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Full text of "York County and the world war; being a war history of York and York County"

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Compiled, Edited and 

Published by 




MAY -3 1920 


York, Peiinsyl\';iiii;i 








Foreword Clifford J. Hall 

SoniPlimo WfMl I nderstand (Poem) James IMcGraaahan 

The I iiited Slates of America at War .' Clifford J. Hall 

A Proclamation Woodrow Wilson 

Why War Was Declared Woodrom Wilson 

In Memoriam Clifford J. Hall 

In Flanders Fields (Poem) Lt. Colonel John McCrea 

From Other Fields (Poem) John Mitchell 

Flandeis Field Nelson Horn 

York County Court House Showinjf Honor Roll Shadle and Busser 

York County's Honor Roll The Editors 

Pictures and Sketches of Those Who Lost Their Lives The P]ditors 

The Return (Poem) Urita Danna Platt 

Alphabetical List of Those in the Service The Editors 

Letters of Interest from " Over There "" Boys of the A. E. F. 

(iroup Pictures of Boys Before LeaN ing for Camps Ben Sweigart 

Gobdoni (Poem) Clifford J. Hall 

Satire on the Kaiser Louis Syberkrop 

Overheard on a Train Ifom Berlin to Holland Treat "em Rough (Magazine) 

The Kaiser's Prayer. 

York County and the Early Wars of Our History George R. Prowell 

.York in the World War Wadsworth M. George 

York: A City of Thrift Wadsworth M. George 

\eroplane Pictures of ^Ork Ben S\vek;art 

The Silent Hero Clifford J. Hall 

They Also Serve (Poem) Elizareth N. Hepburn 

Some Prominent Men and'Their Work John P. Lehn 

Fifth Liberty Loan Workers (irier Hersh 

Board of Directors York County Chapter Red Cross Shadle and Busser 

The Red Cross Report, York Chapter Rev. C. M. Ehehalt 

The Red Cross Report. Hanover Chapter 
Picture of Little Court House in Center Square. 

War Savings Stamps During the World \\ ar O. Roland Read 

Report of the War Council James Rudisill 

The Scouts of York County During the War Ray F. Zaner 

Activities of the Y. M. C. A H. A. Bailey 

Work of York Theater's During the World War Wadsworth M. George 

Speaking Activities of the Four Minute -Men G. Hay Kain 

General John Sedgwick Post No. 37, (i. A. R G. P. Spangle r 

L^nited Spanish War Veterans Charles A. Lutz 

York Post No. 127, American Legion Curtis A. Thomas 

Woild War Statistics John P. Lehn 

World War's Notable Dates John P. Lehn 


illlE war linie history of our community was not made solely l\v the 
bravery, the sacrifices and the victories of its soldiers, sailors and marines. 
The activities of all the rest of its patriotic citizens, men, women, and 
children, played a vital part, whether their achievements were the result 
of individual effort, or of the co-ordinated work of such organizations as the American 
Red Cross, the War Camp Connnunity Service, the Food Administration and others 
too numerous to mention, which surmounted every obstacle caused hy the national 
emergency with a zeal and an unselfish devotion that made history for this old County 
of ours. ' 

In recording this history, it has been the honest aim of the editors to produce 
accurate and complete records. The undertaking has been so immense, however, 
that it is inevital)le that some mistakes and omissions have been made, due to such 
obstacles as the failure of the relatives of some of the boys who lost their lives tt) 
send in photographs to complete the honor roll. 

In the compilation of the necessary data, the editors have received much valu- 
able assistance. Especially should recognition here be given toMr. (irier Hersh for 
his kind help and encouragement. Further, without the splendid co-operation of the 
relatives of the boys who made the supreme sacrifice, the completion of this work 
would not have been possible. 

It is earnestly hoped that there is given, in pages, a general, correct and 

vivid picture of the wonderful and glorious sacrifices of the York County i)eople. If, 

in addition, this history brings us to a realization of the sacrifices of our friends, 

especially those that gave their all. then the aim of this work maj' l)e said to have 

been accomplished. 

Cltkfohd J Hall. 



( )T now. hut ill the coming years. 

It may be in the better land, 
We'll read the meaning of our tears. 

And there, sometime, we'll understand. 

We'll catch the broken thread again, 
And finish what we here began; 

Heav'n will the mysteries explain. 

And then, ah then, we'll understand. 

We'll know why clouds instead of sun 
Were over many a cherished plan: 

Why song has ceased when scarce begun: 
'T is there, sometime, we'll understand. 

Why what we longed for most of all. 
Eludes so oft our eager hand : 

Why hopes are crushed and castles fall. 
Up there, sometime, we'll understand. 

liod knows the way. He holds the key, 
- He guides us with unerring hand: 
Sometime with tearless eyes we'll see: 

Yes, there, up there, we'll understand. 

-James McGranahan. 


()T for aggrandizement, acquisition of territory, covetous- 
ness of any kind or vainglory; Ijut at war in tlie cause of 
humane rights — the only cause that could stir this great, 

powerful, peace-loving and law al)iding country to the violence 

that war entailed. 

Our part of America is the giant among the nations of the world. 
It is a country of more than one hundred million people, with resources 
valued at more than two hundred and fifty billion dollars — figures 
that are by far too large for most of us to realize in their full signifi- 
cance. This was a vast force to inject into the terrible war that was 
convulsing the world, but powerful as it was, it could not have been 
given its full impetus without united action of the whole people. We 
— that is to say the bulk of the people — were slow to reahze that a 
state of war existed. But not only did we make up our minds to 
the fact that the country was at war. but also to th(^ fact that it 
needed our help. And we realized too, that the quicker we responded 
to the call and the more energy we put into our efforts the more 
apt we were to shorten the period of strife and save suffering for 
friend and foe alike. 

There was work for every one. Even those who did and gave 
but little should be cheered because of tlie fact that even that little 
counted. What each could and should have done was outlined by 
President Wilson in his proclamation, dated April fifteenth. Nineteen 
hundred seventeen. The people of York County did their share. 

Clifford J. Hall. 


My Fellow Connlrynten: 

nWi piitrancp of our own beloved country into the grim and terrible war for democracy 
and human rights which has shaken the world creates so many problems of national life 
and action which call for inunediate consideration and settlement that I hope you will 
[xTinitmi' to address to you a few words of earnest counsel and appeal with regard to th(>m. 

We are rapidly [lutting our navy upon an effective war footing and are about to create and equip 
a great army, but these are the simplest parts of the great task to which we have addressed ourselves. 

There is not a single selfish element, so far as I can see. in the cause we are fighting for. 

We are fighting for what we believe and wish to be the rights of mankind and for the future peace 
of the world. 

To do this great tiling worthily and successfully we must devote ourselves to the service 
without regard to profit or material advantage and with an energy and intelligence that will rise to 
the level of the enterprise itself. 

We must lealize to the full how great the task is and how many things, how many kinds and 
elements of capacity and service and self-sacrifice it involves. 

These, then, are the things we must do and do well, besides fighting — tlie things without which 
mere fighting wcjuld be fruitless: 

We must supply abundant food, for ourselves and fur our armii's and our seamen not only, but 
also for a large part of the nations with whom we have now made conunon cause, in whose support 
and by whose sides we shall be fighting. 

We must supply ships by the hundreds out of our shipyards to carry to the other side of the sea, 
submarines or nt) submarines, what will every day be needed there and abundant materials out of our 
fields and our mines and our factories with which not only to clothe and e<[uip our own forces on land 
and sea but also to cloth(> and support our people for whom the gallant fellows under arms can no 
longer work, lo hrip clothe and equip the armies with which we are co-operating in Europe, and to 
keep the looms and manufactoTies ther(> in raw material; loal to keep the fires going in ships at sea 
and in tlie furnaces of huiulreds of factories across the sea: steel out of which to make arms and am- 
munition both here and there: rails for wornout railways back of the fighting fnmts; locomotives and 
rolling stock to take the place of those e\ ery day going to pieces: mules, horses, cattle for labor and 
for military service: everything with which the pcoijle of I'^ngland and France and Italy and Russia 
have usually supplied themselves but cannot now afford the men, the material or the machinery to 

It is evident to every thinking man that oiu' industry and on the farms, in the shipyards, in themines, 
in the factories, must be made more prolific and more cfTicient than ever and (hat they nuist be more 
economically managed and better adapted to the particular requirements of our task than they have 
been; and what I want to say is that the men and the women whf) devote their thought and their 
energy to these things will be ser\ ing the counti y and condiicliiig the fight for |)eace and freedom just 
as truly and just as ( fl'ectively as the mt>n on the battlefield or in the tienches. 


The industrial forces of the country, men and women alike, will be a great national, a great inter- 
national Service Army — a notable and honored host engaged in the services of the Nation and the 
world, the efficient friends and saviors of free men everywhere. 

Thousands, nay hundreds of thousands of men otherwise liable to military service will of right 
and of necessity be excused from that service and assigned to the fundamental, sustaining work of the 
fields and factories and mines, and they will be as much part of the great patriotic forces of the Nation 
as the men under fire. 

I take the liberty, therefore, of addressing this word to the farmers of the country and to all who 
work on tho farms: 

The supreme need of our own Nation and of the nations with which we are co-operating is an abund- 
ance of supplies, and especially of foodstuil's. The imi)ortance of an adequate food supply, especially 
for the present year, is superlative. 

Without abundant food, alike for the armies and the people ikjw at war, the whole great enterprise 
upon which we have embarked will break down and fail. 

The world's food reserves are low. Not only during the jiresent emergency, but for some time 
after peace shall ha\f come, both our own people and a large piopoition of the {jeople of Europe 
must rely upon the luuNcsts in America. 

I'pon the farmers of this country, therefore, in laige measure, rests the fate of the war and the fate 
of the nations. May the nation not count upon them to omit no step that will increase the produc- 
tion of their land or that will bring about the most effectual co-operation in the sale and distribution 
of their products? 

The time is short. It is of the greatest imperative importance that evei'ything possible be done 
to make sure of large harvests. 

I call upon young men and old alike and ujjon the able-bodied boys of the land to accept and 
act upon this duty — to turn in hosts to the farms and make certain that no pains and no labor is 
lacking in this great matter. 

I particularly appeal to the farmers of the South to plant abundant food-stuli's as well as cotton. 
They can show their patriotism in no better or more convincing way than by resisting the great temp- 
tation of the Jiresent price of cotloii and helping, helping upon a great scale to feed the Nation and 
the people everywhere who are fighting foi- tlieir liberties and for our own. The variety of theii' crops 
will be the \ isible measure of their comprehension of their national duty. 

The Government of the I nited States and the governments of the several States stand ready to 
co-operate. They will do everything possible to assist farmers in securing an adequate supply of 
seed, an adequate force of laborers when they are most needed, at harvest time, and the means of 
expediting shipments of fertilizers and farm machinery, as well as of the crops themselves when 

The course of trade shall be as unhampered as it is possible to make it and there shall be no un- 
warranted manipulation of the \ation"s food supply by those who handle it on its way to the consumer. 
This is our opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency of a gi'eat democrac\ and we shall not fall short 
of it! 

This let me say to the middlemen of every sort, wliethei' tiiey are hamlling our foodstuffs or our 
raw materials of manufacture or the products of our mills and factories: 

The eyes of the country will be es|)e(iall\ upon \ou. This is your <)p()ortunity for signal service, 
efficient and disinterested. 

Tlic country expects >uu, as it expects all otheis, to forego unusual profits, to organize and expedite 
shipments of supplies of every kind, but especially of food, with an eye to the service you are rendering; 
and in the spirit of those who enlist in the ranks, for their people, not for themselves, I shall confidently 
ex-pect you to deserve and win the confidence of people of every sort and station. 

To the men who run the railways of the country, whether they be managers or operative employes, 
let me say that the railways are the arteries of the Nation's life and that upon thi'm rests the immense 
responsibility of seeing to it that those arteries sufTer no obstruction of any kind, no inefficiency or 
slackened power. 

To the merchant let me suggest the motto: " Small profits and quick service;" and to the ship- 
builder the thought that the life of the war depends upon him. The food and the war supplies must 
be carried across the seas no matter how many ships are sent to the bottom. The places of those 
that go down must be supplied and supplied at once. To the miner let me say that he stands where 
the farmer does: The work of the world waits on him. If he slackens or fails, armies and statesmen 
are helpless. He also is enlisted in the great Service Army. The manufacturer does not need to be 
told, I hope, that the Nation looks to him to speed and perfect every process: and I want only to 
remind his employes that their service is abst)lutely indispensable and is counted on by every man 
who loves the country and its liberties. 

Let me suggest also that every one who creates or cultivates a garden helps and helps greatly to 
solve the problem of the feeding of the nations; and that every housewife who practices strict economy 
puts herself in the ranks of those who serve the Nation. 

This is the time for America to correct her unpardonable fault of wastefuhiess antl extravagance. 
Let every man and every woman assume the duty of careful, provident use and expenditure as a public 
duty, as a dictate of patriotism which no one can now expect ever to be excused or forgiven for ignoring. 

In the hope that this statement t)f the needs of the Nation antl of the world in this hour of supreme 
crisis may stimulat(> those to whom it comes and remind all who need reminding of thr solemn duties 
of a time such as the world has never seen before. I beg that all editors and publishers everywhere 
will give as prominent publication and as wide circulation as possible to this appeal. I venture to 
suggest also to advertising agencies that they would i)erhaps render a very substantial and timely 
service to the country if they would give it widespread repetition. And I hope that clergymen will 
not think the theme of it an unworthy or inappropriate subject of comment and homily from their 

The supreme test of the Nation has come. We must all speak, act and serve together. 




At a joint meeting of the two houses of Congress assembled 
in extraordinary session, April 2, 1917, President Wilson 
delivered the following address which was the basis of the 
subsequent action of Congress in its declaration that a state 
of war existed with Gerniany. 

Gentlemen of the Confiress: 

ll\\|] called the Congress into extraordinary session because there are serious, very 
serious, choices ol' policy to be made, and made immediately, which it was neither right 
nor constitutionally permissible that I should assume the responsibility of making. 

( )n the third of February last I ofTicially laid l)efore you the extraordinary announcement 
of the Imperial Ciermaii (iovernment that on and after the lirst day of February it was its purpose 
to put aside all restraints of law or of humanity and use its submarines to sink every vessel that sought 
to ajiproach eithei- the ports of (ireat Britain and Ireland or the western coasts of Europe or any of 
the ports controlled by the enemies of tierniany within the .Mediterranean. 

That had seemed to be the object of the German submarine warfare earlier in the war, but since 
April of last year the Imperial Government had somewhat restrained the commanders of its undersea 
craft in conformity with its promise then given to us that passenger boats should not be sunk and 
that due warning would be given to all other vessels w hich its submarines might seek to destroy when 
no resistance was offered or escape attempted, and care taken that their crews were given at least a 
fair chance to save their lives in their open boats. 

The precautions taken were meager and haphazard enough, as was proved in distressing instance 
after instance in the progress of the cruel and unmanly business; but a certain degree of restraint 
was observed. 

The new policy has swept every restriction aside. Vessels of every kind, whatever their flag, 
their character, their cargo, their destination, their errand, have been ruthlessly sent to the bottom 
without warning and without thought of help or mercy for those on board, the vessels of friendly 
neutrals along with those of belligerents. 

E\ en hospital ships and ships carrying relief to the sorely bereaved and stricken people of Belgium, 
though the latter were provided with safe conduct through the proscribed areas by the ( Jerman tiovern- 
ment itself and were distinguished by unmistakable marks of idenity, have been sunk with the same 
reckless lack of compassion or of principle. 

I was for a little while unable to believe tliat such things would in fact be done by any Ciovernment 
that had hitherto subscribed to the humane practices of civilized nations. International law had its 
origin in the attempt to set up some law which would be respected and observed upon the seas, where 
no nation had right of domination and where lay the free highways of the world. 

By painful stage after stage has that law been built up, with meager enough results, indeed, after 
all was accomplished that could be accomplished, but always with a clear view, at least, of what the 
heart and conscience of mankind demanded. 

This minimum of right the German Government has swept aside under the plea of retaliation 
and necessity and because it had no weapons which it could use at sea except those which it is impossible 

(11 I 

to employ as it is employing them without throwing' to the winds all scruples of humanity or of respect 
for the understandings that were supposed to underlie the intercourse of the world. 

I am not now thinking of the loss of ()r<)pert> involved, inunense and serious as that is. hut only 
of the wanton and wholesale destruction of the li\cs of noncomhatants, men, women and children, 
engaged in pursuits which have always, e\ en in the darkest periods of modern history, been deemed 
innocent and legitimate. Property can be paid for: the lives of peaceful and innocent people cannot be. 

The present German submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against mankind. It is a 
war against all nations. American ships have been sunk, Ameiican lives taken, in ways which it has 
stirred us very deeply to learn of, but the ships and people of other neutral and friendly nations have 
been sunk and overwhelmed in the waters in the same way. There has been no discrimination. The 
challenge is to all mankind. Kaeh nation must decid(> for itself how it will m(>et it. 

The choice we make for ourseKcs nuist be made with a modeiation of counsel and a temperateness 
of judgment Itefitting our character and our motives as a nation. We must put excited feeling away. 
Our motive will not be revenge or the victorious assertion of the physical might of th(^ nation, but 
only the vindication of right, of human right, of which we are a single champion. 

When I addressed the Congress on the twenty-sixth of February last I thought it would suffice to 
assert our neutral rights with arms, our right to use th(> seas against unlawful interference, our right to 
keep oui- peo[)le safe against unlawful violence. But armed neutrality, it now appears, is impracticable. 

Because submarines are in effect outlaws when used as tht> (;erman submarines have been used 
against merchant shipping, it is impossible to defend ships against their attacks, as the law of nations 
has assumed that merchantmen would defend themselves against privateers or cruisers, visibh^ craft 
giving chase upon the ojjen sea. It is cduinion prudence in such circiunstances. grim necessity, indeed, 
to endeavor to destroy them before they have shown theii' own intention. They nuist be dealt with 
upon sight, if dealt with at all. 

The (ierman Government denies the riglit of neutrals to use arms at all within the areas of the sea 
which it has prescribed, e\('n in tlie defense of rights which no modern publicist has ever questioned 
their right to defend. The intimation is conveyed that the armed guards which we have placed on 
our merchant ships w ill be treated as beyond the pale of law anti subject to be dealt with as pirates 
would be. 

Armed neutrality is ineffectual enough at best: in such circiunstances and in the face of such pre- 
tensions it is worse than ini^ffectual; it is likely only to j)rodiKe what it was meant to prevent: it is 
\irtually certain to draw us into the war without either the riglits or the effectiveness of belligeients. 

There is one choice we cannot make, we are incapable of making: we will not choose the path of 
submission and suffer the most sacred rights of our nation and oui- people to be ignored or violated. 
The wrongs against which we now array ourselves ar(> not common wrongs: they cut to the very roots 
of human life. 

With a profound sense of the solemn and even tragical character of the step I am taking and of 
the grave responsibilities which it involves, but in unhesitating obedience to what I deem my con- 
stitutional duty. I advise that the Congress declare the recent course of the Imperial (ierman Gove.n- 
ment to be in fact nothing less than war against the Government and people of the United States; 
that it formally accept the status of belligerent which has thus been thrust upon it. and that it lake 
immediately steps not only to put the country in a more thorough stale of defense, but also to exert 
all its power and employ all its resources to bring the Government of tlie (ierman Empire to terms 
and end the war. 

What this will invohe is clear. It will involve the utmost pracliiable co-operation in counsel and 

f 12 1 

action with the tiovernments now at waiw ith ( Icrmanv. and, as incident to that, the extension to those 
( Jovernments of the most liberal financial credits, in order that our resources may. so far as possible, 
be added to theirs. It will involve the or^'anization and mobilization of all the material resources of 
the country to supply the material of war and serve the incidental needs of the nation in the most 
abundant and yet the most economical and efTicient way possible. 

ll w ill in\i)i\i' the innnediale full equipment of the navy in all respects, but particularly in supply- 
ing it with the best means of dealing with the enemy's submarines. It will involve the immediate 
addition to the armed forces of the United States already provided for by law in case of war. at 
least 500,000 men, who should, in my opinion, be chosen upon the principle of universal liability to 
service, and also the authorization of subsecpient additional increments of equal force so soon as they 
may be needed and can be handled in training. 

It will involve also, of course, the granting of atlequate creilils to the Government, sustained, I 
hope, so far as they can equitably be sustained by the present generation, by well-conceived taxation. 
I say sustained so far as may be equitabh by taxation because it seems to me that it would be most 
unwise to base the ciedits which will now be necessary entirely on money borrowed. It is our duty, 
I most respectfully urge, to protect our people so far as we may against the very serious hardships 
and evils which would be likely to arise out of the iiillation which would be produced by vast loans. 

In carrying out the measuies by whitli these things are to be ai-complished we sliould keep con- 
stantly in mind the wisdom of interfering as little as possible in our own preparation and in the equip- 
ment of our own military forces with the duty — for it will be a very practical duty — of supplying the 
nations already at war with Germany with the materials which they can obtain only from us by our 
assistance. They are in the held and we should help them in every way to b' eU'eclive there. 

I shall take the liberty of suggesting, through the several executive departments of Ut^ (lovernnienl, 
for the consideration of your committees, measures for the accomplishment of th'^ s-^veral objects I 
have mentioned. I hope that it will be your pleasure to deal witli ttii'm as havinu b 'cn framed after 
very careful thought by the branch of the (Jovernment upon which the responsibility of conducting 
the war and safeguarding the nation will most directly fall. 

While we do these things — these deeply momentous things — let us b^ very clear, and make very 
<-lear to all the world, what oui' motives and our objects are. My own thought has not bi'en driven 
from its habitual and normal course by the unhappy events of the last two months, and I do not bi'lieve 
that the thought of the nation has been altered or clouded by them. 

I have exactly the same things in mind now that I had in mind when I addressed the Senate on 
the twenlx-secorul of January last: the same that I had in mind wh'n I addressed th^ Congre-i^ on 
the third of February and on the twenty-sixth of February. Our object now. as then, is to vindicate 
the principles of peace and justice in the life of the world against selfish an;! autocratic power and to 
set up among the really free and self-governed peoples of the world such a concert of piupose and action 
as will henceforth insure the observance of those principles. 

Neutiality is no longer feasible or' desirable where the peace of the workl is in\()lved and the freedom 
of its people, and the menace to that peace and freedom lies in the existence of autrocratic governments 
Ijacked by organized force whith is controlled wholly by their will, not by the will of tti 'ir people. 
We have seen the last of neutrality in such ciicumstances. 

We are at the beginning of an age in which it will be insisted that th" sani ' stan lird> of c on lucl 
and of i(\sponsibility for wr-ong-doing shall be observed among nations and their ( iovernm 'nts that are 
observed among the indixidtial citizens of civilized States. 

[ 13 1 

We have no quarrel with the German people. We have no feeling toward them hut one of sympathy 
and friendship. It was not upon their impulse that their Government attetl in entering this war. 
It was not with th previous knowledge or approval. 

It was a war determined upon as wars used to be determined upon in the old, unhappy days when 
peoples were nowhere consulted by their rulers and wars were provoked and waged in the interest of 
dynasties or of little groups of ambitious men who were accustomed to use their fellow-men as pawns 
and tools. * 

Self-governed nations do not fill their neighbor States with spies, or set the course of intrigue to 
bring about some critical posture of affairs which will give them an opportunity to strike and make 
conquest. Such designs can be successfully worked out only under cover and where no one has the 
right to ask questions. 

Cunningly contrived plans of deception or aggression carried, it may be, from generation to gene- 
ration can be worked out and kept from the light only within the privacy of courts or behind the 
carefully guarded confidence of a narrow, privileged class. They are happily impossible where public 
opinion commands and insists upon full information concerning all the nation's affairs. 

A steadfast concert for peace can never be maintained except by a partnership of democratic nations. 
No autocratic Government could be trusted to keep faith within it or observe its covenants. It 
must be a league of honor, a partnership of opinion. Intrigue would eat its vitals away; the plotting 
of inner circles who could plan what they would and render account to no one would be a corruption 
seated at its very heart. Only free peoples can hold their purpose and their honor steady to a common 
end and prefer the interests of mankind to any narrow interest of their own. 

Does not every American feel that assuranc(> has been added to our hope for the future peace of 
the world by the wonderful and heartening things that have been happening within the last few weeks 
in Russia!' Russia was known by those who know it best to have been always in fact democratic 
at heart in all the \ ital hal)its of her thought, in all th(> intimate relationships of her- people that spoke 
their natural instinct, their habitual attitude toward life. 

The autocracy that crowned the summit of her political structure, long as it had stood and terrible 
as was the reality of its power, was not, in fact, Russia in origin, character or purpose; and now it 
has been shaken off and the great, generous Russian people ha^e been added in all their native majesty 
and might to the forces that ar<> fighting for freedom in the world, for justice and for peace. Here is 
a fit partner for a league of honor. 

One of the things that have served to convince us that the Prussian autocracy was not and could 
never be our friend is that from the very outset of the present war it has filled our unsuspecting com- 
munities and even our offices of (iovernment with spi(>s and set ciiminal intrigues everywhere afoot 
against our national unity and counsel, our peace within and without, our industries and our commerce. 

Indeed, it is now evident that its spies were here even before the war began; and it is unhappily 
not a matter of conjecture, but a fact pnned in our courts of justice, that the intrigues which have 
more than once come perilously near to disturbing the peace and dislocating the industries of the 
country have b(>en carried on at the instigation, with the support, and even under the personal direction 
of official agents of the Imperial Government accredited to the tiovernment of the L'nited States. 

Even in checking these things and trying to extirpate them, we have sought to put the most generous 
interpretation possible upon them because we know that their source lay, not in any hostile feeling 
or purpose of the (ierman people toward us (who were, no doubt, as ignorant of them as we ourselves 
were), but only in the selfish designs of a (iovernment that did what it pleased and told its people 
nothing. But they have played their part in serving to convince us at least that that Government 

f in 

entertains no real friendship fur us and means to act against our peace and security at its convenience. 
That it means to stir up enemies against us at our very doors the intercepted note to the German 
Minister at Mexico City is eloquent evidence. 

We are accepting this challenge of hostile purpose because we know that in such a Covernment, 
following such methods, we can never have a friend; and that in the presence of its organized power, 
always lying in wait to accomplish we know not what purpose, there can be no assured security ot 
the democratic Governments of the world. 

We are now about to accept gage of battle with this natural foe to liberty, and shall, if necessary, 
spend the whole force of the nation to check and mdlify its |)i-etensions and its power. We are glad, 
now that we see the facts with no veil of false pretense about them, to light thus foi- the ultimate peace 
of the world and for the liberation of its peoples, the ( lerman peoples included: for the rights of nations 
great and .small antl the privilege of men everywhere to choose their way of life and of obedit^nce. The 
world must be made safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon tlic tested foundations of 
political liberty. 

We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion. \\ e seek no indemnities 
for ourselves, no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make. We are but one of the 
champions of the rights of mankind. We shall be satisfied wiien those rights have been as secure as 
the freedom of the nations can make them. 

Just because we fight without rancor and without selfish object, se(>king nothing for ourselves but 
what we shall wish to share with all free peoiile, w(> shall, 1 feel confident, conduct our operations as 
belligerents without passion and ourselves observe willi proud |)unctilio the principles of right and of 
fair play we profess to be fighting for. 

I have said nothing of the Governments allied with the Imperial Government of Germany brcause 
they have not made war upon us or challenged us to defend our right and our honor. TheAustro- 
Hungarian Government has, indeed, avowed its unqualified indorsement and acceptance of the reckless 
and lawless submarine warfare adopted now without disguise by the Imperial (ierman Ciovernment, 
and it has, thert^fore, not been possible for this Government to receive Count Tarnowski, the Am- 
bassador recently accredited to this (iovernment by the Imp(Mial and Royal (iovernment of Austria- 
Hungary, but that Government has not actually engaged in warfare against citizens of the United 
States on the seas, and I take the liberty, for the present at least, of postponing a discussion of our 
relations with the authorities at Vienna. We enter this war only where we are clearly forced into it 
because there are no other means of defending our rights. 

It will be all the easier for us to conduct ourselves as belligerents in a high spirit of right and fairness 
because we act without animus, not in enmity toward a people or with the desire to bring any uijury 
or disadvantage upon them, but only in armed o|tposition to an irresponsible Government which has 
thrown aside all considerations of humanity and of riglit and is luiming amuck. 

We are. let me say again, the sincere friends of the German people, and shall desire nothing so much 
as the early re-establishment of intimate relations of mutual advantage between us. however hard it 
may be for them, for the time being, to believe that this is spoken from our hearts. 

We have borne with their present Government through all these bitter months because of that 
friendship, exercising a patience and forbearance which would otherwise have been impossible. We 
shall. hai)i)ily. still have an opportunity to prove that fri(Midship in our daily attitude and action 
toward the millions of men and women of ( ierman birth and native sympathy who li\ e among us and 
share our life, and we shall be proud to prove it toward all who are in fact loyal to their neighbors and 
to the (iovernment in the hour of test. 

I 15 1 

Tlicy aie. most of them, as true and loyal Amoiicans as if they had never known any other fealty 
or allegiance. They will be prompt to stand with us in rebuking and restraining the few who may be 
of a different mind and purpose. 

If therc^ should be disloyalty it will be dealt with with a lirrn hand of stern repression: but if it lifts 
its head at all it will lift it only here and there, and without countenance except from a lawless and 
malignant few. ' 

It is a distressing and oppressive duty, gentlemen of the Congress, which I have before me in thus 
addressing you. There are, it may be, many months of fiery trial and sacrifice ahead of us. It is a 
fearful thing to lead this great, peaceful people into war — into the most terrible and disastrous of all 
wars, civilization itself seeming to be in the balanc!'. 

But the right is more precious than peace, and we shall light for tlic things which we have always 
carried nearest our hearts — for demociacy, for the right of thosf wlio submit to authority to have a 
voice in their own government, for the rights and liberties of small nations, for a universal dominion of 
right by such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peac? and safety to all nations and mako th:' world 
itself at last free. 

To such a task we can dedicate our lives and oui' fortunes, everything that we ave and everything 
that we have, with the pride of those who know that the day has come when America is privileged to 
spend her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness anfl the peace which 
she has treasured. ( iod helping her, she can do no other. 






brrr roinra a mnmrnt in tlir 
liitra of nirn au^ utontpu utbrit 
titrtr tbnugbts bnlii a pirturr 
m\h an rx^iTssinu nf a man 
anil bifi mnrlMij iirrits, bnt nn lunriis ran 
br f Dun^ tn rnnitru tbat utsinn of a mn^rrn 
lirrn tn tl|r mnrl^ a^ it sl|nnlii br itonr. 
©licfir lirrnrH hxvh in linr nf lintg. Nn 
jnan ran iin moiT in srrninij liis rnnntrij. 

—(Clifford 3). iBall. 





(Died on the Field of Honor) 

IN Flanders fields the poppies grow 
Between the crosses, row on row. 
That mark our place: and in the sky 
The larks, still bravely singing, fly, 
Scarce heard anii<l the guns below. 

We are the dead. Short days ago 
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow. 
Loved and were loved: and now we lie 
In Flanders fields. 

Take up our quarrel with the foe! 
To you from falling hands, we throw 
The torch. Be yours to hold it high! 
If ye break faith with us who die 
We shall not sleep, though poppies blow 
In Flanders fields. 


A Reply to " In Flanders Fields" 

O SLEEP in peace where poppies grow. 
The torch your falling hands let go 
Was caught by us: again held high, 
A beacon light in Flanders' sky. 
That dims the stars to those below. 
You are our dead. You held the toe. 
And ere the poppies cease to blow 
We'll prove our faith in you who lie 
In Flanders' fields. 

rest in peace, we f]uickly go 
To you who bravely died, and know 
In other fields was heard the cry, 
For freedom's cause, of you who lie 
So still, asleep, where poppies grow. 
In Flanders' fields. 

As in rumbling sound, to and fro 
The lightning flashes: sky aglow: 
So mighty hosts appear. And high 
Above the din of battle cry, 
"Scarce heard amid the guns below," 
Are fearless hearts who fight the foe 
And guard the place where poppies grow. 
O sleep in peace all you who lie 
In Flanders' fields. 

And still the poppies gently blow 
"Between the crosses, row on row." 
The larks still bravely soaring high, 
Are singing now their lullaby 
To you who sleep where the poppies grow 
In Flanders' fields. 





APRIL 7. 1917— NOVEMBER 11. 1919 

Harold H. Bair 
Edward B. Roser 
John H. Ferree 
Edwin C. Rebert 
George Fred Thoman 
Valentine K. Lutz 
Joseph H. Hendrickson 
Walter S. Garrett 
Warren B. Dietz 
William J. Feldman 
Charles J. Slonaker 
Paul E. Lau 
Landis L. Trimmer 
Rodney W. Polack 
John F. Morton 
Allen Meckley 
David F. Miller 
Charles R. Burkholder 
Earnest C. Tipton 
Bernard P. Althoff 
Wilbur D. Buchmeyer 
Ralph E. Weiler 
Erwin 0. Sheffer 
James E. Folkemer 
William T. Ringland 
Clarence E. Leash 
Samuel M. Markley 
George M. Lightner 
Horatio Smith 
Warren L. Thomas 
(iEf)RGE E. Evans 
William F. Gehring 
David Rupp, 3rd 
Martin S. Weiser 
Harry B. Stough 
Walter B. Herrman 
Roy R. Worley 
Latimer Sayers 
George L. Stauffer 


(!eorge H. Brenner 
J. Walter Ely 
George E. Strausbaugh 
George R. Monroe 

Harry E. Strayer 
Norman E. Smith 
Frank A. Sipe 
Howard Goodling 
John L rey 
William F. Geesey 
Cletus F. Rebert 
James F. Small 
George E. Burgess 
Joseph M. Miller 
Paul J. Althoff 
William M. Neff 
Albert J. Kinsell 
Howard B. Olewiler 


Robert G. Hays 
Raymond A. Lowe 
Howard H. Gilbert 


Calvin A. Carbaugh 
John E. Lillich 
Robert H. Weaver 
Claton D. Warner 
Raymond F. Knighton 
WiLLiAAi M. Shive 
Wesley Heffer 
James F. Shuman 
Clarence Kopp 
Walter E. Myers 
Stewart W. Krider 
CuRviN H. Heiss 
Sherman C. Scott 
Augustus V. Strawbridge 
Melvin a. Rohrbaugh 
Charles R. Ivohler 
Luther P. Shive 
Aaron D. Neff 
E. Russell AL\rkey 
1 1 AHUY W. Brown 
Joseph E. Klinedinst 
Charles K. Kohr 
Chanceford Stambaugh 
Charles B. Hess 
Paul H. Utz 

Monroe R. Hlinter 
Erwin E. Sayers 
Norman E. Shaffer 
Nevin 0. Hoffman 
Walter Leroy Fitzgerald 
William Henry Meckley 
Edward D. Heiss 
Parker William Weaver 
Victor Allen Meckley 
Melvin Nathan Jamison 
Charles S. Snydeman 
Charles W. Buie 
Sterling W. Seitz 
Herman Paul Tresselt 
Quinton Monroe Gerbrick 
David W. Mundis 
Sherman William Leifer 
Charles H. Sipe 
Harry William Withers 
Walter E. Grove 
Clarence W. March 
Frank 0. Shauck 
John Daniel Withers 
Chester Hannigan 
Harry Cleveland Ahrens 
Albert M. Hunt 
Oscar Fry 
EuRiAs C. Hayes 
George Woods 
George B. Hoffman 
Chester H. Bair 
John M. Wise 
Charles G. Fetrow 
Sherman C. Leonard 
Harry C. Stover 
Harry E. Loose 
John L. Mayer 
Harold C. Noble 
John Austin McKee 
Harry P. Folkomer 
Lloyd S. Becker 
William Arnold 
Michael Garland 
Granville Smith 


Elmer H. Gemmill 
Cecil Crone 
William Roy Reisinger 
George H. Sechrist 
Kerwin E. Jacoby 
Austin L. Grove 
Roy a. McClane 
Milton INI. Rittenhouse 
Wilton Abel 
Clark McWilliams 
Albert D. Bell 
Henry Kinsey 
Lemon Stump 
(jeorge H. Frey 
Earl G. Harman 
Charles Witmer 
Clarence E. Knaub 
Noah R. Bisker 
Alvin Rehmeyer 

Peter J. Smith 
George H. Leitheiser 
Elias M. Raugher 
Charles E. Kain, Jr. 
Ervin C. Miller 
(iEORGE Audrey Rillmeyer 
Jeanette Zinn 
Russell Daniel Smith 
James Wilson Gailey 
John Albert Doll 
Wilbur C. Suiter 
William A. Myers 
David E. Poff 
James Danner 
William H. Beck 
Charles Schroll 
Harrison D. Heindle 
Millard Kearney 
Clarence S. Abel 

Harry Rarnhart 
Charles T. Cassett 
Walter B. Dick 
Thomas W. Halbert 
QuiNTON A. Hose 
John T. Lane 
Harry Miller 
Jacob AIarkline 
Homer N. Roth 
Harry B. Rodes 
Owen D. Sprenkle 
Lawrence W. Seiberlich 
Daniel Schroll 
Chester Trone 
Allen Hake Winter 
Harry R. Yingling 
Elmer Dunkle 
Edward H. Flory 
Henry Knaub 





MISS Jeannette Ziiviv, the daughtci' i)f Mr. and Mrs. William Zinn of 1.52 West College Ave., 
York, Pa., was the first woman from this city to give her life for the great cause of freedom. 
She was graduated with honors from the York High School in the class of I 'MO, bping the 
valedictorian of her class and the class poet. Miss Zinn was also well known in amateur theatrical 
work, having taken part in several benefit plays given by the Ciirls" ('lub. 

From llic very beginning of the war. Miss Zinn was an enthusiastic war worker. She was cap- 
tain of the winning team of the War Thrift Stamp contest, and active in the (iirls" Club of York. 
Later, desiring to enter a larger field, she enlisted in the Business Women's L nit of the Y. M. C. A., 
and, after about a week in New York, she sailed for England, enroute to the Paris headquarters 
of the Y. M. C. A., where she was to have filled an executive position. 

Miss Zinn died in a hospital in Liverpool, i^ingland. a \ ictim of pneumonia. She made the supreme 
sacrifice as did so many of our brave conuades. The memory of her actions and the record of her 
work will always be remembered by the people of York. C. H. Bear & Co., her former employers, 
furnished a room in Ikm- memorv in the (iirls" Club of York. 



Croix de Guerre 

AMBULANCE Driver James Wilson ( Iailey, the son of Mr. and Mrs J. A. ( iailcy of New Park, 
Pa., was born July 20, 180.5. He attended Fawn Township High School, and the Perkiomen 
Seminary at Pennsburg, \ a., where he graduated in 191.5, and entered Princeton Lniversity 
at Princeton, N. J., in the class of I'M 7. 

Immediately upon graduation from college, Gailey enlisted in the American Ambulance Corps, 
atid was soon in active service in France. His bravery and devotion to duty were so conspicuous 
that he was awarded the Croix de (iuerie by the French Government. 

On the night of July 28, 1917, Ambulance Driver Gailey, together with his regular dri\ing partner, 
was bringing wounded back from the firing line. It was during a terrific bombardment, and he had 
been driving his anibulanci^ all night in heioic relief work. He hafi just loaded his car with wounded 
when a (ierman shell exploded near, and killed his companion outriglit. (iailey himself sustained 
wounds from which he died a few minutes later. He and his companion. T. H. Hamilton of Clinton. 
Mass., were liuried at Meyei-, France, near the spot where they fell. 



Croix de Guerre 

CoKPORAL John Albert Doll, son of Mrs. Lizzie Doll of 224 S.Newberry St.. "iork. Pa., was 
(■ni|>loyecl in this eity as a laborer before entering the service. He was one of the honor men 
of the American Expeditionary Force, having won oflicial citations and a Croix de Cuerre for 
his conspicuous heroism on several dilferent occasions, while on active duty in the front lines. 

Corpoial Doll was wounded at the beginning of an attack, but showed the greatest courage and 
skill in assembling his siiuad and leading them in the assault. des|)ite iiis several wounds. H(> charged 
with his men until he was exhausted from loss of blood, and was obliged to stop, but not until his 
example had so inspired his men that they ultimately reached their objective. He died on October 
31. 1918, at Olsens. Belgium, as a result of the Wduiuis received in this battle. 

French Citation Certificates, setting forth the bravery and skill with which this young soldier 
conducted himself while under fire, and his Croix de (iuerre, have been received by his m((ther. 

York people may well be proud of the splendid war record of Corporal Doll. 




Croix cle Guerre. 

LIEUTENANT SuiTER. of Shaiiiokiii. Pa., was born June 8. 1800. Ho attended the pulillo schools 
J of that city and was a giadiiate of the Shaniokin High School. In 191.'5. he was graduated 
from the College of Civil Engineering at Cornell University, and immediately entered the employ 
of the York Manufacturing Company as an erecting engineer, ^^hile in ^drk. he lived with his aunt, 
Mrs. Ratherine A. Suiter. 

In July. 1917, Lieutenant Suiter \()hmteered for the aviation corps, and on .luiy 9tii started ground 
training at Ithaca, N. Y. He finished the course in eight weeks and then went to Mineola. L. I. He 
was shortly sent abroad and landed in i^ingland. October 2, 1917. Here he received his commission 
of First Lieutenant. He was then sent to France and reached Paris, July 1.5, 1918. Less than a 
month later, on August 9, 1918, he made his fust flight over the ( lernian lines. It was on September 
21st, the dispatch from Paris stated, that he, with his observer, had been cited for gallantry at the 
Lorraine Fiont. Two weeks later came the telegram announcing that he had been killed in action, 
September 17, 1918. 

Lieutenant Suiter was a young man of sterling Christian character, and li 
him. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. '\(iik. Pa. 

by all who knew 


Croir de Guerre 


RivATE Russell Dawel Smith, the son of Mrs. E. A. Smith of No. 551 W. Princess St., York, 
Pa., was born at Now Oxford, Pa., and attended the public schools in York. He eidisted 
from York in the Marine Corps, at the age of seventeen. 

Soon after leaving home he was sent to France and took an active part at the front for over five 
months. He was awarded a Croix de Cuerre and a citation for the heroism he displayed in keeping 
his machine gun in action under intense fire during the wh()l»> day of June (S. l'*l}!. He kiter received 
a second star in a citation which read as follows: "On ,luly 19, 1918. near \ uryz he gave proof of re- 
markable courage and devotion in serving his piece under intense artillery bomliar-dment." 

During the entire attack. Private Smith conducted himself with the most conspicuous gallantry, 
and his mother prizes very highly the honors won by her son. 

He was killed in action on Oct. f), 1918, somewhere in Francs. 


Dislini/uished Service Cross. 

PRIVATE William A. Myers, the son of Mrs. Howard Shflly of 1102io West Kinj,' Street, York, 
Pa., was one of th(> youngest soldiers, being but sixteen years old when he entered the service. 
He was rejected at th(> recruiting station when he first applied for enlistment, because of his 
youth, but with that never-give-up spirit which marked his whole army career, he kept trying until 
he was finally accepted, on liis liflli attempt. 

Private Myers served nearly a year and a half with Battery E, 10th Field Artillery at Fort Douglas, 
Arizona. He was then sent to Camp Merritt, N. J., and left Camp Merritt in April, 1918, for overseas 
duty. He saw two months active seivice in the front lines, taking part in the l)attle of the Marne. 
Private Myers was killed in action .Inly 1.5. 1918. at Chateau Thierry, France. 

Since his death, the Inited States (Jovernment has sent his mother, Mrs. Howard Shelly, a Dis- 
tinguished Service Cross, awarded Private Myers, posthumously, for extraordinary valor under fire. 
He was just a boy in years, but he played a man's part. 


Killed in Action 

Killed in Action 

Killed by Land-slide 



3l6lh Headquarters Coni/xi/iy 

Sergeant Major Rair, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Rair of 340 Walnut St., Hanover. Pa., was born 
January 14, 189L He attended Hanover High School but discontinued to attend the York School 
of Business, York. Pa. At the time f)f entering the service he was a member of the Expediting Rureau, 
Bethlehem vSteel Co., Sparrows l'((int, Md. He left this work and was sent over seas where he was 
attached to the 316th Infantry. He was killed liy a high explosive shell while on active duty in the 
Argonne Forest, September 20. 1018. 


Company L. 9th Infantry 

Private Roser was killed while in action in France on November 3, 1018. He took part at the 
front in the Argonne Drive; it was in this engagement that he lost his life. He left York for Camp 
Lee, Virginia, and was assigned to a Replacement Company. He had formerly been a member of 
Company A, N. ( i. P.. but when that Company entered the regular service, he was rejected. Previous 
to entering the service he was in the baking business and lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Simon 
L. Roser, 277 Union Street York. Pa. Private Roser was thirty-one years of age at the time of his 


Kith Company, 'ith Train iu<i Battalion 15'ith Depot Brif/aiie 

Private Ferree was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferree, 220 N. Penn Street, York, Pa. He was 
born in York, December 30, 1800, where he attended the public schools. He was sent to Camp Lee, 
Va., with a contingent of York County men June 24, 1018. While in the service a few weeks he was 
killed by a land-slide of sand while on detail duty. He was killed instantly and his body was brought 
home for burial. He was given a military funeral by the Spanish War \ eterans of York. Pennsylvania. 


Died of Wounds 

Died of Wounds 




3I6II1 [nfdnlry Ileddijunrlera Cimipmiy 

Sergeant INIajor Rebert was the son of !\Ir. and Mrs. Charles Rebert. He was born at New Oxford, 
Pa., August 10, 1892. He attended the York County Academy and also Goldey College at Wilmington, 
Del. Before entering the service, he was employed by the York Manufacturing Company in the 
complaint department. He was a member of Mt. Zion Lodge L 0. 0. F. and of the York Lodge 
Free and Accepted Masons, No. 266. He was also a member of the Grace Reformed Church. He 
enlisted and was sent to Camp Meade. Md.. November 19th. 1917. He sailed for overseas soon after 
and was wounded in action September 30, 1918. He was oflicially reported dead March 10, 1919. 


('.(imiMiity A, I l'2lh Hegimmt 

Corporal Thoman was the son of Mr. antl Mrs. ,1. Theodore Thonian of 720 Pemisylvania Avenue, 
York, Pa. He was born at Jefferson, York County, May 21, 1896. He attendetl the pul)lic schools 
until he moved to York, where he was employed by the American Chain Company. He later took 
up his trade as pressman at the York Printing Company. He enlisted on his twenty-fust birthday 
in York and left for Camp Hancock, (ieorgia, where he was appointed a Corporal and held that rank 
until his death. He also passed an examination as an expert automatic gunner on the Lewis and 
Browning Machine (iuns. Corporal Thoman saw active service at Chateau Thierry and the Argonne 
Forest, where he was hit by a high explosive shell and instantly killed, October 8, 1918. He belonged 
to the Heidelberg Reformed Church and Sunday School <if ^ ork. Pa. 


Philadflplnu Sary ) nnts 

Hospital Apprentice Lutz was the only son of S. D. Lutz of Laurel, Pa. He served as a mail 
carrier for over two years, and was employed at A. M. (Jrove's Store at Muddy Creek Forks. He 
was graduated from the Cross Roads High Sihool in April, 1917, prior to his entering the Service. He 
was stationed at League Island during the Influenza Epidemic and volunteered to care for some 
comrades whf) were very sick. While thus engaged, he contracted Influenza and died October 11. 
1918, at the League Island Naval Hospital. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Hunter of 
Ouinstoii Church where intcinient was made. He was twenty-one years old at the time of his death. 








U. S. S. .Michigan 

Seaman Joseph Hendrickson was the first \ork boy to give his life while doing his bit for I ncle 
Sam. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Hendrickson of 611 Jessop Place. York, Pa. He 
enlisted in the U. S. Navy during the early days of the war. In 1916 he was attached to the U. S. S. 
Prairieland and helped the Marines to guard and disarm the natives during an uprising at San Domingo. 
After seven months he was transferred to the U. S. S. Michigan. On October 30, 1917. Seaman 
Hendrickson died at his post while on a picket boat of his ship. His body was found on the beach 
at Mesick's Point. When found he was clad in blue suit and jumpers and kapack life belt; he had no 
special distinguishing features and was identified by stencils on his clothing and a letter in his pocket. 
Seaman Hendrickson was brought to \ork and interred in St. Patrick's Cemetery. 

Company D, 307th Regiment 

Automobile Mechanic Walter Stover (iarrett, son of Rev. C. F. and Mrs. Estie M. (Jarrett. resided 
at 807 W est Princess Street, York. Pennsylvania. Prior to his enlistment he was a chemist by occu- 
pation. He entered the Service July 15, 1918, and was sent to State College for a period of six weeks 
of intensive training: there he qualified as an exjiert automobile mechanic and truck driver. From 
State College he was sent to Camp Holabird, Aid., where like many of our brave comrades he was 
stricken with the influenza epidemic. After pneumonia had developed he was taken to Fort McHenry 
Hospital, where, after a vain effort to save his life, he died. 


'281 si Aero Squadron 

Private Dietz was born September 3, 1918, in Hallam. York County, Pa. He was em|)loyed by 
the American Wire Fabrics Company at Mt. Wolf, Pa., bef(jre entering the service. On December 
12, 1917, he enlisted at York and was sent to Columbus Barracks. After two weeks there he was 
sent to Camp (Jrant, Rockford, Illinois. Here he trained for about three months and was si>nt to 
Park Field, Tennessee. From there he went to (iarden City where he obtained a three day furlough 
to come home. He returned to Camp and shortly afterward sailed fni overseas. Private Dietz 
was in France twenty-one days when he was taken sick with |)neum()iiia and died September 26. 1918. 
He was twenty years old at the time of his death. 







Headquarters Company. 18th Field Artillery 

Private Feldman was the son of Rev. and Mrs. William H. Feldnian of 10 J West Market Street. 
York, Pa. He was attending the York High School at "the time of his enlistment November 20. 1917. 
He acted as Coloners orderly and messenger at the front where he first saw active service on his 
birthday, July 14, 1918. He was wounded October 6, 1918, at Montfaucon while in some Ger- 
man barracks. The enemy's artillery was located in plain view several miles across a valley 
and part of the first shell to fall struck him. Private Feldman showed great courage under fire 
and after experiencing numerous narrow escapes he contracted pneumonia and died at Contrexeville 
on October 17, 1918. 


L . S. S. Lake Moor 

Charles J. Slonaker enlisted in the United States Navy, December 10, 1918, at York, Pennsylvania. 
He was sent to Philadelphia and later to Norfolk, Virginia, for training. Having been through some 
hard training he accompanied the I'. S. S. Lake Moor on her Maiden Voyage to Europe. At mid- 
night April 11, 1918, she was torpedoed and sunk. Seaman Slonaker was instantly killed by the 
explosion. He was the son of Henry C. Slonaker of 68 West Roundary Avenue. York. Pa., and prior 
to his enlistment was a machinist. 


Company 7, Concentration Brigade 

Private Lau was the son of Mr. amd Mrs. Pius Lau of 33 West Hanover Street, Hanover, Pa. 
He was a Notary Public and was also in the insurance business in Hanover, Pa., prior to entering the 
service. He enlisted August 1, 1918, and was sent to Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas. Later he 
was transferred to Rutl'alo, N. Y., where he was stationed at Acceptance Park, Military Road, where 
he contracted inlluenza and died October 1.5, 1918, in the Emergency Hospital at Rufi'alo, N. Y. 



Killed in Action 




Co. I. IHlh Infunlry Batlalioii 

Private Trimmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Absolom Trimmer, 328 Reinicke Place, York, Pa., entered 
the service June 24, 1918. and was sent to Camp Lee, ^ a. His employment had been that of a truck 
salesman. He was one of the two men chosen to lead the First t'.ity District, when nearly two 
hundred York and York County boys left for Camp Lee, Va. It was while stationed at Camp Lee 
that Private Trimmer died of pneumonia, October 5, 1918. He was buried at the Rurmudian Meeting 
House, East Rerlin, without the regular ceremony, due to the ban on public funerals during the influenza 


Company D, HDIIi Regulars 

Acting Captain Polack was the son of Robert F. Polack of McClcilan Hcigiits, York, Pa. He 
attended Mercersburg Academy and later went to Mrginia Military Institute. He was engaged in 
the jewelry business before enlisting in May. 1917. He went to Fort Oglethoip where he received a 
commission as First Lieutenant. LieutenantPolack sailed for overseas in April, 1918, and saw extensive 
active service at the St. Mihiel front. He was promoted to acting captain and his name was forwarded 
for commission as such but it was not received before his death. As acting captain he led his company, 
capturing 205 prisoners, including several Cerman officers. During this entire engagement there 
were only three of his men wounded, none of them seriously. For this work he was highly honored and 
his company was made Shock Troops. He was killed in action October 1 1th, 1918, at Cunel, France. 


Section B, 6'. A. T. C. 

John Franklin Morton, son of Mrs. Ella Morton, 1532 W. Market Street, York, Pa., was a member 
of the Methodist Episcopal Epworth Church and Sunday School and the Reliance Fire Company 
of West York. After the death of his father he was the sole support of his mother, whom he always 
cherished greatly. Prior to his entering the service he was engaged in the silk business. He died 
October 11, 1918, while stationed at Philadelphia, Pa. His last words to his mother and sister 
were: "If I can only get to France and help crush the Raiser I don't care how they bring me home. 
I would rather be a dead hero than a living coward." 



Killed ill Action 

Died of Wounds 



Molar Serrice 

Private Meckley was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alpheus S. .Meckley of Glenville, Pa. He was 
born in Codorus Township and attended the public .schools there. Before entering the service he was 
an engine and automobile mechanic. He was stationed at the Springgarden Armory at Philadelphia, 
Pa., and was injured at that place August 'M, 1918. He was taken to the Jefferson Hospital and died 
September 4, 1918. 


Company I. .'il.'ilh Infonlry 

Private Miller was the son of Mrs. Annie Miller of Red Lion Pa. He was born in North Hopewell 
Township and attended Strayer's School. Before entering the service he was engaged in the cigar 
business at Red Lion. Private Miller was sent to Camp Meade, Md.. during the month of May, 
1918 , where he underwent training for two months, being sent overseas in July. He was engaged in 
the Argonne Forest drive and wounded September 26, 1918. Soon afterward he diefl from the wounds 
received while in action at that place. 


('ompuny F. 'Al'llh hifdiilry 

Private Burkholder was the son of Mrs. Margaret Burkholder, of Muddy Creek Forks, York 
County, Pa. Before entering the service he was engaged in farming. He left home for Camp 
Meade, Maryland, May 24. 1918. Soon after reaching Camp he was sent to France, where he 
was killed in action, September 28, 1918. He was buried in an American Cemetery at Halancourt, 
Meuse. France. Private Burkholder was thirty-one years old at the time of his death. 


Died of Wounds 


killed in Action 

Killed in Action 


Supply Compxiny, .'i'26lli Infantry 

Private Tipton was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Tipton and husband of Mrs. Minnie C. 
Tipton of 249 West York Avenue. York, Pa. He was born at Fort Royal, \'irginia. Private 
Tipton was killed by an aerial bomb explosion, September 1,5, 1918, and buried in the American 
Cemetery at Jarville, France. Following is part of a letter received by Mrs. M. C. Tipton from one 
of his connades: "Ernest and I were sleeping together at the time we were both wounded. We got 
up about midnight to watch an air raid but it was chilly so we went back to our lonely beds. Suddenly 
I heard an awful bang and saw Ernest going for the door saying he was hit. We were put in an ambu- 
laiu'e and taken to Nancy. After undergoing an operation I asked about him and one of the boys 
told me he was dead." 


Company B, l^i'ilh Infantry 

Sergeant Althoff, son of William J. and Sarah Agnes AltholT. was born in Hanover. Pa. He re- 
ceived his education at (iettysburg Parochial School, and after linishing school he assisted his father 
on the farm. Later, Sergeant Altholf moved to Elyria, Ohio, where, at the age of twenty-seven 
he was engaged in the insurance business. About ,lune 20. 1917, he enlisted and was sent to Camp 
Sheridan: there he remained until June, 191)5, when he was transferred to Camp Lee, \ irginia. He 
then immediately sailed for France. Sergeant Althoff was wounded about September 26, 1918, and 
was killed in action September 28, 1918. in the Argonne Forest. 


(jimpany A, I l'?lli Infantry 

Corporal Buchmeyer was the son of Mrs. Rosie J. Buchmeyer, residing at 14.39 Monroe Street, 
West York. Penna. He attended the public schools at home and before entering the service was 
enijiloyed in the paint department at the Martin plant of the Martin-Parry Corporation, West York. 
Corporal Buchmeyer after receiving his overseas training sailed for France with his company Soon 
after arriving in France he was sent to the front where he was engaged in the Argonne drive. It 
was during this drive that Corporal Buchmeyer was killed in action, October 5, 1918. 


killed in Aflioii 

Killed in Action 




Company G. S'^Sfh Infantry 

Private Weiler, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Weiler, resided at 136 North Street, Hanover, Penna. 
He was killed in action when fit'liting with SfMgeant ^ ork of Tennessee, who is credited as being one 
of the World War's greatest heroes. Private Weiler volunteered with about seven others to wipe 
out a series of German machine gun nests that had been retarding their progress in the Argonne. The 
detachment was cut ofl' by a line of Hun Infantry, and between two fires battled for life. There were 
132 (iermans and 3.5 enein> machine guns captured as the result of this attack. Five graves mark 
the scene of the fight at hill number 223, in the Argonne. They are the resting places of Private 
Weiler and four of his comrades who so nobly and successfully overwhelmed the enemy on October 
8th, 1918. 


Co. /. .?,S7/( Infantry 

t'orporal Shefler resided at 1309 West King Street, York, Pa. Before entering the service, he was 
employed by the American Chain Company of York, Pa., being a chainmaker by trade. Corporal 
Sheffer sailed for France soon after he left home and while overseas took part in several large battles. 
He was on active duty at the Marne, the \ esele, St. Mihiel, and the Argonne Forest. It was at the 
latter place that Corporal ShefTer was killed in action on October 9, 1918. 


U. S. S. Lawrence 

Chief Carpenter's Mate Folckomer of 120 W. Philadelphia Street, York, Pennsylvania, enlisted at 
the age of seventeen and was serving on his third term of enlistment at the time of his death. He saw 
active service at ^ era Cruz, Cuba. Chief Carpenters Mate Folckomer was drowned October 29, 
1918, at Savannah, Georgia. During his long period of enlistment he served on the following ships: 
U. S. S. Constellation, V. S. S. Yankee, U. S. S. Wabash, U. S. S. Dixie, H. S. S. Salem, U. S. S. 
Havford, I . S. S. Paducar and V. S S. Lawrence. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Clotien Folckomer. 
Previous to his enlistment he was engaged in the wood working industry. 







Ciimixiny E, .'U6tlt Infaiilry 

Private William Ringland was the son of iVIrs. J. G. Rin^land of Delta. York County. Pa. Refoie 
entering the service he was engaged in farming. He entered the service November ,5, 1917. and was 
sent to Camp Meade, Maryland. Here he was taken ill, later developing pneumonia, from which 
he died in the Base Hospital at Camp Meade, Maryland, on January 23, 1918 A letter from his 
Captain to his mother is in part as follows: "I want to assure you that we feel the loss of your b()> 
as much as you do, for while you have lost a son. Uncle Sam has lost a brave and good soldier." 


Unassigned LVh Company 

Private Leash enlist(Ml at the local recruiting station on December 26. 1917. He left for the 
district station at Harrisburg on January 7, 1918, and from there he was transferred to Camp St. 
Thomas, Kentucky. A short time afterward he was transferred to Fort Caswell, N. C. Private 
Leash enhsted as a musician and at the lime of his death he was waiting to be assigned to a band. 
He was a member of several Ynrk Rands and of the Emmanuel Reformed Sunday School orchestra. 
He was also a member of the liinunanuel Reformed Church and Rrotherhood. Pri\ate Leash was 
given a military funeral and buried in Mt. Rose cemetery by members of Colonel Watts Camp No. 68 
I'nited Spanish War Veterans, and by the members of his church. 


•23rd ('■iiinixiuy. Hlh Tniinim/ Baltalion. I.'i'ilh Drpal liriijadi' 

Private Markley was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Markley of, York ( 'uuiity. He attended 
the schools at Pleasant Grove. Before entering the service he lixcd with his parents and was em- 
ployed by The York Haven Paper Co. He was sent to Camp Mead.-. Md.. May 23, 1918, where he 
remained until his death, October 6, 1918. He was confined to the Hospital several times and had an 
operation preformed on his arm. Blood poison set in. and it is thought that he also had influenza 
which developed into pneumonia. Thus his recovery was rendered impossible. 



^sn w^' 

tXr- , 1 

killed in Action 




^ *w. 



Died of Wounds 




(Jimpuiiy k, ?67// Iiifdiitry 

Corporal Lightnor enlisted at \iiik in April. I'M 7. lie was sent to Columbus, Ohio, and then to 
Mexico, where he served until June. He then went overseas and served with the First Division until 
he was killed on .July 20. 1918, by a bomb ilropped from a tierman aeroplane. This was the third 
day of the Battle of Soisson, in which his division lost eight thousand men. Corporal Lightner's 
great grandfather, (ieorge M. Lightner, fought at North Point in the Wai' of 1812 with Captain 
Spangler's \ ork Ritles, and his grandfather, W illiam H. Lightner, was a member of the 103rd Pennsyl- 
vania Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Corporal Lightner was also a good fighter according 
to a letter received rnun his Captain, in which great regret was expressed at losing such an excellent 


Company (1, .'iO^ilh Fiu/ineers 

Private Smith was the son of Jacob S. Smith of Seven N'alleys, York County, Pennsylvania. He 
was born in Codorus Township and prior to his enlistment was employed as a laborer, living at Seven 
\ alleys with his father. Sometime after entering the service he was taken sick and, although every- 
thing possible was done to save him. he died; thus jtlaying his part in the great struggle for World 


//'///; Liuhl Field AH illery 

Corporal Thomas, son of Mrs. M()]lit> A. Thomas, 152 West King Street, York, Pa., entered the 
service May 31, 1918. He was sent to ('amp Jackson, South Carolina, where he reci'ived his training 
for overseas duty. Soon after it was learned that his company was on the (iriiig line. On September 
9, 1918, he was wounded, and on September 11, 1918, he made the supreme sacrifice for his coun- 
try. Nothing definite has yet been received except that it is known he was killed in battle. Before 
leaving for the service. Corporal Thomas was employed by the (iiilespie Laundry (Company, York, 





Killed in Action 



Ice Plant In it No. 301 

Lieutenant Evans was a Government Inspector at the York Manufacturing Company. He was 
stricken with pneumonia and admitted to the York Hospital April 29, 1918, where he died on May 
21, 1918. at the age of thirty years. Lieutenant Evans had expected to be sent to France but this 
was prevented by his sickness. The deceased had been employed at the York Manufacturing Company 
as a mechanical engineer for seven years prior to his enlistment. On March 2.5, 1918, he was married 
to Miss Viola Lewis, a bereaved bride of but a few brief months. He was a graduate of Cornell Uni- 
versity and the son of Mr. and Mrs. K. \\. l-]vans of Great Barrington, Mass., his former home. 


Company .4, 74.9/// Machine dun Battalion 

Corporal (iehring. son of Mr. and Mrs. John (Jehring, 303 High Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania, 
was the first Hanover hero to sacrifice his life on the battlefields in France. He enlisted in the early 
days of the war, June 6, 1916, at Reading, Pa. He served seven months with the 1th Regiment. 
N. G. P. on the Mexican Border, .\fter being mustered out his company was again mobilized and 
he was transferred to a Machine (iun Battalion, Rainbow Division, and was sent to France soon 
after. Corporal (iehring was killed March 10, 1918, by shrapnel. His mother received a letter from 
Chaplain Halliday which reads in part as follows: "William was on duty in the trenches and an ex- 
ploding shrapnel shell took its toll of his life. On March llth, the funeral was held in a village back 
of the lines in the cemetery at Domjevin (Meurthe et Monolle), France. Full military honors were 
accorded to your son and the grave properly marked." 


313lh Infantry, 79th Division 

Captain Rujip, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Rupp II and husband of Agnes W. Rupp, was born in 
York, January 28, 1881. He received his early education in the \ork County Academy and was 
graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1905. He then entered the paint manufacturing 
business. He enlisted March 7, 1913. as a private. In June. 1916. he served as First Sergeant at 
EI Paso, Texas. In April, 1917, he was made First Lieutenant of machine gunners at Fort Niagara. 
From there he was sent to Camp Meade, where he was attached to the 313th Infantry. On February 
5, 1918, he was promoted to Captain and given command of a Company. On July 7, 1918. Captain 
Rupp sailed for France, where he was killed in action in the Argonne battle September 29, 1918, 
between Montfaucon and Nantillois. 





Killed in Action 


U. S. Transport Serrice 

Lioiitonant Weisor was born in Yoik. May 10. 18')!. After the usual primary education Lieutenant 
W eiser attended the '\()rk Collegiate Institute Cor some years. Following a natuial inclination he also 
attended a military institute of Louisville. Kentucky, and later the Pennsylvania Military College of 
Chester. Pa. He then attended Drexel Institute of Philadelphia for a year, following which he was 
employed by the Electric Light Company of York. During the Mt>xican Border trouble he spent 
several months in the service, and then, after several months of illness, he volunteered for service 
overseas. He won a commissicjn as second Lieutenant and afterwards was promoted to first Lieu- 
tenant. After several months in the transport service he became ill with Influenza and died at Fort 
McHenry, October 7, 1918. His body was laid in the family burial ground. Lieutenant Weiser was 
a member of the First Presbyterian Church of ^Ork. 


Company L. ISIh Trainimi Ballalion. 

Private Stough was the son of Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Stough of 408 West Philadelphia street, York, 
Pennsylvania. He was born in York and attended the public schools, living with his parents. Before 
entering the service Private Stough was employed by the York Printing Company of York, as book- 
keeper. He left home on .lune 21, 1918, and was sent to Camp Lee, Virginia. After about three 
months training at Camp Lee, he was taken sick with pneumonia and died in th(> hospital at camp, 
September 26, 1918. His body was brought to York for burial. 


Company C, lk5ih Ref/imenl. 

Private Herrman was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Herrman of Red Lion. Pennsylvania, 
and husband of Mrs. Helen Landis Herrman of Linden Avenue, York. Pennsylvania. Soon after 
entering the service he was sent to France as a member of the American Expeditionary Force and saw 
active service on the Verdun Sector. It was while engaged in active duty at this place that he was 
killed, September 26. 1918. Thus he paid with his life the highest possible tribute for a true and 
loval American. 




Killed in Action 



I'ilh Company, Depot Brigade 

Private Worley was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Worley, 620 Jiroadway, Hanover, Pennsyl- 
vania. He was born in Hanover and attended the public schools at that place. At the time of 
entering the service he was engaged in farming and lived in Hano^('r. He left httme for Camp Meade 
in May, 1918. In October he came home from Camp on a furlough to visit his parents. It was 
while on this furlough that Private Worley was taken sick with influenza and died after a week's 


Second Trench Mortar Battalion, Battery A 

Private Sayers was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Latimer Sayers of 311 Smyser St., York, Pa. Before 
entering the service he was employed by the Western Union Telegraph Co. He enlisted when about 
16 years old, January 12, 1918. and was sent to Fort Thomas, Ky. Here he remained for two weeks 
and then was sent to Fort Monroe, Va. After being there for two weeks he was stricken with spinal 
meningitis and died February 12, 1918. His body was brought to York for burial. Private Sayers 
was a member of the Boy's Club, Y. M. C. A. and of St. Johns' Episcopal Church. He also had a 
brother killed in action in the Argonne Forest. 


Headquarters Company, lllli Infantry 

First Class Private Stauffer was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stauffer of Dillsburg, Pa. Before 
entering the service he was employed by the Cumberland Valley Railroad. Following is some infor- 
mation received from the American Red Cross by his mother: "We are told that Private Stauffer 
with others was in a German house about two and a half kilometers south of R(>moiville dining a 
part of the night of November 9th and 10th. About seven o'clock on the morning of the 10th, a shell 
hit the building and killed five men and wounded five. Private Stauffer was one of those that were 
killed, having been struck in the neck by a piece of shrapnel. He was buried by the Regimental 
Chaplain in grave numl)er eight close to the place where he was killed on the south side of the road." 



Killed Flying 




('.ompany 7 . .'iO^illi Engineers 

Corporal Swartzbaugh was the son of William S. Swartzbaugh of Spring dove, Pennsylvania. 
Before he entered the service he was engaged in farming at Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. On May 
2.5, 1918, he left home with a contingent of York County men lV)r Camp Meade, Maryland, where he 
underwent about six weeks of intensive training. He left Camp Meade for France, July 6, 1918, 
and was prnnioted to the rank of C(>rp<iral. On October 9, 1918, he died of pneumonia while playing 
his part in the great \\ orld cause. 


SIh Aeni fnslritction Center. Italy 

Lieutenant Brenner was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brenner, .311 N. Garfield Street, York, 
Pa. He was well known in York for his athletic activities while attending the York High School; 
before his enlistment he was a druggist. He left for the Officers' Training Camp, Fort Niagara, N. Y., 
April 2fi, 1917. ant! later was sent to the Aviation (iround School at Cornell University. In October, 
he was sent to France and then to Italy where he was assigned to the 8th Aero Instruction Center 
located at Foggia. Italy, being of th(> first class of American Airmen to be sent to the Italian lines on 
bombing exiieditioiis. In Ma\, 1918. he was commissioned First Lieutenant, and while on his second 
solo practice flight he was killed in one of the famous Caponia aeroplanes, August 2.5, 1918. 


Supply Company. 3'28th Infantry 

Private Water Ely was the son of Hiram A. Ely of Wrightsville, R. D. No. 2, York County, Pa. 
He entered the service of his Country, September 20, 1917. and was attached to the Supply Company 
of the 328th Infantry. After serving about five months in the ranks for Uncle Sam he died at Camp 
Gordon, January 28, li)18. Thus he paid with his life the highest possible tribute for a true and 
loyal American. 


Killed in Action 


fiH I 


Company F, .'lO'ilh Eiujineern 

Corporal Strausbaugh was the son of Nathaniel Strausbaugh of Spring Grove, York County, 
Pennsylvania. Prior to entering the service he was employed as a railroad brakenian. He was a 
member of the American Expeditionary Forces, and while attached to the 3()lth I'^ngineers he was 
taken sick with pneumonia and died somewhere in P" ranee, October 12, 1918. 


Company N, 3l6th Injunlry 7'Hh Division 

Corporal Monroe was the son of Mr. and IVTrs. Alex Monroe of 61 1 South Water St., York, Pa. 
He was a member of Cahary Presbyterian Church and also belonged to the L 0. 0. F. Before 
entering the service he was employed as a foreman and electrical engineer at Hog Island Ship Yards, 
Philad<'l()hia, Pa. He enlisted in May. 1918, and was sent to Camp Meade, Md. From there he 
sailed for overseas in July of the same year. He was in active service in the Argonne Forest and it 
was while there engaged that he met his death, November 5. 1918. 


//?//) Headquarters Company 

Sergeant Strayer, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Strayer. lived at 422 West Baptist Avenue, and was 
employed by the Dental Supply C.ompany, York, Pa., prior to his entering the service. He enlisted 
early in April, 1917, in the National (iuards. Company A, and received his overseas training at Camp 
Hancock, Georgia, where he was promoted to Sergeant. He sailed for France May 7, 1918, and was 
on the firing line from July until October. Here, in the Argonne Forest, after four months of severe 
fighting, he took sick and was sent to Mesues-Bulcy Hospital, France, where on October 18, 1918, 
he died of pneumonia. 



Killed in Action 


Killed in Action 

Killed in Action 



Company L, llOlh Infunlry 

Private Smith was formerly connected with the did Company K. liiit left that Company at the 
expiiatioii of his enlistment. Later h(^ ajiain joined the outfit and was tiansfeircd to Company L, 
llOth Infantry, and was the only York, boy attat'hed to that command at that time. He was sent 
to Camp Hancock and from there (jverseas, where he died August I. \'^)\H. from wounds received in 
action at the front. He was the son of Mrs. Susan Smith of 62.') \V . Princess Street, York. Pa., and 
before entering the ser\ ice he was employed by H. (i. Brockmaii. Private Smith was nearly twenty- 
four years old at the time of his death. 


Maihine Gun Cfnnpany. ll'2lh Infunlry 

Private Sipe was the son of Mrs. Susan A. Sipe, 338 S. Court Street, York, Pennsylvania. He 
was born in York County and attended the Public Schools in York. Private Sipe enlisted in the old 
Company A, 8th Regiment, National Guards of Pennsylvania. He was later transferred to the 112th 
Infantry and attached to a Machine (nm Company. It was while in active duty in France with 
this (lutflt that he met his death during the drive in the Argonne Forest on September 6, 1918. He 
n(jbly perished in one of the greatest conflicts of the war, the decisive battle of the Argonne. 


(jini/Kiny A. 1 1 '2th [nfiuilry 

Private Goodhng was the scjn of Mrs. J. A. ( ioodling. Seven \ alleys, R. F. D. No. 2, York County, 
Pennsylvania. He entered the service May 11, 1917, in the early days of the war. From York he 
went to Camp Hancock, (iecjrgia, where he received intensive training. Soon after he was sent to 
France, lie became the next best marksman in his Company. While going over the top. Private 
(ioodling saved the life of Private Lawicnce Budesheim his comrade by striking a German soldier 
over the head with the butt of his lifle. He was killed October 1, 1918, in the great Argonne drive 
where many of these brave lads gave their lives to the great cause. 







(.ompuny A. l'2lh Machine (inn Balldlion 

Private I rey was the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. \V. I rev of R. F. D. No. 2, Laurel, ^Oik County, 
Pennsylvania. Before entering the service he was engaged in York as a machinist. He entered the 
service in June, 1917, and soon after being sent to a training camp sailed for overseas. He was in France 
nearly two months when he was drowned June 16. 1918. Private Urey was twenty-four years old 
at the time of his death. 


Company E, 316lli Iiifanlry 

Sergeant Geesey was the son cf William Harrison Geesey of Dallastown, Pa. He was one of the 
first to leave Dallastown for the service, September IQ, 1917. He was made a Corporal at Camp 
Meade, Maryland, and soon afterwards a Sergeant. He remained at Camp Meade until July 7, 
1918, when he embarked with his Company for overseas. Letters were received frequently by his 
father, the last one being dated September 20, 1918. Sergeant Geesey was a well-known social and 
religious worker. He was a member of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and a member of the 
Young Men's Bible Class, he was also a soloist on the church choir. He was also a graduate of the 
Dallastown High School. Sergeant Geesey was gassed October 10, 1918, and died October 18, 1918, 
in a hospital in France. Prior to his entering the service he was in the cigar industry. 


Company A. Section B. Amhnlance Corps 

Private Rebert was born in Adams County in 1896, the son of Mr. E. H. Rebert, who is at present 
residing in Hanover. Before the war Private Rebert was emjiloyed in Pittsliurgh but left his work 
to enter the service September 5, 1918. He was stationed at Camp (ireenleaf, ( ieorgia, where he was 
taken ill with influenza which developed into pneumonia causing his death October 21, 1918, at Fort 
Oglethorp Hospital. Georgia. He was buried on the family i)lot at New Oxford, Pa. He was not 
permitted to enter the strife of battle to die in conllict with the enemy, but he none the less rendered 
that last full measure of devotion. 



Killed in Action 


Died of \¥oiinds 



o'2/lh (Jii(trli'rriiii.\ier Corps 

Private James Small enlisted August 6, 1917, and was sent to Columljus. Ohio, then to Texas, 
and later to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He resided with his wife and thice childicn at 671 West College 
Avenue, York, Pennsylvania. It was nearly a year before he ieeei\ cd his first furkiugh of ten days 
and was able to come home. About three months after he returned to Camp he was striken with 
influenza, which develo])ed into pneumonia. He died Novembei- f, f918, and was sent home for 
burial. lie was much esteemed by the men of his Company. 


Ileadquarlerit dain/xiny Isl liallalio/i ISIh Infantry 

Regimental Commissary Sergeant Burgess was the son of Dr. and Mrs. Wakefield Burgess of 
Boston, Massachusetts. Both of his parents are dead. He was a regular army man, having enlisted 
for service in Boston, Massachusetts, shortly after the death of his mother, when he was about eighteen 
years old. He served with General Pershing in Mexico. He re-enlisted in the service at Statesburg, 
Georgia, on January 4, 1917. Sergeant Burgess was stationed at Ciettysburg and while there married 
Miss Elsie May Neff of 639 E. King Street, York, Pa. He always regarded York as his home. Fol- 
lowing is a telegram received by his wife from Washington: "Deeply regret to inform \ou (hat Sergeant 
(ieorge (i. Burgess, Infantry, is officially reported as killed in action. May 12th." 


(JirniKiny D, 3'2S'lli Iiifatilry 

Corporal Miller was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of Hanover. Pennsylvania. He was 
born in Conewago Township and attended the public schools at Midway. Before entering the service 
he was employed as a salesman in Ohio, from where he went to Camp Meade, Maryland, and was 
later transferred to Camp Gordon and then sailed for France. He was wounded October 15, 1918, on 
Sunimerons Hill. Corporal Aliller with his and two other scpiads of jiicked men were chosen to capture 
a machine gun nest where there were about thiee (iermans to one American. Four of his men were 
killed at 3 A. M. and later Corporal Miller was wounded by machine gun bullets in the stomach and 
shoulder. The object was gained, l)ut he died the following day, thus paying the precious price of 


Died of Wounds 


Killed ill Xction 





.■)/.';/ Company, i}ii(l BaUullon, :')lh Rcqinieiit Mariitps 

Sergeant AlthofT enlisted August 23. 1416, at Baltimore, Md., in the U. S, Marine C.urps. He was 
sent to Paris Island for training, later to Cuba. Haiti, and then to France. His mother, !\Irs. \nna 
AlthoCF 139 South Park Ave., received word from his captain which stated that Sergeant Althr)fl' 
volunteered to capture a certain machine gun, with several of his comrades. While thus engaged he 
was struck by machine gun bullets and died several hours after from the wounds, in Field Hospital 
No. 15, on June 11, 1918. The objective was. gained and the woods w(Me named Bois de la Brigade 
de Marines in honor of the United States Marines who fought there in June. 1918. 


Company A, I l'2lli Infantry Machine Can Company 

Private Nelf was the son of Mr. and .Mrs. C. L. Nefl' of 1010 North Duke St.. North ^ <irk. Pa. 
He left home for El Paso, Te.xas, and was later stationed at Gettysburg. He sail 'd in May, 1918, for 
France where he spent several months in active service. He was killed in action September 6. 1918. 
Private Nefl' was a member of the first I . B. Church of York, and was the Brother of Corjioral Aaron 
D. Nefl', who lost his life while on active ser\ice at the front, Octoljer I I. i')18. Thus the brothers 
made the supreme sacrifice almost within the same month. 


Company D. I'?lh Ballalion 

Sergeant Kinsell was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kinsell of Hanovei, Pa. Before entering the 
service he was employed at Hanover as a bookkeeper. He was setit to Camp Meade in preparation 
for overseas service. Sergeant kinsell was taken sick with pneumonia and although everything 
possible was dcme to save his life, he died at Pigeon Point, Delaware on Ortobi-r 12. 1918. 




Died of Wounds 




CanifKiny II, '.il'illi fiifanlry 

Private Olewiler was the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. 01t>vviler n( Reel Lion, Pa. He was born at 
East Prospect in 1893, wliere as a young man he attended tiie puhlie schools. He was a member of 
the United Evangelical Ciiurch and also a member of the band at East Prospect. Refore entering the 
service he was engaged in the cigar business at that place. He left his home in May, 1918, for Camp 
Meade, Maiyland. where he remained for two months before being sent to Erance. He was taken 
sick with pneumonia and died at Rase Hospital No. 380, October 16, 1918. While in the hospital 
he was under the care of Miss Esther F. Tipton, A. N. C. of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 


Company B. .T^SIh Infantry 

Private Reever was the son of Mrs. .lohn W. Reever, 31 E^ast Eighth Avenue, Nortii York, 
Pennsylvania. He was wounded OctolxT 15, 1918, near Somcrana when- he, with his f'.ompany, was 
ordered to advance to a woods and iiold it. He was remo\«'d to ;i hospital at Eieiny Sai-Aire near 
Verdun, where he died from the wounds received in action. He was jjuried by a chaplain among 
eight hundred others, with military honors of the flag, bugle and firing squad. A large memorial 
service was held in Private Reever's honor by the 328th Ini'antry before leaving France. 


('ornpariy E. ')GUi Eiuiineers 

Wagoner Hays was the son of Crull i\I. Hays of Newberrytown, York Gounty, Pennsylvania. He 
entered the service in March. 1918, and was assigned to the 1 5 1th Dep( it Rrigade. Later he was transferred 
to Company E, 603rd i']ngineers. Search Light Division. While attached to this outfit he was sent to 
the Ignited States Rifie Range at Annapolis, Maryland. From there he was transferred to Company 
E, 56th Engineers and sent overseas. About December 20. 1918, he caught a slight cold and three days 
later was sent to the Camp Hospital where he died of pneumonia at five o'clock Christmas morning. 
He was buried in the Military Cemetery at Moselle, France. 



Rilled in Action 

now AH 1) II. (ilLBERT 
Killed ill Action 


Died of Wounds 


Company I, 6]sl Infanlry 

Corporal Lowe was the son of Mrs. AllVfcl Lowi^ of 10 Ridj^p Aveniio, Hanover, Pennsylvania. 
Before enteiing the ser\ ice he was in the silk industry. On January 15, 1918, he left for Camp Meade, 
Md., where he trained for several months. He was then sent to Camp (Jreene, and soon after left for 
o\ erseas. His mother received a letter from one of the boys who went from York County to camp and 
to France with Corporal Lowe, which is in part as follows: "Raymond was killed while going over the 
top on November 5, 1919. I helped to bury him about one mile north of the town of Dun-Sur-Meuse 
along the Meuse River on a high hill overlooking one of the most beautiful valleys I have ever seen. 
His grave is marked with a large cross, to which his identification tag is nailed." Corporal Lowe was 
a member of the Trinity Reformed Church and Sunday School and of the Hanover Lodge of the Order 
of Moose. 


Company (.. .'H.'ilh Infanlry 

Private Gilbert was the son of J. F. Ciilbert of R. F. D. No. 1, Wrightsville, Pa. He worked on 
a farm until he was twenty-one years of age and then he went to Reading, Pennsylvania, where he was 
employed by the Reading Iron Company. He left for Camp Meade, Maryland, May 25, 1918, and 
underwent training until July 8, 1918, when he sailed for France. Private Gilbert was killed in action 
in the Meuse drive September 28. 1918, after courageous conduct on the field of battle. He has the 
distinction of having been engaged in this, one of the most memorable combats of the war, where he 
helped to pay the price for that glorious victory. 


Second Trench Motor Battery 

Private Rubrecht lived on Linden Avenue, Hanover, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Mrs. 
Emma Rubrecht and was employed by the Sheppard and Myers Shoe Company of Hanover, Pa. 
After training for some time on this side he was sent to France as a member of the American 
Expeditionary Forces. After seeing active duty in the fiont line trendies for several months he 
was killed by a piece of shrapnel on April 3, 1918. Little more is known concerning the manner in 
which he met his death. 



Killed in Action 





Com /HID y U, .'II6II1 Infantry 

Private Carbaugh, son of Mrs. George F. Rhinhold of 131 Scjuth Cherry Avenue York, Pa, entered 
the service June 5, I'M 7. He was born in Hanover in August. 1841. He went away to school near 
Philadelphia. Befoie entering the servic(> he was employed at the Keeley Stove Works. Columbia, Pa. 
Private Carbaugh tried three times to enlist but was rejected on account of disability. He was trans- 
ferred to Co. I. 1th \ . S. Infantry Regular Army. He was sent to France with his regiment and was 
killed in the battle of Chateau Thierry, July 5, 1918. He was buried in a Cemetery with several 
other American soldiers near where he fell. 


U. S. S. Delaware 

First Class Pharmacist Mate Lillich was the son of Mr. and Mrs. iohn K. Liliich i>f 20.5 \. West 
St., York, Pa. He was born in Monoghan Township, York County. He attended the University of 
Maryland and was employed at the Dale Drug Co. this city before entering the service. He enlisted 
July 15, 1918. and was sent to Wissahickon Barracks, Cape May, New Jersey, where he received 
several months training, later being attached to the I . S. S. Delaware. While home on a forty-eight 
hour furlough he died of influenza the 4th day of October. 1918. He was a member of the St. Matt- 
hews Church. Mr. and Mrs. Lillich also have another son who served in the II. S. Navy. 


U. S. S. Mississii>iii 

Ensign Weaver was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Weaver of Seitzland, ^ ork County, Pennsylvania. 
He enlisted in the L nited States Navy about four years ago and was given the rating of ( 'hief ( iunnei's 
Mate. On October 12, 191 7. he was promot<>d fr-oni Chief Gunner's Mate to Ensign. H(> was attached 
to the IT. S. S. Mississi|)pi but was taken sick and removed to the \aval Hospital at Norfolk, \ irginia, 
where he died February 2, 1918. He was one of the few commissioned officers of the I . S. Navy from 
York County to give his life for the cause. 


Killcrj in Action 

Killed in Action 


Died of W( Hinds 


Company C, .j'?/.v/ Machine (hut Balhilion 

Private Warner was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Warner of Seven Valleys, York County, Pa. 
He was horn in Springfield, Pa., and attended the public schools at that place. Refore entering the 
service he was in the cigar business at Seven \'alleys. Soon after leaving cani|) he arrived in F"rance 
and was sent to the front. Word was received by Eli C. Warner of Seven Valleys, that his brother 
Clayton was killed September 1.5. 1918. at St. Mihiel, France. 


C.itmpany l\. lI'JIli Inftinlry 

Corporal Raymond Knighton was probably the youngest and one of the first to enter the war from 
York, Pennsylvania. He enlisted July 6, 1916, at the age of fifteen years and served with Company K, 
National (luards of Pennsylvania, during the trouble at the Mexican lioider. In France he was at- 
tached t<j Company K, 112th Infantry, and was killed in action soniewheie in the \rgonne Forest, 
October 1, 1918. Corporal Knighton was the son of Mi . and Mrs. William H. Knighton, 249 E. Walnut 
Street, York. Pa. ("orpoial Raymond Knighton was employed at the American Candy Factory prior 
to his enlistment. 


Company A', I l'2lli Infantry 

Private Shive was the son of Mrs. L. A. Shive who resides at 429 W. College Avenue, York, Penn- 
sylvania. Prior to his entering the service, he was engaged as a barber by Renjamin Shriver, York, 
Pa. He enlisted August 13, 1917, in the old Company K,8th Regiment, N.(i. P., with which Company 
he was sent to Camp Hancock, Ci(H)rgia, for training. On May 7, 1918, he sailed for France and was 
later transferred to the 3rd battalion, scout section. Private Shive was killed in action July 24, 1918, 
at Chatteau Thierry, France. 


Died of Wdiiiids 


Killed in Action 




Private Hcffner was the son of .Mr. and Mrs. Amos Heffner of Laiiri'l, 1^ F. D. \o. 2, Yt)rk County, 
Pennsylvania. Soon after entering the service he was sent to France as a ineinl)er of the American 
Expeditionary Forces, where he saw active service at the front fcjr several months. lie was injured 
in battle and removed to a hospital in Fiance, whcie he died a few days afterward. Very little is 
known ahout his death. He nobly perished in one of the greatest conflicts of the war, helping to 
pay the j)iice for that glorious victory. 


Refjlacenient Unit No. 301. Molar Transporlalioii Corps 

Before entering the service Lieutenant Schuman resided at 119 West Philadelphia Street, York, 
Pa., with his grandmother, Mrs. Sallie Schuman. He was employed at the Martin Truck and Body 
Corporation of West York, and was in charge of the assembling department. He enlisted in 
October. 1917. after a special trip to Washington D. C. He was then sent to Washington and sailed 
for overseas in January of 1917. He enlisted as a private being promoted to XXvc rank of sergeant 
before sailing and was later commissioned a second lieuteant. Lieutenant Schuman died at Nievere, 
France, on March 6, 1919, of pneumonia. 


Compuny (I. I'^'ilJi Infanlry 

Private Clarence Kopp was the son of Mr. John T. kopp of 810 York Street, Hanover, Pennsyl- 
vania. He entered the service, being attached to the 32nd Division at the time of his death. He 
was officially reported killed in action October 24, 1918. No definite information has yet been re- 
ceived as to how he met his death; it is only known that he rendered his last full measure of devotion. 



Killed in Aotion 

Killed in Action 


Company L, I . S. Irifuiilry 

Private Myers was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Myers of 7.'?2 West York Ave., York, Pa. Before 
entering the service he was employed at the American Chain Co. this city. He left home unexpectedly 
and enlisted June 11, 1917. He was only 15 years old and left home without consulting his parents, 
fearing they would object to his enlisting, because of his youth. He was sent to Camp Sheridan, 
Alabama, where he contracted double pneumonia and died October 28, 1918. Private Myers was a 
member of the Lutheran Church of York. He was 16 years old at llic time of his death. He was 
York's youngest soldier. 


Company C, 601 h Infunlry 

Bugler Krider was the son of Mrs. Jeremiah Sipe of 526 Sal(>m Avenue, York. Pennsylvania. He 
was a member of the 60th Infantry, Company C, American Expeditionary Forces. He saw extensive 
active service abroad and was killed at Phont Mosson, France. Littlt> is known regarding the manner 
in which he met his death, except that he was killed while on active duty. He was only sixteen years 
old at the time of his death. While only a boy in years, he did a man's part. 


Company B. I lib Infunlry 

Private Heiss was the son of Mrs. Elian N. Stump of Dallastown, York County, Pennsylvania. 
He attended the public schools at York, Pa. Before entering the service he was engaged in the cigar 
business. After several months of intensive training on this side, he sailed for oveisi-as in April. 
1918, as a member of the American Expeditionary Forces. Private Heiss was killed in action Sep- 
tember 12, 1918. Private Heiss was a member of the Ignited Brethren Church at Dallastown. He 
had a brother Edward D. Heiss who also died in th(> service, from pneumonia, at Camp Logan, Texas. 


killed ill Action 


Killed in Action 



('.(iinpuiiy h, I'llilh liifaiilry 

Private SliPinian (\ Scott was the son of Mrs. Lizzie V. Scott of 173 South Pine Street, York. 
Pennsylvania, lie enhsted in York, Pennsylvania, and was attached to Coin|jany h. 1 Ifitii Infantt y 
of the 37th Division. Soon after his arrival in France lie took |)ait in the Arjionne Drive. It was 
during this drive that Private Scott was killed in action near C.ierges, France. His death was caused 
hy a high e.\pl(jsive shell: he was buried near the place where he fell, a martyr to a great cause. 


Coinimuy E, I l'2lli Infanlry 

Private Strawbridge was the son of Mary Frances and Hugh C. Strawbridge of Bridgeton. York 
County, Pennsylvania. He entered the service in PH7, being sent to Camp Meade, Md. After 
eight months of intensive training he sailed for France July 7. PM8. After having been gassed in 
France he was stricken with bronchial imeumonia and died October 26, 1918. The gas made his 
recovery impossible. Private Strawbridge was buried in the American Cemetery A. P. O. 780, France, 
with full militarv honors. 


3'27lh Infanlry 

Private Hohibaugh was the son of Edward M. Rohr'baugh of Spring Grove, Pa. He entered the 
service September 20, 1918, and was sent to Cam|> Gordon, (ieorgia. and then transferred to ('.amp 
ITpton, sailing for' overseas April 25, 1918. He then went to Liverpool, V\ inchester. South Hampton, 
and fr'om there acr'oss the English Channel to Le Havre, France. He first saw active duty on the Toul 
front and later' started for the Argonne Forest. Private Rohrbaugh was in the town of C.ornay when 
it was retaken by the (iermans. He I'emarked to a friend that he would never' be captured. As 
there were about thirty of our men taken at that lime, it was thought that he was killed while 
resisting capture. 


Killed in Action 

Killed in Action 


Killed in Action 



C(ini/)uny 1, .'iUilh Infantry 

Private Kolilcr was the son of Mr. and i\hs. Charles Kolilcr of 737 West Clark Avenue. He was 
born at Stewartstown where he later attended the public schools. Before entering the service he 
was engaged as a stone cutter by Victor M. (Jross, York, Pennsylvania. He enlisted September 24, 
1917. and was sent to Camp Meade, Maryland, where he underwent intensive training for ten months 
and then sailed for' Fiance a member of the Ameiican Expechtionary Forces. He was in active service 
overseas for more than five months. While on guard duty somewhere in France, he was instantly 
killed by shrapnel. Piivate Kohlei- was a member- of the Krrights of Malta Lodge of ^'ork. Pa. 


//?//; Supply Company, '2Slh Dirisian 

Private Luther Shive was the son of Mrs. Kate Shive of 166 West King St.. York, Pa. He enlisted 
in York on June 13, 1917, with Company K, 8th Hegiment, N. (i. P.. and was sent to Camp Hancock, 
Georgia, where he was transferred to the 112th Regiment. He sailed for France, May 7, 1918, with the 
28th Division. In France he was in active service in a machine (iun Supply Company. On August 
7, 1918, he was struck by a shell and killed while guurtling a ration dump. He was l)uried where he 
fell, about one and oni'-half miles back of Fismes. 


Company E, 6Ulh Infantry 

Corporal Neff was the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Neff of No. 1010 North Duk<' St.. York. Pa. Before 
entering the .service he lived at the home of his parents and was engaged in the baking business. He 
left for camp and underwent several months training before being sent overseas a member of the 
American Expeditionary Forces. He served about four months at the fiimt and was killed in action 
October 11, 1918, in France. He was a member of the First Moravian Chuich of York. Mr. and 
Mrs. NefF also gave another son, William M. Neff, for the great cause. He was a member of Co. A., 
112th Inft., and was killed in action, Sept. 6. 1918, in France. 


Killed in \rticiii 


Died (if \\ omuls 


Kilinl ill Vctidii 


(loinjxiny A, U-2lli Infunlry 

Corporal Markey enlisted May 10. I'MT, and was sent to Camp Hancock for training. On .\Fay 6, 
1918. he was sent to P'rance where he foufjht in the battle of Chateau Thierry and in the Aryonne 
Forest. It was at the latter place that he was killed. He was made a Corporal just three days before 
his death, and it was while leading; his scpiad that he was shot by a sniper on October !i. l')l«. He 
also had a very narrow escape on the morning of his death when a shell e\j)l()<led near and hurled him 
bodily through the air. A letter was received from Corporal Markey's Captain. Ijy his mother Mrs. 
Laura B. Markey of 330 W. King Street, York, Pa., stating that he regretted vei y much the loss of 
such a brave soldier. He was ne\ cr known to falter, always cheerful and liked by all of his company. 


Company 1. I l'2lli Infunlry 

Harry W. Brown, son of Reuben H. and Annie h^lizabeth Br(jwn , 112 S. Penn St.. York , Pa., was 
born in York, January f), 1899. He attended the public schools of York, and was one of the youngest 
and first to enter the service in the early days of the war. He enlisted in the N. G. P. of Company A, 
April 10. 1917. He was transferred to Camp Hancock, September 10, 1917, where he was transferred 
to the 112th Infantry. On May 7, 1918, Private Brown sailed for overseas where he served nearly 
five months in the front line trenches. His bravery can best be appreciated when it is known that 
he went over the top six times. He was injured in the Argonne Forest, September 28, 1918, while 
going over the top, and di<'d October 1 , 1918. at Etretet Base Hospital >fo. 1 1.5 of his wounds received 
in action. 


Company /■", ilfi Infunlry 

Private klinedinst was the son of R. II. klinedinst of 21 North Highland Ave.. West ^Ork, Pa. 
Heeidisted Jidy .i, 1 91 7, at thi> local recuiting station and was sent to (iettysbuig. Pa., where he received 
several months training before being sent to Camp (ireen, N. C.. On March ."), l'M8. he embarked for 
overseas. Private Klinedinst was a messenger at the front, and it was while acting in that capacity 
that he wast killed on October 12, 1918. in the \ erdun Sei'tor. Prior to his enlistment he was in 
the sheet metal business. 




Killod in Action 

Killed in Action 



Headquarlers Company, I'i'ilh Drpot Brigade 

Private Kiihr Piiterccl the service on May 26. I'Hti. and was sent to Camp Meade, Maryland. He 
was the first Mt. WoU boy to die in tlie sei\ice of liis Country. Before leaving for camp he was 
assistant cashier at the I nion National Bank of Mt. \\ olf and an active member of the United Brethren 
Church, being assistant superintendent of the Sunday School. Private Kohr was a member of the 
Mt. Wolf Fire Company and band, and a member of the following organizations: Mt. Wolf Lodge 
No. 1196, I. O. 0. F., Mt. Wolf Castle No. 451. K. (J. E., Washington Camp No. 42, P. 0. S. of A. of 
Manchester, Zeredetha Lodge, F. & A. M., York, and a member of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, and 
the Junior Mechanics of Manchester. Death was caused l)y Pnemnonia. 


Company A . '^lh Infantry 

Private Stambaugh was the son of Mrs. Annie Stambaugh of Jackson Township, York County, 
Pennsylvania. On July 16, 1918, he was killed instantly going over the top in the Marne drive. He 
was twenty-one years, eleven months and sixteen days old when he lost his life. He was a member 
of the Christ Lutheran Church of Jackson Township where memorial services were held in his honor, 
September 29, 1918. Rev. F. S. Geesey preached the sermon. 


Company E. .'i'^SIIi Irifunlry 

Private Hess was the son of Mrs. Susie Hess of Franklintown, York County, Pennsylvania. After 
spending several months in various lamps on this side where he received extensive training, he sailed 
for overseas July 8, 1918. He was engaged in the Argonne drive and it was in that battle, in which 
so many of our Pennsylvania boys gave their lives, that he was killed, on October 9, 1918. He had 
the distinction of having been engaged in this, one of the most memorable combats of the war, where 
he helf)ed to pay the piice for that glorious \ictf)ry. 


^ V 


Killed in Action 


Killed in Action 



donipany F. .'iO'ilh Etujinefrs 

Private L tz was the son of Jacob S. Utz of West !\Ianheim Township. York County, Pa. He 
attended the public schools, residing at Hanover. Pa.. R. D. No. 2. Before entering the service he 
was employed on a farm, his mother being dead. Soon after leaving home he was sent overseas a 
mend)er- (if the American Kxpeditionary Force. While somewhere in France he was taken sick and 
died. Il is tlioiight that pneumonia superinduced l)y influenza was the cause of his death. 


('(impany 1. 'itllh ftef/imrnt 

Private Hunter was the son of Da\ id Hunter of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. He was engaged 
in farming before entering the .service. He left for camp in March. 1918. with a contingent of York 
County men. After serveral months of intensive training on this side he sailed for France a member 
of the American Expeditionary Forces. After serving two months at the front, he was wounded 
September 28. 1918. He died later from the results of the wounfis receivefl in action. Little oflicial 
information is known about his death. 


Company ('. I l'?lli Iiifunlry 

Wagoner Sayers was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Latimer Sayers of .'511 Smyser St., York, Pa., who 
also lost another son. Latimer Sayers. Jr.. in the World War. Wagoner Sayers was nineteen years 
old when he enlisted and before entering the service he was employed in York as stableman for Mr. 
,loe kindig. He was killed in action October 2, 1918, in the Argonne Forest, France. Before sailing 
for overseas he won highest honors in an inspection held by several Q. IVL C. officers, among them 
being Capt. Riddle of Philadelphia. For this good work he was given a certificate of honor which 
he sent to his sister, xMiss _M. Sayers of .311 Smyser St., York, Pa. Wagoner Sayers was a mem- 
ber of St. John's Episcopal Church and als<i a member of the Boys" CJub. 



. • *»"-. 




Killed in Attiun 

Killed in Action 





Machine Gun Company, 31 1th Infantry 

Private Shaffer was the son of Mrs. Laura Hare of Dover tt)wnship, R. D. No. i. Refore entering 
the service he was emplovecl in York by the S. Morgan Smith Co. He was sent to camp Dix where 
he received about six weeivs training before being sent overseas. In April, 1918, he reached France 
where he served for six months as a member of a machine gun company. Private Shaffer gave his 
hfe for the great cause October 6, 1918. He was killed in action on that date. 


Company A, /th Infantry 

Corporal Hoffman was the son of Mrs. Robert H. Hoffman, of York, R. F. D. No. 7. He enlisted 
July 17, 1917, and was sent to Gettysburg, where he trained until November, 1917. He was then 
sent to Camp Greene, Charlotte. N. C, and later left there for Camp Merrit where he sailed for over- 
seas. He landed in France April 22, 1918. Here he served for six months, until he was killed in the 
Argonne Forest, France. An official report is, in part, as follows: "The enemy was shelling heavily 
and our Companies suffered some casualties. Corporal Hoffman in charge of his squad was with 
Company K advancing bravely in the face of the heavy fire of the enemy. After a large shell exploded 
close by. Corporal Hofl'man fell fatally wounded. He died about one-half hour later and was buried 
in the evening of October 1, 1918, directly behind the Catholic Church in Cierges, France."' 


iSth Aero Squadron 

Private Fitzgerald was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Fitzgerald of 128 E. Prospect Street, York, 
Pa. He graduated from the York High School in 1914. He enlisted July 15, 1917, and was sent to 
Columbus Rarracks, Columbus, Ohio, from there to Kelly Field, Texas, and then to France, where 
he served four months. Private Fitzgerald died of spinal meningitis January 6 1918, at Tours. 
France. He was buried at Toure Indre Et Loire, France. He was a member of the First Moravian 
Church and the Y. ^I. C. A. of York. 








killed in Action 



Company ('.. .'iOitli Eiuiiurcrs 

Private Mecklt-y was the son uf Mrs. Daisy ,1. Mci klr\ of 110 .McAllister St.. Hanover, Pa. in 
eivil life his occupation was that of a stone cutter, lie entered the service May 2.5, 1918. and was 
sent to Camp .Meade. Maryland, where he was assigned to the ,'504th Engineers of the 79th Division. 
On July 8, 1918, he left Hoboken, N. J., for overseas. He was gassed September 25, 1918, while on 
duty in the Argonne Forest. Later, on October 11. |i>18. he died of pneumonia at Rase Hospital 
No. 51. France. He was buried in the ( io\ eminent Cenieteiy at Mesves, France. 


Conipniiy L, .)/lli Infdiilry 

Private I leiss was the son of Mrs. Elian N. Stump of Dallastown, York <'.(>unt\. Pennsylvania. 
He attended the public sihools at Dallastown and was emijloyed at a box factory at that place at the 
time of entering the service. He was stationed at Camp i>ngan, Texas where he contrai'ted pneumonia 
and died October 6, 1918. He was a member uf the I iiited liretliTen ( 'hurch at Dallastown. Private 
Heiss had a brother Curvin H. Heiss, who was killed in Fiance. 


Company A, 32/ th Infantry 

Private Parker Weaver, son of Air. aind Mrs. C. K. Weaver, Harrisburg St.. Dillsburg, Pa., was 
the first boy from Dillsburg to be reported killed in action. He left home October 6, 1917. to go to 
Camp Meade, Maryland, and ten days later he was transferred to Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ca., where 
he remained until A()ril. 1918, going from there to France. Many interesting letters were rec»'i\ed 
from Private Weaver by his parents, from which it was learned that he was undergoing some hardships 
but was determined that only Glory and Mctory should be the final result. He was killed in action 
October 16. 1918. in the Argonne Forest b> being hit with a piece of shrapnel. He was buried where he 
fell; grave No. 6 of burial |>lot slope on Hill No. 180. He was a member of the I nited Brethren 
Church and Sunday School, and also of the Dillsburg P. O. S. of A. 



Killed in Attion 




30'ilh Eulfiiieers 

Privatf \ ictor Mecklpy was the son of Mr. William W. Alcekley of Seven \'alleys, R. F. D. No. 1, 
\ ork County, Pennsylvania. He entered the service of I nde Sam, June 1, 1918, and was sent to 
Camp Meade, Maryland. After extensive training he was sent to France, July 1, 1918. While in 
France, Private Mecklt>y was stricken with pneumf)nia and made the supreme sacrifice for his Country, 
October I. 1918. He was twenty-four years old and previous to his entering the service was engaged 
in Ihf ciirar liusincss. 


Hill Mdcliinr Cult Balhilion 

Private Jamison was the son of Mi-. and Mrs. Nathan Jamison of Spring (Jrove, Pa., at which 
place he attended the pubHc schools. He enlisted at the age of twenty-three, at Gettysburg, July 
18, 1917, in Company L, 7th Infantry and on November 21, 1917. he was transferred to the 8th Machine 
(iun Rattalion stationed at Camp ( ireene, N. C. He sailed lor France in April. 1918. On the night 
of July 1 1th at Nesles, about a mile south-east of Chateau Thierry, while on duty, carrying a message 
through the barrage thrown over by the Cermans, in pre|)aration for the attack, he was struck by 
shrapnel and instantly killed. Private Jamison was a member (tf Mt. Zion Refoirn Sinulay School. 


('(impany B, Lujuyeile Train inn Deluchnwiit 

Corporal Snydeman enlisted August 1.5, 1918. Previous to his etitcring the service he was engaged 
in the silk business, and resided with his mother, Mrs. Arvilla S. Blackl()ck,at 22:5 South (^)ueen Street, 
York, Pennsylvania. On his second furlough home he became ill with influenza, which later developed 
into pneumonia. He died at the home of his mother October 20, 1918. He was not permitted to 
enter the strife of battle to die in conflict with the cnenn. but he none the less rendered that last full 
measure of devotion. 





iitlMllHrHii I a=8»". 



Company A. Medical I nil Xo. '/i 

Private Buie was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Buic of Seven Valleys, Pa. Before entering the 
service he was engaged in farming. He left home September 5, 1918, for Camp Greenlciif, (Georgia. 
After training there for about a month he was transferred to Camp Cpton. N. Y. It was while sta- 
tioned at the latter plaee that he became ill with |ineumonia about the time his outfit sailed for over- 
seas. Unable to recovei- from the terrible disease that claimed so many of our bra\c boys, he died 
October 6. 1918. 


Company, A, 'Al'ilh Infantry 

Private Seitz was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seitz of Yoe, York County, Pennsylvania. He 
attended the public schools at Yoe and was employed as a cigar box maker before entering the service. 
After several months of intensive training on this side he was sent overseas as a member of the American 
Expeditionary Forces. Soon after landing in France he was sent to the front line trenches and 
wt>unded Sejitendier 26, 1918. He was removed to a hospital at Souelly. France, where he died 
October 2, 1918, from tln^ wounds received in action. He was burieil at the cemetery near where he 
died in grave No. 13. 


Company F. 30'ilh Engineers 

Private Tresselt entered the service May 2.5, 1918. and was sent to Camp Meade, Maryland. On 
July 9, 1918, he left for overseas. He was about to be promoted for his efficiency in service when he 
was taken ill with pneumonia in an Evacuation Hospital, France, and died October 11, 1918. Private 
Tresselt was ill only four days when his death occurred. He was buried about ten miles distant from 
where his Com[)any was fighting at the time. Before entering the service he was engaged in Ihesilk 
business and resided at 3 10 W. Cottage Place with his wife. He was twenty-thiee years old at the 
time of his death. 



killed in Action 


Killed in Action 



Killed in Action 



Company C, 60lh Iiifdiilry 

Private (Jerbrick was the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cierbritk of (ilcn Ruck, Pa. Before entering 
the service he was employed as a brakeman. He was sent to Camp Meade, Md., and later was trans- 
ferred to Cam]j ( Ireen, N. C from whicli place h(> sailed for overseas. Little is known of the way in 
which he met his death and the only oHicial communication received by his parents was a telegram 
which read as follows: "Deeply regret to imform you that Private Quinton M. (ierbrick. Infantry, is 
oflici;illy re])orled as killed in action October 1 I, 1018." Though the last resting place of his body be 
unknown, yet his spirit ever dwells with those for whom he made the supreme sacrifice on the field 
of battle. 


(jinipany E, 'Ulilli lufdiilry 

Sergeant Mundis was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mundis of 1121 West Market Street. 
^ ork. Pennsylvania. Before entering the service he was in the pliunbing business in York, Pa. He 
left for Gamp Meade on September 20, 1917. with the first contingent of \ ork County men. After ten 
months of intensive training he sailed f(jr overseas July 7, 1918. and served several months at the front. 
He was killed September 2^^, PM8. while ad\ ancing through the Argonne Forest with his Company. 
He was twenty-five years old at the time of his death. 


tllli Rf'i/inii'nl Ent/ineers, .'Ird Division 

Private Leifer was the son of Mr. and Mrs. V\ in. F. Leifer X^'^ E. Market St., York, Pa. He was 
born in York, October 28, 1899, where he attended the public schools. He was among the first to 
resjiond to the call of his Country, enlisting in the 6th Regiment, Third Dix ision. He was killed July 
1,0, 1918, liack of the town of Creyzency near the Marne Rivei', during the moining of the first day of 
the battle of Chateau Thierrx. \t the time of his death he was working with his outfit constructing 
machine gun emplacements, erecting barbed wire entanglements, and fire rafts on the river. He was 
l)uried in St. Eugene Cemetery, France. 



Fi* '* 


(.hahij:s II. siPE 

Killed in Actiun 


Killed ill \('ti<)n 


WALTER E. (;R()\E 

KIIIimI in Vctiofi 



Campuny B. l()9lh MacJtiiie (hm BullaUon 

Private Sipe, son of Mrs. Emma Catherine Sipe, resided at 232 Maple Street, York, Pa., before 
entering the service. He was killed in Fiaiiee, September 7. I^JIS, near Fismes. Following is the 
letter received by his mother: "Dear Madam: 1 received your letter this morning inquirins; about your 
son Charles. He was killed in action while guarding some ammunition, being struck with a piece of 
shell and was instantly killed. The boys of his Company buried him and marked the grave by a large 
cross. His name, rank, and organization were inscribed on the cross. His grave is just north of Cour- 
landon, about two ziiiles northeast of Fismes. Charley was a good boy and never shirked his duty; 
he has seen some very bitter fighting and died nobly. You can be proud that he so nobly gave his life 
so that the world might be saved from the ( ierman Autocracy." 


