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IN I N D I A, • 








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A osiTic writing in London regarding some yolumes printed on Indian affairs, obsenres 
that the documents appeared to be of value : but were unfortunately written in a lan- 
guage he did not understand : being English only to the eye. 

To explain this dialect is the object of the present volume. Most of the words here printed 
in the English character are Arabic : others are Hindi, Persian, Telugu, Tamil, Canarese, or 
Marata: but the work is particularly intended to explain phrases used in the Madras 

Happily this mixed dialect is falling into disuse. About one word in ten is still current. 
The remainder, however, occur in the volumes of Orme, Dow, Grant, Mill, Munro and 
older writers. ' • * i^ 

Sir "William Jones, Wilkins, and otherp iavp'laid down rules for expressing Asiatic words 
in English letters. But the public have disregarded all rule : and I have admitted every 
spelling. The letter A as sounded in Maria, Lydia, Victoria, has generally been changed into 
XJ as in Conduct, or io as in fusion, or O as in reason, or E as in Power. The well known 
Arabic words Sadr Adalat, Bahadar, Eaujdari, Mulki, Inam, or the Hindu words Camam, 
Manovarti, Nayac are commonly written Sudder Udawlet, Behauder, Fouzdarry, Moolky, 
Enaum, Gumum, Munnooverty, Nag. Other words have numerous shapes. Thus Nawab 
becomes Nuwab, Nabob, Newaub, Nebaub. 

In the year 1842 Government ordered such a Vocabulary to be compiled : and the papers 
famished in obedience to Circular orders were transmitted to the College at Madras ; where I 
arranged them in one Glossary : adding many expressions from a Vocabulary which I had 
already framed. Some of the expressions brought to light were unknown to me : but as they 
perhaps exist I have admitted them, marked as quotations. 

As this Glossary is intended merely to aid strangers I have avoided all pretensions 
to etymology or other recondite information. In his Glossary to the Fifth Beport,*Sip 
Charles "Wilkins has vainly endeavoured to give Sanscrit or Arabic roots for words of Telugu 
or Tamil origin : thus *' Velama Dora** a Velama chieftain '* is derived from the Sanscrit 
words *• Varma Dhara, he who wears armour." He appears to have made up his mind that 
the languages of Southern India were derived from Sanscrit ; of which they are independent. 

In various publications, by myself and others, it has been shewn that Telugu is an origi- 
nal language. Yet to this day some eminent scholars in Europe assert that Telugu grammar 
is derived from Sanscrit. A few years study of Telugu would rid them of this delusion. 

C. P. 

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" Fifth Beport/* on the affairs of the East India Companj. London. 1812. folio. 

Selections from the Becords at the East India House, relating to Bevenue, Police, Ciyil 
and Criminal Justice, 4 Vols, folio. 1820. 

"MM." Moles wortVs Marata Dictionary. 

Wilks— Colonel Wilks's History of Mysore, 3 Vols. 4^. 

Lit. Soc. Jour. — The Journal of the Madras Literary Society. 

Prinsep — The Journal of the Asiatic Society : edited by the learned Prinsep. 

Sullivan's British India Analyzed, 3 Vols. 

"Treaties" — "A collection of Treaties and engagements with the Native Princes, Ac. 
Printed for the Hon'ble E. I. Company, London 1812. 

Local — A collection of " Local Becords," Manuscript, in 48 Volumes : chiefly in Sanscrit, 
Canadi, and Telugu. 

" Fr. Bu. Ha."--Dr. Francis Buchanan's •' Mysore" — He afterwards took the name 
" Hamilton," His work on Eastern India was published by Mr. Montgomery Martin ; who 
leaves the reader to believe the work was written by himself. 

" Elphinstone." — Beport on the Territories conquered from the Paishwah, 1819. 

Malcolm's Memoir on (Malwah) Central India. 

Steele (Arthur) on Hindu castes, laws and Customs. Fol. Bombay 1827. 

" Qanun-i-Islam." Herklots on the Mahomedans. 

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A'B, lJ\ Water, liquor. 
A'BA'D, ^\y[ Populous, thriving, inhabited, 

A'BAa)ANI', J^[f\ Cultivation. 
ABA'DI, .^\^\ Populous, inhabited. 
ABD, jj^ Slave of, servant. 
A'BDA'E, ^j^'^ A water cooler. 

ABa)A'RKHA'NA, i]\ij\s}] ^ P^® ^^^'^ 

water is cooled. 
ABKLNI, (meant for ^^\ aftm) Opium. 

A^KA'Er, n. 8. ^X^] The liquor trade: 

distillery : tax on arrack. 
A'BRU, J Honour, respectability. 
ABSI, (^J^ habshi) An African. 
ABWA'B, ^\^\ (plural of ^^^\ Bab) Heads 

in an account. Miscellaneous: consisting 
of various things. 

C. P, Brawn' 9 Zilla Dictionary, 


A. C. This is a contraction for the words 
''Afber compliments." An expression used 
in English translations : in lieu of the adu- 
latory phrases used in Persian letters. 

ACHOOCUT, T. (a99u.kaJtu ei^^rto.) Dry 
land, prepared for wet cultivation. 

ACKBAB, (akhbar, ^^^ plural of khabr, 

news.) A newspaper : a manuscript Persian 

ACOOBUT, ^^iSc The phrase in Musul- 

man law for " Discretionary punishment.*' 

AD AD, This word is used in Mahratta ac- 
counts for "years." Perhaps meant for 

ADAWLUT, ^^|j^ adakt. A court of jus- 
tice. Justice : punishment. 

ADAWAT, o^^j^ Enmity. 

ADALUT UL ALITA, ajJUl^l) j^ The 
Supreme Court under the Musulman rule. 

ADA, \r\ A perch. A post station. 

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ADHICA, * ^^^ Additional. 

ADHICA'KAM, • e^^T-tf «s» Authontj. ad- 
hicdri e^OT»6 adhicari An ofiBcer: one in 
authority. Adbicarapatrica, «9"S^tJj6\J5 
adhicara patrica power of attorney. 

ADIGA'E, ^^vd adhican. An officer, a 

AEEN, «^ Special. " Aeen JchaUa troops," 

the royal guard. The body-guard. 

A'FAT, ^^^y\ Misfortune. 

AFGHA'N, !^^ Name of a people. 

AFTA'BI, ^^IjjIi a parasol. 

A'FTA^B GIE, if ^jUi] An umbreUa. 

AGAEAM, (See Agraharam.) 

AGAO, If I A sum of money advanced; 

AGA'RI', jcjlf ) The tether for a horse's 
fore feet. The van of an army. 

AGA'THAMMA, dtfir-KCT^ or, cX^Tr-tf, Saint 
" Agatha," commonly called Tagata or Ye- 
gatta : she and Maryammah are two of the 
tutelaay goddesses of Madras town. 

AGEEANEE • ^^P) Ignorwit. A heathen 
or gentile, (a phrase peculiar to Christian 

AGEAHA'KAM, ♦ «:?ljCT&«tf«to A bramin vil- 
lage : a street inhabited by bramins alone. 

AGWAN, Error for AfTghan. 

A. H. Anno Hejirae. A date according to the 
Mahomedan reckoning. A. H. 1260 is A. D. 

AHDA DAE, ij |j^ An officer. 

AHIN, i^]Iron. 

AHINI-COLlMI, Tax on iron-forges. This is 
a compound of a Persian word with a Telu- 
gu word. 

AHL, H, jj^l People. 

AHL-I-KA'E; H. g J^^ People or servants in 
an office. 

AHSllA'M. H. \jk^\ Followers, recruits, 
volunteers. This is the plural of haahm, 

AHWA'L, fi^ JWl Circumstances, descrip- 

A IB, ^^^j^^ Shame. Suspicion, traces, marks. 

AIMA, H. \^^\ Lands granted free, or on a 

low quit-rent. 
AIMADA'E, t^^,j A feoffee. 

AIN, H. ^j^ Exclusive, neat, net. Ain-jama 

the regular collections A in sircir land. 

Fields under government managers. 

AJAE, l^_^t See Izara. 
J ^^ 

A JA'EA, See Ijara, and Izara. 

A JMA'N, *S. (Yajaman dS>&t&n!S»e^) Master. 

AJWAIN, ^. (.y'\^\ query.) A certain 

A'K, T. ^SS (See Aku) A leaf. 

AKBAEI, ^.<\ (A coin) Struck by the Em- 
peror Akbar. The word abJcdri, is oft«n 
wrongly printed akbari, 

AKHBA'E, IL \jjj[ News. Akhbar-nivees 
a news-writer, a correspondent. 

A'KU, T.^^ Leaf Betel-leaf. Ahi-toia ^ 

^o *J a betel-garden. 

AKUE-KHEEA, (acara-carra erurj^query) 
Pellitory, a certain drug. 

ALABD, H. jj^\ Counter-signature. Liter- 
ally " the slave :" that is, your humble ser- 
vant (so and so.) 

ALCA'EA, French spelling for Harcara (hur- 
carra) a messenger. 

ALDEA, aldee. A village or hamlet (Portu- 

ALI-GO'LU, JT. J,^ L. Picked men, select 

ALIMA'NI, J\^j,J^ rupay (D'Allemagne) A 

German coin. An old kind of rupee, some- 
what lighter than the current. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 



ALMA'GA'NI, l£^ jj^J (ahl-maqim) People 

on the spot : local officers. 
ALMA'NI, (Allemagne, Germany) (alimani) 

Name of a certain coin. 
ALMA^BA, almirah (Portogueze) A cabinet^ 

press, cupboard, chest of drawers. Almara- 

coneru t^v\''^^^(^ A well into which 

steps descend. 
ALOWTAY, J^l^\ (IViahratta) Extras, the 

ALPHANDICA, jt^il (Arabic; ^Jidaq a 

cash book) A custom house. (Kerr's Voya- 
ges, VIIL 270. 

ALTHAMGA^ Altumgha, altamgha, U^jJ| 
Mark> sign, brand, stamp. A stamp-tax. A 
royal grant. See Tytler's Law of India, p. 

AMAL, H. j^^ Work. See Amildar. 

AMA'N, \^\ Appeal. As an exclamation it is 

the same as " Mercy." 
AM A 'NAT, n. s. ^g^Ul Trust, deposit. Ama- 

nat-gadu A pedlar, a hawker. 
AMA'NT,n. s. i\^\ Management. Amani za- 

meen. Land managed by government. Crown 

AMA'Nr BA'ZI' BAB, ^^^, ^s J[^\ 

Miscellaneous beads of income. 
AMAEAM, n. s. K. e*^tf «$» Land held un- 
der a grant from governmeut, usufruct : on 

favourable terms. 
AMA^BEE,^*) ^j A mango-grove. Tax levied 

on such gardens. 
AMAVA'SYA, ♦ S, ^iSj^snpj^The day of 

new moon. 
AMBA'BAM, ambhari. ec«rtftfx>, tJoTJ'd. 

The howda or seat on an elephant. A heap 

of grain. The government share of the 

AMEEN, ^^^\ Inspector, manager, deputy, 


AMEEB, 4^\ A nobleman. Ameer-ul-umra, 

commander in chief: noblest of nobles. 
AMILDA'E, IjJ,^^ Manager, overseer. 
A^MKA'S, (i. e. am-o-khas ^U ^ Ua P^^ic 

and private) '' A hall of audience" (This 
occurs in Bemier's travels, and seems 
meant for diwdni-am, and diwan-i-khas. See 
Lloyd's Himalayas, Vol. 1. p. 96. 

AMLAH, omla, If. ^JLiuc Officials, people of 
the court. 

AMUCK, (perhaps -^| ahmak, that is, mad.) 
To run amuck: a phrase among the Malays 
for acting like a madman. 

A'NA, ^j| The sixteenth part of a coin. See 

A'NA, ^(6 (in dates) This appears meant for 
Anno Domini, as ana 1850. 

ANA'DI, *«Foo Immemorial. Anadi banjar. 
Land which never was cultivated. 

AN A'MAT, ,^^\ij (Shak.) This seems an er- 
ror for Aminat. 

ANANA^S, ^Lxij The pineapple. From the 
Brazilian name yayyanna. 

ANCHANA, ^ofSjr^, Estimate, appraising a 
crop before reaping. Anchanadar an ap- 

ANDA'Z, »\j^\ Estimate, sketch, outline, fea- 

ANGABKHA, IT. l^f -Jj] Coat, jacket. 

ANGI', ^\ A jacket, a corset. 

ANICXJT, annicut n. s. (^"^^Jj the leaning 
bank) A bank or embankment. From the 
Telugu ane leaning, and catta a bank. The 
bank on which the weight of the water rests. 

ANJUL, (JT. <^o^ ancheh) The poster mail. 

ANNA (H. ana) One-sixteenth : either of a 
rupee or a measure, of capacity or of length. 
To " pay the annas" denotes paying one- 
sixteenth. Thus ** four annas" is twenty-five 
per cent. " Das ana" ten annas, are 1^, chhe 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 



ana six annas, are A. A half anna shxre^ is 
A one thirty second : a quarter anna share, 
is A one sixty fourth of the sum. The " six- 
teen annas" denotes the whole. Anna kharch 
is a tax of one anna per rupee. Four annas 
interest denotes 300 per cent. For this is 
25 per cent per months by which time in- 
terest is always reckoned. 

ANNICUT, A bank. See Anicut. 

A'NYA, ^t^ (A phrase in the Madras ta- 
riff,) cress seed. 

A'ltA'DHYAS, es-D'^exj. Bramins of the 
Jangam caste. 

AEA^TIYA, jff. A broker, a salesman. "East- 
em India." Vol. I. p. 367, 380.* 

ABDHAMA'NTA^M, «^ff-xJJr>j5§«Jx). Land 
granted under a light quit-rent. 

ABBCA, {K. ea"5 adikeh) The betel-nut : 
corrupted from lldikeh, the Kannadi name 
of this nut. 

AEHUT, See A'ra'ti. 

ABIJI, urzee, ^^^ Petition, letter. 

A'EIKELU, T. «a"?tw A certain grain. 
AMMINI, IT. , 1^ I Armenian. 

A'EINDA, n. s. *j; J A broker, a salesman. 

AEKA'TI, Arcottee. A pilot. (Perhaps from 
the Tamil word am, a river, and caffi he who 
shews ) To derive it from Arcot, an inland 
town, is erroneous. 

AEWI, ^ \ The Tamil language. 

AEZ, -ff- j.| Price, value, average. 
AEZBE'GI, IT. J^^^ A secretary, an 
usher, more precisely an aide de camp. 


A petition, a letter. 
AEZI, S:^^ A petition. 



* See '* Eastern India" a book printed in three large 
Tolomee, bearing the name of Mr. Montgomery Martin : 
but in the third volume it appears that he merely pub- 
lished it; the real author being the late Dr. Francis 
I^uchanaO) who afterwards took the name Hamilton. 

A. S.— In the year of Salivahana. Thus A. S. 
1722is AD. 1800. 

ASAL, JJ. j^j Original, real, best. 

A'SA^MI, JT. ^L.| Individual, person, far- 
mer. Defendant. 

ASA'MI VA'RI, adj. ^y Individual, per- 

A'SA'MI VA'R MUKTA. j^Io^l, ^^H 
The rent payable by each. 

A'SHA'M,or ASH AM, \j^ Retinue, troops. 

ASHDALOGA, Error in Wilks. 1. 508, for ^ 
^cH Jo Adholoeam i. e. naracam^ hell. 

A'SHOORKHANA, 4jU^^U The lodge or 
shed erected for fakeers at the Muharram 

ASHORE, Error for Asura^^t^. 

J ^; » j The prime minister. 

ASOPH, or AZOFF, ^kJ \ The prime minis- 

A'SRA, IT. ^ T Protection, resource, neigh- 
bourhood, shelter, patronage, means. 

A'SRA KAWL, J j \J A provisional agree- 

ASSAL, Asil, Ausil, AzU, J^^ Original, best, 

A'SSAME'E, ^^^Ll Tenant, individual. 

A'SSA'MEWAR, 1^ ^\J^ Personal, Indivi- 

ASSA'UMY, H. Jji^ Person, man. 

ASSAWMY BABUT, jr. ^^^^Ij ^^U ^^ 
garding individuals. 

ASSEL JUMMA, H. *.^ J^\ Original rents. 

ASSUL, or ASLEE, Original. See Asal. 

ASTAGI'R, Error for A'fta'bgir, a large um- 

ASWATTHA, ^^^tf . The peepal tree. 

ATA, Atta, Attah, Otta, Ottah. Flour, meal. 

ATH AV ANI, Attavani, eiprosSfiJ List, account, 
roll. Athavani-jawan a militia man. 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 



ATLASH, jiJ\,\ " ATLAS" ^\ That is 

damasky Satin, Mahogany wood : satin wood. 

ATSARAM, (Tamil) Money advanced as ear- 

ATTAVANI, Athavani, List, account, abstract 

ATTI, Error for Wottee (Malayalam) a mort- 
gage. See Fifth Report, page 800. 

AU, Many words ^>elt with au, as aukoo^ will 
be found under A without the U. Thus, aku. 

AUMEEN, j^\ Trustee, Superintendent, 

AUMILDAB, Agent, officer, manager. See 

AVAL, Awal. \\ First. 

AYLMAS, This is an error for Velamas. 'St'^ 
"w*^ Journal of As. Soc. Vol. X. pt. 2. p. 

Ba^ l^ in Persian is " With." Be is "Without" 
BA'BOC^t^ «^«». Sir ! my lord! A title given 

to any great man. 
BA-BUND, Error for Be band. 
BACA^YA, ^(^ Old Balances, sums due. 

This b the Plural of Bdkf, Arrear. 
BACCA'L, BUCKAUL, JJ. Jlj^ Shopkeeper, 

chandler, grain-merchant 
BACCA'YA, See Bacaya. 

BA'-CHERAGH, Error for Be-chiragh, deso 

BA-DAOAL, Error for Be-dakhal. 

BADAL, badli, budlee, lj» Exchange: remov- 
al. Loan, pledge. Answer. 



Convoy, guard, safe con- 

duct, badarcahissab. The invoice or accom- 
panying account 

BADAVI, ui-«9 (Tamil) A brig or small ves- 

BA^DJERA, \ ^U A certain kind of grain. 

BA'DSHA'H, ^l^ol; King. Emperor. Bad- 
shahi, royal, imperial. 

BA'D-AS-SALA^M, l^j\ ^^ After compU^ 

BAD-MA'SH, J^\^^ Rascal, villain, vaga- 

BAD-NAM, \}j^ Disrepute, ill fame. This 
word (or Badlami) is misused in Telugu for 
responsibility, onus. 

BA^FFYAT-BA'SHAND, ^^[^ ^^[^ 
" May they be in health." This phrase is 
used in Telugu letters of business without 
any knowledge of the meaning. 

BAGAR, (baghairj^ Without. Bayar thart 
without stipulation. Bagar vUbadi^ (see that 
word) Untaxed : without tax. 

BA'GH A^AT, (baghSt! J^J,) Garden lands : 
also csMedijartb : on which various rates are 
assessed. In this they include lands on which 
cocoanut and palm trees are planted. This 
phrase is applied to all land except plough- 

BAHA'DAR,^^1^ Most noble. His honour, 
his lordship. A Tartar phrase of unknown 
origin which may be rendered Baron, or 
Chevalier. (Stewart's Bengal page 550.) 

BAHA'DARI, ^^ . jl^ A gold coin called the 

four rupee pagoda, first coined by Hyder 

BAHULA, ♦ »6Tof . The wane or dark fort- 
night in a lunar month. 

BAID, Beyd, 'tis ; plural "^fitfb Bedaru. The 
Canarese name of a certain tribe who lived by 
plunder. Hyder Ali was at first a captain of 
such freebooters. 

BAILDAR, \j\j^ See Beldar. 

BAIL.BAHAUDER, See Bel-bhandSr. 

BAITAL, Buetal, ByUU, BoiUl, Betala, Bhe- 
tala, Vetala ("3^^? ♦ Betala) Name of a cer- 
tain demon like Pan or Silenus: a forest 

BA'JRA, \ \i The grain called millet 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 



BAKA'I, IjU^ (plural) Sums outetanding as ba- 
lances due. 

BAKEEL, M. Bakheer (Mahr.) A report, a 
statement. Perhaps corrupted from Vaqiyah, 
^j^jl Occurrence, news, intelligence. 

BAKHE'RA, \Jj^ Disturbance, squabble. 

BA'KI, ^[^ Debt, sum due: remainder: ba- 

BAKKA'L, JlJ^ A shopkeeper. 

BA'KU, sr-^ A dagger. 

BALACHONG, Blatchong, Blachong. (Malay 
word.) A pickle or paste made of pounded 
shrimps much used in Sumatra. 

BA'LA'-BAND,orbaulbund, j^j;, %1he name 
of the character in which Sanscrit or Mah- 
ratta is usually written. So called (I imagine) 
because connected or " closed-at-top*' by a 
horizontal line. 

BALAGHAT, Cj^ih ''Above the ghauts" 
or Passes : that is, the Highlands or Hill- 
country: the pHt/an-^hat being the low lands 
or plains. 

BALD A, ij]^ The "Capital." A phrase for 
Hydrabad in Golconda. 

BALLOOTEES, Balati, (bulahat) Trade, call- 
ing (Corrupted from Bulahat. 1^,^!,") Bara- 
ballootee, the twelve trades: that is the en- 
tire corporation of a Hindu village. Baliootee 
dor : an alderman or head man. 

BA'NCHOOT, H. Villain, wretch. 

BAND, bund, jjj An embankment, the wall 
of earth that supports the lower end of a tank. 

BANDAR, j^J^ A sea port. A name of Masu- 

BANDARS, A harbour-master: the headman 

among lascars. 
BANDEGA'NI ALI, H^ ^\f^j^ A tide 

borne by the Nizam of Golconda (Hydrabad) 
.and by all his servants: as '' slaves of AH." 
BANDO'BAST, ,::^^^^^ Settlement, ar- 


BANDI, bandy, »oo, A cart: any carriage. 
BANDYCAY, bandicoy, bendacay, A vegetable 

«* hibiscus esculentus" called Ramiuraee in 

BANG, bhung ^%J:X^ The intoxicating drug 

produced from a plant like hemp. 
BANGLA, Bungalo, jj;^ A house the shape 

of which resembles a teot. 
BANGLES, (^ jio bangri) Bracelets. 
BANGY, banghi, f^ A yoke on which two 

pails or weights are carried. The post office 
mail that conveys parcels. 
BANJAR, (Kann. «c8j^)^j;^ Waste land. 

Desert soil. 
BANJA^REE, Brinjarry, A tribe of gypsies 
who trade in corn and bullocks. See Lum- 
badee. See account in Brigs *s Ferishta I. 
679 in Roy. As. Socy. Transactions 1. p. 480 
and in Bombay Literary Transactions Vol. 1. 
Some wrongly suppose it is corrupted from 
BANKO'L, i. e. Bencoolen ; a place in Suma- 
tra. Bancol-Donga a thief deserving transpor- 
tation to that place. 
BANKSAUL, Bankshaul, A wharf, a marine 
office. See Oalc. Rev. XXIV. p. 335. The 
origin, of this word is unknown. I imagine it 
is Sanscrit '' Vanik-Sala,"— « merchant's 
BANYAN, (bunneea) A hindu shopkeeper. In 
old timts bramins were wrongly thus called. 
Also, A shirt : a gown. 
BANYAN-TREE, The large tree with hang- 
ing roots called Ficus Indica, or Indian Fig. 
BAORP, baoli, bowlee, ^j ^-(^ _ 1 /Ij ^ 

well or reservoir. 
BAR^A, or hurrah \ u Great. 

BA'RA, - I, Twelve. 

BARA^T, burraut ^^\k Diploma, warrant. 
Share, proportion. Convoy, guard. Barat-dar, 
A shareholder : one who has a privilege. Ba- 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 



ra^bulShatiy The twelve trades. See Balloo- 

BARA'BAR, xU Regular, straight. 
BA^RA-MAHL, Jt^^ \L (Vulgarly Barra- 

maul The ** Twelve Counties"— name of a 

certain Zilla, now forming part of (Salem) 

BARANA'GAR, jy. The great plough, used 

in deep heavy land. 
BAHA SA^L, E. A ceremony performed when 

a son is twelve years old. 
BARA'T, ^^\^ Assignment, written order. 
BARA'WARD, % J % Reckoning, estimate, 

calculation. Muster roll. 
BA'R-GFR, ^ L A soldier in the irregular 

cavalry; who serves for lower pay, because 
the horse he rides is not his own. See Calcut- 
ta Review Oct. 1844. p. 53. In the Portu- 
gueze service, such are called *' ordenanza." 

BATTA, ^jr» Allowances, subsistence. 

BATTA-PEON, A constable or militia man 
hired for a short Ume. 

BAUBOO, iP«o, Great man: gentleman. 

BAUBOOL, Name of a certain tree that pro- 
duces gum arabic. 

BAUBUT, ^j^\^ Matter, item, head. 

BAUM, fP«i». A fathom (Wellington Dis- 
patches. Vol. 1. p. 334.) 

BAYA'NA, aJUjo Earnest-money. 

BAYA'WARD, ug^ (baySn-wfir) Details, 

BAYDAGAY, (Error for Bediga) Quit rent* 

BA'ZA'R, \jl^ A market. 

BA''ZEE,^^jj, (ba'azi) Sundry, petty, miscel- 
laneous. Bazee babat Petty heads in an ac- 
count. Bazee dafia (dafa*a} ^ j ^^ Sun- 
dry items. 

BAZEE JAMA, ^^ ^^^ The toUl of 
small items. Sazee Zemeen Land rated under 
Miscellaneous heads. 

BAZEE KHARCH, ^^ ^^^ Petty charges. 

BAZ-SARACO, ''A tin coin used at Goa of 
which ten equal one pice." See ** Budgrook." 

BE', ^ or ^, Without. Thus Be-baki with- 
out any residue. Be-adabi, disrespect. 

BEARER, An English word used chiefly for a 
man who carries a palankeen. The name in 
Southern India is generally Besta, or booyi, 
or Bhui the name of a caste among fishermen. 

BEAST y, (i. e. bihishti 3;^ an « inhabitant 
of paradise**) A water-carrier. 

BE-BA^KI, i^ • To the full: in full: with- 
out any balance. 

BEBEE. ^ ^^, A lady. 

BE-BUND, Weak, insecure : not bound. 

BE-CHIRAGH, c 1^.^^ Desolate, ruinous. 
Literally * without a lamp.' 

BE-DAKHL, j^^^ Out of place, discard- 

BE'DA^NA, Corrupted from bihi . « tf guincp; 
4J<0 L5^ bihi-dana, quince-seed (In Arabic 
iafr-jal) These are used in sherbets : being 
mucilaginous, demulcent, and cooling. See 
Irving's Descr. of Ajmeer. p. 128. 

BEDUR,(Kannadi Bidar »«sflS) A savage tribe ; 
many of whom in Mysore, Kadapa and Bel- 
lari enlist as militia (kutbudi.) Hyder was ori- 
ginally the captain of a gang of these cos- 

BEED, (Telugu Bidu *««>, plural 6^ bUlu) 
Waste lands. Forest land, a hilly tract. 

BEEGA, bega, bigga, J^^ About one third of 
an acre. In Bengal about 1600 square yards. 

BEEJ-BANCA, Telugu fc2a»»oS', from .j^ 

Bird lime (the heej is the Tamarind seed; 
which, by pounding, forms hanJcay glue.) 

BEEJUK, (Turkish) uJC^Uj Invoice, inven- 
tory. List. Label, ticket. 

BEEL, Uj A hoe : AjS^% Beel-dar a pioneer, 
mason, or saltmaker, one who uses a heel or 

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BEEMA, Ujl» J"®*^"^*"^® ®" goods. 

BEER, (bidd) te6i Waste land. 

BEESA^NEM, (Malayalam ?) The second or 
light crop. (Travancore.) 

BEETLE, Betel (A Malay word ?) See Areca. 
The same as Paun, -which is eaten. 

BEG, t^Cki (pronounced Beigh) A noblenoan. 
This is a Moghul title. 

BE'GA'Rr, begauree, ^^Ifj,, (A word of un- 
certain origin) Drudgery, unpaid labour. An 
unpaid porter or impressed labourer. It is a 
cruel system which prevailed in old times: 
and which the British government has attempt- 
ed, with no great success, to suppress. See a 
description of these, as they were found in 
France, in the Annual Register [1786 page 
176.] It is also used for a cooly or labourer. 
BaUbegan Pressing or seizing cattle. 

BE^GI-RO, .j^Jj^ (The swift goer) A drome- 

BEGUM, fjj Jj> bigam. A Princess, a la- 

BBHAUDER, ^Ij (A Turkish title.) A No- 

BEID, Error for'Veda. 

BEL, (♦ bilva) The tree called JEgle Marme- 

BEL-BAHAUDER, See Bel-Bhandar. 

BEL-BHANDA^R, That is, i he leaves of the bel 
tree : aud hhanddr turmeric powder. A form 
of swearing, used among the Maratas: the 
person who makes the solemn avowal site 
down before the idol and touches these sacred 
articles, with which it is adorned. See Lit. 
Soc. Journal, April 1834. p. 147. 

BE-MARAMMAT, Out of repair. 

BEN AIK »Tr»cB&Soa6 Meant for Vinayac, the 
god Ganesa. 

BE-NA'MI', ^jVii (Correctly Ba-nSmi) To the 
name. A hen^mhehtfi is a transferrable note 
of hand : it commences with the words ha-na- 
mi'falana ** To the address of so and so. ' 

BE^PARI, (vyapari) Merchandize, trade. 
BERATH, (Turkish, harat) Assignment for 

BEREEZ, beriz, . ^ ^ Total. Settlement. Re- 

BERGHER, (««6X0& ba4ugar, ' poor' in Ka- 

narese) The name of certain mountaineers in 

BERI'J, BEREEZ, ^. i. Total. Revenue. 

Demand.Sashwita beriz.Permanentsettlement. 

BE-ROZGAR, If. . Unemployed. 

BETAL, See Baital. 

BETEL, See Areca. 

BE-WARIS, t*, t , Without heirs. Un- 

BEWUSTA, (* ^§2^^, vyavastha) A written 
legal opinion. Extract from a Sanscrit law 

BHACT, * if^Z A worshipper : devotee. 

BHA'EE, -l^ Brother. 

BHAGAVA'N, ifKv-r *The Blessed.' The 
divine Being. 

BHA'GA-NAGAR, ipi^*^^ The Hindu name 
of Hydrabad in the Deccan : which is built a 
few miles from the old city thus called. 

BHANDA^R, (See on Bel.) Turmeric powder. 

BHANDA^RI, (Probably originating in Bel 
Bhandari, a solemn oath) A guarantee (Wil- 
son's India, book 3. Chap. 8. p. 403.) 

BH ARTI, bhurtee, J-, Filling up : placing a 

BHA'SH A, ♦ V*^ Language. Any modern di- 
alect as distinguished from Sanscrit. 

BHAT-VRITTI, tfkit^^ BhaUvarti, SubsUt- 
ence : living : a grant to a priest. '' Bhat-var- 
ti inaum" Land so held, in fee. 

BHATYAM, ?^§«to> batu. Subsistence. 

BHAVANTI, 9's^o® (Telugu) A house built 
four square with a chamber in each comer ; 
the middle being an area. Bhavanti roomal, 
a handkerchief with flower patterns in each 

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BHEEL, * P% Bhilla, Name ol a tribe of sa- 
vages in the Guzerati and Mahralta countries. 

BHEEM, Beem, Bima A land-roll. A list of 
fields : specifying the revenue and the culti- 
vator of each. 

BHEESTIE, See Beasty. 

BHEET, An elevated spot: rising ground. 
(Fifth Report p. 970.) 

BHE'LA, l^^. The privy-purse. 

BHOEE, booee, bii-yi, »r»oM. Name of a tribe, 
who are fishermen, but hire themselves to 
carry palankeens. 

BHO'GAM ♦ V^Ksio. Enjoyment, possession, 

BHOO-BUND-HISA^B, <_,t^>. sX}^i{ (^""^^^ 
the Sanscrit Bhuj meaning Land : the Per- 
sian band boundary, and the Arabic Hisab an 
account) A register of the boundaries of fields. 
In England it is called a Terrier. 

BHOOSEE, {H.) Chaff: bran. Bhoosa jins 

BHOOTOO, See Botlu. 

BHORJAM, (Error for Khorjam. See Gorge.) 

BHOWPAT, Error for Bhupati, king. 

BHUGUT, Error for i? £s bhact, a devotee or 

BHU^MI, ♦ ^f^^ Earth. 

BHUNDER, See Bhandar. 

BHUPATI, ^ ^^^^ A king. 

BHURTI, J ^j Filling up, supply. 

BHUTWURTY, {^^^^2. bhata-vritti)Free or 
•* Inaum** land granted as a pension for ser- 

BHYA'^D, villages (Mahralta) Lands held in 
common by several farmers. A brotherhood ? 
It is a phrase used in Kattiwaur. 

BHYE, Bhai, ("^'ji baee) A phrase like Lady, 

Bl'DU, *«^, f)aC>s?j^2x>,) (Telugu) Waste land. 

BIGAR, ^ ba-ghair. Without. 

O. P. Brown's Zilla picHonary. 

BIGAR-SHURT, ^ -i ^x> ba-ghair shart. 
J J* • 

Without agreement : devoid of contract : free 
from conditions. 

BIGAR-VrSUBADI, (See Visubadi, veesbud- 
dy) untaxed. 

BIGGAH, See Beega^ 

BIGGAR, See Bigar. Without. 

BIGG ARE E, See Begari. 

BIGGAREE, See Begari. 

BIKH, S)sko visham. (vish.) Poison. 

BILDAR, \j Ui heel'dar A labourer, a pio- 
neer, a bricklayer. 

BILLA, ^% A badge worn on the breast. 

BILMDCTA, (- UJb bil-muq-ta') Fixed 
charge. Quit rent. Hire. (See Maqta, Mocta) 
Bilmocta land pays a fixed rent, at so much 
per plough or per acre. See Fifth Report, page 

BFMA', Biman, ^ \^^^ \^ j j Insurance on 

BINJARRY, or Banjari, A grain merchant, 
who travels with sacks carried on bullocks. 

BIRA^DARI, ^ ^\ ^ A brotherhood : a troop, 
a band. 

BIRA'WARD, J J » Estimate, calculation. A 
list of names. 

BIRJ, *« Brij-Bhakha" (Vraj l^tt) The langu- 
age spoken by the Hindus in Brij, (Braja, 
Vraja, that is, the villages of Mathura, Go- 
kul Brindavana and about Agra.) ** Brijbha- 
shi," a native of that country : men of this 
tribe are often employed as guards in Bengal. 

BIRT, Brit, s5^^ (Vritti) Custom, tenure, 

BISAT, ^^ Luck. Stock. 

BISHEN, i. e. Vishnu. 

BISHEN-PREET, (a^lt^ Vishnu-prxti) 

Land appropriated to the god. (Bengal Regu* 

lalions Vol. J. p. 702.) 
BISTI, (Bihishti) A water bearer. 


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BOBBERY, Uproar, (meant for Bap-re! O 
daddy !) 

BCKGAM, or bogamudi, ^Xo (Telugu) A 
dancing girl, an actress. Bogam-vandlu, jS^X* 
Osr»o^ Actors, comedians. (This word is se- 
parate from Bhogam, (a Sanscrit word) "en- 

BOODKI, budki, {^, A certain jewel. 

BOOLAUKI, Bulaki, J^ jjL, A jewel worn 

by women on the middle gristle of the nose. 

Named from Baolauk a certain suburb of 

BOORJ, burz, j A tower : a bastion. Boorjee 

tnaum* Af^\ ^ s Land anciently granted 

free of tax, to one who had built a tower at 
his own cost. 

BOORKA, ; , A cover, a veil. A curtain 
that conceals a palankeen. 

BOORNE3, Flannel, woolen, blanket, felt. 

BOORSA, Lrf * -^ pi"k colour used in chintz. 
From Brussa a town in Asia Minor. 

BOOT, (gram) The grain called Chenna or "^jS 
X'ew Sena^alu: corn for horses. 

BOOT AT, (Correctly ci^boo bu-yi3-tat, plu- 
ral of bait a house) Account of household ex- 
penses. Boot&l nivees. Clerk of the kitchen. 

BOOT-FEROSHEE, Boot-ferashee, Butt puro- 
®^y 15-i !• J v::^^ (apparently corrupted from 
the Persian word buU an idol : and parwar- 
shiy sustenance.) Sums granted to support the 
idol. A tax levied in some Hindu villages, 
sometimes on the plea of furnishing the god 
with food : sometimes levied as a penalty for 
certain infractions of caste : such as permit- 
ting a widow to marry again. 

BOTTU, (Tel. a5-»^ bottu or ^SaS^Ax) tali 
bottu) A jewel used as the English use the 
wedding ring. It is a bit of gold fastened on 
the bride's neck. A Bottu marriage is wrongly 
interpreted a half and half marriage : like the 
Persian Nikah. 

BOUNCELLO, Meant for Bhomla the name 

of a certain Mahratta chieftain. 
BOUNDOBAST, ^^, ^^^ Management, 
settlement. Agreement. 

BOURG, Meant for hurj, A tower. 

BOVVLEE, Boury, (Meant for ^J.% ba^- 
ree) A well. (The Telugu «3^S)a bavidi.) 

BOY, At Madras this old English word for a 
menial servant is retained still. As applied to 
palankeen bearers it is meant for hooy, which 
see. As a mere cry (like koce hay, quihy in 
Hindustani) it is meant for ^W^^ow Abbai, 
which in Telugu is a word used in calling. 

BO'YA, (Tel. 8S-*di6) Name of a certain tribe of 
savages or highlanders. 

BOYD, Meant for Vaidya, a doctor. 

BRAHMAOHARI, * ^tt^^P'a A young bra- 
rain, who is not married. A bachelor, a stu- 

BRAHM-A'DA^YAM, Lands granted as gifts 
to Bramhans. 

BRA'HMAN, One of the sacred caste. 

BRA'HMINEE, A woman of the sacred tribe. 

BRATTY, (varatfci, Tamil) A cake of dried 
cow-dung used for fuel. 

BRIJ-BASHI, See Birj. 

BRINDA, ♦ w^otf The fragrant plant called 
Tulasi* Brinda-vanam, such a plant kept and 
worshipped. Also the name of a certain fabu- 
lous forest. 

BRINJA'L, (Perhaps a Portugueze word.) A 
sort of vegetable, called in Sanscrit vartacu, 
in Hindustani Baingan, in Telugu, vancaya, 
in Oannadi hadanacaya and in English the 
t^^ plant. 

BRINJARIES, See Banjari. 

BROUSSA, Brussa, A certain town in Asia 

Minor. A sort of silk. 
BRUHMA'DA^YAM, Lands granted to Bra- 

BRUHMUTTER, Lands granted to Bramins. _ 
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BUBHAR, Meant for vt^avahdr busiDCSS. 

BUCH, (* Yacha) Orris root. 

BUOHUN, (vachan) Word, raying, promise. 

BUCK ALL, \\^ (baqal) Shopkeeper, grocer, 
grain merchant. 

BUDDRUCK, 4; j^ Error for Badarca, a con- 
voy, or guard on a journey. 

BUDGROOK, In A. D. 1676 Charles II au- 
thoriied the E. I. Company to coin **' Rupees^ 
pice, and budgrooks/' (Bruce's Annala.) At 
Bombay five res were 1 pice : and half a re 
was a budgrook. The Portugueze write it 
Bazsaraco. It was a tin coin. I believe it is 
the Canarese word Baduju poor, and ruca 
coin. (*' Vilem redigatur ad asiem'* Horat) 

BUDKI, see Boodkee. A certain gold orna- 

BUDLY, |j^^ Exchange, transfer, a substi- 


BUGLA, Baggalo, Baggara, See Bagala. A 
sloop used by Arabs, near Canuanore and 

BUKER, (Error for hakhir) A record, volume. 

BUKREED, ^^ Ci Name of a certain Musul- 
man feast. 

BUKSHEE, JuJ^s (bakshi) A paymaster. 

BULA'HAT, (See Balahat) A calling, a tribe. 
Bara-bulahati, the twelve castes : all the peo- 
ple engaged in trade. 

BULLOOTEH, See Bulahat. 

BUNDUR, Bandar • , A sea port. Particu- 
larly that at MasuUpatam. 

BUNDY, bandi, «oa A carriage. 

BUNG, uii's^ (in Tinnevelly) A method of 
sharing cultivated land, every six years, by 
casting lots. *' Bungali/* such a shareholder. 
(Probably from pangUy a share.) 

BUNGALO, A pent roofed house built in the 
English fashion. Originally it meant a thatch- 
ed cottage. This is a word of unknown origin. 

BUNJAREE, See Brinjari. 

BUNJUR, ^J^ Waste land, forest wild. 

BUNNIA, (Banya) A shopkeeper, a dealer. 
BUNSWALI, * sSoT's^S (vamsavali) Geneak}- 

gical list. 
BUNTRO'T, wol^^ (Telugu) A peon, a 

runner, a police raran. 
BUR, J* Name of the banyan or holy fig tree. 
BURA'WARD, j i. Estimate, calculaUon. 

BURGHER, ^^y^^ (Tel. hadugu poor men) 
Name of a certain tribe of mountaineers in 
the Neelgherris. 

BUR J, t Tower, bastion. 

BURKENDAUZ, jUJlS^ Armed attendant, 
one who carries fire-arms. A watchman. 

BURRA, ^j^ (bara H) Great: large, big, 
elder. Burra-nngar the great plough, used 
in breaking up forest land. Barandgaf-confl 
An indulgence granted to the farmer who 
cultivates such forest land . 

BURRAGE, See (burj, boorj,) Tower, citadel, 
bastion. Embankment. This is the pronun- 
ciation used in Egypt, according to travellers. 

BURRUN, s$«e- (varna) Colwir: caste, tribe. 

BURRUN-8UNKER, sSwE-^og-tf (varna-san- 
cara) A mixed or degraded caste. 

BURSAUT, e^U J (barsat) The rains, rainy, 

BURSAUTEE, JU^ (barsati) The farcy, a 

disease in horses : which may be cured with 
Holloway*s ointment. This was ascertained 
by Capt. Scott, of the 8th Lt. Cavalry. 

BURT, ♦ (vartanam tf^(6ilo) Fees, charitable 

BURTUNEEA, 2SjS^cI*5 vartaniya) He who 
enjoys a grant: the incumbent. 

BUSTEE, _;^f (basli,) Town, city. Inhabited 

populous, not desolate. 
BUSTEE-HASIL, Duties levied at towns. 
BUTCHERY, See Parcheri. 

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BUTT, (bhalta, J?-^) A title like ''licentiate'' 
borne by certain Braniins and Sudras. 

BUTTAI, batayi, ^'lU'o Sharing, dividing. 
An agreement for dividing the crop. Revenue 
paid in kind to the proprietor. Wilks's My- 
sore I. 167, 208. 

BUTWADA, butwarra, IjLjj Division, shar- 
ing, partition. 

BUTWERTY, See Bhata vritti. 

BUXY, (bakhshi *iji^s Paymaster. 

BYANA, ^)\jrjk> be-ana, Earnest-money. 

BYDE, (See baid) Plunderer, pindaree- 
BYE, . j^ Selling, commerce, selling. . 

BYKUNTA, * ^Soo-S-sSaaVaicontha. Paradise. 

This is a jeering phrase for a dungeon. 
BYLE, See bail. 
BYRAGGEE, (♦ vairagi ^"^^0 Monk, friar, 

capuchin, hermit. 
BYSE, See Byz. 
BYZ, baiza ^j^ (Literally an egg, or oval.) 

A fashion of writing a Persian royal signature 

in an oval shape. A royal signature. 

C# i.e. Cantheroy: That is, S'cS^sS Kanthz- 
raVLi (The Lion) Name of an ancient Raja of 
Maisur (Mysore.) CC. denotes, 'Canteroy 
chacraras,' a certain coin, See Fifth Report, 
p. 755, 758. 

CAABA, ^j^^J The tomb at Mecca. 

CAAJOORl, L^^i khajur) A date tree. 

CABA'LA. ^VjJ (kabaleh) A grant of land. 

Bill of sale. 
CABAR, .5 A grave. Kabristan, JS^^^i A 

CACHAREE, (Kachehri) Office, court, hall. 

See Cutcherry. 
CADAPA, ^^^ A counterpart agreement. 
CADEEM, See Kadeem. 
CADEERUS, Error for Kadeem ^jj^j. 

CADGANNA, i. c. Khazanu. 

CADJAN, (The Javanese word for a mat.) 
The leaf of the palm tree. So called by the 
English in the Tamil country. 

OALEE, * -B--§ ka.i. A certain goddess. The 
Proserpine, Cotytto or Isis of India. 

CALL.4M, U (kulm) A pen. Also a para- 
graph or head in accounts. Callam-dam ** The 
Emperor gave him the Kalam-dan' (ihc 
slandisli) denotes the same as ** gave him the 
porlfulio f* thus making him Premier, 

CALLE-FANAM, ^£«^^, ^f,^^^ A certain 
silver coin used in Travancore, and Madura, 
16| are equal to one pagoda : seven and one 
eight equal one rupee. 

CALLEM, S';?«Sx) The threshing floor. Callem 
teeruva, fees levied on each threshing, in old 

CALSA, ^[^ Khalsa Shaiif 
The Accountant's office. 



CAMA'N, UJ" A bow. Caman dasta a large 
bow used in cleaning cotton. Camuncarra the 
bow used in turning a drill. 

CAMA'N, (commando ; a Dutch phrnse) A mi- 
litary inroad or foray. Invasion, marcii. 

OAMA'VrS, Camayash (A word used in Per- 
sian correspondence, but of unknown origin) 
Period, time, administration, government, 
rule "Camavid-dar," A manager, superinten- 

OAMBHARTI, Kumbhurfy J ^^ f Supple- 
mentary : making up fur a deficit. 

CA'M-GIRI. (Kam-gaii ^f1^ AVork, re- 

GAMMA, 2'^wo^. Name of a certain caste. 

CAMMAR-TA'CU, rt^cT^^e^ Coir rope. 

CAM MI', ^^f Deficiency. 

OAMPONG, (At Sincapore) means a hamlet or 

small village. See Compound. 
CAMSALA, ^ofv Name of the goldsmith 


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CAMTAM, rj6AjsS» Tillage. ri5b4^-7P«6 ca- 
raata-gadu Labourer, ploughman. 

OANAMA, ^PiSi A hill pass, a ravine. 

CANAUT, 4^\;^5 Walls of a tent. 

CANAY-SH00MAB,(Khana8humSr ^ U^ 
^j^^ An account of population : a census. 

CANOAR, (^'x> (Kunkur) Gravel. 

OANCHINI, i^^^J^ A dancing girl. 

OANDACHA, t»it« (Kanarese, Kan'acha) 
A militia peon. 

CANDARINE, The tenth part of the Chinese 
weight called a mace. 

CANDRICA, ^o[^^ (Ithandrica) A hamlet. 

CANDY, 4>o& (Khandi) A certain weight va- 
rying from 500 to 720 pounds. At Madras, 
500 tt»8. At Bombay 560 lbs. At Calicut 600 
lbs. At Surat 700 lbs. 

CANEE, Kawny (Tamil) A certain measure of 
land, 57,600 square feet. At Madras the mea- 
sure now called a Ground : which is to the 
Acre as 1 to 1. 3223, or as 121 to 160 nearly. 

Shumar) Population liste. List of inhabitants. 

CANIACHI-CAR, (Tamil) A heritor. 

OANIACHI-MFRA^SF, Land held free of tax. 

CANNAM, S'r^j^sSw A breach, a hole. Cannam- 
katti a spade or digging tool used by house- 

CANOON, i\j Canon, rule. 

CA'NOON-GO, f ^^3l5 (He who tells the 
rules) The accountant or remembrancer. 

CANOON-GO-EE, • ^ tU The office of 
accountant. Pees formerly levied for him. 

CANTHIRAI, Kanteroy, Oantary. S'oaTPODo 
Name of a certain gold coin (the Canteroy 
pagoda) originally coined by a raja named 
«'o&tf35TT»cs6c6 Kanthi-rava i. e. 'Thelion.' 
It is a nominal money used in Canara, valued 
at Ij annas less than 3 Rupees; being rated 
at Rs. 2... 14... 8. It contained ten 'Canteroy 
fanams, one patica and one paraca.' At the 

time of Tippoo's death the Canteroy pagoda 
was valued at seven shillings ; and the star 
pagoda at eight shillings. Six Canteroy pago- 
das equalled 6ve star pagodas. 

CAPE-MERCHANT, Error in old voyages for 
** Oopu^dar" a warehouse keeper. 

CAPOO, Tr»T^ Farmer, tenant. 

CAR, (-r-c6 Karu) Harvest. 

CARADA, {'V^^, Kharda,) coarse paper. 

CARAM-BOO, apilLi. (Tamil) Waste land. 

CARA'NA JINS, ^^^J^ ^j) f Groceries, dried 
fruits &c. 

CARANA^M, rtfnUM Kurnum. The village 
accountant : the town clerk. 

CARANFYACAM, rtfild^ro Clerkship. The 
office of town clerk. 

CARA'B, \ 3 Agreement 

OARA^R-NA^MA, ^^\y \J A written agree- 

C ARC ASH A, 2'^tS. Feud; quarrel regarding 
a disputed landmark or boundary^ 

CARCOON, i (J (Kar-kun *he who does the 
work') Agent, writer, clerk, headman, man of 

CAREEM, Error for Kadim, old. 

CARKHA^NA, ^j\^ K Workshop, manufac- 
CARNAM, rtfwtfx) A town clerk. 

CARNA'TACA. r-Rps-4jr The Carnalic, a 
country in the middle of the Indian Peninsu- 

CARNEEK, (See Carniacam ) Carniyaca The 
office of clerk, accountantship. S'ertcRfig' Car- 
niea Meerassy. The hereditary right or claim 
to the office of village clerk. 

CARODA, 1 -. C An overseer. 

CAROOK, Kurruk boon, ^OSSS-v^r^^ (Kan) 
A gold coin worth four rupees: now obso- 

CAR-OOPPOO, s^^iis^ Wild salt : that ap- 
pears spontaneously. 

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CARTA, or KurU, * fi*_5S Lord, owner. Heir. 
CARUKU, Kurrook boon, See Oarook, 
OARUMBOO> (Tamil) Waste land. 
OARVA, or Kurwa, Coarge cotton cloth. 
OASB, ^_^^^ Tr*dQ, calling, busineflR. 
CASBA, ^j^ Market town, principal village, 

CASH, "^^ffe A Bmall coin, either gold, silver or 

CASRAT, Kusrut, (^^ Excess, Custom. 

CASTE, (Portugueze, from the Latin castus, a 
word of the fourth declension) Tribe. See 
proof of this etymology in the Gentleman's 
Magazine of Apr. 1819. p. 295. Also Hum- 
boldts New Spain: cited in Monthly Review 
1812. p. 36. 

CATAMARAN, (Tamil) A raft with which a 
man swims. 

CATAVANI, (Mahr) U^-^p A rough state- 

OATNAM, S'Ag^^». Fees, dues. 

CATTEE, (Kann.) S'^. A measure of grain, 
now obsolete : 3*200 Rupees weight. Or, 40 
Hanehfl, of 80 Rupees weight each. A land 
measure : containing 484 square feet, 

CATTUBADI, S'|»«ei Militia, Clansmen un- 
d^r a feudal chieftain. 

CAULSA, See Khalsa. 

CATJLTY, See Coolty. 

CAUPOO, -T'^ A tenant. 

CAURTIC, -r'_^r. The tenth Hindu month. 

CAUVILIGAR, (Tamil) A watchman. 

CAUZY, Cazi, j\3 A judge in a Musulman 

CAUZY, or Cazi-ul-Cuzat, ^^\^\ -ij The 

Chief Justice in Musulman Courts. 
CAVEDI, A yoke on which a man carries two 

CAVELA, (5' "Bo ca-ve-la) A register or record 

CAVELGAR, (Tamil) A watchman, 
CAVELLY, (i. e. Cavili) Watching, guard. 

CAVILEH, (ar-« Kan.) A great book or vo- 
lume. A record, 

CAVILGAR, (Tamil) A watchman. 

CAVILI, (2>r^ Kao.) A irolume, a record. 

CAVILI, or Cauvily, (TamU) A guard, a watch. 

CAWBOWLA, See Cabool and Kabuliyat. 

CAWELY, See Cavili. 

CAWN, Khan, \^ Lord, Baron. 

CAWNEY, (Tamil) or '' Ground" A measure 
of land. It equals 57,600 square feet or 6409 
square yards : equal to four Bengal Bigahs. 
The Cawny is to the acre, as 1 to 3^3. Or as 
121 to 160, nearly. 

CAYTOCK, A rocket used in war. (Orme's 
Hist. 2. p. 99.) Is it meant for Khetac a 
weapon ? 

CENAPUTTI, See Senapati, a general. 

CHACOTARA, The fruit called Pomelnose. 

CHACRAM or Chuckrum, A silver coin used 
in Travancore. Twenty-eight and a half were 
equal to one rupee. 

An extra assessment of one-sixteenth. This 
is one of the obsolete modes of extortion. 

CHACU-BANDI, ^xfj^ A statement de- 
scribing the boundaries. 

CHA'KAR, dj^ A servant. 

CHAKBANDI, ^jj^^ Definition ofboun- 
daries. A map. 

CHAKERY, ^ciU.. Service, wages. 

CHAKLA, Chuckler (Tamil) A cobbler. 

CHAKNAMA, ^^Ij^ A plan, a map, 
CHAKRA, * ClTiSx) A discus ; a quoit used 
as a weapon : particularly, in modern times 
among the Seiks. A certain silver coin used 
in Travancore. Twenty-eight and a half were 
reckoned to one rupee. 
CHALAN, Chellaun, V^ A clearance ; a re- 

CHALAVANI, Chelavani ^^'1^ Coin, cur- 


Digitized by 





Criminal connection." 
\^^ chumma chori, 

CHALLY, or Chalie Gocny ^©T?»» (Kann.) 
Tenancy at will? See Geni. From Keni 
nffi a field. 

CHAMA, ^T'tS!>f» A ccrUin kind of grain. 

OHAMBAN, (Tamil) A head man among pari- 


Is this meant for ^^^ 

stealing a kiss ? 
CHAMOODAYEN, Error for Samudayam 
CflAMREEA,\^^^ Leather dresser: cobbler. 

CHAN ARS, See Shanar, 
CHAN DA, \^X>- Quota, share. Subscription. 
CHANDAL, * l5o-c5»o8 A pariar or outcaste. 
CHAN DAL, " A preparation of opium ? (query 
Sandal ?) An opium tavern, (so called in Bom- 
CHANK, * S'o^o A conch shell. 
CHANNA, U*. ^ g^*^" commonly called 

horse-gram. The same as ^otfex). 
CHANOO, i. e. Chenu ^ r^ a field of dry grain. 
CHAOLIFANAM, A small gold coin, former- 
ly current in Ramnad. 
CHAONI, J.l«£>- ^ cantonment. 
CHAP A, chuppao, \w^ Gang banditti. 
CHAPAVANI, (chhipaoni) J^U4^ ^^^^ 

CHAPPA, (chhSpa) i^U^,. Seal, stamp. 
Ohhappa ghattu. A sealed heap of salt. The 
seal is a turf or piece of clay, stamped with a 
wooden block : so as to reveal pilfering. 
CHAHA, Sary, Error for Sardsaru 
CHARGIA, Error for Acharya. Thus Bhut- 
U chargia is meant for Bhaita charya^ a cer- 
tain name. 
CHARPAI, -'Ij ,U. " ^o"' legged"— name 

for a native cot or small bedstead. 
CHASA, See Khasa. 

OHATTA, chhatUr, 


An umbrella. 

CHATTACK, chhattank ,^l«^:^ A measure 

(in Bengal) about an ounce. 
CHOWRA, (in Kattiwar) A lodge or choultry. 
CHOWRY, j^.u»- A whisk, to keep away 


CHOWTHAEE ENAM, Land granted on a 

favourable lease : one-fourth of the rent being 

forgiven. A deduction of twenty-five per 

cent on the survey assessment. This was 

granted in the Ceded Districts. 

OHUBDAR, chobdar A^^^ A mace bearer. 

CHUCK, (in Bengal) meaning " Chacram" A 

piece of land : a field. 
CHUCKBUNDEE, Boundaries, limits, plan. 
OHUCKERBUTTY, Chacravarli, * ^(TSS^ 
Emperor. This empty title was assumed by 
many paltry rajas. 
CHUCKLA, 31^ District, circle, country. 
CHUCKLADAR, The ruler or superintendent 

of a district, 
OHUKLADARY, A district. 
CHUCKLER, (Tamil) A cobbler. 
CHUCKNAMA, A plan, a map. 
CHUCKNAMAH, ^U^^ A plan, a map. 

CHUK, i. e. 151/ Ao A circle, a district. 
CHUCKRUM, A small silver coin See Cha- 

CHULIAS, The same as Mopla. A nation in 

Malayalam, of Mahomedan descent. A brig 

or country sloop. 
CHU MAR, 1^^ A cobbler, a leather dress- 


CHUN A, Chenna, \\^^ Horse corn called 
Gram : See Chenna. 

CHUNAM, /&lS^iS» Lime prepared, either for 
building or for eating. 

OHUNDAL, * Uo-cy>tt:2^ A pariar or out- 

CHUNNA, See Chenna, Horse gram. 

OHUPATTEE, Jlj^ Crumpets, a kind of 

bread. ^^ , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




CHUPPRASS, ^\^^ A badge, worn by a 

peon, on a shoulder belt. 
CHUPRASSEE, \ j^ A peon or other 

ofEcer who wears a badge. 

CHUR, (from the Sanscrit word char to move, 
rove) shifting banks or islets in a river. 

CHURR, or Cherr ^ Island, sand bank. 

CHURRUCKPOOJA,U.. . ^ The Hindu 
rite wherein a devotee is swung round, sus- 
pended by small books inserted in the skin 
of his back and loins. It is a public nui- 
sance, disapproved by the higher classes of 
Hindus ; and might easily be abolished. In 
Telugu it is called |>^ Sillu. 

CHUTE SELAMY, This is meant for ^l^ 

l^.j ^^ Chauthsalami, A fee paid to the Cazee 

on marriages. 
CHUTIYA.GOLAM, i. e. J^ [j^n^^ Son of 

a slave. A free man who marries a slave. 

CHUTNEY, Jj;^. Pickle, sauce, condiment. 

CHUTRUM, (chhatram) or choultry. A lodge 
for travellers : a rest-house. 

CHUTTAM, ^^^ A regulation. 

CHUTTEE, See Chutrum. 

OHUTTER, ^?l^^ An umbrella. 

CHUTTOO, i56x) Rock, stone. 

CHUTTOOBAWRY, tf^TT'aa, A well sunk 
in a rock. 

CIRCAR, (^ That is Sir-car ; Sar-i-car. Go- 
vernment. A district, A superintendent. 

CIRKIL, See Surkeel. 

CiS-Tumbudra. "On this side of the river 
Tumbudra" (like Cii'alpine.) This word is 
used by Clive, in a letter that appears in Sir 
Thomas Munro's Life, vol. 1. p. 310. The 
editor does not appear to see the meaning. 

CLASSEY, Clashy, i. e. Khalasi, ^^li. A 
sailor: an artilleryman. A servant employ- 
ed to tend a tent. 

COBALLA, 5'l5«r» See Cabela. 

COCHUK, ^:^Ji SmaU, little. 

COOKUP, Name of a particular fish in the 

CODAGA, 6^2^10 (Called Coorg by the Eng- 
lish.) The name of a nation in the Malaja- 
1am country, south of Goa. 

CO DEW ARAM, (Tamil) The share of the 
tenant. The farmer^s portion of the crop. 

COFFERMAN, (obsolete for j^ Kafir) A ne- 

COIR, (Kawar or Kayar ««u(ij, or *«^C5* The 
Tamil word for rope) Fibres of cocoanut 
husk, with which cordage is made. 

