 

House & Grounds, Rev. Chester A. Wheel- 
er, 7 Willard Ave. (2) 

Laymen's Activities, Mr. Robert C. Shoe- 
maker, 766 Main St. (8) 

Membership & Finance, Mr. Carl G. Nord- 
gren, 49 Belmont St. (5) 

Public Relations, Dr. James R. Uhlinger, 
114 Main St. (8) 

Radio & TV, Rev. W. Reed Usher, Lovell 
Rd., Holden 

Religion & Health, Rev. Harold Bentiey, 
Boston Rd., Sutton 

Religious Education, Mr. Earle I. Clem- 
ence, 210 May St. (2) 

Social Action, Rev. Joseph W. Beach, 80 
Russell St. (9) 

United Church Canvass, Mr. Lome S. 
Stone, 340 Main St. (8) 

Young People's Activities, Rev. Oliver 
Powell, 6 Institute Rd. (9) 



531 South Capitol Ave., Lansing 


Exec. Dir., Dr. G. Merrill Lenox 
Dir. of Christian Educ., Rev. Harry Lord 
Assist. Dir. of Christian Educ., Miss Elinor 

Dir. of Gen. Operations, Mr. Harold C. 

McKinney, Jr. 

State CROP Dir., Mr. Russell M. Hartzler 

Pres., Rev. Kenneth G. Neigh, 1105 Kales 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Thomas Smith, 213 

Buffalo St., Ypsilanti 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. B. R. Donaldson, Pres. 

UCW, 22712 Nona St., Dearborn 
Sec., Mrs. Charles R. Dengler, 504 3 St., 

Treas., Mr. Henry B. Smith III, 411 Burns 

St., Essexville 


Christian Education, Dr. Hoover Ruppert, 

First Methodist Church, Jackson 
Christian Life and Work, Dr. John E. 

Marvin, Michigan Christian Advocate, 

Christian Missions, Dr. Robert V. Woods, 

515 Harvard St., Alma 
General Operations, Dr. Coral Badder, 415 

West Grand River, E. Lansing 


204 S. State St., Ann Arbor 

Exec. Dir., Mrs. Rachel Andresen 


Pres., Dr. Merrill R. Abbey, First Meth- 
odist Church, 120 S. State St. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. Joseph Sasaki, 323 
Packard St. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. R. John Eibler, 1307 

Sec., Mrs. Sibley Hoobler, 2228 Belmont 

Treas., Mr. Thomas S. Harrison, Jr., 547 
Detroit St. 


Audio-Visual, Mr. R. F. Christman, 1059 
Lincoln Ave. 

Christian Education, Miss Helen D. Thom- 
as, 519 S. Forest Ave. 

Church and School Co-operation, Rev. 
Walter S. Press, 432 S. 4 Ave. 

Comity, Rev. Ralph B. Piper, 309 E. Wash- 
ington St. 

Community Services, Rev. C. W. Car- 
penter, 216 Beakes St. 

CROP, Mr. Horace Whitney, 5525 Jen- 
nings Rd. 

Council Development, Dr. E. W. Gulden, 
841 E. University Ave. 

Evangelism, Rev. Edwin J. Weiss, 1220 S. 
7 St. 

Finance, Mr. Warren F. Cook, 1201 Gard- 
ner Ave. 

Human Relations, 

International Affairs, Mrs. F. K. Sparrow, 
Jr., 1922 Day St. 

Leadership Training, 

Personnel, Mrs. F. K. Sparrow, 1922 Day 

Publicity, Mrs. C. M. Enkemann, 706 W. 
Liberty St. 

Radio, Mr. Ronald Foster, 1476 Rosewood 

Refugee, Mr. Robert F. Curtis, 821 E. 
University Ave. 

Teen-Age Student Exchange, Mr. George 
H. Gabler, 715 Forest Ave. 

United Church Canvass, Mr. Donald M, 
Brown, 1527 Mt. Pleasant 



Vacation Church School, Rev. Loren W. 

Campbell, 5045 Plymouth Rd. 
Worship, Rev. Erland J. Wangdahl, 120 S. 

State St. 
Youth, Mr. Douglas E. H. Williams, 203 

Charles St. 


903 Center Ave., Bay City 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Donald F. Bautz 

Pres., Mr. Harlan C. Phelps, 4673 Rose 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Ivan O. Gonser, 615 

2nd Vice-Pres., Dr. Eric J. Bradner, 614 
Scheurmann, Essexville 

Sec., Mrs. R. D. Baker, Lagoon Beach 

Treas., Mr. Harry Richard, 310 Pine, Es- 


Christian Education, Dr. Willard A. Page, 

Church & Social Welfare, Rev. Albert H. 

Schroeder, 308 Lafayette 
Evangelism & Devotional Services, Rev. 

John A. Scantlebury, 1000 Fifth 
Finance & Public Relations, Mr. Henry B. 

Smith, III, 411 Burns, Essexville 

Social Education & Action, 

United Church Women, Mrs. Frank J. 

Straub, 2001 N. Van Buren 


Rt. No. 2, Coloma 

Exec. Dir., Rev. Walter B. Price 

Pres., Mr. M. E. Burkett, R. No. 2, Ben- 
ton Harbor 

Sec., Mrs. H. C. Warriner 

Treas., Miss Millie Whalen, Eau Clair 


Church World Service, Rev. Carlyle Car- 
son, Buchanan 
Hi-way Safety Sunday, Rev. Stanley Buck, 

408 Britain, Benton Harbor 
Hospital Chaplaincy, Rev. Daniel Croff, 

695 Columbus, Benton Harbor 
Industrial Relations, Rev. Ray Gilham, 

411 Main, St. Joseph 
Migrant Work, Mr. Alex Gale, Sodus 
Radio, Mrs. Lloyd Zoschke, 2215 Fairplain, 

Benton Harbor 
Religious Education, Rev. Chester Turner, 

501 Main, St. Joseph 
Special Projects, Rev. Frans Victorson, 

506 Main, St. Joseph 
Teen-Age Exchange, Mrs. C. E. Killebrew, 

1684 Miami, Benton Harbor 
Youth Council, Miss Patricia Risdon, 292 



65 East Columbia Avenue, Detroit 1 

Exec. Dir., Dr. G. Merrill Lenox 

Dir, Religious Education, Miss Elizabeth 

Dir. Social Service Dept, Rev. Sheldon 

Dir. Research & Church Planning, Rev. 

Raleigh E. Sain 
Dir. General Activities, Mr. Carl E. 

Dir. Family Life Education, Rev. Donald 

F. Schroeder 
Dir. Church Music, Radio, Television, Dr. 

Nellie Huger Ebersole 
Dir. Church Youth Service, Rev. George 

H. Harm 
Chaplain Herman Keifer Hospital, Rev. 

William H. Freytag 
Chaplain Vista Maria Home for Girls, Rev. 

Donald Carpenter 


Pres., Dr. Warner R. Cole, 3322 Waverly 

Vice-Pres., Dr. Gordon Phillips, 1420 Put- 
man (6) 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Earl Willoughby, 8814 
Violetlawn (4) 

Rec. Sec., Mr. Samuel J. Lang, 1420 United 
Artists Bldg. (26) 

Treas., Mr. William A. Mayberry, 151 W. 
Fort St. (26) 

Asst. Treas., Mr. Harold H. Rapp, 151 W. 
Fort St. (26) 

Counselor, Mr. Howard C. Baldwin, 2156 
Penobscot Bldg. (26) 


Business Affairs, Mr. Robert J. Hutton, 405 

Griswold (26) 
Church Music, Mrs. Floyd Brattin, 1327 

Nottingham, Grosse Pointe 
Church Planning & Research, Dr. Gordon 

Phillips, 1420 Putman (6) 
Church Youth Service, Mr. Paul Wilson, 

640 Temple (1) 
Evangelism, Dr. John Arthur Visser, 17535 

Hubbell (35) 
Pastoral Interests, Rev. John Parrish, 149 

Leroy, Ferndale 
Protestant Men of Detroit, Mr. Herbert L. 

Dudley, 4256 Russell St. (7) 
Public Affairs, Dr. Chester McPheeters, 

8000 Woodward (2) 
Radio-Television, Mr. Paul L. Penfield, 

2000 Second (1) 
Religious Education, Rev. Wendell Bassett, 

14839 Ardmore (27) 
Women's Council, Mrs. Earl Willoughby, 

8814 Violetlawn (4) 


218 E. Kearsley St., Flint 2 


Exec. Dir., Rev. Raymond A. Gray 
Hosp. Chaplain, 


Pres., Rev. G. Alexander Miller, 2126 
Bonbright (5) 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Willis W. Silkworth, 965 
East Seventh St. (3) 

Treas., Mr. A. N. Hocking, Michigan Na- 
tional Bank, South Saginaw at First 


Adult Department, Mr. Herbert Truemner, 
717 Blanchard (3) 



Audio Visual, Mr. Charles Mobley, 1054 

N. Chevrolet (4) 
Children's Department, Mrs. Wm. Genne, 

553 Welch Blvd. (4) 
Hospital Visitation, Dr. Frederick Vosburg, 

927 Church St. (3) 
Leadership Training, Mr. Stuart Nisbett, 

200 W. Jackson (5) 
Michigan School for the Deaf Training 

Program, Miss Grace Milledge, 903 

Stevens St. (3) 
Sanitorium Counsellors, Rev. G. Lee Fish, 

G-6216 Lapeer Rd., Davison 
Vacation Church School Training, Miss 

Evelyn Andre, 110 Van Tifflin (3) 
Youth Department, Mrs. Herbert Milliken, 

Jr., 510 Dougherty Pic. (4) 
Finance, Mr. John Buchanan, 1369 Poplar 

Division of Christian Education, Rev. 

Charles Stoppels, 746 S. Saginaw (3) 
Division of Community Ministry, Dr. Fred 

Vosburg, 927 Church (3) 
Division of Comity & Survey, Rev. Lloyd 

Channels, 109 W. Hamilton (5) 
Division of College Work, Major Albert 

Sobey, 3430 Hawthorne (3) 
Union Thanksgiving Service, Rev. Theo- 
dore Edquist, 1509 E. Court St. (3) 
Week of Prayer, Rev. Leslie Williams, 410 

Garland St. (4) 
Interracial & Brotherhood Observance, 

Rev. Jas. Breckenridge, 642 E. Pasa- 
dena (5) 
Holy Week & Good Friday, Rev. Garfield 

Kellerman, 1217 W. 2 St. (3) 
Committee on World Aid, Rev. Theodore 

Hastings, 501 E. Genesee (5) 
Radio, Rev. J. Kenneth Hoffmaster, 2125 

N. Saginaw (4) 

Television, Rev. Elmer Braden, 2505 Chev- 
rolet Ave. (4) 
Home & Family Life, Mrs. T. Henry 

Matthews, 3255 Richfield Rd. 
Protestant Com. on Scouting, Mr. Vern 

Martin, 2516 Altoona (4) 
Church & International Relations, Rev. 

Frank Elmer, 1509 E. Court St. (3) 
Personnel Committee, Rev. E. Gordon 

Black, 420 Chandler (3) 



2214 Argentina Drive SE, Grand Rapids 6 

*Sec., Mrs. Lloyd Force 


Pres., Rev. Charles W. Scheid, 2415 Madi- 
son Ave., S.E. (8) 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Albert C. Keith, 424 Henry 
St., S.E. (6) 

Sec., Mrs. Lloyd Force, 2214 Argentina 
Dr., SJE. (6) 

Treas., Mr. William L. Bennett, 933 Cherry 
St., SJS. (6) 


Christian Action, Dr. John C. Whitcomb, 

1053 1 St., NW (4) 
Christian Education, Rev. Philip F. Day, 

East Park Place, NJE. (2) 
Comity, Dr. Ralph J. White, R.FJD., Lowell 
CROP, Mr. Harry E. Zuck, 15 S. Dayton 

St., Rockf ord 
Evangelism, Mr. Raymond L. Boadway, 

Comstock Park Cong. Ch. 

Family Life, Rev. Kenneth D. Barringer, 

1100 Lake Dr., S.E. (6) 
Finance, Mr. W. Keith Friend, 31 Mayfair 

Dr., N.E. (6) 
Hospital Chaplain, Rev. Leland Hoyer, 

2535 Plainfield Ave., N.E. (5) 
Personnel, Rev. Donald J. Ver Duin, 200 

Madison Ave., SE (3) 
Public Relations, Rev. Gaylord D. Ho well, 

70 S. Wilson St., Grandville 


315 W. Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo 

Exec. Sec., 

Pres., Rev. T. Thomas Wylie, 315 W. 

Michigan Ave. 

Dr. Chen Wen-Chao, c/o Kalamazoo 

Dr. Charles K. Johnson, 321 W. South 

Mrs. Charles J. Venema, 524 Pinehurst 
Sec., Mr. Emerson P. Higgins, 321 W. 

South St. 
Treas., Mr. Alson L. Hyames, 5917 W. 



Christian Education, Mrs. David Watters, 
321 W. South St. 

Comity, Dr. Wynanad Wichers, Western 
Mich. CoUege 

Family Life, Mrs. H. Loree Harvey, 2502 

Finance, Mr. Harold B. Allen, 418 Stuart 

Leadership Training, Dr. Kenneth B. See- 
ley, 115 N. Park 

Public Information, Mr. M. Dale Ogden, 
1722 Hillshire Dr. 

Religion and Health: 

Rev. Robert M. Trenery, Bronson Hos- 
Dr. C. M. Hanson, 252 E. Lovell 

Social Action, Mr. Donald C. Smith, 309 
IvT. Lauderdale Dr. 

Survey, Dr. Thomas M. Pryor, First Meth- 
odist Church 

World Church, Rev. Chas. Bennison, St. 
Luke's Episcopal Church 



531 So. Capitol, Lansing 33 

Sec., Mrs. LuAnn Bell Kent 


Pres., Mr. Howard J. Root, 550 Hollister 

Treas., Mr. Kermit V. Ohl, 1605 Mich. Na- 
tional Tower 

Vice-Pres., Rev. John Claxton, 213 W. Al- 

Sec., Mrs. Charles Miller, 842 William St. 


Christian Education, Rev. James White- 
hurst, Central Methodist, Cor. Ottawa 
& Capitol 



Christian Missions, Rev. William Kuhen, 
211 N. Chestnut St. 

Christian Life & Work, Dr. Paul Morrison, 
Central Methodist 

Public Relations, Mr. Clinton Fitch, Mu- 
tual Bldg. 





122 W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis 4 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Hayden L. Stright 
Assoc. Exec. Sec., Rev. John M. Wilson 
Assoc. Sec., Mrs Clarence W. Bylund 
Dir. of Children's Work, Miss Marguerite 

L. Pramann 

Dir. of Publicity, Mrs. A. O. France 
Minister at Large, Rev. Harold W. Ruopp 
Chaplain, Taconite Communities, Rev. 

Cecil C. Hankins of Babbitt & Silver 

State Director, Christian Rural Overseas 

Program, Mr. J. A. Halvorsen 
Exec. Dir., United Church Committee on 

Indian Work, Rev. David W. Clark 


Pres., Mr. Arthur R. Anderson 

Bishop D. Stanley Coors 

Mr. Leslie W. Myers 

Mr. Elmer S. Hjortland 

Rev. Willard H. Reeves 

Mrs. Lloyd A. Hatch 
Sec., Dr. Hayden L. Stright 
Treas., Dr. Carl B. Drake 


Budget & Finance, Dr. John R. Earl 
Christian Education, Rev. Edwin C. Field 
Christian Social Relations, Rev. Denzil A. 


Church Men, Mr. F. H. Faber 
Church Planning & Adjustment, Dr. 

Thomas A. Goodwin 
Church Women, Mrs. L. A. Hatch 
Pastors' Fellowship, Dr. Clifford A. Nelson 


122 West Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis 4 


Exec. Sec., Rev. David E. Witheridge 
Dir. Christian Ed. & Weekday Schools, 

Rev. Earl F. Baumhofer 
Assoc. Dir. Christian Ed. & Weekday 

Schools, Dr. Margery M. Chan 
Dir. Council of Church Women & Social 

Service, Miss Ruth M. Harvey 
Radio & TV Coordinator, Dr. William G. 

Dir. United Church Com. on Indian Work, 

Dr. David W. Clark 

Pres., Rev. Vernon E. Johnson, 2001 Bryant 

Ave. S, 

Mrs. J. R. Hedquist, 5235 Girard Ave. 

Dr. John W. Rilling, 10 49 St. W. 

Dr. C. Barton Nelson, 2550 39 Ave. S. 

Mr. Ray Lemke, 314 Citizens Aid Bldg. 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. Harold S. Langland, 5340 

Hampshire Dr. 
Treas., Mr. Donald McGregor, 258 Henne- 

pin Ave. 

Christian Education, Rev. Edward Hoag, 

83 S. 12 St. 

Church Planning & Location, Prof. Rich- 
ard Guilford, 400 Ford Hall, Univ. of 

Church Women, Mrs. J. R. Hedquist, 5235 

Girard Ave. S. 
Evangelism, Rev. Paul M. Fowler, 3700 

Bryant Ave. N. 
Finance, Mr. Bruce C. Winslow, 4340 Brook 

Public Affairs, Mr. Henry W. Haverstock, 

Jr., McKnight Bldg. 
Social Service, Mr. Frank W. Fager, 607 

3 Ave. S. 

Weekday Church Schools, 

Youth Council Adviser, Dr. Margery Chan, 

122 W. Franklin 


785 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul 4 

Exec. Sec., Rev. W. Bruce Hadley 

Dir. Women's Work, Mrs. C. W. Hautzen- 

Dir. Christian Education, Miss Harriet 



Pres., Dr. Irving Adams West, 797 Summit 


Viee-Pres., Mr. Neal Wood, 2250 Acorn Rd. 
Chairman of the Board, Mr. J. Stanley 

Hill, 156 E. 6 St. 
Vice-Chairman of the Board, Rev. Floyd 

Bosshardt, 113 N. Saratoga 
Sec., Mr. Manley G. Paisley, 1391 Engle- 

wood Ave. 
Treas., Mr. Howard V. Rhedin, 175 E. 4 St. 


Christian Education, Dr. Alfred O. Frank, 
100 N. Oxford St. 

Church Planning, Rev. Otto Schmidt, 1547 
Sheldon St. 

Church Women, Mrs. Robert Stoddard, 675 
Sumner Street 

Community Relations, Rev. Glenn Lewis, 
901 Portland Ave. 

Evangelism, Dr. H. E. Hiller, 1648 Laurel 

Finance, Mr. Robert L. Utne, 202 Minne- 
sota Bldg. 

Radio & Television, Rev. Edwin C. John- 
son, 2129 Commonwealth Ave. 

World Fellowship, Mrs. Oscar Herseth, 101 



101 E, McCarty, Jefferson City 


Exec. Vice-Pres., Rev. A. Greig Ritchie 
Assoc. Dir. & Children's Worker, Miss 

Martha Miller 
Christian World Service Dir., Rev. Don J. 

W. Burkhalter 
Use & Understanding of the Bible, Dr. 

Charles Marion Ross 



Pres., Mr. Hugh O. Isbell, 202 Thilly St., 

1st Vice-Pres., Mr. Homer P. Rainey, 

Country Club Drive, Columbia 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Clayton L. Potter, 507 

E. Brand, Springfield 

Sec., Mrs. W. W. Mayfield, 2021 West Main 
Treas., Mr. Winnie A. Bassman, 111 Boon- 

viUe Ed. 


Adult & Family Life, Rev. B. S. Gregg, 
4365 Gar-field, St. Louis 

Children, Mrs. Farris Van Meter, Alma 

Christian Citizenship, (Vice-Pres.) Rev. 
Ned Cole, Jr., 405 E. High 

Christian Life & Work, (Vice-Pres.) Mr. 
Richard O, Comfort, 620a E. High 

Christian World Service, Mr. George H. 
Seiberling, Rt. 2, Chillicothe 

Conference, (Vice-Pres.) Bishop Arthur C. 
Lichtenberger, 1210 Locust, St. Louis 

Development, Rev. Louis H. Lammert, 3351 
Emminence, St. Louis 

Finance, Dr. C. E. Lemmon, First Chris- 
tian Church, Columbia 

Leadership Education, Rev. John J. Tay- 
lor, Bolgar Bldg., Festus 

Ministry, (Vice-Pres.) Mr. A. J. Moncrief, 
13 & Francis, St. Joseph 

Missions & Service, Bishop Ivan Lee Holt, 
20 N. Kingshighway, St. Louis 

Public Relations, Mr. Gordon H. Smith, 
420 State St. 

Religion & Public Education, Mr. George 
W. Diemer, Central Mo. State College, 

United Church Men, (Vice-Pres.) Mr. Her- 
man M. Haag, 201 S. 7, Columbia 

United Church Women, (Vice-Pres.) Mrs. 
Ira J. Layton, 416 E. 70 St., Kansas 

Youth, Rev. George W. Manning, Albany 


216 East 10 Street, Kansas City 6, Mo. 


Gen. Sec., Rev. J. Allan Watson 
Dir. Div. of Ch. and Community, Rev. 

Gilbert C. Murphy 
Act. Dir. of Div. of Local Ch., Miss Vesta 



Pres., Dr. Thomas P. Lindsay, Linwood 

Presb. Church, Linwood and Woodland 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Harold Stine, Memorial 

Christian Church, 7203 Paseo 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. T. F. Wallace, 5340 

Belinder Road 

Sec., Mrs. C. Baker Pearle, 2534 Woodland 
Treas., Mr. Mark J. Miles, 6928 Edgevale 


Administrative, Dr. Thomas P. Lindsay, 

Linwood Presb. Ch., Linwood & Wood- 
Annual Meeting, Mrs. Dewey H. Jones, 

7309 Wabash 
Audio-Visual, Miss Mary Latham, 2923 

Troost, Box 527 
Boy Scout, Mr. Virgil Holloway, Wabash 

R.R., Bd. of Trade Bldg. 
Children's Work, Mrs. O. LeRoy Berry, 

4540 Jarboe 

Church & Economic Life, Rev. Floyd 

Bantz, 6236 E. 16 Terrace 
Comity & Research, Rev. Earl T. Sturgess, 

36 & Ind. 
Ecumenical Relations, Dr. Thomas B. 

Mather, 7434 Madison 


Girl Scout, Mrs. Herbert Duncan, 439 W. 

58 St. 
Home & Family Life, Rev. Chas. B. Marrs, 

2222 Hardesty 

Interfaith, Rev. F. E. Zendt, 2701 E. 43 
Leadership Education, Rev. O'Linn Mc- 

Guire, 50 & Clark 
Membership, Mr. J. Clare Hanna, 1512 


New Residents, 

Nominating, Mr. Wm. G. Schmiederer, 

Y.M.C.A., 10 & Oak 
Public Education, Mr. Otto Dubach, 3209 

E. 30 
Public Meetings, Rev. Robt. H. Meneilly, 

6641 Mission Rd., Prairie Village, Kan- 
Public Relations, Mr. Wm. Cumerford, 912 

Race Relations, Rev. John M. Exum, 1815 


Radio-TV, Dr. Clem Bininger, 318 E. 55 
Temperance, Judge Leslie Lyons, 301 W. 

51 Terrace 
Vacation Religious Education, Mrs. Joseph 

G. Bryan, 2916 W. 72 St. 
Weekday Religious Education, Dr. Ercel 

Lynn, 5123 Truman Rd. 


World Relations, Mrs. James T. Ferguson, 

718 E. Armour Blvd. 

Youth Work, Rev. Ralph Mould, 2310 Lin- 
wood Blvd. 


304 No. 8 St., St. Joseph 

Exec, Dir., Rev. R. Kermyt Roebuck 


Pres., Rev. W. J. Deckinger, 6208 Pryor 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Warren Letts, 2119 Eugene 

Vice-Pres., Rev. F. Hauser Winter, 2813 


Sec., Rev. A. A. Morgan, 311 Antoine 
Treas., Mr. William Guenther, Jr., 1901 

Lovers Lane 


Children's Work, Mrs. Robert Clingan, 2731 

Evangelism, Dr. Bradford V. Powell, 1005 

N. 25 

Finance, Mr. Geo. A. Thompson, 2301 Clay 
Gen. Ministerial Alliance, Rev. H. V. Mc- 

Colloch, 3221 Penn 
Laymen's Work, Mr. James Riley, 3115 S. 

Leadership Education, Dr. Thomas Toler, 

2813 Monterey 

Publicity, Dr. E. B. Whitcomb, 2629 Mul- 
Research & Comity, Dr. Frederick Stoer- 

ker, 814 Faraon 
Social Betterment, Rev. E. E. Jennings, 

3414 Mitchell 
United Christian Youth, Rev. Robert 

Richter, Jr., 1510 Lafayette 



United Church Women, Mrs. C. L. Tal- 
bott, 4111 King Hill 

Visual Education, 

Weekday Religious Education, Rev. Rob- 
ert Thomas, 2030 Lovers Lane 

World Order, Dr. Adiel J. Moncrief, 2606 
Francis St. 


1528 Locust Street, St. Louis 3 


Exec. Dir., Dr. O. Walter Wagner 
Dir. of Christian Education, Rev. Paul 

Boyd Rains 

Dir. of Finance, Mr. Lawrence J. Dorn 
Dir. of United Church Women of St. Louis, 

Mrs. Virginia R. Cook 
Chaplains, City Hospital, Dr. William F. 

Rogers, Rev. Ruth Rogers 
Chaplain, Koch Hospital, Rev. David Voor- 

Chaplain, Homer G. Phillips Hospital, Rev. 

Guy D. Outlaw 
Chaplains, Juvenile Court, Rev. J. Albert 

Dalton, Rev. Edwin W. Taylor 
Exec. Dir., "Love Thy Neighbor," Mr. 

Joseph Hohman 
Dir. of Public Relations, Mr. Walter J. 



Pres., Dr. W. Davidson McDowell, 9450 
Clayton Rd. (17) 

Vice-Pres. : 

Rev. James Cook, 2846 Pine St. (3) 
Mr. J. Clinton Hawkins, 7421 Warwick 

Dr. (21) 

Mr. Jacob M. Lashly, 705 Olive St. (1) 
Mrs. W. W. Towle, 7399 Stratford (5) 
Rev. Theodore Rasche, 107 Wabash, 
Belleville, HI. 

Sec., Mrs. James C. Davis, 1065 Wall St. 

Treas., Mr. E. L. Conrad, 6266 Walsh St. 

Finance Chairman, Mr. George T. Guern- 
sey, IH, 4015 Manchester Ave. (10) 


Administrative, Mr. Claude Welch, 835 S. 

8 St. (2) 

Adult & Family Life, Mrs. R. W. Bock- 
struck, 2966 Clearview Dr. (21) 
Audio-Visual, Rev. Paul H. Rahmeier, 6728 

Scanlan (9) 
Children's Workers, Miss Gertrude E. 

Maull, 820 Argonne Dr. (22) 
Christian Community Action, Dean Sidney 

E. Sweet, 1210 Locust St. (3) 
Christian Education, Dr. Lin D. Cart- 
wright, 2640 Pine St. (3) 
Christian Social Welfare Services, Dr. 

E. T. Dahlberg, 6195 Washington (12) 
Church & Economic Life, Rev. Robert 

Kelley, 4234 Washington (8) 
Civic, Mrs. Louise Grant Smith, 705 Olive 

St. (1) 
Comity, Rev. Herbert H. Watson, 921 E<i- 

gar Rd. (19) 
Ecumenical Associates, Dr. Carl Schneider, 

475 E. Lockwood (19) 
Evangelism. Dr. Allen Hackett, 826 Union 

Finance, Mr. George T. Guernsey, DH, 

4015 Manchester (10) 

International Justice & Goodwill, Rev. 
William K. Russell, 5913 Bermuda (21) 

Leadership, Rev. H. P. Hunter, 7603 Fair- 
ham (14) 

Personnel, Mr. Richard Allen, 1010 Pine 
St. (1) 

Radio, Rev. Paul M. Bolman, 1260 Hamil- 
ton (12) 

Racial & Cultural, Dr. Ralph C. Abele, 
5216 Mardel (9) 

Reformation, Rev. Erwin H. Bode, 3516 
Giles (16) 

Religion & the Arts, Mrs. Eugene Meyer, 
1221 Grant Rd. (19) 

Religion & Health, Dr. Jesse E. Thomas, 
6901 Washington (5) 

Religion & Public Education, Dr. H. A. 
Pflug, 475 E. Lockwood (19) 

Scouting, Mr. William Farr, 329 Way Ave. 

Spiritual Ministries, Dr. Walter A. S cheer, 
4441 Red Bud Ave. (15) 

Weekday, Miss Anna Astroth, 1823 Hick- 
ory St. (4) 

Youth, Rev. Ivan Lee LaTurno, 2761 Tele- 
graph Rd. (23) 



P. O. Box 442, Livingston 

*Exec. Sec., Dr. Arthur Seebart 

Pres., Mr. J. Ford Forsyth, 218 9 St., N. 

Great Falls 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Raymond Hartling, 

315 Washington St., Missoula 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Robert C. Line, Rt. 

3, Missoula 
Treas., Mr. Gordon A. Patterson, Box 333, 


Christian Education, Rev. Walter Spauld- 

ing, 406 3 Ave., Laurel 
urch PL 


Deer Lodge 
Church World Service, Rev. Wm. David- 
son, Box 744, Lewistown 
Evangelism, Rev. Marion A. McQuarry, 

522 No. 29, Billings 
Legislative Committee, Rev. Robert H. 

Prentice, 615 No. Rodney, Helena 
Social Education & Action, Rev. Leland 

Lawrence, 212 6 St., No., Great Falls 
Town & Country, Rev. Donald P. Redfield, 

Hoffman Rt. 



Y.M.C.A. Building, Lincoln 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Carroll H. Lemon 
Assoc. Sec., Mrs. John W, Stahn 


Pres., Rev. Gordon Schroeder, 1340 K St. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Homer Dickerson, 3321 

16 Ave. 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Harry Coggins, Aurora 

Church Planning & Adjustment, Atty. 
M. Dietrich, Jr., 500 Main St., 



Sec., Mr. Henry M. Cox, 1145 N. 44 
Treas., Mr. Lee A. Ow, Fed. Sec. Bldg. 
Auditor, Mr. C. B. Remington, 216 N. 11 


Christian Education, Rev. O. W. Matzke, 

Comity, Rev. Arthur Clarke, 1504 Dodge, 


Finance, Mr. Elias F. Starr, Grand Island 
Ministers' Convocation, Rev. E. E. Smith, 

421 Park Ave., Omaha 
Social Action, Rev. H. Calvin Knock, 

Town & Country, Rev. L. A. Warren, 

North Bend 


Y.M.C.A. Building, Lincoln 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Carroll H. Lemon 
Assoc. Sec., Mrs. John W. Stahn 


Pres., Dr. C. Vin White, First Presby- 
terian Church, 17th & F Sts. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. W. H. Holverson, 6503 
Aylesworth Ave. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. E. E. Angle, 2760 

3rd Vice-Pres., Miss Sharon Bush, 1021 
So. 37 St. 

Sec., Mrs. John W. Stahn, 1844 D St. 

Treas., Mr. Clifford Weston, 3319 So. 29 St. 


Christian. Education, Rev. Kenneth Yingst, 

3701 Sumner 
Christian Fellowship, Dr. Carl Davidson, 

2723 No. 50 St. 

Finance, Mr. R. D. Borgaard, 4001 Everett 
Social Betterment, Mrs. M. C. Leonard, 

3170 Van Dorn 
TV and Radio, Dr. Lloyd E. Watt, 4510 


320-321 Y.M.C.A. Building, 1705 Harney 
Street, Omaha 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Walter E. Daniels 
Hospital Chaplain, Rev. George Tyner 


Pres., Rev. Joe R. Kennedy, First Chris- 
tian Church, 418 S. 26 St. 

1st Vice-Pres., Mr. Edson Smith, 705 Kee- 
line Bldg. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Dr. Ernest E. Smith, First 
Baptist Church, 421 Park Ave. 

Sec., Mrs. Alexander McDonough, 710 N. 
58 St. 

Treas., Mr. John. Eckert, 528 Grain Ex- 


Christian Education, Rev. Roger Manners, 

8899 Pacific 
Church Extension & Planning, Mr. Edson 

Smith, 705 Keeline Bldg. 
Community & Civic Relations, Dr. Edward 

W. Stimson, Dundee Presbyterian 

Church, 55 & Underwood Ave. 
Evangelism & Interchurch Activities, Mr. 

Robert Lueder, 601 Redick Tower 
Finance, Mr. Casper Whitney, 1734 S. 32 


Radio & TV, Dr. Harold T. Janes, First 
Central Cong. Church, 421 S. 36 St. 



18 School Street, Concord 

Exec. Sec., Dr. W. S. K. Yeaple 

Pres., Prof. Max F. Abell, Mast Rd., Dur- 

Vice-Pres., Rev. George L. Niles, 217 Har- 
rison St., Manchester 

Treas., Mr. Bradford F. Alden, First Na- 
tional Bank 

Rec. Sec., Mrs. Isaac Hill, 101 School St. 


Christian Education, Rev. Paul A. Stauffer, 

245 Highland St., Portsmouth 
Church Planning & Development, Rev. 

William J. Burger, New Boston 
Evangelism, Rev. J. Norman Barrett, 39 

Wellington St., Nashua 
Finance Committee, Mr. William H. Ma- 

curda, lO 1 ^ Tahanto St. 
Institutional Ministry, Rev. John Ruskin 

Clark, 42 Green St. 
Public Relations, Rev. Francis E. Potter, 

26 Auburn St. 
Social Action, Rev. Clinton A. Condict, 

841 Union Ave., Lakeport 
United Church Men, Mr. Maurice E. Wit- 

mer, 3 Hillside Dr., Portsmouth 
United Church Women, Mrs. Theodore B. 

Hadley, Hampstead 



65 Central Avenue, Newark 2 


Gen. Sec., Mr. Henry Reed Bowen 
Assoc. Gen. Sec., 


Pres., Rev. Russell D. Custer, Evan. & 
Refd. Ch., Milltown 


Mrs. Charles E. Bingham, Westfield 
Mr. George A. Brewer, Mountainview 
Rev. Charles P. Harris, Plainfield 

Rec. Sec.: 

Rev. Edward C. Dunbar, First Baptist 

Ch., Flemington 
Mrs. Frances W. Turner, Morristown 

Treas., Mr. George C. Miller, Madison 

Asst. Treas., Mr. David A. Aikman, Ver- 


173 Main St., Hackensack 

Field Rep., Mr. Edward P. H. Dieck 

Pres., Mr. Alfred W. Kiefer, 305 Washing- 
ton PL, Hasbrouck Hts. 



Vice-Pres., Rev. W. H. E. Smith, 306 First 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. B. P. Gill, 493 Warwick 

Ave., West Englewood 
Sec., Miss Ethel Rydh, 123 Clinton Place 
Treas., Mr. Fred T. Weeks, 540 Warwick 

Ave., West Englewood 


Christian Education, Mr. W. P. Buckwal- 

ter, Jr., 139 Christie St., Leonia 
Evangelism, Rev. Harry M. Young, 24 

Taplin Ave., Maywood 
Finance, Mr. R. V. Elliot, 51 Norman 

Place, Tenafly 
Membership, Mr. F. Clinton Spencer, 609 

Bogert Rd., River Edge 
Nominating, Mr. Everett W. Harding, 615 

Brookside Ave., Oradell 
Public Institutions, Rev. Arthur M. Frie- 

berg, 92 North Taylor St., Bergenfield 
Public Relations, Mr. Dudley Martin, 320 

Christie Heights St., Leonia 

Social Education and Action, 

United Church Canvass, Mr. B. G. Pratt, 

Jr., 189 Cedar Ave. 
Women's Department, Mrs. Chas. E. 

Brotherton, 635 Wyndham Rd., Tea- 



83 Mine St., Flemington 

*Sec., Mrs. Blanche H. Hoffman 


Pres., Judge Philip B. Gebhardt, Clinton 
Sec., Mrs. Blanche H. Hoffman 
Treas., Rev. Edward C. Dunbar, 168 Main 



Audio-Visual Aids, Mrs. Blanche H. Hoff- 

Bible Agent, Mr. Walter W. Hoover, 

Children's Work, Miss E. Blanche Rolle, 

Evangelism, Rev. Alison R. Bryan, French- 


307 Lawrence Avenue, Highland Park 

*Exec. Sec., Rev. Albert A. Dickson 

Pres., Mr. Nicholas Friday, 103 Bayard St., 

New Brunswick 

Vice Pres., Rev. Harold Wayman 
Sec., Mr. N. F. Brown 
Treas., Mr. George W. Miller 

Civic and Social Issues, Dr. Henry I. 


Evangelism, Rev. G. Hale Bucher 
Finance, Mr. Heston N. Potts 
Interchurch Recreation, Mr. Robert Yahn 
"King of Kings", Rev. Louis Balint 
Leadership Training, Dr. Cyrus Bemmels 
Pastors, Rev. John J. Soeter 

Public Institutions, Rev. Phillips B. Hen- 

Public Relations, Rev. Vernon Dethmers 
Radio, Rev. Willard Southwick 
Special Services, Rev. William Cook 
Vacation Church School, Rev. John Kirby 
Visual Education, Dr. H. S. Van Wyke 
United Church Women, Mrs. W. S. Al- 

United Church Men, Dr. James Allison 
Youth Council Advisory Committee 
Rev. Robert G. Dickson 
Mr. Elijah Brown, Jr. 
Miss Marie Otken 



128 Ward Street, Y.M.C.A. Bldg., Paterson 1 

Sec., Mrs. Mae M. Stewart 

Pres., Rev. William L. Griffin, Jr., 452 Van 

Houten St. 

Mrs. Gordon G. Walton, 575 E. 28 St. 

Rev. John S. Moore, 261 Lafayette Ave. 
Sec., Mrs. Henry S. Leach, 325 E. 30 St. 
Treas., Mr. Harold W. Woodhouse, 518 E. 

26 St. 


Christian Education: 

Chairman, Rev. Gerrit Heemstra, 45 
Hamburg Tnpke, Pompton Lakes 

Leadership Training, Rev. Hans Hoi- 
born, 41 Burlington Ave. 

Vacation Church School, 

Christian Youth Council, Mr, Scott Gantt, 

77 Cedar St. 
Church Women, Mrs. Gordon G. Walton, 

575 E. 28 St. 
Community Relations: 

Chairman, Mr. R. Douglas Gillespie, 
495 E. 33 St. 

Public Relations, Mr. R. Douglas Gil- 

Social Action, Rev. Elmer W. Wilkins, 
9 18 Ave. 

Inter-faith Relations, Mr. Chas. E. 

Jennings, 781 E. 24 St. 
Evangelism & Inter-Church Activities: 

Chairman, Rev. J. Chas. Hofer, 379 15 

Radio & TV, Rev. Arthur H. Voerman, 
618 Bway 

RXAXr,, Rev. Rex A. Broyles, 409 
Union Ave. 

Church World Service, Mrs. A. Trot- 
ter, 470 E. 41 St. 


Chairman, Mr. H. Stewart Warner, 46 
Sutton Dr., Hohokus 

Audit, Mr. W. Howard Cornelius, 133 

Ramapo Ave., Pompton Lakes 
Lenten Services, Rev. R. Cameron Fisher, 

Box 44, Packanack Lk. 
Ministry to Public Institutions, Chairman, 

Rev. Wm. C. Harvey, 165 Maryland 





82 Main St., Newton 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Harold Brackbill 

Pres., Rev. Frank R. Ostertag, Branch- 


Vice-Pres., Rev. Raymond Little, Stanhope 
Sec., Mrs. W. W. Reger 
Treas., Mr. Paul Cummins, R.D. 3 

Christian Education, Rev. Reinhardt Van 

Dyke, Sussex 
Evangelism, Rev. Raymond Little, Stan- 

FinanS? Mr. Frank P. Weiler, Branch- 


Public Relations, Rev. L. R9dney Boaz 
Radio, Rev. Marple M. Lewis 
Social Education & Action, Rev. Frank 

Ostertag, Branchville 
United Church Women, Mrs. Peter De- 

Mattia, R.D., Blairstown 
Youth, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Blakeslee 


15 South Broad St., Trenton 10 


Exec. Sec., Mrs. Henry S. Ebner 
Juvenile Aid Director, Miss Martha 


Pres., Rev. S. Howard Woodson, Jr., 193 

Humboldt St. 
1st Vice Pres., Mr. G. Earle Conover, 1924 

Pennington Rd. 

2nd Vice Pres., Rev. Olin Lager, 162 Sher- 
idan Rd. 
Sec., Miss Edith Bennett, 1842 Greenwood 

Treas., Mr. Charles Z. Hemsley, 14 Holt 



Christian Education, Mr. Harold Thomp- 
son, 782 Lower Ferry Rd. 

Civic Affairs, Rev. Allan R. Winn, 405 
Sanhican Dr. 

Evangelism, Rev. Russell W. Annich, 426 
Hamilton Ave. 

Hospital Chaplains, Rev. Russell G. Mar- 
tin, 1636 Exton Ave. 

Public Relations, Rev. Joseph M. Spang, 
541 Rutherford Ave. 

Radio Ministry, Rev. and Mrs. H. D. Ebner, 
1961 S. Broad St. 

Social Agencies, Rev. Edward S. Zelley, 
996 S. Broad St. 

Special Observances, Rev. Harold R. Gietz, 
1423 S. Broad St. 

TJnited Church Men, Mr. Russell S. Ander- 
son, 172 Passaic Ave. 



600 West Genesee St., Syracuse 4 

Gen. Sec., Rev. Kenneth Roadarmel 

Assoc. Gen. Sec., Rev. Theodore Conklin 
Dir. of Rural Church Institute, Rev. Stan- 
ley Skinner, Anabel Taylor Hall, Cor- 
nell University, Ithaca 
Consultant for TJnited Church Men, Mr. 
Gay H. Brown, 31 Maple Ave., Troy 


Pres., Mr. R. A. Farnsworth, 3018 Leeland 
Vice-Pres. : 

Dr. D. Baltzer, 3410 Austin 
Dr. W. Kenneth Pope, 901 Clay 
Mrs. W. W. Fondren, 3755 KnoUwood 
Mr. Lawrence Favrot, 2707 Ferndale 
Rec. Sec., Mrs. I. B. Rohrer, 1119 Elmen 
Treas., Mr. J. A. Gray, P. O. Box 45 
Fin. Chairman, Mr. L H. Allen, 1114 Cap- 


Christian Education, Mrs. Marion Reyn- 
olds, 4902 Linden, BeUaire 
Audio- Visual, Rev. Hume Reeves, 6221 

S. Main, Houston 

Children's Workers, Miss Joyce Kirk- 
man, 5213 Montrose 
Family Life, Mrs. Vera Pilcher, 403 

Leadership Training, Miss Allene Ford, 

3511 Linkwood 
Religion and Public Education, Rev. 

Bayard Clark, 1613 W. 43 
Youth Leader, Mrs. Joseph Ross, 3471 

Christian Life and Work: 

Christian Citizenship, Mr. Leon Jaw- 

orski, 12 Fl., 2nd Nat'l Bank 
Overseas Relief, Mrs. Herbert Elder. 

1739 Harold 

Protestant Representation, 

Race Relations, 

Welfare, Mrs. Dupuy Bateman, Jr., 

3670 Inwood 

World Christian Fellowship, 

Evangelism and Inter-Church Act., Dr. D. 
Baltzer, 3410 Austin 
Evangelism, Rev. John Knowles, 1503 

S. Main 

More Christian Observance of Christ- 
mas, Rev. Thos. Sumners, 2450 River 

Oaks Blvd. 
Ministry in Public Institutions, Rev. 

Rodney Sunday, 5308 Buffalo Spdwy. 
Music, Dr. Merrills Lewis, 3801 Cullen 

Public Worship, Rev. John Craig, 5213 

Montrose Blvd. 
Survey and Research, Mr. Ralph Elli- 

frit, City Hall 
RIAL, Mr. Otis Massey (Org. Com.), 

1604 Post Oak Rd. 
Radio and Television, Dr. Harold Wig- 

ren, 1300 Capitol 
Administration : 

Annual Meeting, 


Finance, Mr. L. H. Allen, 1114 Capitol 


50 Howard Street, Albany 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Richard Norman Hughes 
Dir, Rel. Educ., Miss Clara B. Spencer 

Pres., Rev. Ross Blake, 820 Madison Ave. 




Mr. Jesse B. Van Denbergh, 563 Park 

Mr. G. Frank Ackerman, 158 State St. 

Mr. Michael J. Colabelli, Hampton 
Manor, Rensselaer 

Mrs. Eobert Sulcer, 125 Sheridan Ave. 
Sec., Mrs. Harold H. Mattick, 679 Central 

Treas., Mr. Frederick F. Peters, 110 Adams 

PL, Delmar 


Christian Education, 

Community Ministry, Rev. William A. 

Perry, 421 Clinton Ave. 
Drama in the Church, Rev. Dwight Walsh, 

Finance, Rev. Richard H. Hutchinson, 362 

State St. 
Hospital Ministry, Dr. Kenneth B. Olson, 

3 Upper Loudon Rd., Loudonville 
Radio & TV, Mrs. Harold Mattick, 679 

Central Ave. 
Social Education & Action, Mrs. Joseph 

J. Miller, 19 S. Lake Ave. 
Student Work, Rev. G. Kenneth Tuttle, 

38 N. Allen St. 


1272 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo 9 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Harlan M. Frost 
Dir. Business Affairs, Mr. Ralph E. Smith 
Dir. Christian Education, Rev. William H. 

Supervisor WRE Schools, Miss Sigrid E. 

Dir. College Work, Rev. George E. Cran- 

Assoc. Dir. College Work, Rev. Joseph 


Dir. Social Service, Mr. Robert M. Brill 
Manager Refugee Office, Mrs. Mildred H. 

Dir. United Church Women, Mrs. Fred H. 

Financial Sec., Miss Marie K. Hawkins 


Pres., Very Rev. Philip F. McNairy 
Vice Pres.: 

Mrs. W. Robert Updegraflf 

Mr. Rob Roy MacLeod 

Mr. Edward C. Stripp 
Sec., Mr. Elmer D. Heinz 
Treas., Mr. Harvey W. Busch 


Christian Education, Rev. Marvin E. 


College Work, Rev, Martyn D. Keeler 
Comity, Rev. M. Huyett Sangree 
Public Affairs, Rev. Robert N. Zearfoss 
Public Relations, Rev, Dean E. Richard- 

Social Service, Rev. John G. Fleck 
Spiritual Life, Rev. James R. Carroll 
United Church Women, Mrs. Herbert J. 


14 W. Court St., Cortland 

Exec, and College Chaplain, Mr. Alfred L. 



Pres., Dr. Wilburn Potter, Truxton 

Prof. Kenyon Stell, 53*/2 Floral Ave. 

Mrs. Clifford Kimberly, McGraw 
Sec., Mrs. Zella Gross, Homer 
Treas., Mr. Clifford Payne, Payne Bros. 


P. O. Box 2, Walton 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Louis F. Kirlin 


Pres., Dr. J. D. Frisbee, Andes 
Vice-Pres., Dr. Crawford DuMond 
Treas., Mr. Don Rosa 


Severance, Essex County, N. Y. 

Field Sec., Mrs. Lillian W. C. Stetson 

Pres., Rev. Homer Titus, Moriah Center 

Vice-Pres., Mr. John Deming, Elizabeth- 

Treas., Mr. Francis Bohrmann, Schroon 


92 Park St., GloversviUe 


Supt. of Rural Work, Miss Shirley Ditmars 

Pres., Mrs. Josephine Helterline, North- 

Vice Pres., Mr. James E. Marshall, Broad- 



Adult Work, Mrs. Otis Chase, 370 N. Main 

Children's Division, Mrs. Ethel Hickok, 

R. D. No. 3, Amsterdam 
Finance and Budget, Mr. Alvah H. Rogers, 

22 Highland Terrace 



418 Utica Street, Ithaca 

Supervisor, Miss Elsa L. Ob erg 


YMCA Building, 20 S. 2 Ave., Mt. Vernon 

Sec., Mrs. Charles G. Cano 



Pres., Rev. E. Leslie Wood, Chester Hill 

Methodist Church, E. Lincoln & Sum- 
mit Aves. 
1st Vice-Pres., Mr. William T. Staubach, 

Jr., 474 Carol Place, Pelham 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Chauncey Hunter, 445 

Gramatan Ave. 
Sec,, Mrs. William Profke, 109 Primrose 

Treas., Mr. Oliver A. Westfall, Jr., 34 

Archer Dr., Bronxville 


Auditing, Mr. Fred H. Gates, 30 Cottage 

Constitution & Resolutions, Mr. Sanford 

D. Mosher, 330 Hutchinson Blvd. 

Rev. Dudley DeC. Cobham, 136 Frank- 
lin Ave. 

Mrs. Florence Ailing, 12 Hill St. 

Mrs. Mabel Newberry, 430 E. Prospect 

Evangelism, Dr. Melvin J. Joachim, First 

Presbyterian Church, No. Columbus & 

E. Lincoln Aves. 

Finance, Mr. Edward Phinney, 350 Read 

St., Tuckahoe 
Inter-Church Public Worship, Rev. J. 

Charles Pelon, Community Church at 

the Circle, 7 E. Lincoln Ave. 
Inter-Church Youth Advisor, Rev. Duane 

L. Day, 161 Archer Ave. 
Interdenomination Young Adult Advisor, 

Mrs. Major Charles S. Talmadge, 184 

No. Columbus Ave. 
Leadership Training, Mrs. Florence Ailing, 

12 Hill St. 
Men's Organizations, Mr. William Schwei- 

kert, 30 Cottage Ave. 
Nominating, Rev. Robert G. Davis, Vernon 

Heights Congregational Church, 258 

So. Columbus Ave. 

Publications, Mrs. Josephine C. Ruther- 
ford, 8 Wallace Ave. 
Publicity, Mr. Victor Chinn Lee, 25 Adams 

Radio & Television, Rev. Robert Harrah, 

30 S. Central Ave. 
Social Educ. & Action, Mr. Kenneth C. 

Schwartz, 43 Vernon Pkway. 
Vacation Church School, Mrs. Mabel New- 
berry, 430 E. Prospect Ave. 
Week-Day Religious Educ., Rev. Dudley 

DeC. Cobham, 136 Franklin Ave. 
World Christian Fellowship, Mrs. Herman 

Heim, Bradely Ave. 


71 West 23 Street, New York 10 

Exec. Dir., Rev. Dan M, Potter 

Assoc. Dir. in Charge of Christian Educa- 
tion, Mrs. Imogene M. McPherson 

Dir. of Promotion, Mr. Cord H. Bredehoft 

Comptroller, Mr. Ralph A. Lorini 

Broadcasting Producer, Miss Leslie S. Bid- 

Exec. Sec., Dept. Church Planning and Re- 
search, Rev. Meryl H. Ruoss 

Exec. Sec., Dept. Christian Social Rela- 
tions, Rev, Paul W. Rishell 

Pres., Rev. Phillips P. Elliott, 124 Henry 

St., Brooklyn 2 

Hon. Robert McC. Marsh, 15 William 
St (5) 

Mrs. Van Santvoord Merle-Smith, 27 
Beekman PL (2) 

Dr. Andrew G. Clauson, 171 Bertha PL, 

Rev. Norris L. Tibbets, 490 Riverside 
Dr. (27) 

Rev. H. Melvin Wampler, 2515 Morgan 
Ave. (69) 

Rev. Ernest A. Harding, 78 Greene 

Ave., Brooklyn 5 
Chrman, Exec. Comm., Mr. Cleveland E. 

Dodge, 40 Wall St. (5) 
Chrman, Bd. of Directors, Mr. Howard E. 

Isham, 71 Broadway (6) 
Sec., Mrs. O. Clay Maxwell, 114 W. 120 

St. (27) 
Treas., Mr. William H. Pouch, 2 Park Ave. 


Christian Education, Rev. Sidney G. Menk, 

2277 Andrews Ave. (53) 
Christian Social Relations, Hon. Robert 

McC. Marsh, 15 William St. (5) 
Church Planning and Research, Mr. Theo- 

dor Oxholm, 1047 Amsterdam Ave. (25) 
Citation, Rev. Jesse W. Stitt, 31 West 12 

St. (11) 
Evangelism, Mr. George Champion, Chase 

National Bank, Pine St. (5) 
Evaluation, Dr. Harry Wright, 3900 Grey- 
stone Ave. (71) 

Finance, Mr. Robert Fuller, 2 Wall St. (5) 
Nominating, Mr. Arthur Feistel, 193 Mon- 
tague St., Brooklyn 2 

Publicity and Public Relations, Mr. Wil- 
liam Houseman, 9 Rockefeller Plaza 

Personnel, Mrs. George Billings, 39 Plaza 

St., Brooklyn 17 


252 Fulton Street, Brooklyn 1 


Exec. Sec., Dr. David M. Cory 
Dir. Chr. Educ., Rev. J. Blaine Fister 
Assoc. Dir. Christian Education, Mrs. Alice 

F. Robertson 

Dir., Christian Social Relations & Chap- 
laincy Service, Rev. David M. Cory 
Dir., Publicity & Public Relations, Mr. 

Robert M. Hubbard 
Promotion Sec., Mrs. Catherine Streib 
Financial Sec., Mrs. Grace J. Dodge 
Exec. Sec., Brooklyn Council of Church 
Women, Mrs. Mary C. Fackre 


Pres., Rev. Theodore E. Miller, 279 Lafay- 
ette Ave. 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Phillips P. Elliott, 124 
Henry Street 

Sec., Miss Harriet M. Murray, 174 Cooper 

Treas., Mr. Louis C. Wills, 26 Court Street 


Brooklyn Council of Church Women, 

Campaign, Hon. John R. Bartels, 20 Pine 

St., N.Y.C. 


Chaplains, Rev. Carl O. Pedersen, 680 
67 St. 

Christian Education, Rev. Robert R. John- 
son, 506 McDonough St. 

Christian Social Relations, Mr. F. Cor- 
nelius Wandmacher, 26 Court St. 

Church Research & Planning, Rev. Sandy 
F. Ray, 562 Madison St. 

Civic & Moral Affairs, Rev. John L. Zack- 
er, 1227 Pacific St. 

Economic Justice, Rev. Paul W. Rishell, 
263 President St. 

Federation of Protestant Men, Dr. Selby 
J. Day, 515 Ocean Ave. 

Finance Committee: 

Mr. Edgerton G. North, 61 Pierrepont 


Mr. Harold M. Stahmer, 261 Fenimore 

International Justice & Goodwill, Rev. 
Theodore E. Miller, 279 Lafayette Ave. 

Law, Mr. Howard O. Patterson, 44 Court 

Protestant Boy Scout Committee, Mr. Rob- 
ert W. Cauldwell, 165 Broadway, 

Publicity & Public Relations, Mr. Rich- 
ards W. Hannah, 586 Fourth St. 

Racial & Cultural Relations: 

Rev. H. Richard Siciliano, 201 Gold St. 
Rev. A. E Martin, 586 Macon St. 

Religious Activities & Evangelism, Rev. 
Henri F. Gondret, 250 Maple St. 

Social Service, Mr. F. Cornelius Wand- 
macher, 26 Court St. 

Youth Advisor, Rev. Samuel A. Shepard, 
170 Adelphi St. 


470 East 161 Street, Bronx 51 


Exec. Sec., Rev. John D. Ickes 
Assoc. Sec., Miss Constance Carothers 


Pres., Rev. H. Melvin Wampler, 2515 Mor- 
gan Ave. (69) 

Vice-Pres,, Mr. Urbain C. LeGost, 2530 
Grand Concourse 

Vice-Pres., Rev. William Kalaidjian, 309 
E. 201 St. (58) 

Vice-Pres., Rev. C. Lloyd Lee, 454 E. 178 
St. (57) 

Sec., Mrs. Pauline Mulholland, 578 E. 161 

Treas., Rev. William E. Thompson, 1074 
Washington Ave. (56) 


Annual Meeting, 1956, Rev. William G. Ka- 
laidjian, 309 E. 201 St. (58) 

Budget & Finance, Rev. William E. 
Thompson, 1074 Wash. Ave. (56) 

Chaplaincies, Rev. Alfred J. Schroder, 1343 
Fulton Ave. (56) 

Christian Education, Rev. George E. 
Hardy, 415 E. 143 St. (54) 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. Robert M. 
Davidson, 1826 Lacombe Ave. (72) 

Church Planning & Adjustment, Rev. Rob- 
ert J. Stone, 1205 Washington Ave. (56) 

Clergy Fellowship, Rev. Sidney G. Menk, 
2277 Andrews Ave. (53) 

Evaluation & Structure, Mrs. Robert V. 
Russell, 45 Park Terrace W., N.Y.C. 


Evangelism, Rev. John G. Jetty, 3990 Mur- 

dock Ave. (66) 
Membership, Rev. George H. Winn, Jr., 

2705 Reservoir Ave. (68) 
Public Relations, Rev. Edler G. Hawkins, 

834 E. 165 St. (59) 
Radio & TV, Rev. Alexander Sime, 3051 E. 

Tremont Ave. (61) 
Special Services, Dr. G. Barrett Rich, III, 

2055 St. Raymond Ave. (62) 
United Church Women, Mrs. Marion G. 

Steffen, 3929 Carpenter Ave. (66) 


215 West 23 Street, New York 11 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Carl V. Herron 
Assoc. Sec., Rev. Walter P. Offutt, Jr. 
Dir. of Children's Work & Leadership 

Training, Mrs. Beatrice L. Fulcher 
Exec. Sec., Manhattan Council of Church 

Women, Mrs. Earl B. Breeding 


Pres., Dr. Norris L. Tibbetts, The River- 
side Church, Riverside Dr. & 122 St. 

Vice-Pres. : 

Mrs. Jesse M. Bader, 41 5 Ave. (2) 
Rev. Richard Allen Hildebrand, 52 

W. 132 St. (27) 

Dr. Thomas Clark Pollock, Wash. Sq. 
College, Washington Sq. (3) 

Rec. Sec., Mrs. Robert S. Wilkinson, 2816 
8 Ave. (30) 

Treas., Mr. Chester H. Stevens, 285 River- 
side Dr. (25) 


Chaplains, Rev. Robert H. Buche, 422 W. 

57 St. (19) 
Children's Work, Rev. M. L. Wilson, 420 

W. 145 St. (31) 
Christian Social Relations, Rev. Robert C. 

Hunsicker, 11 Vesey St. (7) 
Church Planning & Research, Rev. Rich- 
ard Allen Hildebrand, 52 W. 132 St. 

Commission on Ministry to Veterans & 

Service Personnel, Rev. Joseph D. 

Huntley, 211 W. 56 St. (19) 
Committee of Manhattan Churches (Par- 
ticipation & Finance) Mr. Kenneth H. 

Guild, 115 E. 89 St. (19) 
Evaluation, Dr. Philip S. Watters, 133 W. 

4 St. (12) 
Evangelism, Rev. Ralph B. Nesbitt, 7 W. 

55 St. (19) 
Leadership Training, Dr. Helen L. Garber, 

235 E. 49 St. (17) 
Manhattan Council of Church Women, 

Mrs. William H. Rhoades, 16 Sprague 

Ave., Scarsdale 
Nominating, Mrs. Samuel H. Sweeney, 49 

Edgecombe Ave. (30) 

Radio & Television, 

Special Services, Rev. Jesse W. Stitt, 145 

W. 13 St. (11) 

Ecumenical Service, Rev. Robert D. 
Hershey, Central Park W. & 65 St. 

Ministers' Convocation, Rev. Daniel K. 
Poling, 729 W. 181 St. (33) 

United Nations, Dr. Frank L. Meleney, 
4515 Waldo Ave., Bx. (63) 



Youth Work, Rev. Roland Reed, 211 W. 56 
St. (19) 


56 Bay Street, Staten Island 1 


Exec. Sec., Miss Irene E. Johnson 
*Dir. Youth Activities, Mr. Robert J. 