//•?//; hifanlry. ^Slh Dirislon 

Private Harry Withers was the son of Daniel H. Withers of .568 W . Ring Street, ^Ork, Pa. He, 
with his brother John Withers enlisted April 12, I'H 7, in Co. A. Eighth Regiment. Roth boys went to 
Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga.. September 10, 19] 7. and were sent over seas in May, 1918. with thp 1 12th 
Infantry. Private Harry Withers was with his Company through all the haicl lighting from the lirst 
day until his death. He was killed in action September 6. 191!!. being hit by part of a large shell. 


Coni/Hiny C. I'i'tlh Infantry 

Private (irove was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Grove of Red Linn, l\. D. No. 2, York County, 
Pennsylvania. He lived with his parents at the time of entering the service. After seveial months of 
intensive training on this side he sailed for overseas a mend)cr of Company C, 1 1.5th Infantiy of the 
American Expeditionary Forces and was killed in action wliiii- lighting in France. The date of his 
death is officially rejiorted as November 4, 1918, only a week before the Armistice was signed. He 
was cue of the last boys from Red Lion to give his life to his Country. 





Killed ill Action 



C.omiMiiy A. ll'^lli fn/anlry 

Private March was the son of Mrs. Elizabpth, March of Dover R. F. D. JVo^.4^ York County, 
Pennsylvania. Hewas a member of Company A, 1 12th Infantry, 28th Division,' known as the Keystone 
Division or Iron Men's Division, which entered the front line ti'enches and did such flood work on ,Iune 
25, 1918. Private March received a shrapnel wound in the right arm on August 23, 1918, at Chateau 
Thierry. Later he contracted pni'innonia and died. 


Cheiiucdl II (irfurc Service 

Frank O. Shauk was the son of Mrs. F. R. Shauck of New Freedom, Pennsylvania. He was a 
student at Dickinson College before he entered the service, and later he became a member of the 
Research Division of the American I niversity Experiment Station, Chemical Warfare Service. He 
died October 12, 1918, of pneumonia at the Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D. C while in the 
service of his Country. 


/;■?//( Infuiilry, ?.S7// Divisiim 

First Class Private ,Iohn Withers enlisted with his brother Harry, with whom he was sent to camp. 
Nearly all the time from the day they enlisted until they were Ixith killed by the same shell, they 
fought side by side. Surely these noble boys rendered their last full measuie of devotion that their 
Country might be victorious. First Class Private .lohn Witheis was sent to the Hospital on June 2, 
1918, where he was confined until August 20. 1918. He leturned to his Company and was with them 
only seventeen days when he was severely wounded by the shell that killed his brother. He died the 
next day, September 7, 1918. Thus were the bra\(' brotheis closely knit in life and death, exhibiting 
a sacrifice as rich as it is rare. 





Killed in Action 



U. S. Navy 

First Class Pharmacist Mate Hannifian was the son of the late David and Margaret Hannigan of 
East Prospect, York ( '.oiinty. He enHsted in the Navy in 1900 in the medical department. From the 
lowest place on the loster he was successfully promoted until he reached the rating of Firs Class Phar- 
macist Mate. In December, 1917, he was sent to a Naval Station in Paris. He died of pneumonia 
while overseas, on the :51st day of iNIarch, 1918. He was .35 years old at the time of his death and was 
buried with military honors at a naval cemi^tery in Paris. 


Motor Transport Company No. 537 

Private Ahrens was the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Ahrens of 1,57 S. Queen Street, York, Pa. He 
attended the public schools in York. Refore entering the service he was employed by his father as a 
butcher. He left for ("amp July 24. 1918, and after three months of training in the LInited States, 
sailed for overseas. Private Ahrens died the day he reached France, October 1."), 1918. He was twenty- 
three years old at the time of his death and was a member of the Memoiial Reformed Cluuch of York, 
Pa. Death was caused by influenza which developed into pneumonia. 


U. S. Infantry 

Private Hunt, the sun of Mr. and Mrs. George Hunt, resided at the home of his parents in Spry, 
York County, Pennsylvania, before entering the service. Soon after leaving home for Camp he was 
sent overseas. Private Hunt was killed in action while serving at the front in September, 1918. Thus 
he gave his life that his country might be victorious. No man can do more. 


Killed ill Act inn 

Killed in Action 

geor(;e woods 

Killcii ill Vctidii 



Company \ , 'i'^/lh Infdiilry 

Pii\ ate Vvy was the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Fry of near Starview, York County, Pa. 
Refoic entering the service he was employed at the Mt. Wolf Furniture Company, Mt. Wolf, Pa. 
He left with the iirst contingent of men from \ ork County for Camp Meade, Maryland, in SejUember 
1917. After several months of intensive training on this side he sailed for overseas. He was killed 
in action October 16, 1918. somewhere in France. Little information is known about his death. 


Cdinpany A. I l'2lli Infanlry 

Private Hayes was the son of Mrs. Mary Hayes. \ iolet Hill, York County, Pennsylvania, and of 
the late Henry Hayes. He was an old member of Company K, 8th Regiment, N. G. P., and with 
that outfit went to Camp Hancock, Atlanta, (leorgia, where members of the old 8th Regiment were 
attached to the 112th Regiment of the 28th Division. After several months of intensive training 
he sailed for France. Private Hayes was killed in action Octolier 1,1918. He was a member of the 
Second I nit<>d Rrethren Church of Spry, York County, Pa. 


///.v/ Mdcliinr dun Batldlian 

Private Woods, the son of Mrs. Anna Woods, formerly resided with his parents at 128 East King 
Street, York, Pennsylvania. He left home for Camp Lee, \'irginia. with a large contingent of men 
early in 1918. After a brief training he was sent overseas and became attached to the list Machine 
Gun Rattalion. Private \\oods was killetl in action in September, 1918, somewhere in France. 





Killed in Action 


Killp(l in Action 



U. S. S. President Liiiroln 

Seaman Hoffman was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hoffman of York. He enlisted at the 
age of 17 years in York, June 18, 1917. He was sent to Newport, R. I., where he received his pre- 
liminary training. In Decembei- of that year, he was assigned to the ill-fated ship President Lincoln 
as a seaman. He was returning from his fourth trip across when his ship was sunk by a German 
submarine. Prior to his enlistment he was employed by the American Chain Co. and Hved with 
his step-brother Mr. Alfred H. Billet. He was a member of the West Street Methodist Episcopal 


Company B, ')6th Pioneers 

Private Bair was the husband of Nellie M. Bair of Bridgeton, York County, Pennsylvania. He 
was born in Brogueville in 1889 and attended the public schools at the Brogue. Before entering the 
service he was engaged in farming. He entered the service on August 9, 1918. and was sent to Camp 
Wadsworth After three weeks training he was sent overseas with his outfit. While in France, 
Private Bair was stricken with spinal meningitis and died November 27, 1918, having served overseas 
about two months for his country. Private Bair was a member of the .Methodist Church and Sunday 
School at Bridgeton, Pa. 


Headquarters Company, 316lh Infunlry 

Private Wise of Bryansville, York County, enhsted November 4, 1917. In July, 1918, he sailed 
for France, where he was on active duty at the front for about three months. Private Wise was killed 
September 29, 1918, with three of his companions, while rescuing a comrade, who had been severely 
wounded. A memorial service was held at the I nited Evangelical Church, Bryansville, April 30, 
1919, in honor of the brave soldier who so nobly sacrificed his life by attempting the rescue of a stricken 
comrade. Private Wise was a member of the Inited Evangelical Church of Bryansville, Pa. 


CHAI{l.l-:s (i. FETROW 
killrd ill \ttion 


Killi'il ill \(tion 



l'26lli netiinu'iil. :i'?nd Dirision 

Private Fetiow was tiie son of Mrs. Seville Fetruw of Houiultowii, \ ork County. Penns\lvania. 
Prior to his enlistment he was employed in Detroit, Michigan, where he left with a contingent of men 
for Battle Creek, ]\Iichigan. Later he was sent to Waco, Texas, and from there to ("amp Merritt, 
N. J., from which place he sailed for France in February. 1918. While on acti\e duty in the front 
line trenches he was gassed and conveyed to a hospital where he recovered and again sent to the front 
where he was instantly killed by shrapnel Novembei- '•>. 1918. 


Cam/) Ihunphreys. \ a. 

Private Leonard was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leonarfl of York, Pa. He i-esidedjvith his 
sister Mrs. Ansljaugh, 1 129 W. king St., York, Pa. Private Leonard was a well known and prominent 
waiter of this I'ity and a member of the local union and for some time had been employed at several 
of the local lunch inoms. He died of influenza at Camp Hum|ihi'eys. October 9, 1918. Private 
interment was made in (Jreenmount Cemeterv. 


Compuny il. Killi Infanlry 

Private Stover was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stover of La Botte, Jackson Township, York 
County, Pa. He left in November, 1917. for Camp Meade, Md., where he was stationtnl until July 
15th, at which time he sailed for overseas. He was killed in action September 28, 1918. He was 
a member of Christ Lutheran Church, Jackson Township. He is survived by two sisters and 
three brothers, besides his parents. 


Rilled in Vction 


Killed in Xctident 

Killed in Action 



Company C, /^//i Machine Gun Ballalion. i'Ah Diiisian 

Private Loose was the son of Rev. and Mrs. H. H. Loose of Menges Mills. He left home for C.amp 
Meade January 15, I'JIS, and on February 5, 1918. was sent to Camp Greene, N. C. He was placed 
in Co. C. 1 1th Machine Ciin Rattalion and went overseas in May. 1918. Was in the Vosge Moun- 
tains until the St. Mihiel drive which started September 12, 1918. He was killed September 16th 
near Thia Court by shrapnel aged 25 years, 10 m. and 18 days. Two years prior to going into 
service he was engaged as assistant superintendent on Loose & Sons Fruit Farm. His permanent 
address was Menges Mills, York County, Pa. 


U. S. Marines 

Major Mayer was the son of the late Mr. Charles H. Mayer, who was some years ago Treasurer 
of the York Street Railways Company. He left York about seven years ago, enlisting in the {' . S. 
Marines. He had been stationed in Hayti where he was in command of the American Marines at 
Port Prince. He with his men were ordered out to round up Haitian bandits about April 1, 1918, 
and while engaged in a battle with them, was the victim of a bayonet wound. Mr. (irier Hersh was 
notified as follows: "Deeply regret to inform you cablegram received today states Major John L. 
Mayer, U. S. Marine Corps, killed in action with bayonet thrust in Hayti 1th inst." 

Cadet Aviation 

Hanild Caruthers \oble, son of Mr-, and Mrs. E. E. Noble, 2.'? Carlisle Ave., York, Pa., was giadu- 
ated from the \ ork High School in the class of 1911. Prior to his enlistment he was Assistant Manager 
of the Boston, Mass., office of the Certain-teed Products Corporation. He enlisted for service on 
Dec. 28, 1917. He was sent to Princeton ground school and was transferred ti) Chanute Field, Rl., 
where he met his death June 28, 1918. He was the first aviator from York to lose his life. He 
was caught in a blinding rain storm and it was thought he lost control of his machine and fell at Ludlow, 
five miles from Chanute Field. He was alone in the plane at time of accident. He was a member 
of the First Presbyterian Church of York, Pa. He was buried in the Greenmount Cemetery, ^ ork, 
with military honors. 




Killed in Action 





Ballery C, 3rd Field Arlillery 

Private McKee was the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McKee of Cardiff, Md. Prior to enterinf; the 
service he was employed at the American Chain Co. of this city as a machinist and resided at 151 
S. Albermarle St., York, Pa. He left for Pittsburg as an automobile mechanic in July, 1918, and after 
a few weeks in Pittsburgh, Pa., he left for overseas where he was taken sick soon after landing and 
died in France, September 28, 1918, of pneumonia. He was a member of the Ridge Avenue Methodist 
Epi.scopal Church and also a member of the I. 0. 0. F. and Jr. 0. U. A. M. and Knights of Malta 
Lodges. He was 26 vears old at the time of his death. 


U. S. Infanlry 

Private Folkomer was the .son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Folkomer, of York New Salem. He was 
employed at the Martin Plant of the Martin-Parry Corporation, West York, Pa., before entering 
the service. Soon after leaving home for camp he was sent overseas, and after a brief training was 
sent to the front where he saw extensive active duty. He was reported missing in action on October 
15, 1918. t pon investigating it was found that he was killed in action on that date. Private 
Folkomer was twenty-three years old at the time of his death. 


Company G, 31(ilh Infuntry 

Private Becker was the son of Mr. and Mrs. WiUiam Becker of Spring Grove, Pa. Before enter ing 
the service he was employed by the American Chain Company of York, Pa. H(> was sent to Camp 
Meade, September 21, 1917, with the first contingent of York County men. After sevei-al months of 
intensive training he sailed for overseas. While in France he was taken sick with pnemnonia and 
removed to the Base Hospital where he died October 17, 1918. Private Becker was a member of 
Zeigler's Church of the Seven Valleys' Lutheran charge and was twenty-four years old at the time of 
his death. 

115 ] 


U. S. Infantry 

Sergeant Ainuki was the son of i\Ir. and Mrs. Eli Arnold of Dillsburg, Pa. Early in June, 1918, 
he enlisted at Harrisburg and sailed for France, June 18, 1918. He was killed in action in France on 
July 19, 1918. Sergeant Arnold was 18 years old at the time of his death and was sinvived by his 
parents, wife and one brother. 


28lh Canadian BaHalinn 

Private (iarland served two enlistments in the L. S. Army during which time he took part in the 
Spanish American War and also saw service in the Phillippines. His father, Mr. Silas Garland, was 
in the Civil War, a member of Company R, 2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Cavalry. At the time 
of the World War, Private Garland was working in Canada and enlisted in the Canadian Army, being 
attached to the 53rd Rattalion. Later he was transferred to the 28th Battalion and became a member 
of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was killed during the early days of the war at the battle 
of the Somme, September 15, 1916. Thus he worthely upheld the tradition and honor of his family. 


[/. .S. Infaiilry 

Private Smith was the son of Mi-. and Mrs. (ieorge Smith. Rt)yal, Dover Township, York 
County, Pennsylvania. Private Smith left with the first contingent of York County men for 
Camp Meade. Maryland, in September, 1917. After serving se^eral months at Camp Meade, Md.. 
he was transferred to Camp (iordon. (ieorgia, and from there to France. He was killed in action 
somewhere in France, October 15. 1918. He was twenty-six years old at the time of his death. 



23rd donipuny. Itilh Developnienl Ballnlion 

Private ( icmmill was the son uf Mrs. Mary Gemmill, who recently moved to Lancaster, Pa. Before 
he entered the service, he was a plumber by trade. He was sent to Camp Meade where he died of 
pneumonia Oct. 9, 1918. He was 2.5 years old at the time of his death. He was much esteemed by 
the men of his company and although he did not reach France, he sacrificed all that a man can give. 


U. S. Infantry 

Private Crone was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Crone of Lewisberry, York County, Pa., R. D. 
No. 1. After leaving home he spent several months in a training camp in the I'nited States before 
sailing for France. Soon after arriving overseas he was taken sick with pneumonia superinduced by 
influenza, and died in November, 1918. 


(jmipany E. Will RnllnUon I. R. C 

Private Reisinger was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reisinger of near Red Lion, York County, 
Pa. He left home for Camp Lee, \'irginia. where he underwent several months training. He was 
taken sick with pnemnonia October 8. 1918. and died in the camp Hospital in spite of the fact that 
everything possible was done to save his life. Interment was made in the Pleasant (irove Church 



.'il^itli Infantry 

Private Sechiist was the son of Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge B. Sechrist of Felton, Pa. He was employed 
in the Felton Box Factory at the time he entered the service. He was sent to Camp Meade, Md., May 
25, 1918, and sailed for overseas July 8, 1918, with the .314th Infantry. He died in France, November 
14, 1918, of pneumonia. He was a member of the Bethany L nited Evangelical Ghurch. He was 31 
years old at the time of his death. He is survived by his mother, brother and two sisters. 


Company A, 30ith Engineers 

Private Jacoby was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. David Jacoby of Manchester Township, 
York County, Pennsylvania. He was born in the year 1887. His parents having died he lived with 
his brother. H. A. Jacoby, 927 North Duke Street, York Pa. Before entering the service he was em- 
ployed by the A. B. Farquhar Co., Ltd. On May 25, 1918, he left with a contingent of York County 
men for Camp Meade, Maryland, and in July he sailed for France. While in France he was taken sick 
with pneumonia and died September 9, 1918. 


Headquarters Co., .'llSlh Infantry 

Private Grove was born at (ilen Rock in 1892 and was graduated from the Glen Rock High School 
in 1903, being valedictorian of his class. He was graduated from F. and M. College in 1913. He then 
became principal of the Terre Hill, Lancaster County High School, later becoming a member of the 
faculty of the F. and M. College where he was teaching at the time he entered the service. He left 
for Camp Meade, Md., in May, 1918, and was attached to the 313th Infantry at the time he landed 
in France in July. He was engaged in the battle of Mont Faucon, where he met his death. A large 
memorial service was held in his honor on November 25, 1918, at Glen Rock. He was a member 
of the Assistant Worker's Bible Class and of Friends Lodge No. 287 K. of P. 

[ 118 


Bailery F, 115lh Field Arlillery 

Private McCJlane, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McClane, R. D. No. 7, York, enlisted at the local 
recruiting station May 6, 1917. Two days later he left for Columbus, Ohio, from there he was sent to 
El Paso, Texas and later to Syracuse, N. Y., being transferred from the 1th Field Artillery to the 1,5th 
Field Artillery. He was sent to Pine Camp, N. Y., and then to Camp Merrit, N. J., shortly after he 
sailed for overseas. Private McClane was killed in action on June 25, 1918, at 4 A. M. by a high ex- 
plosive shell, after a hard night serving the pieci' under intense shell fire, near Chateau Thierry. He 
was nineteen years of age at the time of his death, and was buried at the American cemetery, Charly 
Sur Marne Aisne, France. 


Company A, 7lh Rrc/inienl 

Corporal Rittenhouse was the son of Mr. J. C. Rittenhouse of 9.^7 South Queen Street, York, Pa. 
Before entering the service he was employed as a steamfitter in Philadelphia, Pa. He entered the 
service in April, 1918. After two months of intensive training he sailed for France, arriving there the 
latter part of June, 1918. Private Rittenhouse served about four months at the front and was wounded 
October 10, 1918, in the Argonne Forest drive. Two days later he died from the inflicted wounds. 


U. S. Coast Artillery 

Private Wilton Abel was the son of IVIr. Harris Abel of Wrightsville, Pa. Before entering the service 
he was employed by the Wrightsville Hardware Co. of Wrightsville. Pa. He enlisted in the local re- 
cruiting station in May. 1918. He was immediately assigned to an infantry unit at Fort Slocum. N. Y. 
He was sent overseas where he was on active duty at the front. He died of pneumonia while on board 
ship enroute from France to America on the U. S. Transport American. He was 21 years old at the 
time of his death. H(> was a member of th<- First Presbyterian Sunday School and is survived by his 
father, six sisters and two brothers. 



Company G, 316th Infantry 

Corporal McWilliains was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. McWilliams of Franklin St.. Hanover, 
Pa. Before entering the service he was employed in Levy Bros, silk mill. He left home with the first 
contingent from York County, September, 1917, and was stationed at Camp Meade, going overseas 
with his company early in July, 1918, He was killed in action on Sept, 28. 1918, Corporal McWilliams 
was a member of the Emanuel Reformed Church and Sunday School and was killed just two days prior 
to his 21st birthday. 


U. S. Navy 

First Class Machinist Mate Kearney, the son of Mr, and Mrs, Jacob Kearney of New Freedom, 
York County, Pennsylvania, enlisted in the LT. S. Navy early in 1917, He was stationed at the Navy 
Yards at Newport, R. I., where he was taken sick with pneumonia, superinduced by inlluenza. which 
caused his death, September 27, 1918, 


:ilOlli hifdulry 

Chaplain Bell was the son of Rev. and Mrs. Albert Bell, East Maple St.. York. Pa. He was a 
former resident of this City and was graduated from the York High School and the (Gettysburg The- 
ological Seminary. Before entering the army he was in charge cjf a Lutheran charge at Sparrow's 
Point, Md. He served as Chaplain in the U, S, Army since early in the war. Chaplain Bell died in 
France at the front of pneumonia. He was the only army Chaplain from \ink to lose his life in the 
World War. 



U. S. Infanlry 

Private Kinsey was the son of iMr. and Mrs. Henry M. Kinsey of Dover, York County, Pa. He 
left for Camp Meade, Sept. 19, 191 7, with the first contingent of drafted men from York County. After 
several weeks training he was sent to ( '.amp ( Jordon. ( la. He died in the Government hospital at Fort 
Burgard, New Mexico, October 8, 1918, of pneumonia, after an illness of eight months. He was 
buried in Salem 1 nion Church Cemetery near Dover, \ork County, Pa. 


Company C. Wilh Eiujineerx 

Private Stump was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stump, Smith's Station. ^ ork County, Pa. 
Before entering the service he was employed by S. Morgan Smith and ( '.o. He was selected by the third 
County District and was sent to Camp Meade, May 2.5. 1918, and in July he sailed for overseas. He 
died October 6, 1918 of pneumonia in France. He is survived by his parents and two sisters of 
York, Pa. 


C.ompany C 3l3lh Infanlry 

Private Frey was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Frey of Long Level, York County, Pa. He left 
York with the County contingent in April, 1918. for Camp Meade. He was later transferred to Camp 
Mcrritt, N. J., where he died of imeumonia following inlluenza on October 6, 1918. Interment was 
made in Salem Church Cemetery, York County, Pa. 



C.ompony A, ll'2ih Infanlry 

Private Harman was the son of Alderman Joseph S. Haiinan of 12 East North St., York, Pa. He 
was wounded at Augusta, Ga., while stationed at Camp Hancock, Ga., and died soon after on 
NovembiT 21, 1917, at the University Hospital at Augusta, Ga. Private Harman was 23 years 
old at the time of his death and leaves a wife besides his parents, two sisters and three brothers. He 
was given a military funeral by the Ignited Spanish War \ eterans at the Prospect Hill Cemetery, 
York, Pa. 


U. S. Infantry 

Private Witmer was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Witmer. Dover, R. D. No. .3. He left home May 
25, 1918, with a large contingent from York County for Camp Meade, Maryland. After several 
months training he sailed for overseas landing in France. While stationed in France, he was taken 
sick with pnenmonia and died September 9, 1918. He was twenty-five years old at the time of his 


Company F, 316lh Iiifiintry. 79lh Dirision 

Corporal Knaub was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Knaub of Red Lion. Refore entering the service 
he was employed as a painter at Red Lion. He left home in September 1917, and was sent fo Camp 
Meade where he was stationed until he left for overseas on July 7. 1917. Corporal Knaub lost his 
life with two of his companions by drowning on July 24, 1918. He was buried in France with military 
honors. Corporal Knaub was 2.5 years old at the time of his death. He was a member of the Reformed 
Sunday School, Red Lion, and of the Improved Order of Red Men. 



^Ih Machine Gun Battalion 

Corporal Bisker was the son of Mrs. Annie Bisker of Yoe, York County, Pa. Corporal Bisker 
entered the service early in 1917 and was sent to France soon after. After several months of active 
duty at the front Corporal Bisker was severely wounded, September 15, 1918, and died as the result 
of these wounds. He had not been heard from for ten months and only after an in\ estigation by 
Congressman Brooks, was the official communication concerning his death received. Corporal Bisker 
was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery. 


Company F. 316th Infantry 

Corporal Rehmeyer left Red Lion, September 19. 1917, with the first contingent of drafted men 
from York County for Camp Meade, Md. He remained at Camp Meade until July 7, 1918, when 
he sailed for overseas. Soon after arriving in camp Corporal Rehmeyer was sent with his outfit to 
the front Une trenches. On September 26, 1918, after an attack he was reported missing in action. 
There was some doubt as to his fate. After investigation it was later found that he was killed in action, 
probably at the time he was reported missing in action, as his grave was found on March 20, 1919, 
near Mont Faucon. 


Company G, 16th Infantry, itii Division 

Sergeant Smith enlisted in the regular army in 1907 and served with his regiment in Alaska, the 
Philippines and Mexico. He sailed with his outfit and after receiving overseas training was sent to the 
front. While engaged in active duty he was severely wounded, and died October .5, 1918, as a result 
of his wounds. His sister Mrs. John A. Crimmins of Atlantic City, N. J., became worried at not hearing 
from her brother and upon cabhng to France the news of Sergeant Smith's death was confirmed in 
four days. 


Company h 26lh Infantry 

Private Leitheiser, sun of Mr. Harry and the late Irene Leitheiser of Wrightsville, Pa. He enlisted 
in the U. S. Infantry at the York Recruiting Station, May 8, 1917, at the age of 21 years. He was sent 
oversea in July. 1^1 7. and died July 10, 191 8. in a base hospital somewhere in France of pneumonia. He 
is survived by his father who resides at Lancaster. Pa., one brother and one sister. He was a member 
of the First Methodist Episcopal Church at Wrightsville, Pa. 


U. S. Infantry, damp Lee. \ a. 

Private Raugher was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Raugher of near Jefferson, York County, 
Pa. He left for Camp Lee, June 21, 1Q18. with the third County quota of drafted men. where he died 
of inlluenza. Prior to entering the service he was engaged in farming in Frederick ( .ounty. Md. In- 
terment was made at the Chestnut Grove Church of the Rrcthren. He was 26 years old at the time 
of his death. He is survived by three brothers and three sisters besides his parents. 


Company D, 28lh Regiment 

Private Dunkle was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dunkle of Pequa, Lancaster County, Pa. 
Refore entering the service he lived at 840 E. King St. and was employed in York as a machinist. He 
was one of the first boys from York County to meet his death in action, having enlisted at the local 
recruiting station in June. 1917. He was sent to Camp Renjamin Harrison, Ind.. where he was stationed 
for li\(' months. He was then sent to France where he took part in several hand-to-hand bayonet 
fights. Private Dunkle was killed in France May 28. 1918. He was a member of the Lutheran 
Clinrch and the lnd('i)endent Order of Red Men. 



L'. S. Sigual Corps 

Private Kain was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kain of 33 Cokimbia Avenue. York. 
Pa. He was prominent in the Roy Scouts of York, being a patrol leader. At the time of his enlistment 
he was a student at the York High School. He enlisted in the regular army May 27. 1017. and sailed 
for France the following December. He was in several tierman air raids while stationed in Paris. His 
father received the following telegram from Adjutant-General Harris, Washington, D. C: "Deeply 
regret to inform you that it is officially repf)rted that Private Charles E. Kain. Jr.. Signal Corps, 
died of drowning. May 19. 1919. Rody recovered." Private kain was a member of the First 
Methodist Episcopal Church of York. 


Company. .'illUh Iiifdnlry 

Sergeant Miller was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac C. Miller of Hanover. R. D. No. 6. He left 
home for Camp Meade. .Md.. October 6. 1917. Soon after r(>aching Camp he sailed for overseas. His 
parents received a letter from him dated October 21, 1918, in which he stated he was near the front. 
It was later repf)rted that he was missing in action on November 1. 1918. As nothing further was 
heard from him it is supposed that he was killed in attion on that date. 


2'2nd Recruiling Company. G. S. I. 

Private (leorge Audrey Rillmeyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rillmeyer. (^)ueen and Market Sfs. 
York. Pa., was born in York, March 11. 1887. He attended the Y. C. I. and later went to Peekskill. 
Military Academy, Peekskill. N. Y.. where he spent three years. Early in the war he enlisted in the 
Aviation Corps, but was physically disqualified. Not discouraged he again offered himself and was 
sent to Camp Lee, A a. After his rejection for physical reasons, with unbounded patriotism he ap()lied 
for special and limited service and was sent to Fort Thomas, Kentucky, and assigned to the 1-irst 
Platoon. 22nd Recruiting Company. G. S. I. On October 1 1th he was taken ill with influenza, followed 
by pneumonia and died on October 17, 1918. His body was brought home and on the morning of 
October 21, 1918, with appropriate ceremonies he was laid to rest in the family lot in Pros|)ect Hill 
cemetery. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. "^ ork. Pa. 


Medical Corps 

Private Poff was the son of Mrs. Mary Poff of Wrightsville. Pennsylvania. Before enterinfj the 
service he resided witli liis parents in Wri<;htsville. Private PolT died of pneumonia October I?. 1918. 


I . S. Engineers 

Private Danner was the son of Mr. and Mrs. luicch Dannei- of (ly. 1^ D. No. 1. '^ drk ( '.oiinty 
Pennsyl\ ania. He sailed for France soon after lea\infi home. Private Danner was killed in action 
November 3, 1918. 


U. S. Infunlry 

Private Beik resided at Dover, \ ork County, Peimsylvania. before entering the service. Soon 
after arriving at camp he was sent overseas where he died, September 16, 1918, somewhere in France. 


U. S. Infdnlry 

Cook Sihroll was the son of .Mrs. Lillie Witmer of Cly, York Ct)unty, PennsyU ania. He enlisted 
early in the year of 1918 and soon after was sent to France where he died of wounds July 22, 1918. 


U. S. Infdnlry 

Private Hcindle. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry lleindle, residetl at 18 E. Market Street, York, 
Pa. He enlisted in the U. S. Infantry and soon after being sent to camp, he was taken sick. Private 
Heindle died in camp October 5, 1918. 










PRIVATE J. W. GEISER Thomasville 

PRIVATE THOMAS W. HAUBERT Spring Garden Tnwnship 




PRn ATE CHARLi:S KRAL York Springs 
















, I .1 -J. -, - 







^[■Ji^^ ' 


''• f- ? I 

e72^ ■ 

Hail them, our soldiers, returning victorious, 
Peace they have brought to us, hard-worn but glorious. 
They were our power — yea, our fate, our salvation, 
invincible, selfless, sole hope of the nation. 

Cheerfully ihey have given. For us they have bled. 
Our heart's homage we render. Forget not the dead. 
If weary and saddened we will give to them rest 
With home-fires and their loved ones they shall be blest. 

Joyfully we will serve them for great is their need. 
Return them their work. To their soul-cry give heed. 
Saved they the nation. They are citizens again. 
Let work sweeten their lives — 'tis the blessing of men. 

This the reward. Ever-4eading, victorious. 
Strength shall be ours ever mighty and glorious. 
The strength of a unified, w^ar-chastened nation. 
Return them their place in life. This our salvation. 

— Urila Dana Plall. 





Abenstein, William J.. Private. U. S. Army. 

Abel, Albertus, Private, Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Abel, Alber Alvin, Private, Engineers. 

Abel, Harry E., Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Abel, Harvey, V. S. Army. 

Abel, Herbert, Petty Oflieer, Navy. 

Abel, Peter B., U. S. Army. 

Abel. Raymond L., Second Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Abel, Wilton, Private, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. Died. 

Abenschoen, Frank E., Navy, S. S. Georgia. 

Adams, Charle.s K., U. S. N. Dental Corps. 

Adams, Charles L., Private, Treneli Mortar Battery, A. F. E. 

Adams, George L., Private, 18th Co., 3rd Reg., A. S. M., A. E. F. 

Adams, George T., Private. Infantry. 

Adams, Harry Van Dyke, Private, Aviation. 

Adams, James E., Private, Pioneer Infantry. (Colored). 

Adams, Joseph H., Private, Camp Raridan, N. J. 

Adams, Jules. Private. Engin(>ers. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Adams, Ray, Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Adams, William A.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ahrens, David M., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ahrens, Harry C, Private, Military Truck ('o.. A. E. F. Died. 

Alban, Golden. Merchant Marine. 

Albright, Denton. Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Albright, George W., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Albright. Howard J.. Marine Corps. 

Albright. John W.. Limited Service. 

Albright, Myrtle. Red Cross Nurse. 

Albright. Peter. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. .301, A. E. F. 

Aldinger, Clarence, Private, Navy. 

Aldinger. Clark S.. Private, Infantry. 

Aldinger, Earl L., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Aldinger. Fred. E.. Sergeant, Engineers. 

Aldinger, Howard S., U. S. Army. 

Aldinger. John W.. Private. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Aldinger, Gordon E., Private. Infantry. 

Aldinger, Oscar C... Private. Trench Mortar Battery. 

Aldinger. Raymond Ci., Machinist, Navy, A. E. F. 

Aldinger. Russell \., Private Engineers, A. E. F. 

Aldinger. Raymond G., Second Machinists' Mate, LI. S. N. 

Aldinger. Stewart L.. Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. Decorated for bravery 

Alexander, Charles, Lieutenant, M(>dical Corps. 

Alleman, Edwin M., Private, Aviation. 

Alleman. William. Private, Hospital Corps, A. E. F. 

Alleman, Winnemore, Seaman, Navy. 

Alleman, Winnemore. Private, Tank Corps. 

Allen, Albert H.. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Allen, Edward J., Corporal, Marines. 

[ 130 1 

Allen, Francis P., S. A. T. C. 

Allen, George, Chief Quartermaster, Navy, A. E. F. 

Allewelt, Charles B.. Private, Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

Allewelt, Richard B., Sergeant, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Allewelt, Robert L., Lieutenant, Navy. 

Allison, Chauncey Neiman, Private, Ordnance. 

Allison, Clinton W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Allison, Earl, Corporal, Coast \rtillery, A. E. F. 

Allison, Horace B., Private, Aviation. 

Allison, John M.. Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Allison, Reuben V., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Allison, Roy E., Private, Aviation. 

Alli.son, Wesley, Sergeant, Infantry. 

Allison, William Henry, Sergeant, Motor Ttaiisport Corps. 

Alloway, Charles E., U. S. Army. 

Alloway, Clarence H., Artillery. 

Alloway, Clarence W. H., Aviation, A. E. F. 

Almony, Arnold, Camp Meade, Md. 

Almony, Earl, Merchant Marine. 

Almony, Samuel L.. Private, Marine Corps. 

Almoney, William A., Stenographer, Limited Service. 

Althen, George R., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. .301, A. E. F. 

Althoff, Arthur F., (ieneral Service, Camp Forrest, Ga. 

Althoff, Bernard, Sergeant, Infantry, A, E. F. Rilled. 

Althoff, Leo C, Private, Infantry, A, E. F. 

Althoff, Paul Jacob, Sergeant. Marines. A. E. F. Died from Wounds 

Altland, Amos Nathaniel, Private, Trench Mortars, A. E. F. 

Altland, George, Medical Corps. 

Altland, George W ., Private. Marines, A. E. F. 

Altland, Harry E., Medical Corps. 

Altland, Leon P., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Altland, Maurice C. Camp Lee, \a. 

Altland, Norman Franklin, Private, Artillery, A. E. F. Woundeti. 

Altland, Percy, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Altland, R.. Limited Service. Camp Dix. N. J. 

Altland, Richard .M., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Alwine, Byran, LT. S. Infantry. 

Alwtne, Charles E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded Severely. 

Alwine, Harry Sylvester, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Alwood, Carl B., Navy. Served in Italy. 

Alwood. Raymond J.. Coast Artillery. 

Ambrose, John C, Private, Artillery. 

Ambush, Joseph McK., Camp Custer, Michigan. 

Amig. .Iohn H., Second Lieutenant. Infantry. 

Amig, Philip H., L . S. Infantry. 

Ammerman, Frank J., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded, 

Ammerman, John H., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Ammerman, John R., Private, Infantry. 


AiviSBERfiER. IIerbeut 11., Camp Meade. Mel. 

Amspacker. Clinton E.. Private. C S. Army. 

Am^;pa('.ker, Fred. A., Corporal. Infantry. .\. E. F. 

Amspacker, Rufus, Camp McClellan. A. E. F. 

Amspac.ker. S. S.. Camp Greenleaf. (ia. 

Anders. Raber R.. S. A. T. C. Dickinson College. Carlislf. Pa. 

Ander.son. Charles E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded and ( iassed. 

Anderson, Edward. Private, A. E. F. 

Anderson, (lEOReiE F., Private. Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Anderson, (ieoroe J., First Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Anderson. (iEOROE N., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Anderson, (iEOROE W., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Anderson. Reed A., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. (Jassed. 

Anderson. Robert Porter. C.or|)oral. Infantry, A. E. F. \^(>unded. 

Anderson, Tiiovl\s H.. Private, Infantry. 

Anderson, Thomas H., Private, Camp Lee, \ a. 

Anderson, Thomas R.. Private. Infantry. \ork Haven. 

Anderson. Thomas R., Private. Infantry. R. D. No. 6, York, Pa. 

Ander.son. W. a.. Navy. U. S, S. Mallory. 

Andrews. Paul E., Camp Lee. \a. 

Andrews. Percy F., Appicntiee Seaman, Navy. 

Angelo, Di Galatano, Private, Artillery, 

Anstadt, Charles Renson, Private, S. A, T. C. (iettyshurg College. 

Anstine, Carl F.. Limited Service. Camp Dix, N. J. 

Anstine, Curtis, Pri\ate, 317th Infantry, Company F, 8OII1 l)i\ision, A. E. F. 

Anstine, Ed\\ ard. Aviation Corps. 

Anstine, Edward L., Private, A. E. F. 

Anstine, Melba, Army Hospital Nurse. 

Anthony, J. M., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Appell. Louis, Deijartment^of Military Aeronautics, Washington. D. C. 

Appleby, Carl D.. Private, Infantry. 

Arentz, Charles M., V. S. Navy. 

Arigo, Philip, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Armspacher, Jacob, Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Arndt, Adam F., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Arnold, Anthony L.. I". S. Infantry. 

Arnold, Ren,iamin H,. Corporal, Engineers. A, E. V. 

Arnold, Clarence R., V. S. Infantry. 

Arnold, C. E.. Private. Artillery. A. E. F. 

Arnold. Charle.s R.. Corporal, U, S. Infantry. 

Arnold. Earl A,, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Arnold, Edgar M,, Corporal, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Arnold, Frank, Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Arnold. Harri.son M.. Corporal. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Arnold. Harry W.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Arnold, John D.. Cook. V. S. Army. 

Arnold. John W.. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Arnold, Lewis N., Sergeant. Artillery. 

[ 132 1 

Arnold. Morgan C. Private. Fiokl Ailillrty. A. E. F. 

Arnold. Paul E.. Private. Artillery. 

Arnold, Philip J.. Cook, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Arnold. Richard M.. Private. Infantry. 

Arnold, Paul F., Private. Battery E. .'58th Artillery. 

Arnold. Spurgeon L., U. S. Army. 

Arthur, Donald R., Corporal. Machine Ciin Battalion, A. E. F. Gas.sed. 

Arthur. Reginald W.. Ensifjn. Naval Aviation. 

AsHHROOK. Frank, First Lieutenant, Sanitary Food Commission Co. 

Ashbrook, Samuel F.. Chief Boatswain Mate, U. S. N. 

AsPER. John Blaine. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Attig, Marvin L., Private, Camp Wadsworth. S. Carolina. A. E. F. 

Atkins, Chas. H.. Sergeant, Quarterma.ster Corps. 

AuBiTZ, William L., Private, Aviation. 

AucHEY, Samuel C, Private, Camp Gordon, Ga. Dev. Battalion. No. 2. Company A. 

AuMEN. Bernard F.. Corporal. Limited Service. 

AuNGST, David G.. Camp Lee. \a. 

AuTS, Earl C, Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Axe, Harry S., T'. S. Army. 

Axe, Stewart H., l'. S. Aiiny. 

Axe, William Franklin, Private, Infantry. 

Ayers, Wilmot, First Lieutenant, British Army. 

Ayres, Peasly R.. Camp Lee, Va.. A. E. F. 

Baechle. Norman E., U. S. Aviation. 

Bear, Harry B.. Private, Engineers, A. H F. Injuretl in Auto Accident. 

Bear. Harry S.. Second Lieutenant, Aitilleiy. A. E. F. 

Bahn, Clarence H.. IJ. S. Infantry. 

Bahn, Earl, LI. S. Infantry. 

Bahn. Wilbert G.. V. S. Army. 

Bailey, Charles E., Private, Chemical Warfare Service. 

Bailey, Eugene S.. U. S. Army. 

Bailey. Furham Floyd. Private. S. A. T. C. Millersville State Normal. 

Bailey, Harry A., Corporal, .5th Field Artillery, L. S. Army. 

Bailey, Harry F., Camp (ireenleaf, Ga. 

Bailey, Harry J., U. S. Army. 

Bailey, James A., Private, Ice Plant I nit No. 301 A. E. F. 

Bailey, Jerome C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Bailey, Russell E., Private, Aviation. A. E. F. 

Bair, Charles Wilbur, Private, P. N. A. Col. Training Detachment. 

Bair, Chester H., LI. S. Army. 

Bair, Clarence E.. Private. 13th Cavalry. 

Bair. Edward, Private, Camp Curtis, Mich. (Colored.) 

Bair, Harold Haines, Regimental Sergeant-Major, Infantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

Bair, Henry, C. T . S. Army. 

Bair, Hoke, Coast Defense at Desert Island, N. J. 

Bair, H.. W. U. S. Infantry. 

Bair. J. Wilmer. Private. Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

I 133 1 

Bair, M. Zacharias, Captain, Construction Division at Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Bair, Nelson, U. S. Marines. 

Bair, Robert M.. U. S. Infantry. 

Baird, Roy H., U. S. Army, A. E. F. 

Baker, Calvin, Camp tireenleaf, Ca. 

Baker, Charles S., Camp Meade, Md. 

Baker. Clarence C, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Baker, Daniel II.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Baker, Earl, Apprentice Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

Baker, Edward, U. S. Cavalry. 

Baker, Ellis H., Camp Lee, Va. 

Baker, George Bush, Corporal, Ordnance Department School at University of Pennsylvania. 

Baker, George W., Camp Lee, Va. 

Baker, Harry B., I^. S. Engineers. 

Baker Kirkwood. Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Baker, Jacob E., Medical Corps. 

Baker, J. Walter, U. S. Marines. 

Baker, Leroy, Camp Meade, Md. 

Baker, Oliver F., Campe Lee, Va. 

Baker, William H., U. S. Navy. 

Balloch, Mrs. Grace, Y. M. C. A., A. E. F. 

Baltman, Oscar J., U. S. Cavalry. 

Baltozer, Jacob, U. S. Infantry. 

Bamberger, Leroy Hilbert, Navy, LI. S. S. Madawakka. 

Bange, Henry C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Bankert, Harold, U. S. Navy. 

Bankert, Jarius F., Lehigh University, Technical Training. 

Banks, Leon H., Sergeant. Stevedore Regiment, A. E. F. (Colored) 

Barbehenn, Wilford. Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Bare, Claude L. Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Bare, James 0., Camp Meade, Md. 

Bare, Oscar, Camp Humphries, Va. 

Barley, Harry Jesse, Corporal Infantry, A. E. F. 

Barnes, Albert G., Limited Service, Fort Taylor, Ky. 

Barnes, George E., Camp Lee, Va. 

Barnes, Paul L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Barnes, Ralph, U. S. Marines. 

Barnett, (iRover, First Sergeant, Tank Corps. 

Barnhart, Charles E., U. S. Cavalry. 

Barnhart, Daniel, V. S. Army. 

Barnhart, Edgar, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Barnhart, Faber C, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Barnhart, Harry E., Infantry, A. E. F., Wounded or Missing. 

Barnhart. Leroy, U. S. Army. 

Barnhart, John Walter. Sgt. Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Barnhart, Otis, Medical Corps. 

Barnhart. Roy L., Lf. S. Navy. 

Barnhart, John E., Corporal, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Barnitz, Edward, Yoeman, U. S. Navy. 

1 131. ] 

Barnitz, Robert C, Private, Tank Corps, A. E. F, 

Barmtz. Walter H., Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Barret, Mrs. George, Nurse at Camp Colt, Gettysburg. Pa. 

Barrick, Mervin J., Second Lieutenant. Infantry. 

Barshinger, Benjamin Jr.. Camj> Meadi-, .\ld. 

Barshinger, Calvin H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Bar.shinger. Charles. Camp Meade, Md. 

Bartell, Floyd L., Private. Tanii Corps. 

Bartels, Horace E., First-Class Machinists' Mate, U. S. Navy. 

Bartells, Baymond L., Assistant Helmsman, Navy, A. E. F., S. S. Leviathan. 

Barton, Frank, Private, Ice Plant (nit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Barton, George F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Barton. John. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301 A. E. F. 

Bartz. Harold J.. Limited Service. Camp Dix. N. J. 

Barwager, Clark C. Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Barwager, Edward, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Bashore, George E.. Private, Engineers. 

Bashore, Earl E., Corporal, Aviation. 

Bassler, Charles K., Cook, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Bassler, David K.. Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Bas.sler. Henry Jr., Sergeant. Depot Brigade. 

Bateman, Henry, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Bates, Charles D., Camp Meade, Md. 

Bates. CJeorge S., Camp Meade, Md. 

Bates, Martin L.. Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Bates. Weiser G., Corporal, Signal Corps, Field Signal Battalion. 

Batterman, Harvey L., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Baublitz, Elmer, Sergeant, Infantry. A. E. F'. Gassed and Wounded. 

Baublitz, Harry M., Field Artillery. 

Baublitz, Oliver Sylvester, Quartermaster. If. S. Navy. 

Baublitz. Orville Leroy. Second Lieutenant, Coast Artillery. 

Baublitz. Walter S.. Aviation Corps. 

Baublitz. William H., Major, Infantry, N. G. P. 

Baugher, Elias M., Private, Camp Lee, Va. Died of influenza at Camp Lee. 

Baugher, James E., Private, Company I, 17th Infantry. 

Baugher, Ervin S., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Baughman, Anna, A. E. F., Nurse. 

Baughman, John A.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Baughman. Robert L. Private. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 

Baum, Jacob L., U. S. Infantry. 

Baumeister. Charles E., Camp Lee, Va., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Bayer. Frank C. Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Bayler, Charles Augustus, Jr.. Major. Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. D. S. C. 

Baylor, Paul E., Corporal, 112th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Beam, Charles, Private, Ammuniliun Train. A. E. F. 

Beam, Charles, U. S. Army. 

Bear. Clarence J., Medical Corps. 

Bear, Clyde B., Private, Medical Corps. 

[ 135 1 

Bear. John Oscar. Privalf. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Bear. Noel E., U. S. Army. 

Bear, William Henry, Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Beard. A. D.. Limited Service, Camp Greene, N. C. 

Beard. John H.. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 

Beard, Balph Herbert, Second Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Beard, Bobert Stanley, Captain, U. S. Army. 

Beard. William C. S. A. T. C. State College. 

Beatty, Bob John, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 

Beauchamp, Alford, Medical Corps. 

Beaver, Elmer C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Beavers, Edgar F. S., Private, Ice Plant Unit, No. .301 A. E. F. 

Beaverson, Earl M., First Class Electrician, Navy, U. S. S. Arizona, A. E. F. 

Bechtel, Charles Erden, Corporal, Motor Mechanics. 

Bechtel, Claude, Macliine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Bechtel, Earl, A. E. F., U. S. Army. 

Bechtel. Levi, Limited Service. Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Beck, Albert, Private, Infantry. 

Beck, Allen J., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Beck. Emanuel C, V. S. Navy, Ensign. 

Beck, Emory F., U. S. Army. 

Beck, Harry, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Beck, John C, S. A. T. C State College, Transferred to Artillery, Ft. Monroe, ^"a. 

Beck, Lloyd S., U. S. Infantry. 

Beck, Maurice C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Beck. Maurice C. Private, Aviation Corps. 

Beck, William Henry, Camp Meade. Md. 

Becker, Earl E., Navy, Newport, B. I. 

Becker. Edwin W., U. S. Army. 

Becker, Gilbert H.. Second Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Becker, Harris, V. S. Army. 

Becker. Harry J.. Camp Lee. Va. 

Becker. Harvey J., Sergeant, Heavy Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Becker, Horace N., Ambulance Service. 

Becker. John C. U. S. Army. 

Becker, Lloyd S.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Becker, Balph S., Coast Artillery. 

Becker. Bobert C. U. S. Army. 

Becker. Stewart. Depot Brigade. 

Becker, Wade M., S. A. T. C. Fiankliii and Marshall College. Lancaster, Pa. 

Becker. Walter J.. U. S. Army. 

Bechheimer, Chauncey E.. U. S. Infantry. 

Bechmeyer, Charles F., Medical Corps. 

Bechmeyer. David E.. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Bechmeyer. ( iRund F.. Corporal, Medical Corps. 

Bechmeyer, Paul W., Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Becktel, Arthur M.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Behler, Herbert W illiam, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

f 136 1 

Behler, Paul R.. Privato, Ambulance Unit, A. E. F. 

Behm, Raymond H.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Woundetl. 

Beidy, Arthur, L . S. Army. 

Beitzel, George E., If. S. Infantry. 

Beitzel, Horace D., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. \\ uundecl. 

Beitzel, Jacob Minin, Private, Cavalry. Wounded. Knocked down by Auto. 

Beitzel, Warren A., Private. Ice Plant Iiiit \o. 301. A. E. F. 

Beitzel, William G., L. S. Infantr>. 

Bell, Albert D., Rev., Chaplain, Infantry, A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Belt, A. Dinsmore. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Belt, Robert J., Ice Plant L nit ?So. 301, A. E. F. 

Bemiller, Roy, Coast Artillery. 

Benedict, Albert S., First Lieutenant. \ . S. Infantry. 

Benedict, Charles R., U. S. Army. 

Benjamin, Howard V., Seaman, Navy. 

Bennett, John C, Ice Plant I'nit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Bennett, John C, U. S. Army, York Haven. 

Bennett, John H. Dr., Medical Corps, U. S. Army. 

Bennington, Charles H., Private, Infantry. 

Bensinger, Willard M., U. S. Army. 

Benson, Elmer H., Car Inspector, \ . S. Army. 

Benson, Herbert Edward, Private, Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Benson, Kenneth Ramsey. Flying Cadet. Aviation. 

Bentzel, David E. Jr.. Ambulance Service. 

Bentzel, Paul. Private, Marine Corps. A. I'. F. 

Bentzel, Samuel, Camp Meatle. Md. 

Bentzel, William S., Aviation. A. E. F. 

Berchtold. Albert. Corporal. Balloon Corps. A. E. F. 

Berger, Lawrence R., Apprentice Seaman, L. S. Navy. 

Berkheimer, Chauncey Elvin, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Berkheimer. Clarence, Corporal, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Berkheimer, (iEOrge, U. S. Army. 

Berkheimer, George Nelson, Chief (Juinier's Mate, V. S. Navy. 

Berkheimer. Harris E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Berkheimer, Howard, (".orporal. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Berkheimer, Walter, Private Chemical Warfare Service. 

Berheiser, Daniel W., Camp Meade, Md. 

Berkholder, Charles, Camp Meade, Md. 

Berry, Joe, Private, Infantry. 28th Division, A. E. F. 

Berry. John W.. L'. S. Army (Colored.) 

Berry, Thomas, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ber wager, Clark C Private, Infantry. Wounded. 

Beshore, Elmer E.. Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Beshore, Earl A., Corporal, Musician. 

Beshore, Cecil J., Private, Engineers. 

Bessick, Charles, Camp Custer. Mich. (Colored.) 

Biddle, Walter Andrew. Sergeant. A. E. F. Gassed three times. 

Biederman, Samuel, Private, First Class, Pioneer Iidantry, A. E. F. 

BiEHL. Nevin J.. Ice Plant Lnit No. .301, A. E. F. 

[ 137 1 

Bier, George. Corporal, Enf^'ineers, A. E. F. 

BiERMAN. Frederick H., Wagoner, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Billet, Charles F., U. S. Army. 

Billet, Harold W., Navy, Navy Volunteer Band. 

Billet, Harry C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Billet, Kline J., Corporal, Marines, A. E. F. 

Billet, Lester E., Corporal, Infantry. 

Billet, Baymond K., Private, 145th Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Billmeyer, Arthur A., Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

BiLLMEYER, George C, Sergeant, Aviation, 261st Aero Squad. In England. 

Billmyer, G. Audrey, Limited Service. Died at Camp Taylor of pneumonia. 

Binder. A. Carroll, Civilian Branch of Red Cross, A. E. F. 

Binder, Richard L., Private, Gas Defense Service. 

Bine, Curty R., U. S. Army. 

BiRGENSMiTH, CiiARLES, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

BiRK, Frank, U. S. Army. 

BiRK, Henry J., U. S. Army. 

BiRK, William J., Camp Meade, Md. 

BiscHOFF, Casper Ernest, Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

BisER, B. Bruce, U. S. Navy, A. E. F. 

BisH, D. Riley. Camp Meade, Md. 

Bisker, Joseph A., Private, A. E. F. 

BisKER, Noah R., Corporal, Machine Gun Battalion. A. E. F. Killed. D. S. C. 

BiTTiNGER, Ralph E., Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

BiTTiNGER, Henry W., Second Lieutenant, Machine ( iun Battalion, A. E. F. 

BixLER, David D., First Lieutenant, II. S. Infantry. 

BiXLER, H. J., Camp Meade. Md. 

Black, A. F., U. S. Army. 

Black, Clarence, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Black, Joseph, Jr.. Corporal Ordnance. 

Black, Walter C, Private, (^)uartermaster's Corps, Ice Plant LJnit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Blair, Elmer M., Camp Wadsworth. 

Blair. Chas. L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Blasser, Charles A., Camp Greenleaf, S. C. 

Blas.ser, Claude, U. S. Army. 

Blasser, Wilmer, Auto Mechanic. 

Blauser, Charles W., Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Blauser, Morgan S., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Blausser, G. M., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Blessing, Charles H., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Blessing, Edward G., Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Blessing, George E., Corporal, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Blessing, Walter J., Corporal, Infantry, 82nd Division, A. E. F. 

Blettner, John L., Wagoner, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Bloom, Raymond Roll, First Class Machinist Mate, U. S. Navy. 

Bloom, Mrs. Raymond R., Nurse, V. S. Navy. 

Blouse, Elmer R., Mechanic at Easton, Pa. 

Blouse, George Wilbert, Second Class Machinist's Mate, U. S. Navy, A. E. F. 

I 138 1 

Blousk, John Clifford, First Class Fireman, U. S. Merchant Marine. 

Blouse, Joseph R., U. S. Army. 

Blouse, Victor, U. S. Infantry. 

Blouse, William A., Camp Meade, Md. 

Blue, Charles W., Stevedore, (Colored.) 

Blum, David J., Private, Provisional Company. 

Blymire, H., Camp Lee, ^ a. 

Blymire, Raymond Hilary, U. S. Army. 

Boanies, Daniel, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

BoDDY, Norman, Sergeant, Motor ^Mechanics, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Boddy, William C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

BoECKEL, Joseph F., Camp Meade, Md. 

BoECKEL, Karl F., Camp Meade, Md. 

Boeckel, Norman E., U. S. Army. 

BoECKEL, Paul F., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. Wounded. 

Boeckel, Rorert E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Boeckel, Stewart P., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

BoESCH, William D. Jr., Camp Lee. Va. 

Bohl, Charles B.. Camp Meade, Md. 

BoHLE, Francis, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

BoLDEN, John E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

BoLDY, Arthur, U. S. Army. 

Bollinger. Alrert, Camp Meade, Md. 

Bollinger, Harry H., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Bollinger. James C. A. E. F. Wounded 

Bollinger, J. Oscar, Private, Signal Corps. 

Bollinger. Lloyd B., Limited Service, Fort Slocum, N. Y. 

Bollinger, Theron C. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Boltman, Oscar J., LI. S. Cavalry. 

Bolton, Oscar J., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Bolton, Roy S., Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Bonaventure. Angelo, L'. S. Infantry. 

Bond, LTrban Smyser, Private, Limited Service, Washington, D. C. 

Bookmeyer, Wilrur D., U. S. Infantry. 

Boose, Harry A., Camp Lee, Va., A. E. F. 

Boose, Sterling D., Medical Replacement Unit No. 54, A. E. F. 

Border, Francis A., Camp Lee, \a. 

Border. Harrison, !\Iedical Corps. 

Border, \ incent S.. Infantry, A. E. F. 

BoRGEL, Charles W., First Class Seaman, Navy. 

Borgel, Rene E., Mechanic, l^. S. Army. 

Boring, Sylvan E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Boring, Walter H., Limited Service, Camp Taylor, Ky. 

BoRSA. Dobmenica. Camp Lee, Va. 

BoRTNER, B. H., U. S. Army. 

BoRTNER, Charles A.. Ice Plant Unit No. .301, A. E. F. 

BoRTNER, C. E.. Dr.. First Lieutenant. Medical Corps. 

Bortner, Ezra H., Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 


BoRTNER, Irwin, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

BoRTNER, James C, V. S. Army. 

BoRTNER, James E., U. S. Navy, U. S. S. Nebraska. 

BoRTNER, James M.. Camp Merritt. N. J.. A. E. F. 

BoRTNER, John F., Ser^'oant, l. S. Army. 

BoRTNER, Jonas M.. Butihcring Company No. 301. A. E. F. 

BoRTNER, Miles, Artillery. A. E. F. 

BoRTNER, Millard. Captain. Ice Plant I nit No. .'.Ol, A. E. F. 

BoRTNER, Pius. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

BoRTNER. Balph A.. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania Collefre, (Jettysburg. Pa. 

BoRTNER, Stewart. Sergeant. Develojjment Battalion. 

BoRTNER, Titus. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Bortner. William L.. Cam]) Meade. Md. 

BossEMAN, William II.. Ambulance Service. 

BossHART, Louis H., Ordnance, A. E. F. 

BosTER. Lester R., Coast Artillery. 

BoTT, Curtis Albert. Piivate. Ice Plant I'nit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Botterbusch, Emil a.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Bousum. St. Clair, S. A. T. C. 

Bower, Mervin H., Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Bowers, Bob E., Private, Tank Corps. 

Bowers. Clarence E.. Private. Tank Corps. 

Bowers, Earl M., Camp Dodge, Iowa. 

Bowers, Edward, Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Bowers. George H.. U. S. Artillery. 

Bowers, Harry C. Medical Coips, A. E. F. 

Bowers, Harry L.. Private. Infantry. 

Bowers, Lee. Aviation Corps. 

Bowers. Balph. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Bowers. Bobert Clair, U. S. Army. 

Bowers. Stewart C, First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

BowHAM, Harry. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Bowman, Allison P.. Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Bowman, Augu.stus J.. First Class Seaman. Navy. Transport Service. 

Bowman. Charles E.. Camp tireenleaf. (Ja. 

Bowman. J. A.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Bowman, W. C. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Bowmaster, Karl M., Private, Company I, Infantry. 

Bowser, Eugene, Private, Engineers. 

Bowser, Oscar, Ambulance Service. 

Boyd, Kenneth J., Captain, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Boyd. Lewis G., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Boyd. Paul C. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Boyd, Willis C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Boyde, Harry E., Camp Meade, Md., (Colored.) 

BoYER. Charles H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Boyer. Chauncey. Camp Meade, Md. 

BoYER. Clarence, Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

[ 140 1 

BovER, George F., Inducted for Training; at Lohigli I nivcrsity. 

IjOYEr, Frank C, Limited Service, Camp Taylor, Ky. 

BoYER, Morgan J., Bugler, U. S. Army, 51st Field Artillery. 

BoYEjR, Omar J., Sergeant, Artillery. 

BoYER, Paul B., U. S. Navy. 

BoYER, Paul E., Infantry, A. K. F. 

BoYER, BoMAN H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

BoYER, Roy, Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

BoYER,RoY C, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, GettysLurji. Pa. 

BoYER, Walter H., Chemical Warfare Service. 

BoYER, WiLLLVM H., Camp Lee, \a. 

Bracht, Harry, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Bracht. William S.. Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Bradley, Louis, Field Artillery. 

Bradley, Ralph Clarke, S. A. T. C. Colby College, Waterville, Me. 

Bradley, Boy, U. S. Infantry. 

Brady, Eugene B., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. 1'. 

Brady, Francis K., Ambulance Service. 

Brady, George L., Field Artillery. 

Brady, James, V. S. Infantry. 

Brady, John F., T(*chnical Training at the liiiversity of Pittsliurf;li. 

Brady, Joseph, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Brame, Walter S., Private. Coast Artilierv. Died. 

Brandt, Harry W., Field Artillery. 

Brandt. M. S., Sergeant, A. E. F. 

Brandt, Winfield G., U. S. Infantry. 

Brannon, Charles D., U. S. Marines. 

Breckline, Guy, U. S. Infantry. 

Breidenthall, E. Neri, Limited Service, Camp Colt, Pa. 

Breithaupt, Fred. C, Signal Corps. 

Brenneman. Clair, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, (iettysbtng. Pa. 

Brenneman, Curtis H., Quartermaster Corps, Camp Dix, \. J. 

Brenneman, Daniel A., S. A. T. C. Lehigh I 'ni versify. 

Brenneman. Ernest L., U. S. Navy. 

Brenneman, Harry E., U. S. Navy. 

Brenneman, Harry S., LT. S. Navy. 

Brenneman. John, U. S. Navy. 

Brenneman, John, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysljurg, Pa. 

Brenneman, Morton, Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. Cahill, A. E. F. 

Brenneman, Norman, Camp Meade, Md. 

Brenneman, Percy F., Private, Infantry. 

Brenneman, Roscoe, Private, Infantry, Panama Canal Zone. 

Brenneman, Roy E.. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Brenneman, Stuart E.. Camp Greenleaf, Ga., A. E. F. 

Brenneman, Walter, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Brenner, Elmer L., Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Brenner, Ervin, Sergeant, U. S. Infantry. 

Brenner, George, Ambulance Service. 

Brenner, George, Camp Lee. Va. 

I 111 1 

Breniner, George W., Sergeant, Aviation Corps. 

Brenner, G. Herbert, First Lieutenant, Air Service, A. E. F. Killed in Italy. 

Brenner, Horace F., Fireman, Navy. 

Brenner, H. Nelson, Private, Medical Corps. 

Brenner. Irvin, Camp Lee, ^ a. 

Brenner, Jacob Keeper, Sergeant, Aviation. 

Brenner, Samuel S., Private, Air Service, A. E. F. 

Brenner, Shupp S., Aviation Corps. 

Brenner, Thomas, LI. S. Army, Hanover. 

Brenner, Walker M., Signal Corps. 

Bressler, Clark S. Dr., Medical Corps. 

Bressler, Wilbur Houston, Camp Meade, Md. 

Brickner, Henry J., Corporal, Casual Unit, A. E. F. 

Bricker, Harry Leroy, Sergeant, Camp Fremont, Cal. 

Bricker, Nevin a., S. A. T. C. Carnegie Tech., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bricker, William, U. S. Army, Dallastown, Pa. 

Brickhouse, Leroy W., ()uarterina.ster Corps. 

Brickner, Charles T., Private, Engineers. 

Brickner, Harry, Aviation Corps. 

Brier, Baymond C, Private, Development Camp, Camp Meade, Md. 

Briggs, Charles 0., Camp Lee, Va. 

Brillhart, Daniel W. Jr., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Brillhart, Edwin W., Quartermaster Corps. 

Brillhart, Frank, Musician, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Brillhart, George F., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Brillhart, Harry A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Brillhart, J. A., Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Brillhart, John F., Private, Ice Plant Init No. 301, A. E. F. 

Brillhart. Lester, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Brillhart, Boy F., Private,vlnfantry, A. E. F. 

Brillhart, William F., LT. S. Infantry. 

Brillincjer, David Fahs, Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps. 

Brillinger, (Jeorge, Aviation Corps. 

Brillinger, II. Beitzel, S. a. T. C. Cornell College. 

Brinzer, M. F., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Britcher, Frank B., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Brodbeck, Charles H., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Brodbeck, E. T., Cook, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Brodbeck, William F., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Brooks Karl S., Sergeant, 30 1th Engineers. 

Brooks, Thomas, Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored). 

Brophy, George H., Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Brown, Abraham K., Camp Lee, Va. 

Brown, Amos M., LI. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Brown, Charles E., Private, Infantry. 

Brown, Charles H., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Brown, Charles 0., U. S. Army, Delta, Pa. 

Brown, Charles Bobert, Yoeman, Navy, LT. S. S. Sampson, A. E. F. 

[ 142 1 

Brown, Chester 0., Private, S. A. T. C. Lebanon College, Annville, Pa. 

Brown, Curtis L., Private, Artillery. 

Brown, Edison A., Sergeant, Medical Corps. 

Brown, Elmer E., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Brown, Elmer H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Brown, Elmer Lewis, S. A. T. C. State College, Pa. 

Brown. Edward E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Brown, Harry, Camp Lee, Va. 

Brown, Harry, U. S. Army, Thomasville, Pa. 

Brown, Harry W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Diefl of W omuls. 

Brown, Jack, U. S. Infantry. 

Brown, Jacob M., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Brown, James W., Camp Lee, \ a. 

Brown, Maurice E., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Brown, Nevin E., Auto Mechanic at Philadelphia. 

Brown, Paul, U. S. Infantry. 

Brown. Robert Peary. Sergeant Major, Signal Corps. 

Brown, Roy E., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Brown, Rufus McKinley, Sergeant, Signal Corps. 

Brown, Wilbert R., Private, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Bruaw, Che.ster. Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Brauw, Ephraim, Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Bruaw, Oscar A., Tank Corps. 

Brunhouse, Jacob Smyser. Private, Signal Corps. 

BuBB, Guy E., Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Bubb. Harry A.. Camp Meade, Md. 

BuBB, Raymond IL. I . S. Navy. 

BucH, J. Earl, Second Lieutenant, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Buchanan, James C. Sergeant. Infantry. 

Buchanan, John D.. Camp (ireenleaf. Ga. 

Buckingham, C. E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Buckingham, H. S., Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

BucKMYER, Wilbur D., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Budesheim, Lawrence, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

BuDESHEivi, Paul. Camp Meade. Md. 

Buehler, Abner F., Camp Meade, Md. 

BuEHLER, M. L., Limited Service. 

Buehler, Paul, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

BuFFiNGTON. James E., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Buffington, Roy P., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

BuFFLAP, Carl A., Aviation Corps. 

BuGDALL, John George W.. S. A. T. C. Lehigh LTniversity. 

BuiE, Charles W., Camp Greenleaf, Ga., Transferied to[) Ui)ton. Died. 

Buie, Curtis R.. Seven Valleys, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Bull, Curvin, Camp Lee, Va. 

Bull, P. Clyde, U. S. Marines, U. S. S. Michigan. 

Bull, Spurgeon, Private, Ice Plant T'nit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Bunting, William II. . Camp Lee, \ a. 

[ 1 13 1 

BuNTY. William J.. I^nginecrs, A. E. F. 

Bupp. Charles E.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Bupp, Earl E., Private, Company A, 6tli Engineers. 

Bupp. Earl W., I . S. Cavalry. 

Bupp, Harry. Private, York, Pa. 

Bupp, John A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Bupp, Lawrence E., Machinist Mate, l\aval \\ iation. 

Bupp, Paul A., Begimental Sergeant-Major. Infantry. A. I]. F. 

Bupp, Paul L., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Shell Shocked and Wownded. 

Bupp, Paul T.. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, (iettyshiug. Pa. 

Burd, Boy K.. Signal Corps. 

Burg, Albert P., (Quartermaster Corps, Fort Slocum, N. \., A. E. F. 

Burg, Charles. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Burg. L., Second Lieutenant, 1. S. Infantry. 

Burg, Frank W., 10 1th Aero Squadron. In Entrland. 

Burg, John L., Captain, Columbia, Pa. 

Burg, Leon. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 1501 , A. E. F. 

Burgard, Henry C, Limited Service. 

BuRGARD. Michael Y.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Burger, Aaron W., Private, Infantry. Headquarters Company, 112th Infantry. 

Burger, Curvin W., Camp Wadsworth, S. C, A. E. F. 

Burger, Lerue 0.. Private, Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Burger, Ralph W., Private, Aviation. 

Burgess, George (iUy, Regimental Conunission Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Burk. Henry G.. Signal Corps. 

Burkhart, Morris, York, Pa.. C S. Army. 

Burkins, J. Leslie, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Burkins, Warren Bus.sell, Private, Motor Truck Supply Company, A. E. F. 

Burkholder, C. W., t . S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Burns, Charles W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Bury, Joseph K., Private, Infantry. A. M F. 

BuSER, Norman F., Camp Meade. Md, 

BusER, BiGHARD. U. S. Navy. 

Bush. Elmer S., V. S. Navy. 

Bush, J. Witmer, C.orporal, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Bush, Lester W., Camp Lee, ^ a. 

Bush, Oliver P., V. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Bu.sH, Wellington R., Private. Infantry. 

BusHEY, Clay A.. Ambulance Service. 

Bushey, Earl W., U. S. Engineers. 

BusHEY, Rus.sell M., U. S. Navy. 

BussER, Harry C Signal Corps, Aero Squadron. 

BussER. Harry C., (hiartermaster Corj)s, A. Iv F. 

Bussler, Clifford B.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Butcher, (iEOROE A., Private, Engineers. 

BiiTCHER, Samuel D., Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Butler, (!ilroy P., Private, Field Aitillery. (Colored). 

Butler. John T., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Butler, James S. Jr., Ct)rporal. Ordnance. 

I lU 1 

Butler, Emmert. Private, Infantry. 

Butler, Thomas Owen, Corporal, Medical ('.ori)s. A. E. F. 

Butt, John H., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Butter, Ernst M., Stevedore. (Colored). 

Byerly, John E., Technical Training at Lancaster. Pa. 

Byers, Bruce A., Camp Meade, Md. 

Byers, Dennis 0., Camp !\leade. Md. 

Byerts, Earl J., Corporal, Infantry. 

BvRD. Cecil R., Mechanic at Camp Benjamin Harrison. 

Cable, Herbert Lee, New Market, Pa. 

Cable, I. Ross, U. S. Cavalry, ,'5rd Division. 

Calder, Frank T., Camp Lee, Ya. 

Caler, Charles L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Callahan, GEORf:E, Quartermaster's Department, Washington. D. C. 

Cameron, Daniel, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Cameron, Robert E., Camp Lee, Va. 

Campbell. Clarence W., Private, Infantry. 

Campbell, Claude B., York, Pa.. A. E. F. (Colored). 

Campbell. Erastus L.. Private, Tank Corps. Wounded. 

Campbell, Cordon, V. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Campbell, Harry, Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Campbell, L. F., Navy, L). S. S. \ estal. 

Campbell, Robert Mc.^'EY, S. A. T. C. Westminister College, New \\ ilminglon. Pa. 

Campbell, William D., U. S. Infantry. 

Canavan, John J., L^. S. Navy. 

Carbaugh, Alphonsus, II. S. Infantry. 

Carbaugh, Calvin A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Rilled. 

Carlson. Henry ^'., Instructor in Naval School, New York City. 

Carly, Cyrus, Camp Greene, N. C. (Colored). 

Carman, Arthur Pail, Private, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Carnes, Norman H., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Carpenter, Ivan G., Sergeant. Aviatif)n. 167th Aero Squad. In England. 

Carr, Robert E., Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Carns, Norman H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Carroll, Frank, Camp Lee, Ya. 

Carroll, Pauline M.. Camp Meade, Md., V. S. Army Nurse Corps. 

Carter, John L.. Aviation Corps. 

Carter, Robert M., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. (Colored). 

Cartnail, Frederick, Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored). 

Casard, Byron L., Aviation Corps. 

Case, Adam B., Corporal, Infantry. 

Cashman, Harry P., Camp Lee, Ya. 

Cassel, Walter L., Corporal, Aviation. 

Castle, Harry L., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Caulford, W. P., Camp (iieenleaf. Ga. 

Cavanaugh, James !\I., Apjjrentice Seaman. 1. S. Navy. 

Cavanaugh, Walter, Regimental Sergeant-Major, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Caverly, Lindley F., U. S. Navy. 

[ 1 15 ] 

Chambers, John A.. Sergeant, Depot Brigade. 

Chambers, Samuel E., U. S. Navy. 

Chambers. Williard J., U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Chandlkh, Benjamin H., S. A. T. C I'niversity of Pennsylvania, Piiiladelphia, Pa. 

Charmbury, Walter (i.. J'rivate. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Charms, Frank A.. Pri\ate, Infantry, A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Chism, Alvin B.. Piivate, Engineers. 

Christensen, Julius, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Christy, Vincent H., Camp Meade. Md. (Colored). 

Chrom.ster. Earl J., Camp i\Iead(\ Md. 

Chroni.ster, H. Danner, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 

Chronister. Melvin J., I'. S. Marines, Coast Defense. 

Chronister, Norman R., Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Church, Howard P., Stewartstown, Pa. A. E. F. 

Clapper. Cletus W., Field Artillery. 

Clark. Harry B., Camp Lee, \'a. 

Clark. Post, U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Clarkson, Martin, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Clary. John Preston, Private, Auto Mechanics. 

Clay, Leroy Daniel, Baker, A. E. F. 

Clay. William N.. Private, Limited Service, Fort Taylor. Ky. 

Clendon, James M., York, Pa. 

Clinch, Andrew L., Sergeant, Ice Plant Unit No. .'501 . A. E. F. 

Cline. Paul. (Jun Pointer, Navy, V. S. S. De Kolb. 

Clionsky, Hyman, it. S. Engineers. 

Clunk, Claude B., Yoeman, U. S. Navy. 

Clunk. Edward F.. Limited Service. 

Coble, Charles H., S. A. T. C. I'niversity of Pittsburgh. 

Cochenour, Howard. Private, Mt. Royal, Dover Township. 

Cochrane, Thomas A., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Shell Shocked. 

Cock. Clarence, F. S. Army, York, Pa. 

CocKLEY, John Ewdin, Musician, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

CoFFMAN. Paul David. Private, ]\Iarines, A. E. F. Hurt Ankle in Parade. 

CoFFMAN. Ralph Edgar, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Cohen, Herbert, Seaman, Navy, University of Pennsylvania. 

Cohen, Milton, S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania. 

Cohen, Ralph D., Sergeant, Engineers. 

Cole, Samuel H,, Private, Infantry. 12nd Company 1.53d Depot Brigade. 

Cole. James F., IT. S. Infantry. 

Cole, Wrightston, Signal Corps, I . S. Army, C^amp Coppee, 

Cole, Gerald, Private, Infantry, Siberia. 

Cole. Howard R., Corporal. U. S. Marines, A. E. F. 

Collier, Ulysses, U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Collins, Blair, Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Comfort, ^'EARD A., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

CoNLiN, Edward V., Aviation, transferred to Infantry. 

CoNLiN, George, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Connelly, Edward L.. Cook. Infantry. 

I 116 1 

Connelly, Herbert (i.. Private, Field Artillery. 

Conrad, Lewis G., S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 

CoNTiNO, Anthony. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Conway, George W., Sergeant-!\lajor. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Conway, Raymond E., Engineers. A. E. F. 

CooGAN, John B.. Camp Devens. .Mass. 

Cook, Clarence H., Camp Meade, Md.. 

("ooK, Clarence J., Private, A. E. F. \\ounded. 

Cook, George W. Lieutenant Colonel. Medical Corps. 

Cook, Roderick W., S. A. T. C. J'ennsylvania College, tiettysburg. Pa. 

Coombs, Harry W.. Second OHicers' Training Camp, Hanover, Pa. 

Cooper. George AL, A. E. F.. Dallastown. Pa. 

Cooper, Percy B.. Private. Bakery Company, A. E. ¥. 

Cooper. Robert E.. Camp (ireenleaf, Ga. 

Cooper, V. T., Camp Humphries. ^ a. 

CoovER, Earl M.. S. A. T. C. State College. 

Coover, George D., Corpoial. Air Service. A. E. F. 

CoovER, John W., Corporal, Air Service, A. E. F. 

CoPENHAVER, Franklin C, Spring (irove. Pa. 

Copenhaver. Nathan J., Camp Meade, Md. 

Copenhaver, Penn p.. Private, Aviation, A. K. F. 

Copenhaver. Samuel, S. A. T. C. Bowman School of Technology. Lancaster. 

Coop, Clarence F., Private, Coast Artillery. 

Corcoran, Michael J.. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. :]()1. \. E. F. 

Corey, Nathaniel, Camp Custer, Mich., 

Corwell, Amos G. C, Private, Company A, .304th Engineers, A. E. F. 

CoRWELL, FIenry W., U. S. Submarine L-.'i. F'. S. Navy. 

Cosgrove, Kennedy, Sergeant. Infantry, A. F]. F. 

Cotonham, Jacob J., Camp Meade, Md. 

CouLSON, J. F., Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

CouLSON, Luther (i.. Camp Meade. Md. 

CouL.soN, Paul A., Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

CouLSON, RoscoE M., F]ngineers. 

CouLSON, Wilbur R, Corporal, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Coulter, John A., Ambulance Unit, York County. 

Courtney, Walter A., Privat(\ F^ugineers. A. E. F. (iassed. 

Cousley, Herbert Leroy, Ice Plant I nit No. 301, A. E. F. 

CousLER, Morgan Edward, Private, Infantry. 

CousLER, Ray, Camp ^Teade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Cox. Kenneth L.. Mess Sergeant, AviatioiL 

Coy, James C, Private, L^. S. Army, Camp Lee. Va. 

Crabill, Ralph E.. 1st Lieutenant. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Craig. Banjamin A.. Camp Greenleaf. Ga. 

Craley, Ira B., Private, 128th Transport Corps. F]ngineers, A. E. F. 

Craley, Norman, Aviation Corps. 

Crambilt, Howard A., Camp Meade, Md. (Colored) 

Craul, Arthur William, Fireman, Navy. A. E. F. 

Craumer, Ernest W., Second Lieutenant. Infantry. 

[ 1171 

Craumer, Henry L.. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Craumer. Luther E., Setond Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Craumer. Stewart. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Graver. John Louis, Sergeant, Marines, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Crawford, Clayton S., U. S. Army, Camp Lee, Va. 

Cramfori). Kenneth T., U. S. Infantry. 

Crawford, Dr. W. L., Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Craybill, Ralph, V. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Creep. Harry S., Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Creep. Harry, B., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Cbemer, Joseph E., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Crim. Marion E., Aviation. Pittsburj; School of Technology. 

Crlmins, Henry F., U. S. Infantry. 

Crimmins, Lawrence E., U. S. Army, R. D. No. 10, York. Pa. 

Crist, C. F., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Crist. Howard L.. Tank Corps, A. E. F. 

Crist. John William, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Crone, Arthur C, Seaman. Navy, U. S. S. Indiana. 

Crone, Charles, U. S. Army, R. D., Dover, Pa. 

Crone, Harry B., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Crone, Robert L., Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Cross, Chauncey, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Cross, Wilbur G., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Cross, William E., R. D. No. 1. Laurel, Pa., A. E. F. 

Grouse, Percy W., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Grouse, Randal Howard, First Lieutenant, Infantry, A. M F. Division Decorated. 

Crowne, Harry, 17. S. Infantry. 

GrujMbling, Chester, U. S. Navy. 

Grumbling, Clarence, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Grumbling, Mason D.. A. E. F.. Wrightsville, Pa. 

Grumbling, Charles, Private, 313th Infantry. Wouiuled. 

Grumbling, Earl, U. S. Navy. 

Grumbling, Paul, Aviation Corps. 

Grumrine, William H., Privat(>, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

GuLBERTSON, Raymond, S. A. T. G. State College, Pa. 

Gulp, Byron J.. Corporal, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Cunningham, Bruce B., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Cunningham, John Joseph, U. S. Navy. 

Gurry, E. R., U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Dabler, William B., Gamp Lee, ^ a. 

Danfelt. Paul, Private Aviation, A. E. F. 

Daniels, Edgar W., Private, Camp Lee, \ a. 

Danner, James A., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. Rilled. 

Danner, Norman B., Second Lieutenant, Quartermaster Corps. 

Dappleby, Carl, U. S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

Daron, Sherman, Private, Canadian Army. Wounded. 

Daron. Welma C.. Army Nurse Corps, A. E. F. 

I 118 I 

DaroiNe, Paul, Private, kc Plant I nit Ao. 301, A. E. F. 

Daryman, Charles M., Navy, A. E. F. 

Daryma-N. Normain J., Seifjeant, Infaiitiy. 

Dashler, John W., Camp Lee, \ a. 

Dattisman, Luther H., Private, 10th Company, 151th Depot Brigade. 

Dauber. Franci.s W.. S. A. T. C, Bowman Technical School, Lancaster. 

Daugherty, Earl, Private, L . S. Infantry. 

Daugherty, Elmer S., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Daugherty, Lorenza S.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Daugherty, Ovide M.. Private, Camp Meade, \Id. 

Daugherty, Wilmer F., Camp Meade, Md. 

Davidson. Arthi'r Sylvester. Private, Medical Corp.s. A. E. F. 

Davis. Benjamin H.. Sergeant. Aviati(jn, A. E. F. 

Davis, Earle S., York County Ambulance Unit. 

Davis. EiofjAR C... U. S. Navy. 

Davis. (Ieorge A., Private, Amnmnitiuii Train, A. E. F. 

Davis. Stephen P.. Private. Signal Corps. 

Dawson. Ceorge. Private. Signal Corps. 

Day, Earl Grove, Camp Lee, ^'a. 

Day. Stuart 0., Private, S. A. T. C. 

Dayhoff, Howard. V. S. Infantry. 

Dayhoff. Jacob E.. Private, Columbus. Ohio. 

Dayhoff, William \ ., Artillery, \J. S. Army. 

Deardorff. Boyd. Dillsburg, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Deardorff, Charles B.. Private. ^Medical Corps. 

Deardorf, Emory S., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Deardorff. Floyd B.. S. A. T. C. State College. 

Deardorff. Boy P., Sergeant, Ice Plant I nit No. .301. A. E. F. 

Deardorff. William B., Private. Aero Squadron. A. E. F. 

Debs. Harry. U. S. Infantry. 

Dechant. John W.. Private. Aviation. 

Dechant. Clement W.. Seaman, Navy. U. S. Destroyer Whipple. A. E. F. 

Decker. George L.. Private, Marine Corps Band. A. E. F. 

Decker. Jacob H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Decker. Paul A. B.. Private, Infantry. (Band) First Class Musician. A. E. 

Decker. William C. Corporal. S. A. T. C. State College. 

Decker, W. W.. Private, Signal Corps. 

Deeg, William H., Camp Lee, Va. 

Dehoff. Milton M.. Aviation Corps. 

Dehoff. Milton. Sergeant. Infantry, .5th Division, A. E. F. 

Dehoff. Frank W., Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Deitch. Baymond W.. U. S. Infantry. 

Deitch, Bobert C, Mate, U. S. Navy. 

Deitrich, Harry G., U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Deitrich, W., Medical Corps. Camj) (ireenleaf. Ga. 

Deitz, (Gilbert A.. Private, Chemical \\ arfare Service. 

Dietz, Purd E., U. S. Artillery. 

Deitz. Bichard F.. I . S. Army, York. Pa. 

Deitz. Warren B., Private, Aviation. 

I U9 1 

De lIuKF. Frank W., Piivatf, Ice Plant Unit No. ;?01, A. E. F. 

De Lancy. Ellis, Corporal, Recruiting Service. 

De Laplane, IIobart Mc.Kinley, Seaman, Navy, Transport Martha Washington. 

De Lisle, (ieorge. Sergeant, U. S. Army, R. D., Cly. 

Dell, Calvin S., Camp Meade, Md. 

Dell, Dennis E., Sergeant. Infantry (Band), A. E. F. 

Dell, Oliver E., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Dell, William H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Delle, C. a. Dr., Medical Reserve Corps. Not Called. 

Deller, Paul C. Camp Creenleaf, Ga. 

Deller. Walter F.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Deller, William L., Camp Meade, Md., /\. K. F. 

DELLiNf;ER, Barton, Private, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. Missing in Action. 

Dellinoer, Carman, N., U. S. Infantry. 

Dellinger. Harry E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Shell Shocked. 

Dellinger, John H., Private, Engineers. 

Dellinger, McKinley L., Private, S. A. T. C. Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 

Dellinc;er, Paul, Camp Greenleaf. (ia. 

Dellinger, Paul Edward, Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Dellinger, Stewart, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Dellinger, William H. Jr., York. Pa., A. E. F. 

Dellinger, Wilmer R., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Dempsey, Frank, V. S. Navy. 

Dempsey, George, Navy, Battleshiiis North Dakota and Nebraska. 

Dempsey, Lawrence, Aviation Corps. 

Dempsey, Henry J., Private, Infantry. 

Dempwolf, Fred. G., Captain, Aviation. 

Dennan, C. S., Chief Yoeman, Navy. 

Dennis, Luther, Private, Medical Corps, A. Iv F. 

Dennis, Milfred, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Dennis, Norman P., Piivate,^, l^ngineers, A. E. F. 

Depper, Clarence W., Limited Service, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Derrick, Jesse D., U. S. Army. Red Lion. Pa. 

Desenberg, Jacob L, Private, Hospital Corps, A. E. F. 

Desenberg, Joseph L., Private, Coast Artillery. 

Desenberg, William J.. Private. Infantry 

Dettinger, Albert, Private, Infantry. 

Dettinger, Charles E., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Detvmler, David R., Private, Aviation. 

Detwiler, Herbert E., .Machinist Mate, U. S. Navy. 

Deuel, Joseph C, Captain, Infantry, A. K. F. 

Deuel, Louis Leslie. Private, Infantry. 

Deuel, William C, Private, Infantry. 

Deveney, Irwin, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Deveney, Norman D., Camp Meade, Md. 

Devers, Frank W., Captain, U. S. Infantry. 

Devers, Jacob Loucks, Colonel, Field Artillery, School of Fire. 

Devers, Philip K. Jr., Second Lieutenant, Air Service, Balloon Pilot. 

[ 150 1 

Devo, Harry \N ..Tcclinical Training, Lehigh University. 

Dey, Anthony, Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Dey, Wilbert, Private, Canadian Army, 47th Battalion, A. E. F. Wotmded. 

Dice, John H., Private, Aviation Corps. 

Dick, Henry H., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Dick, Walter, Private, Quartermaster Corps, Camp Colt, Pa. 

Dick, William, Private, A. E. F. 

Dickinson, George C, Sergeant, Artillery, A. E. F. D. S. C. 

Dickinson, W. R. Jr., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

DiEHL, Charles L., \J. S. Army, York, Pa. 

DiEHL, Daniel, Engineers, A, E. F. 

Diehl, Earl R., Private, V. S. Infantry. 

DiEHL, H., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

DiEHL. Henry. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Diehl, Lester L., Private, Infantry (Band), A. E. F. 

Diehl, Paul L,, U. S. Army, York, Pa, 

Diehl, Roy Samuel, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Diehl, Ru-ssell, Yoeman, Navy, A. E. F. 

Diehl, William E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Diehl, William J., Private, Field Artillery. Promoted to Sergeant. 

Diehl, William, Seaman, Navy, A. E. F. 

Dierdorff, Wilbert, Camp Greenleaf, (Ja. 

Dietz, Alber. Private, Machine (kin Battalion, A. E. F, 

Dietz, Chester E., Private, Infantry. 

Dietz, Elmer, Camp Meade, Md. 

Dietz, CSeorge B., Corporal, Held Artillery, A. E. F. 

Dietz, (Jilbert A., Private, Gas Defense Service, Washington, D. C. 

Dietz, Harry C, Private, Engineers, A, E. F. Prf)inoted to Corporal. 

Dietz, Markley C, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Dietz, Sterling St. Clair, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Dietz. Warren B., Private, Aviation, A. E. F. Died. 

Dietz, William H., Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Dietz, William W., U. S. Army, R. D. No. 2, New Freedom, Pa. 

Dietz. Willis P., Camp Meade, Md. 

DiGGS, C. N., Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored). 

Dill, John H., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. (iassed. 

Dill, Norman, Infantry, Private, A, E. F. 

DiLLER. Charles, Camp Meade, Md. 

DiLLER, Fred., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

DiLLER, Walter R., Private, ,3I6th Infantry. 

Dillon. James E.. First Lieutenant. Infantry. \. E. F. Wounded. 

Dillon, James H., Corporal, Washington, D. C. 

Dimelow, James E., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Dingler. Henry Lewis, Sergeant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. Gassed. 

DiNON, Harrison J,, Private, U, S, Army, York, Pa. 

Dirk, Saddler H, E., Private, Field Artillery. 

DisE, J. Ivan, First Lieutenant, Acting Adjutant, Architectual Department, A. E. F. 

Disney, Robert E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

( 151 1 

DiTMER, John A.. Camp Meade, Aid. 

DiTTENHAFER. A., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

DiTZLER. I-Iaymoisd G.. Private. Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

DoDSON, Weldon JaiMes, Second Lieutenant, Camp Cordon, (ia. 

DoERFLEiN, (iEorge F., Private, Aviation. 

Doerflein, William S.. Hosjiitai Corps. 

DoERR, Henry F., Private, York, Pa. 

Doerson, Earl T., Private, Infantry. 

Dolheimeb. Clair S.. Corporal, lee Plant l^nit No. .'501. A. E. F. 

Doll, John A., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. Croix de Guerre. 

Doll, Raymond N., Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

DoLLHEiMER, Clair S.. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Dollheimer, John H., Aviation Corps. 

D0N.SIFE, William S.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

DoN.soN. WiLFORo II.. Corporal, If. S. Infantry. 

D0N8ON, William J., V. S. Navy. 

DoRSEY, Amos, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Promoted to Corporal. 

Dorsey, Charles, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

D0R8EY, John Thomas, Private, I'. S. Army. Leg Broken. 

Dorsey, Joseph E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Dotterweich, John C, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Dougherty, Charles, Aviation Corps. 

Dougherty. Charles N., Private, Camp Lee, \a. 

Dougherty, James Aloysius, Farrier, Veterinary Section, Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Douglas, William D., Private, Mechanics, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. 

Downey, Michael, Camp Meade, Md. 

Downey, S. Boyd, Corporal. Medical Corps. 

Downing, Bradley, Hospital Coips, A. E. F. 

Downs, Fred., Second Lieutenant, Ice Plant Unit No. .'SOI, A. E. F. 

Doyle. Harry L., V. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Drawbaugh, Walter C, Piivate, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Drenning, Caleb K., Private, Y. M. C. A. 

Drenning, David A., Private, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Drenning, John W., Sergeant, Aviation, A. K. F. 

Drenning, W. W., U. S. Guards. 

Drescher, Adam L.. Private. Ambulance Coips. 

Drescher, (iEOBGE H., Private, Infantry, 79th Division. A. E. F. 

Drescher, Habby E., S. A. T. C. liniversity of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Drescher. Richard, Camp Lee, Va. 

Dressel, Howard D., S. A. T. C. University of Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Driver, Cyril, Sergeant, Canadian Aimy, A. E. F. 

Dromgold, Stewart Alfred, Private. Aviation. 3.')llh Aern Squad, A. E. F. 

Drl:i:k, Arthur H., Private, Infantry, A. I']. F. 

Druck, Benjamin F.. Private, Aviation. 

Dric.k, Clair D., Corporal. Medical Corps. 

Druck, Edward H., Piivate, lllh Infantry, A. E. F. Wuimdcd. 

DuBBs, Delphus, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Dubbs, John L., Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

I 152 1 

DuBBS, Philip R., Quartermasters" Corps, A. E. F. 

DuBBS, Samuel W., Private, Quartermasters' Corps, A. E. F. 

DuBBS, Willis R., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Dubs, Edward K., Private, Engineers. 

Dubs Harry R., Private. Machine (iun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Dubs, John W ., Private, Engineers. 

Dubs, Maurice, Private, Remount Depot, 

Dubs, Paul I., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Dubs, Roswell, U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa., A. E. F. 

Dubs, Walter Raymond, Private, Signal Corps, A. E. F. Cassed. 

Dubs, William A., Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

DucE, Ralph C. B.. Camp .Meade. Md. 

DuERR, Alvin E., Camp Meade, Md. 

DusMAN, Gilbert H.. Private, A. S. A. P., Dayton. Ohio. 

Duke, Frank C. Camp Upton, N. Y., A. E. F. 

Dull, Peter, Hanover, Pa., A. E. F. 

Dunkle. Elmer, Infantry, killed in Action. 

Dunkle, William A.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

DuNNiCK Dana Delano, S. A. T. C. Millersville State Normal S( hool 

DuRGiN. Harry M.. Camp (ireenleaf. (ia. 

DuRR, William B., Sergeant, Aviation. 

DuFFiNS, Chas., Corporal, Pioneer Infantry. A. E. F. 

Dysart. Harry D.. Camp (ireenleaf, Ga.. A. E. F. 

Ealeblute, Merle A.. I. S. Infantry. 

Eastlake. Donald E.. l. S. Infantry, C. O. T. S., York. Pa. 

Ebauer, Edward J., L . S. Army, New Freedom. Pa. 

Ebauer, Ignatius, New F>eedom, Pa., A. E. F. 

Ebauer. Leonard, l\ S. Army. R. D. No. 3. New Freedom, Pa. 

Ebaugh, Edwin, Jr., Private, Signal Corps. 

Ebbert, Harry A., Supply Company, A. E. F. 

Eberly. Joseph W.. Sergeant, Base Hospital \0<^. A. E. F. 

Eberly, Roy P., Private, V. S. Infantry. 

Ebersole, Chester, U. S. Army, York, Haven. Pa. 

Ebert. John G.. U. S. Army. Red Lion, Pa. 

Eby, Alvin B., Field Artillery. 

Eby, Benjamin M., U. S. Infantry. 

EcK. Ralph H.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

EcKENRODE, Charles B.. Lieutenant. Infantry. 

Eckenrode, James W., Private, Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Eckert. Charles F., LI. S. Navy. 

Eckert, George T., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded Ivvice. 

Eckert, Samuel S., U. S. Infantry. 

Eckert. William S., U. S. Army. R. D. No. 2, York, Pa. 

Eden, Russell L., Coi-poral. Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Edie, Harry A.. U. S. Navy. 

Edie. John R.. Limited Service. 

Edon, Charles A., L . S. Army, New Freedom, Pa. 

[ 153 1 

Ehrejyfeld, Walter S.. S. A. T. C, University of Pennsylvania. 

Ehrhart, Ellis M., Private, Infantry (Band), A. E. F. 

Ehrhart, Fisher C, Second Lieutenant, Ordnance Department. 

luiRHART, Harvey E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ehrhart, John J., Private, Infantry, A. E. F, 

Ijirhart, Ralph C, Private, A. E. F. Wounded. 

lun^HART, Samuel E., Private, 30fth Engineers, A, E. F. 

Ehrhart, William S,, U. S. Infantry. Walter, U, S. Army, York, Pa. 

EicH. Anthony C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Eich, Fidel V., U. S. Navy. 

Eichelberger, Elmer Ellsworth, Pri\ ate. Field Artillery. 

Eichelberger, E. F., U. S. Army, R. D. No. 1, High Rock, Pa. 

Eichelberger, George, U. S. Army, R. D. No. 3. Hanover, Pa. 

Eichelberger, George W., Lieutenant, Temple University. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Eichelberger. M, L., V. S. Army. Hanover. Pa, 

EiNSiG, Albert, Private, Infantry, A, E. F. 

EiNSiG, Arthur. Private, U. S. Infantry, 

EiNSiG, Clarence J., U. S. Infantry. 

EiNSiG, Leo, U. S. Infantry. 

EiNSiG, Peter D., U. S, Army, York, Pa. 

EiSENHART, Garl E., Private. Aviation, A, E. F. 

EisENHART, Charles F,, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

EiSENHART, Charles A., Private, Navy, V. S. S. Pennsylvania. 

EiSENHART, Earl F,. U. S. Cavalry. 

EiSENHART, Herbert E., Ambulance I nit. 

EiSENHART, KuRwiN S., Private, fingineers. A, E. F. 

EiSENHART, Theodore (J., Limited Service. 

Eisenhower, Horace B., Private, Engineers. 

Eisenhower, Wilbert Z.. Private. Artillery. A. E. F. 

EiTZERT, Frvvin L., l. S. Army, Shrewsbury, Pa., A. E. F. 

Elfner, George .1.. Engineers. 

Flicker, <!uy A.. Limited Service. 

Flicker, Harry (i., U. S. Army, York, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Elliot, Edw. W.. Lieutenant, Aviation Corps. 

Elliott. Howard B.. Aviation Corps. 

Ellise, WnxiAM IL, Trench Mortar Battalion, A. E. F. 

Ellis, John H., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

FIllis, Robert Lee. First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Ellwein, (iEORGE f\.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F, 

Elsbsser, John J., Mess Sergeant, Field Artillery. 

Elses.ser, Abram a., U. S. Infantry. 

Elsesser, Flder E.. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Elsesser, John Leo, Private, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Ely, Walter J. Died at Camp Gordon. 

Emenheiser, Charles E., U, S. Army. R. D. No. 1. Red Lion, Pa. 

Emig, Albert B,, Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Emig, Albert S.. Corporal, Infantry. 

[ 154 ] 

Emig, Clair H., Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Emio. Leonard G., U. S. Army. Hanovor Junction, Pa. 

Emig, Paul H., U. S. Army, Windsor, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Emig, Paul, U. S. Army, Hanover Junction, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Emig. !\Iauriel B.. Private. U. S. Marines, In Siberia. 

Emig, William L., Private, Quartermaster Corps. 

Emig, Russell, Mechanic, Easton, Pa. 

Emenheiser. Benjamin, Private. Infantry. 

Emenheiser, Solomon A., Serjieant, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded and Gassed. 

Emlet, Wintield H., S. A. T. C. John Hopliins. Baltimore, Md. 

Enders, George W. Jr., Amhuiance Init. A. E. F. 

Enders, Paul M., York, Pa., A. E. V. Wounded. 

Engell, John W., U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Engle. Ira L.. Corporal, Artillery. tran.sferred to Tank Corps. A. E. F. 

Engle, Roland B., Privat(\ Infantry, A. E. F. 

Engle, William. Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Engle, Reyburn. Major, Infantry. In the Phillipines. 

Englebreath. Walter G.. I . S. Army, W interstown. Pa. 

Ensminger, G. Frank, Ice Plant Unit No. ,301, A. E. F. 

Ensminger. George M.. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Ensminger, G. R., Second Lieut(>nant. \ . S. Army. York, Pa. 

Ensminger. Harry, Corporal, V. S. Army. ^Ork. Pa. 

Ensminger. Paul. I'. S. Army. ^drk. I^a. 

Ensminger. Paul P., Sergeant. Medical Corps, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Ensminger, William J., Sergeant, A\ iation. 

Epley, Florence, Nurse. V. S. Army. 

Epley, Raymond H.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Eppley, Clarence, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Eppley. Henry C, Camp Wadsworth. S. C. 

Eppley, John H., Private, Artillery. 

Erisman, William, Private, Medical Corps. 

Erney, Oliver S., Artillery, A. E. F. 

Erney. Walter, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Ernest, Clari B.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Erne,st, Paul E.. Coast Artillery. 

Ernest, W. E.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Ervin, Earl, U. S. Infantry. 

Ervin. Filbert. V. S. Navy. 

Erwin. Chester L.. U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Erwin, Morris, Mechanic at University of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Essig. Jacob W., U. S. Navy. 

EssiG, John H., Sergeant, Artillery. 

Etzweiler, Charles A., Coi-poral, Transportation Corps. A. E. F. 

Euler, Walter. Private, Infantry. 

Evans. Gilbert. I'. S. Army, Delta, Pa. 

Evans, George Edward, First Lieutenant. Ice Plant Unit. Died. 

Evans, Humphries, V. S. Army. Delta. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Evans, Ralph, Second Lieutenant, Camp Lee, \ a. 

[ 155 1 

EvAN.s. Haymom) ('■.. Privatf. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. Shell Shorked. D. S. C. 

EvERHART, George D.. Corporal. Artillery. 

EvERHART. Georhe W.. Coipoial, iMifiiiKMTs. A. E. F. 

EvERHART, Ralph H.. Private. Aninumition Train. A. E. F. 

EvEHHART, Martin L., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg. Pa. 

EvERHART. Paul F., Private. Motor Truck. A. E. F. 

EvERHART. Paul H., S. A. T. C. Millersvill.;, Pa. 

EvERHART. Ralph N., Private. Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

EvERHART. WiLRERT J.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

ExDEN, Russell L.. I . S. Army. York. Pa. 

Eyler, Robert M.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. (lassed. 

Eyster. Edward. Gfliters" Training Camp. Camp Lee. Va. 

Eyster, Harry E.. Sergeant, {engineers. A. E. F. 

Eyster, Harry H.. Private, Company A, 8th Infantry. 

Eyster. Millard. Limited Service. Cam[) Dix. N. J. 

Eyster, Ralph A.. Stenographer at Washington with Aero Squadron. 

Eyster, Roy L., U. S. Infantry. 

Eyster. Seymour. Field Artillery. A. E. F. ^^(lunded. 

Eyster, William P.. V. S. Infantry. 

Eyster, William, Wagon Builder sent to Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. 

Fackler, Charles E., Camp Meade. \ld. 

Fackler, Charles Lewis, Dr., Senior Lieutenant. Medical Department, I . S. Navy. 

Fagg, Norman H.. Medical Corps. 

Fahs, Carter E., I . S. Army, Kain's Station. 

Fahs, Elmer M., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded, D. S. C. 

Fahs. Paul P., Private, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Fair, Charles, Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. Rhode Island. 

Fair, Curvin L., IT. S. Army, Glen Ro( k. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Fair. ,Iohn. Private. T". S. Engineers. 

Faircloth, Thomas B., Mechanic, I . S. Army, A. E. F. 

Fake, Clarence, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Fake. Robert A., Corporal. U. S. Army. Cam]) Meade, Md. 

Fake, Wilbltr H., L . S. Army, Camp Meade. Md. 

Falkenstine, C. Mack, First Lieutenant. Infantry. Camp Meade, Md. 

Falkenstein, Elwood S., Corporal, Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Falvey, Francis X., Private, Signal Corps. A. E. F. 

Fanus, Ralph C Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

Farkas, H. H. Dr.. First Lieutenant. Medical Reserves. 

Farrell, Scott, Camp Cust(>r, Mich. (Colored.) 

Farrington, Robert C, V. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Fasto. Earl Leroy, Seaman. V. S. Navy. 

Feder, Mark. Navy, V. S. S. Minnesota. 

Feigler. Darry a.. Merchant Marines, A. E. F. 

Feigley, (iEoRGE Elwood, Private, Engineer, A. E. F. 

Feigley, Martin M., L . S. Navy. 

Feldman, Abe, Limited Service, Camp Coll. Pa. 

Feldman. Harry. U. S. Infantry. 

[ 156 I 

Feldman, Max F., Corporal, Infantry, Camp Lee, Va. 

Feldman. William John. Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. Died. 

Fell, Charles R., U. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Fells, George H., Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Fells, Stewart, Private, V. S. Army. A. E. ¥. 

Felter. John A., L . S. Army, York, Pa. 

Felty, Frank A.. Medical Corps. 

Felty, Paul C, U. S. Infantry. 

Fennett, Corporal, U. S. Infantry. 

Ferguson, Harry L., U. S. Navy 

Ferree, Carl E., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ferree, John H., Camp Lee, Xa. Died. 

Ferree, Paul M., U. S. Cavalry. 

Ferree, Robert, U. S. Army. Wrifihtsville, Pa. 

Ferree, Samuel G., Camp Meade. i\ld. 

Ferree, Walter I.. Private, Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

Fetrow, Arthur William, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Fetrow, Charles A., Camp Meade, Md. 

Fetrom . Frank E., U. S. Infantry. 

Fetter. Fred I^'lmer, Sergeant, Raking Conijiany. 

Fetter, John A., V. S. Navy. 

Fickes, Frank J.. Navy. Injured on Roard Ship. 

FiCKES, Jacob Frank. Navy. Roatswain's Mate. Wounded. Leiti'rs (if Cdminciidation. 

Fickes, James R., Private, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

FiDLER, Urban S., Sergeant, LI. S. Infantry. 

Field, William H., U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Filby, Paul C, Private, Hospital Unit, A. E. F. 

Fink, Charles A., V. S. Infantry. 

Fink, Earl A., Ambulance Service. 

Fink, Hope Leroy. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Fink, Jacob, First Class Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Fink, John H., V. S. Infantry. 

Fink, Landon, L. S. Engineers. 

Fink, Mearl McKinley, Private, Engineers. 

Fink, Milton IL, Ice Plant Lnit No. .301, A. E. F. 

Fink, Roy C, Private, Engineeis. A. E. F. 

Fink, Roy Earl, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Fink, Theodore, Private, Engineeis, A. E. F. 

Fink, Walter J.. S. A. T. C. l^ehigh University. 

Fink, William C.-, Camp Lee, Va. 

Finley, William J., Chief Quartermaster. U. S. Navy. 

FiNENHEiSEN, Sergeant. Company E, 316th Infantry. Wounded. 

Firestone, Robert C, Ambulance Service. 

Firestone, William H.. Corijoral, Quartermaster Corps. 

Fist:HER, Albert F.. Private, luigineers. 

Fischer, Harry F.. Rutchering Company, A. E. F. 

Fi.shel, Austin, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Lishel, Claude S.. Camp Meade, Md. 

FiSHEL, Earl K., Camp Meade. Md. 

FiSHEL. l^DwiN H., Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

FisHEL. CiEORGE F.. Cain|) Meade. Md. 

FiSHEL. James T., Canadian Army. A. E. F. Missing. 

FiSHEL, Maurice C, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

FiSHEL. Roy C. Private. U. S. Infantry. 

FiSHEL. Spencer G., Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

FiSHEL. Theodore, Sergeant, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded and Gassed. 

Fi.shel. Walter A.. Sergeant. Machine Gun P.attalinn. A. E. F. 

FiSHEL. William E.. Camp Lee. ^ a. 

Fisher, Charles M., U. S. Marines. A. E. F. 

Fisher. E^dgar A.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Fisher. Elmer H.. S. A. T. C. State College. Pa. 

Fischer, Harold L.. Aero Squadron, A. E. F. 

Fisher, Harry H.. Private, Ordnance. 

Fisher. Harvey. T'. S. Infantry. 

Fisher. Harvey. U. S. Cavalry. 

Fisher, Jay. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Fisher. Joel J.. Private. Casual Company. Aero Squadron. A. E. F. 

Fisher. John W.. Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Fisher. Luther A.. I'. S. Engineers. Camp Humphries. 

Fisher. N. Carl. Aero Squadron. A. E. F. 

Flsher. Parker E.. Private, V. S. Army. R. D. No. 3. Dillsburg. Pa. 

Fisher. Paul A.. Private. Infantry. Camp Lev. ^ a. 

Fi.sHER. Ralph W., Private, l. S. Infantry. 

Fisher. William H., LT. S. Marines. 

Fisher. William H.. Private, V. S. Engineers. 

Fissell, L. W.. Camp Meade, Md. 

FissEL, Walter A., Camp Meade. Md. 

FiTZ. H. Marcy, V. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Fitzgerald. Walter Leroy. Private, Aviation, A. E. F. Died. 

Fitzkee, Adam Hastings. Lieutenant, Aviation, A. E. F. 

FiTZKEE. William L.. Private. Mediral Corps. A. E. F. 

Fitzkee. Paul W.. Sergeant, Medical Corps. 

Fitzkee. William A.. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

FiTZPATRicK. C. Raymond, York. Pa. 

FrrzpATRiCK. Philip C, York, Pa. 

Flaharty, Jesse A., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Fla.skes. Steve. V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Fleagle. Martin W.. Infantry. 

Fleagley, Martin, M., Navy. 

Fleck. John. IT. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Fleet. James E.. C(jast Artillery. 

Fleet. Reginale S., Captain U. S. Artillery. A. E. F. 

Fleming. George. F. S. Army. Dallastown. Pa. 

Fleming, John E.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. W(tunded and (Ja-ssed. 

Flemming, Rohert. Private. A\iatinn. 

Fletcher. Harry C... l. S. Army. Camp Lee, Va. 

[ 158 1 

Fletcher, John M., U. S. Infantry. 

Flickinger, Glass. Private. Infantry. 

Flickinger, Herbert M., V. S. Army, New Park, Pa. 

Flickinger, William F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. \\ Oiindcd. 

Flinchbaugh, C. E., Limited SerNJcc. ('amp Dix. JN. J. 

Flinchbaugh, C. E., Private, Recruiting Company. 

Flinchbaugh. Curvin D., Camp Meade, Md. 

Flinchbaugh, Howard D., S. A. T. C. University of Pittsburgh. 

Flinchbaugh, James, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Flinchbaugh, James A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Flinchbaugh, James M., Carpentei'. A. E. F. 

Flinchbaugh, James P.. Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Flinchbaugh, Marion L., U. S. Infantry. 

Flinchbaugh, Paul E., Sergeant, 316th Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Flinchbaugh, Roy, Navy, I . S. S. Henley. 

Flinchbaugh, S. E., Mechanic at Easton, Pa. 

Flinchbaugh, Stewart L., Camp Meade, Md. 

Flory, Clarence, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Flory, Edward H., Camp Meade, Md. A. E. F. Killed. 

Flory. George. Field \rtillery, U. S. Army. 

Flory, (iEORGE, Ambulance Service, V. S. Army. 

Flory, Sarah. Nurse, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Flory, Paul E.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Floto, Frank L., I . S. Army, Camp Lee, Va. 

FLirHRER, Robert C, Second Lieutenant, Officers" Training Schonl. L()iiis\ille. Ky. 

Flifry, George G., Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Flury. Wilbur, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Fogel, Harry 0., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Focust. Harry H., First Sergeant. Company E, 32.5th Infantry. Wounded. 

FoEGEL, Roy H., LI. S. Army, Camp Lee, \ a. 

Fogel, Vernon, Medical Corps, U. S. Army. 

Fogg, Herbert P.. Navy. Chi<>f Machinist Mate, l^. S. S. Celtic. 

FoGLER, Stephen S., Private, luigineers, A. E. F. 

