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\iH\V. OV 








Vol. VIII. 

Numbers 76-79. — August, 1887, to May, 1889 


^rinteti bg ©rtier of tije trustees 






Allston Delivery Station 


Barton Catalogue .... 


Bates Hall evening service . . . 


Bowditch, J. Ingersoll, Bequest of 


Bowditch Library .... 


Bulletins out of print .... 


Contagion from books .... 


Electric lighting 


Fire, Precautions against . 



Foster, William H 324 

Gifts to the Library .... 324, 528 

Greenough, Wiiriam W. , Resignation of . 214 
Morrison, John S. ..... 324 

New Library Building. . . . 324,528 

O'Brien, Hugh, Bust of ... . 324 

Pamphlets, New arrangement of . . 528 
Patent books. Removal to Lower Hall . 528 


Altfranzosische Bibliothek . . . . n6 

American Local History 

98, 180, 304, 462 (Completion) 
Continental Congress, Bibliography of, 

1774-89. (By P. L. Ford.) . . .320 
Deutsche Zeit- und Streit-Fragen. Neue 

Folge. Jahrgang I, 2 . . . 236,355 
Early English text society ... 18, 357 
Gama, Vasco da ..... . 163 

Gottschall's Der neue Plutarch . . . 369 
Hamilton, Alexander, Williams's Life of . 2S6 
John Bull, newspaper ..... 251 

Johns Hopkins University studies in his- 
torical and political science. Series 5, 6. 252 
Library Buildings. Index to pictures and 

plans. (Continued from Bulletin No. 72.). 208 

Manuscripts. 115 (Account), 156 (Scottow), 245 

(Great Britain, Representation) 

Mathematical works added April, 1884- 

January, 1888 55 

Oeffentliche Vortrage gehalten in der 

Schweiz. Band 7-9 .... 149, 402 
Parliamentary Sessional Papers, for 1884-5, 

and 18S6 212 

Pennsylvania. 3d Geological survey . . 38 
Sammlung gemeinverstandlicher wissen- 

schaftlicher Vortrage. Neue Folge. 

Serie i, 2 43, 416 

Schoener's globe (1523) .... 277 
Shakespeare, William. Recent additions 

of editions 44, 275, 419 

— Autograph which may be his . . • 5'5 
Shelley society ...... 420 

Thumb Bible 47 

Universal-Bibliothek (Reclam's). Band 

230-256 .... 50, 161, 282, 431 
Voikswirthschaftliche Zeitfragen. Jahrgang 

7-9 51 

Williams, Eleazer 158 

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in 2007 with funding from 

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VOL. 8. No. I. 

WHOLE No. 76. 


William W. Greenough, President. 
Samuel A. B. Abbott. I Henry W. Haynes. 

William H. Whitmore. I James Freeman Clarke. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation. 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proofreader. 

Jos£ F. Carret, Curator of Patents atid En- 
gravings, and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves. 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secretary. 

Frank C. Blaisdell, Curator of Loxver Hall 

Edwin F. Rice, Registration Clerk. 

William E. Ford, yanitor, Central Library. 


Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Loxver Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Elizabeth F. Cartee, Charlestozvn. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Anna J. Barton, famaica Plain. 
Helen M. Bell, Roxbury. 
N. Josephine Bullard, South Boston. 
Margaret A. Sheridan, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian. Lower Mills. 
Harriet L. Atkinson, Custodian, Mattapan. 
Lottie Curtis, Custodian, Neponset. 
Eliza R. Davis, Custodian, North End. 

Julia W. Richards, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 
Samuel T. Bowthorpe, Custodian, Roslindale. 
Bessie G. Fairbrother, Custodian, Mt. 


Information for Readers 2 

Bates Hall 3 

Mathematical Works 51; 

I-ower Hal! 7^ 

Branch Libraries F5 

American Local History 98 


Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day 
except the seven legal holidays, — February 22, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, 
Thanksgiving and Christmas, — and such other 
days as the Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. The Central Reading Room for 
Periodicals is open from nine o'clock, a.m., until 
ten, p.m., and Sundays from two to ten. 




yon. 1, '88 

in R. R. 

Bates Hall 

9 to 6 






Duplicate Room • . . 

Lower Hall 

8.30 to 9 



Brighton Branch . . . 

9 to 8*t 



Charlestown Branch . 

9 toS* 



Dorchester Branch . . 

9 to S* 



East Boston Branch ■ 

9 toS* 



Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 

9 to S*t 



4 to 7.30** 


Mattapan Delivery . . 

3.30 to -,xx 

Mt. Bowdoin Delivery . 

\ to 6 

Neponset Delivery . j 

8 to 8.30 

North End Delivery . . 

4 to 9*** 



Roslindale Delivery . . 

3 to 8****§ 

Roxbury Branch . . . 

9 toS 



South Boston Branch . 

9 t° 9 



South End Branch . . 

9 to 8* 



West Roxbury Delivery 

3 to 5tt 





♦ Keep open till 9l».M. Saturdays, ttt Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sat- 

+ Closed 12 M. to 2 1>.M. urdays. 

J Reading Room 9 to il. t± Tuesdays to Saturdays, inclusive. 

*» Closed from 6 to «..■». *** Saturdays from 2 to" 9. 

\\ Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur-****!i Closed from 6 to 7. 

days. o Delivered to readers also on Sun- 


New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Librarj'. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only the 
books added to those departments. The Dorches- 
ter list is posted also at the Deliveries at the Lower 
Mills, Neponset, and Mattapan, and the Jamaica 
Plain list al the Deliveries at Roslindale and 
West Roxbury. The Bulletins are for sale (ex- 
cepting those out of print) at five cents each. 
Books with numbers below 2iioare in the Lower 
Hall; -with 2110 and above, in the Bates Hall. 
Those with Brl., CIiii., l»or., K. B., J. !»., ]V. E., 
Rox., S. B., s. K., or \V. Rox., prefixed to the 
number are respectively in the Brighton, Charles- 
town, Dorchester, East Boston, Jamaica Plain, 
North End, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, 
or West Roxbury Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of i86i. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out of print. 

II. The Supplement of 1S66. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For $ale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For mile at $1.00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at Sj.oo. 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at Sj-oo. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Officers' Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1866, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1866 and 187 1, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 


There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

IiOMver Hall of the Central Library. 

I. English Prose Fiction and Books for 
THE Young. ^t/i edition, August, 18S5. 2^ 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1871. lo cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 188 1. 20 cents. 

HI. Books in Foreign Languages, jd 
edition. May, i88i. /j cents. 

IV. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies, ist edition, August, 1870. /o cents. 

V. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant will furnish 
such information as may not be found in the 
printed catalogues. 


Catalogues are for sale: — Brighton, 2j cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and 5 cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements ; Charlestown, jof<'«/5; Dorchester, 
2j cents; East Boston, 2^ cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
2^ cents; Roxbury, 20 cents; South Boston, 
20 cents ; South End, 50 cents l West Roxbury, 
/j cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Cateilogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — '" 

Bates Hall. — \. Prince Catalogue, ^/.7j. Tick- 
nor Catalogue, $j.oo. Barton Catalogue, Sj-oo. 

Lotvcr Hall. — II. Arts, Sciences, and Pro- 
fessions. 7j cents. 

HI. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. $1.00. 

Bulletins. — IV. Issues, each, 20 cents. 

Of the later Bulletins, numbers 62, 64, 68 and 
all since are out of print. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
to be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 

A list of periodicals currently received is kept 
at the Delivery desk in Bates Hall. There is for 
sale a List of serial publications now taken in 
the principal libraries of Boston and Cambridge. 
Price, 20 cents. 




Shelf-numbers 31 10 and upwards indicate books in Bates Hall. 

Shelf-numbers below 2110 indicate books in the Lower Hall. 

Bri., Brighton Branch. 

Chn., Charlestown Branch. 

I>or., Dorchester Branch. 

E. B., East Boston Branch. 

J. P., Jamaica Plain Branch. 

N. E., North End Branch. 

Rox., Roxbury Branch. 

S. B., South Boston Branch. 

S. E., South End Branch. 

W. Rox., West Roxbury Delivery Station. 

N. R., Newspaper Room. 

R. R., Reading- Room. 

C. R. 

[ J 

( ) 

Catalogue Room. 

No date of publication given. 

No place of publication given. 


Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually retained. 

Permission of the Librarian, or officer in charge of 
Bates Hall, required to take the book out. I^t at- 
tacked to Lower Hall copies of the same book. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees, or in their absence, of the 
Librarian, required to take the book out. 

Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they may discover in this List, the authorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person entered only under a pseudonym. 


Abbot, Willis J. Blue jackets of 1812. A 
history of the naval battles of the second war 
with Great Britain. Prefixed an account of the 
French war of 1798. With illus. N. Y. [1887.] 
4". *4323.i03 

Abbott, Benjamin V,. Abbott's National 
digest. A digest of the reports of the United 
States courts to 1885. Comprising the decisions 
of the United States Supreme court, those of the 
Circuit and District courts, of the Court of 
claims, and of the Courts of the District of Co- 
lumbia. N. Y., 1885-87. 4 V. L. 8°. *369i.9 

Abyssinia. See Wyld. 

Achilles. See Meyer. 

Actors. 6'ee Geier; — Maugras. 

Adam, Sir Charles Elphinstone, editor. View 
of the political state of Scotland in the last cen- 
tury. Edinb., 1887. Sm. 8°. 4526.101 

Adams, Charles Follen. Dialect ballads. 
Illus. N. Y., 1888 [1887]. Portrait. 16°. 


Adams, William H. D. Good queen Anne; 
or men and manners, life and letters in Eng- 
land's Augustan age. London, 1886. 2 v. 8°. 


Adams academy, putney. Catalogue, 1873/4- 
86/7. Cambridge, 1874-87. 12". *4389a.ioo 

Adirondacks. See New York, state. 

Adulteration. See Battershall. 

.^Ifric, archbishop of Canterbury. See Brack. 

Aeronautics. See Tissandier. 

Africa. See Algeria; — Egypt; — Heydt; — 
Mackinnon ; — Madan ; — Mas-Latrie ; — Tunis. 

— Languages. See Cust. 

Agassiz, Louis J. R. Geological sketches. 
[1st and] 2d series. Boston, 1886. 12°. 5869.71 

Consists of papers on geology and glaciers contributed 
to the Atlantic monthly. 

Agnew, Daniel. A history of the region of 
Pennsylvania north of the Ohio and west of the 
Allegheny river, of the Indian purchases, and of 
the running of the state boundaries. Also, an 
account of the territory for public purposes. 
Phila., 1887. 8°. *437oa.ioo 

Agricultural implements. See Martin, G. A. 

Agriculture. See Schubarth ; — Tusser; — • 
University of Wisconsin. 

Ahn, Johann Franz. Ahn's First French 
reader, with notes and vocabulary. By P. Henn. 
N. Y., 1875. [Steiger's French series.] 12°. 


Ahnfelt, Arvid. Verldsliteraturens historia. 
Hufvudsakligast efter J. Scherr, samt H. Hett- 
ner, H. Taine [etc.], under medverkan af 
sakkunnige personer sammanfattad och utgifven 
af Arvid Ahnfelt. Med 250 diktprof och 300 
portratt. Stockholm, 1875, 76. 2 v. 8". 


Aikin, John. The natural history of the year. 
Being an enlargement of Dr. Aikin's Calendar 
of nature. By Arthur Aikin. 2d ed. London, 
1799. Plate. 240. 6565.75 

Aisne, France. See Bibliothfeque nationale. 

Aitken, Sir William. On the growth of the 
recruit and young soldier, with a view to a 
judicious selection of ' growing lads ' for the 
army. 2d ed. London, 1887. Illus. Sm. 8". 


Albanian language. See W. , P. 

Albany county, A'ew York. See Howell. 

Albertinelli, Mariotti. See Gruyer. 

Alcohol. See Stourm. 

Alderman, Mrs. L. A. Centennial souvenir 
of Marietta, Ohio. Settled April 7th, 1788. Cele- 
bration, April 7th, 1888. [Marietta? 1887.] Illus. 
Sq. 12°. *4378.iii 



Alexander the Great. See Early English 
text society (Wars). 

Alexander I. of liussia. See Czartoryski. 

Alexander II. of Russia. See Murphy. 

Alexander, Joseph, Prinz von Battenberg. See 
Huhn ; — Koch. 

Alexandre, Charles. Madame de Lamartine. 
Paris, 1887. Portrait. 8". 4656.60 

Algae. See Fauna ; — Wolle. 

Algebra. See Chrystal. 

Algeria. See Leroy-Beaulieu ; — Playfair; — 
Rousset; — Vignon. 

Alkan, Alphonse. Les graveurs de portraits 
en France. Catalogue raisonnd de la collection 
de portraits de I'Ecole francjaise appartenant a 
Ambroise Firmin-Didot. Paris, 1879. Portrait 
of Didot. 8«. 8064.83 

Allegheny valley. See Chapman, T. J. 

Allen, George H. Forty-six months with the 
Fourth R. I. volunteers, i86i to 1865. Compiled 
from journals kept while on duty. Providence, 
1887. Portrait. 8°. 4323.104 

Allen, John. Principles of modern riding, for 
gentlemen. London, 1825. Plates. 8°. 6002.59 

Almanacs. See Champier; — Mudge's ; — 
Muenchener ; — Stickney. 

Alps, ^ee Cunningham ; — Sammlung (Buch- 

Altaic hieroglyphs. See Conder. 

Amazon river. See Schuetz zu Holzhausen. 

Amblyopia. See Wiener (Bergmeister). 

America. See Brown, M. A.; — Carey; — 

American architect and building news. Vol. 
19, 20. 1886. Imperial ed. Boston. [1886.] 
Illus. Ileliotypes. F". *699i.i5 

The Imperial edition was begun March 6, 18S6. 

American art. Illustrated. A monthly maga- 
zine. Vol. I. Boston, 1887. 4°. *5272.5o 

American catholic historical society of Phila- 
delphia. Records. Vol. i. 1884-86. [Phila.] 
1887. 8°. *3540.6o 

American genealogical queries, The. 1887. 
[Compiled by R. H. Tilley.J Newport, R. I., 
1887. 8°. *4336,ioi 

• American party. Sec Brownlow. 

American society for psychical research. Pro- 
ceedings. Vol. I, no. I, 2. Boston, 1885, 86. 
S". *76oo.2i 

Ames, Nathaniel. An old sailor's yarns. N. Y., 
1835. 120. 4409-105 

Ammonia. See Lunge. 

Anaesthesia. See Wiener (Bum). 

Anar'^hists. See Bleakley. 

Anarchy. See Brewster. 

Anatomy, Artistic. See Triaire. 

Anciennes descriptions de Paris. See Belle- 
forest; — Cholet;— Davity ; — Marana; — Michel 
de La Rochemaillet ; — Muenster ; — Thevet. 

Andrews, Elisha B. Brief institutes of general 
history. Boston, 1887. 12°. 2215.55 

A bibliography precedes each chapter. 

Andrews, George F. Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts. Official gazette. State govern- 
ment, 1886. Biography of members, councillor 
house and senate committees, state house direc- 
tory, department commission and clerical regis- 
ter. Boston, 1886. 12°. *6438.9 

Andrieu, Edouard. Traits de prothfese buccale 
et de mdcanique dentaire. Paris, 1887. Illus. 
8°. 5801.67 

Anecdotes. See Newlich. 

Anglia. Zeitschrift fiir englische Philologie. 
Herausg. von R. P. Wiilker. B. 1-9. Halle a. 
S., 1878-86. 8°. *4585.ioo 

Anglo-Saxon language and literature. See 

Annales des sciences geologiques. T. iS. Paris, 

1885. 8". *5895.5o.i8 

Contents. — iS. ttude gdologique sur les stages moyeuset 
supdrieurs du terrain cretac^ dans le sud-est de la France, 
par M. Fallot. Recherches sur le terrain fluvio-lacustre 
inferieurde Provence, par Louis Roule. 

Anne, queen of England. See Adams, W. H. D. 

Annelida. See Fauna (Fraipont). 

Annuaire de la librairie beige. Livre d'a- 
dresses. Public sous les auspices du Cercle de la 
librairie, de I'imprimerie, etc. 36 ^d., avec por- 
traits. Bruxelles. [1887.] 16°. *2i48'.S 

Annual American catalogue, 1886. Being 
the full titles, with notes, of all books recorded 
in the Publishers' weekly. N. Y., 1887. 8°. 


Anquez, Leonce. Henri iv et I'AUemagne, 
d'apres les Mdmoires et la correspondance de 
Jacques Bongars. Paris, 18S7. Portrait. 8'. 


Anthologie des poetes bretons du xviie siecle, 
par Stdphane Halgan, le comte de Saint-Jean 
[^pseud. of Mme. Adine Riom], Olivier de Gour- 
cuff & Rene Kerviler. Nantes, 1884. Portraits. 
8«. *4670,io 

Antiquities. See Batres ; — Brown, J. A. ; — 
Clermont-Ganneau; — Conder; — Corpus; — 
Dieulafoy ; — Furtwaengler ; — Gay ; — Gomme ; 
Kaulen ; — Keane; — Mus^e; — National; — 
Ohio ; — Rygh ; — Shepherd, H. A. ; — Somerset- 
shire; — Vedel ; — William Salt; — Yorkshire. 

Antiseptics. 5ee Wiener (Habart). 

Apollo. See HomoUe. 

Apostolic church. See Texte (Harnack). 

Apotheosis of an ideal. An interior-life drama. 
[A poem.] Boston, 1887. Sq. 16". 4407.116 

Apparitions. See Assier. 

Appian way. See Bohnsack. 

Apprentices' library of the city of New York. 
Finding lists. Part i, 3, 4. N. Y., 1887. 3 parts 
in I V. 8". *2i4i.8i 

Aquarium. See Butler, H. ; — Lutz. 

Arabia. See Burton, Sir R. F. 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Lady Burton's 
edition of her husband's Arabian nights, trans, 
literally from the Arabic. Prepared for house- 
hold reading by Justin H. McCarthy. London, 

1886, 87. 5 V. Portraits. 80. *30ioa.56 
Aran, Island of, Galway, Ireland, ^'tv Burke. 
Archaeological frauds. See Clermont-Ganneau. 
Archaeology. See Antiquities. 

Archery. See Ford. 

Architecture. See American architect; — 
Beale; — Buckler; — Building; — Jackson, T. 
G. ; — O'Shea ; — Price ; — Robins ; — Tucker- 
man ; —Tuthill. 

Arctic regions. See Steen. 

Argot. See Barrere. 

Argyleshire, Scotland. See Campbell, Sir A. 

Arithmetic. See Wentvvorth. 

Armenia. See Issaverdens. 

Arms and armor. See Gaj'a. 

Arnaud, Eugene. Notice historique sur les 
deux cat^chismes officiels de I'Eglise rdformee de 
France, Calvin & Ostervald. Paris, 1885. S'^. 



— Le plus ancien document synodal connu de 
r^poque du desert, ou actes du premier synode 
du Dauphin^ du xviii* sifecle. Public pour la 
premiere fois a I'occasion de I'anniversaire de la 
revocation de I'Edit de Nantes. Paris, 1885. 8°. 


Arnold, Edwin L. Bird life in England. 
London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 3909.62 

Artesian wells. See U. S. Geological sur- 

Artillery. See Muller. 

Artistes c^lfebres, Les (series). See Chesneau; 

— Cournault; — Gruyer; — Vachon. 

Artistic houses. Being a series of interior 
views of a number of the most beautiful and 
celebrated homes in the United States. With a 
rlescriptionof the art treasures contained therein. 
N. Y., 1883, 84. 2 parts in 4 v. 200 photographic 
plates. L.f. ***8iB.i 

Ashley, William J., editor. Edward iii and 
his wars, 1327- 1360. Extracts from the chron- 
icles of Froissart, Jehan le Bel, Knighton, Adam 
of Murimuth, Robert of Avesbury, the Chronicle 
of Lanercost, the state papers, and other con- 
temporary records. London, 1877. Plates. [Eng- 
lish history by contemporary writers.] 16°. 


Assier, Adolphe d'. Posthumous humanity : a 
study of phantoms. Trans, and annotated by H. 
S. Olcott. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 5600b. 85 

Association. See Worms. 

Association of collegiate alumnae. Sanitary 
science club. Home sanitation. [Edited by Ellen 
H. Richards and Marian Talbot.] Boston, 1887. 
16°. 5767.70 

Assyria. See Brown, F. ; — Kaulen ; — Oppert. 

Astor library. Catalogue (continuation). 
Authors and books. Vol. L-C^ Cambridge, 
1887. 40. C.R. Stand 

Astronomy, ^ee Jakob ; — Parkes ; — Proctor ; 

— Sammlung (Ginzel) ; — Yale. 
Athens. See Martin, A. 
Athos, Mount. See Riley. 

Atkins, William G. History of Hawley, Frank- 
lin county, Massachusetts, 1771 to 1887. With 
family records and biographical sketches. West 
Cummington, Mass., 1887. Portrait. 8°. 

* 23503. 87 

Atkinson, Edward. The margin of profits. 
How it is divided; what part of the present 
hours of labor can now be spared. An address 
before the Central labor lyceum of Boston, 
May I, 1887. \_Also, Reply", by E. M. Cham- 
berlin, and Mr. Atkinson's rejoinder.] N. Y. , 
1887. Folded table. [Questions of the day.] 
12°. 36503.89 

Atlases. See Palairet ; — Robert de Vaugondy. 

Atlases, Ancient. See Cellarius. 

Atlee family. See Barber. 

Aubigne, Theodore Agrippa d'. See Salis. 

Aubineau, Leon. Vie de la venerable mere 
EmiliedeRodat, fondatriceet premiere sup^rieure 
g^n^rale des religieuses de la Sainte-famille de 
Villefranche-de-Rouergue. 46 ^d. Paris, 1879. 
iS°. 55593.82 

Aucassin & Nicolette, a love story; edited in 
old French, and rendered in modern English, 
(with introduction, glossary, etc.) by F. W. 
Bourdillon. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 26605.78 

Pages 1S1-19S, bibliography. 

Augusta county, Virginia. See Waddell. 


Augustinus, Aurelius, St. Liber qvi appelatvr 
Specvlvm et liber De divinis scriptvris sive 
specvlvm qvod fertvr S. Avgvstini. Recensvit 
et commentario critico instrvxit F. Weihrich. 
Vindobonae, mdccclxxxvii. [Corpvs scriptorvm 
ecclesiasticorvm Latinorvm. Vol. 12.] 8°. 


— See Schaff. 

Au Sable chasm, near Lake Champlain. 
Souvenir. [N. Y., 1884.] 18 views. 320. 


Austin, Alfred. Prince Lucifer. [Dramatic 
poem.] London, 1887. Sm. 8". 4564.102 

Austin, George L. The life and times of 
Wendell Phillips. New ed. Boston, 1888 [1887]. 
Portrait. Illus. 120. 4348.157 

Austin, J. A. Ambulance sermons. Being a 
series of popular essays on medical and allied 
subjects. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 3728.66 

Australia. See Year-book. 

Austria. See Oesterreichisch; — Tannenberg. 

Authors. See Barrows ; — Cone. 

Avaux, Claude de Mesmes, comte d', and 
Mesmes, Jean J., sieur de Roissy. Correspon- 
dance inedite du comte d'Avaux (Claude de 
Mesmes) avec son pere Jean-Jacques de Mesmes, 
s'^de Roissy (1627-1642). Publi^e par A. Boppe. 
Paris, 1887. 8«. 4656.59 

Aveling, Edward and Eleanor M. The working- 
class movement in America. London, 1888 
[1887]. Sm. 8°. 5560.93 

Avianus, Flavins. Fables. Edited, with 
Prolegomena, by Robinson Ellis. Oxford, 1887. 
8°. 2923-53 

Axon, William E. A. Books and reading. An 
address at the Oldham public library, Feb. 6th, 
1886. [Manchester.?] 1886. Sm. 4.°. 2141.9 

Babelon, Ernest. Description historique et 
chronologique des monnaies de la R^publique 
romaine. T. 2. Paris, 1886. Illus. 8°. *275i.55 

Babylon. See Kaulen ; — Sayce. 

Bacon, Thomas S. The beginnings of reli- 
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ciety; Memoir 2, which many members of the society 
judged to carry the prize, by Benjamin Carrard; Third 
essay, by M. Seigneux de Correvon. 

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Fac-simile of the edition published at Anvers, 1580. 

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— See M'Clintock ; — Monser ; — Pinnock ; — 
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In the Chaldee language. 

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Bibliotheque orientale elzdvirienne. See Ca- 
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Contemporaneous tributes to the memory of H. 
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Books which have influenced me. London, 

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Articles published in the British weekly and written by 

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Uruguay und Venezuela. 

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— . Theatres. See Wyman. 

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prepared by H. F. Jenks. Boston, 1SS6. Illus. 
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Johnson's Diary of a journev into North Wales. 
Edited by G. B. Hill. Oxford, 1887. 6 v. Por- 
traits. 8°. "^4542.103 




Botany. See Beal ; — Bower; — Cohn; — 
Coulter; — Duthie; — Edwards, J. ; — English 
dialect society (Britten; Turner); — Goebel ; — 
North Carolina; — Paleobotany; — Pratt; — 
Sachs ; — Sammlung (Potonie) ; — Saporta; — 
Strasburger; — Syme. 

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etymologique des idiomes meridionaux qui sont 
paries depuis Nice jusqu'k Bayonne et depuis les 
Pyrenees jusqu'au centre de la France, compre- 
nant tous les termes vulgaires de la flore et de la 
faune m^ridionale, ainsi qu'une collection de 
proverbes locaux. Nimes, 1875. L. 8°. *468oa.3 

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Raconte parlui-m6me. Paris. [1880.] [Biblio- 
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Bourrouillan family. See Cazauran. 

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The same may be found in American academy of arts 
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Sm. 4^ *4374.io8 

— History of the Boyd family, and descend- 
ants. With an historical chapter of the " ancient 
family of Boyds," in Scotland, and a record of 
their descendants in Kent, New Windsor and 
Middletown, N.Y., Northumberland co.. Pa., and 
Boston, Mass., from 1740 to 1884. Conesus, N.Y., 
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Lismore papers (second series), viz., selections 
from the private and public (or state) corre- 
spondence of Sir Richard Boyle, first and ' great' 
earl of Cork. Never before printed. Edited by 
A. B. Grosart. In 4 vols. Vol. i, 2. London, 
1887. 4°. *6540.70 

Boylston, Massachusetts. Centennial cele- 
bration of the incorporation, August 18, 1886. 
Worcester, 1887. Plate. 8°. 4352-78 

The historical address was delivered by Henry M. Smith. 

Bozorg, — , captain. Livre des merveilles 
de rinde, par le capitaine Bozorg fils de Chah- 
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P. A. Van der Lith. Traduction fran9aise par 
L. Marcel Devic. [Arabic and French.^ Leide, 
18S3-S6. Plate. Map. 4°. *30io.55 

An earlier edition, with the title Adj& ib al-Hind les mer- 
veilles de rinde, and without the Arabic text, may be found 
on shelf-number 3029a.S5. 

Brain. See Swedenborg. 

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neunzehnten Jahrhunderts in ihren Hauptstro- 
mungen. B. 2. Die romantische Schule in 
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Brandy. See Volkswirthschaftliche (Eras). 

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'The Sunbeam.' London, 1886. Illus. F". 2260.70 

Contents. — A voyage in the Sunbeam; Sunshine and 
storm in the East; In the trades, the tropics, and tlie 
' roaring forties.' 

Brassey, Thomas. See Helps. 

Brattleborough, Vermont. Public library. 
Catalogue. With by-laws, rules, and regula- 
tions. Brattleboro, 1887. Plate. 8°. ♦2144.32 

— See Chamberlain. 

Brazil. See Edgcumbe; — Schuetz zu Holz- 

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lation of .^thelwold's De consuetudine mon- 
achorum and its relation to other Mss., critically 
edited from the ms. Cotton Tib. A. iii in the 
British museum. A dissertation. Leipsic, 1887. 
8°. 4582.100 

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Magnus vom Jahre 1539 nach dem Exemplar 
der Miinchener Staatsbibliothek. Christiania, 
1886. Folded map. 8°. 2283.56 

The folded map is a copy (reduced to one-third of the size 
of the original) of the Carta marina et descriptio septen- 
trionalivm terrarvm, Venetia, 1539. 

Brewster, H. B. The theories of anarchy and 
of law. A midnight debate. London, 1887. 
Sm. 8°. ^ 4576.101 

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liere a Poitiers en 1648 et les comddiens dans 
cette ville de 1648 a 1658. Public par Alfred 
Richard. Paris, 1887. 8°. 4670.12 

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scendants of John Bridge, Cambridge, 1632. 
Boston, 1884. Photographs. 8°. *4335-i27 

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London. [1885.] Sm. 4°. 4571.102 

Bridges. See Martin, G. A. ; — Massachu- 
setts. Board of railroad comtnissioners. 

Brigham, William T. Guatemala, the land 
of the quetzal. N. Y., 1887. Illus. Maps. 8°. 


Pa^es 430-442 contain A list of works relating to Central 

Bristol, England. See Latimer. 

British-American claim agency. Index regis- 
ter to next-of-kin, heirs-at-law, legatees, etc. 
Also, persons who have been advertised for to 
claim vast sums of money and property in Great 
Britain and all parts of the world, since 1650. 
N. Y. [i886.] 8°. ^2438.58 

British Columbia. See Cumberland ; — Well- 

British compendium, The : or, rudiments of 
honour. London, 1729-38. 4 V. Coats of arms. 
32°- ♦4539a. 104 

British museum. Manuscripts. A catalogue 
of the manuscripts hitherto undescribed : con- 
sisting of five thousand volumes. By S. Ays- 
cough. London, 1782. 2 v. 4°. ♦6170.23 

— See Royal Library. 

Brittany. 5'ee Anthologie; — Luzel. 

Britton, John. The history and antiquities of 
the metropolitical church of York. London, 
1819. 36 plates. F". ♦2460.76 

Brodix's American and English patent cases. 
Vol. 1-4. Washington, 1887. Plates. S". ♦3)565.66 

Contents. — 1-3. Decisions on the law of patents for in- 
ventions rendered by English courts since the beginning of 
the seventeenth century. 1662-1S43. Compiled and anno- 
tated by B. V. Abbott. 4. Decisions on the law of patents 
for inventions rendered by the United States Supreme 
court. 1754-1S47. Edited by Woodbury Lowery. 



Bronn, Heinrich G-, and others. Die Klassen 
und Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs, wissenschaft- 
lich dargestellt in Wort und Bild. B. 2. Spon- 
gien (Porifera). Leipzig, 18S7. 8°. ♦58S5.50.2 

Brookfield, Massachusetts. See Temple. 

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puritanische Revolution. Frankfort a. M., 1886. 
8°. 4542.104 

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Olaf and other poems. Chicago, 1887. Por- 
trait. 240. 44oga.i28 

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abuse in Old Testament study. N. Y., 1885. 16°. 


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don, 1887. Sm. 8°. 2767.56 

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Middlesex [England]. London, 1S87. Illus. 

8°. 4533-7 

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ests at the Cape of Good Hope, under the old re- 
gime and under the new. Edinb., 1887. 8°. 


Brown, Marie A. The Icelandic discoverers 

of America ; or, honour to whom honour is due. 

London, 1887. Plates. Sm. 8°. 2319.78 

Pages 209-213 contain a Bibliography of the important 
books confirming the Icelandic discovery of America. 

Browning, Robert. A blot on the 'scutcheon, 
and other dramas. v'F' ited by W.J. Rolfe and 
Heloise E. Hersey. N. Y.,1887. Portrait. 16°. 

, " 4563.78 

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biography, with a treatise on cricket contributed 
by W. G. Grace. London, 1887. Portrait. Sm. 
8". 4549- 1 08 

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trasted with foreignism, Romanism, and bogus 
democracy, in the light of reason, history, and 
Scripture. Nashville, 1856. Portrait. Illus. 
8". 43203.134 

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'83. A centennial poem. Read at Washington's 
headquarters, Oct. 18, 1883. N. Y., 1883. 16°. 

No. I in *4409a.i39 

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origine et ses luttes (1200-1760). Paris. [1S87.] 
Illus. Portraits. 18°. 2860.68 

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torique de la langue franijaise. Paris, 1887. 12°. 


Bryant, Sophie. Educational ends, or the 
ideal of personal development. London, 1887. 
Sm. 8°. 5596.67 

Bryant, William C. See Century club. 

Buccaneers. See Exquemelin. 

Bucer, Martin. See Philipp. 

Buchholz, Eduard A. W. Die homerischen 
Realien. B. 1-3. Leipzig, 1871-85. Table. 8°. 


Buckingham, Thomas. Moses and Aaron. 
God's favour to his chosen people, in leading 
them by the ministry of civil & ecclesiastical rul- 
ers, well qualified for the offices they are called 
to execute. Considered in a discourse had be- 
fore the General Assembly of the colony of Con- 
necticut, on May 9th. 1728. N. London, 1729. 
Sm. 8°. **4439-52 

Buckler, George. Twenty-two of the churches 
of Essex architecturally described and illustrated. 
London, 1856. Illus. L. 8°. **K.i54.i 

Buckminster, Joseph. A brief paraphrase 
upon Romans x, 4. With an answer to Mr. 
Foster's sermon, at the ordination of his son, at 
New-Braintree, October 29th, 1778. Worcester, 
1779. 8°. **H.99b.40 

Buddhism. See Jataka ; — Mus^e Guimet. 

Buedinger, Max. Acten zu Columbus' Ge- 
schichte von 1473 bis 1492. Eine kritische 
Studie. Wien, 1886. 8°. 2745.60 

Buffalo library, Buffalo, N. Y. The Buffalo 
library and its building. Illustrated with views. 
Also, brief historical sketches of the Buffalo fine 
arts academy, the Buffalo society of natural sci- 
ences, and the Buffalo historical society, which 
occupy parts of the same building. [Buffalo.] 
1887. 4°. *6i90.30 

Building. A journal of architecture. Vol. 4. 
Jan.-June, 1886. N.Y. [18S6.] Illus. F°. *69ii.i5 

Bulgaria. See Huhn ; — Koch. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward R. L., i st earl of Lyt- 
ton. After Paradise, or legends of exile; with 
other poems. Author's edition. Boston, 1887. 
16°. 4568.100 

Burgundy. See Micault. 

Burke, Oliver J. The south isles of Aran 
(county Galway). London, 18S7. Sm. 8^ 

2469. 104 

Burnham, Roderick H. Genealogical record 
of Thomas Burnham, the emigrant, who was 
among the earlj- settlers of Hartford, Connecti- 
cut, and his descendants. 2d ed. Hartford, 1S84. 
Fac-similes. Portraits. Plates. 8°. 

No. I in *4335.i25 

— Genealogical records of the three brothers 
John, Thomas, and Robert Burnham, who emi- 
grated to this country in 1635, and settled at 
Chebacco (Ipswich), Massachusets [5/c], and at 
Dover, New Hampshire. Vol. 2. Hartford, 
Conn., 1869. Portraits. 8". No. 2 in *4335.I25 

Vol. 1 is in * 

Burnouf, Emile L. Les chants de I'dglise 
latine. Restitution de la mesure et du rythme 
selon la mdthode naturelle. Paris, 1887. 8°. 

Burton, Jonathan. Diary and orderly book of 
Jonathan Burton, of Wilton, N. H., while in ser- 
vice in the army on Winter Hill : December :o, 
1775-January 26, 1776, and the Canada expedi- 
tion at Mount Independence: August i, 1776- 
November 29, 1776. Edited by I. W. Hammond. 
Concord, N. H., 1885. 8°. *44i3-64 

The same is in Documents and records relating to New 
Hampshire, 1885, Vol. 14 [*4437.i.i4]. 

Burton, Sir Richard F. Personal narrative of 
a pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah. With 
jntrod. by Bayard Taylor. 2d American ed. 
Boston, 1858. Map. 12°. 5079-63 

Busch, Wilhelm. See Daelen. 

Bussey bridge disaster. See Massachusetts. 

Bussiere, Georges. Etudes historiques sur la 
revolution en Pdrigord. 2e partie. Le mouve- 
ment electoral de 1789. Bordeaux, 1S85. 8°. 


Butler, Henry. The family aquarium; being 
a complete instructor upon fiuvial and marine 
aquaria. N. Y. [1858.] Illus. 12°. 59093.51 

Butler, William Allen. Nothing to wear: an 
episode of city life. \^Anon.'\ Illus. by Hoppin. 
N. Y., 1857. 16°. 44093.129 

Butterflies. See Lepidoptera. 



Butterworth, Hezekiah. Songs of history. 
Poems and ballads upon important episodes in 
American history. Boston, 1887. Sm. 8°. 


Butts, Isaac R. The United States business 
man's law cabinet, containing practical forms 
and commercial and domestic laws. Boston, 
i860. 6 pts. in I V. 12". *5639a.2i 

— The U. S. law cabinet, consisting of the en- 
larged and improved edition of the Business man's 
assistant. Boston, 1852, 53. 5 pts. in i v. 12°. 


Byron, George G. N., 6th baron Byron. Poe- 

tische Werke in acht B. In alteren Uebertragun- 

gen. B. 7, 8. Don Juan. Stuttgart. [1887.] 

[Cotta'sche Bibliothek.] 16°. 4561.64 

— See Nathan. 

Cable code. See Official cable. 

Cabot, James E. A memoir of Ralph Waldo 
Emerson. Boston, 1887. 2 v. Portrait. 12°. 


Cabous Onsor el Moali. Le Cabous namfe, ou 
livre de Cabous, de Cabous Onsor el Moali, 
souverain du Djordjan et de Guilan. Traduit 
pour la premiere fois en fran(jais avec des notes 
par A. Querrj'. Paris, 1886. [Biblioth^que 
orientate elzevirienne.] 18°. 30193.68 

" Une somme de conseils adaptes aux difF^rentes situa- 
tions de rexibtence humaine et qui place I'auteur au rang 
des moralistes persans." — p. viii. 

Cage birds. See Greene, W. T. 

Calculus. See Duehring. 

Calendars. See Mudge's ; — Muenchener. 

California. See Kirchhoff. 

Callan, Hugh. Wanderings on wheel and on 
foot through Europe. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 


Calpurnius Siculus, Titus. The Eclogues of 
Calpurnius Siculus and M. Aurelius Olympius 
Nemesianus, with introduction, commentary, & 
appendix. By C. H. Keene. London, 1887. Sm. 
8°. 2949.68 

Calverley, Yorkshire. See Margerison. 

Calvin, Jean. Le catechisme fran9ais de Cal- 
vin, public en 1537. Reimprim^ pour la pre- 
miere fois, & suivi de la plus ancienne confes- 
sion de foi de I'eglise de Geneve, avec notices 
par A. Rilliet & T. Dufour. Geneve, 1878. 16°. 


— See Arnaud. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts. Public library. 
Catalogue. Boston, 1887. L. 8°. *2i4i.8o 

Cambridge annual, The, for i886, 1887. Ed- 
ited by G. F. Crook. Cambridge, Mass., 1886, 
87. Sq. 160. *4458.33 

Cambridge university. See University of 

Campbell, Zor^f Archibald. Records of Argyll. 
Legends, traditions, and recollections of Argyll- 
shire Highlanders, collected chiefly from the 
Gaelic. With notes on the antiquity of the 
dress, clan colours, or tartans, of the Highland- 
ers. With etchings. Edinburgh, 1885. Portraits. 
4°. **K.l62.2 

Campbell, Douglas. Historical fallacies re- 
garding colonial New York, address before the 
Oneida historical society. Jan. 14, 1879. N. Y., 
1879. 8°. No. 3 in *4324.i05 

Canada. Parliament. Correspondence rela- 
tive to the fisheries question, 1885-87. Presented 
to Parliament, 3rd May, 1887. Ottawa, 1887. 8°. 


— Archivist. Abstracts of the Actes de foy et 
hommage (fealty rolls). [Ottawa, 1884, 85.] S*. 


" These registers contain the authentic evidence of the 
grants of seigniories and noble fiefs, from almost the earliest 
date t)f the French settlement, and although by great labour 
lists might be compiled from various publications, — from 
official returns to the Legislature, from the documents pub- 
lished by the Seignorial tenure commission, &c., yet even 
the bi-jt that could be done in this way would be incom- 
plete."— i?(?/or/ on Canadian archives, by Dr. Brymner, 
archivist, 1S84, p. viii. [*7O24.i0 (1884)]. 

— Geological survey. W. R. Logan, geol- 
ogist. Report on the north shore of Lake 
Huron. Montreal, 1849. Maps. 8°. *5875.26 

Relates largely to the mining districts. 

— See Baudoncourt; — Colbert; — Cumber- 
land ; — Mackinlay ; — Tanguay ; — Tfitu. 

Candler, C. The prevention of consumption. 
London, 1887. 8°. 3792.66 

Canning, George. Some official correspond- 
ence of Canning. [1821-1827.] Edited by E. 
J. Stapleton. London, 1887. 2 v. 8°. 4542.10g 

Canterbury poets (series'). See Blake; — 
Dobell ; — Hugo ; — Jonson ; — Waddington. 

Cape of Good Hope. See P. -own, J. C. 

Capefigue, Jean B. H. R. A king's mistress, 
or Charles vii. & Agnes Sorel and chivalry 
in the xv. century. Now first trans, from the 
French, with notes and illustrations by E. Gold- 
smid. In 2 vols. Vol. 1. Edinburgh, 1S87. 
[Bibliotheca curiosa.] Sm. 8°. *^,*6649a.75 

Capital punishment. See Sammlung (Frau- 

Capsule of Tenon. See Motais. 

Carayon, Augusta, editor. Documents in^dits, 
concernant la Compagnie de J^sus. Poitiers, 
1863-70. 22 vol. in 10. 8°. *3535-58 

Carey, Henry C, and Lea, Isaac. The geog- 
raphy, history, and statistics of America, and 
the West Indies. With additions relative to the 
new states of South America, etc. London. 
[182-.] Plates. Maps. 8°. 4366.100 

Carlos, Don, son of Charles iv, of Spain. See 

Carlyle, Jane B. See Barine. 

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stants. Melting and boiling point tables. Vol. 
2. London, 1887. 40. *3970.50 

Carnoy, Emile, editor. Contes franqais, re- 
cueillis par E. Henry Carnoy. Paris, 1885. i8°- 

4670b. 13 

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empire, [a.d. 284-461.} London, 1887. Map. 
[Epochs of church history.] Sm. 8°. 55293.69 

Carr, Frank. Lorenzo of the " Merchant of 
Venice " : his character. A phantasie, by Launce- 
lot Cross [/5e«</.]. London, 1885. 8°. 4592.100 

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Sm. 8°. *4407.iio 

Carter, Mrs. Clara A., and Carter, Mrs. Sarah 
A. A genealogy of the descendants of Samuel 
and Thomas, sons of Rev. Samuel Carter. 
1640-1886. [Clinton, 1887.] 8°. *4435-62 

Carteret, John, ^ar/ Granville. See Ballan- 

Carthage. See Meltzer. 

Cary, Samuel F. Cary memorials. Cincin- 
nati, 1874. Vignette. 4°. *4330,ioo 

Cassell's concise cyclopaedia. Edited by W. 
Heaton. With illus. London, 1883. 8°. '*A.ii5.7 

Cassini's curve. See Hudler. 




Cassino, Samuel E. International scientist's 
directory. Boston, 18S5. 16°. *3826.68 

Castonnet des Fosses, H. La poesie pastorale 
portugaise. Angers, 1886. 8". 3086.18 

Catalogues. See Apprentices' library; — 
Astor ; — Bell ; — Brattleborough ; — Cambridge ; 
— Liverpool ; — Narducci ; — New Haven ; — 
Princeton ; — Royal library; — Smith, T. 

Catechism, A, of phrenology. By a member 
of the Phrenological society of Edinburgh. Re- 
vised and enlarged by N. Sizer. With illus. 
N. Y. [1884.] 12°. 7607.63 

Catechisms. See Arnaud ; — Calvin. 

Catskill mountains, N. Y. Catskill souvenir. 
[N. Y., 1886.] 240. *4379a.io3 

Cavalry. See Martin, A. 

Cavendish, /.^earf. ^'ee Jones, Henry. 

Cavendish, Margaret, duchess of Nexvcastle. 
[Observations upon experimental philosophy.] 
[London, 1666.?] F". *796o.4 

Title-page missing. 

Cazauran, — , abbe. Diocese d'Auch, histoire 
paroissiale. Baronnie de Bourrouillan, histoire 
seigneuriale et paroissiale. Paris, 1887. Plates. 
8°. 2633.50 

Cazet, CI. , abbe. Genealogies des racines semi- 
tiques. Paris, 1886. L. 8°. 3030.61 

Cecil county, Maryland. 5"^^ Johnston. 

Cellarius, Christoph. Geographia antiqua : 
being a complete set of maps of antient geog- 
raphy, engraved from Cellarius. On 33 copper 
plates. A new ed. London, 1799. 4°. *2284.57 

Centaurs. See Meyer. 

Century club, Ne-w York. Bryant memorial 
meeting. Nov. 12th, 1878. N. Y. [1878.] Por- 
trait. 8°. No. I in *4344.io6 

Cerexhe, Michel. Les monnaies de Charle- 
magne. Gand, 1887. Plates. 8°. 2632.59 

Ceylon. See Moore, F. 

Chabas, Francois J. L'inscription hidrogly- 
phique de Rosette, analys^e et comparde a la 
version grecque. Chalon-s/S., 1867. 8°. 


— Le papyrus magique Harris. Traduction 
analytique et commentee d'un manuscrit egyp- 
tien. Chalon-sur-Sa6ne, i860. Plates. 4°. ' 


Chabrand, Jean A. Vaudois et protestants 
des Alpes. Grenoble, 1886. 8°. 5526.70 

Chadboume, Paul A. See Bassett. 

Chaldee language. See Bible. Psalms; — 
Doctrina ; — Syllabaire. 

Chalmers, George. Caledonia : or, a histori- 
cal and topographical account of North Britain 
from the most ancient to the present times, with 
a dictionary of places. New ed. Vol. i. Paisley, 
1887. Map. Plans. [New club series.] 4°. 

Chamberlain, Mellen. Address at the dedica- 
tion of the Brooks library building at Brattle- 
borough, Vermont, January 25, 1887. Cam- 
bridge, 1887. 8°. **H. 85.27 

The same may be found in Proceedings at the dedication 
of the Brooka library building, Cambridge, 1887, PP- >8-so 

— Landscape in life and in poetry. Concord, 
N. H., 1886. Sm. 4°. 4401.78; **H.85.26 

Chambers, Talbot W. A companion to the 
revised Old Testament N. Y., 1885. 12°. 


— Fifty years of church life. An historical dis- 
course Feb. 20, 1887, in the Middle Dutch church, 
New York. [N. Y., 1887.] Plates. 8°. *3545.66 

Champier, Victor. Lesanciensalmanachs illus- 
tres. Accompagne de 50 planches, reproduisant 
les principaux almanachs. Paris, 1886. Y°. 


Chandler, Seth. Longley genealogy. A record 
of the Longley families of Shirley, Massachu- 
setts, and their descendants. Fitchburg, 1884. 
8". *4335-"5 

Reprinted from Chandler's History of Shirley, :8S3 

Chants. See Burnouf. 

Chaper, Eugene, editor. Recueil de docu- 
ments relatifs a I'histoire politique, litteraire, 
scientifique, a la bibliographie, a la statistique, 
etc., du Dauphine. Reunis et annotes par un 
vieux bibliophile dauphinois [Eugene diaper]. 
Fascicule 1-3. Grenoble, 1881-86. 8". *46io.6o 

Contents. — Fascicule i. Histoire abregge du Dauphin^, 
de 1626 Si 1S26, par Augustin Perier. 2. Kmlgres protes- 
tants dauphinois secourus par la Bourse fran^aise du Ge- 
neve de 16S0 a 1710. 3. Destruction des archives du Patle- 
ment et de la Cour des comptes du Dauphine ordonnee et 
commencee en 1793. 

Chapman, Jacob. A genealogy of the Phil- 
brick and Philbrook families, descended from 
the emigrant, Thomas Philbrick, 1583-1667. Exe- 
ter, N. H., 18S6. Portraits. 8°. *4335.iii 

Chapman, John H., editor. The register book 
of marriages belonging to the Parish of St. 
George, Hanover square, in the county of Mid- 
dlesex. Vol. I. 1725 to 17S7. London, 1886. 
[Harleian societj'. Publications.] L. 8'^. 


Chapman, T. J. The French in the Alleghenv 
valley. Cleveland. [1887.] 12°. *4378.io6 

Charlemagne. See Early English text so- 
ciety ; — Cerexhe. 

Charles VIL, of France. See Capefigue. 

Charles L, count of Anjou, king of Naples and 
Sicily, 1 220-1 285. See Durrieu. 

Charles, Elizabeth. Martyrs and saints of the 
first twelve centuries. Studies from the lives of 
Black letter saints of the English calendar. By 
the author of the Schdnberg-Cotta family. 
London. 1S87. 8°- 5557-76 

Charleston, South Carolina. Year book. 
1886. [Charleston, 18S6.] 8". *637oa.6o (1886) 

Contents. —yi-Aycir Courtenay's annual review; Appen- 
dix: A relation of the voyage of the colonists, who sailed 
from the Thames, in August, j66p, via Kinsale, Ireland and 
Barhadoes. visiting Port Royall, and finally settling on 
Ashley river, where they' founded Charles Town. These 
letters, wriUen by the colonists, form pnrt of the Shaftes- 
bury papers. 1^7. [Prepared for publication by N. M. 
Porter.] Folded map. — The parish church of St. "Michael, 
in Charles Town, in the province of South Carolina. [By 
G. S. Holmes.] — Interesting private letters written by Caro- 
linians in the last century. — A descriptive narrative of the 
earthquake of August 3'i, 1SS6. By C. McKinley. 

— See Mazyck. 

Chase, Frederic H. Chrysostom, a study in 
the history of Biblical interpretation. Cam- 
bridge, 1S87. 8°. 3551-56 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. Canterbury tales. Added, 
an essay on his language and versification, with 
notes and a glossary. By T. Tyrwhitt. 2d ed. 
Oxford, 1798. 2 v. Portrait. 4°. 

2571-13; **K.i5i.9 

— Canterbury tales. From the text and with 
the notes and glossary of T. Tyrwhitt, con- 
densed and arranged under the text. Illus. 
London. [1867.] Sm. 8°. 4567-71 




Chauchetiere, Claude. La vie de la B. Cathe- 
rine Tegakouita dite a present La saincte Sauua- 
gesse. Manate, de la presse Cramoisy de J. M. 
Shea. [Albany : imp. par les fils de J. Munsell.] 
1887. Fac-simile. Portrait. 8", 1. p. *23ii.34 

Chemistry. See Carnelley. 

— Analysis. See Crafts ; — Dittmar ; — Elec- 
trolysis; — Perkins. 

Cheney, John V. Thistle-drift. [Poems.] 
N. Y., 1887. 16°. *4409a.i37 

Chen-ki-souen. L'encre de Chine. Son his- 
toire et sa fabrication d'apres des documents 
chinois. Traduits par Maurice Jametel. Paris, 
1882. Illus. [Bibliothfeque orientale elz^vi- 
rienne.] 18°. 30193.67 

Cherbuliez, Charles Victor. La bfite. 6e ed. 
Paris, 1887. 18°. 4670b.11 

Cheshire, England. See Croston. 

Chesneau, Ernest. Joshua Reynolds. Paris. 
[18S7.] Illus. [Les artistes celfebres.J Sm. 4°. 


Chester, Joseph L. Greenwood cemetery and 
other poems. N. Y., 1843. ^2°. 4408.100 

— London marriage licences, 1521-1869. Ed- 
ited by Joseph Foster. With memoir and por- 
trait. London, 1887. L. 8°. *25ooa.ioo 

Cheyne, Thomas K. Job and Solomon; or, 
the wisdom of the Old Testament. London, 
1887. 8°. 541355 

Child, Lydia M. Letters. With biographical 

introd. by' J. G. Whittier and an appendix, by 

Wendell Phillips. Boston, 1883. Portrait. i6«. 

4249.50; **K. 138.15 

Children. See Mitchell, W. ; — Volkswirth- 
schaftliche (Lammers). 

— Anecdotes. See Universal-Bibliothek 

— Diseases. See Owen. 
Chimes. See Ellacombe. 

China. See Mariage ; — Rosny ; — Universal- 
Bibliothek (Katscher). 

Chinese art. See South Kensington. 

Chinese in America. See Raymond. 

Chinese ink. See Chen. 

Chinese language. See Lacouperie. 

Chiniquy, Charles. Fifty years in the church 
of Rome. 3d ed. Chicago, 1886. Portraits. 8°. 


Chippewa language. See Baraga. 

Chiromancy. See Baughan. 

Choiseul-Gouffier, Marie Gabriel F. A., comte 
d\ See Pingaud. 

Cholera. See Wiener (Kapper). 

Cholet, Estienne. Remarqves singvliferes de 
la ville, citd et vniversit^ de Paris. Paris, 1614. 
[Introduction et notes par I'abb^ V. Dufour.] 
[Paris, 1881.] Map. [Anciennes descriptions 
de Paris. 6.] 16°. . 2639.66.6 

Chopin, Fr^d^ric F. Waltzes for piano forte. 
Revised & fingered by Hermann Scholtz. Bos- 
ton, n. d. 4°. *8o57.30 

Christ. See Miller.J. R. 

Christianity. See Blondeaux; — Blyden; — 

Christine de Pisan. CEuvres po^tiques. Pu- 
bli^es par Maurice Roy. Tome i. Paris, 1886. 
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These verses refer to Gladstone. 

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The same is in Journal of the Military service institution, 
:8S3, vol. 4, pp. 250-287 [*7958.SS-4]- 

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2 V. 8». 4656-64 




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I, 2]. 

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%". 4542.106 

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Sarah Bernhardt is the person satirized. 

Colonization. See Volkswirthschaftliche 


Color. See Werner. 

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— School of library economy. Annual regis- 
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— See Sloan. 

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Commercial law. See Borchardt. 

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C.j'r. ; — Scharf 

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General description of the property. With 
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1887.] 4°. •5860.52 

Conisborough castle. See Smith, H. E. ; — 

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Report, ist-6th, 1882-87. Hartford, 1S82-87. 
Maps. 8°. *5879-55 

Devoted largely to the results of the artificial propaga- 
tion of the oyster. 

— Election sermons. See Buckingham ; — 

Consanguineous marriage. See Huth. 

Conscience. See McCosh. 

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a most copious dictionarie, of the English set 
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No. I in *6682.2 

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bre, 1SS6 [*7340i«-S']- 

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Illus. 12°. 2276.61 

Excursions in and around the Princes' islands in the 
Propontis, and the adjacent places in Asia and Europe. — 

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N. Y., 1S86. 12°. 59793.46 




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See Collette. 

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Credit. See Knies. 

Crete. See Edwardes. 

Cricket. See Brownlee ; — Gale. 

Crime. See M'Naught. 

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8*'. *25o8.23 

— Index to the parish registers of Leek 
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1887. L. 8°. **25ooa.io2 

— Index to the Visitation of Derbyshire, 1663- 
1664. [London.] 1887. L. 8°. *250oa.ioi 

The Visitation here indexed was the one printed by Sir 
Thomas Phillipps in 1S54. 

— The parish registers of Frostenden, Suffolk. 
[London.] 1887. L. 8°. %*25oi.ioo 

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trait. Illus. 8°. *453i.ioo 

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On pages 71-90 is a genealogical appendix, containing 
an account of the children and grandchildren of Joseph and 
Jerusha K. Warner. 

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of a visit to the scenes in which his life was 
spent, with some account of the examination of 
his relics. London, 1S87. Portrait. Illus. 
Map. 8°. 35503.58 

Cryptogams. See Wagner, H. 

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from ocean to ocean. London, 1887. Illus. 
Maps. 8°. 4362.103 

A description of the country through which runs the 
Canadian Pacific railway. 

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W. The pioneers of the Alps. London, 1887. 
Illus. Portraits. 4°. *286o.i2 

Biographical sketches with portraits of leading Alpine 

See Thoumas. 

A historyof the Irish nation. 
Illus. 4°. *45ioa.24 

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Traduit de I'anglais par L. de Millou^. Paris, 
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Contents. — 6,7. A hand-book of general and operative 

gynecology. By A. Hegar and R. Kaltenbach. Ed. by E. 

H. Grandin. 2 v. 9. Diseases of the female mammary 

f lands, by Th. Billroth. And new growths of the uterus, 
y A. Gusserow. Ed. by E. H. Grandin. 10. Diseases of 
the female urethra and bladder. By F. Winckel. And dis- 
eases of the vagina. ByA. Breisky. Ed. by E.H. Grandin. 

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Cusack, Mary F. 
London. [1876.] 
Cust, Robert N. 

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foie. Paris, 1887. 8°. 3791.82 

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i'empereur Alexandre i". [1776-1823.] Paris, 
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Dalmatia. 5ee Jackson, T. G. 

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poraine. Specimens de tombeaux, chappelles 
fun^raires, mausol^es, etc. Choisis principale- 
ment dans les cimetiferes de Paris. Paris, 1871. 
1 19 plates. Fo. *^*C.C.9.4 

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Swift. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 4518. loi 

Consists, with some introductory matter, of the papers 
written by Swift.froni 1 720 to 1 734, on the condition of I reland. 

— Radical pioneers of the eighteenth century. 
London, 1886. Sm. 8°. 4518.105 

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notices of three Damon families who came to 
New England in the xviith century. Honolulu, 
H. I., 1882. Illus. Portrait. 8°. 4335.108 

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laires par I'electricit^. Paris, 1887. 8°. 5801.69 

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Trans, by Elizabeth P. Sayer. London, 1887. 
[Morley's universal library.] Sm. 8°. 2799.58 

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Dare, Jeanne. See Jadart ; — Lemerle. 

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artistes dans les rapports internationaux. Ou- 
vrage couronn^ par la Faculty de droit de Douai 
et par I'Acad^mie de legislation. Paris, 1887. 
[Etudes thdoriques et pratiques de droit interna- 
tional priv^.] 8°. 3667.39 

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et les victimes. Souvenirs de la revolution en 
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ing an autobiographical chapter. Edited by 
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Norse. With essay on popular tales. 2d ed. 
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ings of the conventions and councils in the 
diocese of Virginia. Richmond, 1883. 8°. 


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traveller, " Turk," and lion-hunter. Illus. Lon- 
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ing. Illustrated with over 2,000 engravings. 
Vol. I. London, 1885. L. 8°. 

80203.59; **8o20a.64 

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Jesus Christ. A sermon preach'd in Hanover 
county, Virginia, May 8, 1758. With an account 
of the late religious impressions among the stu- 
dents in the College of New-Jersey. 4th ed. 
Boston, 1762. 240. **H.99b.42 




Davis, David. See Weldon. 

Davis, John. See Davis, W. W. H. 

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Russian da vs. Bv S. M. Henrj £)avis. With 
jliuR. N. v., 1887. 16°. 2866.62 

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Doyleston, Pa., 1SS6. Portraits. 8°. *434i.iox 

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tr, Ranchin, Rocoles. La prdvoste de Paris et 
risic- de- France. Introduction et notes par 
TabW V. Dufour. Paris, 1883. Portrait. [An- 
ciennes descriptions de Paris. 10.] 16°. 


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design.] Sm. 8°. 8069.63 

Deaf and dumb. See Seiss. 

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the First or the Royal regiment of dragoons : its 
formation in the reign of king Charles the sec- 
ond, and services to the present time. Illus. 
London, 1887. 8". ♦6521.19 

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ingham. Cambridge, 1885. Portrait. 8°. 

No. 8 in *4345.ioo 

The Mine ic ia Massachusetts historical society. Proceed- 
ings, 1885, Vol. ai, pp. 381-393 [*235S.ia.2i]. 

— Memoir of Samuel F. Haven. Cambridge. 

1885. Portrait. 8°. No, 3 in +4344. 106 
The same is in Massachusetts historical society, Proceed- 
ings, iSSs. Vol. ji.pp. 394-405 [•2355.12.21]. 

Deane, Llewellyn. Biographical sketch of 
John G. Deane, and brief mention of his connec- 
tion with the northeastern boundary of Maine ; 
also, memoranda about members of the family. 
Washington, 1887. Map. 80. *4344.io7 

Decoration. See Bonnar; — Day ; — Miller, 
F. ;— Racinet; — Shaw. 

Decorator's assistant, The. Containing up- 
wards of 600 receipts. 2d ed. London, 1887. 
Sm. S». 8038.24 

De Foe, Daniel. The life and surprising ad- 
ventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, mariner. 
1 Reprinted from the author's edition 1719.] 
Ilus. by Gordon Browne. N. Y., 1887. 12°. 


Delacroix, Eugene. See V^ron. 

Delahaye, Philibert. L'industrie moderne. 
L'^clairagc dans la ville et dans la maison. Paris. 
[1887?] Illus. [Bibliothfcque de la nature.] 

'•» , , 3960a. 19 

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mcnts de tcrre et leur provision. Paris, 1884. 8°. 

^ , 386oa.7i 

Delorme, Philibert. Sec Vachon. 

Delos, Island of. See Homolle. 

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1886. Plate, ijo. 46598.66 
Denmark. Sre Vedel. 

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New York historical society, at the celebration 
of its sixty-ninth anniversary, Jan. 6, 1874. N Y 
1874. Portrait. L. 8". •4541. io<i 

— A memoir of William Henry Guest. N. Y., 
1878. L. 8". ^2«, k8 

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of Leonard (Lcnnart) Torstenson,' senator of 
Sweden, count of Orlanta, chief of the Swedish 
artillery. Poughkcepsie, 1855. 8°. 484a ai 


Derbyshire, England. See Crisp. 

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et rislamisme. Paris, 1886. [Bibliotheque ori- 
entale elzdvirienne.] iS°. 30193.64 

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livres. Les Editions originales des Romantiques. 
Paris. [1887.] 2v. S". 467013 

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poetiques. 1819-1833. [Tome 1,2.] Paris, 1886. 
Portrait. 24°. 2670.78 

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Ledru, A. , abbi. Le chateau de Sourches au Maine 
et ses seigneurs. Paris, 18S7. Plates. 8°. 4613.59 

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Paris, 1881. 16". 467ob.8 

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Dorat et les poetes lagers au xviii* siecle. 
Paris, 1SS7. Portraits. 16". 4670b. 5 

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ausg. von J. Kurschner. Jahrg. 7, 8. Berlin. 
[1884,85.] 16°. *6i98.i6 

Devotion, John. The necessity of a constant 
readiness for death. A discourse, preached at 
Hartford North-meeting-house, May 25th, 1766. 
Occasioned by that alarming providence, the 
sudden demolition of the school-house, by gun- 
powder. Hartford. [1766.] 160. **H.98.83 

This explosion happened during the preparation for cele- 
brating the repeal of the Stamp act. 

Devotion, Books of. See Dix ; — Seamen's ; — 
West, J. H. 

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Yale university. N. Y., 1887. 8°. 

2387-74; **2387-75 

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suffrage. Boston, 1885. 8°, 1. p. 5572.105 

Ten essays reprinted from the Congregationalist, with 
slight revision. 

Diabetes. See Latham, 

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sions. Republished from ' The Spectator.' Lon- 
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Leslie Stephen, Vol.12, Conder-Craigie. Lon- 
don, 1887, L. 8". * 

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pfarramtliche Praxis. Der heutige Stand der 
alttestamentlichen Wissenschaft von W. Graf von 
Baudissin. Giessen, 1884. 16°. 5437-73 

Diet. See Sde; —Thompson, Sir H, 

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Ach^m^nides, Parthes, Sassanides. ie-4epartie. 
Paris, 1884, 85. Woodcuts. Plates. F°. 


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of European politics, or Europe in 1S87. By the 
author of •' Greater Britain." London, 1887. 8°. 


Reprinted from the Fortnightly review, with additions. 

Dinocerata. See U. S. Geological survey. 

Dionysia. See Lueders. 

Diplomacy. See U, S, State department. 


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chemical analysis : with a short treatise on gas 
analysis. London, 1887. 8°. 397oa.3 

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1542. Eine Monographic. Braunsberg, 1885. 8". 


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oblong. ""SoaS 21 

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memoir. London, 18S7. [Canterbury poets.] 
16°. 2560b. 68 

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dyne Bible, the first printed in Scotland. With 
notices of the early printei-s of Edinburgh. With 
facsimiles and other illus. Edinb., 18S7. 8°. 


Doctrina Christiana lingua Chaldaica idioma- 
tis Urmise Persidis. Parisiis, 1886. Sm. 16°. 

7439a. 88 

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or socialism a reality. N. Y. [1887.] Sq. 24". 


Dogs. See Pearce. 

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der ersten Halfte des igten Jahrhunderts. Mit 
Illus. Leipzig, 1886. 2 v. Portraits. 4°. 


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A manual of experimentation with the porte 
lumiere and magic lantern. New ed. Illus. 
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Domesday book. See Birch ; — Hutchins ; — 
Royal historical society. 

Domestic animals. See Warburg. 

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Drawing. See Graef ; — U. S. Bureau of edu- 

Dress. See Estienne. 


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Contains seven one-act comedies. 

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A reply to Mrs. Stanton's reflections on Benjamin Frank- 
lin's relations with his family. 

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Des erstes Vortrages sechste, des zweiten Vor- 
trages zweite Auflage. Leipzig, 1884. 8°. 


A translation of the first lecture is in vol. j of the Popular 
science monthly [5916.50.5]. 

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ings and their homes. Boston, 1887. Sm. 4°. 


Consists of quotations from Ku^ler, Vasari, Mrs. Jame- 
son and others, with blank leaves for the insertion of pho- 

Dumas, Alexandre, the younger. Francillon. 
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4670. I I 

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theque nationale. 

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during the greater part of last century. Glas- 
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London, 18^-86. 8". 

Namely : — 

The English Charlemagne romances. Paris 
10, II. ***46o7.33 

Comlmit. — The ri(flit pleasaunt and sroodly historic of 
the frturc snnncs of Ayinon. Englisht from the French by 
William Caxton. Edited from the unique copy, by Octavia 

Horstmann, C&r\, editor. The lives of women 
saints of our contrie of England, also some 
other Hues of holie women written by some of 
the auncient fathers, (c. 1610-1615.) Edited for 
the first time from MS. Stowe 949. *<,*24i7.83 

Johannes 7-o« Hildeshcim. The three kings of 
Cologne. An early English translation of the 
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Two parallel texts, edited from the mss., to- 
gether with the Latin text, by C. Horstmann. 


The Romance of Sir Beues of Hamtoun. Edited 
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with preface and notes, by E. Kolbing. Part i. 


The wars of Alexander; an alliterative ro- 
mance translated chiefly from the Historia Alex- 
andri Magni de preliis. Re-edited from ms. 
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and MS. D. 4. 12. in the library of Trinity col- 
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Earth. See Jakob ; — Lockyer. 

Earthquakes. See Delauney. 

East India company. See Hedges. 

East Indies. See Heydt ; — Pyrard. 

Eastern question. See Barth/lemy Saint-Hi- 
laire; — Pingaud. 

Easy lessons in reading. With an English 
and Mardthi vocabulary. Bombay, 1851. Sm. 

* 3037 22 

Ecclesiastical history. See Haweis;— Ter- 

Ecclesiastical institutions. See Spencer 

Ecuador. See Kolberg. 

Edburton, Sussex, England. See Crisp. 

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holiday m Brazil imd on the River Plate With 
illus Ix)ndon. 18S7. Map. Sm. 8°. 4360.101 

^*>5«*'°rth^ Maria. Moral tales for young 
P«°P'«- NY.. ,818. IQ. 3 V. 240. 656ob.52 

Edinburgh. See Dobson. W. T. 

Education. Ar«r Baldwin ; — Bryant, S. - — Col- 
i5'u.' ~ «'"'.* ' ~ ^\oM^\^ ; — Morgan, T. I. • _ 
Nohl , - Pcabody, E. P. ; _ Schmfd ; -Simpson. 

Edward m of England. See Ashley. 

don r^, * ^"''"- !'*"«" from Crete. Lon- 
oon, 11W7. 8». 3081.62 


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London, 1743-64. 7 v. 362 colored plates. 4°. 


In Eng^lish and French. It was the author's intention to 
complete the work with the fourth volume, but he after- 
wards continued it under the title, Gleanings of natural 

Edwards, John. The British herbal, contain- 
ing one hundred plates of the most beautiful and 
scarce flowers and useful medicinal plants which 
blow in the open air of Great Britain, coloured 
from nature. London, 1770. F°. *585oa.6 

Eells, Nathanael. The wise ruler a loyal sub- 
ject. A sermon preached in the audience of the 
General assembly of the colony of Connecticut, 
on the day of their anniversary election in Hart- 
ford, May I2th, 1748. N. London, 1748. 16°. 


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gold, and mercury in the United States. In 2 
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Revillout ; — Sharpe ; — Wyld. 

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[1882.] 8°. 8065.72 

Electrical testing. See Kempe. 

