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Full text of "Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, founded June 1 Anno Domini 1847; semicentennial biographical catalogue with data to December 31, 1899"

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/ TL-eTa. 


E R 






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PHI New York University 35 

ZETA Williams College 93 

DELTA Rutgers College 119 

O MICRON Princeton University 161 

SIGMA University of Pennsylvania 181 

Cm Colby College 229 

EPSILON Brown University 285 

RHO Harvard University 323 

ALPHA Dickinson College 375 

Psi Dartmouth College 383 

KAPPA Tufts College 401 

THETA Union College 443 

TAU Lafayette College 455 

UPSILON University of North Carolina 493 

Xi University of Michigan 525 

j~ j Amherst College 573 

' | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute j ' ' 

ETA Pennsylvania College 599 

OMEGA University of Chicago 609 

LAMBDA Bowdoin College 623 

BETA University of Virginia 655 

Psi Cornell University 675 

IOTA University of California 711 

GAMMA Syracuse University 741 

THETA Xi University of Toronto 753 

ALPHA Columbia University 781 

ALPHA Psi McGill University. 803 

Nu Case School of Applied Science 831 

ETA Yale University 845 

Mu Stanford University 871 

ALPHA BETA . . .University of Minnesota 885 









acad academy 

act'g- acting- 
Am American 

ass'n association 

ass't assistant 

atty attorney 

b. born 

Bapt Baptist 

bd. board 

br., br's brother or brothers 

brev brevet (ted) 

bus. add. business address 

capt captain 

co. county 

col. colonel 

coll college 

com committee 

com'r commissioner 

Cong'l Congregational 

corp corporal 

cou. , cou's cousin or cousins 

d. died 

dept department 

dist district 

Epis Episcopal 

fa. father 

gen general 

gov governor 

gwt government 

grad graduated 

hon honorary 

hon honorable 

hosp hospital 

in. initiated 

lieut lieutenant 

lit. literary 

m. married 

maj major 

M. E MethodistEpiscopal 

med medical (medicine) 

mem member 

m'f 'r manufacturer 

ne., ne's nephew or nephews 

prep prepared 

pres president 

Presb Presbyterian 

priv private 

rel. in Z W. relative or relatives 
in the Fraternity 

rep representative 

res residence 

s. son of 

sec secretary 

sem seminary 

sergt sergeant 

soc society 

theo theological 

treas treasurer 

unc., unc's uncle or uncles 

univ university 

vol volunteer 

v.-pres. vice-president 


This Biographical Catalogue was projected both to satisfy a desire 
which has existed for many years among members of the Fraternity and 
to commemorate the semicentennial of Zeta Psi, the celebration of which 
occurred on April 23 and 24, 1897. The first step was taken in accord- 
ance with the action of the convention held in Boston, under the auspices 
of the New England Association, on December 28 and 29, 1892, when Bro. 
William Platt Pepper, Sigma '57, then Phi Alpha, appointed a committee 
of three to publish, preliminary to the catalogue, a Zeta Psi Directory, 
which was issued within one year, and which contained the names and 
addresses of all members of the Fraternity with alphabetical and geo- 
graphical indexes. Early in 1894 a copy of this directory was mailed to 
every member whose address was known, together with a circular, ex- 
plaining the plan and scope of the catalogue, and a biographical blank 
which the committee requested each one to fill out and return promptly 
to the secretary. It was hoped that members of the Fraternity would 
immediately respond to this request so that the data thus furnished could 
be classified and the catalogue published by 1897. Many replied at once 
and have cordially supported the enterprise but the delays and forgetful- 
ness of others, in addition to augmenting the amount and the cost of the 
work, have caused the postponement of publication until 1899. 

The committee are much indebted for information to the officers of 
colleges where chapters are now inactive, viz: Princeton, Harvard, Dick- 
inson, Dartmouth, Union, Amherst, Rensselaer, Pennsylvania College 
and Syracuse; and to Prof. Libbey for pictures of Princeton buildings; 
they acknowledge their obligation in various ways during the progress 
of the work to many brothers who have rendered valuable assistance and 
suggestions without which this Catalogue could not have been made 
what it is, to Brothers W. H. Carter, G. S. Woodhull, E. J. Peck, J. H. 
Hopkins, "W. H. McElroy, L. S. Pilcher,H. T. Thomas, C. H. Tillinghaste, 
C. B. Everson, J. Boyd, F. H. Culver, A. Buchman, C. W. Wood, W. G. Eliot, 
J. Somers Smith, F. R. Drake, W. E. Burritt, K. Cameron, J. Eyerman, 
W. J. Battle, W. A. Weed, D. M. Bangs, G. C. King, W. R. Steiner, H. 
C. Griffiths, H. V. D. Waldron, T. I. Chatfield, F. C. Mebane, J. M. 
Phelan, H. W. Dunn, F. W. Alden, O. B. Wight, L. L. Reford, to Chapter 
Committees and to many others. They have consulted old Zeta Psi letters, 
documents printed and manuscript, minutes, etc., college catalogues, 
annuals, class and alumni reports, etc., city directories, church books, 
Board of Health records, etc. ; they have communicated with postmasters, 
curators of cemeteries, surrogates, relatives and friends of deceased or 
missing brothers, custodians of army and navy records, and others; they 
have also made use of all the previous catalogues which are mentioned in 
the publications of the Fraternity. Bro. William A. Hoe, Jr., Phi '88, who 
was the second member of this committee until his death in 1897, did 
much work on the directory of 1893 and not a little on the present cata- 
logue. Much lamented Bro. Max Schwerin, while in California battling 
against disease, collected a large amount of biographical material which 
has been introduced into biography and history. 

Notwithstanding the effort by a system of abbreviations which is 
explained elsewhere, to bring the work within reasonable limits as to 
size, the number of pages exceeds by at least 25 per cent, the largest 
estimate. The committee have endeavored to introduce an historical 
sketch of and photo-engravings relating to every chapter, active and in- 
active, and biographies of all the members living or deceased. The 
general plan of the illustrations is first, chapter houses and college 
buildings, then founders, charter members and present members. The 
committee have not accepted legends and current reports but have taken 


great pains to verify statements and dates pertaining to the history of 
the Fraternity and chapters and to the biographies. To Bro. Marshall 
S. Brown, Epsilon '92, who has written the "History of the Zeta Psi 
Fraternity, ' ' and to the authors of the several chapter histories, the com- 
mittee for themselves and for the Fraternity here acknowledge great 
obligation and express hearty thanks. 

The chapter histories, nearly every one of which contains a sketch 
of the college or university, add interest to the historical portion of the 
catalogue by the variety in narrative and style. In editing the histories 
it has been necessary sometimes to abbreviate them and occasionally to 
omit details which are of local interest. The general plan of the individual 
biography is: name, address, genealogy, preparatory and college course, 
degrees, academic and honorary, college offices and honors, Fraternity 
record, membership in organizations, learned societies, clubs, etc., 
military and naval service, domestic record, business career, offices held, 
honorary, political, etc., and (if dead) date and place of death. The 
name is classified alphabetically under the chapter and under the class 
of the university department with which the member was identified at 
the date of initiation. If the history and the biographies of a chapter 
are not so complete as they should be it is not from lack of repeated and 
urgent appeal on the part of this committee. Data received too late for 
classification are printed in the "addenda." 

The committee regret, notwithstanding their endeavors, that many 
biographies and data are incomplete or are altogether wanting, and 
that unavoidable errors exist, but they will be very grateful for further 
information, for corrections of errors, for the supply of missing data and 
particularly for additional facts in regard to the founders of Zeta Psi, 
Bros. J. B. Y. Sommers, W. H. Dayton and J. M. Skillman, especially 
if these be sent promptly to the secretary, either to be published in a 
supplement in the near future or to be used toward making the second 
biographical catalogue more nearly exact. Old documents, letters, 
committee reports, convention minutes and Zeta Psi memorabilia of any 
kind or description whatsoever, which may seem inconsequential and 
which might sooner or later be destroyed, are being collected and care- 
fully preserved in fireproof quarters. These will supply missing links 
in history and in biography and will be of great value and interest in 
the future to the members of Zeta Psi. This catalogue is not in any sense 
a commercial enterprise but it has been prepared and is published solely 
for the use and benefit of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. The undertaking 
has throughout been sustained and encouraged by the "Committee of 
Patriarchs." Considering that delays have been unavoidable, corre- 
spondence large and the work gigantic, the committee are confident that 
the Brothers will cordially receive this catalogue, with its defects, and 
will exercise broad charity toward the committee. 

If this first Zeta Psi Biographical Catalogue shall serve to give the 
members of the Fraternity an idea of the size, strength and influence of 
Zeta Psi, to revive the memories of the pleasantest associations and 
experiences of college days, to cement more firmly the close friend- 
ships formed in Tau Kappa Phi and to stimulate constant endeavor to 
make Zeta Psi a still more potent factor for the development of all that is 
good, pure and noble in character in the college and in the world, both 
in private and in public life if the catalogue serves to do these things 
then will the committee feel that their labors have been amply requited. 

POMEROY LADUK Xi '90 Committee 
December 30 1899 ISRAEL C. PIERSON PHI '65 on 

Secretary Publication 

141 Broadway New York 






JUNE 1 1847 

John B. Yates Sommers '49 

The founder of Zeta Psi 
Photograph taken in 1859 


Photograph taken in 1897 Photograph taken in 1897 

William Henry Carter '50 

Oldest living initiate of Zeta Psi 

Photograph taken in 1897 

Home of 

John B. Yates Sommers 

82 Madison St., New York 

in which the first meetings of Zeta Psi 

were held 



Brother John B. Y. Sommers, the son of Rev. Dr. Charles G. and 
Sarah L. (Skelding) Sommers, was born on August 15, 1829, in New York 
City, his father being pastor of the South Baptist Church, at that time 
situated on Nassau Street. His home was at 82 Madison Street until he 
was twenty-three, when the family moved to the house at 17 St. Mark's 
Place, where he died on November 23, 1863. He was buried in the 
family plot in Greenwood Cemetery. He entered New York University in 
the fall of 1845, being then a little over sixteen years of age, and was 
graduated at the commencement in 1849. "The attractive graces which 
distinguished him made him one of the most popular students in college, 
and won for him many friends." Soon after having been graduated, 
Bro. Sommers entered as a student the law office of Kirkland & Birdseye. 
In 1854 he was admitted to the bar and shortly afterward was made a 
member of the firm which, by the retirement of Mr. Kirkland and the 
promotion of Mr. Birdseye to the bench, eventually became Sommers & 
Johnson. Bro. Sommers was married on October 5, 1859, to Miss Emma 
A. Heath, now Mrs. John L. Morris, residing at Ithaca, N. Y. Their 
two sons, Frederick Skelding and Henry Cantine Sommers, are resi- 
dents of New York City. 

Early in his course, perhaps while a freshman, certainly in his 
sophomore year, he conceived the plan of organizing a new fraternity 
qualification for membership in which should be good fellowship, good 
morals and fine personal qualities. He had to consider that there 
were already chapters of three strong fraternities in New York Uni- 
versit}* and chapters of these or similar fraternities in other colleges 
which might be regarded good fields in which to establish a new one, 
and that the authorities of some colleges absolutely prohibited uniting 
with fraternities under penalty of expulsion. Brother Sommers, nothing 
daunted by these conditions, enlisted with him in his new enterprise his 
intimate friend, William Henry Dayton, and his classmate, John M. 
Skillman. Dayton, on account of ill-health, went South and entered the 
University of North Carolina. These three young men discussed their 
plans at Sommers' home and by correspondence. Dayton was to form a 
colony in his college but his constantly increasing weakness and subse- 
quent death prevented the introduction of the new fraternity. This 
misfortune increased the difficulties which young Sommers encountered 
but with courage he and Skillman persisted in their plans, for it was 
said of Sommers, "In him were combined childlike simplicity and gen- 
tleness of character with the sternest inflexibility of purpose." The 
date of the formal establishment of Zeta Psi was June 1, 1847. Bro. 
William H. Carter, writing in 1897, says: "The brothers of to-day can 
form but little idea of the anxieties and difficulties which surrounded us. 
It must have been the charm of Jack Sommers' personal manner 
which induced me to join on November 6, 1847, for there had been only 
two initiations since the organization and there were but four members." 

As to active work in propagating the Fraternity, he took part in the 
establishment of the Zeta, Delta and Sigma Chapters. "Bro. Sommers 
is semper paratus and true to Zeta Psi," said Brother Rousse. He 
held the highest office in the chapter, and was secretary of the first con- 
vention at Williamstown in 1849 and president of the two conventions at 
Newburgh in 1850 and New Brunswick in 1851. His character and 
qualities of mind and heart, as well as his professional career, are best 
described by extracts from letters concerning him from those most 


intimate and from addresses delivered at the time of his death. One 
wrote, "I could fill much space in reference to his noble qualities, his 
great intellectual powers, his wonderful gifts of social adaptability, 
great kindness of heart, extremely refined nature and courtly manners. 
He was a true type of the old-school gentleman. * * * He was especially 
noted for his innate refinement and delicacy. Anything in the least 
coarse was absolutely repugnant to him." 

One Brother who knew him well and delivered at a Phi Chapter 
meeting the eulogy at the time of his death, remarks, "The one thing 
that I should say first about Bro. Sommers is that he was always, at all 
times and under all circumstances, a gentleman. * * * As long as 
he lived he took a great interest in the Zeta Psi Fraternity and no little 
pride in the success of the institution of which he was the chief founder. " 

Bro. Sommers was a prominent Mason. His affiliations at the time 
of his death were with Adelphic Lodge No. 348, Past Master; with 
Adelphic Chapter No. 158, Past High Priest; with Morton Commandery 
No. 4, Past Eminent Commander, and with New York Grand Lodge of 
Perfection No. 1, New York Council of Princes of Jerusalem, and Zeal 
and Constancy Chapter Rose Cross, subordinate to the Supreme Council 
for the Northern jurisdiction, whose Grand East is at Boston. 

The Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York wrote : 
"His fine intellect, his scholarly attainments, his professional ability, 
his courteous manners, his umblemished life and his zeal in every cause 
for intellectual and social advancement were elements of his character 
which endeared him to all who knew him and by his death I feel that 
I have lost a cherished friend, a wise and upright counsellor and an able 
and faithful deputy." In reporting his death to the Grand Lodge, he 
said, "He was of a singularly amiable disposition. Acquaintance with 
him was but the precursor of admiration for his noble qualities and 
of warm and lasting friendship for so true a man exemplary in all the 
relations of life, generous, gentle and altogether unselfish." 

Following are extracts from addresses made by prominent Masons: 

"Our deceased Brother was by profession a lawyer, one of the well- 
known firm of Sommers & Johnson, of this city. His professional inter- 
course with his brethren of the bar was marked by courtesy and 
urbanity and characterized by uprightness. * * * He was not actuated 
by a desire to do the best for his client at all hazards but to do the best 
that he could with a due regard to the rights and equitable interests of 
those who stood in an antagonistic position, thus showing a character- 
istic without which no man can be a great lawyer the love of justice. 
His mind had been carefully cultivated, but his excessive modesty veiled 
to some extent the richness of his intellect. * * * In his decease the 
Masonic Fraternity has met with a very great loss, and had he lived he 
would doubtless, and at a proper time, have received the highest honors 
that the craft could confer upon him." 

"Our late R. W. Brother, whose many virtues endeared him to the 
craft, and than whom none was more respected in every walk of life, 
had for some time previous to his death been an invalid. It was fondly 
hoped that a vo3 T age to Europe would prove beneficial and prolong his 
life for years of future usefulness and more extended Masonic honors for 
which his eminent qualifications so highly fitted him." 

The Phi Chapter of Zeta Psi attended the funeral of Bro. Sommers 
and at a meeting held subsequently adopted this minute: 

"The whole Fraternity of Zeta Psi is called upon to mourn the un- 
timely decease of Bro. J. B. Yates Sommers, the honored and respected 
founder of our order which he continued to love and adorn to the day of 
his death. His own generous disposition and the debt of gratitude we 
owe to him as one of those who instituted the pure and noble principles 
Zeta Psi have made his memory sacred to the heart of every brother. 

"While bowing in humble submission to the decree of Infinite Love 
and Wisdom we deeply mourn the sad providence which has deprived 


us of this revered patriarch of our Fraternity. While grieving for our 
own loss we tender our heartfelt sympathies to that other circle to which 
our departed Brother was bound by the fondest of earthly ties. As a faint 
expression of our deep regret we will observe the ritual of mourning, 
drape our hall and shroud our badges in the usual manner and request 
all our sister chapters to unite with us in this tribute of respect. 

"Resolved, That a copy of this Minute be sent to the family of our 
Brother, to the Grand Chapter and to the several Chapters of the Fra- 

E. P. SPRAGUE, V Committee. 
"Nsw YORK UNIVERSITY, December 2, 1863." 

The picture of Bro. Sommers in this book is reproduced from an 
india-ink photograph taken by Fredricks, New York, in 1859, which 
was presented by Bro. Richard S. Amerman, '50, to the Phi Chapter 
on May 3, 1894, at a meeting held, by permission of the Chancellor, in 
the Council Room of the old New York University Building, immediately 
before it was torn down. The picture of his home in Madison Street 
was taken by Bro. H. H. Watson, Phi, 1900. 

Although Bro. J. B. Y. Sommers died when he was a few months 
over thirty-four years old he had lived long enough to see his ideals 
realized and Zeta Psi well established with sixteen nourishing chap- 
ters, already holding front rank in as many of the leading colleges. 
"He builded better than he knew." 


One of the two whom Bro. J. B. Y. Sommers associated with himself 
in establishing the Zeta Psi Fraternity was Bro. William Henry Day- 
ton. He died on August 17, 1847, and before any accessions were made 
to the chapter. It is necessary to make up this sketch from the minutes 
of the Phi Chapter, which alone contain all that is definitely known 
regarding Bro. Dayton. The items are quoted in the order of sequence. 

The first item is an extract from the first recorded minutes of the 
Phi Chapter, of a meeting held September 15, 1847, at 82 Madison Street, 
Bros. John M. Skillman, as President, and J. B. Y. Sommers, as Sec- 
retary, being present as the only two members of the Fraternity. 

''The chapter having received notice of the death of our late Brother, 
William Henry Dayton, of North Carolina, the motion was made, 
seconded and adopted that the chapter wear crape for the space of 
fifteen days from the first Monday in November, 1847. ' ' 

The second item is what Bro. John M. Skillman said in his address 
delivered on December 18, 1847, in the Phi Chapter, at the close 
of his term of office. "Bro. Dayton was born in this city in the year 
1827. When he was at the age of fifteen, business compelled his father 
to remove the family to Boston, where they have since resided. He went 
rapidly through a course of study preparatory to entering college with 
great creditto himself. His health began to fail him and his physicians 
advised his going South. Shortly after he entered the University of North 
Carolina, at Chapel Hill, of which his uncle was the honored and respected 
President. During his Freshman year he showed his superiority in 
intellectual pursuit by gaining and maintaining a high standing in his 
class but his excessive zeal and diligence brought on illness and he 
was compelled to cease entirely. The aid of the best physicians was 
called, but in vain, and his death ensued. His loss we shall never re- 
cover from. Death robbed us of one of our best and truest friends, and 
although we have taken the crape from our badges, we will wear it long 
in- our hearts." 


The third item is a portion of the eulogium which Bro. J. B. Y. 
Sommers, by appointment, delivered at a meeting of the Phi Chapter, on 
May 23, 1848. "I speak of Bro. Dayton, a young man of rare excellence 
and promise, whose meek, devout and consistent course adorned the 
faith he for so many years professed. The influence he exerted and 
the recollections he has left in the hearts of those who knew him will form 
a better and more enduring memorial than any it would be in our power 
to rear. His family weep for an affectionate son and brother, the church 
laments a beloved member in the meek lustre of whose graces they had re- 
joiced, a large circle of kindred and friends (among whom he delighted 
to consider his Zeta Psi brethren) unite in deploring the untimely 
death of one universally esteemed and beloved. Our Brother was a 
son of Thomas Dayton, Esq., formerly a resident of this city but 
who for some years past has resided in Boston. At an early age he showed 
promise of great intellect and steadfast endurance, so much so as to 
induce his father to give him a college education. After having been 
pronounced eligible for admission into one of our Eastern colleges, 
his physician suddenly announced the startling fact that consumption 
had set its fatal signet on his brow. He passed through the freshman 
year at the University of North Carolina, whither the advice of his 
physicians had sent him, with honor to himself and the college, but he 
was arrested by the hand of death while returning from a visit to his 
family. His willingness to labor for others, his uniformity of character 
and disposition, meek lustre of a piety that neither blazed ostentatiously 
at one time nor wavered and sunk at another, but shone serenely and 
steadily on, made him deservedly the favorite of all who knew him. 
His last moments were as a child sinks into slumber pillowed on a 
mother's breast. Such was the peaceful dismissal of our brother. The 
silver cord was loosed as by the gentle untwining of its strands and 
the wheels of life stood at last motionless." 


The son of John and Catharine (Newberry) Skillman, Bro. John Moon 
Skillman was born at 74 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. , on March 
29, 1831. After preparing for college in a private school in Brooklyn he 
entered New York University in the fall of 1845. As mentioned else- 
where, Bro. J. B. Y. Sommers interested him and Bro. W. H. Dayton in 
the establishment of the Zeta Psi Fraternity, of the first chapter of 
which he was the first presiding officer. 

He was graduated from the University in 1849 with the degree of 
A. B. After leaving college he was in the office of John B. Kitching & 
Co. for a while and then took a business position in the South. Before 
the breaking out of the Civil War he returned North and entered the 
naval service as pay clerk, from August 26, 1861, to October 15, 1862, on 
the U. S. S. "Potomac," and as acting assistant paymaster and cap- 
tain's clerk from November 14, 1862, to February 12, 1864, on U. S. S. 
"Bohio," and then on the U. S. S. "Meteor" until July 13, 1865, when 
he died in Mobile Bay. His body was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. 

In a letter concerning him his sister says: "He was much esteemed 
by his employers in the office which he first entered and was a favorite 
with all who knew him for his loving, kindly disposition, his great 
thoughtfulness for others and exceeding refinement of nature. He was 
a member of the First Dutch Church of Brooklyn and much interested in 
the Sunday School the members of which gave him a large bible at the 
time of his leaving home for service in the Union Navy." 



The third and fourth decades of this century were periods of won- 
derful development for the American Republic and its people. The 
entire country was surcharged with vitality and its abounding and in- 
tense life manifested itself in the marvellous conquest of the continent 
with civilization as its most important achievement. But great as this 
task was it did not absorb nor exhaust all the energies of the American 
people. Political parties took new form and the machinery of party 
government was developed. Religious sects multiplied and proselyted 
with intense zeal. New schools of medicine were founded and gained 
armies of followers who supported them with most partisan fervor. 
Social organizations were started in infinite variety and in great numbers. 
Every man with an idea immediately tried to give it concrete expres- 
sion in a practical form, by organization, and societies, whose basal 
principle was loyalty to the idea upon which they were founded, were 
started throughout the length and breadth of the land. But whether 
the purpose was to propagate a religious "ism," to teach a scientific 
truth or to advance a great moral reform, the machinery of organization 
was introduced and fidelity to the cause was demanded and received. 
It was not an accident that the great period of the organization of Ameri- 
can college fraternities was coincident with the movement just described. 
It was part and parcel of that movement and could not have succeeded 
as it did in any other period of our country's history. 

College men conceived the idea of the fraternity and proceeded to 
put it into practice with the energy and spirit characteristic of the age. 
Conditions were extremely favorable for the rapid extension of the fra- 
ternity idea and the outbreak of the Civil War found most of the stronger 
fraternities of the present day vigorous and flourishing. The fraternity 
system, thus thoroughly in keeping with the genius of the age, had 
become well established when John Bradt Yates Sommers entered the 
*University of the City of New York in the fall of 1845 as a member of 
the Freshman class. The son of a New York clergyman, the Rev. 
Charles G. Sommers, D. D., he was born in New York City, August 15, 
1829, and was hence barely sixteen years of age when he entered 
college. Three fraternities were in existence at New York University, 
but Sommers declined to cast his lot with any of them. 

Sommers, although of a quiet, refined nature, was one who naturally 
drew men toward him. Acquaintance revealed qualities of mind and 
heart which made his fellow-students desirous of his friendship. Unas- 
suming, but real powers of leadership made followers and supporters of 
the friends he won. Bro. George S. Woodhull, Phi '48, the first Zeta 
Psi to be graduated from college, and for many years the intimate 
friend of Sommers, wrote that "Bro. Sommers had a very pleasant 
address and attractive manner, and the art of attaching to himself his 
acquaintances till they became his strong personal friends." His cul- 
tured, gentlemanly bearing, his energy and force of character and his 
personal magnetism fitted him preeminently for the work which, 
although yet a boy not quite eighteen years of age, he was able to 
accomplish, a work to whose magnitude and permanence this bio- 
graphical catalogue bears convincing testimony. 

Intimately associated with Sommers in the founding of the Zeta Psi 
Fraternity was William Henry Dayton, who was born in New York City 
in 1827, the son of Thomas Dayton, Esq. When young Dayton was sixteen 
years of age his family moved to Boston where he completed his prepara- 
tion for college in the face of the discouragement of increasingly poor 

* Name changed on March 19, 1896, to New York University. 


health. His physician informed him that a course at a Northern 
college was an impossibility for him, and by the order of his physician 
he went South and entered the University of North Carolina in the fall 
of 1846, where he remained during his Freshman year. He returned 
North in the summer of 1847 for a visit to his family, and died of con- 
sumption, on the 17th of August, 1847, while on the return journey to 
Chapel Hill. 

Sommers and Dayton were warm friends and together they con- 
ceived the idea of a new college fraternity which was to start with two 
chapters, one at New York University and the other at the University of 
North Carolina. These two young men joined to themselves a third, 
John M. Skillman, and with him became the founders of the Fraternity. 
The exact date of this agreement of Sommers, Dayton and Skillman 
to found the Zeta Psi Fraternity has been a matter of much discussion. 
Down to 1883, the date 1847 seems to have been the accepted one for the 
3 r ear of foundation, but in 1883 the Grand Chapter Convention, on the 
report of Bro. Aubrey, Delta Alpha, and of a committee appointed to 
investigate the subject, voted to accept 1846 in place of 1847 as the 
true date of the founding of the Fraternity. Accordingly, 1846 was used 
until researches, undertaken in view of the approaching semicentennial 
of the fraternity, seemed to cast doubt upon the correctness of this 
position, and in a paper read before the semicentennial convention the 
author of this history maintained that June 1, 1847, was the correct date 
of the founding of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. 

Since 1897 two very valuable sources for the early history of the 
Fraternity have been found, although they had been missing for over a 
generation; these were the original pledge book and the original record 
of minutes of the Phi Chapter at New York University. In addition to 
these invaluable documents, many others, including early minutes of 
other chapters, chapter correspondence and letters of the early members, 
have been discovered by the Fraternity archivist, the Delta Alpha, and 
have thrown new light upon the disputed date of origin. 

Both June 1, 1846, and June 1, 1847, are given in different places in 
the original Phi Chapter book, containing the chapter lists, by Bro. Som- 
mers himself in his own handwriting and over his own signature as the 
dates of the initiation of Dayton, Skillman and himself. The very 
source which we might expect to be conclusive, being thus contradictory, 
we are obliged to look elsewhere for evidence. 

It was the practice of the active chapters in the first few years of the 
Fraternity's existence to send lists of their members to the other chapters. 
One of these lists in the archives of the Delta Chapter gives the date June 
1, 1846, but this list is the only one giving this date. Numerous lists are 
in existence, all of which, with the exception of the one cited above, give 
the date June 1, 1847, or simply 1847. One of these, dated March 24, 
1849, reads as follows : 

" The Alpha of New York to the Alpha of New Jersey, greeting: 

"In accordance with Article XIX. of By-Laws, I forward the fol- 
l ?f l lst f a11 P ersons admitted to the fellowship of our Fraternity in 
Alpha Chapter of New York from June 1, 1847, until March 24, 1849. 

" # * * * * * 


" Secretary." 

T T , hen ;f~ llows in a tabulated list the names of those admitted, with 

51, 1847, as the date given for the admission of the founders. One 

:h earlier than the date of the above letter, on February 22, 1849, Bro. 

5 himself sent a similar list to the Alpha Chapter of Massachu- 

tts signed by himself, giving June 1, 1847, as the date of his own 

itiation In the back of the original Phi Chapter minute book there 

i a list of the chapters of the Fraternity written, as the internal evidence 

indicates, in the year 1850, which gives 1847 as the date of founding of 


the Phi Chapter at New York University. The earliest catalogue of 
the Fraternity, published in 1859, gives the date of the installation of the 
Phi Chapter as 1847. There is in the archives of the Delta Chapter at 
New Brunswick, a letter, dated August 5, 1859, from Bro. Sommers to 
Bro. J. H. Hopkins, of the Delta Chapter, acknowledging the receipt of 
the catalogue and testifying to the correctness of the part relating to the 
Phi Chapter. Letters from Bros. Carter, Woodhull and Mott, all now 
living, all of whom joined the Fraternity during the year 1847-8, give as 
the recollections of these Brothers, that it was started in the college year 
1846-7, and Bro. Mott is quite positive that it was in the spring of 1847. 
This evidence is sufficiently conclusive to warrant the Fraternity in 
settling upon the year 1847 as the year of the foundation of Zeta Psi. 

The death of Bro. Dayton, while on his way to Chapel Hill, to 
continue as a Sophomore his course at the University of North Carolina, 
prevented the founding of a chapter of Zeta Psi at that University, and 
not until eleven years later did the idea of Bro. Dayton find fruition in 
the establishment of the Upsilon Chapter at Chapel Hill. 

The opening of New York University in September, 1847, found the 
two remaining Brothers full of hope and enthusiasm for their project, 
and in the first meeting of the year and the first meeting of which the 
minutes have been preserved, held September 15, 1847, at Bro. Sommers' 
home, 82 Madison Street, New York, new members were proposed and 
the Zeta Psi Fraternity was fairly started on its prosperous and hon- 
orable career. 

The name of the Fraternity and of the chapter at New York Univer- 
sity and the broad outline of organization, had been incorporated in a 
constitution adopted by the three original members in the spring of 1847. 
The minutes of the chapter meetings, which were held regularly after 
September 15, 1847, show great energy and remarkable success in complet- 
ing the organization and in adding new members. This success was due 
very largely to the rare qualities of personal popularity, genius for organ- 
ization and powers of leadership possessed by Bro. Sommers. The 
credit for placing the new Fraternity upon a sound basis, for laying down 
the lines of future growth and for defining the principles which were to 
actuate its members in their relation to each other and to the Fraternity, 
belongs to Bro. Sommers. Great praise for earnest and successful pioneer 
work for Zeta Psi is due Bro. Geo. S. Woodhull, of the class of 1848, the 
first Zeta Psi to be graduated from college, and to Bro. "Wm. H. Carter, 
'50, who was initiated several months before Bro. Woodhull, and hence 
has the distinction of being the oldest living member of the Fraternity. 

The Fraternity has never departed from the basal principles laid 
down by its founders. It has demanded character and culture as the 
first requisites for membership in Zeta Psi. Given character and cul- 
ture, good-fellowship has been preferred to mere scholarship, although 
the Fraternity has always recognized that without scholarship the de- 
sired standing of member and of chapter could not be maintained in the 
college. It has been the policy of the Fraternity, inaugurated by its 
founders, never to choose men as members solely on account of attain- 
ment in restricted spheres of college activity. Scholarship or athletic 
ability alone, although highly prized when possessed by men of char- 
acter and culture, were never sufficient qualifications for membership. 

Bro. Sommers in his valedictory address on the " Elements of a Good 
Society," delivered on retiring from the presidency of the Phi Chapter, 
April 15, 1848, said that there were two necessary elements in a good 
Fraternity, viz.: "An honorable reputation, a broad, and a self-respect- 
ing character among ourselves. Our reputation must be obtained among 
our fellow students in the University, and there it will depend on our 
standing as students and upon our individual characters. When either 
of these is wanting there is a defect which will hinder us from obtaining 
those whom we should most desire to call our Brothers, for no amount of 
genius can compensate for want of character. ' ' 


Zeta Psi is distinctly a social, not a literary organization, social 
in the broadest and best sense of the word. The aim of the Fraternity 
has been and is to develop the member as a social being-, through 
intimate relations with a limited number of congenial friends who are 
bound together in an organization where loyalty, truth, honor and fra- 
ternal affection are the guiding principles. To this end literary activity 
is encouraged as a means, never as an end in itself; to this end likewise 
all the varied activities of college and Fraternity life are supported. 
The Fraternity never loses sight of the fact that the man is more im- 
portant than the musician, the athlete or the scholar. 

Founded upon these principles, the chapter at New York University 
became by the close of its first year a strong factor in the Fraternity life 
of the college. The founder's idea of the Fraternity as an affiliated or- 
ganization found expression in the establishment of a chapter at Williams 
College in the spring of 1848. Henry Silas Hodges, a student in the class 
of 1849 at Williams College, was a friend of one of the members of Zeta 
Psi at New York University, Bro. Geo. S. Woodhull, and this connection 
was used to start a chapter of Zeta Psi at Williams. Hodges came to 
New York and was initiated May 11, 1848, as a member of the Zeta Psi 
Fraternity. A petition from Bro. Hodges and another who had formerly 
been a member of Zeta Psi at New York University, for the founding of a 
chapter at Williams College, was received and granted on May 20, 1848, 
and at a meeting of the parent chapter held May 23, 1848, the Alpha of 
Massachusetts was duly installed as the second chapter of the Zeta Psi 
Fraternity. William W. Allen, '49, Charles A. Stowell, '49, and Samuel 
B. Sumner, '49, were the first initiates and, together with Bro. Hodges, 
constituted the charter members of the Alpha of Massachusetts. This 
chapter, later known as the Zeta., flourished for a short time, but adverse 
conditions limited its life to four years, and on June 22, 1852, it gave up 
its charter, to be restored over twenty-nine years later, Nov. 21, 1881, 
to the new Zeta., whose continued prosperity amply justifies the reestab- 
lishment of a chapter at Williams. By June, 1852, when the old Zeta 
ceased to exist, the Fraternity had already grown so strong that the loss 
of its second chapter hardly affected its prosperity, and interfered very 
little, if any, with its continued and rapid development. 

Rutgers was the third college to obtain the honor of the installation 
of a chapter of Zeta Psi. Judson H. Hopkins, of the class of 1850, Rut- 
gers College, was a relative and a warm personal friend of Bro. Geo. S. 
Woodhull, of New York University, and was interested by him in the pro- 
ject of extending the Zeta Psi Fraternit3' to Rutgers College. Hopkins 
associated with himself John Hess, also of the class of 1850, who accom- 
panied him to New York, where on November 24, 1848, they were both 
initiated into the Fraternity as members of the Alpha of New York from 
Rutgers College. Two more Rutgers men, Cortlandt Van Wyck, '50, 
and a classmate were initiated in New York as members of the New 
York University Chapter. On January 15, 1849, a petition from the four 
Rutgers members was presented to the Alpha of New York requesting 
that a charter be granted to the petitioners for a chapter of Zeta Psi 
at Rutgers College. The petition having been approved by the Alpha of 
Massachusetts, the charter was granted. Ten days later, Bro. John 
Hess was sent to New York to receive the charter and at a meeting 
of the Alpha of New York, held January 25, 1849, the Alpha Chapter 
of New Jersey was duly installed, Bro. Hess serving as proxy for the 
Rutgers' petitioners. The Rutgers Chapter thus founded has had over 
half a century of unbroken history. The newly initiated members of 
Zeta Psi at Rutgers College were animated with the true spirit of mis- 
sionary endeavor for the Fraternity and Bro. Peter W. Rousse, '50, was 
for several years the self -constituted head of the ' ' College of the Propa- 
ganda" for Zeta Psi. 

The chapter at the college of New Jersey at Princeton was the first 
to bear the second letter of the Greek alphabet as the Beta of New Jersey. 


Jonathan Longstreet, '50, was selected to act as the originator of a 
chapter of Zeta Psi at Princeton. He was initiated as a member of the 
Rutgers Chapter on May 14, 1850, and immediately started to pledge 
men for the proposed chapter at Princeton. So successful was he that 
five men went with him to New Brunswick and were there, on June 3, 
1850, initiated into the fraternal bondsof Zeta Psi and withBro. Longstreet 
were installed as the Beta of New Jersey. The records and correspon- 
dence show that for the space of a quarter of a century the existence and 
organization of the chapter at Princeton were maintained in the face of 
much opposition and discouragement. The laws of the college against 
Greek-letter fraternities became so stringent that the continued existence 
of the chapter, even in secret, became unwise, and on account of faculty 
action making membership of the college and of a fraternity at Princeton 
absolutely incompatible, the chapter in December, 1875, disbanded as an 
affiliated member of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. The Grand Chapter, how- 
ever, was loath to surrender such a promising field, hoping that a reversal 
of the attitude of the college authorities might enable the Fraternity to 
continue at Princeton, but at the convention of the Grand Chapter, held in 
Syracuse, January, 1882, it was voted that the Omicron Chapter be honor- 
ably discontinued as an active chapter. This action was rescinded the 
following year, but the Philadelphia convention of 1892 finally withdrew 
the charter. 

The installation of a chapter at the University of Pennsylvania was 
due to the fact that two members of the class of 1852, Edward W. and 
Samuel E. Appleton, had prepared to enter Rutgers College, but had 
changed their plans and had entered the University of Pennsylvania. 
They continued the friendship formed in college preparation with boys 
who had entered Rutgers and had there become members of Zeta Psi. 
The brothers Appleton were induced to join the Fraternity and were 
initiated at New Brunswick, August, 1850, in time to return to Philadel- 
phia before college opened and pledge men to become members of a new 
chapter at the University of Pennsylvania. On September 4, 1850, Bro. 
J. B. Y. Sommers, Phi Alpha of the Fraternity, and Bro. P. W. Rousse, 
'50 (Alpha of New Jersey), installed the new chapter at Philadelphia as 
the Alpha of Pennsylvania, with the brothers Appleton and four other 
students, initiated the same evening, as charter members. The Sigma, 
as their chapter was later named, has for fifty years maintained un- 
interruptedly its existence and organization as the leading fraternity at 
the University of Pennsylvania. The semicentennial will be celebrated 
on March 9 and 10, 1900, the convention of the Grand Chapter. Zeta Psi 
is the oldest fraternity in continuous existence at the University. 

Waterville College, now Colby, was the second New England 
college to possess a chapter of Zeta Psi. Through the instrumentality 
of the Alpha of Massachusetts, a local society at Waterville received 
permission to enter the brotherhood of Zeta Psi, and on November 19, 
1850, Bros. E. J. Peck, Zeta '51, and J. S. Barry, Zeta '53, initiated 
fourteen men at Waterville and installed them as a chapter of Zeta Psi, 
the Alpha of Maine. For nearly fifty years the Alpha of Maine, or as 
it was later called, the Chi, has sent out into the world a succession of 
delegations which have ably represented the sterling manhood that con- 
stitutes the chief glory of Maine. The Chi will celebrate the semicen- 
tennial of its foundation on June 26, 1900, with a justifiable pride in 
its past achievements, and a conviction that the secure basis of its pres- 
ent prosperity guarantees continued success in the second half-century 
of its career. 

The Alpha of Maine, at Waterville, was the last chapter to be 
named under the old system. At the third Grand Chapter Convention, 
held at New Brunswick, August 6, 1851, the present system of desig- 
nating the chapters by letters of the Greek alphabet, irrespective of the 
States, was adopted. The Alpha of New York became the Phi, the 
Alpha of Massachusetts the Zeta, the Alpha and Beta of New Jersey 


the Delta and Omicron respectively, the Alpha of Pennsylvania the 
Sigma, and the Alpha of Maine the Chi. 

An attempt was made to start a chapter at the Theological Semi- 
nary at Alexandria, Virginia, evidently in the Fall of 1850, and although 
a charter was granted it as the Alpha of Virginia, the project was not 
a success and on April 2, 1851, the charter was resigned. Bros. Robert 
E. Randall, Sigma '53, and Wm. F. Rogers, Sigma '55, were appointed 
a committee to found a chapter at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Penn., 
and on the 5th of March, 1852, they successfully fulfilled their commis- 
sion by initiating fourteen men and installing them as the Alpha Chap- 
ter, which met adverse conditions, failed to conquer them and died in a 
little over two years. 

The Epsilon Chapter, at Brown University, was founded April 
21, 1852, through the instrumentality of Bros. E. W. Appleton, Sigma 
and Delta '52, and Peter W. Rousse, Delta '50, who superintended the 
foundation of the new chapter from Cambridge, where he was 
attending the Harvard Law School. John A. Gardiner, '52, was the 
leading spirit among the seven charter members, who, in spite of 
competition with five fraternities, already established at Brown, soon 
placed the chapter on a secure footing. The Epsilon Chapter grew and 
prospered until 1861, when the Civil War caused a period of temporary 
depression. The following quotation from the Grand Chapter minutes 
of the Convention held January 2, 1862, tells her glorious history : 
' ' Especial remark was made of the Epsilon, every active member of 
which, with one exception, abandoned his studies, on the first call of 
the President, and is at this moment in the Army of the Republic." 
A period of prosperity followed the close of the war, succeeded in its 
turn by one of adversity which, in 1876, brought to an end the life 
of the old Epsilon. Ten years later, April 17, 1886, the Epsilon was 
reestablished and speedily regained its old position as one of the 
principal fraternities at Brown and one of the leading chapters of 
Zeta Psi. 

Not satisfied with the honor of having established a chapter at 
Brown, Bro. Rousse received the requisite authority from the Fraternity 
and on July 12, 1852, installed the Rho Chapter at Harvard College. 
The Rho, after an honorable career, dating from 1852 to 1857, was 
suspended in the latter year and reestablished in 1865, was suspended 
again in 1867, and for the second time restored February 17, 1882. A 
period of great local prosperity followed, but the incompatability of the 
Harvard club system with the interests of the Fraternity at large caused 
the final withdrawal of the charter in December, 1892. 

The chapter at Dartmouth College, the old Psi, was honored in its 
founder, Nelson Dingley, Jr., later Governor of Maine and for many 
years Republican leader on the floor of the National House of Repre- 
sentatives as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Bro. Ding- 
ley entered Waterville College with the class of 1855, and was there initi- 
ated into Zeta Psi. He, however, transferred his academic allegiance to 
Dartmouth College and was thus the means of introducing Zeta Psi at 
Hanover. The chapter, authorized by vote of the Grand Chapter, August 
19, 1853, was installed at Hanover, by four brothers from the Chi. on No- 
vember 19, 1853, in the old Dartmouth Hotel. The Dartmouth Chapter 
gave up its meetings in 1865, was started again in 1871, but in June, 1873, 
its charter was finally withdrawn. 

The Kappa Chapter, at Tufts, was instituted October 22, 1855, by 
members of the Rho Chapter. A slight irregularity in the initiation of the 
movement, due perhaps to excessive zeal on the part of the founders, was 
soon remedied and the Kappa has, during fort} 7 -five years, chosen for its 
members the best men enrolled as students of the "college on the hill." 

Rarely has the prosperity of an institution been so dependent upon 
the life of one man as was Union College upon the life and ability of its 
great president, Eliphalet Nott. He made Union, during the middle of 


this century, one of the greatest educational centres of the country. 
Union became a strong fraternitj' college and it was but natural 
that Zeta Psi should desire representation, although very strong com- 
petition would inevitably follow. On March 4, 1856, three brothers from 
the Chi, duly authorized by the Grand Chapter, initiated seven students 
at Schenectady, and installed them as charter members of the Theta 
Chapter at Union College. The chapter prospered until 1866, when the 
death of Dr. Nott, after a presidency of sixty -two years, dealt the college, 
and through it the chapter, a severe blow, from which the college with 
difficulty, and the chapter never, recovered. It was reported at the Grand 
Chapter Convention of 1868, that the chapter had ceased to exist, owing 
to the decline in the prosperity of the college and the consequent difficulty 
of obtaining good men. Notwithstanding this report, the minutes of the 
Theta Chapter show that an attempt was made to keep up the organiza- 
tion for several years more, the last member being graduated from 
college in 1874. 

A committee from the Sigma Chapter, consisting of William Platt 
Pepper, '57, and Henry Ashurst, '58, was authorized to start a new 
chapter of Zeta Psi at Lafayette College, and on October 2, 1857, four 
charter members were duly installed at Easton, Pa., as the Tau Chapter. 
The Tau, strong through the support of a body of enthusiastic alumni, 
many of whom live in Easton, has for over forty years borne aloft the 
white banner of the Fraternity, and at the Grand Chapter Conven- 
tion, held in Easton in 1898, gave conclusive evidence of present strength 
and prosperity. 

Brothers from the Epsilon were given permission to establish a 
chapter at Amherst College in 1858, but the conditions were not favorable, 
and a precarious existence was maintained for a year only. 

The University of North Carolina, in the decade preceding the Civil 
"War, was a large and prosperous institution, worthy in every way to be 
the home of a chapter of Zeta Psi. The Delta was instrumental in ob- 
taining a charter and establishing the Upsilon Chapter at Chapel Hill. 
James Graham McNab, '58, was sent North by a band of students at the 
University of North Carolina who wished to become a chapter of Zeta Psi, 
to obtain, if possible, a charter. Mr. McNab was initiated at the Delta 
Chapter and received full authority to establish a chapter at the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina, where on the 16th of January, 1858, the Upsilon 
Chapter was inaugurated. Zeta Psi prospered until the Civil War de- 
manded the services of faculty and students on the fighting line. The 
college was more fortunate than most Southern institutions and was 
enabled to maintain the shadow of an existence during the dark years 
which ensued. The Upsilon Chapter was also enabled to keep up its 
organization, and at the close of the war regained a good share of its 
earlier prosperity. The sad days of the reconstruction period proved 
more disastrous to this institution than had the war itself, and in 1868 
the University closed its doors, and the chapter necessarily became 
extinct. The attempt of the Reconstructionists to carry on affairs, al- 
though maintained for two years, was a failure. After an interval of 
about seven years, the doors of the old University were reopened under 
the old officers; but it was not until ten years later that the desire of 
the Southern members of Zeta Psi for a chapter at Chapel Hill was 
fulfilled. On March 12, 1885, enthusiastic Alumni, by authority of the 
Grand Chapter, restored the Upsilon to life and to a career of prosperity 
and usefulness which has continued unchecked up to the present time. 

The year 1858 was memorable in the history of the Fraternity, not 
only for the founding of the first chapter of Zeta Psi south of the Mason and 
Dixon line, but also owing to its preemption for the first time of territory 
in what was then the West, beyond the Appalachian range. Liberty E. 
Holden was the founder of the Xi Chapter at the University of Michigan. 
He completed the first two years of his college course at Waterville Col- 
lege, where he became a member of the Chi Chapter, and then entered 


the University of Michigan in the Fall of 1856 as a Junior. Holden in- 
duced several of his friends at the University of Michigan to form a local 
organization with the purpose ultimately of becoming a chapter of Zeta 
Psi. The necessary authority from the Fraternity was obtained through 
the Chi Chapter, and on June 21, 1858, the chapter was installed with a 
large initial membership. The Xi Chapter has experienced the vicissi- 
tudes of fortune to which all chapters are liable; prosperity has, how- 
ever, outrun adversity, and forty-two years of continuous existence, during 
which the chapter has maintained its position as a peer among the lead- 
ing fraternities at Ann Arbor, place the Xi high in the honor roll of the 
chapters of Zeta Psi. 

The fourth chapter in Pennsylvania, the old Eta, was founded at 
Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., on the 13th of August, 1861, by 
a delegation from the Tau Chapter. There is an interesting entry in the 
Grand Chapter minutes of December, 1863, which records a resolution 
granting a new charter to the Eta Chapter in place of the one which was 
destroyed at the invasion of Gettysburg. The chapter lived through the 
Civil War and continued to initiate until 1870. A committee appointed 
by the Grand Chapter in 1873 found the chapter extinct and received 
the charter and records from their custodian. 

Two other chapters were established during the period of the Civil 
War, the Omega at the University of Chicago, November 5, 1864, by 
brothers from the Chi, Epsilon, Theta, Eta and Xi, and the Pi at the 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N. Y. , January 31, 1865. The 
former shared the fortunes of the old Chicago University, and died in 
January, 1887; the latter, after an honorable career of twenty-eight 
years, owing largely to a decrease in the number of students at the 
Institute, voluntarily surrendered its charter, December 21, 1893. 

The oldest college in Maine did not receive a chapter of Zeta Psi 
until eighteen years after its younger sister, Waterville College. George 
L. Chandler was initiated into Zeta Psi as a student of the latter college 
in the class of 1868, but providentially for Zeta Psi, concluded to finish 
his college course at Bowdoin College. Through his earnest efforts a 
petition from the Chi Chapter, for authority to establish a chapter at 
Bowdoin, was presented to the Grand Chapter and granted December 27, 
1867. The Lambda, as the Bowdoin Chapter was called, was instituted 
by the initiation, on January 31, 1868, of six charter members, in addi- 
tion to Bro. Chandler. From 1868 to the present day, the Lambda Chap- 
ter has continuously maintained its position as one of the leading fra- 
ternities at Bowdoin, and has, like the Colby Chapter, given the best 
from among the sturdy sons of Maine to Zeta Psi. 

The suspension of the University of North Carolina in 1868 caused a 
number of its former students to enter the University of Virginia for the 
completion of their college course. Among them were five brothers 
from the Upsilon Chapter, who, on October 16, 1868, having received the 
necessary authority, initiated four men, and with them constituted the 
charter members of the Beta Chapter. The Beta Chapter was in sus- 
pension from 1882 to March 1, 1893, when, owing very largely to the en- 
thusiastic endeavors of Bro. R. T. W. Duke, Jr., Beta '73, the chapter 
was reorganized. Since its reorganization its numbers have not been 
large, but it has obtained good men, and at the present time is in a pros- 
perous condition. 

The auspicious conditions under which Cornell University was founded 
not only drew students from other colleges, but impressed fraternity men 
generally with the desirability of preempting the ground. Three active 
members of the Xi Chapter at the University of Michigan entered Cor- 
nell in the fall of 1868, when its doors were first opened for students, 
and almost immediately associated four other Cornell students with them- 
selves as petitioners for a charter from the Zeta Psi Fraternity. Their 
petition was granted by the Grand Chapter on December 30, 1868, and 
on January 1, 1869, the first initiation of the Psi, as the new chapter was 


called, took place. The Psi has maintained a prominent position at 
Cornell, and its elders have been very influential in the councils of the 
Fraternity. Its magnificent chapter house at Ithaca, completed in 1892, 
is one of the finest fraternity houses in America. 

A very important step in the extension of Zeta Psi was taken at the 
Philadelphia Convention of December, 1870, when authority for theestab- 
lishment of a chapter on the Pacific Coast was given to the Grand Offi- 
cers. Arthur B. Waring-, Phi '70, and Albert B. Carlton, Phi '72, were 
instrumental in founding the Iota Chapter, which, thus constituted by 
authority of the Grand Chapter, became Zeta Psi's representative be- 
yond the Rockies. Zeta Psi was the first of the national secret Greek- 
letter fraternities to establish a chapter on the Pacific Coast and 
naturally reaped a great advantage from this priority, which gave it a 
leading position that has been successfully maintained in the face of 
increasing competition. 

The fifth college in New York State to receive a Zeta Psi charter was 
Syracuse University, where, on June 14, 1875, seven students who had 
been, on June 11, initiated at the Psi Chapter, were installed as the 
Gamma Chapter of Zeta Psi, representatives from the Psi, which had 
been most active in the campaign for the new chapter and from the Xi, 
assisting. The Gamma had an existence of twelve 3'ears. Its very weak 
condition in January, 1887, justified the Grand Chapter in withdrawing 
its charter. 

The prosperity of our Canadian chapters and the high standing in 
the University and social worlds which their members sustain warrant 
us in considering March 27, 1879, as a very important date in the history 
of Zeta Psi, for on that day Zeta Psi first crossed the boundaries of the 
United States and made itself an international fraternity by establishing 
a chapter at the University of Toronto. The Xi has the honor of being 
the mother chapter of the Theta Xi ; nine members of the former, assisted 
by two from the Pi, under authority of the Grand Chapter, went to 
Toronto and initiated nine students of the University of Toronto and 
installed them as the Theta Xi Chapter of Zeta Psi. Zeta Psi was first 
at Toronto, as she had been on the Pacific Coast, and for thirteen years 
had the field all to herself. The best men at the University became 
Zetes and gave the chapter a prestige that has been of great value since 
the introduction of other fraternities brought in the element of rivalry for 
possession of the most desirable men. 

Columbia University always has a number of students from other 
colleges pursuing studies in her several departments. In 1879, Bro. 
Richard A. Anthony, Delta '81, found that besides himself there 
were brothers from four different chapters studying at Columbia. Un- 
der his leadership they petitioned for a chapter at Columbia. The 
petition, supported by a very large number of prominent members of 
Zeta Psi in New York City, was granted by the constitutional authori- 
ties, and on December 12, 1879, Bro. W. L. Otis, past Phi Alpha, pre- 
sided at the installation of the Columbia or Mu Chapter, a name which 
was changed two years later to the Alpha. The Alpha has maintained itself 
since 1879 in the face of the most severe competition from other strong 
fraternities. The removal of the University to the new site at Morning- 
side Heights has created a healthier college life, and the chapter hopes 
to share with the University in its new era of prosperity. 

In 1883 the Fraternity for the second time crossed into Canada, 
and on January 3d of that year, founded the Alpha Psi Chapter at 
University. Bro. D. J. G. Wishart, Theta Xi '83, after 
graduation at Toronto University, entered McGill University for his 
medical course, and with the assistance of another graduate of the 
University of Toronto, R. F. Ruttan, who was also in the Medical 
Department, selected seven other men, who, together with themselves, 
petitioned successfully for a charter from the Zeta Psi Fraternity. 
Bro. Henry Brock, Theta Xi '81, and Bro. A. B. Cameron, Theta Xi 


'83, installed the chapter January 3, 1883. The Alpha Psi was 
without a rival for fourteen years at McGill University, and has had a 
career of great prosperity. It ranks deservedly among the strong 
chapters of the Fraternity. The chapter has achieved the distinction of 
combining supremacy in scholarship with a leading position in the 
college athletic world. The very large number of winners of the highest 
scholastic distinctions and the numerous representation on the Faculty 
of McGill attest the former, while the extraordinary number who have 
held official positions in the athletic organizations and membership in 
the athletic teams proves the latter. 

The year following the founding of the chapter at McGill Uni- 
versity witnessed the establishment of the first Ohio Chapter at the 
Case School of Applied Science. Elders of the Xi and of other chapters 
residing in Cleveland interested themselves in introducing a chapter of 
Zeta Psi at the new technical school founded through the liberality of 
Leonard Case. A charter was granted to six undergraduates in 
October, 1889, and on November 27th four of them journeyed to Ann 
Arbor and were there initiated and installed as the Nu Chapter of the 
Zeta Psi Fraternity. The Nu Chapter has always kept its numbers 
small, but the presence in Cleveland of a large body of influential 
alumni of Zeta Psi is an element of strength which enables the chapter 
to maintain a high standard of qualification for membership and insures 
continued prosperity. 

The wisdom of entering Yale University, under the peculiar condi- 
tions of fraternity life existing there and with the well-known Yale con- 
servatism to contend against, was questioned by many earnest members 
of the Fraternity, but success has justified the establishment of Zeta 
Psi at New Haven. Bro. S. B. Sumner, Zeta '49, was deeply interested 
and was ably assisted by Bro. Walter G. Eliot, Alpha '78, in the en- 
deavor to obtain a charter. That having been secured on May 11, 1889, 
ten New Haven students were initiated at the Zeta Psi Club, in New 
York City, as the charter members of the Eta Chapter, Bro. A. H. Gal- 
latin, Phi '59, presiding. A chapter house was built in 1891, which in 
1899 was replaced by the present stately structure, whose architectural 
beauty and whose adaptability to the needs of the chapter make it one 
of the finest fraternity houses in the country. 

Zeta Psi added another to her long list of pioneer chapters in 1892 
by crossing the Rockies for a second time and placing a chapter at Palo 
Alto three months after Stanford University had opened its doors to stu- 
dents. The Iota Chapter at Berkeley was naturally desirous, shut off as it 
was very largely from fellowship with the Eastern chapters, of placing 
a branch of Zeta Psi at the new sister University of the Pacific slope, 
and, under the leadership of Bro. Edwin Mays, Iota '93, secured the con- 
sent of the Grand Chapter at Philadelphia January 9, 1892, when a 
charter was granted to the petitioners, a number of whom had already 
become members of the Fraternity at the Iota Chapter. The two Pacific 
chapters have proved a source of mutual strength, and the Mu has had 
an extremely creditable, although a short, history, and will unquestion- 
ably maintain at Palo Alto the same relative position which the Iota has 
secured at Berkeley. 

If perseverance deserves success the youngest chapter of the Fra- 
ternity merits the membership in Zeta Psi it so long coveted. An 
organization of students at the University of Minnesota was, for six 
long years, unremitting in its efforts to obtain a charter from Zeta Psi. 
The traditional and wise conservatism of the Grand Chapter and the diffi - 
cultiesof complyingwiththeexactingconditionsof admission, were finally 
overcome, and on August 26, 1899, ten men were initiated and installed 
as the Alpha Beta Chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity by a committee of 
Grand Officers consisting of Bros. Kenneth Cameron, Alpha Phi '87, 
Phi Alpha; Pomeroy Ladue, Xi '90, Alpha Sigma Alpha; Albert Buch- 
man, Psi '77, Gamma Alpha, and Israel C. Pierson, Phi '65, Delta 


Alpha, assisted by a large number of elders, resident in Minneapolis 
and St. Paul. A chapter house had already been purchased and the 
latest addition to the chapter roll of Zeta Psi begins its career under the 
most auspicious conditions. 

Local conditions very largely determine the peculiar form that chapter 
life takes at the several colleges, but the chapter house idea has been 
steadily gaining ground. Sixteen of the twenty-one active chapters have 
chapter houses; ten of these are owned by the fraternity and six are 
leased. The Eta Chapter, at Yale, conforms to the local custom and 
has no dormitories, while each of the other chapter houses is not only the 
home of the chapter but also the college home of a number, generally a 
majority, of the active members of the chapter. The chapters at Wil- 
liams, Rutgers, Pennsylvania, Tufts, North Carolina, Michigan, Cornell, 
California, Yale and Minnesota own their houses, while those at New 
York, Virginia, Toronto, Columbia, Case School and Stanford lease 
chapter houses. The other chapters lease suites of rooms for the general 
use of the chapter. 

Thus Zeta Psi has grown from the little band of founders to its pres- 
ent magnitude. The three have become about five thousand and fifty. 
The parent chapter at New York University has now associated with 
herself in filial and, at the same time, fraternal fellowship, like chap- 
ters from Maine to California and from the Canadas to the Carolinas. 
The history of the growth, which has been traced, shows that certain 
periods have been productive of greater external development than others 
and that dominating personalities have appeared from time to time to 
guide the progress and control the interests of the Fraternity. The first 
period may be said to extend from 1847 to 1852, a period during which 
the founders themselves retained an active interest and oversight in the 
affairs of the Fraternity. At the close of its first five years of life Zeta 
Psi had nine chapters in the older Eastern colleges. The surviving 
founder, Bro. Sommers, was ably supported by Bros. Geo. S. Woodhull, 
Phi '48, whose character, ability and zeal did much to make secure the 
foundation already laid. But it is Bro. Peter W. Rousse, Delta '50, to 
whom, after the founders themselves, the chief credit is due for the rapid 
extension of the Fraternity during this first period. 

The next period of marked growth was from 1855 to 1858, when six 
new chapters were started. The admission of chapters in the West and 
South in 1858 made the Fraternity a national and no longer a purely 
Eastern organization. During this period Bro. G. L. Bennett, Rho '54, 
was the most energetic leader in Zeta Psi activities, and the Fraternity 
owes much to the painstaking and laborious manner in which he devoted 
himself to its interests. 

The period of the Civil War was of necessity one during which little 
progress was made, the nation demanded its young manhood and Zeta 
Psi, composed of the flower of the youth of the country, gave and gave 
most liberally of its best for the defense of the Union. The loss of so 
many active members was a serious blow to the Fraternity, from which, 
however, it recovered with surprising ease, the later years of the war 
being a time of very considerable prosperity and activity. 

The majority of the members of the Fraternity were Unionists yet 
the Southern members, although shut off by the exigencies of war from 
all communication with their Northern brethren, were still regarded as 
members and it is a remarkable tribute to the strength of the bond which 
unites us, that in July, 1862, when war passions were at fever heat, when 
ecclesiastical and social organizations had divided North and South, the 
Grand Chapter of Zeta Psi, in convention assembled, could have passed 
and did pass the following resolutions presented by Bro. "W. H. Cooke, 
Phi '58. The first two resolutions evinced the loyalty of the Fraternity 
to the cause of the Republic, but the last resolution "refers particularly 
to the Southern members, and shows the enduring nature of Zeta Psi's 
fellowship : 


" Resolved, That we, the brethren of the Zeta Psi Fraternity, al- 
though recognizing' only the bond of our motto, T K 3>, yet viewing- the 
terrible calamity in which our country is involved, hail with pride that 
true patriotic spirit which has actuated our brethren in so nobly respond- 
ing to the call of our common Republic. God speed our noble brethren 
in their offering; brethren by the ties of country, brethren still more by 
the closer ties of our loved Fraternity. We honor them, but still more do 
they honor us. 

Resolved, That, while we rejoice over our living heroes, we can but 
mourn the loss of those who, falling in defense of established principles, 
have enrolled their names among the sainted heroes of the past. Gone, 
but not lost; silent, yet speaking continually to our hearts; dead, yet 

''Resolved, That while we may differ in political sentiment with 
those of our brethren who are courageously battling for principles which 
they deem right, no disaster shall separate them from the communion of 
Tau Kappa Phi." 

The Upsilon Chapter, at the University of North Carolina, was 
represented at the first Convention held after the close of the war in 
December, 1865, and its delegate was welcomed by the Grand Chapter 
with enthusiastic applause. 

The Fraternity shared with the country the prosperity which followed 
the end of the great civil strife. Conventions were well attended, chapters 
were active and chapter rolls were well filled, a number of new chapters 
were instituted and the faithful labors in the Grand Chapter of de- 
voted Brothers were fruitful of good results. The following Brothers, 
among others, contributed materially to the success of Zeta Psi during 
this period : Bros. A. H. Gallatin, Phi '59, Samuel Marsh, Phi and Theta 
'67, A. B. Carlton, Phi '72, W. H. Moore, Epsilon '67, and L. S. Pilcher, 
Xi '62. From 1869 to 1878, inclusive, only two chapters were added to 
the Fraternity, one at California in 1871, and one at Syracuse in 1875, 
not including an attempt to establish a chapter at Annapolis, in 1874, 
which was almost immediately given up owing to the hostility of the 

Again the Fraternity shared with the country the reaction succeeding 
post-bellum prosperity. Attendance at the Grand Chapter Convention 
fell off, and the growth of the Fraternity was checked for a few years. 
In the last half of the decade Zeta Psi recovered from this temporary de- 
pression much more rapidly than did the country at large. Attendance at 
the conventions greatly increased, and much valuable work in perfecting 
the central organization of the Fraternity was accomplished. During the 
first part of the eighth decade there was no dominating personality in 
the councils of the Fraternity, but from 1873, when as an undergraduate 
he attended a convention for the first time, to his lamented death in 1881, 
Bro. William L. Otis, Pi and Xi '74, was unceasing in his labors for 
Zeta Psi. During those years the history of the Grand Chapter is largely 
a history of Bro. Otis's work for the Fraternity. He gave himself to the 
task of strengthening the Fraternity and of advancing its interests with a 
zeal, an ability and a devotion of time that entitle him to a great debt of 
gratitude and place him in the very front rank of the benefactors of Zeta 
Psi. His untimely death was an irreparable loss to the Fraternity, whose 
service was his greatest pleasure. 

The extension of Zeta Psi to Canada in 1879, for the first time ad- 
mitting chapters outside the limits of the United States, was a most im- 
portant step in the growth of the Fraternity, followed, as it was, by the 
installation of a chapter at McGill University. It made the Fraternity, 
in reality, the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America. During the ninth 
decade of this century, Charles B. Everson, Psi '78, was one of the most 
active and efficient workers in the Fraternity. His valuable and long- 
continued labors for the upbuilding of Zeta Psi place him among the 
foremost of its supporters. 


Since 1883, conservatism has been the rule governing the granting of 
charters to new chapters. Only four, not including reestablishments, 
have been issued in the last seventeen years at Case School in 1884; Yale 
in 1889; Stanford in 1892, and Minnesota in 1899. Far from being a period 
of stagnation, however, the last seventeen years have been years of re- 
markable prosperity. The Fraternity has been able as never before to 
command the services of a large number of prominent alumni in the 
task of administering the affairs of Zeta Psi. A most efficient central 
organization has been perfected in the "Standing Committee of Patri- 
archs," which was authorized at the Philadelphia Convention, held 
January, 1892. Probably no single action since the founding of the 
Fraternity has been fraught with so much of benefit to Zeta Psi as the 
organization of the Committee of Patriarchs. The remarkable prosper- 
ity of the Fraternity to-day is very largely due to its wise, consistent 
policy and to the devoted labors of its members, and especially those of 
the man who has been its chairman since 1892 Bro. I. C. Pierson, Phi 
'65. Bro. Pierson has given his time, his energy and his love in a re- 
markable degree to Zeta Psi, and it is probably safe to say that no 
member of the Fraternity since its foundation has bestowed upon it so 
much successful labor. The Fraternity also owes a debt of gratitude to 
its efficient treasurer, Bro. Albert Buchman, Psi '79, who for the past 
ten years has ably managed its financial interests. 

The affairs of the Fraternity at large for the first two years of its exist- 
ence were controlled by the three chapters through correspondence. This 
method, however, proved inefficient and unsatisfactory. The Alpha of New 
York (Phi), at a meeting held June 16, 1849, passed the following minute: 
"The chapter then adopted the call of the Alpha of Massachusetts for a 
convention of the Fraternity, to be held at "Williamstown, on the 14th of 
August next." Bro. J. B. Y. Somtners forwarded the action of the chap- 
ter on the next day to the Alpha of New Jersey (Delta) in a letter, in 
which he stated: " You are doubtless aware that the subject of a Con- 
vention has been agitated for some time among the chapters, the neces- 
sity for which is obvious. We have just received communications from 
the Alpha of Massachusetts requesting that a Convention be held at 
Williamstown on the 14th of August next, for the purpose of revising 
Constitution, By-Laws and Ceremonies." 

Pursuant to this call, the first Grand Chapter Conventionof the Zeta 
Psi Fraternity was held at Williamstown, Mass., on August 14 and 15, 
1849. Delegates were present from each of the three chapters. Bro. 
Woodhull, of the Alphaof New York, was elected President; Bro. Stowell, 
of the Alpha of Massachusetts, Vice-President, and Bro. Sommers, of 
the Alpha of New York, Secretary. It may be inferred from the absence 
of a treasurer from this list of officers that money had not as yet become 
an asset of the infant order. Three committees were appointed on Con- 
stitution and By-Laws, on Initiation and on Signs, Symbols and Cere- 

The second Convention was held at Newburgh, N. Y., August 22, 1850. 
Delegates were present from New York University, Williams and Rutgers. 
A charter was granted to the Alpha of Pennsylvania at the University 
of Pennsylvania and delegates in waiting were immediately admitted 
from that chapter. The most important work of this Convention was the 
adoption of a new Constitution of the Fraternity, which was presented 
as a report by the Committee on Constitution and By-Laws appointed at 
the first Convention, consisting of Bros. Rousse and Hess, of the Alpha 
of Xew Jersey, and Skillman, of the Alpha of New York. This Consti- 
tution, with a few amendments, continued in force until 1862, when the 
Convention held in Boston in December, 1862, adopted a general revision 
of the Constitution which had been prepared by Bros. Wm. H. Cooke, 
Phi '60, and J. F. Dripps, Phi '63. Amendments were passed from 
time to time, but for twenty-eight years the Constitution remained sub- 
stantially unchanged. A second general revision of the Constitution was 


adopted by the Grand Chapter at New York, January, 1890, and the fol- 
lowing 3^ear the same committee on the revision of the Constitution re- 
ported a new set of By-Laws, which were adopted after discussion and 
amendment. The work of this committee was most thorough and pains- 
taking, and remains to-day a monument to the wisdom and ability of the 
framers of our fundamental laws. 

The third convention was held at New Brunswick, N. J., with the 
Rutgers Chapter, August 6, 1851, after which, for four successive years, 
conventions were held respectively at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Springfield, Mass., and Hartford, Conn. Of the first seven conven- 
tions, two only were held in University towns but, beginning with the 
session of 1856, the policy of the Grand Chapter has been to meet in 
University towns as the guest of the local chapter or chapters. The only 
exceptions to this rule have been the conventions in Cleveland in 1877, 
held, however, under the auspices of the Xi Chapter of the University 
of Michigan in conjunction with the Cleveland Alumni; in Chicago in 
1889, with the Northwestern Metropolitan Chapter; in Boston, in Decem- 
ber, 1892, as the guests of the New England Association, and several 
sessions held in New York, with the New York Alumni or the Committee 
of Patriarchs. 

The semicentennial session of the Grand Chapter of the Zeta Psi 
Fraternity, held in New York City, April 23 and 24, 1897, will long be 
remembered by every brother who attended, as the most notable and 
most successful function ever held under the auspices of Zeta Psi. The 
Committee of Patriarchs, assisted by a semicentennial committee of 
prominent elders from each chapter, carefully planned and carried 
out, with conspicuous success, the elaborate arrangements which made 
the convention a worthy celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 
Fraternity. Representatives from twenty-four chapters signed the con- 
vention register and over three hundred members were in attendance. 
Bro. Wm. H. Carter, Phi '50, the oldest living Zete, was in attendance 
constantly throughout the session, as the only living member who 
had for the space of half a century worn the badge of Zeta Psi, and as 
the friend and associate of the founders, he brought home to the brothers 
present a realization of the venerable age, the dignity and the worth of 
the Fraternity. Bro. Geo. S. Woodhull, Phi '48, the first member of 
Zeta Psi to be graduated from college ; Bro. Geo. S. Mott, Phi '50, Bro. 
Judson H. Hopkins, Delta '50, Bro. John Hess, Delta '50, Bro. Ezra J. 
Peck, Zeta '51, and many other elders of the pioneer days were present to 
see the fruits of their labors of fifty years ago, and to realize that they 
had builded better than they knew. 

An informal complimentary dinner was given at the Hotel St. Denis, 
on the evening of the 23d, at which Bro. Francis Lawton, Epsilon 
'69, presided. Nearly three hundred were present and participated 
in one of the most enjoyable gatherings ever given by our honored 
Fraternity. The banquet was held at Delmoiiico's the following 
evening, with Bro. F. LeRoy Satterlee, Phi '66, Phi Alpha of the 
Fraternity, as the presiding officer, and Bro. Wm. H. McElroy, Theta 
'60, as toastmaster. Again nearly three hundred men testified by 
their presence to the loyalty which animates brothers in Tau Kappa 
Phi. Bro. Nelson Dingley, Jr., Chi '55, the illustrious statesman 
whose loss we have since been called upon to mourn, sat at the right of 
the president, and delivered one of the chief addresses of the evening. 
Bro. Charles H. Eaton, Kappa '74, one of New York's most gifted and 
eloquent divines, delivered the oration and well sustained his reputation 
as a brilliant orator, while Bro. Wm. H. McElroy, Theta '60, author 
and journalist, was the poet of the occasion and read a masterly pro- 
duction entitled "When this Old Pin was New," which was considered 
by those present to be the best occasional poem the}' had ever heard. 
Bros. Carter, Phi '50, Walker, Rho '55, J. W. Bennett, Phi '53, and 
other prominent elders also responded to toasts, and Bro. M. S. Brown, 


Epsilon '92, read an historical sketch of the founding of the Fraternity. 
The unqualified success of the Convention was but a reflection of the 
remarkable and, up to that time, unequaled prosperity of the Fraternity, 
and was also a convincing proof of Zeta Psi's position as one of the lead- 
ers in the American fraternity world. 

Twice only in the half century of its history has the Grand Chapter 
failed to meet in a general convention. The failure of the responsible 
officers to send out the proper notices for the Convention summoned to 
meet at Philadelphia, July 22, 1857, resulted in the failure of a sufficient 
number of delegates to attend in order to constitute a quorum, and a 
special session of Grand Officers was held in New York City, a month 
later, to transact the necessary business. The second failure was due 
to the Civil War. The Grand Chapter was to have convened in the sum- 
mer of 1861, for the first time south of the Mason and Dixon line, with 
the Upsilon Chapter at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 
North Carolina. The war so absorbed the attention and energies of all 
that no attempt was made to find another host for the Convention. 

New York has the distinction of having entertained the Grand Chap- 
ter at twelve regular sessions, besides more than that number of special 
sessions of the Convention or of its Grand Chapter Officers. The Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania has been the host of the Fraternity six times, 
and Boston has been the place of meeting four times. Providence, New 
Brunswick and Easton have each had the honor three times, and Ithaca, 
Toronto and Montreal twice. Regular conventions have been held once 
in each of the following cities : Williamstown, Newburgh, Poughkeep- 
sie, Brooklyn, Springfield, Hartford, Waterville, Hanover, Schenectady, 
Cleveland, Troy and Syracuse. 

The Grand Chapter of the Fraternity has, since 1859, regularly 
published the Minutes of each Annual Convention. The copies of un- 
printed minutes of the earlier conventions have fortunately been pre- 
served, with the exception of those of 1851, but their substance has been 
gathered from correspondence of the time, so that the Fraternity has in 
its archives, thanks to the unremitting labors of the Delta Alpha, a 
practically complete official record of its history. The publications of 
the Fraternity, in addition to its minutes, have been bulletins, song- 
books, a Zeta Psi Monthly, a Zeta Psi Quarterly, directories and cata- 

The value of a Zeta Psi songbook was early recognized and many 
efforts were made to collect and preserve the Fraternity songs. As early 
as 1855, the Grand Chapter appointed a committee for this purpose. 
Similar committees were appointed from time to time but failed to do more 
than make partial collections of Zeta Psi songs until, in 1869, a com- 
mittee from the Psi Chapter at Cornell was given power to publish a 
songbook for the Fraternity. In 1871, this committee, of which Bro. J. M. 
Dodge, '71, was chairman, printed and published the first book of Zeta 
Psi songs without music. The '71 book, notwithstanding repeated 
attempts to publish a new collection, remained the only one until Bro. 
Bolles, Kappa '88, chairman of a songbook committee appointed by the 
Grand Chapter in 1889, succeeded in publishing, in 1891, the second Zeta 
Psi songbook, words and music. One of the features of the semicenten- 
nial year was the publication by a committee, consisting of Bro. Israel 
C. Pierson, Phi '65, and Bro. Thomas I. Chatfield, Eta '93, of a Zeta Psi 
songbook with words and music, the former exclusively of Zeta Psi 
authorship. This book was in every way worthy of the Fraternity whose 
badge ornaments the cover, the beautiful design for which and the first 
page was drawn by Bro. F. T. Clayton, Phi '96. 

The Grand Chapter at the Syracuse Convention, 1882, voted to pub- 
lish a monthly journal devoted to the interests of Zeta Psi. The Zeta 
Psi Monthly was first issued in November, 1882, at Toronto, Canada, 
under the editorship of Bro. Henry Brock, Theta Xi '81, who as- 
sumed not only the editorial but also the financial responsibility of the 


enterprise. Three numbers were published by Bro. Brock, who then 
became convinced that Toronto was too far from the centre of Zeta Psi in- 
terests and activities and so resigned the editorship in favor of Bro. J. Bruen 
Miller, Delta '79, who accepted the office and the responsibility of pub- 
lication. Bro. Miller continued as editor of the monthly and of its suc- 
cessor, the Zeta Psi Quarterly, until March, 1885. Bro. Walter G. Eliot, 
Alpha '78, followed him as ad interim editor, and Bro. Ruford Franklin, 
Alpha '86, was chosen as his successor and served as editor until the 
discontinuance of the publication in 1886. The monthly was a private 
enterprise, although recognized as the official organ of the Fraternity. 
The quarterly was published by the Zeta Psi Publishing- Co., a stock 
company whose shares were subscribed for by members of the Fraternity. 
Bro. J. Bruen Miller and his associates conferred a great benefit upon 
the Fraternity by their arduous and unremunerative labors in their suc- 
cessful endeavors to give Zeta Psi a journal worthy of its position in the 
college fraternity world. 

The Fraternity has from time to time published catalogues and direc- 
tories of its members. The first attempt to publish a catalogue was 
made in 1853, the Convention of that year voting to publish a catalogue 
within a year. Two years passed and no catalogue appeared. A com- 
mittee was appointed in the Convention of 1855 to inquire into the delay 
in the publication of the catalogue. In 1857 all former catalogue com- 
mittees were discharged and a new one was chosen, with full power to 
publish a catalogue as soon as possible, and the efficient chairman of 
the committee, Bro. G. L. Bennett, Rho '54, having been ably assisted 
by Judson H. Hopkins, Delta '50, as mentioned before, had the honor of 
reporting to the Grand Chapter in 1859 that the first Zeta Psi Catalogue 
had been published. 

The movement for a second catalogue began in 1864, with a motion 
that a new catalogue be published by the Grand Chapter, a motion made 
by Bro. Israel C. Pierson, Phi '65, who thus thirty-five years ago was 
actively interested in the affairs of the Fraternity. Bros. Charles H. 
Tillinghaste, Theta '64, Albert H. Gallatin, Phi '59, Henry T. Thomas, 
Omega '64, Lewis S. Pilcher,Xi '62, A. W. Bailey, Phi '65, and Satterlee 
Arnold, Pi '66, were appointed a committee for the purpose, and after 
three years' labor, published in 1867, the second catalogue of the Zeta 
Psi Fraternity, which contained 1,314 names. Bro. Samuel Marsh, Phi 
'67, advanced for its publication a large sum of money. He subsequently 
generously canceled a very considerable portion of the debt to himself 
which the Fraternity had thus incurred. In 1874 the Grand Chapter 
published an "addenda" to the catalogue of 1867 with 575 names, by a 
committee consisting of W. L. Otis, Pi '74, C. M. Knight, Kappa '73, J. 
E. Ensign, Xi '74, and H. C. Drake, Psi '72. The fourth catalogue of 
the Fraternity was published in 1884, after three years of labor, by a 
committee consisting of Bros. Charles B. Everson, Psi '78 (chairman), D. 
Cady Gere, Gamma '79, and Charles G. Belden, Gamma '79. The publi- 
cation of this volume was so wisely managed that Bro. Everson was able 
to report to the convention that, although the cost of publication exceeded 
two thousand dollars, the entire expense had been met and no debt re- 
mained for the Grand Chapter to assume. There were 2,724 names. 

Bro. Wyatt G. Johnston, Alpha Psi '84, issued, in 1888, a directory 
of members of the Fraternity, with addresses as then known. Bro. Samuel 
B. Sumner, Zeta '49, published a partial list of new members in 1889, 
and in 1892, Bros. J.Howard Ford, Psi '77 (chairman), William A. Hoe, 
Jr., Phi '88, and Israel C. Pierson, Phi '65, were appointed a committee 
to publish a complete directory of the Fraternity. Within one year the 
Zeta Psi Directory was issued, containing a remarkablj 7 complete and 
accurate list of 4,005 members, with addresses and alphabetical and 
geographical indexes. This directory, however, was meant to be simply 
the initial step in the publication of a great biographical catalogue. 
The same committee was continued in power, and has for over five years 


labored on this undertaking. The lamented death of Bro. Hoe deprived 
the committee of a valuable worker, and Bro. Pomeroy Ladue, Xi '90, 
was appointed in his place. Bro. Pierson, as secretary of the committee, 
has devoted himself to the task of editing- and publishing this catalogue 
with a singleness of purpose and an unselfish devotion of time and energy 
which places the whole Fraternity under a deep debt of gratitude to him. 
This monumental work, the Zeta Psi Biographical Catalogue of 1899, 
crowns the list of the Fraternity's publications. 

The remarkable improvement in internal organization which has char- 
acterized the last two decades has been manifested in one very important 
phase in the care that has been given to the collection and to the preserva- 
tion of the archives of the Fraternity. In 1884 an archivist was appointed, 
and historical matter, long scattered, was collected. Bro. Pierson, Phi 
'65, has been archivist since 1895, and has gathered and preserved in- 
valuable muniments of our early history. A systematic effort has been 
made to secure material illustrating the origin and growth of the Frater- 
nity. Many members have turned over to the Delta Alpha papers of 
great value which in private hands would inevitably have been lost in the 
course of time. These sources for the history of Zeta Psi are securely 
kept in a room devoted to that purpose in a fireproof building in New 
York City. The preservation of the more valuable records and papers is 
doubly secured by means of a fireproof safe. 

One of the great difficulties with which all fraternities have to con- 
tend is the tendency of graduate members to become absorbed in busi- 
ness, professional or family cares, and, to a degree, forget the asso- 
ciations of college days to which they owe so much of pleasure and of 
profit. Zeta Psi has endeavored to counteract this tendency by the for- 
mation of associations of Elders at different centres. Such associations 
have been or now are, with great benefit to the Fraternity, existent at 
Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland, Detroit, 
Chicago and San Francisco. 

A fraternity is known by its sons. Judged by that test Zeta Psi 
holds a proud rank in the list of American fraternities. Its Elders 
have won distinction in every honorable branch of public and private 
activity. United States Senators and Representatives, State Governors 
and legislators, diplomats, army and navy officers, college presidents 
and professors, eminent jurists on the national and State benches, promi- 
nent lawyers, clergymen, physicians, journalists and authors, success- 
ful financiers and business men attest the intellectual and moral worth 
of the men whom Zeta Psi has honored with membership in her mystic 
circle. To a remarkable degree have the Alumni of Zeta Psi been suc- 
cessful men. The Fraternity justly prides itself upon the attainments 
and social standing of the average member, whose success is, after all, 
a better criterion of the real worth of the Fraternity than the achieve- 
ments of those who have won national reputations. 

Zeta Psi, with a muster roll of about five thousand and fifty 
members, of whom nearly four thousand two hundred are living, 
enters upon its second half-century of existence with ample justi- 
fication for the belief that the future has abounding prosperity in store 
for the Fraternity which so proudly bears its name. Never during its half- 
century of history has Zeta Psi been so strong, and never have the indi- 
vidual chapters and the Grand Chapter been so effectively organized for a 
successful prosecution of the work for which they were constituted. Zeta 
Psi has nobly carried out the plans and fulfilled the ideals of the honored 
founders of the Fraternity. The work which they instituted has grown 
to proportions far surpassing their most sanguine expectations. For 
over half a century has Zeta Psi vitally influenced for good the lives of 
successive generations of college men, who have taken upon themselves 
the obligations and vows of the initiate. Character has been builded and 
manhood developed. Loyalty, truth, honor and love have been taught as 
essential elements in the character of every true son of Zeta Psi. Formed 


upon such principles, inspired by the examples of self-sacrifice and 
noble endeavor with which its history is replete and supported by the loyal 
devotion of enthusiastic sons, the weal of Zeta Psi is assured. So long as 
Tau Kappa Phi shall actuate the lives and motives of its members, prog- 
ress and prosperity will be chronicled by its historians and the Zeta 
Psi Fraternity of North America will maintain its present honored posi- 
tion in the American fraternity world. 














The early history of the Phi Chapter of Zeta Psi is the story of the 
birth and primitive days of the Fraternity. Its founder was John Bradt 
Yates Sommers, its birthplace was New York University, in the build- 
ing which stood on Washington Square, New York, from 1835 until 1894. 

A few prominent citizens of New York met on December 16, 1829, 
to consider "the establishment of a University on a liberal and exten- 
sive foundation." A standing committee, appointed at a second confer- 
ence which was held on January 6, 1830, secured, for the new enterprise, 
a large number of subscribers who, on October 16, 1830, organized and 
elected the first Council of the University of the City of New YorkJ, which 
was chartered as the corporation or governing body on April 16, 1831. 

The first president of the Council of New York University was Albert 
Gallatin, who had been Secretary of the Treasury under Jefferson and 
Madison for twelve years, Minister to France eight years from 1815, and 
Ambassador Extraordinary to London in 1826. He was the grandfather 
of Bros. Albert H. Gallatin, '59, and Frederick Gallatin, '61. The first 
Chancellor was Rev. James M. Matthews, D.D., from 1831 to 1839, when 
he was succeeded by an uncle of Bro. Frederick Frelinghuysen, Delta 
'68, Theodore Frelinghuysen, LL. D., who had been Attorney-General of 
New Jersey and U. S. Senator. During his chancellorship, 1839 to 
1850, Zeta Psi came to light. Myndert Van Schaick, the grandfather of 
Eugene Van Schaick of the Alpha and Phi Chapters, was one of the 
original promoters of the University and the first treasurer of the Council. 

College work was begun in October, 1832, in Clinton Hall, Bleecker 
Street, near Broadway. In 1833 was graduated the first class which 
consisted of three men, one of whom was a brother of John C. Acheson, 
M. D. , a Zeta Psi of the class of 1853. 

The building on Washington Square was finished and occupied 
in 1835, in which year the law school was started by Hon. B. F. 
Butler of New York. In the same year Prof. S. F. B. Morse, of the 
Faculty of Arts and Science, uncle of W. H. Morse, $ '72, applied 
the use of electricity to the recording telegraph and sent the first tele- 
gram from the room which he occupied in the University Building. 
Among the other things which N. Y. U. has given to the world, this 
and another rank with the most useful inventions of the wonderful century 
now closing; the other dates from 1839, when Prof. John W. Draper pro- 
duced in the University Buildingthe first sun picture of the human face. 
The opening of the School of Medicine under Dr. Valentine Mott, in 
1841, completed the University establishment as proposed by himself and 
the other founders. 

New York University was just entering upon the fourteenth year of 
college work when, in 1845, the founder of Zeta Psi, John B. Yates Som- 
mers, was admitted as a Freshman in the class of '49, having just 
completed his sixteenth year. Although there were already chapters of 
three strong fraternities in N. Y. U. , Bro. Sommers early in his college 
course decided to organize a new fraternity according to his own ideals 
and for this purpose associated with himself Bros. W. H. Dayton* and 
J. M. Skillman '49, and founded Zeta Psi on June 1, 1847f. Sketches^ 
of these three founders are given elsewhere. They prepared the consti- 
tution, by-laws, initiation service, pledge and other details of the scheme 
of the Fraternity. The earliest recorded minutes extant are those of a 
meeting of the Phi Chapter, held at the home of Bro. Sommers, 82 

II The name was changed to New York University on March 19, 1896. 

Died Aug. 17, 1847. t See History of Zeta Psi. J. See Sketches and Biographies. 
The system of naming Chapters was changed by convention of 1851. See History ol 


Madison Street, New York, on September 15, 1847, when he, as secretary, 
and Bro. Skillman, as president, were the only ones present the only 
members of the Fraternity. The first initiation occurred on September 27, 

1847, the second on October 13, 1847. The two men then initiated were ac- 
tually engaged in promoting the new enterprise for awhile but subse- 
quently became discouraged. Their names were dropped from the roll 
by appropriate action, however several cousins of the first and two sons 
of the second are now in the Zeta Psi fold. The third addition to the 
fraternity was Rev. William Henry Carter, D. D., LL. D., '50, now of 
Tallahassee, Fla., who was admitted on November 6, 1847. All delight 
to honor him as the oldest living initiate. Bro. Skillman, in his address 
on December 18, 1847, at the close of his term of office, said: "I know of 
nothing more encouraging than the present flourishing state of our 
Fraternity. To be sure we do not number as many as the majority of 
the societies in the University but I am equally certain there is none 
where greater unanimity and brotherly love exist among the members 
and I think I may say with propriety and truth, 'We were weak but 
are strong. ' ' ' Then there was one chapter with five members. 

The year 1848 saw fourteen accessions to Zeta Psi (two of whom 
later deserted the little band) and the founding of the first two new 
chapters. Rev. George S. Woodhull, D. D., '48, now of East Saginaw, 
Mich., the fourth acquisition, initiated on March 25, 1848, was the first 
Zete to be graduated. Rev. George S. Mott, D. D., '50, of Newark, N. J., 
was the fifth to join the new enterprise. The sixth and seventh additions 
were Rufus Button, '49, and Henry S. Hodges, Williams, '49, on May 11, 

1848. The first step toward extending the fraternity was taken on May 
23, 1848, when the Zeta Chapter was founded ; the second step on November 
24, 1848, when the foundation of the Delta Chapter at Rutgers College was 
laid by the initiation of JudsonH. Hopkins and John Hess, both of the class 
of '50, of that college, the thirteenth and fourteenth additions respectively. 

Those pioneers of Zeta Psi were men of strong faith, indomitable 
courage, unflinching zeal and boundless enthusiasm. The only survivors of 
the first year of Zeta Psi, June 1, 1847, to June 1, 1848, are the trio, Bros. 
Carter, Woodhull and Mott. In addition to winning college mates, Carter 
devised the motto, T K $, and Mott invented the pass- word while Wood- 
hull was the most successful promoter both in college and after grad- 
uation. He was a hustler for Zeta Psi and could give some points to the 
modern rusher. His influence brought Hodges from Williamstown and 
Hopkins and Hess from New Brunswick, to New York to be initiated 
into the mysteries of Zeta Psi so as to introduce the new Fraternity 
into their respective colleges. In his address at the Anniversary Cele- 
bration, June 4, 1849, he said: " May we long be spared and, when old 
age hath overtaken us and our sons shall occupy our places, may we meet 
and with hearts as young as now rejoice together in the meridian glory of 
Zeta Psi. " At that time there were three chapters and thirty members. 

During the early years the abiding place of the chapter was some- 
what nomadic, meetings having been held at the homes of Bro. Sommers 
and other members or in rooms rented in different places to suit the 
convenience and circumstances of the Brothers for, being only a few in 
number and having an initiation fee of but $1.00 at first and then $2.00 
and dues of 12^ c. per month, the infant chapter had a limited income 
with which it was necessary to make the expenses of meetings and of 
administration commensurate. As the income increased, by acquisition 
of men and the advance of fee and dues, the chapter secured more per- 
manent quarters, the latest downtown being at 21 University Place until 
June, 1894. During nearly all of the period at Washington Square, 
1847-94, the association in college work was included within a few hours 
chapel, 9.30 A. M. and recitations, 10 A. M. to 1 or 2 p. M. Chapter meet- 
ings were held weekly, much of the time alternately afternoon and 
evening. Although the members were widely scattered as to residence 
and chapter life had its limitations the brothers were bound closely 


together and derived great pleasure and profit from their fraternity 

The encroachment of business enterprises, immediately after the Civil 
War, on the hitherto residence neighborhood of Washington Square, the 
want of dormitory life and influences which it is not necessary to men- 
tion here, impeded development, but the spirit of the founders remained. 
The Phi Chapter, with all those interested in New York University, 
had firm faith that sooner or later there would be a change which came 
in 1881 when Rev. John Hall, D. D., was elected the fifth Chancellor, 
and the tide turned. Commodore David Banks, of the Phi Chapter, 
always active and enthusiastic in allN.Y. U. affairs, whether financial, 
educational or athletic, when in 1890, the Council voted to move the college 
work uptown and appointed a committee, with himself as chairman, to 
secure grounds, immediately made thorough investigation and selected 
an estate of forty acres beyond the Harlem River, between Morris 
Heights and Fordham Heights. The committee unanimously approved 
his choice and recommended the purchase of the available part of it. 
Subsequently the Council adopted the report of the committee and in 1892 
acquired the site for the University College. Meanwhile, in 1891, Dr. 
Hall resigned and was succeeded by Rev. Henry M. MacCracken, D. D., 
LL. D., the sixth Chancellor of N. Y. U., he having occupied the Chair of 
Philosophy since 1884 and held the office of Vice-Chancellor since 1885. 

After the usual exercises in celebration of Founders' Day, on April 
18, 1894, stones were removed from the old Washington Square building 
and transported under escort to University Heights, which the site was 
named. The Phi Chapter boys went in a tally-ho and joined in the cere- 
mony of laying the corner stone of the first building. Bro. Harry H. Wat- 
son, 1900, took the photographs of the group of N. Y. U. college buildings 
(in this book), the construction of which is a part of what has been accom- 
plished under Chancellor MacCracken's administration. 

The hopes and expectations cherished for many years by the Phi 
Chapter, as well as by the University Council, Alumni and students, 
were realized when the college work was moved in October 1894 to the 
new site. Some of the professional schools are necessarily separated as 
to location from the college, those of Law, Pedagogy and Post Graduate 
work (in part) being conducted in the new ten-story building at Wash- 
ington Square; that of Medicine at East 26th Street, near 2d Avenue, in 
close proximity toBellevue Hospital. But the strength of the chapter lies 
in the departments at University Heights, from which nearly all of the 
candidates for membership are chosen. Here on the plateau at an eleva- 
tion of nearly 200 feet above the Harlem River, looking out upon the 
Hudson River bounded by the Palisades, and commanding a view of the 
upper part of Manhattan Island as well as the country east and north, 
is the college quadrangle. On the west side of it stands the Library, 
having cost nearly $1,000,000, and Language Hall, while near by are 
located Havemeyer Chemical Laboratory and other buildings on the 
south side. On the east side is Ohio Field, with its quarter-mile track, 
the gridiron and diamond, on the south of which stands the gymnasium. 
Beyond is Gould Hall, one of the best built and equipped dormitories. 

Such were the auspicious conditions and prospects under which 
began the new era for the Phi Chapter, the closing years of the first and 
the early years of the second semicentennium. For the first year, 1894-5, 
the chapter occupied a house on Hampden Street and had the first expe- 
rience in chapter house life but in 1895 they leased a house which is 
almost as well adapted for chapter use as if it had been built for the 
purpose. The brothers are now enjoying their fifth year in this home 
to which they have become attached by many hours and days of frater- 
nal association. It is plainly yet comfortably furnished but there is 
always a hearty welcome to elders or brothers of the Phi or other chap- 
ters. In the music room is the piano which, by the purchase of the 
brothers of about 1888, adorned the old room at 21 University Place. 


Thanks to the care taken of it by Bro. Samuel F. Lindeman, '88, it is 
in good condition, and adds much to the pleasure of the present members. 
This house and the lot for the permanent chapter house are located on 
Andrews Avenue, astreet named afterthe father of Bro. Clarence Andrews, 
'73, Mr. Loring Andrews, who gave $100,000 to the general endowment 
of New York University in 1864, his home then being the present resi- 
dence of Chancellor MacCracken. The elders have incorporated the "Phi 
Chapter Association" for the purpose of holding property and erecting 
a chapter house, for which a lot 100x100 has been secured on the corner 
of Andrews and University Avenues, immediately opposite Ohio Field. 
There is good prospect that soon the Phi Chapter House will be a reality 
as well as an adornment to the college community. In this move there 
is much active interest on the part of the elders as well as undergraduates. 
The officers of the association, P. L. Schenck, M. D., '62, president; J. 
V. S. Woolley, M. D., '67, vice-president; Walter J. Greacen, '96, secre- 
tary; James Boyd, '82, treasurer, and the executive committee, as well 
as members, are working for this consummation. 

It is difficult to select out of the 347 members of the chapter a few 
only of those who have honored themselves as well as Zeta Psi in 
the faithful performance of duty in the several stations and circles of 
their service and influence, whether one has been college president, 
bishop, pastor, judge, lawyer, writer of standard works, banker, 
business man, etc., in public or in private life, in peace or in war. 
The biographies contain the names of many brothers who are on the 
Phi Beta Kappa roll and in the list of valedictorians and high honor 
and prize men. They occupy prominent places in class and college 
organizations, and have been active in the Alumni Association, as officers 
and members of committees, one as Chairman of the Committee on the 
first N. Y. U. Alumni Biographical Catalogue of 1894, while four are on 
the University Council. 

The chapter had many representatives in the Civil War. One of the 
founders of Zeta Psi, Bro. John M. Skillman, was in the U. S. Navy. 
In the army were Bros. W. H. Carter and G. S. Woodhull, as chaplains, 
and Bros. G. M. Van Hoesen, with the rank of major, E. M. Felt, W. 
G. Wheelwright, J. J. Gilette (a prisoner five months in Libby prison), 
J. N. Lewis, J. C. Carter and A. H. Gallatin (surgeons), A. C. Bishop 
(hospital service), W. De F. Prentiss, J. G. Derrickson (a prisoner ten 
months), F. Gallatin, G. N. Gardiner, P. D. Schenck (surgeon), W. R. 
Syme, J. C. Chalmers, C. C. Van Inwegen and C. S. Halstead. In the navy 
were Bros. J. A. Walker and H. C. Van Gieson (surgeons) and Isaac New- 
ton as assistant to Capt. John Ericsson at the request of the latter, in 
construction of the U. S. ram "Monitor," of which he was chief engineer 
of a volunteer crew in the battle with the "Merrimac," 1862. Capt. 
Worden complimented him for "coolness, skill and energy." Afterwards 
he superintended the construction of the "Puritan" and "Dictator," 
and remained in the navy until 1865. In the Confederate service were 
brothers who manifested the same spirit of bravery, courage and devo- 
tion as did those on the other side, Bros. Salem Dutcher as adjutant 
and Howard C. Wright as captain. The latter wrote "Account of the 
Siege of Port Hudson," which was published in Harper's and is said 
to be one of the best articles on that subject. Some of those engaged 
in the Spanish-American War were Bros. Augustus Van Gieson, '72, 
C. F. Gardner, '91, R. R. Wedekind, '91, Geo. Wedekind, '92, and Paul 
Grout, '94, in the army, and T. T. T. Craven, 1901, in the navy. The 
biographies contain the details of rank and service which for lack of 
space it is necessary to omit here. 

Among those in educational circles are Bros. J. M. Van Vleck, '50, 
as Acting President of Wesleyan University, and Bro. John J. Rice, '64, 
as Acting President of Westminster College, and four of the nine Zeta 
Psi Professors or Instructors in the Faculties of the University. On the 
Faculties in the past were Bros. A. H. Gallatin, '59, and H. G. Piffard, '62. 


Bro. George M. Van Hoesen, '52, adorned the bench for fourteen years. 
Bro. Charles DeW. Bridgman, '55, was held in high esteem and, had he 
lived, would probably have been chosen in the Episcopal Church to the 
office of Bishop which Bro. D. A. Goodsell, '59, holds in the Methodist 
Church. If the episcopate were for Presbyterians, Bro. John McVey, 
'60, and others might be considered available candidates. 

Bro. Joseph Nimmo, Jr. , '53, has written many books and articles on 
commerce, economics and industrial statistics. Bro. A. A. Redfield, '60, 
was co-author of "Shearman and Redfield on Negligence. " His "Red- 
field's Surrogate's Practice," "Redfield's Surrogate's Reports," and 
other works are the standard text books and authorities on the subject. 
Bro. Salem Dutcher, '58, is the author of "Minority Representation," 
"Expressions of Law and Fact construed by the Courts of Georgia," 
and other works. Among the many other authors and writers of the 
chapter are Bros. C. R. Barnes, '63, and F. L. R. Satterlee, '65. 

Mention might be made of Bros. F. A. Wilcox, '60, counsel of many 
railroad and steamship companies; David Banks, the head of the firm of 
Banks Bros., the largest and oldest law publishing house in this country; 
H. W. Bragg, '61, of Boston, bar examiner and justice; L. Skidmore, '61, 
member of N. Y. U. Council; E. H. Litchfield, '67, Commissioner N. Y. 
State Board of Charities since 1893, member of N. Y. U. Council several 
years; A. B. Carlton, '72, Comptroller of Elizabeth, N. J., since 1883; 
Prince Heromich Shugeo, '76, of Tokyo, Japanese Imperial Commissioner 
to the Paris Exposition of 1900; Alonzo Blauvelt, '73, chief of the Con- 
tagious Diseases Department of the N. Y. Board of Health; M. H. Seligman, 
'75, banker; W. F. Whittemore, '83, consulting engineer for water and 
steamship companies. 

The Phi Chapter, in addition to founding the Zeta and Delta Chap- 
ters, has taken part in the establishment or the reestablishment of other 
chapters. Bro. Sommers aided to establish the Sigma Chapter. Bro. A. 
H. Gallatin, '59, presided at the reestablishment of the Zeta and the 
founding of the Eta Chapter (Yale). Bros. Arthur B. Waring, '70, and 
Albert B. Carlton, '72, founded the Iota Chapter and another Phi brother 
participated in the reestablishment of the Beta and the founding of 
the Alpha Beta Chapters. The chapter has entertained the Grand Chap- 
ter several times, has been represented by delegates at every one of the 
long list of conventions since 1847, excepting three, Springfield, 1854, 
Cleveland, 1877, and Troy, 1879 (although an elder was present at the 
latter), and has furnished many Grand Officers and members of com- 
mittees who were active and efficient in their several positions. 

Bro. W. H. Cooke, '60, with J. F. Dripps, '63, prepared the amended 
constitution which was adopted in 1862 and gave expression to his own 
spirit as well as that of Zeta Psi, * in the resolutions concerning the 
brothers who were engaged in theCivil War. Bros. J. Fred Dripps, '63, E. 
P. Sprague, '64, and J. J. Rice, '64, revised the ritual practically as it 
now is in use. Bros. A. H. Gallatin, '59, and A. W. Bailey, '65, were 
members of the Committee of Publication of the Catalogue of 1867 and 
Bro. Samuel Marsh, Jr., '67, advanced the money for the cost of it. 
Others were on the committees on the last revision of the Constitution, 
the Semicentennial Song Book, the Directory of '93, and the Semicenten- 
nial Biographical Catalogue. Several brothers have filled offices pro 
tern., notably as Sigma Alpha, Bro. James Boyd, '82 (past Sigma Alpha) 
in 1891 and Bro. Freman Woodbridge, '89, in 1892. 

Some of the members of the Chapter, with bright promise of suc- 
cess and usefulness, have been taken away in the very beginning of 
their careers. The first one was Bro. James C.Watson, '50. Hisfather's 
home in New York was a resort of the literati of that day, Irving, 
Bryant, Prescott and others. After the delivery of his commencement 
oration Irving presented to him "a beautiful bouquet of roses from Sun- 

* See History of Zeta PsL 


nyside." Prof. Henry M. Baird says that he regarded "Watson as the 
best writer in the class. His essays were capital, hig-hly imaginative 
and very entertaining." He chose a literary career but, unfortunately, 
he broke down in health and died Dec. 27, 1851. 

Among the latest and greatest losses which the Phi Chapter, as well 
as the Fraternity, has met, occurred on Feb. 19, 1897, by the death of Bro. 
William Alfred Hoe, Jr. , '88. A BK, he was graduated at the age of VJ l / 2 
years, with fourth honor and the degrees of B. S. and C. E. Fidelity to 
duty and affability of manner gained for him such high approval that 
in January, 1896, being a little over twenty-six years of age, he was made 
a member of the firm of James C. Hoe's Sons, builders, of which his 
father was the head. As to the Chapter he was ever actively and prac- 
tically interested. As Sigma Alpha, 1894-6, he has never been surpassed 
as to the conscientious and efficient manner in which he did every part 
of the arduous work of that important office. He was a member of the 
committee on the Zeta Psi Directory of 1893 and (until his death) on this 
Semicentennial Biographical Catalogue of 1899. An appropriate and a 
perpetual monument to him is the William A. Hoe, Jr., Engineering 
Prize, founded at New York University by his father, Mr. William A. Hoe. 
Bro. C. C. Crawford, '91, was the editor-in-chief of the first number 
of the Violet, the N. Y. U. Annual. Of the eleven numbers of the Violet, 
the Phi Chapter has had the editorship-in-chief four times. In 1858 Bro. 
A. A. Redfield was the chief editor of a paper called The Item. Thirty- 
six years later, Bro. J. R. Evans, '98, projected and for four years was 
the editor of a weekly by the same name, which, in 1897, was changed to 
The Triangle. Bro. F. W. Carpenter, '99, was chief editor in his Senior 
year. Other brothers have been and are now on the board of editors. 

In athletics the brothers have always been actively engaged. Since 
1882 they have been interested in lacrosse. Bro. C. C. Miller, '88, member 
of N. Y. U. Council, was recently elected president of the Inter-University 
Lacrosse Association. Bro. R. B. Keane, captain of the '97 football team, 
now at Yale Medical School, was on the Yale '99 'varsity football team. 
In the intercollegiate gymnastic contest at University Heights in 1899, 
eighteen colleges being represented, Frank J. Belcher, '00, took second 
prize and two Yale Zetes took third and fourth prizes. 

There is not space to mention the many brothers who were active in 
chapter affairs during the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. All 
honor to those who laid the foundation and to those who built the super- 
structure, decade by decade, loyal to and fond of Zeta Psi to-day as when 
they were in college. The brothers of the nineties maintained at Wash- 
ington Square what had been so well established, and then cheerful and 
hopeful, undertook to perpetuate their rich heritage at University Heights. 
Recalling the very small beginnings of Zeta Psi, the difficulties 
which Bro. Sommers met and overcame with strong faith and dauntless 
courage, the growth from the trio at June 1, 1847, in one chapter to 
twenty-one active chapters and about five thousand and fifty members at 
the present time, the Phi Chapter rejoices in the prosperity and strength 
of the chapters and the Fraternity, and is glad to see the modest light 
of the dawning developed into the prophetic "meridian glory" of Zeta Psi. 

Then honor it in feast and song 

And bid it stand, as years go by, 

Full ranked, unrivaled, firm and strong, 

The brotherhood of Zeta Psi. 




ington Ave., Saginaw, Mich., s. William and Phoebe (Carll) Woodhull; 
b. 1829, July 25, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. 
Univ., 1844-8, A. B. ; A. M., 1851; D.D., 1889; Union Theo. Sem., 1849- 
50; Princeton Theo. Sem., 1850-2; Greek honors at graduation; pres. 
Eucleian Soc. ; in. 1848, March 25, <P, A $ A, # A; chaplain 4th Va. (W. 
Va.) Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4; m. 1855, Oct. 25, Elizabeth D. Martin; 
children, Julia L. W. (Mrs. T. A. Hay), George E. W. (missionary in 
Japan, died Tokyo, 1885), Phoebe A. W. (Mrs. R. C. Merryman) and 
Caroline J. W. ; stated clerk, Greenbrier Presb'y, Va. ; Lake Superior 
Presb'y, Wis. ; Flint Presb'y, Mich.; pastor, Point Pleasant, Va. (now 
W. Va.), 1855-61; Marinette, Wis., 1872-8; Saginaw, Mich., 1882-7; Mar- 
lette, Mich., 1887-92, and Saginaw, Mich., 1892-9; Presb. minister, 1852; 
honorably retired, 1899. 


*CLARKE, THOMAS EDWARDS, PH. D.; N. Y. Univ., 1845-9, 
A. B.; Coll. P. and S., N. Y., 1864-6, M. D.; in. 1848, Dec. 22, A ; 
author of " Resins of Pinus Sylvestris"; prof, of Chemistry, Williams 
Coll., 1858-60; physician, Northeastern Dispensary, having charge of 
diseases of lungs and throat, 1866; d. 

*DAYTON, WILLIAM HENRY, s. Thomas Dayton ; b. 1827, N. 
Y. City; prep. Boston (Mass.) School; Univ. N. C., 1846-7; associated 
with John Bradt Yates Sommers in founding the Zeta Psi Fraternity 
of North America, 1847, June 1; d. 1847, Aug. 17, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

*DUTTON, RUFUS, s. James and Clarissa (Lathrop) Dutton; b. 
1821, Jan. 20, Norfolk, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1845-9, A. B. ; in. 1848, May 
11, $; m. 1888, June 20, Mary C. Fisher; class'l teacher, Dayton, O., 
1850-1; mem. Bd. of Education, and pres. People's Savings Bank, Yon- 
kers, N. Y. ; with Clipper Mowing Machine Co. many years; inventor 
and m'f 'r mowing machine ; d. 1897, Sept. 20, Sing Sing, N. Y. 

*HILL, REV. ISAAC NEWTON, b. 1828, May 19, near Plattckill, 
Ulster Co., N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1845-9; Colgate Univ., 1849, A. B.; in. 
1848, Oct. 14,$; m. (I) 1850, Dec. 12, M. M. Pierce; (II) 1855, June, Annie 
Andrews; mem. bd. trustees, Shurtleff Coll. (111.); pastor Cross River 
Bapt. Church, Westchester Co., N. Y., 1850-2; Dover Plains, N. Y., 
1852-4; South Church, Albany, 1854-7; First Church, Elizabeth, N. J., 
1857-9; New Market Church, N. J., 1859-65; Bapt. Church, Jerseyville, 
111., 1865; Drakesville, N. J., to 1894; d. 1894, March 25, Danbury, 

*LOTT, ABRAHAM, s. John A. and Katharine ( ) Lott; b. 1831, 
Oct. 28, Flatbush, N. Y.-; prep. Erasmus Acad. ; N. Y. Univ., 1845-9, 
A. B.; A. M., 1852; in. 1849, June 23, A $, $ A; rel. in Z W, Thomas 
M. Strong, cou. ; m. 1855, Gertrude Bergen; children, John A., Jr., 
Maria B. and Katharine L. ; pres. Central Ass'n of Z W, 1882; lawyer, 
1852-89; Surrogate Kings Co., N. Y., 1885-9; d. 1889, Jan. 13, Flatbush, 
N. Y. 

*SKILLMAN, JOHN MOON, s. John and Catharine (Newberry) 
Skillman; b. 1831, March 29, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn private 

44 PHI CHAPTER 1849-50 

schools; N. Y. Univ., 1845-9, A. B.; associated with John Bradt Yates 
Sommers in founding the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, 1847, 
June 1, $; Vol. U. S. N., 1861-5; with John B. Kitching & Co.; business 
in South; d. 1865, July 13, Mobile Bay, Ala.; buried in Greenwood 
Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*SOMMERS, JOHN BRADT YATES, s. Rev. Charles George and 
Sarah Lockwood (Skelding) Sommers; b. 1829, Aug. 15, N. Y. City; prep. 
N.Y. City schools; N.Y. Univ., 1845-9, A.B.; A. M.,1852; founder of the 
Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, 1847, June 1, $, $ A ; rel. in Z W, 
James Fellows, br. ; F. and A. M., deputy grand master N. Y. State, 
1863; past high priest of R. A. M. ; past eminent commander Knights 
Templars; inspector-gen. 33d deg. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite 
Free Masonry; m. 1859, Oct. 5, Emma A. Heath; children, Frederick 
Skelding, Henry Catine; teacher in Young Ladies' Sem., Mobile, Ala., 
two years; lawyer, mem. firm Birdseye, Kirkland & Sommers, later 
mem. firm Sommers & Johnson ; d. 1863, Nov. 23, N. Y. City ; buried 
in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


AMERMAN, REV. RICHARD S., 220 W. 123d St., N. Y., s. Oliver 
B. and Eliza G. ( ) Amerman; b. 1829, May 23, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 

N.Y. Univ., 1847-50, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1849, Nov. 22; m. 1854, Oct. 11, 
Matilda K. Oakley; children, Leonard W., Frances Louise, William 
James and Harriet Whitlock; teacher; lawyer; minister. 

lahassee, Fla., s. Joseph and Sarah (Whaley) Carter; b. 1829, Oct. 27, 
Utica, N. Y.; prep. Isaac Bragg's School, N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1846-50; 
A. B., 1850; A. M., 1853; Ph. D., 1869, N. Y. Univ.; LL.D., 1865, Univ. 
Vincennes, Ind.jD.D., 1869, Univ. Ind.; commencement orator; Alex- 
andria (Va.) Theo. Sem., 1850-1; Gen. Theo. Sem., N. Y., 1851-3; in. 
1847, Nov. 6, A 2 A; chaplain 60th Ind. Vols. ; at Arkansas Post and 
Vicksburg, 1862-3; m. 1853, Aug. 16, Harriet Alice Hyde; children, Sa- 
rah Alice, Arthur Henry and William Whaley; ordained minister, Prot. 
Epis. Church, 1853; rector St. Thomas Church, Vernon, N. J., 1853-9; 
supply Hamburg, N. J., and Warwick, N. Y. ; prin. Orange Co. Inst. ; 
rector St. James Church, Vincennes, Ind. , 1859-69; sec. Diocese of Ind., 
1865-9; prof, of Latin, Vincennes Univ.; deputy, Gen. Convention, 1868; 
rector, Bloomfield, N. J., 1869-72; Passaic, N. J., 1872-7; examining 
chaplain, Diocese of N. J. , 1877-9; missionary, Halifax and Indian 
River, Fla.; rector, Tallahassee, Fla., 1879; deputy, Gen. Convention, 
1880, '83, '86, '89, '95; examining chaplain Diocese of Fla.; first Dean of 
Convocation of Middle Fla. , now archdeacon, 1882 ; prof. West Fla. Sem. , 
1883; mem. Bd. of Missions, Fla., 1881; chaplain State Insane Asylum; 
pres. Univ. Library, Tallahassee, Fla.; chaplain Fla. House of Rep., 
1889; in charge of church for colored people, Tallahassee, Fla.; mem. 
of standing com., Diocese of Fla. 

CHRISTIAN, JOHN B.; Prot. Epis. Theo. Sem., Alexandria, 
Va. ; in. 1850, Dec. 12 ^Alexandria Sem.). 

*CLUTE, REV. ROBERT FRARY, D.D., LL.D., s. Jacob '.Dorno 
and Ann Van Brunt (McCarty) Clute; b. 1829, Oct. 23, N.Y. City; prep. 
; N. Y. Univ., 1848-50, A. B. ; A. M., 1853; D.D., St. Mary's Coll., 
Miss., 1860; LL.D. and D.D., St. John's Coll., La., 1869; Theo. Sem., 
Alexandria, Va., 1850-3; in. 1848, Oct. 27, $; life mem. N. Y. Hist. Soc. ; 
m. 1856, Dec. 22, Diana Hardin; children, Rosalie Wilmot, Robert Neth- 
erton, William Green, Maud Livingston, Carlos Goodrich, Lillian, Ger- 
trude Ogden, George Herbert, Florence Augusta and Hattie; teacher ten 

1850 PHI CHAPTER 45 

years; prof. Moral and Intellectual Philosophy, Rose Gate's Coll., Okla- 
homa, Miss.; pres. Coll. Holy St. John two years; d. 1892, Nov. 15, Quan- 
tico, Md. 

HUCKEL, REV. WILLIAM, 90 Paulison Ave., Passaic, N. J., s. 
Dr. Jacob and Margaret Ann (Ray) Huckel; b. 1829, Aug. 31, Philadel- 
phia; prep. Univ. Pa. Grammar School, 1843; Univ. Pa., 1846-9, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1852; Prot. Epis. Theo. Sem., Alexandria, Va., grad. 1851; in. 
1850, Oct. 18 (Alexandria Sem.); contributor to religious press; m. 1857, 
Feb. 12, Christiana M. Messenger; children, William M., Isabel N., J. 
Frederick and Chris. S. ; ordained deacon, 1851; priest, 1853; rector, 
Church of Evangelist, Philadelphia, 1851-5; ass't minister St. Ann's, 
Brooklyn, 1855; rector St. Ann's Church, Morrisania, N. Y. , 1857-81. 

*MEIGS, SAMUEL HARVEY PEET, s. Benjamin Clark and 
Sarah Maria (Peet) Meigs ; b. 1828, Aug. 9, Island of Ceylon ; : prep. 
N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1846-50; in. 1849, March 24, A $; pres. Philo- 
mathean; m. 1856, July 28, Margaret Allen Engle; children, Walter, 
Florence, Jennie, Edith and Harriet; teacher; musician; d. 1895, March 
25, N. Y. City. 

MOTT, REV. GEORGE SCUDDER, D.D., 191 N. 9th St., Newark, 
N. J., s. Lawrence Scudder and Christiana (Vail) Mott; b. 1829, Nov. 28, 
N. Y. City; prep. Bragg's High School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1847- 
50, A. B. ; A. M., 1853; D.D., Princeton, 1874; fourth honor; pres. Eu- 
cleian Soc.; Princeton Theo. Sem., 1850-3; in. 1848, April22, T; William 
H. Acken, br.-in-law; author "The Prodigal Son," "The Resurrec- 
tion," "The Perfect Law," " History of Flemington Church "; contrib- 
utor to Princeton Review, N. Y. Observer, Evangelist; published tracts 
and pamphlets; m. 1854, May 17, Isabella Acken; children, Lawrence 
L., Mrs. William H. McLeod and Mrs. George M. Thornton; pastor, 
Rahway, N. J., 1853-8; Newton, N. J., 1859-69; Flemington, N. J., 1869- 
95; trustee, Lincoln Univ., 1869 ; pres. Van Rensselaer Inst., 1871-82; 
v.-pres. N. J. Hist. Soc.; pres. N. J. Sabbath Union and Am. Sabbath 
Union; com'r N. J. State Reformatory. 

ander Augustus and Ann (Watts) Smets; b. 1828, Aug. 4, Savannah, Ga.; 
prep. Athens, Ga. ; Prot. Epis. Theo. Sem., Alexandria, Va., in. 1850, 
Oct. 25 (Alexandria Sem.); m. 1852, Mar., Eliza W. W. Macrae; 
children, Alexander Macrae, Ann Eliza (Edwards); d. 1888, Mar. 12, 
Savannah, Ga. 

VAN VLECK, JOHN MONROE, LL.D., Middletown, Conn., s. 
Peterand Ann (Hasbrouck) Van Vleck; b. 1833, Mar. 4, Marbletown, N. 
Y.; prep. Kingston (N. Y.) Acad.; N. Y.Univ., 1848-9; Wesleyan Univ., 
1849-50, A. B.; A. M., 1853; LL. D., 1877, Northwestern Univ.; third 
honors in class; in. 1848, Oct. 27; Fellow Am. Ass'n for Advancement of 
Science; mem. Conn. Acad. of Science; Am. Mathematical Soc.; Astro- 
nomical and Astrophysical Soc. of Am. ; Astronomische Gesellschaft; 
Middletown Scientific Ass'n; Holland Soc. ; U. S. Solar Eclipse Expe- 
dition, 1869, Mt. Pleasant; mem. Methodist Ecumenical Conference, Lon- 
don, 1881, Washington, D.C. , 1891, and com'r for same, London, 1901; mem. 
bd. directors Conn. Industrial School for Girls, 1873 ; author of astro- 
nomical tables in "Am. Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac," 1855-%; 
m. 1854, May 2, Ellen Maria Burr ; children, Anna, Clara, Edward 
Burr and Jenny; teacher Greenwich Acad., R. I., 1850; ass't, Nautical 
Almanac office, U. S. Nav. Dept., Cambridge, Mass., 1850-3; adjunct 
prof. Mathematics, Wesleyan Univ., 1853-7; prof. Mathematics and As- 
tronomy, Wesleyan, 1858 ; v.-pres. Wesleyan, 1890 ; actg. pres., 1872-3, 
1887-9, 1896-7. 

46 PHI CHAPTER 1850-2 

*WATSON, JAMES CORNELIUS, s. Chauncey and Anna (Brun- 
dige) Watson; b. 1827, Mar. 11, Geneseo, N. Y. ; prep. Temple Hill Acad. ; 
N. Y. Univ. , 1846-50, A. B. ; commencement orator; in. 1848, Oct. 14; con- 
tributor to N. Y. Evangelist, N. Y. Observer and magazines; d. 1851, Dec. 
27, Albany, N. Y. ; buried in the family ground, Temple Hill Cemetery, 
Geneseo, N. Y. 


*RAPELYE, AUGUSTUS, s. Jacob and Elizabeth (Van Mater) 
Rapelye; b. 1830, Mar. 29, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Holmdel Acad., Mon- 
mouth Co., N. J.; N. Y. Univ., 1849-51, A. B.; in. 1850, Mar. 30, ; rel. 
in Z W, William H. and Augustus Van Mater, cous. ; mem. Eucleian 
Soc. ; councilor D.I. Hist. Soc. ; m. 1885, June9, Helen Siegling Schroder; 
hardware merchant; Bd. of Education, 1881-98; deputy to General Con- 
vention of Prot. Epis. Church; mem. of Standing Com. of Diocese of Long 
Island; treas. of Epis. fund of same; d. 1900, Feb. 7, Elmhurst, N. Y. 

*SMITH, REV. FRANCIS WYMAN, s. William Nelson and Nancy 
(Cutler) Smith; b. 1829, May 28, Eden, Vt.; prep. Bakerfield and St. Al- 
bans Acads., Vt.; Univ. Vt., 1847-8; N. Y. Univ., 1848-51, A. B.; philo- 
sophical oration, third honor; Gen. Theo. Sem., N. Y., 1852-5; in. 1849, 
June 16, $; m. 1865, Sept. 28, Laura Matilda Fay; children, William 
Nelson, Harvey Blatchford, Ernest Norman and Madeline; teacher, 
Parish School Church of Holy Communion, N. Y., 1851-2; deputy to Gen- 
eral Conventions, 1865, '83 and '92; ordained deacon, 1855; priest, 1857; 
ass't minister, Church of Holy Communion, 1855-6, Church of the Ascen- 
sion, 1856-7, and Trinity Church, N. Y., 1857-60; clergyman, diocese of 
Vt., as missionary to parishes of Fairfield, Enosburgh, Fairfax, Georgia 
(where he built churches), Milton and Berkshire, Vt., 1860-7; rector St. 
Michael's Church, Brattleboro, Vt., 1867-9; St. James' Church, Arlington, 
Vt., 1869-71; Georgia and Milton, Vt., 1871-5; temporarily in charge of St. 
Paul's, Boston, Mass., 1872-3; rector Church of Messiah, Auburndale, 
Mass., 1875-7; rector of St. James' Church, Woodstock, Vt., 1877-99; 
diocesan registrar, 1890-9; d. 1899, June 12, Woodstock, Vt. 

*VAN MATER, AUGUSTUS, s. Holmes and Michah (Van Mater) 
Van Mater; b. 1830, June 28, Holmdel, N. J.; prep. Holmdel Acad.; Mon- 
mouth Acad., N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 1848-51, A. B. ; in. 1850, Mar. 23, <?; rel. in 
Z W, William Holmes, br. ; Augustus Rapelye, cou. ; m. 1854, Apr. 18, 
Mary Elizabeth Rapelye; children, Charles, Lemma and Augustus; 
farmer, 1855-88; d. 1888, July 12, Ben Lomond, Va. 

*VAN MATER, WILLIAM HOLMES, M. D., s. Holmes and Michah 
(Van Mater) Van Mater; b. 1828, Nov. 5, Holmdel, N. J.; prep. Holmdel 
Acad. , Monmouth Co. , N. J. ; N. Y. Univ. , 1847-51, A. B. ; A. M. , 1854 ; Med. 
Dept., N. Y. Univ.,M. D., 1855; in. 1850, Mar. 30, ; A 2 A; rel. in Z Y, 
Augustus, br., and Augustus Rapelye, cou.; physician, Southold, N. Y., 
1856-68; d, 1868, Nov. 20, Southold, N. Y. 


CHURCH, CHARLES WILLIAM, Fort Hamilton, N. Y., s. James 
C. and Maria (Turnbull) Church; b. 1833, Dec. 29, New Utrecht, N. Y.; 
prep. Erasmus Acad., Flatbush, N. Y.; N. Y. Univ. , 1849-52 ; in. 1850, June 
5, #; chairman Bd. of Health, New Utrecht, N. Y., during yellow fever 
plague, 1856; justice of the peace, New Utrecht, 1856-96; drafted a bill 
passed by the Legislature giving Bd. of Supervisors power to open streets; 
mem. Bd. of Supts. of Poor, Kings Co., 1857-60; mem. Town Bd. 

VAN HOESEN, GEORGE M., 45 Broadway (res., 62 W. 47th St.), 
N. Y. City, b. N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1848-52, A. B.,; State and Nat. 
Law School, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., LL.B. ; pres. N. Y. Univ. Alumni 

1852-3 PHI CHAPTER 47 

Ass'n; pres. Holland Soc. ; in. 1849, June 23, ; chairman Memorial 
Com. G. A. R.; capt., Co. E, 13th Iowa Vol. Inf., 1861, Oct. 28; pro- 
moted to maj. after battle of Shiloh, 1862, Apr. 17; lawyer, Davenport, 
la., 1861; judge Court of Common Pleas, N. Y. City, 1876-90. 

VAN HOESEN, JOHN W., 45 Broadway, N. Y. City; b. N. Y. 
City; N. Y. Univ., 1848- ; in. 1850, June 15, 2 p ; rel. in Z W, George 
M., br. ; journalist in Iowa; editor Iowa State Press, Iowa City, la.; ad- 
mitted to bar in Iowa; organized company for introduction of elevated 
railroads in N. Y. City; engaged in corporate enterprises. 

WHITE, FRANCIS VARIAN, M.D., s. Dr. Ambrose L.and Har- 
riet (Taylor) White; b. 1832, Oct. 10, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1848-52, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1855; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1852-5, M. D. ; in. 1849, Dec. 15, 
#; mem. Acad.of Med.; N. Y. Co. Med. Ass'n; Pathological Soc.; Physi- 
cians' Mutual Aid Ass'n and Medico-Historical Soc. ; m. 1860, June 7, 
Annie Hart; children, Dr. F. H. , and two daughters; house surgeon, 
Bellevue Hosp., 1856-8; attending physician, Eastern Dispensary, 1857-8; 
d. 1889, Oct. 9, N. Y. City. 


ACHESON, JOHN CROTHERS, M. D., 220 E. 17th St., N.Y. City, 
s. William and Mary (Stuart) Acheson; b. 1832, Oct. 17, N.Y. City; prep. 
; N. Y. Univ., 1850-3, A. B. ; A. M., 1856; Coll. P. and S., 1859, 
M. D. ; commencement orator; pres. Philomathean; in. 1852. Apr. 23, #; 
mem. N. Y. Co. Med. Ass'n; m. (I) 1864, June 1, Emily A. Mead; (11)1898, 
Dec. 7. Clarissa B. Hazen; children, John Charles and Harold Stuart; in- 
terne N. Y. Hosp. ; on Health Bd. N. Y. ; visiting physician to Eastern 
Dispensary 11 years. 

BENNETT, JOHN WILLIAM. Office of Comptroller of the Treas- 
ury, Washington, D. C. (res.,Bottineau, N. Dak.), s. John and Sarah Ann 
(Short) Bennett; b. 1833, Sept. 17, N. Y. City; prep. Washington Colle- 
giate Inst. , X. Y. City; N.Y. Univ., 1850-3, A. B. ; commencement orator; 
Eucleian Soc. ; N. Y. Univ. Law School, 1868, LL. B. ; in. 1850, Sept. 25, 
A 2 A, 2 A; rel. in Z W, Alfred Shapter, br.-in-law; m. 1858, May 6, 
Rebecca Jane Shapter; children, Mary Louise, John Alfred, Florence 
Weir and Jennie Shapter; lawyer and journalist; clerk of court, county 
judge and U. S. Circuit Court Com'r, N. Dak., 1882-92; pres. N. Dak. 
Press Ass'n, 1889-91. 

HOOPER, WILLIAM LOVELL, N. Y. City, s. and ( ) 

Hooper; b. ; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1849-50; in. 1849, Oct. 11. 

NIMMO, JOSEPH, JR., LL. D., 1831 F St., Washington, D. C. (res., 
Hunting-ton, N. Y.), s. Joseph and Hannah (Dickson) Nimmo; b. 1831, 
Apr. 11, Huntington, N. Y. ; prep. William S. Bogart's private school and 
No. Salem Acad.; N. Y. Univ., 1852-3 (Civil Engineering); A. M., 1859; 
LL. D., 1894; in. 1852, Sept. 29; councilor Long Island Historical Soc. ; pres. 
National Statistical Ass'n; pres. Zeta Psi Ass'n of Washington, D. C. ; 
mem. National Geographical Ass'n and Am. Geographical Soc. ; author 
of annual reports on internal and foreign commerce, Nicaragua Canal, 
the railroad problem, labor, immigration, the tariff question, the ship- 
building and shipping interests of the United States, and a variety of 
commercial and economic questions; civil engineer, teacher of mathematics, 
statistician and economist; employed on railroads in N. Y., Mass., Vt. 
and la. ; teacher of mathematics Cooper Union, 1859; special agent Treas- 
ury Dept., 1865; chief Division of Tonnage, 1867; supervising inspector- 
gen, of steam vessels, 1872; chief Division of Internal Commerce, 1875; chief 
Bureau of Statistics, 1878 (all in the Treasury Dept of the United States). 

48 PHI CHAPTER 1853-5 

*SHAPTER, ALFRED, s. Peter and Frances (Vermilye) Shapter; 
b. 1834, Feb. 2, N. Y. City; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1849-53, A. B.; 

A. M., 1856; in. 1852, Sept. 21, ; rel. in Z W, John W. Bennett, br.-in-law; 
composer of sacred music; musical director Bishop Doone's Coll., Burl- 
ington, N. J. ; d. 1856, Sept. 30, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*SOMMERS, JAMES FELLOWS, s. Rev. Charles George and 
Sarah Lockwood (Skelding) Sommers; b. 1833, May 12, N. Y. City; prep. 
N. Y. City schools; N. Y. Univ., 1849-52; in. 1849, Oct. 11; rel. in Z W y 
John B. Yates Sommers, br. ; d. 1852, Feb. 26; buried at sea. 


*CROLY, DAVID GOODMAN, s. Patrick and Elizabeth ( ) 

Croly; b. 1829, Nov. 3, Clonakiltey, Ireland; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 

1854 (special); in. 1853, Jan. 28; founder and officer of Lotus Club; author 
of " The Modern Thinker, " "Glimpses of the Future," "Positivist Cate- 
chism"; founder of the "Round Table"; m. 1857, Jennie ("Jennie June"); 
children, David H., Vida, Alice Cary, Victor and Mary; reporter N. Y. 
Herald and Evening Post, 1855-8; editor Daily News, Rockford, 111., 
1859-60; city and managing editor N. Y. World, 1860-72; projector and 
managing editor Daily Graphic, 1872-8; d. 1889, Apr. 29, N. Y. City. 

*DAVIE, JOHN THOMAS MARSHALL, s. Rev. John and Eliza 
(Campbell) Davie; b. 1832, Dec. 20, Lancaster, Pa. ; prep. Dr. Pingry's 
School, Fishkill, N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1851- ; in. 1851, July 24; rel. in Z 
W, Alan D. Campbell, cou. ; m. 1853, Dec. 8, Mary J. McQuigg; children, 
John E., Robert Graham, Kathleen Schuyler, William Campbell, James 
Smith, Margaret Smith and Archibald McQuigg; lawyer, 1852-84; pro- 
bate judge Cay uga Co., N. Y., 1872-84; d. 1884, Oct. 12, Auburn, N. Y. 

HEATH, REV. JOHN GEORGE BO WEN, 64 Jane St., N. Y. City, 
s. Hosea Coxe and Lydia (Bowen) Heath; b. 1828, Mar. 23, Seal Cove, 
Me.; prep. Maine; N. Y. Univ., 1852-4; A. M., 1874; Prot. Epis. Divin- 
ity School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1860; in. 1853, Jan. 28, #; F. and A. M., 
33d degree Rite of Memphis; m. (I) 1861, Sept. 4, Annie Amelia Noll; 
(II) 1885, Oct. 5, Melissa Josephine Millholen; children, George Gerrit 
Burt and Manton Delmar Wharton; visiting missionary of the Prot. 
Epis. Church to the hospitals and prisons of N. Y. City for 25 years. 


Jane Elizabeth (Griffin) Bridgman; b. 1835, Jan. 1, Saugerties, N. Y. ; 
prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1851-4; Univ. Roches- 
ter, 1854-5; A. B., D. D., 1868 (Union Coll.); Rochester Theo. Sem., 
grad. 1857; in. 1851, Oct. 15, #; mem. Union League, Harlem Republi- 
can and Quill Clubs; v. -chairman Temperance Soc. ; chaplain SthRegt. 
N. G. S. N. Y.; m. (I) 1857, Nov. 12, Lucette C. Benedict; (II) 1887, Oct. 
18, Edwyna Benedict; children, Oliver Benedict, Theodore Humphrey, 
Jennie, Annie Townsend; pastor Bapt. Church, Morristown, N. J., 
1857-60; Jamaica Plains, Mass., 1860-2; Emmanuel Bapt. Church, Al- 
bany, N. Y., 1862-78; Madison Ave. Bapt. Church, N. Y., 1878-91; con- 
firmed by Bishop Potter, 1891, Mayjdeacon's orders in Prot. Epis. Church, 
1891, Dec.; rector Holy Trinity Parish, 1892-9; trustee Rochester Univ., 
1876-99; d. 1899, Feb. 21, N. Y. City. 

*NEWTON, ISAAC, s. Isaac and Hannah Humphreys (Cauldwell) 
Newton; b. 1837, Aug. 4, N. Y. City ; prep. Hamilton Coll. ; Civil Engineering 
Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1852-3; in. 1853, Jan. 28; with Novelty Iron Works and 
Del amater Iron Works, N.Y. City; ass't engineer on People's Line steamer, 
North River, and chief engineer on Collins Line between N. Y. and Liver- 

1855-6 PHI CHAPTER 49 

pool; mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Soc. Mechanical Engineers; 1st ass 't 
engineer U. S. N., 1861, June 14, on U. S. frigate "Roanoke," block- 
ading Charleston harbor; ass't to Capt. John Ericsson, at the request 
of the latter, in construction of U. S. ram "Monitor"; chief -engineer 
of same in battle with "Merrimac," 1862, Mar. 9; complimented by 
Capt. Warden for "coolness, skill and energy" on that occasion; super- 
vising constructor of iron-clads for U. S. Gov't, N.Y. ; superintended 
construction of "Puritan" and "Dictator"; resigned from Navy, 1865, 
Feb. 8; appointed by Congress mem. board to investigate U. S. Navy, 1869; 
ass't to Gen. McClellan reconstructing Stevens'Battery, 1872; planned and 
superintended construction of 100-ton derrick, Kemble Coal & Iron Co. 's 
plant, drainage works of International Ry.,Nova Scotia; Rapid Transit 
Com'r, N. Y., 1875; trustee construction Brooklyn Bridge, 1879; chief 
engineer Croton Aqueduct, 1881-4; planned and constructed new Croton 
Aqueduct and Quaker Bridge Dam; d. 1884, Sept. 25, N. Y. City. 

WARREN, THEODORE DAVID, Fourth Nat'l Bank, N. Y. City 
(res., East Orange, N. J.), s. Rev. Charles Jarvis and Charlotte (Wesson) 
Warren; b. 1837, Jan. 27, Wethersfield, Conn. ; prep. Albany Acad. and 
Wrightson's School, Albany; N. Y. Univ., 1852-4; Brown, 1854-5, A. M. ; 
C. E.; B K; in. 1853, Jan. 28, A $; T A, 1856; m. (I) 1860, Oct. 23, 
Mary Augusta Harvey; (II) 1872, June 11, Lizzie Mary Otis; children, 
Helen Charlotte and Elizabeth Ethel wyn; cashier Manufacturers' and 
Merchants' Bank, 1871-80; loan sec. Fourth Nat'l Bank, N. Y. City, 


City, s. John Daniel and Angelique Marie (D'Aumont) Chevalier; b. 
1836, Jan. 14, X. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 
1852-6, A. B. ; A. M., 1859; in. 1854, Oct. 4; rel. in Z W, George, br. ; 
mem. Harlem and Colonial clubs; m. 1858, Apr. 6, Elizabeth Agnes 
Lansing; children, George, Thomas Franklin and Nettie; carriage 

FELT, EDWIX MEAD, 261 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., New 
Brighton), N. Y., s. William and Elizabeth L. Felt; b. 1835, Oct. 17, 
N. Y. City; prep. Rand's Prep. School; N. Y. Univ., 1852-6, A. B.; in. 
1852, Sept. 17; rel. in Z W, William Gibbons Wheelwright, br.-in-law; 
mem. Union League Club; lieut. Co. G, 7th N. Y. Regt., 1861; commanded 
company in West Va. ; served at Washington, Federal Hill, Baltimore, 
Frederick, Md.; m. 1869, July 21, Mary D. Wheelwright; lawyer. 

Plains, X. Y., s. Robert and Jane (MacMillan) Macoubrey; b. 1835, 
Dec. 6, X. Y. City; prep. Mt. Washington Collegiate Inst. ; X. Y. Univ., 
1852-6, A. B. ; D. D., 1890; Allegheny Theo. Sem., 1856-8; in. 1854, June 
28, $; mem. Westchester Historical Soc.; pres. Social Union; author 
"Presbyterianism in Relation to Revolutionary Sentiment in the Province 
of X. Y".''; m. 1869, Oct. 17, Elizabeth Kane; ordained, Presb. Church, 
1858; pastor Brewsters; New Rochelle, White Plains, N. Y. 

PEXFOLD. EDMUND, 10 E. 40th St., N. Y. City, s. William and 
Joan (Faile) Penfold; b. 1839, July 3, N. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar 
School: X. Y. Univ., 1855-6; in. 1855, Oct. 8; wholesale merchant; re- 
tired 1881. 

Hannah ( Gibbons) Wheelwright; b. 1835, Xov. 20, N. Y. City; N. Y. 
Univ., 1852-6, A. B. ; in. 1852, Sept. 23, ; rel. in Z W, Edwin M. Felt, 
br.-in-law; sergt.-maj. 7th Regt. N. G. S. X. Y., 1861-5; officer 22d Regt.; 
served at Federal Hill, Baltimore and Frederick, Md. ; officer Greenwich 
Savings Bank; lawyer, 1867-9; d. 1883, Mar. 4, X. Y. City. 

50 PHI CHAPTER 1856-8 

*WILLIAMS, WILLIAM TYLEE, s. Esek Hartshorne and Amelia 
(Lippincott) Williams; b. 1837, June 10, Shrewsbury, N. J. ; prep. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1852-4; in. 1853, Jan. 28, #; mem. Union League; mem. N. 
Y. Stock Exchange; d. 1893, Dec. 28, N. Y. City. 


City, s. Robert L. and Caroline Eliza (Van Deventer) Cooke; b. 1835, 
Aug. 15, Staunton, Va. ; prep. Bloomfield, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 1857-8; 
in. 1857, May 27; rel. in Z W, Wm. H., br.; Amasa A. Redfield, br.-in- 
law; m. 1867, Jan. 20, Frances H. Rogers; children, Charles Edgar and 
Amasa Redfield; civil engineer. 

*GILETTE, JAMES JENKINS, s. Rev. Abram D. and Hannah 
(Jenkins) Gilette;b. 1838, July 26, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Union Coll. and N. Y. 
Univ., 1853-7, B. S.; A.M., Union Coll. ,1869; in. 1857, Feb. 25, A <; civil 
engineer, 1857-61; priv. 71st Regt. N. Y. Vol., 1861; 1st lieut. and adjt. 
3d Md. Vol., 1862; prisoner in Libby prison five months; commissary 
of brevet, 1866; capt. U. S. A., 1868-9; brevet maj., 1868, for gallant 
conduct at battle of Chancellorsville, Va. ; lawyer; judge of Chancery 
and Surrogate; U. S. supervisor of elections; U. S. com'r; master in 
Chancery, Southern Dist. of Alabama; d. 1888, Nov. 25, N. Y. City. 

MOUNT, THOMAS SHEPARD, Stony Brook, N. Y. (bus. 
add., Stony Brook, Suffolk Co., N. Y.; branch office, 189 Montague St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y.), s. Henry Smith and Mary Bates (Ford) Mount; b. 
1834, Apr. 12, N. Y. City; prep, by Rev. Dr. Evans, Setauket, N. Y. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1853-7, A. B. ; Greek prize; pres. Eucleian Lit. Soc. ; 
Salutatorian; $ B K; Albany Law School; in. 1854, ^; school 

com'r Western Dist. Suffolk Co.; pres. Bd. of Education; lawyer. 

*PARDEE, WARD CAMP, M. D., s. Richard Gay and Rebecca 
(Camp) Pardee; b. 1837, Apr. 7, Seneca Falls, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1853-7, A. B.; A. M., 1860; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1857-9; Homoe- 
opathic Med. Coll., Philadelphia, 1859-60, M. D. ; in. 1854, Oct. 18; mem. 
N. Y. State and Co. Med. Socs. ; m. 1860, Nov. 7, Mary E. Starr; children, 
Juanita Starr, Starr Carlton, Harry Frank and Fred Ward; d. 1894, 
Sept. 19, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*PARKER, JAMES MILL, s. Isaac and Margaret ( ) Parker; 
b. 1835, Feb. 19, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., ; in. 

1857, Feb. 25; m. 1864, June 30, Elizabeth Ramsay Beattie; children, John 
M., James D. , Margaret Agnes; expert accountant; town clerk; editor 
Delta Times; justice of peace, 1881-95; d. 1895, July 15, Delta, Pa. 

WILLIAMS, JOHN MARTIN, Salem, Washington Co., N. Y., s. 
John and Harriets. (Martin) Williams; b. 1836, Oct. 8, Salem, N. Y. ; 
prep. priv. schools, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1854-6; Williams Coll., 
1857; in. 1854, Oct. 4, A $; m. 1861, Sept. 24, Frances Anna Schriver; 
children, Harriet Warren, John Francis, Marion; milling, farming, 
mining and mechanical engineering. 


CHEVALIER, GEORGE, Wellesley, Mass., s. John Daniel and 
Angelique (D'Aumont) Chevalier; b. 1838, May 15, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. 
Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1854-8; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 
1858-61 (special); in. 1854, Oct. 4; rel. in Z W, Gabriel D'Aumont, br.; 7th 
Regt., N. G. S. N. Y., 1861-3; editor; publisher; m'f'r. 

*COOKE, REV. WILLIAM HENRY, s. Robert L. and Eliza (Van 
Deventer) Cooke; b. 1837, Oct. 31, Bloomfield, N. J. ; prep. Bloomfield, N. J. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1854-8, A. B. ; A. M., 1861, Univ. N. Y., and 1863, Princeton; 

1858 PHI CHAPTER 51 

General Theo. Setii., N. Y., grad. 1863; in. 1864, Oct. 12, ; rel. in Z W, 
Cornelius L., br., A. A. Redfield, br.-in-law; pres. Church Musical 
Ass'n; author of a Catechism, "Palm Leaves, " "The Choral Service" 
(1882), "A Mass inC" and hymn; m. 1864, Sept. 1, Elizabeth Stephens; 
children, Benjamin Stephens, Hannah Maria, Clemence Amelia, William 
Latimer, John Lloyd Stephens; deacon, 1863; priest, 1864; ass't minister 
Calvary Church, N. Y., 1863, June-Dec.: rector Trinity Church, Lansing- 
burgh, N. Y., 1863-7; ass't minister Trinity Parish, St. John's Chapel, 
N. Y., 1867-89; d. 1889, Feb. 22, N. Y. City. 

DUTCHER, SALEM, 723 Broad St., Augusta, Ga., s. Salem and 
Catharine (Bryan) Dutcher; b. 1837, Nov. 19, Albany, N. Y. ; prep. Col- 
umbia Coll. Grammar School and N. Y. Free Acad. ; N. Y. Univ., 1855-7; 
in. 1856, June 18, A $; adjt. C. S. A., Camp 435, United Conf. Vets., 
1888-93; capt. and commander, 1897-8; v.-pres. Jefferson Club; author 
"Minority Representation"; "City Code of Augusta, Ga. "; "Expres- 
sions of Law and Fact Construed by the Courts of Ga. "; sergt. 7th Va. 
Inf., under Col. Kemper, Gens. Longstreet and A. P. Hill; specially 
mentioned for bravery at battle of Williamsburg; m. 1871, June 22, 
Albina Victoria Dortic; teacher; editor, Augusta (Ga.) Constitutionalist 
short time; editorial writer, A 7 . Y. World; lawyer; solicitor-gen. Augusta, 
Circuit, 1877-81; mem. Charter Com'n, Augusta, 1890; compiler City 
Code, 1898. 

s. John and Caroline (Smith) Garretson; b. 1839, Nov. 21, N. Y. City; 
prep. Jersey City and New Brunswick, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 1856-9; New 
Brunswick Theo. Sem., 1860-2; in. 1856, Nov. 21; m. 1865, Oct. 20, Mary 
Dingman; children, Harry Duncan, Fannie Balinda; minister, Dingman's 
Ferry, Pa., 1863-84; Franklin Furnace, 1885-92. 

LEWIS, JOHN NITCHIE, 31 Nassau St. (res., 349 Madison Ave. ), 
N. Y. Cit3", s. Rev. John Nitchie and Sarah Holmes (Edwards) Lewis; 
b. 1837, Mar. 18, Maiden, Ulster Co., N. Y. ; prep. East Hampton and 
Andover.Mass. ; Williams Coll., 1853-4; N. Y. Univ. , 1854-7, A. M. ; B K; 
in. 1854, Oct. 4, ^; mem. Manhattan, Larchmont Yacht, Knickerbocker 
Athletic Clubs; Blooming Grove Park Ass'n; Vets, of 7th Regt., G. A. 
R. ; ex-mem. Columbia Yacht, 7th Regt. and Lawyers' Clubs; priv. 7th 
Regt., 2d lieut. 12th Regt., N. G. S. N. Y.; capt. 30th N. J. Vols. ; at 
first battle of Fredericksburg, 1862; lawyer; ex. -mem. Bd. of Education, 
Newburgh; clerk Bd. of Supervisors, Orange Co., N. Y. ; ass't dist. 
att'y, N. Y. City. 

*LIVINGSTONE, LUDLOW, s. Anson L. and Livingstone; b. 
; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1854-6; in. 1854, Dec. 4; d. 

PHILLIPS, MILTON BRADFORD, s. Schuyler Carrol and 
Mary (Pratt) Phillips; b. 1836, Feb. 23, Southbridge, Mass.; prep. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1854-5; in. 1855, Jan. 12; m. 1865, Oct. 11, Mary H. Marsh; 
children, Milton Hains and Irving Dresser; cashier Lane, Phillips & 
Lane till 1877; flour merchant, firm M. B. Phillips, Jones &. Co., 1877-99; 
d. 1899, Aug. 29, Centre Moriches, N. Y. 

*SEYMOUR, ERASTUS, s. Erastus and Susan (Andrews) Sey- 
mour; b. 1829, Nov. 9, Stillwater, N. Y. ; prep. Rev. Ebenezer Seymour's 
Prep. School, Bloomfield, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 1854-6; Union Theo. Sem., 
grad. 1860; in. 1855, Nov. 23; chaplain 137th N. Y. Vol. Regt., civil war; 
m. 1860, May 16, Marie Livingston (great granddaughter of William 
Livingston); children, Kate Livingston, Elizabeth Booth, John Lewis; 
minister, Cochecton, N. Y. ; Dry Dock Mission, 1864, afterward Emmanuel 
Chapel, N. Y. City, 1874-91; d. 1891, Apr. 13, N. Y. City. 

52 PHI CHAPTER 1858-9 

*WALKER, JOHN AUGUSTUS, M. D., s. William and Jane A. 
(Raglan) Walker; b. 1836, , Washington, D. C. ; prep. Huntington, 

N. Y.; N.Y. Univ., 1854-5; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1859, M. D. ; in. 
1854, Oct. 4; mem. Univ. Club; U. S. Navy; physician and surgeon; d. 
1869, Dec. 13, N. Y. City. 

*WRIGHT, HOWARD CUSHING, s. Charles Gushing and Lavinia 
Dorothy (Simmons) Wright; b. 1839; prep. Lion's School, Tarrytown, 
N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1854-8; in. 1856, June 4, T; associate editor of New 
Orleans Delta, 1858-62; author of "Account of the Siege of Port Hudson" 
in Harper's-, lieut. and capt. 30th La. Regt. C. S. A., 1862-5; gallantly 
participated in battle of Baton Rouge; taken prisoner at capture of 
Port Hudson; killed in battle of West Point, Ga., 1865, Apr. 14. 


*CARTER, JOHN CALVIN, M. D., s. John P. and Martha ^Webb) 
Carter; b. 1837, Aug. 17, Baltimore, Md. ; prep. Smith's Collegiate Inst., 
Baltimore; N. Y. Univ., 1854-6; Med. Dept., Univ. Md., M. D.,1859; in. 
1856, June 4; invented "Palmar Compress" for controlling hemorrhages 
from the palmar arch; prof, of Chemistry Md. Coll. Inst., 1859-62; ass't 
surgeon 4th Md. Vol. Inf., 1862-3; detached service 150th Pa. Vol., 1863, 
and 1st Md. Vol.; resigned 1864, physically disabled; m. 1859, , 

Emma Irene Ratcliffe; children, Blanche and Helen; physician, 1865-7; 
surgeon U.S. Revenue Steamer "Reliance, "1867-8; U. S. Vols. inAlaska, 
1869-70; d. 1871, Dec. 28, Baltimore, Md. 

*FAILE, SAMUEL, s. Edward George and Anne Delia (Valentine) 
Faile; b. 1837, July 11, Hunt's Point, N. Y. ; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 

1855-9; in. 1855, Oct. 8; m. 1863, Nov. 18, Cecilia Doyer Roa; children, 
Edward George, Thomas Hall, Antoinette Livingston, Cecilia Doyer 
and Donald Stuart; d. 1898, May 1, N.Y. City. 