COJA, See Khoja. 

COLCAR, (Old Canarese ^%1^) An excise 
man, a revenue oflScer. 

COLLI NDAR, .JJj qalandar, (written Ca- 
lendar in the Arabian Nights) A monk, a re- 
ligious medicant. 

COMASSI, C ^^;l Khamsi) « One-fifih" a 

coin said to equal nearly a penny* 
OOMATI, ^n»i5b43. The name of the caste of 

shopkeepers, of the ri^ht hand. Those of 

the left hand are called Beri. 
COMA'VEES, (Camavis i. e. Kamayash, •^jUJ^ 

Business, management. 
COMAVEESDAR, (camayashdar) \j ,UJ 

An officer in subordinate charge. Manager. 
COM ME DAN, (or Comedaun) meant for Com* 

mandant ; Colonel. 
COMMEWAR, r^iT.26 The name of a cer- 
tain caste. Husbandmen. 
COMPOUND, (A Malay word Campong, a 

small village) An enclosure, yard ; area or 

COMPTE, Banias : i. e. Komati, and bunneea, 

two names for merchants. 
COM-WARI. (^^^^ ^^J) Classification: 

what is peculiar to a tribe. 
COND, Coandi Khond, Khoond, Gond, Goand, 

Name of a tribe of hill people in the Ganjam 

District. (Properly ^^ kodu or fi^ce^ 

kondu ; which with vadu a man, plural «^^ 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




g& men, people, makes fi^«6woa& Kodu 
vandlu or ^^^ Kondlu. The initial K is 
changeable into G.) 

CONDRA, S^o\p A plot or portion of a field. 

CONGEE, Cauji, ^^aruS', ^^ Oruel. 

CONGEE HOUSE, A place of solitary confine- 

CONJEE muddom (in Travancore) An alms 
house : a rest house for Travellers. 

CONSAMA'^N, (Khan-i-saman, [^\^ \^ 

That is lord of the things) Butler, head ser- 

COODE'VARAM, (Tamil) The plowman's 
share of the crop : See Mel varam. 

COODY, (Tamil) Inhabitant, tenant. 

COOL, I J i. e. Kulam, ^«>o, a caste or tribe. 

COOL AM, Kulam * ^o6x> Tribe, caste. 

COOLCURN Y, [Kulcarni] A village account- 

GOOL-GOOTTA, \^j^ ^vK^^ " Land let 

at a low rent." 

^^cr6o " Lands let to bramins." 

COOLTY, -IK Vetches : horse corn. 

COOLWAR, 1 JJ or Kulwar SSt)*r»6 See 
Fifth Report pages 745-750. " An individu- 
al settlement.'* See Kulwar. 

OOOLWARREE, or Oopurrees A*6e|S«$» 
A settlement with individuals : separate far- 

COOLY, (Literally, ^int^ hire) A hired la- 
bourer : a porter. The word is also wrongly 
used for caUay collery, a robber : from S^^ 
colla, i. e. plunder. 

COOMAKY, Kummaki, (^ Assistant, de- 

COONCHUM, «ooiJjlo A certain dry measure, 
of grain. 

COORK, s ; Embargo : enclosure. To " travel 

in Coork'* was, that the prince travelled, with 

his private menials alone, separate from the 


C. P, Brown's Zilla Dictionary. 

COORSEE, . 5 A seat ; a throne. 

OOOTBA, u!^^ A form of public prayer for 
the king, or ruler. 

COOZA, |> . { A bottle for water. 

COPE-MAN, (Dutch) Overseer. 

CORABA, Carboy, ^^l ; A bottle holding six 
or eight quarts, used for rose water. 

OORACHA, or Oorcheh vandlu r^e^ A tribe 
of Hindus who are basketmakers. 

CORAH, j jx A knout, a scourge. 

GORGE, In merchandize ; a score, twenty 
pieces of cloth. 

CORLA, Error (in Wilks) for corada a whip. 

OOROMANDEL, (Tamil "Karimanal" Bed 
sand) The name of a little fishing village, 12 
miles from Madras, near Pulicat. From this 
small place the whole coast was named by 
the early Dutch visitors. Verthema, in 1503 
(Kerr's voyages vol. vii. p. 104) speaks 
of it. Some persons have imagined (Kuru- 
Mandalam) a Sanscrit root for it ; as being 
the " Land ruled by the Kurus ;" who never 
were here. Others have fancied it a Tamil 
word meaning the " land of Cholam-grain.'* 
There is no *• red sand" near it : and the 
origin of the name is doubtful. Perhaps it is 
the name of the original native tenant. The 
words Curu-mandalum and Chola mandcd 
are unknown to the Hindus either here or 

COSS, r^|&, from * ir*5rtf» a disUnce of 
about two miles or a little more. It varies in 
different parts of the country. Originally it 
apparently was the distance at which a cry 
might be heard. 

COSS, or KHASS, A^ Own, private. Lands 
retained in the hands of government. 

COSSID, j^\3 A courier, a postman. 

COSTA, 8^752 Territory, coast, (from the Por- 
tugueze. See Telugu version of Reg. 1. of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




OOTAUR. r-cPCJS A store. Salt pans. 
COTA, r*4^ A fort. 
COTHOAL, jip^ [Cutwal.] 
COTA-INAUM, r«*JOM TT'tfaD Land graated to 

the heirs of him who built a fort. 
COTHI, e^© A bank, a banking house. 
COTI, r*43 A Crore : ten millions. 
COTTAH, One twentieth of a beegah: a land 

measure used in Bengal. 
COTTAI UTSAVAM, r'|j'c>w<^^^5itf». The 

Tabernacle feast : held at various pagodas. 
COULTIE, (Kulti) A certain grain on which 

horses are fed. 
COURIE, (Oauri, , r ^ A shell used as mo- 
ney. About 2500 are equal to a rupee. 
COUROUR, Error for Crore ; ten millions. 
COVID, A measure of cloth ; 15, or 27 or 36 

inches. Is this word used in Bombay ? 
COWDYALA, Bunder, Oauryal, the old name 

of the port " Mangalore." 
COVIL, (TamU) A pagoda or temple. 
COWL, J J n- s. Word, promise. Grant, lease. 

COWL-I-SHARTI, L * ft Promise and 

conditions. A species of rent. 
COWL NAMAH, ^\j \j A written agree- 
COWM, ^ J A tribe. ' 

COWMWAR, t J Arranged according to 

castes, Classified. Cowm wari hisab. An ac- 
count classified according to castes. 
COWRY, ^jj A small sheD, which passed 

as money. From 2500 to 5000 are equiva- 
lent to a rupee. 

COYLOO, " A certain land measure : it con- 
Uins five hanays. It is one eight of a catti. 
This measure is used at Barcoor." 

CRAMBO, (Error for Carambu.) Waste land. 

CREESE, (Kris, a Malay word.) A dagger. 

CROORE, Error (in Dow's Hind. 2. 185) for 
*' Coss." 

CROORY, (Karopi ^^^^) A Manager of a 

CRORE, (A number,) A hundred lacks. Ten 

CUBLEY, Error for Capila 8'5>» a swape or 
engine for raising water. 

OUCHA, \^ Unbaked, moist, not get dry. 
Incomplete, unwund. Rough, not fair. Not 
finally settled. Current, not closed. A cucha 
built house is one built with unburnt bricks 
and clay for mortar. The cucha seer is "short 
weight" being a smaller measure used regard- 
ing some articles. 

CULAM, * Sbe?«S!» Tribe caste. 

CULLAL, See Kalal. 

CULWAR, Koolwar (Mahr ^^sr-is) General, 
including everything. Culwar chittha the 
entire or general account. 

CUM-BHURTI, (J^.^J *« Filling up a defi- 
ciency") Making up, Thus Cum-bhurti-in- 
aum. Land granted to make up for what was 

CUMMER BUND, (Kammar band j,J^ .f 
A waist band : a girdle. 

CUMMER KESHAI, ^*l^ ^ Loosingthe 
girdle. Fees exacted by guards for allowing 
a prisoner the liberty of undressing. (Richard- 
son's Persian Dictionary.) One of the cruel- 
ties abolished by the English. 

CUNDUGAM, Oundigay, Candriga. See Khan- 

CURNUM, (Karanam, ClJwo) A town clerk : a 
village accountant. 

CUSBA, (Kasha ^j^) The market town. 

CUSRUT, (Kasrat cij' *^) Excess. Vogue, 

custom. Profit in exchange on coins. Gain 
on a bill or order for money. 
CUSHOON, A^ A battalion or brigade. 

This is a Turkish word introduced by Tippoo 


Digitized by 





CUSSOOR, J^ plural of ^ Profit on ex- 

CUTBUDY, (Ka^badi r|»«i) A bound bai- 
liff; a militia man. 

CUTCHA, See Cucha. 

CUTCHERRY, (Kachehri . -^^J) An office, 

a police office, a court A hall, a to^vn hall. 
A gallery. 

CUTBEAN, Error for catti, Kanarcse for a 
Jield: to which a Hindustani plural termina- 
tion is added. Cutteean Teridge. See Teriz. 

CUTSHY, cutchi (♦ Kaxi g**^) Party^ gang, 

CUTNUM, S'*^^si» catnam. Fee, gift, custom. 

CUTWAL, (Katval JUiJ) The command- 
ant of a town. The head of the police. 

DaCYS, Error for Dasi (i. e» Devadasi^) A 
female slave, a woman servant, a dancing girl. 

DADNY, (probably from J^^^ to give) Mo- 
ney advanced to merchants. The " CJom- 
pany's Dadney merchants" were contractors. 
Parker's Evidence, 1782. p. 197. Obsolete. 

DAEE, ^^*|j (vulgarly Dhye) A nurse, wet- 

DAERD, Perhaps meant for Dher (Hind.) A 

DAFA, i^ J See Duffa. 

DAFADAR, y j^j See Duffadar. 

DAFTAR, ^Sij See Dufter. 

DAGHDOZI, ^j^O^^j Trifling repairs (of 

DAHKAN, See Dakhin. \^^ dihqein a chief 

or magistrate. 

DAIRD, Error for Dher. 

DAISMOOK, Desmuk, ("^stoo^ga^ desa- 
mukhyudu) The chief or head man in a dis- 

DAISPA^NDYA, (from Pandya an andent fa- 
mily, like that of Alfred) A certaiti title 
(" The Alfred of the land") now enjoyed by 
the registrar or district accountant. 

DAKOIT, ijt^f^ A gang robber. 

DALART, ^^^jJjtJ -^^ armed attendant : a 
man of the body guard. 

DALAWAI, Delawoy, Dalloway, (Kannadi tf 
tf ^cxx>) General, Minister, Warden, Guar- 
dian, the lord protector. 

DAMASHAHT, j^l^Lo) j Dividends, Aver- 
age. This was the name of a merchant who 
died insolvent 

DAMMER, (Malay) Gum, pitch exuding from 

seme trees, cosin. 
DA'MO'DARA,* ty^^^r^a^i « The Cordelier;" 

a title of KrislMia, or Vishnu : who in infancy 

was bound with a cord to keep him quiet. 
DANA, ^y J, Graim 
DA'NAM, * •cJ»j6<s» A gift bestowed. Dana- 

patram, a deed of gift. 
D'A^N^DY, ^^ » A rower, a boatman. 
DANGA, Error for dhangar j^ j a cowherd. 
DANGA,^;j^^^ Mutiny. 

DA^R, tj Who has. Maldar, one who has 
wealth, Dar-na-dar IjU .^^ Bich;ftnd poor; 
those who possess and those who have no- 
thing. Zemin-dar 1 j one who has land i a 
land owner. 

DARAVOO, (Error for <S^^« doravu) a large 

DARBAR, I. ^ Court, Levee. Darbari-am 
j»lxjb t J public court. Darbar-i-khass J^^ 
Ij ^ a private audience. 

DARBAR KHAROH, ^ b,o A phrase 
for fees, dues, court expenses and other ex- 

DARGA'H, y\f J A mosque. 

DAR.IN-VILA^ ^^^^ J ** In this affair.'^ 
This Persian phrase is used, without any idea 
of it's import, at the commencement of seve-^ 
ral Telugu letters on business. 

DARK, See Dirk and Durruck. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




DARKHAST, ^j^jj.^^ n. s. Request, bid- 
ding, proposal. 




DAROGH, A . False, cheating. 

DA^RU^ 1 J Spirituous liquor. 

DAR-UL-INSHA^ Uj^JUj SecreUriat. The 
Literally the writing-room : Ihe library. 

DA'R-UL-ZARB, c^yJUj The mint: the 
place where money is coined. 

DASABANDAM, fi§'«)OtfiS», Duswandham 
«StfcoSo$iS» A favourable, or lighter rent. In- 
dulgence granted to him who has built a tank, 
or who is in any way a Benefactor. It is 
usually a rent of which a portion is forgiven. 

DASABHAGAM, ♦ iS^ipKo One-tenth part. 

DASAI, See Desai. 

DASARA^ eS'^TT* A feast, also called Navai^ 
tri. It lasts for nine nights : beginning with 
the last new moon of the rainy season. 

DA'SARI, TS^'i^ A kind of begging friars. 
They wear gay dresses, and tinkle a bell or 

DASSA'LA, ^\^ ,j Ten-years. Decennial. 

DAST, ^^^^ .\ Oolleckions, revenue realized. 

DASTAH, ^^ A band or troop of 1000 ca- 
valry. (WUks, Vol. 2. p. 276.) 

DASTAE, (.jCju*j a writ, passport, summons, 

DASTU, j_^^.j Collections, money realized. 



Custom, usage. 

DASTURI, ^^^^j Dues, fees, custom. 

DATTA HOMAM, tf JJ-ly^^J'rt)l5«> The cere- 
mony used in adoption. 

DATTAKA, or Dattrima. 

DATTAKA, » tf_gg' Adopted. 

DAUBIERE ? Is this meant for Dalavai ? See 
Burke's Speech on 10th May 17 in Appen- 
dix No. VII to speech on Arcot debts. 

DAUM, \^ A penny.- 

DAUN, Dhan -^^^^ Grain, rice. 

DAUSEE, "CPf) A female slave: a maidser* 

vant. Dasliu is the plural of this word. 
DAVA, See DSwa. 

Pagoda or Hindu temple. 

DAVAYDYEN, (dev adayam) ■Sir»T3'd«S «&c» 
Grants of land to support bramins or gods, 

DAW A, \^^^ Claim, suit, 

DAWALI, H . A belt on which a police- 
man's badge is worn. 

DAWK, ^^» The post or mail. To travel 
dawk, or go by dawk, is to travel with relays 
of bearers. 

DAYEE, ^'Ij a wetnurse. 

DAYEE, '*^)^ A Plaintiff. 

DEBASHY, or Dubash, an interpreter^ a mid- 
dleman, a manager. 

DEBTA, i. e. ^^^ A deity, a god. 

DECCAN, j^^ Dakhan. Literally, the south. 
The name given to the countries now includ- 
ed in Khandesh, Dowlatabad, Viziapoor, Gol- 
conda, and part of Berar. The countries of 
which Poonahis the capital. It is the south- 
ern division of central India : not extending 
to either coast. 

DEOOITS, ,^j,j« T^o-T^o:^^ Plunderers, 
gang robbers, free hooters. 

DECOITY, Gang robbery. 

DEEIB, (meant for Dalvam 2.^) Holy, sacred. 

DEEHWALS, J)^^ j A villager : the primeval 

DEEPAVALY, A certain feast. 

DEETOO, (&*») Class, sort, grade. 

DEEWAN, DIVAN, ^|^^ A Court. The 
President. A title like His Excellence. 

DEH, ,j A village. Plural Dohat. 

DEHAUT, ^•iji^ (plural) Villages. 

DEHDAR, tj^j^j A ruler or manager of a vil- 

DEHSALA, Jt^J^J Decennial : often years. 
Digitized by i^OOQlC 




DELAIT, Dalayal, or Deloyet, (i,jJUo ^^ 
armed attendant : an usher. 

DEMBALEH, See Dumbala. 

DEO-KUTCH, meant for Deo Kharch ; the 
sum laid out on an idol temple. 

DEGREE, or Devidee, jjj^« A gateway. 

DEOSTAN, "SaSi^pAo A pagoda or temple. 

DEOTUR, Deowuthur, Temple lands : livings 
granted to bramins. 

DERH, meant for Dher, u^" A pariar, or man 
of base caste. 

DERHUMS, meant for . j Dirm, diram, a 

DERKHAST, ^^^^^t i, j A request, a propo- 

DEROBUST, ,^^^^j Entirely, in all, whol- 

DERREE, (^^c. J dari) A small carpet. 

DERRESHCUST, Derria Shecusta, ^.^^<^ 
[)jj Swept away by the steam. 

DES, "S^ito Country, place. 

DESADHIOARI, ST^t^r-d ♦ A chieftain, a 

DESAE, ^^'tujjj The head clerk of a district, 
under the Mahomedan government. 

DESANTARA, "SVo^j^to* Foreign parts: 
another country : change of place. In mathe- 
matical writings, the longitude. 

DESASTH, '^^^ The tribe of bramins, in 
Cadapa and Kanadi who claim a Mahratta 
pedigree* They bear no family nam6. 

DESAYGURREE, ^^/^'Lj^ Fees or pri- 
vileges enjoyed by the head clerk. 

DESH, Desam, "S^a5» Country, place. 

DESHA CAVEL, or Dishacawel, (iS^T-S© 
desa-cavili) Fees for protection, black mail, 
collected by those who are patrols. 

DESHADIGARI, "^ V'^T^a Ruler, head man. 

DESHMGGKH,(De«a-mukhya"S«'tf»4)§) The 
chief, ruler, governor of a district. The laird 
or captain of a fort. 

DESHMGGKEE, The fees paid to the chief- 

DESHGEE, See Desai. 

DESIVANDAM ENAM, See Da«avandam. 

DESMGGK, ^^ilx>4> A chieftain. A Zemindar, 
or Chowdry. 

DESMGGKEE, -^^^xi^ The lordship, or 
authority of a ruler. A district. 

DESOY, See Desai. 

DESFGNDEAH, Despandeah or Despondee 
■6^-^oag. Chief accountant, principal clerk. 

DESSAUVE, Dessye, Desai. The chief clerk, 
or hereditary manager. 

DESWAR-DE'SA VAR, Appertaining to a vil- 
lage. The Deswar accounts, the village ac- 

DE^SWA^RI HISAB, Taluk wan Hisab, A 
list of estates according to districts. 

DETRGY, Error for Durai, a ban or protest 
against violent proceedings. 

DEVADASI, -SsS-cy^ A dancing girl in a pa- 

DEWAN KHA^NA, The Court, or hall. The 
Presence chamber. 

DEWANI-ALEA, ^U ^l^^j The chief 

DEWAN KHALSA, ^^i^ j^^ The office 
of Accountant. 

DEWANI, ^j^j The office or duly of Mi- 
nister, or Manager. Tiie Government also 
called Sadar Diwani Jl^j^j^^. 

DEVASTHA'N, ^^-fr^ps^ a pagoda. 

DEWTA, -^as^ A god, a demigod. 

DEWUL, i. e. devalayam iSsne^dSSsSw A pago- 
da or temple. 

DEWUSTH AN, "^s^ii^iStfjo A pagoda, a tem- 

DEVADAYAM, Devadyen or Devadayam, 
T6iT»TT»cR6o Lands granted to pagodas. 

DEVALAYAM, 1&st^v<^o A temple. Devas- 
thanam "^J^i^jS^ A temple. 

"^ Digitized by ^OOgie 




DE'VANA'GARI or NA^GARY, The cbarac- 
ter in which Sanscrit is properly written. 

DI/VA^NGA-VA^NDLU, "^sj-oHbeJo (Telugu) 
Devangada-varu (Kann.) The weaver-lrihe. 

DEVEE, and Mala, "The Goddess," "Our 
Lady" — phrases used for the small pox. 

DEVUSTAN DUBHEE, {^^^ dabbi, a box) 
The money box, or treasury, in a pagoda. 

DEW, (Deva,) A god, an idol, a demigod. 

DEWALLY, See Dipavali. 

DEW AN, \j^ A court: a hall: a minister: 
the receiver general : a judge. 

DEYIT, or DEYUT, ^^^j The price of 
blood : the recompense to be paid by the 

DHAN, or Dhun, e?i6«S» Wealth. 

DH A'N, T»*»^§«^ Rice or corn in the husk. Un- 
cleaned grain. 

DHANDORA, Ij^ljjbj ^^^^ Proclama- 
tion by beat of drum. 

DHA^N-MUDDY, (from madi s^^) A rice field. 

DHA^NYAM, -^i^^^ Grain. 

DTJARA'VAT, ^tt»s$5~ (Mahratta) Money 
that is deposited as security, or bail. 

DHARMA-CARTA, ^1^^ ^ A Warden. The 
manager or superintendent of a pagoda bears 
this title in the Madras Government. 

DHARMA'DA'YA, ejs^^-CPcs^iSM Lands 
granted for the support of brarains. 

DHARMASANAM, ^;a^-^?Sto A charitable 


^il^l^L?*^ -^ public lodge or hall for travel- 

DHARMA-SASTRA, ^Jl*'^4^«$» The Hin- 
du law. 

DHARWA, t^dsT^ (Mahr.) The grain-meter. 
He who claims a fee on all grain that is mea« 
Bured. Dharawagiri, The right to this fee, 

DHEDA, or DHER, A pariar or out caste. 

DHEEMAT, See Dimmat. 

DHELAIT or DHELOYET, An armed at- 

DHER, (or Ohumar) A pariar. 

DHERMASOLLA, Error for Dharma-stla, A 
lodge or public hall for travellers. A hospital. 

DHERNA, " To «t dharna" denotes to dun. 

DHEROTE, See Dharavati. 

DHEYR, or DHERA, A pariar or out caste. 

DHIRMADEY, Error for Dharm-adayam. 

DHOBEE, j^^ . A washerman. 

DHORA,or''DORA,<S^tfLord, owner, ruler. 
A gentleman. 

DHOTI, DHOTRA, A man's girdle, or lower 

DHROO PYER, (Dhruva-pairu) A phrase for 
cocoanut and palm trees. The phrase requires 
some proof. 


DHUNGA, or DaNGA, \^j Outbreak, mu- 

DHUNGUR, J^j A shepherd. 

DHURMAM, 2?l^«s>3 Charity. Virtue. 

DHURMADIKAREE,^r^2J^T'ft Dharmadhi- 
cari. Manager, superintendent. 

DHURMADOW, Error for Dharm-adayam. 
Alms, charity, donation. 

DHUR.MA PATNI, A lawful wife. 

DHURMA PRABHU, « ^^^^^^ Own lord, 
proper ruler. A phrase used like ** Your 
Lordship, bis honour." 

DHURNA, \jK^ Dunning [this is Prinsep's 
rendering] The dun siu at the door of hia 
debtor, or enemy, starving, and threatens to 
remain there and die, unless his request is 
granted. This mode of harassing is now for- 
bidden by the law. 

DHURRUMSALA, if^-p^t> A hospital, alms 
house, inn for strangers. 

DHDRUM, Error for dirm ^ a small coin. 

DHYE; Error for daee ^*\^ a wet nurse. 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




DIENAR, See Deenar. 

DINAR U » % A certain Persian coin. 

DINGEE3, (Bengali) A email boat. 

DINUSS, Error for jins, J^^ Goods, articles. 

DI'PA'VALI, 6^;$9 A certain Hindu feast. 
See Deepavali. 

DIRAM, or DARAM, A certain Persian coin. 

DIRROAS, meant for «C^?^ daruvu a large 

DIRVESHES, jjtu . .J A friar, monk, beggar. 

DISSAAVA, A certain oflBcer in Ceylou. Pro- 
bably the same as Desai. 

Dl'VALIGE, (Kann. k^^) A certain feast. 

DIVAN, I ^^ A court. 

DIVAN, Deewan, j .j A minister, a head 

DI'WA'NF, See Dewanee. 

DOBASH, See Doobaph. 

DOBY, (dhobi) ^;^»> A washerman. 

DOFUSLY, ^Lih .J Yielding " two crops" 
in the year. 

DOG, Error for Dawk. 

DOKAN, dukan, , K ^3 A shop. 

DOKANDAR, Dokan-wala, A shopkeeper. 

DOL, Doll, meant for Daul, Dai, Ifj Pigeon- 
pea : a favourite article of food : called in 
Telugu '2)*^ex) Pesalu. 

DOLLE, Error for Dauli, Dowlee. 

DOLY, Dooly, t « A litter or small palan- 

DOMBOOR, Dombur, Dommar vandlu, <^^ 
^•r»c^ Tumblers, dancers, roving players. 

DONDAR, i. e. Dum-dar, \^ ^^ 

DONGA, <sroX A thief. 

DONY or DOONY, <r«|b A brig, or sloop. 

DOOBASH, or DUBASH, An interpreter, a 
middle man, guide, manager, money-lender, 
man of business, head clerk. A shark who 
does the buj«ines8 of strangers. This claf»s of 
thieves is nearly extinct. The word Dubash 
is of unceVtain origin. 

DOOFUSSUL, See Do Fasli. 

DOOKAN, A shop. 

DOOLY, DOLI, ^0 A litter, or small pa- 

DOOMAL, or DOOM ALLEE, This seems to 
be an error for Dumbala. 

DOOMBALA, Dumbala, A written permission 
or warrant. The same as Jodi or Joree In- 
aum. A grant or sunnud. Dumbala seems to 
be a Canarese word. Some have attempted to 
derive it from the Persian words rftifw, a tail ; 
or do mil two estates. It is a sort of man* 
y^m: being land granted on a favourable 
lease : or on quit rent. 

DOORGA, A certain goddess. 

DOORGA POOJA, aSbXe-^gpa A certain feast. 

DOORGANY, Error for duggani Cft7n»e3 a 
half penny. 

DORA, <S^tf Lord, owner, master. A gentle- 

DORAGAROO, ^^1^^ His lordship, his 

DORAVU, ^tf« A large well. 

DOREAS, ^ « Striped muslins. 

DORWA, Error for <S^tf sr-db doravaru. Lord, 
owner, master. 

DORWA, Error for dharava ^rS-sn (Mahratta) 
the official who measures grain. Dorwa-giri, 
the right or title to perform this ceremony. 
Also the fees thereupon. 

DOSS, i. e. Das, Dass -(S^'^% A slave, a wor- 
shipper. Ram Doss, one who adores Rama. 
This is a Hindu name. 

DOUL, DOWL, I « The fixed rate, the sum 
demanded. Literally the mode, or fashion. An 
estimate. A statement of the sum due as re- 
venue. ** Doul, wasal, baki," J|^ \^ J « 
Demand, collection and balance. 

DOUL POTTA, daul-palla \n^ L» A rent- 

Digitized by 





DOVI-BAR, Kannadi <e^S)MS Literally, the 
scull-famine. The great famine of 1802 is 
known as an sera, by this name. 

DOW, (Canarese or Mahratta) A canoe. A 
sloop or brig. 

DOWDOO, tf ^«^ or Dour, (From the Hind. 
\j.A lo run) A chase, hunt. An incursion of 
robbers. Penderi dour. The Pindari invasion. 

DOWL, See doul. 

DOWLAT, ^^j . Fortune. 

DOWLE, See Doul. 


DRAGOMAN, (Turkish ; i. e. \^^\ tarju- 

man) An interpreter. Same as Dubash. 
DRAIN, Error for diram. A coin. 
DRAVIDA, iJJ'a^^ Another name for Tamil. 
DRAVIDA DE^SAM, The Tamil country. 
DROGA COSS, (Error for Darogha-Khass.) 

Superintendent of the household. 
DROGERMAN, Drogman, See Dragoman. 

DROOG, meant for Durgam ^g3S» A steep 
hill. Literally. Inaccessible. 

DROWA-PYRE, i. e. Dhruva Pairu ^jS$2c6 
See Dhruva. 

DRUGGERMAN, An interpreter. See Drago- 

DUAN, See Diwan, Deewan. 

DUB, or DABBU, tf wo^ Money. A penny. 

DUBASH, SeeDoobash. An interpreter. Com- 
monly asserted to come from Do-bhushiy he 
who speaks two languages. But that root is 
not easily proved. Others derive it from the 
Arabic jj^^^v) ^*^®* "^^^^ '® equally im- 

DUBBEE, ^^^ A snuffbox. A treasure chest. 

DUBBER, A box or pouch. A leathern sack 
or bottle for butter or oil. 

DUBBOO, tf »i^ A halfpenny. 

DUCKI, See Dukki. 

DUDAY, One-fourth of amaund. 

DUDL or DOODY, ^^^y Cotton wool. 

DUFF A, «jj A band of policemen: usually 
twelve. Duffadar ^jjj its serjeant or cap- 

DUFTER, tj J Register, record. Office. Re- 
cords, papers. A bundle of documents, 

DUFTER BUND, An office keeper. 

DUFTER KHANAH, ^iU yij ^^ o^cc. 

DUFTER KHURCH, ^ tj j Office expen- 

DUGGA^I, afi.7r-e3 a halfpenny. 

DUGGEES, (Madras phrase) Small beams, 

DUKHNEE,(Dakhini) • ^j adj. Southern. 

Also a name for the Hindustani language. 
DUKflUN, See note on Deccan. 
DUKKI, «^l_ Rain is measured by certain 

quantities, each of which is called one d,uk'k\^ 

or ploughing. Equivalent to what we call 

one inch of rain, 
DUKKIN, See Deccan. 
DULALI, DALALI, Brokerage, fees paid to a 

Broker. See Dallal. 

DUL-JUMMA, See Doul. 

DULLAL, DALLA'L, A broker. 

DULL ALLY, Fees paid for brokerage. 

DULPUT, (i. e. dala-pati «e)^») A general, a 

DULWAY, i. e. Dalawai «? iJ'oaa (Kann.) A 
General. A Minister, a Chief. It answers 
to the old French title Oonnetable, or. Grand 
OonsUble ; or to the Musulman ♦' Dewan." 

DUMBALA, See Doombala. 

DUMRY, A penny. See Dammidi. 

DUNDIGA, See Dandiga. 

DUNG ALY, A measure of two seers and a half, 
used in South Kannara. 

DUNGAR, See Dhangar. 

DUPPaTI, fi&j6^*3 A vest, a sheet or cloak 
worn by men. Duppati Kalivu (Kann.) A cer- 
tain fee formerly exacted at harvest lime. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




DURAEE, •\ ^ Ban, caveat, Telo. Arrest of 
proceedings. Adjuration or prohibition in the 
King's name. The same as the Norman cus- 
tom called Habo. The Sanscrit phrase is ^ 
5»o^'ara»'fl#», andthe Telugu word is "5^ 
^ iooft'u. " NIku razu dura'i" is I adjure 
you on your allegiance to desist—** or" I lay 
the King's ban on you. But this warning is 
given by a person not in authority : and might 
be rendered ** Stop, or I will report your con- 

DURBAR, See Darbar. 

DURGA, See Doorgu. 

DURGA, SeeDargah. 

DURGI HUN, f^ii^-^cj^fii^ A gold pagoda, 
(see that word) so called because it bore the 
image of the goddess Durgi. 



Request, application, tender, offer. 
DURKHADST-DAR, He who makes an offer 

or application. 

^ tf The manager or warden of a pagoda. 
DUROBAST, ^^^.^y.^ ^n al^ entirely, in toto. 
DURRAH, (Mahr. meant for «S"C5* dada) A 

body of troops; a camp. Prinsep. 2. 105. See 

Molesw Diet. p. 489. 

See Molesw. p. 493. Duff. Vol. 2. 231.) A su- 
perintendent, an overseer. 
DURRUMSALLAH,(45^^e>Dharma sala,) 

a poor's house, hospital, caravanserai. 
DURWAN, \ J A porter, a doorkeeper. 
DURYAFT, ,^^iU J Investigation, inquiry. 
DUSKERDON DUFTERS, Transcript from 

the cash accounts ? (Marsh on Sir G. Barlow 

p. 108) Corrupted perhaps from dast kardan 

DUSRA KOOMERE, Fees levied at the Da- 

sara feast ("*>» mera being a fee, in Telugu ; 

and A;a meaning af in Hindustani. The word 

is doubtful.) 

C. P. Brown' 9 Zilla Dictionary, 

DUSSARAH, A cerUin feast. See Dasara. 

DUSSERAHBUKRA, The *'goat" sacrificed 
at the Dasara feast 

Certain fees levied in old days at the same 

DUSSUTARY, See Dasturi. 

DUST, See Dast 


DUST.BAKEE, See on Baki. 


DUST KHUTT, Signature. 

DUSTOOR, J^j Custom method. 



Custom, fee; dues. 


DUSTUCK, (^J^j) A passport, permit, or- 

DUT, «^o Given, gift. Ramdutt, -miSbtf I6«6 
Bestowed by Rama. This is a common name. 

DUYAM, (Doo-yem) . ^ The Second. 

A particular mode of adoption among bramins: 
whereby the real father retains his authority. 

DY, Several words placed under Dm are wrong- 
ly written Dy. Thus '^^% (a demon) should 
be Dait-ya, not Dytya. 

DYAK, (correctly Da-y&k) A certain tribe in 

EaHTIMAM, See Ihlimam. 
ECA-BHOGAM, i^^K^ One lot That is, 

undivided possession : all the land being held 

in one name. 
EDE, xyC' ^ ^®*^^» * holiday. 
EDIT, ;^j^ (iddat) Time of probation, or 

EEDGAH, ^Ifjj^ A mosque. 

EEDIGA, (rdiga) c«r»a"^^«6 A man of the 

caste who draw toddy. Vintners. 
EEJARDAR, See Izara, or Ijara. 

Digitized by 




EENAKAL BERUT, Error for Him KjJa 
Umrtym t'||-r»«^«^ A tUre (wIm term 
doriof ) ft ttsM of ikoiine : or, omt whom hit 
was MTtd dttriflf ft ftcarcat J. 

ENDRA, L c. eeodm or^ttf Nsom of ft emde 
wbo draw toddjr, Liquor sellen. 

EONIAM, Error for Tafnya dNft« A Sacrifice. 

EHEWAL, L e. abwal M^f Coodilkm. 

EH^ T, BERf Error for Cbhattar, ao mnbrdla. 
EJAMAHNEN, Ejamao, EjmftOD, Sm Taja- 

EJARAH, Se« Ijanu 

FKA'DASI, b-r^^P 1*be eleventh daj of the 
moon: cither new moon or full moon: ttia 
obierred by Hindus at a fast 

EK-FU8LY, \^ f^\ Producing only •* one 

crop*' in the year* 
EKREH, S&>r-ap The English word ''acre/' 

which is about half a &^o yftam or viss. 
EKSA'LA, ^l^ i^^\ LasUng "one year;" 

EKWAL, \\A\ Agreements, promises. A 

written promise. 
ELAKEH, or ILAQA, ^l^ Dependency, 

belonging. A dlitrict, a division. 

BLANOADU TARISU, (Tamil) AVfttte land 

with underwoods. 
BLANOAL TOTAM, (Tamil) Waste land 

brought into cultivation at a garden. 
BLOHA, (Hind?) The bird called a snipe. 
ELOHl or EBLCHEE, ^^^S An ambassador. 
BLLAAK, See Ilaka. 
BLLANKA, See Ilaka. 
EMAN, IMAUM, [^\ A prelate, patriarch. 

priest, chief. 
KMAPAT, IMARAT, i^\^f^ A mansion or 

noble building. 
EMAUMBARY, ^^[^ \^\ A building rised 

at somo of the Musulman feasts. 
EMIR, AMKER, A chieftain. 

Cnnov, ft gift. Laad gnntftd free of tax, or 

EM Alf-iODBE, f»>F*ite#^!^ Omt nal. 

ENAUMDAR, ^\j \^\ Tlw holder or eojoj- 
er oflreelaad. 

EN AYET-NAMA, 4^\j ^^^Vj^ A letter froM 

a soperior. Literally The statement of your 

IRIKELA or YEROOCOLA, m>f^9 A tribe 
of gipsies. 


ERVA, or YEROOVA, eB»aSi A ship's keel. 

BSTEYAR-NAMA, juU .\JLi1 ^ prodama- 

tion, a written declaration, an adrertisement. 


ETM AUM, Error for Ihtimam. 

EYE-EDEIN, meant for mMi, ,,jj^ "the 

two festivals :" being the dual of eed. 
EZAFA, See Izafa. 
EZARA, See Isara, or Ijara. 
EZARDAR, See Isarrdar. 

h 9 Many words wrongly written with F may 
be found under Ph. Thus Ful is meant for 
Phal, fruit : and (vice vers&) phouse is cor- 
rectly Fouj. 

FAKEER, FAQUIR,^ A beggar, a friar 
or monk. 

FAKIRA'NA, ^\^ Alms lands: granted 
as a pension. 

FAKIAM, Meant for Vakyam v*r^o word, 
expression, mathematical phrase. 

FALAM, FULUM. U or fanam: A sUyer 

groat Forty-five fanams where reckoned 
equal to one pagoda. Twelve fonams and three 
quarters were (in 1817) the value of one ru- 

FALAM, i. e. phalam ^«Jdbo Fmit, crop, profit, 

FALA'NA, 4i|i Fulaneh. So and so. Falana 
ghar, such and such a house. This Arabic 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




word 18 now used in Spanish ; see Memoires 
de Snchel toI. 1. 301, where it is written fuU- 
no. • 

FANOOS, jjgu^U A Untem: a glass covering 
for a lamp : which in Indian English is called 
a * shade.' Probably from the Greek phaeinos. 

FAQUEER, See Fakeer. 

FARANGI, See Feringy. 

FARARI, ^\j A fugitive, a runaway. Pauti 
farari, ^ \i ^ i Dead and fled. Killed and 

misMng. Farari 16g, Deserters. 

FARIGH KHATTI, U^ ^^U A deed of re- 
lease : an acquittance. This has been corrupt- 
ed into Parikhat •^64>S. 

FAROKHT, 4^^. J Sale, selling. 

FARSANG, ^; i or Parasang. A Persian 
measure of length. It equals twenty- two fur- 
longs and two fifths : or, 2. 78 mile. Kerr's 
Voyages IX. 214. 

FASIK, - \i Villain, rogue, rascal. 

FASIL, See Fazil. 

FASL, A^f Season, crop, harvest. 

FASL CAMMI, ,-^J^ Deficiency in the 

crop : lightness of harvest. 
FASL ZYA'STI, ^l^b :J^ A second or 

extra crop. 
FASL SUKKHI, ^^l^J^ Drought. 

FASLI, FUSLY, l^ Harvest, crop. The 

revenue year^ which commences at the be- 
ginning of the Tamil month Auny, on 13th 
July. The Bengal Fasli year 1232 is contem- 
porary with th^ Madras Fasli 1235. (Warren, 

FATWA, See Futwa. 

FAUJ, See Fouj. • 

FAUSEE, See Phansi. 

FAUTI, See Farari. 

FAZENDARY LAND, Nearly the same as 
manyam: See Bombay Monthly Times 2d 
March 1848, p. 34. This seems some error. 

FAZIL, J^U Surplus, J^^^ J^U Fasil Wa- 
sool, Excess. Extra collections. Fasil Ziadati, 
^JjUj J-^li '^^^ second, or extra crop: 
which pays a lighter tax. 

FEE, or FI J (Arabic) In, On. Filhal jUlJU 
At present. Filfail JjuJj i in fact. Fi jins, 
** per article." F! man " per maund." Fi ism 
Per name, per bead. 

FEEL, jjj An elephant. Feel Khana. the 

FELEK, ^jjJt The firmament. The basti- 
nado : wherein the soles of the feet are turn- 
ed to the sky. 

FELOOS, FULUS, ^^ (plural of Fils^) 
Farthings, pence. 

FERASH, *li A menial, a sweeper. 

FERD, FIRD, j j A sheet of paper. 

FERINGY, FIRINGI , ft i A name of scorn 

and contempt used by Mahomedans regarding 
the ** Franks" or Europeans, (Franc/ soldats) 
who were known by that name, when they 
served under Musulmans, or opposed them 
in war. At present * fringy' or • firingi' (or 
^^oa Parangi) is generally applied to the 
black descendants of the Portuguese. From 
this is derived ftOoa pirmgi^ the Telugu 
name for a cannon. Yet there is wanting 
sufficient proof that the word is corrupted 
from ** Franc." For the early Portuguese 
were not known by the name Franc. At pre- 
sent it is applied in contempt to all Euro- 
peans or half castes. 

FERINGY OHEOOA, J^tJoX^r^ China-root; 
Smilax China, A certain medicinal drug, 
like Cinchona. 

FERIST, FERUST, Error for Fihrist. 

FETWA, See Futwa. 

FI See FEE. 

FIDVI, ^^. j^i Servant, " I," your humble ser- 

FidRlST, ,^^^^ A list, a catalogue 

Digitized by 





FILHAL, See Fee. 

FILUS, See Feloos. 

FINGIAN, Error for Fingani : that is, crock- 
erj, china ware : the word is found in Our- 
zon's Visits to Monasteries vol. 1. 286. 


FIRANSEY, Error for Fran9ois. Firansej 
Mumliket, European governments. 

FIEASHE, See Ferash. 

FIRD, See Ferd. 

FIRINGI, See Feringi. 

FIRMAISHI, *^L« i Ordering, procuring, 
raising, levying. 

FIRMAUN, l^ J Command, edict, warrant. 

FIRYAD, j[^ i Complaint, petition. 

FIRYADEE, .^\j j Complainant, petitioner. 

FITNA, ^jjj3 Quarrel, sedition. 

FITOOREE, ^ j^ Dissension, mutiny. 

FLUCE, Error for Felus, Feeloos. 

FOTEHDAR, ^j ^ j A banker, a money 

FOTY-, FOUTY, See Fauti. 

FOUJDAR, See Faujdar. 

FOUJDAR, \j,^J Faujdar, Commander of 
an army. Ruler of a district. 

pertaining to the Foujdar. Foujdarry Adaw- 
let (see Adawlet) the supreme court of jus- 
tice under the Mahomedan governments. This 
name is retained by the English supreme 
court, as distinguished from Her Majesty's 
Supreme Court. The Company's Courts were 
originally guided by Mahomedan law; and 
thus took this name : which they still retain 
though the law has been changed, as exhibited 
in the modern Regulations and Acta of Go- 

FOUT, ^ij^l Faut,) Dead. Fout Farari, 
Dead and fled : Killed and missing. 

FOUTEE-NAMAH, ^^Ij J j Obituary. List 
of deaths. 

FRAZEL, " A weight of 29ilbs avoird. Or, 
26| raU." Finkerton's Voyages, VIII. 518. It 
is a weight used at Mocha. This itf tbe cor- 
ruption of some unknown Arabic word* 

FRINGl, See Feringy. 

FUKEER, See Fakir. 

FUL, meant for Phal, i. e. Fruit. " 

FULLEEA, error for j^alleh ^^ a faamlei or 
small village. 


FURASH, See Fe— 

FURMAS, See Farmayish. 

FURNAVEES, (See Fa—) Fird-navis, A clerk 
or register. 


FURYAD, See Fi— 

FUSKEE, ( ,^^ f A double handful of grain. 
This was a fee, levied by certain rulers. 

FUSL, (See Fa—) J^J Harvest time : a crop 
or reaping. 


FUSLY, FASLI, i^ An Official year, com- 

mencing, (formerly) from harvest time. At 
present it is reckoned from 13th July, the first 
day of the Tamil month Auny. 

FUSSUL, See Fasl. 

FUSSUL-SOOKHEE, Loss by drought. 

FUTTER, meant for patthar -J, Stone 
■futter bundy bowri j6J|>»oQipd5. a well with 
a stone ledge. Naya patthar Kamgari ^SSJi 
Aj\y^ Repairs of stone walls. 

Futwa, Sec Fa, ^ rj Sentence, decree. 

FUZEETEE, Bhajeetee, Phajiti, errors for fa- 
zi^hati\ i^jKjcUafl? Disgrace, ignominy. 

FUZZLE, See Fazl. 

FYSUL, (See Faisal) ^JL^ji A decree, a deci- 

FYSALATI, JJLaji Settlement, decree. 

G. GABBA'T JINS, Gabad, Gabbaut jini, 
(a word of unknown origin) also called Kira- 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




najiDB. Huziery, gruff goods, grocery. This 
phrase includes treacle, cocoanut kernel , dry 
ginger, betelnut, chillies^ spices, wax, lac, and 
drugs in general. Also copper^ bellmetal, lead 
indigo, &c. 

GADDA TEERVA, Kgfta&«$ (Literally, 
smoothing the clods) Reclaiming fresh land ; 
bringing forest land intp cultivation. Breaking 
up the fallows. 

OADEE, ^j^f A throne. 

GADEE, i. e. guddi ?ca Aghurry or small fort. 

GADEE, i. e. ghurry ^ J^ An hour : a clock. 

GA'DEE, ^jlf gari A Carriage. 

GADEH CAREE, X3-r»d A mason or brick- 

GADI CAR, XTa-T'iS A captain of a fort. 

GAIB,(GHAIB) ^^^j Mislaid, missing, hid- 

GAIBAT, GHUEBAT, ,-^j^ Lost, missing. 

Extra (Collections*) An out station, an out 
post, away from head quarters. 

Title of a certain ruler in Guzerat. 

GAINI, (kann : 2?> Kaini or T|P garni) A field 
a plot of land. 

GAINI-GAR, (Kannadi) 2?^^^ ^ renter. 




GAIT AS, Tl tf?T»o^ A cerUin tribe of moun- 
taineers in the Rajahmandry district. 

GAITREE, Error for Gayatri. 

GA^JANI (Kannadi ?) Pasture land : only sown 
once in the year* 

GALASS, Error for the ylacis of a fort. 

GALLA or GHULLA, ^ Grain: corn. 

GAI-LIVAT, A brig or sloop. 

GAM, ]f A village. 

GAM-GANA or GAON-GANA, hissab, A vil- 
lage settlement. 

GAM KHUROH, ji^Jf^ C^ess resembling 
Poor's Rates in England : both in severity of 

exaction and wantonness of waste. The money 
is levied on various pretences by the hea4 
man in a village : it is laid out in bribing ea« 
perior servants, in feasting travellers, danc- 
ing girls, and the like. These old. fashions are 
now abolished. 

GANGA, The Ganges. Any holy river. Holy 

GANGANA HIS AB,' Village accounts. 

GANJA, GANJAI, xojy-o» The hemp plant, 
which furnishes an intoxicating drug. 


GAPAT, See Gabhat. 

GARACA NATTU, X'i5ri5to A deep rooted 
tough grass that infests some fields. 

G ARAN A, \i\^f Family : household, adj. Res- 
pectable, substantial. 

GARANCHI, ^ -«;. i^ A chest stand : a 
frame on legs. 

GARAPA, Ktf j6 Stony, gravelly. 

GARBHA CHUMI, Error for Garapa. 

GARCE, (correctly Garisa K6t6. 

GARDEE, meant for the English word Guard* 

GAREE, ^cff-^ carriage, a cart. 

GAREEB,GHARIB, ^^^^ a Poor. Mild, gen- 


^Z^^X^y^j ^wl O patron of the poor \ 
This is a phrase in letters. 

GARISA, x^d^ The measure vulgarly called a 

GARIVEE, meant for Gyarwi - \J^ vul- 
garly spelt Geearween. A certain Maheme- 
dan feast. The eleventh day after new moon. 
See Herklots, p. 237. 

GAROO, TT'C^ A word added to express honor 
Thus Dora Master : " dora garu" his hon- 
our." Talli or Talli garu, mother. 

GAROORA, i. e, Garuda X^^tf A hawk: which 
is held in honour by the Hindus. 

GAR REE, (gar!) A carriage. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




GARUDA, x-flStf A hawk. 

GARUVU, <tfb« Gravelly soli. 

GASSUA, Error for Ghasi. 

GATTU TUM, x-to^tfw. A certain mea«urc. 

See Toom. 
GAUM, GAON, ^t^ A village. 

GAUR, Error for Guebre i. e. Gabr. 
GAYALU, (Kann. JCdfin-^S gayyaH) Waste, 

uncultivated, wild. 
GAYATRI, incKft^© Name of a certain prayer 

used by Bramins. 
G AYBUT, (Ghaibat) Lost, extra. 
GAZ or GUZ, or GAJ or GUZ, or GUJUM, 

^ 7Cei5ao A measure of two cubits. 
GAZI, See GHAZI, ^.[z 

GAZNEVIDES, The name of the dynasty who 
ruled Ghizni ; so spelt by Hyde in his Re- 
ligio Veierum Persarum. 

GAZU, irv^ Glass. Bracelete made of black 

GAZU-BANDA, ir^w^i^ois A tax levied by 
the old Musulman rulers on glass bracelets. 

GEESH, A Turkish phrase for Abissinians. 

GEETA, A song. Also the (Bhagavat giU) ti* 
tie of a certain sacred volume. 

GENI, GUNI, KENI, "^tl (Keni) Rent on 
land. Mula geni, moola gueni f^yr^'^'ii^ Quit 

GENTOO, A word of unknown origin and first 
used by the Portugueee : it denoted *'Hindu." 
Sometimes it was used for **Telugu." It is un- 
known to the Hindus among whom '' Jantu" 
means an animal. In the year 1682 the inha- 
bitants of Madras are, in a proclamation, des- 
cribed as ** English, Portuguese, Gentoo and 

GHAIB, |_^^/ Secret, hidden, unknown. 

GHAIR, ij Other, strange. 
GHAIRADA, ]^\ ^ Besides, excepting. 
GHALLA, ^ Com, grain. 


GHANS DANA, ^\^^\^ " Graas and 
com.'* or Ghans lakri " Grass and fire wood." 
A phrase for foraging: or provisions taken 
by force. It was an insulting expression for 
additional taxes. 

GHAREE, GARRY, Error for gari «\f A 

GHABIB PARWAR,^^^ ^__^^ « Cherisher 

of the poor." A oomplimenta^ phrase, like 

•* your honour." 
GHAT' A' rO'P, (Mahratta, ^^^^ ) A 

cupola, a litter or palankeen. Ghata^^p-^sar- 

na. To encage or box up as a woman, or « 

prisoner, in a palankeen. 
GHATIKA, i&«9T^ An Indian hour of about 

twenty minutes. 
GHATTA, ^^ A mountain pass or defile this 

is mispronounced " Ghaut." 
GHAUT, (^\^ ghat A landing place in a 

river. A mountain pass or defile. 
GHAUTBARRY, A tax formerly levied at 

mountain defiles : or at landing places. 
GHAUT SERANG, A crimp or head man at 

a landing place, or sea port. 
GHAUT WALLA, Jl^^l/ The Officer who 

superintended a landing place. The port cap- 

GHAZI, ^.\^ A conqueror : a slayer of in- 
fidels. A military incursion or inroad. The 
French spell it Baema : it is written gaitua 
by the Germans. See Pallme's Kordofan» 
1844 p. 307. 

GHEDDAYAN, Error for Kaddayam «'w* 
d^i&a, Violence, outrage. 

GHEE, j^ Clarified butter. Butter-oil. 

GHEERUT, See Ghairat. 

GHEJUM, error for Gajam, an elephant. 

GHOORRA, GHURRA, , i The first day 
of a month. 

GHOSHA, See Gosha. 

GHRENNA, error for Gebna, i. e. jewels. 

GHUDIA, i. e. Ghadi, A hill fort 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




GHUDKURRIES. L e. X"arOa (Kann) moim- 

Udaeera, inhabitanto of bill forts. 
GHULAM, ^i^ A slave. 

GHULIGAY, error for ^^t GbaUca. 

GHUR,^^ A bouse. A cbamber ; a fort. 

GHURRY, See Gbari. 


GHYR, See Gbair. 

GICKER, error for Gaikwar : i. e. Gayacavar, 
the name of a certain raja. 

GINGILI, A name of Sesamum. GingUi oil is 
oil of Sesamnm. This word is said to be of 
Preneb origin. «« Gingely oil" is mentioned io 
Hamilton's East Indies, printed in the year 
1700. SeePiakerton's voyages, 40. vol. VIII. 
p. 309. 

Error for Jazail J,|^ A large musket or 
wall piece. 

GIRI, XO Sanscrit for a bill. Hence, tbe names 
Ramgiri, Pusbpagiri Ac. 

GOAND, meant for Hr*«6 Godu or •^orto c5n- 
du, tbe name of a tribe who live in the neigh- 
bourhood of Ganjam. They are not Hindus. 
They worship Pennu, goddess of earth, and 
celebrate human sacrifices. 

GODAUK, J6-w« (from Kbtfo gudam, trea^ 
ele, and «M6 iku, leaf) Tobacco prepared 
with treacle. This appears to be a Telugu 
word: yet it does not seem to be known to 
the Telugu people. 

GODENA, or GODNA, ^^^ To Uttoo: to 
mark letters on the skin. 

GODOWN (A Malay word, qandong.) A store 
room, out house, warehouse, cellar, factory. 

GODU or GONDU, See Goai^d. 

GOINDA, , jj^ ^ A spy, a secret informer. 

GOITEREE, A certain prayer. See Gayatri. 
GOJELLY, See Gutri. 

^^^> J^ A round, a circle: a troop of 

borse : an arch. OolbiAdi, turning an arch. 

GOLA or GOLACA, See Eunda Golaca. 

GOLA, J^ A granary : a warehouse. 

GOLA, See. 

GOLA, See GoUa. 

GOL A-PEONS, Guards set over grab : or over 
a treasury. 

GOLADARS, A store keeper. A watchman. 

GOLAM, i. e. Ghul«m, A slave. 

GOLANDAAZ, j< jJJ^f A cannoneer : an ar- 
tUlery man. Golandaxi g^jljJJ^BaU prac- 

GOLAWER, Error for GoUa-varu. 

GOLEE, ^^ A smaU ball. But m Telugu 
this U a corruption of Qt>r^^ a grave : and 

hence golUtan, meant iot gorut^, a ceme. 

QOLE3, i. cOrclcs, squadrons &c. See (Jol. 
GOLKHANA, A prison. 
GOLLA, r-o (adjective) Of the herdsmen's 
caste Golla vandlu, herdsmen. Golla caram 
(Tamil) A tax paid on cattle. 
GOLUK, See Kunda. 

GOMASTHA, ^l^ A clerk, agent, assistant 
GONCHEE, K-oD (Kannadi) A field. 
GONEE, ^^ Jr«i« Sackcloth. Also a sack. 
GONG, i. e. GAON, ^^\f A village. Hence 
ChiHagong. "Ohuru-lown" and Sautgong 
** Seven towns." 
GONG WALLAS, Villagers. 
GOODA, >Cr»dS A nest, a covering for the head. 
GOODAUK, See Godauk. 
GOODEE, i. e. GUDI. i^^ A temple. A circle. 
GOODEE OUTTA, Hbarjw a circle. Sute- 

ment regarding fields. 
GOODEE VARAM, Xi^sntio xba The (ryots) 

cultivators share in the crop. 
GOODUSTA, 4l&jrg««whta. Past, elapsed. 

ScflguzoBhiOy last year. 
GOODY, i. e. GUDF, }(A A temple. 
GOOLAB, ^^^ Rose water. But the flower is 
usually called by this name. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 




GOOL-MEHNDI, ^jj^^ jf The flower com- 

monly called balsam. 
GOOLAL, J)lf Red powder, flung about in 

merry making, 
GOOMAN, ^ \^ Suspicion. 
GOOMANE, ^[^ A suspicious character. 

GOORAIT, See Gorayt. 

GOORAM, iCr^fSO « gQram.' The hammer of a 

gun : on which the flint strikes. 
GOOROHURRA, See Ghorchara. 
GOORKA, See Garaca. 
GOORKnAS, (go-raxa, r*tf^ A herdsman.) 
Name of a tribe of Hindus living near Nepaul. 
GOOROO, ^^^ Guru, A Teacher, a Master, 

a Confessor. 
GOOROO-MOOKHI, ?<oi3&ii»^ A letter or 

message received from a Teacher. 
GOOROO VOO, Error for Gorru r*ld& a 

plough share. 
GOORRA, See Ghurra. 
GOORROH, Error for Guru. 
GOOSHWARAH, See Goshwara. 
GOOTTA, See GutU. 
GOOTTY, s^Mg Name of a town north of Bel- 

GOOZREE, See Guzri. 
GOPURAM, jr^T^tf*^ The ornamented gate 

of a Hindu temple. 
GORAT, '* A light sandy soil." (Query.) 
GORAYAT, GORAIT, (Bengali) A village 
bailiff or watchman. '* Called Oo-right be- 
cause he always goes wrong." Calcutta Re- 
vie^r. No. XXII. p. 345. 
GOREECHa, i. e. Goraxa, (** Preserver") The 

title of the god Parasa nalha. 
GCRRE'H, K^L? A sheep. 
GORRU, ^\^ or Corru r'l^ AdrHl plough. 
Also a certain quantity of land : as much as 
will employ one plough. 
GOS, i. e. GOWS, See that word. It is thus 
spelt in Tavernier's voyages. 

^^T^S*^) A certain class of Hindu friars. 

GOSAUSHT, See Gazasht 

GOSAWEES, See GK)saee. 

GOSH A, 4^^ A corner, concealment, pri- 
vacy. Gosha women are those who are alwrays 
veiled , or locked up. 

GO.SHWARRA, * \ .^^ A summary or ab- 

GOTRA, r^\$ Lineage i "those of my gotra*' 
denotes those who are near kinsfolk of mine s 
whom I cannot marry : being within the 
prohibited degrees. Anya gotra ^^§^^1? • 
person of another family 

GGULEE, The Cowkeeper caste. 
GOUNDLA, X'o^^ The caste of toddy drawers. 
ex) A kind of gold coin. Twenty of these equal- 
led 25 or 30 canthlrava boons. 
GOUSAINS, See Gosain. 
GOVA, ^^ The town of Gt)a near Calicut. 
GOVA-PHAL, X^sS'foto **Goa-fruit" called 

GOW, f (Mahratta) A distance of 8 or 10 

miles, being four eoss* 
GOWD, T^eti or Caunden fi'^olSf- (Kann.) 

A head farmer. 
GO WDA-MANYAMS, Lands granted to head 

GOWDA-MEERAS, Lands granted as miroii 

(See that word) to head farmers. 
GO YEN DA, See Goinda. 
GOZABAN, U • \f Cow's tongue. Name of 

a certain medicinal herb. (Query, Bugloss ?) 

GRAB, (Qharab) ^^ji. 

GRACIAS, See Grassia. 

GRAHA, \]<^ A planet. 

GRAM, Horse corn : a kind of pea. There are 
many varieties : as Bengal gram &c. It is a 
word of unknown origin, and is supposed to 
be meant for the Latin word gramen< 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 




GRAM, or GRAMA, L7^«6 A village. 

GRAMA-KANTAM, L'^s&S'oipJto) Land ap- 
pertaining to a village. 

GRAMA-KHARCH, See Gam Kurch. 

QRAM-JACHACK, Error for Grama-yStchaca 
the village priest. Buch. (Hamilton's) Eastern 
India. 2. p. 493. 

GRAMMATAN, The head man of a village. 
A villager. 

GRAMING, The same as Faikdri. Wilks, vol. 
1. 494. 

GRAM TACKY, (from Bengali, takl, a tax.) 
A house lax. 

book. The sacred volume, or Scriptures, 
among the Sikhs and the Parsis. The ancient 
character in the Tamil language, in which 
Sanscrit is written. 

GRANTHA, \]<oi^^ A book. 

GRASS, or GURAS, Error for Grdsay food. 

GRASSIA, (perhaps derived from ffrasa sub- 
sistence.) Name of certain landholders in 
Guzerat. See Wilson's History of India, vol. 
IX. 178. note: and Forbes's Oriental Memoirs 
vol. 1. p. 329. He spells it Gracia. 

GROUND, A certain measure of laud 60x40 
square feet. It is used at Madras. 

GUALAH GOWLA, Of the cowkoeper caste. 

GUDDA, error for X& A hill fort ; hence the 
wrong word ghurry. 

GUDDA, meant for Gadda t^rva^^^"^^. 
Levelling : breaking the clods. Fifth Report, 
p. 794. 