Pres., Dr. Andrew G. Clauson, Jr., 171 

Bertha PI. (1) 
Vice-Pres., The Rev. Clement E. Suemper, 

1646 Victory Blvd. (14) 
Sec. Treas., Miss IsabeUe F. Minto, 3525 

Victory Blvd. (14) 


Christian Education, Mr. Howard I. Mil- 
ler, 11 Twin Oak Dr. (4) 

Christian Social Relations, Dr. John R. 
Bacher, 1 Wagner College Rd. (1) 

Church Planning, Rev. Alvin C. Porteous, 
130 Park Ave. (2) 


Finance, Dr. James M. Talbot, 89 Four 
Corners Rd. (4) 

Institutional Pastoral Care, Rev. Harry W. 
Lammond, 90 Caroline St. 

Music, Mr. George F. MacDonald, 409 Be- 
ment Ave. (10) 

Public Relations, Mr. Richard A. Plata, 
610 Victory Blvd. (1) 

Protestant Com. on Scouting, Mr. Bernard 
Berggren, 669 College Ave. (2) 

Radio & TV, Rev. Clement E. Suemper, 
1646 Victory Blvd. (14) 

Special Services, Rev. Jack L. Sersig, 174 
Jefferson Blvd. (12) 

World Service, Miss IsabeUe F. Minto, 
3525 Victory Blvd. (14) and Mrs. Stan- 
ley Verhey, 115 St. Mark's PI. (1) 

Youth Action, Rev. Morell C. Rubey, 41 
Renfrew PI. (2) 



124 Oneida St., Oneonta 

Minister-at-large, Rev. Alfred Bentall 


Pres., Miss Evelyn Hodgdon, R.D. 1 

Mr. Jerry Wilson, 77 Deitz St. 

Mr. Leland Boyce, Cherry Valley 
Sec., Mr. Harold Sffliman, R.D. 1 
Treas., Mrs. Paul Pierce, 120 Chestnut St. 


Adult, Mrs. Wilfred Lyon, Morris 
Audio- Visual, Mrs. Danforth Bolton, 6 High 

Children's Work, Dr. Herman Behrens, 171 

East St. 

Finance, Rev. Philip Pitcher, Milford 

Hospital Chaplaincy, Mr. Theodore Bel- 
lows, Cooperstown 

Leadership Training, Dr. Waldo Cooking- 
ham, 62 Maple Ave. 

Vespers, Dr. Henry J. Arnold, Lake St., 

Youth, Rev. B. Bailey Hathaway, Burling- 
ton Flats 



86-17 105 Street, Richmond Hill 18 


Exec. Sec., Rev. William C. Bennett 
Social Worker, Mr. Lorenz B. Graham 
Social Work Supervisor, Mr. John Snypse 
Boy Scout Chaplain, Rev. Paul H. Was- 


Prison Chaplain, Rev. A. David Williams 
Dir. Personal Counseling Service, Rev. A. 

Nelson Doak 


Pres., Rev. Robert Y, Condit 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Richard P. Mallery 
Sec, Rev. Ivan L. Sterner 
Financial Sec., Mr. George E. Kirby 
Treas., Mr. Theodore R. Yates 


Budget-Finance, Mr. Joseph R. DeRose 
Chaplaincy, Rev. Joseph B. Flotten 
Christian Education, Rev. Donald E. Hicks 
Clergy Conference & Seminars, Rev. Paul 

L. Sartorio 

Comity, Rev. Richard P. Mallery 
Court Work, Lt. J. Wesley Lyle 
Evangelism, Rev. Albert E. Couch 
Headquarters Building, Mr. George E. 

Laymen's Retreat, Mr. Louis C. Gosdorfer 

Program & Policy, 

Protestant Com. on Scouting, Hon. Gustav 

W. M. Wieboldt 

Publications, Mr. Alfred J. Ball 
Public Relations, Rev. Howard C. Shaffer, 

Welfare, Rev. Arthur Wells 


608 Case Bldg., Rochester 4 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Hugh Chamberlin Burr 
Assoc. Exec. Sec., Rev. Harold L. Clark 
Dir. of Dept. of Christian Ed., Miss Irene 

Dir. of Dept. of Business Affairs, Dr. E. 

Belden Hart 


Pres., Dr. Anthony Luidens, 70 Kansas St. 


Mr. Fred. M. Dubelbeiss, 267 Portland 

Ave. (5) 

Rev. Louis G. Golder, Helena & Put- 
nam Sts. (5) 
Mr. G. Fred Laube, 480 South Ave. (20) 

Sec., Mr. Frederick S. Holderle, Jr., 339 
Exchange St. (8) 

Treas., Mr. Louis B. Cartwright, 216 Cum- 
berland St. (3) 


Asst. Treas., Mr. Gerhard A. Ellestad, 635 
St. Paul St. (5) 


Business Affairs, Mr. Carl M. Pearson, 587 
North St. (5) 

Christian Education, Dr. C. Everard 
Deems, 175 Allen's Creek Rd. (18) 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. Lincoln 
G. Archer, 1124 Culver Rd. (9) 

Fellowship, Rev. Eugene L. Stowell, 3746 
St. Paul Blvd. (17) 

Outreach, Rev. John E. Buteyn, 417 Alex- 
ander St. (7) 

Radio-Visual, Rev. Arthur M. Adams, 50 
Plymouth Ave. (6) 

Research and Planning, Mr. C. Storrs Bar- 
rows, 10 Reynolds Arcade (14) 

Vicinity Affairs, Rev. C. Lacy Van Nor- 
man, Honeoye Falls 


271 State St., Schenectady 5 

*Sec., Mrs. A. J. Thompson 


Pres., Rev, Jack Cooper, 737 Decamp Ave. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Edwin McLane, 8 N. 

Church St. 
Sec., Mrs. Horace Compton, 144 6 St., 

Treas., Mr. Donald Carpenter, Stop 15 

Troy Rd. 


Christian Education, Miss Etta Knowles, 

811 No. Brandywlne 
Comity and Survey, Rev. Arthur K. Blaze, 

1312 State St. 
Cooperative Services, Mr. Paul Benjamin, 

36 Union Ave. 
Mass Communication, Rev. Daniel Y. 

Brink, 224 No. Ballstone Ave., Scotia 
Social Education and Action, Rev. Norman 

E. Thomas, 2000 Broadway 



600 West Genesee St., Syracuse 4 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Bruce Roberts 
Dir., Protestant Comm. Services, Dr. John 

A. Whitesel 
Soc. Wkr., Protestant Comm. Services, Mr. 

Roger W. Craven 
Dir., Religious Educ., Miss Elizabeth L. 



Pres., Dr. Warren G. Odom, 204 Ridgewood 
Dr. (6) 

1st Vice-Pres. t Mr. Everett N. Hatch, 102 
N. Salina St. (2) 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Norberth L. Stracker, 
Jr., 514 S. Main St., N. 

3rd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Leon M. Adkins, 465 
Allen St. (10) 

4th Vice-Pres., Rev. Gerald E. Boyce, 1641 
S. Salina St. (5) 

Sec., Mr. Raymond C. Howard, 1125 Glen- 
cove Rd., N. (6) 


Treas., Mr. Gustav F. Schneider, 615 Uni- 
versity Bldg. (2) 



General Chairman, Mr. Benjamin E. 

Shove, Hills Bldg. (2) 
Finance Committee, Mr. Benjamin E. 

Shove, Hills Bldg. (2) 

Financial Campaign, 

Public Relations, Rev. Nicholas Titus, 

3212 James St. (6) 
Christian Social Relations; 

Civic Interests, Rev. S. Arnold West- 

cott, 215 E. Jefferson St. (2) 
Industrial Relations, 

International Relations, 

Legislative, Rev. DeWitt Clemens, 953 

Cumberland Ave. (10) 
Racial & Cultural Relations, Rev. Dr. 

Wm. H. McConaghy, 620 W. Gene- 
see St. (4) 
Religious Education: 

General Chairman, Rev. Richard W. 

Firth, 276 W. Seneca Tnpk. (7) 
Leadership Education, Miss Florence 

M. Chaff ee, 430 S. Avery Ave. (4) 
Vacation Church Schools, Rev. John 

L. Barley, 215 E. Jefferson St. (2) 
Weekday Schools, Rev. Lloyd V. Mof- 

fett, 818 S. West St. (4) 
Social Service, Protestant Community 
Services : 
Committee on Pastoral Services, Rev. 

Dr. Frank H. Shimer, 519 James St. 

Standing Committees: 



Japan International C. IT., Mrs. Ewing 

C. Scott, 741 Livingston Ave. (10) 
Reformation Service, Rev. Herbert S. 

Schroeder, 1900 E. Genesee St. (10) 
United Church Canvass, 



97 Front Street, Owego 

Dir. of Christian Education, Miss Phyllis 


Pres., Mr. William Ransom, 433 Park Ave., 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Lewis Parmerton, 317 

Main St. 

Vice-Pres., Hon. Myron Albro, Lounsberry 
Sec., Rev. Smith Lain, Candor 
Treas., Rev. D. Glyn Lewis, Newark Valley 


Adult Work, Rev. Seward Bliss, Spencer 
Annual Financial Drive, Mr. William H. 

Stimming, Newark Valley 
Children's Work, Rev. Arthur Salin, 158 

Chemung St., Waverly 
Leadership Education, Rev. Austin Rogers, 

Promotion & Finance, Rev. Harry Sava- 

cool, 276 Main St. 
Publicity, Mr. Herbert Petzold, Fifth Ave. 



Weekday & Vacation Church. School, Miss 

Pauline Kishpaugh 
Youth Work, Rev. Fred Homrighouse, 461 

Pennsylvania Ave., Waverly 


11 Devereux St., Utica 

Sec., Mrs. George (Olga) Long 

College Chaplains: 

Utica College, Rev. John J. Kelly 
Mohawk Valley, Rev. Robert J. Nelson 


Pres., Rev. Paul A. Roy 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. Andrew J. Burdick 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Morgan T. Fisher 

Sec., Mr. John McG. Millar 

Treas., Mr. Wilbert T. Roberts 


Christian Citizenship, Rev. John H. Sprock 
Christian Education, Miss Alice Dodge 
Finance, Mr. George P. Kautzman 
Interchurch Cooperation, Rev. M. DeFor- 

est Lowen 
Public Relations, Mr. R. Del Dunning 



30 South Broadway, Yonkers 2 

Exec. Dir., Dr. Felix B. Peck 

Pres., Rev. Albert G. Shiphorst, 140 Lock- 
wood Ave. 

Exec. Vice-Pres., Mr. John H. Crocket, 100 
Primrose Ave. 


Mr. W. Scott Davis, 20 South Broad- 

Mr. Alfred O. Freethy, 61 Colgate Ave. 
Mr. J. Cole Greenway, 310 Mile Square 

Mr. John T. Vivian, 33 Kinross PL 

Sec., Mrs. Robert G. Macbeth, 69 Wend- 
over Rd. 

Treas., Mr. F. Douglas Fenwood, 30 S. 


Budget and Finance Commission, Mr. 

Frank Dittrich, 601 McLean Ave. 
Chaplains Commission, Rev. Emlen Zel- 

lers, 50 Rockland Ave. 
Christian Education Commission, Rev. 

Chester Grossman, 34 Morris St. 
Christian Stewardship Commission, Rev. 

Hugh Q. Morton, 254 Valentine Lane 
Ecumenical Services Commission, Rev. 

Frederick Sterne, 29 Ashburton Ave. 
Music Commission, Mrs. Dorothy Pren- 
tice, 436 Van Cortiand Pk. Ave. 
Mutual Resources Commission, Mrs. John 

Galloway, 86 North Broadway 
Radio and Television Commission, Rev. 

Wyn Blair Sutphin, 51 Amberson Ave. 
Social Education and Action Commission, 

Rev. John H. McCombe, 167 Scarsdale 

Rd., Tuckahoe 
Youth Work Commission, Mr. Floydell 

Anderson, 117 Palisade Ave. 



College Station, Durham 


Exec. Dir., Mr. Morton R. Kurtz 

Dir., Rural Church and Migrant Work, 

Mr. Ralph Jacks 
Dir., Use and Understanding of the Bible, 

Rev. Carl R. Key 

Dir., Youth Work, 

Hospital Chaplain, Mr. A. W. Lippard, 



Pres., Dr. Cecil A. Jarman, First Chris- 
tian Ch., Wilson 

Dr. Mark Depp, Centenary Meth. Ch., 

Mr. George M. Ivey, 127 N. Tryon, 

Dr. Hardy Listen, Johnson C. Smith 

University, Charlotte 
Mrs. T. S. Newbold, Box 1296, Rocky 


Sec., Mrs. E. G. Peoples, Oxford 
Treas., Mr. E. B. Hobgood, 2406 Highland 



Christian Education, Dr. W. A. Kale, 

Duke Divinity School 
Christian Social Action, Dr. Clyde A. 

Milner, Guilford College 
Ecumenical Relations, Dr. H. Shelton 

Smith, Duke Divin. School 
Home Missions, Dr. A. J. Walton, 

Duke Divin. Sen. 
Pastoral Ministry, Rev. George R. 

Whittecar, St. James Lutheran Ch., 

Departments : 

Finance, Mr. Ben R. Roberts, Durham 

Bank & Trust Co. 
United Church Women, Mrs. T. S. 

Newbold, Box 1296, Rocky Mount 
Youth Work, Miss Sudie Doughton, 

Box 6637, College Sta. 



13 Roxy Building, Fargo 

State Supt., Dr. C. A. Armstrong 

Pres., Bishop Richard R. Emery, 204 S. 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. Harry Christian, 812 Third 
Ave. S. 

Rec. Sec., Mrs. G. H. Oleson, 62% Broad- 

Treas., Mr. A. R. Bergeson, 69 Broadway 


Activities, Rev. J. W. Schindler, 1002 Ave. 

"C", Bismarck 
Bible, Mrs. W. H. Carlson, 1234 North 

Children's Work & V.C.S., Miss Grace 

Huck, 906 First Ave. S. 



Comity, Dr. A. B. Smith, 350 Seventh 

Ave. S. 
County Councils, Mr. George Doeden, 

Evangelism, Rev. James E. McLain, 901 

Leadership Education, Mrs. J. W. Schind- 

ler, 1002 Ave. "C", Bismarck 
Legislation, Rev. Roy E. Wiegand, 519 

Fourth St., Bismarck 
Radio & TV, Rev. Norman C. Neuman, 

1524 Fifth Ave. S. 

Rural Work, Rev. B. B. Curtis, Wahpeton 
Social Education & Action, Rev. E. J. 

Sanderson, 713 Third Ave. S. 
Women's Work, Mrs. Harry Christian, 812 

Third Ave. S. 
Youth Work, Miss Margaret Platt, 1309 




35 West Gay Street, Columbus 15 


Exec. Sec., Dr. W. Henry Shillington 
Christian Education Dept., Rev. J. A. Clark 
Dir. Public Relations & Asst. to Exec. 

Sec., Rev. Stanley G. Matthews 
Minister-Coordinator in Scioto Valley De- 
fense Communities, 

Dir. Town & Country, Rev. Clyde N. Rog- 

Assoc. Dir. Town and Country, Miss Mar- 
garet Brugler 

Dir. Weekday, Miss Lillian E. Comey 
Dir. Women's, Mrs. Philip S. Curtis 


Pres., Mr. Harold K. Schellenger, 4554 
Starret Rd. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. John Paul Vincent, 
3040 N. High St. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Robert R. Vance, 

Rec. Sec., Dr. William K. Messmer, Day- 

Treas., Mr. Guy O. Sark, Ashville 


Christian Education, Dr. Harry R. Roach 
Church World Service, Rev. Clayton Lutz, 

184 Glencoe Rd. 
Comity, Dr. Everett A. Babcock, 3056 

Prospect Ave., Cleveland 
Evangelism, Rev. Moyne Landis, West 


Ministry to Defense Communities in Scio- 
to Valley, Mr. John L. Snook 
Pastoral Services, Rev. David Loegler, 

20862 Byron Rd., Cleveland 
Pastors' Convention, Dr. Robert W. Fay, 

125 E. Broad St. 
Public Affairs, Dr. J. Carlton Babbs, 3486 

Upworth Ave., Cincinnati 
Public Relations, Dr. Wade S. Miller, Ot- 

terbein College, Westerville 
Town and Country, Rev. Richard L. Felton 
Weekday, Rev. Harry G. Schairbaum 
Women's, Mrs. Harry E, Smoyer 


146 South High Street, Akron 8 

Exec. Sec., 

Rev. Albert B. Denton 

Pres., Mr. Bruce R. Blake, 802 Avon St. 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Robert Morey, Firestone 

Park Presby. Ch., Girard & Firestone 

Blvd. (1) 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Leon H. Seidel, 616 Storer 

Ave. (2) 
Sec., Mr. William S. Parry, RJD. #2, Cuya- 

hoga Falls 
Treas., Mr. Miles W. Levering, 527 First 

National Tower (8) 


Audio-Visual Aids, Mr. Stewart B. Steiner, 

712 Noah Ave. (2) 
Children's Work, Mrs. David Craig, 2854 

Lakeland Parkway, Silver Lake, Cuy- 

ahoga Falls 
Church & Economic Life, Rev. William C. 

Snowball, 112 South Balch St. (3) 
Civic Welfare & Legislation, Mr. George 

F. Simmons, Second National Bldg. (8) 
Evangelism, Dr. Henry Orr Lietman, 2819 

Hudson Dr., Cuyahoga Falls 
Finance, Mr. Elmer Jackson, First Na- 
tional Bank (8) 
Institutions, Rev. Ralph Boyer, 531 St. 

Leger Ave. (5) 
Interfaith Relations, Dr. C. L. Allen, 790 

Coburn St. (11) 
International Justice and Goodwill, Rev. 

Theodore Cord, 122 Thorndale Ave., 

Laymen, Mr. William Watson, Jr., 551 

First National Tower (8) 
Leadership Training, Dr. Mabel M. Ried- 

inger, 173 Marvin Ave. (2) 
Membership, Rev. Franklin H. Minck, 131 

South High St. (8) 
Overseas Relief, Rev. Ralph Martin, 813 

Coburn St. (11) 
Personnel, Rev. F. Bruce Johnston, 245 

Melbourne Ave. (3) 
Publicity, Mr. Forrest A. Still, Jr., 2930 

Millboro Rd., Silver Lake, Cuy. Falls 
Race Relations, Rev. E. E. Morgan, Jr., 165 

Perkins St. (4) 
Religion and Public Education, Dr. Alva I. 

Cox, 463 West Market St. (3) 
Religious Radio & TV, Rev. Homer V. 

Yinger, 2082 Ayers Ave. (13) 
Research and Planning, Rev. Allan C. 

Blackman, 1602 Hillside Terrace (5) 
Town and Country, Rev. James Stewart, 

3539 West Bath Rd. (13) 
World Christian Fellowship, Rev. Arnold 

Meckstroth, 172 West Bowery St. (8) 
Youth Work, Mr. D. Alwyn Stivers, 2527 

25 St., Cuyahoga Falls 


631 West Main St., Ashland 


Sec. & Treas., Mr. H. L. Lester 


420 Plum Street, Cincinnati 2 


Exec. Sec., Rev. B. Bruce Whittemore 
Dir. of Rel. Ed., Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hanna 



Asst. Dir. of R. E., Miss Flora Fender 
Dir. of Social Serv., Mr. Frank T. Rhoad, 

Chaplain, Public Juvenile Inst, Dr. George 

L. Waldon 
Chaplain, Public Hospitals, Rev. Edgar M. 

Roschke, 2218 Cathedral Ave. (12) 
Supt. t Big Sister's Home, Miss Jessie 

Kuhn, 1836 Fairmount Ave. (14) 
Supt., Parkway Day Care Center, Mrs. 

Lillian Keck, 1678 Central Pkway (10) 
Supt., Memorial Community Center, Miss 

Mary Meyer, 310 E. Liberty St. (10) 


Pres., Mr. Lauren Schrarn, P. O. Box 1119 


Rev. William A. Slater, 4418 Bridge- 
town Rd. (11) 

Ven. David R. Thornberry, 412 Syca- 
more St. (2) 
Miss Jenna R. Birks, 6742 Fieldhouse 

Way (27) 

Rev. Edward S. Moreland, 2576 Per- 
kins Le. (8) 
Sec., Mrs. Ralph Z. Emig, 6523 Crestridge 

Circle (13) 

Treas., Mr. Walter S. March, Central Trust 
Co. (2) 

Comity, Rev. J. Peter Wagner, 3001 Queen 

City Ave. (38) 
Community Relations, Rev. J. Carlton 

Babbs, Epworth & Urwiler (11) 
Finance, Mr. Francis L. Dale, 2301 Union 

Central Bldg. (2) 
Public Relations, Rev. John K. Mitchell, 

4319 Hamilton Ave. (23) 
Religious Education, Mr. Warren W. Parks, 

3857 Indian View Ave. (27) 
Social Service, Mrs. Douglas L. Hoge, 3118 

Linview Ave. (8) 
Spiritual Life, Rev. Hugh B. Evans, 2724 

Cleinview Ave. (6) 


1010 Red Bud Lane, Springfield 

*Exec. Sec., Mr. Walter V. Edwards, 1748 

Walnut Terrace 
Dir., Weekday Church Schools, Miss Mollie 

F. Stanley 


Pres., Rev. Maynard Stull, 1801 Woodward 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Jay D. Tyree, 5102 W. 

National Road 
Sec., Mrs. Alden Jacobs, 1014 N. Limestone 

Treas., Mr. Harry Ark, First National Bank 


1900 East 18 Street, Cleveland 15 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Raymond L. Spoerri 

Assoc. Secretaries: 

Christian Educ., Rev. Warren M. Blod- 


Business & Fin., Mr. Oscar J. Fox 
Soc. Work, Mr. Herbert T. Miller 
Radio & Publicity, Dr. Donald Timer- 


Pres., Rev. Elam G. Wiest, 4666 Hilland 

Dr. (20) 

Mrs. R. M. Caver, 10615 Drexel Ave- 
nue (8) 

Mr. Charles M. Davis, 353 Oakliff Dr. 
Rec. Sec., Mr. Albert F. Williams, 2942 

Edgehill Rd. (18) 
Treas., Mr. Raymond C. Renaud, 725 Soc. 

for Savings Bldg. (14) 
Asst. Treas., Mr. Robert E. Bingham, 1122 

National City Bank Bldg. (14) 


Business & Finance, Mr. Arthur M. Dewey, 

3 E. 336 St., Willoughby 
Christian Education, Rev. Chas. H. Bright, 

20106 Gardenview Dr., Bedford 
Inter-Church Relations, Rev. Howard J. 

Brown, 2537 Lee Road (18) 
Religious Work, Rev. R. Wayne Willmann, 

5280 Broadview Rd. (29) 
Social Action, Mr. Fredrick Sterbenz, 3060 

Scarborough Rd. (18) 
Social Work, The Hon. Perry B. Jackson, 

Municipal Court, City Hall (14) 
Women's Council, Mrs. Charles W. Olson, 

2330 Euclid Hts. Blvd. (6) 


40 West Long St., Columbus 15 

Exec. Dir., Rev. David W. Witte 

Finance Coordinator, Dr. J. W. Montgom- 

Chaplain, Rev. Harold Twining 


Pres., Dr. Millard J. Miller, 90 W. College 

Ave., Westerville 
Adm. Vice-Pres., Dr. Harold Yochum, 

Capital University (9) 
Rec. Sec., Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, 434 E. 

Main St. (15) 
Treas., Mr. Roy Swabby, 51 No. High St. 


Business Affairs, Mr. Rudolph Janata, 

Jr., 17 So. High St. (15) 
Christian Education, Rev. Howard 

Huckley, 1013 So. Ohio Ave. (6) 
Evangelism, Mr. S. Ezra McCulloh, 40 

West Long St. (15) 
Inter-Religious Activities, Dr. Boyn- 

ton Merrill, 444 E. Broad St. (15) 
Ministerial Activities, Rev. Phale D. 

Hale, 266 No. Ohio Ave. (3) 
Social Education and Action, Rev. A. 

E. Bradow, 106 So. Gift St. (8) 
Women's Division, Mrs. C. R. Willis, 

141 E. Pacemont Rd. (2) 
Youth Activities, Rev. A. R. Detwiler, 

59 E. Mount St. (15) 


Budget, Mr. Russell Saxby, 555 W. Goodale 

St. (8) 
Children's Work, Mrs. Alice Harris, 296 W. 

4 Ave. (1) 
Comity, Mr. S. E. Dolle, 41 No. Ardmore 

Rd. (9) 
Finance, Mr. Douglas Sparks, 26 No. Grant 

Ave. (15) 
Institutional Ministries, Rev. Wm. Kibler, 

Jr., 106 So. Gift St. (8) 



Radio and Television, Dr. Floyd Faust, 

1049 E. Broad St. (5) 
Schools of Religion: 

Area School of Religion, Dr. A. L. 

Roth, 2480 W. Broad St. (4) 
Neighborhood Schools of ReL, Dr. 
Robert Browning, 3434 Bdway PL 

Vacation Church School Institutes, Dr. 
Robert Howard, 1011 Dunedin Rd. 

Weekday Religious Education, Dr. Lance 
Webb, 48 E. North Bdway (14) 

Young Protestant Churchmen, Mr. Ray- 
mond Cunningham, 3339 E. Broad St. 


520 West 3 St., P. O. Box #3, Dayton 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Raymond R. Peters 

Dir. Week-Day Church Schools, Miss Flor- 
ence Martin 

Dir. of Fin., Rev. Edsel Pugh 

Dir. Public Relations, Mrs. Marshall K. 


Pres., Dr. L. L. Huffman, Otterbein Press, 

230 W. 5 St. 
Vice-Pres., Rev. George W. Lucas, R. R. 6, 

Box 870 (7) 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Wm. Ankeney, 2900 

Earlham Dr. 
Sec., Mrs. Richard Mote, 2424 Shroyer Rd. 

Treas., Mr. Paul Rumberger, Otterbein 

Press, 230 W. 5 St. 

Choirmaster's Club, Mrs. Paul Moyer, 4405 

Linden Ave. 
Christian Education, Mr. Homer L. Royer, 

Box 276, R.R. #4, Wolfe Creek Pike 
Community Relations, Rev. Roy D. Miller, 

1821 Auburn Ave. 

Finance, Mr. Harry F. Schiewetz, 571 Ken- 
wood Ave. 
Inter-Church Activities, Rev. E. A. Puff, 

2334 E. 5 St. 
Ministerial Association, Dr. Paul M. Her- 

rick, 1516 Salem Ave. 
Ministers' Wives, Mrs. E. A. Puff, 2334 

E. 5 St. 
Public Relations, Dr. Lorin S. Stine, 838 

W. Fairview Ave. 
Town and Country Ministerial Ass., Rev. 

Ivan Immel, 51 N. Central Dr. 
World Service & Relations, Rev, Paul 

Kinsel, Trotwood 
Women's Division, Mrs. William Ankeney, 

2900 Earlham Dr. 

Y.M.C.A. Rep., Mr. Paul Routsong 
Y.W.C.A. Rep., Miss Margaret Grayson 


23 Woodland Avenue, Delaware 

Teacher, Mrs. Carolyn G. White 


628 East North St., Fostoria 

Dir., Miss Ruth McDowell 


403-40T Richardson BIdg., Toledo 


Exec. Sec., Rev. C. Clark Shedd 
Dir. of Chr. Ed., Mr. John W. Vanderwulp 
Dir. of Pastoral Services, Rev. Glen Cragd 
Dir. of Worship and the Fine Arts, Mr. 

William S. Hazard 


Pres., Rev. Joseph Smith, 203 Mitchell St. 
1st Vice-Pres., Mr. James B. Fenner, 1866 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Norman W. Reed, Jr., 

2439 Drummond Rd. 
3rd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Harold M. Baker, 3433 

Secor Rd. 

Sec., Rev. C. Clark Shedd 
Treas., Mr. J. D. Lindower, Ohio BIdg., 

Owens, m. 
Asst. Treas., Mr. R. Emerson Messinger, 

Toledo Trust Bldg. 


Christian Education, Rev. Ewald G. Ber- 

ger, 1860 Oakwood Ave. 
Christian Social Relations, Mr. Harold C. 

Strickland, 669 Indiana Ave. 
Evangelism and Interchurch Relations, 

Rev. Charles E. Kempton, 310 Avalon 

Pastoral Services, Dr. C. TJmhau Wolf, 428 

Erie St. 
United Church Men, Mr. Reginald Morris, 

2664 Letchworth Pkway 
United Church Women, Mrs. Harold M. 

Baker, 3433 Secor Rd. 




Weekday Church School Teacher, 


Pres., Rev. Thomas Wolford, 401 Scammel 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Robert Richardson, 836 

Second St. 

Sec., Miss Virginia Kigans, 329 Seventh St. 
Treas., Mrs. Ray Harper, 515 Eighth St. 
Fin. Sec., Mrs. Joe Partridge, Route No. 3 


Curriculum, Mrs. Hope Fraser, Route # 1 
Financial, Mr. C. Ken Smith, Route No. 3 


239 S. Grant St., Wooster 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Milton D. Jones 


Pres., Mr. Royal Snyder, 2213 Eddy Way, 

Vice-Pres., Mr. L. L. Hochstetler, Smith- 

Sec., Rev. George F. Browne, 748 Beall 

Ave., Wooster 
Treas., Mr. C. E. Laird, 1775 Harold, 




Christian Education, Rev. Leo A. Keil, 2031 

Cleveland Rd. 

Evangelism, Rev. W. R. Freeman, 140 Mul- 
berry Ave. 
Radio, Mr. Ward Konkle, 317 N. Market 


Social Welfare, 

Town & Country, Rev. Paul Olinger, 

Women's Dept., Mrs. E. H. Lorenz, 938 N. 

Bever St. 
Youth, Rev. John Kindsvatter, 732 Beall 




17 North Champion Street, Y.M.C.A. Bldg., 
Youngstown 3 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Paul W. Gauss 
Hospital Chaplain, Rev. Gwyn D. Walters 
College Chaplain, Rev. Albert L. Linder 
Family Service Worker, Mrs. George 

Asst. Family Service Worker, Mrs. Richard 



Pres., Mr. Hal R. Slocum, 6187 W. Blvd. 

Vice-Pres,, Mr. Roy Curl, 257 Meadowbrook 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Walter Damon, 107 W. 
LaClede Ave. 

Treas., Mr. Robert D. Rowland, 122 May- 
wood Dr. 


Christian Education 

Rev. Robert Mulholland, 1838 Selma 


Mr. Fred Essig, 151 W. Florida Ave. 
Christian Social Relations 

Rev. George Van Wingerden, 130 E. 

B'dway, Girard 

Mr. John W. Burr ell, 13 Coblentz, Po- 
Evangelism 8s Church Activities 

Rev. Eugene Beach, 423 Crandall Ave. 
Mr. Clarence Robinson, 1040 Foster 


Mr. Charles Miller, 4288 Stratford 
Rev. Hugh Gunn, 30 College St., Poland 
Men's Work 

Mr. Maurice Joyce, 37 Wilma Ave. 
Rev. Charles Weed, 47 Christian St., 

Student Work 

Rev. Homer J. R. Elford, 532 Tod Lane 
Mr. Paul Brenner, 21 Pinehurst 
Women's Work 

Mrs. Raymond Falls, 3521 Hopkins Rd. 
Rev. Clarence Stradtlander, 558 Re- 
dondo Rd. 



516 Braniff Building, Oklahoma City 

Acting Exec. Sec., Dr. Guy C. Tetirick, 17 

W. 10 St., Tulsa 
Acting Exec. Sec., Mrs. E. R. Reno 

CROP Field Dir., Mr. Wishard Lemons 
Assoc. Dir. on Use and Understanding of 
the Bible, Mr. Earl N. Kragnes 

Pres., Dr. Douglas V. Magers, 1001 N. 

Vice-Pres. : 

Bishop Chilton Powell, P. O. Box 1098 

Mrs. Harry Adams, Enid 

Rev. Robert H. Alexander, 205 N. 

Treas., Mr. H. P. Windham, 2611 N. Bryan 


Christian Education, Rev. Paul W. Koper, 
1001 N. Robinson 
Adult, Dr. Morris S. Wallace, School of 

Education, Stillwater 
Children, Mrs. Marvin Schilling, 425 
"H" St., Ardmore 

Evangelism, Dr. Virgil Dougherty, 410 NE 

Family Life, Mrs. H. G. Ware, Stillwater 

Institutional Ministry, 

Ministerial Fellowship, Dr. T. H. McDow- 
ell, 310 Commerce Exchange Bldg. 

Protestant Indian Work, Rev. Robert 
Chaat, Lawton 

Race Relations, Rev. Dyre Campbell, Uni- 
versity Station, Enid 

Social Education and Action, Dr. Earl N. 
Dorff, 131 NW 4 

Town and Country, Rev. Alan Darling, 

World Order, 


927 East Maple, Enid 

Sec., Mrs. Merton Zeisset 

Pres., Dr. Paul H. Rempel, 1210 Ramona 

Treas., Mrs. Kenneth Kendrick, 1005 Sun- 
set Dr. 



High School Bible Teacher, Mr. Geo. H. 
Pratt, 2006 East Broadway 


Pres., Dr. Wilfred E. Powell, 2001 E. Cy- 

Treas., Mr. Howard Withers, 40& East 


516 Braniff Building, Oklahoma City 


Exec. Sec., Mrs. E. R. Reno 
Institutional Chaplain, Dr. F. R. Dudley 


Pres., Dr. W. McFerrin Stowe, 1516 N. Har- 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Robert H. Alexander, 205 

Sec., Mrs. W. W. Thomas, 706 N. Everest 

Treas., Mr. Clyde Barber, 2136 W. Park 



Finance Chairman, Mr. Kenneth. Hurst, 

First Natl Bldg. 
Auditor, Mr. J. Crawford Butts, Liberty 

Bank Bldg. 

Administration & Leadership, Rev. Robt. 

L. Welsh, 1104 N. Robinson 
Adult Work, Dr. Wm. H. Foster, 5101 N. 

May Ave, 
Broadcasting & Films, Rev. Richard E. 

Gibbens, 9401 Village Dr. 
Children's Work 

Mrs. W. L. Counts, 435 N.W. 22 

Miss Juanita Lochrie, 1301 N. Pennsyl- 
Christian Community Relations, Mr. Reid 

V. Robinson, 516 N. Western 
Christian Education, Mr. Olen Nalley, 125 

S.W. 25 
Christian Outreach, Rev. Hugh J. Sinclair, 

2617 S. Robinson 
Christian Witness & Nurture, Mrs. J. 

Chester Swanson, 229 N.W. 33 
Church World Service, Mr. Roy Dillon, 

Wright Building 
Economic Life, Dr. L. N. George, 2739 N.W. 

Ecumenical Relations, Rev. H. Harold 

Wells, 7300 Greystone 
Evangelism, Rev. Carroll Pope, 1516 N. 

Family Life, Rev. Robt. Dickson, 1001 N. 

Institutional Ministry, 

Mr. Elmer Hedge, 1137 N. Western 

Mrs. I. W. Cleveland, Rt. 4, Box 248 

Mrs. J. H. Ruder, 2006 Elmhurst 
Intergroup Relations, Rev. W. W. Travis, 

801 S.W. 34 

Cannon McMahan, 2222 First Nat'l 

Mrs. Calvin Jones, 1819 Gatewood 
Music, Miss Merle Cornelius, 3020 Somer- 
set PI. 
Public Relations, Mr. L. D. Lacy, 304 W. 

Park Ave. 
Scouting, Rev. D. Allen Polen, 2600 N. 

May Ave. 
Spiritual Life, Rev. Leroy Rayson, 3629 

N.W. 25 
State, National & World Councils, Dr. 

Douglas V. Magers, 1001 N. Robinson 
United Christian Youth, Miss Saramay 

Wiley, 1801 N.W. 38 
United Church Women, Mrs. Walter Gray, 

817 N.W. 39 

Welfare, Col. W. W. Bouterse, 516 S. Hud- 
World Mission of the Church 

Mrs. J. C. Evans, 2806 N.W. 21 

Mrs. Norman Stacey, 812 N.E. 20 
World Order, Rev. Robt. A. Fudge, SJE. 

22, and Mrs. A. G. Clifton, 1200 N.W. 24 
Youth Work, Mr. Jessye J. Moore, 900 N. 



515 South Denver Ave., Tulsa 3 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Guy C. Tetirick 
Asst. to Exec. Sec., Mrs. J. M. V. Macklin 
Dir. of Weekday Bible Schools, Mrs. 

George A. Key 


Pres., Mr. John W. Wade, 716 S. Troost 

Vice-Pres. : 

Mr. Waiiam R. Lund, National Bank 
of Tulsa Bldg. 

Dr. Allen B. Layman, 205 W. King St. 

Rev. Ben H. Hill, 307 N. Greenwood 

Mrs. Ada May Steffen, 240 S. Montclair 
Sec., Mrs. S. G. Loveless, 1639 N. Elwood 
Treas., Mr. G. C. Nordstrom, Box 4025 (9) 


Christian Education, Rev. L. E. Shackel- 

ford, 631 N. Denver 
Community Relations, Rev. H. R. Hooten, 

4751 E. 5 PL 
Denominational Representatives 

Rev. John H. West, 835 N. Utica 

Rev. L. R. Lynch, 5311 E. Fourth 
Evangelism, Rev. Irving Smith, Fifth and 

Finance, Dr. Hallie G, Gantz, 913 S. 

Personal Counseling, Dr. James L. Cot- 

treU, 1120 E. 34 St. 
Radio, Television and Visual Education, 

Pastor Aksel Larsen, 1645 E. 13 St. 
Weekday Schools, Mrs. Ray Harvey, 709 

S. Boston 
World Fellowship, Rev. Charles E. Wilcox, 

Box 5117 (9); Dr. Calvin K. Stalnaker 



212 Fitzpatrick Building, 917 S.W. Oak St. 
Portland 5 

Exec. Dir., Dr. Mark A. Talney 

Pres., Mr. Philip S. Hitchcock, 16625 S.W. 

Pacific Highway, Oswego 

Bishop Lane W. Barton, Box 591, Bend 

Dr. Myron C. Cole, 721 S.W. Columbia 

Mr. Marshall N. Dana, Box 4410 (8) 

Dr. Paul S. Wright, 1200 S.W. Alder (5) 

Mrs. S. M. Zeller, 129 N. 11, Corvallis 

Rev. Everett J. Jensen, 435 N. 21 St., 

Dr. J. Boyd Patterson, 520 W. 5, 

Bishop A. Raymond Grant, 514 Jack- 
son Tower (5) 
Sec., Rev. Myron M. Hall, 190 Furnace St., 

Treas., Dr. O. L. Walter, 1814 S.E. Bybee 



Christian Education, Rev, Robert Rumer, 

9535 S.W. 2 (1) 
Christian Life & Work, Rev. C. Gene 

Albertson, 805 Washington, Hillsboro 
Church & Economic Life, Rev. Fred 

Scherer, 585 N. Winter St., Salem 
Church World Service, Rev. Albert King, 

473 S.W. Main, Beaverton 
Evangelism, Rev. Arthur Schwabe, 1740 

S.E. 139 (16) 
Family Life, Rev. John G. Phillips, 6315 

N. Villard (11) 
Finance, Dr. O. L. Walter, 1814 S.E. Bybee 

Home Missions, Rev. John Nevin, 4124 S.W. 

Canby (19) 
Institutions, Rev. Meredith A. Groves, 910 

E. 26 St., Eugene 



Legislative, Dr. Paul N, Poling, 340 N. 

Winter St., Salem 
Migrant, Rev. Myron M. Hall, 190 Furnace 

St., Oswego 
Nominations, Rev. William Weir, 7534 N. 

Brandon (17) 
Pastoral Services, Rev. John H. Van Leir- 

op, 7821 N.E. Everett (16) 
Racial & Cultural Relations, Dr. Paul S. 

Wright, 1200 S.W. Alder (5) 
Research & Planning, Dr. George G. Rose- 
berry, 1195 N. Summer St., Salem 
Social Action 

Rev. D. Hugh Peniston, Box 541, Cot- 
tage Grove 

Rev. Alfred Stenner, 1723 "I" St., 

Temperance, Dr. Milton A. Marcy, 743 

S.W. Lambert (2) 
Town & Country Church, Rev. M. M. 

CaldweU, 2211 S.E. 66 (16) 


831 S.W. Sixth Ave., Portland 4 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Fred L, Broad, Jr. 
Dir. of Weekday Religious Education, Miss 

Oma Lou Myers 
Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 

Miss Louise Hunderup 

Miss Evelyn Steiner 

Mrs. John E. Ransom 

Mrs. Horst Brueckner 

Mrs. Arthur Wahl 
Fin. Sec., Miss Florence Nielson 


Pres., Dr. Myron C. Cole, 721 S.W. Colum- 
bia (1) 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Howard B. Somers, 2737 
N.E. Mason (11) 

Sec., Mr. R. D. Wilder, 831 S.W. 6 Ave. (4) 

Treas., Mr. William Greaby, Metropolitan 
Branch U.S. National Bank 


Committee on Management & Services, 

Mr. John W. Pugh, 831 S.W. 6 (4) 
Division of Christian Education, Rev. John 

Ransom, 1624 NJE. Hancock (12) 
Division of Christian Life & Work, Dr. 

Stephen Epler, 1620 S.W. Park (1) 
Division of Christian Mission, Dr. Duane 

Nicol, 4715 N.E. 106 Ave. (20) 
Membership Committee, Rev. Carl Soder- 

gren, 626 N.W. 19 (9) 
Nominating Committee, Dr. Raymond B. 

Walker, 1126 S.W. Park (5) 
Portland Council of Church Women, Mrs. 

J. J. Clow, 116 N.E. Schuyler 
Publicity, Mr. Don Whitman, 1777 Conifer 

Terrace, Oswego 


2403 North Front St., Harrisburg 

Gen. Sec., Rev. Jesse D. Reber 
Assoc. Gen. Sec. 

Mr. Ira C. Sassaman 

Rev. William H. Vastine 
Exec. Sec. 

Youth Work, Rev. Chauncey J. Varner, 

United Church Women, Miss Eleanor 


Social Relations, Rev. O. B. Poulson 
Town and Country Churches, Rev. 

Donald W. Schlicher 

Assoc. Gen. Sec., Pa. State Council of 
Christian Educ., Rev. Robert E. Breth 
Institutional Minister, Cresson Sanatorium, 
Rev. Henry Lee Robison, Jr. 


Pres., Mr. H. E. Ransford, Jr., Grant Bldg., 


Mrs. W. Conrad Fernelius, 305 Adams 

Ave., State College 
Mrs. E. Roy Gorman, 905 Rebecca St., 

Pittsburgh 21 
Rev. J. A. Kestle, Highland & Rippey 

Aves., Pittsburgh 6 
Mr. W. Orville Kimmel, 2001 Market 

Mr. Paul J. Schaumburg, 144 N. 6 St., 

Rec. Sec., Rev. George L. Detweiler, 113 

S. Church St., Waynesboro 
Treas., Mr. Ivan L. Mease, Box 104, Her- 


Evangelism and Spiritual Life, Rev. Harry 

W. Zechman, 2130 Rudy Rd. 
Inter-Church Relations, Rev. Walter S. 

Boyer, 631 Turner St., Allentown 
Social Relations, Rev. Jule Ayers, 97 S. 

Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre 
Town and Country Churches, Rev. Earl E. 

Kerstetter, Hughesville 
United Church Women, Mrs. Charles E. 

Manwiller, 201 Gladstone Rd., Pitts- 
Finance Committee, Mr. H. B. Alexander, 

3301 N. 3 St. 

2403 North Front Street, Harrisburg 


Gen. Sec., Mr. Ira C. Sassaman 
Assoc. Gen. Sec., Rev. Jesse D. Reber 
Assoc. Gen. Sec., Rev. Robert E. Breth 
Leadership Education, Mrs. Lenore Baker 
Young People's Work, Rev. Chauncey J. 


Publicity, Rev. William H. Vastine 
Social Relations, Rev. O. B. Poulson 

Pres., Rev. Clyde W. Meadows, 162 E. King 

St., Chambersburg 
Chmn. of Board, Mr. Murray C. Stewart, 

Homer City 
Sec., Mr. Julian F. Ulmer, 1709 Mahan- 

tongo St., Pottsville 
Treas., Mr. Benjamin H. Wolfe, Bellevue 

& Midland Rds. 

Education, Rev. Orville L. Kuhn, 209 Ninth 

St., Pittsburgh (22) 


230 Oliver Avenue, Pittsburgh 22 


Exec. Sec., Rev. O. M. Walton 
Assoc. Sec., Rev. Robert L. Kincheloe 



Dir., Christian Education, Miss Lois E. 

Weekday Religious Ed. Couns., Miss Dale 

C. Keeler 

Asst. Sec., Mrs. R. O. McCracken 
Dir. of Promotion, Rev. Frank W. Shaffer 
Radio & Television, Mrs. Harold S. Faust 
Morals Court Worker, Mrs. Philip C. Rine- 



Pres., Dr. Benedict Williams, St. Stephen's 
Episcopal Church, Sewickley 

Vice-Pres. : 

Mr. Harland I. Gasteel, Peoples First 

National Bank Bldg. 
Mr. P. L. Prattis, 2628 Centre Ave. 

Sec., Rev. Robert W. Stackel, 615 Grant St. 

Treas., Mr. David S. Cooper, 312 4 Ave. 


Christian Education, Dr. Lawrence C. Lit- 
tle, 415 Olympia Rd. 

Church Women, Mrs. Gaius J. Slosser, 203 
Summit Ave. 

Community Relations, Dr. Robert C. Howe, 
Centre & S. Aiken 

Finance, Mr. T. A. Robinson, Fairview Rd. 

Interchurch Activities, Dr. T. M. Taylor, 
616 N. Highland Ave. 

Social Welfare, Mr. Walter J. Rome, 125 
DeSota St. 


7 West Market Street, Bethlehem 

Exec. Sec., Miss Myrtle A. McDaniel 



Room 200, Y.M.C.A. Building, Erie 

Exec. Minister, Rev. G. Weir Hartman 


Pres., Mr. Edwin F. Ahrens, First National 

1st Vice-Pres., Mr, Howard N. Plate, 1409 
G. D. Baldwin Bldg. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. C. E. Schnur, 636 Lin- 
coln Ave. 

Treas., Mr. Clayton E. Root, 3116 Plum St. 

Sec., Mr. Robert F. Taft, 1307 State St. 

Counsellor, Mr. Alban W. Curtze, 1115 
G. D. Baldwin Bldg. 

Auditor, Mr. John W. Burdell, P. O. Box 
No. 33 


Business Relations, Mr. Clayton E. Root, 

3116 Plum St. 
Christian Education, Dr. WiHard A. Kratz, 

1Q24 Peach St. 

Comity, Dr. Albert Marriott, 1322 W. 9 St. 
Evangelism, Rev. Henry L. Carr, 945 W. 

Ministry In Institutions, Mr, Wendell 

Wright, 164 E. 38 St. 
Public Relations, Mr. Wendell Good, 605 

Palace Hardware Bldg. 
Social Action, Mr. Melvin A. Zuck, 3380 

W. Ridge Rd. 

Women's Work, Mrs. Robert McComb, 910 

W. 7 St. 
Youth Work, Rev. Lawrence Bennett, 823 

Cherry St. 


1001 Palace Hardware Building, Erie 

Exec. Sec., Mrs. Grace Dean Hollinger 


Pres., Mr. Herbert V. Lodge 



Exec. Sec., Mr. Paul Kunkle 

Pres., Dr. Raymond G. Mowrey, Trust 
Building, Chambersburg 

Treas., Mr. Leon H. Mower, Valley Na- 
tional Bank, Chambersburg 


2403 North Front St., Harrisburg 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Joseph M. Woods, Jr. 


Pres., Mr. Paul H. Rhoads, 227 State St. 

Mr. James W. Runk, 3525 Brisban St. 

Rev. Fred Hollingshead, 215 Hummel 

Rev. Morton G. Glise, 3620 Sharon St. 
Treas., Mr. J. Clyde Ziegler, 1458 S. 13 St. 
Rec. Sec., Miss Evelyn Long, 2729- A Green 



Christian Education, Mr. Oscar L. Lingle, 
233 Blackberry St. 

Community Relations and Social Action, 
Rev. Sheridan W. Bell, 2518 N. 2 St. 

Evangelism and Interchurch Activities, 
Rev. K. E. Boldosser, 407 Maclay St. 

Minister-rum, Rev. Morton G. Glise, 3620 
Sharon St. 

Women's Church and Missionary Federa- 
tion, Mrs. Harry D. Schriver, 2240 N. 
6 St. 


341 N. Washington Ave., Scranton 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Erastus H. Green 
Assoc. Sec., Miss Helene M. Suiter 

Pres., Mr. James M. Spann, 129 Glenburn 

Rd., Clarks Green 

Mr. John Greiner, First National Bank 

. Peter K- Emmons, 816 Olive 




Mr. E. Stewart Milner, 1023 Joseph 

Sec., Dr. Roy T. Henwood, 1706 Monsey 

Treas., Mr. H. Milton Cross, 819-821 First 

Natl. Bank Bldg. 


Audio-Visual, Rev. Denton Durland, 232 
Wyoming Ave. 

Boy Scout, Rev. E. A. Dowey, 310 Elm St., 

Christian Education, Mr. Thomas D. Ar- 
gust, 338 N. Sumner Ave. 

Civic Welfare & Temperance, Mr. Claude 
R. Martin, 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. 

Council of Church Women, Mrs. B. E. 
Kurkowski, 539 Beech St. 

Evangelism, Dr. Harry F. Henry, 222 N. 
Hyde Park 

Finance Committee, Mr. John T. Rendle, 
1st Natl. Bank 

General Strategy, Rev. James B. OHis, 
2630 Olyphant Ave. 

Juvenile Court, Rev, Wm. S. Rowling, 
Wyoming Ave. & Gr. St. 

Lackawanna Bible Society, Mr. Daniel 
Lewis, 431 N. 7 Ave. 

Men's Commission, Mr. John M. Durno, 

Ministerium, Rev. R. K. White, 232 Wyo- 
ming Ave. 

Personnel, Mr. Sebert Schneider, Inter- 
national Salt Co., Scranton Life Bldg. 

Program, Rev. Brewer L. Burnett, Wyo- 
ming & Green Ridge 

Radio-Television, Rev. K. L. Mumford, 
423 Jefferson Ave. 

Service to Institutions, Rev. T. I. Hub- 
bard, 940 S. Main St. 

Weekday Religious Education, Rev. B. K. 
Kurkowski, 539 Beech St. 

Youth Council, Mr. Arthur Pettigrew, Oly- 


Y.M.C.A. Building, Lancaster 


Exec. Sec., Mr. Stanley A. McGeary 
Assoc. Sec., Miss Mary E. Swope, 129 N. 

Pine St. 


Pres., Mr. Harry M. Neff, 1641 Old Phila. 

1st Vice-Pres., Dr. A. G. Breidenstine, 

Franklin & Marshall College 
2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. John M. Gordon, 136 

E. Orange St. 
3rd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Kenneth L. Kreider, 

830 Marietta Ave. 

Sec., Rev. Jacob Longacre, 714 Wabank St. 
Treas., Mr. James M. Miller, Lancaster 

County Bank, Trust Dept., E. King 

St. Branch 


Adult and Home Extension, Miss Ella 
Stauffer, Lititz R.D. 3 

Audio-Visual Committee, Rev. George 
Barth, 127 Pearl St. 

City and County Youth Councils, Mr. Rob- 
ert D. Myers, 510 N. Pine St. 

City Youth Council, Mrs. George W. Glick, 
648 E. Frederick St. 

Community Ministry, Rev. Don Jones, 25 
N.W. End Ave. 

Christian Education & Youth Activities, 
Dr. Henry Bucher, Elizabethtown Col- 
lege, Elizabethtown 

Community Relations & Social Action, Dr. 
C. D. Spotts, Smoketown 

County Youth Council, Mrs. Daniel W. 
Jones, 941 W. Walnut St. 

Evangelism, Rev. Harland D. Fague, 443 S. 
Queen St. 

Finance Committee, Rev. John M. Gordon, 
136 E. Orange 

Leadership Training School, Rev. J. Gable, 
521 W. James 

Membership Committee, Dr. A. G. Brei- 
denstine, Franklin & Marshall College 

Migrant Committee, Mrs. Morris Weaver, 
173 Frederick St., Millersville 

Newspaper Sermonettes, Rev. David C. 
Mark, 523 E. End Ave. 

Radio, Television, Rev. Herbert Hohman, 
813 6 St. 

School Administration, Mr. Harry Ober- 
holzer, Goodville 

Summer Services, Rev. Daniel Jones, 36 
W. Orange 

Temperance Education 

Dr. C. E. Weaver, 64 S. Main St., Man- 

Miss Florence K. Herr, R.D. 2 

Vacation Church School Institute, Mrs. 
C. E. Weaver, 64 S. Main St., Manheim 

Week Day Church School, Rev. Joseph 
Smith, Y.M.C.A. 

Week of Prayer, Rev. Francis Scott, 136 E. 

Women's Activities, Mrs. William A. Bach- 
man, 1046 Elwood Ave. 


325 Logan Ave., Sharon 

Act. Exec. Sec., Mr. Howard C. Maxwell 

Pres., Mr. Fred M. Aubel, Sheakley Ave., 


Rec. Sec., Mr. Arthur E. Bean, 151 S. Mer- 
cer St., Greenville 

Treas., Mr. Harry L. Beringer, 237 W. Mar- 
ket St., Mercer 

Mr. D. B. Clark, Stoneboro 

Mr. Norman S. Grill, Grove City 

Prof. G. H. Crowther, 307 Main St., 

Grove City 

Rev. I. B. Lavigne, R. D., W. Middle- 

Rev. W. A. Lloyd, R.D., Volant 
Hon. Leo H. McKay, Ellis Ave. 
Mrs. J. R. Moon, R. D., Jackson Center 
Dr. J. N. Mowls, 143 State St., Grove 

Prof. William Pollard, West Market 

St., Mercer 

Mrs. J. Lee Rodgers, Jamestown 
Rev. Paul C. Shumaker, 1 Columbia 

Park, Greenville 
Mr. William I. Williams, 320 Shenango 

Blvd., Farrell 
Mr. Raymond Vinton, R. D. No. 1, 

Grove City 


Administrative, Rev. J. M. Walthour, R.D., 

Adult, Rev. Ralph W. Heller, Transfer 



Children's, Mrs. Paul H. Miller, R.D. No. 2, 

West Middlesex 
Church School Extension, Miss Genevieve 

Bartholomew, Greenfield, R.D., Mercer 
Finance, Mr. Charles A. Moyer, Clark 
Leadership Education, Dr. LeRoy Halbert, 

305 West State St. 
Temperance, Mrs. Alonzoa Hope, RJ>. 4, 

Week-Day Religious Ed., Rev. Robert B. 

Withers, Stoneboro 
Youth, Miss Helen Atkinson, 42 Ridge 

Ave, Sharpsville 


1421 Arch St., Phila. 2 

Gen. Sec., Rev. William D. Powell 

Exec. Sec., Dept. of Christian Ed. and 
Evang., Dr. Oliver B. Gordon 

Exec. Sec., Dept. of Research and Plan- 
ning, John Halko 

Prom. Sec., Mrs. Wm. J. Heydrick 

Exec. Sec., Dept. of Woman's Work, Dr. 
H. Vardis Sch wager 

Exec. Sec., Dept. of Community Services, 
Rev. Spencer L. Stockwell 


Pres., Dr. John N. Bethune 

Sec., Miss Alida Eglit 

Treas., Mr. Bertram M. Wilde 

Asst. Treas., Mrs. D. Chester Warlow 

Christian Education and Evangelism, Mr. 

J. Welmore Garrett 
Community Services, Rev. Eli F, Wismer, 

Public Relations and Finance, Mr. Warren 

H. Foster 
Research and Planning, Rev. Vincent J. 

Woman's, Mrs. Henry A. Frye 



Central Y.M.C.A. Building, Reed & Wash- 
ington Streets, Reading 

Exec, Sec., Rev. Mervin A. Heller 

Pres., Rev. Robert S. Smethers, Jr., 917 

N. 5 St. 
1st Vice-Pres., Miss Martha E. Dick, 800 

N. 3 St. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. Earl N. Schmehl, 1415 

Mulberry St. 
Rec. Sec., Miss Ethel H. Imschweiler, 836 

Schuylkill Ave. 
Treas., Mr. William F. Drehs, 416 Sunset 


Evangelism, Rev. George B. Carvell, 129 S. 

8 St. 
Leadership Education, Miss Arlene M. 

Leas, 903-A N. 9 St. 
Public Relations, Mr. William J. Bauer, 

Jr., 1521 Mineral Spring Rd. 
Scouting, Mr. Eugene R. Dmckenmiller, 

Harrison Ave. & Muhlenberg Pk. 

Social Action, Rev. Ralph Z. Ebersole, 619 

Church St. 
Sunday School, Mrs. Stewart Miller, 1748 

Fairview St. 
TV-Radio Committee, Rev. Dr. Morris D. 

Slifer, 1318 N. 13 St. 
United Church Canvass, Mr. H. Eugene 

Pierce, Albright Ct. Apts. 
Vacation Bible School, Rev. John C. Shet- 

ler, 705 Euclid Ave., Temple 
Weekday School, Rev. Dr. Gunnar Knud- 

sen, 527 Washington St. 
Youth, Rev. Charles S. Kerr, 401 S. 5 St. 




Weekday Church Dir., Dr. Edwood P. 

Turnbach, Trinity Lutheran Church 


Pres., Dr. Edward P. Turnbach 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Charles Ritter 
Sec., Rev. George B. Hummer 
Treas., Mr. Clayton E. Leach, 522 S. Mar- 
ket St. 





120 West Fourth Street, Williamsport 

*Exec. Sec., Rev. G. H. Hershey 

Pres., Mr. Henry Birkenstock, 49 Huffman 


Mr. John G. Detwiler, 1601 James Rd. 

Mrs. W. W. Carpenter, 640 Fifth Ave. 

Mr. G. W. Carson, 1212 Walnut St. 
Sec., Rev. C. H. Hershey, 120 West Fourth 

Treas., Mr. James D. Wither, 2 East Third 



Christian Education, Rev. H. W. Witchey, 

322 Campbell St. 
Christian Social Action & Goodwill, Rev. 

L. G. Shannon, 1159 Memorial Ave. 
Comity & Survey, Mr. Marshall Anspach, 

120 W. Fourth St. 
Constitution, Rev. W. B. Williamson, 844 

W. Fourth St. 
Evangelism-Union Services, Rev. John 

Sensenig (Acting Ch.), 833 Arch St. 
Finance, Mr. C. M. Best, 1116 Park Ave. 
Information & Publicity, Rev. B. L. Sten- 

ger, 1416 W. Fourth St. 
Membership, Rev. C. L. Leber, 1120 W. So. 

Nominating, Rev. E. R. Shaheen, 101 W. 

So. Ave. 



Radio, Rev. R. L. Morris, 345 Mulberry St. 
Services to Institutions, Rev. Roy E. Am- 

merman, 604 Packer St. 
Women's Work, Mrs. B. L. Stenger, 1416 

W. Fourth St. 


34 W. Market St., Wilkes-Barre 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Howard C. Goeringer 
Assoc. Sec., Mrs. Franz N. Rupprecht 


Pres., Rev. Francis R. Edwards, 422 S. 