GALLATIN, ALBERT HORATIO, M. D., 25 Gramercy Park, N.Y. 
City, s. Albert Rolaz and Mary Lucille (Stevens) Gallatin; b. 1839, Mar. 
7, N. Y. City; prep, schools N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1855-9, A. B. ; A. 
M., 1862; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., M. D., 1862; Columbia Law School, 
one year; Union Theo. Sem. one year; Columbia Coll. P. & S. (Analytical 
Chemistry); L'Ecole de Medicine, Paris, France, one year; in. 1856, 
June 4, FA, $ A; rel. in Z ^Frederick, br. ; Maskell Ewing, br.-in-law; 
mem. Am. Chemical Soc. ; ex-mem. N. Y. Acad. of Science; contributor 
to Philosophical Magazine, Tillman's Journal, Transactions of the N. Y. 
Acad. of Medicine, American Quarterly Review, Johnson'' s Encyclopedia, 
and others; m. 1877, Louisa Belford Ewing; children, Louisa, Albert 
Eugene andCorneliaLansdale; prof. Chemistry, Geology and Mineralogy, 
Norwich Univ., Vt., one year; prof. Chemistry, Rutgers' Female Coll., 
N.Y. City; ass't in chemistry, prof. Analytical Chemistry and director 
of Laboratory, Cooper Union, nine years; lecturer on physics, Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Inst., Troy, N. Y., one year; director Zoological Garden, 
Central Park, N. Y., two years; ass't surgeon 22d Regt., 1862, and 12th 
Regt., 1863, N. G. S. N.Y. ; prof. Analytical Chemistry, N.Y. Univ. , 1882-90. 


Oak St., Chattanooga, Tenn., s. Rev. Buel and Adeline (Ferris) Goodsell; 
b. 1840, Nov. 5, Newburgh, N. Y. ; prep. Clinton Acad., N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1855-9, A. B.; S. T. D., 1881, Wesleyan; LL. D., 1890, Dickinson; in. 
1856, May 21, <?; rel. inZ W, George Henry, br. ; mem. Brooklyn Historical 
and Pacific Geographical Soc's; contributor to Methodist J?eview;m. 1860, 
June 5, Sarah Ford Loweree; children, Buel, Annie Grace, Bertha; pastor 
28 years; sec. Bd. of Education, M. E. Church; lit. editor N. Y. Christian 
Advocate, 1880-8; elected bishop, 1888, May 25; consecrated, 1888, May 29. 

1859-60 PHI CHAPTER S3 

PRENTISS, WILLIAM DE FOREST, s. William and Angelina 
(Hunt) Prentiss; b. 1837, Sept. 26, N. Y. City; prep. Columbia Grammar 
School; N. Y. Univ., 1855-8; Amherst, 1858-60, A. B. ; in. 1854, Oct. 18; 
2d lieut., 1861, May 1; 1st lieut., 1861, Oct.; capt., 1861, Dec., Co. C, 31st 
N. Y. Vol. ; in battles 1st Bull Run, West Point, Gaines Mills, Savage 
Station, Malvern Hills, South Mt. and Antietam; march to Richmond 
and 2d Bull Run; m. 1861, June 25, Kate Lamb; children, Violetta D. 
(Lingan), Franklin D. andGrace Leonie; deputy collector, Port of N. Y., 
till 1880; banker and broker, firm of George H. Prentiss & Co., 1880-%, 
N. Y. City; d. 18%, May 23, South Norwalk, Conn. 


BISHOP, REV. ALBERT CASTLE, Keeseville, N. Y.,s. James W. 
and Cynthia Matilda (Castle) Bishop; b. 1840, Sept. 12, Warrensburgh, 
N. Y. ; prep. Quakenbos' Commercial School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 
1856-60, A. B. ; Union Theo. Sem., 1860-3; Latin Salutatory; pres. 
Eucleian Soc. ; $ B K; in. 1858, June 19, 3>; pres. Soc. of Inquiry (Union 
Theo. Sem.); Vol. Army nurse, 1863; m. 1870, June 8, Julia Howard; 
pastor Presb. Church, Warrensburgh, Sand Lake, West Troy, Unadilla 
and Keeseville, N. Y. 

CRANE, REV. HENRY JOSIAH, M. D., Uniondale, Pa., s. 
and Crane; b. 1837, Jan. 27, near Middletown, N. Y. ; prep. Elmira, 
N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1856-60, A. B. ; Union Theo. Sem., 1860-3; Med. 
Dept., N. Y. Univ., ; in. 1858, June 1, <?: m. I860, June 27, Charlotte 

A. Morgan; children, Tululah Eugene, Howard Crosby; physician; 
ordained minister Presb. Church, 1863 ; supply Wysox, Pa., 
1863-70; pastor, Hunter, N. Y. , 1871-5 ; supply, Gibson, Pa., 1875-8; pastor, 
Nicholson, Pa., 1879-88; supply, Mt. Pleasant 'and Uniondale, Pa., 

McVEY, REV. JOHN, D. D., Binghamton, N. Y., s. Alexander 
and Christina (Templeton) McVey; b. 1837, Feb. 22, Glasgow, Scotland; 
prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1856-60, A. B. ; D. D., 
1895; Union Theo. Sem., 1860-3; Junior orator; commencement orator; 
pres. Eucleian Soc.; sec. class and baseball club; in. 1858, June 19, $; 
rel. in Z W, James Dow McVey, cou.; m. 1868, May 19, Margaret 
Whitehead; children, Joseph Templeton and Maria Louise; Presb. 
minister, N. Y. City, 1863-4; New Lebanon, 1864-72; Dayton, O., 1872-4; 
Binghamton, N. Y. , 1874 ; clerk Columbia Presb'y, 1868-72; Binghamton 
Presb'y, 1882 ; Regents Examiner, 1891 ; pres. Binghamton Univ. 
Extension Centre, 1892 ; v.-pres. Charities Aid, 1885 . 

PURDY, STEPHEN MARTINDALE, 96 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City, 
s. Alfred Seaman and Anne (Sanford) Purdy; b. 1840, June 12, N. Y. 
City; prep. Forrest's Coll. School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1856-7; in. 
1856, Oct. 27, #; mem. 22d Regt. three months in civil war; collector and 
dealer in antiques, paintings and works of art. 

REDFIELD, AMASA ANGELL, LL. D.,56 Pine St., N. Y. City. s. 
Luther and Eliza (Angell) Redfield; b. Clyde, N. Y.,1837, May 19; prep, 
private schools. N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1856-60, A. B. ; LL. D., 1898; pres. 
Eucleian; in. 1856, Oct. 14, 2 p A, FA, $ A\ rel. in Z W, Rev. William 
Henry Cooke and Cornelius L. Cooke, brs.-in-law; mem. N. Y. Historical 
Soc. ; co-author "Shearman and Redfield on Negligence"; author "Hand- 
book forTax Laws," "Redfield's Surrogate's Practice"; editor Redfield's 
Surrogates' Reports; m. 1863, May 6, Louise Cooke; children, Robert, Lati- 
mer and Edith; lawyer, 1862; special lecturer, LawDept., N. Y. Univ. 

SHRADY, JACOB, 90 Nassau St. (res., 25 W. 120th St.), N. Y. City, 
s. John and Margaret (Beinhauer) Shrady; b. 1839, Mar. 24, N. Y. City; 
prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1856-60; A. M., 1864; 

54 PHI CHAPTER 1860-1 

Columbia Law School, 1863, LL.B; class sec.; editor Eucleian; in. 1857, 
Dec. 1, A #; rel. in Z W, William, br. ; H. H. Klamreth, cou.; v.-pres. 
Medico-Leg-al Soc. ; mem. Soc. Med. Jurisprudence; St. Nicholas Soc. ; 
Sons of Rev.; Brooklyn Art Guild; Central and Harlem Republican 
Clubs; author " Steinicke Poisoning- Case," "Civil and Criminal Re- 
sponsibility for Malpractice," "Mental Unsoundness as Affecting- 
Testamentary Capacity," " Battle of Ridgefield," "Old Coat,"" Ram- 
bling on the Hudson"; m. (I) 1871, Nov. 8, Emma M. Grigg; (II) 1882, 
Sept. 13, Jennie Kempton ; children, Florence and Marjorie Faunce ; 
lawyer, 1864 . 

WILCOX, FRANKLIN AUGUSTUS, 1 Broadway (res., 933 Madi- 
son Ave.), N. Y. City, s. Oliver and Cynthia (Beebe) Wilcox; b. 1837, 
June 30, Ashland, N. Y. ; prep. Hedding Lit. Inst. , Ashland, N. Y. and 
Wood's School, Middletown, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1856-8; in. 1856, Dec. 8, 
2; mem. Bar Ass'n from organization, 1869; Law Inst. ; City, Downtown 
and Asiatic Clubs ; hon. mem. Mount Vernon Bd. of Trade ; m. 1867, 
Oct. 15, Annie L. Armitage ; children, Frank, Caroline, Grace ; pres. 
New York and Mount Vernon Dock Co. ; director Legal Aid Soc. ; law- 
yer, 1859 ; admiralty counsel Pa. R. R., ten years; counsel N. Y., L. 
E. & W. R. R.; Guion S. S. Line; N. Y. Ferry Co.; N. Y. & Hartford 
S. S. Co. ; N. E. Transp. Co. ; Maine S. S. Co. 


BRAGG, HENRY WILLARD, 209 Washington St. (res., Haddon 
Hall), Boston, Mass., s. Willard and Mary Matilda (Claflin) Bragg; b. 
1841, Dec. 11, Holliston, Mass.; prep. Milford and Pittsfield High 
Schools, Mass.; N. Y. Univ., 1857-9; Tufts, 1859-61, A. B.; "Order of 
the Coffee Pot"; commencement orator; $ B K; in. 1858, Oct. 23, $ 
(Kappa Chapter); mem. Univ., Curtis, Taylor and Abstract Clubs, Bos- 
ton; F. and A. M. ; 999 Artillery Ass'n, Charlestown, Mass. ; m. 1866, 
Jan. 11, Ellen Frances Haven; lawyer, Charlestown, 1864-8; Boston, 
1868 ; city solicitor, 1866-70; master in chancery, Middlesex Co., 1869- 
74; Suffolk Co., 1874-96; bar examiner, Suffolk Co., 1890-6; justice, 
Boston Municipal Court, 1886 ; solicitor, Warren Inst. for Savings, 

*DERRICKSON, JAMES GAUNT, s. James Turnell and Eleanor 
Jane (Buchanan) Derrickson; b. 1841, June 6, N. Y. City; prep. Union 
Hall Acad., Jamaica, N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1857-61, A. B. ; $ B K; in. 1859, 
Jan. 12; priv., 1861; 2d lieut., Co. D,66th Regt., N. Y. Vol.; capt. ord- 
nance, Gettysburg, 1864; detailed to 1st Division, 2d Army Corps; taken 
prisoner, 1864, June 22; paroled, 1865, April then mustered out; acting 
supt. paper m'f'r, 1865-6; d. 1866, Oct. 18, Stockport, N. Y. 

GALLATIN, FREDERICK, 670 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City, s. Albert 
Rolaz and Mary Lucille (Stevens) Gallatin; b. 1841, May 17, N. Y. City; 
prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1857-61, A. B. ; A. M., 1864; Columbia Law 

School, 1861-3; in. 1857, Oct. 30, ; rel. in Z W, Albert H., br. ; priv. 7th 
Regt. N. Y. Vol., 1862; lieut. 12th Regt. N. Y. Vol., 1863; judge-advocate 
and maj. N. Y. State Militia; m. 1865, , Almy Goelet Gerry; chil- 

dren, Almy Goelet, Rolaz Horace, Jean Buchanan, Goelet, Albert, Mary; 
lawyer, 1863 . 

GOODSELL,REV. GEORGE HENRY, D.D., Essex, conn.,s.Buei 

and Adeline (Ferris) Goodsell; b. 1837, May 19, Troy, N. Y. ; prep. Troy 
Conference Acad. , West Poultney , Vt. ; N. Y. Univ. , 1857-61, A. B. ; A. M. , 
1880, Taylor Univ.; D. D., 1891, Chadwick Coll.; Philomathean Lit. 
Soc.; in. 1858, Jan. 8; rel. in Z W, Bishop Daniel A., br. ; author "Recent 
Frauds and their Lessons"; m. 1861, Jan. 22, Emily Underbill; chil- 
dren, Elizabeth Underbill, Daniel B., Celia Adeline, John B. ; M, E. 
minister, 1861; sec. M. E. Tract Soc., N. Y. City, 1886-94. 


*MORRIS, THOMAS BURNSIDE, s. William E. and Mary' (Burn- 
side) Morris; b. 1842, May 13, Wellsboro, Pa.; prep. Germantown Acad. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1857-61, B. S.; in. 1860, Oct. 1, ; rel. in Z W, Roland Sletor, 
s. ; m. 1871, Oct. 3, Sarah Arndt Sletor; children, Mary Burnside, Roland 
Sletor and Anna Lloyd; chief engineer L. I. R. R., 1863; div. chief 
Panama R. R., 1864-5; Union Pac. R. R., 1867-9; chief engineer W. 
Div. of Northern Pac., 1870-4; pres. Seattle Coal Co. and Renton Coal 
Co., San Francisco; mining engineering, 1875-85; d. 1885, Nov. 8, Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Jane (Agnew) Nightingale; b. 1836, Sept. 22, N. Y. City; prep. Geneva 
Hall, Northwood, O.; N. Y. Univ., 1857-61, A. B. ; third honors in class; 
salutatory; Junior orator; pres. class and Eucleian Soc. ; Princeton 
Theo. Sem., 1865, B. D.: in. 1858, Oct. 1, ; m. 1869, Oct. 28, Julia St. 
John; children, John Clifford, Howard Crosby, Carolyn Ethel, Craig 
Elder and Gerard Post; ordained evangelist, 1866; supply Canal St. 
Church, N. Y. City, 1865-7; pastor Presb. Church, Islip, 1868-9; Smith- 
ville Flats, 1869-72, and Babylon, N. Y., 1874-80; evangelist, 1880-92; 
moderator Binghamton and Nassau Presby's; Long Island Synod; d. 
1895, Aug. 17, Newark, N. J. 

PHAYRE, JOHN FRANCIS, 105 W. 121st St., N. Y. City, s. John 
and Catharine M. (Jollie) Phayre; b. 1842, July 11, N. Y. City; prep. 
Collegiate School and Univ. Grammar School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 
1857-61, A.B. ; Latin prize in 1859; <2> B K; in. 1858, Oct. 9, A <2>; m. 1869, 
Oct. 20, Augusta C. Tallman; child, Mary; commercial and literary 

SKIDMORE, LEMUEL, 44 Pine St., N. Y. City (res., Summit 
N. J.), s. William Burtis and Harriet Ann (Bond) Skidmore; b. 1843 
Aug. 25, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ. 
1857-61, A. B. ; Harvard, 1863, LL. B. ; valedictory; pres. Eucleian Soc. 
$ B K-, in. 1858, June 8, ; mem. N. Y. City Bar Ass'n; council N. Y 
Univ., 1882 ; m. 1888, Nov. 24, Mary Johnson; children, Anna, Lemuel 
Jr., Harriet B. and James B. ; lawyer, 1864 ; N. Y. civil service com'r 

VANGIESON, HENRY CLAY, M.D., 307McCagueBldg., Omaha, 
Neb., s. Henry and Jane (Williams) Van Gieson; b. 1839, Oct. 18, Pat- 
erson, N. J. ; prep. Paterson; N. Y. Univ., 1858-61, A. B. ; Junior orator; 
Georgetown Med. Coll., 1862, M. D. ; Coll. P. and S., 1866, M. D. ; in. 1860, 
Nov. 8; rel. in Z y, Augustus, br. ; G. A. R. ; pres. Passaic Co. Med. Soc., 
1888; co-author with A. M. Brandt, "School Physiology"; med. cadet 
U. S. A., 1861-2, Washington, D. C. ; act'g ass't surgeon, U. S. N., 1862-5, 
blockade of Wilmington, N. C., and Charleston, S. C. ; m. 1866, Nov. 24, 
Mary Van Emburgh; children, Bosworth, Adnee, Helen, Louise; city 
physician, Paterson, N. J., 1880; U. S. pension examiner, 1868-70, 
examiner Prudential Life of Newark, 1872 and 1893 . 


GARDINER, GEORGE NORMAN, 248 West End Ave. (bus. add., 
53 South St.), N. Y. City, s. Asa and Rebekah (Bentley) Gardiner; b. 
1843, April 3, N. Y. City; prep. Coll. City X. Y. ; X. Y. Univ., 1859-62; 
sec. Eucleian Soc.; in. 1860, Nov. 27; mem. Colonial, Brooklyn, Rock- 
away Hunt and Democratic Clubs; Chamber of Commerce, Maritime 
Exchange, Sons of Rev., Soc. of War of 1812, Bd. of Trade and Trans- 
portation; invented process for preserving wood with cresylic acid; 
sergt. 22d Regt., N. G. S. N. Y., eight years; vol., 1863, three months; 
brev. 2d lieut. ; m. 1874, April 16, Mary Elsie Crane; children, George 
Norman, Jr., Elsie Crane, Edith Bentley and Hilda; merchant and m'f 'r. 

56 PHI CHAPTER 1862 

MILLER, WILLIAM WARREN, Easton, Pa., s. Isaac Slover 
and Caroline Matilda (Smith) Miller; b. 1843, Jan. 7, Montclair, N. J.; 
prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1858-62, A.B.; in. 1860, June 20. 

MITCHELL, JAMES L., 164 Washington Park, Brooklyn, N. Y., 
s. Edward and Mary A. (Brainerd) Mitchell; b. 1841, May 17; prep. 

; N. Y. Univ., A. B., 1858-62; $B K; in. 1862, March 26, 2; rel. in Z W, 
John H., br. ; m. 1874, May 14, Margaret L. Rendell; children, Harry 
B. and Marguerite; Produce Exchange, N. Y. 

PIFFARD, HENRY GRANGER, M. D., LL. D.,256 W. 57th St., 
N.Y. City, s.David and Ann (Haight) Piffard; b. 1842, Sept. 10, Piffard, 
N. Y. ; prep. Marlboro Churchill's Military School, Sing Sing, N. Y. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1858-62, A. B.; A. M., 1865; LL.D., 1899; Coll. P. and S., 
N. Y., 1862-4, M. D. ; in. 1859, Oct. 7, 2 p A; rel. in Z W, Charles H. 
Haight, Richard A. Anthony, cou. ; mem. Med. Soc. Co. N. Y. , N. Y. 
Acad. Med., N. Y. Dermatological Soc., N. Y. Acad. Science and City 
Hosp. Alumni Soc.; author "A Guide to Urinary Analysis," "Element- 
ary Treatise on Diseases of the Skin," "Cutaneous Memoranda," " Ma- 
teria Medica and Therapeutics of the Skin, "" Modern Treatment of 
Eczema," " Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin"; surgeon, with 
rank of maj., 7lst Regt., N. G. S. N. Y., 1867-8; m. 1868, June 17, Helen 
Hart Strong; children, Henry Haight (dec.), Helen Strong, Charles 
Haight and Susan Farnam; interne, Bellevue and Charity Hosps., 1864-5; 
lecturer, Urinary Analysis, Med. Dept. , N. Y. Univ., 1873 ; prof. Derm- 
atology, 1875-9; emeritus Professor of Dermatology, N. Y. Univ.; consult- 
ing surgeon, City Hosp. 

SCHENCK, PETER LAWRENCE, M. D., LL.D., 95 Sixth Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. , s. John and Catharine Van Dyke (Ryder) Schenck; b. 
1843, Oct. 25, Flatbush, N. Y. ; prep. Erasmus Hall Acad. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1859-62, A. B.; A. M., 1865; LL. D., 1898, Washington Coll.; Coll. P. 
and S., 1862-5, M. D.; in. 1859, Oct. 7, ; rel. in Z W, Teunis, br. ; mem. 
Kings Co. Med. Soc., Brooklyn Pathological Soc. and Am. Med. Ass'n; 
pres. Carleton, mem. Montauk and Crescent Athletic Clubs; F. and A. 
M. ; author "Memoirs of Johannes Schenck," "The Zabriskie Home- 
stead"; m. 1896, June 10, Sarah E. White; actg. ass't surgeon, U. S. A., 
1865, Wilmington, N. C. ; ass't physician. Kings Co. Hosp., 1865-6; ass't 
sanitary inspector, Metropolitan Bd. of Health, and ass't physician, 
Cholera Hosp., 1866; ass't resident physician, Kings Co. Hosp., 1866-72; 
med. supt. same, 1872-81; consulting surgeon, 1881 ; physician, Kings 
Co. Penitentiary, 1890-4, also 1897. 

SHRADY, WILLIAM, 90 Nassau St. (res., 25 W. 120th St.), N. Y. 
City, s. John and Margaret (Beinhauer) Shrady; b. 1841, June 9, N. Y. 
City; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1858-62; A. M.,1875, 
Iowa Wesleyan Univ.; Columbia Law School, LL. B., 1864; Antique 
National Acad. of Design; in. 1858, Oct. 9; rel. in Z W, Jacob, br., and 
H. H. Klamroth, cou. ; librarian and treas. Medico-Legal Soc. ; mem. 
Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, St. Nicholas Soc. , Sons of Rev. , Brooklyn Art 
Guild and Central and Harlem Republican Clubs; author " The Law 
in relation to Suicide and Intemperance in Life Insurance," "The 
Report on Criminal Abortion, " "The Law in relation to Habitual Drunk- 
ards," "In Memoriam, on Death of Dr. Stephen Rogers," "The Little 
Girl who saw Santa Claus, " " A Christmas Walk, ' ' contributor to period- 
icals; also political articles for the N. Y., Tribune, Commercial Advertiser, 
N.Y. Times, N. Y. Sun and. Local Reporter; paintings: "Wine and Apples" 
(oil), exhibited National Acad. of Design; "Tiger Lilies" (oil), exhibited 
Brooklyn Art Guild; m. 1871, Oct. 18, Mary Kempton; children, Bertha, 
Edwin Kempton, Madeleine and Ethel; lawyer; art critic. 

1862-3 PHI CHAPTER 57 

STRONG, REV. SELAH WOODHULL, s. Rev. Thomas M. and 
Elizabeth (Grier) Strong; b. 1844, Sept. 2, Flatbush, N. Y. ; prep. Eras- 
mus Hall, Flatbush; N. Y. Univ., 1859-62, A. B.; Theo. Sem., Dutch Ref. 
Church, New Brunswick, N. J., grad. 1868; in. 1861, Feb. 6, A ; rel. in 
Z y, Selah W. and Wm. V. D., s., Thomas M., cou.; m. 1866, Jan. 17, 
Eleanor H. Van Deursen; pastor, Rochester, N. Y., 1865-70; West Troy, 
1870-84; stated clerk Classis Saratoga and Particular Synod of Albany; 
mem. Bd. Supts., New Brunswick Theo. Sem.; v.-pres. General Synod 
and Bd. Foreign Missions; Primarius to General^Assembly, United Presb. 
Church; d. 1884, Nov. 6, West Troy, N. Y. 

SYME, WILLIAM ROBERT, 170 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., 48 
Greene Ave., Brooklyn), N. Y., s. Rev. David and Mary (Allen) Syme; 
b. 1838, Sept. 18, Richmond Co., X. Y. ; prep, by private tutor; N. Y. 
Univ., 1858-62. A. B.; A. M.; Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1864; third 
honors; < B K\ class pres. ; pres. Eucleian Soc. ; Junior orator; in. 1859, 
Jan. 22, ; mem. L. I. Hist. Soc., Zeta Psi Club; mem. 13th Regt., N. 
G. S. N. Y., served in campaign of 1862-3, in the civil war; afterwards 
maj. ; lawyer. 

*WHITING, MARSHALL, M. D., s. Marshall and Eliza Richard- 
son (Thorburn) Whiting; b. 1840, Feb. 21, Jamesville, N. Y. ; prep. N. Y. 
Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1858-62, A. B.; A. M., 1865; Coll. 
P. and S., 1870-3, M. D. ; Fresh, and Soph. Latin, Greek and mathe- 
matics prizes; Junior orator; Latin Salutatory; # B A"; in. 1859, Jan. 12, 
; teacher; first ass't and v.-pres. Union Free School, Yonkers, X. Y., 
1862-70; physician, Astoria, N. Y., 1872-98; d. 1898, Apr. 29, Astoria, N. Y. 

I86 3 

BARNES, REV. CHARLES RANDALL, D. D., Washington, N. J., 
s. William Edward and Lavinia Maria (Townsend) Barnes; b. 1836, 
Feb. 2, N. Y. City; prep. Ft. Edward Collegiate Inst., N. Y. ; Troy Univ., 
1859-62; N. Y. Univ. , 1862-3 ; A. M.,1868; D.D., 1890; in. 1862, Oct. 17, ; 
mem. Quill Club; author " Official Member M. E. Church," "Handbook 
of Bible Biography"; contributor to S. S. journals and McClintock and 
Strong's Cyclopaedia; "People's Bible Cyclopaedia"; m. 1866, July 6, 
Caroline Darrow; children, Lavinia Maria, Mary Grace, Margaretta, 
Caroline Florence; teacher, Drew Theo. Sem., Madison, N. J., 1869-70; 
mem. Bd. M'g'rs S. S. Union, M. E. Church, 1884; Bd. M'g'rs Mis- 
sionary Soc., 1892; Presiding Elder, 1884-8; pres. N. Y. Preachers' 
Meeting, 1893; M. E. clergyman, 1865-84, 1888. 

Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., s. Matthew and Amelia (Millar) 
Dripps; b. 1844, Mar. 19, Philadelphia; prep. D wight's School, Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1859-63, A. B. ; Princeton Theo. Sem., grad. 1868; 
D.D.,1884, Lafayette Coll.; entrance prize; Junior orator; English Salu- 
tatorian; pres. Eucleian Soc.; # B K; in. 1859, Nov. 9, $; A 2 A; author 
"Love and Friendship," " How to Believe, " " How to Repent"; m. 1875, 
Emily Dunning; child, Robert Dunning; pastor First Presb. Church, 
Germantown, 1870-80; Clinton St. Emmanuel Church, Philadelphia, 1882- 
6; Independent Presb. Church, Savannah, Ga., 1889-%; pres. Presb. Bd. 
Education, 1884-9. 

GILLETTE, DANIEL GANG, San Antonio, Tex., s. Rev. Dr. 
Abram Dunn and Hannah (Jenkins) Gillette; b. 1842, Jan. 26, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; prep. Prep. Dept., Madison Univ. ; Madison Univ., 1859-60; 
Columbia Coll., 1860; N. Y. Univ., 1861; Columbian Univ., 1865, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1867; Law and Theo. Dept., Columbian Univ., 1866-9; first prize 
elocution and literary attainment, 1865; in. 1861, Sept. 25, 2; correspond- 
ing sec. Arcadian Club, mem. Players' Club; 2d lieut., civil war; 
prisoner thirteen months; m, 1879, Mar. 12, Ann Judson Shepard; children, 

58 PHI CHAPTER 1863-4 

Amy Gano and Virginia Ferguson; ass't prof. Elocution, English and 
French, Columbian Univ., 1865-9; private sec. to Sec. of Navy; chief of 
Court Martial Division, U. S. N., 1869-71; private sec. N. Y. City post- 
master, 1871-3; supt. N. Y. P. O.; probate clerk, Surrogate's Court, and 
ass't to Surrogate, 1873-6; ass't deputy register, N. Y. Co., 1876-7; m'g'r 
Dept. of Revision, Mutual Life Ins. Co., N. Y., 1877-96; gen. agent 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. in Texas, 1896. 

*SMITH, DESHA, s. Murray F. and ( ) Smith; b. 1842, ; 

prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1860; d. , Paris, France. 

VAN RIPER, CORNELIUS, M.D.,207 Main Ave., Passaic,N. J., 
s. Abram W. and Clarissa (Kip) Van Riper; b. 1840, Sept. 6, North 
Belleville, N. J.; prep. Seymour Inst., Bloomfield, N. J.; N. Y. Univ., 
1859-63, A. B.; Coll. P. and S., 1863-6, M. D.; A. M., 1866, N. Y. Univ.; 
$ B K', commencement orator; Philomathean Soc. ; in. 1859, Oct. 17, 
$; rel. in Z W, Abram Harvey, br. , Nicholas Terhune, br.-in-law, 
Arthur Ward and John Terhune, s. ; mem. Acquackanonk Club, Holland 
Soc., N. Y. ; pres. Passaic Co. Med. Soc.; m. 1866, Sept. 19, Adrianna 
Terhune; children, Carrie Terhune (dec'd), Arthur Ward, John Ter- 
hune, Aimee (dec'd), Cornelia Z. ; director Equitable Land Co., Saddle 
River Land and Water Power Co. ; med. examiner N. Y. Life Ins. 
Co. and Penn. Mutual Life Ins. Co.; v.-pres. People's Bank and 
Trust Co. and Orean Park Ass'n; pres. Passaic branch N. J. Bldg. 
and Loan Ass'n; director North Jersey Title Guarantee Co.; Bd. Edu- 
cation; City Council; Republican Co. Com.; Republican City Com.; gov. 
Passaic Gen. Hosp. , also visiting physician to same; mem. Passaic 
Library Ass'n, Passaic Home and Orphan Asylum Ass'n ; mem. firm 
Van Riper & Co.; practicing physician, 1866 . 


CHALMERS, JOHN CHEESMAN, P. O. Box 3164, Ann Arbor, 
Mich., s. Thomas Clark and Margaret (McGowan) Chalmers; b. 1843, 
Jan. 9, N. Y. City; prep. William Forrest School and James N. McEli- 
gott's Schools; Coll. City N. Y., 1860-2; N. Y. Univ., 1862-4, A.B. ; Latin 
prize, Coll. City N. Y.; in. 1862, Dec. 16, A $ ; mem. Mich. Grange; 
priv. 22d Regt., N. G. N. Y., Civil War; m. (I) 1867, Mar. 28, Agnes 
J. Gilchrist; (II) 1876, Feb. 10, Gertrude Clizbe; children, Anna, Mary 
Alexander, Julia Hutzel, Gilchrist, Marcus, George and Virginia; 
teacher; farmer; justice of the peace, Montgomery Co., N. Y. , 1881-90; 
Pittsfield, Mich., 1897. 

*DAVISON, ROBERT ANTHONY, s. Tredwell and Phoebe 
(De Mott) Davison; b. 1843, Oct. 10, Rockville Centre, N. Y. ; prep. Union 
Hall Acad., Jamaica, N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1861-4, A. B. ; A. M., 1881; 
Columbia Law School, 1864-5; Latin prize; Latin salutatory; pres. 
Eucleian Soc.; $ B K; in. 1863, Mar. 3, A 3>; mem. Brooklyn Club; F. 
and A. M. ; m. 1870, Oct. 31, Emeline Sealy; children, George Willets, 
Mabel Estelle and Alfred Tredwell; lawyer, New York, 1864-72; firm 
of Hagner & Davison, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1872-7; alone, 1877-99; trustee 
Wesley an Acad., 1888-99; d. 1899, Nov. 19, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*LANPHER, ALFRED KOON, s. Asahel Moss and Sarah Eliza 
(Koon) Lanpher; b. 1842, Sept. 13, Baltimore, Md. ; prep. Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Inst.; N. Y. Univ., 1860-4, A. B.; A. M., 1867; commence- 
ment orator; class pres.; m. , Lizzie Marks; teacher, N. Y. 
City schools ten years ; Baltimore city schools five years ; Falls Church 
(Va.) public schools one year; d. 1897, Oct. 10, Baltimore, Md. 

LODEWICK, JOHN MILLER, 115 Park PL, Brooklyn, N. Y., s. 
John Miller and Emma Linda (Osburn) Lodewick; b. 1842, Nov. 20, N. 
Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1860-2; in. 1861, 

1864-5 PHI CHAPTER 59 

Sept. 25; m. 1872, Sept. 10, Louise Girardot; children, Allen Pierre, 
John Seymour, Frederick Girardot and Emma Louise; ass't librarian 
Law Library, 1870-95. 

RICE, JOHN JAY, LL. D., Fulton, Mo., s. Nathan L. and Catha- 
rine P. (Burch) Rice; b. 1842, Sept. 22, Paris, Ky.; prep. Sawyer's 
Prep. School, Chicago; Chicago Univ., 1860-1; N. Y. Univ., 1862-4, A. 
B., A. M.; LL. D., 1890 (Univ. Mo.); Columbia Law School, 1865; 
Junior orator; class pres. ; in. 1862, Jan. 31; m. 1874, Dec. 15, Susan E. 
Hockaday; children, Elizabeth, Nathan (dec'd) and John Jay, Jr.; law- 
yer, 1866-9; editor Callaway Gazette, 1874-90; prof, of history and literature 
Westminster Coll., Fulton, Mo., 1869 ; chairman of faculty and act'g 
pres., 1898. 

Y., s. Rev. Daniel Greene and Caroline (Wood) Sprague; b. 1843, Oct. 
18, West Chester, Conn.; prep. Newark Acad., Newark, N. J., and Wil- 
liston Sem., East Hampton, Mass.; N. Y. Univ., 1860-4, A. B. ; D. D., 
1887; Ph. D., 1887, Allegheny Coll.; Andover Theo. Sem., grad. 1867; 
Soph. Greek prize; Junior orator; valedictorian; $ B K; in. 1861, Mar. 
15, ^; rel. in Z W, Dering Jay, s. ; mem. Zeta Psi Club; Meadville Lit. 
Union; Cayuga Co. Hist. Soc. ; Salem Lodge F. and A. M. ; Federal 
Chapter R. A. M. ; author "Biographical Sketch of Rev. Daniel G. 
Sprague," "History of the First Presb. Church of Salem, N. Y.," 
numerous articles in religious papers; m. 1868, June 10, Sarah Frances 
Dering; children, Vesta Dering and Dering Jay; pastor Presb. Church, 
Salem, N. Y., 1868-81; First Presb. Church, Meadville, Pa., 1881-7; 
Second Church, Auburn, N. Y., 1887-95; Salem, N. Y., 1895; Com'r 
Presb. Gen. Assembly, 1874, 1885, 1892 and 1893; pres. Bd. Com'rs Au- 
burn Theo. Sem. ; stated clerk Cayuga Presbytery; trustee Washington 

*VAN INWEGEN, CORNELIUS COLE, s. Eli and Elizabeth 
Maria (Brill) Van Inwegen; b. 1845, Jan. 25, Port Jervis, N. Y. ; prep. 
Flushing Inst., N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1861-3; Union Coll., 1863-5; in. 1862, 
Jan. 15, F; rel. in Z W, Cornelius, ne. ; artillery service, U. S. A. ; civil 
engineer; survey of oil region near Titusville, Pa., 1865, Feb. -May; 
d. 1866, June 4, Port Jervis, N. Y. 


BAILEY, ALBERT WILLIAM, 5 Monroe PL (bus. add., 44 Court 
St.), Brooklyn, X. Y., s. James and Deborah Anna (King) Bailey; b. 
1845, June 2, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Columbia Coll. Grammar School; 
N. Y. Univ., 18 ; in. 1863, Feb. 3; mem. L. I. Wheelmen; ex-mem. Re- 
form, Aurora Grata and Athletic Clubs; m. 1873, May 14, Sarah T. 
Lees; lawyer. 

*BENEDICT, JOSEPH MOTT, M. D., s. Francis Knapp and 
Emeline (Mott) Benedict; b. 1844, Apr. 29, South Canaan, Conn.; prep. 
Brinkerhoff's School, Jamaica, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1861-5, A. B. ; Med. 
Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1865-7, M. D. ; Junior orator; English salutatory; 
v.-pres. Eucleian Soc.; Valentine Mott medal; in. 1862, May 5, #; rel. 
in Z W, Francis Denton, br. ; Israel C. Pierson, br.-in-law; mem. Salt 
Lake and State Med. Soc's; R. A. M. ; m. 1867, June 5, Sarah E. Pier- 
son; children, Nellie May, Frances Bertha and Chauncey Mott; physician 
and surgeon; hon. mem. Salt Lake City Med. Soc.; surgeon D. & R. G. 
R'y Co., Utah Central R. R. ; surgeon-gen. St. Mary's Hosp.,Salt Lake 
City; d. 18%, July 24, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

*CAVARLY, JOHN FOLKS, s. John Philip and Alice (Van 
Schaick) Cavarly; b. 1845, N. Y. City; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1861-5, 

A. B. ; Fresh. Latin and Mathematics prizes; Soph. Mathematical prize ; 
Junior orator; Valedictorian; in. 1862, June 9, A $ m. 1883, , Mary 

60 PHI CHAPTER 1865 

Vincent; instructor in Mathematics and Natural Science, Flushing Inst., 
N. Y., 1865-70; chemist in chemical works, L. I. City; clerk with Queen 
Ins. Co., N. Y. City, 1889-90; d. 1890, Oct. 20, Tremont, N. Y. 

*HAIGHT, CHARLES H., s. David Henry and Ellen (Jansen) 
Haig-ht; b. 1845, ; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., ; in. 1863, Oct. 

11; d. 1S73, Havana, Cuba; buried Gosheri, N. Y. 

HALSTED, CHARLES STOCKTON, Old Guard Armory, Broad- 
way and 49th St., N. Y. City, s. James Maver and Catharine (Crane) 
Halsted; b. 1844, Jan. 27; prep, private schools and N. Y. public schools; 
N. Y. Univ., 1862-4; in. 1862, Oct. 25, 2 p; 2 p A; active mem. for 10 
years, afterward and still mem. Vet. Corps, 22d Regt., N. G. N. Y., 
rank of col.; G. A. R., col. and post commander of John A. Dix Post, No. 
135, Dept. N. Y. ; Old Guard, N. Y., 10 years; mem. Atlantic Yacht Club 
andOldHoboken Turtle Club; m. 1874, Oct. 13, Sarah Bokee; children, 
Catharine Crane, James Maver; corresponding sec. Mercantile Library 
Ass'ii, N. Y., 1868-9; banker, 1867-88; paymaster Old Guard of N. Y., 

PIERSON, ISRAEL CORIELL, PH. D., 141 Broadway, N. Y. 
City (res., 733 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J.), s. William Halsey and 
Elizabeth Miller (Coriell) Pierson; b. 1843, Aug. 22, Westfield, N. J.; 
prep. Fort Edward (N. Y.) Inst. ; N. Y. Univ., 1861-5; A.B., A.M., 1868; 
Ph. D., 1890; # B K; commencement orator; class pres. ; pres. Eucleian 
Lit. Soc. ; pres. Alumni Ass'n; mem. Council N. Y. Univ., 1890 ; sec. 
same, 1896 ; in. 1862, May 2, $; $ A, pro tern., N. Y. Convention, 1866 
and 1869; A $ A, 1867-8; A, 1887-8; A A, 1894; chairman com. of 
Patriarchs, 1892 ; rel. in Z W, Joseph Mott Benedict, br.-in-law; sec. 
1889-99, v.-pres. 1899 , Actuarial Soc. of Am.; fellow N. Y. Acad. 
Sciences and Am. Statistical Ass'n; mem. N. Y. Mathematical Soc.; 
associate "Institute of Actuaries, " London; corresponding mem. "In- 
stitut des Actuaires Francais" and "Association des Actuaires Bei- 
ges"; pres. Zeta Psi Club; sec. International Congress of Actuaries, 
Brussels, 1895; London, 1898; author "Mortality Experience," "Life 
Insurance an Applied Science," "Life Insurance in the United States" 
for Jaarbockjc-Levensverzekering', chairman com. N. Y. Univ. Alumni Bio- 
graphical Catalogue, 1894; com. with Thos. I. Chatfield (H) on Zeta Psi 
Semicentennial Song Book, 1897; sec. com. Zeta Psi Directory, 1893, 
and Biographical Catalogue, 1899; com. on revision of Zeta Psi Const'n, 
1891; author of words "We come, each other warmly greeting," 1893; m. 
1871, Nov. 1, Catharine Hetfield Edgar; children, Josephine and Mabel 
Edgar; com'r gen. assembly Presb. Church, 1886 and 1889; teacher, 1865-6; 
actuary, 1866; Washington Life Ins. Co., 1880 . 

RYERSON, A. ZABRISKIE, 171 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., 
Pompton, N. J.), s. Martin J. and Mary Ann (Conklin) Ryerson; b. 
1844, July 24, Pompton, N. J. ; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. 
Y. Univ., 1861-4; in. 1862, Oct. 24, 2 p; m. 1871, Oct. 24, Georgiana 
Linen; child, Mary Isabelle; farmer; iron m'f'r; real estate broker. 

SATTERLEE, FRANCIS LE ROY, M. D., 8 W. 18th St., N. Y. 
City, s. George C. and Mary Le Roy (Livingston) Satterlee; b. 1847, 
June 15, N. Y.; prep. N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1862-5; Ph.B., Ph. D., M.D., 
N. Y. Univ.; Mott medal; v.-pres. Eucleian Soc. ; Med. Dept., N. Y. 
Univ., 1868, M. D. ; in. 1863, Sept. 23, $; 2 A; $ A; rel. in Z W, Livingston, 
br. ; Francis Le Roy, Jr., s. ; Satterlee Arnold, cou.; fellow London 
Soc. Arts; N. Y. Historical Soc.; N. Y. Co. Med. Soc.; N. Y. Medico- 
Legal Soc.; N. Y. Pathological Soc.; fellow N. Y. Acad. Med.; Am. 
Geographical Soc.; N. Y. Acad. Sciences; mem. Century Ass'n; St. 
Nicholas Soc.; Sons of Rev.; Players Club; Soc. of Colonial Wars; 
author "Erysipelas," "Psoriasis and Rheumatism," "Neurosis of the 
Skin," "Rheumatism and Gout"; surgeon with rank of maj.,N. G.N.Y., 

X865-6 PHI CHAPTER 61 

1868 ; m. 1868, Dec. 9, Laura Suydam; children, Madeline Le Roy, 
Henry Suydam, Laura Livingston, Francis Le Roy, Jr., Ethelwyn 
Suydam; physician; prof. Chemistry, Physics and Metallurgy, N. Y. 
Coll. Dentistry; police surgeon; trustee and prof. Chemistry, Am. Veter- 
inary Coll.; med. director Mutual Benefit Life Ass'n; v.-pres. Berkeley 
Athletic Ass'u; trustee West Side Savings Bank; attending physician 
St. Elizabeth Hosp., N. Y., and Northeastern Dispensary. 


BEEBE, MUNSON HINMAN, Omaha, Neb., s. William Jackson 
and Elizabeth (Hinman) Beebe; b. 1845, Aug. 4, Brooklyn, N. Y.; N. Y. 
Univ., 1863; in. 1863, June 19; m. 1872, Dec. 5, Blanche Torrey; children, 
Eugene Hoi brook, Clarence Hinman; priv. sec. to Dean Fair of Trinity 

BUCKMAN, ROBERT KNOWLES, Easton, Pa., s. Lewis and 
Adaline (Knowles) Buckman; b. 1845, Jan. 14, Lock Haven, Pa.; prep. 
N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1863-6; in. 1863, Sept. 23; 
m. (I) 1868, Oct. 6, Emeline Perry; (II) 1884, Nov. 19, Elizabeth T.Warne; 
child, Robert K. , Jr.; mem. firm Davidson, Young & Co., wholesale 
coal business, N. Y., 1870-3; Hulshizer & Buckman, grain commission 
business, 1873-84; mem. N. Y. Produce Exchange, 1873-84; m'f'r, Easton, 
Pa., 1884. 

DAYTON, ABRAM HEDGES, 36W. 115th St. (bus. add., 57 Broad- 
way), N. Y. City, s. William H. and Emily (Byrne) Dayton; b. 1844, 
Oct. 4, N. Y. City; prep. Morristown Acad. and Poughkeepsie Acad. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1865-6, B. S.; Ph. B., 1867; in. 1866, Oct. 3, $; mem. 
Geographical Soc. ; Union League Club; assisted Prof. Draper with 
Lunar Photographs; m. 1883, Sept. 12, Ella Victoria Amidon Tucker; 
children, Kenneth Pier, Amidon and Gladys Victoria ; sugar refining, 
1867-71; sugar exporter and factor, 1871-8; stock broker, 1878 . 

HALL, ARCHIBALD WESTER VELT, 843 Clinton Ave., Newark, 
N. J., s. Edward D. and Mary J. (Westervelt) Hall; b. 1846, Mar. 6, 
N. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1862-6, A. B.; 
Latin prize; class pres. Philomathean Soc. ; $ B K; in. 1862, Dec. 16, 
$; lawyer, N. Y. City. 

gail (Chichester) Hendrickson; b. 1845, Sept. 16, Hempstead, N. Y.; 
prep. Union Hall Acad.; N. Y. Univ., 1863-6, B. S.; C. E.; Soph. Mathe- 
matical prize; Junior orator; English salutatory; v.-pres. Philomathean 
Soc.; B K; in. 1865, Feb. 19, ; rel. in Z W, George Skidmore 
Hendrickson, cou. ; m. 1868, Sept. 16, Phoebe W. Jones; children, Paul 
J., Edna, Ada G. ; civil engineer in employ of Gautemala Gov't on 
Nicaragua Ship R. R., 1882; ass't engineer Brooklyn Water Works 
Dep't; engineer Southside R. R. (L. I.), 1866-7; engineer Coney Island 
R. R. and Ocean Concourse, 1874-7; ass't engineer boundary survey be- 
tween Mexico and Guatemala, 1878-9; ass't engineer locating Tehuantepec 
Inter-Oceanic R. R., Mexico, 1880-1; d. 1886, June 24, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*HOWE, HENRY AUGUSTUS, s. Henry Arnold and Helen Laur- 
etta (Lamed) Howe; b. 1846, Mar. 17, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Andover, 
Mass.; N. Y. Univ., 1863-5; in. 1863, Oct. 21; m. 1874, Aug. 13, Lucretia 
Bond Sandford; children, Edith Helen, Herry Arnold; clerk in tea mer- 
chant's office; with Welsh, Hall & Co., Yokohama, Japan, 1867; mem. 
firm Henry Gribble & Co., Nagasaki, Japan; with Mitzu Bishi Mail S. 
S. Co., ; d. 1889, Dec. 28, Tokyo, Japan. 

62 PHI CHAPTER 1866-7 

MERSEREAU, FRANK DONALDSON, 114 E. 23d St., N. Y. City, 
s. Cornelius and Caroline (Tomkins) Mersereau; b. 1848, May 12, New- 
ark, N. J.; prep. Newark; N. Y. Univ., 1866-7; in. 1866, Jan. 31; rel. in 
Z W, Rev. Cyrus B. Durand, br.-in-law; mem. Zeta Psi Club; m. 1875, 
Nov. 10, Cilia Battin; children, Paul, Alice Battin, Gertrude; m'f r. 

UNDERBILL, HOWARD LAWRENCE, Scottsdale, Ariz., s. 
Joshua Sutton and Alice Lawrence ( ) Underbill; b. 1846, Feb. 11, 

N. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1862; in. 1864, 
Dec. 16; m. 1883, May 17, Mary Ida Tallcot; children, Margaret Elsie, 
Howard L. T. 

WOOLLEY, JAMES VAN SICLEN, M. D., 75 E. 79th St., N. Y. 
City, s. William Henry and Joanna Wyckoff (Van Siclen) Woolley; b. 
1843, Nov. 5, Jamaica, N. Y. ; prep. Union Hall Acad., Jamaica, N. Y. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1860-1, 1862-4, 1865-6, A. B. ; Soph. Latin prize; Junior 
orator; pres. Eucleian Soc. ; valedictorian; $ B K; Med. Dept., N. Y. 
Univ., M. D., 1868; in. 1863, Dec. 16, <; mem. N. Y. Co. Med. Soc. ; N. Y. 
Acad. Med.; m. 1878, Dec. 19, Emma Josephine Brinckerhoff; children, 
James Stanley, Emma, Estelle, Helen, William Henry, Edward Ruthven, 
Charles Chester; visiting physician Presb. Hosp., 1874-80. 


AUBERY, ALBERT CLARENCE, 534 Madison St., Brooklyn 
(bus. add., 35 Nassau St., N. Y. City), N. Y., s. Harvey F. and Anna- 
bella (Dodge) Aubery; b. 1844, July 7, N. Y. City; prep. priv. tutor, New 
Haven, Vt.; Univ. Vt., 1863-4; N. Y. Univ., 1864-6; Columbia Coll. Law 
School, 1867; in. 1864, A; A A, 1883-4; F. and A. M. ; past high priest R. 
A. M. ; m. 1867, Nov. 27, Sabrina B. Pratt; lawyer, 1867; mem. Bd. 
Education, Brooklyn, 1888-94. 

JONES, SAMUEL SEABURY, M. D., 712 Madison Ave.,N. Y. City, 
s. Elbert Harnig and Marjery (Youngs) Jones; b. 1846, June 1, Oyster 
Bay, N. Y.; prep. Christ Church School, Oyster Bay; N. Y. Univ., 1863-7, 
A.B.; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1869, M. D.; student at Edinburgh, Ber- 
lin and Vienna, 1869-71; Fresh. Latin prize; v.-pres. Eucleian Soc.; in. 
1866, Nov. 15; mem. N. Y. Acad. Med. ; N. Y. County Med. Soc. ; Pathological 
Soc. ; Manhattan Med. Soc. ; Lenox Med. Soc. ; N. Y. Univ. Alumni Soc. ; 
contributor to med. journals; m. 1877, Mar. 19, Margaret Matthews; 
children, Beatrice Cleveland, Natalie Rathbone; physician, 1871 ; 
visiting physician Workhouse and Almshouse Hosps., BlackwelPs Island, 
N. Y., 1882-93; consulting physician to the same. 

LITCHFIELD, EDWARD HUBBARD, 59 Wall St.,N. Y. City (res., 
2 Montague Terrace, Brooklyn), N. Y., s. Hon. Edwin C. and Grace (Hill 
Hubbard) Litchfield; b. 1845, Nov. 15, Utica, N. Y. ; prep. Mons. Dup- 
lay's School, Paris; Rev. C. W. Everest's School, Hampden, Conn.; N. 
Y. Univ., 1862-4, 1865-7, B. S.; commencement orator; 1st Soph. Duryea 
essay prize, 1866; librarian Eucleian Soc.; in. 1862, Dec. 2; mem. Brook- 
lyn Library, Rembrandt, Hamilton, Riding and Driving, Brooklyn, 
Montauk Clubs, Brooklyn; N. Y. Yacht, Metropolitan, Downtown Ass'n 
Clubs, N. Y. City; Tuxedo Club; Soc. Colonial Wars; m. 1871, Feb. 2, 
Madeleine M. Sands; children, Madeleine, Edward Hubert, Marion, Bay- 
ard Sands; mem. N. Y. Univ. Council, 1891 ; dir. Brooklyn SavingsBank, 
Maryland Coal Co.; presidential elector, 1893; com'r N. Y. State Bd. of 
Charities, 1893; lawyer, 1870. 

MARSH, SAMUEL, LL. D., Litchfield, Conn. (bus. add., 12 John 
St., N. Y. City), s. Nathaniel and Eliza Atherton (Brooks) Marsh; b. 1846, 
N. Y. City; prep. Staten Island and by priv. tutor; N. Y. Univ., 1863-6; 
Union Coll., 1866-7, A. B. ; LL. D. 1890, Washington and Lee Univ. ; Law 
Dept., N. Y. Univ., one year; Duryea prize, English composition; pres. 

1867-9 PHI CHAPTER 63 

Eucleian Lit. Soc.; in. 1864, Dec. 13, A #; # A, 1870; mem. Univ. 
Club; pres. Union Coll. Alumni Ass'n, 1884; contributor to press; m. 
1870, Sept. 7, Marie R. Gray; child, Elizabeth; lawyer; pres. Veterinary 
Coll., X. Y. City, 1874-85; trustee and sec. N. Y. Evening Express, 1876-7; 
ass't Corporation Counsel, N. Y. City, 1876-7. 

MITCHELL, JOHN HOWELL, s. Edward and Mary A. (Brain- 
ard) Mitchell; b. 1845, Oct. 5, Brooklyn, N. Y.; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1863-7, A. B. ; Junior and commencement orator; Senior class pres. ; treas. 
Eucleian Soc. ; in. 1863, Sept. 13; m. 1874, Mar. 18, Annie M. MacPherson; 
merchant; d. 1898, June 24, Montclair, N. J. 

*McVEY. JAMES DOW, s. William and Margaret (Dow) McVey; 
b. 1843, March 22, Covington, N. Y.; prep. ; X. Y. Univ., 1863-7; 

A. B. ; Junior Orator; commencement orator; v.-pres. Eucleian Soc.; 
# B K\ in. 1865, Oct. 12. 2; rel. in Z W, Rev. John McVey, D.D., cou. ; ass't 
paymaster's clerk, U. S. N., at Port Royal, 1865; m. 1872, June 24, Isa- 
dora Van Aernam; lawyer; surrogate, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., 1873-9; 
d. 1879, Oct. 9, Franklhmlle, N. Y. 


LOOMIS, EDWARD BEACH, M. D.,133 S. Clark St. (res., 145 S. 
Robey St.), Chicago, 111., s. Harmon and Charlotte M. (Torrey) Loomisjb. 
1848, April 6, Brooklyn, N. Y. : prep. Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst. ; N. Y. 
Univ., 1864- ; Univ. Vt., M. D., 1870; in. 1864, Oct. 18; mem. Am. Med.Ass'n; 
111. State Med. Soc.; Chicago Med. and Pathological Socs. ; 111. Club; 
m. 1871, March 14, EffieM. Fuller; children, Daisy, Herman and Char- 
lotte; physician and surgeon. 

PIXGRY, FRAXX KIP, 10 Halsted St., East Orange, N. J.,s.Rev. 
John Francis and Caroline G. (Oakley) Pingry; b. 1848, May 12, Fish- 
kill, N. Y. ; prep. Pingry 's School, Elizabeth, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1864-8, A. B. ; A. M., 1875; prize for class standing during course; val- 
edictorian; # B K; in. 1866, Xov. 15, A 2; m. 1881, June 28, Anna R. 
Richardson; children, Frank Richardson, Lucy Carpenter; civil engi- 
neer, 1868-73; teacher in Pingry School, Elizabeth, X. J., 1873-85; civil 
engineer, 1885-93; prof. Mathematics and Xatural Science, Macalester 
Coll., St. Paul, Minn., 1893-4; ass't engineer Essex Co. Park Commis- 
sion, X. J., 1895. 

TOMLIXSOX, DAVID, Bureau of Street Opening, 90-92 Chambers 
St., X. Y. City (res., 606 Palisade Ave., Yonkers), X. Y., s. Theodore 
E. and Abby E. (Walden) Tomlinson; b. 1846, Oct. 1, X. Y. City; prep. 
Univ. Grammar School, X. Y. City; X. Y. Univ., 1864-8, A. B. ; LL.B., 
1869; A. M., 1871; Webster prize; class pres.; pres. Philomathean Soc.; 
in. 1866, Mar. 29; rel. in Z W, Henry T., Theodore E. and John C., brs.; 
m. 1872, July 12, Gertrude R. Jenkins; children, T. Edwin, Ella Van 
Xess, Gertrude R. and David, Jr.; lawyer; ass't Corporation Counsel, 
N. Y. City. 

*WIXSOR, THOMAS, s. George and Harriet (Olmsted) Winsor; 
b. 1846, Xov. 13, Rahway, X. J.; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1864-8, A. B.; 

A. M., 1872; LL.B., 1869; Junior orator; commencement orator; master's 
orator; pres. Philomathean Soc.; class pres.; in. 1866, Jan. 31; m. 
(I) 1874, June 24, Henrietta Esther Johnson; (II) 1880, Oct. 5, Julia Ann 
Winant; child, Harold Marsh; lawyer; alderman, Elizabeth, X.J., 1873-4; 
supt. public schools, Elizabeth, X. J.,1875; d. 1894, Feb. 26, Milford, Pa. 


BELL, GEORGE, 302 Broadway, X. Y. City (res., Xew Brighton), 
X. Y., s. George W. and Margaret (Masterson) Bell; b. 1848, 
April 29, X. Y. City; prep. Henry St. Grammar School; X. Y. Univ., 

64 PHI CHAPTER 1869-70 

1865-9, A. B.; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1871, LL.B. ; Webster prize; 
<2> B K; in. 1866, March 22, 2; m. 1877, Oct. 4, Edna Shaw Newell; 
children, Freda, George Newell, Edna Margaret and Russell Daven- 
port; lawyer. 

*BENEDICT, FRANCIS DENTON, M. D., s. Francis Knapp and 
Emeline (Mott) Benedict; b. 1848, Dec. 29, North Canaan, Conn.; prep. 
Brinkerhoff's School, Jamaica, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1865-6; Med. Dept., 
N. Y. Univ., M. D., 1868; in. 1865, June 19, A 2; rel. in Z W, Joseph 
M., br. ; R. A. M. ; m. 1871, Sept., Chloe Young; physician and surgeon; 
d. 1882, May 12, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

DRURY, AUGUSTUS H., P. O. Box 606 (res., 102 Hamilton Ave.; 
bus. add., 104 Washington St.), Paterson, N. J., s. Moses and ElizaM. 
(Humphrey) Drury; b. 1851, Dec. 12, N. Y. City; prep. Mystic River, 
Conn., and Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1867-9, A. B. ; N. Y. 
Univ. Law School, 1870, LL.B. ; in. 1867, Nov. 9, ;lieut., Nat. Guard, N. 
J. ; master and Examiner in Chancery, 1871 ; clerk, Grand Jury, Pas- 
saic Co., N. J. 

HENDRICKS, ARTHUR TOBIAS, M. D., Manhattan Club, N. Y. 
City, s. Henry and Harriet (Tobias) Hendricks; b. 1851, Jan. 26, N. Y. 
City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1865-9, Ph. B. ; Med. 
Dept., N.Y. Univ., 1869-72, M. D. ; in. 1865, Nov. 1, $; 2 p A; rel. in Z W, 
H. H. Hart, cou. ; mem. Manhattan, Democratic, Cuttyhunk and Phoenix 
Clubs; physician, retired. 

PIERSON, HUBERT LEWIS, South Orange, N. J., s. Lewis and 
Abby Susan (Beach) Pierson; b. 1847, July 10; prep. Newark Acad. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1865; in. 1865, Oct. 12, T; m. 1871, May 17, Emma C.Kays; 
children, Lewis Henry and Emma Maude; grain dealer. 


*CHRISTIE, CHARLES EDWARD, s. Jonathan Sayre and 
Charlotte (Beemer) Christie; b. 1849, Dec. 7, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 
1867-8; in. 1867, Oct. 7; d. 1872, Mar. 15, Paterson, N. J. 

HUNTER, GEORGE ZABRISKIE, M. D., Glen Ellen, Cal., s. 
Charles F. and Julia M. W. (Zabriskie) Hunter; b. 1848, May 12, N. Y. 
City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1866-70; N. Y. Univ. 
Med. School, 1870-2, M. D. ; in. 1867, Sept. 6; surgeon of Northern Dispen- 
sary; Dept. Public Works; surgeon at sea, Pacific Mail S. S. Co. and 
O. & O. Co. from San Francisco to Pacific Ocean points. 

MORSE, WILLIAM HENRY, 3227 16th St., N. W. (bus. add., 
Congressional Library), Washington, D. C., s. Richard Gary and Sarah 
Louisa (Davis) Morse; b. 1846, Jan. 26, N. Y. City; prep. Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass.; Yale, 1863-7, A. B. ; A. M., 1870; Law Dept., 
N. Y. Univ., 1868-70, LL. B. ; class sec. and mem. "Wolf's Head"; in. 
1869, June 11; m. 1879, Sept. 24, Louise Parish Townsend; children, 
Mabel Townsend, Marie Louise Townsend and Gertrude Townsend; 
with S. C. Griggs & Co., book publishers, Chicago, 111., 1867-8; in law 
office of Mann & Parsons, 1868-70; law reporter and stenog'rapher, 
1873-95; private sec. Northern Pacific R. R. Co., 1880-1; Cong. Library, 

*TOMLINSON, HENRY TALLMADGE, s. Theodore Edwin and 
Abby Esther (Walden) Tomlinson; b. 1848, Jan. 11, N. Y. City; prep. 
Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1866-70; in. 1870, Sept. 21, A ; 
d. 1870, Dec. 6, N. Y. City. 

WARING, ARTHUR BALDWIN, Yonkers (res., 200 W. 55th St., 
N. Y.City), N.Y., s. John T. and Janette ( ) Waring; b. 1852, July 1, 
Yonkers, N. Y. ; prep, private schools, Yonkers; N. Y. Univ., 1866-70, spe- 

1870-2 PHI CHAPTER 65 

cial course diploma; in. 1868, Sept. 25, A 2', 2 p A; mem. Calumet, 
Lambs', N. Y. Athletic and Republican Clubs; treas. Waring Hat 
M'f'g Co. 


ANSTICE, JO SI AH, Rochester, N. Y., s. Henry and Mary (Sal- 
tonstall) Anstice; b. 1853, July 27, Yonkers, N. Y. : prep. Dr. Drumm's 
School, Rochester, N. Y.; N. Y. Univ. (special), 1870-1; in. 1870, Nov. 1, 
A $; pres. Rochester Country Club; m'g'r Genesee Valley Club, Roch- 
ester; mem. Am. Jersey Cattle Club; Sons Am. Rev.; Rochester Hist. 
Soc. ; m. 1883, Nov. 7, Mary B. Reynolds; children, Mortimer Reynolds, 
Mary and Emily; Josiah Anstice & Co., m'f rs hardware specialties, 
also N. R. Streeter & Co., m'f'rs hardware specialties; pres. Avon, 
Geneseo & Mt. Morris R. R. Co. ; treas. Rochester & Genesee Valley 
R. R. Co.; treas. Reynolds Library: director Rochester Savings Bank, 
Rochester Trust Co., Commercial Bank. 

HART, HARMON HENDRICKS, 67 Exchange PL, N. Y. City 
(res., South Orange, N. J.), s. Benjamin S. and Hannah (Hendricks) 
Hart; b. 1851, Feb. 27, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; 
N. Y. Univ., 1871, LL.B.; in. 1870, Feb. 12, 2 p A; mem. South Orange 
Democratic Club; Democratic Soc. of the Oranges; JeSFersonian Club, 
Newark; sec. N. Y. Stock Exchange; Cleveland and Hendricks Club, 
1884 ; Cleveland and Thurman Club, 1888; treas. N. Y. Business Men's 
Cleveland and Thurman Club, 1888; financial and cor. sec. N. Y. Stock 
Exchange Cleveland and Stevenson Club, 1892; m. 1877, Dec. 19, Con- 
stance Hart; children, Hannah, Florence, Rosalie, Harold, Lillian and 
Arthur; lawyer, 1871-7: mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange, June, 1878 ; mem. 
bd. trustees, village and school trustee, 1896-8, South Orange, N. J. ; pres. 
Village South Orange, N. J., 1897-8. 

HART, NATHANIEL REEVES, Stamford, Conn., s. William 
Halsey and Abigail Denton (Reeves) Hart; b. 1850, May 26, Westtown, 
N. Y. ; prep. Westtown Acad. and Union Free School, Yonkers, N. Y. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1867-71, B. S.; Soph. Mathematical prize; pres. Eucleian 
Soc.; in. 1870, Feb. 19; trustee Ferguson Library; mem. Suburban Club; 
sec. " St. John's Church House of Stamford"; Republican and Zeta Psi 
Clubs, N. Y. ; m. 1881, Nov. 17, Mary Clarissa Dickinson; children, 
William Dickinson, Irene, Carol Reeves and Reeves Welch; teacher, 
1871-4; lawyer, 1874; ass't U. S. Dist. Arty., 1878-80 and 1880-6; U. S. 
Dist. Arty, by judicial appointment ad interim, 1880, Oct.-Dec. ; mem. 
Conn. House Rep., 1886; mem. Stamford School Com. for twenty years; 
mem. State Com. on examinations for admission to the Bar. 

MEAD, FREDERICK WILLIAM, s. William A. and Anna (Bare- 
more) Mead; b. 1853, Aug. 25, N. Y. City; prep. Mt. Washington Col- 
legiate Inst., N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1869- ; in. 1869, Oct. 1; mem. 
N. Y. Athletic Club; East India merchant; d. 1888, Feb. 29, St. Augus- 
tine, Fla., buried Greenwich, Conn. 


BEAM, JOHN ROGERS, 148 Ellison St. (res., 390 Broadway), Pat- 
erson, N. J., s. David Bartholf and Jane (Stitt) Beam; b. 1850, Dec. 19, 
Paterson, N. J. ; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1868- 
70; Brown Univ. , 1870-2, A. B. ; B K; Columbia Law School, 1875, LL.B. ; 
in. 1869, Mar. 21; mem. Hamilton and North Jersey Country Clubs, Pater- 
son; University Club, N. Y. ; maj. of the old 1st Battalion, N. G. N. J. ; 
m. 1879, July 24, Carrie Swinburne Cooke ; children, Edward Babcock, 
John Cooke, William Blundell; lawyer, 1875 

66 PHI CHAPTER 1872-3 

CARLTON, ALBERT BEVERLY, 301 W. Jersey St., Elizabeth, 
N. J., s. Thomas and Helen (Stevens) Carlton; b. 1850, Mar. 1, Attica, N. 
Y. ; prep. Young's Private School, Elizabeth, N. J.; N. Y. Univ., 1868-72, 
A. B. ; A. M., 1875; class pres. Philomathean Soc. ; in. 1869, Nov. 26, $ A; 
rel. in Z W, Thomas S., br. ; mem. Mattano of Elizabeth (first pres.); 
Suburban, Town and Country, Elizabeth; Essex of Newark, Reform of 
N. Y. Clubs; m. 1878, Oct. 31, Annie Aitken; children, Beverly, Albert 
and Elizabeth; coal merchant; comptroller of Elizabeth, N. J., 1883 ; 
pres. Consumers' Light, Heat and Power Co., Elizabeth; North Hudson 
Light, Heat and Power Co., Hoboken; auditor and director Mutual Ben- 
efit Life Ins. Co., Newark; director National State Bank of Newark; 
director Orange and Passaic Valley St. R. R. ; pres. United Electric Co. 
of N. J. 

*KISSAM, GEORGE PURDY, M. D., s. Daniel T. and Susan 
Maria (Purdy) Kissam; b. 1850, Jan. 18, Manhasset, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1868-72, B. S. ; N. Y. Univ. Med. School, 1872-4, M. D. ; in. 1868, Oct. 7, 
#; m. 1873, Sept. 25, "Lizzie Voris; children, George Purdy and Daniel 
Tread well; physician; d. 1878, July 8, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

LIVERMORE, GEORGE W., Mt. Morris Bank, 83 E. 125th St. 
(res., Hotel Winthrop, cor. 125th St. and 7th Ave.), N. Y. City, s. George 
H. and MarciaA. (Watson) Livermore; b. 1851, Feb. 1, Spencer, Mass.; 
prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ. , 1868-72, C.E.; in. 1869, 
Nov. 11, 2; mem. Harlem Club; clerk with Livermore, Clews & Co., 
1872-80; teller, Mt. Morris Bank, 1880. 

NICHOLS, CHARLES EDWARD, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., s. Zacha- 
riah B. and Margaret (Wilson) Nichols; b. 1850, June 19, Stamford, 
Conn.; prep, privately; N. Y. Univ., 1869-71 (Engineering) ; mathematics 
prize; in. 1869, Oct. 9, ; m. 1875, Apr. 8, Edna May Sheffield; child, 
Edith M. ; civil engineer; supt. Mt. Vernon public schools, 1894 . 

SHAW, HENRY THOMAS, 821 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn (bus. add., 
82-94 Worth St., N. Y. City), N. Y., s. Henry and Kezia (Walsh) Shaw; 
b.1854, Apr. 29, N. Y. City; prep. Columbia Prep. School; N. Y. Univ., 
1868-72; in. 1871, Apr. 21, ; priv. Co. A, 7th Regt. N. G. N. Y. ; m. 
1877, June 7, Emma Estelle Newman; children, Edith, Henry, Arthur; 

TOMLINSON, THEODORE EDWIN, JR., 280 Broadway, c/o T. 
M. Tyng (res., 606 Palisade Ave., Yonkers), N. Y., s. Theodore Edwin 
and Abby Esther (Walden) Tomlinson; b. 1851, July 20, Mamaroneck, N. 
Y. ; prep. Mt. Washington Inst. ; N. Y. Univ., 1868-72, A. B. ; A. M., 1875; 
Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1873-4, valedictorian (Law); in. ; rel. in 

Z W, David, Henry T. and John C., brs. ; lawyer. 

VAN GIESON, AUGUSTUS, 636 Madison Ave., Paterson, N. J., 
s. Henry and Jane (Williams) Van Gieson; b. 1848, Dec. 24, Paterson, 
N. J. ; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1868-9; in. 1868; 
rel. in Z W, Dr. Henry C. , br. ; hosp. steward, Gunboat "Montgomery," 
U. S. N., 1864-5; maj., 2d N. J. Inf., 1898, May 2-Nov. 21, Spanish- Am. 
War; m. 1872, June 12, Leah M. Berdan; child, Mildred; bookkeeper, 
1870-7; wholesale grocer, 1877-97. 


BLAUVELT, ALONZO, M. D., Health Dept., cor. 55th St. and 6th 
Ave. (res., 338 W. 12th St.), N. Y. City, s. Jacob T. and Jane (Ferdon) 
Blauvelt; b. 1854, Apr. 29, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. Public Schools; N. 
Y. City Coll., 1868-70; N. Y. Univ., 1870-3, B. S.; Coakley mathematical 
prize; class pres.; Coll. P. and S., 1873-6, M. D. ; in. 1870, Oct. 11, ; 
rel. in Z W, Henry Ferdon, cou.; mem. N. Y. Co. Med. Soc.; Soc. 
Alumni St. Luke's Hosp.; Holland Soc.; "Thirteen" and Democratic 
Clubs, N. Y. City; m. 1889, Oct. 8, Clara Westervelt; child, Harold; 

1873-5 PHI CHAPTER 67 

physician, 1876 ; house surgeon, Chambers St. Hosp., 1877-8; house 
physician and surgeon, St. Luke's Hosp., 1878-9; med. inspector, Health 
Dept., 1887-97; chief inspector div. med. inspection of schools, 1897-8; 
div. contagious diseases, 1898 . 

DUDLEY, EDWARD GARDNER, 1097 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, 
N. Y., s. John Q. and Helen M. (Walker) Dudley; b. 1853, June 14, 
Buffalo, N. Y.; prep. Pingry's School, Elizabeth, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1870-3, B. S. ; class pres. ; Junior orator; in. 1870, Nov. 11, ; m. 1884, 
Mary C. Gillette; children, Pearl, Paul and Mary; real estate. 

FERDOX, S. HEXRY, Leonia, N. J., s. SamuelB. and Sarah (Chris- 
tie) Ferdon; b. 1853, Oct. 5, N. Y. City; prep. Clark's Mt. Washington 
Coll. Inst.,N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1870-3; in. 1870, Nov. 11, ; rel. in 
Z W, Alonzo Blauvelt, cou. ; m. 1877, Jan. 4, Rachel Bogart; children, 
Arthur Irving and Effie Banta; commercial business. 

(See Psi Chapter, Cornell. ) 

RUSSELL, JOSEPH EDGAR, JR., 115 Broadway N. Y. City (res., 
Greenwich, Conn.), s. Joseph E. and Sophia A. (Mead) Russell; b. 
1851, July 28; prep. Greenwich Acad.; N. Y. Univ., 1869-72; Law Dept., 
X. Y. Univ., 1873, LL.B. ; in. 1870, Nov. 11; mem. Republican, Indian 
Harbor Yacht, N. Y. Whist and Underwriters' Clubs; m. 1878, Nov. 13, 
Libbie M. Stone; child, Bessie S. ; lawyer. 

*WILKIXS, MORRIS, s. Philip R. and Henrietta L. Wilkins; b. 
1853, Nov. 28, N. Y. City; prep. Dr. Quackenbos' School; N. Y. Univ., 
1869-70; in. 1869, Mar. 21; mem. 7th Regt., N. G. S. N. Y. ; m. Albertina 
C. Bailey; real estate; d. 1877, Mar. 17, Citronelle, Ala. 


CARLTON, THOMAS STEVENS, Chicago, 111., s. Thomas and 
Helen (Stevens) Carlton; b. 1854, Aug. 12, N. Y. City; prep. Young's 
School, Elizabeth, N. J.; N. Y. Univ., 1869-72; in. 1870, Oct. 11, 2; rel. 
in Z W, Albert B., br. ; F. and A. M.; m. 1874, Oct. 12, Mary J. Brew- 
ster; children, Thomas B. and Henry; bookkeeper German- Am. Bank, 
St. Paul, Minn. 

WILLIAMS, MARK HULL, M. D.,230 W. 135th St., N. Y. City, s. 
William B. and Jane E. (Hull) Williams; b. 1848, Aug. 2, N. Y. City; 
prep. N. Y. public schools; N. Y. Univ.; N. Y. Univ. Med. School, 1870, 
M. D.; in. 1872, Oct. 4; mem. N. Y. Co. Soc.; N. Y. Acad. Med.; N. Y. 
Co. Med. Ass'n; mem. 28th N. Y. Regt., 1864-5; m. 1898, Oct. 12, Hattie 
Hortense Holmes; child, Mark Hills; physician. 


*BATES, FRANK HENRY, s. Frank Henry Bates; b. 1855, Oct.; 
prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1873- ; in 1874, Nov. 12; d. 

CHAMBERS, TALBOT ROLAND, M. D., 293 York St., Jersey 
City, N. J., s. Talbot W. and Louise M. (Frelinghuysen) Chambers; b. 
1855, June 27, Raritan, N. J. ; prep. N. Y. public schools; N. Y. Univ., 
1872-5, B. S.; Coll. P. and S., 1875-8, M. D. ; class pres.; honors in med. 
course; in. 1872, Oct. 21, ; 2 p A; mem. Orange Mountain Med. Soc., 
Am. Med. Ass'n, N. J. State Med. Soc., Hudson Co. Med. Soc.; fellow 
N. Y. Acad. Med. ; pres. (1892) Newark Practitioners' Club; mem. Prac- 
titioners', Union League and Palma Clubs, Jersey City; Reform Club, 
N. Y. ; contributor to med. journals; inventor compressor for cure of 
glandular swelling, and various surgical instruments; m. 1886, May 19, 
Edith M. Jennings; children, Margaret J. (dec 'd) and Talbot W.; interne 
N. Y. Hosp., 1878-9; provisional interne Woman's Hosp., 1879; surgeon 
Pacific Mail S. S. Co., 1879-80; physician, East Orange, N. J., 1889-94; 

68 PHI CHAPTER 1875 

specialist eye, ear, nose and throat, Jersey Cit}', 1894 ; town physician 
and sec. Bd. of Health; mem. Bd. Education; attending physician Orange 
Memorial Hosp., E. Orange, ten years; chief surgeon eye, ear, nose and 
throat City Hosp., Jersey City, four years; chief surgeon eye, ear, nose 
and throat Christ Hosp., Jersey City; consulting surgeon eye and ear 
dept. Orange Memorial Hosp., four years. 

CRITTENDEN, JOED PARKER, 3918 Walnut St. (bus. add., 441 
Chestnut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Rev. Samuel Worcester and Margaret 
(Parker) Crittenden; b. 1856, Oct. 17, Carmel, N. Y. ; prep. Mantua 
Acad.; N. Y. Univ., 1871-5, A. B.; A. M., 1878; Law Dept., Univ., Pa., 
1880, LL. B. ; fourth honor; philosophical oration; # B K; in. 1875, Feb. 
15; mem. N. E. Soc. ; Pa. Historical Soc. ; F. and A. M. ; publisher 
"Pa. Securities," "N. Y. Securities"; m. 1887, Oct. 25, Elizabeth 
Humphrey Hardcastle; children, Jerome Parker, Elizabeth Hardcastle, 
Samuel Henry, Sarah Minter Marguerite and Ella Hardcastle; lawyer 
and banker. 

EDWARDS, WILLIAM DAVID, 172 Bergen Ave. (bus. add., 1 
Exchange PI.), Jersey City, N. J., s. William W. and Emma J. (Nation) 
Edwards; b. 1855, Dec. 17, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Hasbrouck Inst. ; N. 
Y. Univ., 1871-5, A. B.; A. M., 1878; valedictorian; B K-, Columbia 
Law School, 1877-8, LL. B.; in. 1873, Oct. 10; rel. in Z W, Edward I., 
br. ; mem. Carteret Club, Reform Club, N. Y., and University Club, Jer- 
sey City, N. J. ; m. 1881, Nov. 29, Lizzie Roberts; lawyer; city atty. 
Bayonne, N. J., 1882-7; State Senator, 1887-9; Jersey City corporation 
counsel, 1889-94. 

N. Y. City (res., 197 St. John's PL, Brooklyn), N. Y., s. Peter and Sarah 
A. (Hendrickson) Hendrickson; b. 1856, July 1, Floral Park, N. Y. ; prep. 
Union Hall Acad., Jamaica, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1872-5, B. S., C. E., 
Ph. D. ; in. 1874, Nov. 10; rel. in Z W, Asa C. Hendrickson, cou. ; m. 
1878, Oct. 17, Elizabeth Frost; children, Clifford Valentine, Charles 
LeRoy; clerk for Glendinning, Davis & Co., 1876-8; mem. N. Y. Stock 
Exchange and stockbroker, 1878 ; trustee Berkeley Inst., Brooklyn, 

PARMLY, RANDOLPH, 160 Broadway (res., 301 W. 84th St.), N. 
Y. City, s. Rev. Wheelock H. and Katherine (Dunbar) Parmly; b. 1854, 
Apr. 2, Burlington, N. J. ; prep. Hasbrouck Inst., Jersey City; N. Y. 
Univ., 1871-5, A. B. ; A. M., 1878; $ B K; class pres. ; Junior orator; 
editor Philomathean; Columbia Law School, 1876-7; in. 1872, Nov. 8; rel. 
in Z W, Alfred H. and William Brush, cou's; mem. Lawyers' and 
University Clubs and N. Y. Bar Ass'n; m. 1898, Mar. 31, Mary S. 
Olmstead; lawyer. 

SELIGMAN, MAX HENRY, 21 Broad St. (res., 2 E. 46th St.), N. 
Y. City, s. Jesse and Henriette (Hellman) Seligman; b. 1857, Mar. 31, 
San Francisco, Cal. ; prep, privately; N. Y. Univ., 1873-5; Charlier Gibson 
prize; class treas. ; in. 1873, Dec. 5, F; mem. Lotus, Criterion, Century, 
Country and Hollywood Golf Clubs; Lawyers' Club; m. 1899, Mar. 11, 
Addie Walter Seligman; banker. 

SLADE, FRANCIS PAGE, 115 Broadway, N. Y. City, N. Y. (res., 
Picton, N. J.), s. Calvin and Mary Emily (Jennison) Slade; b. 1856, 
Mar. 14, San Francisco, Cal.; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; 
Rutgers, 1871-3; N. Y. Univ. , 1873-5, A. B. ; N. Y. Univ. Law School, 1875-7, 
LL. B. ; A. M., 1878; in. 1873, Dec. 5, $; m. 1880, Apr. 7, Louise F. 
Hackett; children, Frank H., Marjorie L. ; lawyer. 

TOMLINSON, JOHN CANFIELD, 15 Wall St. (res., 45 W. 57th 
St.), N. Y. City, s.Theodore E. and Abbie Esther (Walden) Tomlinson; 
b. 1856, Dec. 28, N. Y. City; prep. Mt. Washington Coll. Inst.; N. Y. 

1875-7 PHI CHAPTER 69 

Univ., 1871-5, A. B.; A. M. (hon.); N. Y. Univ. Law School, 1877, LL.B.; 
first prize Junior exhibition; first prize intercollegiate oratorical contest; 
in. 1871, Sept. , ; rel. in Z W, David, Henry T. and Theodore E., 
Jr., br's; mem. Metropolitan, Manhattan, Lawyers', Lambs' and Demo- 
cratic Clubs; Bar Ass'n; Sons of Rev.; Soc. of Colonial Wars; m. (I) 
1879, Nov. 10, Frances B. French; (II) 1888, June 17, Dora Morrell Grant; 
children, John C., Jr., Esther Walden and Daniel Grant; lawyer; direc- 
tor New Amsterdam Gas Co. ; Central Union Gas Co. ; Northern Gas 
Co. ; Havana Commercial Co. ; International Banking and Trust Co. 


ANDREWS, CLARENCE, 72 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., Lenox, 
Mass.), s. Loring and Brandina Brugus (Hardenburg) Andrews; b. 1856, 
, N. Y. City; prep. Geneva, Switzerland, and Andover, Mass.; N. 
Y. Univ., 1872-3; in. 1872, Oct. 21, T; mem. N. Y. Historical Soc.; Archi- 
tectural League; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Union League, Racket 
and Tennis, Calumet, Players' Clubs, N. Y. City; m. 1886, , Myra 
Townsend Fithian; child, Loring; traveling and studying art; com'r 
for Persia, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893; sec. Elkhorn Valley 
Coal and Coke Co. 

FISK, WILLARD CLINTON, 243 Washington St. (res., 17Bentley 
Ave.), Jersey City, N. J., s. Lyman and Jane M. (Durfee) Fisk; b. 1856, 
Mar. 26, N. Y. City; prep. Dr. Chapin's School; N. Y. Univ., 1872-6, 
B. S. ; Columbia Law School, 1878, LL. B. ; class pres. ; glee club; football 
team; in. 1872, Oct. 4, $; rel. in Z W, Harrison Grey, or. ; mem. Military 
and Lotus Clubs; Order of Foreign Wars; Sons of Rev.; Military Service 
Institution of U. S.; priv. 7th Regt., N. G. N. Y., 1874; sergt., 1879; 2d 
lieut., 1881; 1st lieut., 1882; regt. adjt., 1889; capt. Co. D, 1890; m. 1880, 
Oct. 12, Ida C. Earle; children, Clinton Earle, Harrison Otis; lawyer, 
1878 ; priv. sec. Gov. N. J., 1883-6; mem. Riparian Commission, N. J., 
1890-9; ass't Jersey City corporation counsel, 1897-9; sec. Dem. State 
Com. N. J., 1884-%; mem. law firm McDermott & Fisk. 

SHUGIO, HEROMICH, Tokyo Club, Tokyo, Japan, s. and 

( )Shugio; b. 1856, Feb. 9, Saga, Hizen, Japan; prep. ; 

N. Y. Univ., 1872-6; in. 1872, Dec. 5; art critic; imperial com'r Paris 
International Exposition, 1900. 


DOUGLASS, CHARLES HOWARD, 157-163 La Salle St., Chicago, 
111., s. Benjamin and Julia Ann (Hayes) Douglass; b. 1857, Apr. 5, N. Y. 
City; prep, by priv. tutor; N. Y. Univ., 1873-5; in. 1873, Jan. ; sec. N. W. 
Ass'n Zeta Psi; ex-mem. Chicago, Union, Germania, Racket, Country 
Clubs, Chicago; mem. Hyde Park, Possum, Riverside Gun (capt.), Chicago 
Fly caster Clubs; contributor to American Field, Chicago; Forest and Stream, 
American Angler, Outing; m. 1882, Nov. 13, Sarah Louise Churchfield; 
children. Robert Bruce, Julia Hayes ; with L. M. Bates & Co. , N. Y. , 1875-7; 
with R. G. Dun & Co., Chicago, 1877. 

GARDNER, EDWARD WATERMAN, c/o Mutual Life Ins. Co., 
32 Liberty St., N. Y. City (res., 97 High St., Passaic, N. J.), s. Wil- 
liam Coggeswell and Elizabeth Barnard (Crosby) Gardner; b. 1857, Mar. 
16, Nantucket, Mass. ; prep. Brooklyn public schools; N. Y. Univ., 1875-7, 
B. S.; in. 1875, Oct. 15, A $; mem. Passaic and Acquackanonk (v.-pres.) 
Clubs; m. 1889, Jan. 24, Mary M. Tice; wholesale drygoods merchant, 
1878-87; representing N. W. Mutual and Mutual Life of N. Y., 1887; 
managing agent Mutual Life, 1889 ; mem. Council, Passaic, N. J., 
1896; pres. Council, 1898. 

70 PHI CHAPTER 1877 

JENKINS, KILER KENT, 60 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., Yonkers), 
N. Y., s. Charles E. and Sally (Hansen) Jenkins; b. 1859, July 15, N. Y. 
City; prep. Lake Forest (111.) Acad. ; N. Y. Univ., 1876-7 (special); in. 
1876, Feb. 3; rel. in Z W, Charles L., br. ; mem. St. Andrews Golf 
Club; m. 1897, Apr. 27, Margaret Hare; stock broker; mem. Consoli- 
dated Stock Exchange. 

Wis. (res., 915 W. Johnson St.), Madison, Wis., s. George H. and Eliza- 
beth (Wilson) Jennings; b. 1856, May 29, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brook- 
lyn public schools and Brooklyn Polytechnic; N. Y. Univ., 1873-7, B. S. ; 
C. E. ; class grand marshal; in. 1874, Nov. 10, $; rel. in Z W, Henry Clay, 
cou. ; F. and A.M.; Evanston Boat and Ivanhoe Clubs; m. 1886, Mar. 11, 
Jeannette Williams; children, Ruth Leland, John Williams; civil engi- 
neer and architect; ass't engineer Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. 
R., 1885; architect same, 1885-93; general practice, 1893-9, Chicago; 
appointed supervising architect and supt. grounds and buildings, Univ. 
Wis., 1899, Apr. . 

LEE, FRANCIS ANDREW, 627 Decatur St., Brooklyn (bus. add., 
150 William St., N. Y. City), N. Y., s. Joseph and Mary G. (Rea) Lee; 
b. 1858, Apr. 19, N. Y. City; prep. Brooklyn public schools; N. Y. Univ., 
1873-7, B. S.; class pres. ; Junior orator; pres. football ass'n; in. 1874, 
June 17, $; m. 1885, June 6, Lina Hicks; children, Frank Alan, Rosa- 
mond Hicks; fine arts, with Max Jacoby & Co., 1877-90; with Radke, 
Lauckner & Co., 1890. 

and Sarah Jane (Maxwell) Livingston; b. 1858, Mar. 15, N. Y. City; 
prep. Brooklyn schools, N. Y. Univ., 1873-7, B. S.; Ph. D., 1889; Drew 
Theo. Sem., 1877-80; Junior and commencement orator; in. 1876, Feb. 3; 
M.E. pastor, New Haven, Conn., 1881-2; Simsbury, Conn., 1883-5 ; Brook- 
lyn Pacific St. Church, 1886-7; Stratford, 1888-9; d. 1890, July 9, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

MARTIN, RICHARD MERRICK, 38 Park Row, N. Y. City (res., 
216 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn), N. Y., s. Henry C. and Hannah M. 
(Rogers) Martin; b. 1857, Oct. 17, N.Y. City; prep. Brooklyn Polytech- 
nic; N. Y. Univ., 1873-7, A. B., A. M., 1880; Columbia Law School, 
1877-9, LL. B. ; Webster prize; Latin salutatory; 2d Greek prize; $ B K; 
in. 1875, Nov. 17, ; m. 1886, Sarah Spink; children, Marjorie, Richard 
Spink; lawyer. 

NELSON, WALTER HERBERT, 490 Degraw St. (res., 1617 
Beverly Road, Flatbush), Brooklyn, N. Y., s. Zachariah O. and Helen 
M. (Holden) Nelson; b. 1858, Mar. 2, Rochester, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn 
public schools; N. Y. Univ., 1873-7, B. S. ; C. E.; English salutatory; 
class pres.; Junior orator; in. 1876, Oct. 20; Midwood and Atlantic 
Yacht Clubs; sec. Midwood Club, Flatbush; m. 1883, Oct. 10, Emma 
Sweetser; children, Herbert and Helen; coal dealer; sec. Brooklyn Coal 

*VANDENHOFF, GEORGE, JR., M. D., s. George and Mary 
(McKeah) Vandenhoff ; b. 1857, June 22, Boston, Mass. ; prep. ; 

N. Y. Univ., 1873-5; N. Y. Univ. Med. School, M. D. ; in. 1873, Dec. 5; 
actor with Augustin Daly's Co's, 1881-4; d. 1884, Aug. 10, Bennington, 

VAN RIPER, ABRAM HARVEY, M.D., Nutley, N. J., s. AbramW. 
and Clarissa (Kip) Van Riper; b. 1854, Dec. 17, North Belleville, N. J. ; 
prep. Hasbrouck Inst. ; N. Y. Univ., 1873-5; Coll. P. & S., 1878, M. D. ; 
in. 1874, Nov. 10; rel. in Z W, Cornelius, br. ; Arthur Ward and John S. 

1877-80 PHI CHAPTER 71 

Van Riper, ne. , patentee "Draw Syrup Cans for Soda Fountains"; 
"Household Chemical Fire Engine," "Suburban Chemical Fire Engine"; 
m. 1878, Oct. 9, Clarissa D. S. McMeehan; children, Lillian, Adriana 
Lynette Mildred, Abram Harvey, Jr., Cornelius Henry; physician; 
postmaster, 1889-93; town collector, 1893. 


*JENKINS, CHARLES LEMUEL, s. Charles E. and Sally (Hansen) 
Jenkins; b. 1856, Nov. 17, Milwaukee, Wis. ; prep. Lake Forest (111.) 
Acad.; N. Y. Univ., 1876-7; in. 1876, Oct. 26; rel. in Z W, Kiler K., br.; 
m. 1885, June 4, Isabel Skinner; child, Charles L. ; gold and silver 
mining and ranching in Colorado; d. 1885, Oct. 17, Los Angeles, Cal. 


and Susan G. (Billings) Ackerman; b. 1858, Nov. 13, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. ; 
prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1875-9, A. B. ; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1879- 

82, M. D. ; Junior orator; Greek salutatory; class pres. ; $ B K; in. 
1875, Nov. 15; m. 1887, Dec. 27, Martha Elmira Buckland; interne Belle- 
vue Hosp., 1883-5; physician Escondido, Cal., 1886-8; d. 1888, Mar. 12, 
Escondido, Cal. 

JONES, N. CHANDLER, 24 Beekman St., N. Y. City (res., 
10 Hancock St., Brooklyn), N. Y., s. T. Ingram and Elizabeth (Owen) 
Jones; b. 1858, July 1, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep, public schools and Brooklyn 
Polytechnic Inst. ; N. Y. Univ., 1875-7; football and baseball teams; 
scholarship for Cornell; in. 1875, Dec. 6; commercial traveler,- 1882-97; 
mem. firm Jones, Gerow & Co., card board, cut cards, etc., N. Y. City, 

tional Bank, Ellsworth, Kans., s. John R. and Harriet Jane (Glover) Van - 
derveer; b. 1856, Oct. 10, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn Collegiate and 
Polytechnic Inst.; N. Y. Univ., 1875-7; Am. Veterinary Coll., N.Y. City; 
D.V. S., 1889; in. 1875, Oct. 15; rel. in Z W, John Charles, br.; mem. 
Ellsworth Club; veterinary surgeon; banker. 


HAYDEN, PHILIP CADY, Quincy, 111., s. Joel B. and Fannie J. 
(Van Brocklin) Hay den; b. 1854, Nov. 20, Brantford, Ont. ; prep. Whites- 
town, N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1876-7; Oberlin, 1877-81; pres. class of 1880 
(N. Y. Univ.); glee club; baseball club; in. 1876, Oct. 20; sec. Quincy 
Musical Ass'n; director Quincy Festival Chorus; pres. 111. Musical 
Teachers' Ass'n; v.-pres. (18%) and pres. (1899) Musical Section Nat'l 
Educational Ass'n; read papers before Musical Dept., World's Congress 
at Chicago, 1893, and other musical bodies; m. 1886, Oct. 12, Mary Neely 
Ralston; children, Ralston and Van Brocklin; Quincy Journal, three 
years; musical director, Quincy Public Schools, 1887; Quincy and 
Keokuk, 111., 1893; editor School Music Monthly, 1899. 

HERMAN, JEROME CLARENCE, 56 Liberty St. (res., 40 W. 
52d St.), N. Y. City, s. Simon and Amelia (Weinberg) Herman; b. 1861, 
Dec. 4, N. Y. City; prep. Western Military Acad.; N. Y. Univ., 1876-8; 
glee club; in. 1878, Oct. 

SLAUGHTER, CLAYTON, Dellwood, Madison, N. J., s. Thomas 
J. and Mary (Henry) Slaughter; b. 1857, May 25, St. Louis, Mo.; prep. 
Charlier Inst. ; Va. Military Inst., 1874-6; N. Y. Univ., 1876-7; class pres. ; 
in. 1876, Oct. 20; trustee Madison Athletic Ass'n; cotton merchant; floral 
culturist, 1883-94. 

72 PHI CHAPTER 1882 


ARNDT, JOHN STOVER, Rosemont, Montgomery Co., Pa., s. 
Ralph Stover and Sarah Walker (King) Arndt; b. 1860, Aug. 21, 
Paterson, N. J.; prep. Dr. Pingry's Acad., Elizabeth, N. J. ; N. Y. 
Univ., 1878-82, A. B. ; A. M., 1885; pres. Philomathean Soc. ; editorial 
bd. Univ. Quarterly; commencement orator; in. 1878, Oct. 19, ^; mem. 
Pen and Pencil and Univ. Clubs and Pa. German Soc., Philadelphia; 
m. 1887, Dec. 15, Jessie W. Stephens ; reporter, Pittsburgh Telegraph, 
1882-3; civil engineer, Abilene, Tex., 1883; ass't financial editor Phila- 
delphia Inquirer, 1883-9; financial editor same, 1889-99; engaged in study 
and lit. work, 1900. 

BOYD, JAMES, 12 Franklin St. (res., 64 W.77th St.), N. Y. City, 
s. John and Mary Ellen (Gillis) Boyd; b. 1863, May 11, N. Y. City; 
prep. Chapin's Coll. School; N. Y. Univ., 1878-82, B. S.; class v.-pres. ; 
grand marshal commencement; sec. Philomathean Soc. ; in. 1881, Jan. 21, 
#; 2 A, 1886-7, 2 A pro tern., 1891; rel. in Z W, Samuel G. Lindeman, 
cou. ; mem. N. Y. Acad. Science and Colonial Club; m. 1887, Jan. 25, Agnes 
Jessie Gray; children, Katharine, John, Jessie and Mary; clerk, 1882-91; 
candle m'f ' r, 1891. 

CATLIN, RUFUS OLMSTEAD, 26 Court St. (res., E. 23d St., 
near Newark Ave.), Brooklyn, N. Y., s. AveryB. and Lydia R. (Olmstead) 
Catlin; b. 1861, Feb. 21, Owego, N. Y. ; prep, private school and Polytechnic 
Inst., Brooklyn; N. Y. Univ., 1878-81; Columbia Law School, 1883, LL.B. ; 
in. 1879, Oct. 24; mem. Mid wood, Knickerbocker Field and Excelsior 
Clubs; m. (I) 1887, , Caroline Bernsee; (II) 1896, , Jessie Mac- 

Kenzie; children, John B., Jessie Margaret; lawyer. 

FISKE, HARRISON GREY, 1432 Broadway (res., 558 Fifth Ave.), 
N. Y. City, s. Lyman and Jane M. (Durfee) Fiske; b. 1861, July 30, 
Harrison, N. Y. ; prep, private school and private tutor; N. Y. Univ., 
1878-9; in. 1878, Oct. 17, A $; rel. in Z W, W. C., br. ; mem. (director) 
Lotos Club, N. Y. Athletic Club and director Dramatists' Club; Sons of 
Rev.; sec. Goethe Soc.; v.-pres. Shakespeare Soc.; trustee Actors' Fund 
of Am. ; m. 1890, Mar. 19, Mary Augusta Davey (stage name Minnie 
Maddern); journalist, editor, publisher and dramatic author; dramatic 
critic .A 7 . Y. Star, 1887; editor and proprietor N. Y. Dramatic Mirror, 

HALSTEAD, JACOB, 170 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., Mamaro- 
neck), N. Y., s. David P. and Fannie A. (Cooley) Halstead; b. 1860, 
Apr. 9, Mamaroneck, N. Y. ; prep. Phillips Acad., Exeter, N. H. ; N. 
Y. Univ., 1878-81; Columbia Law School, 1881-3; in. 1879, Oct. 24, <; rel. 
in Z IP", Charles F., br. ; mem. Republican and Larchmont Yacht Clubs; 
m. 1885, Apr. 8, Clara S. Kenworthy; child, Jacob S. ; lawyer. 

HEDDEN, HARRY CAMP, West Orange (bus. add., 271 Market 
St., Newark), N. J., s. James S. and Elma R. (Camp) Hedden; b. 1860, 
Apr. 18, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Wyoming Sem., Kingston, Pa.; N. Y. 
Univ., 1878-80; Syracuse Univ., 1880-2; in. 1878, Oct. ; rel. in Z W, John 
F. Williams, br.-in-law; m. 1885, Dec. 23, Lillian Electa Williams; chil- 
dren, Elma Williams, Phoebe Ethel, Julia Bertha; teacher; supt. agency 
dept., N. J. Plate Glass Ins. Co. 

ONDERDONK, FRANCIS SKILLMAN, 1411 Pacific St. , Brook- 
lyn (bus. add., 100 Broadway, N. Y. City), N. Y., s. Horatio G. and Anna 
K. (Cortelyou) Onderdonk; b. 1861, Aug. 10, Manhasset, N. Y. ; prep. 
Flushing Inst. and St. Paul's School, Garden City, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1878-81; Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1883; in. 1879, Oct. 24; mem. 
Invincible Club, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; m. 1888, Aug. 10, Bertha Ornstein; 
children, Andrew J., Jr., Sarah E., Francis S. ; lawyer. 

1882-3 PHI CHAPTER 73 

PHILLIPS, ALBERT LAWRENCE, 99 Nassau St. (res., 114 E. 
82d St.), N. Y. City, s. Jacob L. and Augusta (Bernstein) Phillips; b. 
1862, Aug. 1, N. Y. City; prep, by private tutor; N. Y. Univ., 1878-82, B. 
S. ; commencement orator; Columbia Law School, 1885, LL. B. ; in. 1878, 
Oct. ; mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n; m. 1890, Oct. 28, Isabella 
Manheims; children, Gertrude, Augusta and Morris; lawyer, 188-1 . 

SHEPPARD, THOMAS JONES, 418 W. 23d St., N. Y. City, s. 
Thomas H. and ( ) Sheppard; b. 1861; prep. ; N. Y. 

Univ., 1879- ; in. 1879, Oct. 24. 

SHIELDS, JOHX HEXRY, N. Y. City, s. and ( ) 

Shields; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1878- ; in. 1878, Oct. 19. 

SMITH, WILLIAM HEXRY, 207 Hamilton Ave. (bus. add., 50 
Washington St.), Hamilton, N. J., s. Hiram J. and Sarah E. (Under- 
wood) Smith; b. 1859, Oct. 12, Susquehanna, Pa.; prep. Paterson Sem. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1878-82, A. B. ; in. 1878, Oct. 19; m. ; children, Roy 

Underwood and Jennie; silk salesman. 

WILLIAMS, JOHN FRANCIS, Orange Valley, N. J., s. William 
N. and Phoebe Ann (Underbill) Williams; b. 1859, Nov. 28, WestOrange, 
X. J.: prep. Orange, N. J.; N. Y. Univ., 1878-82, A. B. ; Junior orator; 
commencement orator; v.-pres. Philomathean; in. 1881, Feb. 21, ; rel. 
in Z W, H. C. Hedden, br.-in-law; m. 1884, Dec. 9, Ella Jacobus; chil- 
dren, Arthur Francis, Carrie Louise, William Nathan and Marjorie ; 


MANLEY, HERBERT NORRIS, Summit, N. J., s. George and 
Mary Anne (Matthews) Manley; b. 1860, Aug. 8, Summit, N. J. ; prep. 
Columbia Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1879-81; Columbia Law School, 
1884-5; in. 1879, Oct. 24; m. 1893, June 16, Sallie Barry Fearn; chil- 
dren, Ruth Fearn, George Herbert and Madeleine Lee; banking busi- 
ness; retired, 1898. 

(See Pi Chapter. ) 

STRACHAN, JOSEPH, 352 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., s. James 
and Susan Isabella (McCullough) Strachanjb. 1859, Dec. 31, Newburgh, 
N. Y.; prep, at home; N. Y. Univ., 1879-83, B. S.; C. E. ; M. S., 1886; 
Junior orator; English salutatorian; v.-pres. Eucleian; $ B K; in. 1883, 
Feb. 7, 2; rel. in Z W, Robert C., br. ; mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers 
and Brooklyn Engineers' Club; author of papers on engineering; m. 
1888, Oct. 3, Mary Elizabeth Fielding; children, Mary Louise and Helen 
Gertrude; ass't engineer survey and construction South Pa. R. R., 1883- 
6; ass't engineer, location and construction, Kings Co. Elevated R. R., 
Brooklyn, 1886-90; Brooklyn Water Works, 1890 . 

STRACHAN, ROBERT CHARLES, 373 Tompkins Ave. , Brooklyn 
(bus. add., 2293 Third Ave.), New York, s. James and Susan Isabella 
(McCullough) Strachan; b. 1862, Oct. 23. Newburgh, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn 
Public Schools and Mt. Pleasant Acad., Sing Sing, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1880-3, B. S. ; C. E.; commencement orator; associate editor University 
Quarterly; pres. Eucleian Lit. Soc.; in. 1882, Dec. 19, #; rel. in Z W, 
Joseph, br. ; mem. Brooklyn Engineers' Club; F. and A. M. ; m. 1888, June 
27, Helen Joslin; child, Joseph Joslin; civil engineer; in charge of con- 
struction of Willis Ave. Bridge, N. Y. 

VAXDERVEER, JOHN CHARLES, M. D. , Mineola, Nassau 
Co., N. Y., s. John Rutgert and Harriet Jane (Glover) Vanderveer; b. 
1861, Feb. 10, Flatbush, N. Y.; prep. Brooklyn public schools; N. Y. 
Univ., 1879-83, B. S.; L. I. Coll. Hosp., 1885, M. D.; in. 1879, Oct. 24, ; 

74 PHI CHAPTER 1883-6 

rel. in Z W, George Glover, br. ; m. 1887, Sept. 21, Lottie G. Baird; 
children, Harold C. and Lillie N. ; physician; health officer, Monroe, 
N. Y., 1892-8. 

WHITTEMORE, WALTER FRANK, 1111 Garden St. (bus. add., 
1 Newark St.), Hoboken, N. J., s. Walter D. and Philomelia Antoinette 
(Og-ier) Whittemore; b. 1858, June 12, Camden, Me.; prep. Camden public 
schools; N.Y. Univ., 1878-81, 1882-3, C. E. & B. S.. 1883; M. S., 1886; class 
pres. ; second honors at commencement; 3> B K; in. 1881, Jan. 21; 
mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Columbia Club, Hoboken; life mem. 
Marine Soc., N. Y. City; capt. bark in merchant service between United 
States, Europe, South America and West Indies; mem. Essex Troop 
Light Cavalry (1st Troop, N. J.), 1897; capt. in 4th Regt., N. G. N. J.; 
m. 1885, Sept. 2, Alice Jayne; ass't prof, civil engineering, N. Y. Univ., 
1884-8; chief engineer, Hackensack Water Co., Hoboken Land and Im- 
provement Co., Hoboken Railroad Warehouse & S. S. Connecting Co. ; 
consulting engineer Lenox Water Co., Queens Co. Water Co., Water 
Com'rs & Sewer Com'rs, Irvington, N. Y., North German Lloyd S. S. 
Co., Hamburg- Am. Packet Co.,Netherland-Am. S. S. Co., North Hudson 
Co. R. R. Co., Ocean Steamship Co., Old Dominion Steamship Co., 
Tieljen and Lang Dry Dock Co. ; City Engineer, Hoboken, N. J. 


EDWARDS, EDWARD IRVING, City Hall (res., Ill Bergen Ave.), 
Jersey City, N. J., s. William W. and Emma J. (Nation) Edwards; b. 
1863, Dec. 1, Jersey City, N. J.; prep. Jersey City High School; N. Y. 
Univ., 1880-1; class sec.; lacrosse club ; in. 1881, Jan. 21; rel. in 
Z W, William David, br. ; priv., corp., sergt., 2d and 1st lieut., capt. 
Fourth Regt., N. G. S. N. J. ; resigned 1897; m. 1888, Nov. 14, Jule 
Blanche Smith; child, Edward Irving, Jr.; bank clerk; contractor; 

*HALSTEAD, CHARLES FLETCHER, s. David P. and Fannie 
A. (Cooley) Halstead; b. 1863, Sept. 21, Harrison, N. Y. ; prep. ; 

N. Y. Univ., 1880-4, A. B. ; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ.; commencement 
orator; editor University Qitarterly; supervisor Philomathean Lit. Soc.; 
in. 1879, Oct. 24; rel. in Z W, Jacob, br.; d. 1886, Feb. 19, Denver, 


*PETTIT, COLVILLE MOTT, s. Micijah M. and Deborah Conk- 
ling (Young) Pettit; b. 1865, Jan. 28, Lawrence Station, N. Y. ; prep. 
; N. Y. Univ., 1881-2; U. S. Military Acad., 1882-6; in. ; 2d 

lieut. 8th U. S. Inf., 1886-90; served at Ft. Grant, Ariz., and Ft. Nio- 
brara, Neb. ; d. 1890, Dec. 30, Ft. Robinson, Neb. 


HILL, REV. FRANK WEBSTER, 111 E. Parade Ave., Buffalo, 
N. Y., s. Linnaeus C. and Elizabeth (Van Horn) Hill; b. 1865, Nov. 20, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn High School; N. Y. Univ., 1883-6, B. 
S., C. E. ; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1887, LL.B.; philosophical oration; 
class pres.; v.-pres. athletic ass'n; Princeton Theo. Sem., 1891-4; in. 
1883, Oct. 30, $; m. 1895, Mar. 6, Mary Lillian Way; children, Florence L. 
and Elizabeth; pastor, Lebanon Presb. Church, Buffalo, N. Y., 1895 . 

*MOORE, CHARLES CARRDLL, JR., s. Charles Carroll and 
Maria (Coddington) Moore; b. 1863, Nov. 5, Wai pole, N. H. ; prep. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1879-82, C. E. ; 1886, A. B. ; commencement marshal; in. 
1882, Dec. 19; ass't engineer, Housatonic R. R., 1891-5; d. 1895, May 5, 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

1886-8 PHI CHAPTER 75 

PASHLEY, CHARLES LINCOLN, Stamford, N. Y., s. Henry 
and Caroline (Kemp) Pashley; b. 1865, Sept. 15, Brooklyn, N. Y.; prep. 
Brooklyn public schools; N. Y. Univ., 1882-6, B. S.; Law Dept., N. Y. 
Univ., 1887-9, LL.B. ; scientific oration; class v.-pres. ; sec. Eucleian; 
pres. Philomathean Lit. Soc. ; editor University Quarterly; m'g'r glee 
club; $BK; in. 1883, May 1, ; m. 1897, Oct. 20, Isabel Peckham; child, 
William Peckham; real estate, 1887-9; lawyer, 1889; delegate N. Y. 
State Const. Convention, 1894; editor Stamford Recorder ', 1899 , and The 
Legal Adviser, 1900. 


LOGAN, CHARLES JAY, M. D., 12 Rookery Bldg., 12th St. and 
Grand Ave. (res., 2554 Holmes St.), Kansas City, Mo., s. Samuel 
and Maria E. (Curtis) Logan; b. 1867, June 17, Monroe, Me. ; prep. 
Dexter (Me.) High School; Med. Dept., Univ. Mich., 1886-7; Med. Dept., 
X. Y. Univ., 1887-8; Med. Dept., Univ. Vt., M. D., 1888; in. 1887, Feb. 1; 
F. and A. M.; m. 1889, Feb. 18, Jennie L. Farnsworth; surgeon, D. & 
R. G. R. R., Espanola, N. Mex., 1893-4; physician, Kansas City, Mo., 

strong and Henrietta (Armitage) Mathews; b. 1865, May 23, N. Y. City; 
prep. N. Y. public schools and Univ. Grammar School ; N. Y. Univ. , 1883-7, 
A. B. ; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1891, M. D. ; mem. glee club and lacrosse, 
football and baseball teams; rec. sec. Eucleian Lit. Soc.; commence- 
ment grand marshal; in. 1883, Oct. 30, $; 2 p A; rel. in Z W, Armi- 
tage, br. ; mem. Staten Island Athletic, Staten Island Cricket, Lincoln 
and New York Lacrosse Clubs; N. Y. Co. Med. Ass'n; outdoor staff 
Bellevue Hosp. ; Evening World staff summer physicians, 1890-2; surgeon 
Columbian S. S. Line, 1893; d. 1893, Oct. 14, N. Y. City. 

(See Alpha Chapter.) 

WILLIAMS, ALFRED WHITE, Hackensack Bank Bldg., Hacken- 
sack. N. J., s. William and Jane A. (Van Sann) Williams; b. 1865, Dec. 
12, Hackensack, N. J. ; prep. State St. High School, Hackensack; N. Y. 
Univ., 1885-7, C. E.; v.-pres. class and athletic ass'n; in. 1887, ; 

mem. Oritani Field, Wheelmen, Bogota Boat Clubs; m. 1892, Apr. 26, 
Grace J. Farlin; civil engineer. 


*HOE, WILLIAM ALFRED, JR., s. William Alfred and Marion 
(Morrison) Hoe; b. 1870, Dec. 16, N. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar 
School; N.Y. Univ., 1884-8, B.S.; C. E. ; Post-Grad. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 
1888-90, M. S.; scientific oration; fourth honor at commencement; sec. 
class ass'n; $ B K; in. 1885, Jan. 20, $; 2 A, 1892-6; mem. com. Z W 
Directory, 1893, and Semicentennial Biographical Catalogue, 1899; com. 
of Patriarchs; mem. Co. H, 7th Regt., N. G. S. N. Y., Sons of Rev., 
mem. executive com. N. Y. Univ. Alumni Ass'n; mem. engineering corps 
X. Y. Croton aqueduct, 1889-92; builder, N. Y. City, 1892-7; d. 1897, 
Feb. 19, N. Y. City. 

KLAMROTH, HENRY HERBERT, 61 E. Colorado St. (res., 
426 N. Marengo Ave)., Pasadena, Cal., s. Albert and Josephine (Weis- 
mann) Klamroth; b. 1869, Oct. 11, N.Y. City; prep. N.Y. public schools; 
N. Y. Univ., 1884-8, B. S. ; Columbia Law School, 1888-9; Law Dept., 
N. Y. Univ., 1889-90, LL. B. ; class pres. ; pres. glee club; pres. German 
Lit. Soc.; sec. and v.-pres. Eucleian Lit. Soc.; in. 1884, Oct. 7, #; rel. 
in Z W, William and Jacob Shrady, cous. ; sec. Twilight Club and sec. 

76 PHI CHAPTER 1888 

Woman's Coll., Pasadena, Cal. ; dir. Pickwick Club; on musical com. 
Pasadena Oratorio Soc. ; m. 1898, June 23, Eskel Howell ; lawyer, N. Y. 
and Cal. ; justice of the peace and city recorder, Pasadena, Cal. 

LINDEMAN, SAMUEL GILLIS, res., 245 W. 125th St., N. Y. 
City, s. Henry and Annie (Gillis) Lindeman; b. 1869, Mar. 21, N. Y. City; 
prep, privately; N. Y. Univ., 1884-7; sec. Philomathean Lit. Soc.; class 
treas. ; in. 1884, Oct. 7, $; rel. in Z W, James Boyd, cou. ; m. 1892, June 
29, Grace May Ridabock; child, Gillis Ridabock. 

MATHEWS, ARMITAGE, 27 William St. (res., 335 Central Park, 
W.), N. Y. City, s. Henry Armstrong and Henrietta (Armitage) Mathews; 
b. 1867, Jan. 22, N. Y. City; prep, public schools and Univ. Grammar 
School; N. Y. Univ., 1884-8, A.B.; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1888-90, LL. 
B. ; class pres. ; sec. Philomathean Lit. Soc.; mem. and business m'g'r 
glee club; capt. lacrosse team; football team; class day presentation ora- 
tor; editor University Quarterly; in. 1884, Sept. 30, #; rel. in Z W, Richard 
Alexander, br. ; mem. Staten Island Athletic, West Side Republican, 
Riverside Republican, St. Nicholas Republican, Lincoln, Staten Island 
Cricket Clubs; Brooklyn Athletic Ass'n; reporter, Evening Post; law- 
yer, 1890 ; deputy ass't dist. att'y, 1897-8; alderman, 21st Assembly 
dist., N. Y. City, 1900-1. 

MILLER, CYRUS CHACE, 120 Broadway (res., University 
Heights), N. Y. City, s. Jacob F. and Laura Augusta (Chace) Miller; 
b. 1866, Nov. 2, Claverack, Columbia Co., N. Y.; prep. N. Y. City public 
schools; N. Y. Univ., 1884-8, A. B.; Columbia Coll., 1888-91, LL. B. (cum 
laude) ; Senior class pres. ; capt. lacrosse team, treas. athletic ass'n, 
N. Y. Univ.; second prize '91 prize examination, Columbia; in. 1884, 
Oct. 21; mem. bd. of m'g'rs of Staten Island Athletic Club; Crescent 
Athletic Club; mem. Internat'l Lacrosse Team sent by Crescent Athletic 
Club to England and Ireland, 1897; capt. Crescent Athletic Club Lacrosse 
Team, 1899; pres. Inter-University Lacrosse Ass'n, 1899; Grolier Club; 
Fordham Club; mem. Council N. Y. Univ., 1896; m. 1892, Sept. 24, 
Emma E. Allen; children, Dorothy, Gertrude; lawyer. 

OESTREICH, HENRY LEWIS, jR.,2092BathgateAve. (bus. add., 
Dept. of Highways), N. Y. City, s. Henry L. and Susanna (Wurtzer) 
Oestreich; b. 1870, Feb. 13, N. Y. City; prep, public schools and privately; 
N. Y. Univ., 1884-8, C. E.; B. S.; pres. and founder German Soc.; in. 
1887, Nov. 29, #; mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; librarian Arion Soc. of 
N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ. Alumni Ass'n; with Charles B. Brush, C. E. ;in charge 
of foundation Weehawken viaduct; elevated roads in Union and Jersey 
City; Weehawken reservoir; Hillside Road, West Hoboken. 

POMEROY, CHARLES TAYLOR, PH. D., 55 Broad St. (bus. 
add., 264 Halsey St.), Newark, N. J., s. Isaac and Mary Jane (Taylor) 
Pomeroy; b. 1855, June 2, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark High School 
and by priv. tutor; Rutgers Coll., 1873-7, B. S. ; M. S., 1880; post-grad. 
Rutgers, 1881-2; post-grad. N. Y. Univ., 1887-8, Ph. D. ; Suydam prize 
in Natural Science; and class treas. (Rutgers); in. 1888, Jan. 24; mem. 
Am. Chem. Soc., N. Y. ; Am. Ass'n for Advancement of Science, U. S. A.; 
Soc. of Chemical Industry, Eng. ; author "Estimation of Chlorine, 
Sulphuric Acid and Chromium in presence of Organic Matter"; "Con- 
stant Level Water Bath"; m. 1885, June 16, Grace Helena Riker; chil- 
dren, Gladys, Grace Mathilde (dec.), Minora, Edwina, Lillian; chemist; 
m'f 'r writing fluids, inks, mucilage, sealing wax, etc. ; mem. firms 
Pomeroy & Co., Pomeroy & Sons, Pomeroy Bros.; treas. I. Pomeroy 

SEWARD, WILLIAM, JR., 470 W. 143d St., N. Y. City, s. Wil- 
liam and LouisaM. (Lockwood) Seward;b. 1868, Apr. 11, N. Y. City; prep, 
public schools and N. Y. City Coll.; N. Y. Univ., 1884-8, B. S., C. E.; 
lacrosse team; leader and business m'g'r glee club; in. 1885, Feb. 17; rel. 

1888-9 PHI CHAPTER 77 

in Z W, George S., br. ; inventor automatic weighing machine; priv. 
1885, Co. D, 9th Regt., N. G. S. N. Y.; Corp., sergt., ordnance sergt., 2d 
lieut., 1st lieut. Co. G; resigned, 1894; m. 1893, Nov. 21, Mary Anice 
Roach; civil engineer; mechanical engineer; architect, 1888-90; ass't engi- 
neer Cape Cod Ship Canal Co., 1890-2; treas. Patent Wrapper Co., 
1892-6; building and construction, 1896-9; mechanical rubber goods, 1899 . 

SKANAHAN, JOHN BUTLER, 17 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, N. 
Y., s. Patrick and Ellen (Butler) Shanahan; b. 1867, Sept. 15, N. Y. 
City; prep. St. John's Coll., 1881-4; N. Y. Univ., 1884-8, A. B. ; Columbia 
Law School, LL.B., 1889; in. 1887, April 19, <? ; rel. in Z W, William 
Seward, br. ; mem. Columbian and Juanita Clubs, and St. Patrick's 
Soc., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; lawyer, with William J. Gaynor, 1889-94; at 
present mem. firm Shanahan & Walsh. 


Wilhelmine (Deseric) Billich; b. 1870, Sept. 1, N. Y. City; prep. ; 

N. Y. Univ. 1885-9, B. S. ; Union Theo. Sem., 1891-3; in. 1887, Oct. 21; 
teacher Brooklyn public schools, 1889-91 ; d. 1893, Apr. 14, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

FARRINGTON, WILLIAM DOTY, 58% Kosciusko St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y., s. William Morton and Emma F. (Doty) Farrington; b. 1867, Oct. 
7, N. Y. City; prep, privately; N. Y. Univ., 1886-9, A. B. ; class pres. ; 
poet; editor University Quarterly; in. 1886, Oct. 6, $; mem. Press Club 
and Invincible Club, Brooklyn, and La Union Club, Trujillo, Honduras; 
author "Elementos de Geografia de Honduras," "The Language of the 
Mosquito Shore"; contributor to magazines; capt. Honduras army, 1891-2; 
served against rebels and in Nicaragua; m. 1894, Oct. 25, Minnie Ethel 
Shannon; lawyer and journalist; on survey of Patuca and Tinto Rivers, 

GAVEY, WILLIAM SIMON, 410 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn (bus. 
add., 108-110 Franklin St., N. Y. City), N. Y., s. Joseph Edward and 
Elizabeth Jane (McWhinney) Gavey; b. 1869, Aug. 15, Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
prep. Brooklyn public schools and School Collegiate Dutch Ref. Church; 
N. Y. Univ., 1883-6; Pa. Museum and School Industrial Art; in. 1885, 
Oct. 27; contributor to various textile periodicals; mem. Wool Club; F. 
and A. M. ; inventor of electrically operated switch system for electric 
railroads; private sec.; textile designer; technical editor Textile World, 
Boston, Mass. 

HOPWOOD, CLIFFORD MARTIN, 72EmmettSt., Newark, N. J., 
s. Isaiah Bardsley and Phoebe (Berry) Hop wood; b. 1868, May 7, 
Paterson, N. J.; prep. Newark Acad. ; N. Y. Univ., 1885-9, A. B. ; class 
pres. and treas.; pres. athletic ass'n; in. 1886, Jan. 19, $; mem. Repub- 
lican Club, Newark, N. J. ; Junior Order Am. Mechanics; m. 1893, Mar. 
22. Lizzie Dodd Tucker; child, Isaiah Bardsley; butter creameries, N. Y. 


R. I., s. William and Elizabeth (Farrell) McClelland; b. 1869, June 10, N. 
Y. City; prep. N. Y. public schools and N. Y. City Coll. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1886-9, A. B.; A. M., 1891; Ph. D., 1892; editor-in-chief University Quar- 
terly; class prophet; leader glee club; B K; Union Theo. Sem., 1889-92; 
in. 1886, Oct. 12, A #; mem. Bd. Reference Newport Charity Organiza- 
tion; pres. R.I.Cong. Ass'n; Bd. Directors R. I. Home Missionary Soc.; 
Bd. Visitors R. I. State Normal School; mem. Newport Business Men's 
Club; contributor to magazines; m. 1892, July 12, Mary Louise Allason; 
pastor Old Bushwick Ref. Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1892-3; North Ref. 
Church, Brooklyn, 1893-6; United Cong. Church, Newport, R. I., 1896. 

78 PHI CHAPTER 1889-90 

WOODBRIDGE, FREEMAN, 358 George St., New Brunswick, N. 
J., s. John and Helen (Freeman) Woodbridge; b. 1866, June 2, Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 
188S-9, A. B. ; prize essay Eucleian Lit. Soc. ; class-day orator; sec. and 
v.-pres. Eucleian Lit. Soc. ; in. 1885, Oct. 20, $;2A, pro tern., 1890; rel. in 
Z W, Samuel M., br. ; John Woodbridge Demarest, Samuel Bradford 
Woodbridge, ne's; Edward D. Palmer, cou. ; attorney-at-law, N. J., 
1892, Nov.; counselor-at-law, N. J., 1898, Feb.; Master in Chancery, N. 
J., 1892; Examiner in Chancery, N. J., 1898. 

WRIGHT, ROBERT CASTLE, Newtown, Pa., s. Robert Castle and 
Rachel Bailey (Allcutt) Wright; b. 1867, Jan. 27, Delanco, N. J.; N. Y. 
Univ., 1885-6; in. 1885, Oct. 20. 


BOND, GEORGE WADS WORTH, JR., 30 2d St. (bus. add. , Union 
St. and Bull's Ferry Road), Weehawken, N. J., s. George W. and Eliza- 
beth (Parkes) Bond; b. 1869, July 24, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. public 
schools; N. Y. City Coll., 1887-90, B. S. ; N. Y. Univ., 1891, C. E. ; pres. 
banjoclub;in. 1888, May 15, <$; m. 1894, June 12, Anna Frances Wheelan; 
child, George Arthur ; engineer with 3d Ave. R. R. (Cable), N. Y. City; in 
charge construction Sec. 5 Hudson Co. Boulevard, Sec. 2 Boulevard loop, 
1895-8; Hoboken Viaduct, 1898; engineer town of Weehawken; school 
com' r Weehawken, 1899 . 

BRAZIER, JOHN BUNYAN, 106 E. 23d St., N. Y. City (res., Bay 
Shore), N. Y., s. William Steel and Martha (Beedle) Brazier; b. 
1866, Sept. 30, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. public schools; N. Y. City Coll., 
1882-4; N. Y. Univ., 1887-90; leader glee club; Metropolitan Art School; 
in. 1887, Oct. 21, 2; mem. Penataquit Corinthian Yacht Club; F. and 

A. M. ; m. 1894, Apr. 11, Georgena Nelson Ferguson; child, Gladys; 
architectural draughtsman; supt. for Bradford L. Gilbert, George Grie- 
bel and Richard Berger; architect Am. Bldg. Ass'n; architect, 1893 . 

COSMUS, JOHN ALBERT, 217 Orchard St., Elizabeth, N. J. (bus. 
add., 46 Cedar St., N. Y. City), s. Christian T. and Anna M. (Scott) 
Cosmus; b. 1868, May 22, Jersey City, N. J. ; prep. Jersey City public 
schools and private instructor; N. Y. Univ., 1886-7; in. 1886, Oct. 19; asso- 
ciate mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; mem. Elizabeth (N. J.)Club; ass't 
engineer in office of Charles B. Brush, Hoboken, N. J., 1890-7; inspector 
Continental Ins. Co., 1897. 

DICKSON, JAMES WARREN, 364 W. 121st St., N. Y. City, s. 
George Henry and Lily (Rockwood) Dickson; b. 1870, June 30, Boston, 
Mass.; prep. Univ. Grammar School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1886-8; 
in. 1886, Nov. 16; mem. Zeta Psi Club; 1st Naval Battalion, N. G. N. Y.; 
stationery and engraving, 1888-96; mem. firms G. H. Dickson 's Sons, 
G. H. Dickson's Sons & Co., J. Warren Dickson; cattle ranching in 
Arizona; mining, Oregon, 1898; California, 1899; N. Y. Life Ins. Co., 

FAIRCHILD, FRANK BLAKEMAN, 121 W. 81st St., N. Y. City, 
s. Lewis Judson and Elizabeth (Sleight) Fairchild; b. 1868, May 9, N. 
Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1886-90, 

B. S. ; m'g'r baseball team; glee club, four years; in. 1886, Oct. 19. 

(See Alpha Chapter.) 

HOLMAN, EDWARD S., 984 Ave. C, Bayonne, N. J., s. Austin and 
Anna (Wilson) Holman; b. 1866, Apr. 5, Bayonne, N. J.;prep. Bayonne 
High School; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1888-90, LL. B. ; in. 1888, May 28; 
m. 1899, Mar. 8, Ida Louise Hoffman; lawyer. 

1890-1 PHI CHAPTER 79 

LARES, CARLOS ALBUTO, Merida, Venezuela, s. Manuel Car- 
denas and ( ) Lares; b. 1870; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1886- ; in. 1887, 
April 19. 

*STOKUM, WILLIAM ENYARD, s. Mulfred and Abbie L. 
Stokum; b. 1868, June 27, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn High School; 
Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1888-90, LL. B.; in. 1890, March 26; lawyer; 
with Jackson & Burr, Brooklyn; d. 1891, Dec. 12, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


CRAWFORD, ELLISON, San Juan, Puerto Rico, s. Charles A. and 
Frances J. (Hurd) Crawford; b. 1868, Oct. 31, N. Y. City; prep, privately; 
N. Y. Univ., 1887-91, B. S. ; Law Dept., Columbia Coll., 1890-1; Law 
Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1891-2, LL. B. ; 1895, M. S. ; class pres.; editor-in- 
chief University Quarterly, The University, editor-in-chief first number 
of Violet; grand marshal; in. 1887, Oct. 21, #; mem. Sons of Rev.; Soc. 
of Colonial Wars; m. 18%, June 1; lawyer. 

EVANS, ANDREW HASWELL GREEN, 418 W. 160th St. (bus. 
add., 300 Mulberry St.), N. Y. City, s. Isaac and Justine Corbet 
(Deslandes) Evans; b. 1871, Dec. 20, N. Y. City; prep. Trinity School; 
N. Y. Univ., 1887-91, B. S.; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1890-2, LL. B.; 
class sec.; sec. athletic ass'n; in. 1889, , f ; lawyer and clerk N.Y. 

Police Civil Service Bd. 

GARDNER. CLAIBORNE FERRIS, Montclair (bus. add., Passaic 
Rolling Mills, Paterson), N. J., s. John Wheeler and Anna Lamb 
(Ferris) Gardner; b. 1871, Dec. 11, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn 
High School; N. Y. Univ., 1887-91, B. S.; Engineering Dept., N. Y. 
Univ., 1892, C. E. ; English salutatory; <? B K; in. 1889, Nov. 1; 5th 
sergt. Co. K, 2d Regt. N. J. Vol. Inf. ; 1st Brig. 2d Div. 7th Army Corps, 
Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville, Fla., 1898, May-Nov. ; civil engineering; 
ass't engineer, Passaic Rolling Mills Co. 

GORTON, ARTHUR TREAT, 1108 Dawson St., N. Y. City, s. 
J. Irving and Jennie (Sherman) Gorton; b. 1870, Apr. 25, Sing Sing, 
N. Y. ; prep. Sing Sing High School; Mt. Pleasant Military Acad., 
Sing Sing, N. Y. ; N. Y. Univ., 1887-91, B. S. ; commencement orator; 
class v.-pres. ; pres. glee club; in. 1889, Apr. 2, A $; m. (I) 1892. Oct. 6, 
Emilie Ryder Jones; (II) 1897, July 28, Alice Van Pelt Lynch; prin. 
Noroton (Conn.) public schools, 1891-4; N. Y. City public schools, 189-4 . 

HENSON, HARRY BRANSON, M.D., 318 W. 126th St. , N. Y. City, 
s. Henry Branson and Sarah (Drake) Henson; b. 1869, Aug. 13, Scranton, 
Pa.; prep, public schools, N. Y. City; N. Y. City Coll., 1885-6; Rock- 
land Coll., Nyack, N. Y., 1886-8; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1891, M. D. ; 
class sec.; in. 1889, June 10; mem. N. Y. Co. Med. Soc.; N. Y. Co. Med. 
Ass'n; Harlem Med. Ass'n; Physicians' Mutual Aid; F. and A. M. ; 
m. 1896, July 8, Edna V. Pitman; child, Virginia May, Harry Drake; 
interne Manhattan Hosp., 1891-3; physician Dispensary J. Hood Wright 
Hosp., 1893 ; visiting physician N. Y. Magdalene Home. 

JONES, JAY SYLVESTER, 215 Montague St. (res., 215 Washing- 
ton Ave.), Brooklyn, N. Y., s. and Jones; b. 1869, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; prep. Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst. ; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1889- 
91; in. 1890; mem. Crescent Athletic Club; pres. Inter-Club Tennis Ass'n, 
Kings Co.; m. 1892, Nov. 16, Jessie E. Gregory; child, Jay Sylvester, 
Jr.; lawyer, 1891. 


Jersey City, N. J., s. Edward T. and Elizabeth D. (Heller) McLaughlin; 
b. 1869, Sept. 10, Jersey City, N. J. ; prep. Hasbrouck Inst., Jersey City; 

80 PHI CHAPTER 1891-2 

Med. Dept., N.Y. Univ., 1887-91, M. D.; in. 1890, Feb. 5, A $; rel. in 
Z W, Edward T., Jr., br. ; John Eyerman, Freeman J.Martin, Norton J. 
Martin, William K. Detwiller, cous. ; mem. Hudson Co. Med. Soc. ; N. J. 
State Med. Soc. ; N. Y. Acad. Med. ; N. J. Microscopical Soc. ; Am. 
Ass'n for the Advancement of Science; Practitioners' Club, Jersey City; 
Jersey City Club and Jersey City Golf Club; N. Y. Soc. Sons of Rev.; 
pathologist and bacteriologist to Christ Hosp., Jersey City, N. J. ; 
author of articles on "Heart Failure and Drowning"; "Hemorrhagic 
Apoplexy"; physician. 

McLAURIE, ARTHUR MUIR, M. D., 907 Broadway, N. Y. City 
(res. add., 2 Winthrop Terrace, East Orange, N. J.), s. Dr. Charles 
Mansfield and Maria Springsteen (Schermerhorn) McLaurie; b. 1866, 
Jan. 6, Champaign City, 111.; prep. Washington Acad. and St. Paul's 
School, Salem, N. Y. ; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1891, M. D. ; in. 1889, 
Feb. 12, $; mem. Bd. Governors, Zeta Psi Club; physician. 

VANDERBILT, CHARLES HORTON, 80 Hamilton^ Ave. , White 
Plains, N. Y., s. George and Anne Eliza (Horton) Vanderbilt; b. 1868, 
May 26, White Plains, N. Y. ; prep. Alexander Military Inst. , White 
Plains; N. Y. Univ., 1887-91, B. S. ; class treas.; sec. and treas. N. Y. 
Univ. Tennis Ass'n; in. 1887, Oct. 21, $; mem. White Plains Lyceum 
and Athletic Clubs; F. and A. M.; Sons of Rev.; m. 1898, May 30, Nellie 
Neels Clark; child, Mary Willard; civil engineer, with Byrne & Darl- 
ing, White Plains, 1891-6; computer Dept. St. Improvements and Bd. 
Public Improvements, 1896 . 

WEDEKIND, ROBERT RAIGUEL, 5 and 6 Owsley Block (res., 
17 W. Broadway), Butte, Mont., s. Augustus C. and Eveleen A. (Raiguel) 
Wedekind; b. 1869, Jan. 20, Lebanon, Pa.; prep. Univ. Grammar School; 
N. Y. Univ., 1887-91, B. S. ; class pres. ; glee club; football team; lacrosse 
team; in. 1887, Oct. 27, #; rel. in Z W, George, br. ; organizer Troop L, 
3d U. S. Vol. Cav. (Grisby's Rough Riders), Spanish-Am, war; San 
Diego Bar Ass'n; lawyer, 1895 ; dist. atty. 's office, San Diego, Cal., 


BERRY, EUGENE, 202 Orient Way, Rutherford, Bergen Co.,N. J. 
(bus. add., Bennett Bldg., 99 Nassau St., N. Y. City), s. Edward L. 
and Elizabeth (Yereance) Berry; b. 1872, Dec. 16, Rutherford, N. J. ; 
prep, public schools, Rutherford, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 1888-92, B. S.; Law 
Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1894, LL.B. ; class treas., class football and baseball 
teams, capt. 'varsity baseball team, Tennis Ass'n, Zeta Psi banjo club, 
dramatic club, intercoll. athletic team; in. 1888, Oct. 16; mem. Union 
and Rutherford Canoe Clubs; director and sec. Lyndhurst Gun and 
Fishing Club; lawyer; clerk with A. P. W. Seaman; with Austin 
Abbott, compiling "Abbott's Select Cases on Evidence" ; managing clerk, 
James Harold Warner; mem. firm Wendt, Berry & Edson, 1895-8; Wendt 
& Berry, 1898. 

GARDNER, JAMES AUGUSTUS, M. D., 149 Franklin St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y., s. La Vergne and Frances (McNutt) Gardner; b. 1870, Oct. 
28, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 
1888-9; class, pres. (N.Y. Univ.); Coll. P. and S., 1895, M. D.; in. 1888, 
Nov. 6; mem. Soc. Alumni Bellevue Hosp.; m. 1899, Jan. 21, Mary Louise 
Everett; interne, Bellevue Hosp., 1895-7; physician. 

GOOD, WILLIAM HOWARD, 84 Broadway (res., 415 Clermont 
Ave.), Brooklyn, N. Y., s. Michael H. and Mary Sophia (Leypold) Good; 
b. 1870, Mar. 28, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep, private schools; St. Francis 
Xavier, 1887-9, A. B. ; A. M. ; Law Dept., N.Y. Univ., 1892, LL.B; Greek 
prize and chemistry and mathematics medals (St. Francis Xavier); 

1892-3 PHI CHAPTER 81 

Elliott F. Shepard Scholarship (N. Y. Univ.); in. 1891, May ; mem. 
Zeta Psi, Marine and Field and Crescent Athletic Clubs; contributor of 
"Treasure Trove" to Am. and Eng-. Enc. of Law; lawyer, 1892 ; with 
Burr, Coombs & Wilson; instructor special class, Law Dept., N. Y. Univ.; 
sec. Dem. ward organization; delegate to convention. 

(See Nu Chapter.) 

KELBY, CHARLES HENDRE,26 Court St. (res., 204 Rodney St.), 
Brooklyn. X. Y., s. Robert Hendre and Jennie (Corrigan) Kelb} r ; b. 1870, 
Aug. 7, X. Y. City; prep. Brooklyn public schools; N. Y. Univ. , 1889-92, 
B. S. ; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1892-4, LL. B. ; class pres. ; v.-pres. 
Athletic Ass'n; football team; in. 1888, May 15, 2; mem. N. Y. Histori- 
cal Soc. ; m. 1897, Oct. 15, Lulu Buffington Richardson; child, Katherine; 

Brooklyn. X. Y., s. Rev. Peter V. and Mary E. (Hageman) Van Buskirk; 
b. 1871, Jan. 13, Closter, X. J. ; prep. McNair's Acad., Bedminster, N. 
J.; N. Y. Univ., 1888-92, B. S.; C. E.,1893; sec. and treas. Eucleian Soc. ; 
sec. Republican Club; treas. Dramatic Club; in. 1891, Oct. 21; mem. 
Brooklyn Engineers' Club; associate mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; 
Alwyn Glee and Banjo Club; m. Lilian Van Sicklen; civil engineer and 
city surveyor and draughtsman; inspector in charge Norton Point Land 
and Improvement Co. ; draughtsman and engineer Broadway Cable 
Road; ass't in office of Charles B. Brush; engineer in charge of railroad 
construction, telephone and electric conduits and gas-pipe laying, Dept. 
of Highways, Brooklyn; also in charge of private work. 

VAN RIPER, ARTHUR WARD, M.D., 205 Main St., Passaic, 
N. J., s. Cornelius and Adrianna (Terhune) Van Riper; b. 1870, Aug. 
19, Passaic, X. J.; prep. Dr. MacChesney's Classical Inst. ; N. Y. Univ., 
1888-92, A. B. ; class pres. and sec. ; pres. Eucleian Lit. Soc. ; mem. 'var- 
sity football and baseball teams; sec. Athletic Ass'n; Coll. of P. and 
S., 1892-5, M. D.; in. 1889, June ; rel. in Z . Cornelius and John S., 
brs., Abram H. Van Riper and Nicholas Terhune, unc's; mem. Passaic 
City Med. Soc.; m. 1897, April 8, Eva Emilie Papple; physician, 1895 ; 
city physician, 1897 ; pres. Bd. of Health, Passaic, N. J., 1897 ; on 
staff Passaic General Hosp. 


BARLOW, EDGAR DUDLEY, 4 Warren St., c/o John P. Everett 
(res., 31 W. 91st St.), X. Y. City, s. Charles and Annie (Halley) Barlow; 
b. 1871, Aug. 30, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Columbia Grammar School; 
Law Dept., X. Y. Univ., 1891-3, LL. B.; in. 1892, Apr. 20, $; lawyer. 

de FRECE, BEXJAMIN FRANKLIN, 22 William St. (res., 159 
W. 75th St.), N. Y. City, s. A. B. and Sophia (Bernstein) de Frece; b. 
1872, Aug. 24, N. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 
1889-93, A. B.; N. Y. Law School, 1893-5, LL. B. ; v.-pres. Eucleian 
Soc.; grand marshal; v.-pres. Dramatic Ass'n; mem. Democratic 
Club; in. 1890, Jan. 5, $; rel. in Z W, Albert L. Phillips, cou. ; lawyer, 
1895 -; director, sec. and treas. Lourenco-Marques Trading Co., Anchor 
Tonique M'f'g Co., and Non-Intoxicant Beverage Co.; director and sec. 
Va. Land and Improvement Co., N. Y. and Brooklyn Tunnel Co. and 
Anchor Brewing Co. ; director and sec. Security Assurance Co. 

EVERETT, JOHN PAUL, 4 Warren St. (res., 241 W. 107th St.), 
N. Y. City, s. John and Ellen (Burke) Everett; b. 1872, June 29, X. Y. 
City; prep. N. Y. public schools; N. Y. High School, 1889; Law Dept.. X. 
Y. Univ., 1893, LL. B. ; elected class-day orator (Law Dent.): in. 1392, 
Nov. 16; rel. in Z W, Peter, br.; mem. X. Y. Bar Ass';i' ; Democratic 
Club; West End Ass'n; lawyer. 

82 PHI CHAPTER 1893-4 

GATES, VIRGIL CLYDE, 141 Broadway (res., 136 W. 93d St.),N. 
Y. City, s. Rev. Martin Luther and Margaret Amelia (Heagy) Gates; b. 
1871, Apr. 15, Arendtsville, Pa.; prep. Southwest Kan. M. E. Coll., 
"Winfield, Kan., and Lewis Acad., Wichita, Kan.; N. Y. Univ. , 1889-93, 
B. S. ; class sec.; mem. executive com. athletic and dramaticass'ns; class- 
day orator; in. 1891, Dec. 14; rel. in Z W, Moody Bliss, br. ; clerk Actu- 
arial Dept., Washington Life Ins. Co., 1893 . 

GRIFFITHS, EDGAR MORRIS, 758 Bourse Bldg. (res., W. Walnut 
Lane, cor. Greene St., Germantown), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Edgar E. and 
Elizabeth Reese (Morris) Griffiths; b. 1871, Dec. 23, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
prep, by Prof. Aikin and N. Y. Grammar School; N. Y. City Coll.; 
N. Y. Univ.; treas. Athletic Ass'n; in. 1890, Feb. 19; rel. in Z W, 
Howard C., br. ; 3d Signal Corps N. G. S. N. Y. ; m. 1899, June 28, 
Maude Gansevoort Ten E^'ck; with Standard Oil Co. 

HALE, THOMAS, N. Y. City, s. Thomas and Sara A. (Ballou) 
Hale; b. 1871, May 5, Keene, N.H.; prep. ; Trinity Coll., 1889; N. 

Y. Univ., ; in. 1890, Feb. 5; lawyer. 

MATHEWS, SAMUEL HARRY, M. D., 533 17th St., Brooklyn 
(bus. add., 17 State St., N. Y. City), N. Y., s. James and Helen Alida 
(Fuller) Mathews; b. 1872, Aug. 28, Alma, 111.; prep. Brooklyn Poly- 
technic Inst. ; N. Y. Univ., 1889-91; class v.-pres. ; football and baseball 
teams; L. I. Coll. Hosp., 1891-3; Med. Dept., Chicago Univ., 1898-9, M.D.; 
in. 1889, Nov. 15; m. 1895, Sept. 5, Mary Matilda Orr; children, Helen 
Marguerite and Marion Florence; clerk, salesman, transportation agt. ; 

WEDEKIND, GEORGE, c/o Montana Ore Purchasing Co., Butte, 
Mont., s. Augustus C. and Eveleen (Raiguel) Wedekind; b. 1872, Feb. 12, 
Lebanon, Pa.; prep. ; N. Y. Univ. ; glee club; football team; U. S. N. 
Acad., class '92; in. 1890, Nov. 7; T; rel. in Z W, Robert R., br. ; organ- 
izer Troop L, 3d U. S. Vol. Cav. ; first lieut. same (Grisby's Rough 
Riders) Spanish-Am, war; chief clerk Mechanical and Car Dept., Santa 
F6 R. R., 1894-6; mining and smelting, Butte, Mont, 1896. 


BARR, WILLIAM JOHN, 309 Broadway (res., 119 W. 137th St.), 
N. Y. City, s. William and Eliza (Willahan) Barr; b. 1869, Sept. 23, N. 
Y. City; prep. N. Y. City schools; Coll. of City of N. Y., 1883-7; Law 
Dept., N. Y. Univ. , 1892-4, LL. B. ; class pres., 1886; essay prize; clerk of 
Moot Court; Elliott F. Shepard prize; first honor mention, Senior year, 
Law School; in. 1894, Mar. 8, ; m. 1890, June 1, Abigail V. Shannon; 
children, William Hall, Eleanor; discount clerk, Greenwich Bank, 1888- 
99; lawyer, mem. firm Stern, Singer & Barr, 1900. 

BRICENO, ENRIQUE, Merida, Venezuela, S. A., s. and ( ) 

Briceno; b. 1873; prep. ; N. Y. Univ., 1890- ; in. 1890, Dec. 10. 

(res., 1144 Broadway), N. Y. City, s. William Duryea and Annie Ame- 
lia (Van de Water) Cornell; b. 1865, Oct. 8, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. 
Brooklyn public schools; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1892-3; in. 1892, Nov. 
2; corp., quartermaster sergt., 3d Battery, N. G. N. Y., Brooklyn, 
1888-93; priv. Troop C, N. G. N. Y., 1898; mem. Edenia Club of N. Y. 
City; m. 1898, Oct. 15, Helene Dorothy Hemynge; Washington Life 
Ins. Co., N. Y. City, 1887-99; insurance broker, accountant and promo- 
ter, 1899. 

DALY, DAVID RAYMOND, 188 Lexington Ave. (bus. add., Su- 

preme Court, N. Y. Co. Court House), N. Y. City, s. Michael T. and 

Daly; b. 1875, Oct. 13, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y. public schools; 

N. Y. City Coll., 1891; N. Y. Univ., 1893; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 

1894 PHI CHAPTER 83 

1894, LL.B.; class pres. ; sec. Lit. Soc. ; lacrosse and baseball teams; 
sec. baseball and mem. dramatic ass'ns; in. 1894, June 27; mem. Demo- 
cratic Club; sec. Seneca Club; clerk, Bronx River Commission, 1891-3; 
Junior Ass't Corporation Counsel, 1894-6; sec. to Supreme Court Justice 
Leonard A. Giegerich, 1897-8; sec. Rapid Safety Filter and Rapid 
Safety Fire Extinguisher Co's. 

EVERETT, PETER, 883 E. 165th St. (bus. add., 4 Warren St.), 
N. Y. City, s. John and Ellen (Burke) Everett; b. 1872, June 29, N. Y. 
City; prep. ; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1894; in. 1894, Jan. 11; 

rel. in Z W, John P., br. ; m. 1897, Oct. 6, Katharine M. Martin; lawyer. 

GRIFFITHS, HOWARD CROSBY, 1 Exchange PI. (res., 2362 
Boulevard), Jersey City, N. J., s. Edgar E. and Elizabeth Reese (Morris) 
Griffiths; b. 1874, Feb. 23, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Univ. Grammar 
School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1890- ; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., LL.B., 
1894; commencement orator (Law); in. 1892, Nov. 2, ; rel. in Z W, 
Edgar M., br. ; author of "Adjustment and Collection of Taxes and Tax 
Titles in New Jersey''; "Revision of the Ordinances of Jersey City"; 
"Revised Charter of Jersey City"; m. 1898, Oct. 26, Gertrude A. 
Roberts; lawyer; admitted to bar, N. J., 18%; with firm of Wallis, 
Edwards & Bumsted; mem. Hudson Co. Bar Ass'n; Republican Co. 
Com., 1899. 

GROUT, PAUL, 189 Montague St. (res., 1198 Pacific St.), Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., s. Edward and Frances (Marshall) Grout; b. 1866, Dec. 20, 
N. Y. City; prep. Colgate Ac ad. , Hamilton, N. Y. ; Law Dept., N. Y. 
Univ., LL.B., 1894; in. 1894, March 8; commissary sergt., Troop C, 
N. G. N. Y., 1896, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; enlisted Spanish-Am, war, 1898, 
May 20; sergt., Troop C, U. S. Vol., at Camp Black; Camp Alger, 

1898, May 26; Puerto Rico, 1898, Aug. 2; Battle of Coamo, skirmish at 
Aibonito, 1898, Aug. 9-10; honorably discharged, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1898, 
Nov. 20; 2d lieut., Troop C, N. G. N. Y., 1899, Oct.; Crescent Athletic 
Club; Troop C Country Club; m. 1897, Nov. 3, Lily M. Moran; lawyer. 

KIRBY, RALPH, Roslyn, Nassau Co., N. Y., s. William Wallace 
and Susan Eliza (Kirby) Kirby; b. 1863, June 8, Roslyn, N. Y. ; 
prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1890-4, A. B. ; <? B K; 
Greek salutatorian; in. 1894, April 27; rel. in Z W, Isaac Henry, br. 

MORALES, CARLOS CALVO, Union Club, Havana, Cuba, s. 
R. de Morales (Marquis de la Real Proclamacion) and Maria Antonia 
(Calvo) Morales; b. 1869, Dec. 19, Havana, Cuba; prep. San Francisco 
School, Havana; N. Y. Univ., 1890-4, B. S. ; C. E., 1895; m'g'r base- 
ball team; class v.-pres. ; class-day marshal; in. 1890, Oct. 22, A ; rel. 
in Z W, Juan F., br., and Francisco Morales, cou. ; mem. Catholic, 
N. Y. City, Havana Yacht and Havana Union Clubs. 

MORALES, JUAN FRANCISCO, Union Club, Havana, Cuba, s. 
R. de Morales (Marquis de la Real Proclamacion) and Maria Antonia 
(Calvo) Morales; b. 1871, Sept. 16, Havana, Cuba; prep. San Francisco 
School, Havana, Cuba; N. Y. Univ., 1890-4; in. 1890, Oct. 22, d; rel. in 
Z W, Carlos, br., and Francisco Morales, cou.; mem. Catholic, N. Y. 
City, Havana Yacht and Havana Union Clubs. 

VAN RIPER, JOHN TERHUNE. 205 (bus. add., 187) Main Ave., 
Passaic, N. J., s. Cornelius and Adrianna (Terhune) Van Riper; b. 
1872, Apr. 20, Passaic, N. J. ; prep. Dr. McChesney's Class. Inst., 
Paterson, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 1890-4, A. B. ; Law Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1895, 
LL. B. ; class v-pres.; pres. N. Y. Univ. Athletic Ass'n; sec. Univ. 
Quarterly Ass'n; in. 1891, Mar. , ; rel. in Z W, Dr. Cornelius, fa. ; 

Dr. A. Ward, br. ; Dr. A. H. Van Riper, Nicholas Terhune, uncs. ; m. 

1899, June 6, Edith Hope Hart; lawyer, 1897; Passaic school com'r, 

84 PHI CHAPTER 1895-6 


BECKER, JULIUS ALEXANDER, M. D., 67 W. 92d St., N. Y. 
City, s. Joseph and Theresa (Scharr) Becker; b. 1875, Dec. 24, N. Y. 
City; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1891-5, B. S. ; Med. 
Dept., N. Y. Univ. , 1895-8, M. D. ; Fresh, entrance examination prize; class 
pres. ; editor Quarterly; sec. Eucleian Lit. Soc. ; <? B K; James Gordon 
Bennett prize; 2d med. grad. prize; Mt. Sinai Hosp. staff; in. 1892, 
Mar. 2. 

KIRBY, ISAAC HENRY, Roslyn, Nassau Co., N. Y., s. William 
Wallace and Susan Eliza (Kirby) Kirby; b. 1871, Dec. 14, Roslyn, 
N. Y. ; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1891-5, B. S. ; 1896, C. 
E.; William H. Inman Fellowship, 1895; # B K; in. 1892, Oct. 29, A $; 
rel. in Z W, Ralph, br. ; demonstrator in analytical chemistry, N. Y. 
Univ., 1895-6. 

LUDLUM, WALTER DENTON, M. D., Hempstead, N. Y., s. 
Charles Henry and Mary Jane (White) Ludlum; b. 1875, Apr. 24, Boon- 
ton, N. J. ; prep. N. Y. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 1891-5, A. 
B.; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 1895-8, M. D.; Fresh, and Soph, prizes; 
class sec. ; censor Eucleian; tied for 2d class honor, 1895; 3d class honor, 
1898; in. 1892, June 3, T; interne M. E. Hosp., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1898- 

McKENZIE, CLARENCE, 52 William St. (res., Hotel San Remo), 
N. Y. City, s. John D. and Victoria A. (Lasak) McKenzie; b. 1873, 
Sept. 8, N. Y. City; prep. Plainfield and by tutor; Law Dept., N. Y. 
Univ., 1893-5, LL.B., 1895, LL. M., 1896; in. 1893, Oct. 18; mem. N. Y. 
Athletic Club, Soc. of Medico-Legal Jurisprudence; lawyer. 