GUDDEE, or GADI, .j^ A cushion. A 


Gudha-ja Hb^'^e and Giidh-otpanna >^<?^tf^ 

f^ A man of unknown or despicable origin. 
GUDI, T^^ A pagoda or temple. A circle. 
GUDIOATTU, Hbart» Circle, area, the whole 

extent of land under a village. 

C. P. Jiroum'i ZiUa Dictionary. 

GUD-KURREES, X-srOo (Ktxnn.) yadg-kar 

the *' fort people :" the holders of the citadel. 

See account of the siege of Samangad, in 

October 1844. 
GUENI, orGUENY, or KE'NI, (Kann. "i^, 

"f^) A field, a piece of land. 
GUENIE CHALIE, A tenant at will ? 
GUENY NAIRMUL, (nair-mu'lya 2.^*S» 

unbought) A proprietor of the land. 
GUENY SHUDMUL, ib^aSw^o^j Suddha mu- 

lya) Ownership by purchase ? 
GUGARI, (Kann. r^Xd) A perquisite. 
GU'GARI BIL, (Kann. Sj^xef)^ Kugaribil) 

Land assumed by the head man of a village 

as his right. 

GUHOON, GEHUN, ^^^ Wheat. 


GUJRI, ^^^ A market. In Madras the dis- 
trict called the Thieving Bazar. 

GULLEE, GALLI, If A lane, a foot path. 

GUM AN, [^ Suspicion, doubt. 

GUMANEE, Jl^ A suspected person. 

GUMCHI, ggjX A sentry box. A ship's gang- 

GUMMATAM, ;<o^*JsS» (meant for Gunbad 
j^^ '\ A cupola ; a balloon. 

GUN DA, (Bengali) KoS Four cowries. 

GUNGA, SeeGanga. 

GUNGA-JUL, Holy water. 

GUNGA-TOOLSEE, Holy water in which are 
mixed the leaves of the sacred Tulsi plant. 

GUNGE, GUNJ, . j/ A treasury. A gra- 

GUN J A, Error for Ginjha U-^lf A certain 
intoxicating drug. 

GUNJ A- WALL AS, Error for Ganjha-wala 
J\ LfisU r -^ dealer in intoxicating drugs. 

GUNNA-PATTA, X'^^^ Gold-paper, or 
silver paper. Tinsel. 

D^itized by VjOOQIC 




GUNNIES, Sack*., bngs. Sackcloth. From KT* 

p3 goni. 
GUNNY-GC/NT, ^ei Sackcloth. A Back. 
GUNTA, «oo^ A well or pond. A field. A 

measure of land : forty guntas make one acre. 
GUNT'A, ^«;^f ghanl^a, An hour. 

GUNTEEO, ganthio. A pickpocket. 

GUNTH, ** A rod, eight feet long, for measur- 
ing land in the Northern Zilla«. Twenty 
gunths squareid make a beegah.'' 

GUNWAR, ^\^;^^ (gaon-war) A villager. 

GUR, i. e. GHAR -f A house. 

GCRftlEE, Error for Ghurry. 
GURIKAR,(Kan. X-arcC^) Garrison ; literally 

GURISH BAVIDI, Error for gariua bavidi 

xeS'spaa, a *' turf well"— i. e. a pit of Wa- 
GURKURKES, See Gurik.r. 
GURRA,GHOORRAH, ^^ The Hrsl day of 

the month. 
GURRUNT, Error for Grant hlX'oi-xSx) A book. 

The sacred volume adored by the Sikhs. 
GURRY, See Gh- 
GURU, ?<b«i> Lord. Master, Teacher, Confers 

GURUKKUL, A priest. A Tamil phra?e for 

the priests in Saiva temples. 
GUSHEL-CHOES, Error for Ghusl Khas, 

^Uj-u.i The private (i. e. Royal) bath : 

thus spelt in Sir Thos. Roe's Voyage. 
GUTTA, GOOTTA, ;<>^ Rent, farm. The 

same as Ijara. 
GUTTIGEH, (Kan.) Rent. farm. 
GUZ, GAZ, GAJAM, A measure of 28 or 30 

GUZRL GOOZERY, ^j^f A market. The 

** Thieving Bazar" in Madras. 
GYAL, i. e. Gayal, XcHj-gj Waste land. 
GYAL, error for Gaya-wala, 3\/j,f VcCJ-sr^er' 

A man from Gaya (a sacred place in Hin- 
dustan.) A pilgrim, a vagrant, a cheat. 
GYAL KHATA, (Kamiadi ga->ali KcSiSrS 

waste.) The account of petty »ums. The day- 

GYFAT, GYBUT. Error for Ghaibat ^^j,^£ 
Unseen, unknown. An outstation, away from 

GYKWA.R, See Gaicawar. 

GYLONG, (in Tibet) A priest. 

GYRADA, See Ghair-ada. 

GWALLERS, See Goala. 

HaAT, oU ^ niarket. 

HACKERY, A cart. (Is word Mahralta ? 

HACKIKAT, ^^i^^l^ Fact. Circumsfauce, 

HADorHADD, j^> Liujit, boundary. 
HADEES, «J^;j.^ Tradition. 
HAGA, (Kanu.) One tenth of ai» old rupee, of 

which rupees four equalled one Bahadari boon. 

plexed, confounded. 
HAJEE, .^\^ One who has performed the 

pilgrimage to Mecca- 
HAK, IIUCK. ;^ Right, proprietor.>hip, title. 

See note on Iluck. 
HAKDAR, Aj^l^ lie who has a right or title. 
HA'KIM, A\^ A ruler, a commander. 


HAKI'M, ^j^^^ A doctor, a physician. 

HA'KIM WUCT, The present ruler. 

HAKK, or HUG, See IJak. 

HA'L, \\^ adv. At present. Filhal t'^t^ 

the same. 
IIALA'K. ^(V>^ Ruin, confusion. 

HALAL, \l^ Lawfuljegal, permitted. 
HALCARKA, Error for Harcara (In Foibes's 

Oriental Memoirs.) 
HAL-I KAR, error for Ahlilar ^ U^Servants, 

people, establishment, clerks. 
HAL-SAL, \\^, \\^ The present year. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




HALEE, HALF. \\^ (adj.) Present, of this 

HALKA, y^ Light, trifling. 

HALL ACHORE, Error for Halal kbor An out 
caste : literally He who eats what itj lawful : 
for nolhinjif is forbidden him. The word is 
generally applied to night men, those who re- 
move filtli ; many of thege are Musulmans. 

Zulfakkari, ^^ UiU.j ^Jl^ '''I'he present 
Zulfukkari (see that' word) rupee." This was 
named from a certain Sultan. 

HALLE, See Ha'li'. 

HALLI, (Kan.) ^'',§ A village. Thus Deonhal- 
li. The same as Palli. 

HA'LSxA'L, \\^ \\^ The present year. 

HA'LTA, (Kann.) A certain lax, formerly levi- 
ed on pepper &c. in liilghi and Soonda. 

HAMA BA13AT, ^^i\ic.i> '^"^^I, everything. 

HAM A J INS, . 'j^^.^ All articles. 

HAMA KAUM, 3, to All classes. Every 

HAMEE, ^1^ Responsibility. 

HAMEEDAR, tj ^!^ Personal security, 

HAMESHA, ^j^^ Always. 

HA'MISHAM, (Error for e:9c^«Sa> Amsam.) A 

share or portion. 
HAMSA'YAH, ^^\^ A neighbour. Hamsaee 

griimam, A neighbouring village. 
HAN AY, sS^? (Kaun.) A weight equalling 80 

HANDI, j^3j;a a pot. 
HANGA'M, 'jfjj^ Season, time. 
HANGA'Ml, ^«^;ji^ Temporary. Acting. 
HANIFA, 4i>J^^ One of the four great writers 

on Mahomedau law. 
HAR, (P.r.5ian) ^ Every, all. 
HAR, HURR, !^5 o Harah A name of the god 

Siva But HAUI ^'^S is the god Viehnu 

** Hari-Hara" means, Vishnu and Siva united- 
ly. This is the name of (Huiry Hur) a cer- 
tain town. , 

HARAGO'L, (Kan.) or hurgole ^OK^vd A 
boat at a ferry. 

HAR AM, ^ ^ (Hurrum would be the naore 
correct English pronunciation.) A seraglio. 

HARAMZADA, ^j\-^\ ^ Villain, wretch. 

HARI, A name of Vishnu. See note under 

HARKA^RA, ^^Kj^ (vulgarly Hircarrah) A 

messenger, a spy. 
H ARO'L, (Error for Haraval \^\ k A Turkibh 

word.) The vanguard. 
HASARA'NI, (Kan.) A tax levied under the 

native rulers of Canara, on betel leaf &c. 
HA SHAM, j^^ Train, suite, equipage. 

KA'SIL A^\ll, ^^\^ J^U ^ general bond, 
or indefinite security. (Query.) 

HA'Sn., HASSIL, J^U »• 8- l^roduce, result, 
proceeds, revenue. 

HASIL JAMA, . 45. J^U The original 
ground rent. 

HA'SIL KALA'M, JLTj^U Abstract, pur- 

for) Hospital. 

HASTABOOD, ^^ ^^^^^a (Latine, Est ^t 

fuit) What is and what was. An examination 
into the value of land ; wherein we as cer- 
tain from the former, what the present value 
HATH, ^-\^ A hand : a cubit. 

HATH, HAUT, ^^^ ^ market. 
HATSHAHNA, aJ^acv^oIa -^ *^"<^ suivejor 

who collects rents paid in kind. 
HATTEE, See Hat. A market. 
HATZALAMEE, See Hazz al ami. 
HATZA LAM I, Sec Hasil ami. 

HAUKUM, See Hukm. 

Digitized by 





HAUSIL, See Hasil. 

HAUT. See Hat. 

HAVA'LA, ^\ Transfer of charge. 

HAVE'LI, jJ;,^ Government lands. 

HAYELI GRAMAMUL, ^'tO\jr'^iiy>f» 

The domain or home farm. 
HAVELLY, or HAWALIE. See Haveli. 
HAVILDAR, (correctly havaldar) A serjeant. 
HAWZ, HOUZ, ^ A well, bath, pool. 

HAYA'TI, Jtj,^ Granted for life. 

HAYRAN, See Hairan. 

HAYYAM, (Error for Ayyam) Days, time, 

HAZA^RY, . \'K The Commandant of a thou- 
sand men. A Colonel. 

HAZEEL, Error for Hazer. 

HA'ZIR, ^[^ Present: in attendance. 

HAZIRNEES, Error for Hazir nivee?. The 

HAZIR SILK, (silook) ^^JX-.- -iU Balance in 

HAZIRI, ^ j[^ Breakfast. 

HAZIR-ZAMUNY, Personal security. 

HAZNEH, error for Khazana, A treasury. (So 
written in Hope's Anastasius.) 

H AZU^R, or HOOZOOR, ^^^^^ 

HEBA, HIBBA, ^aa Donation, transfer. 

I^EBAH NAMEH, A deed of donation. 

HEBBAMl, (Kann.-^^u-^Oo) The chief clerk 
in a village. (Reeve's Diet. p. 144 3-) 

HEEJIDDOO, Error for Heggada or Heggid. 

HEE.MAT, error for Sr»5&T*e)ifeo Hima calam, 

II EGG AD A^ (Kannadi "^^^j The same as 
the Ttlngu Pregada (JS'X'tf ) Minister, ruler, 
head man. It is added (like Saheb, Meean^ or 
Rao) to several proper names. 

HEJ AM, J^\^ A barber. A surgeon. 

UEJEEB, ^..^.o^^^a- -^ ^^**'^ (^^® i*L 

HEMAGET, Error for Himayat. Protection. 
HENNA, \J^ Tlie herb used to give a red 

dye to the hands and feet. 
HIBBA, ^^ Donation. 
HIBBA-BILIWUZ, ^^^JU>ft A gift with a 

valuable equivalent, or consideration. 
HIBEHNAMA, A deed of gift. 
HIGERA, HIJRI, ^<. -srub The principal c&ra 

used by Mahomedans. It commences on 1 6lh 

July 622. A. D. 
HIMMAT, ^^^^ Aid, instigation. 

Hl'N A RA-'SI, Ir'iSTT-^* The dirtied grain, that 
corn which being at the *' bottom of the heap" 
is mixed with earth. 

HINDKEES, Natives of Affghan, who are €>f 
Hindu origin. 

HINDOWEE, Another name for the Marata^ 

HINDOO YEAR, This was formerly a phrase 
for the Fusil/ year: Thus "The Hindoo 
year 1 186 ended on 25lh Sept. 1779." (See 
Middleton's evidence in tlie Trial of Warren 

HINNA, See Henna. 

HIR, A measure of grain, u^ed at (Honnavar) 
Onor. It is nearly equal to a candi (Khundi.) 
Treaties, 4^. p. 488. 

HISSA, 4^^ Share, portion. 

HISSADARS, Share holders. 
HISSANA^MA, A list of shares. 
HISSAUB, f^^j^j^^^^ An account : a register. 

HISSAUB KOROHA, (i. e. Kharch) An ac- 
count of expenditure. 

HISA'B NIVEKS, The writer of an account. 
Accountant, Register. 

HO, (Mahr.) Yes. Ho Saheb ! means Yes, Sir. 
In Wellington's Despatches vol. 2. p. 1456 it 
is used as a nickname for one who cannot say 

HOBLY, (Kann ) A district. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




HODA, Error for Ohda |j^ . Office, employ- 

HOELT, See Holi. 

HOJET ^^^^ss^s^ Argument, proof. Pledge, Se- 

ER. -'&n^n»'^«:6Kami. ho'ler. A certain class 
of slaves. 

HOLI or HOHLEE, (better written HOELI.) 
A feast held by all Hindus at ihe approach of 
the vernal equinox. 

UOLKAR, name of a certain ruler. This name 
means one who performs or acts in ihe Hoeli 

HOiMjHOMA, -Tj^vj'*^ a burnt offering. 

IIONSNAK, '* llired labourers." This seems 
to be the Kann. words "V^o'^rT^g' hosa-naka, 
•* the new four" — the new half dozen. 

HOOD A, See Ohda. 

HOO JUT, (See Hojet.) Pledge; security. 

HOOK, HUK, j^ Right, title, claim. 

HOOKAH, ^^ A pipe for smoking. 

HOOKAH BURDAR, The servant who pre- 
pares the pipe for smoking. 

HOOKOOMUT, ,^^,(^ Order, command. 

HOOKUM, A command. 

HOOKUM NAMAH, A written order. 

HOOLOOS TEERWA, Assessment on an ave- 
rage of crops. 

HOOLY, or HOOLEE, See Holi. 

HOON, The coin called a Pagoda. This word 
literally means (in Kannadi ■•»r»j&^) in Telu- 
gu sir^rJ>xponnu) Gold. See note on Pagoda. 

HOONDA, HUNDA, (Telugu .^ or Odhra ?) 
An estate : a subdivision in a district. A Gan- 
jam phrase. 

Discount, premium, loss or gain on a bill. 

HOONDEE, ^^^ A cheque or bill for mo- 
ney. A box in which money is kept. 

HOON DI AN, See Hoondavanee. 

HOORDWA LO'GA, Error for Urdhva-loca 

^$S*^^ the world above. (Wilks.) 
HOORMUT, ,^^:^ Honour, regard. 


HOOTAVALI, (Mahr.).Re80urces, capabilities. 

HOOTHASHUNNEE, The same aa Hoeli. 
From Htiiasana ^S^Ar^TTi^s a name of Agni, 
the god of fire. 

HOOTTE'RE', ^^; ^^ Pshaw ! (an expres- 
sion in scolding.) 

HOOZOOR, ^^^^ The presence. Hb honour- 


HORASAT, (Kan. •^^J'tft^^) Wasteland. 

^OSH, Jij^ Sense, senses. Behosh^ Sense- 
less. Hoshyar L • V In his senses. Vigilant, 
watchful. Careful. 

HOUN, See Honn. 


HOUZ. See Ha— 


HO WD AH, ^j j^ A throne or seat on an 


HUB. HUD, HUK &c. See these words spelt 
with A, not with U, Hab &c. 

HUBBLE CUBBLE, (English cant) A small 

HUBSHI, See Ha— 

HUCK, (See Hak.) Right, claim. Fee. 

HUCK, (Haq.) See Hak. 

HUCK ALWIZARUT, The fees paid to the 

HUD, (Had) ^^ Limit, boundary. The punish- 
ment inflicted by cutting off a hand or foot. 

HUDDA, (Error for ohda) Employ, office. 

HUDDA, Error for Ohda. 

HUDJAM,/' Jgj^^ hajjam) Barber. Surgeon. 

HUDUD, . '*" • • 


HUJ AM. (hajnm) A barber. 

Digitized by 





HU JJAT, j^j^j^^ Pledge : security. 

HUKDAUR. \j,i^ He who possesses a right. 

HUKKA, See hooka. 

HUKUM, See hookoom. 

HUK-WAZA, m^.J-w Kighlful deductions. 

Proper allojvances. 
HULDEE, HALDI -ji^ Turmeric. 
HULKA, ^\^ Light, empty, vain. 
HULLU, (Kan. ^^«^) GrasK. 
HUMA'BABAT, ^^^Ij^ji All together. Grand 


HUMA9AYA, ^/^^ A neighbour. Neigh- 

IIUMGAM, See Hangam. 

HUM MAUL, See Ha— 

HUMSA'YA-GKA'MAMULU, Neighbouring 

HUN or HOON, (Honnu "^rco^, Kanarese 
fur gold.) The coin called a pagoda. 

HUNDA^VA'NI, jXj^X^t Oommission on a 
cheque. Difference in exchange. 

HUNDI, ^j,J^4 A money chest. A cheque or 
money bill given by a banker. In Affghan this 
\vord is pronounced Hindi ; see Prin^ep's Jour- 
nal Vol. VIII. p. 11. And this seems to shew 
that Hundi is corrupted from TLindiy or the 
Balband (Mahratta or Devanagari) character: 
in which these bills are usually written. 

IIUNKOSS, Error for Ancusam eo5S5'o the 
hook used by an elephant rider. 

nUREE, i. e. Hari (pronounced like Harry.) 
A name of the god Vishnii. 

HURREWAL, (A Turkish word, haraval) 
M ^ A guard, a sentinel. 

HURRIKUT, See Haracat. 
HUSBULHOOKUM, .C^)!^^^^ Agree- 

ably to tlie order. By Command. See Treaties 
4«'. 1812. p. 499. 
HUSSERAT, HA'ZIRA'T,^) j,^^''BoMst- 

hold troops." Forbes's Orient. Mem. I. 306. 
HUSTABAR, Error for Hast o bood. 


HUTTALU, (Kann. s™63-ft huttal.) A slave 
by birth. 

HUTTIES, '* Bheel villages." 

HUTTUVALI, Kann. huttavali ^iho^sS? Crop. 
Oul-turn : produce in general. 

HUWALA, SeeHawala. 

HUZAR, (hazar) See Ha— 


HUZRUT, See Ha— 

HUZZOOR, ^^^^ Presence. Court. His ho- 
nour : your lordship. "The Royal Person" 
is the Spanish phrase. Or elsewhere. •* The 
right person." 

HUZZU-BAZAR-DHARA, Error for Arzi- 
bazar, which see. 

HYRAM, See Hairan. 

ICROYETTY, Error for Zirayalf, 

ID, Ede, Eed. 

IDUMU-PAIR, owfilbjfeoJflS (query) *' A crop 
(pairu) which prtys rent unconditionally.'' 
South Arcot Glossary. 

lEONEES, (Ayavani e3-dBSr^ssjb.) 

IIITIMAM, A^l^\ Inspection, supcriutend- 

IHTIMAMDAR, A superintendent. 

IJABAT, ^^^i\^\ Consent, compliance. 

IJAFA, See Izafa. 


IJARA, ^\^\ (Literally Hire, rent^fee ; Sec 
Hamilton's Hedaya. 3. 313.) Patent, warrant 
or grant of an office under Government. A 
farm or priviledge (was the phrase under 
Louis XV.) A Patent was the phrase under 
Elizabeth, in England. A Warrant or Con- 
tract. ** Ijara-dar." A Contractor or Farmer. 
A Patentee. 

IJARI, or IZARE'E, A kind of cotten cloth. 

IJARAIIDAR, ^j,,l^\ A contractor. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 




IJAZAT, <.2^}\^^ Lease, assignment. 
IKBA^L, !\j,;^ Luck, fortune. 
IKHTE'AR, \jj^^\ Oplion : choice. 

IKKE'RI, S^j^a, Ikkeri Sagar, The name of a 
town near Seringapatani. The Ikkeri hoon 
was a gold coin, worth about four Rupees. 

IKRAR, t;\ Acknowledgment. 

IKTALI, Error fur Ikhlyar. 

ILAKA, ^)Ls Belonging; dependance, occu- 

)>ation, control, jurisdiction, district, county, 
))Iace, neighbourhood. 
ILLAin, j^>H Divine, sacred : appertaining 

to God. The title given by Akbar to the era 
he fixed. Guz-illahi, the ro\al or standard 

ILLAQUA,See Ilaka, 

LMAM, IMAUM, \\ A priest. A large bead 

in the middle of a rosary. 
LMAMBARY, -^\, tcl -^ shrine, a place of 

IMAUM, See Imam. 
IN AM, See Enaum. 
INAYATNAMAH, 4^'j^^jVJ^ The hrtter 

^ith which }0tt favoured me. Literally, The 
expres«>ion of favour. 

INDO-BRITOXS, A name for Half castes. 
INGRES, j^ fi) English, Europeans, In A.D. 

1G22 a voyager speaks of Ingreses. Kerr's 

Voyages vol. IX. p. 530. 
IXIAMDAR, See Enamdar. 

IXSAF, ^\^i\ Justice. 

INTIKAL, \\ilj\ Departure: decease. 

IQBA^L, j\j^a Luck: fortune. 

IRI, that is, Hira \.^ A diamond. Thus spelt 
in Tauernier's Voyages. 

IROO-GO'RU, (Teh) 

IRSAL, IRSAUL, J^^\ Remittance. Send- 

IRSAL NAMAH, Irsalputtee, An invoice. 
, ISHTIHAR, (t;^) Proclamation, notice, ad- 
Tcrlisement, publication. 

ISHTI-HAR NAM AH, An advertisement. 
ISLAM, Ij The Musulman faith. 
iSM' A-i\ A. name. A'sa'mi is the plural of Ihi?. 
ISM WAR, Nominal, individual. 
ISNAN, Error for Snan "?^j6«i» Bathing. 
ISTAKBAL, Jij^X-i^ I^eceiving, reception. 
ISTEMERAR, \^l^\ Continuity. 
ISTEMERARY, Continual, perpetual. 

ISTEMRARDAR, He who holds a perpetual 

ISTIMRAR. \ ^^\ (from Amr to say) Grant- 
ed in perpetuity. Ordained. Imperative. 

ISTIMRAR DEHAUT, Villages granted for 

ISTIMRAR JUMMA, ^j\j^^'j^^>. ^'^^^^ 

ISTIYAR, See Ishtihar. 

ISTREE WALLA, The man who irons linen. 

ISTUKBAL, JixiX^^ Reception, honourable 
greeting. Welcome. 

ITMAMDAR, See Ihlimam. 

I YEN, See Ain. 

IYER, meant for Ayya ^c«6^ Father, sir. 

IZAFIIT, ij^l\^] Excess, surplus, addition. 

IZARA, See Ijara. 

IZZAT A'SA'R, .^51 ^.j^ "Homage to the 
Traditions.*' This is a Sectarian phrase, or 
watch word among Mahomedans of the Sheeah 
sect. It is used as a heading of official letters 
written by H.ndu> : without any idea of the 

J ABA'B, See jawab. 

JABAR-DASTI, See Zabr dasti. 

JABEEZ, Error for Jaheez. 

JABESTAN, Error for Tabistan. 

JABTEE, See Zablee. 

JACK or JACK FRUIT, The fruit called Pa- 
nasa ^^i^ in Telugu, and Kathal Usj in 
Hindustani, and in Malayalam Chucka i^iT 
from which the English name is perhaps imi- 

'*'*''• Digitized by V^OOgie 




JAOKENETAR, An assorter: a farmer of cus- 

toms. From the Arabic Zacat ^»« * «», 
JADEED, JUDEED, j^j^^ New. modern. 
JADlTIj^J i^jharLie^a Examination, search. 

JAGGERY, or JAGGREE, Sugar made' of 
the date tree. From the Tamil word Sakkura, 

JAGHEEB, j^l^, Jaghire, jagTr. A rent free 

tenure : on the conditions of Military service. 
The land in tlie neighbourhood of Madras was 
thus granted by the Nabob to Clive : and is 
called the Company's Jaglr. A jagir of 1*2000 
horse signifies land granted on the conditions 
of supplying these troopers. 

JAGHIRE-DAR, The holder or enjoyer of rent 
free land. 

JAGHIRE ASHAM, (See ahsham) Land grant- 
ed for support of troops. 

JAGHIRE BUCKSHEE, (See Bakhslii) Lands 
granted to a general. 

JAGHIRE CIRC AR, (See Sarcar) Lands grant- 
ed to the English near Madras. 

JAGHIREDAR, \^ j^([^ He who holds or 
enjoys free land. 

JAGHIRE DEWAXNY, (See Diwai.i.) 

JAGHIRE NO WAR AH, (Navaru) Lands 
granted, at Dacca, for the support of boats. 

JAGHIRE-SIRDAR, (Sardar) Land belonging 
to the Nizam. 

NAJAUT, (.iee Tanahat) Lands granted for 
the support of small garrisons. 

JAGHIRE ZAT, (See Zat) Lands granted to 
an individual. 

JA'GI'R, See Jagheer. 

JAHREJAH, Name of a certain tribe of Raj- 

JAHRT, See Jari. 

JAIEDAD, ^j^j^\^ Land granted to a com- 
mandant or general. In Prussia euch lands 
are called Indemnities. 

JAITHRYOTS, (i. e. jyeshtha "S^gg. senior) 

Old residents : aboriginal tenants. 
JA'KA'TI, j^.^j Customs, tolls, taxes. 
JALA, BC) Water. 

JA'LA, (Bengali) A great jar or cask. 
JALAGADUGU, {^'^^(^i^ zalli pebbles, and 

Jcadugu to wash.) Washing sand in sieves. 

The priviledge of searching in this manner for 

gold or diamonds. This was in some places 

rented out to adventurers. 
JALLA'LEE, jj[^ A sort of beggars : cer- 

tain actors who dance at the Mohorram in 

strange garbs. 
JALOOS, ^f^A^ Accession to the throne : the 

date when a reign commences. 
JAM, ^U. The title assumed by the ruler of 

r • 

Nawanagar in Guzerat: and by the ruler of 

Beela at Sommeanee near Kurrachi. 
JAM, See Zamu. 

JAMA, ^^ The plural. The total. 
JAMA, ^^\^ A man*8 robe or dress. 
JAMA BANDI, See Jumma, 
JAMBU DWIPA, «o»>r-&^?6sS» (Literally 

the land of foxes) Hindustan. 
JAMDAR KHAN A, A store house. 
JAMDARI, A kind of muslin. 
JAMMA, See Jama, and Jumma. 
JANDA-JHANDA, l^^j^^^ A flagstaff. 
JANG, ^^^ War. 
JANGAL, \i\^ Forest, wilderness. 
JANGA'LI, i. e. Zangari, ^^\^j Verditer, a 

greenish dye. Semi- vitrified oxide of lead. 
JANGAM or JUNGUM, «oxo A particular 

sect of Hindus who worship the-lingam. 

JANGI, JUNGEE, ^^ Martial, warlike. 

St * 
JANGI CATBODY, (or Kutbuddy) eoxrto» 

«4 Military peons. Militia-men. 

JANTRI, . i;^ (Yantri o«6o(5) A diagram. 

An almanac. 

JAR A MAYRA, See Jaree and Mera. 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




JARDAY, Name of **the eighth month" io the 
Tulava language. 

J A REE, - \^ Current, in use, not obsolete. 

JAREEB, , . 1^ A vessel: a measure. The 
quantity of laud now called a beegah. (Tytler 
on Law of India, p. 100.) Survey measure- 
ment. Jareeb lands are such as are not plough- 
ed but used as gardens* 

JAREE-INAUM. A field now enjoyed free of 

JARRUCO, error for jharoka U?,^^ A win- 

JASOOS, ^,^U A spy. 

J ASS A, or JAUNSA, corrupted from Sahasam, 
-^iSr^pOaa Violence. 

JASTEE, error for Zi}iadali. 

JA'T, ^h Castes, tribe. 

JA'T, See Zat. 

JATA-BA'K'I, (Mdhr.) The residue, the ba- 

J AT AM ANSI, e&r»s^5» A certain drug. 

J ATRA, JATHRA, \j\^ (^S^[p ya'tra) A 
festival, a confluence of people on the feast at 
a huly place. 

JAUT, (j^\^ A certain tribe of Rajpoots. 


JAWABNAVIS, ^^^s i^^y^ A secretary, a 

JAWA'N, ^ 1^ (literally, a young man) A 
peon or police man : a constable, a revenue 
oflicer. A soldier. 

JAZAIL, \j\'s^ A long match lock. A wall 

JAZIRA, g,:^ An island, a continent. 

JAZZIAH, A tax levied on hereticks by Ma- 

bometao rulers. See Jiiia. 
JEBBUM, error for »^<Sx> Japara, IncanUtion. 

Thus spelt by Wilks, in his account of the 

death of Tippoo. 
JEDJER, i. e. Jazira. 

C\ P, Bi'Qicii's Zilla Dictionarif. 

JEE, ^ A word denoting Sir. Hakka-jee» a 

pipe bearer. Manzil, a stage: Manzil-jee, a 

post master. 
JEEL, i. e. jhil, Aj,^ A lake or morass. 
JEENGUR, i. e. ain-gar, f;^ ? A saddle maker. 

A gilder, a shoe maker, a painter. 
JEE-POTR, meant for Jaya Patram »ci6*t? 

ito A decree or decision in writing. Literally, 

the writing of victory. 
JEER or JIYAR, (Tamil) A gura or father 

JEEROYETTEE, I e. Zirayati , IA,\ Oulti- 

JEET, i. e. Jyesht, the fifth month of^the[.Hindu 

JEHADT. Error for DehSt. 
JEL or JEEL, error for Zil, A supplement car* 

■^tMlS (that is Jj^'^^^'S hereinafter, as fol- 
JELCORA, (Kann. «sorT5) A waler-tax: that 

is, taxes levied on a fishery. 
JELM, «rror for ej^«^ Jamnam. 
JELNUM FONNUJAM,i.e.janmampunaij. 

anman a^iSao birth >6)l^£ r^ «Sao A second birth. 

See Fifth Report, page 800. 
JELOU, 1^ Retinue. 
JSLOUDAR, ,lj.\^ An attendant 

JEMIDAR, Seejamadar. 

JEN or JEIN, Error for Jina «i$l or Jaina 

^26 % A professor of a certain creed among the 

JENANA, See Zenana. 
JENDA, JHANDA, A flagsiaflF. 
JENOEW, (Some error) Name of a Hindu caste 

wherein widows were burnt alive. 
JEN-OUTTA, (Kan.) meant for ZunnugutU 

»*?^^^ A tax on honey. 
JENMA, See ja— 
JENOOSOO, '^t^^ Meant for Jins. 
JERAYET, See Zirayal. 

6Digitized by VjOOQIC 




JE'R-BAND, (zir band) See zer. 

JEREBANA, See Jarib. 


JERRAITE, See Zirayati. 

JERREE, Error for ZeiT, lower, inferior. 

JERUMANA, icUp- ^^'"^e, penalty. 

JEVA NOVA, meant for jivanam £^^tSx>^ Sub- 

JEWAER, error for Jawahir, jewellery. 

JEWOOTTE, meant for jiva koti ^sSi^iS »' the 
animal world" A Jaina hospital for animals. 

JEYDA^D, See Jaiedad. An assignment of land. 

JEYTH RYOT, (jyeshtha "%^ senior) The 
oldest inhabitant. 

JEYYAD, error for Ziada. 

JEZIA, See Jazzia, and Jizeea. 

JHAB-BHOMEE, (Bengali) Low lying land. 

JHAGRA, \^f^ A makebate, a quarrelsome 

JHALAWAR, " The grand total." 

JHAMPA, ^^J^L ^ A hurdle : a mat screen. 

JHANDA, \x\^ ^ flagstaff: a flag. 
JHEEL, Aj^M^ A lake, a morass. 
JHOOL, j -^ A cloth or covering for a horse, 
elephant, bullock or palankeen. 



False, lying. 

JHO^TDA'R, A kind of tenant, in Bengal. 

JHUL, See Jhool. 

JHUNDUR PUTTY, A list of flags : a tax 
was formerly levied under this name at Ma- 
ligaon equivalent to a house tax. 

JHUTSor JUTS, A certain tribe of Mahome- 

JILD, jj[^ A volume. 

JILLEDA^R, i. e. jeludar AcJi^ ^^ Zilladar 
j\jAJ a manager. 

JILLULEE, ij^ (query) A sort of gamb- 
ling } (Malcolm's Malwa, p. 435.) 

JILMIL, A^i^ A shutter, a window blind. 

JIMMA, (Zimma) ^^ j Trust, care, charge. 

JIN, ,^. A demon, a sprite. 

JINJAL, Jl^\ji5^ A large matchlock, 

JIJTS, i^^^ (pronounced Jince) Thing, ar- 
ticle, sort, kind. Medical drug. Military 

JINSI', .^i^ (pronounced Jincy) Appertain- 
ing to stores. Jins-wari-hisab. An account 
detailing items. JinsT-hun. A base coin, a bad 
pagoda. Jinsi-top. A cannon a heavy guo. 
Jinsi-top-khana, the arsenal. 

JIZEA, ^' A poll tax levied by Musulman 
rulers, from all subjects who were not Musul- 
mans. It was thirteen Rupees yearly for 
every 2000 Rupees worth of property pos- 
sessed by Hindus. See Scott's Deccan : and 
Dufl^s History of the Maratas, 1. 338. 

JOARE, See Jawari. 

JODEE, See Joree. 

JODEE-INAUM, (Joree Inam.) Land that 
pays a light quit-rent. 

JOGEE, ^^ A Hindu mendicant. Also acer- 
tain tribe. 

JOSUREE, See jawahiri. 

JOKHUM, ^rgsS» j^ Risk, danger, res- 

JONAGUR, JONAKUM, See Zonangi or Jo- 

JONANGI, A title borne by the people called 
Cholias or Labbis. They are by religion 
Mahomedans : by country and language Ta- 
mils, They are found on the Malabar and 
Madras coasts. They state that when the 
Musulmans, about A. D. 1650 flrst took 
possession of Kumbhaconam, they forced 
some Hindus to undergo circumcision. And 
others were punished by having their top- 
knot or crest of hair cut off. Some men paid 
for the liberty of wearing the (zuttu) topknot. 
They were taxed one rupee per year. Those 
were excused who consented to wear their 

beards. At lost a snare was laid^ they fell 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




into it> aud ever siiice arc considered Musul- 
mans, circumcised by force. The name Zo- 
nangi is in Tamil Shonahar C#*/r«jr^6ffr (Rot- 
ller's Tamil Dictionary, vol. 2. p. 396) and 
perhaps may be from the part of Arabia 
called Sannaar. The Shoiianghi-nai (Tamil) 
is the Arab grey-hound. 

JOODAY PERRAPUT, meant for cs^^]^ 
^ yuddha-prapta, gained in war. 

JOOJUN, meant for Yoj^na. 

JOOMAH JUMMA, ^^^ Congregation : the 

day of the congregation : Friday. 

JOOROOMANA, See Jarmana, a fine. 

JOOTESK, See jyotish. 

JOOWAR, The great millet. 2§"*f^^See Jo- 

JOREE, Quit rent, {^h zodi.) 

JOSHEE, Error for Jyosi, an astrologer. 

JOULEE, (^•/«fi Zavili) Cloth goods : piece 
goods: linen. 

JOWAR, JOWARY, .\^^ Indian corn, 

great millet called ^r^^ zonna. It some- 
limes grows eighteen feet high. 

JOWASSA, \ii\^^ ds6*r»^ A prickly bush: 

JOWLEE, i. e. zavili 222)? See Joulee. 

JOYS, Indian phrase for jewel:'. From the Por- 
tuguese or Spanish word joya^ or gioia : 
whence the French word Joj/aux. 

JOZE, (Is this . jauz, a nut ?) the weight 
of one rupee; in drugs. 

JUDGER BEID, See Yajur Ved. 

JUDIEI), See Jadeed. 

JUDWUL USHI, (error for ^J J,^^ jadal 
kashi.) Drawing line. 

JUG, See Yuga. 

JDGDULS, See Juts. 

JUHEZ, -j^^ A bride's porUon. 

JUJMAN,See Yajamau. 

JDLGAR GOTTA, 22gK2^?<);«o^zalla, gadu- 
gu guita. See Jala. 

JULKUR, (jala karl) ^o-^d Water works. 

JULM, See Zoolm. 

JULMANA, (jurmana 4iU^) Fine, penalty. 

JUL-SAMUT, (jala samadbi 23cit&«^^) suicide 
by drowning. 

word Jamai may perhaps be (Jama) collec- 

JUMBOO DEEP, See Jambu Dwip. 

JUMLA, JOOMLEH, ^^^ Total, the whole. 
JUMMA, ^^ Total, All. Plural. 
JUMMA ABWAUB, ^^\^^\ Total of 

the columns, or headings. 
JUMMA BUNDY, ^jj^ j^^ The settlement 

of revenue. Literally, Fixing the total (re- 


•^4>. The standard valuation, made by a 

minister of Akbar's named Tumar Mai. 


Income and 

expenditure : the credit side and the debtor 
side of an account. 
See each word separately. 



The prin- 

cipal mosque where prayers are recited. 

collections, and balance : the sum due, the 

payments, and the residue. 
JUNG, ^^^ War. 

JUNGLE, (Jangal, J^ Wildcrnefis, forest. 

Jungle pig, a wild pig. 
JUNGLE MEHALS, Name of a district of 

Bengal, in the province of Midnapore. 
JUNGLY, f^ Wild, rude, uncultivated, 

JUNGUM, See Jangam. 
JUNJEER ZAMEEN, i. e. Zanjir, which see. 

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JUNNAH, See Zonua. 

JUNNEE, (i. e. Jani) She who bore. Jani-Ma 
18 the mother by birth, as distinguished from 
an adoptive mother. 

JUNNEH, meant for Jana, human, or people 
Jana-locam e3|Ser«tf'aS» this world, as distin- 
guished from heaven and hell, the worlds of 
gods and demons. 

JUNNUM PUTTER, (janma patram ^^^{p 
s&xi) Literally, Birth paper: the astrologers 
certificate of a birth happening at a certain 

JUNOEE, The braminical thread. 

JUNTREE, See Yantri. 

JUPTEE, See Zabti. 

JURRAINA, See Zanjiri Zamin. 


JURREEB, i_^ -^ A vessel, a measure. The 

quantity of land now called a Beegah. 
JURY, (error for Jawari) A sort of grain. 
JUT, The Juts are a race, aboriginal in Aff- 

ghanistan : they are Musulmans of the Sunni 

creed. See Conolly's Journey from England, 

Tol. 2. 225. 
JUTE, (Bengali ?) Country hemp : called in Te- 

lugu ST^XoF*^ G5gu nam. 
JUTTEE, i. e. Yati <^0 A monk, a hermit. 
JUYASSA, or JIWASSA* See Jowassa. 

JUVVREE, error for Jawahiri 



\,>. A 

An answer. 

j\ ^ A clerk : 


one who writes down depositions: a secretary. 
J YARUM, " In the Camatic, a register of 

lands." (Query.) 
JYDAAD, See jaedad. 
JYN, or JAIN, Name of men professing the 

faith of the god Jina. 
JYOTISH, tr^^06. Astrology. 
JYZEYEB, error for Jaziya. 

JV, Some words not placed here will be found 
under C, or under Q. 

written stipulation. 

KABOOLEAT, ,^^ A written agreement. 

"^-^^^» fjojS A receipt. Tax. 

KABZA, j^ A dagger. A mark intended 
to represent a dagger, used instead of a sig- 

KABZ BAORI, S'ttoa»ipa& "A well with a 
stone wall round it." (Bellary.) 

KACHA, \^ Green, unripe, raw, Built of 
mud, not of brick. 

KACHERI,CUTCHERRY, ^^^ An office, 
a court. 

KA'D'A'RAMBAM, (Tamil) stTi^apluil Dry 
land, watered by rain alone. See on Nird 'ram- 

KADEEM, .j^ Old, original, long-establish- 
ed : as opposed to Paikari. 

KADUKI, Error for Katuca, Oollyrium. 

KAHARS, or KUHARS.^t^ A palankeen- 

KAI, (or Kye) (Tamil) A tax. Kai-kagada, or 
kai-kamil, the total demand : all that is levied* 

KAID, j^ Imprisonment. Prison. Closing an 

KAIDA, ^j^\j Rule, regulation. 

KAIDI, ^^ -A prisoner. 

KAID KHA'NA, 4}Uajki Prison. 

KAIFIYAT, ^J;^,JUJi Sutement, deposition. 

KAIL, or KYL, tj^ Measurement of grain. 
Any mode of valuing or estimating the pro- 

KAILA, KAHILA, \J^ Sick, ill, unwell. 

KAILDAR, J jixf A superintendent of mea- 

KAIM, ,\; Firm, fixed, stable. Permanent 
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KAIT, Error for Khet, A field. 
KAIVET, Error for Ghaibat. 
KAIZADAR, !j ,v^\3 A Groom. 

KAJANJI, Error for KhazSnchi. 

KAJYA, See Kazeea. 

KAK TOWDA, (Khak toda ,j j tJu) ^ 
butt built of earth. 

t^^ A liquor shop. Kalal-khana«babat. Mat- 
ters, or paper?, regarding the apirit-trade. 

KALALEE, J^ A liquor seller. 

KALAM, QALAM, Jj A reed-pen. A para- 
graph. Taza Kalam, the postscript. 

EALA'^M, MJ Word: saying: promise. 

KALA^M-ULLAH, ^\\ H The word of God; 

i. e. The Koran. 
KALAE, KALLAR, k Barren land. 

^(Tih Barren land freshly ploughed. 
KAL ARIES, See Calari. 
KALBI, j^]j Base, as coin. 

KALEE, or DEVI, (vulgarly Colly and Davy.) 
Name of a certain Hindu goddess. Erinnys 
or Cotytto, the Bona Dea. 

KALEE BHUMI, Black earth. 

KALI CHACRAM, -5^|)^(r«s» A certain an- 
cient gold coin, since called a pagoda. 

KALI YUG, rOdOSjX-i^ The Iron age: the 
present age : commencing 3101 B* 0. 

KALWI, Error for Kalbi. 

KALZ. Error for Kabz. 

KAM, (pronounced Come, or Cum) J Less, 
deficient, inferior. 

KA'MAL, jl^ Total, complete. Kamal-ja- 
ma, the grand total. 

KAMAMDAURY, Error for Kham amada- 

"•> cij^T aU ^^^ S^^^^ income. 
KAMATEE, -r»s5on»48 A labourer. 
KAMBAI, CAMBAY, A red cotton cloth also 

called charcona. 

KAMBALI, i. e. Karali, Uf A blanket. 
KAMBA^RI, IfofT-O A sub renter, an under- 

KAMBATTAM, (Trichinopoly) The portion of 

an estate which the owner retains in his own 

hands. See Camatam. 
KAMBHAM, 8'o»iS» Kambam : a pillar. Hence 

the town called Cummum or Khummum. 
KAMBU> (Trich) A certain dry grain. See 

KAMDAR, yj^^ Officer, agent. 

KAMDARI, ^^\j^^ Agency. 
KA'MGA'RI, . l£^U Repairs, building: ap- 
pertaining to engineering. 
KAM LEE, A blanket. 
KAMMI, ^ Deficiency. 

Ziadati, J^\,j ^J 

KAMMFZIA'STr, i. e. 

Excess and deficiency, surplus and want : ad- 
vance and falling off. 


KAMUL, See Kamil. Gross revenue: total col- 
lections. (Fifth Report, p. 843.) 

K ANAKOO MERAI, (Tamil) Fees paid to the 
village accountant. 

K ANAUTS, fjj^ The walls of a tent : the 

K ANCAR, 6^ J Gravel : pebbles. 

KANOHINI, .^ij' A dancing girl, an ac- 



KANDALAHS, Error for Ohandala. 
KANDA'YAM, tf^^/nuiL Ground-rent. 
KANDAYRAUB,(properly Gandarbha x'o^tf^ 

which Southey changed into Glendoveer.) A 

fairy, a sylph. 
KANDEGA, See Khandrica. 
KANGAL, jy^ Poor, beggarly. 

KA''NGU, -r-oTC) Coarse blue cotton cloth. 
rel. Perhaps meant for ixai ^^^^^* 

KANNA, SHUMARY, See Pbana. ^j^ 

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KANRA^VI, (g'oijcpo;^^ ««irep«9) III luck, ca- 

KANS, apparently meant for Kanuzu, q. v. 

KANSAI, roiT-ox) This word aeems meant for 
** consignment ;" goods. 

KANTHIRAI, See under Oan. 

KANUM PATUM, A mortgage deed. (See 
Fifth Report, page 799.) 

KANUZU, S-wozj- A channel. 

KAPAS, ^[^^ Cotton. 

KAPILEH, rtt) A draw-well : in which cat- 
tie, running down a slope, raise a large bucket. 

KAPOO, -r»)^ An inhabitant, tenant, subject. 
Kapooloo, 'r»ii6;ew Tenants, subjects, people. 

KAPUDDEE, (i.e. Kapardi fiSfiie- a name of 
Siva.) A certain class of pilgrims. 

KARAK HOON, re^-;rt^.^JL (Kann.) The 
" rough coin" — A certain gold money coined 
by Hyder : and worth four rupees : also called 


l',\< Groceries, as 

spices, dried fruits, drugs &c. See Khirada, 
See Malcolm's Central India, vol. 2. p. 365; 
and Asiatic Journal, 1833, page 223. 

KARA^NI, KERA'UNI, Caroonee asmall coin 
of Persia. 

KARA-PUNGOO, (Tamil) A village wherein 
each share is held by hereditary right. 

KARAR, \i Agreement, promise, engage- 

KARBAR, UX Business, transaction. 

KARBAREE, ^j[iM Man of business : offi- 


KARCONNA, ^jU \J Office : workshop : 



KARCOON, ,^f K (Literally, the work doer.) 

The lowest revenue officer. Malcolm's Cen- 
tral India I. p. 66. 
KA'RDA% \.^ Officer, manager, com- 

KAREE NOON, (Khdrl nun ^^^J^^l^f ) Bit- 
ter salt. Salt that is not pure or fine. 

KAREEZOOLOO, (i. e. Kharij \^\ Out- 
castes : Cultivators, who are pariars. 

KARESUL TERUM, (Trich. - Black soil." 

KARINDA, ^^i^ii Servant, agent, revenue, 

KARJ, (i. e. Karyam "r»tfgtf»,) Work. 

KARKASA, r8_,l A dispute, Karkasabhumi 
g'^^r>«;fan.a3 a field the boundary of which is 
KAR-KHANA. ^j\^^K Workshop, arsenal, 

stable. A set or gang of two or ten or fifty 
oxen. A turn-out. 

KAR-KHANEE, An officer: a superintend- 

KAR-KOON, See Carcoon. 

KAROLF, r^^? (Kann.) A large musquet : 
a carbine fired with a match. 

KAROOPA, (Kahruba [^ (\ Amber. 

KAROORA, ij^sj An overseer, a regarder. 

KAROORY, sJeCroory. 

A court for the recovery of debts. 

KARTA, S'^ Lord, owner, heir, master, agent, 

KARTIK, Error for Katica ti&^i^e^, a but- 

KARTIK, Sanscrit name of a certain month. 

KARWA, T-Tr;^^4j An indecent style of 
dancing : named from a town in Soonda. 
See Hamilton's East Indies chap. XXII. in 
Piokerton's Voyages, vol. VIII. p. 362. 
It is sometimes misinterpreted (from Kahar, 
a bearer) the palankeen bearers dance. 

KARZ, -jAdebt. 

Profit on exchange of coin. Premium. Trade. 
KASBAH, ^j^^j A market town. 

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KA'SDAR, (Kaiza-dar, ^\j ^Mj Holder of the 
cleaning rein) vulgarly, Kbass-dar; a groom. 

KASHTKAR, (^ ^^^ A farmer, a plough- 

KASSIBBEH, i. e. Kaeba : A market town. 

KASSUM, Error for Chashraa : A fountain. 

KAST, Error for Kayasih. 

KATARY, S'dj-a A dagger- 

KATE, Error for Khet, A field. 

KATE PUNJAB, See Khet ; and Punja. 

KATEE PAL, Error for ^^^ir.e>s. 

KATELAIN, (Fifth Rep. p. 684.) Seems to 
be meant for the French word Chatelain, a 
ruler, a petty lord. 

KATH, 4^5lS Wood; timber: (i.e. "V^S.) 

KA"yi, T«*8 An obsolete measure, used in 
Canara, for grain : in weight, 3200 Rupees : 
or 40 Hanees of 80 Rs. weight each. Also 
a measure of 484 square feet. 

KATIK, meant for Kartiea. 

KATKAE, <'*J'o» (Kann.) Insurrection. 

KATTA, S'Aj Bank, embankment, shore. 

KATT-UTTARA, ^^'^^ *' Remission of re- 
venue by reason of dams being broken.'* 
(Kann.) Perhaps compounded of ^*;J Katta, 
a bank, and \^ \^\ utama, to take down. 

"73»ce;WotfflS. The name of the town which 
the English call Mangalore. 

KAUM, z Tribe, caste. 

KAUMIL, or KAMUL, J^jJ Perfect, com- 
plete, entire, whole. 

KAVADI, "5^5$& (mispronounced cowry.) A 
couple of baskets or boxes, suspended one on 
each end of a yoke borne on the shoulder : 
like milk pails. 

KAWELI, "S^sSO Watch, Kaveligar, a watch- 

KAWELl RUSSOOiM, Fees paid to watch- 

KAWELL, See Kauils. 

KAYAR, (vulgarly coir ; from Kawar, the Ta- 
mil word for ropCf) Fibres of the cocoanut 

KAY KANUM PATAM, Oi^- Hand-mort- 
gage-bill) A conveyance or bill of mortgage. 

KAYUST, (Bengali, -r^dtfiiS) That caste of 
Hindus who generally are employed as clerks. 

KAZDAR> See Kasdar. 

KAZEEA, ^j^^j Quarrel, dispute. 

KAZIME, Error for Khazana, Treasury. 
KAZY, j\j A Musulman judge. 

KEDGEREE, That is, Kichri, a certain dish, 

made of rice and peas. Akedgeree^t merely 

is, a pipkin, an earthen pot. 
KEERAUT, Error for Khairati. 
KEET, Error for Khet; a field ; also, (Khera) 

a small hamlet. 
KEFAYET, .^^UJ Pj'ofit. advantage. 
KEFFYET, or KEFFAYET, See Kaifiyat 

(a statement) and Kifayat (Profits.) 

U> (^^^ Hastabood.) A detailed statement of 

the value of Iandf>. 
KEFFYET SAYER, A statement regarding 

the transit duties. 
KEFYAL, Error for Kaifiyat. 
KEHDAH, i. e. Kheda. See Khud. 
KEHDAH, A feal. Elephant traps. 
KELLA, See Killa. 
KEMAUL, See Kamal. 

KERANEE CRANNY, (Bengali) A clerk, a 

KERAR-CUMMEE. ^ IJ A deficit: a 

loss : a failure of promise. 
KERAT, y j^j A carat : the twentieth part 

of an ounce. 

MUK, i. e. (Karwa, bitter) Bitter salt: sea 

KERIMCHARRY, See Karmacari. 
KE'RrZ, (probably mere cant) Fees in grain : 

petty exactions : cheating. 

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KEROLI, See Karoli. 

KERPAS, See Capas«. 

KERRIA, i. e. Kehra, A village. (Treaties, 

page 28.) 
KEREUN, : A period of ten years. (Scott's 

Deccan, vol. 1. p. 38. 
KEllUI, that is. Kkera. 
KERZ, A ; I>ebt : loan. 
KERZDAR, .b^ J Borrower. Debtor. 
KERZKHA, ^\ ' j^l A creditor. 
KESARI, ^ ^^j A sort of vetch or pea. 
tion according to quality. 
KESSIMWAR, \. .^5 According to quality. 
KETU, "^3b The moon's descending node. 
KEVALA, "i^^ * Entire, utter, whole. 
KEVALA DATTAKA, 'i^^cs ^6 Complete, 

KEZANUAEE, See Khazanchi. 
KIIABAR, .^ News, knowledge. 
KHADA, KiaADEE, ^^^^J An uncut piece, 

or roll, of cloth. 
KHAHOON, KAHUN, (Bengali) The num- 
ber of 1280 cowries: valued at four annas. 
KHAIRATI, J< j^^ Given as alms. 
KHAJA, i^\^ A title like Genileman, squire, 

KHAKURA, (Kakara T-rtf) A plant called 
Momordica charantia ; or, Ocymum bai^ilicum. 
KHALAL, Ui. Ruin, destruction. 
KHALEFA, ^j^J^ Chief, leader. Head boy in 

a school. 
KHALI, \\^ Empty, unoccupied, mere. 

KHALLAR, Meant for K Callar ; barren 

KHALSA, or KHALISA, ^J^. Pure: the 

select, or ^lite. The superiors : Government. 

Khalsa lands are those kept in Government 

KUAM, \^ Raw: groes. 

KHA M AND, sr^oi^ Lord. Error for Kha- 

KHAMAISI, See Comavee?. 
KHAMAVIS, See Comavees. 
KHAM CHITTAH, A rough statement. 
KHAM LAND, Uncultivated land. 
KHAM TEHSH., Gross collections. 
KHAM-WAS800L, Gross payments. 
KHAN, 1^ A tiile like Baron or Lord. 
KHA'NA, ^\^ Place, abode, room. 
KHA'NA, ^j\^j Eating, food. 
KHANAM, i\^ Lady ; wife. 

KHANA SHUMARI, ^ \^^ ^iU Census of 

KHANA TALA^HI, ,• ^^jU. A search : 

warrant for making search in a house. 
KHANDAK, -jj^^ Ditch of a fort. 

KHAND.\M, 4iojSsS53 Division. Daxina khan- 

dam tS^ti^o-^sSxi the Southern Division. 
KHA^NDA'N, Jj,jli Family, household. 

KHANDRIKA, ^o\ht A field held on a fa- 
vourable lease. 


KHANEHZAD, j|j jU -^ slave of the family : 
one born in the house. 

KHA'NGI, fiU Pnvacy, private perusal. 

KHANQAH, ^\^jU ^ monastery. A rest- 
house, a convent. 

KHAN3AMAN, ^ULujUButler : steward. 

KHANSAMANY, The duty of butler. The 

KHANSARI, ^j,^ Error for Kansara tofS 

tfw«6 a braver. (Prinsep's Journal 1844 

p. OXLIV.) 
KHAR, l^ '^rs Salt soil. 

KHARAJ, I* Revenue, tribute. Lakeraj. 

Free from tax. Untaxed. 
KHARBU'Z, y.^A. ^ watermelon. 

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KHARCH> ^jA. Expenditure. 

KHAROH SILK. Balance on hand. 

KHARDABURDA, ^^y,^^Jy^ Cheating: 
substituting bad coin for good. 

KHAREE-BOLEE, ^Jy ^^ Plain Hindi : 
common talk. 

KHAREEM ATTEE, ^^V lSJ ^ Salt soil. 

KHAREE-M ATTEE, ^J^ ^j la. Chalk or 

KHAREGE JUMMA, j«^ ^j U. Land sepa- 
rated and sold. Land excluded from \kiQJum' 
ma or total. Land newly made free. 

KHARIJ, ^j KL. Fees levied on a reaped crop. 
KHARI NIMOK, vXi ^^ ^ l^ An impure 

sulphate of soda : like Glaubers salts. 
KHARISTAN, ^\LuJ^ A bed of thorns : that 

is, enmity, ill will. 

a despatch. The silk bag enclosing a royal 

KHARWA, ]^j^ Coarse red cotton cloth. 
KHAS, ^Ia. Own : private : sacred : kept 

for master's use. Also, See Coss. 
KHASA, ^J**?^ A slave : a hereditary bonds- 
man. Such are kept in the families of Telugu 

KHASAM, ^vi% A husband. 

KHASAULOO, tr-^o^ Slaves. See above. 
KHAS-DAR, Error for Qaizahdar, ^ | j »j^ Ij 

A groom, a horsekeeper. 
KHASGEE, ,X2>U. The Private lands: or 

home farm. The prince's private treasury. 
KHASNOVEES, ^^^y ^U. The private 

secretary. The Khas-navi:*! was the name of 

a certain tax or fee. 
KHA'S SA^G, (See Sagbadi) The same as 

KHAS-SAWARI, j^^ 1^ ^ U.The person- 
al equipage : A phrase for His Honour : 

Your Majesty. 
KHASM, .^^ A husband. 

0. P. Brown's Zilla Dictionanj. 

KHASM, (Meant for ^ Qasm) An oath. 

KHASSOOMUT, ci^^^ol. Enmity^iUgaUon.' 

KHAT, ki. A letter or epistle : a counterpart 
agreement. A stile or school of music, as 8* 
Tye-^^5 the Camatic style. 

KHAT A, U l^ An account current. 

KHAT A, jjpAj^ Large scales for weighing 

KHATABUNDEE, ^^ jJu Ul^ Assessment 
at so much per estate. 

KHATADAR.^IjUlff A mercantile corres- 
pondent : a constituent. ^' My Khatadara'* 
denotes Those with whom I trade. 

KHATAVAHEE, (Mahratta) An account cur- 

KHATAVANI, (Mahr.) ^^^sJp A deUiled 

KHATEEB, L^xki. The clerk or reader in a 

KHATKEE, (KaUki vadu r43r?T.«S) A 

KHATLA, H^ A bad debt. 

KHATRY, ^[h<ss^ Kshatriya. The second 

caste among Hindus: including all, below 

bramins, who wear the sacred thread. 
KHAUM, ^ U. Raw, rough, unsettled, as an 



census : literally, the counting of houses. 
KHAWAS, {je>)y^ Attendants: train. 
KHAWIND, jJ^Ia. Lord, master, owner. 
KHAZANA, or KHAZAUN, sj]yL Treasury. 

ZANCHEE, ^ar*!^ A treasurer. 

KHAZANJEE, Error for Khazanchi. 
KHEDAN, Perhaps meant for Khetan ^ Ux^ 

•CL^^^ A dress of honour : bestowed on him 
who is appointed to a duty. 

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KHE^RA, I^JL^ A hamlet, a sm^U village. 
KHEKAJ, ^ U^ Revenue derived from land. 
KHERAN, Probably meant for Khetan, fields. 
KHEREEF, i^Ju^A. Autumnal harvest. 
KHE-'RIZ, (See Kharij) Extra. 
KHERYAUT, (Error for Khairat c, 1^) 

Alms, charities. 
KHET, 1^-^ A field. 
KHET KHUT, Mortgage of a field. 
KHETDAR, The holder of a field. 
KHETERY, KHETRI, ^jX^ i. e. Xatriyah 

fSklpot^S A Hindu of the military caste. 
KHEWAEE, y^ Fare, boat hire, passage 

money. In Telugu "^^^ 
KHIDMUT, vA^ ^^ Service : waiting. 
KHILAS or KHULA^S, ^li. Release. 
KHILAUT. See Khe— 
KHILLARIES, See Oallari, or Collery. 
KHILLUT, See Khe— 

NA JINS, See Karana. 
KHIRAJ, See Kheraj. 
KHIRD, KHOORD, j^ Little, petty. 
KHI3T, See Kist. 