Electricity. See Danion ; — Henry, J. ; — Lar- 
den ; — May ; — Munro, J. 

Electoral system of the United States. See 

Electrolysis. See Classen. 

Eliot, George, p^etid. Works. Edition de 
luxe. Boston, 18S6, 87. 12 v. Portraits. Plates. 

**K. 154.4 
**K. 154.6 



Contents. — 
Vol. I, Adam Bede. 

a. The mill on the Floss. 

3. Felix Holt, the radical. 

4. Scenes of clerical life. 

5. 6. Romnia; Silas Marner. 

7, 8. Middlemarch. **K. 154.7 

9. Complete poems. **K. 154.8 

10. Miscellaneous essavs; Impressions of Theo- 
phrastus Such; The veil lifted; Brother 
Jacob. **K.iS4.9 

11,12. Daniel Deronda. ** 

— See Barine. 

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belfries and ringers; with an appendix on chim- 
ing. With illus. London, i8';9,6o. 8°. 8045.72 

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of the Gold coast of West Africa. London, 
1887. Map. 8°. 3050.70 

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Lee, from the Peninsula to Appomattox court 
house. Phila., 1886. Illus. \2°. 4348.150 

Ellis, John. The new Christianity. An ap- 
peal to the clergv and to all men in behalf of its 
life of charity. N. Y., 1887. 12°. 5575-93 

Largely upon alcoholic drinks. 

Ellis, John H., editor. The registers of Stour- 
*oS' '^°""^>' Wilts, from 1570 to 1800. London, 
1887. [Harleian society. Publications.] 8". 

T^, *24ioa.79 

Elocution. See Ross. 

Ely, Heman. Records of the descendants of 
Nathaniel Ely. Cleveland, 1885. Portraits. 4°. 



Embryology. See Haddon. 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. See Cabot; — Has- 

Emery, Jacques A. See Mdric. 

Encyclopaedias. See Cassell's; — Ersch ; — 

Engineering. See Cleemann ; — Haldane. 

England. See Ashley; — Holmes, O. W. ; — 
Hutton ; — Lappenberg; — Shand ; — Stone, J. 
S. ; — Universal-Bibliothek (Katscher). 

England, Church of. See Cutts; — Egomet; 

— Trotter; — Wakeman ; — Woodhouse. 
English dialect society. Publications. No. 4, 

7, 19, 22, 26, 34, 37, 45, 47. London, 1874-86. 

Namely : — 

No. 4. Series D. Sweet, Henry. A history 
of English sounds from the earliest period, in- 
cluding an investigation of the general laws of 
sound change, and full word lists. 1874. 


No. 7, Series D. Elworthy, Frederick T. The 
dialect of West Somerset. 1875. 

No. I in *^*46o6.55 

The same is in Philological society, Transactions, 1875-76, 
pp. 197-373 [*2940.S. 1875-76]. 

No. 7, Series D. Ehvorthj', Frederick T. An 
outline of the grammar of the dialect of West 
Somerset. 1877. No. 2 in *^,*46o6.55 

The same is in Philological society, Transactions, 1S77-79, 
pp. 143-257 [•2940.S. 1877-79] . 

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Holland, Robert. A dictionary of English plant- 
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names of herbes. A. d. 1548. Edited by James 
Britten. 1881. *^,*46o6.56 

No. 37, Series D. Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony. 
The book of husbandry, by Master Fitzherbert. 
Reprinted from the edition of 1534, and edited 
by W. W. Skeat. 1882. ***46o6.57 

No. 47, Series D. Swainson, J^ev. Charles. 
Provincial names and folk lore of British birds. 
1S85. ***46o6.58 

This work was published by the Folk-lore society under 
the title "The folk-lore and provincial names of British 
birds" [*4SSoa.s6]. 

— Report, ist-i3th. [Manchester.] 1874-87. 

S°. *46o3.6i 

English language and literature. See Anglia ; 

— Bain ; — Croly ; — Earle ; — Early English text 
society ; — English dialect society ; — Hazlitt ; — 
Mackav. — Parmentier; — Ricker; — Skeat, W. 
W. ; — "Svveet; — Welsh, A. H. 

Engravings. See Bibliotheque nationale. 

Entomology (Fossil). See U.S. Geological 
survey (Scudder). 

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son ceuvre. Paris, 1887. Illus. Portraits. L. 8°. 


Episcopacy. See Spalding. 

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AUgemeine Encyklopadie der Wissenschaften 
und Kiinste. 2te Section. H — N. Theil 40. 
Kriegsakademie-Kurzsichtigkeit. Leipzig, 1887. 
4°. *B.i54.i 

Esquimaux. See Morillot. 

Essex, England. See Buckler. 


Estienne, Antoine. A charitable remonstrance 
addressed to the wives and maidens of France, 
touching their dissolute adornments, together 
with two curious elegies. Translated from the 
French of F. A. E. M. by William Rooke. 
(Printed at Paris in 1585.) Edinb.,1887. [Col- 
lectanea adamantsea.] Sm. 8°. ***5588.83 

The translator states that the initials •' F. A. E. M." 
signify " Frfere Antoine Estienne mineur." 

Etchings. See Duesseldorf; — Representative. 

Ethelwold. See Breck. 

Ethics. See Batchelor ; — Cabous ; — Fair- 
bairn; — Wilson, J. M. 

Ethiopian language. See Praetorius. 

Ethnology. See Rosny. 

Eton college. See L'Estrange. 

Euchre. See Keller. 

Euripides. Alcestis and other plays. Trans, 
into English verse by R. Potter. London, 1887. 
[Morley's universal library.] Sm. 8°. 2978.72 

Europe. See Callan; — Dilke; — Glisan; — 

Eustathius, bishop of Antioch. See Texte 

Evolution. See Powell. 

Examination papers. See Skeat. 

Exodus of Israel. iSce Forster, C. 

Exquemelin, Alexandre O. Histoire des flibus- 
tiers-aventuriers am^ricains au xvii" siecle. Par 
A. O. CExmelin. Paris, 1886. [Voyages dans 
tons les mondes. Nouvelle bibliotheque histo- 
rique et littdraire, publi^e sous la direction de E. 
Muller.] 16°. 43i9a.i02 

A considerably abridged edition. 

Eye. See Motais ; — Stevens ; — Wiener. 

Eyma, Louis Xavier. Les amoureux de la 
demoiselle. Paris, 1877. ^^o. 466ob.i5 

Eyssenhardt, Franz R., ed. Mittheilungen 
aus der Stadtbibliothekzu Hamburg. 1-4. 1884- 
87. [Hamburg, 1884-87.] 8°. * 

Contents. — i . Aafio(r»ci'ou AtaJdxov 'Airopiai xal Auo-eif <I? 
Tov ll\a.T<avoi TlapiieviSriv 'avri.TTapaTeiv6titvai TOi? «i'? avTOc xiiro- 
IJLvrinaa-i Tov </iiXo(rd<^ou; Analecta Hispanica. 2. Analecta His- 
panica; Autotypender Reformationszeit. ii. Luther-Drucke 
1:1516-1519. 3. Hamburg im voripenjahrhundert (aus den 
' Nachrichten eines Englanders Uber Holstein, Hamburg, 
Altona, etwa 17S5, mit Bemerkungen von 1824,' von Hen- 
nings' Handscnriften) ; Analecta Anglica; Analecta His- 
panica (Relacion del case de San Placido ante los senores 
inquisidores de Toledo). 4. Hamburg im vorigen Jahrhun- 
dert; Analecta Italica; Analecta Hispanica (Singulares y 
secretas admoniciones para particulares personas oe nuestra 
compaiiia, traduzidas de Latin en Romance; Carta de la 
Vniversidad de Salamanca & la de Scvilla, pidiendole se 
junte con ella y con las demas universidades de EspaRa 
contra los Jesuitas). 

Fables. See Avianus. 

Fabliaux. See Montaiglon. 

Faden, William. The marches of Lord Corn- 
wallis in the southern provinces, now states of 
North America; comprehending the two Caro- 
linas with Virginia and Maryland, and the Dela- 
ware counties. London, 1787. Scale, 24 miles 
to I inch. Folded. *44i7.85 

Fagan, Louis. The Reform club : its founders 
and architect. 1836-1S86. With illus. London, 
1887. Portraits. 4°. 4550-I5 

Faguet, Emile. Etudes littdraires sur le dix- 
neuvieme siecle. 3e 6d. Paris, 1887. [Nouvelle 
bibliotheque littdraire.] 18°. 46705.14 

Contents. — Chateaubriand; Lamartine; Alfred deVigny; 
Hugo; Alfred de Musset; Gauticr; Mifrim^; Michelet; 
George Sand ; Balzac. 




Pairbaim, Robert B. Of the doctrine of mo- 
ralitv in its relation to the grace of redemption. 
N. v.. 1SS7. 12°. 3584-65 

Fairbanks, Albert C, and Cole, William A. 
The progressive international banjo instructor. 
Boston, 18S6. L. 4". 8054.88 

Fairy tales. See Sammlung (Maass). 

Family physician, The. By physicians 
and surgeons of the principal London hos- 
pitaU. is'ew ed. London, 1886. Illus. 8°. 


Famham descents from Henry iii. and the 
subsequent kings of England. Cavan, i860. 4". 


Fairer, Edmund. The church heraldry of 
Norfolk. Vol. I. Norwich, 1887. Plates." 8". 


Farriery. See Miles. 

Fathers of the Church. See Schaff; — 

Fauna und Flora des Golfes von Neapel und 
der angrenzenden Meeres-Abschnitte. Herausg. 
von der Zoologischen Station zu Neapel. Mono- 
graphic 12-14. Leipzig, 1884-S7. Plates. 4°. 


CoHttntt. - 1 J. Berthnld, G. : Die Cryptonemiacecn des 
Golfrs von Neapel und der anijrenzenden Meeres-AbschniUe. 
13. Brandt, C. : Die kcloniebildenden Radiol.irien (Sphaero- 
roeen) des Golfes von Neapel und der angrenzenden Meeres- 
AbschniUe. 14. Fraipont, J.: Le genre polygordius. 

Faust, Johannes. See Hedderwick ; — Walsh, 
W. S. 

Fences. See Martin, G. A. 

Ferdinand & Elmira; a Russian story. By a 
lady of Massachusetts; author of Julia, The 
Speculator, and Amelia. Baltimore, 1804. 16°. 


Ferguson, James. Robert Ferguson the plot- 
ter, or, the secret of the Rye-house conspiracy 
and the story of a strange career. Edinb., 1887. 
°°_ 4542.101 

Ferguson, Robert, non-conformist. See Fer- 
guson, J. 

Femand-Michel, Francois F. Les grands vins. 
Curiositds historiques. Antony Rdal [ iseudA. 
P*"«- [1887] 12°. 6002.61 

Field, Benjamin Rush. Medical thoughts of 
bhakespeare. ad ed. Easton, Pa., 1885. 8°. 

Field. Eugene. Culture's garland ; being mem° 

oranda of the gradual use of literature, art, music 

and society in Chicago, and other western ean- 

gha. Boston, 1887. 16". 4407 112 

• f,- i*' Charles. Une grammaire latine du xin« si^cle, extraite des manuscrits 

L/''"r *^' ''^ '*'' Bibliothfeque nationale. Paris. 
1 006. 8". __ 

Figuier, Guillaume Louis. Les chemins^de 
frrmcftropolitains. Paris. [1887.] Illus. Maps. 

Filhol, Antoine M. Galerie du MuSTde 
France, publi^e par Filhol, graveur, et rddigde 
par Lavall^e (Joseph). Paris, 1S14. 10 v. ^20 
plates. L.80. **K.i53.4 

_AccoHln?tn a tltlc.paKc followintr the regular title in 

r. ' "Cours histo. 

M ' coinplette du 

j *'iiMc«. d'ainateurs et 

The fir»t nine iivralsons of the text vi?ei» h,. a <- 

Finck, Henry T. Romantic love and per- 
sonal beauty. London, 1887. 2 v. Sm. 8°. 

Fine arts (including finely illustrated works). 
See American art ; — Artistic ; — Baxter ; — Bon- 
naffi6; — Bonnar; — Chesneau ; — Dieulafoy ; — 
Dohme; — Duesseldorf; — Filhol; — Fuller; — 
Furtwaengler; — Gu^deonow; — Hodgson ; — In- 
ventaire ; — Monkhouse ; — Museo ; — Perrot ; — 
Racinet; — Representative; — Solvay; — South 
Kensington ; — Volkswirthschaftliche (Lessing). 
Fishery question. See Canada. Parliament ; 
— Woodbury. 

Fitzgerald, Percy H. A day's tour. A journey 

through France and Belgium. London, 1887. 

Illus. Sm. 40. 6262.82 

Fitzpatrick, William J, Who wrote the Waver- 

ley novels.' London, 1856. 8°. 6572.23 

Flaubert, Gustave. Correspondance. le serie. 

Paris, 1887. 12°. 46593.68 

Flight, Walter. A chapter in the history of 

meteorites. London, 1887. Illus. 8°. 38603.69 

Flowers. See Botan y ; — Skeldi ng ; — S trohm. 

Fodder. See Duthie. 

Folk lore. See Carnoy ; — Dasent ; — English 
dialect society (Swainson) ; — Gaster; — Hee- 
ger; — Madan. 

Folksongs. vS^eRolland; — Spanish. 
Folk tales. See Popular tales. 
Fonvielle, Wilfred de. La mesure du metre. 
Dangers et aventures des savants qui I'ont deter- 
minee. Paris, 1886. [Les drames de la science] 
i6°- 3938.81 

Food. See Battershall ; — See. 
Ford, Horace A. The theory and practice of 
archery. New ed., revised and re-written by 
W. Butt. London, 1887. Illus. 8°. 6002.66 

Forest. .See Brown, J. C. ; — U. S. State de- 

Forneron, Henri, editor. Louise de Keroualle, 
duchess of Portsmouth, 1649-1734; or, how the 
Duke of Richmond gained his pension. Com- 
piled from state papers in the archives of the 
French foreign office. With portraits, facsimile 
letter, etc. London, 1887. 8". 4652.59 

Forster, Charles. * Israel in the wilderness'; 
or. gleanings from the scenes of the wanderings. 
With an essay on the true date of Korah's rebel- 
lion. London, 1865. Sm. 8°. 5438.56 
Forster, Thomas G. Unanswerable logic; a 
series of spiritual discourses, given through the 
mediumship of T. G. Forster. Boston, 1887. 
Portrait. I2«. 5600b. 82 
Forte family. [The pedigree of the descend- 
ants of Samuel Forte, of St. John's parish, 
Barbadoes, who died 17 12.] Broadside. 

No. 4 in *4335.ii3 

Foster, John O. Life and labors of Mrs. 

Maggie Newton Van Cott, the first lady licensed 

to preach in the Methodist episcopal church in 

the United States. Cincinnati, 1872. Portrait. 




Foster, Joseph. Pedigree of Sir Josslyn Pen- 
nington, fifth baron Muncaster and ninth baro- 
net. London, 1878. L. 4°. *453o.ioo 

Founding. See Hasluck. 

Four sons of Aymon. See Early English text 

Framingham, Massachusetts. See Temple. 

France, Hector. John Bull's army from a 
French point of view. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 




France. Assemblie nationale. Annales du 
S^nat et de la Chambre des d^piit^s. Nouvelle 
s^rie. Documents parlementaires. T. 1-18. 11 
Jan. 1881-15 d^c. 1886. Paris, 1881-86. 4°. 


D^bats et documents parlementaires. Re- 
vision des lois constitutionnelles. Du 4 au 13 
ao<it 1884. Paris, 1884. 4°. ♦6653.3 

Chambre des dipuils. Annales. D^bats 

parlementaires. Nouvelle s^rie. T. 1-18. Ii 
Jan. 1881-18 ddc. 1886. Paris, 1881-87. 4°. 


Tables analytiques des Annales, 3e legis- 
lature. (1S81-1885.) le partie, table des matiferes, 
pr^c^dde des listes des deputes. Paris, 1886. 4°. 


Senat. Annales. Debats parlementaires. 

Nouvelle sdrie. T. 1-17. 11 Jan. 1881-18 d^c. 

1886. Paris, 1881-86. 4°. *6652.i 

— Ministhre des finances. Bulletin de statis- 
tique et de legislation compar^e. Tables des 
mati^res contenues dans les vingt premiers 
volumes. (1877-1886.) Paris, 1886. 8°. 


Correspondance des contr61eurs g^neraux 

des finances, avec les intendants des provinces, 
publi^e par A. M. de Boislisle. T. 2. 1699 a 1708. 
Paris, 1883. 4°. *26io.52.2 

— Ministere des posies et des tiUgrafhes. An- 
nuaire pour 1881. Manuel k I'usage du com- 
merce, de la finance et de I'industrie, par H. 
Cout^ry. Paris. [1882.] 8°. *5657-64 

— History, etc. See Bailleu ; — Fitzgerald; 
— Meric; — Norman, C B. ; — Petit de JuUe- 
ville ; — Washburne. 

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Revolution of 1848. See Phipps. 

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French in America. See Chapman, T. J. ; — 
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Germans in the United States. See Ratter- 


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This appears to be a reprint of an earlier edition, without 
change. The i6th edition is on shelf number *if&i.i,. 

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Another translation by R. Jenery Shee, with the title 
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thousand years," is on 251S.59. 

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No. 2 in *42i4.69; No. 2 in *43i4.ioo 

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Grasses. See Beal ; — Duthie. 

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See Chronicles ; — Robert, of Gloucester; 

— Royal historical society. 

— Army. 6"ee France, H. 

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— First or Royal regiment of dragoons. See 
De Ainslie. 

— 7gtk .Queen's own Cameron kighlanders. 
See Mackenzie, T. A. 

— History, etc. ^ec Adams; — Bartholomew; 

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Eleven extra pages at the end contain the introduction to 
a new edition of "The co-operative commonwealth," by the 
same author, of which this work is a supplement. An ear- 
lier edition of the foregoing may be found on shelf-number 

Groton murder case. See Greenhalge. 

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%ie imperial de I'Ermitage. Paris, 1861. 8°. 


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Appendix B, pp. 287-312, contains a Bibliography of re- 
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Hsmorrhoid*}. See Kelsey. 

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Sketches confined to West Virginia. 

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gravings, preserved at Hollingsbury Copse, near 
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— The visits" of Shakespeare's company of 
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The autobiography is followed by a Sketch of the latter 
days of Benjamin Hallowell by his son Henry C. Hallowell. 

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of the Hambleton family, descendants of James 
Hambleton, of Bucks county, Pennsylvania. 
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Maps. 8°. 5078-55 

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Hampton Lane family memorial. Reprint of 
the address at the funeral of Joshua Lane of 
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1766) by his son Jeremiah Lane. With sketches 
of his ancestry and families to the fourth gener- 
ation from William Lane of Boston, 1651. By J. 
P. Lane. Norton, Mass., 1885. 16°. 

No. 3 in *43393.ioo 

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the House of commons [3d, 5th, 6th], 7th-i5th 
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The title of 3d year is "Adams's parliamentary hand, 
book; " of the 5th year, "The handbook of the aristocracy; 
the peerage; the House of commons. By E. Morton." 

Hanseatic league. See Verein. 

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This work comprises the first fifteen chapters of the Semi- 
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Peck. . . J 

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Harvard college. See Putnam. 



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organization and of the first general meeting 
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Plate. 8°. *4493-i4 

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16°. 1. p. •♦K.I38.I3 

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Illus. [Handybooks for handicrafts.] Sm. 8". 


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Portraits. Maps. F°. *2490.ioo 

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Short summaries of extempore sermons. 

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ragansett and his unfortunate daughter. With 
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of Rhode Island. By T. R. Hazard. Also gene- 
alogical sketch of the Hazards of the Middle 
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On thought transference. 

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Health and hygiene. See Loewenthal; — 
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Hebrew party. See Berliner. 

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unpublished records, by Henry Yule. Vol. 1. 
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Sir William Hedges was the first governor of the East 
India co. 

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— See Universal-Bibliothek. 

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Henry IV. of France. See Anquez. 

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— See Waite, M. R. 

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— Simmonds. 

Heredity. See Jagot; — Merten ; — Roth, E. 

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joining properties. '[Stratford-upon-Avon?'] 
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No. 2 in ♦43393.100 

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History. See Andrews, E. B. 

— Ancient. See Rawlinson. 

— Modern. See Patton. 

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with illus. and biographical sketches of its pion- 
eers and most prominent men. Phila., 1878. 
Map. F°. ♦6470.26 

Tbc historyof Geauga county was written by A. G. Biddle. 

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Hobart, Tasmania. See Ludwig Salvator. 

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gelisch-lutherischen Missouri-Synode in Nord- 
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Spent in Kngland with the exception of one week in Paris. 

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With English notes, a metrical index, and glos- 
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— See Buchholz. 

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slavery of the Africans; shewing it to be the 
duty and interest of the American states to 
emancipate all their African slaves. With an 
address to the owners of such slaves. Dedicated 
to the honourable the Continental congress. 
[Anon.'] Prefixed, the institution of the Society, 
in New York, for promoting the manumission of 
slaves. Norwich, 1776. N. Y.,re-pr., 1785. 12° 


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being a series of critiques on the acting of the 
late Walter Montgomery : written in Melbourne 
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H. Home '[etc.]. London. [1871.] Sm. 8°. 


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York. Historical and statistical record of the 
University of the state of New York from 1784 
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schaftliche (Baumbach). 

Household art. See Artistic; — Bonnar. 

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the author of " One summer." Boston, 1878. 
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traits, biographies and illus. N. Y., 1886. 4°. 

No. 1 in ♦6470.66 

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— Strive and thrive: a tale. N. Y., 1851. 24". 

6565- 73 
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and biographical history of Arthur, Henry and 
John Howland, and their descendants, of the 
"United States and Canada, ist ed. New Bed- 
ford, 1885. Illus. Portraits. 8°. *4335.i30 
Hoyt public library, East Sagina-v, Michigan. 
Invitation to architects [with regard to prepar- 
ing a design for a library building]. \_East Sag- 
inaw, 1S85.] 8°. No. I in ♦2144.34 

— Specifications for the construction of the 
library. According to the designs of Van Brunt 
& Howe, architects. East Saginaw, 1SS6. 8°. 

No. 2 in ^2144.34 

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rial. Chicago, 1880. Woodcut. 8°. *4335 118 

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N. Y., 1887. 16°. 4656.61 

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go. By Henry Carrington. London, 1885. Por- 
trait. [Canterbury poets.] 24°. 2560b. 64 

— See Dupuy; — Sammlung (Dannehl). 
Huguenot society of America. Certificate of 

organization and list of members. N. Y., 1887. 

8°. *354i.75 

Huguenots. See Beze ; — Hugues ; — Salis. 
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desert. Supplement au tome i. Paris, 1887. 

Illus. L. 8°. 35203.52 

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Battenberg, his return to Bulgaria and subse- 
quent abdication. Trans, by F. Beaufort. Lon- 
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Being the natural history of the earth and of its 
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Huron, Lake. See Canada. Geological sur- 

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day book and the Inquisitio Gheldi for the 
county. 3d ed., corrected and improved by W. 
Shipp and J. W. Hodson. Westminster, 1861- 
70. 4 V. F". **2490.ioi 

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Colonel [John] Hutchinson, governor of Not- 
tingham. Edited by Julius Hutchinson. Added 
the letters of Colonel Hutchinson and other 
papers. Revised with notes by C. H. Firth. 
With 10 etched portraits. N. Y., 1885. 2 v. 8". 

**K. 146.7 

Five additional portraits have been inserted in Vol. i. 

Huth, Alfred H. The marriage of near kin. 
2d ed. London, 1887. 8°. 5560.92 

Pp. 394-465 contain a Bibliography. 

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Henry iii. Extracts from the writings of 
Matthew Paris, Robert Grosseteste, Adam of 
Marsh, etc. London, 18S7. Illus. [English 
history by contemporary writers.] Sm. 8°. 


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The same is in Ward's Reign of Queen Victoria, 1887. 
Vol. 2, pp. 322-387 [2423.2S.2]. 

Hydrophobia. See Lutaud ; — Suzor. 

Hymns. See Martineau. 

Hypnotism. See Gilles de La Tourette. 

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Rossi. 1 787-1848. Avec un portrait. Paris, 
1887. 8°. 4653-64 

— Les petits cb\.€% de I'histoire. Notes intimes 
et documents in^dits. 1870-1886. 2e serie. Paris, 
1887. 16°. 467ob.7 

Idstone, pseud. See Pearce, Thomas. 
Illumination. See Delahaye. 
Illumination of books. See Shaw. 


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La cour de Louis xiv. 30 ^d. Paris, 1885. 
[Les femmes de Versailles.] 12°. 46598 67 

— La cour de Louis xv. 36 id. Paris, 1886. 
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I, 2. Miinchhausen. Herausg. von M. Koch. 
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teratur.] 8°. 48903.55 

Imperial federation. See Greswell. 

Inauguration of the Perry statue, September 
10, 1885, with the address of W. P. Sheffield, and 
the remarks by Governor Wetmore and Mayor 
Franklin [of Newport], with the speeches at the 
dinner. Newport, R. I., 1885. 8°. 

No. 2 in *4395. 100 

Independent order of good templars. [The 
question of the exclusion of negroes from the 
order. 12 pamphlets, v. p., 1876, 77.] 8°. •7576.17 

Indexes to periodicals. See Gallee; — Journal 
de la physiologic ; — Revue des eaux ; — Somer- 
setshire; — Spectateur. 

India. See Barth^lemy Saint-Hilaire ; — Bo- 
zorg ; — Hamont ; — Newall ; — Wallace. 

Indian ink. See Chen-ki-souen. 

Indians of America. See Baraga ; — Harris, 
G. H.; — Jackson, H. M. ; — Wellcome. 

Industrial education. See Laubier; — Love. 

Infidelity. See Lambert. 

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London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 50793.64 

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Stephen Girard, of Philadelphia. With an ap- 
pendix descriptive of Girard college. (2d ed.) 
Phila., 1885. Portrait. Plate. 120. 4348.156 

Inland navigation. See Volkswirthschaftliche 

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IV. publics ou analyses d'apres les manuscrits 
originaux du Vatican et de la Bibliotheque na- 
tionale par Elie Berger. Tome i. Paris, 1884. 
[Bibliotheque des ^coles fran9aises d'Ath^nes et 
de Rome. 2e s^rie.] 4". *55io.55 

Insanity. See Simpson, J. 

Inscriptions. See Conder; — Corpus ; — 

Institut canadien de Quebec. Annuaire. 1874- 
77. No. 1-4. Quebec, 1874-77. 8°. *3298.5o 

Institute essays. Read before the "Ministers' 
institute," Providence, R. I., October, 1879. With 
introd. by H. W. Bellows. Boston, 1880. 8". 


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ter, supplemental charter, by-laws, and list of 
members. London, 1887. 8°. ♦4028.66 

Insurance. See Wilkin.son, J. F. 

Interstate commerce. See Harper. 

Interstate commerce commission. Interstate 
commerce reports : being decisions and proceed- 
ings of the commission and decisions of the 
courts. Vol.1. Rochester, N. Y. [1887.] 8°. 


Intervale, Ne'M Hampshire. See Nevins. 

Inventaire gdn^ral des richesses d'art de la 
France. Province. Monuments civils. T. 2. 
Paris, 1887. [France. Ministere de Vinstruction 
publique, des beaux-arts et des cultes."]. L. 8°. 


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of the United States of America in the adminis- 
trations. Vol. 7. Andrew Jackson. Chicago, 
1887. 8°. 4322.100.7 



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ridion. 4th ed. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 6129.48 

Ireland. See Cusack; — Dadson ; — Daly, J. 
B. ; — Dicey ; — Hime ; — Keane ; — Letters ; — 
MacNeill ; — Mandat de Grancey ; — Moore, G. ; 
— Norman, H. ; — Prendergast. 

Iroquois Indians. See New York ; — Norton. 

Irving, Washington. The land of Sleepy Hol- 
low and the home of Washington Irving. A 
series of photogravure representations, with 
letter-press by J. L. Williams. Together with 
" Legend of Sleepy Hollow," with illus. by F. O. 
C. Darley, and selections from "The chronicle 
of Wolfert's roost." Limited letter-press edition. 
N. Y., 1887. 35 plates. L. 4°. *,*Cab.8iG.3 

Isle de France. See Davity. 

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menians. Venice, 1874. 24". 5079a-65 

Istoria Petri & Pauli. Mystfere en langue 
proven(jale du xv* siecle, public d'apr^s le manu- 
scrit original sous les auspices de la Society 
d'^tudes des Hautes-Alpes, par P. Guillaume. 
Gap, 1S87. 8°. 4670.15 

I stria. 5<'^ Jackson, T. G. 

Italian poetry. See Howells. 

Italy. See Baxter. 

— If evolution of 1848. See Maurice. 

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in elections in New York city. N. Y., 1887. 160. 


Jackson, Andrew. See Irelan. 

Jackson, Helen M. A century of dishonor : 
a sketch of the United States government's deal- 
ings with some of the Indian tribes. By Helen 
Jackson (H. H.). New ed., enlarged by the ad- 
dition of the Report of the needs of the Mission 
Indians of California. Boston, 1887. 12°. 


Jackson, Mortimer M. See Thwaites. 

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and Istria, with Cettigne in Montenegro and the 
island of Grado. Oxford, 1887. 3 v. Illus. 
Plates. Map. 8". 2863.53 

Pages 1-19J of vr". i are devoted to a history of Dalmatia, 
and the rest nf the work is devoted especially to the archi- 
tecture of the country. 

Jacquemart, Albert. Les merveilles de la 
c^ramique ou I'art de fa^onner et d^corer les 
vases en terre cuite, faience, grfes et porcelaine. 
Paris, 1866-69. 3 V. Illus. [Bibliothfeque des 
merveilles.] 16°. 4025.8 

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1887. Illus. 8». . *4640.57 

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1883. 8". 3590-70 

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rhysische Geographic. Freiburg im B., 1883. 
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Vdlkerkunde.] 8°. 3821.67 

James I., tfie Conqueror, king of Aragon. 
The chronicle of James I., king of Aragon, sur- 
named the Conqueror (written by himself). 
Trans, from the Catalan bv John Forster. With 
introd., notes, and index, by Pascual de Gayan- 
g08. London, 1883. 2 v. 8". 3091.63; **K.i55.3 

J amieson, John, Z).Z?. 5ce Donaldson. 
atIka,The, with its commentary ; being tales 
ofthe anterior births of Gotama Buddha. Edited 
in the original Pali by V. Fausb^ll. Vol. 4. 
London, 1887. [Mueller, F. Max, ed. Sacred 
books of the East.] S°. 3023.55 

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Jeaffreson, John C Lady Hamilton and Lord 
Nelson. An historical biography. London, 
1888 [1887]. 2 V. Sm. 8°. 4549-105 

Jefferson, Thomas. See Proceedings. 

Jesuits. See Carayon ; — Reusch ; — Weld. 

Jews. See Forster, C. ; — Fritz ; — Ldvy ; — 
Mahler; —Onffroy de Thoron. 

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in their relation to Christian thought. N. Y., 
1887. Plates. 12°. 56oob.8i 

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editors. Battles and leaders of the Civil war. 
Being for the most part contributions by Union 
and Confederate officers based upon " The Cen- 
tury war series." Vol.1. N. Y. [1887.] Illus. 
Portraits. Maps. 4°. *4320.ioo 

Johnson, Samuel. See Boswell. 

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poetry of Cecil county, Maryland. Elkton, Md., 
1887. 12°. *4407.io7 

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thestudy of logic. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 56oob.84 

Joints. See Danion. 

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Hill. Address, April 27, 1885. Augusta, Ga., 

1885. 8°. No. 5 in *4324.io2 

— Brigadier general Robert Toombs. Address, 
April 26, 1886. Augusta, Ga., 18S6. 8°. 

No. 6 in *4324.i02 

— General Sherman's march from Atlanta to 
the coast. Address, April 26, 1884. Augusta, 
Ga., 1884. 8°. No. 4in *4324.io2 

Addresses before the Confederate survivors' association. 

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whist. By Cavendish [/5e//(/.]. i6thed. London, 

1886. Illus. 160. 4008.84 
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religion in Lee's army. Richmond, 18S7. Por- 
trait. Plates. 8°. 3430.52 

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expenses. N. Y., 1887. [Questions of the day.] 
12°. 5649-88 

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lected). With essay by J. A. Symonds. London, 
1886. [Canterbury poets.] 16°. 256ob.67 

Journal de la physiologic de I'homme et des 
animaux. Liste des auteurs des m^moires origi- 
naux et des m^moires traduits ou analyses dans 
les six volumes du Journal de la physiologic de 
I'homme et des animaux, publics dc Janvier 1S58 
a deccmbre 1865 sous la direction du docteur 
Brown S^quard. Paris, 1867. 8°. *77i3-5 

Journal of morphology. Edited by C. O. VVhit- 
man, with the co-operation of E. P. Allis, jr. 
Vol. I. No. I. Boston. [1887.] 8°. *584oa.5o 

Journalism. See Oldcastlc. 

Kabbala. See Mathers. 

Kansas. See Thayer, E. ; — Wilder. 

Kapp, Friedrich. 6'e«Volkswirthschaftliche; — 
Zeitfragen (Bunsen). 

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fresh chapters. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 5560.85 



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Moses in Egypt : lectures before the Theological 
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Plates. 8°. 3413.63 

Kelly, Christopher. A full and circumstantial 
account of the memorable battle of Waterloo; 
the second restoration of Louis xviii. ; and the 
deportation of Napoleon Buonaparte to St. He- 
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Kent county, England. See Berry; — Hasted 

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1887. Illus. Plates. 8°. 5513.13 

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L. 4°. *46oo.7 

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The 55 engravings are from drawings by Goodwin; the 
text is fey Knight. 

Knighthood. See Simmonds. 


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Reminiscences of his reign in Bulgaria. Lon- 
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poldt]. N. Y. [1876.] 12°. 6675.38 

Labor question. 5ce Aveling; — Drumann ; 
— Kebbel ; — Volkswirthschaftliche (Lessing). 

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the revolutionary relics exhibited at No. 56, 
Beacon street, June, 1875. Library edition. Bos- 
ton, 1875. 4°. *44ii.69 

Laissez faire (in political economy). See 

Lake county, Ohio. See History. 

Lakes. See U. S. Geological survey. 

Lakes of England. See Knight. 

Lally, Thomas A., baron Tollendal, comte de. 
See Hamont. 

Lamartine, Eliza Marianna de. See Alexandre. 

Lamb, Lady Caroline. See Nathan. 

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falo, 1887. 16°. 3497-68 

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a 1848 ; publiees avec une introd. et des notes, par 
A. Du Bois de La Villerabel. Nantes, 1886. 18°. 


Lancashire, England. See Croston. 

Landscape. See Chamberlain ; — Clint. 

Lane family. See Hampton. 

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Map. 8°. 5055-81 

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London, 1887. 2 v. 8°. 3497-71 




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Language. See Lacouperie; — Onffrov de 
Thoron ; — Pott ; — Volapiik. 

Laparatomy. See Homans. 

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raine. Ilistoire littdraire du 196 siecle. T. 3. 
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Latin language and literature. Sec Bennett, 
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Fugles xxii-xxiv contain a Teacher's library selected from 
English, French, and German authors. 

Laughton, John K. Studies in naval history. 
Biographies. London, 1887. 8". 2254.50 

Contents. — Jean deVienne; Colbert; DuQuesne; Le 
Bailli de Suffren; Tegetthoft'; Privateers and privateering: 
Fortunatus Wright, George Walker; The French priva 
teers : Jean Bart, Du Guay Trouin, Thurot, Robert Surcouf : 
Paul Jones, " the Pirate." 

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du code civil. Sur la demande de M. le ministre 
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palace in Tudor times. London, 1885. Illus 
Maps. Portraits. Sm. 4". 24903.58; **K. 126.20 

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With illus. 8th ed. Ithaca, 1887. 12°. 3997.7 

Law. See Abbott ; — Bancroft ; — Baron ; — 
Borchardt; — Butts; — Darras; — Gasquy; — 
McKelvey;— Merrill; — Revillout; — i;. S. Siaie 

Law of nature. See U. S. State department; 
— Wharton. 

Lawyers. See Bennet. 

Lea, Isaac. See U. S. National museum. 

Leasehold estates. See Piatt. 

Le Bouvier, Gilles, called Berry. The recov- 
ery of Normandy from the English in 1449: 
translated from the contemporary French ac 
count of Jacques le Bouvier, king-of-arms of 
Charles the seventh [by J. Stevenson]. Edited 
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lectanea adamanta;a.] Sm. 8°. ♦**6629a.27 

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Portrait. 8». 4542- "o 

Lee, Robert E. See Ellis, E. S. 

Lee, Vernon, /5e«<f. See Paget, Violet. 

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From the collection of Mr. Punch. Vol. 2. 
London, 1887. 4°. ***457i.i2 

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list of the Bassett family in America.] Phila., 
1886. Broadside. *4334.66 

Leek Wooten, Warivicks/iire, England. See 

Le Fevre, Raoul. The ancient historic of the 
destrvction of Troy. \^Anon.'\ Trans, out of 
French into English, by W. Caxton. Newly 
corrected, and the English much amended. By 
W. Fiston. London, 1607. Sm. 4°. *^*2967.74 

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et portraits litt^raires. 36 serie. Paris, 1887. 
12°. 2243.71 

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nee de Jeanne D'Arc. Les dloges et pandgyriques. 
Orleans, 1886. 8°. *2i6i.i6 

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Musee des monuments frangais, par L. Courajod. 
T. 2, 3. Paris, 1886, 87. Illus. 8°. 4067.23 

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schichte. 5te Aufl., bearb. von O. Burbach. 
Mit Tafeln Abbildungen. Gotha, 1875-84. 4 v. 
8°. 38203.65 

Contents. — i. Die Saugetiere. 2. Die Vogel. 3. Die 
Reptilien, Amphibien, Fische und wirbellosen Thiere. 4. 

Vol. I is of the 6th ed. 

Leo XIII., pope. See O'Reilly. 

'L.&onX.xMS Byzanfinus. 5'ee Texte (Loofs). 

Leopardi, Giacomo, conte. Poems. Trans, by 
Frederick Townsend. N. Y., 1887. 16°. 27793.78 

Lepidoptera. See Frey ; — Hofmann ; — Moore, 
F. ; — Romanoff; — Snellen ; — Westwood. 

Lermina, Jules H. La France martyre. Docu- 
ments pour servir a I'histoire de I'invasion de 
1870. Paris, 1887. 18°. 46193.65 

— General Boulanger. Biographic et discours. 
Paris. [1887.'! Portraits. [Bibliotheque patri- 
otique & rdpublicaine illustree.] 16°. *66703.75 

— editor. Papiers et correspondances de la 
famille imperiale. Paris. [1887.''] Portrait. [Bi- 
bliotheque patriotique & r^publicaine illustree.] 
16°. *667oa.75 

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Tunisie. Paris, 1887. 8°. 5055.84 

Lesseps, Ferdinand, vicomte de. See Ber- 
trand, A. 

L'Estrange, Alfred G. K. Vert de Vert's Eton 
days, and other sketches and memories. Lon- 
don, 1887. Sm. 8". 4576.103 

Letter writing. See Kleiner. 

Letterman, Jonathan. See Clements. 

Letters from Ireland, 1S86. By the special 
correspondent of the Times. London, 1887. 
Sm.8°. 4518.100 

These letters are dated from Aug. 16 to Oct. 21. 

L6vy, Simon. MoYse, Jefeus et Mahomet; ou 
les trois grandes religions semitiques. Paris, 
'S87. 80. 3473.53 

Liberty. See Smith, A. B. 

Libraries, ^cc Buffalo; — Columbia college; 
— Hoyt. 

Lice. See Piaget. 



Lichens. See Willey. 

Lieber, Francis. See Sammlung (Preuss). 

Limbird, John. Limbird's handbook guide to 
London : and a descriptive panorama of the 
Thames. London, 1851. Map. Illiis. 24°. 


Lincoln family. See Shackford. 

Lincoln [Nebraska] illustrated and Lincoln's 
growth, published under the auspices of the 
Lincoln board of trade. Lincoln, 1887. 8". 


Lindner, August. Die Aufhebung der Kldster 
in Deutschtirol, 1782-1787. Ein Beitrag zur 
Geschichte Kaiser Joseph's 11. Innsbruck, 1886. 

4°- 5516-57 

Lipsius, Marie. Thoughts of great musicians. 
Collected by La Mara {^pseud.~\. From the Ger- 
man by C P. S. London. [1886?] Sm. 8°. 


Literature. See Ahnfelt; — Romanticism; — 

Liturgies. See Gautier. 

Liver. See Cyr. 

Liverpool. Free public library. Catalogue. 
Reference department. Part [i-]4. Containing 
the books received to Dec. 31, 1886. Liverpool, 
1872-87. 4 V. 4°. *6200.6 

There are three supplementary catalogues, containing 
books received from Jan. 1, 1871, to Dec. 31, 1877. These 
are included in Part 2. 

Lockyer, Joseph N. Outlines of physiography. 
The movements of the earth. London, 1887. 
Sm. 8°. 3826.79 

Locomotive engines. See Neale. 

Loeher, Franz von. Beitrage zur Geschichte 
und Vdlkerkunde. B. 2. Frankfurt a/M., 1886. 
8°. 2303.58 

Loevt^enthal, W. L'enseignement actuel de 
I'hygiene dans les facult^s de m^decine en Europe. 
Paris, 1887. 8°. 3761.84 

Logan, John A. The volunteer soldier of 
America. With memoir of the author and mili- 
tary reminiscences from General Logan's private 
journal. Chicago, 1S87. Plates. 8°. 4321. 114 

— See Weldon. 
Logic. See Johnstone. 

Lombard, Josiah S. Experimental researches 
on some points relating to the normal tempera- 
ture of the head. London, 1880. 8°. 

No. I in 5805.64 

— Experiments on the effect of voluntary 
muscular contractions on the temperature of the 
head. By J. S. Lombard, assisted by F. H. 
Haynes. London, 1880. 8°. No. 2 in 5805.64 

— Experiments on the influence of the temp- 
erature of the air on the temperature of the head. 
London, 1881. 8°. No. 3 in 5805.64 

London. See Chester; — Limbird; — Mal- 

Longfellow, Henry W. Evangeline. A tale of 
Acadie. Decorated with leaves from the Acadian 
forests. Boston, 1887. 16°, oblong. *4407.ii3 

Longley family. See Chandler. 

Lorenz, Ottokar. Deutschlands Geschichts- 
quellen im Mittelalter. 3te, in Verbindung mil 
A. Goldmann, umgearb. Auflage. B. 2. Berlin. 
1887. 8°. *2 1 54.42 

Lossing, Benson J. Eminent Americans. With 
portraits. N. Y., 18S6. 8». 4348.155 

Louis XIV., of France. See Bensley; — Im- 
bert de Saint-Amand; — Universal-Bibliothek 
C Voltaire). 


Louis XV., 0/ France. See Raynal. 

Love, Samuel G., and Willard, Mary R. In- 
dustrial education. A guide to manual training. 
With illus. N.Y., 1887. 16°. 5598.9a 

Love. See Finck ; — Nuovo. 

Lovell, William S. Personal narrative of 
events, from 1799 to 1815, with anecdotes. 2ded. 
London, 1879. Sm. 8". 4549.106 

Lovett, Richard. Pictures from Holland. 
Drawn with pen and pencil. N. Y., 1887. 8". 


Lowell, James Russell. Among my books, 
[ist and] 2d series. Boston, 1887. 12®. 4503.68 

— Fireside travels. 13th ed. Boston, 1886. 12". 


— My study windows. 25th ed. Boston, 1887. 
Sm. 8°. 4503 69 

— Poetical works. With illus. Boston, 1886. 
12°. 4503-66 

All of the Household edition. 

Lubbock, Sir John. Mr. Gladstone and the 
nationalities of the United kingdom. A series 
of letters to the "Times" [in 1887]. With re- 
joinders by Mr. J. Bryce, and letters in support 
by the Duke of Argyll, Dr. John Beddoe. &c., 
followed by " Gyfla : the Scir of the Ivel valley," 
by Thomas Kerslake. London, 1887. [Qua- 
ritch's reprints, no. 5.] Sm. 4°. 4537.100 

— The pleasures of life. London, 1887. Sm. 

8°. 4555-73 

Lucanus, Marcus A. Pharsalia. Edited with 
English notes by C E. Haskins. With introd. 
by W. E. Heitland. London, 1887. 8°. 2923.54 

Lucas, Charles P. Introduction to a historical 
geography of the British colonies. Oxford, 
1887. Maps. [Clarendon press series.] Sm. 
8°. 4518.103 

Ludington family. See Patrick. 

Ludwig Salvator, archduke of Austria and 
Tuscany. Hobbarttown oder Sommerfrische in 
den Antipoden. {_Anon.'] Prag, 1886. Illus. 
Plates. Map. 4". ***3070.59 

Lueders, Otto. Die dionysischen Kiifistler. 
Berlin, 1873. 8°. 8067.8a 

Luginbuehl, Rudolf Ph. Alb. Stapfer helve- 
tischer Minister der Kiinste und Wissenschaf- 
ten, ( 1 766-1840). Basel, 1887. Portrait. 8°. 

28403. 14 

Lunge, George. Coal-tar and ammonia. Be- 
ing the second and enlarged edition of 'A trea- 
tise on the distillation of coal-tar and ammoni- 
acal liquor.' London, 1887. Illus. 8°. 3971.60 

Lushington, Vernon. Shakespeare. An ad- 
dress delivered to the Positivist society of Lon- 
don, on the 2nd of August, 1885, at Stratford-on- 
Avon. London, 1885. 8". 4595.101 

Lutaud, Auguste. M. Pasteur et la rage. Ex- 
pos6 de la m^thode Pasteur; frequence de la 
rage; insucc^s du nouveau traitement. Paris, 
18S7. 12°. 58093.61 

Luther, Martin. See Bayne ; — Massachusetts 
historical society. 

Lutheran church in the United States. See 

Lutz, K. G. Das SUsswasser-Aquarium und 
das Leben im Siisswasser. Stuttgart. [1886.] 
Woodcuts. Colored plates. 8°. 3908.62 

Luzel, Francois M. Contes populaires de 
Basse-Bretagne. Paris, 1S87. 3 v. [Litt^ra- 
tures populaires de toutes les nations.] 16°. 





Lyly, John. Evphves. The anatomy of wit 
bjTohn Lyly. Added the first chapter of Sir 
Philip Sidney's Arcadia. Edited by F. Land- 
mann. Heilbronn, 1887. [Englische Sprach- und 
Literaturdenkmale des 16. 17. und iS. Jahrhun- 
derts. Herausg. von Karl Landmann. 4.] 16°. 


This edition contains only Euphues. There are some 
omissions in the chapter on " Euphues and his Ejjhoe- 
bus." and the one on "Euphues and Atheos" is omitted 

Lyman, Theodore, 3d. Memoir of Theodore 
Lyman, jr. Cambridge, 188 1. 8°. 

No. 15 in *4345.ioo 

The same Is in N. E. historic genealogical society, Me- 
morial biographies, vol. i [»343.S9.] 

Macchetta, Blanche Roosevelt, nie Tucker. 
Verdi : Milan and " Othello." By Blanche Roose- 
velt. London, 1S87. Portraits. Plates. Sm. 8°. 


M'Clintock, John, and Strong, James. Cyclo- 
paedia of Biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical 
literature. Supplement. N. Y., 1885, 87. 2 v. 
8". Bates Hall Desk 

McCosh, James. Psychology. The motive 
powers: emotions, conscience, will. N.Y., 1887. 
1 2°. 3590.66 

Machinery. See Dixon. 

Mackay, Charles. A glossary of obscure words 
and phrases in the writings of Shakspeare and 
his contemporaries, traced etj-mologically to the 
ancient language of the British people. London, 
1887. 8°. •4583.100 

— New light on some obscure words and 
phrases in the works of Shakspeare and his con- 
temporaries. London, 1884. 8°. 4595.102 

McKelvey, John J. Principles of common law 
pleading. Boston, 18S6. 8°. 5637.22 

McKenzie, Alexander. Some things abroad. 
Boston. [1887.] 12°. 2276.58 

Descriptive of travels in Europe, Syria and Palestine. 

Mackenzie, George H. A practical treatise on 
the sputum. With special reference to diseases 
of the throat and lungs. Edinburgh. [1887.] 
Plates. 8°. 379267 

Mackenzie, Thomas A., and others. Histori- 
cal records of the 79th Queen's own Cameron 
Highlanders. Compiled and edited by T. A. 
Mackenzie, J. S. Ewart, and C. Findlay. Lon- 
don, 1887. Portraits. Plates. 8°. *6523.66 

Mackie, Charles. The castles, palaces & pris- 
ons, of Mary Df Scotland. London, 1849. IHus. 
Portrait. Plates, 8°. ♦♦K.146.4 

Mackinlay, A. and VV., publishers. Mackinlay's 
map of the maritime provinces of the Dominion 
of Canada. Halifax, N. S. [1887.] Scale, 7.6 
miles to i inch. *43ii.ioi 

Mackinnon, Itev. James. South African traits. 
Edinb.. 1887. 8°. 5055.78 

McMaster, John B. Benjamin Franklin as a 
man of letters. Boston. 1887. Portrait. [Ameri- 
can men of letters.] 16". 4249.77; ♦*K.X7.i7 

M'Naught, Thomas P. The recollections of 
a Glasgow detective officer. London. [1887.] 
8°- *357oa.86 

MacNeill.JohnG. S. The Irish parliament: 
what it was. and what it did. 3d ed. London, 
1886. Sm. 8°. 4519.103 

McTyeire, Holland N. A history of metho- 
dism; with some account of the doctrine and 
polity of episcopal methodism in the United 
State's down to 1884. Nashville, 1887. Portraits. 
8°. 354563 

Madagascar. See Du Verge. 

Madan, Arthur C., editor and translator. Ki- 
ungani ; or, story and history from Central 
Africa. Written by boys in the schools of the 
Universities' mission to Central Africa. London, 
1887. Plate. Map. Sm.8<'. 50593.81 

Magenta, Italian sloop of -war. See Gi- 

Magnus, Olaus. See Brenner. 

Mahler, Eduard. Biblische Chronologic und 
Zeitrechnung der Hebraer. Wien, 1887. 8°. 


Malcolm, James P. Anecdotes of the manners 
and customs of London during the eighteenth 
century. Illus. 2d ed. London, 1810. 2 v. 8°. 


— Anecdotes of the manners and customs of 
London from the Roman invasion to 1700. Illus. 
2d ed. London, 1811. 3 V. 8°. *2496.i05 

Maldive islands. See Pyrard. 

Mammary glands. See Cyclopaedia. 

Man. See Wyclif. 

Manchester, England. 5"ec Saintsbury. 

Manchester royal jubilee exhibition, 1887. 
See Hodgson. 

Mandat de Grancey, (jaliot F. Edmond, baron 
de. Cow boys and colonels. Narrative of a 
journey across the prairie and over the Black 
Hills of Dakota. From "Dans les Montagues 
Rocheuses " of Baron E. de Mandat-Grancey, 
with notes by W. Conn. London, 18S7. Illus. 
8°. 436489 

— Paddy at home. (" Chez Paddy.") Trans, 
by A. P. Morton. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 

2469. 102 
Manning, Jessie W. The passion of life. 
[Poem.] Cincinnati, 1887. \(P. 4407.115 

Mansfield, Horace. The descendants of Rich- 
ard and Gillian Mansfield who settled in New 
Haven, 1639. New Haven, 1885. Portraits. 8°. 


Manuscripts. See British museum ; — Smith, 
T. ; — University of Cambridge. 

Map drawing. See Swinstead. 

Maps. See Brenner. 

Mara, La, pseud. See Lipsius, Marie. 

Marana, Giovanni P. Jean -Paul Marana. 
Lettre d'un Sicilien a un de ses amis [contenant 
une critique agrdable de Paris, en 1693]. Intro- 
duction et notes par I'abb^ Valentin Dufour. 
Paris, 1883. [Anciennes descriptions de Paris. 
Vol. 9] 16°. 2639.66.9 

Appendix, pp. 73-135, Les cris de Paris, with examples 
from 1640. 

Marathi language. See Easy; — Molesworth. 

Margerison, Samuel, editor. Registers of the 
parish church of Calverley in the West riding of 
the county of York. Vol. 3. 1681-1720. Brad- 
ford, 18S7". Illus. Sm. 8°. *2498.67 

Maria Leszczynska, queen of Louis XV. See 

Mariage imperial chinois, Un. Cdr^monial. 
Traduit par G. Devdria. Paris, 1887. Illus. 
[Bibliotheque orientale elz^virienne.] 18°. 


Marietta, Ohio. See Alderman. 



Marionneau, Charles. Une visite aux ruines 
du chateau de Montaigne. Bordeaux, 1885. 
Phites. 8°. 4643-69 

Maritime provinces of Canada. See Mack- 

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♦4363. lOI 

The same, in the Actes of the Sociit^ philologique, is on 
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4"- *349o.55 

"En resume, j'espire pouvoir ^tablir it Lyon: i*. Un 
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Japon et de I'Egypte. a*. Une biblioihique des ouvrages 
sanscrits, tamoul, singahiis, chinois, japonais et europeens, 
traitant particuliferement des questions religieuses. _■<". Une 
6cole [etc.]." — Rapport par Emile Guimet, au Ministrt de 
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Vol. 9-12 were published under the auspices of the Min- 
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FO. *,*Cab.8i.C.i 

— See Gu^d^onow. 

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Musicians. See Lipsius. 

Mycetozoa. See Bary. 

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avec le compte de sa composition, mise en scene 
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Edited by Baron Du Casse. 

— See Kelly. 

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Natural history. See Lenz ; ' — Somersetshire ; 

— Swinton; — L. S. National museum. 
Nature. See Du Bois-Reymond. 
Naval history. See Watt. 

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•with descriptions and specifications and details, 
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Nervous system. See Stevens. 

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New England. See Doyle ; — Goodwin. 

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Thayer, E. 

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— See Stickney. 

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New York, city. See Ivins. 

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Results of a series of meteorological ob- 

ser\'ation8, made under instructions from the 
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the state of New York. Second series. From 
1850 to 1863, inclusive; with records of rain-fall 
and other phenomena, to 1871, inclusive. Pre- 
pared by F. B. Hough. Albany, 1872. Map. 
Tables. 4°. ^3960.56 

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With records of centennial celebrations. Pre- 
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Auburn. 1887. Il'us- Maps. Portraits. 8». 

•4371. lOI 


— State reservation at Niagara. Annual re- 
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\_Also, Supplemental report, Jan. 31, 1887.] 
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— See Campbell, D. ; — Hough ; — Two. 

— 2ist regiment volunteers. .S^e Mills. 
New York historical society. See De Peys- 

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Newlich vermehrte Pennal- una Schul-Possen 
Oder Geschichte. Das ist : allerley kurtzweilige 
und lustige Facetiee Pennalium, ex Hieroclis 
Facetiis philosophorum zum Theil verteutschet 
und zum Theil auss dem taglichen Prothocollo 
der heutigen Pennal und Bachanten. Schnack- 
enberge, 1654. 16° *6876.38 

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act of March 16, 1802, to March 16, 1887. Wash- 
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Traduction libre en vers francjais, par Eug. 
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Contents. — Louis xvi., Marie Antoinette et Madame 
Elisabeth;. Billault; La philosophie en France au xixe 
sifecle, par Felix Ravaisson; M. Daniel Stern TMadame 
d'Agoult) Ji propos de Mes souvenirs; Rubens diploniate 
et n^gociateur; Les post-scriptum de Sainte-Beuve; Zoi'le. 

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Nomenclature of plants. See English dialect 
society (Britten; Turner). 

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Grbnland. Seine Eiswiisten im Innern und seine 
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Norfolk countv, England. See Farrer; — 
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*4375 100 

Issued under the auspices of the Ohio state archaeoloj^i- 
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Ojibway language. See Chippewa. 

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The complete atlas contains ^i maps. Of the 47 in this 
copy, ^5 are engraved either by J. Gibson or T. Kitchin, and 
are merely outline maps without cities or towns. laserted 
are 12 complete maps. 

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Shadowed by a faigned siedge of the citie Pa- 
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Namely : — 

Annual report of the geological survey for 
1885. By the state geologist. Accompanied by 
an atlas. 2 v. *7878.55 

Vol. F 2. A preliminary report on the pa- 
laeontology of Perry county. By E. W. Clavpole. 


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Lackawanna, Luzerne, Columbia, Montour, and 
Northumberland. By I. C. White. *7868.50.G7 

Vol. H 7. A revision of the bituminous coal 
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♦7868.50. H 7 

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and the neighboring oil regions, with additional 
oil well records. By J. F. Carll. *7868.50.I 4 

Vol. K 4. Report on the coal mines of the 
Monongahela river region, from the West-Vir- 
ginia state line to Pittsburgh, including the 
mines on the lower Youghiogheny river. By J. 
S. Wall. Part i. Description of the mines. 

*7868.5o.K 4 

Vol. P. Description of the coal flora of the 
carboniferous formation in Pennsylvania and 
throughout the United States. By Leo Lesquer- 
eux. 3 v. in 2. *7868.5o.P 

Vol. PPP. Ceratiocaridae from the upper 
Devonian measures in Warren county, by C. E. 
Beecher. Eurypteridse from the lower produc- 
tive coal measures in Beaver county, and the 
lower carboniferous, pithole shale, in Venango 
county, by J. Hall. *7868.5o.PPP 

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By I. C. White and other assistant geologists, 
eciited by J. P. Lesley. *7868.5o.T 3 

Vol. T 4. The geology of Centre county, by 
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report to Lyon, Shorb & co., by J. P. Lesley. 
Appendix B. Observations on the geological 
formations. By A. L. Ewing. *7868.50.T 4 

Vol. X. A geological hand atlas of the sixt}'- 
seven counties of Pennsylvania, embodying the 
results of the field work of the survey, from 1874 
to 1884. By J. P. Lesley. *7868.50.X 

Vol. Z. Report on the terminal moraine in 
Pennsylvania and western New York. Illus. by 
a map of Pennsylvania showing the glaciated 
region, photographic views of the moraine, and 
page plate maps and sections. By H. C. Lewis. 
Appended, the terminal moraine in Ohio and 
Kentucky by G. F. Wright; and the terminal 
moraine in New Jersey, by G. H. Cook. 


— See Agnew; — Historical. 

— Boundary. See New York, state. 

— 1st regiment infantry. National guard. See 

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— L'^cole d'Ath^nes au quatrieme siecle aprfes 
J^sus-Christ. Paris, 1868. 8°. 2972-74 

The author regards this school of Julianus, Proaeresius 
and Himerius as having- no connection with the later one 
generally known as the School of Athens. 

— Histoire de la Grece sous la domination ro- 
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Phantoms. See Assier. 

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at the Watertown arsenal, Mass., by the U. S. 
ordnance department. Phila., 1884. Illus. 8°. 

No. 2 in *8o32.3 

— See Woolsey. 

Philbrick and Philbrook families. See Chap- 
man, J. 

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held at the residence of W. S. Crosby, South 
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— See Austin, G. L. 

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Phoenician inscriptions. See Corpus. 

Phoenician language. See Bondi. 

Phonography. See Pitman. 

Photograph. See Sammlung (Schmidt) ; — 
Wilson, E. L. 

Phrenology. See Catechism. 

Physicians. See Winslow. 

Physics. See Cavendish; — Worthington ; — 

Physiogfnomy. See Schack. 

Physiography. See Lockyer. 

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nationale et aux archives de Metz. Pr^cedi 
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world from the creation till the end of the Old 
Testament, based upon the inspired record. 
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Plants. See Sachs. 

Plata river. See Edgcumbe. 

Plato. See Sammlung (Richter). 

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comments upon Mr. Piatt's evidence before the 
town holdings' committee. London, 1887. 8°. 


Relates entirely to leaseholds in London. 

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tine, Carthage, etc. 2d ed. With maps. Lon- 
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Plebiscitum. See Borgeaud. 

Pleiades. See Yale. 

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Pocahontas. See Robertson. 

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— Johnston ; — Pierson ; — Stedman ; — Walker, 
W., of Aberdeen. 




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(Bv"Lavante,"publishe"d in Philadelphia, 1847) 
"With argument to prove that " Lavante " was E. 
A. Poe. And notes by Geoffrey Quarles. N. Y., 
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Erfindung der Buchdruckerkunst bis zum Schiuss 
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8°. *6i75.30 

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Poitiers, France. See Bricauld de Verneuil. 

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Police. See Tiedeman. 

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mert; — Coquelin; — Knies; — Laughlin; — 
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1886. 12". 46493.80 
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1887. Plate. 16°. 23593.81 
Descriptive of a journey through western Massachusetts. 

Poor, The. See Volkswirthschaftliche (Las- 

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Massachusetts. Pittsfield, 1886. Map. 8°. 

Also, published in Berkshire historical and scientific 
society, Four papers [No. 3 in •4453.6S]. 

Popular songs. See Folk songs. 

Popular tales. See Campbell, Lord A. ; — 
Carnoy ; — Luzel ; — Sammlung (Maass). 

Popular tribunals. See Bancroft. 

Porcelain. 5ee Jacquemart. 

Porcelain painting. See Whiteford. 

Portraits, See Alkan ; — South Kensington. 

Portugal. See Weld. 

Portuguese poetry. See Castonnet des Fosses. 

Postage stamps. See Tiffany. 

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Consisting of lectures on evolution. N. Y., 

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ration to the revolution, 1660 to 1690. London, 
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[1S87.] Plates. [Modern architectural practice. 
No. I.] Fo. *8io3.65 

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family. N. Y., 1887. Folded sheet. 8°. 


Primitive language. See Onffroy de Thoron. 

Princes' islands. See Cox. 

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Princeton theological seminary. Catalogue 
of the library. Part i. Religious literature. 
Princeton, N. J., 1886. 8°. *2i88.i5 

Printing. See Bouchot; — Dobson, W. T.; — 
Duncan ; — Reed. 

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resentatives, April 23, 1880, on the presentation 
of Thomas Jefferson's writing-desk to the United 
States by the heirs of Joseph Coolidge, jr. 
Washington, 1882. 8°. No. 7 in *4324. 105 

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A series of essays on suns — old, young, and 
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Profits. See Atkinson. 

Profits, Division of. See Boehmert. 

Projection. See Dolbei.'.r. 

Property. See Report. 

Protection. See Stebbins. 

Protestant episcopal church in the United 
States. See Dashiell. 

Provencal language. See Istoria. 

Prussia. See Bailleu. 

Psychical phenomena. See American society; 
— Assier; — Hazelhurst; — Johnson, F. 

Psychological medium. See Mercer. 

Psychology. See Baldwin ; — McCosh. 

Pudsey, Yorkshire, England. See Rayner. 

Puritans. See Doyle ; — Wakeman. 

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being letters written through a mortal's hand by 
spirits who, when in mortal were officers of Har- 
vard college : with comments by Allen Putnam. 
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— See T6tu. 
Queensland. See Tyrwhitt. 

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and some objects from my cabinet. London, 
1887. Illus. Sm. 8°. 5827.63 

— The student's handbook to the microscope. 
London, 1SS7. Illus. Sm. 8°. 3922.77 

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Questions of the day. See Atkinson ; — Jones. 
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Art ancien et asiatique, moyen i^e, renaissance, xviie et 
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gent. Art ancien et asiatique, moyen ftge, renaissance, 
xviie, xviiie et xixe si^cies. 

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Reformation. See Guinness ; — Herminjard. 

Regeneration, See Mercer. 

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Registers, Papal. See Innocent iv; — Pflugk- 

Registers, Parish. See Chapman, J. H. ; — 
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Religions. See Derenbourg; — Haweis. 

Renaissance. See Baxter ; — Gay ; — Gebhart ; 
— Sammlung (Goetz). 

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Contains Lord Coleridge's Address to the Glasgow 
juridical society, upon the value of clear views as to the \» 
regulating the enjoyment of property. 

Representative etchings by artists of to-day in 
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Reservoirs. See Krantz. 

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The Revue des eaux et forets may be found on shelf> 
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Richard the Third and the primrose criticism. 

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par C. F.Delamarche. Paris, [n.d.] F". *628o.2 

There are 112 maps, 4 tables, and a plan of Paris. The 
earliest map is dated 1778; latest, 1809. 

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Amelia: or, the vicissitudes of life. Extracted 
from the " Looker on." ist ed. Worcester, 179S. 
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— The temple of Solomon. The ethics of art. 
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Chapters on present-day subjects. London, 1S87. 
8°. 5437-71 

Contents. — The Sunday service, 'vain repetition'; The 
children's day of rest; Faith-healing; The church and the 
army; The school of sickness; Biblical plague and pesti- 
lence; Universalism through the flesh; The patience of 
Job; Possession by demon ; Homage to the dead ; A puritan 

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[1SS4.] 4°. 8053.89 

Robinson family. See Hazard. 

Roche abbey. See Yorkshire. 

Rocky mountains. See Coulter; — Mandat de 
Grancey. ^ 

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Trans, into English verse by J. O'Hagan. ist 
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Roman ca'holic church. See American catho- 
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Chiniquy ; — Guinness; — Innocent iv. ; — Pflugk- 
Harttung; — Tfetu. 

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Romanticism. See Brandes ; — Der6me. 

Rome. See Babelon ; — Bohnsack; — Bor- 
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Rosicrucians. See Waite, A. E. 

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Royal library (of George lii). Bibiiothecce 
Regiae catalogus. Londini, 1820-29. 5 v. Por- 
traits. Fo. *2i40.55 

This library was collected by George ill, and presented 
to the British'museum by George iv. The catalogue was 
compiled by F. A. Barnard. 

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from the wood to the garden, sent in happy days 
to the sister ladies of the Thwaite, Coniston. 
Orpington, Kent. 1887. Sm. 8°. 4578.104 

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Paisley, 1S87. Sm. 8°. " 2469.103 

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Russia. See Davis, S. M. ; — Murphy ; — 

Russian language and literature. See Silcher ; 
— Vogiie. 

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tub, "Lotus." With illus. London. [1887.] 
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Rye house plot, 1683. See Ferguson, J. 

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af C. F. Lindberg. Andet, tredie Hefte. Chris- 
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Title and text given also in French. 

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visitation of Middlesex, began in the year 1663. 
Edited by Joseph Foster. London, 1S87. L. 8". 


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Illus. 8°. 3855-61 



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louse, i8S6 ] 8«. 4612.57 

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St. George, Parish of, London. See Chapman, 

Samt-Malo, France. See Bombardement. 

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society (Horstmann) ; — Starr. 

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Ueber die Methoden zur Bestiminung der Geschwindisjkeit 
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ratur im achtzehnten Jahrhundert. 22. Meyer, C. K.: 
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dcutsche Marchen. 

Samoan islands. See Churchward. 

San Francisco. See Raymond. 

Sanford & Davis, publishers. The city of 
Worcester, Massachusetts; its public buildings 
and its business, 1S86. [Worcester, 1886.] Illus. 
8°. *4452.72 

Sanitary science. See Association ; — Davies, 


Sanskrit literature. See Bhagavad gitA ; — 
Hemachandra ; — Jataka ; — Nala ; — Speijer. 

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Scandinavia. See Dasent; — Sammlung 


Scandinavian literature. See Rosenberg. 

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homme et chez les animaux dans ses rapports 
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trans, by J . G. Cunningham. 

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School architecture. See Robins. 

School hygiene. See Morrison. 

School of Athens. See Petit de Julleville. 

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Guther und was dabei zu beachten. Leipzig, 
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telegraph lines and the technical arrangements 
of offices. Written on behalf of the government 
of India. 2d ed. London, 1878. 2 v. L. 8°. 


Science. See Huxley ; — Soci^t^ des sciences. 

Scientific terms. See Stormonth. 

Scientists. See Cassino. 

Scotland. See Adam ; — Campbell, Lord A. ; 
Chalmers ; — Geikie. 

Scott, Leader, pseud. See Baxter, Lucy E. 

Scott, Sir Walter. See Fitzpatrick. 

Scottish language. S'ee Donaldson :— Walker, 


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regum Scotorum. The exchequer rolls of Scot- 
land. Ed by G. Burnett. Vol. 10. 1488-1496. 
Edinb., 1887. 8°. •7015-50 

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Scrofula. Set Wiener (Rabi). 




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conte. Memoir read to the National academy of 
science, April 17, 18S4, with appendix on the 
ancestry of the family. [Phila., 18S4.] Portrait. 
8". No. 5 in *4344.io6 

The same may be found In American entomological so- 
ciety, Transaclio'ns, 18S4, V°'' " 1*3^93.50.11]. 

Sculpture. See Furtwaengler ; — Museo. 

Seals. See Schlumberger. 

Seamen. Biography. See Laughton. 

Seamen's manual for public and private wor- 
ship. N.Y. [1887.] i6». 543ga.88 

Sedan, France. See Hooper. 