River St. 
Viee-Pres., Mr. Philip Helsby, 40 Pette- 

bone St., Forty-Fort 
Sec., Mrs. Albert T. West, 72 Ashley St., 

Treas., Mr. E. Walter Samuel, W-B Deposit 

& Savings Bank 


Audio-Visual, Rev. Earl Kohl, 1435 S. Main 

Brotherhood, Rev. Herbert Nahas, 18 

McCarragher St. 
Church Unity, Rev. Alfred Crayton, 784 

Market St., Kingston 
Civic Projects, Rev. Robert Webster, 59 

W. Dorrance St. 
Court, Rev. John Stoner, 1656 Wyoming 

Ave., Forty-Fort 
Evangelism, Rev. William Lester, 229 E. 

Main St., Nanticoke 

Institutions, Rev. Guy LeinthaU, 376 Wyo- 
ming Ave., Wyoming 
International Justice & Goodwill, Mr. 

George Loveland, Miners Nat'l Bank 
Leadership Training, Rev. Roy Williams, 

399 Old River Road 
Literature Committee, Rev. Herbert E. 

Pickett, 214 Maple Ave., Kingston 
Ministerial, Rev. J. Arthur Geschwind, 510 

S. Franklin St. 
Radio and Television, Rev. Howard G. 

HartzeU, 48 Mallery PL 
Social Education and Action, Rev. Edgar 

Edwards, 670 Main St., Edwardsville 
Welfare, Mrs. Herbert Pickett, 214 Maple 

Ave., Kingston 
Worship, Rev. Donald Acton, 139 S. Grant 

United Church Youth, Rev, David Morgan, 

161 Parrish St. 

United Church Women, Mrs. Harold Dav- 
enport, RD No. 1, Pittston 


145 S. Duke St., York 

Exec. Sec., Rev. J. Temple Jarrell 


Pres., Mr. Horace G. Ports, 103 E. Market 

1st Vice-Fres., Mrs. Andrew Shumaker, 
103 S. Yale St. 

2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Harold Millard, 611 ' 
W. Philadelphia St. 

Sec., Miss Ursula Ernst, 237 E. Market St. 

Treas., Mr. Clarence Smyser, 101 E. Mar- 
ket St. 


Christian Education 

Rev. W. Ward Smith, 114 N. Newberry 

Rev. J. H. Fleckenstine, 239 E. King 


Community Relations and Social Action 
Rev. George Stauffer, 734 Southern Rd. 
Mr. T. Frederick Feldmann, 124 E. 

Market St. 
Evangelism and Missions, Rev. Paul Cun- 

kle, 952 N. Duke St. 

Finance, Mr. W. F. Grove, 623 S. Duke St. 
Publicity and Promotion 

Rev. O. K. Maurer, 163 N. Main St., 

Red Lion 
Rev. Philip Magee, 27 N. Queen St. 



Box 2247, San Juan 

Exec. Sec., Rev. Benjamin Santana 


Pres., Mr. Hipolito Marcano, Box 1648 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Eloy Estrada, Box 2659 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Bildo Sanchez, Box 1012, 

Rec. Sec., Miss Julia Esther Ortiz, Box 

Treas., Rev. Diego Rico Soltero, Box 354, 



Chaplaincies, Rev. Luis Maldonado, Ave. 

Roosevelt 134, Hato Rey 
Christian Education, Rev. Gildo Sanchez, 

Box 1012, Ponce 
Evangelism & Missions, Rev. Florentine 

Santana, Box 7, Bayamon 
Finance, Mr. Eloy Estrada, Box 2659 
Planning & Promotion, Rev. Florentine 

Santana, Box 7, Bayamon 
Public Relations, Rev. Tomas Rosario 

Ramos, GX 21, Puerto Nuevo 
Rural Work, Rev. Donald D. Dodd, San 



2 Stimson Ave., Providence 6 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Earl Hollier Tomlin 
Assoc. Sec., Rev. Earle R. Ramsdell 


Pres., Mr, Seth B. Gifford, 911 Hospital 

Trust Bldg. (3) 
1st Vice-Pres., Dr. F. Morris Cochran, 93 

Brown St. (6) 
2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. Lawrence L. Durgin, 

296 AngeU St. (6) 
Sec., Mrs. Mabel S. Taylor, 8 Mt. Vernon 

St. (7) 
Treas., Mr. Herbert C. Wells, Jr., 6 Barnes 

Asst. Treas., Mr. Norman C. Mason, 127 

Ontario St. (7) 



Church Scout, Mr. Donald C. Dewing, 78 

Dana St. (6) 
Comity, Rev. Lawrence F. Almond, 28 

Rice St., Pawtucket 
Evangelism, Rev. Frederick E. Gardner, 

201 Woodward Rd. (4) 
Finance, Mr. Gren O. Pierrel, 326 Lloyd 

Ave. (6) 
Income Production, Judge John M. Booth, 

24 Highland Ave. (11) 

Membership, Mr. Elmer C. Wilbur, 26 Car- 
tier St., Cranston (9) 
Public Relations, Rev. Donald G. Wright, 

134 Mathewson St. (3) 
Radio Television, Mr. Harold R. Shippee, 

Jr., 221 Waterman St. (6) 
Religious Education, Rev. William H. Her- 
man, 46 Bayside Ave., Edgewood 5 
Social Action, Rev. Thomas E. Ellis, 1570 

Lonsdale Ave., Lonsdale 
Social Welfare, Mr. Charles L. Burt, 79 

Shaw Ave., Edgewood 5 
Stewardship, Mr. Thomas B. Buffum, Jr., 

21 Keith Ave., Cranston 10 
Youth Work, Miss Elsie B. Simmons, 300 

Weybosset St. (3) 



718 Illinois SW, Huron 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Robert E. Grimm 
Field Worker, Committee on Indian Work, 

Mrs. Deborah Hertz 

Pres., Rev. Clarence Adams, 720 Wiswall 

PL, Sioux Falls 
Vice-Pres., Mr. A. W. Palm 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Roy E. Long, Aberdeen 
Sec., Rev. Irwin Parce, DeSmet 
Treas., Miss Gertrude Lampe 


Business and Finance, Mr. Kenneth John- 

Christian Education, Rev. Earl Lewis, Red- 

Evangelism, Rev. Glenn VanVactor 

Missions, Rev. Harry Stephens, Vienna 

Public Relations, Dr. Ralph L. Williamson, 

Social Relations, Rev. Charles Brewster, 

United Church Women, Mrs. Roy E. Long 
(Pres.), Aberdeen 

Youth Council Advisor, Rev. Robert Dunn, 
Sioux Falls 


Spring Avenue at Tenth, Sioux Falls 

*Sec., Rev. Wynn B. Ward 


Pres., Dr. Everett Quinton, Conell at 22 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Gale Braithwaite, 408 E. 

Treas., Mrs. Vernon Vander Schoon, 1017 

S. Prairie 
Sec*, Rev. Wynn B. Ward, Spring at 10 



Christian Education, Rev. Robert Strobel, 

Dakota at 11 

Finance, Mrs. L. I. Shoop, 907 S 3 St. 
Program, Mr. William O. Knight, Jr., 628 

Wiswoll PL 
Social Action, Rev. J. Wendell Walton, 

314 N. Von Aps Ave. 



1703 Glen Echo Rd., Nashville 

Exec. Sec., Rev. C. T. Baker, Jr. 



Vice-Pres., Mrs. John T. McCall, 3728 West 

End Ave. 
Sec., Mrs. Oscar G. Nelson, 3601 Hampton 

Treas., Mr. Charles M. Gray, Y.M.C.A. 



Executive Committee, Mrs. John T. McCall, 

3728 West End Ave. 
Town & Country Church, Rev. Vernon 

Bradley, Woodbury 

Use & Understanding of the Bible, 



Y.M.C.A. Bldg., Nashville 3 

Exec. Sec., Rev. C. T. Baker, Jr. 


Pres., Rev. Barton A Dowdy, 17 St. Chris- 
tian Church 


Rev. Raymond T. Ferris, Christ Church 


Mrs. A. B. Rodes, Brentwood 
Mr. Warren C. Brown, Sudekum Bldg. 

Sec., Rev. Sherman Starling, First Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church 

Treas., Mr. J. Hugh Knox, Sudekum Bldg. 


Christian Education, Rev. Gustave Ferre, 
Meth. Ch., Grand Ave. 

Finance, Mr. E. H. Blair, Sudekum Bldg. 

Institutions, Dr. John W. Rustin, Belmont 
Meth. Ch. 

Publicity, Mrs. Arthur Crouch, 3521 Rich- 
land Ave. 

Radio & Television, Dr. G. Allen West, Jr., 
Woodmont Baptist Ch. 

United Christian Youth, Adult Advisor, 
Mr. Don Brewer, Eastwood Christian 

Welfare, Mr. Roy Kavanaugh, 408 W. Hill- 
wood Blvd. 

Department Officers 
Dir. of Christian Education, Miss Jane 

Pres., United Christian Youth, Miss Carol 

Pres., United Church Women, Mrs. A. B. 





504 West 24 Street, Austin 5 


Exec. Sec., Mr. Harold Kilpatrick 
Supervisor Migrant Ministry, Rev. Robt. 



Pres., Rev. R. F. Curl, 535 Bandera Rd., 

San Antonio 1 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Chester Crow, 2909 Lub- 

bock, Fort Worth 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. C. G. Eidson, 3625 Castle 

Dr., Waco 

Sec., Mrs. L. C. Proctor, 2811 Harris Blvd. 
Treas., Mr. Hulon W. Black, University 


Christian Education, Rev. Wm. H. Cole, 

1300 Austin Ave., Waco 
Christian Social Relations, Rev. Beverley 

M. Boyd, 339 N. Getty, Uvalde 
Church Planning & Strategy, Rev. J. Hoytt 

Boles, Box 901, Denton 
Finance, Mr. Kenneth Smith, 629 N. Peak 

St., Dallas 
Institutional Ministry, Mr. Ralph Keehn, 

Box 349, Seguin 
Ministry to Migrants, Mr. E. G. Luna, 1214 

Colima St., San Antonio 
Overseas Relief & World Service, Rev. 

Harold TiZlman, Box 905, Grand 

Radio-TV, Mr. John Gillies, 626 Wayside, 

San Antonio 
Stewardship & Benevolence, Mr. Aaron 

Jefferson, 2068 Irving Ave., Beaumont 


408 W. 23, Austin 

Exec. Sec., Rev. A. Bertram Miller 


Pres., Rev. Archie Stevenson, 4115 Ave. D 
Vice-Pres., Rev. John Lancaster, 200 E. 8 
Sec., Rev. A. Bertram Miller, 408 W. 23 
Treas., Mr. Emil Anderson, American Na- 
tional Bank 


Christian Education, Dr. Royal Embree, 
Univ. of Tex. 

Church Planning, Rev. Roy Sherrod, 3208 

Evangelism, Dr. E. B. Bratcher, 2620 Expo- 


Public Affairs, Rev. Edward Long, 14 and 

Public Relations, 

Social Welfare, Rev. Harold T. Branch, 
2201 Salina 

Youth Work, Rev. Wayne Reinhardt, 1110 

United Services, 


406 Gibraltar Life Bldg., Dallas 1 

Exec. Sec., Mr. J. J. McConnell, Jr. 


Pres, Dr. W. A. Welsh, East Dallas Chris- 
tian Church, Peak & Junius 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Earl A. Brown, Magnolia 
Petroleum Co. 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. Warden R. McFarland, 
3629 Marquette 

Sec., Mrs. E. U. Bain, 3333 Barnard 

Treas., Mr. O. C. Lindemann, Texas Bank 
& Trust Co. 


Budget & Finance, Mr. A. E. Chester, Mag- 
nolia Petroleum Co. 

Christian Education, Miss Louise McComb, 
Highland Park Presbyterian Church, 
3821 University Blvd. 

Finance (Special Gifts), Mr. Eugene McEl- 
vaney, First National Bank 

Membership, Dr. John F. Anderson, First 
Presbyterian Church, Harwood & 
Wood Sts. 

Men's Division, Mr. Henry Manton, Cot- 
ton Exchange Bldg. 

Public Affairs, Mr. J. Edward Johnson, 
Republic Natl. Bank Bldg. 

Public Meetings, Mr. Ted T. Teel, Ameri- 
can Hospital & Life Ins. Co., 4350 N. 
Central Expressway 

Radio-TV, Mr. Clifton Blackmon, First 
National Bank 

Social Service, Mr. H. Grady Spruce, 
Y.M.CA., 605 N. Ervay St. 

World Christian Fellowship, Mrs. Frank 
Ayres, Sr., 5043 Linnet Lane 

Youth Advisor, Rev. David Pittenger, Oak 
Cliff Presbyterian Church, 300 W. 10 


2909 Lubbock, Fort Worth 

Exec. Sec., Dr. Harry C. Munro 

Pres., Mr. Paul S. Hayward, Central 


Mrs. Ernest Lawrence, 3860 S. Hills 

Rev. J. H. Carruthers, 522 Missouri 
Sec., Mrs. Ruth Williams, 608 Eighth 
Treas., Mr. Lacy Goostree, 1120 Summit 


Christian Education, Prof. Ruth Towne, 

Church Planning, Rev. Erwin F. Bohm- 
falk, First Methodist Ch., 800 W. 5 


Finance, Mr. Gloyd Burns, Univ. Christian 
Ch., Univ. & Cantey 

Public Affairs, Rev. Robert Boshen, Hemp- 
hill Presbyterian Church, 1701 Hemp- 

Public Relations, Rev. H. Parr Armstrong, 
3856 Winslow Dr. 

Social Welfare, Miss Velma McEwen, 
411% E. 9 St. 


6265 South Main, Houston 25 

Exec. Dir., Rev. Virgil E. Lowder 


Exec. Sec., Dept. of Welfare, Rev. James 
R. Noland 


Pres., Mr. R. A. Farnsworth, Sr., 3018 Lee- 

Vice-Pres. : 

Dr. D. Balzer, 3410 Austin 
Mr. Laurence Favrot, 2707 Ferndale 
Mrs. W. W. Fondren, 3755 Knollwood 
Dr. W. Kenneth Pope, 901 Clay 

Rec. Sec., Mrs. I. B. Rohrer, 2714 South 

Treas., Mr. J. A. Gray, P. O. Box 45 


Christian Education, Mrs. Marion F. Rey- 
nolds, 4902 Linden, Bellaire 

Community Relations, Dr. Neal Cannon, 
5501 South Main 

Evangelism & Interchurch Activities, Dr. 
D. Baltzer, 3410 Austin 


301 East Martin Street, San Antonio 5 

Exec. Dir., Rev. J. T. Morrow 


Pres., Dr. George Mauze, 408 4 St. 
Vice-Pres. : 

Dr. Lester M. Beals, 2241 W. Woodlawn 

Mrs. W. R. Beyette, Route 11, Box 85 
Rec. Sec., Mr. Joseph D. Atkinson, Jr., 354 

Edna Ave. 
Treas., Mr. Theron H. Browne, 301 E. 

Martin St. 
Fin. Chairman, Mr. Van Wyck Brinkerhoff, 

1011 Austin Highway 


Audio-Visual Education, Mr. Clinton E. 

Blumberg, 402 Halliday 
Adult Work, Mr. Merrill Bishop, 522 West 

Children's Work, Miss Mabel Noble, 1439 

W. Craig PI. 
Christian Education, Rev. Frank R. Neff, 

Jr., 715 Stadium Dr. 

Church & Economic Life, Mr. Luther Coul- 
ter, 330 Alamo Hts. Blvd. 
Church World Service, Chaplain Ora J. 

Cohee, 418 W. Huisache Ave. 
CROP, Rev. Ross T. Welch, 211 N. Park 

Community Evangelism, Dr. Samuel L. 

Terry, 319 Camden Street 
Community Relations, Mr. B. W. "Joe" 

Johnson, 205 W. Travis St. 
Evangelism, Rev. Martin P. Kniker, 611 E. 

Myrtle St. 
Institutional Ministry, Mr. Russell B. Wine, 

120 Canterbury Hill 
Leadership Education, Rev. Spencer M. 

Adamson, 720 Main Ave. 
Missionary Education, Mrs. S. E. McCreless 
Public Affairs, Mr, Louis LeLaurin, Majes- 
tic Building 
Radio & Television, Rev. Robert S. Tate, 

5101 Broadway 
Scouting, Mr. Anthony Van Tuyl, 222 E. 

Social Education & Action, Rev. Charles 

N. Burrows, 715 Stadium Dr. 
Survey & Strategy, Rev. R. Floyd Curl, 

535 Band era Road 


Weekday Religious Education, Dr. J. Lud- 
well Davis, 851 Hammond Ave. 

Youth Work, Pvt. D. R. Boyer, Co. C-First 
Btn., MTC BAMC, Ft. Sam Houston 

World Fellowship, Mrs. Manfred J. Ger- 
hardt, 1903 Kenilworth Blvd. 


1503 Broad St., Wichita Falls 

*Exec. Sec., Rev. Robert O. Tupper 


Pres., Mr. G. A. Reaves, 1681 Woodrow 
Vice Pres.: 

Rev. L. M. Kennedy, Jr., 2201 Speed- 

Mrs. Paul Ellis, 2114 Hayes 
Sec., Miss Virginia Prouty, 801 Burnett 
Treas., Mr. Marvin Patterson, Drawer 780 


Christian Education 

Dr. Raybon Porter, P. O. Box 2125 

Mrs. Joe Farabee, 9 Surrey Circle 
Finance, Mr. Charles Prothro, 2109 Ell ing- 

Public Affairs 

Mr. Calvan Ashley, 1203 Thompson Rd. 

Mrs. B. W. Huckeba, 2700 Lake Park 


Publicity, Rev. Robert O. Tupper 
Spiritual Life, Rev. Theodore McElroy, 

2146 Avenue H 
World-Wide Fellowship 

Dr. Earl Hoggard, 2214 10 St. 

Mrs. Morgan Gillum, 2413 Clarinda 



189 So. Winooski Avenue, Burlington 

Gen. Sec., Rev. John L. Gregory 


Pres., Mr. Keith Wallace, Waterbury 

Mrs. C. T. Maxham, No. Pomfret 

Mrs. F. Cabot Holbrook, Brattleboro 
Clerk, Mrs. L. W. Hodgdon 
Treas., Mr. Harold S. Knight 


Camps & Institutes, 

Children's Committee, Rev. Catherine H. 

Smith, Lyndonville 
Christian Education, Rev. Roland T. Rice, 


Comity, Denominational Heads 
Evangelism, Rev. W. J. Fillier, Orleans 
Finance, Mr. Edward C. Melby, N. Ferris- 
Leadership, Miss Julouise Paulson, Mont- 


Music, Mrs. Walker T. Hawley, Middle- 

Nominating, Rev. Bowen Shattuck, Bran- 

Personnel, Mrs. Dallas F. Pollard 
Social Action, Rev. Robert Mayhew, Lyn- 

Summer Projects, Rev. H. Barton Van- 
Vliet, Bristol 



Week-Day Religious Education, Mrs. Ralph. 
Krout, Bridge-water 

Youth, Denominational Staff Representa- 



109 West Grace Street, Richmond 20 
Planters Bank Building, Box 307, Bridge- 


Exec. Sec., Dr. Minor C. Miller, Bridge- 
water and Richmond 

Dir., Department of Christian Education, 
Miss Elizabeth Longwell, Bridgewater 

Supervisor of Weekday Religious Educa- 
tion, Miss Evelyn Langford, Box 163, 

Asst. Exec. Sec. and Dir., Christian Social 
Relations, Rev. C. Emerson Smith, 

Dir., Dept. of Public Relations and Dir. 
of Youth Work, Rev. Clarence M. 
Brown, Richmond 

Treas., Mr. W. A. Mann, Richmond 

Minister to Migrants, Mr, Isaac Hender- 
son, Cheriton 

Asst. in Chr. Ed. in Rural Areas, Miss 
Edith Ellanoyre Brown, Cheriton 


Pres., Dr. Arthur W. Newell, 33 Willway 
Road, Richmond 

Rev. if. B. Henderson, 1301 Merrimac 

Avenue, Norfolk 
Mr. E. A. Prichard, Fairfax 
Mrs. Adam O. Feitig, 305 N. Meadow 

St., Richmond 
Rev. C. Fred Williams, 80 Linden Ave., 

Treas., Mr, W. A. Mann, 109 West Grace 

Street, Richmond 

Sec., Dr. Minor C. Miller, 109 West Grace 
Street, Richmond and Planters Bank 
Building, Bridgewater 


Christian Education, Rev. James P. Lin- 
coln, 110 W. Franklin St., Richmond 

Christian Social Relations, Rev. W. Carroll 
Brooke, Box 208, Staunton 

Council of Church Women, Mrs. F. R. 
Crawford, 906 High Street, Farmville 

Evangelism and Missions, Dr. A. E. Acey, 
160 Hawthorne Drive, Danville 

Finance, Mr. Donald W. Shriver, 200 East 
Plume Street, Norfolk 

Public Relations, Dr. J. L. Robertson, 3723 
N. Pershing Drive, Arlington 

Rural Church, Dr. R. G. Hutcheson, Ra- 

Youth Council, Mr. Hector Davis, 3229 
French Street, Richmond 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Betsy Workman, Crozet 

Pres., Rev. Sherwood S. Day, Crozet 



Pres., Dr. T. E. Landis, Alexandria 
Vice-Pres., Rev. Moses W. Beasley, 2014 

2d St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Sec., Miss Mary Billings, 5 E. Monroe Ave., 

Treas., Mr. Earl N. Contee, 328 N. Patrick 

St., Alexandria 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. Kinsey Wingo, Jetersville 


Pres., Mrs. Wheeler Watkins, Amelia 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. W. B. Davidson, 633 North Nelson 
St. t Arlington 


Pres., Rev. Philip J. Anstedt, 5898 First 
Street, S., Arlington 

Vice-Pres., Rev. John Raymond, Pastor, 
Westover Baptist Ch., Arlington 

Sec , Miss Bertha Cook, Rock Spring Con- 
gregational Church, Arlington 

Treas., Mr. J. Conrad Willard, 1031 N. 
Danville St., Arlington 

Beverly Manor 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Dorothy Neff, 334 Sherwood, 


Pres., Rev. Harry Price, Third Presbyte- 
rian Church, Staunton 

Vice-Pres., Rev. R. E. Garrison, 112 
Thompson St., Staunton 

Treas., Mr. John A. Clem, 3H, Staunton 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Mary Lou McCutcheon, Rt. 1, 


Pres., Mr. P. H. Trainum, Craigsville 
Sec., Mrs. Dennis Ramsey, Craigsville 
Treas., Mrs. Ralph Young, Craigsville 

Fishersville-Stuaris Draft 

Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Ramona Johnson, Rt. 3, Staunton 


Pres. : 

Mrs. R. A. Blacka, Stuarts Draft 
Mr. Harold Wade, Fishersville 




Mr. Floyd Dean, Rt. 2, Waynesboro 
Mr. James Bosserman, Rt. 3, Staunton 


Mrs. Lester Brooks, Stuarts Draft 
Mrs. Rebecca Gleason, Fisher sville 


Mrs. Lester Brooks, Stuarts Draft 
Mr. Carl Grove, Fishersville 

Middle River District 

Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Florence Hawes, Ft. Defiance 


Pres., Rev. Rufner Lowman, Grottoes 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Vernon Garber, Mt. Sidney 
Sec., Miss Helen Miller, New Hope 
Treas., Mr. H. A. Driver, Weyers Cave 

North River District 

Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. H. G. Shue, Rt. 1, Staunton 


Pres., Mr. Glen Byerly, Mt. Solon 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Thomas Michael, Mt. 


Sec., Mrs. Lurty Hawkins, Parnassus 
Treas., Mr. S. C. Liggett, Jr., ChurchviUe 

Riverhead District 

Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. G. L. Brown, Rt. 1, Box 184, 


Pres., Rev. Otis Zirkle, Mt. Tabor Luther- 
an Church, Middlebrook 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Floyd Heizer, Greenville 
Sec., Mrs. Marvin Spitler, Greenville 
Treas., Mrs. W. F. Young, Rt. 2, Staunton 

Siaunion City 

Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Margaret Sherman, 230 Church- 
ville Ave., Staunton 


Pres., Rev. Freeman Parker, Waynesboro 
Road, Staunton 

Sec., Rev. W. C. Jamison, Box 1107, Staun- 

Treas., Miss E. Virginia Brooks, 9 South 
Fayette St., Staunton 


Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Olive Clark, 305 Maple Ave., 


Mrs. G. D. Barksdale, 460 Locust Ave., 


Pres., Mr. J. P. Glick, 360 Maple Ave., 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. W. D. Quesenberry, Wayne 

Ave., Waynesboro 
Sec., Mrs. A. O. Stanley, 2228 Astrachan 

St., Waynesboro 
Treas., Mr. R. C. Boulware, 406 Oak Ave., 




Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Mary Lou Funk, Hot Springs 


Pres., Rev. J. R. McKenney, Hot Springs 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Howard Marshall, Wil- 

Sec., Miss Julia Criser, Box 292, Hot 

Treas., Mr. Gordon Haynes, Hot Springs 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Evelyn Langford, Box 163, Bed- 
Miss Kathryn Hunt, Bedford 


Pres., Mr. Ned Crumpacker, Burks Hill, 

Vice-Pres., Col. H. B. Jordan, 846 CoUege, 

Sec., Miss Mary Parks, Rt. 1, Big Island 

Treas., Mr. Larry Forsyth, RFD 5, Bed- 

Pres. Dept. of Christian Education, Rev. 
Dailey D. Young, RFD 5, Bedford 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Joyce Smith, Fincastle 


Pres., Mr. L. L. Jonas, 34 Kirk Avenue, 


Sec., Mrs. M. S. Stinnett, Buchanan 
Treas., Mrs. R. H. Murray, Troutville 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Lillian Sherman, 348 Culpeper St, 


Pres., Mr. Turner Lundy, 105 S. Main, 

Chairman, WRE., Mr. Edwin Williams, 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 


Pres., Mr. Paul Manns, Bowling Green 
Sec., Mrs. George A. Reynolds, Box 278, 

Bowling Green 

Ch. of Curriculum Committee, Mr. Bern- 
ard Mahon, Bowling Green 




Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Helen Lazarides, Covington 
Miss Zoe Lazarides, Covington 


Pres., Mr. Robert B. McCaleb, 218 Fudge 
St., Covington 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Theodore E. Lipes, Cov- 

Sec., Mr. D. W. Lydiatt, 420 S. Lexington 
St., Covington 

Treas., Mr. Jack Persinger, 212 W. Locust 
St., Covington 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. S. A. Dean, Charlotte Court 


Pres., Mr. Lee W. Morton, Jr., Charlotte 


Vice-Pres., Mr. J. E. GiUiam, Jr., Phenix 
Sec., Miss Elizabeth Crews, Charlotte C.H. 
Treas., Mr. W. E. Daniel, Charlotte C.H. ' 

(Pittsylvania Couniy) 

Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Mary Stringer, 215 Mt. Vernon 

St., Danville 
Miss Betty Jean Cannon, Danville 


Pres., Mr. Harry Flynn, 281 Carolina Ave., 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Earl Elliott, 315 Stratford 
Place, Danville 

Sec., Miss Doris Brunsman, 828 Paxton 
Ave., Danville 

Treas,, Mr. Charles Ragland, 217 Mt. Ver- 
non Ave., Danville 



Pres., Rev. Norman G. Preston, McKenney 
Vice-Pres., Mr. D. C. Mayes, Jr., Dinwid- 


Sec., Mrs. Tucker Hargraves, Dinwiddie 
Treas., Mr. J. P. Batte, Jr., McKenney 



Pres., Rev. Raymond Davis, Truro Epis- 
copal Ch., Fairfax 
Treas., Mr. L. W. Harrison, Falls Church 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Joy Anne Sloan, Marshall 


Pres., Mr. John Page Turner, The Plains 
Vice-Pres., Rev. L. O. Wright, Marshall 
Sec., Rev. Guy Heyl, Warrenton 
Treas., Mr. P. W. Anderson, Marshall 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Nova Beane, Rocky Mount 


Pres., Rev. T. Threatt, Boones Mill Bap- 
tist, Boones Mill 

Vice-Pres., Rev. John R. Stanton, Rocky 

Sec., Rev. J. H. Knibb, Rocky Mount 

Treas., Mr. W. C. Brown, Rocky Mount 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Thelma Haldeman, 415 W. Cecil 

St., Winchester 
Miss Jean Baker, Winchester 


Pres., Mr. B. F. Strother, White Hall, Win- 

Vice-Pres., Mr. J. D. Gammer, 1715 Valley 
Ave., Winchester 

Sec., Mr. Floyd Wine, 924 Woodland Ave., 

Treas., Mr. P. E. Lineburg, Stephens City 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Eula Simon, Box 62, Narrows 
Mr. Richard Rundell, Narrows 


Pres., Dr. C. W. Hepner, Pembroke 
Vice-Pres., Mr. S. B. Cummings, Narrows 
Sec., Mr. Paul Yost, Narrows 
Treas., Mr. N. K. Farrar, Pearisburg 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Jacqueline Schuetz, 1129 N. Main 

St., South Boston 
Miss Anne Nowlin, 818 Main St., South 



Pres., Mr. E. J. Wyatt, South Boston 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Robert Gilliam, Chamber- 
lain Ave., South Boston 
Treas., Mr. Ed Hawthorne, 1613 Lovelace 
Street, South Boston 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. Aubrey Mitchell, Jr., 2805 Laflin 
Place, Apt. 5, Richmond 




Pres., Rev. George A. Williams, Ashland 
Vice-Pres., Rev. George Orser, 306 Henry 

Rd., Ashland 
Sec., Mrs. Stephen Vaughan, 502 Virginia 

St., Ashland 
Treas., Mr. B. B. Chapman, Rt. 2, Ashland 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Miss Virginia Hall, 1205 Lake Ave., 

Miss Marguerite Hall, 3022 Third Ave., 

Richmond 22 


Pres., Mr. E. A. Ellis, Rt. 6, Box 122, Rich- 

Vice-Pres., Mr. J. W. Young, 4311 Gaines 

Rd., Richmond 
Sec., Mr. D. B. Gooding, Grapevine Rd., 

Rt. 3, Box 283, Richmond 
Treas., Mr. Joseph Hudgins, 7 W. Sedg- 

wick, Sandston 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Lois French, Monterey 


Pres., Rev. Homer L. LeMaster, McDowell 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Willis Jenkins, McDowell 
Sec., Mr, W. R. Stephenson, Jr., Vander- 

Treas., Mr. R. Turner Jones, Monterey 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Barbara Black, East Market St., 


Pres., Rev. William S. Smythe, Jr., Pres- 

byterian Ch., Lucketts 
Sec., Mrs. James McCann, Lucketts 
Treas., Mrs. Thurston Potts, Hillsboro 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Patricia Murray, Louisa 


Pres., Mr. L. M. Sims, Louisa 
Vice-Pres., Rev. John C. Kinzie, Louisa 
Sec., Mr. T. C. Andrews, Frederick Hall 
Treas., Mr. E. B. Pendleton, Jr., Louisa 

(Henry County) 

Teacher p| Weekday Religious Education, 

Mrs. John D. Kessler, 12 Cleveland 
Ave., Martinsville 


Pres., Mr. Irving W. Ramsey, 213 Thomas 
Heights, MartinsviUe 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Joe McFaddin, Scuffle Hill, 

Sec., Mrs. George Pollard, 706 Finley, Mar- 

Treas., Mr. James F. Hodnett, 711 Starling 
St., Martinsville 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Mrs. Elmer C. Pixley, Chase City 
Mrs. C. O. Bugg, Jr., PMUis 


Pres., Rev. J. M. Bratton, Clarksville 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. Frank Brown, Clarksville 
Sec., Mrs. John Jolly, Clarksville 
Treas., Mr. J. A. Kibler, RFD, Chase City 


Blacksburg Council of 
Religious Education 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Dorothy Fazenbaker, 708 S. Main 
St., Blacksburg 


Pres., Mrs. Frank O. Mosely, 904 Draper 
Rd., Blacksburg 

Vice-Pres., Dr. R. K. Stivers, Cohee Road. 
S.E., Blacksburg 

Sec., Mrs. Eugene Smith, Progress St., 

Treas., Mr. John C. Martin, 207 Washing- 
ton St., Blacksburg 

Chrisiiansburg Council of 
Religious Education 

Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Evelyn Correll, Box 154, Chris- 


Pres., Mr. Albert Correll, 203 Park St., 

Treas., Mr. Paul H. Foster, 312 East Main 

St., Christiansburg 

Radford Council of 
Religious Education 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Katherine Enns, 1204 Downey St., 

Pres., Mr. H. A. Bruce, 600 Harvey St.. 

Sec., Miss Catherine Slaughter, Radford 

College, Radford 

Treas., Mr. G. M. Roberts, Radford 
Chairman, WRE, Prof. H. C. Graybeal, 






Pres., Mrs. Mac Jones, 602 Oak St., Black- 

Sec., Mrs. G. Hagberg, 508 W. Virginia 
Ave., Crewe 

Treas., Miss Emmie Walton, Burkeville 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Anna Belle Harris, 138 E. Main 
St., Orange 


Pres., Mr. Newton Sparks, Orange 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Upshur Mitchell, Orange 
Sec., Miss Gladys Coward, GordonsvUJe 
Treas., Mr. J. M. Myers, Orange 



Teacher of Weekday Eeligious Education, 
Mr. Joe S. Bage, 715 East Main St., 


Pres., Mr. Paul Black, Luray 
Vice-Pres., Mr. Leonard Dovel, Stanley 
Sec., Mr. David F. Miller, Luray 
Treas., Mr. Kermit Kibler, RFD, Stanley 



Teachers of Weekday Keligious Education: 
Miss Hazel Saunders, 114 East Center 

Street, Manassas 
Mrs. Paul Swigart, Manassas 


Pres., Rev. Carl Smith, Manassas 
Vice-Pres., Rev. L. A. Jackson, Haymarket 
Sec,, Mrs. Reba Hopkins, Nokesville 
Treas., Mrs. Margaret Guy, Manassas 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. F. L. HUtzheimer, Jr., Box 455, 


Pres., Mr. B. P. Edwards, Box 382, Pulaski 
Sec., Mrs. J. C. Montgomery, Randolph 

Ave., Pulaski 
Treas., Mr. J. P. Miller, 822 N. Jefferson 

Ave., Pulaski 

Draper Council of 
Religious Education 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Frances Beaty, Draper 

Pres., Rev. Ray Redd, Draper 

Vice-Pres,, Rev. P. O. Sartelle, Draper 
Sec., Mrs. R. J. Shelburn, Snowville 
Treas., Mr. R. J. Shelburn, Snowville 

Dublin Council of 
Religious Education 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Kate Guthrie, Rt. 2, Dublin 


Pres., Mr. E. G. Simpson, Dublin 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. H. L. Jackson, Dublin 
Sec., Miss Florence Repass, Dublin 



Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Evelyn Ridge, 518 Taylor St., 


Pres., Rev. L. W. Kessler, Rt. 5, Lexington 
Sec., Miss Mildred Alphin, RFD 5, Lex- 

Treas., Mr. William McCorkle, Honey- 
suckle Hill, Lexington 

Natural Bridge-Glasgow 
Council of Religious Education 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Mrs. Malcolm Yaple, 209 E. Nelson St., 


Pres., Mr. James Halloman, Glasgow 
Sec., Miss Viola Firebaugh, Natural Bridge 

Treas., Mr. O. Wendell Smith, Glasgow 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education : 
Miss Mildred Mundy, 211 West Gay St., 


Miss Constance Rumbough, 276 Frank- 
lin St., Harrisonburg 
Mrs. E. W. Roller, Box 45, Broadway 
Miss Laura Ripley, Harrisonburg 
Miss Ruby Ellis, Harrisonburg 
Miss Beverley Smits, Harrisonburg 


Pres., Mr, Yancey Gillum, Newman Bldg., 

Vice-Pres., Mrs. Hubert Shaver, Mt. Craw- 

Sec., Mrs. Elmer Kaylor, 448 E. Elizabeth 
St., Harrisonburg 

Treas., Mr. Frank Thomas, Bridge water 



Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 
Mrs. Elmer E. Miller, Edinburg 
Miss Aileen Gray, Woodstock 

Pres., Rev. Charles Crank, Jr., Strasburg 



Vice-Pres., Mr. C. W. Long, New Market 
Sec., Mrs. Louis K. Woodward, Jr., Wood- 
Treas., Mr. Joseph Pifer, Strasburg 



Teacher of Weekday Eeligious Education, 
Miss Shirley Barker, Box 523, Marion 


Pres., Mr. Clarence Noonkester, Marion 
Vice-Pres., Dr. T. E. Davis, Royal Oaks 

Presby. Ch., Marion 

Sec., Mrs. M. L. Greenwood, Jr., Marion 
Treas., Mr. Robert S. Garnett, Marion 


Abingdon Council of 
Religious Education 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 

Pres., Mr. J. J. Cozart, 115 East Valley St., 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Fred Large, 106 Wall St., 

Treas., Mr. Jack Rush, Stone Mill Rd., 


Bristol Council of 
Religious Education 


Teachers of Weekday Religious Education: 

Miss Mildred Robertson, 824 Fair- 
mount Ave., Bristol 

Mrs. Francis Steppe, 618 Buckner St., 

Miss Mildred Clark, 908 Wilson Ave., 

Pres., Rev. W. Malcolm Fuller, 1st Baptist 

Church, Bristol 
Vice-Pres., Rev. J. Lester Link, 917 Edge- 

mont Ave., Bristol, Tenn. 
Sec., Mrs. Joe B. Van Pelt, 714 Park, 

Treas., Mr. I. S. Mainous, 403 Lynwood, 

Bristol, Tenn. 

Saltville Council of 
Religious Education 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 
Miss Lenora Richardson, Hotel Salt- 
ville, Saltville 


Pres., Mr. W. J. Totten, Saltville 
Sec., Miss Eula Lee Haynes, Saltville 
Treas*, Mr. Melvin F. Goff, Glade Spring 


Teacher of Weekday Religious Education, 

Miss Jenny Howell, 525 West Main St., 


Pres., Dr. B. A. Wagoner, Wytheville 

Vice-Pres., Rev. H. C. Evans, Rural Re- 

Sec., Mrs. W. I. Armentrout, Max Meadows 
Treas., Mrs. Allen M. Soyars, 365 S. 1st St., 



2005 Fifth Ave., Seattle 1 


Gen. Sec., Dr. Gertrude L. Apel 
Dir. Business and Fin., Mr. C. W. Thomp- 

Dir., Audio-Visuals, Miss Ida Terras 
Dir, Migrant Work, Mr. and Mrs. Soren 

Dir., Research, Prof. Arthur L. Frederick 

Dir., Women's Work, Mrs. Ralph E. Dun- 

Dir., Work with Armed Forces and Insti- 
tutional Ministry, Rev. Chester S. 

Dir., United Church Overseas Relief, Mr. 
Gerald W. Pelton 


Pres., Senator Tom C. Hall, Skamokawa 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. W. Wilson Rasco, 112 

E. Birch, Walla Walla 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Thomas V. Kingery, 

Rt. 10, Box 11, Olympia 
Rec. Sec., Miss Kaoru Ichihara 
Treas., Mr. William E. Sander, 1508 7 Ave. 
Asst. Treas.: 

Mr. Edward J. Fuller, Wesley Gardens, 

Des Moines 

Mr. Frank L. Hawkins, Comm. Auto- 
motive Service, Inc., Westlake No. & 
Denny Way 


Activities Commission, Rev. Chester B. 
Fisk, First Congregational Church, 209 
South J. St., Tacoma 

Audio-Visuals, Rev. Raymond Proudfoot, 
Box 702, Edmonds 

Children's Work, Mrs. Merle J. Moore, 
418 Loretta Place 

Church Planning and Strategy, Dr. E. H. 
Gebert, 107 West Maple Terrace, Long- 

Denominational Directors' Fellowship, 
Rev. Charles W. Muir, 1104 17th Ave. 

Finance Commission, Mr. Gordon S. Clin- 
ton, 1212 Hoge Bldg. 

Institutions, Mr. William Glenn Fowler, 
P. O. Box 26, Duvall 

International Justice and Goodwill, Rev. 
Walter L. Peterson, 726 Park St., 

Leadership Education, 

Migrant Work, Rev. Holly R. Jarvis, 1316 
Sacramento, Richland 

Public Relations, Mr. James Stevens, West 
Coast Lumbermen's Assn., White Hen- 
ry Stuart Bldg. 

Research, Rev. Elwin H, Scheyer, 814 Re- 
public Bldg. 

U. C. Y. M., Mr. Harley D. Cook, Pres., 
403 S. 14 Ave., Yakima 

U. C. Y. M., Advisory Com., Rev. Clifford 
Knight, 814 Republic Bldg. 



United Church Women, Mrs. Thomas V. 

Kingery, Rt. 1, Box 11, Olympia 
United. Church Overseas Relief, Mr. Edgar 

J. Wright, 535 E. 95 St. 


2005 Fifth Ave., Seattle 1 

Gen. Sec., Dr. Gertrude L. Apel 

Dir. Business and Fin., Mr. C. W. Thomp- 

Dir., Audio- Visuals, Miss Ida Terras 

Dir., Women's Work, Mrs. Ralph E. Dun- 

Dir., Work with Armed Forces and Institu- 
tional Ministry, Rev. Chester S. Ram- 

Dir., United Church Overseas Relief, Mr. 
Gerald W. Pelton 

Pres., Dr. Cyrus E. Albertson, First Meth- 
odist Ch., 5th and Marion St. 

1st Vice-Pres., Mr. Arthur G. Barnett, 1304 
Northern Life Tower 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. James W. Bell, 711 
37 Ave. 

3rd Vice-Pres., Rev. A. Stanley MacNair, 
Univ. Baptist Ch., 4554 12 Ave., N.E. 

Treas., Mr. William E. Sander, 1508 7 Ave. 

Asst. Treas.: 

Mr. Edward J. Fuller, Wesley Gardens, 

Des Moines 

Mr. Frank L. Hawkins, Comm. Auto- 
motive Serv., 9 North and Denny 

Rec. Sec.: 

Mr. N. Paul Moats, 12309 Hiram PL 
Mr. Albert C. Hausske, Univ. Chris- 
tian Ch,, 4759 15 Ave., NE. 

Chr. Fin. Comm., Mr. Gordon S. Clinton, 
1212 Hoge Bldg. 


Audio-Visuals, Rev. Raymond S. Proud- 
foot, Box 702, Edmonds 

Church Planning and Strategy, Dr. Archie 
H. Hook, 720 14 Ave N. 

Civic Affairs, Mr. Steve C. Brace, Central 
Y.M.C.A. 909 4 Ave. 

Director of Chr. Ed., Miss Ella Magee, 
Univ. Methodist Temple, 4321 15 Ave. 

Evangelism, Rev. Donald M. Salmon, First 
Christian Church, 1632 Bway. 

Family Life, Rev. Reynold E. Best, 4157 

Institutional Ministry, Rev. Robert W. 
Hicks, 4710 E. 70 

International Justice and Goodwill, Rev. 
Donald L. Swerdfeger, 321 N. 79 

Leadership Education, 

Music, Mr. Victor L. Nutley, N. W. Mu- 
tual Life Ins. Co., 217 Pine St. 

Public Relations, Mr. Ralph V. Backstrom, 
3545 E. 96 

Race Relations, Rev. Wayne D. Griffen, 
710 30 Ave., S. 

United Church Men, Mr. Alvin C Hahn, 
5536 Canfield Place 

United Church Overseas Relief, Rev. 
Wayne Wright, 604847 Ave., S.W. 

United Church Women, Mrs. James W. 
Bell, 711 37 Ave. 

Work with Armed Forces, Rev. Udell R. 
Rivers, 13163 Ave., W. 

Youth Work, Rev. Clyde Reid, 4411 Ferdi- 


309 Hyde Bldg., Spokane 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Arthur J. Stanley 
Supv. Week Day Bible Schools, Mrs. 

Roland S. Scott 

Pres., Rev. J. Hiram Hogberg, W. 1428 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Roy Howes, Euclid & 

2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. A. G. Naundorf, E. 14 

3rd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Ira Wells, Pleasant 


Sec., Mrs. Joe Miller, W. 3104 Providence 
Treas., John S. Jantz, W. 36 39th 


Audio-Visual, Prof. William G. Wilson, 

Country Homes 
Boy Scout, Rev. Roy Finch, N. 3908 Dris- 

coll Blvd. 

Childrens Work, 

Christian Mission and Service, 

Civic Affairs & Public Morals, Rev. Harold 

Black, S. 232 Nelson 
Evangelism, Dr. G. Christie Swain, S. 318 


Family Life, 

Finance, G. M. Pinkerton, E. 724 32 
Industrial Relations, 

Institutions, Dr. Wfflard Johnson, S. 411 

Leadership Training, Miss Evelyn Smith, 

Whitworth College 


Minority Relations, Eugene Breckenridge, 

E. 408 Hartson 


Promotion, Jack Gunn, S. 1411 Division 

Radio and Television, 

Religion and Health, Rev. Hiram Hogberg, 

W. 1428 Broadway 
United Church Canvass, Rev. A. Howard 

Plummer, W. 4028 Heroy 
United Church Men, Elwood Ball, S. 327 

Week Day Bible School, Dr. C. C. Berkey, 

Hyde Bldg. 


115 S. 9 St. 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Gilbert B. Christian 
Hostess, Servicemen's Center, Mrs. Erna 

Center Program Dir., Mrs. Ruth Todd 



Pres., Mr. G. Hanley Barker, 3710 N. 

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Harold C. Williams, 

625 S. Anderson 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Raymond S. Seward, 

3011 N. 22 St. 
3rd Vice-Pres., Mr. Harold Fisk, 2130 N. 


Rec. Sec., Rev. Ted Hastings, 3011 North 12 
Treas., Mr. Russell Carlson, 3736 N. 29 


Audio Visual Aids, Rev. Clinton Rigg, 6 & 
Kay St. 



Bowling Alleys, Mr. Lock C. Riehl, 1 E. 

Business & Finance, Mr. Howard E. Greg- 
ory, 3912 N. Mason 

Christian Education, Rev. Donald W. Bald- 
win, 8423 South G 

Christian Life & Work, Rev. Frank E. 
Brown, 1017 N. Cedar 

Christian Youth Council, Rev. Don Utter- 
back, 228 Berkeley 

Church Planning & Strategy, 

Civic Affairs, Dr. Hugh Tudor, 1724 N. 


Family Life, Mr. Marshall D. Adams, 4131 
Madrona Way 

Industrial & Labor Relations, Dr. Harold 
Long, 909 North Jay 

International & Race Relations, Mr. Harry 
Winsor, 639 North Skyline 

Leadership Training School, Mr. Marvin 
Bolinger, 2620 N. 12 

Overseas Relief, Rev. William Andrews, 
12152 Pacific Ave. 

Personnel, Mr. G. Hanley Barker, 3710 
North Stevens 

Promotion & Public Relations, Mr. Al 
Fenn, 714 Market St. 

Public Meetings, Rev. Robert G. Albert- 
son, 5611 South Puget So. 

Radio & Television, Rev. C. Ellsworth 
Wilson, 609 E. 35 

Servicemen's Center, Mr, W. C. George- 
son, 620 North I 

Weekday Church School, Dr. David John- 
son, 63 West Road 

Weekday Church School Board of Educa- 
tion, Dr. David Johnson, 63 West Road 



50344 Street S.E., Charleston 4 


Exec. Sec., Rev. Jarrett T. Chandler 
Chaplain, Rev. Oren N. Reneau, W. Va. 

Boys Industrial School 
Better Use & Wider Understanding of the 

Bible, Rev. Carl R. Key 
Human Relations, Mr. Phillip Space 


Pres., Rt. Rev. Wilburn C. Campbell, 
1608A Virginia St., East 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Roy Keys, 527 Musgrave 
Ave., Clarksburg 

Sec., Rev. Moses Newsome, 1001 Wash- 
ington St. East 

Treas., Mr. John S. Lacaria, Room 401, 
Kanawha Valley Bank Bldg. 


Christian Education, Rev. Aldred P. Wal- 
lace, Box 1668, Parkersburg 

Church Extension & Strategy, Rev. Walter 
S. Overstreet, 614 Court St., Weston 

Evangelism & Worship, Rev. Joe B. Over- 
myer, 317 W. Wash, St. 

Finance, Dr. James M. Henry, 2316 Plum 
St., Parkersburg 

Ministry to Public Institutions, Rev. A. H. 
Wilson, Beckley 

Radio & Television, Dr. Lee Shane, 840 
Chester Rd. 

Social Education & Action, Rev. W. Al- 
bert Donaldson, 909 Main St. 

Town & Country, Rev. Ward W. Hibbs, 
Alderson Broaddus College, Philippi 




Box 733, Huntington 

Supervisor, Mrs. Harold M. Hayward 
Dir., Dr. Harold M. Hayward (volunteer) 


Fifteenth St., Elkins 

Dir. of Weekday Religious Education, Dr. 

David K. Allen 

Pres., Rev. Herschell H. Richmond, 612 

Benoni Ave. 

Vice-Pres., Mr. Oscar Hayes, Mannington 
Treas., Rev. Harold Mann, Grace Lutheran 



110 Methodist Building, Wheeling 


Exec. Sec., Mrs. A. B. Stenger 
Film Librarian, Mrs. Edna Strautman 
*Hospital Sec., Miss Lottie Martz 


Pres., Rev. I. S. Middaugh, 201 S. B'dway 
Vice-Pres., Rev. C. G. Aurand, 26 Maple 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Frederic F. Bush, Jr., 

1414 Chapline St. 

Sec., Miss Martha Bartels, 148 S. Park 
Treas., Mr. Chas. E. Kalkreuth, Nat'l. Bank 

of W.Va., 1201 Main St. 


Christian Education, Rev. Wm. A. Woods, 

2204 Marshall Ave. 
Community Good Will & Understanding, 

Rev. C. D. Watkins, 102 Sycamore St. 
Evangelism, Rev. J. Davis niingworth, 

905 National Rd. 
Interchurch Cooperation, Rev. J. M. Helm, 

209 Methodist Bldg. 
United Church Women, Mrs. H. S. Hut- 

zell, 13 Birch Ave. 



Teacher in High School and Pastor of 

Parish, Rev. Vairl C. Winter 


Pres., Mr. G. W. Monroe, Palestine 



Vice Pres., Mr. F. Robinson, Creston 
Sec. & Treas., Mrs. May LaDeaux, Pales- 



Adult, Rev. Clifford Ball 
Youth, Rev. Vairl C. Winter 



119 E. Washington Avenue, Madison 3 


Exec. Vice-Pres., Mr. Ellis H. Dana 
Special Exec. Asst., Mr. W. L. Witte 
Financial Consultant, Mr. John H. Hoff 
'Managing Editor, Mrs. John Toussaint 
Badger, Christian Fellowship Dir., Mrs. 

William P. Roth 


Pres., Mr. John Visser, 707 N. 11 St., Mil- 


Rev. Earl E. Allen, 2568 N. Grant Blvd., 

Mrs. Stanley J. Brown, Woodland Ave., 

Elm Grove 
Rev. Clarence Hammen, 106 E. Mil- 

waukee Ave., Ft. Atkinson 
Sec., Mr. Lorenz W. Heise, 2631 N. 96 St., 

Wauwatosa 13 

Treas., Mr. Arnold G. Gehner, 1 W. Main 
St. (3) 

Christian Education, Mr. O. B. Smith, 257 

W. Broadway, Waukesha 
Citizenship & Legislation, Bev. Maurice 

Jones, 1120 Ash St., Baraboo 
Comity, Dr. Irwin E. Bradfield, 255 W. 

Broadway, Waukesha 
Evangelism & Worship, Rev. Charles M. 

Brown, 338 Grove St., Ft. Atkinson 
Finance, Mr. E. H. Mevis, Princeton 
Men's Work, Mr. Frank Nelson, 2007 

Washington St., Racine 
Public Relations, Mr. G. I. Wallace, 923 

Regent St. (5) 
Research & Information, Rev. Samuel D. 

Robbins, Adams 
Social Agencies, Rev. Samuel G. Beers, 

Box C, Waupun 
Temperance, Rev. M. Stanford Strosahl, 

325 Grant St., Ft. Atkinson 
Town & Country, Rev. Bernard Kassilke, 

209 S. 2 St., Delavan 
Urban Life, Rev. Howard Wiley, First 

Presbyterian Church, Beloit 


21 Valley Road, Beloit 

Exec, Sec., Mrs. James M. Bradford 


Pres., Pastor Frank A. Berg, 843 Wisconsin 

Vice-Pres., Rev. Howard G. Wiley, 501 

Prospect Ave. 

Sec., Rev. John Simon, 1215 Liberty Ave. 
Treas., Mr. Earl M. Van Lone, Emerson 

Christian Education, Rev. Howard G. 
Wiley, 501 Prospect 

Finance, Rev. Kenneth F. Fox, 1119 11 St. 

Interchurch Comity & Evangelism, Rev. 
Ariel R. Molldrem, 749 Bluff 

Public Relations, Rev. Kermit Olsen, 617 
Public Ave. 

Social Action, Rev. Arlie H. Krussell, 1292 

Special Days, Rev. John Simon, 1215 Lib- 
erty Ave. 


207 West Washington Ave., Madison 

Exec. Sec., Rev. James R. Love 


Pres., Rev. Alfred W. Swan, 1609 Univer- 
sity Ave. 
1st Vice-Pres., Mr. Armand Ketterer, 445 

S. Owen Dr. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Richard Campbell 

3410 Circle Close 
Treas., Mr. Roland B. Day, 110 E. Main 

Sec., Rev. James R. Love, 1510 Chandler 

St. or 207 W. Washington Ave. 


Comity, Mr. G. I. Wallace, 923 Regent St. 
Development, Mr. Rolland Berger, Rt. 4, 

Waubesa Beach Rd. 
Finance, Mr. B. E. Miller, 4210 Wanetah 

Madison Christian Youth Council: 

Mr. Carl Newton, Chm., 1004 Garfield 

Rev.' J. Laing Burns, Adv., 1205 Sher- 
man Ave. 

Mr. Loren Cockrell, 207 W. Washing- 
ton Ave. 

Miss Edna Westerstrom, 122 State St. 
Publicity, Mr. Arthur Wichern, 305 Stone 

Radio, Rev. Richard E. Pritchard, 4100 

Nakoma Rd. 
Religious Education, Mrs. Marian Miller, 

203 Wisconsin Ave. 
Religious Services, Rev. David Nielsen, 

2330 Sommers Ave. 

Scouting, Mr. Leslie Morris, 1805 Univer- 
sity Ave. 
Social Action and Education, Mrs. Ernest 

R. Anderson, 4209 Doncaster Dr. 
Student Hospitality, Mrs George Booth, 

303 Lathrop St. 


633 N. 4 St., Milwaukee 3 

Exec. Sec., Miss Marguerite Ohm 


Pres., Rev. Herbert E. Zebarth, 3950 N. 

56 St. 
1st Vice-Pres., Rev. Wm. Clyde Donald, 

2301 N. 38 St. 
2nd Vice-Pres., Calvin O. Evans, 3375 N. 

49 St. 
3rd Vice-Pres., Mrs. W. C. Candy, 2163 N. 

51 St. 
4th Vice-Pres., Rev. Clifford M. Fritz, 1621 

S. 77 St. 



Chairmen National and International Relations, Rev. 
Christian Education, Eev. Vernon I. Flynn, Everett W. Mac Nair, 2817 E. Hamp- 

8336 N. Greenvale Ave. shire Ave. 

Church Life, Rev. Wm. V. Longbrake, Protestant Home for the Aged, Rev. Chas. 

2308 E. Belleview PL N. Geisler, Jr., 4048 N. Bartlett Ave. 

Comity, -- - - : - - Publicity & Promotion, Mr. Marvin A. 
Community Service, Rev. Byron W. Kin- Lemkuhl, 733 N. Van Buren St. 

128 w - ** - B - poweu - 

Finance, Mr. Walter J. KeUer, 625 N. Public Welfare Mr Herbert A. F. Schultz, 
Water St. 115 W. Saveland Ave. 

Hospital Visitation, Rev. Neil H. Swanson, Radio-TV, Rev. Edgar G. Ble-tcher, 10708 
Jr., 1511 Church St., Wauwatosa W. Fond du Lac Ave. 




The following list comprises councils of churches and of religious educa- 
tion, with voluntary leadership. In order to conserve space, the term "coun- 
cil of churches" is not repeated with each entry. 

Thus, e.g., "Mobile Council of Churches" is printed "Mobile," and the offi- 
cer or officers follow with their addresses. 

When the name of the agency is not a council of churches, it is printed in 


Mobile: Pres., Mr. A. Carl Adkins, 174-A 
St. Francis St. 

Tuscaloosa Religious Council: Pres., Mr. 
Russell Anders, Main Ave., Northport; 
Treas., Mr. Gordon Rosen, 2319-8 St. 



Alameda: Pres., Rev, John Bruneer, 1317 
Central Ave.; Treas., Mr. R. E. Barbour, 
1335 Caroline St. 

Antioch: Pres., Rev. Ralph Daniel, 2116 
Dennis Drive; Treas., Mrs. Maude 
Cowan, 405 8th St 

Eden: Pres., Rev. John V. Moore, 1183 B 
Street, Hayward; Treas., Mr. Floyd L. 
Grouse, 534 St. George St., Hayward 

Exeter: Pres., Mr. Glenn D. Miller, 200 
North D St.; Treas., Rev. Mr. DeGrado, 
349 South I St 

Lodi: Pres., Rev. Theodore Yackel, 111 No. 
Central Ave.; Treas., Mrs. John Schue, 
301 Acacia St. 

Marin: Pres., Mrs. Erwin C. Tipton, 2 
Neame Ave., San Rafael; Treas., Rev. 
Leonard S. Weed, Jr., 109 N. San Pedro 
Rd. t San Venetia 

Menlo Park: Pres., 

Merman Area: Pres., Mrs. Abram Masco- 
renas, F and 5 St., Biola; Treas., Mrs. 
W. Finkis, Rt 2, Box 151D, Madera 

Modesto: Pres., Rev. Nicholas Gosselink, 
1413 Harris Ave.; Treas., Mr. Wilford 
Weaver, Rt. 1, Box 190, Waterford 

Palo Alto: Pres., Dr. R, Marvin Stuart, 
P. O. Box 559 

San Leandro: Pres., Mr. H. A. Knudsen, 
581 Haas Ave.; Treas., Mr. James M. 
Wade, 5825 Acorn St., Castro Valley 

Selma: Pres., Mrs. Merle Shantz, 2860 D 
Street; Treas., Mrs. Gladys Benight, 
1702 Cross St. 

Santa Cruz Area: Pres., Rev. R. J. Rush- 

doony, 325 Berkeley Way; Treas., Mr. 
Noel A. Chalmers, 621 Cayuga St. 

Walnut Creek: Pres., Rev. Irvin Askine, 
1601 Sunnyvale Ave.; Treas., Mr. Rich- 
ard G. P. Mauss, 1384 Springbrook Rd. 

Yolo County: Pres., Mr. John R. Douglass, 
Rt. 3, Box 287, Woodland; Treas., Mrs. 
Aileen Diggs, 730 Marshall, Woodland 



Arcadia: Pres., Mr. Jesse Baker, 120 Simon 
Ave.; Treas., Mr. C. F Williams, 2431 
Greenfield Ave. 