KHITA^B, ujlki. A title bestowed on a no- 
bleman, by the sovereign. 
KHODA^ 1 Jsi. Lord, Master. A usual word for 

the Deity. Na-Khoda the captain of a ship. 
KHODA'-DA'D-SIRCAR,^\i^^L^ I d^ The 
God-given-Eule (Imperium Deo-datum) The 
title assumed by Tipoo 'Sultan. 
KHODA'VAND,JJ^|J^Lord, Master. 
KHODE KHASHT, vjl^K^J^ (Khud 
Kasht; Literally, self^soton.) Cultivated by 
his own hands i not let out to a farmer. 
KHO'QrRf ri^t^ A blanket used as a saddle. 
KHOJA, ^yi^ An eunuch. 
KHOL-BANDI, v/*^J^ Opening and 

closing : pulling down and rebuilding. 
KHOMER MEHAL, See Khamr, and Mahal. 
KHOOBEE, t^ r^ Good, benefit. Sometimes 
wrongly used for Gbaibi, what is hidden : 

the secret : the real state of things. A regis- 
ter or account of income. 
KHOOM, Error for ^y Kaum, A tribe. 
KHOOMBI, See Kunbi. 
KHOOMVARI, ^j]^ ^y General, not pecu- 
liar. Also a phrase for fees. 
KHOONEE, tVr^ Murder : a murderer. 
KHOORD, (See Khurd) Little, small. 
KHOORD A, % djy^ Batta, daily subsistence. 
KHOOSH BASH, ^^ Jt^ The middle 

classes : people in easy circumstances. 
KHOOTBA, JLKki. Prayer for the ruler. 
KHORAK, or KHORAKEE, ^^]J^l>2iJl7 

bread : alms. 
KHORAK AFFIAL, JUi) Allowance or bat- 

ik for feeding (fil) elephants. 
KHORASANI, y^^)j^ Brought from* a 
country so called : Khorasani-vamam, Khora- 
sani ajvain (or simply Khorasani) Black hen- 
KHORJAM, 4r«83e-o A "corge" or bale of 

cloth, of twenty pieces. 
KHOS-KEREED, See Khush Kharid. 
KHOTA, \J^ Base, false, as coin. 
KHOTENEE, ^JiaS Silk or SaUn imported 

from Khoten. 

KHOUBD, See Khurd. 

KHOUZEH, Error for Hauz, A bath. 

KHUBBEB, (Khabr -*A.) News, intelligence, 

KHUD, I 5^ Khadda A pit, a dell. 

KHUDIAN, SeeKudian. 

KHUD EAZI, ^]j ^jA. Voluntarily. 

KHUD YOMIA, ^y ^^ A pension grant- 
ed for one life. 

KHUL, Error for Khat. kk 

abstract: a view a summary. Explanation. 

KHU'N, ^jA. (Blood) Murder. 

KHUNBI, ^-{Ji Bleaching. 

KHUND, * JfioS Fixed, permanent. 

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KHUND MUKHLAY, Fixed assessment. 
KHUNDNEE, *ofiJ) (Mahr.) Tribute, land 

KHUNDNEE TUSHREEF,(ta8arrufuJ;^") 

Fees paid on a settlement. 
KHUNDRIOA, 4>oiar A field. 
KHUNDUM, 4>oi^ii» Division, country. Dax- 

ana Khandam the Southern Division. Bharata 

Khandam, India. 
KHU'NF, Jiw*^ ^J^ -^ murderer. In Telu- 

gu 4^{0 is used for murder. 
KHUR,^ A sand-bank in the Ganges. 
KHURABA, lj]j^ Waste land. 
KHURAK, i^)jj^ Batta: money granted 

as subsistence. Halfpence, copper coin. 
KHUBBOOZ, jy.j^ ^ ^^a*®' ™®^^°- 

CHEE, ^^Expense, disbursement. Kharch 

ko dena Vw^^^^ to give or advance 
money. Kharch hooa ]y^ «^r^ ^' ^® expend- 
ed : it is gone. Ehurch Silk (see silk) Ba- 
lance after payments : cash in hand. Khurch 
Puttee, a list of payments : a fee on money 
KHURD, KHIRD, jj^ Little : lesser. 

KHURDA, %djj^ ^^^^^^f 8"**' • ^^PP^' °^^' 
ney, small change, 

KHURED, JjjA. Purchase. 

KHUREE BOLEE, ^yt ^j4 ^^^^^ Hindi; 
or the country dialect : from Khama ^j^ to 
stand : the established or current style. 

KHUREEF, KHARRIF, uJlj^ The crop 
that is reaped in autumn. At Shikarpoor in 
Sinde, rice and jawari form the great Kharif 
or autumnal crop: which is dependant on 
the inundations. Wheat forms the Rubbee or 
spring crop, raised by means of wells and 
embankments. (Prinsep's Journal, No. CIX. 
ofl841. i>, 21) 

KliURKEETAll, See Kharita. 

KHURUZ, QARZ, ^y Borrowed money. 

KHURWAR,^)^^ A measure of about 700 

KHUSAL, ^il5" Error for Khushki. 
KHUSH BASH, ^^.yj*y^ OomforUble, 

respectable, substantial, opulent. 
KHUSH KHARI'D, i3j^^yL A fair 

price : free purchase. 
KHUSHKI, ^Cva. Dry cultivation : without 

irrigation : land that is watered by rain alone. 

(Mahr.) Wet land of the dry class : land 

which was formerly rated as dry. 
KHUTA'WANEE, ttsn^a (Mahr.) Arrange- 

ment : posting items in an account* 
KHUT-KINNE-DAR, A sort of sub-renter, in 

Bengal. Friend of India, Quarterly, No. VIII. 

of 1823, p. 456. 
KHUTNI, ^^JiaS (Koteni) Satin, woven at 

« Khoten."" 

KHUTREE, i. e. Kshatriya. 

KHUT-PUT, *&ri6Ar(Mahr.) Trickery, trea- 
chery, plot, cabal, chicanery, corruption. iTAi*^- 
put-dar^ a rogue, a traitor. 

KHUZANA, JiiljjL A treasury. 

KHUZANOHEE, ^]j^ A treasurer. 

KHYANUT, (Khaylnat \^^ Ui.) Treachery. 

KHYBERRIES, ^^y^ Name of a tribe in 

KH YRAAT, (Khairat o I;4^) Alms, charity : 

allowance, pension. 
KIBLA, ihS The point to which Mahomedans 

turn their faces in prayer. Kiblagah u|f aLu 

the same. 
KICHRI, (vulgariy Kedgeree) A dish of rice 

boiled with peas. 
KIFAYAT, (Kaifiyat c:^J^) Statement, 

story, history, deposition. 
KIFA'YET, vjuo li^ Profit, advantage, gain. 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




to A port-clearance : a receipt for dues paid. 
Supposed to be Portuguese. 

KILLA, &aJj qiUa, A fort. 

KILLA, Error for Chillara. 

KILLADARj^l^AxUJ The commandant of a 
fort : the governor. 

KILLEDARY, ^^ .| JuJUl Fees or allowances 
granted to a commandant. Governorship : 

KILLENT, KEELENT, A port-clearance. 

KILLUT, KHELAUT, kj:^As». A gift, chiefly 
of clothes, bestowed on a guest or subject. 

KIM AT, (qlmat \JL^<^) Price, value. 

KIM AT RAWANA, aJI^^^U^jJ A permit or 
pass for goods : in which the prices are mark- 

KINCAB, or KINCOB.^^I^sr^Gold or silver 
cloth : tissue. 

KIOSK, (Turkish) A minaret. 

KIRBAN, QURBAN, ^by Sacrifice. 

KIRCOOL, Error for (Telugu) Sarukulu I^Oo 
^»3 Goods, sundries. 

KIRLLAR, Error for (Kanadi) "i^ barren 

KIRPA, The Musulman spelling, \jS for the 
name of the town t^i5 Kadapa. Hence, cot- 
ton produced at Cuddapa: styled Eirpa in 
the Tariff. 

KIRRET, See Kaditam : for which this seems 
to be meant. Wilks*s Mysore 1. p. XII. 

KISMIS, ySnJiS KUhmUh : a raisin. Also 

a common error for ** Christmas** when plum- 
cake and plumpudding are in vogue. 

KISMUT, (j:^a4«>» Lot : destiny. A division 
or lot of land. Kissmut Pergunnaf, a district. 

j]^ ^mj Settlement by classes. Revenue rated 
differently on lands of different values, 

KISSANS, (error for ^^Ui Kasan) Folks, peo- 
ple, peasants. 

KISSAS, ^^LaS The Mahomedan law of reta- 
liation : it usually means Capital punishment: 
being a mere technical phrase, like ** 9«»' 
per col.** 

KIST, ka*j An instalment. One payment of 
rent : one collection. 

KISTBUNDY, v^jJ^kJI Settlement of in- 
stalraents : contracting for payment. A deci- 
sion regarding revenue due. 

KITAB. ^\ji A book. 

KITAB, (Khitab) ^^ikL A title or designa- 

KITMUTGAR, (Kh.)^KL«cxL A servant, a 

KITTAR, (Kathari ^j^) A dagger. 

KITTI, §4S, Kiti Kollu 8*Sr<ft 'pincers to 
pinch the fingers with : like a thumb screw. 

KITTISOL, (Malay?) An umbrella. JTtfSHo. 

KFVA'DA, nfsr-e^ Keewar. Area. The yard 
of a house. The revenue phrase for land ori- 
ginally rated as garden land : but subsequent- 
ly brought under the plough. Rich soil. Some 
believe the word was originally %0^'inSh 
hindipadu. See the word Padu. 

KLING, The phrase used in Malacca, Java, 
and Burma, for a native of **Kalinga"--or 
the port of {^tsc% Korangi) "Coringa:" 
that is, the Telugu country : used to denote 
the Ooromandel coast. See Marsden's Malay 
KO'DA'I KAMBU (Tamil) Summer rice: 

grain reaped in the hot weather. 
KODRA, *• A poor kind of dry grain, grown 
in inferior soils.** (Meant for Xudra, cSp \a^ 
poor, petty ?) 
KODU, 8^«^ plural r*g>, or t*o\^ RolliN 
kondru, the name of a savage tribe in the'^ 
Ganjam district : their language is peculiar. * 
KOIDA, (Qaida u j^ Ij) Rule, precept. 
KOIM, (Qaim j^lS) Fixed, permanent, stand- 
KOINBEHKAR, Error for Kumbhacar. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 




KOLATEE DOBAREE, (Error for Kolati 
Dommara^ 8^«r»*S <S^^0) A rope dancer. 

KOLE£> DHEEWAR, MAL, See each word 

KOLI, The lowest caste of Sudras. Perhaps 
the same as Oooly. 

KOLKAR, (r«^ffc6 Kolcar^r, old Kanadi) 

An exciseman : a revenue peon. 

KOLLEE JOGUE, (Kali jug ^Od^X : which 

the English would spell cullee.) The present 

age, or period : the iron age : of which 

reckoning the year 4900 answers to A. D. 

KOMAVIS, Sec Camavis: error for Kamay- 

KOMAVISDAR, A manager. 
KOMEEDAN, ^^ I Ju»^^ ^^|c3j^^ So«5b-cPi& 

" Commandant." This French word is known 

throughout India : and in Lahore and Persia. 
KOMISDARS> See CamaTlsdar. 
KONAKENS, See YaitUTan. 
KOOAH, ]j^ A well : a pit wherein grain is 

KOODI, (Tamil) Tenant, cultivator. 
KOODIMANER, (Tamil) A freehold founded 

on mortgage. 
KOODUMMER, Error for Kurumber. 
KOOL, KUL, (Arabic J^) All : the whole. 

KURNY, ^ji Ji A village clerk, or ac- 

KOOLTY, CULTI, (Kulthi ^^j^ Horse 

com : pigeon-pea. 
KOOMBIES, (Kunbi ^^^jii) A cultivator, a 

farmer. A man of that tribe. 
KOOMEDAN, See Komeedan. 
KOOMHAR, , \^ A potter : a man of the 

potter tribe. 
KOONCHY, K»oi5iS» cun^am A measure of 

grain, about eight handfuls. 
KOOND, S^otf i&) ♦ A well, a fount. Sitticoom, 

i. e. Stfa Kund^ is " Siia's well.'* 

KOONDUGOLUK, i. e. Kunda golaca ^oe^r» 
i^ Misbegotten knaves; rogues and rascals. 
See Laws of Manu, book 3. verse 174. It is 
a mere expression of scorn : it is interpreted 
'* Bastards of wives, and those of widows." 

compounded of Khoon ^^ and S'_g^S' Kar- 
trica and Zamin, land.) A pension : land given 
to those who have shed their blood. See Net- 
turu Cattu Inaum. 

KOONNARAM, ^V^^o Glass ware. A 
phrase used in Madras, but of unknown ori- 
gin. Perhaps Portuguese. 

KOONWUR, or KOER,^yi (originally ^«^ 
rs% Cumarah, a son.) The heir apparent. 

KOO O, (meant for Kooa, 1^) A well, a pit. 

KOORBEE, ^^'S The stalks oi^t^ cho- 

lum or jowary, used as fodder. 
KOORH, («^<^ ^JJ^ Haughton's Beng. Diet. 

p. 772.) A certain rite : prohibited by Bengal 

Regulation. XX. of 1795. 
KOORI KANUM, A lease on favourable terms. 

See Kuy kanam. 
KOORK, Secrecy. See Coork. 
KOOROOBA, fetf« Name of a caste, who are 

KOORSEE, yc^ji A seat, chair, throne. 
KOORSEENAMA,^\jja^ A pedigree. List 

of those who sat in the throne. 
KOORIJDH WHAO, " Lands watered only 

by rain." 
KOORUMBER, '* Slaves of the soil, in Mala- 
KOORUNS, ** Grass or pasture lands." 
KOOSIN, Error for Kusuma. 
KOOSUMBA, \^xsmS Safflower; the Oartha- 

mus Tinctorius of Linnaeus. 

KOOTBI-MOOFTY, ^^JJot UiJ^ Law books. 

KOOTEE,i. e. Kothi 8^^ uSt^-^ ^ mercan- 
I tile " house." " 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




KOOTEL, KOOTEL SAHIB, (apparently 
meant for 81^^^^^ Kothi wala, one who 

has store houses) " An Indigo planter." 
KOOTNEE, Satin. See Khotenee. 
KOOTUN, *^ A slave, a domestic. 
KOOTURAN, « For the support of the village." 
KOOVA, ^s^S (Kanada) A well, a pit. 
KOOWETUE, SS^^tfijo Land that depends 

on wells, for irrigation. 
KOPPAH, Meant for r-^^ Cotton. 
KOR, r*c6, corn. A share. (See Meticor) Usu- 
ally that proportion of the crop which is given 
to the ploughman. 
KORA, CORAH, r^tS-rs^ \j^ A knout, a 

large whip. 
KORAHBUNDY, ^S^^J^^^ new arrange- 

KORAH POSHA, " A suitable arrangement." 
KORD, error for ^jL, Khurd, little, smaller. 
KORD MAHAL, Js^O/^ The smaller build- 
ing, or palace. 
KGREISH, ^^*iy A certain tribe among the 

KOROK, i. e. Kurk, ^ J Monopoly: confis- 
KOROO, See Coru. 
KOROPOSH, (Khor-wa-posh) Jt^^^^ food 

and clothing. 
KORREH, i. e. Kora, a whip ; a scourge : thus 

spelt in Bernier*s Voyages. 
KOSEEA, A water drawer '» (Kulsiya ?) 
KOSHAM, 8^^ A treasury, repository, a re- 
KOSS, ** A leather water-bag." See Mussuck. 
KOSSEEO, "He who draws water in the Koss." 
KOT, CUBB ALEH, (Khat, Kabela ^ U5 ki.) 

The lease and release. 
KOTEB, v.^^ The pole star. 
KOTEDAR, (Kothadar)^! ^l^J^ A warehouse- 

man : an agent 
KOTEE, i. c. Kapittha ^\i^ The wood apple. 
KOTEE, 6^48 A " Orore" A hundred lacks : 
or, ten millions. 

KOTHEE, L^^ A banking house. 
KOTWAL, Jly^ The head man of the vil- 

lage police : the chief bailiflf. Wilson believei 

it is derived from S^^-^o Koshta-pSla. 
KOTWALLEE, ^J'yV ^^^° ^*>*^®»- ^«« 

levied by the bailiff. 
KOTWAR, See Kotwal. 
KOUDYAL-BANDER, (Cauryal) Jbj^Thc 

name of the town called Mangalore. 
KOULIE, See Cooly. 
KOURIE, See Cowry. 
KOWL,orKAWL, jy Promise, agreement. 

Encouragement, promise of protection. A 

lease roll, on favourable terms. 
KOY, i. e. Oaya -r-cKfi a fruit : particularly 

when unripe. 

KOY-TEERWAH, i-dSifesSsJ Dues paid on 

podded grain. 
KOYAL, JUr A weighman. 
KOYALEE, ^ \4 Fees exacted for weigh- 


KOYT, ^ If i. e. Kayastha '^<9$^'^ A certain 
caste among EKndoos. 

KREESHNA, A certain god : the mo^ popular 
of the Hindu deities. The word means black, 
or blue : and he is painted of a blue colour. 

KRISHNA-REGADA, rj ^TJx-tf (See Regada) 
Black cotton soil. (Query.) 

KRISHNA PAXA, ^>^%^^o The dark fort- 
night : the wane. 

KRITRIMA, riOiSjj Fictitious. Made: fabri- 

KRIYA, t«<«6 Act, action. •* Uttara criya" 
funereal rites. 

KRORIE, 4^T^^ A collector of revenue: un- 
der the old Musulman rulers. 

KSHATRIYA, S^\h^ A certain caste of 
Hindus. The warlike tribe. This caste is now 
lost, being mingled with the Sudras. 

KUBBABLEH, See Cabela. 

KCBBUR, (Qabr^) A tomb. 

KUBBUR, (Khabr^^) News, tidings. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




KUBEER PUNTS, aHjjXiS A cerUin sect of 

Hindus, who follow a teacher named Kabeer. 
KUBRISTAN, ^^^^jjS A burial ground. 
KUBZ, ^ja)S Kabz. The handle of a dagger. 

The shape of such a handle used as a signature. 

Hence; a signature: hence» a receipt for 

KUCHA, Is^ Raw, unripe: uncooked: un< 

baked : unsettled, weak, temporary. 

^-«^ A rough reckoning : the estimated re- 
avenue value. 

KUDDEEM, QADFM, v«>S Original, old, ab- 
original, of long standing. 

KUDDEEM BAG HAT, ^::M^.fi*^ I-and which 
has always been rated as Garden land. 

KUDEEMS, See Kadeem. 

KUDIAN, (Ooodyan) Tamil, a cultivator (Chen- 

KUDIVABAM, (Tamil) The farmer's share 
of the crop. The Government share being 
Mel varam. 
KUGRA'MAM, SS^jpsSotfw » A mean village, 
a small hamlet. 

KUJOOREE, lyst^ The date tree. 

KULALI, ^Ki A liquor seller. 

KULAL KH ANA, sSiLJti A liquor shop. 

KULAPPASI, (s^uutr9. Taxes levied on a 

KULASOOTREES, or Kalavant iTer-s^o^b 

*' Artists." The name assumed by actresses 

and rope dancers. 
KULAWUNT, KOWAL, Toope, and Gana- 

charee. (See above) Certain classes of dan- 
cers and actresses. 
KULAWUNT, Correctly Calavant rT^;$o5". 

The title assumed by public dancers as 

KULEE KULWAR, "A threshing floor." 

(Probably meant for the Telugu word S'^Jrfja 



village clerk or accountant : a register or re- 

KULL, J^ All, the whole. 

KULLAL, See Kalal. 

KULLAR, r« Oo Barren land. Fifth Rep. 733. 

KULLOO, (Kallu iTgo) Toddy : the juice of 
the palm tree or cocoanut tree fermented. 

KULLUM, QALM, ^ A pen. Taza kalam ; 
a new paragraph. The post-script. 

KULLUSTAUNS, ^UoJT "Christians"— 

thus pronounced (intentionally perhaps) in 

KULNASHT, SSo|5^ «* A lost famUy" thai is, 

a lapsed fief: an estate without an heir or 

KULSEE, or CULSY, "A weight of sixteen 

maunds" — In Canara, one-third of a moora^ 

or grain measure, containing 28 pounds 
KULTHI, Lrt^K Horse-corn: pigeon pea. 

KULVEE, KULBI, (uJii A dog) Bad coin ; 
a forged coin. 

KULWAR, (Mahr. flo^^Cf Vulgar. Molesw. 
Diet. p. 208.) Individual : not general. In a 
Kulwar settlement of revenue the rent is fix- 
ed and collected by the officers of Govern- 
ment without the intervention of Zemindars 
(lairds) or ijaradars farmers of revenue. See 
Fifth Rep. p. 745, 750. 

KU M , A Less. K um zamin, insufficient security. 


KUM-KISM-ZEMEEN, ^^^^^ Land of 
inferior quality. 

KUMAL, JUi Total, complete. 

KUMAL JAMA, f^fi. JU Grand total. 

KUMARA, (Sansc. fe«ii-oj) a child, son. 
"A slave.'' Shakesp. 1381. (This word is 
used among the Seiks and the Jains and Hin- 
dus of upper India.) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




KUMARI, 86«&6 (Kanada) Cultivation on jun- 
gle laud : the shrubs being every year burnt 

KUMASDAR, See Kumavees-dar. 

KUMAVEES, Business. See Camayash. 

KUMAVEESDAR, A man of business: mana- 


KUMENATUM, Error for Kamatam rsfitf^. 
KUMHAR,^l^ A potter. 
KUMI, (Kammi ^^^) Deficiency. 

KUMMAEE, KAMA-I, JUi Profit, gains. 
KUMMER,^ The loins: the girdle. 
KUMMER BUND, odj^ The girdle worn 

over the clothes by men. 
KUMMER COSHAHY, ^'Ui^ Ungirding 

the loins. " A sum exacted on the threat I will 

KUNGAL, (Cangal) jKji Poor, poverty- 

KUNGA^NI, An inspector. 
KUNGANUM, (Kan.) roinwo, r/fcrfsstf 

«^. Watching, inspection, taking care. 
KUNGAUL, jKi^ Poor, pauper. 
KUNJAREE, i. e. Kansara roctf A brazier, 
or Kuvumar, i. e. Kammara JT^tf an iron 
KUNJUD, J«i^ Sesamum. 
KUNKAL, i. e. Kangal jfcs^ Poor, beggarly. 
KUNKAR,yJi Gravel : pebbles. 
KUNKAR, i. e. ^o^tS Can9ara, Kansara. Of 

the brazier caste. 
KUNKOOT, (''from kun, grain, and koot, 
conjecture.") The estimated or probable value 
of a standing crop. See Kyle. 
KUNNAKA, KANACA rj6r«$x). Gold. 

, KUNNAKUM, (Tamil ««*ri«^) *< A village 
never take ofi* my clothes untH you pay the [ accountant,"- (Chingul.) " 

money." Malcolm's Malwa. p. 395, 396. 
KUMMUND, jJui A noose. 
KUMPLI, A draw well. Fifth Rep. p. 788. Per- 

haps an error for Kapila. 
KUMSARA, fi'oiJtf Appertaining to the cop- 
persmith caste. 
KUNBI, KUNMI, See Koonbee. 
KUNCHAREE, See Cansara. 
KUNCHI, ^o©Thetown called (by Europeans) 

KUNCHINI, ,^i^ A dancing girl, an 

KUNDA-GOLACA, See Cunda, and Koond. 
KUNDAMY, (Tamil) An outlet or drain. 
KUNDAROY, An outlet for water. 
KUNDEH.BENEIK, (Kunda Vanik SoceT^S^ 
€") Bastard traders, a term of scorn for drug- 
gists. See Pasari. 
KUNDNEE,See Khandani. 
KUNDOO MODUL, (Tamil) The out turn or 
(Khandita ^o^^) actual produce, after reap- 
ing and thrashing. 

KUNTHARAI, See Cantaroy. 

KUNVAR, OOONWAR, j^ The heir appa- 
rent, the young raja. (From the Sanscrit 
Kumara !6tfj»if, a son.) This word is In 
use in the north west part of India. 

KUNZ (GANJ, ^) A treasury: a store house. 

KUPAS, CAPAS, ^\jS Cotton. 

KUPASEE, ^^\jS Cotton-seed. 

KUPPAL, Error for KSpal S'lSftfa the skull. 

KUPPOOR,OARPU'EA, ^f^^tstka Camphor, 
called jyli and^^ in Hindi. 

KURAGI, (Kan. «>eX) A drill plough. The 
quantity of land to which one plough is rated. 

KURAUNY, See Keranee. 

KURB, ^^Ji Affinity: relation. 

KURBA, See Kirbi. The stalk of jawari, 

KURBOOZ, KHARBUZ, tjy,j^ A water- 

KURBOOZA, %jyij£^ A garden in which wa- 
ter melons are raised. 

KURCHA, See Kharch. 

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KUROA, Sea Khird. 

KURINJI» The Corundum stone, a sort of 
emery: (thus called bj English lapidaries.) 
This is meant for ^c^S^otfo Kuruvindam. 

KURNISHAT, tUi;^ Bowing, prostration, 

KURNUM, (Kan. rtfwjtoo) A villige clerk or 

KURPA, See Kirpa. 

KURRADA, orKurrara Brahmins, SeeKaroli. 
KURREEDARS,^|Jj^ A purchaser. 

KURROL, (Qarraul J^y) Piquet, advanced 

KURSANS, '< Oultivators.'* Apparently meant 

for Kasan individuals. ^ U»i, 

KUSAEE, (Qasai ,^UiX) A butcher, 

KUSB A or KASBAH. See Ousba. 

KUSHA, ^^ A kind of grass, Poa cynosurides, 

Qsed by bramhans in sacrifice, like hyssop, 
KUSHEM, '' A streamlet." Apparently meant 

for ^fM„A. ehashm, a fountain. 

KUSINI, Vo 9|E> A cook room : so called in Ttmil 
and Telugu. It is meant for the French 
*' Cuisine." Hence Kusini Karen, or Kusini 
Tadu, a cook. These phrases art heard only 
among the servants of Europeans. 

KUSM, ^ An oath. 

KUSM-NAMAH, A^li ^ An affidavit. 

KUSSAR, Seekasar. 

KUSSIERKUSRAUT, (olj-i ^JJ^ ^"" 
suri Kasrat, or ^l^^^^^ kasr wa kasrat.) 
Profit and loss. Decrease and increase. 

KUSSOOMBEE, See Cusumbi. 

KUSSOOR, jy^ Deficiency, loss. 

KUSSRUT, o^ Excess, surplus, gain in 

KUTCHA, CACHA. U^ Raw. not baked, 

weak : temporary, onsettled. 

KUTCHAT, (Trichy) "A receipt for payment." 
0. P. Brown' i Zilla IHctUmary. 

KUTCHERRY, (KaChehri) u-^V ^®^®» 
place of business : place of reception or as* 
sembly, court. 

KUTKEENADAR, " An under tenant." 

KUTKENA, -'An under farm." 

KUTL, Jjul Killing,yslaying. Homicide. 

KUTLAEE, KUTLAY, "Fields, plots of 
land." (Phrase at Trichinopoly.) 

KUTPUDI, (cattu badi J^Jf «&) (Munro spells 
it kutpuddi.) A pension granted in land or 
money to guards employed by Rajas or bar- 

KUTPUDDI-PEON, See Outbudy. 

KUTTEEANEE, (Mahr. r-^«St3) Posting in 
a ledger, booking, registering. 

EUTTEEB, (KhaUb v.,,^hA) He who reads 
prayers in a mosque. 


KUTTRA, KUTTRY, (Bengali) or Kothdi 
i^j4^ji^ A court, cloisters, hospital, lodge 
for paupers. A closet, a chamber. 

KUWASIS, (Khavas ,^|^ A Turkish 
word, sometimes spelt chitums.) A personal 
attendant on the king. 

KUZA, or OOOJA, %j^ An earthen bottle 
or ewer. 

KUZYA, iSUusJi Quarrel, dispute. 

KUZZILBAUSHE3, ^Uju^ A race of 
Turcomano, settled in Afghaun. 

KYAL, JUf "A weighman: one appointed 
to weigh out the crops." " No kyauls are to 
be appointed, excepting such as are furnish- 
ed with a certificate." Bengal Regn. 42 of 
1793, Seclion 64. 
KYALLY DUSTOOR. Fees or taxes on 

KYAUL, See Kyal. 
KYBURT, (caivarUh 2,^^^) «A fisher- 

man : so q^Ued in Bengal." 
KYD, See Kaid. 


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KYDEE, See Kaidi. 

KYE, See Kai. 


KYFEEYUT ARZEE, **The statement made 

in the letter."^-^^ tj>xaxJ. 

KY-KAGHIZ, from (Kan.) kai, hand, and 
iXc 1^ paper. A short account : a handbill : 
a memorandum. 

KYKULLEE, (Kai kalan, Tamil) Wearers. 

KYL, (See Kail.) 

KYLDAR, See Kaildar. 

KYLDAR, See Kaildar. 

KYNEE, (KAINI) (Tamil) An irrigated field. 

KYOUK, (in Arrakan) A head man, a collector. 

KYRAT, (Khairat ci^l^) Alms. 

LaAN, (la-anat, Arabic LiJ^) Imprecation, 
a curse. 

LAATHEEO, or XANTEO, (Bengali) An 
idler, a lounger. See Lattial. 

LABBI, ^kJ Name of a tribe, called Moplas, 
at Cochin and in Malabar. The word, (as 
explained by other Musulmans) signifies My 
Lord ! Sir ! See Navayat, and Mopla, and 
Seedee. See note on Lubbies. 

LA'BHAM, 9n^o Gain, profit. 

LABHA-NASHTAM, €r-^|5j^JS» Gain and 

LAO, LAXA, LACSHA, o^ Qne hundred 

LAOOTA, LAKHOTA, (Mahr.) ij^ A 
sealed packet : a letter. 

LA-DAWA, ly: J " No claim"— i. e. A re- 
ceipt or acquittance. 

LADHAF, Error for Nadaf ^)jj A name 
of the tribe, called c6^"^^e) Dudecula, who 
are cotton-cleaners. See Lambadi. 

liAIGAM, i.e. "^j^^s^m Error for Lehyam, 
an electuary : a medicine made to be licked. 
LAJVARD, Oj^J The utone cjiUed Lapis 

LAKELAUM, .It^S (Arabic) Undisputed: 
without excuse. 

LAKERAJ, See Lakhiraj. 

LAKHIRAJ, (^I^S Lay i. e. not, and 
ICkirajj rent.) Free from taxation. Rent-free 
land. Land that pays no revenue. See Mad- 
ras Regulations for 1802, Reg. XXV. Sect. 4. 

LAKODAH, Error for Lakhote. 

LA'L, JjJ Red : a ruby. Red soil as distin- 
guished from white, and black. 

LALA, aJJ Lord, Sir, master, your honour. 
A word like *' papa," or ** brother." 

same as Banjari (See Brinjari.) The wander- 
ing tribe who trade in grain, salt and other 
goods. In Orme. 2. 102. it is written Lam- 

LANDEE, LOUNDI, ^j^J^ji A female slave. 

LANGAR,yoJ An anchor. 

LANGARA,yoJ A cripple, a lame man. 

LANGAR KHAN A, ^U^ A house for 
cripples : a hospital. 

J^XiJ A modesty-piece : or cover-shame, 
Subligar was the Latin word. 

LANKA, wor An Island. The island of Cey- 

LASCAR, ^^yJi! A servant of the *« lashcar" 
or army : a matross. A native tailor : a gun- 

L ATTIE, L A'*-HEEj ^ J A club or cudgel. 
Lathi wala Sl^^^j^S (vulgarly Lattial) a 

bludgeon-man. LattiaUsm, a modern phrase 

in Bengal for the practice of maintaining 

BMQ\i javelin men as a guard. 
LAUNDI, ^^5iy A female slave. 
LAVANAM, (Mahr tr'SSwo) A list. Enlisting, 

enrolling. A pass or permit for goods. 

LA'VANI, (Mahr «r»j5f3) Cultivation. 

LAWARIS, v*mIj S Heirless : unclaimed. 

LAWARIS MEHAL, Funds unclaimed. 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




LAWAZIMA, <>• ;iy Account particulara. 
Fees, gratuities. Materials : correspondence : 
documents : records. 
LAWAZIMA, ^ly Stuff: baggage. Fee, 
perquisite. Materials. Documents. Correspon- 
dence. Record. 
LA^YAO, ^J Fit, proper. 
LAYAO BAN JAR, Waste land that is like- 

]y, or fit for cultivation. 
LA'YAM, (Tamil) A stable. 
LAYEEOA, Error for .Lekka "S^, "S^ an 

LAZARj (At Madras) A small beam of wood ? 
LEOQUE, Error for a **Lac" or 100,000 thus : 

printed in Pinkerton's Voyages. Vill. 316. 
LEEHUK, Error for Lekhica iStf^^t a writer, 

a clerk. 
LEEM, Error for Neera ^ the Nimba tree. 
LEKHA-BUHEE, A volume of accounts (Va- 

hi, a book, in Marati.) 
LESKAR,^^^:^ Array: camp. 
LEW A.DEVI, v^y»>lyJ Giving and taking ! 

that is, exchange, traffick : business. 
LE WAYS, In Ceylon : spots which are over- 
flowed by the sea : and become salt-pans. 
LEZAM, ^jjJ A bow with a chain instead of 

a string : used in some feats of strength. 
LIFA'FA, ^liJ Envelope, cover of a letter. 
LINGADHARI,— One who wears the lingam. 

See Jangam. 
LINGAET, See Jangam. The name of a cer- 
tain tribe of dissenting Hindus. 
LINGAM, OojCo An image. A mark or sign. 
The idol of the god Siva : worshipped as The 

who worships the lingam. 
LIST CURNUM, That clerk whose name is 
recorded, as employed by government : and 
placed in the ** List," or Commiseion. 
LODHEE PURDESEES, Name of a certain 

LOGEELEE, eH^O A house, a homestead. 

LOLANGS, In Arracan : a constable, a lax- 

LOMBALLY, Error for Lambadi. 

LOMBARDIES, See Banjari «»3«^0 which 
probably is derived from the Sanscrit Banik, 
Banijyam. «?ir", "5r»e3eoo, 

LOOCHO and LOCHYA, U^ Villain, rascal. 

LOOOUDDA, or LOOGRA, (Mahr. tjor-ci- 
lukada.) Meagre, lean. 

LOOHAR, ^y A blacksmith. 

LOONGEE, ^^ A large handkerchief. 

LOOT, oy Plunder, spoil. 

LOOTAEE, j^lJ J Plunder, ravaging, seizure. 

LOOTIES, ^JJ Plunderers. Irregular cavalry. 

LOOTYWALLA, See Lootee. 

LO-PAIKA'RI, tr^-ind^s^d A sub-renter. 

LOTA, Cy A metal pot, for drinking shaped 
like a jar. 

LOTBUNDY, (From the English word Lot, 
or else from Note.) Marking off articles, 
placing them in a list. 

LOUNCE, This is meant for <* Allowance f* 
as 'Torney, and *Count, are meant for Attor- 
ney and account. The initial J being fancied 
to be the article. 

LOUND, Jkjy An intercalary month which 
occurs every third year. 

LOU NEE, ^y Wages paid in kind, to la- 
bourers in harvest. 

LOUT, (Lotu er«^) Defect, flaw. 

LOWANA, (Mahr. lav-hana c>33<^w) A parti- 
cular tribe in Gujerat. MM. 

LU, See these words under La. 

LUBBIES, UJ Labba. An Arabic name. The 
Labbis or Mapilas (See Moplatt) also call 
themselves Nawayat Iwly They originally 
came from Africa, and established themselves 
first on the west coast of India. Macbriar 
(Sketches of a Missionary's Travels in West- 
ern Africa, &c. 1839,) at psge 241 says; 
Digitized by ^OOQIC 




' Many Tiolent changes of empire must cer- 

* tainiy have taken place in these parts. Else 

* how shall we account for the language of the 
' LoxTBiES ? They are different from the other 

* tribesy being a degenerate race, stunted in 

* growth, and haggard in appearance : while 

* some are of a lighter complexion. They 

* speak the Poula tongut ; they passes nei- 

* ther towns nor cattle : but are the gypsies 
' of Western Africa : thsy live by manufac- 

* turing wooden bowls and other utensils, 
' which they sell to the Mandingoes. They 

* are probably a mixed race of Foulas and 

* regular negroes, or Jollofs. Many of them 
' are acquainted with the Jollof language. It 

* is not unlikely that such a mixture should 
' have sprung up from the cohabitation of 
' Foolahs with their slaves : the offspring 
' being despised for degenerate blood. Some 

* of the Mabomedan Foulahs do not permit 

* a bastard, or his progeny, unto the fifth ge- 
' neration, to enter their houses of prayer. 

* Thus the Loubies left their homes, and 
' formed themselves into a roving tribe> which 
*• has never been able to rise from its depress- 

* ed condition.' — These statements seem to 
•hew the Labbis to be of African descent. 
The accounts of them given in Herklots, 
page 12, 13, and in Wilks's Mysore, (Vol. 1, 

page 242, 255, and Vol. II, pages 125, 153,) 
are mere fables circulated among Musul- 
roans —The Labbis themselves generally say 
that they come from (Codiyal Bander) Man- 
galore : but they do not seem to know that 
they originally came from the African coast. 
At Madras they are chiefly pedlars and tra- 
ders in mean jewellery. See note on Nawayai : 
and the note on Jonan^i, 
LUKSAN, Loss, damage. Error for Nuquan. 

LUMBER, Corrupted from "Number**— that is, 
a lot, or field. It is a phrase used in Bengal. 

LUMBEBDAR, Holder or proprietor of a 

*' Number" or field : also a party in a *• l>^um- 

ber*' or law case. It is used in the Bengal 


LUNGER KHANEH, (See Langar) A ho«. 

LUNGUR KHURCH, ^j^JsS A dole, or 
alms distributed to paupers. 

LUT, (Sansc. e)"^ latA) A creeper, a tree. 

LUTEEAL,i.e. Lathi wala JI^^J A cud- 
gel-man, a bully hired to fight battles be- 
tween Indigo planters in Bengal. 

LUXHEBAR, (Laxraivaram oj^'sr^tf «5bo) 

<*^"*g. A ^^ paiti or list of donaUons pre- 
sented to these gods. 

Ma, *^1I a contraction, in Telugu writing, for 
Marlfat. «0psi7»|| denotes In his charge^ in 
his care. 

MAAF, t^Uy« Forgiveness, remission. Be- 
ad bi maaf i^Uu«^^»>) ^-^ Pardon my in- 
trusion, forgive this freedom. 

MAAFIE, ^^U>« Forgiveness. '* Maafi 
lands," free or untaxed fields. 

MAAL, JU^ Mahal. See that word. 

MAAL, Jju« Property, goods. Phrase for a 

MAALER, Error for muhazzar. 

MAAMLA, ^JUU^ Business, afiair. 

MAAMLA FUHUMI, ^^^^U^ Skillin 

MAASHA, ^ lju« A penny. Phrase for a pen- 

MAAZOUL, ^}^y^ Dismissed, discarded. 

MACE, In Ohina, a farthing. 

MAOUEE, (Mahr. <^{)) Suburbs : a villsgs 
under a fort Grant DuflT. 1. 427. 

MAOHLT, yj^ Fish. 

MACHILI PAKNU, ^titihfi^ The Ux 
(mohtarfa) formerly levied on fishermen. 
Digitized by ^^OOQIC 




M ACHLI MAO, (Mavoo) i&<)0«^« A fitherj. | BiAETRASHY, '' CutUng the hair"— seemt 
(Vizag.) an error for ^^l/iiy* 

Af AD or MADD> iX^ A line drawn acrou the 

page. An item or head in accounts, 
M A'D A, <^^ Name of the silver coin called a 
half pagoda. tfy*eit3o'^toM <* they paid the 
madas*' denotes, thej paid fifljr per cent: 
half the turn. '< He claimed madas on this 
Tillage" means. **He took sixpence in the 
•hilling." Originally Mada meant money, 
coin : and thus ^J^Pijoj^tf Sri Bama Mada 
is the name of a certain ancient gold coin. 
MAD AD, ^6^ Help, relief. Madad o maash, 

^U/o^^cU A pension. 
MADAD, ^ Jm« Help, aid. 
MAD ADGAR, ^ If ^ cX^ Assistant. 
MADAD GAR,^|f^Jg« Helper, assistant. 
MADADOARI, i^j If jtX* Employment as a 

MADA GADA, <&tf Ktf (Kann.) The same as 

MADAGU, <5be$Ha (Kann.) The sluice of a tank. 
MADDATGAR, See madad gar. 
MADDI, «^a The red-wood tree. 
MADDI CHECCA IJARA, «5b§^r^TOar"cr» 

A tax levied on red -wood. 
MADEPAULOO, See meti pal. 
MADESTHUM, Error for madh-yastham. 

Standing between : mediation. 
MADHUPARKA, t&^f^^^^ ♦ (Literally 

sillabub,) Bridal presents. 
MADI> 10^ Valuation, estimate, appraisement. 
MA'DIGA, (Tel. t&J-^l^) Belonging to the 
cobbler caste. tbr^^'K-wn^ madiga vadu, a cob- 
bler. tSj*^X^ madig^di; a woman of that caste. 
MADIPU, (<56&oi^ madimpu) Valuation. 

&MM Jm« A college. 
MADUPU Bl'D, (or Beedu) f^f&i^tl^, I •. 
Madimpu «6&o^. Waste land which a farmer 
is required to bring into cultivation. 

MA'F KARNA, U^^JViu* To pardon. 
MAFEE RAW ANA, si]^j^^J^ A free 

pass : a release from tax. 
MA'FF, ^cfViu* Pardon, exemption, excusing. 

MA'FU, i^U^ Forgiven, Forgiveness. 

MAGAMAI, MAGAMY, See Magaroa. 

MA^GA'NAM, See Magani. 

MA'GA'Na^ (Kan. tfy-'K-ffi) Wet cultivation : 
land artificially irrigated. 

MAGANNY, See Magani. 

MAGASOOL, (Tamil; meant for Mahsul 
Ay^s!^\ Produce, crop. 

MAGAUN, (Error for Maqam ^\Sl^) Place, 
station. Fifth Rep. p. 875. *« Haft Magam 
^IL« (j:^ the '* Seven Stations" name of a 
place near Madras. 

MAGDEH, Error for Muihdeh t^^y Good- 
news. Hence, a fortune teller. 

MAGH, «£n^ The eleventh moBth of the Hindu 
year, answering to part of January and 

MAGHANI, LDtTdsirmS The fraction of one six- 
teenth : or anna or VUs. 

MAGMA, aJU Fee, privilege, Magma»dftr, 
i) jA«X« a tenant in fee. This word occurs in 
some Persian documents granted by Tippoo 
and other rulers^ Probably corrupted from 
the Tamil Makhamei SeeRottler*8 Tamil Die* 
tionary> vol. 4. p. 2. 

MAGUNE, Error for Mangna UJoU Demand, 
asking a woman in marriage. (Steele, appx. 

MA^H, «U A month. 

MAHA, * i6d^ Great. 

MAHACAWMAH, (meant for Mahkama 

iUXs^\ A tribunal, a court house. 
MAHAFIZ, kjU^ A record-keeper. 

MAHAFIZ-DUFTER,yi;o^'^^ A record 

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MAH A PATUK, ♦ i6bs5^-^tf r A great sinner. 

M AHA' J AN, (Mahr.) i5bs^«r- A banker or 
chief merchant .* a proprietor of land, a small 

MAHAL, J^a:^ Abode : seraglio : palace. 

MAHA'L, Jlar^ District, division. 

MAHALAYAM, afcs^octfia A certain feast 
held in September. 

MAHAL-DAR,^lJjl.s^ A laird or baron, » 
small land holder. 

The expenses or out goings of the district. 
The charges of office. 

revenue establishment : watchmen, melitia. 

MAHALLADAR, .Ij^dac^ A superintendent 
of police. 

MAHALL PUTTY, ,^JVs^ A certain 
tax in Salsette. 

MAHALOJH, (Mal-wajh) A^^^JU Rent, 
crop, income. Goods, stuff, substance. 

MAH ANT, (Mahr. «&s5^o«&. The chief monk 
the head of a college of vairagis : the rector. 

MAHAR, (Mhar, a Marati word) A man of the 
lowest caste : not an out caste. 

MAHARANY, *S:^^'(rA The Queen. 

MAHARAJAH, «6iS^Tr-e King, Lord, no- 
ble. His honour, his grace. 

MAHARATTA, Name of a language: but 
the true spelling is «&Tr»l> Maba.'t'a., 

MAHA'RNAVAM, i&sS^ws-sSo The feast call- 
ed Dasera. 

MAHARSHI, «5b^t.c A saint, holy, per- 
sonage, demigod. 

MAHASEBADAR, (mohasiba-dar.| j^u*«l3r*) 

An auditor, an adjuster of accounts. 

MAHASEEBA, aa^Is^ Audit, settlement of 

MAH ASOOL, Jj-^«^ What is realized, crop, 
produce : sums paid. 

MAHAVETT, (o^ ^ Mahaut) An ele- 
phant driver. 

MAHA YAGNY A«&6««6» The great cere- 
mony, or sacrifice. The chief rite. 

MAHAZZAR NAMA, ^\i^.<as^ A general 
affidavit. A petition, or manifesto signed by 
many persons. 

MAHEWARRY, See Mahwari. 

M AHFY, Error for ^Vju« muafi. Forgiveness, 
remission, excusal. See Muafi, and Mowafy. 


MAHITAB, orMAHTAB, ^^UjU A kind of 
fireworks, called '* Roman candles" that give 
a white light like moonshine. 

MAHL, J«-* See Mahal. 

MAHMOOL, See Jyx** Ma-amul. 

MAHOOTERA,;5b"4j'«^tf Pension: land grant- 
ed as a living. 

MAHSOOL, J^^-aar^ Collected: realized, 
paid. The crop^ when reaped. Restraint, im- 

MAHSOOL-DAR, ^)jJ^.As^ A watchman 
set to guard a crop. 

MAHSOULY PEON, A watchman set over 

MAHSU'L-DA% The bailiff'or watchman set 
over crops. An exactor : a tormentor. 

MAHTADI, MATADI, o^^Uyo A head roan 
among the village watchmen. 

MATHOTE, (That is, MahUvi s^ysf^) 
OoUection, impost* 

MAHWARRY, ^J\yit\^ Monthly. 


MAI, SeeMahi. 

MAI-CAUDOO, (Tamil) Daily hire. 

MAIDA'N, y^l43jw« Plain, meadow, parade. 

MAIHMANY, MIHMANI, ^<i^^ Apptr- 
taining to a host, attention to guests. 

MAIL, See Mel. 

MAILI, In arithmetic, a Maili fanam (Maili 
ruka) denotes a certain coin now obsolete. 
Twelve maili fanams made one rahti (see ra- 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




hiti, raiti) pagoda : which equalled forty ro* 
hiti fanams. See on Cantheroy. The maili 
Tuha '^©6t»I' equalled fourteen ^^ dudds. 
Eleven and a half maili rukas were one 

MAIN OAVALGAR, » The head watchman." 

MAISTRY, From the old French word Mais- 
ire.) A head workman. A skilled artificer. 

MAJILI> «5b«fO i, e. Manzil J jx* A stage in 
a journey : a halt. The middling rate or 
secondary class, of plough-land . 

MAJMOODAR» jliXxyus** A superintendent, 
or auditor. In a Telugu record, concerning the 
Musulman government, about A. D. 1716 it 
is specified that *' These forty seven villages 
shall form one samt (simt, summut) or Quar- 
ter : governed by a Despandya (or commis- 
sioner) and by a Chaudari, (or head bailifiv) 
That a certain man (named) shall be manne- 
var (mayor) and (so and so) shall be majum- 
dar or superintendent. It appears that all 
these offices were hereditary. 

MAJOO, MAZCJ, ^jlc The gall-nut, used in 
making ink. 

MAJC^M, ^ys*^ A drug, formed of bang, 
chillies, and sugar : chewed to produce in- 

MAJUN, See Mahajan. 

MAKA'M, ^U^ Place, station. 

MAKHAMAI, (Tamil) Fee, privelege. See 


MAKHTA SHIST, Fixed rent. See Bilmoc- 

MAKKI, «^i (Kan.) A certain description of 
land in Barcoor. 

MAKTA, MAKHTA, jkLc Contract, rent, 
rate. See Bilmukta. 

MAKUL, Aj^*^ What is known or under- 
stood. Fit, proper, likely. 

MAL, Jt« Wealth, property: revenue derived 
from land. 

MALA, ♦ A necklace, a garland. 

MALA,«^e> The name of the lowest class call- 
ed pariars. They are not out castes: having 
a caste and laws of their own. They appear 
to be, (with the Ohensus and hill people) de- 
scended from the aboriginal natives of India, 
subsequently crushed and enslaved by the 
Sudras, who obeyed thebramins who descend- 
ed from the North. They chiefly worship 
^^^jg, I2^«^'«25«^cx), petty village god- 

MALABAR, The name given by Europeans 
to the Chola and Malayalam country. Na- 
tives imagine it originated in accident : that 
some Telugu aborigines when asked the 
name of the country replied aJop»"<«r»tfis» 
mdlev&ram, we are Pariars. 

MALAIPOONAM, (Tamil) High rocky soil, 
not fit for cultivation. 

MA-LAKAR, «^J»tr»V0 * Those who wear 

MALA'MA, jJU Gilding, covering with gold- 
leaf or with silver leaf. 

MALEE, ^JU A gardener. 

MALEEAT, Ci^^U A phrase used at Guzc- 
rat for land producing the more valuable 

MALEEKA, MALIOA, aCU A queen. Mal- 
ka-zamani ^^J i^L* The present queen. 
The queen of the day. 

MA'LFUT, ^jiiLc Enclosed (as a letter) in 
a (lifafa) cover, or envelope. 

MALFU'F, i^^aL* Enclosed, wrapped up, in 
a case. 

Taxed: that pays rent; that which yields 
revenue. Nearly the same as copy hold land. 

MALGUZAR, j|«iOU A head farmer : a chief, 

MA'LP, ,J^ Appertaining to JU mal, that 

is, Revenue. 

Digitized by 





MA'Lr PESHCAR,^KiJi^^cI^ ^ revenue 

MALIGHI, (Malig«h*^?Tt) A cellar, a ware 

house. A cell, a chamber. 
MALIK, u5CJU Owner, master. Captain of a 

MALIKANA, Stipend, allowance granted to a 

zemindar whose lands are sequestered, A> 10 1«. 

MALI-VA'RU, «5b6w56 (pronounced Mullee) 

HiU people: highlanders. In the Mysore 

country all these are Lingavant worshippers 

of Siva. They appear to be the original 

people of Southern India who were ultimate- 
ly subdued by the bramins. 
MALrl-WAJIB, L-^l^ JU The rent that is 

due. The proper sum. 
MAL KHANEH, AiU. JU A treasury, 
MAL SAYER, The land revenue (mal) with 

the (sayer) transit revenue. 
MA'L SIBBANDY, ^^Jixui J U Revenue 

officers, Militia. 
MAL-WUJHAT, v:»V,^^ JU Products of 

MA'LISH, ^fiJ\^ Rubbing down: thrashing 

treading out corn. 
MA'LIST. Error for Malish. 
MA'LIST DAR, (Malish-dar) Overseer of 

MALKUTNEE, (See Mal, and Katnam, cat- 

num, JTi^sfeo) Fees exacted at harvest time. 
MALLA/, «^J57 (Kan.) The fee claimed by the 

village potter at harvest time. 
MALLU, i&^ (plural of madi «&&) Fields. 
MALLY KOODIHUL, (Tamil) Hill folks, 

MALNAAD, iS^t^jr^e^ Hilly lands. 
MALTAMY, i^er»"a> Corrupted from Multa- 

vi, i^yL^ Neglected. 
MALWAJIB, v-^l^ JU Rightful dues : law- 
ful property. Revenue. 

MALWAJIB SIRCAR, Revenue doe to Qo^ 


MAL-WALA, aJIjJU A man of substance : a 

MAL-ZAMIN, ^LiJU Money security: 
grounded on a pledge or deposit. He who 
stands bail. 

MAMALUKES, i^ji^ Literally m captive, 
one who is mastered or owned. N'ame of 
certain troops in the Turkish army, now de- 

MAMETIE, MOMETTY, (Tamil a hoe : a 
kind of spade: called kodalli, khudali in 


MAMLETDAR, ^lalUU* He who is in 
charge : the agent. 

MAMLUTDARI, ^^IcVUUU* Agency. The 
district placed in the charge of an agent. 

MAMOODAS, MAHMUDI, ;jj»^^*a^ A sU- 
ver coin formerly used in Egypt : eighteen 
equalled, one zingali. 

MAMOOL, Jj^ju« Use, custom, fashion. 

MAMOOTY, (Tamil) A hoe. 

MA'MU'L NA'MA, i^\jJjAM A sUtement of 

MANAI, (Tamil) A spot of ground. 

MANAI THOTTAM, (Tamil) A garden at- 
tached to a house. 

MANAKATTAY, (Tamil) A certein kind of 

MA'NA^L ADIT TARS, u,mir^i^^jg(s* 

Land covered with sand. 
MANAMI, i&s6S)o Error for ^pti manivi^ a 

MA^NA'MA'RI, MANAWARI, u^tr^uxtri 

Land watered by rain alone. 
MAN AY, (Tamil) One twenty.fourth (l-24th) 

of a Cawney. 
MANAY VARI. (Tamil) Ground rent. 
MANAYAGAR, (Tamil) The headman of a 

village : hence ** Monigar." 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




MANDAL, (in Bengal) A head man : chief 
of a village. 

MA'NDA'LI, ^JIOoU A dark green emerald. 

MANDAPPA, (Tamil of Ceylon : i. e. man- 
ta|mni, «ibo*i5<>«iv>) A portico, lodge, chapel. 

MANDEE, ^3^ A shop. 

MANDILS, Error for Mandiram. 

MANDIRAM. *ibofttf«S» A temple. 

MANDWA, l^iL« A custom-house. 

MANE'LA', ^^ff- The name of Manilla. 

M ANELA' VANDLU, c^-^tr^spogb. Natives 
of Manilla : men who sell corals and gems, 

MANG, (Among Maratas) a pariar, or out- 
caste . 

MANGANY, See Magani. 

MANGEE, ^^^to The helmsman. 

MANGBLIN, *' A certain weight used in 
weighing diamonds. Seven grains : that is one 
carat and three qtiarters. Pinkert, VIII. 246, 

MANGNA, \jJoto Demand, claim. 

MANGO, The name given by Europeans to 
the fruit called in Tamil mSin-gay, 

MANG UN, UoL^ Asking, request. The ce- 
remony of going to demand a bride. 

MANIAM, «^?>^;s» (Literally, An honour.) 
Land granted free of revenue. See Manyam. 

MAN IE, (Tamil nianeh a house.) A tene- 
ment ; land on which a house stands. 

MANIND, jJJU Like: resembling. 

MANIVL {^P^ Telugu) Petition, requent. 

MANJEEL, (Portugueze : from Manzil Ay^ 
a journey) A litter for travelling in : so call- 
ed at Goa. 

MANJI, MAUNJE'E Bengali) The headman 
in a boat. The steerer. 

MANKUREES, (Mahr. manacari t^r^^SSfd. See 
Moles. 819) A noble, a gentleman. See 
Asiatic Ann. Reg. 1799. Appz. p. 139. 

MANMEM, ^'^^ (pronounced «^(^S^ ^un- 
yum) Highlands : hilly places. 

MANO'VARTI INAUM, Land granted as 
subsistence. Pennion. 

C. P. Brown s Zilla Dictionary. 


^ A pension : an allowance. 
MANOTEEDAR, A collateral security ? Is 
it «6'5xr»»? or y^^ or what? See Ha- 
mee which is said to be the same as Manotee. 
MAN-PAN, (^\j ^Uor, s^j6o,-^r»o query.) 
The honours : a right to certain compliments. 
MAN-PAN HUCK, Jr^^b ^U A right or 
claim to ceremonies honours, rank. The 
word seems fictitious. 
MANSAB-DAR, 4) jo-uvLo A gentleman: a 
squire, or petty noble : a horseman employed 
on respectable pay. Bernier, vol. 1. p. 241. 
MANSLEY, Meant for macchhli JL^s:-* fish- 
MANSLEY KHOTEE, A warrant or prive- 

lege of fishing. 
MANTAPAM, s&^ok^^iS^ An open hall : be- 
ing a roof upon pillars : a portico. 
MANTINIES, (perhaps an error for Mantri 

*5bold '' Judges." 
MANTRA, i&c^o A secret prayer. A spell 

or charm. Invocation, minister. 
MANTRI, ^o\^ A secret adviser : agent. 
MANUGU, «^e*;?C) The corn measure or weight 

called iwtin, or maund. 
MANUL TARAM, (Tamil) Sandy soil. 
MANY, (Ma-ani tji*^) Traces, fo(>l^teps. 
MA'NYAM, s^T^§«Sx> An "honour:*' called 
in Canon law a " digniiy, a liberty,'' or a 
*• donative." See Gentleman's Mt'^gazine, 
March 1836, page 234. LanH granted rent 
free to a bramin or for the maintenance of a 
pagoda. Some of theee pay a light quit-rent. 
MANZIL, Jjju« A day's journey: a sUge : 

a halting place : a halt : n lodge. 
MANZUR, 1 J^^ Approved, sanctioned. 
MAR DAERD» Certain slaves of the soil, in 
Canara. Apparently from (Tel.) «^«> Mi- 
la, and (llind. ^^j) dher : each meaijing 
a pariar. 

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MARaH, (See Mera.) Fees, dues, priveleges. 
MARAIDA, Error for Mar-yada «^-^otf. 

Custom, practice. 
M ARAMUT, MARAMMAT,^-*^ Repairs. 
MARATA, «5bTP^, or, Marati i5bTr»48, This is 

the true spelling of the name " Mahratta." 
MARC A L, uipA[r& Vulgarly Mercall. 
MARCAL, Lnpsirrio (Maracal) A measure for 

grain or rice. It is also called ^r»aio toom. 

It contains six quarls. At Madras five mar- 

cals make a para. Four hundred marcals 

make one garce (garisa) of salt. A mercafof 

rice contains eight *' measures," or twelve 

** seers : ''and weighs nine hundred and sixty 

MARCAR, See Marcal. 
MARE HOLEYER, See Holayar. A certain 

class of slaves in (Kudugu) Coorg. 
MARFUTTEEA, Error for ma-ari fat kj^^jm 

Charge, agency. An agent, a factor. 
MARGASEERSHA, Marga-siras. Name of a 

Hindu month partly answering to October. 
MARH, (Telugu s^:^ mada) "A gold coin of 

five mashas weight'' — Asiat. Res. 4®. XV, 

page 272. 

goddess who presides over the small pox, or 

any murrain. Also the name of the cholera. 
MA'RIFAT, vJi^i^*^ Charge, care, keeping. 
MARIGOMMU, afcGJTsio A sluice or outlet 

from a pond. 
MARIKA'R, s&n^r^^ The second or light 

crop : Coarse paddy, cultivated from October 

until January. 
MA'RIYAR, i&nddi>S' «• Xame of a tribe of 

pariars in Malabar, employed as drummers." 
MARKALL, See Marcal. 

MAROOTS, «^:65~ The winds; or the gods 
presiding over the points of the compass. 

MARTABAN, s^^G-fii Name of a place in 
Pegu. A black jar in whiith rice it import- 
ed from thence. 

' MARUG, i. e. Margam *fcngi4», A road. 
MARUGOMMA, «$:.Oojr^ An outlet, a flood 

Madvari t^TS-^^^ N^me of a certain Hindu 
tribe of merchants, as natives of the Marwa 
(Malwa) country. 

MASABZAMIN. ^^;^^.^ A light PoiJ, 
of middling quality : also called «b;5^-^o. 


MASAL, See MisI, Missul. 

MASALA, ^^JLoj* Spicery : medicine ; drng«. 

MASALJEE, ^^^lU A torch bearer. 