McLEWEE, EDWIN LANGFORD, 109 W. 94th St. (bus. add., 
220 4th Ave.), N. Y. City, s. Frederick and Anna Marie (Biddolph) Mc- 
Lewee; b. 1873, July 5, N. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N.Y. 
Univ., 1891-3; N. Y. Law School, 1894; capt. baseball, mem. football 
teams; in. 1891, Oct. 21; mem. Garrick, Strollers' Clubs; special 
examiner bldg. dept., 1897-8. 

New Brighton (bus. add., 37 Liberty St., N.Y. City), N. Y., s. William 
and Louise Matilda (Lockwood) Seward; b. 1874, Aug. 7, NewHacken- 
sack, N. Y. ; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N.Y. Univ., 1895-7; in. 1894, 
Mar. 1; rel. in Z W, William, br. ; mem. Staten Island Cricket, Harbour 
Hill Golf Clubs; law dept. of Lawyers' Title Ins. Co. 

STERN, BENJAMIN HORACE, 19 Liberty St. (res., 133 E. 80th 
St.), N. Y. City, s. H. B. and Esther (Foster) Stern; b. 1874, Mar. 18, 
N. Y. City; prep, by priv. tutor; N. Y. Univ., 1891-5, Ph. B.; 1st 
English oration, commencement; 1898, A. M. (Columbia); Law Dept., 
Columbia; LL. B., 1898; classpres. ; business m'g'rannual; editor-in-chief 
-A^. Y. Univ. Quarterly; grand marshal at commencement; m'g'r and 
coach Fresh, football team; $ B K; in. 1892, Mar. 12, #; rel. in Z W, 
Romeo Clarence Herman, cou. ; lawyer. 


CLAYTON, FRANCIS TREAD WAY, 50 E. 70th St., N. Y. City 
(res., 172 Cleveland Ave., Brooklyn), N. Y., s. James S. and Frances 
(Treadway) Clayton; b. 1875, July 3, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn 
High School; N. Y. Univ., 1892-6, A. B.; Princeton Theo. Sem., 1896-7; 
Union Theo. Sem., 1897-1900; N. Y. Univ., Grad. School, 1897-9; Fresh, 
science prize; leader glee club; chairman class-day com.; founders' day 
orator; in. 1892, Nov. 26, A <. 

1896-7 PHI CHAPTER 85 

GREACEN, "WALTER JAMES, 144DuaneSt. (res.,6 W. 50th St), 
N. Y. City, s. Thomas Edmund and Isabelle (Wiggins) Greacen; b. 
1873, Nov. '28, N. Y. City; prep. Univ. Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., 
1892-6, A. B. ; A. M., 1898; editor Violet; mem. mandolin and camera 
clubs and Eucleian Soc.; class historian; in. 1893, Apr. 14; rel. in 
Z W, Edmund William and Joseph Wiggins, brs. 

MATTHEWS, GEORGE HENRY, 56 Manhattan Ave. (bus. add., 
621 Broadway, Cable Bld'g), N. Y. City, s. Henry and Caroline (Patrick) 
Matthews; b. 1870, June 21, Walden, N. Y.; prep, at home; N. Y. Univ., 
1892-6; class v.-pres. ; pres. Engineering- Soc.; in. 1892, Oct. 7; m. 1898, 
June 4, Clara Livingston Tucker Aitken; child, Marietta Caroline; 
engineer; with Met. St. R'y Co. (Second Ave. Div.), 1897-8; inspector 
constructor of cars, Union Car Co., 1898; Met. St. R'y Co., construction 
dept., 1898-9; Met. St. R'y Co., ass't engineer maintenance of way, 

MEAD, REV. CHARLES LA RUE, Hoboken, N. J., s. Joshua and 
Alice (Hough) Mead; b. 1868, July 20, Vienna, N. J. ; prep. Centenary 
Coll. Inst., Hackettstown, N. J.; N. Y. Univ., 1892-6, A. B. ; class pres.; 
pres. athletic ass'n; leader glee club; mem. football team; in. 1892, 
Sept. 24, ; m. 1896, June 10, Eleanor M. Smith; child, Winifred; 

MYERS, REV. CHARLES MORRIS, 504 E. 162d St., N. Y. City, 
s. Henry Van Schoonhoven and Margaret Blanche (Martin) Myers; b. 
1875, Aug. 9, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Newburgh Acad. and at home; 
N. Y. Univ., 1892-6, A. B. ; A. M., 1898; $ B K; recording sec. Eucleian 
Soc.; pres. Y. M. C. A.; New Brunswick Theo. Sem., 1896-9; Hebrew 
and Greek prizes; in. 1895, Mar. 14, F; ordained as a foreign missionary, 
1899, June 4; prof, of English in Steele Coll., Nagasaki, Japan. 

City, s. Warren Francis and Sarah Ann (Raymond) Ottarson; b. 1867, 
Jan. 23, Lansingburgh, N. Y. ; prep. Hillhouse High School, New Haven, 
Conn.; N. Y. Univ., 1892-6, A. B. ; A. M., 1898; Union Theo. Sem., 1896- 
9; class orator; athletic ass'n; in. 1892, Dec. 7; m. 1897, June 30, 
Mary Lucy Marshall; pastor of 56th St. M. E. Church, N. Y. City, 
1897 ; sec. and treas. of "Auxiliary A" of the Federation of Churches 
and Christian Workers, N. Y. City. 

TAYLOR, REV. JOHN PRENTICE, Pleasant Valley, N. Y., s. 
Elihu Bennet and Lucy Hammond (Lazear) Taylor; b. 1873, May 20, 
Warwick, N. Y. ; prep. Centenary Collegiate Inst., Hackettstown, N. J. ; 
N. Y. Univ., 1892-6, A. B. ; A. M., 1898; B K; Butler Fellowship; 
Latin Scientific Oration; class pres.; Drew Sem.; in. 1892, Nov. 2; m. 
1895, June 12, Henrietta Augusta Stewart; children, Stewart Elihu 
and Prentice Hammond; clergyman. 


Day and Mary A. (Hine) Downs; b. 1867, Mar. 12, Downsville, N. Y. ; 
prep. Walton Union School, Delaware Lit. Inst., N. Y. and Centenary 
Collegiate Inst., Hackettstown, N. J. ; N. Y. Univ., 1893-6; class pres.; 
in. 1893, Oct. 25; m. 1895, June 12, Carrie G. Gordon; child, Phebe 
Alice; pastor M. E. Church, Napanock, N. Y., Monroe, N. Y. ; pres. 
Newburgh Dist. Epworth League. 

GATES, MOODY BLISS, 390 Park PI., Brooklyn (bus. add., 100 
William St., N. Y. City), N. Y., s. Rev. M. L. and Margaret A. (Heagy) 
Gates; b. 1876, Oct. 15, Anneville, Pa. ; prep, by private tutor: N. Y. 
Univ., 1893-7, B. S. ; Fresh, science prize; prize scholarship; Senior class 

86 PHI CHAPTER 1897-8 

pres. ; editor-in-chief Violet and editor Item; pres. Chemical Club; sec. 
and treas. Biological Club; glee club; in. 1893, Oct. 25; rel. in Z W, 
Virgil Clyde, br. ; ass't advertising m'g'r Engineering Record. 

GREACEN, EDMUND WILLIAM, 6 W. 50th St. (bus. add., 144 
Duane St.), N. Y. City, s. Thomas E. and Isabelle (Wiggins) Greacen; 
b. 1876, Sept. 18, N. Y. City; prep. N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1893-7, A.B. ; 
class treas.; athletic ass'n; musical clubs; in. 1893, Oct. 25, 2; rel. 
in Z W, Walter James and Joseph Wiggins, brs. 

MAYER, GEORGE EDWARD, 363 6th St., Brooklyn, N. Y., s. 
Rev. George H. and Mary A. P. (Sauter) Mayer; b. 1872, Feb. 10, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; prep. Centenary Coll. Inst., Hackettstown, N. J.; 
N. Y. Univ., 1892-7, A. B. ; class sec.; sec. athletic ass'n; in. 1893, Oct. 
23, <?; charter mem. Union Republican Club. 

ROPER, JOSEPH CHARLES, M. D., 280 Pine St., Springfield, 
Mass., s. Charles and Mary (Hogan) Roper; b. 1869, Nov. 10, Water- 
bury, Conn.; prep. Water bury High School; Med. Dept., N. Y. Univ., 
1895-7, M. D.; M. D. (hon.), 1899, Cornell Univ.; in. 1896, Nov. 9; mem. 
N. Y. Hosp. Alumni Ass'n; Nursery and Child's Hosp., 1899 . 

SHANAHAN, WILLIAM SEWARD, 17 Prospect Place (bus. add., 
189 Montague St.), Brooklyn, N. Y., s. Patrick and Ellen (Butler) 
Shanahan; b. 1876, Jan. 11, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. St. Francis Xavier's 
Coll., N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1893-4; Columbia, 1894-7, A. B.; LL.B., 
1898, N. Y. Law School; in. 1894, Jan. 11; rel. in Z W, John Butler, br.; 
lawyer, with firm of John Shanahan & Walsh. 


BANKS, DAVID, 10 W. 40th St. (bus. add., 20 Murray St.), N. Y. 
City, s. David and Harriet Brenick (Lloyd) Banks; b. 1827, Dec. 25, N. 
Y. City; prep. Shea's Grammar School; N. Y. Univ., grad. study, 1898; 
in. 1897, May 17; mem. N. Y. Geographical and Natural Historical 
Socs. ; Union, New York, City, Lawyers', N. Y. Yacht, Atlanta Yacht 
(exec, com.); com. Atlanta Boat Clubs; ex-pres. N. Y. and St. Nicholas 
Clubs; trustee Kane Lodge, Jerusalem Chapter, Coeur de Leon Com- 
mandery, N. Y. City; pres. N. Y. Gymnastic Club; Commandant N. Y. 
Commandery, Military Order of Foreign Wars; champion fly fisher and 
bird shot, Walton Club; Sons of Rev.; Soc. Colonial Wars; capt. N. Y. 
City Guards; mem. "Old Guard"; m. 1869, Apr. 22, Lucette Graham 
Plum; children, David, Lloyd Breneck and Lucette; law book publisher, 
Banks Publishing Co. 

CAMPBELL, RALPH, 135 Netherwood Ave., Plainfield, N. J., s. 
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essay prize; class pres.; Red Dragon; m'g'r baseball team; librarian 
Eucleian Lit. Soc.; editor Item and Triangle; mem. Hackettstown, tennis 
and glee clubs; v.-pres. athletic ass'n; in. 1894, June 8, F; correspond- 
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1898-9 PHI CHAPTER 87 

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88 PHI CHAPTER 1899-1900 

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1900-1 PHI CHAPTER 89 

LADUE, JOHN THOMAS, 894 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich., s. Georgie 
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Club; Engineering Dept. M. C. R. R., 1898-9. 

*MANCHEE, ALLSTON BARTLETT, s. Rev. William and Mary 
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Aug. 24, Passaic, N. J. 

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18%, Oct. 12, 2. 

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s. James and Pauline (Houghton) Watson; b. 1878, Mar. 30, Paterson, 
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Ichabod Club; Red Dragon; in. 18%, Nov. 16, T; rel. in Z W, George 
Nathan, br. ; chairman Z W house com. 


BELCHER, BENJAMIN HOYT, 11 Jane St., N. Y. City, s. Frank 
J. and Sarah (Davis) Belcher; b. 1879, June 25, Falls Village, Conn.; 
prep. Dwight's School; N. Y. Univ., 1897; in. 1899, Oct. 17; rel. in 
Z W, Frank J., Jr., br. 

City, s. Alfred and Nina Florence (Browne) Craven; b. 1877, Nov. 22, 
Oakland, Cal.; prep. Trinity School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1897-8; 
in. 1897, Nov. 1; seaman U. S. N., Spanish- Am. War, 1898, Apr.- 
Sept ; with McDonald-Onderdonk Contracting Co. 

DE LA MATER, MERTON E., 404 Sanford Ave., Flushing, N.Y., 
s. Leander M. and Sarah E. (Duryea) De La Mater; b. 1888, Oct. 28, 
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country clubs; gymnastic team; m'g'r gymnastic team; corresponding 
sec. athletic ass'n; chairman Junior Prom. Reception Com. ; Ichabod; 
in. 1897, Oct. 15, A 2. 

FERNALD, HENRY BARKER, West New Brighton, N. Y., s. 
James Champlain and Nettie (Barker) Fernald; b. 1878, Jan. 9, 
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1897; football and track teams; glee club; Y. M. C. A.; ass't editor 
Triangle; in. 1897, Nov. 1, 2 p. 

90 PHI CHAPTER 1901-2 

GARRISON, SAMUEL CLAUDE, Boonton, N. J., s. Samuel L. 
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club; capt. class basketball team; class baseball team; in. 1899, Oct. 9. 

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s. Henry H. and Emma S. (Whitty) Oakley; b. 1880, Feb. 23, Hoboken, 
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Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst. and Chappaqua Mountain Inst. ; N. Y. Univ., 
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James Van Siclen and Emma Josephine (Brinckerhoff) Woolley; b. 1879, 
Oct. 5, N. Y. City; prep, by private instruction; N. Y. Univ., 1897 ; 
Eucleian Lit. Soc. ; pres. N. Y. Univ. Tennis Ass'n; biological ex- 
pedition to Bermuda, summer of '99; in. 1897, Nov. 1, F; rel. in Z W, 
James V. S., fa. 

ZABRISKEE, EVERET LAW, Ridgewood, N. J., s. John J. and 
Mary C. ( ) Zabriskee; b. 1878, Nov. 10, Ridgewood, N. J. ; prep. 

Paterson (N. J.) Class. School; N. Y. Univ., 1897; in. 1897, Oct. 15. 


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Archibald T. and Jessie Theodora (Lockwood) Banning; b. 1880, May25, 
N. Y. City; prep. Mt. Vernon High School; N. Y. Univ., 1898; class 
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in. 1899, Oct. 9; sec. Mt. Vernon High School Alumni Ass'n. 

CHAPIN, NEWTON, 274 N. Fulton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y., s. 
William and Ella Tilson (Hull) Chapin; b. 1882, Apr. 6, Chicago, 111.; 
prep. Ticonderoga and Mt. Vernon High Schools; N. Y. Univ., 1898 ; 
Mt. Vernon High School prize scholarship to N. Y. Univ. ; in. 1899, Apr. 
10; sec. Mt. Vernon High School Alumni Ass'n. 

JONES, SAMUEL SIMONTON, 220 Lafayette St., Bridgeport, 
Conn., s. Samuel C. and Mary (Simonton) Jones; b. 1880, Jan. 16, Bridge- 
port, Conn.; prep. Bridgeport High School; N. Y. Univ., 1898 ; football 
team; class v.-pres. ; in. 1898, Oct. 17. 

PILCHER, JAMES TAFT, 386 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., s. 
Dr. Lewis Stephens and M. S. (Phillips) Pilcher; b. 1880, Mar. 31, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Bordentown Military Inst., Boys' High School, 
Lake Mohegan Military Inst.; N. Y. Univ., 1898 ; class pres.; Fresh, 
scholarship; class baseball team; class football; 'varsity baseball; 
'varsity football; in. 1898, Oct. 17; rel. in ZIP, Lewis S., fa.; Paul M., 
br. ; Leander, unc. 

SMITH, MADISON WELLS, 169 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn., 
s. Ferdinand Burr and Anna Stevens (Waters) Smith; b. 1879, Apr. 14, 
Norwalk, Conn.; prep. Maine Wesley an Sem. ; N. Y. Univ., 1898-9; 
School of Applied Sciences, Columbia, 1899 ; class sec.; glee club; 
N. Y. Univ. quartette; 'varsity football team; in. 1898, Oct. 17. 

1902-3 PHI CHAPTER 91 

WILDING, WILBUR STONE, 25 Cherry St., Elizabeth, N. J., s. 
George Cleaton and Mary Jane (Hall) Wilding; b. 1881, Apr. 2, Parkers- 
burg, W. Va.; prep. Jersey City High School; N. Y. Univ., 1898; in. 
1898, Nov. 28, A. 


ADAMS, JESSE JOHNSON, Coshocton, O., s. JohnM. and Grace 
(Johnson) Adams; b. 1880, Oct. 30, Coshocton, O. ; prep. Ohio; N. Y. 
Univ., 1899 ; in. 1899, Oct. 30; rel. in Z W, Ernest E. Johnson, unc. 

ANDERSON, EDGAR VOORHEES, 39 W. 124th St., N. Y. City, 
s. Cornelius Edgar and Mary Henry (Quin) Anderson; b. 1881, Jan. 13, 
N. Y. City; prep. New Jersey; N. Y. Univ., 1899; in. 1899, Oct. 30. 

CROCKER, EVERETT LESTER, Tarrytown-on-Hudson, N. Y., 
s. JohnF. and Louisa (Lawrence) Crocker; b. 1880, Dec. 6, Sing Sing, 
N. Y. ; prep. Washington Irving High School, Tarrytown-on-Hudson, 
N. Y.; N. Y. Univ., 1899; class sec.; in. 1899, Oct. 30. 

FUNK, CHARLES EARLE, West New Brighton, N. Y., s. Ben- 
jamin F. and Cynthia E. (Layton) Funk; b. 1881, April 4, Springfield, 
O. ; prep. Westerleigh Collegiate Inst., Staten Island; N. Y. Univ., 
1899 ; mem. glee club; supplementary examination prize; in. 1899, 
Oct. 30. 

GRASMUCK, FREDERIC ADAM. 193 Edgecombe Ave., N. Y. 
City, s. Theodore A. and Mary E. (Staib) Grasmuck; b. 1881, Feb. 20, 
N. Y. City; prep. Trinity School, N. Y. City; N. Y. Univ., 1899; 
class v.-pres. ; in. 1899, Oct. 30; Dauntless Rowing Club. 

GREACEN, JOSEPH WIGGINS, 6 W. 50th St., N. Y. City, s. 
Thomas E. and Isabel (Wiggins) Greacen; b. 1882, Nov. 3, N. Y. City; 
prep. Berkeley School; N. Y. Univ., 1899 ; in. 1899, Oct. 30; rel. inZ W, 
Walter James and Edmund Wiggins, brs. 

MOORE, EDWARD THOMAS. 76 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. J., 
s. Thomas M. and Sarah J. (Wickham) Moore; b. 1881, July 3; prep. 
Stevens High School, Hoboken. N. J.; N. Y. Univ., 1899; glee and 
mandolin clubs; in. 1899, Oct. 30. 

MOORE, ERNEST ARTHUR, East Hartford, Conn., s. Arthur 
Philip and Ellen (Olmsted) Moore; b. 1877, Aug. 12, East Hartford, 
Conn.; prep. Hartford Public High School; N. Y. Univ., 1899; in. 
1899- Oct. 30. 

SIMPSON, EDWIN MIDDLETON, 474 Central Park West, N. Y. 
City, s. Louis M. and Henrietta (Middleton) Simpson; b. 1880, Nov. 30, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. N. Y. City Coll.; N. Y. Univ., 1899; in. 1899, 
Oct. 30. 


FOUNDED MAY 23 1848 














Williams College, in which the Zeta Chapter was founded, came into 
existence on June 22, 1793. It is situated in Williamstown, Mass., three 
miles from the northwest corner of the State, and a Berkshire town famed 
for scenery and the beauties of nature. The town and college are 
named from Col. Ephraim Williams, an old Indian fighter, who gave by 
will, money to be used in forming a free school at the place where the 
college now stands. There are usually about four hundred students in 
its four classes, and it has no departments aside from its regular colle- 
giate work. It gives but one degree for undergraduate work, that of 
Bachelor of Arts, the whole idea and aim of the college being to impart 
a general liberal education rather than a specialized one. 

The Zeta (originally the Alpha of Mass.) Chapter of Zeta Psi was 
established at Williams College on May 23, 1848. One of its founders 
was John Benjamin Yates Sommers, the originator of the fraternity and 
a representative of the Phi Chapter. The other two were George S. 
Woodhull, also from the Phi, and Henry Silas Hodges, who had been ini- 
tiated a few days before and was a Junior in Williams. There were 
four fraternity chapters existing in the college at that time, and with 
them the Zeta soon took a place of strength and importance. Eleven 
men were initiated in 1848, and nine in the year following; and the roll 
of membership included several who attained high distinction in later 
years. Among them, of those who have passed away, may be mentioned 
Hon. Samuel Barstow Sumner, clerk of the Supreme Court of Connecti- 
cut; Hon. Addison Cook Niles, Judge of the Supreme Court of California, 
and Hon. Phineas Warriner Hitchcock, U. S. Senator from Nebraska 
during 1871-7. 

The chapter first held its meetings in a private building nearly op- 
posite the old Union House, and then in the lodge room of the Odd Fel- 
lows on South Street, until quarters of its own, consisting of a hall in 
one of the buildings at the foot of the hill below East College, were 
finally secured, in 1850. 

In spite of an existence so well begun, and so greatly assisted, one 
would think, by the convention of Z W held in Williams, August 14, 1849, 
the Zeta's early history was somewhat brief, lasting about three years, 
and terminating when the resignation from the fraternity was presented 
and accepted in Jthe convention of 1852. This untimely cessation of a 
movement promising great success must always be regarded as a pro- 
nounced misfortune, and it is also to be deplored that the records of that 
interesting period have been lost. It is known that in 1850 Bros. Ezra 
Jones Peck and John Stewart Barry journeyed to Waterville, Me., and 
assisted in bringing the Chi Chapter into existence. By searching in- 
quiry it has been ascertained that the passing of the Zeta was the out- 
come of an unfortunate controversy among the members, the exact na- 
ture of which, after so many years, cannot be explained with confidence; 
but aside from these events, together with the others already given, 
and the handful of traditions that have been rescued, no further historical 
material is at hand. In connection with this, however, it should be added 
that in the light of the fragmentary information available, the chief 
honors apparently belong to Henry Silas Hodges, previously mentioned, 
who was probably the leading spirit in accomplishing the formation of 
the chapter; and the fact of his early death, only two years later, lends 
an element of pathos to his memory. 

In 1861 an attempt was made to regain the charter, but it met with 
defeat, the refusal being grounded on the belief that Williams already 
had as many fraternities as the college could well support. Twenty 
years later, however, there dawned an era which, though critical and 


anxious at the start, was full of hopes, which have since been abundantly 
realized. In 1881 a local societj- recently formed in the college, petitioned 
for a chapter of Zeta Psi, and Professor Truman Henry Safford, of the 
Rho, commended the petition to the convention, and was largely instru- 
mental in obtaining- its favorable reception. Bro. Safford 's invaluable 
assistance at this time, and his ever-constant and loyal friendship toward 
the Zeta, are regarded with the sincerest gratitude. On November 21, 
1881, Albert Horatio Gallatin from the Phi, D. Cady Gere from the 
Gamma, Samuel Barstow Sumner of the Zeta., Charles Brown Everson 
from the Psi, and Franklin Haylander Bowen, Jr., from the Pi, initiated 
the petitioners, and again the Zeta was a living chapter. The names of 
the original members of this later period are as follows: IraJewettGeer, 
John Westfield Gillette, Francis Lock wood Kendall, Norman Plass, 
George Henry Badger, Frederick Geller, Frederick Morris Herrick, 
Charles Kellogg Ober, Fred De Lysle Smith, Arthur Francis Winslow, 
Richard Achilles Ballinger, William Farrand Livingston, John Corgell 
Parsons, Edward Ernest Bradley, Arthur Day Hawley, William Hall 
Poore and Walter Bramhall Sanford. 

To this list new names were soon added, and the Zeta., aided by a 
pleasant relationship with the Gamma Chapter, early acquired a mature 
conception of its new responsibilities. The history of its eighteen years 
up to the present time is most gratifying. The Zeta's success, starting 
from the wise and vigorous policy of the men who effected the reestablish- 
ment, has been rapid and yet normal; and though the total membership 
is not large, numbering in all but 178, of which 143 are of the later 
period, the chapter has developed a strong vitality, and the steadily in- 
creasing ranks of graduates are giving it their loyal and substantial 
support. Two alumni associations are already in existence, one in New 
York City, with eight or ten years to its credit, and the other in western 
New York, organized in 1896. 

The chapter, since its revival, has occupied two houses in succession, 
the first being a small building facing the Field Park, which it found 
necessary to leave, in 1890, for the commodious dwelling which serves 
as its present home. This is a building of pleasing architecture which 
stands in a most desirable position, on North Street, commanding from 
its windows and piazzas an extensive view of the Berkshire Hills. 

This brief history of the Zeta can close perhaps in no better way 
than with a list of its members who have had the honor of holding Grand 
Chapter offices. Their names are as follows: Charles Allen Sumner, 5? A; 
Henry Axtell, A $ A; Charles Abbott Stowell, A $ A; Ezra. Jones Peck, 
A $A,2A; Thomas Gillfillan, 2 A; Walter Anson Weed, Jr., A 2 A-, 
Samuel Barstow Sumner, 2 p A. 








i i 




"Williams, 1845-9; in. 1848, May , <? ; clergyman; d. 

DUNCAN, SAMUEL, M. D., s. ; b. 1820, Feb. 1, Williams- 

town, Mass. ; prep. ; Williams, 184 ; Berkshire Med. Coll., M.D.; 

in. 1848, May ; mem. Med. Ass'n of Northern Berkshire; author of a 
complete record of Williamstown soldiers in Civil War; m. 1858, Aug. 14, 
New Lebanon, N. Y., Frances Celinda Sanders; children, Eleaner Ral- 
ston, Richard Francis; examining surgeon for congressional district, 
1863-5; mem. Mass. Constitutional Convention, 1853; d. 1882, Feb. 24, 
Williamstown, Mass. 

HODGES, HEXRY SILAS, s. Silas Henry and Julia Ann (Fay) 
Hodges; b. 1831, Jan. 30; prep. Burr Sem., Manchester, Vt., and at 
home; coll. at Middleburg, Va., 1845-6; Williams, 1846-9, A. B. ; in. 1848, 
May 11, #; studied law with Silas H. Hodges; d. 1850, June 3. Rutland, 

*JENKS, GRENVILLE TUDOR, s. ; prep. ; Williams, 

1845-9; in. 1849, June 6; d. 1870. 

*SUMNER, SAMUEL BARSTOW, s. Increase and Pluma Amelia 
(Barstow) Sumner ; b. 1830, Feb. 16, Great Barrington, Mass. ; prep. 
Sedgwick Acad., Great Barrington, Mass.; Williams, 1846-9, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1852; in. 1843, May , 2 p; 2 p A; rel. in Z W, Edward S., 
s. ; Charles A., br. ; F. and A. M. ; editor of poems by S. B. and C. 
A. Sumner; author of "Zetapsiana" Poems; capt., lieut.-col. 49th 
Mass. Inf.; wounded in charge on Port Hudson; m. Georgianna Davis; 
Senator, Mass. Legislature, 1860 ; admitted to bar, 1853 ; City Attor- 
ney, Bridgeport, Conn., 1864 and 1868-71; City Judge, 1866; Judge 
Probate, 1873-7; clerk of Fairfield Co. and of Supreme and Superior 
Courts of Fairfield Co. ; d. 1891, Feb. 26, Bridgeport, Conn. 

*STOWELL, CHARLES ABBOTT, s. ; prep. ; Wil- 

liams, 1845-9; in. 1848, May , A $ A ; d. 

TAYLOR, HENRY MARTYN, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., s. Rev. 
Hutchins and Eliza (Bennett) Taylor; b. 1828, Oct. 4, Camillus, N. Y. ; 
prep. Trumansburgh, N. Y. ; Beloit, Wis. ; Chicago, Ills.; Knox Coll., 
Ills., 1847-8; Williams, 1848-9, A. B.; commencement oration; in. 1848, 
June 3; mem. Dutchess Club, Poughkeepsie; m. 1862, Oct. 22, Eleanor 
G. Ewing; children, Helen G., Emilie A., Louise E., Frances A., Ewing; 
teacher three years; lawyer; county judge Dutchess Co., N. Y., 1872-7; 
director Merchants' Nat. Bank of Poughkeepsie; m'g'r, afterwards att'y, 
for Hudson River State Hosp., Poughkeepsie. 


BULLOCK, WILLIAM HORATIO (address unknown), s. and 
Bullock; b. 1828, Jan. 23, Sturbridge, Mass.; Williams, 1846-50, 
A. B.; in. 1848, May , A$; admitted N. Y. Bar, 1854; Cal. Bar, 1858; 
dist. atty. Placer Co., Cal., 1876-80. 

THOMSON, CHARLES HORATIO, s. Horatio and Andelia 
(Chapman) Thomson; b. 1830, Aug. 22, Belchertown, Mass.; prep. 
Belchertown, Mass.; Williams, 1847-50; Hamilton Law School; A. M., 


Williams; in. 1850, June 28; F. and A M., 33d degree; m. 1855, , 

Adelaide Johnson; children, Thomas H., Adelaide Louise, Andelia 
Chapman; lawyer; postmaster, 1861-72; d. 1886, Jan 14, Corning, N. Y. 

WILSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON, Marengo, la., s. ; 

prep. ; Williams, 1846-50; in. 1848, June 8. 


*AXTELL, HENRY, s. Daniel C. and Maria Laidlie (Dey) Axtell; 
b. 1832, Apr. 6; prep. Geneva, N. Y.; Williams, 1847-51, A. B. ; in. 1849, 
June 6, #; A $ A; rel. in Z W, Anthony D., br. ; F. & A. M. ; book-pub- 
isher, Geneva, 1852-8; San Francisco, 1858-60; d. 1860, Oct. 12, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

*BENJAMIN, NATHAN ORSEN, s. ; prep. ; Williams, 

1848-52; in. 1850, June 26, S A; d. 1863. 

GILFILLAN, THOMAS, M. D., Northampton, Mass., s. Moses and 
Catherine (Rockwell) Gilfillan; b. 1829, Jan. 2, Milton, N. Y.;prep. 
Northampton (Mass.) High School; Williams, 1847-51, A. B.; Coll. P. and 
S. ; M. D., Berkshire Med. Coll., 1855; in. 1849, June 19, 2 A ; ass't 
surgeon 46th and 59th Regt., Mass. Vol.; with 46th Regt. at Newbern, 
N. C., and in Army of Potomac from Wilderness to Petersburg; m. 1865, 
Jan. 1, Julia M. Bradley; children, James R., Rose M., Donald Robert. 

*MARCY, EDMUND, s. ; b. 1832, Albany, N. Y. ; prep. 

Albany Acad.; Williams, 1847 ; in. 1848, Oct. 20; civil engineer; ass't 
State Engineer's Office, Albany, N. Y.; d. 1853, Sept. , U. S. man-of- 
war, near Madeira. 

PECK, EZRA JONES, LL. D., Oak Corners, N. Y., s. Enoch and 
Julitta Ann (Jones) Peck; b. 1830, Dec. 19, Castleton, N. Y. ; prep. 
Phelps Union and Class. School; Colgate Univ. , 1848-9; Williams, 1849-51, 
A. B. ; A. M., 1854; commencement orator; pres. Philotechnean Soc. ; 
v.-pres. Lyceum Natural History; Hobart, LL. D., 1899; Latin and 
Greek Sem., Cornell, 1883; in. 1850, Feb. 28, ; 2 A; A $ A; rel. in 
Z W, James I. Peck, ne. ; George Mann, s. ; F. and A. M. master; first 
lieut. Co. D, 8th N. Y. Vol. Cavalry, 1861; m. 18 , Mar. 31, Annie Lingan 
Bartlett; children, Alice Lingan, Cornelia Randolph, Eugenia Cald- 
well, Edith Leffingwell, George Mann, Annie Bartlett; agriculture, 
1856-9; prin. Phelps Union and Class. School, 1860-1 and 1864-8; com'r 
common schools, Ontario Co., 1868-71; associate prin. Canandaigua 
Acad., 1871-3; prin. Homer Acad., N. Y., 1873-84; prin. Owego Free 
Acad., 1885-94. 

SWIFT, REV. HENRY MARTYN, Fenton, Mich., s. Dr. Heman 
and Ruth (Dewey) Swift; b. 1832, Mar. 22, Bennington, Vt. ; prep. Burr 
Sem., Manchester, Vt. ; Williams, 1847-51, A. B. ; Union Theo. Sem., 
1852-4; in. 1849, June 5; m. 1859, Oct. 20, Jane A. Weeks; children, 
Herman Sedgwick, Mari Jeannette, Louis Fuller, Bessie Robinson; or- 
dained minister, 1856; S. S., Lamoille, Ills., 1856-62; pastor, Milford, 
Mich., 1862-75. 

TUCKER, JOSEPH, Pittsfield, Mass., s. George Joseph and 
Eunice (Cooke) Tucker; b. 1832, Aug. 21, Lenox, Mass.; prep. ; 

Williams, 1849-51, A. B.; A. M., 1854; Harvard Law School, 1854; in. 
1848, Oct. 10, ^; v.-pres. Lenox Club twenty years; G. A. R. ; priv. , 1st 
lieut. 49th Mass. Inf.; m. 1876, Sept. 20, Elizabeth Bishop; lawyer; 
Lieut. -Gov. Mass., 1869-72; Mass. House Rep., 1865; Senate, 1866-7; U. S. 
Register in Bankruptcy, 1868-9; pres. Berkshire Co. Savings Bank; pres. 
Pittsfield Electric Street R. R. Co. ; Judge Dist. Court, 1873. 

1851-4 ZETA CHAPTER 99 

*WHITAKER, MORTIMER DELVIL, s. Ezra D. and Amanda 
M. (Jones) Whitaker; b. 1826, Nov. 22, North Adams, Mass.; prep. Drury 
Acad., North Adams, Mass.; Williams, 1847-8; Law School, Ballston, 
N. Y., 1850; in. 1848, Sept. 29; on staff of Gen. Richmond, State Militia, 
1856-60; law student, 1849-51; lawyer, Chicopee Falls, Mass., 1852-63; d. 
1863, May 27, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

*WOOD, JESSE, JR., s. Jesse and Wood; prep. ; Wil- 

liams, 1847-51; in. 1850, Aug. 22; d. 1868. 


GOODRICH, HENRY PALMER, North Adams, Mass., s. Thomas 
Palmer and Lois (Converse) Goodrich; b. 1830, Apr. 18, North Adams, 
Mass.; prep. Mills Inst., So. Williamstown, Mass.; Williams, 1849-50; 
in. 1849, Jan. 31; m. (I) Mary Lucetta Atwater; (II) Fannie Cordelia 
Maynard; children, Herbert W., Homer C., Nellie M., Harry E., Henry 
Frank; m'f'r, merchant, accountant. 

*HENRY, SAMUEL B., M. D., s. ; prep. ; Williams, 

1848-52; in. 1849, Jan. 28; physician; d. 1897. 

*NILES, ADDISON COOK, s. and Niles; b. 1832, 

July 22, Rensselville, N. Y. ; prep. Williams, 1848-52, A. B. ; in. 1850, 
Sept. 18, #; prin. Great Barrington, Mass., Acad., 1853; N. Y. bar, 
1854; Cal. bar, 1855; county judge Nevada Co., Cal., 1864-71; associate 
justice Cal. supreme court, 1871-80; d. 

*RANKIN, FREDERICK W T OLCOTT, s. ; prep. ; Wil- 

liams, 1848-52; in. 1851, Mar. 25; d. 


BARRY, JOHN STEWART. Barryville, la., s. and Barry; 

b. 1827, Dec. 23, Franklin Co., Mass. ; Williams, 1849-53, A. B. ; in. 1850, 
Feb. 26, ~2 A; prin. Union Schools, Saratoga Spring's, N. Y., 1853-6; 
assessor of taxes, Barryville, la., 1872-6; farmer and breeder of short 
cattle, 1856. 

*HUNT, GEORGE BEEBE, s. ; prep. ; Williams, 1849- 

53; in. 1849, Oct. 16, 2 p; d. 

(res., 260 Garfield Place, Brooklyn Borough), s'. Joel and Esther (Beld ing-) 
Whitney; b. 1832, Oct. 2, Seneca Tp., Ontario Co., N. Y. ; prep. Vienna 
Union School, Phelps, N. Y. ; Madison Univ., 1848-9; Williams, 1849-53; 
A. B.,1853; A. M., 1856; v.-pres. Philotechnean Soc. ; pres. Lyceum Nat- 
ural History; in. 1850, Apr. 2; m. 1857, Nov. 25, Marion Clarke; 1878, 
Sept. 23, Julia Louisa Brown; children, Annette, Marion, Elizabeth, 
Robert Edwin, Esther; telegraph, commercial, financial and insurance 
business; m'g'r W. U. Tel. Co., Indianapolis; ass't sec. Franklin Life 
Ins. Co., Indianapolis; ass't teller National Bank Redemption Agency, 
Treasury Dept., Washington, D. C. ; sec. New York Life Ins. Co. 


*AXTELL, REV. ANTHONY DEY, s. Daniel C. and Marie Laidlie 
(Dey) Axtell; b. 1834, Mar. 5, Auburn, N. Y. ; prep. Geneva, N. Y.- 
Williams, 1850-4, A. B. ; A. M., 1857; in. 1850, Sept. 18; rel. in Z W, 
Henry, br. ; Auburn Theo. Sem., grad. 1859; m. 1862, Sept. , Almena 
Bradley; Presb. clergyman, 1860-6; d. 1866, Oct. 17, Olean, N. Y. 

PARSONS, EDWARD FIELD, M. D., Thompsonville, Conn., s. 
; prep. ; Williams, 1850-4; in. 1851, Mar. 19, F; physician. 

100 ZETA CHAPTER 1854-82 

*RICE, JAMES LATHROP, s. ; b. 1832, Detroit, Mich.; 

prep. ; Williams, 1850 ; in. 1850, Aug. 20, 2; lawj^er; register 

in bankrupcy Southern Dist. of Iowa, 1873-8;. director Keokuk Library 
Ass'n; d. 1879, Aug-. 17, Keokuk, la. 

SUMNER, CHARLES ALLEN, 325 Montgomery St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., s. Increase and Pluma Amelia (Barstow) Sumner; b. 1835, 
Aug-. 2, Great Barrington, Mass.; prep. Sedg-wick's Acad., Great Bar- 
ring-tori, Mass.; Williams, 1850-2; Trinity, 1852; A. M., Trinity, 1886; 
in. 1851, Apr. 24, $; "father" of the Iota Chapter; A; rel. in Z W, 
Samuel B., br. ; Edward S., ne. ; commander Geo. H. Thomas Post No. 
2, G. A. R. ; pres. Ass'n Shorthand Reporters; Loyal Leg-ion; pres. 
Soc. Cal. Union Vol.; author of "Poems by S. B. and C. A. Sumner," 
"Shorthand Reporting-," "Notes of Travel in Northern Europe"; capt. 
A. Q. M., U. S. Vol.; col. 1st Nevada Inf. Vol., 1864-5; m. 1858 ; 

1875, ; children, David Broderick, Mary Pluma, Florence Eliza- 

beth, Julia Kate, Samuel Beideman, Esther Wilhelmina; shorthand 
reporter, editor; lawyer; Nevada State Senator; Congressman-at-large, 
Cal., 48th Cong. 

*WHEELER, THOMAS McCAULLY, s. Samuel Green and Almira 
(Bicknell) Wheeler; b. 1831, July 4, N. Y. City; prep, by tutor, Concord, 
Mass.; Williams, 1850-4, A. B. ; in. 1851, Aug. 23; mem. Lawyers' Club, 
N. Y. City; Seventh Regt. Veterans' Club, N. Y. City; Lafayette Post; 
priv. Ninth Co., Seventh Regt., N. Y. Vol., 1862; m. 1868, " , Mary 
Frances Holdredge ; children, Elizabeth Cheney, Francis Margrette, 
Katharine, Lillie Mott; lawyer, Concord, Mass., 1859-61; N. Y. City, 
1861-93; d. 1893, Jan. 3, New York, N. Y. 

WHITEHEAD, HENRY MARTYN, 102 Prospect PI., Brooklyn, 
N. Y., s. Charles and Theodosia (Grant) Whitehead; b. 1832, July 3, 
Hopewell, Dutchess Co., N. Y. ; prep. ; Williams, 1850-2; in. 1851, 

June 6, 2 p; m. 1855, June , Charlotte L. Freeman; children, Cor- 
nelia Neilson, Charlotte, Louise, Paul, Charles E., Jr., Henry M., Jr.; 
lawyer, N. Y. City. 



cock; b. 1831, Nov. 30, New Lebanon, N. Y. ; prep. Williams, 1851- 
5, A. B. ; in. 1851, Aug. 18; lawyer; admitted N. Y. and Neb. bars, 
1857; delegate National Republican Convention, Chicago, 1860; U. S. 
Marshal for Neb., 1861-4; mem. U. S. House Rep., 1865-7; U. S. Surveyor 
General of Neb. and la., 1867-9; U. S. Senator from Neb. , 1871-7; d. 1881, 
July 10, Omaha, Neb. 


GEER, IRA JEWETT, Ashland Block (res., 240 Goethe St.), Chi- 
cago, 111., s. Jewett Holland and Mary (Cooper) Geer; b. 1858, May 29, 
Peru, Mass.; prep, at home; Williams, 1879-82, A. B. ; Sophomore Ora- 
torical prize; Graves prize; ass't college librarian; class orator; pres. 
Adelphic Union and Philotechnic Lit. Soc. ; rep. of soc. in debating con- 
tests; in. at reestablishment Zeta Chapter, #; mem. and trustee Chi- 
cago Acad. of Sciences; Sunset and Marquette Clubs of Chicago; m. 
1887, June 2, Clara Goudy; children, William Jewett and Harold Ray- 
mond; teacher, 1882-3; law student, 1883-4; lawyer, 1884 ; sec. of trus- 
tees, McCormick Theo. Sem., Chicago, 1893; pres. trustees 4th Presb. 
Church, Chicago. 

GILLETTE, JOHN WESTFIELD, Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y., 
s. John E. and Sarah A. (Westfield) Gillette; b. 1860, Mar. 9, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; prep. Hudson Acad.; N. Y. Univ., 1878-80; Williams, 1880-2; 

1882-3 ZETA CHAPTER 101 

v.-pres. Philotechnean Soc. ; Columbia School of Mines; Lehigh Univ., 
course in electricity; in. 1881, Nov. 21, #; m. 1888, Oct. 31, Grace F. 
James; children, Helen F., John W., Jr.; fanner five years; traveler for 
school-book firm four years; m'f'r of car wheels. 

KENDALL, FRANCIS LOCKWOOD, s. R. S. and Z.H. (Kimba'l) 
Kendall; b. 1862, Mar. 27, Lenox, Mass.; prep. ; Williams, 187 -82; 

A. B., 1832; A. M., 1889; second Greek prize; commencement appoint- 
ment; half-back and capt. football team; B K; in. 1881, Nov. 21, #; 
editor several German works; m. 1893, May , Grace G. Gallaudet; 
prof, modern languages, Doane Coll., Neb., and at Williams Coll.; d. 
1893, Nov. 22, Las Cruses, N. M. 

PLASS, REV. NORMAN, No. 435 A Banigan Bldg-., Providence, 
R. I., s. Gilbert and Mary C. (Benedict) Plass; b. 1860, May 4, Clave- 
rach,N.Y.; prep. Hudson Acad., N.Y.; Williams, 1878-82; A. B., 1882; A. 
M., 1886; Yale Divinity School, B. D., 1886; in. at reorganization Zeta 
Chapter; mem. Ohio Church History Soc.; Am. Economic Ass'n; author 
of poems; m. 1884, June 16, Jessie C. Wheeler; children, Harold Wheeler, 
Helen Mary, Raymond Benedict; pastor First Ref. Church, Schodack, 
N. Y., 1886-7; Harper Ave. Cong-. Church, Detroit, Mich., 1887-8; First 
Cong. Church, Mediva, O., 1887-91; Plymouth Cong. Church, Lincoln, 
Neb., 1891-3; general missionary for Ohio, O. H. M. S. and S. S. and 
P. S., 1893-4; Central Cong. Church, Cincinnati, 1894-6; Cong. Church, 
Barrington, R. I., 1897-9; sup't R. I. Anti-Saloon League. 


BADGER, REV. GEORGE HENRY, Nantucket, Mass., s. Benja- 
min Franklin and Frances Ellen (Hammond) Badger; b. 1859, Mar. 27, 
Charlestown, Mass.; prep- Everett High School; Waltham New Church 
School; Williams, 1879-83; Graves Essay prize, 1883; Andover Theo. 
Sem.. 1884; B. D., Harvard Divinity School, 1886; pres. Philologian 
lit. soc.; v.-pres. editorial board Williams Athenceum; in. 1881, Nov. 
21, #; m. 1888, June 12, Alice Hamilton; Unitarian clergyman, Eliot 
Church. South Natick. Mass., 1886-92; Unitarian Soc., Rutherford, N. 
J., 1892-8; Unitarian Soc., Nantucket, Mass., 1898. 

GELLER. FREDERICK, 22 William St., N. Y. (res., Bronxville), 
s. Charles C. and Jane Ann (Chambers) Geller; b. 1861, June 6, Albany, 
N. Y; prep. Albany High School; Williams, 1879-83, A. B. ; Columbia 
Coll. Law School, LL.B.,1885; first prize Greek, Latin, Natural History, 
History, German; second prize Mathematics; Rice prize, Ancient Lan- 
guages; 1st Municipal Law prize, Columbia; Graves essay prize; prize 
for prizes; valedictory; editor Williams' 1 Atheruzum, 1882-3; mem. Philo- 
logian Soc., Williams Coll.; # B K; in. 1881, Nov. 21. #; mem. Soc. Med. 
Jurisprudence, New York; Ass'n of New York; $ B K, Alumni Ass'n; 
Bar Ass'n, City of N. Y. ; Williams Coll. Alumni Ass'n; m. 1897, June 
24, Elizabeth Wood Merriman; atty. in office of Turner, Lee & McClure, 
1885-8; Lee & Lee, 1888-91; Turner, McClure & Rolston, 22 William St., 

HERRICK, FREDERICK MORRIS, 40 Wall St. (res., 330 W. 57th 
St.), N. Y. City, s. George Frederick and Helen Morris (Richards) Her- 
rick; b. 1862, Dec. 17, Constantinople, Turkey; prep. Newton High 
School, Newtonville, Mass.; Williams, 1879-83, A. B. ; Columbia Coll. 
Law School, 1888-9; Columbia School Political Science, 1888-90, A. M., 
Ph. D. ; second Latin prize, 1881; first French prize, 1883; second Rice 
classical prize; philosophical oration; prize fellow at Columbia, 1889-90- 
in. 1881, Nov. 21, A $; mem. Bar Ass'n N. Y. City; # B K-, Alumni 
Ass'n; author of "The Attic Law of Status, Family Relations and Suc- 
cession in the Fourth Century, B. C."; sec. and tutor Roberts Coll., Con- 
stantinople, 1883-8; law student and clerk, 1888-91; lawyer, 1891 . 

102 ZETA CHAPTER 1883-4 

JESSUP, THEODORE, 242 S. Jefferson St., Chicago, Ills., s. Wil- 
liam Armstrong and Mary Jane (Van Duzer) Jessup; b. 1860, Jan. 7, 
near Oswego, Ills.; prep. Aurora (Ills.) High School; Lake Forest 
Acad.; Lake Forest Univ. , 1879-81 ; Williams, 1881-3, A. B. ; pres. Philo- 
technean Lit. Soc. ; sec. Adelphic Union Soc. ; in. 1881, Nov., A $; 
taught Lenox Acad., Mass., 1883-4; student Columbia Coll., 1884-5; bank 
clerk, Chicago, 1887-8; ass't cashier Bank of Baldwin, Wis., 1888-92; 
ass't cashier International Bank, West Superior, Wis., 1892-4; ass't 
cashier First Nat. Bank, Menomonie, Wis., 1894-7; Western Electric Co., 
Chicago, 1897. 

OBER, CHARLES KELLOGG, 609 Ass'n Bldg., Chicago (res., 
427 Greenleaf St., Evanston), 111., s. A. K. and Sarah A. (Hadlock) 
Ober; b. 1856, May 5, Beverly, Mass.; prep. Beverly High School; Wil- 
liams, 1881-3; in. 1881, Nov. 21, <; m. 1883, Aug. 8, Julia M. Dodge; 
children, Marion, Carleton; Mass. State sec.; coll. sec. International 
Com. ; field sec. International Com. Y. M. C. A. 

SMITH, FRED DE LYSLE, 100 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., 810 
Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.), s. Horace and Calista Jane (Babcock) 
Smith; b. 1856, Oct. 4, North Hebron, N. Y. ; prep. Troy Conference 
Acad., Poultney, Vt.; Williams, 1879-83, A. B. ; Columbian Univ., 
LL. B, LL. M., 1885; editor Athentzum; Moonlight prize orator, 1881; 
Adelphic Union debater, 1882; Library orator, 1883; Philosophical 
oration, 1883; # B K; v.-pres. Philologian Soc.; in. 1881, Nov. 21, T; 
mem. of Soc. of Medical Jurisprudence; N. Y. State Bar Ass'n; N. Y. 
Law Inst. ; Williams Alumni Ass'n in N. Y., $ B K; Alumni Ass'n in 
N. Y. ; Union League Club, Brooklyn; Brooklyn Young and Stuyvesant 
Heights Republican Clubs; author of Alumni oration "The Mission of 
Higher Education," Troy Conference Acad., 1892; m. 1887, Apr. 27, 
Florence Hamilton; 1890, Dec. 16, Ella Louise Lever idge; children, 
Florence Hamilton, Mildred Louise; private sec. to Gen. W. B. Hazen, 
1883-5; admitted to Bar of Dist. of Columbia, 1885; lawyer N. Y. City, 

WINSLOW, ARTHUR FRANCIS, c/o The Globe, Boston, Mass, 
(res., Auburndale, Mass.), s. Eyra D. and Sarah (Ayres) Winslow; b. 
1860, Sept. 19, Philipston, Mass.; prep. Allen's School, West Newton, 
Mass.; Williams, 1879-83, A. B. ; A. M., 1885; in. 1881, Nov. 21, A <2>; 
mem. Boston Press Club; m. 1884, Sept. 3, Annie Reid Bragdon; child, 
Harold B. ; newspaper man; ass't night editor Boston Globe. 


BALLINGER, RICHARD ACHILLES, Mutual Life Bldg. (res., 
910 University St.), Seattle, Wash., s. Richard H. and Mary E. 
(Norton) Ballinger; b. 1858, July 9, Boonesboro, la.; prep. Washburn 
Coll., Topeka, Kan., and Kan. Univ.; Williams, 1880-4, A. B. ; class 
sec.; in. 1881, Nov. 21, $; rel. in Z W, T. J. Ballinger, cou. ; author of 
"Ballinger on Community Property," " Ballinger 's Annotated Codes 
and Statutes of Washington"; mem. 111. National Guard; m. 1888, 
Oct. 26, Julia A. Bradley; children, Edward B. and Richard G. ; law- 
yer; city attorney Kankakee, 111., 1886; New Decatur, Ala., 1888; U. S. 
Comm. Dist. Court, Wash.; Judge State Superior Court, Wash., 1893-7; 
mem. law firm, Ballinger, Ronald & Battle, Seattle, Wash. 

BRADLEY, WALTER PARKE, PH.D., 242 High St., Middle- 
town, Conn., s. George Franklin and Mary Alverson (Freeman) Brad- 
ley; b. 1862, July 7, Lee, Mass.; prep. Lee High School; Williams, 
1880-4; A. M. and Ph. D., 1889 (Goettingen) ; Cobden Medal; commence- 
ment oration; Senior class pres. ; associate editor Williams Argo; $BK; 

1884-5 ZETA CHAPTER 103 

class poet; in. 1883, Oct. 12, A $; rel. in Z W, Ernest E. and George 
Bradley, cous. ; m. 1888, June 26, Adelaide Bartlett Huntting; child, 
Marian Huntting; ass't in chemistry, Williams, 1886-8; instructor in 
chemistry, Wesleyan, 1889; associate prof, same, 1890; prof., 1893 . 

CLARK, MILES HARTSON, M. D., 510 Jackson St., Milwaukee, 
Wis., s. Orville Jones and Edna Lavinia (Ayer) Clark; b. 1862, Aug. 
28, Ripon, Wis. ; prep. Prep. Dept., Ripon Coll.; Williams, 1882-4, A. B.; 
A.M. 1887, Williams; M. D. 1887, Univ. Mich.; commencement oration; 
senior editor Williams Atheiuzum; pres. med. class Univ. Mich. ; mem. 
and whistler Univ. Mich. Glee Club; in. 1882, Sept. 22, $; mem. Mil- 
waukee and Wisconsin State Med. Socs. ; mem. Wis. branch Mich. 
Alumni Ass'n; ass't surgeon Wis. National Guard, ranking capt., 1889- 
91 ; mem. of med. staff of Emergency Hosp. ; m. 1889, Nov. 6, Winifred 
Maud Sebring; child, Ralph Sebring; ass't physician, Mich. Asylum 
for Insane, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1887-9; attended N. Y. Polyclinic, 1889; 
physician, Milwaukee, 1889 . 

HILL, REV. EDGAR PRESTON, D.D., 454 Alder St., Portland, 
Ore., s. Henry H. and Sarah E. (Hill) Hill; b. 1861, July 27, Pontiac, 
Ills.; prep. Chicago High School; Lake Forest Univ., 1880-2; Williams, 
1882-4, A. B. ; D. D., Beloit Coll., 1895; Van Vechten prize for extempo- 
raneous speaking; second prize oratorical contest; pres. Philotechnean 
Soc. ; pres. Adelphic Union; editor A then&um; library orator; commence- 
ment speaker McCormick Theo. Sem., grad. 1888; in. 1882, Dec. 12, A #; 
m. 1888, June 26, Henriette M. Rice; children, Howard Rice, Edgar 
Rice; clergyman Chicago, 1888-9; Freeport, Ills., 1889-95; Portland, 
Ore., 1895; visitor Beloit Coll.; moderator Freeport Presbytery, 1890. 

gusta, Me., s. Rev. William Wallace and Martha Evarts (Tracy) Liv- 
ingston; b. 1862, July 5, Sivas Mission Station, Turkey (parents being 
missionaries) ; prep. Conant High School, Jaffrey, N. H. ; Williams, 
1880-4, A. B. ; Hartford Theo. Sem., grad. 1887; Union Theo. Sem., post- 
grad. 1889-90; in. 1881, Nov. 21, A $; rel. in Z $, Prof. Stephen Tracy, 
br. ; chaplain Augusta Lodge F. and A. M. ; mem. Kennebec Hist. Soc. ; 
author of "Life of Israel Putnam"; m. 1890, Dec. 30, Margaret Vere 
Farrington; children, Robert Royce, Margaret; pastor Cong. Church, 
Fryeburg, Me., 1887-9; North Abingdon, Mass., 1890-2; St. Barnabas 
Epis. Church, Augusta, Me., 1892. 

(See Gamma Chapter.) 


BRADLEY, REV. EDWARD ERNEST, Lincoln, Mass., s. George 
Patten and Lydia Rebecca (Rogers) Bradley; b. 1862, Feb. 8, Stock- 
bridge, Mass.; prep. Williams Acad., Stockbridge, Mass.; Williams, 
1880-5, A. B. ; Commencement Part; class-day historian; Yale Divinity 
School, 1891; post-grad, course Andover Theo. Sem., 1891-2; in. 1882, 
Oct. ; charter mem. reorganized chapter, $; rel. in Z W, George I., 
br. ; m. 1893, Sept. 5, Sarah A. W. Phillips; child, Phillips; clergy- 
man; pastor, Lincoln, Mass. 

DRAPER, JOSEPH RUTTER, M. D., 512 Broadway, Boston, 
Mass., s. Joseph Rutter and Draper; b. 1862, May 22, Dedham, 

Mass.; prep. Boston Latin School; Williams, 1881-5, A. B. ; Harvard 
Med. School, 1888, M.D. ; in. 1884, Jan. 19, ; mem. Mass. Med. Soc.; 
Boston Med. Soc.; m. 1890, May 14, Nellie H. Packard; child, Lillian 
Packard; ass't Canery Hosp.; dist. physician Boston Dispensary; phy- 
sician in general practice. 

104 ZETA CHAPTER 1885-6 

HAWLEY, ARTHUR DAY, 43 Leonard St., N. Y. City, s. Dr. 
Roswell and Jane (Rich) Hawley; b. 1863, Jan 10, Bristol, Conn.; prep. 
Nichols' Latin School, Lewiston, Me.; Williams, 1881-5; Dartmouth, 
1885; Junior oratorical 2d (Williams), 1884; first in declamation (Dart- 
mouth), 1885; class pres.; in. 1881, A $; m. 1891, Sept. 23, Eva J. Hud- 
son; child, Hudson R. ; bookkeeping and paymaster Bristol M'f g Co., 
1885-6; bookkeeper Bristol Saw Works, 1866-7; salesman Waterbury 
M'f'g Co., 1887-90; E. N. Berbecker, 1890-4; western agent for Julius 
Berbecker & Co., N. Y.; office at 199 Madison St., Chicago, 1894. 

PARSONS, REV. JOHN CORYELL, 5714 Madison Ave., Chicago, 
111., s. John Childs and Martha (Coryell) Parsons; b. 1861, May 17, 
Peru, 111.; prep. Lake Forest Acad., 111.; Williams, 1880-2 and 1883-5; 
Yale Sem. ; McCormick Sem. (Chicago), grad. 1888; in. 1881, Nov. 21, <?; 
mem. Univ. Club, Chicago, 111.; m. 1888, Apr. 17, Minnie R. Nelson; 
children, Claudius N., Martha C., John C., Mary R. ; pastor, Fenton, 
Mich., 1888; Cobden, 111., 1892; business, 1892. 

POORE, WILLIAM HALL, 9 Joy St., Boston, Mass., s. Daniel 
N., Jr., and Sarah Elizabeth (Kimball) Poore; b. 1864, May 28, Brad- 
ford, Mass.; prep. Bradford High School; Williams, 1881-3; in. 1881, 
Nov. 21; m. 1896, Apr. 29, Blanche M. Johnson; editorial staff 
Boston Post; sporting editor Boston Record and Advertiser; publishing 
business, Denver, 1890, Salt Lake City, 1891-2; mining business, Idaho, 
1893; mem. Mass. Leg., 1887. 

SANFORD, WALTER BRAMHALL, Great Barrington, Mass., 
s. John F. and Sarah 'A. (Brown) Sanford; b. 1863, Aug. 22, Great 
Barrington, Mass.; prep. Great Barrington High School; Williams, 
1881-5, A. B.; in. 1881, Dec. 21, A $; rel. in Z W, Fred. W. Sanford, 
cou. ; treas. Housatorian Agricultural Soc., 1891; mem. Board Registers, 
1890-1; clerk Great Barrington Fire Dist., 1889; m. 1893, Oct. 18, 
Katherine M. Mesick; teacher, 1885-8; law student, 1888-91; lawyer, 
1891-3; Judge Dist. Court Southern Berkshire, 1893-. 

Thomas R. and Emma (Haley) Wentworth; b. 1859, Aug. 15, Nashville, 
Tenn.; prep. Phillips' Acad., Exeter, N. H. ; Williams, 1881-5, A. B. ; 
Cobden Club medal; Rice book prize; commencement oration; 5? B K\ 
Hartford Theo. Sem.; Andover Theo. Sem., grad. 1892; in. 1882, Jan. 
27; m. 1892, June 28, Grace I. Penfield; child, Margaret; teacher, Bris- 
tol, Conn., 1885-7; law student, Chicago, 1887-8; lawyer, Decatur, Ala., 
1888-9; pastor Cong. Church, Goffstown, N. H., 1892. 

WHEELER, JAMES SERGEANT, 56 Fourth St., Troy, N. Y., s. 
James Wheelock and Mary (Sergeant) Wheeler; b. 1862, Feb. 3, West 
Troy, N. Y.; Williams, 1881-3; in. 1882, Jan. 25, T; pres. Z Chapter, 
Alumni Ass'n; mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n; teacher, 1885-6; law stu- 
dent, 1886-9; lawyer, 1889. 


BRADLEY, GEORGE IRVING, Stockbridge, Mass., s. George 
Patten and Lydia Rebecca (Rogers) Bradley; b. 1864, Apr. 24, Stock- 
bridge, Mass.; prep. Williams Acad., Stockbridge, Mass.; Williams, 
1882-4; in. 1882, Sept. 29; rel. in Z W, Edward E., br. 

CARSON, ROBERT LESLIE, M. D., 97 East Ave., Rochester, 
N. Y., s. M. R. and Elizabeth Johnston (Ostrom) Carson; b. 1864, Sept. 
15, Canandaigua, N. Y. ; prep. Canandaigua Acad. ; Williams, 1882-6, 
A. B.; M. D., 1890, Coil. P. and S., N. Y. ; in. 1882; mem. Ontario Co. 
Med. boc., Canandaigua Soc. of Physicians; Canandaigua Microscopical 
Soc. ; resident physician Pa. Training School for Feeble-minded Chil- 
dren; senior ass't house staff N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary. 

1886-7 ZETA CHAPTER 105 

DRAPER, HERBERT LYMAN, 258-60 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 
(res., 219 South Grove Ave., Oak Park, 111.), s. Nelson C. and Mary 
(Ballard) Draper; b. 1864, July 19, Hastings, Minn.; prep. South Divi- 
sion High School, Chicago, 111.; Williams, 1882-3; in. 1882, Jan. 17; m. 
1897, Aug. 6, Mary E. Caldwell; child, Nelson Caldwell; mercantile 
business; sec. Western Stone Co.; auditor and accountant Chicago 
Cottage Organ Co. 

GREGG, REV. HARRIS HUBBARD, JR., Ottawa, 111., s. Harris 
Hubbard and Amelia Stevenson (Hemenway) Gregg; b. 1864, Jan. 10, 
Buffalo, N. Y. ; prep. Chicago (111.) High Schools; Williams, 1882-6, A. B. ; 
first prize Sophomore year; moonlight oratorical; class v.-pres. ; Senior 
library oration; pres. Philotechnean Soc. ; McCormick Theo. Sem., Chi- 
cago, 1889: in. 1883, Mar. 21, <2; rel. in Z W, Cecil Dudley Gregg, br.; 
pastor First Presb. Church, Ottawa, 111., 1889. 


DAY, MAXWELL WARREN, Schenectady, N. Y., s. Rev. S. 
Mills and Lucy E. (Maxwell) Day; b. 1865, Mar. 20, Honeoye, N. Y.; 
prep. Union and Class. School, Geneva, N. Y., and private tutor; 
Williams, 1883-7, A. B. ; Rice book prize; salutatory; < B K; in. 1885, 
Jan. 28, A #; mem. Thomson Scientific Club; m. 1891, June 17, Nellie 
G. Davis; children, Irving Maxwell, Warren Mills; post-grad, ass't in 
astronomy (Williams), 1888-9; electrical expert and designer Thomson- 
Houston Electric Co., Lynn, Mass., 1889-93; Deacon 1st Cong. Church, 
Lynn, Mass.; electrical engineer, General Electric Co., 1894 . 

FESSENDEN, FREDERICK JAMES, Hill School, Pottstown, Pa., 
s. James W. and Susan M. (Lane) Fessenden; b. 1862, May 8, Lunen- 
burg, Mass. ; prep. Lockport Union School; Williams, 1883-7, A. B. ; Rice 
book prize; Rice prize in Latin; $ B K; pres. Class. Soc.; Philosophical 
oration; pres. Philologian; 2d prize tennis tournament; in. 1883, Oct. 6, 
$; mem. Am. Philological Ass'n; pres. Zeta Chapter Alumni Ass'n of 
N. Y. ; m. 1894, Dec. 27, Emma Brouse Hart; children, E. Kirke Hart 
and Louise Hart; instructor Lansingburgh Acad., N. Y., 1887-8; classical 
master, Rugby Acad., Phila., 1888-9; Berkeley School, 1889-98; Latin 
Dept., Hill School, 1898. 

HYDE, HENRY KNIGHT, Ware, Mass., s. Charles McEwen and 
Mary T. (Knight) Hyde; b. 1867, June 17, Brimfield, Mass.; prep. 
Punahon, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands; Williams, 1883-7, A. B. ; Rice 
Latin prize; $ B K; pres. Philologians; in. 1883, Oct. 12, #; trustee 
Young Men's Library Ass'n; Rod and Gun Club, Ware, Mass. ; m. 1890, 
June 19, Lucy Ruth Hyde; child, Ruth Hyde; with commission house, 
Honolulu, 1887-9; cashier and director Ware Nat. Bank; pres., 1899; 
director Ware Electric Co. and Ware Street R'y Co. ; sec. Republican 
Com. ; treas. Alder Brook Lumber Co. ; pres. J. T. Wood Shoe M'f ' g Co. 

s. Rev. William Wallace and Martha Evarts (Tracy) Livingston; b. 1864, 
Dec. 29, Sivas Mission Station, Turkey; prep. Phillips Acad., Ando- 
ver, Mass.; Williams, 1883-7; A. B., 1887; Moonlight prize; Graves prize; 
class poet and sec.; pres. of "Gul" Bd. ; editor of Argo, Fortnightly, 
Literary Monthly; class day orator; Skull and Dagger Soc.; Hartford 
Theo. Sem., 1891; in. 1883, Sept. 8, A $; rel. in Z W, William F., br.; 
author "History of the Zeta Chapter," "Oh proudly waves the banner 
of Zeta Psi," "O here's to the splendid vision," "Good brothers, come 
and seek thy cheer," songs; m. 1891, Oct. 21, Lucia Towle; children, 
William Towle, Eleanor; pastor Cong. Church, S. Egremont, Mass., 
1891-5; instructor Williams Coll., 1896-9, and ass't prof, of oratory, 

106 ZETA CHAPTER 1887-8 

*PECK, JAMES INGRAHAM, PH. D., Williamstown, Mass., s. 
Henry Jones and Mary Diantha (Gray) Peck; b. 1863, Aug. 10, Seneca 
Castle, Ontario Co., N. Y. ; prep. Canandaigua Acad., Canandaigua, 
N Y and Homer Acad. and Union School, Homer, N. Y. ; Williams, 
1883-7; A. B., 1887, A. M., 1890; Ph. D., 1893, Williams; Williams, 1887-8 
and Johns Hopkins, 1888-9; biology; commencement oration, 1887; $ B K; 
Morgan Scholarship; class v.-pres. ; pres. Lyceum Natural History; 
artist Gul. Board; coll. orchestra; leader coll. band; athletic prize 
100-yd. dash; in. 1884, Sept. 12, 5?; rel. in Z W, Ezra J. Peck, unc. ; 
George Mann Peck, cou. ; mem. Am. Soc. Naturalists; author of "Vari- 
ation of the Spinal Nerves in the Caudal Region of the Domestic Pigeon, " 
"Anatomy and Histology of Cymbuliopsis Calceola, " "Report on the 
Pteropoda and Heteropoda collected on the U. S. str. Albatross," "The 
Food of the Menhaden"; m. 1890, Sept. 9, Marion Florence Hitchcock; 
children, Josephine Hitchcock, James Ingraham; U. S. Fish Commis- 
sion, 1889; laboratory of Boston Water Works, Oct., 1889; ass't in 
biology, Williams Coll., 1892; d. 1898, Nov. 4, Williamstown, Mass. 

ROPES, WILLIAM, 11 Dwight St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., s. 
Reuben W. and Maria L. (Thompson) Ropes; b. 1864, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
prep. Homer Acad., Homer, N. Y. ; Williams, 1883-5; Harvard, 1885-7, 
A. B. 1887; in. 1883, Sept. 22; mem. Essex Inst., Salem, Mass.; m. 1890, 
Feb. , Grace L. Thorn; child, Marcellite Thorn. 

SAFFORD, ARTHUR TRUMAN, 66 Broadway, Lowell, Mass. 
(res., 91 Riverside St.), s. Truman Henry and Elizabeth Marshall 
(Bradbury) Safford; b. 1867, Feb. 9, Chicago, 111.; prep, by private tutor, 
Williamstown, Mass.; Williams Coll., 1883-7, A. B. 1887; A. M. 
1892; baseball and football teams; in. 1883, Sept. 15, ; rel. in Z W, 
Truman Henry Safford, fa.; mem. Boston Soc. Civil Engineers; Univ- 
ersity Club; Soc. of Arts, Boston; Vesper Country Club, Lowell; m. 
1893, Sept. 13, Gertrude Martha Bell; children, Truman Henry, 2d, 
Paul Conn, s. ; hydraulic engineer; ass't with Massachusetts State Board 
of Health, 1887-91; with City of Newton, 1891-3; ass't Metropolitan Water 
Supply, 1893-4; ass't engineer Proprietors of Locks and Canals, Lowell, 
Mass., 1894; hydraulic engineer water power Wamesit Canal; consulting 
engineer, Reservoir Commission, Fall River, Mass., and several m'f'g 
and water power companies. 

WAITE, HERBERT HART, Adams, N. Y., s. Willis A. and Ruth 
M. (Allen) Waite; b. 1864, Nov. 3, Pierrepont Manor, N. Y. ; prep. Hun- 
gerford Coll. Inst., Adams, N. Y. ; Williams, 1883-7; commencement ora- 
tion; in. 1884, Mar., 2', rel. in Z 1^, Robert Henry, br. ; bank clerk; 
m'f'r; cashier Citizens' Nat. Bank. 

V AN DUZEE,FREDERIC NORWOOD, />z0^r/y^.y editorial rooms 
(res.,110N. St. Albans St.), St. Paul, Minn., s.Edward Maddock and Caro- 
line Elizabeth (Jones) Van Duzee; b. 1866, Jan. 5, Anoka, Minn. ; prep. High 
School, St. Paul, Minn.; Williams, 1883-7, A. B. ; commencement oration; 
class pres.; coll. football team; glee club; in. 1883, Oct. 21, $; rel. in 
Z W, Edward M., br.; capt. Co. H, 3d Regt., and of Co. H, 2d Regt., 
N. G. S. Minn.; m. 1894, Nov. 9, Ella Minerva Kniss; children, Frederic 
Pierce and Jeannette Elizabeth; newspaper work; editor and publisher 
Rock Co. News, Luverne, Minn., 1889-93; sec. Minn. State Senate, 1891; 
reporter, city editor, Washington correspondent and political writer, St. 
Paul Pioneer Press, 1888-9 and 1893. 


BEYEA, SAMUEL, M. D., New Rochelle, N. Y., s. Archibald L. 
and Cornelia A. (Coleman) Beyea; b. 1864, July 18, Florida, N. Y. ; prep. 
Park Inst., Rye, N. Y.; Williams, 1884-8, A. B. ; M. D., Coll. P. and S., 
N. Y., 1892; in. 1887, Oct. 17, #; mem. Westchester Co. Med. Soc. 
and St. Luke's Hosp. Alumni Ass'n; Interne St. Luke's Hosp., N. Y., 
1892-4; Sloane Maternity Hosp., 1894; practitioner, 1895. 

1888-9 ZETA CHAPTER 107 

*CONN, PAUL ANDREW, s. Samuel and Leonora (Beall) Conn; 
b. 1866, Dec. 13, Decatur, 111.; prep. St. Paul (Minn.) High School; 
Williams, 1884-8, A. B. ; football team; 1st prize quarter-mile run, 1886; 
pres. baseball ass'n; in. 1884, Sept. 12, <? ; priv. Minn, militia, on duty 
at Stillwater, guarding prison; d. 1888, Nov. 23, Beverly, N. J. 

LAUER, ALEXANDER DURBIN, 711 Drexel Bldg. (res., 1956 N. 
17th St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. George W. and Mary Elmer (Rice) 
Lauer; b. 1865, Mar. 10, Jersey City, N. J. ; prep. Central High School 
and by Prof. Walls, Phila., Pa.; Princeton, 1884-5; Williams, 1885; 
A. B., Central High School, Philadelphia; LL. B., Univ. Pa., 1889; 
mem. glee club; in. 1885, May 15; mem. Am. Acad. Political and Social 
Science; Phila. Law Acad.; Chatham Lit. Union; pres. Associated 
79th Class; author of "Dental Jurisprudence" and articles for Ameri- 
can Law Register; lawyer, 1889 . 

*PERKINS, RALPH WALDO, s. George Henry and Phoebe 
(Riggs) Perkins; b. 1866, Aug. 13, Gloucester, Mass.; prep. Gloucester 
High School; Williams, 1884-7; in. 1885, Oct. 28, 2-, m. 1889, Nov. 18, 
Jennie F. MacDonald; children, Donald Riggs, Richard Dudley; busi- 
ness; mem. firm, George Perkins & Son; d. 1898, Gloucester, Mass. 

WORCESTER, PAUL DUDLEY, 14 Church St. (res., 131 W. 72d 
St.), N. Y., s. Edward and Elizabeth (Howard) Worcester; b. 1867, Mar. 
23, Waltham, Mass.; prep. Waltham, Mass.; Williams, 1884-6; in. 1884, 
Oct., 2 p; eastern representative of Goubert M'f'g Co. 


DEAN, ISAAC MILLER, 261 Broadway, N. Y. (res., 628 Hancock 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.), s. David Jackson and Susan Maria (Mills) Dean; 
b. 1868, Jan. 8, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Dwight School; Williams, 1885- 
6; capt. Freshman football team; in. 1885, Sept. 14, 2 p; m. 1890, July 
21, Eleanore Olivia Thomas; bookkeeper and salesman in wholesale 
paper house, 1887-9; mem. firm J. L. Buen & Co., 1889-90; U. S. Life 
Ins. Co., chief agents' accountant and acting cashier, 1890. 

HARRIS, HARRY BLANDY, M. D., 27 N. 6th St., Zanesville, O., 
s. William B. and Jane (Blandy) Harris; b. 1866, Oct. 2, Zanesville, O. ; 
prep. Zanesville High School; Muskingum Coll., 1885-6; Williams, 
1887-9; M. D., Univ. Pa., Med. Dept., 1894; sec. Lit. Soc., Muskingum 
Coll.; m'g'r Univ. Pa. banjo club; in. 1887, #; mem. Muskingum Med. 
Soc.; F. and A. M. ; m. 1894, June 21, Florence Ethel Griffiths; physi- 
cian, Muskingum County Infirmary, 1896-7; Zanesville City Hosp., 
1895 ; lecturer to nurses, Zanesville City Hosp. Training School. 

RANNEY, FRANCIS PEREGO, 74 Mountain Ave., Montclair, 
N. J., s. Lafayette and Catharine H. (Perego) Ranney; b. 1868, May 2, 
N. Y. City; prep. New York School of Language; Williams, 1885-6, 
Arts; Coll. P. and S., N. Y. City; in. 1885; mem. Montclair Club; capt. 
Montclair Athletic Club; m. 1889, Apr. 22, Natalie Hening; children, 
Francis Perego, Jr., and Robert Lafayette. 

City (res., Great Barrington, Mass.), s. Frederick T. and Mary Adaline 
(Williams) Sanford; b. 1867, June 10, Great Barrington, Mass. ; prep. 
Great Barrington High School; Williams, 1885-9; class and coll. football 
teams; in 1885, Oct. 16, ; rel. in Z W, Walter B. Sanford, cou. ; with 
Title Guarantee and Trust Co., N. Y., two years; sec. Plenty Horti- 
cultural and Skylight Works, Jersey City, N. J. ; pres. Metallic Glazing 
Co. ; Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of N. Y., 53 Duane St. 

108 ZETA CHAPTER 1889-90 

Y., s. James C. and Mary J. (Candee) Wicker ; b. 1866, Nov. 12, Oxford, 
Conn. ; prep. State Normal School, Genesee, N. Y. ; Williams, 1885; 
Univ. of Rochester, 1886; capt. Univ. of Rochester baseball nine; Univ. 
of Buffalo Med. Dept., M. D., 1889; in. 1885, Sept. 25; m. 1890, Mar. 12, 
Mattie S. Short; child, Mildred M. ; physician, 1889. 

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM ROBERT, M. D., 152 W. 57th St., N. Y. 
City, s. Evan Thomas and Anne (Roberts) Williams; b. 1867, June 13, 
Watertown, Wis. ; prep. Hig-h School, St. Paul, Minn. ; Williams, 1885-9; 
A. B., 1889; A. M., 1892; Latin Salutatory; Coll. P. and S., N. Y. City, 
M. D., 1895; second Harnsen prize; in. 1885, Sept., $', instructor in phys- 
ics, St. Paul Hig-h School, 1889-91; fellow in biology, Williams, 1891-2; 
Nursery and Child's Hosp., N. Y., 1895; N. Y. and Sloane Maternity 
Hosps., 1896-7; physician, 1897 ; lecturer on hygiene, Cornell Univ. 
Med. School, 1899. 

WILSON, FRANK ALBERT, 10 William St., Worcester, Mass., 
Yarmouthville, Me., s. Edward Henry and Isabella Frances (Blanchard) 
Wilson; b. 1865, Nov. 5, Cumberland Center, Me.; prep. Yarmouthville, 
Me. ; Williams and Bowdoin, 1885-9; A. B. (Bowdoin); second Latin prize; 
baseball team; B K; in. 1885, Oct. 1, $; m. 1893, Aug. 21, Laura S. 
Meeker; teacher, Hill School, Pottstown, Pa., 1889-90; Drury High 
School, North Adams, Mass., 1890-2; Rexleigh School, Salem, N. Y., 
1892-5; Worcester (Mass.) Class. School, 1895. 

WRIGHT, EDWIN COO LEY, Newark, O., s. ; b. 1868, Dec. 

22, Newark, O. ; prep. High School, Newark, O.; Williams, 1885-8; mem. 
Historical Soc. ; in. 1886, Feb. 13, P; m. 1891, Oct. 8, Mary Sherwood; 
child, Martha; teller, ass't cashier, now cashier and dir. First Nat'l 
Bank, Newark, O. 


BOODY, LOUIS MILTON, Haverhill, Mass., s. Robert Milton and 
Mary Winkley (Osgood) Boody; b. 1866, Sept. 6, Salisbury, Mass. ; prep. 
Haverhill High School; Williams, 1886-90, A. B. ; med. dept. Univ. of 
Munich, 1892; in. 1886, Sept. 25, <; m. 1899, Aug. 5, Mabelle Monroe 
Hemenway; prin. Grammar School, Cotuit, Mass., 1893-5; High School, 
Hyannis, Mass., 1895-9. 

BROWN, WILLIAM ANDREW, 65 Glen St., Glens Falls, N. Y., 
s. Thomas W. and Marion (Walker) Brown; b. 1868, Feb. 29, Palmer 
Falls, N. Y.; prep. Glens Falls Acad. ; Williams, 1886-90, A. B. ; base- 
ball team; in. 1886, Jan. 15, #; trustee Glens Falls Acad.; lumber busi- 
ness; sec. and treas. Kendrick, Brown & Co. 

*CASE, CHARLES LEWIS, s. Jesse C. and Elizabeth Goldsmith 
(Davis) Case; b. 1868, June 28, Southold, L. I.; prep. Southold Acad.; 
Williams, 1886-90, A. B. ; class and college football teams; in. 1886, Sept. 
24, A ; teacher; d. 1894, Dec. 29, Peconic, L. I. 

GREENE, MYRON WESLEY, Wilder Bldg., Rochester, N. Y., s. 
Ira Wesley and Hester A. (Ruliffson) Greene; b. 1864, Nov. 26, Rush, N. 
Y.; prep. Genesee Wesleyan Sem. ; Syracuse Univ., 1887-8; Williams, 
L888-9; in. 1888, Mar. 17, ^/; mem. Syracuse Univ., Social, and Rochester 
Whist Clubs; author of a family genealogy; banking bookkeeper, 
teller, acting cashier Bank of Honeoye Falls, N. Y. ; Rochester Trust 
and Safe Deposit Co., 1892-8; private banker, 1899. 

SCRIBNER, FRANK KIMBALL, 26 E. 21st St., N. Y. City, s. 
Walter and Harriet A. (Kimball) Scribner; b. 1866, Feb. 22, N. Y. City; 
prep. Cayuga Lake Military Acad., Aurora, N. Y. ; Williams, 1886-90, 
A. B.; m'g'r Freshman and Sophomore baseball teams; artist college 

1890-2 ZETA CHAPTER 109 

annual; Historical Soc. ; first prize quarter-mile run, 1887; first prize 
100-yd. dash, 1888; Harvard Law School; mem. Stillwater Club; Am. 
Canal Ass'n; in. 1886, Sept. 11, $; journalism, The Sun. 

WICKES, VAN WYCK, 168 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. (res., 
144 Columbia Heights), s. John and Amy (Moore) Wickes; b. 1867, Aug. 
14, Attica, N. Y. ; prep. Hill School, Pottstown, Pa.; Williams, 1886-9; 
in. 1886, Sept. 17, 2; with Lake Transportation Co., Buffalo, N. Y., 
1889-95; Electric R. R. Co. , Brooklyn, 1895. 

WICKWIRE, ARTHUR MANLEY, 42 National German- American 
Bank Bldg. (res., 218 Chatsworth St.), St. Paul, Minn., s. Manley Hora- 
tio and Paulina Abigail (Bartholomew) Wickwire; b. 1867, Mar. 19, 
Sheffield, Mass.; prep. South Berkshire Inst., New Marlboro, Mass., 
and High School, Great Barrington, Mass. ; Williams, 1886-90, A. B. ; 
Univ. of Minn. Law School, LL.B., 1893; second Perry prize, history 
and political science; commencement appointment; in. 1888, June 11, A $; 
mem. Duluth Club; mem. Commercial Club, St. Paul, Minn.; sec. St. 
Louis County Republican Club; pres. Law Alumni Ass'n, 1896; pres. 
Young Men's Sound Money League of St. Paul; treas. Ramsey County 
Bar Ass'n, 1897; m. 1896, Nov. 18, Louise Edna Dutcher; children, Arthur 
Manley and Charles Dutcher; lawyer, 1893 ; firm name, Childs, 
Edgerton & Wickwire. 


COOLEY, ROBERT CHARLES, 131 Bowdoin St., Springfield, 
Mass., s. Charles B. and Elizabeth (Keely) Cooley; b. 1868, Dec. 11, 
Springfield, Mass.; prep. Springfield High School; Williams, 1887-91, 
A. B. ; Graves prize; commencement appointment; leader banjo club, 
1890-1; class historian; Harvard Law School, 1892-3; in. 1889, Dec. 3, ; 
mem. bd. trustees Winthrop Club, Springfield, Mass. ; m. 1897, Jan. 28, 
Harriet C. Mills; lawyer, 1893. 

DYER, EDWARD ROWLAND, 21 W. 5th St. (res., 706 Dayton 
Ave.), St. Paul, Minn., s. William J. and Sarah Lee (Rowland) Dyer; 
b. 1867, Nov. 10, Boston, Mass.; prep. St. Paul High School; Williams, 
1887-91, A. B. ; commencement orator; Junior dramatics; class library; 
chairman Honor System Com.; pres. Y. M. C. A.; in. 1887, Oct. 14, <?; 
m. 18%. June 9, Daisy S. Crittenden; children, Edward Rowland, Jr., 
and Dorothy; with W. J. Dyer & Bro., dealers in musical merchandise, 
1891 . 

*RUSSELL. CHARLES GILBERT, s. George Edward and Mary 
(Gilbert) Russell; b. 1869, June 26, Great Barrington, Mass.; prep. 
Sedgwick Inst., Great Barrington, Mass., and Barrington High 
School; Williams, 1887-91, A. B. ; Cobden club medal; Graves Essay 
prize; commencement oration; Ivy oration; moonlighter; pres. baseball 
ass'n; editor Williams Lit; mem. Williams Historical Soc.; in. 1888, 
Feb. 28, $; law student; teacher; asst. librarian Boston public library; 
d. 18%, Sept. 16. 

and Rosanna (Havens) Williams; b. 1867, Jan. 2, N. Y. City; prep. 
Southold Ac ad. ; Williams, 1887, Sept.-Oct. ; m'g'r Freshman baseball 
team; in. 1887, Sept. 6; m. 1889, May 28, Elsie Elmer; child, Margery 
Elmer; merchant and salesman. 


CHAMPION, PARRY, Goshen, N. Y., s. B. R. and Martha E. 
(Parry) Champion; b. 1871, July 25, Goshen, N. Y. ; prep. Goshen; 
Williams, 1888-92, A. B. ; Bellevue Med. Coll., 1892-3; in. 1888, Nov. 28, 
A 2; rel. in Z W, E. W., br. ; law student. 

110 ZETA CHAPTER 1892-3 

JOHNSTON, ROBERT HOIT, 100 Broadway (res., 137 W. 90th 
St.), N. Y., s. Alexander and Sarah J. (Hoit) Johnston; b. 1871, Jan. 14, 
Chicago, Ills.; prep. North Div. High School (Chicago) and Evanston 
High Schools; Williams, 1888-92, A. B. ; commencement appointment; 
$ B K; second German prize; Graves Essay prize; Rice Book prize; 
Northwestern Univ. Law School, LL. B., 1894; in. 1888, Sept., ; rel. 
in Z W, Walter Cooper, br. ; mem. E. T. H. S. Alumni Ass'n; sec. 
Evanston Musical Club; Alumni Ass'n, Zeta Chapter; m. 1898, Feb. 9, 
Josephine T. Dyer; lawyer. 

McKEAN, ANDREW PORTER, 56 4th St., Troy, N. Y. (res., 532 
Third Ave., Lansingburgh, N. Y.), s. Samuel and Katharine (Porter) 
McKean; b. 1870, Dec. 29, Amsterdam, N. Y. ; prep. Lansingburgh 
Acad. ; Williams, 1888-92, A. B., A. M. ; National Deaf-Mute Coll., 
Washington, D. C.; commencement oration; $ B K; class football team; 
substitute college baseball team; pres. L. N. H. ; in. 1888, Oct. 22, A #; 
m. 1899, March 22, Susie Houghton; teacher Nat'l Deaf-Mute Coll., 
Washington, D. C., 1892-3; New York Inst. for the Deaf, Fan wood, 
Station M, 1893-5; lawyer, 1897. 

PECK, GEORGE MANN, Lawrenceville, N. J., s. Ezra Jones and 
Annie Lingan (Bartlett) Peck; b. 1865, Feb. 27, Phelps, N. Y. ; prep. 
Homer Acad., Homer, N. Y. ; Williams, 1887-92, A. B. ; in. 1887, Sept. 
14, 3>; rel. in Z W, Ezra Jones, fa.; James I. Peck, cou. ; author of Zeta. 
Psi marching song and Zeta Psi night song; with Ginn & Co., pub- 
lishers, 1892-8; registrar and librarian Lawrenceville School, 1898 . 

SMITH, WILLIAM CLIFFORD, 360 La Salle St., Chicago, 111., 
s. WilliamS. and Mary T. (Hammett) Smith; b. 1870, June 17, Chicago, 
111.; prep. ; Williams, 1888-92, A. B.;in. 1888, Sept. 27, A $; 


VAIL, HERBERT BAILEY, M. D., 138 Washington Ave., Belle- 
ville, N. J., s. Alvah C. and Arabella (Himes) Vail; b. 1868, April 8, N. 
Y. City; prep. Poughkeepsie Military Inst. ; Williams, 1888-92, A. B. ; 
class historian; class day oration; Coll. P. and S., 1893-6, M. D. ; in. 

1888, Sept. 28, #; physician. 

WEED, WALTER ANSON, JR., Shelburne, Vt., s. Walter A. and 
Ellen B. (Stowell) Weed; b. 1871, Feb. 14, Shelburne, Vt.; prep. Bur- 
lington (Vt.) High School; Williams, 1888-92, A. B. ; first prize Greek, 
History and Mathematics; second Latin prize, Soph, year; first prize in 
Greek and Latin, Senior year; Dewey prize excellence in commence- 
mest exercises; prize for prizes; $ B K; valedictorian; ivy orator; in. 

1889, Oct. 14, A $-, 2 p A; A 2 A; instructor, St. John's School, Sing 
Sing, N. Y., 1892-3; study and teaching, 1893-4; instructor, the Hill 
School, Pottstown, Pa., 1894 . 


BALLIETT, LOUIS J., 59 Waterman St., Lockport, N. Y., s. 
Aaron Frank and Sarah Elizabeth (Babcock) Balliett; b. 1870, July 1, 
Lockport, N. Y.; prep. Lockport Union School; Williams, 1889-93, 
A. B. ; Harvard, 1893-4, History and English; second prizes in Latin, 
Greek, Mathematics, Natural History, Sophomore year; Senior Latin 
prize; salutatorian; banjo club; B K; class pres. and poet; in. 1889, 
Sept. 21, $; mem. Harvard Graduate Club; post-graduate student, 

BO WEN, JAY STERLING, Lowville, N. Y., s. Freeman J. and 
Sarah (Sterling) Bowen; b. 1871, Apr. 22, Lowville, N. Y. ; prep. Low- 
ville Acad.; Williams, 1889-91; in. 1889, Sept. 22, 2 p; m. 1893, Sept. 19, 
Georgiana E. Beach; produce commission business. 

1893-5 ZETA CHAPTER 111 

CHILDS, MILFORD WHITE, 1000 D. S. Morgan Bldg. (res., 248 
Ashland Ave.), Buffalo, N. Y., s. Henry Augustus and Julia (Billiard) 
Childs; b. 1869, Sept. 28, Medina, N. Y.; prep. Hawley's School, Buf- 
falo: Williams, 1889-93; Buffalo Law School, LL. B., 1895; in. 1889, Oct. 
23, ; mem. University Club, Buffalo; priv. Co. 7, 74th Regt., N. G. S. 
N. Y.; m. 1898, June 1, Pearl A. Cook; lawyer. 

GRIGGS, FRANK HAMMOND, 513 Grand Ave., St. Paul, Minn., 
s. George and Alice Gordon (Smith) Griggs; b. 1872, Apr. 6, Faribault, 
Minn.; prep. St. Paul High School, St. Paul; Williams, 1889-93, A. B. ; 
LL.B., Univ. Minn.; moonlighter; editor Gul\ Junior dramatics; com- 
mencement appointment; in. 1889, Sept. 21, ; rel. in Z W, Francis Henry 
Griggs, cou., and Chester H., br. ; co-editor Williams Verse; m. 1899, 
May , Miss Dyer; lawyer. 


DE GROAT, FLOYD ELMER, 20 W. 34th St., N. Y. City (res., 
Passaic, N. J.), s. J. Fields and Mary (Perry) De Groat ; b. 1872, Apr. 
29, Owego, N. Y. ; prep. Owego Free Acad. ; Williams, 1890-4, A. B. ; 
Joy orator; Graves prize; coll. football team; m'g'r class baseball team; 
in. 1890, Sept. 28, A ; mem. Williams Art Ass'n; m. 1899, April 17, 
Minna Phelps Swan; v.-prin. Passaic High School; instructor in 
German in school of Social Economics, N. Y. City; agency director 34th 
St. branch, N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 

PRENTISS, ALBERT HAWLEY, East Orange, N. J. , s. Jerome 
I. and Ellen (Hawley) Prentiss; b. 1869, June 3, Decatur, Mich.; prep. 
Riverview Mil. Acad. and Hawley's Private School; Williams, 1890-4, 
A. B. ; pres. Art Ass'n; leader college glee club; class marshal; in. 
1890, Sept. 29, -T; mem. University, Westminster, Lafayette and 
Ell icott Clubs, Buffalo, N. Y. ; author of tune "Spencer," hymn "In 
Excelsis, " music for "The Splendid Vision"; m. 1895, June 27, Mary 
Louise Ward; children, Spencer Ward, Ruth; treas. Buffalo Cold Stor- 
age Co., 1898; cashier Am. Impulse Wheel Co., 1898-. 

Hosp., Baltimore, Md. (res. 615 Park Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.), s. Adrian 
A. and Hattie P. (Robinson) Schenck; b. 1872, Aug. 19, Syracuse, N. Y.; 
prep. Syracuse High School; Williams, 1890-4; commencement appoint- 
ment; class treas.; sec. and treas. athletic ass'n; Johns Hopkins Med. 
School, M. D., 1898; in. 1890, Sept. 22, <?; interne Johns Hopkins Hosp., 
1898-9; ass't res. gynecologist, 1899-. 

SMITH, CARLETON GIFFORD, Williamstown, Mass., s. Nathan 
F. and Mary (Judson) Smith; b. 1872, March 1, Williamstown; prep. 
Andover, Mass.; Williams, 1890-4, A. B. ; pres. Andover Club; in. 1890, 
Oct. 4, 2; business. 

STONE, WILLIAM METCALFE, M.D., Owego, N. Y., s. Eli W. 
and Charlotte (Metcalfe) Stone; b. 1871, June 12, Owego, N. Y.; prep. 
Owego Free Acad.; Williams, 1890-4, A. B. ; v.-pres. Senior class; toast 
Soph, class supper; N. Y. Univ. Med. School, M. D., 1897; in. 1890, 
Sept. 22, #; mem. Art Ass'n, Williams Coll. ; Lyceum of Natural His- 
tory; pres. Casino Club, Owego; interne Bellevue Hosp., N. Y., 1898- 

I8 9 5 

BOWER, REV. LAURANCE FOSTER, 116 Dithridge St., Pitts- 
burg, Pa., s. John Alexander and Nellie Frances (Foster) Bower; b. 
1872, Dec. 12, Allegheny, Pa.; prep, privately; Williams, 1892-3; Prince- 
ton, 1894-6; A. B., 18%, A. M., 1899, Princeton; editor Nassau Literary 

112 ZETA CHAPTER 1895-6 

Monthly, pres. St. Paul's Soc., Princeton; Gen. Theo. Sem., N. Y. 
City, 1896-9; in. 1892, Sept. 26; ordained Episcopal clergyman, 1899; 
pastor of Christ Church, Indiana, Pa. 

DAVIDSON, GEORGE GRISWOLD, JR., 832-6 Guaranty Bldg. 
(res., 354 Ashland Ave.), Buffalo, N. Y., s. George G. and Julia E. 
(Griswold) Davidson; b. 1872, Nov. 21, Albany, N. Y. ; prep. Albany 
High School; Williams, 1891-5, A. B. ; m'g'r class baseball team; LL. B., 
Buffalo Law School; in. 1891, Oct. 21, $; rel. in Z W, Alexander, br. ; 
m. 1898, April 11, Ada Spencer Prentiss; mem. Univ. Club, Buffalo; 
lawyer; firm of Frisbee & Davidson. 

FREAR, WILLIAM BRADLEY, 55 Third St. (bus. add., c/oW. H. 
Frear & Co.), Troy, N. Y., s. William H. and Fanny M. (Wright) Frear; 
b. 1871, June 21, Troy, N. Y. ; prep. Troy High School; Williams, 1891-5, 
A. B. ; glee club; class football team, 1895; Freshman athletic team; 
Choragus; director Centennial chorus, 1893; Dramatic Club; salutatorian 
at commencement; in. 1891, Oct. 31, #; mem. Laureate Boat and Troy 
Golf Clubs; Troy Vocal Soc.; v.-pres. Or ba Read Steamer Co. ; business 
dept. store. 

MORGAN, GUY HATFIELD, JR., 83 Smith St. (bus. add., 54 
Market St.), Poughkeepsie, N. Y., s. Gilbert H. and Mary (Lent) 
Morgan; b. 1872, Oct. 20, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; prep. Poughkeepsie; 
Williams, 1891-5, A. B.; in. 1891, Sept. 26, A $; lawyer. 

NICHOLLS, HENRY MARKS, 195 Locust St., Lockport, N. Y. 
(bus. add., Pan-American Exposition Co., 727 Elliott Sq., Buffalo, N. 
Y.), s. Mark A. and Emma J. (Marks) Nicholls; b. 1871, Oct. 22, Lock- 
port, N. Y. ; prep, by tutor; Williams, 1891-4; mem. centennial chorus; 
leader banjo and mandolin club; in. 1891, Sept. 26, A $; mem. Lock- 
port Country Club; Lockport Business Men's Ass'n; Ellicott Club, Buf- 
falo; Niagara Co. Anglers' Club. 

TAYLOR, JAMES, JR., Southbridge, Mass., s. James and Isabelle 
(Pirrie) Taylor; b. 1867, Oct. 20, Glasgow, Scotland; prep. Philips 
Acad., Andover, Mass.; Williams, 1891-4; capt. class football team; 
coll. football team; class pres.; Andover Club; Harvard Med. School; 
in. 1892, Apr. 23, A 3>; injured in railroad accident, 1894; invalid two 

WAITE, ROBERT HENRY, Adams, N. Y., s. W. A. and RuthM. 
(Allen) Waite; b. 1872, Aug. 2, Adams, N. Y. ; prep. Hungerford Coll. 
Inst., Adams, N. Y. ; Williams, 1891-2; in. 1891, Sept. 26; business. 


BLODGETT, EDWARD WILLARD, 95 Milk St., Boston, Mass, 
(res., Leominster, Mass.), s. Edward F. and Nellie Marie (True); b. 
1874, Sept. 16, Leominster, Mass. ; prep. Field High School, Leomin- 
ster, Mass.; Williams, 1892-6, A. B. ; Boston Univ. Law School; in. 1893, 
Feb. 16, #; student. 

COOPER, WALTER WARD, Little Falls, N. Y., s. Benjamin 
Ward and Helen Annette (Brown) Cooper; b. 1872, May 6, Little Falls, 
N. Y. ; prep. Little Falls Acad. ; Williams, 1892-6, A. B. ; commencement 
appointment; "Gargoyle"; m'g'r Junior dramatics, athletic ass'n and 
Williams Literary Monthly; Buffalo Law School, 1896-8, LL. B. ; in. 
1895, June 13, $; rel. in Z W, Roswell Doty, br. ; mem. University 
Club of Buffalo; lawyer. 

1896-8 ZETA CHAPTER 113 

VAN LOON, WILLIAM GROAT, Albany, N. Y., s. William H. 
and Caroline (Stark) Van Loon; b. 1875, Mar. 5, Albany, N. Y.; prep. 
Albany High School; Williams, 1892-6, A. B. ; Fresh, declamation prize; 
glee club; choragus; general moonlight prize; Albany Law School, 1896-8, 
LL.B.; in. 1892, Sept. 26, #; 3d Signal Corps N. G. S. N. Y.; lawyer, 
1898; atty. State Dept. of Excise, 1899. 


BARRELL, ALMON COLBURN, Albion, N. Y., s. George W. 
and Minerva (Parsons) Barrell; b. 1874, June 22, Albion, N. Y. ; prep. 
Albicn High School; Williams, 1893-7; glee club; class pres. ; Ivy Day 
orator; in. 1893, Sept. 29, $; rel. in Z W, George, br. ; Union Metal- 
lic Cartridge Co., Bridgeport, Conn. 

COXXOR, GUY LEARTUS, 103CassSt., Detroit, Mich.,s. Leartus 
and Anna (Dame) Connor; b. 1874, Oct. 10, Detroit, Mich.; prep. 
Detroit School for Bovs; Williams, 1893-7; A. B., Johns Hopkins; in. 
1893, Sept. 29, #; rel. "in Z W, Ray, br. 

COXXOR, RAY, 103 Cass St.. Detroit, Mich., s. Leartus and Anna 
(Dame) Connor; b. 1876, Xov. 1, Detroit. Mich.; prep. Detroit School for 
Boys; Williams, 1893-7; pres. Philologian Soc. ; Graves prize; v.-pres. 
Y. M. C. A. ; $ B K; in. 1893, Sept. 29, A <?; rel. in Z W, Guy Leartus, br. 

DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER, 950 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo (res., 295 
Delaware Ave.), N. Y., s. George G. and Julia E. (Griswold) Davidson; 
b. 1874, Xov. 16, Albany, N. Y. ; prep. Albany High School; Williams, 
1893-7, B. A. ; commencement appointment, Buffalo Law School, LL. B. 
1899; in. 1893, Sept. 29, 4', rel. in Z W, George G., Jr., br. ; mem. 
Buffalo University Club; lawyer. 

GREEXE. WILLIAM ELLERY, Cleveland, O.,s. John Elliot and 
Mary (Seymour) Greene; b. 1875, Jan. 18, Cleveland, O.; prep. West High 
School, Cleveland; Williams, 1893-7, A. B.; track athletic team; in. 1894, 
Jan. 19, A 2; business. 

JOHXSTOX, WALTER COOPER, 92 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ills., 
s. Alexander and Sarah Jane (Hoit) Johnston; b. 1875, Xov. 3, Chicago, 
Ills.; prep. Evanston Township High School; Williams, 1893-7, A. B. ; 
in. 1893, Sept. 29. 

KEEP. RALPH SPEXCER, Lockport, N. Y., s. George R. and 
Jennie M. (Roberts) Keep; b. 1874. Mar. 20, Lockport, N. Y.; prep. St. 
Paul's School, Concord, X. H. ; Williams, 1893-7, A. B. ; m'g'r Junior 
and Senior baseball teams; track team; "Gargoyle;" in. 1893, Sept. 29, 
#; mem. Lockport Wheelmen; treas. Lockport Country Club; clerk Nat. 
Exch. Bank, Lockport, N. Y. 


BARRELL, GEORGE BARBER. Albion. N. Y., s. George W. and 
Minerva (Parsons) Barrell; b. 1876, Oct. 3, Albion, N. Y. ; prep. Albion 
High School; Williams, 1894-8; glee club; banjo and mandolin club; 
editor Williams Weekly; in. 1894, Sept. 28, $/ rel. in Z W, Almon 
Colburn, br. ; mem. Buffalo Univ. Club; Buffalo Law School, 1899 . 

COLE, ALMEROX HYDE, Albion. X. Y. (bus. add., Mutual Life 
Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.), s. Dan H. and Mary L. (Flintham) Cole;b. 1875, 
Jan. 22, Albion, N. Y.; prep. Albion High School; Williams, 1894-6; 
Buffalo Law School, 1899, LL. B.; in. 1894, Sept. 28, A 2; rel. in 
Z W, William F., br.; admitted N. Y. bar, 1899, Aug. 19. 

CULL. JULIUS ESTEY, s. Thomas and Fannie (Gray) Cull; b. 
1875, Aug. 26, Middletown, O.; prep. ; Williams, 1894^8; in. 1894, 

Sept. 28; sheep raising. 

114 ZETA CHAPTER 1898-9 

HOLMES, ALBERT EDWARD, 507 New England Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo., s. Edward E. and Martha J. (Hawley) Holmes; b. 1876, July 
8, Muscatine, la. ; prep. Central High School, Kansas City, Mo. ; Wil- 
liams, 1894-6; Fresh, class treas. ; Soph. Choragus; in. 1894, Oct. 2, 2; 
m. 1898, Aug. 15, May Jewett; with E. E. & A. E. Holmes, farm and 
city mortgage brokers. 

NEWMAN, FRED BEEBE, 112 W.5th St., Plainfield, N. J., s. H. 
Otis and Mary E. (Eaton) Newman; b. 1870, Aug. 2, Plainfield, N. J. ; 
prep. Plainfield High School; Williams, 1894-8, A. B. ; in. 1894, Oct. 
6, ; Union Theo. Sem., 1898. 

NIMS, HARRY DWIGHT, Concord, N. H., s. Marshall W. and 
Ella M. (Goodnow) Nims; b. 1875, Jan. 9, Keene, N. H. ; prep. Concord, 
N. H., High School; Williams, 1894-8, A. B. ; Freshman speaking prize; 
v.-pres. Philologian Debating Soc. ; class poet; Dartmouth- Williams 
debater; Moonlight prize; first prize Adelphic Union, prize speaking; 
Graves prize; m'g'r Williams "Lit."; N. Y. Univ., Law Dept., 1898-9; 
author of "'Tis from Zeta Psi we come," song; in. 1894, Oct. 20, . 

SLINGERLAND, HARRY CUYLER, 86-88 Washington Ave. (res., 
1002 Madison Ave.), Albany, N. Y., s. DeWitt C. and LillieC. (Gearey) 
Slingerland; b. 1876, Dec. 11, Albany, N. Y. ; prep. Albany High 
School and Phillips Exeter Acad. ; Williams, 1894-5; in. 1895, Jan. 9, 
2 p; m. 1898, Nov. 2, Florence Knickerbocker Sill; wholesale grocery 
business, Albany, N. Y. 

TEMPLETON, HARRY SUMNER, Halsey, Ore., s. William A. 
and Ella (Meeker) Templeton; b. 1874, Apr. 23, Halsey, Ore.; prep. 
Univ. Oregon School; Univ. Ore., 1892-6; Williams, 1896-7, A. B.; San 
Francisco Theo. Sem. ; capt. Univ. Ore. football team; first prize Inter- 
coll, oratorical contest; valedictory; Williams football team; record in 
hammer throwing; in. 1897, Feb. 13. 


HERRICK, LEONARD BROOKS, 147-151 Ontario St. (res., 680 
Prospect St.), Cleveland, O., s. Henry J. and Mary (Brooks) Herrick;b. 
1876, Aug. 23, Cleveland, O. ; prep. Cleveland High School ; Williams, 
1895-7; class football team; athletic director; in. 1895, Sept. 28, 2 p; 
Cleveland Printing and Publishing Co., 1897; Davis, Hunt & Collister 
(Hardware), 1897. 

KEELER, JOHN RUSSELL, Canton, N. Y., s. John C. and Ada 
H. (Servis) Keeler; b. 1878, Dec. 9, Canton, N. Y. ; prep. Canton Union 
School; Williams, 1895-9; in. 1895, Oct. 5, 2 $; pres. Mohegan Athletic 

NICOLL, FANCHER, 51 W. 10th St. (res., 104 W. 73d St.), N. Y. 
City, s. James Craig and Cora A. (Noble) Nicoll; b. 1878, Oct. 23, 
Shrub Oak, Westchester Co.,N. Y.; prep. Collegiate School, N. Y. City; 
Williams, 1895-9; in. 1895, Oct. 12, .4 #; Columbia Law School, 1899. 

SEARS, GEORGE DEMAREST, 218 Highland Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., 
s. Edwin P. and Frances (Demarest) Sears; b. 1876, June 9, Lan- 
cester, N. Y.; prep. Buffalo High School; Williams, 1895-9; in. 1895, 
Oct. 5, #; Buffalo Law School, 1899-. 

SMITH, PIERRE VAN ARSDALE, 119 Milton St. (bus. add., 
300 Eckford St.), Brooklyn, N. Y., s. Charles H. L. and Isabella C. 
(Nelson) Smith; b. 1876, Sept. 3, Brooklyn, N. Y.; prep. Yale School; 
Williams, 1895-6; in. 1895, Sept. 28. 

1899-1900 ZETA CHAPTER 115 

SPRING, DANA LEVI, Franklinville, N. Y., s. Alfred and Anna 
(Tarbell) Spring; b. 1878, Aug. 11, Franklinville, N. Y.; prep. Ten 
Brock Acad., Franklinville, N. Y.; Williams, 1895-9, A. B. ; in. 1895, 
Oct. 5,2; $; clerk with Justice Alfred Spring, 1899; Buffalo Law School, 


BRITTON, ALFRED DUDLEY, 445 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., 
s. Alfred F. and Emma Louisa (Story) Britton; b. 1879, Nov. 19, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; prep. Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn; Williams, 18%; Literary 
Monthly board, editor-in-chief same; in. 18%, Sept. 25, A. 

COOPER, ROSWELL DOTY, Little Falls, N. Y., s. Benjamin 
Ward and Helen Annette (Brown) Cooper; b. 1877, Mar. 27, Little Falls, 
N. Y. ; prep. Little Falls Acad.; Williams, 18%; football squad, 1898-9; 
in. 18%, Oct. 4, A $; rel. in Z W, Walter Ward, br. 

EDWARDS, FRANKLIN BO YD, Lisle, N. Y., s. Mortimer B. and 
Harriet L. (Boyd) Edwards; b. 1876, May 5, Lisle, N. Y. ; prep. 
Phillips, Andover; Williams, 1896 ; class pres. ; 'varsity football team; 
'varsity baseball team; pres. Y. M. C. A.; in. 18%, Sept. 26, #. 

HEBARD, ARTHUR FOSTER, 109 McDonough St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y., s. George W. and Mary F. (Foster) Hebard; b. 1878, Oct. 28, Brook- 
lyn; prep. Worcester Acad., Worcester, Mass.; Williams, 1896 ; Dra- 
matic Club; 1st Junior oratorical prize; in. 18%, Sept. 25, 2. 

HEPBURN, CHARLES FISHER, 205 W. 57th St., N. Y. City, s. 
Alonzo Barton and Hattie (Fisher) Hepburn; b. 1878, July 14, Colton, N. 
Y. ; prep. Worcester (Mass.) Acad.; Williams, 18% ; Fresh, baseball 
team; in. 18%, Sept. 25; Lit. Monthly Bd.; editor "Gul."; m'g'r sports, 
Mohican Athletic Club; Indian Harbor Yacht Club. 

HUMPHREY, WOLCOTT JULIUS, Warsaw, N. Y., s. Wolcott 
Julius and Hanna Adams (Mulholand) Humphrey; b. 1877, Oct. 29, 
Warsaw, N. Y. ; prep. Hill School, Pottstown, Pa.; Williams, 1896; 
m'g'r class baseball team; director football and track ass'ns; m'g'r base- 
ball ass'n; sec. and treas. N. E. B. B. A.; in. 18%, Sept. 25, 2; 
director Togs Co. Nat. Bank. 

MAKEPEACE, CHARLES DENISON, West Barnstable, Mass., 
s. Abel D. and Josephine (Crocker) Makepeace; b. 1875, April 4, Hyan- 
nis, Mass.; prep. Worcester Acad.; Williams, 1896 ; m'g'r class and 
'varsity football teams; 'varsity baseball team; "moonlights " general 
prize; in. 18%, Sept. 26, A 2. 

SPRAGUE, DERING JAY, Salem, N. Y., s. Edward P. and 

Sarah (Dering) Sprague; b. 1877, Oct. 22, Salem, N. Y. ; prep. Auburn 
Acad. High School; Williston Sem. ; Williams, 18%; Freshman football 
team; capt. second eleven; in. 1896, Sept. 25; rel. in Z W, Edward 
P., fa. 

SWIFT. ELIJAH KENT, Eau Claire, Wis., s. Elijah and Myra 
(Evans) Swift; b. 1879, Dec. 10, Eau Claire, Wis.; prep. Beloit; Wil- 
liams, 1896 ; Fresh, football team ; Williams-Amherst relay team; track 
team; sub. 'varsity football; in. 18%, Oct. 10. 

TITUS, ALLEN STERLING, 330 Depew Ave., Buffalo, N. Y., s. 
Robert C. and Arvilla (Clark) Titus; b. 1877, Jan. 15, Buffalo, N. Y. ; 
prep. DeVeaux Acad.; Williams, 1895-6; Trinity, 1897; in. 1895, Oct. 5, 
2 p; mem. Otowega Club, Buffalo. 




CASKEY PAUL DEWITT, 568 Jennings Ave. , Cleveland, Ohio, 
s. Alexander C. and Mary M. (Higbee) Caskey; b. 1879, Nov. 4, Cleve- 
land, O.; prep. West High School, Cleveland; Williams, 1897; mem. 
dramatic club; glee club; in. 1897, Nov. 13, A 2. 

CURTISS, ALBERT MILTON, 546 Jennings Ave., Cleveland, O., 
s. James Milton and Mary (Eglyn) Curtiss; b. 1879, Jan. 27; prep. 
University School, Cleveland; Williams, 1897; Arts; Freshman football 
team; Sophomore football team; in. 1897, Sept. 23. 

DRAKE, EARL FRANKLIN, Morgan Park, 111., s. James Haines 
and Nellie (Baker) Drake; b. 1878, Feb. 17, N. Y. City; prep. Morgan 
Park Acad. of Univ. of Chicago; Williams, 1897; inter-society debate; 
editor weekly; treas. Williams-Dartmouth Debating League; in. 1897, 
Sept. 23. 

GOODWILLIE, ARTHUR LAWSON, 20 Roslyn Place, Chicago, 
111., s. James G. and Stella (Johnson) Goodwillie; b. 1878, Nov. 15, Chi- 
cago, 111. ; prep. Beloit, Wis. ; Williams, 1897; mem. Lit. Monthly Bd. ; 
chairman Gul. Bd. ; in. 1897, Sept. 23. 

MOODY, EDWARD ERLE (res., 8 Stratford PI.), bus. add., 199 
Market St., Newark, N. J., s. Edward M. and Eleanor M. (Holbrook) 
Moody; b. 1877, May 6, Lockport, N. Y.; prep. Berkeley School, N. Y. 
City; Williams, 1897-8; Freshman football team; in. 1897, Sept. 23; 
cashier N. J. State agency Provident Savings Life. 

POTTER, PAUL, 1 Forest St., Worcester, Mass., s. Burton W. 
and Fannie (Wright) Potter; b. 1879, Aug. 30, Worcester, Mass.; prep. 
Worcester High School; Williams, 1897; Freshman football team; track 
team; relay team; in. 1897, Sept. 23, 2. 

RANSOM, HARRY LOCKWOOD, 111 Ontario St., Lockport, N. Y., 
s. Willard T. and Mary (Forsythe) Ransom; b. 1877, May 20, Lockport, 
N. Y.; prep. Lockport High School; Williams, 1897-; in. 1899, Feb. 4. 

SMITH, WELLINGTON BULLARD, Lee, Mass., s. Wellington 
and Annie (Bullard) Smith; b. 1879, Sept. 19, Lee, Mass.; prep. Lee 
High School; Williams, 1897; in. 1897, Sept. 25, 2. 


CREEGAN, LINUS JUDSON, 716Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., 
s. Charles C. and Melissa A. (Williams) Creegan; b. 1879, Dec. 11, 
Wakeman, O. ; prep. Brooklyn High School and Latin School; Williams, 
1898-9; capt. Freshman football team; in. 1898, Sept. 23, 2 p. 

GAY, HERBERT LUWARROW, 47 Lincoln Ave., Newark, N. J., 
s. Matthew Thomas and Elizabeth (Eversoll) Gay; b. 1881, Aug. 21, 
Rahway, N. J. ; prep. Cayuga Lake Mil. Acad., Aurora, N. Y. ; Wil- 
liams, 1898, arts; in. 1898, Sept. 23. 

GRAVES, SIDNEY ARTHUR, 913 Park Place, Brooklyn, N. Y., s. 
Sidney and Sarah Francis (Major) Graves; b. 1879, Mar. 31, Brooklyn, 
N .Y. ; prep. Brooklyn Boys' High School; Williams, 1898; 'varsity foot- 
ball team, 1899; in. 1898, Sept. 23, 2 p. 

GRIGGS, CHESTER HIGBIE, 794 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn., 
s. George and Alice Gordon (Smith) Griggs; b. 1879, Oct. 16, St. Paul; 
prep. St. Paul High School; Williams, 1898; 2d prize Freshman Ora- 
torical contest; class historian; in. 1898, Sept. 23, 2-, rel. in Z W, Frank 
H. Griggs and Earl F. Drake, cous. 

1902-3 ZETA CHAPTER 117 

PUMPELLY, LAWRENCE, Owego, N. Y., s. James F. and 
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Judsozi Hawley Hopkins 

Cortlandt Van Wyck 

Delta Chapter House 

Queens College 
(Erected 1808) 


RUTGERS COLLEGE was one of the eight colleges founded before the 
Revolution, its first charter having been granted by Gov. Franklin of 
New Jersey, on Nov. 10, 1766. An amended charter was granted in 
1770, under which it began active work. Its primary object was to fit 
men living in America for the Ministry; and secondarily to give in- 
struction in the Liberal Arts. At times in its early history its exercises 
were suspended, but it has continued uninterruptedly since 1325, when 
also its name was changed from "Queen's" to "Rutgers" in honor 
of Col. Henry Rutgers, a liberal benefactor. In 1865 it was made the 
State College "for the benefit of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts." 
At about the same time the religious instruction was taken away from 
the College and given to the New Brunswick Theological Seminary. 
The two departments of Rutgers now are the College or Classical 
School, and the Scientific School. 

At two o'clock on the afternoon of November 24, 1848, Judson Hawley 
Hopkins and John Hess, two students of Rutgers College, in the class 
of 1850, entered the house at 184 Henry Street, New York City, where 
Hopkins' intimate friend and cousin, George S. Woodhull, Phi '48, 
lived. Their purpose was secret, the result momentous, for there 
in Woodhull 's house they were initiated into the rites and mysteries 
of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. Bro. Hopkins was the thirteenth initi- 
ate into the Fraternity of Zeta Psi, and was received by the members 
of the "Alpha of New York," the parent and present Phi Chapter. 
In January, 1849, Bro. Hopkins and Bro. Hess added to their number 
from the students at Rutgers, Cortlandt Van Wyck, '50, and Charles 
Matthews, '50. These four made up the charter members. On January 
15, 1849, a petition was read in the "Alpha of New York," signed by 
these four students, asking that a chapter be formally established at 
Rutgers. Heretofore they had to journey to New York to attend the 
meetings there, an inconvenient and suspicious proceeding. With the 
consent of the "Alpha of Massachusetts," the Williams College Chapter, 
now the Zeta Chapter, the petition was granted, and a committee of one 
(Bro. Woodhull) was appointed to determine upon the ceremonies to be 
used at the installation of the "Alpha of New Jersey." This took place 
shortly after, for the first meeting of the new chapter was held on Jan- 
uary 22, 1849. Later in the year Matthews left college and was dropped 
from the chapter roll, and Peter W T arren Rousse, '50, the fifth initiate, 
was chosen to take his place among the charter members. On October 20, 
1851, in accordance with the action taken in the Grand Chapter of 1851, 
the Rutgers Chapter took to itself the name of "Delta" instead of 
"Alpha of New Jersey. " 

The most important institutions at Rutgers in those days were the 
two great literary societies, the Philoclean and Peithosophian. Every 
student was a member of one of these. To prevent what has since taken 
place, i. e., that the Greek Letter Fraternities should supersede these 
rival societies, Philo had passed a law that only five of its members 
could be also members of a Greek Letter Fraternity. Bros. Hopkins, 
Hess and Van Wyck were all members of Peitho, and, on account of the 

NOTR. I desire here to express my indebtedness for the great majority of the facts of 
this history to the following documents in the possession of Bro. H. M. Waldron '93; the 
histories ot' Bro. John H. Raven, '91, written in 1889 ; and of Bro. Joseph R. Duryee, '74, written 
in 1898 : also the monographs of Bro. George V. W. Durvee, '89, and of Bro. A/F. Mabon, '90; 
the letter of Bro. Peter W. Rousse. '50, to Bro. George V. W. Duryee, written in 1886 ; and the 
letters from Bro. John B. Yates Sommers, Phi '40, George S. Woodhull. Phi "48, and others to 
Bro. J. H. Hopkins, dealing with the establishment of the "Alpha of New Jersey " now the 
Delta Chapter. F. K'. W. D. 


intense rivalry, could not seek for Zetes among Philocleans. However, 
they won Peter Warren Rousse, '50, who made it a condition of joining 
that four of his intimate friends and associates, who were Philocleans, 
should also be received. This, of course, was gladly assented to, and 
Richard Ludlow Larremore, '50, Garret C. Schenck, '51, Oliver H. Hoff- 
man, '51, and Charles H. Skillman, '51, were shortly after initiated into 
Zeta Psi. Thus only five Philocleans were Zetes, and by this living up 
to the letter of the law, the Delta Chapter obtained favor among the 
students. Two more students from Peitho were initiated when college 
opened, and in the fall of 1849 the chapter started on its first j'ear of 
active work with ten members. As an example of the high standard of 
these early Zetes, we might mention that at the Junior Exhibition in 
June, 1849, five out of the eight orators on that occasion were Zetes. 
Zeal for Zeta Psi characterized these pioneers, for during the first 
decade ninety-four men were initiated, and the chapter was always full to 
thelimit. It was not until twenty-four years later, in 1884, that two hundred 
had been enrolled. "Of the first one hundred less than half are living, 
but how far above the average has been their success in life ! About 
forty became lawyers, of whom a dozen rose to high judicial station; 
sixteen entered the ministry, all but two of whom became Doctors of 
Divinity ; sixteen became physicians and among the most distinguished 
in the land ; a dozen chose mercantile careers, and ten were farmers, 
and in every case have been influential for good. " 

During the Civil War no less than eighteen men served as officers 
in the Union Army or Navy and nine in the Confederate, making a total 
of twenty-seven Delta men who would have cheerfully given their lives 
for what they thought was right ; six of these did so. During our more 
recent war, Bro. James Parker, '74, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Twelfth 
N. Y. Volunteer Infantry, did his part in rescuing Cuba. A private in 
his command wrote in his letter home of the trials of camp life, of the 
inefficiency of some officers, and of the longing of the men for active 
service. "And," he went on to say, "when it comes, the Twelfth Regi- 
ment will make a record beyond the others, for we have the best com- 
mander in the service, and the boys will follow on through hell should 
Col. Parker lead the way." When the war closed, Bro. Parker was 
honorably discharged, but was afterwards appointed Lieut. -Col. of the 
45th U. S. Volunteers. 

Secret societies were not in favor at Rutgers during the fifties. The 
Alumni, Trustees and Faculty all frowned upon them, and passed 
resolutions and by-laws restricting and prohibiting them. Solution of 
knotty problems was the order of the day for such as swore allegiance 
to them. Nothing introduced by the college authorities availed, how- 
ever, and with the death of President Frelinghuysen in 1862, the old 
order of things passed away. President Campbell saw that it was a 
losing fight and abolished the restrictive bans. As a consequence, a 
number of secret leagues, societies and brotherhoods were formed, and 
petitions were sent to the larger fraternities for charters. Owing to the 
Civil War, the enrollment of students was very small, with a consequent 
reduction in the membership of the chapter. 

These two factors, as well as internal dissensions, brought about 
the first crisis of the Delta Chapter, which may be dated 1866. The 
number of initiates had been steadily dropping; for various reasons the 
membership was depleted, and at that time, affairs reached such a 
climax that two members were expelled. Others tendered their resigna- 
tions, but later withdrew them. This transitional and critical period 
of 1861-1867 was a direct result of the great conflict of opinions going on 
in our political life. Both the college and the fraternity felt it. New 
views of life were presented, and it was not strange that the young 
minds of the collegians should be driven asunder by differences. Yet 
the spirit of Zeta Psi held fast her members, and the dissensions within 
were not disclosed to the outer world. The staunch vessel weathered 


the gale, and with a new crew and pilot set forth with fair weather upon 
her second voyage. There can be no doubt that the pilot of that time 
was Bro. George Sharpe Duryee, of the class of 1872, a man who has left 
the impress of his character upon his fraternity, college and State. 
With a band of earnest, capable men, he soon had restored the former 
prestige of Zeta Psi, until it was without a rival in the college. From 
1867-1874, forty Brothers were initiated, against twenty-six during the pre- 
vious seven years. 

Everything in college life was in Zete hands. Targum Editors, 
Boat Club Directors, Class Presidents, Head Ushers, etc., were usually 
Zeta Psis. The College Annual, The Scarlet Letter, was originated 
and published by the Zetes, with Bro. G. S. Duryee as the first editor- 
in-chief. Class-day exercises had been revived and ruled by them. 
After the graduation of the class of 1872, however, their grip slackened 
through carelessness and overconfidence. The story of their first fight 
is thus told by Bro. J. R. Duryee, '74: 

"At the beginning of the fall term that year (1872), a mighty coali- 
tion of the other fraternities was formed to overwhelm us. The first 
great event was the election of Targum Editors. As went this election, 
so would we stand in public opinion for many a long day. And it was 
Zeta Psi against the field. We hastily tried to build our fences, but 
they would not hold. All the morning most of us spent the precious 
hours in buttonholing, cajoling, bribing and threatening the elusive 
neutrals, only to realize that the hated opposition had seduced them from 
their proper guides. But where was Howard Fuller? For three long 
days and nights he had mysteriously absented himself from hall and 
rooms, nor taken any into his confidence. At the close of recitations, 
the voting was to be by classes in the chapel. In the dark moment when 
the last Sophomores were passing out, and our foes were gloating 
because of what seemed an assured triumph, the tramping of a host was 
heard, and the entire Freshman class, numbering nearly half the 
college, led by Fuller, entered. Each in turn took from him a ballot 
which was deposited; and the benediction of his smile was a sufficient 
recompense. And so we won the day. Talk of Stalky and Co. ! Why 
Howard Fuller could give points to the best of Kipling's heroes and then 
conjure the lot of them out of sight." 

In 1874 ten members were graduated, leaving but five in the chapter and 
a large debt. They had almost reached the bottom, and the uphill fight 
became hard and difficult. The college was small, and the rivalry of 
the five fraternities fierce; hence the membership during these years 
was never large, while the load of the debt seemed enormous. But the 
needed man came; and the name of Bro. Jonathan Bruen Miller, '79, will 
be remembered while the Delta shall stand. Ceaseless activity for 
Zeta Psi marked the eight years of his connection with it, from 1875 
until his death. Through his personal work, the debt incurred was 
removed, and the first half of this trying period, well-called the "Storm 
and Stress" period of the chapter, was successfully passed. 

Again did the numbers decrease until in 1883 only three active mem- 
bers were left in the chapter, and the fear of suspension stared them in 
the face. But Bro. John Laubenheimer, '83, had been graduated that spring 
and had entered the New Brunswick Theological Seminary; so that he 
was at hand to aid. This minimum membership also roused up that 
famous body of "Newark Alumni," who assisted the struggling chapter 
in many ways. Bro. Laubenheimer 's work was crowned with success, 
for among the first initiates was Bro. Warren J. Brodie, '87. To his 
inspiring work is due the rise from this third crisis to the flood tide of 
prosperity which existed in '89 and '90. Bro. Brodie was a most earnest 
and convincing talker, and he used this talent for his fraternity. Dr. 
Wm. V. V. Mabon once said: "Brodie, if you would enter the ministry 
and work as hard for the church as you do for Zeta Psi you would make 
the Devil bestir himself. " As an example of his work and its result, 


we may state that he joined the chapter when it was three in number; 
he left it twenty-one strong. 

The years '86-'92 were the most progressive in the chapter's 
history, for during then it left rented rooms and entered a house of 
its own. The meetings also were well attended and sustained ; 
the members enjoyed an unexcelled social position and a high rank 
in college affairs; and among them were some prize-winners. Later 
the membership decreased until in 1897 there were but nine under- 
graduate Brothers. This crisis is now happily passed. Great credit 
should be given to certain of the younger alumni, who, through all 
these depressing years, have continued unfaltering in their encour- 
agement and advice, and have spurred the lagging Brothers to 
the work. 

One organization in connection with the chapter must be spoken of. 
In 1877 a circular signed by Bros. Peter Warren Rousse, 'SO, William 
Stoddard, '74, Edward H. Duryee, '76, Cortlandt Parker, Jr., '78, and 
J. Bruen Miller, '79, was sent around among the Elders in order to form 
an Alumni Association. In December, 1878, the Alumni Association of 
the Delta Chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity was organized, and regular 
meetings have been held at Commencement time since then. In 1889, five 
Trustees were elected to procure a chapter house, and proper steps for 
the purchase of one were taken. The present house, at 18 College 
Avenue, was bought by these Trustees and the grounds fitted up. 

But I am anticipating. Up to this time no record has been made of 
the different places of meeting of the Delta Chapter. To make this his- 
tory valuable in one respect at least, a careful research on this subject 
has been made, and the following list of housings is submitted: 

From November 24, 1848, to May 1, 1851, there was no regular 
meeting-place. The chapter met in the rooms of the students, or in 
rooms hired for the night, or at times in the college building itself. 
Soon, however, the need of a permanent room was felt, and they procured 
a hall at the corner of Peace and Albany Streets, the first contract for 
which reads thus: 

"I hereby lease to Robert S. Manning and John F. Talmadge, a 
committee of the Zeta Psi Society of Rutgers College, the room situated 
in the third story of my house, to hold in their possession for society pur- 
poses for one year from May 1, 1851, for the sum of $15, in quarterly 
instalments, and do also give them the right to place there such conve- 
nience for fire as may be necessary. Henry Wiley." 

The chapter remained there for nine years, until 1860. One great 
advantage of the room was its accessibility, for an outside stair, although 
steep, led to its entrance. From this modest, yet pleasant apartment 
they went to the Algonquin Lodge Room, in Liberty Street, between 
George and Neilson, where the Masons met. They remained there four 
years, until once again they wanted rooms of their own. This time they 
rented a room on the third floor of the Parsons Building, at 15 Church 
Street. They began occupancy there September 12, 1864, and continued 
until 1880. Thus memories of sixteen years hover about this meeting- 
room. In the fall of 1880 they rented rooms at 9 and 11 Peace Street. 
These were on the third floor of the Frankenstein Building. Ward's 
drygoods store was below, the Young Men's Catholic Club occupied the 
second floor, and the Jewish Synagogue was in the rear. There were 
two rooms, one large, the other small, and the Brothers took turns in 
caring for them. They met there for three years. 

The large Masonic Hall which had recently been built at the corner 
of George and Albany Streets offered very desirable quarters, so they 
moved to Room 13, on the third floor, in September, 1883. There were 
really two rooms, a large one and a small one. The latter was used as 
a lodge-room, but it was too small, and the meetings always overflowed 
into the larger one. On February 1, 1888, the chapter moved down to 
Rooms 6, 7 and 8, on the second floor. Here there were three rooms 


instead of two. The first was used as a billiard-room, the second as a 
general gathering and reception room, and the third was the lodge-room. 
All three were of equal size and were entered by a single door leading 
from one into the other. 

The question of a chapter house had long been considered. It was 
now found especially needful since Delta Phi had built. Just at this 
time a large piece of property on College Avenue, across the street from 
the college, was offered for sale at an exceptionally low figure. The 
house on it had been built about 1862. Later its owner, ex-Mayor 
Marvin J. Merchant, enlarged it by adding an entire right wing. 
During the summer of 1889 the Trustees already mentioned bought the 
whole piece of property. Subscriptions were immediately raised and the 
first payment was made in cash. The frontage on Easton Avenue, which 
was of no use to the chapter, was sold, and a mortgage of $5,000 was 
left. The Alumni Association have reduced this gradually in the last 
ten years, and it will not be long before the whole will be wiped out. 

The property has a frontage on College Avenue of 100 feet and 
extends back 300 feet, giving ample room for a fine tennis court, sur- 
rounded by numerous old cherry -trees, which give abundant shade and 
fruit in season. The house itself is substantially built and originally 
cost a great deal. It is a double frame structure, a large hallway on the 
main floor extending the length of the house and opening on a back 
porch. On the right is one large, long room, which is used as a billiard 
and general gathering room. On the left are two smaller rooms, the 
front, the reception-room and library, the rear, the dining-room. On the 
second floor are comfortable and convenient sleeping-rooms for the 
Brothers living in the house; there being accommodations for eight or ten. 
The lodge-room is conveniently located for its purposes. The chapter 
moved in during August, 1889, and the house was handsomely fitted up. 
On May 9, 1890, the housewarming was given, the most brilliant social 
success of the college. Since then dances have every year been held in 
the house, which is admirably adapted for such events. In fact, ours is 
the only fraternity house in the college which can comfortably accom- 
modate large companies.* 

The Delta Chapter has always been active for the Fraternity. It 
spread the good news of Zeta Psi abroad to other colleges. Bro. Peter 
Warren Rousse, '50, full of zeal for the infant Zeta Psi, started on a 
campaign of chapter-founding. On May 14, 1850, Jonathan Longstreet, 
a Princeton student of the class of 1850, was initiated at New Bruns- 
wick, and on June 3, 1850, five others came up from Princeton and joined 
our Fraternity. This was the inception of the Omicron Chapter, the Beta 
of New Jersey. On July 8, 1850, Edward W. and Samuel E. Appleton, 
then attending the University of Pennsylvania, came to New Brunswick 
and were initiated into the rites and ceremonies of Zeta Psi, and re- 
turned to their University. Shortly after Bro. Rousse and Bro. J. B. 
Yates Sommers, Phi '49, the founder of Zeta Psi, initiated the charter 
members of the Sigma at the University of Pennsylvania. Subse- 
quently the Appleton brothers came back and were graduated at Rutgers. 
In 1852 Bro. Rousse and Bro. Edward Appleton, '52, were instrumental 
in the starting of the Chapter at Brown ; and while attending the Law 
School at Harvard, Bro. Rousse received the authority and initiated 
the members of the Rho Chapter at Harvard. Later, in 1858, the charter 

* This would be a tabulated list of addresses. The exact dates when given are taken from 
the receipts for rent of the rooms : 

I. Nov. 24. 1848 May i, 1851, members' rooms; and Recabeti Hall, Burnet St. 
II. May i, 1851 May i, 1860, corner of Albany and Peace St. 

III. Sept , 1860 July , 1864, Algonquin Lodge, Liberty St 

IV. Sept. 12, 1864 May 27, 1880, 15 Church St. 

V. Sept. , 1880 Sept. , 1883, 9 and n Peace St. 
VI. Sept. , 1883 Feb. i, 1888, Room 13, Masonic Hall. 
VII. Feb. i, 1888 Aug. , 1889, Rooms 6, 7 and 8, Masonic Hall. 
VIII. Aug. , 1889, to date, 18 College Ave. 


members of the Upsilon were initiated by the Delta, and it was largely 
due to the efforts of Bro. R. A. Anthony, Delta '81, and Bro. C. W. 
Cutler, Delta '79, that the Alpha Chapter was established at Columbia 
in 1879. 

Owing- to the small membership in newly founded fraternities, the 
earlier chapters gained a preponderance of Grand Chapter Officers, 
many Delta men being numbered among them. 

The Delta has many valuable documents in its possession. Treasure 
after treasure has been dug forth from its richly laden archives ; for a 
time it guarded the Omicron Chapter minutes and letters ; while Grand 
Chapter minutes, old letters, constitutions, and initiation services docu- 
mentary history which is priceless have been gathered and kept through 
these many years, until now it has been filed and safely stored by Bro. 
H. M. Waldron, '93. 

During these fifty years, two hundred and sixty-seven Brothers have 
been initiated into the Delta Chapter. Of these sixty-four have become 
lawyers; thirty-four, physicians; thirty, ministers. The others, not 
seeking these professional callings, have interested themselves in various 
businesses and manufactures. Seventy-five only have crossed to join 
the choir invisible, leaving a body of Elders, numbering nearly two 
hundred, staunch, true and loyal Zetes. 

It is but right that we should mention one name dear to the heart of 
every Delta Zete. Bro. William Rankin Duryee, D.D., '56, truly showed 
in his life, character, and deeds the great principles of Tau Kappa Phi. 
A good Zete, an honest citizen, a noble Christian, he was an inspiration 
and a help to his younger Brothers during all his connection with the 
Delta, and was ever a welcome guest within our chapter halls. He 
always had the "Zete House" in mind, and great was the assistance he 
gave us. The tokens of his affection adorn our walls, the benediction of 
his noble face falls upon our gatherings in the great long room, and his 
memory shall ever be fresh as we sing his classic hymn : 

"Zeta Psi, we pledge to-night 
Evermore to love thee. " 

And that is the resolve of the Delta Chapter as it enters upon its 
second half century. 



*HESS, JOHN, s. John H. and Aletta (Van Buren) Hess; b. 1830, 
Sept. 29, Brooklyn, N. Y.; prep. Erasmus Hall, Flatbush, L. I., and 
Middletown Point Acad., N. J. ; Rutgers, 1846-50, A. B., 1850; A. M., 
1853; Junior orator, 1849; # B K; in. 1848, Nov. 24, $ Chapter; charter 
mem. A Chapter; #; A A; rel. in Z W, Chas. A. Sackett and C. Van 
Wyck, cous. ; lawyer, 1851-99; judge, Flatbush, L. I., 1852-60; director 
and first v.-pres. of Soc. of Old Brooklynites ; d. 1899, Mar. 27, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

*HOPKINS, REV. JUDSON HAWLEY, s. Gilbert and Deborah 
(Ferris) Hopkins; b. 1830, Sept. 29, N. Y. City; prep, privately by Calvin 
Tracy; Rutgers, 1846-50, A. M. ; Union Theo. Sem., 1850-1; Princeton 
Sem., 1851-3; in. 1848, Nov. 24, # Chapter; charter mem. ^Chapter; $;2p A, 
A $ A; m. 1852, June 12, Elizabeth Mains Freeman; children, Sarah F., 
George F., Judson G., Henry; Presb. minister; ordained, 1854; Green- 
wich, Conn., 1854-5; Ravenswood, L. I., 1855-60; Calvary Bapt. Church, 
Newburgh, N. Y., 1860-5; Ravenswood, L. I., 1865-92; Rye, N. Y., 
1892-7; d. 1897, July 11, Rye, N. Y. 

Eliza (Ludlow) Larremore; b. 1830, Sept. 6, Astoria, L. I.; prep. Union 
Hall Acad., Jamaica, L. I.; Rutgers, 1846-50; A. B. and A. M., 1853, 
LL. D., 1870(N. Y. Univ.); in. 1849, June 2, <2>; Univ. Club; F. & A. 
M. ; m. Caroline Livennore; children, "Wilbur, Mary E., Josephine, 
Mabel; pres. of Central Ass'n of Zeta Psi, 1880; lawyer, 1852-93; pres. 
Bd. of Education, 1861-4 and 1868-70, N. Y. City; mem. Constitutional 
Convention, N. Y., 1857; Judge Court of Common Pleas, 1870-86; Chief 
Justice N. Y. Supreme Court, appointed 1886; d. 1893, Sept. 13, N. Y. 

*ROUSSE, PETER WARREN, s. Peter P. and Eliza (Scott) 
Rousse; b. 1832, July 26, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Gram- 
mar School; Rutgers, 1846-50; LL. B., Yale, 1852; in. 1849, May 24, 
$; 2 A; A $ A; $ A; lawyer; Buffalo, N. Y., 1858-60; N. Y. City, 
1860-9; editor Newark Daily Advertiser, 1869-71; Newark Register, 1872; 
Elizabeth Daily Journal, 1873-87; d. 1887, May 2, East Orange, N. J. 

*VAIL, DUNCAN PHYFE, M. D., s. William and Eliza (Phyfe) 
Vail; b. 1829, Dec. 15, N. Y. City; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; 
Rutgers, 1846-50, A. B., A. M., 1853; Coll. P. and S., N. Y.; Woodstock 
(Vt.) Med. Coll., 1854, M. D. ; in. 1849, Nov. 13, 2; rel. in Z W, John P. 
Onderdonk, br.-in-law; volunteer surgeon Fredericksburg, Va., May, 
1864; mem. N. J. State Med. Soc.; m. 1860, Oct. 6, Mary F. Onderdonk; 
child, F. Percy; physician; d. 1894, Feb. 27, New Market, N. J. 

VAN WYCK, CORTLANDT, Dunkirk, N. Y., s. Abraham D. 
and Phebe (Boerum) Van Wyck; b. 1828, Mar. 8, Fishkill Plains, N. Y.; 
prep. Middletown Point, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1846-9; Law School, Balston 
Spa, 1851; admitted to the bar, N. Y., 1853; Peithosophian Soc.; in. 
1848, Dec. 8, Chapter; charter mem. A Chapter; A <? ; rel. in Z W, 
John Hess, 2d cou.; m. 1863, Margaret Holland; lawyer, 1853 . 

*WILTSE, HENRY, JR., s. Henry and Elizabeth (Van Wyck) 
Wiltse; b. 1832; prep, private tutor; Rutgers, 1846-50, A. M. ; LL. B., 
Albany Law School, 1856; in. 1850, May 27, A ; capt. 18th N. Y. Vol.; 
lawyer; mem. N. Y. Assembly, 1856; lawyer, N. Y. City; d. 1862, Mar. 
7, Fishkill, N. Y. 

128 DELTA CHAPTER 1851-2 


ACKEN, WILLIAM HENRY, 84-88 Reade St. (res., 29 W. 82dSt.), 
N. Y. City, s. John and Margaret (Vail) Acken; b. 1833, Jan. 11, New 
Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1848- 
51, A. B. ; A. M. ; in. 1850, Jan. 22, A <; rel. in Z W, Rev. Geo, S. 
Mott, br.-in-law; mem. Colonial Club, N. Y. ; m. 1856, June 18, 
Mary S. Letson; children, Mrs. Charles P. Dorrance, John; m'f'r of 
rubber goods; pres. and treas. New York Rubber Co. 

*HOFFMAN, OLIVER H., s. Jacob H. Hoffman; b. 1832, Aug. 12, 
Lebanon, N. J. ; prep, by Rev. Robt. Vandenburgh, and Lebanon 
School; Rutgers, 1848-51, C. E.; A. M; in. 1849, July 11, <; lawyer; 
Supt. Public Schools, Hunterdon Co., 1882-6; N. J., 1880-6; d. 1894, 
Jan. 22. 

*LEE, JOHN WILTSE, s. Rev. Robert Ferine and Elizabeth 
(Wiltse) Lee; b. 1833, June 10, Montgomery, N. Y. ; prep. Montgomery 
Acad.; Rutgers, 1847-51, A. M. ; in. 1849, Oct. 11, ; studied law with 
J. Wilkin, Goshen, N. Y. ; rel. in Z W, Robert P., Thomas H., brs. ; 
Henry Wiltse, cou. ; author of "Short Stories of the Hudson;" m. 1869, 
Mrs. Adeline Albro; lawyer and author; d. 1880, Apr. 4, Cornwall-on- 

*SCHENCK, GARRET C., s. Dr. Ferdinand and Leah (Vorhess) 
Schenck; b. 1829, Dec. 11, Franklin Park, N. J. ; prep. New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1847-51; in. 1849, June 13, T; studied law with 
Gov. Pennington; lawyer; d. 1859, Jan. 14. 

and Susan Emma (Palmer) Skillman; b. 1833, Nov. 30, Bound Brook, N. 
J.; prep. Rutgers C. G. S. ; Rutgers, 1847-51, A. M. ; grad. 1855, Prince- 
ton Sem. ; in. 1849, July 18, $; 2 p A; $ A; Presb. minister, Eatonville, 
Ga. ; d. 1862, April 19, Eatonville, Ga. 



(See Sigma Chapter.) 


(See Sigma Chapter.) 

Elizabeth (Frelinghuysen) Elmendorf; b. 1834, Feb. 20; prep. Grammar 
School; Rutgers, 1848-50; in. 1850, Mar. 4; d. 1850, Apr. 15, Millstone, 
N. J. 

NICHOLAS, ROBERT ROSE (add. unknown), s. ; b. ; 

prep. ; Rutgers, 1848-52 ; in. 1852, May 5 ; agriculturist. 

*SCHENCK, ADRIAN V. S., s. Dr. Ferdinand and Leah (Vorhess) 
Schenck; b. 1832, July 5, Franklin Park, N. J. ; prep. New Brunswick, 
N. J. ; Rutgers, 1848-52, A. M. ; in. 1851, Nov. 19, A $; m. 1858, Eliza- 
beth Godfrey; children, Elizabeth, Jonathan Godfrey, Adrian, Elsie; 
lawyer; d. 1863, Aug. 16, Newark, N. J. 

SUTTON, REV. JOSEPH FORD, D. D., Audubon Park, N. Y. 
City, s. Michael R. and Elizabeth (Forrester) Sutton; b. 1827, July 15, 
Hardyston, N. J.; prep. Mt. Retirement Sem., N. J. ; Rutgers, 1850-2, 
A. B., A. M. ; D. D., Marysville Coll. ; Junior orator; pres. Peithosophian 
Lit. Soc.; Union Theo. Sem., 1857; in. 1850, Oct. 14, $; Fellow Am. 
Geographical Soc.; mem. Presb. Union, N. Y. ; author of "The Plan of 

1852-4 DELTA CHAPTER 129 

Representation in the Bd. of Trustees of Rutgers"; chaplain 102d 
N. Y. Vols., 1862; m. 1859, Eliza Stevens Holden; 1866, Kate Judson 
Holden; children, Horace H., Daniel J., Joseph H., Edward F., Fred- 
erick J. ; teacher Mt. Retirement Sem., 1852-3; pastor Parsippany, N. 
J., 1857-61; general agt. U. S. Christian Commission, 1863; pastor, 
Howell, Mich., 1864-5; Philadelphia, 1865-73; comm'r Gen. Assembly of 
Presb. Church, U. S. A., 1865; founded Presbyterian Journal, 1875; pas- 
tor Murray Hill Church, N. Y., 1885-7. 

(Van Vechten) Talmadge; b. 1833, Mar. 11, Mt. Veid, near Somer- 
ville, N. J. ; prep. Village Acad. and by Rev. T. W. Chambers; Rut- 
gers, 1849-52; N. Y. Univ. Med. Coll., M. D., 1859; in. 1850, June 30, ; 
A 2 A; staff Brooklyn Homorepathic Hosp. ; prof, of ancient languages 
in an Alabama coll. ; connected with Brooklyn Orphan Asylum, X. Y. ; 
charter mem. Brooklyn Club; mem. Hamilton Club; m. 1863, Maggie A. 
Hunt; children, three sons and one daughter; physician; d. 1897, June 
30, Rye, N. Y. 

^THOMSON, WILLIAM LEUPP, s. William and Margarette 
(Leupp) Thomson; b. 1833, April 14, Somerville, X. J. ; prep, by Rev. 
Mr. Towles, Staten Island, X. Y. ; Rutgers, 1848-52, A. M. ; in. 1852, 
May 5, $; mem. Century Club; m. 1869, Jan. 28, Arabella Stone; 
children, William Leupp, George Andros, Laura Sterling, Arthur 
Loyden; merchant X. Y. City; d. 1889, Sept. 21, Somerville, X. J. 


*CAMPBELL, SAMUEL, s. John Campbell b. ; 

prep, by W. H. Muhlenburgh; Rutgers, 1849-53, A. M.; in. 1850, Oct. 5, 
#; merchant; d. 1858, Xew York. 

COOKE, HEXRY GAXSEVOORT, M. D., Livingston Ave., Xew 
Brunswick, X. J., s. Robert Woodruff and Susan (Gansevoort) Cooke; b. 
1833, Feb. 3, Holmdel, X. J. ; prep. Freehold, X. J. ; Rutgers, 1850-3; A. B., 
1853; A. M., 1856; <? B K; Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, M. D., 1857; 
in. 1850, Jan. 22, A $; pres. Monmouth Co. Med. Soc. ; permanent dele- 
gate X. J. State Med. Soc.; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n; surgeon in Army of 
Potomac, ranking maj. of cav. ; m. 1876, June 8, Maria Burritt Cow- 
drey; children, Sara E., Mia C., Robert A., Susan C. and Edward A.; 
physician and surgeon; director Keyport Banking Co. 

*MAXXIXG, REV. ROBERT SMITH, s. James and Jane (Smith) 
Manning; b. 1830, June 9, Xew Brunswick, X. J. ; prep, by David Cole, 
New Brunswick, X. J. ; Rutgers, 1849-53, A. M. ; in. 1850, Jan. 9, A $; 
m. 1856, June 3, Arabell McKissack; children, Mary G., John H. , Mar- 
garet McKissack; Presb. clergyman; d. 1891, May 19, Plainfield, X. J. 

*SMITH, JOHX DEMOTTE, s. Ralph and Eliza Ann Smith; 

b. 1832, Dec. 10, Ovid, N. Y. ; prep. Ovid Acad. ; Rutgers, 1849-52; 
HobartColl., grad. 1854; in. 1850, Oct. 14, ; col. 50th Regt., N. G. S. 
N. Y. ; m. 1857, May 5, Mary Elizabeth Owen; children, Cora Owen, A. 
Belmont; lawyer, partnership Barto & Smith, Trumansburg, X. Y. ; 
d. 1893, Feb. 25, Trumansburg, X. Y. 


*BALDWIX, JOHX VAX XEST, s. Eli Baldwin, M. D., D. D., 
and Phoebe (Van Xest) Baldwin; b. 1834, April 17, X. Y. City; prep. 
Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1850-4, A. B.,A. M.,LL. B. ; in. 
1854, Mar. 14; rel. in Z Y, Alfred J. Baldwin, br. ; lawyer; d. 1874, 
Aug. 26, at Weisbaden, Germany. 

130 DELTA CHAPTER 1854-5 

KEARNEY, JOHN WATTS (last add., 423 Gravier St., New Or- 
leans, La.), s. ; b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1850-2; in. 1851, 
Mar. 5, 2; merchant. 

*IRVIN, ALEXANDER PROUDFIT, s. Alex, and (Proudfit) 

Irvin; b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1850-4, A. M. ; in. 1852, Mar. 8; 

merchant; d. 1884, Nov. 24, New York. 

; b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1850-4, A. M.; Coll. P. and S., 

M. D., 1859; in. 1851, May 20, ; physician and surgeon. 

*POST, WILLIAM WESTERVELT, s. William and Aletta 
(Westervelt) Post; b. 1833, Mar. 20, N. Y. City; prep. Jamestown 
Acad., N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1850-4; First honor man, Suydam medal for 
Natural Science, 1854; in. 1852, May 14, $; maj. U. S. A.; maj. National 
Guard, N. Y., 1866; supt. State Military Agency, N. Y., for collecting 
bounty and back pay for N. Y. soldiers-in Civil War; Health Dept. of N. 
Y. City; U. S. Custom Service, N. Y. City; private sec. U. S. Senator, R. 
E. Fentoti; banking and oil refining business; lawyer; d. 1880, Apr. 5, 
N. Y. City. 

*PROUDFIT, REV. ROBERT RALSTON, s. John and Abegail 
(Ralston) Proudfit; b. 1836, Feb. 3; prep. Grammar School, Rutgers, 
1850-4; N. B. Sem., 1857-9; Princeton Sem., 1859-60; in. 1852, Mar. 10; 
chaplain 2d Reg. N. J. Vol., 1861; m. daughter of Count St. George; 
d. 1897, Feb. 4, Morristown, N. J. 