CoacheUa Valley: Pres., Rev. Harvey Har- 
per, Box 126, Coachella; Treas., Mr. 
Ralph E. Webber, P.O. Box 1709, Indio 

Corona: Pres., Mr. Ralph Woodward, 405 
E. Olive St.; Treas., Mr. Lawrence Key, 
923 E. Grand Blvd., Corona 

Harbor: Pres., Mr. M. C. Cronic, 153 E. 
22, Costa Mesa; Treas., Miss Clara Kohl- 
stead, 719 Poinsettia, Coronadel Mar 

Ontario, United Churches of: Pres., Rev. 
Paul B. Kennedy, 135 Bonita St.; Treas., 
Mrs. N. Hanna, 624 Princeton 

Orange County: Pres., Rev. T. Eugene 
Coffin, 12211 S. Magnolia Ave., Garden 
Grove; Treas., Rev. Lloyd Munger, 712 
N. Main St., Santa Ana 

Riverside Church Federation: Pres., Rev. 
B. Frank Cron, 4174 Oakwood; Treas., 
Mr. Delphin B. Difani, 4421 Brockton 

Santa Ana: Pres., Rev. George J. Bus- 
diecker, 1502 N. Parton St.; Treas., Mr. 
N. E. Whittam, 1131 S. Parton St. 


Boulder: Pres., Miss Jessie K. Fitzpatrick, 
936 Mapleton Ave.; Treas., Mr. E. W. 
Jensen, 916-11 St. 

Fort Collins: Pres., Mr. H. D. Finch, 1506 
Peterson; Treas., Mr. Roy R. Murchison, 
200 Circle Drive 



Greeley: Pres., Mr. Harold Adcock, 52 
AUes Acres; Treas., Dr. S. R. Toussaint, 
1713 Glenmere Blvd. 

Littleton: Pres., Mr. Rupert Nutting, 201 
So. Windemere Ave.; Treas., Mr. Ben 
Lawton, 247 West Main St. 

Loveland: Pres., Rev. Francis K. Hause- 
man, 524 Harrison Ave.; Treas., Mr. Ben 
Gregg, Jr., 1020 Grant Ave. 

Pueblo: Pres., Mr. Floyd E. House, 903 
Grand Ave.; Treas,, Mr. Donald T. Fox, 
4051/2 W. 13 

San Luis Valley: Pres., Rev. Charles W. 
Bryan, 258 Washington, Monte Vista; 
Treas., Miss Florence Eisele, Center 

Trinidad: Pres., Rev. R. W. Bartels, 613 
Prospect; Treas., Rev. Donald R. Behm, 
119 Colorado Ave. 


Branford: Pres., Mrs. Fred Harrison, North 
St., North Branford; Treas., Mr. Archi- 
bald Marshall, Main St. 

Bristol: Pres., Rev. Arthur T. Tedcastle, 
93 Summer St.; Treas., Mr. John L. 
Shields, 16 Elm St. 

Danbury Area: Pres., Mr. Chester A. Sil- 
lars, 3 Harmony St., Danbury; Treas., 
Mr. Frank M. Stone, Jr., Hilltop Manor, 

Danielson: Pres., Mr. Luther C. Pierce, 
Box 193, Brooklyn; Treas., Miss Lois 
Baker, Brooklyn 

Darien (See Stamford-Darien) 

East Hampton: Pres., Rev. Henry Tuttle, 
RR 2, Box 36, E. Hampton; Treas., Mrs. 
Walter Newman, Haddam Neck 

Litchfield: Pres., Rev. Charles T. Russ, 
Second Cong. Ch., West Cornwall; 
Treas., Miss Dorothy Ives, West Cornwall 

Manchester: Pres., Mr. Robert G. Loomis, 
343 Porter St.; Treas., Rev. John E. 
Post, 70 Henry St. 

Middlesex (Northern): Pres., Rev. Fred- 
erick Reissig, 64 High St., Middletown 

Milford: Pres., Mr. William Zeliff, 43 Howe 
St.; Treas., Mr. John L. Gretz, Clark 
Hill Road 

Naugatuck: Pres., Rev. Matthew H Gates, 
214 Meadow St.; Treas., Mr. James H. 
Emison, 412 Quinn St. 

New Britain: Pres., Mr. Samuel C. Wil- 
cox, 72 Russell St.; Treas., Mr. John 
G. Luebeck, 30 Vine St 

New London Area Federation of Churches: 
Pres., Mr. John F. Butler, 140 Hemp- 
stead St., New London; Treas., Miss 
Katheryn Simpson, 161 Monument St., 

New Milford; Pres,, Rev. C. Victor Brown Eureka: Pres M Rev. John Swearingen 


Northern Middlesex: Pres., Rev. Frederick 
H. Reissig, 64 High St., Middletown; 
Treas., Mr. Ralph Morgan, Dennison 
Rd., Middletown 

Plainfield: Pres., Rev. William Tyler, Can- 
terbury; Treas., Mr. Frank Smith, Ster- 

PlainviUe: Pres., Mr. Marion S. Gris<, 147 
East Main St., Forestville 

Southington: Pres., Rev. Martin L. Dol- 
beer, Jr., 232 Bristol St.; Treas., Mrs. 
Walter Hyneck, East St. 

Stamford-Darien: Pres., Mr. Norman J. 
Woodberry, 212 Roxbury Rd., Stamford; 
Treas., Mr. George W. Veit, 463 Hope 
St., Stamford 

Stratford Federation of Churches: Pres., 
Rev. Robert Meier, 143 Margherita Lawn; 
Treas., Mr. Duane Kellogg, 1894 Elm St. 

Suffield: Pres., Mr. Robert M. Robertson, 
11 Marbern Dr.; Treas., Mrs. Appleton 
H. Seaverns, Main St. 

Tolland County: Pres., Mr. Emil Kray- 
mann, 7 King St., Rockville; Treas., Mr. 
Gordon Gibson, RJ?.D. 1, Rockville 

Torrington: Pres., Rev. Kenneth Cooper, 
First Baptist Church; Treas., Mr. Fred 
Sowers, 736 So. Main 

Wethersfield: Pres., Mr. Ralph E. Keir- 
stead, 965 Folly Brook Blvd. (9); Treas., 
Miss Eleanor D. Adams, 106 Broad St. 

Winsted Area: Pres., Mr. Ellsworth M. 
Beecher, Winchester Center 


Maui: Pres., Mr. Charles Sawyer, Pauwela; 
Treas., Mr. Wilson P. Common, Kahlui 


Adams County: Pres., Mr. Kenneth E. 
Frazier, R.R. 2, Quincy; Treas., Rev. E. 
Dunavin, Camp Point 

Bloomington-Normal: Pres., Dr. Clyde T. 
McCormick, 609 Suddeth Rd., Normal; 
Treas., Mr. Arthur Anderson, 1204 N. 
Fell Ave., Bloomington 

Bureau County: Sec., Rev. D. C. Durey, 506 
N. Pleasant St., Princton; Treas., Rev. 
Carl K. Nelson, 118 N. Pleasant St., 

Carlinville: Pres., Rev. Allan A. Miller, 
Emanuel Baptist Church 

Casey: Pres., Mr. Frank Mumford, N. 
Fourth St.; Treas., Mr. Harold Johns 

Champaign-XIrbana Council of Religious 
Education: Pres., Mr. Clarence H. De- 
Long, P. O. Box 28, Champaign 

Deerfield, Interchurch Council of: Pres., 
Rev. Harry O. Willman, Waukegan Road 


Fairbury: Pres., Rev. Cecil Lockard; 
Treas., Rev. Donald Vaupel 

Fulton County: Pres., Mr. William John- 
son, R.F.D., Canton; Treas., Mr. Ray- 
mond Vorhees, 253 W. Pine St., Canton 

Galesburg: Pres., Mr. C. F. Bengtson, 789 
N. Broad St.; Treas., Mr. C. H. Franseen, 
267 N. Farnham St. 

Henry County: Pres., Mr. James White, 

Iroquois County: Pres., Mr. Paul B. Laird, 

Kewanee: Pres., Mr. Roland Olson, 706 
Gilbert St.; Treas., Mr. E. O. Reaugh, 
111 McKinley Ave. 

La Grange, Church Federation of: Pres., 
Mr. Henry J. West, 72 W. Brainard 

Lexington: Pres., Mrs. Frank Waters; 
Treas., Mr. Edwin Sparks 

Monmouth: Pres., Dr. Madge Stewart San- 
mann, 315 S. Fifth St.; Treas., Mr. Earl 
Carwile, 505 N. Sunny Lane 

Mount Morris: Pres., Mr. William L. Har- 
per, 210 E. Lincoln; Treas., Mrs. William 
Webster, E. Lincoln St. 

Naperville: Pres., Mr. Victor L. Thornton, 
Parkside Rd. 

Normal (See Bloomington-Normal) 

Oswego: Pres., Rev. Le Roy Hartley; Sec., 
Rev. Leo H. Buechler 

Ottawa: Pres., Mr. A. A. Andrews, 402 
Second Ave.; Treas., Mr. Roy D. Fogle, 
1229 Phelps St. 

Pulaski: Pres., Mr. M. D. Breesford, R.R., 
Villa Ridge 

Quincy: Pres., Rev. Arthur Ebeling, 1319 
Payson Ave.; Treas., Mrs. Hershel Tar- 
rant, 3 KenMar 

Rushville: Pres., Rev. Leon R. De Forest, 
210 N. Monroe St.; Treas., Mr. Doane G. 
Trone, 450 W. Clinton 

Stock Yards District, Interchurch Council 
of: Pres., Mr. John T. Neufeld, 4215 So. 
Rockwell St., Chicago 32; Treas., Mr. J. 
Clifford Rogers, 5225 S. Nashville, Chi- 
cago 38 

Urbana (See Champaign-Urbana) 

Washington Street Church Council: Pres., 
Rev. John J. Garver, 109 South Page, 
Marengo; Treas., Mrs. Robert Maieson, 
716 South State, Marengo 


Alexandria: Pres., Rev. George H. Cal- 
houn, 202 West Church St.; Treas., Mr. 
Carl Kyle, 412 North Harrison St. 

Anderson Association of Churches: Pres., 
Mr. Frank K. Zoll, 28 West 12 St.; Treas., 
Mr. John Showalter, 1102 West 7 St. 

Bedford: Pres., Rev. Grant Blackwood, 
1417 K St.; Treas., Mr. Arthur R. Kinser, 
State Road 37 S 

Bloomfield: Pres., Rev. Verle Underwood, 
130 W. Spring St.; Treas., Mr. W. H. 
Harmon, W. Main St. 

Cass County Sunday School Association: 
Pres., Mr. Albert M. Rodgers, RR 1, 
Lucerne; Treas., Mrs. Arthur Snider, 
Box 53, Royal Center 

Clay County Council of Christian Educa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Wallace Miller, R.R. No. 
5, Brazil; Treas., Miss Anna Mae Swear- 
ingen, R. R. No. 1, Brazil 

Clinton County: Pres., Rev. John Wester- 
meyer, Mulberry; Treas., Mr. James Oli- 
ver, Mulberry 

Crawford County Council of Christian 
Education: Pres., Rev. Garland Horden, 
English; Treas., Mrs. Grace Summers, 
Rt. 1, Milltown 

Culver-Union Township: Pres., Rev. Ken- 
dall Sands, Culver; Treas., Mr. W. E. 
Smith, Culver 

Delaware County: Pres., Rev. Randall O. 
Campbell, Box 192, Selma; Treas., Mr. 
Wayne Kirklin, 1202 Wheeling Avenue, 

Dubois County Council of Christian Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. John Wuchner, RFD 
5, Jasper 

Floyd County: Pres., Rev. W. A. Amerson, 
202 W. Market St., New Albany; Treas., 
Mr. Thomas Mullineaux, 1217 E. Spring 
St., New Albany 

Grant County: Pres., Mr. Stephen D. 
Grain, 1017 W. Third St., Marion; Treas., 
Mrs. M. D. Miller, R.R. 3, Marion 

Hancock County: Pres., Mr. Warren 
O'Hara, 304 West North St., Greenfield; 
Treas., Miss Ruth Williamson, 438 W. 
Walnut St., Greenfield 

Harrison County Council of Christian Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. Emory Bruner, Cory- 

Harrison County: Pres., Mr. Adna Harris, 
Corydon; Treas., Mr. Marvin McCrady, 

Huntingburg: Pres., Mrs. Robert G. Fields, 
511 Fourth St.; Treas., Miss Lydia Par- 
tenheimer, 401 Second St. 

Jay County: Pres., Rev. Forest A. Reed, 
128 East Third St., Portland; Treas., Mr. 
Waldo Gegenheimer, Redkey 

Jeffersonville District: Pres., Mr. Thomas 
Bryant, 109 Smith Ave.; Treas., Miss 
Margaret Walk, 209 E. Chestnut 

Johnson: Pres., Rev. Theodore C. Meyer, 
Route 4, Franklin; Treas., Mrs. H. C. 
Powell, 600 Hamilton Ave., Franklin 

Marshall County: Pres., Mr. Harold Pifer, 
700 W. Lake, Plymouth; Treas., Mrs. 
Harold Pifer, 700 W. Lake, Plymouth 



Northern Newton County: Pres., Rev. 
Stanley Rolston, Methodist Church, Mo- 
rocco; Treas, Mrs. Roy Blann, R.R., 

Orange County: Pres., 

Posey County: Pres., Rev. William R. Kell, 
New Harmony; Treas., Mr. Charles Wil- 
liams, Wadesville 

Putnam County: Pres., Rev. Elmer E. 
Harvey, Gobin Meth. Ch., Greeneastle; 
Treas., Miss Catherine Caywood, Bain- 

Randolph County Council of Christian 
Education: Pres., Mr. Cleo Shierling, R. 
4, Winchester; Treas., Mr. Charles 
Puckett, Winchester 

Spencer County Council of Christian Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. Willard Roell, Dale; 
Treas., Mrs. Forrest Williamson, Newton- 

Steuben County: Pres., Mr. Reuben Riden- 
our, R 4, Angola; Treas., Mr. Carl 
Peachey, RR 2, Angola 

Terre Haute: Pres., Rev. John Constant, 
133 Barton Ave.; Treas., Rev. James 
Woodward, 1361 Third Ave. 

Tippecanoe County: Pres., Mr. George 
Wm. Wolf, 100 W. Stadium Ave., W. 
Lafayette; Treas., Mr. Richard A. Road, 
206 Connolly St., W, Lafayette 

Vermillion County: Pres., Mrs. Geneva 
Stein, Newport; Treas., Miss Dortha 
Skidmore, Dana 

Wabash County Council of Christian Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. Walter Spiece, Roann 

Washington County Council of Christian 
Education: Pres., Mr Jesse A. Robison, 
Rt. 2, Salem; Treas., Mr. John Martin, 

Western Wayne County: Pres., Mrs. Albert 
Ferris, Milton; Treas., Mrs. Clark Fau- 
cett, Pershing 

White County Council of Religious Educa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. William F. Hagen, 
Chalmers; Treas., Mr. B. C. Shell, 

Williamsport Council of Christian Educa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. James Brier, RR, Wil- 
liamsport; Treas., Miss Viola H. Reiff, 
211 North Monroe St. 


Ames Inter church Council: Pres., Mr. C. 
H. Rah, 803 Kellogg Ave.; Treas., Mr. 
Marvin Gould, 3219 Lettie 

Bedford Interchurch Council: Pres., Mr. 
Arthur Dinwiddie, 901 State St.; Treas,, 
Mr. L. R. Vogt 

Buchanan County: Pres., Mr. A. J. Men- 
denhall, RR 4, Independence; Treas., 
Mrs. Florence Harrington, 608 Fourth 
St., S.W. 

Burlington: Pres., Rev. L. K. Eckols, 511 
Iowa St.; Treas., Mr. Walter B. Eyre, 
922 S. 8 St. 

Calhoun County: Pres., Rev. Charles Net- 
tleton, Gowrie; Treas., Miss Fanny How- 
ell, Lake City 

Delaware County Sunday School Conven- 
tion: Pres., Mrs. Ray Tinkey, Colesburg; 
Treas., Mrs. George Long, Manchester 

Dubuque: Pres., Rev. Max Strang, P. O. 
Box 389; Treas., Mr. Emil J. Biasi, 1225 
Vernon St. 

Fort Dodge: Pres., Rev. Arthur E. Enquist, 
1125 N. 16 St.; Treas., Rev. Melvin Myers, 
616 S. 19 St. 

Fremont County: Pres., Rev. Irvin Wil- 
kins, Randolph; Treas., Rev. James 
Denier, Sidney 

Hancock County: Pres., Mrs. John Cham- 
bers, Klemme; Treas., Mrs. R. O. Hoch- 
haus, Britt 

Ida County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mrs. H. Vern Wilson, Galva; Treas., Mrs. 
Bruce Compton, Ida Grove 

Jefferson County: Pres., Mr. Russell Sim- 
mons, R. 3, Fairneld; Treas., Mrs. Doris 
Gary, Richland 

Keokuk County: Pres., Mr. H. David 
McCalmont, Gibson; Treas., Mrs Zola 
Winn, Ollie 

Kossuth County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Rev. Victor Vriesen, Ledyard; 
Treas., Mrs. William McKim, Algona 

Madison County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mrs. Maude Allen, R 3, Winterset; 
Treas., Miss Elsie Hircock, 414 E. Wash- 
ington St., Winterset 

Marion County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. Simon Terlou, Pella; Treas., Miss 
Frances De Bruin, Union St., Pella 

Mason City: Pres., Rev. Peter Jansen, First 
Congregational Church; Treas., Mrs. J. 
Donald Johnson, Grace E.U.B. Church 

Polk County Council of Religious Educa- 
tion: Pres,, Mr. Garrett Lenhart, 329 
Fourth St., W. Des Moines; Treas., Mrs. 
Arthur E. Thomas, 2806-38 St., Des 

Scott County: Pres., Mr. N. E. Hottman, 
1001 Bridge Ave., Davenport; Treas., 
Miss Margaret H. Storch, 2027 West 
Sixth St., Davenport 

Sioux City: Pres., Mr. E. E. Briggs, 1808 
W. 16 St.; Treas,, Mr. E S. Tagg, Box 185 

Taylor County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Rev. Willard Morris, Lenox; Treas., Mrs. 
Archie De Weese, Clearfleld 

Warren County: Pres., Rev. Floyd New- 
brough, Milo; Treas., Miss Marguerita 
Spear, Lacona 



Waterloo Association of Churches: Pres., 
Mr. Fred E. Miller, 614 Randolph St.; 
Treas., Mr. Elmer Sherrell, 117 Rosebud 


Atchison: Pres., Rev. H. J. Sterling, First 
Methodist Church, 5th & Kansas; Treas., 
Rev. George Search, St. Mark's Luther- 
an, 6th & Park Sts. 

Barber County: Pres., Mr. M. A. Salser, 
P. O. Box 117, Medicine Lodge 

Caney: Pres., Mrs. W. C. Crowder, 1007 N. 
Spring; Treas., Mrs. Print Drybread, East 

Chase County: Pres., Mr. Chad Patton, 

Dickinson County: Vice-Pres., Mr. Ralph 
Funston, Talmage 

Graham County: Pres., Mrs. Ethel Gustaf- 
son, Palco 

Great Bend: Pres., Mr. Herbert Gallon, 
2300 Broadway; Treas., Mrs. Homer 
Bolinder, 1206 Odell 

Greeley County: Pres., Mr. F. L. Carter, 

Harper County: Pres., Mrs. Herbert N. 
Schmidt, Bluff City; Treas., Mrs. Elza 
Shaw, Anthony 

Hutchinson: Pres., Mr. R. Clair Anderson, 
110 West 12 St.; Treas., Mr. Robert 
Drake, 703 East 6 St. 

Jackson County: Pres, Rev. Otis Beach, 
Holton; Treas., Mr. Wilbur Biddison, 

Jewell County: Pres., Mr. Clyde Herdrick, 
Superior, Nebraska 

Lawrence: Pres., Mr. John H. Patton, 1221 
Oread Ave.; Treas., Mr. John P. Peters, 
2047 Barker 

Manhattan: Pres,, Mr. T. O. McClung, 359 
No. 14; Treas., Mr. E. R. Eagle, 1527 

McPherson: Pres., Mr. Milton Schlehuber; 
Treas., Mr. Henry Rickner, 106& So. 
Main St. 

Mitchell County: Pres., Rev. Glen Meloy, 
312 W. 5 St., Holton 

Nemaha County Council of Churches and 
Christian Education: Pres., Miss Georgia 
Milner, 705 West Main St., Seneca; 
Treas., Mr. John J. Barrett, Oneida 

Ness County Council of Religious Educa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Burt Hurst, Ness City 

Norton County: Pres., Mr. J. F. Long, 

Ottawa County: Pres., Mr. George Bearnes, 
Culver; Treas., Mrs. Florence Darg, Ben- 

Rice County: Pres., Mr. Ralph Ball, Ster- 

Wichita County: Pres., Mr. Hillis Owens, 


Garrard County: Pres., Rev. Roger 
Kusche, Lancaster 

Mason County Sunday School Association: 
Pres., Mr. Paul Brewer, 504 East Second 
St., MaysviUe; Sec., Mrs. J. H. Wells, 
406 East Second St., MaysviUe 

Paducah: Pres., Dr. W. A. Blair, 506 Broad- 
way; Treas., Mr. William V. Acker, P. O. 
Box 240 


Auburn (see Lewiston-Auburn) 

Bath (Greater) : Pres., Mr* Elmer Williams, 
Foster's Point, West Bath; Treas., Mr. 
Delmar Bates, Snow Park 

Biddef ord-Saco : Pres., Rev. David B. Howe, 
312 Main St., Saco; Treas., Mrs. Lillian 
Faulkner, 64 Mason St., Biddeford 

Kennebec Valley: Pres., Rev. Ernest B. 
Johnson, Jr., Old South Cong. Ch., Hal- 
lowell; Treas., Mr. Kendall Hanna, 
Fourth Ave., Augusta 

Lewiston-Auburn: Pres., Mr. Ralph White, 
182 Whitney St., Auburn; Treas., Mr. 
Everett W. Morrill, 102 Gamage Ave., 

North Cumberland: Pres., Mr. Luther I. 
Bonney, Cumberland Center; Treas., Mr. 
Stanley L. McKnight, 11 Portland St., 

Oxford County: Pres., Mr. Eugene Ayer, 
29 Charles St., So. Paris; Treas., Mr. 
Mayford Mann, 25 Highland Ave., Nor- 

Saco (see Biddeford-Saco) 

Waterville (Greater): Pres., Mr. Ernest 
Marriner, Colby College; Treas., Mr. 
George Sawtelle, 10 Edgewood St. 


Carroll County: Pres., Rev. C. Lewis Rob- 
son, New Windsor; Treas., Mr. Murray 
Baumgardner, Taneytown 

East Montgomery County: Pres., Mr. Wil- 
bur F. Nash, Jr., Brookeville; Treas., 
Mr. Edward R. Iddings, Sandy Spring 

Howard County: Pres., Mr. William Scott, 

Silver Spring: Pres., Rev. Leonard J. Ebel, 
9525 ColesviUe Rd.; Treas., Mrs. William 
T. Wolfrey, Jr, 303 Whitestone Rd. 

Washington County: Pres., Rev. J. Russell 
Butcher, 204 Mealy Parkway, Hagers- 
town; Treas., Mr. Kenneth Adams, 332 
W. Church St., Hagerstown 



Wicomico County: Pres., Rev. J. N. Stew- 
art, Salisbury 


Allston-Brighton: Pres., Rev. Everett 
Bauer, 283 No. Harvard St., Allston 34; 
Treas., Mr. Arthur D. Smith, 29 Pratt 
St., Allston 34 

Amherst: Pres., Prof. J. G. Archibald, 36 
Butterfield Ter.; Treas., Mr. Albert Par- 
sons, RFD 3 

Andover: Pres., Mr, Frederick P. Fitzger- 
ald, 127 Elm St.; Treas., Mr. Karl Haartz, 
High Plain Road 

Arlington: Pres., Mr. J. Milton Washburn, 
24 Coolidge Road; Sec., Mrs. Virginia 
Anderson, 44 Marathon St. (74) 

Belmont: Pres., Rev. James G. Beveridge, 
22 Burnham St. (79); Treas., Mr. Harold 
S. Flewelling, Blueberry Lane, Lincoln 

Beverly: Pres., Mr. W. Erwin McKenney, 
70 Baker Ave.; Treas., Mr. J. Wilfrid 
Carrier, 340 Cabot St. 

Braintree: Pres., Mr. George W. Lunn, 105 
Wilkins Road, E. Braintree; Treas., Mr. 
Earl R. Kellogg, 14 Fulkner PL 

Bridge-water: Pres., Mrs. Peter Hyvonen, 
1168 Pleasant St.; Treas,. Mr. H. Page 
Conant, 45 So. Elm St., West Bridgewater 

Brighton (See AUston-Brighton) 

Cambridge (Harvard Square) Council: 
Pres., Rev. Wilburn Miller, 3 Church St.; 
Treas., Mr. Philip Smythe, Harvard 
Trust Co. 

Cape Ann: Pres., Mr. Roy E. Coombs, 58 
Middle St., Gloucester; Treas., Mr. Wil- 
liam R. Bishop, 116 Western Ave., 

Chicopee: Pres., Rev. Asa Mellinger, 306 
Chicopee St.; Treas., Mr. William Wigg, 
63 Fairview Ave. 

Danvers: Pres., Mr. J. Stanley Bennett, 62 
Dayton St.; Treas., Mrs. C. Raymond 
Poor, 90 Pine St. 

Dighton: Pres., Mr. John D. Bussey, Wil- 
liams St., N. Dighton; Treas,, Mrs. Leon 
P. Brown, Main St. 

Duxbury: Pres., Rev. William S. Anthony, 
Box 394, South Duxbury; Treas., Mrs. 
Isabel Carter Sibilio, South Duxbury 

Framingham Area: Pres., Mr. Carlyle 
Davies, Riverside Dr., Ashland; Treas., 
Mrs. Alberta Beers, 23 Summit St., 

Greenfield: Pres., 

Hamilton and Wenham: Pres., Rev. Halsey 
Howe, South Hamilton; Treas., Mr. Louis 
B. Dodge, Wenham 

Hampden (Western): Pres., Mr. Harold F. 
Maschin, 35 S. Maple St., Westfield; 

Treas., Mrs. John Rigby, Jr., 62 High- 
land Ave., Westfield 

Haverhill (Greater): Pres., Mr. George H. 
Bejian, 143 Boardman St., Haverhill; 
Treas., Mr. Grantley S. Ross, 13 Highland 
St., Bradford 

Hingham: Pres., Rev. Donald N. MacKen- 
zie, 366 Main St.; Treas., Mrs. William A. 
Thorpe, 5 Weston Rd. 

Holyoke (Greater): Pres., Mr. Harold W. 
Stoddart, 21 Silver St., South Hadley; 
Treas., Mr. Kai E. Kj oiler, 1058 Main St., 

Hyde Park: Pres., Mr. Gladstone MacKin- 
non, 27 Elm St.; Treas., Mrs. Walter 
Peterson, 105 Quincy Ave., Dedham 

Leominster: Pres., Mr Lysle Greenlaw, 34 
Woodsome Ave., Fitchburg; Treas., Mr. 
Wilmot L. Weeks, 8 Campbell St. 

Lexington: Pres., Mr. Connell T. Albertine, 
23 Lane Ave., Bedford; Treas., Mr. 
George Morse, 1 Vine Brook Rd. 

Littleton: Pres., Rev. Sidney Lovett, King 
St.; Treas., Mr. J. Fred Herpy, Foster St. 

Lowell (Greater): Pres., Mr. Donald F. 
Barnes, 255 Liberty St.; Treas., Mr. Roy 

A. Morgan, 225 Liberty St. 

Lynn (Greater): Pres., Mr. Harold San- 
toorgian, 7 Central Square; Treas., Mr. 
Karl Beal, 216 Broadway 

Marblehead: Pres., Rev. David W. Norton, 
Jr., St. Michael's Church; Treas., Mr. 
Harold E. Ayer, 34 Locust St. 

Marshfield: Treas., Mr. Charles Nangle, 
Morraine St. 

Martha's Vineyard: Pres., Rev. Howard C. 
Whitcomb, P. O. Box 803, Vineyard 
Haven; Treas., Miss Lucy Adams, Oak 

Medford: Pres., Mr. Charles L. Oxnard, 
151 Mystic St., West Medford 55; Treas., 
Mr. Cecil W. Hunter, 272 Boston Ave., 
Medford 55 

Melrose: Pres., Mr. Kenneth R. Norris, 101 
Perkins St.; Treas., Mr. W. Parker Stert, 
29 Clifton Park 

Methuen, Christian League of: Pres., Rev. 
Leonard Collins, 3 Carleton St. 

Middlesex (Central): Pres., Mr. Roger 
Crafts, 468 Main St., Acton; Treas., Rev. 
Robert H. Barbour, 24 Waldon St., Con- 

Milford Area: Pres., Mr. Roy Lovell, 21 
Peace St., Hopedale; Treas, Mr. Roger 
Oakes, 14 Church St. 

Millers River: Pres., Rev. Archer Torrey, 
45 Park Ave., Athol; Treas., Mr. Kenneth 

B. Richards, 72 Cottage St., Athol 

Montachusett: Pres., Rev. Don W. Liden, 
217 Cedar St., Fitchburg; Treas., Mr. Ed- 
ward Arnold, 155 Snow St., Fitchburg 



Nantucket: Pres., Rev. C. H. Meacham, 
Nantucket Island; Treas., Mrs* Thomas 

F. Gibson, 2 Prospect St. 

Natick (Greater): Pres., Mr. Frederick H. 
Langhorst, 29 Ridge Ave.; Treas., Mr. 
Fred Wagg, 27 River St., S. Natick 

Needham: Pres., Mr. Henry W. Eaton, 18 
Edgewood Rd.; Treas., Mrs. Herbert W. 
Firth, 42 Lexington Ave., Needham Hts. 

Newburyport (Greater): Pres., Rev. Don- 
ald J. MaccaUum, 285 High St.; Treas., 
Mr. Walter R. Noyes, 50 High Road 

Northampton: Pres., Mr. James M. San- 
ders, 76 Gothic St; Treas., Miss Jo- 
sephine Sawin, 21 L/yman Rd. 

Norwood: Pres., Rev. John H. Parke, 67 
Cypress St.; Treas., Mr. Harold L. 
Alden, 350 Prospect St. 

Peabody: Pres., Mr. Ivan C. Cunningham, 
23 Warren St.; Treas., Miss Madeline 
Drew, Yankee Div. Highway, Danvers 

Pittsfield Area: Pres, Dr. C. W. Kessler, 55 
Fenn St., Pittsfield; Treas., Mr. R. E. 
Thompson, 86 First St., Dalton 

Plymouth : Pres., Rev. Newman J. Le Shana, 
8 Brewster St.; Treas., Mr. Arthur G. 
Estes, 11 Jefferson St. 

Salem: Pres., Dr. Bradford E. Gale, 28 
Chestnut St.; Treas., Mrs. Vina Drons- 
field, 27 County Way, Beverly 

Saugus: Pres., Mr. Walter D. Blossom, 11 
Vine St.; Treas., Miss Ida Blossom, 11 
Vine St. 

Sharon Inter-Faith Council: Pres., Rev. 
David M. A. Pyle, 51 Summit Ave. 

Shelburne Falls: Pres., Mr. Ed. Thieringer, 
51 State St.; Treas., Miss Shirley Scott, 
R.FJD., Buckland 

Somerset-Swansea: Pres., Mr J. Malcolm 
Sinclair, Schoolhouse Rd., North Swan- 
sea; Treas., Mrs. Fred Emmett, 79 Grand- 
view Ave., Somerset 

Somerville: Pres., Rev. Elmer Colcord, 16 
Foskett St. (44); Treas., Mr. Alfred R. 
Dugan, 133 Warren St. (55) 

Stoneham: Pres., Mr. Francis W. Hensley, 
25 Congress St.; Treas., Mr. L. Harold 
Clark, 25 Isabella St. 

Swansea (See Somerset-Swansea) 

Wakefield: Pres., Mr. Harry P. Sparks, 24 
Stedrnan St.; Treas., Mrs. Russell G. 
Carter, 11 Elmrest Rd. 

Walpole: Pres., Mr. Joseph Wissmann, Pall 
Mall, East Walpole; Treas., Mr. Alfred 

G. Moser, 110 Peacn St., Walpole 

Waltham: Pres., Mr. Helmer B. Kruse, 29 
Hawthorne Rd.; Treas., Mr. Russell S. 
Powers, 78 Tolman St., West Newton 65 

Wareham, Neighborhood Convention of 
the Churches of: Pres., Mr. Charles E. 
Bates, East Wareham 

Watertown: Pres., Mr. Edson G. Water- 
house, 92 Mt Auburn St.; Treas., Mr. 
George H. Joyce, 66 Bates Rd. 

Wenham (see Hamilton and Wenham) 

West Springfield: Pres., Mr. Walter M, 
Nagle, 89 Meadowbrook Ave.; Treas., 
Mr. Oscar Bergstrom, 128 Nelson St. 

Westboro: Pres., Rev. Kenneth Brookes, 7 
Church St.; Treas., Mr. Herbert Indge, 
W. Main St. 

Westwood: Pres., Rev. Richard G. Smith. 
16 Cobleigh St., Islington; Treas., Mr. 
Frederick Lea, Birchtree Dr. 

Weymouth: Pres., Mr. Alexander Norris, 
23 Poinsetta Ave.; Treas., Mr. George 
Durant, 33 May Terrace, South Wey- 

Whitman: Pres., Rev. Harold S. Capron, 
643 Washington St.; Treas., Mr, Elmer 
Simmons, 43 Hobart Square 

Wilmington Area: Pres., Rev. Richard E. 
Harding, 89 Church St., Wilmington; 
Treas., Mrs. Jack Randall, West St., 
R.F.D., Reading 

Winchendon: Pres., Rev. Richard Killough, 
12 Court St.; Treas., Mr. Douglass 
Knotts, Court St. 

Woburn Area: Pres., Mr. Wilford A. 
Walker, 53 Bow St.; Treas., Mr. Arnold 
Norwood, 6 Allen St. 


Adrian: Pres., Rev. William Pellowe, 412 
N. Broad St.; Treas., Mr. Alvin Funk, 
116 Seeley St. 

Battle Creek: Pres., Mr. Harold W. Leh- 
man, 444 Edna; Treas., Mr. Franklin Bar- 
ber, 329 Lakeview Ave. 

Birmingham: Pres., Mr. Harry O. Martin, 
327 Pleasant St.; Treas., Mr. Edwin F. 
Kirbut, 400 East Lincoln 

Blissfield: Pres., Mr. Earl W. Haas, 432 No. 
Monroe St.; Treas., Mr. Burt Knapp, 323 
E. Jefferson St. 

Cass City: Pres., Mr. Audley Rawson; 
Treas., Mrs. Robert Schockert 

Dexter Community: Treas., Mr. R. Arnold 

Dundee Inter church Council: Pres., Rev. 
L. Paul Harris, 226 Riley St.; Treas., 
Mrs. Clyde Hatter, 365 Main St. 

Gratiot County: Pres., Rev. Charles Hahn, 

Hillsdale County: Pres., Rev. G. A. Em- 
erich, Hillsdale; Treas., Rev. W. Ewald 
Dudley, Hillsdale 

Jackson County: Pres., Mr. G. J. O'Mara, 
1020 South Thompson St.; Treas., Mr. 
Wayne E. Russler, 165 Stony Lake, Rt. 6 

Midland: Pres., Mr. Robert Campbell, 2687 
W. Stewart 



Monroe: Pres., Mr. George J. Renner, 227 
W. Second St.; Treas., Mr. Robert N. 
Sawyer, 223 Colonial Dr. 

Muskegon County: Pres., Rev. J. C. De- 
Vries, 1675 Division Ave.; Treas., Mrs. 
Ray Finder, 2117 Oak Ave., North 

Ottawa County: Pres., Mr. Walter Van der 
Haar, 213 South 120 Ave., Holland; Treas., 
Mr. H. K. Goodwin, 341 Howard Ave., 

Owosso: Pres., Mr. Russell W. Splane, 515 
N. Hickory St. 

Port Huron: Pres., Rev. E. J. Soell, 1013- 
7th St.; Treas., Mr. Dalton D. Love, 1222- 
15th St. 

Saginaw County: Pres., Rev. Garfield J*. 
Hafermehl, 3804 Washington St., Bridge- 
port; Treas., Mrs. Charles Lyda, 1118 
Fitzhugh St., Saginaw 

South Haven District Council of Religious 
Education: Pres., Mrs. L. E. Terhopen, 
359 Pearl St.; Treas., Mr. Ralph Leist, E. 
Wells St. 

Tri-Cities: Pres., Rev. Carl B. Strange, 
First Methodist Church, Grand Haven; 
Treas., Mr. Maurice Wilson, 444 Duncan 
Ct, Grand Haven 


Aitkin County: Pres., Mrs. Carl Carlson, 
Rt. 2, Aitkin; Treas., Mrs. Richard Buck- 
holtz, Rt. 1, Aitkin 

Benton (See Stearns-Benton) 

Blue Earth County: Pres., Rev. Harold A. 
Stuart, Lake Crystal; Treas., Mrs. L. J. 
Will, Mapleton 

Fairmont: Pres., Dr. E. W. Eickelberg, 
307 East First; Treas., Mr. Herman Law- 
rence, 326 Lake 

Faribault County: Pres., Mrs. Clarence 
Smith, Winnebago; Treas., Mr. Paul Na- 
gel, Winnebago 

Fillmore: Pres., Mr. Verlyn Dornink, RFD, 
Preston; Treas., Mr. Paul Matheson, 
RFD, Preston 

Itasca County: Pres., Rev. Dan Grimsbo, 
Grand Rapids 

Martin County: Pres., Mr. E. W. Eickel- 
berg, 307 East First, Fairmont; Treas., 
Mr. Howard F. Sorum, Northrup 

McLeod County Religious Education Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Rev. Walter C. Fischer, 
Lester Prairie; Treas., Mr. Ben Hackel, 
Silver Lake 

Meeker County: Pres., Mrs. Floyd Brown, 

Morrison County Council of Religious 
Education: Pres., Mr. C. A. Oberg, 206 
Second Ave., N.E., Little Falls; Treas., 
Mrs. J. H. Viker, 713 First Ave., N.E., 
Little Falls 

Mower County: Pres., Dr. Ralph T. Hoi- 
man, 1315 W. College Ave., Austin; 
Treas., Mrs. Glen Nelson, 1606 Sun Val- 
ley Rd., Austin 

Nobles County: Pres., Mr. H. I. Metz, 
Worthington; Treas., Mr. Sidney Eide, 

Rochester: Pres., Dr. R. Drew Miller, 439 
SW 16 Ave.; Treas., Mr. Ray Ferdinandt, 
916 5th Ave., S.E. 

Scott County: Pres., Mr. Elmer Boettcher, 
Prior Lake 

Stearns-Benton County: Pres., Rev. H. S. 
Dodgson, 387 So. 4th Ave., St. Cloud; 
Treas., Rev. George F. Steffen, 716 So. 
4th St., St. Cloud 

Todd County Sunday School Association: 
Pres., Rev. Raymond H. Ewing, 210 N. 
Sixth St., Staples; Treas., Miss Matilda 
Zappe, Brownerville 

Watonwan County Council of Christian 
Education: Pres., Mrs. J. Harold Curtis, 
St. James; Treas., Mr. Roger Penny, St. 

Wright County: Pres., Rev. Edwin O. Bis- 
sell, Kimball; Treas., Mr. Frederic 
Reimer, Waverly 


Andrew County: Pres., Mr. John Anno, 
Amazonia; Treas., Mrs. Robert Estep, 
Union Star 

Audrain County : Pres., Mr. Louis Luckner, 
RFD 1, Benton City; Treas., Mr. E. N. 
Lierhiemer, 1302 No. Clark, Mexico 

Bates County: Pres., Mr. Carl Trogden, 
RFD, Butler; Treas., Miss Patsy Mefford, 
RR 1, Butler 

Caldwell County: Pres., Rev. J. Frederick 
Lawson, Polo; Treas., Miss Christine 
Davis, Kidder 

Carroll County: Pres., Mrs. Harold Row- 
land, Carrollton; Treas., Mrs. Dale 
Beams, Carrollton 

Cass County: Pres., Rev. L. E. Wetherel, 
Raymore; Treas., Mr. Milton Johnson, 

Clark County: Pres., Rev. A. Geske, Ka- 
hoka; Treas., Mrs. Ora Brookhart, c/o 
Farmers Mutual Insur. Co., Kahoka 

Clay County: Pres., Mr. Jess Heuszel, 333 
Moss Ave., Liberty; Treas., Rev. Row- 
land Boone, Linden 

Clinton County: Pres., Rev. Wallace Jones, 
Cameron; Treas., Mrs. Wilbur Shoe- 
maker, Plattsburg 

Daviess County: Pres., Rev. Kenneth Tip- 
ton, Gallatin; Treas., Mrs. Charles Bry- 
ant, Gallatin 

Franklin County: Pres., Rev. John Figer- 
slow, 211 East 5th St., Washington 



Fulton: Pres., Rev. Stuart Currie, Presby- NEBRASKA 

terian Church; Treas., Mr. Robert Sitton, PICDI\/\JIV/\ 

RE 2 

Gasconade County: Pres., Mr. Louis A. 
Krueger, Hermann; Treas., Mrs. Gene 
Price, Owensville 

Hannibal: Pres., Mr. Earl F. Wilson, 2034 
Kingshighway; Treas., Mrs. W. T. Myers, 
116 N. Hayden 

Harrison County: Pres., Mr. James R. 
Collins, Bethany; Treas., Mrs. Beryl 
Pearson, EaglevUle 

Lafayette County: Pres., Rev. Arnold 
Pratter, Corder; Treas., Mr. Leonard 
Burgess, Waverly 

Lawrence County: Pres., Mr. Leslie Weiss, 
Mt. Vernon; Treas., Mr. O. R. Voorhies, 

Lewis County: Pres., Mr. S. P. Skirvin, 
La Belle 

Livingston County: Pres., Mrs. Honor 
Israel, 2021 Clay, Chillicothe; Treas., Mr. 
George Seiberling, RFD 2, Chillicothe 

Montgomery County: Pres., Mr. Bob Mc- 
Quie, Montgomery City; Treas., Mrs. 
Claire Haight, Montgomery City 

Osage County: Pres., Mrs. Louis G. Per- 
rier, Bonnots Mill; Treas., Miss Violet 
Ball, Bonnots Mill 

Pike County: Pres., Mr. Claude Buis, Bowl- 
ing Green; Treas., Mr. G. Willard Gray, 
Bowling Green 

Platte County: Pres., Mr. John Cox, latan; 
Treas., Mr. T. L. Olvis, Beverly 

Saint Francois County: Pres., Mr. Jesse 
Stewart, 917 So. Washington, Farming- 
ton; Treas., Mr. Otto E. Cash, RR, Bonne 

Saint Louis (Western) County: Pres., Mr. 
Paul A. Wobus, Manchester; Treas., Mrs. 
Eldon Powell, R 1, Pacific 

Saline County: Pres., Mr. Raymond King, 

Springfield (Greater): Pres., Rev. Troy 
Alexander, 801 East Grand, Springfield; 
Treas., Mr. C. K. Martin, 1201 E. Delmar, 

Sullivan County: Pres., Mr. E. V. Dixon, 
Green City; Treas., Mr. Winder Quigley, 

Warren County: Pres., Mr, Calvin Winter, 
Jonesburg; Treas., Mr. Rolan Wiemann, 
Wright City 

Worth County: Pres., Rev. Robert S. 
Quinn, Grant City; Treas., Mr. Lloyd 
Long, Grant City 


Yellowstone County: Pres., Rev. Kirk 
Dewey, 310 N. 27 St.; Treas., Mr. War- 
ren Turner, 537 Alderson 

Clay County: Pres., Rev. Guy Savage, Sut- 
ton; Treas., Mr. Arthur Krebs, Sutton 

Hastings: Pres, Mr. M. L. Cramer, P. O. 
Box 184; Treas., Mr. Lloyd Larabee, 
Arndt Building 

York Association of Churches: Pres., Mr. 
Oscar V. Swanson, 809 Beaver Ave.; 
Treas., Mr. Roger Clementson, 949 East 
4 St. 


Nevada: Pres., Rev. Rafe C. Martin, 1070 
Plumb Lane, Reno; Treas., Mr. Freder- 
ick J. Frye, Rt. 1, Box 330, Reno 


Berlin: Pres., Mr. D. E. Borchers, River- 
side Drive; Treas., Miss Norma Twitch- 
ell, Gorham 

Cheshire County: Pres., Rev. R. W. E. 
MacKenzie, West Swanzey; Treas., Mr. 
Frederick C. Stearns, West Hill Road, 

Concord (Greater): Pres., Rev. Oliver C. 
Northcott, 10 Water St., Penacook; 
Treas., Mrs. Etta F. Marshall, 59 War- 
ren St., Concord 

Derry (Greater): Pres., Mr. John A. West, 
P O. Box 93, Chester; Treas., Mrs. Luther 

Lisbon Interchurch Council: Pres., Mr. 
Kenneth H. McKown, 34 Graf ton St.; 
Treas., Mrs. Marjorie Clement, 38 Graf- 
ton St. 

Manchester (Greater) Federation of 
Churches: Pres., Mr. George G. Fox, 155 
Rochelle Ave.; Treas., Mr. John Oaks, 
1750 Elm St. 

Nashua: Pres., Rev. J. Norman Barrett, 39 
Wellington St.; Treas., Miss Natalie Mer- 
rill, Hudson 

Portsmouth: Pres., Rev. William W. Lewis, 
569 Middle St.; Treas., Mr. Arthur E. 
Baum, 360 Wibird St. 

Salem: Pres., Rev. Wm. J. Davis, Box 71, 
Salem Depot; Treas., Mr. Leo Danielson, 
233A Cross St., Lawrence 

White Mountain: Pres., Mr. Donald E. 
Borchers, Riverside Drive, Berlin; Treas., 
Miss Norma Twitchell, Gorham 


Asbury Park: Pres., Mr. C. O. Eberly, 200 
Third Ave., Neptune 

Bayonne: Pres., Mr. Jefferson Stopf, 114 
West 5 St.; Treas., Mr. Charles Glade, 
31 East 37 St. 

Belleville Council of Christian Education: 
Pres., Mr. Edward Rochau, 53 Fairway 
PI. (9); Treas., Mr. Albert Helm, 292 
Grant Ave., Nutley 



Bergen County Council of Christian Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. W. P. Buckwalter, Jr., 
139 Christie St., Leonia; Treas., Mr. Mar- 
tin Brosche, 79 Wilcox St., Dumont 

Camden (Greater) Area: Pres., Rev. War- 
ren S. Layton, 507 Broadway (3); Treas., 
Mr. Warren Douglas, 328 Market St. (3) 

East Orange Protestant Church Council: 
Pres., Dr. John Crew Taylor, Central 
Brick Presby. Ch.; Treas., Mr. Leonard 
Johnson, 129 Halsted St. 

Elizabeth, Protestant Council of Churches 
of: Pres., Mr. Frederick Wilhelms, Jr., 
119 Division St. 

Essex County Community Council of Reli- 
gious Education: Pres., Miss Rita Hogan, 
480 Valley Rd., Montclair; Treas., Mr. 
Martyn W. Hart, P. O. Box 53, Glen 

Farmingdale and Ho well Township: Pres., 
Rev. Gordon D. Johnson, 40 Main St., 
Farmingdale; Treas., Mrs. Katherine 
Wakeley, Main St., Adelphia 

Gloucester County: Sec., Mr. H. H. Ben- 
nett, 51 Elbourne Ave., Woodbury 

Hackensack: Pres., Mr. Sidney H. Palmer, 
187 Krone PI.; Treas., Mr. H. P. Gilbert, 
Jr., 89 Willow Ave 

Haddonfield: Pres., Mr. Joseph M. Tatem, 
309 Kings Highway East 

Haddon Heights: Pres., Mr. William G. 
Scheima, 314 Barrington Ave., Barring- 
ton; Treas., Mrs. Arthur N. Brown, 2011 
Narberth Ave. 

Howell (See Farmingdale-Howell Town- 

Jersey City: Pres., Rev. Edward J .Filbey, 
1671 Boulevard (5); Treas., Mr. E. W. 
Spoerl, 18 Virginia Terrace (4) 

Merchantville-Pennsauken Area: Pres., Mr. 
A. G. Kurtz, 10 W. Maple Ave., Mer- 
chantville; Treas., Mr. George Landis, 
3010 Cove Rd., Pennsauken 

Metuchen: Pres., Rev. B. B. Whitaker, 31 
Carlton Rd.; Treas., Mr. T. C. Campbell, 
64 Rose St. 

Moorestown: Pres., Rev. Victor S. GL 
413 N. Church St.; Treas., Mr. G. . 
Hicks, 6th and Walnut Ave., Hartford 

Morris County: Pres., Mr. Hugh McHenry 
Miller, 79 Prospect St., Dover; Treas., 
Mr. David B. Hill, 20 Colonial Rd., Mor- 

Newark Church Fellowship: Pres., Rev. 
Charles R. Ehrhardt, 15 James St. (2); 
Treas., Mr. Frederick Schwarz, 114 Garri- 
son St. (5) 

North Newark Council of Protestant 
Churches: Pres., Rev. August Klinger, 
Emmanuel Presby. Ch., Verona Ave., 
Newark; Treas., Mr. Melvin A. Marsh, 
15 Baldwin PI., Belleville 

Passaic-Clifton: Pres., Rev. Theodore W. 
Boltz, 160 High St., Passaic; Treas., Rev. 
Earl Van Leeuwen, 705 Allwood Rd., 

Paulsboro: Pres., Dr. John D. Blair, 16 E. 
Broad St.; Treas., Mr. S. E. Brown, 
Swedesboro Ave. 

Pennsauken (See Merchantville-Pennsau- 

Rahway: Pres., Mr. Francis Nelson, 369 
Elm Ave.; Treas., Mr. William F. Green- 
ig, 979 Hamilton St. 

Ridgefield Park: Pres, Mr. John Davis, 
128 Grand Ave.; Treas., Mr. George 
Blundell, 44 Highland PI. 

Ridgewood and Vicinity: Pres., Mr. H. L. 
McConaughy, 31 Randolph PI.; Treas., 
Mr. William Clark, 373 Ponfield PI. 

Salem City: Pres., Rev. Fred B. Schulz, 
211-9 St.; Treas., Rev. Daniel Hulitt, 15 
Chestnut St. 

Shore Area: Pres., Dr. Harry S. Hill, 610 
Grassmere Ave., Interlaken; Treas,, Mr. 
Richard C. Dodd, Brielle 

Somerville: Pres., Mr. William J. Meyers, 
28 E. Spring St.; Treas., Mr. Frank E. 
Barnes, 41 Ross St. 

South Orange: Pres., Mrs. Wm. H. Jaquith, 
305 Beechwood, Orange; Treas., Mrs. 
Anna Ward, 577 Hamilton Rd. 

Summit: Pres., Mr. Frederick T. Bernhard, 
150 Washington Ave., Chatham; Treas., 
Mr. John Davidson, Jr., 18 Ruthven PI. 

Trenton (Greater): Pres., Rev. S. Howard 
Woodson, Jr., 193 Humboldt St.; Treas., 
Mr. Charles Z. Hemsley, 14 Holt Circle 

Warren County: Pres., Mr. James Rad- 
cliffe Miller, 641 Washington St., Hack- 
ettstown; Treas., Mr. Jesse Oberly, Stew- 

Washington: Pres., Rev. William J. Dough- 
erty, St. Peter's Vicarage; Treas., Mr. 
John Tinsman, Upper Belvidere Ave. 

Westfield: Pres., Mr. Otto Carpenter, 424 
Everson PL; Treas., Mr. D. V. Weed, 634 
Lenox Ave. 

West Hudson: Pres., Rev. George R. 
Kroon, 63 Oakwood Ave., Arlington- 
Kearney; Treas., Mr. George S. Ander- 
son, 260 Beech St., Arlington-Kearney 

Woodstown: Pres., Rev. James S. McGow- 
an, 142 S. Main St.; Treas., Mr. Charles 
J. Darlington, 26 Bowen Ave. 


Albion: Pres., Mr. Arthur J. Poelma, R. D. 
1; Treas., Mrs. Murray L. Richardson, 

Allegany County Bible School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Rev. A. Claire Potter, 103 
Madison St., Wellsville; Treas., Mr. The- 
odore McClure, Citizens National Bank, 



Ardsley Dobbs Ferry-Hastings-on-Hudson 
Irvington: Pres., Mr. Edwin P. Mcln- 
tyre, 36 Ashley Rd., Hastings-on-Hudson; 
Treas., Mr. William L. Lindsey, 67 Mohi- 
can Park Ave., Dobbs Ferry 

Bath: Pres., Mr. Bernard Wilson, 201 Sly 
Ave., Corning; Treas., Mr. Erman Bar- 
rett, 7 Elm St. 

Bloomfield-Bristol-Richmond: Pres., Rev. 
Frank W. Gardner, East Bloomneld; 
Treas., Mr. Richard Gilbert, RD 2, Hoi- 

Bristol (see Bloomfield-Bristol-Richmond) 

Brockport: Pres., Rev. Joe R. Nichols, 
First Baptist Church; Treas., Mr. Sher- 
win H. Terry, Holley St. 

Broome County, United Churches of: Pres., 
Mr. Arthur J. Ruland, 602 O'Neil Bldg., 
Binghamton; Treas,, Mr. C. Fred Chad- 
wick, 24 McNamara Ave., Binghamton 

Canandaigua: Pres., Rev. Ralph G. Saxe, 
165 Parrish St.; Treas., Mr. Harold Hilde- 
brandt, 223 Gibson St. 

Cayuga County: Pres., Mr. Herman W. 
Kufs, 29 William St., Auburn; Treas., 
Mr. Howard E. Aiken, 76 N. Fullerton 
St., Auburn 

Chemung County: Pres., Rev. C. Philip 
Torrance, 320 Baldwin St, Elmira; Treas,, 
Mr. Amos French, 711 W. Third St., 

Cooperstown: Pres., Mr. George C. Tilla- 
paugh, 28 Pioneer St.; Treas., Dr. Otto 
Sahler, 83 Chestnut St. 

Corning Vicinity: Pres., Rev. Alan J. Wer- 
ner, 159 Watauga Ave. 

Cuba: Pres., Mrs. C. S. Cole, RD 2; Treas., 
Mr. Monroe Conklin, 76 South St. 

Delhi: Pres., Mr. Gerald Mathews, 46 Dela- 
ware Ave. 

Dobbs Ferry (see Ardsley Dobbs Ferry 
Hastings-on-Hudson Irvington 

Dutchess County: Pres., Rev. Kenneth E. 
Hoover, 86 So. Hamilton St., Pough- 
keepsie; Treas., Mr. Stewart S. Glenn, 
46 So. Randolph Ave., Poughkeepsie 

Fredonia: Pres., Mr. L. M. Harris, 69 Ham- 
let St.; Treas,, Mr. C. D. Sessions, 80 
Central Ave. 

Geneva: Pres., Rev. Lullus D. Bell, 37 High 
St.; Treas., Rev. Fred L. Harper, 94 
Washington St. 

Glens Falls: Pres., Mr. Robert L. Voorhees, 
48 Sheridan Ave.; Treas., Mr. Hirman 
Norton, 15 Madison St. 

Gloversville: Pres., Rev. Chester C. Hus- 
ted, 147 Bleecker St.; Treas., Mr. Fred 
Geisler, 89 S. Kingsboro Ave. 

Greenville: Pres., Rev. L. H. T. Fairbanks, 
South Westerlo; Treas., Rev. John Alli- 
son, Medusa 

Groton: Pres., Rev. J. Henry Rood, 204 
Cortland St.; Treas., Mr. Carl Gleason 

Hamburg Association of Churches: Pres., 
Mr. P. Walter Meisenheimer, 72 Main 
St., P. O. Box 56; Treas., Mr. George 
Hildebrandt, 45 Oakland PI. 

Hastings-on-Hudson (See Ardsley Dobbs 
Ferry Hastings-on-Hudson Irvington) 

Hudson Falls: Pres., Rev. John Peterson, 
249 Main St.; Treas., Mrs. Alice N. 
McCormick, 26 Poplar St. 

Irvington (See Ardsley Dobbs Ferry 
Hastings-on Hudson Irvington) 

Jamestown and Vicinity, Interchurch 
Council of: Treas., Mr. Herbert S. Bur- 
leigh, YMCA 

Jefferson County: Pres., Rev. Henry O. 
Hospers, 20 Bethune St., Alexandria Bay; 
Treas., Mr. Allen Perkins, Watertown 

Johnstown: Pres., Rev. James W. Hood, 
407 So. William St.; Treas., Mr. Gerald 
Perry, 339 N. Perry St. 

Kingston: Pres., Rev. David Gaire, Wurts 
St.; Treas., Rev. Forrest Prindle, Wyn- 
koop Place 

Lockport: Pres., Mr. Robert Smith, 593 
East Ave.; Treas., Mr. Chester E. An- 
drews, 668 East Ave. 

Macedon (See Palmyra and Macedon 

Massena: Pres., Mr. Robert Anderson, 146 
McKinley St.; Treas., Mrs. Glen Wil- 
liams, Isabel St. 

Mechanicville: Pres., Rev. J. Ralph Davie, 
112 N. 4 St.; Treas., Miss Florence E. 
Wilson, 57 S. Main St. 

Middletown: Pres., Rev. Stephen Bachel- 
der, 31 East Main St.; Treas., Mrs. Ferris 
Bennett, RD 4 

Nassau County Christian Council: Pres., 
Rev. Kermit Nord, First and Main Sts., 
Mineola; Treas., Dr. Carl Robinson, 121 
Musgnug Ave., Mineola 

Niagara Falls: Pres., Dr. Richard J. 
Davey, St. Paul's Methodist Church; 
Treas., Mr. David E. Templeton, 2408 
Niagara Ave, 

Olean (Greater): Pres., Mr. I. Wilson Mil- 
ler, 305 Laurens; Treas., Mr. Harold 
Norris, 314 So. 3 St. 

Oneida: Pres., Rev. Earle A. Noyes, 422 
Main St.; Treas., Mrs. Glenn Wixson, 
314 Lenox Ave. 

Ontario County: Pres., Rev. Robert Grant, 

Oswego City: Pres., Rev. Morrison Rider, 
70 W. Oneida St.; Treas., Mr. John 
Cochrane, Marine Midland Bank 

Owego: Pres., Mr. Harry M. Savacool, 276 
Main St.; Treas., Mrs. Irving Waltman, 
607 Main St. 



Palmyra and Macedon Area, United 
Churches of: Pres., Eev. Harold Ste- 
phonz, 332 Canandaigua St., Palmyra; 
Treas., Mr. Richard Stanton, Maple Ave,, 

Perm Yan Area: Pres., Rev. Oscar Jelsma, 
217 Main St.; Treas., Mr. George Crosby, 
213 E. Elm St. 

Phelps: Pres., Rev. Charles H. Dayton, 99 
E. Main St.; Treas., Rev. W. H. McKirdy, 
Oaks Corners 

Pulaski: Pres., Mr. W. Taylor Barr, 5 
Niagara St.; Treas., Mrs. Donald E. Vin- 
cent, RD 3 

Richmond (see Bloornfield-BrSstol-Rich- 

Saranac Lake, Interchurch Council of: 
Pres., Rev. Alvin B. Gurley, 41 Church 
St; Treas., Rev. Ernest B. Mounsey, 121 
Main St. 

Saratoga Springs: Pres., Rev. Lee James 
Benyon, Jr., First Baptist Church; Treas., 
Miss Grace Hawthorne, 121 Lincoln Ave. 

Schoharie Sunday School Association: 
Pres., Mr. Roger Barber, Star Route, 
Middleburg; Treas., Mr. Irving Dougall, 
12 Washington St., Cobleskill 

Schuyler County: Pres., Mr. William C. 
Elkins, RD 1, Burdett; Treas., Mr. Wen- 
dell V. Scott, Montour Falls 

Seneca Rural: Pres., Mr. Deane Lightfoote, 
RD 2, Stanley 

Sidney: Chrmn., Mr. Raymond E. White, 
72 Pearl St.; Treas., Mr. Charles Brown, 
10 Maple Ave. 