FoiN, Jules, Limited Service, Camp Meade. Md. 

Folkomer. Renton 0., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

FoLKOMER. Harry P., Camp Lee. ^ a., A. E. F. Mi.ssing. 

Folckomer, James E., Navy. Chief Carpenter's Mate, L^. S. S. Lawrence. Diowned. 

FoosE. (lEORGE E., Field Artillery, [ . S. Army. 

FoosE, Wilbur C, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Foreman, H. E., Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

Foreman, William J., Camp Meade, Md. 

Foreman, Wilsie, Signal Corps. 

Ford. Jacob F"., Camp Sherman. 

Ford. Keeper W., U. S. Infantry. 

FoRNER, Charles R., Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Forrey, Lester R., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

FoRRY, Robert. Camp Meade, Md. 

FoRRY, Clair, L . S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

[ 159 1 

FoRRY, Cleason J.. Camp Meade. Md. 

FoRRY. Paul E., Field Artillery. 

FoRRY. Wilbur R.. Limited Service, C'amp Dix, N. J. 

FoRRY, WiLLL\M. Limited Service. Camp Taylor, ky. 

Fortney, Earl Harrlson, Private. Limited Service. Camp Creeiie. N. C. 

FoRTNEY. George F.. Aviation Corps. 

Fortney. Leroy F., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

F()RT^EY. Mearle. it. S. Navy. 

Fortney. Robert M.. S. A. T. C. Dickinson College. Carlisle. Pa. 

Foster. Paul M.. Sergeant. Medical Corps. 

Fournhman, William C. 61st Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

FousT. Charles. Private. Aviation, A. E. F. 

FousT, Elmer R., U. S. Navy. 

FousT, Harry H.. First Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

FousT, Lee C.. Corporal. Signal Corps. A. E. F. 

FousT. Paul C, Ice Plant Unit No. 'MR, A. E. F. 

FousT, Roy S.. IT. S. Engineers. 

FousT, Spurgeon. Navy. Seaman. I . S. S. Wyoming. 

Fox, Earl E., Aviation Corps. A. E. F. 

Fox, Leo, V. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Fox, Ralph, Private, V. S. Engineers. 

Frailey, C. R., Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

Francis. Frank T., Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Frank. Edgar E.. Teamster. Camp Joseph .lohnson. 

Frank. (Jeorge Jr., U. S. Infantry. 

Frank. Irving, Ambulance Service. A. E. F. 

Frank. John P.. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Frank. P. J., U. S. Marines. 

Frank, Raymond, U. S. Marines. A. E. F. 

Frank. R. R.. Aviation Corps.^ 

Franklin. Earnest, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Franklin, (Jordon. Rritish Army. 

Franklin, William. Rritish Aviation. 

Frantz. Charles R., Sergeant. Motor Transportation Corps, Camp Meade, I\Id. 

Frantz. Roy A.. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Frantz. William P., Camp Meade, Md. 

Frederick, Lewis E., Camp Lee, Va. 

Free, Earl E., Field Artillery. 

Free, Evans M.. Dr., First Lieutenant. IMedical Corps. 

Free. Hollis S.. Wireless Operator. 

Free. John A.. Ambulance Service, 79th Division, A. E. F. 

Free. William. Seaman. U. S. Navy. 

Freed. J. Stanley. Mechanic. 

Freed. .Steward. Aviation, Auto Repair. 

Freed. William S.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Freedman. INIartin, U. S. Navy. 

Freedman. Samuel. S. A. T. C. Private. 

Freeland. (iEORGE. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. (Colored.) 

I 160 1 

Freeman. Austin G., U. S. Infantry. 

Freeman, William G., Camp Meade, Aid. 

Freet, Joseph F., Coast Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

French, Thomas H., Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Frey, Allen, Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Frey, C. W., Dr., First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. 

Frey, Charles E., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Frey, Charles F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Frey, Charles H., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Frey, Che.ster, S. A. T. C. Lhiiversity of Pennsylvania. 

Frey, Claude G., Aviation Corps. 

Frey, Edgar G., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Frey, Ellers L., U. S. Cavalry. 

Frey, George J., Private, Infantry. Died of pneumonia. 

Frey, Harry F., Bugler, Camp Lee, Va. 

Frey, Harry J. F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Frey, John L., Camp Meade, Md. 

Frey, Leon B., Officers' Training School, Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Frey, Lester J., Corporal, Signal Corps. 

Frey, Percy, U. S. Marines. 

Frey, Ralph Edward, Sergeant, Aero Suppl> Scpiadron. A. K. F. 

Frey, Robert S., Y. M. C. A., Divisional Secretary. A. \i. V. 

Frey, Sylve.ster B., Infantry. 

Frey, Walter E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Frey, Wilbert. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Freysinger, Charles W., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Freysinger, Josiah. Private, V. S. Army. Manchester. Pa. 

Frisby. Robert C, Instructor, Field Artilleiy. 

Fritz, H. Herbert, Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Fritz, Henry J., Ambulance Service. 

Frock, Clarence, V. S. Infantry. 

Frock, Sterling, Private. Field Artillery Band, A. E. F. 

Frock, Walter, Infantry, Corporal, A. E. F. 

Frock, Donovan H,, U. S. Navy. 

Fry, Arthur, Private, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Fry. Calvin, V. S. Infantry. 

Fry, Leslie A.. Pri\ate, \\ S. Army, Troop G.. Cavalry Corps. 

Fry, Oscar, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Fry, Percy J.. Tank Corps. 

Frysinger, Jacor, Ordnance. 

Frysinger, Paul, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Fuhrman, Arthur A., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

FuHRMAN. Edward F.. \ . S. Infantry, Camp Lee. Va. 

Fuhrman, Herbert S., L . S. Infantry, Camp Lee, \'a., A. E. F. 

FuHRMAN, Paul W., Camp Meade, Md. 

Fuhrman. William C, Cam[5 Meade. Md., A. E. F. Wounded. 

FuLLERTON. CHA^CEY, Sergeant, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Fulton, Chester A.. Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

[ 1611 

FuLTOJN, Clarence T., Private, Coast Artillery. A. E. F. 

Fulton, Harold R., Medical Corps. 

Fulton. Harry C.. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Fulton, McKindley, U. S. Navy. 

Fulton. Roland M., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Fulton, W., Private, Aniimiiiition Tiain, A. E. F.. 

Funk, John F.. Private, Medical Corps, Evacuation Hospital No. 2., A. E. F. 

FuRLONc:, ,IoHN Jr., it. S. Navy. 

Gable, Alvin, Sergeant, U. S. Infantry. 

Gable, Herbert E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Gable, James R., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Gable, Joseph B., Private, Infantry Band, A. E. F. 

Gable, William, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Gailey, John Webster, Private, S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania. 

Gailey, J. Wilson, Private, Ambulance Service, A. E. F. Killed. D. S. C. Croix de Guerre. 

Galbreadth, Clarence C, Private, Medical Replacement I'nit, A. E. F. 

(Ialbreadth. William ti.. Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery. 

Gallagher, Joseph F". Jr., Quartermaster, Navy, A. E. F. 

Gallagher, Joseph F.. First Class Quartermaster, U. S. N., R. F. 

(iALLAGHER, JosEPH S.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Gallatin, Ervin C, U. S. Infantry. 

Gallatin. Wilbur P., Aviation Service, Accountant. 

Galligan, John J., Private, Ice Plant I'nit No. .'501. A. E. F. 

Ganther, George R., Limited Service. 

Gantz, Cortex C Infantry, C. 0. T. S. 

Gantz, Gleason E.. Private, Quartermaster Corps, A. E. F. 

Gantz, Howard M., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. \\ ciiMidrd and Gassed. 

Gantz, James A., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Gantz, Ray, U. S. Artillery. 

Gantz, Raymond A., U. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Gantz. Robert J., Navy, U. S. S. Mexico. 

(iarber. Earl, U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa.. A. E. F. 

(iARDNER, Frank E., Private, Ordnance, U. S. Army, York, Pa. Died. 

(ivRDNER, Michael, Canadian Army, A. E. F. Killed. 

(Jardner. Miss Nina, Red Cross Nurse, Camp Meade, Md. 

Garman, Chester, Columbus Barracks, Ohio. 

(lARNER. Norman L.. V . S. Army, York. Pa. 

(Jarrett, Addison E., First Lieutenant, Canij) Lee, ^ a. 

(jArrett, Alfred S., Camp Meade, _Md. 

(iARRETT, Claude, Private, Infantry, A. K. V. 

Garrett, Edward M., Private, Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Garrett, George L., Corporal, Aviation Corps. 

Garrett. Henry H., Aviation Corps. 

(iARRETT, JoHN A., Private, 305tli Ammunitidn Train, A, E. F. 

Garrett, Mark E.. U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Garrett, Paul Allen, Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

(JvRRETT, Paul R., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. Gettysburg, Pa. 

G.\RRETT, Richard, Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

[ 162 1 

Garrett, Robert A., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

(iARRETT, Selamn, Delta, Pa., A. E. F. 

tiARRETT, Walter, Camp Meade, Md. 

Garrett, Walter S., Sergeant, Automobile Repairing Corps. Died. 

Garrety, Joseph !\., Carpenter's Mate, Navy, A. E. F. 

Gartman, George E., Sergeant, Coast Artillery. 

Gart.side, Frederick Noble, Oflicer, Infantry. Prisoner (if War. 

Garver, George J., First Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Garver, Mrs. George J., Army Nurse. 

Gass, Raymond L., Hanover, Pa., A. E. F. \\ Dunded. 

Gatchel, Victor, Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

Gates, Lloyd E., lee Plant Unit No. .'501. A. E. F. 

Geesey, Albert S., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, State College. Pa. 

Geesey, Augustus, Camj) Mi>ade. Md. 

Geesey, Au.stin P., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Geesey, Charles, U. S. Army, Dallastown, Pa. 

Geesey, Claude E., Private, iVlachine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. (iassed. 

Gee.sey, Walter Leon, Apprentice Seaman, Navy, Submarine Patrol B-i7, 

Gee.sey, Herbert, Navy, U. S. S. Nashville. 

Gee-Sey, Roy L., S. A. T. C. University of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Geesey, William B., Chief Machinist's Mate, Navy. 

Geesey, William C, Private, Hospital Corps. 

Geesey, William F.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Geesey, Wilson A., Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded and (iassed. 

Gehb, Robert C, Company C, ,'}13th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Gehring, Edward, 1. S. Artillery. 

Gehring, WilliAxM F., Corporal, Machine (iun Ballahon, A. E. F. killed. 

Geise, Henry F., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Geiselman, Arthur W., Private, Infantry, with Iron Division, A. E. F. Missing. 

Geisselman, Ellis H , Lieutenant, Navy, U. S. S. Destroyer Stewart, A. E. F. 

Geiselman, Myron B., Sergeant, Marine Corps, A. E. F. Wounded, 

Geiser, John W., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. Rilled. 

Gemmill, Charles, Signal Corps. 

Gemmill, Everett R., Bugler, Engineers, A. I^]. F. 

Gemmill, Harry R.. Appicntice Seaman, Navy. 

Gemmill, James St. Clair, Infranty, A. E. F. 

Gemmill, John C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Gemmill, Myrtle, Nurse, in England. 

Gemmill, Paul F., Limited Service, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Gemmill, Robert L., Camp Lee, \a. 

Gemmill, Roy L., Riile Range Sharp Shooter. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Gemmill, Thomas H., Coast Artillery. 

Gennet, Earl E., LT. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Gentzler, Charles F., I. S. Infantry. 

Gentzler, Chauncey F., Corporal, Infantry. 

Gentzler, Harley E., Corporal, Company F.. 307th Engineers, A. E. F. 

Gentzler. Jennings M., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg. Pa. 

Gentzler, Merel F., Private, Engineers. A. E. F, 

f 163 1 

Gentzler, Spruce. Private. Infantry. A. K. F. 

Geintzler. William H.. Private, Motor Transport. 

Geoin.s, Benjamin, Bricklayer, Fort Wayne, Ind. (Colored.) 

Gephart. Joseph M., Camp Lee, \ a. 

Gerber, Ivan, S. A. T. C. Lehijjh Iniver.sity. 

Gerber. Stewart, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. State College. Pa. 

Gerberick. George Franklin, Navy. 

Gerberick. Horace E.. Engineers. 

Gerberick. Qiientin. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

(Jereerick. Warren \ .. Camp Lee, Va. 

Gerkensmeyer. H. a.. Private, F^ngineeis. A. E. F. 

Gettier. Charles E., Private, Provisional Company, A. E. F. 

Gettle, Alexander R., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Gettle. Berry, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Gettle. James, U. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Gettle, Robert S., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Gettle, Thomas R.. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Gettys. Joseph E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Getz, John L., S. A. T. C. Slate College. 

Gibbons. Valentine E.. Camp Custer. Michigan. (Colored.) 

Gibbs. Charles F., Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

GiBBS, Charles R., Limited Service, Fort Slocum, N. Y. 

Gibbs. Harry S., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 30L A. E. F. 

GiBBS, Joseph W., Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Gibbs, Ralph E.. S. A. T. C. State College. 

Gibbs, Russell, Camp Meade, Md. 

Gibbs. Walter S., Musician. Artillery. A. E. F. 

Gibson. Daniel N., Camp Custer. Mich. (Colored.) 

Gibson, Evelyn F., Nurse, Camp Sheridan. Ala. 

Gibson. John. Camp Meade. Md. (Colored.) 

Gibson. Lawrence W.. Private. Infantry. Fractured Arm. 

Gibson. Samuel M.. S. A. T. C. Wilberforce University. Oiiio. A. E. F. 

Gilbert. Arthur. Coxswain. L . S. Navy. 

Gilbert, Frank Benjamin, Sergeant, U. S. Army, East Prospect, Pa. 

Gilbert. Howard H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. W'ounded. 

Gilbert, John H., Major. Medical Corps, U. S. Army. 

Gilbert. Leon A.. Blacksmith. (Colored.) 

(iiLBERT. Melvin L.. Private, Infantry. 

(iiLBERT, M. L.. Camp Lee. Va. 

(iiLBERT. Mervin Henry, Sergeant. Camp (iordon. 

Gilbert, Penrose M., Private, Aviation. 

(iiLBERT. Thomas A., First Class Private. Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

(iiLL. David E., LT. S. Army. New Bridgeton. Pa. 

(■ill. Henry IL. U. S. Army, New Bridgeton, Pa. 

(iiLL, Thomas C.. B. D. No. I. York, Pa.. A. E. F. 

(iiLL. William S.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Woundetl. 

(iiLLEN, CuRviN S., Sergeant, Infantry. 

(iiLLEN, WiLBi'R. T'. S. Armv. York llaven. Pa. 

[ 164 1 

Gillespie, Ray. Private, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Gillespie, Samuel, Private, Infantry. 

Gilmer, Samuel L., Second Oflicers" Training Camp. 

GiLSON, Marion, Nurse, A. E. F. 

GiNGERiCH, George E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

GiNGERicH. Bernard N., Medical Corps, A. K. F. 

GiNGERicH, Lawrence E., Private, Field Artillery Band, A. E. F. 

GiNGERicH, Le.ster E.. Private, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. Gettysburg. Pa. 

GiNTER. Ervin L.. Limited Service, Camp (ueenleaf. Ga. 

GiNTLiNG, Curtis C. Private. Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

GisE, Alvin L.. Limited Service, Camp Greene, S. C. 

GisE, Charles N., V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

GiSE, Frank G., Corporal, Ice Plant L nit No. 301, A. E. F. 

GiSE, Robert E., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

GiTT. (Jeorge D.. S. a. T. C. I niversity of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa. 

GiTT, Harry N., Second Lieutenant. Instructor Union College, Schenectady. N. Y. 

GiTTLESON, Mitchell. Private, Signal Corps. 

GiVENS, M. B.. Seaman, I'. S. Navy. 

GiVENS, Charles E.. Private. 163rd Infantry. Camp Lee, \d.. A. E. F. 

GivENS, John, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

GiVENS, Mack, U. S. Navy. 

GiVENS, McKiNLEY, Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

GiVENS, Roy, U. S. Navy. 

Glatfelter. Adam F.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Gladfelter, Arthur J.. Private. Aviation, A. E. F. 

Gladfelter, Clifford L.. S. A. T. C. Millersville Normal Sclioul. 

Gladfelter, Earl (!.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Gladfelter, Earl G., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. M F. 

Gladfelter, Edward A., Private, V. S. Army, R. D. No. 1, Spring Grove, Pa. 

Gladfelter. Evan R.. Private. 7th Cavalry. 

Gladfelter, George S., Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Gladfelter, Guy V.. LT. S. Infantry. 

Gladfelter. Horace II.. Private. Machine Gun Battalion. A. K. V. 

Gladfelter, Jesse \'., Yoeman, U. S. Navy. 

Gladfelter, John R., Corporal, Camp Lee, Va. 

Gladfelter. Miltie Q.. Private. Aviation. 

Gladfelter, Oscar L., Private, Ice Plant L nit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Gladfelter, R. P., Private, Camp Greenleaf, Ga.. A. E. F. 

Gladfelter. Wiltie I.. Private, Aviation. 

Gladfelter, Auburn H., Sergeant, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Glassick, Gordon, Private, Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Glatfelter, Clarence Jr., Private. Infantry and Machine (am. A. E. F. frassed. 

Glatfelter, Clark W., Private, Depot Brigade. 

Glatfelter, Earl E., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Glatfelter. Earl G.. Private. Camp Lee, \a. 

Glatfelter. Eugene, Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Glatfelter, Frank, Private, Infantry Band, A. E. F. 

Glatfelter, Harry R.. Private. ]\Iedical Corps. 

[ 16.5 1 

(Jlatfelter, J. II., Corporal. Hi'adquaiU'rs Company, L . S. Infantry. 

Glatfelter, Jesse 0., Private, Depot Brigade. 

(iLATFELTER, Philip ?I., First Lieutenant, Ordnance Department, A. E. F. 

Glatfelter. Walter L.. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Glatfelter, Walter S., Private, Headquarters Company, A. E. F. 

Glatfelter, William H.. Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Gleason, Fraincis Peter, Mechanic, Aviation, U. S. Navy, A. E. F. 

Gleason, John F., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Gleason, Joseph Leo, S. A. T. C. State College, Pa. 

Glessner, (;. W., Second Class (^)uartermaster. Navy, Transport Montana (torpedoed). 

Glessner, II. A.. Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Glessner, Samuel Y.. U. S. Army, (ioldsboro. Pa. 

Glessner, William, Camp Meade, Md. 

Glosser, Oscar, U. S. Infantry. 

Glosser. William R.. Private. Devel()])ment ^Battalion. 

Gnanto, Lorenzo, V. S. Army, \ork. Pa. 

Gnau, Joseph, Horse Sheer, U. S. Army. 

Gnau. Harry E., Cook and Mess Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps. 

Gohrecht, Emory A., Camp Lee, \a. 

Gobrecht, Levi J., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

GocHENOUR, Olive R., Nurse, Camp Lee, Va. 

GoDASKY, Anthony, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

GoFF, Anna Romaine, Nurse, A. E. F. 

GoHN, Renjamin F., Private. Camp (iret-nleaf, Ga. 

GoHN, Charles N., Camp Meade, Md., East Prospect. Pa. 

GoHN, Morris N.. Private, Medical Corps. 

Gohn, Paul, U. S. Infantry. 

GoHN, William H., Private, I . S. Infantry. 

GoHN, William J., Camp Meade, Md. 

Golden, Albert W., Corporal, Mortoi- Supply Train, A. E. F. 

(ioLDEN, Charles R., Wagoner, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

( ;ooD, Charles H.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

(JooD, Charles H., Apprentice Seaman, I'. S. Navy. 

(!ooD, Claude R., Musician, Convalescent Camp Rand, A. E. F. 

CiOOD. CuRviN F., Engineers, Camp Meade, Md. 

(iooD, Earl C, Sergeant, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

(!ooD, Elmer, U. S. Army, Camp Dix, N. J. 

( iooD, Gilbert, Private, U. S. Army, A. E. F. 

(;ooD. Jacob D.. Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

(iooD. Melvin J., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

(iooD, Morris L., Sergeant, Aviation Corps. 

(iooD, Robert W., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

(iooDLiNG, Atlee, \J. S. Marine Corps. 

(looDLiNG, Donald W., Motor Transporation Corps, A. E. F. 

(;ooDLiNG, George W., Ice Plant I'nit No. 301. A. E. F. 

(looDLiNG, Howard L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

(HooDLiNG, Paul P., Camp Meade, Md. 

(iooDwiN, Adam D., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Gordon, Arthur S., S. A. T. C. Lafayette College. 

[ 166 1 

Gordon, Harry M., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Gordon, John C, U. S. Army, R. D. No. 2, Laurel, Pa. 

GoRTMAN, Elmer, Private, Infantry (City Board). 

Gortner, Odgen C., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 

GosNELL, Frank K., Cook, Infantry, A. E. F. 

GosNELL, John H., Aviation Corps. 

GoTTLEiB. Abraham, Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

GoTTLEiB, Samuel A., Camp Lee, Va. 

GoTWALD, Luther A., Second Lieutenant, Coast Artillery. 

Gotwald, George A., U. S. Army, R. D. No. 7, York. Pa. 

GoTWALD, Edwin T., LI. S. Army, York, Pa. 

GoTWALT, Charles E., Camp Lee, Va. 

GoTWALT, Earl A., Limited Service, Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Gotwalt, Fred. A., Sergeant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

GoTWALT, George W., Private, P^ngineers. 

Gotwalt, Paul K., Private, Motor Supply Train, A. E. F. 

Gotwalt, Ralph, Private, V. S. Infantry. 

Gotwalt. Spurgeon, Camp -Meade, Md. 

Grabill, Charle.s N., Private, Engineers. 

Graff, George W., Officer, Infantry. 

Graff, George W., Camp Lee, Va., C. 0. T. S. 

Graham, Clarence S., Camp Meade, Md. 

Graham, David 0., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Graham, Edwin B., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Graham, (jeorge F., Camp Meade, Md. 

Graham, Harry F., Camp Meade, Md. 

Graham, Ivan C, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Graham, Ivan, Private, LI. S. Infantry. 

Gramlick, J., Private, Infantry. 

Gramlich, Walter F., Captain, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Gramlick, William F., U. S. Army. 

Grant, Spotzwood D., Second Officers' Training Camp. 

Gray, Eugene, L . S. Cavalry. 

Gray, William, Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. Louisiana. 

Graybill, Charles W., Camp Meade, Md. 

Graybill, Clarence A., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. .301, A. E. F. 

Graybill, George W., Private, First Class, Motor Transport Corps. 

Graybill, Joseph Warren, Private, Ice Plant Unit No. SOL A. E. F. 

Graybill, Millard. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Graybill, Wayne E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Greeg, James, Private, Ice Plant Unit No. .30L A. E. F. 

Gbeeg, William F. Jr., Private, Ice Plant l^nit No. SOU A. E. F. 

Green, Charles, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Green, Earl F., Private, Infantry. 

(iREEN, E. G., LI. S. Engineers. 

Green, Lewis E., LI. S. Engineers. 

Green, Lewis N., Private, Cavalry. 

Green, Melvin, Private, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

f 167 1 

(Srkenaway. David J.. S. A. T. C. Lcland Stanford I niversity, Cal. 

(iREENAWAY, WiLLiAM T.. Private, Camp Meade, A. K. F. 

Greenebaum, ,Ier()me, Yoeman, Navy. 

Greenewalt, (iEORGE F., Private, Infantry. 

Greenewalt, Henry S., Second Lieutenant, Aviation. Injured in Accident. 

Greenewalt, Kent, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Greenfield, Harry B., Serjeant, Medical Cf)ips, A. E. F. 

(Jreenholtz, George, Private, Military Police, A. E. F. 

Greer, Goodridge M., Y. M. C. A. 

Greiman, Paul G., Private, Columbus, Ohio. 

Grieman, William McKinley, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Gress, Roy W., Fireman, First Class, U. S. Navy. 

Griffith, James, Private, Ice Plant Cnit No. ."JOl. A. E. F. 

Griffith, Robert N., Private. Medical Corp.s. 

Grignano. Giuseppe, Private. Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Grim. Allen A.. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. :]01, A. E. F. 

Grim, Adam F.. U. S. Array, York, Pa. 

Grim, Archibald P., Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Grim. Charles B., Machinist Mate, U. S. Navy. 

Grim, Charles C, Mechanic, Easton, Pa. 

Grim, Clyde C, Training Camp. 

(iRiM. Curtis R.. Private. Ammunition Tiaiii. \. E. F. 

Grim, Ervin II., Prix ate. Camp Meade, _Md. 

Grim, Finley 0., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Grim, Floyd E., Private, Infantry. 

Grim, Norman M. B., Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Grim, Ralph A., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Grivi, Tibertus p.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Grim, Walter E., Private, Camp Meade, Mil. 

Grimes, Charles C, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Grimes, Elwood C, Seaman, Naval Reserves. 

Grimm, Clyde C, Private, Locomotive Engineers. 

Grimm, Nevin 0., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Grlssinger, H. M., Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

Grissinger, J. M. Dr., Colonel, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Grist, John W., Private, Infantry. 

Groff, Lawrence E.. Traffic Service. 

Groft, Raymond P., Limited Service, Fort Slocum, N. Y. 

Groseman, Clark, Private, Infantry. 

Gross, Andrew A., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Gross, Augustus L., Private, Ice Plant Lnit No. 1501, A. E. F. 

Gross, Charles, Private, U. S. Army, Newberry Township,, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Gross. Charles, Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Gross, Charles A., Aviation Corps. 

Gross, Charles A., Private, Marine Corps. 

Gross, Chauncey M., Privae. Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Gross, Clarence A.. First Class Private, Depot Brigade. Band. 

Gross, Clyde A., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Gross, Earl E., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

[ 168 1 

Gross, George A., Private, Engineers. 

Gross, Chalincey M., Private, Camp Meade, I\Id.. A. E. F. 

Gross, Earl E.. Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Gross, George A., Private, Engineers. 

(, Harry H., Sergeant, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Gross, Harvey M., Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Gross, Howard H., S. A. T. C. Franklin and Marshall. Lancaster. Pa. 

(Jross, James Rudisill, Private. Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

(iROss. Jerry. Private. Camp Sherman. Ohio, and Camp Dix. \. .1. 

(^iROSS, Jesse. Private, Camp Lee, \ a. 

(iRoss. John B., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

(iROss. John E.. Private. Infantry, Camp Meade. Md., anrl Camp (Jdrdnn. \la. 

CiRoss, Larue G., V. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Gross, Lester Lewis, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Gassed. 

(iROss, Maurice P.. Private. Signal Corps. 

(iROSs, Marguriete, Ninse. 

Gross, Russell, Ice Plant I nit No. M)i. \. E. F. 

(iROSs. Morriss, v. S. Infantiy. 

(iROSS, Paul. L^ S. Army, .North Codorus Township. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Gross, Rankin S.. Private. Heavy Field Artillery. 

(iROSS. Raymond A.. Private. Ice Plant Lnit \o. :',01. A. E. F. 

Gross, Ray:mond R., Clerk, Transport Ser\ice. 

Gross, W. G.. U. S. Army. Columbus. Ohio. 

(iROSS. Wehrly. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

(iROss, William. Private. Infantry. 

Grothe, Davis, L'. S. Army, York. Pa.. A. E. F. 

(iROTHE, Edna. Nurse. A. E. F. 

tiROTHE, Harry A.. Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Grothe. Vernon, Officers' Training Canii), Camp Lee, ^'a. 

(iROTHE. William H., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

(jROVE, Allen, U. S. Army, R. D. No. 2. York, Pa. 

Grove, Austin C, Second Lieutenant, Camp Meade. Md. 

(iROVE, Austin L., Private, Engineers, later Artillery. A. E. F. Killed in Infantry. 

(iRovE, CuRViN A., Second Lieutenant. Camp Meade. Aid. 

Grove, Charles G., First Lieutenant, Engineers. A. E. F 

(iRovE. E\RL. Aviation Corps. 

(iRovE. Emanuel. Private. Infantry. 

Grove, Emory A.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

(iROVE. (jiuY W.. Pharmicist Mate. Second Class. IS. S. Navy. 

Grove, Harry E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Grove, Jesse M., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

(iROVE. Joseph (i.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

(iROVE, Luther Earl, Private, 182d Aero Squadron, A. E. F. 

Grove, Marvin M., Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps, Camp Lee. 

(inoM-:. AIervin W.. Seaman. II. S. Navy. 

(iROVE. Norman, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Grove, Ray S., U. S. Infantry. 

Grove. Roy C. Private. Machine (iun Company, A. E. F. 

[ 169 1 

Grovk, Roy H., Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. Died of Influenza. 

(Jrove, Samuel, Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. Wounded. 

Grove, Spurgeon, Private, II. S. Infantry. 

Grove, Stewart. Private, Field Artillery. 

(inovE, Walter E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. killed. 

Grove, William M., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 

Gruver, Abraham M., Private, Infantry. 

Gruver, Ellers L., Private, Infantry, Hawaiian Islands. 

Gruver, Elmer M., Private, Aviation. 

Gruver, Harry W., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Guananto, Lorenzo, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Gulden, Arthur I., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 

Gulden, Chester, Second Class Seaman, Navy. 

Gulden, Elmer L.. Private, Aviation. 

Gulden, Elmer L., IJ. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Gunnet, William J. B., Private, Camp Greenleaf, (Ja. 

Guyer. Lloyd W.. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 30L A. E. F. 

Haas. Horatio. Infantry, Private, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Haas, William F. Sr., Lieutenant, U. S. Marines. 

Haas, William F., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Hager, J. Francis Rev., Chaplain in Navy. 

Hagerman, Ellsworth, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Hagerman, Francis, Corporal, Infantry. 

Hagerman. Lewis J.. Coast Artillery. 

Hahn. Howard J., Engineers. A. E. F. 

Hahn, Paul, Hospital Corps. 

Hahn, Robert, Ammunition Train. A. \\. F. 

Hailstock. Earl R. A., Camp Sherman, Ohio. (Colored.) 

Haines, C. L. Dr., Lieutenant, Naval Reserves. 

Haines, Henry L., Second Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Hake. Allen, Private, Tank Corps, A. E. F. 

Hake, Gerald E.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Hake. Harry F.. Yoeman, Navy, Convoying Transports. 

Hake, Harry (i.. Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Hake, Harvey G., Engineers, A. E. F. 

Hake, .Ioseph, Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. Gassed and Wounded. 

Hake, Joseph D., Camp Cireenleaf, (Ja. 

Hake, Lawrence Marvin, Private, Aviation. 

Hake. Warren Leroy, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hake, William, V. S. Navy. 

Hake, William R., Corporal, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Hake. Wilmer G., Radio. First Class. League Island. 

Haker, Walter E., Sergeant, Field Artillery. 

Haldeman, Lewis E., Electrical School, Erie, Pa. 

Hale. John C. Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Hale, Stanley, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Hall, Clifford J., Chief of Section. Petty Officer, U. S. Navy. 

I 170 1 

Hall, I^lmer Willl\m, Private. Military Polite, A. E. F. 

Hall, Harry A., U. S. Infantry. 

Hall, Harry S.. U. S. Navy. 

Hall, Richard F., Ambulance Unit. 

Hall, Stewart, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Hallison, Wm., Sergeant. IMotor Transport Corps. 

Halloran, Anna, Stenographei- in Base Hospital, A. E. F. 

Halpin, William, Navy, A. E. F. 

Ham, Edoar. Ice Plant Init No. .301. A. E. F. 

Hamme. Alfred J., Bowman Technical School, Lancaster, Pa. 

Hamm. Charles C U. S. Infantry. 

Hamm, Charles S., S. A. T. C. State College. 

Hamme, C. J. Dr., Medical Reserve Corps. Not Called. 

Hamme, Curvin L., Camp Meade, Md. 

Haaivie. Eugene, Signal Corps. 

Hamme, Howard, Ambulance Corps. A. E. F. 

Hammer. William C, I . S. Army. R. D. No. 2, Stewartstown. Pa., A. E. F. 

Handy, Charles A. W.. Sergeant, Motor Transport Corps. 

Hankey, Ralph L., Infantry. 

Hannigan, Chester, Warrant Officer, Navy, A. E. F. Died. 

Hannigan, Dale. Corporal, Marine Corps. 

Hannigan, Howard C... Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Hannigan, Melvin F., U. S. Navy. 

Hannigan, Roscoe, First Lieutenant. Medical Corps, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Hannigan, Roy, L . S. Infantry. 

Hannigan, Walter M., Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Hannigan, W. B.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Hannigan, William, Naval Reserves. 

Hanning, George F., Hospital Corps. 

Hansell, Charles F., Gunner's Mate on LI. S. S. Connecticut. 

Hanson. Harvey J., Aviation Corps, U. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Harbold, Allen H., V. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Harbold. Benjamin F., Sergeant, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Harbold, Bruce, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Harbold, John E., Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hardeman, C. A., Camp Custer. Mich. (Colored.) 

Harding, William L. Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Hare, Elmer W., U. S. Infantry. 

Hare, Leroy, Baking Company, A. E. F. 

Haring, William II., Private. Infantry. 

Harkins, Herbert, LI. S. Infantry. 

Harlacker. Che,ster P., Camp Lee, Va. 

Harlacker, Currie a., L". S. Army. York. Pa. 

Harlacker, Walter M., Camp Lee, Va. 

Harlacker. William Jr., Second Class Boatswain Mate, U. S. S. Craven. 

LIarley. Harry J.. Aero Squadron. 

Harmon, Charles L., Camp Meade, Md. 

Harman, Earl G.. Private, Infantry. Shot at Camp Hancock, Ga. Died. 


Harman, George C, Camp Dix. IV. J. Limited Service. 

Harman, Marvin, Private. Infantry. 

Harmon,, First Class Fireman, U. S. Navy. 

Harmon. Harry, Sergeant, Infantry, Camp Lee, Va. 

Harmon, Robert S., Hospital Corps. 

Harmon, Rosser C, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Harmon. Harvey E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Harner. Luther A.. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Harold, David D., Private, U. S. Army. (Colored.) 

Harold, Earl,!., I . S. Infantry. 

Harold, John E., V. S. Infantry. 

Harris, John E.. Signal Corps. 

Harris, Joseph, Camp Custer, Mieli. (Coloi'ed.) 

Harris, John E., Signal Corps. 

Harris, Joseph, Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Harris, Max. B., Sergeant, Camp Lee, Va. 

Hart, Harry L.. S. A. T. C. State College, Pa. 

Hart, Leroy, S. A. T. C. State College, Pa. 

Hart, Lloyd E.. Private. .Machine Gun Battalion. 

Hart, Roy C., Medical Corps. In England. 

Hart, William D., S. A. T. C. State College, Pa. 

Hartman, Carl R., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hartman, Charles A., Canadian Army. 

Hartman, Eaton A., Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hartman. C. L., Camp Gieenleaf, (ia. 

Hartman. Eligene, Camp (ireenl(>af, Ga. 

Hartman, Fred. A.. Technical Training, Lehigh I niversity. 

Hartman, Harry I., I . S. Infantry. 

Hartman. John F., Private, Company A, 109th Machine (iun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Hartman, Lawton M. Jr., Captain, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Hartman. Maurice P., Private, Aviation. 

Hartman. Moise E., Seig(>ant, Infantry, .\. E. F. 

Hartman. Paul B.. Limited Service. 

Hartman, Paul W.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Hartman, Spurgeon, Private, Hospital Corps. 

Hartman, Sylvester, Private, A. E. F. Prisoner of \\ ar. 

Hartman. Thovias. U. S. Navy. 

Hartman. William E.. Private. V. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Hartman, John Frank, Private, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Hart.sough, Howard C. \ eterinary Company. Remount Depot. Machine Gun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Hartsough, Lloyd B., Coxswain, I . S. Navy. U. S. S. Nicholson, A. E. F. 

Harvey, Harry J.. I . S. Infantry. 

Harvey. Theodore. Navy. V. S. S. Carolina. 

Hassler, Warren W., Radio Service, Signal Corps. 

Hassler, Worley a., U. S. Infantry. 

Haugh. Raymond, Lahor Battalion, A. K. F. 

Haupt, Lester E., Corporal. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Haverstick, Charles, Camp Meade, Md. 

[ 172 1 

Hawk, Wilbur F., Private, Trench Mortars, A. E. F. 

Ha WRINGS, Edward Arlington, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. Gettysburg, Pa. 

Hawkins, Harry D., Camp Meade, McI. 

Hawkin.s. Martin, Electrician in Army, A. E. F. 

Hawkins, Martin R., Gun Pointer. Navy, U. S. S. Florida. 

Hawkins, Russell, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Hayburn, David E., Engineers, A. E. F. 

Hayes, Eurius C, U. S. Infantry. Killed. 

Hayes, Harry, Machine (iun Battalion, A. E. V. \N uiinded. 

Hays, Robert G., Private, Engineers, A. E. F., George A., Aviation, A. E. F. 

Headley, Marion C, First Class Storekeejx'r on U. S. S. Neptune, Navy, A. E. F. 

Heaps, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Heathcote, Harry H., Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Hebron, Charles, Camp Meade, Md. (Colored.) 

Heck, Bruce E., Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Heck. John G., U. S. Artillery. 

Hecker, Samuel E., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Heck, T. G., Camp ]\Ieade, !\Id. 

Heckert. Charles F.. Corporal. Infantry. 

Heckert. Charles F., Limited Service, Camp Colt, Pa. 

Heckert. Chauncey, Camp Meade, Md. 

Heckert, Grant E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Heckert, Harvey E,, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Heckert. James E., Columbus, Ohio, and Camp ]\IcArthur, Texas. 

Heckert, John C. Jr., U. S. Army, Dallastown, Pa. 

Heckert, Samuel E., Private, U. S. Marine Corps. 

Heckert, Walter A., U. S. Navy. 

Heddings, Guy M., Camp Lee, Va. 

Hedrick. George Franklin, Second Lieutenant, \J. S. Army. 

Medrick. Holliday, Sergeant, 79th Division, Infantry, A. E. F. \N niiiulid. 

Hedrick, William M., Camp Lee, \a. 

Heffner, John H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Heffner, John R.. Electrician State College. 

Heffner, Samuel B., I". S. Army, York, Pa. 

Heffner, Samuel B.. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Heffner. Walter. Camp Meade. Md. 

Heffner, Wesley, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Died from Wounds. 

Heidler, Henry E., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed and Wounded. 

Heidler. Joseph N.. U. S. Navy. 

Heidler. Maurice E.. Camp Lee, ^'a. 

Heidler. Paul A., Medical Corps. 

Heiges, Calvin A.. Pioneer Infantry, A. E. F. 

Heiges, Curvan B., First Class Petty Officer, U. S. Navy. 

Heiges, Russell S., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Height, David R.. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Heikes, Francis L., Camp Meade, Md. 

Heiland, Harry J., Infantry, A. E. F. 

Heiland. Robert S.. I . S. Artillery. 

\ 173 1 

Heiland, Steward, Sergeant. U. S. Infantiy. A. E. F 

l^EiLiN, AufUiSTUs p.. Camp Meade, Md, 

Heilman, Alexander P., Aviation Corps. 

Heilman, Arthur A.. Field Artillery. 

Heilman, Charles W.. Private, Aviation Corp.s. 

Heilman, David. Ice Plant I nit A'u. 301, A. E. F. 

Heilman, Emory. Private. Ambulance Corps. A. E. F. 

Heilman, Wilford. Private. Medical Corps. 

Heilman, John A., Carpenter at Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

Heilman, John T., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Heilman, Robert S., I . S. Army. York. Pa. 

Heilman, Stewart, U. S. Navy. 

Heilman, Vernon D., Corporal-Bugler, Aviation Corps. 

Heiman, Charles G.. TJ. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Heiman, Harry S.. U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Hein, Chester C, U. S. Infantry. 

Hein. Lawrence. Privat;^. Infantry. A. E. F. 

FIeindel, Byrd S., Camp Lee, Va., A. E. F. 

Heindel, Harrison D.. Camp Lee, \ a. Died. 

Heindel, John S., S. A. T. C. LTniversity of Pittsburgh. 

Heindel, John Krebs. Private. Aviation, Forestry Replacement Battalion. 

Heindel, Mamie, Nurse, A. E. F. 

Heiner, Charles E., Mechanic at Erie, Pa. 

Heiner, Charles H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Heininger, Augustus, \J. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Heininger, Jacob W.. C.ainiJ Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Heininger, William, l. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Heiss, Elmer D.. S. A. T. C. Lebanon Valley College. 

Heiser, Elmer V.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Heisey, Paul W.. Private. Limited Service. 

Heisler, John S., Camp Meade. Md. 

Heiss, C,urwin H.. Camp Meade. Md., A. E. F. Killed. 

Heiss, Elwood D., S. A. T. C. 

Heiss, Edward D., Private. Infantiy. Died. 

Heiss, Walter M., Camp Meade. Md. A. E. F. 

Heist, Francis, Private, Infantry. 

Heist, J. Emory, Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Heistand, Herbert. Private. A. E. F. Missing in Action. 

Heitzel, Allen Edgar. Camp Lee, Va. 

Helb, Curtis G., Gas Flame Service, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Helder, Oran, Camp Lee, \a. 

Helfrick, Joseph, S. A. T. C. L'niversity of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Heller, Charles H., U. S. Marines. 

Heller, John W., U. S. Infantry. 

Helman, Harry G.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Helt, Arthur K. L., U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Heltzel. Allen E.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Heltzel, Albert, Signal Corps. 

Heltzel, James E., V. S. Navy. 


Heltzel, John Edward, Seaman, Navy, A. E. F. Decorated fur Bravery, (niiding Ship. 

Hemler, Charles W., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Hench, George Harold, C. 0. T. S. 20th Company, ,5th BattaUon. 

Hench, Nevin F., Mariner in Emergency Fleet. 

Hendrix, a. F., Limited Service, Camp Dix. N. J. 

Hendricks, George S.. Second Lieutenant. Chemical Warfare Service. 

Hendrickson, Elwood H., Corporal, Field Artillery. 

Hendrickson, Joseph Henry, Seaman, Navy, L. S. S. -Michigan. Drowned in Home \\ aters. 

Hendric;k.son, Samuel E., Li. S. Infantry. 

Hengst, Cletus E., Camp INIeade, Md., A. E. F. 

Hengst, Perry R., Corporal, Heavy Tank Corps, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Henise, Paul G., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Henry, Chauncey P., Coi-poral, 304th Engineers, A. E. F. 

Henry, Horace L., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Henry, John W., L . S. Navy. 

Henry, Newton E., Camp Lee, Ya. 

Henry, Ralph S., U. S. Navy. 

Henry, Richard H.. First Class Seaman, Navy. 

Henry, Robert ^L, Private, Artillery, A. E. F. \\ouiKlcd. 

Hensel, C. Lester. U. S. Army, York, Pa., IL\rry, Private, Company L, 362nd Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded., James, Private, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Herbert, David, U. S. Army. R. D. No. 2. Felton. Pa. 

Herbert, Joseph G., Aviation Corps. 

Herbert, Philip, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Herbert, William D., Lieutenant Colonel. Hospital I nit, A. E. F. 

Herbert, William L. Dr., Second Lieutenant. Yeterinary, Reserve Camp. 

Herbst, David H.. Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. Shawnut, A. E. F. 

Herbst, Dewey, U. S. Infantry. 

Herbst, Edwin P., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Herbst, George E., Sergeant, Gas Regiment, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Herbst, George Washington, Corporal, S. A. T. C. I niversity of Pittshurgh. 

Herbst, Jacob M., Private, Infantry. 

Herbst, James H., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Herbst, Rene L., Second Lieutenant, Fourth Officers' Training Camp. 

Herb, Bruce, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, Pa. 

Herman, Charles, Camp Meade, ]VId. 

Herman, George, Sergeant, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Herman, Henry E., L . S. Army, York, Pa. 

Herman, Lloyd Henry, Private, Ice Plant I nit No. 30L A. E. F. 

Hermann. Luther H., Private, Infantry, Headquarters Battalion. A. E. F. 

Hermann, Howard Stanley, Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F., 79th Division, \\ounded. 

Herman, Philip L., S. A. T. C. Lehigh College. 

Herbman, Walter B., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Herman, William, Private, Camp IMeade, Md. 

Hernon, Bruce, Private. Infantry. 

Herschner, Roy, Pri\ate, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Hersh, Emory J., Ice Plant Init No. 301. A. K. F. 

Hershey. Charles E.. Private. Chemical Plant. 



Hershey, Charles R., U. S. Army, Washington Township, Pa. 

Hershey, Eugene W., Limit(>d Service. Camp Dix, N. J. 

Hershey, Maurice R., Aviation Corps. 

Hershey, Paul P.. Private, Infantry. 

Hershey, ^ ernon. Limited SfMvice. Camp Dix, N. J. 

Hess, Aaron Walter. Camj) Meade. Md., and Camp McCiellan, Ala. 

Hess, Bruce B., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Hess, Charles B., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Diefl while in Battle. 

Hess, Earl L., I . S. Infantry. 

Hess, Edgar A., Corporal, U. S. Infantry. 

Hess, George H.. lee Plant Unit No. ,301. A. E. F. 

Hess, G. L.. Navy. V. S. S. Frederick. 

Hess, Harry F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Hess. Harvey. Camp (iordon. Ga. 

Hess, John Edward. Serjeant. .Machine (Jun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Hess, Lester R.. S. A. T. C. LTniversity of Pittsltur;;h. Pa. 

Hess. Merl B.. Private. C. S. Infantry. 

Hess, Michael D.. Private, Headquarters Corps. 

Hess, Orion M., Camp Meade, Md. 

Hess, Paul K., Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Hess, Paul L.. Private, S. A. T. C. Lafayette College. 

Hess. Paul Mitchell, Piivate. S. A. T. C. Swarthmore College. 

Hess, Samuel D., Camp (Sreenleaf, (ia.. A. E. F. 

Hess, Samuel II., Private. Artillery. 

Hesse, Rev. C. F. \ ., Chaplain at Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Hesser, Reuben Fred.. Naval Reserves. 

Hesser, Sylvester M., Naval Reserves. 

Hesson, Harry R., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Hetrick, Howard (i.. Corporal, Motor Truck Co. 

Heuter, Fred., I . S. Army, A. E. F. 

Hewitt, George, Camp Meade, Md. (Colored). 

Heyn, Alfred ,I., Corporal. Infantry I^tand. 

Heyn, Howard, ( . S. Army, Yoik, Pa. 

Heyn, James, \J. S. Infantry. 

Heyn, William. Camp Meade. Md. 

HiBNER. Arthur W.. Field ,\rtiller\. 

Hibner, Earl R., Sergeant, Aviation, A. E. F. 

HiBNER. (iEoRGE W.. Third Class l%lectrician. Navy. Italy. 

Hibner, Henry S. Jr., I . S. Cavalry. 

HiBNER, Norman C, Private, Provisional Company, A. E. F'. 

Hibner, Ralph. Cor])<)ral. Signal Cctrjis. \. Iv F. 

HiCKEY. Harry R.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

HiCKEY, Theron J., Captain. Dental Reserves. A. E. F. 

Hickey. T. M., Camp Greeideaf, (!a. 

HiELL, Leroy, U. S. Infantry. 

Hikes, Joseph A., Private, Aero Service. 

IIildebrand, Claire S.. S. A. T. C. Second Lieutenant. Depot Brigade. 

HiLDEBRAND, Charles W., Private, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 

[ 176 ] 

HiLDEBRAND, Henry. Private. Columbus. Ohio. 

HiLDEBRAND, L. F., Private, Quartcrmastor Corps. 

HiLDEBRAND, Lloyd D., First Sergeant, Infantry. A. E. F. W ouiulid. 

HiLDEBRAND, Marvin S.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

HiLDEBRAND, Maurice, Aviation Corps. 

HiLDEBRAND, Marvin E., Private. Infantry. 

HiLDEBRAND, NoRMAN E.. Private. (Quartermaster Corps. 

HiLDEBRAND, Paul F.. Corporal, MusiciaiL 

HiLDEBRAND, RoBERT T.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

HiLDEBRAND. Warren S., Sergeaiit-Ma joi'. Infantry, A. Iv F. 

HiLKER, Charle.s, Camp Meade, Md. 

HiLKER, Chester. Camp Meade, Md. 

Hill, David C Sergeant. Infantry. 

Hill, H. B., First Lieutenant, Ice Plant L nit No. 301. 

Hilt, George, Private, Infantry. 

HiMES. Harry J.. Private. Military Police. A. E. F. 

Hill, J. H., First Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hill, John F., Stevedore, Quartermaster Corps, A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Hinder. Andrew E.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Hinder. David, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hinderer, Andrew E., Columbus, Ohio. 

Hinkel, George B.. S. A. T. C. Cniversity of Pittsburgh. 

Hinkel, Herbert C, Signal Corps. 

Hinkle, Raymond H., Private, Infantry. 

Hinkel. Raymond (i., Spartanslnirg. A. E. F. 

HiRT, John E., Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

Hirt, Paul A., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Hitchcock, Ralph M.. Camj) Meade. Md. 

Hivner, Arthur J.. Medical Corps. 

HivNER, Ralph, Columbus, Ohio. 

Hobbs. John E.. Private. Hos[)ital T nit. 

HoBBS, Sergeant, Sergeant, Infantry. 

HocH, Reagan I.. Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

HocKE. Walter A.. U. S. Navy. 

Hodgson, Charles, Private, Depot Brigade. 

Hodgson, Clarence, Corporal. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Hodgson, G. W.. Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Hodgson, Clarence T.. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Hodgson, H. H.. Private, Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

HoFF. Harry H.. I . S. Marines. 

HoFF. Harold ,M., Private. .Medical ('orps, A. E. F. 

HoFF, Henry N., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

HoFF, Samifel F.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Hoffacker, Gullford D.. Private. Motor Transport. 

HoFFNAGLE, Grant, Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Hoffheins. Charles H., Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

HoFFHEiNs, Edwin J.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Hoffheins. Harry C, Private, Infantry. \. K. F. \^()un(led. 

( 177 1 

HoFFHEiNs. Stewart C, Corporal, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Hoffman. Carl, Private. V. S. Army, R. D. No. 1, Dover. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Hoffman, Clair F.. Private, (Quartermaster Corps. 

Hoffman, Daniel R.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hoffman. David, I'rivate, Provisional Company, 

Hoffman, Edward A., Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Hoffman, George B., Private, Navy, U. S. S. President Lincoln. Torpedoed and Lost Life. 

Hoffman. J. A., Private, Enfiineerins; Corps. A. E. F. 

Hoffman. John Clifford. Seigeant, First Class, Air Service. 

Hoffman, Nevin Q., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Hoffman. Robert L., S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania. Pliiladelpliia, Pa. 

Hoffman. Roy. Lieutenant, Camp Dix and Cam|) Taylor, ivy. 

HoGGMAN. William H.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Hoffmaster. Puts E., Private, Infantry. Company L. 16tli Battalion, A. K. F. 

HoFFMASTER. Samuel E.. Private. Infantry. 

HoFFNAGLE, BERNARD. Sergeant, Infantry. 

HoFFNAGLE. Francis. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

HoFFNAGLE, Paul V.. Private, Camp Wadswortli, <ia,, A. E. F. 

HoKE, Guy A. F,, Private, Infantry. 

Hoke. Harry L.. Private. Camp Lee, ^'a. 

Hoke, James. Private, Medical Corps. 

Hoke, Jesse, Private, Infantry. 

Hoke, Leander H., Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Hoke, Murray, Camp Greenleaf, (ia. 

Hoke, Nelson, Private, Camp (ireen, S. C 

Hoke. William, V. S. Infantry. 

Hoke, William A., Sergeant, Camp Adjutant Detaclimenl, Camp Meade, Md. 

Hoke, William D., Private, Motor Battalion. A. E. F. 

Hoke, Solomon L.. Private. S. A. T. C. I rsinus College, Collegeville. Pa. 

HoLAHAN, James D., Private, -Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Holland, Arthur M., Seaman, Navy, Training Camp New > nrk. 

Holland. Elmer Iv. Privat(>. Groui) .'5rd. M. G. Y. C. 

Hollander. Abe A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hollander, Samuel M., Private, Columbus, Ohio. 

Holler. Ralph D., Private, V. S. Infantry. 

Holler, Robert D., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

HoLLiNGER, Aytown E., Corporal, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Hollinger, D. S.. Sergeant. Medical Corps. 

HoLLiNGER, David H.. Private, 318tli Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hollinger, Leroy, Private, Gas Flame Service. 

Hollinger. Homer. Private, Machine (iun Battalion. \. E. F. Missing. 

Hollinger. Samuel Jr.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Runner of Rattlelield. 

Hollinger. William. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. ;501. A. E. F. 

HoLLORAN, Anna. Stenogra|)htM-. Base Hospital. A. E. F. 

Holly, Samuel W.. Camp Meade, Md. (Colored.) 

Holmes. Simon L.. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

HoLOHAN. James D., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

HoLTz, Joseph G., II S. Army, York, Pa.. A. E. F. 

f ITHl 

HoLTz, Theodore, Private, Camp Meade, Md, 

HoLTZAPPLE, George A., Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

HoLTZAPPLE, John. Private, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

HoLTZAPPLE, John A.. Private, Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

HoLTZMAN, Harry R., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Homer, Hugh E., Private, Aero Squadron. Injuicd in Fall. 

Homer, Hugh F., Private, Signal Corps. 

HoNSEMYER. NoRMAN E., Corporal. Marines, A. E. F. 

Honsermyer, Paul H., Private, Police Service. 

Hoofnagle, Ernest, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Hoofnagle, Grant, Private, Ice Plant L nit No. 301. 

Hook, George, Private, Medical Corps. 

Hooper, Daniel C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Hooper, Samuel, U. S. Infantry. 

Hoover, Andrew Jackson, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Hoover, Augustus, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hoover, Clarence B.. Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Hoover, Cletus L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hoover, David, Private, Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Hoover, George E., Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Hoover, Harry C. Private, Infantry. 

Hoover, Herbert C, Private, Headquarters Company, 316th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hoover, AIelvin, Sergeant, Field Artillery. 

Hoover, Melvin G., Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Hoover, Paul E., Private, Repair Init. 

Hoover, Paul W., Aviation Corps. 

Hoover, Roy W., Camp Meade, Md. 

Hoover, Walter W., Second Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Hoover, William G., Camp Lee, \a. 

Hoover, William J., Private, Quartermaster Corps. 

Hoover, William L., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Hopple, Henry, Private, S. A. T. C. 

Hopple. John W., U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Horn, Charles A., Private, Light Tank Corps. A. E. F. 

Horn, Charles Henry, Private, Chemical Warfare Service. 

Horn, Clarence E,, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Horn, Harrison S., Private. Recruiting (^.ompany. Promoted to First Lieutenant, l. S. (iuards. 

Horn, Howard H., Limited Service, Camp Green, S. C. 

Horn, John, U. S. Army, R. D. No. 1, Hellam, Pa. 

Horn, Morris, Private, I . S. Infantry. 

Horn, Percy A., Mechanic at Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

Horn, William H., Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Horn, William, Private, Camp (in^^nleaf, Ga., A. E. F. 

Horn, William M., Private. Ambulance Corps. 

Horn, Victor, Bugler, Navy, on Destroyer, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Horner, Claude, U. S. Artillery. 

Horner, Earl, Private. I . S. Infantry. 

Horner, George F., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. 


Horner, Harry J., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Horner, Norman H.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Horner. Richard H., Lieutenant. Officers' Training ('ain|). Artillery. 

Horner, William W.. Private, Camp Jackson. S. (".. Made Secnnd Lieutenant. 

Horner, W. E., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Horning, Clarence, Private, Navy, LI. S. S. Paririe. 

Horstick, Walter K., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Hose. George S., First Lieutenant. Aviation Corps. 

Ho.sE. Quentin. Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. Killed. 

Hostetter, a. Koplin, Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

HosTETTER, D. Clyde. Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Hostetter. Harold. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

HosTETTER. Harry E., Private, Camp Holabird, Md. 

Hostetter. Paul R., Ship's Writer. Navy. 

Hostetter, Robert D.. Lieutenant, Navy, New London, Conn. 

Houck. Clayton J., Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

HouCK, F. C. Chief Electrician. Navy. L. S. S. Finland. 

Houck, Leonard, Private, Provisional Company, A. E. F. 

HoucK, Ralph E.. Private, Quartermaster's Corps. 

Houck, Walter J.. Camp Wadsworth. A. E. F. 

Houseal, Earl C. Private. Aviation Corps. 

HousEAL. Raymond, V. S. Army, Wrightsville. Pa. 

Householder. Cares, Private, Naval Reserves. 

Householder, Clyde. L'. S. Infantry. 

Householder, George, Private, Medical Corps. 

HousER. Robert H.. Private. Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Hovis. Spurgeon. Private. Camp Lee. \a.. Infantry. 

Howard, Albert J.. Private. Camp (ireenleaf, (ia. 

HousER. Harry A. Jr.. Private. ■Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

HousER. John C. Pri\ate. Infantry. A. E. F. Missing. 

Howard. Edward G., Private. Infantry. 

Howard. Leroy. Private. Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Howard. Harold k.. Sergeant, l*]ngineers. 

Howe. John C. Camp Meade, Md. 

HowER. Herbert C... Camp Meade. Md. 

HowETT. Ernest F., U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Huber, Snyder, U. S. Army, High Rock, Pa. 

HuBLEY. Harry II.. Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Huff, Harry. Private. L. S. Marines. 

Huff, Milton A.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Huff, William, Limited Service. 

HuGGENS, Harry. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Hugentugler, Guy, Private, Aviation. In England. 

Hugentugler. Walter F.. Pri\ ale. Camp Lee. ^'a.. A. E. F. 

Hughe^. Malford, Navy. 

Hugh. John Reed, U. S. (niards. 

HuiTT. LIarry H., Private. Camp Meade, INId. (Colored.) 

Huitte. Governor. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. (Colored.) 

[180 1 

Hill. (iEORGE M.. Privato, Camp Meade, Md. 

Hull, Leroy, Private, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Hull, Lester E., U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Hunt, Albert M.. Private. A. E. F. Killed. 

Hunt, Benjamin S., Private, Aviation Corps. 

Hunt, David F., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Hunt, Samuel !\I., Corporal. Engineers, A. E. F. One (iold Stripe for Bravery. 

Hunter. Monroe B.. Private, C.ompany A, .56th Regiment, A. M F. Killed. 

HussEN, Robert A., Corporal, V. S. Infantry. 

Huntzman, William T.. Sergeant. Headquarters Company. 

Hurst, John H., Private, Iilngineers, A. E. F. 

HussoN, Charles R., Sergeant. Artillery. A. E. F. 

Hi tton. Carl. Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Hutton, Earl E., Yoeman, U. S. Naval Reserves, on Ll S. S. Alt. Shasta. 

Hutton Edna W., Yoewoman. Naval Reserves. 

Hyder. (!eorge D.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. WOundrd. 

HvDER. Frank E.. Private. Aero, A. E. F. 

Hyderman, Sidney, Corporal, Army Transport Service. 

Ilgenfritz, Harry A., Pri\ate, Infantry. 

Illias, Geary A., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Immel. Harry D.. First Lieutenant. Field Artillery. 

Ingram. John ()., Pri\ate, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Inners, John IL. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Irvan. Chester L., U. S. Infantry. 

Irving, James H., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Irving, John F., Camp Lee, \a. 

Irwin, Samuel M.. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E F. 

Ir« in, Slyvester, Camp Lee, \ a. 

Jackson. Boyd F.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Jackson, (jorman. Camp Meade, Md. (Colored.) 

Jackson, Harold 0.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Jackson, Harry G., V . S. Army, York. Pa. 

Jackson, Lester Eugene, Sergeant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Jackson, Luther Raymond, Private, Infantry. 

Jackson, Millard, Stevedore. (Colored.) 

Jackson, Balph, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Jackson, Roy F., Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Jackson. William A.. Sergeant. Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Jackson, William M., Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Jacobs, Ch.\rles F., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Jacobs. Charles N.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Jacobs, Clarence E., Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Jacobs, Harris E., Private, Motor Supply Train, A. E. F. 

Jacobs. Harry Edvmn. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Jacobs, Karl II., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Jacobs, Lester, Camp Meade, Md. 

[ 181 1 

Jacobs, Norman D., PiivatP. Infantry. A. E. F. WoundiMl. 

Jacobs, Paul M., Private, Ini'antry, A. E. F. Woundt'd. 

Jacobs, Theodore R., U. S. Infantry. 

Jacobs, Walter A.. Privato, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Jacoby, Claude H., U. S. Infantry. 

Jacoby, Harry E., Corporal. Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Jacoby. John E.. U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Jacoby. Kiirvin, Private. Engineers. A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Jacoby. Paul. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

James. Charles Henry. Camp Meade. Md. (Colored.) 

Jamison, Albert C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Jamison, Calvin R.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Jamison. Carl. U. S. Cavalry. 

Jamison, Earnest (!.. Sergeant. Limited Service, Newport News, Va. 

Jamison, Francis F. Dr.. First Lieutenant. Dental Reserves. 

Jamison, (George W.. Camp (ireenleaf. (ia. 

Jamison, Loretta Mary, American Red Cross, A. E. F. 

Jamison. Melvin N., Private. Machine Gun Rattalion. A. E. F. Killed. 

Jamison, William B., Sergeant. Limited Service. Camp Sherman. 

Jandorf, Morton L., Urdnance Department. 

Jarvis, Gardner, Ambulance Service. 

Jaspin. Joseph. S. A. T. C. State College. 

Jefferson, H. Arthur, Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Jenkins. A. M. Rev.. Depot Brigade. 

Jenkins. John, U. S. Navy. 

Jenkins, Marvin D.. U. S. Navy. 

Jenkins. Robert D.. Officer. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Jennings. Irvin B., Private, Pioneer Infantry Band. 

Johner, William. Camp Custer. Mich. (Colored.) 

Johnson, Bennett, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Johnson. Carl H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Johnson, Charles, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

JoHN.soN, Charles F.. Ordnance Department. 

Johnson. Fred A.. Corporal. Infantry. 

Johnson. James W.. Private. Infantry. (Colored.) 

Johnson. John T.. Camp Meade. Md. (Colored.) 

Johnson, John W.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Johnson. Joseph E., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Johnson. Milton. Sergeant, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Johnson. Robert C.. Seaman. Navy. Tiansport Orizada. 

Joiner. James. Private, Artillery. 

Jones, Carl A.. FT. S. Navy. 

.loNEs. Carrol A., Aviation Corps. 

Jones. C^harles. Private, U. S. Infantry. * 

Jones, Charles H., Aviation Corps. 

Jones. Chester A., First Class Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded Twice. 

Jones, Curvin Frederick, Petty Officer, Navy, U. S. S. Sagamore. 

Jones, David, E., Private, Infantry, Machine Gun Battalion, 80th Division, A. E. F. 

[ 182 1 

Jones. Edward, U. S. Infantry. 

Jones. Edward G., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Jones, Edward P., U. S. Infantry. 

Jones, Harry, Co. K, 313th Infantry, 79th Division, A. E. F. 

Jones, Idris R., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Jennings, Irvin B., Musician, Pioneer Infantry. 

Jones, John A., U. S. Infantry. 

Jones. John G., Aviation Corps. 

Jones. Joseph, U. S. Navy. 

Jones, Louise K., Army Nurse. A. E. F. 

Jones, Price, Private, Infantry. Wounded. 

Jones, Samuel, U. S. Navy. 

Jones, Samuel H.. U. S. Navy. 

Jones, Thomas R., Oflicers" Training Camp. 

Jones, W. L., Canadian Army. Wounded. 

Jones, Walter S., Private, Cavahy. Wounded. 

JoRDON, H., U. S. Army. Camp Greenleaf. 

JoRDON, Herhert V., Private, Medical Corps. A. E. F. (ierman Prisoner. 

JoRDON. Wilson C, Engineers, A. E. F. 

JoHDY, (iEORGE Louis, Private, Engineers, Carnegie Institute of Technology. 

Joseph. Hamilton, U. S. Army. York New Salem, Pa. 

Joseph, Paul L., Camp Meade, Md. 

Julius, John L., Apprentice Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

Julius, William P.. Infantry, Musician. A. E. F. 

Jury, Charles E., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Jury. Leroy. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kable, J. Ross. Regimental Supply Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. Citation. 

Kahlbaugh, Jesse A., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Kahlbaugh, Paul B.. Private, 13th Casual Company, A. E. F. Missing. 

Kahlbaugh, Wilson, Machine Gun Battalion. 

Kahn. Glen F., U. S. Army, Camp Meade, Md. 

Kain, C. Harry, Captain, Quartermaster Corps. 

Kain, Charles E. Jr.. Private, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Kaler, Herman F., Camp Greenleaf. S. C. 

Kaltrider. David S., Chemical Warfare Service. 

Kaltreider, Walter H., Aero Squadron, Princeton University. 

Kaltrider, Roy W., Yoeman, Navy. 

Kammerer, M. v., Camp Lee, Va., A. E. F. 

Kane, Ralph E., Chief Yoeman, \J. S. Navy. 

Karnes, Mose.s J., Camp Meade, Md. 

Kastenbuber. E. G.. Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

IvATZ, John A., Captain, I'ield Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Katz, Karl E., Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Katz, John, Captain, Cavalry. A. E. F. 

Katz, Nathan, S. A. T. C. Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. 

Kauffman, Alvin Earle, Sergeant, Aviation. 839th Aero Squadron, A. E. F. 

Kauffman, Benjamin, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

[ 183 1 

Kauffman, Bert D., Piivatf, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kauffman. Chauncey B.. Private. Coast /Vrtilleiy. A. E. F. 

Kauffman. ('lair S.. I J. S. Navy. Philadel[)hia, Pa. 

Kauffman. Clarence C.. Private. Infantiy. A. E. F. 

Kauffman. Elmer F. S.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Kauffman, Elwood B.. First Class Pi'ivate. htii l-^nniiieeis. 7'>th Division, A. E. F. 

Kauffman, Ernest, Aviation. A. F. F. Wounded. 

Kauffman. (iEOROE. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Kauffman, ,Ioiin H.. Private, Infantry. 

Kauffalan. Kenneth B.. Aviation Corps. 

Kauffman. Marcus L.. |{!ni;ineers. 

Kauffman. Noah M.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Kauffman. Oscar M.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kauffman. Paul D.. \\ S. Maiines. ' 

Kauffman. Roy. Camp Dodge. Iowa. 

Kauffman. Stewart A.. Camj) Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Kauffelt. William II.. Ice Plant I nit No. .301, A. E. F. 

Keble, Harry W.. Coast Artillery. 

Keech. Albert Earl. Corporal. Infantry. \, Iv V. Cassed. 

Keech, Byron, Na\ y, I . S. S. Oklahoma. 

Keech, Earl E., U. S. Navy. 

Keech. Hayden. Sergeant. lIos[)ital Corps. A. E. F. 

Keech. William B., Merchant Marines. 

Keefer. Oscar Edward. Private. Infantry. 

Keeper. Tyrrell. Private. Medical Heplaeement Ciiit. A. E. F. 

Keener. Charles F... Camp Meade. Md. 

Keener, Edward S., Private, Infantry. 

Keener. (iEOROE J., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Keener, John R., Ice Plant I nit No. :501, A. E. F. 

Keener, Robert E., Private, Infantry, A. F. F. Woimded. 

Keener. Samuel E.. Private, liifantry, Camji Mi'ade. Md.. A. Iv F. \\()unded. 

Keener, William H., Private, (iuard and Fire C.ompan;^. 

Keeney, Calvin, Signalman, Navy. 

Keeney, Edgar S., Farm Ser\ice. 

Keeney, I']llis F., Camp Meade, Md. 

Keeney. Harry Sylvester. Private, Infantry. 8.'?rd Dixision. \. F. F. 

Keeney, Levi E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Keeney, Levi E.. F. S. Ainiy. R. D. No. 12. York, Pa. 

Keeney, Luther W.. Private, Infantry. 

Keeney, W. S., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Missing. 

Keener, Sami'el J.. Private. Infantry, A. E, F. Wdunded. 

Keener. William I.. Private. V. S. Infantry. 

Keesey. Austin, V. S. Army, R. D. No. 2, Red Lion. Pa. 

Keesey. Charles H., Private. Trench Mortars, A. E. F. 

Keesey, Horace J. Jr., Ensign, U. S. Navy. 

Keesey. J. Thomas. V. S. Infantry. 

Keever, Faber D., Camp Aleade, Md. 

Keever, Kerwin E,, Camp Meade, Md. 

Keever, William R., Artillery, A, E, F. 

[ 184 1 

Kehb. Clayton M., Limited Scrvicf. 

Keible, Harry VV.. U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Reiser, George F., Camp Greenleaf, (Ja. 

Keitel. Emma J.. Red Cross Nurse. 

IvEiTEL, Harvey. Camp Dix, N. J. 

Keitel, John M., U. S. lnfantr>. 

Kelbai'Gh. Le.ster S.. Corporal. .Maciiiiie Cun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Kell. John F.. S. A. T. C. State Colle^i'. 

Kell, Mary C. Arm.y Nurse. A. E. F. 

Kellenberger. R \lph J.. Navy. Coxswain. I', S. S. Michifjan. 

Kellejnberger. Robert M., Corporal. Iniautry, A. E. F. 

Kellenberger, Thomas W., U. S. Infantry. 

Keller. Charles R.. Bowman Technical Sclionl. I^ancaster. Pa. 

Keller, Clement. I . S. Artillery. 

Keller. Clyde, Navy. Annapolis. 

Keller. Ei'gene S.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Keller. Fred. Chief Commissary Steward. Navy. I . S. Transpoit liatlie 

Keller. Harry, I'. S. Aimy. R. D. No. 2. ^ Ork. Pa. 

Keller. John H.. Camp Lee. ^ a. 

Keller. \ iola. ^Oemanette, V. S. Navy. 

Keller. John S.. Camp Meade. !\Id. 

Keller. Lawrence S.. I . S. Army. New Fr'eedom. Pa. 

Keller. Lester Winfield. Recruiting Service. 

Keller. Lloyd S.. Ordnance Department. .\. E. V. 

Keller. Martin. L. S. Army. R. D. No. 2. York. Pa. 

Keller. Oktie. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. WOuiided. 

Keller. Raymond R.. Private. Coast Artillery. A. E. F. 

Keller. William H.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kelley. (iEORGE .\.. 5th Eugiireeis. Red Lion. Pa. 

Kelley, Joseph. Limited Service, Syracuse. N. Y. 

Kelly. Joseph Z.. Private, Engineers. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kelly. Wayne David, Sergeant, S. A. T. C. Millersville iNormal School. 

Kendk;. Herbert King. Private. Infantr>. 

Kendig. Levi S.. Private. l-]ngineers, A. E. F. 

Keney, Levi IL, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Kenly. Edwin H.. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kennedy. Charles R.. Camp Meade. Md. (Colored.) 

Kennedy. D. A., (iinmer's Mate, Navy. 

Kennedy. (;eorge K.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Kennedy. John K.. Private. Infantry. 

Kennedy. Raymond G.. Infantry. A. K. V. Wounded. 

Kerchner, Charles H., Navy, V. S. S. America. 

Kerchner. Edwin J.. Coast Artillery. 

Kerchner. Frederk.k J.. Sergeant, Coast Artillery. A. Iv 1". 

Kerchner. M. L.. Camp Lee. \a. 

Kerlin, Frank R.. F . S. Army. New C.umi)erland. Pa. 

Kerlin. Frank R., Camp Meade, Md. 

Kern. Emoiu ,!.. Private. Trench .M(;rtar Battery. A. E. F. 

[ 185 1 

Kern. Lester E.. Private. V. S. Tiifantiy. 
Kern. Melvin A., Private. Aniiiiiiiiitidn Train, A. E. F. 
Kerney. Harry, Camp Meade. Md. 
Kerney, Millard. Navy. Died of Pneumonia. 
Kerr. Charle.s M., Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 
Kerr, E. Poole, Engineers, A. E. F. 
Kerr. H. B.. Ice Plant I'nit No. 301. A. E. F. 
Kerr. Jesse K.. ('or{K>ral. U. S. Infantry 
Kerr, John. IT. S. Army. Camp Lee, \'a. 
Kerr. John M., Private, .'501tli Arnmunition Train, A. Iv F. 
Kessler, Clarence C. Canij) Meade, Md. 
Kessler, Kreamer C, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 
Kessler. Ray L.. Camp Meigs. Washington. 
Kessler, Sears, Camp Meade. Md. 
Keesler, Theodore. Camp Meade. Md. 
Keesler. William R., Private. Infantry. 
Ketterman, Donald V., Private, Infantry Band, A. E. F. 
Ketterman, Rudolph, Private, 109th Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 
Kettle. Jacob L.. V. S. Infantry. 
Kibbler. William L., LI. S. Infantry. 

Kibler, Andres, Chief Gunners Mate, Navy, U. S. S. Vermont, A. E. F. 
KiBLER. George W.. Seaman. U. S. S. Florida. Navy, A. E. F. Wounded. 
KiDD, Charles M., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 
Kile, Norman, Private, Cavalry, A. E. F. 
KiLGORE. Cliffcjrd F.. Camj) Lee. ^ a. 
Kilgore. Harry W.. Camp Meade, Md. 
KiMES, Howard, LI. S. Infantry. 

KiMMONs. Ira D.. Private. Infantry. A. E. Y. Wounded. 
Kinard. CiEORGE. Camp Meade. Md. 
Kinard, Titus, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Woimded. 
KiNDiG. Albert. Corporal. Infantry. 
KiNDiG, George Albert, Private. Field Artillery. 
KiNDiG, Joseph R., S. A. T. C. State College. 
KiNDiG. William W.. Aviation Corps. 
King, Clarence, L. S. Marines. 
King, Earl H.. Camp Meade, Md. 
King, George A.. U. S. Infantry. 
King, J. L., Camp Lee, ^ a. 
King, Joseph F., Naval Reserves. 
King. Roy S.. Ambulance Corps. 
King, Theodore. L . S. Maiines. 
King, Wilbur 0.. Auto Mechanic at Pittsburgh. Pa. 
KiNNEMAN. Paul S.. Private. Infantry. \. E. F. Wounded. 
Kin.sel, Albert J., Sergeant, Camp Meade. Died of Pneumonia. 
Kinsey, Henry L., Camp Gordon, Ga. 
Kinsley. Harry. V. S. Infantry. 
Kinports, John IL, Private, Artillery. 

Kinzie, Robert William, First Lieutenant, L. S. Ambulance Service, A. H F. With Italian Army. 

[Cavalliere Delia Corona. 
[ 1«6 1 

Kirk. Paul D., Ambulance Seivicp. 

Kirk, Charles Gerber, Seaman. Naval Reserve. 

KiRKWOOD. R. C. Dr., Major, Medical Reserve Corps. 

KiR.scHNER, George E.. First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Ki.sE, Paul, Camp Meade. IMd. 

Kisner, David, Private, Machine Gun Rattalion, A. E. F. 

Kisner. Noah. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kissinger. Ambrose. Lieutenant. Raking Company. 

Kissinger, Noah, Private, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kister. Crull S.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

KiSTER. Kemp. Camp Lee. Va. 

Kister. Ralph A.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Kitchen. John K.. Private. Machine Gun Rattalion, A. E. F. \A'i)im 

Kitzmiller, Ira Thornton, Private, Hospital Corps. 

Kleffel. Augustus J.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Klehold, Frank F.. Camp Lee. \a., A. E. F. 

Kleinman. Elmer. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Kleinman, John A., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kleinard. George E.. Corporal. .'516th Infantry, A. E. F. \A'()un(l('(] 

Kleiser. Charles A., Camp Meatle, _Md. 

Klemm, John C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Klick. George S.. Sergeant, Infantry. 

Kline, Albert, Private. Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kline, Clyde. Camp Meade, Md. 

Kline. Edwin W., Second Lieutenant, Depot Rrigade. 

Kline. Elwood. Camp Meade. Md. 

Kline, Harry E., Camp Lee, \ a. 

Kline, Irwtn W., Camp Meade. Md. 

Kline, Isaac S., Private, 312tli Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Kline, Paul E.. Gun Pointer on Transport Dekolb, Navy. 

Kline, Ray E., V. S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

Kline, Walter D.. Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Kline, William H., 154th Developing Rattalion. 

Klineard, G. E.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Klinedinst, Rernard, Camp .Meade, Md. 

Klinedinst, Charles E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Klinedinst, Clair G., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Klinedinst, Clarence E.. V. S. Navy., Elmer C. Private. Infantry. 

Klinedinst, Emanuel R., Ambulance Service., Francis C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Klinedinst. H. Edward. Private. Quartermaster Corps. 

Klinedinst, Herman, S. A. T. C. 

Klinedinst, Ira V.. Private, Infantry. 

Klinedinst, Joseph E.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Klinedinst. Martin L., Camp Lee, Va. 

Klinedinst, Steward, Seaman, Navy. 

Klinedinst, Theodore D.. I '. S. Infantry. 

[ 187 1 

Klinedinst, Harvey Ji., Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps. 

Klinfelter. Guy M.. Camp Meade. Md., A. E. F. 

Klinefelter, Leroy. Navy, U. S. S. Minnesota. 

Kling, Fred. F., Private, 301th Engineers. 

Kling, George Edward, Corporal, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Kling, Jacob, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Kling, Ralph A., Fireman, U. S. S. Indiana, Navy. 

KLiN(i, Robert E., Ambulance Corps, A, E. F. Wounded. Croix de Guerre. 

Klugh, Bruce S., Camp Lee, Va., A. E. F. 

Klugh, Roy Alfred, Medical Corps. 

Klunk, Harry E., Private, Quartermaster Corps. Washington, D. C. 

Klunk, Jame.s W., Limited Service, Camp Lee, \'a. 

Knapp, William C, Hospital Unit, A. E. F. 

Knaub, Clarence E., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Drowned. 

Knaub, James W., Private, Limited Service, Camp Colt, Pa. 

Knaub, John Clayton, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Knaub, Levi Irvan, Private, 313th Infantry, Red Lion, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Knaub, Ralph A., Private, V. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Knaub, Wilbur, Sergeant, Infantry. 

Knaub, Wilbur R., Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Knighton, Earl 15., U. S. Cavalry. 

Knighton, Raymond F.. Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Knisely. Harry W.. W S. Infantry. 

Knisely, Sterling Sedna, Yoeman, Navy. 

Knife, Jame.s L., Sergeant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Knife. James L., Hospital Unit, A. E. F. 

Kniffle, Vernon Charles, Medical Corps. 

Knockey, Byron, U. S. Infantry. 

Knokey, William J., U. S. Navy. 

Knotts, Harry E., Mechanic, Easton, Pa. 

Knotts, Norman E., Aviation Corps. 

Knox, Ralph S., U. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Knoble, Harry, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Kock, Benjamin F.. Private, Company K, 112th Infant ly. \. Iv F. Gassed. 

Kock, Charles D.. U. S. Army, York Haven, Pa. 

Kock, P'rank N., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Koch, Harry, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Koch, Harry S., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Koch, Harry J., Medical Corps. 

Koch, William F., Private, Infantry. A. I]. F. 

Koch, William H., Sergeant, U. S. Infantry. 

Kochenour, Grant C, Private, Signal C.t)rps. A. E. F. 

Kochenour, Harvey W., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

KoERNER, (Jeorge B., V. S. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Ivohler, Charles, V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Kohler, Charles E., Camp Meade, Md. 

KoHLER, Charles Wesley, Private, Engineers, A. Iv F. 

Kohler, Clarence F., Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. Iv F. 

I I8« 1 

KoHLER. CuY W.. Camp Lci'. \a. 

koHLKK. John B., Camp iVlcadc, Md. 

KoHLER. John Henry, Private, S. A. T. C. 

KoHLER. Sterling W.. Yoeman, \aval Reserves. 

KoHLER, Matthew A.. Private, Hospital Corps, A. E. F. 

KoHLER. Ralph Roy. Sergeant. Aviation. A. E. F. 

KoHN, (iLENN. Infantiy, Camp Meade, Md. 

KoHN. Isaac D., Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

KoHR, Charles Emanuel, Private, Limited Service. 

KoHR, E. Lane. Quartermaster Corps. 

Kohr, Edmund Roy. Private, Infantry. 

KoHR, Henry S.. Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps. 

Kohr, Horace 0.. Private. Amlndance Corps. A. E. F. 

KoHR. Jacob C, Private. Limited Service. 

koHR. Lester C... S. A. T. C. 

Kohr. Morgan J.. Camp (Jreenleaf. 

KoHR, \\illiam Henry. Private. Infantry. 

Roller, Allen A. L.. Private, Engineers. 

Roller. Edward. Camp Lee. \'a. 

Roller. Effie, Yoewoman. Navy. 

Roller, Eugene C, Limited Service, Syracuse, N. Y. 

RoNRAD. Henry R.. First Lieutenant. Infantry. 

RooNS. Denton H., U. S. Cavalry. 

RooNS, Ernest C. Camp Meade, Md. 

RooNS, Spurgeon R., Aviation Corps. 

RooNTz. Charles Thomas, Sergeant, Sijp[»l\ Company. 

RooNTZ, Ralph, Camp Lee. Va. Injured at Camp Lee. 

RooN'TZ, Roy, Quartermaster's Corps. 

RooNTZ. William M.. Infantry. A. E. F. 

RooNS, William L.. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. Rilled. 

Ropp, Clarence E., Private. Provisional Cdnijiany. A. E. F. Rilled. 

Ropp, Clarence F., Coast Artillery. 

Ropp, Clarence F., V. S. Army. Hokes. Pa. 

Ropp. Curvin F., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. Cettysburg. Pa. 

Ropp, Franklin L.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Ropp, Gerald F., Private, TJ. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ropp, Nelson, Limited Seivice. Camp (!reen, Ga. 

Ropp, Roger S.. First Lieutenant. Signal Corps. Aviation, A. E. F. Wniinded 

Ropp. Worley, U. S. Army. R. D.. Spring (Jrove. Pa. 

Ropp, Raymond, Private, U. S. Artillery. 

Rormeny, George A., U. S. Infantry. 

Rornbau, Clarence. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

RoROSS, Arthur D., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

RoRSs. Charles, Chemical Warfare Service. 

RoRSS, Jacob, I '. S. Army. Dover. Pa., A. E. F. 

RoRSS, Jacob, Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

RosTENBAUDER. G. H.. Camp Lee, Va, C. 0. T. S. 

RoTTCAMP. Arthur W.. l. S. Infantry. 

RoTTCAMP. Harry. Private, U. S. Infantry. 

I lay 1 

Kraber. Philip A.. Sergeant, Quarti'niiastcr Corps. 

Kraber, Philip Russell, Engineers. 

Kraft, Albert, Field Artillery. 

Kraft, Forest Edward, Private, Field Artillery. 

Kraft, Harry W., Camp Lee, Va, C. 0. T. S. 

Kramer, Andrew R., U. S. Army, York, Pa., A. E. F. 

Kramer, Stuart L., U. S. Army, Dallastown, Pa. 

Kramer, Walter P., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kranich, Max, Private. Medieal Corps, A. E. F. 

Kranich, Ralph J., Ambulance Service. 

Krantz. William P., Private. Coast Artillery. 

Krasovic, Martin Y.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Kraybill, Ira Reist, Y. M. C. A., Camp Meade, Md. 

Krebs, Amos J., Corporal, F. S. Army, Glennville. 

Krebs, Anthony, Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Krebs, Levi T., Water Tank Train. 

Krebs, Lewis F. Jr., Cook, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Krebs, Melvin C, Private, Company E, 316th Motor Truck Train, A. E. F. 

Krebs, Rufus, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Krebs, Thomas, Private, Hospital Corps. 

Krebs, Walter, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Krebs, William A., S. A. T. C. Gettysburg, Pa. 

Kreeger, William E., Private, Infantry. 

Kreger, Albert J., LT. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Kreidler, Henry Edward, Veterinary Reserve Corps, Llniversity nf Pemis\l\ania. 

Kreidler. Raymond L.. S. A. T. C. Pittsburg TiH^inical School. 

Krenzer, John M., Camp Lee. Va. 

Kretchman, Walter R., U. S. Army, ^ Ork. Pa. 

Krider, George Henry, Private, Marine Corps, A. E. F. Woinidrd. 

Krider, Sanford D.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Krider, Stuart W., Rugler, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Krise, William E., Aviation Corps. 

Kroh, Norman, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Krone, Cecil J., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Died. 

Krone, Harry R., U. S. Engineers. 

Krone, John J., Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Krone, Maurice, Camp Lee, Va. 

Krout, Elmer, Camp Meade, Md. 

Krout, Harry Solomon. Private, Engineers. 

Krout, Harvey H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Krout, Raymond R., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Krout, Ruth Ellen, Army Nursing Corps. 

Krout, Samuel A., Private, Auto Mechanics. 

Krout, Samuel A., Private, S. A. T. C. 

Krug, Paul, U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Kuck, George, Infantry. 

Kugler, Hazel, Yoewoman, Navy. 

KuHN, Ernest J., Camp Meade, Md. 

[ I'M) 1 

Krone, George D., First Class Baker, U. S. S. Delaware, Navy. 

KuHN, Peter P., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

KuicK, Frank C, Ambulance Service. 

KuMERANT, Loms P.. Private. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

KuNKLE, Earl L., Private, York, Pa. 

KuNKLE, Felix H., Camp Meade, Md. 

KuNKLE, Herbert, Camp Meade, Md. 

KuNKLE, Irvin J., Navy, U. S. S. \'estal. 

KuNKLE, Norman W., Officers' Training School. 

KuNTZ. Ralph, Private, Infantry. 

KuNTZ, David, U. S. Artillery. 

KuNTZ, Earl R., Medical Corps. 

KuNTZ, Martin L.. U. S. Cavalry. 

Kurtz, Clyde B., Mechanic, 79th Division, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Kurtz, Ella B., Nurse, A. E. F. 

Kurtz. George F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Kurtz, Joseph C, Camp Lee, \a. 

Kurtz, Walter James, Camp Meade, Md. 

Kurtz, William H., Seaman, Naval Reserves. 

Kurtz, William P., Coast Artillery. 

Kyle, Amos H., Camp McClellan, Ala. 

Kyle, Howard T., Navy, U. S. Submarine L-10. A. E. F. 

Lafean, Earl B., Second Lieutenant, Ordnance Department, A. E. F. 

Lafean. Raymond CJ.. Sergeant, Chemical Warfare Service, Cleveland Ohio 

Lafean, Robert H., First Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Lafean, Stuart B., Captain, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Laity, John J., Private, Signal Battalion, A. E. F. 

Laffity, John W., Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Lamison, George D., Navy. 

Lamotte, Erwin. Bugler, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Lamotte. Stewart F., Private, Medical Depot. 

Landis, C. Edgar, Camp Lee, Va. 

Landis, Clarence M., Private. Limited Service. 

Landis, Harry. Camp Meade, Md. 

Landis, Ira J.. Limited Service, Camp Taylor. Ky. 

Landis, Irving J., Corporal, Motor Tiansport Service. 

Landis. John, U. S. Army, Wrightsville. Pa. 

Landis, John F., Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Landis, Latimore. Lieutenant. Medical Reserve Corps. 

Landis, Norman Nathaniel, ()uartermaster Corps. Syracuse. N. Y. 

Landis, Robert J., Corporal, Ambulance Corps. 

Landis, Roy E., Private, Machine (am Battalion, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Landis, Roy H., Private, Machine (!un Battalion, A. E. F. 

Lane, John T., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Langeheime, John L., Private, Comiiany A, 112th Infantry. 

Langheime. Walter N., U. S. Infantry. 

Lansinger. William, U. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 


Lark, Charles 11., 1st Class PrivatP, Infantry. 

Larsen, Alfred, Naval Radio School, Newport, R. I. 

Lartz, J. F., Limited Service, Camp Greene, S. C. 

Latchaw, Clarence J., Provisional Rei;iment, A. E. F. 

Latchaw, Frank, U. S. Inlantry. 

Latchaw, Melvin N., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Latchaw, Frank, U. S. Infantry, York, Pa. 

Latchaw. Paul P., York. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Latimer, Robert Cathcart, First Lieutenant, Infantry and Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Latterman, Andrew Hugo, Private, Depot Rrijjade. 

Latshaw, Melvin N., Private. Field Artillery (Buglci). A. E. F. 

Lau, Austin J.. Engineers, A. E. F. Classed. 

Lau, Clarence W., Depot Brigade. 

Lau, Edward, Private, Machine Repair Shop, A. E. F. 

Lau, George, U. S. Army, Spring Grove, Pa. 

Lali, George H., Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Lau, Harry, Navy, U. S. S. New Hampshire. 

Lau, Harry, Merchant Marines. 

Lau, Harry A., Seaman, Navy, I'. S. S. Zelandia. A. E. F. 

Lau, Herbert M., U. S. Army, West ^Ork. Pa. 

Lau, J. Elder, Yoeman, Navy, League Island. Pa. 

Lau, John H.. U. S. Infantry. 

Lau, John, Camp Greenleaf. (ia. 

Lau, Louis, Camp Meade, Md. 

Lau, Mary Rochel, Army Nurse, Jefferson Bairacks, Missouri. 

Lau, Paul E., Aviation, Transferred to Military Road, Bulialo. N. Y. Died. 

Lau, Roy H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Lau, Sylvester. Private. Base Hospital, A. E. F 

Lauer, Charles F., Private, York, Pa., A. E. F. 

Lauer, Clarence D., Private. Infantry. 

Lauer, Curtis M.. Private, Headipiarters Company, A. E. F. 

Lauer, Earl W.. Private, Navy. 

Lauber, Emory A., Limited Service, Camp Dix. N. .1. 

Lauber, Albert A., First Class Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Laucks, Charles E., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Laucks, George Ed., Private, Field Artillery. 

Laucks, Sterling, Limited Service. Syracuse. N. Y. 

Lauer, (Jeorge A. Jr., C(iri)oral. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lauer, Harry E., Mechanic. Pitlshurgh Iniversity. 

Lauer, Harvey, Corporal. I]ngiiieeis. A. E. F. 

Lauer, Kurvin W., C. S. Inlantry, A. E. F. 

Lauer, Lloyd L., Petty OHicer. Navy. V. S. S. Burrows. Convoying Transports. 

Lauer, Ray H., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Womided. 

Lauer, Raymond C. Private. Infantry. 

Lauer, Raymond W., Hospital Corps. 

Lauer, Robert W.. Private. Machine (Jun Battalion. A. E. F. Wounded and Gassed. 

Lauer, Walter W., Camp Meade, Md. 

Laughman, Charles, Camp Meade, Md. 

Laughman, Curwin, Camj) Meade. Aid. 

( 192 1 

Laughman, Earl ^^ .. Camp Mtadc. Md. 

Laughman. p. Curtis, Radio Operation. Signal Corps. 

Laughman, Paul M., Private, Infantry. 

Laughman, Paul, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Lavetan, William, Yoeman, Navy, Navy Yard. Washington, D. C. 

Law. Sylve.ster. Private. Base Hospital No. 107. A. E. F. 

Lawrence. Algie. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lawrence, Andrew, LI. S. Navy. 

Lawrence. J. Leon. Coast Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Law.s, John S., Camp Custer. Mich. (Colored.) 

Lawyer, Paul R.. V. S. Army. R. D. No. 3, llaiiuxer. Pa. 

Lazarus. Leon C, Depot Brigade. 

Leader. Frederick, S.. Navy. I . S. S. Seattle. Convoying Transports. 

Leaman, James, H.. A. \i. F. Wounded. 

Leas. Albert E. Private. [ . S. Infantry. 

Leas, Albert E., Field Artillery. 

Leas, John H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Lease, Clarence W.. Private. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Lease, Harry A., Private, Amhulanee Corps, A. E. F. 

Lease, Albert W.. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Leash, Clarence E., Musician, Coast Artillery. Died. 

Leash. Coleman. Private. Marine Corps. 

Leathery. Roy S.. Aviation Corps. 

Lebenight. Charles A.. Private. Infantry. A. M F. Wounded. 

Leber, C. Sherman. Camp Creenleaf. 

Leber. Francis P., S. A. T. C. Lniversity of Pitlslmgh. Pa. 

Leber. Raymond F.. Coast Artillery. 

Leber. William H.. Private. lufantiy. A. E. F. 

Leckrone, Roy, Hospital Corps. 

Lecrone. Edgar H.. Sergeant. Medical Corps. 

Lecrone. Erwin p.. V. S. Infantry. 

Lecrone. George F., Camp Creenleaf. Cia. 

Lecrone. George H.. York County Ambulance t nit. 

Lecrone. George W.. Private. Aviation Corps. 

Lecrone. John tt.. Sergeant. .32()tli (hiartermaster Corps. A. E. F. 

Lecrone, John J.. Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Lecrone. Luther (i.. Private. Company C, 12.5th Engineers. 

Lecrone. Norman C. Private. !\Iotor Supply Train. A. K. V. 

Lecrone, Robert A.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Leckrone. Allen H., Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Lee. Harris, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Leese, Mervin B., Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Leese, Reed. First Pharmacist, Mate, U. S. Navy. 

Leese, Walter A.. Sergeant. Field Artillery. 

Lefeder. William S.. V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Lefevre. Charles C. Camp Meade. Md. 

Lefevre. Melvin S.. Corjioral. Infantry. A. 1{. F. (iassed. 

Lefevre, Paul D., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

[ 193 1 

Le Fevre. Joseph ( ... A. E. F. (iasscd. 

Legore, Ross. V. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Lehman. Earl L.. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Lehman. Albert ('... Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Lehman. H vrrv E.. Private. Infantiy. A. E. F. 

Lehman. Harry L., Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Lehman. Jacob R.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Lehman. Joseph K.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lehman. Joseph L.. Machinist's iMate, Navy. 

Lehman, Rufus H.. Camp .Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Lehman. Paul H.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lehman. William Peter. Camp Meade. Md. 

Lehmayer. Nathan. 3rd. S. A. T. C. Diekinson College, Carlisle, Pa. 

Lehmer, Elmer Wilson, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Lehmer, Oliver. Private. Radio Station. Navy. 

Lehn. John Philip. Sergeant. Infantry. C. O. T. S. 

Lehn, Philip. First Lieutenant. Regular Ainiy. 

Lehr, L. L.. Private, Marines. 

Lehr. Clarence McClellan. Private. Infantry. 

Lehr, Curvin E., Private. Infantry, S. A. T. C. I iisinus College. 

Lehr. Edgar J.. Sergeant. Ordnance Replacement Department. A. E. F. 

Lehr. Edward E.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Lehr. Ervin. Corporal, Aviation Corps. 

Lehr. Frank. Mechanic, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lehr. Harry A., L. S. Navy. 

Lehr. How ard W., First Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Lehr. Melvin W.. Corporal, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lehr. Pai'l. Naval Reserves, V. S. S. Franklin. 

Lehr. Pail A.. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lehr. Paul L.. U. S. Infantry. 

Lehr. Pai l L., Private, Infantry. 

Lehr. Ralph II.. Camp Greenleaf, (Ja. 

Lehr. Raymond A.. Navy, U. S. S. Franklin. 

Lehr, Warren P., Sergeant, Engineers, A. K. V. Wounded. 

Leib, Charles A., Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Leib. Frank J.. Navy. Repair Ship \ estal. 

Leibhart. David. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Leibowitz. Jacob, Seaman. Merchant Marine. 

Leibowitz. Lewis, Private, Intermediate Depot, A. E. F. 

Leibowitz. Moses. Seaman. S. S. Manquos. Merchant Marine. 

Leiby, Fred, C S. Navy. 

Leiby, Walter B.. Private. Engineers. A. I]. F. 

Leicht, George, Private. Heavy Artillery. 

Leide, Joseph L.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Leifer. Sherman W., Engineers, A. E. F. killed. 

Leight. (Jeorge \ .. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Leightner, John, U. S. Engin(>ers. 

Leiphart. Elmer H. Limited Service. C.amj) Colt, Pa. 

[ 191 1 

Leiphart. Roy C, \J. S. Infantry. 

Leiphart. Walter. I . S. Infantry. 

Leiphart, Walter, Private. lnfantr\. Jiiast I'ruspcit. 

Leiphart, Walter E., York County .\inbulance Unit. 

Lelster. Edgar R.. Auto Repair. A. E. F. 

Leister, Howard W.. L . S. Infantry. 

Leithiser, George H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Leitner. Jack. Sergeant-Major. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Lemke, Benjamin R.. I. S. Infantry. 

Lenhart, William, U. S. .\rmy. 

Lenhart. R aber 0.. "^'oriv County \inhulance Eiiit. 

Le.ntz, Arthlr R.. Navy. I . S. .S. Minnesota. 

Lentz, Clyde B., Limited Service, Camp Green, S. C. 

Leistz. Walter C Infantry. Panama Canal Zone. 

Lentz, William Henry. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Leonard, Earl J.. Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Leppo. Clayton L.. Camp Meade. Md.. A. ¥.. F. 

Leppo, Mervin H., Private. Amnumition Train. A. E. F. 

Leppo, Paul S., V. S. Army. Camp Lee. ^'a. 

Lerew, Eda\ ard. S. a. T. C. Staunton Alilitaiy Academy. 

Lerew, John W illiam. Lieutenant, Naval Rcser\('s. 

Lerew, Paul P., Private. First Division. Infantry, A. K. F. 

Lenzer. Leander. Pri\ate. Infantry. A. E. F. (iasscd and Wdundrd. 

Lerew . Samuel A.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Lewi.s, Charles R., Private, Infantry. 

Lewis, George R.. S. A. T. C. State College. 

Lewis, Jacob U., Sergeant, Company L. 58th Infantry. 

Lewis, John H., Mechanic, Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

Lewis, Luther. Aviation, A. E. F. 

Lewis, Luther L., I . S. Engineers. 

Lewis, Mathias Smyser, Inspector of (!as Masks. Chemical Department. 

Lewis, William. Medical Corps. 

Lewis, William C... Camp Meade. Md. 

Lewis, William L., N. York. Pa.. \. !•]. F. 

Lewis, \^'ILLIAM M.. Medical Corps. 

Lezotte, Walter, E. S. Army, Yoik Ihuen. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Libertello, John, L. S. Infantry. 

LiCHENBERGER. F>DW\HD C. Field Aitillciv. A. 11 F. Wounded. 

Lichtenberger. Philh' R.. Pri\ate. Aviation. A. E. F. 

LiDiA, Carl (I.. Infantry, A. E. F. 

LiDiA. Joseph. Private. Infantry. 

Lieb. Harry R.. Camj) Lee. \a. 

Liggitt, H. G., Limited Service, Syracuse, N. V. 

Liggitt, Walter B.. Limited Service. Camp Colt, Pa. 

Liggitt, Wilbur, Third Class Yoeman, \ . S. Navy. 

Light, Earl, Private, Infantry, A. K. V. 

Light. Roy S.. Private. Field Artillery. 

Lightner, Carrol H., U. S. Infantry. 

[ 195 1 

LiGHTivER, (iEOROE N., Iiifaiitiy, A. E. F. Killi'd. 

LifiHTNER. llvROLD H., l'. S. Ainiv. Yoik. Pa. 

LicHTNER, John. I . S. Army. York. Pa. 

LicHTNER. John E., U. S. Infantry. 

LiiiHTNER. John S.. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lk;htner. Matthew. Camp Meade. Md. 

LiGHTNER. Nathan, Musician, A. E. F. 

Lightner. Paul. Engineers. A. E. F. 

LiGHTNER. Ralph. Corporal. I^^iigineers. 

LiLLKH. H. S., Navy, A. E. F. 

LiLLiCH, John E.. Seaman. Navy. I'. S. S. Delaware. Died of Influenza. 

LiNEiRG. Ernest E.. Private. 79th Di\ision, Engineers, A. E. F. 

LiNCH, Frank, Private, First Gas Regiment. A. E. F. Gassed. 

LiND. James Francis, Private. Supply Train. Mediial Detachment. A. E. F. 

LiNDEMUTH. Henry Clay, Sergeant. Field Artillery. 

LiNDEMUTH, Nelson R., Private, Ice Plant No. 301. A. 1]. F. 0. S.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

LiNEBAUGH. Albert A., Aviation. A. K. F. 

LiNEBAUGH, Henry M., Limited Service. 

LiNEBAUGH. Percy. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

LiNE.s, Lester S.. Private. Medical Corps. 

LiNGi. MiRO. Coast Defense Reserves. 

Link. John Jr.. Camp !\Ieade. Md.. A. E. F. 

LiN.^EY. Curtis C.. U. S. Infantry. 

LiPPERT. Oscar, Sergeant. Promoted to Second Lieutenant, S. A. T. C. 

LiPPY. Oliver D.. Private. Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

LiPsiTZ. Joseph II.. Private. Medical Corps. \. ¥.. F. 

List. Herbert C, Camp Wadswortli, S. C, Infantry, A. E, F. 

Lister. Charles F., LJ. S. Infantry. 

Lister. Harry S.. U. S. Infajitry. 

Little. Arthur W.. Second Lieutenant. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Little, Charles A.. Private, l^. S. Army. Hanov(>r. Pa. 

Little. (>iiy A.. Camj) Meade. ^Id. 

Little, Howard William. l'ri\ate. Infantr\. 12nd Division. A. M F. 

Little. Mark T., Navy, Transport Agamemnon. A. E. F. 

Little. Orville A.. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Little. Paul F.. Private, Field Artillery. 

Little, Percell H.. Hospital Orderly. Naval Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Little. Roman VV.. Musician. Infantry. A. li. F. 

Liverant. Moses, Private, Infantiy. 

Living.ston. Charles E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. \\(iriiided. 

Livingston, Edgar J.. Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Livingston. George M.. V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Livingston. Roy, Camp Gordon, Ga. 

Lloyd. Charles E., U. S. Army. Laurel, Pa. 

Lloyd. Ivmory. L. S. Infantry. 

Lloyd. Howard M.. L. S. Infantry. 

Lloyd. Howard. U. S. Infantry. 

[196 1 

Lloyd. William T.. Engineers. A. 1^. F. 

LocKARD. (iHARLE^i. Camp Lee, ^ a. 

LocKARD. Earl S., Sergeant, Marines, A. E. F. 

LocKARD, William. Private. Limited Service. 

LocKEMAN. Clinton. Camp Lee. \d. 

Lockman, Curtis. Camp Meade, Md. 

LocKMAN. (iEOROE F.. S. A. T. C. Pennsyl\ ania State College. 

Logan. Henry, Second Lieutenant. Air Service. 

Logan. Robert, I . S. Artillery. George Charles. Pri\ate. Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

LoHSs, Geor(;e W.. Private. Ambulance SiMvice, A. E. F. 

LoNCAR, Frank M.. I'. S. Infantry. 

Long, George M.. L'. S. Infantry. 

Long, Henry. S. A. T. C. Lehigh I'niversity. 

Long. Marie K., Nurse, Base Hospital, Camp Greene, S. C. 

Long. Dr. Newton W.. Senior Lieutenant. Naval Mi'tlical Corps. 

LooKiNGBiLL. D. A.. Columhus. Ohio. 

Lookingbill. Ralph H.. Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Loose, Harry E., Private, Machine (am Battalion, A. E. F. Killed. 

Loose. Samuel M.. Private. Signal Corps. A. E. F. 

Loser. Wayne M., Camp Lee, Va. 

Loss, Claude. Private. Artillery. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Loss, George B.. Canii) Meade. ,Md.. A. E. F. 

LoucKS, Charles, Private, Infantry. 

LoucKS, Earl W., Signal Corps. 

LoucKs. George C. U. S. Navy. 

LoucKS, George E.. Private. Field Artillery. 

LoucKS. Harry B.. A. E. F. Wounded. 

LoucKS. Walter B., Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

LoucKS, William Casper, Corporal, Engineers. 

Lowe, Charles B., S. A. T. C. Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. 

Lowe. Claude M., Engineers. 

Lowe, Clarence, Limited Service. 

Lowe. Clark A.. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Lowe. Raymond A.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

Lowe, Thomas, Major, U. S. Army, Shrewsbury. Pa. 

Loyer. (tEorge W.. Camp Meade. Md. 

LucABAUGH. William H.. I. S. Infantry. 

Luckenbaugh. Claude S.. Private. Machine (uin Coinjiany. Infantry, A. E. F. 

LucKENBAUGH, James, Camp Meade. Md. 

Luckenbaugh. Lawrence M.. Private. Field Artillery. 

Luckenbaugh, Paul. Camp Lee, \ a.. \. K. F. 

Luckenbaugh. William. Camp Lee. \ a. 

LucocK. Joseph. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Ludwig, Charles Purd, Yoeman, Navy. 

LuDwiG, Paul, Yoeman, U. S. Navy. 

Ludwig. Palil B.. Camp Meade, Md. 

LuNGREN, William G.. Camp Meade, Md. 

[ 197 1 

LiiRiA, William. Sergeant iMajor, Infantry. . 

LiiTz. Charles H.. Private. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

LuTZ. Che.ster L., Hos|)ital Apprentice, Medical Corps. 

LuTZ. Emory, U. S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

LuTZ. Dr. Jeremiah F., Major. Medical Reserve Corps. 

LifTZ. Lewis, U. S. Army, Glen Rock, Pa. 

LuTZ, Valentine Kilgore, Hospital Apprentice. Navy. Died ol' liilhienza. 

LuTZ. William F.. S. A. T. C. Franklin and Marshall. Lancaster, Pa. 

LuTZ. William J., U. S. Army. R. D. No. 1. Laurel, Pa. 

LuTziNC.ER, William F., V. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Lynerd. Samuel P., Private, Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Lynes, Jacob D., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Lyons. Lawrence. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Lytle, Elmer. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Mac Avoy. James C. Private. Aviation. In England. 

MacDonell, Dr. John T.. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

MacFarland, William. Seaman. I. S. Navy. 

McAbee, Frederick M., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

McAbee, (iEORCE S., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. Wounded. Promoted to Sngeant. 

McAbee, William Homer, Medical ('orps. 

McBoDDY, Norman, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Mt:CALL. Hugh C. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

McCandless, Michael L.. Private. Camp Lee, Ya. 

McCandlich. Frederick J.. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

YIcChesney. Joseph H.. Oflicers" Reserve Training School. Aviation. 

McClain, Elmer E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Decorated. 

McClain. Roy R.. Sergeant, Quartermaster ('orps. 

McClane. Roy Adam, Private, Light Field \rtillery. A. E. F. Killed. 

McClare, Roy A., U. S. Army, Hellam, Pa. 

McCleary. Rurr F., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

McCleary. Clarence E., Mechanic, Dallastown, Pa. 

McCleary. Earl V.. Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

McClellan. Elmer E.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

McCleary, Finny Manifold, Corporal, Cavalry, A. E. F. Woimded. 

McCleary, Owen J.. Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

McClellan, Robert R.. Seaman, Navy, LI. S. S. Minnesota. 

McClellan, Walter II.. Seaman. Navy, U. S. S. New York. 

McGlune, Harold H., Captain, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

McClure. Edward Everett P.. Private. Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

McClitre. Harry R., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. V. WOunded. 

McCollam. Robert, Lance Corporal. Medical Corjjs. 

McConnell. Frank, Yoeinan, Navy. 

McCoRKLE. William. Private, Magnolia. 

McCoRMicK, Harry, Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

McCoy, Maurice. Corporal. Camp Lee, Va. 

McCoy, Robert E.. Seaman, U. S. Navy. A. E. F. 

McCubbins, Stacey, Private. Aviation, A. E. F. 

[198 1 

McCuLLOUGH, George H., Corporal. Infantry. 

McCuLLOUGH, George H., Sergeant, Medical Corps. 

IVIcCuLLOUGH. George L.. Electrician. Navy. 

McCuLLOUGH. Jacob D.. Machinist, Navy, I . S. S. West Point. A. E. V. 

McCuLLOUGH, James E., Musician, Navy, U. S. S. Missi.ssippi. 

!\IcCuLLOUGH. J. Walter. Private. Infantry. 

McCuLLOUGH, O. R., Corporal. Signal Corps. Broken Leg. 

McCuLLOUGH, Ross, Private. Depot Brigade. 

McCuRDY. Meryn. S. a. T. C. Leliigh Fniversity. Pa. 

.McDonald. FraiNK. Private. Infantry. 

McDonald. Lloyd. U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Mt:DoNALD. Rus.sell A.. Private. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

McDougal. Kenneth, Seaman. Naval Reserve Corps. A. E. F. 

McDowell. James G., Private. Infantry. 

McDowell. IVL M.. Private, Camp L(>e. Va. 

McEachern, Marion, Second Lieutenant, Tank Corps. 

McElroy. Lloyd, Sergeant, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

McElrov. Willlvm H.. Private. U. S. Army. Wrightsville. Pa. 

McElwain. Harry L.. Sergeant. Stewaitstown. Pa., A. E. F. D. S. C. 

McEnespy. Scoot. F.. Private. Camp Lee. \a. 

McFall. Charles. A\iation Corps. 

McFatridc;e, ]\L\urice C. Piivate, Infantry, A. E. F. 

McGee, Willl\m, Private, Camp Merritt, N. J., A. E. F. (Colored.) 

McGinnis, George F.. Private. Camp Lee, \a.. A. F,. F. 

McGiNMS. George T.. l". S. Army. York. Pa. 

McGonigle. Floyd, L'. S. Army. York. Pa.. A. E. F. 

McGovERN. Ernest. Lieutenant. Field Artillery. 

McGready. Frank. Merchant Marines. 

McGready. Harry C, Non-commissioned Officer, Engineer, A. E. F. 

McGready. Hugh E., Private. V. S. Infantry. 

McGuigan, S. R., Private, Camp Lee. \a. 

McGuiGAN. William A., Corporal. Iidanlry. 

McGuRK. James B.. Private. Camj) Meade. Md.. A. E. F. ^^'ol^Kled. 

McIntosh. W. J.. Private. Field Artillery. (Colored.) 

McKinney, Frank L.. Corporal, Motor Supply Train, A. E. F. 

McKiNi.EY. Howard W.. Private. Camp Lee, \a. 

McKiNLEY. Jasper C... Private. Camp Lee, \a. 

McLaughlin, Joseph D., Private. Ice Plant I'nit No. .301. A. E. F. 