*RUTGERS, CHARLES JOHNSON, s. Anthony and Sarah Al- 
exander (Johnson) Rutgers; b. 1835, Nov. 13, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; prep. 
Gibson's School, Sing Sing, N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1852-4, A. M. ; in. 1852, 
April 4, $; judge District Court, New Brunswick, N. J. ; atty., 1877-8; 
counselor, 1875; Trenton, N. J., 1881-8; d. 1888, May 4, Trenton, N. J. 

*STOUT, JACOB ELMER, s. James C. and Sarah E. (Herbert) 
Stout; b. 1832, Feb., Old Bridge, N. J.; prep. Old Bridge, N. J.; 
Rutgers, 1850-4, A. M.; in. 1852, May 14, 2; rel. in Z W, Herbert Stout, 
br. ; m. 1859, Sept., Ella Voorhees; child, J. E. Stout, Jr.; lawyer; 
County Clerk Middlesex Co., 1862-72; d. 1894, May 25, Deans, N. J. 

VAN CLEVE, JOHN BURAHAM, M. D., Sewickley, Pa., s. ; 

b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1850-4; in. 1851, Oct. 20, 2 p A', first 

lieut. 54th Pa. Vol. ; enlisted as orderly sergt. 54th Peiin. Vols. ; 6th 
Army Corps of Potomac; promoted to 2d lieut., 1862, Jan. 24; 1st lieut., 
1863, Jan. 1; in battles of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, Malvern 
Hill, Chantille, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chaiicellorsville, Gettys- 
burgh, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Cherry Run; honorably 
discharged, 1864, Aug. 26; physician. 

James Henry and Margaret (Duxbury) Van Rennselaer; b. 1836, Mar. 
24, Belleville, N. J. ; prep. Mr. Church's School, Sing Sing, N. Y. ; Rut- 
gers, 1850-4; in. 1852, May 5, 2; maj. 3d N. J. Vols., 1863; lawyer; mem. 
N. J. Assembly, 1876-7; sheriff Essex Co., 1878-81; m. 1858, Oct. 6, Sarah 
Jauncey Schuyler; d. 1885, May 20, Newark, N. J. 

*WILSON, FERDINAND SCHENCK, s. Henry and Mary Ann 
(Schenck) Wilson; b. 1834, Feb. 11; prep. Grammar School; Rutgers, 
1850-4, A. M.; in. 1852, Nov. 8; lawyer; d. 1871, Aug. 19, Millstone, N. J. 


*BAKER, LEWIS FRED., M. D., s. Samuel and Elizabeth F. 
(Randolph) Baker; b. 1834, June 21; prep. Rutgers, 1851-5; studied 

medicine with Dr. Morrough, New Brunswick, N. J. ; in. 1851, Oct. 20, 
A $; physician; d. 1864, Sept. 5, New Brunswick, N. J. 

1855-6 DELTA CHAPTER 131 

BALDWIN, ALFRED JOTHAM, s. Eli and Phoebe (Van Nest) 
Baldwin; b. 1836, Mar. 31; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 
1851-5, A. M. ; in. 1854, Nov. 1, #; lawyer; mem. of New York Assembly, 
two terms; m. 1862, Oct. 6, Margery Dill; rel. in Z W, J. V. N. Baldwin, 
br. ; d. 1866, Nov. 22, at Monticello, N. Y. 

*BEVIER, CORNELIUS VAN WYCK, s. Rev. John Hornbeck and 
Margaret (Van Wyck) Bevier; b. 1833, April 19, Shawangunk, N. Y.; 
prep, by private teachers, N. Y. City; Rutgers, 1851-4; in. 1851, Oct. 
20, ; lawyer; d. 1889, Sept. 28, Glenham, N. Y. 

KIP, REV. ISAAC LIVINGSTON, 1713 Mifflin St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Francis Marschalk and Mary Rodgers (Bavard) Kip; b. 1835, 
Mar. 10, N. Y. City; prep. Fishkill Acad., Fishkill, N. Y. ; Rutgers, 
1851-5, A. M. ; in. 1853, Oct. 29; studied law with Livingston K. Miller 
and Judge Fullerton; Ref. Church Theo. Sem.,1853, Oct. 29, B. D. ; Ref . 
Church, East Williamsport, 1861-2; chaplain, 159th N. Y. Vol., 1862-3; 
Ref. Church, Stuyvesant Falls, N. Y., 1864-7; Schodack Landing, N. Y., 
1867-75 ;Peekskill,N. Y.. 1875-9; Presb. Church, Patterson, N.Y., 1879-88; 
Ref. Church, Lisher Kill, N. Y., 1888-91; supt. City Mission, New 
Brunswick, N. J., 1891-3; Ref. Church, High Bridge, N. J., 1893-9; S. Ref. 
Church, Philadelphia, Pa., 1899; m. 1865, June 3, Cornelia N. Ostrom; 
1881, Oct. 6, Mary B. Ostrom; children, Cornelia N., Mary B. ; Dutch 
Ref. clergyman; contributor to Christian Intelligencer, New York Observer, 
Christian Work, American Messenger, Country Gentleman, New York 
Tribune, Evening Post. 

LEE, ROBERT FERINE, 115 Broadway (res., 52 E. 63d St.), N. 
Y. City, s. Rev. Robt. P. and Elizabeth (Wiltse) Lee; b. 1835, Apr. 30, 
Montgomery, N. Y. ; prep. Montgomery Acad. ; Rutgers, 1853-5, A. M. ; 
in. 1854, Feb., A $; studied law with Hasbrouck & Tavlor, Newburgh, 
N. Y.; rel. in Z W, Thomas H. and John W., brs. ; Henry Wiltse, cou.; 
m. 1863, Jan. 19, Anna M. Haight; children. Robert P., Samuel V. W., 
Anna H. ; lawyer, Utica, N. Y., 1858-9; N. Y. City, 1859. 

STOUT, THOMAS HANCE, New Brighton, N. Y., s. John W. and 
Eliza (Woodruff) Stout; b. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rut- 

gers, 1851-5; in. 1853, Mar. 28, 2; rel. in Z W, G. Lee, br. ; James C., 
s. ; m. Sarah Lamdin Coffin; children, Edward, James C. 

*STOUT, THOMAS PHERRIS, s. ; b. 1837, Dec. 7; prep. 

; Rutgers, 1851-5; in. 1854, Oct. 10, A $ ^4;capt. Co. F, 15th Regt., 
X. J. Vol. ; editor; d. 1864, June 15, New Brunswick, N. J. 

and Sarah (Couselyea) Traphagen; b. 1837, Nov. 29, Jersey City, 
N. J. ; prep. School in New Jersey; Rutgers, 1850-5, A. M. ; in. 1851, 
Oct. 20, #; m. 1874, Feb. 12, Caroline Ross Maxwell; children, Eleanor 
Van Vort, Ethelinda Horton, Couselyea, Maxwell, and three deceased; 
lawyer; partnership with James T. Brady; State Senator 10th Sena- 
torial District of N. Y. City, 1886; d. 1894, Oct. 26, Nyack-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. 

*TRAPHAGEN, WILLIAM HENRY, s. Traphagen; b. ; 

prep. ; Rutgers, 1851-5, A. M. ; in. 1851, Oct. 20, $; agriculturist; 

d. at Preakness, N. J. 


BOICE, DANIEL RUNYON, New Brunswick, N. J., s. Nelson and 
Louisa (Runyon) Boice; b. 1835, Feb. 16, Piscataway Township, 
Middlesex Co., N. J. ; prep. Old Bridge, Middlesex Co., N. J. ; Rutgers 
1852-6; A.B., A. M. Rutgers; Albany Law School, 1859, LL. B. ; in. 1853 
Oct. 29, A 2 ; 2d lieut. Co. E, 3d N. J. Cav., 1863 ; capt., 1864, Jan. 4 ; maj.' 
1864, Dec.; lieut. col., 1865, Aug.; brev. col., 1867, Mar. 13; 2d lieut! 

132 DELTA CHAPTER 1856-7 

U. S. Cal., 1867; in battles of Wilderness, Spottsylvania C. H., North 
Ann, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Summit's Pt., Kearney sville, Limestone 
Ridge, Winchester, Mt. Jackson, Waynesboro; lawyer, 1859; clerk U. S. 
Treasury; U. S. Consul, Hamilton, Can.; lawyer. 

*DURYEE, REV. WILLIAM RANKIN, D. D., s. Peter S. and Susan 
(Rankin) Duryee; b. 1838, Apr. 10, Newark, N. J.; prep. Newark, N. J. ; 
Rutgers, 1853-6; A. B., 1856; A. M., 1859; D.D.,1876; <2> B K; New Bruns- 
wick Theo. Sem., grad. 1861; in. 1853, Oct. 29, , A $ A;rel. in Z W, John 
L., George S., Joseph R., Edward H., brs. ; George V. W., s. ; JohnL., 
ne. ; mem. St. Nicholas and Holland Soc's of New York; author of arti- 
cles in Christian Intelligencer, 1863-85; of prize song in Heart h and Home, 
1869; religious lyrics, 1885; chaplain 1st Ky. Regt. (Union), 1862; m. 
1864, Charlotte W. Nuttman; 1888, Anna M. R. Varick; children, Susan 
R., Lily N., George V. W., Alice; pastor Reformed Church, E. Wil- 
liamsburgh, L. I., 1863; Lafayette Reformed Church, Jersey City, 
1864-91; prof. Ethics and English Bible, Rutgers Coll., 1891-7; d. 1897, 
Jan. 20, New Brunswick, N. J. 

FIELD, JOHN DE PUY, LL.D., North Branch, N. J., s. Jeremiah L. 
and Martha (Longstreet) Field; b. 1833, North Branch, N. J. ; prep. New 
Brunswick Grammar School; Rutgers, 1853-6; A. B., 1856; A. M., 1858; 
LL. D., 1881, Rutgers; in. 1854, Nov. 1, ; rel. in Z W, Jacob T., br.; 
inventor of reaper, mower, harvester, thresher, corn-planter; 1st lieut. 
and capt. Home Guard, Keokuk, la., 1861-2; lieut.-col. 31st la. Regt., 
1862-3; m. 1860, Maggie E. Arndt; 1887, Lizzie Johnson; children, Mattie 
L., Dorrit; lawyer, 1859-64; civil engineer, 1864-8; farmer, 1871 . 

RAWSON, THOMAS HAZELTON, 602 H St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. (bus. add., Auditor War Dept. ), s. Thomas Read and Louisa 
(Dawes) Rawson; b. 1835, May 31, Peru, Mass. ; prep. Albany, N. Y. ; 
Rutgers, 1854-6; in. 1855, July 21, 3>; m. 1863, Oct. 6, Marion Adams; 
teacher; ass't editor Rochester Dem. and American; clerk Treas. Dept., 
Washington, D. C., 1863. 

RHOADES, ARCHIE CRAIG, M. D., Navy Dept., Washington, 
D. C., s. ; b. ; prep. Erasmus Hall; Rutgers, 1852-6; in. 

1853, Jan. 19; surgeon, U. S. N. ; medical inspector, U. S. Naval Dept. 

VAN PELT, GILBERT SUTPHEN, 123 E. 69th St., N. Y. City, 
s. Reuben and Margaret Schureman (Vredenburgh) Van Pelt; b. 1837, 
Feb. 13, N. Y. City; prep. Nuttman's and John Young's Schools, Eliz- 
abeth, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1853-4; Williams, 1854-6; in. 1853, Oct. 6, 2- 
priv. Co. C, 9th N. Y. S. N. G., 1861; inventor of coupon cutter to cut 
right angle at one cut; m. 1863, June 17, Annie Powell; children, Wm. 
R. P.; Frederick G. ; lawyer, 1858-89; charter mem. Holland Soc. 


*BALDWIN, JOSEPH R., s. ; b. ; prep. Rutgers 

Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1853; in. 1853, Oct. 29, A 2 ; lawyer; 
judge Court Common Pleas; mem. N. J. Leg., 1867, 8; d. 1888, Jan. 26, 
Palatka, Fla. 

*GOODWIN, ALEXANDER TAYLOR, s. Robt. Morris and 
Elizabeth Ann (Taylor) Goodwin; b. 1837, Aug. 9, Savannah, Ga. ; 
prep. Rutgers Grammar School, New Brunswick, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1853-7; 
in. 1853, June 22, 2 A; rel. in Z W, Chas. R. Goodwin, br. ; lieut. and 
adjt. 45th Regt. N. G. S. N. Y., Civil War; m. 1863, Nov. 11, Mary 
W. Wager; children, Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Wager, Letitia; mem. 
Larchmont Yacht Club, Lotos Club and Fort Schuyler Club of Utica, 
N. Y. ; F. and A. M. ; organizer and trustee of Masonic Home, Utica, 

1857-8 DELTA CHAPTER 133 

N. Y. ; life member of Grand Lodge, N. Y. ; lawyer; N. Y. State Senator, 
1876-80; Mayor of Utica, 1889-92; Recorder of Utica, 1864-8; Elector, 1892; 
law partnership with Joseph R. Swan, Utica, 1864-94; lawyer, N. Y. 
City, 1894-9; trustee Utica Savings Bank; d. 1899, July 3, Larchmont 
Manor, N. Y. 

HERBERT, CHARLES MORGAN, s. Jacob Van Wickle and 
Eliza Jane (Smock) Herbert; b. 1838, Feb. 14, Herbertsville, N. J.; 
prep. William Woodhull School, Freehold, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1853-7; A. 
M. 1861; Peithosophian Lit. Soc. ; in. 1855, Jan. 5; m. 1862, Mary 
Duyckinck Hutchings; children, Mrs. Frances H. Vail and Chas. 
M., Jr.; major Gov. Olden's staff; aide to brig, gen., 1858; to 3d Division, 
1861; military sec. Gov. Olden, 1860; lawyer, Prosecutor of Pleas, 
Middlesex Co., 1867-71; mem. State Republican Com., 1869-70; counsel 
to Board of Freeholders and Commissioners of Streets and Sewers; State 
Counsel Knights of Pythias; pres. of New Brunswick Fire Ins. Co.; d. 
1871, Dec. 6, New Brunswick, N. J. 

SEARS, BENJAMIN CHANDLER, Blooming Grove, Orange Co., 
N. Y., s. Marcus and Mary (Caldwell) Sears; b. 1836, Feb. 9, Mon- 
gomery, N. Y. ; prep. Montgomery Acad. ; Rutgers, 1855-7; A. M., 1860; 
Suydam prize English composition; pres. Peithosophian Lit. Soc.; in. 
1856, Feb. 11, $; rel. in Z W, Marcus, s. ; charter mem. Zeta Psi Club, 
N. Y.; m. 1866, Phoebe E. Howell; children, Marcus C., Marion H., Ed- 
mund H. ; farmer; candidate for State Senate, 1878; vice-pres. and direc- 
tor Orange Co. Agr. Soc. ; Supt. N. J. State Coll. Farm and ass't lec- 
turer to Dr. Cook at N. J. farmers' meetings, 1888-93. 

*STOUT, HERBERT, s. James C. and Sarah E. (Herbert) Stout; 
b. 1837, Dec. 3, Old Bridge, N. J. ; prep. Old Bridge, N. J. ; Rutgers, 
1854-7, A. M.; Albany Law School, LL. B., 1860; in. 1855, May 21, 2; 
rel. in Z W, J. E. Stout, br. ; F. & A. M. ; m. 1870, Dec. 20, Margaret 
A. Willis; atty. and counselor Supreme Court of N. Y., 1860; Supreme 
Court, N. J., 1865; prosecutor Hudson Co., N. J., 1869-71; five years Com- 
missioner of Assessments; Corporation Atty. of Jersey City, 1870-76; d. 
1895, Feb. 23, Jersey City, N. J. 

*STRONG, THEODORE, JR., s. Prof. Theodore and Lucy (Dix) 
Strong; b. 1838, Apr. 7, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. 
Grammar School; Rutgers, 1853-7, A. M. ; in. 1853, July 18, A 2; 1st 
lieut. 13th N. J. Vol.; 1st lieut. 30th N. J. Vol., U. S. A.; lawyer; d. 
1863, Feb. 24, in army at Belleplain, Va. 

S. I. (N. Y.), s. Cornelius Glen and Catharine Westerlo (Bleecker) Van 
Rennselaer; b. 1836, Albany, N. Y. ; prep. Albany Acad., N. Y. ; 

Rutgers, 1853-7, A. M.; Albany Med. Coll., M. D. 1859; in. 1855, 
June 4, A <?; ass't surgeon 3d Regt. N. Y. Vols., 1861-2; surgeon 98th 
N. Y. Vols., 1862-5; in battles of Big Bethel, Blackwater, attack on 
Charlestown, Cold Harbor, Drury's Bluff, Petersburg and Fort Horrison; 
m. 1864, Oct. 20, Florence Taylor of Baltimore, Md. ; children, Florence, 
Lindsay; physician. 

*WATKINS, REV. JOHN E., s. William S. ; b. ; prep. 

; Rutgers, 1853-7; Dutch Ref. Theo. Sem., New Brunswick, N. J., 
1857-60; in. 1855, Nov. 6; missionary to Africa, 1860; ship lost at sea. 


*CAMMANN, WALTER, s. Albert and Sarah (Tunison) Cammann; 
b. 1839, Sept. 7, Somerville, N. J. ; prep. Burlington Coll.; Rutgers, 
1854-8; in. 1858, Mar. 16; F. & A. M.; m. 1864, , Louisa Doughty; 

children, Walter, Sara, Mrs. H. K. Gaston; banker, Somerset Co. 
Bank; d. 1869, Sept. 6, Somerville, N. J. 


CORBETT, THOMAS, Denver, Col., s. Patrick and ; b. Car- 

thage, N. Y. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1854-6; Union, 1856-8, A. B. ; oration, 

"The Jesuit"; in. 1856, Feb. 5, 2p; lawyer. 

DURAND, REV. CYRUS BERVICK, 119 Broad St., Newark, N.J., 
s. Cyrus and Phoebe (Wade) Durand; b. 1836, July 27, N. Y. City; 
prep. Home Inst., Irvington, N. J.; Rutgers, 1854-8, A. B., 1858; A. M., 
1862; New Brunswick Theo. Sem., B. D., 1862; in. 1854, Nov. 1, #; A $ A', 
F. and A. M. ; m. 1863, Sarah Merrereau; children, Jennie, Juliet; pas- 
tor Reformed Church, Preakness, N. J., 1863-8; Boonton, N. J., 1868-71; 
Hackensack, 1871-82; ass't rector Calvary Epis. Church, N. Y., 1882-5; 
rector St. James Church, Newark, 1885 . 

KRUM, REV. JOSEPH DEYOE, D. D., Dodge City, Kan., s. 
Martin H. and Margaret (DeYoe) Krum; b. 1834, Mar. 10, Hillsdale, 
Columbia Co., N. Y. ; prep. Newark and Seyons High School; Saders 
Acad., N. Y.; Rutgers, 1854-8, A. B. ; A. M.; D. D., Hamilton Coll., N. 
Y.; in. 1856, Feb. 10; Presb. and Epis. clergyman; m. 1861, July 26, 
Ellen M. Blair; children, Herbert, Josephine, Mary Blair; rector St. 
Cornelius Church, Dodge City, Kan.; prof. English language and 
literature, Soule Coll., Dodge City, Kan.; lecturer Eng. literature, St. 
Johns Mil. School, Talina, Kan. ; general missionary for South Western 
Kansas; dean of Trichita Convocation. 

*LEE, THOMAS HAWKINS, s. Rev. Robt. P. and Elizabeth 
(Wiltse) Lee; b. 1837, Feb. 6, Montgomery, N. Y. ; prep. Montgomery 
Acad.; Rutgers, 1854-7; in. 1856, Sept. 28; studied law with R. P. Lee; 
rel. in Z W, Robt. P. and John Wiltse, brs. ; Henry Wiltse, cou. ; capt. 
33d Regt. N. J. Vol., 1862-5; wounded at Fredericksburg; m. 1870, Nov. 
17, Mary A. Ward; lawyer; d. 1884, Oct. 9, Spottswood, N. J. 

*SMITH, MYRON W., M. D., s. Lyndon A. and Frances Louisa 
(Griffin) Smith; b. 1838, Sept. 24, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark, N. J. ; 
Rutgers, 1854-8, A. B., A. M.; in. 1855, Mar. 16, #; 2d lieut. Co. I, 4th 
Regt. N. J. Vol.; 1st lieut. and adjt. 1st Regt. U. S. Colored Troops; 
act'g ass't adjt. -gen. 1st Brigade, 3d Div., 18th Corps; wounded Cha- 
pin's Ford, Va., 1864, Sept. 30; lawyer, 1861; d. 1864, Oct. 5, Chesapeake 
Hosp. , Fortress Monroe, Va. 

*STURDEVANT, CHARLES W., N. Y. City, s. W. Sturde- 

vant; b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1854-8; in. 1855, Jan. 11, 2; d. 

VAN WINKLE, DANIEL, 154 Academy St., Jersey City, N. J., s. 
Jacob and Maria (Sip) Van Winkle; b. 1839, Oct. 3, Bergen, N. J. ; prep. 
Bergen Prep. School; Rutgers, 1855-8, A. B.; A.M., 1861; Junior orator; 
in. 1855, Oct. 5, ; mem. Holland Soc. ; Univ. Club, Hudson Co., N. J. ; 
m. 1861, Dec. 12, Emma L. Smith; 1880, Oct. 12, Emma L. Earle; chil- 
dren, Florence, Jessie, Helen, Thomas Earle, Frank Hasbroucke; ad- 
mitted N. Y. bar, 1861; school book publisher. 

VREELAND, JOHN VAN RIPEN, Cheyenne, Wy., s. Nicholas 
; b. ; prep. Harris Inst.; Rutgers, 1854-8, A. M. ; in. 1855, 

Oct. 8, F; stock raiser. 

*WOODS, WILLIAMSON, s. James H. ; b. ; prep, by 

Forest C. Quackenbos; Rutgers, 1854-8, A. B.; in. 1855, Oct. 22, 2 A; 
d. 1859. 


ANDERSON, JAMES H. , M. D. , No. 30 University Place, N. Y. City, 
s. James Anderson, M.D. ; ; b. ; prep, by James N. McEllicott; 

Rutgers, 1855-8, M. D.; in. 1855, Oct. 5, A 2; physician. 

1859-60 DELTA CHAPTER 135 

City, s. Daniel and Alletta (Weller) Bookstaver; b. 1835, Sept. 14, Mont- 
gomery, N. Y. ; prep. Montgomery Acad. ; Rutgers, 1857-9; A. B. 1859, 
A. M. 1862, LL. D. 1889, Rutgers; pres. Peithosophian Lit. Soc. ; Mas- 
ters' Oration ; in. 1857, Oct. 19, ; A $ A; Fellow Geographical Soc., N. 
Y. ; Archaeological Inst. of America; mem. N. Y. Historical Soc.; 
American Museum Natural History; Metropolitan Museum of Art; 
Liederkrantz, Manhattan, St. Nicholas and Zeta Psi Clubs; of Huguenot 
and St. Nicholas Soc's; m. 1865, Sept. 6, Mary Bailey Young; children, 
Carrie Hemford, May Alletta, Harry; lawyer, 1861-85; judge N. Y. 
Court Common Pleas, 1885-%; N. Y. Supreme Court, 1896. 

*GORDON, CHARLES COLHOUN, M. D., s. Adam and Eliza 
Gordon; b. ; prep, by Mr. Hamilton ; Rutgers, 1855-7; 

L. I. Coll. Hosp., 1860; in. 1855, June 4, 2 p; rel. in Z W, Oliver E. 
Gordon, br. ; d. 

ONDERDONK, JOHN PERCIVAL, 830 "Witherspoon Bldg. , Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Peter C. and Mary (Runyon) Onderdonk ; b. 1838, Jan. 13, 
New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School ; Rutgers, 1855-9, 
A. B. ; A. M. ; Junior orator ; pres. Peithosophian Soc. ; in. 1856, Oct. 30, 
$ ; mem. Union League Club. 

STOUT, GIDEON LEE. 392 Franklin St., Bloomfield, N. J. (bus. 
add., 776 Broad St, Newark, N. J.), s. John W. and Eliza (Woodruff) 
Stout; b. 1840, Oct. 30. New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. MarlboroChurchill's 
School, Sing Sing, N. Y., and Rundell's School, Bloomfield, N. J.; 
Rutgers, 1854-9, A. M. ; in. 1856, Feb. 25; rel. in Z W, Thomas H., br.; 
James C.. ne. ; m. 1863, June 3, Rebecca Conger; children, "Wright Conger, 
G. Lee, Jr. ; merchant until 1888; pres. Merchants' Ins. Co. of Newark, 

Peter and Eleanor (Brinkerhoff) Vredenburgh; b. 1840, Aug. 19, Free- 
hold, N. J. ; prep. Freehold Inst. ; Rutgers, 1855-9, A. M. ; in. 1856, Dec. 
2, A $; atty., June, 1862; counselor, June, 1865; pres. 1st Nat. Bank, 
Freehold, N. J. ; lawyer; Judge, N. J. Court of Errors and Appeals. 


Harriet (McClelland) Bishop; b. 1840, April 5, New Brunswick, N. J.; 
prep. Peekskill Mil. Inst. ; Rutgers, 1856-60, A. M. : in. 1858, Oct. 18; 
rel. in Z W, J. Howard Ford, cou.; ass't paymaster U. S. N., 1861-85; 
d. 1885, Apr. 23. 

FIELD, JACOB T., M. D., s. Jeremiah and Martha (Longstreet) 
Field; b. 1839, Aug. 3, North Branch, N. J. ; prep. Hamington, N. J.. 
and Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1856-9; Coll. P. and S., N. Y.. 
M. D., 1863; in. 1856, Sept. 20, T; rel. in Z IP", J. D., br. ; ass't surgeon 
Miss. Squadron, 1863; m. 1868, Oct. 28, Mary E. Minifie; child, Frank 
L. ; physician, 1865-95; d. 1896, Nov. 25, Bayonne, N. J. 

*GOODWIN. CHARLES RIDGELY, s. Robt. Morris and Elizabeth 
Ann (Taylor) Goodwin; b. 1842, April 18, Savannah, Ga. ; prep. Private 
SchoolsinN. J. and Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1856-60; A. B. 1860, 
A. M. 1866 (Rutgers); Univ. of Md., LL. B., 1879; Juniororator, 1859; pres. 
Peithosophian Soc. ; in. 1859, Feb. 22, #; rel. in Z W, Alexander T., br. ; 
mem. Md. Historical Soc. ; Maryland and Merchants' Clubs (Baltimore) ; 
University Club (N. Y.); private Chatham Artillery, Savannah, Ga. 
(Confederate Army), 1861-3; lieut. A. D. C. & A. A. G., 1864-5; paroled 
near Richmond, 1866, May 12; m. 1871, Oct. 5, Belle Davies; children, 
Elizabeth Taylor, William Davies: lawyer; State Senator (2d Dist., 
Baltimore City), 1888; Democratic Pres. Elector, 1893; d. 1894, May 19. 

136 DELTA CHAPTER 1860-1 

LANNING, JOHN EDWARD, Asbury Park (res., Long- Branch), 
N. J., s. Absalom P. and Henrietta (Drake) Lanning-; b. 1840, July 22, 
Lawrenceville, N. J. ; prep. Lawrenceville High School; Rutgers, 1858-9; 
Princeton, 1856-7 and 1859-60; A. B., 1860; A. M., 1863; mem. Clio Hall, 
Princeton; Peithosophian Soc., Rutgers; in. 1858, Oct. 10, F; m. 1865, 
June 13, Mary R. Scudder; child, Mrs. F. L. DeGrauw; lawyer; Pros- 
ecutor of Pleas, 1877-82; member gov'g body Long Branch, N. J., 1 

*McNEEL, GEORGE W., s. John G. and (Westall) McNeel; b. 
Ellerslie Plantation, Texas ; prep. Gulf Prairie Acad. ; Rutgers, 
1856-60; in. 1859, Feb. 22, $; rel. in Z W, Pleasant and J. Greenville, 
brs. ; m. 1861, Feb. 28, Maria P. Brown; children, John G., Georgia 
(McNeel) Potts; maj. Confederate Army; d. 1865, May 6. 

*SCHOMP, WILLIAM A., s. Cornelius W. and Louisa (Ar- 
rowsmith) Schomp; b. 1840, Bedminster, N. J. ; prep. Chester Inst. ; 
Rutgers, 1857-60, A.M.; in. 1858, Jan. 21, #; studied law with David D. 
Field; lawyer; mem. N. J. Leg., 1881-2; County Clerk, Somerset Co., 
N. J., 1885-90; m. 1885, Elizabeth Mackay; d. 1898, May 20, Bedmins- 
ter, N. J. 

*TAYLOR, WILLIAM REMSEN, M. D., Astoria, L. I., N. Y., s. 
Dr. Edward and Catharine L. (Forman) Taylor; b. 1840, Feb. 4, Middle- 
town, N. Y. ; prep. Martin Bahlers, Newark, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1856-60, A. 
B., A. M.; Coll. P. and S.,N. Y.; Bellevue and L. I. Coll. Hosp., M. D., 
1864; in. 1856, Sept. 28; physician; col.,U. S. A., G. A. R. ; m. Mary L. 
Blackwell, 1864, Mar. 2; children, Bessie B., Agnes R., Ada B., W. 
Remsen, Ernest H., Lloyd B., Addie B. ; d. 1896, Oct. 2, Middletown, N. J. 


GORDON, OLIVER EUGENE (last add., Perth Amboy, N. J.), 
s. Adam and Eliza Gordon; b. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Gram- 

mar School ; Rutgers, 1857-61; in. 1859, May 24, #; rel. in Z IP", 

Chas. C., br. ; lawyer. 

*HAIGHT, TREVONIAN, M. D., s. Thomas G. and Eliza Ann 
(Van Mater) Haight; b. 1838, Colts Neck, Monmouth Co., N. J. ; prep. 
Lawrenceville, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1857-9; A. B., 1864; in. 1858, Mar. 2, 
; L. I. Med. Coll., M. D., 1862; Bellevue, N. Y. City, 1862-4; m. 1865, 
Jan. 12, Josephine Jones; children, Eloise G., Lillie, Josephine, 
Georgiana; partner with Dr. Woodhull of Freehold, eighteen yrs. ; city 
physician and surgeon of Newark, eight yrs. ; mem. Essex Med. 
Soc. ; d. 1890, March, Newark, N. J. 

St., Newark, N. J., s. William T. and Gertrude A. (Frelinghuyseii) 
Mercer; b. 1840, Nov. 7, Newark, N. J, ; prep. Newark, N. J. ; Rutgers, 
1858-61; A. B., 1861; A.M., 1864; in. 1857, Dec. 3, A $; rel. in Z W, 
Archibald and DumontF., brs.; Frederick Frelinghuysen, cou. ; m. 1868, 
Apr. 14, Kate Anable; children, Frederick William, Alice Louise, 
Dumont Frelinghuysen, John Eccleston, Gertrude Edith ; lawyer; with 
Eq. Life Assurance Soc., N. Y. 

*MESSICK, WILLIAM PERRINE, s. Rev. Dr. John F. and Jane 
L. R. (Perrine) Messick; b. 1840, June 5, Phila.,Pa. ; prep. Somerville, 
N. J. ; Rutgers, 1857-61, A. M. ; 1864, prize medal English composition ; 
in. 1858, Oct. 25, $; A $ A ; m. 1866, Dec. 31, Sarah Kay; children, 

1861-2 DELTA CHAPTER 137 

Hutchinson Kay, William; studied law with S. S. Hartwell ; lawyer, 
1864, mem. Philadelphia Council; counsel for Fairmount Park Com- 
mission and board of m'g'rs House of Correction, 1872-4 ; board of build- 
ing inspectors, 1873-83; First Ass't City Solicitor of Phila., Pa., 1866; 
d. 1888, Jan. 15, Blawenburgh, N. J. 

*MORGAN, LAWRENCE OSMAR, M. D., s. Charles and Elizabeth 
(Black well) Morgan; b. 1838, July 20, South Amboy, N. J.; prep. 
Lawrenceville; Rutgers, 1857-8; N. Y. Coll., 1858, Sept. 30; in. 1858, 
Mar. 30; F. and A. M. ; m. 1878, June 15, Anna T. Dayton; physician; d. 
1890, April 26, South Amboy, N. J. 

MOSELEY, ANDREW B. S., Rome, Ga., s. Robert A. and Maria 
B. (Stephens) Moseley; b. 1843, Oct. 19, Montevallo, Ala.; prep. 
Burlington Coll., N. J., 1857-9; Univ. of Ala., 1859-60; Rutgers, 1860-1; 
in. 1860, Nov. 12, A $; capt. Confederate Army, 1861-5; F. and A.M.; 
publisher "The Rome Georgian." 

TAYLOR, ISAAC STUART, 241 Washington St., Jersey City, N. 
J., s. Rev. Dr. Benj. C. and A. Anna (Romeyn) Taylor; b. 1842, Dec. 14, 
Bergen, N. J. ; prep. Bergen, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1857-61, A B. ; A. M., 
1864; in. 1860, Oct. 1; m. 1866, May 30, Margaret E. Fitch; child, Bertha 
F. ; admitted N. J. bar as atty., 1864; counsellor, 1871; partner of Hon. 
A. T. McGill, 1878-87; advisory master Court of Chancery, 1887 . 


BRUSH, REV. ALFRED HAMILTON, D. D., 7920 18th Ave., 
Brooklyn, N.Y.,s. Rev. William and Isabelle(Dunbar) Brush ;b. 1841, Oct. 
10, Gilford, N. Y. ; prep. Union Hall Acad., Jamaica, L. I.; Rutgers, 
1858, A. B.; D. D., 1897, Hope Coll., Holland, Mich.; New Brunswick 
Theo. Sem., 1865; in. 1858, Oct. 21, 2 p A; rel. in Z W, William W., 
br. ; m. 1878, Apr. 25, Christine D. Chaplin; children, Dunbar Chaplin, 
Margaret Dexter; pastor Reformed Church, Shokan, N. Y., 1865-7; 
Nassau, N. Y., 1867-80; New Utrecht, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1880. 

*BRUSH, REV. WILLIAM W., s. Rev. William and Isabelle (Dunbar) 
Brush; b. 1843, Sept. 25, Gilford, N. Y. ; prep. Dr. William Blauvelt's 
School, Lamington, N. J.; Rutgers, 1859-62, A. B. ; New Brunswick 
Theo. Sem., 1863-6; in. 1859, Oct. 2, $; m. 1868, June, Julia C. 
Wheeler; children, Mary C. , Jane W., William A. ; pastor Reformed 
Church; farmer, N. Y., 1866-8; Stone Ridge, N. Y., 1868-72; Geneva, N. 
Y., 1872-8; d. 1878, Mar. 31, Geneva, N. Y. 

CAMPBELL, REV. ALAN DITCHFIELD, 146Livingston Ave., New 
Brunswick, N. J., s. William Henry and Katharine Elsie (Schoonmaker) 
Campbell; b. 1843, Dec. 1, Albany, N. Y. ; prep. Albany Acad. and 
Rutgers Prep. School, New Brunswick; Rutgers, 1859-62, A. B., A. M. ; 
$ B K; Coll. P. and S., New York, two years; New Brunswick Theo. 
Sem., grad. 1868; in. 1860, Mar. 19, A $; rel. in Z W, Selah W., Wm. 
V. D. and Thos. M. Strong, J. T. Marshall Davie, cous. ; mem. Inter- 
national Evangelistic Ass'n; author of "Vedder Lectures," 1889, and 
numerous magazine articles; m. 1877, Sept. 4, LenaHowland Stranahan; 
children, Maurice Viele, Katharine Elsie, Warren Howland, Hildegarde, 
Alan Ditchfield; clergyman. 

(See Phi Chapter.) 

KEESE, FRANCIS SUYDAM, Union League, Philadelphia, s. 
John Mumford and Catharine B. (Wynkoop) Keese; b. 1841, Dec. 25, 
N. Y. City; prep. Peekskill Acad., N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1860-1; A. B., A. M 
1865, Rutgers; in. 1859, Oct. 8, A 2; A $ A; $ A; rel. in Z W, Alfred 


Drury, F. K. W. Drury, ne's; mem. Mil. Order of the Loyal Legion 
of the United States, Sons of Rev., Union League of Philadelphia; 
withdrew from college to enter army; sergt. 1st N. J. Vol. Inf., 1861, 
May 29; capt. 128th N. Y. Vol. Inf., 1862, Sept. 4; maj., 1863, Sept. 15; 
lieut.-col., 1864, Nov. 29; brev.-col., 1865, March 13; mustered out, 1865, 
Sept. 4; m. 1888, Oct. 4, Susan Lamereaux Jones; inspector of offices, 
Bradstreet Co., 1886, Jan. 

*McNEEL, J. GREENVILLE, s. John G. and (Westall) McNeel; 
b. Ellerslie Plantation, Texas; prep. Prairie Gulf, Tex.; Rutgers, 
1857-61; in 1859, Oct. 9, 2 p; rel. in Z W, George W. and Pleasant, 
brs. ; Confederate Army; killed in battle, 1862. 

*MESEROLE, NICHOLAS WYCOFF, s. ; b. 1841, Feb. 13, 

Newtown, N. Y. ; prep. Flushing Inst. ; Rutgers, 1858-62, A. B. ; A. M., 
1865; in. 1859, Ap. 5, F ; priv. 1st N. J. Vol., 1861, May; Corp., sergt., 
1st lieut., Co. G, 133d Regt., N. Y. Vol., before Sept., 1862; capt. Co. I, 
same, April, 1863; brev. maj. and lieut.-col. by Gov. Fenton, N. Y., 
for gallant and meritorious services; in battles West Point, White Oak 
Swamp, Games' Hill; with Gen. Banks' expedition to New Orleans; in 
attacks on B. Island and Port Hudson, Mansura Plains, La., and with 
Sheridan in Shenandoah Valley; mustered out 1864, Dec. 25; m. Catherine 
Adrain; with Guardian and Greenwich Ins. Companies, N. Y. ; d. 18%, 
May 8, N. Y. City. 

REED, ALFRED, Trenton, N. J., s. George Beaver and Mary 
(Hepburn) Reed; b. 1839, Dec. 23, in Ewing Township, Mercer Co., 
N. J. ; prep. Lawrenceville High School and Model School, Tren- 
ton; Rutgers, 1858-60, A. M.; in. 1859, Oct. 8, ; Law School, Pough- 
keepsie, 1860; admitted N. Y. Bar, 1862; N. J. Bar, 1864; m. 1878, Aug. 
1, Rosealba E. Souder; children, Edith Hepburn, Alfred Donald; law- 
yer; pres. Common Council of Trenton, 1865; Judge of Common Pleas and 
Quarter Sessions, Mercer Co., 1869-74; Mayor of Trenton, 1868-9; Justice 
N. J. Supreme Court, 1876 ; Vice Chancellor. 

SMITH, ABEL I., 146 W. 76th St., N. Y. City, s. Abel I. and 
Prudence (Carey) Smith; b. 1843, June 12, North Bergen, Hudson Co., 
N. J. ; prep. New Durham, N. J., by Wm. V. V. Mabon,D. D. ; Rutgers, 
1858-62; in. 1861, Jan. 28, <; m. 1870, Dec. 7, Laura Howell; children, 
Abel I, Jr., Dorothy Gailbraith, Elise Howell; lawyer, mem. of N. J. Leg., 
1870; appointed Judge Hoboken Dist. Court, 1888; reappointed 1898; 
pres. Hudson Co. Branch State Charities Aid Ass'n. 

and Susanna (Van Derveer) Van Neste; b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 

1858-62, A. M.; Coll. P. and S., M. D.; in. 1859, Nov. 2, A $; physician; 
practiced in Flatbush Hosp. ; d. 1874, Oct. 31, Jacksonville, Fla. 

VAN SLYKE, REV. EVERT, D. D., 403 Washington Ave., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., s. Peter T. and Jerusha (Brown) Van Slyke; b. 1835, April 
10, Stuyvesant, N. Y. ; prep. New Durham, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1860-2, A. 
B. ; A. M., 1865; D. D.,1883; New Brunswick Theo. Sem., grad. 1865; in. 
1860, Oct. 29, #; v.-pres. Holland Soc. of N. Y.; m. 1865, July 26, Sarah 
D. Sheldon; child, Evert Sheldon; pastor Ref. Church, Whitehouse, 
N. J., 1865-7; West Farms, N. Y. City, 1867-70; Albany, N. Y., 1870-2; 
Presb. Church, Stamford, Conn., 1872-6; Ref.Church, Syracuse, N. Y., 
1885; pres. General Synod, Ref. Church, 1889; trustee Elmira Female 
Coll., 1883-6; Ref. Church, Catskill, N. Y., 1885-96; North Ref. Church, 
Brooklyn, 1896 ; delegate to Alliance of Ref. Churches holding Presb. 
System, London, 1888; Toronto, 1892; chaplain Atlantic Yacht Club, 
Brooklyn, 1873. 

1863-4 DELTA CHAPTER 139 

I86 3 

West Indies, s. Andrew M. and Elba L. (Saltonstall) Arcularius ; 
b. 1835, Dec. 2, N. Y. City; prep, with Rev. Wm. V. V. Mabon, 
D. D., LL. D. ; Rutgers, 1860-3; A. B., 1863; A. M., 1866; pres. lit. soc.; 
New Brunswick Theo. Sem., 1863-6; in. 1860, Nov. 26, ; 2 p A; m. 
1872, Dec. 5, Elizabeth Hotaling-; children, Robert S., Grace C., Elizabeth; 
clergyman, Port Ewen, Ulster Co., N. Y., 1866-81; Roxbury, N. Y., 
1881-3; New Baltimore, N. Y., 1883-97; Ref. Church, St. Thomas, W. I., 

Anthony and Sarah (Clark) Elmendorf; b. 1843, Dec. 12; prep. Gram- 
mar School; Rutg-ers, 1859-63; Coll. P. and S., M. D., 1866; in. 1860, 
Oct. 22, 2 A, $ A; physician; d. 1880, Dec. 25. 

N. J., s. William R. and Julia (Hartshorne) Janeway; b. 1843, Oct. , 
New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Leggett's School, N. Y. Citv; Rutgers, 
1860-3; Coll. P. and S., N. Y., M. D., 1866; Univ. of Vienna, 1871; in. 
1861, Oct. 8, ; rel. in Z W, Henry L.,br. ; physician and surgeon, N. 
Y. City, and New Brunswick, N. J. ; surgeon German Army in Franco- 
Prussian Wars; d. 1887, Nov. , Hot Springs, Ark. 

KIRKPATRICK, ANDREW, 91 Lincoln Park, Newark, N. J., s. 
John Bayard and Margaret (Weaver) Kirkpatrick; b. 1844, Oct. 8, 
Washington, D. C. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School, New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1860-2; Princeton, 1862; Union Coll. , 1862-3 ; A. B., 
1863; A. M., 1866, Union; A. M., Coll. of N. J.; in. 1860, Mar. 19, 2 A, 
A $ A, $ A; rel. in Z W, John Bayard, br. ; m. 1869, Oct. 7, Alice 
Chapman Condit; 1883, Dec. 5, Louise Comstock Howell; children, An- 
drew, John Bayard, Alice Condit, Littleton, Isabelle, Elizabeth; lawyer; 
pres. Judge Essex Co. (N. J.) Court Common Pleas, 1885-%; Judge U. S. 
Dist. Court of N. J., 1896. 

VAN CLEEF, JAMES HENRY, New Brunswick, N. J., s. Peter 
A. and Eliza (Hutchings) Van Cleef; b. 1841, July 12, Branchville, 
Somerset Co., N. J. ; prep. Titusville District Schools and Rutgers 
Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1859-60; Lafayette, 1860-3, A. M. ; 1872, 
Lafayette; in.1859, Nov. 2, A 2 A; mem. Holland Soc.; F. and A. M. ; 
N. J. Historical Soc.; m. Mrs. Van Buren; child, Schuyler; counsel for 
Middlesex Board Freeholders, 1873-4; mem. N. J. Assembly, 1875, 81-2; 
city atty. of New Brunswick, 1877-8; pres. New Brunswick Fire Ins. Co. ; 
Mayor of New Brunswick, N. J., 1889-95; N. J. Senator, 1897; lawyer. 


DURYEE, JOHN LUTHER, M. D., 12 N. Arlington Ave., E. 
Orange, N. J., s. Peter S. and Susan (Rankin) Duryee; b. 1845, July 
20, 40 Park PI. , Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad. , Pingry School, 
John Grant School, Alger Inst. ; Rutgers, 1860-4; A. B., 1864; A. M., 
1867; Coll. P. and S., N. Y., M. D., 1868; Junior orator; mem. Peitho- 
sophianSoc. ; in. 1860, Oct. 1; rel. in Z W, William R., Geo. S., Joseph 
R., Edward H., brs. ; Wm. Rankin, Jr., cou. ; Geo. V. W., ne. ; John L., 
s. ; mem. Essex Co. (N. J.) Dist. Med. Soc. ; m. 1872, June 27, Amy John- 
son Hall; children, Peter S., John L., Bertha Hall; physician. 

*McNEEL, PLEASANT, s. John G. and (Westall) McNeel; 
b. Ellerslie Plantation, Texas; prep. Taylor Univ.; Rutgers, 1860-1; 
in. 1860, Oct. 1, 2 p; rel. in Z W, J. Greenville and George W., brs.; 
Confederate Army; killed in battle, 1864. 

140 DELTA CHAPTER 1864-6 

THOMPSON, CHARLES HENRY, M.D., Belmar, Monmouth Co., 
N. J., s. Dennis and Cornelia (Bergen) Thompson ;b. 1843, Aug. 23, Barren- 
town N. J. ; prep. William Woodull's, Freehold, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1860-4; 
Coll. P. and S., M. D., 1868; in. 1862, Dec. 12, ; F. and A. M. ; Knight 
Templar; pres. Borough Commission, Belmar, 1885-9; Mayor Belmar, 
1892-6; mem. of Council, 1885-97; pres. Monmouth Co. Med. Soc., 1895- 
6; mem. of New York Medico-Legal Soc.; m. 1865, May , Rhoda Ann 
Holmes; child, Fred. Vail Thompson, M.D. ; physician and surgeon. 


*DENISE, RUSHA, s. John S. and Catharine (Thompson) Denise; 
b. 1842, Nov. 5, near Freehold, N. J. ; prep. Freehold Inst. ; Rutgers, 
1861-5; in. 1861, Oct. 3, #; m. Louisa Mears; child, Charles M. ; civil 
engineer; County Clerk, Norfolk, Va. ; d. 1880, Dec. 15, Norfolk, Va. 


*DAYTON, CHARLES MERIDETH, s. Chas. Pickney and Eliza- 
beth (Arrowsmith) Dayton; b. 1845, Aug. 15, New Brunswick, N. J. ; 
prep. Fays' School, Elizabeth N. J.; Ann. Mil. School, 1860-2; Rutgers, 
1862-5; Cooper's Inst., N. Y. City, 1865-8; in. 1862, Oct. 21, 2 p; seat 
New York Stock Exchange, 1868-77; res., San Francisco, Cal., 1877-9; 
d. 1879, Oct. 31, San Francisco, Cal. 

EDGAR, JOHN BLANCHARD, Rahway, N. J., s. John Blanchard 
and Anna Louise (Ross) Edgar; b. 1843, May 7, Rahway, N. J. ; prep. 
Pierson's School, Elizabeth, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1862-6, A. B. ; in. 1862, Oct. 
31, #; rel. in Z W, Charles H. and Dr. J. Clifton Edgar, cous. ; B. Collins, 
s. ; N. J. State Militia, 1875-95; col. on Gen. Mott's staff; m. 1874, May 
7, Harriet B. Collins; children, Anna L., Blanchard Collins, Gertrude, 
Marguerite, Natalie; retired m'f'r. 

HULST, REV. GEORGE DURYEE, Ph. D., 15 Himrod St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., s. Geo. and Mary M. (Tompkins) Hulst; b. 1846, March 9, 
Brooklyn, N.Y. ;prep. Janesville (N. Y.) Acad. and ColumbiaColl. Gram. 
School; Rutgers, 1863-6; A. B., 1866; A.M., 1869; Ph. D., 1891, Rutgers; New 
Brunswick Theo. Sem., 1869; prize for classics; fourth honor; philo- 
sophical oration; pres. class and Philoclean Lit. Soc.; in. 1864, Mar.28, 
$; mem. Brooklyn, New York, and Newark Entomological Soc.; Torrey 
Botanical Club, N. Y. ; Holland Soc.,N. Y. (pres., 1890); dept. botany, 
Brooklyn Inst.; mem. and Fellow Am. Ass' n for Advancement of Science; 
Am. Ass'n Economical Entomologists; author of "Monograph of Cato- 
calae of N. A.," "Monograph of Epipaschinag of N. A.," "Monograph of 
Phycitidae;" m. 1871, Oct. 5, Magdalena Hulst Stoothoff ; children, Grace 
Duryee, Ella Stoothoff, Magdalena Stoothoff, Geo. Duryee; pastor Re- 
formed Church, South Bushwick, Brooklyn, 1869 ; professor of Entomolo- 
gy, Rutgers, 1888; N. J. State Entomologist, 1888; lecturer Entomology, 
Biological School, Brooklyn; N. Y. Inst., 1890-2; lecturer on Botany, 
Brooklyn Coll. of Pharmacy, 1891-3; Board Supt., New Brunswick Theo. 
Sem., 1889-93 and 1899; editor Entomological American; Fellow of Brook- 
lyn Inst. ; Classification of Geometrina of N. A. 

KIRKPATRICK, JOHN BAYARD, 94 College Ave. (bus. add., 354 
George St.), New Brunswick, N. J., s. John Bayard and Margaret 
(Weaver) Kirkpatrick; b. 1847, Feb. 14, Washington, D. C. ; prep. Peek- 
skill Mil. Acad., N. Y.; Rutgers, 1862-6, A. B. ; A. M., 1869; pres. 
Peithosophian Lit. Soc.; founder and capt. ,Univ. baseball club; Coll. 
P. and S., N. Y.; in. 1862, Sept. 19, A ; A < A, 1894; rel. in Z V, 
Andrew, br. ; pres. New Brunswick City Club; m. 1871, June 28, Mary 
Elizabeth Hortzen Phillips; children, Mary Jane Bayard, Laura Board- 
man, John Bayard, Jr., Andrew; broker; trustee Rutgers Coll., 1892 ; 

1866-8 DELTA CHAPTER 141 

director New Brunswick Savings Bank, 1890; pres. New Brunswick 
Board Public Works, 1882; of Merchants' Bldg. & Loan Ass'n, 1884; 
treas. Fourth Excelsior Bldg. & Loan Ass'n, 1886; pres. New Brunswick 
Gas Light Co., 1891; New Brunswick City Treas., 1896. 


FRELINGHUYSEN, FREDERICK, 774 Broad St., Newark, N. J., 
s. Frederick and Matilda (Griswold) Frelinghuysen; b. 1848, Sept. 30, 
Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad. ; Rutgers, 1864-8; in. 1864, Sept. 
27, #; rel. in Z W, Archibald, Dumont F. and Frederick F. Mercer, 
cous. ; lawyer; pres. Howard Savings Bank, Newark, N. J. ; trustee and 
treas. Rutgers Coll.; attorney and counselor, 1874; comm'r and treas. of 
Sinking Fund of Newark; director in Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., and 
Nat. Newark Banking Co.; mem. Constitutional Convention of N. J., 

s. John Pool and Frances Eliza (Eddy) Hardenberg; b. 1849, Feb. 26, 
New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Hasbrouck's School, Jersey City, N. J. ; 
Rutgers, 1864-5; in. 1864, Sept. 28, 2 p; m. 1874, Nov. 24, Ella Hunt 
Schenck; children, Henry, Helen Hunt, Frances Eddy; m'f'r; City 
Treas., North Adams, Mass. 

MERCER, ARCHIBALD, M. D., 31 Washington St., Newark, N. 
J., s. William T. and Gertrude A. (Frelinghuysen) Mercer; b. 1847, Dec. 
23, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad.; Rutgers, 1864-8, A.B. ; A. M., 
1871; Coll. P. and S., N. Y., M. D., 1871; Soph, orator prizes; Junior 
orator; in. 1864, Sept. 27, <?; rel. in Z W, Frederick F., Dumont F., 
brs. ; Frederick Frelinghuysen, cou. ; treas. N. J. Med. Soc. ; sec. Soc. for 
Relief of Widows and Orphans of N. J. Med. Men; mem. Bd. Trustees, 
Newark City Hosp. , 1890-4; sec. Essex Co. Med. Soc. ; pres. Newark Med. 
and Surgical Soc.; m. 1888, Nov. 21, Katrine Campbell; U. S. Pension 
examining surgeon, 1873-85; examiner Mutual Life Ins. Co., N. Y., 
1872 ; attending surgeon Newark City Hosp., 1882 ; same for St. Bar- 
nabas Hosp., 1889 ; surgeon N. J. Home for Disabled Soldiers, 1892-7. 

RANKIN. WILLIAM, JR., M. D., 23 Cedar St., Newark, N. J., 
s. William and Ellen H. (Stevens) Rankin; b. 1848, Mar. 13, Cincinnati, 
O.; prep. Newark Acad., Newark, N. J.; Rutgers, 1864-8, A. B. ; A. M., 
1871; Coll. P. and S., N. Y., M. D., 1871; in. 1864, June 22, ; rel. in 
Z W, E. H., G. S., G. V. W., W. R., J. L., J. R., J. H. Duryee, cous.; 
mem. Am. Ophthalmological, Am. Otological Ass'ns; N. J. State Med. Soc. ; 
pres. Essex Dist. Med. Soc., 1892; m. 1873, Anna M. Hall; children, 
Eleanor, William, Arthur W., Anna; hosp. in Vienna, Austria, 1871-2; 
surgeon Newark Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; trustee Newark 
Acad.; sec. Newark Library Ass'n. 

VAN BLARCOM, WILLIAM DIXON, 4200 Page Ave., St. Louis, 
Mo., s. Jacob Van Riper and Euphemia Maria (Dixon) Van Blarcom; 
b. 1845, Nov. 28, Paterson, N. J. ; prep, by priv. tutor, McGeorge's Acad., 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1864-5; 
in. 1864, Nov. 18, T; mem. Mercantile and Elks Clubs, St. Louis; Vol. 
three months, 1861; m. 1869, June 24, Fannie H. Conant; children, Wm. 
Dixon, Jr., Howell, Blanch B., Carrie G., Dixon, Conant; fire ins.; 
director Excelsior Fire Ins. Co. ; St. Louis Commercial Fire Ins. Co. ; 
m'g'r Western Dept. of several ins. companies; sec. and treas. Laclede 
Wire Co.; supt. Durange Tin Mining Co. 

VARICK, WILLIAM WOOLSEY, M. D., 124 Bentley St., Jersey 
City, N. J., s. Theodore Romeyn and Adelia Jenkins (Woolsey) Varick; 
b. 1847, Jan. 16, N. Y. City; prep. Hasbrouck's School, Jersey City, N. J. ; 

14 2 DELTA CHAPTER 1868-70 

Rutgers, 1864-8; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; Coll. P. and S., N.Y., M. D.; 
in. 1864, June 18, 2; rel. inZ W, Rev. W. R. Duryee, br.-in-law; mem. 
Holland Soc., ofN.Y. ; Washington Soc., Jersey City; Am. Inst. ; m. 1877, 
Oct. 3, Grace Ferguson; child, William W., Jr.; civil engineer; physi- 
cian; mem. State Bd. Education; pres. Hudson Co. Bd. Health; pres. 
med. staff and surgeon to city and St. Frances' Hosps., Jersey City. 


BERDAN, JOHN G. (last add., Paterson, N. J.), s. G. V.H.Berdan 
; b. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1865; 

in. 1867, Nov. 6, 2. 

CONE, SPENCER HOUGHTON, Philadelphia, Pa., s. S. Cone 
; b. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1865-9; 

in. 1868, June 1, P; theatrical m'g'r. 

trude A. (Frelinghuysen) Mercer; b. 1850, Jan. 23, Newark, N. J. ; prep. 
Newark Acad. ; Rutgers, 1865; in. 1866, Oct. 12; rel. in Z W, Dr. Archi- 
bald and Fred F., brs. ; Frederick Frelinghuysen, cou. ; merchant; d. 
1882, Jan. 19, Newark, N. J. 

*TERHUNE, NICHOLAS, s. John N. and Sophia M. (Merselis) 
Terhune; b. 1847, Aug. 2, Paterson, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Gram- 
mar School; Rutgers, 1865-9, A. M. ; in. 1865, Oct. 5, A 2; m. 1874, Oct. 
15, Jennie A. Kipp; children, Harold N., Irving N. ; pharmacist; d. 
1892, Jan. 22, Passaic, N. J. 

VAN BLARCOM, JACOB CRAIG, St. Louis, Mo., s. Jacob Van 
Riper and Euphemia Maria (Dixon) Van Blarcom; b. prep. 

; Rutgers, 1865-8; in. 1865, June 20; rel. in Z W, W. D., br.; 
v.-pres Nat'l Bank of Commerce, St. Louis, Mo. 

VAN CLEEF, JOHN TALMADGE, 103 E. State St., Trenton, N. 
J., s. Rev. Paul D. and Cataline (Onderdonk) Van Cleef; b. 1849, July 
9, Coxsackie, N. Y. ; prep. Dr. Hasbrouck's Inst., Jersey City, N. J. ; 
Rutgers, 1865-9, A. M. ; first prize, Myron W. Smith, Junior ex., 1867; 
master's oration, 1872; in. 1865, June 20, 2 A; atty., July, 1873; counselor, 
June, 1876, with firm Van Cleef & Van Horn, 1873-5; mem. of firm of 
Fleming, Van Cleef & Van Horn, 1875-8; Alderman of Jersey City, 1874- 
5; served on Nat. Guard 9 years; on staff of Govs. Green, Abbett and 
Werts; rel. in Z W, James H. Van Cleef, cou.; m. 1876, Sept. 12, 
Mary Emma Jones; children, Catalina, Walter J. ; lawyer; sec. N. J. 
R. R. Commission; Board of Assessors, 1884-96; now practicing law in 
Trenton, N. J. 


erick and Julia A. (Halsey) Canfield; b. 1849, Apr. 7, Ferromonte, N. J. ; 
prep. Wm. Rankin's School, Mendham, N. J., and private tutor, New 
Brunswick; Rutgers, 1867-70; A. B., 1870; A. M., 1873, Rutgers; M. E., 
1873, Columbia Coll.; Bradley Mathematical and Suydam Natural 
Science prizes; School of Mines, Columbia oll.C, 1873; in. 1870, Jan. 21; 
mem. Am. Inst. of Mining Engineers; Am. Numismatical and Archaeo- 
logical Soc.; N. J. Historical Soc.; author of "Catalogue of the Minerals 
of N. J. " ; inventor of car-brake, safety exploder for dynamite, capper and 
uncapper for gun cartridges; mining, hydraulic and civil engineering; 
supt. The Royal Silver Mines of Potosi (Bolivia), Limited, at Potosi, 
Bolivia, 1885-7; special expert for Bolivian government, 1886; N. J. 
Comm'r Columbian Exposition, 1893. 

1870-1 DELTA CHAPTER 143 

BURKE, BENJAMIN R. KISS AM, Bound Brook, N. J., s. ; 

b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1866-9; in. 1868, Oct. 8, A #. 

FIELD, EDWIN, M. D., Red Bank, N. J., s. Thomas S. and Martha 
(Taylor) Field; b. 1849, May 2, Middletown, N. J. ; prep. Wesley an 
Acad., Wilbraham, Mass.; Rutgers, 1866-70; Coll. P. and S., N. Y. City, 
M. D., 1873; in. 1868, June 1, 2 p; F. & A. M.; N. J. Med. Soc. ; m. 1875, 
July 1, A. M. Hance; surgeon, rank of maj.,4th N. J. Vol., 1898; physi- 
cian and surgeon. 

*IVES, HARRY CROCKETT, s. Solon Emmett and Emma (Crock- 
ett) Ives; b. 1852, June 25, Newark, N. J.; prep. Newark High School; 
Rutgers, 1866-70, M. S.; in. 1868, June 19, $; m. 1877, Nov., Jessie 
Griffin; children, Edith, Lee, Emmett, Ora Romona; R. R. engineer, 
supt. and ass't gen. m'g'r St. Paul, Minn. & Manitoba R. R. ; ass't gen. 
m'g'r Santa Fe R. R. ; d. 1893, Aug. 31, Chicago, 111., in accident on B. 
& A. R. R. 

ROBINS, WILLIAM ROSS, 48 Exchange PI., N. Y. City, s. Amos 
and Margaret T. (Ross) Robins; b. 1849, June 19, Metuchen, N. J. ; 
prep. Prof. Gustave Fischer; Rutgers, 1866-70; Peithosophiau Lit. Soc.; 
in. 1867, Sept. 24, F; m. 1887, June 1, Mary A. Lockwood; child, Amos; 
rel. in Z W, B. C. Edgar, cou. ; broker. 

VAN HORN, ABRAHAM, 400 Compton St., Jersey City, N. J., s. 
Garret and Agnes Van Horn; b. 1849, July 14, Jersey City, N. J. ; 

prep. Hasbroucks, Jersey City, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1866-70, A. M. ; in. 
1867, March 22, $; A 2 A; $ A; counselor June, 1876. 


COOK, HENRY HERBERT, Trenton, N. J., s. ; b. ; 

prep. ; Rutgers, 1867; in. 1869, Feb. 18, 2. 

DENMAN, ABRAM CROSS, 302 6th Ave., Newark, N. J., s. Isaac 
Marsh and Marv (Ranslev) Denman; b. 1853, Jan. 18; prep. Newark, 
N. J.; Rutgers, 1868-9; in. 1868, Sept. 24, 2; m. 1874, June 17, Sarah 
Littell; children, Abram Cross, Jr., EmmaHalsev; merchant and m'f'r; 
sec. B. Atha & Illingworth Co., Newark and N. J. Steel Works. 

MILLER, JOHN ANDERSON, Prudential Bldg. (res., ISCentreSt.), 
Newark, N. J., s. John Anderson and Sarah Jane (Davies) Miller; b. 
1850, Dec. 30, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Grant's Class. School, Newark, N. 
J. ; Rutgers, 1868-71; second prize for thesis; class pres. ; Columbia Law 
School, LL. B.,1874; in. 1868, Sept. 24, ; A # A; lieut.-col. and judge 
advocate Division Staff N. J. Militia; mem. Essex and Republican Clubs, 
Newark, N. J. ; m. 1885, April 22; lawyer and notary public, 1871 ; 
Master in Chancery, 1874 ; Judge Newark City Dist. Court, 1888-91; 
pres. Young Men's Republican Club. 

Sarah (Skillman) Von Romondt; b. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar 

School; Rutgers, 1867-71; in. 1867, Nov. 6, 2 p; civil service; d. 1877, 
, Washington, D. C. 

WARD, JOSEPH, JR., 253 Mt. Pleasant Ave. (bus. add., 741 Broad 
St.), Newark, N. J., s. Joseph and Almira (Lee) Ward; b. 1851, Feb. 21, 
Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad. ; Rutgers, 1867-71, M. S. ; in. 1869, 
Feb. 1, $; m. 1880, Oct., Carrie Corwin; children, Bessie, Olive B. 

144 DELTA CHAPTER 1872-4 


DENNIS, JOSEPH ROSE, 25 James St., Newark, N. J., s. Martin 
R. and Josephine (Rose) Dennis; b. 1854, April 14, Newark, N. J. ; prep. 
Newark Acad. ; Rutgers, 1869-71; treas. baseball club; in. 1869, Sept. 21, 
A <2>; publisher, bookseller and stationer, 1871-85; broker, 1885-90. 

(See Psi Chapter.) 

*DURYEE, GEORGE SHARPE, s. Peter S. and Susan (Rankin) 
Duryee; b. 1850, July 15, Newark, N. Y. ; prep. Stamford, Conn., and 
by private tutors; Rutgers, 1869-72, A. M. ; master orator; class pres. ; 
in. 1869, June 23, ~2 A, $ A; rel. inZW, William R., John L., Joseph R., 
Edward H., brs. ; Geo. V. W. and John Lawrence, ne's ; Wm. Rankin, 
Jr., cou. ; mem. Essex Club, Newark; Univ. and Manhattan Clubs, N. 
Y. ; Philadelphia Art Club; mem. N. J. House Reps., 1878; clerk in 
chancery, 1881; U. S. Dist. Att'y for N. J., 1888; N. J. Com'r of Banking 
and Insurance, 1891; m. 1878, Virginia Teackle Beasley; lawyer; d. 
18%, Oct. 26, N. Y. City. 

HEATH, CHARLES FIELD, South Orange, N. J. (bus. add., 
Newark, N. J.), s. Edmund F. and Margaret (Fogle) Heath; b. 1853, 
Nov. 26, Newport, Ky. ; prep. Newark Acad. ; Rutgers, 1869-72, B. S. ; 
in. 1869, Oct. 5, $; Essex Club; Reform Club; 2d lieut. Essex Troop, 
First Troop N. G. N. J. ; m. 1881, Oct., Annie C. Moore; children, 
Edmund F., Marjorie, Carlotta; m'f'r. 

RYERSON, LOUIS JOHNES, Pompton Plains, N. J., s. Martin 
John and Mary A. (Conckliii) Ryerson; b. 1850, March 19, Bloomingdale, 
N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1869-72; A. B., 1872; 
A. M., 1875; Columbia, B. LL., 1876; in. 1868, June 19, #; rel. in Z W, 
A. Zabriskie, br. ; m. 1888, , Janie R. Roome; child, Louise 

Janet; lawyer, Paterson, N. J. , 1876-85; m'g'r and supt. Blooming- 
dale Graphite Co., 1885-9; broker and commission business N. Y. City, 

RANDOLPH, JAMES FITZ, Morristown, N. J., s. Hon. Theo. F. 
and Mary (Colman) Randolph; b. 1855, Feb. 22, Whippany, N. J. ; prep. 
Morristown, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1868-72, M. S., E. M. ; senior class pres. 
School of Mines, Columbia; in. 1869, Sept. 21; merchant; m. Jennie 
S. F. Randolph, 1879, Aug. 1; children, Theodore, Elizabeth, Robert. 


MARTINEZ, JULIUS HERNANDEZ (add. unknown), s. ; 

prep. Rutgers, 1871-2 ; in. 1871, June 16. 


DURYEE, REV. JOSEPH RANKIN, D. D., 139 E. 36th St., N. Y. 
City, s. Peter S. and Susan (Rankin) Duryee; b. 1853, Nov. 22, Newark, 
N. J. ; prep. Lawrenceville, N. J.; Rutgers, 1870-4; A. M., 1876; D. D., 
1891; first prizes, Smith oratory, Schemerhorn Essay; Senior class pres. ; 
New Brunswick Theo. Sem., B. D., 1879; in. 1870, June 17, #; rel. in Z 
W, William R., John L., George S., Edward H., brs.; George V. W., 
John L., nes. ; mem. Century Club, N. Y., and Holland Soc. ; m. 1882, 
April 25, Margaret Sloan; children, Margaret Elmendorf, Susan, Maria, 
Elizabeth La Grange, Samuel Sloan, Edward H. ; law; theology; or- 
dained 1879; pastor Grace Reformed Church, N. Y. City. 

FULLER, HOWARD NEWTON, 91 Clinton Ave. (bus. add., Canal 
and Chapel Sts)., Albany, N. Y., s. William and Lydia (Swezey) Fuller; 
b. 1853, Oct. 29, New Baltimore, N. Y. ; prep. Coeymans, (N. Y.) Acad., 
Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1870-4, A. B., 1874; A. M., 1877; 
Albany Med. Coll.; Philoclean lit. prize; Senior English composition 


prize; class historian; pres. football ass'n; temperance ass'n; Philoclean 
Lit. Soc. ; editor Targum, Scarlet Letter; delegate to Intercoll. Football 
Ass'n, N. Y., 1873; in. 1872, Feb. 6, ; mem. Young- Men's Lit. Ass'n; 
F. and A. M. ; R. A. M. ; author of "On the Banks of the Old Raritan" 
(Rutgers song); editor New Baltimore, N. Y., Sun, 1876; Greenbush 
Gazette, 1877-8; business, 1879; Alderman llth Ward, Albany, 1883-5; 
pres. Unconditional Republican Club three terms; pres. llth Ward Perma- 
nent Republican Ass'n; Republican candidate for Mayor, 1886; Comm'r 
Instruction, 1890; pres. Albany Co. McKinley League, 1896. 

JANE WAY, REV. HARRY LATIMER, New Brighton, N. Y., s. 
William R. and Julia (Hartshorne) Janeway; b. 1855, Nov. 20, Jersey 
City, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1870-4, A. 
M. ; B K; New Brunswick Theo. Sem., 1875-8; Union Theo. Sem., 
1879-80; in. 1870, Sept. 20, $; rel. in Z W, Thos. L., br. ; clergyman; 
pastor Presb. Church, Leadville, Col., 1878-9; Ouray, Col., 1880; Wil- 
liamstown, N. J., 1881-95; m. 1881, Nov. , Mary Walser; children, Wil- 
liam, Theodore, Eleanore. 

PARKER, JAMES, West Point Military Acad., c/o War De- 
partment, Washington, D. C., s. Hon. Cortlandt, Sr., and Elizabeth 
Wolcott (Stites) Parker; b. 1854, Feb. 20, Newark, N. J.; prep. Phillips 
Andover Acad. ; Rutgers, 1870-2, B. S. ; in. 1870, Sept. 26, A ; rel. in Z W, 
Cortlandt, Jr., U. S. M. A., West Point, grad. 1876; capt. 4th Cavalry, 
U. S. A., 1888, Oct. 2; lieut.-col. 12th N. Y. Vol., 1898, May 13; honor- 
ably discharged Mar., 1899; Mantanzas, Cuba; now in Philippine Islands 
with 4th Cavalry; 2d lieut. 4th Cavalry, 1876, June 15; 1st lieut. 4th 
Cavalry, 1879, July 23; lieut. -col. 45th U. S. Vol. 

*STODDARD, WILLIAM, s. William Craig and Sarah (Jewell) 
Stoddard; b. 1853, Aug. 31; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 
1870-4, A. M., LL. B.; in. 1870, Oct. 16, ; lawyer, New Brunswick, 
1877-82; d. 1882, Sept. 13, New Brunswick, N. J. 


Home; b. ; prep. Hasbroucks, Jersey City, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1870-4; 

Columbia Coll. Law School; in. 1870, Sept. 29, A $; d. 1876, Nov. 29, 
Jersey City, N. J. 

*VREELAND, STEPHEN BASSETT, s. Nicholas and Ellen 
Jane (Van Ripen) Vreeland; b. 1853, Jan. 22, Caven Point, Jersey City, 
N. J. ; prep. Hasbrouck Inst., Jersey City, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1870-4; Belle- 
vue Med. Coll.; med. student; in. 1870, Sept. 29, 2; rel. in Z W, S. S. 
Vreeland, John V. R. Vreeland, cou's; d. 1875, Dec. 19. 


BURR, SAMUEL DE VERE, Plainfield, N. J., s. Samuel Jones 
and Caroline Chickering (Read) Burr; b. 1855, Jan. 23, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
prep. Plainfield High School; Rutgers, 1871-5, A. M. ; C. E. ; pres. 
Junior class; in. 1872, Feb. 8, 2 ft; author of "Tunneling under the 
Hudson," "Bicycle Repairing"; co-author of "4,000 Years' Progress," 
"History of the Centennial"; m. 1880, May 12, Evelyn Hart; children, 
Edna, Hudson; journalist; associate ed. Engineering News, 1880-4; 
Scientific American, 1884-7. 

*SNYDER, JOHN J., s. ; b. ; prep. Saugerties Inst., 

Saugerties, N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1871 ; in. 1872, Apr. 20, 2; editor Daily 
Union, Schenectady, N. Y.; d. 189 . 

146 DELTA CHAPTER 1875-8 

VREELAND, STEPHEN SCUDDER, 150 Nassau St., N. Y. City, 
s. Stephen B. and Mary (Merseles) Vreeland; b. 1854, Nov. 22, Jersey 
City, N. J. ; prep. Hasbrouck's School, Jersey City, N. J. ; Rutgers, 
1871-4; in. 1871, June 1; rel. in Z W, Stephen Bassett Vreeland, John 
V. R. Vreeland, cou's; mem. Lotus and Press Clubs, N. Y. City; m. 
1877, June 21, Mary Gaston; 1893, Sept. 19, Maud De A. Urmy; children, 
Gertrude G., Stephen B. ; lawyer; pres. Jersey City Bd. of Aldermen, 


DURYEE, EDWARD HENRY, 765 Broad St. (res., 30 Washington 
Place), Newark, N. J., s. Peter Sharpe and Susan (Rankin) Duryee; 
b. 1857, Dec. 4, Newark, N. J. ; prep. High School, Lawrenceville, 
N. J.; Rutgers, 1873-6, A. B. ; A. M., Rutgers; Columbia, LL. B., 1878; 
pres. Targum Ass'n, Football Ass'n; 3> B K; in. 1873, June 17, #; 2 pA; 
A A; rel. in Z W, John L., Joseph R., George S., William R., brs. ; 
Geo. Van W., John L., Jr., ne's; William Rankin, Jr., cou. ; lawyer. 

MOORE, THOMAS MORRELL, Somerville, N. J., s. John and 
Mary (Morrell) Moore; b. ; prep. Pingry's School, Elizabeth, N. J. ; 

Rutgers, 1872-6; in. 1872, Sept. 12, 2-, merchant. 

OSBORNE, WILLIAM HULBERT (add. unknown), s. Aaron 
Osborne; b. ; prep, by Samuel Tweedy, Danbury, Ct. , ; Rut- 

gers, 1872-3; in. 1872, June IS, Sheffield Scientific School; m'f g agent. 

Vanderpoel; b. ; prep. N. Y. City Grammar School; Rutgers, 

1872-6; in. 1872, Oct. 22; bookkeeper. 


BROWN, ANDREW WALLACE, 140 Broad St. (bus. add., cor. 
Belleville Ave. and Nursery St.), Newark, N. J., s. George and Susan 
Frances (Sharp) Brown; b. 1858, June 9, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Law- 
renceville High School; Rutgers, 1873; to Cornell, 1874-7; in. 1873, June 7, 
$; m. 1886, Alice G. Hendry; child, Alan H. ; architect. 

KNOX, JOHN HAYNES, Lebanon, N. J., s. Samuel and Sarah 
(Haynes) Knox; b. ; prep. Charlier's French School; Rutgers, 1873- 

7; pres. Philoclean Soc., 1877; in. 1874, Nov. 10, #; mine m'g'r. 

*SKINKLE, WILLIAM LEGGETT, s. Jacob and Eliza P. (Boylan) 
Skinkle; b. 1854, Feb. 10, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad.; Rut- 

f;rs, 1873-7; Senior editor Targum and Scarlet Letter; in. 1873, June 17, 
; atty., June, 1891; counselor, Feb., 1885; associated with William S. 
Gummere until 1886; d. 1890, April 13, Nice, France. 

Cal., s. John and Mary (Mesereau) Woodbridge; b. 1857, Apr. 26, Sara- 
toga Springs, N. Y. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School ; Rutgers, 1873-7, 
A.B.; A.M., 1880; Ph.D., 1888 (N. Y. Univ ); college crew; Junior orator; 
in. 1873, Oct. 13, ; rel. in Z W, Freeman, br.; S. Bradford, s. ; m. 1878, 
Dec. 18, Elizabeth B. Dayton; children, John Eliott, Samuel Bradford, 
Ruth, Thomas Dudley; lawyer, N. Y. City, 1880; chemist, 1890. 


CULVER, EVERETT MALLORY, M. D., 175 W. S8th St. (bus. 
add., 43 Cedar St.), N. Y. City, s. Delos E. and Culver; b. ; 

prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1874-8; Berlin, Fred. 
Wilhelm Univ., 1884; A. M., Rutgers; P. & S., M. D., 1881; pres. Junior 
class; pres. Targum Ass'n; demonstrator of Post Grad. Coll.; in. 1874, 
June 13, 3>; surgeon. 

1878-80 DELTA CHAPTER 147 

PARKER, CORTLANDT, JR., 765 Broad St. (res., 568 Broad 
St.), Newark, N. J., s. Hon. Cortlandt and Elizabeth W. (Stites) 
Parker; b. 1857, Aug. 17, Newark, N. J.; prep. Newark Acad. ; St. 
Mark's School, Southboro, Mass.; Pingry School at Elizabeth, N. J. ; 
Rutgers, 1874-8; A. M. 1881; Columbia Law School, LL. B., 1881, master 
orator; in. 1874, Oct. 1, ; rel. in Z W, James, br. ; attorney, 1881 ; 
counselor, 1885 . 

REED, CHARLES ARTHUR, 27 Myrtle Ave., Plainfield, N. J., 
s. Hugh B. and Annie E. (Thompson) Reed; b. 1857, Dec. 4, Fort Wayne, 
Ind. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School, New Brunswick, N. J. ; Rutgers, 
1873-4; Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1882; in. 1874, Nov. 5; pres. 
Plainfield Crescent League; mem. Union Co. Country, Plainfield Bicycle, 
and Somerville (N. J.) Bachelor Clubs; pres. Park Club; m. 1887, Oct. 
4, Katharine Longstreet Clarke; children, Arthur, Madeline and Hugh 
B.; admitted N. J. Bar, 1882; Penn'a, 1883; Special Examiner U. S. 
Pension Bureau, 1884-5; North Plainfield Borough Counsel, 1888-99; N. 
J. House of Rep., 1895-6; Senate, 1896-9; pres. Senate and act'g Gover- 
nor, 1899. 


CUTLER, CONDICT WALKER, M. D., 135 W. 76th st., N. Y. 
City, s. Augustus W. and Julia R. (Walker) Cutler; b. 1859, Morris- 
town, N. J.; prep. Morristown; Rutgers, 1875-9, B. S. ; M. S., 1882; first 
Harsen prize, $500; first honor man; class pres. and historian; Coll. P. 
and S., M. D., 1882; in. 1876, Oct. 17, $; rel. in ZW, Frederick Walker, 
br. ; mem. Acad. Med. ; New York Athletic Club; author "Essentials of 
Physics and Chemistry," "Organic Chemistry," "Differential Medical 
Diagnosis," " Differential Diagnosis of Diseases of the Skin," " Treat- 
ment of Typhoid Fever, ' ' lecturer on dermatology ; m. 1882, Jan. 30, 
Cora Carpenter; child, Condict W., Jr. ; physician; instructor New York 
Post Grad. Hosp., 1888; prof. Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., 1892; visiting 
physician, New York City Hosps., 1897; physician-in-chief, New York 
Dispensary, 1890 . 

*MILLER, JONATHAN BRUEN, s. Elias N. and Sarah M. 
(Coates) Miller; b. 1858, Oct. 4, Newark, N. J.; prep. Newark Acad. 
and Essex Hall, Orange, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1875-9, M. S. ; in. 1875, Oct. 
30, 3>, 2 A; m. 1881, Alice P. Boggs; child, J. Bruen; editor American 
Railroad Journal; Zeta Psi Monthly; inventor of the Chordal (Curve) ; d. 
1887, July 3, Newton, N. J. 

s Hon. Theo. F. and Mary (Colman) Randolph; b. 1857, Sept. 2, Jersey 
City, N. J. ; prep. Morristown, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1876-80; Columbia, LL.B., 
1883; in. 1875, ; lawyer. 

RUNYON, ERNEST LINDWOOD, 121 North 4th St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Elias and Cornelia (Rue) Runyon; b. ; prep. Lawrenceville 

C. & C. H. S.; Rutgers, 1875-9; in. 1876, June 12, <. 


Kingston, N. Y., s. Joseph and Ellen J. (Blauvelt) Hasbrouck; b. 1860, 
Feb. 19, Port Ewen, N. Y. ; prep. New Paltz Acad.; Rutgers, 1876-80; 
in. 1879, , ; m. 1886, Jan. 13, Julia M. Munn; children, Ann,' 

Elsie, Ellen; lawyer; mem. N. Y. Assembly, 1884-5; Corporation 
Counsel, Kingston, N. Y., 1887-93; Deputy Atty. Gen., N. Y., 1894-8. 

148 DELTA CHAPTER 1880-2 

N. J., s. Joseph Henry and Elizabeth Duncan (Blackfan) Olcott; b. 1861, 
May 1, East Millstone, N. J. ; prep, by private tutor; Rutgers, 1876-80, 

A. B.; A. M.; junior orator; Coll. P. and S. N. Y., M. D. 1884; 
in. 1877, May 1; U. S. Navy, 1887 ; past ass't surgeon; m. 1887, 
Feb. 11, H. Frederica Anderson; child, Floyd Bronson; ass't and house 
physician St. Francis' Hosp., 1884-7. 

VAN SYCKEL, BENJAMIN MILLER, M. D., 102 W. 75th St., N. 
Y. City, s. Peter D. and Phoebe J. (Miller) Van Syckel; b. 1857, Dec. 7, 
Newark, N. J. ; prep. Bahler's Acad., Newark, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1875-80; 
A.M., 1883; in. 1875, Sept. 29, <; M. D., 1882, Bellevue Med. Coll.; m. 
1882, Nov., Grace Coffin; children, Katharine, Woodbury, Gardiner; 


ANTHONY, RICHARD ALLARD, 591 Broadway (res., New 
Brighton, S. I.), N. Y. City, s. Edward and Margaretta R. (Mont- 
gomery) Anthony; b. 1861, May 24, N. Y. City; prep. Dr. Holbrook's 
Mil. Acad., Sing Sing, N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1877-9; Columbia, 1879-81; A. 

B. 1881, A. M. 1885, Columbia; class pres.; in. 1877, Oct. 11; rel. 
in Z W, Henry G. Piffard, M. D. ; established A Chapter at Col- 
umbia; mem. N. Y. Acad. of Sciences, University and Richmond 
County Clubs; Holland Soc. ; Sons of Rev.; treas. Storm King Club; 
m. 1895, Nov. 5, Amelia A. Van Valkenburgh; child, Richard Allard, 
Jr.; clerk for E. & H. Anthony & Co.; sec. same, 1884; v.-pres., 1889- 
96; pres., 1896. 

VERBRYCKE, REV. JOHN RUSSELL, Gurley Memorial Presb. 
Church, Florida Ave., between 6th and 7th Sts. (res., 936 T St., N. W.), 
Washington, D. C., s. John and Hannah E. (Smith) Verbrycke; b. 1860, 
Nov. 5, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 
1877-81, A. B. ; A. M., 1884; chorister of college; capt. Boating Ass'n; New 
Brunswick Theo. Sem., grad. 1884; in. 1881, Feb. 1, $; prelate, F. and 
A.M.; pres. Pier inant Cycle Club; mem. Tappaii Zee Sail and Ice Yacht 
Clubs; Nyack Choral Union; m. 1884, June 5, Lizzie S. D. Easton; chil- 
dren, John Russell, Lillian Easton; pastor Ref. Church, Preakness, N. 
J., 1884-7; Piermont, N. Y., 1887-93; Gurley Memorial Presb. Church, 
Washington, D. C.,1893 ; moderator Washington Presbytery, 1898; sec. 
Presb. Alliance, of Wash., 1897. 

WARRICK, JAMES PRICE, 363 Meldrum Ave., Detroit, Mich., 
s. Woodward and Emma A. (Price) Warrick; b. 1860, Nov. 13, Glass- 
boro, N. J. ; prep. West Jersey Acad., Bridgeton, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1877-8, 
and Univ. of Pa.; in. 1879, Oct. 28, A 2; m. 1889, June 4, Louisa Bar- 
ron Fredericks; children, Chas. F. and Woodward Alfred; mem. F. & 
A. M. ; m'f ' r of glassware. 


add., Municipal Bldg., 177th St. and 3d Ave.), N. Y. City, s. Aaron and 
Mary A. (Hildebrandt) Hoffman; b. 1857, July 25, Fairmount, N. J.; 
prep. Somerset Class. Inst., Somerville, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1878-82, C. E.; 
in. 1881, Feb. 23, A 2; m. 1888, Jan. 25, Martie A. Skinner; child, A. 
Van Nest; civil engineer; Geological Survey of N. J. ; U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey; "East Jersey Board of Proprietors," 1887-9; ass't 
engineer Dept. Sewers, N. Y. City, 1889 . 

HURFF, GEORGE BRECKINBRIDGE, 220 Market St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. (res., Sewell, N. J.), s. Thomas W. and Hannah (Jaggard) 
Hurff; b. 1860, July 13, Hurffville, N. J.; prep. South Jersey Inst., 

1882-4 DELTA CHAPTER 149 

Bridgeton, N. J.; Rutgers, 1880-2; in. 1880, Oct. 15, $; author of "Volu- 
metric Determination of Iron," "An Essay on Marl"; m. 1892, Oct. 5, 
Lillie Heritage; children, Edith, Lindley S. ; ass't State Chemist, Agri- 
cultural Exper. Station, two years; chemist PorpoisineM'f'gCo., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1889-95; sole proprietor of same, 1895 . 

RANDOLPH, EDGAR FITZ, Morris Co. Savings Ins. Bldg., 
Morristown, N. J., s. Hon. Theo. F. and Mary (Colman) Randolph; b. 
1861, Aug. 29, Asbury, N. J.; prep. Washington, D.C.; Rutgers, 1878-82; 
Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1885; in. 1878; lawyer. 

WOODS, GEORGE ADAMS, 4388 Park Ave. (bus. add., Dept. of 
Health), X. Y. City, s. Justus Osman and Maria Frances (Baker) 
Woods; b. 1863, Nov. 14, Clifton, S. I., N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn Poly- 
technic Inst., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1879-82, grad. in chemistry; 
associate editor Scarlet Letter; pres. Philoclean Soc. ; in. 1879, Oct. 14; 
mem. National Science Ass'n, Staten Island; sec. Hygeia Protective 
Ass'n, N. Y. Citv; Narragansett and Pontiac Clubs, and Tammany 
Hall, N. Y. City; F. and A. M. ; sergt. 22d Reg'tN. G. S. N. Y.; mem. 
3d Reg't N. G. S. N. J. ; m. 1888, Dec. 3, Mary Elizabeth Slater; 
children, Edna Lucile, Leslie Baker and Justus Edmund; ass't chemist 
W. H. Schieflin Co., N. Y. City; inspector Dept. Agriculture and Bd. of 
Health; dockmaster Dept. Docks, N. Y. City. 

I88 3 

Augustus W. and Julia R. (Walker) Cutler; b. 1861, Mar. 24, Morris- 
town, N. J. ; prep. Morristown High School and private tutor; Rutgers, 
1880-3; A. M., 1886; Junior class orator; class v.-pres. ; pres. lit. soc. ; 
Senior editor Scarlet Letter and Targum; Union Theo. Sem., 1886, B. D. ; 
in. 1880, Nov. 8, ; rel. in Z W, C. W. Cutler, M. D.,br.; pastor Wood- 
haven (Brooklyn) Presb. Church, 1886-95. 

*EATON, EDSON DE WINT, s. Gabriel and Susan M. (Day) 
Eaton; b. 1856, Jan. 10, Minisink, Orange Co., N. Y. ; self-prep.; Rut- 
gers, 1879-83, M. S. ; C. E., 1886; in. 1882, Dec. 15, ;F. and A. M. ; m. 
1885, July 8, Margaret Stoubrough; child, Ethel; ass't in Engineer 
Corps, M. W. V. R. R. of N. J., Div. P. R. R., 1883-4; prof. Mathe- 
matics Mo. Univ., 1884-8; Nautical Almanac office at Washington, D.C., 
1888-9; d. 1889, Mar. 27, Washington Lake, Orange Co., X. Y. 

LAUBEXHEIMER, JOHN, East Greenbush, N. Y., s. Jacob and 
Frederika (Xollman) Laubenheimer; b. 1861, July 12, New Brunswick, 
N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1879-83; A. B., 1883; 
A. M., 1886; v.-pres. Philoclean Lit. Soc. ; capt. Univ. boat crew; 
Reformed Church Theo. Sem., 1883-6; in. 1880, ; Grand Chaplain, F. 
and A. M. ; m. 1886, Nov. 24, Jessie F. Randolph ; Minister of 

Reformed Dutch Church. 

VAN SYCKEL, THOMAS DOREMUS, 990 Broad St., Newark, 
N, J., s. Peter D. and Phoebe J. (Miller) Van Syckel; b. 1863, Oct. 8, 
Newark, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1879-83; 
in. 1879, , A <2>; IstTST. J. Regt., U. S. V., 1898; ranch in Colorado, 



MABON, WILLIAM, M. D., Ogdensburg, N. Y., s. William Van 
Vranken and Sarah Emma (Deas) Mabon; b. 1860, Aug. 14, New Dur- 
ham, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Prep. School; Rutgers, 1883-4; Bellevue 
Hosp. Med. Coll., M. D., 1881; in 1883, Oct. 30, ; rel. in Z W, Clifton 
and Arthur Frederick, brs. ; m. 1890, Jan. 9, Rosa P. Vedder; children, 
Rosa Vedder, Margaret Van Vranken; house physician and surgeon, 

150 DELTA CHAPTER 1884-7 

Jersey City Charity Hosp., 1881-2; physician, New Brunswick, N. J., 
1882-5; ass't physician at Morris Plains (N. J.) Hpsp. for Insane; ass't 
physician at Utica State Hosp., Utica, N. Y., until 1895; supt. Willard 
State Hosp., Willard, N. Y., 1895-6; supt. St. Lawrence State Hosp., 
Ogdensburg, N. Y., 1896. 

PARMLY, JOHN EHRICK, Oceanic, N. J., s. Ehrick and Lucie 
(Dubois) Parmly; b. 1861, Feb. 5, New York; prep. Hunt's Coll. 
Training School, New York; Princeton, 1879-83; Rutgers, 1883-4, A. B. 
1883; A. M. 1886, Princeton; athletic contest prize, Cliosophic Soc., 
Princeton; in. 1883, Nov. 7, A $; rel. in Z W, George DuBois, br. ; Ran- 
dolph Parmly, cou. ; pres. Oceanic "Christian Temperance Union"; sec. 
Oceanic "Lyceum"; pres. Rutgers Athletic Club; m. 1885, April 8, 
Lucy Whitehill MacDonald; farmer, writer, theological student. 


CHASE, NORMAN D. (last add., Newark, N. J.), s. ; b. ; 

prep. ; Rutgers, 1881; in. 1881, Oct. 11, 2 p. 

HENDERSON, OSCAR WILLIAMS, N. Y. City (last add., ), 

s. James F. ; b. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rut- 

gers, 1881-2; in. 1881, Sept. 20, 2 p; architectural draughtsman. 

*MATTHEWS, PETER MONTFORT, s.BenjaminBorroughs and 
Marilla Hall (Montfort) Matthews; b. 1864, Feb. 26, Clover Hill, Hunter- 
don Co., N. J.; prep. Somerville, Rev. Wyckoff; Rutgers, 1881-4 ; in. 1881, 
Jan. 10, T; pharmacist; d. 1899, June 10, Bound Brook, N. J. 


STRYKER, SAMUEL DAVIS, 335 W. 45th St. (bus. add., 105 Hud- 
son St.), N. Y. City, s. Samuel Davis and Emma Virginia (Brittan) 
Stryker; b. 1864, Apr. 2, 39th St., N. Y. City; prep. Newark Acad. ; 
Rutgers, 1882; in. 1883, Jan. 31, 5>; mem. Knickerbocker Athletic Club; 
Commercial Club; mercantile business. 

WALDRON, WILLIAM HUBELI, 25 Livingston Ave. (bus. add., 
Highland Park), New Brunswick, N. J., s. John and Jane (Hubeli) 
Waldron; b. 1865, June 22, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Gram- 
mar School; Rutgers, 1882-6, B. S.; in. 1883, Oct. 15, $; rel. in Z W, 
Edward A., Howard V. D., Herbert M., brs. ; m'f'r. 

WILLIS, WILLIAM S., 219 Littleton Ave., Newark, N. J., s. 
Ralph and Lucretia A. (Van Nuis) Willis; b. 1864, May 23, Marlboro, 
Monmouth Co., N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Prep. School; Rutgers, 
1882-5; in. 1882, Dec. 15, #; F. & A. M. ; teacher Middlebush, 1885-90; 
supt. Perth Amboy Schools, 1890-5; supervisor 15th Ave. Public Schools, 
Newark, N. J., 1895-9; prin. Newark and Normal Training School, 
Newark, N. J., 1899. 


BRODIE, WARREN JAMES, 478 The Arcade (res., 93 Olive St.), 
Cleveland, O., s. William Alexander and Laura (Diver) Brodie; b. 
1863, Apr. 27, Rochester, N. Y. ; prep. Geneseo ; N. Y. State Normal 
School; Rutgers, 1883-7, B. S.; pres. Glee Club, 1887; editor-in-chief 
Targum, 1887; bus. m'g'r Scarlet Letter, 1886; director Athletic Ass'n, 
1887; 1st lieut. Cadets, 1887; in. 1883, Oct. 30, #; clerk for Livingston 
Co.; treas., 1887-9; private sec. L. H. Severance; treas. Standard Oil 
Co., 1889. 

1887-8 DELTA CHAPTER 151 

PALMER, HENRY HOLMES, Cuyamaca Club (bus. add., Keat- 
ing- Block), San Diego, Cal., s. Joseph Rauson and Emily (Godfrey) 
Palmer; b. 1867, Oct. 11, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Livingston Ave. 
High School, New Brunswick; Rutgers, 1883-7, A. B. ; A. M., 1898; 
second prize Modern History; in. 1886, June 15, A $; rel. in Z W, John 
L. Pearson, cou. ; mem. Cuyamaca Club, San Diego; law student, 1888- 
91; lawyer, San Diego, 1891. 


Palmer (Skillman) Cook; b. 1867, Oct. 26; prep. Dr. Hasbrouck's School, 
Bound Brook, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1884-8; A. M., 1891; pres. Junior class; 
master orator; studied law with Senator Marsh, Columbia Law School, 
N. Y.; admitted to the bar, 1890; in. 1886, March 9, A $; lawyer, 
1890-3; d. 1893, May 3, Bound Brook, N. J. 

DIVINE, BENJAMIN GEORGE, 284N. Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J., 
s. Michael William and Angelina (Donne) Divine; b. ; prep. Eliza- 

beth Bus. Coll.; Rutgers, 1884-8; in. 1884, Dec. 9; rel. in Z W, Charles 
and Richard Donne, brs. 

DIVINE, RICHARD DONNE, National Smelting and Refining Co., 
South Chicago, 111., s. Michael William and Angelina E. (Donne) 
Divine; b. 1867, Dec. 6, Irvington, N. J. ; prep, private schools, Eliza- 
beth, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1884-8, B. S. ; commencement oration; sec. Sopho- 
more class; v.-pres. Senior class; capt. lacrosse team and class football 
and baseball teams; in. 1884, Oct. 15, $; rel. in Z W, Benj. G. and 
Charles, brs.; mem. Elizabeth (N. J.) Athletic Club; chemist and as- 
sayer. Chicago & Aurora S. & R. Co., 1888-91; Balbach Smelting & Re- 
fining Co., 1892, Newark, N. J.; Nation Smelting & Refining Co., 1892 . 

LA MONTE, ROBERT RIVES, Bound Brook, N. J., s. George 
and Rebecca Thweatt (Kern) La Monte; b. 1867, Dec. 23, Brooklyn, N. 
Y. ; prep. Hasbrouck's School, Bound Brook, N. J., and Epis. High 
School, Alexandria, Va. ; Rutgers, 1884-5; U. Va., 1885-7; pres. Jeffer- 
son Lit. Soc., U. Va.; in. 1884, Oct. 1; author of "Barbed Wire 
Fences" and "Boroughs of New Jersey," in N. J. Law Journal, 1893; 
wholesale paper business, two years; lawyer, Kansas, 1891; New Jersey, 
1893; corporation counsel, Bound Brook; att'y for First Nat'l Bank, 
Bound Brook. 

MATTICE, HERBERT LINDSLEY, c/o Gilespie Varnish Co., 
Jersey City, N. J., s. Rev. A. Mattice; b. ; prep. Seymour 

Smith Acad.; Rutgers, 1882-4; in. 1882, Nov. 7, A 2; business. 

MARVIN, WILLIAM FORCE, 506 Summer Ave., Newark, N. J., 
s. James L. and Mary (Force) Marvin; b. 1865, Mar., Newark, N. J. ; 
prep. Newark Acad.; Rutgers, 1884; in. 1884, May 24, 2 p- rel. in 
Z W, H. D. Force, F. F. Fisher, cou's; m. 1893, Oct. 12, Annie Higbie; 
children, Hart H., Stewart F. ; m'f'r and civil engineer. 

PALMER, EDWARD DOWNER, 78 W. 68th St. (bus. add., 194 
Columbus Ave.), N. Y. City, s. James E. and Mary (Downer) Palmer; 
b. 1858, April 18, Zanesville, O. ; prep. Zanesville and Ann Arbor 
Schools; Rutgers, 1884-5; sec. -trustee Rutgers Athletic Ass'n; in. 1883, 
Oct. 30; rel. in Z W, Freeman Woodbridge, cou.; J. Kirtland Howard, 
ne. : chairman ground committee West End Tennis Club, New Bruns- 
wick. N. J. ; mem. New Brunswick Boat Club and Town and Gown Club, 
New York, 1893. 

VOORHEES, JOHN HOWARD, SiouxCity, S. D., s. Samuel G. and 
Jane (Brokaw) Voorhees; b. 1867, Feb. 20, South Branch, N. J. ; prep. 
Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1884-8, A. B. ; A. M., 1891; commence- 

152 DELTA CHAPTER 1888-90 

ment orator, # B K', class day prophet; in. 1884, Oct. 2, ; rel. in Z W, 
Charles Willard, br. ; F. and A. M. ; mem. Dacotah Club; sec. South 
Dakota Bar Ass'n; m. 1894, June 5, Bessie A. Tabor; children, Lor- 
raine B., Mildred T. ; lawyer, 1889. 

WALDRON, EDWARD AUSTIN, 25 Livingston Ave. (bus. add., 
Highland Park), New Brunswick, N. J., s. John and Jane (Hubeli) 
Waldron; b. 1867, Aug. 14, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Gram- 
mar School; Rutgers, 1884-8, B. S. ; in. 1885, Dec. 1, T; rel. in Z W, 
Wm. H., H. M., H. V. D., brs.; m'f'r. 


DURYEE, GEORGE VAN WAGNEN, Saranac Lake, N. Y., s. 
William Rankin and Charlotte Ward (Nuttman) Duryee; b. 1868, Aug. 
10, Jersey City, N. J. ; prep. Hasbrouck Inst., Jersey City, N. J. ; Rut- 
gers, 1885-9, A. B. ; Bussing prize; class pres. ; treas. Athletic Ass'n; 
Senior editor Targum; editor Scarlet Letter \ New York Law School, 
1891; in. 1885, Sept. 29, ; rel. in Z W, Wm. R., fa.; John L. Joseph 
R., George S., Edward H., unc's; John L., William Rankin, Jr., 
cou's; m. 1896, Margaret Vaia Nest Smith; child, Margaret Van Nest; 
treas. Pontiac Club, Saranac Lake, N. Y. ; business with Brown Bros. 
& Co., 1889-91; law student with Turner, McClure & Rolston, 1891; 
mem. of firmKingsley, Mabon & Duryee, 1892-3; school trustee, Saranac 
Lake, 1896-7; treas. Adirondack Park Co., 1899. 

FORCE, HAROLD DIOSSY, 74 South llth St. (bus. add., 79 
Beach St., c/o L. De Groff & Son), Newark, N. J., s. Silas C. and Viola 
(Diossy) Force; b. 1867, Oct. 25, Jersey City, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad. ; 
Rutgers, 1885-9; senior editor Targum; pres. lacrosse team; mem. class 
football team; class historian; composition prize; Columbia Law School, 
1889-91 ; in. 1885, Sept. 29, $ ; m. 1895, June 25, Minnie A. Cliff; 
v.-pres. Vose & Cliff Car Spring Co. 

Y., s. Rev. J. A. and Liggett; b. ; prep. Pingry School, 

Elizabeth, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1885-9, Ph. D.; in. 1885, Oct. 6, A $; Presb. 


DIVINE, 'CHARLES, 284 N. Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J., s. Michael 
William and Angelina (Donne) Divine; b. 1869, Oct. 21, Irvington, N. J. ; 
prep. Lansley's Elizabeth Bus. Coll.; Rutgers, 1886-90, B. S.; Liebig 
Chemistry prize; in. 1886, Sept. 23, A 3>; rel. in Z W, Benjamin G., 
Richard D., brs.; analytical chemist, 1890; ass't N. J. State Agricul- 
tural Experiment Station; chemist N. Y. Tartar Co., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

FOUNTAIN, JAMES, Browntown, N. J., s. James T. and Gertrude 
(Brown) Fountain; b. 1865, May 10, Browntown, N. J. ; prep. Glen wood 
Inst., Matawan, N. J. ; Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1885-9; 
senior editor Scarlet Letter; in. 1885, Apr. 28, A $; m. 1899, June 1, 
Emily Compton; farmer. 

HALLOCK, GERARD, Pottstown, Pa., s. William H. and Julia 
(Mack) Hallock; b. 1868, July 1, Brooklyn, N. Y.; prep. Rutgers Coll. 
Grammar and Pingry Schools, Elizabeth, N. J.; Rutgers, 1886-90, A. B; 
A. M., 1893; pres. Targum Ass'n; class historian; in. 1886, Oct. 5, ; 
prof. St. Luke's School, Bustleton, Pa., 1890-2; Hill School, Pottstown, 
Pa., 1892. 

*LEMESSENA, GWIN, s. William F. and S. (Frank) Lemessena; 
b. 1868, July 16, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad.; Rutgers, 1886-90; 
in. 1886, Sept. 28; m. ; business; d. 1898, Apr. 5, London, England. 

1890-1 DELTA CHAPTER 153 

William Van Vranken and Sarah Emma (Deas) Mabon; b. 1869, June 
3, New Durham, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1887-90; 
A. B., 1890; A.M., 1894; second Spader History prize; Senior class pres. ; 
editor Targum; pres. glee club; New Brunswick Theo. Sem., grad. 1894; 
in. 1887, May 17, $; rel. in Z W, William and Samuel Clifton, brs. ; 
mem. Quill Club, N. Y. City; pastor Second Reformed Church, Tarry- 
town, N. Y. 

VAN ZEE, REV. CHARLES WILLIAM, Marlboro, N. J., s. An- 
thony and Anna E. (Salter) Van Zee; b. 1867, Jan. 9, Bayonne, N. J. ; 
prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1886-90, A. B. ; A. M., 1893; in. 
1886, Sept. 22, ; Philo. Soc., N. B. Theo. Sem., 1893; Taylor Univ., 
Ph.D., 1899; m. 1893, Jan. 25, Lillian Rogers; clergyman; pastor 1st 
Ref. Church, Freehold, N.J.,1893 . 

WARD, REV. WILLIAM DAVIS, Kiskatom, N. Y., s. Rev. Henry 
and Caroline (Davis) Ward; b. 1869, June 16, New Hackensack, N. Y.; 
prep. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1886-90, A. B. ; A. M., 1893; senior 
editor of The Targum; Senior class historian; pres. Philoclean Lit. Soc.; 
New Brunswick Theo. Sem., grad. 1893; m. 1897, June, Alice M. Lasher; 
in. 1886, June 22, ; pastor Dutch Ref. Church, Kiskatom, N. Y., 1893. 


ATWATER, SAMUEL NELSON, 728 Broad St. (res., 11 South 
St.), Newark, N. J., s. Samuel and Charlotte Sarah (Carter) Atwater; 
b. 1869, June 24, Newark, N. J.; prep. Newark Acad.; Rutgers, 1887-8; 
in. 1887, June 20; mem. Republican Club and Frelinghuysen Lancers 
of Newark; F. and A. M. ; m. 1893, Jan. 10, Katharine de Xyse 
Williamson; retail grocery business, 1888; mem. firm Atwater & Carter; 
sec. and treas. same, 1893-4; pres., 1894 . 

MABON, SAMUEL CLIFTON, 40 Wall St., N. Y. City, s. William 
Van Vranken and Sarah Emma (Deas) Mabon; b. 1871, June 21, New 
Durham, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1887-91; pres. 
Targum Ass'n; in. 1887, Sept. 27, #; rel. in Z W, William and Arthur 
F., brs. ; broker. 

MERCER, GEORGE, Vandergrift, Pa., s. George W. and Cynthia 
A. (Teed) Mercer; b. 1870, Jan. 8, Yonkers, N. Y. ; prep. Newark Acad., 
Newark, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1887-8; in. 1887, June 17; m. 1895, Aug. 12, 
Helen Bingham; real estate broker; agent Vandergrift Land & Im- 
provement Co. ; pres. First National Bank of Vandergrift. 

RAVEN, REV. JOHN HOWARD, D. D., New Brunswick, N. J., 
s. Anton A. and Gertrude (Oatman) Raven; b. 1870, Oct. 3, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Inst. ; Rutgers, 1887- 
91, A. B. ; A. M. 1894, D. D. 1899, Rutgers; prize extempore speaking; 
class prophet; Targum editor; New Brunswick Theo. Sem., grad. 1894; 
in. 1887, Oct. 11, A ; m. 1894, May 29, Elizabeth Grier Strong; child, 
Anton A., Jr.; pastor Ref. Church, Metuchen. N. J., 1894-9; prof. Old 
Testament Language and Exegesis in N. B. Theo. Sem., 1899 . 

SEARS, MARCUS CALDWELL, Blooming Grove, Orange Co., N. 
Y., s. Benjamin Chandler and Phrebe Ellen (Ho well) Sears; b. 1867, 
Oct. 10, Blooming Grove, N. Y. ; prep. Singlar's Prep. School, New- 
burgh, N. Y. ; Rutgers, 1887-91; Bradley Mathematical prize; first honor- 
valedictory, $ B K\ in. 1887, Oct. 11, $; rel. in Z W, Benjamin C., fa.; 
dairy farming. 

154 DELTA CHAPTER 1891-3 

STOUT, REV. JAMES COFFIN, 40 Sherman Ave., New Brighton, 
S. I., s. Thomas Hance and Sarah Lambdin (Coffin) Stout; b. 1869, Nov. 
25, Irving-ton, N. Y. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1887-91; 
Princeton Theo. Sem., 1894-7; in. 1887, Sept. 27, #; rel. in Z W, Thomas 
H., fa.; G. Lee Stout and Samuel H. Appleton, unc's; Wright C. Stout, 
cou. ; m. 1898, May 10, Phoebe Elizabeth Van Antwerp; pastor Brighton 
Heights Reformed Church, New Brighton, S. I. 

STRONG, SELAH WOODHULL, 26 W. 25th St., N. Y. City, s. 
Selah W. and Eleanor (Van Deursen) Strong; b. 1866, Nov. 22; prep. 
Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1887-91; in. 1887, Sept. 27, ; rel. 
in Z W, Selah W., fa.; W. V. D., br.; Thomas M., cou. 

Selah Woodhull and Eleanor Hendrick (Van Deursen) Strong; b. 1868, 
Apr. 28, Rochester, N. Y. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School ; Rutgers, 
1887-91, A. B. ; A. M., 1894.; Targum bus. m'g'r; class v.-pres. ; New 
Brunswick Dutch Reformed Sem., grad. 1894; in. 1887, Sept. 27, #; 
rel. in Z W, Selah W., br., Thomas M., cou.; pastor Reformed Church, 
Glenham, N. Y. 

WAGGONER, ELON MOAK, Albany, N. Y., s. Peter G. ; 

b. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar School; Rutgers, 1887-91; in. 

1887, June 17, 2 p; clerk Albany P. O. 


FIELD, PETER CONOVER, 339 George St., New Brunswick, N. 
J., s. Isaac Brokaw and Mary J. (Owen) Field; b. 1869, Nov. 4, New 
Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1888-92; B. S., 
1892; M. S., 1895, Rutgers; Columbia P. and S., M. D., 1895; class pres. 
and historian; bus. mgr. and associate editor Targum; pres. Athletic 
Ass'n; associ ate editor Scarlet Letter; in. 1888, Nov. 27, $; ass't physician 
Roosevelt Hosp. and St. Mary's Dispensary, New York, 1895-6; junior 
ass't physician, senior ass't physician, house physician, Roosevelt Hosp., 
1896-8; ass't physician Sloan Maternity Hosp., New York, 1898; surgeon 
in Cuba (Gen. Lee's staff). 

*FISHER, FREDERICK FORCE, s. William B. and Hetty (Force) 
Fisher; b. 1870, Aug., Fort Wayne, Ind.; prep. Newark Acad.; Rutgers, 
1888-91; in. 1888, Sept. 25, A 2; rel. in Z W, H. Force, W. Marvine, 
cous. ; two years' special course at Harvard; insurance; treas. Brooklyn 
Lumber Co. ; d. 1894, Mar. 

(add. uncertain) s. ; b. ; prep. ; Rutgers, 1888; in. 

WELLS, ALBERT BATCHELDER, Southbridge, Mass., s. Geo. 
Washington and Mary Eliza (McGregory) Wells; b. 1872, Nov. 19, 
Southbridge, Mass.; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1888-91; 
Harvard, 1891-2; in. 1889, Feb. 21, 2; F. & A. M. ; with Am. Optical 
Co., Lens Dept. 


BINGHAM, ARTHUR NORWOOD, 120 Produce Exchange (res., 
Hotel San Remo), N. Y. City, s. David and Gertrude (Jung) Bingham; 
b. 1872, July 1, East Orange, N. J.; prep. Newark Acad.; Rutgers, 
1889-91; in. 1889, Sept. 24, A 2-, mem. New York Produce Exchange; 
Englewood Field Club ; grain exporter. 

1893-4 DELTA CHAPTER 155 

LYON, WILSON DAVIS, Cape Town, South Africa (via England, 
P. O. 8), s. William P. and Mary Wilson (Davis) Lyons; b. 1872, July 
20, Bloomfield, N. J. ; prep. Montclair High School, N. J. ; Rutgers, 
1890-1; in. 1890, Sept. 23, 2; m. 1896, June 6, Kittie Mildred Pridham; 
rep. of Henry W. Peabody & Co. in South Africa. 

OAKES, GEORGE AUGUSTUS, Belleville Ave., Bloomfield, N. J., 
s. Thomas and Julliat Guion (Maxfield) Oakes ; b. 1872, July 9, Bloom- 
field, N. J. ; prep. Bloomfield Public School and Newark Acad. ; Rutgers, 
1889-92; 1st place one-mile bicycle race, 1891; class historian; v.-pres. 
Laboratory Ass'n; in. 1889, Oct. 15, ; mem. Essex Co. Country 
Club ; woolen m'f 'r. 

POOLE, SAMUEL LEE, East Orange, N. J. (bus. add., Koutze 
Bros., 120 Broadway, N. Y. City), s. Geo. W. and Eliza C. (Crane) 
Poole; b. 1871, Aug. 3, Caldwell, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Coll. Grammar 
School; Rutgers, 1889; in. 1889, Sept. 24, 2 p; banking. 

J., s. John Beverly and Virginia Maxton (Lewis) Roberts; b. 1871, Dec. 
16, Burlington, N. J. ; prep. Bordentown (N. J.) Mil. Inst. ; Rutgers, 
1890-92; Columbia, P. & S., 1892-6; in. 1890, Dec. 9; physician. 

STEPHENS, WILLARD WARD LEON, Steinway Hall, E. 14th 
St., N. Y. City (res., 114 Brunswick St., Newark, N. J.), s. Joseph Har- 
ris and Rebecca (Soden) Stephens; b. 1869, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark 
High School; Rutgers, 1889-90; mem. glee club; in. 1889, Sept. 24; mem. 
Salmagundi Club; music. 

Jonathan and Phoebe (Higgins) Townley; b. 1871, Nov. 13, Elizabeth, 
N. J. ; prep. Lansley's School, Elizabeth; Rutgers, 1889-93, B. S.; in. 
1889, Nov. 18, $; civil engineer; ass't engineer C. R. R. of N. J. 

WALDRON, HERBERT METLAR, 25 Livingston Ave. (bus. add., 
Highland Park), New Brunswick, N. J., s. John and Jane (Hubeli) 
Waldron; b. 1873, Feb. 22, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. 
School; Rutgers, 1889-93, B. S. ; Peithosophian Lit. Soc.; in. 1889, Dec. 
10, $; rel. in Z W, Wm. H., Edward A., H. V. D., brs. ; m'f'r. 

(bus. add., Highland Park), New Brunswick, N. J., s. John and Jane 
(Hubeli) Waldron; b. 1873, Feb. 22, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers 
Prep. School; Rutgers, 1889-93, B. S. ; sec. Senior class; Peithosophian 
Lit. Soc.; in. 1889, Dec. 10, $; rel. in Z W, Wm. H., Edward A., Herbert 
M., brs.; m'f'r. 


DORR, JOHN VAN NOSTRAND, Dead wood, So. Dak., s. John 
Van Nostrand and Nannie Maynard (Higginson) Dorr; b. 1872, Jan. 6, 
Roseville, Newark, N. J.; prep, private school; Rutgers, 1890-4, B. S. ; 
Scarlet Letter editor ; laboratory historian; ivy orator; in. 1890, Nov. 25, 
#; rel. in Z W, Evert J. Wendell, cou. ; H. N. Doughty, br.-in-law; 
mem. Am. Chemical Soc. ; m. 1897, April 25, Sallie H. Doughty; child, 
Antoinette D. ; chemist and assayer, Deadwood, S. Dak., 1893; with 
Deadwood & Delaware Smelting Co., 1895-9; Golden Rewards Consoli- 
dated Mining & Milling Co. , 1899. 

HOWARD, JAMES KIRTLAND, 5507 Vernon Ave., St. Louis, Mo., 
s. Samuel and Anna (Palmer) Howard; b. 1871, Aug. 8, Zanesville, O.; 
prep, by private tutor; Rutgers, 1890-2; in. 1890, Sept. 23, 2; rel. 
in Z W, Edward D. Palmer, unc. ; Freeman Woodbridge, cou. ; ass't 
city engineer, New Brunswick, N. J. ; engineer Peoria & Pekin Union 
R.R., 1893-9. 

156 DELTA CHAPTER 1894-6 

NEGUS, CHARLES JOHNSON, 33 Gifford Ave., Jersey City, N. 
J. (bus. add., 127 Duane St., N. Y. City), s. Samuel George and Jane 
(Reynolds) Negus ; b. 1873, Mar. 1, Jersey City, N. J. ; prep. Hasbrouck 
Inst., Jersey City, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1891-3; pres. Walking Club; sec. 
Peithosophian Lit. Soc.; in. 1891, Nov. 17, 2 p; hardware business; 
director Shands Chalk Co. ; N. Y. Laboratory Co. 

STILSON, WILLIAM HARVEY, Vallesello, N. L. Mexico, s. 
Henry J. and Lydia Henrietta (LeMaire) Stilson; b. 1873, Apr. 22, N. 
Y. City; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1891-3; in. 1891, Sept. 

29, 2; assayer. 

WETMORE, LEONARD LOVEJOY, 100 Broadway, N. Y. City 
(res., Englewood, N. J.), s. Jacob C. and Mary Leonard (Lovejoy) 
Wetmore; b. 1874, Jan. 3, Englewood, N. J. ; prep. Englewood Public 
Schools; Rutgers, 1890-4; v.-pres. Fresh, class; pres. Soph, class; pres. 
tennis club; pres. Targum Ass'n; class day historian; in. 1890, Sept. 

30, $; mem. Englewood Field Club; broker. 


DARNELL, ALBERT HENRY, Atlantic City, N. J., s. Henry 
and Anna E. (Prickett) Darnell; b. 1872, June 20, Masonville, N. J. ; 
prep. Morristown Acad. ; Rutgers, 1890-3; Palmer's Shorthand Univ.; 
in. 1890, Oct. 7,2; mem. L. L. G. of America, No. 770; Sims & Darnell, 

LEFFERTS, DWIGHT CHAPIN, 563 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y., s. John and Helen Augusta (Evans) Lefferts; b. 1874, Oct. 22, 
Flatbush, L. I.; prep. Erasmus Hall Acad., Flatbush; Rutgers, 1891-5; 
in. 1891, Oct. 6, $. 

STRONG, THOMAS MORRIS, Flatbush, L. I. (bus. add., c/o 
David Bingham & Son, 120 Produce Exchange, N. Y. City), s. Robert 
Grier and Harriet L. (Zabriskie) Strong; b. 1873, Dec. 9, Flatbush, L. 
I.; prep. Erasmus Hall Acad., Flatbush, L. I.; Rutgers, 1891-5; in. 
1891, Oct. 6, #; rel. in Z W, Selah W. and William V. D. Strong, cous. ; 
Rev. Selah W., unc. ; Hon. Abram Lott, cou. ; mem. Knickerbocker Field 
Club, Flatbush, L. I. 


BURTIS, WILLIAM RYALL, 56 E. Main St., Freehold, N. J., s. 
James T. and Hannah A. (Shotwell) Burtis; b. 1876, Apr. 21, Freehold, 
N. J.; prep. Freehold High School; Rutgers, 1891-6; in. 1891, Nov. 10, A2; 
sec. Athletic Ass'n. 

DOUGHTY, HOWARD NOTT, Englewood, N. J. (bus. add., 23 
Broad St., N. Y. City), s. William Stewart and Maria Antoinette (Nott) 
Doughty; b. 1875, Aug. 16, Englewood, N. J. ; prep. Englewood Public 
School; Rutgers, 1892-3; in. 1892, Sept. 22, 2; rel. in Z W, J. V. N. 
Dorr, br.-in-law; railroad business. 

DRURY, ALFRED, 88 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J., s, 
Rev. John B. and Henrietta W. (Keese) Drury; b. 1872, Dec. 22, Ghent, 
N. Y. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1892-6, A. B. ; N. Y. 
Homoeopathic Med. Coll., class 1900; in. 1892, Sept. 22, #; rel. in Z W, 
Francis S. Keese, unc. ; Francis K. W. Drury, br. 

1896-8 DELTA CHAPTER 157 

DURYEE, JOHN LAWRENCE, 26 Exchange PL, N. Y. City 
(res., New Brunswick, N. J.), s- John Luther and Amy Johnson (Hall) 
Duryee; b. 1874, Nov. 19, Champlain, N. Y. ; prep. Newark Acad. ; 
Rutgers, 1892-6, A. B.; third classical honor; $ B K; in. 1892, Sept. 22, 
; rel. in Z Y, John L., fa.; Geo. S., Joseph R., Edward H., William 
R., uncs. ; Geo. V. W. and William Rankin, Jr., cous. ; gen. frt. dept. 
D., L. & W. R. R. 

JACKSON, GEORGE ELBERT, 617 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, N. 
Y., s. William and Sarah Elizabeth (Hoyt) Jackson; b. 1874, Nov. 28, 
Johnsonburg, N. Y. ; prep. Centenary Collegiate Inst., Hackettstown, 
N. J. ; Rutgers, 1892-6; second Philoclean speaking prize; in. 1892, 
Sept. 27, #; civil engineer, Dept. Water Supply, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1896-9; 
Dept. Bridges, N. Y. City, 1899. 


VOORHEES, CHARLES WILLARD, Middlebush, Somerset Co., 
N. J.,s. Samuel G. and Jane B. (Brokaw) Voorhees; b. 1876, Feb. 29; 
prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1892-7; in. 1893, March 17, 2; rel. 
in Z W, John Howard, br. 

COLLIER, WILLIAM BURTON, 3706 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Dr. Albert V. D. and L. Jennie (Wibber) Collier; b. 1871, Feb. 
18, Catskill, N. Y. ; prep. Rutgers Grammar School; Rutgers, 1893-4; 
in. 1893, Sept. 20; Medical School, class 1900; hospital staff G. U. Hosp., 

COOKE, HENRY GANSEVOORT, JR., 1708 Ontario St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Robert Woodruff and Hulda Holmes (Van Mater) Cooke; 
b. 1875, Oct. 14, Trenton Falls, N. J.; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; 
Rutgers, 1894-5; Univ. Pa., Medical Dept., 1895-9; in. 1894, June 16; 
rel. in Z W, Henry G. Cooke, M. D. , unc. ; Augustus Rapelye, cou. ; 
Augustus and William H. Van Mater, great uncs. 

New Brunswick, N. J., s. Rev. John B., D. D., and Henrietta Wynkoop 
(Keese) Drury; b. 1878, Feb. 9, Ghent, N. Y.; prep. Rutgers Prep. 
School; Rutgers, 1894-8, A. B. ; Senior orator prize; Broadhead Class, 
prize; first class, honor at graduation; capt. 'varsity football team, 
1897, <? B K\ in. 1894, June 16, >; rel. in Z W, Alfred, br. ; Col. Fran- 
cis S. Keese, unc.; author of "History of A of Z W"; 1898 Senior 
class play, "Miss Graham, pro tern. "; instructor in Latin and Greek, 
Cayuga Lake Mil. Acad., Aurora, N. Y., 1898-9; instructor Flushing 
Inst., Flushing, L. I., 1899; asst. librarian Sage Library, New Bruns- 
wick, N. J., 1899. 

GUTHRIE, JOHN BRANDON, 517 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., 
s. Robt. Walker and Priscilla (Sellers) Guthrie; b. 1875, Nov. 7, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.; prep. Englewood Free School; Rutgers, 1893-8; baseball 
and football teams, 1897-8; m'g'r baseball team, 1897; in. 1893, Sept. 
20, #; mem. Englewood (N. J.) Field Club. 

KELLY, WILLIAM EDWARD, 262 Fifth Ave. (res., Ill E. 28th 
St.), N. Y.City, s. J. Howard and Anna T. (Stelle) Kelly; b. 1875, Nov. 
28, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1893-8, 
B. S. ; Yale Med. Dept., 1899; in. 1893, Sept. 29, ; mem. Am. Chem. 
Soc. ; chemist with Beacon Lamp Co., 1898; asst. chem. Frazer Tablet 
Co., N. Y. City, 1898-9. 

158 DELTA CHAPTER 1898-1901 

OSTROM, ALVIN CLAYTON, 522 18th St., Oakland, Cal., s. 
Rev. Alvin and Frances (Pierce) Ostrom ; b. 1871, Sept. 26, State Center, 
la.; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutg-ers, 1894-5; in. 1894, June 16; 
editor in DeBeque, Col. ; investigator for Hawaiian Mining Co. in the 

VAIL, JOHN JERVIS, Rahway, N. J., s. Robt. Bruce and Emily 
(Jervis) Vail; b. 1877, Sept. 14; prep. Rutgers Preparatory School; 
Rutgers, 1894-8; scientific prize in Logic; B. S. ; B K; in. 1895, Oct. 
11, A $; engineering dept., P. R. R., Jersey City, N. J. 

WALSER, HAVELOCK, West New Brighton, S. I., N. Y., s. Dr. 
W. C. and Eleanor E. (Hollick) Walser; b. 1878, Mar. 5, West New 
Brighton; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1894-8; pres. Senior 
class; pres. golf team; m'g'r 'varsity football team; baseball team, four 
years; in. 1894, June 16, #; rel. in Z W, Harry L. Janeway, unc.-in- 
law; mem. New Brunswick golf, Staten Island cricket and baseball 
clubs; corp. 17th Regt. N. G. Pa., one year; Westervelt Lighting Co., 
Pittsburgh, Pa., 1898-9. 


LYON, PHILEMON BLISS, St. Joseph, Mo., s. Judson and Flor- 
ence (Bliss) Lyon ; b. 1875, July 10, St. Joseph, Mo. ; prep. St. Joseph 
High School; Rutgers, 1896-7; in. 1896, Nov. 17, 2 p. 

N. J., s. John Richmond and Alice (Griffith) Scattergood; b. 1878, Dec. 3, 
Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark High School; Rutgers, 1895-9; A B ; # B K; 
mem. 'varsity debating team in Inter-coll, debate between N. Y. U. and 
Rutgers, Mar., 1899; Second Bussing prize in extempore speaking; 
Scientific prize in Logic; Laflin Memorial prize in Metaphysics; Sopho- 
more and Junior orator; associate honor at grad. ; in. 1897, Nov. 3, 3>. 

man St., Newark, N. J., s. Frederick Christian and Dinah (Kreitler) 
Wackenhuth; b. 1877, Mar. 8, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark Acad. ; 
Rutgers, 1895-6; glee club; U. S. Brewers Acad. ; in. 1895, Sept. 27, 2; 
mem. Green St. School and Newark Acad.; Alumni Ass'n; volunteer 
Pabst Brewery, Milwaukee, Wis., 1897; ass't brew-master, Newark, N. 
J., 1898-9; volunteer Geo. Ehret's Brewery, N. Y., 1898. 

i goo 

EDGAR, BLANCHARD COLLINS, Rahway (res., Avenel), N. J., 
s. John Blanchard and Harriet Beckley (Collins) Edgar; b. 1879, Mar. 
8, Avenel, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1896 ; class 
v.-pres. ; in. 1896, June 15, $; rel. in Z W, J. B. Edgar, fa.; C. H. and Dr. 
J. Clifton Edgar, cous. 

HIGGINS, EUGENE ELLIOTT, Perth Amboy, N. J., s. Eligene 
and Elizabeth (Elliott) Higgins; b. 1879, Mar. 6, Perth Amboy, N. J. ; 
prep. Pingry School, Elizabeth, N. J. ; Rutgers, 1896-8, Science; Soph, 
class pres.; in. 1896, Sept. 17, 2; clerk in Mutual Benefit Life Ins. 
Co., Newark, N. J. 


BELL, CHARLES REED, Chatham, N. Y., s. Charles Henry and 
Abbie J. (Dickerman) Bell; b. 1880, Feb. 9, Chatham, N. Y.; prep. 
Chatham Acad. and Union School; mg'r baseball team, Rutgers, 
1897; in. 1897, Sept. 25, A $. 

1901-3 DELTA CHAPTER 159 

BURROWS, WATERS FIELD, 138 Chilton St., Elizabeth, N. J., 
s. Waters and Ella V. (Field) Burrows; b. 1879, Aug. 29, Morristown, 
N. J. ; Rutgers, 1897-9; Columbia, 1899; scientific; in. 1898, May 
24, 2 p. 

MILLER, VERNE EMILIUS, 45 Murray St., Newark, N. J., s. 
Abram Baldwin and Camilla (Crane) Miller; b. 1877, Feb. 15, Amherst, 
Va. ; prep. Newark High School; Rutgers, 1897; arts; in. 1897, Nov. 
3, 2. 

RANNEY, CURRY ARTHUR, Cortland, N. Y., s. Addison W 
and Harriet (Freelore) Ranney; b. 1876, Jan. 25, Cortland, N. Y. 
prep. Cortland Normal School; Rutgers, 1897 ; arts; class v.-pres. 
coll. record high jump and kick; in. 1899, March 7, A 2. 

READ, JAMES PAULDING, 82 Park Place, Newark, N. J., s 
Joshua W. and Phebe E. (Mead) Read; b. 1880, June 17, Newark, N. J. 
prep. Newark High School; Rutgers, 1898 ; junior class pres. ; in. 1898, 
Feb. 15, 2. 

RICHTERS, JOHN CHARLES, 24 Cherry St., Elizabeth, N. J. 
(18 College Ave., New Brunswick, N. J.), s. Fred J. and Georgiana 
(Glass) Richters; b. 1880, Aug. 4, Montclair, N. J.; prep. Perth Amboy 
High School; Rutgers, 1897 ; mem. 'Varsity baseball team; glee club, 
college quartette; in. 1897, Sept. 30, 2. 

VOEGTLEN, WILLIAM CHARLES, Hedden Terrace, Newark, 
N. J., s. Samuel and Anna Mary (Koehler) Voegtlen; b. 1879, July 31, 
Newark, N. J.; prep. Newark High School; Rutgers, 1897-9; in. 1897, 
Nov. 3, A 2. 


BROWN, ALBERT ELLICOTT, Rahway, N. J., 17 Jacques 
Ave., s. George F. and Marian (Shook) Brown; b. 1879, Sept. 10, Rahway, 
N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. School; Rutgers, 1898 ; class pres.; in. 
1898, June 18. 

Newark, N. J., s. R. R. and Eva L. (Garrison) Fairchild; b. 1880, Mar. 
29, Plainfield, N. J. ; prep. Newark High School; Rutgers, 1898 ; class 
treas; in. 1898, Nov. 29, 2. 

OLIVER, ELMER, Rahway, N. J., s. Charles R. and Charlotte 
(Wilkins) Oliver; b. 1879, Oct. 1, Rahway, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. 
School; Rutgers, 1898 ; in. 1898, June 17. 

WATKINS, CHARLES FRANCIS, 411 Quincy St., Brooklyn, N. 
Y., s. Francis M. Lorette and Josephine (Thompson) Watkins; b. 1878, 
Aug. 5, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; prep. Brooklyn Polytechnic Prep. School; 
Rutgers, 1898; in. 1898, Sept. 22. 


Daniel Herbert and Henrietta (Conover) Applegate; b. 1881, Sept. 15, 
Red Bank, N. J. ; prep. Shrewsbury Acad. ; in. 1899, Oct. 10; Rutgers, 
1899 ; scientific course. 

HITCHNER, ALFRED ELLET, 103 Bank St., Bridgeton, N. J., 
s. Edgar J. and Arabella (Riley) Hitchner; b. 1882, Dec. 11, Clayton, 
N. J.; prep. Bridgeton High School; Rutgers, 1899; in. 1899, Oct. 3. 


LINNETT, JOHN ALEXANDER, 88 Elizabeth St., Newark, N. J., 
s. Thomas, Jr. and Elizabeth (Broadwell) Linnett; b. 1879, Dec. 2, New- 
ark, N. J.; prep. Newark High School; Rutg-ers, 1899; in. 1899, Sept. 18. 

WILCOX, RALPH BALDWIN, 97 Quitman St., Newark, N. J., s. 
Theodore and Evelyn (Price) Wilcox; b. 1882, Sept. 14, Newark, N. J.; 
prep. Newark High School; Rutgers, 1899, scientific; in 1899, Sept. 18. 

Brunswick, N. J., s. Samuel Mesereau and Elizabeth B. (Dayton) Wood- 
bridge; b. 1882, Dec. 31, New Brunswick, N. J. ; prep. Rutgers Prep. 
School; Rutgers, 1899; in. 1899, June 15; rel. in Z W, Samuel M., fa.; 
J. Woodbridge Demarest, cou. ; Freeman Woodbridge, John W. Patton, 
Chas. Dayton, unc's. 













Princeton University ranks fourth in order of founding among Ameri- 
can colleges. It received its charter in 1746 from John Hamilton, presi- 
dent of His Majesty's Council, and was established "for the intellectual 
and religious culture of youth desirous to obtain a liberal education, 
and more especially for the thorough training of such as were candidates 
for the ministry." The college was opened in May, 1747, at Elizabeth, 
under the presidency of the Rev. John Dickinson, who died in October, 
and was succeeded by Rev. Aaron Burr. A second and more liberal 
charter was granted the college in 1848, equal advantages and privi- 
leges being given to members of every denomination of Christians. On 
the death of its first president the seat of the college was removed from 
Elizabeth to Newark, the residence of the second president, where it 
remained until 1757, when it was removed to Princeton, on securing the 
erection there of Nassau Hall (named in memory of William III.). This 
is the oldest college building, and was erected in 1756. Those who 
received the original charter and who built up the college were connected 
with the New York Presbyterian Synod, but no organic connection with 
Presbyterianism was adopted. From 1766 Presbyterians generally 
united in support of the college, and in 1812 the General Seminary estab- 
lished its Theological Seminary at Princeton, though the latter is uncon- 
nected with the college. Nassau Hall has been famous in the historical 
annals of the United States. During the Revolution it was occupied 
by the American and the British troops as barracks, and also as a 
hospital. In 1783 the Continental Congress met in the hall. In the same 
year the college commencement was attended by Washington and the 
members of Congress, at which time Washington presented the college 
with a donation for damages inflicted upon the building during the war. 

By means of donations from numerous liberal benefactors the institu- 
tion has gradually extended, libraries, museums, laboratories, observa- 
tories, a commencement hall of great beauty and elaborately fitted 
athletic fields and gymnasium having been added. The college grounds 
now cover 225 acres, adorned with lawns, fine old elms and handsome 
buildings. Most of the students live on the campus in dormitories 
which furnish excellent accommodations. Under the administration of 
Dr. McCosh the college reached its present dimensions and importance. 
Dr. McCosh was succeeded by Francis Landey Patton. D.D., LL.D., 
who was inaugurated in 1888. In 1899-1900 there were 85 instructors 
and 1,100 students. 

Early in the history of the Greek-letter fraternities Princeton was 
recognized as a field for the extension of chapters. As early as 1843 an 
attempt was made to establish a chapter, which, however, had a short 
life of three years; a second attempt in 1845 met with better success, the 
chapter existing until 1857, when it was suspended on account of faculty 
opposition. The third fraternity to establish a chapter at Princeton 
was Zeta Psi, in 1850. The records and correspondence show that for 
over a quarter of a century the existence and organization of the chap- 
ter at Princeton were maintained in the face of much opposition and 
discouragement. Of twelve fraternities which had chapters at Prince- 
ton, Zeta Psi was maintained for the longest time. The Omicron Chap- 
ter owes its existence principally to the activity of the Delta Chapter at 
Rutgers. Jonathan Longstreet, a student at Princeton, was initiated 
a member of the fraternity by the Rutgers Chapter May 14, 1850, and 
immediately started to pledge men for a chapter at Princeton. The 
chapter was formally established by the initiation at New Brunswick, 
June 3, 1850, of William Bull, Barnes Compton, Hugh William Henry, 
Edwards Caldwell Heyer and Alexander Hamilton Phillips, all of the 


class of '51. No further initiations were held until the spring of the 
next year, at which time the membership was increased by the addition 
of twelve men, chosen from all classes, the Sophomore, Junior and 

With the exception of the first few years of the history of the 
Omicron, the membership was small, seldom exceeding a dozen men. 
Soon after its establishment a successful growth was hampered by the 
stringent laws adopted by the college authorities against Greek-letter 
fraternities. The organization was, however, maintained in the expec- 
tation that the opposition, not at this time confined to Princeton, would 
cease, and the fraternity system would be recognized as part of the life 
of the college community. Under Dr. McCosh's administration, the oppo- 
sition, instead of diminishing, became more severe; the continued existence 
of the chapter, even in secret, became unwise; faculty action made mem- 
bership of the college and of a fraternity at Princeton absolutely incom- 
patible. The chapter in December, 1875, disbanded as an affiliated 
member of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. In the expectation that a reversal 
of the attitude of the college authorities might enable the fraternity to 
continue at Princeton, the Grand Chapter, at its meeting held in Phila- 
delphia, July 12, 1876, authorized the Delta, Sigma and Tau Chapters 
to initiate into the fraternity Princeton students duly elected and offi- 
cially presented by the members of the fraternity at Princeton. The 
fraternity thus continued for a number of years to be represented by 
members initiated at other chapters. Conditions, however, remaining 
unfavorable, it was voted at the Grand Chapter meeting at Syracuse, Jan- 
uary, 1882, that the Omicron Chapter be honorably discontinued as an 
active chapter. A few men were initiated by the Sigma Chapter after 
this date under the authority conferred by the action of 1876. This privi- 
lege was soon withdrawn and all attempts at securing representation at 
Princeton ended with the class of 1887. 



*LONGSTREET, JONATHAN, s. and ( ) Long- 

street; b. 1828, May 22, Monmouth Co., N. J. ; prep. ; Princeton, 

1847-50, A. B. ; A. M., 1853; in. 1850, May 14; admitted N. J. Bar. 1854; 
Master in Chancery; agriculture, 1857-88; d. 1888, Dec. 14, Holmdel, N. J. 


BULL, WILLIAM, Stony Ford, Orange Co., N. Y., s. William 
and Keturah ( ) Bull; b. 1830, July 25, Wallkill, N. Y. ; prep. Mt. 

Pleasant Military Acad., Sing Sing, N. Y. ; Princeton, 1847-51; in. 
1850, June 3; m. 1859, Nov. 22, PhebeBull; children, Keturah, Elizabeth 
P., Sarah Wells, William, Ebenezer, Harry, Bartow W., Charles M.; 
fanner, postmaster, justice of the peace, trustee of common schools. 

CHESTER, REV. JOHN, M. D., D. D., 61514th St. (res., 1228 15th 
St., N. W.), Washington, D. C.;b. 1832, April 23, Hudson, N. Y. ; prep. 
Dr. Miller's School, Mt. Holly, N. Y. ; Princeton, 1848-51, A. B. ; A. M., 
1853; M. D., 1854; Univ. Pa., D. D., 1874; Univ. Wooster, O.; editor 
Princeton Coll. Monthly, 1854; Princeton Theo. Sem., 1858-9; in. 1851, 
March 11; author of "Earthly Watches at the Heavenly Gates," "Ruth, 
or The New Hygeia"; chaplain U. S. Hosp. and Army Post, Ft. Myer, 
Va., 1898-9; m. 1855, Oct. 2, RachelA. Alward; children, Lilly Alward, 
Fannie, Rachel A., William, John; pastor First Presb. Church, Bur- 
lington, N. J., 1859-64; Metropolitan Church, Washington, D. C., 1864- 
94; prof, of History, Windsor Coll., Md., 1878-9; moderator of Presby- 
tery of the Potomac, Presbytery of Washington and Synod of Balti- 
more; delegate to General Assembly of Presb. Church, 1883; chaplain 
Govt. Hosp. for Insane, D. C. , 1866. 

*COMPTON, BARNES, s. and ( ) Compton; b. 1830, 

Nov. 16, Port Tobacco, Md.; prep. ; Princeton, 1847-51, A. B. ; 

A. M., 1854; in. 1850, June 3; mem. Md. House of Delegates, 1860-1; 
Senator, 1867-8, 1870-2; pres. Senate, 1868-70; State Inspector of To- 
bacco, 1873-4; treas. State of Md., 1874-85; mem. U. S. House Rep., 
1885-9; d. 1898, Dec. 2. 

*HALL, HENRY G., s. and ( ) Hall; prep. ; 

Princeton, 1847-51, A. B. ; in. 1851, March 11; judge, Probate Court, La.; 
d. 1873. 

HENRY, HUGH WILLIAM, Keeling, Va., s. Hugh William and 
Martha (Falconer) Henry; b. 1831, Sept. 8, Montgomery, Ala.; prep. 
Montgomery Acad.; Princeton, 1848-51, A. B. ; commencement orator; 
in. 1850, June 3; mem. Conf. Veterans; lieut. , 1861-3, and capt. Co. K, 
22d Ala. Regt. , Conf. Army, 1863-5; prisoner Johnson's Island, O.; m. 
1865, Nov., Louisa Benson; child, Hugh William, Jr.; lawyer, Laracca, 
Tex., 1853-5; on cattle ranch in Texas, 1856-8; planter, Montgomery Co. , 
Ala., 1859-60, 1865-9; magistrate, Augusta Co., Va., 1869-98; in Keeling, 
Va., 1898. 

and ( ) Heyer; b. 1826, March 24, N. Y. City; prep. ; 

Princeton, 1848-51, A. B. ; in. 1850, June 3; teacher, Westchester, Pa., 
1851-2; nursery proprietor, Dubuque, la., 1852-60; city editor Dubuque 
Times, 1861; editor Chicago Journal of Comtnerce, 1862-73; fruit grower, 
St. Joseph, Mich., 1875-83; publishing house solicitor, 1883 . 


ton and (Todd) Phillips; b. , N. J. ; prep. Victoria, Tex., and 
High School near Princeton; Princeton, 1849-51, A. B. ; in. 1850, June 
13; maj., Texas Inf., Conf. Army; captured at Aransas Post; prisoner 
at Camp Chase; lawyer, La Vaca, Tex., 1852-61; d. 1863, Montgomery, 

*STOCKTON, ROBERT FIELD, s. Robert Field and ( ) 

Stockton; prep. ; Princeton, 1847-51; in. 1851, April, 2 p A; d. 



*ASHLEY, HENRY CHESTER, s. and ( ) Ashley; 

prep. ; Princeton, 1848-52, A. B. ; in. 1852, Sept. 14, T; d. 1873. 

FIELD, ALEXANDER SHAW, Lickskillet, Tex., s. and 

( ) Field; prep. ; Princeton, 1848-52, A. B.; in. 1851, 

April 18, . 

*JONES, JAMES TAYLOR, s. Richard and Ann Jane (Taylor) 
Jones; b. 1832, Richmond, Va. ; prep. Demopolis, Ala.; Princeton, 1849- 
52, A. B.; A. M., 1855; Univ. Va., 1855, LL.B.; in. 1851, Sept. 24; 
R. A. M..; priv. Co. D, 4th Ala. Regt., Conf. Army, 1861; capt., same, 
1862-5; acting judge advocate-gen.; m. (I) 1862, Ada Vaughan; (II) 1875, 
Virginia Mercer Reese; children, Percy W., Melanie, Winston Reese, 
Emmet A., Julia Reese, James Taylor, Virginia M. and Willey R. ; ad- 
mitted Ala. Bar, 1856; mem. Ala. Const. Convention, 1865; State Sen- 
ator, 1872-3; M. C., 1877-9 and 1883-9; U. S. Circuit Court Judge, First 
Circuit; d. 1895, Jan. 15, Demopolis, Ala. 

MURRAY, STIRLING, Leesburg, Va., s. William H. and I. M. 
(Stirling) Murray; b. 1833, Oct. 11, Baltimore, Md.; prep. Epis. High 
School, Fairfax Co., Va. ; Princeton, 1850-2; in. 1851, Apr. 9; sergt., Co. 
C, 18th Md. Regt., 1861-2; sergt., Battery A, Stuart Horse Art., Conf. 
Army, 1862-5; m. 1866, Nov. 6, Anna T. Miller; lawyer, 1854-61; farmer, 

PHELPS, CHARLES EDWARD, 727 W. North Ave., Baltimore, 
Md., s. John and Almira (Hart, Lincoln by first marriage) Phelps; b. 
1833, Mayl, Guilford, Vt. ; prep, private schools, Ellicott's Mills, Balti- 
more and Catonsville, Md. ; Princeton, 1849-52, A. B. ; A.M., 1855; com- 
mencement orator; Harvard Law School, 1852-3; in. 1851, Sept. 29, 2; 
mem. Am. Ass'n for Advancement of Science; Shakespere Soc. of N. Y. ; 
pres. Princeton Alumni Ass'n; of Md. Ass'n Union Veterans; of Hosp. 
Sat. and Sun. ; of Public School Com. ; mem. Md. Hist. Soc. ; Am. Whig 
Soc.; Univ. Club; Loyal Legion; Soc. of Army of the Potomac; G. A. R.; 
author of Phelps's Judicial Equity; Falstaff and Equity "Shakes- 
peariana"; public orations Centennial, 1876, July 4; Sesquicentennial, 
Baltimore, 1880, Oct. 12; capt. and maj., Md. Guard, 1859-61; lieut.-col. 
and col., 7th Md. Regt. (Union) Inf., 1862-4; wounded and taken pris- 
oner Spottsylvania C. H., 1864; recaptured by Sheridan's Cavalry; 
brevetted brig. -gen. U. S. Vol. for gallant conduct at Spottsylvania 
C. H. ; awarded Medal of Honor for leading charge on works after fall 
of two successive commanders; m. 1868, Dec., Martha Woodward; chil- 
dren, William, Charles E., Jr., John, Frank, Almira, Martha; lawyer, 
Baltimore, 1855; mem. City Council, 1860; U. S. House Rep., 1864-9; 
judge, Supreme Bench, Baltimore, 1882 ; re-elected, 1897; prof, equity 
and legal, Univ. Md. Law School. 

Md., s. Nicholas and Ann Elizabeth (Harris) Stonestreet; b. 1831, Apr. 
6, Port Tobacco, Md. ; prep. Charlotte Hall Acad., St. Mary's Co., Md. ; 
Princeton, 1850-2, A. B.; in. 1851, Sept. 23; m. 1856, Dec. 16, Mary Ellen 


Sellman; children, Richard Sellman, Jennie Ferguson, Eleanor, Joseph 
Harris, Julia; law student, with Judge Stone, Port Tobacco, Md., 1852-6; 
lawyer, 1856-65; deputy clerk, Circuit Court, 1865-73; clerk, Circuit 
Court, 1873-85; ordnance clerk, stationed at storekeeper's office, Navy 
Yard, Washington, D. C., 1890-3; clerk, Circuit Court, 1897. 


Timlow; prep. ; Princeton, 1848-52, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1851, Apr. 5; 

minister; d. 1892. 

*YEOMANS, REV. ALFRED, D. D., s. and ( ) 

Yeomans; b. , North Adams, Mass.; prep. ; Princeton, 1848-52, 

A. B. ; A. M., 1855; D. D., 1868; Princeton Theo. Sem., grad. 1860; in. 
1851, Mar. 11, A $; contributor to Philadelphia Presbyterian, N. Y. Evan- 
gelist, Presbyterian Review; prin. McVeytown (Pa.) Acad. , 1852-4; West 
Nottingham (Md.)Acad., 1855-7; minister, Mustcoustcorry Valley Presb. 
Church, N. J., 1860-5; Calvary Presb. Church, Rochester, N. Y., 1865-6; 
Presb. Church, Bellefonte, Pa., 1866-9; Central Presb. Church, Orange, 
N. J., 1869; delegate General Assembly, Presb. Church, 1865-72, '85; 
moderator, N. J. Synod, 1882; moderator, Rochester, Raritan, Morris and 
Orange Presbyteries; mem. Bd. Foreign Missions, Presb. Church, 1882 ; 
Bd. Trustees, Princeton Theo. Sem., 1885; Bd. Directors, Bloomfield 
German Theo. Sem., 1886; d. , Orange, N. J. 


BUCHANAN, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, s. James M. and Jane Ellen 
(Cams) Buchanan; b. 1833, Mar. 4, Baltimore, Md. ; prep. ; Prince- 

ton, 1849-53, A. B. ; in. 1852, Nov. 20; author of " Maryland's Hope" and 
"Maryland's Crisis"; priv., 1st Md. Art., 1861 (Conf. Army); Conf. Se- 
cret Service, 1862-5; studied law with his father; priv. sec. to his father; 
Minister to Denmark, 1858-61; lawyer and newspaper man, 1864-74; d. 
1874, Nov., Baltimore, Md. 

*DULANEY, HENRY ROZIER, s.Grafton L. and Olivia (Donald- 
son) Dulaney; b. 1834, June 5, Baltimore, Md. ; prep. ; Princeton, 
1851-3, A. B., A. M. ; mem. Baltimore Club; in. 1852, Nov. 25; book re- 
viewer and critic for one of Baltimore papers; lawyer; d. 1899, Apr. 24, 
Baltimore, Md. 

MASON, JOSEPH T., Dresden, Germany, s. and ( ) 

Mason; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1849-53, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1851, 

Mar. 11; ex-U. S. Consul, Dresden, Germany. 

MO ALE, GEORGE NICHOLAS, O wings' Mills P. O., Baltimore 
Co., Md., s. Randle Hulse and Elizabeth S. (Peck) Moale; b. 1834, Oct. 
6, Baltimore, Md. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1851-3, A. B. ; in. 1852, May 

24, 2 p- m. 1862, Apr. 14, Ellen De Courcy Wright; stockbroker's office, 
1853-6: produce commission business, 1856; petroleum business; treas. 
Baltimore United Oil Co., 1877-89. 

*MOORE, WILLIAM EDWARD, s. and ( ) Moore; 

b. ; prep. ; Princeton. 1850-3, A.B., A. M. ; in. 1851, Apr. 29; 

lieut., Conf. Army; believed to have been killed in Clairborn's famous 
charge at Franklin, 1864, Dec. 

STERLING, JAMES EDWARD, s. Archibald and Elizabeth Ann 
(Sterling) Sterling; b. 1835, July 28; prep, private schools, Baltimore, 
Md. ; Princeton, 1850-3, A. B. ; in. 1851, Oct. 21, #; d. 1864, June 3, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

*WRIGHT, CHARLES DORSEY, s. and ( ) Wright; 

b. ; prep. : Princeton, 1849-53, A. B. ; in. 1852, May 24, T; d. 

1878, Aug., Centreville, Md. 



COIT, JAMES CAMPBELL, Cheraw, S. C., s. David G. and 
Maria (Campbell) Coit; b. 1832, Oct. 4, Marlboro Co., S. C. ; prep. Hart's 
Acad., Farmington, Conn.; Princeton, 1850-4, A. B. ; Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Inst. , Troy, N. Y., grad. 1858; valedictorian, R. P. Inst..; in. 1853, 
Sept. 29; patented lever and tie for baling- cotton; capt., Light Battery, 
Conf. Army; promoted to lieut.-col., commanding battalion of artillery; 
at retreat from Petersburg, 1865, commanded reserve artillery of 4th 
Army Corps; m. 1867, Sarah E. McLean; children, David, John, James, 
Mary, Lucia, Jennie; civil engineer and cotton planter; mem. S. C. 
Legislature, 1867, and 1874-8; judge, Court of Claims, 1878-9; elected 
special com'r, 1879, to eliminate frauds in State's bonds in accordance 
with Supreme Court decision; Comptroller-Gen, of S. C., 1880; nominated 
Lieut. -Gov. S.C., 1890, but declined; now U.S. Com'r, Circuit and Dist. 
Courts, S. C. 


Cumming; prep. ; Princeton, 1851-4, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1852, May 25, 
2; mayor of Princeton, N. J. ; d. 1895, Princeton, N. J. 