Sodus: Pres., Mrs. Cyril G. Small, Newark 
Rd.; Treas., Mr. Clyde Dick, 16 Elmwood 

Suffolk County: Pres., Rev. Austin Armit- 
stead, Center Moriches, L. I.; Treas., Mr. 
Robert O. Donohue, Central Islip, L.I. 

Sullivan County: Pres., Hon. Harold B. 
Spriggs, Livingston Manor; Treas., Mr. 
Harold Houghtaling, HurleyviUe 

Tompkins County: Pres., Rev. Henry G. 
Budd, 402 N. Aurora St., Ithaca; Treas., 
Mrs. Blanche Drake, South Lansing 

Troy Area: Pres., Mr. Richard J. McFalls, 
Center Brunswick 

Twin Village: Pres., Dr. Harry C, Camp- 
bell, First Meth. Ch., Carthage; Treas., 
Mr. Leon O'Brien, 708 Alexandria St., 

Victor: Pres., Mr. Amos Wilkie; Treas., 
Mrs. Ernest Johnson 

Walton: Pres., Mrs. Margaret Nichols, 25 
Mead St.; Treas., Mr. David Turns 

Washington County: Pres., Mr. Clarence 
Rea, RFD 1, Cambridge; Treas., Mrs. 
Helena Roberson, Greenwich 

Waterloo: Pres., Rev. John W. Faust, 12 
East Elisha St.; Treas., Rev. Carlton 
Carpenter, 14 East Williams St. 

Watertown: Pres., Mr. George E. Wilkie, 
327 S. Indiana Ave.; Treas., Mr. Nathan 
Wardwell, 150 Clinton St. 

Watervliet: Pres., Rev. Donald Jansen, 
1409 First Ave.; Treas., Rev. Frank 
Scidmore, 217 16th St. 

Wayne County: Pres., Rev. Gerard J. Van 
Hest, 323 Canandaigua St., Palmyra; 
Treas., Rev. John M. Whallon, 72 Broad 
St., Lyons 

Wolcott: Pres., Rev. Robert G. Gordon; 
Treas., Mrs. Deda Wilkinson, RD 


Beaufort (See Washington-Beaufort) 
Chadbourn: Pres., Mr. Dewitt Smith, Jr. 

Chapel Hill: Pres., Mr. Walter H. Hartung, 
Gooseneck Rd.; Treas., Mrs. W. Robert 
Mann, Old Mill Rd. 

Morgantown: Pres., Rev. Wade L. Austin, 
1041/2 White St. 

Washington-Beaufort: Pres., Rev. N, C. 
Grant, First Methodist Church, Washing- 
ton; Treas., Capt. Jack McCune, Salva- 
tion Army, Washington 

Wilson: Pres., Mr. Joe A. Batts, Woodard 
Station Post Office 


Adams County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Dr. E. C. Sahlstrom, Hettinger; Treas., 
Mr. Bernard Good, Hettinger 

Barnes County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. Ralph Pomeroy, R. R., Valley City; 
Treas., Mr. Harvey Wolff, Wimbledon 

Benson County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. John H. Liechty, Brinsmade; Treas., 
Mr. Jonathan A. Liechty, Brinsmade 

Billings (see Golden Valley-BiUings-Wi- 

Bottineau County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Chester Fossum, Maxvass; 
Treas., Mrs. Marvin Reinhaltz, Willow 

Bowman-Slope Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. Christian Martin, Bowman; Treas., 
Mrs. Charlie Pierce, Scranton 

Burke County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mrs. Harry Wrigley, Columbus; Treas., 
Mrs. George Miller, Columbus 

Warwick Valley: Pres., Mr. Edgar A. Cass County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Houston, Bellvale, Orange County; Mrs. B. R. Farr, Amenia; Treas., Mrs. 
Treas., Mr. Samuel Ayers, Warwick Wayne Kyser, Sr., Erie 



Cavalier County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Clifford Clark, Langdon; 
Treas., Mrs. C. E. Bone, Langdon 

Dickey County Interchurch. Council: Pres., 
Mrs. Laura Vip, Ellendale; Treas., Mrs. 
H. A. Anderson, Guelph 

Eddy-Foster County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. William Neuharth, New Rock- 
ford; Treas., Mrs. Earl Heller, New 

Emmons County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Lester Peterman, Strasburg; 
Treas., Rev. Melvin DeVries, Strasburg 

Foster (see Eddy-Foster) 

Golden Valley Billings Wibeaux Inter- 
church Council: Pres., Rev. H. E. Lacy, 

Grand Forks County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mrs. George Trydahl, Thompson; 
Treas., Mrs. Reuben Rebsch, Thompson 

Grant-Sioux County Interchurch Council: 
Treas., Mrs. Don Port, Shields 

Hettinger Interchurch Council: Pres., Mrs. 
Ed. Sept, Elgin; Treas., Miss Elsie 
Leidtke, Elgin 

Kidder County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mrs. Ward Whitman, Robinson; Treas., 
Mrs. Gaylord Hild, Steele 

LaMoure County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mrs. Alton Buchholtz, Norton- 
ville; Treas., Miss Daleue Edwards, 

Logan-Mclhtosh Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Reinhold Kramer, Ashley 

McHenry County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Richard Chole Balfour 

Mclntosh (see Logan-Mclntosh) 

McLean County Interchurch Council: 

Morton County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. Leslie T. Dysart, 206 First Ave., 
NJE., Mandan 

Pembina County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Robert Van Camp, Drayton; 
Treas., Mrs. Nora Hillis, Cavalier 

Ramsey County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Russell McBain, Devil's Lake; 
Treas., Mrs. Merton Miller, Crary 

Ransom Interchurch Council: Pres., Mr. 
Eddie Sprunk, Enderlin; Treas., Mrs. 
Melvin Newton, Shelton 

Renville County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mrs. Glen O'Neill, Norma; Treas., 
Mrs. C. W. Barke, Donnybrook 

Richland County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Mr. Olger Olson, Fairmount; 
Treas., Miss Alice Rogde, Wahpeton 

Rolette Interchurch Council: Pres., Mr. 
John E. Anderson, Rugby; Treas., Mr. 
Marvin Mudrow, Rugby 

Sargent County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Miss Edith McLean, Rutland; 
Treas., Mrs. A. J". Wunn, Forman 

Sioux (see Grant-Sioux) 
Slope (see Bowman-Slope) 

Soo Line County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Rev. John H. Doffe, Ryder; Treas,, 
Mrs. Jessie Shafer, Roseglen 

Stutsman County Interchurch Council: 
Pres., Miss Gwendolyn Wicks, 1115 8 
Ave., S.E., Jamestown; Treas., Mrs. 
Christ Jerke, Gackle 

Towner County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mrs. Glenn Barrett, Egeland; Treas., 
Mrs. John Logan, Cando 

Traill County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. Willard Burnett, Mayville 

Walsh County Interchurch Council: Pres,, 
Mr. Harold Maxwell, Conway; Treas., 
Miss Vivian Inf eld, Fordville 

Wells County Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. Clarence K. Seidel, Cathay; Treas., 
Mrs. Dale Riedesel, Cathy 

Wibeaux (see Golden Valley-Billings-Wi- 


Adams County Council of Religious Edu- 
cation: Pres., Rev. W. E. Mills, West 
Union; Treas., Rev. Harvey C. Black, 
Box 299, Peebles 

Allen County: Pres., Rev. Paul N. Runk, 
525 W. North, Lima; Treas., Miss Mil- 
dred Shondel, National Bank of Lima, 

Alliance and Vicinity: Pres., Mr. Philip 
Keirn, 331 Walker Ave.; Treas., Miss 
Florence Hanna, 2120 South Rockhill 

Amherst and Community: Pres., Rev. 
J. A. Wenner, 582 Church St.; Treas., 
Mr. William Overmyer, 1080 Park Ave. 

Ashland City Council of Religious Educa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Robert Ihrig, 157 Sharon 
Ave.; Treas., Mr. Harold Leiter, 631 W. 

Bellaire: Pres., Mr. Stewart W. Radford, 
3575 Guerney St.; Treas., Mr. Guy Gar- 
rison, Buckeye Savings & Loan 

Berea: Pres., Mr. Eldon P. Roe, 320 So. 
Rocky River Dr.; Treas., Mr. Sheldon 
Fisher, Boone Rd., Columbia Station 

Bowling Green: Pres., Rev. Paul I. Wachs, 
First Methodist Church 

Bucyrus Council of Religious Education: 
Pres., Mr. Ed Koch, 221 North Poplar 
St.; Treas., Mr. F. C. Kiess, 515 East 
Oakwood Ave. 

Cambridge Council of Christian Educa- 
tion: Pres., Rev. Louis Swartz, 7 St. 
Presby. Church; Treas., Mr. George 
Whitis, 419 N. 8 St. 



Clermont County Council of Christian 
Education: Pres., Mrs. Claud Tarvin, 
RR 2, Batavia 

Darke County: Pres., Mr. Frank Coppess, 
Ansonia; Treas., Mr. Lewis Grote, 204 
Euclid Ave., Greenville 

Delaware Council of Weekday Religious 
Educaion: Pres., Mrs. C. H. Campbell, 
57 Eaton St.; Treas., Mrs. Mary H. Den- 
ney, 50 W. Central Ave. 

Elyria: Pres., Rev. Byron Kenneth An- 
thony, 209 Court St.; Treas., Mr. Walter 
Von Brock 

Granville: Pres., Mr. Byron L. Francis; 
Treas., Mrs. Alan Larimer 

Hamilton: Pres., Rev. Ralph E. Schluer, 
1340 Parrish Ave.; Treas., Mr. Rolande 
Stuart, First National Bank 

Hancock County Association of Churches: 
Pres., Mr. John Schaefer, 135 Glendale 
Ave., Findlay; Treas., Mr. Frank Dreis- 
bach, 515 W. Lincoln Ave., Findlay 

Harrison: Pres., Mr. Charles E. Pepper, 
304 Constance PL; Treas., Mrs. Ruth 
Zimmerman, 321 N. Sycamore St. 

Hillsboro: Pres., Rev. Paul Jones 
Hollansburg: Pres., Mr. Norman A. Harris 

Madison County Council of Religious Ed- 
ucation: Pres., Mr. Floyd Williams, Lon- 

Marion County: Pres., Mr. L. Harrison 
Ludwig, 232 E. Church St.; Treas., Mr. 
Warren Cyders, 132 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Martins Ferry: Pres., Mr. William Mandry, 
520 Vine St.; Treas., Mr. A. Lewis Lar- 
kin, 322 N. Zane Highway 

Massillon: Pres., Rev. James Long, St. 
Paul's Lutheran Church, Cherry and 
First, N.E. 

Middletown: Pres., Rev. E. H. Hammon, 11 
Baltimore; Treas., Mr. Clair E. Tieman, 
2213 Superior Ave. 

Millersburg: Pres., Mr. Paul F. Reining, 
RD; Treas., Mr. Ralph Freed, Woodland 

New Carlisle: Pres,, Rev. P. T. Ditmer, 
111 North Church St. 

New Philadelphia: Pres., Mr. Earl Mathias, 
421 Bank Lane, S.W. 

Newark Area; Pres., Mr. Sheldon Canter, 
727 Maple Ave., Newark; Treas., Rev. 
James S. Bolen, 59 N. 2nd St., Newark 

Newton: Pres., Mr. Richard West, 16 East 
Church St., Newton Falls; Treas., Mr. 
Mike Wiczen, 702-B Newton Drive, New- 
ton Falls 

North Baltimore: Pres., Mrs. George Zieg- 
ler, 304 South Second St.; Treas., Mr. 
Loren Creeger, 102 North Tarr St. 

Pike County Federation of Churches: 
Pres., Mr. John Rittenour, Piketon; 
Treas., Mr. Ralph Frye, Waverly 

Piqua: Pres., Rev. J. H. Edwards, 920 
Madison Ave.; Treas., Mr. Marion W. 
Brokaw, 629 Cottage Ave. 

Pomeroy: Pres., Mr. Glenroy Ewing; 
Treas., Mr. Patrick Lochary 

Portage County: Pres., Mr. Glenn Reyn- 
olds, Garrettsville 

Portsmouth (Greater) Association of 
Churches: Pres., Mrs. Bonnylin Raison, 
1036 20th St.; Treas., Mr. Everett Wilk- 
erson, 2827 Cypress St. 

Preble County Federation of Churches: 
Pres., Mr. Albert Kaufman, R 2, Eaton; 
Treas., Mr. Herschel Brown, Camden 

Richland County: Pres., Rev. Austin F. 
Shell, 312 Chester Ave., Mansfield 

Seneca County (see Tiffin and Seneca 

Shadyside: Pres., Rev. A. W. Almgren, 
3838 Lincoln Ave.; Treas., Miss Nellie 

Steubenville and Vicinity, Council of Prot- 
estant Churches of: Pres., Mr. Blanchard 
E. Yoder, 1319 Oregon Ave., Steuben- 
ville; Treas., Mr. Charles R. Long, Win- 

Tiffin and Seneca County: Pres. r Mr. Har- 
old E. Stephens, 23 Ann St., Tiffin 

Troy: Pres., Mr. Delbert A. Nims, 418 
Summit Ave.; Treas., Miss Esta W. Pear- 
son, 534 S. Market St. 

Tuscarawas County Council of Religious 
Education: Pres., Mr. Walter Hanner, 
Jr., RFD 2, Dover; Treas., Rev. Alva W. 
Knoll, RFD 2, Tippecanoe 

Union County: Pres., Mr. Clifton Brown, 
520 West Fourth St., Marysville 

Washington County Council of Religious 
Education: Pres., Mr. Charles K. Heck- 
ler, St. Clair Building, Marietta; Treas., 
Mrs. Ray Harper, 515 Eighth St., Mari- 

Xenia Council of Christian- Education: 
Pres., Rev. Aldean Pitts, 118 Chestnut 
St.; Treas., Mr. Ralph Randall, 927 N. 
Detroit St. 


Albany: Pres., Rev. George H. Huber, 128 
West Third Ave.; Treas., Dr. J. Boyd 
Patterson, 520 West Fifth 

Astoria: Pres., Mr. Gordon J. Storaasli, 
Supt. Columbia Hospital; Treas., Rev. 
Paul McFarlin, 380 Eleventh St. 

Benton County: Pres., Mr. Richard Han- 
son, Sunset Hill Rd., Corvallis; Treas., 
Mr. Eugene Terway, 275 Vera Drive, Cor- 



Central Lane County: Pres., Dr. Carroll 
C. Hoberts, 1166 Oak St., Eugene; Treas., 
Mr. Orrin Lokken, c/o United Lutheran 
Church, Eugene 

Central Oregon: Pres., Rev. Dean Poin- 
dexter, 680 Bond St., Bend; Treas., Mr. 
Charles H. Ward, 530 N. Ninth St., Red- 

Coos Bay: Pres., Rev. Oscar Payne, P. O. 
Box 847; Treas., Mrs. Albert Kelly, 967 
So. First 

Forest Grove: Pres., Miss Geneva McDon- 
ald, 1734 Birch St.; Treas., Mrs. Carl 
Fletcher, 2339 Fifteenth Ave. 

Freewater (see Milton-Freewater) 

Klamath Basin: Pres., Mr. William Kurtz, 
5531 Walton Drive, Klamath Falls; 
Treas., Mr. Bob Mezger, Chiloquin 

Milton-Freewater: Pres., Mr. Robert L. 
Brunton, 11 S. W. Sixth; Treas., Mr. El- 
mer Benson, 134 So. Elizabeth 

Salem: Pres,, Dr. Brace I. Knapp, 4160 
Gardner Ed.; Treas., Mr. Paul Hollo- 
way, 1120 N. Fifteenth St. 

Union County: Pres., Mr. Sam T. Bailie, 
Kt. 2, LaGrande 


Adams County: Pres., Mr. A. M. Lavan- 
ture, R. D. 1, York Springs; Treas., Mr. 
J, B. Collins, 75 E. Broadway, Gettys- 

Allentown: Pres., Mr. Edward F. Sandow, 
Y.M.C.A.; Treas., Mr. Merritt Peters, 
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. 

Annville: Pres., Mrs. P. A. W. Wallace, 
504 East Maple St.; Treas., Mr. Harold 

Ardmore: Pres., Rev. B. L. Scott, 740 
Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr 

Armstrong County Sunday School Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Mr. Kenneth Stoyer, Sec- 
ond St., Freeport; Treas., Mrs. Guy N. 
Wilson, New Bethlehem 

Beaver County: Pres., Dr. Harold S. Faust, 
809 Lincoln PL, Beaver Falls; Treas., 
Miss Nannie Kelso, New Galilee 

Bedford County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Willis Detweiler, New 
Enterprise; Treas., Mr. Norman E. Wilt, 

Belief onte and Vicinity: Pres., Mr. Epley 
White, RD #3; Treas., Mr. Ben H. Herr, 
429 N. Spring St. 

Berks County Sabbath School Association: 
Pres., Mr, A. Lincoln Kenney, 4926 Kutz- 
town Rd., Temple; Treas., Miss Bessie 
J. Heimbach, 37 S. Reading Ave., Boyer- 

Blair County Sabbath School Association: 
Pres., Mr. W. Ross Lantzer, 201 East 
Second St., Williamsburg; Treas., Mr. 

Russell Schellenberger, 50426 St., Al- 

Bradford County Council of Religious Ed- 
ucation: Pres., Rev. Lewis Bachman, 
Canton; Treas., Mr. Gerald Dunn, High- 
land Acres, Monroeton 

Bucks County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion : Pres., Mr. Linf ord D. Gross, Bloom- 
ing Glen; Treas., Miss Elsie Leedom, 
RD, New Hope 

Butler: Pres., Mr. Evan A. Wimer, R.D. 
No. 6; Treas., Mr. G. D. Morrow, 121 
Lyon Ave. 

Butler County Council of Religious Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. Eugene Hoffman, RD 
7, Butler; Treas., Mr. Eugene E. Ward, 
336 Broad St., Butler 

Cambria County Sunday School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Rev. George Biggs, 109 
Homestead Ave., Johnstown; Treas., Mr. 
Robert Sworb, 514 Cypress Ave., Johns- 

Cameron County Council of Religious Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. Alvin Close, RD 1, 

Carrick-Overbrook Church Fellowship : 
Pres., Rev. L. A. Sweet, 163 Hornaday 
Rd., Pittsburgh 10; Treas., Mr. Carl A. 
Colteryahn, 1614 Brownsville Rd., Pitts- 
burgh 10 

Center County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Clarence T. Musser, RD 
2, Spring Mills; Treas., Mr. Gerald Rish- 
el, Boalsburg 

Chester County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Charles Spellman, Jr., 
30 N. Hill Drive, West Chester; Treas,, 
Mr. Theodore Gettings, RD 1, Green 
Hill, West Chester 

Clearfield County Sabbath School Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Mr. J. Rex Bloom, Star 
Route, Curwensville; Treas., Mr. Royce 
Johnson, 628 Nichol St., Curwensville 

Columbia County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Bruce Eyer, Eyers 
Grove; Treas., Mr. Frank Brunner, 236 
W. First St., Bloomsburg 

Cumberland County Sunday School Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Mr. J. Paul Burkhart, 31 
W. High St., Carlisle; Treas., Mr. Karl 
W. Etshied, 31 W. High St., Carlisle 

Delaware County Sabbath School Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Mr. Charles . Alexander, 
819 Homestead Ave., Beechwood, Hav- 
erstown; Treas., Mr, Alford W. HofEner, 
26 Myrtle Ave., Morton 

Doylestown Christian Council: Pres., Mrs. 
Ethel Saxer, Eagles Mere 

Easton: Pres., Rev. Herschel Halbert, 234 
Spring Garden St.; Treas., Mr. Frank 
Simpson, 123 Burke St. 

Elwood City: Pres., Mrs. Nelson Wright, 
508 Sixth St.; Treas., Mr. Kenneth Zahn- 
iser, 805 California Ave. 



Fayette County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Eev. David Hunter, McClel- 
landtown; Treas., Miss Avice Barclay, 

Forest County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Frank L. Watson, Tio- 
nesta; Treas., Mr. Russell M. Smith, 

Franklin County Sunday School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. R. G. Mowrey, 604 E. 
Highland Ave., Chambersburg; Treas., 
Mr. Leon Mower, R #1, Chambersburg 

Greene County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. R. Wallace Maxwell, 553 
Bridge St., Waynesburg; Treas., Mr. 
Robert Throckmorton, Holbrook 

Huntington County Sunday School Asso- 
ciati9n: Pres., Mr. Clair Hetrick, RD, 

Indiana County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. J. W. Everett, 1278 
Church St.; Treas., Miss Mary Fleming, 

Jefferson County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Elvin Snyder, Timblin 

Juniata County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Harold Douty, McAlis- 
terville; Treas., Miss Mary Thompson, 

Lancaster County, United Churches of: 
Pres., Mr. James M. Miller, 75 College 
Ave., Elizabethtown 

Lewisburg: Pres., Mr. Charles M. Bond, 
327 So. 6th St.; Treas., Mr Samuel Dei- 
bert, 833 St. Louis St. 

Lock Haven: Pres., Mr. Earl L. Lentz, Jr., 
113 E. Church St.; Treas., Mr. La Rue 
R. Smith, Crestmont, RD 1 

Luzerne County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. E. C. Marianelli, 915 
Miners Bank Bldg., Wilkes-Barre 

Lycoming County Sabbath School Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Mr. Raymond W. Spring- 
man, R. D. 2, Muncy; Treas., Mr. Rich- 
ard C. Crossley, 760 Pine St., Montours- 

Mifflin County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. John L. Pandel, Burn- 
ham; Treas., Mr. Frank Kearns, RD 3, 

Millvale: Pres., Mr. James Donaldson, 8 
Butler St., Pittsburgh 9 

Montgomery Sabbath School Association: 
Pres., Rev. Robert J. GottschaU, 1021 W. 
Marshall St., Norristown; Treas., Mr. 
Walter A. Knorr, 333 DeKalb Ave., Nor- 

Montrose Interchurch Council: Pres., Rev. 
F. W. Connell, 90 Church St. 

Montour County: Pres., Mr. Paul Kosten- 
bauder, RD 1, Danville; Treas., Mrs. Ed- 
ward Long, 310 E. Front St., Danville 

Newtown: Pres., Prof. Walter M. Mohn, 
George School; Treas., Mrs. Russell 

Norristown (Greater): Pres., Rev. Robert 
Earle Home, 415 DeKalb St.; Treas., Mr. 
Charles Harner, East Mount Kirk Ave., 
Fairview Village (RD) 

Northampton County Sabbath School As- 
sociation: Pres., Mr. Daniel M. Nace, 52 
Church St., Nazareth; Treas., Mr. Clar- 
ence Hawk, Box 38, Cherryville 

Overbrook (see Carrick-Overbrook) 

Palmyra: Pres., Rev. Melvin Patrick, 802 
N. Railroad St.; Treas., Mr. Robert 
Wentling, 314 W. Oak St. 

Perry County Council of Christian Educa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Melvin W. Sheibley, 
Marysville; Treas., Mr. H. K. Eby, New- 

Pine Grove: Pres., Rev. Robert C. Benner, 
218 Tulpehocken St.; Treas., Mr. Louis 

Schuylkill County Sabbath School Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Mrs. George W. Butz, 301 
Centre Ave., Schuylkill Haven; Treas., 
Mrs. Miriam Wolfe, Pine Grove 

Selinsgrove: Pres., Rev. Edward P. Turn- 
bach, 409 W. Walnut St.; Treas., Mr. 
C. E. Leach, First National Bank 

Snyder County Council of Christian Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mr. Kenneth Loss, RD 1, 
Middleburg; Treas., Mr. Ira Yoder, R. D. 
I, Selinsgrove 

Somerset County Council of Religious Ed- 
ucation: Pres,, Mr. G. Floyd Dye, Box 
603, Somerset; Treas., Mrs. Floyd Keefer, 

State College: Pres., Mr. Leon R. Knee- 
bone, 205 S. Patterson St.; Treas., Mr. 
E. H. Rohrbeck, 501 E. Hamilton Ave. 

Sullivan County Council of Religious Edu- 
cation: Pres., Mrs. Ethel Saxer, Eagles 
Mere; Treas., Mrs. Otis Hatch, Dushore 

Susquehanna County Sunday School As- 
sociation: Pres., Mr. Clifford Jones, 

Tioga County Sunday School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Donald Straw, RD 2, 

Tunkhannock, Interchurch Council of: 
Pres., Rev. R. N. Wilkinson, 15 Church 
St.; Treas., Mrs. R. E. Moses, RD 3 

Union County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Chester Walter, 43 So. 
7 St., Lewisburg; Treas., Mr. Elwood St. 
Moyer, 344 Chestnut St., Mifflinburg 

Venango County Sabbath School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Edwin S. Truby, 9 Hone 
Ave., Oil City; Treas., Mr. J. A. Amsler, 
332 Odd Fellows Bldg., Oil City 

Washington County Sabbath School Asso- 
ciation: Pres., Mr. Lloyd H. Hunter, RD 
6, Box 262; Treas., Mr. R. L. Stevenson, 
310 Third St., McDonald 



Wayne County Sunday School Associa- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Harry D. Wood, Way- 
mart; Treas., Mr. Merlyn T. Williams, 
730 High St., Honesdale 

Waynesboro: Pres., Rev. L. E. Wilson, 
P. O. Box 128; Treas., Mr. Harold C. 
Shuck, 24 Myrtle Ave. 

Westmoreland County Council of Chris- 
tian Education: Pres., Mr. R. Harrold 
Boyd, 842 Highland Ave., Greensburg; 
Treas., Mr. George M. Fink, Export 

Wilkinsburg and Vicinity: Pres., Dr. Wal- 
ter Young, Second ILP. Church; Treas., 
Mr. C. E. Wolford, Wood St. 

Willow Grove: Pres., Mr. Alvin O. Snif- 
fer, 1958 Lycoming Ave. 

Wyoming County Council of Religious 
Education: Pres., Rev. Daisy Eggleston, 
R 2, Tunkhannock 


Narragansett (see South Kingston-Narra- 

Newport County: Pres., The Rev. Daniel 
Quinby Williams, 417 Spring St.; Treas., 
Mr. Wm. S. Hegamyer, Boulevard Ter- 
race, Middletown 

South Kingston-Narragansett: Pres., Mr, 
Howell E. Jones, 9 Normandy Rd., Wake- 
field; Treas., Mr. W. D. Brewster, 886 
Main St., Wakefield 


South Carolina Fellowship of Churches: 
Pres., Mr. A. McKay Brabham, Jr., P. O. 
Box 809, Aiken; Treas., Mr. Frank B. 
Estes, Orangeburg 


Clay County Association of Churches: 
Pres., Mr. E. W. Harrington, 113 Forest, 

Dewey-Ziebach County: Pres., Rev. Frank 
Workentine, Box 354, Eagle Butte; 
Treas., Mr. Roger Young, Isabel 

Faulk County: Pres., Mr. John Brand, Nor- 
beck; Treas., Mr. Levi Roberts, Faulkton 

Gregory County Sunday School Conven- 
tion: Pres., Mr. Emil Olen, Burke: 
Treas., Mrs. John Peterson, Bonested 

Lyman County Sunday School Conven- 
tion: Treas., Mr. Andrew Hubbeling, 

Pennington County: Pres., Mr. Dwight 
Clark, 117 Wood Ave., Rapid City 

Stanley County: Chmn., Mrs. Elda Corey, 
Fort Pierre; Asst. Chmn., Mr. Louis 

Ziebach (see Dewey-Ziebach) 


Kingsport (Greater): Pres., Mr. H. A. 
Scott; Treas., Mr. Edgar dayman, 1225 
Morningside Circle 

Knoxville: Pres., Mr. Leonard F. Hurley, 
41Hfc Henley St.; Treas., Mr. C. Wayne 
Force, 3341 Whittle Springs Rd., N.E. 

Memphis: Pres., Dr. Marshall Wingfield, 
233 So. Watkins St. (4); Treas., Mr. 
W. B. Herbert, 3549 Powell Ave. 

Rockwood: Pres., Mr. E. G. Williams, 211 
So. Patton; Treas., Mr. Ed Foland, 16 N. 
Douglas Ave. 

Rogersville Interchurch Council: Pres., 
Mr. W. R. Robbin, First Meth. Ch.; 
Treas., Mr. Ben Cunningham, Supt. of 
City School 


Utah: Pres., Rev. Hampton E. Price, 250 
Lakeview Dr., Clearfield; Treas., Mr. A. 
Harry Good, 1051 So. llth East, Salt 
Lake City 


Addison County: Pres., Rev. R. H. Moore, 

Bennington: Pres., Dr. Frederick Vogell, 
Pleasant St.; Treas., Mr. Frederick A. 
Burt, 123 Union St. 

Black River: Pres., Mr. John Conner, Per- 
kinsville; Treas., Mr. Frank Corvin, 142 
Wall St., Springfield 

Burlington: Pres., Mr. Hilton Wick, 811 
North Ave.; Treas., Mr. Harold Wooda- 
man, 49 Clarke St. 

Caledonia: Pres., Rev. Thomas Hedges, 
Barnet; Treas., Mr. Willard Ward, 31 
Church St., St. Johnsbury 

Caspian-Lamoille District: Pres., Rev. 
Fred Mauthey, Morrisville; Treas., Mrs. 
W. C. Reed, Wolcott 

Central Vermont: Treas., Mrs. Floyd S. 
Cole, Queches 

Chittenden County: Pres., Mr. Algernon 
Pillsbury, Williston; Treas., Mr. Herbert 
G. Manning, Richmond 

Lamoille (See Caspian-Lamoille) 

Lyndon: Pres., Rev. J. Ashton Nickerson, 
Lyndon Center Baptist Church, Lyndon 

Northshire Church Council: Pres., Mr. 
Bernard Dow, Manchester Depot 

Orleans County Council: Pres., Mrs. Wil- 
liam J. Steele, North Troy; Treas., Mrs. 
Ruby Joslyn, Orleans 

Rutland County Church Council: Pres., 
Rev. L, Q. Haynes, Procter; Treas., Mrs. 
George Neil, Pittsf ord 


St. Johnsbury: Pres., Mr. Willard H. Ward, 
31 Church St.; Treas., Mr. Vernon B. 
Ticehurst, 51 Summer St. 

Windham County: Pres., Eev. Edward Ty- 
ler, Putney; Treas., Mr. Dwight Miller, 
Jr., Dummerston 


St. Thomas: Pres., Rev. Edmund L. Ma- 
lone, Box 689, Charlotte Amalie, St. 
Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. 


Glens Falls: Pres., Mr. Robert L. Voor- 
hees, 48 Sheridan St.; Treas., Mr. Hiram 
S. Norton, 15 Madison St. 


Bellingham: Pres., Rev. W. E. Hallman, 
530 Garden St.; Treas., Mr. Roy Lutz, 
2468 Lakeway Drive 

Bremerton: Pres., Mrs. B. C. Copley, Rt. 
4, Box 1435; Treas., Mrs. R. L. Garinger, 
Jr., 239A Elson St. 

Central Columbia Basin: Pres., Rev. Wil- 
liam Berney, 907 Ironwood, Moses Lake; 
Treas., Mr. Francis Roberts, Ephrata 

Everett Council of Churches and Christian 
Education: Pres., Mr. Kenneth Fowler, 
Box 739; Treas., Mr. Fred Erchinger, 
270922 St. 

Grand Coulee Dam Area: Pres., Rev. Hor- 
tense Anabel, Community Meth. Church, 
Nespelem; Treas., Mr. Thane Curry, 
Grand Coulee 

Lewis County: Pres., Rev. Willis M. Rosen- 
thai, P. O. Box 667, Centralia; Treas., 
Rev. George M. Shuman, P. O. Box 763, 

Olympia: Pres., Mr. Willard Rouse, 3243 
Capitol Blvd.; Treas., Mr. Arthur M. 
Buell, 301 E. 21 St. 

Richland: Pres., Mr. E. P. Peabody, 1407 
Thayer; Treas., Mrs. G. F. Perm, 1425 

Vancouver: Pres., Rev. John C. Soltman, 
400 E. 32 St.; Treas., Mrs. J. H. Bailey, 
5817 East Third 

Wenathee: Pres., Mr. S. S. Neher, Rt. 5; 
Treas., Mr. Bill Walter, Jones and Jones 

Yakima: Pres., Rev. Mark L. Koehler, 9 
South 8 Ave.; Treas., Mr. A. B. Collins, 
105 North Seventh St. 


Barbour County: Pres., Mr. Paschal Brake, 
Belington; Treas., Mr. Leslie McGee, 

Braxton County: Pres., Mr. Virgil Stewart, 
Flatwoods; Treas., Mrs. Ruth McCray, 


Brooke County: Pres., Mr. John J. Bates, 
1254 Main St., Follansbee; Treas., Mr. 
John J. Paull, 1600 Pleasant Ave., Wells- 

Doddridge County: Pres., Miss Lucile 
Stutler, 105 Neely Ave., West Union; 
Treas., Mrs. Sherman Hess, Glandville 

Gilmer County: Pres., Mr. Harold L. Scott, 
Linn; Treas., Mrs. Rosabell Gainer, Tan- 

Grant County: Pres., Rev. Earl Cosner, Mt. 

Harrison County: Pres., Mr. Troy M. Gil- 
lum, 35 Walnut St., Shinnston; Treas v 
Miss Pearl Custer, R 2, Box 39, Clarks- 

Jackson County: Pres., Mr. Carl Dolan, 
Kenna; Treas., Miss Georgia Stone, Box 
206, Ripley 

Lewis County: Pres., Mr. French S. Smith, 
Box 667, Weston; Treas., Mr. H. D. Twy- 
man, Kitson St., Weston 

Marshall County: Pres., Mrs. Arthur E. 
Blatte, Sherrard; Treas., Mrs. T. E. Car- 
michael, 1509 Fifth St., MoundsviUe 

Mason County: Pres., Mr. G. W. McKin- 
ney, Rt. 2, Point Pleasant; Treas., Miss 
Lucile Roush, Rt. Letart. 

Monongalia County: Pres., Rev. Raymond 
Nielsen, 232 Hogans Ave., Morgantown; 
Treas., Mrs. B. G. Anderson, 720 Ridge- 
way Ave., Morgantown 

Monroe County: Pres., Mr. G. O. Drans- 
field, Union; Treas., Mr. H. L. McClary, 
Sinks Grove 

Morgantown: Pres., Mrs. Gustab A. Leh- 
mann, 640 W. High St.; Treas., Mr. S. A. 
Kelly, 212 High St. 

Preston County: Pres., Mr. Berlin H. Wil- 
helm, R 1, Terra Alta; Treas., Mr. Frank 
Wilburn, Terra Alta 

Randolph County: Pres., Mr. Homer F. 
Riggleman, Beverly; Treas., Mr. Harry 
Baughman, Mingo 

Roane County: Pres., Mr. Ralph Harold, 

Taylor County: Assoc. Pres., Mr. Paul 
Bartlett, Rt, 2, Grafton; Treas., Miss 
Mary Ellen Carder, Rosemont 

Tucker County: Pres., Mr. William Trow- 
bridge, Davis; Treas., Mr. Marion Hovat- 
ter, Parsons 

Upshur County: Pres., Mr. R. C. Jackson, 
Hall; Treas., Mr. Baxter Gass, Buck- 
hannon (R 4) 

Weirton: Pres., Mr. S. H. Riffee, 3609 
Brightway; Treas., Mr. C. Elwin Eddy, 
3956 Palisades Dr. 




Antigo: Pres., Rev. W. W. Holliday, 820 
Fourth Ave.; Treas., Mr. Chas. Avery, 
Sr., 527 Second Ave. 

Appleton: Pres., Mr, George C. Scurrah, 
3230 N. Oneida St.; Treas., Mr. Kermeth 
A. Krieck, 807 W. Oklahoma St. 

Brown County: Pres., Mr. Walter G. Zahn, 
213 North Oneida St., Green Bay; Treas., 
Mr. Ed Thompson, 1173 E. Walnut St., 
Green Bay 

Delavan: Pres., Mr. S. B. Davies, 103 
Washington St.; Treas., Mrs. Edgar 
Buzzell, Delavan Lake 

Grant County Fellowship of Churches: 
Pres., Mr. Phillip Rustin, Boscobel; 
Treas., Mr. Elmer Kasper, Lancaster 

La Crosse: Pres., Rev. Winslow Wilson, 
1810 Redfield St.; Treas., Rev. Ralph 
Shirley, 718 Logan St. 

Lancaster: Pres., Rev. F. V. Schnucker; 
Treas., Mr. Lester Hankins 

Menasha (see Neenah and Menasha) 

Monroe: Pres., Rev. John C. Purdy, 2610 
8 St.; Treas., Mrs. Harold Haworth, 829 
22 Ave. 

Neenah and Menasha, Church Council of: 
Pres., Mr. E. H. Hammen, 216 W. Wis- 
consin Ave., Neenah; Treas., Mr, Peter 
Bylow, 120 Washington Ave., Neenah 

Oshkosh: Pres., Mr. Richard Menzel, 77 
Fulton St.; Treas., Mr. Harold Hafeman, 
326 Grand Ave. 

Racine: Pres., Rev. Philip R. Whitaker, 
903 Lake Ave.; Treas., Miss Pearl SneU, 
2918 N. Wisconsin Ave. 

Sheboygan County: Pres., Mr. Norman O. 
Kanske, 2514 N. 10 St.; Treas., Mr. John 
De Master, 1816 N. 6 St. 

St. Croix Valley: Pres., 

Waukesha: Pres., Rev. Earl W. Reichert, 
150 South St.; Treas., Mr. John L. 
Davies, 323 West Main St. 


Wyoming State: Pres., Rev. John P. Mc- 
Connell, 215 So. 11 St., Laramie; Treas., 
Rev. Berkeley Ormond, 5 and Beech, 



Following is a list of the names and addresses of the presidents of state 

councils of church women. 


Mrs. Hartwell Davis 
3333 Cloverdale Road 


Mrs. Walter Wrinkle 
1424 E. Almeria 


Mrs. Kyle Engler 
822 Highland 


Mrs. Scott Haymond 
180 Tamalpais Road 
Berkeley, California 


Mrs. Lyman T. Grossman 
421 W. Roses Road 
San Gabriel, Calif. 


Mrs. J. R. Kessler 
820 Clarkson Street 
Denver 18 


Mrs. Charles K. Dickson 
New Canaan 


Mrs. Paul F. Turner 
2918 Harrison Street 


Mrs. J. Dennett Guthrie 
3237 Arcadia Place, NW 
Washington 15 


Mrs. Cecil Davis 
216 Riverview Blvd. 
Daytona Beach 


Mrs. Stewart Colley 


Mrs. Leslie McEwen 
915 A Alewa Drive 


Mrs. Reed Moody 
Route #1 


Mrs. Carl H. Hoy 

2040 Birchwood Avenue 

Chicago 45 


Mrs. Paul Flowers 
1001 West 3rd 


Mrs. R. B. Atwater 
2511 40th Street 
Des Moines 10 


Mrs. Ernest F. Tonsing 
105 No. Courtland Street 


Mrs. R. T. Brown 
252 So. Hanover 


Mrs. C. F. Goldthwait 
6101 Louisville 
New Orleans 


Mrs. Chauncey D. Wentworth 

38 Oak Street 



Mrs. Raymond M. Miller 
313 So. Ellwood Avenue 
Baltimore 24 


Mrs. William D. Kennedy 
660 Boston Street 


Mrs. B. R. Donaldson 
22712 Nona Avenue 


Mrs, Lloyd A. Hatch 
140 So. Wheeler 
St. Paul 5 


Mrs. C. M. Moter 
Poindexter Park 


Mrs. Ira J. Layton 
416 West 70th Street 
Kansas City 5 




Mrs. Robert C. Line 
Rural Route #3 


Mrs. Harry Coggins 
905 16th Street 


Southern, see California, Southern 
Western, see California, Northern 


Mrs. Theodore B. Hadley 


Mrs. Charles A. Campbell 
1265 Beaumont Avenue 
West Englewood 


Miss Luella Madden 
1022 University Drive 


Mrs. John E. Zeiter 
495 8th Avenue 
Brooklyn 15 


Mrs. T. S. Newbold 
Box 1296 
Rocky Mount 


Mrs. Harry Christian 
812 3rd Avenue So. 


Mrs. Harry E. Smoyer 
3369 HoUister Road 
Cleveland Heights 18 


Mrs. Harry L. Adams 
445 North 14th Street 


Mrs. S. M. Zeller 
129 North llth 


Mrs. Charles E. Manwiller 
201 Gladstone Road 


Mrs. James H. Llghtbourne 
250 Waterman Street 
Providence 6 

Mrs. W. A. Davis 
7 New Town Lane 
Charleston 50 


Mrs. E. W. Siegfried 
721 West 15th 
Sioux Falls 


Mrs. John T. McCall 
3728 West End 


Mrs. L. C. Curlin 
507 Ferris Avenue 


Mrs. J. H. Belt 

264 East 17th Street 

Salt Lake City 


Mrs* C. T. Maxham 

Box #1 



Mrs. F. R. Crawford 
906 High Street 


Mrs. Thomas V. Kingery 
Route 10, Box 11 

Mrs. J. Floyd Cole 
1776 Morgantown Avenue 


Mrs. Stanley J. Brown 
Elm Grove 


Mrs. R, Jay Wilson 
204 South 5th Street 



The following list includes certain departments of colleges and universities in which 
ministerial training is given. This list has been checked with the Education Directory 
published by the U.S. Office of Education, and with other directories. Our compila- 
tion is fairly complete for Protestant and Jewish institutions and for the larger 
Roman Catholic seminaries. It is hoped that frequent cross references will aid the 
The listings follow this order: Institution, Affiliation, Location, Head. 

Academy of the New Church (Theol. 
Sen.), Gen. Ch. of the New Jerusalem, 
Bryn Athyn, Pa., Hugo L. Odhner. 

Alfred University Sch. of Theol., 7th Day 
Bapt., Alfred, N. Y., Albert N. Rogers, 

Allen University (Dickerson Theol. Sem.), 
A.M.E., Columbia 4, S. C., H. S. Davis. 

Allentown Bible College (see Eastern 
Pilgrim College). 

American Baptist Theol. Sem., Natl. 
Bapt., Inc., U.S.A., and S. Bapt., 1800 
White's Creek Road, Nashville 7, Tenn., 
Ralph W. Riley. 

Anderson College and Theol. Sem., Ch. 

of God, Anderson, Ind., John A. Mor- 

Andover Newton Theol. Sch., Am. Bapt., 
Cong. Chr., Newton Center 59, Mass., 
Herbert Gezork. 

"Andrei Sagima," Romanian Orthodox, 
Grey Tower Rd., R.FJD. No. 7, Jackson, 
Mich., Right Rev. Valerian D. Trifa. 

Asbury Theol. Sem., Undenom., Wilmore, 
Ky., J. C. McPheeters. 

Ashland Theol. Sem., Breth. Ch., Prog., 
Ashland, O. f Glenn L. Clayton. 

Atlanta Theol. Sem. Foundation, Cong. 
Chr., Vanderbilt School of Religion, 
Nashville 4, Tenn., Warren Me A. 

Atonement Sem. of the Holy Ghost, 

Cath., 145 Taylor St., N.E., Washington 
17, D. C., Thomas Condon. 

Auburn Theol. Sem., Presb. U.S.A., New 
York 27, N. Y., in asso. with Union 
Theol, Sem., Henry P. Van Dusen. 

Augsburg College & Theol, Sem., Luth. 
Free Ch., Minneapolis 4, Minn., Bern- 
hard Christensen. 

Augustana Theol. Sem., Luth. (Aug.), 
Rock Island, m., Karl Mattson. 

Augustinian College, Cath., 3900 Hare- 
wood Rd., N.E., Washington 17, D. C., 
Denis J. Kavanagh. 

Aurora College (Theol. Dept.), Adv. Ch., 
Aurora, HI., Moses C. Crouse. 

Austin Presbyterian Theol. Sem., Presb. 
U.S., Austin 21, Tex., David L. Stitt. 

Bangor Theol. Sem*, Interdenom., Ban- 
gor, Me., Frederick W. Whittaker. 

Belmont Abbey Sem., Cath,, Belmont, 
N. C., Vincent G. Taylor. 

Benedict College (see J. J. Starks Sch. 
of Theol.). 

Berkeley Baptist Divinity Sch., Am. Bapt., 
Berkeley 4, Calif., Sandford Fleming. 

Berkeley Divinity Sch., PJE., New Haven 
11, Conn., Percy L. Urban. 

Bethany Biblical Sem., Ch. of Breth., 
3435 W. Van Buren St., Chicago 24, 
HI., Paul M. Robinson. 

Bethany Lutheran College (Theol. Sem.), 
Norw. Synod, Am. Evang. Luth. 
Church, Mankato, Minn., B, W. Teigen. 

Bethel College (see Cumberland Presb. 
Theol. Sem.). 

Bethel College and Sem., Bapt. Gen. 
Conf ., St. Paul 1, Minn., Carl H. Lund- 

Bexley Hall, Divinity School of Kenyon 
College, P.E., Gambier, Ohio, Gordon 
K. Chalmers. 

Bible College of Missouri, Disc., Colum- 
bia, Mo., Seth W. Slaughter. 

Bible Institute of Los Angeles, The, 

Undenom., 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 
7, Calif., Samuel H. Sutherland. 

Biblical Seminary, Undenom., 235 E. 49th 
St., New York 17, N. Y., D. G. McKee. 

Bishop College, Div. of Religion, Bapt. 
Missionary and Educational Conven- 
tion of Texas, Marshall, Texas, Her- 
man C. Williams. 

Bloomfield College & Sem./ Presb. U.S.A., 
Bloomfield, N. J., Frederick Schweitzer. 

Bonebrake Theol. Sem., (Dayton 6, O.), 
united with Evang. Sch. of Theol., 
July, 1954, to form: United Theol. 
Sem., see below. 

Boston University (Sch. of Theol.), Meth., 
745 Commonwealth Ave., Boston 15, 
Mass., Walter G. Muelder. 

Brite College of the Bible (see Texas 
Christian University). 

Burton College and Seminary, Inter- 
denom., 41 Lincoln Ave., Manitou 
Springs, Colo., Fred. E. Stemme. 

Butler University (see Sch. of Keligion, 
Butler University). 

California Baptist Theol. Senv, Bapt., 
Seminary Knolls, Covina, Calif ., Donald 
W. Cole. 

Calvin Sem., Chr. Ret, Grand Rapids, 
Mich., R. B. Kuiper. 



Campbell College (Lampton Theol. Sem.), 
A.M.E., Jackson, Miss., H. P. Wilburn. 

Candler Sch. oi Theol. (see Emory Uni- 

Capital University (see Ev. Lutheran 
Theol. Sem., Columbus, O.). 

Carter, William, Bible College (see Wil- 
liam Carter Bible College). 

Catholic University of America (Theol. 
College), Washington 17, D. C., John 
P. McCormick. 

Cedarville Baptist College, Keg. Bapt. 
Churches, Cedarville, Ohio, James T. 

Central Baptist Theol. Sem., Am. Bapt. 
and S. Bapt., Kansas City 2, Kan., 

E. L. Ackley, acting. 

Central Bible Institute, Ass em. of God, 
Springfield, Mo., Bartlett Peterson. 

Central Lutheran Theol. Sem., U. Luth., 
Fremont, Neb., E. B. Keisler. 

Chicago Lutheran Theol. Sem,., U. Luth., 
Maywood, HI., Armin George Weng. 

Chicago Theol. Sem., Cong. Chr., Chi- 
cago 37, HI., A. C. McGiffert, Jr. 

Chicago Univ. Div. Sch. (see University 
of Chicago). 

Christ the King Sem., Cath., St. Bona- 
venture, N. Y., Thomas Plassman. 

Christ the Saviour Sem., Carpatho-Rus- 
sian Orth., 225 Chandler Ave., Johns- 
town, Pa., Orestes P. Chornock. 

Church Divinity Sch. of the Pacific, P.E., 
2451 Ridge Road, Berkeley 9, Calif., 
Sherman E. Johnson. 

Colgate Rochester Divinity Sch., Am, 

Bapt. Conv., Rochester 20, N. Y., Wil- 
bour Eddy Saunders. 

College of Medical Evangelists, 7th-day 
Adv., Loma Linda, Calif., and 1720 
Brooklyn Ave., Los Angeles 33, Calif., 
Godfrey T. Anderson. 

College of the Bible, The, Disc., Lexing- 
ton, Ky., Riley B. Montgomery. 

College of the Immaculate Conception, 

Cath., Washington 17, D. C., Walter M. 

Columbia Bible College, Interdenom., 
Columbia, S. C., G. Allen Fleece. 

Columbia Theol. Sem., Presb. U.S., Deca- 
tur, Ga., J. McDowell Richards. 

Concordia Sem., Luth. Mo. Synod, St. 
Louis 5, Mo., Alfred O. Fuerbringer. 

Concordia TheoL Sem., Luth. Mo. Synod, 
Springfield, HI., Walter A. Baepler. 

Crane Theol. Sch. (see Tufts College). 

Crozer Theol. Sem., Am. Bapt., Chester, 
Pa., Sankey L. Blanton. 

Cumberland Presb. Theol. Sem., Bethel 
College, Cumb. Presb., McKenzie, 
Tenn., Thomas H. Campbell. 

Dallas TheoL Sem. and Grad. Sch. of 
Theol., Undenom., Dallas 4, Tex., John 

F. Walvoord. 

Dana College (see Trinity Sem.). 

Dayton Bible Institute, Open Bible Stand. 
Chs., 1 Green St., Dayton 2, O., E. J. 

De Mazenod Scholaslicale, Cath., 285 
Oblate Drive, San Antonio, Texas, John 

Dicker son Theol. Sem. (see Allen Univ.). 

Disciples Divinity House, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, Disc., Chicago 37, 111., W. B. 
Blakemore, Jr. 

Divinity Sch., P.E., 4205 Spruce St., 
Philadelphia 4, Pa., Frank D. Gifeord. 

Divinity School of Drake University, 
Disc., Des Moines, Iowa, John E. 

Dominican House of Studies, Cath., River 

Forest, 111., Gerard Joubert. 

Drake University (see Divinity School 
of Drake University). 

Drew University (Theol. Sem.), Meth., 
Madison, N. J., Bernhard W. Anderson. 

Drury Sch. of Religion, Disc., Springfield, 
Mo., Richard M. Pope. 

Dubuque, Univ. of (Theol. Sch.), Presb. 
U.S.A., Dubuque, la., Gaylord M. 

Duke University (Div. Sch.), Meth., Dur- 
ham, N. C., James Cannon. 

Duns Scotus College, Cath., Detroit 19, 
Mich., Norbert Oldegeering. 

Eastern Baptist Theol. Sem., The, Am. 

Bapt., Philadelphia 31, Pa., Gilbert L. 

Eastern Mennonite College, Menn. Ch., 
Harrisonburg, Va., John R. Mumaw. 

Eastern Pilgrim College (School of Theol. 
Div.), Pilgrim Holiness Ch., Allen town, 
Pa., R. D. Gunsalus. 

Eden Theol. Sem., Ev. Ref., Webster 
Groves 19, Mo., F. W. Schroeder. 

Emory University (The Candler Sch. of 
Theol.), Meth., Emory Univ., Ga., 
William R. Cannon. 

Episcopal TheoL Sch., P.E., Cambridge 
38, Mass., Charles L. Taylor, Jr. 

Episcopal Theol. Sem. in Kentucky, P.E., 
Lexington, Ky., William R. Moody. 

Episcopal Theol. Sem. of the Southwest, 

P.E., 606 Rathervue Place, Austin, 
Texas, Gray M. Blandy. 

Erskine College (Theol. Dept.), Asso. Ref. 
Presb., Due West, S. C., W. W. Boyce. 

Evangelical Lutheran Theol. Sem., Am. 

Luth., Capital University, Columbus 9, 
O., E. C. Fendt. 

Evangelical Lutheran Theol. Sem., Luth. 
(Wis.), Thiensville, Wis., E. Reim. 

Evangelical Sch. of Theol., (Reading, 
Pa.), united with Bonebrake Theol. 
Sem., July 1954, to form United Theol. 
Sem., see below. 

Evangelical TheoL Sem., Ev. U. Breth., 
Naperville, 111., Paul H. Eller. 

Findlay College (see Winebrenner Grad. 
Sch. of Divinity). 


Fort Wayne Bible College, Interdenom., 
Fort Wayne 6, Ind., S. A. Witmer. 

Franciscan Theol. Sem., Cath., Old Mis- 
sion, Santa Barbara, Calif., Virgil Cor- 

Fuller Theol. Sem., Undenom., 135 North 
Oakland Ave., Pasadena 1, Calif., 
Edward John Carnell. 

Gammon Theol. Sem., Meth., Atlanta, 
Ga., Harry Van Buren Richardson. 

Garrett Biblical lust./ Meth., Evanston, 
IU., Dwight E. Loder. 

General Theol. Sem,, P.E., New York 11, 
N. Y., Lawrence Rose. 

Golden Gate Bapt. Theol. Sem., So. 

Bapt., 1908 Addison St., Berkeley 4, 
Calif., Harold K. Graves. 

Gordon College of Theol. & Miss., Non- 
Sec., Boston 15, Mass., T. Leonard 

Goshen College Biblical Sem., Menn., 
Goshen, Ind., Harold S. Bender. 

Grace Theol. Sem., Prog. Breth., Winona 
Lake, Ind., Alva J. McClain. 

Grand View Sem., American Evang. 
Luth., Des Moines 16, la., Axel C. 

Greek Orthodox Theol. Institute, 50 God- 

dard Ave., Brookline 46, Mass., N. D. 

Greenville College (Dept. of Rel.), Free 
Meth., Greenville, 111., H. Johnson 

Hamma Divinity Sch. of Wittenberg Col- 
lege, U. Luth., Springfield, O.. E. E. 

Hartford Seminary Foundation, Interde- 
nom., Hartford 5, Conn., Russell H. 

Hartford Theol. Sem. 

Hartford Sch. of Relig. Ed. 

Kennedy Sch. of Missions 

Institute of Church Social Service 

Harvard University (Div. Sch.), Unde- 
nom., Cambridge 38, Mass., Douglas 

Hebrew Theol. College, Jewish, Chicago, 
HI., Oscar Z. Fasman. 

Hebrew Union College Jewish Inst. of 
Religion, Jewish, Cincinnati 20, O., and 
New York 23, N. Y., Nelson Glueck. 

Holy Cross College, Cath., Washington 17, 
D. C., Howard J. Kenna. 

Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, Rus- 
sian Orthodox, Jordanville, N. Y., 
Averky Tauscheff. 

Hood TheoL Sem., Livingstone Coll., 

A.MJE.Z., Salisbury, N. C., F. R. Brown. 
Houghion College (Div. Theol. and Chr. 

Ed.), Wes. Meth., Houghton, N. Y., 

C. A. Ries. 
Howard University (Sch. of Religion), 

Undenom., Washington 1, D. C., Frank 

T. Wilson. 
Hunttngton College (Theol. Sem.), U.B. 

in Christ, Huntington, Ind., Melvin I. 

Hiff School of Theol., The, Meth., Denver 

10, Colo., Harold F. Carr. 


Immaculate Conception Monastery, Cath., 
Hastings, Neb., Daniel J. Eichard. 

Immaculate Conception Sem., Cath., Con- 
ception, Mo., Conrad Falk. 

Immaculate Conception Sem., Cath., 
Oconomowoc, Wis., Francis J. O'Neill. 

Immaculate Conception Sent., Cath., 
Darlington, Ramsey P. O., N. J., 
Thomas H. Powers. 

Indiana Sch. of Religion, Ecumenical, 
610 E. Third St., Bloomington, Ind., 
D. J. Bowden. 

J. J. Starks Sch. of TheoL, Benedict Col- 
lege, Natl. Bapt., Columbia, S. C., 
J. A. Bacoats. 

Jackson Theol. Sem. (Shorter College), 

A.M.E., North Little Rock, Ark., T. D. 

Jewish Institute of Religion (see Hebrew 
Union College). 

Jewish TheoL Sem. of Am., Jewish, 
3080 B^adway, New York 27, N. Y. r 
Louis Finkelstein. 

Johnson Bible College, Ch. of Christ, 
Kimberlin Hts., Term., Robert Monroe 

Johnson C. Smith Univ. (Theol. Sem.), 
Presb. U.S.A., Charlotte 8, N. C., H. 

Kenyon College, Divinity School (see 
Bexley Hall). 

Lampton Theol. Sem. (see Campbell Col- 

Lane College TheoL Dept. (see Phillips 
School of Theology). 

Lincoln University (Theol. Sem.), Presb. 
TJ.SA., Lincoln Univ., Pa., Andrew E. 

Livingstone College (see Hood Theol. 

Louisville TheoL Sem., Presb. U.S. & 
Presb. U.S.A., Louisville 2, Ky., Frank 
H. Caldwell. 

Luther TheoL Sem., Ev. Luth. Ch., Como 
Ave. & Luther PL, St. Paul 8, Minn., 
Alvin Rogness. 

Lutheran Bible Institute, Ind. Luth., 
Minneapolis 4, Minn.; Teaneck, N. J.; 
Seattle 33, Wash.; (CLBS) Los Angeles 
6, Calif.; Bernt C, Opsal. 

Lutheran Bible Sen. and Sem., Luth., 
Breth., Fergus Falls, Minn., A. A. 

Lutheran Theol. Sem., United Luth., 
Gettysburg, Pa., H. F. Baughman. 

Lutheran TheoL Sem. at Phila., U. Luth., 
Mt. Airy, Phila. 19, Pa., Henry H. Bag- 

Lutheran TheoL Southern Sem., U. Luth., 
Columbia, S. C., John L. Yost. 

Marion College (Dept. of Religion), Wes. 

Meth., Marion, Ind., W. T. Dayton. 
Mary Immaculate Sem., Cath.* Box 27, 

Northampton, Pa., James M. Mc- 

Maryknoll Seminary (Cath. For. Miss. 

Soc. of Amer., Inc.), Cath., Maryknoll, 

N. Y., Thomas J. Malone. 



McCormick Theol. Sem., Presb. U.S. A., 
2330 N. Halsted St., Chicago 14, 111., 
Robert Worth. Frank. 

Meadvllle Theol. Sch., The, Unit., 5701 
Woodlawn Ave., Chicago 37, 111., Wal- 
lace W. Bobbins. 

Mennonite Biblical Sem., Menn., 4614 
Woodlawn Ave., Chicago 15, 111., Samuel 
Floyd Pannabecker. 

Mission House Coll. & Theol. Sem., Ev. 

Ref., Plymouth, Wis., Arthur M. 

Montezuma Sem., Cath. (for Mexican stu- 
dents), Montezuma, N. M., Pablo L6pez 
de Lara. 

Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, The, 

Undenom., 820 North La Salle St., 
Chicago 10, HI., William Culbertson. 

Moravian Theol. Sem., Morav., Bethle- 
hem, Pa., Raymond S. Haupert. 

Moreau Sem., Cath., Notre Dame, Ind., 
Bernard McAvoy. 

Morehouse College (Sch. of Relig.), Am. 
Bapt. Conv., Atlanta, Ga., Melvin H. 

Morris Brown College (see Turner Theol. 

Morris CoUege (Theol. Dept.), Natl. Bapt., 
Sumter, S. C., O. R. Reuben. 

Mi. Angel Sem., Cath., St. Benedict, Ore., 
Damian Jentges. 

Ml. St. Alphonsus Theol. Sem., Cath., 
Esopus, N. Y., Joseph J. Comyns. 

Mi. St. Bernard Sem., Cath., Carter 
Road, Dubuque, la., D. A. Brady. 

Mi. St. Mary Sem. of the West, Cath., 
Norwood 12, O., Joseph J. Schneider. 