McLaughlin. Roy D.. Private. S. A. T. C. State College. 

McLaughlin. Roy 0.. Sergeant. Signal Corps. 

McLaury. Frank M.. Midshipman. Navy. 

McLean. Jerry I.. Private. Infantry. 

McLean, Robert J.. Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

McPherson. Alex W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

McSherry. Clifford C. Pri^ate. Infantry. A. E. F. 

McSherry. Harry C. Sergeant-Major. Artillery. A. E. F. 

McSwEiTZER, William. Private, Engineers. 

Mf Williams. Clark. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

[199 1 

McWiLLiAMts, IxwDoD C.LARKsoN. Pri\ atp. Limited Servicp. Camp (irefii. S. C. 

Mace, William W.. U. S. Arm\, '^ oik. Pa. 

Mac.kley. Clare B.. Pii'.atc. liailiDad Tiansportatiun C()m|)any, A. E. F. 

Mah(in. Frederick II.. Prixatc IJmiliHl Scivicf. Fort 'Pliomas. Ky. 

Mahuck, John J., Piivatc F. S. Infantry. A. F. F. 

Maish, David E.. Private F. S. Infantry. 

MA.roR. Forrest, Private Ice Plant Fnit No. 301, \. E. F. 

Major, Richard L. Jr., Pii\atp, Engineers, A. F. F. (iassed and Slicll-sliockcd. 

Major, Richard L. 8r.. Private, Ice Plant Unit No. M)\. A. E. F. 

Malehorn. Jacob IF. Private. Camj) Meade. Md. 

Malehorn, John A., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Malehorn. Ralph N.. Sergeant. Ordnance Department. 

Malehorn. Walter L.. Private. Infajitry. 

Malone, H\rl N.. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Malone. Harry D.. Wagoner. Ammunition Train. 8()lli I)i\ision. A. E. F. 

Malone, Henry M., Private. Ammunition Train. A. 1'^. F. 

Manges, Edmund L., Lieutenant. Chaplain. Field Artillery. A. E. F., Willis F., Lieutenant-Colonel. Medical Corps. 

Manifold, Howard Jordon. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Manley, Melvin, Pi-ivate, Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Mann, Charles H.. Private. Medical Corps. 

Mann, Frank C, Private, (^)uaiter-master Corps. 

Mann, Frederick V.. Private, Limited Service. Fort Thomas. Ky. 

Mann, Henry. I . S. Aimy. York. Pa. 

Mann. John, Private, Field Artillery. 

Mann. John Henry. Sergeant. Marine Corps. 

Mann. Joseph. Private. Infantry. 

Mansbercer. Brlk e E., S. A. T. C. 

Mansberger, Robley, Private, Aviation. 

March, Charles, Seaman. V. S. Navy. 

March, Clarence, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Womided. 

March, Clarence W.. Pri\ate. Irrfantiy. A. E. F. 

March. Clark H.. Private. Infantry. 

March, Frank, Private. Cariienter, Camp Meade, Md. 

March, Frederick, Corpoial. l-^ngineers, A. E. F. 

March. Crover C. Corporal, Annirunilion Train. A. E. F. 

March. Jacob T.. Second Lierrtenarrl. ( hrartermasters Corps. A. E. F. 

March, John H., Private. York County Ambulance Unit. 

March, Raymond C. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

March, Raymond P.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

March, Swiler, Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Marcion, Cius, Private. U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Markel, Amos, Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Markle, Byron E., Private, Machine Gun Battalion. .'5d Division. Wounded. 

Markel. Francis. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Markle. John F., Private, Camp Lee, \ a. 

Markel, Norman, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Markel. Peter, Private. Hanover, Junction, A. E. F. 

[ 200 1 

Market. Francis, l". S. Army. New Market. Pa. 

Markey. I^]l\ier H.. Private. I . S. Infantry. 

Markey. Elmer Russell, Private, Inl'aiitr\, A. E. F. Killed. 

Markey. Harry A.. Private. V. S. Infantry. 

Markey. James 11.. Private, U. S. Army, Red Lion. Pa. 

Markey, Jesse, Corporal, Camp Cordon, (ia.. A. K. F. 

Markey, Robert C. Private, Camp Lee, ^ a.. A. 1-]. F. 

Markey, Thomas. Private. V. S. Infantry. 

Markle. Ammon P., Private, Camp Meade. Md., A. K. F. Wouniled. 

Markle. Ryron E.. Private, V. S. Infantr>. 

Markle. Byro.n H.. Private, V. S. Infanlr\. 

Markle. Clyde, Private, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Markle. Henry W.. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Markle. Ralph C. Private. Camp Lee, Va.. A. E. F. 

Markle. Walter H.. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania Colle}i:e. (Jettyslnirj,'. Pa. 

Markle. W. Roy. Private. Marines, V. S. S. I'tah. 

Markle. Wilbur, Sergeant, I . S. Army. Hanover, Pa., A. E. F. 

Markley, George D., Private, Infantry. 

Markley. Ralph Mr... Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Markley, Samuel M., Private, Camp Meade, Md. Died. 

Markley. William H., Private, Quartermaster Corps, 

Marks, Claude. Private, Aviation. In England. 

Marlowe, Alfred, S. A. T. C. 

Marquet, Harry, Private, V. S. Infantry. 

Marshall. Harry G.. Officers' Reserve Corps. Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Marsteller. William A., Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Martin, Carl, Private, Mechanic at Carnegie Institute. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Martin. John 0.. Private. Camp Mearie. l\1d. 

Martin, Melvin, Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Martin, Robert F.. Private, Camp Meade, Wd. 

Martz, Harry. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Masemobe. Ervin p.. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Masenheimer. Edward F., Private, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Mason, John William, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Mathias, Clark M.. Pri\ate, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Mathias. Ralph (i.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Mathias. William. Private. Infantry. 

Matson, Samuel J.. Private. Infantry. 

Matthews, Grover C... Private, Infantry. 

Matthews, Wilbur C. Private. Camp Meade, .Md. (Colored.) 

Maughlin, F]rnest W.. Private. U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Maul, Harry E., Private. Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Maul, William F.. Private. Infantry. 

Maus, Grover C. Private. Hanover. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Maus. Stewart, Private, Medical Corps. 

May. Charles H.. Major. Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

May, Chauncey P.. l. S. Army. York. Pa. 

May. David. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

I 201 1 

May. Lewis F., Ct)r]K(ial, Infantry. A. E. F. 

May. Richard C... Private. Machine Ciun Battalion. 

May, Roy S.. Private. Camp Lee, Va. 

May. William H., S. A. T. C. Alhriiiht Colle^re. 

Mayer, John L.. Major, Marine Corps. In Hayti. Killed. 

Mayers, A. F.. Private, Limited Service, Camp Green. 

Mays. Ceorge. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Meaberger, Ambrev. Private. Ire Plant I nit No. .'501. A. E. F. 

Mead, Charles. Private. S. A. T. C. Howard University. Wasliinjiloii. 

Meads. Josiah L.. Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

Meads. Paul C Private, Engineers, York, Pa. 

Meals, Stewart, Private, LI. S. Infantry. 

Mear. C. F., Private, Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Meckley. Allen L.. Private. Motor Mechanics. Killed in Accident in Philadelphia. 

Megkley. Delphus F.. Private. P. W. E. No. 28. A. E. F. 

Meckley, Earl W.. Private. L. S. Aviation. 

Meckley, Roy C. Private. Machine (Jun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Meckley. Victory A.. Private. Camp Meade. Engineers, A. E. F. Died. 

Meckley, Clarence. Fiist Class Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Meckley, William H.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. Wounded and Hied. 

Medlar, Morgan V.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. (iassed. 

Mehring. Ste\\ art p.. Private. I'. S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

Meisenhelder. Clarence J.. Private. lie Plant I'nit No. .301. A. E. F. 

Mei.senheldkr. (iEOR(;E D.. Corporal. Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Meisenhelder. Harvey (i.. Private, Medical Corps. 

Meisenhelder. Reynold Walter, Sergeant, A\ iation. 

Meisenhelder, Robert S., Private, Medical Corps. 

Meiseniielter, Clarence, Private, l^ngineers. A. E. F. 

Melching, Hilda, Nurse, New York City Lnit No. 6.3. 

Melhorn, Archie A.. Private. Camp Meade. Md.. Musician. :5l(ith Infantry liand. A. E. V. 

Melhorn. Earl. Corporal, h^rigineers. A. E. F. 

Melhorn. Jacob II.. Private. Engineers. 

Melhorn. Ross, Private, Camp Lee, \a. 

Melhorn. William (!.. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Mellinger. Guy, Private, Infantry. 

Mellon, Charles W.. Private, Cavalry. 

Melsheimer. Frederick E.. Private, \\iatioii. 

Menchey, John D.. Private. Infantry. 

Menges. Granville A.. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

MENOUfJH. Luther D.. Ca|)tain. I^rigineers. 

Mentz, Henry Wentz, Private, .'5()th Recrrritirig Co., Ft. Thomas. Ky. 

Mergenthaler, Erney J., Private, Ambulance Corps, Camp Greenleaf. 

Merkert. Harry N.. Spring (Jarderr Institirte. Philadeljihia. Pa. 

Mersberger. Michael. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Messerly, Millard M., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Messersmith. Edward. Private. Cani[j Meade. Md. 

Messinger, Allen, Private. Field Artillery. 

Messinger. Harry H.. Private. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

I 202 1 

Messman, George, Private, LimitocI Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Messman, John P., Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Metzel, Jacob A., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Metzel, John S., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Metzel, Lemuel S., U. S. Army. R. D. No. 2, Red Lion, Pa. 

Metzler, Dean, Private, Engineers. 

Meyers, Cornelius A. N., Corporal, Infantry. 

Michael, Robert C. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Missing. 

Michell, Elwood p.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

MiCHELL, Austin, Private, Camp Custer, Michigan. (Colored.) 

MiCKEL, William J., \J. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Mickey, Frank S., Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

MiCKLEY, Clarence, Private, 359th Infantry. 90th Division, A. E. F. 

MiCKLEY, Harry D., Private, York County Ambulance t-nit. 

Milburn, Samuel. Private. Camp Custer, Michigan. (Colored.) 

Miller, Ada Henrietta, Red Cross INurse, A. E. F. 

Miller, Alvin, V. S. Army, York New. Salem, Pa. 

Miller, Alvin W., Piivate, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Miller, Arnold M., S. A. T. C. Millersville Normal School. 

Miller, Arthur E., Private. 112th Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Miller, Arthur R.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Miller, Augustus E., Sergeant, Camp Humphries, \'a. 

Miller, Bruce, LI. S. Army, Dillsburg, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Miller. Charles. V. S. Army, New Freedom. Pa. 

Miller, Charles Huston, Private, Air Service. In England. 

Miller, Chri.stopher, Private Aviation. 

Miller, Claire C, Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Miller, Clarence L., LI. S. Army, Manchester, Pa. 

Miller, Claude N., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Miller, Citrvin K.. Private. Motor Branch. Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

Miller. Curtis L., Private, Medical Corps. 

Miller, David F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Miller, David. Private, Ice Plant Fnit No. 301. 

Miller, David N., Private, Wagoner, Infantry, A. K. F. 

Miller, Dean, Private, L^. S. Infantry. 

Miller, Edward, U. S. Army, Hellam, Pa., A. E. F. 

Miller, Edwill B., V. S. Army, R. D. No. 1. Stewartstown. Pa. 

Miller, Edwin, Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

Miller, Edmood, L . S. Army. Hellam. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Miller, Emory S., L^. S. Army, R. D. No. I. Spring (iros < . Pa. 

Miller, Ervin C. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Miller, Earl J., Private. 31 1th Field Artillery. 

Miller, Ervin E., Private, Camp Lee, \d. 

Miller, Frank L., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Miller. George, l^ S. .\rmy. Hanover, Pa. 

Miller, George H., Private, Ordnance Repair .Shops. 

Miller, George H., Private, Machine Gun Battalion. 

Miller, George M.. Pri\ate. Engineers. A. E. F. 

[ 203 ] 

Miller. Harold E.. Corporal, Clicmical Division. 

Miller. Harold M., S. A. T. C. Millersville Normal School. 

Miller. Harold W.. S. A. T. C. 

Miller. Harry E.. Elt'ctiician. Spring (iarclen rniversity. Philadelphia. 

Miller. Harry Smith. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Miller. Harry W.. Private. Infantry. 

Miller. Harvey M.. Private. Signal Corps. A. E. F. 

Miller, Irving C. Private. Infantry. 

Miller. Jacob Calvin, Cavalry. 

Miller, James D.. Seaman. Navy. 

Miller, John, Private. Camp Greenleaf. 

Miller, John A.. V. S. Army, R. D. No. 2. Seven ^ alleys. Pa. 

Miller, John A., Private. Camp (ireenleaf. 

Miller, John B., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. (Gettysburg, Pa. 

Miller, John B., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, State College. Pa. 

Miller, John D., Sergeant. Battery A. 16th Field \rti!ler>. \. Iv F. 

Miller, J. Earl, U. S. Army. Red Lion. Pa. 

Miller, John H., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Miller, John H., Private, Cavalry, A. E. F. Wounded. Xccident. 

Miller, John H. J.. Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

Miller, John J., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Miller. Joseph Mailse, Corporal. Infantry. A. Iv F. Wounded. Died. 

Miller, Leonard M.. Private, S. A. T. C. Albright College. Myerstovvn, Pa. 

Miller, Leonard N., Sergeant, Trench Mortar Battery. 

Miller. Mark, Private, Company L. :51.5th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Miller, Martin M., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Miller, Maurice, Private, Ordnance Department, A. E. F. 

Miller, Mervin F.. Private, 8th Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Miller, Michael, Private, Ordnance Department, A. E. F. 

Miller, Milton H., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Miller, Milton J., Private, Cavalry. 

Miller, Norman, Private. U. S. Navy. 

Miller, Norman E.. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Miller, Oscar. Private, Signal ("orps, A. E. F. 

Miller, Paul N., Private, Infantry. 

Miller. Ralph H., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Miller, Raymond W., S. A. T. C. Penn.sylvania College, Gettysburg. Pa. 

Miller, Russell N., Private. Coast Artillery. 

Miller, Ryno, Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

Miller, S. Morley. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Miller, Walter 0., Private, Motor Company, 77th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Miller, Walter S., Private, Infantry. 

Miller, William E., Private, Hospital Corps. 

Miller, William F., Private, U. S. Cavalry. 

Miller, William O., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Milligan, Robert D.. Corporal. Ordnance Department. A. E. F. 

MiLLiGAN, Mearle S., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Mills, Harry A., Private, Headquarters Company 

I 201 1 

Mills, Stanley B., Private, V. S. Army, York, Pa. 

]\liNiN. John A., Regimental Supply Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

MiNMcH. Dalla.s E., I . S. Army. Dallastown. Pa. 

MiNNir.H, Dallas E., Corporal, Field Artillery. A. K. F. 

f\IiNNicH, Harry E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

IVIiNNiCH, .Jacob. Private, Camp (ireenleaf, (ia. 

MisHLER. Robert, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Mitchell, Elwood D., U. S. Army. New Freedom. Pa. 

-Mitchell, Elwood. P., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Mitchell, William Otto. Private, Casual Company, A. I']. F. (Cnlured.) 

Mitchell, William W., Private, Signal Corps. 

Mitzel, Earl Leroy, Private, Infantry. 

MiTZEL, Earl L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Mitzel, Earl R., U. S. Army, R. D. No. 7, York, Pa. 

Mitzel, Jacob T.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Mitzel, Lemuel S., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Mitzel, Ralph W., Private, Mechanical I 'nit. 

Mitzel, Schall W., Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Mitzel, Sylvester, Private, 79th Division, Infantry, A. VI. F. (iassed. 

Mitzel, John S., Private, 316th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Mitzel, Thomas, Corporal, Heavy Artillery, A. K. F, 

Mitzel, William H., Seaman, U. S. Navy. 

MoBLEY, Charles. Stevedore, (Colored.) 

Moeller, William. Private, V. S. Marine Coi-ps. In Santa Domingo. 

MoHN, Harry D., Private, Camp Lee. \ a. 

Mohr, George D.. Corporal. Machine Gun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Monroe, George Ross, Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Monroe, Wayne Alexander, Private. Hos|)ital Corps. A. E. F. 

Montague, Adam S., Seaman, Navy, L. S. S. Dorothy. 

Montgomery, Philip 0., First Lieutenant, F]ngineers. A. E. F. 

Moody. Harold Dise. Sergeant-AIajor, 7th I . S. Infantry, A. V.. F. \\ ouiidi 

Moody, John W. Jr.. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Moon, Fred, Private, Camp Meade, Md.. (Colored.) 

Moore. Charles, Naval Aviation, Second Class Machinist Mate, A. E. F. 

Moore, Charles E., Private, Engineers, A. F]. F. 

Moore, Clarence, Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Moore, C. 0., Private. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Moore, Charles W., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Moore, David R., Private, Camp Aleade, Md.. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Moore, Frank A., Second Lieutenant, Coast Defense. 

Moore, J. C, Naval Reserve Force. 

-Moore, James, U. S. Army. Wrights\ille. Pa. 

Moore. Peter. Corporal, I'. S. Infantry. 

Moore, Ross, Private, York County Ambulance I nit. 

Moore, Theodore, Private, A. E. F. 

Moore. Theodore E.. Private. Infantry. Panama Canal Zone. 

-Moore, Tho.mas D., Private. Aviation. 

Moore, William F. B., V. S. Infantry, York. Pa. 

[ 20.5 1 

MooRELAiND, JoHN W., Private, rnfantry. 

MoRELocK, Addison S., Private. Infantry. A. E. V. Wounded. 

MoREviER, GuiSEPPE, Private. Infantry. 

MoREY, Frank B.. Second Lieutenant, (Jfficers" Training Cainj). ( '.amp Lee, Va. 

Morgan, Hugh J., Private. Ambulance Corps. 

Morgan, William, Laundry Company No. 301. A. E. F. 

MoRGART, John R., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Morris. ,Iohn J.. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Morrison, J. K.. Private. Field Artillery. 

MoRRi.soN, W. Earl. First Lieutenant, infantry. A. E. F. 

Morrow. Casper. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Morrow. Harry E.. Privat(\ Water Tank Train. A. E. F. 

Moore, Charles H., Second Class Machinist's Mate, tJ. S. Navy. 

Morrow. Ralph. Private. Infantry. 

MoRTLAND. John W.. Private. Infantry. 

Morton, Jacob C. Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps. 

Morton, John F., Spring Cardc^n Fniversity. Philadelphia. Died. 

Morton, Robert L., I. S. Army. Biidgeton. Pa. 

Morton, R. L., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Mosebrook, Francis J.. Gunner, Navy, S. S. New Mexico. 

Moss, Claude Charles, Private, Coast Artillery. 

MoosER, Joseph H.. Private. Hospital Corps. 

Motter, John C, Sergeant. Aviation. A. K. F. 

Motter, William C. Corporal. Aviation, A. E. F. 

MouL, Charles, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

MouL, Clark. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

MouL, Gemmill D.. Seigeant, Aviation. A. E. F. 

MouL, George R.. I»ii\ate, Camp Meade, Md. 

MouL. Harry E.. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

MouL. Horace. First Master Signal Electrician. Aviation. A. E. F. Classed. 

MouL, Ivan M., Private, Limited Service, Camp Colt, Pa. 

MouL. John H., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

MoLfL, Raymond. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

MouL, Robert W.. Limited Service. Private, Cani]) l)i\. \. J. 

MouL, William F., Private. Recruiting Service. 

MouL, Wilson F., Private. Infant!>. A. E. F. Wounded. 

MouNTFORD, Edwin H., Private. Aviation. 

MouNTiORD. WiLFORD H.. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. K. F. 

Mower, I<:arl 15.. Chief Machinist's Mate, Naval Aviation. 

Mowery, Charles ('., Provost ( hiard Detachment. 

MowERV. Davis B.. Piivate. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Mowrer. ^ ictor K.. Private, Machine Cain Battalion, A. 11 F. 

MowRY, Charles E.. Private, Medical Coips. 

Mull. Robert H., Pri\ ate. Camp Gn>enleaf. C,a. 

MuMFORD. C'harles. Piivate, Infantry. 

Mumma, Frederick J.. Naval Training Station, Wissahickon Building, Cape May. N. J. 

Mummert. Arthur M.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

MuMMERT, Chauncey, Private, Infantry. 

[206 1 

MuMMERT, Daniel W., Camp Lee, \a. Rejected. 

MuMMERT. Harry E.. Private. Limited Service. Camp Dix. N. J. 

MuAiMA, Harry J.. Private. Training Battalion. Depot Brigade. A. E. F. 

Mummer, Harvey, Private, Infantry. 

MuMMERT. Harvey E., Sergeant. Aviation. 

MuMMERT. Horace C, U. S. Army. R. D. No. 1. Hanover. Pa. 

MuMMERT. Jacob P., Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

MiMMERT. Jean B., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

MuMMERT. Lewls J.. Private, Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

MiiMMERT. Morgan E.. Private, Infantry. 

Mum:mert. Sterling (J.. Private. Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 

Mumper. David M.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Munchel, Albert. Private, Infantry. A. K. F. 

Munchel. Clement M.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Munchel, Raymond (i.. Private Fi(>ld Artillery, A. E. F. 

MuNDi.s. Benjamin F.. Private l^igineers A. E. F. 

MuNDiis. Bruce A., Private, Aviation. 

MuNDis, David W., Sergeant, Infantry. A. I']. F. Killed. 

MuNDis, George E., Private, l'. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

MuNDis, George W.. Private, U. S. Cavalry. 

MuNDLS. John S., Private, Aviation Corps 

MuNDis, Silas. Private. Infantry. 

MuNDiss. Stewart S.. Acting Corporal. Forestry Replacement Battalion. 

MuNDORF, Lester. Sergeant. Tank Corps. 

MuNDORFF, Edgar Ci., Sergeant, Coast Artillery Corps, A. E. F. 

MuN.soN, James, Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

MuNTZ, Erwin C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

MuNTZ. Henry W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Murdoch, Francis P.. Navy. l\ S. S. New Mexico. 

Mltrnane, Joseph A.. I . S. Army. York. Pa. 

Murphy, (ieorge McK., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Murphy, Joseph A., Private, A. E. F. (Jassed. 

Murphy, Alexander, First Class Private, A. E. F. 

Murphy, Scott F., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Murphy. Stuart L., S. A. T. C. Franklin and Marshall College. Lancaster. Pa. 

Murphy. Wilson G., Private, Infantiy. A. E. F. Wounded. 

MiRRAY. Arthiir David. Private. Amlmlance Corps. A. E. F. 

Murray. Bruce Leroy, Private, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Murray. William L., Private. Camp Greene, N. C. (Colored.) 

Musselman, Albert R.. First Sergeant, ,316tli Infantry, A. E. F. 

MussELMAN, George J., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Musselman, J. D., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Musselman. Robert. Private. Hospital Coips. 

MussER, Christian B., Private, Supply Train. A. E. F. 

Musser, Harry, Mess Sergeant, Aviation. 

MussER, Lewis, Tradesman, Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Mutzabaugh. Russell Reed, First Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. Wouniletl, Decorated. 

Myers, Arthur L., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 


Myers, Boyd S.. Pri\ati'. Camp Meade, Md. 

Myers, C. A. N., Private. Camp Lee, Va. 

Myers. Charles, Seificant. Machine (iun Battalion. A. E. F. Wdinuled. 

Myers. Charles E.. I . S. Army. Hanover. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Myers, Charles H.. First Sergeant. Machine (iun BattaHon. A. E. F. Cassed. 

Myers, Chaitncey ().. Private. Company B. 601st iMigineers. 

Myers, Chester \ .. Technical Training, Lehigh I/niversity. 

Myers, Clarence (J.. Private. Camp Forrest, Ga. 

Myers, Cleveland ,)., Sergeant, JMigineers, A. E. F. 

Myers. David, Sergeant, San Diego. Cal. 

Myers. Earl D.. First Sergeant, Aviation. 

Myers, F]arl H.. Seaman. Navy. l\ S. S. Carolina. Convoying Ships. 

Myers. Earl H.. Seaman. U. S. Navy. Manchester. Pa. 

Myers. Edward. Private. Infantry. 

Myers, F^dward C... Private, Ambulance Corps, A. Fl F. 

Myers, F]rvin F., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Myers. Frederick IL. Private. Camp Meade, Md.. A. F]. F. 

Myers, Furman B.. I . S. Army. York. Pa. 

Myers, George C, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Myers, George F].. Private, V. S. Army. Camp (ireenleaf. 

Myers, George L, Private. S. A. T. ('. Pennsyhania College, (iettysburg, Pa. 

Myers, Gilbert, Private. Medical Corps. 

Myers. Harry, Private. C S. Artillery. 

Myers, David F.. Corporal. 301th Engineers. 

Myers, Harry, Piivate. Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Myers, Harry, Private, U. S. Flngineers. 

Myers, Harry A., Piivate, Infantry, .\. E. F. (Jassed. 

Myers, Harry IL, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Myers, Harry II.. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Myers, Ira IL, Privat". Engineers, A. 1*1 F. 

Myers, Isaac W.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Myers, Ivan, I '. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Myers, John H., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Myers, John Jaeger, Private, Balloon Section. Aviation. A. E. F". 

Myers. John J.. I . S. Aimy, "^'ork. Pa. 

Myers. Joseph Jr.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Myers, Lawrence J.. Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Myers. Leonard D.. Pri\ate. Medical Corps. 

Myers. Lewis S.. Private. Limited Service, Cami) Dix, N. J. 

Myers, Lloyd D.. V. S. Army. Hanoxcr ,limctioii. 

Myers. Lloyd D.. Pri\ate. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Myers, Luther. Corpoial. Medical Corps. 

Myers, Malcolm W., S. A. T. C. State College, State College, Pa. 

Myers. Marshall Luther. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 30L A. E. F. 

Myers, Maurice E., Piivate, Camp Lee. \'a. 

Myers, Melvin, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Myers, Milfert W.. Lieutenant. Camp Oglethorpe. (Ja.. A. F]. F. 

Myers. Norman E.. Private, Infantry. 

[ 208 1 

Myers, Oliver F., Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Myers. Paul. Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Myers, Paul D.. Private, U. S. Army. Seven \ alleys. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Myers, Paul E.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Myers. Peter. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. Gettysburg. Pa. 

Myers. Robert 0., Private, I . S. Infantry. 

Myers, Roy, Private, Signal Corps. 

Myers. Roy C. Private, Signal Corps. 

Myers, Russell E.. Mechanic. Pittsburgh liiiversity. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Myers. Samuel M.. Private, ('amp Meade, Md. 

Myers, Stuart P.. Wagoner. Amnumition Train. A. E. F. 

Myers, Walter Dewey. Privat<>. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Myers. Walter E.. Private. I . S. Infantry. 

Myers, Walter Frey. .Jr.. Apprentice Seaman. Naval Reserves. 

Myers. Walter J.. Private. Limited Service. Camp Di\. N. J. 

Myers. Weldon M.. S. A. T. C. Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh, I'a. 

Myers. Wilbur L.. Private. I . S. Infantry. 

Myers, William, Private. Artillery, A. E. F. Killed. 

Myers, William A., Private. Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Myers. Ralph S.. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Myers. William R.. Private. Camp Creenleaf. 

Myers. William E.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Myers, William E.. Corporal. Infantry. 

Myers, William E.. Private. Camp Lee, ^ a. 

Myers, William F.. Private, Camp Lee. Va. 

Myers. Wilson' L.. Chief Quartermaster. Navy. V. S. S. Paul Jones. 

Nace, Edward G.. Private. Provisional Company. A. I-]. F. 

Nace, Ira. U. S. Navy. 

Nace, Mark W., Private, IJ. S. Engineer. 

Nace, William W., Private, Quartermaster Corps, York. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Nagle, Enos W.. Chauffer. \\ S. Infantry. 

Nagle, Ray E., Private, Infantry. 

Naill, Edward R., Private, Coast Artillery. 

Naille, Richard Y.. Second Lieutenant. Infantry. A. K. F. Wounded. 

Nauss, Frank. Corporal. L . S. Infantry. 

Naylor, Harry E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Naylor, Frank P.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Naylor. Matthew. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Neal, Clarence R., Private, Limited Service, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Neary, (iEORGE A.. Private. U. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Neary, John. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Nease, Lawrence F., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Neatrow. a. p.. Corporal, l^. S. Army, A. E. F. 

Neibinger, Rruce G.. Second Lieutenant. Infantrv. 

Neff, Adie p.. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Neff, Aaron D., Corporal. Company E. 60th Infantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

Neff, Curvin, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

[ 209 1 

Neff, C. Zeigleh. Private, Engineers. 

Neff, Edgar, Private, Ilosijital Corps. 

Neff, Frank J., Private, lee Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Neff. (Jordon, Private, Infantry, U. S. Army. 

Neff, James E., Private, IT. S. Marines. 

Neff, Walter Eugene, Mess Sergeant, Infantry. 

Neff, Wilfohd E., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Neff. Wilford, V. S. Army, Dover, Pa. 

Neff, William McK., Private, Infantry. Machine (iun Company, A. E. F. killed. 

Neiman. Allen, Sergeant, Infantry. In Russia. 

Neiman, Paul A., Cook, Camp Lee, Va. 

Neiman, Walter E., Private, Infantry. 

Nell, Laura M., Nurse, Hospital I'nit No. 20. I ni\ersity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. A, K. F 

Nell, Melvin, U. S. Army, Wrightsville. Pa. 

Ne.sbit. Grant, Private, Artillery. A. E. F., Allen A., Seaman, Navy. In England. 

Nes.s, Allan R., Private, Infantry., Charles B., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Ness, Charles. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Ness. Clarence W.. Sergeant. Aviation. 

Ness. Curvin A., Private. U. S. Army. Hellam. Pa. 

Ness, Curvin E., Private, Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Ness, Earl G., Private, LI. S. Infantry. 

Ness, Earl L., Private, Aviation Corps. 

Ness, Emory, Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Ness, Gilmore, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Ness, Henry C. Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Ness. .Iohn L. Jr., Private. Ambulance Corps. 

Ness. Levi L.. Motor Mechanic, University of Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Ness, Myles A., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Ness, Newton, Lieutenant, IT. S. Army, Spry, Pa. 

Ness, Raymond, Private, Infantry, Ambulance Service, in Italy. Socti(»n .'jT.?, A. E. F. 

Ness, Rufus R., Sergeant. Aviation Corps. 

Ness, L. D., Corporal, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Ness, Val Raymond, Private, Ambulance Corps. In Italy. 

Ness, Walter A.. Sergeant, Air Servii'e, A. M F. 

Neuman, Henry L., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Newbold, George B., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Newcomer, Clarence, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Gassed. 

Newcomer. John, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Newcomer, Paul B., Private, LT. S. Infantry. 

Newcomer. Roy, First Class Fireman, L), S. Navy. 

Newcomer. Stewart J., LT. S. Army. R. D. No. 2, Dover. Pa. 

Newcomer. William. Private, Camp (iieenleaf. 

Newhause, Allen T., Private, Camp jVIeade. Md. 

Newman. Albertus C, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Newman, Harvey J., Private, Engineers. 

Newman, Otto Earnest. Seaman. U. S. Navy. 

[ 210 1 

Nicholas, Franklin F. Jr.. Coast Artillery. 

Nicholas. Herbert N., Seaman, Navy.. 

Nicholas, Paul R., Private, Tank Corps. A. E. F. 

Nicholas, Richard N., Major, Trainiiif; Camp. 

Nickel, Charles E., Private, V. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Nic.KLE, William J., Sergeant. Machine Repair Shop. A. E. F. 

NicKEY, Robert. Private, Motor Service. A. E. F. 

Noble. Forest C, Captain, Personnel Department. 

Noble, Harold C, Cadet. Aviation. Killed in Accident in Illinois. 

Noel, A. W., Private. Aviation Coips. 

Noel, Charles H.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. Cassed. 

Noel, Clair, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Noel, William, U. S. Army, York, I^a. 

Noel, William E., Private. Trench Mortars, A. E. F. 

Noell, Carl N., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Nolan, Charles S., Private, Hopewell Township, A. E. F. 

NoLDEN, Charles, Private, Camp Meade, Md. (Colored.) 

Nolden, Ross A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Noll, William E., Private, Trench Mortar Rattery, A. E. F. 

Noll. Dr. R. A.. Lieutenant. Medical Corps. 

Noll, Renjamin C, Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Noll, Conrad S.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Noll, Edward, Private. Camp (ireenleaf. 

Noll, James A.. Private. Artillery, A. E. F. 

Noll. Lawrence. Private, U. S. Army, R. D.. Red Lion, Pa. 

NoNEMAKER, Arthur H.. Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

NoNEMAKER, SoLOMON, Private, Reinforcement Detachment, A. E. F. 

NoRBECK, Paul J., Private, Hospital Unit. 

NoRRis, Harry A., Private, Infantry. 

NoRRis, James Alvin, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

NoRRis, Robert, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

NoRRis. Roy. Private. L. S. Infantry. 

Northamer, W. Chester, Private. Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Norway, Lewis, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Noss, Harry E.. Private, Head(|uarters Company, A. E. F. 

Noss, Herman Jr., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Noss, Lloyd C, Private, Navy, U, S. S. Wyoming. 

Null. Claude J.. Private. Signal Corps, A. I-]. F. 

Null. Paul, Private. Machine tiun Rattalion. 

Null, Paul J.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Nye. John R.. Private. Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Oakes. Russel F.. Private. Aviation School. St. Paul. Miim. 

Obkrdick, D. Howard. Private. Field Artillery. 

Oberdick. Ervin. U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Oberdier, E. F., LI. S. Army, York, Pa. 

German. Carl Henry. Limited Service, Camp Colt, Pa. 

German, E. W. C, S. A. T. C. State College, State College, Pa. 


()ehma,\, William Henry, Camp Meade, Md. 

Ohm, Frank, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Olewiler. 1']. L., Camp Lee, Va. 

Olewiler. Harry C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Olewiler, Howard, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Olewiler, William A., Private, ll^'tli Ambulance Company, A. E. F. 

Olinger. Charles \ .. (^.avalry. 

Olinger, Paul F.. Private. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg. Pa. 

Oliver. Paul W.. Ordnance Dejiartnient. 

Olp, George F., Private. Amnuuiition Train, A., E. F. 

Olp, Sterling H., Sergeant, Quartermaster's Corps. 

Olplim. Frank, Camp Meade, Md. 

O'Neill, Reginald T., Private. Camp Johnston. Fla. 

O'Neill, T. J., Captain. Ordnance Department, Washington, D. C. 

O'Neill. Newman. Corporal. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Oreman, Clair Walter, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Oreman, John Frederick, Private. Hospital Corps. 

Orendorff. Lloyd. Private. Cook. U. S. Army. 

Orndorff. Clair W., Camp Meade, Md. 

Orr. (iLENN Caroll, Coiporal. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ort, Calvin R., Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Ort. Carl. Second Lieutenant. Aviation. 

Ort. Ralph. Camp Meade. Md. 

Orwk K. O. R.. Camp Lee. Va. 

Orwig. Ernest C. Camp Lee, Va. 

Orwig. Walter, U. S. Army, Dallastown, Pa. 

Osborne. Richard L.. Signal Corps. Aero Squadron. 

OsTENDORFF. W ILLIAM H.. C.oipt)ral, ]{!ngineers. 

Ott, John H., Sergeant, U. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Ott, W. IL, Yoeman, U. S. Navy. 

Ottmiller, C. Fred., S. A. T. C. State College. State College, Pa. 

Overbaugh, Harry J., Private, V. S. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Overdier. Elmer F.. T^ S. Army, York, Pa, 

OvERMiLLER, IIo\\ ARD A.. Private, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Overmiller, Russell J., U. S, Marines, 

Owen, Earl F., Private, Machine (iun P.attalion. \. E. F. Gassed. 

0\\ENs. INVERT L.. Private. Machine (iun Battalion. 

Owens, John M.. Private. Cavalry, A. E. V. 

OwiG. William R.. Piivate. Camp (ireen. S. C. 

OwiNGs. Richard F.. Hospital Corps. 

Owings, Stanley, Medical Corps. 

Paine. Miles. Private. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Paine, William D., Captain. Ordnance, A. E. F. 

Palange. Palil, Camp Lee, Va. 

Palmer. Roger. Navy, U, S. S. Louisiana. 

Palmtag. John F.. Ordnance Department, Camp Hancock, (Ja. 

Parker. Dr. Rrantley F.. Captain. Medical Corps. U. S. Army. 


Parker, Gonzales, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Parker, Harold, Private, U. S. Army, (Colored.) 

P.\RKS, Leroy, Private, Remomt Squadron, A. E. F. 

P.\RR, Clark C, Sergeant, Remount Department. 

Parr, George, U. S. Field Artillery. 

Parr. Roy, U. S. Army. Camp Meade, Md. 

Parthmer, Otto J.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Patrick, Walter Douglas, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded and (iassrd. 

Patter.son. Arthur, U. S. Engineers. 

PatteRcSon, Chester G., Motor Supply Train, A. E. F. 

Patterson, Ross W,, Sergeant, Engineers. 

Pattlson, Burd J., Sergeant, l". S. Cavalry. 

Patton, Calvin, L . S. Army, York, Pa. 

Patton, Jacob, U. S. Army, Edgewood, Md. 

Patton, Robert, l^imited Ser\ ice. Camp Green, S. C. 

Paul, Alfred E., Aviation Corps. 

Paules, Ellvvood S., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Paules, Ervin E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Paules, Frank, I . S. Army, (lamp Aleade, Md. 

Paules, Howard S., Coast Artillery. 

Paules. John, Camp Meade. Md., A. II F. 

Paules. Mervin J., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. W ounded. 

Paules, Peter J.. Corporal, Ammunition Train, 82nd Division, A. E. F. 

Paules, Roy N.. Private. Aviation Corps, Stenographer. 

Payne, John, Private, 15th Engineers. 

Paup, David, U. S. Army, Wrightsville, Pa, 

Paup, Oscar. Camp W adsworth, S. C. 

Paxton, Harry B., L . S. Navy. 

Payne, Alvin, Signal Corps. 

Payne, Harry, Signal Corps. 

Payne, Nellie, Red Cross Nurse, A. E. F. 

Payne, Wilbur, U. S. Army, Stewartstown, Pa., A. E. F. 

Peck, Charles W.. Sergeant. Artillery. A. E. F. 

Peeling, James H., Camp Meade, Mil. 

Peiffer, Raymond A., Private, Ambulance Service, A. E. F. 

Peiffer. Warren H.. Pri\ate. Infant r>. 

Pelosi, \ incent. Ordnance Department, Aberdeen, Aid. 

Penn, Joseph L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Pennington, Walter A.. Private. Infantry. 

Pensinger, Charles D., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Pentz, Archie M., Private, Navy, Receiving Station, Boston, Mass. 

Pensinger. Fred A.. Navy. IVewiinrt. R. I. 

Pepo, Frederick J., I'. S. Infantry. 

Perago. Robert H., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Perago, Walter, Camp !\Ieade, !\Id. 

Perkinson, Russell J., Private, Aviation Corps. 

Perloff, Leonard F., Camp Lee, \a. 

Perloff, Morris, V. S. Infantry. 

[ 213 ] 

Peters. Charles P.. Serjrcaiit-Major, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Peters, Charles R., (Quartermaster Corps. 

Peters, Martin Luther, Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Peters. Marvin G.. Sergeant, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Peters, Miles L., Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Peters. Oliver. \J. S. Infantry. 

Peters. Steward ()., Corporal, R. D. No. 1. Dallaslown. Pa. 

Peters. Walter M.. U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Peters. Wesely. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Peterson, Albert ('., Sergeant, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Peterson. Herman 0., U. S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

Petow, Samuel, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Petroff, John, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Petry, Albert A., Private, Replacement Init. A. E. F. 

Petry, Charles Walter, Sergeant, Marines, A. E. F. 

Pfaff, (rEORGE. V. S. Army, Hanover. Pa. 

Pfaff, Joseph P., V. S. Cavalry. 

Pfeiffer. (ieorge R., U. S. Infantry. 

Pfiffer. Horace E., Aviation Corps. 

Pfeiffer. Raymond, Camp Greenleaf. 

Pfizenmaier, William. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Pifer, Georce R. Ammunition Train. 

Pifer. John A.. Camp Lee, Va.. A. E. F. 

Plath, Henry H., Aviation Corps. 

Platts, Raymond E.. Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Plitt. Harry W., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Plitt. Walter, S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania. Pliiladelpiiia. Pa. 

Plonk, A. Catherine. Army Ordnance Department, Rridgeport. Conn. 

Plonk. Henry J.. Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Plonk. John Otto, Lieutenant, Navy, V. S. S. Caserta. Tiansport Service. Died in C 

Plonk. Stuart P.. Seaman. T'-: S. Navy. 

Plowman, Ralph A.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Plowman, J. H., Private, S. A. T. C. State College, State College, Pa. 

Plltnkett, Richard A., Limited Service. 

Plymire. Russell O., Private, Motor Transport. 

Poet, Leroy, Coast Artillery, U. S. Army. 

Poff, Clarence H.. U. S. Army. R. D. No. 1. Writglisville, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Poff, David E., Private, Medical Corps. Died of Influenza. 

Poff, James Frank, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Poff, Frank, Hospital Corps, V. S. Army. 

Poff, Seaton. Private. Infantry. 79th Division. A. E. F. 

PoHLMAN, John W,, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Pohlman. J. Albert, V. S. Navy. 

PoLACK, Rodney Willard, First Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed., Rernard L., li. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Pomeranint!. Spuroeon S.. Aviation Corps. 

PoMERANiNCi, Walter E., Camp Meade. Md. 

Pomeroy. John R.. Private. Engineers. 

f 214 1 

PoMEROY, Thomas, Camp Meade. Aid. 

Porter. Elmer Roy, First Class Seaman. Naval Reserves. 

Porter. Frank. Camp Custer. Mich. (Colored.) 

Porter, Frederick M.. Private, Engineers. 

Porter. George Dewitt. Private, Air Service, A. E. F. 

Porter. (iROver C. Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Porter, Jacob, I . S. Army. York, Pa. 

Porter, Ward, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Porter, William B.. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Portiner, Emanuel, Camp l'pt(jn, N. Y. 

Posey, Chester R., Aero Squadron, A. E. F. 

Posey, Jacob R., U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Pote, Roy F., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Pott, Curtis A., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Powell. John W., Camp Meade, Md. (Colored.) 

Prendergast, James S., Corporal, Baking Company, A. E. F. 

Pressell, Claude F., Second Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Preston. William, U. S. Navy. 

Price, Charles S., Bowman Technical School, Lancaster, Pa. 

Price. Leroy. Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Price. Nevin S.. Private. I . S. Army. York. Pa. 

Price, Ralph E., Private. U. S. Infantry. 

Price, Ray M,, Coiporal, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Price. Samuel R.. Private. Ambulance Service. A. E. F. 

Price. Walter, L . S. Army, (ilen Rock, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Probst. J. S., U. S. Navy. 

Prosser. Bruce A.. Hospital Corps. A. E. F. 

Provost, William, Camp Sherman, Ohio. 

Prowell, Frank, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Prowell. Harry. Private. V. S. Infantry. 

Prowell. Leroy, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

PuRCELL. Harold A., Camp Meade, Md. 

Purcell, John J.. Private. V. S. Infantry. 

Pyle, Warren R., Second Lieutenant, Machine Cun Battalion. 

Quickel, Clair F.. Camii Meade. Md. 

Quickel, Reed Fackler, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Quickel, Robert C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Quickel, William H. Jr.. Sergeant, Headquarters Corps. 1st Division, A. E. F. 

Raab, Aaron. Yoeman, Navy. 

Raab. Wilmot L.. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Rabenstine, William J., Private. Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. 

Rabley, Newton E., Private, Infantry. 

Raby, St. Paul. Private. Ice Plant Init No. 301, A. E. F. 

Rafferty, Edward F., Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Rafferty, Harold, Private, Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Rafferty. Joseph R.. U. S. Army, ^drk. Pa. 


Rahe, Charles E., Private, Motor Rcjjair, Bowman Technical, Lancaster, Pa. 

Rahm, Ralph C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ramble, John, Private, A. E. F. 

Ramer, Georc;e T., U. S. Infantry. 

Ramer, Paul T., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Ranker, Earl L.. Railroad Artillery, A. E. F. 

Ranker, Elmer R., First Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Ransom, Howard, Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Rau, Robert II.. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Raub, Carl Ramond, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. 

Raub, Ervin Wallace, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. Gassed and Wounded. 

Raubenstine, Maifrice L.. Private, Co. E, 316th Infantry, 79th Division, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Rauby, .Iohn F. Jr., Private, Camp (ireen, N. C. 

Rauby, Paul, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Rauby, Paul R., Bugler, Company G, .316th Infantry, A. E. F. W^ounded. 

Rauch, Earl C, U. S. Army. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Rawhouser. Paul, First Sergeant, Infantry. 

Rawhouser, Ralph, U. S. Navy. 

Raver, Frederick, Camp Meade, Md. 

Raver, Jacob D., Limited Service, Camp Dix, N.J. 

Raver, John Y., Camp Meade, Md. 

Raver, Norman D., Mechanic, Easton. Pa. 

Reachard, Henry M., Headquarters Company, Camp Meade, Md. 

Read, Dr. Harry Malcolm. First Lieutenant, Medical Reserves, Transport Duty, A. E. F. 

Read, W. Douglass, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ream, Franklin W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ream, Nelson F., Camp Meade. Md. 

Ream, Norman M., Private, Engineers. 

Ream, Norman W., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Reary, John R., Second Li(Hitenant. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Reaver, Ralph C, U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Rebert, Claire E., Sergeant-Major Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Rebert, Cletus F., Private, Motor Ambulance Corps. Died of Pneumonia. 

Reeling, Roy E., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Rechard, Otis H. Jr., Second Lieutenant, Coast Artillery. 

Rechey, Clarence A., Camp Mead(\ Md. 

Reck, J. Luther, Private, Machine Gun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Redcay, Paul L, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Redding, C. A., Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Redline, John C, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Reed, Joseph Robert, U. S. Infantry. 

Reed, Nicholas, U. S. Infantry. 

Reehling, Guy M., Yoeman, Navy, Washington, D. C. 

Reehling, Paul 0., Yoeman, Navy, Washington, D. C. 

Reeling, Horace C, Corporal. A\ialion. Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Reeling, Irvin R., Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Reese, Clemington G., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. I'. 

Reese, Harry S., U. S. Cavalry. 

[ 216 ] 

Reeser, Joseph H.. Camp Lee. ^'a. 

Reeser. Walter, Camp Mcatli', Md. 

Reever. Charles R., U. S. Navy. 

Reever, Clyde W.. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Reever, John F.. Limited Service, Camp Lee, \a. 

Reever, W., U. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Reever, Walter A., U. S. Marine Corps. 

Reever, Walter A., Private, Marine Corp.s, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Reever, Wilbert, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Died of Wounds. 

Reevey. Dr. S. W., First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Reher, C. L., U. S. Infantry, Camp Meade, Md. 

Rehmayer, A., Camp Greenleaf, (ia. 

Rehmayer, Alvin T., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Missinfj. 

Rehmayer, Erviis H., i'rivate. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Rehmeyer, Milton Herbert, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Rehmeyer, Walter 0., !\lotor Mechanic, Ihiiversity of Pittsburjih. Pa. 

Rehmeyer, Willl\m J., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Rehmeyer, Wilson H., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Reiser, John William, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Reibling, Clarence L., Marine Corps. 

Reichard, Claude S., Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Reichard, Ceorge F.. Camp (iordon and Camp Meade, Md. 

Reichard, Ceorge, Wireless Operator. 

Reichard, Samuel G., Engineers, A. E. F. 

Reichle, C.\rl a.. Lieutenant, Machine (am Battalion, A. E. F. 

Reichle, Claude A., Private, Aviation, \. E. V. 

Reichle, Paul A., Lieutenant, Machine (am Battalion, A. E. F. 

Reidel, Austin, Camp Meade, Md. 

Reidel, Elmer E., U. S. Cavalry. 

Reidel, Elmer S., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Reiff, Walter M.. Private, Infantry. 

Reigart, Mathias, Camp Lee, \a. 

Reigel, Charles, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Reigel, Frederick A.. Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Reigel, Walter, Camp Meade, Md. 

Reiley, Rev. J. M., First Lieutenant, Camp Meade, Md. 

Reiley, Norris, U. S. Army. A. E. F. 

Reindollar, Thad, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Reinecker, Charles C, Aviation Corps. 

Reinhard, Charles A., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Reinhard, Paul B., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. W Dunded. 

Reinhard, Walter W., Bugler, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Reisinger, Charles Jr., Private, (^.amp (Gordon, Infantry, A. E. F. Gasse:!. 

Reisinger, Earl, U. S. Infantry. 

Reisinger, George E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Reisinger, George E., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Reisinger, William, Private, Replacement Battalion, Died. 

Reiss, Charles W. Jr., V. S. Navy. 

[ 217 ] 

Renaut, Helen J.. Nuisp. Red Cioss. 

Renaut, William L.. Sergeant, Medical Corps. 

Reneberger, John H., Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Renner. Samuel E.. Private. Development Battalion. 

Rennoll. Claude R.. Camp Meade. Md.. and Camp (iordon, Ca. 

Renoth, Clinton R.. Corporal. A. E. F. Wounded and Gassed. 

Repman. Charles. U. S. Army. York Haven. Pa. 

Repman, Harry, Corporal, U. S. Army. York Haven. Pa. 

Repman, Harvey, U. S. Army, York Haven, Pa. 

Repman, Oscar, Private, Engineers. 

Resh, Eugene M. B.. Private, Engineers. 

Resh, Henry C Wagoner, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Resh, John J.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Resh, Maurice L., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Resser, Alpheus W., Sergeant, Medical Corps. 

Rexroth. Charles E.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Rexroth, Earl C, U. S. Navy. 

Rexroth, Clinton C, Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. Woimded and (iassed. 

Reynolds, Albert N.. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Reynolds, Daniel S.. Camp Lee, Va.. A. E. F. 

Reynolds, Harry C. Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Reynolds, Oliver W., Lieutenant, Supply Train. 

Reynolds, Parker, I . S. Infantry. 

Rhea, Floyd F., Machinist. 

Rhine, John E., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Gassed. 

Rhine, Elmer F., Private, 313th Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Rhinehard, Charles A.. Gunner, LT. S. Navy. 

Rhinehard, Martin. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Rhoades, J. A. (i., Private, Aviation. 

Rhoades, Warren W., U. S. Navy. 

Rhoades, Corporal. Infantry. X. E. F. 

Rhode, Eli A., Wagoner, 328th Infantiy, A. E, F. 

Rhode, Luther W., Clerk, Infantry. 

Rhorbach. William. L. S. Infantry. 

Rhorbaugii. Charles, (iunners" Mate. Navy. U. S. S. Delaware. In Foreign Waters. 

Rhorbaugh, Clyde, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. Gassed. 

RiKUiRBAi CM. Henry D.. Camp Meade. Md., A. E. F. 

Rhorbaugh, Melvin A.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. killed. 

Rhorbaugh, William H., Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Rice, Charles, Camp Meade, Md. 

Rice, Edward, U. S. Infantry. 

Rice, Harry, Camp Meade, Md. 

Rice. James II., Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Rice, John, Private, Infantiy. 

liicE, John Jr., Camp Meade, Md. 

Rice. William E., LI. S. Infaulry. 

Rice, William R., Private. Signal Corps. A. E. F. 

Richard, Lloyd, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

[218 1 

Richards, Roy Gladfelter, Private, S. A. T. C. Carn(>gip Tpthnical, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Richardson, Charles, U. S. Infantry. 

RicHCREEK, Arthur T., Camp Lee, \ a. 

RiCHCREEK. Charles L.. Depot Rrigade. 

RiCHCREEK, Earl, Private, l'. S. Infantry. 

Richey, Clarence A.. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. Wounded. 

RiCHEY, Walter, First Class Pri\ate, Signal Corps. Coin|)an> E. I29tli Teleijlione HaltaiidU. 

Richley, Paul. Private. Ordnance Department, Ruck Island, 111. 

RiCHTER, Richard R., l". S. Infantry. 

RiCKRODE. James C., Camp (ireenleaf, Ga. 

Rk:krode. Luther. Limited Ser\ice, Camp Dix. X. J. 

RicKRODE, Ralph O., S. A. T. C. 

Rider. Clarence R.. Sergeant, Infantry. 

Rider, Ferdinand M.. Seaman. Navy. 

Rider, George W., Hanover, Pa., A. E. F. Wounded. 

Rider. IMilton R., Mechanic. Shop Repair Lnit. 

Rider, Robert M., Camp Meade. _Md. 

RiENELLA, Michael, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Rife, Clayton. L^. S. Infantry. 

Riley. Clayton R., Private, Aviation Corps. 

Rife. Edwin J.. Private, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. State College. 

Rife, Reuben, Aviation Corps. 

Riley, Norris R.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

RiNEHART, DeLancey. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysbuig. Pa. 

Rinehart, Walter W.. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Dec )rated. 

Ringland, William T.. Private, Infantry. Died. 

Rimmer, John, U. S. Army, Hanover. Pa. 

Rioneer. Charles, LI. S. Army. Wrightsville. Pa. 

Rissinger. Frank, Camp Meade. Md. 

Rittase. Royer M., Sergeant, Tank Corps. 

RiTTASE. Stanley E., Petty Officer, Navy. 

Ritter. Charles A., Private. Ice Plant Lnit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Ritter, Charles Frederick, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Ritter. George Henry, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

RiTZ. John, U. S. Army, Stoverstown. Pa. 

RiTZ, Sherwood F.. Private, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. Gettysburg, Pa. 

Robley. Newton E.. Private. A. E. F. 

Roberts, Albert, Pri^ate, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Roberts. Idwald, Camp Dix. N. J. 

Roberts, Robert C. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

{Roberts. Dr. J. S.. Lieutenant. Medical Reserve Corps. 

Robertson. Andrew R., V. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Robertson. Charles H.. V. S. Infantry. 

Robinson. Abraham, Stevedore, Quartermaster Corps. (Colored.) 

Robinson, J. W., LT. S. Engineers. 

Robinson, Irwin R.. Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Injured in Accident. 

Robinson. Russell, Camp Lee, \'a. 

Roche, Aureliis John. Private, A. E. F. 

[219 1 

Roche. David A., Camp Meade, Md. 

Roche, David M, \\ iation Corps. 

Roche, Jerome P.. Camp Greenleaf. 

RocKEY, Francis I^^dmind. Pii\ ate. S. A. T. C. College. State College. Pa. 

RocKEV. Walter Millard. Sergeant, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

RoDES, David H., Private, Engineers. 

RoDES. H. D.. Limited Service, Camp Greene, S. C. 

RoDES, John C. Jr.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

RoDGERS, Aaron A., Camp Meade, Md. 

RoDGERS. John K., First Lieutenant. (Uiartermaster's Dei)artment, A. E. F. 

RoDCiERS, Melvin ('•.. Wireless Telegraph (Jperator, Fnl'antry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

RoDGERS. Wilbur F., Jefferson Barracks. Columbus. Ohio. 

Roebuck. Parke P.. Hospital Corps. 

RoEDER. William S.. Private. S. A. T. C. Franklin and Marshall, Lancaster, Pa. 

RoELKE, Claude H., Aviation Corps. 

RoHRBAUGH, Alvin CiuY. Private. Auto-Mechanics. 

Rohrbaugh, Clander.s, Chemist at Aimapolis. 

Rhorbaugh. Daniel B., Depot Brigade. 

Rohrbaugh, Emanuel M.. Private, Quartermaster Corps, A. E. F. 

I^OHRBAUGH, Ernest Lee, Musician, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Rohrbaugh, Henry B., Camp Meade, Md. 

RoHRBAi'GH. John S.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Rohrbaugh, Norman F., U. S. Army. Brodhecks, Pa. 

Rohrbaugh, Parker, U. S. Navy. 

RoHRBAiGH, Paul M., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Rohrbaugh. Paul N.. Private, S. A. T. C. 

Rohrbaugh, Titus C, Sergeant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Rohrbaugh, William E.. Pri^ate. Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

l^OHRBAUGH. W iLLiAM H., IMeichant Marines. 

Rohrbaugh. William, Second Lieutenant. Machine (iun l-iattalion. 

RojAHN. Lester E.. Infantry.\\. E. F. Gassed. 

Roland, Clarence Williavi, V. S. Navy. 

Roling, State, LT. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Roller. Dennis, Musician. Field \rtiller y. A. E. F. 

Romas, Nickolas, Corporal, Infantry. 

RooNEY, Thomas, Private, Infantry, A. 1^]. F. Woinided. 

Root. Herbert. V. S. Engineers. 

Ropp, Charles M.. Aviation Corps. 

Roseman, Clark, First Class Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Roseman. Frank N., I . S. Army. J^t-(\ Lion, Pa. 

Rosenberg, Benjamin, Second Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Rosenberger, Stewart E., Camp Lee. Va.. A. E. F. 

Rosenfield, Carlton K.. Private. Infantry. A. K. F. 

Rosenwig, George A., Private, Infantry, Camp Meade, Md. 

Roser, Charles, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Roser, Edward, Motor Mechanics, A. E. F. Killed. 

RosER, Melvin Guy, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Rosinskl, Lawrence L.. Camp Lee, Va. 

[ 220 1 

Ross, Charles, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Ross, George, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Ross, George, S. A. T. C. Iniversity of Pennsylvania. Philad<'lpiiia. Pa. 

Ross. Harry W., Navy. Ensign. 

Ross. Russell L.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Gassed. 

Ross. William McRiinley. Pri\att'. Camp Meade, A. E. F. 

Ros.sER, Charles B., Yoeman, Chief Petty Officer, Navy. 

Rooser. George. Camp Meade. Md. 

RosT. Lawrence E.. Yoeman. Navy. A. E. F. 

RosT, Michael, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Rostetter. Harry E.. Mechanic. Motor Mechanic Fnit. A. E. F. 

Roth. Arnold D.. Yoeman, l". S. Navy. 

Roth, Charles L., Camp Meade, Md. 

Roth, Clarence H.. Corporal. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Roth, Homer, Ordnance De])artment. A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Roth, James, Gunner on the L'. S. S. (ialveston. Naval Reserves. 

Roth, John Bernard, Private. Infantry. Promoted to Mess Sergeant. 

RoTH, Roy E.. Private. Artillery. 

RoucH, Ernest A., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Roi PAS. Cri.'^t. Field Artillery. Camp Meade. A. E. F. 

Rover. Milton. Camp (ireenleaf. 

Rowe, Raymond A., Private, Aviation Corps. 

RoYER. James A.. Second Lieutenant. Aviation, A. E. F. 

Rubrecht. Wilford, Trench Mortar Battery, A. E. F. Died fnini Wuunds. 

Ruby. A. Paul, Ice Plant Lnit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Ruby, (iEORGE C First Lieutenant. Ordnance Department. 

RiBY, Luther L., Infantry Replacement Camp. Camp Lee, \a. 

RuDisiLL, Andrew E., Second Lieutenant, Recruiting Service. 

RuDisiLL, Claude E., Private. Aviation. A. E. F. 

RuDisiLL. George Jr., Acting Regimental Sergeant-Major, Infantry. 

RiDisiLL, Harold B., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Ri DisiLL, James J.. Private. Infantry. Promoted Second Lieutenant. 

Rudisill. Joseph. Aviation Corps. 

RuDisiLL. Martin A., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Rudisill, Walter W.. Camp Lee. \a. 

Rudy. Arthur, Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Rudy. Charles E., L'. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Rudy. George S.. U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Rudy. J. D., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Rudy, Walter J., Camp Lee, ^ a. 

RiiFF. Clarence E., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Ruff, (iilbert. Camp Lee, Va. 

Ruff, William, Marine Corps. 

Ruhl, Edward L., Quartermaster Department. 

RuiiLMAN, John L.. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. Woundeil. 

Ruler, Byrd Herbert. Chief Petty Officer, Navy, A. E. F. 

Ruler. Irving I.. Petty Officer, Navy, U. S. S. Arkansas. A. E. F. 

Rumbo, Samuel L.. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 


RuNK, CuRviN R., ("amp Meade, !\Id. 

RuNK, Paiil. U. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

RuNKLE. Allen B., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. (iassed. 

RuNKLE, Frank E., Camp Lee. \ a. 

RuNKLE. Paul C, Engineers. 

RuNKLE. Paul S.. Camp Meade, Md.. A. 1=;. F. 

Runkle, Robert, Private, Camp Lee, \ a. 

Runkle. Warren N.. Private. .'?20th Infantry. 8()th Division. A. E. F. Wounded Fixe Times. 

Runkle. Willtam A., ('orpoial. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Rupley, David B.. Medical Corps. 

Rupley, Frederick A.. Private. S. A. T. C. 

Rupp. Vance. U. S. Army. A. E. F. 

Rupp. Daniel A.. Second Lieutenant. Camp Hancork and Camp Dix. 

Rupp. David. Captain. Artillery, A. E. F. Killed. 

Rupp, Gilbert. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Rupp, H. Milnor, Captain, Reclamation Service. 

Rupp, Harry A., Camp Meade. Md. 

Ruth, Charle.s A. Jr.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

RuTLEDGE, Harris, LI. S. Army. York. Pa., A. 1*1 F. 

RiiTLEDC.E. Leslie L., Chemical Department. Washington. D. C. 

Ri'TLEDGE, Reed B.. U. S. Navy. 

RuTTER, Edgar Henry, Supply Sergeant, (Quartermaster Corps. 

RuTTER. (Jeorge a.. Private. S. A. T. C. Millersville Normal School. 

RuTTER, Paul Thomas, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

RuTTER.s, Charles R.. Camp Meade and Camp (iordon. 

RuTTERs. Joseph F.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Ryan. Ira (i.. Sergeant. liifaiUrv. 

Ryer. Clarence \ alentine. Seaman, Navy, V. S. S. (ieorgia. A. M F. 

Ryer. J. A.. Camp (ireenleaf. 

Ryno. Samuel C. Camp Meadf, Md. 

Ryno. Walter W.. Private. Infantiv. A. E. F. 

Sade, Walter J.. Camp Lee. \ a. 

Sadler, Joseph A.. Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. Maunee. 

S\FFER. William A.. Camp Lee. A a. 

Saltzgh ER, Charles E.. Sergeant. Infantry. 

Saltzgiver, John M., Camp Meade. Md. 

Sample. (Ieorge W.. Sergeant. Second Tele|ilione Battalion. A. E. F. 

Sample. Lawrence Hendersois. Corporal, liifantiy. A. E. F. 

Sample, Lewis Reed, Private. Infantry. 

Sanders. Bernard. Field Artillery. A. Iv F. 

Sandow. Edward. Sergeant. Infantry. 

Sartori. Peter J.. U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Sauble. Roy H.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Sawmiller, Harry E.. Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

Sayers, Charles L.. Private. Infantry. 

Sayers, Ervin E., Wagoner-. Infantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

Sayers, (iEorge A., Corporal, Meilical Corps. 

Sayehs, Latimer. Private, Trench Mortars. Died. 

Sayers, Roy H., L . S. Army, York, Pa. 

Saylor, Chester D., (iunner. Navy, V. S. S. Bridgeport. 

Saylor, Jea'mings L.. Camp Wadsworth. S. C. 

Saylor, Johiv A.. Camp Lee. Xa. 

Saylor. Paul F.. L . S. Navy. 

Sayres, Charles Edwin, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Sayres, Gerald .\tlee. Private. Ambulance Corps. A. E. F. 

Sayres. Jay Bailey. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Sayres, John Wogan. Lieutenant. Student Company. 

Sayres, Margret, Nurse. John Hopkins" Unit. A. E. F. 

Schaeffer, Herman F., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Schafer. Lewis E.. Private. Infantiy. A. E. F. 

Schaffer, Calvin W.. Paymaster on V. S. S. Fulton. Navy. 

ScHAFFER, Leroy N.. Coast Artillery. 

ScHALiNE, Frank, U. S. Navy. 

ScHALiNE. James V.. U. S. Army. New Freedom. Pa.. A. E. F. 

ScHEELY, Edward C. U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

ScHEFFER, Clarence E.. Camp Lee, \ a. 

Scheidel. William. S. A. T. C. State College. State CoUege. Pa. 

Scheivert. Blanton G., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Schellhamer. W. H.. First Lieutenant. Naval Reserves. A. E. F. 

ScHENANDORE. Derius. Sergeant. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Schenck. John M., First Class Quartermaster, V. S. Navy. Aviation. 

ScHiDiNG. Raymond L.. Medical Corps. 

Si.hlaanstine. Raymond Franklin. S. A. T. C. State College. State Cdllcgc Pa. 

ScHLETER, Frederick. Private. Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Schleter, Samuel, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Schlosser, E. 0.. Coast Artillery. 

Schlosser, Huston E.. Corporal, S. A. T. C. State College, Pa. 

ScHLOTT. Walter H.. L. S. Infantry. 

Schmidt. George S., First Lieutenant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Schmidt. Henry D.. First Lieutenant, Air Service, Washington. D. C 

Schmidt. James Carl. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. State College. Pa. 

Schmidt. Samuel S., Second Lieutenant. Infantry. 

Schminkey. George B.. Stevedore. Camp McClellan. (Colored.) 

Schmuck. Arthur H.. Aviation. 

ScHMUCK. Charles S.. Limited Service. Camp Dix. N. J. 

Schmuck. Palace. Camp Meade. ,Md. 

ScHMUCK. Tillman. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Schmuck, Reid R.. Private. Limited Service. Camp Meade. Md. 

Schneider. Frederick C, Field Artillery. 

Schneider. Henry C. Private. Medical Corps. 

ScHRiBER. Norman. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Schriver. Arthur W.. Camp Jackson. Fla. 

ScHRivER. Benjamin H.. Cadet, Aviation. 

Schroeder, Fred M.. Private. Hos[)ital Corps. A. E. F. 

Schroeder, Harry C... Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

[ 22.3 ] 

ScHROEDER, Paiil J., Coiptnal. Aviation. \. E. F. 

ScHROLL, Arthi!R L.. Private, Infantry. 

ScHROLL, Charles. C(X)i\. Inlantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

ScHROLL. Daniel. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

ScHROLL, John. Piivate. Infantry Band. A. E. F. 

ScHROLL. John E.. Camp Meade, Md. 

ScHRUM, Paul L.. Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

ScHUHART. Frank F.. Camp Meade. Md. 

ScHUHART. Joseph (i.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Schuhart. M. a., L . S. Navy. 

S(.huler. William, Hospital C.orjis, A. E. F. 

Schultz, Edward G., Civilian l^nployee. Quartermaster Corps. A. E. F. 

Schrum, Paul L.. Camp Meade. Md. 

ScHUMAN. James Franklin. First Lieutenant. Infantry. \. M F. Died. 

Schwartz, Jesse. C S. Army. Spring ( uove. Pa. 

Schwartz, Perry D., S. A. T. C. Gettysburg. Pa. 

ScHWEiGER. William. Marines. V. S. S. Huntingdon. 

Schweitzer, Edgar R.. Sergeant. Infantry. 

ScHWENK, Edwin, Private, Infantry, Fort Thomas, Ry, 

Scott, Charles M. Jr.. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Scott, James, Cam]) Sherman, Ohio. (Colored.) 

Scott, Sherman C, Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Scott, Thomas B.. Private, Coast Artillery. 

Scott, Walter. Private, L'. S. Infantry. 

Seabauer, William A., Machinist Mate, Navy, 

Seachrist, Frank E., Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Seachrist, Mary S., Nurse, A. E. F. 

Searle, George D.. Pri\ate. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Searle. Ivan. Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Searle, William L. Jr.. Privat!'. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Sebright. Burnell A., S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sebright, John C. S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Sechrist, George H.. Infantry. A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Sechrist, George S,, Sergeant, (Quartermaster Department. 

Sechrist. Harry D.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Sechrist. Harry I.. Officers" Training Camp, Plattsburg, 

Sechrist, James C, S. A. T. C. State College, State College, Pa. John H.. Hos])ital Corps. 

Sechrist. John H., Private, Machine Gun Company, 112th Infantry, 28th Division, A. E. F. 

Sechrist, Norman Adam, Corporal, Itd'antry. 

Sechrist. Raymond F.. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Sechrist, Robert W., U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Sechrist, William E,, Corjxiral. Infantry, A. E. F. William S.. Private. Artillery., Mark H.. A\iation (^.orps. 

Seeger, Charles Rollin. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed and Gas Burned. 

Seeling. Otto. T'. S. Army. Hanover. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Seidenstricker, Charles C. Assistant Mail Cleik, Navy, U. S. S. Von Steuben. Wounded. 


Seidenstricker, Charles S., U. S. Navy. 

Seiders, Jerome H.. Camp Wadsworth. S. C. 

Seiffert, Charles T., Camp IMeadf, !\Id., A. E. F. 

Seiffert, M. M., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Seiffert, Melvin L.. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Seiffert, No.'VH, Camp Meade, I\Id. 

Seiff, Samuel N., U. S. Marines. 

Seiling. Edward. U. S. Army, (ilen Rmk. Pa. 

Seip. Clark, I'. S. Infantry. 

Seip. J. C. Chief Petty Ofliter. Navy. l'. S. S. Mexico. Fom Trips. 

Seipel, f]ARL F., Camp Meade. Md. 

Seitz, Earl F.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Seitz, (iEORGE F., Sergeant, Motor Mechanic Regiment, A. E. F. 

Seitz. Harry. Auto Mechanic. Fort Myer, Va. 

Seitz. Harry C, Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Seitz, James Sutart. First Lieutenant. Infantry. Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Seitz, Jesse S.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Seitz, John H., 311th Infantry. A. E. F. 

Seitz, Paul F., U. S. Army, Camp Lee, Va. 

Seitz, Raymond Moody, Chief Machinist, Navy. Suhniariiic Destroyer, hetween HaHfax and France. 

Seitz. Sherman L., Corporal, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Seitz, Sterling W., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

Seitz, Stewart Dr.. First Lieutenant. Medical Corps. A. F. F. 

Seitz, William, V. S. Army, Glen Rock, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Selak, Jacob F.. Sergeant. Quartermaster Corps. A. E. F. 

Sell, Charles R.. Private, Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Sell, Lester, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Sell, Tempest, Coast Artillery. 

Sellers. Edward R.. Private, IJnassigned. 

Sellers. Robert E., Camp Lee, Va., A. E. F. 

Selmser. Cecil Rollin, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded and Gassed. 

Sener. Lyman Green, S. A. T. C. State College. State College, Pa. 

Senft, Clair, V. S. Navy. 

Senft. Collins, U. S. Navy. 

Senft, Curvin C, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Senft, Edmund, U. S. Navy. 

Senft, Edward H.. Ambulance Corps. 

Senft, Francis E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Senft, Fred, II. S. Cavalry. 

Senft, John F.. Camp ^Feade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Senft, Melvin F., Private. Infantry. 

Senft, Ralph E., Corporal. Infantry. 

Senft. Ralph H.. Ice Plant Init No. .301, A. E. F. 

Senft, Stewart A., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Senft, Walter, Aviation Corps. 

Senft. Walter W.. Cadet. Aviation. 

Sentz, Elmer, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Sentz, Hobson Clair, S. A. T. C. i'eniisyivania State College, State College, Pa. 

Sentz, Irwin H.. Captain, Mechanical Replacement Shop. 

Sewell, Frank C. Stevedore. (Colored.) 

Shaffer. Harry W.. Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Shaffer. 1\ an ,1.. Canadian Army. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Shaeffer. Lemoyel Tolrert Jr.. Private. Field AitilhMv. A. I*]. F. 

Shaeffer. Norman. Mechanii', \ Ork. Pa. 

Shaeffer. William, Merchant Marines. 

Shaeffer. William M., V. S. Knpineers. 

Shaeffer. William M.. V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Shafer. Charles. I '. S. Infantry. 

Shafer. William R.. Infantry, A. E. V. 

Shaffer. Austin Y.. Saddler. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shaffer, Chadnc.ey W.. Corpciral. JMinineers. 

Shaffer. Clarence J., Private, ( Miartermastcr (!iirps. 

Shaffer. Cortlandt E., U. S. Infantiy. 

Shaffer. Ci'Rtis E., Mechanic at Newark. \. .1. 

Shaffer. Daniel II.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Shaffer, Frank. Artillery, A. E. F. killed. 

Shaffer, Georoe N.. Limited Service, Camj) Dix. N. J. 

Shaffer. Gorman II.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shaffer, Harry F.. Private, h]njiineer.s. 

Shaffer. Herbert C. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shaffer, Jacob R.. Pri\ate. Ammunition Train, A. Iv F. 

Shaffer. Norman. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Killed. 

Shaffer, \\o\ \\.. Signal Corjis, A. E. F. 

Shaffer. Spencer A.. SciiJieant, Air Service, A. E. F. 

Shaffer, Walter R., Cami) Meade, Md.. A. Iv F. 

Shaffer. Wilbert C, Camp Meade, Md. 

Shaffer. Willi \m A., II. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Shaffmer. Mervin L., Chaijffer, 228th Aem S<iuadi()U. 

Shaffner. Daniel. Camp Meade, Md. 

SiiAFFNER. Franklin. Ammunition Train. 

Shaffner, Oliver C... Camj) Lee, ^ a. 

SHAMBAiifiH. Raub L., Aviation Corps. 

Shanabrook, Irwin Ri fis. Private. Aviation. 

Shanabrook. Norman E.. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Shank, Frank, Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. Woundrd. 

Shank. Stitart. Remount SlatidiL MunlgDmery. Ala. 

Shannon. Leo T.. Second Lieutenant, hirld Artillery. 

Sharp. Harry Thomv-s. Corporal. 6th Company. Second Division, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Sharp. John Rohert. First Class Private. Coast Artillery. A. E. F. 

Siiatto, Dr. A. R.. Captain, Medical Corps. 

Shatto. Arthur E., Private, Infantry. 

SiiATTOcK. Clifford II.. Lieutenant. Trainini; IJatallion. A. E. F. 

Shalb, H. M., Pri\ate, Radio Simn icr. 

Shaiib, Clarence, Medical Corps. 

Shaub. Pal:l D., Second Lieutenant. Infantry. 

SiiAicK, Frank Jr., Cliemical Service. Died of Pneumonia. 

[ 226 ] 

Shaunseey, Carl J.. Scigeaiit-Major, Infantry. 

Shaw, Christopher, iNavy, V. S. Destroyer Fanning. 

Shearer, Charle.s E., Cook, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shearer. Charles T., Private, Infantry. 

Shearer. Che.ster. Pri\ate, 8tli Company, Second Division. Depot lirigade. 

Shearer, Emory Charles, Private, Ambulance Corps. 

Shearer, George E., Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. Wounded. 

Shearer. fiEOROE W.. Private. Infantry. A. )•]. F. Missing and Wounded. 

Shearer, (iEORGE, Limited Service. 

Shearer. Harry M., V. S. Army, Mt. Wolf, Pa. 

Shearer. .Iohn Dwight. Sergeant. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, Pa. 

Shearer, Robert H.. Camp Lee, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shearer, Roger L., Private, Machine (iun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Shearer. SpE.^(■.ER E.. Captain. I'. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Shearer, Walter R., Corporal. V. S. Army. Stiltz, Pa., A. E. F. 

Shearer, Victor R., Musician. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Shearer. William F.. Corjioral. Infantry. 

Sheeley. Charles B.. Private. Aviation. 

Sheely, Edward C, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Sheely. J. Clayton. Coiporal. ('ami) Lee, ^'a. 

Sheffer, Adwood C. florporal. Camp Meade, Md. 

Sheffer, Bernard E.. S. A. T. C. University of Pittsburgh. 

Sheffer. Charles M.. Infantr>. \. E. F. 

Sheffer, Clair W.. Camp (ireenleaf. 

Sheffer, Ervin 0., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. killed. 

Sheffer, Franklin. Seaman, V. S. \a\ y. 

Sheffer, tiEORGE B., U. S. Army, Arbor, York Towushij), Pa. 

Sheffer, Gerka B.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Sheffer. Harvey A., U. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Sheffer, Herman F., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Sheffer, Howard W., Sergeant, Signal Corps. A. E. F. 

Sheffer. John. IJ. S. Engineers. 

Sheffer, John Allen, S. A. T. C. Penns^^hania ('.oUege. (iettysburg. Pa. 

Sheffer, J. Russell, Corporal, Aviation. 

Sheffer. Roy W.. Private. Glen Rock. Pa., A. E. F. Womided. 

Sheffer, Wilbur C. Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Shellenberger, Charles P., Private, Engineers. 

Shellenberger. Charles P.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Shellenberger, Claude P., Ice Plant I nit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Shellenberger, Harry E.. Camp Wadsworth. S. C. 

Shellenberger. Peter. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Shellenberger. Peter Joseph, Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shellenberger. Roy C, L^. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Shellenberger. Roy. U. S. Infantry. 

Shellenberger. Russell S., Aviation Corps. 

Shelly. Abe, V. S. Navy. 

Shelley. Robert A.. First Class Private. Artillery. A. E. F. 

Shelly, Wilker E., Private, V. S. Army, York, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Shenberger, Jacob L.. Piivate, U. S. Army, Dallastown, Pa. 

Shenber(;er, Pai l ti., Corporal, Knginoers, A. E. F. 

Shenberger, Ralph M.. Private. Field Artillery Brigade. Firing Center, Camp Jackson. 

Shenk, John M.. U. S. Infantry, York, Pa. 

Shepp, (;rant W.. Private, Medieal Corjjs, A. E. F. 

Shepp, John I>.. Infantry, A E. F. 

Shepp. Nelson J.. Corpoial, Casualty Department, A. E. F. 

Shepp, Stuart A., Limited Service. Electrician. 

Sheppard, Lawrence B.. Lieutenant. Naval Aviation. 

Shervl\n. Pauline. I . S. Army Nurse. A. E. F. 

Shermeyer. Albert E.. Private. Uosjiital Corps. In England. 

.Shermeyer. Sami'el E., Corporal. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Shermeyer. Stewart F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Missing. 

Sherrick. Wendall B., Ilosjiital Corps. 

Shetley. William J.. Limited Service. Camp (ireen. S. C. 

Shetrone, John H., Ice Plant Llnit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Shetrone, Melvin Smitil Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Shetter. Claire, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Shetter, Raymond C, Ice Plant I'nit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Shetter. Roy W.. Sergeant, Motor Transportation Corps, A. E. F. 

Shettle. Harris H.. U. S. Navy. 

Shettle. Winfield. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shewell, Carroll J.. Privat(\ Ordnance Department. A. E. F. 

Shieke, Paul Arthur, Third (^Jass (iunner"s Mate, L. S. Navy. 

Shickley, Charles, U. S. Engineers. 

Shilke. Paul A., Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Shindel, George P., Corporal, Fort McDowell, Cal. 

Shindler, Paul E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Shindler. Pail II., V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Shindler. Paul E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shindler, Raymond C, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, (iettysburg. Pa. 

Shipley. Howard V., S. A. T. C. Virginia Military Institute. 

Shipley, Samuel, Second Lieutenant, Ice Plant I nit No. 301. A. MjF. 

Shirey, B. W., Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Shirey, Pail R.. Sergeant. (Hiarlermaster Corps. Camp Johnson. Fla.. A. E. F. 

Shirk, (i. Stanley. First Lieutenant. Onlnance Depailment. 

Shive, Luther M.. Infantry. A. Iv F. Killed. 

Shive. Maurice H.. Camji (ireeideaf. 

Shive, William Morton, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Shollenberger, Roy E.. V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Shope. Erion E.. Infantry. V. S. Army. 

Shore. Almond R., Auto LTnit No. 6, A. li F. 

Shorb, Harry J., LI. S. Cavalry. 

Shorb. S. E.. Corporal. Eddystone. Pa. 

Shouting. Frank, L. S. Cavalry. 

Shrader, Albert J.. I'. S. Navy. 

Shryock, Edwin B.. Private. Machine (Um liattalion. A. 1]. F. 

Shue, Rev. Allen C, Chaplain, York, Pa. 

Shue, Earney Franklin. Private. Infantiy. In Northern Russia. 

Shue, (iRant, Private. Infantry. 

Shue, Guy, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shue, Guy, Private. Medirai Corjis. A. E. F. 

Shue, Jacob W.. S. A. T. G. Die kinson Gollege. Carlisle, Pa. 

Shue, Jan.'^en E., Engineers. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Shue. Pence, Auto Mechanic, \ . S. Army. 

Shue. Penty, Private, Cooi\, l^^ngineers, A. E. F. 

Shue, Wilford N., Private, Ambulance Service. A. E. F. 

Shue, William M.. Camp (in-i-nleaf. 

Shuemaker, Russell H.. Camp Lee. Va. 

Shultz, Charles E., Camp Meade. Md. 

Shultz. Edward G.. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Shultz. Harry. Camp Meade. Md. 

Shultz, James A., Camp Lee. \a., A. K. V. 

Shultz. John W.. Yoeman. Na\ y. 

Shultz. Paul Jay. Private. Ca\ alr> . transferred to Infantry, A. E. F. 

Shultz. William A . Cam]) Lee. \ a. 

Shultz. William A.. Infantry. 

Shuman. Eugene S.. Sergeant. Camp L(^e. \ a. 

Shuman. John H.. Limited Service. Camp Green. S. C. 

Shupp. Robert M.. Private. Infantry. 

Shurtz. Samuel H.. Private. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Shutter, Charles W., U. S. Navy. 

SiDELL, Hahvey W.. Naval Reserves. 

SiDWELL. Harvey. First Class Private. Infantry. 

Sieker. William Edward, Sergeanl. Infantry. 

SiER, Charles, Infantry. 

Silar, George D., Private, Infantiy, A. E. F. 

Silar, Harry E.. Private. Aviation, A. 11 F. 

Silar. Sainiuel A.. Camp Lee. ^'a. 

Silar. Sherman R.. Private. Infantiy. A. E. F. Wounded Twice. 

Simmons, Joseph, V. S. Navy. 

Simmons. Lyle M., Private. Rase Hospital. Camp Lee. Va.. 

Simons. Norman J.. Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Simons, Paul F.. \J. S. Army. York. Pa. 

SiMSON, Claude J.. Field Artillery. 

Simpson, Harold A., Private. Infanliy. A. E. F.. 

Simpson, Walter A., Private, Ice Plant Init No. 30L A. E. F. 

Singleton, Monnie, Camp Custer Michigan. (Colored.) 

Singleton, Issac, Camp Custei', Michigan. (Colored.) 

SiPE. Charles Henry, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded and Gassed. 

Sipe, Curtis, Camp Gordon, Ga. 

SiPE. Frank Augustus, Private, Infantiy. A. E. F. Killed. 

SiPES, George M.. Headquarters Company, U. S. Band, A. E. F. 

Sipe, Harry W.. L". S. Infantry. 

SiPE, Harvey L.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. \^ ounded. 

Sipe, Herbert M.. Private, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 

[229 1 

SiPE, Herman Ellswokth, Private, Depot Brigade, A. E. F. 
SiPE, Herman W., Sergeant, Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 
SiPE, Ira, Private, l^ S. Infantry. 
Sipe, John W. F., Infantry. A. E. F. Missing. 
Sipe, Lake L.. Camp IMeade. Md. 
Sipe, Lester, U. S. Infantry. 
Sipe, Lloyd B., Piivate. Engineers. A. E. F. 
Sipe, Nester. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 
Sipe. Bobert, Private. Li. S. Infantry. 
Sipe, Boy Elmer, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 
Sipe, Paul Sylvester, Sergeant, Infantry. A. E. F. 
Sipe. Walter A.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Sipe, Warren George, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, Pa. 
Sipe, Welsh, Camp Mills. N. Y. 
Sipe, Wilbert H., Ambulance Service. 
Sipe, William F.. Private. Infantry. \. K. F. 
Siple, Howard E.. Camp (heenleaf. 

Siple, John Howard. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 
Siple, Simon H.. Private, Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 
Sites, James G.. Camp (ireenleaf. 
SiTLER, Claude. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 
Sitler, Joseph B., Second Lieutenant, Infantry, A. E. F. 
Sitler. Karl H., Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 
Slade. Harry B., Private, Coast Artillery. A. E. F. 
Slade. Thomas B., Sergeant. Cavalry. 

Slade, Walter J.. Private. A. E. F. Injured by fall rnun Motorcycle. 
Slade. WiLBim. Sergeant. Cavalry and Chemical \\ aifare Service. 
Slade, William. Cainp Meade, Md. 

Slagle, Howard D., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, Pa. 
Slagle, W. a.. Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 
Slater, Lewis J., Private, Cavalry. 

Slaybaugh, George. Auto Mechanic at I ni\crsity of i'ittsburgh. Pa. 
Slaybaugh, Bussell, S. A. T. C. liniversity of Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Sleeger, Chester E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 
Sleeger. David E.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 
Slenker, Charles Edward. Private. A\iati(in. In England. 
Slenker. Ervin. Ordnance Department. 

Slenker. Leroy. Machine (Jun Battalion. A. E. F. Wounded. 
Slenker. Lloyd S.. Private. Marine Band. 
Slenker. Stewart H.. Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 
Slenker. Walter Ervin. Private. Aviation. In England. 
Sloat, Baymond L.. Auto Mechanic at Lafayette College. 
Sloat, George A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Slonaker, Charles J.. Seaman. Navy. U. S. S. Lake Moon. Lost life when boat was torpedoed olf 

[English Coast 
Slonaker. Boy. Corporal. Ordnance Department. 
Slonaker, Boy, Corporal, V. S. Army. Emigsville. Pa. 
Slothower. Bruce D.. Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

f 230 1 

Slothower, Le\ms E. Jr., Camp Meade, iMd. 

Slyder, Ralph H., Sergeant. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Slyder, Frederick. Second Lieutenant. Infantry. 

Slydeh, John B., L . S. Army. Yoe, Pa. 

Smalinske, Paul, U. S. Infantry. 

Small, Cassandra M.. Y. M. C. A. Canteen Work. A. E. F. 

Small, Charles A., Sergeant, Infantry. In Siberia. 

Small, Claire E., U. S. Army. R. D. No. 12. Yorli, Pa. 

Small, Edgar A.. U. S. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Small, Frank J.. Supply Sergeant. Coast Artillery. A. E. F. 

Small. George W.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Small. Harry E.. Aiiiireiiti( e Seaman, Navy. U. S. S. North Dakota. 

Small, Henry S.. Chief Petty Officer, U. S. Navy, Destroyer. 

Small. James, U. S. Infantry. 

Small, J. Edgar. Second Lieutenant. Forestry Service. ^ ancouver. Wash. 

Small, James Francis. Private, Cook. ()uartermaster Corps. Died. 

Small, J. C. M.. Ensign. V. S. Navy. 

Small, J. Frederick. Meehanic. Ice Plant I riit No. 30L A. E. F. 

Small, John William. Private. Coast Artillery. A. E. F. 

Small, Joseph F.. \J. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Small, J. Leslie, Mechanic. Camp Johnson. Flu. 

Small, Michael, Second Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Small, Philip H., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettyslmrg. Va. 

Small, Walter J.. First Sergeant. Infantry. 

Small, William P.. Camp Dix, N. J. 

Smeltzer, Charles Earl. Camp Lee. ^ a. 

Smeltzer. Clayton A.. Private. Rejiair Shop I nit. Quartermaster Corps. 

Smeltzer, Enoch, Private, Quartermaster Corps, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Smeltzer, George W., LI. S. Navy. 

Smeltzer. Howard William. Private. Ordnance Department. 

Smeltzer. Sterling E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Smeltzer, William P., U. S. Army, Jefferson. Pa. 

Smith, Albert B.. Canij) Meade. Md. 

Smith, Arthur R., Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith, Bernard C, Aviation Corps. 

Smith. Charles C, Second Lieutenant. M;ichine Gun Battalion. \. K. V. 

Smith, Charles E., LT. S. Navy. 

Smith, Charles Franklin, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Smith, Charles Ira. Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Smith, Elvin, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith, Claire E., Musician, Coast Artillery. 

Smith, Clair W., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Smith, Clarence B., Private. Bugler, Infantry. 

Smith, Clarence E., Auto Mechanic, at Easton. Pa. 

.Smith, Claude L.. First Lieutenant. Machine (iiin Battalion. 

Smith, Clayton E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith, Clement, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith, Russell Daniel, Private. Marine Corps. Killed. Croix de Guerre. 

[ 231 ] 

Smith. Earl (!., Corporal. Medical Corps. 

Smith. Edward William, Private. Infantry, Transferred to Engineers, A. J'l F. 

Smith, Elmer W., Private, S. A. T. C. 

Smith. I^^rnest H., A\ iatioii Corps. 

Smith. FlovdL.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Smith. Fred. Private. Artillery. 

Smith. (Ieorge !\I.. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College. State College. Pa. 

Smith. ( iiusoN Captain, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Smith. (iF?AMViLLE. Private, A. E. F. Killed. 

Smith. (iiiERNEV E.. Cor])oral. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith. Harold A.. First Class Seaman, Navy. 

Smith, Harry, Camp Wadsworth, S. C. 

Smith. Harry. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Smith, Harry D., Private, Troop B. 12th Cavalry. 

Smith, Henry Elwood, Private, Cook, Heavy Artillery. 

Smith, Harry L.. Private. Field Aitilleiy. A. E. F. 

Smith, H. Raymond, Camp Meade, Md. 

Smith, Harvey E., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Smith, Herbert. \ . S. Navy. 

Smith. Herbert D.. Aviation Corps. 

Smith. Herbert R., Corporal, Medical Corps. 

Smith. Hobert. Corporal. Camp Meade. Md. 

Smith, Hoke, Private, A\iation. In England. 

Smith, Horace Welty, Private, American Anglo Tank Corps. 

Smith. Horation. Private. Camp Meafle. Md.. A. E. F. Di(>d of Pneumonia. 

Smith, Howard W.. Privat(\ {^)uaitermaster Corps. 

Smith, James, Private. I'. S. Army, York, Pa., A. E. F. 

Smith, James. Private. Signal Corps. A. E. F. Decorated for Bravery. 

Smith, Jame.s H., Private. Infantry. 

Smith, James M., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Smith, Jame.s Merrille. Private. Ice Plant Unit A. E. F. Scalded. 

Smith, James P., Camp Meade, Aid. 

Smith, John A., U. S. Cavalry. 

Smith, John E., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Smith, Lawrence C, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith, Leo R., S. A. T. C. Lehigh University, Bethlehem. Pa. 

Smith, Lewis L.. Private. Infantry. 

Smith, Lolts S., U. S. Infantry. 

S.MITH, Maurice R., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F". 

Smith, Melville D., Corporal. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Smith, AIervin C, Cam{) Meade, .Md. 

Smith, Norman E., V. S. Infantry. 

Smith. Norman E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Smith, Paul E., Private, Infantry. 

Smith, Paul E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Smith. Pierre D., Auto Mechanic at University of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Purd R., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith, Randolph, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded and (iassed. Decorated. 

I 232 1 

Smith, Raymond F., U. S. Navy. 

Smith, Raymond J.. Windsor. Pa.. A. K. F. 

Smith, Robert W.. Private, Aviation. 

Smith, Robert M., U. S. Army. Wrightsvillc Pa. 

Smith, Roy E., l'. S. Navy. 

Smith, Wm. C, First Lieutenant, Air Service. 

Smith, Roy W., Apprentice Seaman, I . S. Navy. 

Smith, Ru-Ssell J.. Technical Traininf^ at Lehijrh tnivcrsity. 

Smith, Thomas A., V. S. Infantry. 

Smith, ^ ictor. Auto Mechanic at Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

Smith, Walter C, Camp Lee, Va. 

Smith, William. Dover, Pa., A. E. F. 

Smith. Dr. William C... Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Smith, William H., Camp I\Ieade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Smith, William H., V. S. Infantry. 

Smith. ^^ illiam 11. Jr.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Smith, \A illiam L.. Meciianic at Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Smith, William R., Camp Greenleaf. 

Smyser. C-larence H., S. A. T. C. T niversity of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Smyser, Earl C, Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Smyser, Frederick L., Corporal, Engineers. 

Smyser. Dr. Henry D., Captain, ]\Iedical Corps. 

Smyser, Maurice Bott, Second Lieutenant. Field Artilleiy. A. E. F. 

Smyser, Jacob M., First Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Smyser. Roman J.. Camp (irt>enleaf. 

Smyser, Rudolph, Lieutenant Colonel, Machine (Jnn liattaliotL A. E. F. 

Smyser, Thomas Lanius, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Smyser, Walter G., Sergeant, Infant ly. A. I-]. F. 

Smyser, Willard C, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Sneeringer, Edgar J., Engineers, A. E. F. 

Sneeringer. Harry J.. Corporal. Ice Plant Unit No. .SOL A. E. F. 

Snelbaker, John L., Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Snell, Cleveland B., L . S. Army, York, Pa. 

Snell, William J., Camp Greenleaf. 

Snellbaker. Charles E., V. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Snellbaker, Elmer C, Musician, Field Artilleiy. 

Snellbaker. Harry C. l\ S. Infantry. 

Snellinger, John J., Sergeant-Major. Infantry, A. E. V. 

Snodgrass, Clyde F.. Engineers. 

Snook, Homer B.. Regimental Sergeant-Major. Edgewood. Md. 

Snydeman, Charles S.. Mechanic at Easton, Pa. Ditnl of Pn(nun(iiiia. 

Snyder, Allen L.. Sergeant, Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

Snyder, Arthur B., Lieutenant. Machine Gun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Snyder, Arthur E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Snyder. Austin J., Camp Green|eaf. 

Snyder, C. M., Private, T.'^rd I^'ngineers. 

Snyder, Charles, Corporal, Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Snyder. Clay J.. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. 

f 23:5 1 

Snyder, Curvin Arthiir, Corporal. Marino Band, A. E. F. Decorated. 

Snyder, Curvin, Camp Meade, Md. 

Snyder. (iEorge K.. Private, Infantry, A. 1]. F. (iassed. 

Snyder. (!. Maurice, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Snyder, (iEOROE W., Camj) Meade, Md. 

Snyder, Guy S.. Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Snyder, Harrison, V. S. Army. Dailastown. Pa. 

Snyder. Harry E.. Serj^eant. Medical Corps. 

Snyder, Henry C. Camp Greenleaf. 

Snyder, Herman Arthur. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Snyder, Howard F.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Snyder, Howard W., Aviation Corps. 

Snyder. Huber R.. Private. Training Replacement Camp. 

Snyder. Jacob H.. I'. S. Engineers. 

Snyder. James, Camp Meade, Md. 

Snyder. James W.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Snyder. Jason Bower. Cadet, Aviation. 

Snyder. John B., Private, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Snyder. John E.. Camp Lee. Va. 

Snyder. John H.. First Class Private. Hospital Corps, Medical Department. 

Snyder. John L.. Camp Lee, Va.. A. E. F. 

Snyder. John W.. Camp Humplities. ^ a. 

Snyder. Noah Carl. Pii\ate. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Snyder, Otis E.. U. S. Army, Delta, Pa. 

Snyder. Rufus E., Camp Lee. Va., A. E. F. 

Snyder. Vallie C... Battery A.. 18th Field Artillery, 3rd Division, A. E. F. 

Snyder. Walter F., Aviation Corps. 

Snyder, Willard. V. S. Engineeis. 

Snyder. William. Camp Lee, \a.. A. E. F. 

Snyder, William B. H.. IT. S. Army, Dailastown, Pa. 

Snyder. William Franklin. Pritate. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Snyder. William M.. Private. S. A. T. C. 

Solid\y. David S.. Cliemical Warfare Service. Astoria. L. I. 

Soliday. John F.. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

SoLLENBEROER. Earl R.. F. S. Infantry. 

Somers, Norman C, L. S. Engine^ rs. 

SoMMERWERCK. RoBERT II.. Sccoiid LieuttMiant. Camp Cordon. 

SouRBER. Charles H.. Second Lieuteiiaiil. Camp I pton. N. Y. 

SouRBER, Robert R., Bowman Technical School, Lancaster, Pa. 

Sowers. Ammon J.. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Sowers. Curtis. U. S. Cavalry. 

SowER.s. (ilEORr.E R.. r. S. Cavalry. 

Sowers. Jesse. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Sowers, Oliver, Private, Engin<'ers, A. E. F. 

Sowers, Paul I'].. Ship Fitter. Naval Aviation, A. E. F. 

Sowers. Robert W.. Camp Meade, Md. 

SpAfiNOLA. N.. Camp Lee. \ a. 

Spahr. Arthur Miller. Private. ( hiartermaster Corps. .\. E. F. 


Spahr, Faustin D., Limited Service. At Syracuse. N. Y. 

Spahr, Harry E., Private, Infantry. 

Spahr, Frank H., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Spahr. Harry C Camp Meade, Md. 

Spahr, Henry Cleveland. Private. Infantry. 

Spahr, Howard K., Second Lieutenant, Infantry. 

Spahr. John A.. Private. A. E. F., Manchester, Pa. 

Spahr. Jo.seph Gordon, Sergeant, liilst Cuard Company, A. E. F. 

Spahr, Philip K., Naval Aviation. 

Spanoler, a. M., Camp Meade. Md. 

Spangler. Arthur M.. Private. Ice Plant T nit No. :?01, A. E. F. 

Spangler, Carroll H., Medical Corps. In Italy. 

Spangler, Charles B., U. S. Infantry. 

Spangler. Charles C, Lieutenant, Medical Reserves. 

Spangler, Charles C, Sergeant, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Spangler, Daniel C. Private, Quartermaster Corps, R. D. No. 2. Wrightsville. P 

Spangler, Daniel Walter, Petty Ofiicer, Navy, V. S. S. Isabelle. A. E. F. 

Spangler, Edwin W., Infantry, A. E. F. 

Spangler, Evan, Petty OfTicer. Navy. 

Spangler, Harry Romaine, Private. Motor Ambulance. 

Spangler, Heyward M., Limited Service, Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Spangler, Ivan, Corporal, Ice Plant L^nit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Spangler, John A. Jr.. Limited Service, Vancouver, Wash. 

Spangler, John L, Sergeant, Field Artillery, Camp Taylnr. Ky., (). T. C. 

Spangler, Joseph D., Aviation Corps. 

Spangler, Kerwin H., Corporal, 33rd Infantry, Gatun, Canal Zone. 

Spangler, Melvin Clarence, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wduiided. 

Spangler, Ralph, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Spangler, Rorert Theodore, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Spangler, Samuel C, Camp Meade, !\Id. 

Spangler, Samuel W^, Camp Lee, \a. 

Spangler. Walter, Navy, V. S. S. Isabelle. 

Spangler, William G., U. S. Infantry. 

Spangler, William H.. Camp Lee, Va. 

Spangler, William II.. Private. Ordnance Department. 

Spangler, William Llewellyn, Private. Field Artillery, 80th Division. A. E. V. 

Spatz. Rev. Edgar E.. Chaplain, Dallastown. Pa. 

Speck, William E., Camp Meade. Md. 

Spector, John, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Speece. Martin D., U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Spence, Harry M., U. S. Infantry. 

Spencer, Benjamin J., Camp Custer, Mich. (Colored.) 

Spieker, Charles Earl, Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Spielman. John L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Spies, Daniel, Coast Artillery. 

Sponsler, Bernard C... Infantry. A. E. F. 

Spotz, Floyd E., Camp Meade, Md. 

Spranger, Charles William, Private. Ammunitinn Train. A. E. F". 

[235 1 

Sprenkle, Charles F., Ensign, Navy. 

Sprenkle, Daniel E., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. 

Sprenkle, Edward HIy.ster, S. A. T. C. 

Sprenkle, Elmer, Corporal, Infantry. 

Sprenkle, Elmer, V. S. Army, Wrightsville, J'a. 

Sprenkle, Erwin T.. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. 

Sprenkle, Horace J., Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. Regimental Citation. Personal Citation. 

Sprenkle, Allen T., Private, Unassigned. 

Sprenkle, Jacob E., Private, Transportation Corps, A. E. F. 

Sprenkle, John, Private, Field Artillery. 

Sprenkle, John Flshel, Ensign, Naval Coast Defense, U. S. S. New Hampshire. 

Sprenkle, Leroy, U. S. Navy. 

Sprenkle, 0. D., U. S. Army, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sprenkle, Paul E.. Machine (Jun Repair I'nil, A. E. F. 

Sprowe, James L., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Spurley, William A., Quartermaster C(jrps. 

Spyker, Samuel C, U. S. Infantry. 

Staab, Garry E., Camp Lee, \a. 

Stabley, Allen, Private, Infantry. 

Stable Y, Benjamin F., Camp (ireenleaf, A. E. F. 

Stabley, Benjamin J., Aviation. A. E. F. 

Stabley, Edward M., First Class Private, Field Remoimt Station. 

Stabley, Elwin W.. Headquarters Company. 

Stabley, Isaac J.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. \^'ounded. 

Stabley, Ralph R., Sergeant, Ambulance Corps. 

Stabley, Stewart, Signal Corps. 

Stabley, Stuart S., S. A. T. C. 

Stabley, Walter E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Stabley, Walter S., Camp Lee, Va. 

Stabley, Wilbur Wright, Seaman, Navy, \J. S. S. Tacoma. A. E. F. 

Stacks, Russell E., V. S. Army, Dallastown, Pa. 

Stagemeyer, Charles, Sergeant. ;554th Cavalry. 

Stagemeyer, Herbert, Aero Squadron, A. E. F. 

Stagemeyer, Horace, Private, Infantry. 

Stagemeyer. Robert H., Quartermaster Clerk. A. and I. Department, 1 . S. Marines. 

Stagemeyer, Wilbur E., Corporal, !\lotor Transport Corps. 

Stahl, Robert F., Waco, Texas. 

Stahle, Charles Thomas. Major. Coast Artillery. A. E. F. 

Stair. Edward, First Lieutenant, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Stair, Jacob Jr.. Naval Reserve Corps. 

Stambaugh, Chanceford, V. S. Army. R. D. No. 1, York, Pa., A. E. F. Killed. 

Stambaugh. Charles E., V. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Stambaugh, Clarence E., Camp Greenleaf. 

Stambaugh, Clarence A., Engineers, A. E. F. 

Stambaugh, Frederick M., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Stambaugh, George P., Camp Meade. Md., A. Iv F. 

Stambaugh. Guy H., Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F 

Stambaugh, H. Allen, Quartermaster Corps. 

[ 2:?6 1 

Stambaugh. Harry C, Camp ]\Ieade. Md. 

Stambaugh, Harry J., U. S. Inlantry. 

Stambaugh, Harvey A., Ordnance Department. 

Stambaugh, Howard E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Stambaugh, James Lower, Coxswain, Navy, U. S. S. Miehigan. A. E. F. 

Stambaugh, John C, Camp Lee, Va. 

Stambaugh. John W., Private, Quartermaster Corps. 

Stambaugh, Lester, Li. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Stambaugh, Levi Cornelius, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Stambaugh, Lewis H., Private, Engineers, A. K. F. 

Stambaugh, Michael W., Private, Infantry. 

Stambaugh, Norman B., Private. Aviation. 

Stambaugh, I'aris. Engineers. Hanover. Pa., A. E. F. 

Stambaugh, Paris, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Stambaugh, Paul, U. S. Infantry. 

Stambaugh, Paul M., V. S. Navy. 

Stambaugh, Ralph D., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Stambaugh, Raub L., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Stambaugh. Robert W ., Private. Infantry, .\. E. F. 

Stambaugh, Serenus E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Stambaugh, Sherman L., Private, Engineers. 

Stambaugh, William L.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Staniford, J. Ray, Band Sergeant, Field .\rtillery. 

Stare, Bruce E., Private, S. A. T. C. Llniversity of Pittsburgh. i>a. 

Startzel, Norman J., V. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Startzman, C. F., Captain, Headquarters Company, A. E. F. 

Stabb, Harry, Wagoner, Quartermaster Corps. 

Staub, Jonas L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Staub, Joseph, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Staub, Raymond, Camp Meade, Md. 

Staub. William H., Infantry, A. E. F. 

Stauffer, J. Clair, First Sergeant, Compan> D, Infantry, Rcpiai'einent Camj), Camp Lee. 

Stauffer, George L., Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Stauffer. H^^^LTON. Private. Engineers. 

Stauffer, Hahry, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Missing. 

Stauffer, Henry J.. First Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Stauffer, Jacob D.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Cassed. 

Stauffer. John. I'. S. Navy. 

Stauffer, Joseph D., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Stauffer. Raymond W.. Private. Aviation Corps. 

Stauffer, Robert E., Sergeant, Coast Artillery. 

Stayman, Adam S., Camp Meade, Md. 

Stayman, Howard 0.. Camp fireenleaf. 

Steacy. Frank, U. S. Navy. 

Steacy, Henry H., LT. S. Navy. 

Steacy, John. Ensign, V. S. Navy. 

Steck, Kenneth L., York, Pa. Died in ('.amp. 

Steffy. Robert. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

I 237 ] 

Stegner, Milfred C. S. A. T. C. Franklin and Marshall College, Pa. 

Steig. Henry A., U. S. h]ngineprs. 

Steigewalt. Claude H.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Steigler, Albert J., Camp Meade, Md. 

Stein. Custav A.. Private, Cook, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Stein, Ralph E.. Mechanic at I'ittsiiurf^h. Pa. 

Stein, W. 11., Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Steinfelt, Ben.iamin, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Steinkamp, Charles A., Private, Infantry, U. S. Army, A. E. F. 

Stem, Bruce, Camp Lee, Va. 

Stenger, Franci.s J., U. S. Navy. 

Sterner, Benjamin P., Private, Infantry. 

Sterner, Paul E., Private, Madison Harbor, N. J. 

Stern, William B., Corporal, Camp Lee, Va. 

Sterner, Clarence E., Camp Lee, ^ a.. A. E. F. 

Sterner, Edgar E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wdiindcd. 

Sterner, Ellis (r.. Marines. 

Sterner, Evan, Mechanic, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Sterner, George, Camp Upton, N. Y. 

Sterner, Harry F., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Sterner, Harry P., I . S. Maiincs. 

Sterner, John H., U. S. Army, R. D. No. .3. Hanovir. Pa. 

Sterner, ,Iohn W.. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Sterner, Levere, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Getly.sburg, Pa. 

Sterner, Lynn Lee Roy, Sergeant. Infantry, A. Fl F. 

Sterner, Paul E., U. S. Infantry. 

Sterner, Raymond S., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Sterner, Raymond S., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Sterner. Richard. Marines, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Sterner, Samuel F.. V. S. Marines. 

Sterner, William C, U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Stevenson. Ellsworth, Private, Infantry. (Colored.) 

Steward. Harold P.. I . S. Infantry. 

Stewart, Charles, Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Stewart, Harry P., Fort Myer, \ a. 

Stewart. Marshall M., Aero Sijuadion. 

Stibgen, Clarkson Lutz, Radio School, Navy. 

Stiffler, Elias, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Stifler. F]arl E., Sergeant, ( )uartermaster Corps. 

Stiffler, Spencer, Camp Meade, Md. 

Stiles, Herbert A., Limited Service, Camp Dix. N. ,1. 

Stiles, Paul J., Camp Meade. Md. 

Stiles, Wilmer H., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Still, Charles H., Ensign, 1'. S. Navy. 

Stiltz, Frank, U. S. Infantry. 

Stine, Henry S., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Stine, Norman H., Piivate, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Stine, Raymond ^ ., Cam]) Meade. Md. 

1 238 1 

Stine, William A.. Chief Petty Ofiieer. Navy. 

Stock, Frederick C. Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery, A. K. F. 

Stock, Joseph F., Artillery, Battalion, Cook, 82d Division, A. E. F. 

Stock, Walter W., Aero Squadron. A. E. F. 

Stock, William H., U. S. Navy. 

Stokes, Ernest, Corporal, Royal Canadian Dra^'oons. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Stokes, Samuel, U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Stoll, Charles E., U. S. S. W issahickon, Louis^ ille. Ky, 

SroLL, Lewis S., U. S. Cavalry. 

Stoller. John W.. Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Stoiner, David, Limited Service. 

Stoner, Edgar K., Private, Coast Arlillery, A. E. F. 

Stoner, George C, Private, Infantry, A. K. F. 

Stoner, H. E., V. S. Army, Cly, Newberry Towaship, Pa.. A. E. F. 

Stoner, Roy A., First Lieutenant, Marine Corps, A. E. F. 

Stoner. Warren H.. Private. Infantiy. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Stonesifer, George \\ .. Infantry. Transferred to Engineers. 

Stonesifer, Joseph E., Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Stonesifer. Lewis H., Camp ?\Iead(>. Aid. 

Stonesifer, Maurice 0., Camp Meade, .Md. 

Stonesifer, Paul H., LI. S. Cavalry. 

Stonesifer. Raymond J., Camp ]Meade. Md. 

Storll, Harry A., Limited Service, Camp Taylor, ky. 

Stormer, George, Camp Terry, L. I. 

Stormer, Pus, I . S. Army. Cross Roads. Pa. 

Stottlevieyer, Harvey, Infantry. 

Stouffer, Charles, Hospital (mhjjs. 

Stoiigh, Edward J., U. S. Navy. 

Stouch, tiEORGE D., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Stough, Charles H., Camp Meade, Md. 

Stough. Charles H.. Pri\ate. Medical Cor|)s. A. E. F. 

Stough, Charles P.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Stough, Charles W.. Limited Service. 

Stough, Clarence H.. And)ulance Service. 

Stough, Clyde W.. Sergt'ant. Infantry, A. K. F. 

Stough, Harry B., Private. Infantry. Died of Pneumonia. 

Stough. Harry J.. Medical Corps. 

Stolgh, Herman. I . S. Army. York. Pa. 

Stough, Martin H.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Stough, Martin L.. '^'ork. Pa., A. E. F. Missing. 

Stough, Nelson H.. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Stoi gh. Robert A., Corporal. Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Stoi'gh. Samlel, Privat(>. luigineers. A. E. F. 

Stough, William. Private. Machine (inn Battalion, A. E. F. 

Stough, W^illiam W.. I'ii\ate. Infantry. 

Stout. Emil. Private. 1-^ngineers. A. E. F. 

Stout, Walter R.. Corporal. Infantry. \. i;. F. (iassed. 