( ) Custis; prep. ; Princeton, 1850-4, A. B., A. M.; in. 1851, 

Apr. 5, 2 p-, d. 1860. 

*DOD, ALBERT BALDWIN, s. Albert Baldwin and Caroline 
(Bayard) Dod; b. 1835, Oct. 4, Princeton, N. J. ; prep. Topping's School, 
Baltimore; Princeton, 1850-4, A. B. ; A. M.,1857; in. 1851, Sept. 23; capt., 
U. S. A., 1861-5; m. , Elizabeth Mclntosh; child, Anna; civil engi- 
neer; d. 1880, Fredericksburg, Va. 

*GREEN, EDWARD THOMAS, LL.D., s. and ( ) 

Green; b. 1847, June 8, Mercer Co., N. J.; prep. ; Princeton, 1850-4, 
A. B., A. M.; Harvard Law School, 1857, LL.B.; in. 1852, May 24; ad- 
mitted to N. J. bar, 1858; Trenton City solicitor, 1861-3; school trustee, 
Trenton, 1862-4; admitted U. S. Supreme Court, 1871; judge, U. S. Dist. 
Court; general counsel Pa. R. R. for N. J., 1876-96; trustee, Univ. Pa.; 
d. 1896, Trenton, N. J. 

*MIKELL, THOMAS PRICE, s. and ( ) Mikell; prep. 

; Princeton, 1850-4, A. B.; in. 1852, June 2, 2 A; d. 1855. 

ROWELL, CHRISTOPHER, Rome, Ga., s. N. and M. A. B. 
(Cheatham) Rowell; b. 1834, Oct. 3, Florence, Ala.; prep, by private 
tutor; Princeton, 1851-4, A. B.; Univ. Va. Law School and Law School, 
Lebanon, Tenn.; in. 1853, Sept. 29; one of the revisers of Ga. Code, 1882; 
vol. aide on Gen. Frank Cheatham's staff; priv., 4th Ala. Regt., Conf. 
Army; m. 1863, Feb. 28, A. I. Underwood; children, W. S., Mary W., 
Martha C., Florence N. and Elizabeth C. ; lawyer. 

*WHITTAKER, WILLIS, JR., s. and ( ) Whittaker; 

b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1850-4, A. B.; in. 1851, Apr. 5, A $; d. 

1886, Texas. 


HEBB, JOHN LOKER, 237 E. German St. (res., 13 E. Franklin 
St.), Baltimore, Md., s. William Hilliard and Priscilla Mackall (Loker) 
Hebb; b. 1836, May 9, St. George's, Md. ; prep. Charlotte Hall School and 
by private tutor; St. Mary's Co., Md.; Princeton, 1853-5, A. B. ; A. M., 
1858; in. 1853, Oct. 15; m. (I) 1866, Dec. 13, Alice V. Dale; (II) 1893, Dec. 
19, Mary Stirling; child, Fannie; studied law with Henry W. Davis and 
Gen. George C.Morgan; admitted, 1858; lawyer, 1858-66; grain business, 
Baltimore, 1866-86; police justice, Baltimore City, 1886-92; civil justice, 
1892 . 


*MALLOY, JOHN RANDOLPH, s. and ( ) Malloy; 

b. 1834, July 15, Cheraw, S. C. ; prep. South Carolina Coll.; Princeton, 
1850-5, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1851, Apr. 5, 2 A; in Conf. Army, four years; 
lawyer and editor; d. 1886, May 5, Cheraw, S. C. 

*ROBINSON, ALBERT, s. and ( ) Robinson; prep. ; 
Princeton, 1851-5, A. B., A. M. ; LL. B., 1857, Harvard; in. 1854, Oct. 5; 
d. 1860. 

*STEUART, JAMES HENRY, M. D., s. George Hume and Ann 
Jane (Edmondson) Steuart; b. 1835, July 13, Baltimore, Md. ; prep. Balti- 
more; Princeton, 1851-5, A. B. ; M. D. , 1857, Univ. Md. ; in. 1852, Nov. 20; 
m. 1869, Apr. 18, Ellen Lavinia Duvall; children, Mary Elizabeth, Hen- 
rietta, James Edmonson; physician, Baltimore, several years; d. 1892, 
Oct. 8, Baltimore. 

THORNTON, COL. HENRY J., LL. D., Dowerville, Cal., s. 
and ( ) Thornton; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1851-5; Univ. 

Va. ; in. 1851, Sept. 21; lawyer. 

TWELLS, JOHN STEEL, 1210 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. and ( ) Twells; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1851-5, 

A. B. , A. M. ; in. 1853, Apr. 5; ex-U. S. Consul at Naples. 


*HOLT, LEROY W., s. and ( ) Holt; prep. ; 

Princeton, 1852-6, A. B., A. M.; in. 1854, Oct. 5; d. 1861, Macon, Ga. 

NEELY, JOHN ROBERTS, Portsmouth, Va., s. and 

( ) Neely; prep. ; Princeton, 1852-6, A. B. ; in. 1854, Oct. 5, 

A 2 A; lumber business. 

*RODES, CLIFTON, s. Clifton and ( ) Rodes; b. 1834, 

Madison Co., Ky. ; prep. Centre Coll., Danville, Ky. ; Princeton, 185 - ; 
in. 1854, Sept. 13; literary work; d. 1869, June, Boyle Co., Ky. 

and ( ) Steele; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1852-6, A. B., 

A. M.; in. 1853, Oct. 12. 


*PEEK, DAVID LOCKETT, s. and ( ) Peek; b. 

, ; prep. ; Princeton, 1853-7; in. 1854, Aug-. 17; lieut. 20th 

Ga. Inf., Army Northern Va.; d. 1861, Aug., Cedartovvn, Ga. 

SIMPSON, ROBERT TENNENT, Florence, Ala., s. John and 
Margaret (Patton) Simpson; b. 1837, June 5, Florence, Ala.; prep. 
Florence; Princeton, 1853-7, A. B. ; A. M., 1887; Cumberland Univ., 
LL. B., 1859; in. 1853, Oct. 12; priv. 4th Ala. Inf., Confederate Army, 
1861, Apr. -July; 2d and 1st lieut. 1st Ala. Art. Battalion, 1861, Sept.- 
1864, July; post adjt. Ft. Morgan, Ala., 1862-3; adjt.-gen. Liddell's 
Brigade, 1864; capt. 63d Ala. Inf., 1864-5; at battle of Bull Run, 1861, 
and captured at Blakely, Ala., 1865, Apr. 9; m. 1861, Sept., Mattie Col- 
lier; children, Robert Tennent, Jr. , Nettie C., Mary S.Johnson; lawyer; 
mem. Ala. House Rep., 1882-3; Ala. Senate, 1884-7; trustee Ala. Insane 
Hosp. ; mem. State Bd. M'g'rs Courich System; general counsel for 
various corporations; pres. Bd. Trustees Florence Synodical Female Coll. 


*HOLMES, ENOCH TURNER, s. and ( ) Holmes; 

b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1854-8, A. B. ; in. 1856; d. 

170 OMICRON CHAPTER 1858-63 

*KENDRICK, JULIUS H., s. and ( ) Kendrick; b. 

; prep. ; Princeton, 1854-8; in. 1855, Oct. 5; d. Nixburg, Ala. 


( ) Littell; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 185 -8, A. B. ; in. 1855; 

d. 1867, 

ROE, JOSEPH BISPHAM, M. D., Woodbury, N. J., s. David and 
Rebecca S. (Bispham) Roe; b. 1836, Feb. 26, Haddonfield, N. J. ; prep. 
Castell's School, Princeton, N. J. ; Princeton, 1856-8, A. M. ; M. D., 
Univ. Pa., Med. Dept., 1861; in. 1855, Oct. 5; ass't surgeon U. S. A., 
four years; m. 1865, Nov. 22, Mary K. Caldwell; children, Joseph B., 
Augusta C., Sue, James M. and Marinita; mem. N. J. Assembly two 
years; Senate three years; postmaster Woodbury, N.J., 1892-6; physician. 

ROSE, CHARLES A., Memphis, Tenn., s. and ( ) 

Rose; b. , ; prep. ; Princeton, 1857-8; in. 1854, Oct. 5. 


Villalonga; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1854-8; in. 1855; d. Savan- 

nah, Ga. 

WEYER, EDWARD PAYSON, Madison, Ind., s. and 

( ) Weyer; b. , ; prep. ; Princeton, 1854-8, A. B. ; 

in. , 

ZACHARIE, FRANCIS CHARLES, 26 Carondelet St., New Or- 
leans, La., s. and ( ) Zacharie; b. , ; prep. 
; Princeton, 1854-8, A. B., A. M.; in. 1855. 


*STORRS, HENRY R., s. and ( ) Storrs; b. 1838, 

May 29, Wetumpka, Ala.; prep. ; Princeton, 1855-6 or 7; Univ. Va. ; 

Harvard Law School; in. 1855, Oct. 5; 2d lieut. 3d Ala. Regt.; d. 1861, 
May 12, Norfolk, Va. 



(See Delta Chapter.) 

*MALLOY, WILLIAM ADAMS, s. Angus and Margaret Jane 
(Adams) Malloy; b. 1839, Aug. 18, Montgomery Co., Ala.; prep. Bing- 
ham's School, Bethmont, N. C. ; Princeton, 1856-60, A. B. ; in. 1856, Oct. 
5; Confederate Inf. four years; m. 1871, Jan. 30, Mary Ella Livingston; 
child, Margaret Livingston; farming; d. 1899, June 25, Ramer, Ala. 

(See Delta Chapter.) 


I86 3 

BERGEN, MARTIN VOORHEES, 110 Market St., Camden, N. 
J., s. Samuel D. and Charity (Voorhees) Bergen; b. 1839, Feb. 12, King- 
ston, N. J. ; prep. Edge Hill, Princeton, N. J. ; Princeton, 1860-3, A. B. ; 
in. 1861, Oct. 13; Union Army one month, 1864, during Gilmore's Md. 
raid; m. 1880, Feb. , Mary A. Atkinson; lawyer; city supt. public 
instruction ten years. 

COX, ROWLAND, 229 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., Plainfield, N. 
J.), s. John C. and Ann Johns (Rowland) Cox; b. 1842, July 9, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; prep. ; Princeton, 1859-62; A. B., 1863; Alpha medal 


for English composition; in. 1861, Sept. 5; rel. in Z W, Rowland, Jr., 
; mem. Loyal Legion, N. Y. Bar Ass'n; priv. 15th Pa. Cav. Vol.; 
ass't adjt.-gen., with rank of brev. maj. ; m. 1868, Mrs. Fanny Cummins 
Hill; children, Rowland, Jr., Archibald, Fanny Cummins, Robert H. ; 

(See Tau Chapter.) 

HAMILTON, MONTGOMERY, Ft. Wayne, Ind., s. Allen and 
Emerine J. (Holman) Hamilton; b. 1843, June 7, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; prep. 
Ft. Wayne High School; Princeton, 1860-3, A. B.; Cambridge Law School; 
Univ. Jena, Germany; in. 1862, , 2 A; A $ A; G. A. R. ; priv. 15th 

Pa. Cav.; aide-de-camp to Gen. Joseph J. Reynolds, 1862-3; m. 1866, 
Aug. 25, Gertrude Pond; children, Edith, Alice Margaret, Norah, 
Arthur; lawyer; wholesale grocer. 

apolis, Ind., s. Augustus and Lavinia (Nichols) Hayt; b. 1841, June 13, 
Fishkill, N. Y.; Princeton, 1859-63, A. B.; S. T. D., 1886, N. Y. Univ.; 
D. D., Junior orator; Princeton Theo. Sem. ; Union Theo. Sem., N. Y. ; 
Berlin Univ.; in. 1862, Oct. 5; m. 1869, Nov. 4, Josephine M. Harper; 
children. Josephine M., Alice C., Jessie L'A.; ordained 1868; pastor 
Second Presb. Church, Belvidere, N. J., 1868-70; Presb. Church, Ball- 
ston Station, N. Y., 1870-7; Stone St. Presb. Church, Watertown, N.Y., 
1877- ; Indianapolis, 

(See Delta Chapter.) 

PATTON, JOHN WOODBRIDGE, 1612 Summer St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. and ( ) Patton; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 

1860-3, A. B., A. M. ; Harvard one year; in. 1862, 


(See Tau Chapter.) 

(See Tau Chapter.) 

Pa., s. Aaron Howell and Henrietta (Chambers) Van Cleve; b. 1842, 
Oct. 16, Beaver Meadow. Pa. ; prep. Lawrenceville, N. J. ; Princeton, 
1859-63, A. B. ; A. M., 1866; editor Nassau Literary Magazine; Princeton, 
Theo. Sem., grad. 1866; in. 1860, Oct. 5, T A; rel. in Z W, John B., br. ; 
m. 1868, May 12, Catherine Spencer; children, J. Spencer, Henriette, 
Frances L. ; pastor Westfield, N. Y. ; Leetsdale, Pa. ; Erie, Pa. ; stated 
clerk, Presbytery of Erie, Pa. 

*WILLIAMS, JOHN MAGIE, s. and ( ) Williams; 

b, ; prep. ; Princeton, 1860-2; in. 1861, ; capt. 17th Ky. 

Vol. (Union) ; d. 1863, July 9, McMinnville, Tenn. 


ALBRIGHT, JAMES PRESTON, 291 Broadway, N. Y. City, s. 

and ( ) Albright; b. 1842, Aug. 18, Blairstown, N. J.; 

prep. Bloomfield Inst. ; Princeton, 1860-3; Union, 1863-4, A. B. ; in. 1861, 

Oct. 1, #; studied law with Theodore Little, Esq., Morristown, N. J.; 

admitted N. Y. Bar, 1866. 

McGILL, ALEXANDER TAGGART, LL. D., 239 Washington 
St. (res., 270 Barrow St.), Jersey City, N. J., s. Alexander Taggart and 
Eleanor Acheson (McCullough) McGill; b. 1843, Oct. 20, Allegheny City, 
Pa,; prep. Princeton, N. J. ; Princeton, 1860-4, A. B. ; A. M., 1867; 


Columbia Law School, LL. B., 1866; LL. D., Rutgers and Princeton, 
1891; in. 1862, ; rel. in Z W, Samuel Hepburn, br. ; mem. Lawyers' 
Club, N. Y. City; m. 1875, June 10, Caroline Stockton Olmsted; lawyer, 
1867 ; mem. of iirms, Gilchrist & McGill, Gilchrist, McGill & Gillmore, 
and McGill & Taylor; counsel for City Bayonne, N. J., 1873-5; N. J. 
House of Rep., 1874-5; dist. atty., Hudson Co., N. J., 1878-83; presiding 
judge Hudson Co., Court of Common Pleas, 1883-7; chancellor of N. J., 

(See Tau Chapter.) 

*STEWART, JOHN HENRY, s. Cornelius and ( ) Stewart; 
b. 1844, Sept. 14, Washington, N. J. ; prep. Blairstown Acad. ; Princeton, 
1861-3; Union Coll., 1863-4, A. B.; A. M., 1867; in. 1863, Sept. 18, ; 
authorof "Stewart'sN. J. Digest," 1876; studied law in office of A. G. 
Richey, Trenton, N. J. ; presiding judge Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 
Orphans Court and Court of Quarter Sessions, Mercer Co., N. J. ; 
reporter Chancery Court of Errors and Appeals, 1877-86; d. 1890, , 

Trenton, N. J. 


BALDWIN, SILAS, M. D., 700 W. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore, Md., 
s. William and Hannah A. (Powel) Baldwin; b. , Harford Co., Md. ; 
prep. Bethel Acad., Harford Co., Md.; Princeton, 1862-5, A. B., A. M., 
1868; Med. Dept., Univ. Md., M. D., 1867; in. 1864, Apr. 13, 2; m. , 

Elizabeth Carey; children, Katie and William; physician Md. Peni- 
tentiary, Baltimore, ten years; coroner of Baltimore, 1888-96. 

DENNIS, JOHN UPSHUR, 1307 N. Calvert St. , Baltimore, Md., s. 
George R. and Louisa S. (Joynes) Dennis; b. 1846, June 14, Kingston, 
Md. ; prep. Washington Acad., Somerset Co., Md. ; Princeton, 1863-5, 
A. B., A. M.; Univ. Va. Law School, grad. 1866; in. 1864, July 13, 3>; 
mem. Athenasum and Univ. Clubs, Baltimore; m. 1881, May 31, Frances 
A. Murdoch; children, John Murdoch and Dora Louise; lawyer, Balti- 
more, 1866-86; judge Supreme Bench, Baltimore City, 1887 . 

GRANT, WILLIAM HENRY, Trenton, N. J., s. and 

( ) Grant; b. 1845, Oct. 15, Trenton, N. J. ; prep. Lawrenceville 

High School; Princeton, 1863-5, A. B., A. M.; in. 1862, , A $. 

*McKAIG, ALPHEUS BE ALL, s. and ( ) McKaig; 

b. 1847, Aug. 23, Cumberland, Md. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1865, A. B., 

A. M. ; in. 1866, May 5, A; lawyer, Cumberland, Md. ; d. 1886, Apr. , 
Baltimore, Md. 

and ( ) Van Bobber; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 

1862-5, A. B., A. M.; in. 1864, Feb. , A $; lawyer. 



Cotts; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1863-6, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1864, 

Apr. , $; d. 1883, July 12. 

(Welford) Lomax; b. 1847, Sept. 21, Fredericksburg, Va. ; prep. Keokuk, 
la.; Princeton, 1863-6, A. B. ; in. 1864, Sept. 5, A #; m. 1869, June 23, 
Frances Elizabeth Coons; children, Grace, Thornton Grant, Nannie 
Britton, Page, Ralph, George, Georgia; banker; d. 1894, July 25, Vernon, 


s. and ( ) Munnikhuysen; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1862-6, 

A. B. ; M. D. , 1869, Univ. Pa. ; in. 1864, May , # . 

and ( ) Smith; b. , Hightstown, N. J. ; prep. ; 

Princeton, 1863-6, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1864, May , ; lawyer. 

*TURNBULL, JOHN LISLE, s. Henry C. and Anna Graeme 
(Smith) Turnbull; b. 1846, Sept. 12, Auburn, Md. ; prep. ; Princeton, 
1862-6, A. B.; in. 1864, Feb. , 2 p; m. 1868, Nov. 10, Willie Irving 
Harrison; children, Janet Graeme, Greame, Rosalie Randolph; com- 
mercial and banking- business; d. 1889, Dec. 5, Baltimore, Md. 

WICKOFF, HOLMES, M.D., s. and ( ) Wickoff; 

b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1862-5; in. 1863; ass't surgeon or 

surgeon U. S. N. ; d. 1877 or 1878 off the coast of Fla. 


*GARRETT, ROBERT, s. John W. and (Harrison) Garrett; 

b. 1847, Apr. 9, Baltimore, Md. ; prep. Providence, R. I., and Mr. 
Dalrymple's School; Princeton, 1863-7, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1864, Sept. , 
#; r'A; rel. in Z W,T. Harrison, br. ; mem. Union Club, N. Y. ; Maryland, 
Athenagum, Baltimore and Merchants' Clubs, Baltimore; Tuxedo Club, 
Tuxedo, N. Y. ; Carroll's Island Shooting Club of Md. ; Clubs in Chicago, 
111. and Cincinnati, O. ; contributor to North American Review; m. 1872, 
Jan. 31, Mary Sloan Frick; pres. Valley R. R. of Vt. ; v.-pres. B. and 
O. R. R., 1879-84; pres., 1884- ; pres. Baltimore Dry Dock Co.; mem. 
banking firm Robert Garrett & Sons, Baltimore; director Consolidated 
Gas Co., Nat'l Mechanics' Bank, Merchants and Miners Transportation 
Co. and many Baltimore Corporations; trustee Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
d. 18%, July 29, Deer Park, Md. 


*GARRETT, THOMAS HARRISON, s. John W. and (Har- 

rison) Garrett; b. 1850, Feb. 11, Baltimore; prep. Baltimore High School; 
Princeton, 1864-8, A. B. ; in. , ; rel. in Z W, Robert, br. ; mem. 

Md. Hist. Soc. ; Baltimore, Maryland, Merchants' Clubs, Baltimore; 
Union League Club, N. Y. ; m. 1870, , Alice Dickinson; children, 

Elizabeth, John W., Horatio W., Robert; director in various Baltimore 
corporations; trustee Princeton Coll.; d. 1888, June 7, Baltimore, Md. 

JOHNSON, RUSSELL HAMPDEN, M. D., Chestnut Hill, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Lawrence and Mary (Winder) Johnson; b. 1847, Sept. 
15, Philadelphia; prep, private schools, Philadelphia; Princeton, 1864-8, 
A. B.; M. D., 1871, Univ. Pa.; in. 1865, Oct. 5, A $; fellow Coll. Physi- 
cians, Philadelphia; mem. Univ. and Philadelphia Cricket Clubs; m. 
1877, Dec. 13, Grace H. Price; children, Russell H., Lawrence, Anna 
Price, Louise, Paul Sears; physician. 

POLK, JOHN PHILIP, Wilmington, Del., s. and ( ) 

Polk; b. 1845, Oct. 18, Wilmington, Del.; prep. ; Princeton, 1864-8, 

A. B., A. M.; in. 1865, Oct. 5, 2. 


CHAPMAN, ARTHUR, Doyleston, Pa., s. and ( ) 

Chapman; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1865-9, A. B., A. M. ; in. 

1865, May 5, 2 A. 



G ASTON, WALTER, Wilkesbarre, Pa., s. and ( ) 

Gaston; b. , Wilkesbarre; prep. ; Princeton, 1866- ; in. 1868, 

Sept. 10; m. , , J child, Edward. 

*GLENN, WILLIAM BYNUM, s. Tyre and Margaret ( ) Glenn; 
b. 1848, Apr. 19, Yadkin Co., N. C. ; prep, by private tutor, Va. Military 
Inst., Burroughs' Prep. School, Princeton, N. J. ; Princeton, 1866-70, A. 
B. ; editor of "Essays Consequential"; in. 1868, Feb. 7, $; m. 1874, Dec. 
IS, Sallie Eliza Matthews; children, WilliamBynum, Antoinette, Thomas 
Settle, William Asheton; lawyer, 1872-92; mem. N. C. House Rep., 
1874-5 and 1876-7; N. C. Senate, 1881-3; Presidential elector, 1876; mem. 
firm Glenn & Glenn, Winston, N. C. ; d. 1892, Apr. 10, Winston, N. C. 

WILLIS, SHORT ADAM, Hotel Marie Antoinette, N. Y. City, s. 
and ( ) Willis; b. prep. ; Princeton, 1866-70, 

A. B. ; in. 1870, May 26. 

BURNSIDE, SIMON CAMERON, Howard, Pa., s. Judge James 
and Rachel Jane (Cameron) Burnside; b. 1849, Feb. 4, Bellefonte, Pa. ; 
prep. Edge Hill School, Princeton, N. J. ; Princeton, 1867-8; in. 1867, 
Sept. 22; mem. Bellefonte Club; ass't paymaster U. S. N., 1875-8; m. 
1882, Nov. 16, Lucinda A. Lanth; child, Rachel; engaged in care of his 
own property. 

CARTER, WILLIAM TUTTLE, Park and Mulberry Sts. (res., 
78 Park Place), Newark, N. J., s. Aaron, Jr., and Elizabeth Camp 
(Tuttle) Carter; b. 1849, Sept. 28, Newark, N. J.; prep. Newark Acad. 
and Andover (Mass.) Acad.; Princeton, 1867-71, A. B. ; A.M., 1874; Clio 
Hall prize for orations; in. 1869, May 11, ; mem. N. J. Historical Soc. ; 
Republican and Essex Clubs, Newark; Princeton Club, N. Y. ; m. 1875, 
June 2, Sophie A. Condict; children, William Tuttle, Jr., Elizabeth 
Condict, Joseph Nelson, Kenneth King; m'f'r; m'g'r Howard Savings 
Ins. Co. ; trustee Newark Acad. ; director Prudential Ins. Co. of Am. 

JOHNSON, LAWRENCE, 325 Chestnut St. (res., 2137 Spruce St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Lawrence and Mary (Winder) Johnson; b. 1849, 
Sept. 28, Philadelphia; prep, by Dr. John Faires and Dr. Labberton, 
Philadelphia; Princeton, 1867-9; in. 1867, Jan. 2; rel. in Z W, Lawrence 
Johnson, Jr., and I. Wistar Morris, Jr., ne's; Russel H., br. ; mem. 
Hist. Soc. of Pa. ; Rittenhouse, Union League, Philadelphia Country 
and Philadelphia Gun Clubs; m. 1877, Dec. 6, Louisa Philler Gaw; 
child, Millicent Gaw; senior mem. firm Lawrence Johnson & Co., 
foreign merchants and bankers; director Philadelphia National Bank, 
Philadelphia Bourse, Ins. Co. of N. Am., Philadelphia Warehouse Co., 
Barclay R. R. Co. 

*MICHAEL, JACOB EDWIN, M. D., s. Jacob Jackson and Susan 
(Kimbal) Michael; b. 1848, May 13, Harford Co., Md. ; prep. St. Timo- 
thy's Hall, Md., and Newark Acad., Del.; Princeton, 1867-71, A. B.; 
M. D., 1873, Univ. Md.; studied in foreign hosp's and schools; in. 1870, 
May 26, <; m. 1875, Dec. , Susie Mitchell; children, six; mem. Am. 
Surgical Ass'n; Southern Surgical and Gynaecological Ass'n; Am. Med. 
Ass'n; local med. soc's of Baltimore; Univ. Club; Monthly Med. Reunion; 
pres. Clinical Soc. of Md. ; pres. Med. and Chirurgical Faculty of Md. ; 
demonstrator of anatomy Univ. Md., 1874-80; prof, of anatomy and clin- 
ical surgery, 1880-90; dean of Univ. Md. Faculty, 1887-95; prof, of obstet- 
rics, 1890-5; editor Md. Med. Journal; d. 1895, Dec. 7, Baltimore, Md. 


PENXIXGTON, JOHN CONDIT, M. D., s. Samuel H. and Anna 
J. M. (Pope) Pennington; b. 1850, Oct. 12, Newark, N. J. ; prep. Newark 
Acad.; Princeton, 1867-71, A. B., A. M.; M. D., 1875, Coll. P. and S., 
X. Y. ; in. 1869, Sept. 7, A #; m. 1881, June 14, Ellen Kemble Paulding; 
house surg-eon BellevueHosp., N. Y. ; practiced in partnership with Dr. 
Murdoch, Cold Spring-on-Hudson; surgeon to expedition to the Amazon 
River; practiced Andover, Mass., till 1885; d. 1897, July 27, Presb. Hosp., 
X. Y. City. 

*REEVE, ADDISON ALEXANDER, s. Rev. W. B. and ( ) 
Reeve; b. 1848, May 21; prep. Hampton, L. I., N. Y., and South Ber- 
wick (Me.) Acad.; Princeton, 1868-71; in. 1869, May 11; med. student- 
under Dr. Moffat; drugstore, Brooklyn, N. Y., two or three years ; ho- 
moeopathic pharmacy, Boston, several years; mercantile business; d. 
1896, Jan. 4, Dorchester, Mass. 

and Sarah Youle (Johnson) Stewart; b. 1850, Apr. 25, N. Y. City; prep. 
George C. Anthon's School, N. Y. City; Princeton, 1867-71, A. B. ; A.M., 
1874; class historian; mem. Am. Whig- Soc. ; LL. B., Columbia Coll., 
1873; in. 1867, Sept. 1, #; mem. Univ., St. Nicholas, Lawyers', N. Y. 
Yacht, Corinthian Yacht Clubs; Downtown Ass'n; N. Y. Bar Ass'n; m. 
1873, Dec. , Frances Loring Gray; children, Francis Gray, William 
Adams Walker, Jr., Mary and Frances Violet; lawyer, N. Y. City; 
counsel U. S. Trust Co., Bank of New Amsterdam; N. Y. Soc. for Relief 
of Ruptured and Crippled; N. Y. Soc. for Improving- the Condition of the 
Poor; Phoenix National Bank; sailed from N. Y. on yacht day preced- 
ing Mar., 1888, blizzard, and never heard from. 

YOUNG, THOMAS SEARS, JR., 5 W. 20th St. (bus. add., Wall 
St.), N. Y. City. s. and ( ) Young; b. ; prep. ; 

Princeton, 1867"-71, A. B. ; in. , ; broker, N. Y. City. 


BADEAU, GILBERT HENRY. 17 Nassau St., N. Y. City, s. 
and ( ) Badeau; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1868- ; in. 

1870, June 2; lawyer. 


Kase; b. 1849, Apr. 25, Stewartsville, N. J. ; prep. Pennington Sem.,N. 
J.: Princeton, 1868-72, A. B., A. M.; in. 1870, May 2, #; d. 1880, Apr. 
30, Stewartsville, N. J. 

WILLIAMS, ALBERT, JR., Scientific Publishing- Co., 253 Broad- 
way. N. Y. City, s. Rev. Albert and Mary Parker (Havens) Williams; 
b. 1852, Nov. 13, San Francisco, Cal. ; prep. Phillips Acad., Andover; 
Princeton, 1868-72, A. B. ; A. M., 1875; fellowship in experimental science; 
Univ. crew; Princeton, Columbia and A. A. A. football teams; Columbia 
School of Mines (special course); in. 1870, Sept. 22, A 2; mem. Naval 
Inst. ; Am. Inst. Mining Engineers; Philosophical Soc.; Cal. Acad. of 
Sciences; ex-mem. Cosmos Club, Washington; author of Govt. Reports, 
"Mineral Resources of the U. S., 1882-3, '84 and '85"; edited Vol. XIII, 
Tenth Census of the U. S., "Mining"; papers on U. S. Senate Docu- 
ments, 1884-5; on Steel for Ordnance and Armor, and Coal for Naval 
Use; division reports in general reports of Director U. S. Geological 
Survey; contributor to Engineering Magazine, Engineering and Mining 
Journal, Mines and Minerals, Colliery Engineer, Scientific American, 
Mining and Scientific Press, Mining Industry, The Chatauquan, Overland 
Monthly, etc.; invented discharging settling tanks for silver mills, and 
steel rod and turn buckle bobstay for yachts; expert for Naval Advisory 


Bd., 1884-5; special expert in mining- engineering, tenth and eleventh 
census; geologist and chief of division, U. S. Geol. Survey; m'n'g editor 
Scientific American, Engineering Magazine, Engineering and Mining 
Journal at various dates, 1874-94; consulting engineer for various mining 
companies; pres. Mich. Mining School, 1886-7. 


DRAYTON, JAMES COLEMAN, 67 Wall St., N. Y. City (res., 
Bernardsville, N. J.) 


BIDDLE, WILLIAM LYMAN, 326WalnutSt. (res., 1828 DeLancey 
Place), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Thomas Alexander and Julia (Cox) Biddle; 
b. 1853, Oct. 8, Philadelphia; prep. Dr. Faire's School, Philadelphia, 
and St. Paul's School, Concord, N. Y. ; Princeton, 1871-4, A. B. ; in. 
1872, Feb. 22, 2-, rel. in Z W, Thomas, J. Williams, Cadwallader and 
James Cornell Biddle, cous. ; v.-pres. Univ. Boat Club; pres. Philadel- 
phia Club; elective com., Philadelphia Country Club; mem. Merion 
Cricket, Rittenhouse, Princeton, Univ. Barge and Rabbit (pres.) Clubs, 
Philadelphia; Univ. Club, N. Y. City; stock broker. 

COMEGYS, WILLIAM HENRY, c/o War Dept., Washington, 
D. C. (res., Cincinnati, O.), s. Cornelius George and Rebecca (Tiffin) 
Comegys; b. 1853, Feb. 15, Cincinnati, O.; prep. Bliss Prep. School, 
Cincinnati, O.; Princeton, 1870-1; Miami Med. Coll., Cincinnati, grad. 
1876; in. 1870, Sept. 12, 2 p; mem. Capital City Club, Atlanta, Ga.; 
Cheyenne (Wyo.) Club; Omaha Athletic and Whist Clubs; acting ass't 
surgeon, U. S. A., 1879-80; maj. and paymaster, U. S. A., 1881 ; res. 
physician, Cincinnati Hosp., 1875-6; physician, Cincinnati, 1876-9. 

GROESBECK, TELFORD, 407 Johnson Bldg. (res., 2141 Auburn 
Ave.), Cincinnati, O., s. William Slocum and Elizabeth (Burnet) Groes- 
beck; b. 1853, Aug. 5, Cincinnati, O.; prep. E. F. Bliss' private school; 
Princeton, 1870-4, A. B. ; Harvard Law School, grad. 1877; in. 1870, 
Sept. 15, $; cor. sec. Lit. Club of Cincinnati; 32d degree Mason; author 
of "The Incas"; m. 1877, Louise B. C. Cox; children, Louise T., Glen- 
dinning B., Mary C., William S.; law and literature; judge advocate- 
gen, of Ohio. 

NEFF, WALLACE, M. D., 1730 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. 
C., s. William Howard and Lucy (Wallace) Neff; b. 1852, Oct. 13, Cin- 
cinnati, O.; prep. Cincinnati High School and Bliss' Prep. School, Cin- 
cinnati; Princeton, 1870-4; A. B.,1874; A. M., 1877; Whig Hall; Prince- 
ton Scientific Soc. ; M. D., 1879, Med. Coll. of Ohio (Univ. Cincinnati); 
in. 1870, Sept. 12, ; mem. Cincinnati Acad. of Med.; D. C. Med. Ass'n; 
D. C. Med. Soc.; Southern Surgical Soc.; Univ., Queen City (gov.), 
Country (sec.) and Cincinnati Golf Clubs, Cincinnati; Washington Golf 
Club; author of miscellaneous articles on surgery; invented various 
surgical appliances; maj. and brig. -surgeon, U. S. V., Spanish war; m. 
1887, June 22, Florida Yulee; child, Nancy Yulee; res. physician, Cin- 
cinnati Hosp.; in hosps. at London, Paris and Vienna; adjunct prof., 
clinical surgery, Med. Coll. of Ohio; adjunct prof., surgical pathology, 
until 1898; physician, Washington, D. C., 1899. 

OSBORNE, CHARLES HERBERT, M. D., 271 Mulberry St., 
Newark, N. J., s. and ( ) Osborne; b. ; prep. ; 

Princeton, 1870- ; in. 1871, Jan. 22, 2 p; physician. 

PATON, DAVID, Maryland Club, Baltimore, Md., s. and 

) Paton; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1870-4, A. B.; Law 

Dept., Columbia, LL. B.,1876; in. 1870, Sept. 12, ; lawyer. 


SMITH, WILLIAM MORROW, 83 Carroll St. (bus. add., 126 Rail- 
road Ave.), Paterson, N. J., s. Samuel and Alicia (Morrow) Smith; b. 
1854, June 14, Paterson, N. J. ; prep, private schools, Paterson, and by 
private tutors; Princeton, 1870-4, A. B. ; capt. Univ. crew; in. 1872, June 
22, A ; mem. Hamilton Club, Paterson; m. 1879, Dec. 17, Flora L. 
Hughes; children, Robert Hughes, Douglas Housey, Arthur Morrow; 
lawyer; county clerk, Passaic Co., N. J., 1881-91; pres. N. J. Iron Metal 
Co., Paterson. 


LATTA, WALTER WETHERILL, Pendleton, S. C., s. and 

( ) Latta; prep. ; Princeton, 1872-5; in. 1872, Jan. 26, 2 p. 

TEN EYCK, JOHN CONOVER, 37 Wall St., N. Y. City (res., 
Dobbs Ferry), N. Y., s. and ( ) Ten Eyck; b. ; prep. 

; Princeton, 1871-5, A. B., A. M.; in. 1872, Apr. 17, A 2. 


*BIDDLE, JONATHAN WILLIAMS, s. Henry J. and Mary D. 
(Baird) Biddle; b. 1855, Aug. 1, Carlisle, Pa.; prep. Mt. Pleasant Mili- 
tary School, Sing Sing, N. Y.; Princeton, 1872-6; in. 1873, Nov. 5, T; 2d 
lieut., Co. K, 7th U. S. Cav., 1876; killed at Snake Creek, Montana, 1877, 
Sept. 30, in action with Indians. 

CONGER, JOHN, Room 22, 115 Broadway, N. Y. City, s. and 

( ) Conger; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1872- ; in. 1874, 

Jan. 12; insurance business. 

DUNNING, FRANK, 67 Wall St. (res., 37 W. 38th St.), N. Y. City, 
s. and ( ) Dunning; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1872-6, 

A. B., A. M.; Law Dept., Columbia, LL. B.,1878. 

MARKOE, FRANCIS HARTMAN, M. D., 15 E. 49th St., N. Y. 
City, s. Thomas Masters and Charlotte (Atwell) Markoe; b. 1856, Mar. 
20, N. Y. City; prep. Lyons Collegiate Inst., N. Y., and Holbrook's Mili- 
tary Acad., Sing Sing, N. Y. ; Princeton, 1872-6, A. B. ; M. D., 1879, Coll. 
P. and S., N. Y. City; in. 1874, Jan. 22; life mem. N. Y. Historical Soc., 
Am. Geog. Soc. : State Charities Aid Ass'n; Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty 
to Children; mem. Univ., Princeton, Century, N. Y. Yacht, Meadow and 
St. Andrews Golf Clubs; author of "Eiitero-Anastamosis for Malignant 
Stenosis of the Digestive Tract"; Coelio-Splenectomy for Hypertrophied 
Spleen; Uretero-Ureteral Anastamosis for Traumatism; Teratomata of 
the Sacro-Coccygeal Region; many clinical reports; N. Y. Hosp. (surgi- 
cal), 1880; ass't demonstrator anatomy, Columbia, 1880-4; demonstrator, 
1884-7; clinical lecturer on surgery, 1887 ; m. 1882, Mar. 9, Madeline 
Shelton; child, Francis H., Jr. ; attending physician, Nursery and Chil- 
dren's Hosp., 1883-7; Bellevue Hosp., 1887-90; St. Luke's Hosp., 1899; 
consulting surgeon, Orthopedic Hosp., 1894 ; N. Y. Hosp., 1899. 

*PARMLY, GEORGE DUBOIS, M. D., s. Ehrick and Lucie 
(Dubois) Parmly; b. 1857, June 7, N. Y. City; prep. Farrand's Collegiate 
Acad.; Princeton, 1872-6, A. B. ; A.M., 1879; M. D.,Coll. P. and S., N. 
Y. City; first prize at graduation, Coll. P. and S. ; Princeton crew; in. 
1876; one of the founders of Alpha Chapter; rel. in Z W, John E., br. ; 
Randolph Parmly, cou. ; one of the founders of Manhattan Athletic Club, 
N. Y. ; mem. Princeton Athletic Club; ship surgeon, Panama steamers, 
1882-3; author of articles on chemistry, medicine and surgery; physician 
and surgeon, N. Y. Hosp. and Roosevelt Hosp. ; lecturer, Polyclinic in 
34th St., N. Y. City, till 1885; d. 1889, Dec. 28, Spokane, Wash. 

178 OMICRON CHAPTER 1877-80 


*McGILL, SAMUEL HEPBURN, s. Alexander T. and Eleanof 
Acheson (McCulloch) McGill; b. 1856, Mar. 20, Princeton, N. J. ; prep. 
Princeton, N. J. ; Princeton, 1873-7, A. B. ; A.M., 1880; Columbia Coll., 
N. Y., LL. B., 1880; in. ; rel. in Z W, Alexander T., br. ; mem. 

Co. A, 7th Regt., N. G. N. Y. ; m. 1887, Apr. 22, Julia Thayer; child, 
Benjamin Thayer; admitted N. Y. bar, 1881; atty. N. J. bar, 1881, 
counsellor 1884; practiced Jersey City, 1885-7; mem. firm Tay lor & McGill, 
1887-9; d. 1888, Feb., Jersey City, N. J. 


BONNER, FREDERICK, 8 W. 56th St., N. Y. City, s. Robert and 
( ) Bonner; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1874-8, A. B. ; 

in. , 2 p A; with N. Y. Ledger. 

FLEMING, DAVID, 325 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa., s. and 
( ) Fleming; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1874- ; in. 

; sec. and treas. Harrisburg Foundry & Machine Works. 

GALT, WALTER ALL AN, 1409 H St. , Washington, D. C., s. 
and ( ) Gait; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1874-6; in. 

JOHNSON, HENRY SIBLEY, 201 Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland, 
O., s. and ( ) Johnson; b. ;' prep. ; Princeton, 

1874-8, A. B. ; in. 

REED, JAMES MONROE, JR., 18 S. 15th St. (res., 119 S.22d St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. James Monroe and Sarah Helen (Bidlack) Reed; 
b. 1859, Mar. 12, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Boston Latin School, Boston, 
and Rugby Acad., Philadelphia; Princeton, 1874-7; mem. Cliosophic 
Soc. ; Calumet Club; director class baseball nine; in. 1875, ; mem. 

Soc. of Colonial Wars, Racquet and Princeton Clubs, Philadelphia; m. 
1893, Apr. 26, Mary Crossan Donaldson; law student; wholesale coal 
business, 1881-93; sec. Standard Supply & Equipment Co., R. R. 
Equipment and Supplies, 1894 . 


JOHNSTON, GEORGE W., M. D. , Columbian Univ. , Washington, 
D. C., s. and ( ) Johnston; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1875-9, 
A. B., A. M. ; M. D., 1882, Univ. Pa.; in. ; prof. Theory and 

Practice of Med., Columbian Univ., Washington, D. C. 

ROESSLE, ELWOOD O., Albany, N. Y., s. and ( ) 

Roessle; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1875-9, A. B. ; in. ; ex-U. S. 

Consul at Freiburg, Baden, Germany. 


BEASLEY, CHAUNCEY H., Trenton, N. J., s. and ( ) 
Beasley; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1876-80, A. B. ; in. ; law- 

yer; judge, Dist. Court, Trenton, N. J. 

CULVER, FREDERICK FITCH, 146 Broadway (res., 12 E. 62d 
St.), N. Y. City, s. and ( ) Culver; b. ; prep. ; Prince- 
ton, 1876-80, A. B.; LL.B., Columbia Coll.; in. . 

LOOMIS, HENRY P., M. D., 58 E. 34th St., N. Y. City, s. Alfred L. 
and ( ) Loomis; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1876-80, A. B. ; 

M. D., N. Y. Univ.; in. ; demonstrator and instructor, N. Y. Univ., 
Med. Dept. 


*NICOLL, EDWARD H., s. and ( ) Nicoll; b. 1851, 

Nov. 20, Islip, N. Y.; prep. ; Princeton, ; LL.B., Columbia 

Coll.; m. 1886, Sept. 29, Ella P. Larting; child, William; lawyer, N.Y. 
City and Middleborough, Ky. ; d. 1898, Oct. 3, San Diego, Cal. 

SCHIRMER, RANDOLPH EDWARD, "TheDakota" (bus. add., 
35 Union Square), N. Y. City, s. George and ( ) Schirmer; b. ; 
prep. ; Princeton, 1876^80, A. B. ; in. 


SHOBER, JOHN BEDFORD, M. D., 112 S. 17th St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa., s. Samuel L. and Anne Bond (Cochran) Shober; b. 1859, 
Aug. 28, Philadelphia; prep. St. Paul's School; Concord, N. H. ; 
Princeton, 1878-82, A. B. ; A. M., 1885; Univ. Pa., M. D.,1885; in. ; 
rel. inZ W, Samuel L., br.; mem. H. C. Wood Med. Soc.; Univ. Pa. 
(pres.); Am. Med. Ass'n; Fellow, Coll. of Physicians, Philadelphia; 
Philadelphia Co. Med. Soc. ; Philadelphia Pathological Soc. ; ex-mem. 
Rittenhouse (sec. com. on admissions); Philadelphia German Clubs; 
1st Troop Philadelphia City Cav. ; surgeon, 2d lieut. ; mem. Univ., Or- 
phans' and Univ. Barge Clubs; contributor to medical journals; m. 1895, 
Feb. 25, Margaret S. Harlan; res. physician Pa. Hosp. and Children's 
Hosp., Philadelphia, 1885-7; ass't surgeon outdoor surgical dept., Univ. 
Pa., 1889-91; examining surgeon for pensions, Philadelphia, 1892; sur- 
geon, Howard Hosp., 1893-6; obstetrician, Philadelphia Hosp.: Gynae- 
cologist, Howard Hosp. ; ass't surgeon, Gynecean Hosp., Philadelphia; 
chairman section on Gynaecology, Coll. of Physicians, etc. 


GREEN, WALTER DAVENPORT, M.D.,633N. llth St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Edward T. and Julia (Thompson) Green; b. 1861, July 
24, Trenton, N. J. : prep. Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Inst. ; 
Princeton, 1879-83, A. B.; A. M., 1886; Univ. Pa., M. D., 1886; class 
sec.; sec. and treas. Bric-a-Brac Bd. ; in. 1879, Oct. , ; rel. in Z W, 
Edward T., fa., John F. Duffield, cou. ; mem. Germantown Cricket and 
Young Republican Clubs; surgeon 1st Regt., N. G. Pa.; fellow Coll. of 
Physicians; resident physician Presb. Hosp., 1886-7; Pa. Hosp., 1887-9; 
port physician, city of Philadelphia, 1894; surgeon out-patient dept., 
Pa. Hos'p., 1891. 

HAXALL. JOHN TRIPLETT, News Bldg., Baltimore, Md. (res., 
Albemarle Co., Va.), s. Boiling Walker and Anne (Triplett) Haxall; b. 
1860, Apr. 22, Richmond, Va.; prep. St. Paul's School, Concord. N. H. ; 
Princeton, 1879-83, A. B. ; 'varsity football team; glee club: in. 1879, ; 
business: farming; alternate delegate Democratic Sound Money Con- 
vention, Indianapolis. 

PEACE, EDWARD C., 1301 Walnut St., Philadelphia Club, 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. and i ) Peace; b. ; prep. 

; Princeton, 1879-83; in. 

PEACE, PHILIP P., c/o Philadelphia Club, Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. and ( ) Peace; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 

1879-83; in. 

RIGGS, LAWRASON, 814 Cathedral St., Baltimore, Md., s. 
Lawrason and Mary Turpin (Wright) Riggs; b. 1861, , N. Y. City; 

prep. ; St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. ; Princeton, 1879-83, A. B'., 
A. M. ; Univ. Md., LL. B., 1885; in. ; lawyer. 

WADLEIGH, FRANCIS R.. 945 Old Colony Bldg., Chicago, 111., 
s. and ( ) Wadleigh; b. ; prep. : Princeton, 

1879-83, A. B. ; in. 



HROOKE, DOLAN N., 1809 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
and ( ) Brooke; prep. ; Princeton, 1881-5; in. 

POTTER, JAMES, B. & O. R. R. Office (res., Philadelphia Club), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. and ( ) Potter; b. ; prep. ; 

Princeton, 1881- ; in. 


BAILEY, PEARCE, M. D., 4 W. 50th St., N. Y. City, s. and 

( ) Bailey; prep. ; Princeton, 1882-6, A. B.; A. M., 

1889; Coll. P. and S., M. D. 

*LAMAR, HENRY CUMMING, s. and ( ) Lamar; 

prep. ; Princeton, 1882-6; in. ; d. 


DUANE, WILLIAM JOHN, 59 Wall St. (res., 10 E. 58th St.), N.Y. 
City, s. and ( ) Duane; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 

1883-7, A. B.; in. 

GOLTRA, EDWARD FIELD, 3882 Delmar Ave. (bus. add., 509 
Olive St.), St. Louis, Mo., s. Moore Compton and Evelina (Parsons) 
Goltra; b. 1862, Dec. 29, Jacksonville, 111.; prep. Whipple Acad., Jack- 
sonville, 111.; 111. Coll., Chambers' School, Freehold, N. J., and East 
Hampton (Mass.) Sem. ; Princeton, 1883-7, A. B. ; class treas.; leader of 
glee club; Univ. of Chicago Law School; in. 1884, ; mem. Univ. and 

St. Louis Clubs, St. Louis Univ. Club, Chicago, Lawyers and Calumet 
Clubs, N. Y.; author ofwork on "History of the Art of Steel Founding"; 
patentee of inventions relating to steel railway car construction; m. 1888, 
May 31, Kate Mary Brown; child, Edward Field, Jr.; organizer of St. 
Louis Steel Foundry Co., E. St. Louis, 111.; organizer, v.-pres. and 
gen. m'g'r Am. Steel Foundry Co., Granite City, 111.; railroad and min- 
ing interests. 

*GREEN, DAVID, s. and ( ) Green; b. ; prep. 

; Princeton, 1883-7, B. S. ; in. ; d. 1899, 

LARKIN, ADRIAN N., 54 Wall St., N. Y. City, s. and 

( ) Larkin; b. ; prep. ; Princeton, 1883-7, A. B. ; A. M. ; 

in. ; lawyer. 

SAVAGE, HENRY SEYMOUR, Virginia, Cass Co., 111., s. Henry 
Seymour and Sarah Frances (Ward) Savage; b. 1865, Aug. 29, Virginia, 
111.; prep. Freehold Inst., Freehold, N. J., and E. Hampton (Mass.) 
Sem.; Princeton, 1883-7, A. B. ; in. 1886, ; First Nat'l Bank, Spokane, 
Wash., 1889-93; grain business, Virginia, 111. 














3 a 


a " 


To "The Publick Academy in the City of Philadelphia," founded 
November 13, 1749, chartered on July 13, 1753, by the Colonial Pro- 
prietors as "The Academy and Charitable School in the Province 
of Pennsylvania," and on June 16, 1755, as "The College, Academy and 
Charitable School of Philadelphia," and its later created (September 
27, 1799) rival and intended successor, "The University of the State of 
Pennsylvania," when united by an act of the General Assembly of 
Pennsylvania of September 30, 1791, the present University of Pennsyl- 
vania traces its foundation. 

It has been located for by far the major portion of its existence at 
but two places from 1802 to 1872 at the northwest corner of Ninth and 
Chestnut Streets, the present site of the United States Post Office, and 
since October 11, 1872, in West Philadelphia, on the magnificent expanse 
of ground which has rendered possible the addition of many buildings, 
now numbering twenty-five, which give it a superb group of homes for 
the effective maintenance of thirteen branches of university teaching 
and research, and afford its students perfect accommodations for every 
phase of university life and endeavor. 

Prior to 1849 only local, non-secret, literary societies existed, and at 
the time of the introduction of fraternities, the Philomathean Society, 
founded in 1813, and the Zelosophic Society, founded in 1831 "Philo" 
and "Zelo, " as they are always called were keen rivals in their work 
and in their claims to student favor, and while the coming of the Greek 
letter men doubtless took from them much of the social side of their 
activity, the fraternities did not destroy them, but only created and fos- 
tered new elements in the student body, and upward of seventy Zetes 
have been active in their work and management. 

But one fraternity antedates Zeta Psi at Pennsylvania, and our 
Sigma Chapter is the oldest fraternity chapter at Pennsylvania with 
continuous existence since foundation. 

The inception of Zeta Psi at Pennsylvania dates from January 1, 
1849, when the twin brothers Edward W. and Samuel E. Appleton 
entered the class of 1852 at the beginning of its second term. They had 
intended to enter Rutgers College, but the removal of their parents to 
Philadelphia in the Fall of 1848 led to a change in their plans. In the 
summer of 1850 they visited New Brunswick, and there found in the 
membership of the Delta some of their schoolboy friends, who imbued 
them with the spirit of Zeta Psi and initiated them into its mysteries, that 
they might return to Pennsylvania as missionaries. Their enthusiasm 
was great, and their earnest efforts met with quick recognition from 
worthy men, so that by early Fall the consent of the Grand Chapter was 
obtained and the first initiation set for September 4, 1850. On that date 
John Benjamin Yates Sommers, one of the founders of Zeta Psi, and then 
$ A, Peter Warren Rouss, of the Delta, also a Grand Officer, and the 
brothers Appleton conducted the formal foundation of the Alpha of 
Pennsylvania "in a quaint building still standing on the east side 
of Seventh Street, near Sansom" (so described by Bro. Edward 
W. Appleton), and initiated William Lehman Wells, '52, Fairman 
Rogers, '53, John H. Tingley, '53, and Gideon Scull, Jr., '53. At that 
meeting the organization of the chapter was completed and four new 
members elected; Francis A. Lewis, '52, William F. Biddle, '52, J. P. 
Farley Shippen, '53, and William Moss, '53, who were duly initiated 
three days later, when J. Johnson Brown, '51, and Henry Augustus 
Duhring, '52, were elected to membership. To the roll of the chapter 
during the first year of its existence the following names were also 
added: Robert E. Randall, '53, John Andrews Harris, '52, William 


Blanchard, '54, Alfred G. Baker, '51, and William F. Rogers, '55. Of 
the founders, the brothers Appleton and Fairman Rogers still survive 
and six of the eleven later initiates of the first year. 

The brothers Appleton left Pennsylvania in their Junior year and 
were graduated at Rutgers in 1852, being graduated in Theology in 
1857, and later receiving the D. D. degree from Rutgers. They have 
always been prominent in the work of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 
Rogers has risen to prominence in engineering and mechanics and has 
been a prolific contributor to the literature of those branches of science. 
He was a professor at Pennsylvania from 1856 to 1871, and a trustee from 
1871 to 1885. Baker, Brown and Duhring have been prominent in mer- 
cantile life, Wells and Moss in medicine, Harris in the ministry, 
Randall in law, Biddle in engineering and music, and Blanchard as a 
publisher. Bro. Shippen died in April, 1853, and was the first Zete for 
whom the Sigma men draped their pins. 

At the time of the founding of the Sigma the total number of students 
at Pennsylvania was about 130, and in 1876 it had increased to above 
200, with 32 instructors, while in 1894, when Dr. William Pepper, '62, 
our honored and lamented first Zete Provost, resigned after 13 years of 
preeminently successful service, the students numbered 700, with 96 
instructors. Under his worthy and distinguished classmate and suc- 
cessor, our Bro. Charles Custis Harrison, '62, over 2,600 students are 
annually on the rolls. 

From the earliest days of the Sigma, the interest in all its work was 
intense and earnest. The "pick of the college" formed its membership, 
and its minutes, complete from foundation, are rich in details of the 
activity of its members in the literary exercises, debates and all frater- 
nity work. The first correspondence was conducted with the Delta and 
Zeta in relation to the establishment of the Chi, and in August, 1851, the 
chapter was first represented at a session of the Grand Chapter, sending 
Randall and Scull to the convention at New Brunswick, where the 
chapter received its designation as the Sigma. It was again repre- 
sented at the convention at Poughkeepsie, in 1852, when the founding of 
the Rho was authorized, and later was influential in the establishment 
of the Theta at Union and the Tau at Lafayette, the latter having been 
established by Bros. William Platt Pepper, '57, and Henry Ashurst, 
'58, of the Sigma, committee appointed for that purpose. Delegates were 
regularly sent to all the conventions, except in 1864, until the end of the 
civil war, and in the last twenty-five years the Sigma has rarely failed 
to send representatives to the sessions of the Grand Chapter, many of 
whom have taken a prominent part in its deliberations and legislation. 
Four sessions of the Grand Chapter have been held under the auspices of 
the Sigma, in 1876, 1880, 1885 and 1892, all important in fraternity 
work, and pronounced by our visiting brethren highly successful in their 
social features and notable for cordial hospitality. It is the hope of the 
Sigma that on March 9th and 10th, when it celebrates its semi-centen- 
nial in 1900 by again receiving the Grand Chapter, the occasion will 
excel all prior conventions in Philadelphia in numbers, good work, 
enthusiasm and good-fellowship in the bonds of T K <P. 

Upon the roll of Patriarchs the following names from the Sigma 
appear: # A, Edward Coppee Mitchell, '55, and William Platt Pepper, 
'57; A $ A, Robert E. Randall, '53, Fairman Rogers, '53, Edwin North 
Benson, '59, Henry Pepper, '65, Charles E. Ronaldson, '68, Joseph H. 
Burroughs, '72, and Edwards S. Dunn, '87; 2 A, Franklin Scott, '72, 
H. La Barre Jayne, '79, and Charles Tyler Cowperthwait, '87; A 2 A, 
J. Johnson Brown, '51, William Pepper, '62, and Gustavus Remak, Jr., 
'82; r A, Henry A. Duhring, '52, Robert E. Randall, '53, John W. 
Hoffman, '66, and Gustavus B. Homer, '68; 2 p A, J. Somers Smith, 
Jr., '87. 

To the seventeen men who joined the Sigma during its first year 
there were added fifty-nine from the classes of 1853 to 1865, inclusive, 


among them names which grace the annals of industrial, professional 
and social life. The scope of this sketch permits of more detailed refer- 
ence to but few of them. 

The life of William Pepper, '62, the distinguished physician, teacher 
and author, was devoted to the progress of his native city, and if fully 
told would almost be a history of the Medical School at the University 
for twenty-five years, and the present greatness of Pennsylvania is a 
monument to his creative genius while he was Provost. Under the guid- 
ing hand of his successor as Provost, Charles Custis Harrison, '62 (a 
trustee since 1876), the University has progressed with a mighty strength 
in its work, buildings, endowment and number of students. E. Coppee 
Mitchell, '55, the talented lawyer and author, was professor in and Dean 
of the Law School from 1873 until his death in 1886. Thomas McKean, 
'62, was prominent in finance and as a benefactor of the University and 
dear to the hearts of all Sigma men for his warm devotion to their 

Of the seventy-six Zetes from the classes of 1851 to 1865, seventy- 
three were living at the dawn of the civil war, and of these no less than 
thirty entered the strife. Of this number, twenty-eight performed 
honorable service and happily survived: Class of 1852, Capt. William F. 
Biddle; class of 1853, Robert E. Randall, Sergt. Fainnan Rogers, Cols. 
James C. Biddle and Gideon Scull, Jr., and Surgeons John K. Kane 
and William Moss; class of 1854, Lieut.-Col. Frank M. Etting, Lieut. 
William Blanchard and Surgeon George H. Humphreys; class of 1855, 
Col. George H. Waring; class of 1856, Charles C. Jackson; class of 1857, 
George R. Wood, Maj. Oswald C. Jackson, Capt. George H. Johnston, Jr. , 
and George Gilpin; class of 1858, Henry Ashhurst; class of 1859, Edwin 
X. Benson. Col. William McMichael; class of 1860, Col. Francis Wister; 
class of 1862, Lieuts. George Pepper, Skipwith Wilmer and Reuben 
Etting; class of 1864, Charles R. Colwell, Washington H. Gilpin, Alfred 
C. Harrison and James B. Leonard, and class of 1865, Theodore M. 

Daniel Penrose Buckley, of the class of 1855, captain of the Third 
New Jersey U. S. Volunteers, died in the battle of Gaines Mills, Va., 
on July 4th, 1862, and Robert Coles, of the class of 1857, a captain in 
the Confederate army, in the battle of Roanoke Island, N. C., on Febru- 
ary 8, 1862. 

From the classes of 1866 to 1877, sixty-nine men joined Zeta Psi, 
with no less than thirty-five from the classes of '72, '73 and '74, and the 
prosperity and activity of the chapter were unabated, but from the 
succeeding three classes only six men were taken, while the class of 1878 
shares with '61 the misfortune of being the only classes at Pennsylvania 
from 1851 to 1902 without a Zete on their rolls. Thus ensued the only 
dark days the Sigma has known, but they were only a passing cloud 
dispelled by the earnest work of active elders, and from the class of 1879 
seven enthusiastic Zetes were taken to start the new tide of prosperity 
which has never ebbed. 

It was at this time that an earnest interest in athletics began at 
Pennsylvania, and of the sixty-three Zetes in the classes from 1880 to 
1890, a majority were active oa the track, in rowing, football, baseball 
or cricket. Ellis Ames Ballard, '81, won the half-mile at the intercolle- 
giate championship in 188O and the 440-yards dash in 1881, and George 
C. Thayer, '81, the running broad jump in 1879 and 1880. In track ath- 
letics at the Pennsylvania sports twelve Zetes won no less than fifty first 
prizes in this decade. Twelve Zetes played on the 'varsity football 
teams, two as captain, with a number more as substitutes and many 
representatives on all the class teams. On the 'varsity nines the Sigma 
had ten men, one as captain, and three on the crews, while on the cricket 
eleven twenty-two Zetes represented the 'varsity, nine as captains, not 
less than three Zetes playing in any year and in 1884 nine. While some 
of the Sigma men from the later classes have also attained prominence 


in athletics, the energies of most of them have been devoted more to the 
literary and social activities of University life. Ten Zetes held office in 
the Athletic Association prior to its incorporation in 1882, at which time 
Thomas McKean, '62, was elected its first president, and Edwin N. 
Benson, '59, and E. Coppee Mitchell, '55, vice-presidents. Eight Zetes 
have since been directors. 

An interesting phase in the history of the Sigma is its work in sus- 
taining the Omicron. The records show the initiation of two men in 
1865 and three in 1876, and a number under the authority granted by the 
Grand Chapter in 1877 to the Sigma, Delta and Tau. When this au- 
thority was later restricted to the Sigma alone, and until it was with- 
drawn, a small but earnest band of Zetes was kept alive at Princeton, 
which for years waged an active though unequal contest against the un- 
yielding prejudice of the faculty. 

The home of the Sigma has been at but eight places in fifty years. 
Until 1856 on the west side of Sixth Street above Spruce, where in 1854 
the Chapter experienced its only depredation by robbers. The next 
move was to a location nearer to the University, the west side of Tenth 
Street, north of Market, then in 1858 to 1019 Walnut Street, and from 
there in 1861 to the south side of Walnut Street, below Ninth. In 1867 
the westward move was made to the southeast corner of Juniper and 
Chestnut Streets, and the same year records the Sigma's first banquet 
and its only fire. Then the home was moved in 1870 to 1315 Chestnut 
Street, whence the move was made in 1877 to the northeast corner of 
Thirteenth and Chestnut Streets, the last " rooms" of the Sigma, where 
it remained until its move in October, 1897, into its permanent home, 
provided by the Philadelphia Association of Zeta Psi, at Nos. 3337 and 
3339 Walnut Street, its chapter house within the shadow of the Univer- 
sity. Here, too, the Association, formed on February 16, 1888, and 
since then managing the successful banquets annually held by the Phil- 
adelphia Zetes, incorporated on September 20, 1897, furnishes a cozy 
retreat for its members and visiting brethren, and all honor is due by 
Zeta Psi to Brother J. Somers Smith, Jr. , '87, and the ten earnest Zetes 
who were his colleagues on the building committee. 

Much that deserves elaboration beyond the space allotted to this his- 
tory, can only be suggested by statistics. Zetes of the Sigma have been 
prominent in every branch of student life, seventy have been members 
of the literary societies and fifteen editors of the college journals; they 
have taken forty-four prizes in University courses and furnished a dozen 
Commencement speakers, three have received the "spoon," given to the 
most popular man in each class, and the classes have been few at Penn- 
sylvania which have not numbered Zetes among their class officers, 
Record editors and Class Day speakers. To nine were assigned promi- 
nent roles in the notable presentation of " The Acarnians " in Greek in 
1886. Sixteen are members of the famous "Mask and Wig Club," five 
of whom were among its founders. 

The members of the Sigma number in all 290 ; of these 65 have 

Bare statistics can but partly indicate the scope of their activity: 
lawyers, 52; doctors, 26; ministers, 10; engineers, 20; authors, 23; edi- 
tors, 4, and professors at Pennsylvania, 14. The names of Sigma Zetes 
are found on the rolls of the patriotic societies of America, the histori- 
cal, antiquarian, scientific, medical, legal, charitable and social organi- 
zations of Philadelphia, and the records of these societies attest the 
activity of the Sigma men in their work. 

It is a fitting ending to this brief history of the Sigma to record the 
names of her younger men who, with patriotic ardor, responded eagerly 
to the call for volunteers in the late war with Spain. In the " City 
Troop," Sergt. Robert E. Glendenning, '88, Corp. George C. Thayer, 
'81, and privates William I. Forbes, '89, Henry S. Godfrey, '95, Fran- 
cis L. Cramp, '96, and Persifor Frazer, Jr., '96. 


In "Battery A," Surgeon George I. McLeod, '91, Lieut. Norman 
Mac Leod, '93, Corporals Crawford Coates, Jr., '87, and Arthur H. 
Brockie, '95, and privates Albert B. Kelley, '92, Carl N. Martin, '96, 
J. Mauran Rhodes, '96, J. Walter Steel, '99, and B. Franklin Pepper, 
'01. A. Wilson Norris, Jr., '91, Lieut, and Adjutant of the 8th Penn. 
Infantry, and later Captain and Ass't Adjutant-Gen., died in service 
Jan. 15, 1899. Lloyd C. Griscom, '91, served as a staff officer with the 
rank of Captain; Joseph P. Tunis, '86, as Surgeon in the 1st Penn., 
and Robert P. Robins, '76, formerly Surgeon in the 2d Penn., is now 
a Brigade-Surgeon in the Philippines. 

Even from this brief sketch there must appear a worthy fruition of 
steadfast and untiring efforts by earnest men, animated by a spirit 
worthy of emulation by Zetes of the Sigma for generations to come. 



a? 5 



*BAKER, ALFRED GUSTAVUS, s. Michael V. and Caroline 
(Shaw) Baker; b. 1831, Dec. 17, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Univ. Pa., 1848, 
A. M. ; pres. Zelo. Lit. Soc. ; in. 1851, July 2; m. Henrietta RushFales; 
merchant, 1856-70; pres. Franklin Fire Ins. Co., Philadelphia, 1869-82; 
pres. National Bd. Fire Underwriters, N. Y. City, 1877-80; pres. Am. 
Acad. Music, Philadelphia, 1890-2; v.-pres. Alumni Soc. of Univ. Pa.; 
d. 1892, Dec. 20, Philadelphia, Pa. 

*BROWN, JOSEPH JOHNSON, s. David Sands and Elizabeth 
(Jones) Brown; b. 1852, Feb. 6, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1848, 
A. M. ; mem. Zelo. Lit. Soc.; in. 1850, Sept. 12, $; A 2 A; merchant; 
d. 1868, Aug. 13, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Pa., s. Christopher and Elizabeth (Hewetson) Appleton; b. 1834, Mar. 
30, near Bedford Springs, Pa. ; prep. Dutchess Co. Acad., Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., and Rutgers Grammar School; Univ. Pa., 1849-51, Rutgers, 
1851-2, A. B. ; A. M., 1855; D. D., 1873, Rutgers; pres. Lit. Soc. (Rutgers); 
$BK; Theo. Sem., Alexandria, Va., 1857, B. D.; in. 1850, July 8, Delta 
Chapter; charter mem. Sigma Chapter; #; rel. in Z W, Samuel E., twin 
br. ; mem. Philadelphia Zeta Psi Ass'n; m. (1) 1858, Sept. 29, Sarah 
Mayer; (2) 1897, June 29, Mary Hewetson; chaplain Sons of St. George; or- 
dained deacon, 1857; priest, 1858; examining chaplain Dioceseof Pa. ; dean 
Morristown, Pa., Convocation, 1885-99; ass't rector St. John's Church, 
Lancaster, Pa., 1857-9; rector same, 1859-61; rector St. Michael's Church, 
Trenton, N. J., 1862-8; St. Paul's Church, Cheltenham, Pa., 1867. 

DeLancey PI., Philadelphia, Pa., s. Christopher and Elizabeth (Hewet- 
son) Appleton; b. 1834, Mar. 30, near Bedford Springs, Pa.; prep. 
Dutchess Co. Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and Rutgers Coll. Grammar 
School; Univ. Pa., 1849-51; Rutgers, 1851-2; A. B., 1852; A. M., 1855; 
D.D., 1876, Rutgers; $ B K; Theo. Sem., Alexandria, Va., 1857; in. 
1851, July 8, at Delta Chapter; charter mem. Sigma Chapter; rel. in 
Z W, Rev. N. W. Appleton, twin br. ; m. 1857, Nov. 11, Jane Augusta 
Stout; rector St. Paul's Church, Columbia, Pa., 1857-60; Church of the 
Mediator, Philadelphia, I860. 

BIDDLE, WILLIAM FOSTER, 4305 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 
Pa-, s. Edward Canby and Hetty (Foster) Biddle; b. 1834, Aug. 18, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1850-2, A. B. ; A. M., 1855; 
in. 1850, Sept. 7, 2 p; mem. Acad. Nat. Science, Philadelphia; Am. Soc. 
Civil Engineers; Am. Inst. Mining Engineers; Pa. Soc. Sons of Rev.; 
pres. Soc. Colonial Wars; Union League and Art Clubs; Loyal Legion; 
dir. Musical Fund Soc. ; dir. and pres. Philadelphia Music Festival 
Ass'n; capt., U.S.V. ; aide-de-camp on staff of Gen. G. B. McClellan, U. 
S. A., 1861-3; contributor to musical and engineering press; m. Emily A. 
Leavitt; civil engineer; iron master; mining engineer; prin. ass't engi- 
neer 111. Central R. R., 1856-60; div. supt. Ohio & Mississippi R. R., 
1860-1; m'g'r Freedom Iron Works, 1864-5; v.-pres. Lehigh Ccal & Navi- 
gation Co., 1866-8; pres. Freedom Iron & Steel Co., 1869-71; pres. Millwood 
Coal & Coke Co., 1872-87. 

190 SIGMA CHAPTER 1852-3 

DUHRING, HENRY AUGUSTUS, c/o Bachman & Co., Drexel 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa., s. Henry and Caroline A. (Oberteuffer) Duhr- 
ing; b. 1834, Jan. 23, Philadelphia; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1849-52, 

A.B.; A. M., ; mem. Zelo., ; in. 1850, Sept. 12, r A; m. , 

Anna L. Johnson; m'f r. 

HARRIS, JOHN ANDREWS, D.D., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Nathaniel Sayre and Elizabeth Callender (Andrews) Harris; b. 
1834, July 15, Philadelphia; prep. Kinsley Mil. School, West Point, N. 
Y., and Prot. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa. (Junior class), 
1850-1; Princeton, 1852-3; A.B. and A.M., Princeton, 1855; D.D., Jeffer- 
son Med. Coll., 1880; S. T. D., Univ. Pa., 1886; in. 1850, Dec. 18, 2; 
mem. Am. Acad. of Political and Social Science; The Archaeological Soc. 
of the Univ. of Pa.; asso. mem. Victoria Inst. of Great Britain; Univ. 
Club of Phila. ; author of "Principles of Agnosticism Applied to Evi- 
dences of Christianity," "The Calvinistic Doctrine of Election and Rep- 
robation No Part of St. Paul's Teachings," essays, reviews, etc.; m. 
1856, Nov. 6, Almy Sophia Hale; 1861, Apr. 2, Anne Cole Wright; children, 
Alan Hale, John Andrews, and Elizabeth Andrews; instructor Epis. 
Acad., Phila., 1851-6; prin. of private school, 1856-7; prin. St. Mark's 
Epis. Acad., 1857-63; ass't minister St. Clements Church, Phila., 1859-62; 
rector St. Paul's Church, Phila., 1864 ; ordained deacon, 1858; priest, 
1859; trustee Epis. Acad., Phila., 1869; v.-pres. trustees, 1898, and 
pres. of its Alumni Soc., 1877 ; v.-pres. Civil Service Reform Ass'n of 
Phila., 1881 ; clerical deputy to the General Convention of the P. E. 
Church in 1886; mem. Standing Com. Diocese of Pa., '93 ; examining 
chaplain of the Diocese of Pa., 1888-99; director of the Pa. Institution 
for the Deaf and Dumb, 1889; pres. Chestnut Hill Relief Ass'n, 1879; 
v.-pres. Chestnut Hill Village Improvement Ass'n. 

*LEWIS, FRANCIS ALBERT, s. Laurence and Anna Maria 
(Stocker) Lewis; b. 1833, May 25, Philadelphia; prep. Philadelphia 
schools; Univ. Pa., 1848-50; in. 1850, Sept. 7; rel. in Z W, Francis A. 
Lewis, Jr., s. ; m. 1856, Anna Reed; children, Francis A., Jr., William 
R., Maria Stocker and Anna; merchant and trustee; d. 1883, Aug. 3, 
Rye Beach, N. H. 

*ROGERS, ALFRED W., s. ; b. ; prep. ; Univ. 

Pa., ; in. 1852, Nov. 15; d. 

*WELLS, WILLIAM LEHMAN, M.D., s. John Pagworthy and 
Ann Youngest (Leyman) Wells; b. 1834, Feb. 21, Philadelphia; Univ. 
Pa., 1848, A.M.; M. D., 1856; in. 1850, Sept. 7, A $; Fellow Coll. Physi- 
cians, Philadelphia; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n; Acad. Natural Science, 
Philadelphia; physician; d. 1883, Apr. 27, at sea. 


ASHHURST, RICHARD, 308 Walnut St. (res., 1524 Pine St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Lewis Richard and Mary (Hazlehurst) Ashhurst; 
b. 1833, June 28, Philadelphia; prep. James Acad., Univ. Pa., 1851-3, 
A. B., A. M. ; in. 1853, Apr. 19; rel. in Z W, Richard A. Bowie, cou. ; 
mem. of Rittenhouse Club; m. 1877, Apr. 26, Elizabeth Welsh Evans; 
children, Richard, Jr.; Am. Sunday School Union; lawyer; treas. Wm. 
Wharton, Jr. & Co. 

*BIDDLE, JAMES CORNELL, s. James Cornell and Sarah Cald- 
well (Keppele) Biddle; b. 1835, Oct. 3, Philadelphia; prep, by J. W. 
Faires; Univ. Pa., 1849-53, A. B. ; mem. Philomathean Soc.; in. 1851, 
June 11, A ; rel. in Z W, Cadwalader, br. ; mem. Loyal Legion; priv. 
27th Pa. Inf., 1861; 1st lieut. 27th Pa. Inf., 1861-2; maj. and aide-de- 
camp, U. S. V., 1862-5; brev. lieut. -col., 1864, and col. on staff of Brig.- 
Gen. J. B. Ricketts, and mem. of Mil. Com. in Washington, 1862; on 

1853-4 SIGMA CHAPTER 191 

staff of Gen. Geo. B. Meade, 1863 to the end of war, 1865; at battle Hat- 
teras Inlet, Ship Island, New Orleans, Vicksburg; m. 1862, Oct. 27, 
Gertrude G. Meredith; children, Catherine Meredith and Sarah Cald- 
well; civil engineer, 1855 ; ass't engineer North Pa. R. R. ; m'f'r; d. 

1898, Nov. 12, Philadelphia, Pa. 

MOSS, WILLIAM, M. D., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Joseph L. and Julia (Levy) Moss; b. 1833, May 2, Philadelphia; prep. 
Univ. Pa., 1849-52; Jeff. Med. Coll., M. D., 1855; in. 1850, Sept. 7, T; 
mem. Philo. Soc. ; fellow College of Phvsicians, Philadelphia, 1864; priv. 
Co. A, 17th Pa., 1861; surgeon 6th Pa.'Cav., U. S. V., 1861-2; m. , 

Mary de Noronha; physician. 

*PAUL, HENRY NEILL, s. John Rodman, M. D., and Elizabeth 
Duffield (Neill) Paul; b. 1835, Apr. 9, Philadelphia; prep. ; Univ. 

Pa., 1850-3, A. B., A. M. ; moderator Philo. Soc.; in. 1852, June 9, ; 
m. Elizabeth S. Paul; civil engineer C. & A. and Belvidere (Del.) Rail- 
roads, 1853-60; treas. "Washington Mills, Gloucester, N. J., 1860-86; 
v.-pres. Pa. Co. for Ins. on Lives and Granting Annuities, 1886-93; 
pres., 1893-9; d. 1899, Apr. 8. 

*RANDALL, ROBERT EARP, s. Josiah and Ann (Worrell) Ran- 
dall; b. 1834, Dec. 29, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1850- 
3; in. 1850, Nov. 6, F A, A $ A; mem. of Zelo. ; corp. and lieut., 1st 
Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry, doing three months' service in 1861, 
and again in 1862; Pa. Com'r to meet Gen. McClellan's Army when on 
the Peninsula, Va.; m. , Agnes Luning; lawyer; mem. Pa. Legis- 
lature; d. 

ROGERS, FAIRMAN, Newport, R. I., or c/o Morgan, Harjes& Co., 
Paris, France, s. Evans and Caroline Augusta (Fairman) Rogers; b. 
1833, Nov. 15, Philadelphia; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1849-53, A.B., A.M. ; 

mem. of Zelo., $ B K; in. 1850, Sept. 4, A $ A; trustee and treas. Nat. 
Acad. of Science, 1871-5; mem. Am. Phil. Soc.; Am. Soc. Civil Engi- 
neers; Hist. Soc. of Pa.; m. , Rebecca H. Gilpin; author of "Mag- 
netism of Iron Vessels," "Combinations of Mechanisms Representing 
Mental Processes," numerous reports and pamphlets on engineering 
and mechanical subjects; 1st sergt. 1st Phila. Tr., City Cav., 1861; sur- 
veyor of Potomac R. for U. S. C. and G. survey, 1862; vol. eng. with 
Pa. Militia in Antietam and Gettysburg campaigns; capt. 1st Tr. , 
Phila. City Cav., N. G. S. Pa., 1865; connected with U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey at different times; teacher of civil engineering and lec- 
turer on mechanics, Franklin Inst., Philadelphia, 1853-64; prof, of civil 
engineering, 1855-64. 

*SCULL, GIDEON, JR., s. Gideon and Lydia Ann (Rowan) Scull; 
b. 1833, May 26, Philadelphia; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1850-3, A. B., 

A. M. ; moderator Philo.; in. 1850, Sept. 4, A $; admiral's sec., U. S. N., 
1858-61; corns, subsistence and chief corns. Dept. of Mo., with rank of 
capt. and col., U. S. V., 1861-6; m. , Marie Seller; insurance; d. 

1899, June 27, Venice, Italy. 

Louisa (Shore) Farley; b. 1833, Aug. 9, Farley, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1849- 
51; mem. Philo. Soc.; in. 1850, Sept. 17; d. 1853, Apr. 19. 


*BLANCHARD, WILLIAM, s. William A. and MariaE. (Blakiston) 
Blanchard; b. 1835, July 24, Philadelphia; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1851- 

2; mem. of Zelo.; in. 1851, May 1, 2 p ; priv. 1st Tr., Phila. City 
Cav., 1861; 1st lieut. 2d U. S. Cav., 1861-5; bookseller and publisher; 

192 SIGMA CHAPTER 1854-5 

*ETTING, FRANK MARX, s. Benjamin and Harriet (Marx) 
Etting-; b. 1833, Dec. 17, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1850-4, A. B.; 
1857, A. M. ; Law Dept., Univ. Pa., 1855; mem. Zelo. Lit. Soc. ; in. 
1853, Jan. 4; mem. Philosophical Soc.; Historical Soc. of Pa.; author 
"An Historical Account of Independence Hall"; brochures on history, 
agriculture and cattle-raising- and kindergarten instruction; paymaster 
U. S. A.; rank of maj., 1861; chief paymaster, 1864-7; brev. lieut.-col. 
U. S. V., 1865; same, U. S. A., 1867; chief paymaster U. S. A., staff of 
Gen. McDowell, for disbursing reconstruction funds, 1868; m. Alice 
Taney Campbell; dir. Public Schools, Philadelphia; chief Historical 
Dept. Centennial Exposition, 1876; lawyer and farmer; d. 1890, June 4, 

HUMPHREYS, GEORGE HOPPIN, M.D., 23 E. 47th St., N. Y. 
City, s. May and Mary Anne (Hoppin) Humphreys; b. 1834, Dec. 18, Phila- 
delphia; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1851-3; Jefferson Med. Coll., M. D., 
1856; in. 1852, June 12, $; mem. Acad. Natural Science, Phila. ; N. Y. 
Acad. of Med. ; surgeon-maj. 9th N. Y. Regt., U. S. Vol. with rank of 
maj., also med. director 3d Division 9th Army Corps, 1861-3; associate 
translator "Niemeyer's Textbook of Practical Medicine"; m. , 
Emilie Julia Barnes; physician; resident Pa. Hosp., Philadelphia, 

*LYON, CHARLES HENRY BOND, s. John C. and Lyon; 

b. 1834, Aug. 14, ; Univ. Pa., 1850-2; mem. Zelo. Lit. Soc.; in. 1851, 

Oct. 29; d. 


*BOWIE, RICHARD ASHHURST, s. Thomas Latimer and Cath- 
erine H. (Ashhurst) Bowie; b. 1836, Dec. 8, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. 
Pa., 1853, A. M. ; in. 1853, April 19, A 3>; m. Louisa Bayard; lawyer; 
d. 1887, Feb. 16, Philadelphia, Pa. 

BROWNE, HORACE GUSTAVUS, 222 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, 
Md. , s. Peter Arell and Browne; b. 1835, Nov. 11, Philadelphia, 

Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1852-4; in. 1853, Sept. 13, 2] m. , Mary 

Swift; lawyer. 

*BUCKLEY, DANIEL PENROSE, s. Clement Adam and Sarah 
(Penrose) Buckley; Univ. Pa., 1851, A. M. ; in. 1852, Dec. 13, #; capt. 
3d N. J. Regt. U. S. V., 1861-2; lawyer; killedin battle of Games' Mill, 
Va., 1864, July 4. 

*HAYS, WILLIAM DEWEES, s. Isaac, M. D., and Sarah (Minis) 
Hays; b. 1836, Oct. 19, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1851, A. M. ; 
in. 1853, Apr. 19, A $; supt. and engineer Harrisburg Div. Northern 
Central R. R. ; d. 1866, Jan. 23, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Emelen (Roberts) Ingersoll; b. 1836, Apr. 12, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. 
Pa., 1852; in. 1852, Sept. 22, A ; d. 1855, Aug. 29, in railroad accident, 
Burlington, N. J. 

*KANE, JOHN KINTZING, M.D., s. John Kintzing and Jane Duval 
(Leiper) Kane; b. 1833, Dec. 18, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1850; mem. 
Philo. Lit. Soc.; Jefferson Med. Coll., M. D., 1855; in. 1852, Feb.; pres. 
Delaware Med. Soc. at Cairo, 111., and Chester (Pa.) U. S. Hosp., 
1861-4; m. Mabel Bayard; physician and surgeon Arctic expedition for 
relief of Bro. Dr. Elisha Kent Kane, U. S. N., 1856; physician to Pa. R. 
R.; Centennial com'r for Del., 1876; d. 1886, Mar. 22, Summit, N. J. 

*MITCHELL, EDWARD COPPEE, LL.D., s. John James, M.D., 
and Eliza (Coppee) Mitchell; b. 1836, July 24, Savannah, Ga. ; prep. 
Trinity Coll. (Conn.), 1851-5, A. B.; A. M., 1858; Univ. Pa., 1856-7, 
LL. B.; LL. D., 1876 (Hobart Coll.); in. 1853, Sept. 13; <? A, 1879; 

1855-6 SIGMA CHAPTER 193 

F. & A. M. ; author "Separate Use in Pa."; "Contracts for the Sale of 
Lands in Pa,"; "Real Estate and Conveyancing in Pa."; editor "Tu- 
dor's Leading Cases"; m. Eliza C. Stevens; lawyer; v.-provost Law 
Acad. of Philadelphia, 1877-86; admitted to Bar, 1858, Common Pleas of 
Phila., 1862; Sup. Court of Pa., 1883; Sup. Court of U. S.; prof, of 
Law of Real Estate, Conveyancing and Equity Jurisprudence, 1873-86; 
dean of Law Dept., 1875-86; mem. Pa. State Bd. of Public Charities, 
1883-6; and Fairmount Park com'r, 1884-6; d. 1886, Jan. 25, Philadel- 

NEWLIN, REV. JOSEPH DODGSON, LL.D., 532 Marshall St., 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. John Smith and Catharine (Hains) Newlin; b. 1833, 
Sept. 8, Philadelphia; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1850-2; Griswold Coll., 

LL. D., 1889; moderator Philo. Soc. ; in. 1853, Sept. 17; Epis. clergy- 
man; ass't min. St. Marks, Philadelphia, 1857-60; rector Church of the 
Incarnation, 1860-93; m'g'r Hosp. P. E. Church, Philadelphia. 

Charlotte Randolph (Taylor) Robinson; b. 1838, Mar. 5, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; prep. J. W. Faire's School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1S51-5, A. B., 
A. M.; Latin Salutatory prize; Harvard, 1855-6, A. B., A. M. ; Harvard 
Law Dept., LL.B., 1861; Harvard, LL.D.; in. 1853, Feb. 22, ; mem. 
Union, Knickerbocker, Century, Down Town, South Side and Sports- 
men's Clubs; m. 1867, Oct. 3, Augusta Jay; children, Eleanor Jay, 
Moncure and Augusta Frances Beverly; lawyer; admitted to bar of New 
York, 1862; civil service com'r; v.-pres. and mem. Ex. Com. Bar Ass'n 
of N. Y. ; d. 

*ROGERS, WILLIAM FREDERICK, s. William Evans and Har- 
riet Phoebe (Ruggles) Rogers; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1851-3; in. 1851, 
July 1, 2; d. 1857, Dec. 9, Paris, France, 

WARING, GEORGE HOUSTOUN, Cement, Bartow Co., Ga., s. 
William Richard and Annie Moodie (Johnston) Waring; b. 1833, Dec. 22. 
Savannah; prep. Russell's School, New Haven, Conn., and Bolmar's 
School, West Chester, Pa.; Yale and Univ. Pa., 1851-5, A. B., A. M.; 
in. 1852, Feb. 18, $; rel. in Z W, George H. Johnston, cou. ; mem. 
Georgia Historical Soc. ; priv. 1861-2, capt. 1862-4, and maj. 1864-5; 
cavalry, C. S. A., Ga. and Va.; lieut.-col. cavalry State troops; Gover- 
nor's staff, 1884-94; m. 1858, June 2, Ella Susan Howard; children, 
William, Richard, Susan Helen, Frederick Howard, Jean Howard, Mary 
Johnston, Ella Howard and George Houstoun; planter; soldier, 1861-5; 
m'f'r of cement, 1867-94; v.-pres. State Agricultural Soc., 1870-84; pres. 
State Horticultural Soc., 1880-94. 


BADGER, REV. WILLIAM HENRY, 4108 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Samuel and Badger; b. 1835, May 4, Philadelphia; prep. 

; Univ. Pa., 1852-6, A. B., A. M. ; moderator of Philo.; in. 1854, 
Oct. 3, A $; m. ; Prot. Epis. clergyman and journalist. 

BIDDLE, CADWALADER, 1420 Walnut St. (bus. add., 1224 Chest- 
nut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. James C. and Sarah Caldwell (Keppele) 
Biddle; b. 1837, Oct. 28, Philadelphia; prep. Faire's Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 
1852-6, A. B., A. M.; LL. B., 1859; in. 1853, June 17, ; rel. in Z W, 
James C., br. ; mem. Am. Philosophical Soc.; lawyer; sec.-treas. Univ. 
Pa., 1862-82; general agent and sec. board of public charities of Pa., 

*BUCK. WILLIAM RAMSAY, s. Francis N. and Jane Elizabeth 
(Coe) Buck; b. 1837, Aug. 1, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1853-; mem. 
Zelo. Lit. Soc.; in. 1853, Sept. 25, 2 p; chief clerk subsistency dept., 
U. S. V., 1861-5; m. Kate Hart; machinery m'f'r; d. 1874, Dec. 2," Paris, 

194 SIGMA CHAPTER 1856-7 

COLES, EDWARD, JR., 205 S. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Edward and Sally Logan (Roberts) Coles; b. 1837, March 26, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1853-6, A. M. ; in. 1853, Sept. 16, 
$; m. , Elizabeth M. Campbell; lawyer. 

JACKSON, CHARLES CARROLL, 21 S. William St.,N. Y. City, 
s. Isaac Rand and Louisa (Carroll) Jackson; b. 1836, Dec. 17, Phila- 
delphia; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1854-6, A. B., A. M. ; Burlington Coll., 
N. J. ; in. 1854, Oct. 10, #; served on staff of Admiral J. L. Lardner, 
U. S. N. ; W. I. Squadron one year of Civil War; m. Minnie Coster; 
Mary Van Nest; merchant. 


*COLES, ROBERTS, s. Edward and Sally Logan (Roberts) 
Coles; b. 1838. Nov. 14, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1853, A. M.; in. 
1854, May 31, A 3>; capt. in Confederate Army, 1861-2; planter; killed 
in Battle of Roanoke Island, N. C. , 1862, Feb. 8. 

GILPIN, GEORGE, c/o J. S. Morgan & Co., London, Eng.,s. John 
F. and Anna (Gillingham) Gilpin; b. 1838, Dec. 21, Philadelphia; prep. 
Gregory's School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1853-7, A. B., A. M.; in. 
1854, Mar. 31, #; mem. Pa. Historical Soc. ; Rittenhouse Club; Soc. of 
Colonial Wars; priv. IstTroop Philadelphia Cav., U. S. V., three months, 
1861; m. 1872, Dec. 3, Sarah C.Winston; child, Anna; mem. Philadelphia 
Stock Exchange; retired from business, 1887. 

*JACKSON, OSWALD CHEW, s. Isaac Rand (Charged' Affaires, 
Denmark) and Louisa (Carroll) Jackson; b. 1838, Oct. 12, Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1854; Burlington Coll. (N. J.), 1853-4; in. 1854, Nov. 13, -2; 
mem. Am. Geological Soc.; priv. 1st Troop Philadelphia City Cav., 
1861; 1st lieut. Sixth Pa. Cav., U. S. V.; aide-de-camp on staff of Gen. 
Keyes, 1862; maj. U. S. V., 1863; m. Ella Wellington Peace; merchant; 
drowned at sea, 1891, Nov. 30. 

JOHNSTON, GEORGE HOUSTOUN, JR., Georgetown, S. C., s. 
George Houstoun and Emily Green (Turner) Johnston; b. 1838, Mar. 2, 
Savannah, Ga. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1854-6; in. 1855, Mar. 29, 2-, rel. 

in Z W, G. H. Waring, cou. ; lieut. and capt. C. S. A., 1861-5; m. 
Nina Houstoun; Mayor of Clarksville, Ga., 1890; cotton merchant and 

*PEABODY, JAMES HARPER, s. George F. and Anna (Harper) 
Peabody; b. 1836, Feb. 18, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., , A. M. ; 

in. 1854, Jan. 4, $; m. Ellen R. Rapelje; d. 1884, July 3, Newport, R. I. 

PEPPER, WILLIAM PLATT, Room 705, Provident Bldg., N. W. 
cor. 4th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia (res., 1730 Chestnut St.), Pa., s. 
David and Emily (Platt) Pepper; b. 1837, Sept. 20, Philadelphia; prep, 
private tutor, school of Rev. J. G. Lyons; Phila. Prot. Epis. Acad.; 
Univ. Pa., 1853-7, A. B. ; second honor, 1856; mem. Philomathean Soc.; 
Univ. Pa. Law School and law student with Peter McCall ; in. 1854, 
Jan. 4, $, $ A ; rel. in Z W, David, br. ; George, William, Henry, 
George N., Edward, Geo. W., William Pepper, Jr., Wm. P. Norris, 
Amos T. , and Geo. R. Newbold, cous. ; dir. and one of the founders of 
Rittenhouse Club, Phila.; dir. and chairman of com. of Univ. Club, 
Phila.; mem. Windham Club, London, and Zeta Psi Club, New 
York; one of the founders St. Mark's Workingmen's Club; pres. Zeta 
Psi Ass'n of Phila., Pa.; m. 1879, Apr. 29, Alice Lyman; children, 
Emily, Alice M., Martha O., Wm. P., Jr.; admitted to bar, 1860; pres. 
Penna. Museum and School of Industrial Art, 1882-94; trustee Phila. 
Free Library, 1890; m'g'r Episcopal Hosp., Phila.; vestryman Church 
Ascension, Christ Church, Bellport, L. I. ; lawyer, I860. 

1857-9 SIGMA CHAPTER 195 

*WOOD, GEORGE RANDOLPH, s. Charles Stuart and Johiana 
F. (Randolph) Wood; b. 1839, Sept. 29, Philadelphia; prep. Phila. ; 
Univ. Pa., 1853-7, A. B.; law dept., LL.B., 1860; in. 1855, Oct. 11, A ; 
priv. 1st Reg't, N. G. Pa. and 1st Troop Phila. Cavalry, when Pa. 
was threatened by Confederate army; m. 1862, Caroline Chancellor 
Wood; children, Henry Chancellor, Marie Louise, Julia Randolph Eng- 
lish and Eleanor Wharton; iron business. 


ASHHURST, HENRY, s. William Henry and Elizabeth (Hone) 
Ashhurst; b. 1839, Sept., Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1856-, A.M.; 
mem. Philomathean Soc. ; Amherst, ; in. 1856, Oct. 21, $; priv. First 
Philadelphia Troop, City Cav., 1861, three months; m. Elizabeth Potter; 
lawyer; d. 1890, Oct. 21, Philadelphia, Pa. 

*NEWBOLD, AMOS TAYLOR, s. Anthony and Rebecca (Taylor) 
Newbold; b. 1838, Oct. 16, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1854-7; in. 
1866, June 6, 2; m. Catharine Sheaff Reese; civil engineer; insurance; 
d. 1885, Sept. 1, Philadelphia, Pa. 


BLANCHARD, HENRY, s. William A. and Maria E. (Blakiston) 
Blanchard; b. 1840, March 28, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1855-, 
A. M. ; in. 1855, Dec. 13; rel. in Z W, William, br. ; bookseller and 
publisher; d. 1874, June 30, Philadelphia, Pa. 

BEXSOX, EDWIN NORTH, 59 S. 4th St. (res., 2107 Walnut St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Alexander and Sarah (North) Benson; b. 1840, 
Jan. 16, Philadelphia; prep. P. E. Acad., Phila.; Univ. Pa., 1856-9, A. 
B.; A. M., 1862; Philomathean Literary Soc., $ B K; in. 1859, Apr. 12, 
A $ A; mem. Loyal Legion III. Class; G. A. R. ; Sons of Rev.; Soc. of 
Colonial Wars; Knickerbocker Club (N. Y.); Metropolitan Club (Wash- 
ington); Union League (Phila. ),pres. same, 1884-8; Rittenhouse Country, 
Art, and Penn. Clubs of Philadelphia; Historical Soc. of Penn. ; priv. 
Co. D, 7th Regt. Pa.; V. M., 1862; Co. D, 32d Regt., 1863; maj. ; aide-de- 
camp, N. G. S. Pa.; m. 1870, Dec. 1, Ida V. Wray; children, Mary W., 
Alexander, Nina L., Edward North, Jr., R. Lawrence, and A. Mildred; 
pres. of the Electoral College of Pa., 1880; banker, firm of A. Benson & 

*McMICHAEL, WILLIAM, s. Morton and Mary (Estelle) Mc- 
Michael; b. 1841, Mar. 4, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1856-, A.M.; 
mem. Philo. Lit. Soc. ; $ B K\ in. 1856, Sept. 23, $; capt. and act'g 
adjt. U. S. V., 1861; maj. and act'g adj't-gen., 1861-5; brev. lieut.-col. 
and col. U. S. V. ; m. Mary Eleanor Sullivan; lawyer; pres. Law Acad., 
Philadelphia, 1865; ass't U. S. att'y-gen., 1871-3; U. S. dist. att'y, 
Eastern Dist., Pa., 1873-5; mem. bd. of U. S. Indian com., 1881-3; d. 
1893, Apr. 20, N. Y. City. 

PEPPER, DAVID, 1827 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. David 
and Emily (Platt) Pepper; b. 1840, Aug. 21, Philadelphia; prep. St. 
Mark's School and private tutor; Univ. Pa., 1857-9; in. 1857, Feb. 4, #; 
rel. in Z IP", Wm., br.; Geo., Wm., Geo. W., Wm. P., Jr., Henry, Edward, 
and Wm. Xorris, cous. ; m. 1864, Jan. 9, Sallie Taylor Xewbold; child, 
David, Jr. 

ROBINS, WILLIAM BOWDOIN, 2111 St. James PL, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., s. Thomas and Eliza (Wiltbank) Robins; b. 1838, Aug. 12, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1854-9, A. M. ; mem. Philo.; 

in. 1857, Feb. 3, A 2; m. , Anna Bronson Reed; lawyer. 

196 SIGMA CHAPTER 1859-62 

*TUCKER, JOHN, JR., s. John and Louisa Matilda (Brown) 
Tucker; b. 1839, March 2, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Univ. Pa., 1855-8; in. 1855, 
Nov. 19; m. Elizabeth R. Russell; d. 1888, Feb. 17. 

*ZANTZINGER, ALFRED, M. D., s. George and Caroline (Hel- 
muth) Zantzinger; b. 1839, June 27, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. ; 

Univ. Pa., 1855, A. M. ; Hahnemann Med. Coll., M. D., 1862; in. 1856, 
Sept. 14, ; m. Sarah C. Clark; physician; d. 1873, Aug. 15. 


CONNELLY, HARRY, JR., 731 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Henry and Connelly; b. 1841, Feb. 7, Philadelphia; prep. ; 

Univ. Pa., 1856-8; mem. Philo.; in. 1857, Oct. 2; m. , Sally Wain 

Vaux; stock broker. 

WHITE, WILLIAM WURTS, 27 Weybosset St. (res., 150 George 
St.), Providence, R. I., s. John Richards and Caroline (Wurts) White; 
b. 1841, Nov. 3, Pottsville, Pa.; prep. Faire's School, Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1856-60, A. B., A. M.; Henry Reed prize; in. 1857, Jan. 6, $; 
rel. in Z W, Inman and Gustavus B. Horner, John W., Edward F., 
and J. Ogden Hoffman, cous. ; mem. Providence Art Club and Agawam 
Hunt Club of Providence; m. 1874, Dec. 16, Kate Merwin; children, 
Merwin, John Richards, and William Wurts, Jr. ; coal merchant. 

WISTER, FRANCIS, 1301 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. Wil- 
liam and Sarah Logan (Fisher) Wister; b. 1841, June 2, Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1857, A. M.;mem. Philo. Lit. Soc. ; in. 1857, Sept. 20, $; 
mem. Loyal Legion; capt. U. S. Inf., 1861-5; col. 215th Pa. Reg't, U. S. 
V., 1865; brev. maj. U. S. A., 1863; brev. lieut.-col. U. S. A., 1863; 
aide-de-camp on staff of Maj. -Gen. 'Humphreys, 1864-5; resigned, 1866; 
author "History of the 12th U. S. Infantry"; m. Mary T. Tiers; mer- 


ETTING, REUBEN, 327 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. Ed- 
ward Johnson and Philippa (Minis) Etting; b. 1842, Feb. 14, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1858-60; in. 1858, Oct. 5; rel. in Z W, Theo- 
dore, br. ; ass't paymaster U. S. N. (civil war) ; merchant ; insurance 

*HARLAN, EDWARD SEYMOUR, s. Richard and Margaret 
Hart (Seymour) Harlan; b. 1842, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1860; LL. 
B., 1865; Junior Phil, prize; mem. Philo. Lit. Soc.; in. 1860, Jan. 24, #; 
priv. Phila. Battery, 1862-3; m. Catherine Biddle Leonard; lawyer; d. 
1892, Aug. 25, Green Hill, Pa. 

HARRISON, CHARLES CUSTIS, LL.D., 400 Chestnut St. (res., 
1618 Locust St.), Phila., Pa., s. George Leiband Sarah (Waples) Harrison; 
b. 1844, May 3, Phila.; prep. P. E. Acad., Phila.; Univ. Pa., 1858-62; A. 
B.,1862; A.M., 1865; LL. D., 1895; 1896, Columbia; 1896, Princeton; first 
and second class honors; Reed essay prize; Greek scholarship; in. 1860, 
Oct. 2; rel. in Z W, Alfred C., br.; mem. Pa. Historical Soc., Numis- 
matic and Antiquarian Soc., Univ., Contemporary, Radnor Hunt, and 
Germantown Cricket Clubs, Merion Cricket Clubs; Provost's Reports, 
1896-97-98; m. 1870, Feb. 23, Ellen Nixon Wain; children, George D., 
Ellen N., Charles C., Harry W., Esther W., Dorothy L.; director Phila. 
National Bank, Trust Co. of N. A., Acad. of Fine Arts, Univ. of Pa., 
1876; m'g'r Epis.Hosp., Phila. acting provost of Univ. of Pa., 1894-5; 
provost, 1895. 


McKEAN, THOMAS, s. Henry Pratt and Phebe Elizabeth (War- 
ren)McKean; b. 1842, Nov. 28,Phila., Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1858- 

62, A.B., A.M.; mem. Philo.; in. 1858, Sept. 7, A$; mem. Hist. Soc. of 
Pa.; Soc. Sons of Rev. ; m. , Elizabeth Wharton; merchant; 

d. 1898, Mar. 16, Philadelphia, Pa. 

*PEPPER, WILLIAM, M.D., LL.D., s. William and Sarah (Platt) 
Pepper; b. 1843, Aug. 31, Phila., Pa.; prep, private schools, Phila. ; 
Univ. Pa., 1858-62, A. B.; M. D., 1864; LL.D., 1884 (Lafayette); 1888 
(Princeton); class pres. ; first and second honors; Philomathean Soc.; 
in. 1858, Sept. 14; rel. in Z W, William, Jr., s. ; Geo., br., and numer- 
ous nes. and cous. ; pres. Ass'n Am. Physicians; Pan- Am. Congress; 
Am. Climatological Soc. ; Pathological Soc. of Philadelphia; pres. , 1875-6, 
Free Library of Philadelphia; Free Museum of Science and Art, Phila- 
delphia; Commercial Museum; v.-pres. Am. Inst. of Archaeology; fellow 
Coll. of Physicians of Philadelphia; mem. Rittenhouse, Univ. and Art 
Clubs, Philadelphia; Univ. Club, N . Y. ; founder and editor of Medical 
Times, 1870-1; editor of "System of Medicine by American Authors," 
co-author with Dr. Meigs of "Diseases of Children," author of "Tre- 
phining' in Cerebral Diseases," " Local Treatment of Pulmonary Cavi- 
ties," "Catarrhal Irritations," "Report on the Mineral Springs of 
America," "Phthisis in Pennsylvania," " Sanitary Relations of Hos- 
pitals," "Higher Medical Education; The True Interest of the Public 
and the Profession," "Report of the Medical Department of the Centen- 
nial Exposition," "Force vs. Work," " Benjamin Franklin," "Benjamin 
Rush," "Relations of Graduate and Undergraduate Curriculum"; m. 
1873, Frances Sergeant Perry; children, William, Jr., M. D. ; Benjamin 
Franklin, Oliver Hazard; med. director of Centennial Exhibition, 1876; 
lecturer on Morbid Anatomy, 1868-70; on Clinical Medicine, 1870-6; 
professor same, 1876-87; of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1887 , 
Univ. Pa.; Provost, Univ. Pa., 1881-94; pres. Dept. of Archaeology and 
Palaeontology; pres. Wistar Inst. for Anatomy; d. 1898, July 28, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

PEPPER, GEORGE, M. D., s. William and Sarah (Platt) Pep- 
per; b. 1841, Apr. 1, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1858, A. M.;M. D., 
1865; Philo. Lit. Soc.; in. 1858, Sept 14, ; rel. in Z W, William, br., 
and numerous nes. and cous. ; mem. Acad. Nat. Science, Ethnological Soc. 
and Obstetrical Soc., Philadelphia (sec. and founder); cor. mem. Gynae- 
cological Soc. of Boston ; author ' 'Adipose Deposits in the Omentum and 
Abdominal Wall as a Source of Error in Diagnosis" ; "The Mechanical 
Treatment of Uterine Displacement" ; private Sixth Pa. Cav., U. S. V., 
1862; lieut. same; wounded and honorably discharged, 1863; m. Hitty 
Markoe Wharton; d. 1 1872, Sept. 14, Philadelphia, Pa. 

STARR, EDWARD, "The Lilacs," Wyncote, Pa., s. Isaac and 
Lydia (Ducoing) Starr; b. 1844, Aug. 17, Philadelphia; prep. Gregory's 
Phila. School, Phila., and Prep. Dept., Haverf ord Coll. , Pa.; Haverford 
Coll., 1858, U. P., 1862, B. S.; in. 1861, Jan. 22, <; rel. in Z W, Dr. 
Louis, br. ; m. 1866, Oct. 2, Mary Williams Sharpless; children, Isaac 
Tatnall, Anna, Sophia, and Charles Sharpless; stock broker. 

WILMER, SKIPWITH, 207 N. Calvert St. (res., 913 N. Charles St.), 
Baltimore, Md., s. Joseph P. B. and Helen (Skipwith) Wilmer; b. 1843, 
Feb. 21, North Hampton Co., Va.; prep. St. James Coll., Md.; Univ. 
Pa., 1858-62, A. B.; Law School Univ. Louisiana, LL. B., 1867; in. 1858, 
Nov. 2, #; lieut. C. S. A.; m. 1871, June , Delia I. Tudor; children, 
Helen Skipwith and Delia Tudor; lawyer. 

ZANTZINGER, ERNEST, 308 Walnut St. (res., 1736 Pine St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. George and Caroline (Helmuth) Zantzinger; b. 
1843, May 9, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1858-62, A. M. ; 

Univ. Pa. (law dept.), LL. B., 1875; in. 1858, Sept. 4, #; m. Hitty Mar- 
koe Wharton; merchant, 1862-70; lawyer, 1870 . 

19 8 SIGMA CHAPTER 1863-5 


PERKINS, CHARLES PENROSE, 2005 De Lancey St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Abraham R. and Margaret R. (Penrose) Perkins; b. 
1844, Oct. 2, Phila., Pa.; prep. Class. Inst. of Phila. ; Univ. Pa., 1859-63, 
A. B. ; A. M., 1866; Rennselaer Polytechnic Inst., C. E., 1866; modera- 
tor Philo. Soc.; in. 1859, Sept. 23, ; rel. in Z W, R. L. Rutter, ne.; 
D. P. Buckley, Gideon Scull, cous. ; mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; 
Hist. Soc. of Pa.; Art Club; Merion Cricket Club; m. 1878, Nov. 13, 
Helen A. Wright; children, Rowan P. and Mary H. ; chemist Bessemer 
Steel Works, 1868; ass't engineer, Queen Anne & K. Co. R. R.,D.R.R., 
and Pa. R. R., 1868-70; m'g'r McHaffie Steel Casting Co., Chester, Pa., 
1870-3; ass't engineer Pa. R. R., 1873-4; Northern Central R. R., 1881-4; 
real estate dept. of same, 1884-92. 


and Elizabeth (Mason) Campbell; b. 1845, Dec. 17, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Univ. Pa., 1860, A. M. ; LL.B., 1867; in. 1860, July 6, 2 p ; m. Mary 
Wain Wilcocks; lawyer; d. 1885, Nov. 26, Philadelphia, Pa. 

COLWELL, CHARLES RICHARD, Weymouth, N. J., s. Stephen 
and Sarah Ball (Richards) Colwell; b. 1844, Jan. 21, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
prep. Univ. Pa., I860, A. M.;in. 1860, Oct. 30, $; priv. Landis' 
(Phila.) Battery, Sept., 1863. 

GILPIN, WASHINGTON HOOD, 717 Walnut St. (res., 2004 De- 
lancey PI.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Charles and Sarah Hamelton (Hood) 
Gilpin; b. 1844, Feb. 2, Phila.; prep. Gregory's School, Phila.; Univ. 
Pa., 1860-4, A. B.; class honors; in. 1863, Nov. 3, 2; rel. in Z W, Charles, 
3d, s. ; mem. Union League and the Rittenhouse Club of Phila. ; priv. , 
2d lieut., 1st lieut., capt., lieut.-col. 1st Reg. Inf., N. G. S. P., 1863-85; 
m. 1873, Oct. 16, Louisa Baldwin Clayton; children, Louise Clayton, 
Charles, 3d; John Clayton, George, Sarah Hood and Anna Baldwin; 

HARRISON, ALFRED CRAVEN, 400 Chestnut St. (res., 1616 Lo- 
cust St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. George Leib and Sarah Ann (Waples) 
Harrison; b. 1846, Feb. 20, Phila., Pa.; prep. St. Mark's Acad., Phila.; 
Univ. Pa., 1861-4, A. B. ; in. 1860, Oct. 2, 2-, rel. in Z W, Dr. Charles 
C. Harrison, br. ; m'g'r of Franklin Inst. ; mem. of Philadelphia, Ritten- 
house, Union League, Art, Phila. Country and Racquet Clubs, of the 
Union League of New York, and the Univ. Clubs of Phila. and New York; 
N. Y. Yacht Club, Corinthian of Phila. ; Beverly Yacht Club of Mass. ; 
Board of Managers Union League and Country Clubs of Phila. ; priv. 1st 
Troop Phila. City Cav., 1863; m. 1873, Apr. 4, Kate De Forest Sheldon; 
children, Mary De Forest, Alfred Craven, Jr., Kate Sheldon, Mildred, 
William Frazier; sugar refiner; director Phila. Nat. Bank; m'g'r House 
of Refuge; trustee Western Saving Fund Soc. of Phila. 

LEONARD, JAMES BIDDLE, N. W. cor. 4th and Chestnut Sts. 
(res., 1813 Spruce St.), Phila., Pa.,s. Samuel and Anne (Biddle) Leon- 
ard; b. 1844, Nov. 13, N. Y. City; prep. Charles School, Phila.; Univ. 
Pa., I860; in. 1860, Sept. 10; director the Library Co. of Phila.; the 
Zoological Soc.; Phila. Club; emergency levy, 1863; m. 1872, Feb. 3, Kath- 
arine Thompson Pepper; children, Sarah Pepper and Katharine Bid- 
die; dry goods commission business until 1892; pres. The Philadelphia 
Mortgage and Trust Co., 1892 . 


BORIE, BEAUVEAU, 3d and Chestnut Sts. (res. 1035 Spruce St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Charles Lewis and Clementine (McKean) Borie; 
b. 1846, May 9, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep, private schools; Univ. Pa., 

1865-6 SIGMA CHAPTER 199 

1861-5; in. 1861, Oct. 1, $; FA; rel. in Z W, Charles Louis and Beau- 
veau, Jr., s. ; mem. Hist. Soc. of Pa.; Sons of Rev.; Philadelphia 
Club; 1st lieut., Univ. Light Art.; m. 1868, Dec. 3, Patty B. Neill; chil- 
dren, Charles Lewis, Emily E., Beauveau, Jr., Adolph E. and Ren- 
shaw; banker and broker. 

ETTING, THEODORE MINIS, Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa,, 
s. Edward Johnson and Philippa (Minis) Etting-; b. 1846, May 25, 
Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1861-2; U. S. Naval Acad., grad. 1868; Shars- 
wood law prize (Univ. Pa.); in. 1861, Sept. 24,2; rel. in Z W, Reuben, 
br. ; mem. Loyal Legion; Pa. Soc. Sons of Am. Rev.; act'g midship- 
man, U. S. N., 1862; midshipman, 1868; ensign, 1869; master, 1870; 
lieut., 1874; honorably discharged, 1877; published "Admiralty Juris- 
diction in America"; m. Jeannette Verplanck; lawyer; mem. Select 
Council, Philadelphia, Pa. 

HORNER, INMAN, 1811 Walnut St. (res., 127 S. 18th St.), Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Alfred and Elizabeth Driver (White) Horner; b. 1846, 
Aug. 25, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Faire's School, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
Univ. Pa., 1861-3; law dept., 1867; in. 1867, June 10; rel. in Z W, 
Gustavus, br. ; mem. The Am. Philo. Soc. and The Numismatic and 
Antiquarian Soc. of Philadelphia; Rittenhouse Club, Philadelphia, and 
Manhattan Club, N. Y. City; lawyer, not in active practice since 1887. 

HOWE, HERBERT MARSHALL, M.D., c/o A. Pardee & Co., 229 
Drexel Bldg. (res., 1622 Locust St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Mark An- 
thony DeWolf and Elizabeth Smith (Marshall) Howe; b. 1844, July 16, 
Roxbury, Mass. ; prep. Rectory School, Hamden, Conn. ; Univ. Pa. Med. 
Dept., 1862-5, M. D. ; in. 1864, Jan. 12; mem. Rittenhouse (governor), 
Univ., Country, Art, and New York Yacht Clubs; m. 1871, Nov. 28, Mary 
Wilson Fell; children, Mary F., John Fell, Edith, Grace, Rhoda and Amy 
Elizabeth; mem. of firm Harrison, Havemeyer & Co., 1872-4; A. Pardee 
&Co., 1892. 

*PEPPER, HENRY, s. Henry and Sally (Norris) Pepper; b. 1846, 
Nov. 4, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1861, A. M. ; LL.B., 1868; mem. 
Philo. Lit. Soc. ; in. 1861, Sept. 12, ; A $ A; m. Agnes Campbell Norris; 
lawyer; d. 1880, Mar. 3, Wilmington, Del. 

*REED, HENRY, s. Prof. Henry and Elizabeth White (Bronson) 
Reed; b. 1846, Sept. 22, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Dr. Faire's School, 
Phila. ; Univ. Pa., 1861-5, A. M. ; mem. Philo. Soc.; class honors; 
in. 1861, Oct. 8, 2; mem. Am. Philo. Soc. ; Soc. Sons of Rev. ; Am. 
Bar Ass'n; Univ. Pa., and Rittenhouse Clubs; author of "Law of the 
Statute of Frauds," 3 vols. ; translator of George Eber's "The Daugh- 
er of an Egyptian King"; m. 1876, April , Charlotte Frances Foster; 
1888, Jan. 5, Larita Elizabeth Bond; children, Larita McCall, Henry 
Hope, Elizabeth Leigh, Joseph Warren and Francis Ed ward Bond; law- 
yer; judgeof Court of Common Pleas, No. 3, Phila., 1886-%; trustee of 
Univ. Pa., 1886; d. 18%, Feb. 23, N. Y. City. 


*BUCKNELL, WILLIAM RUFUS, s. William and Harriet (Ash- 
ton) Bucknell; b. 1847, March 17, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1862 ; 
mem. Philo. Lit. Soc.; in. 1865, Jan. 31; m. Laura Jayne; lumber; d. 
1885, March 5, Philadelphia, Pa. 

HAYS, J. MINIS, M. D., 266 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Isaac and Sarah (Minis) Hays; b. 1847, July 26, Phila., Pa.; prep. J. 
W. Faire's School; Univ. Pa., 1862-6, A. B.; A. M., 1869; M.D., 1868; mem. 
Philomathean Soc.; in. 1867, Oct. 15; rel. in Z W, William D., br.; m. 

200 SIGMA CHAPTER 1866-7 

1873, Oct. 15, Emma Wood; mem. Univ. Club, Phila. ; sec. GeneraMnter- 
national Med. Congress, Phila., Pa., 1876; recorder Ass'n of Am. Phy- 
sicians; sec. Am. Philosophical Soc. ; physician, 1868 . 

HOFFMAN, JOHN WHITE, 516 Harrison Bldg., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. George Edward and Phoebe Wagner (White) Hoffman; b. 1847, 
Feb. 19, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1862, C. E. ; Moderator 
Philo. ; 3d lieut, Univ. Light Art.; in. 1862, Nov. 25, 2 p; FA; m. (1) 
Elvira Soley; (2) Florence McKay; civil engineer; dealer in railroad 


BALL, GEORGE HENRY, c/o Franklin Inst., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. George B. W. and SaraB. (Hodgson) Ball; b. 1846, Apr. 23, Phila., Pa. ; 
prep. Charles Short's School, Phila. ; Univ. Pa., 1863-7; A. B. ; A. M., 1870; 
class honors; in. 1865, Dec. 15, JT; rel. in Z W, G. D. Chenoweth, cou. ; mem. 
Franklin Inst. of Philadelphia; m. 1873, Dec. 10, Rena H. Slack; child, 
Mary Whitaker; machinery; with steam pump works of Brinton & Hen- 
derson, 1867-9; m'g'rof New York store, S. C. Forsaith & Co.; Manches- 
ter, N.H., 1881-3; cashier U. S. Bonded Warehouse, New York. 

BEALE, CHARLES WILLING, Arden, N. C., s. ; b. , 

Philadelphia; prep. Univ. Pa. (Soph, class), 1864-5; mem. Philo- 

mathean Soc. ; in. 1864, May 17, 2. 

*HARE, HORACE B., M. D., s. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 

1863; in. 1863, Jan. 20, #; d. 

Franklin Bldg., Philadelphia), Pa., s. Richard R. and Elizabeth (Bin- 
ney) Montgomery; b. 1847, May 30, Paris, France; prep. Epis. Acad., 
Phila.; Univ. Pa., 1863-7, A. B.; A. M., 1870; 1st Censor Philomathean 
Soc.; in. 1865, Dec. 15; mem. Univ. Club, Phila.; Merion Cricket and 
Haverford Clubs; Radnor Hunt Reform Club of New York; Athenaeum of 
Phila.; priv. Univ. Light Art. during Civil War; director and m'g'r Pa. 
Inst. for Deaf and Dumb, Pa. Hosp., Children's Hosp., Epis. Acad., 
and Athenaeum of Phila. ; Public School Director of Radnor township, 
Del. Co., Pa., 1876-93; veterinary dep't Univ. Pa. 

Sarah (Jenkins) Nevin ; b. 1845, Jan. 13, Churchtown, Pa. ; Univ. 
Pa., 1863-6; Franklin and Marshall Coll., A. B., 1867; mem. Zelo. ; 
in. 1865, Jan. 10; rel. in Z W, William Latta, br.; d. 1869, May 22, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

NORRIS, JOSEPH PARKER, 723 Walnut St. (res., 2122 Pine 
St.), Phila., Pa., s. Isaac and Mary (Pepper) Norris; b. 1847, Nov. 3, 
Phila.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1867, A. B.; in. 1863, Sept. 22, A 2; 

author of "The Portraits of Shakespeare," etc.; m. 1870, March 10, 
Isabel N. Fry; lawyer. 

PEPPER, EDWARD, M. D., c/o Morgan, Harjes & Co., Paris, 
France (res., El Afia, Elbiar, Algiers), s. Edward and Sarah (Care) 
Pepper; b. 1847, Sept. 23, Phila., Pa.; prep. Paris, France; Univ. France, 
Sorbonne, 18 -3; Univ. Pa.j 1863-5; A. B. (1867), B. S., 1869 (Univ. 
France); M. D., 1877 (Paris); second honors, Univ. Pa.; grad. prize, 
Med. Faculty of France, 1877; in. 1863, Sept. , 2; rel. in Z W, William 
Platt, David, George Wharton Pepper and others; mem. Am. Philo- 
sophical Soc.; Bd. of M'g'rs, Club de France; mem. Pa. Soc., Sons of 
Rev. ; Soc. of War of 1812; Alumni Ass'n, Univ. Pa. ; published " Thesis 
on Insomnia," pamphlets on Gall-stones, Malaria, Smallpox, Food for 

1867-9 SIGMA CHAPTER 201 

Infadb, etc.; inventor of "A Septic Hypodermic Syringe"; m. 1878, 
Marie Anna Lafourcade; children, Mary and Charles Edward; physi- 
cian: chief de clinique of Prof. Trousseau, Paris, 1878-84; physician, 
Algiers, 1884 . 

RITZ, CHARLES MELVILLE, M. D., Lewistown, Pa., s. 
Charles and Susan (Goodfellow) Ritz; b. 1841, , Lewistown; prep. 

; Univ. Pa., 1863-5, M. D.; in. 1864, March 15, T; m. Mary Shirk; 
physician; pres. Pa. Hosp. ; druggist. 

WRIGHT, JOHN WADESFORD, s. Richard and Abigail Matlack 
(Cooper) Wright; b. 1874, Aug. 21, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa. ; A. 

M., LL. B., 1870; mem. Philo. Soc. ; class v. -pres. ; Greek salutatory; in. 
1863, Nov. 3, 2 p', m. Maria Watmough Thayer; lawyer; trustee, sec. 
and treas. Cooper Hosp., Camden, N. J. ; dir. Mortgage Trust Co., 
Philadelphia; Teutonia Fire Ins. Co. ; West Jersey Title and Guarantee 
Co. ; d. 1890, Jan. 27. 


FRALEY, JOSEPH CRESSOX, 1833 Pine St. (bus. add., 929 
Chestnut St.), Phila., Pa. s. Frederick and Jane Chapman (Cresson) 
Fraley; b. 1849, Apr. 21, Phila., Pa.; prep. Faire's School, Phila.; 
Univ. Pa., 1864-8, A. B. : A. M., 1871; Reed prize; second class honor; 
class pres. ; pres. Zelosophic Soc. ; $ B K; in. 1864, Dec. 26, F; rel. in 
Z W. Frederick, Jr., s. ; mem. Am. Philosophical Soc., Franklin Inst., 
Rittenhouse, Penn., Phila. Country, X and Phila. Cricket Clubs; Sons 
of Rev., Univ. Pa. Athletic Ass'n; m. 1875, March 2, Mary Elizabeth 
Bradford; children, Frederick, Jr., and Charles Sidney Bradford; lawyer. 

HOFFMAN, EDWARD FENNO, 139 S. 7th St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. George Edward and Phrebe Wagner (White) Hoffman; b. 1848, 
Feb. 9, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1864; Philo. Lit. Soc.; class pres.; 
class poet; in. 1865, Jan. 31; m. , Elizabeth McCall; edited an edition 
of his uncle, Charles F. Hoffman's, poems; lawyer; mem. of Guardians 
of the Poor. 

*HORNER, GUSTAVUS BROWN, s. Alfred and Elizabeth D. 
(White) Homer; b. 1849, Sept. 24, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. John W. 
Faire's Class. Inst., Philadelphia, Pa.: Univ. Pa., 1864-8; 4th class 
honor; in. 1865, Jan. 31, $; PA', rel. in Z W, Inman, br. ; stock broker; 
d. 1887, Mar. 27, Philadelphia, Pa. 

ROXALDSON, CHARLES EDWARD, 4017 Locust St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Archibald and Ellen I. (Ogilvie) Ronaldson; b. 1846, 
Oct. 3, Pottsville, Pa.; prep. Prot. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Univ. Pa., 1864-5; Poly. Coll., Philadelphia, 1866-7; Lehigh Univ., 
1857-9 (mech. engineering) ; in. 1864, Sept. 20, A $ A; rel. in Z W, William 
D., br. ; mem. of the Twilight, Lehigh Univ. and Zeta Psi Clubs (N. Y. C.) ; 
board of trustees, Franklin Inst., 1880-94; Lehigh Univ., 1876-7; Phila. 
Ass'n of Zeta Psi; and the Philo. Soc., Univ. Pa.; pres. (1876-7) and 
chairman exec. com. (1877-9), v.-pres. 18%, of Lehigh Univ. Alumni Ass'n; 
pres. of the Lehigh Univ. Club of N. Y. C., 1891-4; Zeta Psi Club.N. Y., 
1895- ; Bd. Examiners International Elec. Exhibition, 1884; Mech. Dept. 
Lehigh Valley R. R. Co., 1869-74; M. E. U. S. Agency, Siemens Metal- 
lurgical Furnaces, 1874-88; N. Y. Rep. of the Geo. V. Cresson Co., 


EWING, MASKELL, 328 Walnut St., Philadelphia (res., Radnor), 
Pa., s. Maskell and Cornelia (Lansdale) Ewing; b. 1847, Sept. 9, 
Alexandria, Va.;prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1865-9, 
A. B., A. M.; in. 1865, Dec. 16, $; rel. in Z W, Albert H. Gallatin, br.- 

202 SIGMA CHAPTER 1869-71 

in-law; mem. of Univ. Club, Philadelphia; m. 1876, Oct. , Alice 
Cunningham Buchanan; children, Cornelia Lansdale, Alise Buchanan, 
Ann Foster, Maskell, Jr. and Buchanan; insurance. 

McCLELLAN, GEORGE, M.D., 307 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. John Hill Brinton and Maria (Eldredge) McClellan; b. 1849, 
Oct. 29, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1865-8; Jefferson 

Med. Coll., M. D., 1870; in. 1866, Nov. 17, 2-, rel. in Z W, Oliver E.,br.; 
fellow Coll. Physicians, Philadelphia, 1875; Acad. of Surg-ery; Acad. 
of Nat'l Science; author of "Regional Anatomy in its Rel. to Med. and 
Surgery"; m. , Harriet Hare; surgeon Philadelphia and Howard 

Hosps. ; prof, of Anatomy, Pa. ; Acad. of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 
1890 ; lecturer on Anatomy and surgery at the Pa. School of Anatomy, 
1880-90; physician and surgeon, 1870 . 

PEIRCE, GEORGE, 623Walnut St. (res. 2028 Delancey PL), Phila- 
delphia, s. William Shannon and Elizabeth Irwin (Baldwin) Peirce; b. 
1847, Oct. 6, Philadelphia; prep. Friends 'Central School, Philadelphia, 
and by tutor ; U. S. Naval Acad., 1862-6; Univ. Pa. Law School, 1867; 
Harvard Law School, 1870-1; in. 1867; mem. Numismatic and Anti- 
quarian Socs. , Philadelphia, and Historical Soc. , Pa.; Univ., Harvard 
and Univ. Barge Clubs; Harvard Law School Ass'n; Rush Hosp. ; Bd. 
of Education of the Presb. Church; Industrial Home for Blind Women; 
midshipman, 1863-5, on "Marion," "Winnipeg" and "Macedonian"; 
m. 1874, Dec. 10, Lucy Spottswood; lawyer, 1868 . 

STILLE, H. M., M. D., Monclova, Coahuila, Mex., s. ; prep. 

; Univ. Pa., ; in. 1868, Apr. 10. 


*DIMMICK, MILTON, s. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., ; in. 

1868, Apr. 18; d. 1885. 

JENKINS, GEORGE A., South Bethlehem, Pa., s. ; prep. ; 
Univ. Pa., ; in. 1870, Jan. 3. 

*RONALDSON, WILLIAM DUNLAP, M. D., s. Archibald and 
Jemima (Ogilvie) Ronaldson; b. 1850, Jan. 21, Pottsville, Pa.; prep. P. 
E. Acad. of Philadelphia; Lehigh Univ., 1866-70, A. B. ; Jefferson Med. 
Coll., M. D., 1873; Philadelphia School of Anatomy, 1870-3; in. 1868, 
April 8; rel. in Z W, Charles Edward, br. ; mem. Coll. of P. and S. ; 
Pathological Soc. and Philadelphia Med. Soc.; F. & A. M. ; m. 1882, 
Jan. 25, Marion Elizabeth Woodbridge; children, William Dunlap and 
Anna Bucknor ; resident ^physician Orthopedic, Philadelphia and 
Presbyterian Hosps. ; visiting physician Educational Home, Home 
for Crippled Children, Old Folks' Home for Colored People and Infants' 
Home for Colored People; district physician, 27th Ward, Philadelphia; 
surgeon Pacific Mail S. S. Co., N. Y.; d. 1891, June 29, N. Y. City. 

ROWLAND, WILLIAM DAY, 1303 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., ; in. 1870, Feb. 11. 

SMITH, J. EMLEN, Rex Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. Jos. Pancrast and Mary Emlen (Cresson) Smith; b. 1848, Nov. 24, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Lambertin and Chase Schools, Philadelphia; 
U. P., 1867-9; in. 1868, Apr. 8; mem. Union League; Germantown Cricket 
Club; treas. Philadelphia Cricket Club; m. 1882, Apr. 29, Annie Greiner; 
children, Rhoda Emlen and J. Emlen, Jr. 

1871-2 SIGMA CHAPTER 203 

STARR, LOUIS, M. D., 1818 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Isaac and Lydia (Ducoing) Starr; b. 1849, Apr. 25, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; prep. Chas. Short's School, Philadelphia; Haverford, 1864-8, A. B. ; 
Univ. Pa., Med. Dept., M. D., 1871; in. 1868, Sept. 20; rel. in Z W, 
Edward, br. ; fellow of the Coll. of Physicians, Philadelphia; founder 
and mem. of Am. Pediatric Soc. ; Ass'n of Am. Physicians; hon. mem. 
Chicago Acad. of Med.; Historical Soc. of Pa.; Rittenhouse Club; ass't 
editor "Pepper's System of Med. by Am. Authors"; Am. editor " God- 
hart's Diseases of Children"; author of "Diseases of the Digestive Organs 
in Infancy and Childhood" and "Hygieneof the Nursery"; editor of "Am. 
Textbook of the Diseases of Children"; m. 1883, , Mary Parrish; 

children, Louis, Jr., Dillwyn Parrish and Elizabeth Parrish; resident 
physician Epis. Hosp., 1871-3; ass't physician, 1873-4, and visiting 
physician, 1875-84; ass't physician Children's Hosp., 1874-9; visiting 
physician, 1879-%; physician to the Southern Home for Destitute Chil- 
dren, 1874-8; out-patient physician to Univ. Hosp., 1878-80; consulting 
pediatrist to Maternity Hosp., 1879-; Med. Dept. Univ. Pa. instructor 
in Physiology and Therapeutics, 1874-7; lecturer on Symptomatology, 
1877-9; lecturer on Diseases of Children, 1880-4; Clinical Prof, of Diseases 
of Children, 1884-92. 

*STILLE, LOUIS SYDEXHAM, M. D., s. Alfred and Caroline 
Christina (Still^) Stille'; b. 1849, Oct. 13, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Dr. 
Lyon's School, Haverford, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1867-71, M. D. ; in 1867, Mar. 
19; author of "Origin of Fibrin," and articles in medical reviews; phy- 
sician; d. 1872, May 7, Philadelphia, Pa. 


BROCK, ARTHUR, Lebanon, Pa., s. ; prep. ; Univ. 

Pa., ; in. 1871, May 30. 

BURROUGHS, JOSEPH HOWELL, 125 S. 5th St. (res., Chestnut 
Hill), Phila.,Pa., s. H. Nelson and Ellen Douglas (Mitchell) Burroughs; 
b. 1851, May 16, Phila.. Pa. ; prep. Epis. Acad., Phila. ; Univ. Pa., 1868-71; 
law dept., 1871-4; in. 1868, Oct. 6, A $; A $ A, 1873; Com. of Patri- 
archs, 1897 ; mem. of Union League Club, Pa. Soc., Sons of Rev.; 
pres. Photographic Soc. of Phila. ; treas. Phila. Ass'n of Zeta Psi; Philo. 
Soc. ; N. G. Pa., 10 yrs. ; 2d lieut. and capt. Co. D, 1st Regt. ; judge advo- 
cate, with rank of major, 1st Brigade Staff; m. 1881, May 19, Edith Lewis; 
children, Jos. H., Jr., and Ellen Douglas; lawyer; Nat. Bank director 
and pres. ; director of coal cos. , and of Perm. Inst. for the Deaf and Dumb. 

BURT, ARTHUR, Waterloo Farm, Cain's P. O., LancasterCo., Pa., 
s.Nathaniel and Jeannie (Barde) Burt; b. 1852, Aug. 10, Waterloo Farm; 
prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1872; in. 1869, Mar. 2, A $; mem. of Fencing and 

Sparring, and Phila. Skating Clubs, and Phila. Athenaeum; with the 
1st Troop, Phila. City Cav., in R. R. riots of 1877; m. 1892, Jan. , Ella 
A. Blank; children, Nathaniel, Mary B., and Arthur A.; drygoodscom'r; 
gentleman farmer at "Waterloo Farm. 

CAMPBELL, MASON, 1630 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
St. George and Elizabeth (Mason) Campbell; b. ; prep. P. E. Acad.; 
Univ. Pa., ; in. 1869, Dec. 14. 

GILPIN, HENRY DILWORTH, 717 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Charles and Sarah Hamilton (Hood) Gilpin; b. 1851, July 17, 
Phila., Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1868; in. 1868, Oct. 5; oil business. 

HARRIS, EDWARD, Moorestown, N. J., s. Edward and Mary 
Gulielma (Ustick) Harris; b. 1851, Sept. 17, Moorestown, N. J. ; prep. 
Saunders' Inst., Phila., Pa. ; Univ. Pa., 1868-9; in. 1869, Nov. 23; m. 1878, 
Apr. 18, Ellen Deacon Venable; children, Edward, William A., Mary G. ; 

204 SIGMA CHAPTER 1872-3 

*HAZLETON, WILLIAM BEACH, s. E. H. Hazleton; b. 1853, 
Jan. 13, near Norristown, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1868-71; Lafayette Coll., 
1871-2, A. B. ; in. 1869, June 24; editor Baltimore Gazette; d. 1883, Balti- 
more, Md. 

HUSTON, WILLIAM PEROT, 103 Girard Bldg. (res., 255 W. 
Franklin St., Germantown), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Samuel and Sarah 
Sanson (Perot) Huston; b. 1854, Feb. 2, Philadelphia; prep. Epis. Acad., 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Haverford Coll., 1868-71; Univ. Pa., 1871-2, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1877; capt. Zeta Psi Fraternity baseball club; 'Varsity base- 
ball and cricket teams; in. 1871, Jan. 6, $', mem. of Marion Cricket Club; 
pres. first Tennis Com. ; Germantown Cricket Club ; Moyamensing 
Indoor Tennis Club; m. 1888, Oct. 11, Caroline Bettle; children, Aubrey, 
Lawrence Bettle, and Norman ; with Huston and Penrose iron m'f 'rs, 
Coatesville, Pa.; Baird, Huston & Co., shipbuilders, Delaware River, 
Philadelphia; actuary The Girard Life Insurance, Annuity and Trust 
Co. of Philadelphia, 1880-9; investment broker, 1889. 

*MURRAY, JAMES MONROE, M. D., s. James and Murray; 

b. 1852, July 25, ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1868-72, A. B., A. M. ; 

M. D. , 1876; mem. Philo. ; prize at graduation in medicine; in. 1868, Nov. 
23, A 2; physician; ass't surg. U. S. Navy. 

PURVES, REV. GEORGE TYBOUT, D. D., LL.D., Princeton, N. 
J., s. William and Anna (Kennedy) Purves; b. 1852, Sept. 27, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; prep. Dr. Faires' Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa. , 1868-72, A. 
B. ; A. M., 1875; Princeton Theo. Sem., grad. 1876; D.D. (Washington and 
Jefferson Coll.), 1888, and Univ. Pa., 1894; LL.D., Lafayette Coll., 1895; 
all prizes in elocution and oratory; Greek prize; prize in mental science; 
class pres. ; pres. Philomathean Soc. ; in. 1868, Sept. 22, <P; mem. Am. 
Soc. of Church Hist.; Am. Soc. of Biblical Exegesis; Victoria Inst., Lon- 
don, Eng. ; author of " The Testimony of Justin Martyr to Early Christi- 
anity, ""St. Paul and Inspiration," " The Apostolic Age"; m. 1881, Oct. 
11, Rebecca Bird Sellers; children, Elinor Kennedy, Rebekah Sellers, 
Mildred Marat, William Mortimer, Gertrude, and George Tybout, Jr. ; 
pastor Wayne Presb. Church, 1877-80; Boundary Ave. Presb. Church, 
Baltimore, 1880-86; 1st Presb. Church, Pittsburg, Pa., 1886-92; prof, of 
New Testament Literature and Exegesis, Princeton Theo. Sem. , 1892 . 

*SCOTT, FRANKLIN, s. and ; b. ; prep. ; 

Univ. Pa., 1868-71; in. 1868, Nov. 3, 2 A; d. 

*SHARPLESS, FREDERICK H., s. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 

; in. 1870, May 24; d. 


BROCK, CHARLES HALL, Wyncote P. O., Montgomery Co., 
Pa. (bus. add., 511 Bullitt Bldg., Philadelphia), s. John Penn and Julia 
(Hall) Brock; b. 1852, May 12, Philadelphia; prep. St. Paul's School, 
Concord, N. H. ; Univ. Pa., 1869-73 (Science and Med.); in. 1869, Dec. 6, 
F; rel. in Z W, Hubert, John, Arthur, brs. ; v. -commodore Corinthian 
Yacht Club. 

BROCK, JOHN WILLIAM, 511 Bullitt Bldg. (res., 1417 Spruce St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. John Penn and Julia A. (Hall) Brock; b. 1855, Nov. 
23, Philadelphia; prep. Faires' Class. School; Univ. of Pa., 1869-73, A. 
B.; A. M., 1876; Phil. Soc.; in. 1872, Dec. 2, A $; rel. in Z W, Arthur, 
Chas. and Hubert, brs. ; mem. Franklin Inst. ; Rittenhouse, Corinthian 
Yacht, and James Legal Clubs; Sons of Rev.; m. 1879, Nov. 12, Mary 
Louise Tyler; children, John W., Jr., Sidney Frederick, Arthur, Jr., and 
Norman Hall; lawyer; pres. Philadelphia, Reading & N. E. Railroad 
Co., 1892 . 


*BURT, HORACE BROOKE, s. Nathaniel and Jane Anna 
(Brooke) Burt; b. 1854, June 15, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1869; Prince- 
ton, 1871-2; in. 1869, Nov. 30; m. Henrietta A. Jones; lawyer; d. 1891, 
March 21, Philadelphia, Pa. 

CLAPP, WILLIAM G., Hicks St., Brooklyn, N. Y., s. ; 

prep. ; Univ. Pa., ; in. 1870, Feb. 5. 

*HOPPER, ISAAC T., s. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., ; in. 

1873, Jan. 14, 2; d. 

MAURY, JAMES ROBB, 1301 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
; prep. ; Univ. Pa., ; in. 1870, May 31, 2 p. 

McCLELLAN, OLIVER ELDREDGE, s. John Hill Brinton and 
Maria (Eldredge) McClellan; b. 1853, Aug. 3, Philadelphia; prep. ; 
Univ. Pa., 1869-70; in. 1869, Sept. 22; rel. in Z W, Dr. George, br.; 
m. Emilie Davis; civil engineer; supt. Harrisburg Div., Pa. R. R. ; 
d. 18%, Dec. 8, Gennantown, Phila., Pa. 

*MILLER, C. K. I., M. D., s. ; prep. ;Univ. Pa., ; 

in. 1871, Oct. 17, $; physician ; d. 

*PEPPER, GEORGE NORRIS, s. Henry and Sally (Norris) 
Pepper; b. 1852, Oct. 18, Philadelphia; ; Univ. Pa., 1869-70, 

arts; in. 1869, Sept. 5, 2 p; d. 1898, Oct. 8, Little Boar's Head, N. H. 

ROGERS, FRANK GREGORY, Bullitt Bldg.(res., IS S. 21st St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Chas. H. and Julia (Thomas) Rogers; b. 1853, Mar. 
26, Philadelphia; prep. William Fewsmith School, Philadelphia; Univ. 
Pa., 1869-71; in. 1869, Sept. 27; mem. Geographical Club, Franklin Inst., 
Hist. Soc., Rittenhouse Club, Merion Cricket Club (Haverford), and 
Philadelphia Barge Club; m. 1875, Apr. 28, Mary Hampton Taggart; 
children, Sydney Hampton, Frances, and Caryl Beaumont; banker; m'g'r 
Foreign Exchange Dept., Fourth Street National Bank; director, Western 
New York and Pa. Railroad. 

ROWLAND, CHARLES, Gowen Ave., Mt Airy, Philadelphia, Pa., 
s.William and Elizabeth (Harvey) Rowland; b. 1851, Aug. 16, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1869-70; in. 1869, June 24,2; m. , 
Anna Burrows; m'f r. 

SMITH, WILLIAM RUDOLPH, 2029 Pine St. (bus. add., 505 
Chestnut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Thomas Duncan and Sarah Wurts 
(Barns) Smith; b. 1851, Oct. 13, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Class. School of 
William Fewsmith, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1869-70; Univ. Pa. Law 
School, 1872; Freshman Declamation prize, Philo. Soc. ; in. 1869, Nov. 5, 
A #; mem. Pa. Hist. Soc., St. Andrews Soc., Sons of Col. Wars, Sons of 
Rev., Rittenhouse Club; m. 1875, Oct. 7, Elizabeth Rhoads Bailey; chil- 
dren, Laura B., Thomas Duncan and George Valentine; lawyer. 

STONE, JAMES NEWTON, JR., Gravers Lane, Chestnut Hill 
(bus. add., 713 Walnut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. James Newton and 
Sarah (Williamson) Stone; b. 1851, Dec. 27, Philadelphia; prep. Smith's 
School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1869, law; in. 1869, June 5, $; rel. in 
Z Wj W. van A. and Jepe Williamson, cous. ; mem. Law Ass'n of Phila- 
delphia; Union League of Philadelphia; the Germantown Cricket Club; 
m. 1876, Oct. 25, Mary E. Sturdevant; children, Frank Sturdevant and 
James Lawrence; lawyer. 

WHELEN, ALFRED, M. D., 1814 S. Rittenhouse Sq., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Townsend and Sarah Yeates (McElwee) Whelen; b. 
1854, June 9, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Friends' Central School; Univ. 

206 SIGMA CHAPTER 1873-4 

Pa., Med. Dept., M. D., 1874; in. 1872, Jan. 17; rel. in Z ^Kingston G., 
br. ; Thos. D., s. ; William B. Whelen, br.-in-law; mem. Rittenhouse 
Club; sergt.-maj., Pa. Vol., Civil War; m. 1876, April , Sarah Wurts 
Smith; children, Townsend, Thomas Duncan; physician. 

WILLIAMSON, JESSE, JR., M. D., 204 Delaware Ave. , Wilming- 
ton, Del., s. Jesse and Mary (Anderson) Williamson; b. 1853, Apr. 26, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Acad. of Prot. Epis. Church, Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1869-70; Jefferson Med. Coll., M. D., 1873; in. 1869, June 22; 
rel. in Z W, William Von A., br. ; James N. Stone, Jr., and Percival 
Roberts, Jr., cous. ; fellow Coll. of Physicians, Philadelphia; El Paso 
Club, Colorado Sprs. ; m. 1883, Apr. 30, Sophia Watmough Thayer; 
children, Sophia Watmough, Mary Elinor, Katharine Buckley, Jesse; 
surgeon Howard Hosp., Philadelphia, 1877; surgeon St. Francis Hosp. , 
Colorado Sprs., 1895-7; surgeon Delaware Hosp., Wilmington, 1897 . 

Mary (Anderson) Williamson; b. 1851, Mar. 20, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. 
Pa., 1869-72; mem. Philo. Soc. ; in. 1869, June S, ; m. , Elizabeth 

McLean; lawyer; deputy clerk U. S. Circuit Court, Philadelphia, 
1876-91; clerk U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 1891-8; d. 1898, Mar. 10, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


ALLISON, WILLIAM HENDERSON, 4207 Walnut St., Phila., 
Pa., s. Joseph and Margaretta (Perrine) Allison; b. 1852, Nov. 19, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. , Univ. Pa., 1870, A. B. ; A. M.; in. 

1870, Nov. 8. 

BIDDLE, THOMAS, M. D., 1301 Walnut St., Philadelphia, s. 
Jonathan William and Emily (Meigs) Biddle; b. 1853, July 7, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1870-1; in. 1870, June 20; mem. Acad. 
Natural Science, Philadelphia, 1877; Soc. Sons of Rev. ; Philadelphia 
Club; physician; fellow of Coll. of Physicians, Philadelphia. 

*HAND, FRANK C., JR., M. D., s. Frank C. and ( ) Hand; 
prep. ; Univ. Pa., ; in. 1871, Sept. 26, A 2; d. 

KAYE, JOHN WILLIAM, 2820 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. Thomas and Lucy (Cully) Kaye; b. 1846, Jan. 9, Huddersfield, York- 
shire, Eng. ; prep, by tutor; Univ. Pa., 1870-2; Princeton, 1872-4, A. B. ; 
West Philadelphia Divinity School, grad. 1876; Junior orator; in. 1872, 
Jan. 2; chaplain Pa. Commandery; F. & A. M. ; Loyal Legion; author 
of essay on the "Uses and Abuses of the Imagination," "Capture and 
Imprisonment of Jefferson Davis," "Ascent of Vesuvius by Night" and 
"The Royal Tomb at Charlottenberg, " "The Reaction of Missionary 
Effort"; priv. Pa. Militia, 1863; 2d lieut. 3d Regt. Art., 1863-5; Epis. 
clergyman in N. J. and Pa. 

*MORRISON, DAVID REED, s. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., ; 
in. 1871, Oct. 11, 2 p; d. 

PETERS, T. WILLING, , Wyoming, s. ; prep. ; 

Univ. Pa., ; in. 1872, Mar. 5. 

*STERLING, HARRY FULTON, M. D., s. Robert Brown and 
Elizabeth (Roscoe) Sterling; b. 1854, May 19, Pittsburg, Pa.; Univ. 
Pa., 1870-2; mem. Philo. Soc.; Jefferson Med. Coll., M. D., 1877; in. 1870, 
Nov. 15; m. Louisa Bowen Haffelfinger; d. 1881, Aug. 7, Pittsburg, Pa. 

1875-7 SIGMA CHAPTER 207 


ASHBRIDGE, RICHARD, M. D., 280 S. 23d St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Richard and Mary Bennett (James) Ashbridge; b. 1854, July 16, 
West Whiteland, Pa. ; prep, private schools, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Haver- 
ford Coll., 1868-72; Univ. Pa., 1872-5; M. D., Coll. of Physicians, Phila- 
delphia; in. 1872, Oct. 22, A $; surgeon U. S. Navy, 1876-94; m. 1880, 
Apr. 15, Emily Baker Benners; child, Margaretta Benners; physician; 
resident physician Univ. Pa. Hosp. , 1875-6. 


ROBERTS, PERCIVAL, JR., 261 S. 4th St. (res., 110 S. 20th St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Percival and Eleanor ("Williamson) Roberts; b. 
1857, July 15, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep, by Samuel J. Gummere, Haver- 
ford, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1872; Haverford Coll., A. B., 1876; in. 1872, June 
21; mem. Am. Inst. of Mining Engineers, Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers, 
Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers, Inst. of Naval Architects; Engineers, 
Rittenhouse and Country Clubs, Philadelphia; Engineers' Club, New 
York; Essex Co. Club, Manchester, Mass., and Broadwater (Va. ) Club; 
m. 1885, Nov. 11, Bessye Wolcott Frothingham; children, Percival and 
Francis Wolcott; pres. A. & P. Roberts Co., Pencoyd Iron Works. 

ROBINS, ROBERT PATTERSON, M.D., 2210 Pine St. (bus. add., 
808 Locust St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Rev. James Wilbank, D. D., and 
Helen Hamilton (Paterson) Robins: b. 1857, May 8, Philadelphia; prep. 
P. E. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1872-6, A. B. ; A. M., 1879; M. D., 
1880; Junior English and Greek prizes; mem. and founder Univ. Glee 
Club; mem. Philo. Soc.; editor Univ. Magazine; in. 1876, April 15; rel. in 
Z W, Thomas, br. ; fellow Coll. of Physicians of Philadelphia; mem. 
Hist. Soc. of Pa., Philadelphia Co. Med. Soc. and Med. Soc. State of 
Pa.; sec. Univ. Fund Soc. of Philadelphia; mem. Orphans' Club of 
Philadelphia, Pa.; author of "Edward Whalley, the Regicide," "His- 
tory of the Virginia Revolt of 1676," "A Short Account of the First Per- 
manent Tramway in America," "Writers' Cramp and its Treatment," 
"Col. James Coultas, High Sheriff of Philadelphia," "A Tentative 
Pedigree of the Littleton Family of Virginia" and numerous contribu- 
tions to medical journals; Istlieut. and ass't surg. 2d Regt. N. G. S. Pa., 
1890-9; Istlieut. and ass't surg. 2d Regt. Pa. Vol. Inf., 1898; capt. and 
ass't surg. U. S. V., at Manila; m. 1883, Nov. 26, Mary Benton Ellis; 
children, Thomas Ellis and Helen Hamilton; physician; resident physi- 
cian Epis. Hosp., Philadelphia, 1880-1; visiting physician Catharine St. 
Dispensary, 1881-4; Church Home for Children, 1881-6; pres. Orphanage, 
1881-5; outdoor physician for Bd. of Charities of Correction, 1883-6; vac- 
cine physician, 1884-9; police surg. , 1885-99; instructor in clinical med. 
and physical diagnosis Univ. Pa., 1884-7; lecturer on chemistry and 
physics Prot. Epis. Acad., 1886-91; med. director Security Trust and 
Life Ins. Co., 1895-9. 


KELLY, HOWARD A., M. D., 1416 (res., 1406) Eutaw PI., Balti- 
more, Md., s. Henry K. and Louise W. (Hard) Kelly; b. 1858, Feb. 20, 
Camden, N. J. ; prep. J. W. Faires' School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 
1873-7, A. B. ; med. dept., 1877-82, M. D. ; Latin Matriculate prize; first 
honor man Fresh, year; Philo.; Franklin Scientific Soc.; in. 1876, May 2, 
A $; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Gynecological Soc., Balto. Gyn. and 
Obstetrical Soc.; associate mem. Pittsburgh Obst. Soc.; hon. mem. Cleve- 
land Med. Soc.; hon. mem. Altoona Acad. of Med. and Surgery and of 
Tri-State Ass'n of Md., Pa. and W. Va. ; International Congres de 
Gynecologic et D'Obstetrique; author of about 250 scientific articles; m. 

208 SIGMA CHAPTER 1877-9 

1889, June 27, Laetitia Bredow; children, Olga Elisabeth, Henry Kuhl, 
Esther Warner, Friedrich Heyn and Howard A. ; assoc. prof. obst. Univ. 
Pa., 1888; prof. gyn. and obst. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1889 . 