MASAN, ^U^ The raltlings of a diip's 

MASU'DA, %^y^ A rough draft, a foul 
copy : a sketch, a plan. 

MASCABAR,^,UC«U '* The la^t day of the 
month." (A Portugueze word Mias acabar.) 
A bribe } Calcutta Quly. Rev. No. 8. p. 345. 
Perhaps an error for ^^a^^ mooh bJ^ri 
*'• a mouthful" which is a phrase for a bribe. 

MA'SEED, f^^i^ Meant for Masjid cXs-w 
a mosqtie. 

MASH, y^U/« Pension, allowance, subsis- 

MASH A, A^U A jeweller's or goldsmith's 
weight, of about seventeen grains. 

MASHaKKAT, c:.Ai^ Pains, care: tillage: 
repairing : manuring. Hire, day's wages. 

MASHAT-DAR, (Misahatdar^lj^j:,^^^) 
A surveyor. 

MASHAT, MASHAKAT, i55>^r&>3 (Corrupt- 
ed from i^::^^t^ lu^ ' Misahat') square mea- 
surement : mensuration : the same as Paima- 

MASHEEUT, lI^j^ Will, intention. Fate, 
the will of God. 

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MASHKAWAR, Error for Mahwar, ^^U 

MASHROO, « ^yi^ Legal. Satin. Musulmaus 
are forbidden to wear silk : so they weave eilk, 
with cotton, into %atin : wliich is therefore 
called •• Legal." 

MASHRU'T, h^y^ (from Shart, condition.) 
Conditional, stipulated. 

MASOOL, See Mashul. 

M ASSOOLA-BOATS, Boats used on the coast 
of Madras to cross the surf in. They are 
30 or 40 feet long, six deep and 8 broad : 
the planks are sewn together : with a hay- 
band an inch thick between each. They are 
flat boltomed, and as elastic as a basket. Each 
has about ten rowers and will carry 8 or 10 

M.\TA^B, MATABHI, «fcii-«o ^\J^ The 
fire-work called a Roman Candle. 

MA'TA'DIorMOHTADI, ^^o^Avillage 

MATAENAH, (.IUJi*i* pinral of Tainati 
^UjuJ) Attendants, guards. (Fifth Report 

p" 683.) 

MATAM, «^^o Creed, sect, religion. Opini- 
on, doctrine. 

MAT AT, Apparently meant for Mash, i. e. 


MATBAR, -u*-« Respectable, trustworthy. 

MATBARI, u^ySjuc Respectability. Wealth : 

MATEE, See Meti. 

MATEEYA, 1^ Earthen, made (as a well) 

without brick or stone. 

MAT£R> (Meaning Mihtar) A scavenger, a 
nightman, one who empties necessaries. This 
I find used, as a phrase of scorn, in a Mis- 
sionary's journal. 

MATEY, See Maty. 

MATHAM, (or vulgarly Mutt) «5o5ro. A col- 
lege or monastery where asceiicks live. 

MATHOB, u^jis^ A tax. 

MATHOTE, En-or, apparently for Mahtut 
t Jltk^ collection. Or %ij-* a bailifi' who col- 
lects rent. 

MA'TIBAR, (Muattibar ^^juU^) Respectable, 

MATIBARI, (uO-i^^ Muatlibari) Wealth, 
. character. 

MATLAB, (Mutlub V.JLL*) Purporf, tenor. 

MATTH or MUTT, «&^o, j^ A lodge or 
convent of Goseyns or asceticks. 

MATTI, (Muttee) ^^ Earth, clay. 

MATY, At Madras a menial servant, who is a 
pariar : probably ihe sailors phrase " Maty" 
for **mate." 

MAUF, t^U^ Forgiven, excused. 

MAUFEE, itfiU^ Forgiveness, excusing. 

MAUG, Magham, s^?5«^ The name of a 
month falling in January and February. 

MAUKOOF, t *j^r^ Ceased, suspended. 

MAUL, MAL, Error for Mahal. 

MAUL, MAL, Jl-»o Property. Revenue. 

MAUND, The old English word for a basket : 
substituted for the Hindu word Man ^ or 
Manugu ^c^^ a weight of 25 pounds. 
In Bengal, 80 : but 75 pounds as regards 

MAUNIUM, See Manyam. 

MAUN-PAUN, ^j;^ v:;t* Honour and respect. 
The phrase fojr certain fees, as honoraria. 

MAUPHEE, See Mafi. 

MAURU'SI, MOWROOSY, ^^^jyo (from 

Waris, an heir) Hereditary. A heritor or 
hereditary tenant. 

MAUZA, ^y A town : a village. All such 
words are open to doubt. Thus in Shetland 
a place is called a ^* town" though contain- 
ing only two or three houses. 

MAUZAWAR,^lj^^^ By villages. "A 
Mauza-wtir settlement*' is a settlement re- 
garding a whole village. 

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MAUZDA'T, ol J^^ GoodB, store, stock, 
MAUZEH, See Mauza. 
- MAVANJA, Error for Mauza. 
MA WAS, (Marata «^b-;& ^^c query.) A 

MAWZIN, MUAZZIN, ^^^ The herald of 
the mosque : he who calls the people to 
MAYANA, i^cKj-7P> ^U^ A title like Lord, 

or baron. 
MAZAM DAR, «^»'^'cr»Qo«So i^^^s^ A 

MAZBUT, (Muzboot,) iS^^ix^^ isri^ 

Strong, weighty, tight, fit. 
MAZCU'R, MUZXOOR, «5b28.Sj-cr5 ,^J^ 
Said, mentioned. Abovesaid, abovemention- 
ed. Vulgarly used for " a village'*— as »* the 
•pot whence I write." Mahe mazcur, the 
said mouth. Rozi mazcur, the said day : this 
MAZDU'R,^^ j^ A hired labourer. 
MAZDU'RI, ^^j^ayt Hire, the sum paid. 
MA'Zr, 15^^ Past, preterite. Late, former, 
deceased. Cancelled, done away, departed. 
MAZILI, «5c2f D that is, Manzil, J^ A stage, 
or days journey, a trip. A halt, a halting 
MAZOOL, JjjJt^ Dismissed, turned out. 
MAZU'L, Jjijjuo Dismissed. 
MAZU'RE, «&e}^«o Error for Mazdar. 
MAZU'Rr, «&»"e Error for Mazdurl. 
MEANA, MAYA'NA, aJU* A litter, like a | 

MEDDED MASH, See Madad. 
MEE AN, i. e. MAYAN, ^U« Sir, my lord. 
A phrase by which Eunuchs were addressed. 
MEER,^^ Mfr. Sir, my Lord. A UUe pre- 
fixed to names of Sayads. 
MEERAN, Error for Mera, "fctf. 
MEERAS, ^\jyj^ Error for i*,);^ (^ JIS 
comes from Jy) A species of patrimony 
which in Scotland is called a Tack. See 

Wilson's Hist, of India 1. 429. Wilka's My- 
sore 1. 169-179. Fifth Report page 830. 

MEERASSADAR,^!^^!^ A Tacksman or 
Freeman, (Liberius, Iibertinu8 ) In the 
City of London, a *» Eedemptioner.- Sue 
Westminister Review 1845, page 211. Same 
as Mahajan. 


MEER ATISHI."^"!^ The"Pire king" 
or grand captain of Ariillery. 

MEERBUKSHI. ^Jj^.y^ Chief Paj„.... 

MEER MOOXSHEE, ,^^ Chief Secre- 

MEER TOZUK, ^jy^y^ A marshal : the 

ruler of a march. 
MEESURE, The French (mesure) for measure, 
MEGEMOUDAR,^) j^^^,^ Majmu-dar. Su- 
perintendent, chief clerk. 
MEGFUNNAISM, The art of strangling or 

burking. See Sleemon on Thugs or Ramoo- 

MEHAAL, See Mehal. 

AUL, MEHAAL, MAL, JU:^ Depart- 


MEHMANDAUR,^!^ ^U^ The ruler of the 

feast. The officer appointed to receive and 

attend on guests. 
MEHUL, MAHAL, The seraglio. 
MEHUNT, ts^^o^ The superior or ruler of 

a monastery. 

MEINDBANA'VANI, ^od6«iy;J|D Repairs. 
This seems to be the English word Mend: 
and Uly^ Banwana to make, effect. 

MEKH, ;j^ A nail, peg, pin. 

MEKHI.RUPAYA, ^-j;,^ A rupee 

that is plugged: hollowed "and filled with 

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MEKRSS, Sec Mirass. 

ME'L, "&>^ Over, above, surplus. 

MEL VAKAM, (Tamil GLo^euirjrih) The sov- 
ereign's uhare of the crop : the government 

MEL VASI, "fctw^i (K.) Dues paid to pa- 
godas at harvest time. 

MELA, (Hind. "J^er') A fair : a market. 

ME'LU, C&e^o Tel.) Profit, surplus. 

ME'LU VA'R, (Tamil) The landlord's share 
of the crop. 

ME'LU RA-'SI, 'aiew-O'J) The '^ great pile." 
The grain when thrashed but not yet measur- 
ed. The rough produce. 

MEI^VEPPU, GtL&€»^uu Quit rent, paid on 
a Many am. 

ME LW ASSY, Extra : more than was reckon- 
ed on. 

MENAH, Error for Minaha. 

MEN AH A, See Minaha. 

■^ofi$;$i6?5-cr'oco Molesw. p. 843) Taxes 
levied on flocks of sheep. ' 

ME^RA, "SoCJ Fees, dues, granted to pariars at 
harve8t time. 

MERKALL, (Maracal) See Marcall. 

MERKA'RRY, (Tamil) Taxes levied at fer- 

MESSDSHED, Error for Masjid (Ann, Reg. 
1814, p. 479.) 

ME^STAK, (mastacam *&]^^o*) Column, head 
or item in an account 

MESTRI, See Maistry. 

METARANGAM, "iotfTT^Xo Seniorship, the 

office of headman. 
METL "^^ A party: men united in culti- 

yation. At a Telugu word it means Lord, 

master. See Meti ecru and compare Maty. 
METI-DAR, ^iS-cpflS^ The headman. 
METTA, -^o^ Uplands : a high lying field. 
METTAVARI, ^JjsSd Dry cultivation : the 

crop grown on high gtotmd^ 

ME'TPCO'RU, "&43g:-«c6 The farmer's share 
in a crop. The manufacturer's share of the 
salt produced in a salt-pan. Sharing, ap- 

METTU, ^^ A cui^tom house station. 

MEWAFUROSH, yj-^^tj^:^ A fruit selW. 

MEWAS A, U« ]yo Society, fellowghip. Phrase 
for certain free boo tt-rs. MM. 806. 

MEWATTY-.MEWATTIES, Name of a hill 
tribe of robbers, in Boondelkhand. 

MEYAN. ^U^ Friend, Sir! 

ME'ZA, or iME'Z, "fee^ ^ Table. As 
meaning Dinner it seems to be the English 
word " Mess." 

MHAR, (Mahral^ta) A pariar: employed as 
watchmen or as tilaves. 

MHASOOL, See Mahsul. 

MHATDSSUB. Error for Mohtesib. 

MHYS, Error for «&lr»iS.o Mahisha a buflfalo. 

MICHA VA'RAM, iSl^^^unffCi, The landlords 
share of the crop. 

MIDAN, ^iJjk^ Maidan, a plain. 

MIHMA'N DA'R,^)0JU^ The person ap- 
pointed to look after a guest. 

MIHNAT, «j:^J.aL-* Trouble, exertion. 

MIHNUTANA, 4JUis-* Allowance granted 
to an agent or manager for his trouble. 

MIHR,^^ Dowry. 

MIHTUR,^:^ A Prince. In Bengal a phrase 
for a scavenger. 

MILANY, (Marata from ^^t^c*) Compa- 
rison, adjustment. 

MILEETCH, Error for Mlechh, a Pariar. 
See Grey*s comment on Hudibras. Part 3. 
Canto L line 674. 

MILIK, MILE,cjOU Domain, properly, right 

MILKEUT, or MILKYET, cS^^ ^»g*>t, 


continued right, or possession. 

MILKIUT, SeeMilkeut. r^r-.^M/> 

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MIM BASHY, ^W(^ (TurkUh) Com- 
maiidant o^ ( ^ ) & thousand (horse.) 

MIN-HA, MINAHA, ly^ (Arabic, literally 
Ex-illo, or ab-hoc, from which) Deduction, 
subtraction, diminution. 

MINHACHEYU, Si^^t^^^i^ To deduct. 

MIK-HAEE, ^^^J^ Deduction. 

MIN-HAI-DAR,^lj^lyU A pensioner : 

who holds land free : being deducted from the 
total of revenue. 
MINHAI-JEE, ^V^ Exemption. 

MINUMULU, SX)^«$Me» The black grain call- 

ed Phaseolus Mungo. 
MI'R, Jw« Lord, baron. 
MI'R BAKHSHI, ^^^LsijX^ The Paymaster 

Ml'R PESHCAR, tbuiJkj^ The Accountant 


MIR AS, See on Meeraa. 

MIRASI DA'R,^t^^^|^ A heritor, a tacks- 
man. See Fifth Report, page 83 ). 

MIRZA, I ;jX^ A Perwan title. If prefixed to 
a name, (as Mirza Abu Taleb Khin) it denotes 
a Secretary. If it follows the name, as Ab- 
bas Mirza, it signifies a royal prince. 

MISGIR, Error for MaBJid. 

MISIL, Ji^ A portfolio : a record. 

MISIL, CARNAM, Sx^^^Jf^t^ The recorder. 
The clerk who has charge of the accounts. 

MISKAL, (Arabic JVSlc) A "shekel" a 
cerUin weight. 

MISKEEN, ^^/t^^^ A pauper. 

MI3L, MISSUL, J!* A corporation or body 
of citizens. The Seiks were governed by 
twelve such bodies. 

MISL CARNAM, Jl« The town-clerk. The 
attorney who has charge of the accounts : the 

MISL REDDEE, The head-farmer : with whom 
Government transact business. 

MISRI, u5>^ Sugar candy, Literally "sugar 
of Egypt'' (Misr) through irhich country it 
WM imported into Turkey. 

MISSUR or MISR, (Mishra a^lf * mixed.) 
Title of certain Hindus in Bengal. 

MISTER, Jsuu^ A card on which threads are 
fixed. These are impressed on a sheet of 
paper to shew where lines should be written. 

MISTREE, ^jLuXAi (French, Maistre) The 
head workman. Particularly the head car- 

MITHA'I, ^J^Io Sweetmeat. 

MITTA V AH AHA, to*j;66^ The old kind 
of gold pagoda worth about four rupees. 

MOCABITA, ^IL« Comparing, comparison. 

MOCADDAM, . Ji^ The headman. 

MOCAM, U^ Place, sUUon. 

.MOCASA, MOKASSA, (Mukasa ^ Ur*) 

Alienated : given away, bestowed. This word 
has been traced to an Arabic original, but ia 
a mere fiction, coined by the Marata clerks. 
See Grant DufiTs History of the Maratas, 
vol. I, p. 80, He fancies it comes fron^ 
Moqaiia, a Revenue office. He says *^ The 
subsequent application of the word is, like 
several Marata Revenue terms, arbitrary." A 
Mocasa village is one granted free, or on a 
favourable assessment. In Molesworth*8 Ma- 
rata Dictionary p. 846, he questions whether 
it should be spelt Uwlj^ or derived from 
^ft<Tr^ Mukhassas. 

MOCASADAR. jl^sA^U:-* He who enjoys a 

MOCCA, "8^^ A young plant. 

MOCHEE, A shoemaker, a cobbler. 

MOCHULKA, See Muchilka. 

MOCUDDIM, See Mukaddam. 

MOCURRER, See Mukarrar. 

MOCURREREY, See Mukarrari. 

AR> for Qfi^€Situnk) A title among the Tamils^ 
like Mr. or Sahib. 

MODDAM, Error for Mudara. 

MODEE, ^^y A money changer, in Bengal. 
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llO'Dl or MODEE, "^^^ or Mori "3^6 The 
name for the common character, or alphabet 
in which Marata is wrilteii : as distini^uish- 
ed from Balaband (see that word.) The ori- 
gin of the word is unknown among Marata 
Bramans. Colebrooke, E'^say vol. 2, p 29 gives 
an etymon which is not true. 
MOFUSSIL, J.,i2A^ Separate. *' In the mo- 
fussil" denotes ** in ihe country," as distin- 
guished from (Sadar. or Shahr) the Capital. 
'* The MofuHsil Newspapers" is a phrase for 
" the local press," or^ country papers. 
MOGGS, See Mugs. 

pertaining to the Mogul government. 
MOGHUM, Error for Mafhfun sj^ Com- 
prehended, understood. 
MOGUL, Ji^ MoghaUMughal. Title of cer- 
tain Musulmans. 
MOHAFFA, (Muhafah A*Ur*) A palankeen, 
MOHALZAMINEB, Error for Malxamin. 
MOHANDIRAM, (in Ceylon) A headman, a 


MOHATTERAN, (Mahuttara ? s&>-'^$6*) 
Lands given to respectable Sudras ? *'LHk- 
heraj Muhatteran land" is a phrase in the 
Trial of Mahtab Chand Bahadar, in Atlas for 
India 2d June 1851, p. I. 

MOHAUL, See Mehal. 

MOHIN, See Moeen, Moyeen. 

MOHR, MOHUR, jy^ Seal, stamp. The 
Mohur, or Gold mohur is the gold coin (also 
called Moree *5iT*6 i^%y^\ which is in Ben- 
gal worth 16 silver Rupees : the Madras gold 
mohur was worth 15; but the coin has 
nearly vanished at Madras. 

URREE, All these are errors for Moharrir. 
jjSL'^ A clerk. 

MOHSU'L, i. e. MAHSU'L, Jj^^is^ Crop, 
tax^ collection, exaction. 

MOHSULIS, ^yDs.'^ A bailiff: a torment- 
or, an exactor. 

MOHTADI, ^^My^ A revenue officer. 

MOHTERFA," /iyis^ A tax on trades. (In 
Richardson's Dictionary it is wrongly print- 
ed ^* a tax on tea,'* The Arabic lOot is i ^>a^ 

MOHTEVAN, Error for Mohteran, i. e. Ma- 

MOHTISSUB, u,^M.Ix^ Superintendent, in- 
spector, chief conxlable. 

MOHULLA., t\s:^ A ward of a town. 

♦Ij^dLsr* police men. 

MOHUR, See Mohr. 

MOHUR,^^^ A seal. A gold coin. 

MOHURRUM, js.'^ Con:*ecrated : sacred 
name of the first month of Musulmao year. 
The fast or feast then celebrated. 

MOHUSSIL, J.^as^ Exaction. 

MOHUTERAN, See Mohatteran. 

MOHUTURUN. See Mohatteran. 

MOHUZZER-NAMA, ^^U^^^^is.^ An affida- 
vit siurned by ail neighbours. 

MOJOODAT, cL>lj^^ Effects, assets. 

MOKADDAM, . J^ A peon, a bailiff. 

MOKAN, Error for Mokaum. 

MOKARRaR. ^jSla Fixed, appoinied. 

MOKASSA, See Mocasa. 

MOKAUM, ^Muc Place, post, custom house. 

MOKEEM, ^»xL« Appraiser, broker. 

MOKHARIJE, (Mukbraj - I^^) What is 
separated, alienated, deducted. 

MOKHTA. See Makhu. 

mary, short. Sec Mu — 

jUsr^) Agent, Minister. 

MOKHTIARI> ,^,lis^ Freedom, option. 
See Mu— 

MOKOOF, MAUQUF, i^yy» Ceasin-. Dis- 


Digitized by V^OOQIC 




MOKUDDUM, iaL* Chief, headman, fore- 


MOL, (Mulyam, ;i>r»«>go) Price, cost, pur- 

MOLAMA, See Ma— 

lavi, i^y^^) A Doctor of Laws. 

MOLAZIMUT, Li^;2U Service, tending. 

MOLESLAM, Error for Nau Muslim JLm*^ J 
A ** new believer" — a convert from Hindu- 
ism by circumcision. 

MOLLA, 5U A priest. A schoolmaster. 

MOLLY, Error for Mali (pronountied Marly) 

A gardener, 
MOLUNGEE. ^^^^^^ A manufacturer of salt. 

MOMETY, MOMITTY, u^^ArQwili^ A hoe. 

MONIGAR, (Tamil Manya caren) A manager, 
a headman. 

MONLACHO, Error for Mulki ^^. Fifil. 
Rep. page 632. 

MONSASIB, Error for Molilesib. 

MOOCASA, See Moca^a. 

MOOCBEE, See Mochi. 

MOOCHULKA, ^SX^ A penal bond. 

MOOCCUDDUM, See Mukaddam. 

MOODAA, ^p^iX^ The plaintiff. 

MOODA LIHEE, /aU ^^ (- The claim 
is against him") The Dtfendant. 

MOODRA, See Mudra. 

MOODY, {i^^yo Modi) In Bengal, a shop- 

MOOEN,or MOYEN, Z A BIT A H, jJa^U jjt^ 
The table or statement of wages. The 

MOOFTY, ^^^li^ A Mahomedan Judge. 
MOOHURRIR, See Muharrir. 
MOOJEBAUT, o^a-yo Reasons, grounds. 

Accountant, chief clerk. 
MOOJOOMOOL, J^ar^ Abstract, compendi- 


MOOJTAHID, 4)yls-* Doctor of Divinity. 
MOOKEE PATELL, (Mukhya, ti>J4>^ chief.) 
The chief manager. 

MOOKHEA, MOOKEE, (Mukh-ya ^jp^^ 
A chief,) a headman. 

MOOKTA, jlaS^ Fixed, settled. 

MOOKTEEAR, See Mukhtar .Ui^, 


MA, ^.^U «lli-* A power of attorney. A 

MOOKTE.SSUR, See Mukhtasar, sometimes 

misused for MukhtyarjUIs^, 

MOOKUDDUM, See Mucaddam. 

MOOKYA, (Mukhya tiM4>§) A chief farmer. 

MOOLPOORUS, sSc>T»e))^Co<k MulaPuru^ha 
Original ancestor. 

MOOLAZ, 3IU Protection. 

MOOLAZADARS.^I jjU Subjects. A phrase 

for certain slaves.' 
MOOLGUENY, See Mul-gueny. 

MOOLK, MULK, cjCU Country, realm. 

MOOLK-GEEREE, ^^vjCU Invasion ; ii,- 
cnrsion, ** seizing the land" — Phrase among 
Marata chiefs for the opening of a cam{>aign. 

.MOOLKEE, ^^^^<L» Appertaining to the realm. 

MOOLKY ADAWLUT, s,^l\j£^^jLc Roy- 
al court of justice. A revenue office. 

MOOLOOKGERY, See Moolk giri. 

MOOLTAKET, Error for Multafit lS-.aIU 

MOOLUCKGEERY, See Moolk giri. 

MOONG, ^S^yc A certain bean, called green 
gram, "^^«X). 

MOONIM, ^^tSx> Error for Munib. 

MOONIM GOMASTAH, An agents clerk. 

MOONSHEE, ^^^^^^ A secretary: a clerk: 
a tutor. " A reader" or instructor. 

MOONSHID, Error for Murshid oJt^ A 
guide, a saint. 

MOONSIFP, MUNSIF, uJuoLo A native 
judge : in civil suit's. " A Deemster'* ia 
the word used to this ds} 





MOOPEN, A certain claw of hereditary slaves 

in Malayala. 
MOO'POO' CALEVU, (i^^itfrf*/. Fees 

claimed by the headman of a town, 
MOORABIHUT, (Murabbi yat iJ>sjj^) 

MOORDARKUS, (Murda kash ^tdj^ 
He who drags away dead bodies. A sca- 
venger. A cess paid by them on the skins 
of animals. 
MOORDAWUSIKT, Meant for Murdh-abhi- 

shicta «Sxn>T^s~^5x^S. 
MOOREED, See Murid. 
MOORIS, (Mauras J*, 4^) The progenitor: 

he from whom heirship (waris) descends. 
MOORSHID, See Murshid. 
MOORTHAM, Error for Mohr-dan ^^)dj^ 
The seal-box : the inkstand that goes along 
with the sea). Equivalent to '^ the seals'' 
or " Ministry." See Callam-dan. 
MOORTIZANAGAR, /i^j^ ifaotftfi^lS 
K0&. The Musuiman name for Guntoor. 
HARA, »ybUw« Bargaining by the month. 
Mooshairat-oolkurnain. Stipend granted to 
r^ni^u) Karnams, village clerks. This 
is a curious spelling: for ^J^y^ means **the 
two horns.*' It is a mere error. 
MOOSHTABIDD, See Mustabid. 
MOOSLIM, MUSLIM, ^^^ Believers. 
MOOTAH, tf»-^ A hamlet. This is. like all 
words regarding villages, not exactly similar 
to any English phrase. 
MOOTAH DAR, il^yU The owner of a ham- 

petty lordship. 
MOOTANIEH, (Muta-ai-ana ^lujuU A com- 

mand, post, frontier station (See on Tainati.) 
MOOT BAHUVEE, Error for Motubavi "3j^ 

C P, Srotcn*s Zilla Dictionary. 

MOOTECOPHIL, (Mut^saffal JiXLo) A bail. 

He who secures. 
MOOTSUDDY, Mutsaddi ^^j.,aU The 

man of business, agent, subordinate, copyist, 


MO0TWALLEE,MuUvalli, ^yU Super- 

MOOZAFUT, (See Iiafa) o^U^ Acces- 
sions, additions. 

MOOZRA, See Mujra. 

MOPILLAS, MOPLA, (Ma-piUa) Name of 
tribe in Cananore who are of mixed descent.: 
they are Musulmans but speak chiefly Tamil. 
See Lubbees. 

MORA, or MORAH, l^^ Morha, A foot- 

MORADY, (Muradi ^^ oj^) ^ kind of pen- 
ny J now obsolete. Change, small money. 

MORAH, (Murra fSx>lp Kan.) Rent, 

MORASA, "awU-^, Gravelly soil. 

MORCHAH or MORCHAL, (See Moorchul) 
^jy^ A battery, a place whence cannon are 

MOREED, (See Murid J^^) A disciple. 

MO'RJA', Tta^Jr-s- Murcha bandi. Morjaoo, 
Uwjy« A battery : guns, 

MORSING, (Murchang i^Si^-jy^ A Jew's- 

MOSANAM, Qunr^tsTih A kind of rice. 

MOSHAIRA, (xMushahirah »^UU) Salary. 

MOSTAR, or MUSTER, (Portugueze) A pat- 
tern, a sample. 

MOTA, "Bj^** a large leathern bucket. 

MOTABAR, •xLue Responsible, respectable. 

MOTABARI, ^^jjSm^ Responsibility. 

MOTA'D, '^T^WdSi ^jli^ A constable. 

MOTADI, 'S^'B^O A certain caste of Telugu 

FA, SjjJcs^ "Sj^dO-^ A tax on certaia 

MOTHAM, "»w^tf» Mottam. TotaU ^ 

10 Digitized by V^OOQIC 




MOTU, ■Sj^&xj a leathern bucket. Motu-sthal 
'ST^fijD'^e)*^ Land watered from a large well, 
by means of the bucket. 
MOTU BAR, ^xliuo Respectable, substantial. 
MOTUBARI, ^jjSm Respectability, 
MOTUFFURAKA'T, ci^lj^ Dependen- 
cies, out-stations (See Tarfiik ^jJ^Ju \ 
MOTURPHA, Xijxs^ A tax on certain trades. 

of Laws, The English word. 
MOUNT, i, e, " Amount." Total. 
MOURA, MORA, MORHA, \jbjyc A foot- 

MOUZA, f^j^ A village. See Mouze, 
MOUZAWAR,^Iyt^^ Village by village. 
MO WAF, ^_J\juo Forgiven. Moafi ^\j^ Ex- 

cusal, remission. 
MOWAFI, ^^Ijuc Muafi. Forgiveness. Re- 
MOWAKIL, Ji^ A Buperintendent. 

offspring." Phrase for Arabs born in India. 
MOWLAH. 'iyc A judge. 
MOWROOSSEE, ^^jy<» Hereditary. 
MOWZAH, ^yc A village. 
MOWZE, MAUZA, ffyc ^^^'^ A small 
village. A hamlet : a town. The various 
phrases for village are somewhat doubtful ; de- 
noting a greater or smaller importance. It is 
not easy to convey the distinction in English. 
MOWZEWAR, jlyuiy Village by village. 
MO'YAMA'TI,'aT»d*t5cfO Error for Moyeen. 
MOYEEN, MUAU-'AN, ^^^ Ordinance: 
what is regular. Rations, pension, allowance. 
A roll of names, specifying wages or pension. 
A muster roll. Tabular statement of money 
MOZCOORY, See Muzcoory. 
MO'ZDAT, "a:r.25'T5»«b i. e. Mauju^da^t 
^j>^^ Supplies, stock, implements. 

MT. A contraction for Musammat ei^Uuii^ 

*' Nominata" or ** Dicta" She who is named. 

A phrase equivalent with " Mrs." Thus Mt. 

Rami denoted '* the woman named Rami." 
MUAF, MAWAF, ^]yc Forgiven. Muafi, 

Mawafi, ^)yo Forgiveness, remission. 
MUCHELKA, A<JUr^ A written agreement. 

" To come in on Muchilka" denotes, to come 

(into the town &c.) on assurance of pardon, 

or safety. 
MUCKDOOM, Error for Mucaddam, See Mo- 

MUCKTA, gkLo A contract, a farm. Period 

for payment, 
MUCKTA-DAR, ^IjgkLo A shareholder. 

He who holds a contract. 
MUCKUDDUMA, e^iSLc Affair, matter. 
MUDAI, MUDDAI, ^^ J^ The defendant. 

MUD AM, i^-wo Militia. 

MUDDUD, MADAD, j*Xo Help, assistance. 



MUDDUD MASH, ^U^o^J^ Livelihood, 
pension, subsistence. 

MUDI, See Madi. 

MUDRA, iS»l« * A seal. 

MUDRA BALLA, «^l«ttc) or &a|«r^ew Mu- 
dracola. A wooden stamp used as a seal to 
mai'k heaps of salt. 

MUFARRID, ^jkc Abstract, summary. 

MUFTI, -J^ A judge of Mahomedan lavr. 

MUGS, The name given by Bengalis to the 
people who inhabit Aracan. They call them- 
selves Yakain {vf\\\ch Mahometans pronounce 
Arracan,) and " Ma-ran-ma." See Penny 
Cycl. in " Aracan." As an Arabic word, 
Magh i^ denotes one of the Magi, a Magus ; 
a fire-worshipper ; a tavern-keeper. 

MUGTA, See Maqta jlaS^. 

MUHARRIR,^^^ A clerk. 

MUHA§SAL, See Mo-- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




MUHAZZIR NA^MA, A^U,-^aar^ (See Mo—) 

A petition eigned by all the inhabitants. 
MUHUL, Js^ Mansion. District. See Ma— 

MUHZOOR PUTTEE, See Mahazzar. 
MUJAMLI, J^ar* Total. 
MU JERA, or MUJERAH, See Mazra. 
MU JERAI, ^Ir^ *' Liege, submissive." A 

protection money, levied as Black mail by 

Zemindars in Rajmahal. 
MUJLIS, ^jJ^ Sitting. Assembly, Reign. 

MUDAR, See Ma— 
MUJRA, Us^ Deduction, allowance. 

MUJURA-EEN (ain) ^^^^ Total of de- 

MUKA.RRAR,^^ Established, 

MUKARRARY, ^jj^ Land let on lease. 

fair, matter, case. 

MURADDAM, Ji^ Local officer, bailiff. 

MUKA'M, .Ia* Place, station. 

MUK AY AD, JjkL< Imprisoned. Closed. 

MUKBARA, tj-y^ A tomb. 

MUKEEMI, Brokerage. , 

MUKHAT, ei^ljjyc Contingencies. 

MUKHTA'RjjUa.-^ A free agent. 

MUKROOBA, ^,jk^ A Dakhiui corruption 
o( jJ^ Maqbar, a tomb. 

MUKSA, or MOOCOOSA, «Sx)r^ A Telugu 
measure of capacity : three muksas are one 
toom and twenty tooms make one candy. 

MUKTA GOOTKA, Apparently meant for 
Maqta gkLc and Gutta Ho_^ a lease, 

MUKTARNAMAH, i. e. Mukhtari nama 
^^\J^^J\Ss^ A power of attorney, a war- 

MUKTASAR,^^.iflj;s:^ Abridged, short. 

MUKTASAR,^..ais^ Brief, abridged. 

MULACHO, Error for Mulki ^jLc a phrase 
for native (troops.) 

MULAGAR, '^S'J&g, A receipt. 

MULAPATTI, (i&:>0-7r'tf, Kan.) A landlord. 

MULA-PURUSH, ^Sxntiib^'^^ The progeni- 
tor or earliest ancestor. 

MULA-SADANAM, si>T*e)§'^e?^o A receipt. 

MULBAKHURCH, Perhaps an error for 
Mublagh kLyo Amount, sum. 

MUL GUENY, See on Gueny. 

MULICK, MALIK, cJjU Owner, lord. 

MULKI, MOOLKEE, ^^U Of the country, 
local. Concerning Revenue. 

MULLA, to A Doctor of Laws, 

of merchants. The head trader. 

MULL VEERA, «i»^, s^w^ojjSctfifito A mo- 
ney allowance. 

MULMUL, JJLc Muslin. 

MULTAZIM, ^yiLc (plural Multazmen 
j^jjiLo) A tenant, a farmer or collector of 

MULTABI (MULTAVI, CjO^) Trickery. 

MULUK, i. e. MULK, vjOU Country, realm. 

MULUK, Error for Mlechchha "^^^^ an out- 
caste, a pariar. 

MULVEERA, See Malvati. 

Forfeited goods. 

MUN, (See Man, Maund) A measure, 

MUNA-'SIB, v-.^U^ I^ue, fit, proper. 

MUNDRAJ, I^iU '* Madras." This is be- 
lieved the original name. 


MUNI, i5»p, or Mun-iswara tfwK^tf A sage, 
hermit, holy personage. 

MUNIB, MOONEEB, u^5^ The principal, 
owner, employer, who sends out his gumohh- 
tas or agents. 

NEEB, See Munib. r^,^rTi/> 
Digitized by VjOOv IC 




MUNJEET, (ManjishW -^botf^ The rootl MUSAMMA'T, ^U^ U Btng^ denote. 

called madder : jielding a red dye. 
MUNNAGAR, a&w^-r-ijr The bailiff or su- 
MUNNIMS, Error for Mannem ^^"^"^ High- 
lands, hill countries, uplands. Fifth Rep. 
pages 641, 672. 
MUNNOVERTY, (See Manovarti) A pension. 
MUNNY, Error for K. s&'P maneh a house. 
MUNSHI, ^yisU A clerk, minister, tutor, 

MUNSIF, i^juoLo A judge who decides civil 
guits. The village munsif, is the head farmer ; 
he receives no salary. The District Munsif is 
a paid officer. 
MUNSUB, u^^-^ai^ A minor rank. 
MUNSUBDAR, ^1 jL-^*-^ai^ ^ "^»" ^^ ^^^ ' 

a gentleman. 
MUNTA, ii»o« A measure of capacity holding 

three seers and a half. 
MTJNTAPUM, s&oi^^tbo A hall : usually 
buill upon pillars. A gateway to a pagoda. 
MUNTUR, Mantram ^o\^iSx) A prayer, a 

MUNZEL, MUNZIL, JjJ^ A^halt: a day's 

MURABBI, ^-?^ Patron, introducer, referee, 
MURATTAL, ^^ Closed, concluded. 
MURCHEE, See Mirch. 
MURDAR-SING, (sJi^j] dj^ Murdar-sang) 

Ijitharge. Semi-vitrified oxide of lead. Also, 

sulphate of copper. 
MURID, MOOREED, Jo^ A disciple, a pupil. 

MURRAMUT, See Marammat. 
MURSHID, OJSLj^ a confessor, or religious 

MURTIZANAGAR,^^^/^ The Musul- 

man name for the town of ;foci)j*^ Guntoor. 
MUSAFIR KHANA, /iSlkyU^ A lodge or 

inn for travellers. A hall for strangers. 
MUSALMAN, ^^IJL-.^ A Mahomedan. One 

who is of (islam) the faith. 

•* a woman." Literally it means NominaU : 
she who is called. Thus " Musammit Rami" 
<* is equivalent to Mrs. Rami"—** La femme 
Rami." ** La dite Rami." 
MU8AN. i. t. Smashan :^ts?»o A cemetery, 

a place where corpses are burned. 
MUSCOOR, or MAZCU'R, ^^*i^ '*Above- 
gftid."— -^'Nayak Maicoor," the above-said cap- 
tain. In Telugu papers this usually denotes 
in '* the said town." 

abovesaid items. 
taining to the above. Phrase for a petty vil- 
MUSHTAJlR,^ft^U-v« A sub-renter: a small 

MUSHTIGAR, (K. tojxir^if) Name of a 

tribe who are chiefly cultivators. 
MUSJEED, J^s-***^ Mosque, mausoleum. 
MUSNUD, SyM^ Sovereignty. (Derived from 

Sanad to command.) Throne. 
^^\-^L«) Drugs, ingredients. Horse medicine. 
MUSSAUT, «^'^5" Mashat. Measuring and 

valuing crops. 
MUSSEED, See Mupjid. 


MUSST, A contraction for Musammat and 
equivalent to " Mrs." or '* woman," 

MUSSUB, See Masab. 

MUSSUK, M ASHK, kJJx^ A goat skin oaade 
into a bag to hold water, 

MUSTABID, Jai*u/o Sole, one, exclusive. 
The title assumed by the high priest of Luck- 

MUSTAJAR, joSx^yt^ A revenue contractor. 

MUSTAJER, •A.Uw.^ A contractor. Sec Ijarm. 

MUSTAR, or MOBSTER, The Portuguexe 
word for a pattern, a sort, a kind. Also the 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




English word '* Muiter" for roll-call, or ap- 
pearance, of pensioners, &c. 

MUTA, See Mootha. 

MUTADAB, SeeMotha dar. 

MUTASSEDDEE, ^^^Jc^ai* A clerk: a 

MUTEVELLI, yjy^ Superintendent. 

MUTFARQA^T, o^S;a5^ Pensioners : de- 

MUTH, Matth Ma^ham i6«'&a A convent. 

who agrees or undertakes. 

MUTHOTE, MAHTU'T, oy^ Collecting, 

to support elephants. 

MUTI, MUTTHI, ^^^jU «^^ A handful : 

a cess or tax under that name. 
MUTINE, or MOOTINE, i. e. Muta-ai-ao 

j^juU Appointed, placed. See Tainat 
MUTLAQ, jJLk« Absolute. Wakeeli mutlac 

(3^^ Jjk^. a plenipotentiary. 
MUTSEDDY, ^Jc^ai* A clerk, In Wilks. 

2. 165, see a description of these familiars. 
MUTSINGWOOD, The superintendent of po- 
lice in the island of Magindanao, in the 

MUTT, Matth ^^o A convent 
MUTTASEDDEES, See Mutseddy. 

One who enjoys a Mootah, or land. 
MUTTHA, iL|X« A subdivision in a county; a 

petty district. 
MUTTHA WARI, kSj\^^ Classification 

village by village. 
MUTTULLUCK, jJJa^ Mutlak, Absolute. 

care-taker, superintendent. 
MUVVA-DONI, ii»sSS5^«5 A single canoe: 

as opposed (to Sangadi Doney l6oK45^r3) 

a double canoe. 


A village peon. 
MUZCOORAT, oI;^*i^ Items abovemen- 

MUZDOOR, A hired labourer. 
MUZDOOREE, Hire, wages. 
MUZERA, c )V« A hamlet or small dependaat 

vUlage. (5th Rep. p. 749.) 
MUZKOOR, j^ iL* Above-mentioned. 
MUZLEY^ tfasfO Mazili A stage, in a journey. 

The Telugu pronunciation of Manzil. 
MUZMILI PATTI, (from Jumla aLa.) The 

total account : the general list. 

from wazn ^ :^ weight) Articles that are 

weighed. Fees on weighing. 
MYLEE FANAM, See Maili. 

J!f AAD, (Nadu V^^) Country. District, 
Hence the word ^Ocr»«6 Palnaud. 

NAAT (Natu 7r»*») Country, made in the vil- 
lages. Naat-Teak> timber raised on village 

NABOB, NAWAB, v^ly (literally, chiefs.) A 
baron, a petty prince. 

NA^BU'T, "(Jnaw^^b Devastated. Corrupted from 
Neest wa na bood, jyU^tr^^ajJ (** nee est 
nee fuit'*) *'It is not and never was*' a phrase 
for ruin. 

NACCAL, NAQL, J^i A copy. 

NACCAL POTTA, (L Jii Copy of the lease. 
NACCU, NUTSOO, f6Cto^ Knot grass that in- 

fests waste land. 

§^4» The drug called Cocculus Indicus. 

NACKARA-BUNDY, meant for Nigah 

^ J<u % & Watch, care. 
NA'DA'R, (^l^U " Who hath not.") Poor, 

NADA-NEER-VARI, (In Trichinopoly) Tax 

levied on lands watered by (picotas) engines. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




NA-DAVA-SANNAD, cXUMly:^^ A release 
or acquittance. A bankrupts certificate. (Cor- 
rectly, La-dava.) 

NADAVU, cStf* Transplantation. 

NADA-WOOLONGOR, Nada Ulugu (Kan.) 
" Annual Survey account of cultivation." 

NADI, (vulgarly nuddy 1^0*) A river, 

NADIGEH, i^aiC (Kan.) A lease wherein the 
landlord and tenant take half the crop apiece. 

NADU, "F*^ A country. Hence Palnaud, 

NAFA, ffti Profit. 

NAFAR NAFR, jAi Person, individual. 

NAFR ZAMIN, ^J^'^J^ Personal bail. 

NAG AD, (S^^ for Naqd J^ai Cash, monef. 

NAGADI GOMASTA, ^^J^ Cash keeper. 


NAGADI CHITTHA, ^^t^ Cash receipt. 

NAGAR, P^(^ A town. 

NAGARA', i^'T^tS, i^-7r*-a», ^^U> A big drum. 

NAGARr, 16^S ^^ Belonging to the city. 

NA'GARI, (F«»Ke Townlike, urbane, polished) 
Or, DEVA NAGARI "SsSTr'X'a ('Elegant 
writing.') The name of the Sanscrit character, 
in the particular shape exemplified in English 
publications, such as Wilson's works. It is 
sometimes called Bala-band cXbSb literally 
'* closed above" because a line runs along the 
top of the letters. 

NA^GA VALLI, F'JCsS© ♦ The betel-leaf, 
called Paun. It is presented to guests on 
arrival and departure (as a glass of wine a- 
mong the English) and hence denotes Open- 
ing, and Ending. Beginning or Termination 
of a ceremony. 

NAGGUR, See N AGAR, and Naqqara, Na- 
gara, Nakkar. 

NA'GOLE, See l^r(^^ Nagavalli. 

GARA, i6)CCSa A town. 

NAGUREE, or HINDU WEE, See Nagari. 

NAIDU, jy^cs&>e^ Nayudu, A cerUun UUe 
(like Mr.) borne by many Sudras. 

NAIB, L— ^^ A deputy. 

NAIG, or NAIK, i. e. jr>M^ Nayac Leader, 
Captain chief. 

NAIKWAR, (K. Tn^dtfS^^a, Nayak-wadi) 

■sr>a A village watchman. 

NAINSOOK, (I^csfii6;&4) ♦Nayana-sukha, Eye- 
pleasing) Muslin. 

NAIQUE, See Naik. 

NAIR, 7r»d*«3 Chief, lord. A title used 
among Hindus in Malayala. 

NAJrB, NUJEEB, v-.^ A certain class of 
soldiers under Musulman princes. 

NAKABUNDY, ^Ji^UU Shutting up, stop- 
ping a road. A custom toll house. Tran- 
sit duties. 

NAKAD, NAQD, Ja> Coin, money. 
NAKADAR,^I^UU Arrester, checker. The 

keeper of a turn pike. 
NAKADEE, ,^Ja> Regarding coin. « la coin." 

A certain percentage. 
NAKAR, NAGAR, ^Ui A large drum. 
NA'KA'R,^|^U Useless. 
NAKARA'I, (Mahr ?) iSrTTow Protested, as 

a bill : dishonoured. 

NAKARA,jUi A big drum. 

NAKARCONNA, &>U.^Ui The drum-house. 

The place, over a gate, where drums are 

NAKHIRD, ^U Unploughed. 

a ship. 

NAKSHA, ^Liii Picture, map, plan. 

NA^L, JjJ A horse-shoe. Tribute. 

NA'LAYAK, J^SU Not fit. Incapable. 

NAL A, ^U A channel, a watercourse, a canal, 

NAL-BAND, NUL-BUND, Jl; J^ A far- 

NALBUNDEE, ,^diAUi Horse-shoeing 

Tax, tribute. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




NAM A, NAM AH, or NAMEH, Aa)U A deed, 

a declaration. SHAH-NAMA, the Royal 

Tale, the History of Kings. Karar-naina, a 

written agreement. 
NAMAK, (jCoi Salt. 
NA'MARD, Or^U "Not a man." Unmanly, 

NAM BURIES, A title borne by the brahmans 

in Malayalam ; as distinguished from Futter 

or foreigners. 
NAMBYA, Error for Namburi. 
NAMEH, See Nama. 
NA'MI RU'PA'I, ^i^jy^^ A silver coin 

equal to one quarter of a mitta varalia S^ga6 

NAMMAK, UCJ Salt. The salt department : 

salt-making, or manufacture. 
NAMU^NA, sSy3 Pattern sample. 
NA'MUSI, ,^^^i^U Nakedness. 

NA'N, ^\j Bread : daily bread. Pension. 

N'ANA, UU His highness, his honour: his 

NANA, T^F** Divers miscellaneous, many 
jr^fT^S^hv^o^ (Nana jati vandlu) People 
of all sorts, of every tribe. 

NANA VUTTEE, rr"Tr»s$g Proving coins; 
the business of a shrofi*. 

NANAL, (Tamil) Bulrushes. 

NA'NCA'R tboU Bread, provision, pension) 

NANCAR LANDS, A living or pension. 
See WUks's I. 192 and Fifth Rep. p. 680. 
Asiat. Ann. Register, vol. IV. appz. p. 63 
note. See SSvaram. See Wellington Despatch- 
es under 15th Dec. 1799. Supplement. 

NANDA-VANAM, iSotf ^SjSo # Elysium. This 
name is given to a flower pot containing a 
plant of holy Basil, or Tulasi, worshipped in 
honour of Vishnu. 

NANDEE MOOKHI, ?Sc©a&o4)i5» A cere- 
mony preparatory to a marriage. 

NANIA VATTAM, (Trich.) « A certwn tax 
levied on dry lands.") 

NAN J A, (Mahr. Hog) « Wet." Wet lands arc 
those on which rice is cultivated. See Punja. 
^* Wet sometimes dry.*' Land classed as 
** wet" (that is lice land) but used as " dry" 
— that is cultivated with corn, not rice. 
NANKAR, See Nancar. 

NAN PARVARISHI, yj^^^^^j^ Pension. 

NAO SIR, jMiji A new chapter or head. 

NAO SIR TA'LA'O, i^SU^y A newly 
dug tank. 

NAO SIR TA'LA'O CAWL, A grant of land, 
bestowed, on favourable terms, on him who 
digs a new tank. JVao Sir haari JcawL The 

NAQUEDA, (Na khoda |J^U) The ** boat- 
lord" i. e. the captain or skipper. 

NAREE, See Nala, nullah. 

NARGEER, Error for Nazir. 

NARGIL, Ji^^U A cocoanut. Tar-i-narjil 
Jjj^ »U .U cocoanut fibres. 

NARIEL, (Beng.) A cocoanut. 

(Malayalam) Tax on cocoanuts. 

NARNACARANA, Error for Nama, caranam. 

NARSINGA, j6tfJ>o>C The name of a king 
who ruled the Telugu country about the year 
A. D. 1544. The older French writers by 
error called the country by his name. 

NA'S, ^^U Snuff. Nas-dan ^lo^^^ A 
snuff box. 

NASSUKCHY, (Nasak-ji ^^^cX«jU Tur- 

kish) An arranger : a master of ceremonies : 
an executioner. 
NA^TA'M, ^iriLi^troiUi. Head man of the 

NA'TA'NGA'L, ^ir^;fi^ir&> "Nanja land 

prepared for cultivation." 
NATH, Tn2? A lord : a ruler. 
NATHI, See Nutthee. 
NA'TI, F*63 a blemish or defect in coin. 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 




NAT. NUTTOO, i5Jg» A certain weed (Bent- 
grass) very deeply rooted which often de- 
•troya the use of land. See Natta. 

N ATT, (Nati pi3 pronounced Nutty) A dancer, 
an actor. 

NATTA CAWL, A lease granted on condition 
the nattu weed shall be extirpated. 

NATTAM, (Tamil) *< Habitation"— the plot 
on which houses are built, as distinguished 
from land under cultivation. 

NATJTEN-CA'L, (Tamil) The field wherein 
seed is sown for the purpose of being trans- 
planted to other land. 

NATTU, (Tamil) A plat-form, a terrace, a 

NATTU, c^^ The bent-grass, which infests 
corn-fields. See Dr. Wight's statements in 
Madras Lity. Socys. Journal for April 1835 : 
he states that it had hitherto been undescrib- 
ed. The species are Kofii>Ob^|» Kunduru 
' Nattu which grows in "^Xtf Begada or black 
soil : and Garaca nattu X'tf •'i^Jja which grows 
in Masab <^^»a or mixed soil. The largest 
species is called ^tf sS)S|m Padava nattu, re- 
quiring the great plough, with twelve bul- 
locks: the smaller kind is called tCoA^Joo 
Oampa Nattu. It furnishes excellent fodder 
for cattle: and, could it be raised on the 
poorer lands alone, it would be extremely 

N ATU, ir^ha Rustic^ country, rural, vulgar. 

NAUBAT, NOWBUT, ui^y A great drum. 

NAUCAR, NOWKER, jiy A man servant. 

NAUCARI, (Nowkery) Cfjiji Service. 

NAUNCAR, or NANCAR,jboU Daily bread, 
subsistence, pension. 

NAUT, (Natu rnA») Appertaining to a village. 
jnksi^tSt^o Natu-carnam, the town clerk. 

NAUT, or NAUTHEN, jr^^i Lord, matter. 

NAUT.CARNUM, Town-clerk. 

NAU TAR, ^irLlu.rL (Tamil) A Pensioner. 
A head tenant or villager. 

INAUTSELLAVOO, F**»"^«^ Land charges. 

Expenses rated as a tax and paid to the head 

man. Fifth Rep. p. 830. 
NAUZI, *' A measure : one eighth of a mer- 

NAVATA'K, )6;S&pr One eighth of a seer. 
NAVISINDAH, » JJu«oy Writer, clerk. 
NAVITI, ?S»0 (Ganjam) A measure of twelve 

NAVA NAW, or NOW, )6;5, y New. 
NA WAUB, ej ly Prince, baron. 
NAWAB-GIRI, •^j4vJy^ Lordship, barony. 
NAWAYAT or NAVAYET, See note on 

NAYANC^RAM, jr^^otno Subsistence, 

pension allowance. 
NAYAM NASHTAM, |Sd830|S^ Gains and 

lessee : bad and good together. 
NAYEL CAVELLY, See Desha Cavelly. 
NAZAR, NUZZER, ^ jj (literally a glance, 

a beholding, sight) Homage, tribute, a gift. 
NAZARA'NA, a>|»Jj Presents, fees, gifts: 

such as prevailed in England in the days of 

the Jameses and Charleses. All these are 

now abolished. 
NAZAR KATAI, ^llfjJo The same at 

NAZIM, JdU Governor, ruler. The title 

borne by the king of Multan. 
NAZIR,^liU Overseer : sheriff. 
NAZIR JEMMADAB,^)«3ut«^^l^l} Inspector^ 

NAZUK, u^U Delicate, easily hurt. Irrita- 
ble, touchy. 

NEAMUT, ^j^-^** Goodness, benevolence, 
favour. Name given to a tax, now abolished. 
Perhaps like the '' benevolences" extorted by 
Charles L and II. 

NEEKHEEP, (Nixepam |t>1^4i^) A deposit, 
a hidden treasure. 

Jjo Blue or purple. Indigo. 

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NEELLA BUTTA, >>^»*J A fee formerly 

paid to the village potter. 
NE'E'LLU NI'LLU, (^§ Telugu) Water. 
NEEM SA'L, JU^ Half-year, 

A half-rupee. 

Half-ownership. A diminished rate of lax. 
NKEMTUK KERM, ^^cJouji that i», 

Naimittica carmam, "^^J^^^l^^ Occa»ional 

rites: prayers or ceremonies during an 

eclipse^ kc. 
NEEMUCKSUR,^UXJ A salt pan. 

WEEMUCKY, (Namkin ^^^) Saline, salt. 

NEEMUK SAL, JUXJ The farm or privi- 
lege of manufacturing salt. 

NEERA'MBARAM>TT'o«tftf» Land which 
is irrigated for ploughing. See Kadambaram. 

NEERGANTEE, •* Distributor of water for 
irrigation" (Gloss. 5th Rep.) Neer P^ is 
water, but what is gantee ? 

NEGABAR, error for Negabaun, i. e. nigah- 
bau lO^t^ -^ watchman. 

NEGAR, i. t. tj\ii Naqqara A trumpet. 

NEG ARCHI, lc*- 5^ Naqqarchi A trumpeter. 

NEJOOM, sfs^ The stars. 


Superintendence, guard. 
NEKASS, NAKKHAS, ^^U:* A fair or mar- 

ket for cattle. 
NEKDY^ Naqdi ^c3l>) Appertaining to money^ 


NEMEK, or NEMUK, cXi Salt. 

NEM NOOKS, ''Pensions, allowances.*' (Steele 

1827. p. 228, 232.) , 
NEMOODARY, U'Jidfi^ Half ownership ? 
NERCH, (See Nirakh ^y) The tariff. 
NERKNAMAH, (Nirakh ^U ^y) A price- 

NERRICK, (Nirkh ^y ) Rate, price. To dx 

the nirkh is to settle the rate or value at 
C. P. Brown'i Zilla Dictionary. 

which each coin should pass. (Wellington's 
Desp. Supplt. p. 14.) 

NERRIKHBUNDEE, ^Jsb^y Settlement 

of rates. 
NESF, (Nisf cJuoi) Half. 
NESF NAICK WARIAN, Half the wages. 

See Naikwarry. 
NESHT, or NISHT, (Nashtam iS&«i>^) Loss. 
NETTURCJ, ?S^ Blood. 

"P^o A pension granted to him, (or whose 

father or son) has shed his blood in the raja's 


NEW AD, (Nireada P^txp ^Kannadi) Bar. 

gain, award. 
NEWAYET, NAVAIAT, tji^ly, (Arabic) 

The Nobles. See on the word Lubbee. Wilks 

(Vol. L 242, 255. Vol. II. 125, 153) gives a 

wrong derivation. 
NEZZARANA, ^)^ Jj Fees, gifts offerings. 
NEZZER, See Nazar. 
NIGAHBA'N. ^Ufefc A watchman. 
NIGUDEE, (NAQDI ^JJU) Cash, of money. 
NIJA, pe Own personal. True. 
NIJTALOOK, po^oj^r Private property. 
NIJAN, Va^r Error for Nishan. 
NIK AH, ^bj A left handed marriage which 

conveys no legal right to inheritance. Legal 

NIKASEE KHA'M, .li^^^Kj The groM 

produce. (Obsolete.) 
NIX, NEEL, ?)e)tf» ♦ JjJ Blue, indigo. 
NI'L, or NE'E'LLOO, (^* Water.) 
NFLGAB, jCbi An indigo manufacturer. 
NILLU, NEELOO. (|bl& Water.) 
NILVA, or NILUVA, P«>S, ptMJS. Balance, 

what is outstanding. 
NPMCHA, te*4* A dagger. 
NFM KA'LA', (Mahr. >>o«-tf from m halO 

NIFPU, P^^ Fire. 
NIQUIB, See Nakceb. ^ j 

I J Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




NIRAKH NAMA, JL^U^y (See Nerrick) ] 

A tariff. 

Hate^ tariff valuation. 
NIRBES, (?>Sfi"^ rirvisha, Anti-poison) A 

certain medicinal root used in Xepaul. 
KI'R-E'RU MADU, ^^s^^^ High-lying 

land, that cannot be irrigated. 
NIRK, (Xirkh ^y) Rate, price, tariff. 
KIRKBANDY, v^ Joy>^^> Settling the rate. 
KISAB, Error for"'* Xibf half. 
NISAB ZABITA, p a-wozy-X)^ A list of 

NISHADA, ptsyiSZ » A savage, a highlan- 

NISHA'N, ^\JiJ Flag, standard, ensign. A 

NISSICKCHY, ^^^^ Regulator, execution- 
NITYA, t^^Q Permanent, constant, natural. 
NIVA'DA, f>sr»^, Niwara, Bargain, seLlle- 

ment, award. 
NIZA^M, ^Ua> Arranger, arrangement. (For 

Nizam ul Mulk, i. e. Regulator of the King- 
dom) Title borne by the Mahomedan ruler 
of Fydrabad in Deccan, heirs of '* Nizam 
Ali, Subadar of the Deccan." 

NIZA'MUT, vj:^^Ua> Arrangement, govern- 

Ihe title borne by the Supreme court of 
criminal law under the Company's govern- 

NOBIT, Naubat Lr^:y Dignity. The drums 
sounded at the royal gates, 

NOBIT CONN A, Naubat khana ^U. L:u^y 
The chamber over the gate where the drums 
are sounded. 

NOCKADA, Error for Na-khoda )JcLU Cap- 
tain of a ship. 

NOOKOOZABEEN, (Nuk zaban ^Ij^v^r^) 
Sherbet made of raisins. 

NOOKS AN, ^L^AAJ Loss, damage. 
NOROSE, (Nau-roz ;^ .y)The day on which 

the sun enters Aries. 

NOTTAGAR, (Tamil jstriLGt^strlt) A shroff 
or moneyer. 

i\OW-ABAD, d^^y A new arrival : an era- 

NOWARRA ME HALS, J^^s^j'y Lands 
granted to men employed as sailors, or as 
marines: who furnished a guard on rivers. 

NOWBUT, See Naubat. 

NOWKER, NAUKAR,^y A servant. 

NUCKD, NAQD, jl3 Coin, cash. 

NUCKDY, Regarding money. Thus Naqdi 
gumasta, a cashkeeper. 

NUDAR, i. e. Nadar^l^U Poor, pauper. 

NUDDY, or NUDDEE, (Nadi H^^) A river. 

NUFUR, or NUFFER, yo Person, indivi- 

NUGD, Error for Naqd, jli Coin, cash. 

ments, caith collections. 

NUGGET, Error for Nakd Jli Coin, money. 

NUGGUR, (SX'Co^ Town, city. "Nagar." 

Name of a town also called Bednoor. Also, 

|6X^o Nagaram, the home farm. 
NUKDI LEKKA, Cash account. 
NUKKAR, orNAKKARA, I^Ui A drum. 
NUKKAR KHANEH, The chamber over a 

gate where the drums are sounded. 
NUKREE LAND, Error for Nakdi ^uVii 

paid for in cash. 
NUKTA-BAB, (Error for Naqdi ^^b u""^) 

Cash receipts or payments. 
NULLA, ^JU A Btreaiti, a channel. 
NUMBUR, The English word ** Number'' now 

applied to ** A field'' A " case" &c. See 

NUMBURWAR-KURDA, (Khird dj^)^ 

record regarding each field: called in Eng- 
^ land a Terrier, or register of^la^d^.. 