Stover, Guy F.. First Lieutenant. Medical Corps. 

[ 239 ] 

Stover, Harry C, Sergeant, liii'antiy. A. R. F. killed. 

Stover, Jesse L.. Private. Limited Service. 

Stover, R. E., Chief Yoeman, Navy. 

Stover, Sylvester, Camp Meade. Md. 

Stover. Wilmer. Navy. U. S. S. New Hampshire. 

Strack. Earl F.. Ambulance Service. 

Strack. William O.. Captain. Railway Service in Manchuria. 

Straining, William, Infantry, 

Straley. Clarence A., Camp Meade. Md. 

Strasbaugh. George E.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Stratigos, G. K., Engineers, Cainij Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Strathmeyer, Henry W., Corporal. Company F. 212th Engineers. 

Strausbaugh. Artiiiir. Camp Lee. ^ a. 

Strausbaugh. Charles. Camj) Meade. Md. Died. 

Strausbaugh. Charles A., Infantry. 

Strausbaugh. C. R., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Strausbai'gh. Curtis E.. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Strausbaifgh. Emory B.. Navy. 

Strausbaugh, Ernest E.. Private, Trench Mortar Battery, A. E. F. 

Strausbaugh, Harry B.. Private, Depot Brigade. 

Strausbau(;h. Henry. Limited Service. 

Strausbaugh, Henry C, Naval Reserv(> Corps. 

Strausbauc;h, Herbert E., Infantry. 

Strausbaugh, Norman B.. Aviation. 

Strausbaugh. Robert. Camp Meade, Md. 

Strausbaugh, Waller, Camp Meade, .Md. 

Strauss, Thomas P., Aviation Corps. 

Straw, James B.. U. S. Infantry. 

Straw, Joseph B., .\viation, A. E. F. 

Str,\w, Ru.ssell B., U. S. Infantry. 

Strambrioge. Augustus V., Camj) Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Strawbridge. Duncan H., Captain, infantry, A. E. F. 

Strawinski. M. Caroline, Red Cross Nurse. 

Strayer, Augustus A., Sergeant, Infantry. 

Strayer, David, U. S. Army, Hanover, Pa., A. E. F. 

Strayer, David, V. S. Army. Dover, Pa., A. E. F. 

Strayer, I^^dvvin II.. Naval Reserves. 

Strayer, Harry E.. Sergeant. Infantry, A. E. F. Died of i'lieumonia. 

Strayer, Lloyd E., Private, Infantry, Camp Lee, Va. 

Strayer, Lyman C, Baker. Navy. V. S. S. Wisconsin. A. E. F. 

Strayer. Raymond H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Strevig. Maurice K.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Strevig. Perry B.. Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Strevig. Baymond, I'. S. Army, Hanover, Pa. 

Strickhouser, Daniel Earl, Corporal, Infantry. 

Strickhouser. Bodger C, First Lieut(>nant. Dental Corps. 

Strickland. Charles. Private, M. D. C. 

Strickland. Charles A., Infantry Band. A. E. F. Wounded. 

f 240 1 

Strickland, Harry S.. S*-aman. Ciuisf>r Philadelphia. T'. S. Navy. 

Strickland, Charles H., Privatp, Iiifaiiti y. A. K. F. 

Strickler, Benjamin J., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Strickler, Ernest A., Corporal. Infantry. 

Strickler, Frederick Gibson. Private. Signal Corps, A. \l. V. 

Strickler, Harry J.. I '. S. Engineers. 

Strickler. John \\.. Sergeant. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Strickler. John W.. Inl'antry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Strickler. Millard H., Private. ^Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Strickler. Morgan R.. Depot Jjrigade. Transferred to Infantry. 

Strickler. Reuben. Corporal, l-^ngineers, A. II. F. 

Strevig, Raymond W., First Sergeant, Infantry. 

Striller, John W.. T . S. Army, North York. Pa. 

Strine, Arthur J. Jr., Sergeant. Aviation, A. E. F. 

Strine, Augustus R, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Strine, Huber D., S. A. T. C. Lebanon \'alley College. 

Strine, Martin L., Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Strine, Robert C... Camp Lee, Va. 

Strine, William A., Naval Hospital Corps. 

Strite, Daniel Dewess Jr.. Private. Field Artillery. 

Strubinger, Raymond, Private, Medical Corps. 

Stubbins, Edward J.. U. S. Infantry. 

Stubbs. Daniel T.. Y. M. C A. Work. 

Stuck, John W., Camp Lee, \ a. 

Stump. Cleti^s. Corj)oral. luigiiu-ers, A. E. F. dassed. 

Stump, Elmer S.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Stump, Lemon C, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. Died of Pneinnonia. 

Stump. Luther G.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Stump, Noah F.. S. A. T. C. Ijniversity of West ^ irginia, Morganlown. W. \ a. 

Stump, Walter C. Aviation Corps. 

Suiter. James M.. V. S. Navy. 

Suiter. Paul P.. Limited Service. Camp Dix, N. J. 

Suiter, Wilber C, First Lieutenant, Signal Corps, A. E. F. Killed. 

Sullivan, Elsie, V. S. Army Nurse. 

SuLTANO, Anthony, U. S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

Sunday, Jerry W.. Camp Meade, Md. 

SuTCLiFFE. John D. Jr.. Corporal. Field Artillery, A. F]. F. 

Sutton, Charles W.. F]ngineers, A. E. F. 

Sutton, John, Aviation Corps. 

Swan, John M., Sergeant. Infantry. 

SwANN, David, U. S. Infantry. 

SwANN, Roland S., Second Lieutenant, Engineers, A. Fl F. 

SwANN. Wilbur H., LT. S. Infantry. 

Swartz, Adam D., Sergeant, V. S. Army. R. D.. Spring (hove Pa. 

SwARTZ, Albert, Regimental Rand, A. E. F. 

Swartz, Charles R., Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. ^^'ounded. 

Swartz, Chauncey P.. Camp Lee. ^ a. 

Swartz. I{!i)f;AR A.. T . S. Army. Dover. Pa. 

[241 1 

SwARTZ. Emory Norman. Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

SwARTZ, Erne-st W., Camp Lee, ^ a. 

SwARTZ, Grover M., Sergeant, Artillery, A. E. F. 

SwARTZ, J. F. F., A. C. T. Y. S. Candidate. 

SwARTZ, Jes,se v., Medical Corps. 

SwARTZ, Milton, Camp Meade. 1\1<I. 

SwARTZ. Perry D.. S. A. T. C. Penns>l\ania Cdllege. Gettysburg. Pa. 

SwARTZ, Raymond L.. Private. Field Artillery. 

SwARTZ, RoHERT R., U. S. Infantry. 

SwARTZ. William H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

SwARTZ, W. Main. S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. tJettysburg. Pa. 

SwARTZER, \'icTOR, Private, Infantry. 

SWARTZBAUGH, ClIARLES II., Camp ( ireeiileaf. 

SwARTZBAUGH, C.HARLEs H.. Private. Infantry. Camp Meade, Md. 

SwARTZBAUGH, Edward. Engineers. A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

SwARTZBAUGH. Ceorge. I'. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

SwARTZBAUGH, Maurice F., Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

SwARTZBAUGH, Raymond W., Camp Lee. \a. 

Sweeney. Donald R.. Machine Gun P.attalion. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Sweeney. James M.. S. A. T. C. Dickinson College. Carlisle. J'a. 

Sweigert, Renjamin E., First Photographic Section. Air Service. A. E. F. 

Sweitzer. Channing E., U. S. Infantry. 

Sweitzer, E. E.. Camp Meade. Md. 

Sweitzer. Ellsworth, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Sweitzer. Elmer. Camp Meade. Md. 

Sweitzer. Ga.ston. War Risk Department in Paris. 

Sweitzer. George S.. Infantry. A. K. F. Wounded. 

Sweitzer. Harvey. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Missing. 

Sweitzer, Peter, Camp Lee,s\ a. 

Sweitzer. Ralph W., Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Sweitzer, \'ictor. Camp Meade, Md. 

Sweitzer. Walter A.. Corporal. Infantry, A. E. F. 

SwoPE, Luther R., Camp Meade. Md, 

S«OPE, Morgan R., Navy, U. S. S. Cleveland. 

Sykes, Arthur W., Aviation Corps. 

Tachert. Andrew H.. Private. Ordnance Department. 
Tagg. Norman H., V. S. Army. York. Pa. 
Taleferro, Eugene T., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 
Tarbert. Howard A.. Private. InfaTitry. 

Tassia, Vincent Stevens, Apprenti';e Seaman, Naval Signal Sciiool. 
Taughman, Paul, Private, Camp leade, Md. 
Tawney, Charles L., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 
Tawser, Charle.s L.. Private, Camp VVadsworth, S. C. 
Taylor, Allen H., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 
Taylor, Alvin, Private, Marines. 

Taylor, Amos E.. Sergeant-Major. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 
■ Taylor, Cyrus, Private, U. S. Army, Seitzland, Shrewsbury Township, Pa. 

[242 1 

Taylor, Edward. Rt'sei\ p Oflicer Training Camp. Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Taylor, Clayton G., Private, Medical ReplaciMiicnt Tnit No. 54. A. E. F. 

Taylor. Frank H., Private. Ambulance Unit. 

Taylor. Franklin Walter. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Taylor, George W., Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Taylor. Howard A.. Private, Aviation. 

Taylor, James C, S. A. T. C. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Taylor, John, U. S. Army, R. D. No. 12. York, Pa. 

Taylor. John, U. S. Army. R. D. No. 2. Seven Valleys. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Taylor, Joseph D., Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. South Carolina. Convoying. 

Taylor, James R., Private, Navy, U. S. S. Rhode Island. 

Taylor. J. Walter, New Freedom. Pa.. A. E. F. Missing. 

Taylor, James Irvin. Private. Princeton University Hospital Unit. A. E. F. 

Taylor, Louis. U. S. Army, Wrightsville, Pa. 

Taylor, Luther T., First Lieutenant. (Cavalry. In Pliillii)in(^s. 

Taylor. Robert F.. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. W Dunded Twice. 

Taylor, Robert M., Sergeant, Ordnance Department. 

Taylor. Wilbur A., Sergeant. Engineers. 

Taylor. William Edward. Corporal. Ambulance Service. 

Taylor, William E., Sergeant, Infantry, Camp Dix. 

Teall. John T., Private, U. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Teeple, Frank E., U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Teaman, Charles, L^. S. Army, Felton. Pa. 

Terry. Charles H.. Private. Infantry. 

Test. Harry J., Field Hospital StafT, Los Angles. Cal. 

Test, Harvey, Auto Mechanic. Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Test, William McKinley, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Teter, Le.ster E.. Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

Thatcher, Ralph E., Private. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Thau, Oscar F., S. A. T. C. John lIo])kins. Baltimoie, Md. 

Thaxton, William, Private, Infantry. 

Thoman, George F., Corporal, Infantry. A. E. F. Died ui'WOunds. 

Thoman, C. E., Private, Camp Greenleaf. (ia. 

Thoman, Guy B., Private, Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Thoman, Roland, U. S. Army, Mt. Wolf. Pa. 

Thoman. Roland. Private, Ammunitictn Train, A. E. F. 

Thomas. Abraham, Private, Cook. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Thomas, Bayard C, Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Thomas, Bruce, Private. Field Artillery. 

Thomas, Clair A., Cadet Engineer, Merchant Marine, JJ. S. S. Coronado. A. E. 

Thomas, Clarence J.. Private. Machine Gun Battalion. A. E. F. Womidcd. 

Thomas. Curtis Alfred. Private. Infantry. Tank Corps. 

Thomas, Edward B.. Private, Cavalry. 

Thomas, Ellis, Private. S. A. T. C. Peimsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Thomas, Floyd II.. Private, Naval Aviation. A. E. F. 

Thomas. George E., Private, Ammunition Train. A. E. F. 

Thomas, Gerald, L-. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Thomas, Guy C. Sergeant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

[243 1 

Thomas. Harry M., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania State (".<>llei;e. State College, Pa. 

Thomas. Harry S., I'livate. Limited Service. 

Thomas, Heinry. Private, Engineer.s. 

Thomas, John B.. First Lieutenant, l^elta. Pa. 

Thomas. Marvin D.. Private, liifanlrv ( '.orps. ('amp Lee. ^ a. 

Thomas. Martin L.. Private, Ainmunition Train, A. E. F. 

Thomas, Norman G., Private, Infantry. 

Thomas. Paul E., Corporal, Depot Brigade. 

Thomas, R. C, Seaman, V. S. Navy. 

Thomas, Robert L., Corporal, Utility Detachment Corps. 

Thomas, Robert \ .. Landsman, Electrical and Radio School, Navy. 

Thomas, Russell C. Private. Navy. 

Thomas, Spurgeon P., S. A. T. C. Albright College. 

Thomas. Warren L.. Corporal. Artillery. A. E. F. Died nf \\uiinds. 

Thomas. W. Scott, Private, Navy. 

Thompson. Alex M.. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Thompson. Charles R.. Ambulance Corps. 

Thompson. Curvin M., Sergeant. Ordnance Department. A. E. F. 

Thompson, F. T.. Private. A. E. F. 

Thompson. Henry R., Corporal. Engineers. A. K. F. 

Thompson, Paul E., S. A. T. C. Franklin and Marshall, Lancaster, Pa. 

Thompson. Paul M.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded and Gassed. 

Thompson. Roland B.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounrled. 

Thompson. Warren, Private, Infantry. 

Throne, Arthur C, Private, luigiiieers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Throne, Earl W., Private. Cavalry. 

Throne, Guy C. Private. Infantry. 

Throne, Henry S., Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Throne. Dr. .Iames E., First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Throne. Lawrence, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Throne. Mrs. James E., Red Cross Nurse. 

Throne. Philip, Secfmd Lieutenant, Amlnilance Service and Infantry. 

Throne, Willard. Private. V. S. Infantry. 

Throne, William II. Jr.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Thi^mma. Carrell 0.. Corporal, Motor Supply Train. A. E. F. 

ThuMiMA, William A., Private, U. S. Cavalry. , 

Tipton, Ernest C, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Died of W^ounds. 

Todd, George T., Private, Infantry. 

ToDT, Charles, Private, Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Tome, George M.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Tome, Milton J.. Cook. Coast Artillery. 

Tome, Murray E., Corporal. Infantry, 112th Machine (iun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Tome, Solomon E.. Private, Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Tomes, Edward F., Second Class Boatswain's Mate, Navy, U. S. Transport Henderson. 

Tomes, Gerald P.. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Toomey, Martin P.. Camp Meade, Md. 

Toomey, Noah J.. Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

Toot. John. Private. Navy, U. S. S. New Hampshire. 

f 244 1 

TooPER, Bernard J., Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

TooPER, Charles G., Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Topper, Roy H.. Private. Motor Supply Train. A. E. F. 

Topper, Walter E., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Torrert, Elmer (I.. Wagoner, 5th Engineers. 

ToRPERT, Howard, Private. S. A. T. C. State College. State C(jllege. Pa. 

Tracy. Benjamin F.. Corporal, Infantry. 

Tracey, George N., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Tracey, Roy W., Camp Meade. Md. 

Travers. Lloyd 0.. Corporal. 

Travers. Wm., Private. Cavalry, Mexico. 

Trattner. Norman F., Private, Medical Corps, A. E. V. 

Tredway, Charles W., U. S. Navy. 

Tresselt, Herman Paul. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

Trice. John L.. Chief Petty OUlcer. V. S. Navy. 

Trimble, Alhert G.. Private. Aviation, A. E. F. 

Trimble, A. Guy, Private, Aero Squadron. 

Trimmer. Charles A.. Seaman. Navy, U. S. S. Alabama. 

Trimmer. Harry R.. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Trimmer, Landis L., Private, Repair and Transport ('orps. Died. 

Trimmer. Ralph K., Private, Ambidance Service. 

Tritel. Roy C, Private, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Trone. Andrew L.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Trone. Clair J.. Private. Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Trone, Earl W.. V. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Trone, Elmer M.. Private. Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. 

Trone, George M., Private, Infantry. 

Trone, Harry C, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Trone. Joseph P.. Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Trone. JNIillard. Private. U. S. Army. R. D. No. 2. Hanover. Pa. 

Trone. Percy. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. .301, A. E. F. 

Trone. Raymond L.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Trone, Wilbur E.. Private, Camp Colt. Pa. 

Trone, Winfield S., Private, Engineers. 

Trostle. Joseph C. Second Lieutenant. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Trostle. Paul E., V. S. Army. Hanover. Pa. 

Trout, Allen K., Sergeant, Depot Brigade. 

Trout, Charles 0., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Trout, Claude C. Camp Lee. \a. 

Trout, David 0.. Private. LT. S. Infantry. 

Trout. George M.. Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Trout. James Howard. Private. Engineers. 

Trout, Mont S., Sergeant. L^. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Troi't. Ralph F^dwin. Private, Infantry. 91st Division. In Belgium. 

Trout, Ralph E., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Troutman, Jacob, Sergeant, Signal Corps. 

Trowbridge. Roy L.. Private. I'. S. Army. York Haven. Pa. 

Trump, Leonard, Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

\ 215 1 

Trumpfheller, Hurley Cleve, Sergeant, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Truscott, Albert M., Chief on Inspection of Ordanance Dejiartinent. 

Teschop, (Jeorge R., Private, Training Battalion. 

TuRNBULL, Merle, First Lieutenant. Infantry. 

Tyson, Charles E., Private, Infantry. 

Tyson, Clarence W., Private, Field Artillery. 

Tyson, Curvin F., First Lieutenant, Motor Truck Supply Tiain, A. E. F. 

Tyson, Ervin C, Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. Carib. 

Tyson, Floyd Thaddieus, Private, S. A. T. C. State College, Pa. 

Tyson, Horace L.. Private, Engineers. 

Tyson, John C, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Tyson, John H., Infantry, l^. S. Army. 

Tyson, Wareen J.. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Uffelman, Clarence C, C'orporal, Motor Transport Corps. 

I'lrich, Frank B.. Private, Camp Lee, \'a. 

Underwood, Guy Alexander, Private, Signal Corps. 

Unger, E. a.. Private. Glen Rock. In England. 

Unger, George, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Unger, George, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Updegraff, Ralph, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Urey, John, V. S. Army. Dallastown, Pa. 

Urey, John. Private, Camp Green, S. C, A. E. F. Was drowned. 

I REY, John Thomas, Private, Infantry. 

Urich, Harvey, Private. ;519th Field artillery, A. E. F. 

LJrich, Dr. Russell, Private, \ eterinary. Medical Corps. 

Utz, John T., Private. Infantry. 

liTZ, John W. Jr., Private, Aviation. 

Utz, Paul H., Private, Camp Meade. Md., A. E. F. Died. 

Utz, Roy, U. S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

Vansdale, Harry B., Private, Wagoner, Camp Meade, Md. 

Vanatter, Theodore, Private. Artillery. 

Van Baman. Willlvm Walter. Captain, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Vandersloot, Charles E., Private, Navy. A. E. F. 

Vandling, John C. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

\ ANDLiNfi, John C, Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Vandling, Samuel G., Private, Infantry. 

Van Hart, Joseph, Private. Infantry. 

^'AUGHN, Amos A., Private. Camp Wadsworth, S. V. 

Vaughn, Willl\m J., Private, Ordnance. 

Vaughn, L. Imogone. Nurse, Su])erintendent Surgical Ward. Fort Myer, Va. 

Veatch, CiEORGE MARSHALL, ( lorixiral. Macliine (iun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Verdier, Clarence H., Private, Medical Corps. 

Verdier. William Edward. Private. Truck Comiiany No. 2, A. E. F. Decorated. 

\ erdier, \\illiam II., Private, Machine (iun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Vichinotti, G., Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

Vichinotti, Joseph, U. S. Army. 

f 246 1 

VoGEL, Carl, Private. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

VoGEL, Harry L., Private, V. S. Marines. 

Von Markle. Raymond, S. A. T. C. University of Pittsburg, Pa. 

Von Mengeringhausen, Quartermaster Sergeant, Senoir, Graduate, B. and C. .Schof)!. Kelly Fi(>lfl. 

Voss, Carl A., Sergeant-Major. Medical Corps. 

Wadkins. Frederick. Private, Camp Meade. Md. (Colored.) 

Wagman. Harry E., Private, Camp Meade. Md.. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Wagner. Benjamin. Private. Infantry. A. E. F, 

Wagner, Bruce, Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Wagner, Carroll A., Private, Aviation. 

Wagner, George R.. Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Wagner, Harry, First Class Druggist, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Wagner. John M., First Class Private. Camp Lee, Va. 

Wagner, John N., First Class Private, Infantry. 

Wagner. William C. Private. Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Wagner, Smith Richard, Private, S. A. T. C. 

Wagner, Lester M., U. S. Navy. 

Wagner. Marvin S., Private, A\ iatioti, A. E. F. 

Wagner, Mary, Nurse. A. E. F. 

Wagner, Paul L. Private. Depot Brigade. 

Wagner. Raymond C. P., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Wagner, Robert J.. Private. Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

Wagner. William. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. W^ounded and (!assed. 

Wales, Hugh S.. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Wales, Lovell G., Mess Sergeant. Infantry. (Colored.) 

Walker, Carl M., Sergeant, Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

Walker. Clarenc.e Harold. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Walker, Elmer. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Walker. Harry J., Private. Camp Lee, Va., A. E. F. 

Walker. Rev. Julius. Chaplain. 

Walker. Rev. Martin, Chaplain. W . king St., York. 

W ALKER. Ru.s.sell H., Coiporal, Medical, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Walker. William G.. Private. Engineers. 

Walker, William H.. Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Wallace, Dr. Charles First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Wallace, Grant M.. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Promoted to Si'cond Lieutenant. 

Wallace. John T. F., Private, Camp Custer, Michigan. 

Wallace. Ralph H., Private, Replacement, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Wallace. Thomas. Private. Infantry. A. K. F. 

Wallace, Warren W., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. W'ounded. 

Wallick. Harry, V. S. Army. East Prospect, Pa. 

Wallick. Harry E.. Private. Camp Meade. ]\Id, 

Wallick, Herbert H., V. S. Army, McSherrystown, Pa. 

Wallick, Herbert, Private, Infantry. 

Wallick. Ralph W., Privat*-, Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Wallick, W. V., Naval Reserves. 

Waltemeyer, Allen 0., Private, Camp Meade. ,Md. 

[ 2-17 ] 

Waltemeyer. C. B.. Pri\atc. Cami) Lop. Ya. 

Waltemeyer. Chester E.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. \\ oundcil. 

Waltemeyer, Claude, U. S. Army, New Freedom, Pa. 

Waltemeyer, Claude M., Private Camp Meade, Md., A. K. F. Wounded. 

Waltemeyer, M. L., Private, Mechanic at Easton, Pa. 

Waltemeyer, Roscoe R., Private, Fort Rosecrans, Cal. 

Waltemeyer. Verne E.. Serfj;eant. Depot Brigade. 

Waltemeyer. Willl\m O.. Private, Company C, ItStli Infantry, Camp Lee, Va. 

Waltimire. Wal 0., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Walter. Clinton E.. Jr., Private. Trench Mortar Battery. A. E. F. 

Walter. Banner S.. Private. Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Walter.sdorff. Allen H., Private, Veterinary Section. A. E. F. 

Waltersdorff. Norman. Ser^jeant,>mical Warefare Service. 

Walton, John II.. Battery E, 3()6tli Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Walton, Jo.seph J., Private, Aviation, In England. 

Wambaugh, Curvin Raymond, Piivate. Remount Depot. 

Wambaugh, C. Russell, Private, Fort Thomas, Ivy. 

Wambaugh, Ernest, Sergeant, U. S. Army. Wrightsville, Pa. 

Wambaugh. Russell. Master Signal Electrician. Aviation, A. E. F. 

Wampler, Raymond L., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wampler, Walter J., Private, Infantry. 

Wantland, Victor J.. U. S. Navy. 

Ward. Mrs. J. J., Nurse, Hospital at Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Warfield, Kenneth R., Corporal, Aviation. 

Warman. Ceorge, Private. U. S. Cavalry. 

Warner, Charles A.. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Warner. Charles Andrew, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Warner. Charles D.. Ensign, Navy, A. E. F. 

Warner, Clarence S., Private, Camp Myer, Va., and Camp Meade, Md. 

Warner, Clayton D., Piivate, Machine Gun Rattalion, A. E. F. Killed. 

Warner, Conrad. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Warner, H\rl D.. Private. Rec|aimation Service, Training Rattalion. 

Warner. Edward. Seaman. Navy, U. S. S. Cargo Ship Yellowstone. 

Warner, Eli C. Private, Camp Meade, Md., and Edgewood. \. J. 

Warner. Harry E., Private, Cavalry. 

Warner. Hugh Russell. U. S. Infantry. 

Warner. John. Privat(\ Camp Meade, Md. 

Warner. J. Thomas, Private. Red Lion, Pa., A. E. F. 

Warner, John E., Navy, Medical Corps. 

Warner, John F., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Warner, John T.. Private, (^.amp Lee, Va. 

Warner, Moses C, Private, Camp Lee, Va.. 

Warner. Moses Calvin. Private, Machine (iun Rattalion. A. Iv F. 

Warner. Raymond C, Private, Infantry. 

Warner, William J., Piivate, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Warren. John F.. First Class Private. Pioneer Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wassem, Wilbur J., Oflicers" Training Camp, Camp Lee, \ a. 

Waters, Mark E., U. S. Army, York, Pa., A. E. F. 

[ ^[8 1 

Watkins, Frank, U. S. Army, York. Pa. 

Watson, C. P., Major, luifiiiiociini,' Division, Ordnance Dopartinent. A. E. F. 

Watson, Samuel J., Private, Inl'antry. 

Waugh, George W., Syracuse, N. Y., New Cutriherland, Pa. 

Waughtel, Clarence, Private. Columbus. Ohio. 

Waughtel, John C, Private. Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Watt, R. Morgan, Captain, U. S. N., Norfolk, \a. 

Ways, Karl H.. Second Lieutenant. Aviation. 

Ways, Melvin. Private. Camp Lee, \'a., C. 0. T. S. 

Weaver, Arthur F., Private, Heavy Artillery, A. E. F. 

Weaver, Charles Iv, Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

Weaver, Clarence A., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. W oimded. 

Weaver, Jacob L., Lieutenant, Engineer Reserve Corps. 

Weaver, Lewis. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Weaver, Lloyd R.. Private. Signal Corps. 

Weaver, Dr. Louis S.. First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Weaver. Mark W.. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Weaver, iVLvrtin C. Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Weaver, Martin S.. Seaman, Navy, U. S. S. Montana. 

Weaver. Norman. First Class Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

Weaver, Norman H., Private, Engineers. 

Weaver, Parker W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Weaver. Philip D.. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Weaver. Robert H., Ensign, Navy, U. S. S. Mississippi. Died. 

Weaver, William J., Piivate, Camp Greene. 

Weaver, William S.. Private. Axiation Corps. 

Webb, Harry C. Piivate, Medical Corps, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Webb, Walter. Private, Marine Corps, A. E. F. 

Webb, Walton McClure. Yocman. Navy. 

Weber. Howard H., Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Weber, Stewart P. J.. Private. Aviation. 

Webster. Damd H.. Private. Field Artillery. A. E. F. 

Webster, Richard W., S. A. T. C. Pennsyh ania State College. State College, Pa. 

Wecker, Harry P., Private, Medical Corps. 

Wecker. Louis S.. Private. Ice Plant Fnit No. IIOI. \. E. F. 

Weddle, Guy S.. Piivate. Engineers, A. E. F. 

Wehler, George M., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Wehler. Heasty S.. Corporal. Infantry. A. 1{. F. Wounded. 

Wehler, Russell S., Sergeant, Ice Plant Unit iVo. 301, A. E. F. 

Weigand, Che.ster C, Wireless Operator, Navy. 

Weigand, Theodore H.. Gunner. Navy. 

Weigand, William W., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Weigle, Clarence, Corporal, Aviation. 

Weigle. Frank E.. Corporal. Infantry, A. F,. F. 

Weigle, Leroy, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Weiler, Ralph E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Weiler. Raymond, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Weimer, Charles G., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

[ 219 1 

Weimer, Paul, Private. Infantry. 

Weinstock, Harry A.. Serjjeant. Infantry. 

Weir, Clarence Wilbur, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Weisberg, Bernard William. Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Weisberg. William B.. Private. Engineers. 

Weise, William H. Jr., Piivate. Artillery. 

Weisensale, Luther C, Private, Signal Corps, A. E. F. 

Weiser. H. Norman, Lieutenant, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Weiser, Martin F.. First Lieutenant. Transport Service, A. E. F. Died of Inlluenza. 

Welsheit, Henry A.. Private. Aviation Corps. 

Wei.sner. C. a., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Weitkamp, Chauncey L., U. S. Army, R. D. No. 6, \ork. Pa. 

Weitzel, George Ralph, Private, Medical Corps. 

Weitzel. John E.. Private. Intelligence Corps. A. E. F. 

Weitzel. Luther Lehman, Private, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Weller, John Robert, Sergeant, Medical Corps. 

Weller, Sidney L., Second Lieutenant, Camp Meade. Aid. 

Wells, James, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. \\ ounded. 

Welsh, Joseph, Private, Infantry, U. S. Army 

Welsh. Joseph F.. Private, Aviation. A. E. F. 

Welsh, Paul, Seaman, Navy, Battleship Minnesota. 

Welsh, Preston C, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

Welsh, Ralph R.. Private. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Welsh, William, Colonel, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Welt. Melvin A., U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

Welty. Charles F.. Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Welty, Philip A., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Wendt, Harry J., Private, Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Wentz, Allen R., S. A. T. C. (iettysbnrg. Pennsylvania College. 

Wentz, John V.. Navy, San Francisco, Cal. 

Wentz, Harry A., Private, Company A. Radio O])erator. Signal Corps, M. S. E. 

Wentz, Ira Z.. Private. Cam[) Meade, Md. 

Wentz, Jesse P., First Lieutenant, Ordnance Department. 

Wentz, John L., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Wentz, John V.. Private. Camp Lee. Va. 

Wentz, Dr. Maurice. First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Wentz, Dr. Parker N., First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Wentz, Raymond E., U. S. Navy. 

Wentz, Reba A., Army Nurse, Camp Lee. \a. 

Werner, Clarence A., Private, Aviation. 

Werner. Lewis C, Private, Ambulance Service, A. E. F. 

Werner, Roy, Piivate, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Werner, Walter E., Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Wertz. Charles L., Limited Service. Camp Dix. N. J. 

West, Brooks, H., Private, Machine Vain Battalion, A. E. F. Missing. 

West, John L., Private, Limited Service. 

West, Jonas, Private, U. S. Infantry. 

Westover, Roland B., Second Lieutenant, Tank Corps. 

[250 1 

Wetzel, Paul H., Privatt\ Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Weyer, Robert S., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Whare, Charles B., Private, Aviation. 

Whare, George H., Navy, U. S. S. Cincinnati. 

Whare, Sylve.ster C, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Whare, Willl\m B., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Whay, Leslie, U. S. Army, Hellam, Pa. 

Whay, Thomas E. A., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Wheeler, Leslie, Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wheeler, Lloyd G., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Wheeler, Robert S., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Whimert, Lloyd J., U. S. Army, R. D. No. 10. York, Pa. 

Whitmyer, Joseph, a.. Private, Quartermaster Corps. 

Whitcomb. Charles W., Private, Infantry. 

Whitcomb, Merle Harris, Seaman, Navy. 

White, Arthur P.. Private, First Class Chaufi'er, A. E. F. 

White. Charles C, Private, Medical Corps, A. H F. 

White, Franklin, Seaman, Navy. 

White, Herbert B., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

White, Perry E., Corporal, Motor Transport. 

White, Warren Franklin, U. S. Navy. 

White, William R., Private, S. A. T. C. 

Whiteleather. Ernest. Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Whiting. Howard B.. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Whiting, Norman P., Private, Ice Plant LInit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Why, Edward W., Private, Ouarterniaster Corps. 

WicKEY, Charles W., Private, Ice Plant Unit No. 301, A. E. F. 

Weist, Edgar R., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

WiEST. William F., Private, Marine Corps, A. E. F. Wounded. 

WiFFLER, Earl, L . S. Infantry. 

Wildasin, Andrew W.. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

WiLDASiN, Archie W.. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wildasin, George A., Private, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Wildasin, John R., Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Wildasin. Maurice A.. Private, l^lngineers, A. E. F. 

Wildasin, Ralph H., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Wildasin, Raymond J., Private, Aviation. 

Wildasin, Riley, Camp Meade, Md., Hanover, Pa. 

WiLDERSON. Leonard W., Private, Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Wiley, Carl M., Second Lieutenant, Navy. 

Wiley. George W.. Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

Wiley. Howard, I . S. Navy. 

Wiley, Jackson Ross, Second Lieutenant, Auxilary Remount Department. 

Wiley, Park, Hospital Corps. Washington. D. C. 

Wilhelm, Charles A. R., Private. Field Artillery. 

Wilhelm, Emory R.. U. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Wilhelm. Harry E.. Private, T'. S. Infantry. 

Wilhelm, Henry H., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

[ 2.51 ] 

W iLiiELM, John Woods. Private, Aniiiuinition Train, A. E. F. 

WiLHiDE, James S., Private, Camp Lee, \ a., A. E. F. 

Wilkinson, George Ellis, Major. Cavalry, A. E. F. 

Williams, Charles E.. Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Williams, David G., Corporal, Medical Corps, A. E. F. 

Williams. Frank. ITosjntal Corps. 

Williams. Franklin (J.. Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Williams, George A., Sergeant, Chemical Warfare Service. 

Williams, George W., Piivate, Engineers. 

Williams. Guy, Hos|)ilal Corps, A. E. F. 

Williams. Harold J., First Lieutenant, Ordnance Department. 

Williams, Henry J., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. Gettysliurg. Pa. 

Williams, Ira A., Second Lieutenant, Heavy Artillery. 

Williams, J. Frank, Corporal, Medical Corps. 

Williams, Jesse S., S. A. T. C. Peimsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Williams, John H., Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. Missing. 

Williams, Lester E., (Quartermaster Corps. 

Williams, Melvin P., U. S. Army. R. D. No. », York, Pa. 

Williams, Orjier, Corporal, Infantry. 

Williams, Ralph N., Apprentice Seaman, Navy. 

Williams. Ralph. Piivate, Heavy Artillery, A. E. F. 

Williams, Reuben W., Second Li<'utenant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Williams. Roy. Naval Reserve Force. 

Williams. ^'ERNON. Private. Camj) Humphries, Va. 

Williams, Warren R.. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Williams, Wayne, U. S. Army, York, Pa. 

WiLLiAvis. William R., S. A. T. C. Riddle I niversity. S. C. (Colored.^ 

Williamson, William H.. Private, Cavalry. 

Willis, Addison, Private, Camp Custer, Michigan. (Colored.) 

Willis, Charles S., Private, Engineers. A. E. F. 

Willis, (>., Private, Camp Custer. Mich. 

Willis, Herbert, Second Class Yoeman. Navy, T'. S. S. Huron. A. E. F. 

Wilson. Earle. Private, Camp Lot'. Va. 

Wilson, George, Private, V. S. Infantry. 

Wilson, George E., Private. Infantry. 

Wilson. Harry C. Private. Medical Corps. 

Wilson, Harry R.. Stevedore. (Colored.) 

Wilson, John C. Jr.. Private. Camp Lee, \'a. 

Wilson, John E.. Private. Infantry. 

Wilson, John E., Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Wilson, Joseph S., Private, Camp (ireenleaf. 

Wilson, Raymond D.. Limited Si-rvice. Camp Dix, N. J. 

Wilson. Richard. V. S. Army. York, Pa. 

Wilson, Robert D., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Wilson, Stephen S. Jr.. Private. Artillery. A. E. F. 

Wilson, William Clyde, Private Camp Lee, Va., A. K. V. 

Wilt, Charles II. Jr.. Private. 1 1th Rattery U. S. G. Military Police. 

Wilt, Eugene J., U. S. Army. ^ drk. Pa. 

Wilt, John E., Private, Aitillfiy, A. E. F. 

Wilt, Morgan H., Private, York County Hospital T'nit. 

WiNDARD, George W., I . S. Infantry, 

WiNivEBRENNER, Charles Earl, Private, Reclamation Service, Camp Johnson, Fla. 

WiNEHOLT. Horace ]\I., Private, Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. ^^()l]n(i(■(l. 

WiNEKA, Charles S., Private, Infantry. 

Wineka, Harry W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Winter. Allen H., Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Winter, Edwin, Private, Medical Corps, A, E. F. 

Winter, Emanuel, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Gassed. 

Winter, Floyd, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wintermyer, Clarence E., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wintermyer, William Edward, Private, Medical Corps. 

Winters, Jonas B., U. S. Infantry. 

WiNTRODE, Paul L,, Private, lingineers, A. E. F, 

Wire, Robert S., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Prisoner of War. 

Wire, Harry V.. Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Wise, Charles B., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Prisoner of War. 

Wise, George L., Private, Aviation. 

Wise, John M., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Wise. Robert S., Private, Columbus, Oliio. 

Wise, Dr. Roman F., First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. 

Wise, Sebastain, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wise, ^ ictor R., Private, Tank Corps, A. E. F. 

Wise, William W., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

WiSNER, Lewis Stanley, Private, Limited Service. 

WisoTZKEY, Daniel, V. S. Army, Wrightsville, Pa, 

Wisotzkey, Dorsey G,, Spruce Division, Tacoma, Washington. 

Wisotzkey, Gingerich, \J. S. Army. Wrightsville, Pa. 

Wisotzkey, John U., Cadet, Royal Flying Corps, Canada. 

Wisotzkey, Leslie, Private, Medical Corps. 

Withers, Harry W., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Killed. 

Withers, Jacob D., I . S. Army, York, Pa. 

Withers, John D., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. Killed. 

WiTMER, Calvin R., Private. Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

WiTMER, Charles, Private. Camp Meade. Md., A. E. F. Died. 

WiTMER, Claude, Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

WiTviER, (lEORGE. Private, Infantry. 

WiTMER, Harry, Private, Camp Meade. Md. 

WiTMER, Jacob R., Seaman, LT. S. Navy. 

WiTMER, James R.. Seaman, V. S. Navy. » 

WiTMER. John, Private, Camp Fpton, N. Y. 

\\ itmer, Johxn. Private, U. S. Infantry. 

WiTMER. John D.. S. A. T. C. Fniversity of Pennsylvania, Philadel|)liia Pa., 

W ITMER, Jonas B., Private, LT. S. Infantry. 

WiTMER, Roman, Private, Infantry. A. E. F. 

WiTMER. Russell J., Seaman. U. S. Navy. 

WiTMER, Theodore, Private, Columbus, Ohio, A. E. F. 

[ 253 ] 

WiTMER, William H.. Piivat(\ Camp Meade, Md. 

WiTMYER, Harry M.. U. S. (iuards, Weekawken, N. J. 

WiTTA, Robert L.. Mechanic. U. S. Cavalry. 

WiTTA. William K.. Private. Ice Plant Unit No. 301. A. E. F. 

WoGAN. (iuY. Corporal, Artillery. A. E. F. Wounded. 

WoGAN. Paul E.. U. S. Navy. A. E. F. 

Wolaver, Harry'. Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Wolf, Bryan C. Private, Motor Mechanics, A. E. F. 

Wolf. Charles. Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Wolf. Charles E., Pii\ate, Infantry. A. E. F. 

Wolf, Charles E.. Private, Limited Service, Camp Dix. N. J. 

Wolf. Earl E., U. S. Infantry. 

Wolf. Earle Leroy. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Wolf, Edgar L., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College. ( iettysbiug. Pa. 

Wolf. Frank, Private. V. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Wolf, G. E.. Private. TJ. S. Army. Mt. Wolf, Pa. 

Wolf. Harold, Private, V. S. Infantry. 

Wolf. Isaac. Private. Camp Lee. ^ a. 

Wolf. Lloyd E., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Wolf, Luther B.. LI. S. Army. York. Pa. 

Wolf. Nelson. Private. Aviation Corps. 

Wolf. Raymond A.. Tank Corps. 

Wolf, William H., Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Wolfe. Charles. Private. Mounted (iuard. 

Wolfe. Charles R., S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg. Pa. 

Wolfe, James R., S. A. T. C. Maryland College, Westminster, Md. 

Wolfgang. Charles, Private. Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Wolfgang. Clarence E., Corporal. Pioneer Infantry, A. E. F. 

Wolfgang. George W., Private, Aviation. 

Wolfgang. Millard H.. Private, Camp Lee. ^'a. 

Wolford. Clarence L., Corporal, Aviation, A. E. F. 

Wolford. .Iohn v.. Private, Signal Corps. 

Wolford. Samuel M.. Private. Aviation. A. E. F. 

Wolfgamuth. Bertius, Private. Machine Gun Company. I \2[\\ Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Wolgamuth, Melvin C, Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Woltman. William LIenry Edward. Private. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Wood. (jIeorge A., Private, Camp Meade, Md. (Colored.) 

Woods. Lawrence S., Private, Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Wood. Norris S., V. S. Army. R. D. No. 1. Fairfield Pa. 

Wood, Samuel, Corporal Field Artillery. A. E. F. Wounded and (iassed. 

Woodward, Alfred L.. Private, Camp Custrt-, Michigan. (Colored.) 

WooLERY. W. H., Private. Marine Corps. A. E. F. Wound(Hl. 

WoRKiNGER. W. C, Private. Engineers. A. E. F. 

WoRLEY, RoY R., Engineers Died of Influenza. 

WoRNER. Elvin Gleaston. Private. Camp Meade, Md. 

Worthington, Edward L., Private, Infantry. 

Worthington, Guy, Private, Hospital Unit No. 38. A. E. F. 

Worthington, Samuel W.. Private, Camp Lee, \n. 


Wright. Frank H.. Corporal. Iiilantry. A. E. F. 
Wright, Howard R., Private, Aviation, A. E. F. 
Wright. James B.. Seaman. \ . S. Navy. 
Wright.stoive, W. T., Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 
WuERTHNER, ARTHUR Emil, Mechanic, Aviation, A. E. F. 
Wuerthner. Walter C. Private. Fi<>l(l Artillery. A. E. F. 

Yeager, Oran C, Private, S. A. T. C. Millersville. Pa. 

Yeagley. Henry Lincoln. S. A. T. C. Lafayette College. 

Yeally, George W.. Private, liifaiilry. A. E. F. 

Yeanish, Harry J., Cook, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Yeaple. Stewart A.. Private. U. S. Navy. 

Yeatts, Leroy B.. Private. Signal Corps. A. E. V. 

Yeatts, Wilbur H.. 2nd Class Boatsvrain Mate, LI. S. Navy. 

Yeinger, Ralph. Private. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Yerkes, Edwin L., Private, S. A. T. C. _\Lirylaiid State College. College Park. 

Ye.ssler, Russell, 2nd Lieutenant, Aviation Corps. 

Yester, Edwin L.. Private. S. A. T. C. ^Llryland State College. College Park. 

Yinger, Albert. Carpenter at Camp tJreenleaf. 

Yinger, Earl, Private, Camp Meade, Md.. A. E. F. 

Yinger. Fredrick F.. Private. Baking Company. A. E. F. 

Yinger. M. F.. Private. Aviation Corps. 

Yinger. Robert F.. Private, Camp Hancock. 

YiNGLiNG, Charles. Private. Medical Replacement. A. E. F. 

Yingling, Clinton R., Sergeanl, Medical Corps. 

YiNGLiNG, Harry W., Private, Aero Squadron. 

Yingling. Sterling W.. Piivate, Camp Creenleaf. 

YoiiE, Robert K., Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

York, James E., Sergeant, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Yost, Clarence 0.. Private. Balloon C()in[>any. 

Yost, P., Private, Aviation. A. K. F. 

Yost, George D., Private, Camp Lie. \ a. 

Yo.sT. Jacob H.. Private. Coast Artilli'ry. 

Yost, Paul E., Private. Limited Ser\ ice. Camp Dix. N. J. 

Yost, Perry, Private, Ice Plant Unit No. ;?01. A. E. F. 

Yost. Richard P.. Private. Andiulanci' Coips. A. E. F. • 

Yost, \ ernon. Private. Aero Siiuadroii. 

Young, Arthur'E.. Private. Buglar. A. \i. F. Gassed. 

Young. Chauncey A.. Mechanic at Pittsburg University. 

Young, Chester, W., Corpoial. lMigine(>rs. A. E. F. 

Young, Clarence B., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Young, Edward E., First Lieutenaid. (Quartermaster Department. Washington. D. C. 

Young, Elwood. U. S. Marines. 

Young, Harry W.. Private, Aero Squadron. In England. 

Young, Jacob Q. L.. Seaman. U. S. Navy 

Young, James T.. Private. Ammunition Train. 

Young, John H., Apprentice Seaman. Navy. 

Young, John L.. iVIachinist Mate. Navy. 

Young, Roy S.. Private. Machine (iun Battalion. A. E. F. 

Young, Russell, Private, Camp Custer, Mich., A. E. F. (Colored.) 

Young, Theodore. Private. Medical Corps. A. E. F. 

Young, Theodore E., Corporal, Medical Corps., A. E. F. Wounded. 

Young, Walter F., Private, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Young, William ().. Second Lieutenant. Infantry. 

Young, William Henry, Private, Ambulance Corps, A. E. F. Gassed. D. S. C. 

Zaiihar. Abdallah S., Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps, Fort Robinson, Neb. 

Zarfos, John II.. Sergeant, York. Pa., A. E. F. Decorated. 

Zartman, Fred, Corporal, Field Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded twice. 

Zartman, Ammon. Private, W S. Army. York. Pa.. A. E. F. 

Zartman, Melvin R.. Privati\ Camp Lee, ^ a. 

Z.4RTMAN, William H.. Private, V. S. ( luards. 

Zartman, Williavi, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Zech, Clarence E., Sergeant. Infantry. 

Zech, Earl E., Private, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Zech, Earl Penrose, S. A. C. T. Pennsylvania State Coll(>ge. State College Pa. 

Zech, Earl R., Private. National ( iuards. Transferred to Infantry. 

Zech. Edward A.. Private. F]ngineers, A. E. F. 

Zech, Victor C. Private. Anibrilaiice Corps. A. E. F. 

Zech, Williavi Robert. Private, Infantry. 

Zech, William F.. Private, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Zech, W. R., Private, Camp Lee, Va. 

Zeigler, Alvin a.. Limited Service, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Zeigler, Cleason, Private, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Zeigler, Earl R.. Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Zeigler, Edward J., Private, Artillery, A. E, F. 

Zeigler, Harvey. Private. Engineers, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Zeigler, Ira C. Private, Camp Meade, Md. 

Zeigler. James Edward. Sergeant, Heavy Artillery, A. E. F. 

Zeigler, J. T.. U. S. Marines. 

Zeigler, Oscar W., Private. Ice Plant T nit No. .301. A. E. F. 

Zeigler, Owen W., Infantry. 

Zeigler, Ralph A., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Zeigler. William S., Private, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Zellers, Thomas A., U. S. Navy. 

Zellers, Arthur P., Private, Camp Meade, Md., A. E. F. 

Zellers, Daniel E., Private. Camp Meade. Md. 

Zellers, Earl S., Private, Cavalry, Newport News, ^ a. 

Zellers, Earl T., Corporal, Infantry. 

Zepp, Herschel, I . S. Army. Hanover, Pa. 

Zepp, Mar.shall E., Private, Infantry. 

Zerfing, Albert, Aviation Corps, Corporal, Company D, 153d Depot Brigade. 

Ziegler, Dewey W., Private, Artillery. 

Ziegler. Earl E., Private, S. A. T. C. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Ziegler. Earl R., Corporal, Infantry, A. E. F. 

Ziegler. (iEOROE E.. Private. Marine Corps, A. E. F. D. S. C. 

f 256 1 

ZiEGLEB, Paul E.. Captain, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

ZiEGLER. Preston E., Chemical Service at Washington, D. C. 

ZiEGLER, Ralph M., Corporal, Engineers, A. E. F. 

Ziegler, Roy. Private. Camp Lee, Va. 

Zimmerman, Ernest W.. Private, Motor Truck Compamy, Ammunition Train, A. 

Zimmerman, Frank, S. A. T. C. Technical School at Lehigh rniversity. 

ZiNN, Charles W., Coast Artillery. 

ZiNN, Jeanette Malvern. Y. M. C. A. Work, A. E. F. Died of Pneumonia. 

ZiNN, John Maurice, Private, Artillery, 

ZiNN, Roy, Musician, Field Artillery. 

ZiNN, Russell, First Lieutenant, Aviation, A. E. F. 

ZiNNEMAN, Oscar, Artillery, A. E. F. 

Zorbaugh. Luther A., Limited Service, Camp Dix, N. J. 

Zortman, Elmer, Camp Meade, Md., R. D. No. 11, York, Pa. 

ZoRTMAN, Fredrick W., Artillery, A. E. F. Wounded. 

Zortman, John, Mess Sergeant, Kelly Field, Texas, York. Pa. 

Zortman, Robert. Camp Meade. Md.. R. D. No. 7. York, Pa. 

ZuMBRUM, Edward W., Private, Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

ZuMBRUM, Harry E.. Mechanic. Aviation. 

ZuMBRUM, William, Private. Infantry. A. E. F. Wounded. 

ZuTELL. William H.. Coast Artillery, A. E. F. 

Zweifler, Walter, Second Class Seaman, I". S. Navy. 0. M. School. 

E. F. 


109th, 110th, 111th, 112th Infantry: 107th. 108th. 100th Artill.-rv ; 107th. 108th 100th Machine 

(inn; 1(K5(1 Iiinginccis 

Major-General C. H. !\Iuir; W. H. Hay 

Engaged ( liateau Thierry, Aisne, Argonne 



Ralph Lookingbill 
William L. Donsife 
Alexander Lotz 
William Whare 
Cecil Selmser 
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J. E. Harold 
(J. II. Shaeffer 
Pall Thompson 
George Silar 
William Kellar 
G. E. Snyder 
Raymond P. March 
Pbeston Welsh 
Danford Cridler 




"At the Front.'" Friday. July II, 1917. 
My Dear Folks ul Ildriir: 

You will forgive one and a half weeks" silence when you have read this letter. I am sure. 

Believe me. I have been moN ini; around since I wrote you last, and also I have seen many wonderful 

I wrote you a letter while I was at tlic mill quarters. You know, we could hear the guns tliere: but 
now I am with tiie guns. But more about that later. 

After we left the mill quarters, we moved on to an auto park, wliere we received onv French am- 
bulances. After we had remained there about one week and had grown accustomed to our machines, 
we moved on for a few days' stay at another place nearer the front, and f'roni thence we cami^ to our 
present position on the front. 

I am now really and truly in the wai'. All the realities of a terrible waifaie haxf been opened before 
my eyes. 

To think that 1 am now in the very midst of this greatest war in history is something tiiat my mind 
is hardly able to grasp. 

For three years I have read about it in a careless, rather unsympathetic manner, livery day at 
home I read about the terrible casualties, but my heart never beat any faster for all that; but now I am 
interested heart and soul. 

I have seen what France has sacrificed. l{!very where out here you see immense military cemeteries, 
where men are actually dumped into the ground, and as you look over what seems like measureless 
acres of rude crosses, each one bearing this inscription, "Mort pour le France" (Died for France), 
you go home with a hea^ y heart. 

I wish I could tell you where I am and thruugii what places 1 traveled to get here, but 1 can't. 
Nevertheless I will say that I am three-((uarters of a mile from the French first line trenches somewhere 
in France. 

Now three-quarters of a mile is not very far, you know; the artillery these days is very heavy; so 
we are situated in front of all the French guns. 

Some of the heavy French guns are several miles behind us and from that distance guns are placed 
nearer and nearer the lines as they grow smaller in size, you undeisland. Now these guns shoot over 
the heads of their own men in the trenches into the (ierman tienches beyond; and, of course, they are 
continually shooting omm' our heads, Ix-cause we are only a little distance liehind the trenches. 

I am writing this letter from a "Poste de Secours ". Now this Poste de Srcours is a cave deep 
underground, because the Germans have a nasty habit of shelling this place continually. 

You see the ( iernians not only sh(»ll the French infantry, which is in front of us. but the French 
artillery, which is behind us. So we eat. write and read to the tunc of Hying shells. 

I have grown accustomed U> the sound of the French shells flying over our heads, Tiie\ arc. of 
course, not meant fr)r- us. but ueNcrthclrss at first they arc rather' flistuibing. They make a swishing 
sound, like a bucket when you swing it around your head as fast as you can. You can hear them coming 
a long way off. 

There is a battery of heavy guns not a hundred feet from here. Wlien they fire it almost knocks 
you down; and when they fire at night, like they did last night, you can't slee]i. 

(Jf course there are hundreds of guns all around us, and when they all get going you hav(> a nice 
little Fotrrth of July celebration, 

[259 1 

At iiif;ht. when all those f;uns fit>t soinjr. you have a sight which can never be forgotten. Every hill 
lor miles around seems to belch out a little hell all its own. Everywhere you look there is a continuous 
stream of fire. Add to that the noise of the shells passing over and the noise of bursting German shells, 
and you can realize, if your imagination is fertile, what a terrible lumpus is kicked up. T never saw a 
more terrible, yet more inspiring sight, than artillery fire at night. You have to see the thing to rea- 
lize it. 

I didn't get much sleep last night: there was too much noise and I hadn't grown accustomed to it 
yet. Besides, stretcher bearers were bringing in wounded a good part of the night, and we had to get 
out and take them to the hospital. 

We work four "Poste de Secours ". Ther(> is one car at one poste all the time. Every day we move 
up to a new poste. Thus we are out four days at a stretch from our base, which is five miles from 
the lines. 

We have (George Griffith and I) been out at the front three days. We have one more poste — one 
that only can be reached at night with any degree of safety. We go there tonight at 8:36, leave at 
4 in the morning for our base, where we can rest for about four days. 

Thus for four days I have slept only about ten hours. But I shall make up when I get back to base. 
It is too much strain to stay here all the time. 

Before I came out here I had a ride in an aeroplane. We were stationed for a few days right beside 
an aviation camp. I got chummy with a pilot and seized the o|)portinuty when it came. You told 
me not to take any unnecessary danger when I left. I have disobeyed this order once. 1 could not 
resist the temptation to take an aeroplane flight. We were up twenty minutes, during which time I 
managed to almost freeze. I wasn't scared a bit after I got used to it: it is not like being on top of a 
high building: you get no sensation of dizziness, because the machine is all around you. 

You can't talk — too much noise from the motor. You can't imagine the sensation of gfiding along 
absolutely unburdened in mid-air. You get a certain sense of fr(M'dom. just like a bird must f(>el. 

When you take a dive (and we took pl(>nty) your stomach comes up in your mouth as if you were 
descending in a fast elevator. 

But the thing that scares you at first is this: when you take a turn you bank your machine up on 
one side so that the planes point straight to the ground. In other words, you turn your machine half 
way over to take the turn properly. 

Well, the first lime he did this. 1 had a funny fin^ling: I thought sure I was a goner. The ground 
looks awfully far olf and you say. "well. 1 do hope that motor keeps going". But I enjoyed the ex- 
perience a lot and would like to go again. 

When ht^ came down, he came straight down for about 1..58() feet, when he straightened and touched 
the ground as softly as a feather. I have a picture taken as I was coming out of the machine after 
the flight: will send it to you. 

We have lots of fun here dodging aerdjjlane bombs. It has been moonlight here for a week — very 
suitable time for air raids. The first time they came over was one of the beautiful nights we were 
beside the aviation camp, before we came to the front. They like to bomb aeroplane camps, you know. 

Imagine the scene: We were sleeping in our cars on th(> stretchers (we always sleep in our cars when 
we are not in a dangerous place). Here, however, we sleep in a cave, as I said before, very deep under- 
ground. Last night the Frenchmen in here closed all the dooi's, started their terribly strong pipes, 
with a result very conducive to headache in the morning. 

Between the aitillery, bad air and huge rats, which run joyfully over your blankets and across 
your l)unk. I had very little sleep. To tell the truth, I was more afraid of the rats than the German 

But to return to the aeroplane story. We weie all sleeping soundly, when a guard cries out, "Des 
Bosches, des Bosches: cher chez les abris" (the Germans, the Germans: go to the underground cave.) 

[ 260 1 

Well away evptybody runs like frightened sheep to the caves. We never undress on duty, so of 
course we did not have to dress. 

You hear the German planes draw nearer and nearer— a dull, humming sound in the night, like a 
distant hive of bees. Soon you s(>e the French scaichlights si-arch the sky, a beautiful sight, and soon 
you hear a tap, tap of the machine guns and anti-aircraft guns. But the German planes grow nearer. 
Soon the motor ceases for a moment and almost simultaneously with that you hear a fearful explosion 
A German bomb dro|)|)ed from the plane. They have never come very close to me yet, but they cause 
terrible destruction ami make you hunt the caves at all hours of the night. Of course I see lots of 
German planes by day. By day they obseive; at night they diop bombs. 

A French plane is a common sight. You see it flying very high, with clouds of whitesmokeall around 
it. These small bunches of clouds of white snK)ke are French shells. In exploding they leave a white 
smoke, so that it can be determined how close the shell came. The ( iermans, in firing on French planes 
use a shell which leaves a black cloud of smoke. Likewise you can tell German shrapnel by the size 
cloud of smoke it leaves. 

Yesterday I saw a battle between a German and French plane. It was the most excitiu" thin" 
imaginable. They were very high, but easily seen. They would make for each other, all the time 
tiring their guns. Then one would take a long dive, which looked all the world like it was falling, and 
everybody would draw a breath. Then the machine would right itself, swoop down in a long circle 
and up again, in an endea\()r to get above the other plane. The higher plane has the advantage. I 
never saw such clever maneu\ ering. But at last the Frenchman got above and down the German came 
like a stone, his machine turning over as he came. It was a terrible sickening sight to .see him fall, 
but we all cheered. 

Sunday, July 1.5th. 

As I was writing this letter a call came for wounded at another poste de secouis. even nearer the line 
than this one. So we went up there in the dead of night, the night of July i;5tli, carried our wounded 
down to the hospital, arriving there about 4 A. M. We rested there a day. Then we came out to this 
poste again — the place where I started this letter and hope to finish it. 

I,, f As I said, W(> are way underground here, practicalK safe from shell fire, but we dare not go out and 
stand around. The Germans are shelHng pretty heavily this morning, although most of them are 
going over our heads, in an effort to hit the French artillery in the r(>ar of us. 

You can see the devilish things as th(^y com(>. They make a whining, growling sound miles oil'. 
As they get nearer the whine gets more and more distinct. The dickens of it is that yuu can hear the 
whine but you can't tell at all where it will land. 

I had an interesting experience last night. When we were coming out here, the guard along the 
road stopped us and told us to stop at a certain poste a httle farther on, because the road beyond that 
was being heavily shelled: so we did stop. I had just put my machine in when I heard that inl'ernal 
whining sound. I immediately lay flat on the ground, following the example of all the rest. Well 
the shell wasn't very far off; nobody was hurt, of course, but after- that everybody went in the cave. 

We wear steel helmets to protect us from shrapnel. They are veiy heavy at first, but we easily get 
used to them. We are also compelled to carry our gas masks with us at all times. 

Well, as I said, we stopped a while at this poste along the road, until it was safe to proceed. But 
the Germans weren't satisfied with ordinary shrapnel sheels: they began to send over gas shells. When 
these explotle they fiil the air with gas. for the purpose of hindering French artillery fire. This was 
not dangerous gas, only tear gas. It makes you cough and cry like a baby : the tears just stream down 
your face; it's a funny sight. Well, the way to get around that is to put on your gas mask, and that 
is what we flid. ^ ou stop crying at once. Th<>n everything goes fine. It's a fumiy sight to see men 
running around with these masks on, just like a bimch (»f men with false faces, but with them they can 

[ 261 1 

proceed to their vaiious tasks unhindered by the gas. Well, as we were running- arnund tlicrewitli 
these masks, we found out we had to proceed on our way. So we did. 

Yesterday was the 1th of July for the Frenchmen, you know: that is the I Itii of July. They cele- 
brated the occasion by giving the Germans a very severe artillery fire from 6 to9P. M. So as we started 
out and were proceeding along the road, all the French artillery all around us opened up. We were 
riglit in tlie midst of noise that almost shook your heart out of you. Add to that the gas, a few ( ierman 
shells and a road filled up with wagoners yelling and crying at their horses. It was a great experience, 
not iiarticularly dangerous, but rather trying on the nerves. If some one had been with us and hadn't 
known that all the noise aiound us was French artillery fire, he would have died fiom fear, because it 
really was horrible. 

You learn to know when you are in danger very soon, and as for the horrible sh(>ll lire, you soon 
get used to it. But I don't want you to worry about me. This may s(>em b;id when you read it. but, 


believe me. it is not particularly dangerous. I only write about shells, etc., because 1 want you to know 
about some of the methods of this war. 

If you wcie sitting beside me now, transported, as it were, by some Divine way (I wish it were 
true), an<l hadn't grown used t(i this thing, you would think that theic wasn't very nnich chance for 
this poor kid. 

It is now 4 P. M., Sunday. But who would know it is Sundayi' You are now in church and I 
cant help envying you. Theic is a church in this town, but only one s(>at l(>ft. so I guess we wont 
attend totlay. I say you are gathered together in that good old church at ( '.entre, far away from war. 
Would to God there was no war here. I can walk ten feet and see a hundred stone piles, all that is 
left of a hundred hajtpy homes, all the inhabitants gone, the church destroyed, the trees shot into 
stumps; and so it is all over this war zone. 


I have seen the war now and I know what it is. Thani< (iod it can't last nuicli lorifrci': it may be 
o^ er by winter. When I realize that hiinchcds of thousands haxc f,n\ en up their lives, when I see all 
this destruction of propeilv, when i cairy wounded who yell every time you drive over a rough road 
too fast, it makes me sick and also makes me think this business is no fun. It is nice to talk about 
in America, but hei-e it is hell. 

I have only received one letter from you sinoe I left home. I have written you often, but do not 
know whether you ever received them or not. 

The mail system over here is naturally very irregular. I have cpiite a lot of postals anil pictures 
(my running mate has two cameras and I shall get the piitures he takes), but can't send them now. 
You will see them when I get home. 

I wish I could tell you all I see and hear and feel, 1 know I will be a better man I'oi' il all. 

Don't worry about me. Write me often and I shall try to do the same. Remember tliat, after 
all, I am not in so nnich danger as thousands of other miMi. \\ C musi do oui' duty. 

I send my love to you all. 



October 20, 1918. 
Mrs. a. L B.\ir. 

Hanover, Pa. 

My dear Mrs. Bair: 

You will know of your son's death by the time this reaches you, and I am not writing to sadden 
you, but to tell you all I know about the circumstances of his death on the field of battle, and to tell 
the love and esteem all of his comrades bore toward liim. 

It was the last day of the battle, and Regimental Headcjuarters was located on the edge of a little 
woods on top of a hill. Through the woods, down the gentle slope and across the littlt^ valley, another 
woods, and there were the Oermans with batteries and machine guns. We were right out in the open, 
and shells had been exploding about us all day, gas, shrapnel, and high explosive. 

About 2:.30 in the afternocjn — it was Sunday, September 29th the Colonel was dictating a message 
to Harold, and I .stood facing both of them, a few feet away. A high explosive shell burst behind 
me, and after the stun of the deafening crash, the Colonel and Harold lay on the ground. The Adjutant 
and I rushed to them. The Colonel was only bruised — a piece of shell had ripped his canteen apart 
and only bruised hiin. Harold got a large fragment, tearing a great gash in his right leg below his 
thigh and in back. Major Cornwell himself was there. Chief Regimental Surgeon, and he immediately 
composed Harold's leg, applied a tourniquet and bandage, gave him an anti-tetanus injection, and 
later a little morphine to relieve his pain. He was conscious throughout, and as brave as any man I 
have ever seen, although he was rapidly losing strength. We did everything possible for him, ff)r we 
loved him and respected him. 

He called me to him and asked me: "Am I going to die, Lieutenant!'" I couldn't tell him, and 
told him he would soon be asleep, and I gave him of my canteen. A few minutes later he called me 
to him and asked: "Captain you are a Mason, aren't you?" I told him, "Yes", and he said: 
"Won't you write to my good old mother, she is a Quaker, and you tell her she is right, — and that I 
love her". Then he closed his eyes. He murmured a bit after then in his sleep, and died about 
four o'clock. 

[263 1 

The Ijattlf contimiod, and I had to continue the message that he had started — workinn; to the last. 
I saw him he (|tiiet. and \v allied to him and covered him with a captured ( ieiman shelter-half, and there 
on the field of battle, with shells still bursting about his noble body, I stood a moment in prayer, and 
my heart wept for this splendid man, your son. 

We had to leave him there when another American regiment relieved us. He wore his identification 
tag, and you will doubtless hear officially of his death and place of burial, probably about two kilo- 
meters north of Montfaucon, not many miles from Verdun. 

I enclose some papers from his notebook and some cards. I don't know who has his personal 
things. The photograph of the French girl is of Odette Audie, the little school teacher back in the 
town where we had our peaceful training. Harold and I both have talked with her together in those 
quiet days. She is a good girl, and would grieve for your son. 

Tell the members of his lodge that I, a Mason, Conemaugh Valley Lodge No. W2. Johnstown, Pa., 
esteemed him as a worthy brother. 

And to you, his mother, 1 write my heartfelt sympathy. He lived nobly and died nobly, held 
the highest non-commissioned oflice the Regiment offers, Regimental Sergeant-Major, and was loved 
by all his comrades. 

Relieve me, 

^'ery sincerely, 


616 Somerset St., 
Johnstown, Pa. 
Captain, U. S. A. 



Dnir Mr. Klinrdinsl: 

The boys of Company F wish to thank you for your kind letter, and we respect your noble and 
manly spirit with which you accept the news of the death of your boy. 

We mourn with you the loss of a good friend and comrade. Joseph was a friend of every man in 
the Company. You have good reasons to be proud of your boy. He went through the second battle 
of the Marne, and let me tell you there were but a few of us that came back. 

Then we were up in the St. Mihiel sector, and later on the Verdun front, but when we came back 
from there Joseph was not with us. He was used as a messenger at the front, and it was while per- 
forming this duty that he was killed. LTnselfishly he offered his life for the great cause, for his ( Country, 
his flag and his loved ones. 

Two messengers were sent out over a shelled Held. Il looked Mke certain deatli. but they had 
orders to deliver the messages. One messenger turned back, the other went forward to perform his 
duty — after the battle he was found on the battl(>field, the message still with him. That was your boy. 
He had himself received a greater and more important message from the Almighty above, and he had 
responded cheeifully. 

From The Roys Of Company F. 

[ 264 


In leplyiiij; to yuur letter of Fi^hruary 10. 191^'. inquiring as to particular.s of your son's death, 
I will endeavor to accquaint you witii all the details that tend to alleviate the sorrow of a loved one's 
death. To know the exact niarnicr of how he was wounded and how he accepted his fat' will no doubt 
seem to shorten the lime anti distance between him and you since you last saw him. 

It was on the 11th day of June, 1918, when the U. S. Marines had been holding back the Huns in 
Rellau Woods, and standing between them arid Paiis. when even the French soldiers had been giving 
ground. They stayed when it seemed that nothing could resist the hordes of Hun shock troops that 
were thrown against their lines. Paul was in the midst of the fiercest part of this fighting and time 
and time again proved himself a hcio by his gallant actions and fighting abilities. There was no such 
word as '" Fear " for him. ( )n this flay the Marines seeking greater honors than merely stopping the 
invadei's, started to ])ush them back and caused them to retreat some few kilometers. 

It was while making this glorious ad\ ance in t!ie Rois de la Rrigade de Marines, (so named in honor 
t)f the Marines who fought there in .lune). that our Company was held up by a machine gun. Your 
scjn Paul volunteered with several iitlier men to capture this gun. They captured it too but while 
rushing this machine gun. the gumieis of which were firing at its highest s[)eed. Paul was struck by 
a machine gun bullet that inflicted a wound which caused his deatli in Feld Hospital No. 15 a few 
hours later. 

He knew his wound would be fatal, but accepted circumstances calmly. When some of his com- 
rades were bearing him off of the field to the hospital he conversed with them on the glorious b?ating 
they had given the enemy that day, and how he was sorry to think that he would not be able to get 
another crack at them. It was with great sorrow that his comrades parted with him at the dressing 
station. Paul had made himself a fViend with th(^ entire company on account of his never ending 
good humor and willingness to bear his share (tf the Ijurden, never complaining and always a source of 
good I'heer. It was during this battle that the commanding officer of his comjiany was mortally 

I regret that I am unable to inform you as to the location of Cemetery No. 211. but rest assured 
that you will soon be notified of the exact sjiot. It is my most earnest desire that you may find com- 
fort and solace in these lines, and that the knowledge that your son bravely sacrificed his life for the 
benefit of his comrades and country on the field of honor may in some way recompense you for your 
great sacrifice. 


Commander 51st Company 
U. S. Marines, A. E. F. 


On the Riviera, Novemb-r 2, 1918. 
Dear Brother: 

Tonight I am happy pourcpioi (why)? Simply because I received oodles and oodles of letters in 
today's mail from home, sweet home, the first mail to reach me since the latter part of August, thus the 
joy and hapjiiness. There is nothing that will hiing more cheer and gladness to me than news from 
the good old LI. S. A. During my sojourn in France I have done very little corresponding, practically 
all of my writing has lieen in the form of iillle notes, which I mailed to the folks at home whenever 

( 265 1 

the oppDitiinity prespnted itsolf, just merely stating; conditions in a rather indi^finite manner, for I 
was afraid to go into details owing to the censorshiji wliieli existed in our division; then again during 
the months of July and August my regiment was continually in the trenches and my position as bat- 
talion surgeon kept me extremely busy; then following my misl'oitune the last week of August, which 
1 never gave you the full details of more than that I was sick in the hospital and physically unable 
to write. 

However, since kind Providence spared my life and I am away down here along the Riviera con- 
valescing, 1 will give you a short synopsis of how it happened. It was one bright moining just as 
dawn was breaking, the birds in the t lees singing their beautiful morning melodies, th(^ entire front 
peaceful and (piiet. everybody fully clothed and at their post for stand too — suddenly like a bolt outof 
the beautiful blue sky the Boche opened with their big guns. It was apeifect barrage and accurately 
laid down. Prior to this we had daily combats with the Boche artillery and I had sort of become 
accustomed to th(> howling and bursting of theif shells. However, during my stay in the fiont, I nev(>r 
experienced such a terrilic bombardment as we luul that morning — the whole earth apparently shook 
and the noise was indescribable, bits of shrapnel and missiles flying in all directions. The air became foul 
smelling and extremely jiungent. Ah ! gas phosgene and mustard. I was busily engaged administering 
to some of the poor boys who had been hit. Assisting me was my sergeant and several stretcher bearers; 
neither one of us detected the gas until we all inhaled some of the poisonous substance. 

Immediately we adjusted our masks but the damage had already been done, at least to me, for 
at that time I was a bit put ou t with the Spanish I^'lu and my respiratory organs were not in a very 
receptive mood for gas. 

We did not adjust our masks innnediately at the first sound of the thrombus horn and gongs. My 
aid station was located a short distance in the rear and conseipiently we tlid not hear the signal, the 
noise was so great. My little band of M. C. boys and I continued to work until we had all of our 
casualties for the morning disposed of — went to my dugout extremely tired and feeling none too good 
from the gas which 1 inhaled. I continued to grow worse and by night was violently ill. In a little 
while found myself on a stretcher, carrying me out of my dugout and gently placing the stretcher and 
its contents in an ambulance, rushed ofl' to a field hos|)ital about nine or ten kilometers in the rear. 
Oh! I was some sick boy — with each breath it felt like someone was sticking a dagger into my back 
and chest. The following day my attending physician told me that I had pneumonia. Long about 
the sixth or seventh day of my sojourn at the field hospital the l^oche decided that T remained there 
long enough and immediately began to shell the small town in which the hospital was located. It 
was a damp, dark and foggy night, and at the most critical period of my illness. Nevertheless the order 
came through to move all patients. 

Once again I was placed on a stretcher and in an ambulance and tht-n began the wild ride midst 
bursting shells over shell-hole roads to a French hospital base, located in a city of about 75,000, twenty 
kilometers in the rear. For excitement I don't think that Sheridan's ride up the Shenandoah or Paul 
Revere's famous ride had anything on it, not saying anything about a trip to Baltimore on the Maryland 
and Pennsylvania. However, I was too sick to enjoy it. Arrived O.K. at the French hospital, but I 
thought it was finish for Ross. The next few days were extremely liazaidous ones for me. On several 
occasions I had visions of going West, but fortunately I received excellent treatment from the French 
doctors and in a few days began to show signs of improvement. I might say that the Boche followed 
me here for I was only here about a week when one night motors were heard buzzing in the heavens, 
which gradually became louder. Anti-aircraft guns opened lire un them. We then knew that they 
were Hun planes bombing the city. 

They ilew directly over the hospital, but fortunately did not drop any bombs on us. \t was rather 
thrilling and exciting, nevertheless. Of course, 1 did not see them as 1 was confined to bed. Several 
of the patients who were able to be up and around told me that they were flying low and could easily 

[ 2()() I 

see them with the naked eye in the dark. I remained in this hospital abont four weeks and then was 
taken still further back, alxnit fil'ty miles, to a large American base. 1 am now able to be out of bed 
and tottering about a bit. Remained here just twenty days when the C. 0. wished a sick leave of 
thirty days on me. and sent m(> down here alonj;- the Mediterran(>an to convalesce. 

Of course, I did not (tbject very stiemioiisly. for it has been a real treat to me. In a previous letter 
to you I told you about stopping over in Paris enroute here, and visiting the American military 
cemetery at Suresnes, on the slope of Mont ^ alerien, where our dear- bidther Chester is .sleeping be- 
neath the sod. I also told you of the beautiful llowt'rs growing on his grav(>; of the beautiful green grass 
growing thereon, and in general how well-kept the cemetery was. I inquired from some of the boys as to 
who was so kind and thoughtful in planting the beautiful (lowers on the graves of our fallen heroes, 
but no one seemed to know. A few days ago while reading the New ^Ork Herald, Paris edition, the 
puzzle was solved. It gave a beautiful description of how the good French mothers of Suresnes go daily 
to the cemetery and care for the giaves of IIkisc who have tlied that France and civ ilization might live. 
It impressed me so nuich that I inunediately wrote to iMme. (Juention. wlio instigated the plan of taking 
care of the graves of the boys who sacrificed their lives on the field of honor . thanking her and the good 
mothers of Suresnes for their- kindness and generosity. I also enclosed a iheck for' her' to purchase a 
Moral design to place on brother's grave, a token of remembrance and devotion t(j our dear departed 
brother from his sisters and brothers. I also requested hei- to take several \ lews of his grave, and will 
send them home when I I'eceive them. 

Yesterday Lieutenant Demsey, who is here on sick leave, anil 1 \ isited the lies De Lerius, lying in 
the bay opposite Cannes, two small islands. On the Island of Ste. Marguerite is a gloomy old prison in 
which was incarcerated fr'om 1687 to l(i80 the mysterious "Man of the Ir'on Mask." whom I have often 
read about in books. It is now used as a prison camp for Boche ])r'isoners of war. We made the trip 
in a small sailboat, and to tell the truth I was not at all di.spleased when I landed safely on terra firma. 
for the sea was extremely rough, in fact the riding of the waves preyed more on my digestive organs 
than the trip across the Atlantic in the early ])ar't of ,lune. However, it was a splendid trip and would 
not have missed it for anything. My convalescent leave has about come to an end; the day of de- 
parture is not far off. I am sojr y in a sense to go, for I realize the sadness and heartaches which will 
welcome me at the end of my Joiriney. My regiment has been in the thick of the recent big drive, 
and I know that many of my frieirfls that bade me good-bye and good luck will not be present to greet 
me. Many have fallen on the fiekl of honor since I left my organization, aird ar'e now sleeping beneath 
the sacred soil of France with a little cr'oss at their head, signifying that they died for world democracy. 

Oh, yes, it will be a sad day when I return to my regiment and glanc? over the r'oll. However, 
such are the fortunes of war. !\o doirbt that ere you receive this I will again be with the boys on our 
way to Berlin. Hoping this will find you all well and happy, I remain lovingly, your brother, 







HEN a "Rookie" first reaches a traininfj camp. 
He's scared half to death, feels like a tramp. 
An orderly leads him to the "sick-bay." 
Where he is examined without delay. 

After the "exam" at the receiving ship. 

He gets a bag-o-clothing regardless of fit. 

"What size shoes-'" "Oh about seven." 

The store-keeper throws liim a |>air marked ele\cn. 

The outfit's complete, in white he's dressed. 
And marchi'd to the bairacks with the rest. 
There he's enrolled and assigned to a billet, 
Given a hammock and told how to fill it. 

Then comes the matter of lashing up things. 
No Irish penants showing, their ends of strings. 
To stencil all clothes is an endless job. 
But there's more dirty work in becoming a gob. 

Twenty-one days in detention he must stay. 
And in spite of hard work, gets no pay. 
For three long weeks, sunshine or rain. 
He never even hears or sees a "Jane". 

Oh yes! And tiien there's the terrible situation. 

He wonders if he'll faint at that first inoculation. 

He musters up courage and says: "\ will not." 

But a "(job" hollers: " Wait till you git your second shot. 

He lives through the first and hears an awful yarn. 
A five-foot fall from a hammock. Oh that arm! 
He goes for his second, but not very bold. 
And siu'e enough it knocks him out cold. 

After he recoNcis, as they sometimes do. 

There's still the third shot coming. Whew! 

But the last one, very strange to say. 

In s|)ite of all kidding didn't even make him sway. 

All thru the day fwas drill! drill! drill! 
At night stick to the hanunock or spill! .spill! spill! 
He dreams of storms and terrible ship-wrecks, 
But wakes up to find he's just hit the deck. 

Then there's bag inspection and all that to know. 

Everything must be as white as snow. 

Clean ditty boxes, scrubbed down decks. 

The sea bags and hanunotks musn't show a speck. 


He must wash overy night, watch the clothes line sway. 
For the "Rookie" must wear clean whites every day. 
If ever his clothes from the clothes line fell. 
The "Skipper" at mast, would give him hell. 

Then he studies wig-wag, blinkers and semaphore. 
Navigation, .seamanship and a whole lot more. 
He thinks while drilling he will soon be a "(lob." 
When out of step he gets, and into the awkward sijuad. 

In his hammock at night, in spite of the pain. 
He lays awake thinking of his little "Jane." 
At "Taps" he starts "cussin" th(> Him h(^avily. 
Till he hears: "Hit the deck sailor." At "Reveille." 

At last the twenty-one days aic past. 

And the dream of liberty comes near at last. 

He breaks out shining in his liberty blues. 

But "Alas"! the wei^k end guard they must choose. 

Then curse the bad luck, he's put on guard. 
When the rest shove off, he c'an't leave the yard. 
He growls: "I'm out of luck!" He walks his post 
Through the night up and down the deserted coast. 

Then the "Rookie" begins to plan what he will do, 
When's he's one of the liberty party in blue. 
Right then and there and all thiu the night. 
He repeats, "War is hell," Sherman was right. 

There's all kinds of fighters in the 1 1. S. N. 

"Rookies, Gobs, Sailors (Yoeman) and otiiei- men. 

But to the "Rookie" the woist of the whole crew, at that 

Are the "Jimmey-legs" with their. "\\ liere do you think yer at?" 

But after all is said and done. 

He did his bit, to beat the bun. 

Fighting on land and sea was his job. 

And there'd have been no War without the "(iob". 

< '.LiFKi)i<i> J. Hall. 







WHEN Louis Syberkrop, of Creston, Iowa, wrote the satire on Kaiser Wilhelm, which follows, 
lie little thought it would attract the attention which it has. Requests for copies have come 
to him from Theodore Roosevelt, Secretary of the N a\ y Daniels, Secretary to the President 
Tumulty, and other notables. The article is in the form of a letter from his Satanic majesty to his 
human prototype. It says: 

"To Wilhelm von HohenzoUern. Kinir of Prussia, Emperor of all (iermany and Envoy Extraordinary 
of Almighty God. 

"My Dear Wilhelm: I can call you by that familiar name, for [ have always been very close to 
you — much closer than you could ever know. 

"From the time that you were yet an undeveloped being in your mother's womb have I shaped 
your destiny for my purpose. 

"In the days of Rome I created a roughneck known in history as Nero. He was a vulgar character 
and suited my purpose at that paiticular time. In these modern days a classic demon and efficient 
super-criminal was needed, and as I had known the HohenzoUern blood I picked you as my special 
instrument to place on earth an ann<>x to hell. I gave you abnormal ambition, likewise an oversupply 
of egotism that you might not discovei' your own failings; I twisted your mind to that of a madman 
with certain normal tendencies to carry you by, a most dangerous character placed in power; I gave 
you the ])()wer of a hypnotist and a certain magnetic force that you might sway your peoj)le. I am 
responsible for the deformed arm that hangs helpless on your left, for your crippled condition embitters 
your hfe and destroys all noble impulses that might otherwise cause me anxiety, but your strong sword 
arm is driven by your ambition that scpielches all sentiment and pity; I placed in your soul a deep 
hatred for all things English, for of all nati(jns on earth I hate England most; wherever England plants 
her flag she brings order out of chaos and the hated cross follows the Union Jack; under her rule wild 
tribes become tillers of the soil and in due time practical citizens; she is the great civilizer of the globe 
and I HATE HER. 1 planted in your soul a cruel hatred for your- mother because SHE was P]nghsh, 
and left my good friend Bismarck to fan the flame I had kindled. Recent history proves how well our 
work was done. Tt br'oke your royal mother's heart, but I gained my puri)()si'. 

"The inherited disease of the llohenzollerns killed youi- father, jirst as it will kill you, and you be- 
came the ruler of Germany and a tool of mine sooner- than I expected. 

"To assist you and further- hasten my work, I sent you three evil spirits — Nietzsche. Trischke and 
later Bernhardi — whose teachings inllamed the youths of Germany, who in good time would be wilhng 
and loyal subjects and eager to spill their blood and pull your chestnuts, yours, and mine; the spell has 
been ])erfect — you cast your ambitious eyes toward the Mediterranean. Ivuypt. India and the Dar- 
danelles and you began your great railway to Bagdad, but the ambitious archdirke and his nioie am- 
bitious wife stood in your way. It was then that I sowed the seed in your h(>ai-t that blossomed into 
the assassination of the duke and his vvif(>. and all hell smiled when it saw how cleverly you saddled the 
crime on Serbia. I saw you set sails for the licjrils of Norway and I knew you would prove an alibi. 
How cleverly done, so much like your noble grandfather who also secured an assassin to remove old 
King Fr-edrick of Denmark, and later robbed that country of two provinc-es that gave Germany an 
opportunity to become a naval power. Murdi^- is dirty work, but it takes a Hoheuzollein to make 
away and get by. 

"Your opportunity was at hand; you set the world on fire and bells of hell were ringing: your rape 
on Belgium caused much joy. It was the beginning, the foundation of a perfect hell on earth: the de- 
struction of noble cathedrals and other infinite works of art was hailed with joy in the infernal 

"You made war on friends and fuc alike and the murder of civilians showed my teachings had borne 
fruit. Your treachery towaid neutral nations hastened a universal upheaval, the thing I most desired. 
"^ Our undersea warfare is a master stroke, from the smallest mackerel pot to the great Lusitania you 
show no fa\orites; as a war lord you stand supreme, for you have no meicy ; you have no consideration 
for the baby clinging to its mother's breasts as they both go down into the deep together, only to be 
torn apart and leisurely devoured by sharks down among the corals. 

"I have strolled over the battlefields of Belgium and France. I have seen your hand of destruction 
everywhere; its all your work super-fiend that I made you. I have seen th(> fi(^lds of Poland; now a 
wilderness fit for prowling beasts only; no merry children in Poland now; they all succumbed to fnwt 
and starvation — I driften down into Calicia where formerly Jews and (Jentiles lived happily together; 
1 found but ruins and ashes; I f(^lt a curious pride in my pupil, for it was all above my expectation. I 
was in Belgium when you drove the peaceful pf)pulation before you like cattle into slavery; you sep- 
arated man and wife and forced them to hard labor in trenches. 1 have seen the most fiendish rape 
conunitted on young wt)men and those who were forced into maternity were cursing the father of their 
offspring and I began to doubt if my own inferno was really up to date. 

■"You have taken millions of dollars from innocent victims and called it indenmity; you have lived 
fat on the land you usurped and .sent the real owners away to starvation. You have strayed awa> 
from all legalized war methods and introduced a code of youi- own. You have killed and robbed the 
people of friendly nations and destroyed their property. You are a liar, a hypocrite and a bluffer of the 
highest magnitude. You area pait of mine and yet you pose as a personal friend of ( iod. Ah, Wilhelm. 
you are a wonder. You wantonly destroy all things in your path and leave nothing for coming 

"I was amazed when I saw you form a partnership with the im[)ossible ruik, the chronic killer of 
Christians, and you a devout worshipper in the Lutheran church. I confess, Wilhelm, you are a puzzle 
at all times. A Mohammedan army, commanded by German officers, assisting one another in mas- 
sacring Christians is a new line of warfare. When a Prussian officer can witness a nude woman being 
disemboweled by a swarthy Turk, committing a double murder with one cut of his saber, and calmly 
stand by and see a house full of innocent Armenians locked up, the house saturated with oil and fired, 
then my teachings did not stop with >oii, but have been extended to the whole Clerman nation. I 
confess my Satanic soul grew sick and there and then I knew my pupil had become the master. I am 
a back number, and, my dear W ilhelm, I abdicate in your favor. The great key of hell will be turned 
over to you. The gavel that has struck the doom of damned souls since time began is yours. I am 
satisfied with what I have done; that my abdication in your favor is for the very best interests of hell — 
in the future I am at yoiu' majesty's service. 

"Affectionatciv and sincerely, 

■LI ( ll'i:i'. II. SATAN." 



" ■ "*APA, arc we winning or losing the warP" 

W"^ "Sluitup. and stop calling me papa. I am sick at the stomach that F should have such an ass 
for a son. Of course we are winning, this is only a strategic retirement." 

"I know papa, but if we should retire much farther wc will need an unler see boot." 

"Shut up." 

'"Papa, are you sure that Holland is neutral;'" 

"Certainly Holland is neutral. Did I not issue a Royal Decree to that efl'ect?" 

"But, papa, the idiotic Yankees were neutral and now look at them." 

"Shut up." 

"Papa, why don"t you have the train go to Paris?" 

"That is a matter of State which at this time it would be injudicious to discuss." 

"Papa, who started this war?" 

"England, of course." 

"Who finished it, papa!" 

"Shut up." 

"Papa, when will you conunand the loyal (iermans in America to take Washington.^" 

"That is a matter for further thought. I am in receipt of important dispatches from General Sauer 
von Kraut which state that he and his stalf have temporarily retired to Altanta. (ieorgia, to seriously 
consider if the time is ripe for a general uprising. He only awaits my decision in the matter." 

"Papa, what is an armistice.''" 

"My son, an armistice is a (ierman diplomatic move by which cumbersome and useless material is 
thrust upon the enemy and which gives the noble CJerman soldieis a furlough to visit theii- homes for 
Christmas. An armistice is sometimes necessary to strenghten the morale of the Army." 

"Why did you abdicate, papa?" 

"I temporarily abdicated out of the generosity of my heart so as not to embarrass the German people 
with the presence of Royalty during their celebration of the colossal German victory in forcing the 
enemy to bow to our demand for an armistice." 

"But papa, the Grand Fleet bas revolted." 

"My son will you never learn? The revolting of the Grand Fleet is simply a naval way of showing 
the patriotism of the ( ierman sailors. They tak(> this method to express to the world their respect and 
admiration for their kaiser. You certainly must, in the near furture, resume your lessons of naval 
customs under Admiral von Tirpitz." 

"Papa, where is the peace conference to b(> held, in Berlin, Paris or Versailles?" 

"I have not as yet decided. But should the date fall on Christmas, I believe that Paris will be 
my choice." 

"Will you be present, papa?" 

"I think not, as I have matters of the greatest importance, which no doubt will detain me in Holland 
and — anyway, I cannot be troubled with details. I have commanded von Hindenburg to see that the 
German people attend to this matter." 

"Why isn't von Hindenburg with us, papa?" 

"Because he was not invited. You know we left Potsdam suddenly in the night and I had no time 
to bother with him. Also it is of the utmost importance that he attend to certain details of the armistice 
whiih 1 imposed upon the enemy." 

"Papa, what do you intend doing with Alsace-Lorraine!" 

"That is the matter which I have ceased to troidile about, but I may impose upon them the penalty 
of being governed by France as a punishment for their altitud(> in the early days of the war." 

I 274 ] 

"What Generals do you intend to honor after you have dictated th<> peace terms to the enemy?" 

"Such a fool question for a Prince of the Royal Blood to ask. The entire credit belongs to me." 

"But papa, how about (iott?" 

"I must admit that in a luiii> of this diplomatic journey to Holland I had entirely forgotten Gott. 
Of course, he assisted me in a small way. The matter of his reward I will consider at a later date." 

"Papa, why did Austria, Turkey and Bulgaria quit;' " 

"Because I decided at a conference of the War council that they weic of no further use to me and 
I did not wish them to participate in the spoils of this glorious day of victory." 

"So, papa, this is 'der tag?" 

"Yes, my son. this is 'der tag" and my only regret is that that old fool Bismarck is not alive to witness 
my hour of supreme triinnph." 

"But. papa, cannot you detail (lott tcj acquaint him with the facts.^" 

"A brilliant idea; I will do so immediately. If you had only used your brain at Verdun in a like 
manner, my victory would have been much greater, but as it is I confer the I run Cross of the First 
Order upon you for your suggestion about (Jott!?" 

"Papa, why have you decided to give billions of marks to the enemy.*'" 

"Once again you have lajjsed into stupidity, therefore I withdraw the Iron Cross of the First Order. 
This was my greatest fniancial achie\ement; it was a matter which only a master mind like mine could 
have conceived. In addition to being a just punishment to the enemy, it materially benefits the German 
Empire, in that the German mark will have a worldwide circulation. 

"Papa, when we are dead and gone and the history of this war w lit ten how will you rank with Na- 
poleon .'*" 

"My son. Napoleon's deeds will be fdigotten when the coming generations readof VVilhelm. the Just. 
You do not think for one moment thai I liave left this important matter to a lot of ignorant historians. 
The history of this war has already been written according to my dictation and is in Potsdam. Your 
reference to my being dead and gone is very ill-timed. How many times have I told you that VVil- 
helm will never die. Do you forget that \\ ilhelm and ( Jott are immortal;'" 

"But, papa, how about yoiu' sons, aren't you going to provide for them? ^ iiii know I also want to 
be immortal. Just make me innnortal. peiluqis it will not matter so nuich about the rest." 

"My son. I am \\ ilhelm. the Just. I will not make you innnortal without doing the same tor the 
rest of my sons. In my judgment, and I am always right, I am the only one entitled to the honor. 
it is my just due. therefore iKit being able in fairness to confer th(> honor upon all. I have decided to 
retain it for myself alone." 

"Father, you are indeed Wilhelm, the Just." 

"Thank you, my son. I have tried to live up to the title." 

"Papa, the train has arrived at the station: we are at the border of Holland. Why do the Dutch 
people thumb their noses at the Imperial train?" 

"It is a special salute of respect to me which I commanded the people of iloilaiid to observe upon 
my arrival." 

"Do we get out here, papa?" 

"Yes. I have decided to continue my journey by automobile." 

"Papa, you have dropped your box of dope pills." 

"Thank you. my son, you sliall ha\e (lie Iron Cross; you are very obs«'r\ing and have rendered me 
a great service." 



The Latest Ultimatum 

Gott, Gott, dear (iott, attention hlease, 

Your bardnei' Vilhelm's here 

Und has a vord or two to say 

Indo your brivate ear; so durn away all udders now 

I nd listen veil to nie; 

For vat I say concerns so much, 

Meinself and Shermany. 

"^(lu know, dear (iott. I var your IViendt, 

Und from mein houi- of birth 

I quietly let you rule de Heffen 

\ ile I ruled o'er de earth. 

I nd ven I teldt mein soilders 

Of by fione battle days, 

I gladly split de ^lory 

Und gave you half de praise. 

So vat I say dear ( iotl, is (lis 

Dat we should still be friendts, 

Und you should help to send my foes 

To meet deir bitl(>r ends. 

If you, dear Gott, vill dis me help 

rU nothing ask again 

Und you und I vill bardners be 

For evermore — Amen 

Rut listen, (iotl, it must be ([uick. 

Your help to me you send, 

(_)r else I have to stop attack 

Und only blay defend. 

So four and twenty horns I gif. 

To make de Allies run 

Und put me .safe indo my blace, 

De middle of de Sun. 

In every way I tried to prove 

Mein lieart to you was true, 

Und only claimed my hones shore 

In great deeds vat we do. 

You could not have a better fiiendl 

In Sky or Land or Sea, 

Dan Kai.ser Mlh<>lm number two. 

De Lord of Sherman\. 

If you do dis, I'll do my hart, 

I'll tell de vorls de fact. 

But if you df>n t, den I nuist tink 

It iss an Hostile act. 

Den var at once I vill declare 

LInd in mein anger rise. 

Und send mein Zepp'lin ships to wage 

A fight up in de skies. 

Dis ultimatum, now, dear (iott, 

Iss von of many more, 

Mein mind is settled up to clean 

De whole world off de flooi'. 

Because you vass mein bardner. 

An extra chance is given: 

So help at vonce, or else I'll be 

De Emporer of HefTen. 




AN account of the part taken h> the city and county of York in tin' W orld War is a subject of 
great interest at the present time. The purport of this introductory story is to give in graphic 
detail a few of the facts relatin;,' to the part taken by our ancestors of York County in the 
previous wars of our history. 

The facts prove that York ('.ount> iiad ils hirtli (hn'ing a World Wai' which then involved nearly 
the whole of Europe, the centei' of cIn ili/.ation at that time. This chapter starts with the early settle- 
ment of the colonies, including Pennsylvania, and the contention about the claims to territory in western 
Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley. This contention brought about the French and Indian War, the 
first conflict of arms in which the soldieis of ^"ork County took part. In that war' nearly 1,000 sturdy 
settlers of our own coimty, at that time including the area of Adams County, participated. 

The eastern and middle ]>arts of i'emisylvania were settled during a time of troublesome wars on 
the continent of Europe, "i'he luiglish had formed colonies along the Atlaidic coast from Massachu- 
setts to Georgia early in our colonial history. The French first settled Canada, and it was Champlain. 
a French explorer, who named that country New France. 

In 1679, La Salle, a Frenchman and the boldest explorer known to American history, launched at 
Niagara the first vessel that sailed over the (ireat Lakes. He pressed his exploration southward, 
and in 1682, after discovering the Mississippi River, planted the banner of France on the banks of 
that stream, later sailing down to its mouth. This extended New France from the Alleghany Moun- 
tains west to the Mississippi. 

It was the custom of the French and other early explorers to claim the owncisiiip of all land firained 
by a river which they had di.sccotMcd. and thus La Salle's discovery cau.sed the French to lay claim to 
the entire Mississi[)pi \ alley. All that territoiy east of the river was called New France, and that west 
of the river Louisiana in honoT' of King Louis Xl\ , then the powerful ruler of France. 


The year 1689 is one of the most important dates in American history. It marks the end of "Early 
American History", and the beginning of another century which ended in 1789 when (leorge Wash- 
ington became the first president of the I nited States. From this time until 1713, colonial wars took 
place, and Pennsylvania played an important part in the last one. 

The two Carolinas anrl Pennsylvania were the youngest of th(> British colonies. The adult in- 
habitants of these colonies had nearly all been born in Europe: while the grandsons of the first settlers 
in th(> older colonies had grown to manhood. 

The success of the French explorers in the Mississippi Valley and in Canada caused them to incite 
tribes of Indians against the linglish settlements of western Pcmisylvania. The French had built a 
fort where Pittsburg now stands, and on(> near the present site of Erie. The governor of Virginia, 
wishing to [Mevent encr-oachments of th(> French in the western part of our- province, sent a regiment 
of troops under Colonel (ieorge Washington, a young man of twenty-one. He riroved northward and 
was met by the enemy at a place which was called Fort Necessity. A contest ensued, and it was here 
that George Washington fired llic first shot in one of the greatest wars of our' history. 

It will thus be sefii that the early settlement of York County was made during a series of wars 
on the fontinent of Europe. The Seven Year's War, which lasted from 1756 to 1763, involved nearly 
every European power. It is known to history as a World War. and since the American colonies paid 
tribute to England at that time, the strife in this contest for the mastery of Europe was carried to 

This war ended with the triumph of Frederick the Great and the defeat of the French, whicli di- 
minished the power of Louis XIV of France. England had joined with Prussia, and helpcnl her to 
overthrow the other powers of the continent. Meantime the fertile valleys of Prussia along the Rhine 
had been devastated. Thousands of Germans then immigrated to Pennsylvania. About th(> same 
time and before the Scotch. Irish and English Quakers came in large numbers to the province of Penn- 
sylvania and prospered here. 


Things were getting so serious in Pennsylvania that General Hraddock. a trained British soldier, 
crossed the Atlantic in 1755 and marched from Alexandria, Mrginia, toward the present site of Pitts- 
burg for the purpose of driving the French from this fort called Ducjuesne. He was joined by 2.000 
provincial troops from Pennsylvania and Virginia under the command of George Washington, who 
acted as a stafl" officer under Braddock. 

The English army of 4.000 men were met by the French and Indians at a place now called Brad- 
dock's Field, a short distance east of Pittsburg. The English conuiiander did not undcistiuid the 
Indian mode of warfare. In a short time, three-fourths of his oflii-ers and 700 men were killed, including 
Braddock who was pierced with four bullets, for the Indians of that early date had learned to use the 
musket, and were trained marksmen fighting in ambush. A total defeat was averted only by the skill 
and prowess of Washington. In this contest, four bullets pierced his clothing, but he was unhurt. 

After Braddock's d(>feat. the Indians began to cross the Alleghany Mountains, and this caused 
consternation in the town and county of York as well as other sections of southern Pennsylvania. In- 
habitants from the Cumberland Valley and farther west hastened eastward to the town of York where 
they remained until the excitement was over. 


It was now decided by the authorities of the i)rovince to erect a chain of twenty-five forts along the 
eastern slope of the mcjuntains from tlie Delaware River at Easton extending in a .southwestern 
direction to the Pennsylvania line at Cumberland. Maryland, for all parts of the northwestern and 
western frontiers were now threatened by incursions from the hostile Indians and a few of the French. 
The organization of militia companies was encouraged. Richard Peters, secretary of the Province of 
Pennsylvania, in 1756. reports the following organized military companies in York County : Captain 
Isaac Saddler, Lieutenant Archibald McGrew, F]nsign William Duffield, and sixty private men: Cap- 
tain Hugh Dunwoodie, Lieutenant Charles McMullen, i^]nsign James Smith anil sixty private men Cap- 
tain James Agnew. Lieutenant John Miller. Ensign Samuel Withrow and sixty private men: Captain 
David Hunter. Lieutenant John Correy. Ensign John Barnes and 100 private men: Captain Samuel 
Gf)rdon, Lieutenant William Smiley, Ensign John Little and 100 private men: Captain Andrew Findley, 
Lieutenant William G( inmill, of Hopewell Township, Ensign Moses Lawson and 106 private men; 
Captain William Gibson. Lieutenant William Thompson. Ensign Casper Little and fifty private men; 
Captain Francis Holton. Lieutenant Joseph Ross. Ensign John McCall and 100 private men. 

Fort (iranville. which had been erected near the site of Lewistown. in the Juniata Valley, was 
guarded by Lieutenant Edward Armstrong and a small band of Pennsylvania soldiers. This fort was 

[ 278 I 



attacked July 22, 1 756, when the c()tniiiaiKl(>r and several of the .soldiers were killed and a part of the 
garrison, including some women and children, were taken across the Alleghany Mountains to Fort 
Kittanniiig, then the headquarters of the Delaware Indians. 


During the crisis of aflFairs in the province, the cold indifference of the Legislative Assembly aroused 
the deepest indignation of the patrif)tic inhabitants of Pennsylvania. Public meetings had been held 
in \ork. Lancaster and Berks Counties for the purpose of petitioning the (jovernor and the Assembly 
to aid them in preparing for an armed resistance. George Stevenson, who had been sent here in 1749 
to take charge of the court records when York became a county seat, wrote letters to Ricliaid Peters, 
at Philadelphia, describing the alarming condition of affairs at York. 

Fort Kittanniiig was situated on the Alleghany River, aljoul forty miles northwest of Pittsinng. 
where the town of Kittanning now stands. Immediately after Braddock's defeat in 1775. Hance 
Hamilton, the first sherilf of York County, and one of the original settlers of Marsh Creek, organized a 
company and marched with it to the western frontier of Cumberland County. After the com])letion 
of Fort Lyttleton. in the present limits of Bedford County. Captain Hamilton commanded the garrison 
at that place of defence. Other companies were then organized for active service by Rev. Thomas 
Barton, the rector of the Episcopal Church at York. Carlisle and York Springs; Rev. Andrew Bay, 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church at .Marsh (^.reek ; Dr. Da\ id .Jameson. |)hysician at Y ork, and Thomas 
Armor, one of the court justicps. 


The Provincial soldiers b(>ing successful with the affair at Fort Kittamiing, it was di'terniini'd by 
Sir William Pitt, the next year, to organize an (Expedition for the conquest of the French and Indians 
at Fort Du(piesne. (ieneral Forbes, a trained soldier from England, and with more sagacity than 
Braddock. was i)laced in charge of this expedition. 

Forbes had under his command an army of 1.200 Highlanders, 350 royal Americans, and about 5.000 
Provincial soldiers from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, including 2,000 Virginians under the 
command of Colonel George Wa.shington. Many of these troops passed through York, (ieneral 
Forbes rendezvoused at Carlisle. The Pennsylvania troops, about 2.000 in number, weie under the 
connnand of Colonel Bouquet, a Swiss patriot who had an experience* of several years in European wars. 

The Forbes expedition was a brilliant and ended the French and Indian \\ ar so far as 
Pennsylvania was concerned. The French were driven from Fort Ducjuesne down the Ohio Biver, and 
their Indian allies fled in dismay to the north and west. A new defense was built on the same site 
which was named Fort i*itt in honor of Sir William Pitt, the great ]<]nglish statesman, wlio had iirojected 
this expedition. Dr. Dav id ,lames( m of York was major of the Second Battalion, command(>d by Colonel 
James Burd: James Ewing. Ihen living a few miles east of York and who became a brigadier-general 
in the Bevolution was adjutant of the 3rd Battalion commanded by Colonel Hugh Mercer, the bosom 
friend of Washington. Archibald .McCirew. i^obert McPherson and Thomas Hamilton from York 
County were captains in Mercer's Battalion. That brilliant soldier, Hance Hamilton of York County, 
was major of Armstrong's Battalion. 






T[ I E inhabitants of ^'ork and vicinity after the defeat of the French at P'ort Duquesne were never 
endangered by incursions from the Indians. They turned their attention to the arts of peace. 
The little town on the Codorus received a new impetus of life. Many new houses were built so 
that the population was soon increased to 1..500. But there was trouble ahead for the honest burghers 
of York and the tillers of the soil in the siurounding country and all over the thirteen American colonies 
which had been founded and settled by the authority of the Knglish Government. It was charged by 
the Am(>rican colonists that the mother country was enforcing tyrannical laws which encroached upon 
the civil rights of American subjects. What is known to history as the Boston Port Bill caused dis- 
sension from New Hampshire to (Georgia. 

Meetings were held in opposition to the laws which were being enforced by the King and Parliament. 
They were held in all centres of population. One of these convened at York in 177 1, being jjresided 
over by Michael Swope. afterward a colonel in the Revolution. At this meeting it was decided by a 
unanimous vote that the inhabitants of York would support their brethren in Philadelphia and other 
parts of the colonies in asking for redress and relief for the distressed condition of the inhabitants of 
Boston. Delegates were appointed to attend the first Provincial Conference at Philadelphia. James 
Smith, of York, attended this conference, and soon after his return home, organized at York in 1774 the 
first military company in America to oppose British oppression and to defend the rights of the colonists. 
The following year Smith was made a colonel of militia for the Province of Pennsylvania, and in 1776 
as a delegate from York signed the Declaration of independence. 


The tocsin of war was sounded by the speech of Patrick Henry before the Virginia assembly at 
Richmond, which was soon followed by the attack on the Provincial forces of Massachusetts at Con- 
cord and Lexington. The patriotic ardor of the citizens of Yor'k and vicinity had now been aroused 
to the highest pitch when they heard that a great battle had been fought at Bunker Hill, June 
17, 1775. 

Thiileen days after this event a company of soldiers from York under the command of Michael 
Doudei, with Heiny Miller and John Clark as lieutenants, began the march to Pxiston where they ar- 
rived July 2.5th, being the first troops west of the Hudson and south of Long Island to join the American 
forces near that city. Although tired and worn by their long march of 500 miles, with undaunted 
courage, they otlVred their servii'es to ( ieneral Washington immediately after their arrival, and asked 
that they be permitted to capture a British transport on the Charles Biver. 

The commander-in-chief commended them for their patriotism, but thought the proposition inex- 
pedient at that time. A few days later Washington detailed them to captuie some British sentinels 
in order that he might learn from them the enemy's purpose in erecting certain earthworks in front of 
the American encam|)ment. This daring feat was accomplished by Captain Doudel's com[)any with 
the loss of one man. Corporal Cruise, a gallant soldier, wlio lingered for several months in a Biitish 
prison in London. The trained riflemen from '^ drk succeeded in killing several of the enemy and bring- 
ing prisoners to the liea(l(|uarters of Washington at (^ambridge. 

The "'York Bitles" and the "Morgan Bitles" of \ irginia were the first soldiers in history to use the 
rifle. This was a new implement of war to the British soldiers at Boston. Corporal Cruise, who be- 
came a piisoner was taken to England, and for a time kept in the Tower of London dressed in his hunt- 
ing shiit like the rest ol' his (-((nnades. He was a novelty to the peo|(le of London, and the rifle he used 
was an object of special interest to the Englisli oflicers. 

1 282 1 




Tlie martial spirit was now rife in the town and county of Yori<. for in the fail of 1775, five battalions 
of militia were organized, commanded respectively by Colonel James Smith of York, Robert McPherson 
of Marsh Creek. Richard McAllister of Hanover, Colonel \\ illiam Smith of Chanceford, and William 
Rankin of Newberry township. These battalions weie under legular drill and discipline for several 
months. Near the close of 1775, one company was selected from each battalion and a regiment of 
"Minute Men" organized, with Richard McAllister, Colonel; Thomas Hartley, Lieutenant-Colonel, 
and David (irier. Major. Soon afterward a part of this command joined the first expedition for the 
con(]uest of Canada. 

During this year and the remainder of the Revolution, the .spirit of war was constantly impressed 
upon the people of York by the passage of troops from the southern states to join Washington's army, 
and often Rritish prisoners were brought here, or escorted to Frederick, Md., Winchester and other 
points in Virginia. 

In this brief story of historic York County, it is impossible to give the details of the part taken by 
the patriotic men of the town and county in th(> Revolution. Let it suffice to say that they showed 
a valor and patriotism unexcelled in any part of the thirteen original states. In the early part of 1776, 
there were four armed and equipped companies in the town of York, and about 15. 000 militia throughout 
the county, then including Adams, ready to march to the front if their services were wanted. Many 
of these soldiers took part in the battles of I'lrandvwine and ( iermautnwn. and \n subse(]ueiil campaigns 
under Washington. 

( '.olonel Swope's icginient from ^ ork aiul \ icirrity won distinction at Long Island and Fort Washing- 
ton; James Ewing took command of the famous Flying Camp in 1776, and rose to the rank of Brigadier- 
(leneral; Colonel Thomas Hartley, a man of high intellect as well as patriotic vak)r led his men to vic- 
tory on several fields of battle: ( ieneral Hemy Miller, a bold and dashing soldier, received the commen- 
dation of the commander-in-chief for saving the left wing of the army from defeat at the Battle of 
Princeton: ('.(donel Richard McAllister, after organizing the milita of York county marched with the 
regiment, whiih was conspicuous for its bravery at Long Jslantl and at White Plains: Colonel John 
Hay who succeeded him as sub-lieutenant of York County, and Colonel Matthew Dill his associate, also 
won a rejnitation for bravery in the field: Major John Clark received the highest praise for his success 
at Long Island, and at the request of \\ ashington. was placed on thi^ staff of ( ieneral ( ireene. next to 
the commander-in-chief, the greatest American soldier of that period: Colonel David (iriei-, a hero of 
the campaign to Canada received two serious wounds at the famous Battle of Paoli under (ieneral 
Wayrre: and Major' Joseph Prowell with a battnlion of 100 men. led the advance of Sullivan's exjjedition 
into the Wyoming ^ alley to drive out the hostile Indians. 

The achievements of these sons of York County and the gallant soldiers who fought under them, 
have added lustre to the pages of American history. They won a iccord for niilitary achievement 
worthy of being handed down to firtui'e generations. 


In the meantime Continental Congress was in session at Independence Hall. Philadeljihia. with 
delegates from all of the thirteen colonies. In June, 1775. Richard Henry Lee, a delegate from Virginia 
moved that "these colonies are. and of light ought to be. free and independent states, and they are 
absolved from all allegiance to the British crown and that all political connection between them and 
the state of Great 15ritain is, and ought to be totally dissolved. " 

This motion was seconded by ,fohn Adams, of Massachusetts, and was carried on July 2nd, and the 
Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, then only thirty-three years old, was 
adopted July 1th. 