NEILSON, THOMAS RUNDLE, M. D., 122 S. 17th St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa., s. Thomas and Sarah Claypole (Lewis) Neilson; b. 1857, Oct. 
29, Philadelphia; prep. P. E. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1873-7; A. 
B., 1877; A. M., 1880; M. D., 1880; conductor g-lee club; in. 1875, ; rel. 
in Z W, Robert William Neilson; sec. Coll. of Physicians, Philadelphia, 
and Philadelphia Acad. Surgery; mem. Philadelphia Co. Med. Soc. ; 
Am. Med. Ass'n; Rittenhouse and Philadelphia Barge Clubs; published 
articles: "Congenital Abnormalities of the Extremities," " Tumors and 
other Enlargements of the Kidneys," "Injuries and Diseases of the 
Urethra"; contributor to medical journals; m. 1898, Jan. 12, Louise 
Fotterall; visiting physician, Philadelphia Dispensary; res. physician, 
Epis. Hosp. ; dispensary surgeon, Epis. and Children's Hosps. ; ass't 
demonstrator of Anatomy, ass't dem. Surgery, Univ. Pa. ; surgeon Epis. 
and St. Christopher's Hosps. ; prof. Genito-Urinary Surgery, Philadel- 
phia Polyclinic. 

ROBINS, THOMAS, 70S Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Rev. James Wiltbank and Helen Hamilton (Patterson) Robins; b. 1858, 
Nov. 14, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. P. E. Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1873-7, 
A. B., A. M. ; mem. Philo. ; Senior English prize; in. 1876, April 15; 
m. , Marie Ringgold Naglee; lawyer; trust and title officer Equit- 

able Trust Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 


JAYNE, HENRY LA BARRE, 1824 De Lancey PL, Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. David and Hannah (Fort) Jayne; b. 1857, Nov. 3, Philadelphia; 
prep. Rugby Acad., Phila., Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1875-9, A. B. ; 2d Matricu- 
late Gr. prize; mem. Franklin Scientific Soc.; Philo. and Glee Club; 
class historian; Univ. Leipzig (Law); in. 1876, May 16, 2 A; m. , 

Elizabeth Matthews; lawyer; founder of prize for best Fresh. English 
comp. and of one for best entrance exam, from Philadelphia to Princeton. 

JAYNE, HORACE, M. D., PH. D., 318 S. 19th St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. David and Hannah (Fort) Jayne; b. 1859, Mar. 17, Philadelphia; 
prep. Rugby Acad., Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1875-9, A. B. ; med. 
dept., 1882, M. D. ; Ph. D., Franklin and Marshall; fellow Coll. of Phy- 
sicians of Philadelphia, Pa.; mem. Am. Ass'n for Advancement of 
Science, Am. Philosophical Soc., Acad. of Natural Science of Philadel- 
phia, Pa., The Am. Soc. of Naturalists, The Ass'n of Am. Anatomists; 
author of "Mammalian Anatomy "; in. 1876, May 16; rel. in Z W, Henry 
L., br. ; m. 1894, Oct. 10, Caroline Augusta Francis; children, Kate 
Furness and Horace, Jr. ; prof, at Univ. Pa. ; sec. Faculty of Biology, 
dean Coll. Faculty and dean Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. Pa. ; director 
Wistar Inst. of Anatomy and Biology, 1894 . 

*LEWIS, GEORGE HAIL, s. Richard Anthony and Sarah Pat- 
terson (Hale) Lewis; b. 1859, Mar. 22, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 
1875, B. S.; pres. Franklin Scientific Soc.; in. 1877, Nov. 1; traveled 
and studied mechanics in Europe; d. 1880, Mar. 2, Worcester, Mass. 

NEVIN, WILLIAM LATTA, cor. 13th and Market Sts. (res. 420 W. 
Price St., Germaiitown), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Alfred and Sarah (Jen- 
kins) Nevin; b. 1859, Aug. 9, Lancaster, Pa.; prep. Hasting's Acad.; 
Univ. Pa., 1880, LL.B. ; Soane Scientific School, 1875; in. 1877, June 20; 
rel. in Z W, Theodore F., br. ; mem. Univ. Club; lawyer. 

NEWBOLD, ARTHUR EMLEN, 113 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia 
(res., Lanerock, Montgomery Co.), Pa., s. John S. and Anna P. (Buck- 
ley) Newbold; b. 1859, Aug. 5, Jenkintown, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., 

1879-81 SIGMA CHAPTER 209 

Philadelphia: Univ. Pa., 1875-7; in. 1876, April 15: m. 1386. Feb. 25, 
Harriet Dixon; children, Emma Buckley, Arthur Emlin, Fitz Eugene 
Dixon and Dorothy Emlen; broker; treas. Univ. Pa. two years. 

NORRIS, WILLIAM PEPPER, s. Isaac and Mary (Pepper) 
Norris; b. 1852, Feb. 9, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1867, A. M. : 
mem. Philo. Soc.; in. 1867, Sept. 24; m. Laura Gambles; lawyer; d. 
1876, Nov. 14, Philadelphia, Pa. 

*PAGE, CHARLES HENRY, s. Joseph and Ellen (Hensel) Page; 
b. 1858, Jan. 8, Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1875-7; mem. Franklin 
Scientific Soc.; in. 1876, Nov. 16; m. Rebecca Gibson Grosholtz; stock 
broker; d. 1892, July 27, Philadelphia, Pa. 

ROBERTS. GEORGE WOOD BISSELL,116S. Front St. (res. , 1806 
Delancey PL), Philadelphia, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Bissell) Rob- 
erts; b. 1859, Mar. 2, Philadelphia; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1875-9, A. B.; A. M., 1881; B. O., 1879 (National School 
of Eloquence and Oratory); Yardley prize; moderator Philomathean 
Soc.; in. 1876, Oct. 24, ;*rel. in Z W, Thomas, Jr., and W. Dewees, 
brs. ; mem. Univ. Club; m. 1886, Feb. 10, Mary Foster Frothingham; 
children, Mary F., Elizabeth, Dorothy, Virginia; wholesale grocer and 
commission merchant. 


NEILSON, ROBERT WILLIAM, Cheyney, Pa., s. Robert and 
Emilie Adelaide (Burton) Neilson; b. 1859, Aug. 13, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
prep. Chase's School; Univ. Pa., 1876-8; in. 1876, Oct. 12; m. 1882, Oct. 
11, Margaret Keith; children, Robert Keith and Edward Steptoe; 
farming and horse breeding. 

WAYLAND. FRANCIS LINCOLN, 225 S. 6th St. (res., 210 
S. 42d St.), Philadelphia, s. H. L. and Elizabeth Grant (Arms) 
Wayland; b. 1858, Sept. 1, Worcester, Mass.; prep. Rugbv Acad., Phil- 
adelphia; Univ. Pa., 1875-7; Univ. Pa. Law School, LL. B., 1881; class 
orator, 1881; class pres., 1879; pres. Ath. Ass'n; in. 1877, Jan. 4, A 2; 
mem. Univ. Club; New England Soc. of Philadelphia; edited edition of 
"Roscoe's Criminal Evidence"; m. 1885, Dec. 2, Lillian Heberton 
Craig; child, Cicely; lawyer; ass't city solicitor, Philadelphia, 1887 . 


BALLARD, ELLIS AMES, Land Title Bldg. (res., Chestnut Hill), 
Philadelphia, s. Frederic Lyman and Alice (Walker) Ballard; b. 1861, 
Mav 7. Athens, Ohio; prep. Prep. Dept. Ohio Univ. and Philadelphia 
public schools; Univ. Pa.. 1877-81, A. B. ; Univ. Pa. Law School, LL.B.. 
1883; Freshman Mathematics and Sharswood prizes; class pres.; in. 
1878, Sept. 15, : m. 1884, Oct. 22. Nina Schwefel; children, Ernest 
Schwefel, Frederic Lyman, Jr., and Mary; lawyer. 

COYLE, ROBERT McCURDY, 318 Walnut St. (res., "The Glad- 
stone"), Philadelphia, Pa., s. James Huston and Susan (McCurdy) 
Coyle; b. 1860, July 17, Cincinnati, O.; prep. Philadelphia public 
schools; Univ. Pa., 1877-9; in. 1878, Oct. 3: rel. in Z W, E. D. Mc- 
Cullouch, cou. ; mem. Union League, Hamilton, Belmont Cricket and 
Philadelphia Cricket Clubs; insurance broker. 

ELLISON, JOHN BARKER, 24 S. 6th St., Philadelphia, 
s. Rodman Barker and Hannah N. (Miller) Ellison; b. 1860, Feb. 25, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1877-9; in. 1877, Oct. 4; merchant. 

210 SIGMA CHAPTER 1881-2 

FOX, CALEB FELLOWES, Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, s. Geo. 
S. and Amanda (Hickey) Fox; b. 1860, July 29, Philadelphia; Univ. 
Pa., 1877-8; mem. Philo. Soc. ; in. 1879, Feb. 6; rel. in Z W, Fred- 
erick M., br. ; m. Margaret Crozer; stock broker. 

KNIGHT, ARTHUR LYTTON, 4000 Pine St., Philadelphia, s. 
D. Andrews and Catharine (Walker) Knight; b. 1860, Sept. 11, Phila- 
delphia; prep. Rugby Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1877-81; in. 1877, 
Nov. 8; rel. in Z W, Bradford and G. Lee, brs. ; merchant. 

ROBINSON, WILLIAM THOMAS, Philadelphia Warehousing 
and Cold Storage Co., Delaware Ave. and Noble St., Philadelphia (res., 
Villa Nova, Delaware Co.), Pa., s. Thomas Adams and Rachel Gorgas 
(Thomas) Robinson; b. 1859, Sept. 20; prep.Fewsmith's School, Phila- 
delphia; Univ. Pa., 1877-81 (Architecture); pres. Ath. Ass'n; mem. foot- 
ball and baseball teams; spoon man of class; in. 1879, Jan. 3; rel. in 
Z y 7 ", Anthony Wayne, br. ; mem. Merion Cricket Club; Sons of Rev.; m. 
1884, Feb. 7, Mary Mason Wilson; children, Christine, Elizabeth, Thomas 
Adams and William Eyre; supt. with F. R. Pemberton & Co., 1881; 
with Fitzpatrick, 1882-6; general supt. Pa. Warehousing and Safe De- 
posit Co., 1886-9; treas. and general supt. same, 1889-90; treas. andsupt. 
Philadelphia Warehousing and Cold Storage Co., 1891-5; pres. and 
supt. same, 1895 ; sec. and treas. East Tenn. Mining and Improve- 
ment Co., 1889-91. 

THAYER, GEORGE CHAPMAN, Merion, Pa. (bus. add., c/o 
Wm. Cramp & Sons, Beach and Ball Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.), s. John 
B. and Mary R. (Chapman) Thayer; b. 1860, Sept. 22, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1877-81, B. S.; in. 
1881; mem. Rittenhouse and Merion Cricket Clubs; mechanical engineer 
with Pa. Railroad; supt. Poughkeepsie Bridge R. R. ; mechanical engi- 
neer with Clay & Torbensen, Gloucester, N. J. ; with William Cramp & 
Sons, Philadelphia, Pa. 

THOMPSON, CHARLES LOSS, c/o H. C. Thompson, Jr., Betz 
Bldg., Philadelphia, s. H. C. and Jane Chapman (Loss) Thompson; b. 
1861, June 25, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. P. E. Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1877 ; 
in. 1877, Sept. 27; rel. in Z W, Paul, br. ; sea capt. 

TOWNSEND, LAWRENCE, U. S. Legation, Brussels, Belgium, 
s. Henry Clay and Georgiaiia Lawrence (Talman) Townsend; b. 1860, 
Aug. 13, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Mantua Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. 
Pa., 1877-80 (Science); class honors; pres. Freshman class; vice-pres. 
Ath. Ass'n; in. 1877, Oct. 11 ; mem. Rittenhouse and Philadelphia 
Racquet Clubs and Alumni Ass'n; m. 1886, Mar. 8, Natalie Hanan; chil- 
dren, Lawrence, Jr., Yvonne and Reginald; ranching and live stock 
business, 1881-90; sec. U. S. Legation at Vienna, 1893-7; U. S. Minister 
to Portugal, 1897-9; U. S. Minister to Belgium, 1899. 


*COWPERTHWAIT, JAMES BROWN, s. Joseph Baker and 
Mary (Brown) Cowperthwait; b. 1861, Aug. 15, Belmont, Mass.; prep. 
Germantown Acad., Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1878-82, A. B. ; in. 1879, Dec. 4, #; 
rel. in Z W, Charles Tyler, br. ; clerk with Cowperthwait & Co., pub- 
lishers; d. 1887, Mar. 30, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

REMAK, GUSTAVUS, JR., 360 Bullitt Bldg. (res., 232 S. 39th 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Gustavus and Susan Maria (Scott) Remak; 
b. 1861, Mar. 19, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1878-82, A. B. ; LL. B., 1884; matriculate Greek prize; first 
and second honors each year; class pres.; editor-in-chief of Univ. Maga- 
zine; capt. and mem. 'varsity football team; athletic prizes; in. 1879, 

1882-3 SIGMA CHAPTER 211 

Feb. 27, $; A 2 A, 1884-6; mem. Univ., Hamilton, Sharswood Law, 
Philadelphia Cricket Clubs; author of "Digest of Law of Negotiable 
Instruments in Pennsylvania"; m. 1896, June 10, Caroline H. Voor- 
hees; child, Margaret Onderdonk; lawyer, 1884 . 

SMITH, WILLIAM HINCKLE, 502Walnut St., Philadelphia (res., 
Amenia, N. D.),s.J. Frail ey and Harriet L. (Hinckle) Smith ; b. 1861, June 
16, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Rugby Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 
1878-82, B. S. ; in. 1880, Oct. 21, $', rel. in Z W, Charles F. Hinckle, 
unc. ; mem. Univ., Philadelphia Country, Radnor Hunt, Bryn Mawr Polo 
Club and Merion Cricket Clubs; m. 1883, Nov. 28, Jacqueline Harrison; 
child, Hoxie Harrison; ranching in North Dakota. 

TOWNSEND, JOSEPH BREVITT, JR., 709 Walnut St., Phila- 
delphia (res., Overbrook, Montgomery Co.), Pa., s. Joseph Brevitt and 
Adeline Eliza Baker (Barton) Townsend; b. 1861, Nov. 14, Philadelphia; 
prep. William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1878-82, 
A. B. ; Univ. Pa. Law Dept., LL. B., 1884; class honors; Ivy Orator; 
class tug-of-war, football and cricket teams; winner of one-mile and two- 
mile walks and one-mile run; in. 1879, Jan. 23, ^; rel. in Z W, John 
Barton and Charles Cooper, brs., and Lawrence Townsend, cou. ; mem. 
Univ., Houston and Merion Cricket Clubs; m. 1885, Nov. 12, Elizabeth 
Palmer Bispham; children, Joseph Brevitt, 3d, Mary Bispham, Kath- 
arine Adeline, Eleanor and Palmer; lawyer. 

TUNIS, THOMAS ROBERTS, 502 Walnut St. (res., 2002 Pine 
St.), Philadelphia, s. Thomas and Anna Calendar (Price) Tunis; b. 
1859, Sept. 12, Philadelphia; prep. Philadelphia schools; Univ. Pa., 
1878-9; in. 1879, Mar. 6; rel. in Z W, Dr. Joseph P., br.; m. , Mary 

V. Wurtz; banker and broker. 

I88 3 

DAVIDS, RICHARD WISTAR, Merion Station, Montgomery Co. 
(bus. add., 202 Bullirt Bldg., Philadelphia), Pa., s. Richard W. and 
Eliza (Jacobs) Davids; b. 1861, July 2, Camden, N. J. ; prep. West Pa. 
Square Acad.; Langton Select Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1879-83, B. S. ; M. E. 
special course Univ. Pa., 1884-6; class honors; pres. class soc. ; in. 1880, 
Mar. 12; mem. Pa. Historical Soc.; Franklin Inst. ; Photographic Soc., 
Philadelphia; Numismatic and Antiquarian Soc.; m. 1892, Jan. 21, 
Marion M. Morris; child, Eliza Jacobs; in machine shops, 1883; electri- 
cian in electrical factory, 1884; supt. electrical light plant, 1887; consult- 
ing electric engineer, 1888 ; electric engineer to construction company, 

(See Tau Chapter.) 

PAGE, LEWIS RODMAN, Upland (res., 115 S. 19th St., Phil- 
adelphia), Pa., s. Joseph French and Ellen (Hansell) Page; b. 1861, 
Nov. 25, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Rugby Acad., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Univ. Pa., 1879-83; capt. 2d cricket team; 'varsity cricket; in. 1879, 
Sept. 27, #; rel. in Z W, Robert H., br.; mem. Rittenhouse, Philadelphia 
Country, Philadelphia Barge and Corinthian Yacht Clubs; Historical 
and Pa. Geological Socs. ; Sons of Rev. ; m. 1887, Apr. 12, Mary Crozer 
Page; children, Annette, Lewis Rodman, Jr., Edward Crozer and Mary 
Crozer; treas. Crozer Land Ass'n, Crozer Coal and Coke Co. , and Upland 
Coal and Coke Co. 

ROBINSON, ANTHONY WAYNE, 409 Chestnut St. (res., 1926 
Race St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Thomas Adams and Rachel Gorgas 
(Thomas) Robinson; b. 1861, June 12, Philadelphia; prep, by private 
tutor; Univ. Pa., 1879-80 (Science); Freshman class treas.; in. 1880, Oct. 
7, 2 p; rel. in Z W, William T., br. ; mem. of Geographical Soc. of Phila- 

212 SIGMA CHAPTER 1883-5 

delphia; treas. Photographic Soc. of Philadelphia; mem. of Franklin 
Inst. ; Sons of Rev.; Fairmount Park Art Ass'n; Houston Club; m. 1888, 
Apr. 19, Marie Dennis Bullock; children, Anthony Wayne, Robert Gor- 
gas, Marie, Marg-uerite and Abraham; wholesale grocer, 1882-5; Provi- 
dence Life and Trust Co., Actuarial Dept., 1885 ; mem. Advisory 
Com. stockholders Merchants' Trust Co. of Philadelphia. 


BARRY, LLEWELLYN, 221 S. 18th St., Phila., s. Llewellyn F. 
and Annie (Harrison) Barry; b. 1862, Jan. 25, Paris, France; prep. 
Rittenhouse and Epis. Acads. ; Univ. Pa., 1880-4, B. S. ; in. 1880, Oct. 7, 
2 p; mem. Law Acad., Philadelphia; Rittenhouse, Mt. Desert Canoe, 
Keboe Valley, Philadelphia Country and Huntingdon Valley Country 
Clubs; Phila. City Troop; lawyer, 1887. 

*BROCK, HUBERT, s. John Penn and Julia Watts (Hall) Brock; 
b. 1863, Mar. 28, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1880-2 

(Science); in. 1880, Sept. 16; d. 1896, Nov. 

LEVICK, RICHARD, JR., c/o Morgan, Harjes& Co., Paris, France, 
s. Richard and Martha A. (Serrill) Levick; b. 1863, Jan. 26, Chestnut 
Hill, Phila.; prep. Germantown Acad. and by private tutor; Univ. Pa., 
1880-2; in. 1880, Oct. 28; m. 1892, July , Gertrude Koppernick; child, 
Richard, 3d; artist. 

ROBERTS, REV. WATERS DEWEES, Riverton, N. J. (res., 185 
Webster St., East Boston, Mass.), s. Thomas and Elizabeth Hill (Bissell) 
Roberts; b. 1865, May 10, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Ury House School, 
Fox Chase, Phila. ; Univ. Pa., 1880-4, A.B., 1884 (Univ. Pa.); A.B., 1885 
(Harvard); B. D., 1888 (Epis. Theo. School); Philo. prize; class honors; 
class treas.; editor Univ. Magazine; in. 1880, Jan. 20, #; rel. in Z W, 
George W. B. and Thomas, Jr., brs. ; m. 1895, May 7, Kate Palmer 
Chamberlin; children, Elizabeth, Margaret and Katharine; ass't min- 
ister Trinity Church, Boston, 1888-93; rector St. John's Church, East 
Boston, 1894. 

SCOTT, JAMES IRVINE, McKeesport, Pa., s. John and Annie 
(Eyster) Scott; b. 1863, April 3; prep. Hastings Acad., West Philadel- 
phia; Univ. Pa., 1880-4; capt. cricket eleven; football team; winner 100 
yards dash; in 1880; rel. in Z W, J. A. and Walter, brs.; broker; real 
estate dept., Provident Ins. and Trust Co.; with Pa. R. R. ; Natl. Tube 

TOWNSEND, JOHN BARTON, 409 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 
(res., "Blancoyd," Overbrook), Pa., s. Joseph Brevitt and Adeline Eliza 
(Barton) Townsend; b. 1865, June 11, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. William 
Penn Charter School; Univ. Pa., 1880-4, A. B. ; Univ. Pa. Law School; 
in. 1881, Sept. 22, A 3>; rel. in Z W, Joseph B. and Charles C., brs.; 
Lawrence Townsend, cou. ; mem. Univ., Merion Cricket and Phila. Clubs; 
m. 1889, Oct. 9, Elizabeth Williams; children, Marjorie Barton and Cas- 
par Wistar Barton; ass't Trust Officer of Provident Life and Trust Co. 
of Philadelphia. 


BROCKIE, WILLIAM, Roumfort Ave., Mt. Airy (bus. add., S. E. 
cor. 4th and Walnut Sts.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. William and Jane 
Kenneth (Tod) Brockie; b. 1864, June 28, Birkenhead, Chester, Eng. ; 
prep. Germantown Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1882-3; in. 1883, Feb. 20; rel. in Z 
W, John H. and Arthur H., brs. ; mem. Philadelphia, Colonial, German- 
town Cricket, Philadelphia Cricket, Mt. Airy Country and Philadelphia 
Clubs; Ass'n of Zeta Psi; m. 1896, Agnes Morgan; child, Agnes; clerk 
in Ins. Co. of N. Am., 1884-9; mem. of firm Brockie & Welsh, 1889-98; 
firm of William Brockie, 1898-9; Johnson and Higgens, 1899. 


KNIGHT, GRANT LEE, 409 Stafford St.,Germantown (bus. add., 
Harrison Bldg.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. B. Andrews and Catharine 
(Walker) Knight; b. 1864, Dec. 27, Philadelphia, Pa.;prep. WestPhila. 
Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1881-5, A. B. ; in. 1882; rel. in Z W, Arthur L. and 
Bradford, brs. ; mem. Union League, Gennantown and Philadelphia 
Cricket Clubs; m. 1889, Nov. 21, Helen S. Taylor; merchant. 

LANDRETH, WILLIAM LINTON, 23 S. 6th St (res., "The 
Stenton"), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Oliver and Harriet Rea (Linton) 
Landreth; b. 1864, Oct. 21, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1881-5, A. B.; in. 1881, Oct. 13, 2; mem. 
Rittenhouse Club and Sons of Rev.; m. 1893, Oct. 21, Matilda W. Dixon; 

NOBLE, WILLIAM WOODBRIDGE, 416 Brown St. (res., East 
Sedgwick St.), Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., s. William Stevenson 
and Mary E. (Backus) Noble; b. 1864, July 10, Germantown; prep. 
Germa.Jtown Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1881-5, A. B. ; class pres. ; pres. Ath. 
Ass'n; in. 1886, Feb. 26; mem. Philadelphia, Philadelphia Gun, Phila- 
delphia Cricket, Germantown Cricket and Racquet Clubs; m. 1888, June 
7, Alice Bond Janney ; child, Eleanor; general m'g'r Charles Noble 
& Co., iron m'f'rs. 

PAGE, ROBERT HANSELL, 2038 Locust St (bus. add., 132 S. 
4th St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Joseph French and Ellen (Hansell) Page; 
b. 1863, Aug. 7, Cape May, N. J. ; prep. Rugby Acad., Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1881-2 (Science); in. 1881, Sept. 29; rel. in Z IP", Louis R.,br.; 
mem. First Troop Phila. City Cav. ; m. 1889, Apr. 24, SaraLevis Crozer; 
child, Robert H., Jr., s. ; stock broker. 

SCOTT, JOSEPH ALISON, M. D., 1813 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. John and Annie (Eyster) Scott; b. 1865, Ma}' 20, Huntingdon, 
Pa.; prep. Hastings Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1881-5, A. B. ; 
class pres. ; class day prophet; capt. cricket team; Univ. tennis rep. ; 
Univ. Pa., Med. Dept., M. D., 1889; in. 1881, Oct. 13, ; rel. in Z W, 
J. I. and Walter, brs. ; mem. Coll. of Physicians, Philadelphia; Patho- 
logical Soc. ; Co. Med. Soc. ; Univ. Club; m. 18%, Nov. 4, Frances 
Pepper; child, Frances Wharton; physician O. P. D. Pa. Hosp. ; ass't 
demonstrator Morbid Anatomy, 1894-5; demonstrator Physical Diag- 
nosis, 1896, ; Univ. Pa. Med. Dept. ; ass't Med. Director, Penn. 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

s. Samuel Lieberkuhn and Anne Bond (Cochran) Shober; b. 1862, Oct. 26, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. ; Univ. Pa., 
1881-3; in. 1881, Sept. 22; rel. in Z W, John B., br.; Sydney E. Hutch- 
inson and William S. Ellis, brs.-in-law; mem. Rittenhouse, Hunt- 
ingdon Valley Country Clubs; m. 1892, Apr. , Agnes Wharton 
Hutchinson; children, John Redford, 2d; Pemberton Hutchinson, Samuel 
Lieberkuhn, 3d, and Anne Bond: civil engineer P. R. R., 1883- ; ass't 
engineer construction, Altoona, Pa., 1889; in charge of M. W. office; 
ass't supervisor, 1889; supervisor, 1891; ass't engineer Tyrone Div., 
P. R. R., 1899. 

STOEVER, DAVID PORTER, 3815 Chestnut St. (res., 21 S. 21st 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Jefferson Frederick and Bessie M. (McCorkle) 
Stoever; b. 1863, Apr. 6, Philadelphia; prep, by private tutor; Univ. 
Pa., 1882-5, A. B. ; in. 1883, Feb. 26; mem. Germantown Cricket, Phila. 
Barge and Phila. Racquet Clubs; m. 1899, Jan. 25, Anne McLaughlin; 
bank teller. 

THOMPSON, PAUL, 1831 Delancey PI. (bus. add., N. W. cor. of 
Broad and Arch Sts.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. H. C. and Jane Chapman 
(Loss) Thompson; b. 1865, Feb. 10, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Epis. 

214 SIGMA CHAPTER 1885-6 

Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1881-6 (Science); capt. football team; 
mem. baseball team; treas. Athletic Ass 'n; in. 1881, Oct. 27; rel. in Z W, 
Charles Loss, br. ; mem. Racquet, Univ., Radnor Hunt, Merion Cricket, 
Phila. Gun, Merion Golf Clubs; Zeta Psi Ass'n; Sons of Rev.; m. 
1888, Oct. 24, Elizabeth Harris Ellison; children, Rodman Ellison and 
Jane Newbold; engineer P. R. R. Co., 1886-8; importer and commission 
dealer in iron, steel and ore, 1898; sales agent United Gas Improvement 
Co., 1898. 

WELSH, SAMUEL, Chestnut Hill (bus. add., Drexel Bldg.), Phila- 
delphia, s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Young) Welsh; b. 1864, April 12, Phila- 
delphia; prep. GermantownAcad. ; Univ. Pa., 1883-5, A. B. ; class honors; 
class pres. ; in. 1883, Feb. 26; rel. in Z IP", J. Somers Smith, Jr., and Wil- 
liam Sydney Young, cous. ; mem. Philadelphia, Germantown Cricket and 
Philadelphia Cricket Clubs; m. 1892, Oct. 25, Emily Loomis Price; chil- 
dren, Maris, Anne Tilden, Samuel, Jr., and Emily; clerk, 1885-9; ins. 
business, 1889; mem. firm Erin & Co. 

WHEELER, ANDREW, JR., 1608 Market St. (2205 St. James' Place), 
Philadelphia, Pa. , s. Andrew and Sarah Caroline (Carpenter) Wheeler; 
b. 1866, Jan. 2, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Rugby Acad., William Penn 
Charter School, Philadelphia, Pa., and St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. ; 
Univ. Pa., 1882-4 (arts); mem. glee club and cricket team; in. 1883, ; 

rel. in Z W t Samuel Bowman, br. ; mem. Rittenhouse Club; published 
adaptations of English words to Latin mass music and other musical 
compositions and arrangements; m. 1887, May 14, Mary Wilcox Watson; 
children, Sophia Wilcox, Andrew, 3d, Eleanor L. ; Morris, Wheeler & 
Co., iron merchants, 1892 . 

WISTER, LEWIS WYNNE, Fisher's Lane (bus. add., Rittenhouse 
St.), Germantown, Philadelphia, s. Alexander Wilson and Susan 
Andrewetta (Wilson) Wister ; b. 1864, Jan. 21, Germantown, Philadelphia; 
prep. Germantown Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1881-5, A. B.; in. 1883, Feb. 26; rel. 
in Z W, Francis Wister, cou., and James Wister, br. ; m. 1887, Feb. 16, 
Lily Wolcott Henry; children, Lewis Caspar and Charlton Henry; lum- 
ber business. 

YARNALL, EDWARD, Overbrook (bus. add., 420 Walnut St., 
Philadelphia), Pa., s. Francis Cope and Mary (Coale) Yarnall; b. 1864, 
Nov. 17, Overbrook, Pa. ; prep. William Penn Charter School; Univ. Pa., 
1881-5, A. B. ; LL.B., 1896; class honors; in. 1882, Nov. 14, 2; mem. 
Sharswood Law and Rittenhouse Clubs; lawyer, 1896 . 


DAVIS, ISAAC ROBERTS, 2015 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. Edwin M., Jr., and S. Louisa (Gibbons) Davis; b. 1864, Nov. 13, Chelton, 
Pa.; prep. Cheltenham Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1882-4; class treas. ; in. 1883, 
Feb. 22; rel. in Z W, J. Corbit, br. ; mem. Union League and German- 
town Cricket Clubs; m. 1892, Nov. 29, Betsey Warren; child, Isaac 
Roberts, Jr. ; mechanical engineer and m'f 'r of emery and corundum 
wheels and grinding machinery. 

FOX, FREDERICK MORTON, Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. George S. and Amanda (Hickey) Fox; b. 1865, April 7, Philadelphia; 
prep. Towne Scientific School; W. S. F., 1883-4; in. 1882, Nov. 14; rel. in 
Z W, Caleb F., br. ; m. , Emily Lydia Hoyt; stock broker. 

HACKER, MORRIS, Chevy Chase, Md. (bus. add., District Bldg., 
Washington, D. C.), s. Morris and Isabel (Wetherill) Hacker; b. 1866, Oct. 
29, Philadelphia; prep. Brown's School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1882-6; 
(civil eng.); in. 1883, Nov. 22, T; mem. Chevy Chase Club; m. 1893, Aug. 3, 
Sue Wilcox Chester; child, Susan; civil engineer in Conn., Md., Nev., 
Cal. and D. C. 

1886-7 SIGMA CHAPTER 215 

RUTTER, ROBERT LEWIS, N. W. cor. Howard and Sprague 
Sts. (res., 1725 Pacific Ave.), Spokane, Wash.,s. Levi T. and Sallie R. 
(Perkins) Rutter; b. 1867, Jan. 31, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. William 
Penn Charter School and Brown's School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 
1882-6 (Science); class sec. and capt. class cricket team; in. 1884; rel. in 
Z y, Charles P. Perkins, unc. ; m. 1892, Feb. 23, Sarah Isabell Page; 
children, Frances, Robert L. and Coral; wool commission business, 
1886-91; res. agt. Solicitors' Loan and Trust Co. of Philadelphia, 1891-4; 
sec. Spokane & Eastern Trust Co. ; general banking-, 1894 . 

TUNIS, JOSEPH PRICE, M.D., Torresdale, Pa. (res., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. ), s. Thomas Roberts and Anna Callendar (Price) Tunis; b. 1866, 
Feb. 7, Phila., Pa.; prep. Faire's School and Haverford Coll.; Univ. 
Pa., 1884-6, A. B. ; M. D.,1889; athletic medals; in. 1884, Nov. 13; rel. in 
Z W, Thomas R., br. ; mem. Pa. Hist. Soc. ; life mem. Philadelphia Co. 
Med. Soc.; Pathological and Obstetrical Soc.; Rittenhouse and Univ. 
Barge Clubs; author of "Rib Fractures from Muscular Action, with Forty 
Collected Cases"; surgeon 1st Reg. Nat'l Guards, Penn'a; service in 
Puerto Rico, 1898; ass't demonstrator of surgery, Univ. Pa., 1892 ; visit- 
ing surgeon to dispensary of Presb. Hosp.,1893; Children's Hosp.,1894; 
M. E. Hosp.,1894. 

*VALDES, VICTOR FRANCISCO, s. Ramon and Josefa (Bigoa) 
Valdes; b. 1866, May 8, Trinidad, Cuba; Univ. Pa., 1882-4; class 
v.-pres. ; in. 1883, Feb. 26; m. Sarah Holmes Smock; civil engineer, prin. 
civil engineer Cambria and Clearfield R. R. ; d. 1891, May 1, Ebens- 
burg, Pa. 


COATES, CRAWFORD, 4302 Spruce St. (bus. add., 1205 Walnut 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. H. Crawford and Sarah Tatcher (Holmes) 
Coates; b. 1866, May 24, Cape Town, South Africa; prep. William Penn 
Charter School; Univ. Pa., 1883-7, B. S., architecture; winner Interstate 
Tennis Championship, 1886; class tennis and chess clubs; Philadelphia 
and Sketch Clubs ; class and 'varsity football, baseball and cricket 
teams; class honors; in Greek play; in. 1886, Nov. ; mem. Belmont 
Cricket, T-Square and Houston Clubs; Am. Inst. of Architects; corp. 
Battery A, Porto Rico campaign, 1898; gunner's mate, first class, First 
Naval 'Battalion, N. G., Pa., 1892; architect 

Chestnut Hill), Philadelphia, s. Joseph Baker and Mary A. (Brown) 
Cowperthwait; b. 1866, Sept. 6, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia; prep. Ger- 
mantown Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1883-7, A. B. ; class honors; mem. Racquet 
Club; mem. and m'g'r Univ. Cricket Club; in. 1883, Nov. 22, $; 2 A, 
1891-2; rel. in Z W, James B., br.; mem. Philadelphia, Univ., Col., 
Philadelphia Cricket and Germantown Cricket Clubs; with Cowperth- 
wait & Co., 1887-91; auditor of E. H. Butler & Co., 1891-2; with Phila- 
delphia contributionship for ins. of houses from loss by fire, 189-1 . 

DUNN, EDWARDS SANFORD, 725 Pine St. (bus. add., 235 Dock 
St.), Philadelphia, s. Charles C. and Helen (Struthers) Dunn; b. 1865, 
Feb. 3, Philadelphia; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1883-7; 
A. B.; Deutragonist in Greek play " Acharnians "; 'varsity cricket 
team; mem. Racquet Club; in. 1886, Jan. 16; A $ A, 1895; mem. Centaur 
Bicycle Club, 1895-7; Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Soc. (ex- 
ecutive com., 1893 ); Univ. Club; Univ. Barge Club (executive com., 
1898-9) ; author of a number of college songs in Pennsylvania Song 
Book, etc.; sec. and treas. Philadelphia Zeta Psi Ass'n, 1893-5; teacher 
Epis. Acad., 1887-9; Philadelphia Warehouse Co., bookkeeper, 1889-96- 
sec., 1896-9; treas., 1899. 


MOFFLY, WILLIAM TENNENT, 6624 McCallum St. (bus. add., 
27 N. 3d St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. John W. and Margaret Knox 
(McNeely) Moffly; b. 1865, June 23, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Germantown 
Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1883-6; class v.-pres. ; in. 1883, Nov. , 2; m. 1890, 
Feb. , Edith I. de Zouche; children, John Wesley, Margaret Emilie; 
bank teller. 

MONTGOMERY, REV. JAMES ALAN, Upsal Station, 6806 Greene 
St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., s. Thomas Harrison and Anna 
(Morton) Montgomery; b. 1866, JunelS, Germantown, Philadelphia; prep. 
Columbia Grammar School, N. Y., and Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. 
Pa., 1883-7, A. B. ; Philadelphia Divinity School, 1890; Univ. Berlin 
(theology), 1891-2; Freshman Greek prize; Freshman Eng. essay prize; 
Junior Greek prize; mem. Greek play com.; acted in " Acharnians," 
1888; $B K; in. 1885; rel. in Z W, A. R. and H. E. Montgomery, cous. ; 
mem. Soc. of Biblical Literature and Exegesis; m. 1893, Aug. 1, Mary 
Frank Owen; Epis. clergyman, 1890 ; instructor in Hebrew, Univ. Pa., 
1888-90; fellow Philadelphia Divinity School, 1890-2; ass't minister 
Church of the Holy Communion, N. Y., 1892-3; rector St. Paul's Church, 
West Philadelphia, and instructor in practical parochial work, Phila- 
delphia Divinity School, 1893-5; curate St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia, 
1895-9; on editorial staff of The Clnirch Standard, 1897-9; instructor in 
Hebrew, Philadelphia Divinity School, 1899. 

PEPPER, GEORGE WHARTON, 701-6 Drexel Bldg. (res., 1730 
Pine St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. George and Hitty Markoe (Wharton) 
Pepper; b. 1867, Mar. 16, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep, by private instruc- 
tion; Univ. Pa., 1883-7, A. B. ; LL.D.,1889; Valedictorian; class honors; 
classpres. ; editor-in-chief of The Pennsylvania^; capt. and mem. class base- 
ball team and crew; mem. 'Varsity football and cricket teams; athletic 
prizes; Protagonist in Greek play "Acharnians"; spoon man of class; 
class orator; Sharswood and Morris prizes (law class); $ B K; in. 1883, 
Oct. , 3>; rel. in Z W, George, fa. ; William Pepper, unc. ; Ernest Zant- 
zinger, step-fa.; William Platt Pepper, cou., and others; mem. Am. and 
Pa. Bar Ass'ns; Law Acad. of Philadelphia; sec. com. on Legal Edu- 
cation of Pa. Bar Ass'n; Sharswood Law Club; Bibliographical Club; 
Univ. and Merion Cricket Clubs; Sons of Rev.; Am. Philosophical Soc.; 
accounting warden St. Mark's Church; delegate to Diocesan convention; 
author of "The Border-Land of Federal and State Decisions," "Plead- 
ing at Common Law and under the Codes"; many papers contributed to 
the American Law Register and Review, including "The Case of O'Neil 
vs. State of Vermont," review of Campbell's "The Puritan in Holland, 
England and America," "The Effect of Lapse of Time on Suits in 
Equity," "The Trust Fund Theory of the Capital Stock of a Corpora- 
tion," "The Place of Original Research in Legal Education," "Recent 
Developments of Corporation Law by the Supreme Court of the United 
States," "The Incidents of Irregular Incorporation," article on "Un- 
authorized and Prohibited Exercise of Corporate Power," Harvard Law 
Review^ "Faculty and Alumni Control of College Athletics," "Legal 
Education and Admission to the Bar," "How Can Social Unity be Best 
Attained ? ' ' co-editor (with Dr. Wm. Draper Lewis) of ' ' Pepper & Lewis's 
Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania, from 1700-1894"; co-editor (with 
Dr. Wm. Draper Lewis) of "Pepper & Lewis's Digest of Pennsylvania 
Decisions"; m. 1890, Nov. 25, Charlotte Root Fisher; children, Adeline 
Louise Forbes, George Wharton, Jr., Charlotte Eleanor; lawyer, 1889 ; 
fellow Univ. Pa., Law Dept., 1889-93; Algernon Sydney Biddle, Prof, 
of Law Univ. Pa., 1893; v.-pres. Univ. Pa. Ath. Ass'n and mem. of Fac- 
ulty Ath. Com. ; editor American Law Register and Review. 

SEGUIN, ANDRE WILLIAM, P. O. Box 1300 (res., 205 La. Ave.), 
"New Orleans, La., s. James Francis and Maria Beasley (Norcon) 
SSguin; b. 1866, Feb. 24; prep. Univ. High School, New Orleans, and 

1887-8 SIGMA CHAPTER 217 

Univ. La. (now Tulane Univ.); Univ. Pa., 1883-7, A. B.; LL. B., 
1893 (Tulane Univ.); class sec.; moderator Philo. Soc. ; soc. debater's 
prize; v.-pres. Lit. Soc. at Tulane; in. 1886, Feb. , A 2; mem. New 
Orleans Chess, Checkers and Whist Club; SouthernAth. Club; v.-pres. 
New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club; U. S. postal service, 1888-9; custom 
service, New Orleans, 1889- ; lawyer, 1893 . 

SMITH, JAMES SOMERS, JR., 212 S. 4th St. (res., 1233 Spruce 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. James Somers and Anna Maria (Welsh) 
Smith; b. 1866, May 26, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Prot. Epis. Acad., 
Phila., and by tutor; Univ. Pa., 1883-7, A. B., class honors; class v.-pres. ; 
mem. Racque't Club; in Greek play; in. 1885, Nov. 10, F; 2 p A, 1899; 
rel. in Z W, Samuel Welsh and Sydney Young-, cous. ; mem. Photo- 
graphic Soc. of Phila. ; Skating and Humane Soc. ; Phila. Cricket Club, 
director, 1890-2, sec., 1891-2; Univ. Pa. Ath. Ass'n, treas., 1891-2; Fifth 
Ward Charity Ass'n, director, 1891; Houston, Univ. and Phila. Clubs; 
Atlantic City Country Club; chairman Chapter House Bldg. Com.; Zeta 
Psi Ass'n, Philadelphia; m. 1888, Apr. 19, Mary Nixon Smith; children, 
James Somers, 3d, Nancy Correy; clerk Phila. Contributionship for 
the ins. of houses from loss by fire, 1887-94, sec. and treas. same. 

TOWNSEXD, CHARLES COOPER, 715 Walnut St., Philadelphia 
(res., Overbrook), Pa., s. Joseph Brevitt and Ada E. (Barton) Townsend; 
b. 1867, Apr. 20, Overbrook, Pa.; prep. William Penn Charter School; 
Univ. Pa., 1883-7, A. B. ; LL. B., 1891, Faculty prize; class cricket, 
football and baseball teams; class honors; class pres. ; in. 1883, $; rel. 
in Z W, Joseph Brevitt, Jr., and John Barton, brs., and Lawrence 
Townsend, cou. ; mem. Univ., Merion Cricket and Philadelphia Clubs; 
lawyer, 1891- ; fellow Law Dept., 1892-4, and prof, of law, Univ. Pa., 


DUHRING, WARNER JOHNSON, 119 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. , s. Henry Augustus and Anna L. (Johnson) Duhring'; b. 1867, Aug. 
3, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. De Lancey School; Univ. Pa., 1884; in. 
1885, Oct. 8. 

GLENDIXXIXG, ROBERT EDWARD, 400 Chestnut St. (res., 
Chestnut Hill), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Robert and Ellen E. (Butcher) 
Glendinning; b. 1867, Aug. 10, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Cheltenham 
Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1884-5; record for standing broad jump; in. 1884, 
Oct. ; Loyal Legion Cornet in 1st Troop, Phila. City Cav. ; served 
through Puerto Rico campaign in Spanish-Am. War, 1898; m. 1894, 
Sept. 17, Elizabeth Rodman Fisher Carpenter; banker, firm of Robert E. 
Glendinning & Co. 

HUTCHINSOX, SYDXEY EMLEN, 325 Walnut St., Philadelphia 
(res., Ogontz), Pa., s. Pemberton Sydney and Agnes (Wharton) Hutch- 
inson; b. 1866. Sept. 17, Sunnyside, Ogontz, Pa. ; prep. St. Paul's School, 
Concord, X. H. ; Univ. Pa., 1884-6 (Science); class pres.; in. 1884, Oct. 
23; rel. in Z W, Thomas MacKean, unc., and George Wharton Pepper, 
cou.; mem. Sons of Rev., Phila. Barge, Rittenhouse, and Phila. Country 
Clubs; m. 1890, Jan. 28, Olga Bates; child, Cintra; salesman, West- 
moreland Coal Co., ten years; general ins. agent. 

KNIGHT, BRADFORD, Lansdowne (bus. add., 517 Arch St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Andrews and Catherine (Walker) Knight; b. 1867, 
Sept. 8, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. West Phila. Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1884-6; 
in. 1884, Oct. 10; rel. in Z W, Arthur L. and G. Lee, brs.; mem. Mark- 
ham Club; m. 1898, Feb. 22, Louise E. Allderdice; clerk. 

218 SIGMA CHAPTER 1888-90 

WIEDERSHEIM, WILLIAM CANER, 315 S. 17th St. (bus. add., 919 
Chestnut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. William A. and Kate L. (Blanchard) 
Wiedersheim; b. 1869, Mar. 8, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Rugby Acad., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1884-8, B. S. ; class pres. ; marshal class 
sports; Racquet Club; 'varsity cricket team; Philomathean Soc. ; in. 1886, 
Dec. , #; rel. in Z W, Theodore Edward, Jr., br. ; mem. Phila. Country, 
Markham, Belmont Cricket, Univ., Phila. Fencing- and Sparring, Centaur 
Bicycle Clubs; Colonial Soc.; Loyal Legion; patent atty. and solicitor. 

ZEILIN, CARLETON BICKNEL, Tulpohocken St., Germantown, 
Phila., s. John Henry and Emeline Carleton (Cole) Zeilin; b. 1866, 
May 7, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia and German- 
town Apad. ; Univ. of the South, Sewanee, Tenn., 1884-5; Univ. Pa., 
1885-8, A. B. ; 3d class honor, senior year; coxswain 'varsitj' crew; in. 

1886, Feb. ; mem. Colonial, Germantown Cricket, Univ., Phila. Country, 
Devon Polo Clubs; Broadwater Club, Va. ; ensign Div. B, First Naval 
Battalion, N. G. Pa.; pres. J. H. Zeilin & Co. (inc.), m'f'g chemists. 


FORBES, WILLIAM INNES, 334 S. 9th St. (bus. add., Girard 
Bldg.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. William Smith and Celenaire Bournedi 
(Sims) Forbes ;b. 1868, Nov. 22, Philadelphia, Pa. ;prep. Dr. Faire's School 
and private tutor; Univ. Pa., 1885-9, A. B. ; Jefferson Med. Coll., 1893; 
in. 1886, Dec. 11, #; mem. Markham and Phila. Clubs; Sons of Rev.; 
Soc. of Colonial Wars; sec. and ass't coxswain Univ. Barge Club; 
priv. First Regt., paymaster First Naval Battalion, N.'G. Pa.; First 
Troop, Phila. Cav. ; at Camps Hastings, Alger, Newport News, served 
through Porto Rico campaign, 1898; enlisted 1898, May 7, honorably 
discharged 1898, Nov. 17; with Pa. R. R. and Girard Trust Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

GRISCOM, RODMAN ELLISON, 307 Walnut St. Philadelphia 
(res., Haverford), Pa., s. Clement Acton and Frances Canby (Biddle) 
Griscom; b. 1870, Oct. 21, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Friends' School and 
Brown's School; Haverford Coll., 1885-7; Univ. Pa., 1887-9, Ph. B. ; in. 

1887, Oct. ; rel. in Z W, Lloyd C., br. ; mem. Soc. of Naval Architects 
and Marine Engineers; Phila., Rittenhouse, Merion Cricket and Phila. 
Country Clubs; m. 1897, Feb. 17, Anna Starr; m'g'r International Navi- 
gation Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

SCOTT, WALTER, Giddings Bldg. (res., 1123 N. Cascade Ave.), 
Colorado Springs, Col., s. John and Annie (Eyster) Scott; b. 1868, 
Apr. 9, Huntingdon, Pa.; prep. Hastings Acad., West Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1885-9, A, B. ; in. 1885, Oct. 1, ; rel. in Z W, J. I. and 
J. A., brs. ; lawyer. 


ALLEN, BENJAMIN CURTIS, 313 Drexel Bldg. (res., 1921 Wal- 
nut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. George Nelson and Elizabeth J. (Curtis) 
Allen; b. 1869, Nov. 18, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Epis. Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 
1886-8; class v. -pres. ; baseball and cricket teams; Pa. Gun Club; Tennis 
and Cricket Ass'n; 1890 Gun Club, Mathematical and Racquet Clubs; 
in. 1886, Sept. , $; rel. in Z W, Henry P., fa., and Thomas MacHill, 
br.-in-law; mem. Rittenhouse, Phila. Country, and Huntingdon Valley 
Country Clubs; mem. Mass. Naval Brigade, 1892-3; m. 1894, June 2, 
Maria Wharton MacKean; children, Curtis Wharton, Hope; ass't 
chemist Boston Gas Light Co., 1892-3; ass't supt. Metropolitan Gas Light 
Co., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1893; cashier Brown Bros. & Co., 1896-8; in Colo- 
rado Springs, Col. , 1899. 

1890-1 SIGMA CHAPTER 219 

*PATTERSON, JOSEPH HENRY, s. Christopher Stuart and Ellen 
(Stuart) Patterson; b. 1870, June 1, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. German- 
town Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1886-7; class ath. director; v.-pres. 
Coll. Cricket Ass'n; class pres. ; in. 1889, Jan. 17, ; mem. Phila. 
Cricket Club; Board of Governors Markham Club; Univ. Barge Club; 
clerk in Western National Bank, Philadelphia, Pa., 1887-90; ass't 
financial editor Philadelphia Press, 1890-1; clerk in Fourth St. National 
Bank, 1892; financial editor Philadelphia Evening Telegraph, 1892-9; 
Philadelphia correspondent Mail and Express, N. Y., and Dow Jones 
News Ass'n of N. Y., 1893; editor American Cricketer; d. 1899, May 2, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

PATTERSON, WILLIAM HAHN, Fidelity TrustCo., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Robert and Maria (Hawn) Patterson; b. 1869, Jan. 22, Phila- 
delphia; prep. Germantown Acad. and St. Paul's School, Concord, N. 
H. ; Univ. Pa., 1886-90, A. B.; in. 1886, , <; rel. in Z W, Franklin P., 
br. ; author of articles on microscopical subjects; m. 1893, Jan. 24, 
Blanche Killar Henszey; children, Blanche Maria and Robert T. Lieper; 
with Fidelity Trust Co. , Philadelphia, Pa. 

ROYAL, THOMAS MACKELLAR, 604 Jayne St. (res., Coulter 
and Hanwick Sts. , Germantown), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Charlton Henry 
and Agnes (MacKellar) Royal; b. 1869, Apr. 4, Germantown; prep. 
Germantown Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1885-7; in. 1887, March 24; mem. Ger- 
mantown Cricket and Univ. Clubs, Philadelphia; type-founding with 
MacKellar, Smith, Jordan & Co. ; printing- with Keterlinns Litho-M'f 'g; 
paper bus. with Thomas M. Royal & Co., 1895 ; treas. Envelope 
Making and Printing Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

TROTTER, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., 36 N. Front St. (res., Chest- 
nut Hill), Philadelphia, Pa., s. William Henry and M. Louisa (Farr) 
Trotter; b. 1871, , Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad.; Univ. 

Pa., 1886-90; class pres.; in. 1886, Oct. , $; m. 1898, Feb. 20, Eliza- 
beth S. Smith; child, Elizabeth S. ; merchant. 


BROWN, HENRY INGERSOLL, 423 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Henry W. and Alice P. (Driver) Brown; b. 1870, May 7, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; prep. Germantown Acad. and William Penn Charter School; 
Univ. Pa., 1887-9; in. 1888, Nov. 1; Philadelphia Naval Battery, N. G. 
Pa. ; insurance. 

DALLAS, TREVANION BORDA, 606 Chestnut St. (res., 318 
Springfield Ave. , Chestnut Hill), Philadelphia, Pa., s. George M. and 
Ellen M. (Wharton) Dallas; b. 1870, Jan. 23, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. 
Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1886-91; in. 1886, Sept. , ; rel. 
in Z W, Geo. W., br. ; Ernest Zantzinger, Thomas McKean, uncs. ; Geo. 
W. Pepper, Thomas McKean, Jr., S. E. Hutchinson, cous. ; m. 1894, May 
3, Mary Pearsall; children. Elizabeth Parrish and Edith Wharton; sec. 
Employers' Mutual Indemnity Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

GRISCOM, LLOYD CARPENTER, 6 Bowling Green, Philadel- 
phia (res., Haverford), Pa., s. Clement A. and Frances C. (Biddle) Gris- 
com; b. 1872, Nov. 4, Riverton, N. J. ; prep. Geneva, Switzerland; Paris, 
France, and DeLancey's School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1888-91, 
Ph.B.; Law Dept., 1892-4; N. Y. Law School, 1895-7; class honors; class 
treas.; in. 1887, $; rel. in Z W, Rodman E., br. ; mem. Philadelphia 
and Rittenhouse Clubs; Merion Cricket and Radnor Hunt Clubs, Phila- 
delphia; Union Club, N. Y. ; Bachelors' Club, London; Loch Erne 
Yacht Club, Ireland; Soc. Colonial Wars; organizer and ensign, Phila- 
delphia Naval Battalion; capt. and A. Q. M., U. S. Vol., Spanish War; 
A. D. C., Maj.-Gen. Wade, 3d Army Corps four months in Cuba on 

220 SIGMA CHAPTER 1891-2 

staff of commission of evacuation; attache U. S. Embassy, London, 1894-5; 
N. Y. Bar, 1896; deputy ass't dist. atty., N. Y., 1897; correspondent 
Philadelphia Press, Central and South Am. ; v.-pres. and director Castle 
Creek Hot Springs, Arizona; decorated by Venezuela Govt. with order of 
"Bolivar"; sec., U. S. Legation, Constantinople, Turkey, 1899 . 

IWASAKI, HISAYA, Mitsu Bistu Sho, Kauda Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 
s. and ; b. 1869, Japan; Univ. Pa., 1887-91, Ph.B. ; Philo. 

Lit. Soc.; in. 1891, Mar. 25. 

LANDRETH, BURNET, JR., Bristol, Pa., s. Burnet and Meta 
Evans (Phillips) Landreth; b. 1869, Jan. 30, Bloomsdale, Bristol, Pa.; 
prep. Rittenhouse Acad., Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1887-9; won 
numerous track athletic prizes in coll. sports, 1888, and intercollegiate 
sports, 1888-9; in. 1887, Oct. 20; rel. in Z W, William Ludlow Lan- 
dreth, cou. ; mem. Univ. Club, Philadelphia; Pa. Soc. Colonial "Wars; 
Sons of Rev.; Sons of Vet.; Pa. Horticultural Soc.; Am. Forestry Ass 'n; 
lieut., Junior Grays, Naval Reserves, Pa., 1893-5; m. 1898, Nov. 2, Mar- 
garet Morris Hulse; seedsman. 

MACLEOD, GEORGE INGELS, JR., M.D., Ardmore, Montgomery 
Co., Pa., s. Dr. George Ingels and Elizabeth Keen (Burtis) MacLeod ; b. 
1871, Oct. 15, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Martin's Private School; Univ. 
Pa., 1887-91, B. S.; Med. Dept., M. D., 1894; class historian; editor 
Pennsylvanian and Class Record; in. 1887, Sept. 29, 3>; rel. in Z W, Nor- 
man and Malcolm, brs. ; mem. Philadelphia Pathological Soc. ; Phila- 
delphia Pasdiatric Soc.; Am. Med. Ass'n; Public Health Ass'n; Mark- 
ham, Merion Cricket, St. David's Golf, Philadelphia Barge and Cen- 
taur Bicycle Clubs; Sons of Rev.; priv., Battery A, N. G., Pa., 1898; 
1st. lieut. and ass't surgeon, Batteries A and C, Pa. Vol., Art., 1898; 
res. physician, Children's Epis. and Orthopedic Hosps., 1894-7; ass't 
physician, St. Christopher's Hosp. for Children, and St. Vincent's Ma- 
ternity Home; clinical registrar, Children's Hosp.; Orthopedic Hosp. 
and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases. 

McKEAN, THOMAS, JR., Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Wharton) McKean; b. 1869, April 29, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. ; prep. ; Univ. Pa., 1887-9; founder Mask and Wig Club; 
in. 1887, Sept. 29; m. Katharine J. Bispham. 

*NORRIS, ALEXANDER WILSON, s. JohnC., M.D.,and Susan 
Matilda (Stein) Norris; b. 1872, June 6, Salona, Clinton Co., Pa.; prep. 
Dr. Faire's Practical Inst., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1887-9 (arts); class 
treas.; in. 1887, A #; mem. Pa. Hist. Soc.; Dauphin Co. Hist. Soc.; 
Sons of Rev.; General Soc. of War of 1812; Loyal Legion; Scotch-Irish 
Soc. of Pa.; Shakspere and Harrisburg Clubs; pres. Union Rep. Club; 
Rep. League of Pa.; sergt.-maj., 8th Regt., Pa. Militia; real estate and 
insurance; lawyer, 1893 death; sec. and treas. Central Lime Co.; d. 
1899, Jan., Harrisburg, Pa. 

SMITH, SYDNEY WHEATON, 4113 Walnut St. (bus. add., 137 S. 
12th St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. James Wheaton and Sarah (Wilbur) 
Smith; b. 1867, June 19, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Rugby Acad. and 
Freehold (N. J.) Inst.; Univ. Pa., 1887-90 (arts and political economy); 
track team and athletic ass'n; in. 1888, Jan. 10, A $; mem. Markham 
Club; m. 1896, Oct. 12, Bertha Paul Hunter; m'f'r of gas fixtures, 1890- 
8; ass't supt. International Correspondence School, 1898 . 


BORIE, CHARLES LOUIS, JR., 3d and Chestnut Sts., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. (res., Rydal, Pa.), s. Beauveau and Patty Duffield (Neill) 
Borie; b. 1870, June 9, Philadelphia; prep. St. Paul's School, Concord, 
N. H.; Univ. Pa., 1888-9 (Civil Engineering); in. 1888; rel. in Z W, 

1892-3 SIGMA CHAPTER 221 

Beauveau, fa., Adolph E., br., Thomas and Thomas (Jr.) MacKean, 
cous. ; mem. Pa. Horticultural Soc.; Franklin Inst. ; Am. Forestry Ass 'n; 
Zoological Soc. of Philadelphia; sergt., 1st Troop, Philadelphia Cav. ; 
Markham and Univ. Barge Clubs; m. 1892, Nov. 22, Helen Sewell; chil- 
dren, Charles Louis, 3d, and Sewell; banker and broker. 

BROCKIE, JOHN HAROLD, 113 "West Walnut Lane, Germantown 
(bus. add., Girard Trust Co.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. William and Anna 
E. (Howell) Brockie; b. 1872, July 18, Germantown; prep. Germantown 
Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1888-90; Mask and Wig Club; in. 1888, Oct. 17; rel. 
in Z W, William and Arthur, brs. ; mem. Germantown Cricket Club; 
paying teller Girard Trust Co. 

KELLEY, ALBERT BARTRAM, Markham Club (res., 2125 De 
Lancey PL), Philadelphia, Pa., s. William D. and Caroline B. (Bousall) 
Kelley; -b. 1870, Aug. 17, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Martin's School, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1888-90 (arts); Mask and Wig Club; in. 
1888, Sept. 20; priv., Light Battery A, Pa, Vol., Artillery, Spanish- 
American War; Ass't City Solicitor, 1895 . 

PATTERSON, FRANKLIN PEALE, c/o W. H. Patterson, 329 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. (res., Europe), s. Robert and Maria (Ha wn) 
Patterson; b. 1871, Jan. 5, Philadelphia; prep. Germantown Acad., 
St. Paul's School, Concord, and Epis. Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1888-90 (Science) ; 
Musical Dept., 1892-3; in. 1888; published the " Leit-Motif s " of Wag- 
nerian Opera, a manual for students; musical student at Munich, Ger- 
many, and composer. 

VALENTINE, ABRAM SHARPLESS, Tradesman's Bldg., East 
End. Pittsburg, Pa., s. Evan Miles and Mary EL (Taylor) Valentine; 
b. 1871, July 11, Bellefonte, Pa.; prep. Germantown Acad.; Univ. Pa., 
1888-90 (Science); class pres. ; in. 1890, Jan. 16; rel. in Z W, A. Wilson 
Norris, cou. ; mem. Markham Club, Philadelphia and Germantown 
Cricket Clubs; Du Quesne Country and Ath. Club, Pittsburg; business, 

WHEELER, SAMUEL BOWMAN, Chestnut Hill (bus. add., Gi- 
rard Trust Bldg.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Andrew and Sarah C. (Carpen- 
ter) Wheeler; b. 1870, Dec. 24, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. St. Paul's 
School, Concord, N. H.; Univ. Pa., 1888-90 (Science); coll. football team; 
class sec.; founding mem. Mask and Wig Club; in. 1888, Oct. 5, S; rel. 
in Z W, Andrew, Jr., br. ; mem. Am. Inst. of Mining Engineers; Univ. 
Club; pres. Fellowship Club; m. 1892, April 28, Letitia Collins Hulse; 
children, Samuel Bowman, Jr., Frederick Collins, Elizabeth; steam, 
electrical and mechanical engineer, with Morris, Tasker & Co., Phila- 


DAVIS, JOSEPH CORBIT, 995 N. 2d St., Philadelphia (res., 
Wyncote), Pa., s. Edward M. and Sarah Louisa (Gibbons) Davis; b. 
1871, Dec. 2, Chelten Hills, Pa. ; prep. St. Luke's School, Bristleton, 
Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1893; in. 1889, Oct. 3, A 2; rel. in Z W, Isaac R., br.; 
mem. Union League, Downtown and Germantown C. C. Clubs. 

HAINES, JANSEN, Cheltenham, Montgomery Co. (bus. add., The 
United Gas Improvement Co., Broad and ArchSts.), Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. Robert Brune and Margaret Vaux (Wistar) Haines; b. 1871, April 4, 
"Heidelberg," Cheltenham, Pa.; prep. William Penn Charter School, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., and by private 
tutor; Univ. Pa., 1890-3, B. S. ; in. 1891, ; engineering and contracting, 
1893-4; insurance, 1895; engineer, United Gas Improvement Co., 1896 . 

222 SIGMA CHAPTER 1893-4 

LOVERING, JOSEPH SAMUEL, 328 Chestnut St. (res., 308 S. 
19th St.), Philadelphia, s. Joseph Shallcross and Mary B. (Cowgill) 
Levering; b. 1871, Mar. 17, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. William Penn 
Charter School; Univ. Pa., 1890; Law Dept., LL.B., 1897; in. 1890, $; 
rel. in Z W, Corbit, br. ; mem. Rittenhouse and Germantown Cricket 
Clubs; m. 1894, Oct. 2, Mary Hutchinson Jenks; child, Mary Hutchin- 
son; lawyer. 

MACLEOD, NORMAN, 137 S. Sth St. (res., 390S Locust St.), Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. George Ingels and Elizabeth (Burtis) MacLeod; b. 1862, 
Dec. 13, Phila. ; prep. Hamilton School, W. Phila. ;Univ. Pa., 1889-91; class 
pres. ; in. 1889, Sept. 17, A 3>; Markham, Phila. Barge and Huntingdon 
Valley Country Clubs; second lieut., Light Battery A, Penna. Vol. 
Artillery, 1898, May-Nov. ; with Drexel & Co., 1891-9; mem. firm Pan- 
coast & MacLeod, 1899. 

NEWBOLD, GEORGE REESE, 331 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
(res., 24 N. New Hampshire Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.), s. Amos T. and 
Catherine Sheaf (Reese) Newbold; b. 1873, Feb. 24; prep. St. Luke's 
School, Bustleton, Phila.; Univ. Pa., 1889-90 (Arts) ; in. 1890, Sept. 26; 
rel. in Z W, Amos T., fa.; David Pepper, unc. ; Arthur E. and John S. 
Newbold, cous. ; m. 1894, Mar. 26, Ethel Meryweather; children, Cath- 
erine Reese, Ethel M. ; clerk; insurance broker; pres. Mason M'f'g Co. 

NEWLIN, JAMES CAVERLEY, 4238 Pine St. (bus. add., c/oW. W. 
Lindsay & Co., Harrison Bldg.), Philadelphia, s. J. Shipley and Louisa 
(Ver Planck) Newlin; b. 1872, Dec. 23, Phila., Pa.; prep. Rittenhouse 
Acad. ; Phila. Manual Training School; Univ. Pa., 1889-93, B. S. ; class 
treas. ; class honors; in. 1892, Feb., $; rel. in Z W, Arthur, br. ; mem. 
Engineers' Club of Phila.; Merion Cricket Club; m. 1895, June 21, Ade- 
laide Clark Sims; children, James C. , Jr., William Sims; civil engineer; 
U. S. Engineering Corps, 1893; S. J. R. R. Engineering Corps, 1894; 
engineer with North Penn. Iron Co., 1898; with W. W. Lindsay & Co., 
engineers and contractors, 1898 . 


CRUICE, JOHN MULCHINOCK, M. D., 225 S. 20th St., Phila- 
delphia, s. Robert B. and Alice T. (Mulchinock) Cruice; b. 1873, Dec. 
12, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Geo. F. Martin's School for Boys, Phila., 
Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1890-4, A. B.; Med. Dept., M. D., 1898; in. 1891, Dec. 3, 
^; mem. Phila. Pathological Soc. ; Loyal Legion; resident physician 
Phila. Hosp., 1898-9; physician Med. Dispensary, St. Christopher's 

NEWBOLD, JOHN SARGENT, 113 S. Sth St. (res., 201 S. 20th 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. John Smith and Anna Penrose (Buckley) 
Newbold; b. 1874, Oct. 2, "Vernon," Jenkintown, Pa.; prep. Blight's 
School, Phila.; Univ. Pa., 1890-1; Princeton, 1891-5, A. B. ; class hon- 
ors; in. 1890, Dec. 1; rel. in Z W, Arthur Emlen, br. ; Daniel P. Buck- 
ley, unc., and George Reese Newbold, cou. ; mem. Rittenhouse, Phila- 
delphia Country, Univ., Princeton, Philadelphia Gun and Huntingdon 
Valley Country Clubs; banker and broker; mem. firm W. H. Newbold 
Sons & Co., 1898. 

PEPPER, WILLIAM, M. D., 1811 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. William and Frances Sergeant (Perry) Pepper; b. 1874, May 14, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. George F. Martin's Boys' School, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1890-4, A. B.; M. D., 1897; in. 1890, Oct. 2, <?; 
rel. in Z W, William, M. D., fa.; Benjamin Franklin, br. ; James B. 
Leonard and George Pepper, M. D., uncs. ; Henry Miller Watts, Albert P. 
Gerhard and George Wharton Pepper, cous. ; mem. Pathological Soc. of 

1894-5 SIGMA CHAPTER 223 

Philadelphia; Med. Inst. of Philadelphia; Univ. Germantown Cricket 
and Philadelphia Barge Clubs; Sons of Am. Rev.; res. physician 
Philadelphia Hosp. , 1897-8; physician Dispensary of St. Christopher's 
Hosp. for Children; ass't William Pepper Clinical Laboratory, Univ. 

315 S. 17th St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. William A. and Katharine L. 
(Blanchard) Wiedersheim; b. 1873, Dec. 25, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. 
Rittenhouse Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1890-2; in. 1890, Oct. 9, T; 
rel. in Z W, William C. , br. ; mem. Mask and Wig, Univ., Aronimink 
Golf Clubs; Colonial Soc. of Pa.; priv. Co. D, IstReg't, N. G. Pa., two 
years; lithographing. 


BAINS, GEORGE BISHOP, 402 Market St. (res., Overbrook), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Joseph P. and Josephine (Harrison) Bains; b. 
1873, July 9, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. William Penn Charter School; 
Univ. Pa., 1891-2; in. 1892, May 19; mem. Univ. Club., Philadelphia, 

BROCKIE, ARTHUR HOWELL, 113 W. Walnut Lane, German- 
town (bus. add., c/o Cope & Stewardson, 320 Walnut St.), Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. William and Anna P. (Howell) Brockie; b. 1875, Jan. 17, Phila- 
delphia; prep. Germantown Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1891-5, B. S.; capt. 'var- 
sity cricket team; winner prize membership T-Square Club; class sec.; 
in. 1891, Oct., #; rel. in Z W, William and John H., brs. ; corp. Light 
Battery A, Pa. Vols. ; Porto Rico campaign, Spanish- Am. war; archi- 

DALLAS, GEORGE WHARTON, 1514 Pine St. (bus. add., Rooms 
1116-20, Stephen Gerard Bldg., cor. 12th and Gerard Sts.), Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. George Mifflin and Ellen Markoe (Wharton) Dallas; b. 1874, 
May 16, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Epis. Acad., Phila. ; Univ. Pa., 1891-2; 
Law Dept., 2d honor 1st year, 1st last three years; LL. B., 1895; Shars- 
wood and Democratic Clubs; Ath. Ass'n; Phila. Law Ass'n; in. 1891; 
rel. in Z W, Trevanion B., br. ; Ernest Zantzinger and Thomas McKean, 
Sr., uncs. ; George Wharton Pepper, Thomas McKean, Jr., and Sydney 
E. Hutchinson, cous. ; mem. Epis. Acad.; Alumni Ass'n; Installment 
Plan Law Ass'n, Philadelphia; Franklin Chess Club; lawyer; mem. firm 
Crawford, Loughlin & Dallas. 

FRAZER, PERSIFOR, JR., c/o Wm. Cramp & Sons S. and E. 
Bldg. Co., Beach and Ball Sts. (res., 1415 Spruce St.), Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Persifor and Isabella Nevins (Whelen) Frazer; b. 1874, July 3, 
Phila., Pa.; prep. St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. ; Princeton Univ. , 
1892-4; m'g'r Freshman baseball nine; class celebration com.; Ivy Club; 
in. 1894, Oct. 18, A; m. 1898, Apr. 12, Mary N. Welsh; child, Maria 
N.; mem. Princeton Club; L. A. W.; 1st Troop Phila. City Cav., 
Spanish- Am. war, 1898, Apr. 28- July 5; on duty at riot at Hazleton, 
Pa., 1897; orderly at brig, headquarters; mechanical engineering; ass't 
to gen'l supt. Cramps' shipyard. 

GODFREY, HENRY SIMPSON, 130 Chestnut St. (res., 2009 
Spruce St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Lincoln and Mary (Simpson) God- 
frey; b. 1874, Feb. 2, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Haverford Coll. Gram. 
School; Univ. Pa., 1891-4; in. 1894, Dec. 13; mem. Radnor Hunt, Merion 
Cricket, St. David's Golf, Cape May Golf, Union League, Markham, 
Univ., Princeton Clubs; mem. 1st Troop, Philadelphia City Cav., 1895 ; 
priv. with same in Spanish- Am. war of 1898; dry goods com. merchant; 
salesman, 18%; mem. firm Wm. Simpson, Sons & Co. 

224 SIGMA CHAPTER 1895-6 

NEWLIN, ARTHUR, M.D., Lucane, Pa., s. J. S. and Louisa (Ver 
Planck) Newlin; b. 1895, Sept. 24; prep. Rittenhouse Acad., Philadel- 
phia; Univ. Pa., 1891-5, B. S. ; in. 1893, Oct. 13, A $; v.-pres. William 
Pepper Med. Soc. ; mem. Markham Club; physician. 

WATTS, HENRY MILLER, 400 Chestnut St. (res., 18 Spruce 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Ethelbert and Emily (Pepper) Watts; b. 
1875, Jan. 24, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; 
Univ. Pa., 1891-3; class treas. ; in. 1891, Oct., A 2; rel. in Z W, Dr. 
William Pepper, Ernest Zantzinger, James B. Leonard, uncs. ; William 
Platt, David, George Wharton, William, Jr., and Benjamin Franklin 
Pepper and Albert Pepper Gerhard, cous. ; commercial bus. 

WISTER, JAMES WILSON, M. D., 5337 Green St., Germantown, 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Alexander W. and Susan A. (Wilson) Wister; b. 
1874, May 30, Germantown; prep. Germantown Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1891-3; 
Med. Dept., 1893-7, M. D. ; in. 1891, Oct. 9, A $; rel. in Z W, Lewis W., 
br. , and Francis Wister, cou. ; mem. Mask and Wig and Germantown 
Cricket Clubs; resident physician Germantown Hosp., 1897-8; Pa. Hosp., 

YOUNG, W. SYDNEY, 426 Drexel Bldg. (res., Upsal, German- 
town), Philadelphia, s. James Black and Elizabeth T wells (Welsh) 
Young; b. 1874, May 5, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep, private school, Ger- 
mantown; Univ. Pa., 1891-5, B. S. ; Law Dept.; class cricket and base- 
ball teams; class sec.; in. 1891, Oct. 29, $; rel. in Z W, Samuel Welsh 
and James Somers Smith, Jr. , cous. ; mem. Markham, Philadelphia 
Cricket and Philadelphia Barge Clubs. 


CRAMP, FRANCIS LEBARON, William Cramp & Sons Ship and 
Engine Building Co. (res., 507 S. Broad St.), Philadelphia, s. CharlesH. 
and Amy J. (Cox) Cramp; b. 1874, Sept. 8, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. 
William Penn Charter School; Univ. Pa., 1892-5; class v.-pres.; mem. 
Mask and Wig and Houston Clubs; in. 1893, May 4; mem. Markham, 
Univ., Phila. Barge, Phila. Country Clubs ; mem. 1st Troop Phila. City 
Cav. ; draughtsman. 

DALE, EDWARD CRATHORNE, 104 S. 5th St. (res., 1215 Spruce 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Richard and Anna Stites (Williamson) Dale; 
b. 1874, Mar. 11, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad.; Univ. Pa., 
1892-5; mem. Univ. Gun Club; in. 1892, Nov. 3, A $; mem. Corinthian 
Yacht, Germantown Cricket, Phila. Barge and Houston Clubs; banker 
and broker. 

ELCOCK, THOMAS ROBERT, JR., Glenside, Montgomery Co., 
Pa., s. Hon. Thomas R. and Isabelle A. (Seyfert) Elcock; b. 1875, Mar. 
13, Germantown, Pa.; prep. Germantown Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1892-6; 
Mask and Wig Club; in. 1893, Dec. 7, 2 p; mem. Germantown Cricket 
Club; draughtsman in architecture. 

FRALEY, FREDERICK JR., 1833 Pine St., Philadelphia, s. Jos. 
Cresson and Marie E. (Bradford) Fraley; b. 1876, Apr. 12, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, and St. Mark's School, South- 
brook, Mass.; Univ. Pa., 1892-6, A. B.; Univ. Pa., Med. Dept., 1896; 
cricket team; Gun Club; treas. Univ. Chess Club; director Univ. Pa. 
Athletic Ass'n; class pres. ; mem. Biological and Houston Clubs; in. 1892, 
Oct. 13, #; rel. in Z W, Joseph C., fa.; mem. Philadelphia Cricket and 
Philadelphia Fencing and Sparring Clubs. 

MARTIN, CARL NEIDHARD, Fox Chase (bus. add., 231 Drexel 
Bldg.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Robert T. and Bertha (Neidhard) Martin; 
b. 1874, Dec. 4, Philadelphia; prep. Central High School, Philadelphia; 

1896-8 SIGMA CHAPTER 225 

Univ. Pa., 1894-6, Ph. B. ; Mask and Wig- and Houston Clubs; in. 1895, 
Apr. 4, 2; mem. Huntingdon Valley Country Club; Jung-er Maenerchor 
Soc. ; Bat. A, N. G. Pa.; expedition to Porto Rico, 1898; Pa. R. R., 
1896-8; stockbroker, 1899. 

MORGAN, FISHER CORLIES, Germantown (bus. add., 501 
Drexel Bldg-.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. John B. and Sarah F. (Corlies) 
Morgan; b. 1875, May 16, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Friends' Select 
School, Germantown; Univ. Pa., 1892-6, A. B.; Law Dept., LL. B.; 
editor-in-chief Pennsylvanian; m'g'r Univ. crew; in. 1892, Oct. 10, #; rel. 
in Z W, Samuel Rowland, br. ; mem. Law Acad., Philadelphia; Pa. 
Hist. Soc. ; Markham, Philadelphia Barge, Germantown Cricket and 
Philadelphia Cricket Clubs; with United Gas Improvement Co. ; lawyer, 

MORRIS, ISRAEL WISTAR, United Gas Improvement Bldg., 
Broad and Arch Sts. (res., 1514 Spruce St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. J. 
Cheston and Mary Ella (Johnson) Morris; b. 1875, Oct. 3, Philadelphia, 
Pa,; prep. "William Penn Charter School; Univ. Pa., 1892-4 (Mechanical 
Eng\); class v.-pres. ; in. 1893, May 18, 2; rel. in Z W, Lawrence and 
Russell H. Johnson, uncs. ; Lawrence Johnson, Jr. , and Rowland S. 
Morris, cous. ; mem. Markham Club; clerk United Gas Improvement Co. 

ROBERTS, THOMAS, JR., 116 S. Front St., Philadelphia (res., 
Riverton, N. J.), s. Thomas and Elizabeth Hill (Bissell) Roberts; b. 1875, 
June 14, Riverton, N. J. ; prep. Epis. Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1892-6; Mask and 
Wig-, Gun and Houston Clubs; in. 1892, Oct. 27, 3>; rel. in Z W, Georg-e 
W. B. and Waters Dewees, brs. ; mem. Germantown Cricket, Riverton 
Yacht, Riverton Athletic and Markham Clubs; merchant. 


CHURCHMAN, CHARLES WEST, Girard Trust Co. (res., 1027 
Spruce St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Charles J. and Annie R. (Wharton) 
Churchman; b. 1875, Nov. 14, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Lawrenceville 
School, N. J. ; Univ. Pa., 1893-4; in. 1894, Oct. 5, A ; rel. in Z W, 
Clarke W., br. ; mem. Univ. Barge Club; clerk (shipbuilding and 

Walnut St., Philadelphia, s. Adolf and Mary Susan (Brown) Van Der 
Wielen; b. 1875, Jan. 8, Baden, Germany; prep. William Penn Charter 
School, Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 1893; B. S., 1899; associate editor 
Pennsylvanian; in. 1893, Dec. 21, A 3>; mem. Philadelphia Acad. Natural 
Science; Germantown Cricket Club; Philadelphia Ass'n Zeta Psi. 


BENSON, ALEXANDER, 2107 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Edwin North and Ida Virginia (Wray) Benson; b. 1873, June 23, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, Pa,; Princeton, 1890-4, 
A. B.; Univ. Pa., Law School, 1895-8; in. 18%, Apr. 2; rel. in Z W, 
Edwin N., fa. 

BUTCHER, HOWARD, JR., 9N. Front St. (res., 3905 Walnut St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Howard and Mary L. (Richards) Butcher; b. 1876, 
Dec. 28, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. William Penn Charter School; Univ. 
Pa., 1894-6; mem. Houston Club; in. 1895, Apr. 4, 2; rel. in Z IP", Lewis 
and Edward Starr, uncs. ; broker. 

LEA, FRANCIS CABEEN, 125 S. 4th St. (res., 332 E. Walnut 
Lane), Philadelphia, Pa., s. J. Tatnell and Annie (Cabeen) Lea; b. 
1876, Feb. 14, Germantown; prep. Epis. Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1894-6; Prince- 
ton, 1896-8, A.B. ; class v.-pres.; Ivy Club; in. 18%, Mch. 5; business. 

226 SIGMA CHAPTER 1898-9 

WILSON, ARTHUR MORTON, 999 Clinton St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Henry W. and Harriet (Morton) Wilson; b. 1877, July 1, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; prep. William Penn Charter School; Univ. Pa., 1894-6 
(Arts); 1896 (Mechanical Eng.); in. 1894, Oct. 4, A 2; mem. Houston Club. 

I8 99 

BORIE, ADOLPHE EDWARD, 3D, 1035 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 
s. Beauveau and Pattie D. (Neill) Borie; b. 1877, Jan. 5, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; prep. Lawrenceville (N. J.) School; Univ. Pa., 1895 ; pres. Friday 
Morning* Club; in. 1895, Oct. 3; rel. in Z If, Beauveau, fa.; Charles L., 
Jr., br. ; Houston and Manheim Cricket Clubs; mem. Zoological Soc., 
Philadelphia; Cheltenham Country Club. 

GERHARD, ALBERT PEPPER, Overbrook (bus. add., 108 S. 
4th St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. John S. and Maria (Pepper) Gerhard; b. 
1877, Aug. 22, Overbrook, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad. ; Univ. Pa., 1895-7; 
Law Dept., 1897; in. 1895, Oct. 3, 2', rel. in Z W, Dr. William Pepper 
and James B. Leonard, uncs. ; William Platt, George W. and William 
(Jr. ) Pepper, Henry W. Watts, cous. ; mem. Philadelphia Barge and 
Merion Cricket Clubs. 

GILPIN, CHARLES, 3D, 2004 De Lancey PI., Philadelphia, Pa., 
s. Washington Hood and Louisa Baldwin (Clayton) Gilpin; b. 1878, Oct. 
7, Philadelphia; prep. William Penn Charter School; Univ. Pa., 1895-9, 
A. B. ; mem. Banjo Club; in. 1895, Oct. 3, 2; rel. in Z W, Washington 
H.,fa. ; John C., br. ; George and Henry D. Gilpin, uncs.; Master and 
Wig Club; Architectural Soc.; Univ. Club. 

MACLEOD, MALCOLM, 3905 Locust St. (bus. add., 137 S.5th St.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. George Ingels and Elizabeth (Burtis) MacLeod; 
b. 1877, Dec. 22, Philadelphia; prep. Epis. Acad.; Univ. Pa., 1895; 
Med. Dept., ; in. 1895, Oct. 3,2 p; rel. in Z If, Norman and George 
I., brs. ; mem. Merion Cricket Club; cashier in Pancoast & MacLeod's 

MORGAN, SAMUEL ROWLAND, 157 W. Chelten Ave., German- 
town (bus. add. ,235 Chestnut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. John Buck and 
Sarah Fisher (Corlies) Morgan; b. 1877, Oct. 24, Germantown; prep. 
Friends' Select School, Germantown; Haverford, 1894-5; Univ. Pa., 
1895-9, B. S. (Architecture); managing editor Pennsy Ivanian', sec. Mask 
and Wig Club; m'g'r 'varsity football team; 'varsity cricket team; direc- 
tor Athletic Ass'n; Houston Club; in. 1896, Jan. 6, A $; rel. in Z W, F. 
Corlies, br. ; mem. Germantown Cricket Club. 

MORRIS, ROLAND SLETOR, 241 S. 21st St. (bus. add., 532 
Walnut St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Thomas B. and Sarah A. (Sletor) 
Morris; b. 1874, Mar. 11, Olympia, Wash.; prep. Lawrenceville School; 
Princeton, 1892-6, A. B. ; Univ. Pa., Law School, 1896-9; in. 1896, Nov. 
5; rel. in Z If, Thomas B., fa. 

STEEL, JAMES WALTER, 229 E. Logan Sq. (bus. add., The 
North American}, Philadelphia, Pa., s. Francis P. and Elizabeth (Er- 
rickson) Steel; b. 1879, Dec. 6; prep. William Penn Charter School and 
Delancey School; Univ. Pa., 1895-6; mem. Friday Morning Club; in. 
1895, Nov. 7, 3>; mem. Houston Hall; Philadelphia Fencing and Spar- 
ring, Merion Cricket, Bay head Yacht, Canonicut Yacht Clubs; priv. 
Bat. A, U. S. V.; apprentice ship carpenter. 

THOMAS, WALTER HORSTMANN, 1715 Spruce St. (bus. add., 
1510 Real Estate Trust Bldg.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Richard N. and 
Clara (Horstmann) Thomas; b. 1876, Dec. 29, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. 
Hamilton and De Lancey School; Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, Pa.; Univ. 

1899-1901 SIGMA CHAPTER 227 

Pa., 1895-6; B. S., 1899 (Architecture); mem. Glee, Mask and Wig, 
Houston Clubs, and Athletic Ass'n; in. 18%, $; mem. Merion Cricket 

WHELEN, WILLIAM BAKER, c/o Townsend, Whelen & Co., 
309 Walnut St., Philadelphia (res., Devon, Chester Co.), Pa., s. Henry, 
Jr., and Laura (Baker) Whelen; b. 1877, July 6, Philadelphia; prep. St. 
Paul's School, Concord, N. H. ; Univ. Pa., 1895-8; mem. Houston Club; 
Athletic Ass'n; scrub and class football teams; in. 1895, Oct. 3, #; rel. 
in Z W, Thomas Duncan Whelen, cou. ; Kingston G. and Dr. Alfred 
Whelen, uncs. ; mem. Mask and Wig, Merion Cricket and Rittenhouse 


BEDFORD, PAUL, Wilkesbarre, Pa., s. George R. and Emilie 
(Fuller) Bedford; b. 1875, June , Wilkesbarre, Pa.; prep. Wilkes- 
barre Acad. ; Princeton, 1893-7; Univ. Pa. Law School; in. 1897, Dec. 
; rel. in Z W, West and Charles Whorton Churchman, brs. 

BROWN, THEODORE EDMONSON, 5521 Wayne St., German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa., s. Henry W. and Alice P. (Driver) Brown; b. 
1878, Dec. 4, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Penn Charter 
School; Univ. Pa., 1896 ; class pres. ; baseball team; in. 1896, Oct. 15, 
$; rel. in Z W, Henry I., br. ; mem. Houston and Germantown Cricket 

GILBERT, JOHN, Rydal, Montgomery Co. (bus. add., 609 N. 24th 
St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Samuel H. and Georgine (Stoddart) Gilbert; 
b. 1880, Oct. 6, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Cheltenham Military Acad.; 
Univ. Pa., 18%, Sept. to Nov.; in. 18%, Oct. 15; mem. Houston and 
Huntingdon Valley Country Clubs. 

LOVERING, CORBIT, School Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Joseph S. and Mary Barrett (Cowgill) Levering; b. 1876, Aug. 
6, Germantown, Pa.; prep. Pa. Charter and Da Lancey Schools; Univ. 
Pa., 18% (Law); in. 1896, May 21, A; rel. in Z W, Isaac R. and Corbit 
Davis and Joseph S. Levering, cous. ; mem. Markham, Germantown 
Cricket, Borley's Quarter Ducking and Univ. Pa. Barge Clubs. 

RHODES, FRANK MAURAN, Ardmore, Pa., s. James Mauran 
and Emily (Borie) Rhodes; b. 1878, Nov. 20, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. 
St. Paul's School; Univ. Pa., 18%-7 (Science); in. 1897, March 25; rel. 
in Z W, Beauveau Borie, unc. ; Thomas McKean, cou. ; mem. Princeton 
Club; with L. V. R. R. Co. and Farmers' and Mechanics' Nat. Bank. 

STANTON, EDWIN McMASTERS, 600 Girard Bldg. (res. add., 
316 S. 15th St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. Edwin Samson and Matilda Wil- 
kins (Carr) Stanton; b. 1875, Sept. 22, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Phila. 
Schools; Harvard, 1893-4; Princeton, 1894-7, A. B. ; Univ. Pa. Law 
School, 1898; in. 1898, Mar. ; mem. Princeton Club, Phila., Pa. 

WHELEN, THOMAS DUNCAN, 1814 S. Rittenhouse Sq., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Dr. Alfred and Sarah Wurts (Smith) Whelen; b. 1879, 
Oct. 30, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Univ. Pa., 
1896- (Arts); class treas. ; Mask and Wig; mem. Chorus in "Little 
Red Riding Hood"; in. 1896, Oct. 1; rel. in Z W, Dr. Alfred, fa.; 
Kingston G. Whelen and William R. Smith, uncs. ; William B. Whelen 
and Persifor Frazer, cous. ; mem. Merion Cricket and Houston Clubs. 


CHURCHMAN, CLARKE WHARTON, 1027 Spruce St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Chas. J. and Annie R. (Wharton) Churchman; b. 
1877, June 2, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. Lawrenceville (N. J.) School; 
Princeton, 1893-7, B. S. ; Univ. Pa. Law School, 1897; in. 1897, Sept. 
; rel. in Z W, Charles W., br. ; mem. Sharswood Law Club. 

228 SIGMA CHAPTER 1901-3 

GILPIN, JOHN CLAYTON, 2004 De Lancey PI., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Washington Hood and Louisa Baldwin (Clayton) Gilpin; b. 1881, 
May 8, Phila., Pa.; prep. William Penn Charter School; Univ. Pa., 
1897 (arts and science course); in. 1899, Nov. 9; rel. in Z W, Charles 
Gilpin, 3d, br. ; Washington H., fa. ; George and Henry D. Gilpin, uncs.; 
mem. Houston Club. 

HO WELL, WILLIAM ROBERT, 3818 Locust St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. William, Jr., and Sarah Jane (McHenry) Howell; b. 1878, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.; prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, Pa. ; Univ. Pa., 1897 ; 
in. 1897, Sept. 23; mem. Bayhead Yacht Club. 

JOHNSON, LAWRENCE, JR., Chestnut Hill (bus. add., Pa. Co.), 
Philadelphia, Pa., s. Russell H. and Grace H. (Price) Johnson; b. 1880, 
Sept. 17, Philadelphia, Pa.; prep. De Lancey School, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Univ. Pa., 1897-8; in. 1897, Sept. 23, A\ rel. in Z W, Russell H., 
fa.; Samuel Welsh and Lawrence Johnson, uncs., andWistar Morris, 
cou. ; mem. Houston Club; in office of Pa. Co. 

PEPPER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, 1811 Spruce St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa., s. William and Frances S. (Perry) Pepper; b. 1871, Jan. 21; 
prep. St. Mark's School, Southborough, Mass.; Univ. Pa., 18 ; in. 
1898, Sept. 30; rel. in Z W, William, M.D., fa.; William, Jr., M.D., 
br. ; James Biddle Leonard and George Pepper, uncs.; George W., Wil- 
liam Platt and David Pepper, Henry Miller Watts and Albert Pepper 
Gerhard, cous. ; priv. Battery A, N. G. Pa. Vols. ; mem. Philadelphia 
Barge Club. 


BAUGH, ARTHUR PRIMROSE, Aldine Hotel, Philadelphia, s. 
William and Harriet J. (Thompson) Baugh; b. 1879, Philadelphia; prep. 
De Lancey School; Univ. Pa., 1898; in. 1898, Sept. 30. 

WEIL, CLARENCE HERBERT, 35 W. 74th St., N. Y. City, s. 
Abraham and Emma (Stern) Weil; b. 1889, Nov. 25, San Francisco, Cal.; 
prep. Wilson and Kellogg School, N. Y. City; Univ. Pa., 1898; in. 
1898, Dec. 15. 


STOVELL, MORRIS LEWIS, 1312 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 
Pa., s. Frederick and Louisa (Lewis) Stovell; b. 1879, July 30, Phila., 
Pa.; prep. De Lancey School, Phila.; Univ. Pa., 1899; in. 1899, Oct. 
5; mem. Merion Cricket and Houston Clubs. 











[ >(! ft 

ttnft ,t 

Chi Chapter Club 

Chi Chapter Lodge Booms 
Corner Main and Temple Sts. 


Thomas H. Garnsey 
The promoter, founder, first initiate 

and first Phi of Chi Chapter 
(from photograph taken about 1854) 

Zeta Psl Boathouse 

South College 

i . 


Alfred Owen Wakefleld Gale Frye 

Stephen Hollo Thurston Nathan Butler Robert Fulger Stratton 

Henry Plummer Kiniball Benjamin Franklin Kelley 

Charles Henry Davis Henry Miller Pierce Jothan Francis Baldwin 


Colby College was established by the Baptist denomination in 1820 
in the town of Waterville, Maine, on the banks of the Kennebec River. 
Its early name was the Maine Literary and Theological Institution. 
The distinctly theological element in the instruction, however, was 
not long continued, and the institution soon became general in its 
character. The name became Waterville College. The number of 
students in 1850, when the Chi was founded, was seventy-four, practi- 
cally the same as the average number in yearly attendance for the 
previous thirty years. 

The students in these early days, after the fashion of the 
time, maintained two local, non-secret, literary societies, the Ero- 
sophian Adelphi and the Literary Fraternity. These societies lived 
on for many years after the secret fraternities became popular, 
but were gradually supplanted and given up entirely in the middle 

In the fall of 1849, under the leadership of Thomas H. Garnsey, of 
'53, a local society was organized and named the Alpha Omega. This 
society met in members' rooms and occasionally during the summer of 
1850 in appointed places out in the fields. 

Zeta Psi soon came to the attention of the men, and the good 
position already attained by this young fraternity, then but three 
years old, having been founded in the New York University in 1847, 
as well as bright prospects for future growth, led them to apply for 
a charter. 

This was granted, and on November 19, 1850, J. S. Barry and E. 
J. Peck, of the Zeta Chapter, at Williams College, being duly author- 
ized, initiated the following men : Thomas H. Garnsey, A. B. Clark, 
W. H. Tucker, H. P. Kimball, W. G. Frye, B. F. Kelly, C. H. Davis, 
H. M. Pierce, Alfred Owen, S. R. Thurston, R. F. Stratton, J. F. 
Baldwin, Nathan Butler and C. W. Lander. The ceremonies occur- 
red at No. 13 Elmwood Hotel. In the same place on the following 
day two more were added to the mystic circle R. J. Knight and Rod- 
ney Welch. Officers were immediately elected and installed. The 
Alpha of Maine was then pronounced "duly and legally chartered, 
initiated and officered." This designation was used for about a year. 
On October 25, 1851, the letter Chi was chosen by the brothers under 
the authority of the Grand Chapter, and by this name has the Chap- 
ter since been known. 

Thus Zeta Psi was launched at Colby with sixteen strong men as 
charter members. Eight of these are still living. Three of them, A. 
Owen, J. F. Baldwin and S. R. Thurston, were present at the reunion 
in 1898, and delightfully entertained the younger brothers with reminis- 
cences of the old days. 

This favorable beginning was prophetic of a decade of steady growth 
and prosperity. A lodge-room was fitted up in Marston Block, now 
known as Flood's Block, a brick building on the west side of Main 
Street, near the Unitarian Church. This was occupied till about the 
close of the Civil War. 

During the course of the Chapter's second year, beginning with 
the opening of the college in September, 1851, fifteen men were ad- 
mitted, constituting the largest number of initiates that any single 
year of the Chapter's history has known. Among these fifteen was 
Nelson Dingley, whose death on January 13, 1899, the entire country 
was called to mourn. The active membership has never been so large 
as during this year of 1851-'52, when there were twenty-seven names 
on the roll. The next largest roll was that of 1859-'60, when there 


were twenty-six names, and the third largest in 1897-'98, when there 
were twenty-three. The Chi has generally been conservative in the 
matter of numbers. As the number of students in Colby has always 
been small, this spirit greatly aided the Chi in securing excellent men. 
She has, however, always had a goodly number of old members back at 
the beginning of each college year. This number has averaged about 
twelve, and has rfever fallen below seven, save in the war years, 1863 
and 1864, and in 1872. The average size of the Chapter before 1866 was 
nineteen; since that time it has been seventeen. The average size of 
class delegation has been six. The entire enrollment of the Chapter at 
the present time is three hundred and thirty-five. Of these men two 
hundred and fifty-nine are living. 

During this first decade of the Chapter's history many of the best 
men in college were initiated, and the Chapter had excellent standing 
in all the various lines of college activity. Meetings were held regu- 
larly every two weeks. A literary programme was generally rendered, 
and special attention was given to debate. It is interesting to read in 
the record for July 17, 1852, that Nelson Dingley took part in a general 
discussion of the question, "Resolved, that this Government Ought to 
Sustain a Protective Tariff." It is not stated on which side he argued, 
but it would be easy to imagine. The presiding officer decided the 
question in the affirmative. During this period the Chapter was scrupu- 
lous in the minutias of good order, and there are recorded two by-laws as 
follows: "Any brother absent for any other reasons than those above 
specified (sickness or absence from town) shall be subject to a fine of 
twenty-five cents." "Any brother not presenting himself within ten 
minutes after the opening of the chapter shall be subject to a fine of ten 
cents, unless a satisfactory excuse be rendered to the Chapter." There 
were occasional lapses, however, and at one time, when " the brethren" 
had "assembled at a rather later hour than usual," Simon S. Brown 
"expatiated on the duty of being punctual." It may be stated here 
that the Chapter has continued up to the present time to maintain liter- 
ary exercises of a high order. These are given ordinarily at every regular 
meeting. Regular meetings are now held once a week on Wednesday 
evenings, the change from twice a week having been made in 1868. 

The history of the Chi now approaches the dark days of the War of 
the Rebellion. The brothers took a keen personal interest in the coming 
crisis. On March 23, 1861, Brothers Hopkins and Marble formally 
debated the question, "Has a State a right to secede ?" Then ensued 
a very spirited general discussion, lasting for two hours, in which par- 
ticipated nearly all the brothers. On April 7th, at the next regular 
meeting, was discussed the question, "Is the coercion of a State prac- 
ticable ?" This was followed on April 21st by the question, " Is it the 
duty of students to volunteer ?" Two days later, owing to the prema- 
ture closing of the college term, a special meeting of the Chi was called. 
All the brothers joined in singing "America." After this William 
A. Hatch, '61, who, with several other brothers, was about to leave 
for the war, feelingly addressed the Chapter. Many others followed 
with remarks that were filled with patriotism and loyalty, and the 
meeting closed amid fervent expressions of Godspeed to the departing 

Now and again during the next four years the Chapter was called 
upon to mourn for brothers who had given their lives in sacrifice to coun- 
try. The reunion banquet of 1865, held in Masonic Hall, was largely 
attended by elders, and among these were many returned soldiers. It 
was a time of hearty greeting, but the occasion was saddened by sincere 
sorrow for absent ones who would never return. R. W. Dunn, of '68, as 
Marshal of the Senior Class of that year, formed and conducted the first 
Memorial Day procession to Pine Grove Cemetery, in Waterville, to 
decorate the soldiers' graves. The procession was headed by the college 
students, and continued by the citizens. The G. A. R. had not then been 


established in Waterrille, but a post was organised later on and named 
in honor of William S. Heath, Chi, '55, who was killed at Games' Mill 
in 1862. In Memorial Hall, on the Colby campus, is a beautiful repro- 
duction in marble of the Lion of Lucerne. Beneath it is a tablet erected 
by the alumni of the college in memory of their fellows who perished 
"pro republicas integritate. " Thereon are inscribed twenty names, and 
among- them are eight which the Chi especially delights to honor, the 
names of her own beloved sons. They are as follows: John B. Wilson, 
'54; William S. Heath, '55; Sabine Emery, '58; William T. Parker, '58; 
William W. West, '60; Asher C. Hinds, '63; George C. Getchell, '63; 
Leonard Butler, '65. 

Out of a total membership of one hundred and thirty-two at the end 
of the war the Chi had furnished to the cause fifty men. One of these was 
a lieutenant-colonel in the Confederate Army. Oliver C. Gray, '55, of 
Little Rock, Arkansas. Of the forty-nine in the Union Army there were 
seven privates, one hospital steward, four surgeons, one brigade surgeon, 
one paymaster, four corporals, one provost marshal, one sergeant, four 
sergeant-majors, one second lieutenant, five first lieutenants, eight cap- 
tains, four majors (one a brevet lieutenant-colonel), four lieutenant- 
colonels (two brevet brigadier-generals and one a brevet colonel), and 
four colonels (one a brevet brigadier-general and one a brevet major- 

The Chapter was in sore straits in 1864. In the fall of that year 
only two brothers returned to college. Some who would naturally have 
returned were at the front; Leonard Butler, of '65, had been killed in 
service at Beaufort, S. C.; A. R. Burrill, of '65, and R. S. Hinds, of '66, 
had died, the latter in college; several had left to study professions or 
enter other pursuits. The two who remained were Amos B. Lunt and 
John C. Irish, both of '67. The prospect was dark and the condition 
discouraging. But these two worked with characteristic Zeta Psi spirit, 
and the Chapter was saved. They were magnificently assisted by sev- 
eral resident elders, who contributed much both to the financial support 
of the Chapter and to the interest and success of the meetings. To 
George A. Wilson, of '62, in particular the Chapter owes a lasting debt 
of gratitude. Brother Wilson was often present, and for a considerable 
period of 1864-'65 acted as Phi. Early in this year three men were 
initiated R. W. Dunn, F. R. M. Gillpatrick and Austin Thomas. 
There was thus an active membership of five. Later in the year George 
L. Chandler, O. D. Seavey and C. C. Couillard were added" to the num- 
ber. The fall of 1865 opened with seven brothers back; nine were 
initiated during the year. About this time the lodge-room in Marston 
Block, occupied by the Chi since 1852, was abandoned, and new quarters 
secured in Phenix Block, the building in which the office of the Water- 
ville Mail has been located for so many years. These rooms were 
retained till 1872. In the fall of 1866 eight returned, and six more were 
soon received. The Chapter, now well on its feet again, entered upon a 
period of quiet prosperity, which has lasted without a break to the 
present time. 

The early part of this period was marked by a special interest in 
athletics. The first regular baseball club was organized and a team 
put into the field. R. W. Dunn, of '68, was the first captain and 
pitcher; P. S. Warren, of '69, was catcher; F. M. Wilson and C. W. 
Foster were prominent players, the latter said to be one of the best all- 
around men ever seen on the Colby diamond. Intercollegiate baseball 
was instituted at Colby in 1877. Since that time, with the exception of 
three years, the Chi has been represented on the nine by from one to 
three men. In this connection the names of Walter C. Emerson, '84; 
Byron Boyd, '86; E. F. Goodwin, '87; F. A. Gilmore, '90, and O. L. Hall, 
'93, in particular are remembered with enthusiasm. Football was first 
fully established at Colby in 1891, and the Chi took an active interest 
from the start. She has furnished the manager four times, and has been 


represented on the team each year of the seven in '91, '93 and '98 by one 
man; in '95 by two, and in '94, '96 and '97 by three. In 1895, C. K. 
Brooks, '98, was elected captain, and reelected in '96 and '97. During 
these three years the team was remarkably successful, and in 1897 went 
through the season without a single defeat. 

In scholarship the Chi has stood well. Out of the twenty-one first 
prizes awarded since 1872 for general excellence in preparation for col- 
lege five have been won by Zetes. Out of eleven second prizes one has 
come to Zeta Psi. In 1896 Phi Beta Kappa was established at Colby, 
and in accordance with the college records members of previous classes 
were elected to membership. The Chi has one man from each of the fol- 
lowing years: 1850, '53, '56, '57, '59, '61, '62, '63, '64, '74, '76, '77, '81, 
'85, '86, '87, '89, '90, '91, '92, '93, '98; two from each of the following: 
1878, '79, '80, '82, '83, '94, '96. From the class of 1858 all the four mem- 
bers chosen were Zetes S. S. Brown, C. P. Baldwin, A. L. Hinds and 
E. W. Pattison. There are in all two hundred and twenty male mem- 
bers, of whom forty are Zetes. 

In composition and oratory the Chi has made a still better record. 
Out of thirty-four prizes awarded to members of the Senior Class since 
1864 for work in composition Zetes have won nine. Out of thirty-seven 
first prizes for Junior orations, fourteen, and out of the same number of 
second prizes six have fallen to Zetes. In Sophomore declamation Zetes 
have won twelve first and seven second prizes out of a possible thirty- 
nine in each case. In Freshman reading there have been twenty-five 
contests, Zetes winning first place seven times, and second seven times. 
In the Freshman exhibition of the class of 1901 the Chi received the 
unusual honor of having its entire delegation of five men appointed to 
participate, although there were only nine appointments in all. F. W. 
Newcombe received first prize. In composition and oratory, therefore, it 
will be seen that the Zetes have won nearly a third of all the first prizes 
and a fifth of the second, though her men have constituted less than a 
sixth of the men in college since 1862, when these prizes began to be 
given. The average yearly attendance of men for the past thirty years 
has been one hundred and seventeen, while, as already stated, the 
average membership of the Chapter for the same period has been 

In debate also the Chi has secured an excellent reputation. The 
Junior Debate was established in 1889 as an annual institution. Six 
men take part each year. The Chi has been represented three times by 
one man, and four times by two men. Last year at the Intercollegiate 
Debate between Bates and Colby two of the three men who made up the 
Colby team were members of the Chi F. F. Lawrence, '00, and H. C. 
Libby, '02. This debate had been held three times previously, and each 
time the Chi had furnished one speaker. In the Sophomore Debate and 
the College Debate, both of recent establishment, the Chapter has taken 
part and received recognition. 

In the matter of student publications the Chi has done her full share 
of duty and received her full share of honor. An annual called the 
Watervillian was published each year from '62 to '66 under the conduct 
of four associate editors. Of the entire twenty for these five years seven 
were Zetes. In 1867 the name of the college was changed from Waterville 
College to Colby University. The Watervillian then became the Colby 
Oracle. This has been issued every year up to the present date. From 
'67 to '75 it was under four associate editors, of whom one each year was 
a Zete, save in '69, when the Chapter had no representative on the board, 
and in '75, when she had two. In '69 the Chi issued alone the Colby 
Chronicle and Zeta Psi Annual. G. C. Fisher and C. W. Chase were the 
editors. This publication was the first to be issued in Colby by a single 
fraternity. It was not, however, continued. From '76 to '83 the Oracle 
was conducted by two associate editors, of whom one each year was a 
Zete, except in '81. Since '84 the Oracle has been under the manage- 


ment of a single editor-in-chief. Of the sixteen men who have performed 
this duty eight have belonged to the Chi. Of the twenty-three editors of 
the Colby Echo, published from '77 to the present time, first as a monthly, 
later as a bi-weekly, and now as a weekly, eight have been Zetes. 

In the successes of her sons along these various lines the Chi has 
ever rejoiced. She has stood, however, along with her sister Chapters, 
not primarily for success, but for good fellowship and social helpfulness. 
To underrate or despise the former would be affectation, but she can say 
with all sincerity that she has sought the latter first. She has valued 
men not so much for what they can do, as for what they are in charac- 
ter, in congeniality, in cheerfulness, in friendliness, in brotherhood. 
Herein lies the undefinable Zete spirit which the Chi feels her many 
years of history have enabled her to understand and to represent. Evi- 
dences of loyalty to this spirit she cherishes more fondly than the record 
of her honors. The annual reunion was established as early as 1852. 
This has been well attended. In 1898, for example, twenty-seven elders 
were present, and in 1899 twenty-two, besides all the active brothers and 
a representative of the Kappa each year. It has been a source of great 
strength and inspiration to the Chapter. Through all the reminiscences 
has rung the genuine Zeta Psi note, well expressed in the recent words 
of a charter member: "I formed the best and most lasting friendships of 
my life right here, and my interest in the society, and my care for its 
growth and honor, do not decline with passing years." 

" Firm shall be thy name forever, 

Glorious Zeta Psi; 
True hearts shall forget thee never, 
Glorious Zeta Psi." 

A Chapter House has been in the thought of the brothers for many 
years, and in 1891 the Zeta Psi Chapter House Association was incor- 
porated with F. C. Thayer, '65, as president. In keeping of this cor- 
poration there is already a good-sized fund, augmented yearly by gifts 
from brothers and delegations, and it is hoped, therefore, that before 
many years the Chapter House will pass from dream to reality. 

Till then the Chi will probably remain in her present quarters in 
Burleigh Block, on the corner of Main and Temple Streets. This block 
was very recently built, and the Chi rooms were designed especially for 
the Chapter, and occupy the whole of the third floor. These rooms con- 
stitute the Chi's fifth regular home. The first two have already been 
mentioned. The third was in Header Block, owned by Nathaniel 
Meader, '63. This was occupied from '72 to '84. With a very fraternal 
spirit, Brother Meader assisted in fitting up the rooms, and during the 
entire period of occupancy materially helped the active brothers. The 
fourth home cherished at present, probably, by more members of the 
Chapter than any other, as it was occupied for a longer period than any 
other except the first was in Barrelle Block, on Main Street, opposite 
the Common. It was occupied from '84 to '97. The present home is very 
satisfactory, and is by far the best the Chi has ever lived in. The rooms 
are well furnished and decorated, and present in themselves an epitome 
of the Chapter's history and an evidence of the loyal spirit of the 
brothers. Among other gifts which the rooms contain are an organ 
given by the elder brothers present at the twenty-fifth reunion, a sword 
and scabbard properly adorned with Zeta Psi emblems, given by C. E. 
Meleney, of '76, and a safe given by A. M. Foss, '85. Upon the walls 
are pictures of a large number of the Chi brothers. All the recent dele- 
gations appear entire, and there are representatives of every delegation 
from the very beginning of the history. The space over the Phi's desk 
is occupied by an elegantly framed crayon group of the seven Zetes who 
were graduated in 1898. It may be said appropriately in connection with 
this account of the Chapter's lodge-rooms that the brothers have already, 
to some slight extent, approached the advantages of a Chapter House in 


that the North division of South College, one of the college dormitories, 
has been largely appropriated to the use of Zeta Psi for private rooms. 
The Chapter has also for many years maintained a boarding club at 264 
Main Street. 

During recent years the Chi has taken a prominent part in social 
affairs, and has thus been in full harmony with the later administration 
of the college, which has sought to make more of the social element in 
training and culture than has ever been done in the history of Colby. 
Particular events well remembered in Waterville are a reception given 
in '93, a reception at the Elmwood Hotel in '94 and a general reception 
at Soper's Hall in the fall of '95, which was one of the finest ever ten- 
dered by a fraternity at Colby, and was a remarkable success. The '98 
delegation in its Senior year successfully conducted the Midwinter 
Promenade and the Senior Hop. Perhaps it is to be regarded as a 
social event in view of the fact that rowing has never figured prominently 
in the list of Colby sports, that in 1893 Zeta Psi built a handsome boat- 
house on the banks of the Messalonskee, a stream justly famed in local 
tradition as the scene of many happy boating and picnic parties. 

The Chi has been from the beginning very cordial in her relations 
with Zeta Psi at large, has taken a great interest in the expansion of 
the fraternity, and has in turn been greatly helped by the interest and 
sympathy of the other Chapters. The Lambda, of Bowdoin, and the Chi 
have been especially bound together, and an initiation in one Chapter 
has generally been attended by at least one representative from the 
other. On these occasions the familiar Zeta Psi marching song is 
usually rendered with a verse in honor of "the Lambda and the Chi." 
In 1894 a joint initiation banquet was held by the two Chapters at 
Augusta. The warm feeling between these Chapters is due not only to 
their proximity, but to the fact that the Chi is the parent Chapter, the 
Lambda having been founded in 1866 by George L. Chandler, '68. 

The Chi is also the parent of the Psi at Dartmouth, through Nelson 
Dingley ; of the Theta, at Union, through W. H. Baldwin, and of the Xi, 
at the University of Michigan, through Liberty E. Holden. The Psi, at 
Dartmouth, and the Epsilon, at Brown, both of which suspended their 
activity on account of the Civil War, were both reestablished by Chi 
men, the Psi by R. W. Dunn, '68, chairman of the committee for reestab- 
lishment, and the Epsilon by C. A. Parker, '86. Chi men also served 
on the committee for the establishment of the Omega, at the University 
of Chicago, and of the Pi, at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The 
Grand Chapter of 1858 was held in Waterville under the auspices of the 
Chi, and the Chi has been represented at nearly every Grand Chapter 
by from one to three regular delegates besides uncredentialed brothers. 
Chi men have presided at five Grand Chapters George Bradley, '53, as 
acting Phi Alpha in 1854, and as Phi Alpha in 1855; R. W. Dunn, '68, 
as acting Phi Alpha in 1871, and as Phi Alpha in 1872, and Liberty E. 
Holden as Phi Alpha in 1884. The following Chi men have held subor- 
dinate rank in various Grand Chapters: Nelson Dingley, '55, Alpha Phi 
Alpha; Charles A. Miller, '56, Alpha Sigma Alpha; C. E. Meleney, '76, 
Alpha Sigma Alpha; C. W. Sanger, '56, Gamma Alpha; George L. 
Chandler, '68, Gamma Alpha, and J. Manchester Haynes, '60, Sigma 
Rho Alpha. 

The Chi will celebrate her semicentennial on June 26th, 1900. Her 
record has entitled her to a large share in the councils of the college, 
and accordingly the principal public exercise of the Seventy-ninth 
Annual Commencement has been placed in her charge, and will be 
given under her directions. She will furnish the presiding officer, the 
orator and the chaplain, and it is confidently expected that the occasion 
will constitute a fitting climax to fifty years of unbroken and honorable 

1St ry> STEPHEN STARK, '92. 







O T S 

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iinma AI. 



*GREEN, WILLIAM SHAW, s. James and Lucy N.( Sherman) Green; 
b. 1822, Sept. 29, North Kingston, R. I.; prep. South Kingston, R. I.; 
Colb3 T , 1845-9, A. B. ; one of the petitioners initiated after graduating-, 
1852, Aug. 12; m. 1870, May 11, Carrie Patton, Springfield; two chil- 
dren; prin. East Corinth (Me.) Acad., 1849-53; Judson Female Sem., 
Marion, Ala., 1853-4; prin. Worcester Acad., 1854-8; studied law, Worces- 
ter, Mass., 1859-62; admitted 1862; lawyer, 1867-9; one of the Wells Pine 
Lumber Co. ; d. 1878, June 21, Springfield, Mass. 

*SANGER, EUGENE FRANCIS, M.D., s. Zebulon and Charlotte 
(Wayne) Sanger; b. 1829, Oct. 18, Waterrille, Me.; prep. Waterville 
Acad.; Colby, 1845-8; Dartmouth, 1848-9; A. B., Dartmouth, 1849; A. M., 
Colby, 1857; commencement orator; # B K; Me. Med. School; Jefferson 
Med. School, Pa.; M.D., 1853; one of petitioners initiated after gradu- 
ation, 1851, July 11; rel. in Z W, Charles W., br. ; pres. Me. Med. 
Ass'n, 1877; hon. mem. Detroit Acad. Med.; hon. mem. Baltimore Med. 
and Surg. Soc. ; mem. Penobscot Co. Med. Ass'n; ex-mem. Nat. Med. 
Ass'n; mem. Sanitine Social Club, Bangor; F. & A. M. ; G. A. R.; Loyal 
Legion; pres. 6th Me. Veteran Ass'n; surgeon 3d Me. Militia, 1878-95; 
author of "Annual Address before Me. Med. Ass'n, 1869"; "Resection 
of El bow joint, with cases"; "Radical treatment of Malignant Growths"; 
"Abscesses of the Lungs, with cases"; "Bloodless Amputations, with 
cases"; reports in Malpractice and Litholopacy; surgeon 6th Me. Inf. 
1861, June-Nov. ; brigade-surgeon U. S. Vols. , 1861-5; Army Potomac 
surgeon, 6th Me. Inf.; on General Hancock's and Phelps' and W. T. 
Sherman's staff; surgeon in charge of St. James Hosp., 1862; med. 
director various times; brev. lieut.-col. U. S. Vol., 1865; surgeon gen., 
Me., 1869-70; m. 1857, Dec. 9, Emily Fay Pond; 1890, Nov. 19, Mary Ro- 
bena Triab; children, Mary Charlotte, Sabin, Pond, Eugene Boutelle; 
teacher, Va., 1850; med. student, 1850-3; ass't surgeon Marine Hosp., 
Chelsea, Mass., 1850; of Charity Hosp., almshouse, county prison and 
Lunatic Asylum, New York, 1854; physician Ellsworth, 1855-7; Bangor, 
1857-97; d. 1897, July 24, Bangor, Me. 


*COLE, REV. SAMUEL, s. Samuel and Abigail (Dodge) Cole; 
b. 1824, Sept. 5, Beverly, Mass. ; prep. Rockingham Acad. ; Colby, 
1846-50, A. B. ; in. 1852, Aug. 12; m. 1853, Oct., Harriet J. F. Bullen ; 
theo. course, Rochester, N. Y. ; pastor Bapt. Church, Belfast, Me., 
1853-4; d. 1854, Nov. 11. 

HUNT, EPHRAIM, Kensington, N. H., s. Francis and Abigail 
(Joy) Hunt; b. 1829, Oct. 20, Roadfield, Me.; prep. Kent's Hill Sem.; 
Colby, 1846-50; A. B., 1850; LL. D., 1870; pres. Lit. Soc.; first order; 
$ B K ; a petitioner initiated after graduation, 1851, June 21; 
author of "English Literature," "Geometry for Grammar Schools"; 
m. 1864, Mrs. J. M. Mott, ne'e Soule; prin. English High School, 
Boston, 16 years; head-master Girls' High and Normal School, 1868-72; 
supt. schools, Portland, Me., four years; Newton, Mass., four years; 
Medford and Winchester, Mass., ten years. 

238 CHI CHAPTER 1851-2 


*CLARK, REV. ALBION BYRON, s. John and Sarah (Hinkley) 
Clark; b. 1826, Mar. 24, New Sharon, Me.; prep. Farmington Acad. 
and Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1847-51, A. B. ; in. 1850, Nov. 19, 
charter mem. T; rel. in Z W, Thomas H. Clark, br.; m. 1855, Aug. 29, 
Emily M. Billings; graduated Newton Theo. Inst., 1855; prin. Shel- 
burne Falls Acad., 1851-4; pastor Bapt. Church, Skowhegan, 1855-9; 
agent Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc., 1859-63; pastor Bapt. Church, Columbia, 
Cal., 1863; d. 1865, Sept. 9, Skowhegan, Me. 

*FRYE, WAKEFIELD GALE, s. Robie and Lucy (Holbrook) 
Frye ; b. 1826, Dec. 20, Montville, Me. ; prep. China Acad. ; Colby, 
1847-50 ; Univ. of Rochester, 1850-1 ; A. B. 1851, A. M. 1854; in. 1850, 
Nov. 19; charter member; FA; rel. in Z W, Robie G. and Henry W., 
s. ; mem. Maine Hist'l Soc. ; Club of Thirty ; Halifax Club ; hon. mem. 
Pine Tree Club of Boston; m. 1855, Oct. 25, Annie E. Arey ; children, 
Robie G., Henry W., Jessie F. and Gertrude H. ; lawyer, Rockland, 
Me., 1853-7; Lafayette, Ind., 1857-8; Belfast, Me., 1858-61; judge police 
court, 1855 ; deputy collector of customs, 1862-72 ; clerk of courts, 1872-81 ; 
U. S. Consul Gen., Halifax, N. S., 1881-5 and 1889-93; d. 1893, Aug. 14, 
Halifax, N. S. 

*GARNSEY, THOMAS HERSEY, s. Samuel and Eliza Ann 
(Nichols) Garnsey ; b. 1831, May 26, Bangor, Me. ; prep. Bangor 
High School ; Colby, 1847-51, A. B. ; promoter, founder and first 
man initiated into the Chi Chapter; in. 1850, Nov. 19, the first ; F A ; 
he was the first man to use the expression "copperhead " as applied to 
the opposers of the war of 1861-5; m. 1867, December 2, Caroline Hoadley; 
two children; prin. Talledega (Ala.) School; law student, Harvard, 
1854-5 ; admitted to bar, 1855, Bangor ; partner of Samuel H. Blake on 
Gov. Cony's staff, 1861-5 ; lawyer New York, 1867-75; Boston, 1875-84; 
mem. Maine Leg., 1865-6; d. 1884, May 20. 

*KIMBALL, HENRY PLUMMER, s. and ; b. 1829, 

Mar. 8, Strafford, N. H. ; prep. ; Colby, 1847-50; Rochester Univ., 

1851; A. B., 1851; in. 1859, Nov. 19, charter mem. X; m. 1852, Ellen 

Haskell; children, Frank H., Willis M., Carlton C. ; teacher; news- 
paper and magazine writer; fruit farmer; d. 1889, May 10, Elgin, 111. 

TUCKER, WILLIAM HUNT, 514 W. 65th St., Chicago, Ills., s. 
; prep. ; Colby, 1848; ; in. 1850, Nov. 19, ; charter 



*KALLOCH, REV. ISAAC SMITH, D. D., s. Amaiah and Mercy 
(Harthorne)Kalloch; b. 1831, July 10, Camden, Me. ; prep. Waterville (Me.) 
Acad.; Colby, 1848-51; mem. Erosophian Adelphi Lit. Soc.; A. M., 1856 
(Waterville Coll.); A. M., 1857 (Madison); D.D., 1877 (La Grange); causa 
honoris-, in. 1851, Aug. 7; rel. in Z W, Halsey Knapp, s. ; m. 1850, Nov. 
19, Caroline Elizabeth Philbrick; children, Isaac Milton, William Wil- 
son, Annie Frances, Randolph, Carrie Elden, Halsey Knapp; pastor 
First Bapt. Church, Rockland, Me., 1850-5; Tremont Temple, Boston, 
Mass., 1855-60; Laight St. Bapt. Church, New York City, 1861-4; re- 
sided in Kansas 1864-75; one of the founders of Ottawa, Kan. ('64) and 
Ottawa Univ.; editor Home Journal (Ottawa), Republican Journal and 
Western Home Journal (Lawrence, Kan.); presidential elector for U. S. 
Grant, 1868; pres. State Agricul. Soc., 1870-3; mem. State Leg., 1872-3; 
supt. L. L. & G. Ry. ; pastor Metropolitan Bapt. Church, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., 1875-85; trus. California Coll., 1875-87; Mayor City and 
County of San Francisco, 1879-82; editor Evangal and Banner; invalid, 
New Whatcom, Wash., 1885-7; d. 1887, Dec. 9. 

1852-3 CHI CHAPTER 239 

*KELLEY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, s. Samuel and Mary (Dan- 
forth) Kelley; b. 1831, May 8, Calais, Me.; prep. North Yarmouth, Me.; 
Colby, 1848-51; in. 1850, Nov. 19, charter mem.; rel. in Z W, Frederick 
A. P., br. ; m. 1860, May 19, Mary Townsend Copeland; children, 
Alice and Julia; lawyer; lumber business; d. 1875, Apr. 14, Yar- 
mouth, Me. 

*WELCH, RODNEY, M. D., s. John and Rosalind (Straw) Welch; 
b. 1828, Nov. 19, Monmouth, Me.; prep. Momnouth; Colby, 1848-52, A. B. ; 
M. D. (hon.) Hahnemann Med. Coll.; in. 1850, Nov. 20; A $ A pro tern.; 
pres. Phil. Soc. ; founder of Saracon Club; vice-pres. and founder 111. 
Press Club; founder of the Chemical Club, Chicago, 111.; inventor of 
sourmilk whitewash, toy pistol, corn-planter, corn-sheller, cake heater, 
composition stone, paving material; author of the poems "ZetaPsi" 
and "The Unknown Great "; m. 1853, Mar. 15, Abigail F. Stevens; chil- 
dren, Channing, Henry B., Martha T., Helen Medora (Long), James A.; 
prin. North Anson Acad., 1862-3; prin. Minerva Sem., 1853-61; Geneva 
High School, 111., 1861-3; Bluefield (111.) High School, 1864-5; prof, 
chemistry, Hahnemann Coll., and at Chicago Univ., 1865-6; at 111. 
Agricultural Coll., 1866-8; journalistic on Prairie Farmer, 1868-72; 
Chicago Times, 1872-89; contributor to the North American Review and 
Forum; Chicago Board of Education; d. 18%, May 29, Chicago, 111. 


*BALDWIN, JOTHAM FRANCIS, LL. D., s. Jotham and Martha 
Parker (Swan) Baldwin; b. 1829, May 7, New Sharon, Me.; prep. 
Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1849-53; A. B., 1853; A. M., 1856; LL. D., 
1899; $ B K; librarian and pres. Lit. Soc.; commencement marshal, 
1852; in. 1850, Nov. 19, charter mem.; rel. in Z W, W. H., Chas. P. 
and Lloyd, brs. ; mem. Lincoln Club; commissary of post at Camp 
Harrison, O., 1861, Apr. -May; m. 1864, Dec. 20, Clara A. Handy; 
children, William Lloyd, Charles Handy, Clara Louise; prin. Bloom- 
field Acad., 1853-4; of Washington Acad., 1854-5; mem. Minn. State 
Senate, 1858-60; mayor Columbus, O., one term; lawyer at Cincinnati, 
1860-99; d. 1899, Dec. 8, Cincinnati, O. 

*BRADLEY, GEORGE, s. Levi and Margaret Gibson (Patten) 
Bradley; b. 1832, Apr. 3, Bangor, Me.; prep. Charleston Acad., 
Corinth Acad. and Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1848-53; A. B., 1853; A. M., 
1856; in. 1851, Oct. 3, $; $ A; 2 p A; F. & A. M. ; 2d lieut., 8th Minn. 
Inf., 1862, Aug.; maj., 1862, Sept., 7thRegt.; lieut. -col., 7th Regt., 1862, 
Nov.; commanded regt. at surrender Ft. Morgan; law student with 
Abraham Sanborg, Bangor, Me.; admitted 1855; removed to Minn., 1856; 
speaker of Minn. House of Rep., 1858; in the first Senate of Minn.; 
receiver U. S. LandOffice, Forest City, 1860; partner with Hon. F. R. E. 
Cornell, Minneapolis, 1865-75; with H. G. O. Morrison, Esq., 1875-9; d. 
1879, Feb. 11, Minneapolis, Minn. 

DAVIS, CHARLES HENRY, 43 Cedar St., Worcester, Mass., s. 
Isaac and Mary Holman (Esterbrook) Davis; b. 1832, Mar. 24, Worcester, 
Mass.; prep, private schools; Colby, 1849-53, A. B. ; in. 1850, Nov. 19, 2; 
charter mem. ; vice-pres. Worcester Art Soc. ; charter mem. and director 
Worcester Art Museum ; mem. Colonial Soc. of Massachusetts ; Union 
and Alonquin Clubs, Boston; New York Club; Bar Harbor (Me.); Wor- 
cester and Quinsigamond Boat Clubs, Worcester; sergt.-maj. 25th Mass. 
Vol., 1861; capt., 1864; commissary 2d Div. 18th Army Corps, 1864; chief 
commissary of Fort Fisher forces, 1865; chief commissary 10th Army 
Corps, 1865, Aug.; brev. maj. for faithful service, 1865, Aug. 4; m. 1868, 
June 4, Adelaide Goodwin. 

240 CHI CHAPTER 1853 

McLELLAN, WILLIAM HENRY, Belfast, Me., s. William and 
Roxana (Woodside) McLellan; b. 1832, Nov. 26, Litchfield, Me. ; prep. 
Bloomfield Acad. ; Colby, 1849-52; N. Y. Univ., 1852-3; in. 1851, 
May 30, A <P; rel. in Z W, Hugh D., s.; m. 1863, Feb. 3, Angeline 
Nickels; children, W. H., Jr., Jane A., Hugh D., John N.; Me. State 
Senator, 1872; Atty.-Gen., 1879; lawyer. 

OWEN, REV. ALFRED, D.D., 1718 Hayes St., Nashville, Tenn., 
s. Sewell and Jane (Maxfield) Owen; b. 1829, July 20, China, Me.; 
prep. China Acad. ; Colby, 1849-53; A. B., 1853, A. M., 1856; Newton 
Theo. Sem., B. D., 1858; D.D., Kalamazoo, 1871; pres. lit. soc.; in. 1850, 
Nov. 19, #; charter mem. of X; rel. in Z W, Stephen Stark, wife's ne. ; 
m. 1858, Mar. 4, Elizabeth Cook Stark; children, Annie R., Mabel S. 
(Owen) Philips; prin. Cherryfield Acad., 1883-4; Bridg-eton Acad., 
1854-6; pastor, Lynn, Mass., 1858-67; Detroit, Mich., 1867-77; Chicago, 
1877-9; pres. Denison Univ., Granville, O., 1879-86; pres. Roger Williams 
Univ., Nashville, 1887-95; lecturer in Theology and Metaphysics, 1895 ; 
pres. Mich. Con.; chairman mission board; trustee Kalamazoo Coll.; 
sec. Board of Trustees Union Theo. Sem. 

PIERCE, HENRY MILLER, LL. D., 108 Oxford St., Rochester, N. 
Y. (bus. add., 625-7 Chamber Commerce Bldg. ), s. Henry Miller and Susan 
(Peironnet) Pierce; b. 1831, Oct. 6, Friendsville, Pa. ; prep. Harford 
Acad. and Friendsville; Colby, 1849-53, A. B. 1853; A. M. 1856; LL. D. 
(Univ. of Lewisburgh, Pa.), 1866; 2d honor in class; in. 1850, Nov. 19, 
charter mem., $; mem. Am. Ass'n for Advancement of Science; Am. 
Oriental Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; N. Y. Historical Soc.; Hermitage Club, 
Nashville, Tenn. ; Chamber of Commerce, Rochester, N. Y. ; author of 
Baccalaureate addresses, Rutgers Female Coll., N. Y. City; address to 
Legislature, Tenn., 1886; address before the Charcoal and Iron Ass'n, 
Ala., 1882; inventor and patentee of various charcoal and gas processes; 
m. 1855, Nov. 29, Mary Quimby Page; 1886, June 21, Mary J. Church; 
children, Henry Joshua, Norman Miller, Mary Stewart, Susan Peironnet, 
Dennis Church, John Harvey, Henrietta Church, Isabella Page, Duncan 
Haldane, Thomas Peironnet, Stewart Sherrill; pres. Rutgers Female 
Coll., N. Y., 1858-71; mem. National War Com., N. Y. City, 1861-5; gen. 
m'g'r Bangor Mich. Chem. Co., 1877-80; of Elk Rapids (Mich.) Chem. 
Co., 1880-4; pres. Standard Chem. Co., Goodrich, Tenn., 1885-8; pres. 
Decatur (Ala.), Calera (Ala.), Montgomery (Ala.) chem. works, 1885- 
8; pres. Standard Charcoal Iron and Chem. Co., 1886-9; pres. Nashville 
Land Improvement Co. and of W. Nashville Foundry, 1887-90; pres. N. 
Y. Phosphate Co., Fla., 1893-5; pres. Signal M'f g Co., Rochester, N. 
Y., 1898-9. 


(Wood) Richardson; b. 1831, Dec. 3, Clinton, Me.; prep. Waterville 
Acad.; Colby, 1849-53, A. B.; in. 1851, Mar. 21, #; author of "Paper 
Money," " The National Bank, " "The Standard Dollar," "Introduc- 
tion to York Deeds"; m. , Helen Louise Hunt; children, Percy and 
Elenor; mem. Me. Hist. Soc.; tutor, 1855-62; U. S. Land Office, 1863-4; 
U. S. Coast Survey, Portland, Me., 1864-5; editor Portland Press, 1866-7; 
of Portland Advertiser, 1868-89; d. 1889, Apr. 3, Portland, Me. 

STRATTON, ROBERT FOLGER, M. D., St. Joseph, Mich., s. 
William and Abbie May (Clark) Stratton; b. 1831, Mar. 22, Winslow, 
Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1849-53; A. B., Albany Med. 
School; Harvard Med. Dept., M. D., 1857; in. 1850, Nov. 19; charter 
mem. ; rel. in Z W, Charles William, s. ; mem. Mich. Med. Soc. ; ass't 
surgeon, surgeon llth 111. Cav., 1861; surgeon-in-chief, dept. Vicksburg, 
1864; of Memphis, 1865; med. director of Dist. of Vicksburg and West 
Tenn.; in battles of Corinth, Shiloh, Tuka, and siege of Vicksburg; 

1853-5 CHI CHAPTER 241 

m. 1859, Jan. 29, ; children, Roberta May (Stratton) Cooper, Kate 

Lang-ley (Stratton) Kent, Charles William; prin. South Lemington 
Acad., 1853-4; Limerick Acad., 1854-5; physician and surgeon, 1857 ; 
U. S. pension examiner, 1865 . 

THURSTON, STEPHEN ROLLO, Lombard, Du Page Co., 111., s. 
Stephen and Clara Matilda (Benson) Thurston; b. 1832, July 20, Sears- 
port, Me.; prep. Belfast Acad.; Colby, 1849-53, A. B., A. M. ; in first 
class at graduation; in. 1850, Nov. 19; charter mem.; m. 1859, Jan. 13, 
Annie Frances Carpenter; children (deceased), George Carpenter, Grace 
Carpenter ; ship-chandler ; insurance, real estate and loans. 


BUTLER, NATHAN, Barnesville, Clay Co., Minn., s. Nathan 
and Deidamia (Gillpatrick) Butler ; b. 1831, Nov. 5, Hancock, Me. ; 
prep. East Corinth Acad.; Colby, 1850-2; in. 1850, Nov. 19; charter 
mem., F; rel. in Z W, Leonard Butler, br. ; mem. Minnesota Acad. 
Natural Science ; civil engineer, surveyor, land examiner ; chief land 
examiner Great North. Ry. Co. 

DAVIS, DAVID, JR., 1600 Third Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn., s. 
David and Hannah (Marchant) Davis; b. 1833, Sept. 10, Edgartown, 
Mass.; prep. Farmington, Me.; Colby, 1850-2; in. 1851, Nov. 15, 2; 
rel. in Z W, Harrison A. (dec'd), br. ; Albert Colby Getchell, br.-in-law; 
paymaster on "Exchange," U. S. N., 1864-5; m. 1859, Jan. 3, Annie 
Getchell ; children, Antoinette M. and Elizabeth G. ; law student with 
Moses G. Cobb, Boston ; mercantile business ; real estate and loans. 

*KNIGHT, ROBERT JUDSON, s. Asa and Melinda (Adams) 
Knight; b. Hancock, N. H., 1826, Dec. 16; prep. New Hampton Acad. ; 
Colby, 1850-1 ; in. 1850, Nov. 20 ; d. 1851, Feb. 16, New Hampton, N. H. 

*LANDER, CYRUS WESLEY, s. Timothy and Lois (Holway) 
Lander; b. 1828, Jan. 16, Fairfield, Me. ; prep. Bloomfield Acad.; Colby, 
1850-4; in. 1850, Nov. 19; charter mem., #; m. 1855, Dec. , Evelyn 
Brainard; 1864, Dec. , Maria Barber; children, three daughters; prin. 
Bloomfield Acad., 1854-5; taught Columbia, Cal., 1855-61; developed 
Pittsburg Coal Mine and Railroad, 1861; supt. of same, 1861-4; mining 
and farming, 1864-6; admitted to the bar, Martinez, Cal., 1867; appointed 
Co. Judge, 1870; served as same, 1870-4; d. 1874, Jan. 16, Martinez, Cal. 

*WILSON, JOHN BUTIER, M. D., s. Rev. Adam and Sally 
Haines (Ricker) Wilson; b. 1834, Feb. 24, Portland, Me.; prep. Port- 
land High School; Hebron Acad. ; Colby, 1850-4, A. B. ; A. M. 1857; M. D., 
Jefferson Med. Coll., 1859; in. 1851, June 13, #; ~2 A pro tern. ; rel. in Z 
W, Charles B., s. ; Fred M., George A. and Frederick M., brs. ; William 
E. Brooks, br.-in-law; George A., Jr., and C. K. Brooks, nes. ; mem. 
Me. Hist. Soc.; author of "Illustrated Lectures on Geology"; capt. Co. 
H, 15th Me. Vol., 1861; prov. marshal, Pensacola, Fla., and So. Ala., 
1862-3; surgeon 96th Me. Inf., 1863-4; med. director and med. inspector 
dept., Fla., 1864-5; m. 1861, Jan. 1, Samantha Theresa Perkins; child, 
Charles B. ; prin. of East Corinth Acad. and Dexter High School, 1854-7; 
physician, 1861-6; d. 1866, Mar. 15, Dexter, Me, 


*BALDWIN, WILLIAM HENRY, s. Jotham and Martha Par- 
ker (Swan) Baldwin ; b. 1832, Aug. 13, New Sharon, Me. ; prep. 
Farmington Acad.; Colby, 1851-5; Union, A. B., 1855, A. M., Colby; 
Harvard Law School; in. 1851, Nov. 8, A 2; rel. in Z W, J. F., Chas. 
P. and Lloyd, brs.; mem. Cincinnati Lit. Soc.; Loyal Legion; judge 

242 CHI CHAPTER 1855 

advocate gen. G. A. R. ; lieut. col. 83d Ohio ; brev. col. and brig. gen. 
"for gallant and meritorious service on the battlefield" ; m. 1879, Sept. 

29, Isabella C. Butter field ; children, William H., Frank G., Mary, 
Edward ; lawyer, Cincinnati, 1857-98 ; d. 1898, June 11, Norwood, O. 

BENNER, EDWARD RANDALL, Waldoboro, Me., s. Edward 
and Mary Leonora (Levensaler) Benner; b. 1833, Mar. 21, Waldoboro, 
Me.; prep. Waterville; Colby, 1851-4; Dartmouth, 1854-5; in. 1852, Mar. 
27, 2; m. 1869, June 24, Sarah C. Allen; children, Allen R., Chas. W., 
RichardS., Harold; teacher, Waldoboro, 1855-7; lawyer, 1857-9; teacher, 
Marysville, Cal., 1859-63; mining in Idaho, 1863-4; druggist, Waldo- 
boro, 1865 . 

*CLARK, THOMAS HOPKINSON, s. John and Sarah (Hink- 
ley) Clark; b. 1830, Oct. 22, New Sharon, Me.; prep. Kent's Hill, Me.; 
Colby, 1851- ; in. 1852, March 27; rel. in Z W, Rev. Albion B. Clark, 
br. ; corp. 1st Regiment Mich. Vols. ; wounded fatally Malvern Hill, Va. ; 
prin. Williamsport (Ind.) High School, 1858-9; d. 1863, Aug. 15, from 

*DAVIS, HARRISON ALLEN, s. David and Hannah (Marchant) 
Davis; b. ; prep. Colby, 1851; in. 1851, Mar. 21, 2; rel. in 

Z W, David, br.; Albert Golby Getchell, br.-in-law; d. 1854. 

*DINGLEY, NELSON, JR., LL. D., s. Nelson and Jane (Lambert) 
Dingley; b. 1832, Feb. 15, Durham, Me.; prep. Waterville Acad. ; 
Colby, 1851-3; Dartmouth, 1853-5; A. B., 1855, Dartmouth; LL. D., 
Bates Coll., 1874; Dartmouth, 1894; # B K; in. in Chi Chapter, 1852, 
Mar. 14; founder of the Psi Chapter (Dartmouth), $; A $ A; 2 p A; rel. in 
Z W, Albert Grant, s. ; m. 1858, June 11, Salome McKenney; children, 
Henry McKenney, Charles Lincoln, Edward N., Arthur Howard, Albert 
Grant and Edith ; admitted to bar, 1856; published Lewiston Journal, 
1856; mem. Me. House Rep., 1862-5, 1868-73; Speaker of House, 1863-4; 
Gov. Me., 1874-5; Rep. in Cong., 2d Dist. Me., 1881 death; served on 
Com. on Banking and Currency; on Am. Shipbuilding Interests; on 
Appropriations; on Ways and Means; in 1897 chairman of latter com. 
and leader of the majority; was offered the position of Sec. of the 
Treasury in Cabinet of Pres. McKinley; mem. of the Anglo-American 
High Joint Commission, 1898-9; d. 1899, Jan. 13, Washington, D. C. 

GRAY, OLIVER CROSBY, LL. D., Little Rock, Ark. (c/o School 
for Blind), s. Peter Tuffs and Elizabeth Kennedy Gray; b. 1832, Dec. 

30, Jefferson, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1851-5; A. B., 
1855; A. M., St. John's Coll., 1867; A. M., Colby, 1869; LL. D., Colby, 
1884; in. 1852, Mar. 14, 3>; rel. in Z W, Almore and Henry A. Kennedy 
(dec'd), 1st cous. ; Mason, all degrees of York and Scotch Rites, com- 
manding officer of each separate body; author of a course of pure 
mathematics, not published; Confederate Army, 1861-5: lieut. -col. on 
Gen. Armstrong's staff; m. 1858, May 27, Virginia L. Davis; 1889, 
June 17, Mrs. Mary M. Beatty; children, Carl R. and Ethel ; supt. 
public schools, Minneapolis, 1856-7; prin. Monticello Acad., 1858-9; 
Princeton Arkansas Acad., 1860-1; prin. Princeton Female Acad., 
1866-7; prof, of mathematics, St. John's Coll., 1868-71; pres. same, 
1872-5; prof, mathematics, Univ. Ark., 1875-86; prin. Public Schools 
and Mayor, Fayettville, Ark., 1887-8; prin. Ark. School for Blind, 

*HEATH, WILLIAM SOLYMAN, s. Solyman and Emily (Red- 
ington) Heath; b. 1834, Mar. 13, Belfast, Me.; prep. Belfast Acad.; 
Yale, 1851-2; Colby, 1852-5; A. B., Colby; in. 1852, Nov. 13, $; rel. in 
Z W, Col. Francis E. Heath, br. ; capt. Co. H, 3d Me. Vol., 1861, at 
Bull Run; lieut. -col. 5th Me., 1861; at battle White House Landing, 

1855-6 CHI CHAPTER 243 

1862; killed at Games' Mill, 1862; m. 1856, Nov. 11, Mary E. Moor; 
children, two sons and one daughter; admitted to bar, 1856; lawyer 
Minneapolis, 1856-8; vice-consul, 1858; lawyer Rockland, Me., 1859-61; 
d. 1862, June 27. 

LINCOLN, WILLIAM SHERMAN, Colby, 1851; in. 1851, 

Nov. 15; d. 

TRASK, HENRY KENDALL, LL. D., Bridgeton, N. J., s. Enos 
and Sallie (Haggrett) Trask; b. 1831, Sept. 2, Windsor, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1851-5; A. B., 1855; A. M., 1857; LL. D., 
1886; pres. lit. soc. ; in. 1852, May 1, $; rel. in Z W, Zoradus C., br. ; 
m. 1858, Sept. 9, Sarah Chapin Marston; children, Henry M., Albert 
M. ; prin. Bloomfield Acad., 1855-7; of High School, Norris, Ills., 
1857-61; of Wayland Univ., Beaver Dam, Wis., 1861-9; of South Jersey 
Inst., Bridgeton, N. J., 1870. 

*WALL, HIRAM FULLER, s. Ariel and Lydia (True) Wall; b. 
1832, Apr. 11, Hallowell, Me.; prep. Hallowell High School; Colby, 
1851-5, A. B.; in. 1852, Mar. 20, A $; d. 1855, Sept. 13, Hallowell, Me. 

*WHITE, ROSCOE JAMES, s. Hon. James and Lydia (Wood) 
White; b. 1835, Sept. 16, Belfast, Me.; prep. Belfast Acad.; Colby, 
1851-5, A. B. ; in. 1852, Mar. 14, $; admitted to bar, 1859; tanning 
business, 1860-5; d. 1868, Aug. 30, Augusta, Me. 


ALLIN, FRANCIS WAYLAND, 1 Broadway (res., Stevens House), 
N. Y. City, s. Mnason and Amy (Crandall) Allin; b. 1838, May 16, Provi- 
dence, R. I.; prep. Providence High School; Colby, 1853-5; in. 1854, 
June 17; wholesale grocer, N. Y., 1855-64; oil business, Oil City, Pa., 
1864-6; merchandise broker, N. Y., 1866-77; m'f'r Cash Register, Chase 
Pipe Cutting and Threading Machine; built first Newfoundland R. R., 
1881, and Canandaigua waterworks ; mica mining in N. C. ; monopoly of 
R. R. in Bogota, U. S. C., 1884 . 

FARWELL, EDWIN WAIT, s. ; prep. ; Colby 

in. 1853, Mar. 23. 

*MILLER, CHARLES ANDREW, s. Rev. Charles and Susan 
D. (Thompson) Miller; b. 1834, Aug. 13, Wenham, Mass.; prep. 
Bloomfield Acad. ; Colby, 1852-6, A. B. ; in. 1852, Sept. 18, ; 2 A; maj. 2d 
Me. Cav., 1863-5; admitted to the bar, 1858; clerk in office Sec. State; 
ass't clerk in Me. House Rep., 1858-9; clerk, 1860-3; in partnership 
Heath & Miller, 1859-61; farmer, Ala., 1865-9; Ala. Sec. State, 1869-70; 
treas. and director Ala. & Chattanooga R. R., 1870-7; delegate to Rep. 
Nat. Con., 1867; d. 1877, May 7, Skowhegan, Me. 

*NORCROSS, CARROLL, s. Nathaniel and Nancy Chaloner (Gibbs) 
Norcross; b. 1831, Nov. 10, North Livermore, Me.; prep. Hallowell 
Acad.; Colby, 1852-3; in. 1852, Oct. 2; teacher; d. 1854, Feb. 23, North 
Livennore, Me. 

PARSONS, MARCUS LINDLEY, Skowhegan, Me., s. John and 
Catharine (Pollard) Parsons; b. 1835, Sept. 30, Cornville, Me.; prep. 
Bloomfield Acad. ; Colby, 1852-4; in. 1853, Apr. 9; fanning, lumbering, 

SANGER, CHARLES WAYNE, Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa., s. 
Zebulon and Charlotte (Wayne) Sanger; b. 1836, July 25, Waterville, 
Me.; prep. Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1852-5; Union, 1855-6; A. B., 1856, 
Union; in. 1852, Sept. 18, 2 A, pro tern. ; charter mem. Theta Chapter; 
rel. in Z W, Dr. Eugene F., br.; m. 1863, Jan. 1, Matilda White; chil- 
dren, Wayne Dennis, Carl Dennis, Mabel; m'f'r and banker. 

244 CHI CHAPTER 1856-7 

SMITH, CHARLES HENRY, 1728 Q St., Washington, D. C., s. 
Aaron and Sally (Gile) Smith; b. 1827, Nov. 1, Hollis, Me.; prep. 
Limerick, Me; Colby, 1852-6; A. B., 1856; A. M., 1861; class marshal; 
librarian lit. soc. ; $ B K; in. 1853, Apr. 23, A 2; col. 1st Me. 
cav. ; brev. maj.-gen., thrice wounded; m. 1864, July 28, Mary Rich- 
ards Livermore; children, Charles, Mary; teacher, 1856-60; lawyer, 
1865-6; Me. State Senator, 1866; col. and brev. maj.-gen., U. S. A., 

*SNOW, CHARLES WESLEY, M. D., s. William and Fannie W. 
(Jewett) Smith; b. 1834, Aug. 11, Cornville, Me.; prep. Bloomfield 
Acad.; Colby, 1852-6, A. B. ; M. D., Bowdoin, 1860; in. 1852, Oct. 16, <2>; 
ass't surgeon, U. S. A., 1864-5; m. 1861, Feb. , Cynthia Wentworth; 
two children; physician, 1860-76; d. 1876, Sept. 28, Skowhegan, Me. 


(Murdock) Bridgham; b. 1834, June 20, Hebron, Me.; prep. Hebron 
Acad.; Colby, 1853-7; in. 1854, June 17, 2 p; rel. in Z W, T. S. Bridg- 
ham, cou.jlst lieut., 1861; m. 1859, Susan S. Hayford; child, Annie 
Bridgham; teacher, lawyer, appraiser in Portland Custom House; d. 1866, 
Buckfield, Me. 

EMERSON, EDWIN RUTHVEN, Salida, Col., s. Myrick and 
Deborah Haskell (Megguier) Emerson ; b. 1830, July 28, New Gloucester, 
Me.; prep. Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1853-5; in. 1853, Nov. 5, 2; F. 
and A. M. ; m. 1863, Feb. 3, Ellen Russell ; child, Adele; civil engineer 
first railroad survey Marquette to Ontonagon, Mich. , 1857-8 ; chief clerk 
of U. S. Officer in charge of Dept. of Maine, 1862-6; chief engineer Knox 
& Lincoln R. R., 1869-72; engineer of Lockwood Co. building, Lockwood 
Cotton Mills, 1874-6; mining, 1877 ; treas. Chaff ee Co., Col., 1879-82. 

HOLDEN, LIBERTY EMERY (Hollenden House), Cleveland, O., 
s. Liberty and Sally Cox (Stearns) Holden; b. 1833, Raymond, Me.; 
prep. Bethel, Me.; Colby, 1853-5; Univ. Mich., 1856-8, A. B., 1858; 
A. M., 1861 (Univ. Mich.); Soph, class poet; in. 1854, Oct. 16, ; char- 
ter mem., S', & A, 1885; mem. Am. Ass'n for Advancement of Science; 
Union Club, Cleveland; Alto Club, Salt Lake City, Utah; m. 1860, 
Aug. 14, Delia E. Bulkley; children, Charles Emery, Sarah Eliza 
(Holden) Morse, Albert Fairchild, Liberty Dean, Delia Bulkley, Ro- 
berta, Emerie, Gertrude, Guerdon; prof. Rhetoric and English Liter- 
ature, Kalamazoo Coll., 1858-61; supt. schools, Tiffin Co., O., 1861; 
pres. East Cleveland School Board, 1865-74; mining in Utah, 1874-95; 
Ohio Com'r to Columbian Exposition, 1893; editor aad proprietor Cleve- 
land Plain Dealer; proprietor Hollenden Hotel, Cleveland. 

*HOWE, CLINTON, s. Henry and Lucinda (Prentiss) Howe; b. 
1834, Paris, Me.; prep. Hebron Acad.; Colby, 1853; Union Coll., 1854-7, 
A. B. and A. M.; in. 1853, Oct. 29, 2; charter mem. of the Theta; <; m. 
1859, Eliza Heald; 1870, Sept. 6, Sarah Barrows; children, Helen, 
Henry P., Clinton C., John P., Paul H., Benjamin F. ; real estate 
dealer and farmer; d. 1878, Feb. 9, Sumner, Me. 

Davis and Betsey (Richmond) Shepherd; b. 1829, Sept. 14, Fairfield, 
Me.; prep. Bloomfield Acad.; Colby, 1853-7, A. B. ; first graduation 
part; in. 1853, Oct. 14, <2>; B K; lieut., adjt., 18th Me. Vol.; maj., 
lieut.-col., col., 1st Me. Heavy Artillery; brev. gen.; m. 1865, Jan. 23, 
Helen M. Rowell; 1892, Jan. 11, Edith S. Goodwin; teacher Girls' 
High School, Bangor, Me., 1857-62; Civil War, 1862-5; rep., 1875-7, and 
senator Me. Leg., 1877-8; mem. Gov's Council, 1878-9; trustee Univ. of 
Me., of Colby and of Me. insane Hosp. ; banker and woolen m'f'r. 