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ment hygienique des malades. Paris, 1887. H'us- 
[Mddecine clinique. Par G. S^e et Labadie- 
Lagrave.] 8°. 3765.81 

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ures on health, food, education. London. 
[1887.] [People's library.] Sm. 8°. 5767.75 

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Semi-centennial, The, of the admission of 
Michigan into the Union. Addresses delivered 
at its celebration, June 15, 1886. [Detroit.] 1886. 
8°. *6472.62 

Semitic languages. See Cazet. 

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by Aubrey Stewart. London, 1887. [Bohn's 
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Sepulchral monuments. See Daly, C. ; — 
National society. 

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Volapiik : (the language of the world). 2d (re- 
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Sermon on the Mount. See Michener. 

Servia. See Morfill. 

Seven champions of Christendom. See Re- 

Sevignfe, Marie de Rabutin Chantal, marquise 
de. See Boissier. 

Sewerage. See Tidy. 

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Reprinted from the New-England historical and genea- 
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^ • , ^ . . 4599.100 

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See Carr, F. 

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A free rendering by Jean Aicard. 

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4571 101 
Some of these articles appeared in the Saturday review, 

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[Sharpies' portraits of Washington exhibited 
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Other editions are in the library. 

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No. 2 in *5682.2 

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Contains the Memorial discourse, by the Rev. F. E. 

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Eight colored illus. of birds and flowers, with selections, 
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Socialism. See Dodd ; — Volkswirthschaftliche 




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A reader's guide to the choice of the best availa- 
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Bates Hall Librarian's Desk 

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South Carolina. Resources and population, 
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No. 4 in *4078.76 

Catalogue of the second special exhibi- 
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Classified and descriptive catalogue of 

the art objects of Spanish production in the mu- 
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"° 3546.77 

Spanish & Italian folk-songs. Trans, by Alma 
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Several examples of the music are jfiven. 

Spanish art. See Solvay ; — South Kensington. 

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Sputum. Sec Mackenzie. 

Staffordshire, England. See William Salt. 

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A continuation of " Les id^es religieuses en Palestine & 
I'ipoque de Jesus-Christ,'' by the same author [54S4.62]. 

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Review and criticism of Henry George's Progress 
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beau and his army, Lafayette and his devo- 
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and their fleets, in the great war of the American 
revolution, from 1778 to 1782. With illus. 
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♦4323. I 00 

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Sketches and reminiscences of England. 

Stone age. See Brown, J. A. 

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terms, with an appendix of specific names. 3d 
ed. Edinb.. 1885. Sm.8<'. *8o38.22 

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ings by G. Dor^. The text adapted from Sir 
Thomas Mallory [by J. S. R.]. London, 1871. 
F°. %*Cab.8iA.2 

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principaux pays. Paris, 1886. 16°. 


Stourton, Wi'Us county, England. See Ellis, 
J. H. 

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of a human tooth together with some unusual 
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From the German by A. B. Hervey. Boston, 
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Stratford-upon-Avon. See Hill. 

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old, or the mystery which hath been hidden for 
ages and from generations. Boston, 1887. 8°. 


A theosophical work. 

Strength of materials. See Philadelphia. 
Strohm, Gertrude, editor. Flower idyls. Bos- 
ton, 1887. Plates. Sm. 40. *3855.63 
Consists of selections from various poets. 

Student songs. See Silcher. 

Sullivan, General ]ohn. See New York, state ; 
— Norton. 

Sumir race, As^syria. See Oppert. 

Sumner, George. See Waterston. 

Sumter, Fort. See Crawford. 

Surgery. See Garmany ; — Owen. 

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'82 of Princeton college, by William G. Sutphen, 
class historian. Trenton, N. J., 1882. 8°. 


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M. Pasteur's system. London, 1887. Illus. Sm. 8°. 


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— A word for the navy. [Poem.] London, 
1887. 8°. 4565.101 

— See Shepherd, R. H. 

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Switzerland. See Howard. 

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1886. 16°. 3038.67 

Symbolism. See Gamier. 

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tirely revised. With descriptions of all the species 
by the editor. London, 1864-86. 12 v. L. 8°. 


Known as Sowerby's English botany. The text of the 
first edition, 1790-18)4, is by Sir J. E. Smith; the second edi- 
tion, 1832-46, by J. de C. Sowerby and C. Johnson. The 
descriptions are full and accurate, hut the figures are scarcely 
sufficiently brought up to date. — B. D. Jackion. Guide 
to the literature of botany. London, 18S1. 

Syphilis. See Wiener (Mrarek). 

Tablettes biographiques, memorial universel 
des hommes du temps, public par une soci^td 
de gens de lettres, sous la direction de A. 
Berthon 1884-85. Paris, 1885. 8°. '*2252.50 

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graphisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oester- 
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87. 8°. *2843.7 

Tasmania. See Ludwig Salvator. 

Taste, Sense of. See Volkswirthschaftliche 

Taxation. See Jones, W. H. ; — Stourm. 

Taxidermy. See Green. 

Taylor, John, the -water-poet. Verbum sempi- 
ternum. The seventh edition with amendments. 
Boston, n. d. Sm. 64°. **H.99b.37 

Pages are missing from this copy. The bastard title is : 
The Bible. The title of the New Testament part is usually, 
Salvator mundi, but in this edition it is : The history of the 
New-Testament. The date of this edition probaoly lies 
within the years 1766 and 1770. 

The Verbum sempiternum is generally known as the 
Thumb Bible, and is an epitome m verse of the Bible. 

Taylor, Philip M. Tobacco : a farmer's crop. 
London, 1886. Sm. 8°. 5999-94 

Teaching of the twelve apostles. See Teste 

Technical education. See Robins; — Samm- 
lung (Baumeister). 

Teeth. See Stowell. 

Teeth, Artificial. See Andrieu ; — Hunter. 

Tegakoiiita, Catherine. See Chauchetifere. 

Telegraph. See Kempe; — Schwendler. 

Telegraphic code. See Official. 

Temperance. See Ellis, J. 

Temperature of the body. See Sammlung 

Temperature of the head. See Lombard. 




Temple, Josiah H. History of Framingham, 
Massachusetts, early known as Danforth's farms, 
1640-1880. With a genealogical register. Framing- 
ham, 18S7. Portraits. 8°. 4352-79 

— History of North Brookfield, Massachusetts. 
Preceded by an account of old Quabaug, Indian 
and English occupation, 1647-1676; Brookfield 
records, 1686-1783. With a genealogical regis- 
ter. [By C. Adams, jr.] North Brookfield, 1S87. 
Portraits. Plates. Map. 8°. *235oa.86 

North Brookfield & West Brookfield were originally in" 
eluded in the town of Brookfield. 

Temple family. See Prime. 

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Part I. Elementary. 39th ed. London. [18-.] 
Sm. 8°. No. I in 8067.48 

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written by herself. Trans, from the Spanish, 
by John Dalton. istAmer. ed. Phila. [1870.] 
Portrait. 12°. 5557-74 

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de la Porte ottomane avec les puissances etran- 
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othtque diplomatique.] 8°. 4613.7 

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altchristlichen Literatur. Herausg. von Oscar 
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Leipzig, 1886. 87. 8". *3504.5o 

C<7»/«i/5. — Band 2. Heft 1,3. Harnack, C.G.Adolf. 
Die Lehre der zwolf Apostel nebst Untersuchungen zur 
altesten Geschichte der Kirclienverfassunjj und des Kirchen- 
rechts. 3. Vischer, £. Die Oflfenbarung Johannis, eine 
jiidische Apokalypse in christlicher Bearbeitung. 4. Jahn, 
A., editor. Des h. Eustathius Erzbischofs von Antiochien 
Beurthrilung des Origenes betreffend die AuflFassung 
der Wahrsagerin I. Kon. (Sam.) 28, und die btziigliche 
Homilie des Origenes. Erganzt und verbessert. 5. Har- 
nack, C. G. Adolf. Die Quellcn der sogenannten aposto- 
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Buch I. 

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Brookfield.] With portraits and reproductions 
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^■^ „ 4541- 101 

Thames river. See Limbird. 

Thayer, Amos M. See Treat. 

Thayer, Eli. The New England emigrant aid 
company and its influence, through the Kansas 
contest, upon national history. Worcester, 1887. 
8"- *4374.ro4 

The same is in Worcester society of antiquity. Proceed- 
ings, for 18S6 [•44SaS3-7]- 

Thearle, Samuel J. P. The modern practice of 
shipbuilding in iron and steel. London. [1886.] 
2 V. [Collins' advanced science series.] Text, 
8«; Plates, 40. *395oa.6i 

Theatre. See Drama. 

Theology. See College ; — M'Clintock. 


Theosophy. See Street. 

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de Paris. Introd. et notes par I'abbe V. Dufour. 
Paris, 1881. Portr. [Anciennes descriptions de 
Paris. 5.] 16". 2639.66.5 

Thirty years' war. See De Peyster, J. W. 

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being the autograph manuscript of De imitatione 
Christi, reproduced in facsimile. With an intro- 
duction by Charles Ruelens. London, 1885. 32°. 


— See Cruise. 

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Thoreau, Henry D. Winter: from [hisj jour- 
nal. Edited by H. G. O. Blake. Boston, 1S88 

[18S7]. 12°. 4503-79 

Thought. See Wall. 

Thoumas, Charles A. Le general Curtly. 
Itineraire d'un cavalier leger de la grandearmde 
(1793-1815), public d'apres un manuscrit authen- 
tique par le general Thoumas. Paris, 18S7. Por- 
trait. 16°. 4658.53 

Thumb Bible. See Taylor, J. 

Thwaites, Reuben G. Biographical sketches 
of Lyman C. Draper [by R. G. Thwaites], and 
Mortimer Melville Jackson [by Consul W. But- 
terfield]. Madison, 1887. Portraits. 4°. *4252.64 

Tidy, Charles Meymott The treatment of 
sewage. N.Y., 1S87. Tables. [Van Nostrand's 
science series.] 16". 8029.10 

Tieck, Johann Ludwig. Ausgewahlte Werke. 
In 8 B. B. 4-6. Stuttgart. [1887.] [Cotta'sche 
Bibliothek.] 16°. 2891.50 

Tiedeman, Christopher G. A treatise on the 
limitations of police power in the United States, 
considered from a civil and criminal standpoint. 
St. Louis, 1886. 8°. *3662.2i 

Tiffany, John K. History of the postage 
stamps of the United States of America. St. 
Louis, 1887. Portrait. 8°. 2236.30 

Tilden, William S. History of Medfield, Mas- 
sachusetts. 1650-1886 With'genealogies. With 
portraits and engravings. Boston, 1887. 8°. 


Tileston, John. See Colesworthy. 

Tileston, Mary W., editor. Heroic ballads. 
Selected by the editor of " Quiet hours." Illus. 
Boston, 1887. 12°. 4564.100 

Identical with " Classic heroic ballads" [25603.69]. 

Tissandier, Gaston. Bibliographic a^ronau- 
tique. Paris, 1887- L. 8°. *2i70.34 

Tit-bits of American humour. N. Y. [18S7.] 
24°. 4409a. 142 

Tit-bits of Scottish humour. N. Y. [18S7.] 
240. 4579a. 103 

Tobacco, See Taylor, P. M. 

Todhunter, Isaac. Key to Mechanics for be- 
ginners. London, 1885. Sm. 8°. 3948.89 

— Mechanics for beginners. With examples. 
London, 18S4. 160. 3948.88 

Tofte, Robert. Alba. The month's minde of 
a melancholy lover. (1598.) Edited by A. B. Gro- 
sart. [Manchester.] 1880. Sm. 4°. "*^,*46o9.ioo 

Toilet. See Franklin, A. L. A. 




Tolstoi, Lyof N., count. Derniferes nouvelles. 
Traduites par 6l^onore Tsakny. Avec portrait. 
Paris, 18S7. i2». 3060.38 

Contenls. — La mnrt d'lvan Iliitch; Le roman d'un che- 
val; Un pauvre (liable. 

— Ma confession. Trad, du russe, par Zoria 
[pseud.?}. Paris, 1S87. i6» 3060.36 

— My confession and The spirit of Christ's 
teaching. Trans, from the Russian. N. Y. 
[1887.] 12°. 3430.55 

— Que faire? Premiere traduction francjaise 
par Marina Polonsky et Debarre. Paris, 1887. 
1 20. 3060.37 

— Polikouchka. Traduit par E. Halp^rine. 4e 
^d. Paris, 1886. 16°. 3060.35 

— What to do > Thoughts evoked by the census 
of Moscow. Trans, from the Russian by Isabel 
F. Hapgood. N. Y., 1887. 120. 35603.82 

Toombs, Robert. See ]ones, C. C, Jr. 
Torrey, David. Memoir of major Jason Torrey, 
of Bethany, Wayne co., Pa. Scranton, Pa., 1885. 
8°. 4243-78 

Torstenson, Lennart, count of Orlanta. See 
De Peyster, J. W. 

Tosi, Pier F. Observations on the florid song; 
or sentiments on the ancient and modern singers. 
Written in Italian. Trans, into English by Mr. 
Galliard. 2d ed. London, 1743. Plates of music. 
12°. *8o59.27 

Towne family. See Hubbard. 

Treat, Samuel. Proceedings of the St. Louis 
bar on the retirement of Samuel Treat, and the 
induction into office of A. M. Thaj'er, March 5, 
1887. St Louis. 1887. 8°. *4244.8o 

Treaties. See Testa ; — U. S. State department. 

Triaire, Paul. Les lemons d'anatomie et les 
peintres hollandafs aux xvi'' et xvii^ siecles. 
[Paris.] 1887. Plates. 16°. 80693.48 

Trotter, Ernest B. The church of England : 
five lectures in the cathedral church, Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, and in S. James' church, Morpeth. 
London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 5529.67 

Troy, Asia Minor. See Heeger; — Le Fevre. 

Tryon, George W.,jr. Manual of conchology. 
Vol.8; 2d series, vol. 2. Phila., 1886. Colored 
plates. 8". *5872.55 

Tuckerman, Arthur L. A short history of 
architecture. With illus. N. Y., 1887. 8°. 4097.13 

Tuebingen, Germany. Adress- und Geschafts- 
Handbuch. Tubingen, 1887. 8°. *2837.25 

Tuke, Henry. The principles of religion, as 
professed by the society of Christians usually 
called Quakers. N. Y., 1805. 12°. 75493.88 

Tunis. See Lanessan ; — Leroy-Beaulieu; — 
Plajfair ; — Vignon. 

Turkey. See Testa. 

Turner, Charles J. Ribton. A history of va- 
grants and vagrancy and beggars and begging. 
Illus. London, 1887. 8". 5575-92 

Turner, Joseph W. Novel musical grammar. 
East Boston, 1887. 16°. 80493.30 

Turning. See Hasluck. 

Tusser, Thomas. Tusser redivivus : being part 
of Thomas Tusser's Five hundred points of hus- 
bandry. Added, notes and observations [by 
Daniel HilmanJ. [No. 1-12.] London, 1710. 
Sm. 8". *7998.i6 

Tuthill, William B. Interiors and interior de- 
tails : fifty-two large quarto plates, comprising a 
number of original designs of halls, staircases, 
parlors, libraries, dining-rooms, &c. NY., 1882. 
L-4°- 4100.55 


Tweed family. See Walker. B. 

Twining, Richard. Selections from papers of 
the Twining family: a sequel to 'The recrea- 
tions and studies of a country clergyman of the 
i8th century.' the Rev. Thomas Twining. Lon- 
don, 1887. Sm. 8°. 4547.101 

"The recreations and studies of a country cler^roan " 
may be found on shelf-number 24506.67. 

Two rare tracts relating to the State of New 
York. 1609-15. Viz.: Champlain's expeditions 
to northern and western New York. (1632.) A 
letter from a gentleman of the city of New York 
concerning the late revolution. (i6g8. ) Edinb., 
1887. [Collectanea adamantxa.] Sm. 8". 


Tychomirov, Lyof. Conspirateurs et policiers. 
(Souvenirs d'un proscrit russe.) Paris, 1887. 18°. 


Tyler, Moses C. Patrick Henry, Boston, 
1887. [American statesmen.] 16°. 4248.65 

Tyler, Ransom H. Oswego county fifty years 
ago. Address before the Old settlers' associa- 
tion, at Mexico, August 21st, 1879. Fulton, 
N. Y., 1880. 8°. No. II in ^4219.59 

Tymms, T. Vincent. The mystery of God. A 
consideration of some intellectual hindrances to 
faith. 2d ed. N. Y., 1887. 8°. 3430-57 

Tynan, Katharine. Shamrocks. [Poems.] 
London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 4566.100 

Tyrol. See Lindner. 

Tyrwhitt, Walter S. S. The new chum in the 
Queensland bush. Oxford. [1887?] Sm. 8°. 


Umfrevilles, The : their ancestors and descend- 
ants. [Clapham. S., 185-.''] 4°. *2434.62 

Unclaimed money. See British American. 

Underbill, George F. Literary epochs : chap- 
ters on noted periods of intellectual activity. 
London, 1887. Sm. 8". 6198.17 

Underwood, Francis H. A handbook of Eng- 
lish history based on the lectures of the late M. 
J. Guest and brought down to 1880. With a 
supplementary chapter upon English literature 
of the nineteenth century, with maps, tables, etc. 
Boston, 1886. 12". 4519.100 

Unionist party in Great Britain. S6e Dicey. 

United States. Board of commissioners for 
carrying into effect the sixth article of the treaty 
[favs of I7g4]. Sundry resolutions and pro- 
ceedings, in cases before the Board. Phila., 
1799. Sm. 4°. *44i7-87 

— Bureau of education. Art and industry. 
Education in the industrial and fine arts in the 
United States. By I. E. Clarke. Part i. Draw- 
ing in public schools. Washington, 1885. 8°. 

*559i-77; 5591-78 

— Bureau of navigation. Catalogue of charts, 
plans, sailing directions, and other publications 
of the United States hydrographic office. Janu- 
ary, 1887. Washington, 1887. Maps. 8°. 


— Bureau of refugees, freedmen, and aban- 
doned lands. Annual report of [the] commis- 
sioner, made to the secretary of war, 1865, 67-70, 
Washington, 1865-70. 8°. *4324.I07 

— Civil service commi.<:sion. Annual report, 
ist-3d. Washington, 18S4-86. 8°. ♦C.278.19 

Also the 3d ed. of the 1st and 2d report, and the 3d ed. of 
the 3d. 

— Ens^ineer department. See Newton. 




— Geological survey, y. W- Powell, director. 
Annual report, 5th, 6th. Washington, 1885. 
Plates. Illus. 4". *7870.55.5,6 

Contents. — 5. Report of the director; Administrative re- 
ports; The topofjraphic features of lake shores, b»" G. K. 
Gilbert; The requisite and qualifyint^ conditions of artesian 
xvells, bv T. C. Chaiiiberlin ; Preliminary paper on an in- 
vestigation of the archsean formations of'the Northwestern 
states, by R. D. Irvinji; The gigantic mammals of the order 
Dinocerati, by O. C. Marsh ; Existing glaciers of the United 
States, bv I. C. Russell; Sketch of paleobotany, by L. F. 
Ward. i>. Report of the director; Administrative reports; 
Mount Taylor and the Zuni plateau, bv C. E. Diitton; Pre- 
liminary paper on the driftless area of the upper Mississippi 
valley, by T.C. Chamberlin and R. D.Salisbury; Thequan. 
titative determination of silver, by means of the microscope, 
by J. S.Curtis; Preliminary report on sea-coast swamps of 
tfie Eastern United States, by N. S. Shaler; Synopsis of the 
flora of the Laramie group, by L. F. Ward. 

Bulletins, vol. 4, 5. [Nos. 24-36.] Wash- 
ington, 1885, 86. 8°. *7872.55.4,5 

Contents. — Vol. 4, No. 34. Dall, W. H. : List of marine 
mollusca, comprising thequaternary fossils and recent forms 
from American localities between Cape Hatteras and Cape 
Roque, including the Bermudas. 25. Bitrnes, P.: The 
present technical condition of the steel industry of the 
United States. 26. Howe, H. M. : Copper smelting. 27. 
Report of work done in the division of chemistry and phy- 
sics mainly during the fiscal year 1884/85. 28. Williams, 
G. H.: The gabbros and associated hornblende rocks oc- 
curring in the neighborhood of Baltimore, Md. 29. White, 
C. A. : Oti the fresh-water invertebrates of the North Ameri- 
can Jurassic. 30. Wolcott, C. D. : Second contribution to 
the studies on the Cambrian faunas of North America. 
Vol. 5, No. 31. Scudder, S. H. : Systematic review of our 
present knowledge of fossil insects, including niyriapods 
and arachnids. 32. Peale, A. C. : Lists and analyses of the 
mineral springs of the United States. 33. Diller, J. S. : 
Notes on the geology of Northern California. 34. White, 
C. A.: On the relation of the Laramie molluscan fauna to 
that of the succeeding fresh-water eocene and other groups. 
J5. Barus, C. and Strouhal, V. : Physical properties of the 
iron-carburets. 36. Barus, C. : Subsidence of line solid par- 
ticles in liquids. 

— National museum. Bulletin. No. 23-26. 
Washington, 1883-85. Portrait. Illus. 8°. 


Contents. — tin. 33. Scudder, N. P.: Bibliographies of 
American naturalists. 2. The published writings of Isaac 
Lea. 24. Yarrow, H. C. : Check list of North American 
reptilia and batrachia, with caUilogue of specimens in U. S. museum. 25. Jones, J. M. and Goode, G. B. : 
Contributions to the natural history of the Bermudas. Vol. i. 
a6._ Coues, E., and Prentiss, D. VV. : Avifauna Columbiana : 
being a list of birds ascertained to inhabit the district of 
Columbia. 2d cd. 

— Ordnance bureau. ( War.) Notes on the 
construction of ordnance. No. 20-22, 2^, 26. 
[Washington, 1883, 84.] F°. *395oa.50 

Ordnance notes. No. 1-357. [Washing- 
ton, 1879-S4.] F°. *395o.25 

The Library has received the above papers on various 
topics connected with military art and science. Some 
numbers are missing. All have been catalogued and their 
titles can be in the Card catalogue. 

— State department. A list of books received 
at the Library. July, 1886-August, 18S7. With 
references to international treaties and articles 
on subjects relative to the law of nations and 
diplomacy in magazines received during the 
same period. No. i-io. [Washington, 1886, 
87.] Sm. 8°. *2i86.i3 

Beginning with Jan., 1887, these title lists arc monthly. 

Consular reports. Forestry in Europe. 

Reports from the consuls of the United States. 
Washington. 1887. Plates. %°. *5843.7 

Index to the consular reports No. i 

to 59 fi88o-i8S5). [By W. C. Ford.] Wash- 
ington, 18S7. 80. *7643.23 

— Treasury department. Combined state- 
ment of the receipts and disbursements (appar- 
ent and actual) of the United States for the fiscal 
year ended June 30, 18S6. [Washington. 1886.] 
4°. *764oa.i4 

Report of the secretary of the treasury on 

the collection of duties. [Washington, 18S7.] 8°. 


Statement of the public debt of the United 

States. Feb., April-Dec 1873; Feb., 1874-June, 
1877; Aug., 1877-April, 1880; June. i8So-June, 
1882; Aug., 1882-Dec., 1886. [Washington, 
1873-86.] F". *764oa.i3 

— War department. War of the rebellion : a 
compilation of the official record of the Union 
and Confederate armies. Series i, vol. 18, 19, 
part I. 18. Operations in North Carolina and 
Southeastern Virginia. Aug. 20, 1862-June 3, 
1863. 19, part I. 2. Operations in Northern 
Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Penn- 
sylvania. Sept. 3-N0V. 14, 1862. Washington, 
1887. *4223. 50.18,19 

— Biography. See Lossing. 

— Electoral system, i'ee O'Neil. 

— History, etc. See Aveling; — Harris, W. 
T. ; — Irelan. 

Revolution. See Burton, J. ; — Faden ; — 

Gardiner; — Ladies'; — New York. Secretary 
of state : — Norton ; — Stone, E. M- 

War of 1812. See Abbot- 

Civil -war. See Allen, G. H.; — Craw- 
ford ; — Ellis. E. S. ; — Johnson, R. U. ; — Jones, 
C. C, jr. ; — Logan ; — Parker; — Scharf; — 
State; — U. S. War department ; — Waddell. 

United States military academy, West Point. 
List of cadets admitted from its origin till Sept. 
I, 1886. {^Appended, List of cadets admitted 
June 16, 1S87.] Compiled by W. Ward. Wash- 
ington, 1SS7. 12°. *C.244.34 

Universal-Bibliothek. [B. 225, 230-234] Er- 
scheinungen 2181-2190; 2231-22S0. Leipzig. 
[1886,87.] 16°. ♦4896.50.225,230-234 

Contents. — [B. 225.] Spindler, C. : Der Jude. Deutsches 
Sittengemalde aus der ersten Halfte des fiinfzehnten Jahr- 
hunderts. GoUsthall, Rudolf von: Der Spion von Rheins- 
berg. Lustspiel. .Schoenthan, P. vnn : Kindermund. Aus- 
spriiche und Scenen aus dem Kinderleben. Katscher, L. : 
Aus England. Bilder und Skizzen. Voss, R. : Alexandra. 
Drama. [B. 226-229.] Foralistofcontentsof these volumes, 
see Bulletin no. 75, p. 373. fB.230.] Heine, H. : Buch der 
Lieder. Herausg. von O. \. Lachmann. Cicero, M. T. : 
Ausgewahlte Reden. 5tes B. Aus dem Lateinischen mit 
Einlcilung und Erlauterung von Dr. Rahse. Bernstein, 
M.: Ein Kuss, Plauderei. Rilter Blaubart, Lustspiel. 
Potiechin, N. : Die Schlinge des Schicksals. Drama. Nach 
dem Russischen von L. Stein und S. Markos. Dumas, A. D. : 
Die schwarze Tulpe. Historischer Roman. Deutsch von 
H. Meerholz. Justinus, O. : Griechisches Feuer. Lustspiel 
unter Benutzung einer About'schen Novelle. Kuehne-Har- 
kort, Henriette. Lebende Bilder. Anicet-Bourgeois, Au- 
guste, and Dennery, A. P. : Die Gebieterin von St. Tropez. 
Schauspiel. Frei nach dem Franzbsischen bearbeitet von D. 
Schrutz. [B. 231.] Heine, Heinrich : Neue Gedichte. Her- 
ausg. von O. F. Lachmann. Justinus, O. : Die Ehestifterin. 
Lustspiel. Gontsharof, Ivan A. : Der Absturz. Roman. Frei 
n:ich dem Russischen von W. Goldschmidt. Girndt, O. : 
Am andernTage. Lustspiel. Franklin, B. : Leben, von jhm 
selbst beschrieben. Deutsch von K. Miiller. Vis^khadatta. 
Mudr.inikschasa, oder des Kanzlers Siegelring. Ein indi- 
sches Drama. Aus dem Sanskrit und metrisch ins Deut- 
sche iibersetzt von L. Fritze. Klingner, L. : Ludwig der 
Zwcite, Konig von Baycrn. Lebenshild. [B. 232.] Heine, 
Heinrich. Romanzero. Herausg. von O. F. Lachmann. 
Crainm, B. von ; Schliltenreclil. Lustspiel. Krueger, J. : 
Lamm und Lowe. Lustspiel von A. Schreiber (J. Kriiger). 
Herausg. von C. F. Wittmann. Torelli-Torriani, Maria. 
Italieni^che Kleinstadter und andere Erzahlungen von der 
Marchesa Colombi [/».««<t/.]. Frei aus dtm Italienischen 
iibersetzt von A. Cnurth. Katsclier, L. : China. Skiz- 
zen und Bilder. Lohmever, J. : Der Stammhalter. Schwank. 
Poetzl, E. ; Kriminal-Humoresken. Skizzen und Typen ' 



aus den Wiener GerichtssHI^n, drittes B. Zschokke, J. 
H. D. : Abellino. Schausniel. Friedmann, A. : Kirchen- 
rauh. Falsche Freundschaft. Zwci Arbeiternovellen. 

tB. 2.y.] Heine, H.: Atta Troll, ein Sommernachtstraum. 
>eutschland, ein VVintcrmarchen. Herausg-. von O. F. Lach- 
mann. Scribe, A. E., and Legouve, E. W. G. J. B. : Frauen- 
kampf. Lustspiel nach Scribe von Olfers. Herausg. von 
C. F. Wittmann. Plutarchus: Vergleichende Lebensbe- 
schreibuntren. Oberselzt von J, F. S. Kaltwasser. Neu 
herausg. O. Giithling. ler B. Jacobson, Eduard : Ein 
gemachter Mann. Posse mit Gesang. Mallachow, C, and 
Eisner. O. : Papa's Liebschaft. Schwank. Michel, Marc A. 
A., called Marc-Michel, and Labiche, E. M. : Ein reizbarer 
Kerr. Schwank. Bearbeitet von Wittmann und Simon. 
Balzac, H. de : Vater Goriot. Pariser Lebensbilder. Ober- 
setzt von H. Denh.ardt. [B. 334.] Voltaire, F. M. A. de : Das 
Zeitalter Ludwigs xiv. Deutschvon R. Habs. Schoenthan, 
F. von : Kleine Humoresken von Franz von Schonthan und 
Paul von Schonthan. 4tes B. Ibsen, H. : Rosmersholm. 
Schauspiel. Aus dem Norwegischen von A. Zinck. 

University of California, Berkeley. College 
of agriculture. Reports [biennial] of the pro- 
fessor in charge. 1881-87. Sacramento, 1880- 
87. 8°. *7995-25 

The later reports are largely devoted to viticulture. 

University of Cambridge. Catalogus librorum 
manuscriptorum quos collegio Corporis Christi 
et B. Mariae Virginis legavit Matthaeus Parker. 
Edidit J. Nasmith. Cantabrigiae, m.dcc.lxxvii. 
40. 2141.79 

— See Dickens ; — Wright, T. 

University of Paris. See Cholet ; — Muenster. 

University of Saint Andrews. See Baynes. 

University of Wisconsin, Madison. Agricul- 
tural experiment station. Annual report, 4th. 
For 18S6. Madison, 1887. Plates. 8°. *7995.i7 

Urethra. See Cyclopaedia. 

Vachon, Marius. Philibert de L'Orme. Paris. 
[1887.] Illus. [Les artistes c^lebres.] Sm. 4°. 


Vagina. See Cyclopaedia. 

Vagrancy. See Turner, C. J. R. 

Valaoritis, Aristoteles Moschos. Athanase 
Diakos, poeme. Dame Phrosyne, poeme dra- 
matique. Traduits pour la premiere fois en 
frangais. Par J. Blancard. Paris, 1886. [Biblio- 
theque grecque elzevirienne. Collection de 
poemes n^o-helleniques.] 18°. 5078.19 

— Poemes patriotiques. Traduits pour la pre- 
miere fois en fran9ais. Par J. Blancard. Avec 
une notice surla vie et les oeuvres d'A. Valaori- 
tis, par le M'** de Qiieux de Saint-Hilaire. Paris, 
1883. [Bibliotheque grecque elzevirienne. Col- 
lection de poemes neo-helleniques.] 18". 5078.18 

Vallat, Gustave. Etude sur la vie & les oeuvres 
de Thomas Moore. Suivie d'une bibliographic. 
Paris, 1886. 8°. 4542.108 

Valles, — , baron de los. The career of Don 
Carlos, since the death of Ferdinand the seventh : 
a chapter in the history of Charles the fifth by 
his aid-de-camp, the baron de los Valles. Lon- 
don, 1835. Portraits. 8°. 5095.52 

Valmy, France. See Chuquet. 

Van Cott, Maggie, nke Newton. See Foster, 

Van Dyke, Henry J., jr. The story of the 
Psalms. N. Y., 1887. 12°. 5434.52 

Vases. See Furtwaengler. 

Vass, Lachlan C. History of the Presbyte- 
rian church in New Bern. N.C., with a resume 
of early ecclesiastical affairs in eastern North 
Carolina, and a sketch of the early davs of New 
Bern, N.C. Richmond, Va., 1886. ' Portrait. 
Plates. 8°. *3545.6a 

Vatican library. See Muentz. 


Vedel, Emil. Bornholms OldtidsminderogOld- 
sager. Kj0benhavn, 1886. Map. Illus. 4". ♦48303.56 

Velocity of light. See Sammlung (Schlegel). 

Venice. See Brown, H. F. 

Ventilation. See Morrison. 

Venzati, Palmerino, conte. Querele d'Aminta 
del conte Palmerino Venzati, scrittore del secolo 
XV. [Poem.] N. p., n. d. 16". 6778.34 

Verdi, Giuseppe. See Macchetta. 

Verein fiir hansische Geschichte. Hansisches 
Urkundenbuch. Bearbeitet von K. H5hlbaum. 
B. 3. [1343-60] Halle, 1886. 8°. *3aii.50 

Verne, Jules. Nord contra sud. ire partie. 
Paris, 1887. [Les voyages extraordinaires.] la". 

4660b. 16 

V6ron, Eugfene. Eugene Delacroix. Paris. 
[1887.] Illus. [Les artistes c^lfebres.] Sm. 4». 


Veterinary art. See Law, J. 

Veuillot, Louis. Les lihres penseurs. 7e ^d. 
Paris, 1886. 12°. 3497-70 

Victoria, queen. See Ward. 

Victoria, Australia. See Hayter. 

Vieilleville, Fran9ois de Sc^paux, sire de. See 

Vignon, Louis. La France dans I'Afrique du 
nord. Algdrie et Tunisie. Paris, 1887. Maps. 8°. 


Virgilius Maro, Publius. Bvcolica : Aeneis : 
Georgica. The greater poems of Virgil. Edited 
by J. B. Greenough. Boston, 1887. 2 v. Illus. 
12°. 2928.64 

Vischer, Peter. See Sammlung (Bauer). 

Visitations, Heraldic. See Crisp ; — Ryley ; 
— White, C. H. E. 

Vogiie, Eugfene M., vicomte de. The Russian 
novelists. Trans, by Jane L. Edmands. Boston. 
[1887.] 12°. 3060.34 

Pages 273-27S contain A list of English translations from 
the Russian. 

Voice. See Ross. 

Volapvik. See Seret. 

Volkswirthschaftliche Zeitfragen. Jahrgang 
7-9. Berlin, 18S5-87. 3 v. in 2. 8". *3562-53-7-9 

Contents. — Jzhrgving 7. Heft i. Bunsen, G. von : 
Friedrich Kapp. Gedachtnissrede gehaltcn am 10. Januar 
1885. 2, 3. Lessing, Julius:. Was 1st ein altes Kunstwerk 
werth? 4. Lammers, A.: Offentliche Kinder-Fiirsorge. 
5. Weigert, M. : Die Krisisdes Zwischenhandels. 6. Baum- 
bach, C. : Der Normal-ArbeitsUg. 7, 8. Fitgcr, E. : Die 
Seehafen Englands und ihre Ausriistung mit RUcksicht 
auf die Hafenb.auten beini Zollanschluss Hamburgs und 

Jahrgang 8. Heft i. Eras, Wolfgang, H. : Das Brannt- 
vireia-Monopnl. 2. Br.aun-Wiesbaden, C. : Die Kolonisa- 
tions-Bestrebungen der modernen europaischen V'olker und 
Staaten. 3. Bamberger, L. : Die social istische Gefahr. 
4. Marcus, V.: Die Seehafen im heutigen Weltverkehr. 
5 6. Dorn, Alexander, Bitter von : Der \virthschaftliche 
Werth des Geschmacks. 7, S. Jastrow, J. : Uber Welthan. 
delsstrassen in der Geschichte des Abendlandes. 

Jahrgang 9. Heft i. Lasson, A.: Armenwesen und 
Armenrecht. 2., Wolfgang H. : Die Organis.-ition des 
Binnenschifffahrts-Betriebes. 3. Lessing,!.: Handarbeit. 
4. Barth, T. : Amerikanisches Wirthschaftsleben. 5. Baum- 
bach, Carl: Ziinftlerthum. Ein Gutachten des treiherm 
von Patow. 

Voltaire, Frangois M. A. de. M^moires pour 
servir a la vie de M. de VolUiire Merits par lui- 
m^me, publics par un bibliophile. Paris. 18S6. 
16°. 4659a.6x 

— See Universal-Bibliothek. 

Vose, George L. A sketch of the life and 
works of Loammi Baldwin. Read before the 
Boston society of civil engineers, Sept. 16, 1885. 
Boston, 1885. Portrait. 8°. No. i in *4345.ioo 




Voss, Johann H. See Goettinger. 

Voyage en Espagne d'un ambassadeur maro- 
cain (1690-1691). Traduit de I'arabe par H. 
Saiivaire. Paris, 1884. [Bibliotheque orientale 
elzevirienne.] iS°. SOiga.ea 

Voyages and travels. SeeB&gg; — Bougain- 
ville; — Brassey ; — Burton, SirR. F. ; — Callan ; 

— Davis, S. M. ; — Edgcombe; — Exquemelin; 

— Fitzgerald; — Germany. Hydrog. Amt ; — 
Giglioli ; — Glisan ; — Harris, W. T. ; — Howard ; 

— Kolberg; — Ludwig Salvator ; — McKenzie ; 

— Nilsen ; — Nordenskiold; — Pyrard; — Schuetz 
zu Holzhausen ; — Tyrwhitt ; — Watt. 

W., P. Grammaire albanaise. London, 1887. 
[Triibner's collection of simplified grammars.] 
Sm. S". 3038.70 

Waddell, Jos. A. Annals of Augusta county, 
Virginia, with reminiscences ; biographical 
sketches ; a diary of the war, iS6i-'5, and a 
chapter on reconstruction. Richmond, 1886. 
Map. 8". *4373.ioo 

Waddington, Samuel, editor. English son- 
nets by living writers, with a note on the history 
of the ' sonnet.' 2d ed. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 


— The sonnets of Europe. A volume of trans- 
lations. London, 1886. [Canterbury poets.] i6°. 


Wagner, H. Fiihrer ins Reich der Crypto- 
gamen. 2te Aufl. [Theil 1-3.] Bielefeld, "1853. 
Plates. Sm. 4". 3858.19 

Wagner, Wilhelm R. See Fuchs. 

Wahu, Albert. Le spiritisme dans I'antiquitd 
et dans les temps modernes. Paris, 1885. 2 pts. 
in I V. 16°. 7607.70 

Waite, Arthur E. The real history of the 
Rosicrucians. With illus. London, 1S87. 8°. 


Waite, Morrison R. Addresses at the unveil- 
ing of the Joseph Henry statue, at Washington, 
April 19, 1883, by Chief-justice Waite and Noah 
Porter. Washington, 1884. Portraits. 8°. 

No. 4 in *4344.io6 

The same is in the Annual report of the Smithsonian 
institution for 18S3 [*7938.5o.i8S3]. 

Wakeman, Henry O. The church and the 
puritans. 1570-1660. London, 1887. [Epochs 
of history. Edited by Mandell Creighton.] Sm. 
8°- 55293.70 

Waldenses. See Chabrand. 

Waldo, Samuel. See Williamson. 

Walkei, Benjamin. Sketch of the James 
Tweed family, Wilmington, Mass. Read at a 
family reunion, Andover, June 17, 18S7. Lowell, 
1S87. 16°. ♦4339a. 13 

Walker, Thomas. The original. London, 18S7. 
[Morley's universal library.] Sm. 8". 4555.74 

Walker, William, of Aberdeen. The bards of 
Bon-Accord. 1375-1860. Aberdeen, 1887. 8°. 


Criticisms of Scottish poetry, with specimens. Contains 
a biblio^aphy. 

Walker, William, LL.D.,of Monymusk. The 
life and times of John Skinner, bishop of Aber- 
deen, and Primus of the Scottish episcopal 
church. Aberdeen, 1887. Portrait. 8". 4549.107 

Wall, George. The natural history of thought. 
London. 1887. 8°. 3590.67 

Wallace, R. George. Fifteen years in India; 
or, sketches of a soldier's life in India. \Anon.'\ 
London, 1822. S*. 507858 

Wallis, Henry W. The cosmology of the Rig- 
veda, an essay. London, 18S7. 8°. 3021.77 

Walsh, William P. Echoes of Bible history. 
With illus. N. Y., 18S7. 12°. 3430-56 

Walsh, William S. Faust. The legend and 
the poem. With etchings. Phila., 1SS8 [1887]. 
L. 8°. 2860.69 

Waltzes. See Chopin. 

Warburg, D. R. Die Hausthiere und ihre 
Behandlung nachTomlinson's Domestic animals 
and their treatment fiir die deutsche Jugend 
bearbeitet. Herausg. vom Hamburger Thier- 
schutz-Verein. 2te Aufl. Hamburg, 1S73. i6°. 


Ward, Thomas H., editor. The reign of 
Qiieen Victoria. London, 1887. 2 v. Maps. 
80. 2423.28 

Waring, Charles. State-purchase of railways. 
London, 1887. 8°. 36503.86 

Warming. See Morrison. 

Warner, Aaron. See Crowell. 

Washburne, Elihu B. Recollections of a min- 
ister to France, 1869-1877. With illus. N. Y., 
1887. 2 V. Portraits. Map. 8°. 4620.58 

Relates largely to events in the Franco-German war. 

W^ashington, George. See Gardiner ; — Shar- 

Washington, Z>. C. Churches. Assembly's pres- 
byterian church. Catalogue of the church and 
Sunday school library. January, 1883. \^Also, 
Catalogue of additions to Feb., 84, 85, Jan., 86, 
87-] [ByJ. C. Strout.] Washington, i883-[87]. 
12°. 6196.27 

Wason, H. L. Letters from Colorado. [Po- 
ems.] Boston. 1887. 16°. 4407.120 

Waterloo, Battle of. See Kelly. 

Waterston, Robert C. Memoir of George Sum- 
ner. Cambridge, 1S80. 8°. No. 21 in *4345.ioo 

The same is in Massachusetts historical society. Proceed- 
ings, Boston [*23S5.i2.i8]. 

Watt, Francis. Pictorial chronicles of the 
mighty deep : or, the sea, its ships and sailors. 
London. [1S87.?] Col. plates. Woodcuts. 8°. 


Webster, Daniel. See Official proceedings. 

Webster, John. The displaying of supposed 
witchcraft. Wherein is affirmed that there are 
many sorts of deceivers and impostors, and divers 
persons imder a passive delusion of melancholy 
and fancy. London, 1677. L. 8°. *76oo.74 

Weems, Mason L. The true patriot : or an 
oration, on the beauties and beatitudes of a 
republic; and the abominations and desolations 
of despotism. With an aftectionate persuasive 
to the American people. Phila. [1802.] 12°. 

**H. 98.84 

Weld, Rev. Alfred. History of the suppres- 
sion of the Society of Jesus. Part I. Suppres- 
sion in the Portuguese dominions. [London, 
1877.] Sm. 8". 5519-61 

Weldon, Laurence. Judge David Davis. Ad- 
dress delivered before the legislature of Illinois, 
February 22, 1887, at the joint memorial service 
of Judge Davis and General Logan. Washing- 
ton, 18S7. 8°. 4252.65 

Wellcome, Henry S. The story of Metla- 
kahtla. Illus. 2d ed. London, 1887. Portraits. 
12°. 4368.76 

An account of William Duncan's work in civilizing some 
Tsirashean Indians of British Columbia, near Alaska. 






Welldon, James E. C. Sermons preached to 
Harrow hoys, in 1885 and 1886. N. Y., 1887. 
Sm. 8". 5438- 66 

Wells, S. M. The electropathic guide ; pre- 
pared with particular reference to home practice ; 
with directions for treating over 100 diseases. 
8th ed. La Crosse, Wisconsin, i886. 12°. 

Wells cathedral. See Dickinson. 

Welsh, Alfred H. English masterpiece course. 
Chicago, 1887. 12°. 4578.103 

Welsh language. See Sattler. 

Wentworth, E. Arithmetical problems, ar- 
ranged for drill and review in primary, grammar, 
and high schools. N. Y., 1883. 12". 5939a-65 

Werner, Abraham G. Werner's nomenclature 
of colours, with additions [etc.]. By Patrick Syme. 
2d ed. Edinb., 1821. Plates. 16°. 3922.76 

West, James H. Uplifts of heart and will. 
A series of religious meditations, or aspirations. 
Chicago, 1S87. Sq. 16°. 5438.63 

West Virginia. See Hale. 

Westwood, John O. The butterflies of Great 
Britain with their transformations, delineated 
and described. London, 1887. Plates. Sm. 4°. 


Wharton, Francis, editor. A digest of the 
international law of the United States. Wash- 
ington, 1886. 3 V. 8°. * 

Whately, Richard. A view of the Scripture 
revelations concerning a future state : laid before 
his parishioners, by a country pastor. 5th ed. 
lAnofi.} London, 1842. Sm. 8°. 7435-89 

Whedon, Daniel D. Essays, reviews, and dis- 
courses. With a biographical sketch. By his 
son, J. S. Whedon, and his nephew, D. A. Whe- 
don. N. Y., 1887. 16°. 5438.68 

Largely upon methodism. 

— Statements; theological and critical. N.Y., 
1887. 16°. 5438.69 

Whist. See Jones, H. ; — Pettes ; — Proctor. 

White, Charles H. E., editor. An index to 
the visitation of Norfolk, made A.D., 1664, with 
an introduction by C H. Athill. Reprinted from 
the "East Anglian notes and queries." Ips- 
wich, 1885. 4°. **2503.67 

White, Thomas P. The ordnance survey of 
the United Kingdom. Edinb., 1886. Sm. 8°. 


White mountains. See Sweetser. 

Whiteford, Sidney T. A guide to porcelain 
painting. With illus. 6th ed. London. [1887.] 
Sm. 8°. 4025.79 

Whitelock, William. The life and times of 
John Jay. With a sketch of public events from 
the opening of the Revolution to the election of 
Jefterson. N. Y., 1887. Portrait. 12°. 4347.202 

Wieland, Christoph M. Sammtliche Werke. 
Herausg. von J. G. Gruber. Leipzig, 1824-28. 
53 V. in 39. Portrait. Sq. 16°. 4900.50 

— The sympathy of souls, attempted from the 
French, and revised after the original German. 
[Edited by F. A. Winzer.] [London, 1787.'] 
Sm. 8°. 6875.29 

Wiener Klinik. Jahrgang 12. Wien, i886. 8". 


Contents. — 12. Felsenreich, Z)r. ; Die Behandlung der 
Placenlarperiode; Rabl, J. : Zur Behandlung^ der skrophu- 
losen Leiden; Obersteiner, H. : Die Intoxikationspsj-cho- 
sen; Bergmeister, O. : Die Intoxikatioiisainblyopien; 
Hock, J. : Ueber seitliche Beleuclitung des Auges, Uber 
Loupenu. deren Beziehungen zum Auge; Kapper, F. : 
Ueber die Cholera in atiologischer, prophylaktischer und 
therapeutischer Beziehung ; Habart, J. : Die antiseptiscben 

Wundbehandlungs Methoden im Frieden und Kriege; Le- 
wandowski, R. : Ueber die Anwenduni; der Galvanokaustik 
in der praktischen Hcilkunde; Mraick, F. : Zur Syphili* 
der Orbita; Bum, A. : Ueber lokale Anastliesirung; ZeissI, 
M. von : Ueber den Diplococcus Neisser's und seine Bezie- 
hung zum Tripperprozess. 

Wilder, Daniel W. The annals of Kansas. 
New edition. Topeka, 1886. Portrait. 8". 


Wilkmson, John Frome. The Blackley Na- 
tional provident insurance scheme. A protest 
and an appeal. London, 1887. Sm. 8". 5669.9 

Wilkinson, William C. Classic German course 
in English. N. Y., 1887. [After-school series.] 
12°. 2886.77 

Will. See McCosh. 

Willey, Henry. An introduction to the study 
of lichens. With a supplement and plates. New 
Bedford, 1887. 8". 3856.54 

William I., emperor of Germany. See May- 
hew; — Simon, E. 

William Salt archaeological society, Stafford^ 
England. Collections for a history of Stafford- 
shire. Vol. 7. Birmingham, 1886. 8°. *2492.52 

Williamson, Joseph. Brigadier-general Samuel 
Waldo. Reprinted from Vol. 9, Collections of 
Maine historical society. Portland, 1887. Por- 
trait. Sm. 4^. *4346.ioo 

Willington, J. Waldyve. Eternal scenes from 
the poets, and their views of the after life. Lon- 
don, 1887. Sm. 8". 5438.52 

Wilson, Edward L. Wilson's quarter century 
in photography. N. Y., 1887. Illus. Sm. 4°. 


Wilson, John M., and Fowler, Thomas. The 

principles of morals. Oxford, 1886, 87. 2 v. 8°. 


Window gardening. See Heinrich. 

Wine. See Fernand-Michel. 

Winnebago. See Mitchel. 

Winslow, Forbes. Physic and physicians : a 
medical sketch book, exhibiting the public and 
private life of the most celebrated medical men, 
of former days; with memoirs of eminent living 
London physicians and surgeons. [Anon.} 
London, 1839. 2 v. Portraits. Sm. 40. 3718.54 

Winter, Pixey, pseud., and Boy, Letitia, pseud. 
The lost wedding-ring. By Mrs. Winter [pseud."] 
and Mrs. Boy [pseud.]. N. Y., 1887. 240. 


Winter. See Thoreau. 

Winthrop, Robert C.,jr. A short account of 
the Winthrop family. Privately printed. Cam- 
bridge, 1887. Sm. 4°. *4335-ii4 

Wirth, Joseph. La langue franijaise dans les 
d^partements de Test. Paris, 1867. 16°. 2688.72 

Wisconsin. See Mitchel. 

Wit and humor. See Tit-bits. 

Witchcraft. See Webster, J. 

Witzel, Adolph. Ueber Cocain-Anasthesie bei 
Operationen in der Mundhohle. Hagen i. W., 
1886. Illus. [Deutsche Zahnheilkunde in Vor- 
tragen. Herausg. von A. Witzel. Hefti.] L. 8°. 


W^oUe, Francis. Fresh-water algae of the 
United States; (exclusive of the diatomacese) 
complemental to Desmids of the United States; 
with 2300 illustrations, covering 151 plates, a few 
colored. Bethlehem, Pa., 1887. 2 v. 8°. *385i-50 

Women. See Bellairs ; — Ramabai. 

— Biography. See Barine ; — Cone ; — Early 
English text society (Horstmann) ; — Imbert de 




— Diseases. See Cjclopzedia. 

— Education. See Society. 

— Suffrage. See Dexter, H. M. 
Wood engraving. See Pilinski. 
Woodbury, Charles L. The relation of the 

fisheries to the discovery and settlement of North 
America. Delivered before the New Hampshire 
historical society, June, 1880, and the Massachu- 
setts fish and game protection society, 1880. Bos- 
ton, 1880. 8". No. iTin *4324.io5 

Woodford, James R., bishop of Ely. Sermons. 
Edited by H. M. Luckock. N. Y., 1887. 2 v. 12°. 


Contents. — i . Subjects from the Old Testament. 2. Sub- 
jects from the New Testament. 

Woodforde, Francis C. An etymological index 
to Shakespeare's play of the Tempest. London. 
[1885.] 16°. 4599a. lOI 

Woodhouse, Reginald I. What is the church? 
or plain instruction about the church, especially 
in England. With notes and a supplementary 
chapter on the Protestant episcopal church in the 
United States. By J. A. Spencer. N. Y., 1887. 
Sq. 240. 75493.87 

Wool. See Bonwick. 

Woolsey, Sarah C. A short history of Phila- 
delphia. By Susan Coolidge \_pseud.^. Boston, 
1887. 12°. *4378.ii3 

Worcester, Massachusetts. See Sanford. 

Words. See Garlanda. 

Wordsworth, William. See Knight. 

Worms, Emile. De la liberty d'association au 
point de vue du droit public a travers les Ages. 
Paris, 1887. 8°. 356oa.83 

Worthington, Arthur M. A first course of 
physical laboratory practice. Illus. London, 
1886. Sm. 8°. 3967-74 

Wright, Thomas, and Jones, Harry Longue- 
ville. The universities. Le Keux's Memorials of 
Cambridge: a series, engraved by J. Le Keux; 
with accounts by T. Wright and H. L. Jones. 
London, 1841, 42. 2 v. Illus. Plates. 8°. 


A later edition of 1S60-66 has the title " Memorials of 
Cambridge. A new ed., by C. H. Cooper" [*«*4S7i.i]. 

Wright, William B. The world to come. 
[Twenty sermons.] Boston, 1887. 16°. 3430.54 

Wuellner, Adolph. Lehrbuch der Experi- 
mentalphysik. 4te Aufl. Leipzig, 1882-86. 4 v. 
Illus. 8". 396oa.2i 

Wundt, Wilhelm. Essays. Leipzig, 1885. 8°- 


Contents. — Philosophic und Wissenchaft; Die Theorie 
der Miiterie; De Unendlichkeit der Welt; Gehirn und 
Setle, Die Aufgaben der experimentcllen Pyschologie; 
DieMessungpsychischer Vorgange; DicThicrpBychologie; 
Gefijhl und Vorstellung; Der Ausdruck der Goiiiiithsbe- 
wegungen; Die Sprache und das Denken; Die Entwick- 
hjng des Willens; Der Aberglaubc in der VVisscnschaft; 
Der Spirilismus; I.essing und die kritische Methode. 

Wyclif, John. De compositione hominis. For 
the first time edited by R. Beer. London, 1884. 
Fac-simile. [Wvclif society.] 8°. 3492.58 

— Sermones. Now first edited from the manu- 
scripts, with notes by lohann Loserth. (English 
side-notes by F. D. Matthew.) Vol. i. Super 
evangelia dominicalia. London, 1887. [Wvclif 
society.] 8°. 3492.59 

Wyld, James, publisher. Wyld's Abyssinia, 
Egypt, and the Red sea. [A map.] London. 
[1884.'] Folded. ''' *5059a.79 

Wyman, Henry A. The theatres. Summary 
of the dramatic season of 1886-7 [in Boston]. 
[By] Metcalf Russell \^pseud.'\. {Cut from 
Boston Sunday times, June 19, 1887.) *4452.48 

Yale college. Astronomical observatory. Trans- 
actions. Vol. I, part I. New Haven, 1887. Plate. 
8°. *7920.30 

Contents. — Researches with the heliometer. Determina- 
tion of the relative positions of the principal stars in the 
group of the Pleiades, by W. L. Elkin. 

— See Dexter, F. B. 

Year-book, The, of Australia for 1886. 5th 
year. Sydney. [1886.] Maps. 8°. *5077-52 

Year books. See Constitutional. 

Yeats, John. The growth and vicissitudes of 
commerce in all ages. With charts of caravan 
routes, and appendix. 3d ed. London, 1887. 
Sm. 8°. 5644-7 

— The natural history of the raw materials of 
commerce. With map. 3d ed. London, 1887. 
Sm. 8°. 5644-5 

— Recent and existing commerce. With sta- 
tistical supplement, maps showing trade areas, 
and places important in business or trade. 3d ed. 
London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 5644.8 

— The technical history of commerce ; or, the 
progress of the useful arts. 3d ed. London, 
1887. Map. Sm. 8°. 5644-6 

These books belong to the "Technical, industrial, and 
trade education " series. 

York cathedral. See Britton. 
York deeds. Book i. [1642-1666.] Portland, 
1887. 8°. *4436.66 

Published under the auspices of the Maine historical so- 
ciety, and edited by H. W. Richardson. The introduction 
consists of a sketch of the land titles of Maine. 

Yorkshire, England. See Nicholson. 

Yorkshire archaeological and topographical 
association. Excursion to Roche abbey and 
Conisborough castle. 27th July, 18S7. Pro- 
gramme & arrangements. Worksop, 1S87. Plans. 
Woodcuts. 8°. *2493.iio 

— Record series. Vol. i, 2. [Worksop.] 18S5, 
87. 2 V. 8°. *2493.io2 

Contents. — i. A catalogue of the inquisitions postmortem 
for the county of York, for the reigns of James i. and 
Charles i. ; A catalogue of the Yorkshire wills at Somerset 
house, for the years 1649 to 1660. Compiled by Francis Col- 
lins, a. Feet of fines of the Tudor period. 

Zeitschrift des Vereins zur Ausbildung der 
Gewerke in Munchen. 7ter-i2ter Jahrg. [Miin- 
chen, 1857-62.] Plates. F^. * 

Zeitschrift fiir aegyptische Sprache und Alter- 
thumskunde. Jahrgang 1-23. Inhaltsverzeich- 
niss by prince Ibrahim-Hilmy. London, 1886. 
Sm. fo. *505o.54 

Privately printed from the author's " Literature of Egypt 
and the Soudan" [*]. 

Zeitschrift fiir die chemische Industrie. Her- 
ausg. von F. Fischer. Jahrg. 1887. [Berlin, 
1887.] Illus. L. 8°. * 

A continuation of Die chemische Industrie [*797oa.5]. 

Ziegler, Ernst. Text book of pathological anat- 
omy and pathogenesis. Part 2. London, 18S6. 
2 v. Illus. 8". 3741.64 

Ziegler, Theobald. Geschichte der Ethik. 
Abth. I. Die Ethik der Griechen und Romer. 
Bonn, 1S86. 8°. 3584-30 

Zingerle, Anton R. Zu spateren lateinischen 
Dichtern. Beitriige zur Geschichte der romischen 
Poesie. Innsbruck, 1873. 8°. 2956.72 

Zuni mountains. See U. S. Geological survey. 





Mathematical Works 

Added since April, 1884. 

Shelf- numbers prefixed with •♦ represent volumes in the Bowditch collection; the others, volumes in the g;eneral 

Adrian, Theodor. Ueber Projectivitats- und 
Dualitats-Beziehungen im Gebiete mehrfach un- 
endlicher Kegelschnittschaaren. Inaugural Dis- 
sertation. Berlin. [1882.] 8°. **5o84.5i 

Airy, Osmund. Geometrical optics. London, 
1870. Sm 8°. ♦*5oi9a.74 

Alberi, Eugenio. De Galilei Galileii circa 
Jovis satellites lucubrationibus. [Florentis, 
1843.''] 8°. **502i.82; No. 5 in *592i.25 

Aldis, William S. A text book of algebra. 
Oxford, 1887. [Clarendon press series.] 8°. 


Algebra. See Aldis ; — Bachet; — Cain ; — 
Chrystal ; — Diophantus ; — Hall ; — Heath ; — 
Hug; — Loomis; — Matthiessen ; — Mitterpacher ; 
— Netto ; — Peacock ; — Schueler. 

History of algebra. See Heath. 

Modern higher algebra. See Burnside; — 
Clebsch ; — Fak de Bruno ; — Fiedler ; — Gordan ; 

— Kronecker 

A116gret, — . 
nions de M. W. 

M^ray; — Salmon ; — Schle- 

Essai sur le calcul des quater- 
Hamilton. Paris, 1862. 4°. 


Almanacs. See De Morgan. 

American journal of mathematics, pure and 

applied. Published under the auspices of the 

Johns Hopkins university. Vol. 1-9. Baltimore, 

1878-1887. Plates. 4°. ** 

Duplicates of Vols. i-S may be found on shelf no. 

Analyst, The. A journal of pure and applied 
mathematics. Edited and published by J. E. 
Hendricks. Vol. i-io. Des Moines, Iowa. 
[18741-1883. 8°. *59i3-52; **5092.57 

Vol. 10 contains a general index. No more published. 

Anderson, William. On the conversion of 
heat into work. A practical handbook on heat- 
engines. London, 1887. Illus. [The specialists' 
series.] Sm. 8". **5o89a.62 

Angle, trisection of the. See Montucla. 

Angles, division of. See Dexter. 

Anti-logarithms. See Prytz. 

Aratus Solensis. The Phainomena or ' Heav- 
enly display' of Aratos : done into English 
verse by R. Brown, jun. London, 1885. Illus. 
Plate. 'Map. 4°. **E. 190.25 

Archimedes. Opera omnia cum commentariis 
Eutocii. E codice Florentine recensuit, Latine 
uertit notisque illustrauit J. L. Heiberg. Lipsiae, 

MDCCCLXXX, MDCCCLXXXI. 3 V. l6°. **50I9a.89 

Aristarchus, of Samos. De magnitvdinibvs, et 
distantiis solis, et Ivnae, liber cvm Pappi Alex- 
andrini explicationibus quibusdam. A Federico 
Commandino Vrbinate in Latinum conuersus, 
ac commentarijs illustratus. Pisavri, mdlxxii. 
Figures. 8°. . ♦♦5019.91 

Arithmetic. See Bardey ; — Donkin ; — Frege ; 

— Lorenz; — Malcolm; — Nicomachus; — 
Schueler; — Stoy. 

Commercial arithmetic. See Baerlocher. 

Physical arithmetic. See Macfarlane. 

Association g^oddsique Internationale. Unifica- 
tion des longitudes par I'adoption d'un m^ridien 
initial unique, et introduction d'une heure uni- 
verselle. [Berlin, 1884.?] L. 8°. ♦♦5021.83 

Asteroids. See Kirkwood. 

Astronomy. See Bailey; — Ball ; — Chambers; 

— Fortschritte; — Great Britain; — Grue}'; — 
Houzeau ; — Israel - Holtzwart ; — Jordan. W. ; — 
Keindorff ; — Kepler; — Langley ; — Littrow ; — 
Maedler; — Peters; — Smyth; — Tischner. 

History of astronomy. See Autolycus; — 

Nautical astronomy. See Definitions ; — Lums- 
dane ; — Merrifield ; — Pouvreau. 

Practical astronomy. See Doolittle ; — Main. 

Spherical astronomy. See Chauvenet;— Herr; 

— Main. 

Attractions. See Pratt. 

August, Ernst F. Zur Kenntniss der geome- 
trischen Methode der Alten. In besonderer 
Beziehung auf die Platonische Stelle im Meno 
22. d. Berlin. 1843. Plate. 8°. ♦♦5085.80 

Autolycus. De sphaera quae movetur liber, De 
ortibus et occasibus [astrorum] libri duo, una 
cum scholiis antiquis e libris manu scriptis 
edidit, Latina interpretatione et commentariis 
instruxit F. Hultsch. Lipsiae, mdccclxxxv. 
Illus. 16°. •♦50193.80 

In Greek and Latin on opposite pag^es. 

Axioms. See Deschamps ; — Hoflfmann, J. J. 
I. von ; — Krause, A. ; — Schmitz-Dumont. 

Bacharach, Max. Abriss der Geschichte der 
Potentialtheorie. Gottingen, 1883. 8°. ♦♦5027.74 

Bachet, Claude G. Problfemes plaisants et 
d^lectables qui se font par les nombres. 5e ^d., 
revue, simplifi^e et augment^e par A. Labosne. 
Paris, 1884. Sm. 4°. ♦♦£.1903.63 

Bachmann, Paul G. H. Die Lehre von der 
Kreistheilung und ihre Beziehungen zurZahlen- 
theorie. Academische Vorlesungen. Leipzig, 
1872... Plate. 8°. ♦♦E.20oa.2i 

— tjber die Bewegung eines Punktes. Berlin. 
[1882.] [Jahres-Bericht iiber das konigliche 
Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium und die konig- 
liche Vorschule zu Berlin. Ostern 1882, Progr. 
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— See Pauli. 

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A photolithog^phed fee-simile of the original manu- 
script, which is dated 1591. 

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Pages 66, 67 contain a list of works to be consulted. 



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Calculus. See Cohen ; — Darboux ; — P^uler ; 

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Calculus of variations. See Carll; — Jellett; 

— Todhunter. 

Differential calculus. See Boussinesq ; — 
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Fluxions. See Cheyne, G. 

History of the calculus. See Cohen; — Gie- 
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Pp. 850-873 contain a bibliography. 

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No. I in **5oi2.97 

— Rudimentorum method! fluxionum inversae 
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No. 2 in ♦♦5012.97 

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Quadrature of the circle. See Dingle ; — Mon- 
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Contents. — i. Geometrie der Ebene: Einlcitende Be- 
trachtun>;en. Punktreihen und StrahlbUschel. Die Curven 
zweiter Ordnung- und zwuitcr Kiusse. Eiiileitunjj in die 
Theorie <ler algebraischen Formen. Allgemeine Theorie 
der algibraischen Curven. Die Curven dritter Ordnung 
und dritter Klasse. Die Geometrie auf einer algebraischen 
Curve und deren Zusammenhang mit der Theorie der 
Abel'schen Integrate. Die Connexe. 




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Contents. — Vol. 1. Cin^niatique. 2. Statique. 3, 4. Dy- 
naiiiique. 5. Questions diverses; Complements; Table 

Part I is of the third edition, the other parts are of the 

Comets. See Marcuse ; — Zoellner. 

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Conic sections. See Brianchon ; — Gaskin ; — 
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— Roberts; — Salmon ; — Steiner, J. ; — Zeuthen. 

History of the conic sections. See Zeuthen. 

Coordinates. See Ocagne; — Schwering; — 
Whitworth ; — Wright, W. J. 

Copernicus, an international journal of as- 
tronomy. Edited by R. Copeland and J. L. E. 
Dreyer. Vol. 1-3. Dublin, 1881-84. Plates. 4°. 


The title on the cover is Urania, which is the title at first 
designed forthis periodical. On the last page of the cover 
is printed : " The publication of Copernicus will for the 
present be discontinued." 

Correlation of figures. See Cremona. 

Correspondence of scientific men of the sev- 
enteenth century, including letters of Barrow, 
Flamsteed, Wallis, and Newton, printed from 
the originals in the collection of the earl of 
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Cosmology. See Galilei ; — Spiller ; — Wolf. 

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1884. Illus. [Collection de mdmoires relatifs 
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These memoirs relate chiefly to electricity and magnetism. 

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ical theory of fluid motion. Wave and vortex 
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— Les figures reciproques en statique gra- 
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moires et des cours de statique graphique de C. 
Saviotti. Traduit par L. Bossut. Paris, 1885. 
8°. ♦♦5021.80 

Cube, duplication of the. iS"^?^ Montucla. 

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Aufl. ler Band. Mit Holzschnitten und Tafeln. 
Zurich, 1875. 8°. 3943.54; ♦♦£. 1903.53 

Curves. See Clebsch ; — Cranz ; — Graefe ; — 
Joachimsthal ; — Krimphoff; — Laisant; — Meyer, 
W. Franz ; — Reuschle; — Roberts ; — Rosen- 
stock ; — Salmon ; — Schoeffler ; — Schroeter. 

Cartesian oval. See Haentzschel. 

Catenary. See Schlegel, M. 

Curve tracing. See Johnson, W. W. 

Description of curves. See Dingeldey; — 
Eagles ; — Hofmann ; — Steinhauser. 

Glissettes. See Besant. 

Logarithmic spiral. See Steinhauser. 

Roulettes. See Besant. 

Cyclography. See Fiedler. 

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3962.68; ♦♦5082.62 

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elliptischen Paraboloids auf die Ebene. Inaugu- 
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nerale des surfaces, et les applications geom^- 
triques du calcul infinitesimal. le partie. Paris, 
1887. 8°. ♦♦£. 200.5 

Contents. — i. Gtoeralitds; Coordonnees cur\'ilignes ; 
Surfaces minima. 

— Sur le probl^me de Pfaff". Paris, 1882. 8°. 


On the integration of partial differential equations. 

Day, Richard E. Numerical examples in heat. 
New ed. London, 1885. Plate. Sm. 8°. 


Definitions and explanations of navigation 
and nautical astronomy. For the use of naval 
cadets on board H.M.S. "Britannia." Ports- 
mouth, 1876. Illus. 12°. ♦♦5029.100 

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nac may be found for every year up to A. D. 
2000 [etc.]. 2d ed. London, 1871. 16", oblong. 


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Hanus ; — Heun ; — Kaiser; — Meray ; — Muir; 
— Reiss. 

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Dictionaries. See Sonnet. 

Didymus Alexandrinus. See Heron. 



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Plates. L. f. ** 

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and lunar distances, discovered and demons- 
trated, and by astronomical facts seen in the 
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Diophantus Alexattdrinus. Arithmeticorvm 
libri sex, et De nvmeris mvltangvlis liber vnvs. 
Nunc primiim Grsece & Latine editi, atque 
absolutissimis comnientariis illustrati. Avctore 
C. G. Bacheto Meziriaco Sebvsiano. Lvtetiae 
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— See Heath. 

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On series. No more was published. 

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rivals. 2d ed. \^Also, Supplement.] London, 
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Drawing. See Wilme. 

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Theorie der mathematischen Grundbegriffe : 
Grdsse, Grenze, Argument und Function. 
Tubingen, 1882. 8". **E.2ooa.i4 

Duehring, Eugen C, and Duehring, Ulrich. 
Neue Grundmittel und Erfindungen zur Analy- 
sis, Algebra, Functionsrechnung und zugehori- 
gen Geometric sowie Principien zur mathemati- 
schen Reform nebst einer Anleitung zum Studi- 
ren und Lehren der Mathematik. Leipzig, 1884. 
S". **E. 220.30 

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**E 2203.52 

Pp. 61-63 contain Table des iiuteurs cit^s. 

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Dynamics. See Boussinesq; — Besant; — 
Griffin ; — Madan ; — Maxwell ; — Redtenbach- 
er: — Schell ; — Williamson. 