Mi. Si. Mary's Sem., Cath., Emmitsburg, 
Md., Msgr. Joseph P. O'Donnell. 

Mt. St. Michael's Scholasiicaie, Cath., 
Spokane 28, Wash., John W. Dunne. 

Nashoiah House (Theol. Sem.), P.E., 
Nashotah, Wis., Edward S. White. 

Nazarene Theol. Sem., Naz., 1700 Meyer 
Blvd., Kansas City 10, Mo., Lewis T. 

Ner Israel Rabbinical CoUege, Jewish, 
Baltimore 15, Md., Jacob I. Ruderman. 

New Brunswick Theol. Sem., Ref. Am., 
New Brunswick, N. J., M. Stephen 

New-Church Theol. Sch., Gen. Conv. Ch. 
New Jerusalem, Cambridge 38, Mass., 
Everett K. Bray. 

New England Sch. of Theol., Adv. Ch., 
Brookline 46, Mass., Carlyle B. Roberts. 

New Orleans Baptist TheoL Sem., S. 
Bapt., New Orleans 22, La., Roland Q. 

Niagara University (Sem. of Our Lady 
of Angels), Cath., Niagara University, 
N. Y., Francis X. Desmond. 

North American Baptist Sem., N. Am. 
Bapt. Conf., 1605 S. Euclid Ave., Sioux 
Falls, S. D., George A. Lang. 

North Park CoUege and Theol. Sem., 

Evan. Miss. Cov., Chicago 25, HI., 
Clarence A. Nelson. 

Northern Baptist Theol. Sem., Am. Bapt., 
3040 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago 12, 
111., Chas. W. Koller. 

Northwest Christian College, Disc., 
Eugene, Ore., Ross J. GriJEfeth. 

Northwestern Lutheran Theol. Sem., U. 

Luth., Minneapolis 4, Minn., J. H. 

Northwestern Schools (Bible College, Col- 
lege of Liberal Arts, Theol. Sem.), In- 
terdenom., 50 Willow St., Minneapolis 
3, Minn., Richard Elvee. 

Norwegian Baptist TheoL Sem., Am. 

Bapt., 3040 West Washington Blvd., 
Chicago 12, ILL, Peder Stiansen. 

Notre Dame Sem. Univ., Cath., 2901 S. 
Carrollton Ave., New Orleans 18, La., 
Thomas U. Bolduc. 

Oakland Ciiy CoUege (Theol. Dept.) t 
Gen. Bapt., Oakland City, Ind., James 
E. Cox. 

Oberlin College (Grad. Sch. Theol.), Un- 
denom., Oberlin, O., Leonard A. 

Olivet Nazarene College (Div. of Reli- 
gion), Naz., Kankakee, 111., Harold W. 

Owosso Bible College, Pil. Holiness Ch., 
Owosso, Mich., W. L. Surbrook. 

Pacific Sch. of Religion, Interdenom., 
Berkeley 9, Calif., Stuart LeRoy Ander- 

Pacific Theol. Sem., U. Luth., 2770 Marin 
Ave., Berkeley 8, Calif., Charles 

Pasadena Coll. (Grad. Sch. Relig.), Naz., 
Pasadena 7, Calif., W. T. Purkiser. 

Paul Quinn College (Div. Theol.), A.MJ2., 
Waco, Tex., J. B. Isaacs. 

Payne Theol. Sem, ai Wilber force Univ., 
A.M.E., Wilberforce, O., Rembert 

Perkins Sch. of Theol. (see S. Meth. 


Phillips Sch. of Theol., Lane College, 

C. M. E., Jackson, T e n n . , U. Z. 

Phillips University (Coll. of Bible), Disc., 
Enid, Okla., Stephen J. England. 

Pittsburgh-Xenia Theol. Sem., U. Presb., 
Pittsburgh 6, Pa., Addison H. Leitch. 

Pontifical College Josephinum, Cath., 
Worthington, O., Paul A. Gieringer. 

Princeton Theol. Sem., Presb. U.S.A., 
Princeton, N. J., John A. Mackay. 

Protestant Episcopal Theol. Sem. in Va., 

P.E., Alexandria, Va., E. Felix Kloman. 

Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theol. Sem. 

(Yeshiva Univ.), Jewish, Amsterdam 
Ave. & 186th St., New York 33, N. Y., 
Samuel Belkin. 

Reformed Presbyterian TheoL Sem., Ref. 
Presb., N.A., Pittsburgh 8, Pa., S. Bruce 

Rural Seminary of the Bible College of 
Missouri, Interdenom., Columbia, Mo., 
Seth W, Slaughter. 


Sacred Heart Sem., Cath., Shelby, O., 
Joseph W. Caspar. 

St. Ann's Passionist Monastery, Cath., 
1239 St. Ann St., Scranton 4, Pa., Felix 

E. Huckett. 

St. Anthony on Hudson, Cath., Rensse- 
laer, N. Y., William D'Arcy. 

St. Anthony Seminary, Cath., Marathon, 
Wise., Mark Stier. 

St. Augustine's Sem., Cath., Bay Saint 
Louis, Miss., Robert E. Pung. 

St. Bernard's Sem., Cath., Rochester 12, 
N. Y., W. T. Craugh. 

St. Charles Borromeo Sera., Cath., Over- 
brook, Philadelphia 31, Pa., Francis J. 

St. Charles Sem., Cath., Carthagena, O., 
Rev. Herbert Linenberger. 

St. Columban's Major Sem., Cath., 1200 
Brush Hill Road, MUton 86, Mass., 
Richard Stokes. 

St. Edward's Sem., Cath., Kenmore, 
Wash., John R. Sullivan. 

St. Francis Major Sem., Cath., 3257 S. 
Lake Drive, Milwaukee 7, Wis., Frank 
M. Schneider. 

St. Francis Sem., Cath., Loretto, Pa., 

St. John's Home Miss. Sem., Cath., Little 
Rock, Ark., James E. O'Connell. 

St. John's Sem., Cath., Brighton 35, 
Mass., Thomas J. Riley. 

Si. John's Sem., Cath., Camarillo, Calif., 
James W. Richardson. 

St. John's Sem., Cath., San Antonio 10, 
Tex., John P. Tackaberry. 

St. John's Univ. (see School of Divinity, 
St. John's Univ.). 

St. Joseph's Abbey, Cath., Spencer, Mass., 
M. Edmund Futterer. 

St. Joseph's Sera., Cath., Yonkers, N. Y., 
John M. Fearns. 

St. Joseph's Sem. of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment Fathers, Cath., 17608 Euclid Ave., 
Cleveland 12, O., Francis D. Costa. 

St. Lawrence University Theol. Sen., 

Univ., Canton, N. Y., A. H. MacLean. 

Si. Leo Abbey, Cath., St. Leo. Fla., 
Abbot Marion Bowman. 

St. Louis Roman Cath. Theol. Sem. 

(Kenrick Sem.), Cath., 7800 Kenrick 
Road, St. Louis 19, Mo., Thomas V. 

St. Mary-of-the-Lake Sem., Cath., Mun- 
delein, 111., Malachy P. Foley. 

St. Mary's College, Cath., St. Marys, 
Kan., Francis P. Furlong. 

St. Mary's Mission House, Cath., Techny, 

St. Mary's Sem., Cath., Perryville, Mo., 
D. W. Martin. 

St. Mary's Sem., Cath., 1227 Ansel Rd., 
Cleveland 8, O., Msgr. Joseph J. 

St. Mary's Sem., Cath., Houston, Texas, 
William P. Barr. 


St. Mary's Sena. & Univ., Cath., Baltimore 
10, Md., Lloyd P. McDonald. 

St. Meinrad Sem., Cath., St. Meinrad, 
Ind., C. Louis. 

Si. Patrick's Sem., Cath., Menlo Park, 
Calif., Thomas C. Mulligan. 

Si. Paul Sem., Cath., St. Paul 1, Minn., 
Rudolph G. Bandas. 

Si. Paul's College, Cath., 7th and Hamlin 
Sts., N.E., Washington 17, D. C., John 
J. O'Keefe. 

St. Procopius Sem., Cath., Lisle, HI., 
Alexius Machacek. 

St. Thomas Theol. Sem., Cath., Denver 
10, Colo., W. J. Kenneally. 

St. Tikhon's Theol. Sem., Russian Orth., 
South Canaan, Pa., Rt. Rev. Bishop 

Si. Vincent Sem., Cath., Latrobe, Pa., 
O. Grosselin. 

Si. Vladimir's Orih. Theol. Sem., Eastern 
Orth., 537 W. 121 St., New York 27, 
N. Y., George Florovsky. 

Sis. Cyril and Methodius Sem., Cath., 
Orchard Lake, Mich., Edward J. Szu- 


San Francisco Theol. Sem, Presb. U.S.A , 
San Anselmo, Calif., Jesse H. Baird. 

Savonarola TheoL Sem., Pol. Natl. Cath., 
1031 Cedar Ave., Scranton 5, Pa., 
Prime Bishop Leon Grochowski. 

Schauffler College of Religious and So- 
cial Work (merged with the Gradu- 
ate School of Theol., Oberlin College). 

Sen. of Divinity (St. John's Univ.), Cath., 
Collegeville, Minn., Gregory J. Roettger. 

Sen. of Religion (Butler University), 
Disc., Indianapolis 7, Ind., O. L. 

Sch. of TheoL (see Temple University). 

Seabury- Western Theol. Sem., P.E., 
Evanston, 111., Alden D. Kelley. 

Seventh-day Advenlist Theol. Sem., Sev- 
enth-day Adv., 6830 Laurel St., Wash- 
ington 12, D. C., E. D. Dick. 

Shaw University (Sch. of Relig.), Natl. 
Bapt., Raleigh, N. C., William R. 

Shorter College (see Jackson Theol. 

Simmons University, Bapt., Louisville, 
Ky., J. V. Bottoms. 

Simpson Bible College, Chr. & Miss. All., 
San Francisco, Calif., Paul S. Allen. 

Southeastern Baptist Theol. Sem./ S. 

Bapt., Wake Forest, N". C., Sydnor L. 


Southern Baptist TheoL Sem., S. Bapt., 
Louisville 6, Ky,, Duke K. McCall. 

Southern Methodist University ("Perkins 
Sch. of Theol.), Meth., Dallas 5. Tex., 
Merrimon Cuninggim. 

Southwestern Baptist TheoL Sem./ S. 

Bapt., Seminary Hill Station, Ft. 
Worth 15, Tex., J. Howard Williams. 



Southwestern Bible Institute, Ass em. of 
God, Waxahachie, Tex., M. E. Collins. 

Spanish- American Bapx. Sem., Am. 
Bapt., 512 South Indiana St., Los 
Angeles 63, Calif., Benjamin R. Morales. 

Spring Arbor Jr. College, Free Meth., 
Spring Arbor, Mich., Charlie D. Moon. 

Starks, J. J., Sen. of Theol. (see J. J. 
Starks School of Theology). 

Starr King Sen. for the Ministry, Unit., 
Berkeley 9, Calif., Josiah R. Bartlett. 

Suomi College and Theol. Sem., Luth. 
(Suomi Synod), Hancock, Mich,, David 
T. Halkola, acting. 

Temple University Sen. of TheoL, In- 

terden., Philadelphia 22, Pa., J. S. Ladd 

Texas Christian University (Brite Coll. 

of the Bible), Disc,, Fort Worth 9, 

Tex., M. E. Sadler. 
TheoL Sem. of the Evan. & Ref. Ch., 

Evan. & Ref., Lancaster, Pa., Allan S. 


Theol. Sem. of the Protestant Episcopal 

Church in Kentucky (see Episcopal 

Theol. Sem. in Kentucky). 
Theol. Sem. of the Ref. Epis. Ch., Ref. 

Epis., 25 S. 43rd St., Philadelphia 4, 

Pa., George Handy Wailes. 
Trevecca Nazarene College (Relig. Dept.), 

Naz., Nashville, Term., A. K. Bracken. 

Trinity Sem. (Dana College), U. Ev. 

Luth. Ch., Blair, Neb., R. E. Morton. 

Trinity Sem. and Bible College/ Evan. 
Free Ch., 1726 Berteau Ave., Chicago 
13, I1L, C. R. Ludwigson. 

Tufts College, School of Religion (Crane 
The9l. Sen.), Univ., Medford, Mass., 
Benjamin B. Hersey. 

Turner Theol. Sem,/ Morris Brown Col- 
lege, A.M.E., Atlanta, Ga., Edward J. 
Odum, Jr. 

Union Bible Sem., Friends, Westfield, 
Ind., Wm. M. Smith. 

Union Theol. Sem., Undenom., Broadway 
& 120 St., New York 27, N. Y., Henry 
P. Van Dusen. 

Union Theol. Sem. in Va., Presb. U.S., 
3401 Brook Road, Richmond 27, Va. t 
B. R. Lacy, Jr. (as of Jan. 1, 1956, 
James Archibald Jones). 

United Theol. Sem., Ev. U. Breth., 1810 
Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio, Walter 
N. Roberts. 

University of Chicago (Div. Sch.), Am. 
Bapt., Chicago 37, HI., Walter J. Har- 

University of Southern California (Sch. 
of Relig.), Meth., Los Angeles 7, Calif., 
Earl Cranston. 

University of the South (Sch. of Theol.), 
P.E., Sewanee, Tenn., George M. Alex- 

Vanderbili University (Sch. of Relig.), 
Undenom., Nashville 4, Tenn., John K. 

Virginia TheoL Sem* (see Protestant 
Epis. Theol. Sem. In Va,). 

Virginia TheoL Sem. & College, Bapt., 
Lynchburg, Va., M. C. Allen. 

Virginia Union University (Sch. of Relig.), 
Am. Bapt., Richmond 20, Va., Samuel 
De Witt Proctor. 

Walla Walla College (Sch. of TheoL), 7th- 
day Adv., College Place, Wash., Paul 
C. Heubach. 

Wartburg TheoL Sem., Am. Luth., Du- 
buque, la., Bernard J. Holm. 

Wesleyan Methodist College (Theol. 
Sch.), Central, S. C., R. C. Mullinax. 

Wessington Springs College (Theol. 
Dept.), Free Meth., Wessington Springs, 
S. D., G. E. Kline. 

West Baden University, Cath., West 
Baden Springs, Ind., John, A. McGrail. 

Western Lutheran Theol. Sem. (see Cen- 
tral Lutheran Theol. Sem.). 

Western Sem., Natl. Bapt., Inc., U.S.A., 
2119 Tracy Ave., Kansas City 8, Mo., 
Maynard P. Turner, Jr. 

Western TheoL Sem., Presb. U.S. A., Pitts- 
burgh 12, Pa., Clifford E. Barbour. 

Western Theol. Sem., Ref. Am., Holland, 
Mich., John R. Mulder. 

Westminster TheoL Sem., Meth., West- 
minster, Md., Lester A. Welliver. 

Westminster Theol. Sem., Presb., Phila- 
delphia 18, Pa., Paul Woolley. 

Weston College, Cath., Weston 93, Mass., 
James E. Coleran. 

Whilefriars Hall, Cath., 1600 Webster 
Ave., N.E., Washington 17, D. C., Roland 
E. Murphy. 

Wilberforce University (see Payne TheoL 

William Carter Bible College, Evang. & 
Free Will Bapt. Ch., Seminary Park 
Adamsville, Route No. 3, Goldsboro, 
N. C., Wm. Howard Carter, 1601 East 
Rose St., Goldsboro, N. C. 

Winebrenner Grad. Sch. of Dlv. (Find- 
lay College), Chs. of God (Gen. Elder- 
ship), Findlay, O., Gale Ritz. 

Winona Lake Sch. of TheoL, Interdenom., 
Winona Lake, Ind., John A. Huffman. 

Wittenberg College (see Hamma Div. 

Woodstock College, Cath., Woodstock, 
Md., Joseph F. Murphy. 

Yale University (Div. Sch.), Undenom., 
New Haven 11, Conn., Listen Pope. 

Yankton College Sch. of TheoL, Cong,, 
Yankton, S. B., Edward Sayler. 

Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Jewish, 1899 
Prospect Place, Brooklyn, N.Y., Isaac 

Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and Mesivta, 

Jewish, 141 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y., 
G. Schorr. 

Yeshiva University (see Rabbi Isaac 
Elchanan Theol. Sem.). 



This list is limited to institutions accredited by Accrediting Associations. 
Abbreviations : 

C. Co-educational 
M. Men 
W. Women 
NC. North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 

S. Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 
MS. Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 
NE. New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 
NW. Northwest Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 
West. Western College Association 

The main source is the Education Directory published by the U. S, Office of Edu- 
cation. Junior Colleges and Professional Schools are not included. 
The listings follow this order: Institution, Location, Head, Accrediting, Denomination. 

Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Tex., 
Don H. Morris, C S, Ch. of Christ. 

Academy of Ihe New Church, Bryn 
Athyn, Pa., George de Charms, C MS, 
Ch. of New Jerusalem. 

Adelphi College, Garden City, N. Y., Paul 
Dawson Eddy, C MS. 

Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Ga., Wal- 
lace M. Alston, W S. 

Akron, University of, Akron 4, O., Nor- 
man P. Auburn, C NC, City. 

Alabama Agric. & Mech. College, Nor- 
mal, Ala., J. F. Drake, C S, State. 

Alabama College, Montevallo, Ala., Franz 
E. Lund, W S, State. 

Alabama Polytechnic Insr., Auburn, Ala., 
R. B. Draughon, C S, State. 

Alabama State College for Negroes, 

Montgomery, Ala., H. Councill Tr en- 
holm, C S, State. 

Alabama, University of, University, Ala., 
Oliver C. Carmichael, C S, State. 

Alberlus Magnus College, New Haven, 
11, Conn., Sr. M. Lucia Deku, W NE, 

Albion College, Albion, Mich., Wm. W. 
Whitehouse, C NC, Meth. 

Albright College, Reading, Pa., Harry V. 
Masters, C MS, Evan. U. B. 

Alcorn Agric. & Mech. College, Alcorn, 
Miss., Jesse R. Otis, C S, State. 

Alfred University, Alfred, N. Y., M. Ellis 
Drake, C MS, State and Private. 

Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa., , 

C MS. 

Allen University, Columbia 13, S. C., 
Samuel R. Higgins, C S, A.M.E. 

Alliance College, Cambridge Springs, 
Pa., Arthur P. Coleman, M and W, MS. 

Alma College, Alma, Mich., John Stanley 
Barker, C NC, Presb., U.S.A. 

Alverno College, Milwaukee 15, Wls., 
Sister M. Augustine, W NC, Cath. 

American International College, Spring- 
field, Mass., John F. Hines, Jr., C NE 

American University, The, Washington 
16, D. C., Hurst R. Anderson, C MS, 

Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., Charles 
W. Cole, M NE. 

Anderson College and TheoL Sem., An- 
derson, Ind., John A. Morrison, C NC, 
Ch. of God. 

Aniioch College, Yellow Springs, O., 
Samuel B. Gould, C NC. 

Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Arthur F. Bukowski, C NC, Cath. 

Arizona Slate College, Flagstaff, Ariz., 
L. A. Eastburn, C NC, State. 

Arizona State College, Tempe, Ariz., 
Grady Gammage, C NW, State. 

Arizona, University of, Tucson, Ariz., 
Richard A. Harvill, C NC, State. 

Arkansas Agric. & Mech. College, Col- 
lege Heights, Ark., Horace E. Thomp- 
son, C NC, State. 

Arkansas Polytechnic College, Russell- 
voile, Ark., J. W. Hull, C NC, State. 

Arkansas State College, State College, 
Ark., Carl R. Reng, C NC State. 

Arkansas, University of, Fayetteville, 
Ark., John Tyler CaldweU, C NC, 

Asbury College, 

Johnson, C S. 

Wilmore, Ky., Z. T. 

Ashland College, Ashland, O., Glenn L. 
Clayton, C NC, Ch. Breth. (Prog.) 

Assumption College, Worcester, Mass., 
Armand H. Desautels, M NE, Cath. 

Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga., Rufus 
E. Clement, C S. 

Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, 
Mass., L. M. Stump, C NE, S.D.A. 

Augusiana College, Rock Island, HI., Con- 
rad Bergendoff, C NC, Luth. 

Augusiana College, Sioux Falls, S. D., L. 
M. Stavig, C NC, Evan. Luth. 

Aurora College, Aurora, HI., Theo. 
Stephens, C. NC, Adv. Chr. Ch. 




Austin College, Sherman, Tex., John 
Dean Moseley, C S, Presb. 

Austin Peay Stale College, Clarksville, 
Tenn., Halbert HarviU, C S, State. 

Baker University, Baldwin City, Kan., 
Nelson P. Horn, C NC, Meth. 

Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio, 

H. J. Smith, acting, C NC, Meth. 

Barat College of the Sacred Heart, Lake 
Forest, 111., Mother Margaret Reilly, 
W NC, Cath. 

Barber-Scotia College, Concord, N. C., 
L. S. Cozart, W S, Presb. 

Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, 
N. Y., James H. Case, Jr., C MS. 

Barnard College, New York 27, N. Y., 
Millicent Carey Mclntosh, W MS. 

Barry College for Women, Miami, Fla., 
Rev. Mother M. Gerald, W S, Cath. 

Bales College, Lewiston, Me., Charles F. 
Phillips, C NE. 

Baylor University, Waco, Tex., William 
R. White, C S, So. Bapt. 

Beaver College, Jenkintown, Pa., Ray- 
mon M. Kistler, W MS, Presb. 

Belhaven College, Jackson, Miss., R. 
McFerran Crowe, W S, Presb. 

Bellarxnine College, Plattsburg, N. Y., 
John J. McMahon, M MS, Cath. 

Belmoni Abbey College, Belmont, N. C., 
Vincent G. Taylor, M S, Cath. 

Belmont College, Nashville 5, Tenn., R. 
Kelly White, C S, Bapt. 

Beloit College, Beloit, Wis., Miller 
Upton, C NC. 

Benedict College, Columbia 13, S. C., J. 
A. Bacoats, C S, NatL Bapt. 

Bennett College/ Greensboro, 
David D. Jones, W S, Meth. 

Bennington College, Bennington, 
Frederick H. Burkhardt, W NE. 

Berea College, Berea, Ky., Francis S. 
Hutchins, C S. 

Bessie Tifi College, Forsyth, Ga., Cary 
T. Vinzant, W S, So. Bapt. 

Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va., Perry 
E. Gresham, C NC. 

Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kan., Rob- 
ert A. Mortvedt, C NC, Luth (Aug.). 

Bethel CoUege, Hopkinsville, Ky., W. 
Edwin Richardson, W S, So. Bapt. 

Bethel College, McKenzie, Tenn, Roy N. 
Baker, C S, Cumb. Presb. 

Bethel CoUege, North Newton, Kan,, 
D. C. Wedel, C NC, Mennon. 

Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona 
Beach, Fla., Richard V. Moore, C S. 

Birmingham-Southern College, Birming- 
ham 4, Ala., George R. Stuart, C S, 

Bishop College, Marshall, Tex., M. K. 
Curry, Jr., C S, Natl. Bapt. 

Blackburn College, Carlinville, 111., Rob- 
ert P. Ludlum, C NC. 

Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, 
Miss., Lawrence T. Lowrey, W S, So. 

Blueiield College, Bluefield, Va., Chas. 
L. Harman, C S., So. Bapt. 

Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio, L. L. 
Ramseyer, C NC, Menn. 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill 67, Mass., 
Joseph R. N. Maxwell, M NE, Cath. 

Boston University, Boston 
Harold C. Case, C NE. 

15, Mass., 

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, 
James S. Coles, M NE. 

Bowling Green State University, Bow- 
ling Green, O. f Ralph W. McDonald, C 

NC. State. 

Bradley University, Peoria 5, HI., Harold 
Potter Rodes, C NC. 

Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass., 
Abraham Leon Sachar, C NE. 

Brenau College, Gainesville, Ga. t Josiah 
Crudup, W S. 

Brescia College, Owensboro, Ky., Mother 
Immaculata O'Reilly, C S, Cath. 

Briar Cliff College, Sioux City 17, Iowa, 
Sister Jean Marie, W NC, Cath. 

Bridgeport, University of, Bri< 
Conn., James H. Halsey, C IS 


Bridge-water College, Bridgewater, Va., 
Warren D. Bowman, C S, Ch. Breth. 

Brigham Young Univ., Provo, U., Ernest 
L. Wilkinson, C NW, Latter Day Saints. 

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn 10, N. Y., 
Harry D. Gideonse, C MS, City. 

Brothers College, see Drew University. 

Brown University, Providence 12, R. I., 

, C NE. 

Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 
Katharine Elizabeth McBride, W MS. 

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa., 
Merle M. Odgers, C MS, Am. Bapt. 

Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Iowa, 
John A. Fisher, C NW, Presb. 

Buffalo, University of, Buffalo 14, N. Y., 
Clifford C. Furnas, C MS. 

Butler University, Indianapolis 7, Ind., 
M. O. Ross, C NC, Disc. 

Caldwell College for Women, Caldwell, 
N.J., Mother M. Joseph, W MS, Cath. 

California, University of, Berkeley 4, 
Los Angeles 24, Davis, San Francisco, 
Santa Barbara, Riverside, Mt. Hamil- 
ton, LaJolla, Cal., Robert G. Sproul, 
C West, State. 

Calvin College, Grand Rapids 6, Mich., 
William Spoelhof, C NC, Christ. Ref. 

Campbell College, Buies Creek, N. C., 
L. H. Campbell, C S, So. Bapt. 


Canisius College, Buffalo 8, N. Y., Philip 
E. Dobson, C MS, Cath. 

Capital University, Columbus 9, O., 
Harold L. Yochum, C NC, Am. Luth. 

Carleton College, Northfield, Minn., 
Laurence M. Gould, C NC. 

Carroll College, Helena, Mont., R. V. 
Kavanagh, M NW, Cath. 

Carroll College, Waukesha, Wis,, Robert 
D. Steele, C NC, Presb. U.S.A. 

Car son- Newman College/ Jefferson City, 
Term., D. H. Fite, C S, So. Bapt. 

Carthage College, Carthage, ni., Harold 
H. Lentz, C NC, Un. Luth. 

Cascade College, Portland 11, Ore., Clar- 
ence J. Pike, C NW. 

Calawba College, Salisbury, N. C., A. R. 
Keppel, C S, Ev. Ref. 

Catholic University of America, Wash- 
ington 17, D. C., Bryan J. McEntegart. 
M W MS, Cath. 

Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pa., 
Dale H. Moore, W MS, Ev. & Ref. 

Centenary College, Shreveport, La., J. J. 
Mickle, C S, Meth. 

Central College, Fayette, Mo., Ralph L. 
Woodward, C NC, Meth. 

Central College, Pella, la., G. T. Vander 
Lugt, C NC, Ref. in Am. 

Central Missouri Stale College, Warrens- 
burg, Mo., G. W. Diemer, C NC, State 

Centre College of Kentucky, Danville, 
Ky., Walter A. Groves, C S, Presb. 
U.S. & Presb. U.S.A. 

Charleston, College of, Charleston 10, 
S. C., George D. Grice, C S, City. 

Chattanooga, University of, Chattanooga 
3, Term., David A. Lockmiller, C S. 

Chestnut Hill College, Chestnut Hill, 
Philadelphia 18, Pa., Sr. Maria Kostka, 
W MS, Cath. 

Chicago, University of, Chicago 37, HI., 
Lawrence A. Kimpton, C NC. 

Christian Brothers College, Memphis 4, 
Term., Bro. Lambert Thomas, M S, 

Christian College, Columbia, Mo., James 
C. MiUer, W NC, Disc. 

Cincinnati, University of, Cincinnati 21, 
O., Walter C. Langsam, C NC, City. 

Citadel, The (see The Citadel). 

City College of San Francisco, San Fran- 
cisco 12, Cal., Louis G. Conlan, C West, 

City College of the City of New York, 

New York 31, N. Y., Buell G. Galla- 
gher, M W MS, City. 

Claflln College, Orangeburg, S. C., John 
J. Seabrook, C S, Meth. 

Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, 
Cal., Frederick Hard, C West. 


Claremont Men's College, Claremont, 
Calif., George C. S. Benson, M W. 

Clark College, Atlanta, Ga., James P. 
Brawley, C S, Meth. 

Clark College, Vancouver, Wash., P. F. 
Gaiser, C NW. 

Clark University, Worcester, Mass., How- 
ard B. Jefferson, C NE. 

Clarke College, Dubuque, Ia. Sr. Mary 
Anne Aloysius, W NC, Cath. 

Clemson Agric. College, Clemson, S. C. f 
Robert F. Poole, M S, State. 

Coe College, Cedar Rapids, la., Howell 
H. Brooks, C NC. 

Coker College, HartsviJle, S. C., , 

W S. 

Colby College, Waterville, Me., J. Seelye 
Bixler, C NE. 

Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y., 
Everett Needham Case, M MS. 

College of Emporla, Emporia, Kan., Lu- 
ther E. Sharp, C NC, Presb. 

College of Great Falls, Great Falls, 
Mont., J. J. Donovan, C NW, Cath. 

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester 3, 
Mass., William A. Donaghy, M NE, 

College of the Holy Names, Oakland, 
Cal., Sister M. Francis Raphael, W NW, 

College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho, 
Margaret Boone, acting, C NW, Presb. 

College of Mines & Metallurgy, see Texas 
Western College. 

College Misericordia, Dallas, Pa., Sr. 
Mary Gonzago, W MS, Cath. 

College of Mt. St. Joseph-on-ihe-Ohio, 

Mt. St. Joseph, O., Mother Mary Ro- 
mana, W NC, Cath. 

College of Mt. St. Vincent, New York 71, 
N. Y., Cardinal Francis J. Spellman, 
W MS, Cath. 

College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, 
N. Y., Mother Dorothea Dunkerley. W 
MS, Cath. 

College of Notre Dame of Md., Baltimore 
10, Md., Sr. Margaret Mary, W MS, 

College of Our Lady of the Elms, Chico- 
pee, Mass., Christopher J. Weldon, 
W NE, Cath. 

College of the Ozarks, Clarksville, Ark., 
Winslow S. Drummond, C NC, Presb. 

College of the Pacific, Stockton 4, Calif., 
Robert E. Burns, C West. 

College of Puget Sound, Tacoma 6, 
Wash., R. Franklin Thompson, C NW, 

College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, 
Minn., Mother Richarda Peters, W NC, 



College of St. Catherine, St. Paul 1, 
Minn., Sr. Antonine, W NC, Cath. 

College of St. Elizabeth, Convent Sta., 
N. J., Sr. Hildegarde Marie Mahoney, 
W MS, Cath, 

College of St. Francis, Joliet, III., Sr. M. 
Elvira, W NC, Cath. 

College of St. Mary of the Springs, 
Columbus 3, O., Sr. M. Angelita, W NC, 

College of St. Mary-of-the-Wasatch, Salt 
Lake City 5, IT., Sr. Maria Consolata, 
W NW, Cath. 

College of St. Hose, Albany, N. Y., Sr. 
Catherine Francis, W MS, Cath. 

College of St. Scholasiica, Duluth 2, 
Minn., Mother M. Athanasius, W NC, 

College of St. Teresa, Kansas City 2, Mo., 
Sr. Mary Berenice O'Neill, W NC, Cath. 

College of St. Teresa, Winona, Minn., Sr. 
M. Camille Bowe, W NC, Cath. 

College of St. Thomas, St. Paul 1, Minn., 
Vincent J. Flynn, M NC, Cath. 

College of William and Mary, Williams- 
burg, Va., Alvin Duke Chandler, C S, 

College of Wooster, Wooster, O., Howard 
F. Lowry, C NC, Pres. U.SA. 

Colleges of the Seneca/ Geneva, N. Y., 

Alan Willard Brown, M W MS, (see 
Hobart College and William Smith 

Colorado Agr. & Mech. College, Ft. Col- 
lins, Colo., W. E. Morgan, C NC, State. 

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, 
Colo., Louis T. Benezet, C NC. 

Colorado, University of. Boulder, Colo., 
Ward Darley, C NC, State. 

Colorado Woman's College, Denver 7, 
Colo., Val H. Wilson, W NC, Am. Bapt. 

Columbia College, Columbia, S. C., K. 
Wright Spears, W S, Meth. 

Columbia University, New York 27, N. Y., 
Grayson L. Kirk, C MS. 

Concord College, Athens, W. Va., Virgil 
H. Stewart, C NC, State. 

Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn., 
Joseph L. Knutson, C NC, Ev. Luth. 

Concordia Collegiate Institute, Bronx- 
ville, N, Y., Albert E. Meyer, C MS, 

Connecticut College, New London, Conn., 
Rosemary Park, W NE. 

Connecticut, University of, Storrs, Conn., 
Albert N. Jorgensen, C NE, State. 

Converse College, Spartanburg, S. C., 
Edw. M. Gwathmey, W S. 

Cooper Union, New York 3, N. Y., Edwin 
S. BurdeU, C MS. 

Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, la., Eussell 
D. Cole, C NC, Meth. 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., Deane 
W. Malott, C MS, State and Private. 

Creighlon University, Omaha 2, Neb., 
Carl M. Reinert, C NC, Cath. 

Culver- Stockton College, Canton, Mo., 
L. E. Ziegler, C NC, Disc. 

Cumberland College, Williamsburg, Ky., 
James M. Boswell, C S, So. Bapt. 

Dakota Wesley an University, Mitchell, 
S. D., Matthew D. Smith, C NC, Meth. 

Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H., John 
S. Dickey, M NE. 

Davidson College, Davidson, N. C., John 
R. Cunningham, M S, Presb. U.S. 

Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, W. Va., 
David K. Allen, C NC, Presb. 

Dayton, University of, Dayton 9, O., 
Andrew A. Seebold, C NC, Cath. 

Delaware, University of, Newark, Del., 
John A. Perkins, C MS, State. 

Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas, 

E. L. Harvin, C S, City. 

Denison University, Granville, O., A. 
Blair Knapp, C NC, Am. Bapt. 

Denver, University of, Denver 10, Colo.. 

Chester M. Alter, C NC, Meth. 

DePaul University, Chicago 14, HI., 
Comerford J. O'Malley, C NC, Cath. 

DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind., 
Russell J. Humbert, C NC, Meth. 

Detroit, University of, Detroit 1, Mich., 
Celestin Steiner, C NC, Cath. 

Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., William 
W. Edel, C MS. 

Dillard University, New Orleans 22, La., 
Albert W. Dent, C S. 

Doane College, Crete, Nebr., David L. 
Crawford, C NC, Congr. Christian and 

Dominican College of San Rafael, San 

Rafael, Cal., Sr. M. Patrick, W NW, 

Douglass College (formerly New Jersey 
College for Women), New Brunswick, 
N. J., Mary Alice Ingraham Bunting, 
W MS, State and Private. 

Drake University, Des Moines 11, la., 
Henry G. Harmon, C NC. 

Drew University, Madison, N. J., Fred G. 
HoUoway, C MS, Meth. 

Dropsie College, Philadelphia 32, Pa., 
Abraham A. Neuman, C MS, Jewish. 

Drury College, Springfield 2, Mo., James 

F. Findlay, C NC, Cong. 

Dubuque, University of, Dubuque, la., 
Gaylord M. Couchman, C NC, Presb. 

Duchesne College, Omaha, Neb., Mother 
Jeannette Kimball, W NC, Cath. 

Duke University, Durham, N. C., A. 
Hollis Edens, C S. 


Dumbarton College of Holy Cross, Wash- 
ington 7> D. C., Sr. Mildred Dolores, 
W MS, Cath. 

Duquesne University, Pittsburgh 19, Pa., 
Vernon F. Gallagher, C MS, Cath. 

D'Youville College, Buffalo 1, N. Y., Sr. 
Margaret of the Sacred Heart, W MS, 


Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., Thomas 
E. Jones, C NC, Friends. 

Eastern Baptist College, St. Davids, Pa., 
Gilbert L. Guffin, C MS, Bapt. 

Eastern Nazarene College, Wollaston, 
Mass., Edward S. Mann, C NE, Naza- 

Eastern New Mexico University, Por- 
tales, N.M., Floyd D. Golden, C NC, 

Elizabelhiown College, Elizabethtown, 
Pa., A. C. Baugher, C MS, Ch. Breth. 

Elmhursl College, Elmhurst, 111., H. W. 
Dinkmeyer, C NC, Ev. Ref. 

Elmira College, Elmira, N. Y., J. Ralph 
Murray, W MS. 

Elon College, Elon College, N. C., Leon 
E. Smith, C S, Cong. Ch. 

Emerson College, Boston 16, Mass., S. 
Justus McKinley, C NE. 

Emmanuel College, Boston 15, Mass., Sr. 
Alice Gertrude, W NE, Cath. 

Emmanuel Missionary College, Berrien 
Springs, Mich., Percy W. Christian, 
C NC, 7th-day Adv. 

Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va., 
Foye G. Gibson, C S, Meth. 

Emory University, Emory Univ., Ga., 
Goodrich C. White, M W S, Math. 

Erskine College, Due West, S. C., J. M. 
Lesesne, acting, C S, Asso. Ref. Presb. 

Evansville College, Evansville 4, Ind., 
Melvin W. Hyde, C NC. 

Fairfield University, Fairfield, Conn., 
Joseph D. Fitzgerald, M NE, Cath. 

Fairleigh Dickinson College, Rutherford, 
N. J., Peter Sammartino, C MS. 

Fenn College, Cleveland 15, O., G. 
Brooks Earnest, C NC. 

Fisk University, Nashville 8, Term., 
Chas. S. Johnson, C S. 

Flora Macdonald College, Red Springs, 
N. C., Marshall Scott Woodson, W S, 
Presb. U.S. 

Florida Agric. & Mech. University, Talla- 
hassee, Fla., George W. Gore, Jr., C S, 

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, 
Fla., Ludd M. Spivey, C S, Meth. 

Florida Stale University, Tallahassee, 
Fla., Doak S. Campbell, C S, State. 

Florida, University of f Gainesville, Fla., 
Julius Wayne Reitz, C S, State. 


Fordham University, New York 58, N. Y., 
Laurence J. McGinley, M MS, Cath. 

Fort Hays Kansas State College, Hays, 
Kan., M. C. Cunningham, C NC, State. 

Fort Valley State College, Fort Valley, 
Ga., C. W. Troup, C S, State. 

Franklin College of Indiana, Franklin, 
Ind., Harold Wellington Richardson, 
C NC, Am. Bapt. 

Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, 
Pa., William W. Hall, M MS, Ev. & Ref. 

Fresno State College, Fresno, Cal., 
Arnold E. Joyal, C West, State. 

Friends University, Wichita, Kan., Lloyd 
S. Cressman, C NC, Friends. 

Fur man University, Greenville 9, S. C., 
J. L. Plyler, C S, So. Bapt. 

Gannon College, Erie, Pa., Joseph J. 
Wehrle, M MS, Cath. 

Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pa., C. 
M. Lee, C MS, Ref. Presb. 

George Pepper dine Coll., Los Angeles, 
Cal., Hugh M. Tiner, C NW. 

George Washington University, Washing- 
ton 6, D. C., Cloyd H. Marvin, C MS. 

George Williams College, Chicago 15, HI., 
John R, McCurdy, C NC. 

Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky., 
H. Leo Eddleman, C S, So. Bapt. 

Georgetown University, Washington 7, 
D. C., Edward B. Bunn, M W MS, Cath. 

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, 
Ga., and Chamblee, Ga., Blake R. Van 
Leer, M S, State. 

Georgia Southwestern College, Americus, 
Ga., Lloyd A. Moll, C S, State. 

Georgia State College for Women, 

Milledgeville, Ga., Henry K. Stanford, 
W S, State. 

Georgia State Woman's College, Valdosta, 
Ga. (see Valdosta State College). 

Georgia, University of, Athens, Ga., 
Omer Clyde Aderhold, C S, State. 

Georgian Court College, Lakewood, N. J., 
Sr. Marie Anna Callahan, W MS, Cath. 

Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, 
, C MS, U. Luth. 


Golden Gale College, San Francisco I, 
Cal., Nagel T. Miner, C NW, Y.M.C.A. 

Gonzaga University, Spokane 11, Wash., 
Francis E. Corkery, C NW, Cath. 

Good Counsel College, White Plains, 
N. Y., Mother M. Dolores, W MS, Cath. 

Goshen College, Gosh en, Ind., Ernest E. 
Miller, C NC, Mennon. 

Goucher College, Baltimore 4, Md., Otto 
F. Kraushaar, W MS. 

Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa, E. J, 
Gleazer, Jr., C NC, Reorg. L.D.S. 

Grambling College, Grambling, La., 
R. W. E. Jones, C S, State. 



Grays Harbor College, Aberdeen, Wash., 
George L. Hall, C NW. 

Greensboro College, Greensboro, N. C., 
Harold H. Hutson, W S, Meth. 

Greenville College, Greenville, 111., H. J. 
Long, C NC, Meth. 

Grinnell College, Grinnell, la., Howard 
R. Bowen, C NC. 

Grove City College, Grove City, Pa., 
Weir C. Ketler, C MS. 

Guilford College, Guilford College, N. C,, 
Clyde A. Milner, C S, Friends. 

Gulf Park College, Gulfport, Miss., Wil- 
liam G. Dwyer, W. S. 

Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, 
Minn., Edgar M. Carlson, C NC, Luth. 

Hamilton College, Clinton, N, Y,, Robert 
Ward McEwen, M MS. 

Hamline University, St. Paul 4, Minn., 
Paul H. Giddens, C NC, Meth. 

Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden- 
Sydney, Va., Joseph Clarke Robert, M 
S, Presb. U.S. 

Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va., Alonzo 
G. Mor6n, C S. 

Hanover College, Hanover, Ind., Albert 
G. Parker, Jr., C NC, Presb. TLS.A. 

Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, 
Tex., Rupert N. Richardson, C S, So. 

Harding College, Searcy, Ark., George S. 
Benson, C NC, Ch, of Christ. 

Harpur College, 304 Lincoln Ave., Endi- 
cott, N. Y., Glenn G. Bartle, C MS, 

Hartwick College, Oneonta, N, Y., Miller 
A. F. Ritchie, C MS, Luth. 

Harvard University, Cambridge 
Nathan Marsh Pusey, M NE. 

8, Mass., 

Hastings College, Hastings, Neb., Dale 
D. Welch, C NC, Presb. U.S.A. 

Haverford College, Haverford, Pa., Gil- 
bert F. White, M MS, Friends. 

Heidelberg College, Tiffin. 4, O , W Terrv 
Wickham, C NC, Ev. & Ref.* 

Hendrix College, Conway, Ark., Matt L. 
Ellis, C NC, Meth. 

High Point College, High Point, N. C., 
Dennis H. Cooke, C S, Meth. 

HiUsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich., J. Ron- 
ald Phillips C NC. 

Hiram College, Hiram, O., Paul H. Fall, 
C NC. 

Hobari College, Geneva, N. Y., Alan W. 
Brown, M MS. 

Hofstra College, Hempstead, L. I,, N. Y., 
John Cranford Adams, C MS. 

Hollins College, Hollins College, Va., 
John R. Everett, W S. 

Holy Names College, Spokane 11, Wash., 
Sister M. Theresa, W NW, Cath. 

Hood College, Frederick, Md., Andrew G. 
Truxal, W MS, Ev. & Ref. 

Hope College, Holland 8, Mich., Irwin J. 
Lubbers, C NC, Ref. Am. 

Houghlon College, Houghton, N. Y., 
Stephen W. Paine, C MS, Wes. Meth. 

Howard College, Birmingham, Ala., Har- 
well G. Davis, C S, So. Bapt. 

Howard Payne College/ Brownwood, 
Tex., Thomas H. Taylor, C S, So. Bapt. 

Howard University, Washington 1, D. C., 
Mordecai W. Johnson, C MS. 

Hurnboldt State College, Arcata, Gal., 
Cornelius H. Siemens, C NW, State. 

Hunter College, New York 21, N. Y., 
George N. Shuster, W MS, City. 

Huntingdon College, Montgomery 6, Ala., 
Hubert Searcy, C S, Meth. 

Huron College, Huron, S. D., Daniel E. 
Kerr, C NC, Presb. U.S.A. 

Huslon-Tilloison College, Austin, Tex., 
Matthew S. Davage, C S. 

Idaho State College, Pocatello, Idaho, 
Carl W. Mclntosh, Jr., C NW, State. 

Idaho, University of, Moscow, Idaho, 
D. R. Theophilus, acting, C NW, State. 

Illinois College, Jacksonville, ELI., Wil- 
liam K. Selden, C NC. 

Illinois, University of/ ITrbana, 111., 
David Dodds Henry, C NC, State. 

Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Bloomington, 
HI., Merrill J. Holmes, C NC, Meth. 

Ixnmaculata College, Immaculata, Pa., 
Vincent L. Burns, W MS, Cath. 

Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, 
Calif., Sr. M. Thecla, W NW, Cath. 

Incarnate Word College, San Antonio 9, 
Tex., Sr. M. ColumkiUe, W S, Cath. 

Indiana Central College, Indianapolis 27, 
Ind., I. Lynd Esch, C NC, Evan. U. B. 

Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind., 
Herman B. Wells, C NC, State. 

lona College, New RocheUe, N. Y., Wil- 
liam H. Barnes, M MS, Cath. 

Iowa State College of Agric. & Mech. 
Arts, Ames, la., James H. Hilton, C NC, 


Iowa, State University of, Iowa City, la., 
Virgil M. Hancher, C NC, State. 

Iowa Wesleyan College, Mt. Pleasant, la., 
J. Raymond Chadwick, C NC, Meth. 

Jackson College, Jackson, Miss., Jacob 
L. Reddix, C S, State. 

James Millikin University, Decatur, 111., 
J. Walter Malone, C NC, Presb. TJ.SA. 

Jamestown College, Jamestown, N. D., 
Edwin H. Rian, C NC, Presb. U.S.A. 

Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, Tex., 
Cleo W. Blackburn, C S, Disc. 


John B. Stetson University, see Stetson 

John Carroll University, Cleveland 18, 
O., Frederick E. Welfle, M NC, Cath. 

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore 18, 
Md., Lowell J. Reed, C MS. 

Johnson C. Smith Univ., Charlotte 6, 
N. C., Hardy Liston, C S, Presb. U.S.A. 

Judson College, Marion, Ala., J. I. Riddle, 
W S, So. Bapt. 

Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pa., Cal- 
vert N. Ellis, C MS, Ch. Breth. 

Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo 49, Mich., 
Weimer K. Hicks, C NC, Bapt. 

Kansas City, University of, Kansas City 
4, Mo., Earl J. McGrath, C NC. 

Kansas State Coll. of Agric. & Applied 
Science, Manhattan, Kans., James A. 
McCain, C NC, State. 

Kansas, University of, Lawrence, Kans., 
Franklin D. Murphy, C NC, State. 

Kent State University, Kent, O., George 
A. Bowman, C NC, State. 

Kentucky Slate College, Frankford, Ky,, 
R. B. Atwood, C S, State. 

Kentucky/ University of, Lexington 29, 
Ky., H. L. Donovan, C S, State. 

Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owens- 
boro, Ky., Oscar W. Lever, C S, Meth. 

Kenyon College, Gambier, O., Gordon K. 
Chalmers, M NC. 

Keuka College, Keuka Park, N. Y., Kath- 
erine G. Blyley, W MS, Bapt. 

Kilgore College, Kilgore, Tex., Cruce 
Stark, C S. 

King College, Bristol, Term., R. T. L. 
Liston, C S, Presb. 

Knox College, Galesburg, HL, Sharvy G. 

Umbeck, C NC. 

Knoxville College, Knoxville, Term., 
James A. Colston, C S, U. Presb. 

Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., Ralph 
Cooper Hutchison, M MS, Presb. U.S .A. 

LaGrange College, LaGrange, Ga., 
Waights G. Henry, Jr., W S, Meth. 

Lake Erie College, Painesville, O., Paul 
Weaver, W NC. 

Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, 111., 
Ernest A. Johnson, C NC, Presb. U.S.A, 

Lander College, Greenwood, S. C., B. M. 
Grier, C S. 

Lane College, Jackson, Tenn., C. A. 
Kirkendoll, C S, Col. M. E. 

Langston University, Langston, Okla., 
G. L. Harrison, C NC, State. 

LaSalle College, Philadelphia, 41, Pa., 
Br. E. Stanislaus, M MS, Cath. 

La Sierra College, Arlington, Cal., G. T. 
Anderson, C NW, S.D.A. 


Lawrence College, Appleton, Wis., Doug- 
las M. Knight, C NC. 

Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa., 
Frederic K. Miller, C MS, E. U. B. 

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., Mar- 
tin D. Whitaker, M MS. 

LeMoyne College, Syracuse 3, N. Y., 
Robert F. Grewen, C MS, Cath. 

LeMoyne College, Memphis 6, Tenn., 
Hollis F. Price, C S, Am. Miss. Assoc. 

Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory* N. C., 
V. R. Cromer, C S, Un. Luth. 

Lewis & Clark College, Portland 7, Ore., 
Morgan S. Odell, C NW, Presb. U.S.A. 

Limestone College, Gaffney, S.C., A. J. 
Eastwood, W S. 

Lincoln Mem. Univ., Harrogate, Term., 
Robert Lee Kincaid, C S. 

Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Mo., 
Sherman D. Scruggs, C NC, State. 

Lincoln University, Lincoln University, 
Pa., Horace M. Bond, M MS. 

Lindenwood College for Women, St. 

Charles, Mo., Frank L. McCluer, W NC, 
Presb. U.S.A. 

Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, Ky., 
V. P. Henry, C S, Meth. 

LInfield College, McMinnville, Ore., Harry 
L. Dillin, C NW, Amer. Bapt. 

Livingstone College, Salisbury, N. C., 
W. J. Trent, C S, A.M.E. Zion. 

Long Beach State College, Long Beach, 
Cal., P. Victor Peterson, C NW, State. 

Long-wood College, Farmville, Va., Dab- 
ney S. Lancaster, W S, State. 

Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, L. T. 
Lane, M NC, Cath. 

Loretto Heights College, Loretto, Colo., 
Sr. Frances Marie, W NC, Cath. 

Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles 
29, Cal., Howard S. McDonald, C West, 

Louisiana College, PinevUle, La., G. Earl 
Guirm, C S, So. Bapt. 

Louisiana Polytechnic Inst., Huston, La., 
R. L. Ropp, C S, State. 

Louisiana Slate University, Baton Rouge, 
La., Troy H. Middleton, C S, State. 

Louisville, University of, Louisville, Ky,, 
Phillip G. Davidson, Jr., C S, City. 

Loyola College, Baltimore 10, Md., 
Thomas J. Murray, M MS, Cath. 

Loyola University, Chicago 11, HI., James 
T. Hussey, C NC, Cath. 

Loyola University, Los Angeles 45, Calif., 
Charles S. Casassa, M NW, Cath. 

Loyola University, New Orleans 18, La., 
W. Patrick Donnelly, C S, Cath. 

Luther College, Decorah, la., J. W. 

Ylvisaker, C NC, Ev. Luth. 
Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pa., 

David Frederick Wertz, C MS, Meth. 



Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Va., Or- 
ville W. Wake. C S, Disc. 

Macalester College, St. Paul 5, Minn., 
Charles J. Turck, C NC, Presb. U.S.A. 

MacMurray College for Women, Jackson- 
ville, 111., Louis W. Norris, W NC, Meth. 

Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va., G. 
Tyler Miller, W S, State. 

Maine, University of, Orono, Me., Arthur 

A. Hauck, C NE, State. 

Manchester College, North Manchester, 
Ind., V. F. Schwalm, C NC, Ch. Breth. 

Manhattan College, Kiverdale 71, N. Y., 
Br. Augustine Philip, M MS, Cath. 

Manhattanville College of the Sacred 

Heart, Purchase, N. Y., Mother Eleanor 
M. O'Byrne, W MS, Cath. 

Marietta College, Marietta, O., W. Bay 
Irvine, C NC, Congr. Christian. 

Marmzeite University, Milwaukee 3, Wis., 
E. J. O'Donnell, C NC, Cath. 

Marshall College, Hunttngton, West Va., 
Stewart H. Smith, C NC, State. 

Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Va., 
Charles W. McKenzie, W S. 

Mary Hardin-Baylor College, Belton, 
Tex., Arthur Tyson, W S, So. Bapt. 

Mary Manse College, Toledo 10, O., Sr. 
Vincent de Paul Kaley, W NC. Cath. 

Mary Washington College of the Univ. 
of Virginia, Fredericksburg, Va., Col- 
gate W. Darden, acting, W S, State. 

Marygrove College, Detroit 21, Mich., 
Sr. Honora, W NC, Cath. 

Maryland, University of. College Park <Sc 
Baltimore, Md., Wilson H. Elkins, C 
MS, State. 

Marylhurst College, Marylhurst, Ore., 
Sr. M. Elizabeth Clare, W NW, Cath. 

Marymount College, Salina, Kans., 
Mother Mary Helena Robben, W NC, 

Marymount College, Tarrytown, N. Y., 
Mother M. du Sacre Coeur Smith, W 
MS, Cath. 

Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn., 
Ralph W. Lloyd, C S, Presb. XJ.S .A. 

Maryville College, St. Louis 18, Mo,, 
Mother Myrtle Wilkins, W NC, Cath. 

Marywood College, Scranton 9, Pa., Sr. 
M. Eugenia, W MS, Cath. 

Massachusetts,. Univ. of, A rah erst, Mass., 
Jean Paul Mather, C NE, State. 

McMurry College, Abilene, Tex.. Harold 
G. Cooke, C S, Meth. 

McPherson College, McPherson, Kans., 

D. W. Bittinger, C NC, Breth. 

Menlo College, Menlo Park, Cal., William 

E. Kratt, West. 

Mercer University, Macon, Ga., George 

B. Connell, C S, So. Bapt. 

Mercy College, Detroit 19, Mich., Sister 
Mary Lucille, W NC, Cath. 

Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pa., Sr. M. 
DeSales Preston, W MS, Cath. 

Meredith College, Baleigh, N. C., Carlyle 
Campbell, W S, So. Bapt. 

Merrimack College, Andover, Mass., 
Vincent A. McQuade, C NE, Cath. 

Miami University, Oxford, O., J. D. Mil- 
lett, C NC, State. 

Miami, University of. Coral Gables, Fla., 
Jay F. W. Pearson, C S. 

Michigan Stale College, East Lansing, 
Mich., John A. Hannah, C NC, State. 

Michigan, University of, Ann Arbor, 
Mich., Harlan H. Hatcher, C NC, State. 

Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt., 
Samuel S. Stratton, C NE. 

Middle Georgia College, Cochran, Ga., 
L. E. Roberts, C S, State. 

Midland College, Fremont, Neb., Paul W. 
Dieckman, C NS, U. Luth. 

Midwestern University, Wichita Falls, 
Tex., James B. Boren, C S, City. 

Miles College, Birmingham, Ala., W. A. 
Bell, C S, Col. M. E. 

Mills College, Oakland 13, Cal., Lynn 
Townsend White, Jr., W West. 

Millsaps College, Jackson 10, Miss., H. E. 

Finger, Jr., C S, Meth. 
Milwaukee-Downer College, Milwaukee 

11, Wis., John B. Johnson, Jr., W NC. 

Minnesota, University of, Minneapolis 
14, Minn., J. L. Morrill, C NC, State. 

Mississippi College, Clinton, Miss., D. M. 
Nelson, C S, So. Bapt. 

Mississippi Southern College, Hatties- 
burg, Miss., R. C. Cook, C S, State. 

Mississippi State College, State College, 
Miss., Ben F. Hilbun, C S, State. 

Mississippi State College for Women, 

Columbus, Miss., Charles P. Hogarth, 
W S, State. 

Mississippi, University of, University, 
Miss., John D. Williams, C S, State, 

Missouri, University of, Columbia and 
Rolla, Mo., Elmer Ellis, C NC, State. 

Missouri Valley College, Marshall, Mo., 
M. Earle Collins, C NC, Presb. U.S. A. 

Moline Community College, Moline, 111., 
Gerald W. Smith, C NC. 

Monmouth College, Monmouth, HI., Rob- 
ert W. Gibson, C NC, IT. Presb. 

Montana Stale College, Bozeman, Mont., 
R. R. Renne, C NW, State. 

Montana State University, Missoula, 
Mont., Carl McFarland, C NW, State. 

Moniicello College, Alton, HI., RusseU T. 
Sharpe, W NC. 

Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pa., Ray- 
mond S. Haupert, M MS, Morav. 


Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga. f Ben- 
jamin E. Mays, M S, Natl. Bapt. 

Morgan Slate College, Baltimore 12, Md., 
Martin D. Jenkins, C MS, State. 

Morningside College, Sioux City 20, la., 
Earl A. Roadman, C NC, Meth. 

Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Ga., John. 
H. Lewis, C S, A.M.E. 

Mt. Angel Seminary/ St. Benedict, Ore., 
Damian Jentges, M NW, Cath. 

Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, 
Mass., Roswell G. Ham, W NE. 

Mt. Mary College, Milwaukee 10, Wis., 
Sister M. John Francis, W NC, Cath. 

Mt. Mercy College, Pittsburgh 13, Pa., 
Sr. M. Muriel, acting, W MS, Cath. 

Mt. St. Agnes College, Mount Washing- 
ton, Baltimore 9, Md., Sister M. Cleo- 
phas Costello, W MS, Cath. 

Mt. St. Mary College, Hooksett, N. H., 
Sister M. Mauritia, W NE, Cath. 

Mt. Si. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md., 
John L, Sheridan, M MS, Cath. 

Mt. St. Mary's College, Los Angeles, 
Calif., Sr. Agnes Marie, W NW. Cath. 

Mt. Si. Scholastica Coll., Atchison, Kans., 
Mother Alfred Schroll, W NC, Cath. 

Mount Union College, Alliance, O., 
Carl C. Bracy, C NC, Meth. 

Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa., J. 
Conrad Seegers, M MS, Luth. 

Mulinomah College, Portland 4, Ore., 
John S. Griffith, C NW. 

Mundelein College, Chicago 40, 111., Sr. 
Mary J. Michael, W NC, Cath. 

Murray State College, Murray, Ky., 
Ralph H. Woods, C S, State. 

Muskingum College, New Concord, O,, 
R, N. Montgomery, C NC, U. Presb. 

Nazareth College, Louisville 3, Ky., Sr. 
Margaret Gertrude Murphy, W S, Cath. 

Nazareth College, Nazareth, Mich., Sr. 
Marie Kathleen, W NC, Cath. 

Nazareth College, Rochester 18, N. Y,, 
Sr. M. Helene, W MS, Cath, 

Nebraska, University of, Lincoln 8, Neb., 
Clifford M. Hardin, C NC, State. 

Nebraska Wesleyan Univ., Lincoln 4, 
Neb., A. Leland Forrest, C NC Meth. 

Nevada, University of, Reno, Nev., Mi- 
nard W, Stout, C NW, State. 

New Hampshire, University of, Durham, 
N. H., Eldon L. Johnson, C NE, State. 

New Jersey College for Women, (see 
Douglass College). 

New Mexico, College of Agile. & Mech. 
Arts, State Coll., N.M., Roger B. 
Corbett, C NC, State. 

New Mexico, University of, Albuquerque, 
N. M., Tom L. Popejoy, C NC, State. 


New Rochelle, College of, New Rochelle, 
N. Y., Mother M. Dorothea Dunkerley, 
W MS, Cath. 

New York University, New York 3, N. Y., 
Henry Townley Heald, C MS. 

Newberry College, Newberry, S. C., C. A. 

Kaufman, acting, C S, U. Luth. 
Niagara University, Niagara University 

P. O , N. Y., Francis L. Meade, C MS, 

North Carolina Agrlc. & Tech. Coll., 

Greensboro, N. C., F. D. Bluford, C S, 


North Carolina Coll. at Durham, Dur- 
ham, N. C., A. Elder, C S, State. 
North Carolina, University of, Chapel 

Hill, N. C., , C S, State. 

North Carolina, Univ. of. Woman's Col- 
lege, Greensboro, N. C., Edward K. 
Graham, W S, State. 