I 28 I 1 



A few days later it was signed by 56 delegates with John Hancock, of Massachusetts, president of 
Congress, to first append his signature to this immortal document. James Smith, then a delegate 
from York to Congress, became one of the signers. The news of the adoption of this declaration was 
sent out in every direction by post-riders throughout all the colonies. It was brought to York by James 
Smith and immediately after his arrival, the small statue of (ieorge the Third, at the top of the Pro- 
vincial Court House in Center Square, was torn down. The bell, belonging to St. Johns' Episcopal 
Church at York, was then u.sed for the doublf purpose of caUing the people together in the Court House 
and ringing for services at the church on \orth Beaver Street. On this occasion it was rung with glad 
acclaim by direction of James Smith. These incidents aroused the spirit of our forefathers, who 
resolved to continue the stiuggle until th(> thirteen states sIk mid he freed from the sovereignty of 
Creat Britain. 

The Declaration of Independence was thought by everyone to be a Ijold measure. Now tiiat in- 
dependence was proclaimed, it remained to be seen whether it could be won. Seven years of continous 
war followed and finally in 1781 the last struggle took place at Yorktown, Va., which ended in the 
surrender of Lord Cornwallis and liis entire army to Washington. This event practically ended the 
war but the treaty of peace was not signed until 1783. 


The defeat of Washington's Army at Long Island and Fort Washington caused him to retreat 
across New Jersey toward Philadelphia, then the capital of tlie new nation. He won a brilliant vic- 
tory at Trenton, New Jersey, on Christmas night, 1776, and drove the enemy toward New York at the 
battle of Princeton. 

Soon after this event (ieneral Howe left New York, came up tlie Chesapeake Bay and marched 
toward Philadelphia with a trained army of 18.000 men. Washington met him on the banks of the 
Brandywine a Creek in Ch(\ster County, with an army of oidy 11, 000 men. The British were success- 
ful in this contest, and then moved on toward Philade!|)hia to lapture that city. 

Seeing it was necessary for Congress to move with the public documents, the entire body, not ex- 
ceeding forty men, start(>d on horseback toward Bethlehem. They remained there two days, and then 
came to Lancaster where a one-day session of Congress was held in the ( .ounty Court House. 

In order that Congress might transact the public business with more safety, a resolution was adopted 
to cross the Susqu«>hanna and lontimie their sessions in the Provincial Court House which stood in 
Center Square, York. John Hancock, then president of Congress, was the only person who traveled 
now in a chaise. The rest all came on horseback, stopping for dinner at the Public Inn in the stone house 
standing in Springettsbury township to the south of the turnpike. It is known as the (datz property, 
and it was the first stone house built west of the Sus(|uehanna in the year 1737. The govermnent 
dotuments were brought to York under a guard of two regiments of Continental troops. York then 
contained 286 houses and about I, .500 population. 


Coming up the road from Wright's Ferry on one calm September afternoon of the eventful year of 
1777. were these illustrious men whose acts and deeds during this dark period of the Revolution have 
given lustre to the pages of American history. 

Among this band of patriots whose intelligence and foresight astonished the nations of the world, 
were John Hancock, Samuel Adams and John Adams of Massachusetts; James Duane, William Duer 
and Governeur Morris of New York: Roger Sherman and Charles Marchant of Connecticut: Robert 
Morris, General Roberdeau and James Smith of Pennsylvania: Charles Carroll of Maryland; 

[ 286 1 


---■it* — ^ -W 

IN 1777, YORK, PA. 

Richard Hfiiry Lfp. Benjamin Harrison (ancestdr of two presidents) and Francis Lijihtfoot Lee of 
Virginia; Dr. Witherspoon of New Jersey, and Henry Laurens f)f South Carolina. These men were 
eminent as statesmen, and twenty-si.x of them tlie year before iiad appended their names to that im- 
mortal document, the Declaration of Independence. 

When Congress assembled in York on the first day of October. 1777, in the historic old Court House, 
which stood in Centre Square, it beheld th(> chief cities of the c(»untry in the hands of the enemy, and 
a shattered and dispirited army retreating before a contjuering foe. The battle of Biandywine had 
just ended in favoi' of the Biitish army, whose numbers were nearly double those of the Americans. 
In the meantime. Washingtcjn was reinvested by Congress, with extraordinary powers and soon 
afteiward took up his winter quarters at \ alley Forge. 

Of the members of Continental Congress during the entire period of the Revolution, none was more 
zealous in legislating for the prosecution of the war than Samuel Adams of Massachusetts. He was a 
man of lofty patriotism and unbounded energy. The English (iovernment blamed .lohn Hancock 
and Sanuiel Adams more than any others for the origin of the war, and a reward of #2.5, 000 was offered 
for the capture of either of them. Both Hancock and Adams, if ever captured, were to be denied pardon 
for their alleged treason to the mother country. With Adams as the leader of Congress while in York, 
the struggle for liberty was simply a matter of life or death. Success in establishing freedom would 
send him down to posterity, honored by all future generations; failure |)ointed to the prison cell 
and the igominy of a rebel doomed to the scaffold. Fverything seemed dark and gloomy during the 
early days of October. 1777. and some of the members of Congress were almctst ready to give up the 
struggle in despair and accept the overtures of peace offered by the British goverrmrent. 

Washington had nf)t yet loomed up as the dominant personality of the Re\olutioir. About this 
time John Adams made the following entry in his diary: 

"The prospect is chilling on every side, gloomy, dark, melancholy and dispiriting. When and 
where will light come fr-omP Shall we have good news from Europe.^ Shall we hear of a blow struck 
by (Jates against l)irrgoyne:' Is there a [lossibility that Washington may yet defeat Howe:' Is there 
a possibility that -McDougall and Dickinson shall destroy the British detachment in New Jersey:' If 
Philadelphia is lost, is the cause of Independence lost!'"" 

The little band of patriots which assembled daily irr the Court Iloiis;' in York, had iircr-eased its 
membeishi|) by the arri\al of newly elect >d delegates in October. It sat with closed doors. None 
but the merrd)ers of ( "ongrcss and occasionally a few government officials were allowed to hear the 
debates on the momentous questions that engaged their' attention. 

In a l)uildirrg at the northeast corner of George Street and Centre Square, Michael Hillegas, Treas- 
urer of the I nited States, kept the funds of the government. At the southeast corner of South George 
Street and Mason Alley was the law ofTicf* of James Smith. This was used by John Adams and other 
members of the Board of War. similar to the War Departini'iit of the jnesent day. 

The president of Congress was Johrr Hancock, of Massachusetts, wlio was then the wealthiest man 
in the L'iriled States. He rented the largest house (jbtainable in York, and some of the other members 
lodged at his residence. As the executive head of the nation he lived in considci'able style, and his 
household expenses were paid by the government. All the other member's were lequiied to pay their 
own expenses, and received a small annual salary paid by the States they represented. Early in 
November John Hancock resigned as President of Congress, and Hi'nry Laurens of South Carolina 
was chosen his successor. 





IN YORK, 1781 



The affairs of the new-born nation for a time were controlled by a few men, who met regularly in 
a eaiK'us at the home of (leiieral Holierdeau of Pennsylvania, who lived in a rented house nearly 
opposite Christ Lutheran Church on South ( ieorge Street. Many of the leaders in Congress, including 
Henry Laurens, Benjamin Harrison. Dr. Witherspoon. Richard Henry Lee, Elbridge Gerry and 
John and Samuel Adams lodged in this house. It was here on one October night of 1777 that Samuel 
Adams called a caucus. After obtaining the views of the dilferent members, some of whom were very 
despondent, Samuel Adams rose and delivered one of the most eloquent and impressive speeches in 
American history, as follows: 

"Gentlemen: Your spirits seem oppressed with the weight of public calamities, and your sadness 
of countenance reveals your disquietude. A patriot may grieve at the disasters of his country, but 
he will never despair of the commonwealth. Our affairs are said to be d(>sperate. but we are not 
without hope and not without courage. The eyes of the people of this country are upon us here, and 
the tone of their feeling is regulated by ours. If we as delegates in Congress give up in despair, and 
grow desperate, public confidence will be destroy(>d and American liberty will be no more. 

"But we are not driven to such straits. Though fortune lias been unpropitious, our conditions 
are not desperate; our burdens though grievous, can still be borne; our losses, though great, can be 
retrieved. Through the darkness that shrouds our prosperity, the ark of safety is visible. Despond- 
ency, gentlemen, becomes not the dignity of our cause, nor the character of the nation's representatives 
in Congress. Let us then be aroused and evince a spirit of patriotism that shall inspire the people with 
confidence in us, in themselves and in the cause of our country. Let us show a spirit that will indui'e 
us to persevere in this struggle, until our rights shall be established and our liberty secured. 

"We have proclaimed to the world our determination to die free men, rather than live slaves: we 
have appealed to heaven for the justici* of our cause and in the (iod of battles have we placed our 
trust. We have looked to Providence for help and protection in the past; we must appeal to the same 
source in the future, for the Almighty Powers from above will sustain us in this struggle for inde- 

"There have been times since the opening t)f this war when we were reduced almost to distress, 
but the great arm of Omnipotence has raised us up. Let us still rely for assistance upon Him who is 
mighty to save. We shall not be abandoned by the powers above so long as we can act worthy of 
aid and protection. The darkest hour is just before the dawn, (food news may soon reach us from 
the army and from across the sea." 


It was lat(> in ( )ctobei'. I 777. and not long after Samuel Adams delivered his great speech at York, 
that news was biought here of the surrender of Sir .lohn I'vugoN ne. with an army of 6, 000 English 
and Hessian soldiers at Saratoga, (iates, commaiuiing the American iorces. had out-generaled him 
and Burgoyne was compelled to throw down his arms. His entire force was marched to Boston and 
kept there as |)ris(iners of war for one year. I'uigoyne bought liis freedom i)y jiaying S 10.000 in gold, 
with the understanding that this money should be used to IWd and clothe his troo]js. He then sailed 
to England, was elected to Parliament, and there made a strong speech opposing a continuation of 
the war against the United States. 

News from Saratoga brought good cheer to Congress at 'i ork, Washington at ^ alley F<irge and 
every section of the thirteen states. This battle was one of the most decisive in all history and was 
a turning point in the struggl(> of our forefathers for liberty. 

Soon after this event. General Gates came to York and became president of the Board of War, 

f 2')0 1 

succeeding John Adams, who had been sent to France to aid Benjamin Franklin in securing from the 
French government a recognition of the Republic of the United States. 

The attempt of Burgoyne to march down the Hudson and join the British army, then occu])ying 
New York, proved to be a failure. His object had been to cut off the New luigland States from the 
South and prevent communications between the two sections. It was the failure of this attempt 
that added glory to the American Armies throughout all the great powers in Europe and gave great 
prestige to the Americans. 


Congress had passed while in session at York thr Articles of Confederation wliich. when adopted 
by the sufficient number of states, made the Declaration of Independence a reality ; received the news 
of the great and decisive battle of Saratoga: commissioned Lafayette a majf)r-general in the army: 
received Baron Steuben, the military chieftain from the Court of Frederick the ( ireat. made him a 
major-general and sent him to the headquarters of the army to drill the American troops in the im- 
proved tactics of that day: received the news from Benjamin Franklin at Paiis that the Ring of France 
and his country had agreed to help us in our struggle for Independence; received the lirst of several 
contributions of money from the French Government to carry on the war and received the news of 
the arrival of the first French troops and fleet that came to our assistance. These are a few. but not 
all, of the imjjortant transactions of Congress while in session at York. 

At no other place during the Revolution, except Philadelphia, was there any legislation by Con- 
tinental Congress in any way comparable to that transacted whil(> in session at York. It is a fact, 
however, that sessions of this body were held for one day in Lancaster, Pa. : a short time at Princeton, 
N. J.: about two months in Baltimore and a brief period at Annapolis. Md. At none of these places 
do the journals of Congress record the passage of any legislation or the transaction of any business 
for the prosecution of the war in any degree commensurate with that done at York during nine months 
of the years 1777 and 1778. 


The most serious loss of York County troops during the BcNohition was at the battle of Fort 
Washington, which took place in the northern part of what is now New York City. Colonel Roltert 
Magaw of Carlisle, with about .3, .500 troojjs from Pennsyhania. was assigned the important duty of 
defending this fort. It was attacked in the fall of 1 770 by a large force of English and Hessian troops. 

Colonel Michael Swope of York, then in command of the First Regiment of the Flying Camp, was 
ordered by Magaw to defend the approaches to the fort. Terms of surrender were offered by the 
enemy, but Swope refused. A furious contest ensued when the gallant colonel and 100 of his York 
County soldiers were killed, wounded or became [prisoners of war. 

A part of the Second Regiment of the Flying ( '.amp connnanded by Colonel McAllister of Hanover, 
took part in this engagement, and the remainder of his regiment under Major Clark, engaged the 
British on Staten Island where the first Hessian prisoners of war were captured. 

At Fort Washington the British outnumbered the Amerii-ans three to one. and the raptured men 
were held in New York prisons for nearly two years. Among them was Colonel Swope, whose wife 
kept the Swope Inn on West Market Street, York, where John Hancock, president of Congress, was 
entertained while in York. 

[291 ] 


Congress remained in session in Yoi k for nine months, and then returned to Philadelphia. In the 
meantime, General Howe resigned his command of Philad('l()hia and returned to England. Sir Henry 
Clinton succeeded him. and on ,Inne 18. 1778. hf evacuated the city and began the march toward 
New York. 

Washington remained at \ alley Forge during the winter of 1777-78 while Congress was at York. 
There is no record that he ever came here during that winter. I nfortunately, many members of 
Congress, then composed of forty delegates, were opposed to Washington because he was defeated at 
Brandywine and Germantown. The strong men of Congress, however, stood by him. 

What is known as the Conway Cabal, a conspiracy to remove him from command of the army and 
place Gates in his stead, collapsed at a bancjuet given to Lafayette at the home of (iates in York in 
February, 1778. At this banquet, Lafayette rose from his chaii' and oli'ered a toast in support of the 
commandei--in-chief. and that ended the controversy. 


When Washington heard the British had left Philadelphia, after receiving recruits to his army. h(> 
broke camp at ^'alley Forge, crossed the Delaware at Trenton, and began pursuit of the British army 
on June 21st. intending to strike them whenever a gofid opportunity was afforded. His own troops were 
then in splendid trim, having received careful drill and discipline during the winter encampment at 
Valley Forge. 


The two armies met at Monmouth. \. .!.. in August. 1778. where a terrible battle took place. 
General Washingtim displayed remarkable courage and skill in this engagement, and his success gained 
for him prestige throughout lunope as a great military conmiander. General (ireene. next to Washing- 
ton the ablest soldiei' of the He\ ohition, was present. Ivnox connnanded the artillery, and the famous 
Wayne, who distinguished himself with his Pennsylvania ti-oo|)s at Brandywine. (iermantown and 
Paoli, fought with great gallantry in this battle. 

At a time when (ieneral Charles Lee disappointed the connnander-in-chief. Washington rode 
forward into the tliickest of the light, and for more than an hour the bullets whizzed around him. He 
turned the tide of the contest, woti the battle and added laurels to American arms. This battle in- 
creased the power and influence of the connnandei-in-chief. P'rom that time forth he was recognized 
as one of the greatest soldiers of any age. 

In the battle of Monmouth the Seventh Pentisylvania Line, formerly commanded by Colonel 
Grier of Yoik. distinguished itself for ^alol■. It was largely composed of ^ ork ( ".ounty tntops. Colonel 
Grier had been wounded in the battle of Paoli the year before, and his regiment at Monmouth was 
connnanded by Colonel Irvin(\ Henry Miller who left York as a lieutenant for Boston in 1775, was 
major of the First Pennsylvania Regiment at Monmouth. His connnand occupied the extreme left. 
At a certain time in the battle, Washington ordered this regiment forward. It was led by Miller who, 
for his gallantry in action, was promoted to the rank of colonel by Washington in the field. In this 
regiment also were three companies of \ ork County troops. 

Major John Clark of York, who also marched to Boston in 1775, acted as chief of scouts to Washing- 
ton's army while at \'alley Forge. For his courage and ability. Clark was made chief of staff for ( ieneral 
Greene at Monmouth. For his gallantry there, Washington recommended him to Corrgrcss for pid- 
motion. His home at York was at the Southwest corner of Market and Beaver Streets, where he lived 
until the time of his death in 1817. 

I 292 1 


After the dftVat of the British in the Battli' of Monmouth, the seat of war was transferred to the 
South. An army und(>r Lord ('ornwalhs t>ngage(l in several battles in South Carolina. He then be- 
gan a march northward in pursuit of General Greene. The two armies met at the present site of 
Greensboro. N. C., where a drawn battle took place. Meantime. Washington began to move his army 

Lafayette, with ;5. ()()() num. crossed the lower end of ^ ork ( '.ounty and halted at Fredericksburg. 
Va. Meantime, (General Anthony Wayne with a brigade of Pennsylvania troops had encamped at 
York for two months with his head(|uarters in a building now standing at the northwest cortier of Market 
and Beaver Streets. He n>cruiteil his brigade antl started from York on his inarch southward and 
joined Lafayette at Fredericksburg. These two commands moved southward and joined Washington 
at Yorktown. Va. 

A severe battle followed with Lord Goinwallis. Washington then laid siege to Yorkt(nvn. and in 
the meantime a French Meet and an armv of 1.000 men landed at themouth of the James Ri\ci-. The 
arrival of these French troops and fleet prcNcnted ('.ornwallis from esca|)ing. and in October. 1781. 
he surrendei'ed his army to Washington. The British commander feigned sickness and sent a sub- 
ordinate with his sword. Washington delegated Lafayette to receive the sword. This was the last 
engagement of the war of the Revoluticjn. The treaty of peace, however, was not signed until 1783. 

During the Revolution on two occasions five battalions of Y ork County militia joined the army. 
There were nearly 2.000 men from this county in the Continental Line which afterwards corresponded 
to the I'egulai- army of the Inited States. In all out of a population of 2,5.000. York County, including 
Adams, furnished at least .5.000 men who served during a part of the war in the American army. 

Colonel Thomas Hartley who commanded a brigade at the battles of Brandywine. Paoli and ( ier- 
mantown and afterwards a regiment against the Indians of our northern frontier, later served twelve 
years as the first lepresentatixc from York Cf)iHit\ in Congress. In a public speech before the House 
of Representatives, Colonel Hartley asserted that York County furnished more .soldiers to the army 
in our struggle for liberty than any other section with an e(pial po[)ulation in the thirteen states. 

PART III.— WAR OF 1812 AND 1815 

THI^ second war of the liiited States with (iieat Britain began in 1812, Itlngland was never 
quite satisfied with the result of the Revolution whiih created on this continent a new nation 
of thirteen states out of the thirteen original British colonies. This war grew out of a series 
of wrongs inflicted by the English government upon the American people. The chief difliculty between 
the two countries was the fact that (Jreat Britian claimed the right to search American vessels for 
supposed British deserters and their impressment into the British service. England also wanted to 
prohibit American commerce with Fiance with which she was then at war. 

During the twenty years before 1812 nearly all of Europe had been engaged in war brought about 
by Napoleon Bonaparte, and this contention finally involved the United States, The American people 
demanfled free trade with foreign countries, and the rights of our sailors on the high seas. This was 
denied by the mother country, who really captured on our vessels some American sailors claiming they 
were British subjects. These outrages were so great that Congress insisted upon their surrender of 
the British claim of search. The government of the Cnited States refused to negotiate on the 
subject. An embargo was laid upon all ships in American ports, and war was declared by Congress 
against (ireat Britain, This war lasted two and one-half years and involved every section including 
our prosperous County of YOik. 

[ 293 1 

In May 1U12. President Madison issued a call foe 100,000 troops. On this call the quota from 
Pennsylvania was 14,000. Sirnon Snyder who in his boyhood had lived in York was then the (rovernor 
of Pennsylvania. He issued an order for the organization of the militia. The sentiment in York 
County and thrf)u.t;hout the country was almost unanimous for war. 

The volunteer soldiery from \ ork as well as the militia quickly responded to the call for troops. 
Such was the enthusiasm of the hour that in response to the governor's call, three times as many 
troops tendered their services as were recjuired. At this time there resided in York County nearly 100 
st)ldiers who had fought in the Revolution, and many of them volunteered their services to defend their 

The early part of this war took place along the Canada frontier, extending from New York west to 
Detroit. The British menaced this region with a strong land force. 

Meanwhile in 1813 every naval battle on the ocean was a victory for the Americans. Within 
six months the British had lost six large war vessels on the Atlantic and had taken none of ours. 

Our ships were well l)uill and the American sailors were more accurate in tlieir lire than the British, 
and their victories gave prestige to our navies. During the previous ten years England had declared 
herself mistress of the seas. 

The British land forces were defeated in Northern New York and their fleet on Lake Champlain. 

General Scott crossed into Canada with a brave army and won the famous battles of Chippewa 
and Lundy's Lane. This was encouraging news and heralded as glad tidings all over the country. 
About sixty York County soldiers served under Scott at these battles. After the defeat of their land 
forces along the northern frontier, the British army transferred the seat of war to the South. 


On September 10. Itil.'?. (^.ommodore P)ar(!ay of the l^lnglish navy, with a fleet of six vessels and 
sixty-three guns attacked Commodore Oliver II. Perry with the same number of vessels and guns. The 
American fleet was built at the present site of Erie, and Perry never had fought a naval battle before. 
His success was remaikable and his victory won additional honors for Anieiican seamen. 

Perry's flagship, named The Lawrence, had a blue ])ennon at her masthead containing the words 
"Don't give up the ship." He fought gallantly on the Lawrence until only eight of the crew and 
himself were alive. ^ 

The vessels contested with one and anotlier at close quarters side by side, firing with terrific force. 
Perry with his flag in hand passed in an open boat to the Niagara in the midst of the firing, just before 
the flagship was sunk. He then hoisted his flag on the Niagara anfl in a splendid charge broke the 
British line, capturing their whole fleet. This event took place on Lake Erie a short distance west of 
Cleveland. Oliio. 

Perry's (iis|)atch to (Jeneral Harrison announcing his victory was brief and telling: "We have met 
the enemy and they are ours!" It was Perry who turned the scales of the war. His victory on the 
Lake enabled Haiiison with his land force to enter Canada where he utterly defeated General Proctor 
with the British force and Tecuniseh the brave Indian chief who with many warriors had allied himself 
with the enemy. 

Captain Elliott, who commanded the Niagara at the battle of Lake Erie, was born at Frederick, Md. 
He was married to a daughter of ( ieneral Jacob Spangler of York. His wife left York soon after Perry 
won his victory, and met her husband at Erie, Pa. Elliott, for his achievement, was promoted to the 
rank of Commodore in the V. S. Navy. He died at Boston in 1815 while in command of that port. 
Mis. fjUiott s|)ent the last thirty years of hei' life at York, the home of her young womanhood. She 
died here at an advanced age in 1879. 

Midshipman Laub of York, enlisted in the navy in 1810, and took |)art in several battl(>s on the 

[ 294 1 

ocoan fluring the early part of this war. He was killed on the Niajjara by a British cannon ball a few 
minutes before Perry left the Lawreni'e for the Niagara, and was burietl with naval honors near Toledo, 
Ohio. In recognition of his valor, Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy during the World War, 
ordered a Destroyer, one of the largest vessels of that type of the American Navy, to be named "The 
Laub," in honor of the gallant sailor of York who bravely died in defense of his country. The vessel 
was built and launched at the Boston shipyards in 1918. 


In March, 18li, Napoleon was dethroned, and England was able to send more troops to 
America. In August of the same year (General Ross with an army of 1,,50() men and a fleet of forty 
vessels commanded by Admiral ( 'ockburn. landed near Washington, def(>ated a small body of Americans 
defending the city, and burned the White House, National Capitol and all other public buildings 
except the Patent Office. This caused great excitement in southern Pennsylvania. The light in the 
sky caused by the burning buildings in Washington was seen during th(> night at York. 

Ross and the fleet then sailed down the Potomac and up the Chesapeake, landing atNorth Point, 
fourteen miles south of Baltimore. 


Meantime (iovernor Snyder ordered the militia to rendezvous at Marcus Hook on the Delaware 
Bay and at York for the purpose of making preparations to meet and drive back the invading foe. 
About 6.000 men from the southern counties of the state came to York and encamped on the Public 
Common for drill and disciphne. ']lies(> troops were mustered into service for six months or tluring 
the war. The York troops were formed into one division under command of General Watson. This 
body was composed of two brigades, commatided resi)ectively Ijy (ieneral Forster and Adams. They 
arrived here September 5. At the same time 1. 000 militia encamped at Hanover. 

When it was known that the public buildings at Washington were burned and the British were 
al)out to attack Baltimore, the "^Oik volunteers, a company of 60 men under Cai)tain M. H. Spangler; 
two companies commanded respectively by Captains Metzgor and Bair of Hanover; a company from 
Warrington under Captain McClellan; a Lower Chanceford company under Captain Colvin, and one 
from Peach Bottom undei' Captain Amos marched toward Baltinr ire. The York and the Hanover 
companies arrived in that city in time to take part in the battle of North Point. 

A large force of volunteers and militia from Maryland, Mrginia and Pennsylvania were ready to 
defend the city. In a few hours the British wi're defeated and General Ross killed in the battle at 
North Point. On September 16lh, the entire fleet and infantry boarded the British vessels in the 
harbor of Baltimore and disappeared down the bay, never again to cause any disturbance to the 
country. They sailed to England. 

Meantime Forster"s brigade, which encamped at York, reached Baltimore, September 19th. Their 
services being no longer needed, they returned to York. The entire force which encamped here was 
discharged from the ser\ ice. 

The success of the battle of North Point was triumphant, and it was the last engagement of im- 
portance except the battle of New Orleans. 

During the bombardment of Foit McHenry, near Baltimore. Francis Scott Key. born near Taney- 
town, a young poet and lawyer of Washington, became a prisoner of war on a British vessel. He was 
finally released by authority of Admiral Cockburn, and returned to his own vessel. 

It was during the awe-inspiring scenes of the bombardment of the midnight hour that Key began 


to writo tho "Star Spanj^'led Banner", now the national air of America. When he arrived in 
Baltimore he completed the poem and fjave it to Captain Benjamin Eades of the 27th Maryland 
Regiment. Two days later, with a copy just printed. Captain Hades hastened to the old tavern next 
to the Holliday StriH't Theatre where actors were accustomed to assemble. Th(> verses were first 
read aloud by the ()riiiter, and then in answer to a call from the audience, Ferdinand Durang sang the 
words for the first time. They had just been put lo music. 

One year later Duian^' and his troujK^ played in a hall on East Market Street near Queen, and there 
for the first lime this national air was sung in \ ork. 


The American victories on land and sea had again proven that American soldiers and sailors could 
compete for mastery with British veterans. The final victory of Andrew Jackson at New Orleans, 
January 8. 1815. ended the war. With an army of 5000 volunteers and militia, Jackson defeated Lord 
Pakenhani with 12,000 British veterans attempting to capture the city. In this battle i'akenham vias 
killed, and the entire British loss was 2,600 men. Jackson's loss was only eight killed and thirteen 
wounded. This event made him the greatest hero then living in America. 

This occurrtnl fifteen days after the treaty of peace had been signed at Ghent, Belgium, by the 
English and American commissioners appointed to sign the treaty. The American commissioners 
were Henry Clay of Kentucky. James A. Bayard of Delaware, and Robert B. Livingston of New York. 
The telegraph was not then in use. and Jackson did not know of the treaty. 




WHAT is now the state of Texas orginally belonged to Mexico, but owing to dissension, Texas 
declared herself independent and organized a republic of her own. Her flag had one star, and 
Texas became known as the "Lone Star State." 

The annexation of Texas in 1815, re,sulted in a war between the I'nited States and Mexico. After 
her annexation a dispute arose between Mexico and Texas about the boundary line. Texas claimed 
that her territory extended to the Rio Grande River, while Mexico insisted that the Nueces River was 
the true division line. President Polk sent an envoy to Mexico, but that government refused him a 

IMeanwhile General Zachary Tayk)r, with a small body of trctops had been ordered to Corpus 
Christi, on the borders of the disputed territory, and a little later to advance to Fort Brown on the 
Rio Grande. The Mexicans looked upon this as an invasion of their country and ordered a body of 
troops across the river. Soon af tei- followed the battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palnia in which 
the Americans were victorious, and the Mexican War was begun. This was in April, 18 16. Polk sent 
a message to Congress in which he said, "War exists, notwithstanding all our ellorts to avoid it — exists 
by the act of Mexico herself. Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our 
territory and shed American blood upon American soil." 

Congress responded to the President's message by declaring that war existed "by the act of Mexico." 
and authorized a call for 50,000 volunteers, and appropiated §10,000.000 to meet the expenses. From 
most of the country the call for volunteers was answered with promptness. 

Immediately after President Polk had issued a proclamation announcing that the I nited States 
had declared war against Mexico, the military spirit of the people of the borough and county of York 
was again aroused as it had been during |)revious wars. Two volunteer companies in the borough were 
then under excellent drill and discipline. These were the Washington Artillerists commanded by 
Captain Robert Bruce, and the York Rifles, by Captain George Hay. The York companies and the 
I'nited Blues of Hanover, Captain A. W. Eichelberger. and the Carroll Guards of Dillsburg, Captain 
Totten, offered their services to the United States Government. This occurred in May, 1846. 


There was no call for troops from Pennsylvania until November 16th of that year when President 
Polk asked for one regiment from this state. In response to the call, (Governor Shunk ordered the 
uniformed military companies of the state to rendezvous at Pittsburg. In a short time fourteen 
compani(>s proceeded to that city. Only ten could be accepted to form a regiment. Six of these came 
from Philadelphia, two from Pittsburg, one from Pottsville and one from \\ ilkes-Barre. 

Although the York County companies were not accepted in a body, nine young men from York 
joined the Monroe Guards, one of the Philadelphia companies. The names of these men were Thomas 
A. Ziegle. who was made a sergeant: Peter Ahl, Jr., Daniel Graver, Albertus Welsh, Jacob Danner, 
Samuel Stair, William Eurich and Robert Patterson. Edward Haviland, afterward a well known 
architect of York, and R. M. Russell of Hanover, who during the Civil War became lieutenant-colonel 
of the Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry, also served in tliis regiment. 


The ten companies which rendezvoused at Pittsburg were organized into the First Pennsylvania 
R(>giment on December 15, 1816, with Fiancis M. Wyncoop, colon(>l: Samuel P.lack, lieutenant-colonel. 
The regiment soon after proceeded to the front and joined the army under ( ieneral Scott at \ era Cruz 
before he began his triumphant march to the Mexican capital. 

[297 1 

' St. ' k' 



The first call f(ir troops rr((in Pennsylvania was answered by sufficient companies to form six regi- 
ments. Only one regiment was wanted from Pennsylvania at that time. Late in December, 1846, 
the president asked for another regiment from this state. Pittsburg had been the place of rendezvous 
for a large part of the AnKM'icari troojw in the War of 1812. At the same city the Pennsylvania regiments 
which went to Mexico, were organized. 


January 5, 1817, the Second Pennsylvania Regiment was mustered into the service. The com- 
panies forming this regiment came from difl'erent parts of the State. Company C, known as 
the Cameron (iuards, had been organized at Ilarrisburg by Captain William A. Small. There 
were a number of York County men enlisted in this company, including Samuel Roller, Jacob Snyder 
and John Walters. Immediately after its organization was completed, the Second Regiment under 
command of Colonel Roberts left Pittsburg for New Orleans, going there by steamboat down th(> Ohio 
and Mississippi rivers. 


The troops encamped on the historic battlefield where the American Army under (ieneral 
Jackson defeated the Rritish forces on the 8th of January, 1815. The regiment had a stormy passage 
across the ( iulf of Mexico, landed at Vera Cruz reaching there on the evening of the capture and sur- 
render of the fortress March 29, 1817. General Taylor, commanding the army in the northern part 
of Mexico, had already triumphed over the enemy in four important battles. 

The government had now determined thai an aiiny of about 20.000 men should tnaich from Vera 
Cruz through the valley and over the mountains to th(^ city of Mexico. There was one great difficulty 
to surmount. Many of the American troops could not endure the climate, and as a result of this, a 
large number took sick. Some of them died in hospitals of fever, while others took the smallpox. 
Early in the year 18 17, the two Pennsylvania regiments were placed in the Second Division commanded 
by General Worth. 


General Taylor having conquered the Mexicans along the Rio (irande River, a portion of his army 
was now sent to General Scott. On March 29th five thousand Mexican troops surrendered to (General 
Scott at Vera Cruz, and on April 8th he began his march toward the Mexican capital. 

On the 18th of April he defeated Santa Anna, commanding an army of 12,000 men at the mountain 
pass of Cerro Gordo, capturing five generals, 3.000 men, 4,500 stands of arms and 4.3 cannon, and killing 
and wounding more than 1,000 men, with a loss of less than 500 out of 8,500 Americans engaged in 
the battle. Scott paroled the prisoners, and the next day advanced to Jalapa which he captured 
April 19tli. H<> continued his march to Puebia which he occupied May 15th. 

At this place (General Scott remained for drill and discipline of his army and reinforcements until 
August 7th. On that day he advanced on the city of Mexico, and soon after attacked and captured 
Contreras and Cherubusco. An armistice was now agreed upon between the contending armies, during 
which time the American commissioner failefl to negotiate a treaty of peace with the Mexicans. 


Operations were resunnnl to the southwest of the city, defended by 1 1.000 Mexicans occupying 
Molino del Rey. and (ieneral Worth's loss was in storming Molino del Rey before the attack on the 
wooded and strongly fortified eminence of Chapultepec. On September 8th, (ieneral Worth with 

[299 1 



300 1 

3,500 men attacked Molino del Rey. capturing much material and more than 800 prisoners, but losing 
one-fourth of his command, including 58 officers. On the l.'5th. Chapultepec was stormed and carried, 
and on the morning of the 11 th, Scotts army marched into the city and occupied the national 


And thus ended the war with Mexico. Within six months (Jeneral Scott had stormed the strongest 
places in the country, won battles against armies double, treble and even quadruple his own, and 
marched without a single reverse from ^ era Cruz to Mexico. He had lost fewer m(>n. made fewer 
mistakes, and caused less devastation in proportion to his victories than any in\ ading general of former 
times. When the Duke of Wellington was asked by a gieat soldier what he thought of Scott's Mexican 
campaign, his reply was, "It was a war of miracles!"" 

The treaty of (iuadalupe Hidalgo was concluded February 2, 1818. New Mexico and Upper 
California were ceded to the United States, and the western boundary of Texas was fixed at the Rio 
Grande del Norte. In return the I'nited States agreed to pay fifteen millions dollars, and to assume 
the debts due American citizens by the !\Iexican gov(>rnment to the amount of Ihiee million five hundred 
thousand dollars. The war cost the United States about twenty-five thousand men (most of whom 
had died bv disease) and one hundred and sixty million dollars. 


Besides those mentioned as having enlisted from York County to serve in the Mexican War, were 
the following who served in the dill'erent commands: f^manuel Bates, .lames II. Ross, Jacob Patterson, 
George Johnston, George Smith. William Tinner, \\ illiam Fray, David Harp, Samuel Semons, John 
Fields. Henry Stair, Edward Lay, Alexander McPherson, Lieutenant Theodore D. Cochran, John 
Leaman, Colonel R. M. Russell. ^^ illiam Bair. etc. 

Most of the volunteer soldiers from York County who served in the Mexican War were in the army 
of General Scott. They took part in the battles of his brilliant campaign. William Kurick was killed 
at the siege of Pueblo. 

Jacob Danner died of sickness. After being discharged, five of their comrades each contributed 
ten dollars for the purpose of bringing the remains of the deceased soldiers to Y ork for burial, where 
they were interred with militar> h(»nors. Jacob Snyder and John \\ alters from York County, who 
served in Company C, Second Pennsylvania Regiment, died of fever in the hospital at Pueblo. 

Colonel Albert C. Ramsey, a native of York County and a member of the bar. commanded the 
Eleventh Infantry, in the Mexican War. There were some York County soldiers in his regiment 
which distinguished itself in the battle of Molino del Rey. George Johnston, of York, was killed in 
this battle. Weirich Pentz. Colonel Brough and David Hays served in Ohio regiments. 

Theodore D. Cochran, one of the editors of the York Republican, was first lieutenant of a company 
of cavalry connected with the Eleventh United States Infantiy. His command did valiant service in 
the campaign under ( ieneral Scott. During the Civil War. he commanded a company in the Sixteenth 
Pennsylvania Regiment. 


General William B. Franklin a native of York and a graduate of West Point, served as a topographi- 
cal engineer under (ieneral Taylor. Later he serM>d under Scott on the march to Mexico, and com- 
manded two divisions in the army of the Potomac during the Civil War. His brother Samuel R. 

[301 1 

MARKET STREET LOOKINL. \\ 1 - IW \ )( 1 1 



Franklin, who became a rear admiral, was then a Lieutenant on the frigate America of the United 
States fleet at Vera Cruz. 

Horatio Gates Gibson of \ oik. served as a second lieutenant in the Third Artillery in Scott's army. 
Ife became a bripadier-fieneial duiing the Civil War. His brother William (iibson served on the 
gunboat Reefer in the Gulf of Alexico. George P. Welsh of York a lieutenant in the navy was present 
at the bombardment of Vera Cruz, and later served on the Pacific Coast. 

Granville O. Mailer of York, was Fiist li(>utenant of Company C, United States Infantry. General 
Grant, of the Civil War, was a captain in the same regiment and placed a mountain howitzer in a 
church steeple overlooking Mexico, and fired solid shot into the Grand Plaza of the city. For this 
bravery Generals Scott and Woith praised (^.aptain (irant before the whole army. 

Captain Richard E. Cochran of the regular army was killed while leading his compan;^ at the battle 
of Rescaca de la Palma under Taylor in 1846. 

Jacob Stager who died in April 1917. at the age of eighty-six was the last surviving soldier of York 
County in the Mexican War. He enlisted as a marine and served on the Cumberland, flagship of 
Admiral Conner who commanded the United States fleet which stormed and captured Vera Cruz in 1847. 


An enthusiastic reception was given to the Mexican soldiers on their retuiii to New York, July 
31, 1848. When the news arrived that these veterans had reached Baltimore, a committee of York 
citizens went down to meet them and escort them home. The soldiers were accompanied by Captain 
William F. Small, of Harrisburg, under whose command some of them had served in the war. 

A procession had been formed in Center Square with Major George Hay as chief marshall. In the 
line of march were three local military companies, the Independent Blues, the Washington Greys 
and Pennsylvania (hiards. The procession moved up George Street to Centre Scjuare and then pro- 
ceeded to a position in front of the Court Mouse. The military companies were drawn up in line 
facing the Court House steps. At this juncture, James Buchanan, of Lancaster, who afterward be- 
came President of the United States, addressed the veterans of the Mexican War and paid tribute to 
the fine military appearance of the local companies. Speeches, on behalf of the returning soldiers, 
were made by Sergeant Thomas A. Ziegle and Captain W. F. Small. 


The war for the preservation of the Union began in 1861. It originated fiom the difference of 
opinion between two sections of our country on slavery and the individual lights of states. The 
Southern States had kept up the institution of slavery from the time of their first settlements. Slavery 
had existed in the IVortliern States even after the re\()lufi()n. but long before the Civil War was gather- 
ing force, every state north of Mason and Dixon's line had abolished it. 

The .south advocated the independent rights of States, supporting the claim that any state could 
withdraw from the Union, by its inherit rights. Long and earnest were the discussions on these subjects 
in llie halls of Congress. 

Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, the ablest orator of his time and the great expounder of the 
constitution, opposed the extension of slaveiy, and claimed that no state by its own will could secede 
from the I nion. His eloquent words in the I nited States Senate, "Not liberty first and union after- 
ward, but liberty and union now and forever, one and inseparable," were echoed and re-echoed through- 
out the northern States until the o|)(>ning of the war. It was this sentiment that stiired up the 
patriotism of the northern people and caused the noble defense of the I iiion in the great war which 
lasted four long years. 

[ .30.'} I 



For a period uf liCty years the laiited States Senate and the affairs of the government had been 
controlled by the statesmen of the South. The crisis in public affaiis came after the passage of the 
Kansas-Nebraska Bill, leaving to the voters of th(^ territory of Kansas to decide whether it should 
be admitted as a slave or a free state. This doctrine became known to American history as "Squatter 
Sovereignty." The great contest, in 18.58. in Illinois between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. 
Douglas for the control of the State Legislature and the election of a Lnited States Senator brought 
forth Mr. Lincoln as the candidate of the I^epublican party for President of the United States. 

After Lincoln's election in November, 1860. the affairs of the (iovernment were no longer in control 
of the southern statesmen. South Carolina sei'eded from the Union December 20. 1860. and six 
other southern states followed her example. At first there was a disposition among some northern 
people to give consent to the secession of these states, and at this time Horace Greeley published in 
the "New York Tribune" his famous editorial, "Wayward Sisters go in Peace." This sentiment 
did not prevail. President Lincoln refused to recognize the right of secession and prepared to defend 
the Union. 

The Confederate (iovernment was organized at .Montgomery, Alabama. f)n February 1. 1861, by 
the election of Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, President, and Alexander 11. Stephens, of Georgia, 
vice-President. This was a temporary organization until the Confederate capital had been removed 
to Richmond in February, 1862. Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated President of the United States 
on March 1, 1861. His inaugural address is one of the masterpieces oi American literature. It 
intended to pacify the South, but the sentiment of secession had spread over that region like a tornado. 
Maryland and Kentucky were still in doubt but they were saved to the Union. 

Before the inauguration of Lincoln all the National forts in the seceded states, except Sumter at 
Charleston, South Carolina, and Pickens at Pensacola, Florida, had been surrendered to the state 
authorities. At this peiiod only seven states had seceded, but others threatened to go if the Federal 
authorities used force to compel the return of thos? states to the Union. 


On April 8th, President Lincoln stated in a public document that Fort Sumter would be provisioned 
by force, if necessary, orders having been given to send a fleet to its support. It was then garrisoned 
by Major Robert Anderson, commanding eighty Federal troops. On April 12th. before the fleet could 
reach its destination a battery had been planted along the shores of Charleston Harbor by the con- 
federates and fired upon Fort Sumter. Major Anderson replied to this fire and the contest con- 
tinued for twenty-four hours without the loss of life. After having (exhausted his annnunition. and 
the fort being on fire, Anderson surrendered but willi the honors of war was permitted to sail for New 

The effect of the news of this engagement was marvelous. Up to this time most of the nortliern 
people had not believed .that the South was in earnest. They thought that the questions were political, 
and like similar ones in the past would somehow be settled as heretofore. When the news of the fall 
of Sumter was received, the people of the IVee states seemed to be of one mind and everything else 
was forgotten. When President Lincoln, on April 15th, two days after the surrender, issued his call 
for 75,000 volunteers, "to maintain the honor, the integrity, and the existence of our national union," 
the answer was prompt. Thousands more than were called for volunteered, and provisions, money, 
arms and supplies of all kinds were tendered by the states and by individuals. 


Pennsylvania was to furnish 1 1,000 of llie troops in all sixteen regiments, called for by President 
Lincoln. Andrew (i. Curtin. who had l)een elected (Jovernoi' of the state in October. 1860, was an 

[305 1 


fc^-V^^^.jL ^ \^ 




aidi'iit Union man. llis inaugural address, in January. 1861. leferii'd to the ind'oitiinate conditions 
of the country. Soon after hearing of Lincoln's proclamation, he called upon volunteer companies in 
the state to assemble at llarrisburg and pri'pare for the defense of the nation. Even before this call 
telegrams came to him from unilonncd companies from every section of the state tendering their 


On the night of April 16th. the Sixth !\Iassachusetts Regiment, left Lowell under command of 
Colonel Jones for the defense of Washington. These troops w(>re all armed and equipped for war. 
When they reached Philadelphia, they were joined by a regiment of 1,000 men under Colonel W. F. 
Small, who had commanded a company in the Mexican war, in which some of our York County troops 
served. His soldiers were all unarmed. When the Sixth MassachLisetts was approaching Baltimore, 
Colonel Jones informed his men that they were in danger of being attacked by a mob while passing 
through Baltimore. He ordered them to load their muskets and prepare for an attack.but not to fire 
unless the mob had first fired upi m them. These early defenders of the nation were tra\('ling in tlnrty-five 
cars, drawn by three engines. When they reached the station at Baltimore, they began to move across 
the city in cars drawn by horses to Camden station, of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. At this 
time, locomotives did not pass through the city. As Colonel Small's troops were unarmed, they re- 
mained at the station for a timi^ and th(>n by order of the (iovernor, returned to Philadelphia. 


Four companies of the Sixth Massachusetts marched through the city. These were attacked by 
a mob, throwing stones antl brickbats and firing upon the soldiers who quickly returned the fire, 
kiUing seven citizens of Baltimore and wounding several others. Two of the Massachusetts soldiers 
were killed. This event occuried on April 19th, the anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concord 
in the Revolution. Intense excitiMuent prevailed in Baltimore, and the news of the mob attacking 
the troops, was telegraphed all over the northern states. It aroused the patriotic ardor of the loyal 

As early as January 1.5, 1861, a Union meeting had been held in the Coui t I louse at York, to discuss 
tlie conditions of affairs in the country. When the news of the attack on Fort Sumter reached the 
town, the Worth Infantry, Captain Thomas A. Ziegle, and York Rifles, Captain George Hay, offered 
their services to the government, llicse lompanies were both armed with rifles which had been 
furnished them two years before by the Secretary of war. On April 17th, the Governor accepted 
their services and they awaited the call to duty. 

Immediately after the attack on the troops at Baltimore had occurred, (iovernor Hicks, of Mary- 
land, ordered the bridges of the Northern Central Railioad north of the city and the bridges on part 
of the road from Baltimore to Wilmington, to be burned. He claimed to be in favor of the I'nion and 
ordered this destruction of the bridges for the purpose of preventing troops from the northern states 
passing through the dominion of Maryland. 

On the evening of April 20th, General W. H. Keim, commanding the militia of Pennsylvania, 
arrived at York from Washington. Because of the destruction of the bridges, he was driven to Cockeys- 
ville in a carriage, and reached York on a locomotive. He gave authority for the Worth Infantry 
and the York Rifles to proceed to Parkton for the purpose of guarding the bridges at that point. They 
left York at 11 o'clock on the night of the 20th. Before leaving, these companies molded bullets 
and were fully armed and equipped ff)r the military serNice. 

Governor Curtin organized the First, Second and Third Regiments of Pennsylvania .\ olunteers, 

[ 307 ] 



at Harrisburg, and sent them late in the niglit of April 20tli. to Coikcysvillp, to di'lcnil the bridges 
and the American flag. These troops were all armed with twenty rounds of ammunition. They were 
provided with rations for two days only and it soon fell to the duty of the citizens of York to slaughter 
bullocks on the Public ('ommon and gather together other provisions and send them to the troops at 
Cockeysville and Parkton. Meantime, Mayor Brown and two prominent citizens of Baltimore, 
called upon President Lincoln at the White House, and asked that these Pennsylvania troops be sent 
without the state of Maiyland in order to prevent bloodshed, because of the secession sentiment in 


Immediately after the attack on Fort Sumter at Charleston. South Carolina, the state of Pennsyl- 
vania organized a military camp at Harrisburg. Owing to the fact that trouble Iiad arisen in Baltimore 
and along the line of the Northern Central. ( iovernor Curtin ordered the troops distril)uted along the 
railroad to return to York. 

Camp Scott was then established on iiie ^ oik P'air Grounds in the Southeastern part of the town. 
On Sunday, April 21st, a company from Gettysburg, the jMarion Rifles and the Hanover Infantry, 
three armed and trained military companies came to York. Troops continued to arrive at this camp 
and by May 10. 1861. there were six full regiments and one battery of artillery in Camp Scott and 
some in a camp on Penn Common. 

These troops were divided into two brigades one of which was commanded by (ieneral W ynkoop 
and the other by General Negley. Early in June the troops in York were ordered to the front, because 
a long war was imminent. Meantime (ieneral Benjamin F. Butler of Massachusetts, was placed in 
charge of the Department of Maryland with headquarters in Baltimore. In June he was sent to the 
front, and was succeeded in Baltimore by tieneral John A. Dix. of New York. 


On April 20th, soon after receiving the news of the attack on the troops passing through Baltimore, 
large Hags were floated to the breeze from the offices of the York Gazette and the Y(jrk Republican, 
and also from the Tremont House, later the National Hotel, which was the stopping place for military 
officers. Other flags were displayed from the private residences of many citizens. On Monday, 
April 22d, a tall pole was erected in Centre Scpiare and a bunting flag unfurled to the breeze. During 
this ceremony, the Worth Infantry Band played the Star Spangled Banner. Hon. Robert J. Fisher 
delivered a speech on this occasion. 

In the afternoon of the same day, a flag pole, one hundred feet liigh, was erected in front of the 
lumber yard of H. Small & Sons, on North Duke Street, when patriotic speeches were delivered by 
Henry L. Pisher. John (libson and John \\ . Bittenger. The Continental Club also unfurled a flag. 
There was a universal sentiment of patriotism in York and throughout the county and a few days 
later a flag, thirty-five feet in length, made by the patriotic ladies of "^'ork. was unfurled from the top 
of tlie pole in Centre Scpiare. This was the flag that was taken down by the Confederates when they 
entered the town June 28, 1863. 

At a meeting of the court on Monday. April 22d. the president judge, Robert J. F'isher. in charging 
the grand jury, referred to the distracted state of the country, and urged upon them the necessity of 
providing for the comfort and support of those who had so promptly obeyed their country's call. He 
stated that the citizens of York had subscribed several thousand dollars, and that the borough author- 
ities had appropriated .SI.OOO. and recommended the grand jury to request the commissioners to make 
a liberal appropriation which would be legalized by the Legislature. Several members of the bar 

[ .309 1 





also addressed the grand jury. The scene was a very impressive one. The grand jury the next day 
recommended that the commissioners appropriate $10,000, which was promptly done. Hanover and 
Wrightsville made liheral appropriations, aggregating about §15.000 in all. The Legislature sub- 
sequently ratified these proceedings. 

The attack on Fort Suinter was the opening of hostilities between the two sections of the Union. 
Soon afterward four more states seceded, making in all eleven to form the Confederate States of 
America. The news of the progress of the war was watched with eager interest. Pennsylvania 
became one of the border States. The quota of sixteen regiments for the three months' service, was 
soon furnished by the Keystone Stat<'. At first it was believed that the war would end in a few months, 
but the battle of Bull Run. fought on ,luly 21. 1861, gave encouragement to the South and a long war 
was imminent. It was then that Lincoln called for troops to serve for three years, or during the wai'. 
Pennsylvania showed hei- loyalty and furnished in all .366.000 men foi' the defense of the L^nion. 


Regiments were now being organized to be sent to the front. The Second Regiment. Pennsylvania 
Volunteers, enlisted in the three months' service was organized at Harrisburg. April 21st, under com- 
mand of Colonel Stambaugh of Chambersburg. The York Rifles und(>r Ca|)tain Hay. with John W. 
Schall. First Lieutenant: Jacoi) Ijiunett, Second Lieutenant, was assigned to this regiment. On June 
1st, it was sent to Chambersburg and became part of the Second Brigade, Second Division of General 
Patterson's army, which was charged with guarding the lines of communication with Washington, 
and operated against the Confederate forces in the Shenandoah \ alley. 

The Sixteenth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, was organized May .3, 1«()1. in Harrisburg with 
Thomas A. Ziegle of York as Colonel. The Worth Infantry was assigned to this regiment as Company 
A, with John Hays, Captain: Solomon Myers, First Lieutenant: John M. neitth. Second Lieutenant; 
this regiment on June 8th, joined the army at Chambersburg. 

Patterson was ordered to move his entiie force from Chand)ersliing toward Winchester, Virginia. 
An army of Confederates under (ieneral Jose|)h K. Johnston had begun to concentrate forty miles 
southeast of Washington. 

Stonewall Jackson with a brigade of well drilled troops were in the vicinity of Winchester. Mean- 
time the Union and Confederate armies concentrated at Bull Run on the \ irginia side of the Potomac, 
not far from Washington. Patterson engaged a part of Jackson's force near Winchester, but the latter 
escaped to join the confederates and took part in the engagement at Bull Run. July 21st. 

This battle resulted in a disaster to the !_ nion forces. The Confederates at Bull Run were under 
the direct charge of Jelferson Davis, then president of the Confederacy. With llie southern capital at 
Montgomery, Alabama, until the following year. 

The three months' term of the regiments of Colonels Ziegle and Stambaugh expired July 17th, and 
they returned home. Most of the York troops re-enlisted for three years by joining the Eighty- 
seventh Regiment. Pennsylvania volunteers. 

The next troops, one hundred in number, from this city and county joined the Thirtieth, one of 
the Banner Regiments of Pennsylvania Reserves, enlisted for three years on ./iily 27lh, i\\e days after 
the Rattle of Rull Run. 

The thirtieth was assigned to McCall's Brigade of the Pennsylvania Reserves. During the cam- 
paign under McClellan in his movement toward Richmond in 1862 this regiment did valiant service. 
in the division commanded by (ieneral John M. Reynolds of Lancaster. 

It distinguished itself at the battle of Malvern Hill within sight of the steeplt\s of Richmond, then 
the capital of the Confederacy. In 1862. the regiment served in the battles of Second Bull Run and 
Antietam. and in 1863 at ( iettysburg. In 1861 it served under Grant in his triumphant march towards 


RicliiiKind. remaining in the servico until thf (>n(i of thr wai-. The Thirtieth, or First Reserves, .was 
one of the Ijest trained refjinients in the Union army. 

The Forty-first Pennsylvania, or Twelfth Resi^ves. another gallant regiment was organized in 
June, 1H()1. Samuel N.Bailey of Dillsburg. this county, was chosen Lieutenant-Colonel. Company 
(i. of this regiment was recruited in this county with Charles W. Diven of Stewartstown as Captain. 
Later he was pidniotcd to Major and in i8(il liecame Colonel of the Two Hundredth Regiment. 

The Twelfth Reserves were conspicuous for valor under McClellan at Antietam and Fredericks- 
buig in 1862. They were under (leneral Crawforfl at (iettysburg. and took |)art in the hard fought 
battle^ under (irant in the Wilderness and Cold Harbor, remaining in the service until the end of 
the war. 

The Forty-third l^egiment. First Pennsylvania Artillery, entei(Hl the service at the opening of the 
war. One battery of six guns and two hundred men was organized at York by Captain Alferd E. Lewis 
a member of the local bar. The entire regiment had ten batteries or sixty guns. Later the batteries 
were assigned to difTerent regiments. Battery E. after 1862. was connnanded by Thomas (■. Orwig of 
York County. In 1861 it was assigned to the Army of the James antler Butlei- at Drury's Bluif and 
the siege of Petersburg. It was the first battery that entered the city of Richmond after the evacutioii 
of 186.5. 

The Seventy-sixth Regiment P. \. I., organized in August. 1861. contained two York ( '.ouiity 
companies. One of them was recruited by Captain H. C. Mclntyre of York, and th(> other by Captain 
Cyrus Diller of Hanover. Charles C. Carrettson of ^ ork was appointed quartermaster, and later 
became a captain in the regular army. Captain Mclntyre was succeeded in order by I'aptains Jacob 
J. Young. Frank J. Magee and Harrison Stair: and Captain Cyrus Diller by William S. Diller and 
(^.harles L. Iiittinger. 

The 76th assisted in capturing Fort Pulaski, at the mouth of the Savanah Ri\er, and was noted 
for its gallantry in the famous attack on Fort W^agner when it sulfered a heavy loss in killed and 
wounded, including k>0 men and .5 commissioned officers: in a second assault on Fort Wagner the 
regiment sustained another heavy loss. 

In May, 1864, this regiment was ordered to ^ irginia and assigned to the Department of the James. 
At Drury's Bluff Captain Young was killed. Later the Se\ enty-sixth was transferred to the Potomac 
Army and took part in ('.old Harbor, Deep P>ottom and the heavy engag(>ments before Petersburg. 
In January, 1865, this regiment lead the charge on Fort Fisher in North Carolina, one of the hardest 
contests of the south. It was mustered (tut at llarrisburg July 23. 1865, after t'onlinuous seiviceof 
nearly four years, ranking as one of the bra\est commands in the Fnion army. 

Captain Frank J. Magee of Wrightsville became a Brigadier General of the National (iuards of 


After the defeat of the l^nion forces at the battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861. President Lincoln 
issued a call for 500.000 troops to serve for three years or during the war. In response to this call 
the 87th Regiment was organized in York with (ieorge Hay as (jolonel: James H. Stable, Lieutenant 
Colonel; Charles H. Buehler, Major, and Jacob Emmett. Adjutant. Recruiting began all over York 
County and the companies rendezvoused on Penn Common and the Fair (hounds. 

The l^illsworth Zouaves, drilled by Captain Stable, became Company A, with John Fahs as captain. 
Company B. formerly the Washington (iuards came from Newberry Township under Captain CruU. 
(^.ompany C was recruited in Hopewell, Chanceford and Windsor by Captain Andrew J. Fulton. 
Captain Noah ( i. Ruhl, who served live years in the regular army, recruited Company D, in Shrewsbury 
and vincinity. Company E was recruited by Captain Solomon Myers of York. Company F came to 
A'ork from (iettysburg under Captain Buehler. Company G was recruited at Hanover by Lieutenant 


Morningstar. Company H camp from Warrington Township under Captain Harmon. Company I 
from New Oxford under Captain Pi'eilVer and Company K from York under Captain John W. Schall. 

Tlie regiment when fully armed and equipped contained 1010 oflicers and men, and nine-tenths of 
its membership were young men from York County, many of whom had been in the three month's 
service. Owing to the fact that danger still existed in the destruction of bridges south of York, the 
87th was distributed along the line of the Northern Central from York to Baltimore. It was here 
that Colonel Hay and his men remained on guard duty from Sept. 16. 1861 to 1862. It was then trans- 
ferred to Keyser, West ^ irginia, and remained there in drill and discipline. 

Late in the fall of 1862. the 87th with other regiments began a romantic inarch across the hills and 
mountains of West \ irginia to drive out confederates who were cariying on guerilla warfare. In 
December, 1862, the 87th returned to Keyser where it was placed in the brigade of General Chiseret, 
a French officer of note and marched across the mountains in a snow storm arriving at Winchester, 
\ irginia, just before Christmas, 1862. 

This regiment began its active career in the Battle at Carter's Woods near Winchester in June, 
1863. Ceneral Lee had begun his march northward on the Gettysburg cam|)aign. Milroy commanded 
the Federal troops at Carter's Woods and was routed by superior force of the enemy. 

The engagement at Carter's Wootls resulted in the complete rout (»f llie Federals, the capture of 
a Maryland and Connecticut Regiment and two hundred of the 87th. They were taken to Richmond 
and held as |)risoners for six weeks and then paroled returning to their regiment. 

In the Mine Run expedition during the mid-winter of 186.3, the regiment under conunand of 
Colonel John W. Schall took an active part. Next this regiment was assigned to duty in the army 
of the Potomac under (ieneral (irant. 

After remaining in wint(>r quarters along the Rapidan River, in May, 1861, Cirant began his famous 
march toward Richmond. The 87th Regiment now under Colonel John W. Schall was distinguished 
for valor in the Wilderness at Spottsylvania and Cold Ilarboi-. In the last mentioned battle Colonel 
Schall, then commanding a brigade, lead his men farther into the enemy's line than any other com- 
mander. The loss was quite heavy in these engagements. Captain harrah was killed at Carter's 
Woods and Captain Pfeifier at Cold Harlior. Colonel Schall was woimded in the charge at Cold Harbor. 

On July 1. 1861, (irant heard that l^^arly with a division of 20,000 men was marching down the 
Shenandoah \ alley toward Washington. He despatched Rickett's division of the Sixth Army Corps 
to Frederick, Maryland. On July *Mh. a terrible battle took place on the Monocacy Creek in which 
the 87th Regiment lost seventy-four men in killed, wounded and captured. Among the killed and 
mortally wounded were Adjutant Martin, Lieutenants Spangler, Haack and Welsh, and Captain 
W. H. Lanius, afterward a piominent citizen of York, was wounded in this battle while carrying an 
order for Lew Wallace in the L nion army. 

At Monocacy under General Lew Wallace the army held Farly in check and prevented him from 
capturing Washington and the Treasury Dejiartment. After this battle llie M7tli Hegiuient was placed 
in th(> lommand of ( ieneral Sheridan, and was in the thickest of the light in the bat tie of 0])equon near 
Winchester. Virginia, where Sheridan rcjuted the entire army of Confederates and drove them up the 

Soon after this event their term of three years had ended. Thcjse who did not rc-cnlist returned 
to York, and were received with great demonstrations of joy. They marched from th(> station to 
Pemi Park where a dinner was given in their honor and patriotic speeches delivered. The reorganized 
regiment took part in the battle of Cedar Creek where Captain Iklgar M. Hiihl was killed. 

The 87th had the reputation of being the best regiment on the skirmish line in (he Potomac Army. 
Every company was noted for excellent drill and discipline. The regiment took part in thirty-eight 
battles and skirmishes during the entire i)eri(»d of service. It sulfered the hea\iest losses at Cold 
Harbor, Petersburg, Monocacy, Winchester and Cedar Creek, wimiing high praise for valor in those 

I 313 1 

hard-fought engagements. The entire muster roll in four yeais was 1280 including recruits. The 
losses in killed were 10 conunissif)ned officers and 90 men, about fifty died in southern prisons; Captain 
Fahs of Company A, Captain Morningstar of Company (i and Lieutenant Stallman of C.onipany C, 
were captured early in 1864 and were confined in Southern prisons for officers until the end of the 
war. Colonel John W. Schall who commanded the regiment for two years was living at Norristown 
at the age of 85 in 1919. 

The 92d regiment, known as the Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry, was organized in Harrisburg in 
August. 1861. About eighty soldiers from York County .served in this command. Ft was sent to the 
Army of the Cumberland and took part in several battles in Kentucky and Tennessee including Chick- 
amauga. Roswell M. Russel of Hanover was lieutenant-colonel. In 1861, the Ninth Cavalry joined 
in the march under Sherman from Atlanta to the Sea. ser\ ing in Kilpatrick's Division of Cavalry until 
the end of the war. being mustered out in July, 1865. 

The 93d Regiment was organized at Harrisburg September 1, 1861. and included about 100 soldiers 
from York County. Rev. McCarter, a methodist clergyman, was chosen colonel and was severely 
wounded while leading his men at Fair Oaks near Richmond in May, 1862. This regiment was con- 
spicuous for its valor at Antietam and Fredericksburg in the latter part of 1862. It served in the Sixth 
Army Corps at (iettysburg. the Wilderness and Cold Harbor. In the fall of 1861, it was assigned to 
Sheridan's conunand in the valley of ^'irginia. Mfist of the York County soldiers in this regiment 
came from tlu' upper end. 

The 10.3d Regiment, recruited in western Pennsylvania, enlisted for three years. It lost heavily 
in killed and wounded in the battles of Virginia and 132 of its men died in Andersonville prison in 
Georgia. Two companies from Yoik County belonged to this regiment and were commanded respec- 
tively by George Shipp and Emanuel Herman. 

The 107th Pennsylvania Regiment was organized by Colonel Thomas A. Ziegle of York, in March, 
1862, for three years. It was sent to the Shenandoah Valley under Ranks, and later to Warrenton, 
Virginia, where Colonel Ziegle died of fever. He was one of the most popular soldiers of the army, 
and had served as a sergeant in the Mexican War and as captain in the three months' service when 
the war opened. 

The 107th tcKjk part in the battles of Antietam. Fredericksburg, (^.hancellorsville, Gettysburg and 
in Grant's Campaign against Richmond, remaining in the army iinlil the surrender of Lee in April 
1865. In the siege of Petersburg, Lieutenant George C. Stair of ( '.oinpany A from \ork was caj)tured 
and made his escape fiom prison. (Jliver P. Stair of York was piomoted to captain of Company A, 
and later to major of the regiment. George Crimmons of York was wounded at Antietam and taken 
prisoner at (Jettysbing, but was soon [larolled and iirornoted to second lieutenant. This regiment was 
noted for its gallantry in action. 

The 108th Pennsyh aula i^eginient. first known as Harlan's Light Cavalry, was composed of men 
from Iowa, New York, New .Jersey. ( )hio and Pennsylvania, being one of the mo^t interesting conmiands 
in the whole Union Army. It was organized as an independ(>nt regiment, but in 1862 assigned to this 
state as the Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry. This regiment was noted for scouting duty, and during 
McClellan's Camiiaign before Richmond in 1862. made a raid into North Carolina and tore up the 
Weldon Railroad leatling to the Confederate capital. Company I belonged to York County, under 
Captain Daniel Herr. Lieutenant Schriver of York was killed near Petersburg. The regiment re- 
mained under sheridan until the surrender of Lee in 1865. 

The 130th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, answered the call of President Lincoln for 300,000 
troops to serve for nine months. This occurred after the defeat of the Potomac Army under Pope at 
Second Rull Run in the summer of 1862. In all Pennsylvania furnished fifteen regiments for the niue 
months' service in answer to this call, namely, 23d to 137th, inclusive. 


Four weeks after the 130th entered the service, it took part in the battle of Antietam, sometimes 
called the hardest-fought one day's battle of the Civil War. 

The regiment was organized with troops from York. C.umberland, Dauphin and two eastern 
Counties, August 17, 1862. with Levi Maish of York as Lieutenant-Colonel, and Henry L Zinn of 
Cumberland County. Colonel. One-half of this regiment belonged to "^'ork County and included 
Company B, Captain H. 1. Cle.s.sner; Company 1, Captain Lewis Small; Company k. Captain David 
Z. Sipe. recruited at York, and Company C, by Captain Joseph S. Jenkins of Hanover. 

At the battle of Antietam this icgiment was assigned to French's Division, Sumner's Corps, being 
placed in the thickest of the light at the famous angle near the Dunkard Cluuch, where it maintained 
its position with remarkable bravery for nearly two hours under a withering fire from the enemy. The 
loss was heavy in killed and wounded. (Jen. French in his re{)ort said. "The conduct of this regiment 
in action must take a prominent place in the history of this great battle. There never was better 
material in any army. The 130th lost in this battle thirty-two killed and one hundred forty-six 
wounded, many of whom died of their wounds. Among the wounded were Colonel Maish. Captain 
Jenkins, Captain Sipe and Lieutenant W illiam Tomes of York ( .ounty. The 130th also took a promi- 
nent part in the battle of Fredericksburg on December 13. 18(i2. with French's Division in a charge 
u]5on the enemy's breastworks. The Confederates were heavily entrenched in the front. Similar 
conditions existed along the whole L nion line and the Army of the Potomac was defeated. 

The regiment in this engagement lost 62 men in killed and wounded. Among the killed was Colonel 
Zinn, who at a critical time in the battle siezed the regimental Hag in his left hand and flashing his 
sword in his right, rushed forward saying: "Stick to your standard boys. The 130th never loses 
courage." He was struck by a minie ball in this charge, and instantly killed. Lieutenant Wilson of 
York County was also killed. At the battle of Chancellorsville this regiment displayed the same 
courage and determination that it did at Fredericksburg and Antietam. 

Colonel Maish, who then commanded this regiment, was wounded. Our week later the nine 
months' term of enlistment had ended and the regiment returned home. It was nnistered out on 
the 21, St. 

After the war. Colonel Maish resumed the practice of law at York. For a period of six years he 
was a representative in Congress I'mm ^drk County. He died in 1<)0I. Joseph S. Jenkins 
of Hanover became .Major of the 181th Uegiment and was killed at the siege of Petersburg. Captain 
Sipe was afterward Major of the 187th Regiment. 

Lieutenant John J. Frick of|ian> Iv escaped unhurt in all the battles. Since the close of 
the Ci\ il Wdv he has followed the occupation of a banker, serving twenty years as the cashier of the 
York National Bank, the oldest financial institution in the city. 

Edward W'. Spangler was a prominent member of the York Bar for a |)eiiod of forty years, and 
his brother. Dr. B. F. Spangler. for one-half century was one of the leading physicians of this city. 

The 166th Regiment was composed of ten companies of drafted men from York County and served 
for a period of nine months. The Conscript Act was put into force in Pennsylvania in November 
1862. This regiment was organized in York November 29th of that yeai-. with Andrew J. Fulton of 
Stewartstown, Colonel; Ceo. W. Reisinger, of York, Lieutenant (lolonel: and Joseph Renaut of 
Hanover, Major. 

The 166th was first sent to Washiiigtcjn. and frum thence to SulTolk. \ irginia, and placed under 
command of General Peck \\ith 14,000 men. Peck was opposed by a large Confederate force under 
Longstreet who soon afterv\ar(l joined Lee (jn the march to Gettysburg. This regiment was then placed 
in the army of John A. Dicks of New York, operating between Suffolk and Richmond. It remained 
there until July 28, 1863, when the term of service had expired. 

The I82d Regiment, the 21st Cavalry, entered the service June 23. 1863. It was cf)mpf)sed largely 
of troops from York, Adtms, Lancaster and Csnihria Counties. At the time of the Confederate 

[ 315 I 

invasion, Captain Robert Bell of Gettysburg organized an independent company of cavalry, his men 
fiiiiiisliing th(>ir own horses. His company met the enemy at the approach of ( Jettysliiuji on July 
2()th, when George W. Sandoe was killed, being the iirst soldier who l(jst his life in the Haltle of 

Captain Bell's Cavalry and the City Trooj) of Philadelphia acted as scouts when Early approached 
York and Wrightsville. 

Meantime one Independent Company of Cavalry had been organized in the lower end of York 
County. These joined lielKs commami and they becamt> Company A of the 21st ]'ennsyivaiu"a 
Cavalry. When the regiment ic-eniistcd for a term of three years February 1. 1861, Rol)ei( Bell was 
promoted major and Hugh W. McCall of York chosen captain of Company A. The 21st Cavalry 
performed valiant services in tiie army aroimd Bichniond in the s|)iing of 1865 and was at the surrender 
of Lee at Appomatox. Of tiie eiitiie nuister roll of the ri'gitnent I 17 were killed in battle oi' died of 
disease and 23'^ wounded, making it one of the bravest icginients of the army. 

After the war Captain McCall bet-anie a [ironiineiit lawyer at "^Ork and was jiving in 1010. Lieu- 
tenant Manifold served four years as sheriff of York County as a Uepubiican. 

The 187th Begiment, P. V. I., was organized at Harrisburg March, 1864, largely out of mm who had 
previously served in the aitiu. DaN id Z. Si|)e of "^ oik who had scived as Captain in the liSOfh, 
recruited Company B with 100 men from York. 

This regiment joined (irant's Army at the battle of Cold Harbor in ,)une, 1861. It becam(^ a part 
of the r>th Army Cori)s under ( ieneral Warren. At the siege of Petersiiurg this regiment lost onr-lenth 
of its number in an impetuous attack in getting possession of the I'etersburg and INorfolk Bailroad. 
Major Merrick and Jonathan Jessop of York each lost a Irg in this engagement. After a service of 
nine months the war had ended. This icgiment was sent to Pliiladclpliia wheie it acted as a guard to 
the remains of President Lincoln, while his body lay in state in thai city on its way to Springlield, 111. 
Among the survivors of this regiment living in York in 1010 were Lieutenant Jessop, for eighteen years 
Postmaster at York, and Hemy (iable, a highly esteemed resident of the city. 

The 102d Regiment was organized at Harrisburg in the sunnner of 1861, for a term of one year. 
Rev. S. S. Richmond, a clergyman, recruited a full company of 200 men at Yocumtown in Newberry 
Township, and marched with it to Harrisburg. This company joined the regiment at Haiper's Ferry 
and spent the remainder- of the^war in the Shenandoah \ alley in \ irginia. At first it was imder 
General Sheridan and later- [lerformed guard duty at Staunton, Virginia, until the end of the war. 
Captain Richmond also acted as ctiaplain of the regiment. 

The 200th Regiment, P. V. L, organized at Harrisburg Septemlx'r 15, 186 1, contained four companies 
of troops from York County, Colonel Charles Diven of Stewartstown recruited the regiment. He 
had been major of the 12th Reserves. Many of the men composing the four companies fr-orn '^ ork 
County had never been in the army, while others had proven their valor many times on the field of 

The regiment was sent to the front at once and assigned to duty in the Ainiy of the James below 
Richmond. On Novernl)er- 17th, the 200th engaged in its first battle, showing great courage and 
helping to defend the Lnion line. 

On November 28th, it was transfcMred to LIartranft"s Disision of Pennsylvania Troops in the 0th 
Corps under Parke, and Colonel Diven promoted to command a brigade. 

At Fort Steadman. near Petersburg, the 200th was praised by General Hartranft for bravely 
.scaling and retaking the foit fr-om the enemy. It suffered a heavy loss in the engagement of April 
3d at Fort Sedgwick. This regiment entered the city soon after it was evacuated. It was first to place 
the American Flag on the Court House. A few days later Lee surrendered and the war was over. 
Of the Y^ork County men in this regiment. Company A, was commarrded by Adam Reisinger: Company 
D, by William II. Duhling; Company H, by Jacob Weist, and Coinpany k, by Hamilton I. Glessner. 

[ 316 1 

The 207th Pcunsylvania Regiment was organized September 8. 1864. with Robert C. Cox, Colonel. 
It was assigned to the Army of the James, and in November placed in the 9th corps under Burnside. 
Later it was assigned to Hartranft's Division, composed of six Pennsylvania Regiments. On Feb- 
ruary 5. 1865, the 207th was engaged at Hatcher's Run. where a full brigade was commanded by Colonel 
Cox. In the assault to retake Fort Steadman, Colonel Cox and four comrades were in the advance 
line, and were the first to enter the ramparts where they captured a large number of Confederates. 
The loss to the regiment in this attack was only one killed and sixteen wounded. 

The 207th was in the front line at the attack and capture of Fort Sedgwick, where Cox commanding 
a brigade also led his own regiment. The loss in the 207th here was 37 killed, and 146 wounded and 
eight missing. When Fort Sedgwick fell, Petersburg was evacuated by the CoTifederates. and one 
week later Lee surrendered. This regiment was mustered out at Alexandria. May I '■'>. 186.5. Company 
E was commanded by Captain Lewis Small of York, who recruited in "^Ork ( 'ounty 100 men. 

The 209th Pennsylvania Regiment was organized September 16, 1864, with Tobias KaufTman, 
Colonel, and sent to Rermuda Hundred, to join the Army of the James. It was first engaged at 
Chapmans Farm. November 2 Ith, the regiment was assigned to I lartranfts Division, and on March 
25, 1865, the 209th was at the assault and capture of Fort Stedman. On April 2d and 3d the 209th 
and other regiments in company with the Division and Corps, assaulted the Confederate works before 
Petersburg, showing great couiage in aition. Soon afterward the city was evacuated, and on April 
9th, Lee surrendered to Crant at Appomattox. 

Company E of this regiment was recruited in the lower end of Yf)rk County with Henry W. Spangler, 
Captain, Thomas J. Hendricks First Lieutenant, and William B. Morrow and William Douglass, 
Second Lieutenants. 

Company I was recruited in CaroU Township with John Klugh, Captain, (ieorge VV. Heiges and 
Heiny Arnold. Lieutenants. 

emi:r(;ency regiment 

When General Lee entered Pennsylvania in June. 1863, (lovernor Ciiitin of Pennsylvania called 
for twenty regiments for Emergency Troops. They soon reported at liarrislnug for service. The 
20th Regiment, under command of Colonel Thomas, was formed into two battalions. One was as- 
signed to the duty of guarding the railroad bridges o\ er the Conewago at \<nk Haven, and the other 
to guard the bridges over the Codorus near Haniner Junction, until a large force of Confederates 
arrived when they retreated across the Susquehanna to Columbia. 

The 26th Emergency Regiment, commanded by Colonel Jennings of Harrisburg, was sent to Gettys- 
burg and was stationed there when Early's advance reached that town on July 26th. The advance 
of the regiment under Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph S. Jenkins of Hanover moved out in a fog west of 
Gettysburg to meet the enemy. They encountered the 35th Battalion of Mrginia Cavalry under 
Colonel White and a few shots were exchanged. When the fog broke away the Pennsylvania boys 
saw a large force of infantry coming down the turnpike. They retreated in haste through (iettysburg. 
In this encounter the 26th lost 170 officers and men all of whom were paroled the next day on account 
of the approaching Battle of Gettysburg. 

Company F of this regiment was recruited by Rev. Frederick Klinefelter (jf York, Pennsylvania 
College. Company I was recruited by Captain Forrest at Hanover. Nearly all his men belonged to 
that town, and included prominent citizens. This regiment showed great courage when it met the 
enemy at Gettysburg and fiied the first shot in that great battle. 

[ 317 ] 


After the reverses of the Army of the Potomac under Burnside at Fiedericksburg in December, 
1862, and the defeat of the same army under Hooker at Chancellorsville in May, 1863, General Robert 
E. Lee. comniandinfj a Confederate army of nearly 80.000 nwn. be^an to march northwaicl with the 
intention of tran.sferring the seat of war from ^ irginia into Pennsylvania. He moved nortliward from 
Chancellorsville early in July with his forces composed of three corps. Longstreet commanded one, 
]{]well the second and A. P. Hill the third. The Southern soldiers hafi hern |ilaced under rigid drill 
and discipline before they began this march. 

Lee crossed into the Shenandoah \ alley, met and defeated Milroy with a small forci- near Win- 
chester on .June 1 Uh. and continued what seemed to be a triumphant movement into the Keystone 

This movejiient of Lee alarmed the northern states. Thousands of men enlisted and entered the 
army. The entire area of Southern I'ennsylvania was under intense stiain and excitement. 

Meantime the Army of the Potomac was placed under General Meade, who followed Lee on his 
march into Pennsylvania. The two armies were soon to meet in a desperate contest on July 1st, 
2d and 3d, in and around Gettysburg, where the Confederates were defeated and driven back to 


After General Lee crossed the Pennsylvania line near Ilagerstown, Md.. he halted at Chambersburg. 
There on the morning of June 26th. he sent General Ewell to Carlisle with two divisions. The same 
day he despatched (ieneral Early with one division of 10.000 men toward Gettysburg and York. 

On the night of June 28th, P]arly encamped with foiu- brigades near Bigmount in Washington 
Township, (ieneial (iordon with his brigade of 2800 (ieorgia troops bivouacked the same night at 
Farmer's Post tJiiice in Paradise Township. 

Chief Burgess David Small and a delegation of citizens met the Confederate Commander at this 
camp, where he received assurance that the Confederate forces would not destroy any private property 
or molest any citizens when they entered York. 


At 10 o'clock Sunday morning, just as the church bells were ringing for service, (iordon's brigade 
entered York, marching up West .Market Street. At Center Stpiare the advance cohunn halted, 
took down a large American flag floating from the top of a tall pole in th(> Square, and continued to 
march toward WrightsviUe. 

When Gordon approached WrightsviUe, a skirmish took place between his advance guard and some 
Federal troops. It was an uneiiual contest and the Federal troops were ordered to cross the river to 

At that time (Jeneral Couch at Harrisburg was in command of this Department. He ordered 
Colonel Frick with a regiment of Federal troops at Columbia to burn the bridge. This was done to 
prevent the Confederates from marching over it. 

Meantime, Gordon had shelled WrightsviUe with a battery of four guns, and obtained possession 
of the town. He remained there one night and the folKjwing day returned to \ork. 

f 318 1 


Cieneral Early bet;an his inarcli at daybreak on June 28th, from BifjiiKtiint through Davidsburg 
and Weiglestown, despatching four companies of cavahy to the mouth of the Conewago Creek at Y^ork 
Haven, where two raih'oad bridges were burned to prevent Union troops from coming down from 

On June 27th. Early despatched Colonel White with a detacliment of 1(10 cuNahy through Hanover 
to Hanover Junction, wher(" they burned the railroad bridges ((\<'i' (he Coddrus along the \oithern 
Central. White then moved to ^ Ork. joining Early on the 28th. 

The Louisiana Brigade under (Jcneral Hays encamped on the night of Ihe 28th at Loucks' Mills, 
a short distance above York. Smilirs i>rigade of A irginia troops took position on Shunk's Hill over- 
looking the town, and planted cannon there, (ieneral Early, in a letter to the author of this story in 
1890, said: "T entered York with Avery's brigade of North Carolina troops who encamped on the 
YOrk Common, where the hospital buildings were stationed, and also the Fair (irounds southeast of 
town. My object in putting my troops in these positions was to protect myself against the enemy if 
he approached." The different brigades, on the evening of the 29th, still held the position they first 
occu|)ied u|)on entering the town, and remained there until ordered to retreat toward (lettysburg on 
the morning of June 3()th. 


Soon after General Early arrived he made a requisition upon the town for $1()(),000 in money and 
$40,000 in provisions and clothing for his troops. A committee of citizens began to raise money, but 
owing to the fact that the bank deposits and money owned by prominent citizens had been sent to 
Philadelphia, and elsewhere, the entire amount could not be raised. The committee however raised 
$28,000 and turned it over to Early, at his headquarters in the Court H(juse. A considerable supply 
of clothing and provisions were also raised. The situation did not f)lease the Confederate chieftain 
and he proceeded to collect the money by using stronger efforts. 


Early then ordered the Court House bell rung for a public meeting. The large audience room was 
soon filled with representative men of the city. At a given notice. General Early marched up the 
main aisle and took a seat at the judge's desk. Surveying the audience, he arose from his chair dressed 
in full uniform of gray, with his sword dangling at his side. He then began to speak, demanding 
that the committee of citizens proceed at once to collect the balance of the money and turn it over to 
his Adjutant ( Jeneral. He spoke with earnestness, for the town was under martial law. antl the Con- 
federate flag floated over the Court House. 

The leading citizens still persisted that •S12,0()().00 more could not then be raised, for the money 
was not in town. In truth. tli(> money might have been collected from some piivate citizens, but 
this matter was concealed for the time. 


Because the General did not succeed in getting a faithful promise that the pe()[3le of York could 
raise .§12.000.00. the balance demanded in his requisition, he went to the residence of the chief burgess 
and boldly declared that he would burn the car shops near the railroad station, because, said he, 'T 
have discovered that they are making cars for the Yankee Government. This makes them (iovernment 

[319 1 

property." He had already sent a squad of men under Captain Wilson of North Carolina to set fire 
to the wooden shops. Had this been done great destruction of property would have followed. 

As General Early and Burgess Small walked down ( Jeorge Street and up North to the shops they 
found a large delegation of citizens collected there. At this instant Philip A. Small, of the firm of 
P. A. & S. Small, stepped up to the Confederate ( )fTicer and said, "( Jeneral, if you do not burn these 
shops, I will give you a draft on New York for the payment of the amount you demand." 

At this juncture, (ieneral Early saw a Confederate courier galloping toward .him. He walked from 
the crowd and received the message, which was from his ct)rps commander, (ieneral Ewell, then at 
Carlisle. It ordered him to retreat to Gettysburg as the Potomac army was moving toward the 
town. He returned lo the depot, told the delegation of citizens that he would consider Mr. Small's 
proposition until the following morning, well knowing that he would be out of town early the next 
day. He returned to his headquarters and issued the following Proclamation: 

York, I'm.. June 30, 1«6:S. 
To lite Cilizens of 'i'ork: 

I liave abstaini'd friirii hiiriiiiit; tlic lailidad huildiiifjs and car shops of ycMir lown because, after examination I am 
satisfied the safely of I In- lown would be endangered; and, acting' in the spirit of luuuanity. whicli has ever characterized 
my K'JVcrnment and its mihlary aiitliorities. I do not desire to involve tlie innociiil in llie same [lunisliment with llie 
guilty. Had 1 apphed llie lorcli wilhoul ret;ard to consecpiences I would liaxc pursui'd a course that would have been 
fully vindicated as an act of just relalialion for tile many authorized acts of b.irbarity perpetrated by your own army 
upon our soil. But wf do not war upon women and children, and I trust the treatment you have met with at the hands 
of my soldiers will open your eyes to the monstrous inicpiity of the war wafied by your ffovernmenl upon the peojile of 
the Confederate .States, and that you will make an ell'ort to shake olf the revolting tyranny under which it is apparent 
to all you are \ourselves groaning. 

Major ( ieneral C. S. A. 

This is one of the most presum|)tive documents known to American warfare. It was printed in 
York and intended to be widely circulated on June .'^Otli. but since Early had to retrace his steps the 
address was never distributed. The only original copies now in existence are two. One of them was 
given to the author of this article by General Early at his Lynchburg home in Virginia in 1890, and is 
now in the York County Museum: the other copy is on exhibition in a show-case in the Library of 
Congress at Washington. 


William Buel Franklin, the most distinguished soldier from York County in the Civil War, was 
born at York, February 27, 1823. He graduated at West Point at the head of his class in 184.3, and 
entered the army as a topographical engineer. In the Mexican War he served on the staff of General 
Taylor, and was complimented for bravery by that officer at Buena Vista. 

Franklin commanded a brigade at the first battle of Bull Run in July, 1861. May 15, 1862, he 
was appointed to the Sixth Corps. He commanded the right wing of the Potomac Army against 
"Stonewall" Jackson, in the Seven Days" Battle in front of Richmond. At the battle of Antietam, 
his corps came to the support of the Second Corps, and relieved the troops which had stiffered so heavily. 
In December, 1862, he commanded a grand division of two corps at the battle of Fredericksburg, in 
all 10, 000 men, where he again contested with Stonewall Jack.son. 

In 1863. (ieneral Franklin was placed in charge of the 19th Corps in the Red River Expedition. 
At the close of the war he retired from the army, and spent the remainder of his life in Hartford, Conn., 
as president of the Colt Arms Company, and held other high positions of honor and trust. He died 
at Hartford in I'Mll, and was buried at York in Prospect Hill Cemetery. 

Sanuiel Rlioads Franklin, Hear Admiral, was born in York, August 23, 182,5. At the age of 16, 
and three years before the naval academy was founded at Annapolis, he entered the V. S. Navy. 

I 320 1 

Diirinfi the Moxiran \\ar, he served in tlie (iulf Sciuadron as a midshipman. He was at Hampton 
IJnads, \ irginia, in 1802. as lieutenant when the Monitor defeated the iMerrimac. after the latter 
had sunk three l^nion vessels. This battle marked the end of warships made of wood. 

He served as commander of different vessels until 1861. «hen he was assigned to duly in the block- 
ading sciuadron at l\ew Orleans, and was at Mobile under Kairagiit when that city fell into the hands 
of the American Navy. 

Franklin was prouKtled to commctdore in 1880. and to rear admiial in 188.^. He retired at the 
age limit of sixty-two in 1887, and spent the remainder of his life in Washington. He was a brother 
of ( ieneral Franklin. 

Julmund Schriver was born in York in 1811. He received a through military education and from 
183 1 to 1837, was instructor of infantry tactics at West Point. During the Civil War he was Lieutenant 
Colonel of the 11 th United States Infantry and next ser\ ed on the staff of General McDowell in several 
battles. From 186."? to 186.5. he was Inspector (ieneral of the Army of the Potomac. After the battle 
of Gettysburg ht> was assigned the duty of taking thirty-one Confederate Battle Flags to Washington 
as trophies of victory. On August 1. 1861. he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General and in 
1865 to Major-General of volunteers for meritorious ser\ ices in the army. 

After the war. (ieneral Schriver was ajjpointed military inspector of West Point Academy. In 
January, 1881, he retired to private life, 

Jacob Launian, of ^ ork. later of Burlinglon. Iowa, commanded a brigade under Grant in the 
battles of Shiloh and Fort Donelson. and a disision of the western army under (irant in the siege and 
capture of Vicksburg in 1863. He was severely wounded in (lie battle of Belmont and retired from the 
army. He died at Burlington. Iowa, in 1867. 

Walter S. Franklin, soldier, was born in ^Oik in 1836, and graduated from the Scientific Department 
at Harvard University in 18.57. At the opening of the Ci\ il War he was appointed Urst Lieutenant 
in the 12th T^. S. Infantry, and served in the Peninsular Campaign under McClellan near Richmond in 
lo()2. In 1863-t he served in the 6th Corps. He stood near Sedgwiik when that great soldier was 
struck by a minie ball from the rifle of a Confederate sharpshooter at Spottsylvania. Later he was on 
the stair of (ieneial W'right, connnanding the 6th Corps, before Petersburg and under Sheridan in the 
Shenandoah \ alley during the latter part of 1861. 

.\fter the war. Colonel Franklin was assigned to the 12th Infantry. He retired from the army in 
1887 and was connected with the Maryland Steel Company in 1 80 1. Later he was president of the 
Baltimore City passenger Railroad Company. He was married to Mary Campbell Small of York 
December 13, 1866. 

Michael P. Small. Brigadier General in the Ignited States Army, was l)orn in Yoik and graduated 
from West Point in 1855, As a lieutenant in the Regular Army he aided in (luelling the insurrection 
at Harper's Ferry in 1859, and during the Civil War serv(Hl in the Commissary Department of the 
army in the field. He was Chief of Connnissary under Grant from 186 1 to the end of the war. From 
1865 to 1883 he was Chief of Commissary for the army in the west with head(|uarters at different 
times in San Antonio. San Francisco, and other western cities. 

Matthew Stanley Quay, soldier and United States Senator, was born at Dillsbiug. '^Ork County, 
in 1833, the son of a Presbyterian clergyman. At the age of seventeen he graduated from Washington 
and Jeffer.son College. In 1861. he was chosen a lieutenant in the Pennsylvania Reserves. In 1862, 
he was elected Colonel of the 131th Pennsylvania Regiment, which served in the Army of the Potomac 
for nine months. In the Battle of Fredericksburg. Colonel (Juay lead his regiment in the attack on 
Maryes Height, a strong point of the Confederate line, with great gallantry. 

The following year. Colonel Quay was apjiointed private secretary for Governor Cmtain at Harris- 
burg. Later he served as Secretary of the Connnonwealth and State Treasurer. From 1887 to the 
time of his death in 1901, he represented Pennsylvania in the United States Senate at Washington, 

[ 321 ] 


By Wadsworth M. George 

SOON after the United States entered the World War in April, 1917. war having been declared 
against (iermany un the second day of that month, which was tiood Friday, loyal citizens of 
York and York County were organized for war activities. Governor Brumbaugh had appointed 
Grier Ilersh. president of the York National Bank, as chairman of the council of national defense 
and food administrator of York County. Mr. Hersh also was placed at the head of various other 
administrative committees to engage in the work of helping to win the war. That splendid organiza- 
tions were formed, is demonstrated by the success that was shown in the various activities. York 
County more than did its share in responding to the call of the country for fmanc(>s to carry the war 
to a successful conclusion. The county has a record of having subscribed a total of $.'50. 182,850 in 
the five Liberty Loans, or $200 per capita, making it one of the banner counties of the United States 
in its per capita subscriptions ti» the Liberty Loans. This money was subscribed largely by the people, 
■"Keej) It Out Of The Banks," having been an eflective slogan in several campaigns. 

Thoroughness of the work of the food administration placed York County among the model 
counties of the I nited States in food conservation. In addition to the loyal support given to the five 
Liberty Loans, there were sold by the War Stamp organization of York County 12,180,000 of War 
Saving Stamps. A War Chest was created, and whil(> actual a})parent needs were about $2.t0.0()0 
the amount subscribed was .$425,000. All managers of industrial and business establishments agreed 
to call upon their employes for contributions out of each week's pay and practically all pledges were 
kept. Several days after Grier Hersh was chosen by the Governor of Pennsy]\aiiia to direct the war 
activities of this county, the council of national defense was organized and for administrative purposes 
was divided into 1.3 districts, with York as headquarters. Originally, chairman of the council estab- 
lished headquarteis where all connnunicalions were held with outside agencies and thiough the chairmen 
of the districts, the administration extended tiuoughout the county. Subsecpient to this, it was 
found in certain instances that the work was subdivided by the appointment of district directors who 
administered directly from head(|aarteis to their county conunittees. A list of distiicts and chairmen 
is here given: District No. 1, city of York, boroughs of North York and West York, townships of 
Spring Garden, Springettsbury and West Manchester, Grier Hersh, chairman; district No. 2, borough 
of Hanover, townships of Penn. Heidelberg. Manheim and West Manlieim. H. S. Stokes, chairmen, 
succeeded later by H. S. Ehrhart; district No. 5, boroughs of Dallastown, Yoe, Loganville and Seven 
Valleys, townships of Springfield and York, L H. Rojahn. chairman; district No. 4, boroughs of Red 
Lion. Windsor and Felton. towtiships of Windsor and Chanceford. C. S. Lamotte. chairman; district 
No. 5. boroughs of Delta and Fawn (irove, townships of Lower Chanceford, Fawn and Peach Bottom, 
S. J. Barrett, chairman; district No. 6, boroughs of Stewartstown, Winterstown and Cross Roads, 
townships of Hopewell, East Hopewell and North Ho|i(>well, the Rev. C. P. Leishman. chairman; 
district No. 7, boroughs of ( !lcn Rock, Shewsbury, Railroad, New Freedom and Jefferson, townships 
of Shrewsbury and Codorus, J. Victor Wambaugh, chairman; district No. 8, boroughs of Spring Grove 
and New Salem, townshijis of North Codorus, .lackson and Paradise; W. L. Glatfelter, chairman; 
district No. 9, boroughs of Dover and WCllsville, townships of Dover, Warrington and Washington, 
W. B. Brougher, chairman; district No. 10, boroughs of Dillsburg and Franklintown, townships of 
Franklin, Carroll and Monaghan, W. S. Kapp, chairman; district No. 11, boroughs of (ioldsboro. 
Lewisbury and York Haven, townships of Newberry and Fairview, J. P^ank Zortman, chairman; 
district No. 12, boroughs of Mt. Wolf and Manchester, townships of Conewago, East Manchester and 

[ 322 ] 

Manchester, H. A. Kauffman, chairman: district No. 13, boroughs of Wrightsville, Hellani, East 
Prospect and Yorkana, townships of Hellam and Lower Windsor, R. P. Wilton, chairman. 

This organization of the council of national defense was effected: Chairman Grier Hersh; vice 
chairman, Mrs. Annie S. McConkey: executive committee, F. H. Beard, Dr. James A. Dale. A. B. 
Farquhar; treasurer, A. F. Fix: assistant treasurer, Laura J. Dice; executive secretary, D. D. Strite, 
succeeded by H. S. Ebert; assistant executive secretary. Miss M. R. Koons; directors for York County, 
building and material. Ceorge E. NelT; civilian service, A. B. Farquhar; motor transportation, .lames 
Rudisill. J. C. Eiscnhart; assistant. Miss Maiy D. Croll, motor messenger; food supply, (irier Ilersh; 
Four Minute men, George Hay Kain; assistant director of churches, the Rev. Andrew Todd Taylor; 
home defense police, Adam (iarver, county superintendent; Robert S. Spangler. adjutant: jmblic 
service reserve, W. V. Barnes, examiner in charge: farm labor agent, Jonas Menges; connuLuiity labor 
board, Dr. Charles H Ehrenfield, chairman, P. A. Elsesser, secretary; W. V. Barnes, examiner in 
charge; registration of women. Miss Emma B. Cochran, chairman: women in industry. Mrs. Forry S. 
Medlar, chairman. Mrs. J. W. Thompson, vice chairman. 

Chairmen of the various war activities of the county were: Liberty bonds, Grier Hersh; Red Cross 
J. C. Schmidt, succeeded by Francis Farquhar; war savings stamps. 0. R. Read: food administrator, 
Grier Hersh; fuel administration. Robert C. Ciephart; Y. M. C. A., P. A. Elsesser; Knights of Colum- 
bus, George Marlow; Jewish Jielief, Dr. J. H. Comroe; war camp community service, Edward Leber; 
women's council of national defense. Mrs. Annie S. McConkey: Y. W. C. A., Mrs. M. L. Hailman; 
women's Liberty Bonds, Mrs. Carey Etnier. After the fourth Liberty Loan campaign. Mrs. I^itnier 
resigned and Mrs. E. G. Steacy. who was chairman of the women's Liberty Loan committee of the 
city, became the county chairman and directed the work of the women in the ^ ictory Loan campaign. 
It was the purpose of the war council of York to assign and regulate the personal .services of the men 
and women engaged in the various campaigns of war activities which w<Me being conducted in the 
county during the war. It was found that the work was not equally distributed. Too much was 
devolving upon a few individuals in each campaign and the need of a central organization to conserve 
energy was seen. It was decided to call a meeting to form a war council. These organizations were 
asked to send delegates: York County Chapter of American Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Ministerial 
Association, Knights of Columbus, Manufacturers' A.ssociation, York Federation of Trades Unions, 
Y. W. C. A., Engineering Society. Women Council of National Defense. York Clearing House As- 
sociation, American Jewish Relief Connnittee, Chamber of Commerce and Public Safety Committee. 
L^norganized labor was represented. A meeting was held, at which all the districts of the county, 
except No. 2, embracing Hanover, were represented. This district preferred to conduct its own war 
activities. The war council organized by selecting directors: (Jeorge H. Whiteley, Sr., chairman; 
J. C. Schmidt, vice chairman; James Rudisill, secretary; W. R. Horner, treasurer. Each of the or- 
ganizations represented at the meeting was given representative on the board of directors. Grier 
Hersh. P. A. Elsesser, 0. R. Read, James Rudisill and V. K. Keesey were named as an executive 
committee, while the council was further organized into bureaus with five members each. Certain 
activities in every campaign were assigned to these bureaus according to the work for which they 
had been formed. 

In district No. 1, which included the city of York, direction of the different departments was as- 
signed as follows: Chairman of district, Grier Hersh; finance, Francis Farquhar: publicity, R. E. 
Winchester, who later was succeeded by Wadsworth N. George; legislation. Henry Washers: allied 
bodies, Edward Leber; medicine and sanitation. Dr. A. A. Long; civic relief. Wilbur Throne; food 
supply, John H. Rutter: materials, E. W. Gardner: industrial plants, S. Forry Laucks; motor trans- 
portation. James Rudisill: civilian service, A. B. Farquhar; military service, J. E. Baker; guards, 

f 323 1 

police and inspection, Ray P. Sheiwood: railways, (lordon Campbell; war cani|) coniinunity service, 
Edward Leber. 

The work of organization reached throufihoiit York County. From its inceptif)n the war council 
greatly facilitatcfl all ci\ ic service for the wiiniing of tiie wai'. 

Throughout the period (if the war. the York County council of national defense, with its various 
well organized divisions of loyal men and women proved 100 per cent efficient as a unit of the Pennsyl- 
vania council of national defense. The executives of the city Liberty Loan committee in the several 
successful campaigns were: ]*]llis S. Lewis, chairman: J. Warner Heinekamp. assistant chairman: 
secretary, Eugene F. Weiser; Francis Farquhar directed the work of the industrial committee in the 
Liberty Loan campaigns in the city. This committee proved a strong factor in putting York over the 
top in the fourth Liberty Loan campaign. An epidemic of influenza had spread while the campaign 
was in progress. A ban was placed upf)n public assemblages by the State Health Department, thus 
hampering the work of the campaign. The formation of a SI. 000 club at this critical time saved the 
Liberty Loan in \(irk. putting the city over the tup gloriously. Th(> industrial committee was again 
active in the ^ ictory Loan campaign in ^ ctrk and attained results such as contributed to the success 
of that memorable campaign. 

The first campaign to l)e carried on by the war council was that of the third Liberty Loan. After 
that camj)aign the war chest was created, with Francis Fartprhar as manager. The war chest took in 
all war activities, including Liberty Bonds, food administration, council of national defense and others, 
when ther'c was need of financial aid over' and above federal appr'opriations. Early in the wf)rk of 
the war council it was decided that e\ery war activity which carried on a national cam|)aign would 
receive from the war chest whatever came to York county plus a percentage to be ailded, which per- 
centage should be the percentage that the whole Lnited States exceeded the allotment of the entire 
nation. This arrangement jnoved satisfactory to all head([uarlers" campaign rrranagers. When the 
epidemic of influenza reached York County, the war chest contributeti to the Red Cross enough 
money to finance all the work at tlie emergency hospital and similarly financed the emergency work 
foi' the \ isiting Nurses" association. 

Too much cannot be said in praise of the effective work of the Four Minute men, an or-ganization 
of speakers which was first dir(>cted by Robert C. i^air and subsequently by George Hay Kain. 
Speakers were provided by this organizatiorr for' theaters, chui'ches and var'ious prrblic meetings in 
the many campaigns of the war period. This division of the work included the song leaders who wer'e 
directed by M. B. Gibson, whose untimely death occurred some months after the close of the war 
activities in which he had figured so prominently befoi-e the prrblic. 

The York County Liberty Loan committee conducted live sirccessful campaigns. In June. 1917, 
the people of the I'ounty were suddenly called upon to raise an allotment of §2,2(18,000 for the govern- 
ment by the purchase of bonds. The amount subscribed in that first campaign was $2,274,500. The 
number- of pur'chasers of the first loan was small. The general public was faced with a ni-w pr'oblem 
which was not coniijrehended. There were many people who wer-e unfamiliar with the system of 
floating a loan. Many did not krrow what a bond meant. Therefoie srrbse(pient campaigns wei'e 
made edircational and the public was (]uick to learn. T\w organization in the first Liberty Loan 
campaigir developed irrto a line and efficient body. The work of the women in the several Liberty 
Loan campaigns is a testimonial to their energy and their' iiatriolic zeal. Irr foiu' of the campaigns 
the women worked as a separate or'ganization from that of the rrren. In the fifth campaign the com- 
mittees of men and women were merged and they co-opei'ated in the work. The record of \ ork County 
in the fixe loans is here given: — 

I 324 I 

First loan, allotment $2.26S,0()(): subscribed $2,271,500. 

Second loan, allotment, .'5 1,000,000; subscribed §1,126,100. 

Third loan, allotment, $1,314,030; subscribed $5,11.5,600. 

Fourth loan, allotment. $8,698,370; subscribed S8. 71 1.150. 

Fifth loan, allotment $6,281,373; subscribed $7,571,900. 

Total allotments. §25.561,773; total subscriptions, $27,802,850; over subscription, §2.238,077. 

The Food Administration of York County entered upon its work about the middle of December, 
1917, with Grier Hersh as county administrator and D. D. Strite. administrator in the city of York. 
During the summer of 1918. D. D. Strite resigned and was succeeded by Harry S. Ebert. Miss Mary 
R. koons was woman deputy adminstrator for York County. Mrs. R. S. Cannon was woman deputy 
food administrator for York City. V. k. keesey was legal advisor to the fctod administration. The 
problems of the administration in York County were varied, but were judiiiously met. At no time 
was there serious objection to enforcement of the regulations to conserve food. In dealing with the 
butchers, bakers, wholesalers, and retail grocers, the policy of the York County administrator was to 
impress upon them that all the regulations were serious and should be obeyed. He had the most 
cordial co-operation of all the trades engaged in the distribution of foods. The few enforcements made 
were resorted to more as an exhibition of publicity than as punili\ e nieastucs. The hotels, restaurants 
and boarding houses of the county co-f)perating with the food administration. I)\ persistent observation 
of the food rules, saved 20 tons of sugar, 315 tons of meat and 520 barrels of Hour. The bakers of 
York County suddenly called upon to |)roduce a ^ ictory loaf of bread, by united effort proved equal 
to the emergency and adhered strictly to all ff)od regulations. By self regulation the grocers of York 
County prevented protiteering and by constant effort maintained the cereal suljstitutes and sugar 

In the peace parade held in '^'ork shortly after the signing of the armistice the Food administration 
was given the head of four di\ isions. The administration's formation consisted of the women's home 
economic committee, numbering about 100. the various deputies and about 300 grocers, hotel men and 
bakers. The office staff, with the administrator marched at the head of the parade. The women's 
division had a float re]iresenting Columbia feeding the Allies. The '^ oik County Fuel administration 
was successful in the regulation of the consumption of fuel in "^ ork ( '.ounty. Robert E. Gephart was 
the fuel administrator. He had the co-operation of the coal dealers of the county, as well as that of 
the general public. The order for heatless Mondays was strictly observed here. As a result of the 
observance of the fuel conservation regulations, York County saved a large amount of coal at that 
critical time when it was needed for the ships to carry munitions and supplies to the allied armies 
in Europe. All of York County's war activities organizations found jtatiiotic response on the part of 
the people to every call made upon them to help win the war. There prevailed among the people of 
the county all through the period of the w ar that same spirit for loyal service to their country, as was 
displayed in the time of the American Revolution and during the Civil war. No county in the United 
States can show a more creditable record than that of York Countv in the world war. 

325 ] 


By Wadsworth M. George 

YORK, the county seat of York County, has in a period of one hundred seventy-eight years 
developed from a meager settlement of log cabins into a thriving industrial and agricultural 
center, having the distinction of being the third city in Pennsylvania in variety of its manufac- 
tured products. The city has within its limits five htuidred and twenty-five large and small industrial 
plants which turn out for the maikets of the country and the world at large nearly one hundred kinds 
of manufactured products. It has long been the favorite statement ( )f after-dinner speakers in referring 
to York as an industrial centre to declare that nearly every staple article of commerce from the tiny 
tack to monster refrigerating machines are produci'd in the entcrjirising city on the banks of the 
Codorus. This claim is no exaggeration. Its plows are used in South America, its water wheels 
harness the streams of the Scandinavian peninsula, its wagons track across the Transvaal veldt, its 
automobiles and motor trucks are used in Asia, its silks clothe fair women of many lands, its ice machines 
are used in every country of the tropics, its tacks are sold on both sides of the planet, and false teeth 
manufactured in the larg(>st tooth factory in the world are shipped as far as New Zealand and Aus- 
tralia. The names of York manufacturers are to be found on machinery and structural steel and iron 
in Egypt and the Holy land. People of many races play upon fine toned musical instruments made in 
York. The largest, oldest and most modein commercial body plant in the world is located at York. 
Among the world's largest industries located in this thriving city are an ice machine factory, a wall 
paper mill, a chain plant and the tooth factory already mentioned. York has not only the largest 
wall paper mill in the world but there are several other mills of less caj)acity manufacturing wall 
paper that place \Hrk on the map as one of Americas leading centers engaged in this trade. 

During the four years of the world war, York manufacturing plants furnished munitions and other 
supplies to the armies of the warring coimtries. Foremost among important supplies fiunished for 
the war were chains, vast quantities of which were shipped abroad, and army truck bodies of all 
kinds, also the official Red Cross Ambulance. A partial list of things made in York will be interesting 
to show that the claim that this city is third among tht> cities of Pemisylvania in variety of industries 
is not idle. There are made in \ork: Automobiles, awnings and tents, blank books, bricks, boots 
and shoes, chains, cigars, cigar box labels, cigar boxes, brooms and brushes, rag carpets, rugs, carriages, 
dental supi)lies. electrical apparatus, fertilizers, files, flour, furniture, hardware, horse collars, harness, 
hats and caps, shirts, sweaters and underwear, knitting mill machinery, hosiery, baking machinery 
and equipments, powder mill machinery, lime, lime products, and cement, malt, beer and soft drinks, 
locks, safes and \aults. mattresses, monuments, proprietary medicines, flavoring extracts, silks, silk 
ribbons, surgical tape, neckties, suspenders, scales, ice machines, cultivators, chocolate, caramels, and 
other candies, orange sorters, cotton gins, fiber machines, harrows, gasohne tractors, turbine water 
wheels, spokes and wheels, smoking tobacco, trat'tion t>ngines. threshing machines, sejiarators, i)ianos, 
violins, ukeleles, incandescent lamps, engines and boilers, rolled steel slacks, malleable iron, corrugated 
iron and metals, brass castings, tacks, iron and wire nails, wall paper, roofing paper, paper boxes, 
stereotype plates for books and magazines, car ventilators, canned goods, preserves and jellies, crackers, 
cakes, pretzels, bread, potato chips, wire cloth, toys, parts for automobiles, motor trucks, carriages, 
wagons, weeders, art glass windows, mirrows, washing machines, and automobile and truck bodies. 
The growth of York always has been steady, never spasmodic. \\hil»> in various [teriods of its 
development from its early days down to the present, there have been booms, these have always been 
on a sound and substantial basis and never erratic or ephemeral. Figures showing increases in pop- 
ulation from 1820 down to 1919 demonstrate the steady manner in which York has grown. These 

f 326 1 

figures are here given: 1820. 3,546; 1830, 1,216; 1810, .5,821; 18.50, 6,963; 1860,8,605; 1870, 11,105; 
1880, 13,979; 1890, 20,795; 1900, 33,708; 1910, 11,750; 1919, about 65,000, according to police census 
directory compilation. 

During the periods hetween 1870 and 1880, and between 1890 and 1900, "^'ork's population was 
increased greatly through annexations, populous communities iiaving developed nearby which were 
taken into the city limits. 

Since 1870, there have been built in York an average of five hundred houses a year. Since the 
entrance of the L'nited States in the recent war the high cost of building material has, in a measure, 
halted building enterprises in York. The outlook, however, for future building is not discouraging. 
New industrial plants are being located here and with the restoration of normal condilions York will 
undoubtedly resume its building activities and it is reasonable to believe that tiic lime is not remote 
when this city will attain the 100,000 mark in population. York of today has an area of 2250 acres, 
embracing 15,000 modern homes with 13,000 voters. The assessed valuation of real estate in the city 
is $32,317,578, accoidiug to the triennial a.ssessment of 1918, 

York County being one of the tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing counties of Pennsylvania, 
heavy revenue is paid into the internal revenue office at York. The revenue receipts of this office 
exceed those of Lancaster and Harrisburg. In 1918. the sales of cigar, tobacco, beer and proprietary 
medicine stamps at the York internal revenue office amounted to $1,896,205.40. In nine months in 
1919, the stamp sales in the office amounted to $1,737,989.77. and it was said by the collector that 
there was prospect that the two million dollar mark would be reached in stamp sales. The volume 
of mail handled at the York postoffice has increased greatly from year to year in the past ten years. The 
normal increase has been seven per cent and in the past year the increase has gone beyond that average, 
having attained 12 per cent. 