Dynamics of a particle. See Bachmann; — 

Rigid dynamics. See Routh. 

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or the integration of certain partial differential 
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Figure of the earth. See Fischer; — Fran- 
coeur; — Pratt. 

Earthworks. See Frenzl ; — Le Brun. 

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Eclipses. See Tafeln. 

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8". 3938.77; **5o89a.63 

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Elasticity. See Clebsch ; — Grashof ; — Ibbet- 
son ; — Neumann, F. E. ; — Todhunter ; — Wey- 

Electric accumulators. See Tamine. 

Electricity. See Collection; — Coulomb; — 
Maxwell; — Neumann, C. G. ; — Neumann, F. 
E. : — Turner ; — Wiedemann. 

Electrostatics. See Hildebrandt; — Koette- 
ritzsch ; — Mathieu ; — Neumann, C. G. ; — Thom- 
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Euclid of Megara was a Greek philosopher and disciple 
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The Greek and Latin texts are on opposite pages. 

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Pp. !x-xiii contain a list of Memoires et ouvrages relatifs 
i, la theorie des formes binaires. 

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Bessel's functions, or Cylindric functions. 

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Calculus of functions. See Osborne. 

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— Factor table for the sixth million, contain- 
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" Die Festigkeitslehre " may be found on shelf-number 

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Added to the preface is a list of authors and their works 

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In lithographic script, 

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Pp. S1-S6 contain a list of works and extracts relating to 
the moon. 

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Mit Figuren und Tafeln. 

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♦♦E. 1903.21 

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In lithographic script. 

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Pp. 8-15 contain a bibliography of the subject. 




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beriihrender Kegelschnitte mit imaginitren Be- 
stimmungsstucken. Eine Wanderungdurch die 
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A bibliographical manual. 

— and Lancaster, A. Bibliographie g^nerale 
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Synthetische und analytische Geometric. 

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Goodwin's collection maybe found on shelf-no. **so25.6i ; 

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— Traits de la lumifere oil sont expliquees les 
causes de ce qui luy arrive dans la reflexion et 
dans la refraction et particulierement dans 
r^trange refraction du cristal d'Islande. Avecun 
discours de la cause de la pesanteur. Edidit cum 
praefatione Latina W. Burckhardt. Lipsioe. 
[1885.] Portrait. 8°. **E.i9oa.5i 

Hydraulics. See Vigreux. 

Hydrodynamics. See Craig ; — Lamb ; — Neu- 
mann. C. G. ; — Reiff. 

Hydrostatics. See Besant. 

Ibbetson, William J. An elementary treatise 
on the mathematical theory of perfectly elastic 
solids with a short account of viscous fluids. 
London, 1887. Diagrams. Plates. 8°. 


Icosahedron. See Klein, F. 

Igurbide, Apolinar F. Investigaciones filo- 
s6fico-niatemdticas sobre las cantidades imagi- 
narias. [Seccion i.] Valencia, 1881. 8°. 


Imaginaries. See Faure ; — Hankel ; — Igur- 
bide ; — Kronecker. 

Instruments of precision. See Bashforth ; — 
Helmert ; — Meyer, W. ; — Reuschie ; — Shaw ; — 

Insurance. See Morgenbesser. 

Life insurance. See Dormoy ; — Meech. 

Integrals, definite, ^ce Lindman ; — Meyer, 
G. F. 

Eulerian integrals. See Bourguet. 

Involutes. See Eberhard. 

Isenkrahe, C. Das Rathsel von der Schwer- 
kraft. Kritik der bisherigen Losungen des Gravi- 
tationsproblems und Versuch einer neuen auf 
rein mechanischer Grundlage. Mit Holzstichen. 
Braunschweig, 1879. 8°. •*5o85.87 

Israel-Holtzwart, Carl. Elemente der theori- 
schen Astronomic fiir Studierende bearbeitet. 
Abteilung i, 2. Wiesbaden, 1885. Ulus. Folded 
sheet. 8°. **E.i9oa.3o 

Contents. — i. .Theorie der elliptischen Beweguriij und 
der Bahnbestlmmung. 2. Berechnung der Finsternisse; 
Meteorbahnen ; Stellar.istronomie. 

Jacobi, Carl G. J. Gesammelte Werke. 
Herausg. auf Veranlassung der Koniglich preus- 
sischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Berlin, 
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Vol. I was edited by C. W. Borchardt; vol. 3-4 by C. T. 
Weierstrass ; vol. 5 (Suppiementband), by C. L. E. Lott- 

The papers forming this work have been catalogued, and 
are to be found in the Card Catalogue of the Library. Many 
of them are contained in Crelle's Journal fur die reine una 
angcwandte Mathematik, shelf- numbers **S'Vi-5° ^""^ 

Jamin, Jules C, and Bouty, Edmond. Cours 
de physique a I'usage de la classe de math^ma- 
tiques sp^ciales. 2e ed. Paris, 1886. 2 v. Illus. 
Plates. 8°. **5o85.82 

Contents. — i. Instruments de mesure; Hydrostatique ; 
Optique geom^trique; Notions sur les ph^nomfenes capil- 
laires. 2. Thermom^trie; Dilatations; Calorim^trie. 

Janisch, Oskar. Aufgaben aus der analytischen 
Geometrie derEbene mit den Resultaten fiir hd- 
here Lehranstalten und fur den Selbstunterricht. 
Herausg. von H. Funcke. Potsdam, 1886 8''. 


Jays, L. Problemes de physique et de chimie 
choisis parmi les sujets de compositions proposes 
dans les concours et par les diverses facult^s dans 
cesdernieres annees. Paris, 1886. 8°. **E.200a.36 

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the calculus of variations. Dublin, 1850. Plate. 
8°. **5092.65 

— A treatise on the theory of friction. Dub- 
lin. 1872. 8°. **5o85.68 

Joachimsthal, Ferdinand. Anwendung der 
Differential- und Integralrechnung auf die allge- 
meine Theorie der Flachen und der Linien dop- 
pelter Krummung. 2te Aufl. bearbeitet von L. 
Natani. Mit Figuren. Leipzig, 1881. 8°. 


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surveying. Designed for the use of surveyors 
and engineers generally. N. Y., 1S86. Illus. 
Maps. 8«. *»5o82.36 

Johnson, William W. Curve tracing in Carte- 
sian coordinates. N. v., 1884. 120. 

3938.74; **50i9.90 

Jordan, Camille. Cours d'analyse de I'Ecole 
poly technique. Paris, 1882-87. 3 V. 8". **5024.63 

Contents.— I. Calcul differentiel. a. Calcul integral: 
integrales definies et indefinies. 3. Calcul integral : Equa- 
tions differentielles. 




Jordan, Wilhelm. Grundzilge der astronomi- 
schen Zeit- und Ortsbestimmung. Mit Holz- 
schnitten. Berlin, 1885. 8". *»E. 1903.31 

— Handbuch der Vermessiingskunde. 2te 
Auflagedes .,Taschenbuchs derpraktischen Geo- 
metric." Stuttgart, 1877, 78. 2 V. Figures. 8". 


Contents. — i. Methode der kleinsten Quadrate, und 
niedere Geodasie. 2. Hohere Geodasie. 

Joule, James P. The scientific papers of J. P. 
Joule. London, 1884, 87. 2 v. Illus. Portraits. 
Plates. Folded table. [Physical society of Lon- 
don.] 8°. **5o85.62 

On physics, principally electricity and magnetism. 

Journal de raath^matiques pureset appliqudes. 
3e s^rie, t. 8-10, 46 s^rie, t. 1,2. Paris, 1882. 86. 
40. **5o8oa.50 

Jupiter's satellites. 5"^^ Albferi. 

Kaiser, H. Die Anfangsgriinde der Determi- 
nanten in Theorie und Anwendung. Zur Selbst- 
belehrung leichtfasslich bearbeitet. Wiesbaden, 
1882. 8". **E. 1903.32 

Kaiserliches - koenigliches meteorologisches 
Central-Observatorium zu Wien. Internationa- 
ler telegrafischer Wetterbericht. [Wien.] iSSi- 
84. 8v. 4°. **5o8i.i5 

Kant. See. Krause. 

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schen Gesetze. Neuhaldensleben. [1882.] 8°. 

**E. 1903.16 

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of demonstrative mathematics. Edinburgh, 1843. 
Sm. 8« **5027.77 

— Theory of heat. Cambridge [England], 
1837. 8°. **5o85.67 

— On the limits of our knowledge respecting 
the theory of parallels. Edinburgh, 1864. 4°. 


The same may be found in Royal society, Edinburgh. 
Transactions. Edinb., 1S64. Vol." 23, part 3, pp. 433-450 
[*5iSs.i.23, part3]. 

Kempe, A. Eenige beschouwingen over de 
differentiaal-rekening en de analytische mecha- 
nica. {In Erasmiaansch Gymnasium. Pro- 
gramma voor 1883-84. Rotterdam.) 8". **5o82.26 

Kempe, Alfred B. How to draw a straight 
line; a lecture on linkages. With illus. London, 
1877. Sm. 8°. 3939-63; **50i9a-75 

Kepler, of Keppler, Johann. Opera omnia. 
Edidit C. Frisch. Frankofurti a M., 1858-1871. 
8 V. Illus. 8°. *"*5o82.35 

— and others. Epistolie ad Joannem Kepplerum 
scriptae ; insertis ad easdem responsionibus Kep- 
plerianis, quotquot hactenus reperiri potuerunt: 
opus novum, quo recondita Kepplerianse doc- 
trina- capita dilucide explicantur, . . . nunc 
primum cum priefatione de meritis Germanorum 
in mathesin, introductione in historiam literariam 
sa-culorum xvi. et xvii. et Jo. Keppleri vita . . . 
ex manuscriptis editum. [Lipsice.] Anno ajra; 
Dionysianie ciDioccxiix. Plates. F°. **E.i90.i 

Kepler's laws. iVe Keindorff ; — Oppolzer. 

Ketteler, Eduard. Theoretische Optik gegriin- 
det auf das Bessel-Sellmeier'sche Princip. Zu- 
gleich mit den experimentellen Belegen. Mit 
Holzstichen und Tafeln. Braunschweig, 188?. 
8». ** 

Killing, Wilhelm. Die nicht-Euklidischen 
Raumformen in analytischer Behandlung. Mit 
Tafel. Leipzig, 1885. 8°. **E.i9oa.22 


— Ueber die nicht-Euklidischen Raumformen 
von n Dimensionen. Braunsberg, 1883. S''. 

Kinematics. See Clifford; — Petersen; — 

Kirchhoff, Gustav R. Untersuchungen iiber 
das Sonnenspectrum und die Spectren der che- 
mischen Elemente. Berlin, 1862, 75. Plates. 4°. 


Theil I is of the2te Ausg. ; Theil 2, 3ter Abdruck. 

The same may be found in Koeniglich preussische Aka- 
demie der Wissenchaften, Berlin, Abhandlungen, aus dera 
Jahre 1861, pp. 65-95; Aus dem Jahre, 1862, pp. 227-240. 
t*33S2.i, 1861,1862]. 

— Vorlesungen iiber mathematische Physik. 
Mechanik. 3te Aufl. Leipzig, 1883. 8". 

**E. 190.21 

Kirkwood, Daniel. The asteroids, or minor 

planets between Mars and Jupiter. Phila., 1888 

[1887]. 12°. **5o89a.67 

— Meteoric astronomy: a treatise on shooting- 
stars, fire-balls, and aerolites. Phila, 1867. 
Illus. 12". **5028.63 

Klein, Felix. Ueber Riemann's Theorie der 
algebraischen Functionen und ihrer Integrate. 
Eine Erganzung der gewdhnlichen Darstellun- 
gen. Leipzig, 18S2. 8". **E. 1903.66 

— Vorlesungen iiber das Ikosaeder und die 
Aufldsung der Gleichungen vom fiinften Grade. 
Mit Tafel. Leipzig, 18S4. L. 8». **5o82.83 

Klein, Hermann. Die Principien der Me- 
chanik historisch und kritisch dargestellt. Leip- 
zig, 1872. 8°. **E. 1903.72 

Knots. See Simony. 

Knox, Alexander. Differential calculus for 
beginners. With a selection of easy examples. 
London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 3939-76 

Koeniglich preussische Akademie der Wis- 
senschaften, Berlin. Mathematische und natur- 
wissenschaftliche Mittheilungen aus den Sit- 
zungsberichten der Kdniglich preussischen 
Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Berlin, 
1S82-86. Plates. L. 8°. **5o8o.6o 

Koenigsberger, Leo. Allgemeine Untersuch- 
ungen aus der Theorie der Differentialgleichun- 
gen. Leipzig, 1882. 8°. **5090.6i 

— Die Transformation, die Multiplication und 
die Modulargleichungen der elliptischen Func- 
tionen. Leipzig, 1868. 8". **E.22oa.58; 5914.10 

— Vorlesungen iiber die Theorie der ellipti- 
schen Functionen, nebst einer Einleitung in die 
allgemeine Functionenlehre. Mit Holzschnitten. 
Leipzig, 1874. 8". ♦*£. 190.24 

— Vorlesungen ueber die Theorie der hyperel- 
liptischen Integrale. Leipzig, 1878. 8°. 

**E. 190.33 

— Zur Geschichte der Theorie der elliptischen 
Transcendenten in den Jahren 1826-29. Leipzig, 
1879. 8°. •*E.22oa.6i 

Koetteritzsch, Th. Lehrbuch der Electrosta- 
tik. Leipzig, 1872. 8'>. **E. 1903.75 

Koppe, C. Die Ausgleichungsrechnung nach 
der Methode der kleinsten Qtiadrate in der prak- 
tischen Geometric. Nordhausen, 1885. 8". 


Kraft, Ferdinand. Sammlung von Problemen 
der analytischcn Mechanik. Mit Figuren. Stutt- 
gart, 1884, 85- 2 V. 8^. **E. 220.23 

Krause, Albrecht. Kant und Helmholtz iiber 
den Ursprung und die Bedeutung der Rauman- 
schauung und der geometrischen Axiome. Lahr, 
1878. 8°. **5oii.8i 



Krause, Mmtin J. Die Transformation der 
hvperelliptischen Funktionen erster Ordnung. 
Nebst Anwendungen. Leipzig, i8S6. 8°. 


Pp. 373-276 contain a Littcraturzusammenstellung^. 

Krazer, Adolf. Theorie der zweifach unend- 
lichen Thetareihen auf Grund der Riemann'- 
schen Thetaformel. Leipzig, 1882. 4°. 


Kries, Johannes von. Die Principien der 
Wahrscheinlichkeits-Rechnung. Eine logische 
Untersuchung. Freiburg i. B., 1886. 8°. 


Krimphoff, . Beitrag zur analytischen 

Behandlung der Umhiillungskurven. Coesfeld, 
1885. [Konigliches Gymnasium Nepomucenia- 
num zu Coesfeld. 57ter Jahresbericht im Schul- 
jahre 1884-85 ] 4°. **5090.7i 

Kroman, K. Unsere Naturerkenntnis. Bei- 
trage zu einer Theorie der Mathematik und 
Physik. Ins Deutsche ubersetzt unter Mitwir- 
kung des Verfassers von R. von Fischer-Benzon. 
Kopenhagen, i?83. 8°. **E.i9oa.ii 

Kronecker, Leopold. Grundzuge einer arith- 
metischen Theorie der algebraischen Grdssen. 
Festschrift zu E. E. Kummer's funfzigjahrigem 
Doctor-Jubilaum, 10. September 1881. Angefiigt 
ist eine neue Ausgabe der am 10 Sept. 1845 
erschienenen Inaugural-Dissertation : De unita- 
tibus complexis. Berlin, 1882. 4°. **5o8i.7 

— Sur les unites complexes. Paris, 1883. 4°. 


— Uber Schaaren von quadratischen und biline- 
aren Formen. Berlin, 1874. 8°. **5o85-55 

— Zur Theorie der Abelschen Gleichungen. 
Berlin, 1882. 40. .. **5o82.25 

Krueger, R. L. Uber die Verwendung des 
Kettenbruches zur Darstellung einer bequemen 
Formel fiir die Berechnung der Quadratwurzel- 
function. Wolfenbuttel,.t884. 8». **5o85.8i 

Kummer, Ernst E. Uber die algebraischen 
Strahlensysteme, in's Besondere liber die der 
ersten zweiten Ordnung. (/« Kdniglich Preus- 
sische Akademie der Wissenschaften Mathema- 
tische Abhandlungen. Aus dem Jahre 1866. 
Berlin, 1867. Pp. 1-120.) **509i.67 

Lagrange, Joseph L. CEuvres. Publiees par 
lessoins de J. A. Serret. Tome i-io, 13. Paris, 
1867-84. Portrait. 4°. 39x1.50; **509i.55 

A list of the contents of these volumes may be found in 
the card catalogue. 

Laisant, Charles A. 
thode des quaternions. 

Introduction k la m^- 
Paris, 1881. 8°. 

3934-34; **5p82.70 
— Thfeses prdsent^es a la faculte des sciences 
de Paris, pour obtenir le grade de docteur fes 
sciences mathematiques. Paris, 1877. 4°. 


Contfnls. — I. Applications m^caniques du calcul des 

Quaternions. 2. Sur un nouveau mode de transformation 
es courbes et des surfaces. 

Lamb, Horace. A treatise on the mathemati- 
cal theory of the motion of fluids. Cambridge 
[England], 1879. 8°. 3945-67 ; **5o82.77 

Langley, Samuel P. The new astronomy. 
Illus. Boston, 188S [1887]. L. 8°. 3921.73 

Contents. — Spots on the sun; The sun's surroundings; 
The sun's enerjiy; The planets and the moon; Meteors; 
Comets ; The stars. 

La Place, Pierre S., marquis de. M^canique 
celeste. Translated, with notes, by Nathaniel 
Bowditch. 4v. Manuscript. **E. 210.x i 

These volumes are the original manuscript of Dr. Bnw- 
ditch, left by liis will to Harvard Collc>»e, and deposited, by 
vote of the President and Fellows, in the Bowditch Collec- 
tion of the Boston Public Library, Dec. 1, 18S4. 

Laurent, Hermann. Traits d'analyse. Tome 
I, 2. Paris, 1885. 87. 8». **5o84.55 

Contents. — i. Calcul diflftfrentiel, applications analytiques 
et geomdtriques; 2. Calcul differenliel, applications %io. 


Least squares, Method of. See Chauvenet; 
— Helmert ; — Jordan, W. ; — .Koppe ; — Merri- 
man ; — Navier ; — Veltmann. 

Le Brun, Raymond ( .'') M^moire sur I'appli- 
cation des regies logarithmiques au calcul des 
terrassements. Paris, 1886. Plates. Tables. 
8°. **E. 190.59 

Le Clerc, Sdbastien. Pratique de la g^om^- 
trie, sur le papier et sur le terrain. Paris, 1691. 
Engr. t. p. Plates. 16°. **5oi9a 71 

Leibnitz, Gottfried W., Freiherr von. Leib- 
nizensmathematische Schriften, herausg. von C. 
I. Gerhardt. Halle [etc.]. 1850-1863. [Leib- 
nizens gesammelte Werke herausg. von G. H. 
Pertz. 3te Folge.] Text, 7 v., 8"; Tafeln, i v., 
Sm. 4°. **E.20oa.7 

— See Giesel. 

Lenses. See Reusch. 

Leray, Ad. Essai sur la synthase des forces 
physiques. Paris, 1885. 8°. **5o85.64 

Contents. — Constitution de la matiire. M^canique des 
atonies, tiasticite de I'ether. 

Leroy, Charles F. A. Traits de st^reotomie, 
comprenant les applications de la geometrie de- 
scriptive a la theorie des ombres, la perspective 
lineaire, la gnomonique, la coupe des pierres et 
la charpente, avec un atlas. 10 Edition, revue 
et annotee par E. Martelet. Paris, 1885. 4°. 
Atlas, F". **E. 190,40 

Levy. Maurice. La statique graphique et ses 
applications aux constructions. 2e ed. Paris, 
1886-87. 3 V. Plates. 8". **509i.64 

Light. See Stokes ; — Tyndall. 

Electromagnetic theory of light. See Tum- 

Wave theory of light. See Lloyd ; — Thom- 
son, Sir W. ; — Weber. 

Lilienthal, Reinhold von. Untersuchungen 
zur allgemeinen Theorie der krummen Ober- 
flachen und geradlinigen Strahlensysteme. 
Bonn, 1886. 8°. ♦*5o82.43 

Lindman, Christian F. Observations sur les 
tables d'intdgrales definies de M. Bierens de 
Haan. (Amsterdam, 1858.) Stockholm, 1885. 
8°. ♦♦E.20oa.45 

Linear forms. See M^ray. 

Linkages. See Kempe, A. B. 

Lipschitz, Rudolf. Untersuchungen ueber die 
Summen von Quadraten. Bonn, 18S6. 8°. 


Littrow, Joseph J., Edler von. Wunder des 
Himmels, oder gemeinfassliche Darstellung des 
Weltsystemes. 7te Autl. Bearbeitet von E. 
Weiss. Mit Tafeln und Holzschnitt-Illustra- 
tionen. Berlin, 1886. 8°. »*5090.74 

Lloyd, Humphrey. Elementary treatise on 
the wave-theory of Tight. 3d ed. London. 1873. 
lUus. 8°. 392355; •*E.igoa.40 

" The former edition of this work was jriven to the public 
in the shape of Lectures" \_**t,<&l.(»i\. — Preface. 




Lobatchevsky, Nikolai I. [Complete collec- 
tion of works on geometrj. Published by the 
Imperial university of Kasan.] Kasan, 1S83. 86. 
2 V. Portrait. Plate. 4°. **E.I90.48 

Vol. J is in Russian, vol. 2 in French and German. 
At the end, pp. i-xx. contain a Liste desouvrages qui ont 
rapport k la grfoniitrie non-EucIidienne. 

— Geometrische Untersuchungen zur Theorie 
der Parallellinien. Berlin, 1840. 2 folded sheets. 
16°. **5oi9a.79 

Lock, John B. A treatise on elementary 
trigonometry. London, 1885. Sm. 8°. 3938.75 

— A treatise on higher trigonometry. London, 
1S84. Sm. 8°. **5029a.97 

Logarithms. See Schlepps. 

Lommel, Eugen C. J. Studien liber die Bes- 
sel'schen Functionen. Leipzig, 1S68. 8". 

5914.11; **E.22oa.6o 

London mathematical society. Complete in- 
dex of all the papers printed in the Proceedings. 
Vol. 1-17. London, 1SS6. 8°. **5o86.6o 

— Proceedings. Vol. 1-17. 1865-1886. Lon- 
don. [iS66.'J-iS87. 8«. **5o86.5o 

Longitudes, Unification of. See Association. 

Loomis, Elias. The elements of algebra. 
Designed for beginners. 23d ed. N. Y., 1868. 
12°. 5939-62 

Lorenz, Johann F. Grundriss der reinen 
Mathematik. Herausg. von C. L. Geriing. 
Mit Kupfertafeln. 4te Ausg. Helmstedt, 1851. 
8°. **5oi8.53 

Contents. — Die Arithmetik; Die Geometrie. 

Lueroth, Jakob. Ueber die kanonischen Peri- 
oden der Abel'schen Integrale. Miinchen, 1885. 

4°- ** 5090.59 

Luminiferous ether. See Neumann, F. E. 

Lumsdane, James. The seaman's star finder: 
latitude and longitude by the stars, moon, and 
planets. Liverpool, 1885. 8°. **5028.56 

Lupton, Sydney. Numerical tables and con- 
stants in elementary science. London, 1884. 
Map. Table. Sm. 8". 3939-70 

Pp. vi-ix contain list of chief authorities. 

Luyten, Lambertus P. C. Theorie dergedeel- 

telijke differentiaalvergelijkingen van de eerste 

orde. Academisch proefschrift. Delft, 1884. 

8"- **5o84.6o 

Pp. 12.5, 124 contoin a list of authors with references to 
their works. 

McCarthy, Lawrence. Key to Todhunter's 
Mensuration for beginners. London, 1886. Sm. 
8"- **5028.6i 

To<lhunter's Mensuration for beginners is numbered 

M'Cay, William S. On three circles related to 
a triangle. {Cuf from Royal Irish academy. 
Transactions. Dublin, 1881;. Vol. 28, pp. 453- 
470) **E.200.7 

M'Clelland, Williatn J., and Preston, Thomas. 
A treatise on spherical trigonometry, with ex- 
amples. London, 1886. 2 v. Sm. 8°. 

•♦5089a. 53 

Macfarlane, Alexander. Physical arithmetic. 
London, 1SS5. Ulus. Sm. 8". **5028.52 

Mach, Ernst. Die Mechanik in ihrer Ent- 
^ylckclung historisch-kritisch dargestellt. Mit 
Abbildungen. Leipzig, 1883. [Internationale 
wibsenschaftliche Bibliothek. 59] 16°. 



Mack, L. Die Lehre vom Dreikant im Sinne 
der reinen Geometrie, nach heuristischer Me- 
thode entwickelt. Mit Figurentafel. Neue Ausg. 
Stuttgart. [1S84.] 8°. *E.i9oa.23 

Madan, Henry G. Lessons in elementary 
dynamics. London, 1886. lUus. Sm. 8". 


Maedler, Johann H. Beobachtungen der Kai- 
serlichen Universitats-Sternwarte Dorpat. 9ter- 
iiter Band (oder der neuen Folge iter-3ter 
Band). Dorpat. [1842J-45. 4°. **E. 220.9 

— Die Centralsonne. 2te Aufl. Mitau und 
Leipzig, 1847. 8°. • **5o85.54 

— Der Himmel. Illus. Hamburg, 1873. L. 8°. 


Magic figures. See Scheffler. 

Magnetism. See Erman ; — Great Britain ; — 
Mathieu; — Maxwell; — Neumann. C. G. ; — 
Neumann. F. E. ; — Thomson. Sir W. 

Main, Rev. Robert. Practical and spherical 
astronomy. Cambridge [England], 1863. S''. 

3922.23 ; **E.i9oa.33 

Malcolm, Alexander. A new system of arith- 
metick, theorical and practical. London, 1730. 
4°. *593oa.5o; **E.20oa.49 

Mansfield, Jared. Essays, mathematical and 
physical : containing new theories and illustra- 
tions of some very important and difiicult sub- 
jects of the sciences. Never before published. 
New-Haven, n. d. Plates. 8". **Ei97.5 

_ Contents. — Of negative quantities in algebra; Goniome- 
trical properties; Nautical astronomy; Of the longitude; 
Orbicular motion; Investigation of the loci; Fluxionary 
analysis; Theory of gunnery; Tlieory of the moon. 

Maps, Construction of. See Moellinger; — 

Marcuse, Adolph. Uber die physische Beschaf- 
fenheit der Cometen. Inaugural-Dissertation. 
Berlin, 18S4. 4°. **E.i90.i6 

Marie, Maximilien. Histoire des sciences 
mathematiqueset physiques. Paris, 18S3-S7. 11 v. 
8°. **5028.67 

Mathematical questions and solutions, frotn 
the " Educational tiines." Edited by W. J. C. 
Miller. Vol. 1-44. London, 1865-86. 8°. **5o87.5 

Mathematics. See Archimedes; — Carr; — 
Clifford ; — Royal society. 

Collected works. See Cauchy; — Desargues; 

— Ellis; — Ferinat; — Galilei; — Huygens; — 
Jacobi ; — Lagrange; — Leibnitz; — Mansfield; 

— Moebius ; — Pappus ; — Steiner, J. ; — Stokes ; 

— Thomson, Sir W. 

Courses of mathematics. See Baltzer; — 
Hutton ; — Ward ; — Wolft", C. 

History of inathematics. S*?^ Cantor; — Gow; 

— Hankel; — Heron; — Marie; — Montucla; 

— Weissenborn. 

Philosophy of mathematics. See Cain; — 
Challis ; — Cohen ; — Deschamps ; — Du Bois- 
Reymond; — Duehring; — Frege ; — Hoffmann, 
J.J. I. von; — Hoijel ; — Igurbide; — Kelland; 

— Krause; — Kroman ; — Schmitz-Dumont; — 
Schueler; — .Stolz; — Stumpf; — Valles. 

Mathieu, Emile. Cours de physique mathe- 
matique. Paris, 1873. 4". 3961.52; **5020.76 

— Theorie du potentiel et ses applications a 
r^lectrostatique et au magndtisme. Paris, 1885, 
86. 2 V. 4". **502o.74 

Contents, i. Theorie du potentiel. 2. felectrostatique 
et niagntftisme. 

Matter. See Barlow; — Commines de Mar- 
silly; — Stadler; — Tait. 



Matthiessen, Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig. 
Grundriss der Dioptrik geschichteter Linsen- 
svsteme. Mathematische Einleitung in die 
l5ioptrik des menschlichen Auges. Leipzig, 

1877. 8". ♦♦E.i9oa.77 
Pp. 373-376 contain a list of works and papers on this 


— Grundziige der antiken und modernen 
Algebra der litteralen Gleichungen. Leipzig, 

1878. 8° ♦♦E.22oa.35 
Pp. 964-1001 contain Gesammtlitteratur der Algebra der 


Maurer, Maurice. Statique graphique appli- 
qu^e aux constructions, toitures, planchers, 
poutres, ponts, etc. Avec planches. 2e ^d., 
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Mean values. See Czuber; — Neumann, C. G. 


Analytical mechanics. See Calinon ; — Col- 
lignon ; — Emerson ; — Galilei ; — Kempe, A. ; 
— Kirchhoff;— Klein, H. ; - Kraft ; — Mach ; — 
Narr; — Saint-Germain ; — Walton ; — Wood. 

Applied mechanics. See Rankine. 

Celestial mechanics. See La Place; — Resal. 

Graphic mechanics. See Steiner, F. 

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[1885.]) 4°- **509o.69 

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**E. 190.57 

Mensuration. See McCarthy ; — Todhunter. 

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theorie des formes lin^aires et des determinants. 
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8°. **5o87.50 

The editors were W. Allen Whitworth, C. Taylor, W. I. 
Lewis, R. Pendlebury, J. W. L. Glaisher, of whom only 
Taylor and Glaisher edited the ijth-i6th volumes. 

Meteorites. See Kirkwood. 
Meteorology. See Great Britain; — Kaiser- 
Meyer, A. Vorlesungen Uber Wahrschein- 

lichkeitsrechnung. Deutsch bearbeitet von E. 
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Meyer, Gustav F. Vorlesungen iiber die 
Theorie der bestimmtenlntegralezwischenreellen 
Grenzen, mit vorzuglicher Beriicksichtigung der 
von P. G. Lejeune-Dirichlet im Sommer 1858 
gehaltenen Vortrage liber bestimmte Integrate. 
Mit Holzschnitten. Leipzig, 1871. 8°. 


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Curven. Eine systematische Voruntersuchung 
zu einer allgemeinen Theorie der linearen Raume. 
Tubingen, 1883. 8°. **5o82.73 

Meyer, Wilhelm. Le systfeme de Saturne. 
D'aprfes des observations faites a Genfeve avec 
r^quatorial Plantamour pendant I'opposition de 

1881. Prdc^d^e d'une description detaill^e de 
I'instrumentparM. Thury. Geneve, 1884. Plates. 
[Society de physique et d'histoire naturelle de 
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Microscope. See Naegeli. 
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1882. 8°. •*E.20oa.ii 
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papers. London, 1885. Sm. 8°. **5028.54 

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richt in der mathematischen Analysis und Ma- 
schinen-Lehre. [Mit Beylage zum ersten und 
zweyten Bande.] Herausg. von J. Pasquich. 
Leipzig, 1798-1819. 3 v. 8°. **E. 195.11 

Contents. — i. Die Buchstaben - Rechenkunst und die 
sogenannte Analysis endlicher Grossen. 2. Die Differential- 
und Integral-Rechnung. 3. Beylage zum iten, 2ten B:inde, 
Krweiterungen und Beriditigungen enthaltend. Verfasst 
von Johann Pasquich. 

Band 1, 2 are of a later edition. Band 3 of the first. 

Moebius, August F. Gesammelte Werke- 
Herausg. auf Veranlassung der Koniglich sach. 
sischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. Band i, 
mit einem Bildnisse von Mobius, herausg. von 
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Kartenprojektionen mit besonderer Beriicksichti- 
gung der stereographischen, Bonne'schen und 
Slercatorprojektion. Mit Figuren. Zurich, 1882. 
80. ♦♦E.2ooa.4i 

Molecular dynamics. See Commines de Mar- 
silly ; — Leray ; — Schramm ; — Thomson, Sir 
W. ; — Wittwer. 

Molecular theories. See Barlow ; — Bresch. 

Molien, Theodor. Ueber die lineare Trans- 
formation der elliptischen Functionen. Dorpat, 
1885. 4°. . **5090.70 

Montucla, Jean E. Histoire des recherches 
sur la quadrature du cercle, avec une addition 
concernant les problfemes de la duplication du 
cube et de la trisection de Tangle. Nouvelle id. 
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Moon. See Aristarchus ; — Harley ; — Mellor; 
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80. ♦*E.i9oa.39 




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determinants with graduated sets of exercises. 
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with numerous applications to plane and spheri- 
cal figures; and an appendix, containingquestions 
for exercise. Dublin, 1852. 8°. ♦♦5084.52 

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Trans, from the German. With illus. London, 
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tische Mechanik. Mit Figuren. Leipzig, 1875. 
8°. ♦♦£. 2203.42 

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moon ; considered as a planet, a world, and a 
satellite. With plates, woodcuts, etc. 2d ed. 
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Navier, Claude LouisM. H. Lehrbuch der Dif- 
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einer Abhandlung der Methode der kleinsten 
Quadrate vermehrt von T. Wittstein. 4te Aufl. 
Hannover, 1875. 8°. 3936.68 

The original, with the title Resume des leqons d'analyse 
donnees i I'fecole polytechnique, etc., may be found on shelf. 
no. •*5027.e9 and 3925.15. 

Navigation. See Breusing ; — Definitions ; — 
Pouvreau ; — Wronski. 

Netto, Eugen. Substitutionentheorie und ihre 
Anwendungen auf die Algebra. Leipzig, 1882. 
8°. ♦♦E.220.24 

Neumann, Carl G. Die elektrischen Kriifte. 
Darlegung und Erweiterung der von A. Am- 
pere, F. Neumann, W. Weber, G. KirchhofTent- 
wickelten mathematischen Theorieen. Theil i. 
Leipzig. 1873. 8°. ♦♦E.22oa.68 

— Hydrodynamische Untersuchungen nebst 
einem Anhange iiber die Probleme der Elektro- 
statik und der magnetischen Induction. Leipzig, 
1883. 80. ♦♦E. 19035 

— Theorie der Bessel'schen Functionen. Ein 
Analogon zur Theorie der Kugelfunctionen. 
Leipzig, 1867. 8°. ♦♦E.22oa.56 

— Ober die Kugelfunctionen P„ und .^«, ins- 
besondere iiber d ie En tw icklu ng der Ausdriicke 

A («^i +%/ i-z^ n/ i-^i" cos (}>) und 
,^n (zz, -|- •v/ i-z^ -J i--?i ^ cos ^) nach den 
Cosinus der Vielfachen von ^. N. p., n. d. 8°. 


— Ueber die nach Kreis-, Kugel- und Cylin- 
der-Functionen fortschreitenden Entwickelun- 
gen, unter durchgangiger Anwendung des Du 
Bois-Reymond'schen Mittelwerthsatzes. Leip- 
zig, 1881. 40. ♦♦5091.69 

— Vorlesungen iiber die mechanische Theorie 
der Warme. Leipzig, 1875. 8°. ♦♦£.2203.44 

— Vorlesungen Uber Riemann's Theorie der 
Abel'schen Integrale. 2te Aufl. Mit Tafel und 
Figuren. Leipzig, 1884. 8". ♦♦£. 1903.78 

Neumann, Franz E. Beitrage zur Theorie 
der Kugelfunctionen. ite und 2te Abthe^lung. 
Leipzig, 1S78. 4°. ♦♦£. 190.45 

— Einleitung in die theoretische Physik. 
Herausg. von C. Pape. Mit Figuren. Leipzig, 
»883. 80. ♦♦£. 190.38 

— Vorlesungen Uber die Theorie des Magne- 
tismus namentlich iiber die Theorie der magne- 
tischen Induktion. Leipzig, 1881. 8°. ♦♦E.190.34 

— Vorlesungen uber elektrische Strdme. Her- 
ausg. von K. Vondermiihll. Mit Figuren. 
Leipzig, 1884. 8°. ♦♦£. 190.36 

— Vorlesungen iiber theoretische Opiik gehal- 
ten an der Universitat zu Konigsberg. Herausg. 
von E. Dorn. Mit Figuren. Leipzig, iSSv 
Portrait. 8". ♦♦£. 190.37 

— Vorlesungen iiber die Theorie der Elasticitat 
derfesten Kdrper und des Lichtathers. Gehalten 
an der Universitat Konigsberg. Herausg. von 
O. E. Meyer. Mit Figuren. Leipzig, 1885. 8°. 

This author's name is given in some authorities as Franz 
Heinrich Neumann. 

Newton, Sir Isaac. Optical lectures read in 
the publick schools of the University of Cam- 
bridge, 1669. Never before printed. Translated 
into English out of the original Latin. London, 
1728. Plates. Sm. 8°. ♦♦5015.81 

Nicomachus Gerasenus. 'SiKOfidxov TepaaT/vov 
TlvOcr/opiKov 'ApiOfiJiTiKf/ e'caayuyt/. Nicomachi Ge- 
raseni Pythagorei Introdvctionis arithmeticae 
libri II. Recensvit R. Hoche. Accedvnt codicis 
Cizensis problemata arithmetica. Lipsiae, 
MDCccLxvi. 16°. ♦♦50193.87 

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Perspektive fiir bildende Kiinstler. Stuttgart. 
[1885.'] Illus. 8" oblong. ♦♦5082.32 

Numbers,Theory of. See Bachmann ; — Berger ; 

— Eisenstein ; — Frege ; — Kronecker. 
Prime numbers. See Gram. 

O'Brien, Rev. Matthew. A treatise on plane 
co-ordinate geometry ; or, the application of the 
method of co-ordinates to the solution of prob- 
lems in plane geometry. Part i. Cambridge 
[England], 1844. Plates. 8». 

7931.4; ♦♦£. 1903.58 

Observ3tions. See Great Britain ; — Maedler ; 

— Pickering; — Royal observatory; — United 

Photometric observations. See Pritchard ; — 

Ocagne, Maurice d'. Coordonnees parallfeles 
et axiales. Methode de transformation geome- 
trique et proced^ nouveau de calcul graphique 
deduits de la consideration des coordonnees paral- 
l^les. Paris, 1S85. Plate. 8°. ♦♦5085.65 

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mit den (Hamilton'schen) Qiiaternionen. Mit 
Holzschnitten. Halle a/S., 1879. ^^5027.72 

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Tafeln fiir den Mond nebst ausfiihrlicher Anwei- 
sung zum Gebrauche derselben. Publication der 
Astronomischen Gesellschaft. xvi. Leipzig, 
1S81. Tables. Map. 4°. ^+5082.30 

— tJber die Auflosung des Kepler'schen Pro- 
blems. Wien, 1885. 4°. ♦♦£. 190.52 

Optics. See Airy : — Coddington ; — Huygens ; 

— Ketteler; — Meisel ; — Neumann, F. E. ; — 
Newton ; — Schellbach. 

Physiological optics. See Matthiessen. 

Orion, Nebula of. See Pickering. 

Osborne, George A. Notes on diflerentiation 
of functions, with examples. Printed, not pub- 
lished. Boston. [1884.''] 12°. 3939-72 

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Translated from the German. By G. S. Clarke. 
London, 1885. Diagrams. Sm. 8". ♦♦5028.64 

Ovidio, Enrico d'. Le proprieta fondamentali 
delle superficie di second' ordine studiate suila 
equazione generale di secondo grado in coordinate 
Cartesiane. Torino, 1883. 8"- ♦♦5027.80 




Pappus Alexandrintis. Pappi Alexandrini 
collectionis quae supersunt. E libris manu scrip- 
tis edidit Latina interpretatione et commentariis 
instruxit F. Hultsch. BeroUni, mdccclxxvi- 

MDCCCLXXVIII. 3 V. 8°. ♦*5020.62 

Contents. — i. Librorum il, ill, iv, v reliquiae. 2. Li- 
brorum vi et vil reliquiae. 3. Libri vill reliquiae; Supple- 
menta in Pappi Collectionem. 

— Mathematicae collectiones a Federico Com- 
mandino Vrbinate in Latinum conuersse, & 
commentarijs illustratae. Bononise, m.dc.lx. 
IIIus. Portrait. F". ^ **E.I90.5 

Parallaxes. See Vodusek. 

Parallel lines. See Deschamps ; — Hoffmann, 
J. y. I. von; — Kelland; — Lobatchevsky ; — 

Pauli, Robert. Anweisungen zur Losung der 
Textaufgaben in Dr. Bardey's Aufgabensamm- 
lung. I. Mit einer Unbekannten. Rastatt, 1886. 
Plates. Sm. 8°. **5o89a.6o 

This answers the questions on pp. 121-155 °f Methodisch 
eeordiiete Aufj;abensainmlung, von Dr. E. Bardey 

[ **soSs.S7]. 

Peacock, George. A treatise on algebra. Cam- 
bridge [England], 1842,45. 2 V. 8°. **5o85.75 

This was desig-ned to be a second edition of the author's 
Treatise on algebra, published in 1S30 [3936.3] ; but the au- 
thor found it necessary to make it practically a new work. 

Peirce, Benjamin O Elements of the theory 
of the Newtonian potential function. Boston, 
1886. 8°. **5o85.63 

Pages V, vi contain a list of works consulted. 

Periodicals. See American ; — Analyst ; — Bib- 
liotheca ; — Copernicus ; — Journal ; — Koeniglich ; 

— London : — Messenger ; — Tidsskrift. 
Perspective. See Choura ; — Niemann. 
Perturbations. See Schemmel. 

Peschka, Gustav A. von. Darstellende und pro- 
jective Geometrie nach dem gegenwartigen 
Stande dieser Wissenschaft, mit besonderer 
Rijcksicht auf die Bediirfnisse hdherer Lehran- 
stalten und das Selbstudium. Wien. 1883-85. 
Text, 4 v., 8°; Atlas, 8", oblong. **E.220.i4 

— Kotirte Projectionsmethode (kotirte Ebe- 
nen) und deren Anwendung. 2te Ausg. Mit 
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feln und Formeln. Hamburg, 1871. 8°. 

3927.52; **E. 1903.50 

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gabe, unter Mitwirkung des Verfassers besorgt 
von R. von Fischer-Benzon. Kopenhagen, 1884. 
Sm. 8". **5o85.76 

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gelflache. Berlin, 1882. [Wissenschaftliche 
Beilage zum Programm des Sophien-Gym- 
nasiums. Ostern, 1882.] 4°. ♦*E. 190.15 

Physics. See Barlow ; — Challis ; — Collection ; 

— Coulomb; — Daniell ; — Dingle; — Fernet; — 
Fries; — Geer ; — Glazebrook; — Holzmueller; — 
Jamin ; — Jays ; — Joule ; — Macfarlane ; — Mans- 
field ; — Mathieu ; — Neumann, F. E. ; — Poggen- 
dorff ; — Resal ; — Rosenberger ; — Tait ; — Thom- 
son, SirV^. ; — Wand ; — Wheatstone ; — Zwerger. 

Pickering, Edward C. Observations of varia- 
ble stars in 1884. Communicated March 11, 1885. 
{Cut from American academy of arts and sci- 
ences. Proceedings. Boston, 1885. Vol. 20, 
PP- 393-406.) No. a in **E.2aoa.66 

— A photographic study of the nebula of Orion. 
Presented March ii, 1885. {Cut from American 
academy of arts and sciences. Proceedings. 
Boston, 1885. Vol. 20, pp. 407-416.) 

No. 3 in ♦*E.22oa.66 

— Recent observations of variable stars. Pre- 
sented March 12, 1884. (Cut from American 
academy of arts and sciences. Proceedings. 
Boston, 1884. Vol. 19, pp. 296-309.) 

No. I in ♦♦E.22oa.66 

Pinkerton, R. H. Qiiestions on mathematics, 
taken from the papers set for the degrees of M. A. 
and B. Sc. in the four Scotch universities. Se- 
lected and arranged, with answers and hints for 
solution. Glasgow, 1884. Sm. 8°. **5oi9a.69 

Pirmez, Eudore. De I'unit^ des forces de 
gravitation et d'inertie. Bruxelles, 1881. 8°. 


Planets. See Morera. 

Planimetry. See Hoffmann, A. ;— HofFmann,G. 

Plato's geometric number. See Dupuis. 

Pluecker, Julius. Neue Geometrie des Raumes 
gegriindet auf dieBetrachtung dergeraden Linie 
als Raumelement. Leipzig, 1868, 69. 4". 


Part I has a preface by R. F. A. Clebsch; part a is edited 
by F. Klein. 

Poggendorff, Johann C. Geschichte der 
Physik. Vorlesungen gehalten an der Universi- 
tat zu Berlin. Mit Holzschnitten. Leipzig, 
1879. S**- **E. 1903.38 

Political economy. See Walras. 

Polyedra. See Hess. 

Potential, Theory of. See Bacharach ; — Bous- 
sinesq; — Clausius; — Mathieu; — Mehler; — 
Peirce ; — Riquier; — Rovelli ; — Wand. 

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pour le calcul de la hauteur de I'heure etde I'azi- 
mut. Paris, 1885. 8°. **5020.66 

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place's functions, and the figure of the earth. 4th 
ed. London, 1871. Sm. 8°. ♦♦5029.99 

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Geometrie des Raumes. 2. Aufl. Mit Tafeln. 
Clausthal, 1887. 8». **5o82.i8 

Prime numbers. See Gram. 

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ensis : a photometric determination of the magni- 
tudes of all stars visible to the naked eye from 
the pole to ten degrees south of the equator. 
Oxford, 1885. 8°. **5020.7a 

Probabilities. See Czuber ; — Fick ; — Kries ; 

— Meyer, A. 
Problems. See Bachet. 

Problems and examples. Collections of. See 
Bardey ; — Basu ; — Day ; — Gaskin ; — Graefe ; — 
Graindorge ; — Hoffmann, A. ; — Hoffmann, G. ; 

— Hutt; — Janisch; — Jays; — Kraft; — Mathe- 
matical; — Milne; — Pauli; — Pinkerton; — 
Reidt; — Roberts; — Turner; — Walton; — 
Wiese;—Woeckel;— Wright, L M. F. 

Proclus Diadochus Lycius. Prodi Diadochi 
in primum Euclidis elementorum librum com- 
mentari(. Ex recognitione G. Friedlein. Lip- 
siae, M.DCCC.LXxiii. 16°. ♦•5028.71 

Proctor, Richard A. Easy lessons in the dif- 
ferential calculus : indicating from the outset the 
utility of the processes called differentiation and 
integration. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 3939-8i 

— The moon : her motions, aspect, scenery, 
and physical condition. With photographs and 
illus. 2d ed. London, 1878. Sm. S". ♦♦50193.67 




Projectiles. See Bashforth. 

Projection. See Binder; — Moellinger; — 
Peschka ; — Reusch ; — Schmidt. 

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elliptischen Functionen. 2te Ausg. mit Tafeln. 
Berlin, 1885. 4". **E.i90.53 

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Thetaformel und die Riemann'sche Charakteris- 
tikentheorie. Leipzig, 1882. 40. **E.i90.20 

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I. Con figure. Milano, 1883. 8°. **5092.68 

Quaternions. See Allegret; — Graefe ; — Han- 
kel ; — Laisant ; — Merten ; — Odstriil ; — Unver- 

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mechanics, nth ed. London, 1885. Sm. 8°. 


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der periodischen Functionen einer Variabeln, 
mit einer endlichen Anzahl wesentlicherDiscon- 
tinuitatspunkte, nebst einer Einleitung in die 
allgemeine Functionentheorie. Mit Figuren. 
Leipzig, 1S84. 8°. **5082.72 

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miden-System. Grundzuge einer mechanischen 
Phjsik. Mit Tafel. Mannheim, 1S57. 4°. **5o82.46 

Refraction. See Matthiessen. 

Double refraction. See Huygens. 

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und Beispielen aus der Trigonometrie und 
Stereometric. Teil 1 : Trigonometrie. 3te Aufl. 
Leipzig, 1884. 8". **E.22oa.45 

— Die trigonometrische Analysis planimetri- 
scher Konstructions-Aufgaben. Leipzig, 1882. 
8°. ., **E.22oa.63 

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nanten. Leipzig, 1867. 4°. T*5090-57 

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taires de g^om^trie analytique a deux et a trois 
dimensions, avec un expose des m^thodes de re- 
solution, le partie. Geometric analytique a 
deux dimensions. Paris, 1887. 8°. **5o83.i5 

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treated geometrically. London, 1875. Plates. 
8°. **E.22oa.74 

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Electrodynamique, capillarite, chaleur, Electricity, 
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— TraitE ElEmentaire de mEcanique cEleste. 
2e ed. Paris, 1884. **5020.69 

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krafthypothese. Kritik und Reformthesen. 2te 
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A second edition of the author's Der Irrthum der Gravi- 
tationshypothcse [5926.63]. 

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zur Lehre von den Haupt- und Brennpunkten 
eines Linsensystems. Leipzig, 1870. Text, 8°; 
Atlas. 40. **E.22oa.55 

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Leipzig, i88i. 4°. **E. 190.46 

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parat zur Auflosung numerischer Gleichungen 
mit gemeinverstandlichen Erlauterungen. Stutt- 
gart, 1885. Plate. F". ♦♦Soioa.e 

— Praxis der Kurvendiskussion. Teil i. Kur- 
vendiskussion in Punktkoordinaten mit einem 
Anhang uber analytisch-geometrische Princi- 
pien. Mit Figuren.' Stuttgart, 1886. 8°. 

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Kugeln und linearen Kugelsysteme mit einer 
Einleitung in die analytische Geometric der 
Kugelsysteme. Leipzig, 1879. 8°. **E. 2203.59 
Riem3nn, Georg Friedrich Bernhard. Partielle 
Diflferentialgieichungen und deren Anwendung 
auf physikalische Fragen. Herausg. von K. Hat- 
tendorff. Mit Holzstichen. 3te Aufl. Braun- 
schweig, 1882. 8°. **E. 1903.24 
Riquier, C. Extension a I'hyperespace de la 
methode de M. Carl Neumann pour la resolution 
de problemes relatifs aux fonctions de variables 
reelles qui vErifient I'Equation diffErentielle AF = 
o. Paris, 1886. [Theses prEsentees a la FacultE 
des sciences de Paris.] 4°. **509i.68 

Neumann's method relates to the theory of potential. 

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Containing an elementary account of elliptic 
integrals and applications to plane curves. Dub- 
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Contents. — i. The elementary part. a. The advanced 

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potenziale di Green applicata alio studio del 
ienomeni della gravitazione universale. Conio, 

1883. 8°- **5092.69 
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London, i886. 8°. **E.20oa.23 




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ing only the remainder of the star catalogue, 
discussion, and ephemeris, for 1830 to 1890, of 
■which the first four hours a'ppeared in Vol. 14. 
By C. Piazzi Smyth. Edinburgh, 1886. 4". 


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— The philosophical transactions from the 
year 1700 (where Mr. Lowthorp ends) to 1720 
abridg'd, and dispos'd under general heads. By 
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papers; the anatomical and medical papers. 
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— Same. 4th edition, Dublin, 1885. 8°. 

**E. 1903.64 

— On the degree of the surface reciprocal to a 
given one. Dublin, 1857. 4°. **5o8o.55 

The same may be found in Royal Irish academy. Trans- 
actions. Dublin, 1856. Vol. 23, pp. 461-48S [*330o.s.23]. 

— A treatise on the analytic geometry of three 
dimensions. 4th edition. Dublin, 1882. 8°. 


— A treatise on conic sections : containing an 
account of some of the most important modern 
algebraic and geometric methods. 6th ed. Lon- 
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— A treatise on the higher plane curves : in- 
tended as a sequel to a Treatise on conic sections. 
3d ed. Dublin, 1879. 8°. **5020.56 

Saturn. See Meyer, W. 

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Die magischen Figuren. Allgemeine Losung 
und Erweiterung eines aus dem Alterthume 
stammenden Problems. Mit Tafeln. Leipzig, 
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— Die polydimensionalen Grossen und die 
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Contents. — i. Geometric der Streckensysteme und Geo- 
metric der Massen ; Geometric der Bewegung und Theorie 
der Bewegungszustande (Kinemalik). 2. Theorie der 
Krafte u. inrer Aequivalenz (Dynamik im weiteren Sinne 
einschl. Statik) ; Theorie der durch Krafte erzeugten 
Bewegung (Kinetik od. Dynamik im engeren Sinne). 

Schellbach, Carl H. A series of figures illus- 
trative of geometrical optics, together with an 
explanation forming a treatise translated from 
the German. Edited, with notes and an appen- 
dix, by W. B. Hopkins. Cambridge [England], 
1851. Text, 8°. Atlas, F°, oblong. 

♦♦5085.84; Atlas, ♦*5o8oa.ii 

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sammengesetzten Raumgebilde. Mit Tafeln. 
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Nr. 4.] 40. ♦♦£. 190.49 

— Ueber Entwickelung und Stand der n-di- 
mensionalen Geometric, mit besonderer Beriick- 
sichtigung der vierdimensionalen. [Dresden.] 
1886. 4°. ♦♦5081.8 

Pages 13-15 contain a Litteratur-Verzeichniss. 

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8°. ♦♦5085.86 

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Contents. — i. Aufgaben aus der Differentialrechnung. 
2. Aufgaben aus der Integralrechnung. 

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Hamburg, 1887. Diagrams. 8°. ♦♦£.2003.52 

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Geometric fiir Realgymnasien und Ober-Real- 
schulen. Die orthogonale Projektion. Tafeln. 
Wiesbaden, 1882. 8°. ♦♦E.2ooa.22 

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,, Ueber den Ursprung und die Bedeutung der 
geometrischen Axiome, von Helmholtz, Berlin, 
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— Die mathematischen Elemente der Erkennt- 
nisstheorie. Grundriss einer Philosophic der 
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flachen zweiter Ordnung und der Raumkurven 
dritter Ordnung als Erzeugnisse projektivischer 
Gebildc. Nach Jacob Steiner's Prinzipien auf 
synthetischem Wege abgeleitet, Leipzig. 1880. 
8°. ♦♦£.2203.72 




Schubert, Hermann. Gelehrtenschule des 
Johanneums. i. Losung des auf die trilineare 
Verwandtschaft ausgedehnten Projectivitats- 
problems. ii. Elementarer Beweis des Feuer- 
bach'schen Satzes (mit einer Figurentafel). 
Hamburg, 1882. 4°. *♦£. 190.43 

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Th. Th. I. Die vier Spezies mit ganzen und 
gebrochenen positiven und negativen Grossen 
und die Determinanten. Leipzig, 1873. 8*^. 


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der Liniencoordinaten in der analjtischen Geo- 
metrie der Ebene. Mit Figuren. Leipzig, 1S84. 
8°. **E. 1903.15 

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1875, 77. Text. Illus. 2 v., 8°; Atlas, 4°. 3922.54 


Seipp, Heinrich. Beitrage zur Kenntnis der 
Eigenschaften des ebenen Dreiecks. Mit Figu- 
rentafeln. Halle a. S., 1886. 8°. **509i.66 

In this work the triangle is treated with reference to the 
principles of the Modern higher geometry. 

Series. See Beau; — Bourguet; — Catalan; 
— Dirksen ; — Krazer. 

Servus, H. Die Geschichte des Fernrohrs bis 
auf die neueste Zeit. Mit Abbildungen. Berlin, 
1886. 8°. **E.22oa.4i 

Pp. V, vi, have a list of works upon the telescope. 

Sextant. See Thompson. 

Shadows. See Burmester. 

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matics, comprising chiefly the rectification of the 
circle to 607 places of decimals. London, 18^3. 
8°. **5o82.8i 

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including the various forms of planimeters. N. 
Y., 1886. Illus. [Van Nostrand's science series. 
No. 83.] 16". **5oi9a.72 

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trolirbare Losung der Aufgabe : ,,In ein ring- 
formig geschlosscnes Band einen Knoten zu 
machen " und verwandter merkwiirdiger Pro- 
bleme. 3te Aufl. Mit Holzschnitten undTafeln. 
Wien, 1881. 8°. **E. 2203.36 

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ed. rev. and enl. by J. McDowell. Cambridge 
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jects. Revised, condensed, and enlarged by G. 
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Solar systerr., See Beer; — Sachs. 

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tionnaire des math^matiques appliquees. Ou- 
vrage contenant 1900 figures. 46 ^d. Paris, 1884. 
8°. **5o85.66 

Sound. See Weber. 

Space. See Krause, A. ; — Rosanes ; — Stumpf. 

Space of « dimensions. See Bresch; — Hin- 
ton ; — Killing; — Riquier; — Schlegel, V. 

Spectrum. See Kirchhoff. 

Spheres. See Hess. 

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nach ihrem Wesen und Wirken auf alien Natur- 
gebieten. Mit Holzschnitten. Berlin, 1876. 8°. 


— Der Weltather als kosmische Kraft. Berlin, 
1873. 8° •• 

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linearer Differential-Gleichungen. Heft 1-3. 
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Squares, Tables of. See Broch. 

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Leipzig, 1883. 8°. **Ei9oa.44 

Stars. See Pickering ; — Pritchard ; — Wolff, 

Star catalogues. See Rogers ; — Weisse. 

Star maps. See Dien. 

Statics. See Graham. 

Graphic statics. See Cremona; — Cul- 
mann ; — Favaro ; — Graham ; — Ldvy ; — 
Maurer; — Ott; — Schlotke; — Stelzel. 

Statistics. See Meitzen. 

Staudt, Carl G. C. von. De numeris Bernoul- 
lianis loci in senatu academico rite obtinendi 
causa commentatus est D. Carol G. Chr. 
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— Geometric der Lage. Nurnberg. [1847.'] 
8°. **E.i9oa.34 

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Integral-Rechnung mit Anwendungen. Theil 
I. Differential-Rechnung, mit Figuren. 4te 
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tionen, ausgefiihrt mittelst der geraden Linie 
und eines festen Kreises. Mit Kupfertafeln. 
Berlin, 1833. 16°. **50i9a.76 

— Gesammelte Werke. Herausgegeben auf 
Veranlassung der Kdniglich preussischen Aka- 
demie der Wissenschaften. Mit dem Bildnisse 
Steiner's und P^igurentafeln. Herausg. von K. 
Weierstrass. Berlin, 1S81, 82. 2 v. L. 8°. 


— Jacob Steiner's Vorlesungen ijber synthe- 

tische Geometric. 2te Aufl. Leipzig, iSVv 76. 

8°. **E.i9oa.8i 

Contents. — i. Die Theorie der Kegelschnitte in elemen- 
tarer Darstelhing. Auf Grund von Universitatsvorlraaren 
und mit Benutzung hinterlassener Manuscripte Jacob Stt-i- 
ner's bearbeitet von C. F. Geiser. 2. Die Theorie der 
Kegelschnitte, gestiitzt auf projectivische Eigenschaften, 
bearbeitet von H. Scliroter. 

Steinhauser, Anton. Die Elemente des gra- 
phischen Rechncns mit besondercr Beriicksich- 
tigungder logarithmischcn Spirale. Wien, i88v 

8°. •*E.220.28 

Stelzel, Carl. Grundziige der graphischen 
Statik und deren Anwendung auf den continuir- 
lichen Trager. Mit Holzschnitten und Tafeln. 
Graz, 1882. 8°. **5o85.93 

Stereometry. See Heinze ; — Heron ; — Reidt ; 
— Wrobel. 

Stereotomy. See Leroy. 

Stokes, George G. Mathematical and physical 
papers. Vol. i, 2. Cambridge [England], 1880. 
83. 8°. 3923.62; **5o82.8o 

— On light, ist, 2d, and 3d course. London, 
1884-87. 3 V. [Burnett lectures.] Sm. 8°. 

3925-73 ; **5029a.86 

Contents. — i. On the nature of light, delivered at Aber- 
deen in November, i88?. 2. On liglit as a means of investi- 
gation, delivered at Aberdeen in December, iSS-i. 3. On 
the beneficial effects of light, delivered at Aberdeen, In No- 
vember, 1885. 




Stolz, Otto. Vorlesungen Uber allgemeine 
Arithmetik. Nach den neueren Ansichten bear- 
beitet. Theil i. Allgemeines und Arithmetik 
der reellen Zahlen. Leipzig, 1885. 8°. 


Stoney, Bindon B. The theory of stresses in 
girders and similar structures, with practical ob- 
servations on the strength and other properties 
of materials. With illus. New ed. London, 
18S6. Plates. 8°. **E.220.22 

Stoy, Johann Heinrich. Zur Geschichte des 
Rechenunterrichtes. Theil i. Inaugural-Dis- 
sertation. Jena, 1S76. Plates. 8°. **5o85.79 

Strength of materials. See Flamant; — 
Stonev; — Todhunter. 

Stresses, Theory of. See Graham ; — Stoney. 

Stumpf, Carl. Uber den psychologischen Ur- 
sprung der Raumvorstellung. Leipzig, 1873. 
8°. **E.20oa.44 

Sturm, Rudolf. Synthetische Untersuchungen 
iiber Flachen dritter Ordnung. Leipzig, 1867. 
8°. **E.i9oa.68 

Substitutions, Theory of. See Netto. 

Sun. See Aristarchus ; — Langley ; — Secchi. 

Surfaces. See Cranz ; — Darboux ; — Graefe ; 

— Ilesse; — Joachimsthal; — Laisant; — Lilien- 
thal ; — Ovidio ; — Pfeiffer ; — Salmon ; — 
Schroeter; — Sturm. 

Surveying. 6"ceBohn; — Cantor; — Johnson, 
J. B. ; — Jordan, W. ; — Vogler. 

Tables. See Broch ; — Everett; — Glaisher; 

— Houel; — Lindman; — Lupton; — Meech ; — 
Oppolzer ; — Peters ; — Pouvreau ; — Prytz ; — 

Tafeln zur Berechnung der Mondphasen und 
der Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse. Herausgege- 
ben vom Koniglich preussischen statistischen 
Bureau. Bearbeitet von P. Lehmann. Berlin, 
1882. 8°. **E.2ooa.i9 

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burgh, 1885. Illus. Sm. 8°. **50i9a.65 

— and Steele, William J. A treatise on dy- 
namics of a particle, with numerous examples. 
5th ed. London, 1882. Sm. 8°. 

3948.75; **5029a.89 

Tamine, Ren6. Recherches theoriques et pra- 
tiques sur les accumulateurs electriques. Mons, 
1885. Illus. 8°. **5092.54 

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fonctions d'une variable. Paris, 1886. 8°. 


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1885. Figures. 8°. 3938 73 

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tation. (Ca^yro/w Smithsonian institution. An- 
nual report for 1876. Washington, 1887. Pp. 
205-282.) *79i8.50 (,1876); **5o85.9i 

Telescope. See Servus. 

Thomae, Johannes. Abriss einer Theorie der 
complexen Functionen und der Thetafunctioiien 
einer Veriinderlichen. Mit Holzschnitten. 2te 
Aufl. Halle a/S., 1873. 8°. **E. 1903.28 

— Ueber eine specielle Klasse Abelscher Func- 
tionen. Halle a/S., 1877. 4". No. i in **E.i90.i7 

— Ueber eine specielle Klasse Abelscher Func- 
tionen vom Geschlecht 3. Halle a/S., 1879. 4°. 

No. 2 in **E.i90.i7 
Thompson, Charles W. Manual of the sex- 
tant Containing instructions for its use in de- 
termining time, latitude, longitude, and the vari- 
ation of the compass. London. 1887. 8"'. 


Thomson, Joseph J. A treatise on the motion 
of vortex rings. An essay to which the Adams 
prize was adjudged in 1882, in the University of 
Cambridge. London, 1883. Sm. 8". ♦♦5082.74 

Thomson, Sir William. Mathematical and 
physical papers. Collected from scientific period- 
icals from May, 1841, to the present time. Vol. 
I, 2. Cambridge [England], 1882, 84. 8°. 


— Notes of lectures on molecular dynamics 
and the wave theory of light, delivered at the 
Johns Hopkins university, Baltimore. Steno- 
graphically reported by A. S. Hathaway. 1884. 
Baltimore, Md. Figures. 4°. ♦♦5020.65 

Fac-simile reproduction of manuscript by the papyro- 
graph process. 

— Reprint of papers on electrostatics and mag- 
netism. 2d ed. London, 1884. Illus. Plates. 
8°. ♦♦5082.76 

— and Tait, Peter G. Treatise on natural phil- 
osophy. Vol. I. Part I, 2. New ed. Cam- 
bridge [England], 1879, 83. 8°. 

3963.72; ♦♦5082.75 
Tides. See Wronski. 

Tidsskrift for Mathematik. [iste], 2den 
Rjekke; 3die Rsekke, 4de-6te Aargang; 4de 
RiEkke, ite-3die Aargang; 5te Rsekke, ite-3die 
Aargang. Kj0benhavn, 1859-85. Illus. 8" 


The first series has the title Mathematisk Tidsskrift, 
and is edited by H. C. F. C. Schjellerup and Camillo 
Tychsen; the second by Camillo Tychsen ; the third and 
fourth by H. G. Zeuthen; the fifth by J. P. Gram and H. G. 


Time, measure of. See Bilfinger. 

Tischner, August. The fixed idea of astro- 
nomical theory. Leipzig, 1885. Portraits. Sm. 
8°. **5o85-77 

Pp. 8s, 86 contain a list of works on the subject. 

Todhunter, Isaac. An elementary treatise on 
Laplace's functions. Lamp's functions, and Bes- 
sel's functions. London, 1875. Sm. 8°. 

3928.75 ; ♦♦5029a 90 

— A history of the theory of elasticity and 
of the strength of materials from Galilei to the 
present time. Edited and completed for the 
Syndics of the University press, by Karl Pearson. 
Vol. I : Galilei to Saint- Venant, 1639-1850. Cam- 
bridge [England]. 1886. Plate. 8". ♦♦£.2003.33 

— Mensuration for beginners, with numerous 
examples. 7th ed. London, 1879. ^6". ♦♦5028.70 

— See McCarthy. 

— Researches in the calculus of variations, 
principally on the theory of discontinuous solu- 
tions. London, 1871. Figures. [Adams prize 
essay, 187 1.] 8°. ♦♦5092.56 

Townsend, J?ev. Richard. Chapters on the 
modern geometry of the point, line, and circle; 
being the substance of lectures delivered in the 
University of Dublin to the candidates for honors 
of the first year in arts. Vol. 1, 2. Dublin, 1863, 
65. 8". ♦♦E.i9oa.6o 

Triangle. See Seipp. 

Triedral angle. See Mack. 

Trigonometry. See Bendt ; — Clarke ; — Lock ; 
— McClelland ; — Reidt. 

Tumlirz, Ottokar. Die elektromagnetische 

Theorie des Lichtes. Leipzig. 1883. Illus. 8°. 

3964.79; ♦♦E.22oa.65 

Turner. Herbert H. A collection of examples 
on heat and electricity. London, 1S85 Sm. 8°. 





Tyndall, John. Six lectures on light, deliv- 
ered in the United States in 1872-1873. 4th ed. 
London, 1885. Illus. Portrait of T. Young. 
Sm. 8°. **5o89a.50 

Undulation. See Craig ; — Weber. 

United States. Naval observatory. Astro- 
nomical observations made during the years 
1847-52. Vol. 3-6. Washington, 1S53-67. Plates. 
40. ♦♦5140.6 

Units and physical constants. See Everett. 

Unverzagt, K. W. Theorie der goniometri- 
schen und der longimetrischen Quaternionen, 
zugleich als Einfuhrung in die Rechnung mit 
Punkten und Vectoren. Mit Holzschnitten. 
Wiesbaden, 1S76. 8°. , ♦♦5082.65 

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phiques sur la science du calcul. Paris, 1841. 
80. ♦♦E. 2003.46 

Veltmann, — , and KoU, Otto. Formeln der 
niederen und hoheren Mathematik sovvie der 
Theorie der Beobachtungsfehler und der Aus- 
gleichung derselben nach der Methode der klein- 
sten Quadrate. Bonn, 1886. Woodcuts. 8°. 


Verba filiorum Moysi, filii Sekir, id est Mau- 
meti, Hameti et Hasen. Der liber trium fratrum 
De geometria. Nach der Lesart des Codex Ba- 
sileensis F. 11. 33 mit Einleitungund Commentar 
herausg. von Maximilian Curtze. Mit Holz- 
schnitten. Eingegangen bei der Akademie den 
5. Dec. 1884. Halle, 1S85. [Nova acta der Ksl. 
Leop. -Carol, deutschen Akademie der Naturfor- 
scher. Band XLix. Nr. 2.] 4°. ♦♦5090.75 

Vigreux, Leon. Traits th^orique et pratique 
d'hydraulique appliqu^e. Paris, 1886. 2 v. Illus. 
8°. ♦♦E. 1903.52 

Contents. — i. Introductions. 2. Projets. 