1858 CHI CHAPTER 245 


BALDWIN, CHARLES PIERCE, Georgetown, Col., s. Jotham 
and Martha Parker (Swan) Baldwin; b. 1833, June 4, New Sharon, 
Me.; prep. Waterville Acad.; Bloomfield Acad.; Colby, 1854-8; A. B., 
1858; A. M., 1861; salutatorian; B K; in. 1854, Sept. 9, 2; rel. in 
Z y 7 ", J. F., Wm. H. and Lloyd, brs. ; Loyal Legion; priv. llth Maine 
Infantry Vol., July to Sept., 1862; capt., 1862-4; maj., 1864-5; lieut.-col., 
1865, Apr. 5; brev. col., 1864, for services at battle of Deep Bottom. Va. ; 
brev. brig. -gen., 1865, Apr. 1, for services at Hatcher's Run, Va. ; pres. 
Court Claims, 1865. May to Nov.; pres. Military Commission, 1865-6; m. 
1881, Dec. 22, Annie Ward; master Boys' High School, Bangor, Me., 
two years; silver mining in Col. 

BROWN, SIMON STRATTON, Waterville, Me., s. Luke and 
Polly (Gilman) Brown ; b. 1833, July 6, Benton, Me. ; prep. Water- 
ville Acad. ; Colby, 1854-8; A. B. 1858; A. M. ; pres. and rec. sec. Eroso- 
phian Adelphic Soc. ; in. 1854, Sept. 30, $ ; F A pro tern. ; rel. in Z W, 
William W. Brown, s. ; Thos. W. Barker, ne. ; $ B K; F. & A. M. ; m. 1861, 
June 30, Hepsie B. Wig-gin; children, Frank E., Jennie I., Caddie H., 
William Wirt; selectman; Town Clerk; School Com.; mem. Maine 
House Rep. ; Gov. Council, 1878 ; lawyer. 

*EMERY, SABINE, s. Henry Tilton and Mary E. (Stover) Emery ; 
b. 1834, Feb. 8, Eastport, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1854-S, 
A. B.; in. 1854, Oct. 7, A $ ; capt. Co. A, 9th Maine Vol., 1861, pro- 
moted to maj., lieut. col. ; 1863, May 27, col. ; present at capture of 
Hilton Head, S. C. , 1862 ; on garrison and picket duty Fernandina, Fla. ; 
outpost duty Hilton Head, before Fort Warner, Charleston, S. C., till 
evacuation, in centre of assaulting- column in attack upon Ft. Warner 
and wounded in leg, 1863 ; resigned and honorably discharged 1864, May 
25; m. 1862, Oct. 26, Miss Louisa M. Flint; law student with Hon. 
Stephen Coburn, Skowhegan, Me. ; admitted 1864, Oct. 22 ; prin. Bloom- 
field Acad. and Eastport High School ; lawyer in Maryland, 1865-8 ; 
d. 1868, Mar. 24, Baltimore, Md. 

*HEATH, FRANCIS EDWARD, s. Solyman and Emily (Red- 
ington) Heath; b. 1838, Feb. 28, Belfast, Me.; prep. ; Colby, 

1854-5; in. 1854, Sept. 30, #; rel. in Z W, William Solyman, br.; 1st 
lieut. Co. H, 3d Me. Vol., 1861; at Bull Run, Williamsburg, Seven 
Pines, Games' Mills, Mechanicsville, Savage Station and Malvern 
Hill; capt., 1862; lieut.-col. 19th Maine; col. same, 1863; distinguished 
himself at Gettysburg; resigned 1863; lieut. -col. on Gov. 's staff; m. 
1863, Clara Moore; child, Edward W. ; one term Me. House Rep., 
1882; two terms Senate, 1883-5; wood pulp m'f'r; treas. Kennebec 
Fibre Co., 1874-97; treas. of Somerset Fibre Co., 1881-97; d. 1897, Dec. 
20, Waterville, Me. 

HINDS, AMOS LUNT, Benton Falls, Me., s. Asher and Lucy H. 
(Turner) Hinds; b. 1833, Nov. 12, Clinton, Me. ; prep. Waterville Acad. ; 
Colby, 1854-8; A. B.; A. M.; in. 1857, Sept. 12, A $; m. 1859, Aug. 1, 
Lettice Orr Reed; child, Lucy Turner; farmer. 

HUBBARD, DANIEL BRACKETT, 306 Main St., Worcester, 
Mass., s. Allen and Sarah Bradbury (Lord) Hubbard; b. 1835, Hiram, 
Me.; prep. Livingston Acad.; Colby, 1854 ; Inst. of Tech., Boston, 
1870; in. 1855, Apr. 7, 2 p; mem. Mass. Club, Boston; Company G, 
15th Mass. Regt. ; m. 18 , 18 ; head-master Matthew School, 

Boston, 1865-8; U. S. Consul to Saxony, 1889-93; chairman School 
Board of Grafton, Mass., nine years; of Board of Assessors six years; 
judge of Court of Insolvency, Worcester Co., Mass., nine years. 

246 CHI CHAPTER 18S8-9 

*PARKER, WILLIAM TRIPP, s. Peter and Sarah (Hersom) 
Parker; b. 1839, Oct. 11, Farmington, Me.; prep. Me. Wesleyan Sem. ; 
Colby, 1854-8, A. B.; in. 1855, Apr. 21, $; first lieut. Co. C, 18th Me. 
Vol.; capt. Co. L, 1st Me. Heavy Artillery; fatally wounded Battle 
Spotsylvania, Va., 1864; m. 1862, Aug. 10, Margaret W. Joy; prin. 
Ellsworth High School, 1858-9; prof. Mathematics Bethel Coll., Russell- 
ville, Ky., 1859-60; d. 1864, May 19, Spotsylvania, Va. 

PATTISON, EVERETT WILSON, 705 Olive St. (res., 4254 Olive 
St.), St. Louis, Mo., s. Robert Everett and Frances (Wilson) Pattison; 
b. 1839, Feb. 22, Waterville, Me.; prep. Pierce Acad. ; Colby, 1854-8, 
A. B.; A. M. 1866, Shurtliffe Coll.; in. 1854, Oct. 11, #; mem. Mer- 
cantile and Univ. Clubs, St. Louis; Z W Club, N. Y. ; G. A. R.; Loyal 
Legion;F. & A. M. ; author of "Digest Decisions, Appellate Court, Mo."; 
contributions to Am. and Eng. Encyc. Law; enlisted 2d Mass. Inf., 
1861; 1st sergt. Co. I, 1861-2; 2d lieut. and 1st lieut. Co. E, 1862; capt. Co. 
F, 1863; m. 1861, June 15, Mardia Scott Whitehouse; 1892, Sept. 24, Allen 
Maynard Gould; child, Martha; teacher, W. Gardiner, 1838-59; Oread 
Inst., Worcester, Mass., 1859-61; lawyer, St. Louis, 1865 . 

*PERCIVAL, GEORGE GILMAN, M. D., s. Sumner and Lydia 
(Gilman) Percival; b. 1837, Dec. 20, Waterville, Me.; prep. Coburn 
Class. Inst.; Colby, 1854-8; A. B. 1858; Yale Scientific Dept., 1859-60; 
med. student, Bowdoin, Univ. of N. Y. and Bellevue, 1861-3; M. D. 
Bellevue, 1863; in. 1854, Sept. 23, A #; mem. Franklin Inst. ; inventor 
electric gas-lighting apparatus; ass't surgeon New York Vol.; house 
surgeon military hospital; druggist, lecturer Penn. Homoeopathic Med. 
Coll., 1867-9; chemist; m. 1867, Feb. 19, Isabel B. Jones; children, two 
sons; d. 1882, Aug. 3, Waterville, Me. 


CROSBY, LUTHER BYRON, M.D., Brownville, Me., s. Luther 
and Ethelinda(Getchell) Crosby; b. 1833, Sept. 8, Albion, Me. ; prep. China 
and Waterville, Me.; Colby, 1855-7; M.D. Maine Med. School, 1868 (Bow- 
doin); in. 1855, Oct. 27; rel. in Z W, E. H. and N. H. Crosby, s. ; 
Atwood, br. ; 2d lieut. Co. F, 7th Maine Inf. ; m. 1857, Mar. 18; children, 
Edgar H., Alice M., Fannie W., Nathaniel H., Lois H., Minnie A. and 
Byron ; teaching; physician, 1868 ; mem. U. S. Exam. Bd. for Pensions. 

FISH, CHARLES, Brunswick, Me., s. Ira and Abra (Hayes) Fish ; 
b. 1832, Sept. 2, Lincoln, Me.; prep. Waterville; Colby, 1855-6; Bow- 
doin, 1863-5; A. B. 1865, A. M. 1868, Bowdoin; in. 1855, Oct. 30, 2; 
rel. in Z W, Fred O. Fish, s.; $ B K; F. and A. M.; m. 1859, 
Sept. 22, Sarah L. Rogers; children, Mary L., Ira L., Fred O., Ralph E. ; 
Prin. Washington Acad., 1866-71 ; scientific dept., Hallowell Class. 
School, 1871-6; Prin. Olcitown High School, 1876-81; Brunswick High 
School, 1881. 

Abigail (Taylor) Fletcher; b. 1833, July 23, Bloomfield, Me.; prep. 
Bloomfield Acad. ; Colby, 1855-9, A. B. 1859 ; A. M. ; in. 1855, Oct. 
20, ; rel. in Z W, Albert P. and John O. Marble, brs.-in-law; $ B K; 
capt. Co. A, 7th Maine Vol. ; maj. same Regt. ; lieut. col. and brev. col. 
1st Maine Veterans ; m. 1863, Jan. 18, Vesta C. Marble ; children, 
Emeline M. (Mrs. Chas. Dickson), Edwin N. and J. William; teacher 
three years ; pastor Bapt. Church, Wilson, N. H. , seven years ; New 
London, fourteen years; Dexter, Me., five years; Monson, Me., three 
years; d. 1898, Dec. 10, Dexter, Me. 

1859-60 CHI CHAPTER 247 

GOODRICH, FOSTER DANIEL, s. and Goodrich; 

b. 1834, Oct. 13, Bingham, Me.; prep. Waterville Acad.; Colby, 
1854-9; A. B., 1859; A. M., 1862; in. 1858, Sept. 15, ; sergt.-maj., 
7th Me. Inf., 2d and 1st lieut.; 1st Me. Vet. Vols.; admitted to bar, 
1866; Minn. State Senate, 1878-82; lawyer; d. 1889, Sept. 4, Blue Earth 
City, Minn. 

Mary (Danforth) Kelley; b. 1838, Dec. 14, Calais, Me.; prep. Calais, 
Me.; Colby, 1855-9; in. 1855, Oct. 13; rel. in Z W, Benjamin Franklin, 
br.; d. 1860, Dec. 15. 

Burmah, India, s. Samuel Francis and Mary (White) Smith; b. 1840, 
June 18, Waterville, Me. ; prep, at home by father; Colby, 1855-8; Har- 
vard, 1858-9, A. B., D. D.; Union Theo. Inst., 1883; Newton Theo. Inst., 
1863; $ B K; in. 1856, Apr. 26; rel. in Z V, Henry W. Foote; author of 
"Translation in Karen of Wayland's Moral Science," "Annotations of 
the Annotated Paragraph Bible," "Elements of Logic," "Hand Book 
of the Bible," "Pastor's Hand Book"; m. 1863, Aug. 19, Sarah Lincoln 
Stephens; children, Appleton W., AnnaH., Sarah L., Lincoln, Emma 
W., Elizabeth L., Mary W. ; private tutor on plantation Barnwell 
District, 1859-60; pres. Karen Theo. Sem., Burma, 1876. 

TURNER, MANLEY WILLIAM, 510 Douglas Bldg., Los Angeles, 
Cal., s. John and Deborah (Curtis) Turner; b. 1836, Apr. 6, Rome, Me.; 
prep. Skowhegan Acad.; Colby, 1855-7; in. 1857, Feb. 28, 2; rel. in 
Z W, Harry C. Turner, ne. ; F. and A. M. ; m. 1860, Susan A. Pratt; 
1893, Emily F. Corson; insurance, stockbroker; electric plant m'g'r ; 
crude oil producer. 


HAYNES, J. MANCHESTER, Augusta, Me., s. Josiah M. and 
( ) Haynes ; b. 1839, Waterville, Me. ; prep. Waterville Acad. ; 
Colby, 1856-60, A. B., and A. M., 1863; in. 1856, Sept. 27, 2 p A ; F. & 
A. M. ; prin. of Lincoln Acad., 1860-2; lawyer, New York, 1864; lieut.- 
col. staff of Gov. Me., 1871; inspector-gen. Me. militia, 1873; House of 
Rep., Me., 1876-83; speaker Me. House of Rep., 1883; pres. Senate, 
1878-9; Nat. Republican Convention, 1884-92; pres. Augusta, Hollowell 
& Gardiner R. R. Co.; of Augusta Safe Deposit & Trust Co.; of Haynes 
& DeWitt Ice Co. ; of Echo Lake Ice Co. ; of Kennebec Ice Co. ; of Kennebec 
Land & Lumber Co. ; of Haynes & Lawrence Ice Co. ; m'f 'g and ship- 
building and ice business. 

*HINDS, ALBERT DWELLEY, s. Asher and Lucy H. (Turner) 
Hinds; b. 1835, Nov. 3, Benton, Me.; prep. Clinton Acad.; Colby, 
1856-7; in. 1856, Sept. 27; rel. in Z W, Amos L., Asher C., Roswell 
S., brs. ; Asher C., s. ; m. 1861, Dec., Charlotte Flag; children, 
Asher C., Elizabeth C. ; mem. Me. Leg., 1863; farmer; d. 1873, June 20, 
Benton, Me. 

KENNEDY, ALMORE, Waldoboro, Me., s. Henry and Rachel 
(Lincoln) Kennedy; b. 1838, Jan. 27, Waldoboro, Me.; prep. Water- 
ville and Bloomfield; Colby, 1856-60, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1856, June 
27, $; A $ A pro tern.; rel. in Z W, Oliver C. Gray, cou. ; Henry A. 
(dec'd), br. ; mem. F. & A. M. ; dis. dep. Grand Master, 1876-89; judge 
of Insolvent Court, 1878-80; State Senator, 1872-3; judge of Probate, 
1877-80; lawyer. 

248 CHI CHAPTER 1860-1 

*KENNEDY, HENRY ABIAL, s. Henry and Rachel (Lincoln) 
Kennedy; b. 1834, Nov. 6, Waldoboro, Me.; prep. Waterville and Bloom- 
field; Colby, 1856-60, A. B. ; in. 1856, Sept. 27, <?; rel. in Z W, Almore, 
br., and Oliver C. Gray, cou. ; mem. F. & A. M. ; shipbuilder, 1860-3; 
dept. collector of customs, 1863-81; collector of customs, 1881-83, Waldo- 
boro, Me. ; d. 1884, Mar. 9, Waldoboro. 

SHAW, JACOB BARTLETT, Cambridge, Mass., s. Jacob and 
Hannah Proctor (Bartlett) Shaw; b. 1837, June 23, Albion, Me.; prep. 
China and Waterville Acads. ; Colby, 1856-60, A. B., A. M. ; marshal; in. 

1856, Sept. 27, ; rel. in Z W, Rev. Erastus M., br. ; mem. Handel and 
Haydn Orchestra and Choral Soc. ; author of prize essay "Benjamin 
Franklin," and "The Moors in Spain"; miscellaneous poems; m. 1860, 
Oct. 23, Harriet Ellen Dunn; children, Elmer B., Wallace H., Carrie 
E., Hattie M. ; commission merchant; pension examiner. 

*WEST, WILLIAM WALLACE, M. D., s. James M. and Anna N. 
(Soule) West; b. 1839, Oct. 17, Waterville, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. 
Inst. ; Colby, 1856-60, A. B. ; M. D., Grove St. Med. Coll., Boston; in. 

1857, Feb. 28, #; hosp. steward, 8th Me. Vol., with regiment at An- 
napolis, Fortress Monroe, Hilton Head, Port Royal; ass't surgeon 8th Me., 
1861-2; d. 1862, Feb. 5, Waterville, Me. 


*BURBANK, JOSIAH PRESCOTT, s. Eleazar and Mary (Prescott) 
Burbank ; b. 1839, Apr. 8, Waterville, Me. ; prep. Yarmouth Acad. and 
Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1857-9; in. 1857, Oct. 3; rel. in Z W, A. P. 
Marble, John O. Marble, cous. ; m. 1876, Nov. 1, Mary Ludlow Looney ; 
children, Edith, Grace; Mississippi planter ; wholesale tobacconist in 
Kentucky; stock broker in New York City; d. 1897, Jan. 30, New York City. 

CLARK, JULIUS STIMPSON, M. D., Melrose, Mass., s. Dr. 
Albert S. and Ann (Herbert) Clark; b. 1838, Mar. 22, Bristol, Me.; prep. 
Yarmouth Acad. and Auburn Acad. ; Colby, 1857-9; graduated George- 
town Med. Coll., 1869; in. 1857, Sept. 19, 2 p; mem. Mass. Med. Soc.; 
pres. Middlesex Med. Soc., 1892-5; capt. and brev. maj.; provost mar- 
shal and supt. freedman, 1865-6; on duty 9th U. S. Cavalry, 1886-7; 
m. 1873, Nov. 19, Eliza Isabel Vennard; children, Anita B., Julius V., 
Egbert Greely; health officer and city physician of New Orleans; of 
Charity Hosp., N. O.; resident physician Miss. Quarantine, Louisiana; 
mem. N. O. city school com., 1873-4; U. S. pension examiner and mem. 
school com., Melrose, Mass. 

HATCH, REV. WILLIAM ALLEN, Monroe City, Mo., s. William 
Henry and Betsey (Barrow) Hatch; b. 1840, Nov. 20, Oakland, Me.; 
Colby, 1857-61; A. B., 1861; A. M., 1864; Harvard Med., 1867, M. D. ; in. 
1857, Oct. 7, ; grand chaplain Mo. F. & A. M., 1892-6: 2d, 1st lieut., 
capt., Co. G, 3d Me.; maj. 80th U. S. Vol.; m. 1868, June , Caroline M. 
Earl; 1887, Apr. 21, Martha Thomas; children, William Henry, Lester 
D., Richard A., Elizabeth; physician, 1867-8; prefect and instructor 
Girard Coll., 1869-70; druggist, 1872-8; priest Prot. Epis. Church, 
1882; dean of convocation, 1893 ; deputy Epis. Gen. Convention, 1895-8. 

s. Benjamin Franklin and Rebecca (Barnard) Hussey; b. 1836, Aug. 17, 
Fairfield, Somerset Co., Me.; prep. Bloomfield Acad.; Colby, 1857-8; 
A. M. (Hon.), 1876; in. 1857, Sept. 19; m. 1860, Apr. 3, Angeline Lord; 
children, Annie Rebecca, Albert Franklin; grad. Newton Theo. Inst., 
1872; teacher, 1858-63; pastor First Bapt. Church, Grafton, Mass., 1872- 
9; North Hampton, Mass., 1879-92; West Bolyston, Mass., 1892-6; Roger 
Williams Bapt. Church, Providence, R. I., 1897-9; St. Johnsbury Bapt. 
Church, 1898. 

1861-2 CHI CHAPTER 249 

MARBLE, ALBERT PRESCOTT PH. D., 146 Grand St. (res., 
78 W. 94th St.), N.Y., s. John and Emeline (Prescott) Marble; b. 1836, May 
21, Vassalboro, Me. ; prep. Yarmouth, Vassalboro and Waterville Acad. ; 
Colby, 1857-61; A. B. 1861, A. M. 1864, Ph. D. ; B K; prize in 
oratory; pres. lit. soc. ; in. 1857, Oct. 3, 3>; rel. in Z W, John C., br. ; 
Josiah Prescott Burbank, cou. ; Stephen C. Fletcher, br.-in-law; author 
of "Reports of Worcester Schools," 1868-93; " Sanitary Condition of 
School-houses," Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C. ; recruiting 
officer, Wis., 1862; m. 1861, Aug. , Louise Wells Marston; child, 
Katherine; teachers ass'n; pres. National Educational Ass'n, 1889; 
prin. Worcester Acad., 1866; supt. schools, Worcester, 1868-94; same, 
Omaha, Neb., 1894-5; New York Associates, supt., 1896. 

PARSONS, DAVID ELKINS, M. D., Oakland, Me., s. David and 
Beulah (Lancaster) Parsons; b. 1836, Dec. 3, Cornville, Me.; prep. 
Bloomfield Acad.; Colby, 1857-8; Union Coll., 1858-60; Me. Med. School; 
Harvard Med. Dept., M. D. 1866; in. 1858, Mar. 26, 2; mem. Me. and 
Am. Med. Ass'ns; G. A. R.; F. and A. M.; mem. Co. A, 19th Me., 
1862 ; priv., 2d lieut., 1st lieut., capt. ; wounded Battle Wilderness, 
1864; maj., 1864, Nov. 11; m. 1864, Feb. 20, Clara A. Rogers; 1872, Jan. 
30, Belle F. Bixby; children, D. Whitman, Mary B. ; physician. 

TRASK, ZORADUS CAREY, Sioux Falls, S. D., s. Rev. Enos and 
Sallie (Haggrett) Trask ; b. 1839, Apr. 10, Nobleboro, Me. ; prep. Bloom- 
field Acad. ; Colby, 1857-61, A. B. ; in. 1857, Sept. 19, 2 p ; rel. in Z W, 
Henry K., br. ; m. 1862, July 10, Lydia L. Burchard ; child, Katherine 
B. ; prin. Bloomfield Acad.; supt. schools, Beaver Dam, Wis.; m'g'r 
Royal Union Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Des Moines, la., for Minn., la. and 
So." Dakota, 1890; treas. and trustee Sioux Falls Coll. 


*BODFISH, FRANK, M. D., s. Frank and Lucinda (Philbrick) 
Bodfish; b. 1841, Feb. 15, Fairfield, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst; 
Colby, 1858-62; A. B., 1862; M. D., Bowdoin Med. School, 1864; in 1858, 
Sept. 15, #; rel. in Z W, Henry M., br. ; hosp. steward, 21st Maine Vol., 
1862; asst. surgeon, 56th 111. Vol., 1864-5; same, 1st Maine Cavalry, 1865; 
m. 1868, Feb. 6, Sarah B. Moore; child, W. H. Bodfish; physician and 
druggist; d. 1886, July 16, North Anson, Me. 

BROOKS, REV. WILLIAM EUSTIS, D. D., South Paris, Me., s. 
George and Anna (Eustis) Brooks; b. 1835, June 6, Kingfield, Me.; 
prep. Bloomfield Acad.; Colby, 1858-62, A. B. ; A. M., 1865; D. D., 1890; 
in. 1858, Sept. 15, <?; rel. in Z W, Clayton K., s. ; Judge Geo. A. Wilson 
and Dr. Fred N. Wilson, bros.-in-law; Geo. A. Wilson, Jr., Chas. 
B. Wilson, nes. ; J. B. Wilson (dec'd), bro.-in-law; author of "Two 
Hundredth Anniversary Clinton Cong. Church," memorial of Dr. D. H. 
Hubbard; editor The Weekly Messenger, 1888-92; 1st lieut. and capt. Co. 
E, 16th Me.; m. 1862, Aug. 6, Angle R. Wilson; children, Albion D. 
Wilson, William E., Jr., Ida May, Clayton Kingman; pastor, 1865-80; 
pres. Tillotson Collegiate and Normal Inst., Austin, Tex., 1880-5; pastor 
Covenant Cong. Church, Chicago, Ills., 1885-93; Benton Harbor First 
Cong. Church, 1896-8; South Paris, Me., 1899. 

CLARKE, SAMUEL WARREN, Newcastle, Me., s. James and 
Maria Louisa (Jones) Clarke; b. 1839, Apr. 19, Newcastle, Me. ; prep. 
Lincoln Acad.; Colby, 1858-60; Union, 1860-2; in. 1858, Sept. 15, $; 
rel. in Z W, Theodore and James W., brs., and Walter B. and Albert 
W., nes.; mem. F. & A. M. and G. A. R.; capt. Co. H, 21st Maine 

250 CHI CHAPTER 1862-3 

Vol., 1862-3; commanded vol. storming co. at Port Hudson, 1863; capt. 
Co. E, 2d Maine Cavalry, Dec., 1863-65; lumber business in Fla., 1866-9; 
insurance business, Boston, 1869-71; teaching in Boston and vicinity, 
1871-90; agent Am. Book Co., 1890-7. 

*DYER, SAMUEL SLEEPER, s. Gideon Barlow and Mahala 
(Sleeper) Dyer; b. 1835, Mar. 28, New Sharon, Me. ; prep. Me. Wesleyan 
Sem. ; Colby, 1858-60; in. 1858, Sept. 15; capt. 19th Me. Vol; teacher, 
Dayton, O., 1860-61; d. from wounds received in battle, 1865, July 31, 
Bermuda hundred. 

*HINCKLEY, CALVIN BOS WORTH, s. Josiah and ( ) 

Hinckley; b. 1838, Mercer, Me.; prep. ; Colby, 1858-9; in. 1858, 

Sept. 15; capt. 19th Maine; d. 

HUNT, REV. GEORGE LANGFORD, D. D., 7 Pine St. (res., 43 Rut- 
land Road), N. Y. City, s. Robert and Helen (Langford) Hunt; b. 1843, Oct. 
21, Boston, Mass. ; prep. Woburn High School ; Colby, 1858-62; A. B. , 1862; 
A. M., 1865; D. D., 1875; Wake Forest Coll. , N. C. ; first prize for oratory; 
class poet; in. 1858, Oct. 2, $; author of "Interpretation by Emphasis," 
"The Zetes Are Marching On," "Come, Brothers, All United in the 
Name of Zeta Psi"; m. 1863, Mary E. Cummings; 1891, Jane A. Brown; 
children, Nettie, Clare and Helen; Newton Theo. Inst. pastor, Barre, 
Mass., 1863-4; Athol, Mass., 1864-7; Northampton, Mass., 1867-70; Mystic 
River, Conn., 1870-81; Hoboken, N. J., 1881-5; chaplain N. Y. Peniten- 
tiary, 1886-7; pastor, Edgefield, S. C., 1887-90; Augusta, Ga., 1890-1; 
pres. Equitable Publishing Co., N. Y., 1892-3; treas. Higgins M'f'g Co., 
1893-8; pres. Oriental Trading Co.; pastor, Jersey City, N. J., 1899. 

WILSON, GEORGE ADAM, So. Paris, Me., s. Adam and 
Sarah H. (Ricker) Wilson; b. 1842, July 31, Turner, Me.; prep. Hebron 
and Waterville Acad. ; Colby, 1858-62; A. B. 1862; A. M. 1865; $ B K 
in. 1858, Sept. 18, <?; rel. in Z W, Geo. A., Jr., s. ; John B., Fred M.,brs. 
Wm. E. Brooks, br.-in-law; Clayton E. Brooks and Charles B., nes. 
F. and A. M. ; author of "Me. Probate Manual"; corp. Co. B, 21stMe. 
at storming of Port Hudson; m. 1865, Aug. 25, Annie L. Blake; children 
Madge Shirley, Geo. Adam, Jr. ; treas. Paris Savings Bank, 1873 
mem. Me. Leg., 1882-3; Judge of Probate, Oxford Co., 1884-97; trustee 
Colby; pres. Paris M'f'g Co., 1886 ; lawyer, 1865 ; referee in bank- 
ruptcy, 1899. 

WYMAN, REV. EDWIN ALLEN, PH. D., D. D., 21 Albion 
St., Maiden, Mass., s. Elijah and Mary (Bicknell) Wyman; b. 1834, 
Apr. 15, Skowhegan, Me. ; prep. Bloomfield Acad. ; Colby, 1858-9; 
Rochester Theo. Sem., 1861; A. M. Middlesborough (Vt.) Coll., 1866; Ph. 
D. Polytechnic Coll. , Miss., 1875, D. D. 1878; Christian's Commission, 
1865, at Battle of Five Forks; in. 1858, Oct. 13; rel. in Z W, Abram 
Wyman, cou. ; chaplain R. A. M. ; pres. Association for Scientific In- 
quiry; mem. Boston Bapt. Ministers Club; grand commander Mass. 
GoldenCross; author of "Acquaintance with God" and "Ships by Day" ; 
m. 1866, Sept. 12, Abbie S. Claflin Walker; child, Ethel May; pastor; 
prof. Louisiana Coll. ; editor religious dept. , Boston Daily Traveller. 

I86 3 

*CROSBY, ATWOOD, M. D., s. Luther and Ethelinda (Getch- 
ell) Crosby; b. 1838, Nov. 1, Albion, Me.; prep. Benton High School; 
Colby, 1859-61, A. M. 1881; M. D. Bowdoin, 1864; in. 1861, March 9; 
rel. in Z W, Dr. Luther B., br. ; Edgar H. and Nathaniel H., nes.; 
mem. Me. Hist. Soc. ; Me. Med. Ass'n; Med. Director, G. A. R.; author 
of essay before Kennebec Soc. for Pres. of Fish and Game, 1878; inventor 
of axe cover for sportsmen, 1879; burglar alarm, 1880; priv., 3d Me. 




Vol., 1861; prisoner in Libby Prison, 1861-2; ass't surgeon, U. S. Navy, 
1864-5; m. 1864, Aug. 13, Elizabeth M. Hanscom; 1870, Feb. 27, Saman- 
tha Theresa (Perkins) Wilson; children (first marriage), Mary L. ; 
(second), Carrol, Katherine, Margaret H. and Atwood H. ; instructor in 
military drill, Colby, 1875-8; councillor Bd. of Trustees, Colby; physi- 
cian; d. 1883, Jan. 25, Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

*GETCHELL, GEORGE CLARK, s. Eleazar Crabtree and Jane 
Helen (Clark) Getchell; b. 1844, Aug. 11, Waterville, Me.; prep. Water- 
ville Acad.; Colby, 1859-62; in. 1859, Sept. 10, 2; orderly sergt. Co. 
A, 20th Maine Vol.; 2d lieut. Co. I; capt. Co. B, 81st U. S. Col. Inf.; 
maj. and brev. lieut.-col. in same "for faithful, meritorious service"; 
d. 1866, Sept. 21, New Orleans, La. 

*HALLETT, JOSEPH TAYLOR, s. Charles and Ruby (Taylor) 
Hallett; b. 1839, June 29, Waterville, Me.; prep. Waterville Acad.; 
Colby, 1859-63; in. 1859, Sept. 16; d. 1864, Sept. 8, Waterville, Me. 

*HINDS, ASHER CROSBY, s. Asher and Lucy Harding (Turner) 
Hinds; b. 1840, Jan. 7, Benton, Me.; Colby, 1859-61; in. 1859, Sept. 28; 
rel. in Z W, Albert D., Amos L., Roswell, brs. ; sergt. Co. G, 3d Me.; 
d. in service, 1863, Mar. 10. 

*HOLMES, GEORGE LEWIS, s. Thomas and Lydia ( ) 

Holmes; b. 1841, Jan. 29, Ellsworth, Me.; prep. ; Colby, 1859-63; 

in. 1860, May 20, A #; d. 1884, , Augusta, Me. 

HOPKINS, GEORGE CALVIN, 88% Exchange St., Portland, 
Me. (res. Deering, Me.), s. Calvin and Sarah S. (Haynes) Hop- 
kins; b. 1843, Feb. 22, Mt. Vernon, Me.; prep. Waterville Acad.; 
Colby, 1859-63, A. B.; in. 1859, Sept. 10, A 2; lieut. Co. G, 19th 
Maine Inf.; author "Hopkins' Digest Maine Reports," "Oliver's Con- 
veyancing," "Tax Laws of Maine"; city clerk, Portland, 1869; city soli- 
citor, Deering, 1892-3; judge Deering Municipal Court, 1894-8; Maine 
House of Rep. , 1899. 

JOY, WILLIAM PERKINS, 307 W. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn., s. 
Nathaniel A. and Dorothy (Johnson) Joy; b. 1841, Apr. 25, Ellsworth, 
Me.; prep. Ellsworth High School and Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1859-65; 
in. 1859, Sept. 10, 2; sergt. -maj. 19th Me. Vols. ; m. 1893, July 2, Jennie 
Gault; lawyer, , Me., 18; St. Paul, Minn., 18; Prohi- 

bition candidate for Gov. of Me., 1880, and Sec. People's Barty State 
Central Com. of Minn. , 1898. 

MARBLE, JOHN OLIVER, M. D., 16 Murray Ave., Worcester, 
Mass., s. John and Emeline (Prescott) Marble; b. 1839, Apr. 26, Vas- 
salboro, Me. ; prep. Waterville Acad. and Oak Grove Sem. ; Colby, 
1859-63, A. B. 1863, A.M. 1865; first prize Junior declamation; class pres., 
1863; Georgetown Univ., M. D., 1868; in. 1859, Sept 10, A ; rel. in Z 
W, Albert P., br. ; Joseph Prescott Burbank, cou. ; mem. Worcester 
District Med. Soc. ; Am. Acad. Med. ; Worcester Club; Worcester Natural 
Hist. Soc. ; fellow Mass. Med. Soc. ; surgeon Worcester Continentals, 
1884-93 ; pres. of directors Worcester Free Public Library; v.-pres. Mass. 
Cremation Soc. ; consulting physician Worcester City Hosp. ; author of 
"Cremation in its Sanitary Aspects," "A Voyage to the Tropics," 
"Fashion in Medicine," "The Medical Examiner for Life Insurance"; 
m. 1873, Apr. 8, Helen Murray Allen; children, Allen, Prescott, Murray; 
Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1870; physician, Worcester, 1870- 
97; retired from practice, 1897. 

252 CHI CHAPTER 1863-4 

MAYO, HORACE, 10 Bethune St., N. Y. City, s. Curtis H. and 
Elizabeth ( ) Mayo; b. 1839, Sept. 12, Waterville, Me. ; prep. 

Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1859-63; in. 1859, Sept. 10, ; rel. in Z W, 
Edward R. Mayo, cou.; author of "'Tis the Old Zeta Psi" song; m. 
1863, Aug. 3, Miranda Crosby; children, Charles Horace, Lyman Crosby ; 

*McALLISTER, HENRY, s. Asa and McAllister; b. 1843, 

June 21, Ellsworth, Me.; prep. ; Colby, 1859- ; in. 1859, 

Sept. 24, ; priv. Co. B, 21st Me. ; d. 

MEADER, NATHANIEL, 101 Silver St., Waterville, Me., s. 
Hanson and Susan Lewis (Shaw) Meader; b. 1836, Nov. 24, Rochester, 
N. H.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1859-65; A. B., 1863; first 
prize Soph. Declamation; editor-in-chief Watervillian; $ B K; in. Sept. 
10, 1859; master of transportation Me. Central Railroad, 1864; merchant, 
Waterville, 1864-75; treas. Hubbard & Blake M'f'g Co., Oakland, 
1876-88; pres. Waterville Electric Light and Power Co., 1888-91; pres. 
Union Gas and Electric Co., 1898 ; mem. Me. House of Rep., 1876-7 
and 1883; Mayor Waterville, 1889-90; treas. Union Gas and Electric 
Co., 1898. 

PILLSBURY, JAMES EDWARD, Peoria, Ills., s. Thomas 
Greene and Elizabeth H. (Dunbar) Pillsbury; b. 1840, Feb. 6, Noble- 
boro, Me.; prep. Bloomfield, Me.; Colby, 1859-60; in. 1860, Feb. 25; 
eminent commander Peoria Commandery; m. 1865, Helen A. Hall; 
children, Lena, Bessie, Grace, Irving, Hester, Ella; teacher, Peoria, 
twelve years; county supt. of schools; county clerk; clerk Circuit Court. 

*SCAMMAN, GEORGE STEPHENS, s. Deacon Stephen and 
Louisa (Baker) Scamman; b. 1845, May 18, Waterville, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1859-63, A. B. ; second prize Soph. Declama- 
tion: in. 1859, Sept. 14; capt. Co. I, llth Me. Vol.; in Grant's army at 
Appomattox; m. 1872, June 5, Mary Augusta Minott; children, three; 
prin. Skowhegan (Me.) High School, 1863; in Kansas, 1866-7; prin. 
West Grammar School, Maiden, Mass., 1868; editor Maiden Tribune one 
year; lawyer, 1872 ; trial justice, Maiden District; Com'r of Me.; 
recorder Court of- Claims; d. 1883, Mar. 22, Maiden, Mass. 

*WEEKS, FRANK, s. Hon. Thaddeus and Esther (Huston) Weeks; 
b. 1836, Aug. 20, Jefferson, Me.; prep. Lincoln Acad. ; Colby, 1859-63; 
in. 1859, Sept. 24; lawyer; d. 1890, Feb. 19, Newcastle, Me. 


BRIGGS, THOMAS BENTON, Davis, Ills., s. Henry Jackson and 
Sylvina (Hewins) Briggs; b. 1840, Nov. 20, Hudson, Me. ; prep. East 
Corinth and Hampden Acads.; Colby, 1860-1; in. 1860, Sept. 9; 1st 
Officer G. A. R. ; F. & A. M. ; Pacific Squadron, 1862-3; sergt. and 
sergt.-maj., 29th Me. Inf., 1863-5; m. 1867, Aug. 27, Jane Hartman ; 
children, Clarence Morton, Fairy Agnes, Jessie Maria, Vignette Minerva; 
town and county officer; teacher and farmer; cashier Farmers' Bank 
of Davis, Ills. 

*BROWN, WILLIAM EDWARD, s. William and Sarah W. 
(Smiley) Brown; b. 1839, Mar. 16, Sidney, Me. ; prep. Westbrook Sem. ; 
Colby, 1860-61; LL.B. Univ. of Albany, 1868; in. 1860, Sept. 16; 3d 
Maine Inf. Vol., 1861; 1st sergt., 1862; wounded at Chantilly and Gettys- 
burg; honorably discharged 1864, June 28; admitted to Worcester bar, 
1868 ; d. 1870, Sept. 13, Lincoln, Neb. 




CUSHING, HENRY JOSEPH, M.D., Merrimac, Mass., s. Joseph 
and Susan (Weston) Cushing- ; b. 1837, Feb. 19, Skowhegan, Me. ; prep. 
Bloomfield Acad. ; Colby, 1860-4; A. B.,1864; M. D., 1868, Harvard; class 
orator; class pres. ; in. 1860, Sept. 10, ; counsellor Mass. Med. Soc. ; 
F. & A. M. ; mem. G. A. R. ; quartermaster sergt. 21st Maine Inf. ; m. 
1869, Feb. 2, Nellie D. Hutchinson; child, Ida Ellen; teacher two 
years ; school committee six years ; surgeon G. A. R. ; physician. 

MAYO, EDWIN RUTHVEN, Manchester, Me., s. Asa and Penial 
(Scribner) Mayo; b. 1842, Aug. 29, Waterville, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. 
Inst. ; Colby, 1860-2; in. 1860, Sept. 9, A $; rel. in Z W, Horace Mayo, 
cou.; Master P. of H. ; sergt. 21st Maine Vol. Inf., 1862-3; m. 1866, 
Mar. 1, Mary D. King 1 ; children, Oaughen M., Ossen B., Maurie A., 
Jennie M., Alice S.; merchant, bookkeeper, insurance agent, farmer. 

*TRUE, AMMI MITCHELL, JR., s. Ammi Mitchell and 
True; b. 1839, Jan. 13, Colby, 1860-1; ; in. 1860, Sept. 30; 

lieut. 2d Mass. Cav., U. S. A. 


*BODFISH, HENRY MILTON, s. Frank and Lucinda (Philbrick) 
Bodfish; b. 1842, Nov. 4, Gardiner, Me.; prep. Waterville Acad.; Colby, 
1861-4; in. 1861, Sept. 18, A 2; rel. in Z W, Frank, br. ; commercial 
traveler; d. 1876, Oct. 10, Waterville, Me. 

*BURRILL, ALBION RUSSELL, s. Orrison and Katherine 
(Bradley) Burrill ; b. 1840, Oct. 12, Fairfield, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. 
Inst.; Colby, 1861-2; Bowdoin Med. School, 1863 to death; in. 1861, 
Sept. 18, r"; d. 1864, Aug. 15, Fairfield, Me. 

*BUTLER, LEONARD, s. Nathan and Deidamia (Gillpatrick) 
Butler ; b. 1840, Sept. 19, Hancock, Me. ; prep. East Corinth Acad. ; 
Colby, 1861-2 ; in. 1861, Sept. 18 ; rel. in Z W, Nathan, br. ; priv. Co. D, 
llth Maine Vol. ; 2d and 1st lieut. same 1862 ; killed in service at Beau- 
fort, S. C., 1863, April 14. 

DAVIS, REV. GEORGE HENRY, Mankato, Minn., s. Frederick 
and Ellen (Goold) Davis ; b. 1842, May 27, Buxton, Me. ; prep. Phillips 
Acad. ; Colby, 1861-2 ; Kenyon Coll. ; in. 1861, Sept. 18 ; deputy grand 
master of Minn. ; F. & A. M. , 1881-2 ; grand master Idaho, 1885-7 ; m. 
1864, Shuah A. Jameson; 1867, Carrie Bonar; 1874, Alice Tupper Up- 
ham; children, George Jameson, Carrie Turner, Frederick Upham, 
Alice Celia, Katherine Goold; teacher Shattuck School, 1870-6; rector 
St. John's Church, St. Cloud, Minn., 1876-81; of St. Michael's Church, 
Boise City, Idaho, 1882-8; of St. Paul's Church, Brainerd, Minn., 
1888-95; of St. John's P. E. Church, Mankato, Minn., 1895; dean of 
Convocation, 1890-3; pres. of standing- com. Diocese of Minnesota, 189-1 . 

SEAVEY, OSBORN DUNLAP, Marshfield, Mass., s. John Leavitt 
and Mary Jane (Dunlap) Seavey; b. 1845, July 15, Unity, Me.; prep. 
Topsham and Waterville; Colby, 1865-6, special; in. 1865, Mar. 10, .2; 
mem. N. Y. Athletic Club; Adirondack League Club; 32 Mason; m. 
1876, July 6, Caroline Brooks DuParr; hotel m'g'r and proprietor. 

SMITH, FRANKLIN A., 212 Main St., Waterville, Me., s. Frank- 
lin and Emily O. (Steward) Smith; b. 1842, June 25, North Anson, Me.; 
prep. Waterville Inst. and Friends' School, Providence; Colby, 1861-3- 
in. 1861, May 9; m. 1868, Annie E. Gardner; m'f'r. 

254 CHI CHAPTER 1865-7 

THAYER, FREDERICK CHARLES, M. D., Waterville, Me., s. 
Charles H. and Susan E. (Tobey) Thayer; b. 1844, Sept. 30, Waterville, 
Me.; prep. Waterville Acad. ; Colby, 1861; Union, 1864; A. M., Colby, 
1884; Me. and Albany Med. Schools, M. D.; in. 1861, Nov. 16; rel. in 
Z W, Edward E. Thayer, cou. ; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n ; pres. of Me. 
Med. Ass'n, 1887-8; of Kennebec Med. Ass'n, 1884-5; founder and pres. 
Waterville Clin. Soc. ; master Waterville Lodge, F. and A. M. ; com- 
mander of St. Omer Commandery; contributor to med. journals; surge9n- 
gen., 1892-6, on staff of Gov. Cleaves; m. 1871, Dec. 2, Leonora L. Swell; 
Me. Leg., 1885-6; v.-pres. Waterville Trust and Safe Deposit Co.; 
physician, 1867 . 


*CLARKE, THEODORE, s. James and Maria Louisa (Jones) 
Clarke; b. 1842, May 31, Newcastle, Me.; prep. Lincoln Acad.; Colby, 
1862-3; in. 1862, Sept. 14, 2 p ; rel. in Z W, Samuel and James 
W., brs., and Walter B. and Albert W., nes. ; F. & A. M. ; quartermaster 
sergt. Co. E, 2d Me. Vol. Cav.; 2d lieut. 4th U. S. Colored Cav.; 1st 
lieut. same and capt. ; teacher, 1866-7; d. 1868, Dec. 26, Newcastle, Me. 

Me., s. Caldwell Lemont and Clara (Bussell) Couillard; b. 1846, 
Apr. 12, Montville, Me.; prep. High School, Bangor, Me.; Colby, 1862-6; 
in. 1865, June3, $ ; m. 1871, Oct., Florence O. Tuttle ; ass 't editor 
Portland Evening Star and Portland Daily Advertiser, 1868-72; ass't 
editor and staff correspondent Boston Herald, 1872-91; editor Providence 
Evening and Sunday Telegram, 1892-98; newspaper work, Portland, Me., 

*HINDS, ROSWELL SISSON, s. Asher and Lucy (Turner) 
Hinds; b. 1844, Apl. 27, Benton, Me.; Colby, 1862-4; in. 1862, Sept. 12, 
A 2; rels. in Z W, Albert D., AmosL., Asher C., brs.; Asher C., ne.; 
d. 1864, Aug. 18, in coll. 

HUNT, GEORGE WALTER, Bath, Me., s. Stewart and Elvira 
(Hinds) Hunt; b. 1845, July 8, Benton Falls, Me. ; prep. Benton Acad. 
(now defunct) and Waterville Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1862-4 and 1865-6; 
Univ. of Mich., 1864-5, A. B.; in. 1862, Sept. 12, $; rel. in Z W, Hobart 
W. Richardson, br.-in-law; Amos L., Asher C., Asher C., Jr., Albert 
D., Roswell S., Hinds, Atwood, Edgar H., L. B., Nathaniel Crosby, 
Geo. H. Hunt, Amos B. Lunt, cous. ; m. 1870, Ella F. Judkins; 

children, Harold F., Eleanor F. ; State Register of Deeds for Kennebec 
County, 1883-99; law and real estate. 

THOMAS, AUSTIN, M. D., Thomaston, Me., s. Stephen and 
Eunice Mirian (Bragg) Thomas; b. 1844, Sept. 6, Waterville, Me.; 
prep. Waterville High School ; Colby, 1861-6, A. B. ; class prophet ; 
Me. Med. School, 1870, M. D. ; in. 1864, Sept. 24, $; priv. Co. A, 150th 
Ohio, N. G., May-Sept., 1864; G. A. R.; m. 1873, Sept. 17, Mary Ella 
Norton; 1897, Nov. 17, Mrs. Mary Sawyer Moore Foote; children, 
Stephen Norton, Helen Chase; physician and surgeon at Unity, Me., 
1870-98; at Waterville, Me., 1898-9; Thomaston, Me., 1899. 


GOWER, CORNELIUS ALBERT, 303 Allegan St. (bus. add., 
Hollister Block), Lansing, Mich., s. Cornelius Norton and Abigail 
(Hawes) Gower; b. 1845, July 3, Abbot, Me.; prep. Waterville Class. 
Inst.; Colby, 1863-66; Univ. of Mich., 1866-7; A. B. 1867, A. M. 1870, 
Univ. of Mich.; Univ. Mich., Law Dept., 1867-8; first prize, Sophomore 
Declamation, and Junior oration; editor-in-chief of Watervillian\ in. 




1866, Apr. 24, A $; author of "Grades and Honors in Juvenile Reforma- 
tories," "The Work of Juvenile Reformatories"; m. 1871, Sept. 12, 
Dora L. Walton; children, Helen D., Charles A. and Clara A.; teacher, 
Ann Harbor, Mich., 1867-8; supt. schools, Fenton, Mich., 1868-71; 
county supt. schools, Genesee County, Mich., 1871-4 ; city supt. of 
school, Saginaw, Mich., 1874-8; state supt. public instruction, 1878-81; 
supt. State Reform School, 1881-92; m'f'r, 1892; v.-pres. E. Bernent 
& Co., m'f'rs agricultural implements, 1892 , pres. Capital Investment 
Bl&g. and Loan Ass'n, Lansing, Mich., 1897 . 

HANSCOM, SANFORD, M. D., E. Somerville, Mass., s. James and 
Mary (West) Hanscom; b. 1841, Jan. 28, Albion, Me. ; prep. Benton and 
Waterville, Me.; Colby, 1863-4, A. M. ; Bowdoin and Harvard; M. D., 
Harvard, 1868; in. 1863, Sept. 23; mem. F. & A. M. ; 1st lieut. 8th 
unassigned Co., Me. Vol., and adj't llth Me. Vol.; m. 1876, Beulah A. 
Hill; child, Alice Louise; physician, 1868 . 

IRISH, JOHN CARROLL, M. D., 115 Central St. (res., 189 
St.), Lowell, Mass., s. Cyrus and Catherine (Davis) Irish; b. 1843, Sept. 
30, Buckfield, Me.; prep. Kent's Hill Sem. ; Colby, 1863-5; A. B. 
Dartmouth, 1868; M. D. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1872; in. 1863, Nov. 
14; pres. Gynecological Soc. of Boston; pres. Middlesex Med. Soc. ; mem. 
Am. Acad. of Med.; author of articles on "Abdominal Surgery"; m. 
1872, July 18, Annie M. Frye; children, Estelle, William Frye; surgeon; 
med. examiner, Middlesex Co., Mass., 1877-; consulting surgeon, St. 
John's Hosp., Lowell, and State Almshouse. 

LUNT, AMOS BARTON, South Brewer, Me., s. William King 
and Martha Permelia (Barton) Lunt; b. 1845, Aug. 21, Benton, Me. ; 
prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1863-7; A. B., 1867; in. 1867, Sept. 
23, ; mem. F. and A. M. ; m. 1883, May 5, Emma Eliza Puffer; 

child, Lucy Barton; farmer. 


BENNETT, FRANCIS MARION, South Hollis, Me., s. Joseph 
and Mary Huckins (Warren) Bennett; b. 1844, Sept. 2, Effingham 
Falls, N. H. ; prep. Bridgeton Acad. ; Colby, 1864-6; Dartmouth, 1866-8; 
pres. Fresh. Class; pres. Senior Class baseball team; farewell orator; 
asso. editor Annual Watervillian; Boston Univ. Law School, LL. B. , 1874; 
in. 1865, Sept. 26, 2; mem. Boston Bar Ass'n; m. 1878, Sept. 15, Arvilla 
A. Bennett; master St. John's High School, Evansville, Ind., 1868-9; 
asst. teacher Portland High School, 1869-71; master Athens Grammar 
School, Weymouth, Mass., 1872-3; admitted to Suffolk Bar, Boston, 1874; 
lawyer, 1874 ; Maine Leg., 1899-1900, eulogy on Nelson Dingley; supt. 
of schools and selectman of Hollis many years. 

*CHANDLER, GEORGE LANGDON, s. Paul L. and Mary Mar- 
shall (Dow) Chandler ; b. 1849, Jan. 25, Waterville, Me. ; prep. Water- 
ville Acad.; Colby, 1864-6; Bowdoin Coll., 1866-8, A. B. 1868; A. M. 1871, 
Bowdoin; in. 1865, Feb. 25; founder of Lambda Chapter, 1867; $; FA; 
rel. in Z W, S. M. Chandler, br. ; m. 1873, Nov. 25, Emily Caroline 
Phipps; children, Langdon Wild, Proctor, Mary, Laura Olive (dec'd); 
tutor at Bowdoin, 1874-5; instructor, 1875-6; teacher Newton (Mass.) 
High School ; business in Nebraska, 1886-7 ; d. 1897, Oct. 7. 

DUNN, REUBEN WESLEY, 40 College Ave. , Waterville, Me., s. 
Reuben Barnes and Lydia Richardson (Ayer) Dunn; b. 1847, Feb. 8, 
Fayette, Me.; prep. Me. Wesleyan Sem.; Colby, 1864-8; A. B., 1868; 
A. M., 1880; class poet; pres. baseball and capt. of nine; in. 1864, Sept. 
17, ; ASA; FA; A; rel. in Z W, Harry W., s. ; Master Waterville 
F. & A. M., 1874-6; dist. dep. grand master Grand Lodge of Maine, 

256 CHI CHAPTER 1868-9 

1877-8; m. 1873, Sept. 2, Sarah Martha Baker; children, Florence Eliza- 
beth, Harry Wesley; prin. East Corinth Acad., 1868-70; bus. agent, 
1870-3; promoter of m'f'g industries and real estate agent, 1873-86; 
merchant, 1886-91; m'f'r, 1895; pres. of Madison Woolen Co., 1894-8; 
director in Lockwood Co., 1873-98, and Little Androscoggin Water Power 
Co.; pres. Somerset Railway; treas. and m'g'r Dunn Edge Tool Co. 

Jane (Means) Gillpatrick; b. 1846, Feb. 12, Topsham, Me.; prep. Blue- 
hill Acad.; Colby, 1864-6; in. 1864, Sept., 2; teacher two years, Kansas 
and Texas; d. 1875, Nov. 12, San Bernardino, Cal. 


BRITTON, ISAAC, Bucksport, Me., s. Isaac W. and Abby (Gar- 
land) Britton; b. 1847, Sept. 18, Winslow, Me.; prep. Oak Grove Sem. ; 
Colby, 1865-9; A. B., 1869; pres. class; in. 1865, Sept. 3, <; m. 1895, Oct. 
30, Mary S. Lee; merchant, tanner; rep. State Leg., 1897-9. 

CHASE, CHARLES WESLEY, Heist Building, Kansas City, Mo., 
s. Stephen and Mary (Pollard) Chase; b. 1841, Aug. 13, Unity, Me.; 
prep. Bucksport and Kent's Hill; Colby, 1865-9; in. 1866, Mar. 30, 
A 2; lawyer. 

EATON, SOLOMON, 24 S. Market St., Boston (res., 66 Fort Ave., 
Roxbury), Mass., s. Joseph and Mary Ann (Loring) Eaton; b. 1846, Aug. 
12, Winslow, Me.; prep. Oak Grove Sem.; Colby, 1865-6; in. 1865, 
Sept. 13, 2 p; mem. Orpheus Musical Soc. , Boston; 32d deg. Mason; 

FISHER, GILMAN CLARK, Great Barrington, Mass., s. Mat- 
thew Archibald and Jane (Christie) Fisher; b. 1841, July 12, Fran- 
cestown, N. H. ; prep. Phillips Exeter Acad.; Colby, 1866-9; A. B., 
1869; A. M., 1890; in. 1866, Oct. 3; pres. New England Ass'n School 
Supts. ; pres. R. I. Inst. of Instruction ; vice-pres. Barnard Club; 
author "Manual Primary Arithmetic, " " Essentials of Geography ;" 
letters from Europe to newspapers; corp. and sergt. 9th Maine Regt. 
Vol.; m. 1875, Harriet Webster Stevens; prin. Castine (Me.) High 
School; Swampscott (Mass.) High and Grammar School ; Maiden West 
Grammar School; Supt. of Schools, Dover, N. H., 1878-82; Weymouth, 
Mass., 1882-90; Muskegon, Mich., 1890-2; Pawtucket, R. I., 1892-8; 
Great Barrington, Lenox Dist., Mass., 1898. 

KIMBALL, CHARLES HOLT (rear No. 1 Water St.), Haverhill, 
Mass., s. Jonathan and Pamelia K. (Holt) Kimball; b. 1841, Nov. 5, 
Pembroke, N. H. ; prep. Hebron Acad.; Colby, 1865-9, A. B. and A. M., 
1872; 4th Junior Part; in. 1868, Sept. 19, A ; mem. G. A. R; sailor 
on gunboat "Rhode Island" last year of the Civil War; in both bom- 
bardments of Fort Fisher ; teacher, public schools of California, 1870-80; 
city supt., Los Angeles, 1876-80; wood and coal office, Haverhill, 
Mass., 1899. 

*PARKER, THOMAS WASHINGTON, M.D., s. Nehiamiah and 
Elvira (Brown) Parker; b. 1846, Nov. 13, Benton, Me.; prep. Coburn 
Class. Inst.; Colby, 1865-9, A. B. ; Boston Univ., M.D.; in. 1865, Sept. 9, 
2 p- d. 1886, , Los Angeles, Cal. 

ROWELL, CHARLES, Union, N. H., s. Charles Harvey and 
Frances Ann (Hemington) Rowell; b. 1849, Mar. 10, Lebanon, Me.; prep. 
Fairfield, Me.; Colby, 1865-8; Bowdoin, 1868-9; A. B., 1869; A. M., 1872, 
Bowdoin; # B K; in. 1865, Sept. 23, # (Lambda Chapter); F. & A. M.; 
m. 1890, May 21, Frances S. Allen; child, Katherine Frances; treas. 
Fairfield Savings Bank, 1887-94; lawyer, 1886. 

1869-70 CHI CHAPTER 257 

ROWELL, GEORGE SMITH, 90 Neal St., Portland, Me., s. 
Eliphalet and Ellen Frances (Smith) Rowell; b. 1846, Mar. 12, Hallowell, 
Me.; prep. Hallowell High School; Colby, 1865-7; A. M., 1892; Fresh, 
class orator; in. 1865, Sept. 13, 2 p; rel. in Z , Frederick W. New- 
combe, ne. ; mem. Me. Hist. Soc. and Fraternity Club; pres. Me. Editors' 
and Publishers' Ass'n; mem. Portland Club, Athletic Club, Portland 
Press Club; past master F. & A. M. ; 32 mason; author of "Essay on 
Ancient Advertising"; priv. 29th Me. Vol.; m. 1871, Apr. 17, Lydia E. 
Gallagher; asso. editor Aroostook Pioneer, 1868; bus. m'g'r Portland 
Advertiser, 1869. 

SMITH, WARREN AUGUSTUS, s. Edward Gower and Elizabeth 
Brown (Lord) Smith; b. 1847, Mar. 13, Litchfield, Me.; prep. Mon- 
mouth Acad. ; Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1865-9, A. B. ; in. 1868, Sept. 
19; rel. in Z W, Hon. John Day, br.; Wm. Abbot Smith, cou.; d. 1869, 
Sept. 1, Corrinna, Me. 

WARREN, PARKMAN SHAW, Solomon City, Kan., s. Asa and 
Ursula (Buck) Warren ; b. 1847, Apr. 17, Bangor, Me. ; prep. Bangor 
High School; Colby, 1865-7; A. M., 1871; in. 1866, Oct. 24; F. & A. M.; 
Union soldier two months, 1864; m. 1876, Aug. 2, Mary Ella O'Brien; 
child, Mary O'Brien; teacher, Castine, Me., 1871 ; Methiren, Mass., 
1872; Gloucester, Mass., 1873: Lawrence, Mass., 1874-9; lawyer and editor. 


CLEMENT, CHARLES WESLEY, 188 South St., Boston, Mass., 
s. ; b. Palmyra, Me. ; prep. ; Colby, 1867; in. 1867, Feb. 23, A . 

FOLLETT, HENRY WEBSTER, Libertyville, 111., s. Harrison 
Gray and Catharine (Herrick) Follett ; b. 1847, Feb. 3, Parkmau, Me. ; 
prep. Monson Acad. and Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1866-8 ; prize 
soph, declamation; soph, poet; in. 1866, Sept. 8, F; rel. in Z W, Frank 
W. Herrick, cou. ; m. 1875, Aug. 11, Delta B. Kellogg; children, Otis 
William, Harold Wiston, Fred Kellogg, Charles Ralph, Geo. Berry, 
Mary Elizabeth, Percival Justin; teacher 18 years; prin. of Juda; 
Albany; Brotheadum; breeder of fine stock, 1887 . 

HATHAWAY, JOHN RICHMOND, Everett, Wash., s. Woodard 
and Martha (Russell) Hathaway; b. 1846, Feb. 22, Temple, Me.; prep. 
Oak Grove Sem.; Colby, 1866-8; Harvard Med. Dept., 1868-9; Bowdoin 
same, 1869-70; M. D., 1870; in. 1866, Sept. 15; mem. State and County 
Med. Ass'ns; m. 1871, Clara Wilson; child, Gretchen; physician and 

SHAW, REV. E. MELVILLE, Rockland, Me., s. Jacob and Hannah 
P. (Bartlett) Shawjb. 1842, Oct. 14, Albion, Me.; prep. Bloomfield Acad. ; 
Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1866-70, A. B. ; oration; pres. and historian; 
pres. Missionary Soc.; Newton Theo. Inst., 1873; in. 1866, Sept. 8, ; 
rel. in Z W, Jacob, br. ; priv. Co. G, 16th Me. Vol., 1863-5; chaplain G. 
A. R. ; m. 1873, Oct. 7, Carrie M. Burpee; children, Winifred May, 
Louis Eaton, Alice Marion; pastor Antrim, N. H., and Beverley, Mass., 
1873-83; health failed; job printing. 

WHIDDEN, CHARLES RENDOL, Calais, Me., s. Charles Rendol 
and Mila Frances (Smith) Whidden; b. 1849, Oct. 5, Calais, Me.; prep. 
Calais Acad., and Washington, D. C., by private tutor; Colby, 1866-9; 
A. B., 1870; highest Junior part; in. 1866, Sept. 8, T; rel. in Z W, 
Frank B., br.; col. on Gov. Plaisted's staff; m. 1877, Nov. 3, Nolia A. 
Manning; children, Berla Frances, Christine; lawyer; editor and 
prop. Calais Times, 1871-99; U. S. Collector of Customs, Calais. 

258 CHI CHAPTER 1871-2 

FOSTER, CHARLES WILBUT, M. D., Woodford, Me. (res., 
Deering-, Me.), s. Thomas Albert and Eliza (McManus) Foster; b. 
1850, Apr. 29, Unity, Me.; prep. Westbrook Sem. ; Colby, 1867-71; A. 
B., 1871; M. D., Detroit Med. Coll., 1875; capt. baseball team, 1869-71; 
in. 1867, Oct. 2, #; mem. Maine Med. Ass'n; Am. Med. Ass'n; third 
vice-pres. Am. Acad. Med. ; ex-pres. Portland Med. Soc. ; m. 1876, July 
6, Esther B. Parker; children, Rachel Jones, Esther Perley; physician, 
1875 ; Deering- town clerk, 1886 ; mem. School Board, Deering, 1896-8 ; 
Portland, 1899; Deering- City physician, 1897-8; physician Cumberland 
Co. jail, 1899; consulting- physician city of Portland, 1899. 

SAWYER, AUGUSTUS EBEN, Jacksonville, Fla., s. Nathaniel 
Knight and Sophia (Herrick) Sawyer; b. 1849, Dec. 10, Sedgewick, Me.; 
prep. Hebron Acad. and Waterville Inst. ; Colby, 1867-71, A. B. ; in. 
1869, Sept. 25, 2; m. 1872, Dec. 9, Sarah Archibald Stearns; children, 
Alice Wellington, Mary Stearns, Henry A., Norman K. ; business m'g'r 
Daily Sun and Press, Jacksonville, Fla.; city comptroller; ass't post- 

STOVER, DANIEL RANDALL, Harpswell, Me., s. Paul and 
Lydia (Dinsmore) Stover ; b. 1846, Jan. 5, Harpswell, Me. ; prep. West- 
brook Sem.; Colby, 1867-70; in. 1867, Oct. 12, A $; pres. Chatauquan 
Circle; paymaster in U. S. Coast Survey; mem. Me. House of Rep., 
1876-7; farming, teacher and supt. of schools. 

*WESTCOTT, CLARENDON, s. ; b. 1851, Oct. 4; prep. 

Coburn Class. Inst..; Colby, 1867; in. 1867, Sept. 14, 2p; d. 

WILSON, FREDERICK MORSE, M. D., Bridgeport, Conn., s. 
Adam and Sarah H. (Ricker) Wilson; b. 1850, Dec. 8, Hebron, Me.; 
prep. Waterville Acad.; Colby, 1867-71, A. B. ; Bowdoin Med. Dept., 
1871; M. D., Harvard, 1875; in. 1867, Oct. 2, #; mem. county and state 
med. ass'ns; New York Oph. Soc.; New York Otol. Soc.; Am. Oph. 
Soc.; Am. Otol. Soc.; Am. Med. Ass'n; m. 1883, Nov. 13, Carrie Adele 
Sommers; children, Ethel Sommers, Helen Brooks; surgeon Bridgeport 
Hosp. ; ass't surgeon, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hosp., N. Y. ; rel. in 
Z W, George A. and John B. Wilson, brs. ; George A., Jr., Charles B. 
Wilson, and C. K. Brooks, nes. ; W. E. Brooks, br.-in-law. 


ATWOOD, JAMES BIGELOW, St. Albans, Me., s. Ira and Sarah 
(Bigelow) Atwood; b. 1845, Jan. 10, Williamsburgh, Me.; prep. Kent's 
Hill and Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1868-70; Bowdoin, 1870-2, A. B., 
A. M. ; in. 1868, Sept. 9, 2 ; m. 1872, Nov. 29, Abbie Z. Lord; children, 
Elmer C., Evelyn L., Ira J. ; prin. North Anson Acad.; Hingham 
Acad. ; High Schools of Saugus, Stoughton, Oxford, Mass. ; Epping, 
N. H. ; Oakland, Me. ; Monmouth Acad. ; supervisor of schools, auditor, etc. 

DUNBAR, EUGENE KINCAID, 159 Devonshire St. (res., 3 Fairfax 
St.), Boston, Mass., s. Melzar and Minerva (Hopkins) Dunbar; b. 1847, 
Oct. 11, Albion, Me.; prep. Washington Acad.; Colby, 1868-70; Brown, 
1870-2; A. B., 1872, and A. M. , 1875, Brown; second prize, Sophomore 
Declamation; in. 1868, Sept. 19, $; mem. of Boston Merchants' Ass'n; 
m. 1875, Dec. 9, Janette Everett Richardson; children, Stephen Richard- 
son, Eugene Melzar, Florence Janette; editor and publisher; promoter 
of industrial enterprises; Mass. Super, agents National Life Ins. Co. 

1872-3 CHI CHAPTER 259 

JONES, STEPHEN ALFRED, Ph. D., San Jose, Cal., s. Alfred 
Henry and Mary Randall (Jones) Jones; b. 1848, Mar. 21, China, Me.; 
prep. Waterville" Class. Inst. : Colby, 1868-70; Dartmouth, 1870-2; A. B., 
A. M., 1875; Ph.D., 1885, Dartmouth; in. 1868, Sept. 12; mem. Univ. 
Club, Col. Spgs.; Nevada Club, Reno, Nev. ; author of "The Model 
Teacher," "Secondary Education in Germany," "Child Study"; m. 
1877, Nov. 29, Marie Louise Coffin; children, Herbert C., Augustine; 
Univ. Miinster and Bonn, Germany, 1882-5: prin. Spiceland (Ind.) 
Acad., 1872-4; prof. Greek, Penn. Coll., 1874-82; prin. Col. Spgs. High 
School, 1887-9; pres. Nev. State Univ., 1889-94; prof. Pedagogy, Cal. 
State Normal School, 1895-6. 

SMITH, JOHN DAY, P. O. Box 503 (res., 2720 Pillsbury Ave.), 
Minneapolis, Minn., s. Edward G. and Elizabeth B. (Lord) Smith; 
b. 1845, Feb. 25, Litchfield, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 
1868-70; Brown, 1870-2; A. B., 1872; A. M., 1875; Brown, LL. B.; 
Columbian Univ. , 1879; LL. M., 1881; first prize Soph. Declamation, 
Colby; elocution prize, Brown; $ B K; in. 1868, Sept. 19, T; rel. in Z W, 
Warren Augustus, br. (deceased) ; William Abbot, cou. ; priv. and corp. 
Co. F, 19th Me. Vol. ; wounded battle Petersburg; commander Dept. of 
Minn., G. A. R. ; m. 1872, July 15, Mary H. Chadbourne; 1879, Oct. 4, 
Laura Bean; children, Mary Chadbourne, Elizabeth Lord, Mabel Edna, 
Edward Day; prin. Worcester (Mass.) Acad., 1872-5; lecturer Const. 
Law, Univ. Minn.; mem. Minn. Leg., 1881 ; lawyer, 1879 . 

WHEELER, LEWIS ALBERT, Bartlett, N. H., s. B. F. and 
Louisa J. (Tallman) Wheeler; b. 1841, Sept. 24, Waterville, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1868-72, A. B.; in. 1868, Sept. 19, #; m. 
1879, May 17, Nellie M. Craig; children, Carl W., Ernest T.. Annie L.; 
ass't engineer, C., R.I. & P. Ry., Chicago, 1872-6; lumber, Maine, 1876- 
87; bank, Kansas, 1887-91; lumber, Boston and New Hampshire, 1891 . 


BRADLEY, WILLIAM STICKNEY, East Vassalboro, Me., s. 
Albert Morris and Rebecca Gilbert (Butterfield) Bradley; b. 1848, Oct. 
14, East Vassalboro, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1869, Sept. 
Dec.; in. 1869, Sept. 13; F. & A. M. ; hotel and insurance business. 

FULLER, FREDERICK, M. D., s. James and Henrietta 
(Hinman) Fuller ; b. 1851, April 22, Corinth, Me. : prep. East Corinth 
and Waterville Acad. ; Colby, 1869-73, A. B. : A. M.. Colby ; M. D. Harv- 
ard ; editor Colby Oracle; 1st Prize Senior Composition; in. 1869, Sept. 
13, # ; physician, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Mainton, Col. ; d. 1891, Nov. 27, 
Mainton, Col. 

KELLEY, AUGUSTUS HILL, 57 Montview St., Boston. Mass., 
s. Moses Jones and Arianna Smith (Hill) Kelley; b. 1851, Jan. 25, Frank- 
fort, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1869-73, A. B., A. M. ; in. 1873, 
July 24; rel. in Z W, William Hunt, br. ; mem. Mass. Schoolmaster's 
Club; Mass. State Teachers' Ass'n; Am. Inst. of Instruction; Pine 
Tree State Club; Boston Colby Alumni Ass'n (ex-pres.); Boston Coburn 
Class. Inst. Ass'n; author "Heath's Complete School Record for 
Primary, Grammar and High Schools" ; m. 1875, Apr. 5, Julia M. Dyer; 
children, Bessie Dyer, Louise Harwood, Charles Fabens, Ernest D~un- 
ton, Constance Snow; prin. Eastport (Me.) High School, 1873-5; 
Belfast (Me.), 1875-82; sub-master Chapman School, Boston, 1888: head- 
master Lyman School, Boston, 1888 . 

260 CHI CHAPTER 1873-4 

STETSON, REV. HERBERT LEE, D. D., Des Moines, la., s. 
Reuben and Christiana (Thompson) Stetson; b. 1847, Oct 16, Greene, 
Me. ; prep. Edward Little Inst. ; Monmouth Acad. and private tutor ; 
Colby, 1869-71; A. B. 1871; A. M. 1886, D. D. 1889, Franklin Coll.; 
B. D. 1878, Bapt. Union Theo. Sem. ; class orator, 1869; in. 1869, Sept. 
25, 2; m. 1870, , Mary Clifford; children, Bertha, Lily B., Paul C., 

Elizabeth T. ; pastor Bapt. Church, Logansport, Ind., 1878-87; FirstBapt. 
Church Des Moines, 1887-9; editor Indiana Baptist, 1886-9; pres. Des 
Moines Coll., 1889. 

*TRACY, ARUNAH, s. Arunah Brings and Mary Doe (Furbush) 
Tracy ; b. 1845, June 9, Carmel, Me. ; prep. East Corinth Acad. and 
Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1869-70 ; in. 1869, Sept. 13 ; corp. 18th Me. 
Inf., afterwards Co. F, 1st Me., Heavy Artillery, Aug. 12, 1862 Dec. 
16, 1864; in following- battles: Spottsylvania, Va., North Anna River, 
Hanovertown, Cold Harbor, Va., Petersburg-, Va. ; twice wounded; m. 
1871, July 17, Isabel White ; children, Maud Lenora and Arunah Lester ; 
U. S. clerk, Pension Bu., Interior Dept. ; d. 1879, July 18, Washing-- 
ton, D. C. 


ALLEN, ALBERT BARNEY, Wilton, Me., s. Freeman and Jane 
(Hoxie) Allen; b. 1848, May 17, Skowhegan, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. 
Inst. ; Colby, 1870-4, A. B. ; A. M. , 1886 ; prophet of class ; sec. lit. soc. ; 
junior orator ; in. 1870, Sept 3, ; F. and A. M. ; v-pres. Somerset 
County Teachers' Ass'n, 1885-6; of Stafford County Teachers' Ass'n, 
1897-8 ; m. 1884, July 9, Sadie E. Marble ; prin. High School, Waldo- 
boro, Me., 1874-5; of Wilton Acad., 1876-8; supt. Wilton Schools, 1878; 
supt. Fairfield Schools, 1882-4; prin. Eaton School, 1884-6; editor Fairfield 
Journal, 1880-4; pres. Westbrook Sem., 1886-92; prin. Farmington (N. H.) 
High School, 1893-8 ; supt. schools, Wilton, Me. , 1899. 

HOWARD, EDWARD OTIS, 61 Court St., Boston, Mass, (res., 5 
Otisfield St., Roxbury, Mass.), s. Cyrus and Cornelia A. (Bassett) 
Howard; b. 1852, Mar. 11, Winslow, Me.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; 
Colby, 1870-2; Bowdoin, 1872; in. 1870, Sept. 3, 2-, m. 1878, Sept., 
Doras S. Wiggins; lawyer. 

KELLEY, WILLIAM HUNT, Warren, Mass., s. Moses Jones and 
Arianna Smith (Hill) Kelley; b. 1855, Dec. 16, E. Liberty, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1870-4, A. B. ; 1874, A. M. ; 2d entrance 
prize; 3d Junior Part; in. 1874, July 18; rel. in Z W, Augustus H. 
Kelley, br. ; prin. Brownville and Cherryfield High Schools and of 
Lincoln Acad.; admitted to Me. bar, 1877; Mass, bar, 1882; lawyer, 

*MOOR, CHARLES FRANCIS COOK, s. Wyman B. S. and Clara 
Ann (Cook) Moor; b. 1843, Feb. 5, Waterville, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. 
Inst. ; Colby, 1870-1 ; Union, 1871-4, A. B. ; Columbia Law School LL. B. ; 
in. 1870, Sept. 16, 2 p- m. 1882, Mar. 10, Jennie S. Raynolds; children, 
Daniel, Frank and Fannie; lawyer; business 10 years; loan and real 
estate, 1882-92; bookkeeper, 1893-7; d. 1899, Aug. 12, Denver, Col. 

*PALMER, WILLIAM LINCOLN, s. Henry and Myra (Haines) 
Palmer; b. 1845, , Albion, Me.; prep. China Acad. and East Me. 

Sem.; Colby, 1870-2; Bowdoin, 18 , 18 ; Junior Part; first prize Senior 
composition; in. 1870, Oct. 28, A #; m. 1875, July 26, Caro Young; 
teacher and law student; d. 1881, Feb. 13. 

1874-6 CHI CHAPTER 261 

and Permelia (Nash) White; b. 1846, Apr. 1, Columbia, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1870-4, A. B. ; 1st prize Junior exhibition; 
Oracle editor; Senior composition prize; Freshman class orator; in. 
1870, Sept. 3, #; Newton Theo. Sem., 1878; m. 1893, May 3, Gertrude 
Georgiana Carr; pastor Dexter (Me.) Bapt. Church, 1875; of Ellsworth 
(Me.) Bapt. Church, 1878-83; of Elm St. Bapt. Church, Bath, Me., 1883- 
93; of Bar Harbor (Me.) Bapt. Church, 1893-8; had accepted call of 
Warren Bapt. Church, 1899; d. 1899, Jan. 22, Brunswick, Me. 

WILLIAMS, CHARLES EMERY, M.D., Houlton, Me., s. Hanson 

C. and Caroline R. (Wood) Williams; b. 1857, Jan. 30, Waterville, Me. ; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1870-4; A. B., 1874; A. M., 1877; M. 
D. ; Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y. ; second prize Junior exhibi- 
tion; first Junior part for scholarship; $ B K\ in. 1871, July 22, #; 
m. 1887, Oct. 13, Patience E. Hussey; children, Mildred H. (deceased), 
Robert H., and Josephine; teacher Ricker's Class. Inst., 1875-80; physi- 
cian, 1883. 


HALL, CHARLES FRANCIS, Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass, (res., 
Rowland Hill, Dorchester, Mass.), s. William Macy and Ann Elizabeth 
(Read) Hall ; b. 1850, Apr. 16, Sebago, Me. ; prep. Limerick Acad. ; 
Colby, 1871-5, A. B. ; Senior v.-pres. ; in. 1873, Sept. 5, A #; rel. in 
Z W, Atwood C. and Georg-e W. Hall, cous. ; m. 1884, Aug. 12, Ellen 
Burgess ; vice-prin. Westbrook Sem., Deering, Me., 1876-7; lawyer, 

HALL, GEORGE WASHINGTON, 221 E St., X. W.. Washington, 

D. C. (res., Hermon, Me.), s. Daniel and Lucinda (Hall) Hall; b. 1850, 
Aug. 7, Hermon, Me. ; prep. Freedom Acad. and Me. Central Inst. ; 
Colby, 1871-5, A. B., A. M. ; second prize for oratory Junior year; class 
orator Senior year; Senior Part; pres. Lit. Soc. ; in. 1871, Sept. 5, ; 
rel. in Z W, Chas. F. Hall and Atwood Curtis Hall, cous.; m. 1877, July 
4, Fannie Elliott Marm ; admitted to bar, 1877; on Civil Service Com- 
mission, Washington, D. C. 

SCRD3NER, DAVID McCRILLIS, 66 Loan & Trust Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn., s. Eben H. and Sarah J. (McCrillis) Scribner; b. 
1852, Oct. 15, Waterville, Me.; Colby, Sept., 1870-March, 1871; Bowdoin, 
1871-5; in. 1870, Sept. 3; sec. Union League, Minneapolis, Minn.; m. 
1883, Apr. 7, Frances A. Sawyer; children, Marguerite S. and David 
McCrillis, Jr. ; lawyer. 


CHASE, FREDERICK V., 93 Exchange St. (res., 176 Vaughan 
St.), Portland, Me., s. Frederick A. and Rachel Lewis (Sturtevant) 
Chase; b. 1851, April 30, Fayette, Me.; prep. Maine Wesleyan Sem.; 
Colby, 1872-6, A. B. ; Junior Prize Oration ; Commencement Oration ; in. 
1872, Sept. 16, $ ; 2 A pro tern. ; mem. Portland Club and Portland Ath- 
letic Club; m. 1889, June 12, Eliza M. Mayo; instructor in Greek and 
German, Worcester Acad., 1876-81; admitted to Portland Bar, 1883; 
Cumberland Co. asst. atty., 1885-6; lawyer, 1883; in 1892 formed 
partnership with Hon. George M. Seiders for practice of law firm name, 
Seiders & Chase; mem. of Maine Leg., 1898. 

HALL, ATWOOD CURTIS, Damariscotta Mills, Me. (res., Noble- 
boro, Me.), s. Isaac and Fannie (Hodgkins) Hall; b. 1850, Apr. 17, 
Nobleboro, Me. ; prep. Lincoln Acad. ; Colby, 1872-6, A. B. ; in. 1872, 
Sept. 16, A $; rel. in Z W, Geo. W. and C. F. Hall, cous.; teacher and 

262 CHI CHAPTER 1876-7 

LONG, REV. EDWIN COLLINS, Clifton Springs, N.Y., s. Charles 
Collins and Hannah (Friend) Long; b. 1848, May 13, Sedgewick, Me.; 
prep. Waterville Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1872-6, A. B., A. M. ; Junior class 
pres.; in. 1872, Sept. 16, ; rel. in Z W, Herbert M. ; invented "Vera 
Skirt Supporter"; m. 1878, May 24, Vira Moore; Rochester Theo. Sem., 
1883-6; teacher High School, Brooklyn, Me., 1886-7; Bapt. minister, 

MELENEY, CLARENCE EDMUND, Hall of Board of Ed., Park 
Ave. and 59th St. (res., 429 Washington Ave., Brooklyn), N. Y., s. 
Henry Edmund and Eliza A. (Innis) Meleney; b. 1853, Dec. 8, Salem, 
Mass.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1872-6; A. B., 1876; A. M., 
1879; class orator, 1872-3; librarian and pres. lit. soc. ; commencement 
oration; in. 1872, Sept. 16, <?, 2 A; N. Y. Univ., Dept. of Pedagogy; 
Columbia, course in education; Harvard, courses in Psychology and 
Pedagogy; pres. N. E. Super. Ass'n; founder N. E. Conference of Educ. 
Workers; pres. N. J. State Teachers' Ass'n; founder and hon. mem. N. 
J. Council of Ed.; ex-pres. Colby Alumni Ass'n; mem. Mass. School- 
masters' Club; N. Y., same; of Am. Inst. of Instruction; of Nat. 
Teachers' Ass'n; author of reading and charts, writing chart, spelling, 
geography of N. J. ; m. 1885, May 20, Carrie E. Coit; children, Robert 
C., Henry E., Frank L., Clarence C., Grace; prin. Methuen (Mass.) 
High School; Quincy (Mass.) Grammar School; Yonkers Grammar 
School, 1879; Newton St. School, Newark, N. J., 1880-3; supt. schools, 
Paterson, N. J., 1883-8; Somerville, Mass., 1888-93; head of Dept. 
School Supervision and School Law, and of elementary teaching in 
Teachers' Coll. and mem. of Faculty of Philosophy, Columbia Univ., N. 
Y., 1893-6; director and treas. of Martha's Vineyard Summer School, 
1888-99; Assoc. Supt. of Schools, N. Y. City, 1897. 


BICKNELL, REV. FRED JUDSON, Rockland, Me., s. Benjamin 
R. and Leantha (Coburn) Bicknell; b. 1850, July 6, La Grange, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1873-4; in. 1873, Sept. 10; m. 1875, 
Sept. 1, Helen M. Crowell; children, Edith C., Helen M., Putnam P. ; 
pastor Bapt. Church, Mills, Me.; Columbia St. Bapt. Church, Bangor, 
Me., 1877-80; trustee of Maine Bapt. Miss. Convention; tea business, 
1880-93; business m'g'r Livingstone Mfg. Co., Rockland, Me., 1893. 

FILES, JOSEPH HOWARD, Advertiser Office, Portland, Me., s. 
Daniel and Elizabeth (Rich) Files; b. 1852, Apr. 15, Waterford, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1873-7; A. B. ; class poet; editor col- 
lege annual; editor-in-chief Colby Echo; in. 1873, Sept. 10, A $ ; hon. 
mem. Me. Charitable Mechanics Ass'n; m. 1880, Dec. 25, Carrie M. 
Dam; child, Mabel; journalism, Portland Advertiser. 

John and Elizabeth (Caslin) Hallowell; b. 1852, Nov. 12, Augusta, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1873-7; Me. State Normal School, 
1871; class pres. three years; in. 1873, Sept. 10, $; m. 1876, Dec. 25, 
Etta Kilbreth; children, Florence M., Marion E., Amy B., Bertha and 
Howard H. ; official court reporter, 5th Dist., Neb., 1878-92; pres. 1st 
Nat. Bank, Elm Creek, Neb., and v.-pres. of Kearney Nat. Bank; 
lawyer, 1892. 

HAYNES, HARRY NEIL, Rooms 5 and 6, Bank Block (res., 1305 
Sixth St.), Greeley, Col., s. Silas, B. A., and Harriet Caroline (Neil) 
Haynes; b. 1855, Nov. 29, Green Bay, Wis. ; prep. Skowhegan High 
School; Colby, 1873-7, A. B.; Junior Part; first prize Junior Declama- 
tion; "English Oration"; pres. Lit. Soc.; editor Oracle; in. 1873, Sept. 

1877-8 CHI CHAPTER 263 

10, #; $ B K\ Denver Univ. Club; Denver Chess, Checker and Whist 
Club; Greeley Club; author of "Superintending Control of Supreme 
Court over all Inferior Courts," pub. in proceedings of Col. State Bar 
Ass'n; m. 1882, June 3, Anna Elizabeth Plumb; children, Florence 
Isabel, Rhoda Norton, Rollin Fletcher, Dorothe Plumb, Harold Douglass; 
taught Greeley High School, 1878; lawyer, 1879 ; referee Dist. Court, 
1879-80; Weld Co. Atty., 1894; Com'r on Legal Education, 1897-9; on 
Law Reform, 1899. 

HENDERSON, REV. JOSIAH ROBERT, 5 Trevor Hall (res., 57 
Brighton Ave.), Rochester, N. Y., s. David and Melvina (Houghton) 
Henderson; b. 1853, July 25, Merrimac, N. H. ; prep. Coburn Class. 
Inst. ; Colby, 1873-7; A. B. 1877, A. M. 1883; Senior prize for Composi- 
tion; commencement oration; in. 1873, Sept. 10, #; pres. Wayne Co. 
(X. Y.)U. S. S. Ass'n; of Genesee Ministerial Ass'n; chairman mission- 
ary com. Wayne Ass'n; m. 1880, Oct. 14, Emogene M. Coney; 1889, Dec. 
4, Lillian E. Jones; children, Ruth C., Robert W., Fannie, R. J., How- 
ard, Leonard H. ; graduated Rochester Theo. Sem., 1880; clergyman 
Penfield, N. Y., 1880-3; Wyoming, O., 1883-5; Palmyra, N. Y., 1885-97; 
cor. sec. "N. Y. Baptist Union for Ministerial Education "; Rochester 
Theo. Sem., 1897. 


GETCHELL, ALBERT COLBY, M. D., 8 Linden St., Worcester, 
Mass., s. Walter and Antoinette (Colby) Getchell ; b. 1857, July 9, Water- 
ville, Me.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1874-8, A. B., 1878; A. 
M., 1891; Harvard Med. School, 1878-9; Bridgewater State Normal 
School, 1880-1; Jefferson Med. Coll., 1883-5, M. D. ; Philadelphia 
Polyclinic, 1888 ; surgical prize Jefferson ; managing editor Oracle, 
Colby; in. 1874, Sept. 16, $; rel. in Z W, David Davis, br.-in-law; mem. 
Am. Med. Soc. ; Am. Clim. Ass'n; Mass. Med. Soc. ; Librarian Worces- 
ter Dist. Med. Soc.; Asso. Med. Librarians; sec. Worcester Med. Ass'n; 
mem. Shakespere Club; pres., 1899; $ B K; Quinsigamond Boat Club; 
Tatnuc Country Club; Worcester Art Soc.; Bohemians; Worcester Musi- 
cal Ass'n; author of "Observations on the Olfactory Region of the 
blind-deaf-mute, Laura Bridgman," "A Contribution to the Study of 
Larj-ngeal Vertigo, " "Adenoid Growths intheir relation to Deaf-mutism," 
"Bicyling in its relation to Heart Disease"; m. 1886, Edith Loring 
Peirce; children, Ruth, Margaret; teacher, Gray, Me., 1879-80; West 
Warren, Mass., 1880; prin. High School, Adams, Mass., 1881; sub. prin. 
Worcester Grammar School, 1882; House Officer Worcester City Hosp., 
1882-3; visiting physician Washburn Free Dispensary, 1887-91; of Wor- 
cester City Hosp., 1888-94; Laryngologist Worcester City Hosp., 1890; 
consulting physician Hosp. Cottages for Children, Baldwinville, Mass., 
1889; trustee Mass. Hosp. for Epileptics, 1895 ; Consumptive and 
Tubercular Patients, 1899. 

MANN, REV. WILLIAM GERRY, Westbrook, Me., s. William 
and Almira (Gerry) Mann; b. 1855, Apr. 16, Skowhegan, Me.; prep. 
Skowhegan, Me.; Colby, 1874-8, A. B. ; Freshman prophet; pres. lit. soc.; 
Yale Divinity School, B. D.,1832; in. 1874, Oct. 12, $; mem. Pueblo Minis- 
terial Ass'n; sons of Am. Rev. ; m. 1882, July 3, Minnie H. Mathews; chil- 
dren, Lois Elizabeth, Anna Esther, Ruth Caroline, Helen Hunter, 
Gertrude; prin. Milo (Me.) High School, 1878-9; pastor Monson(Me-) Cong. 
Church, 1882-8; Biddeford 2d Church, 1888-90; Pilgrim Cong. Church, 
Pueblo, Col., 1890-4; Warren Cong. Church, Westbrook, Me., 1895. 

PERCIVAL, REV. CHARLES HOMER, 730 South 6th St., Terre 
Haute, Ind., s. Homer and Mary Percival; b. 1854, Dec. 23, Waterville, 
Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1874-6; Amherst, 1877-9, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1882, Amherst; class-day orator; Junior composition prize; Hardy 

264 CHI CHAPTER 1878-9 

debater's prize; commencement orator ; $ B K; in. 1874, Nov. 21, F; 
m. 1887, June 29, Annie E. Greenleaf; Andover Theo. School, two 
years; Edinburgh and Berlin, two years; minister Me., Wis. and Ind., 

PIKE, DANIEL WEBSTER, 600 Baird Bldg., 6th and Wyandotte 
Sts. (res., 3018 Baltimore Ave.), Kansas City, Mo., s. Samuel George 
and Aroline French (Clark) Pike; b. 1853, Feb. 24, Franklin, N. H.; 
prep. New London and Colby Acad. ; Colby, 1874-8, A. B. ; in. 1874, 
Sept. 16, A $; m. 1878, , Sarah Jane Jenkins; children, Berniece, 

George, Sarah, Lawrence, Flora; civil engineer B. & M. R. R., in Neb.; 
municipal engineering, Kansas City, 1885 . 

*THAYER, EDWARD EUGENE, s. Eugene L. and Sarah (Chase) 
Thayer; b. 1858, May 3, Waterville, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; 
Colby, 1874-6; rel. in Z W, Dr. F. C. Thayer, cou. ; in. 1874, Sept. 16; 
med. student, 1876-7; d. 1877, Waterville, Me. 

TILDEN, REV. HOWARD BENJAMIN, Foxcroft, Me., s. Lemuel 
Gill and Hannah Belcher (Gill) Tilden; b. 1848, Sept. 13, Chesterville, 
Me. ; prep. Nickel's Latin School, Lewiston, Me. ; Colby, 1874-8 ; A. B. 
1878, A. M. 1881, Colby; B. D. 1885, Newton Theo. Inst.; first Junior 
part; Senior class orator; editor Echo; commencement marshal ; Senior 
pres. ; $ B K; in. 1875, Nov. 13, ; author of "Centennial History of Bap- 
tist Church," "The Old Farm," poem; m. 1880, June 25, Hattie 
Matilda Butter; prin. Oakland (Me.) High School, 1878-9; pastor Bapt. 
Church, Lamoine, Me., 1880-2; Newton Theo. Inst., 1882-5; pastor Bapt. 
Church, Martha's Vineyard, 1885-8; pastor Chester Bapt. Church, 1888- 
91; Cherryfield Bapt. Church, 1891-3; evangelist, 1893-6; pastor Bapt. 
Church, Dover, Me., 1896. 


FLOOD, EVERETT, M. D., Palmer, Mass., s. David and Marriet 
Maria (Cain) Flood; b. 1855, Feb. 10, Clinton, Me.; prep. Waterville 
Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1875-9 ; A. B. 1879, A. M. 1897, Colby ; M. D. 1881, 
Bowdoin ; editor Echo; class pres., 1875-7; Senior historian; Maine 
Med. School, 1881; Univ. Coll., London, 1892; Univ. Berlin, 1893; in. 
1875, Sept. 24, $; vice-pres. Am. Acad. Med.; author of work on 
Epilepsy ; m. 1886, Julia E. Wright ; ass't physician Worcester 
Lunatic Hosp., 1881-6; supt. Hosp. Cottages for Children, 1885-99; 
supt. Mass. Hosp. for Epileptics, 1899 . 

HAMLIN, HANNIBAL E., Ellsworth, Me., s. Hannibal and 
Ellen Vesta (Emory) Hamlin; b. 1858, Aug. 22, Hampden, Me.; 
prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1875-9, A. B. ; class vice-pres., 
1876-8; first prize Sophomore Declamation; marshal, 1878-9 ; in. 1876, 
Sept. 27, A <; Columbia Law School; Boston Univ. Law School, grad. 
1882; admitted, 1883; mem. of firm Hale & Hamlin; trustee of Colby 
Coll.; mem. Me. House of Rep., 1893-5; Senate, 1899; judge advocate 
gen. on staff of Gov. Powers, 1897; Com'r on Uniformity of Me. Legis- 

MAYO, WILLIAM WITHINGTON, Canaan Four Corners, Col- 
umbia Co., N. Y., s. Leonard and Nancy (Withington) Mayo; b. 1855, 
Apr. 12, North Haven, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1875-9, 
A. B. 1879; A. M. 1882; Latin Oration Junior Year; in. 1876, Mar. 4; 
rel. in Z W, Clinton Howe, fa.-in-law; m. 1885, Jan. 23, Helen Howe; 
teacher Madison and Lubec, 1879-80; ass't prin. Houlton Acad., 1880-1; 
prin. Hebron Acad., 1881-5; prin. High School, Fountain, Col., 1885-93; 
home m'g'r Good Will Farm, 1894-7; supt. Berkshire Industrial Farm, 

1879-80 CHI CHAPTER 265 

*MEEK, CHARLES HENRY, s. Timothy and Susan (Nickles)Meek; 
b. 1854, Mar. 30, Concord, Mass.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 
1875-6; first prize Hamlin Reading; in. 1875, Sept. 24; d. 1877, Jan. 14, 
Mercer, Me. 

OWEN, REV. CHARLES EDSON, Houlton, Me., s. Charles and 
Martha Ann (Adams) Owen; b. 1852, Oct. 25, Leeds, Me.; prep. Me. 
Wesleyan Sem. ; Colby, 1875-9, A. B. ; 2d prize Freshman reading; 
Senior composition prize; 1st prize Junior oration; Junior class pres. ; 
class orator; pres. Colby Boat Club; Newton Theo. Inst., 1881-4; 
B K; in. 1875, Sept. 24, $; rel. in Z W, Levi H., br.; L. N. 
Nason, br.-in-law; m. 1879, July 23, Nellie E. Nason; children, 
Edna Margaret, Robert Everett; prin. Monmouth Acad. (Me.), 1879-81; 
pastor Oakland, Me., 1884-90; Gardiner, Me., 1890-3; Houlton, Me., 

WHITTEMORE, REV. EDWIN CAREY, Waterville, Me., s. 
Isaac W. and Elizabeth (Hatch) Whittemore; b. 1858, Apr. 29, Dexter, 
Me.; prep. Dexter (Me.) High School; Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1875-9, 
A. B. ; class prophet; in. 1875, Sept. 24, #; Newton Theo. Inst., grad. 
1882; mem. Lincoln Co. Hist. Club; author of "History of Damaris- 
corta Baptist Church," "History of Damariscotta Association"; m. 
1879, July 25, Ida M. Macomber; child, Bertha Carey; pastor Bapt. 
Church, New Boston, N. H., 1882-4; of Court St. Bapt. Church, Auburn, 
Me., 1884-9; of First Bapt. Church, Damariscotta, 1889-99; First Bapt. 
Church, Waterville, Me., 1899. 


CHAPLIN, HUGH ROSS, Bangor, Me., s. Daniel and Susan Davis 
(Gibbs) Chaplin; b. 1858, Nov. 24, Bangor, Me.; prep. High School, 
Bangor, Me.; Colby, 1876-80; A. B. 1880; class marshal; capt. ball team ; 
$ B K- in. 1876, Oct. 4; m. 1888, Dec. 28, Mary Johnson Stewart; 
lawyer, 1882. 

*CROSBY, EDGAR HERBERT, s. Luther B. and Lois Gilman 
(Hanscom) Crosby; b. 1859, Nov. 3, Albion, Me.; prep. Brownville and 
Waterville, Me.; Colby, 1876-80; A. B., 1880; in. 1876, Oct. 4, A <?; rel. 
in Z W, Luther B., fa.; Nathaniel H., br.; Atwood, unc. ; m. 1883, 
Dec. 23, Hattie Carlle; children, Iris and Carlle Byron; teacher; 
killed by locomotive, 1898, Feb. 2. 

HERRICK, FRED SAMUEL, M. D., Brooklin, Me., s. Samuel 
and Frances M. (Bayard) Herrick; b. 1858, June 9, Sedgwick, Me. ; 
prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1876-80; A. M. 1883; Junior Part; 
editor-in-chief "Oracle"; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., grad. 1884; in. 
1877, May 1, $; F. and A. M. ; m. 1890, Nov. 12, Lizzie W. Wells; 
children, Samuel Alton, Fred. Samuel, Jr. ; supervisor schools; health 
officer; physician, 1884 . 

KOOPMAN, HARRY LYMAN, Brown Univ. Library, Providence, 
R. I., s. Charles Frederick and Mary Brewer (Mitchell) Koopman; b. 
1860, July 1, Freeport, Me.; prep. Freeport High School; Colby, 1876-80; 
A. B., 1880; A. M., 1883; Harvard Graduate School, 1892-3; class 
prophet and poet; $ B K; in. 1879, July 15; mem. Am. Library 
Ass'n; Mass. Library Club; Barnard Club; R. I. Hist. Soc. ; author 
of poems, "The Great Admiral," "Orestes and Other Poems"; 
"Woman's Will," a love play; "The Crime of the Culprit Fay "; "Zeta 
Psi, Forever Victorious," song; "The Gothic Minister"; "Morrow 
Songs"; prose, "Catalogue of the Library of Geo. P. Marsh"; "His- 
torical Catalogue of Brown Univ.," 1764-1894; " The Mastery of Books"; 

266 CHI CHAPTER 1880-1 

contributor to periodicals; m. 1889, June 27, Helene Louise Mayser; 
children, Mary Fredrika, Karl Henry; teacher Grammar School, 
Claremont, N. H., 1881; clerk Astor Library, 1881-2; cataloguer of Cor- 
nell Univ. Library, 1883-4; of Columbia Coll., 1885-6; of Univ. of Vt., 
1886-92; chief librarian and lecturer on bibliography Brown Univ., 1893 . 

MCDONALD, JONATHAN TITUS, M. D., 916 Market St., San 

Francisco, Cal., s. Lewis and Martha (Titus) McDonald; b. 1853, May 
4, Cambridge, New Brunswick; prep. Me. Wesleyan Sem. ; Colby, 1876- 
80; A. B. 1880, A. M. 1883, Colby; first prize Junior and Senior orations; 
editor-in-chief Echo, 1879-80; Commencement English Oration; med. 
dept., Univ. Cal., 1882; Cooper Med. Coll., 1883-4, M. D.; in. 1876, Sept. 
27, A #; mem. Cal. State Med. Soc.; Cal. Geog. Soc. ; m. 1887, Nov. 27, 
Clara R. Hutchins; prin. Livermore Public Schools, 1881; med. student, 
1882-5; physician San Francisco, 1885-94; student in specialty, 1892-3, 
New York, London, Paris; physician, 1895 . 

St., Worcester, Mass., s. Aaron E. and Mehitable (Rackliffe) Nason; 
b. 1852, June 7, South Standish; prep. Me. Wesleyan Sem.; Colby, 
1876-80, A. B. ; Sophomore declamation 2d prize; Sophomore orator; first 
Hamlin reading prize; asso. editor Oracle; Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 
grad. 1884; gold medal excellence in Obstetrics; in. 1877, May 1st, #; 
rel. in Z W, Rev. Charles E. Owen, br.-in-law; m. 1893, , Rose 

Perkins; physician. 

TRASK, JAMES E., 74 National German-Am. Bank Bldg. (res., 
666 Portland Ave.), St. Paul, Minn., s. Robert and Zelpha (Drew) 
Trask; b. 1855, Mar. 2, New Sharon, Me.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst. ; 
Colby, 1876-80, A. B., A. M.; first prize Soph.; declamation and second 
prize Junior year; prize for original composition; Fresh, and Soph, class 
pres. ; managing -editor Echo; in. 1876, Sept. 27, #; rel. in Z W, Fred 
R. Trask, br. ; Charles A. Cox, ne. (deceased) ; m. 1897, July 14, Har- 
riet Feagles ; child, Allen ; instructor in natural science South Jersey 
Inst, Bridgeton, N. J., 1880-7; lawyer, St. Paul, 1888. 


MARSH, SAMUEL KEENE, No. Newport, Me., s. James D. 
and Angeline (McKeene) Marsh; b. 1852, July 4, Dexter, Me.; prep. 
Maine Wesleyan Sem. ; Colby, 1877-81, A. B. ; A. M. 1884; class pres. ; 
managing editor Oracle; in. 1877, Oct. 6, $; mem. F. and A. M. ; Sons 
of Veterans; m. 1890, June 23, Edna E. Howard; children, Minerva May 
and Jessie Lee; prin. Monson (Me.) Acad., 1881-2; instructor in mathe- 
matics, Chamberlain Inst., 1882-3; Greek and Latin, 1883-7; prin. Union 
School, Spencer, N. Y., 1887-96; v.-pres. of Bicksport Sem., 1896-8; prin. 
of Waterville (Me.) High School, 1898. 

McINTIRE, GEORGE ALBION, 517 Bellevue Ave., N. Seattle, 
Wash., s. Albion and Elizabeth E. (Hinds) Mclntire; b. 1856, May 19, 
Skowhegan, Me.; prep. Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1877-81, A. B.; 
1881, A. M. ; class v.-pres.; Junior marshal; in. 1877, Oct. 6, #; m. 
1883, Apr. 28, Nettie J. Morse; children, Pearl, Lela, Phio, Elaine; 
public school teacher and insurance business. 

RICH, JOHN FRANK, 70 Fifth Ave., N. Y. (res., 156 Bank St., 
Batavia, N. Y.), s. John Gilkey and Sarah Gay (Daggett) Rich; b. 1855, 
Apr. 17, Hope, Me. ; prep. East Me. Con. Sem. ; Me. Wesleyan Sem. ; 
Colby, 1878-9; Wesleyan, 1879-81; A. B., 1881; A. M., 1885, Wesleyan; 
in. 1879, Mar. 8; F. & A. M.; m. 1886, June 19, Mary Perry French; 
child, Perry Frank; prof, mathematics and Latin, Chamberlin Inst., 

1881-2 CHI CHAPTER 267 

Randolph, N. Y., 1881-2; prin. Belfast (Me.) High School, 1882-7; 
Scituate (Mass.) High School, 1887-8; Bridgewater (Mass. ) High School, 
1888-9; supt. schools, Manchester and Rockport, Mass., 1889-91; travel- 
ing salesman Ginn & Co., publishers, 1892 . 

STACY, EVERETT M., Oakland St., Waterville, Me., s. Moses 
and Olive (Pratt) Stacy; b. 1858, July 25, Benton, Me.; prep. Waterville 
Class. Inst.; Colby, 1877-81, A. B.; in. 1877, Oct. 6, #; m. 1884, Sept. 
25, Ella J. Stacy; children, Harold E., Edward G., Owen P., Zulema 
F. ; business, 1881. 

WILSON, CHARLES BRANCH, State Normal School, Westfield, 
Mass.,s. John Butler and Samantha Theresa (Perkins) Wilson; b. 1861, 
Oct. 20, Dexter, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1877-81; A. B., 
1881; A. M., 1884; Junior part commencement, 1880; first honors in 
scholarships, 1881; class historian, sec. and treas. ; $ B K; in. 
1877, Oct. 5, A $; rel. in Z W, JohnB., fa,; Fred M. and George A. 
Wilson, William E. Brooks, uncs. ; Geo. A. Wilson, Jr., Clayton K. 
Brooks, cous. ; mem. Agassiz Ass'n; pres. Me. Hist. Soc. ; mem. 8 o'clock 
Club, Gorham, Me. ; of Me. Pedagogical Soc. ; of Cumberland Co., same; 
author of "Original Researches in the Ornithology, Botany and Arch- 
aeology of Me. ;" essay on "Agassiz Association in its relation to our 
common schools," and on "Prehistoric Fishermen in Me."; m. 1885, 
July 22, Lillian Belle Turner; child, Carroll Atwood; post-grad, 
science student, 1881-2; teacher, 1882-5, and 1891-4; ass't in chemistry 
and natural history, Colby, 1882-5; teacher of science, State Normal 
School, Gorham, Me., 1891-4; grad. student in biology at Johns Hop- 
kins Univ., Oct., '94 to May 18, '95; prin. summer school in natural 
history, Harpswell, Me., June-Sept., 1895; student ass't in biology, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md., Oct., 1895-May, 18%; director of 
Marine Laboratory, Harpswell, Me., 1896; prof. of biology, State Normal 
School, Westfield, Mass., 1896-7; mem. of Johns Hopkins Marine Labo- 
ratory at Port Antonio, Jamaica, June and July, 1897; prof, of natural 
science, with supervision of natural study in model schools, State Normal 
School, Westfield, Mass., 1897. 


AUSTIN, ELMER B., Buckfield, Me., s. Ellis Holmes and Melinda 
(Harlow) Austin ; b. 1855, Oct. 17, Buckfield, Me.; prep. Hebron Acad., 
Me.; Colby, 1878-80; sec. Boardman Miss. Soc.; class poet; mem. of 
glee club ; in. 1878, Sept. 25, 2; F. and A. M. ; Junior Deacon ; Granger; 
m. 1880, June 30, E. Frane White; children, Albert White, Grace J., 
Bessie, Mellie; farmer and teacher; school com., twenty years; select- 
man and school-board, 1898 . 

COLLINS, EDWARD MORDECAI, 412 S. Nevada St., Colorado 
Springs, Col., s. Russell J. and Collins; b. 1860, Feb. 

2, Georgetown, Col.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1879-82, 
A. B.; in. 1880, July 2, $; teacher. 

FRYE, ROBIE GALE, Sharon, Mass., s. Wakefield Gale and 
Annie Elizabeth (Arey) Frye ; b. 1860, Dec. 29, Belfast, Me. ; prep. Bel- 
fast High School; Colby, 1878-82; A. B., Junior Part; Senior Essay 
prize ; class vice-pres. ; in. 1878, Sept. 21, $ ; rel. in Z W, Wakefield 
G. (dec'd), fa.; Henry W. (dec'd), br. ; B K; Appalachian Mt. Club, 
Pine Tree Club of Boston ; 1st lieut. in First Corps Cadets, Mass. Vol. 
Militia; vice and deputy consul gen., Halifax, N. S., 1882-5; clerk 
Boston Custom House, 1885-94 ; chief clerk of First Division since Sept 

268 CHI CHAPTER 1882-3 

HILL, JAMES FREDERICK, M. D., 119 Main St. (res., 225 Main 
St.), Waterville, Me., s. James P. and Emeline P. (Simpson) Hill; b. 
1854, June 15, Waterville, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1878-9 
and 1893; Dartmouth Med. Dept., 1881-2; Bowdoin same, 1882-5; M. D., 
1885; post-graduate work N. Y. Polyclinic, 1895; N. Y. Post-graduate 
School, 1896; in. 1893, Oct. 27; mem. Me. Acad. Med. Science; Maine 
Med. Ass'n; Am. Med. Ass'n; Am. Laryngological, Rhinological and 
Otological Soc.; Kennebec Co. Med. Ass'n; Waterville Clinical Soc. ; 
Canibas Social Club; author of pamphlet on "Unusual Sized Rhino- 
lith removed with the Lithotrite with Prompt Cessation of Prolonged 
Disturbances"; m. 1885, July 31, Angle L. Poster; children, Margue- 
rite Foster, Frederick Thayer, Howard Foster; specialist eye, ear, 
nose and throat; lecturer and med. examiner Colby Coll. ; on staff Maine 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, Portland, Me. 

OWEN, LEVI HERBERT, 7 Fairmount St., Woburn, Mass., s. 
Charles and Martha A. (Adams) Owen; b. 1856, June 27, Leeds, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1878-82, A. B., 1882; A. M., 1885; 2d 
prize Hamlin reading; in. 1878, Sept. 25, A $; rel. in Z W, Charles 
Edson, br.; F. & A. M. ; m. 1883, Aug. 30, Helen M. Folger; child, 
Philip Herbert; prin. Fairfield (Me.) High School, 1882-3; Milford, 
N. H., 1885-8; Weymouth, Mass., 1888-92; Natick, Mass., 1892-3; Wo- 
burn, Mass., 1893 . 

PEASE, BERTIS ALVARO, Nashua, N. H., s. Stephen and 
Martha A. (Knowles) Pease; b. 1854, Oct. 31, Wilton, Me.; prep. 
Wilton Acad.; Colby, 1878-82, A. B. 1882; A. M. 1885; class v.-pres. ; 
Boston Univ. Law, 1889; in. 1878, Sept. 25, ; mem. "Fortnightly 
Club"; m. 1890, Jan. 1, Linna B. Flagg; children, Eleanor, Robert A., 
Theodore S., Dorothy, Ruth; teacher, 1882-7; sec. Nashua Bldg. and 
Loan Ass'n, 1888-98; attorney for same, 1890-8; attorney and sec. Home 
Bldg. and Loan Ass'n, 1892-8; lawyer, 1889. 

PHILBROOK, WARREN COFFIN, Waterville, Me., s. Luther 
G. and Angelia (Coffin) Philbrook; b. 1857, Nov. 30, Sedgewick, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1878-82, A. B.; first prize Fresh- 
man reading; first prize Sophomore declamation; first prize Junior 
orator; Senior class-day orator; pres. and m'g'r baseball ass'n; leader 
Glee Club; in. 1878, Sept. 25, A 3>; 2 A pro tern.; m. 1882, Aug. 21, Ada 
M. Foster; teacher Farmington State Normal School and Waterville 
High School, 1882-6; lawyer, 1886 ; judge Municipal Court five years; 
mem. Me. Leg., 1897-9; mayor of City of Waterville, 1899. 


EDMUNDS, CHARLES DOLE, M. D., 181 Hammond St., Bangor, 
Me., s. Charles E. and Caroline M. (Stockman) Edmunds; b. 1859, 
June 4, East Comillo, Me. ; prep. Waterville Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1879- 
85; A. B. 1883, Colby ; M. D., Harvard, 1886; in. 1879, Sept. 24, <P; rel. 
in Z W, Frank H. , br. ; mem. Eastern Maine Med. Ass'n and Penobscot 
Med. Ass'n; m. 1890, March 28, Annie W. Jones; child, Charles Stover; 
physician and surgeon; visiting physician Eastern Maine General 
Hosp., 1895. 

HARRUB, HENRY WALDRON, 42 Somerset Ave., Taunton, 
Mass., s. Darius and Matilda F. (Shaultz) Harrub; b. 1854, Aug. 28, 
Scituate, Mass. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1879-83, A. B. ; 
second prize Hamlin Reading; Junior orator ; in. 1879, Sept. 24, A $; 
m. 1890, Feb. 7, Annie M. Clark; child, Deborah Hope; teacher. 

1883-4 CHI CHAPTER 269 

HINDS, ASHER CROSBY, Daily Press, Portland, Me., s. Albert 
Dwelley and Charlotte (Flagg) Hinds; b. 1863, Feb. 6, Benton, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1879-83, A. B.; first prize Senior 
Composition; $ B K; in. 1880, July 21, A ; rel. in Z W, Albert 
Dwelley, fa.; Amos L., Asher C., Roswell S., uncs.; George W. Hunt, 
Amos Lunt, cous. ; author "Parliamentary Precedents of the House 
of Rep. of the U. S."; m. 1891, Sept. 3, Harriet Louise Estey; children, 
Albert Estey (dec'd), Asher Estey; news editor Portland Daily Adver- 
tiser, 1884-5; associate editor Portland Daily Press; clerk to speaker 
51st Cong.; clerk at speaker's table, 54th and 55th Congs. 

MERRILL, PRESTON IRVING, 732 Tremont Temple, Boston, 
Mass, (res., 31 Lawrence St., "Waltham, Mass.), s. Adoniram Judson 
and Sarah (Chesley) Merrill; b. 1859, Sept. 13, Buckfield, Me.; prep. 
Hebron and Bridgeton Acads. ; Colby, 1879-83; A. B., 1883; A. M., 1889; 
Senior Class v.-pres. ; pres. Athletic Ass'n, 1883; in. 1879, Sept. 24, 
2 p; F. & A. M. ; m. 1890, Caro Anna Thomas; children, Alice Chesley, 
Seymour; prin. Union School, Randolph, N. Y., 1883-4; Va. City 
(Mon.) High School, 1885-6; Eastport (Me.) High School, 1888-92; pro- 
prietor Merrill Teachers' Agency, Boston, 1893 . 

NOBLE, ALFRED IRA, M. D., Lunatic Hospital, Worcester, 
Mass., s. John and Mary Sherman (Davis) Noble; b. 1856, Mar. 3, Fair- 
field, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1879-83, A. B. ; Portland 
Med., 1885; Bowdoin M. D., 1886; Honorary Junior Part, Latin Ver- 
sion; class pres.; editor-in-chief Oracle; pres. med. class; $ B K; 
in. 1879, Sept. 24, 2; mem. Mass. Med. Soc., Worcester Med. Ass'n; 
Am. Medico-Psychological Ass'n; New England Psycological Soc.; m. 
1887, Aug. 27, Ella Annie Boole; physician, Boston, 1886-7; asst. phy- 
sician Worcester Lunatic Hosp., 1887-90; asst. supt. same, 1891 . 


EMERSON, WALTER CRANE, Advertiser Office, Portland, Me., 
s. Luther Dorr and Dulcina Minerva (Crane) Emerson ; b. 1863, Jan. 18, 
Oakland, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1880-4, A. B. ; Junior 
Declamation ; 'Varsity baseball, tennis and track athletics ; in. 1880, 
Sept. 24, #; m. 1886, Sept. 30, Janet Milliken; child, Janet; editor 
Portland Advertiser. 

HUBBARD, FRANK BAILEY, 57 Elm St., Waterville, Me., s. 
George W. and Mary E. (Bailey) Hubbard; b. 1862, Oct. 15, Oakland, 
Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1880-2; 2d Prize Freshman 
Reading; in. 1880, Sept. 20, 2 p; rel. in Z W, Guy A., br.; F. and 
A. M.; mem. Canibas Club; m. 1887, Oct. 13, Jessie B. Smith; rail- 
road business, freight agent, 1886-%; eastern agent, Maine Central 
Railroad Co., 1896. 

LINDSEY, PHILIP SIDNEY, M. D., Santa Monica, Cal., s. 
Stephen D. and Sarah (Townsend) Lindsey; b. 1862, Mar. 27, Norridge- 
wock, Me.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1880-2; Bowdoin, 1883-4; 
A. B.. M. D., Bowdoin, 1888; in. 1880, Sept. 24, $ (Lambda chap.); rel. 
in Z W, Charles M., br.; m. 1886, Nov. 26, Ethel G. Emery; child, Phyllis 
S. ; teacher one year; physician, 1890 . 

MORRILL, CHARLES WILLIAM, 926 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 
Wash., s. Benjamin Franklin and Louise (Woodman) Merrill; b. 1863, 
Jan. 3, Farmington, Me. ; prep. Waterville, Me. ; Colby, 1880-4, A. B. ; 
class pres.; in. 1880, Sept. 24, A 2; vice-pres. Commercial Club of 
Tacoma; m. 1886, Dec. 2, Mary Vaughan; children, Vaughan, Mary 
Elizabeth; teacher and merchant. 

270 CHI CHAPTER 1884-6 

STEVENS, EDWARD EVERETT, Oakland, Me., s. Joseph E. 
and Susan Amanda (Lewis) Stevens; b. 1863, Nov. 3, West Waterville, 
Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1880-4, A. B. ; m'g'r baseball 
ass'n; in. 1880, Sept. 24, #; sec. Union League, Minneapolis; mem. 
Minneapolis Whist Club; ass't sec. State League Republican Clubs, 
1889-93; with Washburn Mill Co., 1884-9; with W. L. Stevens, flour 
exporter, 1893-8. 


ADAMS, CHANCE Y, M. D., 22 S. State St., Concord, N. H., s. 
Benjamin and Elizabeth Briton (Sawyer) Adams; b. 1861, Mar. 15, 
North New Portland, Me. ; prep. Anson Acad. and Waterville Class. 
Inst; Colby, 1881-5; A. B., 1885; A. M., 1890, Colby; Portland School 
for Med. Instruction, 1888-90 and 1891 ; M. D., 1891, Maine Med. School; 
1885, class-day parting address; pres. and m'g'r baseball ass'n; 
editor-in-chief Oracle; parting address, Me. Med. School, 1891; post- 
grad. Med. School and Hosp., 1893; in. 1881, Oct. 1, ; mem. Center 
Dist. and N. H. State Med. Soc. ; Wonolancet Club, Concord; F. and A. M. ; 
m. 1893, Jan. 9, Laurinda Clara Coombs; children, Benjamin W., 
Edmund C.; teacher, 1885; apothecary, 1886-90; "Interne" U. S. Marine 
Hosp., Staten Island, N. Y., 1891; ass't physician, State Lunatic Hosp. , 
Taunton, Mass., 1891-3; physician, Concord, N. H., 1897; ass't staff 
Margaret Pillsbury Gen. Hosp. , 1898. 

EDMUNDS, FRANK H., 52 Liberty St.,N. Y. City (res., 71 Pierre- 
pont St., Brooklyn), s. Charles E. and Carrie M. (Stockman) Edmunds; 
b. 1862, Mar. 4, East Corinth, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 
1881-5, A. B. , 1885; pres. Senior Class ; managing editor Echo; second 
prize Sophomore Declamation, Junior historian; in. 1881, Sept. 30, $; 
rel. in Z W, C. D. Edmunds, M. D. , br. ; mem. Crescent Athletic Club of 
Brooklyn and of Brooklyn Inst. of Arts and Sciences ; Albany Law 
School, 1888 ; admitted 1888, Aug. , Maine Bar ; New York Bar, 1890. 

FOSS, ARTHUR MONTGOMERY, Paul's Valley, Ind. Ter., s. 
John E. and Anna (Huckins) Foss ; b. 1863, Apr. 22, Charleston, Me. ; 
prep. Charleston Acad.; Colby, 1881-5; A. B., 1885; "Junior Part," 1882; 
editor-in-chief Echo; in. 1882, Oct. 6, <?; m. 1897, Dec. 22, Emma E. 
Simpson; prin. Marion (Mass.) High School, 1885-6; Bar Harbor (Me.) 
High School, 1886-7; lawyer, 1889; office Deputy U. S. Marshal, 1897. 

HERRICK, FRANK W., 61 Court St. (res., Lexington, Mass.), Bos- 
ton, Mass., s. Thomas Webster and Mary (Porter) Herrick; b. 1863, 
Feb. 19, Waterville, Me.; prep. Hallowell, Me.; Colby, 1881-5; in. 
1881, Sept. 30, 2; m. 1885, Oct. 29, Fannie Russell Benjamin; chil- 
dren, Robert Webster, Majory Porter; m'g'r Herrick 's Mercantile 

LINDSEY, CHARLES MELZOR, 119^ S. Spring St., Los 
Angeles, Cal. (res., Santa Monica, Cal.), s. Stephen D. and Sarah 
(Townsend) Lindsey; b. 1863, Sept. 14, Norridgewock, Me.; prep. 
Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1881-2; D. D. S., New York Coll. of Den- 
tistry, 1888; in. 1881, Sept. 30, 2 p; rel. in Z W, Philip S., br. ; dentist. 


BOYD, BYRON, Augusta, Me., s. Robert and E. J. (Savage) Boyd; 
b. Wakefield, Carleton Co., N. B., 1864, Aug. 31; prep. Ricker Class. 
Inst.; Colby, 1882-6; A. B., 1886; class pres. Senior year; in. 1882, Oct. 
6, ; m. 1895, Jan. 9, Lucy E. Burleigh ; child, Dorothy; taught High 
School, Bar Harbor, 1887; clerk, Sec. of State's office, 1889-91; chief clerk, 
same, 1891-5; deputy Sec. of State, 1895-7; Sec. of State, 1897. 

1886-7 CHI CHAPTER 271 

BROWN, CHARLES COREY, Norwalk, Cal., s. Charles and 
Elizabeth (Hovey) Brown; b. 1859, Dec. 16, Jacksontown, New Brunswick; 
prep. Houlton Acad. ; Colby, 1882-6, A. B., 1886; pres. Y. M. C. A.; in. 
1882, Oct. 6, #; m. 1893, Dec. 6, Amelia E. Schrake; stockraiser and 
fruit-grower; civil, hydraulic and mining engineer and assayer. 

PARKER, REV. CHARLES ALBERT, 86 Whitney St., Quincy, 
Mass., s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Perry) Parker; b. 1859, Jan. 8, Lud- 
low, Me.; prep. Houlton, Me.; Colby, 1882-5; Brown, 1885-6, A. B., 
Brown, 1886; A. M., 1889, Brown; class poet; in. 1882, Oct. 6, #; 
reestablished Epsilon, 1886; Newton Theo. Inst., 1889; m. 1893, Apr. 19, 
Bertha E. Wiers; children, Frank Harold, Reginald Edwin, Wuanita 
May; pastor. 

PLAISTED, SHERIDEN, Waterville, Me., s. Appleton and Emily 
Carleton (Heath) Plaisted; b. 1865, Jan. 4, Waterville, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1882-6, A. B., A. M. ; second prize Junior 
Exhibition; $ B K; in. 1882, Oct. 6, #; mem. Soc. Sons of Rev.; 

PLUMMER, JAMES KIDD, Houlton, Me., s. Silas T. and Catha- 
rine (McKenzie) Plummer; b. 1863, Nov. 4; prep. Ricker Class. Inst.; 
Colby, 1882-4; in. 1882, Oct. 6, 2 p; F. and A. M.; studied law with 
Powers & Powers, of Houlton; admitted to bar in 1887; lawyer, not in 

TRASK, FRED RUGGLES, Bradford, Mass., s. Robert and 
Zelpha (Drew) Trask ; b. 1862, June 6, New Sharon, Me. ; prep. Coburn 
Class. Inst.; Colby, 1882-4 ; historian Freshman class; v. -pres. Sophomore 
class; in. 1882, Oct. 6; rel. in Z W, James E., br. ; Charles A. Cox, 
(deceased), ne. ; pres. Bradford Teacher's Ass'n; pres. United Helpers, 
Portland St. Bapt. Church ; mem. Bapt. Social Union ; m. 1885, June 9, 
Grace Delia Palmer ; children, Robert, Pauline ; grain business ; mem. 
Boston Chamber Commerce, 1891 . 


Luther Byron and Lois (Hanscom) Crosby ; b. 1864, Jan. 17, Benton, 
Me.; prep. Brownville High School; Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1883-7; 
A. M., 1891, Colby; M. D., 1891, Univ. Vermont ; in. 1884, Oct. 10, A $; 
rel. in Z W, Edgar H., br., and Luther B., fa. ; teacher, 1887-8; physician, 

GOODWIN, FOREST, Skowhegan, Me., s. George E. and Han- 
nah S. (Pollard) Goodwin; b. 1862, June 14, Skowhegan, Me.; prep. 
Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1883-7; A. M. ; Junior Part, Sophomore 
prize Declamation; Senior class orator; pres. Colby athletic ass'n, 
1886-7; editor-in-chief Oracle; $ B K; Boston Univ. Law School, 1890; 
in. 1883, Oct. 19, ; rel. in Z V, William P., cou. ; F. & A. M. ; m. 
1893, June 3, Mattie E. Smith; rep. Me. Leg., 1889-90; clerk at Speaker's 
table, 51st Cong. ; postmaster at Skowhegan, 1892-6; lawyer. 

MOORE, HERBERT MELVIN, Yarmouth, Me., s. Charles and 
Margaret J. (Morrison) Moore; b. 1861, Apr. 15, Milo, Me.; prep. 
Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1883-7, A. B. ; Ivy Day orator; treas. and 
editor Echo; in. 1883, Oct. 19, ; Worshipful Master F. & A. M., 
1896-7; pres. Hillside Library Ass'n, 1894; m. 1889, Oct. 3, Mary E. 
Sullivan; prin. Bar Harbor (Me.) High School, 1887-9; of Yarmouth, 
Me. , 1890. 

272 CHI CHAPTER 1887-9 

OWEN, FRED KRAMPH, Press Office, Portland, Me. (res., Wood- 
ford), s. William H. and Clara M. (Johnson) Owen; b. 1865, Oct. 10, 
Milo, Me.; prep. Waterville Class. Inst.; Colby, 1883-7, A. B.; Echo 
editor; in. 1883, Oct. 19, A ; F. & A. M.; m. 1896, Sept. 16, Alice 
Gertrude Smith; city editor North Adams Sunday Express, 1888; re- 
porter Daily Gazette, Auburn, Me., 1889-91; managing editor same, 1892; 
city editor Sun, Lewiston, Me., 1893; managing editor News, Taunton, 
Mass., 1894-5; night editor Press, Portland, Me., 1896 . 

WILKINS, GEORGE EDWARDS, Houlton, Me., s. John Edwards 
and Ruth Elizabeth (Harmon) Wilkins; b. 1861, Jan. 31, Brownville, Me.; 
prep. Houlton Acad.; Colby, 1883-4; in. 1883, Oct. 19, 2 p; F. & A. 
M. ; m. 1894, May 16, Amanda Frances Carson; child, Margaret; real 
estate office, Boston, 1884; traveling salesman, for Almon H. Foff & Co., 
Houlton, Me., 1884. 


*GOODWIN, WILLIAM PARKER, s. Llewellyn and Olive S. 
(Parker) Goodwin; b. 1868, Sept. 15, Skowhegan, Me. ; prep. Skowhegan 
High School; Colby, 1884-8; in. 1884, Oct. 10; rel. in Z W, ForestGood- 
win, cou. ; d. 1886, May 31, Skowhegan, Me. 

MERRILL, WILLIAM WILLIS, Fairfield, Me., s. Simeon and 
Adelia A. (Jewett) Merrill; b. 1866, Sept. 25, Cumberland Mills, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1884-8, A. B. ; class sec. and treas., 1886; 
v.-pres., 1887; first managing editor Oracle, 1888; class marshal, 1888; 
in. 1884, Oct. 10, ; sec. F. & A. M.; m. 1891, Aug. 21, Mabel A. 
Emery; banking ; bookkeeper, 1888-95; cashier, 1895 . 

*SUCKLING, WALTER BREASIER, s. Samuel and Abigail 
(Baxten) Suckling; b. 1862, July 9, Moscow, Me. ; prep. Bloomfield 
Acad. ; Colby, 1884-8, A. B. ; 2d prize Freshman reading; 1st prize Junior 
oratory; Freshman class prophet; editor-in-chief Echo; Glee Club; in. 
1884, Oct. 10, ; prin. Georgetown (Col.) High School, 1888-91; d. 1891, 
Mar. 24, Georgetown, Col. 

WOOD, CHARLES HENRY, Bar Harbor, Me. , s. Henry and Maria 
Cobb (Taft) Wood; b. 1859, Mar. 19, West Gouldsboro, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1884-5; Freshman class pres. ; LL. B., Boston 
Univ. Law School, 1891; in. 1884, Oct. 10; pres. Bernett Club (Boston 
U. Law School); F. & A. M.; m. 1886, Dec. 22, Kate Shaw; child, 
Philip; teacher; lawyer, 1891 . 


*FRYE, HENRY WAKEFIELD, s. Wakefield Gale and Annie 
Elizabeth (Arey) Frye; b. 1868, Apr. 21, Belfast, Me.; prep. Belfast 
High School; Colby, 1885-9, A. B. 1889; Johns Hopkins Univ., 1890-2; 
"Junior Part"; Commencement Oration; vice-pres. class; in. 1885, 
Oct. 9, A ; rel. in Z W, Wakefield G., fa.; Robie G., br. ; vice and 
deputy U. S. Consul- Gen., Halifax, N. S., 1889-90; assoc. editor 
Electrical World, 1892-4; editor in 1895; sec. W. J. Johnston Co., Ltd., 
N. Y. ; d. 1895, June 20, Folsom, New Mexico. 

KING, JAMES, 155 La Salle St. (res., 4705 Lake Ave.), Chicago, 
Ills., s. James W. and Amelia M. (Thurber) King; b. 1868, Jan. 7, 
Waterville, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1885-9, A. B. ; mar- 
shal Senior year; managing editor Echo; in. 1885, Oct. 9, ; teacher, 
1889; Vice Consul-Gen. U. S., Halifax, N. S., 1890-2; ass 't sec. Fire- 
man's Ins. Co., Chicago, 1893-6; Western Underwriters' Ass'n, Chicago, 




NYE, FRANK ELMER, Woonsocket, R. I., s. Joseph Merrill and 
Deborah Robie (Eaton) Nye; b. 1866, Apr. 14, Pittsfield, Me. ; prep. 
Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1885-9, A. B.; Senior Class pres. ; pres. 
boat and tennis clubs; director baseball ass'n; in. 1885, Oct. 9, 3>; m. 
1895, June 6, Maude Barnett; teacher; business. 

SAMPSON, EUGENE LESTER, Foxcroft, Me., s. Edwin and 
Betsey (Bemis) Sampson; b. 1864, Nov. 26, Lexington, Me.; prep. Anson 
Acad.; Colby, 1885-9; A. B., 1889; A. M., 1892; fourth Junior Part; treas. 
baseball ass'n; Soph, orator; in. 1885, Oct. 9, F; prin. Noank (Conn.) 
High School, 1889-90; Foxcroft Acad., 1890-5; Dexter High School, 1895-6; 
Harvard Grad. School, 1896-7; Gordon Miss'y Training School, 1897-8; 
evang. work, 1898 . 

WYMAN, REV. ABRAM, Topeka, Kan., s. Abram H. and Sarah 
C. (Blunt) Wyman; b. 1865, May 25, Skowhegan, Me.; prep. Skowhegan 
High School; Colby, 1885-9, A. B. ; B. D. Harvard Divinity School, 1893; 
Junior prize declamation; class day poet; editor-in-chief Oracle, 1889; 
$ B K\ in. 1885, Oct. 9, <?; rel. in Z W, E. A. Wyman, cou.; pastor 
First Unit. Church, Topeka, 1893. 


GILMORE, REV. FRANK ALBERT, 109 Portland St., Haverhill, 
Mass., s. Albert and Sarah (Bradman) Gilmore; b. 1864, Dec. 27, Belfast, 
Me.; prep. Me. Central Inst. ; Colby, 1886-90; A. B., 1890; A. M., 1894; 
B. D., Harvard Divinity School, 1894; first prize, Declamation, 1888-9; 
first prize, Junior Debate; pres. Freshman Class; baseball team, 1886-90; 
Junior class prophet; toastmaster, 1890; sec. Oracle Ass'n; Echo staff; 
first and second prices, Field Day, 1887; in. 1886, Oct. 15, $; chaplain 
Masonic Lodge, Presque Isle and Haverhill; author "History First 
Parish, Haverhill, 1645-95"; of Memorial Day orations, G. A. R.; m. 
1892, Oct. 25, Marion A. Getchell; children, Florence E., Albert F., 
Robert G. ; pastor Presque Isle, 1894-5; First Unit. Church, Haverhill, 
Mass., 1895. 

HURD, GEORGE NORTHROP, 416 Quincy Bldg., Denver, Col., 
s. Nathan S. and Margaret A. (Hawkins) Hurd; b. 1865, Sept. 16, 
Denver, Col.; prep. Georgetown High School; Colby, 1886-90; A. B. 
first prize Freshman Reading; Sophomore Declamation; Junior Prize 
Debate; Freshman class orator; Junior Marshal; Senior parting address; 
orator at laying of cornerstone Shannon Observatory; treas. athletic 
ass'n; v.-pres. baseball ass'n; editor Echo; v.-pres. Oracle Ass'n; in. 
1886, Sept. 15, ; m. 1899, June 22, Edith Merrill; Denver Law School 
LL. B., 1893; town attorney, Coif ax, Col., 1893. 

MILLER, MERTON LELAND, Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago, 
Chicago, Ills., s. William and Esther Helen (Pearson) Miller; b. 1868, 
Oct. 4, Benton, Me.; prep. Lowell High School; Colby, 1886-90, A. B. ; 
postgrad, work Chicago Univ., 1890-5; Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago, 1897; 
second coll. entrance prize; first prizes work Fresh, and Junior years; 
second prizes Soph, and Senior years; class pres., 1890-5; $ B K; 
in. 1886, Oct. 15, ; treas. Graduate Club, Univ. Chicago, 1895-6; 
author of "A Preliminary Study of Pueblo of Taos"; ass't in treas. 's 
office B. & M. R. R., 1890-1; teacher Eureka Acad., 1892; ass't in An- 
thropology, Univ. of Chicago, 1894-9; instructor same, and dean of Dear- 
born Sem., 1899. 

WALKER, ERNEST GEORGE, Washington Post, Washington, 
D. C. (res., 1706 P St., N. W.), s. Stillman Atwood and Martha R. 
(Wentworth) Walker; b. 1869, Sept. 1, Empden, Me.; prep. Anson 
Acad.; Colby, 1886-9; Harvard, 1890-2; A. B., 1892; Fresh, reading; 

274 CHI CHAPTER 1890-1 

Junior class poet; associate editor Echo', in. 1886, Oct. 15; mem. of 
Sons Am. Rev.; F. & A. M. ; Sons of Colonial Wars; Sons and Daugh- 
ters of Me. ; National Capital Press Club ; ex-mem. Cosmos Club ; m. 
1898, Oct. 26, Romaina Mannix; supt. Public Schools, Embden ; prin. 
High School, Skowhegan, Me., 1889-90; business in Boston, 1892; in 
Smithsonian Inst., 1892-3; with Washington Post, 1893 ; city ed., 1899 . 


BANGS, DENNIS MILLIKEN, Waterville, Me., s. Gen. Isaac S. 
and Hadassah (Milliken) Bangs; b. 1868, June 13, Waterville, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst., Waterville, Me.; Colby, 1887-8; Bowdoin, 
1888-91; A. B., 1891, Bowdoin; Leipzig Univ., 1891-2; Harvard Med. 
School; Colby baseball team one year; class orator; Bowdoin base- 
ball team, 1889-91; m'g'r of varsity football team, 1890; soph, prize 
declamation; in. 1887, Oct. 21; Chi; A <? Lambda ; author of "History of 
the Lambda Chapter"; mem. Military Order of Loyal Legion, Sons 
Am. Rev. 

CHIPMAN, ALVAH HOVEY, 85 Germain St., St. John, N. B., s. 
Rev. Alfred and Alice (Shaw) Chipman ; b. 1867, Feb. 6, Stewiacke, 
Nova Scotia; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1887-91, A. B. ; second 
prize Freshman Reading, Senior Exhibition; class pres. ; Parting 
Address; pres. Y. M. C. A.; conference committee; m'g'r baseball ass'n; 
editor Colby Echo, Colby Oracle; in. 1887, Oct. 21, $; rel. in Z W, 
Chaloner Oakes Chipman, br. ; m. 1896, June 25, Mabel DeWitt; child, 
Fred Elder; commercial traveler, January September, 1892; treas. and 
m'g'r Groder Dyspepsia Cure Co., 1't'd, 1892-4; bus. m'g'r of the 
Messenger and Visitor, Nov. , 1895 . 

Me ARTHUR, EDWIN D., Cor. 26th and Harrison Ave., Leadville, 
Col., s. Duncan and F. L. ( ) McArthur; b. 1869, Jan. 26, Cedar 

Rapids, la.; prep. Georgetown High School; Colby, 1887-8; Phil. Coll. 
Phar., Ph. G., 1889; in. 1887, Dec. 7, 2 p; mem. Leadville Football 
Ass'n; Leadville Mt. Rambler's Bicycle Club; priv. Col. Guards, 1896-7; 
sergt. Troop A, Torrey's Rough Riders, Spanish War, 1898; druggist. 

NO YES, CHARLES WOOD, Room 831, Tremont Bldg., Boston, 
Mass, (res., Melrose, Mass.), s. Rev. William and Alice Jane (Wood) 
Noyes; b. 1869, Mar. 31, Milo, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 
1887-8, 1890-1; leader of banjo and guitar club; Boston Law School, one 
year; in. 1887, Oct. 19; mem. Melrose and Amphion Clubs; book- 
keeper; traveling salesman; admitted to Me. bar, 1895; Mass, bar, 1896; 
lawyer, 1896. 

PEASE, REV. CHARLES STANLEY, Conway, Mass., s. Morgan 
and Rowena (Fay) Pease; b. 1862, Oct. 29, Middlefield, Mass.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1887-91; A. B. 1891, Colby; D. B. 1894, 
Newton Theo. Sem. ; A. M. 1894, Colby; Soph, declamation; Commence- 
ment Speaker; Junior class v.-pres. ; pres. Y. M. C. A.; in. 1887, Oct. 
21, $; pastor First Bapt. Church, Hasbrouck Heights, N. J., 1894-6; 
Bapt. Church, Conway, Mass., 1896 . 

PERKINS, JAY, M. D., 78 Broad St., Providence, R. I., s. Wil- 
liam N. and Phoebe A. (Perkins) Perkins; b. 1864, Oct. 15, Penobscot, 
Me. ; prep. Castine Normal School and Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 
1887-8 ; Harvard Med. School, 1891, M. D. ; Med. at Vienna, 1898 ; 
in. 1887, Oct. 19; pres. R. I. Medico-Legal Soc., 1897-8; sec. Providence 
Med. Ass'n, 1896-7; mem. R. I. Med. Soc.; Mass. Med. Soc.; Mass. Med- 
ico-Legal Soc.; Boston Soc. Med. Sciences; treas. R. I. Hosp. Club; 
mem. R. I. Cong. Club; Harvard Club; R. I. Clinical Club; Med. Im- 
provement Club; Central and University Clubs; author of "Air Em- 
bolism," "Widal's Recreation in Typhoid Fever," "Pathology of 

1891-2 CHI CHAPTER 275 

Tuberculosis," "Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis"; house 
physician R. I. Hosp., 1891-3; Boston Lying-in Hosp., 1893-4; Pathologist 
R. I. and Providence Lying-in Hosp., 1896 ; demonstrator Anatomy 
Brown Univ. ; State med. examiner, Dist. No. 10, Providence Co. ; ex- 
aminer Police Relief Ass'n, N. E. Mutual, Mass. Mutual and Union 
Mutual Life Ins. Go's. 

ROGERS, ARTHUR KENYON, Alfred, N. Y., s. William Augus- 
tus and Rebecca Jane (Titsworth) Rogers; b. 1868, Dec. 27, Dunellen, 
N. J.; prep. Cambridge High School; Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1887-91, 
A. B. ; post grad. Johns Hopkins, 1891-2; Univ. Chicago, 1892-4, 1896-8; 
entrance prize; scholarship prize, 1888-9, 1890; editor Oracle; Hon. Fellow, 
1892-3; Fellow, 1896-8; in. 1888, Apr. 11, $; author of " Life and Teach- 
ings of Jesus," "A Brief Introduction to Modern Philosophy," "Paral- 
lelism of Mind and Body"; m. 1895, Aug. 24, Helen Worthington; 
Greek instructor Chicago Acad. , 1893-4; ass't supt. organized charities, 
Hartford, Conn., 1895-6; instructor in philosophy Alfred Coll., 1899. 

SMITH, WILLIAM ABBOT, 92 College Ave., Waterville, Me., s. 
Samuel King and Annie R. (Abbot) Smith; b. 1868, Apr. 30, Water- 
ville, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1887-91, A. B. ; leader 
Glee Club; in. 1887, Oct. 19; rel. in Z W, John Day, cou. ; prin. Wiscassit 
(Me.) High School, 1891-2; prof. History and Logic, John B. Stetson 
Univ., Deland, Fla., 1892-3; sub-master Waterville High School, 1897. 

STODDARD, GEORGE HENRY. East Douglass, Mass., s. 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Kinsell) Stoddard; b. 1868, Jan. 10, Milo, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1887-91; A. B. 1891; A. M. 1896; treas. 
baseball ass'n; champion tennis tournament, 1891; in. 1887, Oct. 19, 2; 
m. 1894, July 3, Amelia Matilda Gould; child, Mildred Kinsell; prin. 
Union Acad., Corrinna, Me., 1891-2; of Fort Fairfield High School, 1892- 
3; of Springvale High School, 1893-4; of Cherry field High School, 1894-5; 
of Scarboro High School, 1895-6; of Freeport High School, 1896-7; East 
Douglass (Mass.) High School, 1897. 


CHIPMAN, CHALONER OAKES, 421 Santa Fe Ave. (res., 208 
W. 6th St.), Pueblo, Col., s. Rev. Alfred and Alice (Shaw) Chipman; 
b. 1871, Nov. 30, Sydney, Cape Breton Island, N. S., Canada; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1888-9; in. 1888, Oct. 10, 2; rel. in Z W, 
Alvah Hovey Chipman, br. ; mem. Co. B, N. C. Col. ; teller First Nat. 
Bank, Ocala, Fla., 1889-91; real estate, Pueblo, Col., 1891. 

COHEN, CHARLES EMERSON, 545 Westminster St. (res., 47 
Jackson St.), Providence, R. I., s. Louis and Lena (Hyman) Cohen; 
b. 1872, Jan. 27, Carthage, N. Y. ; prep. Georgetown (Col.) High 
School, Phillips Exeter Acad. and Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1888-92; 
A. B., A. M., 1895; class prophet, 1890; marshal, 1891; address to under- 
graduates; ass't editor-in-chief Colby Echo; pres. and m'g'r Colby 
Oracle; in. 1888, Oct. 13, #; mem. Progress Club, Denver, Col.; 
m. 1894, Aug. 29, Irma Henrietta Levy; sec. M. Hyman Cigar and 
Importing Co., 1892-3; cigar and importing business, 1893-5; sec. and 
treas. of the Wahlgreen Publishing and Advertising Novelty Co. , 1895-7; 
m'g'r of the firm of Casser Misch, 1897 . 

KALLOCH, HALSEY KNAPP, 1052 Maple St., New Whatcom, 
Wash., s. Isaac Smith and Caroline Elizabeth (Philbrick) Kalloch; b. 
1870, Dec. 26, Lawrence, Kan.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst., Waterville, 
Me.; Colby, 1888-92, A. B. ; Sophomore class historian; Junior class 
awarder of prizes; Echo editor; conference committee; Oracle editor; 
toast master, Senior year: Univ. of Penn., Med. Dept., 1892-3; in. 
1888, Oct. 10, ; rel. in Z W, I. S., fa.; sec. Cougar Club, New What- 
com, Wash.; student, 1893-5; U. S. Geol. Survey, 1896-9. 

276 CHI CHAPTER 1892-3 

NICHOLS, FRANK BARRETT, Bath Times, Bath, Me., s. 
Thomas and Augusta M. (Barrett) Nichols; b. 1869, Feb. 2, Round Pond, 
Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1888-92, A. B. ; Sophomore dec- 
lamation and Senior exhibition; winner in tennis tournament, 1892; 
Soph, class pres. ; asst. m'g'r Oracle; pres. baseball and athletic 
ass'n; in. 1888, Oct. 13, A ; m. 1895, Sept. 5, Ella Dodge Nickels; 
child, Dorothy; teacher Cherryfield (Me.) High School, 1892; travel- 
ing salesman; m'g'r Rockland Daily Star; owner and editor of the Bath 
Times, 1897. 

STARK, STEPHEN, Waterville, Me., s. Amos C. and Mary E. 
(Jordan) Stark; b. 1872, June 4, Waterville, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. 
Inst.; Colby, 1888-92; A. B. 1892; A. M. 1896; first prize Freshman dec- 
lamation and oratory, Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years; in com- 
position, Senior year; Junior class orator; $ B K; Univ. Chicago 
Divinity School, 1894-6; in. 1888, Oct. 13, ; author of "History of the 
Chi Chapter"; teacher of mathematics, Me.; Wesleyan Sem., 1892-3; 
of Latin and Greek, Mt. Hermon, Mass., 1896-. 


BOWMAN, DENNIS EVARTS, Sidney, Me., Eureka P. p., s. 
Frank and Carrie Augusta (Heath) Bowman; b. 1871, Nov. 10, Sidney, 
Me.; prep. Oak Grove Sem. and Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1889-93; 
A. B., 1893; first Merrill Entrance prize; first prize, Sophomore Decla- 
mation; Junior Debate prize; first Junior Part, Junior Exhibition; class 
pres.; college marshal, 1889-90; Columbus Day orator; pres. Democratic 
Club; pres. Student Com. Board of Conference; pres. Amal. Ass'n; 
editor-in-chief Colby Oracle; Senior Orator, Commencement Speaker, 
1892-3; $ B K; in. 1889, Oct. 10, ; teacher; prin. Waterville High 
School, 1894-7. 

CONNERS, HARRY MYLES, Bar Harbor, Me., s. Alfred Eaton 
and Josephine Marie (Hutchings) Conners; b. 1871, July 2, Bar Harbor, 
Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1889-93; law student Boston 
Univ.; second prize Freshman reading; second prize Sophomore decla- 
mation; second prize tennis; director baseball ass'n; pres. and m'g'r 
Colby Echo; pres. tennis ass'n,; of Maine Inter, tennis ass'n; glee 
club, 1891-3; Colby Dramatic Club; parting address; in. 1889, Oct. 16, 
^ ; m. 1896, June 3, Leonora Edith Hodgkins. 

GRAVES, SAMUEL DEAN, South Thomaston, Me., s. Edward 
S. and Mercy K. (Hathome) Graves; b. 1869, Nov. 6, St. George, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst. and Rockland Com. Coll. ; Colby, 1889-92 ; in. 
1889, Oct. 16, $; priv. Co. H, 1st Me., Tilson Light Inf.; historian of 
1st Me. ; two years editor Rockland Daily Star; correspondent Boston 
Herald; broker, Boston, 1899. 

HALL, OLIVER LEIGH, Rockland, Me., s. Oliver G. and Sarah 
Frances (White) Hall; b. 1870, May 6, Rockland, Me.; prep. Coburn 
Class. Inst.; Colby, 1889-93; eleven first and four second prizes for field 
events; medal best batting record, 1892; capt. ball team, 1893; Fresh, 
class orator; Echo editor, 1892; in. 1889, Oct. 14, A $; m. 1896, June 
3, Marie Agnes Bunker; child, Oliver Gray Hall; editor Waterville 
Sentinel, 1893-4; city editor Rockland Daily Star, 189S-6; editor same, 

MILLER, LESTER C., M. D., 89 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass., 
s. George A. and Martha A. (French) Miller; b. 1867, May 15, West 
Rockport, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1889-91; Harvard 
Med. School, M. D., 1894; in. 1889, Oct. 14, 2; mem. Mass. Med. Soc.; 
treas. Worcester Med. Ass'n; m. 1895, Apr. 24, Delia Burgess; visit- 
ing physician Worcester Isolation Hosp. ; ass't laryngologist Worcester 
City Hosp. ; physician, 1894 . 

1894 CHI CHAPTER 277 


ALEXANDER, JOSEPH BULLEN, Hayward, Wis., s. Charles 
and Charlotte Augusta (Bullen) Alexander; b. 1870, Nov. 21, Eau Claire, 
Wis.; prep. Eau Claire; Colby, 1890-4, A. B.; LL. B., 1896, Univ. of 
Wis. ; Junior Prize Debate; Junior Exhibition Speaker; Junior Class-day 
Speaker; director baseball and athletic ass'n, 1892; pres. and m'g'r 
football ass'n; trustee Colby Amal. Ass'n; in. 1890, Oct. 22, #; F. and 

A. M. ; m. 1898, June 29, Jessie M. Bunker; judge of Sawyer Co., 
Wisconsin, 1898-1902. 

BURLEIGH, SAMUEL APPLETON, Vassalboro, Me., s. Hall 
C. and Clara K. (Garland) Burleigh ; b. 1870, Nov. 27, Fairfield, Me. ; 
prep. Oak Grove Sem. and Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1890-4, A. B. ; 
class prophet, Senior year ; chairman Com. on Odes, Junior year ; in. 
1890, Oct. 20, $; teaching, 1894-5; editor and proprietor Watenrille 
Sentinel, 1895-8 ; edited and published Kennebec Valley News two years ; 
mem. Waterrille Bd. Education; now teacher of Ancient and Modern 
Languages and Literature. 

EVANS, AUSTIN HALL, Harvard, Mass., s. William Henry 
and Susan Elizabeth (Barbour) Evans : b. 1872, July 17, Hyannis, Mass. ; 
prep. Mass. Grammar Schools and Cushing Acad. ; Colby, 1890-4, A. 

B. ; Harvard Graduate School, 1899; first Entrance Prize; 2d Schol- 
arship Prize, Junior year ; pres. Freshman Class ; mem. student board 
of conference; editor-in-chief Colby Echo; treas. Colby Oracle; pres. 
Reading Room Ass'n; in. 1891, April 5, $. 

GOODY, JOHN JUDAH, 88> Exchange St., Portland, Me. (res., 
78 Glenwood Ave. , Portland, Me.), s. Thomas H. and Sarah (Lunt) 
Goody; b. 1866, Feb. 9, Portland, Me.; prep. Me. Wesleyan Sem. and 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1890-1; in. 1890, Oct. 22; rel. in Z IT, Alfred 
S., br. ; m. 1891, June , Mabel Augusta Blackwell; child, Miriam Per- 
sis ; hotel clerk; station agent; auditor's clerk; Judge Municipal Court, 
Deering, Me., Nov., 1898, to Mar., 1899; lawyer, Portland, Me., 1897. 

HUBBARD, GUY ANDREW, c/o Crystal Water Co., Stapleton, 
N. Y., s. George Washington and Mary (Bailey) Hubbard;b. 1871, Apr. 
23, Waterville, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1890-2; Trinity 
Coll., 1892-4; A. B. 1894; v.-pres. Sophomore Class; Trinity Glee, Banjo 
and Mandolin Clubs; in. 1890, Oct. 22, 2; rel. in Z W, Frank Bailey, 
br. ; Edward E. Stevens, cou. 

KENDRICK, WALTER FRANCIS, Fairfield, Me., s. John Free- 
man and Sarah Blodgett (Nye) Kendrick; b. 1872, Dec. 8, Fairfield, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1894, A. B., A. M.; first honorary 
Junior Part; class poet; first German prize; class vice-pres. ; $ B K; in. 
1890, Oct. 22; prin. Fairfield High School, 189-4 . 