North Central College, Naperville, HI., 
C. H. Geiger, C NC, Evan. Un. Breth. 

North Dakota Agric. Coll., College Sta- 
tion, Fargo, N. D., Fred S. Hultz, C NC, 

North Dakota, Univ. of, Grand Forks, 
N. D., George W. Starcher, C NC, State. 

North Georgia College, Dahlonega, Ga., 
Merritt E. Hoag, C S, State. 

North Texas Siale College, Denton, Tex., 
J. C. Matthews, C S, State. 

Northeastern University, Boston 15, 
Mass., Carl S. Ell, C NE. 

Northern Montana College, Havre, Mont., 
L. O. Brockmann, C NW, State. 

Northwest Missouri Stale College, Mary- 
ville, Mo., J. W. Jones, C NC, State. 

Northwest Nazarene College, Nampa, 
Idaho, John E. Riley, C NW, Naz, 

Northwestern State College of Louisiana, 

Natchitoches, La., John S. Kyser, C S, 

Northwestern University, Evanstpn & 
Chicago, HI., James Roscoe Miller, C 

Norwich University, Northfield, Vt., Er- 
nest N. Harmon, M NE. 

Notre Dame College, Cleveland 21, O., 
Mother Mary Anselm Langenderfer, 
W NC, Cath. 

Notre Dame College of Staten Island, 

Grymes Hill, Staten Island, N. Y., 
Mother St. Egbert, acting, W MS, Cath. 

Notre Dame, University of, Hotre Dame, 
Ind., Theodore M. Hesburgh, M NC, 

Oberlin College, Oberlin, O., William E. 
Stevenson, C NC. 

Occidental College, Los Angeles 41, CaL, 
Arthur G. Coons, C West. 

Oglethorpe University, Oglethorpe Uni- 
versity, Ga., J. Whitney Bunting, C S. 



Ohio Slate University, Columbus, O., 
Howard I*. Bevis, C NC, State. 

Ohio University, Athens, O., John C. 
Baker, C NC, State. 

Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, O., 
C. E. Ficken, interim, C NC, Meth. 

Oklahoma Agric. & Mech. College, Still- 
water, Okla., Oliver S. Willham, C NC, 

Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, 
Okla., J. W. Haley, C NC, So. Bapt. 

Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma 
City, Okla., Clustor Q. Smith, C NC, 

Oklahoma College for Women, Chick- 
asha, Okla., Dan Procter, W NC, State. 

Oklahoma/ University of, Norman, Okla., 
G. L. Cross, C NC State. 

Omaha, Municipal Univ. of, Omaha 1, 

Neb., P. M. Bail, C NC, City. 

Oregon Stale College, Corvallis, Ore., 

A. L. Strand, C NW, State. 

Oregon, University of, Eugene, Ore., 
O. Meredith Wilson, C NW, State. 

Ottawa University, Ottawa, Kan., Andrew 

B. Martin, C NC, Amer. Bapt. 

Otierbein College, Westerville, O., J, 
Gordon Howard, C NC, E. U. B. 

Otiumwa Heights College, Ottumwa, la. 
Sister Marie Ancille Kennedy, W NC, 

Ouachita Baptist College, Arkadelphia, 
Ark., Ralph A. Phelphs, Jr., C NC, So. 

Our Lady of the Lake College, San An- 
tonio, Tex., John L. McMahon, W S, 

Pacific Lutheran College, Parkland, 
Wash., S. C. Eastvold, C NW, Luth. 

Pacific, College of, (see College of the 

Pacific Union College, Angwin, Cal., 
Henry L. Sonnenberg, C NW, 7th-day 

Pacific University, Forest Grove, Ore., 

C. J. Armstrong, C NW. 

Paine College, Augusta^ Ga., Edmund C. 
Peters, C S, Meth. and Col. M. E. 

Palos Verdes College, Rolling Hills, 
Calif., John A. Howard, C W. 

Park College, Parkville, Mo., , 

C NC. 

Parsons College, Fail-field, la., Millard G. 
Roberts, C NC, Presb. U.S.A. 

Pasadena College, Pasadena 7, Cal., W. T. 
Purkiser, C NW, Naz. 

Peace College, Raleigh, N. C., William C. 
Pressly, W S, Presb. 

Pembroke State College, Pembroke, 
N.C., Ralph D. Wellons, C S, State. 

Pennsylvania College for Women, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Paul R. Anderson, W MS. 

Pennsylvania State University, Univer- 
sity Park, Pa., Milton S. Eisenhower, 
C MS, State. 

Pennsylvania, University of, Philadelphia 

4, Pa., Gaylord P. HarnweU, C MS. 

Philander Smith College, Little Rock, 
Ark., M. LaFayette Harris, C NC, Meth. 

Phillips University, Enid, Okla., Eugene 

5. Briggs, C NC, Disc. 

Pittsburgh, University of, Pittsburgh 13, 
Pa., , C MS. 

Pomona College, Claremont, Cal., E. Wil- 
son Lyon, C West. 

Portland, University of, Portland 3, Ore., 
Michael J. Gavin, C NW, Cath. 

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn 5, N. Y., Francis 
H. Horn, C MS. 

Presbyterian College, Clinton, S. C. ( 
Marshall W. Brown, C S, Presb. 

Princeton University, Princeton, N. J., 
Harold W. Dodds, M MS. 

Principia College, Elsah, HI., William E. 
Morgan, C NC. 

Providence College, Providence 8, R. I., 
Robert J. Slavin, M NE, Cath. 

Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. t 
Frederick L. Hovde, C NC, State. 

Queens College, Charlotte, N. C., Edwin 
R. Walker, W S, Presb. 

Queens College, Flushing 67, L. L, N. Y., 

John J. Theobald, C MS, City. 

Quincy College, Quincy, 111., Julian 
Woods, C N, Cath. 

Radcliffe College, Cambridge 38, Mass., 
Wilbur K. Jordan, W NE. 

Radford College, Women's Div. of Va. 
Polytechnic Institute, Radford, Va., 
Charles K. Martin, Jr., W S, State. 

Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va., 
J. Earl Moreland, M S, Meth. 


W S, Me' 

Woman's College, 
Lynchburg, Va., W. F. Quillian, Jr., 


Redlands, University of, Redlands, Cal., 
George H. Armacost, C West, Bapt. 

Reed College, Portland 2, Ore., Frank 
Loxley Griffin, C NW. 

Regis College, Denver 11, Colo., Richard 

F. Ryan, M NC, Cath. 

Regis College, Weston 93, Mass., Sr. Mary 
Alice, W NE, Cath. 

Rhode Island, Univ. of, Kingston, R. I., 
C. R. Woodward, C NE, State. 

Rice Institute, Houston, Tex., W. V. 
Houston, C S. 

Richmond, University of, Richmond, Va., 

G. M. Modlin, C S, So. Bapt. 

Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho, John 

L. Clarke, C NW, L.D.S. 
Ripon College, Ripon, Wis., , 

C NC. 


Rivier College, Nashua, N. H., Sister M. 
St. Pascal, W NE, Cath. 

Roanoke College, Salem, Va. ( H. Sher- 
man Oberly, C S. 

Rochester, University of, Kochester 3, 
N. Y., Cornells W. de Klewiet, C MS. 

Rockford College, Rockford, EL, Leland 
H. Carlson, W NC. 

Rockhursi College, Kansas City 4, Mo., 
Maurice E. Van Ackeren, M NC, Cath. 

Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Mont., 
Herbert W. Hines, C NW, Meth., Cong., 
Presb. U.S.A. 

Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla., 
Hugh F. McKean, C S. 

Roosevelt College, Chicago 5, ELI., Ed- 
ward J. Sparling, C NC. 

Rosary College, River Forest, 111., Sr. 
Mary Timothea, W NC, Cath. 

Rosemoni College, Rosemont, Pa., 
Mother Mary Chrysostom, W MS, Cath. 

Russell Sage College, Troy, N. Y., Lewis 
A. Froman, W MS. 

Rust College, Holly Springs, Miss., L. M. 
McCoy, C S, Meth. 

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 
Newark 2, and Camden 2, N. J., Lewis 
Webster Jones, M W MS, State and 

Sacramento State College, Sacramento 
18, CaL, Guy A. West, C NW, State. 

St. Ambrose College and Marycresi Col- 
lege, Davenport, la., Ambrose J. Burke, 
C NC, Cath. 

St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N. H., 
Bertrand Dolan, M NE, Cath. 

St. Augustine's College, Raleigh, N. C., 
Harold L. Trigg, C S, P. E. 

St. Bede College, Peru, 111., Lawrence A. 
Vohs, M NC, Cath. 

Si. Benedict's College, Atchison, Kans., 
Cuthbert McDonald, M NC, Cath. 

Si. Bernard College, St. Bernard, Ala., 
Bede Luibel, M S, Cath. 

St. Bernardino of Siena College, Loudon- 
ville, N. Y., Bertrand J. Campbell, C 
MS, Cath. 

St. Bonavenrure University, St. Bonaven- 

ture, N. Y., Brian Lhoto, M MS, Cath. 
St. Ed-ward's Seminary, Kenmore, Wash., 
John R. Sullivan, M NW, Cath. 

St. Francis College, Loretto, Pa., Xavier 
T. Crowley, M MS, Cath. 

St. Francis Xavier College for Women/ 

Chicago 15, 111., Sister Mary Huberta, 
W NC, Cath. 

Si. John's College, Annapolis, Md., Rich- 
ard D. Weigle, C MS. 

St. John's College, Camarillo and Los 
Angeles, CaL, James W. Richardson, M 
West, Cath. 

St. John's University, Collegeville, Minn., 
Baldwin Dworschak, M NC, Cath. 


Si. John's University, Brooklyn 6, N. Y., 
John A. Flynn, M W MS, Cath. 

Si. Joseph College, W. Hartford, Conn., 
Mother M. Ethelreda, W NE, Cath. 

Si. Joseph's College, Collegeville, Ind., 
Raphael H. Gross, M NC, Cath. 

St. Joseph's College, Emmitsburg, Md., 
Sr. Mary Agnes Barry, W MS, Cath. 

St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia 31, Pa., 
Edward G. Jacklin, M MS, Cath. 

St. Joseph's College for Women. Brook- 
lyn 5, N. Y., Wm. T. Dillon, W MS, Cath. 

St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y., 
Eugene G. Bewkes, C MS. 

Si. Louis University, St. Louis 3, Mo., 
Paul C. Reinert, C NC, Cath. 

St. Martin's College, Olympia, Wash., 
Raphael Heider, M NW, Cath. 

Si. Mary College, Xavier, Kan., Arthur 
M. Murphy, W NC f Cath. 

Si. Mary-of-lhe-Woods College, St. 

Mary-of -the- Woods, Ind., Mother Marie 
Helene, W NC, Cath. 

St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Ind., Sr. 
M. Madeleva, W NC, Cath. 

St. Mary's College of California, St. 

Mary's College, CaL, Bro. Thomas, M 
NW West, Cath. 

St. Mary's College, Winona, Minn., Bro. 
J. Ambrose, M NC, Cath. 

Si. Mary's Dominican College, New Or- 
leans, La., Sister Mary Louise, W S, 

St. Mary's Seminary and University, 

Baltimore, Md., Lloyd P. McDonald, 
M MS, Cath. 

St. Mary's University of San Antonio, 

San Antonio 1, Tex., Walter J. Buehler, 
C S, Cath. 

St. Michael's College, Winooski, Vt, 
Francis E. Moriarty, M NE, Cath. 

Si. Norberl College, West De Pere, Wis., 
S. M. Killeen, M NC, Cath. 

Si. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn., Cle- 
mens M. Granskou, C NC, Evan. Luth. 

Si. Peier's College of Arts and Sciences 
and Business Administration, Jersey 
City 2, N. J., James J. Shanahan, M 
MS, Cath. 

Si. Vincent College, Latrobe, Pa., Denis 
O. Strittmatter, M MS, Cath. 

Salem College, Winston-Salem, N. C., 
Dale H. Gramley, W S, Morav. 

Samuel Huston College, merged with 
Huston-Tillotson College. 

San Diego Slate College, San Diego 15, 
CaL, Malcolm A. Love, C NW, State. 

San Francisco, City College of, see City 
College of San Francisco. 

San Francisco College for Women, San 
Francisco 18, CaL, Mother Leonor 
Mejia, W NW, Cath. 



San Francisco, University of, San Fran- 
cisco 17, Cal., John F. X. Connolly, M 
NW, Cath. 

San Jose Stale College, San Jose, Cal., 
John T. Wahlquist, C NW, State. 

Santa Clara, University of, Santa Clara, 
Cal., Herman J. Hauck, M NW, Cath. 

Sarah Lawrence College, BronxviUe 8, 
N. Y., Harold Taylor, W MS. 

Savannah State College, Savannah, Ga., 
William K. Payne, C S, State. 

Scarrilt College for Christian Workers, 
Nashville 5, Term., Hugh C. Stuntz, 
C S, Meth. 

Scxanion, University of, Scranton 3, Pa., 
John J. Long, M MS, Cath. 

Scripps College, Claremont, Cal., Fred- 
erick Hard, W West. 

Seattle Pacific College, Seattle 99, Wash., 
C. Hoyt Watson, C NW, Free Meth. 

Seattle University, Seattle 22, Wash., 

Albert A. Lemieux, C NW, Cath. 
Selon Hall University, South Orange, 

Newark, Jersey City, N. J.. John L. 

McNulty, M MS, Cath. 
Seion Hill College, Greensburg Pa., 

William Granger Ryan, W MS, Cath.. 

Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C., William 
R. Strassner, C S, Natl. Bapt. 

Shenandoah College, Dayton, Va., Troy 
R. Brody, C S, Evan. U. B. 

Shimer College, Mt. Carroll, HI., F. 

Joseph Mullin, C NC. 
Shorter College, Rome, Ga., George A. 

Christenberry, W S, So. Bapt. 
Siena Heights College, Adrian, Mich., 

Mother M. Gerald, W NC, Cath. 

Simmons College, Boston 15, Mass., 

William E. Park, W NE. 
Simpson College, Indianola, la., William 

E. Kerstetter, C NC, Meth. 

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y., Henry T. Moore, W MS, 

Smith College, Northampton, Mass., 
Benjamin Fletcher Wright, W NE. 

South Carolina Stale Colored Normal 
Indus., Agric., JMtech,, College of, 
Orangeburg, S. C., B. C. Turner, C S, 

South Carolina, University of, Columbia 
1, S. C., Donald Russell, C S, State. 

South Dakota State College of Agric. & 
Mech. Arts, Brookings, S. D., J, W. 
Headley, C NC, State. 

South Dakota, University of. Vermilion, 
S, D., I. D, Weeks, C NC, State. 

Southeastern Louisiana College, Ham- 
mond, La., L. H. Dyson, C S, State. 

Southern California, University of, Los 
Angeles, Cal., Fred D. Fagg, Jr., C 

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, 
111., Delyte W. Morris, C NC, State. 

Southern Methodist University, Dallas 5, 
Tex., Willis Tate, C S, Meth. 

Southern Missionary College, Collegedale, 
Tenn., Kenneth A. Wright, C S, S.D.A. 

Southern Slate College, Magnolia, Ark., 
Dolph Camp, C NC, State. 

Southern Univ. & Agric. & Mech. Coll., 

Baton Rouge, La., Felton G. Clark, C S, 

Southwestern at Memphis, Memphis 12, 
Tenn., Peyton N. Rhodes, C S, Presb. 

Southwestern College, Winfield, Kans., 
C. Orville Strohl, C NC, Meth. 

Southwestern La. Inslituie, Lafayette, 
La., Joel L. Fletcher, C S, State. 

Southwestern University, Georgetown, 
Tex., Wm, C. Finch, C S, Meth. 

Spelman College, Atlanta, Ga., Albert E. 
Manley, W S, Bapt. 

Spring Hill College, Spring Hill Sta,, Mo- 
bile, Ala,, Andrew C. Smith, C S, 

Springfield College, Springfield 9, Mass., 
Donald C. Stone, M W NE, Y.M.C.A. 

Stanford University, Stanford, Cal., J. E. 
Wallace Sterling, C West. 

Stephens College, Columbia, Mo., Thomas 
A. Spragens, W NC, Bapt. 

Stetson University, De Land, Fla., J. 

Ollie Edmunds, C S. 
Siillman College, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 

Samuel B. Hay, C S, Presb. U.S. 

Suffolk University, Boston 14, Mass., 

Robert J. Munce, C NE. 
Sullins College, Bristol, Va., William 

Martin, W S. 
Susquehanna University/ Selinsgrove, 

Pa., G. Morris Smith, C MS, U. Luth. 

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa., 
Courtney C. Smith, C MS, Friends. 

Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Va., 

Anne G. Pannell, W S. 
Syracuse University, Syracuse 10, N. Y., 

Wm. Pearson Tolley, C MS. 

Talladega College, Talladega, Ala., Ar- 
thur D. Gray, C S. 

Tampa, University of, Tampa, Fla., E. C. 
Nance, C S. 

Tarklo College, Tarkio, Mo., Clyde H. 

Canfield, C NC, U. Presb. 
Taylor University, Upland, Ind., Evan 

H. Bergwall, C NC. 
Temple University, Philadelphia 22, Pa., 

Robert Livingston Johnson, C MS. 
Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Cooke- 

ville 9, Tenn., Everett Derryberry, 

C S, State. 

Tennessee, University of, Knoxville, 
Tenn., Cloide Everett Brenm. C S, 


Tennessee Wesleyan College, Athens, 
Term., LeRoy A. Martin, C S, Meth. 

Texas, Agrlc. & Mech. Coll. of, College 
Sta., Tex., M. T. Harrington, M S. 

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, 
Tex., M. E. Sadler, C S, Disc. 

Texas College, Tyler, Tex., Dominion R. 
Glass, C S, Col. M. E. 

Texas College of Arts and Industries, 
Kingsville, Tex., Ernest H. Poteet, C S, 

Texas Lutheran College, Seguin, Tex., 
Edward A. Sagebiel, C S, Luth. 

Texas Southern Universily, Houston, 
Tex., R. O'Hara Lanier, C S, State. 

Texas Soulhmost College, Brownsville, 
Tex., C. J. Garland, C S. 

Texas State Coll. for Women, Denton, 
Tex., John A. Guinn, W S, State. 

Texas Technological Coll., Lubbock, Tex., 
D. M. Wiggins, C S, State. 

Texas, University of, Austin 12, Tex., 
Logan Wilson, C S, State. 

Texas Wesleyan College, Fort Worth 5, 
Texas, Law Sone, C S, Meth. 

Texas Western College, El Paso, Tex., 
A. A. Smith, acting, C S, State. 

The Citadel, The Military College of 
S. C., Charleston, S.C., Gen. Mark W. 
Clark, M S, State. 

Thiel College, Greenville, Pa., Frederic 
Irvin, C MS, U. Luth. 

Tillotson College, merged with Huston- 
Tillotson College. 

Toledo, University of, Toledo 6, O., 
Asa S. Knowles, C NC, City. 

Tougaloo Southern Christian College, 

Tougaloo, Miss., Samuel C. Kincheloe, 
C S, A.M.E. 

Transylvania College, Lexington, Ky., 
Frank A. Rose, C S, Disc. 

Trinity College, Hartford 6, Conn., Al- 
bert Charles Jacobs, M NE. 

Trinity College, Washington, D. C., Sr. 
Mary Patrick, W MS, Cath. 

Trinity College, Burlington, Vt., Mother 
Emmanuel, W NE, Cath. 

Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex., 
James W. Laurie, C S, Presb. 

Tufts College, Medford 55, Mass., Nils Y. 
Wessell, C NE. 

Tulane University of La., New Orleans 
15, La., Rufus C. Harris, C S. 

Tulsa, University of, Tulsa 4, Okla., C. I. 
Pontius, C NC, Pres. TJ.S.A. 

Tusculum College, Greenville, Term., 
Raymond C. Rankin, C S. 

Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee Institute, 
Ala., Luther Hilton Foster, C S. 

Union College, Barbourville, Ky., Con- 
way Boatman, C S, Meth. 


Union College, Lincoln 6, Neb., H. C. 
Hartman, C NC, S.D.A. 

Union College and University, Schenec- 
tady 8, N. Y., Carter Davidson, M MS. 

Union University, Jackson, Term., War- 
ren F. Jones, C S, So. Bapt. 

Universily of the South, Sewanee, Term., 
Edward McCrady, M S, P.E. 

Upper Iowa University, Fayette, la., 
Eugene E. Garbee, C NC. 

Upsala College, E. Orange, N. J., Evald 
B. Lawson, C MS, Luth. (Aug.) 

Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pa., Nor- 
man E. McClure, C MS, Ev. Ref. 

Ursuline College, Cleveland 6, O., Mother 
Marie Sands, W NC, Cath. 

Ursuline College, Louisville 6, Ky,, 
Mother Mary Columba, W S, Cath. 

Utah Stale Agric. College, Logan, U., 
Henry A. Dixon, C NW, State. 

Utah, University of. Salt Lake City 1, 
U., A. Ray Olpin, C NW, State. 

Valdosta State College (formerly Georgia 
State Woman's College), Valdosta, Ga., 
J. Ralph Thaxton, W S, State. 

Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Ind., 
O. P. Kretzmann, C NC, Luth. (Mo.) 

Vanderbilt University, Nashville 4, Term., 
Harvie Branscomb, C S. 

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
Sarah Gibson Blanding, W MS. 

Vermont, University of, and State Agrlc. 
College, Burlington, Vt., Carl W. Borg- 
man, C NE, State. 

Villa Maria College, Erie, Pa., Mother 
Aurelia, W MS, Cath. 

Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 
James A. Donnellon, M MS, Cath, 

Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacks- 
burg, Va., Walter S. Newman, C S, 

Virginia State College, Petersburg, Va., 
Robert P. Daniel, C S, State. 

Virginia Union University, Richmond 20, 
Va., Samuel DeWitt Proctor, C S, NatL 

Virginia, University of, Charlottesville, 
Va., Colgate W. Darden, Jr., M W S, 

Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind., 
Frank Hugh Sparks, M NC. 

Wagner Lutheran College, Grymes Hill, 

Staten Island 1, N.Y., David Marion 

Delo, C MS, tJ. Luth. 
Wake Forest College, Wake Forest and 

Winston-Salem, N. C., Harold W. 

Trimble, M W S, So. Bapt. 

Waldorf College, Forest City, la., Sidney 
A. Rand, C NC, Luth. 

Walla Walla College, College Place, 
Wash., Geo. W. Bowers, C NW, 7th-day 

Wartburg College, Waverly, la., C. H. 
Becker, C NC, Luth. 



Washburn University of Topeka, Topeka, 
Kan., Bryan S. Stoffer, C NC, City. 

Washington & Jefferson College, Wash- 
ington, Pa., Boyd Crumrine Patterson, 

M MS. 

Washington and Lee University, Lexing- 
ton, Va., Francis P. Gaines, M S. 

Washington College, Chestertown, Md., 
Daniel Z. Gibson, C MS. 

Washington Missionary College, Takoma 
Pk., Washington, D. C., Win. H. Shep- 
hard, C MS, 7th-day Adv. 

Washington, The State College of, Pull- 
man, Wash., C. Clement French, C NW, 

Washington, University of, Seattle 5, 
Wash., Henry Schmitz, C NW, State. 

Washington University, St. Louis 5, Mo., 
Ethan A. H. Shepley, C NC. 

Wayne University, Detroit 1, Mich., 
Clarence B. Hilberry, C NC, City. 

Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, Pa., 
Paul R. Stewart, C MS, Presb. 

Weber College, Ogden, Utah, William P. 
Miner, C NW, State. 

Webster College, Webster Groves, Mo., 
Sister Rose Maureen Sanders, W NC, 

WeUesley College, Wellesley 81, Mass., 
Margaret Clapp, W NE. 

Wells College, Aurora, N. Y., Louis J. 
Long, W MS. 

Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga., B. Joseph 

Martin, W S, Meth. 

Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., 
Victor L. Butterfield, M NE. 

Wesi Virginia Stale College, Institute, 
W. Va., William J. L. Wallace, C NC, 

West Virginia University, Morgantown, 
W. Va., Irvin Stewart, C NC, State. 

West Virginia Wesleyan Coll., Buck- 
hannon, W. Va., Wm. J. Scarborough, 
C NC, Meth. 

Western College for Women, Oxford, O., 

Herrick B. Young, W NC. 

Western Illinois State College, Macomb, 
HI., Frank A. Beu, C NC, State. 

Western Maryland College, Westminster, 
Md., Lowell S. Ensor, C MS, Meth. 

Western Reserve University, Cleveland 6, 
O., John Schoff Millis, C NC. 

Western State College of Colorado, Gun- 
nison, Colo., Peter P. Mickelson, C 
NC, State. 

Wesimar College, Le Mars, Iowa, D. O. 
Kime, C NC, E.TJ.B. 

Westminster College, Fulton, Mo., Robert 
L. D. Davidson, M NC, Presb. U.S.A., 
Presb. U.S. 

Westminster College, New Wilmington, 
Pa., W. W. Orr, C MS, U. Presb. 

Westminster College, Salt Lake City 5, 
Utah, J. R. Palmer, C NW, Presb. -Meth. 

Wheaton College, Norton, Mass., A. 
Howard Meneely, W NE. 

Wheaton College, Wheaton, HI., V. R. 
Edman, C NC. 

Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash., 
Chester C. Maxey, C NW. 

Whittier College, Whittier, Cal.. Paul S. 
Smith, C West. 

Whilworth College, Spokane 12, Wash., 
Frank F. Warren, C NW, Presb. U.S.A. 

Wichita, Municipal Univ. of, Wichita, 
Kans., Harry F. Corbin, C NC, City. 

Wiley College, Marshall, Tex., J. S. Scott, 
C S, Meth. 

Wilkes College, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Eu- 
gene S. Farley, C MS. 

Willamette University, Salem, Ore., G-. 
Herbert Smith, C NW, Meth. 

William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo., 
Walter Pope Binns, C NC, So. Bapt. 

William Smith College, Geneva, N. Y., 
Mrs. Raymond D. Heath, W MS. 

William Woods College, Fulton, Mo., Til- 
ford S. Swearingen, W NC, Disc. 

Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., 
James P. Baxter, 3rd, M NE. 

Wilmington College, Wilmington, O., 
Samuel D. Marble, C NC, Friends. 

Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa., Paul 
Swain Havens, W MS, Presb. U.S.A. 

Winlhrop College, Rock Hill, S. C., Henry 
Radcliffe Sims, W S, State. 

Wisconsin, University of, Madison, Wis., 
Edwin B. Fred, C NC, State. 

Wittenberg College, Springfield, O., 
Clarence C. Stoughton, C NC, Un. Luth. 

Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C., F. 
Pendleton Gaines, M S, Meth. 

Woodstock College and Seminary, Wood- 
stock, Md., Joseph F. Murphy, M MS, 

Wooster College (see College of Wooster). 

Wyoming, University of, Laramie, Wyo., 
Geo. D. Humphrey, C NC, State. 

Xavier University, Cincinnati 7, O., James 
F. Maguire, M W NC, Cath. 

Xavier University, New Orleans 18, La., 
Mother M. Agatha, C S, Cath. 

Yale University, New Haven, Conn., A. 
Whitney Griswold, M W NE. 

Yankton College, Yankton, S. D., Adrian 
Rondileau, C NC. 

Yeshiva University, New York 33, N. Y., 
Samuel Belkin, M MS, Jewish. 

Young L. G. Harris College, Young Har- 
ris, Ga., Charles R. Clegg, C S, Meth. 

Youngstown College, Youngstown 2, O., 
Howard W. Jones, C NC. 



This special list of religious periodicals has been compiled solely as a service for 
those who wish to have access to a relatively large and representative group of 
journals. The names of many more religious periodicals appear in the preceding 
pages in the various directories of the religious bodies. Probably the most inclusive 
list of religious periodicals published in the U.S.A. is that found in N. W. Ayer 
and Son's Directory, 1955, Philadelphia, Pa. 

The listings follow this order: Name, Religious Body, Editor, Address. 

Advance, Congregational Christian Jour- 
nal (bi-w), Andrew Vance McCracken, 
289 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald (w), 
Seventh-day Adv., F. D. Nichol, Ta- 
koma Park, Washington 12, D.C. 

Alabama Christian Advocate (w), Meth., 
T. P. Chalker, 1801 6th Ave., N., Bir- 
mingham 3, Ala. 

Alliance Weekly (w), The Christian & 
Missionary Alliance, A. W. Tozer, 260 
West 44th St., New York 36, N. Y.; 
pub., 3rd & Reily Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 

America (w), Cath., Rev. R. C. Hartnett, 
S.J., 329 W. 108th St., New York 25, 
N. Y. 

American Ecclesiastical Review, The (m), 
Cath., V. Rev. Msgr. Joseph C. Fenton, 
S.T.D., The Catholic University of 
America, Washington 17, D. C. 

American Friend, The (bi-w), Friends, 
Errol T. Elliott, Richmond, Ind. 

American Judaism (bi-m, Sept. to Apr.), 
Jewish, Samuel M. Silver, 838 5th Ave., 
New York 21, N.Y. 

American Lutheran (m), Luth., A, F. 
Meyer, Ed.; Theodore Wittrock, Bus. 
Mgr., 2112 Broadway, New York 23, 


Ansgar Lutheran, The (w), U. Ev. Luth., 
John M. Jensen, 321 E. 8th St., Spen- 
cer, la. 

Arkansas Methodist, The (w), Meth., E. T. 
Wayland and Ewing T. Wayland, 1136 
Donaghey Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. 

Ave Maria (w), Cath., J. L. Reedy, Notre 
Dame, Ind. 

Banner, The (w), Chr. Ref., H. J. Kuiper, 
47 Jefferson Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids 
2, Mich. 

Baptist and Reflector (w), S. Bapt., 
Richard N. Owen, Belcourt at 16th 
Ave. S., Nashville, Term. 

Baptist Bulletin (m), Gen. Assoc. Reg. 
Bapt. Churches, R. T. Ketcham, 431 S. 
Dearborn St., Suite 1205, Manhattan 
Bldg., Chicago 5, 111. 

Baptist Courier (w), S. Bapt., S. H. Jones, 
Greenville, S. C. 

Baptist Herald (bi-w), N. A. Bapt. Gen. 
Conf., Martin L. Leuschner, 7308 Madi- 
son St., Forest Park, m. 

Baptist Messenger (w), S. Bapt., Jack L. 
Gritz, 1141 N. Robinson, Oklahoma 

City 3, Okla. 

Baptist Record (w), S. Bapt., A. L. Good- 
rich, Box 530, Jackson 5, Miss. 

Baptist Standard (w), S. Bapt., E. S. 
James, 2222 San Jacinto, P. O. Box 
688, Dallas 1, Tex. 

Bible Society Record (m), Am. Bible 
Society, Undenom., William F. Asbury, 
450 Park Ave., New York 22, N. Y. 

Biblical Recorder (w), S. Bapt., L. L. 
Carpenter, 121 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, 
N. C. 

B'nai B'rith Messenger (w), Jewish, 
David Weissman, Ed.; J. J. Cummins, 
Pub., 739 South Hope St., Los Angeles 
17, Calif. 

Brethren Journal, The (m), C. M. Breth- 
ren, Rev. Josef A. Barton, Rt. 1, Bell- 
ville, Texas. 

Builders (w), Evan. IT. B., Raymond M. 
Veh, 3d & Reily Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Catholic Action (suspended publication 
Dec. 1953). 

Catholic Action of the South (w), (Edi- 
tion of Our Sunday Visitor), Cath., 
M. F. Everett, 523 Natchez St., P. O. 
Box 480, New Orleans 1, La. 

Catholic Chronicle (w), Cath., F. I. Nally, 
Huron Bldg., Toledo 4, O. 

Catholic Digest (m), Cath., Paul Bussard, 
41 E. 8th St., St. Paul 2, Minn. 

Catholic Herald Citizen (w), Cath., 
Franklyn Kennedy, Cathedral Sq., 
Milwaukee 1, Wis. 

Catholic Light (w), Cath. Msgr. Thomas 
J. Cawley, 310-312 Wyoming Ave., 
Scranton 3, Pa. 

Catholic Mind (m), Cath., B. L. Masse, S.J., 
329 W. 108th St., New York 25, N. Y. 

Catholic News (w), Cath., Richard Reid, 
251 Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Catholic Observer (w), Cath., pub.: J. M. 
Hammond, 410 North Ave., Pittsburgh 
9, Pa. 

Catholic Review (w), Cath., Rev. Ray- 
mond Wm. Gribbin, Asst. Ed. t 115 W. 
Franklin St., Baltimore 3, Md. 

Catholic Standard and Times (w), Cath., 
Rev. Anthony L. Ostheimer, 1818 
Cherry St., Philadelphia 3, Pa. 

Catholic Transcript, The (w), Cath., Rev. 
John S. Kennedy, 785 Asylum Ave., 
Hartford 5, Conn. 

Catholic Universe Bulletin (w), Cath., 
Rev. A. M. Fitzpatrick, 1027 Superior 
Ave., N.E., Cleveland 14, O. 



Catholic Worker (m), Cath., Dorothy 
Day, 223 Chrystie Street, New York 2, 
N. Y. 

Catholic World, The (m), Cath., Rev. 
John B. Sheerin, C.S.P., ed. f 411 W. 
59th St., New York 19, N. Y., pub., The 
Paulist Fathers. 

Central Christian Advocate, The (s-m), 
Meth., Prince A. Taylor, Jr., 631 Ba- 
ronne St., New Orleans 12, La. 

Christian Advocate (w), Meth., T. Otto 
Nail, 740 Rush St., Chicago 11, 111. 

Christian Century, The (w) f tlndenom,, 
Paul Hutchinson, 407 S. Dearborn St., 
Chicago 5, HI. 

Christian Education (see The Christian 
Scholar) . 

Christian Endeavor World/ The (m), 
Interden., Gene Stone, 1221 E. Broad 
St., Columbus 16, Ohio. 

Christian-Evangelist (w), Disc., Lin D. 
Cartwright, Beaumont & Pine Blvd., 
Box 179, St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Christian Herald (m), Undenom., Daniel 
A. Poling, 27 E. 39th St., New York 16, 
N. Y. 

Christian Home, The (m), Meth., Joy 
Bayless, 810 Broadway, Nashville 2, 

Christian Index (w), S, Bapt., John J. 
Hurt, Jr., 291 Peachtree St., Atlanta 
3, Ga. 

Christian Index (w), Chr. Meth. Epise., 
E. P. Murchison, Jackson, Tenn. 

Christian Leader (see Universalist 
Leader) . 

Christian Life Magazine (m), Undenom., 
Robert Walker, 434 S. Wabash Ave., 
Chicago 5, ILL. 

Christian Observer (w), Presb. U.S., H. 
P. Converse, 412 S. 3d St., Louisville 2, 

Christian Register (m), Unit., Man. Ed., 
Melvin Arnold, 25 Beacon St., Boston 
8, Mass. 

Christian Scholar, The (q), successor to 
Christian Education, Interden., J. Ed- 
ward Dirks, 257 Fourth Ave., New 
York 10, N, Y. 

Christian Science Journal (m), Chr. Sc., 
Robert E. Key, 1 Norway St., Boston 
15, Mass. 

Christian Science Sentinel (w), Chr. Sc., 
Robert E. Key, 1 Norway St., Boston 
15, Mass. 

Christian Social Welfare (bi-m, except 
July and Aug.), Interdenom., William 
J. Villaume, 297 Fourth Ave., New 
York 10, N.Y. 

Christian Union Herald (w), U. Presb., 
William H. Neebe, 209 9th St., Pitts- 
burgh 22, Pa. 

Christianity and Crisis (bi-w), Interde- 
nom., Reinhold Niebuhr and John C. 
Bennett, 537 West 121st St., New York 
27, N. Y. 

Christianity and Society (q), Undenom., 
Reinhold Niebuhr, 3041 Broadway, 
New York 27, N. Y. 

Church Advocate (w), Churches of God 
in N. A., Roy Schreiner, 100 N. 13th 
St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Church and Campus (bi-m), Meth., Roger 
Ortmayer, Box 871, Nashville 2, Tenn. 

Church Herald (w), Ref. A., Louis H. 
Benes, 231 Jefferson Ave., S.E., Grand 
Rapids 3, Mich. 

Church History (q), Undenom., James 
Hastings Nichols and Leonard J. Trin- 
terud, 306 Swift Hall, The University 
of Chicago, Chicago 37, HI. 

Churchman, The (s-m), Ind. Prot. Epis., 
Guy Emery Shipler, 118 East 28th St., 
New York 16, N.Y. 

Church Management (m), Undenom., 
William H. Leach, 1900 Euclid Ave., 
Cleveland 15, Ohio. 

Church Woman, The (m), Interden., Mrs. 
David D. Baker, 175 5th Ave., New 
York 10, N.Y. 

City Church, The (5 issues a year), Inter- 
denom., Joseph W. Merchant, 297 
Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Columbia (m), Cath., John B. Donahue, 
P. O. Box 1670, New Haven 7, Conn, 

Columbian/ The (w), Cath., Frank J. 
Quinn, Pub., 188 W. Randolph St., 
Chicago 1, El.; John J. Kuenster, Ed. 

Commonweal (w), Cath., Edward S. 
Skillin, 386 4th Ave., New York 16, 
N. Y. 

Concern (bi-w), Meth., Eloise Kelly and 
LeRoy King, Box 871, Nashville 2, 

Conservative Judaism (publication dis- 
continued, 1953). 

Cumberland Presbyterian, The (w), 
Cumb. Presb., C. Ray Dobbins, 1978 
Union Ave., Box 5535, Memphis 4, 

Current Religious Thought (bi-m), Inter- 
faith, Herbert D. Rugg, Box 148, Ober- 
lin, O. 

Denver Catholic Register (w), Cath., 
Msgr. Matthew J. Smith, 934-950 Ban- 
nock St., Denver 4, Colo. 

Ecumenical Courier (bi-m), U.S. Confer- 
ence for the World Council of 
Churches, Interden., Elsie Thomas Cul- 
ver, 156 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Ecumenical Review, The (q), Interden., 
W. A. Visser 't Hooft, World Council 
of Churches, 17 Route de Malagnou, 
Geneva, Switzerland. 

Episcopal Churchnews (bi-w), P. E., 
Maurice E. Bennett, Jr., 110 North 
Adams St., Richmond 11, Va. 

Episcopal Recorder (m), Ref. Epis., 
Howard D. Higgins, 2116 Locust St., 
Philadelphia 3, Pa. 

Evangelist, The (w), Cath., Gerald H. 
Kirwin, 162 State St., Albany 10, N, Y. 


Expositor, The (Ministers) (m), Unde- 
nom., J. M. Ramsey, Ed., East Aurora, 
N.Y.; F. M. Barton Co., Pub., 501 
Caxton Bldg., Cleveland 15, Ohio. 

Extension Magazine (m), Cath., Eileen 
O'Hayer, 1307 S. Wabash Ave., Chi- 
cago 5, HI. 

Far East (m), Cath., Edward De Persio, 
St. Columbans, Nebr. 

Firm Foundation (w), Churches of Christ, 
Reuel Lemmons, 3110 Guadalupe St., 
Austin. 61, Texas. 

Forth (m), P. E., William E. Leidt, 281 
4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Franciscan Herald and Forum (m), Cath., 
James Meyer, 1434 W. 51st St., Chi- 
cago 9, IE. 

Free Will Baptist, The (w), Free Will 
Bapt., J. O. Fort, Free Will Baptist 
Press, Ayden, N. C. 

Friends Journal (w) (successor to 
Friends Intelligencer and The Friend) , 
Friends, Wm. Hubben, 1515 Cherry St., 
Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

Front Rank (w), Disc., R. L. Henthorne, 
Box 179, St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Gospel Advocate (w), Ch. of Christ, B. 
C. Goodpasture, 110 7th Ave., N., Nash- 
ville 2, Tenn. 

Gospel Herald (w). Menn., Paul Erb. 
Scottdale, Pa. 

Gospel Messenger (w), Ch. Breth., Ken- 
neth I. Morse, 22 S. State St., Elgin, 111. 

Gospel Trumpet (w), Church of God, 
Harold L. Phillips, Anderson, Ind. 

Herald, The (w), Meth., J. C. McPheeters, 
Box 774, Louisville 1, Ky. 

Herald of Holiness (w), Naz., Stephen 

5. White, 2923 Troost Ave., Box 527, 
Kansas City 41, Mo. 

Hibbert Journal (q), Undenom., Lancelot 
A. Garrard, Ed., Manchester College, 
Oxford, England; American Agency, 
569 Boylston St., Boston 16, Mass. 

Historical Magazine of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church (q), P.E., Walter H. 
Stowe, 5 Paterson Street, New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. 

Holy Name Journal (m), Cath., Harry C. 
Graham, 141 E. 65th St., New York 21, 
N. Y. 

Home Missions (m), S. Bapt., John 
Caylor, 161 Spring St., N.W., Atlanta 
3, Ga. 

Homiletic and Pastoral Review (m), 
Cath., Chas. J. Callan, 53 Park PI., 
New York 7, N. Y. 

Improvement Era, The (m), L.D.S., David 
O. McKay, 50 North Main St., Salt 
Lake City 1, Utah. 

Indiana Catholic and Record/ The (w), 
Cath., Raymond T. Bosler, 219 E. St. 
Joseph St., P. O. Box 362, Indianapolis 

6, Ind. 


Information Magazine (m), Cath., Albert 
A. Murray, 415 W. 59th St., New York 
19, N. Y. 

Information Service (w), Interden., Ben- 
son Y. Landis, 297 4th Ave., New York 
10, N. Y. 

Inlercollegian, The (m), Undenom., Fern 
Babcock and Edward L. Nestingen, 291 
Broadway, New York 7, N. Y. 

International Journal of Religious Edu- 
cation (m), Interden., Virgil E. Foster, 
79 East Adams St., Chicago 3, HI. 

International Review of Missions (q), 
Interden., Ernest S. Single, 156 5th 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y. 

Interpretation (q), Presb. U.S., Dr. Bal- 
mer H. Kelly and Dr. Donald G. 
Miller, 3401 Brook Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Interracial News Service (bi-m), Inter- 
den., J. Oscar Lee, Alfred S. Kramer 
and Geneva R. Jones, 297 4th Ave., New 
York 10, N. Y. 

Interracial Review (m), Cath., George K. 
Hunton, 20 Vesey St., New York 7, 
N. Y. 

Jewish Forum (m), Jewish, Isaac Rosen- 
garten, 305 Broadway. New York 7, 
N. Y. 

Journal of Bible and Religion (q), Un- 
denom., C. E. Purinton, 725 Common- 
wealth Ave., Boston 15, Mass. 

Journal of Pastoral Care (q), Undenom., 
1312 Eye St., N.E., Washington 5, D. C., 
Ernest E. Bruder, Ed.-in-Chief. 

Journal of Religion (q), Undenom., James 
L. Adams, Bernard E. Meland, J. Coert 
Rylaarsdam, 306 Swift Hall, The Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Chicago 37, HL 

Journal of the Presbyterian Historical 
Society (q), Presb. U.S.A., 520 Wither- 
spoon Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa., 
Charles A. Anderson. 

Lamp (m), Cath., Samuel Cummings, 
Peekskill, N. Y. 

Liberal Judaism (discontinued see Amer- 
ican Judaism). 

Liguorlan (m), Cath., Donald F. Miller, 
Liguori Mission House, Liguori, Mo. 

Liturgical Arts (q), Cath., Maurice 
Lavanoux, 7 E. 42nd St., New York 17, 
N. Y. 

Living Church, The (w), Epis., Peter Day, 
407 E. Michigan, Milwaukee 2, Wis. 

Lookout, The (w), Disc., Guy P. Leavitt, 
Hamilton Ave. at 8100, Cincinnati 31, 

Louisiana Methodist, The (w), Meth., 
E. T. Wayland and Ewing T. Wayland, 
1136 Donaghey Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. 

Lutheran, The (w), Un. Luth., G. Elson 
Ruff, 1228 Spruce St., Philadelphia 7, 

Lutheran Companion, The (w), Aug. 
Luth., E. E. Ryden, Rock Island, HI. 



Lutheran Herald (w), Evan. Luth., O. 
G. Malmin, 426 So. 5th St., Minneapolis 
15, Minn. 

Lutheran Messenger (s-m), Luth. Free 
Church, Sverre Torgerson, 2120 River- 
side Ave., Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Lutheran Standard (w), Am. Luth., Edw. 
W. Schramm, 57 E. Main St., Columbus 
15, O. 

Lutheran Witness (bi-w), Mo. Synod, 
Lorenz F. Blankenbuehler, 801 De Mun 
Ave., Saint Louis 5, Mo. 

Magnificat Magazine (m), Cath., Sr. M. 

Arthur, 131 Laurel St., Manchester, 

N. H. 
Maryknoll The Field Afar (m), Cath., 

John J. Considine, Maryknoll P. O., 


Mennonile, The (w), Gen. Conf. Menn., 
J. N. Srnucker, Woodward Ave., Gos- 
hen, Ind. 

Menorah Journal (q), Jewish, Henry 
Hurwitz, 20 East 69th St., New York 
21, N.Y. 

Messenger, The (bi-w), Ev. & Ref., 
Theodore C. Braun, 1720 Chouteau 
Ave., St. Louis 3, Mo. 

Messenger of the Sacxed Heart (m), 
Cath., Rev. Thomas H. Moore, S.J., 
515 E. Fordham Road, New York 58, 
N. Y. 

Methodist Layman, The (m), Meth., Shel- 
by E. Southard, 740 Rush St., Chicago 
11, 111. 

Methodist Woman, The (m), Meth., Mrs. 
C. A. Meeker, 150 5th Ave., New York 
11, N. Y. 

Michigan Catholic (w), Cath., Hubert A. 
Maino, 644 Selden Ave., Detroit 1, 

Michigan Christian Advocate (w), Meth., 
John E. Marvin, Adrian, Mich. 

Mission Herald (bi-m), Nat. Bapt., C. C. 
Adams, 701 S. 19th St., Philadelphia 
46, Pa. 

Missionary Horizons (m), U. Presb., Mrs. 
E. D. McKune, 906 Publication Bldg., 
209 Ninth St., Pittsburgh 22, Pa. 

Missions (m), Am. Bapt., J. C. Slemp, 
152 Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 

Mississippi Methodist Advocate (w), 
Meth., Clinton T. Ho well, Millsaps Col- 
lege, Jackson, Miss. 

Monitor (w), Cath., Walter Tappe, 125 
12th St., San Francisco 3, Cal. 

Moody Monthly (m), Undenom., William 
Culbertson, 820 N. LaSalle St., Chi- 
cago 10, El. 

Moravian, The (m), Morav., John S. 
Groenfeldt, 79 W. Church St., Bethle- 
hem, Pa. 

Motive (m), Meth., Roger E. Ortmayer, 
Box 871, Nashville 2, Tenn. 

Muslim World (q), Undenom., Kenneth 
Cragg and Edwin E. Calverley, Hart- 

ford Seminary Foundation, Hartford 5, 

National Baptist Voice (m), Nat. Bapt., 
J. Pius Barbour, 1614 W. Second St., 
Chester, Pa. 

National Council Outlook (m, except 
July & Aug.), Interden., Donald C. 
Bolles, 297 4th Ave., New York 10, 
N. Y. 

National Lutheran (bi-m), Natl. Luth. 
Council, Erik W. Modean, Man. Ed., 
50 Madison Ave., New York 10, N.Y. 

National Voice of Conservative Baptists, 

The (m), Cons. Bapt. Asso., Albert S. 
Taylor, P. O. Box 567, Williamsport, Pa. 

New-Church Messenger, The (bi-w), 
Swedenborgian, Bjorn Johannson, 3550 
Evanston Ave., Cincinnati 7, Ohio. 

New Illustrator, The (m), Interden., R. S. 
Wilson, Church Center Press, Myers- 
town, Pa. 

New World (w), Cath., Msgr. Thomas A. 

Meehan, S.T.L., 109 N. Dearborn St., 

Chicago 2, 111. 
North Carolina Christian Advocate (w), 

Meth., Cecil W. Robbins, 429 Gaston 

St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Orthodox Observer, The (m), Greek 
Orth, Emmanuel Hatziemmanuel, Acad- 
emy of St. Basil, Garrison, N.Y. 

Orthodox Jewish Life (bi-m), Jewish, 
Saul Bernstein, 305 Broadway, New 
York 7, N.Y. 

Our Sunday Visitor (w), Cath., J. F. 
Noll, Huntington, Ind. 

Outlook (see National Council Outlook} 

Outreach (m), Presb. U.S.A., Mrs. Flor- 
ence Hayes, 156 5th Ave., New York 
10, N. Y. 

Pastor, The (m), Meth., Newman S. 
Cryer, Jr., 810 Broadway, Nashville 2, 

Pastoral Psychology (m), Undenom., 
Simon Doniger, Great Neck, N.Y. 

Pastors Journal (bi-m), Meth., Wm. W. 
Reid, 150 5th Ave., New York 11, N. Y. 

Pentecostal Evangel (w), Assem. of God, 
Robert C. Cunningham, Springfield 1, 

Pentecostal Herald (see The Herald). 

Pilot (w), Cath., F. J. Lally, 49 Frank- 
lin St., Boston 10, Mass. 

Presbyterian Action (m), Presb. U.S., 
Louise Farrior, Box 1176, Richmond 9, 

Presbyterian Life (bi-w), Presb. U.S. A., 
Robert J. Cadigan, Witherspoon. Bldg., 
Philadelphia 7, Pa. 

Presbyterian Outlook (w) (continuing 
The Presbyterian Tribune), Presb. U.S. 
and Presb. U.S.A., Aubrey N. Brown 
and Ernest Trice Thompson, 1 North 
6th St., Richmond 19, Va. 


Presbyterian Survey (m), Presb. U.S., 
William Thompson, Box 1176, Rich- 
mond 9, Va. 

Presbyterian Tribune (merged with 
Presbyterian Outlook, as of January, 

Pulpit (m), Undenom., C. C. Morrison, 
407 S. Dearborn St., Chicago 5, 111. 

Pulpii Digest (m), Undenom., Ralph C. 
Raughley, Jr., Great Neck, N.Y. 

Queen's Work, The (m, except July, 
Aug., Sept.), Cath., Herbert O'H. 
Walker, S.J., 3115 S. Grand Blvd., St. 
Louis 18, Mo. 

Register/ The (w), Cath., Msgr. Matthew 
Smith, 934 Bannock St., Denver 4, 

Religion in Life (q), Interden., Nolan B. 
Harmon, 150 5th Ave., New York 11, 


Religious Education (bi-m), Undenom., 
Leonard A. Stidley, 29 N. Pleasant St., 
Oberlin, O. 

Restoration Herald (m), Ch. of Christ, 
R. E. Elmore, 406 Elm St., Room 702, 
Cincinnati 2, Ohio. 

Rola Boza (God's Field) (w), Pol. Natl. 
Cath., Most Rev. Leon Grochowski, 529 
E. Locust St., Scranton 5, Pa. 

Rosary Magazine (m), Cath., Francis J. 
Fanning, 141 East 65th St., New York 
21, N.Y. 

Russian American Orthodox Messenger, 
The (m), Russian Orth., F. Buketoff, 
33-35, 70th St., Jackson Heights, L. I., 
N. Y. 

Sabbath Recorder (w), 7th Day Bapt, 
Rev. Leon M. Maltby, 510 Watchung 
Ave., Plainneld, N. J. 

St. Joseph Magazine (m), Cath., Albert 
Bauman, St. Benedict, Ore. 

Saint Anthony Messenger (m), Cath., V. 
Drees, 1615 Republic St., Cincinnati 
10, O. 

Saints' Herald (w), Reorg, LJD.S., Israel 
A. Smith, 103 S. Osage St., Independ- 
ence, Mo. 

Shepherds (m), Meth., George H. Jones, 
1908 Grand Ave., Nashville 5, Term. 

Shield (bi-m, Sept.-May), Cath., Edward 
A. Freking and others, Crusade Castle, 
5100 Shattuc Ave., Cincinnati 26, Ohio. 

Sign, The (m), Cath., Ralph Gorman, 
Union City, N. J. 

Signs of the Times (w), 7th-day Adv., 
A. S. Maxwell, Mountain View, Cal. 

Social Action (ten issues a year), Congr. 
Chr., F. Ernest Johnson, 289 4th Ave., 
New York 10, N.Y. 

Social Action News-Letter (m), Disc., 
Barton Hunter, 222 S. Downey Ave., 
Indianapolis 7, Ind, 

Social Progress, Dept. of Social Educa- 
tion & Action, Board of Christian Edu- 
cation (m), Fresb. U.S.A., Clifford 


Earle, Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia 
7, Pa. 

Social Questions Bulletin (m, Oct. thru 
June), Methodist Federation for Social 
Action (unofficial), J. R. McMichael, 
Box 327, Gresham, Oregon. 

South Carolina Methodist Advocate (w), 

Meth., J. Claude Evans, 1420 Lady St., 
Columbia 1, S. C. 

Southern Baptist Home Missions: see 

Home Missions. 

Southern Messenger (w), Cath., H. J. 
Scheibl, 511 Gibbs Bldg., San Antonio 
5, Texas. 

Southern Presbyterian Journal, The 
(w), Presb. U.S., Henry B. Dendy, 
Weaverville, N. C. 

Southwestern News (m, except Aug. and 
Sept.), South. Bapt., Ralph D. Churchill, 
Southwestern Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, P. O. Box 6898, Fort Worth, Tex. 

Standard, The (w), Bapt., Martin Erik- 
son, 5750 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago 26, 

Star of Zion, The (w), A.M.E.Z., Walter 
R. Lovell, P. O. Box 1047, Charlotte, 
N. C. 

Sunday School Times (w), Undenom., 
Philip E. Howard, Jr., 325 N. 13th 
St., Philadelphia 5, Pa. 

Tablet, The (w), Cath., Man. Ed., Patrick 
F. Scanlan, 1 Hanson PL, Brooklyn 17, 
N. Y. 

Telescope-Messenger, The (w), Ev. Un. 
Br., J. W. Krecker, P. W. Milhouse, 
3rd and Reily Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Texas Christian Advocate (w), Meth., J. 
Fisher Simpson, 1910 Main St., Dallas 
1, Tex. 

Theology Today (q), Undenom., Hugh T. 
Kerr, Jr., P. O. Box 29, Princeton, 
N. J. 

Thought (q), Cath., W. F. Lynch, Ford- 
ham Univ., New York 58, N. Y. 

Tidings, The (w), Cath., Msgr. William 
E. North, 1530 West Ninth St., Los 
Angeles 15, Calif. 

Today (m, Oct.- June), Cath., James F. 
Burns, 1700 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago 
12, m, 

Town and Country Church (m), Inter- 
den., Ruth B. Robinson, 257 4th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y. 

United Evangelical Action (s-m), Inter- 
den., James DeForest Murch f 111 East 
4th St., Cincinnati 2, O. 

United Presbyterian (w), U. P., Raymond 
L. Edie, 209 9th St., Pittsburgh 22, Pa. 

Unity (m), Undenom., Curtis W. Reese, 
700 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago 15, 111. 

Universalist Leader (m), Univ., Emerson 
Hugh Lalone, 16 Beacon St., Boston 8, 

Virginia Methodist Advocate (w), Meth., 
George S. Reamey, 410 Methodist 
Bldg., Richmond 19, Va. 



Visitor (w), Cath., Rev. Jos. F. Bracq, 25 

Fenner St., Providence 3, H. I. 
Voice of Missions (m), Afr. Meth. Episc., 

A. Chester Clark, 112 West 120th St., 

New York 27, N. Y. 
Walther League Messenger (m), Luth., 

A. P. Klausler, 875 N. Dearborn St., 

Chicago 10, 111. 

War Cry (w), Salv. Army, B. D. Hughes, 
120 W. 14th St., New York 11, N. Y.; 
R. L. Keeler, 719 N. State St., Chicago 
10, 111.; Muriel Creighton, 101 Valencia 
St., San Francisco 3. Cal.; Lillian Han- 
sen. 54 Ellis St., Atlanta 3, Ga. 

Watchman Examiner (w), Bapt., John W. 
Bradbury, 23 E. 26th St., New York 10, 
N. Y. 

n Christian Advocate (w), Meth., 
F. M. Gaines, 3889 Vineville Ave., 
Macon, Ga. 

Western Recorder (w), S. Bapt., R. T. 
Skinner, 127 E. Broadway, Louisville 
2, Ky. 

White Wing Messenger, The (w), Church 
of God of Prophecy, M. A. Tomlinson, 
The White Wing Publishing House and 
Press, Cleveland, Term. 

Witness, The (w), P.E., William B. Spof- 
ford, Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Women's Missionary Magazine (now 
Missionary Horizons, see above). 

Word and Work (m), Undenom., E. H. 
Boll, 2518 Portland Ave., Louisville 12, 

World Call (m), Disc., G. W. Buckner, Jr., 
222 S. Downey Ave., Indianapolis 7, 

World Council Courier (see Ecumenical 

Courier) . 

World Outlook (m), Meth,, Henry C. 
Sprinkle, Jr., Dorothy McConnell, 150 
5th Ave. t New York 11, N. Y. 

Worship (m), Cath., Godfrey Diekmann, 
O.S.B., St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, 


Y.M.H.A. Bulletin (w), Jewish, Jack 
Schwenk, 1395 Lexington Ave., New 
York 28, N.Y. 

Y.W.C.A. Magazine, The (m), Undenom., 
Mrs. Alice H. Lewis, Man. Ed., 600 Lex- 
ington Ave., New York 22, N.Y. 

Zions Herald (w), Meth., J. Tremayne 
Copplestone, 581 Boylston St., Boston 
16, Mass. 



Adult Education Association of the 
U.S.A.: 1201 Sixteenth St., N.W,, Wash- 
ington 6, D. C.; and, publication office, 
743 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago 11, EL; 
Pres., Paul Essert. 

Periodicals: Adult Education. (4 issues 
yearly); Adult Leadership (m). 

Agricultural Missions, Inc.: 156 5th Ave., 
New York 10, N. Y.; Chmn., James K. 
Mathews; Exec. Sec., I. W. Moomaw. 
Periodical: Rural Missions (q). 

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (see 
Schweitzer) . 

Alcoholic Foundation (see Alcoholics 
Anonymous) . 

Alcoholics Anonymous, General Service 
Board of A. A., Inc. (formerly Alcoholic 
Foundation, Inc.) for Inquiries About 
Alcoholics Anonymous: P. O. Box 459, 
Grand Central Annex, New York 17, 
Periodical: The Grapevine (m), P. O. 

Box 85, Knickerbocker Station, New 

York 2, N. Y. 

Allied Youth, Inc.: Allied Youth Build- 
ing 1709 M St., N.W., Washington 6, 

D.C.; Exec. Sec., . 

Periodicals: The Allied Youth Maga- 
zine (m, except July and Aug.); 
Alcoholfax Educational Service (m, 
during school year). 

American Academy of Political and So- 
cial Science, The: 3937 Chestnut St., 
Philadelphia 4, Pa.; Pres., James C. 

Periodical: The Annals of the Ameri- 
can Academy of Political and Social 
Science (bi-m). 

American Association For The United 
Nations, Inc.: 345 East 46th St., New 
York 17, N. Y.; Pres., Charles W. Mayo; 
Exec. Dir., Clark M. Eichelberger. 
Periodical: AAUN News (ten issues a 

American Association of Group Workers 

(formerly American Association for 
the Study of Group Work): 129 E. 52 
St., New York 22, N. Y.; Pres,, Harleigh 
B. Trecker; Exec. Sec., Janet W. Kor- 
Periodical: The Group (5 issues per 


American Association of Medical Social 
Workers: 1700 Eye St., N.W,, Washing- 
ton 6, D. C.; Exec. Dir., Miss Mary L. 