Viscosity. See Ibbetson. 

Voduiek, M. Neue Methode fUr die Berech- 
nung der Sonnen- und Mondesparallaxe aus 
Planetenvoriibergangen und Sonnenfinsternis- 
sen. Laibach, 1879. 8° ♦♦5082.78 

Vogler, Ch. August. Grundziige der Ausgleich- 
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Vortex motion. See Craig; — Thomson, J. J. 

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♦♦E. 190.26 

Contents. — Principe d'une theorie mathematique de 
I'rfchange ; feqnations de I'^chanpe; Equations de la pro- 
duction ;jfequatir ns de la capitalisation et du credit ; Theorie 
mathematique du bim^tallisme; Thtorie mathematique du 
billet de banque; Theorie mathematique du prix des terres 
et de leur rachat par IMtat. 

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Read before the Scientific section of Vassar brothers' in- 
stitute, F"eb. 25, iSSj. 

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Lieferung, enthaltend Bogen i-io. Gdttingen, 
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— Die Principien der hoheren Analysis in ihrer 
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Contents. — i. Theorie der project! vischeii Grundgebilde 
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— and Tarleton, Francis A. An elementary 
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and ornamental mapping, engineering, and archi- 
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London, 1846. 4°. *4o8i.6; **E.200.2 

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3934-54; **5oi5-6i 

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Anfangs - GriJndc aller mathematischen Wissen- 

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1886. 8°. .. **E.20oa.4a 

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Cometen. Beitrage zur Geschichte undTheorie 
der Erkenntniss. Mit Tafcln und facsimilirtcn 
Schriftstucken. 3te Aufl. Leipzig, 1883. S". 


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lung der altjiidischcn Zeitrcchnung im Talmud. 
Breslau, 1882. 8". ♦♦E.i9oa.4 

Zwerger, Max. Die lebcndige Kraft und ihr 
Mass. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Physik. 
Munchen, 1885. 8°. ♦♦E.20oa.i7 



Abbot, Willis J. Blue jackets of 1812. A his- 
tory of the naval battles of the second war with 
Great Britain. Prefixed an account of the French 
war of 1798. 274.1 

Abbott, Jacob. Cousin Lucy at play. New ed. 


— Cousin Lucy at study. New ed. 24.3 

— Stories told' to Rollo's cousin Lucy, when 
she was a little girl. 24-5 

Abercromby, Ralph. Weather. [International 
scientific series.] 142.22 

Adams, Charfes F. Dialect ballads. Illus. 

Adams, W. R. Look within for five thousand 
facts that everybody wants to know. 

B.R.Besk 30 
Alcott, Louisa M. A garland for girls. 24.75 

— Lulu's library. [Short stories.] Vol. 3. 
Illus. 17944 

Contains " Flower fables," with some additions. 

Alden, Isabella M. Eighty-seven. By Pansy 
\^ps.eud.\. 2334 

Alger, J. G. The new Paris sketch book. 1663.5 

Allen, F. M. Through green glasses. Andy 
Merrigan's great discovery, and other Irish tales. 
Illus. 24.85 

Allen, Fred H. Young folks' history of the 
Reformation. Illus. loSa.ii 

Allen, Willis B. The northern cross; or, 
Randolph's last year at the Boston Latin school. 
Illus. 24-61 

American art. Illus. A monthly magazine. 
Vol. I. 200.47 




Andersen, Hans Christian. Fairy tales and 
stories. Withilliis. by Scandinavian artists. 60.57 

Andrews, Jane. Only a year and what it 
brought. 24.68 

Argles, Margaret. The Duchess. By the 
author of " Phyllis." Portrait. 23-94 

Arnold, Edwin. Lotus and jewel. Containing 
" In an Indian temple," " A casket of gems," 
" A queen's revenge " [from the Sanskrit]. With 
other poems. 1352.27 

Ashton, John. The dawn of the xixth cen- 
tury in England, lllus. 1981.7 

Austin, Airs. "Friend sorrow": an every- 
day story. 24.81 

Austin, George L. The life and times of 
Wendell Phillips. 530-29 

Bach, Cuno. Das Geheimniss von King's 
Norton. Ein Weihnachtsgeschichte. Nach dem 
Englischen von Cuno Bach. [Bachem's Novel- 
len-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.25 

Bacon, Francis, baron Verulam and viscount 
St. Albans. Moral and historical works. With 
dissertation and notes, by J. Devey. Portrait. 


Bacon, Henry. The dumb betty lamp, and 
other stories. lllus. 23.85 

Badeau, Adam. Grant in peace. A personal 
memoir. lllus. 530.28 

Baker, George M., editor. Irish dialect reci- 
tations. 1398.20 

— Medley dialect recitations : selections in 
German, French, and Scotch. 1398.21 

— Negro dialect recitations. 1398.22 
Balch, Elisabeth. Zorah. A love-tale of mod- 
ern Egypt. 24.26 

Baldwin, James. A story of the golden age. 
lllus. Maps. 24.31 

Intended as an introduction to the reading of Homer. 

Baldwin, Joseph. Elementary psychology and 
education. [International education series.] 


Ballantyne, Robert M. The fugitives ; or, the 
tyrant queen of Madagascar. 23.69 

Bamford, Mary E. The Look-about club, and 
the curious live things they found. lllus. 170.52 

Banks, Isabel, nee Varley. God's Providence 
house. A story of 1791. By Mrs. G. Linnaeus 
Banks. 24.22 

Baring-Gould, Sabine. The Gaverocks. A 
tale of the Cornish coast. 25.17 

Barker, Lucy Drummond Sale. More of my 
little friends. With plates in colors. 25.3 

Twelve short stories. 

Barr, Amelia E. A border shepherdess. A 
romance of Lskdale. 23.62 

— Paul and Christina. 23.38 
Barrows, Charles M. Acts and anecdotes of 

authors. 1400.15 

Baylor, Frances C. Juan and Juanita. lllus. 

Previously published in St. Nicholas, beginning No- 
vember, 1S86. 

Bayly, Ada Ellen. The autobiography of a 
slander. By Edna Lyall [j)seud.']. 23.32 

Beard, Lina and Adelia B. How to amuse 
yourself and others. The American girl's 
handy book. lllus. 182.34 

Beecher, Henry Ward. Beecher as a humor- 
ist. Selections from his published works. 
Compiled by Eleanor Kirk [pseud, of Nellie 
Ames]. 1817.32 

Beers, Henry Augustine. An outline sketch 
of American literature. 1400.17 

Bell, C. F. Moberly. From Pharoah to fellah, 
lllus. 691.14 

Bell, David C. The modern reader and 
speaker: Avith a system of gesture, illustrated by 
diagrams. 65th ed. 1396.23 

Benedict, E. L. Stories of persons and places 
in Europe. lllus. 642.2 

Benjamin, Samuel G. W. Sea-spray ; or, 
facts and fancies of a yachtsman. 192.21 

Benning, Howe, pseud. See Henry, Mary H. 

Benson, M. E. The story of Russia. lllus. 


Berlepsch, Lina, Freifrau von. Im fernen 
Westen. Roman. Nach dem Americanischen 
von Lina Freifrau von Berlepsch. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] 2056.2.29 

Besant, Walter. Children of Gibeon. 3 v. 


Best hundred books. The. Pall Mall gazette 
"Extra." 391.13 

Bettziech, Johann H. Der Spieler. Erzah- 
lung aus dem americanischen Leben von H. 
Beta \^fseud.\ [Bachem's Novellen-Samm- 
lung.] No. 3 in 2056.2.23 

Bidembach, Richard. Der Schalmeier von 
Wald. Oberschwabische Dorfgeschichteausder 
Zeit des Bauernkrieges. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.7 

Big wages and how to earn them. By a fore- 
man. 130.95 

Birrell, Augustine. Life of Charlotte Bronte. 
[" Great writers."] 530.27 

Appended is a bibliography by J. P. Anderson. 

Birrell, Olive M. Justice Warren's daughter : 
a story of New England. 2 v. 25.25 

The story opens in 1659. 

Blaze, Marie P. R., nee Stewart. Moliere, and 
the French classical drama. By Madame Blaze 
de Bury. No. 2 in 840.4 

Bolton, Sarah E., nie Knowles. Famous 
American authors. Portraits. 1557.21 

Contents. — Emerson; Longfellow; Irving; Prescott; 
Hawthorne and his family ; Holmes; Lowell; Higginson; 
Stoddard; Stedman ; Howells; Aldrich; Gilder; Carleton; 
Cable; Clemens; Warner. 

Books which have influenced me. 



Articles published in the British weekly and written by 
Gladstone, Stevenson, Besant, Stead, Ruskin, Hamerton, 
Hagg;ird, Blackie, Farrar, Walter C. Smith, Marcus Dods, 
Joseph Parker. 

Boston. Oration before the City council and 
citizens of Boston, July 4, 1887. By John E. 
Fitzgerald. 211. 16 

Boutwell, George S. The lawyer, the states- 
man, and the soldier. 1556.15 

Contents. — Choate, Webster, Lincoln, Grant. 

Bowman, Anne. Clever Jack and other tales. 
[Part 2.] lllus. 733-8 

Bowne, Eliza S. A girl's life eighty years 
ago. Selections from the letters of Eliza South- 
gate Bowne. lllus. 1553-4 

Boyesen, Hjalmar H. The modern Vikings. 
Stories of life and sport in the Norseland. 
lllus. 24.35 

Brackel, Ferdinande M. T., Frciin von. Aus 
fernen Landen. Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. I in 2056.2.10 

— Nicht wie alle Andern. Novelle. [Bach- 
em's Novellen-Sammlung. No. i in 2056.2.x 



Brentano, Clemens. New fair}' tales, 
in English by Kate F. Kroeker. Illus. 


Conlenis. — The story of Gockel, Hinkel,and Gackcleia; 
The story of Frisky Wisky; The story of the Myrtle 
Maiden ; 'The story o'f BrokeVina; The story of Old father 
Rhine and the miller. 

Brigham, William T. Guatemala, the land 
of the quetzal. A sketch. lUus. Maps. 631. n 

Brooks, Elbridge S. Historic girls. Stories 
of girls who have influenced the history of their 
times. Illus. i53i-7 

Previously published in St. Nicholas, beginning in 18S4. 

— Storied holidays. A cycle of historic red- 
letter days. 23.46 

— The story of the American Indian. Illus. 
Portraits. 221.9 

Appended is a list of the best hundred books on the 
American Indian. 

Brown, Alice. Fools of nature. A novel. 


Browne, Phyllis, pseud.} Mrs. Somerville 
and Mary Carpenter. Portraits. [The world's 
workers.] 1518.20 

Browning, Robert. Lyrics, idyls, and roman- 
ces. 1334-5 

Buckley, Arabella B., now Mrs. Fisher. 
History of England for beginners. With addi- 
tions by R. H. Labberton. 1981.6 

Buckley, James M. The midnight sun, the 
Tsar and the Nihilist; adventures and observa- 
tions in Norway, Sweden and Russia. Illus. 


Buerstenbinder, Elisabeth. {^E. Werner.) 
Sankt Michael. Roman. 1052.3 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward R. L., isi earl of 
Lytton. {O-wf^n Meredith.) After Paradise, or 
legends of exile ; with other poems. 1351.26 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Zigzag journeys in 
India. A collection of the Zenana tales. Illus. 
Map. 652.1 

Cabot, James Elliot. A memoir of R. W. 
Emerson. 2 v. Portrait. 1547.25 

California. Geological survey, y. D. Whitney, 
state geologist. The Yosemite guidebook. [By 
Josiah D. Whitney.] 639.30 

Cameron, Verney Lovett. The adventures of 
Herbert Massey in Eastern Africa. Illus. 25.15 

— In savage Africa; or, the adventures of 
Frank Baldwin from the Gold coast to Zanzibar. 
Illus. 25.8 

— Jack Hooper. His adventures at sea and in 
South Africa. Illus. 23-58 

Campbell, Archibald. Captain Macdonald's 
daughter. A novel. 24.71 

Carey, Rosa N. Esther : a book for girls. 23.82 

Carpenter, Esther B. South-county neighbors. 
[Stories.] 23.78 

The South county is Washington county, Rhode Fsland. 

Cary, Alice. Early and late poems of Alice 
and Phoebe Cary. I35i'25 

Champney, Lizzie W. Great-grandmother's 
girls in New France. The history of little 
Eunice Williams. Illus. by "Champ" and 
others. 23.8 

— Three Vassar girls at home. A holiday trip 
of three college girls through the South and 
West. Illus. by " Champ " and others. 651.6 

Chase, Alvan W. Dr. Chase's family physi- 
cian, farrier, bee-keeper, and second receipt 
book. Illus. Portrait. "57«35 

Church, Alfred J. The count of the Saxon 
shore. A tale of the departure of the Romans 
from Britain. With the collaboration of Ruth 
Putnam. Illus. 23-74 

" Count of the Saxon shore " was the title bestowed by 
Maximian (colleague of Diocletian in the Empire from jS6 
to 305 A. D.) on the officer whose task it was to prutcct the 
coasts of Britain and Gaul from the attacks of the Saxon 
pinites. — Preface. 

Church, Ella R. In the hospital at Elmridge. 
Illus. 24.96 

Clarke, James Freeman. How to find the stars. 
With an account of the astronomical lantern and 
its use. 1146.17 

Coffin, Charles C. Drum-beat of the nation. 
The first period of the War of the rebellion to 
the close of 1862. Illus. 274.2 

CoUingwood, Harry. The rover's secret : a 
tale of the pirate cays and lagoons of Cuba. Illus. 


Cone, Helen G., and Gilder, Jeannette L., 

editors. Pen-portraits of literary women. By 

themselves and others. 2 v. 1557.22 

Contents. — Vol. i. Hannah More; Frances Burney 
(Mme d'Arblay) ; Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) ; Mary 
VV. Godwin (Shelley); Mary Lamb; Maria Edgeworth; 
Jane Austen; Joanna Baillie; Lady Blessington; Mary 
Russell Mitford. 2. Harriet Martinrau; Aurore Dudevant 
(George Sand) ; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Margaret 
Fuller (Ossoli) ; Charlotte Bronte; Emily Bronte;' Marian 
Evans Cross (George Eliot). 

Conklin, Jennie M. Rizpah's heritage. By 
Mrs. Nathaniel Conklin (Jennie M. Drinkwater). 


Conway, Moncure D. Pine and palm. A 
novel. [Leisure hour series.] 24.49 

Coolidge, Susan, ^.learf. See Woolsey, Sarah 

Coombs, Anne S. A game of chance. 23.36 

Cooper, Sarah. Animal life in the sea and on 
the land. A zoology for young people. Illus. 


Corbett, Julian. For God and gold. 25.29 

Purports to be from the manuscript of Jasper Festing, 
who is said to have accompanied Sir Francis Drake on his 
voyage to Nombre de Dios. 

Corson, Juliet. Family living on $500 a year. 


Cousin Kate, fseud. The children's mirror: 
a treasury of stories. 23.70 

Cox, Palmer. The brownies: their book. 
[Poems.] Illus. 60.59 

Previously published in St. Nicholas. 

Cox, Samuel S. The Isles of the princes ; or, 
the pleasure of Prinkipo. Maps. Illus. 

1687. 10.2a 

Excursions in and around the Princes' islands, in the 
Propontis, and the adjacent places in Asia and Europe. — 

Craddock, Charles Egbert, pseud. See Mur- 
free, Mary N. 

Craik, Dinah M. An unknown country. Illus. 
by F. N. Paton. 652.2 

Descriptive sketches of the north of Ireland. 

Crawford, Frank Marion. Marzio's crucifix. 

— Paul Patoff. 24.95 

Previously published in the Atlantic monthly, beginning 
January, 18S7. 

Crouch, Archer P. On a surf -bound coast; 
or, cable-laying in the African tropics. 1698.8 




Crown in shield, Mary Bradford. The ignora- 
muses. A travel story. By Mrs. Schuyler 
Crownin.-ihield. Illus. 60.61 

Cueppers, A. J. In der Knospe gebrochen. 
Dem Franzdsischen nacherzahlt von A. J. Cuep- 
pers. [Bachem's Novellen-Saminlung. ] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.3 

Cumberland, Stuart. The Qiieen's highway 
from ocean to ocean. With collotype illus. and 
maps. 631.10 

A description of the country through which the Canadian 
Pacific railway passes. 

Czeika., pseud. An operetta in profile. 23.55 
D., S. E. Mahaly Sawyer; or, " putting your- 
self in her place." 25.11 
Dallwitz, Wanda von.^ci. von Graefe. ( Walter 
Sch-warz.) Die Rechte. Novellette. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.14 

— Die Uhr des Rend Cardillac. Novelle. [Ba- 
chem's Novellen-Sammlung.] No. 3 in 2056.2.28 

— Verlassen. Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.20 

Damon, Sophia M. Old New-England days. 
A story of true life. 23.77 

Darling, Mary Greenleaf. Gladys. A romance. 
[Round world series.] 24.77 

Darwin, Charles R. Life and letters, includ- 
ing an autobiographical chapter. Edited by 
Francis Darwin. 2 v. Illus. 530.30 

Daudet, Louis M. Ernest. Which.' or, between 
two women. Trans, from the French by Laura 
E. Kendall. 24.91 

The original " Dolores " may be found on 4660.79. 

Daunt, Achilles. Our sea-coast heroes; or, 
stories of wreck and rescue by the lifeboat and 
rocket. Illus. 1707.8 

Includes a brief account of the lifeboat. 

Debater's handbook. The. Including A debate 
upon the character of Julius Ca;sar adapted from 
J Sheridan Knowles. 1398.19 

Delitzsch, Franz. A day in Capernaum. Trans, 
by G H. Schodde. 2102.24 

A sketch of Galilee in the time of Christ. 

Denslow, Van Buren, and Parker, Jane M. 
Thomas A. Edison, and Samuel F. B. Morse. 
Portraits. [The world's workers.] 1518.21 

Desbeaux, Emile. Mattie's secret. 23.83 

A story with chapters on coal mines, diamonds, torpedo- 
boats, dynamite, gunpowder, etc. 

Deutsche Roman-Bibliothek zu Ueber Land 
und Meer. Jahrg. 15, Band i, 2. 2041.1.29,30 

Contents.— T^nA i. Fanny Lewald: Die Fainilic Darner. 
Robert Byr \pseud. of Carl E. R. von Bayer]: Edwiesen. 
W ilhelm Jensen : Das Asylrecht. K. von Bergk : Im 
Abendschein. Ida Boy-Ed: "Ich!"— 2. A. von Perfall • 
DerTrudenslein. Ida boy-Ed : "Ich!" Fanny Lewald • 
Die Familie Darner. L. Wallace: Ben-Hur. A. von Klinck- 
owstrijm : Die Leutringens. F, von Zobeltitz : Das Nessus- 
gewand. H. Abt : Ein Weib aus dem Volke. I.. Warren • 
Der wunde Punkl. I. Feilmunn: Caritas. E. von Wol- 
zogen : Mcin ersles Abenteuer. 

Diaz, Abby M. Bybury to Beacon street. 25.5 
Dincklage-Campe, Amalie E. S. Wilhelmine 
von. Das Comtessel. Novelle von E. von Dinck- 
lage. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 1 in 2056.2.22 

— Die echten Abbergs. Novelle. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] No. i in 2056.2.15 

— FurstlichesBlut. Novelle. [Bachem's No- 
vellen-Sammlung.] No. 1 in 2056.2.5 


Dirkink, J. von. Herm's Vermachtniss. Eine 
miinsterlandische Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. 1 in 2056.2.24 

Doudney, Sarah. Prudence Winterburn. Illus. 


Douglas, Amanda M. The fortunes of the 
Faradays. 24.73 

Drachmann, Holger. Fjaeld-SangeogyEventyr. 
[-(4/50, Der varengang, .^ventyr-Komcdie.] 


Drake, Samuel A. The making of the great 
West. 1512-18S3. Illus. Maps. 248.10 

Duffy, Bella. Madame de Stael. [Famous 
women.] 1532.32 

Durand, Alice M. The princess Roubine. A 
Russian story. By Henry Grdville \^psetid.'\. 
Trans, from the French by G. D. Cox. 23.86 

E., W. T. I. D. B. ; or, "the adventures of Solo- 
mon Davis on the diamond fields and elsewhere. 


Early English voyagers; or, the adventures 
and discoveries of Drake, Cavendish, and Dam- 
pier. Portraits. Plates. 1707.7 

— Richard Lepsius : a biography. Trans, by 
Zee Dana Underbill. 16°. 1556.13 

Eden, Charles H. Queer chums: being a nar- 
rative of a midshipman's adventures and escapes 

in eighteen hundred and war-time. Illus. 


Elementary flower painting. With coloured 
plates. i2oo.g 

Ellis, Edward S. The camp in the mountains. 
Illus. [Deerfoot series.] 23.93 

Erlenbusch, Hans. Die Sphinx. Novelle. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.3 

Faber, Frederick W. Ethel's book; or, tales 
of the angels. 2d ed. 25.19 

Fairy legends of the French provinces. Trans, 
by Mrs. M. Carey. 24.38 

Farmer, Lydia H. The girls' book of famous 
queens. Plates. 1557.20 

Farrar, Frederic W. Everyday Christian life ; 
or, sermons by the way. 2103.25 

Faunce, Linus. Mechanical drawing. Pre- 
pared for the use of the students of the Massa- 
chusetts institute of technology. Plates. 1204.31 

Fenn, George M. Dick o' the Fens : a tale of 
the Great East swamp. Illus. 24.55 

— Menhardoc : a story of Cornish nets and 
mines. Illus. 24.64 

— Patience wins; or, war in the works. 2466 
Field, Caroline L., n6e Whitney. The unseen 

king, and other verses. 1350.26 

Finley, Martha. Elsie's friends at Woodburn. 

Flach, Josephine A.M. Herzenswirren. Roman. 

[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 2056.2.13 

Follenius, Sofie A. C. von. {Marie Berger.) 

Angelica von Sainte-Croix. Roman. [Bachem's 

Novellen-Sammlung.] 2056.2.16 

— Dolores. Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.22 

— Wie sie sich finden. Eine schiichte Erzah- 
lung. [Bachem's Novellen-Samnilung.] 

No. 1 in 2056.2.20 
Foster, Ernest. Heroes of the Indian em- 
pire. 1984.15 
Francois, Marie Luise von. The last von 
Reckenburg. Trans, by J. M. Percival. 2497 

— Natur und Gnade nebst anderen Erzahlun- 
gen. 2044.7 


Franz, Emma. Schneekathere. Novelle. [Ba- 
chem's Novellen-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.9 

Frederic, Harold. Seth's brother's wife. A 
study of life in the greater New York. 24.39 

Previously published in Scribner's magazine, beginning 
January, 1SS7. 

Freed, H. Nach langem Suchen. Novelle. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.4 

French, Alice. {Octave Thanet.) Knitters in 
the sun. [Stories.] 23.66 

Prey, Albert R. Sobriquets and nicknames. 

R.R. Desk 31 

Frith, Henry. The seventh earl of Shaftes- 
bury. Portrait. [The world's workers.] 1518.23 

Froebel, Friedrich. The education of man. 
Trans, from the German and annotated by W. 
N. Hailmann. [International education series.] 

121. 7 

Ganghofer, Ludwig A. Aimer und Jagerleut'. 
Neue Hochlands-Geschichten. 2044.4 

Garborg, Arne. Bondestudentar. Forteljing. 


Garrett, Edward, pseud. See Mayo, Isabella 

Gautier, Th^ophile. Tales before supper 
from Gautier and Mdrimee. Told in English by 
Myndart Verelst. 23.23 

Contents. — Introduction [b-y Edgar Saltus] ; Avatar [by 
Gautier] ; The Venus of Ille fby M^rimee]. 

Gerstaecker, Friedrich. Unter Palmen und 
Buchen. Gesammelte Erzahlungen. 2014.7 

Gibson, John. Chips from the earth's crust: 
or short studies in natural science. Illus. 140.53 

— Great waterfalls, cataracts, and geysers. 
Illus. 1676.15 

— Monsters of the sea, legendary and authen- 
tic. Illus. 140-51 

Glisan, Rodney. Two years in Europe. Illus. 


Goddard, Julia. The boy and the constella- 
tions. Illus. 1163.14 

Goodwin, Ellen Christina, n^e Hopkinson. Af- 
ter school days. A story for girls. 23.30 

Grant, Robert. Jack Hall ; or, the school days 
of an American boy. Illus. 24.17 

Greene, Homer. Burnham Breaker. [Fiction.] 


Griffis, William E. Matthew Calbraith Perry : 
a typical American naval officer. Portrait. Illus. 


Groves, John Percy. The war of the axe : or, 
adventures in South Africa. Illus. 24.20 

Gunton, George. Wealth and progress : a 
critical examination of the labor problem. 131.26 

H., H. E. Parlor games for the wise and the 
otherwise. 1364.22 

Habberton, John. Country luck. 23.92 

Haggard, H. Rider. The witch's head. 23.29 

Hague, William. Life notes; or, fifty years' 
outlook. I547-24 

Hale, Edward Everett. History of the United 
States. Written for the Chautauqua reading cir- 
cles. Maps. 210.51 

— In His name. A story of the Waldenses, 
seven hundred years ago. Illus. 1741.9F 

— The life of George Washington, studied 
anew. Illus. Portraits. 1558.22 

— ,editor. Lights of two centuries. Portraits. 

R. R. Desk 31 
Biographical sketches of representative artists and 
sculptors, prose writers, composers, poets, inventors. 


Hall, Florence H. Social customs. 130.93 

Hamerling, Robert. Der K5nig von Sion. 
Epische Dichtung. 2029.10 

Hamilton, Miss C. G. Constance Lyndsav; 
or, the progress of error. 802.8 

Hamilton, Kate W. The royal service ; or, 
the king's seal. 23.76 

Harrington, James. The commonwealth of 
Oceana. [Morley's universal library.] 130.97 

Harris, Amanda B. American authors for 
young folks. Portraits. XSS7-24 

Contents. — Irving; Cooper; Prescott; Emerson; Haw- 
thorne; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Alice and Phoebe Caiy; 
Bayard Taylor; Thoreau and other "out-of-door" writers; 
Parkman; Curtis; Mitchell; " H. H." and others; Lowell. 

Harris, Joel C. Free Joe and other Georgian 
^ketches. 24.93 

Harrison, Jonathan B. The latest studies on 
Indian reservations. 210.53 

Hartley, May, n6e Laffan. Ismay's children. 
By the author of ' Hogan. M.P.' 24.1 

Haupt, Andreas.' Haiderdslein. Novelle. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 3 in 2056.2.22 

Hawthorne, Julian. An American penman. 
From the diary of Inspector Bvrnes. 24.59 

Hays, Helen. A village maid. 24.42 

Heermans, Forbes. Thirteen stories of the 
far West. 23.81 

Heinrich, Julius J. The window flower gar- 
den. Illus. 1166.6 

Henry, Mary H. One girl's way out. By 
Howe Benning [pseud.']. 2423 

Henty, George Alfred. Bonnie Prince Charlie : 
a tale of Fontenoyand Culloden. Illus. 23 71 

— The bravest of the brave : or with Peter- 
borough in Spain. Illus. 23^22 

The scene of this story is laid in Spain, from 1705 to 1707. 

— For the temple : a tale of the fall of Jerusa- 
lem. Illus. 24.6 

— In the reign of terror : the adventures of a 
Westminster boy. Illus. 24.7 

— Orange and green : a tale of the Boyne and 
Limerick. Illus. 23.72 

— Sturdy and strong: or, how George An- 
drews made his way. Illus. 24.53 

— Yarns on the beach : a bundle of tales. 
Illus. 24 6a 

Herbert, M. Flitter! Novellette. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] No. 4 in 2056.2.20 

— Miss Edda Brown. Novelle. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung] No. i in 2056.2.2 

— Ein modernes Marchen. Novelle. [Ba- 
chem's Novellen-Sammlung.] No. i in 2056.2.23 

Heyse, Paul J. L. The romance of the Canon- 
ess. A life-history. Trans, from the German 
by J. M. Percival. 23.47 

Hicks, C. Stansfeld. Yachts, boats and 
canoes ; with special chapters on model yachts 
and single-handed sailing. Illus. Plans. 192.2a 

Higginson, Thomas W. Women and men. 
[Short essays.] 130.96 

Hints on' early education and nursery disci- 
pline. i20.6a 

First published in London, some sixty years ago, anony- 
mously. Attributed to a sister of Elizabeth Fry.— Preface. 

Hirschfeld, Hermann. Die Komodianten- 
Toni. Roman. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 


Hodgson, Frederick T. The carpenters' steel 
square, and its uses. Illus. "93-*7 




Holder, Charles F. Living lights. A popular 
account of phosphorescent animals and vege- 
tables. Plates. 142.19 

Holding, T. H. Watery wanderings mid 
western lochs. A practical canoe cruise. Illus. 


Holley, Marietta. Poems. By "Josiah Al- 
len's wife." Illus. 1342-13 

— Samantha at Saratoga. Illus. 23.49 
Holmes, Margret, compiler. Recitations for 

Christmas. 139824 

Holmes, Marv J. Gretchen. A novel. 23.48 
Holnstein aus Bayem, Ida C, Grdfin, geb. 

Gr'djin von Mengersen. Am See. Eine Kiinst- 

ler-Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.7 
Holt, Emily S. In convent walls : the story of 

the Despensers. 25.7 

In this historical tale the principal character is Isabelle 
the Fair, queen of Edward 11. of England. Her earlier life 
is told in the author's " In all time of our tribulation " 
[25.14]. The scene is laid in England from about 1324. 

— A tangled web : a tale of the fifteenth cen- 
tury. 24.48 

The scene is laid in Eng-land, and the story turns upon the 
insurrection of Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck in the 
time of Henry vii. 

Hope, Ascott R., fseud. See Moncneff, 
R. H. 

Hornaday, William T. Two years in the 
jungle : the experiences of a hunter and natural- 
ist in India, Ceylon, the Malay peninsula and 
Borneo. Illus. 1692.18 

Howard, Blanche W. Tony, the maid. A 
novelette. Illus. 24.36 

Previously published in Harper's monthly, beginning 
September, 1SS7. 

Howard, James H. W. Bond and free; a true 

tale of slave times. Portrait. 23.52 

Howells, William D. April hopes. 25.20 

Previously published in Harper's monthly, beginning 

February, 18S7. 

— Modern Italian poets: essays and versions. 
With portraits. 384.12 

Hugo, Victor M., comie. Les misdrables. 
5 v. [Library edition.] 24.29 

In the main a reprint of the translation by Sir Lascellts 
Wraxall. Chapters and passat^es omitted in the English 
edition have been here translated. 

— Things seen (Choses vues). 1556.12 

— Translations from the poems of Victor 
Hugo. By Henry Carrington. 1356.28 

Hull, Edward. Geological history. Being the 
natural history of the earth and of its pre-human 
inhabitants. [A sketch of universal history. 
Supplementary volume ] 142.20 

Hunt, Madeline B. Through trial to triumph ; 
or. "The royal way." 24.15 

Hyde, Anna M. The American boy's life of 
Washington. Illus. 1529.2 

Identical with " The young folks' life of Washington " 

— The young folks' life of Washington. Illus. 

Irvmg, Washington. Washington and his 
country: being Irving's Life of Washington, 
abridged for the use of schools. With introduc- 
tion and continuation . . . to the end of the 
Civil war. ByJohnFiske. 1558.23 

" I have not simply abridged Irving's work, but have 
occasionally interwoven text of my own with his."— Prefa- 
tory note. 

Isham, Charles. The fishery question. With 
a map and a short bibliography. [Questions of 
the day.] 220.46 

Jackson, Edward P. The earth in space. A 
manual of astronomical geography. Illus. 


Jackson, Helen M. (i/. //.) Sonnets and 

lyrics. 1350-4 

Jak, pseud. The giant dwarf. A story for 

young and old. By the author of the Fitch club, 

etc. 23.73 

— Who saved the ship, and The man of the 
family. 23.60 

James, Frank L. The wild tribes of the 
Soudan. Illus. 1693.7 

Jamison, Celia V., nee Dakin, formerly Mrs. 
Hamilton. The story of an enthusiast. Told 
by himself. 24.58 

Jarke, Franziska Julie, ^e3. Schlesius. Onkel 
Born. Ein deutsches Sittenbild von E. Rudorff 
{j>seud.'\. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056 2. 10 

— Schlichte Grosse. Norddeutsches Sittenbild. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.25 

— Verloren ! Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.17 

Jessopp, Augustus. Arcady : for better for 
worse. A study of rural life in England. 130.92 

Johnson, Virginia W. The house of the 
musician. 24.43 

Jones, R. J. Cornewall. Ships, sailors, and 
the sea. Illus. 192.24 

KapfT-Essenther, F. von. Moderne Helden. 
Charakterbilder. 2044.2 

Kaufman, Rosalie. The queens of Scotland. 
Abridged and adapted from Strickland's 
" Queens of Scotland." 2 v. Portraits. 595.15 

Keddie, Henrietta. Girl neighbours : or, the 
old fashion and the new. By Sarah Tytler 
\J)seud.\ Illus. 24.45 

Keller, John W. The game of euchre. In- 
cluding treatises on French euchre, set-back 
euchre, etc., and progressive euchre. 180.137 

Kinzie, Juliette A. Mark Logan, the bour- 
geois. By Mrs. John H. Kinzie. 23.35 

Kirby, Edward N. Vocal and action-language; 
culture and expression. Illus. 1396.24 

Knox, Thomas W. Decisive battles since 
Waterloo. Illus. Maps. 911. 11 

— Dog stories and dog lore. x'jo.^i 
Korolenko, Vladimir. The vagrant and other 

tales. Transl. from the Russian by Mrs. Aline 

Delano. 25.28 

Langley, Samuel P. The new astronomy, 

Illus. 142.23 

Articles previously published in the Century magazine, 

Laurie, Andr^. Captain Trafalgar : a story of 
the Mexican gulf. Rendered into English and 
edited by William Westall, from the French. 25.4 

Lawless, Hon. Emily. Major Lawrence, F. 
L. S. [Leisure hour series.] 24.100 

— The story of Ireland. Illus. Portraits. 
[Story of the nations.] 1986.1a 

Leander, Richard, pseud. See Volkmann, 

Leland, Charles G. The gypsies. 955-12 

Lenhard, Carl von. Der Teufelstriller. Cul- 
turgeschichtliche Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. 3 in 2056.2.24 




Lenze, E.K. Grafin Eva. Nove le [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.27 

Lenzen, Maria, geb. Ruediger di Sebregondi. 
Die begrabenen Schuhe. Novelle. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] No. 3 in 2056.2.20 

Leonhart, E. Gertrud. Novelle. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] No. i in 2056.2.6 

Lillie, Lucy C, n6e White. The colonel's 
money. Illus. 25.16 

Lincoln, Mary J. Boston school-kitchen text- 
book. Illus. 182.36 

Lingen, Ernst, pseud. See Schilling, Elise. 

Little, William J. Knox. The broken vow. A 
story of here and hereafter. 24.25 

Little flowers. The, of Saint Francis of Assisi. 
Translated from the Italian, with a brief account 
of the life of Saint Francis, by Abby L. Alger. 
Portrait. 11 12.5 

A translation of " Fioretti di S. Francesco" [4767.16; 

Livermore, Samuel T. A history of Block 
Island. 238.14 

Livingston, Grace. A Chautauqua idyl. Illus. 


Lothrop, Harriet M. Dilly and the captain. 
By Margaret Sidney \^pseud.']. Illus. 24.80 

Lovett, Richard. Pictures from Holland. Drawn 
with pen and pencil. 671.11 

Lubbock, ^/V John. The pleasures of life. 2d 
ed. 130.91 

Lyall, Edna, psettd. See Bayly, Ada. 

McCarthy, Justin. Maid of Athens. Illus. 


McCarthy, Justin, and Praed, Mrs. Campbell. 
•' The Right honourable." A romance of society 
and politics. 24.40 

McCarthy, Justin H. Hours with eminent 
Irishmen and a glimpse of Irish history. 1568.1 

McClelland, M. G. Jean Monteith. [Leisure 
hour series.] 23.99 

McClure, Alexander K. The South : its indus- 
trial, financial, and political condition. 210.52 

Mace, Frances L. Under pine and palm. 
[Poems.] 1342.14 

McKenzie, Alexander. Some things abroad. 


Descriptive of travels in Europe, Syria and Palestine. 

McMaster, John B. Benjamin Franklin as a 
man of letters. [American men of letters.] 


Magruder, Julia. A magnificent plebeian. 252 

Mandat de Grancey, Galiot F. E., baron de. 

Paddy at home. ("Chez Paddy.") By the baron 

E. de Mandat-Grancey. Trans, by A. P. Morton. 

1673- 15 

Marby, A. Hanka. Eine wendische Novelle. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 1 in 2056.2.14 

Marshall, Emma. Daphne's decision ; or,which 
shall it be.-* A story for children. 24. 76 

Marwedel, Emma. Conscious motherhood ; 
or, the earliest unfolding of the child in the 
cradle, nursery, and kindergarten. 120.65 

Mat^aux, Clara L. In letters of flame : a tale 
of the Waldenses. 24.16 

Mathews, Joanna H. Uncle Rutherford's attic. 
A story for girls. Illus. 24.41 

Mayo, Isabella F. Equal to the occasion. By 
Edward Garrett [^.«<?«rf.]. 24.44 

Mead, Theodore H. Horsemanship for women. 
Illus. 182.39 

Meade, Elizabeth T., later Mrs. Toulmin 
Smith. The angel of love. By L. T. Meade. 
Illus. 50.48 

A story for children. 

Memoirs of an Arabian princess. 1696.26 

Descriptive of life in Zanzibar. 

Meredith, George. Ballads and poems of tragic 
life. 1350.28 

Meredith, Owen, pseud. See Bulwer-Lytton, 
Edward R., lord Lytton. 

Messerer, Th., pseud. See Winkler, Ludwig, 
and Winkler, Theresa. 

Meyer, Conrad F. The chancellor's secret. A 
tale of the twelfth century. From the German 
by Mary J. Taber. 24.92 

In this historical novel, the principal characters are Henry 
II. of England and Thomas ^ Becket. The original " Der 
Heilige " may be found on 4S76.75. 

Miller, Cincinnatus H. (^Joaquin Miller.^ 
Songs of the Mexican seas. 1350.27 

Miller, Leslie W. The essentials of perspec- 
tive. Illus. 1200.8 

Millington, Thomas S. Some of our fellows. 
A school story. Illus. 24.37 

Mitchel, Frederick A. Ormsby M. Mitchel, 
astronomer and general. A biographical narra- 
tive. By his son. 1556.14 

Mitchell, Silas W. Prince Little Boy and 
other tales out of Fairy-land. Illus. 24.27 

Modern etiquette in public and private. 130.94 

Molesworth, Mary Louisa. Little Miss 
Peggy: only a nursery story. With pictures by 
Walter Crane. 25.10 

— The palace in the garden. Illus. 24.51 
Moncrieff, Robert H. {Ascott R. Hope.) 

The seven wise scholars. Illus. 24.67 

— Youngsters' yarns. Illus. Experiences of 
youthful adventurers retold. 24.24 

Moran, Michael. The Zozimus papers. 
Comic and sentimental stories and legends, be- 
ing the works of Michael Moran, the blind story- 
teller of Dublin. Portrait. 24.65 

Morris, Charles, editor. Half hours with 
American history. 2 v. 220.47 

Morris, Mowbray. Claverhouse. [ English 
worthies.] I5i9-i4 

Murfree, Mary N. The story of Keedon Bluffs. 
By Charles Egbert Craddock lpseud.'\. 24.99 

Murray, David Christie and Herman, Henry. 
One traveller returns. 25.27 

Murray, William H. H. How Deacon Tub- 
man and Parson Whitney kept New Year's, and 
other stories. Illus. 23.91 

Neuer Deutscher Novellenschatz. Herausg. 
von P. Heyse und L. Laistner. Band 19, 20. 

2034. X 

Contents. — 19. Der Herrgottschnitzer von Ammergau. 
von Ludwig Ganghofer; Verzaubert, von Hans Arnold 
[/>««<(/. of Bertha von Biilowl; Cezar Grawinskv, von Adel- 
heid Weber. 20. Das Brod der Engel, von E. M. Vacano; 
Der alte Randolph, von Ida BoyEd. 

Neuestes Complimentirbuch oder Anweisung 
zum guten Ton und feiner Sitte, nebst Gliick- 
wiinschen, u. s. w. 2044.6 

New^ Antigone, The. A romance. 25.13 

Newell, Charles M. The voyage of the Fleet- 
wing. A narrative of love, wreck and whaling 
adventures. Illus. 24.94 

Nicholas, Griffith A. The Biddy club: and 
how its members grappled with the servant ques- 
tion. 25.12 




Noel, Lady Augusta. Hithersea mere. 24.70 
Norris, W. E. Major and minor. A novel. 

2 V. [ Leisure hour series.] 23.88 

Ober, Frederick A. The knockabout club in 

the Everglades. Illus. 632.9 

Ogden, Ruth. His little Royal Highness. 

Illus. 50.49 

O'Meara, Kathleen. Narka, the nihilist. 24.63 
Previously published in Harper's monthly, beginning 

January, 1SS7. 

— Queen by right divine. The 2d series of 
• Bells of the sanctuary.' 1548.3.2 

Contfnls. — Queen by right divine [Jeanne Marie 
Rendu] ; Madame Swetchine; A soldier of the cross [Henri 

Oosten, Gerd von. Vannina. Corsische 
Novelie. [ Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.23 

Oswald, Felix L. Days and nights in the 
tropics. Illus. 631.12 

Refers to Brazil. 

Pansy, pseud. See Alden, Isabella M. 

Panton, J. E. From kitchen to garret. Hints 
for young householders. 182.38 

Paris, Alexis Paulin. Les aventures de 
Maitre Renart et d'Ysengrin son compere. 


Parkinson, S. Scenes from the " George 
Eliot " country. Illus. 1654.25 

Parloa, Maria. Miss Parloa's kitchen com- 
panion. Illus. 182.30 

— Six cups of coffee. Prepared for the public 
palate by the best authorities on coffee making. 
Maria Parloa, Catherine Owen, Marion Harland, 
Juliet Corson, Helen Campbell, Mrs. D. A. 
Lincoln, with The story of coffee, by Hester M. 
Poole. 1188.16 

Patton, Arthur St. G. Modern history. 910.44 

Payn, James. A prince of the blood. A 
novel. 25.1 

Peard, Frances M. Madame's granddaughter. 
A novel. 60.58 

Perelaer, M. T. H. Ran away from the 
Dutch ; or, Borneo, from South to North. 
Trans, by M. Blok and adapted by A. P. 
Mendes. 1693.6 

Perry, Nora. A flock of girls and their 
friends. [Stories.] Illus. 24.21 

Peter- Patrick and other boys. By Sally Pratt 
McLean and other authors. Illus. 23.84 

Pettes, George W. Whist universal. By G. 
W. P. 182.33 

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. The gates between. 


— Jack the fisherman. Illus. 23.56 
Pilgrim, Thomas. Live boys in the Black 

Hills : or, the young Texan gold hunters. 23.37 
Polko, Elise, geb. Vogel. Dita. Novelie. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.24 

— Frohe Augen. Novelie. [Bachem's No- 
vellen-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.28 

— Herzensfriihiing. Eine einfache Geschichte. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.12 

— Mitgeholfen ! Ein Dombau-Marchen. [Ba- 
chem's Novellen-Sammlung.] No. i in 2056.2.1 

— Papillon, Novelie. [Bachem's Novellen- 
Sammlung.] No. I in 2056.2.21 

Porter, Rose. A modern Saint Christopher : 
or, the brothers. 24.79 

Pyle, Howard. The Rose of Paradise. Illus. 


A story of adventures in connection with the pirate Ed- 
ward England in 1720. 

— The wonder clock : or, four and twenty 
marvellous tales. Illus. 60.60 

R., I. A lady's ranche life in Montana. 


Rabelais, Fran9ois. Three good giants whose 
famous deeds are recorded in the ancient chron- 
icles of Rabelais. Compiled by John Dimitry. 
Illus. by Dore and Robida. 23.54 

Rae, Mrs. Milne. Rinaultrie. 23.68 

Rammers, Friedbert. Hauptmann Garbas. 
Novelie. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.6 

Rand, Edward A. Fighting the sea : or, win- 
ter at the life-saving station. Illus. 24.84 

Ransome, Cyril. A short history of England, 
to the present day. With maps and plans. 

Raven, Botho. Die Mutter der Marquise. 
Novelie. Nach dem Franzdsischen von Botho 
Raven. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.28 

Rawlinson, George. Ancient history. [A 

sketch of universal history. Vol. i.] gio.42 

Reed, Sir Edward J., and Simpson, Edward. 

Modern ships of war. Illus. 191. 19 

Originally published in Harper's magazine: The British 
navy, in Feb., iSS6; The United States navv in June, iSS6; 
and The navies of the continent, in Jan. and Feb., 1SS7. 

Relly, E. Der gefiillte Pfannkuchen. Ein 
Scherz. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.8 

Richards, Laura E. Toto's merry winter. 25.6 

Richardson, David N. A girdle round the 
earth : home letters from foreign lands. 642.3 

Rideing, William H. The boyhood of living 
authors. Plate. 1557-25 

Contents. — Holmes; Aldrich; Trowbridge; W. C. Rus- 
sell; Gladstone; Eggleston; Howells; Payn; Whittier; 
Stockton; T. \V. Knox; Hale; Lowell; Boyesen; Higgin- 
son; Fawcett; Stedman; Warner. 

Ried, Paula. Keine Wahl. Novelie. [Ba- 
chem's Novellen-Sammlung.] No. i in 2056.2.19 

— Nach zwanzigjahren. Novelie. [Bachem's 
Novellen-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.1 1 

Roe, Edward P. The earth trembled. 23 63 

Roemer, Jean. Origins of the English people 
and of the English language. 1981.8 

Roskowska, Marie von. Die Grafenbraut. 
Novelie. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.15 

Rothenfluh, E. von. Das Grab des Verschol- 
lenen. Americanische Novelie. [Bachem's No- 
vellen-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.18 

Rudorff, ¥.., pseud, ^ecjarke. Franziska J. 

Russell, William Clark. A book for the ham- 
mock. 660.31 

Rutherford, Mark. The revolution in Tanner's 
lane. 23.59 

S., D. T. See Balch. Elisabeth. 

Savage, Minot J. Poems. 135031 

Schilling, Elise. {Ernsi Linden.) An der 
friesischen Kiiste. Novelie. [Bachem's Novel- 
len-Sammlung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.2 

— Vor Pavia. Historische Novelie. [Ba- 
chem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.17 
A story of the time of the battle of Pavia, 1525. 




Schmid, Hermann T. von. The Habermeis- 
ter. A tale of the Bavarian mountains. Trans, 
from the German. 24.74 

Schurman, Jacob G. The ethical import of 
Darwinism. 120.67 

Schwarz, Walter, pseud. See Dallwitz, Wanda 

Scribner's magazine. Vol. i. 1856.5 

Scudder, Horace E. The book of folk stories. 
Plate. 24.8 

— Men and letters. 1815.20 
Contents. — Elisha Mulford; Longfellow and his art ;_ A 

modern prophet [J. F. D. M.nurice] ; Landor as a classic; 
Dr. Muhlenberg; American history on the stage; The 
shaping of Excelsior; Emerson's self; Aspects of histori- 
cal work; Anne Gilchrist; The future of Shakespeare. 

Shakespeare, William. Tragedy of Hamlet, 
prince of Denmark. Edited by Homer B. 
Sprague 1392.32 

Shapcote, Emily M. Among the lilies, and 
other tales. 25.18 

Sherwood, Frank D., and Bangs, John K. 
New waggings of old tales. By two wags. Illus. 


Sherwood, Mary E. W. Royal girls and royal, 
courts. Portraits. i557-^9 

Shillaber, Lydia. Mrs. Shillaber's cook-book. 


Sidney, Margaret, /.Tr«<f. 5eeLothrop, H.M. 

Silsbee, Marianne C D. A half century in 
Salem. 238.12 

Sinnett, A. P. Karma. A novel. 23.28 

— United. A novel. 2 v. 24.72 
Sleight, Mary B. The flag on the mill. Illus. 


Sloet, Leon. Siinden der Vater. Roman aus 
dem heutigen Russland. 2044.1 

Smiles, Samuel. Life and labor; or, charac- 
teristics of men of industry, culture and genius. 


Smith, F. Hopkinson. Well worn roads of 
Spain, Holland and Italy, traveled by a painter 
in search of the picturesque. 1676.16 

Smith, Hannah. Her only son. By Hesba 
Stretton [pseud.]. 24.32 

Smith, Helen A. History of Russia in words 
of one syllable. Illus. 910.41 

Soley, James R. The boys of 18 12 and other 
naval heroes. Illus. 274.3 

Sparhawk, Frances C. Little Polly Blatchley. 
Illus. 50-47 

— Miss West's class in geography. 1698.7 
Spyri, Johanna. Gritli's children. A story 

for children and for those who love children. 
Translated from the German by Louise Brooks. 


— Swiss stories. For children and those who 
love_ children. From the German, by Lucy 
Wheelock. 23.18 

Of these stories " Lisa's Christmas " and " Basti's son^ in 
Altorf'were published with the title " Red-letter stories. 
Swiss tale^," and may be found on 3S.7. 

Stables, William Gordon. On special service. 
A tale of life at sea. Illus. 23.61 

Stanley, Henry M. The boy travellers on the 
Congo. Adventures of two youths in a journey 
with Stanley " Through the dark continent." 
By T. W. Knox. Illus. 1661.21 

Condensed from Stanley's " Through the dark continent." 

Stannard, Henrietta Eliza Vaughan, nee Pal- 
mer. Mignon's husband. A novelette. By John 
Strange Winter \^pseud.']. 24.83 

Stebbins, Giles B. Progress from poverty. 
Review and criticism of Henry George. 130.90 

Stevenson, Edward I. White cockades. An 
incident of the " Forty-five." 33-87 

A story of the second Jacobite rebellion. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Memories and por- 
traits. 1815,21 

— Underwoods. [Poems.] 1350.25 

— Virginibus puerisque and other papers. 


Stinde, Jules E. W. Die Familie Buchholz. 

2 V. 1052.1 

— Frau Wilhelmine. 1052.2 

— Frau Wilhelmine. Trans, by Harriet F. 
Powell. 24.18; 24.46 

Stockton, Frank R. The Bee-man of Orn and 
other fanciful tales. 23.45 

— The hundredth man. 23.98 
Previously published in the Century, beginning Novem. 

ber, 1SS6. 

Stoddard, William O. Andrew Jackson and 
Martin Van Buren. [The lives of the presi- 
dents.] 1558.4 

— JamesMadison,JamesMonroe,andJohnQuin- 
cy Adams. [The lives of the presidents.] 1558.5 

Stokes, George T. Medieval history. [A sketch 
of universal history. In 3 vols. Vol. 2.] 910.43 

Stone, James S. The heart of merrie England. 

1673. 16 

Sketches and reminiscences of England. 

Stories, The, of Wasa and Menzikoff : the de- 
liverer of Sweden, and the favourite of czar Petets 
Illus. 24.87 

Story, The, of the Spanish armada. Illus. 


Stous, — . Das Fraulein von Groenerode. 
Nach dem Hollandischen der Melati von Java 
\^ pseud.'], \on H. Schumacher. [Bachem's No- 
vellen-Sammlung.] No. 1 in 2056.2.9 

Strange teas, dinners, weddings, and fetes. By 
various authors. 182.35 

Strathesk, John. More bits from Blinkbonny. 
A tale of Scottish-village life between 183 1 and 
1841. 23.65 

Stretton, Hesba, pseud. See Smith, Hannah. 

Sturgis, Julian R. Thraldom. 23.33 

Swinburne, Algernon C. Locrine. A tragedy. 


Talbot, Charles R. A midshipman at large. 
A story of Newport and ocean yachting. Illus. 


Tayler, Frederick. Studies in animal painting. 
With coloured plates. 1200.10 

Taylor, U. Ashvvorth.. The city of Sarras. 
[Fiction.] [Leisure hour series.] 24.60 

Tenger, Mariam, pseud. Der Gldckner von St. 
Dieze. Novelle. [Bachem's Novellen-Samm- 
lung.] No. 2 in 2056.2.19 

— Der letzte Capy. Roman. [Bachem's No- 
vellen-Sammlung.] No. 1 in 2056.2.8 

Tennyson, Alfred, baron Tennyson. Works. 
Portrait. I347-I4 

Thackeray, William M. A collection of letters 
of Thackeray. 1847-1855. Portraits. 530.20 

Thanet, Octave, j!)s<7«<3f. See French, Alice. 

Thompson, Albert H. The teacher's examiner, 
giving a review of the common and high school 
studies, in a series of questions and answers. 
Portrait. 120.68 

Thoreau, Henry D. Winter: from [his] jour- 
nal. Edited by H. G. O. Blake. 165.36 




Tolstoi, Leon N., count. The invaders and 
other stories. Trans, from the Russian by N. H. 
Dole. 23.57 

— My confession and The spirit of Christ's 
teaching. Trans, from the Russian. 1113.24 

— The pursuit of happiness. Trans, from the 
Russian by Mrs. Aline Delano. 23.27 

— A Russian proprietor and other stories. 
Trans, from the Russian by N. H. Dole. 25.21 

— What to do.' Thoughts evoked by the census 
of Moscow. Trans, from the Russian by Isabel 
F. Hapgood. 1113-23 

Tomkinson, E. M. Sarah Robinson. Agnes 
Weston. Mrs. Meredith. Portraits. [The world's 
•workers.] 1518.22 

Tourgle, Albion W. Button's Inn. 23.43 

A story of Mormonism in the first half of the century. 

Treat, Mary. My garden pets. lUus. 1146.14 

Trollope, Thomas A. What I remember. Por- 
trait. 530-31 

Trotter, Ada M. Bledisloe; or, aunt Pen's 
American nieces. An international story. 24.19 

Trowbridge, John T. Peter Budstone, the boy 
who was hazed. lUus. 23.95 

True stories of American wars. Illus. 23.44 

Tuckerman, Arthur L. A short history of 
architecture. 192.23 

TuUoch, W. W. The story of the life of Queen 
Victoria, told for boys and girls all over the world. 
Revised by Her majesty. Portrait. 1519.20 

Tyler, Moses C Patrick Henry. [American 
statesmen.] 1533.16 

Tytler, Sarah, pseud. See Keddie, Henrietta. 

Upton, George P. The standard cantatas : their 
stories, their music, and their composers. 1366.34 

Valentine, Ferdinand C. 600 medical don'ts. 


Veltheim, H. von. Napoleon Potee. Novelle. 
Frei nach dem Franzdsischen von H. von Velt- 
heim. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.5 

Vincent, George E. Some Italian authors and 
their works. 1557-23 

Volkmann, Richard. German fantasies by 
F^rench firesides. Tales by Richard Leander 
{pseud.'\. Trans, from the German by Pauline 
C. Lane. 24.78 

Three of these stories may be found in the original on 
aoii.1.2, n. s. 

Walsh, William S. Faust: the legend and 
the poem. With etchings. 351.7 

Walworth, Jean nette R. Southern silhouettes. 


Wanderer, /5ca</. A loose rein. Illus. 24.34 

Warner, Anna B. Cross Corners. 23.79 

Warner, Charles Dudley. The book of elo- 
quence : extracts in prose and verse; intended as 
exercises for declamation. 1396.22 

Washbume, Elihu B. Recollectionsof a min- 
ister to France, 1869-1877. 2 v. Maps. 1001.12 

Ri-lates largely Xc events in the Franco-German war. 

Watson, William. Life in the Confederate 
army ; being the observations and experiences of 
an alien in the South during the American civil 
war. 274.4 

Ways for boys to make and do things. By F. 
T. Vance [and others]. Illus. 190.72 

Wegerer, Aug. von. Schicksalswechsel. No- 
velle von A. von Wegerer (Ernst Norden). [Ba- 
chem's Novellen-Sammlung]. No. I in 2056.2.27 

Wellcome, Henry S. The story of Metlakahtla. 
Illus. 1630.19 


An account of William Duncan's work ia civilizing 
some Tsimshean Indians of British Columbia near the 
southern border of Alaska. 

Wells, Kate Gannett. Miss Curtis. A sketch. 


Werner, 'E., pseud. See Buer.etenbinder, E. 

Westall, William. A queer race : the storv of 
a strange people. 24.47 

Westbury, Hugh. Frederick Hazzleden. A 
novel. 24.82 

What shall we talk about.? or, things that 
every one ought to know. Illus. 140.50 

Conversations on natural history and physics. 

White, Emerson E. The elements of peda- 
gogy. 120.70 

White, George G. White's Progressive art 
studies. [Vol. 4.] Instrumental series. 1200.4 

Whitney, Adeline D. T. Bird-talk: a calendar 
of the orchard and wildwood. 1350.30 

Wilcox, Marion. Senora Villena and Gray : 
an Oldhaven romance. By the author of '• Real 
people." 24.2 

Wilson, Augusta J., nee Evans. At the mercy 
of Tiberius. A novel. 24 9 

Wilson, James C. Fever-nursing. [Practical 
lessons in nursing.] 1170.25 

Winkler, Ludwig, and Winkler, Theresa, g-eb. 
Messerer. Die beiden Vettern. Erzahlung aus 
dem baierischen Waldgebirge von Th. Messerer 
\^pseud.'\. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung]. 

No. 2 in 2056.2.12 

— Des Achmiillers Recht. Eine Hochlands- 
geschichte. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. 2 in 2056.2.21 

— Die Waisen. Eine Geschichte aus den 
Bergen. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.4 

Winslow, Margaret E. The Sewells; or, to 
every man his work. A story of every-day life. 
Illus. 24.56 

Winter, John Strange, pseud. See Stannard, 
Henrietta E. V., nee Palmer. 

Wood, Ella P. Lady Grace. By Mrs. Henry 
Wood. 24.98 

W^oolley, Celia P. Love and theology. A 
novel. 23.53 

Woolsey, Sarah C. A short history of Phila- 
delphia. By Susan Coolidge \pseud.']. 238.16 

Wynne, E. Strong to suffer : a story of the 
Jews. 24.14 

The scene is laid in Palestine during the second century 
after Christ. 

Yonge, Charlotte M. The herb of the field. 
Reprinted from "Chapters on flowers" in the 
Magazine for the young. 161. 9 

Zagoskin, Mikhail N. Der Versucher. No- 
velle nach dem Russischen des Sagoskin von H. 
v. Veltheim. [Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2.18 

Zingeler, Carl T. Zigeuner Rosel. Novelle. 
[Bachem's Novellen-Sammlung.] 

No. I in 2056.2. II 

Zogbaum, Rufus F. Horse, foot, and dra- 
goons. Sketches of army life at home and 
abroad. Illus. 652.3 

Zschokke, Johann Heinrich D. Grossere 
Novellen. 1044.10.2 

— Historische Novellen. 1044. 10.4 

— Humoristische Novellen. 1044. 10. i 

— Kleinere Novellen. 1044. 10. 3 
Zug, Der, der Zeit. Roman vom Verfasser von 

Im Banne der dritten Abtheilung. 2044.3 




Abbreviations: — Brl., Brighton; Chn., Charleslown; Dor., Ekirchester; E. B., East Boston; J. P., Jamaica 
Plain; IV. E., North End; Rox., Roxbury; S. B., South Boston; S. £., South End; W. Rox., West Rozbury. 

Central Library Books can be applied for at the several Branch Libraries 
and Delivery Stations^ and^ if they are on the shelves^ they will be sent on the 
same or following day. 

Abbott, Willis. Blue jackets of 1812. 

Bri. 86.73; Chn. 2666.16; E. B. 141.18 

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S. E. 245.14 

— Bluejackets of '61. Illus. J. P. 926. 11 
Abbott, Edwin A. The kernel and the husk. 

Letters on spiritual Christianity. By the author 
of " Philochristus " and " Onesimus " 

Rox. 7115.11 
Abbott, Jacob. Cousin Lucy among the moun- 
tains. J. P. 1 18.4 

— Cousin Lucy at play. J. P. n8.8 

— Cousin Lucy at study. J. P. 118.7 

— Cousin Lucy on the sea-shore. J. P. 118.6 

— Cousin Lucy's conversations. J. P, 118.5 

— Stories told to RoUo's cousin Lucy. 

J, P. 1 18.9 

Abercromby, Ralph. Weather. [International 

scientific series.] J. P. 1914.2 

Adams, William T. ^Oliver Optic.) Our 

standard-bearer : or, the life of U. S. Grant; as 

seen and related by Captain Bernard Galligas- 

ken, cosmopolitan. Illus. S. E. 170.14 

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a selection of his miscellaneous pieces. Phila., 

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stories and sketches. J. P. 326.20 

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a synoptical study of the science of the hand. 

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Allen, F. M. Through green glasses. Andy 

Merrigan's great discovery, and other Irish tales. 

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Reformation. Chn. 418.10; J. P. 1037.1 

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selections from his correspondence. Phila., 

1847. 2 V. Portrait. Chn. 1011.8 

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Randolph's last year at the Boston Latin school. 

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American military p cket atlas. London 
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facts and principles drawn chiefly from non- 
metals. Rox. 1723.22 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Lady Bur- 
ton's edition of her husband's Arabian nights. 
6 V. Rox. * 7452.1 

Argles, Margaret. The Duchess. By the 

author of " Phyllis," etc. Chn. 2172.21 

Dor. 3123.15; J. P. 617.16; Rox. 2626.15 

S. B. 238.68 ; S. E. 454-40 

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N. Y., 1840. 2 V. Chn. 2714.22 

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Viennese musical life. S. E. 546.13 

Arnold, Edwin. Lotus and jewel. [Poems.] 

Dor. 13.4 

Aryan, An, pseud. Early ideas. A group of 
Hindoo stories. S. E. 46.21 

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1570; collated with 2d ed., 1572. Eiiited by E. 
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top : the Gates twins. J. P. 1364 

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Dor. 3i2a.28 

Batch, Elizabeth. Zorah. A love-tale of mod- 
ern Egypt. Dor. 461.22; S. E. 546.3 

Baldwin, James. A story of the Golden age. 
•' S. E. 89.14 

Intended as an introduction to the reading of Homer. 

Ballantyne, Robert M. The fugitives ; or, the 

tyrant queen of Madagascar. Bri. 25.118 

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S. E. 617.17 




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— Pere Goriot. Rox. 2624.4 ; S. E. 481.39 
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— The story of Germany. [The story of 
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[etc.]. Roma, 1768. Plates. Chn. 1212.16 

Baylor, Frances C. Juan and Juanita. 

Dor. 486.49; J. P. 222.27; S. B. 13337 

Previously published in St. Nicholas, beginning Nov., 

Bayly, ^daE. (^Edna Lyall.') In the gold- 
en da vs. A novel. E. B. 253.16; S. E. 5093.39 

— We two. A novel. E. B. 253.17 
Bayly, George. Sea-life sixty years ago. 

S. B. 225.35 

Beard, Lina and Adelia B. How to amuse 
yourself and others. The American girl's handy 
book. Illus. S. B. 317-54; S. E. 145.23 

Becht, Julius. Fairy fingers. A collection of 
easy piano pieces. Dor. 521.32 

Beecher, Henry W. Beecher as a humorist. 
Selections from his works. Compiled by 
Eleanor Kirk [pseud, of Nellie Ames]. S.E.48.6 

Beehler, William H. The cruise of the Brook- 
lyn. A journal of the principal events of a 
three years' cruise in the U. S. flag-ship Brook- 
lyn, in the south Atlantic station. The cruises 
of the other ves.sels of the American squadron, 
from 18S1 to 1S84. Illus. Rox. 7360.10 

Beers, Henry A. An outline sketch of Amer- 
ican literature. Chn. 5319.22; Rox. 1938.23 

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places in Europe. Illus. S. B. 132.33 

Benger, Elizabeth O. Memoir of the life of 
Anne Boleyn. 2 y. Chn. 751.18 ; J. P. 1231.8 

Benning, Uovic, pseud. See Henry, Mary H. 

Benton, J. Rosalie. How to cook well. 

J. P. 2434.10 

Berard, Augusta B. History of the United 
States. Bri. 82.84 

— School history of England. Bri. 82.92 
Berghe, Osvaldo van den. The nun of the 

order of the Visitation, by name, Anne Madeleine 
de R^musat, of Marseilles, called the Second 
Margaret Mary of the Sacred heart. Dor. 178.41 

Berlitz, Max D. Methode Berlitz pour I'en- 
seignement des langues modernes. Partie fran- 
9aise, ler livre. S. E. 709.9 

Berlitz, Max D., and Dubois, Emil. Methode 
fur den deutschen Unterricht in den Berlitz'- 
schen Sprachschulen. 2 v. S. E. 700.3 

— Methode pour I'enseignement de la langue 
franijaise dans les ecoles Berlitz. 2 v. S. E. 709.8 

Bernard, John. Retrospections of America, 
1797-1811. Edited by Mrs. Bayle Bernard. 

Rox. 1033.18 

Most of the book is devoted to theatrical matters. Ber- 
nard was a comedian, and from 1S06-1S10 one of the mana- 
gers of the Federal-street theatre, Boston. 

Berrian, William. Travels in France and 
Italy, in 1817 and 1818. N. Y., 1821. Chn. 1031.4 

Besant, VValter. All sorts and conditions of 
men. Rox. 728.20 

Bevan, Philip. Songs of the War for the 
union, The mystic isle, etc. J. P. 1835.4 

Bibliotheca Americana ; or, a chronological 
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Chn, 5435-23 




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manners, and customs of the North American 
Indians. \^Al$o, On the religion of the Indian 
tribes of North America, by S. F. Jarvis ; Lan- 
guage of the Indians, by Peter S. Duponceau.] 
London, 1824. Chn. 751.19 

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tsar and the nihilist. Adventures and observa- 
tions in Norway, Sweden and Russia. Illus. 

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Bunker hill monument association. Proceed- 
ings at the annual meeting, June 17, 18S6, 87. 
Plate. Chn. 5225.14 

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Aryan race. S. E. 124.18 

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bought. A novel. Chn. 2172.6 

— We Von Arldens. S. B. 147.60 
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Journal of a voyage to Brazil, and residence there, 
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Herbert Massey in Eastern Africa. J. P. 233.23 

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daughter. A novel. Chn. 2182.4 ; Dor. 478.26 
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Carpenter, Esther B. South-county neigh- 
bors. [Stories.] Chn. 2172.17 ; Dor. 312a 18 

E, B. 253.7; J. P. 333.22; Rox. 2618.13 
S. B. 233.74 

The South county is Washington county, Rhode Island. 

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[Fiction.] Dor. 461.5 

Illustrative of Brazilian life. 

Carpenter, Harvey. The mother's and kinder- 
gartner's friend. Dor. 526.3a 

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1825-27. Bri. 65.71 

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trip of three college girls through the South and 
West. Illus. Bri. 68.74; Chn. 2314 22 

Dor. 454-8; E. B. 462.3; J. P. 1323.16 
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dred dollars, and other stories of New England 
life. J. P. 317.8 

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new world. Being voyages and explorations in 
Mexico and Central America from 1857-1882. 
Illus. Rox. 7121.19 

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the civil war. Illus. Bri. 82.79 

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Dor. 461-19 

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Boston, 1811;. Chn. 5835-1 

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With the collaboration of A. Gilman. [The 
story of the nations] Rox.637.16 

— With the King at Oxford. A tale of the 
great rebellion. Illus. S. B. 248.51 

Claims, The, of Japan and Malaysia upon 
Christendom, exhibited in notes of voyages 
made in 1837, from Canton, in the ship Morrison 
and brig Himmaleh. N. Y., 1839. ^ v. 

Chn. 834.1a 
Clark, Henry H. Boy life in the United States 
navv. Illus. Bri. 113.12a 

Ciark, Susie R. G. Yensie Walton. 

Dor. 483 14 

— Yensie Walton's womanhood. Dor. 483-13 




Clark, William M., editor. Model dialogijes. 

Kox. 1636.8 
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cordance to Shakespeare. J. P. R.R., A.8 
Clarke, Rebecca S. Drones' honey. 

Chn. 1846.4; 'E.B. 462.10 
Clinton, Sir Henry. Observations on some 
parts of the Answer of Earl Cornwallis to Sir 
Henry Clinton's narrative. London, 1783. 

Chn. 751-24 

Relates to the part Sir Henry Clinton took in the Ameri- 
can revolution. 

Coffin, Charles C. Building the nation. Illus. 
Bri. 86.74; Chn. 2666.18 

— Drum-beat of the nation. Bri. 86.75 

Chn. 2666.17; Dor. 496.19; E, B. 184.21 
J. P. 926.10; Box. 834.14; S. B. 155.55 
S. E. 247.12 
Colange, Leo de. The national gazetteer. A 
geographical dictionary of the United States. 
18S4. Chn. A.22.12 

Colvin, Sidney. Keats. [English men of let- 
ters.] Dor. 506.35; Box. 1233.2 
Comstock, John M. The civil service in the 
United States, from the reports of 1884. 