There are within the limits of York sixty miles of highways, sixteen and one half-miles of which 
are paved, while the r(>mainder of the streets are macadamized. The city has thirteen miles of elect ric 
railway, while five sirbirrban trolley lines reach populous sections ot York County. These lines are 
operated as one system by the York Railways Company. There are seventy miles of water mains, 
which supply filtered water to the inhabitants. The water supply plant is located south of the city 
and consists of a pimiping station, filtration plant and two reservoirs with a capacity of 10,000,000 
gallons. The pumping station is equipped with engines having a pumping capacity of 10,000.000 
gallons daily. The filter plant capacity is 1,000.000 gallons daily. In addition to this water supply, 
the company operalirrg the plant has in recent years constructed a large impounding dam of enormous 
capacity in Springfield township for use as a reserve supply in the future. Analysis by leading scien- 
tists show the city's water' supply to be the purest in Pennsylvania and unsur|)assed in the United 
States. After filtration the water is conducted by pipes to the clear water basin built of masonry 
and covered with arches and earth, holding over 2.000,000 gallons. From the time the water leaves 
the filter plant until it passes by gravity through the large distril)uting system, it is constantly kept 
free from pollution and is delivered to the consumer clear, (-(dd and sparkling. The average result 
of many hundred tests of this filtered water shows an efficiency of 100 per cent as to turbidity, 100 
per cent as to color and 99 . 50 per cent as to (he rern( >val of bacteria. The water is therefore pr-actically 
sterile. Its purity has eliminated cholera infantimi and reduced the typhoid fever rate of the com- 
munity to a remarkable degree. 

The City's disposal plant and sewer system cost approximately $850,000 00. There are for'ty- 
nine miles of sewers. Collection and disposal of garbage costs the city $27,000.00 a year. The 
contract is held by a corporation operating a sanitary reduction plant outside the city. 

The York Gas Comjiany has a plant of large capacity and a distributing system consisting of 
fifty miles of mains. The York Haven Power Company, with a plant located on the Susquehanna 
river at a distance of twelve miles from York, supplies electrical power for part of the city's public 


utilities, such as the street railways, the lighting and telephone systems. Manufacturing establish- 
ments are supplied with power at moderate rates. Cuiieiit is tiansmitted by the plant at York Haven 
to a light, heal and power plant of the Edison Electric Light ( "ompany in York by means of a system 
of cables. 

The lulison Electric Light Company includes in its utilities a public steam heating system anrl a 
new and modern electrical [)laid which also fuiitishes power to the city's public utilities. With the 
several utilities enumerated above, York is well supplied with water, its streets and buildings are well 
lighted and its buildings are well heated. Among the many advantages of York are its pulilic markets, 
abuiulantly su[)plied with jiroducts from the feilile farms and gardens of a rich agricultural section. 
From the earliest borough days down to the present, a curbstone market has been conducted in Center 
Scpiare, twice a week. Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are in addition four large market houses 
open to the j)id)lic at stated hours throughout the week, so that the citizens of York are j)eculiarly 
fortunate in the facilities offered them in the markets where prices in the past have been moderate. 
Even in the present day of high cost, food supplies of a great variety are sold in thes<' markets at prices 
which are comparatively low when (luotations in the public markets of other cities are consulted. 

The telephone service of York is supplied by the American Bell and the York Telephone Companies, 
whose lines extend to all imixtrtant [loiiils in the couidy and are connected with the long distance 
systems. About four thousand (elcphoncs of both companies are in use in the city. The lini\s of 
two great competing telegia|)li companies, the Western I nion and the Postal, entei- York. The "^'ork 
Telephone Company recently installed the automatic dial system, which has greatly facilitated service. 
This company has a total of two thousand lines over the city and couidy and has installed the dial 
systems in five of its exchangers in the county. 

The York ^'olunt(H•r Fir(> Dej)aitment is one of the best organized and most efficient in the state, 
and is a credit to the city. The department consists of eight companies and each company has a line 
modern lire-liouse, A modern tire alarm system is in use and all apparatus is motorized, most of it 
having been made in ^ ork and recognized as the b(>st. The efhciency of Yorks volunteer fire depart- 
ment is demonstrated in the small losses from fires. In nine months in UUy the entire losses from fires 
in the city did not exceed .$6,500. The ^ eteran Volunteer Fiicmen of York have an association and 
their own building in which they meet and which they use for sotial purposes. Two of York's fire 
comjianies. the Laurel and the \ igilant. ari' among the oldest in Pennsylvania, having been organized 
in colonial times. 

Finder the Clark act, the commission form of government has been adopted by York, The [iresent 
municipal govi'rnment consists of a coimcil of five meml»eis as follows: Mayor and presiding ollicer; 
superintendent of fianance and accounts; superintendent of public safety; superintendent of highways 
and public improvements; superintendent of parks and |)ublic property. In addition to the council 
there are thi'se oflices; city tieasirri'r' and city controller', tilled by election, and city clerk, city solicitor, 
city engineer, director of public health, city assessor, sealer of weights and measures, chief of the fii'e 
department, assistaid chief of the lii'e department, ]ilumbing inspector, and clerk to the mayor, all 
tilled by ap|)ointment. 

The poUce department of York is composed of fifty-five officers as follows: a chief of police, two 
sergeants, two house officers, twenty-four patrolmen, six tr'affic officers and one motorcycle officer. 

The school system of ^ Ork is directed by a board of nine controllers which chooses a city super- 
intendent of schools, a siiperiidendent of buildings aird giotinds, a medical inspector of schools, a 
solicitor, a secridary, a treasurer and tax collcM'tor' and a truant officei'. The teachers ai'e elected by 
the coirtrollers and mmiber two hundred and twenty-three, includirrg supervisory principals. The 
schools are well organized and are established in twenty-nine buildings, the total valuati(jn of which 
is $l,iiOO.(100. In accordance with |)rovisions of the state school code, the salaries of all teacher-s have 
been uniformly increased during the past year. Continuation schools have been established for boys 

f 328 1 

and girls who are employed in industries. The York High School has a co-operative industrial course, 
which was one of the first to be introduced in Pennsylvania and which has becom(> a model copied by 
other cities throughout the country. ThcMc are five manual training schools and various departments 
of special instruction, such as music, drawing, business and commercial courses, domestic science, 
sewing and garment designing, foreign languages, sex hygiene. A dental clinic for pupils recently 
was estabHshed. The total enrollment of the schools is seven thousand two hundred and eighty-four. 
Other educational institutions of York are the York Collegiate In.stitute, the York County Academy, 
founded in colonial times: two schools of business, a Hebrew school, and five parochial schools, 
consisting of four Roman Catholic and one Lutheran. One year ago the public scIkjoI j)iincipals 
and teachers formed an organization for their advancement. This has become an eighty per cent 
organization with prospects of a one hundred per cent membershii). There are two public libraries, 
the one in the \ ork High School building and th(> othiM' in St. ,lolurs parish house, including tlie Wood 
consulting library, containing many rare volumes. 

The twelve substantial banking institutions of York have resources aggregating $25. .587, 126. 82, 
according to a compilation of the business of the city made in 1918, one of York's most prosperous 
years. These institutions consist of seven national banks, two state banks and three trust companies. 
These banks and trust companies are carefully managed, are progressive and have played an important 
part in the development of York industrially and comnK^cially. In 1918, the aggregate d(>posits 
subject to check amounted to $8,781,065.77, while the aggregate interest and saving deposits were 
.$5,159,608.62. There are invested in industries in York more than .$22,000,000. The payrolls of 
the industrial plants aggregate nearly 810.000,000 a year. 

There are in the city eight public parks and plazas and a large public athletic field, which is owned by 
the city school district. York's public buildings consist of a court-house erected at a cost of .$500,000, 
a handsome federal building the cost of which was $150,000, a c(jminodious municipal building, a jail, 
an almshouse, and a state armory. 

One of the institutions which has been a factor in widely advertising York is the annual exhibition 
known as "The Grand Old York Fair," which is conducted by the York County Agricultural Society 
organized in 1852. The society's exhibition grounds, located in the northwestern section of the city, 
embrace seventy-five acres of level ground on which there are a large office building used by the society, 
a main exhibition building, an annex, a bur ticultiual hall. se%eral smaller exhibition buildings, com- 
modious buildings for exhibiting poultry and li\e.stock, a grandstand with seating capacity of seven 
thousand five hundred and a level half-nnle race course, with ample stabling facilities. The value of 
the society's property is .$550,000. The society since its organization has held sixty-six annual ex- 
hibitions with ever-increasing attendance. The fair is held four days in the first full week of October 
of each year and the attendance often reaches one hundred and eighty thousand for the four days. 
The York fair is known from coast to coast as the largest twenty-five cent fair in Aineiica. 

The theaters of York are ten in number, including an opera house, and a Keith vaude\ille house, 
and represent an investment of $450,000. 

Where to go to church in York is a matter in which the religiously inclined visitor is offered ample 
choice, as there are eighty churches, missions, and religious organizations. Several of the churches 
were organized in colonial times and were among the first west of the Susquehanna river. Some of 
the handsomest church buildings in the state are to be found among those of York. Sixty per cent of 
the inhabitants have membership in the churches, which are liberally supported financially. 

Two daily newspapers are published in York: The Dispatch, issued evenings, with a circulation 
of fourteen thousand and the ( iazette and Daily, a morning paper, with a circulation of fifteen thousand. 

York's commercial, civic and" social organizations include a Chamber of Commerce, a Manufac- 
turers' Association, a Clearing House Association, the York Engineering Society, the York Traffic 
Club, the York Rotary Club, the Kiwanis Club, a Country Club, an Out Door Club, the York Motor 

[ 329 ] 

Club, the Woman's Club, the ( iiil's Club, the Young Men" Christian Association, the Young Women's 
Christian Association, the Temple Club, the Knights of Columbus, the Lafayette Club, the Tramerick 
Club and numerous other clubs and societies. Of the numerous lodges and secret societies in York, the 
Masons, the Elks, the Odd Fellows, the Eagles, the Orioles, the Moose, and the Knights of Maltas own 
andoccupy their own buildings. The American Federation of Labor recently purchased a building to 
occupy as a labor temple. 

Three lines of railroads enter York. A main line of the Pennsylvania railroad, formerly the 
Northern Central, connects the north and the south, and the Frederick division of the Pennsylvania 
railroad, the Western Maryland railroad and the Maryland and Pennsylvania railroad offer additional 
shipping facilities. There are over one hundred passenger and freight trains that run out of York 
every day. Like the country at large. York at the present time is going through a period of recon- 
struction. The people are giving practical consideration to various local problems brought about by 
the war and are looking forward to peaceable solution. York never has had serious labor troubles 
and there never has been a riot to darken the pages of its history. The future of the city of thrift is 
promising at this time. Its business men are optimistic and unite in predicting an era of remarkable 
development in the next ten years. 


The only Knight Templar Hall in Pennsylvania 




IPI'KU VIEW— C?:NTER square, looking north on GEORGE STREET 


IT is natural to be thrilled at the sight of the man with the ser\ ice stripe, wound 
stripe or medal, hut did you ever stop to think of that army of men who, for 
one reason or another, were denied the privilege (jf wearing their country's 
uniform, but who, steadfastly remaining at their posts and putting every effort 
into their work, formed the indispensable backing to the fighting man:" 

Those who were engaged in the production of supplies required by the Govern- 
ment, those devoting time and effort to the Liberty Loan campaigns, those who, 
at a great personal sacrifice, bought Liberty Bonds to their utmost, and all others 
busy in the many kinds (tf war work at home, contributed in no small way to the 
final victory and should nt>t be forgotten. 

As you recall such a man to your memory, give him a cheer, even though it 
be a mental one, for he is the SILENT HERO. 

Clifford' J. Hall. 



MR. Grier President of the \ork National Bank and the \oik (ias Company, figured 
prominently in the war activities of York County. He was born in York, January 29, 1863; 
graduated fiom the Pennsylvania Military Academy at Chester in 1880, and from Princeton 
University in the class of 1884. In 1901 he was President of the Pennsylvania Bankers' Associa- 
tion and for two years was President of the Maryland Trust Company, Baltimore, Md. 

Mr. Hersh was appointed by the (iovernor. Chairman of the Council of National Defense and 
Chairman of the Liberty Loan Committee and also Federal Food Administrator for York County. For 
the responsible duties devolving upon him in these three positions he had been thoroughly equipped 
by his previous experience in business. He was always equal to the occasion in finding solutions 
for the perplexing problems that arose, using tact, ability and good judgment in the performance of 
his duty. 

The money pro^ ided for expenditures in York County was us(h1 w isely in tlii' work of the office for 
which it was intended, turning surplus funds over to the War Chest or Red Cross. The achievements 
of Mr. Hersh as a patriotic worker in the World War activities has received th(> appreciation which 
he merits. He was a member of the Advisory Committee, Liberty Bonds, Third Federal District, 
and in the Victory Loan campaign, was chairman of a group of twelve counties, including York. 
During the whole period of the war. Mr. Hersh united in this work without any compensation and in 
a way highly commendable. 



AT the beginiiiiifi of llif World War, Mr. .lolin C. Schmidt, President of the Schmidt & Ault 
Pn|>('r Cnnipany. called a meeting of (iromincnt York citizens, in order to foini a local chapter 
ol llie Aineiican Wfd Cross. Speakers of national re(Mi(alion from all oxer tiKMountry were 
invited to attend and immediately thereafter the York County Chapter of the American Red Cross 
was organized with Mr. Schmidt as Chairman. 

Mr. Schmidt devoted jiractically his entire time to Iniilding up the oigaiiization of the Hed Cross 
in York County and continued his active interest in the work until the si)iing of 1918. when he was 
called to Washington to become Chief of the Chain Section of the War Industries Board. His duties 
with the War Industries Board required his presence practically all of tht> time in Washington and he 
was therefore then compelled to resign as Chairman of the York C(»unty Chapter of tiie American 
Red Cross. 

When it was decided to consolidate the various war activities of York Coimty by the organization 
of the York County War Council. Mr. Schmidt was elected \ ice-Chairman of this organization. 
Acting as such he helped to direct the woik in a way that only a man of his exeiutive ability could do. 



Mn. Ellis S. Lewis, President of the York Trust Company, York, Pa., was one of f)iir most 
|irf)miiient and influential workers in a larjje field of war activities. His leadership and guid- 
arue in the many campaigns for raising money in York County during the World War were 
particularly valuable, due to his wide experience as a Itanker. 

Mr. Lewis was County Chairman of the first Liberty Loan campaign, and as such had general 
supervision over the work throughout the County. He was Chairman of the First District, comprising 
the City of York, the Boroughsof West York and ISorth ^'ork. and the Townships of West Manchester. 
Springettsbury and Spring Garden, during the second, third, fourth and fifth Liberty Loan campaigns, 
and was a mcTuber of the Advisory Committee of the County Liberty Loan Organization. The 
efficient manner in which Mr. Lewis handled these drives, coupled with the generous response from 
the citizens of the County, sent the City and County "OVER THE TOP "" in every loan. 

In addition to this service. Mr. Lewis devoted much of his time to the War Savings Stamp campaign, 
as Director of the Banking Division of this organization in York County during the last year of the 
war. He was also a Director of the War Council of York County. In appreciation of Mr. Lewis's 
whole-hearted patriotism, his fellow citizens presented him with a handsome gold watch, with the 
following appropriate engraving on the case: "Presented by citiz(>ns of York Coimty to Mr. I^^llis S, 
Lewis in recognition of distinguished service in civic life during the World War." 



REV. C. M. Ehehalt, of Dallastowri, Pa., was one of York C.ountys most tireless workers 
(luring the war. He went into every campaign iieart and soul, and his patriotic zeal 
in seeing every drive through to a successful finish was an inspiration ti) those who worked 
with him. Rev. l*]hehalt"s versatility in the local war work may be seen from the following list 
of his activities. 

He assisted materially in the organization of the York County Chapter, A. R. C, was elected a 
director of this Chapter, and as such had charge of the Rureau of Pulilicity : was chairman of the Law 
and Order Committee; and, when tlie Dallastown Rranch of the ^drk County Chapter, A. R. C. 
was organized in the early spring of P'lT, he was chosen the first president, which office he still holds. 
Rev. Ehehalt was nuich sought as a platform s])eaker. and made addresses in many localities, not 
only for the lied Cross, hut for Liberty Rt)n(ls. War Savings stamps, and other war activities and 
campaigns. Resides this work he was usually one of the captains of the canvassing teams of Dal- 
lastown for Libeity Bond and other war fund drives, and he formally opened the first Red Cross 
War Fund Drive in the County, addressing the captains and their teams from the steps of the Court 
House, York, Pa. 

Rev. C. M. Ehehalt was ordained by James Cardinal Gibbons, of Baltimore, in 140!!. He was 
stationed at Lancaster, Shamokin, and Columbia, Pa., until 1^)1 1, when he accepted the [tastorate 
of St. .Joseph's Church at Dallastown. 




ARLY in the year (if I'MT, (ulldwint; the preliminary organization of a i)rancli of the American 
Red Cross in York. Pa.. Mr. Walter McBlain. district inanajjer of the Mutual Life Insurance 
Co., became chairman of the Co-operative Connnittee, and helped toorganiz<' and to systematize 
the Red Cross work in York County during the war. 

His conception of a plan perpetuating the names of our soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice, 
was accepted by the York Chamber- of Commerce, which oigani/atiou ajipoiuted him chairman of the 
Memorial Committee. He succeeded in tabulating the names of York County heroes upon the pilasters 
of our Court House with the hope that they will be replaced by bronze tablets as a permanent record. 

In May, 1918, he was appointed Director of War Savings for District No. I of ^ ork County, com- 
prising the City of York and nearby Townships, which position he held iinlil discharged. December. 
1918. While thus engaged, he served as a team captain in the various Bond drives. Red Cross War 
Fund collection and similar activities, and was an active member of the Four Minute Speaker's Bureau, 
which service ended with his honorable discharge, December 28. 1918. 



n. Francis Farquhar, general manager of the A. B. Farqiihar Co., Ltd., York, Pa., in addition 
to tlie war work in whicii his firm was engaged, volunteered his service for many of the local 
war activities, and took a prominent and useful part throughout the war, as an active member 
numerous committees. 


He was a member of the Red Cross War Finance Committee of York County ff>r the Red Cross 
financial drive in July, 1917. He was Secretary-Treasurer of the War Camp Community Service 
for York County, and was also a prominent worker in the various Liberty Loan drives and chairman 
of the Merchants" and Manufacturers" Committee in the Fourth Liberty Loan and in tlie Victory 
Loan. He was chairman of the American Red Cross, York County Chapter, succeeding Mr. John C. 
Schmidt. He led the War Fund drive of York War Chest which collected monies for all the various 
war activities and organizations, and was chairman of the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call foi' member- 
ship, December, 1918, for Pennsylvania-Delaware division, which was the only one of the fourteen 
divisions to increase its membershij) in this roll call over that of the previous years. 

Mr. Farquhar entered upon so many kinds of war work, and with such invariable success, that in 
August, 1919, he was presented with a handsome gold watch, the gift of many residents of York City 
and County, in appreciation for all that he had done. The watch was engraved as follows: "Presented 
by citizens of York County to Mr. Francis Farquhar in recognition of distinguished service in civic 
life during the W(»rld War. 

3 10 


MR. J. S. Kapp, senior partner in the firm of Kapp & Seibert, at Dillsburg, Pa., was one of the 
most energetic and successful leaders in the civilian war work carried on in York County 
during the period of the W urld W ar. There was not a branch of this work which Mr. Kapp 
did not enter with the greatest enthusiasm: not a campaign to which he did not give his best effort 
and unselfish support. 

He was president of the Dillsburg branch of the American Red Cross, chairman of each of the 
Liberty Loans and of the Mclory Loan Committees, chairman of the Safety Couunitt(>e, and Deputy 
Food Administrator of his district. Among other offices held by Mr. Kapp during the war were: 
Director of York County American Red Cross, chairman of district War Chest drive, and district 
chairman of two Christmas Roll Call drives of the Red Cross. 

Mr. Kapp was also prominent in other local activities, including the Four Minute Speakers. Spend- 
ing so much of his time and exerting so much influence in such a large field of work, Mr. Kapp did a 
great service in helping to make the history of York County during the war, one of which we may 
well be proud. 


0. R. READ 

MH. (). R. Read, secretary of the Read Machinery company, volunteered his services for many 
(>r the local war activities. Especially was he active in laisinji money for the different Liberty 
Loans and War Savings Stamp drives. lie devoted much lime to war work and served on 
nuiiicrous committees. 

His activities started when serving as a member of the board of directors of the York Rotary 
Club. In June, 1917, he was appointed assistant chairman and a member of the sales committee, 
for the first Liberty Loan, of district niitid)er one, comprising the city of York and the Townships of 
Spring Garden, Springettsbury and West Manheim. He served as chairman of the sales committee 
during the second Loan drive and at that time perfected the first of the selling teams composed of 
six men to a team, there being thirty teams. The success of this drive was largely due to Mr. Read's 
untiring activities. He also had charge of the third Liberty Loan sales committee. 

Mr. Read was the chairman for York County War Savings Stamps, and in this branch of war work 
he devotctl practically all of his time, making speeches and personal calls throughout the entire county. 
He was elected a mend)er at large of the ^ ork County War Council and after being chosen one of the 
directors, served on the executive conunittee and sales committee of that organization. 


L. . 



R. Alexainder K. McLean, Proprietor of The James McLean & Sons Department Store, 
of York, Pa., was a leading figure in American Red Cross wori< in Yorii County during the 

He was a member of the Executive Committee of the local Chapter, American Re'd Cross, and Chair- 
man of the Red Cross Rureau c)f Supplies and Shipping, with the admirahle record of more than one 
thousand cases of supplies, of a value exceeding §2.50,000 . 00, sent to the American Red Cross Head- 
quarters. And not only did Mr. McLean give his time to this essential wr)rk, but he personally con- 
tributed to the American Red Cross, free of all rental charges, the use of the handsome home at 372 
E, Market Street, York. Pennsylvania, throughout the war. 

Mr. McLean was also active in many branches of civilian war work. He was one of the Four- 
Minute Speakers, a Chairman of the National War Savings Committee, Captain of one of the teams 
working in the first Y. M. C. A. drive, and he raised SLOOO 00. for the soldiers from the First Presby- 
terian Church among the members of its congregation. As President of The York Country Club, 
he organized the War Activities Committee of the Country Club, which entertained to dinner at the 
Club House, on Sundays, during the summer months, hundreds of soldiers located at Camp Colt, 
(iettysburg. Pa. 

Not the least of his activities was his material assistance, as a Director of the York Chamber of 
Commerce, in carrying to a successful conclusion the many phases of war work taken up by this 




R. Wilmp:r C Throne, proprietor of W. ('.. Throne & Cfjinpany. York, Pa., was a prominent 
and influential woriver in a larfje field of war aelivities. lie devoted niueh of his time tomany 
phases of war work, as may be seen by the foUowinj,' list of his activities. 

He assisted materially in serving on the First, Second. Third, Fourth and Victory Liberty Loan 
committees and also as a director and member of the Executive Committee of the York County 
Chapter of the Amerit'an Red Cross. Mr. Throne was a mend)(>r of the Christmas roll call 
committee of 1918 and chairman of the Civilian Relief committee and of the home service section. 
He was also a member of the "^ ork County National War Savinus committee and War Council. Mr. 
Throne was interested in providing a soldiers" and sailors' club, being a member of the board of directors. 
He also served as chairman and chief marshall of the liberty parade April 6, 1918. and <luring the 
victory parade Nov(>mber 17. 1918. Thus Mr. Throne heli)ed materially by his various activities in 
making up that body of ()atriotic York Countians that formed an indispensablt> backing to the fighting 
men. ii. 




R. James Rudisill, vice-piesiclt'iil and superintendent of the York Piintinfi; Co.. was active 
in many phases of war worlv and served as secretary and chairman of the Publicity Committee, 
to which :$5.000 citizens in York County signed a pledge of loyalty. 

He assisted in organizing the York County Chapter of the American Red Cross and served as 
chairman of the Publicity Committee, and later became the head of the Rureau of Development; 
was also a member of the Roard of Directors and the Executive Committee. In the Liberty Loan 
Campaigns, Mr. Rudisill was a member of the Executive Committee of both the county and city 
organizations, and served as chairman of the Finance Committee of the Third. Fourth and Fifth 
Liberty Loans. 

The Governor appointed him a member of the Council of National Defense, and he was secretary 
of the W ar Council of York County; s(>cretary of the Board of Directors and the Executive Conunittee; 
a member of the R(jard of Directors and Executive Committee, of the War Camp Community Service. 
Ry appointment of the Mayor. Mr. Rudisill was a member of the War Garden Commission of York. 
When the Boards of Instruction were added to the Draft Boards, he was appointed chairman f)f York 
City Draft Board A o. 2, and served on all parade committees, having also been on the Peace Celebration 
Committee of York and the Welcome Home Committee, which went to Camp Dix to bring the York 
Companies of the Twenty-Eighth Division home in automobiles. In 1919, Mr. Rudisill was chairman 
of York County for the sale of War and Thrift Stamps. 



MAYOR E. S. IIucENTUGLER took ail aclivf and proiniiicnt part in all patriotic work duiing 
the World War. The City Hall may he said to have been a clearing house for such work 
during the war, and he took the lead, co-opeiating at all limes with the Liberty Loan drives, 
the War Saving Stamp drives and acting in conjunction, for the welfare of the community, with the 
War Department at Washington. 

By special apjioiiittiient of the President of the Lfnited States, he was Chairman of the registration 
bureau for- the draft. He was also ap|)oint(Hl by the (Jovernor of Pennsylvania as chairtnan of the 
district Draft Board Number 2, during the entire period of the wai'. 

His conception of a plan to reproduce the old \ ork Court House to be placed in the S(juare for the 
purpose of seUing War Savings Stamps was accepted. Mayor Hugentugler was the leader in all of 
the patriotic demonstrations during the war and labored incessantly for the successful conclusion of 
York's War activities, in general, h^specially was he willing to assist in every possible way those who 
entered (lie service. Mayor Hugentugler did all in his power so that it might be said that York 
played its jjart in this war as well as in the prcA ious wars of our history. 

:5 16 


MH J. Warner Heinekamp, local Sales Agent for tlie rSatioiial (!ash Register Company, 
rendered important service to the community by his active participation in the home war 
work. particiiiailN in the Liherlx and Victory Loan drives, in every one of which he was a 
leading figure. 

He was a member of the l^xecutive Committee of all Loan drives; Assistant Chairman of District 
Number I, York City; for the Fourth Liberty Loan and the Victory Loan drives: Chairman of the 
Sales Committee for the Second Liberty Loan, Chairman of the Speakers' ( '.onunittee of shop meetings 
for all five Loans, and he helped plan and organize the campaigns for each of the Loans. His earnest 
appeals for the support and co-operation of the York County people had unich to do with the success 
of every Loan in ^ork Cil\ and (nunty. 

Mr. Heinekamp did not, however, confine his war work entirely to the Libeity Loan Campaigns. 
He was a Director of the War Council. City Chairman of the Thrift Stamps Committee for the first 
four months of 1918. and Chairman of the Speakers" Committee of shop meetings for the War Chest 
Dri\e. helping to send this (lii\c. like all the Liberty Loan drives. "'ON VA\ Tlll^] TOP." 

[ 34.7 



Chairman of Cnunly. Grier Hersh 
Secrelary of County. Victor F. Lecoq, 3d 

Miss Clara A. Dempwolf 
Miss Janet C. Latimer 
Miss Hilda E. Kirchner 
Miss Nadine Gitt 
Miss Marguerite Wetmore 


Headciuaiters, 122 W. Market St.. York, Pa. 

Ellis S. Lewis. Chuirinuit 
Miss A. M. Gross, Secrelary 



Ellis S. Lewis, Chairniaii. J. Warner Heinekamp, ,4,v,s7. Chairman 
E. F. Weiser, Secretary 

Francis Farquhar Edward Leber 

M H. Wessell John M. Reifsnider 

James Rudlsill 0. Roland Read 

Frank Barry F. W. Zercher 


Finance Committee 
James Rudisill, Chairman 
0. Roland Read 
Ellis S. Lewis 

Sales Committee 
William S. Bond. Chairman 
M. H. Wessell. Chairman 
0. Roland Read 
J. W. Heinekamp 
James Rudisill 
J. M. Reifsnider 

Advertising Committee 
Frank W. Zercher, Chairman 
M. Haller Frey. Assl. 
A. E. Lehman 
R. W. Stagemyer 

Churches And Sunday Schools 
Frank Spahr. Chairman 

D. E. Small 

Spring Garden Township 
F. S. Elliot. Deputy Chairman 
W. H. Kurtz 

W. Manchester Township 
Edw. Bupp 
Albert R. Sprenkle. R. D. I, York, Pa. 

Speakers Committee 
J. W. Heinekamp. Chairman 
Rev. W. H. Feldmann 
Edward Leber 
Rev. C. A. Getty 

In Charge of Distribution of Sup- 
plies, Honor Flags and Banners 
Michael R. Rupp, Chairman 
Miss Mary D. Croll 
David E. Small 
Ralph Trout 

Publicity Committee 
Wadsworth George, Chairman 

E. F. Weiser 
A. C. Wiest 
W. L. Taylor 

Springettsbury Township 
Geo. L. Stallman 

West York Borough 
H. C. Stitt 

Employers' Committee 
Francis Farcjuhar Chairman 
P. A. Elsesser, Assl. 
Hon. E. S. Hugentugler 

F. R. Alvord 
J. E. Baker 

E. Guy Bastress 
W. S. Bond 
W. L. Brown 

D. Scott Bruce 
Walter Black 
Gordon Campbell 
C. H. Dempwolf, Sr. 
R. W. Emerton 

C E. Etnier 

A. B. Fartjuliar 
J. H. Findley 
H. N. Forry 

E. W. Gardner 
J. L. Gerber 
Paul J. Gilbert 
Max Grumbacher 
L. S. Hydeman 
C. L. HofT 

H. L. King 
J. D. Jenkins 
IVL N. Lehmayer 
Patrick Lonergan 
S. F. Laucks 

B. H. Loucks 
Wayne C. McFall 
Alex E. McLean 
C M. Mehring 
Robt. L. Motter 
W. H. Myers 

G. W. Pfaltzgraff 
E. T. Preston 
Harry Read 

John M. Reifsnider 

C. P. Rice 
Benj. Root 
P. J. Rowan 


Employers" Committee — CAmtiinied 

Geo. W. Ryan 
Geo. S. Schmidt 
H. S. Schmidt 
J. C. Schmidt 
Thos. Shipley 
E. J. Sinclair 
Geo. Small 
C. Elmer Smith 
H. D. Schmidt 
Geo. Stallmaii 
Saml. Struck 
Clayton J. Wallace 
Harry Washers 
Geo. U. Weiser 
Geo. H. Whiteley 
Geo. W. Williams 
Frank W. Zeicher 

York Wall Paper Company 

W. R. Buttorff 
L. M. Maxell 
A. F. Billett 
Thomas Sutcliire 
C. W. Stouch 

Wrightsville Hardware Company 

John W. Filbey 
Fred Dietz 

Martin-Parry Corporation 

Walter Ziegler 
R. E. McGurk 
George Wise 
C. F. Pritz 
Royce Kohr 
M. P. Eyster 

Schmidt and Ault Paper Company 

Thomas F. llchcijcy 
H. D. (^nickel 
G. M. Wetmore 
H. R. Serf 
Robert A. V,. Ault 

0. W^ Slane Glass Company 
W. H. Kutsch 

Herman Noss Sons 

William S. Noss 
John W. Noss 
Charles H. Noss 
Henry King 
John F. Lease 

York Safe and Lock Company 

A. C. Kinzie 
T. Tyiell Heiges 
L. Ellis Wagner 
Charles F. kidd 

York Foindry and Machine Company 

Albeit ( ). h^niig 
,)(ihii n. Shutt.'r 

York CoRRiifJATiNC. Company 

J. A. Grass 
P. P. Long 
C. B. Long 
J. A. Potter 

Independent Lamp and Wire Co. 

Miss Mary C. Bond 

Franklin Silk Mill 

J. F. Smith 

S. Morgan Smith Company 

James S. T. Strayer 
Daniel G. Schroder 
A. C. Myers 
lulward Crouse 
Ron Owens 
Dan Lucking 
Geo. Schlaanstine 
E. P. Alding(M- 
Walter (Jray 
Ferdinand Witmer 
( i('(irge ( iross 
Peter Bentzel 
Edward Prince 

York Electric and Machine Company 

Henry Lucking 
W ilbert A. Lloyd 
Sherman Fahs 
Curtis Druck 


Hench and Dromgold Company 

H. A. J. Ilgenfritz 
A. D. Sanders 

Pennsylvania Furnitiire Company 

Walter ^ oiiiig 
Charli's SliiiulltT 
C. H. K.'llar 
George Brenneiiiaii 
Clayton Smyser 
Roy A. Smith 

Crystal Hosiery Mills Co. 

E. M. Fangfish 
William H. Stock 

Read Machinery Company 

W. F. DcHuiT 
Jere llubley 
Oscar Richey 
William SchalTcr 
\Mlliam E. W ood 
Allen Quickel 
James A. Haldcman 
Harry Frederick 
Miss E. G. Yake 
Miss C. D. Schaum 

William II. Ottermiller Company 
Lee R. White 

York Heating and Ventilating Co. 

Miss Lida E. Paup 
Miss Ada C. Pruden 

Palmer Lime and Cement (^o'\ipany 

Albert Mann 
Israel Staub 

R. Wagner 

C. Moore 

R. Boyd 

W. C. Cooper 

L. D. Boyd 

H. Heidler 

C. S. Bollinger 

W. H. Shanabn...k 

J. A. Ford 

G. Y. (ireiman 

J. F. King 

J. L. Schriver 

\\ illiain Bates 

N. Brown 

A. Wilt 

A. F. Warne 

H. Turnbull 

J. F. Lewis 

H. Davis 

M. Radcliffe 

C. J. Weaver 

D. Yingling 
A. Ferree 
A. Zortnian 
George HelTner 
Geo. L. Bott 

A. Wier 

E. Gohn 

B. S. Emenheiser 
Paul Anderson 
A. H. Hess 

C. Murphy 
A. C. Bair 
George Nickols 
G. G. Naughe 

D. Roy Nick 
Martin Weaver 
Lawren((> SchefTer 

E. E. Bunk 
Adam Garver 
A. Fidler 
Charles Akins 

American Chain Company 

M. Giresbach 
H. Mosebrook 
H. C. Poff 
J. H. Wiest 

York Metal and Alloy Company 

Maria A. Carroll 
Mary G. Eckenrode 
Arthur S. Morgan 
Philip W. Emerton 


York Haven Paper Company 

Harry J. Myers 
G rover C. Koch 
Charles H. Kephart 
Samuel Huninier 
Joseph H. Schmidt 
John S. Fissel 
Benjamin Albright 

York Manufacturing Company 

William Stringer 

B. H. Loucks 
James Allison 
L. M. Becker 
Fred Kottcamp 
A. R. Frantz 
W. H. Myers 
W. M. Everhart 
H. E. Berger 
Raymond Shelly 

C. E. Newbould 
R. B. Meisenhelter 
P. W. Frailey 

F. M. Dick 
W. S. Knauss 
John Roth 
J. C. Heiges 

E. F. Heckert ^ 

F. S. Allen 

R. T. Whitehouse 
H. H. Schreiber 
F. E. Wea\er 
W. I. Pratt 
W. H. Heagy 

F. 0. Metz 

C. K. Liickenbaugh 
Charles Obcrdick 
Ralph Thomas 

G. H. Lane 
H. Hamberger 
B. F. Kissinger 
N. A. Tschopp 
0. H. Shafler 
L. F. Gordon 
J. F. Witmer 

W. H. L. Spanglcr 

Frank Devers 
J. N. Berger 
W. H. Koons 
A. C. Kirk 

York Card and Paper Company 

Kate Hassler 
J. Grant Hassler 
John Eden 
Giistaviis Jameson 
Harry Jones 
Thomas (irant 
( '.harlotle Hoffman 
R. B. McCoy 
Jacob K. Eisenhart 
William Magrath 
John Warner 
Ervin Becker 
Bobert Ervin 
Thomas Bell 
I larry Julius 

Steacy-Schmidt Manufacturing Co. 

W. C. Spanglcr 
Bosa M. Neuiuan 
John Stevens 
Charles France 
Charles KliiiclVlter 
D. M. ilrhll 
C. M. Sterner 
T. i:. W iley 
Daniel Leicht 
Han y Hibiier 
Paul ( '.ooper 

Dentists' Supply Company 

Horace W. Benson 
Clyde Hughes 
George Anderson 
Helen M. Stump 

John E. Graybill Company 

Gertrude B. McSherry 
John S. Beynolds 


Pennsylvania Railroad Freight 

Edward J. Sinclair 
R. R. Gilbert 
N. C. Dugan 
A. H. Sipc 
G. M. Young 
W. P. Gemmill 

York Tack and Nail Works 
U. G. Budding 

York Body Corporation 

Harry G. Eisenhart 
Howard C. Eisenhour 
J. M. Paules 
John A. Lynes 

West York Borough 

J. A. Gross 

G. W. Myers 

Harry W. Lauer * 

Jacob Joseph 

Zach. Lauer 

Harvey W. Frey 

J. M. Zinn 

Jacob G. Aldinger 

L. M. Glatfeltor 

L. E. Oberlander 

Clarence Foose 

(ieorge Stauffer 

John I\I. Eniig 

Jacob Ziegler 

Chas. Miller 

S. L. Murphy 

Wm. Bentz 

H. W. Eisenhart 

Harry Miller 

S. M. Baker 

W. L. Boyd 

Isaac Stambaugh 

Chas. Myers 

James W. Gemmill 

Fred Smith 

K. L. Oberlander 

Jacob Hay 

West Manchester Township 

Levi F. Maul, 521 Penna. Ave. 
Alvin Daron, 519 Penna. Ave., 
Albert F. Miller, 434 Penna. Ave., 
Harry S. Julius. R. D. No. 4. York. 
Roy McDonald, R. D. No. 4, York. 
George M. Beck. R. D. No. 1. York. 
R. E. Hamme. R. D. No. 1, York. 
Harry S. Fissel, Rair"s. 
A. H. Sprenkle. R. D. No. I. York. 
G. E. Moul. Gra\l)iirs. 
Emory Holl'nian, H, D. No. 11. York. 
Geo. Heidl.-baugh, R. D. No. 11, York. 
Augustus Hamme, R. D. No. 1. York, 


Hanover Rorough 

Employees of Sheppard and Myers 

H. D. Sheppard 
C. N. Myers 
H. B. Hostetter 
C. W. Plowman 
C. H. Allewelt 

E. A. Schwartz 
J. A. Neuman 
J. C. Bender 
R. R. Redding 
Harry Wise 
Cletus Bortner 
Edmund Frock 

F. A. Alwood 
Edward Redding 
C. A. Rrillhart 
Minerva McElwee 
Emma Messinger 

West Manheim Township 

M. E. Halter 
Howard Fuhrinan 
Charles A. Wertz 
Theodore I tz 
John ^L Leppo 
Ralph Rentzel 
Elias Nace 
Milton S. Sterner 
John F. Waltersdorir 

35,3 ] 

Manheim Township 
Waller IT. Swan 
Edwartl kaltrckiur 
Henry Grote 
Samuel Ilugj^itis 
C. W. Swan 

C. A. Grote 

D. H. Snyder 

W. C. RohrbaiiKh 
J. I. Baugher 

D. S. Dubbs 
N. S. Sellers 

C. F. Kerschner 
Albert J. Wiklasin 
Wesley D. Fuhrinan 

Heidelberg To^^^sHIP 

W. G. Kraft 
H. W. Hoke 
H. P.. Shutt 

E. S. Brillhart 
W. H. Rohrbaugh 
J. I>. Rrinjjman 
Herman Garrett 
J. Q. A. Spangler 
Norman S. Dannei' 
William N. Menges 

Penn Township 

T. S. Bortner 
Martin Wiklasin 
Israel Wiklasin 
Charles !\I. MiHer 
W. L. Zepp 
J. (:. Krebs 
Paul W inebreiiner 
lioderick Fisher 
( '.lint(in (H)breeht 
( '.luuies Albright 
H. Osear Lange 
,1. II. Zartmaii 


Mrs. a. S. Dech.\nt, ('Iminniin. 
Mrs. M. D. Bishop. Chairman 
Miss A. Kate Schiiver Juliet Ilostetter 

Miss Nettie Hostetter 
Miss Ruth Sell 
Mrs. William Shultz 
Mrs. Emory Eichelberger 
Miss Christine Schniuck 

Mrs. H. B. Winebrenner, Chairman 

Mrs. Chas. Wirt 

Mrs. H. Weidner 

Mrs. C. Slagle 

Mrs. H. W. Miller 

Miss Sadie Everhart 

Miss Estelle Everhart 

Miss Carrie Felty 

Mrs. Mary Wentz 

Mrs Win. Car^('r 

Mrs. Jacob Troiie 

Mrs. W. E. Schall'ei-. (Ihuirnian 

Mrs. J. H. Bittinger 

Mrs. H. Becker 

Mrs. C. M. Schaeiler 

Mrs. R. M. Wirt 

Mrs. Jesse Bollinger 

Miss Anna Forney 

Mrs. C. J. Delone 

Mrs. Ross Black, Chairman 
Miss Sarah Dusman 
Miss Lillian Frey 
Miss Jennie Swartz 
Mrs. Viola Sheely 
Mrs. Harry Hart 
Mrs. Geo. Wentz 
Mrs. Wm. Bingley 
Mrs. Oliver Throne 
Mrs. Daniel Wentz 
Mrs. Wm. Bateman 
Mrs. Emory Swartz 
Mrs. Earl Meckley 

Mrs. T. J. O'Neill. Chairman 

Mrs. Frank Smith 

Mrs. Fred Kintzing 

Mrs. Maurice Nace 

Mrs. S. B. Daugherty 

Mrs. Wm. Morning 

Mrs. Calvin Frey 

Mis. Frank Cremer 

Mis. Martin Moul 


Mrs. Chas. Heckendmii 
Mrs. Philip Fornoy 
Miss Hcl.'ii lluiliday 
Mrs. Fred Weber 

Mrs. T. F. Chrostwaite. Chai, 
Mrs. B. Edmunds 
Mrs. Chas. Hilhneyor 
Mrs. E. C. Phraencr 
Mrs. Harry Ehrhart Katherino Broujih 
Mrs. Will. l>it(s 

Miss Esther Moiil, ('hdiniKin 

Mrs. Hoive Siiiilh 

Mrs. Wm. Melhorn 

Miss Aiiieha Meislicimei- 

Mrs. H. A. Smith 

Mrs. Ross Hostetter 

Mrs. Jesse C.itt 

Miss Helen Yi)img 

Mrs. Paul A. Hoke 

Miss Mary Kump 

Mrs. Alvin Nissl(>y 

Mrs. T. H. Charmbury 

Mrs. (Irace Trone 

Mrs. Samuel Witmer 

Penn Township 

Mrs. Wm. Zepp. ClidiniKin 
Miss Naomi Si)aii;;l('r 
Miss Hilda Bullingcr 
Miss Cora Myers 
Miss Naomi Reck 
Mrs. Isaiah Myers 
Mrs. J. McFaddin 
Mrs. Emory Becker 
Mrs. Cieorge Melhorn 


Mrs. C. W. Swan. CliiiiniKin 
Mrs. S. P. Bange 
Mrs. C. F. Kerchner 
Mrs. Henry Grote 
Mrs. Edw. Kaltreider 
Mrs. Monroe Rohrbaujrh Manheim Township 
Mrs. C. A. WCrtz. Clidirnuin 
Mrs. Wm. Shue 
Mrs. Lloyd Garrett 
Mrs. John Leppo 
Mrs. Elias Nace 

Heidelberg Town.ship 
Miss Mary Spangler, Chairman 
Miss Irma Moul 
Miss Elizabeth Snvdei- 

J. C. Heckert. Chdirntun 


Dallastown BoRorcM 

I. H. Rojahn. Clidiniidii 

0. W. Reacharfl 

W. H. Raab 

W. H. Peters. Sr. 

Mathias Reigart 

C. H. Kohler 

Samuel Showalter 

Rev. (i. L. Maice 

Rev. E. C. B. Castle 

Rev. C. M. Ehehalt 

Wm. Wagman 

H. R. Sprenkle 

Fred Druck 

John Ilen.schke 

M. L. Zeigler 

Paul Martin 

Rev. S. L. Hench 

J. J. Daugherty 

James Taylor 

W. H. Knaub 

J. W. Minnich 

H. L. Spatz 

Francis B. Neff 

Perth Smith 

P. E. Keesey 

Yoe Borough 
J. W. Snyder. Chairmdn 
T. M. C. Smith 
John Sheneberger 
G. A. Kohler 

355 ] 

YoE Borough — Conliniied 

B. S. Taylor 
Balph Miisser 

C. S. Snyder 
Jacob Taylor 
J. 0. Snyder 
H. D. Sentz 

B. J. Slenker 


Wm. 11. Spreiikii', Clutirmdn 

C. S. Lowe 
John Cilalt'elter 
E. B. Krout 
Harry Miller 
H. C. Diehl 
Nelson A. Krout 

C. B. Yost 

B. A. Goodling 

D. B. Goodling 
J. F. Goodling 
Leo. Gladfelter 
W. H. Smith 

Seven \ alley Borough 
Wm. H. Snyder, Chairman 
Curtis (). (ioodjing 
H. L. Brenneman 
J. E. Deveney 
H.E.Henry" ^ 

Bev. S. H. Culler 

C. W. Klinedinst 

E. G. Fishel 
J. A. Bubb 

Dr. G. M. Fickes 

York Town.ship 
H. L. Perry, Chairman 
John W. Schmidt 
H. G. Stabley 
Samuel F. Rriedler 
(Jeorge Pifer 
H. L. Perry 
S. S. Laucks 
Edw. Gohn 
Howard Fitz 
Elmer C. Strickler 
Harry Hovis 

S. T. Gotwalt 
Wni. Beavenour 
Samuel (irove 
Thomas McCormick 
James McDowell 
James Baab 
John Hoover 
(Jeorge Kornbau 
Noah Inners 
Eli Wineka 
Geo. ^L Leader 

E. J. Stiles 
Jesse Knaub 
Frank Hovis 

Springfield Township 
S. S. Kessler, Chairman 

F. B. Krout 
Charles Benudll 
Jacob (loodling 
J. A. Klinedinst 
Bart A. Trout 
Harry Hartman 
Fred Faust 

C. Edward Snyder 
Pierce Hengst 
H. G. Yost 
H. J. Geiselman 
Frank Miller 
Charles Williams 
Paul Kohler 

Miss Florence Walter, C:hairman, 

YoE Borough 
Miss Elesta Kreidler, Chairman 
Miss Elsia Springer 
Miss Amelia Snyder 
Miss Buth Sechrist 
Miss Lottie Kohler 
Miss Lizzie Stump 
Miss Blanche Musser 
Miss Salada Snyder 

Seven Valleys Borough 
Miss Bosie Henry. Chairman 
Miss Lenore Lau 
Miss Anna F'ishel 
Miss Lucv Glatfelter 

3.56 ] 


Mrs. W. H. Smith. Chairman 
Mrs. G. Atlee Goodlint; 
Miss Erma Baum 
Miss Mary F'linchbaugh 

York Township 

Mrs. H. L. Perry, Chairman 
Mrs. P. H. Grove 
Mrs. Frank Hovis 
Mrs. CJeo. M. Leader 

Springfield Township 

Mrs. P. E. Kohler, Chairman 
Miss Marie Foust 
Miss Lorna Kohler 
Miss Alberta Krout 
Miss Dora Beck 
Mrs Walter Shearer 
Miss Ruth Yost 
Mrs. Bufus WiUiams 

T. C. Miller 
W. A. Thompson 
C. F. Roseman 
J. M. Flinchhaiifjh 
Horace Welty 

C. E. Mayes" 
W. F. Boeckel 
Daniel Spangler 
Dr. G. N. Yagle 
G. O. Meads 

D. P. ( ;ipe 
J. T. Briggs 
Charles Zarfoss 
Alvin Fauth 
W. C. Frutiger 

Felton Borough 

B. S. Sentz, Chairman 
J. A. Myers 
F. 0. Saylor 
J. P. Reichard 


C. S. LaMotte, Chairman nf Dislrirl 
Red Lion Borough 

John ( ichhard 
J. B Sechrist 
J. C. Winters 
E. E. Tyson 

C. E. Smith 
A. C. Frey 

Dr. J. M. Hyson 
M. C. Holtzinger 
Dr. C. N. Trout 

D. C. K;ui(Tman 
G. E. Myers 

G. A. Strobeck 
A. S. Frey 
W. W. Staufl'er 
Jacob Streavig 
Frank Kaltreider 
W. J. Neir 
J. B. Warner 
.lames ( "arroll 
U. Vv. Sheeler 
W. M. Gemmill 

Windsor Borough 

W. W. Wallace, Chairman 
S. S. Smith 
Park Holtzinger 
John N. Flinchbaugh 
John A. Shearer 

Windsor Township 

H. J. Throne. Chairman 
Lee Emenheiser 
Albert Kaltreider 
W. H. Campbell 
Mrs. W. H. Lanius 
Mrs. William Wilson 
William Wilson 
Henry Holtzinger 
Florence Haines 
M. M. Miller 
John Slenker 
George Quickel 
Rosa Knisley 
I. H. LaMotte 
C. H. Grove 
Harry Flinchbaugh 


Chanceford Township 
Isaac Sample. Chairman 
H. C. Beard, Chairman 
William Smeltzer 
J. T. Grove 
Harry Grove 
J. D.'Urey 
T. Z. Boyd 
R. B. (;raham 

E. 0. Moore 
W. H. Wise 
Charles ShaiiU 
Mr. Shenk 
Harry Brown 
Cyrus Riinkle 

J. W. C. Buckiii^liam 
Charles Skotl' 
Dr. .1. W. Sheiiberger 
J. A. Haujili 
Jacob Keener 
Henry Gipe 
S. W. Hau^h 
Nesl Daufiherty 

F. H. Shcnberger 

Mrs. J. C. Atkins, Chairman. 
Red Lion Borough 
Mrs. S. S. SfH'hrist, Chairnian 
Mrs. D. A. Horn 
Mrs. Harry McCiluigan 
Mrs Kid ward Holloway 
Mrs. Latimer Tosh 
Mrs. Stanley Stewart 
Mrs. Austin Wright 
Mrs. Harry Craley 
Mrs. William Thompson 
Mrs. James Thompson 
Mrs. Emory Say lor- 
Miss Minnie Schlag 
Miss Mabel Grove 


Mrs. J. V. Trout, Chairman 
Mrs. Esta Douglass 
Mrs. Maggie Posey 
Mrs. Elisha Riale 
Mrs. Wm. Heaps 
Mrs. Ethel Curran 
Mrs. Wm. Blouse 

Felton Borough 

Mrs. F. 0. Saylor, Chairman 
Mrs. (i. A. Warner 
Mr. .Inliu Myers 

Windsor Borough 

Mrs. Samuel Arnold, Chairman 
Mrs. Clayton Smith 
Mrs. Amanda Gemmill 
Mrs. Blanche Herman 
Miss Mamie Illgas 

Windsor Township 

Mrs. John Lanius. (Chairman 

Miss Cariie Flinchbaugh 

Miss Laura Miller 

Miss Myrtle Douglas 

Miss Stella Baker 

Mrs. John Flory 

Mis. Wm. Wilson 

Mrs. Wm. Campbell 

Miss \ era Zeigler 

Mr. Lee Emenheiser 

Mr. Ervin Kaltreider 


Mr. E. W. Reyser. Chairman oj Dislrict 

Delta Borough 

II. J. Elvans, Chairman 
John R. Williams 
(). C. Jones 
Samuel Fullerton 

Fawn (!rove Borough 

L. B. Whitaker, Chairman 
W. E. Maiiil'old 
L. E. Devilbiss 

Fawn Township 

L. M. Brown. Chairman 
J. G. Hostler 
H. G. Allen 
H. N. Anderson 
D. R. Anderson 


Fawn Township — Conliruied 

R. H. Gamble 
John E. Anderson 
^ allie Hawkins 

A. L. Haley 
James E. Neal 
R. B. Hyson 

G. W. IvicPheison 

Peach Bottom Township 
Benj. P. Stubbs, Chairman 
Harry G. Boyd 
L. H. Sample 

B. P. Hughes 

J. W. Mackinson 
J. L. Thompson 
Edward G. Hiifl' 
H. Smith FulloM 
Abel Morris 

Lower Chaivceford Township 
E. j\I. Kiljiore, Chairman 
Robert E. Neely, Chairman 
W. J. Reed 
John Kennedy 
Jas. K. (irove 
H. C. Manifold 

C. C. Smith 
S. F. Rufl' 

S. F. Johnson 
M. R. McDow(>ll 
Thos. N. Walker 
J. Nelson Rilgore 
J. Roy Showalter 
John L. Scott 
\. C. Colvin 
Ralph W. Anderson 
Cyrus B. Holmes 
Thomas (".. Plett 
M. L. Hess 
W. S. Pomraning 
Geo. Snodgrass 
John W. Atkins 
John S. Barnett 
C. W. Gemmill 
Wm. F. Becksteadt 
E. W. Stewart 
Edward Heffner 

Mrs. S. J. Barnett. Chairman, Delta 


Miss Odessa Weeks. Chairman 

Miss Margaret Moiiis 

Miss Mary Arnold 

Miss Marietta Williams 

Miss Marjorie Sellers 

Miss 011a Barnett 

Miss Florence Wheeler 

Miss Mary Cooper 

Mrs. H. J. Evans 

Mrs. Frank Kuich 

Mrs. B. W. Jones 

Lower Chanceford township 

Mrs. J. Ross Wiley, Chairman 

Mrs. C. C. Smith 

Miss Bebecca Atkins 

Miss Olga Snyder 

Miss Jessie Shenck 

Miss Mattie Wallace 

Mrs. J. R. Showalter 

Miss Sara Plett 

Fawn Grove 

Mrs. James Smith, Chairman 
Mrs. Clarence Orr 

Peach Bottom Township 

Mrs. Chas. A. Hawkins, Chairman 

Mrs. B. P. Stubbs 

Miss Buth Thomas 

Miss Mary Thompson 

Mrs. Clarence Snyder 

Mrs. Smith Fulton 

Mrs. E. (i. Bull 

Mrs. L. H. Sample 

Mrs. Byron P. Hughes 

Mrs. Harry Mackisou 

Mrs. Maxwell Scarborough 

Mrs. J. Hayden Jones 

Fawn Township 

Mrs. D. R. Anderson. Chairman 
Mrs. Wilbur Norris 
Mrs. Geo. Jones 


Fawn Township — Coniinued 
Mrs. Ida Channell 
Miss Grace Wiley 
Mrs. James Neal 
Mrs. Roy Brown 
Mrs. Calvin Wallace 
Mrs. R. Scarborough 
Mrs. W. McPherson 
Mrs. Daniel Mctllwain 


Wm. F. Logan, Chairman of District 
Cross Roads 

wlnterstown borough 
W. L. Mitzel, ('hairnuin 
E. H. Banister 
Spencer Mitzel 

Cross Roads Borough 
James M. Sinitli. Chairnuiu 
S. (). Smith 

Stewartstown Borough 

Tliomas Fulton. Chairwan 
Frank D. Smith 

Hopewell Town.ship 
Thomas Rehers. Chairman 
Abraham Walt(>nie>er 
Allen Rhemeyer 
Elijah Thompson 
Emanuel Bowman 
Samuel Collins 
Samuel Zellers 
Joseph Zeigler 
J. B. Thom|)son 
Fulton Payne 
Wm. Kurtz 
R. H. McDonnall Hopewell Township 
H. C. Manifold, CJiainnan 
J. R. W. Keesey 
J. Genimill Trout 
Chas. A. Wilson 
J. F. Mauglilin 

Thomas Tollinger 
Wm. Schall 
Dr. J. S. Kyle 
B. W. Schenchk 
Emma Miller 
Payne Manifold 

North Hopewell Township 
Sterling Kinkle, Chairman 
Grant Hildebrand 
Chas. F. Mundis 
Elmer Hake 
S. C. Godfrey 
J. W. Shafer 
W. 0. (Jrove 
Wm. Stabley 
Marvin Strayer 
Horace Hake 
Henry Nichols 
Henry (irove 
Simon A. Barshinger 

Mrs Homer Zellers, Chairman 

Cross Roads Borough 
Miss Mazie Lutz, Chairman 
Miss Olive Shaul 
Miss Effie E. Lutz 

Stewartstown Borough 
Mrs. T. H. Fulton, Chairman 
Mrs. C. W. Shaw 
Mrs. J. Nelson Dunnick 
Mrs. G. W. Devilbliss 
Miss Marion Klinefelter 
Mrs. Ray Zeigler 

North Hopewell Township 
Mis. lloiace Hake, Chairman 
Mi,ss Flo. Runkle 
Miss Hazel Hess 
Mrs. Thomas Zc^llers 
Miss h^rma Baughman 
Miss Alverta Diehl 
Miss (irace Hildebrand 
Miss Naomi Herbst 


Hopewell Township 

Mrs. Everett Ciemniill, Chairnidn 

Miss Anna tiordon 

Miss Etta Brillhart 

Mrs. E. P. Thdinpson 

Mrs. Reynolds .Maniloki 

Mrs. Jacob Althouse 

Mrs. Everett Wiley 

Mrs. J. W. Lanius 

Miss Mayfield Zellers 

Miss Bessie Kerlinper 

Miss Nellie Norris 

Mrs. W. N. Williams 

Miss Florence Bose 

East Hopewell Township 

Mrs. Payne Manifold. Chairnuiu 
Miss Mary Kner, Chairman 
Miss Ruth Keesey 
Miss Margaret IManifold 
Miss i\lary Maughlin 
Miss Erdean Trout 


Mrs. H. F. Grim 


Mr. W. H. Freed, Chairman of Dislrirl. 
New Freedom 

Railroad BoRoifc.H 
C. H. Grove 
W. C. Klinefelter 
Levi Gerbrick 
H. G. Selling 
M. B. Day 
George Blouse 
Thomas Singer 
Emory Grove 

Shrewshiirv Borough 
E. E. Allen 
Oscar Strawbridge 
H. W . Grove 
Rev. J. F. Andrews 
Tobias Brown 
Charles A. Cesser 

New Freedom Borough 

J. B. Young 
J. H. L. Boyer 
W. H. Freed 
Ira S. Painter 
H. C. Hendrix 
F. H. Hartenstein 
Ellis Herman 
0. S. Shirey 
W. S. Grove 
Maurice Spector 

Miss Ada Geiple, Chairman. 
Glen Rock 

Mrs. Clyde Seitz, Chairman 
Miss Marion Seitz 
Miss Ava Wambaugli 
Miss Ruth Price 
Miss Myra Grove 
Miss Mamie Sotdorus 
Miss Fern ( ioodling 
Miss Mary Hershey 


Mrs. Fred Shive 
Miss Miranda Stick 


Miss Janet Ehrhart 
Miss Barbehenn 

Miss Irene Grove 


W. L. Glatfelter, Chairman of District 
York New Salem Borough 

Dr. 0. A. Delle, Chairman 
Abner Swartz 
Paul Eyster 
John Young 


Spring Grove Borough 

John H. Thomas. Chairman 

Chas. H. Meyers 

Paul F. Lau 

Chas. H. Smith 

Jesse Zeifjier 

George Yohe 

Mc. C. Swartz 

Spring (Jrove Paper Mill 

H. F. Mahaley 
W. S. McClellan 

North Codorus Town.ship 

R. E. Welsh, ('hairina?} 

Howard F. Beck. Chairman 

W. H. Senft 

R. D. (ientzler 

A. ('.has. Senft 

Jacob S. Nace 

H. K. Bentz 

Leroy S. Foiiy 

C. E. Harbuki 

E. L. Brenneman 

Wm. S. Hanini 

Harry Stamliaiigh 

Luther KeesltM' 

I. J. Fishel 

Abner Breunemau 

H. F. Beck 

H. J. Glatfelter 

Jackson Township 

Frank ll(ik(\ Chairman 
C. H. "I'fone. Chairman 
W. S. Hoover 
Jos. Martin 
Paul Hoke 
Clarence Kohler 
Elmer l<]isenhart 
J. N. Falkenstine 
John S. Mummert 
Michael L. Myers 
Henry Heilanc! 
Clayton Miller 
H. H. Loose 
Clinton Moul 

Paradise Township 

Luther Lau. Chairmen 

Freizer Altlancl. Chairman 

Chas. Reynold 

Pierce Stambaugh 

Edw. Stambaugh 

P. N. Spangler 

Luther Lau 

Harry Shireman 

Z. M Craumer 

tieorge ( iable 

James Staub 

George B. Baker 

Harry Berkheimer 

Mrs. p. H. (Jlatfelter, Chairman, 
Dlstrict No. 8. .Spring Grove 

Spring Grove 

Miss Sayde E. Glatfelter. Chairman 

Mrs. J. C. Overmiller 

Mrs. H. F. Mahaley 

Miss Mary Stover 

Mrs. George Welsh 

Mrs. McClellan B. Kraft 

Miss Katherine Stauffer 

Miss Winifred Kaulfman 

Miss Estella Thomas 

Miss Amy Jacobs 

Miss Ruby Myers 

Miss Esther Staulfer 

Miss Edna Senft 

Mrs. William McClellan 

Miss Julia S|)rcnkle 

York New Salem 

Mrs. 0. A. Delle, Chairman 
Miss Esther Eyester 

North Codorus Township 

Miss Stella Senft, Chairman 

Miss Lillian Staulfer 

Miss Viola Runk 

Miss Carrie Zortman 

Miss Bess Leese 

Miss Salome Dinterman 


Paradise Township 

Mrs. John Berkheimor 
Miss Savoy Ciauincr 

Jackson Township 

Miss Mary Hoke 
Miss Katie Hoke 
Miss Pauline Julius 
Miss Cathryn Loose 
Miss Almeda Saucier 
Mrs. R. C. MuTnmert 
Miss Gertrude Swartz 


W. D. Brougher. ClidiriiKui of Dislricl 

Dover Rorough 

Dr. N. C. Wallace. Chaimum 
P. A. Lauer 
James Stambaugh 
Albert Reaser 
Curvin Stough 

Wellsville Rorough 

Win. Anthony, Chairman 
E. J. Gerber 
Silas PfaltzgralT 

Dover Township 

Dr. N. C. Wallace. (Ihuimian 

Henry Lauer 

David L. Julius 

Andrew J. Gerber 

Irvin Spahr 

Alvin R. Gross 

Peter J. Rott 

Wni. H. Owens 

L. L. Drawbaugh 

Milton Metz 

Curtis H. Lichty 

Henry Emig 

John L. May 

Edw. F. Sweitzer 

Elmer N. Crone 

Wm. C. Arnold 

Harry P. Julius 
James G. Markry 
Samuel A. Stough 
Jos. R. Nay lor 
C. C. Julius 
C. A. Lauer 


Chas. G. Elicker, Chairman 
C. LT. Spangler 
C. E. Cook 
Harry Reaser 

B. P. Kron(> 

C. (i. P)r(iugher 
A. L. V\ eirnian 
M. C. Crone 
Rush Zeigler 
David Hobaugh 
J. K. Cadwallader 
C. Z. March 

Washington Township 

Harry HoUinger 
J. G.Deardorff 
A. A. Firestone 
Jacob Raker 
W. A Sinner 
F. M. Sealover 
Wm. A. Zeigler 
0. S. Hoirman 
H. R. Julius 
Wilbur Krall 
David Cadwallader 
Alfred J. Harbold 

Mrs. W. D. Rrougher. Chairman 
District No. 9 Wellsville 


Miss Ress Cadwalladei-. Chairman 
Miss Grace Apple 
Mrs. Carrie Weaver 
Mrs. Lettie Watkins 

Dover Rorough 

Mrs. N. C. Wallace, Chairman 
Mrs. C. J. Hamme 


Dover Township 


N. C. 

Wallace, Chairman 






y Lauer 








Edna Julius 


H. G 



Jessie Heilnian 











J. E. 



George Ileilman 



ey Naylor 

Warrington Township 

Mrs. C. V. Spangler, Chairman 

Mrs. Rush Zeigler 

Miss Blanche Uoliaugh 

Mrs. Niles Shearer 

Mrs. M. L. Laird 

Mrs. C. G. Brougher 

Mrs. C. G. Nesbit 

Mrs. Roland Goulson 

Mrs. RaynK)nd Hartman 

Washington Township 

Mrs. Harry H. HoUinger, Chairman 

Mrs. A. A. Firestone 

Miss Rebecca Julius 

Miss Clara Julius 

Miss Mabel Wallace 

Miss Anna Hollinan 

Mrs. W. A. Sinner 

Miss Alma Firestone 

Mrs. J. E. Gochenoui- 

Mrs. Portis Smith 

Miss Clara Deardorir 

DISTRICT ,\(). 10 
J. S. Kapp, Chairman of Dislrict 


DiLLSBURG Borough 
L. L. Bentz. ('hairman 
R. B. Nelson 

Robert McClure 
Chester StaufTer 
J. A. Goudy 
G. E. Seifert 
J. W. Millard 
W. P. Deardorff 
James Spera 
W. B. Spahr 

Franklintown Borough 

J. G. Spidel, Chairman 
James Lau 
D. E. Wolf 
A. M. Shultz 

Samuel C. Baker 

Monaghan Township 

lion. L. M. Myers, Chairman 

D. D. Myers 

Ira C. Myers 

Wm. Hyde 

Edw. Bigler 

Russell Myers 

Carroll Township 

C. P. Albert, Chairman 
J. S. Hess, Chairman 
Chas. E. Baker 
Wm. Klinedinst 
Levi Fislicl 
T. G. Cook 
George K. Bentz 
Daniel llaar 
Howard Albert 

Franklin Township 

G. W. Dickm. Chairman 
W. P. Spahr 
J. W. Baish 
J. F. Evans 
O. F. Arnold 
C. B. Angell 
Park C. Shultz 
Jacob A. Peterman 



Mrs. Edward Shearer, District No. 1 1 
\Chairman. York Haven 

York Haven 

Mrs. H. 0. Meads 
Mrs. Charles Bare 
Mrs. J. H. Schmitt 
Miss Margaret Snelhaker 


Miss Pansy Zortman 
Mrs. D. B. Bair 


Mrs. E. I'. Laird 
Mrs. H. M. Sutton 

Newberry Township 

Mrs. Ira E. Warner 
Mrs. William Eppley 
Mrs. T. A. Yost 
Miss Mary Beshore 


Mrs. Naomi Greenfield 
Miss Aiiiiie Moore 


C. W'. Whilser, Chairman of Dislrirl 

Mt. Wolf. Pa. 

Mt. Wolf 

Philip Hoover 
Chas. Decker 
Wm. Dubs 
Harvey Kann 
Wm. Shindle 
S. T. Peeliuf; 
J. C. Fink 

D. C. Sunday 
J. F. Buser 

J. Edward Fink 

Mrs. Park Wogan, Chairman 
Mt. Wolf 


Miss Ada Gross 
Miss Sarah Dietz 
Miss Theda Jacobs 

Mt. Wolf 

Miss Nellie Hartman 
Miss Mabel Miller 
Mrs. R. B. Stock 
Mrs. Chas. Cross 


Miss Bertha Fisher 
Miss Manie Wintermyer 
Miss Vir{;ie Thomas 
Mrs. H. T. Mullen 
Miss Mary Neiman 
Mrs. A. F. Stacks 


W. K. Weller. Chairman of Dislricl 

Benjamin Mittel 
St. Clair Wallace 
J. P. Wallace 
Harrison M. Hivner 
Stewart Leiphart 
L. D. Haines 
J. D. Burg 
Hiram E. Nauss 
W. 1'. Dougherty 
Fred Dietz 
Harry L. Gilbert 
W. E. Weller 
E. B. Stoner 
W. C. Blessing 
R. P. Wilton 
J. K. Leber 
Wilton Cook 
Mrs. Jesse D. Burg 
Mr. C. A. Elliott. Jr. 
E. W. Leik 
A. D. Poll 


Mrs. Wilton Cook, District I\'o. 13 
aiuiirmaii. Wrightsville 


Mrs. J. 0. Updegrove, Chdinuaii 

Miss Nellie Heppenstall 

Miss Helen Freet 

Miss Myrtle Updegrove 

Miss Jennie Weitzcl 

Miss Elizabeth Weitzcl 

Mrs. Tra Kraybill 

Mrs. liattie Nauss 

Miss Melva Etzweiler 

Miss Blanche Townsley 

Miss Sarah Raymond 

Miss l^innia Lehman 

Miss Janet Smith 

Miss Eufjenia Drcnninii 


Miss Elmiia Keller 

Miss Mildred Strickler 

Lower Wiisdsor Township 
Miss Pearl Detwiler 

Hallam Township 
Miss Janet Sprenkle 
Miss Maggie Landis 
Miss Bertha Stoner 
Miss Anna Lehman 
Miss Ellen Lindsay 
Miss Helen Shenberger 
Miss Mame Strickler 
Miss Vern A. Poff 
Miss Marion W. Tlook 


Mrs. Max Grumbacher. Chairman 
Mrs. W- S. Bond. Chairman 


Team No. 4 won the liist pri/e. consisting of helmets and medals, for selling, 
the most Liberty Bonds of the forty-five teams. 


Captain — Mrs. Marcus Ausclmitt 
Mrs. Horace kroU 
Miss Sallie Klinefelter 
Miss Florence Reist 
Miss Mary Stair 
Mrs. Preston Stauffer 
Mrs. J. E. Throne 
Miss Mary \ andersloot 
Miss Louise Zeigler 
Miss Helen Zeigler 

Captain — Mrs. D. Scott Bruce 
Mrs. Lrban Hershey 
Mrs. H. J. Longenecker 
Mrs. H. C. Newswanger 
Mrs. Arthur Pringle 
Mrs. Irvin Sniper 
Mrs. H. S. Schmidt 
Mrs. Wm. Switzer 
Mrs. D. R. Stewart 
Mrs. Harry Zech 


Captain — Mrs. Francis Faniiihar 
Mrs. Wrn. 0. TIkhuiisoii 
Mrs. Charles Polack 
Miss Catherine Cillen 
Mrs. Chas. Moul 
Mrs. Robt. McKinnf)n 
Miss Ahce Neff 
Mrs. < ieorge Neff 
Mrs. Helen Shultz 
Mrs. Chas. Young 
Miss Mary Fisher 

Captain — Miss Arlene Droniiiuld 
Mrs. Chas. Eirhcil)(M-cr 
Miss Florence Frederick 
Miss Helen Gartside 
Mrs. Ingehorg Maxwell 
Miss Hetty Long 
Miss Elmyra McClune 
Miss Laura Neff 
Miss liiua Slauter 
Miss Nora Smith 

Cop/aiV)— Mrs. Da\id Cetz 

Mrs. W alter Riddle 
Mrs. Harry Dusinan 
Mrs. Charles Leafe 
Mrs. Joiui Lafean 
Mrs. Harry Moore 
Mrs. F. V. Moo7e 
Mrs. Wm. Miller 
Mrs. Mary Rudy 
Mrs. W. S|>anglcr 
Mrs. John Small 
Mrs. L. V. Zech 

Captain — Airs. Carlton Holl' 
Airs. Charles Deck 
Miss Nancy King 
Miss \nna Lewis 
Miss Klizaheth McCoiikey 

Miss Hannah McConkey 
Miss Harriet Robison 
Miss Jane Rosenmillei- 
Miss Catherine R()S(>nmill<'r 
Mrs. John Steacy 
Miss Pauline Washers 
Miss Mary Weiser 

Captain — M iss A n n a H u h(M' 

Mrs. Chas. M. Rillme>cr 
Mrs. Frederick lliller 
Mrs. D. F. llallock 
Mrs. John F. Hartman Mary E. Jessoi) 
Mrs. John F. kell 
Mrs. W. L. Long 
Mrs. Arch Miller 
Mrs. Jacob Spangler 
Mrs. Joseph Strawbridge 
Mrs. (Jeorge Steacy 


Captain — Mrs. Leon Hydeman 
Miss h^mnia P>lack 
Miss Helen Dodson 
Mrs. Joe Kindig 
Mrs. Harry kottcamp 
Mrs. A. C. Kinzie 
Mrs. J. W. McKinnon 
Mrs. Irvin Ruler 
Mrs. Theodore Strickhouser 
Mrs. J. H. Stewart 
Miss Ethel Siers 

Capluiu — Mrs. Abram Jandorf 
Miss Marie Flicker 
Mrs. Sol. Fuld 
Mrs. Morton Jandorf 
Mrs. L. R. Lehmayer 
Mrs. Josefjh Lehmayei 
Miss Gertrude Luria 
Mrs. David Samuels 
Mrs. Sol. Walker 




Caplairi — Mis. John Laiulors 
Mrs. F. S. IJiandt 
Miss Anna Bond 
Miss Emma Bosshart 
Mrs. Chas. Castle 
Miss Myrtle Duke 
Miss Reha Morehouse 
Miss Lillian Quickel 
Mrs. M. B. Smyser 


Captain— Mm. Harry E. Miller 
Miss (irace Doll 
Mrs. H. W. Eisenhart 
Miss Iva Ernst 
Mrs. Clilford Hoffman 
Mrs. Emory Joseph 
Mrs. Kdvf. Keezling 
Mrs. Elmer Myers 
Mrs. Walter Sweigart 
Miss Julia Spangler 

Captain — ( ■ rifTith Amies 
LuthtM- Doll 
Geo. Heckert 
Wm. Lehmeyer 
Louis Lehmeyer 
John Mace 
Eugene Stunipf 
H. Clay Shelly 
Clarence Yeatts 
J. M. Zinn 


Captain — P. W. Aughenbaugh 
L. J. Allen 
C. B. Bishop 
H. C. Bowman 
H. E. Humbaugh 
J. B. Ketterman 
H. P. Palmer 
H. B. Wolf 
M.U. Wessel 


Captain — Mrs. E. T. Preston 
Mrs. Fred Gerber 
Mrs. Stuart Heighes 
Mrs. J. E. Lee , 
Mrs. Frank Murray 
Mrs. H. Luke Owen 
Mrs. Perry Stout 
Mrs. Wilmer Throne 
Miss Clara Black 


Captain — Walter L. Bond 
Frank W. Devers 
C. E. limig 
C. J. Gnau 
Clayton Krone 
Jos. A. Murray 
Chas. A. May 
S. B. Meisenhelder 
M. F. Niles 


Captain — Miss Louise Spahr 

Mrs. llalbert Baylor 
Miss Lydia l']rwin 
Miss Helen lihrenfeld 
Miss Florence Harnish 
Miss Bae Kohler 
Mrs. J. F. klinedinst 
Miss Katherine Mundorf 
Mrs. Claude Peterman 
Mrs. Eugene F. Weiser 


Captain — Dale Dorney 

Philip F. Aldinger 
Nevin D. Fahs 
Clarence C. Frey 
Joseph F. Gleason 
A. Harry Lehr 
R. Frank Owings 
Stanley D. Owings 
Paul j". Rees 
J. 1. Thomas 



Captain — Wm. E. DiifT 
W. T. Durr 
H. A. Stiles 
J. J. Bowser 
H. B. Hess 
Bayinond Gentzler 
Donald Darbyshire 
Fred Shearer 
Cortez Gantz 
Vernon Frey 


Captain— J. M. p]bbert 

C. E. Billheimer 
C. C. Burgesser 
Emery W. Brandt 
C. B. Tl(.Ilinirs\v(,rtli 
Horace D. Keeler 
W. W. Lease 
Dr. Ira S. ?iIcDowell 
\\. H. Selemeyer 
Philip B. Wiest 


Captain — S. Fuld 

Max S. Haas 
Harry Bowman 
John Boehm 
Howard J. Haas 
Samuel Kaiiffman 
Henry IMyers 
Bobert Shiller 
John Zimmerman 


Captain — Morgan E. Gipe 
W. Boyer 
F. L. Glendmeyer 
W. H. Keller 
J. W. Bobinson 

D. D. Strite 

E. S. Spangler 
M. G. Stees 

Percy W. Small 
Geo. W. Wertz 
Edward Beineberg 


Captain — Eugene Gillespie 
Joseph Black. Jr. 
Felix S. Bentzel 
Clarence S. Gabel 
H. B. Gillespie 
Charles Jacobs 
Benjamin B. Lamotte 
Carl L. Lafean 
Herbert G. Alyers 
Chester G. Myers 
Harry S. Nickel 


Captain — Eddie L. Herr 

B. P. Anderson 
H. D. Bancroft 
W. H. Boll 

P. L. Diehl 
H. G. Eaton 
H. N. Forrey 
Boy S. Fox 

C. T. Jenkins 
Walter F. Owen 


Captain — E. A. Heckert 

John M. Beifsnider 

Karl Enz 

Geo. Gross 

J. A. Lehr 

G. W. Pfaltzgrair 

Guy Stover 

R. K. Stallsmith 

F. B. Stauffer 

S. P. Williams 


Captain — Oscar H. Heckert 
P. E. McNitt 
B. F. Owings 
John A. Weiser 




(!<i/)lain — !I. Samuel Hays 
Fied HolTrnpipy 
C. C. Holler 
H. E. Kottcamp 
Eli (i. Leathery 
Wilbur Leathery 
John W. Muinnia 
Irvin Hulor 
Spurfjeon Seitz 
Wm. Strickhouser 

('(iptain — (ieo. A. Jessop 
Irvin Hooknian 
W. B. liillmeyer 
Captain F. G. Dempwolf 
George K. 
E. U. (:;ibbs 
R. A. Long 
Louis C. Mayer 
Charles A. Owen 
Charles Spence 


Captain — T^. C. Hawk 

John D. Bailey 
C. J. Chronister 
James Dawes 
P. S. Forry 
Z. C. Shue 
J. D. Spangler 
H. C. Strausbaugli 
C. S. Snyder 


Cupluiii — Chester H. Johnson 
E. E. Frey 
Clarence S. Hoover 
David Kagen ^ 
H. H. Lindemuth 
Harvey C. Ncwswanger 
Hubert H. Rosser 
Herbert S. Schmidt 
Milton Stecs 
A. 11. Want land 


Captain — F. J. Johns 

E. K. Currens 
Frank Dietrich 

F. J. Eline 
Claire Elino 
L E. Frey 

D. W. Hubley 
D. S. Nagle 
C. M. ReilFe 
P. E. Strawsbaugh 


Captain — O. H. Lucas 
Harry Adams 
Edward S. Frey 
Samuel ( iregory 
Robert Immel 
George Landis 
Jas. A. Lichty 
Edward Leber 
Walter G. McBlain 
C. L. Peterman 


( '.upta in — Patrick Lonergan 
C. F. Borgel 
S. A. Bruggcman 
Thos. J. Carroll 
Charles Castle 
C.J. llelfrich 
John M Hellrich 
John J. Landers 
Geo. Marlow 
T. J. McNeils 


Captain — H. J. Longenecker 
Chailes Berger 
E. U. Gibbs 
Charles Myers 
Charles Moore 
C. R. Stewart 
Gabriel A. Voss 
Arthur Young 




Capiairi — Geo. L. Miller 

Harold Sylversten 
E. A. Bollinger 
Walter Gilbert 
Mr. Locher 
Ralph Meisenhelder 
Win. H. Miller 
John F. Rudisill 
Geo. L. Stark 
J. Wm. Stair 

Captain — Benj. T. Root 
F. S. Barrick 
Wm. Christensen 
F. S. KaulTnian 
P. G. Mundorf 
Walter H. Owens 
Arthur Patterson 
C. W . Rullfe 
W. B. Senft 


i'aplaiu — Dr. Raymond Neiman 
J. F. Rover 
Raymond Kinzie 
Ralph Mei.senhelder 
Harry Nichols 
Edw. Swartz 
Harry Sakemiller 


daplaiii — Arthur D. Pringle 
Ghas. Erisman 
Geo. Epley 
Samuel Feiser 
John E. Graybill 
Geo. Hoover 
Geo. Hummel 
W. L. Mann 
Percy Miller 
R. J. Peschko 
A. W. Sidesinger 
Adam Smyser 


Captain — Lee Reineberg 
Harry E. Bamer 
,lohn Dellinger 
John Deininger 
Thos. Heller 
Dr. J. H. Howell 
Oscar Kranich 
Wm. M. Miller 
Paul Schminke 
Wm. S. Wanner 


Captain — Walter ('. Sudick 
George F. Birchall 
John T. Hummer 
Geo. H. Leber 
Harry L. McNeal 
Norbert Neuman 
Samuel Huhy 
Clayton P. Rutt 
Linius E. Topper 
Carl S. Wittmer 


Captain — Frank W. Stahlheber 
Eli Bream 
Harold R. ( lilman 
John R. Laucks 
Walter B. Sickler 
Harry E. Smith 
William H. Trimmer 
J. A. Walker 


Captain — Ral|ih Thomas 
Harry Rerger 
Robert F. Rates 
Halleck R. Reck 
Charles Elsesser 
Geo. H. Ginter 
.\. R. TlulTeditz 
William Heagy 
Edw. Luckenbach 
Eail Swords 
Walter 11. L. Spangler 




Captnin — G. M. Wftnioie 
M. L. Howard 
Thos. F. Heberly 
H. D. Oiiickcl 
J. I. Spaii^dcr 
Geo. V. Stein 
Harry R. Serf 
Spurgeon Spangler 


Captain — Henry Washers 
0. 0. Ettline 
Horace B. Faber 
Clarence Mader 
J. W. Richley 
C. D. Smith 
Monroe Shadle 
Arthur Thompson 
H. C. Ulmer 


Captain — Harry S. Wiest 
John Brandt 
David tiarver 
Wayne McFall 
James Rodg(Ms 
Harvey Smitii 
B. A. Shorb 
Phil Stair 
Guy Sheets 
John Trimmer 


-W. J. Woods 
D. (i. Aungst 
John Boyer 
Mr. Dietrick 
H. H. Johnson 
H. E. Lesher 
M. W. Mitzel 
H. E. Musselman 
H. F. Stoner 
Latimer Thompson 
L. S. Yost 

Springettsbury Township 

Captain — Mrs. Geo. H. Stallman 
Mrs. C. K. Baumeister 
Mrs. C. B. Heiniy 
Mrs. W. Griddin 
Mrs. T. A. Myers 
Mrs. Ellen Myers 
Miss Elizabeth Herr 

Spring Garden Township 

CajAain — -Mrs. A. H. Hay\Yard 
Mrs. E. K. McConkey 
Mrs. H. C. Ulmer 
Mrs. Geo. Bollinger 
Mrs. B. F. Boot 
Mrs. Edward Heckert 



FoH a roiisiderable niimbpr of months [jtior to the entry of this conn tiy into the war an organization 
had been formed in Philadelphia, known as the "Women's Preparedness League". Mrs. 
George Wharton Pepper. Mrs. W. Child.s Drexel and a number of prominent women of Phila- 
delphia were largely instrumental in forming this organization. Women representing each county were 
invited to attend and among those prominent in the jjeginning of this noble work was Mrs. John B. 
Hamme of York. Immediately after her return from Philadelphia the organization of the Womeirs 
Preparedness League was undertaken at York, Pa., and in a very short time put into full operation, 
so that when the Ignited States entered into the World War the women connected witli the "WOmen's 
Preparedness League" arranged for a meeting, in older to organize a chapter of the American Red Cross. 

Under Mrs. Hamme's direction, they secured the services of one of the Red Cross organizers, 
Mr. A. B. Tamlyn of New York, who visited York to organize a branch of the chapter. A number 
of men and women representing the civic and charitable oiganizations of the city attended a meeting 
called in the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce, which had been generously tendered for this purpose, 
and after the need of such an organization was clearly pointed out and defined by Mr. Tamlyn. a 
chapter was immediately organized and application made for a charter to be known as the York 
County Chapter of the American Red Cross. 

TheofTicersof the meeting were as follows: Presideiil, Mh. John C. Schmidt: Sccri'lary. Mr. T'.ha.s. 
N. Robinson. 

The original officers of the ^ ork County Chapter American R<>d Cross were as follows: Prrsidml. 
Mr. John C. Schmidt: .S'°(vp/arv, -Mr. d. W. Ry.w: Treasurer. Mr. W. A. Keywortm. 

Few of those present fully realized the magnitude of the undertaking, nor did they dream of the 
success which would follow this organization, although the enthusiasm which grew with this work and 
through the war was foreshadowed at this meeting. One after another the re[5resentatives of the 
various organizations rose and pledged their membership to the Red Cross ('hapter. The first need 
was to secure a place for workrooms, as at that time it seemed that the work would be largely the 
making of surgical supplies and hospital garments. This was met by Mr. Alexander E. McLean, 
who tendered to the Red Cross the free use of his former residence. No. 372 E. Market Street, a large 
brick dwelling house. 

The Hon. Nevin M. Wanner. President Judge of ^'ork County, acted as Chairman of the Member- 
ship Committee, and with the work of this strong committee, the organization rapidly grew until in 
a comparatively short time a membership of twelve thousand was reached. 

]\Ir. McLean's residence was equipped as a workroom and a storage room for the large quantities 
of material handled. L nder Mrs. Hamme's direction, representatives of various churches would select 
a day and as high as twenty-five sewing machines were in daily operation making garments. A number 
of these sewing machines were donated by different organizations and the balance were purchased by 
the chapter. 

The purchase of materials was undertaken by the four leading department stores, namely, 
Mr. Alex. E. IXIcLean, of Jas. McLean & Son: Mr. Max (Irumbacher. of the Bon Ton Depaitment 
Store; Mr. C. H. Bear, Jr., of C. H. Bear & Co., and Mr. Jas. II. Rogers, of P. Wiesfs Sons. These 
gentlemen purchased the material for the Red Cross without profit or compensation and delivered 
the goods to the Red Cross storeroom, which was also furnished liy Mr. Alex. E. McLean. 

All garments were cut from the material and deh\ered ready for sewing to the workrooms at 372 
E. Market St. 

As the war progressed, increasing demands were made upon the Chapter and large quantities of 
wool were purchased and given to the devoted women of \ ork to be knitted into sweaters, socks, 
helmets and mittens. Owing to the generous work of the women the demand on the Chapter for wool 

[ 373 ] 

became so great that it was necessary to make a charge for the wool and even then the output of the 
York County Chapter fras ahnost sufficient to meet the extreme demands placed upon it by the Di- 
vision Headquarters at Philadelphia. 

The original organization was largely composed of people from the city of \ork, because they 
were more numerous and more easily called upon, but the patriotism of York was not confined to the 
city by any means, and in a very short time branches and auxiliaries were scattered all over the county, 
at Red Lion. Dallastown, Felt(jn, New Park, Cross Roads, Stewartstown. Delta, (Jlen Rock, Hellam, 
Wrightsville, York Haven, Alanchester, Mt. Wolf, Emigsville, Dillsburg, Wellsville. Dover, Jacobus, 
Loganville, New Freedom, Shewsbury, Woodbine, Windsor, York, East Side; York, West Side; and 
in each auxiliary work rooms were established. ( Jreat rivalry existed between the various auxiliaries 
as to their production and size of membership and through the generosity of the newspapers monthly 
reports of the production from each auxiliary were pulflished. 

The total income of the York County Chapter was at first limited to one-half of the membershij) 
fee. the balance going to headquarters in Philadelphia, but it was soon seen that in order to supply 
sufficient material to meet the demands upon us and the activity of the workers, it was necessary to 
secure very much larger contriliutions. Di\ ision Headquarters notified the Chapter that they were 
expected to contribute a minimum sum of .§75.000, of which twenty-five per cent, could be retained 
by the Chapter to finance its own activities. 

A splendid committee was formed, headed by Ex-Senator David P. Kliuedinst, and composed of 
one hundred of the active business men of York. These were subdivided into ten committees of ten 
members each, including the chairman. Arrangements were made during the week of the drive so 
that the committees would meet in the restaurant of the Colonial Hotel for lunch, each man paying 
for his own lunch, and then amid great excitement and enthusiasm the Chairman of (^ach committee 
would report the result of the last twenty-four hours. Occasionally, short, inspiring speeches were 
made and once we were delighted by an address made by the Raroness Huard. who was maintaining 
at her own expense a Red Cross Hospital in France. The sum hoped for, $75,000, was considerably 
over-contributed by the generosity of the people of York County, and the result of this campaign was 
a total subscription of S90,()00. 

The growth of the Chapter and its activities were so rapid that it became necessary to reorganize 
under separate bureaus, with the chairman of each bureau as a member of the Board of Directors. 
Under this jdan the Board was organized on December 10, 1917, as follows, 

Chairman John C, Schmidt 

]' ice Chairman Franci.s Farquhar 

Treasurer Wm. R. Horner 

Executive Secretary Edw. S. Hengst 

Bureau of Development James Rudisill 

Bureau of Pul)t icily Rev. C. M. Ehehalt 

Women's Bureau Mrs. J. B. FF\mme 

Sub-divided under llie fotlowinq departments: 

Surgical Dressings Mrs. Geo. Ryan 

Hospital Garments Miss Lottie Glossbrenner 

Knited Articles Mrs. S. L Adams 

Bureau of Hygiene Miss Netta Ford 

Bureau of Civilian Relief Wilmer C. Throne 

Bureau of First Aid Dr. G. E. Holtzapple 

Bureau of Supplies Alex. E. McLean 

Bureau of Accounting John J. Landers 

Bureau of Junior Membership Edwin A. Barnitz 

[ 374 1 

The Executive Committee consisted ol' tlie following: Johin C. Schmidt, Alex. E. ]VIcLean, 
and James Rudisill. 

The material for the workrof)ms was supplied to all of the auxiliaries and liranehes free of cost 
throughout the entire war. except for a period when it became necessary to charge for wool, because 
of the high price and tlie vast number of workers. When the finished goods were sent in each week 
by the twenty-two different auxiliaries they were carefully examined and ins[)ected and packed 
and shipped to the Red Cross llead(piarters in Philadelphia. AH of the labor in the workrooms was 
given gratuitously, except for the ( lerical and stenographic work, and for one or two ladies who gave 
their entire time to this work and ret'ei\('d a very trifling stipend. 

The York Transfer Company generously hauled all of the boxes free of charge, Mr. Alex. E. McLean 
supplying all the necessary labor and packing. 

The York County Chapter Aineiican Red Cross suffered a very serious loss when its President. 


The following directors are shown in the above group: First row seated, left to right. Miss Netta 
Ford. Rureau of Hygiene: Mrs. J. B. Hamme, Woman's Department; l\Ir. Francis F'arquhar. chairman; 
Mrs. George Stallman. Canteen Service; Second row, left to right, Alexander McLean, Bureau of 
Supplies: Wilmer C. Throne. Civilian Relief; James Rudisill. Bureau of Development: Rev. Father 
C. M. Ehehalt, Publicity Bureau: John J. Landers, Bureau of Accounting: Edgar S. Hengst, Executive 
Secretary; Will K. Rebert, Bureau of Conservation; Samuel Kurtz, Junior Red Cross; Dr. George E, 
Holtzapple, Bureau of First Aid: and J. S. Kapp. 


John C. Schiiiidl, was talltnl to Washington, D. C, to .serve on one ol' Llie War Boards, which olTice 
occupied nearly all his time and. therefore, necessitated his resignation from the presidency of York 
County Chapter. American Red (joss. The marked success of the Red Cross Chapter was. in a very 
large measure, due to the unselfish devotion, the inspiring enthusiasm, the unremitting zeal which 
characterized most forcibly the Red Cross work of the retiring president to the edification of the 
multitude of Red Cross woikers and the general pid)lir. His sacrifices in time, health and wealth 
jemain untold, liut th(>y ft)rm a part of that spiiit which our fair land America calls all its own. 

Francis Farqiihar. the Vice-chairman of the Chapter, was unanimously elected the successor of 
John C. Schmidt in the chairmanship of the Chapter. The choice was well made. The Red Cross 
work of Mr. Francis Farquhar is a lasting monument of his skillful, energetic, congenial leadership. 

Mr. Francis Farquhar's success in organizing the War Drive was so marked that, at the request of 
Mr. Scott, ('hairman at Division Headquarters, he was invited to serve as the Chairman of the Mem- 
hership Drive fir the eiilire Pciui'^n 1\ aiiia Division. Iti this he was also very successful. 

All of the War Relief Organizniions, it was found, at frecjuent intervals, asked for contributions 
from the people, and it was therefore decided to form a War Chest, which would be the Treasury of 
the various War Relief Organizations. 

An appeal came from Division Headquarters for discarded garments to be sent to the Belgians and 
one hundred tons of good, serviceable garments were contributed, paikccl and shippetl by the York 
County Chapter. 

In Septenibei-. 191(5. the epedemic of Spanish Influenza caused great suffering in this county and 
the number of sufferers was so great that it was beyond the capacity of the hospital to care for them, 
and. under the direction of the Red Cross, a hospital was started in the buildings of the York County 
Agricultural Society, which was maintained from October 13th to November 20th, and all of the 
expenses were borne by the Red Cross. 

With the clos(> of the war. th(> need for surgical supplies, hospital garments, etc.. ceased and the 
workrooms giadually closed, but the Bureau of Civilian Relief, under the direction of Mr. Wilmer C. 
Throne, continued the work of caring for the families and dependents of soldiers and sailors still in 
the service and with welcoming home the convalescent and disabled. 

Many noble and glorious deeds in the history of "^'ork C.(junty Chapter American Red Cross remain 
unrecorded on tliese pages for lack of space. But deep into the hearts and minds of the American 
people has been written a wonderliil story of love and devotion, of service and sacrifice by the in- 
dustiious men and women-workers of the Red Cross who bektng to the "(irand Army" of tlie Unknown, 
the I nhoiKtrcd. and Cnsung. but without whom there should not have l)een the miraculous achieve- 
ments which crown to-day Our ( '.ountry's efforts in the |)ast World War. Truly may be sail! of Ihem 

"Nor shall their glory be forgot 
While Fame her record keeps." 

The end of the war found Yoik ('ounty with gold stars in hundicds of homes (nm\ which the 
soldiers had gone forever, but at such terrible cost great lessons wen> taught and learned. Thus the 
war gave to York County a precious, sacred token — oh! may it li\ <> forever — the Spirit of Team-work, 
for through the magnificent institution of the Red Cross it was that the people of ^'ork County as 
everywhere else in the U. S. A., were given to lealize the vast possibilities and opportunities of doing 
good for the individual as well as (he nation and mankind if all worked together methodically and 
harmoniously. When reflecting upon the wondrous deeds and achieNcments of the American Red 

1 ••576 1 

Cross of whicli tlic York County Chapter was so noble and brave a child we may proudly exclaim 
with Miranda: 

"O Wonder! 
How many goodly creatures are there here! 
How beauteous mankind is! 
brave new world. 
That has such people in it!" 

Rev. C. M. Ehehalt 


EARLY in the 1 listory of the war a movement was set afoot to organize a chapter of the American 
Red Cross. The people of the town took an active interest in the project, and at a public 
meeting completed tlu' organization. Headipiarters were established and the work proceeded 
vigorously, aci'omplishing very inip((rtant results. 

In a short time a large number had joined the chapter to work with a united help during the entire 
period of the war. The organizatictn will continue to assist in any other fields of duty that the Red 
Cross may be called upon to perform in the future. 

Immediately following the declaration of War. the citizens of the third district contributed to a 
special fund known as the "Comfort Kit Fund", for the purpose of purchasing comfort kits to be 
presented to each man leaving that district for militaiy service. Approximately one thousand comfort 
kits were given away at a cost of .$1,392.60. The kits contained the following articles: Wash cloth, 
safety razor, talcum i)owder. mirror, thread and ne(Hlles. towels, adhesive plaster, soap, tooth paste 
and tooth brush, hair brush, coiub. pins, and a tin cup. 

Emlet and Enilet. druggists. Hanover, Pa., generously furnished the C(jmmittee practically all 
of the articles at cost, and the ladies of the Woman's Workrooms. Civic League building, joined in 
gi\ ing their services, making comfort bags and olhei- articles. 

The following committee had charge of the fund and distribution of the kits: F. W . Weber, 
chairman. C. F. Phreaner. H. S. Ehrhart. T. ,1. O'N.-ill. J. C. Krebs and l^r. F. E. Beard. 


By F. W. Weber 

On Wednesday evening May 8, 1917. a mass meeting was held in the High School auditorium in 
the interest of the American Red Cross. The following speakers were present. 

Burgess H. M. Stokes. Chdirnuin. 
Rev. G. W. Nicely. 
Rev. a. S. DeChaint. 

Emil G. Sterc;er. Executive Secretary. York, Pa.. ChaiJter and (Official Organizer of the 
National Society of the American Red Cross. 

Under the direction of Mr. Sterger. the Hanover Chapter. American Red Cross, was duly organized, 
nominating and electing the following ofTicers, and executive committee: 


F. W. Weber, fUidlrman. 

Mrs. C. F. Moul, Vice-Cli(iirni(in. 

Miss Bertha Zeber, Vice-(Uuiiniutn. 

Miss Emily Young, Vice-Clutirman. 

Miss Emma Delone, Vice-Chairman 

T. J. O'Neill. Secretary. 

Paul Winebrenner, Treasurer. 

R. L. Ehrhart, Chairman Membership Commillee. 

J. T. Huston, ('hairnian PuhlicHy Conirnillee. 

E. Fred Carver, (Htuirman Supplie.'< (loininiilec. 

Dr. J. A. Melsheimer, Chairman Ediiailinnul Commiilee. 

J. W. GiTT, Chairman E.rleusion and Co-operalion. 

Mrs. C. E. Moul, Woman's Bureau Work Rooms and Auxiliaries. 

Miss Emma Delone, Chairman Canteen Service. 

H. S. Ehrhart, Cliairmun Ciriliun Relief. 

Ward C. Haffner, Chairman Motor Serrice. 

The executive committee was made up of the abt)ve newly elected ofllcers and the following: C. N. 
Myers, H. D. Sheppaid. A. R. Nisely. J. H. Brough, C. E. Phreaner. and Dr. F. H. Beard. 

Membership Campaign May 16 to June 1. I!>I7. 
Headquarters: 125 Broadway. Hanover. Pa. 

R. L. Ehrhart Chairman Memtjership Committee. 


Samuel C. Garber Firemen. 

Ralph J. A. Hoffacker Fratenuil Orders. 

Samuel A. Geiselman Fraternal Orders. 

Paul T. Lau Fraternal Orders. 

M. J. Bowman Grange. 

Ward C. Haffner Manufacturers. 

W. E. Pitts Manufacturers. 

H. H. Morning " Manufacturers. 

H. H. Huston Bootlis. 

Mrs. H. S. Ehrhart Booths. 

Mrs. Clarence M. Schaeffer. . . . Booths. 

Mrs. a. S. DeChant Headquarters. 

Mrs. John Meisenhelder Headquarters. 

Miss Emma Delone Churches. 

Mrs. Geo. D. Gitt Churches. 

Mrs. M. D. Bishop Needleworkers' duild. 

Mrs. Charles Heckendorn Woman's Patriotic Organizations. 

Mrs. Bertha Wise Woman's Patriotic Organizations. 

Result of Campaign for Membership: 

Life .'? Members. 

Sustaining 1 Member. 

Contributing 2 Members. 

Subscribing 10 Mendjers. 

Annual 2147 Members. 

2463 Members. 

f 378 1 

Christinas Roll Call, Dt't(>inl)er, 1917: 

■' Subscribing 3 iVIembers. 

Annual 321 Members. 

321 Members. 

Members transferred year 1917 from Yoik Chapter: 

Life 3 Members. 

Subscribing 10 Members. 

Annual 320 Members. 

333 Members. 

Total for year 3120 Members. 

Chapter Jurisdiction May 8, 1917 to May 15, 1918, comprising only Hanover 
Borough. Population, approximately, eight thousand. 

First Red Cross II ar Fund Drive. June. 1917 

Mr. Paul Winebre^^er Chairman. 

Mr. C. Edgar Phreaner Assislanl Chairman. 

Mass Meeting for Membership and War Fund Drive, held at Hanover Opera 
House, Sunday, May 27, 1917. 


Music Knights of Pythias Band. 

Prayer Rev. Abner S. DeChant. 

Singing America. 

Opening Address F. W. Weber. 

Address John C. Schmidt. Chairman York Chapter. 

Singing Star Spangled Banner. 

Music Patriotic Order Sons of America Band 

Address Walter G. McBlain, Chairman of Co-operation and 

Extension, York Chapter. 

Singing Onward Christian Soldiers. 

Address M. L. Sternberger, National Field Secretary, American 

Red Cross, Wasliington. D. C. 

Closing Prayer Rev. James A. Huber. 

Singing under direction .... Miss Elizabeth Wentz. 

Accompanist Miss Lela Rudisill. 

Total amount contributed. First War Fund Drive $21,775.75 

Use of Office and Campaign Headquarters, 125 Broadway, donated by E. J. 
Bemiller and E. H. Walters. 

[ 379 1 

Second W ar Fund Drive, May. I'JIH 

Paul Winebrenner Chairman. 

C. Edgar Phreaner AssisUinl Chairman. 

Assisted by Boy Scouts of America, Hanover, Pa. 

Troop No. 20, Talmadge Nichols, (kiphiin. 

Troop No. 21, Joseph Yingling, Ca plain. 

Troop No. 22. Thomas Murphy, Caphiin. 
Parade and Mass Meeting, May 22, 1918. 

Parade Program 

Marshall P. N. Forney. 

Assistant E. T. Smith. 


Knights of Pythias Band. 

Burgess and Borough Council. 

Board of Education. 

Hanover Chapter, A. B. C, F. W. Weber, Chairman. 

Canteen Service Committee, A. B. C, Miss Emma J. Delon(>, Director. 

.Junior- Members and Nurses, A. B. C Miss Helen Little, Asst. Director. 

^^omen Workers of Workrooms and Auxiliaries, including Sewing Cir'clcs 

of all Ciiurchi's and other Organizations, Mrs. C. E. Moul, Director. 
Boy Scouts of America. 
Drum Corps and Bugles. 

Hanover Troop No. 20. Talmadge Nichols Captain. 
Drum Corps and Bugles. 

Hanover Troop No. 21, Joseph \ingling. Captain. 
Hanover Troop No. 22, Thomas Murphy, Captain'. 
Sons of Veterans Band. 
Major Jenkins Camp No. 125, Sons of \ cterans, escort by Major Jenkins, 

Post No. 99 G. A. R. 

■l/a.v.v Meeling Held al Trinity lieftirnied Church Chapel 

Music Orchestra, Dr. M. M. Fleagle. Director- 
Prayer Rev. W. L. Arrnsti-img. 

Singing America. 

Opening Addi-ess F. W. Weber. 

Address ( i. P. Bible, Phila. Pa., Special Commissioner-, A. R. C, 

on AllitHl Fronts. 

Singing Onward Christian Soldiers. 

Address Paul Winebrenner, Chairman, Second War Fund 

, Campaign ('ommittee, Hanover Chapter. 

Addr-ess Corporal J. D. i^ernon. Third Infantry Battalion, 

English Army in Fiance. 

Singing Star Spangled Banner. 

Benediction Bev. M. J. Roth, D. D. 

Amount secured Second War Fund Campaign $26,809.02 

( 380 1 

Campaign for Worn Clothing for Belgian and French Refugees 
Sepleniher 23 to Septeml)?r 31). 1918, In'-lusive 

Committee in Charge 

Mrs. C. E. IVloul. f'liairman. Miss Carrie Young. 

Mrs. J. H. Btougli. Miss Katherine Broiigh. 

Miss Mary Bowman. 

Assisted by ( iirl Scouts of America, Troops No. 1 to No. 7 inclusive, Miss AUiene 

DeChant, Kxecuti\ e Officer. 
Use of Store Boom. Broadway, for Headquarters, donated by Mr. G. W. Young. 
Result of Campaign, collected and shipped, over three tons. 

Campaign on Linen Shower for French Hospitals 
Septemlier 30 to Octolter li. 191S. Inclnsire 

Committee In Charge 

Mrs. C. E. Moul General Chairman. 

Mrs. H. M. Alleman Chairman for St. Marks Lutheran Church. 

Mrs. H. W. Miller Chairman fur St. Matthews Lutheran Church. 

Mrs. W. L Redcay Chairman for St. Pauls Lutheran Church. 

Mrs. Martin Moul Chairman for Methodist Espicopal Church. 

Miss Margan^t Stick Chairman for Emanuels B«'f()rmed Church. 

Mrs. M. J. Roth Chairman for Trinity Beformed Church. 

Mrs. S. B. Daugherty Chairman for I'nited Brethren Church. 

Miss Annie Ilarlacher Chairman for Church of the Brethren. 

Mrs. J. J. Conrad Chairman for St. Vincent's CathoUc Church. 

Miss Emma Delone Chairman for St. Joseph's Catholic Church. 

Result of Campaign, collected and shipped, nine hundred thirteen pieces. 

Campaign for Collection of Gas Mask .Material to Produce Carlxin for Altsorliing 

Poison (ias 
August I to December I. 19 IS 

Peach Stones Olive Pits Hickory Nut Shells 

Apricot Pits Date Seeds Butter Nut Shells 

Plum Pits Walnut Shells Cherry Pits 

Clinton W. Shultz. Chairman. M. W. Naill. 

Charles E. Moul. Charles E. Sprenkle. 

C. F. Bauserman. H. W. Miller. 
J. V. Kleffel. 

Barrels, Material, Labor. Paint, Painting, Printing, Hauling and Storage all donated 
Result of collection, about Two tons. 


Committee and Sliipments 

Mrs. Charles E. Moul Director. 

Mrs. H. M. Allfinaii Superintendent of Hospital (iarments. 

Miss Emma J. Delone Assistant Superintendent of Hospital Garm(>nts. 

Miss Ethel M. Stamm Superintendent of Surjiieal Tiarments. 

Miss Katherine Brough Assistant S(i(>erinten(lent of Surgieal Garments. 

Mrs. Clarence M. Schaeffer. . Superintendent of Knitted Articles. 

Mrs. Paul Moke Assistant Superintendent of Knitted Articles. 

Mrs. L. II. lloffacher Assistant Su()erinLendeiit of Knitted Articles. 


Siirtrical Dressinijs 53,1.3.3 Pieces. 

Hospital Garments 6,910 Pieces. 

Knitted Articles 3,882 Pieces. 

Refut;ee (iarments 2.02 1 Pieces. 

Miscellaneous Articles 1,01 1 Pieces. 

Three Emergency Cot Ecjuipments 108 Pieces. 

Total 67,101 Pieces. 

Main Workrooms including light, donatefl liy Civic Jj-ague, Broadway. 

Temporary Main W orkioonis including heat and light, donated by St. Marks 
Lutheran Church, Carhsle Street. 

Auxiliary Workrooms including light and heat, donated by all the Chuiches 
and other Organizations. 

Cutting of Material for (iarments, etc.. donated by Conrad F. Bless. 

Shipments from all woikiooms. auxiliaries and mateiial from campaigns under 
personal sup(>rvision of E. Fred Carver, Director and Harry E. Poist, Associate 
Director, Bureau of Supplies. 

Constiuction of Boxes and Cases, donated by Manual Training Classes, High 
School and Boys Club, Hanover. Pa.. Mr. T. Nichols, Instructor. 

Hauling of shipments to and from workrooms by Hanover Transfer Company, 
donated by Wm. H. Long. 

Bed Cress Ball ('.all Mntilicrsliip Drive. December. 19 IH 

Conducted by Bureau of Development. Philip N. Forney, Director, and all 
Associate Directors. 

Assisted by (iirl Scouts of America, Troops No. 1 to No. 7 inclusive. 

Miss Alliene DeChant Executive Officer. 

Miss Fannie Hostetter Captain Troop No. 1. 

Miss Christine Schniuck Captain Troop No. 2. 

Miss Buth Endet Captain Troop No. 3. 

Miss Esther .Moul Captain Troop No. 1. 

Miss Hilda McKinney Captain Troop No. 5. 

Miss (~".yril Sechiist Captain Troop No. 6. 

Mrs. Daniel Wentz Captain Troop No. 7. 

[382 1 

J. G. McCrory & Company donated use of Store Room No. 22 Carlisle St., 
for Christmas Red Cross Roll Call Headquarters. 

W. C McLaughlin, \ork. Pa., donated use of Typewriters. 

Result of Campaign for Membership, including previous Life Members: 

Life 6 Members. 

Contributing .3 Members. 

Subscribing 25 Members. 

Animal 2919 Members. 

2953 Members. 

Junior 1491 Members. 

Transferred from York Chapter, Yoik, Pa: 

Annual 36 Members. 

4480 Members. 

.Jurisdiction Hanover Borough. Penn. Heidelberg. Manheim and West Manheim 
Townships, estimated population ele\en thousand. 

Committee in charge Christmas Cartons and Labels issued November 1 to 
20. 1918. for Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Expeditionary Forces Overseas: 

H. S. Ehrhart, Chairman. C. R. Bowuian. 

J. W. Fischer. H. L. Miller. 

Thre(> hundred and ten Christmas Cartons issued, also eighty-four Labels for 
men U^cr S<'as. fiom whom no labels had been received by their relatives or 

310 Christmas Cartons issued, also 81 Labels for men Overseas, from whom 
no Labels had been received by their relatives or friends. 

Junior Americun Reel dross Mrinhrrship (ktmiHtiijn 
February ? to February 76', 191S 

R. L. Flhrhart Chairman Membership Connnittee. 

Prof. A. J. English Assistant Chairman. 

Assisted by E. C. Barnitz, Director, 
Junior Red Cross, York, Pennsylvania. 

The ( 'hairman of the sub-cf)mmittees of the various schools were as follows: 

Hanover High School Helen A. Litlle. 

Stock Street School C. A. Richter. 

Walnut Street School Mary Kump. 

High Stiect School Mary Dusman. 

Hanover Street School E. Julia Hosteller. 

St. Joseph's Parochial School Mary Kerline 

The result of the campaign was the (Muollmeut of 1386 members. 

[ 383 1 

Bureau Jr. Bed Cross 

Prof. A. J. Eiifilish Director. ' 

Miss Anna (iobrcfht Secretary and Treasurer 

Chapter School Comniiltee 

Mrs. H. D. Sheppard, Chairman and Inspector. 
Mrs. C. N. Myers Mrs. C. P. Wolcott 

Mrs. H. S. Ehrhart Mrs. (i. W. Stark 

Miss Amelia Melslieimer, Secretary Chapter School Committee. 