Periodicals: Medical Social Work (q); 
Newsletter (5 or 6 issues a year). 

American Association of Social Workers: 

1 Park Ave., New York 16, N. Y.; Pres., 
Arthur H. Kruse; Exec. Sec., Joseph 
P. Anderson. 

* Inclusion or exclusion of any agency 
implies nothing as to the attitude of the 
editor or the National Council of the 
Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. regard- 
ing the program carried on. 

Periodical: Social Work Journal (4 is- 
sues a year). 

American Association of Theological 
Schools: Pres., Dean Charles L. Taylor, 
The Episcopal Theol. Sem., Cambridge, 
Mass.; Exec. Sec., President Walter N. 
Roberts, United Theol. Sem., 181Q Har- 
vard Blvd., Dayton 6, Ohio. 

American Association of University 
Women: 1634 I St., N.W., Washington 
6, D. C.; Pres., Susan B. Riley; Gen. 
Dir., Helen D. Bragdon. 
Periodical: Journal (q). 

American Association of Women Min- 
isters: Pres., Clara Chaloupka Wood, 
1798 Scenic Drive, Berkeley, Calif.; 
Cor. Sec., Olive P. Knapp, Free Soil, 
Periodical: The Woman's Pulpit (q). 

American Catholic Philosophical Associ- 
ation: Pres., Charles J. O'Neill, Mar- 
quette University, Milwaukee 3, Wise.; 
Sec., Charles A. Hart, Catholic Univer- 
sity of America, Washington 17, D. C. 
Periodicals: The New Scholasticism 
(q); Proceedings (a); Studies (at 
various times). 

American Civil Liberties Union: 170 

Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Chmn. 
of Bd., Ernest Angell; Exec. Dir., Pat- 
rick Murphy Malin. 
Periodical: Civil Liberties (m). 

American Correctional Association (for- 
merly American Prison Association): 

135 E. 15th St., New York 3, N. Y.; 

Pres., Kenyon J. Scudder; Gen. Sec., 

E. R. Cass. 

Periodical: American Journal of Cor- 
rection (formerly The Prison World) 

American Council for Judaism, The: 201 

E. 57th St., New York 22, N. Y.; Pres., 

Clarence L/. Coleman, Jr.; Exec. Dir., 

Elmer Berger. 

Periodicals: Council News (m); High- 
lights of the Yiddish and Hebrew 
Press (w). 

American Council of Voluntary Agencies 
for Foreign Service, Inc.: 20 W. 40th 
St., New York 18, N. Y.; Chmn., Moses 
A. Leavitt; Exec. Dir., Charlotte E. 

American Council on Education: 1785 

Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington 
6, D. C.; Pres., Arthur S. Adams. 

American Education Fellowship (see 
Progressive Education Association). 

American Eugenics Society: 230 Park 
Ave., Room 1523, New York 17, N. Y.; 
Sec., Frederick H. Osborn. 
Periodical: Eugenics Quarterly (q). 

American Farm Bureau Federation: 
Room 2300 Merchandise Mart, Chicago 
54, HI.; Pres., Charles B. Shuman. 
Periodicals: Nation's Agriculture (m); 
News Letter (w), 



American Federation of Labor, Depart- 
ment of Education: 1625 Eye St., N.W., 
Washington 6, D. C.; Dir., Jolin D. 


Periodical: News Letter (m). 

American Federation of Teachers: 28 E. 

Jackson Blvd., Chicago 4, 111.; Pres., 
Carl J. Megel. 

Publication: The American Teacher 
(m, Oct. to May). 

American Foundation for Mental Hy- 
giene, Inc.: 1790 Broadway, New York 
19, N. Y.; Pres., G. Howland Shaw; 
Sec., Luther E. Woodward. 

American Foundation for the Blind, Inc.: 
15 W. 16th St., New York 11, N. Y.; 
Pres., William Ziegler, Jr.; Sec., Eus- 
tace Seligman. 

Periodicals: The New Outlook for the 
Blind (10 times a year), in inkprint 
and "braille; Touch and Go (m), for 
deaf -blind readers in braille. 
American Friends Service Committee: 
20 S. 12th St., Philadelphia 7, Pa.; 
Chmn., Henry J. Cadbury; Exec. Sec., 
Lewis M. Hoskins. 

American Home Economics Association: 
Pres., Miss Catherine T. Dennis, State 
Dept. of Public Instruction, Kaleigh, 
N. C.; Exec. Sec., Mildred Horton, 1600 
20th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Periodical: Journal of Home Econom- 
ics (m). 

American Humane Association, The: 896 
Pennsylvania St., Denver 3, Colo.; 
Chmn. of Bd., Kerns Wright, 110V 2 E. 
Main St., Van Wert, Ohio; Sec., Charles 
W. Friedrichs, 2500 16th St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. ._ 
Periodical: The National Humane Re- 
view (m). 

American Humane Education Society: 180 

Longwood Ave., Boston 15, Mass.; 

Pres., Eric H. Hansen; Dir., Albert A. 


Periodical: Our Dumb Animals (m). 

American Jewish Joint Distribution Com- 
mittee, Inc.: 270 Madison Ave., New 
York 16, N. Y.; Chmn., Edward M. M. 
Warburg; Exec. Vice-Chmn. and Sec., 
Moses A. Leavitt. 

American Labor Education Service/ Inc.: 

1776 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y.; 

Miss Eleanor G. Coit. 

Periodicals: AX.JS.S. Bulletin. (q); 
Labor Education Guide (2 or 3 is- 
sues a year). 

American Legion, National Child Wel- 
fare Division: 700 N. Pennsylvania St., 
Indianapolis 6, Ind.; Dir., Randel 

American Leprosy Missions, Inc.: 156 

5th Ave M New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., 
Emory Ross; Treas., Randall Nauman; 
Gen. Sec., Rev. Harold Hayes Hender- 
son; Exec, Sec., Baymond P. Currier. 
Periodical: Leprosy Missions Digest 

American Library Association: 50 E. 
Huron St., Chicago 11. m.; Exec. Sec., 
David H. Clift. 
Periodicals: AJUA. Bulletin (m); Book- 

list (semi-m); Subscription Books 
Bulletin (q); College and Research 
Libraries (q); Hospital Book Guide 
(m); School Libraries (q); Journal 
of Cataloging and Classification (q); 
Top of the News (q); Public Libra- 
ries (q). 

American McAll Association: 23 East 

26th St., New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., 
Mrs. Edward C. Parsons. 
Publication: McAll News Service. 

American Medical Association: 535 N. 

Dearborn St., Chicago 10, 111.; Sec.-Gen. 

Mgr., Dr. George F. Lull. 

Periodicals: The Journal of the Ameri- 
can Medical Association (w); Today's 
Health (m); Special Scientific Jour- 
nals (m). 

American National Red Cross, The: 

Washington 13, D. C.; (Area Offices: 
Alexandria, Va.; Atlanta 3, Ga.; St. 
Louis 8, Mo.; San Francisco 1, Calif.); 
Chmn., E. Roland Harriman; Pres., 
Ellsworth Bunker. 

Periodical: The Red Cross Newsletter 

American Peace Society: 1612 Eye St., 
N.W., Washington 6, D. C.; Pres., Maj. 
Gen. U. S. Grant, 3rd; Sec. Franklin 
Periodical: World Affairs (q). 

American Personnel and Guidance Asso- 
ciation: 1534 O St., N.W., Washing- 
ton 5, D. C.; Exec. Sec,, Frank Sievers. 
Periodical: Personnel and Guidance 
Journal (m). 

American Planning and Civic Associa- 
tion: 901 Union Trust Bldg., Washing- 
ton 5, D. Cj Pres., Maj. Gen. U. S. 
Grant, 3rd; Exec. Sec., Harlean James. 
Periodical: Planning and Civic Com- 
ment (q). 

American Prison Association (see Amer- 
ican Correctional Association). 

American Protestant Hospital Associa- 
tion: Protestant Deaconess Hospital, 
Evansville 10, Ind.; Exec. Dir., Albert 
G. Hahn. 

Periodical: American Protestant Hos- 
pital Association Bulletin (q). 

American Public Health Association: 

1790 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y.; 
Exec. Sea, Reginald M. Atwater, M.D. 
Periodical: American Journal of Pub- 
lic Health (m). 

American Public Welfare Association: 
1313 E. 6<5th St., Chicago 37, 111.; Dir., 
Loula Dunn. 
Periodical: Public Welfare (q). 

American Seamen's Friend Society/ The: 

175 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 
Exec. Dir., John Friend Noble. 

American Social Hygiene Association: 

1790 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y.; 
Pres., Philip R. Mather; Exec. Dir., 
Conrad Van Hyning. 
Periodicals: Social Hygiene News (m); 
Annual Journal of Social Hygiene. 

American Society of Church History: 101 

Brattle St., Cambridge 38, Mass.; Pre. f 


Leonard Trinterud; Sec., Winthrop 
Hudson, Colgate Rochester Seminary, 
Rochester, N. Y. 
Periodical: Church History (q). 

American Statistical Association: 1108 
16th Street, N.W.. Washington 6, D. C.; 
Sec.-Treas., Samuel Weiss. 
Periodicals: Journal (q); The Ameri- 
can Statistician (5 times a year). 

American Sunday School Union: 1816 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia 3, Pa.; Pres., 
James F. Shrader; Rec. Sec.-Treas., 
John H. Talley. 

American Teachers Association: Pres., 
Mrs. Lillian Rogers Johnson, P. O. Box 
94, Clarksdale, Miss.; Sec., H. Coun- 
cill Trenholm, Box 271, Montgomery, 
Periodical: The Bulletin. 

American University ai Cairo, The: Land 
Title Bldg., Philadelphia 10, Pa.; Pres., 
Raymond F. McLain; Exec. Sec., Ward 

N. Madison. 

American Waldensian Aid Society (see 

Association for the Promotion of Chris- 
tian Unity (name changed in 1954 to: 
Council on Christian Unity). 

Association for the Study of Negro Life 
and History, Inc., The: 1538 9th St., 
N.W., Washington 1, D. C.; Pres., 
Charles H. Wesley; Sec.-Treas. and Ed., 
Negro History Bulletin, Albert N. D. 

Periodicals: The Journal of Negro His- 
tory (q); The Negro History Bulletin 
(m, except June, July, Aug., Sept.). 

Association of Church Social Workers, 

merged June, 1953, with Christian So- 
cial Welfare Associates, listed below. 

Association on American Indian Affairs, 
Inc.: 48 E. 86th St., New York 28, N. Y.; 
Pres., Oliver La Farge; Sec., Alden 
Stevens; Treas., Rufus G. Poole; Exec. 
Dir., Alexander Lesser. 
Periodicals: The American. Indian Mag- 
azine (q); Indian Affairs (occ. news- 

Baptist Joint Committee on Public Af- 
fairs: 1628-16th St., N.W., Washington 
9, D. C.; Exec. Dir., C. Emanuel Carl- 

Periodical: Report from the Capital 

Big Brothers of America, Inc. (U.S. and 
Canada): Suburban Sta. Bldg., Phila- 
delphia 3, Pa.; Pres., Charles G. Ber- 
wind; Exec. Dir., Felix M. Gentile. 
Periodical: Big Brother Bulletin (bi-m). 

B'nal B'rith: Suite 301, 1003 K St., N.W., 
Washington 1, D. C.; Pres., Philip M. 
Klutznick; Sec., Maurice Bisgyer. 
Periodical: The National Jewish 

Boy Scouts of America: New Brunswick, 

N. J.; Pres., John M. Schiff; Chief 

Scout Exec., Arthur A. Schuck. 

Periodicals: Scouting (m, except July 

and Aug.); Boys' Life (m); The Lone 

Scout (m, except July and Aug.); 

The Scout Executive (m); Health & 

Safety (bi-m); Program Quarterlies. 


Boys' Clubs of America, Inc.: 381 4th 

Ave., New York 16, N. Y.; Chmn. Bd. of 
Dir., Herbert Hoover; Hon. Pres., Wil- 
liam Edwin Hall; Pres., Albert L. Cole; 
Exec. Dir., David W. Armstrong. 
Periodical: Boys' Club Bulletin (q). 

Brookings Institution/ The: 722 Jackson 
PL, Washington 6, D. C.; Chmn., Wil- 
liam R. Biggs; Pres., Robert D. Calkins. 

Camp Fire Girls, Inc.: 16 East 48th St., 
New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., Mrs. Har- 
old H. Hartman; Nat. Dir., Martha F. 

Periodical: The Camp Fire Girl (m, 
except July, Aug.). 

Carnegie Corporation of New York: 589 

5th Ave., New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., 
John W. Gardner; Sec., Florence An- 

Carnegie Endowment for International 
Peace: United Nations Plaza and 46th 
St., New York 17, N. Y.; European 
Center, Route de Ferney 172, Grand- 
Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland; Pres., 
Joseph E. Johnson; Sec., Leslie Paff- 

Periodical: International Conciliation 
(5 issues a year), and other publica- 

Carnegie Foundation for the Advance- 
ment of Teaching: 589 Fifth Ave., New 
York 17, N. Y.; Acting Pres., John W. 
Gardner; Sec., James A. Perkins. 

Carnegie Institution of Washington: Ad- 
ministration Bldg., 1530 P St., N.W., 
Washington 5, D. C.; Pres., Vannevar 
Bush; Exec. Off., Paul A. Scherer. 

Catholic Conference on Industrial Prob- 
lems: 1312 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., 
Washington 5, D. C.; Pres., Louis F. 
Buckley; Sec.-Treas., Msgr. Geo. G. 
Higgins; Field Sec., Katherine B. Kelly; 
Interracial Sec., Margaret Garrity. 

Catholic Daughters of America: 10 W. 

71st St., New York 23, N. Y.; Supreme 
Regent, Frances M. Maher, 143 Fraley 
St., Kane, Pa.; Natl. Sec., Anna K. 
Ballard, 10 W. 71st St., New York 23, 
N. Y. 
Periodical: News and Views (s-a). 

Catholic Hospital Association of the 
United States and Canada: 1438 S. 
Grand Blvd., St. Louis 4, Mo.; Pres., 
Rt. Rev., R. A. Maher; Exec. Dir., John 
J. Flanagan; Exec. Sec., M. R. KneifL. 
Periodical: Hospital Progress (m). 

Catholic Medical Mission Board: 8 and 

10 W. 17th St., New York 11, N. Y.; 
Bd. of Dirs., Pres. and Dir., Rev. Ed- 
ward F. Garesche; Chmn. Med. Com., 
Dr. John J. Masterson. 
Periodical: Medical Mission News 

Catholic Students' Mission Crusade: Cru- 
sade Castle, Shattuc Ave., Cincinnati 
26, O.; Pres., Most Rev. Karl J. Alter; 
Sec.-Treas., Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edward A, 
Periodical: The Shield (bi-m). 

Central American Mission: 3611 Congress 
Ave., Dallas 19, Tex.; Gen. Sec., Wil- 
liam H. Walker. 



Periodical: The Central American Bul- 
letin (bi-m). 

Chauiaugua Institution: Chautauqua, 
N. Y.; Pres., Samuel M. Hazlett; Sec., 
Gerald M. Lynch. 

Chicago Tract Society: 2561 N. Clark St., 
Chicago 14, HI.; Pres., Rev. James Jay 
Kingham; Treas., J. Theo. Forrester; 
Supt., Wendell S. Brooks. 
Periodical: The Chicago Tract Society 
News (q). 

Child Study Association of America: 132 
E. 74th St., New York 21, N. Y.; Pres., 
Mrs. Clarence K. Whitehill; Dir., Gun- 
nar Dybwad. 
Periodical: Child Welfare (m). 

Child Welfare League of America, Inc.: 

345 E. 46th St., New York 17, N. Y.; 
Exec. Dir., Joseph H. Reid. 
Periodical: Child Welfare (m). 

China Inland Mission, The: 235-37 W. 
School Lane, Philadelphia 44, Pa.; 6121 
N. Winthrop Ave., Chicago 40, 111.; 238 
South Ave., 51, Los Angeles 42, Calif.; 
5002 Meridian Way, Seattle 3, Wash.; 
150 St. George St., Toronto 5, Ont. 
Canada, and 715 Lome Ave., Saska- 
toon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Dir. for 
N.A., Rev. H. M. Griffin, at Phila- 
delphia office. 
Periodical: The Millions (m). 

China Society of America: 125 East 65th 
St., New York 21, N. Y.; Pres., Clark 
H. Minor; Sec., Mrs. Jsabelle E. Wil- 

Christian Action: 537 W. 121st St., New 
York 27, N. Y.; Chmn., John C. Ben- 
nett; Exec. Sec., Rev. Douglas Sturm. 
Periodicals: Christianity and Society 
(q); Newsletter of Christian Action 

Christian Business Men's Association, A 

(The Gideons International) : 212 E. Su- 
perior St., Chicago 11, HI; Pres., Ray- 
mond R. Lindsey, 114 West Second St., 
Little Rock, Ark. 
Periodical: The Gideon Magazine (m). 

Christian Children's Fund/ Inc.: China 
Bldg., Richmond 4, Va.; Intern. Dir., 
Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke. 

Christian Rural Fellowship: 156 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Chmn., 
Clifford L. Samuelson; Sec., I. W. 

Periodical: Christian Rural Fellowship 
Bulletin (m). 

Christian Rural Overseas Program (see 

Christian Social Welfare Associates 

(sponsored by the Dept. of Social Wel- 
fare, National Council of Churches): 
297 4th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 
Chmn., John Park Lee; Exec. Officer, 
William J. Villaume. 

Christ's Gospel Mission: 2326 Crittenden 
Drive, Louisville, Ky.; Pres., Rev. A. J. 
Muench, Jr. 

Periodical: The Christ's Gospel Mes- 
senger (m). 

Church Architectural Guild of America: 

Pres., Edward F. Jansson, 740 Rush 
St., Chicago, 111.; Treas., Harry E. 
Warren, 101 Park Ave., New York 17, 
N. Y. 

Church Conference of Social Work 

(Forum of Christian Social Welfare 
Associates): 297 4th Ave., New York 
10, N. Y.; Program Chmn., Gunnar 
Dybwad; Exec. Officer, William J. Vil- 

Church Peace Union: 170 E. 64th St., 
New York 21, N. Y.; Pres., Ralph W. 
Sockman; Gen. Sec., Henry A. Atkin- 

Periodical: World Alliance News Let- 
ter (m). 

Commission on Church. Union: Chmn., 
Ivan Lee Holt, 506 Olive St., St. Louis 
1, Mo.; Sec., Charles C. Parlin, 20 Ex- 
change Place, New York 5, N. Y. 

Committee on Friendly Relations Among 
Foreign Students: 291 Broadway, New 
York 7, N. Y.; Gen. Sec., J. Benjamin 
Schmoker; Treas., Henrietta Gibson. 
Periodicals: The Unofficial Ambassa- 
dors (a); Living in the United States 

Common Council for American Unity: 

20 W. 40th St., New York 18, N. Y.; 
Exec. Dir., Read Lewis. 
Periodical: Interpreter Releases (w). 

Community Chests and Councils of 
America, Inc.: 345 E. 46th St., New 
York 17, N. Y.; Exec. Dir., Ralph H. 

Periodical: Community (m, except 
July and Aug.). 

Community Church Council (see Interna- 
tional Council of Community Churches). 

Community Service/ Inc.: Yellow Springs, 
O.; Pres., Arthur E. Morgan; Sec., 
Eleanor Switzer. 

Periodical: Community Service News 

Cooperative League of the U.S.A.: Exec. 
Dir., Jerry Voorhis, 343 S. Dearborn 
St., Chicago 4, HI.; Dir., W. J. Camp- 
bell, 1025 Vermont Ave., N.W., Wash- 
ington 6, D. C. 
Periodical: CO-OP Report (m). 

Cooperative Recreation Service, Inc.: 
Delaware, Ohio; Dir., Lynn Rohr- 
, bough. 

Council for Clinical Training: 2 E. 103rd 
St., New York 29, N. Y.; Adm, Asst., 
Emily A. Spickler. 

Periodical: Journal of Pastoral Care 

Council of Jewish Federations and Wel- 
fare Funds, Inc.: 165 W. 46th St., New 
York 36, N. Y.; Pres., Julian Freeman; 
Exec. Dir., Philip Bernstein. 
Periodical: The Jewish Community 

Council on Christian Higher Education 
in Asia: 150 Fifth Ave., New York 11, 
N. Y.; Chmn., Stanley I. Stuber; Sec.. 
William P. Fenn. 

Council on Christian Unity (formerly 
Association for the Promotion of Chris- 


tian Unity): 222 Downey Ave., In- 
dianapolis 7, Ind.; Exec. Sec., Geo. 
Walker Buckner, Jr. 

Credit Union National Association: Filene 
House, Madison 1, Wis.; Man. Dir., 
Thomas W. Doig. 

Periodical: The Credit Union Bridge 

CROP (Christian Rural Overseas Pro- 
gram): 117 W. Lexington Ave., Elk- 
hart, Ind.; Acting Dir., Albert W. 

Episcopal Actors' Guild of America, Inc., 
The: 1 E. 29th St., New York 16, N. Y.; 
Pres., Vinton Freedley; Exec. Sec., Mrs. 
Helen Morrison. 

Episcopal League for Social Action: 157 

Montague St., Brooklyn 1, N. Y.; 
Chmn., Rev. Frederick B. Jansen. 

Evangelical and Reformed Council for 
Social Reconstruction (disbanded). 

Family Service Association of America: 

192 Lexington Ave., New York 16, 
N. Y.; Pres., Sol Morton Isaac; Gen. 
Dir., Clark W. Blackburn. 
Periodicals: Social Casework (m); Fam- 
ily Service Highlights (m). 

Farmers' Educational & Cooperative 
Union of America: 1575 Sherman St., 
P. O. Box 119, Denver 1, Colo.; Sec., 
Tony T. Dechant. 

Periodicals: National Union Farmer 
(m); Washington Newsletter (w). 

Fellowship of Reconciliation, The: 21 

Audubon Ave., New York 32, N. Y.; 
Chmn., John Oliver Nelson; Sec., John 
M. Swomley, Jr. 
Periodical: Fellowship (m). 

Fellowship of Southern Churchmen, The: 

Black Mountain, N. C.; Chmn., Rev. 

Eugene Smathers; Exec. Sec., Howard 


Periodical: Prophetic Religion (q). 

Foreign Policy Association: 345 E. 46th 
St., New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., John W. 

Periodicals: Foreign Policy Bulletin 
(s-m); Headline Series Books (6 is- 
sues a year). 

Franciscan Educational Conference: Pres., 
Rev. Ignatius Brady, St. Francis Col- 
lege, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Sec., Rev. 
Sebastian F. Miklas, Capuchin Col- 
lege, Brookland, Washington 17, D. C. 
Periodical: Franciscan Studies (q). 

Friends Committee on National Legisla- 
tion: 104 C St., NJE., Washington 2, 

D. C.; Chmn. of Gen. Comm., Delbert 

E. Replogle; Exec. Sec., E. Raymond 

Periodicals: Washington Newsletter 
(m); FCNL Memo (bi-w). 

General Federation of Women's Clubs: 

1734 N St.. N.W., Washington 6, D. C.; 
Pres., Mrs. Theodore S. Chapman. 
Periodical: General Federation Club- 
woman (m). 

Gideons International, The (see A Chris- 
tian Business Men's Association). 


Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.: 155 E. 44th St., 
New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., Mrs. Roy F. 
Layton; Natl. Exec. Dir., Dorothy 
C. Stratton. 

Periodicals: American Girl (m); Girl 
Scout Leader (9 issues a year). 

Golden Rule Foundation, The: 525 Lex- 
ington Ave., New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., 
Mrs. Harold Vincent Milligan. 

Goodwill Industries of America, Inc.: 
1222 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Wash- 
ington 6, D. C.; Exec. Sec., Percy J. 


Periodical: Across the Board (m). 

Grenfell Association of America, The: 
366 5th Ave., New York 1, N. Y.; Pres., 
Arthur W. Bingham, Jr.; Exec. Sec., 
Eleanor Morison. 

Harmon Foundation, Inc. (Division of 
Visual Experiment): 140 Nassau St., 
New York 38, N. Y.; Dir., Mary Beattie 
Brady. (Includes work of Religious 
Motion Picture Foundation.) 

Hazen Foundation: 400 Prospect St., New 
Haven 11, Conn.; Chmn. & Treas., 
Charles A. Russell; Pres. & Sec., Paul 
J. Braisted. 

Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid 
Society (see United HIAS Service). 

Heifer Project, Inc.: New Windsor, Md.; 
Exec. Sec., Thurl Metzger. 

Home and Foreign Evangelical Confer- 
ence: Grey House, 21 Nassau Lane, 
Island Park, N. Y.; Mod., Rev. Kenneth 
R. DeLeon; Sec., Rev. Theodore 
Schirm, 5380 Arthur Hill Rd., Totten- 
ville, S. I. 7, N. Y. 
Periodical: The Epistle. 

Hymn Society of America, The: 297 

Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 

Pres., Deane Edwards; Treas., Edith 


Periodical: The Hymn (q). 

Indian Bights Association: 1505 Race St., 
Philadelphia 2, Pa.; Pres., Jonathan M. 
Steere; Sec., Lawrence E. Lindley. 
Periodical: Bulletin (m). 

Institute for the Crippled and Disabled: 

400 1st Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., 
Bruce Barton; Dir., Willis C. Gorthy. 

Institute of International Education: 1 E. 

67th St., New York 21, N. Y.; Pres., 
Kenneth Holland. 

Periodical: News Bulletin (m, Oct. to 

Institute of Public Administration 

(Bureau of Municipal Research): 684 
Park Ave., New York 21, N. Y.; Chmn., 
Richard S. Childs; Dir., Bruce Smith. 

Intercollege Association for Study of the 
Alcohol Problem: 12 N. 3rd St., Colum- 
bus 15, O.; Pres., Albion Roy King; 
Gen. Sec. and Treas., Harry S. Warner. 
Periodical: The International Student 
(6 issues per school year). 

International Council of Community 
Churches, The: 1580 King Ave., Co- 
lumbus 12, Ohio; Pres., Edward Geb- 
ert; Sec., Marion C. Bascom; Min- 
ister-at-Large, Richard I. Porter. 



Periodical: The Christian Community 

International Order of Good Templars 

(National Grand Lodge): Natl. Sec., 
Mrs. Martha V. Palmgren, 2832 Zul- 
lette Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. 
Periodical: National Good Templar 

International Order of the King's Daugh- 
ters and Sons, Inc.: 144 E. 37th St., 
New York 16, N. Y.; Exec. Sec., Mrs. 
Frank G. Lopez; Pres. f Mrs. Louis M. 
Richardson, 67 N. Hitter Ave., Indian- 
apolis 1, Ind, 
Periodical: The Silver Cross (m). 

International Society of Christian En- 
deavor: 1221 East Broad St., Columbus 
16, O.; Acting Pres., Daniel A. Poling; 
Gen. Sec., Gene Stone; Adm. Sec., 
Harold E. Westerhoff; Ed. Sec., Bob 

Periodical: The Christian Endeavor 
World (m). 

International Union of Gospel Missions: 

245 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis 4, 
Ind.; Pres., Clifford S. Hartzell; Sec., 
Leonard C. Hunt. 
Periodical: Newsletter (m). 

John F. Slater Fund (see Southern Edu- 
cation Foundation). 

John Milton Society for the Blind: 160 
5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Gen. 
Sec., Dwight C. Smith, 
Periodicals (in braille): John Milton 
Magazine for Adults (m); Discovery 
for Children (m); John Milton Sun- 
day School Quarterly (q); John Mil- 
ton Talking Book Magazine (q); 
John Milton Recorded Sunday School 
Lessons (q;). 

Judge Baker Guidance Center: 38 Bea- 
con St., Boston 8, Mass.; Exec. Sec., 
Mildred Dewey; Dir., George Gardner. 

Knights of Columbus: New Haven, Conn.; 
Sup. Knight, Luke E. Hart, Drawer 
1670, New Haven 7, Conn.; Sup. Sec., 
Joseph F. Lamb. 

Periodicals: Columbia (m); Columbian 
Squires Herald (m); Weekly News 

Knights of King Arthur: Chmn. of Bd., 
Merle T. Barker, 178 High St., Taunton, 
Mass.; Exec. Sec., Albert Morrissey, 
Box 776, Boston 3, Mass. 

Layman Tithing Foundation: 8 S. D'ear- 

born St., Chicago 3, 111.; Pres., Law- 
rence J. Dahlgren; Sec., Lewis A. Ful- 

Publication: Literature relating to 
Tithing and Stewardship. 

Laymen's Missionary Movement: 19 S. 

LaSalle St., Chicago 3, HI; Pres., Har- 
ley L. Ward; Treas., Carl Schulz. 
Periodical: Speaker's Manual for Men 
and Missions Day (a). 

Laymen's Movement for a Christian 
World: 347 Madison Ave., New York 17, 
N. Y.; Chmn., Wallace C. Speers; Sec., 
Weyrnan C. Huckabee. 
Periodical: Christian Laymen (bi-m). 

League for Industrial Democracy: 112 E. 

19th St., New York 3, N. Y.; Exec. 

Dir., Harry W. Laidler. 

Periodical: L.LD. News Bulletin (q). 

League of Women Voters of the XJ.S.: 

1026 17th St., N.W., Washington 6, 
D. C.; Pres., Mrs. John G. Lee. 
Periodical: The National Voter (m). 

Lord's Day Alliance of the United Stales: 

156 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; 
Pres., Walter L. Whallon; Gen. Sec., 
Melvin M. Forney. 

Publication: Lord's Day Leader (4 is- 
sues a year). 

Mennonite Central Committee: Akron, 
Pa.; Chmn., C. N. Hostetter, Jr., 
Grantham, Pa.; Sec.-Treas., O. O. Mil- 
ler, Akron, Pa. 

Menorah Association, Inc., The: 20 E. 

69th St., New York 21, N. Y.; Chan- 
cellor, Henry Hurwitz. 
Periodical: Menorah Journal (q). 

Methodist Federation for Social Action 

(an unofficial fellowship): P. O. Box 
327, Gresham, Oregon. 
Periodical: Social Questions Bulletin 

Milhank Memorial Fund: 40 Wall St., 
New York 5, N. Y.; Pres., Samuel R. 
Milbank; Exec. Dir., Frank G. Bou- 

Periodical: Milbank Memorial Fund 
Quarterly (q). 

Missionary Research Library: 3041 Broad- 
way, New York 27, N. Y.; Dir., . 

Moral Re- Armament (see The Oxford 

National Association for Mental Health, 
The: 1790 Broadway, New York 19, 
N. Y.; Chmn. Board of Directors, Har- 
old W. Elley; National and Interna- 
tional Consultant, George S. Steven- 
son, M.D. 

Periodicals: Mental Hygiene (q); Un- 
derstanding the Child (q). 

National Association for the Advance- 
ment of Colored People: 20 W. 40th St., 
New York 18, N. Y.; Pres., Arthur B. 
Spingarn; Exec. Sec., Hoy Wilkins. 
Periodical: Crisis (10 issues a year). 

National Board of Review of Motion 
Pictures, Inc.: 31 Union Square West, 
New York 3, N. Y.; Pres., Quincy 
Howe; Sec., Lynd Ward; Treas. and 
Exec. Dir., Henry Hart. 
Periodical; Films in Review (m). 

National Bureau of Economic Research, 
Inc.: 261 Madison Ave., New York 16, 
N. Y.; Dir. of Research, Solomon Fab- 
ricant; Exec. Dir., William J. Carson. 
Publications: Books, Occasional Papers 
and Technical Papers. 

National Catholic Rural Life Confer- 
ence: 3801 Grand Ave., Des Moines 12, 
la.; Pres., Most Rev. Peter W. Bar- 
tholome; Exec. Dir., Rt. Rev. Msgr. 
L. G. Ligutti; Exec. Sec., Rev. Michael 
P. Dineen. 

National Child Labor Committee: 419 4th 
Ave., New York 16, N. Y.; Chmn., F. 
Ernest Johnson; Gen. Sec., Gertrude 
Folks Zimand. 


Periodical: The American Child (4 
issues a year). 

National Circle, Daughters of Isabella: 

375 Whitney Ave., New Haven 11, 
Conn.; NatL Regent, Mrs. Helen T. 
Howard; Natl. Sec., Mary F. Riley. 

National Committee for Parent Educa- 
tion, Inc. (see National Council of 
Family Relations). 

National Committee on Alcoholism: 2 E. 

103rd St., New York 29, N. Y.; Dir., 
Mrs. Marty Mann. 
Periodical: Newsletter (bi-m). 

National Conference of Catholic Chari- 
ties: 1346 Connecticut Ave M Washing- 
ton 6, D. C.; Pres., George E. Hene- 
ghan; Sec., Rt. Rev. Msgr. John 

Periodical: Catholic Charities Review 

National Conference of Christians and 
Jews: 43 W. 57th St., New York 19, 
N. Y.; Pres., Everett R. Clinchy. 

National Conference of Jewish Commu- 
nal Service (formerly National Con- 
ference of Jewish Social Welfare) : 1841 
Broadway, New York 23, N. Y.; Pres., 
Judah Pilch; Exec. Sec., Preston 
Periodical: Jewish Social Service (q). 

National Conference of Social Work: 22 
West Gay St., Columbus 15, O.; Exec. 
Sec., Joe R. Hoffer. 
Periodical: Conference Bulletin (q). 

National Congress of Parents and Teach- 
ers: 700 North Rush St., Chicago 11, 
HL.; Pres., Mrs. Newton P. Leonard. 
Periodical: National Parent-Teacher 
(m, except July, Aug.). 

National Consumers League: 348 En- 
gineers Bldg., Cleveland 14, O.; Pres., 
John Howland Lathrop; Gen. Sec., 
Elizabeth S. Magee. 
Periodical: National Consumers League 
Bulletin (q.). 

National Cooperatives, Inc.: First Ave. 
at College, Albert Lea, Minn.; Pres., 
Charles Baker; Treas., and Gen. Man., 
A. G. Rose. 

Periodical: CO-OP Buyer-Merchandiser 

National Council of Family Relations, 
Division of Parent Education: 132 E. 

74th St., New York 21, N. Y.; Chmn., 
Gunnar Dybwad. 

National Council of Farmer Coopera- 
tives: 744 Jackson Place, N.W., Wash- 
ington 6, D. C.; Exec. Vice-Pres., 
Homer L. Brinkley. 

National Council of Jewish Women: 1 

West 47th St., New York 36, N. Y.; 
Pres., Mrs. Moise S. Cahn; Exec. Dir., 
Mrs. Elsie Elfenbein. 
Periodical: Council Woman (6 times a 

National Council on Religion In Higher 
Education: 400 Prospect St., New Haven 
11, Conn.; Exec. Dir., Elizabeth G. 


National Education Association: 1201 16th 
St., N.W., Washington 6, D. C.; Pres., 
Waurine Walker; Exec. Sec., William 
G. Carr. 

Periodical: Journal (m, except June, 
July, Aug.). 

National Farmers Union (see Farmers 
Educational and Cooperative Union). 

National Federation of Business and Pro- 
fessional Women's Clubs, Inc.: 1790 
Broadway, New York 19, N. Y.; Exec. 
Dir., Genevieve Rogers Riley. 
Periodical: Independent Woman (m). 

National Federation of Settlements: 129 

E. 52nd St., New York 22, N. Y.; Exec. 
Dir., John McDowell. 
Periodical: Round Table (8 times 

National Grange: 744 Jackson Place, 
N.W., Washington 6, D. C.; Master, 
Herschel D. Newsom. 
Periodical: The National Grange 
Monthly, Springfield 3, Mass. 

National Health Council: 1790 Broadway, 
New York 19, N. Y.; Pres., Dr. Albert 
W. Dent; Exec. Dir., Philip E. Ryan. 

National Housing Conference: 1129 Ver- 
mont Ave., N.W., Washington 5, D. C.; 
Exec. Vice-Pres., Lee F. Johnson. 
Periodical: Newsletter (m). 

National Industrial Conference Board: 

247 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.; 
Pres., John S. Sinclair; Vice-Pres., 
Clyde L. Rogers; Sec., Herbert S. 

National Information Bureau: 205 E. 
42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., 
Valentine E. Macy, Jr.; Dir., D. Paul 

National Jewish Welfare Board: 145 E. 

32nd St., New York 16, N. Y.; Pres., 

Charles Aaron; Exec. Vice-Pres,, S. D. 


Periodical: J.W.B. Circle (m). 

National Planning Association: 1606 
New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washing- 
ton 9, D. C.; Chmn., H. Christian 
Sonne; Asst. Chmn. and Exec. Sec., 
John F. Miller. 
Periodical: Looking Ahead (m). 

National Plant, Flower and Fruit Guild: 

125 East 57th St., New York 22, N. Y.; 
Pres., Mrs. Ernest Brandli; Exec. Dir., 
Mary Ridgely Mackey. 

National Probation and Parole Associa- 
tion: 1790 Broadway, New York 19, 
N. Y.; Pres., George W. Smyth; Exec. 
Dir., Will C. Turnbladh. 
Periodicals: Quarterly and bi-monthly 

National Recreation Association: 8 West 
Eighth St., New York 11, N. Y.; Chmn. 
of Board, Otto T. Mallery; Exec. Dir., 
Joseph Prendergast. 
Periodical: Recreation (m). 

National Reform Association: 209 9th St., 
Pittsburgh 22, Pa.; Pres., R. H. Martin; 
Exec. Sec., J. Renwick Patterson; Sec., 
Rev. Kermit S. Edgar. 
Periodical: The Christian Statesman 



National Religion and Labor Founda- 
tion: Hdqrs., 3392 North High St., Co- 
lumbus 14, Ohio; Exec. Dir., Wittier- 
spoon Dodge. 

Periodical: Economic Justice (m, ex- 
cept Jan., July, Aug.). 

National Safely Council: 425 N. Michigan 
Ave., Chicago 11, 111.; Pres., Ned H. 

Periodicals: National Safety News (m); 
Public Safety (m); Safety Education 
(m)j Accident Facts (annual). 

National Service Board for Religious Ob- 
jectors: 1105 K St., N.W., Washington 
5, D. C.; Chmn., Dr. W. Harold Bow; 
Exec. Sec., Dr. A. Stauffer Curry. 
Periodical: The Reporter, Tor Con- 
science' Sake (m). 

National Social Welfare Assembly, Inc.: 

345 E. 46 St., New York 17, N. Y.; 
Pres., Sidney Hollander; Dir., Robert 
E. Bondy. 

National Temperance and Prohibition 
Council: 110 Maryland Ave., N.E., 
Washington 2, D. C.; Pres., Bishop 
Wilbur E. Hammaker; Sec., Elizabeth 
A. Smart. 

National Temperance League, Inc. (for- 
merly Temperance League of Ameri- 
ca, successor to the Anti-Saloon League 
of America): 131 Independence Ave., 
S.E., Washington 3, D. C.; Exec. Dir., 
Clayton M. Wallace. 
Periodical: The American Issue (m). 

National Travelers Aid Association: 425 
4th Ave., New York 16, N. Y.; Pres., 
Robert W. Budd; Gen. Dir., Laurin 
House Organ: Shifting Scenes (m). 

National Tuberculosis Association: 1790 
Broadway, New York 19, N. Y.; Man. 
Dir., Dr. James E. Perkins. 
Periodicals: Bulletin of the National 
Tuberculosis Association (m); Ameri- 
can Review of Tuberculosis (m). 

National Urban League: 1133 Broadway, 
New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., Robert W. 
Dowling; Exec. Dir., Lester B. Granger. 

National Vocational Guidance Associa- 
tion (now division of American Per- 
sonnel and Guidance Association). 

Near East Foundation: 54 E. 64th St., 
New York 21, N. Y.; Chmn., Cleveland 
E. Dodge; Pres., John S. Badeau; Exec. 
Dir., E. C. MHler. 

New York Bible Society: 5 E. 48th St., 
New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., William H. 
Moorhead; Gen. Sec., David J. Fant. 
Periodical: The Bible in New York (q). 

New York Foundation: 61 Broadway, 
New York 6, N. Y.; Chmn. of Bd., 
Arthur H. Sulzberger; Pres., David M. 
Heyman; Sec., D. John Heyman. 

Osborne Association, Inc.: 114 E. 20th 
St, New York 16, N, Y.; Exec. Dir., 
Austin H. MacCormick; Dir. Vocation- 
al Placement, Robert R. Hannum; Dir. 
Field Services, Kenyon J, Scudder. 

Oxford Group, The Moral Re-Armament, 
MHA., Inc.: 640 Fifth Ave., New York 

19, N. Y.; Exec. Dir., Frank N. D. 
Buchman; Sec., H. Kenaston Twitchell. 
Periodical: New World News (m). 

Phelps-Stokes Fund: 101 Park Ave., New 
York 17, N. Y.; Dir., Frederick D. Pat- 
terson; Exec. Sec., Frederick L. Rowe. 

Pioneer Youth of America, Inc.: 144 Co- 
lumbus Ave., Room 7, New York 23, 
N. Y.; Exec. Dir., Betty C. Huff. 

Planned Parenthood Federation of Amer- 
ica: 501 Madison Ave., New York 22, 
N. Y.; Pres., Mrs. Robert M. Ferguson; 
Dir., William Vogt, 
Periodical: Planned Parenthood News 

Pocket Testament League/ Inc.: 156 5th 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., 
Joseph M. Steele; Exec. Dir., Alfred 
A. Kunz. 

Periodical: Pocket Testament League 
Quarterly (q). 

Progressive Education Association: 105 
Gregory Hall, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, m.; Pres., H. Gordon Hullfish. 
Periodical: Progressive Education (m). 

Protestant Big Sisters: 135 E. 22nd St., 
New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., Mrs. James 
M. Nicely; Exec. Dir., Mabel R. 

Protestants and Other Americans United 
for Separation of Church and State: 
1633 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Wash- 
ington 6, D. C.; Exec. Dir., Glenn LeRoy 
Periodical: Church and State (m). 

Public Administration Clearing House: 
1313 E. 60th St., Chicago 37, EL; Dir., 
Herbert Emmerich. 

Public Affairs Committee: 22 E. 38th St., 
New York 16, N.Y.; Chmn., Erling M. 
Hunt; Sec., Maxwell S. Stewart. 
Publication: Pamphlet series (m). 

Religion in American Life, Inc.: 300 4th 

Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Chmn. Karl 
K. Quimby; Dir., Earle B. Pleasant. 

Religious Education Association: 545 W. 

llfth St., New York 25, N. Y.; Pres., 

George N. Shuster; Gen. Sec., Herman 

E. Wornom. 

Periodical: Religious Education (bi-m). 
Rockefeller Foundation, The: 49 W. 49th 

St., New York 20, N. Y.; Pres., Dean 

Rusk; Sec., Flora M. Rhind; Treas., 

Edward Robinson. 

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Re- 
search, The: 66th St. and York Ave., 
New York 21, N. Y.; Pres., Dr. Detlev 
W. Bronk; Dir., Dr. Thomas M. Rivers; 
Bus. Mgr., Edric Brooks Smith. 
Periodicals: Journal of Experimental 
Medicine (m); Journal of General 
Physiology (bi-m); Journal of Bio- 
physical and Biochemical Cytology 
(bi-m); Studies from The Rockefel- 
ler Institute for Medical Research. 

Russell Sage Foundation: 505 Park Ave., 
New York 22, N. Y.; Chmn. of the 
Board, Eli Whitney Debevoise; Pres., 
Donald Young. 

Publications: Annual report and cata- 
log of publications available on re- 


Save the Children Federation: U.N. 
Plaza at 46th St., New York 17, N. Y.; 
Chmn., Hon. John Q. Tilson; Pres., 
Richard P. Saunders; Sec., Henry 
Israel; Treas., Joseph A. Bucher. 
Periodicals: Save the Children Federa- 
tion (q.); Monday Morning Newslet- 
ter (bi-w). 

Schweitzer Fellowship, Alberi: 156 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Treas., 
Emory Ross. 

Scientific Temperance Federation (dept. 
of Temperance Education Foundation, 
see below). 

Scripture Gift Mission (American): 325 
N. 13th St., Philadelphia 7, Pa.; Exec. 
Sec., Robert D. McCarthy. 

Society of St. Peter the Apostle for Na- 
tive Clergy, The Pontifical: National 
Office for the U.S., 366 Fifth Ave., New 
York 1, N. Y.; Nat. Dir., Most Rev. 
Fulton J. Sheen; Nat. Sec., Rev. Joseph 
J. Tennant. 

Society of Si. Vincent de Paul (Superior 
Council of the U.S.): 122 E. 22nd St., 
New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., Edmond B. 
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South America Indian Mission/ Inc.: 1404 
Forsythe St., West Palm Beach, Flori- 
da; Gen. Dir., Joseph A. Davis. 
Periodical: Amazon Valley Indian. 

Southern Education Foundation, Inc. 

(Consolidation of the Peabody Educa- 
tion Fund, John F. Slater Fund, Anna 
T. Jeanes Foundation, and Virginia 
Randolph Fund) : 811 Cypress St., N.E., 
Atlanta 5, Ga.; Vice-Pres. and Exec. 
Dir., J, Curtis Dixon. 

Southern Regional Council: Room 432, 
63 Auburn Ave., N.E., Atlanta 3, Ga.; 
Pres., Marion A. Wright; Exec. Dir., 
George S. Mitchell. 
Periodical: New South (m). 

Tax Institute, Inc. (formerly Tax Policy 
League): 457 Nassau St., Princeton, 
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Temperance Education Foundation: 110 
S. State St., Westerville, O.; Pres., 
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Periodical: Scientific Temperance Jour- 
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Temperance League of America (suc- 
cessor to The Anti-Saloon League of 
America): (see National Temperance 
League, Inc.). 

Twentieth Century Fund: 330 W. 42nd 
St., New York 36, N. Y.; Chmn. of 
Board, Adolf A. Berle, Jr.; Exec. Dir., 
J. Frederic Dewhurst. 

Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice: 
Sec., Walter Royal Jones, Jr., Plain- 
field and Magnolia Aves., Floral Park, 

Periodical: "Unitarian Action (m). 


Unitarian Service Committee, Inc.: 9 

Park St., Boston 8, Mass.; Pres., Dana 
McLean Greeley; Exec. Dir., Frank Z. 
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Periodical: World Service (q). 

United Board for Christian Colleges in 
China: 150 5th Ave., New York 11, 
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Periodical: New Horizons (q) 

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United Service Organizations: 500 5th 

Ave., New York 36, N.Y.; Pres., Emil 

Waldensian Aid Society, The American: 

156 5th Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Pres., 
Phillips P. Elliott; Vice-Pres., Ralph 
W. Sockman; Treas., Randolph H. 
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Woman's Christian Temperance Union 
(National): 1730 Chicago Ave., Evans- 
ton, HI.; Pres., Mrs. Glenn G. Hays. 
Periodicals: The Union Signal (s-m); 
The Young Crusader (m). 

Women's International League for Peace 
and Freedom: 2006 Walnut St., Phila- 
delphia 3, Pa.; Pres., Mrs. Ruth Free- 
man; Sec., Mxs. Mildred Scott Olm- 

Periodical: Four Lights (m, except 
Aug. and Sept.). 

Workers Education Bureau (see Ameri- 
can Federation of Labor, Department 
of Education). 

World Association of Daily Vacation 
Bible Schools: 156 5th Ave., New York 
10, N. Y.; Pres., Charles T. Bridgeman; 
Exec. Vice-Pres., John A. Murray, Jr. 

World Literacy* Inc.: 347 Madison Ave., 
New York 17, N. Y.; Pres., Wallace C. 

World Peace Foundation: 40 Mt. Vernon 
St., Boston 8, Mass.; Exec. Sec., Alfred 
O. Hero. 
Periodical: International Organization 


World's Christian Endeavor Union: 1221 
E. Broad St., Columbus 16, Ohio; Pres., 
Daniel A. Poling; Gen. Sec., Andrew 
Wright; Treas., Harold E. Westerhoff. 

World's Woman's Christian Temperance 
Union: Pres., Mrs. John Forrester Pat- 
on, 15 Claremont, Alloa, Scotland; Sec., 
Mrs. H. Cecil Heath, 62 Becmead Ave., 
Streatham, London, S.W.16, England. 

Youth for Christ International: 109 North 
Cross St., Wheaton, 111.; Pres., Robert 
A. Cook; Exec. Dir., Theodore W. 

Periodical: Youth For Christ Maga- 
zine (m). 




This section contains: 

1. "The latest information" on church membership, religious educa- 
tion, and clergy, compiled from reports made by the official statisticians 
of religious bodies, for Continental United States. The figures furnished 
and here tabulated are mainly for the calendar year, 1954, or for a fiscal 
year ending in 1954. The methods used in this compilation are more fully 
described below. The most recent statistics on giving, as reported by a 
large number of religious bodies in the U.S.A. and Canada, and as pub- 
lished by the National Council's Department of Stewardship and Benevo- 
lence, are reprinted. 

2. Studies of trends in church statistics, in some instances since 1926, 
in others since 1939. These studies are made for the purpose of aiding the 
user in understanding the significance of the annual compilation. 

3. Brief excerpts from recent studies of church developments. 

4. Information on recent publication of the Scriptures, and other re- 
ligious books. 

5. A list of depositories of church history material and sources. 



The reports on church membership received from official statisticians 
of religious bodies reveal a total membership of 97,482,611 persons in 254 
bodies* in 1954, compared with a total of 94,842,845 persons in 1953, pub- 
lished in the previous YEARBOOK. These figures are for Continental 
United States, i.e., the 48 states and the District of Columbia. 

The total number of church members is equal to over 60.3 per cent 
of the population in Continental United States. This is the highest pro- 
portion of the population ever reported to be on the church rolls. 

The gain of 2,639,766 persons is equal to 2.8 per cent for the year. The 
number of Protestants reported increased 2.3 per cent over the previous 
annual total. The number of Roman Catholics increased 2.9 per cent. 

Between 1953 and 1954 the estimated population of Continental United 
States increased 1.7 per cent. 

There were 300,056 local churches reported, compared with 294,359 a 
year earlier. The gain is equal to 1.9 per cent. 

Of 268 religious bodies listed, there are 254 reporting church mem- 

An analysis of the latest information in six major groups reveals the 


Membership, by Religious Groups 


of Members 

Actual centage 

Religious Group 



Gain Gain 
or or 
Loss Loss 





Old Catbolic and Polish 

National Catholic 367,918 366,088 1,830 O.S 1 

Eastern Orthodox 2,024,219 2,100,171 75,952 3.6 

Jewish 5,500,000 5,000,000 500,000 10.0 

Roman Catholic 32,403,332 31,476,261 927,071 2.9 

Protestant 57,124,142 55,837,325 1,286,817 2.3 

Total 97,482,611 94,842,845 2,639,766 2.8 

* Two bodies added. 

Number of Churches, by Religious Groups 


of Churches 





Religious Group 

Buddhist 49 48 1 ^~ 

Old Catholic and Polish 

National Catholic 285 256 29 11.3 1 

Eastern Orthodox 1,341 1,340 - 1 

Jewish 4,079 3,990 89 2.2 

Roman Catholic 20,794 20,618 176 0.9 

Protestant 273,508 268,107 5,401 2.0 

Total 300,056 294,359 5,697 1.9 

1 Two bodies added. 

Pastors, by Religious Groups 

No. of 

Religious Group No. of No. of Pastors Ordained 

Bodies with charges Persons 

Buddhist 1 43 65 

Old Catholic and Polish National 

Catholic 2 78 136 

Eastern Orthodox 18 1,345 1,587 

Jewish I 1 2,902 3,965 

Roman Catholic 1 15,277 46,785 

Protestant 196 193,522 288,884 

Total Reporting 219 213,167 341,422 

1 The figures for Jewish Congregations represent combined data for the three branches 
of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform. 

There are also Muslims in the United States, but no statistical reports 
are available. Informal estimates are cited in the directory of religious 
bodies in this Yearbook. 

The Protestant church membership was equal to 58.6 per cent of all 
church membership in 1954 about the same as a year earlier. It seems 
that the major religious groups have developed in about the same rela- 
tion to each other during the last 50 years. The data for 1926-54 are more 
fully discussed T?elo\v. 



A recital of these trends and data gives rise to the usual questions 
about definitions of membership. The Roman Catholics count all bap- 
tized persons, including infants. The Jews regard as members all Jews in 
communities having congregations. The Eastern Orthodox Churches in- 
clude all persons in their nationality or cultural groups. Most Protestant 
bodies count only the persons who have attained full membership, and 
previous estimates have indicated that all but a small minority of these 
are over 13 years of age. However, many Lutheran bodies and the Prot- 
estant Episcopal Church now report all baptized persons, and not only 
those confirmed. 

The Church of Christ, Scientist, did not furnish membership figures 
because of a regulation of that body that forbids "the numbering of 
people and the reporting of such statistics for publication." In the Census 
of Religious Bodies, 1936, published by the U. S. Bureau of the Census, 
there were reported 268,915 members of the Church of Christ, Scientist. 

The table on church membership follows: 


Mainly for the Calendar Year 1954 or a Fiscal Year Ending in 1954 

Name of Religious Body 

No. of Inclusive 

Year Churches Church 

Reported Membership 

Adventist Bodies: 

Advent Christian Church 1954 410 30,585 

Church of God (Abraharaic Faith) 1954 95 2,560 

Life and Advent Union 1954 3 312 

Primitive Advent Christian Church 1954 12 507 

Seventh-day Adventists 1954 2,845 270,079 

African Orthodox Church 1953 30 7,000 

Amana Church Society 1954 7 835 

American Evangelical Christian Churches No report 

American Rescue Workers 1952 23 1,240 

Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God 1951 300 75,000 

Assemblies of God 1954 7,170 400,000 

Associated Gospel Churches No report 

Baha'i Faith No report 

Baptist Bodies : 

American Baptist Convention 1953 6,495 1,505,871 

Southern Baptist Convention 1954 29,863 8,163,562 

National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc 1954 25,603 4,557,416 

National Baptist Convention of America 1954 11,136 2,608,974 

American Baptist Association 195 1 2,105 286,691 

Baptist General Conference of America 1954 406 52,485 

Christian Unity Baptist Association 1954 13 635 

Conservative Baptist Association of America No report 

Duck River (and Kindred) Associations of Baptists... 1952 326 9,720 

Evangelical Baptist Church, Inc., Gen. Conf 1952 31 2,200 

Free Will Baptists 1954 4,023 405,000 

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches 1953 690 113,878 

General Baptists 1954 700 51,368 

General Six-Principle Baptists 1944 3 280 

Independent Baptist Church of America -1954 2 50 ('52) 

National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul Saving 

Assembly of U.S.A. 1951 364 $7,674 



No. of 


Name of Religious Body 






Baptist Bodies Continued 

National Primitive Baptist Convention of the U.S.A. . 

. 1952 



. 1954 



North American Baptist General Conference 

. 1954 



. 1950 



Regular Baptists 

. 1936 



Separate Baptists 

, 1954 



Seventh Day Baptist General Conference 

. 1954 



Seventh Day Baptists (German 1728) 

. 1951 



Two- Seed-In-The- Spirit Predestinarian Baptists 

. 1945 



United Baptists 

. 1954 



United Free Will Baptist Church 




Bible Protestant Church 

. 1954 



Brethren (German Baptists) : 

Brethren Church (Ashland, Ohio) 

. 1954 



Brethren Church (Progressive) 

. 1953 



Church of the Brethren 

, 1954 



Church of God (New Dunkards) 

. 1953 



Old German Baptist Brethren 

, 1953 


4,000 ('52) 

Plymouth Brethren 

. 1936 



Brethren (River) : 

Brethren in Christ 

. 1954 



Old Order or Yorker Brethren 

. 1936 



United Zion Church 

. 1954 



Buddhist Churches of America 

. 1954 



Catholic Apostolic Church 

. 1936 



Christ Unity Science Church 

. 1953 




. 1954 



Christian and Missionary Alliance 

. 1953 



Christian Catholic Church 

. No report 

Christian Nation Church , 

. 1954 



Christian Union 

. 1938 



Christ's Sanctified Holy Church 

. 1954 



Church of Christ (Holiness) , U.S. A 

. 1954 



Church of Christ, Scientist 

No statistics furnished 

Church of Eternal Life 

. 1940 



Churches of God : 

Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.) 

. 1954 



. 1954 



Church of God (Seventh Day) 

. 1951 



The (Original) Church of God, Inc 

. 1952 



The Church of God 

. 1954 



The Church of God (Seventh Day), Denver, Colo 

. 1954 



The Church of God of Prophecy . 

. 1954 



Evangelistic Church of God 

. 1953 



Church of God and Saints of Christ 

. 1954 



Church of God in Christ 

. 1954 



Church of Illumination 

. 1945 



Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of 

the Apostolic Faith, Inc 

. 1952 



Church of the Gospel 

. 1954 



Church of the Nazarene 

. 1954 



The Church of Revelation 

. 1954 


3,490 ('53) 

Churches of Christ 

. 1954 



Churches of Christ in Christian Union 

. 1954 



Churches of God, Holiness 

. 1954 



Churches of God in N.A. (General Eldership) 

. 1954 





Name of Religious Body 


No. of 




Churches of the Living God : 

Church of the Living God (Christian 

Workers for Fellowship) 1952 5 65 

House of God, which is the Church of the Living God, 

the Pillar and the Ground of the Truth, Inc 1936 119 4,838 

Churches of the New Jerusalem: 

General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the U.S.A. 1954 63 3,970 

General Church of the New Jerusalem 1953 5 1,677 

Congregational Christian Churches 1954 5,425 1,298,205 

Congregational Holiness Church 1954 134 4,087 

Disciples of Christ, International Convention 1954 7,925 1,881,911 

Divine Science Church 1953 28 7,107 

Eastern Churches : 

Albanian Orthodox Church in America 1954 14 13,500 

American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox 

Greek Catholic Church 1954 60 75,100 

American Catholic Church (Syro-Antiochean) 1954 35 4,246 

The American Holy Orthodox Catholic 

Apostolic Eastern Church 1953 24 2,700 

The American Orthodox Church No report 

Apostolic Episcopal Church 1947 46 7,086 

Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church of America 1954 49 80,000 

Assyrian Orthodox Church 195 1 4 3,300 

Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church 1954 20 2,000 

Church of the East and of the Assyrians 1952 10 3,200 

Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in America 1954 1 39 

Greek Archdiocese of North and South America 1954 347 1,000,000 

Holy Orthodox Church in America 

(Eastern Catholic and Apostolic) 1953 4 1,300 ('44) 

Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America 1954 55 50,000 

The Russian Orthodox Catholic Church, Archdiocese of 

the Aleutian Islands and North America No report 

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia 1951 91 55,000 

The Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of 

North America 1953 326 440,000 

Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church 1953 53 100,000 

Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church 1954 78 75,000 

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America 1954 32 40,500 

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of U.S. A , 1954 92 71,248 

Ecclesia of Christ No report 

Ethical Culture Movement 1954 20 5,470 

Evangelical and Reformed Church 1954 2,735 761,842 

Evangelical Congregational Church 1954 168 28,455 

Evangelical Free Church of America (merged with Evan- 
gelical Free Church Association) 1954 351 27,000 

Evangelical Mission Covenant Church of America 1954 488 53,388 

Evangelical United Brethren Church 1954 4,498 746,206 

Evangelistic Associations : 

Apostolic Christian Church (Nazarean) 1954 25 1,650 

Apostolic Christian Church of America ' 1954 58 7,669 

Apostolic Faith Mission 1936 17 2,288 

The Christian Congregation ., 1954 95 10,220 

Church of Daniel's Band 1951 4 200 

Church of God (Apostolic) 1954 22 600 

Church of God as Organized by Christ 1938 14 2,192 

Metropolitan Church Association 1954 25 435 

Missionary Bands of the World, Inc 1954 11 236 

Missionary Church Association 1954 95 6,673 

Pillar of Fire 1