Bri. 105.103 
Cone, Helen G., and Gilder, Jeannette L., 
editors. Pen-portraits of literary women. 2 v. 
J. P. 1237.5 ; Box. 1227.20; S. E. 157.5 
Congressional record. 49th Congress, 2d ses- 
sion. Vol. 18 in 6 V. Box. 6931.2 
Conklin, Jennie ^i., formerly Mrs. Drinkzvater. 
Isobel's between times. Dor. 489.30 

— Rizpah's heritage. Dor. 55.5 
Converse, Frank H. The adventures of Tad. 

Dor. 483.8 

Conway, Moncure D. Pine and palm. A novel. 

[Leisure hour series.] Dor. 478.23 

Box. 2627.8; S.B. 234.70 

Cooke, George W. A history of the Clapboard 

trees; or. Third parish, Dedham, Mass., 1736- 

1886. Chn. 2744.16 

Cooley, James E. The American in Egypt, 

with rambles through Arabia Petraea and the 

Holy land, during 1839 and 1840. Illus. N. Y., 

1842. Chn. 1031.15 

Coolidge, Susan. /55e«<f. 5ecWoolsey, Sarah C- 

Coombs, Anne S. A game of chance. 

Dor. 461.15; S.E. 546.1 

Cooper, James Fenimore. A letter to his 

countrymen. N. Y., 1834. Chn. 543214 

Cooper, Sarah. Animal life in the sea and on 

the land. A zoology for young people. Illus. 

J. P. 1914.1 
Cox, Sir George W. Tales of ancient Greece. 

S. E. 89.13 

Cox, Palmer. The brownies : their book. Illus. 

Dor. 154.42; J. P. 112.1 

Cox, Samuel S. The Isles of the princes; or, 

the pleasures of Prinkipo. Illus. Chn. 2337.10 

Dor. 424.19 

Excursions in and around the Princes' islands in the Pro- 

Coxe, Tench. A view of the United States of 

America. Phila., 1794. Chn. 834.11 

Cracker Joe. [No name series.] Box. 2416.4 

Craddock. Charles Egbert, pseud. See Mur- 

free, Mary N. 

Craik, Dinah M. An unknown country. Illus. 

E. B. 231.14; J. p. 1432.1 ; Box. 211.2 

S. B. 341-44; S. E. 3598 

Descriptive sketches of the north of Ireland. 

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London, I S48-50. 4 V. Chn. 782.4 

Crawford, F. Marion. Marzio's crucifix. 

Bri. 44.127; Chn. 2172.27; Dor. 461.12 

E. B. 253.14; J. P. 331.22; Box. 2615.2 

S. B. 247.50; S. E. 59145 

— Paul PatofF. Bri. 26.130; Chn. 2182.6 

Dor. 461.29; E. B. 253.20; J. P. 331.29 

Box. 2615 7; S. B. 247.51; S. E. 591.46 

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travel story. Bri. 106.89; Chu. 2333.9 

Dor. 454-17; E. B. 251.46; J. P. 232.2 

Box. 212.19; S. B. 121.11 ; S. E. 650.39 

Cudworth, Angeline M. A memorial of W. 

H. Cudworth. Chn. 2883.24; E.B. 191.14 

Czeika, /5£u^. An operetta in profile. 

Dor. 3 1 2a. II 
Damer, Mary G. E. Dawson. Diary of a tour 
in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and the Holy land. 
London, 1842. 2 v. Chn. '2216.15 

Damon, Sophie M. Old New-England davs. 
Bri. 24.130; Dor. 483.9; J. P. 627.12 
S. B. 244.36 
Daniel, William B. Rural sports. London, 
1802. 3 v. Chn. 771 2 

Dante Alighieri. The new life. Trans. byC. 
E. Norton. Box. 5530.6 

Darling, Mary G. Gladys. [Round world se- 
ries.] Dor. 461-34; E. B. 256.25 ; S. B. 245.30 
Darwin, Charles R. Life and letters. 2 v. 

Box. 5336- II 
Daryl, Philippe, pseud. See Grousset, Pas- 

Daudet, Alphonse. Letters from my mill. 

Dor. 3 12a. 20 

Daunt, Achilles. Our sea-coast heroes ; or, 

stories of wreck and rescue by the lifeboat and 

rocket. Dor. 526.36 

Davis, Joshua. A narrative of Joshua Davis, 

an American citizen, who was pressed and served 

on board six ships of the British navy. Boston, 

1811. Chn. 733.31 

Davis, Minnie K. The Lollard : a story of the 

Wiclifites. Dor. 478.24 

The scene is laid in Enpjland in the fifteenth century, and 
has for its hero Sir Roger Effingham. 

Davis, S. M., nie Henry. Norway nights and 

Russian days. Box. 237.6; S. E. 372.14 

Dawes, Anna L. How we are governed : an 

explanation of the constitution and government 

of the United States. A book for young people. 

Bri. 104.97 

De Amicis, Edmondo. Studies of Paris. Trans. 

from the Italian by W. W. Cady. Chn. 2337.8 

Denon, Dominique Vivant, baron. Travels in 

upper and lower Egypt, during the campaigns of 

Bonaparte. N. Y.,1803. 2 v. Illus. Chn. 832.9 

Desbeaux, Emile. Mattie's secret. Dor. 486.48 

Diaz, Abbie M. Bybury to Beacon street. 

Chn. 2182.15; Dor. 526.35; Box. 1926.19 

S. B. 145-51 ; S. E. 450-24 

Dictionary of national biography. Vol. 12, 13. 

Conder-Damer. Edited by Leslie Stephen. 

Box. R.R., G. 5.8 
Doane, J. William. Bible myths. [Anon.'\ 

Chn. 5823 8 
" Doctor Frank," /.«?«</. A friend in need; a 
household guide in health and disease. 

J. P. 1922.18; S.E. 119.18 
Doudney, Sarah. Prudence Winterburn. 

Dor. 483-15 



Douglas, Amanda M. The fortunes of the 

Faradavs. Bri. 17.108; Chn. 2146.24 ; Dor. 461.27 

"E. B. 254.44 ; J. P. 331.25; Rox. 2615.4 

S. B. 246.59; S. E. 451- 18 

Douglas, Edith, pseud. See Burnham, Clara L. 

Dowd, Daniel L. Physical culture, for home 

and school. Illus. S. E. 117.22 

Drake, Francis S. Indian history for young 

folks. Illus, Bri. 86.76 

Drake, Samuel A. A book of New England 

legends and folk lore in prose and poetry. Illus. 

Bri. 106.88 
— The makingofNew England. Illus. Bri. 73.86 

— The making of the great West. Illus. 

Bri. 7384; Clin. 2883.20; Dor. 49529 
£. B. 188.24; J« V' gi6.2i ; Rox. 617.18 
S. B. 156.18; S, E. 235.14 
Duffy, Bella. Madame de Stael. [Famous 
women.] €lin. 2877.28; J. P. 1217.H 

Rox. 1036.23; S. E. 215.12 
Durand, Alice M., We Fleury. {Henry Gri- 
ville.) The princess Roubine. A Russian story. 
J. P. 537-22 ; S. B. 234.67 
Eddy, Mary B. G. Science and health, with 
key to the Scriptures. S. B. 312.46 

Eliot, William G. The story of Archer Al- 
exander, from slavery to freedom. Clm. 2157.27 
Ellis, Daniel. Thrilling adventures of Daniel 
Ellis. J. P. 916.19 

Ellis, Edward S. The camp in the mountains. 
Illus. Bri. 25.120; Chn. 616.32 ; Dor. 483.4 

E. B. 29.138; J. P. 125. 1 1 ; Rox. 1 132.5 
S. B. 134-25 ; S. E. 632.21 
Ely, Richard T. French and German socialism 
in modern times. J. P. 1617.8 

Eustace, John C. A classical tour through 
Italy. London, 1841. 3 v. Plans. Clin. 782.6 
Ewart, Henry C. Heroes and martyrs of 
science. Illus. Dor. 528.42 

Contents. — The discoverer of America ; Friar Bacon ; 
Galileo; Kepler; Newton; Papin; Cam panel la. 

Ewing, Juliana H., nde Gatty. Jackanapes. 
Daddy Darwin's dovecot. The story of a short 
life. Illus. J. P. 427.15 

Fairy legends of the French provinces. Trans, 
by Mrs. M. Carey. Rox. im.i 

Farmer, Lydia H. The girls' book of famous 
queens. Portraits. Dor. 503.22 ; S. B. 66.27 

S.E. 635-12 

Farrar, Frederic W. Everyday Christian life ; 
or, sermons by the way. Rox. 2116.10 

Fawcett, Edgar. The confessions of Claud. 
A romance. J, P. 331.23 

Feet, Joseph B. History of Ipswich, Essex, 
and Hamilton. Cambridge, 1834. Cbn. 922.9 

Fenn, G. Manville. The bag of diamonds. 

S. E, 580.25 

— The story of Antony Grace. Chn. 2182.18 

J. P. 627.13; S. E. 580.39 

— A terrible coward, and Son Philip. 

S. E. 580.37 
Ferguson, R. Henry. A service of the syna- 
gogue in the time of Jesus Christ. Dor. 523.5 
Finck, Henry T. Romantic love and personal 
beauty. Bri. 115125; S. E. 87.7 

Finley, Martha. Elsie's friends at Woodburn. 
Bri. 17.107; Chn. 545-26; Dor. 4832 
E. B. 461.9; J. P. 133-15 ; Rox. 1132.16 
S. B. 138.59; S. E. 652.55 
Fisk, Willbur. Travels in Europe. [1835, 
1S36.] With engrs. 4th ed. Illus. N. Y., 
1838. Chn. 1031.17 

Fleay, Frederick G. Guide to Chaucer and 
Spenser. [Collins* school and college classics.] 

Dor. 208.44 

Ford, Richard. The Spaniards and their 
country. N. Y., 1847. Chn. 82720 

Fox, Emily. {Toler King.) Off the rocks. 
A novel. S. B. 148.76 

France. Chambre des difulSs. Ddbats par- 
lementaires. Octobre 1884-juin 1886. 8 v. 

Rox. R. R. X. 3 

— Sinat. D^bats parlementaires. Octobre 
1884-Juin 1886. 5 v. Rox. R. R. X. 5 

Francois, Marie Luise von. The last von Reck- 
enburg. Trans, by J. M. Percival. J. P. 627.4 

Frederic, Harold. Seth's brother's wife. 

Dor. 445- 1 ; E. B. 253.15 ; S. B. 245.27 
S. E. 546.7 

Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, Markgrhfin 
von Baireuth. Autobiography. Memoirs of 
Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, princess royal of 
Prussia, margravine of Baireuth, sister of Fred- 
erick the Great. With essay by W. D. How- 
ells. 2 V. Rox. 1028.9 

— Memoirs of Wilhelmine, margravine of 
Baireuth. Trans, and edited by Princess Chris- 
tian of Schleswig Holstein. Rox. 5728.2 

French, Alice. {Octave Thanei.) Knitters in 
the sun. [Stories.] Bri, 24.131 ; Dor. 321a. ig 

S. B. 143-68 

Frost, Thomas. Half-hours with the early ex- 
plorers. Bri. 66.98 

Fuller, Thomas, D.D. The history of the 
worthies of England. New ed. By P. Austin 
Nuttall. London, 1840. Chn. 771.1 

FuUerton, Lady Georgiana C. L. G. Lady- 
bird. A tale. S. B. 285.53 

Furniss, William. The old world : or scenes 
and cities in foreign lands. N. Y., 1850. 

Chn. 1017.1a 

Ganot, Adolphe. Elementary treatise on 
physics. I2th ed. E. B. 381.33 

Gardiner, Bertha M., nie Cordery. The 
French revolution, 1789-1795. [Epochs of mod- 
ern history.] J. P. 1029.8 

Gardiner, Samuel R. English history. For 
schools. Bri. 82.88 

Garrett, Edward, pseud. See Mayo, I. F. 

General repository. The, and review. Vol. 
1-4. Cambridge (Alass.), 181 2, 13. Chn. 1011.9 

Genung, John F. The practical elements of 
rhetoric. Rox. 5836.27 

Gibson, John. Great waterfalls, cataracts, and 
geysers. Illus. Ch. 3717.9; S. B. 318.53 

— Monsters of the sea, legendary and authen- 
tic. Illus. J. P. 2027.1 

Gilchrist, Annie S. Harcourt; or, a soul 
illumined. Dor. 465-36 

Gilman, Arthur. A history of the American 
people. Bri. 82.82 

— The story of Rome, to the end of the repub- 
lic. [The story of the nations.] Rox. 637.14 

Gilman, Caroline. The poetry of travelling 
in the United States. N. Y., 1838. Chn. 733-28 

Gilmore, James R. John Sevier as a common- 
wealth-builder [in Tennessee]. Dor. 495-28 

Gilpin, William. Observations on several 
parts of England, particularly the mountains and 
lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland, made 
in 1772. 3ded. London, 1 80S. Plates. Cbn. 831.9 

— Observations on several parts of Great 
Britain, particularly the High-lands of Scotland. 
3d ed. London, 1808. 2 v. Plates. Chn. 831.7 




— Observations on several parts of the coun- 
ties of Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. 
Also on several parts of North Wales; made in 
1769 [and] 1773. London, 1809. Plates. 

Chn. 831.8 

— Observations on the coasts of Hampshire, 
Sussex, and Kent. Made in 1774. London, 
1804. Plates. Chll. 831.5 

— Observations on the river Wye, and several 
parts of South Wales, &c. 5th ed. London, 1800. 
Plates. Chu. 831-4 

— Observations on the western parts of Eng- 
land ; added, remarks on the picturesque beauties 
of the Isle of Wight. 2d ed. London, 1808. 
Plates. Chn. 831.10 

— Remarks on forest scenery. 3d ed. Lon- 
don, 1808. 2 v. Plates. (Jhn. 831.6 

Good housekeeping. A family journal. Vol. 
4. [18S7.] S.E. 685.1 

Goodwin, Ellen Christina, nie Hopkinson. 
After school days. A story for girls. J. P. 135.25 

Goodwin, Hannah B. Our party of four : a 
story of travel. S. E. 602.11 

Goulding, F. R. The young marooners on 
the Florida coast. Dor. 487.28 

Grant, James. Sketches in London. Illus. 
London, 1840. Chn. 771.3 

Grant, Robert. Face to face. E. B. 253 10 

— Jack Hall ; or, the school days of an Ameri- 
can boy. Bri. 24.134; Chn. 418.11 

Dor. 489.28; E. B. 462.11 ; J. P. 124.18. 
Rox. 1122.17; S. B. 114.68 ;S. E. 658.1 

Greene, Homer. Burnham Breaker. 

J. P. 124. 19 ; S. E. 625. 13 

Greenleaf, Jonathan. Sketches of the eccle- 
siastical history of Maine to [1821]. Ports- 
mouth, 1821. Chn. 733.25 

Greenough, William P. {G. de Montauban.) 
The cruise of a woman hater. J. P. 537.20 

Greenwell, Dora. Two friends. By the au- 
thor of "The patience of hope." S. B. 290.7 

Greey, Edward. A captive of love. Founded 
upon Bakin's Japanese romance Kumono tayema 
ama yo no tsuki (_The moon shining through a 
cloud-rift on a rainy night). Illus. Chn. 2182.7 

Gr6ville, Henry, pseud. See Durand, A. 

Grey, Maxwell. The silence of Dean Mait- 
land. A novel. Chn. 2172.25 

Griffis, William E. Matthew Calbraith Perry : 
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Memorandums, &c., &c., respecting the un- 
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A novel. J, P. 331.24 

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This story purports to have been told by Dante during his 

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last account of the present bloody wars carried 
on betwixt the infidels, natives, and the English 
Christians, and converted Indians of New-Eng- 
land. Chu. 752.17 
A reprint taken from Drake's "Old Indian chronicle." 

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2 V. [Leisure hour series.] Chn. 2172.18 
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Chn. No. I in 1033.36 
— Revolutionary incidents of Suffolk and 
Kings counties [N. Y.]. N. Y., 1S49. 

Clin. No. 2 in 1033.36 
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J. P. 1325.19 

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Revised by F. B6cher. Box. 2014.9 

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Chan and other stories. Dor. 461.30 

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Dutch : or, Borneo from South to North. [1S87.] 

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J. P. 1624.12 
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lection of the most interesting trials, prior to the 
revolution of 1688. London, 1826. 2 v. 

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the Union. Portraits. S. B. 158.60 

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Pietas et gratulatio CoUegii Cantabrigiensis 

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Chn. 931.8 
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Letters descriptive of western Massachusetts. 

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N. E. 110.15 

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Ricci. London, 1S29. 2 v. Chn. 751.16 

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heritance. S. E. 605.24 

Prize essays on a congress of nations, for the 
adjustment of international disputes, and the 
promotion of universal peace without resort to 
arms. Boston, 1S40. Chn. 811.13 

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for young folk. Illus. Dor. 154-43 

— The Rose of Paradise. [Fiction.] Illus. 

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— The wonder clock ; or, four & twenty mar- 
vellous tales. E. B. 29.14X 




Pyrard, Francois. Voyage to the East Indies, 
the Maldives, the Moluccas and Brazil. Vol. i. 
[Haklujt society.] Kox. 7294.13 

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Thompson, Mortimer M. 

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for schools. Rox. 617.20 

Quackenbos, John D. Illustrated history of 
ancient literature. S. E. 40.23 

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other stories. S. B. 145.49 

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famous deeds are recorded in the ancient chron- 
icles of Rabelais. Compiled by J. Dimitry. 
lUus. by Dor^ and Robida. Dor. 486.47 

Box. 1121.12; S. B. 13336 

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Hindu woman. Dor. 397.17; Box. 1930.5 

S. B. 172.18 

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ter at the life-saving station. J. P. 124.20 

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the American people. N. Y., 1S46. 

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life for the foreign missions. Dor. 461.36 

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Illus. Dor. 496.20 

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Modern ships of war. S. E. 143.9 

Reports of the United German evangelical 
Lutheran congregations in North America, spe- 
cially in Pennsylvania. Vol. i. Chn. 5226.24 

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Dor. 483.19; J.P, 113.9 

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Home letters from foreign lands. Box. 222.13 

Richardson, Samuel. The correspondence of 
Samuel Richardson. Prefixed, a biographical 
account of that author, by Anna L. Barbauld. 
London, 1804. 6 v. Chn. 782.7 

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ford. New Bedford, 1858. Chn. 2883.17 

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novel. By Mrs. J. H. Riddell. S. E. 505.28 

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authors. Dor. 503.23; J.P. 1118.13 

S. E. 153-15 

— Thackeray's London. Box. 225.7 

— Young folks' history of London. Illus. 

Bri. 82.85 
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prepared especially for schools. S. E. 243.12 

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loss of the American brig Commerce, wrecked 
on the western coast of Africa, 1815. Hartford, 
1S29. Chn. 1031.18 

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of Marblehead [Massachusetts]. BrI. 77.76 

Robertson, Margaret M. Eunice. By the au- 
thor of "Janet's love and service." J. P. 13317 
Robinson, Matthew, baron Rokeby. Consid- 
erations on the measures carrying on with re- 
spect to the British colonies in North-America. 
\_Ano>i.] 5th ed. Boston, 1774. Chn. 746.41 

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America. London, 1765. Chn. 751.14 

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manual of painting. Dor. 523.4 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Hunting trips of a 
ranchman. BrI. 116. 8g 

Roth, Edward. Christus judex. A traveller's 
tale. S. E. 549-28 

Raskin, John. Mornings in Florence. Simple 
studies of Christian art, for English travellers. 

Box. 6236.25 

— Val d'Arno : ten lectures on Tuscan art. 

Box. 6236.26 

Rutherford, Mark. The revolution in Tanner's 

lane. Dor. 461.7 

Saltus, Edgar E. Mr. Incoul's misadventure. 

A novel. J, P. 331.7 

Sanford, Ezekiel. A history of the United 

States before the Revolution. Phila., 1819. 

Chn. 1031.3 
Sanitary science club of the association of 
collegiate alumnie. Home sanitation. 

Box. 1726.20 
Savage, MinotJ. My creed. S. E. 98.26 

— Poems. S. B. 250.45 
Sayce, Archibald H. Lectures on the origin 

and growth of religion as illustrated by the 

religion of the ancient Babylonians. [Hibbert 

lectures, 1887.] Box. 7112.1a 

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Dor. 494.13 

Schurman, Jacob G. The ethical import of 

Darwinism. Box. 5827.3a 

Scientific American. Architects' and builders' 

edition. Vol. 3. Illus. Chn. 3621.3 

Scribner's magazine. Vol. 1. 1887. 

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Dor. 483.6 

— A history of the United States of America. 
For the use of schools and academies. Bri. 82.81 

— Men and letters. J. P. 1623.6 
Seybert commission for investigating modern 

spiritualism. Preliminary report of the com- 
mission. Dor. 523.6 

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beauties of Shakespeare. Edited by Clarence 
S. Ward. J. P. 1817.23 

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ton, 1826. Chn. 1021. la 

Shaw, Henry. Illuminated ornaments selected 
from manuscripts and early printed books. Lon- 
don, 1833. Chn. 1211.5 

Sheppard, Nathan. Shut up in Paris [1870]. 

S. E. 363.9 

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courts. Chn. 5319-19 ; J- B« "37.3 

Shillaber, Lydia. Mrs. Shillaber's cook-book. 
Dor. 526.31 ; J. P. 2434-" 

Short story, A, of the Antinomians, Familists 
and Libertines, that infected the churches of New- 
England. London, 1644. Chn. 74640 

John W'inthrop probably wrote most of this, aided pos- 
sibly by Thomas Welde. 

Sidney, Margaret, pseud. See Lothrop, Har- 
riet M. 

Simonds, Alvan. Memorial of Alvan Simonds, 
cashier of Mechanics bank of Boston. 

S. B. 162.35 




Smart, Hawley. From post to finish. A 

racing romance. Itox. 738.19 

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son. Bri. 31.120; Clin. 2148.23 ; Dor. 3123.21 

E. B. 256.22; J. P. 336.23; Rox. 2626.17 

S. B. 227.30; S. E. 492.10 

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naval heroes. Rox. 834.17' 

Sophocles. Pla>'s and fragments. With notes, 

and translation in English prose, by R. C. Jebb. 

Part 2. The CEdipus Coloneus. Rox. 6121.23 

Southey, Robert. Poetical works. 

J. P. 1824.11 
Southwick, Albert P. Quizzism; and its key. 

S. B. 4923 

Sparhawk, Frances C. Little Polly Blatch- 

ley. C'hn. 621.14; E. B. 461.10 

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an episode. S. E. 513-39 

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S. E. 486.38 

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A tale of life at sea. Bri. 25.119 ; Clin. 546.22 

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Rox. 1122.13; S. B. 123.48; S. E. 651.26 

— Stanley Grahame, boy and man. A tale of 
the dark continent. Dor. 489.21 

— Wild adventures round the Pole. 

Dor. 489.22 
Stanley, Henry M. The boy travellers on the 
Congo. Adventures of two youths in a journey 
with Henry M. Stanley "Through the dark con- 
tinent." By T. W. Knox. Illus. Condensed 
from Stanley's "Through the dark continent." 
Bri. 68.75; Cliu. 621.16; Dor. 454.9 
E. B. 462.5; J. P. 1432.17; Rox. 212.16 
S. B. 132.34; S. E. 650.29 
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History of woman suffrage. Vol. 3. Rox. 1932.10 
Stanton, Henry B. Random recollections. 

Clin. 5319.18; Rox. 1016.16; S. B. 175.8 
Stedman, Edmund C. Victorian poets. Ex- 
tended to the fiftieth year of the period under 
review. Rox. 7135.8 

Steele, George M. Outline study of political 
economy. S. B. 314.42 

Stephens, Charles A. The Knockabout club 
alongshore. Rox. 214.12 

Sterne, Simon. Constitutional history and 
political development of the United States. 

S. B. 157.44 

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bicycle. Vol. i. Illus. From San Francisco to 

Teheran. Rox. 222.12 

Stevenson, Edward I. White cockades. 

Bri. 24.133; Chn. 2172.19; Dor. 3123.13 

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Dor. 115.21; S. E. 55.8 

Stinde, Julius E. W. The Buchholz family. 

Part 2. 

— Die Familie Buchholz. Chn. 5925.19 

Rox. 2023.3 

— Frau Wilhelmine. Clin. 2182.13 

Rox. 2614.16.3; S. E. 486.30 

Stockton, Frank R. The Bee-man of Orn and 

other fanciful tales. Bri. 25.115 ; Chn. 2172.8 

Dor. 465 38; E. B. 256.18; J. P. 331.8 

Box. 2618.12; S. B. 244.32; S. £. 497.20 

— The hundreth man. Bri, 45. 130 

Chn. 2172.23; Dor. 461.8; E. B. 253.11 

J. P. 331-17; Box. 2623.18; S. B. 146.52 

S. E. 497.24 

— Ting-a-lin<r. S. B. 128.48 
Stoddard, William O. Andrew Jackson and 

Martin Van Buren. E, B. 216.23; •!• P» 1118.4 

— George Washington. E. B. 216.24 

— James Madison, James Monroe, John 
Quincy Adams. Chn. 2883.23 ; E. B. 216.26 

— John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. 

E. B. 216.25 

— Ulysses S. Grant. Portrait. E. B. 216.27 
These all belong to the Lives of the presidents series. 

Stone, William L. Uncas and Miantonomoh : 
a historical discourse. N.Y., 1842. Chll, 738.14 
Story, The, of the Spanish armada. Illus. 

Bri. 73.85 
Street, J. C. The hidden way across the 
threshold. Rox. 2122.1 

Stretton, Hesba, fseud. See Smith, Hannah. 
Strong, Josiah. Our country: its possible 
future and its present crisis. Chn. 5319.21 

Sturgis, Julian R. Thraldom. Dor. 461.18 

S. E. 599a.4i 

Sullivan, William. Familiar letters on public 

characters, and public events; from 17S3, to 

1815. [Anon.'] Boston, 1834. Chn. 833.15 

Swinburne, Algernon C. Locrine. A tragedy. 

J. P. 1824.12 

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[Vol. 6, 7.] The Catholic reaction. Rox. 5521.11 

Talbot, Charles R. A midshipman at large. 

Dor. 489.23 ; E. B. 253.3; Box. 1114.19 

S. B. 127.42 

Tayler, Frederick. Studies in animal painting. 

J. P. 2314.3 
Taylor, U. Ashworth. The city of Sarras. 
[Leisure hour series.] Chll. 2182. i ; Rox. 2627.9 
Thackeray, William M. A collection of let- 
ters of Thackeray. Bri. 106.87 ; Dor. 274.14 
J. P. 1621.3; Rox. 7122.9; S. B. 31.16 
8. E. 200. 12 
Thalheimer, Mary E. The eclectic history of 
the United States. Bri. 82.87 ; S. B. 157.48 
Thanet, Octave, pseud. See French, Alice. 
Thiers, Louis Adolphe. Histoire de la revo- 
lution frangaise. Bruxelles, 1834. Plates. Maps. 
6 V. Chn. 1042.4 

— Histoire du consulat et de I'empire. Tome 
i-ii. Paris, 1845-51. Clui. 1042.3 

Vol. II ends with April, iSio. Vol. 12-20 and Atlas are 

Thompson, Albert H. The teacher's exam- 
iner, giving a review of the common and high 
school studies, in a series of questions and an- 
swers. Rox. 1735-10 

Thompson, Mortimer M. {^. K. Philander 
Doesticks, P. B.) Nothing to say. N. Y., 1857. 

Chn. 1517-14 

Thomson, David. Handy book of the flower- 
garden. S. E. 122.20 

Thoreau, Henry D. Winter: from [his] jour- 
nal, ed. by H. G. O.Blake. Rox. 1013.19 

S. E. 123.26 

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Turkey. London, 1809. 2 v. Chn. 782.9 

Timkowski, George. Travels of the Russian 
mission through Mongolia to China, and resi- 
dence in Peking, 1820-1821. London, 1S27. 2 v. 

Chll. 2333.4 




"fip Cat. By the author of " Miss Toosey's 
mission." £. B. 462.6 

Tissington, Silvester. A collection of epi- 
taphs and inscriptions. London, 1S57. 

Clin. 751.21 
Tolstoi, Leon N. Childhood, boyhood, youth. 

('Iin. 2172. 1 1 

— In pursuit of happiness. Clm. 2148.24 

Rox. 26 1 8. 1 1 

— The invaders and other stories. 

Chn. 2172.12; Dor. 465.42; S. E. 482.34 

— My religion. J. P. 2033.21 

— A Russian proprietor and other stories. 

J. P. 627.10; S. E. 482.27 

— Sebastopol. Dor. 3123.26 

— War and peace. 6 v. Dor. 478.22 

— What to do.? Thoughts evoked by the cen- 
sus of Moscow. E. B. 206.27 

Topham, Edward. Edinburgh life 100 years 

ago. Eox. 5438.10 

Tourgde, Albion W. Button's Inn. A story 

of Mormonism in the first half of the century. 

Bri. 113. 120; Chn. 2172.7; Dor. 471.44 

£. B. 253.2; J. P. 331.6; Rox. 2626.11 

S. B. 277.51 ; S. E. 558.20 

Towle, George M. Young people's historv of 

England. Bri. 82.86 ; Rox. 626.1 

TroUope, Anthony. The vicar of Bulihamp- 

ton. Dor. 131-55 

Trotter, Ada M. Bledisloe; or, aunt Pen's 

American nieces. An international story. 

Dor, 461.23; J. P. 331.21 ; Rox. 2615.6 
Trotter, Alexander. Observations on the fi- 
nancial position and credit of such of the States 
of the North American union as have con- 
tracted public debts. 1839. Chn. 1021.20 
Trowbridge, John T. Peter Budstone, the boy 
who was hazed. Bri. 42.116 ; Chn. 416.24 
Dor. 4835; E. B. 29.139; J. P. 126.5 
Rox. 1132.19; S. B. 115.40; S. E. 629b. 8 
True stories of Americnn wars. Bri. 113. 121 
Chn. 431-4; Dor. 489.19; E. B. 461. 11 
J. P. 916.20; Rox, 1124.16; S. B. 159-51 
S. E. 633.26 
Trumbull, Benjamin. A complete history of 
Connecticut from 1630 to 1764. New Haven, 
1818. 2 V. Chn. 1023.12 
Turner, Joseph W. Novel musical grammar. 

E. B. 169,27 
Turner, Ross. On the use of water colors for 
beginners. Rox. 6210.25 

Twining, Thomas. Recreations and studies 
of a country clergyman of the eighteenth cen- 
tury. Rox. 7126.2 
Tyler, Moses C. Patrick Henry. [American 
statesmen.] Bri. 53.130'; Chn. 2878.15 
Dor. 507.42; E. B. 199.30; J. P. 1136.22 
Box. 5238.10; S. B. 169.64; S. E, 171.5 
Tyng, Stephen H. Recollections of England. 
London, 1S47. Chn, 1017.11 
United States. Interior department. Offi- 
cial register of the United States, on the first of 
July, 1879, 1881, 1883, 1885. 8 V. Chn. 6015.2 

S. B. 203.10 

— Naval observatory. Observations made 
during 1883. Chn. 3821.2 

Upham, Thomas C. Abridgment of mental 
philosophy. S. B. 314-43 

Verne, Jules. The great explorers of the 
nineteenth century. Dor. 454.15 

— The great navigators of the eighteenth cen- 
tury. Dor. 454*16 

Views in Edinburgh and its vicinitv: drawn 
and engraved by J. & H. S. Storer. Edinburgh, 
18-0- 2 v. • Chn. 812.3 

Vogvife, EugfeneM., f/coOT/ede. The Russian 
novelists. Chn, 5319.23 

Co«/ir«/.«, — Epochs In Russian literature; Romantici-sni, 
Pushkin iind poetry; The evolution of rciilism in Russia, 
Gotrol ; Turgenef; The riligion of endurance, Dostoyevski; 
Nihilism and mysticism, Tolstoi. 

W., C. H. 5^c Chaplin, Heman W. 
Wakefield, Edward G. England and America. 
A comparison of the social and political state 
of both nations. [Anon.} N. Y., 1834. 

Chn, 1031.7 
Walker, Gertrude, and Jenks, Harriet S.,com- 
pliers. Song and games for little ones. 

S. B. 311.33 
Walworth, Jeannette R. Southern silhouettes. 
Dor. 461.9; J. P. 627.8; Rox. 1935.22 
Ward, ^/V Henry G. Mexico. London, 1829. 
2 V. Chn. 782.2 

Ward, Nathaniel. The simple cobler of Ag- 
gawam in America. By Theodore de la Guard 
Ipseied.']. London, 1647. Chn. 746.39 

Ward, William. A view of the history, liter- 
ature and religion of the Hindoos. London, 
1S17. 2 V. Chn. 782.8 

Warner, Anna B. Cross Corners. 

Dor. 489 32; J. P. 331-14; S. B. 145-50 
Warner, Theodore D. Madalena ; or, the 
maid's mischief. A drama. Rox. 1634.5 

Wason, H. L. Letters from Colorado. 
[Poems.] J. P. 1825.23; S. E, 56-28 

Webster, Noah. Letters to a young gentle- 
man commencing his education: subjoined a 
brief history of the United States. New-Haven, 
1823. Chn. 1021.18 

Wells, Kate Gannett. Miss Curtis. Bri. 24.136 
Chn. 2182.3; Dor. 461.26; E. B. 253.19 
J. P. 331-26; Rox, 2615.3; S, B, 126.42 
S. E. 546-23 
Westburg, Hugh. Frederick Hazzleden. A 
novel. J. P, 627.3 

What shall we talk about.'' or things that every 
one ought to know. Rox. 1727.10 

Conversation on natural history and physics. 

Whipple, Edwin P. Recollections of eminent 
men, with other papers. E. B, 191-13 

White, Emerson E. The elements of peda- 
gogy. E. B, 386.36; S. B, 313-43 

Whitney, Adeline D. T. Bird-talk. [Poems.] 

J, P. 1833.5 

Wilberforce, Albert Basil O., canon. The trin- 
ity of evil. Infidelity; impurity; intemperance. 

Rox. 2116.9 

Wilkins, Mary E. A humble romance, and 
other stories. Dor. 3123.22 

Wilkinson, William C. Clas.«ic German 
course in English. Rox. 1913.20 

Williams, Catherine, n?e Arnold. The neu- 
tral French ; or the exiles of Nova Scotia. 
Providence, 1841. Chn. 837.21 

Williams, George F. Bullet and shell. War 
as the soldier saw it. Illus. S. E, 247.15 

Williams, Robert F. Memoirs of Sophia 
Dorothea, consort of George I. ^Anon.] Lon- 
don. 1S45. 2 V. Chn, 771.4 

Wilson, Augusta ].,nee Evans. At the mercy 

of Tiberius. Chn. 2146.23; Dor. 461.10 

E. B. 253.12; J, P. 331-18; Box. 2626.16 

S. B. 146.32 ; !!>. E. 497-6 




Wilson, James C, and Fiske, John, editors. 
Appleton's cjclopjedia of American biography. 
Vol. 1-3. Illus. Portraits. Rox. R.R., I.2.5 

Contents. — :-3. Aaron-Lockwood. 

Wilson, James H. China: travels and investi- 
gations in the " Middle kingdom." Dor. 424.20 
Winchell, Alexander. Sparks from a geolo- 
gists hammer. S. E. 130.10 
Winslow, Catherine M., nie Reignolds. Yes- 
terdays with actors. Bri. 106.85 ; Chii. 2883.21 
Our bird allies. 

J. P. 2017.4 

Love and theology. A 

Dor. 461. 1 ; Kox. 2625.19 


Wood, Theodore. 

Woolley, Celia P. 

Woolsey, Sarah C. (Susau Coolid<re.) 
short history of Philadelphia, to [18S6J. 

Rox. 617.21 

Wright, Hezekiah H. Desultory reminis- 
cences of a tour through Germany, Switzerland, 
and France. \^Anon.'\ IBoston, 1838. Cllll. 1031.6 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Cameos from English 
history. Series 1-6. 6 v. Bri. 82.90 

— The herb of the field. Reprinted from 
"Chapters on flowers" in the Magazine for the 
young. S. E. 122.29 

— Under the storm; or, Steadfast's charge. 
Illus. Dor. 46535 ; S. B. 247.66 

The scene is laid in Eng-land during the time of the con- 
test between Charles I. and the parliament. 

Young, Alexander. Young folks' history of 
the Netherlands. Dor. 494.15 

Zogbamu, Rufus F. Horse, foot, and dragoons. 
Sketches of army life at home and abroad. 

Bri. 106.86; Clin. 5433.22; Dor. 496.21 
E. B. 231.13 ; J. P, 1621.2 ; S. B. 172.17 

Index of Articles upon American Local History, 

(^Continued from Bulletin No. 75.) 

It was primarily intended to index for this list only serial historical publications. In accordance 
with a later decision many state and county histories, in which the town or county history is 
separately treated, are included. Drake's Middlesex County, and Egle's History of Pennsylvania, are 
prominent examples of this class of publications. The local histories are there written by specialists. 

The full titles of the works here indexed, with their shelf-numbers, 
are given in Bulletin No. 65, page 330, and in Bulletin No. 67, page 88. 

Oak, Minn. History. 

Miss. Upper vail. hist. 443. 
Oakfield, Mich. History. 

Dillenback. Kent co. 73. 
Oak Grove, Minn. History. 

Miss. Upper vail. hist. 285. 
Oakham, Mass. History. 

Whitney. Wore. co. 248. 

— History. J. B. Fairbank. 

Wore. CO. hist. 2 : 157. 
Oakland, Minn. History. Freeborn co. hist. 512. 
Oakland, Penn. Annals. 

Blackman. Susquehanna co. 100. 

Oakland county, Mich. Early history. O. Pop- 

pleton. Mich. pion. coll. 7 : 556. 

— History of. T. J. Drake. 

Mich. pion. coll. 3 : 559. 
Oakwood, Minn. History. 

Miss. Upper valley hist. 624. 
O'Bannon, Ky. History. 

Ohio Falls cities, 2 : 50. 
Ocean county, N.J. Origin and significance of 
geographical names in. E. Salter. 

N.J. hist. soc. proc. 2d ser. 4: iS. 
Oceana county, Mich. Pioneer life in. H. 
Tower. Mich. pion. coll. 8 : 224. 

Oconto county, Wise. History. 

Wise. hist. atl. 228. 
Ogden, N.J. Pioneer history. 

Turner. Phelps & Gorham, 508. 


Ogdensburg, N.Y. The attack on. Feb. 22, 
1813. Dawson, 2 : 203. 

— Papers relating to the early settlement at. 

1749. N. Y. doc. hist, i : 275. 

— The repulse at. Oct. 4, 1812. 

Dawson, 2 : 137. 
Oglethorpe county, Ga. History. 

White. Hist. coll. 579. 

Ohio. Antiquities. Ancient rock inscriptions in 

Ohio. W.R. hist. soc. tract no. 11. 

Ancient village architecture. Indian and 

mound builders' villages. S. D. Peet. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) 5 : 39. 

Flint implements found in. M. C. Read. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) i : 98. 

Preglacial man in. G. F. Wright. 

Ohio archicol. and hist. q. i : 257. 
The relation of the glacial period to archae- 
ology in Ohio. G. F. Wright. 

Ohio archreol. and hist. q. i : 174. 

Relics of aboriginal art. 

W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 52. 
See also Ohio. Mounds. 

— Art and artists in. F. C. Sessions. 

Mag. of west. hist. 4: i';2 to 4: 485. 

— Assembly. Recollections of the 47th General 

Assembly of Ohio, 1847-48. A. G. Riddle. 
Mag. of west. hist. 6: 341, 623. 

— Banks. The State bank of. J. J. Janney. 
Mag. of west. hist. 2 : 156. 







• Bench and bar of. 

Mag. of west. hist. 4 : 822 to 6 ; 

• Bibliography. Literary periodicals of 

Ohio valley. W. H. Venable. 

Ohio archreol. and hist. q. i : 201. 

■ Bibliography of the earthworks of C. 

Thomas. Ohio archaeol. and hist. q. i 

• Biography. Our territorial statesmen. 

Smucker. Mag. of west. hist. 

• - Personnel of the first geological survey of. 

C. Whittlesey. Mag. of west. hist. 2 : 73. 

• Boundary. The Michigan and Ohio boundary 

question. W. Duane. Am. hist. rec. 1 : 154. 

■ Canals. Governor Clinton and the Ohio 

canal. G. B. Merwin. 

Early settlers' assoc. of Cuyahoga co. 
Annals, no. 6 : 37. 

• Constitution. Constitutional convention, 1802. 

Hist. mag. 2d ser. 6 : 8. 

■ - First constitution of Journal of conven- 

tion, 1S02. Hist. mag. 2d ser. 6: 8. 

• Description, exploration. C^loron's expedition 

down the Allegheny and Ohio rivers in 1749. 
A. A. Lambing. Hist. res. in West. Penn. i : 7. 

■ - Celeron's journal. 

Cath. hist. res. 2:61; 2: 132. 

• - Celoron's voyage down the Allegheny. 

T. J. Chapman. Mag. of west. hist. 5 : 462. 
-Celoron's expedition in 1749. O. H.Mar- 
shall. Mag. of Am. hist. 2 : 129. 

• - Diary of E. Beatty, paymaster of the West- 

ern army, May 15, 1786, to June 5, 1787. 
Mag. of Am. hist, i : 175, 235, 309, 380, 432. 

■ - Early maps. C C. Baldwin. 

W. R. hist. soc. tr. no. 25. 

• - History of a voyage on the Ohio and Missis- 

sippi rivers, 1805. S. P. Hildreth. 

Am. pion. i : 89, 128. 

-Journal of Conrad Weiser in his journey to. 

1748. Penn. hist. soc. coll. i : 23. 

• - Map and description of Northeastern Ohio, 

by John Heckewelder, in 1796. 
Mag. of west. hist, i : 109; W.R. hist. soc. 

tr. no. 64. 

- New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio, in 
1787-8. M. Cutler. 

N.J. hist. soc. proc. new ser. 3 : 73. 

- The Northern posts. T. J. Chapman. 

Mag. of west. hist. 3 : 587. 

- Ohio surveys. C Whittlesey. 

W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 59. 

Ecclesiastical affairs. Congregationalism in 

Ohio. J. C. Hart. Cong. q. 5 : 248. 

- Footprints of Puritanism. H. Rice. 

Mag. of west. hist. 2 : 88. 

- List of the presbyterian and congregational 
ministers of the Western Reserve, Northern 
Ohio. A.K.Clark. Am. quart, reg. 8 ; 219. 

Education. Early education in. J. Cohen. 

Mag. of west. hist. 3 : 217. 

• - Origin of the Ohio school system. M. D. 

Leggett. Mag. of west. hist. 7: 241. 

French and Indian -war. Bouquet's expedi- 
tion. Hazard reg. 10: loi. 

-French movements in 1753. T. J. Chap- 
man. Mag. of west. hist. 2 : 369. 

-Journal of C Gist, who accompanied Wash- 
ington in 1753. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. 3d ser. 5 : loi. 

Geographical history of C. C. Baldwin. 
Mag. of west. hist. 1 : 16; W.R. hist. soc. tr. 

no. 63. 

Geology. The glacial boundary in. G. F. 

Wright. W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 60. 

History of. C. W, Butterfield. 

Mag. of west. hist. 4 : 725 to 7 : 125. 
History. Centennial historical address. A. B. 

Skellenger. Fire L. pion. 12 : 30. 

- Discourse. J. H. Perkins. 

Ohio hist, and philos. soc. trans, pt. 2: 268. 

- A glance at Ohio's first century. A. A. 
Graham. Early settlers' assoc. of 

Cuyahoga co. Annals, no. 7 : 62. 

- Ohio in history. J. Q. Howard. 

Mag. of west. hist. 4: 481. 

- Ohio fifty years ago. [1837-8.] L Smucker. 

Mag. of west. hist. 7 : 140. 

- The state of Ohio. The sources of her 
strength. W. R. hist. soc. tr. no. 56. 

- When did Ohio become a state ? \. Smucker. 

Mag. of west. hist, i : 308. 

-When did Ohio become a state.' J. Q; 

Howard. Mag. of Am. hist. 17: 135. 

- When did Ohio become a state.' W. Wad- 
dle, jr. Mag. of Am. hist. 17 : 425. 

Indian occupation of A. Mathews. 

Mag. of west. hist, i : 41. 
Indian war in. A. Mathews. 

Mag. of west. hist, i : 193, 312. 

Indians. The defeat of Gen. St. Clair. Nov. 

4. 1791. Dawson, 2: 7. 

- Defeat of Gen. St. Clair in 1791. C. R. 
Oilman N.Y. hist. soc. proc. 1847 '• 34- 

- The Delaware Indians in. S. D. Peet. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) 2 : 132. 

- Discourse on the aborigines of the valley 
of the Ohio. W. H. Harrison. 

Ohio hist, and philos. soc. trans, pt. 2 : 217. 

• - Early Indian migration in. C C. Baldwin. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) i : 227; W.R. hist. 

soc. tr. no. 47 ; Mag. of Am. hist. 5 : 395. 

■ - Girt}'. The white Indian. A study in early 

western history. G. W. Ranck. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 15 : 256. 

- Inquiry into the identity and history of the 
Shawnee Indians. C C. Royce. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) 3 : 177. 

- Iroquois in. C. C. Baldwin. 

W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 40. 

-Journal of amission to the Indians in. 1773. 

Hist. mag. 2d ser. 7 : 103. 

-Journal of a treaty held in 1793, with the 

Indian tribes northwest of the Ohio. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. 3d ser. 5: 109. 
-Journal of Col. Croghan's transactions with 
the Western Indians. 1765. 

N.Y. col. docs. 7 : 779. 

- Narrative of an embassy to the Western 
Indians, from the original manuscript oi 
Hendrick Aupaumut. 1791. 

Penn. hist. soc. mems. 2, pt. 1 : 61. 
Judges of the supreme court, 1S03-52. A. 
T. Goodman. W.R. hist. soc. tract no. 2. 
Land. Connecticut land company. History 
of the original titles of the lands in that 
part of Ohio commonly called the Connect- 
icut western reserve- }. Perkins. 

Mahoning vail. hist. soc. coll. 1 : 142. 

- Indian titles extinguished. J. Perkins. 

Mahoning vail. hist. soc. coll. i : 134. 

- Organization of the Ohio land company. 
A. Mathews. Mag. of west, hist i : 32. 

- Origin of land titles in. J. Sherman. 

Fire L. pion. i, no. 2 : 5. 




• Surveys of the public lands in. C. Whittle- 
sey. W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 6i. 

— Military affairs. Services of the Ohio com- 

pany in defending the United States frontier 
from invasion. W. P. Cutler. 

Ohio archaeol. and hist. q. i : 283. 

— Military history. F. Sawyer and others. 

Fire L. pion. 12: 77. 

^ Moravian congregations in. J. Blickensderfer. 

Moravian hist. soc. tr. i : 154. 

— The Moravian missions. E. Lane. 

Fire L. pion. 3 : 54. 

— Mounds. The ancient Ohio mounds. F. W. 

Putnam. Mag. of west. hist. 7 : 275. 
Discourse upon the mounds and mound- 
builders. C.Whittlesey. Fire L. pion. 7 : 11. 

Earthworks in. F. W. Putnam. 

Am. antiq. soc. proc. new ser. 3: 4. 

Iron from the Ohio mounds. F. W. Putnam. 

Am. antiq. soc. proc. new ser. 2 : 349. 

The mound builders. J. E. Stevenson. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) 2 : 89, 185. 

The mound builders. E. B. Finley. 

Mag. of west. hist. 5 : 439. 

Mounds in. S. Park. 

Licking co. pion. assoc. pph. no. 6. 

— Names. Indian geographical names [of 

eastern Ohio]. R. Errett. 

Mag. of west. hist. 2: 51. 

— Revolution. Crawford's campaign. 1782. 

N. N. Hill, jr. Mag. of west. hist. 2 : 19. 

— Settlement. Celebration of the 86th anniver- 

sary of the settlement of Ohio, Apr. 7, 1874. 
Cinn. pion. no. 3. 

— -Die erste Niederlassungen in. 

Deutscher Pion. i : 65, 102, 135. 

The first pioneers. I. Smucker. 

Mag. of west. hist. 2 : 322. 
First settlement of the Virginia military dis- 
trict. Amer. pion. i : 71. 

Fragment of the early history. Address at 

Marietta on the 48th anniv. (9th Apr. 1836) 

of the first settlement of the state. A. Nye. 

Ohio hist, and philos. soc. trans, pt. 2 : 306. 

Minute of the taking possession of the Ohio 

river and its tributaries. 1749. 

Penn. archives, 2d ser. 6: 63. 

Papers relating to the first white settlers in 

Ohio. W.R. hist. soc. tract no. 6. 

Pioneer days in central Ohio. H. B. Curtis. 

Ohio archaeol. and hist. q. i : 243. 

Pioneer life on the Western reserve. J. H. 

Kennedy. Mag. of Am. hist. 16: <;26. 

— War 0/1812-13. The battle of the Peninsula, 

Sept. 29, i8i2. A. G. Riddle. 

Mag. of west. hist, i : 398. 

The battle of the Peninsula, Sept. 29, 1812. 

C. Whittlesey. Mag. of west. hist. 7: 322. 

Gen. Wadsworth's division. C. Whittlesey. 

W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 51. 

— The whipping-post in Ohio. H. Barnes. 

Mag. of west. hist. 2 : 192. 
Ohio, N.Y. History, Benton. Herkimer co. 453. 

— History. Herkimer co. hist. 235. 
Ohio county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2 : 665. 
Ohio county, Va. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Va. 407. 
Ohio county, W. Va. History. 

Newton, Pan-handle, 94. 

— Organization of. G. S. M'Kiernan. 

Amer. pion. 2 : 394. 

Ohio river. Did La Salle descend the Allegheny 

and Ohio rivers in 1669-70.'' A. A. Lambing. 

Hist. res. in West. Penn. i : 137. 

— Discovery by La Salle, 1669-70. C. Whittle- 

sey. W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 38. 

— The discovery of the. S. D. Peet. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) i : 21. 

— Discovery of the, bj' La Salle, 1669-70. C. 

Whittlesey. ' Mag. of west. hist, i : 3. 

Ohio valley. Aborigines of the. W.H.Harrison. 

Ohio hist, and philos. soc. tr. pt. 2 : 217; 

Fergus hist. ser. no. 26. 

— Early settlement of the. Letters. 1784-1793. 

L. Butler. Mag. of Am. hist, i : 40, 112. 

— Some early travelers and annalists of the. 

W. H.Venable. 

Ohio archaeol. and hist. q. i : 230. 
Oklahoma, Indian territory. [Description.] W. 
F. Gordon. Southern bivouac, n. s. 2 : 148. 
Old Forge township, Penn. History. 

Lackawanna co. hist. 489. 
Oldham county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2 : 667. 
Old Lyme, Conn. History. 

New London co. hist. ^43. 
Old Saybrook, Conn. History. W. B. TuUy. 

Middlesex co. hist. 442. 

Old Town, 111. Old settlers. Duis. McLean co. 738. 

Oldtown, Me. History. Penobscot co. hist. 454. 

Old Town lake. Identification of De Soto's 

burial-place. L. J. Du Pre. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) 3 : 290, 
Oley, Penn. History. Rupp. Berks & L. cos. 230, 

— Moravian church in. Members. 1753. W, 

C. Reichel. Moravian hist. soc. tr. i : 399 
Olyphant, Penn. History. 

Lackawanna co. hist. 470 
Omaha. The Gentile system of the Omahas 
J. O. Dorsey. Am. antiq. 5 : 312 

Oneida, N.Y. Dr. Belknap's tour to. 1796. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 19: 393 
Oneida, Penn. History. 

Africa. Huntington & Blair cos. 328 

Oneida county, N.Y. Discovery of water lime 

S. Earl. Oneida hist. soc. trans. 1880: 125 

— Earliest factories of. M. M. Bagg. 

Oneida hist. soc. trans. 18S0: 112 

— Early history. Address, Jan. 13, 18S0. W, 

Tracy. Oneida hist. soc. publ. no. 5 

— History. Barber. Hist. coll. of N.Y. 226 

— The homes of the Oneidas. W. M. Beau 

champ. Mag. of Am. hist. 14: 387 

— Johannis Rueff, a pioneer of. F. H. Roof. 

Oneida hist. soc. trans. 18S1 : 96 

— Notices of men and events connected with 

the early history of. W. Tracy. 

Hist. mag. 2d ser. 10: 81 

— The oldest orchard in. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 13 : 593 

— Papers relating to the Oneida country. 1756 

57. N.Y. doc. hist, i : 327 

Onondaga, N.Y. The Cammerhoflf ti'ouble at 

1752. Moravian hist. soc. tr. 2 : 325 

— Colonel Romer's account of his visit to. 1700. 

N.Y. col. docs. 4 : 798, 

— Conference with the Five Nations at. 1713- 

N.Y. col. docs. 5 : 372 

— History. Clark. Onondaga co. 2 : 108 

— Journal of Maj. Dirck Wessel's embassy to 

1693. N.Y. col. docs. 4: 59, 

— Journal of Messrs. Bleeker and Schuyler's 

visit to. 1701. N.Y. col. docs. 4: 889. 



— Journal of Messrs. Hansen and Van Brugh's 

visit to. 1700. N.Y. col. docs. 4: 802 

— Narrative of a journey to, in 1737. C Weiser 

Penn. hist. soc. coll. i : 6 

— Notes of travel to, in 1745. A. G. Spangen 

berg. Penn. mag. of hist. 2 : 424; 3 : 56 

— Papers relating to the first settlement at 

1654-S. N.Y. doc. hist, i : 27 

— Proceedings of G. Johnson with the Indians 

at. 1762. N.Y. col. docs. 7 : 511 

— Report of journey to. 1700. R. Livingston 

N.Y. c6l. docs. 4: 648 

— Report of Messrs. Bleeker and Schuyler's 

visit to. 1701. N.Y. col. docs. 4: 917 

Onondaga country, N.Y. Champlain in the 
Onondaga valley. O. H. Marshall. 

N.Y. hist. soc. proc. 1849 • 9^ 

— Champlain's expedition against the Onon' 

dagas in 1615. O. H. Marshall. 

Mag. of Am. hist, i : i 

— Champlain's expedition. 1615. 

Mag. of Am. hist, i : 561, 571 ; 2 : 470 

— French invasions. G. Geddes. 

Mag. of Am. hist, i : 521 

— Journal of march from Fort Schuyler against 

the Onondagas. 1779. T. Mackin. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 3: 688 

— Papers relating to Count de Frontenac's 

expedition against the Onondagoes. 1696 
N.Y. doc. hist, i : 205 

— Report of voyage of M. de la Chauvignerie 

to. 1728. N.Y. col. docs. 9: 1007 

Onondaga count}', N.Y. History. 

Barber. Hist. coll. of N.Y. 243 

— Meeting of pioneers' of. Address by H. C 

Van Schaack. Hist. mag. 2d ser. 8 : 234 

Onslow county, N.C. History. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina, 2 : 298 
Ontario county, N.Y. History. 

Barber. Hist. coll. of N.Y. 256 

— History. Turner. Phelps and Gorham 
Ontario county, N.Y. See also Genesee country 
Ontario, Lake. From the Hudson to. F. A 

Vanderkemp. Buff. hist. soc. publ. 2 : 33 

Frontenac's voyage to. Journal. 1673. 

N.Y. col. docs. 9 : 95 

Narrative of Gov. de Courcelles' voyage to 

1671. N.Y. col. docs. 9 : 75 

Oppenheim, N.Y. History. Fulton co. hist. 237 
Orange, Conn. History. 

Barber. Conn. hist. coll. 245 
Orange, Mass. History. 

Conn. vail. hist. 2 : 633 

— History. Holland. West. Mass. 2 : 412 

— History of the churches and ministers of. 

Packard. Franklin co. 298 
Orange, N.H. Documents relating to. 1777-91 
With historical introduction. 

N.H. town papers, 13 : 112 
Orange, Ohio. History. 

Knapp. Ashland co. 499 
Orange, Vt. History. C. Carpenter. 

Vt. hist. gaz. 2 : 956 
Orange county, N.Y. History. 

Barber. Hist. coll. of N.Y. 262 

— List of the inhabitants of. 1702. 

N.Y. doc. hist, i ; 239 

— Militia of. 1738. N.Y. doc. hist. 4 : 136 

— Militia. 1775-83. N.Y. col. docs. 15: 289 

— A muster roll of the men raised and pass'd 

muster in the county of Orange, 1775. 

N.Y. col. docs. 15 : 168. 

— St. David's parish. J. F. Howe. 

N.Y. doc. hist. 3: 5c 

Am. hist. rec. 3 : 195. 
'J.Y. doc. hist. 3 : 508. 
Orange county, N.C. History. 

Slaves in. 175.?. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina 2 : 300. 
Orange county, Va. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Va. 417. 
Orangetown, N.Y. History. 

Green. Rockland co. 331. 

— History. J. W. Ferdon. 

Rockland co. hist. 197. 
Orangeville, N.Y. History. 

Wyoming co. hist. 227. 
Orangeville, Penn. Orangeville church. J. 

Hist, journ. (Meginness's) i : 315. 
Oregon. Bibliography. W. E. Foster. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 7 : 461. 

— Oregon and her pre-historic relics. H. Buck- 

ingham. Am. antiq. (Peet's) 3 : 135, 

— Origin and meaning of the name. J. H. 

Trumbull. Mag. of Am. hist. 3 : 36. 

— The origin of the Oregon mission. E. Mal- 

let. U.S. Cath. hist. mag. i : 7. 

— Policy of President Tyler's administration in 

regard to. L. G. Tyler. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 11 : 168. 

— Sketch of the Klamath language of southern 

Oregon, etc. A. S. Gatschet. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) i : 81, 161; 2: 210. 

— Territorial growth of the United States. Our 

title to Oregon. W. A. Mowry. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 16 : 333. 
Oregon, Ky. History. Ohio Falls cities, 2 : 369. 
Oregon, Wise. History. 

Park. Madison, etc., 505. 
Orford, N.H. Census, 1775. 

N.H. prov. papers, 7: 761. 

— Census, 1786. N.H. prov. papers, 10: 685. 

— Documents relating to. 1778-97. With his- 

torical introduction. 

N.H. town papers, 13 : 126. 

— Lists of the inhabitants and other documents, 

1765-93. N.H. town papers, 9: 645. 

Orient, L.L Inscriptions from the churchyard. 

R. King. N.Y. geneal. rec. 6 : 107. 

Oriskany, N.Y. Battle of. J. W. De Peyster. 
Hist. mag. 2d ser. 5 : 38. 

— Battle of. J. W. De Peyster. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 2 : 23. 

— Battle of. S. N. D. North. 

Mag. of Am. hist, i : 641. 

— Celebration of the battle at. Aug. 6, 1877. 

Beach. Centennial celebrations, 57. 

— Dedication of the Oriskany monument, Aug. 

6, 1844. Oneida hist. soc. tr. 1881-84 : 191. 

— Earliest factories of Oneida county. M. M. 

Bagg. Oneida hist. soc. trans. 1880: 112. 

— Fort Schuyler and Oriskany. Aug. 2 to 22, 

1777. Dawson, i : 237. 

— Memorial of celebration of centennial of bat- 

tle. Oneida hist. soc. publ. no.i. 

— The story of a monument. S. N. D. North. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 12 : 97. 

Orland, Me. List of members of the Methodist 

church, 1820. Bangor hist. mag. i : 26. 

— Settlement of. D. Harriman. 

Bangor hist. mag. i : 54. 
Orleans, Mass. Annals. 

Freeman. Cape Cod, 2 : 719. 

— Description. J. Freeman. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. ist ser. 8: 186. 




— History. Barber. Hist. coll. of Mass. 48- 

— History. 

Dudley. Plym. and Barnst. cos. 150b. 

— Inscriptions in the old cemetery. J. Paine. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 21 : 212. 
OrleanSjN.Y. History. Hough. Jefferson co. 208. 
Orleans county, N.Y. History. 

Barber. Hist. coll. of N.Y. 274. 

— History. Turner. Phelps and Gorham. 
Orleans county, Vt. The congregational churches 

in. P. H. White. Cong. q. 6: 29, 157, 237. 

— History. Vt. hist. gaz. vol. 3. 
Orneville', Me. History. 

Loring. Piscataquis co. 196. 

Orono, Me. Early settlements on the Penobscot 

river. Bangor hist. mag. i : 206. 

— History. Penobscot co. hist. 443. 
Orrington, Me. Early history. D. Perham. 

Bangor hist. mag. i : 17. 

— History. Penobscot co. hist. 467. 

— Incorporation. March 21, 1788. 

Bangor hist. mag. i : 138. 

— Land grants. 1784-86. Bangor hist. mag. 2 : 65. 

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tang township. 

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at Pemaquid between the English and In- 
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— Boundary. See Pennsylvania. State. Bound- 


— Catalogue of papers relating to Pennsylvania, 

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opposition in the legislature to all means for 
the defense of the colony. J. Logan. 

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secretary of the Commonwealth. R. Conyng- 
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Keith's coming to the government of Penn- 
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Pennsylvania regiment, between 1764 and 
1774, in relation to obtaining a grant of land 
upon the west branch Susquehanna. 

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place in 1682 or 1683.'' F. D. Stone. 

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Penn]. W. Ravvle. 

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• - Robert Qiiarry's information against the 

government of Pennsylvania with Penn's 
answer thereto. 1696. 

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Instructions given by William Penn in 1681 

to his commissioners for settling the colony. 
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Richard Penn, proprietaries and governors 
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freeholders and inhabitants of, pledging 

themselves to sustain the Continental and 

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Philadelphia, Penn.^ Academy of fine arts. 
Correspondence relative to the establishment 
of the Academy of fine arts of. 1805. 

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Hist. res. in west. Penn. i : 98. 

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council, 1704 to 1776. 

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Penn. 18S2. Penn. mag. of hist. 6: 435. 

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— Biography. Rev. J. Duch6, first chaplain of 

Congress. E. D. Neill. 

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of Phila., and the Blue anchor tavern land- 
ing. E. P. AUinson and B. Penrose. 

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Landing of Penn at the Blue anchor tav- 
ern. Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 130. 

— Carpenters' hall. Hist. mag. 1 : 330. 




Philadelphia, Penn., continued. 

— Carpenters' hall. 

Watson. Annals of Phila. 3 : 278. 

— Carpenter's mansion. 

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tion of the city and county of. 1830. 

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Overseers of the poor. Accounts. 1758-59. 

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History of the presbytery of. 1706-1831. 

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List of pastors, etc. 1778-1841. T. C. 


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Old presbyterian churches in. 

Our ancestors, i : 86. 

Christ church. 

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Marriage record. 1709- 1806. 

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Records. Burials, 1709-60. C. R. Hilde- 

burn. Penn. mag. of hist, i : 219 to 7 : 338. 

Tombstones in. 

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The United churches of Christ church and 

St. Peter's. T. F. Davies. 

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— — The Washington and Franklin pews. 

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First baptist church. Marriage record. 

1761-1S03. Penn. archives, 2d ser. 8: 733. 
First presbyterian church. Historical ac- 
count of. A. Barnes. 

Am. quart, reg. 13 : 303. 

Marriage record of the. 1702-45; 1760- 

1803. Penn. archives, 2d ser. 9: i. 

German Lutheran congregation. Sketch 

of the history of the. Hazard reg. 4 : 369. 

German reformed church. Marriage record. 

1748-1802. Penn. archives, 2d ser. 8: 649. 

Gloria Dei church. See Philadelphia. 

Churches. Swedes' church. 

Holy Trinity church. Sermon, Nov. 20, 

1796, the anniversary of the opening of 
Holy Trinity church of the German catholic 
congregation. J. N. Goetz. 

Am. cath. hist. res. 4: 112. 

Keithian meeting-house. 1730-1. 

Penn. archives, i : 285. 

Pine st. presbyterian church. Epitaphs on 

tombstones of old. H. E. Lutz. 

Our ancestors, i : 88. 

St. Augustine's church. Registers. 

Amer. cath. hist. soc. of Phila. lec. i : 351. 

Sketch of the history of. T. S. Westcott. 

Amer. cath. hist. soc. of Phila. rec. i : 165. 
St. Joseph's church. List of baptisms reg- 
istered at. 1758-75. 
Amer. cath. hist. soc. of Phila. rec. i : 246. 


Philadelphia, Penn., continued. 

Return of the Jesuits to old St. Joseph's. 

Amer. cath. hist. res. 3: 53. 

St. Joseph's church in 1836. 

Amer. cath. hist. res. 4: 179. 

St. Mary's church. The " Cessation " at 

St. Mary's. Amer. cath. hist. res. 3: 83. 

The right of patronage to St. Mary's. 

Amer. cath. hist. res. 3 : 58. 

St. Michael's and Zion church. Marriage 

record of. 1745-1800. 

Penn. archives, 2d ser. 9: 285. 

St. Paul's church. Marriage record of. 

1759-1806. Penn. archives, 2d ser. 9: 441. 

St. Peter's church. The united churches of 

Christ church and St. Peter's. T. F. Davies. 
Perry. Am. prot. episc. ch. i : 605. 
Second presbyterian church. Marriage rec- 
ord. 1763-1812. 

Penn. archives, 2d ser. 9: 553. 
Swedes' church. Extracts from parish rec- 
ords of Gloria Dei church. 1697-1753. 

Penn. mag. of hist. 2: 224, 341. 

Marriage record. 1750-1810. 

Penn. archives, 2d ser. 8 : 287. 

Swedes' church. 

Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 146; 3: 106. 
Third presbyterian church. Marriage rec- 
ord. 1758-99. Penn. archives, 2d ser. 9 : 513. 

— Clarke's hall. 
Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 374. 

— Clymer house. Mag. of Am. hist. 5 : 201. 

— Congress, 1774. 
Mass. hist. soc. coll. 4th ser. 10: 706. 

— Congress. Oration on the looth anniversary 
of the first Continental congress, Sept. 5, 
1774, by H. A. Brown; Proceedings at the 
centennial commemoration. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 29: 426. 

— Court-house. The county court-house. His- 
tory. Hist, mag. 10: 105, 

The old courthouse and Friends" meeting. 

Watson. Annals of Phila, i : 350. 

— Description of an old view of. 

Hist. mag. i : 136, 

— Description. Extracts from the Letter-book 
of James Claypooie. 1683, 4. 

Penn. mag of hist. 10: 401. 
Philadelphia in 1732. P. S. Duponceau. 

Philadelphia book, 1836: i. 
See also Philadelphia. Streets. 

— The drawbridge and Dock creek. 
Watson. Annals of Phila. r : 336. 

— Duchy's house and St. Peter's church. 
Watson. Annals of Phila. 3 : 266. 

— Families who arrived at. between 16S2 and 
1687. Penn. mag. of hist. 8 : 328. 

— The Federal procession. 17S8. 
Watson. Annals of Phila. 2: 341. 

— Fires and fiie engines. 
Watson. Annals of Phila. 3 : 405. 

— Fort Mifflin. Penn. archives, 12 : 407, 

— Fort Mifflin. The attack on Fort Mifflin, 
Nov. 10 to 15, 1777. Dawson, i : 360. 

The attack on Fort Mifflin, 1777. 

Hist. mag. 3d ser, 1 : 77. 

Notes on. 1771. J. Montr^sor. 

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The siege of Fort Mifflin. 

Penn. mag. of hist. 11 : 82. 

— Friends' meeting at Centre square. 
Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 390. 



Philadelphia, Penn., continued. 

— The Friends. 

Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 499. 

— Friends. Representation of the Qiiakers, 

1781. Penn. archives, 9: 450. 

— Germans. Die Deutschen von P. im Jahre 

1776. O. Seidensticker. 

Deutscher Pion. 8: 190, 245, 284, 343. 

— The Governor's mill and the Globe mills. S. 

H. Needles. Penn. mag. of hist. 8: 279,377. 

— Hall of the Historical society. Inauguration 

of the new hall of the Historical society' of 
Pennsylvania. Penn. mag. of hist. 8: 184. 

— Hessians in. J. Heinrichs. 

Penn. mag. of hist, i : 40. 

— High street prison and market shambles. 

Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 356. 

— History. Epitome of primitive colonial his- 

tory. Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 6. 

— History. Day. Hist. coll. of Penn. 543. 
History. T. Westcott. 

Egle. Pennsylvania, 1015. 

— Independence hall. B.J. Lossing. Potter, 7 : i. 
Where the constitutional convention met. 

J. B. McMaster. Penn. mag. of hist. 11 : 81. 

— The Indian treaty for the lands now the site of 

Philadelphia. J. F. Watson. 

Penn. hist. soc. mems. 3, pt. 2 : 129. 

— Journal of W. Black. 1744. 

Penn. mag. of hist, i : 117 to 2 : 40. 

— Journal, 1762-4. S. Foulke. 