Shipments by Junior Bed Cross Workrooms and Auxiliaries 

Convalescent Robes 26 Pieces. 

Property Bags 500 Pieces. 

Layetts 1,458 Pieces. 

Sweaters 71 Pieces. 

Wristlets , 104 Pieces. 

Soldiers' Socks 200 Pieces. 

Booties 230 Pieces. 

Dresses 103 Pieces. 

Flannel Petticoats 45 Pieces. 

Black Pinafores 1 10 Pieces. 

Miscellaneous 365 Pieces. 

3,242 Pieces. 

The greater part of the above material donated by "Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Shepjiard. 

Main Workrooms, including light and heat, donated by H. D. Sheppard and 
C. N. Myers. 

Shipments under peisonal supervision of E. Fred Carver, Director, and Mary 
E. Poist. Associate Director. Bureau of Supplies. 

Construction of Boxes anil Cases donated by Manual Training Classes, High 
School and Boy"s Club. Hanover, Pennsylvania. Talmadge Nichols. Instructor. 

Cutting of material for (iarments. donated by Conrad F. Bless. 

Hauling of shipments to and from WOrkiooms by Hanover Transfer Company, 
donated by W. H. Long. 

Campaign for rollrclion of used clolhiin/ for joint henefil of all Allied Countries, 
March '2ith to '2!)th inclusire. conducted Ijy Junior American Bed Cross Division. 
Allotment for Hanorer Chapter, one ton. 

Mrs. H. D. Sheppard, Chairman. II. W , Miller. 

Mrs. C. N. Myers. Mrs. H. S. Sheppard. 

Mrs. C. P. Wolcott. Mrs. H. B. Hostetter. 

Mrs. Geo. W. Stark. Mrs. C. J. Delone. 

Miss Sue Tanger. Miss Amelia Melsheimer. 

E. Fred Carver. Harry Poist. 

Assisted by Ciirl Scouts of America, Troops No. 1 to No. 7 inclusive. Miss 
Alliene DeChant, Executive Oflicer. 


Use of Store Room, Frederick Street for headquarters, donated by Jacob 

Result of campaign, collected 2,770 lbs., shipped in 11 cases, as follows: 

Box 1. 39 girls' coats: 15 girls" dresses; 1 girls' suit; 2 girls' skirts; 1 girls' petticoat; 

1.30 pieces women's and men's undergarments: 10 infants' coats, six 

comforts and 1 bathrobe 
Box 2. 51 Women's skirts; 21 women's coats: 12 women's suits; 2 muffs; I neck 

scarf; 10 women's dresses; 27 waists: 25 girls" top coats. 
Box 3. 126 pairs of shoes. 
Box I. 18 men's suits: 49 boys' coats; 5 boys' suits; 6 boys' sweaters; 42 pairs 

odd pants: 25 women's odd coats. 
Box 5. 22 men's overcoats: 62 men's vests: 41 men's coats: 22 pairs pants. 
Box 6. 347 women's and children's garments. 
Box 7. 80 Women's fine heavy top coats. 
Box 8. 793 infants' and girls' garments. 
Box 9. 370 infant's and children's garments. 
Box 10. 223 pairs hose and shoes. 
Box 11. Miscellaneous articles. 

Officers and Committees, March 1. 1919 
Hanover Chapter American Red Cross, Hanover, Pa. 

Jurisdiction comprising Hanover Borough, Penn, Heidelberg, Manheim and 
West Manheim Townships, York County, Pennsylvania. 

F. W. Weber Chairman. 

Mrs. Chas E. Moul . . . . ' Vice-Chairman 

Miss Bertha Zieber Vice-Chairman. 

Miss Emily Young Vice-Chairman. 

Miss Emma J. Deione Vice-Chairman. 

Mr. Harry L. Miller Secretary. 

Mr. Paul Winebrenner Treasurer. 

The Executive Committee Composed of the Above Oljicers and the Following 

C. N. Myers H. D. Shepard. 

A. R. Nissly. C. Y. Brough. 

Dr. F. H. Beard. C. E. Phreaner. 

E. Fred Carver. Ward C. Haffner. 

Dr. J. A. Melsheimer. James T. Huston. 

H. S. Ehrhart. J. W. Gift. 

A. J. English. R. L. Ehrhart. 

P. N. Forney. 


Bureau of Development 

Philip N. Forney, Dinntor 

Louis W. Pfaff Associate Director. 1st Ward, Hanover, l^a. 

Chas. L. Myers Associate Director, 2nd Ward, Hanover. Pa. 

Mrs. H. D. Beci<.er Associate Director, 3rd Ward, Hanover, Pa. 

Miss E. J. Delone Associate Director, Itli Ward, Hanover, Pa. 

H. W. Miller Associate Director. 5th Ward. Hanover, Pa. 

F. S. Bortner Associate Director. Penn Township. 

W. L. Zepp Penn Township. 

H. B. Shutt Associate Director, Heidelberg Township. 

J. Q. 0. Spangler Associate Director. Heidelberg Townsliip. 

C. A. Grote Associate Director, Manheiin Township. 

D. S. Dubbs Associate Director, Manheim Township. 

Samuel Higgins Associate Director, West Manheim Township. 

Chas. A. Wertz Associate Director, West Manheim Township. 

Bureau of Purlicity 

James T. Huston Director. 

John T. Nace Associate Director. 

M. W. Naill Associate Director. 

Bureau of Hygiene 

Dr. J. A. Melsheimer Director. 

Dr. H. M. Alleman Associate Director. 

Dr. J. H. Bittinger Associate Director. 

Bureau of Civilian Belief and Home Service 

Harry S. Ehrhart Director. 

J. W. Gilt Associate Director. 

H. D. Sheppard Associate Director. 

C. Edgar Phreaner •. . . . Associate Director. 

Canteen Service Committee 

Miss Emma J. Delone Director. 

Mrs. H. D. Becker Associate Director. 

Miss K. M. Brough Associate Director. 

Miss Alliene DeChant Associate Director. 

Miss Elizabeth Delone Associate Director. 

Miss Estelle Everhart Associate Director. 

Miss Amelia Melsheimer Associate Director. 

Mrs. Wm. (J. Melhorn Associate Director. 

Miss Esther Moul Associate Director. 

Mrs. Beginald O'Neill Associate Director. 

Mrs. H. C. Naill Associate Director. 

Miss Geraldine O'Neill Associate Director. 

Mrs. C. M. Scheall'er . Associate Director. 

Miss Christine Schmuck Associate Director. 

Miss Carrie Young Associate Director. 

Miss Helen Young Associate Director. 

[386 1 

Bureau of Accounting 

Paul Winebronner Director. 

C. N. Myers Associate Director. 

H. D. Sheppard Associate Director. 

Alvin R. Nissly Associate Director. 

Dr. F. H. Beard Associate Director. 

C. Y. Brough Associate Director. 

C. E. Phreaner Associate Director. 

Bureau of Personal 

J. W. Gitt Director. 

G. W. Bange Associate Director. 

J. J. Bollinger Associate Director. 

J. F. Rebert Associate Director. 

Bureau of Supplies 

E. Fred Carver Director. 

Harry E. Poist Associate Director. 

A. L. Benford Associate Director. 

J. P. Barnitz Associate Director. 

C. F. iNbnil Associate Director. 

H. W. Miller Associate Director. 

Bureau of Motor Service 

Ward C. Haffner Director. 

Wm. J. Adams Associate Director, Hanover, Pa. 

H. M. Sterner Associate Director, Hanover, Pa. 

Raymond Little Associate Director, Hanover. Pa. 

Louis B. Hafer Associate Director, Hanover, Pa. 

Leroy B. Stokes Associate Director, Hanover, Pa. 

W. 1\L Menges Associated Director, Heidelberg Twp. 

John Dubs Associated Director, Penn Twp. 

A. J. Bohrbaugh Associate Director, Manheim Twp. 

M. S. Sterner Associate Director, West Manheim Twp. 

]\(miun's Bureau. Auriliarirs and \] orkrooms 
Mrs. Chas. E. Muul, Director. 

-4 ssoc ia te D i rector, 

Mrs. H. IVL Alleman Superintendent of Hospital (iarments. 

Miss Emma J. Delone Assistant Supertendent of Hospital Garments. 

Miss Ethel 1\L Stamm Superintendent of Surgical Garments. 

Miss Katherine Brough Assistant Superintendent of Surgical (iarments. 

Mrs. Clarence M. Schaeffer Superintendent of Knitted Articles. 

Mrs. Paul Hoke Assistant Superintendent of Knitted Articles. 

Mrs. L. H. Holfacker Assistant Superintendent of Knitted Articles. 

[387 1 

Former Officers 

T. J. O'Neill, Sonotai y. ipsigned February 8, 1918, to enter Service, Department 
of Ordnance, Washington, D. C. 

Paul E. Lau, Secretary, elected February 8, 1918, resigned July 26th, died 
October 15, 1918, in Service U. S. A., Private, SiH-tion 2, Aviation O.orps, Bufl'alo, 
New York. 

J. H. Brough, Associate Director of Civilian Relief and Bureau of Accounting, 
died in Service. July 19, 1918. 

R. L. Ehrhart, Director, Bureau of Development, resigned. 

Messrs. H. D. Sheppard and C. N. Myers donated use of Office and Head- 
quarters, No. 1,5 Carlisle Street, including heat and light during years 1918 and 1919. 

Services of all Officers and Committees, Hanover Chapter, Junior Bed Cross 
and all Auxiliaries, were donated free. 



AT the very outset of the war and especially after the first Liberty Loan Campaign, it became 
evident that (iovernment Securities would necessarily have to be made popular. The proper 
financing of the war could only be accomplished by each citizen lending his savings directly 
to the (iovernment rather than depending on banks, Trust Companies and other financial institutions 
to provide the (iovernment with funds. 

The first pojKilar goNernment seciuities was the Fifty Dollar Liberty Bond, and the success in 
selling a bond of this relati\('ly small denomination lead the Treasury Department to create the War 
Savings Stamp. This form of security had been used by the English Government for several years, 
but as a method of financing the government of the L nited States it was entirely unique. 

After the close of the second Liberty Loan, the War Savings Stamp was being promulgated, and 
Mr. O. Boland Bead was selected to head the work of selling them in York County. In the latter 
part of November, 1917, the work was outlined at a meeting held in Philadeljihia under the direction 
of Mr. Bobert Cassatt. who had been appointed by the Treasury Department to direct this work in 
Pennsylvania. At this meeting. Mr. Frank A. Yanderlip, President of the National City Bank of 
New York, and who was also the National Chairman for the sale of War Savings Stamps outlined the 
work of the local committees. 

I^nlike the LibiMty Loan issues the allotmetU of War Savings Stamps to a community was not 
computed on the bank resources of that community, but the goal was set at Twenty Dollars per 
capita for every man, woman and child in the community. York County was assessed on an approxi- 
mate population of 1.50,997 fcir a quota of .$.3,019,910 00. 

Upon Mr. Bead's return from the meeting in Philadelphia, he solicited a number of prominent 

f .388 1 



rilizoiis to act with him as a central advisory committee and succeeded in sneering the agencies of the 
following men: — 

Eugene Weiser 
Robert (iephart 
Robert M otter 
Atreus Wanner 
Miles V. Minnich 
Dr. a. M. Grove 
C. M. Kerr 
Ellis S. Lewis 
C. W. Stine 

A. Billet 

Emma B. Cochrane 

C. L. Moody 

Eddie Herr 

J. Maxwell Rodgers 


M. S. Wessell 
Michael S. Niles 
C. C. Webber 

An organization of the County was effected similar to that of the Liberty Loan Committees. The 
thirteen districts were each organized under a Chairman and committees within the districts formed. 
Mr. J. W. Heinekamp took the work in District No. L City of York, assisted by Mr. Eugene Weiser of 
the Chamber of Commerce, and innnediately started to work. Early in 1918, the district Chairmen 
met in York and were addressed by Mr. Edward C. Bendere, Assistant State Chairman under Mr. 
Cassatt. The fullowing district Chairmen attended the meeting: — 

J. W. Heinekamp, Director, District No. 

C. E. Phraener, Director, District No. 

Dr. G. E. Meyers, Director, District No. 

R. E. Glenn, Director, District No. 

C. C. Rutler, Director, District No. 

George Trout, Director, District No. 

R. J. Hetrkk, Director, District No. 

Wm. Schwarts, Director, District No. 

T. Welsh, Director, District No. 

Paul Miller. Director, District No. 

Frank Hoke, , Director, District No. 

W. D. Rrougher. Director, District No. 

M. R. McClure, Director, District No. 

J. E. Whistler, Director, District No. 

C. S. Rohrbaugh, Director, District No. 

L. W. Aigeltinger. Director. District No. 

1, York, Pa. 

2, Hanover, Pa. 

3, Dallastown, Pa. 
1. Red Lion, Pa. 

5, Delta, Pa. 

6, Stewartstown, Pa. 

7, (den Rock, Pa. 

8, Spring Grove, Pa 
8, Spring Grove, Pa. 
8, Spring Grove, Pa. 

8, Spring Grove, Pa. 

9. Wellsville, Pa. 
10, Dillsburg, Pa. 

J 1, York Haven, Pa. 
12. Mt. Wolf, Pa. 
U, Wrightsville, Pa. 

The various district Chairmen succeeded in estabUshing throughout York County a total of four 
hundred and twenty-two agencies for the sale of War Savings and Thrift Stamps and about two hundred 
War Savings Societies. R now becaiu(> apparent that to create local interest work activities and wide 
publicity were necessary. To do this a replica of the Old Court House which orginally stood in Center 
Square, at which Continental Congress met during 1788-89. was erected in the southeast angle of 
Center Square. Mr. Fred Dempwolf prepared the i)lans from a model of the Old Court House which 
stands in the Historical Society's rooms. Mr. S. F. (ilatfelter \oluiitcered his service as contractor in 
erecting the building. H. C. Hyatt contributed the hardware and glass: ,1. E. Grayi)ill. the electric 
wiring and li.\tures: Watt Brothers, the painting: the Pennsylvania Railroad, the bell and cupola: the 
Glen Rock Manufacturers of Glen Rock, the furniture, the York Safe and Lock Company, the safe: 
W. C. McLaughlin, the typewiiter: ,1. W. Heinekam]). the cash registei: Charles Schaefer. the shrubsand 
plants, and Lamotte and Bond, insurance on the building and its lixtures. 


Tho huildins was started February 11, 1918. and completed March 9. 1918. On March 16, 1918, 
the building was formally dedicated. Before the ceremony proper a parade of school children was held 
in which some five thousand children marched with their teachers. In the parade also were con- 
tingents of firemen. Pennsylvania Home Defense Police, and jiageant groups, representing (Jeorge 
Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, and a body of Continental Troops. At the completion of the 
parade the marchers returned to Center Square to witness the formal dedication and hear addresses 
by Mr. Hugentuglei'. Mayor of York, and Mr. Robert C. Bair. From then the "Little Couit House." 
as it came to be called, was the center of all the War Stamp activities for both the City and County. 

From the opening of the Court House Mr. Read was assisted by his secretary, Miss E. G. Yake, 
and later Miss S. G. Frey and Miss M. Augenbaugh. as well as the many volunteers who made this 
their headquarters, and from here the campaign was conducted throughout the year. 

Some methods used to create interest were the War Savings Society, in which the members pledged 
themselves to purchase a certain amount of stamps each week, a contest among th(> agencies to see 
which would return the largest amount of sales, a window trimming contest, and the Thrift Army 
among the school children in the City, in which the members gained promotion in proportion to the 
number of stamps ])ur(hased and sold. 

To further promote the sale, clubs were organized to sell the stamps, each club having a day fixed 
when it should be in charge of the Little Court House. A spirited contest ensued among the following 
teams and was won by the team of the Bear Department Store, Captain Jeanette Zinn. who later 
died in the service in France: 

York Chamber of Connnerce, 

Liberty Bell. 

Bear's Department Store, 

P. Wiest's Sons, 

Bon-Ton Department vStore, 

McLean's Department Store, 

York Safe and Lock Company, 

McCrory's 5 and 10 cent Store, 

F. W. Woolworth Store, 

Regal Umbrella Store. 

Certain-teed Products Corporation. 

In the latter half of the year the following teams competed, and this second contest was won by 
the "On the Square" team headed by Miss Mildred Cochrane. 

American Chain Company, 
"On the Square", 

D. G. Dery Silk Mill, Society No. 96, 
Y. W. C. A., 
Sidenberg and Comjjany. 
Washington Camp, P. O. S. of A., 
D. G. Dery Silk Mill, Society No. 97, 
York High School. 
• D. G. Dery Silk Mill, Society No. .50, 
St. John's Lutheran Church. 
Independent Order of Red Men, 
Certain-teed Products Corporation. 

[ 391 1 

In the latter part of May, 1918, the State Organization planned to hold a "Pledge Day" throughout 
Pennsylvania, on which day pledges would be solicited to purchase the stamps. At this time Mr. 
Heinekamp, the City Chairman, felt unable to give sufficient time to make this work a success and 
resigned his post. His resignation was accepted and Mr. Walter McBlain became City Chairman. 
Mr. McBlain immediately began to divide the city into small sections and place in charge of each 
section a community secretary, with the view of conducting a personal house-to-house soUcitation 
throughout the remainder of the year. 

This system gave the sale in the City great impetus. During the entire year York County had 
maintained the position between fifth and fifteenth among the counties of the State, being well ahead 
of the average county sales at all times. 

June 28, 1918, in accordance with a Presidential proclamation, was made National War Stamp 
Pledge Day. On that day every one of the four hundred odd school-houses of the County became a 
meeting place of the residents of the school-house districts. Speakers were provided for these meetings 
and pledges to buy War Savings Stamps were secured. The majority of these school-house meetings 
weie well attended and the pledges made were well li\'ed up to. 

At the meeting in Weigelstown school-house, the speakers sent from York secured approximately 
pledges for $1,000. Mr. Joseph Naylor, a resident of the community, was greatly disappointed with 
this showing and next morning rode over the country side and succeeded in securing approximately 
$10,000 in pledges. As the year progressed it became evident that gieat activity woidd he necessary 
if the county were to reach the quota assigned to it. There was inaugurated, with the aid of the 
York Chamber of Commerce, a campaign known as the "Save York's Honor," in which an effort was 
made to secure the sale of $1,000,000 worth of War Savings Stamps. The committees and solicitors 
organized under Mr. Alex. McLean, as Chairman, succeeded in selling stamps to the amount of 
$500,000. A Woman's Sale Week was conducted by the Women of the City with considerable success. 

At the close of the year stamps had been sold in York County to the amount of $, 
or about $15 per capita. Although this fell short of the $20 per capita goal, it must be rememlxMed 
that during this same period the citizens of York County over-subscribed four Liberty l^oans, main- 
tained extensive local war work activities, and through the agencies of the War Chest contributed 
without a campaign to every one of the National War Activities. 

Too much praise can not be given to the Postmaster and Assistant Postmastei- of Y(jrk and the 
Postmasters of the smaller communities. The postmen and rural carriers, together with postal 
employees, carried on througlu)ut the entire year a campaign of tlieir own soHciting pledges and selling 
stamps after their regular work was finished. Had it not been for their aid and co-operation the success 
in York County would not hav(> been as great as it was. Recognition must be given to the excellent 
co-operation of the Labor Organizations of this city who assisted the committee in every possible 
manner under their president, Mr. Alfred A. Billet. 

Mr. 0. Roland Read conducted the campaigns throughout the year, gi\ ing the sale of War Savings 
Stamps practically all of his time aiul attention without any compensatioTi. Louring the year many 
miles were covered throughout York County attending meetings and interviewing the District 

The little Court House in Center Square, after serving the purpose for whicii it was designed, was 
closed at midnight December .3. 1918. It has been presented to the City of York and now stands 
on Farcjuhar Park as a memento of ^Ork's 1918 War Savings Campaign and a First Aid Station for 
the citizens of the community. 

It was decided by the Treasury Department to carry on the War Savings Stamps during 1919, 
and make it a peinianent part of ( lovernmental finance. In March, 1919, a committee was organized, 
consisting of James Rudisill, Chairman: Miles \. Minnich, Vice-Chairman; Miss M. R. Koons, As- 
sociate Chairman; J. C. Eisenhart. Francis Farquhar, Grier Heish and Philip Throne, Secretary, to 

1 392 1 

promote the sale for the year. With the imjiotus of the war removed and the pohcy of the Treasury 
Department to abondon the intensive selling eampaigii the sales in 1919 are small when compared 
with the previous year. York County, however, ranks well with corresponding counties in the State 
and it is evident that the War Savings Stamp will continue as a part of our National Economy. 

O. R. RFAD. 



O. R. REED, Coimlv Chairman 

Miles Minnich, Mce-Chairnian 

Ellis Lewis, Chairman, Banking Division 

Charles E. Kerr, Chairman. Fire Tn.'^uriince 

Eugene Weiser, Chairman, Retail Merchants. 
R. E. Motter, Chairman. Religious Dirision 
C. W. Stine, Superintendent Schools of County 
Atreus Wanner, Schools of City 
E. H. Berger, Chairman. War Savings Societies 
Hon. E. Hugentugler, Chairman, Municipal 


M. H. Wessell, Chairman. Life Insurance 

R. E. (iEphart, Chairman. Marnifacturers 
Charles Noss, C/iairman. l^umher Division 
Alfred Billet, Chairman. Orgimi:ed Lat>or 
Carrie L. Moody, Chairman. Women's Division 
J. Maxwell I^odgers, Chairman. Pul)licity 

Eddie Herr, Pultlicity Division 
Walter (;. McBlain, Director, District i\'o. 1 

City of } (irk 


Captain — fiRiFFiTii Amies, 1.520 First Avenue 

H. A, Bailey, 729 West Poplar Street. 
Eugene Stumpf. 71 \ West Locust Street. 
Leslie Maxell, 712 Madison Avenue. 
J. M. Zinn, 1617 W. Market Street. 
John Mace, 160 Lafayette Street. 
H. Clay Shelley, 140 N. Beaver Street. 
J. Sample, 357 E. Market Street. 
Clarence 0. Yeatts, N. George Street. 
Louis Lehmayer, 301 E. Market Street. 

Captain — P. W. Aughenbaligh, 
1020 W. Princess Street. 


D. B. King, .503 Carlisle Avenue. 

H. E. Hornhach, HI E. College Avenue. 

H. P. Palmer, 312 E. King Street. 

J. B. Ketterman, 1142 E. King Street. 

H. B. Wolf, 619 W. Princess Street. 

C. B. Bishop, 1019 W. Princess Street. 

C. E. Shaffer, Prudential Insurance Company. 

C. M. BeifTe. 129 E. Cottage Place. 

S. D. Nagle, 805 W. Poplar Street. 


Captain — Felix Bentzel, 153 N. Beaver Street. 


Chas. H. Ehrenfekl. Kiii^^ and Beaver Streets. 

M. Lehman, 37 N. 'I'reinoiit Street. 

C. B. Cunningham, 669 W. Princess Street. 

F. T. Flinchbaugh, 106 S. Water Street. 

M. S. Gruver, .590 W. Market Street. 

Rev. W. S. Kerschner, 125 N. Beaver Street. 

Roy Buttorff, 214 W. Cottage Place. 

Franklin Peters, 250 K. Cottage Place. 

H. A. Baker, 216 S. Hartley St. 

Captain — L. W. Aigeltinger, 
235 S. George Street. 


W. H. Biishey, 819 W. Poplar Street. 
Harry Nichol, P. & Q. Shop. 
Scott Bruce, 807 Madison Avenue. 
Harry Spotz, 14 E. Market Street. 
Ralph Dennis, York Telephone Company. 
Jos. Wayne, Traction Company. 
Clayton Krone, Bosenmiller Building. 
Wm. Eisenhart, First National Bank. 
E. C. Wilkinson, 475 Madison Avenue. 

Captain — C. Halbert Baylor, 
115 E. Phila(l(>lphia Street. 


Ira D. Weiser, 845 E. Market Str(>et. ' 
Chas. W. Sonnenian, 81 1 S. George Street. 
Irwin Smyser, 102 S. Richland Avenue. 
Arthur Thompson, 153 E. Philadelphia Street. 
McClean Stock, 35 S. Duke Street. 
Ralph Meisenhelter, 669 W. Market Street. 
Horace B. Faber, 43 N. Duke Street. 
Adam Smyser, 557 Madison Avenue. 
Herman Z. Shetter, 181 W. Market Street. 
C M Strickler, 432 Prospect Street. 

Captain — George Bollincjer 
17. E. King Street. 

Jack Stump, Edison Light & Power Company. 
Walter A. Cook, East Market Street. 
Dr. W. S. Eisenhart. 107 W . Market Street. 

Benj. LuT'ia, East Market Street. 
C. W. A. Rochow, 17 E. Market Street. 
Dr. H. E. Trostle, 12 W. Market Street. 
Dr. ,1. W. Howell, 13 S. George Street. 
Di. v. II. Ih.llnian, 24 W. Market Street. 
W. D. Hass, York County Jail. 

Captain — John Lefean. 121 S. Beaver Street. 


Chauncey D. Bond, 135 E. Cottage Place. 

Walter Rupp, 116 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

H. C. Spencer, 1038 W. Market Street. 

J. M. Ebhert. 361 W. King Street. 

D. J. Lau, 177 W. King Street. 

W. H. Lease, 662 W. Princess Street. 

C. B. Hollingsworth, 212 E. Market Street. 

W. Ellsworth Bollinger, 132 Jefferson Avenue. 

Dr. McDowell, Cor. King and George Street. 

Captain — J. S. Boyer, C. H. Bear & Company. 


Clarence Stum, C. H. Bear & Company. 
Stanley E. Beatty, C. H. Bear & Company. 
J. L. Thompson, C. H. Bear & Company. 
Geo. L. Jordy, C. H. Bear & Company. 
M. W. Mitchell, C. II. Bear & Company. 
Paul E. Shindler, C. H. Bear & Company. 
H. E. Witman, C. H. Bear & Company. 
W. P. Wise, C. H. Bear & Company. 
David Paules, C. H. Bear & Company. 

Captain — H. A. Delano, 
Market and Hartman Street. 


J. F. Britton, 120 E.. Philadelphia Street. 
C. R. Fitziiatrick. 712 E. Chestnut Street. 
Harry Ilgenfritz, 217 Chestnut Street. 
Harold E. Russell, 1150 E. Market Street. 
Oscar Kranich, 115 N. Hartley Street. 
A. B. Saunders, Hench & Dromgold. 
Leonard Freed. York Railways Company. 
J. B. Steigelman, \Nayne Avenue. 
J. W. Heinekamp. W. Philadelphia Stieet 


Cajilain — L. Dale Dorney, 5.1.'? Ijiulcii Avenue. 


Philip F. Aldinger, 101 S. Uitliland Avenue. 
Paul J. Hess, 657 Linden Avenue. 
J. \ incent Pach. 59.3 Madison Avenue. 
Stanley Owen, 214 N. George Street. 
Harry F. Motter, 737 Madison Avenue. 
W. R. Courtwright. 2.34 S. Beaver Street. 
J. \. Thomas, 131 E. Cottage Place. 
Harry H. Keller, 974 E. Philadelphia Street, 
Josejih F. (ileason. 631 W. Piineess Street. 
John B. Dawson, 593 Madison Avenue. 

Captain — Edw. Downing. Bupp liuilding. 


Karl Enz, Read Machinery Company. 

P. R. Lichtenberger, 713 E. Market Street. 

G. W. Pfaltzgraff, 587 W. Market Street. 

J. M. Feiser, 225 S. George Street. 

R. K. Stallsmith, 525 W. Market Street. 

F. G. Strickler, 53 E. Market Street. 

G. E. Stover, 879 Madison Avenue. 
G. W. Gross, 830 W. Market Street. 
John Reifsnyder, 1 16 E. Market Street. 

CaptofVi— Wm. E. Dull', 123 S. (leorge Stnn't. 


W. T. Durr, 455 Park Street. 
Geo. D. Duff, 423 S. George Street. 
H. A. Stiles, care W. E. Duff Company. 
Walter H. Keller, 5 Dewey Avenue. 
J. L. Hertz, 35 E. Market Street. 
Grover E. Klinedinst, 522 S. Duke Street. 
Geo. Heckert, 36 E. Cottage Place. 
Marvin Rahe, 444 S. George Street. 
0. P. Dryor, care W. E. Dufl'. 

Captain — Harry S. Ebert 


Wm. K. Rebert, 118 W. King Street. 

J. 0. Whiteley, 121 W. Springettsbury Avenue. 

Donald E. Yost, 263 E. Mark.'t Street. 

George S. Love, 621 S. (ieorge Street. 

Harry P. Noss, Lafayette Club. 

Chas. L. Rodgers, 59 Simth Pine Street. 

A. M. Hake, 823 S. George Street. 
Howard (j. Hetrick, 253 E. King Street. 
David M. Myers, 1 10 W. Philadelphia Street. 

Captain — Wm. H. Eckenrode 
47 E. Market Street. 


A. G. Dougherty, 731 Madison Avenue. 

D. C. De\ ine, 615 Linden Avenue. 

Wm. A. Allen, 70 1 S. Water Street. 

Samuel Bruggc^nan, 2 12 S. Beaver Street. 

J. C. Sweeney, Penn and Lincoln Streets. 

John Norbeck, 41 W. Jackson Street. 

S. Cletus Beineberg, 151 Springettsbury Avenue. 

George R. Shenberger, 573 Madison Avenue. 

K. L. Overlander, 40 N. Dewey Street. 

Captain — H. E. Eichinger, 
care W. E. Dull Company. 


Horace Ruby, 619 Linden Avenue. 
James (ilessner, 21 S. (ieorge Street, 
(reo. J. Hildebrand, 416 W. York Avenue. 
Edw. Swartz, 29 W. King Street. 
J. Mitzel, 700 S. Queen Street. 
A. Mitzel, 675 E. Market Street. 
A. H. Stevens, 617 E. South Street. 
W. H. Reynolds, 819 S. Duke Street. 
H. K. Free, 118 E. Philadelphia Street. 

Captain — S. Fuld, 519 Madison Avenue. 


A. Kinzie, 237 W. Springettsbury Avenue. 
John Zimmerman, 220 W. College Avenue. 
Henry Myers, 521 W. Market Street. 
Robert Shillen, City Hotel. 
John Roehm, 133 W. College Avenue. 
Howard Hass, 577 W. Market Street. 
Harry Bowman, 305 N. (^ueen Street. 
Max Hass, 519 Madison Avenue. 
Sam Rauffman, 231 N. George Street. 


Captain — Eugene P. Gillespie 
412 N. Beaver Street. 


Jos. Black, Jr. 91 i W. Market Street. 

Herb B. (iillf>spie, 631 S. (Jeorge Street. 

Carl Lafean, 105 S. Beaver Street. 

Dr. John Pearl, 412 N. Beaver Street. 

Chas. Jacobs, 1629 W. Market Street. 

W. 0. Lum, Security, Title & Trust Company. 

Chester G. Myers, York Cigar Box Company. 

W. E. Towson, 251 South G<>nrije Street. 

F. W. Hofl'man, 1518 Second Avenue., Elmwood. 

Captain — Morgan E. Gipe, 710 S. George Street 


J. W. Bobinson, 253 N. Hartley Street. 

Geo. Wirt, care Gehley"s Carpet House. 

Dr. W. W. Bolton, W." Market Street. 

M. J. Stees, Edison Light & Power Company. 

Edw. Spangler, Bon-Ton Store. 

Wm. Knoederer, Bon-Ton Store. 

F. L. Glendmeyer. 330 W. Market Street. 
Percy Small, 429 Hartley Street. 
George Sprenkel, 427 N. Hartley Street. 

Captain C. E. Gnau, Standard Insurance 


B. H. Conkhn, 27 E. Philadelphia Street! 
H. K. Free, 44 N. George Stre(^t. 

G. E. Holtzapple, 203 S. George Street. 
A. A. Holden, 521 N. Beaver Street. 

F. W. Porter. York High School. 
Dan Saylor, 801 W. Poplar Street. 
Arthur Fry, SheriflF's Office. 
E. G. (iraser, S. George Street. 
D. E. Wolfgang, 8 Latimer Street. 

Captain — George Gillie, 
Parkhurst Apartments. 


John Hake, 326 E. Poplar Street. 

Carl Witnier, care York Trust Company. 

John H. Stambaugh, P. A. & S. Small Company. 

Eugene F. Weiser, York Chamber of Commerce. 

Wm. Lehmayer, 9-11 E. Market Street. 

Harvey Gross, 411 Lincoln Street. 

Willis W. (iilbert, care Hanovei' Shoe Store. 

C. Elmore Harnish, care Harnish Photo Company. 

Cieo. Sprenkle, care ( Juardian Trust Company. 

Cuptain~\.. C. Hawk. 132 S. Queen Street. 


H. E. Bollinger. 132 Jefferson Avenue. 

C. \i. Curries, Prudential Insurance Company. 

S. C. Snyder, 145 S. George Street. 

W. J. Wasner. Prudential Insurance Company. 

P. K. Strausbaugh, 1029 S. Queen Street. 

J. D. Bailey 45 E. Cottage Place. 

H. Earney, 319 E. Poplar Street. 

B. N. Hawk. Jr., Prudential Insurance Company. 
P. S. Forry, 529 E. Market Street. 

Captaim — Oscar H. Heckert. 125 E. 
Philadelphia St. 


Fiank llaitley, 238 Carlisle Avenue. 

W. J. Balfensberger, 1507 Second Avenue. 

Claude Wolf. 638 W. Princess Strc^et. 

W. H. I^^iseiiiiart, 115 E. Philadelphia Street. 

C. E. Bobin.son. 29 State Street. 
Harry Lauer. 1 338 W. i\Iarket Street. 
Wilson Sprenkle, York Cias Company. 
John A. Weiser. 145 E. Philadelphia Street. 
James Hudisill. 131 Lincoln Street. 

Captain — Eddie Herr, 31 N. tieorge Street. 


Boy S. Fox, 48 E. Market Street. 
C. T. Jenkins, 360 E. Poplar Street. 
Walter F. Owen, 336 S. Duke Street. 
R. P. Anderson, 839 McKenzie Street. 
H. B. Bancroft, 1426 First Avenue. 
W. 11. P.oll, 307 Cherry Street. 
P. D. Diehl, E. Market Street. 
H. G. Eaton, 837 S. Duke Street. 
H. N. Forrey, 49 Jefferson Avenue. 


Captain— Geo. A. Jessop, 313 E. Market Street. 

Robert A. Long, 131 S. Hartley Street. 
Chas. Spence, 828 W. Locust Street. 
Geo. K. Faust. 310 W. North Street. 
W. G. Bates, 349 S. George Street. 
J. E. Williams, 921 W. King Street. 
Wm. B. Billmeyer, 268 E. Market Street. 
R. S. Spangler, 315 W. Market Street. 
Irvin Bookman, 155 S. Penn Street. 
Louis C. Mayer, 117 E. S|)riiigettsbury Avenue. 

Captain — Ghesteb John.son 
44 W. Market Street. 


Sniyser Bair, 125 S. Beaver Street. 

W. McLaughlin, 750 W. Princess Street. 

Chas. Kline, 17 S. Pine Street. 

H. H. Rosser, 605 W. INIarket Street. 

W. W. Lease, 124 S. West Street. 

Clarence S. Hoover, 139 N. Newberry Street. 

Rev. J. M. Reiley, 110 N. Beaver Street. 

David Kagan, King and George Street. 

C. W. Simon, 315 S. Duke Street. 

Walter Brillhart, 8U E. Market Street. 

Captain — Vincent K. Keesey, 
243 E. Market Street. 


Chas. Moore. 21 E. Market Street. 

C. F. Obermaier, Albemarle and Elm Streets. 

Walter K. Ottemiller, care Jas. McLean Store. 

Jesse L. Senft, 778 W. Philadelphia Street. 

S. B. Meisenhelder. 312 W. Market Street. 

H. F. Schmidt, 115 W. Ahirket Street. 

Geo. Wilt, Bee-Hive Store. 

James O. Garver, 515 Linden Avenue. 

C. S. Snyder, Atlantic Avenue. 

Captain — H. K. Kottcamp, 
519 W. Market Street. 
H. Sam Hayes, 127 S. Beaver Street. 
Irvin Ruler. 136 W. Jackson Street. 
John \N . Mumma, 156 E. I'rospect Street. 
Eli G. Leathery, 363 W. Market Street. 

William Leathery, 353 W. Market Street. 
James F. Kohl, 311 N. Penn Street. 
Wm. Strickhouser. 121 S. Pine Street. 
Fred Hoffmeyer, 321 W. North Street. 
W. B. Witmer, 533 W. Philadelphia Street. 

Captain — (lEO. H. Lane, 
451 Lincoln Street. 
William Heagy, 821 W. Locust Street. 
Chas. Oberdick, 521 N. Hartley Street. 
Ralph Thomas, 45 I Park Street. 
Geo. Ginter, 583 W. Market Street. 
C. E. Trumijfeller-. 29 Broad Street. 
C. Elsesser, 312 S. (^)ueen Street. 
J. B. Raby, 428 W. Market Street. 
H. W. Hamberger. 2 10 Park Street. 
R. W. Whitehouse, 111 Park Street. 
A. R. Hoffeditz, 741 W. Princess Street. 
E. Luckenbaugh, 150 W. King Street. 
W. R. Smith, 456 Lincoln Street. 

Captain — Georc;e H. Leber 
51 S. Beaver Street. 
W: C. Sudick, 1 11 S. Duke Street. 
Samuel Ruby. 113 E. Philadelphia Street. 
J. T. Hummer, 236 S. (Jeorge Street. 
Carl S. Witmer, 44 E. Cottage Place. 
Harry L. McNeal, 131 W. Market Street 
(ieoige F. Birchall, 747 Madison Avenue. 
C. P. Rutt, 25 W. King Street. 
L. E. Topjjcr, 45 1 Park Street. 
Norbert Neuman. Madison Avenue. 

( !apla in — Patrick Lonerg an. 
South George Street. 
George Marlow. 211 E. Philadelphia Street. 
Chas. J. Helfrick, 242 S. (ieorge Street. 
John E. Helfrick. 900 W. Poplar Street. 
Thos. J. McNellis, 152 S. Water Street. 
John Landers, 301 E. Market Street. 
Thos. J. Carroll, 410 S. Duke Street. 
Chas. Borgel. 39 W. Pliiladelphia Street. 
Jacob Geubtner. 224 Kurtz Avenue. 
Jacob Cookes, 16 E. Market Street. 


Captain — H. J. Longenecker, 
621 Linden Avenue. 

Chas. Moore, 943 Locust Street. 
D. R. Stewart. 706 Chestnut Street. 
Arthur Younji'. 717 I'dinsylvania Avenue. 
Francis Far(]uliar, Country Club l^oaij. 
Clarence B. Bishop, 1010 W. Princess Street. 
David P. Klinedinst, I5;{ Secuiity Building. 
Chas. C. Wilhelm, 672 E. Market Street. 
A. K. Sweitzer, 100 W. .lackson Street. 
Henry Trimmer, Pemisylvania Avenue. 

Captain — O. 11. Lucas, 

223 W. Springeltsbury Avenue. 


Robert Immel, York Cliemical Works. 

C. E. Billheimer, 131 W. Market Street. 

C. L. Peterman, 2,53 W. Springettsbury Avenue. 

H. H. Sprenkle. 300 W. Jackson Street. 

Samuel Gregory, of Gregory & Company. 

Geo. Landis, care Fulton, Mehriiig & Houser Co. 

Edward Frey, N. Beaver Street. 

Jas. A. Lichty, 142 E. Philadelphia Street. 

Edward Leber, 148 W. Market Street. 

Captain— M. S. Niles, 256 1^:. Market Street. 

Walter L. Bond, 719 Madisdti Avenue. 

Clair E. Emig, 74,5 S. Queen Street. 

Bobert A. Stair, 337 E. Market Sti<-et. 

Lewis B. Sellers, 131 S. (ieorge Slicel. 

J. C. Weeks, Lafayette Club. 

J. Howard Manifold, .517 Madison Avenue. 

S. K. McCall, 31,5 E. Market Street. 

Henry C. Niles, "Hillcroft." 

L. E. Frey, 803 W. Poplar Street. 

Captain — Charles Polack, McClt41an Heights. 

H. O. Sakemiller, 370 E. Market Street. 
Mr. Shaeffer, Ynvk \ational Bank. 
Wilbur Bentzel, (luardian Trust Comi)any. 
Chas. HofTmeyers, 169 W. Maple Street. 

Fred ('ramer, 623 S. George Street. 
Curtis Bowers, 285 W. Market Street. 
Chas. A. May, 1240 W. Market Street. 
G. W. llelman, 1 105 First Avenue. 
W. Ciro\(', Anderson Motor Car Company. 

Captain — Artiu r Pringle, 
529 Madison Avenue. 


W. L. Mann, 503 Madison Avenue. 
R. J. Pescho, 123 Lincoln Street. 
Cleaison king, 861 E. Philadelphia Street. 
Geo. Hummel, 521 Madison Avenue. 
Chas. l<]risman, 555 Madison Avenue. 
L. llersch<4roth, 482 W. King Street. 
Percy Miller, 613 W. Princess Street. 
John K. (iraybill, 121 Lincoln Street. 
Geo. Hoover, 1421 W. Market Street. 
Geo. Epply, 33 S. Hartley Street. 

Captain — Lee Reineberg, 
534 W. Market Street. 


J. S. Young, C. D. Kenny Company. 

H. A. Banier, 9 S. George Street. 

Geo. Bellinger, Guardian Trust Company. 

Paul S( hminke, C. A. Strack & Company. 

Henry Schroeder, Overland Hbg. C()m()any. 

T. Heller, N. Duke Street. 

Wm. Miller, Hoover Wagon Works. 

Dr. J. H. Howell, 13 S. George Street. 

Wm. S. Wanner, 15 E. Mason Avenue. 

Captain — B. T. Root, 1508 Second Avenue. 

C. W. BolU'e. 1510 Second Avenue. 
Wm. Christensen, 1532 Second Avenue. 
Robert Farrington, 427 S. George Street. 
L. (;. Wheeler. 1 13 E. King Street. 
F. S. Kaull'nian, 117 .lelferson Avenue. 
W. B. Senft, 1210 E. King Street. 
P. (J. Mimdorf. 538 Madison Avenue. 
(ieorge Wcrtz, 52 W. 9th Avenue. 
Mahlon Haines, 231 N. George Street. 


Captain — Herbert S. Schmidt, Center Square 

Benj. LaMotte, 19 S. Queen Street. 
M. ilaller Frey, 927 S. Queen Street. 
Samuel Strack, 160 S. (ieorge Street. 
David E. fj.inall, 163 E. Market Street. 
Herbert Mehring, 505 Madison Avenue. 
Clarence (iable, 915 Linden Avenue. 
Harry C. Musser, 120 E. king Street. 
Herbert Schmidt, 543 Madison Avenue. 
Edw. Hengst, 310 E. kins Street. 

Captain — Jack Silverman, E. Market Street. 

P. E. McNitt, 365 W. Market Street. 
Harry Smith, Schmidt Clothinfi Company. 
G. A. Billmeyer, 200 E. Market Street. 
R. G. Glatfelter. 452 W. Market Street. 
Har])er kohler, 651 Linden Avenue. 
Lloyd P. Myers, 33 E. Cottage Place. 
James Chubb, 341 E. Locust Street. 
R. W. Fasinger. Post Office Box Nund)er 8. 
R. L. Edwards, Rosenmiller Building. 

Captain — Frank W. Stahlheber, 
709 W. Market Street. 

John D. Laucks, 227 S. (^ueen Street. 
Norman Richley, 204 S. Beaver Street. 
Walter B. Sickler, 1104 W. king Street. 
Curry H. Smith. 201 S. P>eaver Street. 
Harry W. Smitli. I 15 W. Maple Street. 
Harold B. Gilnian, Oueen and Cottage Place. 
Wm. H. Trinnner. 131 >«. Penn Street. 
John B. Riddlemoser, 707 Linden Avenue. 
J. A. Walker. 422 N. Beaver Street. 

Captain — Wm. Stair, 425 Lincoln Street. 

Wm. H. Miller, 8 W. Market Street. 

Geo. L. Miller, 836 Mckenzie Street. 

Mr. Bollinger, 450 Elm Terrace. 

Mr. Gilbert. 129 Lincoln Street. 

Wm. J. Fisher, 313 N. Beaver Street. 

W. T. Huntsman, 700 W. Philadelphia Street. 

John F. Rudisill, 132 Lincoln Street, 
(ieo. L. Stark. 865 Madison Avenue. 
Fred Biandt, 8 E. Market Street. 

Captain — Daniel D. Strite, 
1 50 S. ( ieorge Street. 


Dr. (J. K. Spotz, Lehmayer Building. 
H. T. D. Hodnett, S. George Street, 
(ieorge Spangler. 138 Jeff'crson Avenue. 
J. J. Bollinger, 60 liartinan Building. 
Chas. Craumer, 20 1 S. Duke Street. 
Edw. Reinel)erg, Jr., 19 S. George Street. 
Ethelbert Gillespie, 1105 N. George Street. 
Patrick Rowen, Rowen's Store. 
E. E. kinneman, 123 W. Philadelphia Street. 
Geo. Stallman (C. LL Stallnian & Son) 

Captain — Henry Wasbers, 30 E. King Street. 

Luther Menough, 450 W. Philadelphia Street. 
Ed. Meisenhelter. 301 N. Hartley Street. 
W. C. Throne, 573 W. Market Street. 
Monroe Shadle. 42 W. Maple Street. 
Ral])h (;iatf<>lt<>r. 162 Salem Avenue. 
(4arenc<- Madcr, 701 W. Philadelphia Street. 
H. C. Ulmer, Philadelphia Street. 
C. D. Smith. Modern Laundry. 
J. W. Richley, E. Market Street. 
(;. W. Helman, 1408 First Avenue. 

Captain — LL\rry Wiest, 
1 11 E. Market Street. 


J. M. Rodgers, 123 N. Hartley Street. 

L. S. Hydeman, 813 S. George Street. 

J. A. Brandt, 336 Beinecke Place. 

H. E. Smith. 714 W. Princess Street. 

W. G. McFall. Elmwood. 

Guy Sheets, 113 S. Pine Street. 

John Trimmer. 1110 W. Market Street. 

Bobert Bear. Ellison Light & Power Company. 

B. A. Shorb. 253 W. Springettsbury Avenue. 

E. Philip Stair, 531 W. king Street. 


Caplain — Geo. M. Wktmore, 

549 Madison Avenue. 


Geo. E. Baumeister, 806 S. Duke Street. 
Thos. F. Hebeily, .'iOS N. Newberry Street. 
M. L. Howard, .520 Salem Avenue. 
Harry H. Serf, 328 Smyser Street. 
John S. Heberly, 8:^0 W. Street. 
Cha,s. M. Boyer, 720 VV. Poplar Street. 
John I. Spangler, 819 W. Poplar Street. 
Spurgeon Spangler, 819 W. Poplar Street. 
I. W. Noell, 123 S. Birhland Avenue. 
Harry D. Quickie, 349 Smyser Street. 
A. K. Stevens, 277 W. Cottage Place. 

Caplain— M W. Ways, 217 S. Pine Street. 

H. K. Kendig, 438 W. Market Street. 

Bob Gephart, care Manufacturers' Association. 

J. F. Baird, 705 Madison Avenue. 

G. G. Gartman, 56 S. Pine Street. 
J. R. Glatfelter, 141 W. King Street. 
A. L. Allen, 432 Atlantic Avenue. 
P. A. Swartz, 305 Carlisle Avenue. 
Fred Free, 260 W. Maple Street. 
Walter Hostetter, care Frey & Hostetter. 

Caplain — U. A. Yost, 753 W. Poplar Street. 

Harvey Lesher, 27 N. George Street. 
Wm. Woods, 141 S. Belvidere Avenue. 
W. W. Startsman, 251 S. George Street. 
Harry (ioodling. 725 W. Poplar Street. 
Harry Johnson, 732 W. Poplar Street. 
0. 0. Ettline, 23 W. Philadelphia Street. 
John McCoUam. 309 N. Penn Street, 
('larence Goodling. 801 W. Princess Street. 
( jialen Aungst, W. Poplar Street. 
K. M. Bowman, 38 S. George Street. 


The War Counci! of York (lounly was an active organization in the conduct of the war work of 
this section. In it were co-drdinated all of the war-time a(li\ities. The Liberty Loans, the 
Red Cross, I'hrift Stamps, the Food Administration, the Council of National Defense, the 
Woman's Council and all of the active organizations engaged in war work were combined in the War 
Council. Its orgin was th(> result of the first year's expetience in war work. (Jrier Hersh, who had 
been Chairman of the Council of \ational Defense and also Chairman of the Liberty Loans during 
the year of 1917, conceived the idea of co-ordinating the efforts of those engaged in war activities. 

During the month of January. 1018. Mr. Hersh made the suggestion to several members of the 
Liberty Loan Executive Conunittee that the War Council be organized. After some discussion as to 
the best way of forming such an organization and getting interested in its activities those forces of the 
County f)f York which would help in the most positive manner, it was decided that the following 
organizations should be represented: — Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Ministerial Association, knights of 
Columbus, Manufacturers' Association. Federation of Labor, Y. W. C. A., Engineering Society of 
York. Woman's Council of National Defense. York Clearing House Association. American Jewish 
Relief Committee, Chamber of Commerce, Pubhc Safety and L norganized Labor. The plan was to 
have each one of these bodies appoint five delegates to represent them at a meeting to be called in 
the Court House. In turn each one of the five were to designate one of their number as a representative 
on a Board of Directors. 

This meeting was held in the County Court House. February 26, 1918. The meeting was opened 


by the Imperial Quartet, under the direction of H. A. Bailey, Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. "Keep 
the Home Fires Burning" and "We're Tenting Tonight" were sung by the Quartet. 

P. A. Elsesser called the meeting to order and Judge N. M. Wanner was nominated and unanimously 
elected Chairman of the meeting. The entire audience sang "My Countiy "Tis of Thee". Dr. A. T. 
Taylor of the First Presbyterian Church made an invocation. James Rudisill was elected Secretary 
of the meeting. Grier Hersh explained the aims and objects of the War Council. The several organ- 
izations interested were represented by the following delegates: — 

Red Cross, Francis Farquhar, Rev. C. M. Ehehalt, W. C. Throne, Mrs. J. B.Hamme: Y. M. C. A.. 
W. L. (ilatfelter, G. H. Whiteley. Sr., S. Fahs Smith, P. A. Elsesser, A. R. Nissly; Ministerial Asso- 
ciation, Dr. A. T. Taylor, Dr. A. A. Long, Rev. J. W. Thompson, Rev. A. C. Shue, Rev. F. A. Rupley; 
Knights of Columbus, George Marlow, Eugene Shuman, Charles Borgel, William Allen; Manufacturers" 
Association, G. H. Whiteley, Sr., Robert Ophart, Horace Keller, J. L. Gerber; Federation of Labor, 
John B. Aumen, Alfred H. Billet, William Eckenrode, Winfield Sleeger, Emory Fehls; Y. W. C. A.. 
Mrs. Francis Farquhar, Mrs. J. C. Schmidt, Mrs. Abner Bentz, Mrs. Albert Bell, Mrs. D. E. Small; 
Engineering Association, James Rudisill, John E. Graybill, Harold Syvertsen, C. H. Ehrenfeld, 
George L. Jessop; Woman's Council of National Defense, Mrs. A. S. McConkey, Miss Annie Gamble, 
Mrs. Ferry Medlar, Miss Emma Cochran, Mrs. John B. Hamme; York Clearing House Association, 
Ellis S. Lewis: American Jewish Relief Committee, Dr. J. H. Comroe, Rabbi E. Davis; Chamber of 
Commerce, \. K. Keesey, Oscar Heckerl, Allen C. Weist, C. M. Fulton, H. N. Forry: Public Safety, 
0. R. Read, J. W. Heinekamp, D. D. Strite, James Rudisill: Unorganized Labor, Adam Garver, W. J. 

The principal business transacted at this meeting was the adoption of a constitution and by-laws 
for the guidance of War Council. The War Council of York County was adopted as the name of the 
Association. The by-laws also provided that the object for which the association was formed relates to 
the war. Specifiially they are to assist in raising all necessary war funds, in the sale of Liberty Bonds, 
in the sale of War Savings Stamps and Thrift Stamjjs or any other method of raising money by the 
Government. The by-laws provided that the direction of the association should at all times be under 
the control of a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors was empowered to create offices and 
bureaus, appoint committees and agents, prescribe their duties, and adopt rules and regulations for 
their own government. The Board was also given the power to elect additional members-at-large, 
who were endowed with all the powers of the members elected by the association. The number was 
limited to six. It was also provided that the Board of Directors should elect, from their own members, 
an Executive Committee of five. However, all of the actions by the Fixeculive Conmiittee were 
subjected to revision or approval of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors was dii'ected to 
elect, from its own members, a chairman who was known as the Head of the War Council, and also a 
Vice-Head of the War Council to act in the event of the absence or disability of the Head of the War 
Council. The by-laws also directed that appropriations other than for clerical expenses should only 
be made by the Board of Directors, under the following rules: (1) The call must be endorsed by the 
War or Navy Department. (2) The allotment of York County must be reasonably ecpiitable as com- 
pared to all allotments of other communities of equal population. (.3) The payment must be ap- 
proved by the Board of Directors at a regular or special meeting thereof. To Francis Farquhar is 
due the credit of having made the first outline of the by-laws. How well this work was done is 
evidenced by the successful work of the War Council in York County. 

The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held on Friday evening. March L 1918, at the 
York National Bank. The meeting was called to order by James Rudisill and Grier Hersh was elected 
temporary Chairman. The following members of the Board w-ere present: P. A. Elsesser, George 
Marlow, Alfred H. Billet, Mrs. L. M. Hartman, Mrs. A. S. McConkey, James Rudisill, Ellis S. Lewis, 
Dr. J. H. Comroe, V. K. Keesey, Grier Hersh. George Whiteley, Sr., was nominated and elected 

[ 101 1 

Head of the War Coiiiuil. J. C. Schmidt was elected Vice-Head of the War Council. W. R. Horner 
was made Treasurer and James Rudisili elected Secretary of tlie Board as provided l)y the by-laws. 
O. R. Read and J. W. Heinekamp weie elected additional members to the Board. The following 
committee was appointed to suggest a plan of organization: V. K. Keesey, 0. R. Read, J. W. 
Heinekamp. Ellis S. Lewis. .lames Rudisili. 

On March 12th, the second meeting of the Board was held and the York Committee made a repctrt 
recommending several bureaus, and the following members were elected to head the proposed sections: 
Cani|)aign Manager, for- tlie sale of Liberty Bonds, (Jriei- Hersh: City Liljerty Bond Chairman. VM'i^ 
S. Lewis, and \ ice-Chairman of the County, W. D. Bruugher. Welisville. It was also decided that 
the County should be divided according to the plan of the Public Safety Committee of Pennsylvania. 
This plan provided that the County should be divided irrto thirteen districts. — each of the districts 
to be represented by a Chairman, and these districts in turn were t(j be divided into unit,'-' of school- 
house districts. 

The following is a list of the districts: — District No. 1. York City, North York, West York, Spring 
Cjarden, West Manchester and Springettsbury Townships. District No. 2, Hanover, West Manheim, 
Manheim, Heidelberg and Penn Townships. District No. 3, Dallastown, York Township and Spring- 
field Townships, Logarnille. Seven Valleys and Yoe Boroughs. District No. 1, Bed Liori. Windsor 
and Lfpper- Chanceford Townships. District No. 5, Peach Bottom, Fawn, and Lower Chanceford 
Townships, Delta, Fawn Grove and Felton Boroughs. District No. 6, Hopewell, East Hopewell, 
North Hopewell, Stewartstfiwn, W interstown. and Cross Roads. District No. 7. Shewsbury Township 
and Codorus Township, and Clen Rock, Railroad, New Freedom, Shewsbury and Jetl'erson. District 
No. 8, North Codorus, Jackson and Paradise, Spring Grove and York New Salem. District No. 9, 
Dover, Washington and Warrington. Dover and Welisville. District No. 10. Franklin, Carr'oll and 
Monaghan, Dillsburg and Franklintown. District No. IL Lewisberry and Fairview, Lewisberry, 
Goldsboio, and York Haven. District No. 12, Hallam. Lower Windsor, Wrightsville, Hallam, East 
Prospect and Yor'kana. 

At this same meeting Mr's. Carey Elnier and James G. Glessner were elected ailcHtional members 
of the Board of Directors. The Chairman also appointed the following committee to recommend to 
the Board a sum of money to be collected by the War Council and lire nramiei' in which the work was 
to be done: J. C. Schmidt, George Marlow, P. A. Elsesser, Dr. Julius Connoe, Dr. A. T. Taylor, Mrs. 
L. M. Hartman and James Rudisili. 

On March 2ftth. a meeting was held in the rooms of the Manrrfacturers" Association at which (!. H. 
Whiteley, Sr.. Head of the War Council presided. The leport of the committee appointed to formulate 
a plan for raising the War Fund was read. This report provided that the sum of .$350,000 be r-aised 
for the purpose of defraying the exjjenses of the War Coimcil and also to provide funds to meet the 
allotment given to York County by the American Red Cross or any other of the general bodies en- 
gaged in relief or philanthropic war work. Francis Farquhar was made Campaign Manager to collect 
this sum. 

Some doubts were felt whether or not the Second District w ould participate in the work of the War 
Council. Grier Hersh, Francis Farquhar and James Rudisili were a committee to consult with the 
authorities of District No. 2. After a conference held in the rooms of the Elks Association in Hanover, 
the leading men of the Second District declined to participate in the organization and consequently 
this district was not included in the War Council of York County for any purpose. 

Tender the direction of Francis Farcpihar a most vigorous campaign was waged thioughout the 
remaining twelve districts. The York Chamber of Commerce printed a booklet wlrich t)utlined the 
plan for raising money. This plan was designed by Mr. Farquhar and provided for a most thorough 
canvass of all the residents of the twelv(> districts. Mr. Far-cjuhar. assisted by members of the Board 
of Directors, made addresses in many parts of the County to large audiences where the purposes of 

[ 402 ] 

tho rampaifjn wero oxplained. One of tlie features of the canipaip;n was a dinner at tlie Colonial 
Hotel, to which leading' business men of the County were invited. After an address by Mr. Farquhar, 
who told of the necessity to defeat Germany and of the huge task in accomplishing such a purpose, 
the sum of $] 10.000 was subscribed to the War Chest. 

\l the Maich meeting of the Board of Directors, P. A. Elsesser, 0. R. Read, Grier Hersh. \. K. 
Keesey and James Rudisill were elected as the Executive Committee of the War Council. With one 
exception the members of this committee have served to the present time. At the end of lQlf5, (). R. 
Read resigned and Fiancis Farquhar was elected in his stead. 

The following bureaus were organized for the active work of the War Council: 


0. Roland Read S. Fahs Smith 

J. W. Heinekamp W. S. Bond 

]\L H. Wes.sell Edward Leber 

James Rudisill George Stallman 

E. H. Berger Ernest Polack 


J. C. EisENHART George Kindig 

L. D. Menough Walter E. Musser 


R. E. Winchester F. W. Zercher 

J. M. Rodgers E. F. Weiser 

George Kunsman A. E. Lehman 


Robert L. Motter Max Grumbacher 

George J. Hildebrand C H. Bear, Jr. 

Alfred H. Rillet Samuel Bruggeman 


Alex. McLean P. A. Small 

John E. Baker William R. Horner 

Thomas Shipley 

Of these bureaus the selling antl soliciting was active in all of the work until the end uf th<' war. 
The members assisted in organizing the Liberty Rond teams and also in selecting the captains of the 
teams which collected the War Chest. The Transjiortation Bureau also served until the end of the 

[ 103 1 

war. As Chairman, J. (',. Jiiisenharl with a true paUiutic spirit devoted much time tu securing auto- 
mobiles for the transportation of speakers and suppHes to remote corners of York county. So effective 
were his efforts that it was unnecessary to liire any automoiiilcs durinf: any of the cain[)aigns. Indeed, 
the automobile service at times was more efficient than some other of the bureaus. On one occasion 
a meeting was to be held in Shrewsbury, but for some reason was postponed and the Liberty Loan 
Office at York notified. 

Mr. Eisenhart secured the services of two automobiles and sent three soldiers, three musicians and 
one speaker to fulfill the engagement. The night was cold and blustery. Upon their arrival in Shrews- 
bury they were unable to find any one who knew of a meeting in that town on that particular evening. 

The Liberty Chariot, a truck which was covered with a canvas frame, covered with electric lights 
and suitably decorated for Liberty Bond purposes was also sent to all sections of the county. This 
machine contained a moving picture outfit, a Deico Lighting Plant and an organ. Lpon arriving at 
the scene of activity the musicians would begin the exercise with singing and would then show moving 
pictures appropriate to either Liberty Bond, Red Cross or Thrift Stamp purposes. On several oc- 
casions it was necessary to proceed up some hill backward owing to the overload which the Liberty 
Chariot carried. On several occasions after the crowd was assembled it was impossible to show the 
pictures, because of some defect in the mechanical equipment. Here the ingenuity of both the speakers 
and the musicians was taxed so as to keep the crowd in a pleasant mood and not to discourage the 
purchase of Liberty Bonds or the contribution of funds for war purposes. 

The Bureau on Publicity and Speakers was also more or less active, but upon the sudden death of 
R. E. Winchester in an automobile accident, this bureau was reorganized. 

The Bureau of Finance supplied the first money to cover the cost of raising a War Chest and in 
every way was a help and assistance in the work of the War Council. So successful was the work of 
raising the War Chest that the total sum of •$ 11.5, .525. .58 was pledged. Of this sum firms and in- 
dividual citizens of York subscribed •'$25,159.08. The employees of the City subscribed §88.882.05 
and the County pledged $101,484.45. At the time of this writing, early in October, 1919, .$380.9 10.00 
has been collected. 

The following leadeis of the districts in the County were untiring in their efforts to make successful 
the raising of the War Chest: 

Dallastown — I. H. Rojahn 
Red Lion — H. L. Haines 
Delta— E. W. Keyser 
Cross Roads — Wm. F. Logan 
Glen Rock — A. P. Dise 
Spring (irove — W. L. Glatfelter 
Wellsville — W. D. Brougher 
Dillsburg — J. S. Kapp 
York Haven — C. C. Emigh 
Mt. Wolf— Henry Wolf 
Wrightsville — R. P. Wilton 

On these men, who gave unselfishly of their time and talents, developed the work of selling Liberty 
Bonds and the other activities. In every instance they were highly successfid and did much to establish 
the enviable record of York county in the World War. 

Arrangements were made with the depository for interest on daily balances and the amount (jf 
this interest covered all of the executive expenses, so that there was no cost in administering this 
huge sum. At a meeting of the Executive Committee held on April 13th. in the rooms of the Engineer- 

I 101 1 

ing Society of York, it was recommended E S. Hengst be appointed Executive Secretary nf tlic War 
CuiHK'il. Mr. Hengst has held this position thronghout the entire war and served with ability and 
I'aithf'idness. At this same meeting it was recommended tliat the lirst appropriation be made from 
the War Chest. The sum of $3,000 was appropriated to the York National War Savings Committee 
for expenses in selling War Stamps and Thrift Stamps. A similar amount was given to the Public 
Safely and Food Administration of the County and another appropriation of .SI. 500. was given to the 
Liberty Loan Organization. These recommendations were approved by the Bf)ard of Directors. 

In every instance the allotments of York county to such objects as the American Red Cross and 
those organizations which comprised the L?nited War Work campaigns were over-subscribed. This 
iinancial support enabled the American Red Cross of York county not only to send large amounts 
of surgical dressings and all kinds of hospital garments for the use of the army, but during the "Flu" 
epidemic a special appropriation of .$25,000 was made to the York County Chapter of the American 
Red Cross to assist in the fight against that epidemic. The entire cost of the F]mergency Hospital, 
which was located in the York County F'air (irounds, was paid from this fund and when the disease 
subsided indigent patients were cared for in tents at the York Hospital. When the distress in the 
Near East became so acute .$.30,000 was given to this cause. The work of the fourth Liberty Bond 
Campaign during this epidemic was also given valuable aid by an ajipropriation of sufTicient funds to 
permit of such advertising in all of the county papers as to make the response to this huge loan to 
be in excess of the amount asked of the county. During this campaign all house-to-house canvasses 
were dispensed with in order to fight the spread of the disease. Following is a list of the appropriations 
from the War Council to the (iresent time. 

Expenses of Third Lil)erty Loan Drive .$1,500 . 00 

Expenses of Fourth Liberty Loan Drive 2,500 . 00 

E.xpenses of War Saving Stamps Campaign 3,780 70 

Ex^3enses of Fifth Liberty Loan Drive 2,500 . 00 

Rental Orpheum Theatre 52. 00 

Salaries 1,281.33 

Cash Register, Fixtures, Card Indexes, Etc 1,832.39 

Printing and Stationery 1,219 . 68 

Miscellaneous Expense. Postage. F]tc 50 00 

Advertising 299 . 10 

Woman's Council of National Defense 680.00 

United War Work Campaign 75,000 00 

Soldiers' Club 3.500 . 00 

American Commission Relief in Near East 5,000. 00 

Committee rec(>ption of returning soldiers 100 00 

War Camp Community Service 2,000 . 00 

Boy Scouts of America 4.000 . 00 

Jewish Relief and Welfare 10.000 00 

Public Safety Conunittee 2.750,00 

War Fund American Red Cross 125,000 . 00 

York County Chapter American Red Cross 25,000 00 

American Syrian Relief 5.000 00 

.$27 1 .3 18 20 
405 1 

The Boy Seoul tii(i\ciii('iil in \nik roiinty was also greatly assisted by the appropriation of $1,000 
to the National Couiuil of tliat organization. The work done by the boys during the various cainpaigns 
throughout the county was helpful. These boys not only performed excell(>nt service for their 
country, but were in turn given an nnder,standing of the duties and obHgations of American Citizenship. 

The by-laws of the War Council provided that an animal meeting should be held of the Council 
itself during the month of January in each year until the end of the War. At the annual meeting 
of 1919, the same Board of Directors was re-elected and the Board also re-elected the officers who 
served during the year- ]9\H. 

Jame.s Rudisill 


RAY F. ZANER, Seoul Excailire. 


HORTLY after the I nited States entered the war, the scouts 
in ^(ll k ( ity en-masse marched to the City Hall and there 
pledged to the ( '.hief Elxecutive their services, such as 
they were prepared to lender. Scouts do not receive the 
training of soldiers, nor are they trained for military service, 
but being trained to be alert, ready to help where jjossible 
they take advantage of every opportunity "To Do A Cood 

It was not very long until the first call came, and so the 
scouts of York County made their debut in assisting with the 
circulating of Patriotic Pledges through the shops and mills, 
on streets and in stores. 

Then came the organized efforts to raise funds for the Red 
Cross, Y. M. C. A., Knights of Columbus, War Chest, and 
the various Liberty Loans. In all these the scouts took a very 
active part. During the .several drives, the scouts busied 
themselves in tacking up posters on the telephone and telegraph 
poles of the county, placing placarfls and circulars throughout 
the stores, banks, shops and mills. During the First Liberty 
Loan the scouts co-operated with the various committees and teams in the sale of bonds. The Drum 
and Bugle Corps were used a number of times to furnish martial music as a stimulus to both woikers 
and citizens. In the remaining Loan Campaigns the scouts acted as gleaners after the reapers and 
solicited for lionds for a period of from three to six days after all other workers were through. It is 
particularly encouraging to know that the scouts on this plan sold over a million dollars worth of 
bonds in Yf)rk county during four Loans. Then let it also be said to the credit of the scouts, that 
practically all of the posters and printed matter used in the various loans and campaigns were dis- 
tributed and posted by them. This was in itself a trem(>ndous task and one in which the boys entered 
with their whole hearts, realizing that a successfully advertised Loan would mean much toward its 


The Boy Scouts of the Nation through the National organization offered their services to the 
government in acting as dispatch and message bearers. As a result of this, thousands upon thousands 
of circulars and pamphlets were distributed in York county, explaining various jihases of the war. 
and much of it designed to counteract the German propoganda so freely circulated. 

Then came the call for black walnut for gun stocks. A direct appeal from the Pr(\sident of 
the United States started the scout movement on the trail of black walnut and in a short time thousands 
of feet had been reported from this county alone. \\ hen the reports were all in from over the nation, 
there was enough walnut provided and more. 

When it was discovered that peach and other fruit pits could be used in the i)roper making of 
gas masks, a call was issued to the scouts to assist in the collection antl saving of this material. Boxes 
and barrels were provided, circulars and placards were distributed and posted in conspicuous places 
with the result that soon there were a plenty of the material. 

In the matter of the ^^'ar Saving Stamps the scouts were especially active. Not only did they 
put up the posters and distribute literature, but they helped in the selling of them. Over seventy-five 
thousand dollars worth of stamps were sold by the scouts throughout the county. 

During the Liberty Loan (Campaigns scouts served as orderlies at the several h('ad(iuarters and 
rendered valuable aid in this capacity. 

There were a number of patriotic parades where scouts assisted the police in handling the crowds 
and caring for the traflic. 

The influenza epidemic during the war furnished the opportunit,\ for the scouts to really demon- 
strate their worth to the community and to put into real practice some of the many things which 
they had been taught. In the erection of the Hosj)ital on the Fair (irounds. the scouts assisted the 
carpenters, erected the tents, placed equipment, and acted as guards until relieved by the militia. 
After the hospital was opened, scouts served as assistants on the ambulances, orderlies in the hospital, 
handled the ti^lephoiics and moved patients, etc. So much was the work ajipreciated that it brought 
forth an ollicial letter of thanks to each scout who in any way had helped. These scouts served without 
compensation and it was estimated had saved the city a couple thousand dollars. 

The war is over but our work is not. Thei(> will e% (>r be a growing need of helping mold the coming 
manhood of our Nation and the Boy Scout .Mo\ement is doing all it can through its organization to 
enroll the boys of America and to train them in the principles of unselfish service, that they may grow 
physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. 


IMMEDi.\TELY after war was declared, on the 6th of .\pril, 1917. .lohn B. Mott was requested to 
organize the National War \Aork Council of the '^'oung Men's Christian Association to do Y. I\L 
C. A. work for the soldi(Ms on their way to camjjs. in camps, on their way overseas, and later in 
the fields of Europe. 

A conference was held in June. 1917. at the Bellevue-Stratford in Philadel|jhia. at which several 
members of the Board of Directors of the local Association were present. The needs of the work were 
presented and a local campaign was inaugurated which netted over §7,000.00 for the National ^^ ar 
Work Council. The further need for funds and workers became imperative and in November, 1917. 
the forces were organized in the county, and a fund of -S 16,000.00 was raised. The Association also 
assisted in the promotion of the War Chest Drivt' in 1918. 

[407 1 

From September, 1917, the local Y. M. C. A. builfliiifj; was kept open every day in the week so any 
soldiers coming in could be accommodated with full privileges of the Association at any time, and this 
policy is being continued. During 1918, when large groups of soldiers were in the city over week ends, 
the Frysinger property, which was purchased in April, was used for' dorinitnrii^s The Ladies" Auxihary 
secured a large number of cots and at times as many as one hundred and tifteen were accommodated 
in the building over a Saturday night. On Sunday morning the Ladies' Auxiliary provided breakfast 
for those who stayed in the buil(nng and others who happened to come in time for breakfast. One 
hundred and fifty was the largest number served at one time. In this way a total of fifteen hundred 
were accommodated with night lodging and eighteen hundred witli meals. 

Messrs. Edward Leber. Iv II. R. Polack and E. A. Barnitz were appointed a committee to arrange 
entertainment for soldiers in local homes over week ends, and at times as many as three hundred soldiers 
were prox ided for- in this way. The Board of Directors, the Co-operative Committee and the member- 
ship in general rendered willing service. 

The Ladies" Auxiliary deserves special credit, since the matter of providing and taking care of cots 
and bedclothing, serving luncheons, and entertaining the soldiers, fell mostly to their lot and was 
handled efficiently by them. They were ably assisted by Committees from the Young Women's 
Christian Association, (iirls' Club and ladies from different churches. 

Two hundred and nine members were in the service. Four of this number died, as follows: 

Private Walter L. Fitzgerald, 18th Aero S(|ua(lron. died of ,s|)inal meningitis in 

France January 9, 1919. 
Private Latimer Sayers, Battery A, Second Trench Mortars, died of [ineumonia, 

Febiuary 11, 1918. at Fortress Monroe, Va. 
Private Sherman W. Leifer, Company A, 6th Engineers, killed in action, July 15, 1918. 
Sergeant Harry E. Strayer. Headquarters Company 112th Infantry, died of pneumonia, 

in France, October 18, 1918. 

Th(> officers of th(> Association during this period were: 

P. A. Elsesser, President. 

Geo. H. Whiteley, Mce-Presidenl. 

K. W. Gardner, Secretary. 

Edw.vrd Leber. Treasurer 

H. A. Bailey, General Secretary. 

The officers of the Ladies" Auxiliary: 

Mrs. George L. Stallvian, President. 
Mr.s. (iEORCiE E. Neff, Vice-President. 
Mrs. ViRCiiNiA Johnson. Vice-President. 
Miss Alice Neff, Becording Secretary. 
Miss Flora Immel, Corres/xindinf/ Secretary. 
Mrs. E. a. Rice, Treasurer. 

H. A. Bailey, 

General Secretary. 



IT is to he said of the owners and managers of York's theaters and moving picture houses that 
they were not found lacking in doing their bit to assist the government in the prosecution of the 
war. When their sup|)ort and efforts were needed they always responded loyally. They proved 
a helpful factor in all local work and drives in the interest of the war. Along with the newspapers they 
were the chief means of publicity in the various Red Cross, War Savings, War Chest and five Liberty 
Loan drives. Their theaters and screens were always at the disposal of the York County Council of 
National Defense. Four Minute -Men were given the privilege of addressing audiences at all shows. 
Special slides and reels furnished by the government were exhibited and often featured. Through the 
potent medium of the theaters and picture shows much advertising was given the Food Administration 
and its jilans for conserving food, while the success of various recruiting drives of the army, navy 
and marine corps was in part due to the help of York's theatrical and amusement managers, who had 
their own organization for war activities. This organization was affiliated with the Council of National 
Defense and was always on the job. For their sincen* jjatiiotisin and creditable work, the managers 
received a special letter signed by President Wilson and were awarded idU of honor certificates. The 
theaters thus honored were: 

The York Opera House, N. Appell, Manager. 

The Orpheum Theater. N. Ai>pell. Manager. 

The llij)iiodrome Theater. Klin(> llendeison. Manager. 

The Jackson Theater. F. E. Barry, Manager 

The Scenic Theater, J. Hill Snyder, Manager. 

The Wizard Theater, O. C. Deckman, Manager. 



AT the outset, the patriotic speaking in York < '.ounty was conducted under two different organiza- 
tions but under one head. In motion ])icttne theatres and other places of amusement the 
sjieakers were Four Minute Men, while all other speaking was conducted by the Speaker's 
Bureau of the York County Committee of Public Safety. 

The Four Minute Men were a branch of thf> Committee on Public Information created by executive 
order of the President, while the ( '.ominittee of I'ublic Safety was a brainh of the ( '.ouniil of \ational 
Defense created by Act of Congress. Originally, in order to conf(jrm to the Revolutionary precedent, 
the State and Local I'nits of the Council of National Defense in Pennsylvania were designated as 
State and County Committees of Public Safety, but later, in order to conform in i)art with the practice 
of other States, the designation was changed to Council of National Defense and Committee of Public 

The organization of the Four Minute Men and of the Speakers' Bureau in \ork County was iden- 
tical, the same person serving as Chairman of Four Minute Men and of the Speakers' Bureau. At the 
outset, Mr. (Jrier Hersh undertook both Chairmanships in addition to his other war activities, but 
prior to the Second Liberty Loan campaign he retired in favor of Robert C. Bair. Esq., who acted 
until April, 1^)18, when (ieorge Hay Kain, Esq., was appointed Chairman of the York County Division 

[ 109 1 

of Four Minute Mon and of tho York County Speakers" Bureau. Those organizations took part in 
the Third Liberty Loan campaign. Afterward all speaking activities were placed in charge of the 
Four Minute Men as such, under which organization the Fouith Loan was carried through. The 
speaking during this campaign was much hamin'ied l)y reason of the influenza quarantine. On 
Christmas Eve, 1918, the Four Minute Men ceased to e.xist and the members received certificates of 
honorable discharge. 

Practically the same persons constituted the York County Division of Speakers' and Meetings, 
during the Victory Loan drive. 

In the campaign for the Third Loan, singing and other forms of entertainment were used as a part 
of the program, hut the formal organization of a Singing l)i\ision did not take place until the Fourth 
Loan campaign, when .!\h-. M. B. Cibson as Chairman, organized the singing force. Mr. Cibson 
also acted as Chairman of the Singing Division during the Victory Loan campaign. 

During the several camijaigns, the local forces were augmented by soldiers detailed to the county 
by the State organization, which also sent other speakers from time to time for special occasions. 

A roster of the organization for each Loan campaign is impracticable, both for want of space and 
because in large measure there would be a mere rep(>titioii nf names. There follows, however, a list 
of the persons who made up, from time to time, the Four Minute Men and the Speakers" Bureau; 
and also a roster of the organization for the Victory Loan campaign. It must be understood, however, 
that because of the somewhat stringent reciuirements for enrollment as an actual "Four Minute Man"", 
some whose names are included under that heading were not actually enrolled as such at Washington 
through no fault of their own, but because of absence, illness, or similar unavoidable occurrences. 
It must also be remembered that many persfins who volunteered their services from time to time but 
who did not serve regularly, are not included. And linally, the need for bre\ ity reipiires the 
ommission of the names of the members of the various church choirs which served en masse undei' 
the singing leaders of the \ ictory Loan Drive. 


Grier Hersh, Ori/uiiiziiKj CJiuirman. 

Robert C. Bair, Esq., Chairman until April. IHIS. 

George Hay Kain, Esq., ('huirruan after April. I!>IS. 


Rev. Abner S. DeChant. District No. ?. 
John Keech, District No. .'i. 
C. S. Lamotte, District No. 4. 
W. L. (iLATFELTER. District No. S. 
W. D. Broucuer. District No 9. 
J. S. Kapp. District No. 10. 


M. B. {iiBsoN, ('.liainiian Smuuifi Dn 

C. Halbert Baylor, Assistant Cliairman, Singing Dirision. 

Rev. Andrew Todd Taylor, D. D.. Associate Director for Churches. 

Prof. A. Wanner, .[ssociate Director for Schools. 

Jacob E. Weaver. E'-q., .\s.sociale Director for fraternal (Inntnizalions. 


J. Warner Heinekamp. Chairruan of Shop Mtrlinfis- 
jAt:oB (..'. EiSKNHART, Clidirmuri of Truns/)orl(ilion. 
Nellie M. Wellensiek, Assislanl lo (Hidlrnian. 
Janet K. Strohm. Assishml. lo ('.huinwui. 


J. Thurman Atkins. Esq.. 
Robert C. Rair, Esq., 
Edwin A. Rarnitz, 
William S. Rond, 
Rev. H. T. Rowersox. 
Rev. George J. Rreckel, 
Rev. Edward Davis, 
Rev. C. M. Ehehalt. 
P. A. Elsesser. 
Francis Farquhar, Esq., 
Rev. William H. Feldmann. 
Samuel ('. Frey, Esq., 
Fred. R. Gerber, Esq., 
Rev. (;. Albert Getty. D D., 
James Ci. (ilessner, Esq.. 
Harvey A. Gross, Esq., 
Walter R. Hays, Esq., 
Amos W. Herrmann, Esq., 
(irier Hersh, 
John A. Hoober, Esq., 
Rev. Edward 0. Keen, 
Rev. W. Sherman Kerschner, 
David P. Klinedinst, Esq., 
Edward Leber. 

Charles A. May, Esq., 

J. Howard .Manifold, Esq., 

Walter CJ. McRlain. 

Rev. J. Kern McKee, 

Alexander E. McLean, 

George E. Nefl', Msq., 

Henry C. Niles, Esq., 

Michael S. Niles. Esq., 

Rev. J. McKendree Reiley, 

James Rudisill. 

Rev. F. A. Rupley, 

George S. Schmidt, Esq.. 

Ray P. Sherwood. Esq., 

Rev. William Willis Shell, 

J. Edgar Small. Esq.. 

Rev. George S. Sorber, 

Robert S. Spangler, P]sq., 

Rev. Samuel H. Stein, 

W. F. Ray Stewart, Esq., 

Rev. Andrew Todd Taylor. D. D. 

Rev. Clint(jn E. Walter, D. D., 

Prof. A. Wanner, 

Allen C. Weist, Esq., 

Rev. Howard S. Wilson, D. D., 


Rev. C. C. Railey, 
H. A. Railey, 

C. Halbert Raylor. (Assislaul Chdirnuin) 
Chauncey D. Rond, 
William H. Eckenrode, 
\\ illiam J. Fisher, 

Clyde E. Hughes, 
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Hughes, 
Miss Hilda Lichtenbcrger, 
Dr. W. A. Pennington, 
Walter L. Rupp, 
Lewis R. Sellers, 


M. E. Miller, The Alhambra. 
Kline Henderson. The Hi[)[i<>drc)me, 
F. E. Rarry, The Jackson, 
J. Hill Snyder, The Scenic, 
0. C. Deckman, The Wizard. 
Nathan Appell, York Upera House, 
Nathan Appell, The Orpheum. 



George II \^ K ai\. Chttinnitu 

M. B. GiB.soN, ('hdirnKin nf Sinf/iiui Dirisiort. 

James Rudisill. i 

W. C. Throne, r ( Miumittee on Meeliiujs and TraiispDrldlion. 

Jacob C. Eisenhart. 1 

J. Warner Heinekamp. It} charge of Shop Mri'lirif/s. 

Nellie M. Wellensiek, j . . , , , ,,, 

^ T-. ¥-. f Asstslatils lo ( Jiuirmiiii. 

Chauncey bj. Ruth. ) 

W. L. Rupp, AssislanI lo Chairman. SingiiKj Dirislon. 

(lEORGE H\Y Kain, Jr., Boy Seoul Messcru/rr. 


William A. Allen, Esq., 

J. Thurman Atkins. Esq., 

Rev. Paul S. Atkins. 

Robert C. Bair. Esq., 

Rev. H. T. Bowersox, 

P. A. I":isesser. 

Rev. William H. Feldmann. 

Robert C. Fluhrer, Esq., 

Samuel C. Frey. Esq., 

Fred B. tierber. Esq., 

Rev. S. Albert Getty, D. D.. 

James G. (ilessner. 

Harvey A. (iross, Escj., 

Walter B. Hays, Esq., 

Rev. E. O. Keen, 

Rev. W. S. Kerschncr. 

David P. Klinedinst, Esq., 

Edward Leber, 

J. Howard Manifold, Esq., 

W. C. McBlain, 

George E. Niles, Esq., 

Henrv C. Neff. Esq.. 

.Michael S. Mies. Esq., 

Rev. J. MrK. Beil.y, 

Rev. F. A. Rupley, 

George S. Schmidt. Esq.. 

Ray P. Sherwood, Esq., 

Rev. William Willis ShoU, 

Rev. George S. Sorber, 

Rev. Samuel H. Stein, 

W. F. Bay Stewart, Esq., 

McLean Stock, Esq., 

Rev. Andrew Todd Taylor, D. D. 

Rev. C. E. Walter. D. D., 

ProL A. Wanner. 

Allen C. Weist, Esq., 

Rev. Howard S. Wilson. D. D., 


Rev. Paul S. Atkins, 

Rev. C. C. Bailey, 

H. A. Bailey, 

Harold J. Bartz. 

C. Halbert Baylor, 

C. D. Bond, 

George H. Clark, 

William H. Eckenrode, 

William J. Fisher, 

Warren Hackett Galbreath, 

Stuart E. (iipe. 
Dr. Chester H. Johnson. 
Paul Messerly, 
John F. Messinger, 
Dr. W. A. Pennington, 
Miss Mayme Peters, 
E. A. Rice. 
Walter L. Rupp, 
Lewis B. Sellers, 
(Ji'orge Hay Kain. Esq. 



GENERAL John Sedgwick Post No. 37, Department of Pennsylvania, Grand Army of tlie 
l^epublic, was organized April. 1866. and was knctwn as the Boys in Blue, but after a few years 
disbanded. A re-organization was eifected by meinljers of the parent body as a part of the 
G. A. R. as follows: Instituted May 8, 1878, with the following charter membeis: William H. Lanius, 
Lewis H. Eppley. Henry M. Davis. Wellington G. Erwin. Hiram S. McNair, David K. Myers. Samuel 
I. Adams. Joseph U. Test, Abner W. Mimiith, Thomas Minnieh. (reorge L. Koons, Robert Burrows, 
Henry T. Goodling, Samuel Simons, Samuel Myers, Samuel Everhart, George Horn, Edward R. Herr, 
Charles H. Busey. Lafayette Schlosser. \\ illiam H. Swartz. \\ illiam H. Bastress. George Graybill. 
William F. Eiehar. Andrew B. Jack. .Matthew J. McKiiinon, .hihii Burg, August C. Stieg and Ci. P. 

The Post held its first meeting on the third iloor of the Jt)rdan Building. Centre Square. Captain 
William H. Lanius, through whose efforts the Post was successfully organized, was chosen the first 
Commander. The Post grew very rapidly and at the present time there are about one hundred and 
twenty names of comrades on the roll in good standing. There are over five hundred names on the 
Memorial Roll of comrades who have died since muster. Many have been transferred to other Posts, 
and others have severed their connection in other ways. 

In 1892. the encampment of the Department of Pennsylvania, held at Gettysburg, honored the 
Post by electing Captain lulward L. Schroinier to the office of Senior \ ice Department Commander, 
the second highest office in the Department. 

There are active posts at Hanover. Delta and Wrightsviile. but death has so thinned the ranks 
of the veterans that most of the posts in the smaller towns have been disbanded. 

George P. Spangler 


*Captain William II. Lanius 1878 

*Captaln Samuel I. Adams 1879 

*Charles Horn 1880 

♦Andrew A. Wasson 1881 

*Captain Henry B. Waltman 1882 

*Captain William F. Eiehar 1883 

*Captain \\ illiani I. R(>isinger 1881 

*Captain Edward L. Schroeder 1 885 

Thornton R. Hendrickson 1886 

*George L. Koons 1887 

*George 0. Luttman 1888 

*James D. Miller 1889 

*John liaymiller 1890 

*Alfred W. Moore 1891 

♦Colonel James A. Stable 1892 

Adam F. Strayer 1893 

George P. Spangler 189 1 

♦Alexander A. Rode,s 1895 

I lerman Sauppe 1896 

♦Joseph W. Snave 1 897 

♦William A. Cook 1898 

*Dd\ id W . ( 'rider 1899 

Edward T. Lewis 1900 

♦Henry Tschop 1901 

♦David (i Loose 1902 

John T. Stark 1 903 

♦George C. Worley 190 1 

Jacob H. Rahn 1905 

♦G. W. Aughenbaugh 1906 

R. S. Moist 1907 

David N. Wilmeyer 1908 

Joseph B. Gross 1909 

Emanuel I^vin 1910 

♦John Hollman 1911 

♦Harry J. Frey 1912 

Daniel ( ;. Ilarkins 1913 

Henry (iruver 1914 

♦E. L. Schroeder 1915 

Philip D. Stover 1916 

Alexander Klinedinst 1917 

Samuel Loucks 1918 

Charles II. Shultz 1919 

Denotes Deceased Commanders. 



COLONEL Edwin B. Watts Camp No. 68, United Spanish War Veterans, of the Department of 
Pennsylvania, was instituted June 10, 1911. The instituting' oflicers were: Captain K. Laub- 
enstein and Corporal \\ illiani P Messinger, representing the National Association. 

The following were installed as the first officers of the Camp, Commander, William 11. Haublitz; 
Senior \ ice-Conmiander, Joseph Beaverson; Junior Vice-Commander, Thomas F. Heberly; Adjutant, 
James J. Logan: (^)uartermaster. Charles A. Lutz. The organization took place in the law offices of 
Logan and Logan. The camp is well equipped and uniformed, with a good live membership. 

The object of this Camp is to keep alive the memories of the War with Spain, the Insurrection in 
the Philip]jines, and the China Boxer War. To promote the best interests of those who took an 
honorable part in these wars. To encourage and spread universal liberty and equal rights and justice 
to all men. To encourage and assist in promoting patriotism in the public schools. To bury our 
deceased comrades with military honors. To see that Memorial Day is properly observed. 

The War with Spain was not a long war, but it was a war which made the LInited States a first- 
class world power, which was just proved by the World War now about ended. The war with Spain 
was for the liberation of Cuba from over four hundred years of Spanish misrule and slavery. Cuba is 
now a properous nation, and happy in her freedom. Not only Cuba is happy, but Porto Rico, Guam 
and the Philip])ines, as a result of that short war, came under the United States rule. The boys of 
1898 were, therefore, the first to light for a foreign people, and to establish a Republic government 
in a foreign land. 

During the World War, Colonel lulwin B. Watts Camp buried with military honors the brave 
boys who died while in service and who were buried in tlie cemeteries in ^Ork. On one occasion we 
had two funerals in one afternoon, a Lieutenant at Prospect Hill about 2 P. M., and a private soldier 
at (Ireenmount at .'5:30 P. I\L An auto was used for quick transport. We also buried a member of 
the Grand Army, giving full military honors. Colonel lulwin Watts Cam]) made no distinction: a 
soldier is a comrade, whether a Civil War Veteran or a World War Veteran. We have all fought for 
ideals that are right and just and for universal piiiuiples of Freedom, Patriotism and Humanity. 

Charle.s a Lutz. 

Anderson, Geo. J. 
Amsbaugh, E. M. 
Beaverson, Jos. 
Baublitz, Wm. H. 
Bailey, James A. 
Brubaker Geo. A. 
Bailey, George 
Brunhouse, Chas. H. 
Brant, H. Clay 
Bare, Geo. W. 
Berman, Arthur 
Badders, H. M. 
Bluckinger, Wm. 
Cochrane, John 
Carpenter, (ieo C. 

Diven, J. S. 
Daron, John L. 
Diehl, Luther M. 
Des,senberger, R. D. 
Dingier, Joe 
Frank, Geo. L. 
Fickes, W. W. 
Fry, Geo. S. 
Frey, Fiank F. 
Frey, Ralph W. 
Fickes, Geo. 
Garver, Adam 
Garver, John 
Graybill, John 
Graybill, David G. 

Gilbert, Dr. John 
Godfrey, Robert 
Glessner, Chas. W. 
Heberly, Thos. F. 
Henderickson, Jos. 
Hess, Albert W. 
Heffner, Chas. H. 
Hassler, Samuel W. 
Heiges, Jay C. 
Hyde, Geo. 
Hollinger, Amos 
Judy, John H. 
Jacoby, Emory A. 
Reesey, Adam 
Kranich, R. A. 


Kephait, F. E. 
Kissinger, Lee P. 
Lutz, Charles A. 
Leathery. D. H. 
Logan, James J. 
Leese, Edgar A. 
Little, Edw. S. 
Lindemuth. W. P. 
Minnich, \\m. F. 
Meldrum. \ ernun 
Myers. Harry M. 
MiCall, Samuel K. 

McCormick, Harry 
McCumas John 
Ortmyer, Harvey J. 
Pfleiger, Emanuel 
Platts, Robert J. 
Ramer, Harry 1\L 
Ryder, Wm. E. 
Sehall, Jas. H. 
Strickler, lUrich 
Strickler, Hope W. 
Seidenstricker, C. A, 
Seifert, Wm. F. 

Small. Walter J. 
Smith, Harvey 
Seigman, Stephen F. 
Seifert, Samuel 
Smith, James E. 
Truett, James B. 
Trone. Harvey 
Witmer. Elwood 
Weist. Harry W^ 
Wintfelter, John 
Waltei-. Derg G. 
Wantz, Frank R. 


Howard Kissinger 
Dan R. Miller 

\\'illiani Keppler 
Kirk W liite Owen 




IN order to take up a vvoik whirh was left tiiifiuisliecl by the sudden termination of the Worhl \^'ar, 
soldiers, sailors and marines of this city and \iiinity decided upon the formalion of a local post 
of the American Lefjion. After several meetings had been held at which tli(> ohjei'ls and purposes 
of the oriiani/alion were discussed, a conference was called by the temporary presidiiii; oflicer. Attoi'ney 
William II. Kurtz, for Wednesday evening, August 7, 1919, in the (irand Army Hall. An election 
was held which resulted as follows: 

G. MoRviN Peter.s, Po.s7 Chairman. 

John C. Hoffman, \ ice-Chairman. 

Curtis A. Thom.\s, Secretary. 

Ru.S.SELL B. Wehler, Trrasiurr. 

Jason B. Snyder, Mlnlmeul. In.^urann' and Eniplnymrnt OJficrr. 

Mayor K. S. ilugentugler addressed the members of the Post at this meeting on the matter of a 
community welcome home celebration for the heroes of the World War. He suggested that a com- 
mittee be apijointed to reconnnend a date which was later fixed as November 11. 1919, commemorating 
the date of the signing of the armistice and the closing of the World War. This was the largest and 
most elaborate welcome home celebiation ever held in York County. 

The meetings of the York Post of the American Legion, which is chartered as Post No. 127 in the 
State of Pennsylvania are held in their new quarters in the basement of the Rupp Building. Center 
Square. These meetings aie held every two weeks on a Wednesday e\ cning. 

By a series of smokers and get-together meetings th(> Post lias grown from a small groiqj of e.\- 
service men to a large and inlhiential organization. At the |)iesent time there are enioUed in the local 
post about 1600. 

Posts have been established in the fullowing towns tliroughout the county, Hanover, Spring Grove- 
(den Bock, Stewartstown and York. \ 

Curtis A. Thomas 




AS early as IMay, 1919, the former service men of Hanov(>r and vicinity, realizing that it was to 
their interest as well as to the interest of the community that some sort of an organization be 
formed, held a number of meetings for the formulation of plans for such an organization. 
These meetings were all exceptionally well attended, in spite of the fact that the majority of the men 
who had been in the service had not yet been released from duty, and great enthusiasm was aroused. 
From the very beginning it was evident that such an organization was not only possible, but that it 
would have a large membership and would have the hearty support of every citizen of the tf)wn. 

As officers of the temporary organization R. Y. Naill was chosen chairman, Edwin W. Kline, 
vice-chairman, C. F. Khr<'hart, secretary, and Howard Dillow, treasurer. 

By a vote of the men it was planned that they should participate in the .Memorial Day parade 
as a body, and in preparation for this a number of practice drills were decided upon. Edwin \\. Kline, 
a former Lieutenant of Infantry, was unanimously chosen drillmaster, and thrf)ugh his efforts and 
with the help of every man in the organization there were o\ er two hundred former service men in 
line on that day. From this time every man, as soon as he was mustered out of the service and returned 
home, was only too eager to join his name to the already large list. 

From a mere temporary organization there grew up a Post of the American Legion, composed of 
men from Hanover and the immediate vicinity, the first in York county to receive its charter from the 
State, and the fourteenth charter in the State. This charter was received during the month r)f June, 
1919, and its provisions and by-laws adopted at a meeting held on July 1st. The membership con- 
tinued to grow from day to day as the men returned to civilian life, until at the time of the National 
Convention in November. ]'*U*. it has reached over three hundred with dues paid in full. 

Interest in the Hanover Post has never weakened, but instead has become more keen, until to-day 
Harold H. Bair Post No. 14, American Legion. Hanover, Pennsylvania, has the enviable reputation 
of being one of the most active Posts in the State, wffh a representation which is surpassed by very 
few towns of an equal size. As a result of festivals, minstrel shows, etc.. there is quite a fair amount 
of money in the treasury, and plans are now well under way for the purchase and equipment of a per- 
manent home for the Post. 

C. F. Ehrehart 





Mfi'ling pliiiT o( (lolli.scniane Comuiiindcr.v No. "5, K. T.; Yorktown Ro.val Anii Chapter 
Nu. 304, and Zcrc<lallia Lodge N.>. 451. F. and A. M. 




















( . 






Austrian Archduke slain at Sarajevo. 

Potsdam council decides for war. 

Pro|)agandists leave for America. 

Serbia attacked by Austrians. 

Belgium invaded by (iermans. 

City of Liege falls. 

Germans stopped at the Marne by the French. 

Antwerp falls. 

Jajtant^se take Kiao Chau. 

British win Falklands battle. 

Serbians recapture Belgrade. 














I .. . 






















British win Dogger l-iaiik battle. 
Russian disaster at .Mausurian lakes. 
British land at Gallipoli. 
Battle at Neuve C.hapelle. 
Russians take Przcniysl. 
Germans first use poison gas. 
Lusitania torjjedoed: 1.131 lost. 
Italy enters war. 
Germans recapture Przemysl. 
(iermans repulsed in Argoime. 
(iermans take W arsaw. 
First air raid over London. 
Battle of Champagne. 
Concjuest of Serbia begins. 
Edith Cavell executed. 
Bulgaria Tuiters War. 
British retreat from Bagdad. 


















1 1 




British e\acuate (ialli])oli. 
Genians begin diive on \erdun. 
15,000 I'.ritish taken by the Turks. 
British win Jutland battle. 
Somme offensive begun by the Allies. 
Isonzo crossed by the Italians. 
Roumania enters war. 

Roumania invaded by Germans and Bulgars. 
British first use "tanks." 
..U-Boats raid off Nantucket. 


Oct. 21 Verdun drive sldjiped by the French. 

Nov. 13 British iciiew Soniine offensive. 

Dec. 6 J3ukharest talvon by the Germans. 

Dec. 10 (ierinuii |>eace offer rejected by Premier Lloyd Ceorge. 


Jail- 31 (iermun,> announces "unrestiicted submarine war." 

Feb. 3 U. S. expels German ambassador. 

March 11 British retake Raf^^dad. 

March 12 lUissian revolutitjn; Czar deposetl. 

March 27 British beat Turks at Gaza. 


i\a:kt sails for eiboi^e. 

June 5 1 (».()()(),()()() Americans rej^'ister for army. 

June 12 kinj; C.onstantine deposed as kinj; of the (iiceks. 

June 15 First Libeity Loan oversubscriljed. 

June 26 First V. S. Division lands in France. 

July I) Food and fuel contiol begins. 

July 28 kerensky heads new Russian republic. 

Aug. 28 IT. S. rejects Pope's peace note. 

Sept. 20 Rritish beat Germans at Ypres. 

Oct. 23 'i anks enter trenches; C Battery, 6th. Artillery lires tiist shot. 

Oct. 2.5 Yanks take first German prisoner. 

Oct. 26 Italians routed at Caporetto. 

Oct. 26 Second Liberty Loan oversubscribed. 

Nov. 2 First Yanks killed; Corp. Gresham, Pvts. Enright and Hay. 

Nov. 28 Rolsheviki ov(>rthrow Kerensky. 

Dec. 7 IJ. S. declares war on Austria-Hungary. 

Dec. 8 Jerusalem captured by the British. 

Dec. :'. I 20 l.<)65 I '. S. troops in France. 


Jan. 5 "Fourteen jjeace points" announced by President. 

Jan. 28 Italians beat lluns at Adagio. 

Feb. 2 Toul sector- taken over by Yanks. 

Feb. 5 11. S. Troopship Tuscania torpedoed. 

Feb. 9 Ukraine surrenders to Huns. 

March 1 '^anks beat olf (lernian attack at Toul. 

March 2 Russia surrenders to Huns. 

March 10 Secretary Baker visits front. 

March 21 Gerrrrarr drive on Amiens starts. 

March 22. 16,000 liritish captured with 200 guns. 

Mai-ch 21 (Jermans reach the Somme. Yanks engineers sU>\) gap in line. 

March 28 (ien. Pershing puts F. S. army inidcr order's of Foch. 

March 29 "Mystery gun" kills 75 in Paris. 

April 1 Germans start channel port drive. 

April 16 Gerrirans take Messines ridge. 

April 17 First U. S. Division in battle line at Monldidier. 

April 20 Twenty-Sixth Division beats off German attack at Seicheprey. 

[ 420 1 












1 1 










































































British nayy "bottles" Zeebrugge. 

Germans take IVIount Kenunel. 

Third Liberty Loan oversubscribed. 

Austrians start drive on Italy. 

Italians torpedo Austrian battleship in Pola harbor. 

1 12tli Infantry composed of men from the old York C'.o.'s A and K, 

i\. (i. P. arrive at Liverpool, England. 
Germans start drive on Marne. 

First Yank offensive (f^irst Division) takes Cant.igny. 
Germans cross Marne; 16 miles from Paiis. 651,875 l^. S. troops in 

7th LI. S. Machine Guns hold Chateau Thierry bridge. 
U. S. Marines stop Prussian guards northwest of Ghateau Thierry. 

Co. A and K, 112th of York, in reserve, 
U-boats sink shi])s off [ . S. coast. 
Yanks hold 12 mile front on Marne. 
II S. Marines take part of Belleau wood. 
Yanks advance northwest of Chateau Thierry. 
German drive west of Noyen stopped. 
Austrian offensive along the Piave. 
Austrian Piave offensive breaks down. 
Austrians begin retreat from Piave. 
Yanks beat off German attack on Torcy. 
1 12th Infantry composed of Go's. A and K of York N. G. P. enter 

front line trenches. 
935,000 U. S. troops in France. 
^ anks on Marne front capture Vau.x. 
\anks celebrate by taking Hamel. 
Allies in general advance in Albania. 
Eleven \\ S. divisions on battle line. 
Last German offensive, up Marne toward Epernay, 
Germans stopped by Yanks, HKill TIDE OF THE HUN. 

1st V. S. division takes Berzy-le-Sec; 2d U. S. division takes Tigny. 
26th v. S. division takes Epieds. 3d U. S. division takes Jaulgonne. 
Yanks have 21.000 Hun jjrisoners. 
42d U. S. division takes Foret de Fere. 
3d. 1th. 28th, I2il. U. S. divisions on Heights of Gunic. York Boys 

with the 28lh. 
J2d LI. S. division takes Sergy. 
32d U. S. division takes Grimpettes wood. 
French retake Soissons. 
L^. S. troops land at Archangel. 
Yanks take Fismes on the \'esle. 
77th 1 . S. division crosses the ^'esle. 
Allies in Picardy smash take 24,000 men and 300 guns. 
Yanks and Japs land at Vladivostok. 
























































































French advance between Gise and Aisne. 

Huns driven across Somme. 

1,533,000 U. S. troops in France. 

Fi'enrh retake Peronne. 

Yanks take Voormezeele in Belgium. 

Germans retreating from the Vesle. 

Allies advance on 90 mile front in I'icardy. Franco- Yanks take 
.Visne heights. 

British regain positions lost in March. Yanks cross Aisne canal. 

First AU-American offensive at St. Mihi<^l. 

St. Mihiel salient smashed in; 16,000 prisoners, 443 guns taken; 
Yanks in cannon shot of Metz. 

Serbs break Bulgar line in Macedonia. 

Yanks extend line westward past \ cidun U> \ ienne le Chateau. 
..Yanks begin Argonne offensive. 

British have taken 45,000 Turks in Palestine. 

Yanks advancing in Argonne take 10,000 prisoners. 

27th and 30th U. S. divisions in Hindenburg line smash. 

Bulgaria surrenders to Allies. 

I'rench take St. Quentin. 1,976,000 U. S. troops in France. 

.2d and 36th U. S. Divisions on Rheims front. 

Turks sue for peace. 

Germans ask V. S. for armistice. 

.1st U. S. Corps takes Chatel-Chehery. 

.U. S. refuses armistice. 

3d U. S. Corps take BrieuUes in Argonne. 

Allies take Le Cateau. Yanks have cleared Argonne. 

IL S. transport Otranto torpedoed. 

1st U. S. Corps take St. Juvin, 5th II. S. Corps smashes Kriemhildc 

Czech-Slovaks revolt: seize Prague. 

.U. S. rejects Austrian peace pleas. Fourth Liberty Loan over- 
..LI. S. rejects new German peace plea. 
..Yanks advance to line of Bantheville. 

Berlin asks for truce terms. Vienna begs for separate peace. 

Turkey surrenders. 

Austria surrenders to allies. 

Berlin sends truce mission to Foch. 

3d II. S. corps forces passage of Meuse. 

Yanks occupy Sedan. Hun retreat line seized. 

Bavaria deposes King Ludwig. 

Yanks fight through Meuse hills to north of Metz. York boys 

engaged near Metz. 

Kaiser and crown prince flee to Holland. 

Canadians take Mons. 



The largest Welcome Home celebration e\er hi'ld in York County. 

[ 422 1 



British Empire 410,000.0(1(1 

China 419,00(1,0(1(1 

Russia 180,000,00(1 

United States 1 10,000,000 

France 00,000,000 

Japan .-> 1,000,000 

Italy :!7,000.000 

Brazil 2:i,(100.00(l 

Belgium 22,000,000 

Portugal 1 .3,000,000 

HuMiania 7,300,000 

Siani 0,(100,000 

tlreece .3,000,(10(1 

Siberia 1,.300,000 

Cuba 2,300,000 

Liberia 2,000,0(10 

( iernuiny 67,000 000 

Austria Hungary 30,000,000 

Turkey 42,000.000 

Bulgaria 3,000,000 

Total of peoj.le who l<iok part in tireat War 1,569,410,000 

Total of people not in the War l.?3,876,000 

Area of Countries thai took part in Great War sq. miles 11 .970.000 

Area of Countries not in War sq. miles 13,283,000 




12,000,000 Mobilized 
4,950,000 Wounded 
1,700,000 Killed 


730,000 Mobilized 
120,000 Wounded 
200,000 Killed 


11,000,000 Mobilized 
3,68.3,143 Wounded 
1,611,104 KiUed 

Rrilish Empire 

7,500,000 Mobilized 
2,037,325 Wounded 
692,065 Killed 


707,.343 Mobilized 
28,000 Wounded 
322,000 Killed 

A nslrid-Hungary 

6,.300,000 Mobilized 
3,200,000 Wounded 
800,000 Killed 


7,500,000 Mobilized 

2,675,000 Wounded 

1,385,300 Killed 


5,.300.000 Mobilized 
947.000 Wounded 
460.000 Killed 


267,000 Mol)ilized 

60,000 Wounded 

20,000 Killed 


230,000 -Mobilized 

40,000 Wounded 

13.000 Killed 


1,600,000 Mobiliz.'d 

570,000 Wounded 

300,000 Killed 


400,000 Mobilized 

1.52,399 Wiiundcd 

201,221 Killed 

United Stales 

4,272,521 Mobilized 
192. 183 Wounded 
67,813 Killed 


100,000 Mobihzed 

Cumbincfl Allies and L niled Slates 

39,676,864 Mobilized 
11,075,715 Wounded 
4,869,478 Killed 


800,000 Mol)ilizrd 
907 Wounded 
300 Killed 


50,000 Mobilized 
13,000 Losses 

Ciiiiibined Teubinie Allies 

19,.500,000 Mobilized 
7,605,542 Wounded 
2,912,328 Killed 



NOVEMBER 11, 1918 

2,500 Heavy Guns 
25,000 MMchiiii- (inns 
1,700 Airplani's, Fif^httTs, Boiiiljers 
150,000 Hailnxid Cars 
8 Lif,'lit Cruisers 
2 Mine Layers 
10 Battle Sliips 

Trawlers to be disarmed 

(irowlh of U. S. Army 

1914 102,000 

1916 189,000 

1918 3,664,000 

U. S. Nat'Y 


197 Vessels 
2,00:l Vessels 

U. S. Army 

Nov. 11, 1918 3,664,000 men 

Total deaths abroad and in U. S. 107,444 

Tolal Sliippinij Losses 

British 8,918,139 Tons 

Neutral 2,000,000 Tons 

2,500 Field (iuns 
3,000 Mine Throwers 
5,000 Loeoniotives 
5,000 Motor Trurks 

50 Modern Destroyers 
All Submarines 

6 Battle Cruisers 
All vessels of auxilliary lleet to be disarjiied. 

(irmi'lh of U. S. Nai'y Personnel 

1914 65,777 

1918 497,030 

U. S. Air Serrice 

1914 None 

1918 26,673 Ollicers and men 

U. S. Sliipijiny Losses 
151 Merchant Vessels 
43 Navy 

Merchant 315,588 Tons 

Navy 210,861 Tons 

Tolal 526,449 Tons 

Total Losses 14,820,408 Tor 




Branch of Service^ 
W here Slalioned _ 
Landed in France^ 

Landed in U. S. 
Mustered Out 

12 1 

X4 9 


c^ '^;^: 


>■ , R. -:' 


■^^ »I,*^' 

.,^' /.r.^,-^/ 



'y '<■ 

2^ - V^^ 

-, #; ^^ 


V p 

<f . ^ o » ' 

.1 ^ r 

<- . 


■ "■ A 

.0 .^ 

, I ' « . <f'^ 


r. » " O . 

^^^^ '-^'^ 


'*,. .« 


•5. o 



x.^" ^ ^ 

» ' * ° 




.", s-- A 

4 • • 

'. <> 






"v. <e 

V i> ' • "x 

'* _ c 

' • « s 



J > 


V <*»4Jfti 



. o " o , 

<^, .^- 



^^ •-^^,* ^-^^ 



V ' o 


,N< .•>^<'^*.'. 

-.^ . '• "^.^ 

v'<' ♦>■ 



, " o , 







O " , ,\ • ' 

qV , o " c . K 




^ V - 

-0^ ; 


3=. •. 




^ *^--';,/ 

---^-- * 

V *«-• 

' • « * " \ ' 



o " o , 

<■ *.", 

i,^--l •»'^ 




.<■". '"^ 



Cranio. lie 'i. 


>^.^ .tv^ :.^y 


-'-^ -^^ 

o • S * > 

LOJI 545 897 (