PIERCE, CLARENCE WARREN, Yarmouth, Me., s. John C. and 
Elizabeth B. (Loring) Pierce; b. 1871, Jan. 16, Canton, Me.; prep. 
Deering High School and Westbrook Sem.; Colby, 1890-4; A. B. 1894, 
A. M. 1897; in. 1890, Oct. 20, $; m. 1898, July 20, Myrtle Chapman; 
prin. Norridgewock and Kittery High Schools (Me.); of Bourne High 
School (Mass.), 1897-8; prin. Pennell Institute, Gray, Me., 1898 ; supt. 
of schools, Gray, Me., 1899. 

TUPPER, CLARENCE E., Fitchburg, Mass., s. Sanford J. and 
Alice L. (Emerson) Tupper ; b. 1871, July 1, Oakland, Me.; prep. Oak- 
land High School ; Colby, 1892-4 ; Boston Univ. Law School, grad. 18%, 
LL. B. ; in. 1892, Oct. 26; rel. in Z W, Alton F., br.; lawyer. 

278 CHI CHAPTER 1895-6 

I8 95 

HARDY, THEODORE EVERETT, M. D., Kingfield, Me., s. 
John D. and Lucy C. (Fletcher) Hardy; b. 1872, Aug. 15, East Wilton, 
Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1891-4; Harvard Med. School, 
1894-8; M. D., 1898; in. 1892, Oct. 26, ; rel. in Z W, Lynne F. Adams, 
Warren Hardy, cous. ; physician, 1899 . 

McLELLAN, HUGH DEAN, 128 High St., Belfast, Me., s. William 
Henry and Angeline (Nickols) McLellan; b. 1876, Sept. 10, Belfast, Me. ; 
prep. Belfast High School; Colby, 1891-5, A. B. ; in. 1891, Oct. 28, 3>; 
rel. in Z W, William H., fa.; mem. Central Club, Belfast; prin. Belfast 
High School, 1897-9; lawyer, referee in bankruptcy, Waldo Co., Me., 

TUPPER, ALTON FOSTER, Fitchburg, Mass., s. Sanford Jack 
and Alice Louisa (Emerson) Tupper ; b. 1873, Sept. 29, Oakland, Me.; 
prep. Waterville High School; Colby, 1891-4; class poet; in. 1891, Oct. 

28, 2-, rel. in Z W, Clarence E., br.; prin. Newport (Me.) High School; 
sub-master Lewiston (Mass.) High School, 1897; lawyer. 

WARD, PARKER MYLES, M. D., Hotel North wood, cor. Dudley 
and Hancock Sts., Dorchester, Mass., s. Henry Harrison and Julia 
Bishop (Davis) Ward; b. 1873, Feb. 15, Linneus, Me.; prep. Ricker 
Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1891-3 ; Harvard Med. ; M. D. , 1897 ; Soph, marshal ; 
football director ; Fresh, toastmaster ; awarder of prizes Junior year ; 
in. 1891, Oct. 27, 2; mem. Philomusian Soc. ; v.-pres. and personal 
editor Aquillo', physician, 1897 . 

WATERS, WILLIAM LEE, 64 S. Sherman Ave., Denver, Col., 
s. Charles Randolph and Sarah Eliza (Parlee) Waters; b. 1872, Mar. 

29, Lakeville, N. B. ; prep. Georgetown (Col.) High School; Univ. of 
Denver, 1890-2; Colby, 1892-5, A. B. ; Fresh, class pres. ; Junior poet; 
pres. athletic ass'n; treas. football ass'n; bus. m'g'r of Oracle; sec. 
State Oratorical Ass'n; in. 1892, Oct. 28, #; supt. of schools, Water- 
ville, Me., 1895-8; Harvard Law School, 1899. 


CRAM, BENJAMIN RALPH, Mt. Vernon, Me., s. Albion P. 
and Lora Viola (Walker) Cram; b. 1869, Nov. 21, Mt. Vernon, Me.; 
prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1892-4; Colby Athletic Club and glee 
club; in. 1892, Nov. 12, 2; m. 1896, Sept. 2, Caroline A. Stevens; 

DUNN, HENRY WESLEY, 40 College Ave., Waterville, Me., s. 
Reuben Wesley and Sarah Martha (Baker) Dunn; b. 1877, Jan. 27, 
Waterville, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1892-6, A. B. ; Mor- 
rill prize for excellence in preparation for coll. ; Sophomore Declamation; 
first Junior Part; second prize Junior Exhibition; Junior Debate (prize); 
Intercollegiate Debate, 1896; Senior Exhibition; Senior orator; com- 
mencement speaker; first Composition prize; first German prize; sec. and 
treas. Football Ass'n, 1894; sec. Athletic Ass'n; pres. Republican Club; 
editor Oracle, 1895-6; $ B K; in. 1892, Oct. 28, #; rel. in Z W, Reuben 
W., fa. ; prin. Monson (Me.) Acad., 1896-7; teacher Worcester Class. High 
School, 1897-8; Hotchkiss School, 1898-9; Harvard Law School, 1899. 

DURGAN, ELFORD LINDSEY, Farmington, Me., s. Paul Alex- 
ander and Flavilla Ruby (Knapp) Durgan; b. 1870, July 9, West Happs- 
well, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1892-6, A. B. ; prophet; 
chapel organist; in. 1892, Oct. 26, ; m. 1899, Oct. 21, Carolyn Emma 
Sturtevant; hardware business, 1896 . 

1896-8 CHI CHAPTER 279 

HOPKINS, ROBERT VANIMAN, 2340 High St., Denver, Col., s. 
Barton Alonzo and Emily M. (Zimmerman) Hopkins; b. 1869, Mar. 14, 
Astoria, 111.; prep. Georgetown High School; Colby, 1892-5; football 
team; class treas. ; in. 1892, Oct. 28, A #; mining, 1896. 

KIMBALL, CHARLES BENJAMIN, North New Portland, Me., 
s. Benjamin Franklin and Salome Titcomb (Bartlett) Kimball; b. 1872, 
May 14, North New Portland, Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 
1892-6, <? B K; in. 1892, Oct. 28, 2; teacher. 

SALISBURY, LOWELL GRIND ALL, Waterville, Me., s. Nathan 
J. and Sophia L. (Conners) Salisbury; b. 1874, Dec. 4, Samesville, Me.; 
prep. St. John's Military School; Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1892-3; 
in. 1892, Oct. 26; rel. in Z W, Harry Miles Conners, cou.; m. 1899, Oct. 
2, May Darrah; mem. Milburn Club; retail bus. in crockery. 

TURNER. CHARLES WINSLOW, 1521 S. 17th St., Lincoln, Neb., 
s. Jewett and Clara E. (Thomas) Turner; b. 1866, June 7, North Haven, 
Me. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1892-6, A. B. ; class pres. ; class 
historian; Eastern State Normal School, 1887; in. 1892, Oct. 26, ; m. 
1897, Nov. 14, Margaret Lord Smith; prin. High School, Vinal Haven, 
Me., 1896; ass't teacher Dudley Grammar School, Boston, Mass., 1897; 
gen. agent Silver, Burdett & Co. for State of Neb., 1898. 


BARKER, ROY MORRILL, Presque Isle, Me., s. Fred and Viola 
(Shaw) Barker; b. 1875, Apr. 8, Presque Isle, Me..; prep. St. John's 
School and Ricker Class. Inst; Colby, 1893-5, 1896-7; Harvard, 1895-6; 
A. B., 1897, Colby; track athletics; in. 1893, Oct. 27, 2 p; mercantile 
business with Aroostock Lumber Co., 1897 . 

BRADEEX. FRED BARTON, M. D., Greenville, Me., s. Alphonso 
and Sarah Ann (Ramsdell) Bradeen; b. 1872, Dec. 19, Milo, Me. ; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1893-5; Univ. of Penn. Med. School, 1895-9; 
M. D. ; in. 1893, Oct. 27, 2; mem. Stille" Med. Soc. 

*COX, CHARLES ARTHUR, s. Charles Henry and Ann Melissa 
(Trask) Cox; b. 1876, Sept. 30, Haverhill, Mass.; prep. Haverhill High 
School; Colby, 1893-4; class treas. ; in. 1893, Oct. 27; rel. in Z W, Fred 
R. and James E. Trask, uncs. ; d. 1894, Sept. 20, Haverhill, Mass. 

MANSUR, FRED MORRILL, Houlton, Me., s. Morrill and lantha 
(Walker) Mansur; b. 1875, Aug. 10, Houlton, Me.; prep. Ricker Class. 
Inst.; Colby, 1893-4; attending med. dept., Boston, Mass.; in. 1893, Oct. 
27; lumber and potato starch business. 


ALDEN, FRANK WENTWORTH, 15 College Ave., Waterville, 
Me., s. Julius Arthur and Ellen (Wentworth) Alden; b. 1874, June 8, 
Waterville, Me.; prep. Waterville High School; Colby, 1894-8; A. B., 
1898; sec., 1896, pres., 1897, Colby Athletic Ass'n: v-pres. Maine 
Inter. Athletic Ass'n, 1897; half-back 'Varsity football team, 1895-7; 
in. 1894, Oct. 10, #; ass't 2pA; mem. Sons Am. Rev. 

CORSON, HENRY LYSANDER, Canaan, Me., s. Lysander 
Hartwell and Susan C. (Morrison) Corson; b. 1870, July 26, Canaan, 
Me. ; prep. Dirigo Business Coll., 1889; East Corinth Acad. and Higgins 
Class. Inst., 1892; Colby, 1894-8, A. B.; class treas.; m'g'r track team, 
1896; m'g'r football team, 1897; in. 1896, Oct. 15, ; F. and A. M. ; 
prin. High School, New Vineyard, Me., 1892; prin. High School, 
Standish, Me., 1893; prin. High School, York, Me., 1894; law student 
with C . F. Johnson, 1899. 

280 CHI CHAPTER 1898-9 

BROOKS, CLAYTON KINGMAN, South Paris, Me., s. William 
Eustis and Angle Ricker (Wilson) Brooks; b. 1874, July 15, WestHaven, 
Conn; prep. Hebron Acad. ; Colby, 1894-8; baseball team, 1895-7; foot- 
ball team, 1894-7; capt., 1895-7; track team, 1895-6; in. 1894, Oct. 10, 
2 p; rel. in Z W, William Eustis Brooks, fa. ; George Adam Wilson, Fred 
M. Wilson and John B. Wilson, uncs. ; Chas. B. Wilson and Geo. A. 
Wilson, Jr., ecus. 

JOSSELYN, EVERETT RAND, 211 Commercial St. (res., 639 
Congress St.), Portland, Me., s. Theodore A. and Lorana (Rand) 
Josselyn; b. 1874, Aug. 29, Portland, Me.; prep. Hebron Acad.; Colby, 
1894-5; in. 1894, Oct. 10; mem. Lincoln Club; traveling salesman; mem. 
Portland City Gov't, 1898-00; mem. com. on Fire Dept. ; honorary mem. 
Me. State Firemen Ass'n; sec. Eureka Flour Co.; mem. commission 
on Public Instruction, Portland. 

McFADDEN, WILLARD LOWELL, Augusta, Me., s. Andrew 
and Florence (Totman) McFadden; b. 1876, Feb. 11, Waterville, Me.; 
prep. Waterville High, and Friend's Boarding School, Providence, R.I. ; 
Colby, 1894-8, A. B. 1898; Sophomore debate prize; Sophomore class 
orator; Junior Exhibition; Me. Intercollegiate tennis champion; mem. 
Mandolin and Guitar Club, 1898; in. 1894, Oct. 11, $; rel. in Z W, 
Everett Totman, cou. ; F. and A. M. ; law student. 

NELSON, JOHN EDWARD, 5 Belmont Ave., Waterville, Me., s. 
Edward White and Cassandra Marden (Worthing) Nelson; b. 1874, July 
12, China, Me.; prep. Waterville High School and Friend's Boarding 
School, Providence, R. I.; Colby, 1894; A. B., 1898; Soph. Declamation; 
Senior Exhibition; first prize Extemporaneous Writing; Soph, debate; 
coll. debate; Intercollegiate debates, 1897-8; pres. Colby Debating 
Club; first coll. marshal, 1897; toastmaster, 1894; Junior Class pres.; 
editor-in-chief Oracle; $ B K; in. 1894, Oct. 12, $; F. & A. M. ; prin. 
Waterville High School, 1898. 

PIERCE, THOMAS RAYMOND, Rockland, Me., s. Henry Nason 
and Leonora Felicia (Pillsbury) Pierce; b. 1878, Aug. 29, Rockland, Me.; 
prep. Rockland High School; Colby, 1894-8; A. B., 1898; coll. debate; 
Junior class marshal; pres. Me. Inter. Tennis Ass'n, 1897; editor-in- 
chief Echo; leader Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Club; in. 1895, June 26, 
A 2; author of "Tau Kappa Phi" song; collecting agency, 1899; editor 
of Coos County Tourist, 1899. 

SOULE, THATCHER HAROLD, 29 Broadway, N. Y. City (res., 
So. Freeport, Me.), s. Horace Bartoll and Emiline (Talbott) Soule; b. 
1877, June 30, So. Freeport, Me.; prep. Hebron Acad.; Colby, 1894-5; 
football team, Bowdoin, 1896 ; in. 1894, Oct. 10; bank clerk; salesman; 
with Vacuum Oil Co. of Rochester, N. Y. 

WILSON, GEORGE ADAM, JR., So. Paris, Me., s. Geo. A. and 
Anna (Blake) Wilson; b. 1877, Oct. 12, So. Paris, Me.; prep. Hebron 
Acad.; Colby, 1894-8, A. B. ; baseball team; indoor athletic team; 
mandolin and guitar club; in. 1894, Oct. 10, #; rel. in Z W, Geo. A., 
fa.; Fred M. Wilson, John B. (deceased), Wm. Eustis Brooks, uncs.; 
Charles B. Wilson, Clayton K. Brooks, cous. 


ADAMS, LYNNE FLETCHER, Wilton, Me., s. Alonzo B. and 
Mae C. (Fletcher) Adams ; b. 1876, Mar. 7, Wilton, Me. ; prep. Wilton 
Acad.; Colby, 1894-5 and 7-9, A. B.; in. 1894, Oct. 10, 2; rel. in Z W, 
Theodore E. Hardy, cou. ; F. and A. M. 




AUSTIN, ROBERT BETTS, 35 Nassau St., N. Y. City (res., 
35 Pineapple St., Brooklyn), s. Daniel William and Anna E. (Betts) 
Austin; b. 1877, Mar. 26, Brooklyn, N. Y.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; 
Colby, 1894-7; New York Law School, 1900; in. 1894, Oct. 10, ; 
F. and A. M.; m. 1898, July 26, Lora L. Wight; child, Robert Franklin. 

BROWN, WILLIAM WIRT, 12 Center Street, Waterville, Me., s. 
Simon Stratton and Hepsie Bellows (Wig-gin) Brown ; b. 1874, Sept. 25, 
Fairfield, Me.; prep. Waterville High School; Colby, 1894-9, A. B. ; 
mem. Conference Bd. ; treas. Oracle Assn.; mem. indoor athletic team; 
glee club; ass't m'g'r Colby Echo; m'g'r and pres. Colby Echo Assn. ; 
mandolin and guitar club; Colby Octet; mem. Epicureans, Senior Soc., 
Colby; Parting Address; in. 1894, Oct. 12, ; rel. in Z W, Simon 
S. Brown, fa. 

HOIT, HENRY AMBROSE, 487 Western Ave., Albany, N. Y., s. 
Samuel Bahn and Sarah Maria (Day) Hoit; b. 1875, Aug. 27, Wean, 
N. H. ; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1895-6; in. 1895, Oct. 16; 
'Varsity baseball, 1895. 

LAMB, HENRY ALLEN, 337 Congress St., Portland, Me., s. 
Henry Allen and Mary Buxton (Whiting) Lamb; b. 1878, Apr. 14, Port- 
land, Me.; prep. Hebron Acad. ; Colby, 1895-7; football team, 1895-6; 
director Glee Club, 1896-7; McGill Glee Club, 1897-8; in. 1895, Oct. 16, 
2; McGill Med. Univ., 1897-8; Burlington Med. School, 1898. 

MERRICK, HUBERT JAMES, Waterville, Me., s. James Loring 
and Susan Helen (Ward) Merrick; b. 1875, Sept. 10, Troy. Me. : prep. 
Waterville Grammar Schools; Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1894-9. A. B. ; 
sec. Soph. Class; Junior Class poet; m'g'r football team, 1898; chairman 
Exec. Com. Senior year; mem. Student Board of Conference; in. 1894, 
Oct. 11, . 

PLUMMER, JOHN MUSSEY, 189 High St., Portland, Me., s. 
Hiram Tobin and Louisa (Mitchell) Plummer; b. 1875, July 3, Portland, 
Me.; prep. Hebron Acad. and Portland High School; Colby, 1895-6; in. 
1895, Oct. 17. 

ROBBINS, ALBERT CYRUS (res., Winthrop, Me.), 16th and Race 
Sts., Philadelphia, Pa., s. Cyrus S. and Mary L. (Rockwood) Robbins; 
b. 1876, Jan. 8, Winthrop, Me.; prep. Oak Grove Sem. ; Colby, 1895-9, 
A. B.; toastmaster Fresh, year; reader with Glee Club; pres. Junior 
class; Junior Debate; m'g'r of Oracle; in. 1895, Oct. 16, $; rel. in Z W, 
Willard H. Rockwood, cou. ; teacher. 

STEWART, FRANK HOWARD, Cherryfield, Me., s. Arthur L. 
and Sarah J. (Small) Stewart; b. 1876, Jan. 22, Cherryfield, Me. ; prep. 
Hebron Acad. ; Colby, 1895-6; in. 1895, Oct. 16. 


FOLSOM, HAROLD MORRELL, Oldtown, Me., s. Albion Parker 
and Annie (Burrill) Folsom ; b. 1875, Apr. 23, Oldtown, Me.; prep. 
Oldtown High School; Colby, 1896-7; Bowdoin, 1897-8; in. 1896, Oct. 
16, 2 p; freshman reading. 

GOODY, ALFRED SPRAGUE, Winslow, Me., s. Thomas Hart 
and Sarah (Lunt) Goody; b. 1873, Oct. 31, Portland, Me.; prep. Port- 
land High School; Colby, 1895 and 1897 ; Junior Exhibition, Sopho- 
more and Junior Debate; class treas., 1899; in. 1895, Oct. 17, #; rel. in 
Z W, John Judah, br. ; teacher. 

282 CHI CHAPTER 1900-2 

HARDY, WARREN FOLLANSBEE, Billerica, Mass., s. Rev. D. 
W. and Lydia M. (Follansbee) Hardy; b. 1878, Dec. 14, Bluehill, Me.; 
prep. Waterville High School; Colby, 1896-8; Amherst, 1898; Fresh. 
Reading-; Sophomore Declamation; in. 1896, Oct. 16, 2; rel. in Z W, 
Theodore Hardy, cou. 

HERRICK, ERNEST LAWRENCE, Charleston, Me., s. Henry J. 
and Hattie A. (Harvey) Herrick; b. 1874, Apr. 15, Levant, Me. ; prep. 
Higgins Class. Inst.; Colby, 1896; in. 1896, Oct. 15, A $; m. 1899, 
Sept. 6, Susan Darrah. 

LAWRENCE, FRED FOSS, Skowhegan, Me., s. Charles P. and 
Flora T. (Brown) Lawrence; b. 1879, Nov. 6, Fairfield, Me.; prep. 
Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1896 ; first prize Sophomore Declama- 
tion; first Junior Part; second prize Junior Exhibition; second German 
prize; Sophomore Debate; Junior Debate; College Debate; Intercollegiate 
Debate, 1899; v.-pres. Debating Club; editor-in-chief Colby Oracle, 1900; 
rep. staff Echo; ass'tcoll. marshal; class poet; class historian; chairman 
class Exec. Com.; mgr. football team, 1900; in. 1896, Oct. 15, A 2; rel. 
in Z W, Hon. S. S. Brown, gr. unc. ; W. W. Brown, 2d cou. 

LEARNED, ORRIN ALBERT, Fairfield, Me., s. Amos and 
Ophelia (Gleason) Learned; b. 1875, Feb. 15, Fairfield, Me.; prep. 
Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1896 ; Junior Presentation address; in. 
18%, Oct. 16, 2. 


BUNEMAN, AUGUSTUS CORNELIUS, 1727 Carondelet Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo., s. Henry C. and Mary (Berle) Buneman; b. 1878, May 8, St. 
Louis, Mo.; prep. Philip Exeter; Colby, 1897; left end 'varsity football 
team; capt. Fresh, football team; in. 1897, Oct. 19. 

HOWARD, ADONIS DOW, East Sangerville, Me., s. Charles 
Augustus and Harriette Brown (Johnson) Howard ; b. 1878, Oct. 16, East 
Sangerville, Me.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1897 ; in. 1897, 
Oct. 18, A\ freshman reading; rel. in Z W, Fred K. Owen, cou. 

W. A. and Nellie (Rowell) Newcombe; b. 1879, Jan. 17, Hallowell, Me.; 
prep. Hebron Acad. ; Colby, 1897-8; class pres. ; Hamlin reading first 
prize; in. 1897, Oct. 19, 2 p; treas. in office of Union Mutual Life 
Ins. Co., Detroit, Mich., 1898. 

PRICE, JAMES ALLAN, Millstream, N. B., s. James William 
and Prudence Caroline (Taylor) Price; b. 1867, Nov. 7, Millstream, N. 
B.; prep. Coburn Class. Inst.; Colby, 1897-8; Boston Univ., 1898 ; Fresh, 
reading; in. 1897, Oct. 20; m. 1893, Nov. 15, Clara Adelia Dyas. 

SPRAGUE, RICHARD WAITE, Waterville, Me., s. V. H. and E. 
R. (Barrell) Sprague; b. 1876, Jan. 28, Greene, Me.; prep. Bangor High 
School; Colby, 1897 ; Fresh, reading; ass't m'g'r Echo and Oracle; 2d 
prize Soph. Declamation; Glee Club, 1897-8; m'g'r same, 1898; Banjo 
and Guitar Club, 1897-9; leader same, 1898; in. 1897, Oct. 19, 2. 

WITHERELL, CARL HAMLIN, Oakland, Me., s. James H. and 
Emma C. (Belanger) Witherell; b. 1878, Feb. 19, Oakland, Me.; prep. 
Westbrook Sem. ; Colby, 1897; Freshman reading; in. 1897, Oct. 20, 2. 


BENNETT, EDWARD HOWARD, Saugus, Mass., s. Frank P. 
and N. Leara (Clark) Bennett; b. 1880, Oct. 24, Everett, Mass. ; prep. 
Frye Private School, Boston; Colby, 1898, Sept. Dec.; in. 1898, Oct. 7. 

1902-3 CHI CHAPTER 283 

CHURCH, LEW CLYDE, Skowhegan, Me., s. A. C. and Ada 

(Evans) Church ; b. 1880, May 9, Minneapolis, Minn. ; prep. Skowhegan 
High School ; Colby, 1898; in. 1898, Oct. 10; freshman reading. 

FARWELL, WILLIAM, Thorndike, Me., s. O. J. and Lydia E. 
(Ware) Farwell ; b. 1877, Feb. 21, Thorndike, Me. ; prep. Maine Wesleyan 
Sem. ; Colby, 1898; in. 1898, Oct. 7 ; 'Varsity baseball, 1899. 

FLETCHER, EDWARD HOLMES, 153 Main St., Belfast, Me., 
s. John M. and Lucinda B. (Holmes) Fletcher ; b. 1881, May 30, Belfast, 
Me. ; prep. Belfast High School ; Colby, 1898 ; in. 1898, Oct. 10, 2 p. 

GOODWIN, ANGIER LOUIS, North Fairfield, Me., s. Albert 
B. and Ruble Augusta (Hoxie) Goodwin; b. 1881, Jan. 30, North Fair- 
field, Me.; prep. Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1898; m'g'r Fresh, 
baseball team; in. 1898, Oct. 7, ^; rel. in Z W, Forest Goodwin, cou. ; 
author of "Three Cheers for our Old Z W" and "Jolly Zete Boys." 

LIBBY, HERBERT CARLYLE, High wood St., Waterville, Me., 
s. I. C. and Helen Maria (Green) Libby; b. 1879, Dec. 28, Burnham, 
Me.; prep. Waterville High School; Colby, 1898; first prize Fresh, 
reading; Exec. Com. of Athletic Ass'n, 1899; on staff of Echo, 1899-0; 
Fresh, toastmaster; Intercollegiate debate, 1899; sec. Debating Club; 
in. 1898, Oct. 7, T. 

ROCKWOOD, WILLARD HIRAM, Winthrop Center, Me., s. 
Hiram and Helen F. Johnson; b. 1878, Dec. 24, Winthrop Center, Me.; 
prep. Me. Wesleyan Sem. ; Colby, 1898 ; capt. Fresh, track team; in. 
1898, Oct. 7, 2 p; rel. in Z W, A. C. Robbins, cou. 

SAUNDERS, LEON GAMBETTA, 56 Essex St., Andover, Mass., 
s. John and Mary (Greene) Saunders; b. 1878, July 31, Armentiers, 
Paris, France; prep. Philip Andover; Colby, 1899; in. 1899, Oct. 18. 


BOOTHBY, IANTHIS ROLL AND, Athens, Me., s. lanthis and 
Ida (Spooner) Boothby; b. 1882, Oct. 1, Athens, Me.; prep. Somerset 
Acad. ; Colby, 1899; in. 1899, Oct. 19. 

HAWES, WILLIAM HOLBROOK, Skowhegan, Me., s. George 
W. and Emma M. (Holbrook) Hawes; b. 1878, Aug. 5, Skowhegan, Me.; 
prep. Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1899; half-back Colby 'Varsity 
football team; in. 1899, Oct. 18. 

PIERCE, AUGUSTUS HARRY, Madison, Me., s. Augustus A. 
and Mary (Gibson) Pierce; b. 1881, May 24, Portland, Me.; prep. 
Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1899; in. 1899, Oct. 19. 

STEWARD, CARLETON WHITE, Skowhegan, Me., s. Willard 
Besse and Alice (White) Steward; b. 1881, Dec. 1, Skowhegan, Me.; 
prep. Skowhegan High School; Colby, 1899; in. 1899, Oct. 20. 

SWEET, GEORGE THOMAS, Atkinson, Me., s. John C. and 
Mary E. (Collins) Sweet; b. 1879, April 11, Atkinson, Me.; prep. 
Higgins Class. Inst. ; Colby, 1899; in. 1899, Oct 19. 














o pq j 
1-c 5 


The history of the Epsilon of Zeta Psi falls naturally into three 
chapters. The first of these covers the period from its establishment, in 
1852, to its discontinuance, in 1861, by the enlistment of practically all its 
members for the defense of the Union. After an interval of three years 
the organization was renewed in 1864 and continued until the latter part 
of 1876. Ten years elapsed before the chapter was again revived in 1886. 
In all 232 men have been initiated, 110 of whom have joined the chapter 
since 1886. 

In the spring of 1852, when Zeta Psi was introduced at Brown, the 
University was flourishing under the able management of Dr. Francis 
Wayland. The material resources and equipment, though meagre meas- 
ured by modern standards, were considerable for those days, while 
the earnestness of purpose and intellectual alertness of the students 
would challenge comparison with anything that we, now at the end of 
the century, can show in the way of academic or scientific interest. The 
atmosphere of the college made its way into all student organizations. 
Literary societies flourished. Hence that intellectual companionship 
which the elders of the "Fifties" so fondly remember and praise as an 
essential feature of fraternity life. The more social ends that fraterni- 
ties now keep in view were at that date hardly regarded as sufficient in 
themselves or as having force enough to hold together a band of students. 
Whatever we may feel to be the merits of either view, the fact remains 
that the early founders, by making ability more than geniality or ac- 
complishment the basis of their choice, built on sterling qualities and 
built to last. There were few distractions, either social or athletic. 
Everywhere was an air of seriousness and of work. 

In such an atmosphere and in a college with a Faculty of twelve and 
a student body of two hundred and twenty-five the Epsilon Chapter of 
Zeta Psi was founded on April 21, 1852. Five fraternities were already 
in the field, only three, however, having been represented at Brown for 
more than five years. There was an abundance of good material for the 
new chapter and the wisdom of establishing it was shown at once by 
the energy which the Epsilon displayed and the influence which it im- 
mediately exerted. John A. Gardiner, '52, son of a prominent Providence 
physician, was the prime mover of the organization. With him were asso- 
ciated as charter members Charles E. Staples, Miles Fletcher, Asa Arnold, 
William D. Chaffee, Stoughton A. Fletcher and Addison W. Preston. The 
actual ceremony of initiation and inauguration was performed by Brothers 
from the Delta. On the 30th of April Bro. Rousse of that chapter brought 
the Epsilon the charter and various paraphernalia still in its possession. 
By June of this same year the membership had been increased to thirteen. 

From the first the chapter had a vigorous internal life, and at the 
same time made itself felt in all college activities. Furthermore, it en- 
tered at once, and in a surprising way, into the life of the fraternity at 
large. This, as it is always bound to do, had a very quickening, reac- 
tive effect upon the chapter. Cordial and intimate relations were imme- 
diately established with the Rho, at Harvard, and the Kappa, at Tufts. 
In 1858 Bro. Charles D. King was the chief agent in establishing a 
chapter at Amherst. This energy and enthusiasm aroused the corporate 
spirit of new and old chapters alike, and drew from the neighbors of the 
Epsilon many warm commendations of her spirit. At Commencement, 
1859, the Grand Chapter was entertained in Providence, and was pre- 
sided over by a $ A from the Epsilon Chapter. 

Naturally, a secret organization has little external history except 
the personal record of its members. For such accounts the reader is re- 
ferred for the most part to the biographical sketches. However, a few 


deserve especial mention men whose after lives are an indication of their 
own ability and of the personnel of the chapter in its ante bellum days. 
Of the charter members, the Hon. John A. Gardiner was long- a 
prominent member of the Rhode Island Legislature and of the Rhode 
Island bar. From 1871 till his death in 1879 he was U. S. district at- 
torney. Throughout his busy life his interest in the chapter of his 
foundation and his enthusiasm for Zeta Psi were sustained. The Hon. 
David H. Goodell, of the class of '56, served the Commonwealth of New 
Hampshire long and well, and was finally, in 1889-91, honored by his 
fellow-citizens with the highest post at their disposal, the Governorship. 
His contemporary, the Hon. Elisha Dyer, of the class of '59, has received 
a like honor. Since 1897 he has held the Gubernatorial chair of the State 
of Rhode Island, a chair occupied by his father before him. Edward H. 
Cutler, of the class of '57, enjoys a brilliant reputation as an educator 
and a scholar, fulfilling the promise he gave in college. The names of the 
Grosvenors stand for competence and success in the field of business enter- 
prise. Of the many who served the city of Providence, developing her 
industries and directing her councils, there is not room to speak. We 
shall proceed to devote the remainder of our space to the war record of 
the Epsilon. 

At the outbreak of the Civil War the able-bodied men of the chapter 
without exception entered the service of the country. One only was left 
to maintain the name of Zeta Psi in Brown, and on his graduation in 
1863 the chapter lapsed for a while. Eighteen Zeta brethren in all fought 
for the old flag. Three laid down their lives Miles Fletcher, '52, Capt. 
Charles A. Kneass, '58, and Capt. J. C. Williams, '61. Three attained 
to the rank of colonel, while three others W. G. Ely, '54, Livingston 
Satterlee, '60, and Wm. Ames, '63 were brevetted brigadier-generals. 
All but three received commissions of one sort or another. The chapter 
died, but it might be said "dulce et decorum est pro patria mori." 

At the close of the war, the Elders of the Epsilon, proud of their past 
and feeling honored in their very extinction, decided to put the chapter 
on a peace footing once more. On April 21, 1864, the twelfth anniversary 
of the founding of the chapter, it was reestablished to endure, as it 
proved, for twelve years. In those twelve years 53 men were added to the 
fraternity. The growth in numbers during this period was much slower 
than for the years 1852-60 or 1886-99. In the earlier years it averaged 
seven per annum, in the middle-age four, and in the last period eight. 

On turning over the biographical list we find a long line of success- 
ful men of affairs, to choose from whom would be almost invidious. Bro. 
Atwater, '65, and Bro. J. C. B. Woods, '72, have both been honored by 
election to the corporation of Brown University. Bro. George Hitchcock, 
also of the class of '72, has won for himself a place in the front rank of 
American artists and an international reputation. His work has received 
the gold medal at more than one international exposition, and his pic- 
tures hang in the Royal Collections at Dresden and Vienna. Sayles 
Memorial Hall is a monument to Bro. Wm. C. Sayles, '78, who died be- 
fore completing his college course. 

In December, 1871, the Grand Chapter was for a second time enter- 
tained by the Epsilon. The prosperity of the chapter received in the 
years immediately ensuing a sudden check, so that in 1876 the number 
of active members having sunk to three, the chapter again went out of exist- 
ence. Ten years elapsed before its revival in 1886, since which time it has 
had a career without vicissitudes. The work of reestablishment was 
effected by Bro. Charles A. Parker, '86, an initiate of the Chi Chapter 
at Colby, who came to Brown and took his degree in 1886. By his untir- 
ing efforts fifteen excellent men from the four classes were banded 
together for upwards of a year, receiving their initiation into the fra- 
ternity on April 17, 1886. 

The chapter owes much of its present prosperity to the excellent 
judgment of Bro. Parker, who selected his men deliberately and care- 


fully. The field was well taken by the older fraternities; the long 
interval since 1876 had broken traditions and misjudgment meant 
failure. Much, too, is due to the persistent loyalty and generosity of 
the Elders. Two destructive fires in quick succession destroyed the 
chapter's property, but the loss of chattels did not discourage nor thwart 
those who were bound to rehabilitate Zeta Psi. Every Epsilon man 
owes an almost personal obligation to Bro. Edwin G. Dexter, '91, who, 
at great risk, rescued the archives and charter of the chapter from the 

The events in the life of the Epsilon since 1886 have hardly crystal- 
lized into history. Its policy has been progressive and its tradition of 
quick and sympathetic touch with the other chapters has been zealously 
maintained. January 15 and 16, 1891, were made memorable by a third 
visit of the Grand Chapter of Zeta Psi to Providence. The Convention was 
one of the largest in the history of the fraternity and naturally had the 
effect of quickening the life of the chapter. 

Not much can be said of the achievements of the Elders of the re- 
vived chapter. Hardly time enough has elapsed. Still in 1898, on the 
issue of the call to arms, the Epsilon remembered her traditions. Two 
officersof the 1st R. I. Vols. were young Elders Capt. Maurice H. Cook, 
'97, and Lieut. Herbert D. Casey, '94. In the Navy Alexander D. Sharp, 
Jr., '75, of Annapolis Naval Academy, Lieut. -Commander of U. S. S. 
"Vixen," was advanced by the President five numbers on the list for 
"eminent and conspicuous conduct in battle." 

In closing, a brief statement of some of the achievements of BrownZetes 
in college matters may help to an appreciation of the Epsilon Chapter. 
From the days when Jastram, '60, rowed on the crew down to the present 
time the chapter has shown prowess on the track, the diamond and the 
gridiron, as the names of Marvel, "Woodcock and Robinson will attest to 
Brown Alumni at least. The dramatic interests of the college were 
organized in the "Hammer and Tongs Society" by Bro. Francis Lawton, 
'69, past $ A; and author of the words of "The Badge of Zeta Psi"; 
they were revived and again organized largely through the efforts of 
Colvin, '91, and Keating, '95, in the year 1895 by the production of 
"Priscilla; or, The Maid of Brown." Owen, '90, was one of the 
founders of the Brown Magazine, the College Literary, and Epsilon men 
were the projectors and printers of the Brown Daily Herald. 

The chapter has, true to the spirit of the fraternity, striven to bring 
together congenial men. It has never sacrificed harmony of spirit to 
gather in men of distinction or men distinguished in one line only. It 
has striven for the most vigorous local life, combined with the largest 
fraternal life, to mould Brown Zetes. Conscious of the dignity of its past 
and of its present strength, the Epsilon looks forward confidently to a 
career of credit and usefulness in realizing the spirit and widening and 
consolidating ever firmer the bonds of T K 3>. 











FLETCHER, MILES JOHNSON, s. Calvin Fletcher; b. 1828, 
June 19, Indianapolis, Ind. ; prep. SeekoukAcad., R. I.; Brown, 1847-52, 
A. M. ; Cambridg-e Law School, 1856-7; in. 1852, April 21, 2; aid-de- 
camp to Gov. Morton, of Ind., 1861-2; m. 1852, Sept., Jane M. Hoar; 
prof. English Literature, Asbury Univ., 1852-5, 1857-60; supt. of Public 
Instruction, Ind., 1860-2; killed in railroad collision near Terre Haute, 
Ind., 1862, May 10. 

GARDINER, JOHN AARON, s. Dr. Johnson and Phoebe Law- 
ton (Sisson) Gardiner; b. 1830, April 10, Pawtucket, R. I.; prep. Univ. 
Grammar School, Providence; Brown, 1848-52, A. M. ; in. 1852, April 
21, ; m. 1855, Mary Anna Field; Gertrude Bowen; children, two daugh- 
ters, four sons; studied law in office of Hayes, Providence; admitted to 
Bar of R. I., 1855; clerk Supreme Court of R. I., 1855-65; mem. House 
of Rep., R. I., 1866-7; U. S. District Atty., 1871-8; d. 1879, March 26, 
Providence, R. I. 

READ, REV. ANDREW, North Hanover, Mass., s. Andrew B. and 
Betsy (Sanders) Read; b. 1829, Jan. 29, Warren, R. I.; prep. Provi- 
dence High School; Brown, Wayland's New System, 1848-51 (special); 
Newton Theo. Inst., 1855, B. D. ; in. 1852, May 17, 2; mem. Am. 
Bapt. Missionary Union, Am. Bapt. Home Mission Soc. ; m. 1856, Aug. 
27 ; Lucy Allen Shurtleff; children, IdaC., Gracia C., Harry, Carleton 
A. ; supervisor of public schools; clergyman in Mass. 


Stephens; prep. ; Brown, 1848-52; in. 1852, Apr. 21, A $', charter 

mem. ; d. 

WESTCOTT, REV. HENRY, s. Josiah and Mary (Tibbitts) West- 
cott; b. 1831, Oct. 30, Apponaug, Warwick, R. I.; prep. East Green- 
wich (R. I.) Acad.; Brown, 1849-52, B. P.; Harvard Divinity School, 
grad. 1859, D.D. ; in. 1852, May 17, ; author "Memorial of Henry 
Westcott"; m. 1863, June 10, Sarah A. Reed; children, William, Harry 
Tibbitts, Roger Atkins; civil engineer, 1853-5; ordained Unitarian min- 
ister, 1860; minister, Barre, Mass., 1860-5; West Dedham, Mass., 
1865-6; Lexington, Mass., 1866-81; Maiden and Melrose, Mass., 1881-3; 
d. 1883, July 14, Marblehead, Mass. 



Chaff ee; prep. ; Brown, 1849-53; in. 1852, Apr. 21, A $; charter 

mem. ; d. 


Fletcher; b. 1830; prep. ; Brown, 1849-53; in. 1852, Apr. 21, T; 

charter mem.; m'f'r and banker; d. 1895, Mar. 29, Indianapolis, Ind. 


ALBERTSON, JAMES MONROE, s. William and Louisa (Bel- 
lows) Albertson; b. 1831, July 4, New London, Conn. ; prep. Clinton Lib- 
eral Inst., Clinton, N. Y.; Brown, 1851-2; in. 1852, May 17, 2; A 2 A; 
rel. in Z W, Charles B. Goff ; inventor segment screw baling press, plan- 


tation horse- power bale-tie; m. 1868, April 8, Imogen Kinlin; mechanical 
and civil engineer; m'f'r, Columbus, Ga., 1856-8; commission business, 
New Orleans, La., 1858-61; d. 1875, Nov. 8, New London, Conn. 

BOOTH, WARRINGTON ROATH, 220 W. 123d St., N. Y., s. 
Valentine A. and Olive E. (Greenwood) Booth; b. 1829, May 23, Brooklyn; 
prep. Amenia Sem., Dutchess Co., N. Y. ; Brown, 1851-4; in. 1852, June 
23, A 2; m. 1854, Oct. 11, Matilda Kirby Oakley; children, Leonard 
Warren, Frances Louise, Harriet and William James; studied law; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1852; entered ministry, 1856; retired 1860, on account of ill- 

CROCKER, CHARLES THOMAS, Fitchburg, Mass., s. Alvah 
and Abag-ail (Fox) Crocker; b. 1833, March 2, Fitchburg, Mass.; prep. 
Groton Acad. and Norwich Univ.; Brown, 1851-4, Ph. B. ; in. 1852, 
June 2, 3>; m. (I) 1857, Oct. 14, Helen Eliza Tufts; (II) 1881, June 1, 
Helen Trowbridge Bartow; children, Alvah, Emma Louise, William T., 
Kendall F., Charles T., Jr., Paul, Edith B., Bartow; m'f'r; Mass. 
Legislature, 1879; Senate, 1880. 

*PRESTON, ADDISON WEBSTER, s. William and Mary (Hull) 
Preston; b. 1830, Dec. 8, Burke, Vt. ; prep. Danville (Vt.) Acad.; 
Brown, 1851-4; in. 1852, April 21, A 2-, priv. 1st Vt. Cav., 1861, Sept.; 
recruiting officer; capt. Co. D, 1861, Nov. 1; maj.; lieut-col., 1862, Sept. 
16; col., 1864; m. 1858, Nov. 25, Juliette Hall; children, Williametta A. 
and Willie Anderson; farmer; killed in battle of Cold Harbor, Va., 
1864, June 3. 


MCCARTY, NICHOLAS, 122 N. Peiin St., Indianapolis, Ind., s. 
and ( ) McCarty; prep. ; Brown, 1851-5; in. 1852, 

Oct. 6, T. 

PHELPS, CHARLES, M.D., 34 W. 37th St., N. Y. City, s. Thad- 
deusand Mary (Gould) Phelps; b. 1834, Dec. 12, Melford, Mass.; prep. 
Norwich Univ., Vt.; Brown, 1851-5, A. B.; Coll. P. andS., M. D.,1858; 
in. 1852, Oct. 20, A; A <!> A; pres. N. Y. State Med. Ass'n; Brown 
Alumni Ass'n; m. Isabel Marguerite James; child, Luis; visiting sur- 
geon Bellevue Hosp., St. Vincent's Hosp. ; consulting surgeon Gouver- 
neur Hosp. 

*TURNER, CHARLES, Birmingham, Ala., s. Peter C. and Mary 
(Mason) Turner; b. 1834, April 20, New London, Conn.; prep. Conn. 
Lit. Inst., Sheffield, Conn.; Brown, 1852-5, A. B. ; commencement ora- 
tion; Junior exhibition oration; Albany Law School, 1856; in. 1852, 
Nov. 13, $ A; mem. Soc. Sons of Am. Rev.; admitted to bar of 
Conn., 1857; N. Y., 1857; 111., 1858; Ala., 1869, and Supreme Court of 
U. S. ; Chancellor Middle Chancery Division of Ala., 1870-81; referee in 
bankruptcy, 1898. 

*TURNER, WILLIAM MASON, M. D., s. Joseph and Mary 
(Mason) Turner; b. 1835, Dec. 15, Petersburg, Va. ; prep. Acad., Hicks- 
ford, Va.; Brown, 1853-5, Ph. B. ; Univ. Pa. Med. School, 1858, M. D., 
highest honors; in. 1854, Oct. 7, <; author "El Khads, the Holy"; 
contributor to magazines and journals; Confederate army surgeon dur- 
ing Civil War; m. 1859, June 29, Hannah Adelia Ford; children, Joseph 
Ford, Ella Mason, Hannah Adelia, Mary Amanda, Gertrude Peyton, 
Lillian Virginia, William Mason and three dead; studied medicine and 
walked hosps. in Paris, France; practiced medicine Petersburg, Va. ; 
army surgeon; physician, Philadelphia, Pa.; d. 1877, Oct., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


(See Phi Chapter.) 



*BISSELL, HENRY THOMAS, s. and ( ) Bissell; 

prep. ; Brown, 1852-6; in. 1854, June 15, 2; d. 

BLAKE, CHARLES, Narragansett Hotel, Providence, R. I., s. 
Joseph M. and Hope E. (Richmond) Blake; b. 1834, Dec. 6, Bristol, R. 
I.; prep. Warren, R. I., St. Mark's School and Gammell and Cross 
School; Brown, 1852-6, A. M.; in. 1852, Oct. 6; author "History of the 
Providence Stage," "The Professor and His Convert," "Divorce and 
Remarriage "; studied law with father, admitted to bar of R. I., 1858; 
on the stage, 1860-2; lawyer, Providence, R. I., 1862 ; clerk of House 
of Rep., 1864; clerk of the Supreme Court, 1865; resigned 1893. 

GOODELL, DAVID HARVEY, Antrim, N. H., s. Jesse Ray- 
mond and Olive Atwood ("Wright) Goodell; b. 1834, May 6, Hillsborough, 
N. H.; prep. N. H.; Brown, 1852-3; A. M., 1889 (Brown and Dartmouth); 
second prize in mathematics; in. 1853, Oct. 29; m. :1857, Sept. 1, Han- 
nah Jane Plumer; children, Dura Dana and Richard Carter; farmer 
and m'f'r; town clerk; supt. of schools; moderator rep. of towns; mem. 
State Bd. of Agriculture, 1878-85; mem. Gov.'s Council, 1883-5; Gov., 

LEONARD, EDWARD FRANCKE, Springfield, Ill.,s. Dexter M. 
and Jerusha (Woodard) Leonard; b. 1835, Dec. 30, Mansfield, Conn.; 
prep. High School, Providence, R. I.; Brown Univ. , 1852-5 ; Union, 1856-7, 

A. B. ; in. 1852, Sept. 11, A $, A 2 A; pres. Toledo, Peoria & Western 
Ry. Co. ; lawyer, 1858. 


Morrison; prep. ; Brown, 1852-6; in. 1853, Oct. 5, $; d. 

Ruth ( ) Taylor; b. 1834; prep. ; Brown, 1852-4; in. 1852, Sept. 11, 
2; clerk Merchants' National Bank, Providence, R. I.; d. 1875, Nov. 5. 

*WALKER, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, s. William Ames and Sarah 
W. (Ingalls) Walker; b. 1834, Aug. 8, Middlefield, N. Y. ; prep. Cort- 
land Acad., Homer, N. Y. ; Brown, 1852; in. 1853, Oct. 29, A 2- mem. 
Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; chief engineer Cedar Rapids & Missouri 
R. R., 1860-70; chief engineer and gen. supt. Burlington, Cedar Rapids 
& Minn. R. R., 1869-72; v.-pres. and gen. supt. St. Louis, Hannibal &. 
Keokuk R. R., 1879; pres. 1st National Bank of Cedar Rapids; pres. 
Cedar Rapids Water Co.; pres. U. S. Central R. R.; editor Cedar Rap- 
ids Times-, pres. State Press Ass'n of Iowa; d. 1893, Sept. 23, Cedar 
Rapids, la. 


ALDRICH, ELISHA SMITH, 8 Gushing St., Providence, R. I., 
s. E. M. and Rebecca P. (Evans) Aldrich; b. 1836, July 3, Gloucester, 
R. I.; prep. Smithville (R. I.) Sem. and Leicester Acad. ; Brown, 1853-7, 

B. P.; in. 1856, Sept. 5; m. 1861, Nov. 26, Anna E. Gladking; children, 
Richard, John G., Chester H., Amey O.; merchant. 

BARRETT, FRANKLIN RIPLEY, Portland Savings Bank Bldg., 
P. O. Box 616 (res., 169 State St.), Portland, Me,, s. Charles E. and 
Elizabeth M. (Baker) Barrett; b. 1835, Jan. 21, Portland, Me.; prep. 
Portland High School and Portland Acad. ; Brown, 1853-7, A. B. ; in. 
1854, Oct. 11, $; rel. in Z W, George Potter, br. ; mem. Maine Historical 
Soc., Portland Soc. of Natural Hist. , Maine Genealogical Soc. , Cumber- 
land Club, Portland, Me. ;Reform ClubandUniv. Club, N.Y. City; Union 
Club, Boston; m. 1872, Aug. 15 (in Switzerland), MaryDwight Boyd; clerk, 
paymaster, ass'ttreas. Grand Trunk Ry. Co., 1859-75; banker, fi'rm Swan 
& Barrett, 1875-8; director A. & St L. R. R. Co., 1873; director P. S. 


& P. R. R. Co., 1882 ; treas. and sec. Maine General Hosp., 1882 , 
and of Female Orphan Asylum of Portland, 1881 ; director Canal Na- 
tional Bank, 1887; Portland Savings Bank, 1882 (pres. 1892) ; Port- 
land Safe Deposit Co., 1893; trustee Portland Public Library, 1893 . 

*BARRETT, GEORGE POTTER, s. Charles E. and Elizabeth 
Mary (Baker) Barrett; b. 1837, March 24, Portland, Me.; prep. Port- 
land High School and Portland Acad. ; Brown, 1853-6; in. 1854, Oct. 11; 
rel. in Z W, Franklin R., br. ; mem. Me. and Mass. Historical Soc. ; 
New England Historic Genealogical Soc. ; Me. Genealogical Soc. ; Port- 
land Soc. of Natural History; Cumberland Club, Portland, Me.; Union 
League Club, N. Y. ; Union Club, Boston; Quossoc Angling Ass'n, 
Rangley Lakes, Me. ; Pocombuck Valley Memorial Ass'n, Deerfield, 
Mass.; Ry. clerk, 1856-63; bank clerk, 1863-7; private banker, firm of 
Swan & Barrett, 1867-78; d. 1896, June 4, Portland, Me. 


Corbett; prep. ; Brown, 1853-7; in. 1855, Oct. 5, A #; d. 

CUTLER, EDWARD HUTCHINS, Linder Terrace (bus. add., 29 
Centre St.), Newton, Mass., s. Simon B. and Frances Gramont (Cory) 
Cutler; b. 1836, Sept. 29, Killingley, Conn. ; prep. Providence High School; 
Brown, 1853-7, A. M. ; first prize in Greek on admission; three first prizes 
in mathematics; one first and one second in Latin; one first and one 
second in Greek; in. 1852, Sept. 17, #; m. 1866, Aug. 15, Alice Wadsworth 
Alden; children, John, Mary, Alden, Henry, Emily, Edith, Josiah; ass't 
librarian, 1858, and instructor in mathematics, 1860, Brown Univ. ; prin. 
Bridgewater (Mass.) Acad., 1861; prin. class, dept., Providence High 
School, 1865; prin., 1880; head master, High School, Newton, Mass., 1881; 
prin. Mr. Cutler's Prep. School, Newton, 1887 . 

*DEAN, THOMAS, s. Benjamin and Alice (Lofthouse) Dean; b. 1835, 
Mar. 22, Lowell, Mass.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 1853-7, 
A. M. ; # B K; in. 1853, Oct. 1, #; sec. Boston Yacht Club, 1866-95; lawyer; 
admitted to bar, 1860; public administrator many years; connected with 
Boston public schools; d. 1895, Jan. 21, Boston, Mass. 

DEAN, REV. WILLIAM LINDLEY, Pigeon Cove (res., Rockport), 
Mass., s. William and Lydia (Meader) Dean; b. 1833, May 13, Charlotte, 
Vt. ; prep. Johnson Acad. , Johnson, Vt. ; Brown, 1853-5; in. 1853, Oct. 22; 
m. (I) 1857, Mary H. Page; (II) Ann Hoag; children, Anna M., William, 
Judson J. , Waldo Lindley; lumber business, Oskaloosa, la., 1856-60; 
minister in Vt., 1866-84; pastor Friends' Church, Batavia, N. Y., 1884-94. 

*EDGAR, JAMES WILLIAM, s. and ( ) Edgar; 

prep. ; Brown, 1853-7; in. 1853, Oct. 27; d. 

FLETCHER, SAMUEL JUDSON, 180 E. Ohio St., Indianapolis, 
Ind., s. and ( ) Fletcher; prep. ; Brown, 1853-7; in. 

1853, Oct. 29, 2 p. 


Henderson; prep. ; Brown, 1853-7; in. 1854, Oct. 21; d. 

PECKHAM, FRANCIS BARING, Newport, R. I., s. and 
( ) Peckham; prep. ; Brown, 1853-7; in. 

*POTTER, ROBERT WESTCOTT, JR., s. Robert Westcott and 
( ) Potter; b. 1837, Oct. 22, Phoenix, R. I.; prep. Providence High 

School; Brown, 1853-7; in. 1853, Sept. 1; mem. Augusta Cotton Exchangej 
m. 1860, Sept. 10, Emiline F. Briggs; children, Alice, Potter, Robert 
Irving, Louis Thomas; export cotton trade, 1858 to death; d. 1886, Nov. 
15, Augusta, Ga. 



Wright; prep. ; Brown, 1853-7; in. 1854, Sept. 30, 2-, d. 


GUSHEE, REV. EDWARD MANNING, D. D., 259 Brookline St., 
Cambridge, Mass., s. Dennis Stockbridge and Julia Lippitt (Hull) 
Gushee; b. 1836, Aug. 29, Providence, R. I.; prep. Bristol (R.I.) High 
School; Brown, 1854-8, A. M. ; editor of Brown paper; Berkeley Divinity 
School, 1861; A. M. (hon.), Middlebury Coll., Vt.; D. D., Univ. N. C.; in. 
1854, Sept. 7, $; rel. in Z W, Edward Stockbridge, s. ; mem. Shakes- 
peare Club of Univ. of N. C. ; Mass. Commandery, of Military Order 
of Loyal Legion; G. A. R. ; author theological treatises; chaplain 9th 
Regt., N. H. Vol., 1862; at battles of South Mountain, Antietam, Fred- 
ericksburg, Vicksburg and Jackson; m. 1870, May 31, Fanny S. Ives; 
children, Richard Hodges and Edward Stockbridge; rector St. Thomas 
Church, Dover, N. H. ; St. Paul's, Wallingford, Conn. ; St. Peter's, Salem, 
Mass.; St. Peter's, Cambridge, Mass.; St. Philip's Parish (SS. Philip's 
and Bartholomew's Churches), Cambridge, Mass. 

*KNEASS, CHARLES LAMBERT, s. Samuel H. and Anna ( ) 
Kneass; b. 1837, Dec. 14, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. Thomas D. James' 
School, Philadelphia, Pa.; Brown, 1854-5; capt. coll. military company 
formed by himself, called Brown Guards; in. 1855, Apr. 11, A 2; 1st 
lieut., 18th U. S.Cav., 1861; capt. 1862 to death; in Fountain Green Roll- 
ing Mill, Philadelphia, until Civil War; killed in battle of Murfrees- 
boro, 1862, Dec. 31. 

*MITCHEL, EDWARD WILLIAM, s. Ormsby McKnight and 
Louisa (Clark) Mitchel; b. 1837, Cincinnati, O.; prep. Cincinnati; Brown, 
1855-7; in. 1855, Dec. 27,^4 2; on staff of Maj.-Gen. O. M. Mitchel, capt. 
quartermaster; m. 1863, Druscilla West; children, Ormsby McKnight 
and Mary Dunham; stock broker; d. 1873, Montclair, N. J. 

SATTERLEE, LIVINGSTON, 40 Broad way, New York (res., New 
Brighton, Staten Island), N. Y., s. George C. and Mary Le Roy (Living- 
ston) Satterlee; b. 1840, Mar. 15, N. Y. City; prep. Brown's Class. 
School (N. Y.) and by private tutor; Brown, 1855-8, C. E. ; diploma; in. 
1856, Sept. 26, $A, 2 A; rel. in Z W, Frank Le Roy, br. ; Frank Le Roy, Jr., 
s., and Satterlee Arnold, cou. ; pres. Linnean Soc. ; v.-pres. Lyceum of 
Natural History; 32d degree Mason; district deputy grand master of 
Masons; mem. Chamber of Commerce; N. Y. Historical Soc.; G. A. R. 
all of New York; priv. , Marine Artillery, afterward while at Brown 
Univ. raised a company called Brown Univ. Guards; subsequently re- 
ceived staff appointment from Gov. Sprague of R. I.; in 1859 joined Co. 3, 
N. Y. S. M. ; 1860, Jan. 5, Co. A, 12th Regt. ; ass't paymaster, 12th Regt., 
1860, Jan. 25; paymaster, 1861, Apr. 18; commissioned lieut. -col., 1862, 
June 3, with 12th Regt. ; commanded regt. in campaigns of 1862-3; re- 
ceived commission of brig. -gen. from Gov. Fenton with rank from 1865, 
Sept. 1, while lieut. -col. of 12th Regt. ; m. 1861, May 9, Lucina C. Knight; 
children, Florence, Edith Livingston, Livingston Knight, Maude Le Roy, 
Ernest Knight; see. Aetna Fire Insurance Co., N. Y., seven years; civil 

*SNOW, JOHN LIPPITT, s. William Cory and Narcissa (Lippitt) 
Snow; b. 1837, Sept. 29, Providence, R. I. ; prep. Providence High School; 
Brown, 1854-8, A. M. ; in. 1854, Sept. 2, F; mem. Advance Club, Provi- 
dence, R. I.; col. , Providence Horse Guards; m. 1862, July 16, Sophrona 
Easle; children, Amey M., Walter B., Maria F. ; druggist; mem. Com- 
mon Council of City of Providence, R. I., 1866-71; alderman, 1875; d. 1891, 
Aug. 8, Providence, R. I. 


*WILLIAMS, CHARLES PELGUS, s. Clark and Mary Clemsen 
(Thompson) Williams; b. 1837, July 30, Cincinnati, O.; prep. Chandler 
Robbin's School, Springfield, O., and Russell's Military Acad., New 
Haven, Conn.; Brown, 1854-8, Ph. B. ; in. 1855, Dec. 25, A $; mem. Cin- 
cinnati Chamber of Commerce; m. 1861, Nov. 19, Laura Goodman; chil- 
dren, Charles P., Jr., Florence, Greta, Alys, Esther, Violet; broker, New 
York, 1858-68; real estate broker, Cincinnati, 1868-87; d. 1887, Oct. 6, Cin- 
cinnati, O. 


ANDREWS, THEODORE, P. O. Box 16, Providence, R. I., s. 
George and Cornelia Augusta (Lippitt) Andrews; b. 1835, Aug. 3, Prov- 
idence, R. I.; prep. Providence public schools; Brown Univ., 1852-3, 
1856-9, Ph. B. ; in. 1857, Nov. 6, ; post commander G. A. R. ; priv. 1st 
Regt. R. I. Detached Militia, 1861, May 2-Aug. 2, Battle of Bull Run; 

DYER, ELISHA, PH. D., 154 Power St., Providence, R. I., s. 
Elisha and Anna Jones (Hoppin) Dyer; b. 1839, Nov. 29, Providence, R. 
I.; prep. Lyon and Frieze's School, Providence; Brown, 1856-8; Univ. of 
Giessen, Germany, 1860, Ph. D. ; Freiburg, Saxony; in. 1857, June 12; 4th 
Regt., R. I. Light Inf., 1860-2; lieut., R. I. Marine Art., ; promoted to 
maj. by Gov. Sprague; col. on staff of Gov. James Y. Smith; m. 1861, 
Nov. 26, Nancy Anthony Viall; children, George R., Hezekiah Anthony, 
Elisha, Jr.; chemist; mem. State Bd. of Health from Washington Co., 
five years; rep. to General Assembly, 1881; director Union Bank and 
Union Savings Bank of Providence; Gov. R. I., 1897 . 

ELY, WILLIAM GROSVENOR, Norwich, Conn., s. Jesse Sand- 
ford and Harriet (Grosvenor) Ely; b. 1836, Dec. 11, Killingly, Conn.; 
prep. Monson Acad., Monson, Mass.; Brown, 1854-9, C. E.; .studied in 
France under Prof. Jansen; at Heidelburg Univ. and at Freiburg, Sax- 
ony; class honors at Brown; in. 1856, May 23, 2 p; mem. Mass. Com- 
mandery, Loyal Legion; Arkwright Club, Boston; Army and Navy Club, 
Conn.; Norwich Club; St. Bernard Club, Canada; priv., 1861, April 22, 
1st Regt., Conn. Vol. ; capt., A. D. C., 1861, May 28; lieut. -col., 6th Regt., 
Conn. Vol., 1861, Sept. 4; col., 18th Regt., Conn. Vol., 1862, July 24; captured 
at Port Royal, S. C. , 1862, Nov. 8, 75 cavalry horses and 2 howitzers, proba- 
bly first field pieces captured in Civil War; commanded 2d Brig., 2d Div., 
2d Army Corps, at 1st Bull Run, Port Royal, Ft. Pulaski, Winchester 
2d and 3d, Piedmont, Lynchburg, Snicker's Gap, Martinsburg, Berry- 
ville; taken prisoner and sword returned to him on battlefield by Gen. 
Walker of Jackson's Brig., 1863, June 15; prisoner in Libby prison, 
Richmond, Va., 1863, till paroled, 1864, Mar. 24; assisted in digging tunnel 
and escaped from Libby prison, but recaptured 42 miles away, half a 
mile from Union Army; wounded in charge upon Lynchburg, 1864, June 
8; resigned for disability and honorably discharged, 1864, Sept. ; brev. 
brig. -gen., 1865, Mar. 13, "for gallantry in action and meritorious service 
during war"; m. 1865, Jan. 19, Augusta Elizabeth Greene; children, Anna 
Lloyd, William Grosvenor, Jr. ; draughtsman in Rogers Locomotive 
Works, Paterson, N. J. ; ass't supt. same; agent in Cuba for same; treas. 
Falls Co. and Shetucket Telephone Co. 

KING, WILLIAM DEHON, Newport, R. I., s. Dr. David, 2d, and 
Sarah Gibbs (Wheaton) King; b. 1838, July 31, Newport, R. I.; prep, 
private boarding schools; Brown, 1855-9, A. M. ; in. 1858, Apr. 9, A $; 
mem. Newport Historical Soc. ; Rhode Island Historical Soc. ; Rhode 
Island Soc. of Cincinnati; mem. Newport Reading Room; author sketch, 
" Life of Dr. David King, 2d"; with Smith, Archer & Co., and for A. 
A. Low & Bros., New York, and Hong Kong, China, 1860, for several 
years thereafter. 

1859-60 EPSILON CHAPTER 297 

KNEASS, WILLIAM HARRIS, 4254 Penn's Grove St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa., s. and ( ) Kneass; b. ; prep. ; 
Brown, 1855-9; in. 1856, Feb. 22, 2. 

*WHIPPLE, JEREMIAH, M. D., s. Jeremiah and Sarah (Smith) 
Whipple; b. 1838, Dec. 2, Cumberland, R. I.; prep. Univ. Grammar 
School, Providence; Brown, 1856-9, B. P.; Harvard Med. School, 1866, M. 
D.; in. 1857, June 12, #; m. 1869, Oct., Carlotta Hobson; children, one 
daughter; house physician, Mass. General Hosp., Boston, one year; prac- 
ticed medicine in Providence nine years, a great part of which time was 
spent studying in Paris; d. 1871, May 26, Arcachon, Dept. of Gironde, 


ALLEN, ETHAN, 45 W. 52d St. (bus. add., 115 Broadway), N. 
Y. City, s. Samuel Fleming and Phoeby (Goble) Allen; b. 1832, May 
12, Manasquan, N. J. ; prep. N. Y. ; Brown, 1856-60, A. M. ; class ora- 
tor; class pres. ; N. Y. Univ. Law School, 1861, LL. B. ; valedictorian 
law class; in. 1856, Sept. 12, $, 2 A; mem. Union League Club, N. Y. City; 
dir. New England Soc. of N. Y. City; Sons of Rev., N. Y. ; Sons of Am. 
Rev.; author "Washington, or the Revolution," and numerous other 
articles; commissioned by Gov. of N. Y. as col., 1862, to recruit for civil 
war; organized two reg'ts; m. 1861, Aug. 20, Eliza Clagett; dept. U. S. 
Dist. Att'y for Southern Dist. of N. Y., 1861-9, appointed by Abraham 
Lincoln; pres. Nat'l Liberal Republican Com., 1872-6; pres. Cuban 
League of U. S., 1870-8, and of revived Cuban League, 1896 ; lawyer. 

*AMES, WILLIAM HENRY, s. and ( ) Ames; prep. 

; Brown, 1856-60; in. 1857, Oct. 9, T; d. 

GROSVENOR, WILLIAM, 17 N. Main St., Providence (res., 
Newport), R. I., s. William and Rosa Anne (Mason) Grosvenor; b. 1838, 
Aug. 4, Providence, R. I.; prep. Univ. Grammar School; Brown, 1856-60, 
A. M. ; in. 1856, Oct. 17, $; rel. in Z W, W. G. Ely, cou. ; m. 1882, Oct. 
4, Rose Dimond Phinney; children, Alice Mason, Caroline Rose, Rose 
Dimond, William, Robert, Anita, Theodore; cotton m'f'r; treas. Gros- 
venor Dale Co. 

JASTRAM, PARDON SHELDON, 153 Power St. (bus. add., 
Union Oil Co.), Providence, R. I., s. George Bacon and Abby Maria 
(Bigelow) Jastram; b. 1838, Nov. 15, Providence, R. I.; prep. Provi- 
dence High School; Brown, 1856-60, A. M. ; Soph. Greek prize; class 
sec., 1857; Univ. crew, 1859-60; in. 1856, Sept. 2, 2; sec. Providence Ath- 
enaeum; companion Mass. Commandery Military Order Loyal Leg.; G. 
A. R. ; Providence Marine Corps Vet. Ass'n; priv. Co. C, 1st R. I. D. 
Militia, 1861, Apr. -Aug. ; 2d lieut., Battery E, 1st R. I. Light Art., 
Army Potomac, 3d Corps, 1861; 1st lieut. same, 1862; lieut. commanding, 
1862, Dec. 12, to 1863, May 16; AA Gen. Art. Brigade, 3d Corps, Army 
of Potomac, 1862, May, to 1864, Mar. 29; m. 1869, Dec. 14, Julia Adie 
Brown; children, Edward Perkins, Julia Adie; with Clapp, Fuller & 
Browne, bankers, Boston, till 1861, Apr. 16; Army of Potomac to 1864; 
banking, Providence, 1865-6; mining, Cal., 1866-7; sec. Union Oil Co., 

*KING, CHARLES GOODRICH, s. William Jones and Lydia 
(Gilbert) King; b. 1840, Jan. 3, Providence, R. I.; prep. ; Brown 

Univ., 1856-8; Amherst, 1858-61, A. B. ; in. Epsilon Chapter, 1856, Sept. 
11, F; founder of Pi Chapter, 3>; hosp. steward, 1862; m. 1866, Apr. 26, 
Frances Allen Jones; three children ; soldier; cotton merchant, firm of 
William J. King & Co. ; d. 1887, Aug. 27, Philadelphia, Pa. 


MILLER, HORACE GEORGE, M. D., 262 Benefit St., Provi- 
dence, R. I., s. Horace and Elizabeth Borden (Monroe) Miller; b. 1840, 
Apr. 6, Pawtucket, R. I. ; prep. Univ. Grammar School, Providence, R. 
I.; Brown, 1856-60; A. M., 1860; f B K; Harvard Med. School, 1865, M. 
D.; Ellis prize in Clinical Med.; in. 1857, July 3, F; pres. Am. Otologi- 
cal Soc., 1899, R. I. Med. Soc., R. I. Hosp. Staff Ass'n, Providence Med. 
Ass'n, New England Ophthalmological Soc.; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, 
Am. Acad. Med.. Am. Ophthalmological Soc.; v.-pres. Harvard Med. 
Ass'n; mem. University Club, Providence; author "Bacteriology of the 
Eye"; "Acute Affections of the Middle Ear," in American Text Book 
of Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat; commissary sergt. 9th R. I. 
Inf., 1862; m. 1871, July 14, Helen Woods; ophthalmic and aural surgeon 
R. I. Hosp., 1868-98; consulting surgeon R. I. Hosp., 1899; ophthalmic 
and aural surgeon St. Joseph's Hosp. and St. Elizabeth's Home; con- 
sulting physician Lying-in Hosp. 

add. , 45 Park Place, N. Y. City), s. Ormsby McKnight and Louisa (Clark) 
Mitchel; b. 1839, Dec. 4, Cincinnati, O. ; prep. Cincinnati; Brown, 1856-60, 
A.M. ; in. 1856, Sept. 6, A #; rel. inZW, E. W., br. ; author "Ormsby Mc- 
Knight Mitchel, Astronomer and General, a Biographical Narrative"; 
"Chattanooga"; "Chickamauga"; " Romances of the Civil War " and 
other stories; 2d lieut. 21st N. Y. Vols. ; aide-de-camp, staff of Gen. O. 
M. Mitchel, 1861, July, to 1862, Sept.; capt., aide-de-camp, same staff, 
1862, Sept. to Nov.; 2d lieut., 16th U. S. Inf., 1863, Apr. to Aug.; m. 
twice; army; fire insurance; author; now editor. 

WHIPPLE, JOHN, Newport, R. I., s. John and Eleanor (Post) 
Whipple; b. 1841, Sept. 10, Providence; prep. Lyon & Frieze; Brown, 
1856-60, A. B. ; in. 1856, Sept. 2, ; mem. Union Club, New York; New- 
port Casino; Newport Reading Room; priv. U. S. Vols.; 1st lieut., capt., 
maj. Cav., 1861-4; m. 1864, Oct. 13, Elizabeth G. Sevann; children, John, 
Jr., Elizabeth, and others; lawyer, New York, 1864-80; real estate, New- 
port, 1882. 


(See Kappa Chapter.) 

*CHAPMAN, JOSEPH GILBERT, s. Nelson Clark and Eliza- 
beth Ann Chapman; b. 1839, Apr. 27, Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; 
prep. Acad., Oxford, N. Y. ; Brown, 1857; in. 1857, Nov. 11, $; rel. in Z 
W, Fred Mitchel, E. F. Leonard, cous.; m. 1868, Oct. 21, Emma Bridge; 
child, Isabel; d. 1897, Oct. 9, Boston, Mass. 

(See Kappa Chapter.) 

MENDENHALL, CHARLES, Grandin Road, East Walnut Hills, 
Cincinnati, O., s. George and Elizabeth S. Mendenhall; b. 1840, July 
28, Cleveland, O.; prep. Brooks' Acad., Cincinnati; Brown, 1857 ; in. 
1857, Sept. 25; rel. in Z W, F. W. Mitchell, Livingston Satterlee, John 
Whipple; treas. and dir. Young Men's Mercantile Library of Cincin- 
nati; mem. Queen City Club; lieut. 2d Ohio Vol. Inf.; m. 1867, Oct. 28, 
Fanny Carlisle; children, Emma, Fanny, Grace, Clara, Elizabeth; 
m'f'r; dir. insurance company. 

*WILLIAMS, JAMES CLARK, s. James and (Clark) Williams; 
b. 1842, Apr. 17, Cincinnati, O. ; prep. Lyon & Frieze, Providence, R. I. ; 
Brown, 1858-61, B. P.; in. 1858, Sept. 11, ; 2d lieut. 45th and 24th Ohio 
Vol. Regts. ; aide-de-camp to Gen. Mitchel with rank of 2d lieut. to 1862, 
Sept. , capt. thereafter till death, 24th Ohio Vols. ; d. 1862, Oct. 29, 
Beaufort, S. C. 



BAILEY, WILLIAM MASON, JR., s. William Mason and Harriet 
(Brown) Bailey; b. 1841, June 4, Providence, R. I. ; prep. Univ. Grammar 
School; Brown, 1858-62, A. B. ; first Greek prize on entering; in. 1858, 
Oct. 22, AS; sec. Providence Athenaeum 15 years; Providence Union 
for Christian Work; commerce; d. 1893, Mar. 3, Providence, R. I. 

GROSVENOR, JAMES BROWN MASON, 66 Beaver St. (res., 26 
E. 22d St.), N. Y. City, s. Dr. William and Rosa Anne (Mason) Gros- 
venor; b. 1840, Feb. 12, Providence, R. I.; prep. Univ. Grammar School 
(Providence) and Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; Brown, 1858-61; A. 
M., 1885; in. 1858, Sept. 8, 2; rel. in Z V, William, br. ; William G. 
Ely, cou. ; mem. Union Club; Racquet and Tennis Club; Coney Island 
Jockey Club, all of New York; Ardsley Club; Newport Golf Club; mem. 
Metropolitan Museum of Art; Geographical and New England Socs. ; 
R. I. Battery Light Art., 1861; col. on staff Gov. J. J. Smith, of R. I.; 
m. 1896, Jan. 22, Merina J. Sudeling; retired drygoods commission 
merchant; trustee Greenwich Savings Bank, N. Y. ; pres. Grosvenor Dale 
Co., Grosvenor Dale, Conn.; Briggs-Seabury Gun and Arms Co., N. 
Y. City. 

MALTBY, EDWARD BENJAMIN, Cohannet Mills, Taunton 
(res., Boston), Mass., s. Erastus and Almira (Smith) Maltby; b. 1841, 
July 7, Taunton, Mass.; prep. Bristol Acad. and Phillips Acad., And- 
over; Brown, 1858-61; Yale, 1861 ; in. 1858, Sept. 8, 2 p; mem. Algon- 
quin, Exchange, Corinthian, Winthrop, Union, Boston Athletic Clubs; 
m. 1878, Sept. 2, Julia Jane Keep; children, Charles Edward, Con- 
stance Keep; business, N. Y., 1862-9; coal mining, Kansas and Col., 
1869-74; treas. Cohannet Mills, Taunton, Mass., 1874 . 

MILLER, ANDREW TROOP, Baltimore, Md., s. and 

( ) Miller; prep. ; Brown, 1858-62; in. 1858, Sept. 10. 

*SEARS, EDWARD HENRY, s. Barnos and Elizabeth Greggs 
(Corly) Sears; b. 1840, Oct. 4, Newton Centre, Mass.; prep. ; 

Brown, 1858-61; in. 1858, Sept. 17; 1st lieut. 2d Regt. R. I. Vols., 1861, 
June 6; capt., 1861, July 22; a. a. paymaster, U. S. N., 1863, Aug. 27; 
prisoner, 1864, Feb. 2, eight months in Libby prison; m. 1869, Apr. 20, 
Amelia L. Wiley; postmaster; mem. City Council, Staunton, Va. ; insur- 
ance, Boston, Mass. ; d. 1886, Aug. 6, Dorchester, Mass. 

I86 3 

AMES, WILLIAM, 121 Power St., Providence, R. I., s. Samuel 
and Mary T. (Dorr) Ames; b. 1842, May 15, Providence, R. I.; prep. 
Univ. Grammar School, Providence; Brown, 1859-61; A. M., 1896; in. 
1859, Sept. 16; pres. Hope Club, Providence; non-res, mem. Univ. Club, 
N. Y.; 2d lieut. Co. D, 2d Regt. R. I. Vol. Inf.; 1st lieut., 1861, Oct. 25; 
capt. 1862, July 29; maj. 3d R. I. Regt., Heavy Art.. 1863, Jan. 28; lieut. - 
col., 1864, Mar. 22; col., 1864, Oct. 10; brev. brig. gen. U. S. V. for 
meritorious services, 1865, Mar. 13- Aug. 27; m. (I) 1871, Nov. 8, Harriette 
Fletcher Ormsbee; (II) 1882, Apr. 27, Anne J. C. Dwight; children, John 
C., William, Harriette; collector Internal Revenue, IstR. I. Dist., 1870-5; 
mem. Common Council, Third Ward, Providence, 1872; agent and m'g'r 
Fletcher M'f'g Co., Providence, 1875 ; mem. commission to select site 
and plans for new State House, Providence, 1890; commission to erect 
same, 1891; mem. General Assembly of R. I., 1898. 

BAILEY, CHARLES EMERSON, 2 Cushing St., Providence, R.I., 
s. William M. and Harriet (Brown) Bailey; b. 1843, July 15, Providence, 
R. I.; prep. Univ. Grammar School; Brown, 1859-61; in. 1859, Sept. 6, 


T; rel. in Z W, William M., Jr., br.; mem. Zeta Psi Club, N. Y. City; 
priv. Co. D, 1st Regt. R. I. Detached Militia, 1861, May ; until 
mustered out in Aug.; in first battle of Bull Run; commissioned 1862, 
Gov. Sprag-ue, to deliver State gift of ice to R. I. troops, Hilton Head, S. C. ; 
adjt. 7th R. I. Vol., 1862; during organization, col. and A. D. C. ; acting 
military sec. to Gov. Smith, 1863-6; m. 1870, Isobel Carlisle McCutcheon; 
dry goods commission business, N. Y., 1866-74; m'f'r, Providence, 1874 ; 
trustee and exchange of important estates and officer and director in 
several large corporations. 

EATON, SHERBURNE BDAKE, 65 5th Ave., s. and 

( ) Eaton; prep. ; Brown, 1859; in. 1859, Sept. 7. 

*PELL, DUNCAN ARCHIBALD, s. and Pell; b. 

prep. ; Brown, 1859 ; in. 1859, Sept. 6; positions in U. S. Vols. 

from priv. to brev.-col., Vol. Regts., 1861-5; mustered out at close of war; 


*DEACON, EDWARD PARKER, s. and ( ) Deacon; 

prep. ; Brown, 1860; in. 1860, Sept. 16, 2 p; d. 

HULBERT, GEORGE HENRY, 12 Sherman St., Chicago, 111., 
s. Eri B. and Mary Louisa (Walker) Hulbert; b. 1844, Jan. 15, Chicago; 
prep. Prep. Dept., Madison Univ.; Madison Univ. (now Colgate Coll.), 
1860-3; Brown, 1863-4, A. B.; A. M., 1866; in. 1864, Apr. 21, #; 
m. 1870, Mar. 30, Caroline L. Higgins; children, Mary L., Cornelius 
Walker, George H., Jr.; studied law, 1865; Chicago Bd. of Trade, 
1865-85; farmer, 111.; stock raiser, Neb.; treas. D. & R. I. R. R. ; mem. 
firm Lyon, Hulbert & Co. 

*LAWS, REV. MARTIN LUTHER, s. and ( ) Laws; 

b. 1842, , Accomic Co., Va. ; prep. ; Brown, 1864-6, A. M. ; 

in. 1864, Apr. 21, A $; m. , ; children, three sons; editor To- 

peka, Kan.; Bapt. minister in Mo.; pastor Bapt. church, Decatur, 111., 
1881-2; d. 1882, May , Decatur, 111. 


ATWATER, RICHARD MEAD, Syracuse, N. Y., s. Stephen and 
Mary L. (Weaver) Atwater; b. 1844, Aug. 10, Providence, R. I.; prep. 
Friends School (Providence) and Providence High School; Brown, 1863- 
5, A. B. ; A. M. , 1868; class odist; coll. ball club; coll. crew; pres. 
Philomenian Soc. ; in. 1864, Nov. 1, $> ; mem. Univ. Club, N. Y. City; 
m. 1869, Sept. 19, Abby Sophia Greene; children, Sophia, Christopher, 
Ethel vvyn, Richard, David, Dorothy, Maxwell, Elizabeth, Marjory; 
glass m'f'r ; school trustee and supt. ; mem. of corporation of 
Brown, 1879 ; corporation of Haverford Coll., 1885 ; judge of glass 
m'f'rs, Chicago Exposition; sec. Semet Subway Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 

FRENCH, JAMES McDANIEL, Wilmington, N. C., s. G. R. and 
Sarah C. (Meeks) French; b. 1843, May 9, Wilmington, N. C. ; prep. 
Wilmington private school and Wake Forest Coll. ; Univ. N. C. ; Brown 
(Junior class), 1862-5, Ph. B., A. M. ; in. 1864, Apr. 10, #; F. and A. M. ; 
Standard Bearer in commandery; N. C. Yacht Club; merchant, farmer, 
doctor, capitalist. 


*FOSTER, HARVEY ARMINGTON, s. William H. and Emma 
B. ( ) Foster; b. 1844, ; prep. ; Brown, 1862-4; in. 1864, 

Apr. 21, A 4>; Narragansett Ins. Office; ass't in Brown Laboratory; d. 
1871, Aug. 26, Providence, R. I. 



*BOSWORTH, ALFRED, s. and ( ) Bosworth; prep. 

; Brown, 1863-7; in. 1864, Apr. 21, 2 p; d. 

JUDAH, JOHN MANTLE, Brandon Block, Indianapolis, Ind., s. 
Samuel and Harriet (Brandon) Judah; b. 1848, Apr. 28, Vincennes, 
Ind.; prep. Vincennes; Brown, 1865-8 (three years' course); in. 1865, Dec. 
15, $; m. 1872, Feb. 21, Mary Jameson; children, Henry Judah Brandon, 
John Judah Brandon; lawyer. 

MARVEL, LOUIS HENRY, West Medford, Mass., s. Philip 
Mason and Ruth Brayton (Mason) Marvel; b. 1846, June 13, Swansea, 
Mass.; prep. Fall River High School; Brown, 1864-7; Ph. B., A. M., 
1880; in. 1864, Dec. 23, 2 p; rel. in Z W, Frederick William Marvel, cou. ; 
pres. N. E. Ass'n School Supt's; director Nat'l Educational Ass'n and 
Am. Inst. Instruction; co-author of "Parker and Marvel's Supplementary 
Reader" and of "Sprague and Marvel's Advance Reader" and of articles 
in educational magazines; m. 1867, Dec. 24, Amelia F. Dickerson; 
children, Mary, Louis P., Charles C., Herbert M. ; submaster High 
School, Taunton, Medfield, Sandwich, 1868-72;supt. of schools, Sandwich, 
1872-4; Holyoke, 1874-8; Gloucester, 1878-82; Lewiston, 1882-6; State 
Inst. Conductor, Minnesota, 1886-94; editor educational dept. for J. E. 
Potter & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1894-7; supt. of schools, Dover, Mass, 
and reviser of text books, 1897 . 

MOORE, REV. WALTER HOWARD, Quincy, 111., s. Thomas P. 
and Abby (Wheaton) Moore; b. 1844, Dec. 18, Warren, R. I.; prep. 
Warren (R. I.) High School; Brown, 1863-7, A. B. ; A.M., 1892; General 
Theo. Sem., 1871, B. D. ; in. 1864, Apr. 21, A 2 A; $ A, 1871; priv. Co. D, 
67th Regt. , 111 Vol., 1862, June-Nov. ; examining chaplain and sec. of 
Colorado Mission; sec. of the Synod and mem. of Standing Com. of the 
Diocese of Springfield, 1885-6; associate editor of The Living Church, 
1886; contributor to church publications; m. 1875, Jan. 28, Julia Louisa 
Adriance; children, Thomas Alexander, George Seymour, Francis 
Michael, Alice Adriance, Walter Adriance; bookkeeper, Chicago Tribune, 
1865-8; ordained deacon, 1871, July 2, and priest, 1872, Mar. 1; rector 
Grace Church at Georgetown, Col., 1872-3; St. John's Church, Denver, 
Col., 1873-5; Church of Ascension, Vallejo, Cal., 1875; Christ Church, 
Naper, Cal., 1876-9; St. John's Church, Decatur, 111., 1879-86; Calvary 
Church, Chicago, 111., 1886-92; dean of the Cathedral, Quincy, 111., 

PECKHAM, ORVILLE, Geneva (bus. add., First Nat'l Bank, 
Chicago), 111., s. Francis Baring and Elizabeth Bentley (Oman) Peckham; 
b. 1846, Oct. 30, Newport, R. I.; prep. Providence (R. I.) High School; 
Brown, 1864-7, Ph. B. ; in. 1864, Sept. 14, 2 p; rel. in Z W, Francis B., 
br. ; m. 1876, Mar. 8, Anne M. Jameson; children, Sarah Humphrey, 
John Judah. 

STAPLES, HENRY CHARLES, Providence, R. I., s. and 

( ) Staples; prep. ; Brown, 1863-7; in. 1864, Sept. 30. 


Tenney; prep. ; Brown, 1863-7; in. 1865, June 2; d. 


EDWARDS, GEORGE WALTER, Patchen Ave., cor. MaconSt., 
Brooklyn (res., Newport, Borough of Brooklyn), N. Y., s. Girden and 
Huldah (Harton) Edwards; b. 1846, Mar. 20, Providence, R. I. ; prep. 
Providence High School; Brown, 1864-8, A. B. ;A. M.; A. M. (adeundum), 
Syracuse Univ. ; in. 1864, Sept. 19, F; prin. Holyoke High School, five 
years; editor Syracuse Daily Standard, nine years; prin. Public School 
No. 10, Brooklyn, ten years. 


LEWIS, JOHN DEXTER, 8 Exchange Place (res., 134 Brown St.), 
Providence, R. I., s. Dexter B. and Mary A. (Leveck) Lewis; b. 1846, 
Mar. 19, Providence, R. I.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 
1864-6; in. 1864, Oct. 7, T; capt. Battery A, 1875; col. and A. D. C. on 
Gov. Ladd's staff, 1891 ; State Militia; m. 1872, Apr. 2, Sophie Page 
Lupham; children, John B. and Mary L. ; merchant and m'f'r. 

SOUTHWICK, JOSEPH HARRISON, Milton, Cal., s. Isaac and 
Clarissa Ann (Keith) Southwick; b. 1847, Mar. 8, Grafton, Mass.; prep. 
City High School, Providence, R. L; Brown, 1864-8, A. M.; $ B K-, 
class sec.; Univ. boat club; commencement appointment; in. 1864, Oct. 7, 
# A; mem. Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange of N. Y. ; 
devised impounding dams for debris from North Hill Hydraulic Mine; 
civil engineer; assayer and surveyor, mining agent, 111., 1869; Minn., 
1870-2; Providence, R. L, 1873-6; N. H., 1877-9; N. Y., 1880-1; Cal., 1882; 
fruit growing, 1895 . 

*WINSOR, RICHARD BROWN, s. Andrew and Mary J. (Brown) 
Winsor; b. 1848, May 24, Providence, R. I.; prep. ; Brown, 1864-8, 

A. M. ; in. 1864, Oct. 7; mem. Franklin Soc. ; Franklin Lyceum; Bd. of 
Trade, Providence, R. I.; bookkeeper and lumber dealer, Providence; 
d. 1889, Dec. 5, Providence, R. I. 


COWELL, JOSEPH HARRIS, M. D., 301 S. Warren Ave., Sag- 
inaw, Mich., s. Benjamin and Amey Wilkinson (Harris) Cowell; b. 
1847, Apr. 4, Providence, R. I.; prep. Peoria (111.) High School; Brown, 
1865-9, A. B.; Univ. Mich., Med. Dept., 1871, M. D. ; 1872, M. D. (hon.), 
Lansing Homoeopathic Med. Coll. ; in. 1865, Sept. 22, #, 2 A ; 
rel. in Z W, Chas. and George Hitchcock; Joseph M. Harris, cou. ; 
pres. Saginaw Valley and cor. sec. Mich. State Homoeopathic Med. Soc. ; 
mem. Am. Inst. of Homoeopathy; author of various articles in med. 
journals; priv. Co. F, 139th 111. Inf. Vols., 1861-5; m. 1878, May 23, 
Clarissa Orpha Child; children, Mary Child, Elizabeth Howell, Amey; 
prof, of Theory and Practice of Med., Lansing Homoeopathic Med. 
Coll., 1871-3; practicing physician and surgeon, Saginaw, Mich. 

*CRANSTON, REV. GEORGE EDWARD, s. Joseph Edward and 
Sarah (Brown) Cranston; b. 1847, Dec. 29, Newport, R. I. ; prep. priv. tutor; 
Brown, 1865-9, A. B. ; A. M., 1885; General Theo. Sem., N. Y. City, 
1872, D. D. ; mem. Bishops Leabury's Ass'n; in. 1865, Sept. 20; m. 1884, 
Sept. 1, Mrs. Margaret Hanna; child, Elizabeth; ordained deacon in 
Church of the Transfiguration, N. Y., 1872; Class. Master Kette 
Hall, 1872; ordained priest at St. Paul's Church in Baltimore and made 
ass't priest of that parish, 1875 ; Church of the Holy Trinity, Highland, 
N. Y., 1879; Church of the Evangelists, Philadelphia, Pa., 1880; 
associated with Rev. Dr. Mortimer in establishing St. Austin's (church 
school for boys), New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y., 1883; head master 
St. Austin's and ass't priest St. Mary's, Castleton, Staten Island; d. 
1895, Mar. 9, Boston, Mass. 

*HARRIS, JOSEPH METCALF, s. Edward and Abby (Metcalf) 
Harris; b. 1849, Jan. 27, Woonsocket, R. L; prep. Woonsocket; Brown, 
1866-9, Ph. B.; in. 1866, Jan. 10; woolen m'f'r, Woonsocket, R. L, 1869- 
72; d. 1872, Oct. 20, Berlin, Germany. 

LAWTON, FRANCIS, 170 Broadway, N. Y. City, s. Francis and 
Isabella Greene (Turner) Lawton; b. 1848, June 28, Newport, R. I.; 
prep. Chonles Inst., Newport; Brown, 1865-9, A. B.; A.M., 1872; Colum- 
bia Coll. Law School, 1873, LL. B.; in. 1865, Sept. 14, $; $ A, 1891; 
mem. Univ. and Reform Clubs; N. Y. State Bar Ass'n; Soc. of Med. 

1869-71 EPSILON CHAPTER 303 

Jurisprudence; author "The Badge of Zeta Psi," song; m. 1881, Apr. 
26, Elizabeth Arnold Evary; children, Francis, Jr., and Bailey W. E.; 
lawyer, N. Y. City, 1873. 

PERRY, LEMUEL GROSVENOR, s. Dr. Thomas Wills and 
Caroline (Downes) Perry; b. 1848, Aug. 11, Pomfret, Conn. ; prep. Provi- 
dence High School; Brown, 1865 death; in. 1865, Sept. 10; d. 1867, July 
12, Providence, R. I. 


HITCHCOCK, CHARLES, 57 W. 36th St., N. Y. City, s. and 

( ) Hitchcock; prep. ; Brown, 1866-70; in. 1866, Jan. 10. 


*BUCKLIN, GEORGE WARREN, s. Simon S. and Mary Frances 
(Cross) Bucklin; b. 1851, Mar. 23, Louisville, Ky. ; prep. Providence 
High School; Brown, 1867-71; in. 1867, Sept. 20, 2 A; m. ; mer- 

chant. Providence and N. Y. City; collector Peruvian antiquities; d. 
1878, Dec. 24, Croya, Peru. 

*BUSH, HARRY POWELL, s. Daniel and Patience (Mauran) 
Bush; b. 1851, June 10, Providence, R. I.; prep. Mowry and Goff'sClass. 
School, Providence; Brown, 1867-71, A. B. ; Harvard Law School; in. 

1868, Sept. 18, A $; in law office of Abraham Paine; admitted to R. I. 
bar, 1874; d.1875, Dec. 24, Providence, R.I. 

GUSHING, WALTER JOHN, s. Samuel Barret and Mary Ann 
(Rhodes) Cushing; b. 1853, June 1, Providence, R. I.; prep. Mowry's 
English and Class. School; Brown, 1867-71, B. P.; baseball team; in. 

1869, Sept. 10, A 2; mem. Union Club; F. and A. M.; Veteran Ass'n 
United Train Art. ; naval engineer U. S. S. "Blake"; m. 1889, Oct. 10, 
Susanna Young; bass singer in Central Congregational Church choir 
twenty years; light opera one year; civil engineer; d. 1895, Mar. 19, 
Providence, R. I. 

EARLE, JOSEPH PITMAN. Duck Cove Farm, Wickford, R. I. 
(bus. add., Earle Bros., New York), s. Henry and Mary (Talbot) 
Earle; b. 1847, Sept. 5, Providence, R. I. ; prep. Providence High School; 
Brown, 1867-71, B. P. ; $ B K; in. 1869, Sept. 10, #; mem. Union, Union 
League and Univ. Clubs of New York; N. Y. Y. C. and Larchmont Y. 
C. ; Seawanhaka and Atlantic Y. Clubs; rubber business, New York, 
1871-95; retired on account of ill-health. 

GOULD, JOHN MELVILLE, PH.D., 46 Bennington St., Newton, 
Mass., s. Rev. John Binney and Caroline Elizabeth (Denison) Gould; 
b. 1848, July 4, Marshfield, Mass.; prep. Providence High School; 
Brown, 1867-71, A. B.; A.M., 1874; Ph.D., 1891; Latin and elocution 
prizes; salutatorian; class pres. ; in. 1867, Sept. 20, A <&; author of 
"Gould upon the Law of Waters (tidal and inland)"; co-author of Gould 
and Tucker's Notes on the U. S. Statutes; edited Kent's Commentaries 
(14th ed.); Daniell's Chancery Practice (6th Am. ed.); Perry on Trusts 
(5th ed.); lawyer and law writer. 

POTTER, FRANK KING, 40 Dorrance St. (res., 193 Angell St.), 
Providence, R. I., s. Asa King and Cornelia Eliza (Armington) Potter; 
b. 1849, Dec. 15, Providence, R. I.; prep. Lyon Grammar School; Brown, 
1869-71; in. 1869, ; m. 1873, Oct. 13, Emma M. Cook; children, Ralph 
King, Olive, Alice King; merchant. 

TUCKER, JOHN HYRN, Providence^ Telephone Co., Providence, 
R. I., s. John Hyrn and Sarah (Tarns) Tucker; b. 1850, July 9, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ; prep. Mowry and GofF s School, Providence, and Provi- 
dence High School; Brown, 1867-8; in. 1867, Sept. 20; mem. Democratic 


State Central Com., 1893; m. 1875, Sept. 8, Annie E. Martin; children, 
Alice M. Dew, Ethel D., John H., Jr., Frank R., Katharine A.; teller 
Franklin Inst. for Savings, 1868-74; owner and m'g'r of cattle ranch 
near Denver, Col., 1875-9; bookkeeper 4th National Bank, Providence, 
R. I., 1880-9; Providence Telephone Co., 1890. 


(See Phi Chapter.) 

DUANE, JAMES MAY, 123 W. S5th St. (bus. add., c/o Brown 
Brothers & Co., 59 Wall St., N. Y. City), s. Richard Bacre and Mar- 
garet Anne (Tarns) Duane; b. 1851, Aug. 21, Honesdale, WayneCo., Pa. ; 
prep. Univ. Grammar School, Providence, R. I. ; Brown, 1868-72, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1875; chairman of class-day com. ; in. 1868, Dec. 4, 2; mem. Univ. 
Club, New York; Rittenhouse Club; Sons of Rev.; m. 1886, Apr. 27, 
Katharine Elizabeth Poullain Higginson; children, Richard Bache, 
Eleanor Franklin, Katharine; with U. S. branch of London Assurance 
Corporation, New York, 1872-80; mem. firm Schuyler & Duane, import- 
ers of arms and sporting goods, 1872-82; returned to London Assurance 
Corporation, 1882; ass't m'g'r U. S. branch, 1885, Jan. 1; m'g'r, 1885, 
July 1; in banking house of Brown Brothers & Co., of Philadelphia, New 
York and Boston, 1887-95; partner in same, 1895 ; partner Brown, Ship- 
ley & Co., London, 1895. 

(See Chi Chapter.) 

HITCHCOCK, GEORGE, Egmond a/d Hoef, Holland, s. Charles 
and Olivia George (Cowell) Hitchcock; b. 1850, Sept. 29, Providence, R. I.; 
prep. Providence; Brown, 1869-72, A. B.; Harvard Law School, 1874, LL. 
B. ; in. 1868, Sept. 8; rel. in Z W, Charles, br., and Joseph H. Cowell, cou. ; 
mem. New York and Munich Soc's of Artists and of Paris Soc. of Am. 
Artists; author of series of papers on artistic subjects; m. 1881, Henrietta 
Richardson; lawyer, Providence and New York, 1874-9; artist, Paris, 
1879-89; London, 1889-91; Holland, 1891 hon. mention Paris Salon, 1889; 
gold medal Paris Exhibition, 1889, and New York, 1889; " Hors Concours, " 
Paris, 1889; gold medal Chicago, 1893; Berlin, 1895; Dresden, 1897; pic- 
tures in permanent galleries Art Inst., Chicago; Detroit Museum of Art; 
Royal Collection, Vienna; Dresden Gallery. 

HOWE, FRANK PERLEY, v.-pres. Wm. Wharton, Jr. & Co., Inc., 
25 Washington Ave. (res., 251 S. 17th St.), Philadelphia, Pa., s. M. A. 
DeWolf and Elizabeth (Marshall) Howe; b. 1852, Sept. 19, Philadelphia; 
prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia; Brown, 1868-72, A. B. ; Lehigh Univ., 
1875-8, E. of M. ; $ B K; pres. Senior class and editor of Epitome (Le- 
high); in. 1869, Sept. 16, 2; m. 1881, May 12, Katharine Scott Woodward; 
child, Christine; in rail mill P. & R. R. R., Reading, Pa.; chemist at 
blast furnaces of Bushing Bro. , Reading, Pa.; gen. m'g'r Montour Iron 
and Steel Co. 's mills and furnaces, Danville, Pa.; pres. The North 
Branch Steel Co.; v.-pres. Wm. Wharton, Jr. & Co., Inc., and pres. The 
Philadelphia Roll and Machine Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

PAYNE, ARTHUR DEXTER, 146 Broadway (res., 371 W. 119th 
St.), N. Y. City, s. Abraham and Anna (Wheaton) Payne; b. 1852, May 
18, Providence, R. I.; prep, by private tutor; Brown, 1868-72, A. M. ; $ 
B K; in. 1868, Nov. 11, A 2; m. 1886, June 29, Florence Knight; children, 
Abraham and Nean Dexter; lawyer and broker. 

RICHMOND, HOWARD, 32 George St., Providence, R. I., s. 
and Richmond; b. 1850, Apr. 13; prep. Mowry & Goff's School, 

Providence; Brown, 1868-72; in. ; mem. Hope Club, Providence, 


and Univ. Club, N. Y. City; m. 1872, Apr. 24, Emma Hepburn Parsons; 
children, Edith, Howard Anson, Frank Eddy, Lawrence; cotton m'f r; 
treas. Compton Co., Providence, R. I. 

(See Chi Chapter.) 

WOODS, JOHN CARTER BROWN, 62 Prospect St., Providence, 
R. I., s. Marshall and Anne Brown (Francis) Woods; b. 1851, June 12, 
Providence, R. I. ; prep. ; Brown, 1869-72, A. M. ; ; Harvard 

Law School, 1874, LL. B. ; in. 1868, Dec. 4, ; trustee Brown Univ.; 
mem. Common Council, Providence, R. I., 1877-85; pres., 1881-5; mem. 
Gen. Assembly R. I., from Providence, many years. 


CALDWELL, WILLIAM EMERY, 44 Pine St., N. Y. City, s. 
Samuel L. and Mary L. (Richards) Caldwell; b. 1851, Jan. 2, Bangor, Me.; 
prep. Providence Univ. Grammar School; Brown, 1869-73, A. B. ; in. 1869, 
Oct., 2 p; rel. in Z W, S. L., br. ; mem. Univ. Club and Grolier Club, 
New York; m. 1887, June 9, Meta J. B. Le Mon; child, Helen; fire 

FITZGERALD, ORMUND EDWARD, Box 647, Providence, R. I., 
s. Lionel Charles William Henry and Caroline (Brown) Fitzgerald; b. 
1849, July 6, Odletown, Canada; prep. Little Blue School, Farmington, 
Me. ; Brown, 1869-73, A. B. ; Boston Law School, 1875, LL. B. ; in. 1869, 
Sept. 16, #; lawyer. 


*CORNETT, HENRY, s. and ( ) Cornett; prep. ; 

Brown, 1870-4; in. 1870, Sept. 16, 2; d. 

SAYLES, PHILIP ALLEN, N. Y. City, s. and ( )Sayles; 
prep. ; Brown, 1870-4; in. 1870, Sept. 16. 

SLATER, JOHN WHIPPLE, Slatersville, R. I., s. William S. 
and A. M. (Whipple) Slater; b. 1852, Nov. 22, Slatersville, R. I.; prep, 
at various schools; Brown, 1870-3; in. 1870, Oct. 21. 


BOGERT, EDWARD LANGDON, 346 Broadway, New York (res., 
New Brighton, Staten Island), N. Y., s. Theodore Peacock and Eliza 
Turner (Howe) Bogert; b. 1852, Aug. 18, Geneva, N. Y. ; prep. Rectory 
School, Hamden, Conn.; Brown, 1871-5, A. B. ; A. M., 1882; pres. class 
supper at graduation; bow oar Fresh, crew; in. 1871, Sept. 15, #; rel. in 
Z W~, Alfred L., Frank P. and Herbert M. Howe, ecu's; pres. Staten 
Island Whist Club; mem. Holland Soc. and New York and Staten Island 
Club; m. (I) 1884, Sept. 18, Marian Vinal Lincoln; (II) 1897, Feb. 2, 
Jessie MacGregor; child, Edward Langdon, Jr. ; chairman Republican 
Com. of Bristol, R. I., three years; with the Bradstreet Co. , 1878 . 

BOSTICK, EDWARD DORSEY, c/o War Dept., Washington, D. 
C., s. and ( ) Bostick; b. 1853, Oct., S. C. ; prep. Naval Acad., 
Annapolis, grad. 1875; in. 1874, Jan. 4 (Annapolis), 2 p; ensign, 1876, 
Sept. 21; master, 1883, June 9; lieut. (Junior grade), 1883, Mar. 3; lieut., 
1889, May 15; U. S. S. "Frolic," special service, 1875; U. S. S. " Hart- 
ford, "North Atlantic Station, 1875-7; U. S. S. "Constitution," training 
ship, 1877-9; Asiatic Station, 1879-82; Hydrographic Office, 1882-4; Ar- 
tillery School, Fort Monroe, 1884-5; U. S. S. "Adams." Pacific Station, 
1885-9; Navy Yard, Washington, D. C., 1889; U. S. S. " Ranger," 1892-4; 


U. S. S. "Alliance, "training- ship, 1895; U.S. S. "Lancaster," 1896; 
U. S. S. "Newark," 1896; U. S. R. S. "Franklin," 1896-8; U. S. S. 
"Machias," 1898, Apr. -Oct. ; retired from service, 1898, Oct. 8. 

CALDWELL, SAMUEL LE NORD, M. D. , 30 Bank Bldg. , Colorado 
Springs, Col., s. Samuel L. and Mary Le Nord (Richards) Caldwell; b. 
1853, July 6, Bangor, Me.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 1871-5, 
A.B.; A. M.,1880; Univ. Pa., Med. Dept., 1882, M. D.; in. 1871, Oct. 6, 2; 
rel. in Z W, William E., br. ; mem. R. I. and El Paso Co. (Col.) Med. 
Soc. ; El Paso Club, Colorado Springs, Col. ; sec. and treas. Town and 
Gown Golf Club; studied medicine in London, Paris, and Vienna, two 
years; physician, Providence, R. L, 1884-90; Colorado Springs, 1890 ; 
director and sec. Pinnacle Rattler Gold Mining Co. ; director New 
Haven Gold Mining Co., Mining Exchange Bldg. Ass'n. 

COLLINS, FRANK SHELDON, N. Y. City, s. and ( ) 
Collins; prep. ; grad. Annapolis, Md., 1871-5; in. 1874, Jan. 4 (An- 
napolis); U. S. S. "Franklin," 1875-6; resigned from navy, 1876, Mar. 23. 

*FRENCH, GEORGE THOMAS, s. James E. and Jemima W. 
(Hatch) French; b. 1850, Dec. 14, Bristol, R. I.; prep. Andover; Brown, 
1871-4; in. 1871, Sept. 15; lawyer; school com'r; Gov. 's staff; R. I. Leg- 
islature; d. 1885, Nov. 19, Bristol, R. I. 

HOWE, ALFRED LEIGHTON, 618 Wyandotte St. (res., 3700 
Baltimore Ave.), Kansas City, Mo., s. M. A. De W. (D.D., LL.D) and 
Elizabeth Smith (Marshall) Howe; b. 1854, Apr. 4, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
prep. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, Pa., and Public High School, Bristol, 
R. I.; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1875; Lowell School of Industrial De- 
sign; in. 1873, Sept. 24 (Annapolis), $; registrar Soc. Sons of Rev. in State 
of Mo. ; midshipman U. S. S. "Marion" (flagship of Admiral John L. 
Worden) on the North Atlantic Station and in the Mediterranean, 1875-7; 
m. 1892, June 22, Alice Sellers Moody; children, Margaret Morris and 
Roberta Moody; U. S. Navy, 1875-7; m'f'r, 1877-86; m'g'r Delaware Roll- 
ing Mill, Phillipsburg, N. J., 1886-9; railroads, 1889; ass't treas. 
Kansas City Suburban R. R. Co., of the Kansas City Suburban BeltR. 
R. Co. and Kansas City and Northern Connecting R. R. Co. 

SHARP, ALEXANDER, JR., Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. (res., 
Annapolis, Md.), s. Alexander (U. S. A.) and Ellen Wrenshall (Dent) 
Sharp; b. 1855, Nov. 8, White Haven, St. Louis Co., Mo.; prep. Stan- 
ford (Conn.) Inst. ; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1875; cadet master, 1st Di- 
vision (Senior year) ; in. 1874, Jan. 4 (Annapolis), A $; mem. Naval Acad. 
Club, Annapolis; United Service Club, New York; Military Order of 
Foreign Wars; Soc. of American Wars; lieut. commanding U. S. S. 
"Vixen," Spanish- Am. War, 1898, Apr. to Sept.; engaged in all the 
bombardments of Santiago de Cuba and in the action of July 3d, 
when Spanish fleet under Admiral Cervera was destroyed by U. S. fleet 
under Admiral Sampson; advanced five numbers on list of lieuts. by U. 
S. President for "eminent and conspicuous conduct in battle"; m. 1884, 
Oct. 29, Josephine H. Hand; child, Alexander, 3d; naval officer; cadet 
midshipman, 1870-5; midshipman, 1875-6; ensign, 1876-82; master, 1882-3; 
lieut. (Junior grade), 1883-9; lieut., 1889-99; lieut. commander, 1899 . 

WHITE, HUNTER CARSON, Box 1551 (res., 53 Grove St.), Provi- 
dence, R. I., s. Amos L. and Nancy J. (Harris) White; b. 1853, Dec. 18, 
Zanesville, O.; prep. Providence, R. I.; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1875; 
in. 1874, Jan. 4 (Annapolis), 2; pres. West Side and Providence Central 
Clubs and Franklin Lyceum; mem. Providence Athletic Ass'n; Provi- 
dence Art, Bristol Yacht, Squantum and Hope Clubs; brig. -gen. and 
adjt.-gen. of R. I.; m. 1877, Dec. 11, Carrie Hicks Kelton; child, Hunter 
Carson, Jr.; m'f'r; chairman Republican State Central Com. 



HAYES, HENRY WINGATE, 42 Westminster St., Providence (res., 
Bristol), R. I., s. Wingate and Abby M. (Bowler) Hayes; b. 1855, July 5, 
Providence, R. I.; prep. Univ. Grammar School, Providence; Brown, 
1872-6, A. B. ; in. 1872, Sept. 27, F; mem. Providence Art Club; Squantum 
Ass'n; Providence Central Club; Univ. Club (Providence); Bristol Yacht 
and Golf Clubs; m. 1880, Oct. 2, Nancy Baker; children, Francis Win- 
gate, Arnold Lee; Judiciary Com., R. I. House of Rep., 1886-90; State 
Bd. of Valuations, 1889-93; com'r for revision of State laws and prepara- 
tion of plan for new judicial system, 1890-6; lawyer. 

MERRICK, ORIGEN HALL, 64 Magnolia Terrace, Springfield, 
Mass., s. Timothy and Justina(Hall) Merrick; b. 1854, Mar. 7, Willing- 
ton, Conn.; prep. Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass.; Brown, 1872-6, 
A. B. ; class pres. ; in. 1872, Oct. 4, #; pres. Bay State Club, Holyoke; 
director Home Market Club, Boston; m. 1883, Nov. 22, Harriet Pauline 
Fitch; children, Preston Kenneth and Kenneth; spool cotton m'f'r. 


* ANDREWS, MORTON DAVIS, s. Henry G. and Elizabeth Bliss 
(Davis) Andrews; b. 1855, May 5, Plymouth, Mass.; prep, by George 
Rocke, D.D., at Bristol, R. I. ; Brown, 1873- ; Harvard Law School, grad. 
1876; in. 1873, Dec. 16; m. 1885, Oct. 7, Mary Davis Bond; lawyer; 
traveled for health in So. Cal. ; d. 1892, Aug. 11, Detroit, Mich. 

BUCKLIN, JOHN CALLAGE, 111 Broad St., Providence, R. I., 
s. and ( ) Bucklin; prep. ; Brown, 1873-4; in. 1873, 

Sept. 26, 2 p. 

*DAWLEY, EDWARD WILLIAMS, s. Edward Rawson and Lucy 
Anna (Williams) Dawley; b. 1856, July 17, Providence, R. I.; prep. 
Providence High School ; Brown, 1873-6, A. B. ; Hammer and Tongs Soc. ; 
R. I. School of Design, two years; in. 1873, Dec. 9, #; clerk in flour mill, 
Milwaukee, Wis., 1876-7; sec. Mechanics' and Traders' Exchange, Provi- 
dence, 1878-80; d. 1880, Feb. 7, Providence, R. I. 

DAY, JOSEPH TAFT, 43 Angell St., Providence, R. I., s. and 
( ) Day; prep. ; Brown, 1873-7; in. 1873, Sept. 17, 2 p. 

GREENE, HERBERT WHIPPLE, 22 Canal St., Providence, R. 
I., s. and ( ) Greene; prep. ; Brown, 1873-7; in. 1873, 

Sept. 21. 

MASON, WILLIAM SIMMONS, Providence, R. I., s. and 

( ) Mason; prep. ; Brown, 1873-7; in. 1873, Dec. 2. 


*BALLOU, WALTER FRANCIS, s. Oren Aldrich and Sophia 
Arnold (Harrington) Ballou; b. 1856, Nov. 30, Philadelphia, Pa. ; prep. 

; Brown, 1874 death; in. 1873, Sept. 24; d. 1875, Feb. 22, Brown 
Univ., Providence, R. I. 

*CONGDON, GILBERT ARNOLD, s. and ( ) Cong- 

don; prep. ; Brown, 1874-8; in. ; d. 

FIELDS, WALTER, San Francisco, Cal., s. and ( ) 

Fields; prep. ; Brown, 1874-8; in. . 

METCALF, CHARLES ALBERT, Boston, Mass., s. and 
( ) Metcalf; prep. ; Brown, 1874-8; in. 

308 EPSILON CHAPTER 1878-86 

Boston, Mass., s. Thomas White and Martha Tillinghast (Westcott) 
Nickerson; b. 1857, Jan. 12, Boston; prep. Noble's School, Boston; Brown, 
1874-8, A. B. ; A. M., 1880; class v.-pres. ; chief marshal class day, 
Senior year; in. 1874; maj., lieut.-col. and ass't Q. M.-Gen., and col. of 
R. I. State Militia; studied law in office of Browne & Van Slyck, Provi- 
dence; admitted to bar of Circuit, District and Supreme Courts of R. I., 
and Federal, District and Circuit Courts of R. I., 1880; bar of U. S. Su- 
preme Court, 1886. 

ROBINSON, GILMAN PARKER, s. and ( ) Robin- 

son; prep. ; Brown, 1874-8; in. 

*SAYLES, WILLIAM CLARK, s. William P. and Mary W. ( ) 
Sayles; b. 1856, Providence, R. I. ; prep. ; Brown, 1876 death; in. 

1874; d. 1876, Feb. 13 (Sayles Hall, Brown Univ., erected in his memory 
by his father). 

TAFT, CYRUS, Cumberland Hill (bus. add., Valley Falls), R. I., 
s.Cyrus and Rosina E. (Clarke) Taft; b. 1857, Jan. 25, Providence; prep. 
C. H. Wheeler's School, Providence; Brown, 1874-6; in. 1874; mem. Union 
Club, Providence; Cumberland Club, Woonsocket; Blackstone Valley 
Co. Club, Valley Falls; m. 1886, Feb. 10, Harriet A. Taft; bookkeeper, 
1877-89; treas., town of Cumberland, R. I., 1889. 


EVERETT, HENRY LEXINGTON, Salt Lake City, Utah, s. 
Abram and Rebecca W. (Grimes) Everett; b. 1863, Apr. 19, Princeton, 
Mass.; prep. Worcester (Mass.) Hig-h School; Brown, 1882-6, A. B. ; A. 
M., 1889 (Harvard and Brown); Carpenter premium for general excellence; 
Foster prize in Greek; prize essay; pres. Brown Debating Soc. and Soc. 
of Missionary Inquiry; post-grad, study at Harvard and Berlin Univ., 
Germany, 1888-90; Chicago Univ. Divinity School, 1893; in. 1886, Apr. 17 j 
rel. in Z IP, I. E. Walker, cou.; author "The People's Program: A Ro- 
mance of the Expectations of the Present Generation"; m. 1892, June 15, 
Catherine Williamson Nelson; prin. high schools, Barre, Mass., and 
Warren, Pa., 1886-8; prof. English and Modern Languages, Utah Agri- 
cultural Coll., 1890-2; business, 1893. 

*GUNN, EDWARD LEROY, 502 Crawford St., Fort Scott, Kan., 
s. and ( ) Gunn; prep. ; Brown, 1882-6; in. ; d. 

(See Chi Chapter.) 

REES, THOMAS GEORGE, Jamaica Plains, Boston, Mass., s. 
Thomas Evans and Marie Bridget (Sutton) Rees; b. 1860, Feb. 23, Pem- 
brokeshire, Wales; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 1882-6, A. B. ; 
A. M., 1889; v.-pres. and prophet of Senior class; pres. debating soc. ; 
in. 1886, Apr. 17; mem. F. and A. M. ; dictator Supreme Assembly, of R. 
S. G. F.; m. 1894, July 3, Irene Carrow Briggs; child, Malcolm Chan- 
ning; prin. Hope Valley district school, 1886-7; Princeton (Ind.) Hi.^h 
School, 1887-8; head master Worrall Hall, Peekskill, N. Y., 1888-9; prin. 
Cobbett School, Lynn, Mass., 1889-96; submaster com'rs Grammar 
School, Boston, Mass., 1896 . 

Co., N. Y., s. Newell and Emily (Knox) Reynolds; b. 1862, Sept. 24, 
Conington, Pa.; prep. Doylston Acad., Pa.; Brown, 1882-6, A. B. ; Crozer 
Theo. Sem. and Rochester Divinity School; in. 1886, Apr. 17; m. , 

Harriet Neumans; child, Myra Harold; clergyman, South Livonia, N. 
Y., 1890-3; Canaseraga, N. Y.,1893 . 


REYNOLDS, REV. WILLIAM JOB, JR., 134 Linwood Ave., Provi- 
dence, R. I., s. William Job and Lucinda Caroline (Nichols) Reynolds; 
b. 1862, Jan. 8, Wickford, R. I.; prep. Univ. Grammar School, Provi- 
dence; Brown, 1882-6, A. B. ; commencement class orator; Newton Theo. 
Sem., 1887, D. D. ; graduate student in Biblical Literature and History, 
Brown, 1898 ; in. 1836, Apr. 17; mem. R. I. Historical Soc. ; author of 
"The Crucifix, Its Origin, History and Relation to Doctrine"; m. 1888, 
June 12, Ella Florence Arnold; children, Charles Kingsley; ordained to 
Bapt. ministry, 1887, Dec. 28; pastor Phrenix, R. I.; East Providence 
Centre, R. I. ; Peabody, Mass. ; Lakewood, R. I. ; prin. Grammar School, 
Centreville. R. I., 1894-5; teacher of Greek, Latin and English, Cranston 
High School, 1895-8, 


CARR, CLARENCE AUGUSTUS, 133 Spring St. (res., 17 Rhode 
Island Ave.), Newport, R. I., s. Thomas Brown and Anna Elizabeth 
(Sherman) Carr; b. 1864, Oct. 31, Newport, R. I.; prep. Rogers High 
School, Newport; Brown, 1883-7, A. B.; A. M.,1890; D. M. D., 1895 (Har- 
vard); first prizes mathematics and Greek on entrance examination; $ 
B K; in. 1886, Apr. 17; sec. R. I. Dental Soc., 1895; m. 1893, Nov. 20, 
Eliza Maitland Elliot; child, Margaret Elizabeth; teacher, 1887-92; 
dentist, Newport, 1895 . 

*LINDSAY, LUCKY ALONZO, s. Jonathan S. and Catherine 
(Keeney) Lindsay; b. 1862, Oct. 24, Powell's Valley, near Jacksboro, 
Campbell Co., Tenn. ; prep. Franklin Acad., Jacksboro, Tenn. ; Brown, 
1883-7, A. M.; class orator; in. 1886, Apr. 17; admitted to bar, 1890; 
lawyer, Knoxville, Tenn., 1890-1; d. 1892, Nov. 30, San Antonio, Tex. 

RYTHER, ORMAN ERIS, 214 Laurel Hill Ave. , Norwich, Conn. , s. 
Charles V. and Elsa A. (Lewis) Ryther; b. 1859, Mar. 31, Coventry, Vt. ; 
prep. St. Johnsbury Acad., Vt. ; Brown, 1884-7; pres. Y. M. C. A.; in. 
1886, <; m. 1888, Jan. 4, Mary Helen Williams; children, Clarice Emily 
and Ruth Elizabeth; general sec. Y. M. C. A., Jersey City, N. J., Fitch- 
burg and Hyde Park, Mass. ; m'g'r of Cooperative Entertainment Bureau, 
Tremont Temple, Boston; general sec. Y. M. C. A., Norwich, Conn. 

WRIGHT, REV. RICHARD, Windsor Locks, Conn., s. Richard and 
Eliza Jane (Dickson) Wright; b. 1864, Feb. 28, Dublin, Ireland; prep, 
by priv. tutor; Brown Univ., 1883-7, A. B.; A. M., 1890; third prize in 
class speaking; class-day orator; stroke oar class crew; 'varsity football 
team; Hartford Theo. Sem., grad. 1890; in. 1886, April 17, T; mem. 
Hartford Central Ass'nof Cong, ministers; moderator, Enfield Ministers' 
Union, one year; pres., two years; m. 1890, Nov. 12, Elizabeth Abbe; tutor 
in Hebrew and Greek Depts., Hartford Theo. Sem., 1890-1; instructor 
Collins St. Class. School, Hartford, Conn. ; acting pastor Cong. Church, 
Windsor Locks, Conn. ; pastor same, 1891 . 

YOUNG, HERRICK PL ATT, Harvard Ave., Providence, R. I., s. 
Thomas and Sarah Thomas (Abell) Young; b. 1867, Mar. 8, Providence, 
R. I.; prep. Mystic, Conn.; Brown, 1883-7, A. B.; A. M., 1890; Univ. 
Leipsic, 1888-9; in. 1886, Apr. 17; mem. F. and A. M. ; m. 1897, Dec. 23, 
Suzy Howell; teacher, High School, Winchester, N. H. ; Furman Univ., 
Greenville, S. C. ; master of Grammar School, Providence, R. I. 


*DEXTER, REV. JEDWIN KING, s. Parker and Eliza Jane (Mc- 
Lane) Dexter; b. 1860, Oct. 6, Lowell, Mass.; prep. Montpelier (Vt.) 
Sem. and Female Coll. ; Brown, 1884-8, A. B. ; pres. Y. M. C. A. ; in. 1886, 
Apr. 17; m. 1888, June 27, Lucina H. Burnham; children, Vida Maud,' 

310 EPSILON CHAPTER 1888-90 

Ralph Edwin, Dora Lucina; clergyman, 1888-90; wholesale produce mer- 
chant and pres. Norfolk (Neb.) Produce Co., Norfolk, Neb., 1894-7; d. 
1899, June 11, Sharon, Vt. 

SANFORD, REV. LOUIS CHILDS, Salimas City, Cal., s. Henry 
and Mary Childs (Esleeck) Sanford; b. 1867, July 27, Bristol, R. I.; 
prep. Bristol High School; Brown, 1884-8, A. B. ; grad. School of Har- 
vard, 1890-2; Epis. Theo. School, Cambridge, Mass., 1892, S. T. B. ; 
third Carpenter elocution prize (Brown); Assyrian prizes (Harvard), 1891 
and 1892; scholarship at Epis. Theo. School; class sec. ; Z ^editor of Liber 
Brunensis; pres. Bishop Seabury Ass'n (Brown); in. 1888, Apr. 17, $; m. 
(I) 1892, Oct. 5, Annie Pepper; (II) 1898, Feb. 3, Alice Maude Ellison 
Nicholson- Vernon; teacher, public school, Bristol, R.I. ,1888-9; mission- 
ary, Selma, Cal., 1892-8; rector St. Paul's Church, Salimas City, Cal., 

YOUNG, CLARENCE WHITFORD, "A" The Argyle (bus. add., 
c/o West Pub. Co.), St. Paul, Minn., s. Daniel Clayton and Charlotte 
Elizabeth (Whitford) Young; b. 1866, Feb. 4, DeKalb Co., 111.; prep. 
Ottawa (Kan.) Univ., Brown, 1884-8, Ph. B. ; Union Coll. of Law, Chi- 
cago, 1890, LL. B. ; in. 1887, June 3; m. 1895, Nov. 28, Florence Merriman; 
lawyer, 1890-6; legal editor for West Pub. Co., 1896. 


PLEHN, CARL COPPING, PH. D., P. O. Box 18, Berkeley, Cal., 
s. Julius and Mary (Copping) Plehn; b. 1867, June 20, Providence, R. 
I.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 1885-9, A. B. ; Gottingen, Au- 
gusta, Ga., 1889-91, A. M., Ph. D. ; commencement oration; honors in 
German and economics; class pres.; pres. boating ass'n; in. 1886, Apr. 
17, A; mem. Verein fur Sozial Politik; Am. Acad. of Political and Social 
Science; Am. Economical Ass'n; Am. Statistical Ass'n; author of an 
"Introduction to the Study of Finance"; student in Germany; prof, of 
History and Political Science, Middlebury Coll., 1892-3; ass't prof, of 
History and Political Science, Univ. Cal., 1893-8; ass't prof. Finance, 
Univ. Cal., 1898. 

SIMMONDS, REV. NEWTON MERCER, Merchantville, Camden 
Co., N. J., s. Bartlett and Abbie Coffin (Akin) Simmonds; b. 1866, June 
22, Newport, R. I.; prep. Mass, schools; Brown, 1885-9, A. B. ; Crozer 
Theo. Sem., 1896; E K; in. 1885, ; m. 1886, Apr. 17, Mary Lois 

White; child, Margaret Alden; pastor First Bapt. Church, Merchant- 
ville, N. J. 

SMITH, ERNEST GILBERT, 87 Weybosset St., Providence, R. 
I., s. Miles Gilbert and Eunice (Barnes) Smith; b. 1867, Nov. 9, Nor- 
wich, Conn., prep. Vermont Acad., Saxton's River, Vt. ; Brown, 1885-9, 
A. B. ; special honors in Greek and Latin; in. 1887, Sept. 23, 2; mem. 
Univ. Club, Providence, R. I.; m. 1897, June 13, Annie Agnes Degnan; 
traveling salesman; dental supplies. 

SMYTH, DAVID GRANT, Hartford High School, Hartford, Conn., 
s. D. M. and Orianna (Slote) Smyth; b. 1864, May 30, N. Y. City; prep. 
Hartford High School; Brown, 1885-9, A. B. ; # B K; in. 1885, Apr. 17; 
m. 1889, M. L. Rice; children, Mabel Sedgewick, Carl Elmer; prin. 
Leland & Gray Sem., Townsend, Vt. ; Hartford High School. 


ALGER, JOHN LINCOLN, Bennington, Vt., s. Nathan W. and 
Mary Key (French) Alger; b. 1864, Nov. 20, Eaton, P. Q. ; prep. St. 
Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad. and Vermont Acad. , Saxton's River, Vt. ; Brown, 
1886-90, A, B; A. M., 1895; Howell mathematical prize; class treas. ; B 
K; in. 1886, Oct. 8, $; m. 1896, , Edith Goodyear; pres. R. I. Bapt. 


Young People's Union; instructor Rutland (Vt.) High School, 1890; 
Providence (R. I.) High School, 1890-2; Brown Univ., 1892-5; supt. 
schools, Bennington, Vt, 1895 ; examiner of teachers for Bennington, 
Vt., 1896. 

APPLETON, REV. FRANK, 84 Spring St., Pawtucket, R. I., s. 
Benjamin and Lillis Haskell (Weatherhend) Appleton; b. 1862, March 
19, Providence, R. I.; prep. Brown Prep. School; Brown Univ., 1886-90, 
A. B., oratorical prize; pres. Bishop Seabury Ass'n; Cambridge Divinity 
School, 1892; in. 1886, Oct. 15, <?; ass't grand chaplain, Grand Lodge, 
Vt. ; m. 1892, Dec. 25, Lena Elizabeth Follett; child, Lillis; rector St. 
Andrew's Church, St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; Trinity Church, Pawtucket, R. I. 

OWEN, AUGUSTUS STANTON, Lake Port, N. H., s. Augustus 
J. and Annie M. (Taylor) Owen; b. 1864, Sept. 4, Lake Village, N. H.; 
prep. English and Class. School, Providence; Brown, 1886-90, A. B. ; 
honors in orations; class historian; class-day orator; in. 1886, Oct. ; 
F. and A. M. ; studied law with Jewell & Stone, Laconia, N. H. ; lawyer. 

WALKER, IRVING EVERET, 135 Summer St., Westborough, 
Mass., s. Melvin Harvey and Annie Amelia (Moses) Walker; b. 1868, 
Jan. 16, Westborough, Mass.; prep. Westborough High School; Brown, 
1886-90, A. B. ; capt. 'varsity football team; in. 1888, Mar. 9; m'f'r boots 
and shoes. 

WILLIAMS, JAMES ALEXANDER, 42 Westminster St. (res., 
151 Lippit St.), Providence, R. I., s. JohnG. and Cornelia E. (Leitner) 
Williams; b. 1862, June 5, Robertville, Beaufort Co., S. C. ; in. 1886, Oct. 
8, 2; prep. Worcester (Mass.) Acad. ; Brown, 1886-90, A. B. ; catcher 
'varsity baseball team; pres. athletic ass'n; lawyer. 


COLVIN, STEPHEN SHELDON, PH. D., Hotel Pleasant (bus. 
add., English High School), Worcester, Mass., s. Stephen and Clara A. 
(Turner) Colvin; b. 1869, Mar. 29, Phoenix, R. I.; prep. Worcester 
(Mass.) Acad.; Brown, 1887-91, B. P.; A. M., 1894; Berlin and Strass- 
burgUniv., 1895-7, Ph. D. ; 3d Carpenter premium in elocution; Dunn 
premium in rhetorical studies; speaker at class tree; $ B K; in. 1887, 
Oct. 7; chairman executive com. Teachers' Educational Club, Worces- 
ter, Mass., 1899 ; author "Doctoral Dissertation in Metaphysics"; 
" The Doctrine of the Thing in Itself and Schopenhauer's Attempt to 
Relate It to the Phenomenal World"; m. (I) 1891, , Edna F. Booth- 
man; (II) 1895, July 17, Eva M. Collins; child, Sheldon David; reporter; 
instructor in rhetoric Boston Univ., 1892-5; teacher, English High School, 
Worcester, Mass., 1897 . 

DEXTER, EDWIN GRANT, PH. D., Greeley, Col., s. Rev. H. V. 

and Mary Edna (Boardman) Dexter; b. 1868, July 21, Calais, Me.; prep. 
Worcester Acad.; Brown, 1887-91, B. P.; A. M., 1892; Ph. D., 1899 
(Columbia Univ.); Carpenter prize in elocution; class historian; dir. boat- 
ing ass'n; pres. glee club; mem. quartette; editor Liber Brunemis ; fellow 
Columbia Univ., 1898-9; in. 1887, Oct. 7, #; mem. Colorado Scientific 
Soc. ; pres. Child Study Section, Colorado State Teachers' Ass'n; 
Colorado State Education Council; medal at Columbian Exposition for 
bas relief model of Pike's Peak and vicinity; published "Conduct and 
the Weather" and articles on educational subjects; instructor, Brown 
Univ., 1892-3; science master, Colorado Springs High School, 1893-5; 
dir. Colorado Summer School of Science, Philosophy and Languages, 
1893-4; prof, of Psychology, Colorado State Normal School, Greeley, 
Col., 1895-1900; prof, of Pedagogy, Univ. 111., Champaign, 111., 1900. 


GREENE, JOHN FRANCIS, Seekonk, Mass. (bus. add., Brown 
Univ., Providence, R. I.), s. John and Mary (Cavanah) Greene; b. 1868, 
Apr. 13, Seekonk, Mass.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 1887-91, 
A. B. ; 1st entrance prize in Latin and Greek; commencement speaker; 
Greek prize and class oration at graduation; pres. Ass'n of Graduate 
Students, 1892-4; < B K; in. 1888, May 25, ; A $ A, '99-'00; author 
"History of the Epsilon Chapter"; instructor Greek and Latin, Brown 
Univ., 1891-9; ass't prof. Roman Language and Literature, 1899 . 

HOLDEN, GEORGE JAMES, 87 Weybosset St., Providence, R. 
I., s. Henry C. and Ellen (McGee) Holden; b. 1869, July 18, Mendon, 
Vt. ; prep. Vt. Acad., Saxton's River; Brown, 1887-91, A. B. ; m'g'r base- 
ball team; B K; in. 1887, Oct. 7, A 2; m. 1896, June 24, Mary F. 
Smith; children, Henry Knowles, Chester Courtland; traveling sales- 

IDE, CLARENCE EDWARD, M.D., 663 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y. 
(res., Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada), s. Welcome Edwin and Sarah Eliz- 
abeth (Claflin) Ide; b. 1869, June 6, Providence; prep. Prep. Dept. St. 
Stephen's Coll.; St. Stephen's Coll., 1889-90; Brown, 1890-1; S200 en- 
trance examination prize (St. Stephen's); honors in Greek, Freshman 
year (St. Stephen's); class historian (St. Stephen's); m'g'r football team 
(Brown); coll. quartette and glee club (Brown); Harvard Med. School, 
1892; Coll. of P. and S., N. Y., 1892-4, M. D.; in. 1890, Nov. 10; author 
of a number of med. articles; mem. Providence Med. Ass'n and R. I. 
Med. Soc. ; Cayuga Co. (N. Y.) Med. Soc.; North Chicago (111.) Med. 
Soc. ; m. Reina Marie Quint; child, Francis de Sales; ass't Surgical 
Out. Patient Dept., R. I. Hosp., Providence, 1894-5; interne Erie Co. 
Hosp., Buffalo, N. Y., 1895; prof, of Pathology, Bacteriology and His- 
tology, 111. Med. Coll., 1897-8; on staff of physicians and surgeons, 
World's Dispensary, Buffalo, N. Y., 1899. 

PERRY, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, JR., 423 Broome St., N. Y. City, 
s. William Benjamin and Phoebe Marion (Holden) Perry; b. 1870, Oct. 
27, Lime Rock, Conn.; prep. Reid's Class. School, Lakeville, Conn.; 
Brown, 1887-91, Ph. B. ; mem. banjo and mandolin club; class baseball 
and football teams; coll. organist; treas. glee, banjo and mandolin 
clubs; in. 1888, June 8; mem. Portland Athletic Club; choirmaster and 
organist St. Luke's Cathedral, Portland, Me., 1897; bookkeeper; office 
real estate and investment securities, 1892-8; Scovill M'f'g Co., 1898 . 

THOMPSON, JAMES FREEBODY, 60 Moore St., Providence, R. 
I., s. John Clifford and Maria Louisa (White) Thompson; b. 1867, June 
19, Providence, R. I. ; prep. Providence High School ; Brown, 1886-91, 
A. B. ; # B K; honors in French; orator Junior Celebration; Commence- 
ment orator; in. 1886, , $; musician. 

WILLARD, EDGAR LINCOLN, Marshfield, Mass., s. Francis 
Oren and Elizabeth Lee (Campbell) Willard; b. 1864, Jan. 28, Leomins- 
ter, Mass. ; prep. Worcester (Mass. ) Acad. ; Brown, 1887-91, A. B. ; A. 
M., 1894; class v.-pres., 1887; capt. football team, 1887; in. 1887, Oct. , 
2 p; m. 1891, Dec. 24, Luella E. Osborne; prin. Oxford (Mass.) High 
School, 1891-3; North Attleboro High School, 1893; supt. of schools, 
Marshfield, Mass. 

WOODCOCK, FRED WAYLAND, Winchendon (bus. add., 40 
Water St., Boston), Mass., s. William Lansford and Susan Jane (Strat- 
ton) Woodcock; b. 1868, May 17, Winchendon, Mass.; prep. Gushing 
Acad., Ashburnham, Mass.; Dartmouth, 1887-9; Brown, 1889-91, A. B.; 
class v.-pres. (Dartmouth) ; pitcher Dartmouth 'varsity baseball nine, 1889; 
Brown 'varsity baseball nine, 1890-1; pitcher Pittsburg Nat'l League 
team, 1892; in. 1889, Nov. 22, 2-, mem. Cushing Acad. Alumni Ass'n; m. 
1893, Sept. 20, Josephine Ellen Greenwood; insurance, 1892-4; special rep. 
Union Life Insurance Co., Cincinnati, O., 1894 . 



BOWEN, EVERETT ANTHONY, Still River, Mass., s. William 
Henry and Jeanette (Greene) Bowen; b. 1869, Nov. 12, Lewiston, Me.; 
prep. Mowry & Goff's Class. School, Providence, R. I.; Providence 
High School and Middleborough (Mass.) High School; Brown, 1888-92, 
A. B. ; first speaker, class day; m'g'r class baseball and football teams ; 
class marshal; sec. baseball and treas. football ass'ns; 'varsity football 
team; editor-in-chief Brown Magazine; Chicago Univ. Divinity School; 
Newton Theo. Sem. ; in. 1888, Oct. 7, T; author history Epsilon Chapter 
of Z W; pastor Still River Bapt. Church. 

BROWN, MARSHALL STEWART, University Heights, N. Y. 
City, s. George A. and Ida L. (Stewart) Brown; b. 1870, Nov. 6, Keene, 
N. H.; prep. Keene High School; Brown, 1888-92, B. P.; A. M., 1893; 
Heidelberg Univ., 1894-5; 1st Carpenter elocution prize; capt. class base- 
ball team; $ B K\ in. 1888, Oct. 17, #; 2 p A; rel. in Z W, Lloyd, br.; 
mem. Am. Hist. Ass'n; Am. Acad. of Political and Social Science; sec. 
of N. Y. Beta of $ B K; N. Y. Alumni Ass'n of B K; instructor in 
English, Brown Univ., 1892-3; History, Univ. Mich., 1893-4; Prof, of 
History and Political Science, N. Y. Univ., 1894. 

EDDY, WILLIAM HOLDEN, PH. D., 36 Broadford St., Provi- 
dence, R. I., s. John Holden and Isadore Frances (Harden) Eddy; b. 
1869, Aug. 5, Providence, R. I.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 
1886-9; 1891-92, A. B.; A. M., 1893; Ph. D., 1899; 1st Hartshorn Mathe- 
matics prize and 2d President's Latin prizes, Carpenter premium; > 
Foster Greek premium; commencement oration; 3> B K\ class sec. and 
poet; in. 1886, Oct. 18, <&; teacher Providence High School. 

LELAND, WILFRED CHESTER, 69 Watson St. (bus. add., 480- 
500 Trombley Ave.), Detroit, Mich., s. Henry Martyn and Ellen Rhoda 
(Hull) Leland; b. 1869, Nov. 7, Worcester, Mass.; prep. Providence 
High School; Brown Univ., 1888-90; in. 1888, Dec. 7; mem. Atting (lit. 
club) and Detroit boat club; invented process for generating bevel gears, 
producing the only hardened gears ever made, used on chainless bicy- 
cles ; m'f'r of high grade machinery; ass't m'g'r Leland & Falconer 
M'f 'g Co. 

*TUCKER, FRANK WILLIAM, s. William Henry and Dahliaette 
Maria (Dennis) Tucker; b. 1868, March 7, Gilbertville, Mass.; prep. 
Warren High School and Worcester Acad., Mass.; Brown, 1888-92, A. 
B. ; commencement oration; treas. Y. M. C. A; editor Liber, the coll. 
annual; $ S K; in. 1888, Oct. 17, $; teacher Worcester Acad., 1892-4; 
N. Y. Law School, 1894 death; d. 1894, Jan. 4, N.Y. City. 


CASEY, EDWARD NORTON, 63 Washington St., Providence, 
R. I., s. Daniel Norton and Carrie (Needham) Casey; b. 1867, March 4, 
Whiting, Vt. ; prep. Vermont Acad. ; Brown, 1889-93, A. B. ; football and 
athletic teams; editor Brown Daily Herald; in. 1889, Oct. 11, $; rel. in 
ZW, John L. and Herbert D., brs.; m.1894, Nov. 28, Elizabeth Temple; 
publisher and printer. 

CASEY, JOHN LAERTES, Whiting, Vt., s. Daniel Norton and 
Caroline M. (Needham) Casey; b. 1865, Jan. 5, Whiting, Vt. ; prep. 
Vermont Acad.; Brown, 1889-93, A. B. ; honorable mention in elocution; 
v.-pres. glee, banjo and mandolin club; in. 1893, Oct. 5; rel. in Z W, 
Herbert D. and Edward N., brs.; sergt. Vt. militia; teacher military 
tactics in school; teacher and director of choir. 


DAY, HOWARD DORRANCE, 216 Medway St. (bus. add., Provi- 
dence English High School), Providence, R. I., s. James Williams and 
Anne Read (Allen) Day; b. 1871, Jan. 8, Providence; prep. Providence 
High School; Brown, 1889-90; Yale, 1890-3, A. B.; A. M., 1899; math- 
ematics prize (Yale); in. 1889, Oct. 11, 2 p\ mem. Barnard Club (Provi- 
dence) and Yale Club; author of "The Magnetic Increment of Rigidity 
in Strong Fields" and "The Effect of Residual Viscosity on Thermal 
Expansion "; instructor in Providence High School. 

DURKEE, ORIN PARKER, Warrenville, Conn., s. Ralph and 
Emily Amelia (Lincoln) Durkee; b. 1867, Dec. 11, Warrenville, Conn.; 
prep. Worcester (Mass.) Acad.; Brown, 1889-93, B. P.; A. M., 1894; 
mem. Brown Magazine Bd. ; # B K\ in. 1889, Nov. 22, 2} tutor. 

JOHNSON, BENWAYLAND, Room 2, Johnson Block, Elyria, O., 
s. Norman Lewis and Sarah Sophronia (Tillotson) Johnson; b. 1871, 
March 19, Elyria, O.; prep. ElyriaHigh School; Oberlin Coll., 1888-9; 
Brown, 1890-3, A. B. ; first prize on commencement oration; charter mem. 
CammarianClub (Senior Soc.); editor Brown Daily Herald; N. Y. Law 
School, 1894-5; in. 1892, Oct. 14, <; Univ. Club of Toledo; priv. sec. to 
C. Lapham, 1893-4; to E. Benjamin Andrews, pres. Brown Univ., 1894-6; 
stenographer in office of ex-Gov. Chamberlain, and in office of Murphy, 
Lloyd & Boyd, N. Y. City, 1894-5; lawyer. 

WALTHER, REV. JOSEPH, Holden, Mass., s. Jacob and Eliza- 
beth (Kaiser) Walther; b. 1865, April 24, Bridgeport, Conn.; prep. Wor- 
cester Acad.; Brown, 1889-93, A. B. ; mem. glee club and quartette; 
Newton Theo. Inst., 1896; in. 1889, Oct. 11, #; clerk of Wachusett Bapt. 
Ass'n; m. 1895, Annie Gaunt; children, Stuart Bixby and Marion Wil- 
lard; pastor First Bapt. Church, Holden, Mass., 1895 . 

WHIDDEN, FRANK BOUTELLE, Worcester, Mass., s. Charles 
Randol and Mila Frances (Smith) Whidden; b. ; prep. Calais (Me.) 
Acad.; Brown, 1889-93; in. ; rel. in Z W, Charles Randol, br. 


CASEY, HERBERT DANIEL, Whiting, Vt., s. Daniel Norton and 
Caroline (Needham) Casey; b. 1870, Jan. 28, Whiting, Vt. ; prep. Ver- 
mont Acad. ; Brown, 1890-4, A. B. ; editor Brown Magazine; in. 1891, Oct. 
9; rel. in Z W, John L. and Edward N., brs.; 2d lieut. Co. M, R. I. 
Vol., Spanish- Am. War, 1898; m. 1898, May 17, Florence Barrett; 
teacher, Jackson Coll., Miss., 1894-6; editorial staff Providence Telegram, 

(bus. add., Union, N. H. ), s. George Double and Abigail (Littlefield) 
Drawbridge; b. 1869, Oct. 24, Chelsea, Mich.; prep. Worcester Acad. ; 
Brown, 1890-6, A. B. ; pres. class and capt. 'varsity football teams; pres. 
football ass'n; bd. directors athletic ass'n; mem. glee club; Newton 
Theo. Sem., 1897; in. 1890, Oct. 10, 5>; m. 1897, Sept. 29, Charlotte R. 
Davis; ordained to ministry, 1897, Oct. 5; pastor Union Congregational 
Church, Union, N. H., 1897. 

KIRKLEY, RICHARD WILLIAMS, 1105 Jefferson St., Toledo, 
O., s. Cyrus A. and Setta (Williams) Kirkley; b. 1872, May 30, Toledo, 
O.; prep. Toledo High School and by tutor; Brown, 1890-4, A. B. ; class- 
day com. ; editor Liber Brunensis; treas. tennis ass'n and Coll. Y. M. 
C. A.; class nine; class gymnasium squad; in. 1891, March 20, $; ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar, 1897; lawyer. 

MARVEL, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Rehoboth, Mass. (bus. add., 
Middletown, Conn.), s. William Henry and Harriet Amelia (Bowen) 
Marvel; b. 1869, Dec. 25, Rehoboth; prep. Worcester Acad.; Brown, 


1890-4, B. P.; won class team race; class football and baseball teams, 
and capt. gymnasium squad; 'varsity football and (capt.) athletic teams; 
running broad jump, coll. record for 440-yard dash, 220 and 120-yard 
hurdle races; medal for best all-round athlete, Field Day; mem. Cam- 
marian Club; treas. coll. reading- room; treas. football ass'n; pres. base- 
ball ass'n; 2d class-day marshal and commencement class marshal; 
pres. athletic ass'n; in. 1890, Oct. 10, ; rel. in Z W, Louis H. Marvel, 
cou. ; instructor in Mechanical Drawing and Physical Culture, Brown 
Univ., 1894-6; director Fayerweather Gymnasium, Wesleyan Univ., 


ADAMS, ANDRE ^N, Hawaiian Gazette, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, 
s. George W. and Louise Arobine (Chamberlain) Adams; b. 1868, Nov. 
21, Waterville, Me.; prep. Worcester Acad. ; Brown, 1891-2; in. 1891, Oct. 
9; reporter Providence Telegram and Providence Journal, 1893-4; executive 
sec. to mayor of Providence, 1895; ass't editor of Hawaiian Gazette, Hono- 
lulu, H. I., 1897. 

ATHA, REV. GEORGE RICHARD, 1188 Globe St., Fall River, 
Mass., s. Andrew and Mary (Brook) Atha; b. 1868, Jan. 16, Hudders- 
field, Yorkshire, England; prep. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass. ; Brown, 
1891-5, A. B. ; Brown Herald staff; class football team; treas. football 
ass'n; mem. Hammer and Tongs Soc. ; mem. Brown Philosophical Club; 
Chicago Univ., Divinity Dept., 1895-6; Newton Theo. Inst., 1896-8, B.D. ; 
in. 1894, Oct. 9, #; m. 1898, Oct. 5, Mary Abi Knight; pastor Bapt. 
Church, Fall River, Mass. 

DULEY, WELDON ASHLEY, 400 Washington St. (res., 130Hunt- 
ington Ave. ), Boston, Mass., s. Lawrence and Alemeda (Bean) Duley; b. 
1869, Aug. 3, Reading, Mass.; prep. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; 
Brown, 1891-2; m'g'r football team; Harvard Law School, 1892-3; in. 
1891, Oct. 9; mem. Harvard Union; traveling salesman. 

HO YE, HENRY JOSEPH, M. D., 227 Broadway, Providence, R. 
I., s. Patrick F. and Elizabeth A. (Brennan) Hoye; b. 1873, July 18, 
Providence, R. I.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 1891-5, A. B. ; 
m'g'r 'varsity football ass'n; Johns Hopkins Med. School, 1895-9, M. D. ; 
in. 1891, Oct. 9; surgical interne Boston City Hosp. 

borough, Mass. (bus. add., 162Boylston St., Boston, Mass.), s. Elisha T. 
and Adelaide M. (Thomas) Jenks; b. 1873, Apr. 29, Middleborough, Mass. ; 
prep. Middleborough High School and Bristol Acad., Taunton; Brown, 
1891-5, A. B. ; treas. Brown Whist Club; sec. and treas. class soc. ; in. 
1891, Oct. 9, 2 p; rel. in Z W, A. R. Thatcher, cou.; m. 1897, June 29, 
Edith Allerton Roberts; child, Roger Pierce; salesman with M. Steinert 
& Sons Co., Boston, Mass. 

Providence, R. I. (bus. add., 170 Broadway, N. Y. City), s. Daniel E. 
and Elizabeth (Evans) Keating; b. 1872, Feb. 25, Lowell, Mass.; prep. 
Providence High School; Brown, 1890-2; 1893-5, Ph. B. ; New York Law 
School, 1898, LL. B. ; mem. glee club quartette, mandolin club and press 
club; charter mem. Hammer and Tongs; composer and originator of 
"Priscilla," coll. opera; in. 1890, Oct. 10; m. 1898, June 13, Camila 
Mercedes Serrano; Providence Journal and clerk of Com. on Election, 
House of Rep. of R. I.; N. Y. Herald, 1898; admitted N. Y. bar, 1898; 

McCLELLAN, GEORGE BROWNING (name legally changed 
from George Harris, 1894, Dec. 18), 484 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
(res., Abelene, Kan.), s. Andrew Scott and Jane Adeline (McKinley) 


McClellan; b. 1868, Jan. 20, Manhattan, Kan.; prep. Phillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass.; Brown, 1893 ; business m'g'r Brown Daily Herald] 
treas. and m'g'r coll. boarding club; in. 1893, Oct. 13, A $. 

TINKHAM, EDGAR LUTHER, 100 Courtland St., Providence, R. 
I., s. Don Carlos Hawes and Anna Beriah (Gardiner) Tinkham; b. 1873, 
June 12, Providence, R. I.; prep. Providence High School; Brown, 1891-5; 
first Greek, second Latin and third Math, entrance examination prizes; 
class pres. ; in. 1891, Oct. 9, A $. 


ALDEN, JOHN HENRY HARLOW, Middleborough, (bus. add., 
General Freight Office of N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., Boston Mass.), s. 
Arthur B. and Mary H. (Souls) Alden; b. 1875, Oct. 8, Middleborough; 
prep. Middleborough High School; Brown, 1892-6, A. B. ; sec. of tennis 
and m'g'r and treas. of bowling ass'ns; whist club; Soph, ball com.; 
treas. athletic ass'n; in. 1892, Oct. 14, 2 p; rel. in Z W, A. R. Thatcher, 
cou.; with N. Y. & B. D. Ex. Co., 1896-7; N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R.Co., 

BACON, CHARLES BALDWIN, Hanover, Mass., s. Andrew Jack- 
son and Martha Ann (Merrill) Bacon; b. 1868, Nov. 30, Chelsea, Mass.; 
prep. Peddie Inst., Hightstown, N. J. ; Brown, 1892-3; mem. Y. M. C. A. ; 
S. P. S. C. E. ; lit. soc. ; Knowles Rhetorical Soc. ; athletic ass'n; Indian 
club squad; Bapt. Theo. Sem., Newton Centre, Mass., 1893-7; in. 1892, 
Oct. 14. 

DOWLING, REV. GASHERIE DEWITT, 1623 Summer St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., s. Joseph I. and Mary Jane (Sheppard) Dowling; b. 1870, 
Aug. 26, Woodside, Essex Co., N. J. ; prep. Peddie Inst., Hightstown, 
N. J. ; Brown, 1892-6, A. B. ; pres. bowling club; color sergt. B. U. Cadet 
Battalion; Editorial Bd. Brown Magazine; pres. Press Club; third Soph. 
prize in oratory; Newton Theo. Inst., 1896-7; Philadelphia Divinity 
School, 1897-9, B. D. ; in. 1892, Oct. 19, <f; m. 1899, July 11, Sarah Adele 
Neill; ordained on Trinity, 1899; ass't rector Calvary Church, German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa., 1899, Oct. 1; minister in charge Epiphany 
Chapel, Philadelphia, Pa., 1899, Oct. 1. 

LOCKE, EDWIN ALLEN, Whitman, Mass., s. Isaac Heoly and 
Ellen Jane (Clarke) Locke; b. 1874, Oct. 15, Halifax, Mass. ; prep. Whit- 
man High School; Brown, 1892-6, Ph. B. ; A. M., 1897; Harvard Med. 
School, 1897 ; class baseball and football teams; coll. athletic team; 
'varsity baseball team; in. 1892, Oct. 14, A. 

OTIS, WILLIAM PIERCE, 203 Adelaide Ave. (bus. add., c/o Har- 
vey & Otis, 183 Eddy St.), Providence, R. I., s. Samuel A. and Emily 
(Pierce) Otis; b. 1874, Jan. 14, Central Falls, R. I.; prep. Providence 
High School; Brown, 1892-6,