', or register of lands. 
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KUNJA, or NANJA, (Tamil) Wetland culti- 
vation. Low J}'ing land, that is irrigated. 
grain cultivated oa rice-land : when low lying 
land cannot be irrigated, for want of water, 
it is sown with dry grain : that is, any grain 
excepting rice. 
which though originally used for rice, is, for 
want of water used for other grains. 
NUNJEE, See Nunja, Nanja. 
KURGOUNDA, (Marata) A tax of three per 

cent. Duff. 1. 523. 
NURWA, (Bengali? Narava) Sharing, parti- 
tion, dividing into districts. 
NURWARDAR, The holder of a part: a 

KUSHAWAN, (Nishan, ^UJ) Signature. 

NUT, Nattu, ?5&x>. See Nattu. 
NUTHOVA,or NUTWA. K^^^ A dancer, a 

NUT KERM, (Nitya-karma) Daily fites. 
NUTTHEE, (Bengali ? A bundle of papers : 

a record ? 
NU-TU-LU, ?J>^Seu. Sesamum seed, that 

furnishes *' Ginjili oil." 
NUWAUB, See Nawab. 
NUZZV R, See Nazar. itii An offering, gratui- 
ty, bonus. 
NUZZURANAH, Fees, sums extorted as 

gratuities or ** benevolence." 
kSjj^ Fixed tax, levied under the name of 
fees. Many extortions of this nature are noti- 
ced in these pages: but all were abolished 
when the British rule began. 

exacted in the name of a ruler. 
NUZZUR DERGAH, Sums levied for the 
support of a mo»que. 

NUZZUR IMAUM, Sums levied iu the name 
of a prophet or teacher, 

NUZZUR FOONEAH, (Pumea, a proper 
name) Fees paid to the Marata minister. 

NUZZOR TOOP, A certain fee or tax. 

A Most of the words which use the letter O 
(short) in this vocabulary, are Tamil, Telugii, 
Canada or Malayalam : as in §^cx)^ Koluvu, 
service. Elsewhere it is used for the Arabic 
vowels c ain or I ali/ns in Ohda, Omra. Or, 
in Bengali words for the short Sanscrit A. 
Thus Bochon fur vachan, Bromho, for Bram- 
ha. The 00, as in Kool, Karkoon, and other 
Arabic or Persian words ; as in Oolavaloo, 
and other Telugu words, would more correctly 
be written U, thus, Karkun, Kul, Ulavalu. 
Many words that begin with O or 00 should 
be spelt with U, or V or W. Thus Oomyd, 
should be Umaid. 
OADAM, " A tax formerly levied in Koncan 
on every bullock load." 

OART, (Bombay) A field ? a farm ? Oart- 
man, a farmer ? 

OBDAHDAR, Error for Ohda-dar. 

OBEGON, " Low lands." Query. 

OBEIK, (Ubhayaca ^t^fcf^t) Mutual common, 
on both sides. 

ODADAR, Error for Ohdadar. 

ODAMBADIKEII, 2-«owar Agreement, sti- 
pulation. Odampadikay, The same. 

ODAPOO, (Tamil) Opening a drain, cutting 
a passage to let watr r out. 

O^DEH, i*^ A rick of corn. 

ODGETT, (Hujjat cu?^) A decree, sen- 
tence. This word occurs in " North's Lives 
of the Norths" Vol. 2. p. 389. 

O'DU, ODE, (000, U'D, ^y:) Frankincense. 

ODU VATTI, ^ ^y: UM batli, A pastile of 

OBDA, TuX^ Office, employ, duty. 




OKLEY GUR, (Kanada okkali gar «-^?f C6)l OOGRA'NI. UGRA'NI, *l2^t«, A. village 

Cultivators, farmers. 
OLAVADAY VARAM, fTamil UWari) The 
labourers share of the crop. See Meti coru. 

OLLA, Ella ^% A boundary. Ella-tockadam 
^oV^Jf aoao Marching the boundaries. Walk- 
ing ceremoniously at stated seasons between 
fields to proclaim the true bounds. 

(Hollandois) A Dutch man. 

OLLANDA MALLEH, i5«>otf«S>J, The 
flower called Dutch Tuberose. 

OLUGU, (Tamil) Account or register of mea- 
surements of lands. 

OMDAT, o«^^^ Pillar, prop. Omdat-ul Oom- 
ra. Noblest of the state. 

pectant, volunteer, candidate, petitioner. 

OMLAH, (UMLA, aLt) Officers, clerks. 

OMRAH, l^t (Pl""^l of Amir^^l) A noble- 
man. Amir ul Umra, noblest of the noble. 

ONGUR, Error for Banjar. 

ONSUT, \_^ "^ Familiarity, family, depend 

OOBAEE, '• Rent-free villages." 

OOBEREEA, *' Dry land, not irrigated." 

OBER TALLA, "Apportionment: settling 
thai portion of the general rent which each 
farmer shall pay" (Query.) 

bOBHAYA, (Sanscrit ^ifd^) Both : mutual 
See Ubhaya. 

OOBHAYA RASI, ^jfd^TPj* <'Both heaps" 
i. e. the gross produce : both the government 
share and the farmer's share. 

COCA, ^^ The straw of (jonna) Zonna. 

O0DHUR,(Hind. Udharyb^^l ) On that side. 

OODIAVER, (Kanada, Wadajrar, Vaddier 
;Stfdi6QS) A title borne by the old rajas of 
(Mysore) Musur. 
OODOOLOO, *' A kind of pulse, phaseolus." 
ploy situation, office. 

peon, constable, petty officer. Also A stew- 
ard or superintendent. 

OOL,OLA, (Tamil) Palm leaf: used to write 
on, with an iron pen : also for thatching. 

hereditary tenant See Mirasidar. 

OOLCOODY PYACARRY, Hereditary ten- 
ant on quit rent. 

OOLLA'K, ^SJ*^ Memorandum, ticket. 

A permanent tenant. 

OOMAIDWAR, .1^ Jjy«f Expectant, candidate. 

OOMATHEE. Error for Ummetta ^"So ^. 

OOMBALI, (*o«8 Canarese) Subsistence : a 
phrase equivalent to Enaum or Yomia; 

OOMUCA, ^J^^ The husk of grain. 

OONT, A camel (Hind.) 

OOP-BOGH, (Upabhogam A*V^|Stf») Cul- 
tivating, possessing, holding. 

OOPPARA, UPPARA, <^*^?5 The name of the 
tank digger caste. 

OOPRER (Upari ^^d Marata) Extra. 

OOR, (U'R) ^OS A village. Thus Chinnoor 
or Chittoor, ^t^^p «)Jjj>c6 each means 

OOSTAD, USTAD, ^U-»t A teacher. 

OOSUR LANDS, (UVara ^^^ Saline) Bar- 
ren waste. 

OOTAR, jUf Taking off: deduction, diminu- 
tion. Gradation. Scale of difference between 
classes or ranks. See Fifth Report, p. 792. 

OPOO PATUK, (upa-pataca <^^^&^t) A 

great sinner. 
OPPOSS, Error for Upavasam ^^^w^ito. 
Fasting, or for Uposham ^^^i6x>. Dow's 
Preface page XXXIL 
ORREH, 2-jJB, or varreh asC? A heap of un- 

thrashed com : a rick. 
OSUT, (In Bengal) An officer subordinate to a 

Talookdar. See under Zemindar. 

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OTTADAM, (Tamil) A minor or secondary 

OTTU TARSHI, (Tamil ?) A wasted field. 
KOORY KANUM, ** Forms of mortgage 
and transfer of land in Malayala. " 
OTTY PER, (Malayalam) *^Full proprietory 

OUSE RICE, (in Bengal) The autumnal har- 
vest, early rice. This is the word A'SHU 
W-iG ♦ Occasional. See Tyllcr, in *' Agricul- 
tural Transactions." Vol. I. p. 15. 
OUTPUN, (Utpannam ^^^?Sj^o*) OuUum, 

produce, rent. 
PaAN, -d^w Paun, or betel-leaf. Sec Paun. 

PA AT, (Palram A\J^tSaa *) Bond, promissory 

PAC'CA'K, ^^rv^So or Putsock, A drug com- 
monly sold in India, but coming from Pen- 
ang. See Pucha pat. 

PACKAREE, See Paikari. 

PACSHA, ^^ Paxa. A lunar fort-night: end- 
ing with either full or new moon. The for- 
mer is the sucla paxam^ or bright fortnight. 
The latter is Krishna pazam or Dark fort- 

PADANU, ^tff^ One Wetting, or drench. 
The phrase used for certain quantities of rain. 
One padanu is about an inch and a half of rain. 

PADDY, (A Malay word for Rice.) Rice in ths 

PADSHAH, »U^lj A king. Particularly the 
King of Persia. 

PA'D'U, -^^ Waste : fallow lani 

PADUGU TARUM, *«6Aa^tf tf» ? (or la^b 
Mb?) «* Red soil mixed with sand.*' Loam. 

PADUNU, J6fi&?l>, See Padanu. 

PAEESA, (Paisa Uw Penny. Money. Wealth. 

PAGA, "^Tr* A turban. From pagri ^-Xj^ 

PAGA, l^lj A troop of cavalry. Mercenaries. 
The household horse : the body-guard. The 

^lite of a native army. Pagadar •! ^Ifb Cap- 
tain of a cempany. Poganavees, or Pagnees, 
^w«j|*>!flj Secretary or Paymaster of the 


PAGODA, The Portugueie word for a Hindu 
gold coin, bearing the image of " Bhagavali" 
or Venus. Fra Paolo Bartolomeo, an old tra- 
veller in India asserts that the word Pagoda is 
corrupted from ^x';Sd Bhagavati. The Hindus 
call the pagodaj sS0i^ Varaha. The Musul- 
mans call it ^^ Hoon. The Canarese call it 
Tr«ojd^Honnu which in their language means 
gold. Among the English, the pagoda is rated 
at three rupees and a half. This is the star 
pagoda. Among natives, the pagoda is usually 
rated at four rupees. As a coin, the pagoda 
is now not in use. 

PAGODA, (Corrupted fromButkada « J^c>^. 
** Butkadah*' an idol-shrine) A Hindu tem- 

PAGREES, (PUGREES,) " Another word for 
Lakheraj." — Malcolm. 

PAHA'B,j^j A hill. 

PAHA'R GUTTA, ?<b^ " Rent paid for graz- 
ing cattle on hills"— Obsolete. 

ri, and Pycaree. 

PAHY ASSAMEES, 2I^^T^^«*'- Under 

PAI, (in Telugu) J Above, oven Pai rukalu, 

the balance : the money that is over. 
PAI, (in Persian) Private ^. 
PAI GASHT, A peon or watchman \jl^ ^ . 
PAI DAL, PEIDUL, (Portugueze) A mason. 
PAI KARI, PA'YA CARI, T^dft-r-O ^\j 

^j}i An under-tenant. Similar to a Meuyer 

in old France. See Fifth Report, page 719. 

A broker, a middle man. 
PAIKS or PAYIKS, cJoU A watchman. A 

messenger, A courier.^ ^^^^^ ^y ^OOglC 




PAIMA'LI, ^^^Uju '-Trodden under foot." 

Indulgence or remissions by reason of injury 
done to the crop. 

PAIRU, 2*« The crop, growing corn. 

PAISHGEE, (Peshgi ^X^^ ) Money ad vane 

PAISHWA, lyiJ^ A prime minister, under the 
Maratas. Like the " Mayors of the Palace" 
in old France these ultimately became des- 
potic rulers. 

PAITHAN,PYTHAUN,^l^ A tribe of 
Mahomedans, descended from the Affghans, 
and seitled, about A. D. 1500 in the Deccan. 

PA'LIAGAR, Ljrrtoriu«/r/f A laird or small 

baron. See Polygar. 
PALIAPAT, A fief: the district ruled by a 

laird : a small barony. 
PALKEE, A palanquin. 
PALLPA'L, or PAUL, ^oo A share. Also, 

PALLA', ^5^ A measure of grain: 120 pucka 

seers or ten mercalls. 
Pall AM, ^g^o Low land : as distinguished 

from meraca 'SitfS' high ground. 
PALLAPU PANTA, ^^'^^ot^ The crop 

grown on low lands. 

They are particularly numerous in the llai- PALLEH, j6^ A hamlet. 

darabad, and Mangalore provinces. They are ; PALLEIi HA^'SI'L, J^U^ ^Jb The inland 

much disliked by Deccani Musulmans. 

water carrier : who drives a bullock bearing 
two goat skins of water. Shak. and Molesw. 
affirm that it is derived from Sanscrit, rfJcRfig 
4>S> but this is absurd. And why has it a 
feminine termination, like ^JL wall ? The 
etymology is unknown. 

PA'KP, (Hind?) A scavenger: a nightman. 
Possibly from ^^U clean, pure. 

PAKKA, (pucker) See Pucka: though Pakka 
is the best spelling. 

PAL, or PAUL, JU A small tent. 

PALABHOGUM, -in^z^K^ Sharing, ap- 
portioning. See Fifth Report, p. 831. 

QUIN, (Palliki i6©l, dj) A litter borne 

on men's shoulders. 

€r»^a^) A ceremony wherein a widow, absent 
from her husband when he died, was burnt 
with a bough of the palasa tree (Butea fron- 
dosa) as a representative of his corpse. This 
seems a word without proof. 

PALEAGAS, See Poligar. 

PALE'RU, 'ir^'t^ A hind or labourer: a town 


PALLI, ^£ A town, a village. Hence " Chiru- 
ta palli'^ («)Oo^26£ ** Litlle-town ') which we 
call Trichinopoly. 

PALPUTTEE, -inoi^hd A tax levied on hold- 
ers of free land, such as MirlsidiXrs. 

PAL-VASl, -^cWcT^J) A favourable grant, an 
indulgence: granting the farmer more thau 
he could have claimed. 

PAMPLE MOOSE, See Pomelos. 

PAN, PAUN, PAWN, ^U A fragrant leaf 
chewed by the Hindus. 

PAMPOOSEE, Error for Pa-posh ^^\j A 
slipper. See Gent. Mag. Sep. 1824. p. 208. 

PAN CARTE, " A tariff." This word is used 
in an old French book regarding Pondichery. 

PANCH-RANGI, ^A^l^ Five coloured. 
A kind of silk. 

PANCHGAUDA, Brahmins a^ofj^ (5 of the 
^^ Five Gaudas*' or five castes. 

PANCHANGAM, ^60x3-0X^0 «'Five parts."— 
That is, an Almanac: because every Hindu 
astrological Almanac states, 1 Dates, 2 Aster- 
isms, 3 Lucky and unlucky hours. 4 Pre- 
dictions, and 5 the weather. 

PANCHA'YAT, ?6oxr'd8S© (Mahr.) A com- 
pensation jury." (This is the phrase in Eng- 
igi ize y ^ 




land.) Arbitrators: who were usually five in 
number. Notwithstanding Sir Thos. Munro*s 
efforts this mode of trial has perished 1820, 
PAN DAL, (Tamil u^/s^) 'AoOO A shed, 
booth, tabernacle. A Water pandal is a 
place where passers by may quench their 
P AND ARAM, (Tamil) a6o-cpu«foD A certain 
class of Hindu mendicants, among the wor- 
fihippers of Vishnu. These men dress in yel- 
low : they profess celibacy : they wear beads 
on the neck, hands, and hair. They wear long 
beards and dishevelled hair. They are generally 
governed by an Abbot : and enjoy lands free 
of tax. Some are mendicant friars : and in- 
dulge in neither flesh, fish, nor wine. Ano- 
ther class called Sartarnces, {^"^P Sattani) 
weave garlands to adorn idols. 

PAND.\VA, -^ofisS, Name of the aboriginal 
princes of India, who are described, in the 
Mahabharat, as heroes. 

PANDA VA Bl'DU, ^ci^rffei^. Aboriginal 
waste. Land which has lain unploughed from 
the heroic ages. 

P.VNDELL, See Pandal. 

P.\NDER PEYSEIE, (Paudhara Pcsha ir.o^ 

tft,^ M. M. 626. from A^) ' The higher 

PANDRA POLAM, ^o\^^^f&x). Garden- 

PANDRA, VA'DU, ^o\yr>^:^ A huckster, 
a herb-seller. 

PANJAM, See Punjum. 

PANKHA, (Vulgarly Punkah) l^ A fan. A 
large ventilator hung in a room. 

PANNU, j6<8^ Tax, rent. 

PANT, J6o4j&cjo PANTDLU. A phrase of 
respect addressed to certain Bramhans : par- 
ticularly to a bchooljiaster) as '* Uis rever- 

PANTA, jfrotj Crop, growing corn or rice. 

PA'OTI, (Mahratta, Pavati) Money advanced: 

oa> A very sweet fruit : perhaps a native of 
South America. It there bears the same name, 
and has no Indian name. 

PARABHA'RLA, *OV"^cr Reference for pay- 
ment. Placing in trust. 

rary farmer. See Fifth Report, p. 137. 

PARADE'SI, ^^"t^^ a foreigner, an emigrant. 
A Hindu who obtains employ away from his 
native place. The word is peculiar to certain 
castes. Sudras of this description are often 
styled Lala, Sing, or Dass. Thus, Ramloil^ 
Devi Sing, Ramdass. 

PARAGANA, See Pergunna. 

PARAMA-HAMSA, 8&6«^rT-o-^, A. Hindu 
saint : one who works miracles. 

PARAMBOK, i^jDthQi-ifri(^ or Peramhoku or 
Porurapoke. Land that is not fit for plough- 
ing. See Banjar. 

PARASURAMA, A certain Hindu Hero. His 
cera is used in the country between Cape 
Comorin and Mangalore. The 1000th year 
of the third cycle of Parasurama ended on 
I4th Sep. 1824. The next day began the 
fourth cycle. 

PAR ATASI, PERETESI, The Tamil name for 
the month Aswini when the sun is in Virgo. 

PARAVACAD'U, Plough land. 

PARAVASTI, J^tfsSJi ^J^}ji '^^*® ^^""^ °^ 

allowing soldiers to purchase commi;»8ions. 

See Calcutta Review for Oct. 1844, p. 53. 
PARAYAN, See Paria. 
PARAYAN, •sy^TJ'dsCwo ♦ Solemn worship 

with reading of the Vedas. 
PARBUNNY, (Parvan'i •^^^^) Lunar: what 

relates to the new or full moon. In former 

days fees levied every fortnight. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




PARBUTTIES, (Parapatti ^0^6 O) A clerk 
under a village accountant, Welln. Desp* 1. 

PA'RCHA, ^j^ Cloth, drapery, clothier's 

PA'RCHA EE JINS, Cloth goods. 

PARCHERRY, (Paracheri uir^C^H) The 
Petta or outskirts of a town, where the pari- 
ars live. 

PAREK, Error for Marata J^tf^psSeJ parak- 

PARHAWA'LA, ^]j^ji Reference for pay- 
ment : alienation. Placing in the hands of 

PARIAR, PARIA, A Hindu of the lowest 
caste, called Matanga, f^^orC in Sanscrit, 
Mala s^^w in Telugu and Dher ^^,3 in Hin- 
dustani. In Tamil parra signifies a drum, and 
the parryaun or drummer of a village was al- 
ways of this tribe, who also did the duties of 
(Toti, or Vettiaun) Scavenger. The Spaniards 
perhaps conveyed the word to South America 
(whence they brought the word Peon to 
India :) But Humboldt in his Personal Nar- 
rative (Vol. 3. p. 276 edit. 1818) says Paria, 
Uraparia, Huriaparia and Payra are the an- 
cient names of the north coast of Venezuela, 
between Caracas and Trinidada. There is al- 
so a lake in Peru which was anciently called 
Paria. Humboldt disapproves the notion that 
the American and the Indian word were con- 

PA'RPKHAT, 1^64)5 Farigh khat ia^ qj\j 
an acquittance, or deed of release. 


PARR, (PAHR^) One watch, that is three 

PARSEE, tj^j^ A fire worshipper. The 

name of a nation who have settled in Guzeral 

and Bombay* 
FARUPATYA, -^^^60^, ParapatU, a clerk. 

PARWANA,PERWANNA, *)|^ Warrant, 
order, grant, passport. 

PASBAUN, ^U*.Ij A watchman, a patrol. 

PASTAGON, Error for Patacam ^^^o An 
ornament of jewels hung on the neck. 

PA'T, (^5~ Marata) Demand : statement of 
the sum required: a cheque, a draft. See 
Brought on*s Marata Campaign p. 181. 182. 

PAT, •^<3'o patham) Lesson Isarning. 

PATACAM, j6«ro A jewel, a carcanet. 

PAT A'LAM, JlL J^to^ttf- Corruption of the 
English word ^ Battalion.' 

PAT AM, PATTAM, ^^ A * potta' or Lase. 

PATAMAR, (Malayalam) A two masted bMt. 

PATA'N, (Pat-hau)^l,i) Name of a tribe of 
Musulmans, who originally came from Af- 
ghanistan. From religious prejudices there ia 
an antipathy between them (Sunnis) and the 
(Sheea) Musulmans of India. The Telugos 
write it j6-0^g-. 

PA'TARA, -i^^tf A cellar or pit for grain. 

PATCH, *i^ pa99a Three pieces of cloth in 
one web. 

cheri) The outskirts of a town, where pariara 

PATCHUCK, or Putsock, a certain drug im- 
ported from China. 

PATELL, PATE'L A. K. »6-to The managing 
proprietor of a village. 

PATHAN, See Patan. 

PATHUCK, (Pat-ha-ca '^&^) A teacher. 

PATLA, «• In Canara j6^ denotes rice land, 
yielding one crop, later than Yennelloo (the 
first crop) and earlier than Sooghee, (the 
second crop. This description of land is al- 
ways under water in the wet season. The 
water subsides in October.'' 

PATNAM, rf>Jj«o Pattanam ^^^^ City. 
Capital. Metropolis. 

^lQSfy'%^ The •* town merchant" that is, the 
chief shopkeeper. A tax formerly levied by 
him io some places. ^ t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




PATNAS, *Jj»d»ew Cities. In Orissalhisii 

applied to villages. 
PATRA VANDLU, ii\env-o^ A cerUin 

tribe of mountaineers. 
PATRAM, *L?o A bond. 
PA'TRA SA^MA'N, 'in[pf}^, ^[9^ini^,:s, 

(from ^UUm stuff) Plate, (la Taisselle) metal 

ware. '3o^'ir^[p Vendi patra, Silver plate. 

trotf>"iy»L^ KanQu patra, dishes or cups made 

of bell-metal. 
PATSAK, A certain drug imported from China. 

Vulgarly Pag^ak'^^^SS ihat is, Green leaf. 

But in truth the word is foreign. See Wallich 

in Madr. Jour. Apr. 1837, p. 350, 
PATTA, ^^ (vulgarly pottah) A lease-roll. 

Also, Trace, signs, marks, footsteps. 
PAT PA DAB, 56^ -xy>:6 Tenant, holder un- 

der a lease. 
PATTEE, ^^^ A list. Title. The title or prin- 
cipal name in a village. 
.PATTEEDAR,^)^,^ A holder or tenant in 

a village. 
PATTEMARS, Two maeted boaU used for 

merchandise on the Western coast. 
PATTI, '6_0 Cotton-wool. 
PATTU>5j> Silk, 

PATTU-NU'LU, a6j»|i$7.a> Silk thread. 

©-^"Cc^oafo Silk- weavers. 
PATTY DAR, ^1^^ (A village that is) di- 
vided into shares. 
PATUSTHUL, -^iw-^t^sfo:) Good fruitful land. 

PATWARI, (Marata) ^^^^. The village 

clerk or attorney. 
PAULBHOGUM, "^ejo^x-iSM (Palbhogam) 

Enjoyment of part. Partial usufruct. 
PAULILOO, ^bt»^ Slaves or hereditary 

servants in the families of some Hindus near 

PAUN, ^U PA^N, The leaves of the '* piper 

betel*' a species of pepper vine? which is 
0. P, Brown's Zilla Pictionarif. 

chewed by all Hindus (except asceticks) and 
many Musulmans. 

5^^o ^e;i Ground classed as Nanja-gar- 
den-lands, and used as yj^ ^. P^^ fnali 
the cultivation of betel (?) 

PAUPAN, PAPAYA, or POPIA, ufr^flotji^c!! 
A fruit in appearance and taste resembling a 
melon. Carica Papaya. 

PAUS, PAUSS, (pas ^t') A watch or peri- 
od of three hours. 

PAUSBAN, ^Uy^b A watchman. 

PAUTHEE SHURREEK, "A partner.*' Per- 
haps the English word " party** united with 
Sharlk cjO^ which bears the same mean- 

PA'VA'TI, (Marata) Paoli ^Xi "^^0 Mo- 
ney advanced. 

PA'YA'MA'LI, -^c^Ji-s^O, Paimali ^'UjI; 
Trodden under foot. Ravages. Damage done 
by floods or by troops marching. Allowance 
or reduction in demand on this account. 

PAYAR, or PAIR, Adtfitf pa-ya-ra. The latest 
crop ia a year, consisting of various sorts of 

PAYCARI, See Paicari. 

PAYER LAUT, Error for Payan ghat ^bb 
kZj\^ Low countries: lands below the 
mountain (ghauts) defiles. 

PAYKASHTA, Payagasti ^^^Ub Farmers 

who by contract till fields which belong to 

PAYMELE, PAIMA^I, ^^^lb See Paya 

PEADAH, PIYA^DA, «jlju A foot man, a 

runner, an officer or messenger. 
PECHE> Error for ^^ pacsha A. fortnight. 
PE-CHr, ^^j^ Responsibility. 

PECHI-KHO'RF, o^y^usf^ ^tii^^ 

Groundless, litigious. ** ^ 

PEDDA-CATU, ^g ^^ The head farmer. 

or principal tenant. . r\r\nio 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




PEDDATU'R, "^5^^tf «to Name of a Tillage 1 PELU J ARY, Error for Pila Jawary i^j)j^ Xju 
ia the Rajamanrri district, Tvhich producee Yellow maize. Sullivan's British Indi* An- 
the sugar called '^'^'^^ Peddapuri. alyzed. 

PENDERI, t.o'^d, See Pindarry which io 

Telugu and Can. is spelt '^o'Aq Penderi. 
PENT A, "SioiJ Manure. 

PEE M JAR A, Error for Pinjara. 
PEENDA, (pindam ^o^6y^) The funereal 

cake : offering which is the duty of the heir. 
PEENDARA, (1;I3jj Pindara) A tribe of 

plunderers: extirpated in the year 1817. 
PEENGA'NI, ^>Kixj i^OT^^ See Pingani. 

PEEPUL, ^^Ji pippali, The holy fig tree. 

PEER, PI'R, jX} An ancient, a sage, a saint 
Certain tombs that are worshipped, Pir-ka- 
roz, jjj^f^. All saints day: which has ge- 
nerated into All fools day, and is called S> tf ^60 
eiSX' Peerla-Panduga, being the Mohurrum ; 
when all the lower classes both Musulman 
and Hindu indulge in masquerades and buf- 

PEER ZA'DAH, %d)jj^^ Pir aada An elder, 

or priest attached to a Masjid. 
PEHTEEK, Error for Sphttica •^*S8' Crystal. 
PEI, (Tamil Quh) The devil. Pei pusei (puja) 

Devil-worship : which was till lately very 

prevalent in Tinnevelly. 

PEICUSH. Error for Peshcush. 
PEISA, (PAISA) Cash. Coin, a penny. 
PEISCHAR. See Peshcar. 
PEISHACK, Error for "^-tsy^^ Paisachaca, 
gigantic, demoniacal, devilish. The phrase 
for a marriage which, like that of Proserpine 
began with a rape. 
PEISHCUSH, i/HAiixj Tribute, present, fee 

PE'ISHCA'R,^ICijj A deputy, secretary,clerk. 
PEISHGAI, PESHGEE, ^_^C^ Money ad- 

PEISHWA, lytAj Guide, leader. The prime 
minister of the Marata government, who at 
Ictt^ecame ruler. 
PEITH, Sec Petta. 

PEON, (Spanish word for a foot soldier, or a 
labourer) A police man, a revenue officer, a 
personal attendant who is not a sepoy but 
wears a belt and a badge. 
PERAJAPUT, meant for Prajapatyam Ij^ar-^ 
tfcsSx) said to be a phrase for a dignified or 
princely wedding. 
PERAMBOCU, See Parampoku and Porum- 

PERASCHUT, See Prayaschittam. 
PERD All, PARDA, t^jj A screen, a curUin. 
PERDAH NISHEEN, She who sits within 

the curtain : being hidden in a haram. 
PERDHAN, (See Pradhani) The prime minis- 
trict, such as in England is called a Hun- 
PERJADA, See Peerzada. 
PEROOM PUTT, Ou($±u^^ Government 

PEROWTY, PHIRA'VATI, (Marata fn^i*) 
Turning, returning, land left fallow in it's 
PERRIKHAGE, (Parixa *6X.) Trial, ex- 
PERSEES, See Parsees. 
PERUMA'LLU, Ou^tD^or A Tamil name for 

the god Vishnu. 
PERU ST, Prashtha L*^ A certain weight 
WANA Ail^ ^^S^ Deed, grant, war- 
rant In Stewart's Persian Letters, page 96 
he observes that the word means a butterfly. 
PESALU, "^^tp The grain which the English 
call Gr«cn Gram. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




PESHANUM, "i^ntf^ ^\jjijj A species 
of fine rice. 

FESHCAR, or PESHKAR, "^^^^t^yj^ 

The head clerk: the deputy. 
PESHCUSH, ^Ji^J^^ Tribute. 
PESHGEE. VESliGV,^JJuxj Money paid in 

PESH IMAM, Xc] ^^^^ The officiating priest 

in a mosque. 
PESH KHI'MA. d^^JiJjHall of audience, 

pavilion, head quarters, 
PESH W A, lyij^ The chief of the Maratas. 
PE'TA^ or PETTAH, "ftA^ The suburbs. 
PETEEK, See Sphatica. 
PETENAVEES, (Marata jntMni i6p on the 

back, or else id a list, an invoice, and (Per- 
sian nivees y»^y a writer.) The endorser. 

Title of a certain hereditary office under the 

Marata rule. 
PETTAH, (tii pSta &^Jj^ peth) The suburbs. 

The town ; as distinguished from the fort. 
PH«-Many words spelt with PH will be found 

under P or under F. Thus Phazaley should 

be Fasli. 
PUANS, ^K^>^^ A noose, a halter. 
PHANSIGUR,^^^^l^j Astrangler or Thug. 

Robbers who burked their victims. 
PHARA'RI, See Farari. 
PHASALI, See Fasli. 
PHAUGUN, Phalguna ir^von The month 

which corresponds with February and March. 
PHAYRISTOO, (Fihrist l:u^) A list 
PHA'ZAL, PHAUZIL, J^li See Faail. 
PHERYAD, See Firjad. 
PHERYADEE, See Firyadi. 
PHI-GEST, See Pygust, Paigasht. 
PHOOLGAUM, Error for Phut g«>n ^^^tf Vl^ 

a separate tillage? Or is it (see M. Marata 

702.) Phul gaon v^^^lfj^ * oiere cant expres- 


PHOOBOKHOO, See Farokhat. 

PHOOT, in^yyj Separate. Bee Phut. 

PHOUS, See Fauj, 

PHOUSDAE, See Faujdar. 

PHOUSDARRY, See Faujdari. 

^^ The coin called a star pagoda. 

PHULKEB, (Kann. ^vttSo Fruit-tax.) A tax 
on orchard produce. 

PHULLEEYO, See Palli. 

PHUT.GAON,y|f Ll>^ A separate village. 

PHYSALOO. See Faisal. 

PIADA, or PE'DA, t^\xj A peon or officer, 
runner, footman. 

PIAL, (perhaps a Portugueze word) A bulk or 
brick floor serving as a seat in a hall, or ia 
front of a Hindu house. The Telugu word is 
»7jt Tinneh. 

lands, the plains. See Balaghaut. 

PICE, PAISA Ujj Copper coin. 

PICOTAH, (Pacota Tamil, called in Telugu ' 
Etamu 6ViS», cttSnlPo) A swape or whim- 
sy (so called in England) A sort of pump. 

PIE, plural jpice half-pence. The word Fie is 
no language. 

measurement of laud. 

PIGUSTY, See Paigasti. 

PILLA, (Tamil) An addition to names, like 
Esquire in English, or Saheb in Hindustani 
Thus, Muttusami Pilla, &c.' 

Tamil name LSartttiutrlt for the god Ganesa : 
often called the ** Belly-god." 

FIND, PINDAH, FIND AM, t>ctf Oblations 
to the manes of the deceased. To offer theto 
is the special duty of an heir. 

law, a plunderer, a mounted robber. 

PINDAM, See Find. 

PINQA'NI, toir-ji Crockery, Chin* ware, a 

China plate. In Maratt the wo. 

Digitized by ^ 




butterfly: thia being the figure painted on 

most of the rough old China. 
PINJARA, l^lsri^ Cotton-cleanera. Name of 

a certain tribe. See Brinjarry. 
PION. See Peon. 
PIPLER, (Pippala) A certain tree. 
PIROO, (PAIRU, 2^) Standing corn. 
PISANGS,) Pishanam i)T'wo) A coarse kind 

of rice. See Bartolomed, p. 62. 

PITRY KARGE, (Error for Pitru Karyam) 

PITTAMINNO, " A flatterer." This seems 
to be corrupted from \i05Sj'r' Loving, afiec- 

PLASSEY, Name of a village where a ccle- 
brated battle was fought* in AD. 1757. Cor- 
rupted from Palasi, ?J&«r»f a place where 
Palash trees (Butea frondosa) were growing. 

PLAVANGA, Name of a certain year. 

POITA, (Pavibra, ^:i[p, pure, holy.) The 
braminical thread. 


POKIEM, Tamil pronunciation Bhogyam iT* 
X^tfw Usufruct. 

POLAM, d'tio A field. 

PO'LA'M, POLLAM, d^t^o A field. 

POLAM, d'ciJlja Land, a field. Also, English 
phrase for a fief or estate. Hence Poliam : 
meant for the same word. Madepollam, i. e. 
s^Jf s5sd^e«J» Madhava-polam, i. e. Krishna's 

dish mads with rice and meat. 

POLIME'RA, c^OiSatf Boundary, limit. 

POLLEAR, (Tamil, Puleiar tSlmUniuirIt) A 
title of the god Ganesa. 

POLLUM, District, town. See Polam. Pale- 

POLYGAR, (P&legadu -^'iir^t^^ or Pale- 
garu -^tiPCS,) the Lord of the Manor. A 
petty baroD. The word is Kanadi not Sans- 
crit, (!6jg» Ijr'i^o) Palli-graratro, as somehave 

PONGAL, The Pudding feai*t, held by the Ta- 
mils when the principal crop is reaped. Do- 
hois gives a long account of it. It is held on 
the first day of the month Tat, about the 
middle of January : being the day when the 
Sun enters Capricorn. The Telugus call it by 
the Sanscrit name tfioljnod Sancr&nti. The 
eve, or day before the Pongal feast is called 
iS^%ii)0ShK BogiPanduga. 

PONGALEE, (d'oxS Pongali) Rice boUed 
with milk and sugar. Pudding. 

PONICANDO, "Hill fields.*' Fifth Rep. p. 

PONSWAY, (PANSWAI,) Bengali, name for 
a small boat. 

POOCHEE, PU'CHI', (Jgr«> Marata) Respon- 

POOJA, JgPtt ♦ Worship of Hindu gods. 

POO J AY SERSHUTTEE, l6«^^6;gps^ The 
Saraswati puja : adoration of Minerva. 

POOLAM, See Poliam. 

POOLBUNDY, j^jiAb Repairs of embank- 

POOLEE, See Phuli. 

POOLIAHS, See Moplas. 

phrase for '•r^'^l^d pdiegdri lands held by 
a laird. 

POOLICHEES, Certain out casts or jungle 
people in Canara. 

POOLLAREE, ^oG Tax on pasture lands. 

POOLUND, (Pulinda ^9otf ♦) A savage, a 
barbarian. Pulinda Devi is a goddess adored 
by them. 

•^ (for Punar-vasa T^rSOS"^ ♦) The smaU- 
grain harvest, including the grains called 
Sazzalu t^|«», Corralu •^L?€W, &c. Gantelo, 
x-oxtu, Bobbarlu «5^w^$ <cc. See Sulli- 
van's British India Analysed, Vol. 3. 653. 

POONCH A VEERA, (Marata) A Uioncat- 

^^'^^ Digitized by ^OOgie 




POON JEE, See Punja. 
POOR, or PORE, (Puram i6««i» ♦) Town, 
place. Hence Serampore, (g^'O^tSi^^o Sri- 
Bama-puram, *• Saint Ram's Town." 
POORAJA, (Furjca) Account, items. 
POOR AN, (Puranam^'O'wo) Chronicle, le- 
gend, history, poem. 
POORAN SH ASTER, " History and Law." 
POORNA CHUNDRA, T^t^r^o\^ Full 

POOROOGOTA, The Tamil spelling for Pu- 

roh ita, a priest. 
Certain grants of Nunja land in Dindigul and 
Land which is ploughed and prepared for 
wet cuUiration, but is not sown. 
POOS, (Paushya ^^^5) The ninth Hindu 

month, nearly answering to December. 
POOSAPATIVAROO, Name of «^l6ir»43 
»r»o& a certain family, often written Piece- 
POOSHALEE, Error for Pujari, (puzari) a 

petty priest. 
POOSY, (Error for Puja,) Worship of an idol. 

POOTTEE, See Putti ^g. 

POOTTEE, See Putti. 

POOTEE or POOTHE, (MaraU Polhi ^^) 

A book. 
POOWASSEE, Error for Punasa. 
PORACOODY* (Paracudi) A non resident 

PORE, (i. e. Pur, puram) Town. See Poor. 
POREMPOOO, (paramboku *»oar*a5) Lands 

entered in the accounts as unfit for cultira- 

PORTO NOVO, Name of a town Sooth of 

Madras, also oalled^jliJ^«^B^ Muhammad 

Bandar. Porto-no?o-pagoda : a certain coin. 
PORUMPOKE, See Paramboku. 

PORVA', ^TT^ A roll of linen, a whole piece 
of cloth. 

POSARI, (Pasari) A Druggist. Buch. E. I. 
Vol. 1.372,369. Vol. 2. 998. 

POT AIL, (Pat^l j6-te» Kanadi) The head 

PO'TA^'PO'TI, si^*j*^4S Contention, emula- 

POTHDAR, See Fotehdar. 

POTHEE, (Marata ^^) A book. 

POTNEES, (Error for Pothi-nivis ^^ a book 
and i>-^y a writer) A book-keeper, a clerk. 

POTRAJ, POTOO RAJ, d^^bxPtt* The 
name of a rustic god who is worshipped with 
his wife Ancalamma eo-T"©^ by farmers 
in the Telugu countries : though despised by 
Bramins. They are usually represented by 
blocks of stone erected in groves. All the 
rustic deities are adored with bloody sacrifices: 
goats and pigs, fowls and buffaloes being be- 
headed before them. They belong to the old- 
est tribe of gods, now superseded (among 
the higher classes) by the Braminical deities. 

POTT A, (PatU J6to*, iL) A rent roll, a lease. 

POTTADAR, The holder of a potta. 

POUZ or PAWZ, ^^oiai* Error for Fauj 


An army. 
POWTAKY', (Bengali, Pao Taki >«to*§) A 

quarter of a rupee. A certain fee formerly 

POY MALLLE, See Paya mali. 
PRADHAN, \^Tr^ ♦ Lord, chief. The Minis- 

PRAGNA, Error for Pargana (pergunna) Pin- 

kert Voy. 4^ Vol. 8. p. 233. 
PRAKATANA, lj!&«'i3ii* ProclamaUon. 
PRAMA'NAM, [jfi^no ♦ Oath. 
PRANGWULS, (Error for lj6dB8p^intr» 

Prayagha-wala.) A roamer, pilgrim, idler. 
FRANT, i:i^od Neighbourhood. A district. 

The itatiott or chief town. 

Digitized by 





PRASAD, \J:-^a ♦ Grace, favour. Rice food. 

PRASADA PATRA, |^Tin»fiS^t^-S» * A 
deed of gift. 

PUATI-LO'MA, i^d«r»«&* "Against the 
hair." That is, read or repeated backwards ; 
Anuloma t5^er*i^ being the right way. 
Irregular or unusual : as a marriage wherein 
the husband is inferior lo the wife. 

PRATI-NIDHI, U^OJD^ * The plenipoteniary. 

PRAY A 'G HI, l^cKcrfw A pilgrim to the 
•hrine at Prayagha. Certain bullies who cheat 
the pilgrims there. Thus in English To 
Roam is derived from those who wandered to 

LEE, See Pratinidhi. 

PROA, PRA'HU, (A Malay word) Boat, sloop, 

PROVERTOCARE, i. e. Pravar!a-ka li&«5^ 
^«o (From \Jiti^^ * the final «6 ru is the 
plural sign in Gauadi) Superintendents, man- 

PRUTEELOM, See Pratiloma. 

PUCCA, bo Full, ripe, strong, solid. Deter- 
minate, rigid, downright. A pucca house is 
built of brick or stone. The pucca seer is 
a weight : fifteen in a maund. 

PUCHAPUT, See Putchock. 

PUCHI', POOCHEE, ^^c^yi Responsibility. 

PUCKA, See Pucca. 

PUCKA CHITTA, A settled account: a 
prepared statement. 

PUCK ALLY, PAKHALI, ,^%0 A water 
carrier: who drives a bullock bearing two 
skins of water. The word is of unknown 
origin. If Hindi, why has it a feminine ter- 
mination like wali ,JI^? The derivation 
from ^cS^S4^» is of no weight. 

PUDDUM, Error for Padma *S* The number 
of ten millions. 

PUDHAN, Error for Pradhan I^tTi^ A minis- 
ter, a head man* 

PUE, See Pai. 

PUGDI, ^^An extra assessment, in Canara.^ 

Perhaps some error. Pagidi ^Xd is Fashiooy 

PUGGEE, PAGGI, ^X A spy: who tracet 

footsteps : a delector. 
PUGRI, PUGGRY, (Pagri ^^^j^) A turban. 
PUHUR, (Pohr^j) A watch, of three hour*. 
PUKAVI, Error for Pahari, A mountaineer. 
PULBARA, (Marata, Phala phala vala «tf« 

V-sSv.) Produce. 
PU LINDA, i6)?otf * Name of a savage tribe 

called (Bhillas) Bhecls^ They worship Pa. 

linda Devi ^^oes'&h. See Tod's Western 

India, p. 506. 
PULL, Palam ^oo One eighth of a cutcha 

seer : Three Rupees weight. 
PULL, ( Jj pool) A bridge. 

PULLARIE, >4)gft Grating tax. 

PULLAS6IE, See Plassey. 

PULLI CUTAM, (Tamil ^j^ScnA^A^) A 

PULLI VA'SAL, (Tamil i^^v^^f) A 
mosque or muf^jid. 

PUMMAL, Error for Pomelnos. 

PUMMELNOS, Pomelose, The name by 
which the English call the shaddock or large 
orange, the size of a child's head. It came 
from Batavia, and the Hindustani name is 
Batavi lemu j^^^.Ulj or^^jJ^^^U^ In Te- 
lugu it is called j6oi6tfs^^, Pampara mSsa. 
There is a place in the Isle of France called 

PUN, (Bengali A The sum of eighty cow;- 

PUN ASA, See Poonasa. 

PUNCH, ^JJ In Lahore, a council. 

PUNCH AETEE, Adjudged by AFanchayii;t 
PUNCHAYET, i^^Ur^i A jury. A <* compen- 
sation jury'' is the phrase in Epf l^ud. Airbi- 


Digitized by V^OOQIC 




ish? Sanyucta? This seems to be three 
words. Jury : home : ooancil. 
PUNCHEMI KISSA, See Punjum, Poonjam. 
VADIKY, j6o-C5»tf«r»a8' Certain alms 
granted to ^cs^etiotw Fandarams : a class 
of mendicants. 
PUNDIT, PANDIT, ^od^fSt A learned Brah- 
man, skilled in Sanscrit law, logic, grammar, 
and divinity. 
PUNGAL, See Pongal, 
Usr^i Panja ?6cCt?o^SX> Land that is not easily 
flooded and therefore is not planted wiih rice. 
(See Nunja.) According to Indian notions, 
all the land in England would be called Pun- 
ja or Dry : not being watered unless by rain. 

PUNJA BAGAYET, *' Dry Land" rated as 
" Garden cultivation." 


PUNJA TURRUM NUNJA, Dry land which 
is assessed as wet : having been sown with 
rice by reason of temporary floods. 

PUNJAM, A sort of cloth. See Purji. 

PUNJAYET, See Panchayat. 

PUNJI, ^^js^, A fund. The number four. 
Thus nine punjis are thirty six. A class in 
cotton weaving : rating so many threads in 
the inch. Hence the word 48 Punjum, which 
thus is finer than 38 punjum. 3a- )6)o«'^«w. 

PUNJOOM, HISSA, See Punjum, 

PUNJUM, ^oeto A sort of cotton cloth. 

PUNJUM HISSA, A.^ad.^ One fifth: 
twenty per cent. The Nabob of Madras re- 
ceives a revenue so denominated, being one 
fifth of the ancient revenue of the Carnatic. 

PUNT, PUNTOOLOO, See Pant, Pantulu. 

PURAN, POORAN, i6)-a*»o A chronicle or 
legend. Some of these as tha JBhagavat Pu- 
ran are exceedingly popular. Others as the 

Kanyaca puranam, and Basava puran are 
sectarian works. Strictly, a puran ought to 
contain an account reaching from the cr(»ation 
to the end of the world. Ovid wrote one and 
called it the Metamorphosis. 

PURABBI, ^^^^ meant for ^jyi 'ST^S 
An East-lander. Phrase for a native of Ben- 
gal or of any place east of the Carnatic. Or 
it may be Parbec a, ^arvfya j66^cfir* one who 
supplies water to passers by. 

PURDAW, PARDA, ^J^ A curtain, a 

PURDAYSEE, See Paradesi. 

PUREE SUT, (Fihrist?«^) A Receipt 
(Shore's Notes, 1. p. 385.J 

PURGUNNAH, See Pergunna. 

PURI, ^d Pooree. Town, the city. The town 
of Jagannath in Orissa is so called. It is also 
called Katagam S'AjtCo (Cutlack) and Bara- 
bati SPT7»aj»43: each word meaning "The 
City, the capital." 

PURJA, \a.jJ a subject, a slave. 

PURJOST, or PURJOTE, (Parjawatej»^^) 
Quit rent : tax. 

PURKAVANI. (Marata : ParkhSvani ^j^f^ 
•3) Trial, examination of coins. 

PURKY, (*0«5k psrixi) Examiner of money, 
shrofl*, moneyer. 

PUROHIT, ^<r*2r*«^ Priest of a village pago- 

PUROKOODEE, See Paracoodee. 

PURONI, (Marata ^5^^) Letter, note, pro- 
missory note. 

PURRAMPOKE, See Paramboku. 

PURREKEH, (Parixa iiS^) Trial. 

PURUB. See Purbeea. 

PURVOO, or PURVOE, A clerk, whether 
Hindu or Christian, a servant in an office. 
This is apparently of Porlugueie origin. Se« 
Forbes's, Orient. Mem. 1. 100 Grant Duff 
2. 353. 

PURWANAH, See Perwanna. 

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PURWARRI, PURWARY, An out caste, a 
pariar. See Asiat. Jour, Vol. XXII. p. 11. 

tenance, protection. 

PURWUSTY, See Paravasti. 

PUSAITA, (in Katliwar) The Tillage police : 
the bailiffl Pussaita Bhumi, Lands granted 
to the police, in lieu of pay. 


PUTAVUTS, or PUTAYUTS, (meant for 
Bhattavritli. See Bhatf ritti. 

PUTCHUCK, A certain well known drug call- 
ed putsoc, Pachapat, or puchoc, or J^vTV^SS 
pa<;^ak. A plant imported from Canton, as an 
ingredient in tobacco> and in scents. It is well 
described in Hamilton's East Indies, 1723 
(Pinkerton's Voyages, 4^ Vol. 8. p. 308. 489) 
Transaciions of Med. Soc. of Calcutta Vol. 8. 
part 1. Madras Lit. Soc. Journal (Apr. 1837, 
p. 350.) being an account given by Dr. 
Wallich and partly furnished by Baboo Radha 
Kanta Deb. 

PUTGAW, Error for Phoot Ganw. Sir James 
Mackintosh's (Vindiciae) Memoirs I. 484. 

PUTHA, See Potta. 

PUTKUT, (Pattu-cattu? ^^^*f; A lease 
wherein each field is rated according to its 
PUTNEE, ^^Jju A Putnee Talook was a large 

tract of land: the lessee was a putnee-dar. 

The Dar-patnee ^J^^ j «3 was a subdivision : 

which again was divided into See putnees ; 

which again were divided into Khets or fields. 

(Friend of India 4th June 1846. p. 354. ^ 
PUT-SAUK, Sec Patsak, Pa99ak. 
PUTTAH, See PolU. 
PUTTEE, i. e. Patfi ^i& ^^ A lisit. 
PUTTEE, POOfTI i4)g A boat. The quan- 

tity of grain also called Candi, or Khandee. 
PUTTEEL, A head man. See Po^aiL 
PUTTI, Telugu i^g Patli, A list. 

PUTTI, (^g Tel. Pootti; A measure of grain. 
See Candy. 

PUTTI-DO'SILLU, T^giS^f*^, PutU manicsi 
ig^gc^pC One pint per load. A fee or gra- 
tuity granted in harvest time. Many such 
exactions were in use formerly ; they are now 

PUTTIAM, See Potta. 

PUTTOO, ^^ Silk. 

PUTTOOBUDI, (<fc4jDtt& Pattu badi,) outlay. 

PUTTUCKDAR, ify^^ + 7S^(S^ In Tanjore, 
the book keeper : a Sub Collector. Obsolete^ 

PUTTYDAR, j)dyJi The holder of a patU 
or lease, 

PUTWARE, See Pat— 

PY,— See under Pai, 

PYACARRY, See Paicari, thus misprinted in 

Fifth Rep. Glossary. 
PYCOTTAH, See Pacota. 
PYGUST, SeePaigast. 
PYKAR, See Paicari. 

USHT, See Paracoody and Paikasht. 

PYKE, i^Sxj PAIK, A militia man, a consta- 
PYLEB, that is PAHLI ^Jl^^ First. A fee 

given on grain : the first handful. Lit* Soc. 

Jour. No. 35. p. 250. 
PYMALEE, See Paimali. 
PYMASH, See Paimaish. 
PYR, See Pair, or Pairu 2«3. 
PYSEL, The Tamil pronunciation of Faisala. 

See Fysul. 
PYTAH, Probably meant for Patti 

A list. 
PYTAN, See Paithan. 

ic^UALLA, A Malay word meaning the mouth 

of a liver. 
QADIM, >^ Jj Old, original, ancient. 
QADEEM BEHWAL, ^^tj^^Ss Old ten- 




QUBZ, Cabs ^^^aaS Kabz. A receipt, a tax. 

QUI-HY, i. e. Koee bai ^^^ Wbo is 
(there ?) (Quis est) A word used in Bengal 
for calling a servant. Hence a nickname for 
Englishmen living in Bengal. 

-K» Contraction for Raja. Letters are some- 
times Buperscribed, in the English character 
R. R. denoting Tr|| Tr|| that is "To the 
most noble &c." Elsewhere R. denotes Rupee. 
RABBI, RUBBEE, See ^ij Rubee. The 
harvest which is reaped in springs consisting 
of peas, wheat, &c. 

RACHEWAR, Tr»tfw^«b Ra-tsa-varu, People 
of the Ra9a caste, also called -u^^sr^ Ra- 
oo-varu. Hindu gentry : perhaps connected 
with noble families. 

RADD, ^1 Erased, rescinded, 

RADHAM, or RATH AM, » Jf «&» The Chariot 
in which a god is borne. Radhotsavam ^^^^ 
^sSxi the annual feast when the god rides 
round the town in his car. 

RADIF, RADEEF, (in Turkey) *Ju[0; A 
recruit or raw soldier. 

RAEN, " A tree bearing the fruit called Keer- 

RA'GADI, or RE^GADI, ttX* The Ure or 
round embossed plate of gold worn on the 
head by Hindu women. 

RAGG Y, RA'GI, -^^ Ragulu Tr?6a> A grain 
called Cynosurus Coracanus. The Tamils call 
it Kevuru. 

RAHADAR, jl Jul. Superintendent of roads. 

RAHDAREE,v^b*I; Passport. 

BAHDAREE, c-r^l*V A pass, or passport. 
The Patrol. Rahdari pullari ^od a tax levied 
in old times on cattle that passed over fields } 

RAHEE, jJti Servant. "Your most obedient." 

RAHITI or RAITI, tf^O, 2^ (Kannadi.) 
A pagoda, or nominal money formerly used 
in accounts. One Rahiti or chacra contained 
forty rueoi or fanams. 

C. P. Brown's Zilla Dictionary. 

modern spelling, used in Bengal for Rayah, 
^ar^ (See Ryot) A farmer, a tenant, a cul- 

RAI or RAEE, ttow Stone, rock. 

RAISUM, ROYASUM, Tr<i6<eo (a word of 
unknown origin.) Clerk, writer. 

RA'J, ^]j ■U'Cgo Raj.yam, Kingdom. 

RA'JA, la.Ii TJ^ir* King, prince, baron, lord. 
RAJA BHETI, (Marata Tr>a^a) Interview, 

visiting the prince. Phrase for an obsolete 

tax paid on getting permission to reap. 
RAJA GURU, The baron*s confessor. ; 
RAJGY, See Raj. 
RAJ JOORS, The domestic priests of the Jah- 

RA'JKRA'NT, -o-riy-od ♦ The act of the 

king : violence committed by a raja upon his 

subjecte. Steele, p. 150, 301. 
RA'JPOOTS, o^!; '^^^[P Hindu genUe- 

men, descended from the (Xatriyas) Cshatriy- 

as, or ancient warriors. 
RAJI, See Razi ^^g^U Reconciliation. 
RAKHA'VALI, ^)y^j Watching, guarding. 
RA'KHUS,RA'CSHASA,-a'J&.t6, ^j^]j A 

giant, a demon : rakhas vivaham "O^JlK-^Osr* 
s^o A giant marriage, that is^ rape : seizing 
and carrying off the woman by violence. 

RAKM, Jj Kind, class, set of men or things. 

RAMA'.RAMI^ ^i^^txn adv. On an aver- 
age : more or less. 

RA'MA'YAN, xpj&^dSSrto Name of a sacred 
poem venerated by the Hindus. The adven- 
tures of Rama. 

RAMIBUTTAI, perhaps (Rama Rami banana 
Ulib L/t;^) Sharing, on an average. 

RAMOOSSEES, A name by which Thugs or 

stranglers call themselves. It is perhaps 

changed from Samasya ^'^l^^ that is, cant 


^Jigitized by V^OOQIC 




RAMZAN, jjjUa«^ A certain snmTerniy at 

the beginning of the Musulman yew. 
RANA, -cfn A king, a prince. 
RANEE, TPd A queen. 
RANG, uA, Colour, cUsti. 
RANG-NE'Z,^^CJ^ A painter, a dyer. 
RANG-PA'NI^HIRA, tfoHb^pfctJ Shot silk. 
RA'N'I. RANNEE. tp.! ^)j a queen. 
RAPTEE, apparently an error for jJol*. 

Biayiti, remisaion, indulgence. 
RASANGI DHAN, Rice brought from the 

port of Ru88ungy. 
RASEED, dju«^ Food, proTisions. More uiual- 

\y a corruption of '* Receipt." 
RA'SMAM, fi&oi6 ^:^o The drug called 

Galangal. See Sanna Rasmam, 
RA'SMI, y^jf^j Custom, toll, income. 
RA^STA^lLl^ A road, a way. 
RASTABUNDY, ^ di.lJu,|^ Eepafring roads. 
RA'TIB, ^]j Portion, daily food. 
RAVI'S, (Ruveeee) ȣ?& Fees, dues : custom. 

Perhaps meant for tj^j raviya. 
RA^VUTT, or RA'WUTT, (Marata) tJ««, 
Ra'hut TP^T^g Rout, Rowt ^^ A troop. 
er, a horseman. A knight, a chevalier. 
RAWA^NAH, ^I^^ Sending: despatch. A 

passport. A port-clearance. 
RAWANA.PATTI, tf^F**^ A pawport 
RAWULEEA. ^&^ A certain Sudra caste 

in the Marata countrie*. 
RAW WAR. RAO-VA'RU. -D-eB^Bb Hii hon- 
our the prince. People of the prince's family. 
Rayah, \jKcj Ri-S-ya. Subjects, tenants. 

RA'YASAM, (Tamil) Tr-dfiieo A clerk, a 

gRA'YAT, (Tulgarly Ryot) sj^j Ra-w-yat. 
A subject, a tenant. 

RAYA'TEE. ^\£j Ri-a'-yaU. Deductions, 

BAYATVAR, RYOTWAR, (Ra-aiyat-war 


^I^ViSH^^ According to persons : individual. 

RAYTANGAM, tfosDVox-o The 
people, population. 

RAYATWARI, Individual, particular. 

RAYAYATSHIST,i.A---Ac2^>^ Ri-a'-ymt 

shist. A favourable settlement : with dedac> 


XTd^ttj Barons, princes. A title borne by 
some kings. 

RAZA', Uj Leave, permission, dismissal. 

RAZAXREZOY, ^\^j a quilt. 

^U Amicable agreement, terms. Accom- 
modation, (says Dr, Johnson.) Composition, 
(says Swift.) Reconcilement, (says Black- 
stone.) Compromise, (says Smollett.) Resig- 
nation (of office,) relinquishment, quitting, 
abandoning, surrender. 

RA'ZI, or Razee, Agreement, consent. 

RAZZIA, (See Ghazi ^li a conqueror) 
Phrase for a plundering inroad ; invasion. 

REAPER, The Madras phrase for a rafter or 
small beam. 

REBBE, Meant for • Rabb-ul-aval' and'Rabb 

us Sani* the Arabic names of two months. 
REBEEWAR, (RAVI-VAR, rsz^wntso #) 

REDDY, "Ba Reddi, A head farmer. Title of 

a certain Tclugu caste. 
REDDY SALIGA, i, e. Selaga T^;f, Fees 

claimed by the head farmer. 
REDDYWAR, "Ba^cfi. «His honour the 

head farmer." Also, people of the Reddi 

REDIFF, See Radif. 
REEAYAH, blc; Rini-ya. Tenants, subjects. 

Plural erf Rayah. 

REES, (Portugueze) A halfpenny. 

REESKEES.RISHI. zxidL # Saint, hero, demi- 

RBGUR. txd Re/gada. Black soil; fine 
mould, in which cotton, maize, wheat and 
pigeon peas are raised. 

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JiEJLA, (perhaps meant for) BacSm tf ^o Style, 

BEKHTU, sSsij *'The mixed dialeot." 

RESAtlLA, RISALA, «Jlyy A regiment. 

RETELEE, ^Jkj Ligl»^ ^^^^7 soil. 

Rhubarb : brought from China. 
REWAJ, -p- ]jj Custom, fashion. 

REYAYUT, RI-A-YAT, u^ ^ j Remia- 

REYUT> See Ryot 

RHADARY, RA'H-DARI, ^j]^t]j Pas- 
port: transit-duty. 
RHEDDYWAR, See Reddi. 
RI-A'YATI, ^Ji^J Abatement, indulgence, 

RIO, Error for Rishi. 
RISHIS, wDoL • Saint, demigod, prophet. 
RISHWAT, ct/A^ A bribe. 
RISSALDAR, i) JJUw; Commandant of horse. 


L . Usage, 


RIVAJ ZIA'DATI, (vulgarly Zyasti) ^]jj 

L^^^J Extraordinary valuation. 
RIYA'YATI, yj^^j Indulgence, abatement. 
RIZAMEDAR, 'An officer commanding a 

small troop.' 
RIZAN, 6tjr- Meant for " Reason" the Eng- 

lish word : which is sometimes used in a 

wrong sense. 
ROBfiKAREE, See Ru-ba-car, Roobecaree. 
ROBIN, (Arba-ain ^^/^j Forty) A certain 

measure : one fourth of a candy. 
ROJ, See Roz. 
RO'KADA, or DO'KADA, G^^Si, fi^rxp 

A purse, a bag of money. 
ROKHADAYUiM, d^w^-crc^o Various pet- 
ty sources of revenue, now abolished. 