Penn. mag. of hist. 5 : 60. 

— Libraries. Watson. Annals of Phila. 3 : 335. 

— Libraries. Notes for a history of the Library 

company of. Hazard reg. i6 : 201. 

— London coffee house. 

Watson. Annals of Phila. i : 393. 

— Manners and customs. Habits and state of 

society. Watson. Annals of Phila. 1: 1-2. 

— Market. Petition of inhabitants respecting 

powder house and market. 1645-6. 

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— Market-houses. 

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Duchess CO. 298 
Historical sketch 


3: 293 

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names of the owners, and number of men, 
women and children in each house at Fort 
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A. Lambing. 

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The establishment of the See of. A. A. 

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1 791-1804. Hist. reg. (Egle's) i : 289. 

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rannical government of Dr. Connolly]. 1774. 
Penn. archives, 4 : 526. 

— Pittsburgh affairs in 1781. 

Penn. mag. of hist. 4 : 247. 





VOL. 8. No. 2. 

WHOLE No. 77. 


Samuel A. B. Abbott, President. 

William H. Whitmore. 
Henry W. Haynes. 

Phineas Pierce. 
Frederick O. Prince. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation. 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proof-reader. 
Jos6 F. Carret, Curator of Patents and En- 

gravingSy and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves. 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secretary. 

Frank C. Blaisdell, Curator of Lower HaU 

Edwin F. Rice, Registration Clerk. 

William E. Ford, Janitor, Central Library. 


Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Lower Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Elizabeth F. Cartee, Charlestovjn. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Anna J. Barton, Jamaica Plain. 
Helen M. -Bell, Roxbury. 
N. Josephine Bullard, South Boston. 
Margaret A. Sheridan, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Lower Mills. 
Harriet L. Atkinson, Custodian, Mattapan. 
Lottie Curtis, Custodian, Neponset. 
Eliza R. Davis, Custodian, North End. 

Julia W. Richards, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 
Samuel T. Bowthorpe, Custodian, Roslindah. 
Bessie G. Fairbrother, Custodian, Aft. 

Information for Readers 114 

Bates Hall 115 

Lower Hall 167 

Branch Libraries 172 

American Local History 180 


Library Buildings 208 

Parliamentary papers (sessions of 1884-5 

and 1886) 212 

Resignation of William W. Greenough . 214 


Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open everj secular day 
except the seven legal holidays, — February 22, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, 
Thanksgiving and Christmas, — and such other 
days as the Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M. The Lower Hall of the Central 
Library is open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., 
to nineo'clock, p.m ; duringjune.july, and August 
the Lower Hall. Branches and Reading Room are 
closed one hour earlier. The Central Reading 
Room for Periodicals is open from nine o'clock, 
A.M., until ten, p.m., and Sundays from two to ten. 

Bates Hall 

Newspaper Room . . . 
Duplicate Room . . . 

Lower Hall 

Brighton Branch . . . 
Charlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Branch . . 
East Boston Branch . 
Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapan Delivery . . 
Mt. Bowdoin Delivery . 

Neponset Delivery . J 

North End Delivery . . 
Roslindale Delivery . . 
Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 

9 to 6 

8.30 to 
9 to 

9 10 
9 to 
9 to 
9 to 
4 to 
3.30 to 
^ to 
8 to 
4.30 to 











Totals 502,281 


July 1. '88. 






J 3.541 



in R. R. 





• Keop (ipen till 9lMil. Saturdays, ttt Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sat- 

t Closed 11 M. to 2 I'.M. urdays. 

i Reading Room 9 to «. i± Tuesdays to Saturdays, inclusive. 

*• Closed from 6 to 6 JO. *♦• Saturdays from 2 to" 9. 

tt Tuesdays, Thursdays, and 8atur-****S Closed from 6 to 7. 

days. aDelivered to readers also on Sun- 


New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only the 
books added to those departments. The Dorches- 
ter list is posted also at the Deliveries at the Lower 
Mills, Neponset, and Mattapan, and the Jamaica 
Plain list at the Deliveries at Roslindale and 
West Roxbury. The Bulletins are for sale (ex- 
cepting those out of print) at five cents each. 
Books with numbers below 2110 are in the Lower 
Hall; with 2110 and above, in the Bates Hall. 
Those with Url., Chn., I>or., E. B., J. P., X. E., 
Rojc., S. B., s. E., or w. Rox., prefixed to the 
number are respectively in the Brighton, Charles- 
town, Dorchester, East Boston, Jamaica Plain, 
North End, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, 
or West Roxbury Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of 1861. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out of print. 

II. The Supplement of 1866. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For sale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogite of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at $1.00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at Sj'OO. 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at Sj-oo. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Officers' Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1S66, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1866 and 1871, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 

There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

Lower Hall of the Central Library. 

I. English Prose Fiction and Books for 
the Young. ^t/i edition, August, 1885. 2j 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 187 1. 10 cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 1881. 20 cents. 

III. Books in Foreign Languages. 3d 
edition. May, 1881. i^ cents. 

IV. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies, ist edition, August, 1870. 10 cents. 

V. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant will furnish 
such information as may not be found in the 
printed catalogues. 


Catalogues are for sale: — Brighton, 23 cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and 5 cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements ; Charlestown, jo <:<?«/,«; Dorchester, 
2^ cents; East Boston, 2j cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
2^ cents; Ro.xbury, 20 cents; South Boston, 
20 cents ; South End, jo cents; West Roxbury, 
/J cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Nou-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall. — I. Prince Catalogue, -y/.^J. Tick- 
nor Catalogue, Sj-oo. Barton Catalogue, Sj-oo. 

Lower Hall. — II. Arts, Sciences, and Pro- 
fessions. 7s cents. 

III. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. $1.00. 

Bulletins. — IV. Issues, each, 20 cents. 

Of the later Bulletins, numbers 62, 64, 68 and 
all since are out of print. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
to be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 
A list of periodicals currently received is kept 
at the Delivery desk in Bates Hall. There is for 
sale a List of serial publications now taken in 
the principal libraries of Boston and Cambridge. 
Price, 20 cents. 




Shelf-numbers 3i lo and upwards indicate books in Bates Hall. 

Shelf-numbers below 3i lo indicate books in the Lower Hail. 

Brl., Brighton Branch. 

Chn.y Charlestown Branch. 

Dor., Dorchester Branch. 

K. B., East Boston Branch. 

J. P., Jamaica Plain Branch. 

N. E., North End Branch. 

Rox., Roxbury Branch. 

M. B., South Boston Branch. 

S. E., South End Branch. 

W. Rox.y West Roxbury Delivery Station. 

N. R., Newspaper Room. 

R. R., Reading^ Room. 

C. R. 

[ I 

( ) 

* • 

Catalogue Room. 

No date of publication given. 

No place of publication given. 


Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually retiiined. 

Permission of the Librarian, or officer in charge of 
Bates Hall, required to take the book out. ^oi at- 
tacked to Lower Hall copies of the same book. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees, or in their absence, of the 
Librarian, required tu take the book out. 

Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they may discover in this List, the authorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person entered only under a pseudonym. 


Abbeys. See Bonney, T. G. 

Abercromby, Ralph. Weather. A popular 
exposition of the nature of weather changes from 
day to da^'. N. Y., 1887. Diagrams. [Interna- 
tional scientific series.] 12°. 3967.77 

Aberdeen. See Bain. 

Abington, Frances. The life of Mrs. Abing- 
ton (formerly Miss Barton), celebrated comic 
actress. Including notes upon the history of the 
Irish stage, and notices of her theatrical contem- 
poraries. By the editor of the " Life of Qiiin." 
London, 1888. Portrait. Sm. 8°. 4549.121 

Abney, William de Wiveleslie. A treatise on 
photography. 5th ed. London, 1888. Illus. 
[Text books of science.] Sm. 8°. 5918.80 

Account of conversation with Papunung a 
religious Indian [etc.]. Manuscript, covering 
dates 1760-1778. 40. ♦♦G.4I.I7 

This volume of manuscript, which is evidently composed 
of copied extracts, contains : A short poem on the Indians; 
Some account of the behaviour and sentiments of a number 
of well-disposed Indians, mostly of the Minesink tribe, and 
their relations with the Philadelphia members of the Society 
of Friends, including speeches, etc., of a religious Minsi 
Indian, called variously Papunung, Papoonung, Papoma- 
hool, or Papunehang [called Popunhank, by Heckewelder) ; 
Some account of Papoonahool's second visit to Friends, 
1761 ; A relation of a dream, or visit of the niijht, full of 
mvsterious meaning, told by Mary Hornor; A just character 
of the late Mr. Samuel Fothergill, taken from the British 
magazine; Reflections arising from well-known events 
(poem) ; Representation of the people called Qiiakers made 
to the Assembly of Pensilvania, 8 mo., 177S, signed N. 

Account, An, of the behavior and sentiments 
of some well disposed Indians, mostly of the 
Minusing tribe. Stanford (State of New York), 
1803. 240. **H.99b.59 

Concerning Indians converted by Friends. 

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servations grammaticales, vocabulaire m^tho- 
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♦7630a. a 

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ences of the higher Christian life in the Baptist 
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Adams county, Pennsylvania. See History. 

Aeronautics. See Coxwell. 

.ffischylus. See Fitzgerald, E. 

Afghanistan. See Roskoschny. 

Africa. See Lemaire ; — Medbery ; — Reclus. 

Africa, South. See Anderson, A. A. ; — Ellis ; 
— Mackenzie; — Young, A. G. 

Agen, France. See Andrieu. 

Agriculture. See Boussingault; — Oeffent- 
liche (Kraemer) ; — Prothero; — Rogers, J. E. 
T. ; — U. S. Department of agriculture ; — Weld. 

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London. [1887.] [Birmingham reference library 
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The Appendix contains a list of books in the Birming- 
ham reference library on English history. 




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Smith, state geologist. Bulletin no. i. [Mont- 
gomery.] iSS6. 8". *5879.6o 

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graphical features and subdivisions of the tertiary of Ala- 
bama. Preliminary report on the tertiary fossils of Alabama 
and Mississippi, by Truman H. Aldrich; Contributions to 
the Eocene paleontology of Alabama and Mississippi, by 
Otto Meyer. 

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Alaska. See Hallock. 

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of universal literature. Vol. 3, 4. Boileau- 
Clarke. N. Y., 1SS6. 120. *A.i24.6 

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pondances in^dites. Publides par Charles Henry. 
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Apennine. Reminiscences of her friends among 
the Tuscan peasantry. Edited by John Ruskin. 
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Great Britain and Ireland before the thirteenth 
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See Dahn ; — Oncken ; — Prutz. 

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man built by the Carpenter's Son, the root, the 
bond, and the crown of Christendom. London, 
1887. 8°. 3462.72 

A history of the Roman catholic church. 

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ledge's; — Wilkes-Barre. 

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Amherst Alpha Delta Phi.' 1837-1S87. N. Y., 
1887. 16°. *2388.54 

Contains the Proceeding at the semi-centennial celebra- 
tion, June 28, 1SS7, and a list of members. 

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Alps. 5^eMittheiiungen (Berndt) ; — Zschokke. 

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Namely : — 

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setzung des xiv. Jahrhunderts. Mit einer gram- 
matischen Einleitung. und einem Glossar. Zum 
ersten Mai herausg. von F. Apfelstedt. 4686.57 

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franzosische Aussprache und Orthographic. 
Nach vier Handschriften zum ersten Mai her- 
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America. History. See Arnold, C. H. ; — Ben- 
zoni ; — Crafts ; — Harrisse ; — Robertson. 

America, South. SeeBoUaert; — Campaigns. 

American and English yachts, illustrating and 
describing the most famous yachts how sailing 
in American and English waters. With a Treat- 
ise upon yachts and yachting, by Edward Bur- 
gess. Illustrated by the photogravure process 
from the original negatives of N. L. Stebbins. 
N. Y. [1887.] 50 plates. 4°. obi. +3950.66 

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the auspices of the Anthropological society of 
Washington. Vol. i, no. i. January, 18S8. 
Washington, tS88. 8°. *6239.65 

Continues the Transactions of the Anthropological 
society [6239.64]. 

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cennial index of the photolithographic and other 
illustrations. 1876-1885. Vol. i. Boston, 18S8. 
Sm 4°. +6990. ID 

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physical education. Proceedings, at its ist-3d 
annual meeting, November, 1885-87. Brooklvn, 
1885-87. 8". *8od6.i 

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1, 2. N. Y., 1886, '88. 8°. *436i.84 
Contents. — i. A new historical movement (from the 

Nation). No. 1. Report of the organization and proceed- 
ings, Saratoga, September 9-10, 1S84, by H. B. Adams, 
secretary. 2. On studies in general history and the history 
of civilization, by Andrew D. White. 3. History and man- 
agement of land grants for educiition in the Northwest ter- 
ritory (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin), by 
G. W. Knight. 4. The Louisiana purchase in its influence 
upon the American system, by C. F. Robertson. 5. His- 
tory of the appointing power of the president, by Lucy M. 
Salmon. 6. Report of the proceedings, second annual 
meeting, Saratoga, September 8-10, 18S5, by H. B. Adams. 
Index to volume 1. 1SS6. 

2. No. I. Report of the proceedings, third annual meet- 
ing, Washington, D. C, April 27-29, 1S86, by H.B. Adams. 

2. A history of the doctrine of comets, a paper read before 
the association at its second annual meeting, September 10, 
1SS5. 3. William Usselinx, founder of the Dutch and Swe- 
dish West India companies, by J. FrankUn Jameson. 4. 
Church and State in the United States, by Philfpp Schafl. 

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Vol. 5. Ed. byj. E. Mears. Phila. 1887. 8°. +3753 65 

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Amherst, Massachusetts. See Clark. 

Amherst college. 5ee Alpha Delta Phi. 

Ammon. See Lemm. 

Amusements. See Vincent. 

Anatomy. See Dwight. 

Ancon, Peru. See Reiss. 

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waggon in the gold regions of Africa. London, 
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book. A guide for the prospector and traveller 
in search of metal bearing or other valuable 
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monument in Waterbury, Conn. Added a list 
of the soldiers and sailors who went from Water- 
bury to fight in the war for the Union. [Hart- 
ford.] 1886. Plates. 8». *4323.io8 



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zig. 1887. 8°. 6236.17 

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Bazadais incorpor^es dans le d^partement de 
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♦217a. 7a 

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Annihilation. See George, N. D. 

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Antiquities. See Allen; — ;Bollaert; — Bur- 
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— Henshaw ; — Institut archdologique ; — Kings- 
ford ; — Marquardt ; — Maspero ; — Mat^riaux ; — 
Muellenhoff; — Pottier; — Reiss; — Schegg; — 
Stillman; — VValford. 

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tina. Afio 7, 8, 1885, 86. Director : A. N. Viola. 
Buenos Aires, 1886, 87. 16° *6i68.30 

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edition of her husband's Arabian nights. Pre- 
pared for household reading by J. H. McCarthy. 
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London, i"887. 8°. *8io3.5o 

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— Handbuch ; — Monographs. 

Architectural drawing See Spiers. 

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atory essays and notes. By W. L. Newman. 
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Old Testament and Apocrypha. Revised by 
Sir Charles Wilson and Captain Conder [Lon- 
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3431 54 

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gallery. Reprinted, with additions, from " The 
guardian." London, 1887. 8°. 8085.62 

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Army register (United States). See Ham- 

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Theresia's. B. 10. Letzte Regierungszeit. B. 4. 
Wien, 1879. Portrait. 8". 2853-7 

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universal history of North and South America, 
and of the present trans-Atlantic war. London. 
[1782.] Sm. 8". 43i9a.70 

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ing "In an Indian temple," "A casket of gems," 
•'A queen's revenge" [from the Sanskrit]. 
With other poems. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 


Arnold, Matthew. See Button. 

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& c'". par leur proc^dd de glyptographre. ire 
ann^e. Paris, 1887-88. F^. *6922.i5 


Art review. Vol. i, 2. N. Y. [1886,87.] Illus. 
4°- *69i5.i 

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fentliche (Brunnhofer) ; — Schwartz. 

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on divine contentment. Published, with notes, 
by Stephen Gerrish. Phila., 1823. 12°. *7455.23 

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and marriages. Illus. London, 1888 [1887]. 8°. 

'2491. 104 

— editor. A century of ballads. Illustrated 
in facsimile of the originals. London, 18S7. 4°. 


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Asia Minor. See Cochran. 

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port, ist-8th. Boston, 1880-87. 8°. *7578.74 

Assyria. See Sayce ; — Tiele. 

Assyrian language. See Delitzsch. 

Astronomy, See Oliver; — Quekett; — Uni- 
versal-Bibliothek (Meyer). 

Athletics. See Shearman. 

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edition. Washington, 1887. 8". *7943-55 

Atlases. See Gibson, J. 

Atmosphere. See Flammarion. 

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onyms. London, 1886. Sm. 8°. 2688.73 

— The Italian masters, with special reference 
to the Italian pictures in the National gallery. 
London, 1888. Plate. Sm.8°. 808563 

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attributes of God, in support of the doctrine 
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Austria. See Hof ; — Oesterreichisch. 

Authors. See Incorporated ; — Wotton. 

Autographs, See Collector; — Dudley. 

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metallics. London, 1886. Illus. [Hughes's ma- 
triculation manuals.] Sm. 8°. 59793*47 

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A history of the Aberdeen incorporated trades. 
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judicatorj- of the presbyterian church, from its 
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D.D. Compiled from his life and writings, as 
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Bantu language. See Kolbe. 

Baptism. See Chapin, S. ; — Judd ; — Pond ; 
— Ripley; — Worcester, S. 

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Parsons Cooke, Joseph H. Towne, and W. 
Hague] of the baptismal question. Boston, 1842. 
4 pts. in I V. 12°. 7455-34 

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An account of the conspiracy attempted by John, earl of 
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fran^aises depuis le ix^'ne siecle jusqu'au xiv*""= 
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Baths. See Osthoff 

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Reprinted from the American architect of May 2S, 1SS7 

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37.] 8°. No. I in *4902.37 

Another copy, with a different preface and " Stellin- 
gen " at the end is on shelf no. 4924.5. 

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3463 58 

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verses sortes de proprietds primitives. Paris, 
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Extruit de I'Annuaire de la Faculty des lettres de Lyon 
I [*469i.«3.a]- 


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Alter vero, Brasilia (quae & America dicitur) 
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16^ *43i9a.7i 

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Bibliography. See Bibliographie; — Book- 
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Pp. \-%i contain Poems by C. K. Bolton ; followed by pp. 
1-61, Poems by S. K. Bolton. 

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" Book-lore " may be found on shelf number *6i7oa.24. 

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Boston and Maine railroad. See New Hamp- 

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T. I.] 8°. 46903.50 

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Contents, — Choate, Webster, Lincoln, Grant. 

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Paris, 1830. 8°. No. i in *5056.56 

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enty sheets of the Pickering genealogy. [Cam- 
bridge.] 1887. L. 8°. ♦*433i.ioo 

— The Pickering genealogy; comprising the 
descendants of John and Sarah (Burrill) Picker- 
ing of Salem. [Part i.] [Cambridge.] 1887. 
70 sheets. F°, oblong. **4334.4 

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on hydraulic mining in California. 2d ed. 
N. Y., 1887. Map. Illus. Plates. 8°. 38603.77 

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in Canada of over 1000 volumes. N. Y., 18S7. 4°. 


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ago. Selections from the letters of Eliza South- 
gate Bowne. With introd. by Clarence Cook. 
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See Cottin. 

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i88S[iS87]. Sm. 8°. 3938.87 

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Prosperity or pauperism.' Physical, industrial, 
and technical training. London, 1888. 8". 


Several of these articles were published under the title, 
Some national anil board school reforms. £dited by lord 
Brabazon [5594-76]. 


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end of the Gothic dominion in Spain. N. Y., 
1888. Illus. Map. [Story of the nations.] I2<». 


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teenth century. In 3 vols. Vol. i. A-F. Lon- 
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Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum. 
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of Massachusetts in 1884. Boston, 1885. Sm. 40. 


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Ephraim and Rebekah Waterman Briggs, their 
descendants and ancestors. With a few collat- 
eral branches. Boston, 1887. Portrait. Plates. 
Tables. 8°. *4335-i36 

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tieken. Vol. 14-16. Leiden. [1887.] 8°. 48903.27 

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poetry, containing the Nahuatl text of xxvii 
ancient Mexican poems, with trans., introd., 
notes and vocabulary. Phila., 1887. [Brinton's 
library of aboriginal American literature.] 8°. 


Bristol, Sherlock. The pioneer preacher. 
Incidents of interest, and experiences in the 
author's life. Illus. Chicago. [1887.] Portrait. 
1 2°. 4347-205 

British Honduras almanac, for 1883, 85. Com- 
piled in the Colonial secretary's office. Calcu- 
lated for Belize. New Orleans [etc.]. [1882-84.] 
12° and 16°. *43i9.ioo 

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Central Greece. (Locris, Phocis, Boeotia and 
Euboea ) By B. V. Head. Edited by R. S. 
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— Catalogue of Greek coins. Peloponnesus 
(excluding Corinth). By Percy Gardner. Ed- 
ited by R. S. Poole. London, 1887. Plates. 8». 


— Catalogue of the Greek coins of Crete and 
the Aegean islands. By Warwick Wroth. Ed- 
ited by R. S. Poole. London, 1S86. Plates. 8°. 


— The coins of the Greek and Scythic kings of 
Bactria and India. By Percy Gardner. Edited 
by R. S. Poole. London, 1886. Plates. 8°. 

Britton, John. An historical account of 
Corsham house, in Wiltshire; the seat of Paul 
Cobb Methuen. with a catalogue of his pictures. 
Also biographical sketches of the artists whose 
works constitute this collection. London. 1806. 
go. ♦8074.80 



Broc, Herv^, vicomte de. La France sous 
I'ancien regime. Paris, 1887. 8°. 4618.58 

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vrage couronne par I'Acaddmie des sciences 
morales et politiques. (Prix Victor Cousin.) 
Paris, 18S7. 8". 3584- 7° 

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recollections of the late Due de Broglie. 1785- 
1820. Trans, and edited by Raphael Ledos de 
Beaufort. With portrait. London, 18S7. 2 v. 
8°. 465460 

Bronte, Charlotte. See Birrell. 

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an introd. by E. S. Morse. Boston, 1888 
[1887]. Plate. 12°. 8047.76 

Brough, Bennett H. A treatise on mine-sur- 
veying. With diagrams. London, 1888. Sm. 
8". 586974 

Brown, Charles Brockden. Arthur Mervyn ; 
or, memoirs of the year 1793. Phila., 18S7. 2 v. 
8°. *^*4503.7i 

— Clara Howard ; or, the enthusiasm of love. 
Phila., 1887. 8°. No. 2 in *^*4503.74 

— Edgar Huntly; or, memoirs of a sleep- 
walker. Phila., 1887 8°. ***4503.72 

— Jane Talbot. Phila., 1887. 8". ***4503.73 

— Ormond; or, the secret witness. Phila., 
1887. 8°. No. I in ***4503-74 

— Wieland; or, the transformation. Phila., 
1887. Portrait. 8°. ***4503.70 

Pp. 3-22 contains a biographical sketch of the author. 

Brown, John A. H., and Buckley, Thomas E. 
A vertebrate fauna of Sutherland, Caithness, and 
West Cromarty. Edinburgh. [1887.] Illus. 
Plans. 8°. *3903.72 

Browne, Edmond C. The coming of the great 
queen : a narrative of the acquisition of Burma. 
London. 1888. Plates. Maps. 8°. 30800.61 

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1S03 : being the despatches of Lord Whitworth 
and others, now first printed from the originals 
in the Record office. Edited for the Royal his- 
torical society. London, 1SS7. 8°. 4514.100 

Browning, Robert. Lyrics, idyls, and romances 
from the poetic and dramatic woi ks of R. Brown- 
ing. Boston, 1887. 16°. 4563.79 

— See Fotheringham. 

Bruce, Adam T. Observations on the embry- 
ology of insects and arachnids. A memorial 
volume. Baltimore, 1887. Plates. Portrait. 4°. 

♦3891 .65 

Contains also a sketch of the scientific work of the author, 
by W. K. Brooks. 

Bruce, Wallace. Old homestead poems. Illus. 
N. Y., 1SS8 [1S87]. 8°. 4402.100 

Brunner, Arnold W., and Tryon, Thomas. In- 
terior decoration. N. Y., 18S7. Illus. 8°. 8091.65 

Bruno, Giordano. The heroic enthusiasts (Gli 
eroici furori). An ethical poem. Trans, by L. 
Williams. With introd , compiled chiefly from 
David Levi's " Giordano Bruno o la religionedel 
pensiero." Part i. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 


Bruyere, Paul. Historique du 2* regiment de 
dragons. 1635-1885. Avec planches d'uniformes 
& ^tendards & de nombreux dessins dans le 
texte. Chant et marche parA. Koplf. Chartre.x, 
1885. 8°. *4633ii 

Bryant, Joseph D. Manual of operative sur- 
gery. With about 800 illus. N. Y., 1887. 8". 


Bryant, Wilbur F. The blood of Abel. Hast- 
ings, Nebraska, 1887. Portrait. 8°. 4318.104 

A defence of Louis Riel. 

Bryant, William C. The embargo; or, sketches 

of the times. A satire. 2d ed. With the Spanish 

revolution, and other poems. Boston, 1809. 16°. 

***2409.i5; No. 5 in *4i63.i7 

Bryant published this in 1808, when a youth of thirteen. 

Bryce, James, editor. Handbook of home rule : 
being articles on the Irish question by W. E. 
Gladstone, John Morley, Lord Thring, James 
Bryce, Canon MacColl, E. L. Godkin, and R. 
Barry O'Brien. With a preface by Earl Spencer. 
London. 1887. Sm. 80. 4518.106 

Brydges, Harold. Uncle Sam at home. N. Y. , 
1888. Illus. 160. 4368.103 

Sketches of the United States and its people. 

Buchanan, E. E. Buchanan's tables of squares, 
containing the square of every foot, inch and 
sixteenth of an inch, between one-sixteenth of an 
inch and fifty feet. Athens, Pa., 1887. 16°. 


Buck, Albert H., editor. A reference hand- 
book of the medical sciences. Vol. 1-5. Aac- 
Pott's disease. N. Y,, 18S5-87. Illus. 4°. 


Buck, William J. Local sketches and legends 
pertaining to Bucks and Montgomery counties, 
Penn. N. p., 1887. 12°. *4378.ii4 

Bucks county, Pennsylvania. See Buck, W. J. 

Buddhaghosa, fl. 420 a.d. The Sumahgala- 
VilasinT, Buddhaghosa's commentary on the 
Digha Nikaya. Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids 
and J. Estlin Carpenter. Parti. London, 1886. 
[Pali text society.] 8°. '''5022.29 

Budge, Ernest A. T. Wallis. The dwellers on 
the Nile; or, chapters on the ancient Egyptians. 
[London.] 1885. Illus. [By-paths of Bible 
knowledge.] Sm. 8°. 50593.86 

Buedingische Sammlung einiger in die Kir- 
chen-Historie einschlagender sonderlich neuerer 
Schrifften. Budingen, 1740-45. i8 Stiicke' in 
3 V. 16°. *7548.70 

Buffalo, New York. The city of Buffalo. A 
souvenir of the Buffalo evening news. [Buffalo, 
1887.] Map. Illus. Po, obi. *447oa.i 

Building. See Berthot. 

Bukenham family. See Maudslay. 

Bulgaria. See Samuelson. 

Bullen, Arthur H., editor. More lyrics from 
the song-books of the Elizabethan age. London, 
1888 [1887]. Sm. 8°. ^ 4564.105 

Bunyan, John. The pilgrim's progress. [With 
24 engraved plates, by Dr. Anderson.] Boston, 
1806. 16°. ***7437-64 

Burbank, Rev. William H. Photographic 
printing methods. N. Y., 1887. Plates. Illus. 
8". 3970a- 5 

Bureau international des poids et mesures. 
Travaux et memoires, publics sous I'autorite 
du Comitd international, par le directeur du 
Bureau. Tome 1-5. Paris, 1881-86. Plates. 4°. 


Burge, Lorenzo. Pre-glacial man, and the 
Aryan race. Boston, 1887. Illus. 16°. 6236.16 

Burgess, Edward. 5ce American and English; 
— Boston. 

Burgess, George. The last enemy; conquer- 
ing and conquered. Phila., 1851. 12°. 3455.12 



Burgess, James. The Buddhist Stupas of 
Amaravati and Jaggajyapeta in the Krishna dis- 
trict, Madras presidency, surveyed in 1S82. With 
translations of the A^oka inscriptions at Jaugada 
and Dhauli, by G. Buhler. London, 1S87. Illus. 
Plans. [Archaeological survey of southern India. 
Vol. I.] F°. ♦♦♦5070.67 

Burgundy, Dukes of. See Petit. 

Burke, S'/r John Bernard. A genealogical and 
heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronet- 
age, together with memoirs of the privy council- 
lors and knights. 50th ed. London, 1888. L. 8°. 


Burleigh, Charles, of Portland^ Maine. The 
genealogy and history of the Guild, Guile, and 
Gile family. Portland, 1887. Portraits. Illus. 8°. 

♦4334. 102 

Burlinson, H., and Simpson, W. H. Iron- 
plate weight tables for iron shipbuilders, en- 
gineers, and iron merchants. London, 1886. 8°, 
obi. ♦3936.36 

Burmah. See Browne. 

Burton, Richard F. See Hitchman. 

Bush, Robert Wheler. The life and times 
of Chrysostom. [London.] 1885. Sm. 8°. 


Butterworth, George. Deerhurst, a parish of 
the vale of Gloucester. Tewkesbury. [1887.] 
Plates. Sm. 8°. 2469.109 

Byrne, Oliver. The young geometrician. Or 
practical geometry, without compasses. [Lon- 
don, 1 866. J 8°. 3931-55 

Byron, George G. N., 6th baron Byron. Poe- 
tische Werke. In 8 Banden. B. 8. Don Juan. 
Gesang 8-16. Stuttgart. [1887.] [Cotta'sche 
Bibliothek.] 16°. 4561.64 

— See Oeffentliche (Born). 

Caesar, Caius Julius. See Meusel ; — Vine. 

Cahors, France. Catalogue de la Bibliothfeque. 
Cahors, 1887. 8°. ^2144.72 

Caillie, Ren^. See Goepp. 

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[Philosophical classics for English readers.] 16°. 


Cairns, John. Is the evolution of Christianity 
from mere natural sources credible.'' [London, 
1887.] [Present day tracts.] Sm. 8°. 

No. I in ♦3437-56-9 

Calderon de la Barca, Pedro. See Fitzgerald, 

California. See L^vy ; — Lindley ; — Rowell ; 
— Wise. 

Calligraphers. Sec Bradley, J. W. 

Callon, Pierre Jules. Lectures on mining, at 
the School of mines, Paris. Trans, by C. Le 
Neve Foster, and W. Galloway. In 3 vols. Vol. 
3 [with] atlas. London, 1886. Text, Illus., 8°; 
Atlas, 4". *386i.57 

Cambridgeshire, England. See Raven ; — St. 

Campaigns and cruises in Venezuela and New 
Granada, and in the Pacific ocean; from 1817 to 
1830; and sketches of the west coast of South 
America. Also, Tales of Venezuela. London, 
1831. 3 V. Sm. 8°. 4369a.i04 

Campan, Jeanne L. H., nSe Genest. Private 
journal. Edited by M. Maigne. London, 1825. 
8°. 664573 

Campbell, George Douglas, 8th duke of Ar- 
gyll. The new British constitution and its mas- 
ter-builders. Edinburgh, 1888 [1887]. Sm. 8°. 


— Property in land. A passage-at-arms be- 
tween the duke of Argyll and Henry George. 
N. Y. [1886.] i6<>. 5560.10a 

Contents. — The prophet of San Francisco, by the duke 
of Argyll ; The reduction to iniquity, by Henry Geori^e. 

Campbell family. See House. 

Canada. Geological and natural history sur- 
vey. Alfred R. C. Selivyn, director. Annual 
report. New series. Vol. i. 1885. Montreal, 
1886. Text, I V. ; Maps, i v. 8°. ♦587313 

— ^e^Kingsford ; — Russell ; — Thomas, C. ; — 
Watson, B. A. 

Canary islands. See Lemaire ; — Stone. 

Cane, Robert. The history of the Williamite 
and Jacobite wars in Ireland, to the capture of 
Athlone. With continuation to the death of 
James il., by Maurice Lenihan. Dublin, 1884. 
Portraits. Maps. 8°. 451 1. 100 

Cannibals. See Andree. 

Cannon. See Monthaye. 

Cantatas. See Upton, G. P. 

Canterbury, England. Christ church. See 

Cantor, Moritz. Mathematische Beitrage zum 
Kulturleben der Volker. Halle, 1863. 8°. 


Cape de Verde islands. See Lemaire. 

Carey, Henry C. The way to outdo England 
without fighting her. Phila., 1865. 8°. 5646.86 

In favor of protection. 

Caribbee islands. See Paton. 

Caricature. See Everitt ; — Vanity fair. 

Carles, William R. Life in Corea. With 
illus. and map. London, 1888. 8°. 3015.64 

Carlisle, England. See Ferguson. 

Carlyle, Thomas. Counsels to a literary as- 
pirant, a hitherto unpublished letter of 1842; 
and what came of them. With a brief estimate 
of the man by J. H. Stirling. Edinb., 1886. 
Sm. 8°. 4578-113 

— The life of Friedrich Schiller. [Anon.] 
London, 1825. Portrait. 8°. 28403.17 

— See Garnett; — Hutton. 

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Portrait. [Les grands ^crivains fran9ais.] 16°. 


— George Sand. Trans, by G. Masson. Lon- 
don, 1888. Portrait. [Great French writers.] 
8°. 4650.8 

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penter. Foxboro', Mass., 1887. Portrait. 8°. 

4344. 1 n 

Carpenter, Edward. England's ideal and other 
papers on social subjects. London, 1887. Sm. 
8°. 5560.100 

Carpentry. See Hodgson ; — Monckton ; — 

Carr, Lucien. The mounds of the Mississippi 
valley, historically considered. [Cambridge, 
188-.] [Memoirs of the Kentucky geological 
survey. Vol. 2.] 4°. ♦4370-69 

Carriers. See Schouler. 

Carrington, Henry B. The obelisk and its 
voices ; or, the inner facing of the Washington 
monument, with their lessons. Boston, 1S87. 
Plate. Portraits. 12°. 4*55-59 

Verses, with extracts in prose relating to George Wash- 
ington, etc. 

Cary, Alice. Early and late poems of Alice 
and Phoebe Cary. Boston, 1887. 12°. 4407.128 




Catalogues. See Bangor ; — Birmingham ; — 
Cahors ; — Cohen ; — Enoch Pratt ; — Evanston ; 
— New Haven ; — U. S. Surgeon-general of the 

Catherine de' Medici, queen of France. Let- 
tres publi^es par le c"' Hector de La Ferrifere. 
T. 2. 1563-1566. Paris. 1885. [Collection de 
documents inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 4°. 


Cato, Dionjsius. See Beets. 

Caucasus. See Chantre ; — Erckert. 

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[Poems.] Louisville, 1887. 12°. 4408.108 

Ceadda, >S/., bishop of Mercia. 6'cc Scrivener. 

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English by J. A. Symonds. With portrait and 
etchings by F. Laguillermie, also reproductions 
of the works of the master. London, 1888 
[18S7]. 2 v. 8°. 8062.71 

Chabaneau, Camilla. Histoire et theorie de 
la conjugaison fran^aise. Nouv. ^d. Paris, 
1878. 8°. 2682.12 

— editor. Sainte Marie Madeleine dans la lit- 
t^rature provemjale en prose et en vers relatifs a 
cette sainte, public avec introduction etcommen- 
taires. Paris, 1887. 8°. 2685.82 

Chabrier, Albert. Les orateurs politiques de 
la France. La tradition et I'esprit fran<;ais en 
politique. Choix de discours prononces dans 
les assemblees politiques francjaises, dtats gen^- 
raux, conseils, parlements, chambres, 1302-1S30. 
Paris, 1888 [1887]. 160. 46i9a.67 

Chadwick lead works, Boston. Catalogue and 
diagrams of lead pipe, sheet lead, etc. [Boston.] 
1887. Plate. 8°, obi. 8027.19 

Challenger, Ship. Report on the scientific re- 
sults of the voyage, 1873-76. Zoology, vol. 20- 

22. London, i{ 

3 V. in 4. 40 


Contents. — 20. Monaxonida, by S. O. Ridley and A. 
Dendy; Myzostomlda (supplement), by L. von Graff; 
Cephalodiscus Dodecalophus, a new type of the Polvzoa, by 
W. C. M'Intosh. 21. Hexactinellida, by F. C. Schulze. 
33. Deep-sea fishes, by A. Gunther. 

Chalmers, George. Caledonia : or, a histori- 
cal and topographical account of North Britain. 
New ed. Vol. 2. Paisley, 1887. [New club se- 
ries.] 40. ***2470.59 

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tish." An address in reply to the address of 
Charles Francis Adams, jr. With portions of 
articles by Professors Zeller, Fisher, and Pea- 
body. Boston, 1884. 8°. 3591.73 

Mr. Adams's address was upon the compulsory study of 
the classics, especially of the Greek languag^e, in colleges. 

Chamberlain, Edwin M. The sovereigns of 
industry. Boston, 1875. 16°. 5560.98 

Chamberlain, Mellen. The constitutional re- 
lations of the American colonies to the English 
government at the commencement of the Ameri- 
can revolution. A paper read before the 
American historical association, in Boston, May 
23. 1887. [Boston, 1887.] 8°. *»H. 85.28 

Champlain, N. Y. See Dowling. 

Chance. See Venn. 

Channing, William E. CEuvres sociales. Trad, 
fran^aise prdc^dde d'un Essai sur sa vie^et sa 
doctrine, d'une introd. et de notices par E. La- 
boulaye. Paris. [1870.] 12°. 5560.96 

Chantre, Ernest. Recherches anthropologiques 
dans le Caucase. Paris, 1885-87. Text, 4 v., 
plates, illus., portraits, map; Atlas, i v., 4°. 

♦♦♦5070a. 5 

Chaper, Eugene, editor. Recueil de docu- 
ments relatifs a I'histoire du Dauphin^. Fasci- 
cule 4. Grenoble, 18S6. 4°. No. 4 in *46io.6o 

Contents. — 46 fasc. Notice historique sur les edifices 
religieux d^truits de 1790 ^ 1820, dans le ddpartement de 
I'lsere, r^dig^e en 1S22 par Am^d^e Ducoin. 

Chapin, Ethan S. Gravitation the determining 
force. Cambridge, 1887. Portrait. 12°. 3967.81 

Chapin, Stephen. A series of letters on the 
mode and subjects of baptism. 2d ed. Boston, 
1820. 12°. 7455.20 

Charities. See Associated ; — Lend a hand. 

Charlemagne. See Altfranzosische. 

Charles the tenth and Louis Philippe : the 
secret history of the Revolution of July, 1830. 
London, 1839. Portraits. 8°. ^ 6645.75 

Chasles, Victor E. Philarfete. Etudes sur 
I'Allemagne ancienne et moderne. Paris, 1854. 
12°. 2860.72 

ChAtcaugzy, province of ^tiebec. 5'ee Sellar. 

Chaumelin, Jean M. M. E. Meissonier. J. 
Breton. Paris, 1887. Etching. [Portraits d'ar- 
tistes.] 8°. 4084.20 

Each sketch is followed by a list of the painter's works. 

Chautauqua circles. See Wilbor. 

Chemistry. See Aveling; — Bernays ; — 
Bloxam ; — Durrant ; — Fownes ; — Meyer, L. ; 
Morley, H. F. ; — Roscoe ; — Schwanert; — 

Cherouny, Henry W. Labor and liberty. The 
historic development of the labor question. 
Lectures delivered under the auspices of the 
Constitution club of New York. N. Y.,1885. 8°. 


An appendix contains an account of the Great giiild of 
St. John of Beverley of the Hanshouse, and the Tailors' 
guild at Exeter, England. 

Cheshire biography. Chester, 1796. 24°. 

No. I in *6543.76 

Chester, England. See Christie. 

Chiapas. Language. See Adam. 

Chicago. See Guyer. 

Child, Frank S. Be strong to hope. Courage 
and comfort that concern the ministry of trouble. 
N. v., i888. 12°. 5438.78 

Child, Lydia Maria. Philothea : a Grecian ro- 
mance. New and corrected ed. N. Y. , 1845. 
12°. ♦♦K.138.16 

Children. See Marwedel. 

Children's games. See Walker. G. 

China. See Little; — Simon, G. E. ; — Wil- 
son, J. H. ; — Young, A. G. 

Chinese art. See Paleologue. 

Chinese drama. See Gottschall. 

Chinese ornament. See Jones, O. 

Chiriqui, Isthmus of Darien. See Holmes. 

Chislet, Kent county, England. See Haslewood. 

Choate, Rufus. See Boutwell. 

Cholera. See Bel lew. 

Christ. See Krummacher. 

Christian art. See Stokes. 

Christian unity. See W., T. C. 

Christianity. See Cairns ; — Matheson ; — 

Christie, Richard C, editor and translator. 
Annales Cestrienses ; or, chronicle of the abbey 
of S. Werburg, at Chester. Edited with trans, 
by R. C. Christie. [Manchester.] 1887. [Rec- 
ord society. Lancashire and Cheshire. Publi- 
cations. Vol. 14.] 8°. *2507.6i 

Prefixed is the Report for the years 1884-5, 8S-6- 




Chronicles of the reigns of Stephen, Henry ii., 
and Richard i. Edited by Richard Howlett. 
London, 1886. [Great Britain. Public record 
office. Chronicles and memorials.] 8°. *7048.53.3 

Contents. — 3. Gesta Stephani regis Anglonim et ducis 
Noniiannoruin ; Historia Ricardi, prinris ecclesia: Haue:u- 
staldensis, de gestis regis Stephant; Kelatin venerabilis 
Aelredi, abbatis Kievallensis, dc Standardo; Chronique de 
la guerre entre les Anglois et les Ecossois en 1173 et 1174, 
par Jordan Fantosine ; Kicardus Divisienslsde rebus gestis 
Kicardi primi. 

Chronique rim^e des derniers rois deTolWe et 
de la conqu^te de I'Espagne par les, Arabes. 
[Par 1'] Anonyme de Cordoue. Edit^e et 
annot^e par le P. J. Tailhan. Paris, 1885. 20 
fac-similes. F°. *i„*3ioo.24 

Contains the original text entitled Epitoma imperatorum, 
which has been assigned heretofore to Isidore de B^ja, or 
de Badajoz (Isidorus Pacensis episcopus) on grounds that 
seem to M. Jules Tailhan untenable and untrustworthy. This 
Epitoma is printed with a preliminary notice and notes in E. 
Florez's Espana sagrada, vol. S, pp. 269-339 [**0.275.i.8J, 
as the Cronicon de Isidore Pacense. 

Chronology. See Nichol. 

Chrysostom, St. See Bush. 

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manual for students. Enlarged edition. London, 
1887. Illus. Sm. 8°. 80693.49 

Church, John A. The Comstock lode. Illus. 
N. Y., 1879. 4°- *786oa.63 

Church music. See Morsch. 

Churcher, William H. The mystery of 
*' Shakespeare " revealed. Sir Francis Bacon the 
real author. Detroit, 1886. 12°. 4598.32 

Chute, Chaloner W. A history of the Vyne in 
Hampshire ; being a short account of the building 
& antiquities of that house situate in the parish of 
Sherborne, St. John co. Hants & of persons who 
have at some time lived there. Winchester, 
1888 [1887]. Illus. Sm. 40. *249i.io3 

Cinnamon. See Mittheilungen (Schumann). 

Circumcision. See Jaff6. 

Cities. See Loomis ; — Smith, H. A. 

Civil service. See U. S. 4oiA congress. 

Clark, Hubert L. The birds of Amherst and 
vicinity, including nearly the whole of Hamp- 
shire county, Mass. With introd. by C. H. Fer- 
nald. Amherst, 1887. 8°. *3905.62 

Clarke, James Freeman. Oration delivered be- 
fore the city government and citizens of Boston, 
July 5, 1875. Boston, 1875. 8°. *4455-9 

A copy in the form of proof with marks of omission as 
arranged for delivery. 

Clarke, Joseph I. C. Robert Emmet. A tra- 
gedy of Irish history. N. Y., 1888 [1887]. Por- 
trait. 12°. 4549.118. 

Classical education. See Chamberlain, D. 
H. ; — Dyer. 

Clayden, Peter W. The early life of Samuel 
Rogers. London, 1887. 12". 4546.103 

Clercq, Alexandre de. Recueil des traitds de la 
France. T. 15. Supplement. 1713-188^. Paris, 
1888 8°. *66i2.2.i5 

Climate. See Lecoq. 

Clodd, Edward. The story of creation. A 
plain account of evolution. London, 188S. Illus. 
Sm 8°. 3825.27 

Closson, William B. Homes and haunts of the 
poets. Original etchings. Holmes. Boston, 
1886. 24°, oblong. 4409.118 

Clouston, Thomas S- Clinical lectures on 
mental diseases. Added an abstract of the stat- 
utes of the United States and of the several states 

and territories relating to the custody of the in- 
sane. By C. F. Folsom [with the assistance of 
H. R. Bailey]. Phila., 1884. Illus. 8°. 5801.74 

Cluny, Abbey of. See Bernard. 

Coca. See Searle. 

Cochran, William. Pen and pencil in Asia 
Minor; or, notes from the Levant. With engrav- 
ings, made chiefly from water-colour sketches by 
the author. London, 1887. 8°. 30708.77 

Several chapters of this work are devoted to the raising of 
the silkworm and the production of silk. 

Cockbum, Henry T., lord Cockburn. An 

examination of the trials for sedition which have 
hitherto occurred in Scotland. Edinb., 1888. 
2 V. 8". 3685.5 

The preface is dated 1853. 

Codices. See Scrivener. 

Coflinberry, Andrew. The forest rangers : a 
poetic tale of the western wilderness in 1794. 
Connected with and comprising the march and 
battle of General Wayne's army. Columbus, 
1842. 16°. ^4409. 1 13 

Cohen, Joshua I. Catalogue of a Hebrew li- 
brary: being the collection, with a few additions, 
of the late J. I. Cohen. Compiled by Cyrus 
Adler. Baltimore, 1887. Sm. 40. *2i48.g 

Colbeck, Alfred. A summer's cruise in the 
waters of Greece, Turkey, and Russia. London, 
1887. 8°. 3080a. 57 

Cole, Frank T. The early genealogies of the 
Cole families in America (including Coles and 
Cowles). Columbus, O., 1887. Portraits. 8°. 


Colenso, John W., bishop of Natal. See Cox, 
Sir G. W. 

Coleorton letters. See Knight. ' 

Coleridge, Samuel T. See Knight. 

Collectanea adamantsea. See Des Niau ; — 
Field of bloud ; — Parsons. 

Collection de documents in^dits sur I'histoire 
de France. See Bernard ; — Boislisle ; — Cathe- 
rine de' Medici; — Melanges. 

Collector, The. A monthly journal devoted 
to autographs. W. Romeyn Benjamin, editor. 
Vol. I, No. 1-7. September, 1887-March, 1888. 
N. Y., 1887, 88. Sm. 40. *6ii7.x5 

College journalism. See McClure. 

College of physicans of Philadelphia. Trans- 
actions. Centennial volume. Phila., 1887. S". 


CoUyer, Robert. Talks to young men. (With 
asides to young women.) Boston, 1888 [1SS7]. 
Sm. 8°. 358776 

CoUyer, William B. Lectures on Scripture 
facts. Boston, 1813. 8°. 7451-34 

Color. See Church, A. H. 

Colorado. See France, L. B. 

Colors. See Radde. 

Colton's new topographical map of Virginia, 
West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, and 
portions of other adjoining states. N. Y., 1880. 
Folded. ♦43798.106 

Columbia college. Statutes of Columbia col- 
lege and its associated schools. N. Y., 1880, 82, 
85. 3 v. 8°. *4497-95 

The volumes for 18S0, 83 contain an historical sketch of 
the college. 

— School of arts. Annual register of the offi- 
cers and students of Columbia college, 1879/80, 
82/83, 84/85. N. Y., 1879-84- 8°. •4497-91 




Circular of information for 1882/3-85/6. 

N. Y., 1882-86. 120. *4497.99 

— Sc/iool of mines. A list of the graduates. 
N. Y., 1880. 8°. *4497-93 

— School of political science. Annual register 
of the officers and students, 1882/3, 84/5, 8s/6. 
N. Y., 1882-86. 8°. *4497.89 

Circular of information for 1880, 83/4, 85. 

N. Y., 1880-85. 12°. *4497.ioo 

— See Van Amringe. 

Columbus, Christopher. See Frankl ; — Har- 
risse ; — Lamartine. 

Combrouse, Guillaunie. Monuments de la mai- 
son de France. Collection de m^dailles. estampes 
et portraits. Paris, 1856. 60 plates. F°. ♦^♦4640.14 

Combustion. See Dimond. 

Commerce. See Jacob ; — Lieblein ; — Mit- 
theilungen (Stolze) ; — Mortimer. 

Commercial club of Boston. In memoriam. 
Hon. E. R. Mudge. Boston, i88i. Sq. 16°. 


Commercial odes ; addressed to several mer- 
chants of Boston. N. p., n. d. Sm. 4°. *44o8.io5 

These odes are addressed to Hon. W. Gniy, Theodore 
Lyman, James Perkins, Hon. James Lloyd. 

Como, Lake. See Lund. 

Comstock lode. See Church, J. A. 

Conant, Frederick O. A history and genealogy 
of the Conant family in England and America, 
thirteen generations, 1520-1887. Containing also 
notes on the Connet, Connett and Connit fami- 
lies. Illus. Portland, 1887. 8°. *4334.io3 

Conchology. See Fischer, P. ; — Wjatt. 

Concord railroad. See New Hampshire. 

Condom, France. See Andrieu. 

Cone, Marj. Life of Rufus Putnam; with 
extracts from his journal, and an account of the 
first settlement in Ohio [at Marietta]. Cleve- 
land, 1S86. L. 8°. *434i.io5 

Conewago valley, Pennsylvania. See Reily. 

Confectionery. See Landry. 

Confederate States of America. See Watson, 

Congo language. See Bentley. 

Congo river. See Hornaday. 

Congres frantjais de chirurgie. Session 2, 1886. 
Proces-verbaux, m^moires et discussions. Paris, 
1887. 8". *3752.6i.2 

Connecticut. See General ; — Sanford. 

Connolly, Daniel, cotnpiler. The household 
library of Ireland's poets, with selections from 
Irish -American poets, and biographical notes. 
N. Y., 1887. Portraits. L. 8°. *256o.30 

Consumption. See Brehmer. 

Conversation. See Mahaffy. 

Conversations-Lexikon (Brockhaus'). i3te 
Auflage. Supplementband. A-Z. Leipzig, 1887. 
8». *C.R.7.7.i 

Cooke, George W. A history of the Clapboard 
Trees, or Third parish, Dedham, Mass. Now 
the Unitarian parish. West Dedham. 1736-1886. 
Boston, 1887. Portraits. Illus. 80. *3545.67 

Cookery. See Murrey ; — Spons' ; — Whitehead. 

Copper. See Peters. 

Corea. See Carles. 

Corporations. See Tucker. 

Corpvs inscriptionvm Latinarvm consilio et 

avctoritate Academiae litterarvm regiae Borvssi- 

cae editum. Vol. xiv. Berolini, mdccclxxxvh. 

Maps. Fo. ***495o. 51.14 

Con/^»/s.— I nscriptiones Latii veteris Latinac.edidit H. 

Corsham house, Wiltshire. See Britton. 

Cossacks. See Mittheilungen (Stein). 

Costello, Augustine E. Our firemen. A his- 
tory of the New York fire departments. Extra 
library ed. N. Y., 1887. Illus. Portraits. 8°. 


Costume. See Ganier; — Ladies; — Mode. 

Cottin, Paul. Un proteg^ de Bachaumont. 
Correspondance inedite du marquis d'Eguilles 
( 1 745-1 748). Paris, 1887. Portrait. 12°. 


Cotton. Sec Lee, H. 

Cowper, William. See Neve. 

Cox, Sir George W.,dart. The life of John 
William Colenso, D.D., bishop of Natal. Lon- 
don, 1888. 2 v. Portraits. 8°. 4543.100 

Cox, Samuel S. Diversions of a diplomat in 
Turkey. N. Y., 1887. Portrait. Illus. 8°. 

3080a. 59 

Coxe, Arthur Cleveland. Institute of Chris- 
tian history. Chicago, 1887. 12°. 5527.50 

— editor. The Ante-Nicene Fathers. Trans- 
lations of the writings of the Fathers down to 
A.D. 325. Original supplement to the American 
edition. Buffalo, 1887. 8°- 3501-65 

Contents. — Bibliog^raphical synopsis, by E. C. Richard- 
son ; General index, by Bernhard Pick. 

The Index was made for the American edition in eight 
volumes, which comprise the original twenty-four volumes 
and additional matter. ' 

Coxwell, Henry. My life and balloon experi- 
ences, with a chapter on military ballooning. 
London, 1887. Portrait. Sm. 8«. 3967.78 

Crafts, William A. Pioneers in the settlement 
of America: from Florida in 15 10 to California 
in 1849. Illus. from designs by F. O. C Darley, 
etc. Boston. ^Cof. 1876.] 2 v. 4°. *43ii.io3 

Craggs family. See Woods, A. W. 

Cramer, John A. See Schneider, R. 

Cranz, David. The ancient and modern hi.s- 
tory of the Brethren : or, a succinct narrative of 
the Protestant church of the United brethren, or 
Unitas fratrum. Trans., with notes, by B. La 
Trobe. London, 1780. 8°. *3536.i5 

Creation. See Clodd. 

Cregar, William F. Ancestry of William Ship- 
ley Haines. With some account of the descend- 
ants of John and foseph Haines and Colonel 
Cowperthwaite. Phila., 1887. Table. 8". 


Creighton, Louise. Social history of England. 

London, 1887. [Highways of history.] Sm. 8°. 

Crevecceur, Robert Saint John de. Saint John 
de Cr^vecoeur ; sa vie et ses ouvrages (i 735-1813). 
[Par] Robert de Crevecceur. Paris, 1883. Por- 
traits. 8". 4650.59 

Pp. 293-309 contain " Bibliographie des ouvrages de 

Crimean war. See Du Casse; — Kinglake. 

Crisp, Frederick A., editor. Abstracts of 
Somersetshire wills, etc., copied from the manu- 
script collections of Rev. Frederick Brown, ist 
series. [London.] 1887. L. 8°. ♦♦2501.106 

— Catholic registers of Worcester. [London.] 
1887. L. 8°. ♦♦2501.107 

— Monumental inscriptions in the church of 
St. Olave's, Jewry, London. [London.'] 1887. 
L. 8°. ♦♦2501.108 

— The registers of Ketnpsford, co. Gloucester. 
1653-1700. [London.] 1887. L. 8°. ♦♦2501.105 




— Sepulchral memorials of Bobbingworth, 
Essex. With genealogical notes and pedigrees. 
[London.] 1888. Coats of arms. L. 8°. 


Croatia. See Bojni£i<*. 

Croatian language. See Filipovi<5; — Gall. 

Crocker, Uriel H. Over-production and com- 
mercial distress. Boston, 1887. 8°. 5656.25 

Crocker, William G. See Medberj. 

Crockford, John. Crockford's clerical directory 
for 1888. London, 1888. 8°. ♦35403.60 

Crossley, Aaron. The peerage of Ireland. 
Dublin, MDCCxxv. F°. No. i in ♦♦4530.106 

Crusades. See Ranke ; — Recueil. 

Cumberland and Westmoreland, antiquarian 
and archaeological society. .S^^ Denton ; — Fer- 

Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. See His- 

Cumming, Linnjeus. Electricity treated ex- 
perimentally. New ed. N. Y., 1887. lUus. 16°. 


Cunningham, Allan. Traditional tales of 
the English and Scottish peasantry. London, 
1S87. [Morley's universal library.] Sm. 8°. 


Curio, The. An illustrated monthly magazine 
devoted to genealogy and biography, heraldry 
[etc.]. Vol. 1, no. 1-4. September, 1887- 
February, 1887. N. Y. [1887, 88.] lUus. 4°. 


Cusack, Mary F. {Religious name Mary 
Frances Clare.) The illustrated history of Ire- 
land. With illus. Nevsr ed. [London.] 1875. 
Maps. 8°. 4517-8 

Cushing, William. Initials and pseudonyms : 
a dictionary of literary disguises, [ist and] 2d 
series. N. Y., 1885, 88. 2 v. L. 8°. ♦2151.21 

Cutler, Manasseh. Life, journals and corre- 
spondence, by his grandchildren. W. P. Cutler 
and Julia P. Cutler. Cincinnati, 1888. 2 v. Por- 
trait. 8°. ^4342. 107 

Dr. Manasseh Cutler was instrumental in the formation 
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The four editions are those of Follgno, 147*, Jcsi, 147a, 
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— See Young, G. A. 

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♦4350a. 167 

The historical address was delivered by Erastus Worth- 

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Relates to the burning' of Bibles at Champlain in 1842. 

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On the Crimean war. 

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4670b. 23 

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4670b. 26 

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16°. 4670b. 16 

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4670b. 22 

— Valvfedre. Nouv. ^d. Paris, 1884. 12°. 


— See Caro. 

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history, genealogy and archaeology of New 
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See Parsons, R. 

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Appended to Vol. 5 is " Francois Picaud : a piece of con. 
temporary history, trans, by Hugh Craig," which relates the 
story on which the romance of Dumas was founded. 

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tive fancies on many-coloured matters. London, 

1888. Sm. 8°. 4557-ioa 
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execute par ordre du roi, sur la corvette La Co- 
quille, pendant les ann^es 1822-1825. Paris, 
1826-30. Text, 8 v., 4°; Plates, 7 v., F». 

Contents. — Zoologie, par MM. Lesson et Garnot. Text, 
4 v.; Atlas, 3 v. Text, *; Atlas, %*s82oa.S 

Botanique, par MM. D'Urville, Bory de St. Vincent et 
Ad. Brougniart. Text, 2 v. ; Atlas, 3 v. 

Text, *s82i.2i ; Atlas, %*s82oa.6 
[Histoire du voyage.] Text, 1 v.; Atlas, i v. 

Text, •5821 22; Atlas, •»*sS3oa.7 

Hydrographie et physique, par L. I. Duperrey. Text, i v. ; 

Atlas, I V. Text, •5821.33; Atlas, ♦,*s83oa.8 

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Roman de Mahomet. Ein altfranzosisches 
Gedicht des xiii. Jahrhunderts neu herausgege- 
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1887. Sm. 8". , 397oa.4 
Dussieux, Louis E. Les grands faits de 

I'histoire de France racont^s par les contempo- 
rains. Recueil de documents originaux destin^ 
k servir de complement aux dtudes historiques. 
2e dd., avec introd. par Ch. Barthdlemy. Paris, 
1879. 8 v. 120. 46198.68 

Contents. — Vol. i. Les nrtgines et le moven-age jusqu'i 
la guerre de Cent ans. 3. Le moyen-age depuis la guerre 
de Cent ans jusqu'Ji Louis xi. ^. Depuis Louis xi jusqu'i 
la Ligue. 4. La Ligue, Henri iv et Marie de M^dicis. 
5. Louis XIII et le cardinal de Richelieu. 6, 7. Louis xiv. 
8. Louis XV et Louis xvi. 

Duxbury, Massachusetts. The two hundred 
and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Dux- 
bury, June 17, 1887. Plymouth, 1887. Plates. 8°. 


The oration was by Justin Winsor. 

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acter of E. G. Booth, lawyer, legislator, and phi- 
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[With] drawings from nature by H. P. Quincy. 
N. Y., 1881. L. 8°. 3740.33 

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A paper before the Harvard club of Rhode Island 
in Providence, Feb. 25th, 1884. Cambridge, 
1884. 8°, 1. p. 5591-79 

Another copy, Boston, 18S4, is on shelf-number *559i.67. 

Dynamo-electric machines. See Walker, F. 

Earthquakes. See Holden ; — Mallet. 

East. See American oriental society; — Zeit- 

Eastern question. See Freeman ; — Lansdell ; 

— Roskoschny. 

Ebers, Georg M. Richard Lepsius : a biog- 
raphy. Trans, from the German, by Zoe D. 
Underbill. N. Y., 1887. Portrait. 16°. 2858.74 

Pp. 325-347 contain an index to the works of Richard 

Ebert, Adolf. Allgemeine Geschichte der 
Literatur des Mittelalters im Abendlande. B 3. 
Leipzig, 1887. 8°. 2192.9.3 

Ecclesiastical history. See Coxe ; — Egar ; — 
Jones, Rev. W. ; — Smith. W. 

Ecclesiastical law. See Palmer, R. 

Ecclesiastical polity. See Hooker; — Walker, 

Ecole polytechnique, Paris. See Leprieur. 

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Lady Mary S. F. Four months' cruise in a sail- 
ing yacht. London, 1888 [1887]. Illus. Map. 
Sm. 8°. 5078.61 

Principally along the shores of the Mediterranean. 

Education. See Encyklopadie ; — Froebel ; — 
Hazlitt ; — Klemm ; — Pember ; — Richmond, L. ; 

— Schulze, C. ; — Thring ; — White, E. E. 
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donna : her history and surroundings from the 
seventeenth to the nineteenth century. London, 

1888. 2 V. 8°. 4044.83 
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and political, from Constantine to the Reforma- 
tion. N. Y., 1887. [The Bishop Paddock lect- 
ures. 1887.] 12°. 5526.54 
Eggs. See Swaysland. 




Egypt. See Bell ; — Bergmann ; — Bove;t ; — 
Budge; — Erman; — Etudes; — Institut egyp- 
tien ; — Maspero ; — Naville ; — Papjri ; — South 

Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Benedictine abbey. 
Jahresbericht uber die Lehr- und Erziehungs- 
Anstaltdes Benediktiner Stiftes Maria-Einsiedeln 
im Studienjahre 1883/84, 84/85. Mit einem 
Programme: Monte Cassino von seiner Griin- 
dung und Gestaltung bis zu seiner hochsten 
BlUthe unter Abt Desiderius. Von Heinrich 
Rickenbach. Einsiedeln, 1884, 85. 2v. ini. 4°. 


Electricity. SeeBottone; — Gumming; — Du 
Moncel ; — Forbes, G. ; — Hospitalier ; — Walker, 
F. W. 

Electro-dynamics. See Kapp. 

Eliot, George. See Hutton ; — Parkinson. 

Eliot, Walter G. A sketch of the Eliot 
family. N. Y., 1887. Portraits. Genealogical 
chart. 12°. *4339 103 

Eliot family. See Woods, A. W. 

Elizabethan literature. See Saintsburj. 

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don, 18S7. Sm. 8°. 50593.87 

Elocution. See Garry ; — Murray, J. ; — Smith- 

Elocutionists. See Wilbor. 

Elvins, Richard. True justifying faith pro- 
ducing evangelical obedience. Illustrated in a 
sermon at Dunstan in Scarborough, July 26th, 
1747. Boston, 1747. 240. **H.99b.57 

With a preface by Jedidiah Jewet. 

Embroidery. See Lef^bure. 

Embryology. See Bruce, A. T. 

Emerson, Luther O., compiler. The harp of 
Judah ; a collection of sacred music. Boston. 
[1863.] 16°, obi. 8059.32 

Emilio, Luis F. The assault on Fort Wagner, 
July 18, 1863. The memorable charge of the 54th 
regiment of Massachusetts volunteers. Boston, 
1887. 8". *4323.io5 

Emmet, Robert. See Clarke, J. I. C. 

Encyklopadie des gesamten Erziehungs- und 
Unterrichtswesens. 2te Aufl. fortgefiihrt von W. 
Schrader. B. 9, 10. Spanien-Zwingli. Leip 
zig, 1887. 8°. *3593-6i 

Engineering. See Heusinger von Waldegg ; — 

England. History, etc. See Creighton ; — 
Manning, R. ; — Roemer. 

Stephen, Henry II., Richard I. See 


Elizabeth. See Bekker. 

Tudor s. See Hume, D. 

England, Church of. See Crockford; — 
Lloyd ; — Palmer, R. ; — Perry. 

English drama. See Lowe. 

English language and literature. See Bleib- 
treu; — Boyle; — Bullen; — Halliwell-Phillipps; 

— Hunt. T. W. ; — Kerl ; — Long; — Randolph ; 

— Roemer; — Saintsbury. 
Engraving. See Beraldi. 

Enoch Pratt free library, Baltimore. Finding 
list. Central library. 3d ed. Baltimore, 1887. 
8". * 2 203. 39 

Entomology. See U. S. Division of agricult- 
ure ; — Wood. 

Epidemics. See Parkin. 

Epitaphs. See Herckenrode de Saint- 

Erckert, R. von. Der Kaukasus und seine 
Vdlker. Nach eigener Anschauung. Leipzig, 
1887. Illus. Map. 8°. 3086.52 

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Leben im Altertum. 2. Tubingen. [18S8.] 
Illus. L. 8°. 5051.79.2 

Erni, Henri. Mineralogy simplified. 2d edi- 
tion. Illus. Phila., 1885. 12". 3869.78 

Errors of observations. See Weinstein. 

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Allgemeine Encyklopadie der Wissenschaften 
und Kiinste. 2te Section H-N. Theil 41. Kus- 
nezk-Landsmannschaften. Leipzig, 1887. 4°. 


Eschenbach, Wolfram von. See Oeffentliche 

Espy, James P. See Morehead. 

Estes. Louise R., compiler. Nature and art. 
Poems and pictures from the best authors and 
artists. Illus. with etchings, by Rajon, and 
illus. from designs by A. F. Bellows, George 
Fuller [etc.]. Engraved by W.J. Linton, G. T. 
Andrew, W. B. Closson, and G. Kruell. Boston, 

1887. F". *45oo.42 
Etchings. See Bicknell ; — Closson ; — Estes ; 

— Wedmore; — Wheater. 

Ethics. See Revell ; — Taylor, H. ; — Wil- 
son, John. 

Ethnology. See Schneider, W. 

Etiquette. SeeYiaW; — Hints. 

Eton college. See Wilkinson. 

Etudes archdologiques, linguistiques et his- 
toriques, d^dides a Dr. C. Leemans, a I'occasion 
du cinquantieme anniversaire de sa nomination 
aux fonctions de directeur du Musee archeolo- 
gique des Pays-Bas. Leide, 1885. Map. Plates. 

Illus. F°. *2220.30 

Contents. — L'Egypte; L'Asie occidentile; Indes, 

I'extreme orient et I'Am^rique; Auteurs classiques ; Ar- 

ch^ologie g^n^rale; Histoire, art, litt^rature et sciences 

Under each subject are articles by various authors, in 

French, German, Dutch, etc. 

Euler, Leonhard. See Oeffentliche (Rudio). 

Eulogium (historiarum sive temporis) : chroni- 
con ab orbe condito usque ad annum Domini 
M.ccc.L.xvi, a monacho quodam Malmesburi- 
ensi exaratum. Edited by F. S. Haydon. 
Vol. 2, 3. London, 1S60-63. [Great Britain. 
Public record office. Chronicles and memo- 
rials.] L. 8°. *7056.5i 

Euphronios. See Klein, W. 

Euripides. The bacchanals and other plays. 
The bacchanals trans, by H. H. Milman ; the 
other plays trans, by M. Wodhull. London, 

1888. [Morley's universal library.] Sm. 8'^. 


Europe. See Oncken. 

Evanston, Illinois. Free public library. Find- 
ing list. November, 1887. [Evanston.?] 1887. 
8°. *6204.i4 

Evelyn, John. Life of Mrs. Godolphin. New 
ed.. edited by E. W. Harcourt. London, 1888 
[1887]. Portrait. Pedigrees. Sm. 8". 454g.ii3 

A new edition of the Life, edited by Samuel Wilberforce, 
in 1S47 [6549.5.]. 

Everett, Joseph D. Outlines of natural phi- 
losophy for schools and general readers. Illus. 
N. Y., 1887. 16°. 3967.84 

Everitt, Graham. English caricaturists and 
graphic humourists of the 19th century. London, 
1886. Illus. 40. *8o6i.65 





Evidences of a revealed religion. See Jouin ; 
— Keith. 

Evolution. See Clodd ; — Giles ; — Matheson. 

Fables. See Moore, E. 

Fairfax of Cameron, barony of. See Great 
Britain. House of lords. 

Faith. See Elvins. 

Faith and conduct. An essay on verifiable 
religion. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 5437-8o 

Falmouth, Mass. Celebration of the two 
hundredth anniversary of the incorporation, 
June 15, 1886. Falmouth, 1887. S". *4359.34 
The oration was by J. L. Swift. 