ROKHSAT, c:.„^iA « Leave^ permission, dis- 

ROKKHAM, ^JLo Cash, money. 

ROKUR, ^^j (MaraU) Specie, cash. Rokur 
Buhee, ^^^,jijj a cash book. Rokurrea 
^ ji^ I a cask keeper. 

ROOBUKAREE, lSj^.^j Proceedings in a 
case : the record : the abstract. 

ROODAD, t^ljjj Summary: summing up of 
the case by the judge. 

ROOK A, (^f A silver penny. Rookaloo, flcr> 
f u> Pence, money. 

ROOM, RU'M, ^ The name of Constantino- 
ple. Roomies, ^^^^j Certain troops, of 
Turkish descent, employed at Hydrabad. 

ROOMAUL, or ROMAL, JU^^ A handker- 

ROOPAI, See Rupee. 

ROOSOOM, .yty Customs. Fees : bribes. See 

ROSENAMAH, See Rozee-nama. 

ROTTLE, Jly Rati. A pound, twelve ounces. 

ROUTEE, RAOTI, J^l^ A double poled 
tent : with gable ends, and a single fly. 

ROVEE, See Rooee- 


ROY. ROWAN, (or) ROY ROYAN, ^^1; 
^U) J Baron of barons, chief baron : chief 


ROZEENAH, ^^Jjj Pension. 


ROZIDUS HARAY, Error for Roz-i Dasahra. 
LyAM^ J.J The Oasara. See that word. 

ROZrNA, ^Jjj Pension, daily allowance. 

ROZINDARAN, Pensioners, 

ROZMARRA, tj^J^j ^^^^Y allowance. Pen- 

ROZNAMEH, i-^^^^j A diary, a day book. 

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ROZWAR, 'J^^j^j I^aily. 

RU, ^^ io accounts is a cootraction for " Ru- 

RU'-BA-RU^ ^y^^j Face to face. 

RUBBEE, RUBEE, ^^ See explanation un- 
der Khureef. Ttie Fussul Rubbee is harvest 

RU'BACARI, (See Roo— ) A sUtement. 

RUCKTA KODIGE, urs-ftTt (Kannadi) 
Pension granted to one who has shed his 

RUCKUM, Ji Writing: order: document. 

RUCTAWAN, s^\y^j An inkmaker. See 
Moochy. This is a word of no language. 


RUKKA, l*3j A short note or letter. 

RUMA'L. ROOMAL, JU^^ A handkerchief. 

RUMMAZAUN-RAMZA/N, y^^^-i^j The 
first month in the Musulman year. The rites 
then celebrated. 

RUNGREZ,^^ Ady^r. 

RUPEE, iJ^j^j A silver coin, usually (in 1852) 
valued at two shillings^ as coined by the 
Company's Government. In Tavernicrs tiroe^ 
(A.D. 1680) eighteen Rupees were valued at 
nine crowns. In the days of Hyder (Barto- 
lomeo observes that) the Rupee was not worth 
more in Europe than two livres eight sous. 
Or, (in Italian coins) four paoli and eight 
bajocchi. Under the native governments there 
were Rupees of various values. At Hydrabad 
there were the Bagh Chulnee Rupee, and 
the Govind Bakhsh Rupee : which was named 
after a brother of Chandu Lala. This was ra- 
ther better than the common coin. Some 
Sanscrit books are transcribed at '* 32,000 
letters to the rupee ;" for a letter signifies a syl- 
lable ; the ordinary Sanscrit verse, (such as 
that used in the tale of Nala) is written in 
couplets : two lines in a couplet, and 16 sylla. 
bles in a line. The expression denotes, 1000 
lines or couplets for one rupee. Such copyists 
can earn about one rupee in a week. 

RUSHWAT, orRISHWAT, ss^yXj A bribe. 

RUSMEE, ^c^ Usual, customary, regular. 

RU8S00M, or RUSSUM, ^ymj Customs, 
fees, perquisites. All of these are now abo- 
lished : though some are secretly exacted 
from the ignorant. 

RUSSOOM NEZARAT, er^l^ Perquisites 
given to the (Nazir) Superintendent. 

RUSSOOM ZEMINDARY, Fees claimed on 
account of the Zemindar. 

RUSSOOMDAR,j|j^y«y The holder of fees: 

one who had a right to perquisites. A sine- 

RUSSUD, iXm^ Food, provisions, supplies. 

RUSU'M or ROOSSOOM, See Russoom. 

RUT, or Rath, (Ratham «¥«$» Aj^) A carri- 
age. Particularly the car in which a god rides. 

RUT-JATRA, (Ratha yatra }ir^d&-\$) The 
procession of a god*s car through the tow». 

RUTTY, ^j tf O A jeweller's weight (tf Jl^T 
I^ctica) seven eighths of a carat. 

RUYIE, i. e. Rfti, or Rooee ^^j Cotton, af- 
ter it is separated from the seed. 

RUZA, (Raza \Jc\ Leave. Permission. 

RUJOO, or RUZU^ flS«», OS83»^ A word vul- 
garly used for Signature, Proof, Confession. 
Some imagine this to come from the Arabic 
^y^j ruju. But that means ' Appearing, 
yielding.' Others fancy it comes from the 
Sanscrit e3>»«» ruju, ' right.' But it is used in 
neither sense : it is mere cant, of uncertain 

RYE, (ri-aya bUs^) Subjects, tenants. 

RYOT, (ra-ai-yat \j^^j\ Subject, tenant, far- 
mer. In Turkey they are called Bayahs* 

RYOTI-HISSA, The cultivator's portion of 
the crop. 

RYOTTEE, or RYOTTY, (ra-ayati; Apper- 
taining to tenants. 

RYOT WAR, ^!^v.^^jut:^ According to tenants. 

Man by man, individual. ^^ , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




RYOTWARI, RYUTWARI, (Ra-aiyat wari 
^^•LvjlH^ Settlemento made with each in- 
dividual : not with all unitedlj. 

O AA, * A weight, about eight pounds ? 

SABANDAR, (Shah-i-bandar^iXbiU) The 
Fort captain : or ruler of Tessels in the roade. 
The phraee was used at Surat. 

SABAR, (Safr jA^ A trip, a journey) -^^^ A 
Toyage : the season when coasting Toyages are 
made. See Regulation 1. of 1817. Dan Sa- 
bar esOl^ttC^ (from dari^ shore) sailing along 
shore. Lo Sabar cr«i^ttC6 (liicrally the in- 
ner trip) Putting out to sea. 

SABAR, A top-gallantmast. 

iSABEL. (Sabll Jaxm.) Proved, established. 

SABRACAR, (Sar bar car j^jij^) Owner, 
manager, master. 

SABUN, Sawun, The month called Sravana^ 

SABZA, %y<M, " Green leaf The intoxicating 
drug called Putsock or Puchock. 

SAC, ^'JTo, Sacam, A year. See Shuck and See 

SAOABDAM, ^T»go A year. 

SACALATI, or SUKULATU 1<K'fr-i6, ^r 
«r»0 Broad cloth, woollen, blanket. This word 
is perhaps Turkish. It is used throughout 
Asia. Chaucer uses it, spelt Checklatoun. 

SAOTI, t^ • Power. A goddess, Venus. Sacti- 
puja (Shuktee pooja, vulgarly) The worship 
of Venus with magic rites. This is unknown 
in Southern India. 

SADABIR, Error for Sada Vritti t&Tsr-;5j© 
Daily bread ; alma. 

SADAK, ^ti^ Gravel, Apparently meant for 
^e^j^ Surkhi, 

SADWKER, Error for Saudagar, A merchant. 

SADARHI, That is Sadr^J^ The abovesaid. 

^ i| . Expense and receipt. Outgoings and 
incomings. But vulgarly this has come to mean 
Petty chargesi such as money laid out on 

paper, lights, ink, oil, and similar items. Tri- 
fling expenses. 

SADWANIAN, ^j,Ui|^Ju« (wrongly Sadwari- 
an) A band of 100 spearmen. The expense 
of such a troop. See Fifth Report, p. 682. 

SAEES, t^\jM A groom. Wrongly written 

SAFED, (Sufaid iXxL.) White. 

SAFEDI, (Sufaidi ^cUA^^ Ceruse, white lead. 

S^\j A clearance acquittance. 

SAGARTHUM, Error for Sacabdam, ^Vgo 
A year. (5th Rep. 827.) 

SAGH, y^ U Sag, Greens, herbs. 

VALLY, (SA'GBADI ir>y(^\ for Sagubad 
■(^Hb«&) Cultivation. 

SAH, «U The title (like Saheb) borne by 
some Hindu bankers. 

SAHIB, SAHE'B, SAIB, u^a^U Master, 
owner. This name, like Shah and Padshah, 
is assumed by some Fakeers or saints : after 
one of whom Tijpjm Saheb was named. 

SAHIB-KEROONS, ^^/u^^U A coin 
used at Peshawar. Twenty-seven of these are 
equal to thirteen Company*8 Rupees. 

SAHIBA, sjk^\^ OvrneT,\^f.Sahiba4'kh2na, 
the lady of the house. 

SAHl'H, ^4Ls^ Correct, right. This word is 
often written, even by Hindus, in lieu of 
signing their own names. See Tod*s Rajas- 
than, Vol. 1. p. 202. But he misinterprets it. 

SA^HOO.^U SA^HOOKA'Rj^^^U Vulgar- 
ly Saucar. A Hindu bauker* 

SAIA, A root that yields a red dye. See Chay 

SAICB, ^mJoUv a groom. 

SAIN DEE, ^i^m Se'ndhi', Toddy, palm 

8AIR, See Sayar. 

SAIRANDHRI, 2«yol5 * A maid of honour : 

a lady in waiting. /^.-.m^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




SAIVA, SHAIVA, 2.^^ Appertaining to the 

god Siva. 
SAIVITE, 2.^t A worshipper of Siva, or the 

SAJA, (Sazzalu ^b cw) A certain grsdn. 
SAKIN, iU Inhabiunt of— Thus *'Kariin 
khan Sa'kin-i-karpa"— '' Karim khan who 
dwells at Cadapa.'' 
SALA, ( i. e. Sella "5© ) Muslin. 
SALA'K, -pfn^ The dent or mark on coin 

that denotes its goodness. 
SALAM, JL0 Salutation, a bow. Taking leave. 
SAL AMY, ^<^^ Phrase for a certain gift. 

All such are now abolished. 
SALA8TRI, SALISTRI, Error for Salotari 

oyy^ A farrier, a horse doctor. 
SALEES TURRUM, fj^^J^^i^ ^ ^^^^ **' 

SALEVAGGANA, Error for Salivahana. 
SALIANAH, AibJU Annual allowance, pen- 
S AXIA'NAHDAR, A pensioner : an annuitant. 
SA'LIVA'HANA, '^t-wn&^p Nameof an an- 
cient king, after whom the sera denominated 
S'Jfo the Salivahana Sacam is called — SS. 
1772, or the 1772d year of the Salivahana 
Sacam answers to A. D. 1850. 

.;L »A^ J -^-u^ Annual income and 
^J^ C~r ^f jrr 


SALLASHCAR, Error for Sar-i-lashcar^^^iJ^ 
A general. 

6ALLIS, SALIS, u^U* Third person; ar- 

SALMUL, ^&^^* The cotton tree: with 
large scarlet flowers. It is proverbially useless. 

SALOOTER,yyU A farrier. 

SALOOTEREE, cjT;^/-' Farriery. 

■aS" ** Both' the white and the black crops : 
ihat is the whole year: both harvests." (Que- 

SALWAR, That is Salevaru ^-^sno^ 

Jb Jyx> Yearly paymenU and balances. 

SAMADAST KHAT, '* Signature to an ac- 

SAMADAYUM, l6«^'cy»cR6o Oo-partner-ship 
lands. See Filh Report page 831. 

Sams-thanan l6o^;$o Household, family, 

SA'MA'N, ^)UU Things, articles, furniture, 

property, apparatus. 
SA^MBA, -p^tt ♦ A title of the god Siva. 
SAMJA'ISH, SiS\s^ Explanation, persua- 

SAMOODAYUM, Sec SamJdayan. 
SAMORIN or ZAMORIN, Error for Samrfit 

lio-ap4r an Emperor. Title borne by tht 

ruler of Calicut and Cochin. 
SAM POD AR, ' A cash keeper.' 
SAMPRATI, l6oL*d Deputy : associate. 
SAMPRATI CARNAM, lio^©fi^O»o The 

deputy clerk. 
SAMPREDDY, See Samprati. 
SAMPRODA'YAM, fJo^^TSJ'c*^ » Custom, 

SAMUD, or SAMUT, Smjt ct..^ Quarter, 

point of heaven* 
SAMUSTANUM, SamsthAnam 1Jo^;6o ♦ 

House, family, lineage. 

SAMVAT, i^osSS" ♦ Year. The phrase for the 

peculiar reckoning used in Bengal and Behar : 

Samrat, or Sumbat 1850 answers to A. D, 






SA'NV/AR,j]j^ Yearly. 
SANDU'KorSUNDUQ, j^Jsi^ Box, chest. 
SAN ED, The French spelling for Swmad. 
Digitized by V^OOQIC 




S AN-GO'RU, t^or*c6 A half share. Fifty par 
cent. That portion (30 or 20 per cent) which 
is given to the ploughman. 

SANI% ^^^jum a bayonet. 

SANJA, '•Villages that are not divided into 
shares." Is this t^iS»-cpdB5 } 

SANKALPA,* -^oro^tfjo Aeolenm vow or 

SANKU, SUNKU, ^o^ A pin or stake : the 
gnomon or peg of a dial. A cross used as a 
mark by surveyors* 

SANNA RASHTRAM, t&?^tPgJ)o Small 
Galangai" (a drug.) 

SANNAD SUNNUD, c3ju« Charter, patent, 
grantj^diploma, deed. 

SANNYA'Sr, I^TT-g^ ♦ A monk. 

SA'NSOA'RA', iio-ir^rso # A ceremony. 

^o Appeasing the deity. Grama santi \J^ 
rt>V*oO a^JipecuIiarl ceremony to do away 
ill omens, and thus «' heal the town." 

SANTH. ^otf Santa, A market, a fair. 

SAN-WAR, i. e. SANI WAR, «'pir*?Jo • 

SAOCAR. SOUKAR, ^fcr^U A banker, a 

SAPINDA, ^&o^: ♦ The next of kin. 

SAPUTNEE, •^rf'^* A fellow-wife. 

SARADA^'^tftT* 1^^^ The trigger. 

SARAFF, SARAT, uJl^ A shroff or money- 


SARAGATH, (Tamil) A boundary or land 

mark. Corrupted from Sarhad. 
SARAN JA'M, SARAN JAM, ^ Us*]^ Supply, 

provision, things, apparatus, turn out. 
SARCA'R,^^ (Literally Sar the head kar of 

work.) The clerk, manager, head man. This 

phrase also denotes Government : the pub. 

lie : as Sarcar kharch, Government charges, 

or outlay. 

SARCARA, <rtf_tf « Sugar. 

SARDAR, .) j^ Head man : leader : foreman. 

SARHAD, i\jM0 Boundary, limit. 

SA'RI, SARREE, ^j\m» A petticoat. 

SARISHTA, sxSj^ Record. Accounts. 

SARISHTADAR,j|^^ULi^ The head account- 

SARKVL, or SARKE'L, t^O^OThat is Sar-i- 
khel (Jaa^m The general or commandant. 
The title borne by the manager in the houses 
of Tanjore, Vizaianagar and Pungtnur. 

SARLEE, Error for ij^'B Saleh, The name of 
one caste of weavers. 

SARPECH, 4gi^ A gold cloth lappet, worn 

on the turban as a badge of honour. 
SARRIES, ,^jU Petticoats. 

SARTARNEE, SA'TA'NI, (See Pandaram) 
A certain class of Hindu friars who beg. 

SARTHEE, That is Sa-rathi in>rS9 He who 
sits at the side of the hero in a war chariot. 
The driver. 

8ARUNJAM, s^j^ Things, articles. 

8ARVA, I^^S • All. 

SARVA DUMBALA, Land granted all free. 

entirely as a gift, untaxed. See Dumbala. 
SARVA ENAM, .Ui) Land granted as free 

SARVA MANYAM,1^0^tfip]6^rf» Land grant- 

ed as free living. 
SA'RUVA, SA^RVA' PANTA, i^O&w<o*j 

The wet crop : that crop of rice which grows 

in low lying land. 
SA'SANAM, ^^TiSo # (vulg. Shassanem) A 

statute, grant, deed. 

tb^i'o ♦ The Record of Records: the regis- 

ter of chronicles. 
SASEE, ^«8 The moon, or Adonis its ruler. 




A volume or an art. GaniU eastram X-fitf "V* 
:^*)o the art of arithmetic. 

SASTRI, or SHASTRY, "^^ He who is 
learned. Doctor, professor. 

SA'TA'NI, 1^"^? correctly #fl-^^T«a ^Sit4ni, 
pronounced Sar-tar-ni. A particular kind of 
atcelicks among Tamil Sudras. They are 
worshippers of Vishnu and beg alms. They 
are gaily dressed and in excellent condition. 

SAT ANTRUM, See Swatantram. 

SAUDA^GARi^tJ^ A merchant. 

SAUL, JU Name of a cerU'n timber tree. 

SAUT, (A^U Sath) Seven.lSaut gong (Sath 
gaon the seven villages.) Name of a cerUin 

SAUT, (Sa-it cu^U) An hour. 

SAVADY, ^wsSa ^avadi The town hall. A 
lodge or empty house built for travellers. 

news-writer ; a spy on the Amildar in the 
Northern Circars." This phrase is unknown. 
It may be a corruption of t^^^o Sarvajna, 

SAVARAM, -p^^tSo The home lands. That 
portion of a zemindary which the proprietor 
retained in his own hands ; '^ Sherf being 
those lands which were let out to tenants 
From the Pessian J^^~ chavar, a measure of 
land : a tract of various extent. A cuttee 
(^^ catti) being about HJ acres, a chavar 
contained sometimes ten sometimes thirty 
cuttees. Lands in the Northern Sircars 
were distinguished as being either ' Sheri,* or 
* Savaram.' And Savaram denoted (it is affirm- 
ed) land measured by the Chawar. It may 
perhaps have another origin : but the mean- 
ing is certain. Savaram " denotes the same 
as Nancar*' (Fifth Rep. p. 680.) being land 
granted free of charge as part of the emolu- 
ments of office. 

SAWAR,^)^ A trooper. 

SAWARY, ;^j]jM» Troop, procession, train. 

SAWBRAGANA, (5th Rep. 827) Error for 

SAWMY, (Swami -f^^^) Lord, master. An 

SAWN, See Sravana. 

SAWUK, See Sravaca. 

SAYA, (Portugueze) A petticoat* 

SA'YAB, SA^YIB, (SAHlB,u.^U>) Owner, 
lord, master, gentleman. 

SAYEH BUNJER, « Uncultivated land mark- 
ed off into fields.* 

SAYER,y U The transit duty. The tax for- 
merly levied on goods passing an inland toll 
house. Duty levied on personal property, or 
on merchandize in transit. This is now abolish- 

SAYERJAT, o^^^ Tolls, duties on goods 
passing a limit. 

SAYSHU RITU, Error for Sisira Rutu ♦^^ 
t300ll&^ Winter, the cold season. 

SAZA, Kam Punishment Retribution. 

SAZA'WAL, JI^I)AM Exaction. A collector of 

SAZZALU, •^gejo Name of a certain grain. 

SCIDDEE, i. e. SIDI, CIDI, CID, ^^^^ 
See Siddee. 

J ICwi, A helmsman, the stcerer. From Suk- 
kin ^Kw the rudder. 

SEASUT SIYA'SAT, o*«lu« Punishment 

SEBUNDY, j^doxi* Sibbandi ?>«^oa Ran- 
gers, militia, armed peons. 

SEBUNDY BHUDDER, (Bhadram ^[^o 
Care, watchfulness.) A guard. 

SEBUNDY FUSLY, ^^^^^JjjLy- Guards 
who watch the harvest. 

SEBUNDY KILL AH, *jJU> ^ cXixi- Garrison. 

SEDWARRAIN, (5th Rep. Gloss.) See Sad- 

SEEAHA, \jb\xm A written account. 
SEEAH AUMDANNY, Account of income. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




SEE DA, Sl'DHA, U Jjum Straight. 

SEEDY, error for Sldi <^ Jou« An Abyssinian. 

SEEM^ ^s& Sima, Boundary, landmaik. 

SEEMUL, (J.«JU« A sort of cotton. 

SEER, SE'R, jkm A \f eight : usually about 
two pounds. The seer of 22^ Rs. weight 
equals 9 ounces and 2 drams. 

SEER LANDS, See Sheri. 


SEFARISH, ^JmUm. Recommendation. 

SELAGA livK A double handful of grain. 
'' One lot" — or *' one deal." The phrase for 
certain fees in grain, given to the head man 
in harvest time. From the Arabic ** Silqa" 
saL^ See Burckhardt'd Nubia, 4°. p. 234. 

SELAMY, See Salami. 

SELLA DAR, SILAHDA^R, (in Turkey) 
j]iSsr^ A sword-bearer. A chamberlain, 
armour-bearer, or squire. 

^^JUaJ Troops appointed iti a pergunna. 

SEN, San, Sun ^w A year. 

General, Coinmaudant. 

SE'NAVl, i«a A tribe of Hindus who call 

themselves Bramins, but eat fii^h. MM. p 
SEPADAR, jl jyLtw A Brigadier-general. 

SEPA'HE, SEPOY, ^\j^ A soldier. 

SEQUIN, A gold coin,** (checkeen,) At Pondi- 
cherry in 1710 the gold pagoda was worth 
" eight livres, ten sols." And the sequin was 
worth ten livres. 

SE'R, A weight. See Seer. 

SER. BAR, and SIR,^^ The head. 


SERADDAY, or SERADDY, (Shraddha 

ty |) A funeral rite. 
SERADDY APERPUK, \y^^^^Qiis&. Srad- 

dha-apara-paxa " A festival preparatory to 

the Dasara : on the Siva Ralri." 

C. P. Brown s Zilla Dictionary. 

SERADDY, Error for Shraddha U'tf. 
SERAI, i^]j*M A lodge or empty chamber for 

travellers. In the Gospels it is called '• an 

SERAKHUR, (Sar-i-askar jUx^) Master 

of the horse. 
SERANG, v-Jo^ A native boatswain : a head 

lascar. The word is Malay. 
SERAPH, Error for (Shroff) Saraff : a moneyer. 

as-kar. Commandant. 
SERBARRA KARRE. ^j^ty.j^ Head- 

man. Manager, 
SERF, ,,_5^ (tasarruf ^^J^) Expenditure. 
SERF SICCA, ^Ci«,._J^.o Exchange on coin. 

SERHUD, Sari-had tXa^Au Frontier, limit, 

SERI, See Buttaee. 

SE'RP, See Sheree. 

SERINA, •* A particular fee." (Q-iery.) 

SERIN JAM, M^j^ Things, stuff, prepar- 
ation, apparatus, furniture. 

SERINJAMMY, ^^\^j^ '' Lands granted 
on the condition of supplying troops." 

SERISHTADAR,^!j^^ The chief super- 
intendent, or head clerk. 

SERPAW, ^^>j*M (Sir, and pao ; head and 
feet.) A dress or robe, prescuted to a supe- 
rior or to a dependant. 

K^jS'^^J^ ** Lands granted in chanty." 

SERUSTA BUTA, (U Uu To«hewP) '* A tax 
levied on the exchange of coin ?" 

SERWATTEREE, Error for Survotlama t& 
^^<S^*^ ^^^^^ excellent ? 

SE'T, SHAETH, "^^.r, Sheth-ji, '^TsJa^^ 

^-a. The title '*Sir, your excellency" assumed 
by Guzrati bankers. 
SET, SEE m, SEIT, A^Ixa*. A banker. 

SETENDY. Error fur Sibbaudi 

bbaudi. ^ T 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




SETTANEE, Lady, baroness, countess. (A 
Guzerati phrase.) 

SEVAKUDU, "^5Sso«^ Servant, 

SEVOY, SIWA'I, j^I^*« Except, besides, un- 

»«^ utI r*** US-*^ i3 Extra demands, extra col- 

■ lections. 

SEWAEE, ur)jA« "Besides.'' Phrase for all 

SHADA orSHAZADA, *jl:»U The kind's 



extra collections. Extras. 
SEWAEE BABUT, LS^WwTlr** ^^is^ella- 

neous or extra items. Petty taxes. 
SEWAK, "^s^Soi^ Servant, slave. 
SEWANAHNIGR, (Sawanih ^]j^ plural of 
SunCih, accidents) ^It^l^ a news- writer, 
intelligencer, reporter, 
SEWARRY, or SEWAURY, u^J^y^ Train, 

SEW UK PUTTRA, Bond of service, written 

SEWY, See Sewaee. 
SEYAH, See Seeah. 
SEYR, vide Sair, or Sayar. 
SEZAWAL, J^l}^ A superintendent. 
SHA'BA'SH, ^bU Be a king ! Huzza, 
well done ! Elphinston on Cabul, 1. 374 ob- 
serves that it is pronounced i^-l « ti ^^1 
at shdtcdsh. And he refers to Horace's 
words, ** At pueri ludentes" '* Rex eris" 
aiunt *' si recte facies." 
SHABA UN, ^U*>^ Name of a Mahomedan 

SH ABB AH A MUD, (Shibhi-amad J^ijJi) 

SHACTI, ^_i Sacii. Power. The name of a 
goddess. The village goddess : a demon or 
fiend worshipped at the Sacti pnja 9'_8^23 
by the Pariars and aborigines. The bramins 
have in vain tried to abolish these deities, 
which are always worshipped as malevolent 

SHADEEANA, ^ b j U Bridal presents. 

Phrase for certain exactions. 
SHAGHUR, •'A Hindoo deity." Probabljr 

meant for Sa^ar Ocean : whence ** Saug-or 

SHAGIRD, PEYSHA, ^ ^J\Ji Disciple*, 

SHAGUWA, (Probably an error for Sadgunm 

it^n or Suguna fi^Xin.) Good qualities, 
SHAH, »U King. Particularly the king of 

SHAH-JOG, v-JS^*^ " Reputable, trust- 
worthy." Epithet of a cheque or draft. 

Asiatic Journal July 1823. p. 97. 
SHAHAR, t^ City : capital. 
SHAHBUNDER, ^Jsl>»U "King of the 

port" — Phrase for the custom house agent. 
SHAHD, i3yi Honey. Shahad-mom ^^ t3yi 
wax and honey. Shahd-m5m-gutta {^^ a 
lease.) A tax levied by Hyder Ali upon wax 
and honey. 

SHAHEE, ^^U A small coin, of about three 

pence in value. Obsolete. 
SHAHER,^ City. 

SHAHESH, Error for Sdbasam i^&^iio Vio- 

SHAIGAL, ** Land cons.lantly under cultiva- 

SHAIGAL CARUMBOO, Land fit for culti- 
vation but not cultivation. 

SHAIK-DAR, (Shiq-dar ^I Ja^) A financial 
officer. See Fifth Rep. p. 632. 

SHAIT, i. e. Setu "i^^ A bridge, or embank- 

SHAIT-SUNDEE, (Sanadi) ''A heritable 
grant for certain services." (Query.) 

3HAJ0G, See Shah-jog. 

SHAKAR, Error for Shicar »ICx Hunting, 
the cbaee. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




SHAKDAR, See Shaikdar. 
SHALEE, ^^ Land which produces rice. 
SHAMBOGUE, Error for Shanahogu. 
SHAMILi ^J^li Leagued, conbined. 
SHAMILAUT, y^^lUU Coparcenery, league. 

SHAMILUT, i^::^jJUti League, combination. 

SHAMSrCAMMI, Probably meant for Sham- 
»i Qamri ^c^^^a,^ solar and lunar. 
*' Deduction made by reason of difference be- 
tween solar and lunar reckoning." (Query.) 

SHAMUL, SHAMIL, J^U United, com- 

SHAN, ^jU Condition, degree. 

SHA'NA'BOGUE, ^jS«^?(b or ^§?&^?^ 
(Kan.) A village clerk or accountant. 

SHA'NA'RICASU, V-rT-dVf^u) The gold 
coin called Venetian sequins. 

SHANEE RYOTS, *' Permanent cultivators." 

SHARPEN N A, Error for Shabr-panah j^ 
% Ul> the town wall : literally the '' city de- 



SHART, JD;^ Stipulation, conditions, bargain. 
Beghair shart ^jJLjjJ^j unconditionally, 
without any bargain. 

SHASHATaRI, Error for Shastri. 

SHASTER, "y;^© s'a'stram. Book, code, law. 

SHASTRI, SHASTRY, ^^^ Doctor, learn- 
ed man. 

SHATRYA, Error for Cshatriya, See Chatria 

SHA'ZA'DA, « jlj »U A prince. 

SHEBANDER, i, e, Shah-i-Bander ^ ^ nU 
The port captain. The officer who governs a 
sea port. The word occurs in several old voy- 

SHEDOW, Error for Se^dhyam "^^§o Cultiva- 

SHEEAH, ijjJi Name of that sect of Musul- 

mans who believe Ali to have been the suc- 
cessor of Mahommed, They pay no homage 
to Abu Bakr, Umr, (Omar) andOsman. This 

is the prevailing creed in India. See note on 
Sunni and Sonee« And in Tbos. Moore's Po- 
ems, see The Twopenny Post Bag, letter VI. 
SHEERTEE, Error for Sruti. 

SHEHAM BEID, Error for Sama Veda, in 
Dow's History. 

SHEIKH, or SHEYK, ^ An elder, a 
senior, a chief. A title given to the descend- 
ants of Mohammad. 

SHEKLTAR, or CHUCKLER, (at Madras) 
A cobbler, a shoemaker. 

SHERAKUT, lS^I^ Fellowship, league. 

nership in trade. 
SHEREE, See note on Saveram. In Rajahman- 
dry all plough land is called ^S Sheree : and 
all other land is called i^cStfo Sdvaram. 
Elswhere Sheri is *^ land liable to pay reve- 
nue." Elsewhere, <• Land which though not 
Inaum, still pays no direct tax." Elsewhere, 
*' Land which pays no money rent, but a por- 
tion of the crop is taken as payment in kind." 
See Judicial Selections, folio. Vol. 4. p. 739 ; 
also Elphinstone's Report on the Peishwah's 
Territories page 41, and his appendix page 
, SHEREE KURREE, *' Holders of lands virtu- 
j ally the property of government." 

1 SHEREEF, w^ij^ Noble, ezalted. 

J SHEREESHET, See the word Sheree. 

I SHERIFF, (Shar'ifcJjt^) A chief, an el- 

I der. Elsewhere an error for (Shroff) Sanaf. 

! SHERI'SHTAH, ^j^ A record. 

' SHERrSTADA^R,^|jAii^ The chief clerk, 

or head of an office. 
SHERRUNKAR, (Swarnacari1^««-B^6) A 

SHET AGHNEE, (Sata ghna ^^^) The 
" slayer of a hundred") A phrase for cannon. 
SHETSUNNUDEE, *' Local militia: garri- 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




A man of the trading ca«te : a -shopkeeper. 

SIIEVALA, (i. e. «Tr»»d8So Siva'layam) A 
pagoda to Siva. 

levied on oil sellers. 

SHEVEL, Q^'eui) "Red soil which is of the 
second class." 

SHEVRATR, See Sivaratri. 

SHIAS, See Sheeah. 

SHIGRAM, {^[}?^o * S'i'ghram) Quick. 

SHIGRAM, *t?o S'i'ghram, quick, fast. 

SHIGRAMPO, (?l5Sbos!r« SIghram po. Kami.) 
Go fast, go quicker. Shegram or Shigrampo is 
the Bombay phrase for a bullock coach : as 
these are notoriously slow coaches, the word 
is perhaps derived from the impatient excla- 
mations of the hirer. 

SHIKA^Ri .bC^ Game, huntings prey: sport, 
with the bow or gun. A hunting party, an 
excursion. Airing, walk, exercise, drive, ride, 

SHIKAR KHANA, ^j\^J^ Hunting 
grounds, preserves. A chase or park. 

SHIKA'REE^ K^j^ A hunstman, a fowler. 
Game, prey. 

SHIKAST. LS^a4*Ci Broken, damaged. 

SHIKAYUT, Principal, or noble. 

SHIK-DAR, See Shakdar, or Tahsildar. 

SHIKUMEE. (From JJi Shikm, the belly, 
the inside) Inner. Subordinate. Minor, includ- 

petty farmers. 

SHILINGA, " A sort of boat." 

SHIMBEAM, A beam of timber. Correctly, 
Simham ^o^^o a Hon : which is the native 

8HIRA, ^^cy» Indian ink made with lampblack : 
the blackness of this never diminishes, unless 
injured by wet. But English ink soon turns 
pale, being made without lampblack. 

SHIST, («^s5«^Oavasishlh, Residue, remain- 
der.) Balance, sum due. Rayat shist, A favour- 
able assessment. 

SHIST BAKEE, ''Outstanding balances; 
sums due." Here each word means the same ; 
as ** Debt due." 

Guns carried on camels. 

SHIVA LINGAS, ^tftoK The image of Siva. 
Phrase for such as wear the image. 

SHIVA RATRI, «s$"D-1» A Hindu festival 
which falls in the month Phaiguna. 

NEE All, A goldsmith. 

SHOCCA, or SHOOKA, i£^ A letter, an 

SHOLUM, See Cholum, the grain called Jon- 
nalu or Jawarry. 

SHOOTR NAL, a camel-gun: a large car- 
bine, carried on a camel. 

SHOOTURSEWAR, A camel rider. 
SHOTRIUMor SHROTRIUM, (Shro-tri-yam 

Lf^jaot^o) A living: glebe-land, held on 

quit rent by a priest or his sons. 

The holder of glebe-land : the incumbent. 
SHRAD or SHRADDHA, \jra Funeral 

rites: the disposal of the corpse, and tho 

daily, monthly and annual obsequies. 
SHRAWUK. LT^S'ThesameasaJaina. A 

certain sect of Hindus. 
SHREE POOJ, liigp» The worship of the 

goddess Laxmi. 
SHROFF, (Saraf (^1^) A moneyer, a cash- 

SHROFFING, Examining money, and discard- 
ing what is bad. 
SHROTRIYAM. See Shotrium. 
SHUD-MUL-GUENY, «&« :Sxr>v^Jja Sad- 

dha.mulya-gaini. (Kan.) A tenant by simple 


Digitized by V^OOQIC 




SHUD-A'MAD, 4^*3^ " It was and is." It 
has been and will happen. Equivalent to 
Hustobood. A phrase equivalent to custom, 
rule, practice. Malcolm's Malwa. p. 486. 

SHUDRA, '^[ti Name of the lowest pure 
caste of Hindus. The helots. 

SHUKERAUNA, A>]/^ Thanks, gratuity. 

SHUKESTEH, AlaXJt Broken: name of a 
kind of hand wriling in Persian : a scribble. 

SHULWARS, (Shalwar)^iy^ Trowsers. 

SHUMAR, »l«^ About, more or less, perhaps. 

SHUNKER, (Sancara t&oru) Mixed : of impure 
descent: debased. 

SHURRA, pjji MuBulman law. 

SHURT, (shart tyt) Stipulation. 
SHUTERNAUL, Jli^i^ A large gun like a 

musquet mounted on a camel. 
SHUTRUNJI, ^^j^ A carpet. 
SHUTWAR, Error for Stulwar. 
SHU WAUL, Jiyt The name of a month. 
SHYA, SHF.AH, AaX^ See on Sunni and on 

SIBIRAM, *l)^o ♦ A camp. Hence the name 

of the village called Shiveram near Madras. 
SICCA, /^ (From the Turkish zecca, used in 

Italian, the mint ) Minted, stamped. 
SICCA WEIGHT, The weight of a Sicca Ru- 

pee. 7 dwt. and 11. 5511. grains. 
SIDDA, J)^ Siddha ♦ A devotee : a desperado. 

*' My lord. Sir, Your honour." See on Labbi. 

The Seedees are negroes, usually said to 

come from Abyssinia. They inhabit Qogo in 

SIDI, ^a (Telttgu ; plural Sillu ^^ which some 

c^l Cheddul) The swing festival, when men, 

(and a few women) are swung round hanging 

by hooks that pierce the skin of their backs. 
SIES or SHIES, See Sheea. 
SIKKA, See Sicca. 

SIKKAH-DUWAT, ^I^jdCu. The seal and 
inkstand. The seal was smeared with ink : 
not with wax : and was kept in the brass box 
that held the ink. The two together constitut- 
ed the insignia of a Vizeer. 

SIKKLI-DAR, Error for Chiklidar, ^ I Ja^^ 
An armourer. 

S]LK,SILIK,SILAKr,vjDAM Balance, residue. 

SILKBUNDEE, ^^ Jjo^*., Adjusting or slat- 
ing the balances due to Government. 

SILLADAR, SILAHDAR, ^)jcs^ An ar- 
mour bearer : an esquire. A name similar to 

SILSILA, aIuJLu Chain- wise ; in links : Suc- 
cession, series. 

SIMPEE, (Marata ^ot) The tailor caste. 

SIMPERTY, -^oife J See Samparti. 

SIMT, See Samat. 

SINGH, A^lo^ Lion. An appellation of the 
Khetri (Xatriya) caste. 

SINGHURST, Error for Samvatsara l^csStf^tf 
A year, 

SIPAH, ^lju« An army. 

SIPAH SALAR,^5Um^ a general. 

SIPA'HI, ^^ A soldier. 



The head. 

SIRCAR, J \ijAu (Sar-i-car head of the busi- 
ness.) A government. A clerk, an accountant. 

SIR-DESMUKH, (In Canara) The head man 
of a district : the manager. Sirdaismookee 
Certain fees or dues claimed by him. 

SIRDAR, .1 ^jM* The head man, the chief. 

SIRDAR FOU JE, ^ y^l J^ '^^^ command- 


SIRI, SRI.RAM, li ♦ Blessed, holy L*xp*6 
Saint Rama. These words are written at the 
head of many documents and private letters. 

SIRKAR, J \ijjM Government. A clerk. 

SIRKHUT, ki^^ A receipt for money. 

SIRPECH, ^jM A certain jewel worn in 
the turban. 

SIST, See Shisht. 

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SISUL, SCISSEL, ?»'^<r J^^ Remnants of 

copper left when coins are cut. 
SITTANDIJ, Error for Siddhanti ?>-^oO 

Warren p. 388 foot. 
SIVA^'I, f^]yM Besides, except. 
SIVA'I JAMA, ^<.:^^]yM Extra heads of 

SIWA'R, (Not Persian.) A small village. 

Fields around a village. 
SMARTA, -^i^tf.^*^"™® ^^^ ^®^' of bramhans. 
SMASHANAM, £^^.-»o A place where 

bodies are burnt : a cemetery. 
SNOW, Error for ^anuvu iSfSi^ Currency. 

Hence A snow-rupee. 
SOHAN, Error for Sravan, a certain month. 
SOMAWAR, p5*&w-jro Monday. 

SONA DANG A, "High land, which cannot JsqoNA'M ANY, (Mar.) U 11. Reading, recit- 
be irrigated. It produces mustard, sugar- . 

I ^* 
cane, &c." j SOONKUM, ^ottSxi Custom Jiouse dues. 

SONAI, SANAEE, ^Jllu, A hautbois. {SOONNEE, See Sheeah. 

SONANGI, See Jonangi. SOONTA, SONTA, lli^ A silver stick, ba- 

SONAR, j\sa» A goldsmith. ton. 

SON AUT RUPEE, (SANA'T, AJo^^o^r'^^^^'^^^^^^^^' >^'^^^^ ^ ^**''° 
An old rupee. (Sana't is the plural of vJ^Lw 

SOOGAVASI, SOOKAWASI, i. e. ?&>-*>- 

Sukhavasi, a person in good circumstant 
SOOKHARSUN, Treatise p. 548 line 3. 

Free or temporary farmers : tenanU at will. 
SOOKRBAR,SUCAVAR,«iL^w^tfo Fridaj- 

Cultivators who reside only for a year or two. 

Tenants at will. 

SOOLACKY RUPEES, (Mahr.) aju^^ ^^lU 

A tried coin : good coin. 
SOOLAK, See Sulak. 
SOOLK, «G«»^o Sulkam. 
SOOLNAMAH, See Wasul. 

Sint, a year.) 

SONEASSEES, See Sanyasi. 

SONEE, STJNNI, ^^^ The name of a tribe 
of Musulmans. See Sheeah. 

SOOBA or SOOBAH, ^jyc A province. 

SOOBAHDAR, ^1 j^y^ Ruler, governor. 
In the army a native captain. 

SOOBAHDARRY, ^^j]^ AJy^ A government. 

SOOCIES, ^M^ys A kind of silk. 

SOOD, ^^ Interest. 

SOODDEE, SUDDHI, «»0 The bright fort- 
night : beginning with new moon. 

SOODER, SOODRA, <^|« The fourth or 
lowest caste of Hindus : the commonalty. 

SOODRA, SHUDRA, *irltf Name of a tribe 
of Hindus. The commonalty : The helots* 

SOOFEE, ^y^ Name of a certain sect. 

bearer : a chamberlain. 
SOORATY, SURATI, i^.tfiS A fly flap. 

Present state : declaration^ affidavit^ report. 

SOORKHEE, ^^js^j^ Redness. Red gravel. 

fi^fT^Ts^^o A gift of gold coin. Rent paid 
in money, a pig. 

SOOROO THAL, See Sooret. 

SOOWA, (SAWA 1^) Fennel seed. 

SOPARIE, cr;U«i Betel nut. 


i^^f^^'^^<^o) Money rent: not paid in 

kind. Fifth Rep. p. 829. 

trara I^C^oldo Free right. 
SOUBAH, (Subah) A District. See Suba. 


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SOUCAR TEEP, ^^ A bill of exchange. 
SOTJDAGREE, u^/lo^ Merchandize. 
SOUDAGUR,^! j^ A merchant. 

SOURN YDIAM, Sec Swarna'da/yam. 
SOUR, " A nickname." Meant for Su-war, a 

SOWAR, (SAWAR, j]jm.) A horseman, a 

SOWARRY, (SAWARI ^^0^) A troop, 

a cavalcade. 
SOWGUND, SAUGAND, iX)^^^) An oath. 

SOWKAR, (SAHGCAR^If^U) A banker. 
SOWSAR, Error for Samear -^o^tfo. 
SPHATICA, -^^iSr CrysUl. 
SRAVAN, iJ7iSrao The month's Aug. Sept. 
SRAWUKS, lysSS" The laity of the Jain sect. 

SREEMANDUM, {[j^oSio query) A sort of 

SRI, or SHREE, l* Blessed, holy. 
SROTRIUM, See Shotriam. 
S. S. A contraction for Salivahana Sacam 7^0 

iD*;5»iSirS'«S» Years counied from the era of 

STAFFER ALLA,Utighfar uUah aU ]j\jua^ I 

" God forgive roe !" An expression of nega- 
STHALAM, -^vfix^ A place. 

STHANICUDU, |^^^2^ The head priest in 
a Vishnu pagoda* 

STHA'VARAM, -^^fStSy^ Immoveable proper- 
ty : house and lands. 

STHULKURREE, (Marata) "fvtd A land- 

STREEDHUN, M^i^«i» A woman's pecu- 
liar wealth : dowry : pin money. 

STRIMAT, L«^5~ A title of honour. 

STUL, See Sthal. 

STULLA, See Sthalam. -^c^to A place. A 

STULLA CU.MMEE, (Kammi ^ defici- 
ency) Parts of fields left uncultivated. Siulla. 

Bhurtee, Land allotted in lieu of what was 

on fields.* 
STIJLWAR, j]jliJ^ Field wise. Estimate 

made " per field." 
SUAVERUM, Sec Savaram. 
SUBAH, iU^ A province. 
SUBAHDAR, j]^ djyo Ruler of a district. In 

the native army^ a captain. 
SUBDHARRY, y^j I ^ L}yC Command, rule. 
(SUBNEES, or SUBNIVIS, (Error for Subah- 
nivis i^^y ^-y^) ^^® ^^^^^ clerk of the 
Subah, or Division. 
SUCALA'T orSUKLA'T, SeeSacalat. 
SUCCAWASHEE, See Sukhavasi. 
SUCHEW, Error for I^OsS » Sachiva. A mi- 

nister^ a counsellor. 
SUCKAY, EiTor for Sacam (Sak^ ^'t in the 

year of the SS, See Salivahana. 
SUCKSEM, BUNJAM, Perhaps au error for 

Taksim Banjar^sH fX**^ 
SUD, ^jM Interest, profit. 
SUDANDRAM, Error for SwaUntram. 
SUDDER, Error for Sudra «^ltf S. 
SUDDER, jiX^ Central, head, as opposed to 

' Mofussir subordinate. 
SUDDER AUMEEN, ^^I^J^ A native 


LiJI fcV^ t^^jid The chief court of justice 
which professes to administer Mahomed an 
SUDDER JUMMA, ^^j^ The revenue: 

forwarded to head quarters. 
|*Xc ij^^v^Ua) The chief court of crimin- 

al justice. It is the same as the $ud: 

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SUDDHA, ^fS The bright half, or increase of 

the moon. 
SUDDUR CAUZEE, ^^j^ The chief 

Musulman judge. 
SUDDUR-UL-HUCK. ^}s?]j^ The "Right 

Divine"— or, " God's Court." Title borne by 

the chief Mahomedan Judge at Lucknow. 
SUDRA, '^\JSSZ Name of a caste. Th« Sudras 

are the commonalty. 
SUDR-O-MOFUSSIL, J^a^^j*U> Town 

and country. 
SUFFER, SAFR,^^ A journey. 
SUFFEREE, ^ji^ Foreign trade. 
SUFFUR, ♦i^ Name of a month. 
SUHUFT,SAHHAFI, i^iU-^ Dook-binding. 
SUKAHAVA^SI, ^4>w-?> P^". i^^^i^^ 

Sukhavasulu : substantial farmers. 
SULA^K, SeeSa— 
SULTANUT, ci^UaU Dominion. 
SUMAR, "A flat board drawn over the field 

after ploughing, to level it before sowing." 
SUM BAH, " The crop sown in Autumn and 

reaped in spring." 
SUMBUT, SAMVAT, l^ofiSS" "A year." A 

lunar recknoing used in Bengal and Bombay. 

The year Sambat 1884 answers to A. D, 

SUMJAISH, ^.l^-^ Explanation. 
SUMMADAYUM, See Samadayam (Fifth 

Rep. p. 831.) 
SUMMUT, See Samat. 

SUMOODER, (Samudram -^t&x^lKo) The sea. 

prati patram. A joint deed or bond. 
SUMURTANEE, Error for Samsthan. 
SUMVERT, See Sumbut. 
SUMWUT, See Sumbut and Sambat. 
SUN, ^ A year. " Sicca of the 3d Sun" de- 
notes, ** coined in the 3d year of the reign.*' 

SUNADUYAM, Error for Swarn-ddayam. . 
SUNA'MANI, (Sunavani, ^F'^P Marata) 

Reading, reciting* 

^jb«r»J^o) Saturday. 
SANG-I-WAZNI, si)J^f-'^^ A stone used 

as a weight. Literally the stone of weight. 

'* Sungu-rizz-enru" is an error for this word ; 

See Treaties, page 85 and 94. 

SUNGOR, t^ojr^^ A half share. Fifty percent, 
SUNKRANT, t&oljr-o^ The hour at which 

the sun enters any one of the twelve signs. It 

is observed as a fast. 
SUNKUL, fJSsAu A chain. A measure of eleven 

yards : used by surveyors. 

SUNKULLOP, See Sancalpam. 

SUNKURACHARY, ^og'-D'Tj'a Name of a 

Bramin. In particular the name of a celebrat- 
ed saint. 


SUNN, ^Mi The plant that produces hemp. 

SUNNIS, The name of a sect among Maho- 
medans. See in Tho. Moore's Works, the 
Intercepted Letters, or Twopenny Post Bag, 
Letter VI. 

SUNNUD jjum a warrant. A deed of gift. 

SUNNUD DEWANN Y, ^]ji^ OsL. A gov- 

erment grant. 
SUNNUD ENAM, .Ui| Jju- Land granted 

free of rent. 
SUNNUD MA.UNIAM, A Manyam (which 

see) held on a grant. 
SUNYASEE, t6F*§?> Sunny a'»«i, A Hindoo 

friar or monk. They often go naked. 
SUPPUROO, Error far Sa-parva t^^e^. 
SURAFF, SARRAFF, ,_i]^ A moneyer. 
SURASUREE, ^^^]^ Average. See all the 

following words under SA — 
SURBERAKAR, Error for Sar-ba-rahi-kar 
1 \J ^^\y.j*** A manager, a superintendent, 

a guardian. 

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SUR-CHUSHM, |mU.^ A capUin or chief 

among peons. 
SURDES, (Sarva-deswn ^ts^'i^f^) AU the 

8URDESH-M00KH, t^tf^-^^sto^gfi^ A su. 


Captaincj. Office of Buperinteodent, 
SUREE A, *« A species of rice." 
8URGOUNOA, <«A Msrata Ux of two per 

cent." Duflf. 1. 523. 



Boundary: frontier. 

SURHUD HASSILL, J^U Frontier duties. 
SURINJAM, > Vl^ SUpend granted in land. 
SURKAR, (SARCAR,) j^jau Head, chief. 

Domain, territory. Clerk, accountant. 
8URKEEL, See Sarkeel. 

TJ»TT»d6o Cash : what is paid in money, not 

in kind. 

Zemindar. See Sur Patel." 
SUR NUOBUT, u-^ji;^ "A petty officer 

or baUiff." 
SURPATEL, (See Paiel, Potail) A clerk or 

SURPATELKEY, The clerkship. 
SU'RSAN or SOORSUN, (Shuhur san,^yjb 

^ Contractedly written M *' Su") " An 

era commencing about 5th June in A. D. 600 

or SS. 522." Moles w. page 1096. 

j^dMj^j*^ A superintendent. 
SU'RUT-HAAL, JUcyj^ Present state. 

Report. Declaration, affidavit. 
SURWURANA, i^^S^-u^jr^ ^ ]j^jau (Query) 

A phrase for a Nazar or present. 
BUTH, Error for Suttee, Sati. 
BUTTEE, (Sati l^d a yirtuous wife.) The 

custom of burning a woman aliTe with the 
C. P. JBrown'i Zilla Dictionarif. 

corpse of her husband. This is now abolish^ 

SUWAEE JUMMA, 54^ ^^|^^ Extra de- 

SUZZALOO, ^|«a A species of grain. 

SWAMY, -^^SiJ Lord: master: husband. 
Swami-bhogam ^^ao^X'iSao the landlord's 
share of the produce. Swamirhliogam is equi- 
valent to Copy hold. It is a phrase applied 
both to Inaum and to assessed lands. The 
"Three Swami-pagoda" was a gold coin 
bearing on one side the figure of the god ^ 
^"^^S^^S^ Chema Kstwara Swamh and 
on the other side ^ip<s^jr»o%s*d Ubhaya 
Nanchari, his wives. 

SWARAJ', I^Tj'esgo Own possession. Un- 
questioned right. See Grant Duff. 1. 569. 

SWARGAM, le^go The hearen in which 
Vishnu dwells. 

SWARNA'DA'YUM, I^^TT s-cpdKio Cash 
payments. Bevenue not paid In kind. 

SWARU, See Siwar. 

Error for Swasthyam. "^TSJ^go Land inhe- 
rited. See Fifth Report, on Madras, p. 136. 
Same as Caniachy and Mirlisi. 

SWASTRIUMDAE,-^inS:^g07yflSfi6 He who 
holds free land. 

SWASTRUM, (Swastyam l^^^^go) Own 
estate, or inheritance. 

SWATUNTUR, t^S^oU^o Own right, 

SWA-YAM-BARA, f^d^o^iS Marriage. 


SYCE, (Error for Saees, or Sa-yis) A groom. 

SYCEE-SILVER, (in China) Pure silver. 

assessment." Perhaps from the Hind. lyU^ 

Saikara (a hundred ; cent per cent) and the 

Canarese plural termination. 
SYCURGUL JAGHIRES, ''Land granted 

free to Musulmans." 
SYEF, (Saif 4.Juu«) A sword. 
iSYRANG, SYROIfG, See Serang 


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SYRUNDHREE, (Sairandhri J»}So[$ A lady 

in waiting : a maid of honour. 
SYRY, (See Sair) Regarding Transit duties. 

Sairi-gomasta, a custom house clerk. 
ISYUD, (Saiiad. Seyyud Jj^) A Musulman 

who is a descendant of the Prophet. The 
priest who takes care of a shrine or the tomb 
of a saint. 

TA'BADA'R,^lJjL>lj A dependant, an attend- 

TABADARI, ^j]dfu\3 Dependance, attend- 

drug made from bamboo-manna. 

TABLAC, jJU^ A bundle of letters or ac- 

TACA'VI, ^^Mj Money advanced to a far- 
mer to buy seed corn. 


TAFRrO, (}ijA} Distribution. 

TAFSI'L, JxioiJ Detail, particular!. 

TAGABEY, Error for Tacavi. 

TAGA'DA', Error for Taqaza, UUJ Claim, 
demand. Same as Dharna. 

TAGORE, corrupted from Thakur^l^ "zp^ 
^ Lord, master. A common title among Ben- 
galis* Babu Prosanna Kumara Tagore em- 
braced Christianity in 1851. 

TAGUR, See Tagore. 

TAHOOD, JyJ Promise, engagements. Ta- 
hood Jumma, The stipulated total, 

TABBl'RyjJjS^ Written statement. A phrase 

for a particular fee, now abolished. 
TAHSIL, Jx^Qs? Collection. 
TAHSILDAR,^! jJU..fl3^ A Collector, 
TAHUD, c^xJ Engagement, RenU 
TAIGAU, TEGHA, UjJ A sword. 
TAINATI, o^ii*^ Attendance. See Mutaiian. 
TAKADEEM, ^^^£3 Oldness-The lapse of 

time. The being obsolete. 
TAKAVI, c5*jUJ Money advanced to farmers, 

to aid them in cultiyation. 

TAKAZA, l^UJ Exaction, dunnbg. 

TAKEED, 6jS\3 Warning. Confirmation. A 
letter containing orders. 

TAKHLUF, c-jy^J Fraud. Error. 

TAKRA'R,^]^ Dispute. 

TAKSALL, A Mint, JU^ for coining mo- 

TAKSEEM, ^iXuNftj Division, distribution. 

TAKSI'R, jX^aaj Fault. Failing. 

TA''LA'B,cjJIj a pond. 

TALAB, L-J^i? Summons. Salary, pay. 

TA'LA^'BUND, Jo^SU A comparaUvc sUtc- 

TALAO, (Ta^la'b u>SU) A pond. 

TALAPOINS, (in Ceylon) Buddhist prieste. 

TALARY, (J^nr-Q, for (Sot^Q talavari) A vil- 
lage watchman. 

TALENGAND, Error for Telugu. This 
wrong spelling appears in Pinkerton's Voy* 
ages, VIII. 234. 



TALOOK, i. e. TAALLUK, jJUJ A depend- 
ancy, a county, a district, a subdivision. 

TALOOKDAR,^ldSLJ The ruler or manager 
of a district. The native magistrate. 

TALOOKDAREE, ^^j] jSJUJ The duties of 
a manager. The magistracy. 

TALOOKEH, aaJUJ Appertaining to. 

TALY, "iP? The small bit of gold worn on 
the neck by Hindu wives. 

TAMAN, -^ A squadron, a troop. 

TAMANDAR,^|ji«j Captain of a troop. 

TAMASHA, UUJ Spectacle, show, sport. 

TAMASSUK, xJiuAj A bond, a money bill. 

TAMBA, Uj \3 Copper. The copper cup con- 
taining holy water, used in administering 

TAMBA'C, ^^ UU Tobacco. 

TAMBIRAN, (Malayalam word) Lord : ruler: 
Your honour: your lordship. 

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Wour*t Betel. 



TAMOUL,TAMUL or TAMIL, The language 
spoken south of Madras. 

TANAHDAR, See Tanna. 

TANCAM, *Jo8'o A large copper coin, used 
by the former Hindu rajas. At Goa it is 
called Tong : and is worth 16 pice : it is one 
twelfth of the Goa rupee : which is one an- 
na and eight pice less than the Company's 

TANDA, Ayo-cs-, v*otf, ii77» |ij \J A troop 
or encampment of Brinjarries. 

TANDAEE, TUNDAT, '• A village shroff." 

TANGAL, or TANGUL, In Malayalam, the 
priest or chief among the Moplas. This seems 
to be the same as Tuanko which in Malay 
Arabic signifies Great, At Madras it means 
a mosque. Also the name of a place near 
Trivattoor, a few miles from Madras : where 
there is a mosque. 

TANGAN, (*joKtt, or TA^NGHAN, ^\J 
or Thakna '^^rr) A poney. 

TA'NKHA, or TANKA', ^o-^ A silver coin. 
Duffs Hist, of Maratas, Vol. 1. p. 125-126. 

TANKHA, (TANKHA'fl. %)y^) A bill, 
cheque, or money order* A warrant for ex- 
acting revenue. Under Henry VIII. and Char- 
les II. these were called Privy Seals. Under 
Louis XV. they were called Pensions. 

TANKHA ZYASTI, Excess on trial. An addi- 
tional tax. 

TANKSALL, iJOlTV'e, or Taksal, JUi^ 
A Mint, where money is coined. 

TANNAH, (THA'NA', ^\^) L revenue 
station : a police guard-house. 

TANNAH DAR,^1^ Ai ^J The officer in charge 
of a police station : the bailiff. 

TANNAHJAT, c:,ls>l^ Stations. 

TANNIKETCH, (Tamil ^^mSsnUB) A 

TANTI CULLEEU, (Kaon.) See Thug. 

TANYAN, Error for Tangan. 

TAPAIK, See Topaik. 

TAPASWI, e^J^fj^f- A pilgrim. Hence 'Tup- 
sey mutchi' the pilgrim fish. This the English 
call the mango fish, because it fills the Gan- 
ges in the mango season. It is called the piU 
grvjn because fancied to be going up from the 
sea towards Benares. 

TAFPA'L, i>^^e» (Marata) A stage. The 
post or mail. 

TAPPEE, The post or mail. A wrong phrase, 
used in Orme's History. 

TAR, TA'DI, "r-a The palm tree, or *' toddy'', 

TARADDUD, ^c^y Debating, contrivance. 

TARAF, u-i/t Side, quarter, district. 

TARAF-DAR,^)^uJ/1p Superintendent. 

TARAM, ^tf i5» Rate : sum levied as land-tax. 

TARBUND, tXbjU A grove of Palmira trees. 

TARDOOD, See Taraddud. 

TAR IF, cJlj>^ Description: list of prices* 

TARIJ, TERIJ, ^ tiJ Account of particu- 

TARKHAST, The Tamil pronunciation for 

TARROO, The name of a certain caste. See 
Lit. Soc. Jour. 5. p. 83. 

TARSHI, « Waste lands." 

TARWAR, ^-o^O j]^j\3 (for Tarah-war 
)]y^j^ Classified. 

TASHEER,^X|^ Exposure to public ridicule. 
Proclamation : publication. 

TASLIB or TASLFF, Error for Tasarruf. 

TASSEEL. See TahsH. 

TAT, ^Jj A screen made of grass. 

TATIMMA, aJj The residue, the remainder. 

TATGODARRY, "A land tenure in the 
Northern Circars, at a low unalterable rent**' 

TATTOO, yj A poney : a small horse. 

TATZILDAB, Error for TahsUdy^ r^r^rsAo 

Digitized by vZjOOQ IC 




TAULADDY, (jJy Tawallud) Birth. "When I TEHSIL or TEHSEEL, Jjuos^ Collection 
there are lands yielding a modelady [original ? Exaction. 

"^wtfex)?] and a tauladdy [secondary?] 
Kunjah crop." Fifth Report p. 777 and 778. 
TAUNTY, ^JiiU Of the Weaver caste. 
TAUR, ,U The palm-tree. Tauree, ^j\j Its 

juice or wine, called toddy. 
TAVILDAR, (tahmldar^lJJb^ Query.) The 

head manager of a district in Bengal. 
TAYIT, "Wo»5~ Corrupted from taviz^ jiyo 
An amulet, a charm. It is sacred to some 
petty god or demon : and is therefore disap 
proved hy orthodox Hindus. 
TAZA KALAM, Jitj^ A PosUcript. A 

fresh paragraph. 
TAZEER, jty^ Punishment, correction : 

such as is incurred by misdemeanours. 
TEDDUL PUNJAB, '' The highest land, 

which is watered by rain alone." 
TEAK or TEEK, "t?^, cJuJ (Sounded like 

Take) A wood resembling oak. 
TEEK, (thik cJo^ Exact. 
TEEKA, TrCA, 48s' * A commentary. 
TEEKABUNDEE, " A tenure of land in the 
Deccan, upon which a stated rent is paid per 

farming lease. 
TEEP, (Marata A^f L-^ A note of hand, 
a promissory note. A bankers bill, transferred 
by endorsement. Money deposited as securi- 
ty. A grant of revenue, given in payment of 
a debt. 
TEERVA, TEERWA. *c^S Rate, rent 
TEERWA-DITTUM, ftcjajjifea Rule for 

for Ziadati ^d^J Excess.) An additional 
TEERWAPUT, fltmmu^jn its^ Land on 
which a fixed money rate is assessed* 

TEHSILDAR, j]6lx^s^ A collector: an 


TELEE, ^^bJ An oilman. 

sulman name for Telugu. In some books it de- 
notes a sepoy. 

TELINGANA, Ai&JbJ The Persian pbraae 

for the Telugu country. 
TELLIGANA, See Telingana. 

TENGALA, Q^&s^ denotes the " Northern 
dialect" that is, Sanscrit. Yadagala wt^s^ 
denotes The ^' Southern language" that is, 
Tamil. In the peninsula of India the worship- 
pers of Yishnu are divided into these two 
sects, who are at violent variance. Each sect 
wears three upright marks on the forehead : 
yellow or red in the middle and white on 
each side. The Tengala marks are united by 
a cross line on the nose : forming a trident. 
The Vedagala marks are not united. The 
Tengala women wear the yellow line : a few 
wear the lower cross nsark. No woman weart 
the white marks. The Tengalas adore a saint 
named Manavala Ma Muni^ mtarmjirm m^tr 
QfitsB author of the commentary on the Dra- 
vida Prabandham or Tamil Veda, written by 
twelve Alwars or sages. But the Yedagalas 
adore another saint named VedaDtachari. 
Each saint was a pupil of Ramanujachari> 
commonly called BhSshyac&rlu, or ** The 
Commentator. Each leader is respected by 
both sects : and yet the two sects are oppos- 
ed and hate each other cordially. They can 
eat together, and intermarry. Each set has 
peculiar prayers and customs and neither 
party can clearly explain the cause of enmity. 
In various fights that have taken place be* 
twecn the parties, many lives have been lost. 

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TERA PADI, (Ttrabadi tftJ^i) Classified, 

arranged according to sorts. 
TERAI, See Tirai. 

taking, care, labour. 
T£REEZ> ^^jfj Tabular sUtement. Teridge 
Jumma Kurch, ^ja^^^^jAj Statement 
of income and expenditure. 
TERF, (TARP, i^t) Side, quarter, district. 
TERRIM, ^tfaS» See Taram. 
TERRIMDAR, An assessor. See Taram. 
TERWA, See Teerva. 
TESHKEES, Error for Taksis. 
TEVANTEE, (MaraU,) See Thevanat. 
TEVEEL, See Tahvil, and Tavil. 
TEVEELDAR, See Tavildar. 
TEVUNTY, (Marata "^sSti Thevani) A sum 

TEVOOL, yyJ Tbe same as Jagbires. See 
Gladwia*s Persian Moonshee 4^ part 2. page 
56 line 1. 
THA'KOOR,yiy An idol. His lordship. An 

ancient Zemindar. 
THA'KOORANY, (thakurni) ^J\^ A 

THA'KOORB AERIES, ^^-jbjil^ Hindu tem- 
THA'NA, lj\^ A police station: a watch 

THANAD AR, ^ b A> \y A constable, a head 

THANADAREE, ^j]^lj\^ A district. 
THANEE RYOTS, (^U Secondary) Petty 

THATCHINAI, Error for 'Daxinaro/ esJLwo 
A present 

THEEEADARS, Farmers, renters. 
THERIAKI, ^ by An opium-eater. 
THEQUMATI, Error for Digumati &Horf>©. 
THE'VANA'T, (Marata 'i^jrS') Money de- 
posited as security. 

THIKA, See Teecka. 

TAIKADAR.jljbj^ A farmer. 

TfiOKE, <r«fl5 (Marata) The whole. A dis- 
trict, containing subdivisions. 

THOKEDAR, {j]^^ ^S5tp3S Marata) 
The owner : the sole holder. The one pro- 

THOLASHAY, An error for Tulasi «b©f» a 
certain plant. 

THONY, Error for Doney, a sloop. (Thus spelt 
in Stayorinus.) 

THOO PHAZEL ZEMIN, Error for Do Fasli 
Zamin ^ji^J y^J'-^ j d Land that yields two 

THUG, lS^ a tricker, a rogue. An assas- 
sin, a secret murderer. In Telugu, Takka 
^^ is Trickery. 

THUKUTH, Error for Takhtcs^ A throne 

THULKUREE, (Marata) See Meerassadar, 

TICA, kjJ The mark worn by a Hindu in his 

TICCA, Hired. Thus Ticca bearers: those 

who are paid by day. 
TICK A, k? Hired, employed by the day. 
TIFFIN, ^t A luncheon. 
TIKA, See Teeka. 

TIKEN, This seems to be the English word 

TILLA, t^ Gold. A certain gold coin used 
in Persia. 

TIMAR, .UjJ The Turkish word for Jageer 
or jaghire. Timariot, the holder of a jagheer. 
Bernier, vol 1. p. 252 says. ^' The king makes 
over a district to a commander, as equivalent 
to his pay. This is called Jagheer, or, in 
Turkey, Timar. The word jageer signifying 
f^U. ja-glr) The place of taking : that 
is, the spot whence he draws his subsistence.^ 

TINDAL, (Correctly Tundele JiiiS) AsaUor, 
a marinf , a gunner. . r\i^ri i i> 

^ Digitized by VjOOQIc 




TIP, TEEP, \.^C Note of band, promissory 

TIPDAR, ^Iju.^ Engaged, promised. 

Phrase for a captain : who contracted to raise 
a troop. 

TIPPOO SAHI EUPEE, Phrase for a dollar. 
(Sleeman on Thugs, 1. p. 56, and 60.) 

TIRAI, ;^]jj Marsh, meadow. The lowlands 
as distinguished from hills. 

TIRE, or TYRE, (Tamil ^<^^) Curdled milk. 

TIRLANGA, tJoJ^ Error for Tylung, that 
is, Telugu : which word is written in Per- 
sian in various ways, all wrong. 

TIRREEAQ, ^\jj3 Treacle : a medicine 
mixed in treacle. 

TIRTAH JOGUE, Error for Treta Yugara. 

TIRU, (A Tamil word eojgQ^ equivalent to the 
Sanscrit Sri, or \^ Shree) Blessed, holy, hap- 
py. It is a name of the goddess Laxmi, and 
hence are derived the names Trivalloor, Tri- 
vatoor &c. 

TIRTHAM, &tfo Holy water. A holy river or 

TIRTHANKARA, ^-^otiS A Jaina saint. 
TISSALA, aJUj Triennial: lasting three 

years : as a lease. 
TOAHIDY, Error for Toahhed JyJ Agree- 

ment, contract. (Gloss, to Fifth Rep. p. 46.) 
TODAWURS, See Tudas. Certain moun- 
taineers in Coimbetoor. 
TODDY, (tad! or tar! ^i^) The fermented 

juice of the palm tree. 
TOFFAUL, TOFFAL, «* A salt pan." 
TOHFA, ^Lte> Gift, present. 
TOHWEELDAR, See Tahvil, Taweel. 
TOKA, TOKE, (See Thoke) Share, portion. 

Tokebundy, Sharing, dividing. 
TOKERY, ^Jy A basket. 
TOLA, Jy A weight. A rupee's weight, or 

aicca weight. The standard weight. The 
Sengai Regulation YU. of 1833 declares that 

'^ theFurruckabad Rupee shall be the anit of 
a general system of weights for GovemmeDt 
transactions throughout India, under the na- 
tive and well known denomination of the 
Tola. ** It is from Tolna \siy (The neuter 
verb) to weigh, to be heavy. Eighty tolas 
are one seer, or two and a quarter pounds 

TOLLIAR, See Talari. 

TOLWADHAEA, \jtjdijy Weight and 

TOMAUN, ^^y (In Persia) a coin or sum 
equal to fifteen dollars and a half. Likewise, 
a myriad, or 10,000 Arabic silver drachmas. 
A district. 

TOMSOOK, See Tamassuk. 

TOMTOM, iP-J A drum. 

TONDEWARUM, (Tamil u,irtArt^aauirjrt}^ 
Literally, belly-share.) That portion of the 
crop which the labourers take. 

TONY, Error for Dony, a boat or sloop. 

TOOGUM, See Toke. 

TOOKHEM REZEE, ^^^^|^ Sowing seed. 

TOOKHM, ^ Grain. 

TOOKIDS, Error for Tukri ^j^y^ Portion, 

TOOKIDAR, The superintendent of a Tukri. 

TOOKRIES, " Village watchers"— meant for 

TOOLSEE, «oe)J> The plant called Ocymum 
sanctum, which is adored by tlie worshippers 
of Vishnu. They are sworn upon it. 

TOOM, A certain measure of grain. 

TOON5 The Bengali name for a timber tree 
called Cedrela Toona. 

TOOP, c-> t^ A tax. 

TOOPI, See Topi. 

TOORIIADI, * I» Canara, a contract." 
TOORKSOWARS,^!^^ ^^ Turkish caval- 
ry. Commonly pronounced Troop sawar. 

TOP, i^y (pronounced Tope) A cannon. 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 




TOPAIK, (<-^y Tup-ak A liltle cannon 

TurkUh word) A musket, a matchlock. 
TOPASS, T0PAS8I, A Portugaeze word for 
a black descendant of Europeans. Spelt 
Topaz in HolwelFs narrative of the Black 
Hole in Calcutta. The word is obsolete. 
TOPE, is^^fy A grove, a small wood* 
TOP, c->y A cannon. 

TOPEE, TOPr, ^J A hat. 81^ ^J Hat- 
wearer. This denotes an European. Original- 
ly it was applied to all, Persians and Moguls, 
who wore turbans. 
TOPEKH ANAH, ii liiy A park of artillery. 
TOPER, '* East," Error for Turpu ^r^^^. 
TOTI, ^y A hat, a cap. 
TOPPAIK, u-T W A musquet. (From the 

Turkish wJo^ Tufang.) 
TORA, ]jy A bag of money. Tora-grass 
[ 12^1^ grasa] Certain allowances that were 
made to landholders (See Grassia) in Guzerat. 
Tora-i-bhatte, Sums paid for subsistence. 
TOSH A KHAN A, aSU. A^y The treasury. 
TOTACUL, (Kann.) Gardens. 
TOTI, TOT Y, ^*3 (Kannadi) A village slave, 
serf, or drudge: a watchman. As a Tamil 
word, a scavenger, a nightman. 
TOTICAL, (Kan.) Gardens. 
TO WARY, Error for Jawari. 
TOWER, (i. e. Taud ^^Sk>) Bran: husks of 


TO WFEER, •Jjy Increase : extra assessment. 

Towfeer Jaghiredar, An increased rent. A 

Towfeer Village, an additional village. 

TOWJEE, ^^y Pension, grace, benefaction. 

TOWSEER, " A profit on land." Fifth Rep. 

p. 293. 
TRAGA, Error for Tiaga i. e. Tyaga "^^^o 
Quitting. \J^»W'gKo prana-tyagam, sui- 
TRAIRASICA, '^^^l>^ The rule of Three, 
in arithmetic. Kala Sftukalita, p. 388. 

TRETA, IjSj^ The second or silver age of 

Hindu mythology. 
TRI, (Sanscrit) Three. Hence tri-eanda [O 

"T^oCi a work in three chapters. 
TRI, (Tamil) meant for Tiru, (that is L* Sri) 
Holy. Hence is derived Tripety, i. e, Tiru- 
TRILINGA, In Sanscrit grammar l©OoX' means 
of three genders : that is, of the common gen- 
der. As a name of the Telugu language it is a 
mere fiction, devised by modem native gram- 
marians : and is unknown to the ancient au- 
thors : who call the language "^Scw?^ Telugu, 
or Hlby^ Tenugu, or ^o|^ A'ndhra: never 
TRIMBUCK, meant for Triambaca L^^o^r 

A name of the god Ganesa. 
TRIPLICANE, The southern part of the town 
of Madras : it is thus called by the English. 
The natives call it Tiru-vali-kedi ^(5«/«J 
0^19, the «lakeof the golden lily.' Muslumans 
call it Mailapoor JJ{^^. The French called 
it Meliapore. 
TRISULAM,; l©«^e)0 A hook or trident 
used by some gods. ' Trisoolee pice' — a cop- 
per coin bearing this mark. Such were for- 
merly current in Boondel khund. 
TRUDGMAN, Error for Tarjuman ^jj^r^ 

an interpreter. 
TUCK, (*jgL takku) Trickery. 
TUCK AKOOL, " From the beginning of the 
Fassul of Tukkakool in Fusly 1172." (Query.) 
TUCKARAR, ( jl^o takrar) Dispute, dissen- 
^.^ Assistance. The phrase for advancing 
money, to a farmer to enable him to cultivate 

his field. 
TUCKSEEM, ^•Ju^ Distribution, : classifica-t 

TUDAS, or TUDAWARS, A tribe who inhabit 

the Neelgiri hills. Highlanders* 
TUFREEK, (}i.jiS Apportioning.Dijtribution; 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 





TXJG, Error for Tak ctij Scales, a balance. 

TUKAZA, U ISJ Dunning. Exacting. 

TUKHSEES, oiJuas^ Appropriation. 

TUKIA, TAKYA, 24XJ A pillow. The tomb 
of a Mahometan saint. 

TUKKEKYAH, Meant for taxaca tf A^r # A 

TUKSEES, i^fCX^eLs^ Appropriation ; specify- 

TUL, Error for Til; the gingili plant; which 
produces oil. 

TULARZ, (lulha-wa arz ha VV^^V^i') 
the length and the breadth : spelt in Telugu 
l^er«dS83' tularz. The longitude and the lati- 
tude. (See Cambridge Philos. Trans. 1822 
Vol. I. p. 260.) The Survey measurement. 

irULASI, l^e^f) The plant called Sacred Basil 
See Toolsee. 

TULAV, or TULAO, u^JU^Kj A tank, a 

TULBANNA, (talab-i-ana AiJuJ^t The de- 
mand of an anna per day.) A fee granted daily. 

TULLAO, Sea Tulav. 

TULLAREE, or TALA^RI, «^«r.a, tfe;^a A 

' bailiff: a village watchman, an executioner 

TULLUB, u^^Is Summons, calling. Pay, sti- 

TULPUT, (Marata) Government land. 

TULWAR, ^ly: A sword. 

TUMAR, jlcy^ A record, a book. 

TUMAR JUMMA, f^^jl^jis The rent roll. 

The revenue record. 
TUMASHA, UUJ Shew, sport: marvel. 
TUMBB ACKOO, /U3J Tobacco. 
TUMBOOLEE, w^oz^Q A seller of betel 
1 leaf. 

Bond, deed. 
TUNC AW, TANKHAH, »)^^ Assignment, 


TUNDA, I i> U ) jiJ A caravan : a party of 
travelling merchants. 

TUNKI, TANQIH, ^j^ Examination, com* 

TUNKSAUL, i. e. TAKSAL, JUl5 A mmt 
for coining money. 

TUPAKI, «a-^§ A matchlock, a gun. 

TUPPA, or TUPPAH, Uj A district. 

TURAH, _ j^ Manner mode. 

TURB, ^jj Radishes. 

TUREE ZUMEEN, ^ji:^jK^y Wet Unda. 
That is, rice fields : which must be irrigated. 

TURJUMMA, A4^ Translaticm. 

TURRABUDDY, tf^^«a A rate. Tarabad 
manyam. ' Land rated as free from Ux.' 

garden land. That is, land once rated as 'gar- 
den' (or dry) and afterwards classed as *wet/ 

A superintendent, a bailiff. A sharer or share- 

TURREFF, or TURUP, uJ^t Side, quar- 
ter. District. 

TURRUM, .y l^tftf» Quality, sort, class, 

GOSHWAREE, Rough memorandum of 

TURRUMDAR, ^)^r'^^y Abstract of 
survey assessment. 

TURRUM NEVEES, ^j^^j^^y An asses- 

TURRUM SAG, u/ ^(t>^ Lands entered in 
the account as * cultivated.' 

TURRUM TUKTA, 9^ fj^ ClassificaUon 
of land according to survey. 

TURUG, ^^y^ Tarugu. Brokerage, fee. Also, 
deficiency, wastage. 

TURWAB, i. e. TARAH WAR, k^jS^J^ 
Survey classification of lands. 

TUSDEEK, ^J^ A grant or bounty, Mo^ 
ney allowed to » pagodn or mosque. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




AiV^^XfMj^ A chapel or place of prayer. 

TUSLEEF, See Taslif. 

TU8SEEL, See Tahsil. 

TUSSXTLDAB, See TahsUdar. 

TUSSUR> ^ A money computation of a por- 
tion of the grain rental.' 

TUWAZA, g^ly Compliment Present, fee. 

TYCUL, error for Takya AxG A pillow: a 

TYE, 2. ^# '^^^ '^^°Q^1 n^^® ^of ^® month 
which begina about the middle of January, 

TYER, See Tyre. 

TYHAIA, TAIHAIA, (Turkish ^s^\x^ appa- 
ratus. See Meninski p. 1495.) A woman's 
head dress. (Defoe's Rozana. p. 314.) 

A cellar, a room under ground. 

TYLUNGS, See Tailang: error for Telugus. 

TYNAUT, (TAINAT, ^\jjjo) Appointed 
guards or troops. Body-guard. 

TYRE, (Tamil ^aSk) Curdled milk. 

UbHAYAM, *«rd8So» Both. Total: both 

XJDASI, At8*JS ♦ A monk, a recluse. 

UDDA, (Bengali) A sUtion. Error for Ohda ? 
UDDA-DAB, (OHDADAR,^l0«d|£) Offi- 

cer, employee : clerk. 
UDHYYUN, Error for Adhyayan ^VgdaSji. 

Reading the Yedas. 
UDIAVER, Meant for Wadeyar. 
UDRUK, i^jl Ginger. 
UGADT, Error for Yugadi. 
UGAT, A record : a stone on which a name 

or inscription is engraven. This is perhaps an 

error for Yugadi ct6>ir*a an age. 
UG ATEEA, or UGATEERA, * Free lands, in 

UGGERWALLA, (ei5*t5-8 i]^J] Aggar- 

wala) A class of merchants who say they are 

natives of Aggar. 

O. P. Brown'f Zilla Dictionaiy. 

UGHUN, J] The month that answers to 

UGNEEOTREE, (agnhota t^J^jf^r^o'lf) A 

bramin who preserves the sacred fire. 
UKASEEA, (e-r** from okas, heaven.) Sky 

land. Land which is watered not by tanks or 

streams, but solely by rain from the skies. 
UL, See Ool. 
ULCOODY, See Oolcudi. 

ULTUNGAU, (IjuUI altamgha, see Altam- 

UMBRA, Error for Omrah. 

UMEDWAR, UM AID WAR, ^l^tU^I A can- 
didate, an expectant, a volunteer : an appren- 
tice, a learner, a recruit. 

^"•o^^ The duttura («6^e) or Poison nut. 

UMTJL, See Amal. 

apartment. The space between two beams 
or pillars. A compartment. 

UNTEZ, Meant for eo?^^«8 antyaja Low 
born, a pariar. 

UNTUSHT, i. e. ANTASTHA, eo»j&> that 
is private. The privy purse. 

UPANAYANA, *i*|Sd*|So • InvesUture. 
The rite of putting the sacred thread on a 
bramin's son : admitting him into the caste. 

URBAUBS, See Arbab. 

URS, Meant for Arasu, the Kanadi word <Ara- 
8u,' ^0?&> meaning EUja, king. 

URZBE, ^^jf^ Arii, or Urzidasht, ^v^ 
v_^-i-^)j A letter : a petition. Artidar, a peti- 

URZUL, (ARZA'L, J)i;I ) Poor mean, base. 

USRAH (A'SA'RH, UjU) i. e. Ashadha 
^ixy9) A month which partly corresponds 
with June. 

UTL, Error for Rati, See Rutil. 

UWUL, AVAL, J^l First. ^ , 

IQDigitized by VjOOQIC 




V ACKEEL, JjS^ Vakll. A messenger, am- 
bassador : a lawyer, a pleader. 

VACUF, cJuJ)^ Expert, skilful. A testator. A 

VADIKA or VA^DE'KEH, w&Jr Custom : 
usage. Fee, tax. 

VADOOKHAN, Error for Vedoctara "^^ 
^o ♦ Scriptural, ordained in the Vedas. 

VAIKUNTHAM, 2^°^° Elysium. Cant 
phrase for a dungeon. Fifth Rep- p. 626. 

VAILU VE'LIEE, (Tamil C«ueJ lit. A hedge.) 
A measure of land : about five cawnies. 

VAISHNUVAS, 2^^«*> Those who worship 

VAISYA, 2^S Name of a certain caste. The 
trades folk. 

tuirm more properly G^LL^tn^is/rir^, Name 
of a certain class of slaves. Drudges, villeins, 

VAKALUT, c:JK^ Embassy. 

VAKALUTNAMAH, dJcM^^^ij Power of 
attorney. A lawyer's brief. 

VAKEEL or VAKIL, JjS^ Pleader, mes- 
senger, representative, lawyer. 


VAKIAS, AjuIL Event, occurrence. 

VAKIA-NIVEES, ,^y ^)j A news wri- 
ter: correspondent. 

VA'LE'-RA'Gr, «*Natcheny grain." 

VALI, (Tamil) Veil, A measure of land. 
About five cawnees. 

VANA GAVALO, {^t^i^^^ Kan.) A tax on 
timber : now obsolete, like all the various 
taxes mentioned in this Dictionary. 

VANDIKY, Error for Vadica «r-&r Custom. 

VANDRA, 5^0 1? A light rent: a quit rent. 

VANDRA POLAM, ;6o[airvtSx> Land which 
pays a mere quit rent. 

VAR or VAROQ, «nOo (plural of ve^ Vadu. 
He^ a man,) People. Telugu varu, the Telu- 
gus. Mamadi varu, the Mamadi family. 

VARADI, (Kan. ^^^) Intelligence, news. 

VARAHA, ^^^ The gold coin called a pa- 

VAREPPATTU, See Waraput. 

VA^RAM, (Tamil) Division, sharing. 

VARA'T, ^•u^_$ (Kan.) or Varauth Error for 
Barat, an assignment* 

VARA TOONDOO, mirjr^jj^iSi, or TOON- 
DOO VAR AM, «bo2^«r>{Jo. Boon, Bonus. 
Four out of ten, (forty per cent) is the usual 
portion of the crop granted to the farmer: 
six in every ten tooms (or puttie, ^i^) be- 
ing due to government. Some persons, by 
reason of meritorious service are granted ske 
(instead of four in ten : that is, sixty per 
cent of the crop. And this extra portion or 
bonus, two in ten, is the Tundu varam. 

VARSHA CALAM, i5si. s-r»t>tf» The rainy 

VARTANAM, ss^^^ Fee. Land held in 

VARTANI, a5_5P A feudal retainer. One who 
enjoys fee laud. 

e)sao Spring time : the vernal period. 

VASATI, ^f^ A pension: allowance : living. 

VASSATEE, See Vasati. 

VATHOM, The Tamil pronunciation for Ve- 
dam, a sacred book. 

VATTA GRASSIA, Error for Batta, or sub- 

VAV, or VAVIDEE, (Error for lP»i bavidi.) 
A well of water. 

VEAS, error for Vaisya 2^5* 

VECHAN, error for \sshi bechna, Sale, selling. 

VECHANEEA, « Lands that are sold." 

VEDAGHAL, See under Tengala. 

VEDANTA, 't'cr^o&o Divinity. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




VEDAVUBTEE, "Stf^5, Livings: lands 
granted to those who studied the Vedas. 

VEDS, or VEDAS, "iStf The Hindu sacred 

VEEDHWA, VIDHAV A, a$;5 (Latin Vidua) 
a widow* 

VEEMA-WALLO, See Beema. 

VEERA, Indirect taxes. 

VEES, See Vis, or Viss. 

VEESBUDY, VISUBADI, &^«a. A tax on 
trades, and handicraftsmen. It is levied in 
Portugal (in the year 18:12) under the name 
Decima Industrial. The Visbadi is a cess or 
sum levied on a town : and raised by allot- 
ting portions to particular tradesmen who are 
forced to contribute sums in payment. The 
Vis, Vees, S"^© is ** One-sixleenih," one an- 
an. The tax called Visbadi, however, is not 
connected (as some have asserted) with this 

VEID, meant for Vaidya, 2^5 "^ ^<>ctor. 

VEIRAGEE, or BYRAUGEE, ^^^ A friar, 
a monk. 

VEKALUT, See Vacalat. 

VEKHUS, Apparently meant for Boccasam 
35^ r_^o A treasury, 

VELLAVERSY RYOTS, " Resident farmers, 
such as Paracoodies and Pyacaries.** 

VICRAMA SACAM, OU^ib^fi'iS^ A certain 
reckoning of years : usually called Sumvut, 
Sambat, (Samvatsara) wherein the year 1862 
begins in April 1805, A. D. See Wellesley 
Dispatches, Vol. 4. p. 636. This is named 
after Vicramaditya, ^[il^*^'*©^^ a certain 

VIHAR, a?&<tfiS» A pleasure garden. Phrase 
for a Buddhist convent. 

VILAYET, (Sec Wiliyat,) Land, native 
country. Home. 

VINATEGA, mistake for Vainateya. The 


VIPRA, al*8 A bramin. 
VIPRA-VINO'DA, ai^aibcDtf A certain 

class of actors. 

VIS, hp^Sao Veesam One-sixteenth. See notes 

on Anna. A measure of land, nearly equal to 
two acres. 

VISHNU BUKT, ^^^^^ A devotee who 
adores Vishnu. 

VISHNU PRITI, S)§>lta (Land) devoted to 
a Vishnu pagoda. 

VISSABADY, See Veesbudy. 

VISSUM, See Vees, or Vis. 

VIZARUT, o;Iyj Ministry : office of Vizeer. 

MO-MALIK, ^J^\^]jjj^ The prime mi- 

VELMA, VELAMA, -S-ai A n'oble tribe ^^HORA, or VORA, Meant for bora ]jy. 

among the Telugus : descendants of the old 
barons. ** Velama-Doras," lords, nobles. 

VENA, Vl'NA, The Indian lute. 

VERAY, (Tamil) Sowing. Verat/ fanams^ mo- 
ney paid on seed ? 

VERTUNNEE, See Vartani. 

VET, VETTI, "3*3 Drudgery^ unpaid labour. 

The same as Begari. 
VETTI VADU, -Sg^sF-a^ A village drudge, or 

VEVA, Error for VIVA'HAM, J>5j-;^;Sx) 


Name of a tribe of pedlars. 

VOTPUN, Error for Utpannara. 

VRITTI, sSj Custom : fee ; living. 

VROOT, L«5^o or Vratam, A vow. 

VUD, aacs&See Vidiya. 

VUN JARO, Error for Binjarry. 

VUNSOULEE,(Vamsavali iSo^^S) Genealo- 

VURG, VERGUM, s5g (Mahratta) change, 
alteration. Varga Vargi y^j^^jj ^^^P, 

VURKHASIN, (Varshashanam sS^g-^jic) 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 




VURBUN-SUNKER, (Varna-Sancara 5$nc- 
iio^iS) Mixed blood : a debased caste. 

VURTUNBEA, (Mar. 5$^^c«6g VarUnija) 
Paid guards : stipendiaries. 

VUSTEE, (J6f0 • Vasati) Abode, babitation. 

VUTTAV, Error for sijjtf» Vattam. 

VYA' J YAM, «TS®S° Lawsuit : dispute. Tbis 
well known word is of unknown origin. Some 
assert that is corrupted from »sr»tf vivada. 

VYASor VYASA, Pronounced Vi-ba-sa isng 
t&8 Name of a celebrated sage and legislator. 

VYASUNTHOLE, (Tamil, ^miuv^'^Q^nit 
•« Tbe shoulder of Vyasa :" the model of a 
hand carried in procession. I doubt the phrase. 

bramin who professes learning and holy du- 
ties, abstaining from worldly pursuits. 

VY8A, Error for Vaisya, Pronounced Vai-siha. 

WaDADAR, Meant for Ohda dar^b»J^ 
An officer, one in power. 

WAG, (Meant for Vak ^sr>t) Word, promise. 
Wagniscbya,' (vak nischaya) Betrothal. 

WAGNUK, (Meant for vyaghra-nakh ^L?> 
^6^)0 A tiger's claw.) A warlike instrument 
made in imitation of a tiger's claws and foot. 
DuflTs Marata History, Vol. 1. p. 32. 

WAHABEES, t<^^ j ^ certain tribe of Mu- 
sulmans who refuse homage to the prophet. 

WAIDA, «*X^« Promise, appointed time. Pe- 

WAIDABUNDY, t_5**Vw»tXtf^ Promise. Ap- 
pointing a time or period. 

WAIRA'N, ^\ji^ Desolutc, waste, uninhabit- 

WAJIB. u-^l^ Fit* right, due. 

WAJIBOL.URZ,^^Iljp^I^ Expressible: 
fit to be stated. A petition. 

WAKA, Error for Wakaia. 

WAKAIA, jjflj^ News, events. 

^Ki or Waqia nivees iK^y t-^J A news- 

A distant 

writer: a reporter: a respectable spy. See 
CalcutU Review, No. XXIV. p. 320. 
WALA, J)^ He who has. Feminine Wall or 
Walee ^1^ she who has. Plural Wale ^ |^ 
they who have. Ohora wala, a borsekeeper, 
Calcutta WaUe^ she who lives at Calcutta. 
Nao wala, a boatman. Garee wala, a coach- 
man. JPaiaa wala^ a monied man. Ohur wla, 
the landlord. Latee wakif a cudgel- bearer, a 
bully. Line walas, troops of the line. Deoree 
wala^ a chamberlain. 

WALEE, ^^ Wulli, A guardian. 

WALEE BEYEED, *3jju ^^ 

WALLA, See Wala. 

WANAPRUST, (s$i6L'6:^S Vana prastha) A 
hermit, a recluse. 

WANDIWASH, (Vanda vaai, 5Sotf«r»?») 
Name of a village at which the English re- 
pulsed Hyder and Tippoo. 

WANT A, >5otf A share, a portion. 

WAPIS, VAPAS, ,^1^ Again, back, re- 

WARAKUM, sSt^ro Money advanced. 

WARAPUT, mirsrCju^ji Laud that is assess- 
ed. See Teerwaput, and Meticor. 

WARAS, Varis ^*^?. An heir, inheritor. 

WARAT, Error for Barat. 

WARIS, ^j]^ An heir. 

WARISDIr,^)^ ^*y I^ a claimant. 

WARISNAMA, ^\j ^j\^ A will. A state- 
ment regarding heirship. 

«T*o2^, Uriuvese vandlu, *^ Those who cast 
nooses." That is murderers, thugs, Strang- 
lers, burkers. 

WARRA TONDOO, **A phrase in the Car- 
natic for a Meerasidar." 

WARUM, sn^o Share, portion. 

WARUM PAT AM, *« A lease'* See Patram 

and Potta. 
WASIL, J^I^ Receipts. Collections. 

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WASIL BAUKY, ^b Jx>]^ Receipt and 

W ASIL AT, o ^ t^ Collectlona. 
WASOODEW, v^jkni^nZ A certain class of 

Hinda beggars who assume the name of the 

god Krishna-Vasudeva. 

WASSEEUT NAMA, ^Uui^j^, A wUl 

or testament. 
WASTAWIK, (Vastavica v-^tt) Real, 

true, veracious. 
WATAN, WATTUN, ^t^ NaUve country. 

WAUGERY, See Wagree. 
WAYWODE, (Turkish) A chieftain. 
WAZA, ^^ Deduction, subtraction. 
WAZEAT, ViT^^iU^^ Abatement, deduction. 
WAZEER,^^-^ A king's Minister. 
WAZIFA, lixl^j Pension, Land bestowed for 

past services. 

WEERAN, WERANAH, (^|^^ Wairan) 
Desolate, depopulated, waste. 

WIDDA, A ^^ Cowries, white (conchse) shells. 

WILA'YAT, \J>iij Country. Native land: 
often applied to Persia or to England. Some- 
times it denotes a portion of a district Of- 
ten pronounced Belaut. 

WILA'YATl GRA'MAM, A hamlet or de- 
pendant village. 

WILLA, ij Assistance, friendship. 

WIMA, (Steele 308) i. e. Bima Uju Insurance 
on goods. 

WIRASUT, ^^)jj HeriUge. 

WIRASUT NAMAH, ^U^iJl;^ A list of 

WIRTANTER, (Vritt-JnUram, ;5)2»otf(Jtf») 
Alienation. Alienated land: which pays no 
revenue to the owner. 

WISS WUSSA, (Visvas »^S?») One four hun- 
dredth (l-400th) part of a beega : contain- 
ing 9216 square inches. 

WOHKEELE, Error for Vakeel. 

WOJOOHAUT, (VajfihSt o^^j) Wages, 

WOOD-OIL, The drug called Gurjun, pro- 

duced in Arracan. See Prinsep*s Journal No. 

100 of 1841. p. 142. 
WOODED ARS, Error for Ohda-dar, Officer, 

WOORIAR, Ooreea, Orissa: i^i^ The name 

of the Hindu nation who live in (Katagam) 

WOOTZ, Indian Steel. The knives made of 

it are stamped, in Devanagari characters, 

Oochch ^^^, Prinsep*s Journal, 1832. Vol. 

L p. 237 says that Woots is a Telugu word. 

This is some error. In Telugu, steel is called 

A^ Ukktt. See Transac. of Roy. Soc. 

1805 and Monthly Review, 1805. p. 262. 
WORDI, WOORDY, See Vardi or rather 

VARADI, 5$tfO (Kanadi) News, intelli- 

gence. In the Panjabi troops the ** Word! 

Major*' is the native Subadar major. 

WOTAREE, Braziers, coppersmiths. 

WROOT, See Vritti. 

WUDDALLAS, ^' A class of Arab pirates 
who haunt the shores of Guzerat and Cutch.*' 

WUDDE VANDLU, 5$J«noi6 The tribe 
called Tank diggers. 

WUGA, (VAGA sSx) A subdivision of lands ; 
a share. 

WUKF,«ij;^ plural WAKOOF,,^y^ Chari- 
table funds : pious foundations. 

'' Hollanders," or Dutch. 

WULFA, Error for Ulufa, sJjU A dinner sent 
as a gift of honour, 

WULSA, tS^P Emigration, decamping, flight 

from invaders. 

a5f6o (forest and ^)j^ grazing.) A tax paid 

for grazing. 
WUNJARA, SeeBanjara. 

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WUNTOODAR, (s5o<(5 A share.) A petty su- 
perintendent or bailiff, 

WUQF, See Wukf. 

WURAREE, error for Vadde-Varu :^^st*Oo 
Tank diggers, well-sinkers, miners, pitmen. 

WURDI, Varadi s$i5& (Kanadi) News, intelli- 
gence. Wurdi Major The same as Subadar 

WUREE, (Tel. aJ5 vari) Rice in the ear. Vari- 
polam : Rice -fields. 

WUREEALEE, (Mafrata ?) A certain grain. 

WUREER A, (Kan ?) Pits dug in the dry beds 
of rivers: to supply water. Called Taltpera 
ii&^rs in Telugu. 

WURG, (^^o vargam) Change, exchange. 
An estate or independant land. 

WURGAMUD, for Varga-vargi ^jj€jj 

WURGAVURGY, «5^2$d Exchange. 

WURRGUFT, \JL>^jj Abandoning, quitting, 

emigration ? 
WURKAS, (Canadi 55«ro p) Dry land, as op- 
posed to rice-fields. 
WURR PUTTY, " A Ux on wells ?'* 
WURRAT, See Baratam. 
WURRUN, See Varnam. 
WURRUN SUNKAR, That is, Varna-sanca- 
ra, oSg*^oS'c5c^ one of low or mixed caste. 
WUBSHASHUNS, sSij^e-^jSo Varsh-asha- 

nam, An annuity. 
WURTANAH, (Kann. sS^i^) Fees, income, 

WURTUCK, (Vartaca s5 C^g A merchant. 
WURTUNUM, VarUnam, sS^?^, Fee, stipend. 
Yertaneea, a stipendiary. 
WUSSA, " The twentieth part (l-20th) of a 

beega containing 184, 320 square inches." 
WUSSAWA, (Vasvasa »p^S*) A trust wor- 

thy person. The head man. 
WUSSEEYUTNAMAH, ^Uij^^ju)^ A last 
will : an endowment. 

WUSSOOL, (Vasul Jyc^) Paid, realized, col- 

WUSSOOL BAKEE, ^W Jr*^ Payments 
(or collections) and balance. 

WUSWAEBYA. *«The village tradesmen: 
the corporation ?'* 

WUTAG, (Wuttum, Telugu tf*J^) Difference 
in exchange. Loss or gain. 

WUTr, sSfcD Total, general sJ^«TP55g»»)^ 
" Wattu BarSvard book'' A general muster- 

WUTTUN, ^t^ Native place. Home, abode. 

WUTTUNDAREE, ^j)^^yj Tenancy at 

WUTTUNDARS,^b^t^ A tenant at wilK 
See Malcolm's Central India, Vol. 2. p. 16. 

WUTTUN ZUBTEE, ^^^kU^t^ Sequestra- 
tion of lands. 

WUZA, *^. Remission, deduction. 

WUZA PUTTI, ^Ju fJ>j Statement of remis- 

WUZEEFA, lAX^^ Pension: land bestowed 
for past services. Wuzeefa Gadee and Ha- 

theeka, t^^^^Ub^^jIfAftxls. A carriage or 

an elephant granted to a pensioner as a re- 

WUZEEFADAR,;bAiife^ A pensioner. 

WUZN, ^j^ Weight. 

WUZZOO,^^ Purification by sprinkling with 

WYD or VYD, Vaidya 2»5 A Hindu physi- 

WYEDIKH, Vaidica 2^r Appertaining to the 

Vedas : a bramin who embraces a religious 

WYS, Vaisya 2^5 Name of the third caste of 

WYSAGHUM, Vaisakh ^'^^o Name of a 

month, (that is, •SgaSsJ^O.) 

of business. Vyavahari Jyosya. A bramin 

who professes astrology. r^r^ni^ 

Digitized by VjOOv IC 




1 AD, ^b Recollection. Memorandum. Memo- 

YAD DASHT, ^j:^)^ «3^ A memorandum : 

a letter. 
YADRICKHICA, Error for Yadhechha cflS"^ 

15\ At will : as he pleases. 
YAGNYA, d56tt A sacrifice. 

YAGNY OPAVITA, ab^Ah^ The sacred 

thread worn by bramins. 

^JL«| iJL^ ^— ^ Land yielding only one 

crop iu the year. 
YAK, {<^Sb.Z Yacsha) The bull of Tartary : 

of the tail of which whisks are made. 
YA'LAM, An auction. Also spelt Velam "^er»o. 

Perhaps from the Arabic ^1L:| Al-ialam^ 


YAM, The edible root called in Telugu "S^otf 

YAMEEN, ^^^ A vow. 


Oath from confirmation. 
YA'TA'M, cRfir-'S^o A swape for drawing wa- 
ter with a bucket. See Ficota. 
YATI, J ATI, d*© A hermit. A Jaina priest. 
YATRA OOTPUN, cfiSr- (f^d^is^o Fees paid 

at places of pilgrimage. 
YEOA-BHOGAM, Sr^Xo Undivided: unit- 

YEHOODY, ^^dyid A Jew. 
YEKSALEE, ^J^ Of one year. Annual. 
YELL ATI, «i?7& A rogue, a villain. 

l6Tr»iea Seven vears average. 
YEMADA, ErroiUbr Yaiiadi, £irr»a A tribe 

of savages : hill people. 
YENELI, ajSO (Kanara) The first crop in the 

year. . 
YEOMIA, YOMAYA, ^u^^ A pension. 
YEOMIAH DA^R,^| jAj^^ A pensioner. 
YESAWUL, J^U^ A chamberlain. 

YETESAB, (Ihtisab 4^laJ[a.I An oflicer who 
superintends weights and measures. 

YOGA, -my^Xg Worship. 

YOMAYA, YOMIA, aju*^ Pension, daily 
bread. The plural is Yomiat c:>U/«^ 

YUDN, YEJUM, See Yajna. 

YUG, YOOG, ^s^Xo An age. Kali Yug. The 
present age or period. 

YUGA^DI, cS^y^Q New year's day. This is 
held by diflTerent castes of Hindus on differ- 
ent days. One falls about the 26th of March. 

ZaAT,^-,!^ V-B Caste, tribe. JBud-zat ras- 
cally, villainous. 

ZABARDASTI, yj^dy,\ Oppression, out- 
rage, " 

ZA'BITA, aIsjUo A Regulation : Tulgarly, alist. 

ZABT, See Zubt. 

ZATRA', ^]Ju:j Saffron. 

ZAHB, u^jtj Gold. 

ZA'KHE'RA', ^^^3 A store, a granary. 

Z AM BOOR, ^^x^^. A vice, nippers. ZAMAR- 
RUD, cij^j Emerald, 

ZAME^E'N, ^j Land. 

ZA'ME^N, ^\a> Zamin, Security, bail, 

ZAMFNDA'R,^)^^^^- A land holder, 

ZAMORIN, See Samorin. 

ZANGI, ^^^j An Ethiopian. Zangi (jangi 
katbady «ox ^^J^) A militia man. 

ZANJIR, A chain. Zanjiri Zamin, Chain secu- 
rity, when all stand security for each other. 

ZAR, .^'Gold. Zar-zamin, Money security. 

ZARB, u^ Striking: a blow, one time one oc- 

ZARrB, See Jureeb. 

ZARB, ^jJ> A blow, Zarb-i-Arkat, ** Struck 
(coined) at Arcot." This phrase is found on 
many Rupees which issued from the Madras 
Mint in old days : the old die used at Arcot 
being continued. 

ZA^STI, (ZIQA'DATI, yj C^^^.J) ^^ Extra, 

additional. *" r^-^r^ir^ 

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ZA^T, oli Tribe, caste. 

ZATEE, ^13 Peculiar: granted to one man 
alone : not to his heirs. 

Peculiar fees. 

Z AT SURING JAUM. . lar*^ c 

ZEBAN BUNDY, ^^^yxj^l^j Written de- 

ZEBT, See Zabt and Zubt. 

ZEBTY, See Zubty. 

ZEERA, ijjj Cummin-seed. 

ZEERZEMEENE, ui^jjij Under ground. 
A subterraneous chamber. 

ZEKAT» See Zakat. 

ZELAH, See Zilla. 

ZELAHDAR, See Zilla. 

ZEMEEN, ^ji/cj Ground, land. 

ZEMINDAR,^) J A^^* A vassal ; aland hold- 
er who is the tenant of his superior ; by a 
grant that is conditional and dependent A 

ZEMINDARE-RUSOOM, The cess paid to 
a laird. 

ZBMINDARRY, ^j]^ ^j A laird's estate, 
a petty barony. The following separate inte- 
rests are sometimes found in one Zemindary 
in Bengal. Under the Zemindar is the 
Talookdar, Under him are the Osut 
Talookdar, and the Neem osut Talookdar. 
Under each of these is Hawaladar, and an 
Osut Hawiladar. The actual farmers or culti- 
vators are classed as Kursa Ryots and Mo- 
dany Ryots. Some Ryots of each class depend 
on the Osut Talookdar ; others on the Neem 
osut Talookdar ; and some on the Talookdar 
who is under the Zemindar. See the Bengal 
'' Englishman of 21st Nov. 1851, or, the same 
in the Madras Crescent, of 6th Dec. 1851." 
ZENANA, si\jj The women's apartment 
Phrase for wives, or a wife. The seraglio. 

ZEN DA VESTA, The sacred book of the Far- 
sees or Fire worshippers. 

ZENNAR, jli^- The sacred thread worn by 
the three higher classes of Hindus. It is cor. 
rupted from the Cannadi epsntf Janivara. 

ZE'R,^^- Under. 

ZER, ZAR, ZUR,^^- Gold. Money. 

land" ^ distinguished from Baghayat gar- 
den or plantation land ; and Turee, ' wet 
rice land.' 

ZERB, ZARB, ^jJ> A blow. 

ZER-BAND, t^.jij A martingale ; used as a 
knout. A scourge. 

ZERB SHALLA'K, jU ^y> A blow with 
a cane. 

ZERI TALA0,^JIJ^^- Land that lies <'un. 
der a tank." 

ZER MATHOTE, ojis^^^* (Zar-i-mahUvi) 
Peremptory demand, impost. 

ZEROUT, ZARU'RIYAT, is^b^ j^ Neces- 
sariee, apparatus* 

ZEYTCH, Error for Zaikh. 

ZID, tX^ Perverseness, contrariety. 

ZILLAH, flc A district. 

ZILLAHDAR, i| JuiJL^ A revenue officer: a 

ZIME'E'N, ^j Land. 

ZIMIN, ^^^ Endorsement. 

ZIMMEE, ^i A heretic, who paid Ux. Ma- 
ny such taxes are noticed in the present Dic- 
tionary : but all have long since ceased. 

ZIMRA, (ZAMPR,^^) Endorsement. 

ZINDAGANI, ^K^J Livelihood, subsist- 
ZINDIGEE, ^^J SubsUtence. 

ZING, Error for Jang, uJoa. War. 
ZINEU, tfoSS A base coin ? See Jinsi. 
ZIRAYIT, LS^I;^- CulUvation. 
ZODEE, See Joree, Jodee. 
ZOGHI'R, Error for Jagheer. 
ZOHRUK, ^jjj A boat. 

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ZONANGI, SeeJonangi. 

(wrongly Zooru Talabee) Peremptory de- 

ZUBT, ZABT, hjJi Sequestration, seizure. 

ZUBTEE, See Ze— 

ZUBTEE, Crops (Apparently meant forlzafat, 
additional) Any crops except grain. 

ZUFT, Error for Zubt, or Zabt. 

ZULFDCCAR,^ UaJ|^ j The name of a sword 
of Ali. The Zulfuccari rupee, or Halle Zul- 
fuccari ^c^ISaJL'j ^lo^ (hali, present, of 
this time) is a coin current at Hydrabad and 
Aurungabad in the Deccan. 

ZULLUM, Zulm Jll^ Oppression, wrong, vio- 

ZUMEENDAR, (See Za— ) A landholder, a 
petty baron. 

ZUMRA, tjjcj Crowd, mixed mullitude : camp 

ZUNANEE ZUBAAN, ^lij ^\Sj Women's 

talk, or cant. 
ZUNAR, j\jj See Zennar. The braniinical 

thread : called «?)?r»tf Janiavra in Kannadi. 
ZUNARDAR^^I^^U^- A bramin. Any Hindu 

who wears the sacred thread. 
ZURB, f^j^ Blow, stamp, impression. Some 

Rupees are marked '* Zurb-i-Arcat.'* That is, 

Struck at Arcot. 

ZUROOREAT, ^bj^^ RequUiieir, nece.- 

ZUR-SOORKH, ^j^jj Red gold. 

ZYMN, ^^^ Clause, paragraph. 

ZYR, (See Zer, and Zar.) Zyr Mathote (Zar-i- 
mahtavi ^^ysr^jj'j Money collected ; Re- 


AMADA, W-«6tf A measure of distance : also 

called a gow. About ten miles. 
AMBOUR, The French pronunciation of 

e-.M-a&x'iS A^burgada. 
ANNA, Read '* Four annas interest denotes 25 

per cent per month.*' 
A^SA'MI, ^^UJ Title : right. Person, man. 

At Hydrabad, men enter the service young, 
and purchase assamees, which ought to de- 
scend to their sons : if the atsamees are for- 
felted the mien are ruined. 

C. P. Brown's Zilla Dictionary. 


A8HRAF, ^yt) Nobles, gentlemen. Plural 
of Sharif k^Jjj^, 

ASROY, (i. e. AVraya «-^d*) A refuge: 
abode. [Carey's Memoirs.] 

AZOOR, Error for Huzoor. 

BABBUD, Error for BaUband i. e. Bala-band. 

BAHADAR, It seems that Batourou is a Tar. 
tar word meaning valorous. And Batouroo 
Yang (Behauder Jung) was the name of a 
certain victorious general. See Hue's Travels 
in Tartary. Vol. I. p. 252. Chap. XI. 

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BAJYHUT, Error for B4gh4ytt. See Fifth iCANSOO, KANTSU, roi3s> Bell-metal : of 

Report, page 755. 
BALA, Jb Compare Kabi. A spear-head. A 
mark representing a spear-head, used as a 
royal signature by the Rana of Uday4pur in 
BALLASAM ERA, Error for ",Era of BalUl 

Sena." It is used in Bengal. 
EA^RA'BATI, iJ^TrMtf The town named 

(Puri) Poory at Jagannath in Orissa, 
BERING!, ^js^y. A grain of rice. The 

weight of one grain. 
BIGLAU, See Bagalo. 

BINKI,(Kann.) Fire. " The Binky Nabob" sig- 
nifies, Commandant of Artillery. 
BLACK-TOWN, The name of the town of Ma- 
dras within the walls. It is north of the Fort 
and South of Royapuram. The mercantile 
part of the town. 
BRINJAL, This is perhaps corrupted from 
badinjan ^j^ ^^, the Persian name of the 
egg-plant. Dubois says it is ** Beringela" and 
that this word is Portugueze. 
BUDDRUCK, i. e. Badarica«tfO«' in Orised. 
BUNDER, The town Mangalore is usually 
called Corial-bunder* «cXlf Jbji or Codayal 
bandar S'TS^^tf^otfi^. 
CuESTS or Costs, Error fur Kayastha. (Thus 

spelt in Mem. of Carey.) 
CA'LA PA'NI, yJ\jn Black or blue water 

that is The sea. 
CAMA'VrS, Kamaish ^Ui Time. Rule. 
This seems intended for Qamas, . lUS Af- 
CAMMASHEE, Comassi, errors for Khamsi 
^ ^ ■ «H » i^ a silver penny used at Mocha: ten 
equal one dollar. 
CANEE, KAWNY, (should be printed thus:) 
A measure of land. The cawny is to the acre 
as 1. 3223. 1. The acre is 4840 square yardf. 
The cawny is 6400 square yards. 

which the Hindus make dishes. 
CARBARRY, iyr;W;K A man of business, 

manager, agent 
CHATRIA, CHEHTEREE, i. e. Xatraya, 
Cshatraya &.\OcA A man of the warlike 
caste. This name is now applied to all who, 
withoutbeing bramins, wear the sacred thread. 
CHENAPUTTUM, Meant for Channa-patnam 
^«^**^othe usual name for the town which 
the English call Madras. The Musulmans 
pronounce it ju Uxa. Cheenaputn. 
<?^;6P Concealing. Only those lands which 
are now cultivated are rated for revenue. If 
a field which is actually ploughed is fraudu- 
lently omitted in the accounts, this fraud is 
called ** Concealment." See Fifth Report page 
793. Carte states regarding Ireland, under the 
Duke of Ormonde, '* What lands they [the 
king's favourites] were pleased to call un- 
profitable {vihich were thrown in gratis,) they 
returned [that is, epecifiedf"] as such, let them 
be never so good and profitable." Moore*s 
Captain Rock, chapter X. of the year 1649.) 
This fraud is denominated Chhipaoni, or con- 
CHOP, that is, ChhSpa, \jI^ A seal, a 
stamp, an impression. Marks made of clay, 
put upon heaps of grain, which betray all 
CHOWLE, meant for chawal J^^ Grain, raw 

rice. The goldsmith's weight of one grain, 
CHU TBAT, The French spelling for Khutbah 

A.vh^ A sermon preached in a mosque. 
CODU, See Kodu. 
COLUM, Kollam 8^®o The town near Cochin 

which the English call Quilon. 
COLUM AUNDU, or Quilon aera. The name 
of a certain sera used in Travancore. A. D. 
1850 answers to year 1025 of the Collum 

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COOLY, ^^ <^0 Hire. A hireling : a la- 

COROMANDEL, Kari-manal eignities Black 
sand. This village is 24 miles north of Madras. 

COST, Error for Kayastha. 

DAO, "Tss*^ (Bengali) A chopping knife : a 
weighty sword, a bill hook. 

DEGREE WALA, Sl^v^J^jA chamber- 
lain, U8her> manager, superintendent. 

DHA, TfT* (Bengali) A bill hook. 

DHUNEE, (Dhani, ef ^) Lord, master. 

FROSTS, «'Onthe Malabar coast are the same 
as Farias" (Ives's Voyage, 1773, p. 25 ) This 
seems to be an error for Bhrashta \!?^» ftn 

GAMBIER, The name of a plant, a native of 
the Malay peninsula: which produces the 
-Gamber, that is Terra Japonica, or Catechu. 
See Begbie*8 Malay Peninsula, pages 312 and 

G AN JAM, i. e. GANJ-I-AM, f^^ The 
" national granarjV 

GHA'S DA'NA', U|j,^U^ "Hay and 

corn.'* The phrase used by the Maratas for 
tribute, or plunder. 

GHAr A'TOT, u-?y iV ?b&n*r*t^ See Mau- 
rices Hindustan, 4^ Vol. 1. 461 regarding 
the year 1305. 

GHOND. GHOOND, See Kodu, Khond. 

GILL, error for J heel, Ja^ A lake. Orme 
2. 50. speaks of Moots Gill meaning ^ y 
Ja^ Moii Jhil. Pearl Lake. 

GLENDOVEER, This word probably was in- 
vented by Southey, instead of Gandharva ^Co^^ 
6^ the Sanscrit word for a sylph or fairy. 

GO AND, GOND, See Kodu. 

HATTISHAREEF, (Turkish) Proclamailon. 

HINDOWANNI, error for Hund'avani 
^L Jij 6Too-is»s$f5 the fee or sum payablt 

(more or less) on a hundi or bill of exchange. 
HUSHM MINHAI, (\y^^ hasm minha) 
Deduction, the sum deducted. 

IJA'ADAR, page 38 " An undertaker" was 
the old English phrase for such a contractor. 
I YEN, See Ain, ay en, 

JUGH, orJugn, Errors for Yagna, a burnt sa- 

J U LOOS, ^^jia. Coming to the throne. •* The 
tenth year of the Juloos of A char" denotes 
the tenth year of his reign. This mode of 
dating began about A. D. 1600 and lasted 
until about A. D. 1750. But in numerous in- 
stances the juloos date cannot be trusted. 
Particularly on coins: whereon the same juloos 
date remained unaltered for many years. 

KADAM BOSI, Cuddum bosi y^yi^^ 

'' Kissing the feet." A phrase for homage or 

KADARNAIBH, Error for "T^xpoowsfco Ka- 
darambam. See Judl. Seine, folio 4. 780. 

KEZE ANNA, Error for Khazana. 

TO KHASS, ((^U. Own, private.) To confis- 

KHEL, Error for Khail ^}xs^ A tribe : a camp. 
An Affghan phrase. 

KHUT PUT, Li^ Ul^ Fraud, roguery, un- 
derhand tricks. Treason. 

KO'DU, ^^ Khodu fr««6 Kondlu i^o^ 
Khond, Khoond, Goand, Ghoond. The ^^ 
5^0^ a tribe who inhabit the Ganjam dis- 
tricts and who offer human sacrifices. 

KULL, Ji (pronounced like Full, bull, pull.) 
All : total. SSJ"o»«>2 ^"^*» iruvei. i, e. To- 
tal, twenty ; or, twenty in all. 

KULLING. Error for Calinga ^©oX' the Te- 
lugu country. See J. Grant, in Fifth Report, 
p. 625, foot. 

LOLL, i. e. LSI ,JjJ Red : Red wine : a ruby. 

LUBBIES, For •' they passes" read, *' they 
possess " For ** mean jewellery" read " native 

LULM, Ji (In Affghan) Dry cultivation, 
which depends (like corn) on rain : not (like 
rice) on irrigation. See Prinsep^s Journal of 
Asiatic Socy, 1840, j,^.e|^3^4,^^^g:^^ 




MA-JEB. ^>ft-U The Queen dowager : or, 
Lady Mother: from Mas Mother, and Ji 
Highness. See Prinsep's Journal 1833. Vol. 
2. p. 274. 

Mi^LABAR, Thi« is perhaps corrupted from 

the Arabic name iUjJ^ Manibar. See Prin- 
J •- 

sep, 1834, Tol. 3. p. 559. note ft- 

MARATA, The proper spelling for Mahralta. 

MEERAEUMB, Error for Nirarambam. 

MIRDHA, IJb j^ An overseer. Judl. Selns. 
Vol. 1. p. 441. 

MIRJA, \a.j3^ a waistcoat. t^tf-^S^TH*. 

MOHAN DIRAM, (in Ceylon) A native gentle- 

MOL, add, J^. 

MOLLY, add, ^'U. 

NAKHIRD, Exclude this word. 

NATCHENEI, (a word of unknown origin) 
The grain called ^ao"3ex) or, ti^t^^, 

NAVAYAT, \J1^}^ The name borne by the 
M opt as, or Tamil decendants of Mtisulmans. 
The Arabic Dictionary Burhani Katiy says 
this word is corrupted from Nayer : but this 
seems wrong : the Nayers being Hindus, not 

NEEA'EE DES, ^^. j uT^^ "A local magis- 
trate,*' under the Marata government. (Mal- 
colm's Central India. 3d Edn. p. 537.) As the 
Maratas mingle Sanscrit and Persian roughly, 
Nyayica fr»coor»ir is perhaps meant. 

NEERARUMBH, Error for Neer ambaram. 

NUMBEE KERMUM, ''The accountant.' 
This perhaps means, the " Nambi" who was 
employed as *' Kurnum.'* 

00 TAR, Error for Aotar, i. e. Avatdr^ an in- 
carnation. (Male. Cent. Ind. 2. 153.) 

PARBUTTY, Error for P4rupatli, J6 A 

PEESACK LEEP, (meant for Paish^chaca 
Lipi ; 2^^®** *^® handwriting (lipi) of a 
demon. (Judl. Selns. 4. 402.) 

PINDARY, In Malcolm's Central India 1. 433, 
it is mentioned that from their fondness for 
Finda an intoxicating drink, they are suppos- 
ed to have obtained this name* But the name 
is usually pronounced ^ o'&b pundairi or "2»o 
"^6 penderi not pindari \>o-cs*d, 

PLASSEY, The etymon I offer, Palasi J^^r^f 
is confirmed by the spelling Pelassy, which 
appears in Sonnerat, tom 2. p. 165 in the do- 
cument written by M. Law de Lauriaton. 

PURSHAD, Error for Prasad. 

RAJBARRY, k^j^.^)j Domain, estate, lord- 

SHINDOOR, See Sindhuram, f»o^{Jo Red 

SHROUD, Error for Sraddha or Shraddha. 

STREE, Slri, ^ ♦ A woman. Also a common 
error for Sri (Shree, ®l) meaning Holy, bless- 
ed. Thus a village near Madras ** Sri Pe- 
rambudur** is called Strec Parmatoor. 


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