Famous victories, The, of Henry the fifth. 
The earliest known quarto, 1598, a facsimile in 
foto-lithography (from the unique copy in the 
Bodleian library) by C. Praetorius. With introd. 
by P. A. Daniel. London, 1887. [Shakspere- 
quarto facsimiles.] Sm. 4°. **G.63.39 

Farrar, Frederic W. Everyday Christian life ; 
or, sermons by the way. N. Y., 1888 [18S7]. 
16°. 5438.75 

Fashion. See Ladies ; — Mode ; — Oeflfentliche 

Fathers of the church. See Coxe. 

Faunce, Linus. Descriptive geometry. Pre- 
pared for the use of the Massachusetts institute 
of technology. Boston, 1886. Plates. 8^ 


— Mechanical drawing. Prepared for the use 
of the Massachusetts institute of technology. 
Boston, 1887. Plates. 16°. 8067.49 

Feather family. See Marshall. 

Feilberg, M. W. Norsk Bog-Fortegnelse. 
Kristiania, 1885. 8°. *2i47.65 

Fellows, James I. [Fellows' compound syrup 
of hypophosphites of quinine, strychnine, iron, 
lime, potassa and manganese.] London, 1881- 
86. 6 parts in i v. Sm. 8°. 5789a.76 

Fenwick's colony, JVe-w Jersey. See Shourds. 

Ferguson, Richard S., and Nanson, William. 
Some municipal records of the city of Carlisle. 
Carlisle, 1887. Plates. [Cumberland and West- 
moreland antiquarian and archaeological socie- 
ty.] 8«. *24i5.73 

Fermanagh, Ireland. See Lowry-Corry. 

Fernow, Berthold, editor. New York State 
archives. New York in the Revolution, pre- 
pared under the direction of the Board of regents. 
Vol. I. Albany, 1887. [Documents relating to 
the colonial history of the State of New York. 
Vol. 15.] 4°. *2390.2.i5 

Contents. — i. Proceeding's of the Provincial congress; 
The New York line on the third Continental establishment, 
1776; The navy; Officers of the levies, militia, minute men, 
rangers and associated exempts, arranged by counties; Al- 
phabetical list of the State troops ; Appendix, containing : 
List of officers of the New York Ijne on the first continental 
establishment, 1775; The navy; The Green mountain boys 
and Vermont militia; Additional officers of New York; 
Service of the levies and militia; Casualties, prisoners, 
wounded and killed. Pensioners of the State, alphabetically 
arranged; Index. 

Fever. See Wilson, J. C. 

Fidler, Thomas C. A practical treatise on 
bridge-construction. With illus. and plates. 
London, 1887. 8°- 8020a. 65 

Field, Caroline L., n^e Whitney. The unseen 
king and other verses. Boston, 1887. 16°. 


Field, Mrs. E. M. Ethne: being a truthful 
historic of the great and final settlement of Ire- 
land by Oliver Cromwell, and certain other' 

noteworthy events, from the records of Ethne 
O'Connor and of Roger Standfast, captain in 
the army of the Commons of England. Lon- 
don. [1887.] 8°. 4576.107 
Historical tale. 

Field, Michael, pseud. f Canute the great; 
The cup of water. London. [1887?] Sm. 8°. 

4576. I II 

Dramas. The scene of the first is laid in England in the 
time of Edmund Ironsides and Canute; the second is a , 
dramatized story taken from one of " the projects or argu- 
ments of poems " of D. G. Rossetti. 

Field of bloud, The : or rebellion blazoned 
in all its colours. In a lively representation 
(grounded upon fact) of the fatal consequences 
of inability in a prince, exorbitant ambition in 
the nobility, and licentious insolence in the 
Commons. London, 1681. Edinb., 1887. [Col- 
lectanea adamantaea.] Sm. 8". *^,*45i9a.ioi 

An account of political events in the teign of Henry iii. 
of England. 

F'ife-Cookson, John C. Tiger-shooting in the 
Doon and Ulwar. With life in India. With 
illus. London, 1887. 8°. 4000.65 

Figurines. See Pottier. 

Filipovid, Ivan. Taschenworterbuch der kroa- 
tischen u. deutschen Sprache. 2te Aufl. Agram, 
1887. 16°. ♦30393.51 

Finance. See Kearny; — Nicholson ; — Stet- 

Fine arts (including finely illustrated works). 
See Armstrong, W. ; — Art fran<jais ; — Art 
review ; — Attvvell ; — B^raldi ; — Bicknell ; — 
Bode ; — Chaumelin ; — Estes ; — Huish ; — Ico- 
nographic ; — Jones, O. ; — Laffan ; — Lenoir ; — 
Luebke : — Norton ; — Pal^ologue ; — Paris. Sa- 
lon ; — Pottier ; — Propert; — Quilter ; — Sharp ; 

— Stokes. 

Fingal, Ireland. See Walsh. 

Finland. See Schreck. 

Fire and fires. See Costello ; — OefFentliche 

Fire-arms. See Thierbach. 

Firth, Joseph F. B. Reform of London gov- 
ernment and of city guilds. London, 1888. 
[Imperial parliament series.] Sm. 8°. 4519. iii 

Fischer, Ernst Kuno B. A critique of Kant. 
Trans, from the German, by W. S. Hough. 
London, 1888 [1887]. 8«. 358oa.5i 

Fischer, Paul. Manuel de conchyliologie et 
de pal^ontologie conchyliologique. Suivi d'un 
appendice sur les brachiopodes par D. P. CEhlert. 
Avec planches contenant 600 figures dessinees 
par S. P. Woodward, et 1138 gravures dans le 
texte. Paris, 1887. 8°. 3872.63 

Fish and fishing. See Bickerdyke ; — Boosey ; 

— Day; — Green ; — Jordan. 

Fitzgerald, Edward. Works. N. Y. and Bos- 
ton, 1887. 2 V. Plates. Portrait. 8". *46oi.ioo 

Contents. — i. Biographical preface; Omar Khayyam's 
grave; Omar Khayyim's life;, Omar KhayvAm's Rubiiyit, 
ist and 4th editions; Life of Idmi; Jdmi's Saldmin and 
Absal ; Agamemnon, a tragedy from jEschylus ; Euphranor; 
Polonius, a collection of wise saws and modern instances; 
Essays on Crabbe. 2. Six dramas of Calderon : The 
painter of his own dishonor; Keep your own secret; Gill 
Perez, the Gallician ; Three judgments at a blow; The 
mayor of Zaiamea; Beware of smooth water; Suffolk sea 

Fitzgerald, Penelope F. A treatise on the 
principle of suflScient reason. London, 1887. 
8°. 3584.75 




Fitzgerald, Percy H. The life and times of 
John Wilkes. London, 1888. 2 v. Portraits. 
Sm. 8°. 4549.120 

Flammarion, Camilla. L'atmosphere. M6- 
t^orologie populaire. Paris, 1888 [1887]. Plates. 
Illus. L. 8°. 3960.60 

Fleet prison, London. See Ashton. 

Fletcher or Flechere, John W. An appeal to 
matter of fact and common sense; or, a rational 
demonstration of man's corrupt and lost estate. 
N. Y., 1830. 16°. 7439-9 

Florence, Italy. See Kleinpaul. 

Folk lore. See Revue ; — Schreck ; — Stories. 

Food. See Beard. 

Football. See Shearman. 

Forbes, Alexander P., bishop of Brechin. See 

Forbes, Anna. Insulinde. Experiences of a 
naturalist's wife in the Eastern archipelago. 
Edinb., 18S7. Map. Sm. 8°. 5079.80 

Forbes, George. A course of lectures on elec- 
tricity before the Society of arts. London, 1S88. 
Illus. Sm. 8°. 3967.86 

Foreign office list. 188S. Edited by Sir Ed- 
ward Hertslet. London, 1888. Maps. 8°. 

♦6540a. I 

Forests. See Oeffentliche (Buehler). 

Forgues, Eugene. Gavarni. Paris. [1887.] 
Illus. [Les artistes cdlfebres.] Sm. 4°. 4084.21 

Forsyth, Sir Thomas Douglas. Autobiogra- 
phy and reminiscences. Edited by his daughter 
[Ethel Forsyth]. London, 1S87. Folded map. 
Portrait. 8°. 4542.115 

The author was envoy to Yarkand in 1873 and envoy to 
the king of Burmah in 1875. 

Fosdick, Charles. Five hundred days in rebel 
prisons. Bethany, Mo., 1887. Portrait. 120. 


Foster, Joseph. Alumni Oxonienses : the mem- 
bers of the University of Oxford, 17115-1886: 
their parentage, birthplace, and year of birth, 
with a record of their degrees. Being the ma- 
triculation register of the University, revised and 
annotated. Vol. i, 2. A-K. London, 1887. L. 
8°. *2490.78 

— A revised genealogical account of the vari- 
ous families descended from Francis Fox, of St. 
Germans, Cornwall, appended a pedigree of the 
Crokers, of Lineham, and many other families 
connected with them. London, 1872. Plate. 4°. 

_ . . . ^ ^ 2431.53; **453i.io6 

Fothermgham, James. Studies in the poetry 
of Robert Browning. London, 1887. 8°. 4563.80 

Foulke, William D. Slav or Saxon. A study 
of the growth and tendencies of Russian civili 
zation. N. Y., 1887. [Questions of the day.] 

'^ • 3060.41 

Founding. See MuUin. 

Fownes, George. Watts' manual of chemistry 
theoretical and practical (based on Fownes' man- 
ual). Vol. 2. Chemistry of carbon-compounds 
or organic chemistry. 2d ed. (13th ed of 
Fownes), by W. A. Tilden. London, 1886. 
Illus. Sm. 80. 5Q77.7S 

Fox family. 5^e Foster. ^-^i 1 1^ 

Foy, Maximilien S. History of the war in the 
Peninsula, under Napoleon. Published by the 
Countess Foy. Trans, from the French. Lon- 
don, 1827. 3 V. Portrait. 8°. 3104.20 

This work comes down to the evacuation of Portugal bv 
the French, August 30, 1808. ^ 

Foye, James C. Hand-book of mineralogy. 
Determination, description, and classification of 
minerals found in the United States. N. Y., 1886. 
[Van Nostrand's science series.] 16°. 5869.72 

France, L. B. Mountain trails and parks in 
Colorado. Denver, 1887. Illus. 16°. 4368.101 

France, jst batialion of volunteers of Maine 
et Loire. See Grille. 

— i^th regiment of artillery. See Historique. 

— 2d regiment of chasseurs. See Gay de Vernon. 

— 2d regiment of dragoons. See Bruyere. 

— 12th regiment of dragoons. See Gabriel. 

— 2jth, jjtk, 64th, 8bth, regiments of infantry. 
See Petite. 

— 4gth, 6^th regiment of infatitry. See His- 

— goth regiment of infantry. See Belhomme. 

— lojd regiment of infantry. See Roulin. 

— jobth regiment of infantry. See Valet. 

— 2d regiment of zouaves. See Du Casse. 

— History, etc. See Broc; — Chabrier; — 
Clercq ; — Dussieux ; — Ideville ; — Jackson ; — 
Levasseur ; — Pennell ; — Rambaud. 

— - Hevolution. See Grille. 

Revolution of i8jo. See Charles. 

Second etnpire. See Viel Castel. 

Franche-Comte. See Bourgeois. 

Francis of Assisi, Saint. .See Little. 

Frankl, Ludwig A. Cristofero Colombo. Ro- 
mantisches Gedicht. Stuttgart, 1836. Portrait. 
8°. 2742.80 

Franklin, Benjamin. Complete works, com- 
piled and edited by John Bigelow. Vol. 5, 6. 
N. Y., 1887, 88. 8°. * 

— Father Abraham's speech to a great number 
of people, at a vendue of merchant goods; intro- 
duced to the publick by Poor Richard, (a famous 
conjuror and almanack maker) in answer to the 
following questions. Pray, Father Abraham, what 
think you of the times.? Wont these heavy 
taxes quite ruin the country.-' How shall we ever 
be able to paj' them .'' What would you advise 
us to do.'' New-Haven, n. d. Sm. 8°. **K.i7.i8 

The brothers Samuel and Thomas Green, who published 
this rare edition of the Way to wealth, were in partnership 
in New Haven from 1767 until 1799. 

— Pictorial life of Benjamin Franklin. With 
engravings. Phila. [1846.] 16°. **K.i7.i9 

— La science du bonhomme Richard. Peking, 
1884. 16°. **K.28.2 

In French and Chinese. 

Franklin county, Pennsylvania. See History. 

Franklin park, Boston. See Boston, 

Franzosische Studien. Herausg. von G. Kor- 
ting und E. Koschwitz. B. 5. Heilbronn, 1887. 
8°. *4686.50.5 

Contents. —5. Ha.ise, A. : Zur Syntax Robert Garniers. 
Behrens, D. : Beitrage zur Geschichte der franzosi^^chen 
Sprache in England, i. Zur Lautlehre der franzosischen 
Lehnwbrter im Mittelenglischen. Goerlich, E. : Die nord- 
westlichen Dialekle der Langue d'otl, Bretagne, Anjou, 
Maine, Touraine. Horning, A. : Die ostfranzosiscnen 
Grenzdialekte zwischen Metz und Belfort. 

Frazer, James G. Totemism. Edinb., 1887. 
Sm. 8". 6237.24 

Frederick II, the Great, of Prussia. Politische 
Correspondenz. B. 15. Mai-Oct , 1757. Ber- 
lin, 1887. 8". 28403.50. 15 

Frederick, T. J. Historical sketch of the Lu- 
theran church in Nippenose valley, Lycoming 
county. Pa. Also, a brief history of the settle- 
ment of Nippenose vallev, by Jacob Sallade. 
Williamsport, Pa., 1887. 8°. *3546.79 




Freeman, Edward A. The Turks in Europe. 
N. Y., 1S77. [Harper's Half-hour series.] 32°. 


— William, the Conqueror. London, 1888. 
[Twelve English statesmen.] Sm. 8". 4548.101 

French in California. See L,6vy. 

French language and literature. See Altfran- 
zosische ; — Attwell ; — Bartsch ; — Berlitz ; — 
Bougeault; — Chabaneau; — Franzdsische; — 
Histoire; — Lorenz; — Roulier; — Toubin. 

Frey, Albert R. Sobriquets and nicknames. 
Boston, 1888 [1887]. 12°. ♦2159.27 

Frey, Joseph S. C. F. Narrative of the Rev. 
Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey. nth ed. N. Y., 
1834. 12°. ' No. I in *7455,25 

Friedrich, Johannes. Geschichte des Vatika- 
nischen Konzils. B. 3. Bonn, 18S7. i v. in 2. 

8°. 3513-55 

Frith, William P. My autobiography and rem- 
iniscences. N. Y., 1888. Portrait. 12°. 4544.101 

Fritsch, Hugo. Theorie der Newton'schen 
Gravitation und des Mariotte'schen Gesetzes. 
Konigsberg in Pr., 1874. [Koenigsberg, Prus- 
sia. Realschule. Programm.] 4°. 3961.24 

Froebel, Friedrich. The education of man. 
Trans, from the German and annotated by W. N. 
Hailmann. N. Y., 1887. [International educa- 
tion series.] 12°. 5596.71 

Froude, James A. The English in the West 
Indies; or, the bow of Ulysses. London, 1888. 
Illus. 8°. 2316.67 

— Same. N. Y., 1888. 12°. 2316.66 
Fuel. See Dimond. 

Fulton, A. R. The red men of Iowa : being a 
history of the various aboriginal tribes whose 
homes were in Iowa; with a general account of 
the Indians and Indian wars of the Northwest; 
and an appendix relating to the Pontiac war. 
Illus. Des Moines, 1882. 8^ ♦4363.107 

Furnaces. See Hoadley. 

Furneaux, Henry. Pedigree of the family of 
Furneaux, of Paignton and Buckfastleigh, Devon, 
afterwards of Swilly, near Plymouth. 1550- 
1875. With pedigrees of other families connected 
with it, and notes. N. p., 1876. 4°. ♦♦4531.103 

Future life. See Hereafter; — Spencer, J. A. 

Future punishment. See Baker, L. C. ; — 
George, N. D. 

Gabriel, Charles N. Dieu, honneur et patrie. 
Histoire du xii* regiment de dragons. Par 
I'abb^ Gabriel. Verdun, 1882. 8°. *4637.59 

Gall, Josef. Kurzgefasste practische Gram- 
matik der kroatischen Sprache. 2te Aufl. Agram, 
1882. 16°. 5039.42 

Gallatin, Albert. A memoir on the North- 
eastern boundary, in connexion with Mr. Jay's 
map. With a speech on the same subject, by 
Daniel Webster, at a meeting of the New- York 
historical society, April 15th, 1843. IHus. by a 
copy of the "Jay map." N. Y., 1843. 8°. ♦4325.100 

Gallaudet, Edward M. Life of Thomas Hopkins 
Gallaudet. Founder of deaf-mute instruction in 
America. N. Y.,i888. Portraits. 12°. 4347.204 

Gama, Vasco da. See Vlamischer. 

Games. See Walker, G. 

Ganier, Henry. Costumes des regiments et 
des milices recrut^s dans les anciennes provin- 
ces d'Alsace et de la Sarre, les republiques de 
Strasbourg et de Mulhouse, la principautd de 
Montbeliard et le duchd de Lorraine pendant les 
xviie et xviiie siccles. Epinal, 1882. Colored 
plates. F°. ♦^•4620.21 

Gardiner, Samuel R. Outline of English his- 
tory: B.C. 55-A.D. 1880. New edition. Lon- 
don, 1887. illus. Sm. 8°. 24193.85 

Garibaldi, Giuseppe. Cantoni, il volontario. 
Romanzo storico. Milano, 1870. 8°. 27793.79 

Garlanda, Federico. The philosophy of words. 
A popular introduction to the science of lan- 
guage. London, 1888. Sm. 8°. 2958.62 

Garnett, Richard. Life of Thomas Carlyle. 
London, 1887. [" Great writers," edited by Eric 
S.Robertson.] Sm. 8". 454oa.ioi 

Contains a bibliography of Carlyle, by J. P. Anderson. 

Garry, Rupert. Elocution, voice and gesture. 
Illustrated by pieces. London, 1888. Sm. 8°. 


Gavami. See Forgues. 

Gay de Vernon, Francois S. M. J., baron. 
Historique du 2* rdgt. de chasseurs k cheval 
depuis sa creation jusqu'en 1864. Paris, 1865. 8". 

Geikie, Archibald. Text-book ot geology. 

With illus. 2d ed. London, 1885. 8°. 3863.80 
Geikie, John Cunningham. Entering on life. 

A book for young men. New ed. N. Y., 1887. 

16°. 3587-74 

— The Holy land and the Bible A book of 
Scripture illustrations gathered in Palestine. 
London, 1887. 2 v. Map. L. 8°. 54303.51 

Genealogy. See Barnes ; — Boddington ; — 
Bonney, C. V. R ; — Bowditch; — Briggs; — 
Burke; — Burleigh; — Cole; — Conant; — 
Cregar ; — Curio ; — Densmore ; — Denton ; — 
Devereux; — Dudley; — Eliot; — Foster; — 
Furneaux; — Gould; — Great Britain; — 
Haslewood; — House; — Jesup; — Jones, C. 
H. ; — Kelly ; — Lawson ; — Marshall ; — Mauds- 
lay; — Morris, J. F. ; — Palmer, Josiah; — 
Phillimore; — Picards; — Pope; — Prime; — 
Raymond ; — Ridlon ; — Sinclairs ; — Stukeley ; 

— Tayloe ; — Way ; — Weston ; —Woods, A. W. ; 

— Woodward, F. E. ; — Worthy; — Wright, 
A. H. 

General association of Connecticut. Nar- 
rative of the missions to the new settlements : 
with an account of the receipts and expenditures 
in May, 1793. New-Haven, 1794. 8°. 

No. I in ♦♦H.99b.53 

— Continuation of the Narrative of the mis- 
sions to the new settlements, according to the 
appointment of the General association : with 
an account of receipts and expenditures. New- 
Haven, 1795. 80. No. 2 in ♦♦H.99b.53 

Geneva congress. See Universal-Bibliothek 

Genius. See Universal-Bibliothek (Lombro- 

Geography. See Levasseur; — Mittheilungen 
(Bayberger); — Reclus. 

Geology. See Alabama ; — Canada ; — Geikie, 
A. ; — Missouri; — U. S. Geological survey; — 

Geometry. See Byrne. 

Geometry, Descriptive. See Faunce. 

George, Henry. See Campbell ; — Miller. 

George, N. D. Annihilationism not of the 
Bible. Boston, 1870. 12° 7455-24 

Gerard, John, 5.5^. 5e« Morris, J. 

German language. See Diefenbach ; — San- 
ders ; — Schade. 

Germany. See Chasles ; — Dahn ; — Muellen- 
hoff; — Oeffentliche (Goetz) ; — Smith, G. B. ; 

— Stintzing. 




Gibson, J. Atlas minimus, or a new set ol 
pocket maps of the several empires, kingdoms 
and states of the known world, with historical 
extracts relative to each. Revis'd, corrected and 
improv'd hy E. Bowen. London, 1758. 32°. 


Gibson, John, editor. History of York county, 
Pennsylvania. Illus. Chicago, 1886. Portraits. 
L. 8°. *437oa.io6 

Gibson, Thomas E., editor. Crosby records: 
a chapter of Lancashire recusancy. Containing 
a relation of troubles and persecutions sustained 
by William Blundell (1560-1638), and an account 
of an ancient burial ground for recusants, called 
the Harkirke. [Manchester.] 1887. [Chetham 
society.] Sm. 4°. *2425.65 

Gilbert, Elizabeth M. M. See Martin, F. 

Gilbert, John T. History of the Irish con- 
federation and the war in Ireland. 1641-45. 
Containing A narrative of affairs of Ireland, by 
Richard Bellings, with correspondence, etc. 
Vol. 4. 1644-1645. Illus. Dublin, 1888. 4°. 


Giles, Chauncey. The true and the false 
theory of evolution. Phila. [1887.] 16*^. 


Gillean, pseud. The Rane : a legend of the 
Indian mutiny (1857-58). London, 1887. 8°. 


The author was in the Sepoy rebellion of 1857-58. 

Giornale della libreria, della tipografia e delle 
arti e Industrie affini. Supplemento alia Biblio- 
grafia italiana. No. 1-17. Gennaio i-Aprile 22, 
1888. Milano, 1888. 4°. *2i4oa,6o 

Girders. See Sergent. 

Glaciers. See Lecoq; — Mittheilungen (Len- 

Gladden, Washington, editor. Parish prob- 
lems. Hints and helps for the people of the 
churches. N. Y. [1887.] 8°. 5434-53 

Contents. — The pastor's call; Parish business; Parish 
buildings ; The pastor at home; The pastor at work ; Help- 
ing the pastor; The people at work; The Sunday-school; 

Under each of the above heads are grouped short essays 
by different writers among whom, besides the editor, are 
Margaret Woods Lawrence, Austin Abbott, E. C. Gardner, 
J. II. Vincent, D.D., Waldo S. Pratt, and others. 

Glass, Henry A. The story of the Psalters. 
A history of the metrical versions of Great 
Britain and America from 11549 to 1885. London, 
1888. Sm. 8". ' 2188.18 

Glazier, Richard. Historical and descriptive 
notes on ornament. Manchester, 1887. 43 plates. 
8°. 8075.64 

Glimpses jf the nation's struggle. A series 
of papers read before the Minnesota command- 
ery of the Military order of the loval legion of 
the United States. St. Paul, 1887. 'Map. 8°. 

•4223. I 18 

Gloucester county, Netv yersey. See Mickle. 

Godolphin, Margaret. See Evelyn. 

Godwin, William. Caleb Williams. London, 
1853. Sm. 8°. *6570.8o 

— See Salt. 

Goepp, Edouard, and Cordier, Emile L.., pseud. 
Hommes de guerre. S^rie i, 2, 4. Paris, 1872- 
84. Portraits. Maps. [Les grands hommes de 
la France.] 12°. 2648.67 

Contents. — i. KlCber; Desaix; Heche; Marceau; Dau- 
roesnil. 2. Bertrand du Guesclin; Bayard. 3. Champion- 
net. 4. La Tour d'Auvergne. 

— Voyageurs. Paris, 1885. Portrait. [Les 
grands hommes de la France.] 12°. 46593.73 

Contents. — Ken6 Cailli^. 

Goepp, Edouard, and Mannoury D'Ectot, 
Henri de. Marins. le, 2e serie. Paris, 1878, 
85. [Les grands hommes de la France.] 12". 


Contents. — i. Du Quesne; Tourville. a. Jean Bart; 
Duguay-Trouin ; Suffren. 

Goethe, Johann W. von. Werke. Teil 34. 
Naturwissenschaftliche Schriflen. B. 2. Her- 
ausg. von R. Steiner. Berlin. [1887.] [Deutsche 
National-Litteratur.] 8°. 4892.62 

— Die guten Frauen. Mit Nachbildungen der 
Originalkupfer. Heilbronn, 1885. [Deutsche 
Litteraturdenkmale des r8. und 19. Jahrhunderts. 
No. 21.] Sm. 8°. *289ob.5o.2i 

— See OefFentliche (Steck) ; — Scherer. 
GofF, Edwards H. See Kirvvan. 
Goldsmith, Oliver. Select poems. Edited 

with introd. and notes by Austin Dobson. Ox- 
ford, 1887. Sm. 8°. 4569.102 
Goncourt, Edmond L. A. H. de, and Goncourt, 
Jules A. H. de. Journal des Goncourt. M^- 
moires de la vie litteraire. Vol. 2. 1862-65. 
Paris, 1887. 12°. 4656.65 

— Madame de Pompadour. Nouv. ed., illustree 
de cinquante-cinq reproductions sur cuivre, par 
Dujardin, et de deux planches en couleur. Paris, 
1888. 4°- *265o.55 

Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory for 1S87. 
[Phila., 1887.] Map. L. 8°. *4385.i 

Gordon, Charles G. See Macdonald, A. 

Goshen, Egypt. See Naville. 

Goths. See Bradley, H. 

Gottschall, Rudolf von. Das Theater und 
Drama der Chinesen. Breslau, 1S87. 8°. 3029.74 

Gould, Cornelia A. Genealogy of the de- 
scendants of James Breakenridge, who emi- 
grated from Ireland, July, 1727. Ware, Mass., 
1887. Portrait. 8°. *4338.ioo 

Gould family. See Boddington. 

Gower, Lord Ronald C. S. L. " Brie a brae," 
or some photoprints illustrating art objects at 
Gower Lodge, Windsor. London, 1888. 8°. 


Gowrie conspiracy, 1600. See Barbe. 

Graham, Alexander, and Ashbee, Henry S. 
Travels in Tunisia. With a glossary, a map. a 
bibliography, and fifty illus. London, 1887. 
L. 8°. *3o8oa.6o 

Grand army of the republic. See Ward. 

Grand army posts. See Wilbor. 

Grands hommes, Les, de la France. See 
Goepp ; — Rouxel. 

Granges de Surgeres, — , marquis de. Les 
traductions fran^aises du Guzman d'Alfarache. 
Etude litteraire et bibliographique. Paris, 1886. 
[Annexes a la Bibliographie Le Sagienne. i.] 
8°. *2i59.26 

Grant, Ulysses S. See Badeau. 

Graphic jubilee celebration number. The. 
[June 28, 1887.] London, 1887. Illus. Por- 
traits. F°. * 6540. 20 

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Sir John Shelley Sidney, bart, in relation to the 
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The case of the right honourable Char- 
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Fitz-Gerald ; in relation to the barony of Roos 
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or honors of earl of Shrewsbury may be ad- 
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F°. ♦7700.18 

Minutes of the evidence given before the 

committee of privileges, to whom the petition of 
the right honourable Charlotte Fitzgerald (com- 
monly called Lady Henry Fitzgerald), wife of 
the right honourable Henry Fitzgerald (com- 
monly called lord Henry Fitzgerald), claiming 
the title, dignity, and honour of the barony of 
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aanuscripts of the Marques of Abergavenny, Lord Braye, G. 
*'. Luttrell, &c. Report ii, appendix, part i: The manu- 
cripts of Henry Duncan Skrine. Salvetti correspondence; 

')art 2 : The manuscripts of the House of lords. 167S-16S8; 

part 3 : The manuscripts of the corporations of Southamp- 

•on and King's Lynn ; part 4 : The manuscripts of the 

' larquess of Townshend. 

\— Constitution. See Campbell. 
- History, etc. See Airy ; — Berkeley ; — 

— Queen's royal West Surrey regiment. See 
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" Great writers " (series). See Birrell ; — Gar- 

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Greek philosophy. See Zeller. 


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No. 2 in ♦2150a. 1 1 

Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Boston public library. 

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— The Solomon islands : their geology, gen- 
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Contents.— \. The human ideal ; 'Natural relijjion'; 
The controversy of life; A chapter in the ethics of pain; 
An epilogue on vivisection; The nature of evidence in mat- 
ters extraordinary; The utilitarian 'ought'; Monism. 
2. Wagner and Wagnerism ; A musical crisis ; A perma- 
nent band for the East-end ; Poets, critics, and class-lists; 
The appreciation of poetry; The psychology of music. 

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Portrait. Illus. 8°. ♦4323.107 

Haines family. See Cregar. 




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1887. [Cornell university. Studies in classical 
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8°. No. 2 in *3954.8i 

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pointed, including volunteer officers, who have 
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midshipmen and cadet engineers at the Naval 
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and redemption of Elizabeth Hanson, wife of 
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children and maid-servant by the Indians, in 
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— A Hebrew manual for beginners. Text, 
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No. 2 in 3037.58 

— Introductory Hebrew method and Manual. 
4th ed. N. Y., 1887. 12". 3037.58 

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From the Bryennios manuscript. 

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Part of this work was published in Le livre, Biblio* 
graphic retrospective, du 10 mars, 1886 [*6i46.70.7]. 

— Le quatrieme centenaire de la d^couverte du 
Nouveau monde. Lettre adress^e a le Ministre 
de I'instruction publique du royaume d'ltalie par 
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anniversary of the founding of Harvard univer- 
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Order of exercises, Registration list, etc.] 4°. 


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— See Peabody; — Porcellian. 

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A metaphysical work on personality. 

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Heat. See Durrant; — Wright, M. R. 

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Hebrew language and literature. See Cohen ; 
— Harper; — Masora. 

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exposition of the Catholic church in view of the 
needs and aspirations of the present age. N. Y., 
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Halle a. S., 1885. Illus. 8°. 8032.12 

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spirits of the so-called dead, with their own 
materialized hands, by the process of indepen- 
dent slate-writing, through Mrs. Lizzie S. Green 
and others, as mediums. Cincinnati, 1883. Por- 
traits. 12°. 7600.23 

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First published in 1835. 

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New, enlarged ed. Illustrated. N. Y.,1888. 12°. 


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surers. Also a general directory of the life 
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ious inquirer, designed to relieve the difficulties 
of a friend, under serious impressions. Charles- 
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California. Washington, 1887. Illus. [Smith- 
sonian institution. Bureau of ethnology.'\ 8°. 


In regard to their use by the Indians. 

Heraldry. See Renton. 

Herckenrode de Saint-Trond, J. Ldon F., baron 
de. Collection de tombes, dpitaphes et blasons, 
recueillis dans les ^glises et couvents de la Hes- 
baye, auxquels on a joint des notes gen^alogiques 
sur plusieurs anciennes families. Gand, 1845. 
Illus. 8°. *283i.2 

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Hereafter, The. Twenty-three answers by as 
many religious teachers to the question What 
are the strongest proofs and arguments in sup- 
port of the belief in a life hereafter.' Boston. 
[1888.] 120. 5438.77 

First published in the Boston herald, Christinas, 1S87. 


Herero language. See Kolbe. 

Hesbaye, Belgium. See Herckenrode de Saint- 

Hessels, Jan H. Haarlem the birth-place of 

printing, not Mentz. London, 1887. 8°. 2112.45 

Reprinted, with slight modifications, from the "Acade- 
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On the death of Heusinger von Waldegg the work was 
taken up byE. Sonne. 

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year made the first day of July anno Dni 1709 
. . . betweene Edward Watts of the Parish of 
St. Botolph Aldgate in the city of London and 
Rebeccah his wife sister and heir of Elizabeth 
Bellingham and Elizabeth Bellingham, . . . 
and Joseph Hillier of Boston in New England 
of all that messuage or tenement with all the 
land whereupon the same doth stand scituate in 
Boston now or late in the tenure or occupation 
of John Cotton junr. {^Also, Deed by indenture 
of the reversion on payment of £400 for above 
property.] 1709. Manuscripts. F°. **G.4i.i6 

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collection of hymns and tunes. Rev. L. Hart- 
sough, musical editor. Enlarged edition. Troy, 
1869. 160. 7438-13 

Hindostan. S'ceDas; — Viresalingam. 

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flag. With illus. Cleveland, 1887. 8°. 4323. in 

Hints on common politeness. Boston, 1867. 
24° 5588.84 

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Hippocrates. See Koraes. 

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With illus. London, 1887. 8°. 2461.63 

Histoire litt^raire de la France. Ouvrage com- 
mence par les B^n^dictins de Saint-Maur, et con- 
tinue par des membres de I'lnstitut (Acad^miedes 
inscriptions et belles-lettres). T. 29. Suite du 
I4« si4cle. Paris, 1885. 4°. *4702.i.29 

— Table g^n^rale par ordre alphab^tique des 
matiferes contenues dans les quinze premiers vo- 
lumes. ParC. Rivain. Paris, 1875. 4°. * 

Historical record, The: a monthly publication 
devoted principally to the early history of 
Wyoming valley and contiguous territory, with 
notes and queries. Ed. by F. C. Johnson. Vol, 
I. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 1887. 4°. ♦4374.115 




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1875. [Publication de la Reunion des officiers.] 
8°. *4637-56 

Historique du 49^ regiment d'infanterie de 
ligne. Paris, 1875, [Publication de la Reunion 
des officiers.] 8°. No. i in *4637.53 

Historique du 65^ regiment d'infanterie de 
ligne. Paris, 1875. [Publication de la Reunion 
des officiers.] 8». No. 2 in *4637.53 

History. See American historical assoc. ; — 

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Pennsylvania. lUus. Chicago, 1886. Map. 8°. 


History of Franklin county, Pennsylvania. 
Illus. Chicago, 1887. Portraits. 8°. *437oa.io5 

History of the Fifteenth regiment lows, veteran 
volunteer infantry, from October, 1861, to Aug- 
ust, 1865. Keokuk, 1887. Portraits. 8°. 


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early, private, and public life, with an account of 
his travels and explorations. London, 1887. 2 v. 
Illus. Portrait. Plates. 8°. 4542.114 

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With etched portrait. London, 1887. 8°. 


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8°. 58693.77 

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Sermons preached in St. Paul's cathedral. N. Y., 
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wanna valley. With illus. 5th ed., enlarged. 
Phila., 1885. Illus. Portraits. 8°. *4374.ii2 

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and works. Prefix'd, an account of his life and 
travels in the work of the ministry, through 
several parts of Europe and America : written 
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other metals among the ancient inhabitants of 
Chiriqui, Isthmus of Darien. Washington, 
1887. Illus. [Smithsonian institution. Bureau 
of ethnology J\ 8°. *4363.ii2 

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chief justice Holt and judge Powell, in the con- 
troverted point of peerage : in the case of the 
king and queen against Charles Knowles, other- 
wise Earl of Banbury. London, 1716. F°. 


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— The Odyssey. Done into English verse by 
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Homer. See Meyer, E. H. ; — Paley. 

Homoeopathy. See Mack, C. S. 

Honduras. See Lombard. 

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With an introductory chapter on numbers gen- 
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[1885.] Portrait. 16°. 29293.66 

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teurs. London, 1887. Illus. Sm. 8". 5996.28 

Horse. See Hayes ; — Huth. 

Horticulture. See Henderson. 

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♦5969a. 35 

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branches of the clan Campbell, from the year 
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Household art. See Our. 

Houses for working men. See Hasse. 

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all the christenings, mariages, and burialles in 
the parishe of St. James, Clarkenwell, from 1551. 
Marriages. 1551-1784. London, 18S7. [Har- 
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Fac-similes. 8". 

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Chronicles of Gretna 

2 V. Map. Woodcuts. 


Works on horses and 

equitation. A bibliographical record of hip- 
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modern guides of English thought in matters of 
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Contents. — T. Carlyle; The two great Oxford thinkers, 
Cardinal Newman and Matthew Arnold ; George Eliot as 
author; George Eliot's Life and letters; F. D. Maurice. 

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Hydraulic mining. See Bowie. 

Hymns. See Milchsack. 

Hypophosphites. See Fellows. 

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Contents. — 3. Sculpture and painting, based on the Ger- 
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Christian and mediaeval art, by A. L. Frothinghara, jr. ; 
Modern art, by S. G. W. Benjamin. 

Iconography. See Visconti. 

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Idolatry. See Scholz. 

Illinois. 53th regiment volunteer infantry. 
See Story. 

— gbth regiment volunteer infantry. See 

Illumination and illuminators of books. See 
Bradley, J. W. ; — Propert; — Shaw. 

Imagination. See Powers. 

Immortality. See Barrows, S. J. ; — Hereafter ; 
— Stockwell. 

Imperial Russian academy of fine arts, St. 
Petersburg. See Hasselblatt. 


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grievances between authors and publishers: 
being the report of the conferences held March, 
1887 : with additional matter and summary. 
London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 2127.33 

Contents. — The maintenance of literary property, opened 
4 by Walter Besant; The profession of authorship, opened 
by Edmund Gosse; Dramatic rights and property, by John 
Hollingshead; Remarks hv A. VV. Tuer; Letter by G. M. 
Smith; Remarks by G. tf. Putnapi; Summary by Walter 

Independent part^ (1884). See Bridgman. 

Indexes to periodicals. See American archi- 
tect ; — Histoire litt^raire ; — Journal ; — Koenig- 

India. See Burgess, J.; — Fife-Cookson ; — 
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togo, in Pennsylvania. Added, Observations 01 
a Tuscarora-chief; and Drunkenness reproved 
by a beast. Stanford, 1804. i6°. **H.99b.58 

Indians of America. See Account; — Bar- 
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Henshaw; — Johnson, E. ; — Lewis, Mrs. H. ; — 
Mexican border ; — Society ; — Thomas, Cyrus ; — 
United States. Indian school superintendent. 

Industrial education. See Brabazon ; — Jacob- 
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Sm. 8°. 4557.101 

Contents. — On some traces of the authorship of the 
works attributed to Shakespeare; The mutual relations of 
theory and practice; Dialogue on the perception of objects; 
The ideality of the rainbow; Law and religion; Romantic 
history; Bacon; Coleridge; Wordsworth; De Quincey; 
Buckle; A voice for the mule creation. 

Innkeepers. See Schouler. 

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IV., publics ou analyses d'apr^s les manuscrits 
originaux du, Vatican et de la Bibliothfeque na- 
tionale par Elie Berger. T. 2. Paris, 1887. 
[Bibliothfeque des ^coles fran<^ises d'Athenes et 
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Inquisition. See Lea. 

Insanity, ^^-e Clouston ; — Thomann ; — Uni- 
versal-Bibliothek (Lombroso). 

Inscriptions. See Corpus. 

Insects. See Bruce, A. T. 

Insects injurious to vegetation. See Wood. 

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1-15. Li^ge, 1852-80. 8°. *48i7-5o 

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et belles-httres. M^dailles sur les principaux 
^venements du rfegne de Louis le grand, avec des 
explications historiques. Par I'Acad^mie royale 
des mddailles& des inscriptions. Baden, m.dcc.v. 
po. *4620.i8 

With French and German title-pages and text. 

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1886. 8°. *5053-55 




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utes of proceedings, with other selected and ab- 
stracted papers. Vol. 9. Edited by James 
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8°. •4028.50 

Intermediate state. See Balfour. 

International education series. See Froebel. 

International scientific series. See Aber- 
crombv ; — Dawson. 

International union. See United States. Patent 

Interstate commerce, ^ee United States. Inter- 
state commerce commission. 

Investments. See Hume, J. F. 

Iowa. See Fulton. 

— ijth regiment volunteer infantry. See His- 

Ireland. See Brjce ; — Cane ; — Crossley ; — 
Cusack ; — Dicev ; — Field, Mrs. E. M. ; — Gil- 
bert ; — Grev ; — Grousset ; — Lawless ; — Low- 
ry-Corrv ; — McCarthy ; — O'Hart ; — Richej, A. 
G. ; — Stokes. 

Irish literature. See Connolly. 

Iron. See Troilius. 

Iron bridges. 6"te Waddell ; — Winkler. 

Iron plates See Burlinson. 

Iroquois Indians. 5'ee Johnson, E. 

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by F. T. Merrill. Boston, 1888 [1887J. Por- 
trait. 4°. *45oo.4i 

— Washington and his country : being Irving's 
Life of Washington, abridged for the use of 
schools. With introduction and continuation 
. . . . to the end of the Civil war. By John 
Fiske. Boston, 1887. 16°. 4348.162 

" I have not simply ahrid»ed Irving's work, but have 
occasionally interwoven text of my own with his." — Pref- 
atory note. 

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Italy. See Pennell. 

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An attempt to trace, by means of a study of numismatic 
and linguistic evidence, the routes of the Arabs in their 
commercial intercourse with European countries. 

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M^moires de la Society d'histoire de Geneve. 
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Japan. See Wilson, J. H. 

Jeanne d'Albret, queen of Navarre. See 

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1887. •^ V. Portraits. Plates. 8". 4555.102 
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Jenkins, John S. United States exploring 

expeditions. Voyage of the U. S. exploring 
squadron, commanded by Captain Charles 
Wilkes, 1838-42 : with explorations and discov- 
eries made by Admiral d'Urville, Captain Ross, 
and other navigators and travellers; and an 
account of the expedition to the Dead sea, under 
Lieutenant Lynch. With illus. Auburn, 1850. 
8°. *626i.68 

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Jerusalem, Temple at. See Wolff. 

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Farn;s, Westchester co.. New York, and his 
descendants. With records of other American 
families of the name. Cambridge, 1887. Por- 
traits. Plates. Sm. 4°. *4336.i05 

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sound, by John R. Jewitt. one of the surviving 
crew of the ship Boston, of Boston. With some 
account of the natives. Boston, 1807. 16°. 


Jews. See Original ; — Renan ; — Scholz ; — 

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Joints. See Marsh, H. 

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of ex-governor Charles Jones Jenkins. A me- 
morial address before the General assembly of 
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8°. *4332- 100 

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3d series. A priced and classified bibliography 
of the more important English and American 
publications for the five years ending Dec. i, 
1886. N. Y., 1887. 12°. 6127.37 

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selected from objects in the South Kensington 
museum and other collections. 100 plates. 
London, 1867. F". *,*8o7oa.69 

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ing, a collection of new and standard gospel 
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Waldenses and Albigenses. 3 vols, in i. ist 
Amer. ed. Albany, 1S24. 8°. 5525- 17 

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1888, 12°, 3825-26 

Contents. — The story of a salmon ; Johnny darters ; The 
salmon family; The dispersion of fresh-water fishes; The 
nomenclature of American birds; An eccentric naturalist; 
A Cuban fisherman; Darwin; The story of a stone; An 
ascent of the Matterhorn ; The evolution of the college cur 
riculum; Appendix : list of scientific papers. 




Jortin, John. Sermons on different subjects. 
Added, The doctrine of a future state; and four 
charges to the clergy of the archdeaconry of 
London. [Edited by Rogers Jortin.] New ed. 
In 4 vols. Vol. 1,3.4. London, 1826. S"*. 5492.51 

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Indians of Guiana." A memoir of the life and 
labours of Rev. W. H. Brett. London. [1888 .'J 
Portrait. Map. Plates. Sm. 8°. 3537-6o 

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18S2. 12°. 546978 

The second part of this work is on the Catholic church. 

Journal de micrographie. Revue mensuelle 
publi^e sous la direction du Dr. J. Pelletan. 
Ann<^e i-io. 1877-S6. Paris. [1878-87.] Illus. 
Plates. 8°. *7876.5 

Journal fiir die reine und angewandte Mathe- 
matik. Inhalt und Namen Verzeichniss der Bande 
i-ioo. 1826-1887. Berlin, 1887. 4°. *7940.9 

Journalism. See Bourne ; — McClure. 

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on Christian baptism. N. Y., 1836. 12°. 7455.31 

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Morris, G. S. 

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ed. N. Y., 1839. Map. Plates. 12". 7437.67 

— The signs of the times, as denoted by the 
fulfilment of historical predictions, traced down 
from the Babylonish captivity to the present 
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descendants of John Kelly of Newbury, Massa- 
chusetts. N. p., 1886. Plate of arms. Portraits. 
8°. ♦4335-138 

Kempsford, England. See Crisp. 

Kent, England. See Hissey ; — Stahlschmidt. 

Kentucky resolutions. See Warner, S. 

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Edited by Rev. A. L. Simpson. Edinb., 1888. 
Portrait. Sm. 8°. 4578.110 

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guaije. Phila., 1859. 12°. 4589.106 

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in the United States, from their inception in 1816 
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Kidder, Frederic. See Dean. 

Kindergarten. See Marwedel. 

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compilers. Camp-fire sketches and battle-field 
echoes of the Rebellion. Springfield, Mass., 
18S7. Plate. Illus. 8°. 4322.103 

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quotations, law terms and maxims, proverbs, 
mottoes, phrases, and expressions in French, 
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history of laws, petitions, remonstrances and 
reports, with facts and arguments, relating to 
the Christian's Sabbath. N. Y., 1840. 12°. 


Kingsford, William. Canadian archaeology. 

An essay. Montreal, 1886. 12°. 2159.28 

An account of works upon Canadian history, including 
manuscript records ; also of the Archives department of 

— The history of Canada. Vol. i. 1608-1682. 
Toronto, 1887. 8''- 4313.102 

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psychology. Adapted from the ' Katechismus 
der Psvchologie,' of Friedrich Kirchner by E. D. 
Drought. London, 1888. 12°. 35803.52 

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London, 1887. Sm. 80. 5560.97 

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ness career of Edwards H. Goff". By one of his 
friends. Boston, 1887. 8". 4342.102 

Kissing. See Universal-Bibliothek (Schoen- 

Klein, Samuel. Familienbuch oder gemein- 
niitzige Darstellung alles dessen, was ein Haus- 
vater, eine Hausmutter und jedes Glied einer 
Familie zu wissen und zu beobachten hat. 2te 
Aufl. Leipzig, 1836. 80. 7789 17 

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Mit Illus. Leipzig. 1887. F^. *476o.n 

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the day.] Sm. 8°. 5594-79 

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worth, and his sister, Southey, and Sir Walter 
Scott, to Sir George and Lady Beaumont of 
Coleorton, Leicestershire. 1803 to 1834. Edinb., 
1887. 2 V. Plan. Sm. 8°. 4549-1" 

Koechlin family. See Rouxel. 

Koeniglich-bayerische Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften, Munich. AUgemeine deutsche Bio- 
graphie. B. 25. Ovens-Philipp. Leipzig. 1887. 
80. "^ C.R.7;5-i 

— Index ganeralis in Monumentorum Boico- 
rum volumina i-xxvii. Monachii, mdcccxlvii, 
MDCCCLXXXVII. 2 V. 4°. *2855.i 

— Inhaltsverzeichniss der Sitzungsberichte 
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Kolbe, F. W. A language-study based on 
Bdntu; or, an inquiry into the laws of root- 
formation, the original plural, the sexual dual, 
and the principles of word-comparison; with 
tables illustrating the primitive pronominal sys- 
tem restored in the African Bdntu family of 
speech. London, 1888. 8°. 3036.65 

Includes a study of the Hcrer6 language, which the 
author calls " The Sanskrit of Bdntu." 




Koraes, Adamantios. Oeuvres posthumes de 
Coraj. Publics par N. M. Damalas. T. 5. 
Athenes, 18S7. 8°. 5078.14 

Contents. — $. Notes sur le traiW du regime dans les 
maladies aigues et de I'ancienne medecine d'Hippocrate. 

Krummacher, Friedrich W. The martvr Lamb, 
or Christ the representative of his people in all 
ages. Trans, from the German. N. Y., 1841. 
I2<>. 7437-66 

Krupp manufactory. See Monthaje. 

Kurtz, Johann H. 'Die Ehen der Sdhne Gottes 
mit den Tochtern der Menschen. Eine theolo- 
•gische Untersuchung zur Wiirdigung des bibli- 
schen Berichtes Gen. 6, 1-4. Berlin, 1857. 8°. 

No. 2 in 3411.65 

This is a supplement to the following. 

— Geschichte des alten Bundes. Berlin, 1858- 
64. 2v.ini. 8°. Atlas, 4°. 34"-65 

Labor question. See Chamberlain, E. M. ; — 
Cherouny ; — Jacobson ; — Phipson ; — Price. 

Lace. See Lefebure. 

Lackawanna valley. See Hollister. 

Lacy, George. Liberty and law : an attempt 
at the refutation of the individualism of Herbert 
Spencer and the political economists. Addressed 
to the youth of Great Britain and the colonies. 
London, 1S88 [18S7]. 8°. 3584.68 

Ladies' cabinet of fashion, music, and romance. 
Vol. 1-14; [2d series], vol. i-io; new [3dl series, 
vol. 1-6. London, 1832-46. Plates. Colored 
plates. 16° and 8°. *5379.i 

The title-pages of vols, i-ii add Edited by Msirgaret and 
Beatrice de Courcy. 

Lafayette, marquia de. See Parker, A. A. 

Laffan, William M. Engravings on wood, by 
members of the Society of American wood-en- 
gravers. With an introduction and descriptive 
text by William M. Laffan. N. Y., 18S7. F^. 


Laing, Samuel. A sporting Qiiixote ; or, the 
life and adventures of the Hon**'*^ Augustus Fitz- 
muddle, afterwards earl of Muddleton. London, 
1886. 2 V. Sm. 8°. *4576.io8 

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and times of Christopher Columbus. Trans. 
from the French. Edinb.,1887. 2v.ini. [Bibli- 
otheca curiosa.] Sm. 8°. *^*2749a.65 

Lamphere, George N. The United States gov- 
ernment : its organization and practical work- 
ings. Phila., 1881. 8°. 4321. 117 

Land tenure. See Belot; — Campbell; — 
Jaeger ; — Miller ; — Town. 

Landry, Aiphonse. The art of spinning and 
casting sugar. With illus. London, 1872. Por- 
trait. Sm. 8". 59g5.11 

Lang, Andrew. See Aucassin. 

Language. See Garlanda ; — Kolbe ; — Wade. 

Langue d'oil. See Franzosische. 

Lansdell, Henry. Through Central Asia. 
With a map and appendix on the diplomacy 
and delimitations of the Russo-Afghan frontier. 
London, 1887. Illus. 8°. 30803.56 

Larking, Cuthbert. Bandobast and Khabar: 
reminiscences of India. London, 1888 [1887]. 
Illus. Sm. 8°. 3086.53 

Las Cases, Emmanuel A. D. M. J., marquis 
de. Memoirs, communicated by himself. Com- 
prising a letter giving a faithful account of the 
voyage of Napoleon to St. Helena. Also a letter 
addressed to Lord Bathurst. London, i8i8. Por- 
trait of Napoleon. 8°. 6645.74 

Late letter. A, from a solicitous mother, to her 
only son. both living in New England. Boston, 
1747. 24°. **H.99b.6i 

Latin language. See Du Cange ; — Hale ; — 
Meusel; — Milchsack 

La Tour, Sir Charles St. Etienne. sicur de la 
Tour, bart. of Nova Scotia. See Scottow. 

Laud, William, archbishop. See Benson. 

Lavater, Johann C. 5eeOeffentliche (Steck). 

Law. See Adams, H. C. ; — Bibliographic ; — 
Degenkolb ; — Lex ; — Manu ; — Marquardt ; — 
Merrill ; — Privilegia ; — Pulszky ; — Schouler; 
— Stintzing ; — Tucker. 

Lawless, /Joh. Emily. The story of Ireland. 
With some additions "by Mrs. Arthur Bronson. 
N. Y., 18SS [18S7I. Illus. Portraits. Folded 
maps. [Story of the nations.] 12°. 4519.107 

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Lawrence : with extracts from his diary and cor- 
respondence. By his son. Boston, 1S88. Por- 
traits. Plates. 12". 4347.207 

Lawson, ^/V Henry. Genealogical collections 
illustrating the history of the Roman catholic 
families of England. Based on the Lawson 
manuscript. Part i, 2. Edited by J. J. Howard, 
H. F. Burke, H. S. Hughes, sub-editor. [Lon- 
don.] 1887. F<>. **453o.io2 

Contents. — 1. Fermor; Petre. 2. Hunloke; Phelips. 

Lawyers. See Hope. 

Layard, Sir Austen Henry. Early adventures 
in Persia, Susiana. and Babylonia; including a 
residence among the Bakhtiyari and other wild 
tribes before the discovery of Nineveh. With 
maps and illus. London, 18S7. 2 v. Sm. 8°. 


Layard, Mrs. Granville. Through the West 
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London, 1SS7. Sm.8*'. 4369.103 

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of the middle ages. In 3 vols. Vol. 1, 2. N.Y., 
18S8 [1887]. 8^ _ 5525-16 

Lead. See Chadvvick. 

Leadville, Colorado. See United States. Geo- 
logical survey. 

Leasehold estates. See Town. 

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und Tuberkelkrankheiten. Deutsch bearbeitet 
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8°. 50593-88 



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Contents. — Evohe! La biire; L'alcool; Le vin; L'ab- 
sinthe; I.'npium. 

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Leo XIIL See O'Reilly. 

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les Aleves qui ont fait partie de I'institution de- 
puis I'annee 1854 jusqu' k I'annde 1863 inclusive- 
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the Indians, near St. Louis, on the 2^th May, 
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The same may be found in Pennsylvania magazine of 
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the powers, customs and practice of all the sev- 
aral courts belonging to the famous city of Lon- 
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London, 1680. Sm. 8°. *7637.22 

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India, China, and Japan, on view at Messrs. Lib- 
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Royal school of art-needlework. South Kensing- 
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Lien. See Degenkolb. 

Life insurance. See Henry, J. 

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Pages 325-398 of vol. 2 contain a Chronologische Uber- 
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The same is in Pennsylvania archives, 2d series, vol. 10, 
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valuer's complete guide, with new traverse tables. 
2d ed., with appendix on magnetic and angular 
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Literary property. See Incorporated. 

Literature. See Alden ; — Ebert ; — Histoire. 

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trades in the United States and Canada, Mex- 
ico, Central and South America, ist ed. N. Y., 
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Trans, from the Italian, with a brief account of 
the life of Saint Francis, by Abby L. Alger. 
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A translation of " Fioretti di S. Francesco" [4767.16; 

Livings (Ecclesiastical). See Lloyd. 

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an improved edition of the Liber valorum, con- 
taining an account of the valuation of all the 
livings in England and Wales. With an appen- 
dix. London, 1788. 8". *3546.8i 

Lockwood's dictionary of terms used in the 
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Logarithms. See Wells, W. 

Lollards. See Wright, J. M. 

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N. Y.,i887. Plates. 8°. 4361.109 

London. See Firth ; — Lex ; — Privilegia ; — 

— St. yames, Clerkenivell. See Hovenden. 

— St. Olave's church. See Crisp. 

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N. Y.. 1S88. 16°. 4588.103 

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8°. * 

Louis XIV., of France. See Institut de 

Louis XVIL, of France, Persons claiming to 
be. See Stevens, A. D. 

Louisiana purchase. See American historical 

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— The vision of Sir Launfal. With illus. by 
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Belmore. Parliamentary memoirs of Fermanagh 
and Tyrone, from 1613 to 1885. Dublin, 1887. 
8°. *4535-i03 

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3te Sammlung vermischter Aufsatze. Mit Illus. 
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Luncheon. See Murrey. 

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land. London, 1887. Plates. Maps. Sm. 8°. 


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Lycoming county, Pennsylvania. See Wil- 

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college journalism. Edited by J. F. McClure. 
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and Khartoum. The testimony of an independ- 
ent eye-witness of the heroic efforts for their 
relief. With maps and plans, and several un- 
published letters of General Gordon. London, 

1887. 8°. 5055-86 
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D. S. and C F. N. Y., 1887. Portrait. 24°. 

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Secondsight, pseud.} N. Y., 1823. 2 v. 16°. 

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by the Rev. William Carus. N. Y., 1882. 8°. 

4345- J03 

Mack, Charles S. Similia similibus curantur.'' 

Addressed to the medical profession. Boston, 

1888. 12°. 58093.36 
Mack, Robert E., compiler. Treasures of art 

and song. N. Y. [1887. J I'lus. 8°, oblong. 


Mackenzie, John. Austral Africa. Losing it 

or ruling it. Being incidents and experiences 

in Bechuanaland, Cape Colony, and England. 

London, 1887. 2 v. Portraits.' Illus. 8°. 


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moir. With portrait and diocesan map. London, 
1888. Sm. 8". 4547-103 

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west branch of the Susquehanna, the Sinnema- 
honing and the Allegheny rivers, in 1790 Pub- 
lished by John F. Meginness. Williamsport, 
Pa., 18S7. L. 8°. *437i.io5 

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cluding a geological and topographical descrip- 
tion, with a catalogue of all its plants. Buffalo, 
1846. Map. Plates. 16°. *4378.ii6 

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portraits, &c., exhibited in the Bodleian library, 
Oxford. Oxford, 1881. 24°. No. 2 in *6543.76 

— Rough list of manuscript materials relating 
to the history of Oxford, contained in the printed 
catalogues of the Bodleian and college libraries. 
Oxford, 18S7. 8". *2490.79 

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bibliographe. Sdrie 1-6. Paris [etc.], 186S-86. 
Text, 6 v. in 4., Illus., Plates, Fac-similes, 8"; 
Atlas, 4°. *6i6i.8 

Magnetism. See Mittheilungen (Fritsche). 

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the age of Alexander to the Roman conquest. 
London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 2969.83 

— The principles of the art of conversation. 
London, 1887. 12°. 3587. 77 

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sion garland. Including all the supplements. 
London, 18S8 [18S7]. 8". 4561. loi 

Maine. 5c^ Sargent; — York deeds. 

— 1st regimerit of cavalry. See Tobie. 
Maine historical society. Proceedings, on the 

occasion of a complimentary dinner to James 
Ware Bradbury. LL. U., president of the society, 
on his eighty-fifth birthday, June 10, 1887. Port- 
land, 1887. Portrait. Sm. 4°. *4344.iio 

Maine de Biran. Marie Francois Pierre Gon- 
thier de Biran, called Maine de Biran. Science 
et psychologic. Nouvelles oeuvres inedites pu- 
bli^es avec une introd. par Alexis Bertrand. 
Paris, 1887. Fac-simile. [Bibliotheque de la 
Faculte des lettres de Lyon.] 8°. 46903.51 

Malay archipelago. See Forbes, A. 

Mallet, Robert. Reports, ist-3d, on the facts 
of earthquake phaenomena. Folded maps and 
plates. {Cut from British association for the 
advancement of science. Reports. 20th, 21st, 
28th meeting. London, 1851-59.) *5869a.76 

Malot, Hector H. A speculator in petticoats. 
Trans, by Mary Neal Sherwood. Phila. [1887.] 
Sq.i6o. **G.263.i5 

A translation of Une femme d'argent [2664.77]. 

Man, Prehistoric. See Burge ; — Materiaux. 

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the day. Boston, 1872. 24°. 54693.76 

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England, A. D. 1338. Edited from Mss. at Lam- 
beth palace and the Inner temple, by F. J. 
Furnivall. London, 1887. 2 v. [Great Britain. 
Public record office. Chronicles and memorials.] 
L. 8°. ^ ^ *7038.75 

Manu. Manava Dharma-Sastra : the code of 
Manu. Original Sanskrit text, critically edited, 
with notes. By J. Jolly. London, 1887. [Trub- 
ner's Oriental series.] 8°. 3016.53 

Manufacturers. See Rouxel. 

Manuscripts. See Account; — Boston; — 
Great Britain. Royal commission ^ — Rijks-Uni- 
versiteit; — Scottow; — Taggart. 




Maps. See Wenz. 

Marble, Charles C. Addresses of the dead. 
N. Y., 1887. Sq. 24°. 4349a-98 

Cont.Tins the n.ames, dates of birth and death, and places 
of buriiil of eminent Americans. 

Marble. See Blagrove ; — Lee, A. 

Maria Theresa, See Arneth. 

Marietta, OA/o. See Cone. 

Marine engineering. See Ainslej. 

Marine zoology- See Oeffentliche (Keller). 

Markham, Clements R. " The fighting 
Veres." Lives of Sir Francis Vere, general of 
the Qiieen's forces in the Low Countries, and 
Sir Horace Vere, general of the English forces 
in the Low Countries. Boston, 1888. Portraits. 
Maps. 8°. 4542-"6 

Marot, Clement. See Harrisse. 

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M. Theodor. Handbuch der rdmischen Alter- 
thiimer. B. 3. Abth. i. Rdmisches Staatsrecht, 
von T. Mommsen. Leipzig, 1887. 8°. 2754.50 

Marquette, Jacques. See Verwjst. 

Marschner, Heinrich. Der Vampyr. Roman- 
tische Oper von W. A. Wohlbriick, in Musik 
gesetzt von H. Marschner. VoUstandiger Kla- 
vierauszug vom Komponisten. Leipzig. [188-.] 
L. 8°. 8054.92 

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Phila, 1886. lUus. Sm. 8°. 3749-65 

Marsh, James, editor. Select practical the- 
ology of the seventeenth century. With bio- 
graphical sketches and occasional notes. In 5 
vols. Vol. I. N. Y., 1830. 8°. 746oa.64 

Contents. — i. The blessedness of the righteous, and 
The vanity of man as mortal, by John Howe, and Discourses 
on the four last things, by VVm. "Bates. 

Marshall, George W. Collections relating to 
the surname of Feather. Worksop, 1887. 8°. 


Martens, Carl, baron von, and Cussy, Ferdi- 
nand, baron de. Recueil manuel et pratique de 
trait^s et conventions sur lesquels sont etablis 
les relations et les rapports existant aujourd'hui 
entre les divers ^tats souverains du globe, depuis 
I'annde 1760 jusqu'a I'epoque actuelle. 2e s^rie, 
parF. H.Geffcken. 1857-1885. Leipzig, 1885-88. 
3v. 8°. 2307.57 

Martin, Benjamin. Miscellaneous correspond- 
ence, containing a variety of subjects, relative to 
natural and civil history, geography, mathe- 
matics, poetry, memoirs of monthly occur- 
rences, catalogues of new books, &c. For the 
year 1755-1760. London, 1759-64. 3 v. Maps. 
Plates. Sm. 8". " *656o.5i 

Martin, Charles L History of Door county, 
Wisconsin, with biographies of nearly 700 fam- 
ilies, and mention of 4,000 persons. Sturgeon 
Bay. i88i. 16°. *4378.ii7 

Martin, Frances. Elizabeth Gilbert and her 
work for the blind. London, 1887. Portrait. 
Sm. 8". 4549.112 

Martin, Harriet E. See Whiting. 

Martineau, James. A study of religion. Ox- 
ford, 1888. 2 V. 8°. 3584-72 

Marwedel, Emma. Conscious motherhood: 
or, the earliest unfolding of the child in the 
cradle, nursery, and kindergarten. Part i. 
Supplemented' by Part 2. Extracts from Prof. 
W. Preyer's Psycho-physiological investigations 
on his own child, called The soul of the child. 
Chicago. [1887.] 120. 5596-70 

Mary, mother of Christ. See Neuhaus. 

Mary Magdalen, St. See Chabaneau. 

Maryland. See Colton. 

Maryland historical society. Archives of 
Maryland. Proceedings of the Council of Mary- 
land 1667-1687/8. W. IL Browne, editor. Balti- 
more, 1887. 4°. *4370.72 

Mason, George C. Reminiscences of New- 
port. Illus. Newport, R.L, 1884. Portraits. He- 
liotypes. 8°. *2338.74; ♦*2338.79 

Masonic lodges. See Wilbor. 

Masora. The Massorah compiled from manu- 
scripts alphabetically and lexically arranged by 
Christian D. Ginsburg. London, 1880-85. 3 v. 
L. i°. *i^*7500.i2 

Conttnts. — 1. Aleph-Yod. 2. Caph-Tav. 3. Supple- 

Maspero, Gaston C. C. Egyptian archaeology. 
Trans, from the French by Amelia B. Edwards. 
With illus. London, 1887. Sm. 8°- 5056.57 

Massachusetts. Commissioners on taxation. 
Report of the commissioners appointed to in- 
quire into the expediency of revising and amend- 
ing the laws relating to taxation and exemption 
therefrom. Boston, 1875. 8°. *6455.5i 

Massachusetts historical society. Tributes of 
the Massachusetts historical society to Francis 

E. Parker. [Edited by Robert C. Winthrop, 
jr.] Cambridge, 1887. Portrait. 8°. 4342.105 

Mastiff. See Wynn. 

Mastricht, Pieter van. A treatise on regener- 
ation. Extracted from his Theologica theoretico- 
practica. With an appendix, containing extracts 
from divines of the Reformed church, upon the 
same subject. New-Haven. [17--] 12°. 

No. 2 in ♦*H.99b.46 

Mat6naux pour I'histoire primitive etnaturelle 
de I'homme. Vol. 21. Paris, 1887. Illus. 8°. 


Mathematical instruments. See Heather. 

Mathematics. See Cantor. 

Mather, Increase. A narrative of the miseries 
of New-England, by reason of an arbitrary gov- 
ernment erected there. Under Sir Edmond 
Andross. \^Anon.'\ Added, some account of the 
humble application of Henry Lord Bishop of 
London, with the clergy of the city, and some 
of the dissenting ministers in it, September 21, 
1688. Also the address of the nonconformist 
ministers. \^Colophon: London. Reprinted at 
Boston in New-England. 1688.] Sm. 4"^. 


Matheson, George, and others. Christianity 
and evolution : modern problems of the faith. 
By G. Matheson, T. W. Fowle, Sir George W. 
Cox. Prof A. W. Morherie, Prof. [C] Chapman, 
P. W. Darnton, J. Matthews, W. F. Adeney, A. 

F. Muir, and J. J. Murphy. N. Y., 1887. 12". 

These papers appeared in the Homilectic magazine during 

Mathews, William. Men, places, and things. 
Chicago, 1887. 12°. 4406.100 

C£>m/<-»<5. — Character of Napoleon i; William Wirt; 
Buhver; Alexandre Dumas; The weaknesses of great men; 
The greatness of London ; Archdeaccm Farrar; Canon Lid- 
don; Joseph Parker, D.D. : Rev. Stopford A. Brooke; The 
House of Commons; The queen of watering-places (Hom- 
burg) ; Diaries; The advantages of ugliness; Worry; 
Courage; Oysters; Cynics and cynicism ; The extremes of 
dress; The tricks of types; Causes of divorce: Illusions 
about the past; Immoral novels; What shall wc read?; 
Literary quotations; The value of fame; The philosophy of 




Maudslay, Henry. Notes and extracts from 
numerous authorities respecting the family of 
Bukenhamor Bokenham, of Norfolk and Suflfolk, 
from 1066 to 18S3, and the places of that desig- 
nation in the first named county. Assisted by 
W. P. Ivatts. Part i. London, 1884. Ulus- 8°- 


Maurice, Frederick D. See Hutton. 

May, Curtis. Moly. A book of poems. N. Y., 
1887. 12°. 4407.133 

Mayer, Anton. WiensBuchdrucker-Geschichte. 
1482-1882. Herausg. von den Buchdruckern 
Wiens. Band 2. 16S2-1882. Wien, 1887 Por- 
traits. IIIUS. 4°. *2200.37.2 

Mechanical drawing. See Faunce. 

Mechanics. See Haswell ; — Lockwood ; — 

Medbery, Rebecca B. Memoir of William G. 
Crocker, late missionary in West Africa among 
the Bassas, including a history of the Bassa 
mission. Boston, 1848. Portrait. 16°. 55393.33 

Medford, Masaachusetis. [28 views of Med- 
ford and West iMedford ] N. p. [1888?] 8", 
oblong. *445oa.43 

Medicine. See Buck, A. H. ; — Davis, N. S. ; 
— Koraes; — Oeffentliche (Kottmann). 

Mediterranean sea. See Edgcumbe ; — Zoolo- 

Meissonier, Jean L. E. See Chaumelin. 

Melanesia. See Penny. 

Melanges historiques. Choix de documents. 
T. 3,4. Paris, 1880, 82. [Collection de documents 
inddits sur I'histoire de France ] 4°. *26ii.52 

Melrose, Massachusetts. See Taylor, J. G. 

Memory. See Kay. 

Menard, Rend. See Verwyst. 

Mensuration. See Brabant. 

Merle d'Aubign6, Jean H. Puseyism exam- 
ined. With notice of the author by R. Baird. 
N. Y., 1843. 240. 7469.27 

Merrill, John H., editor. American and Eng- 
lish encyclopa;dia of law. Vol. 3. Carriers of 
live stock-Contract. Northport, Long Island, 
N. Y., 1887. 8°. * 

Metal work. See Holmes, W. H. 

Metals. See Davies. 

Meteorology. See Abercromby ; — Flamma- 
rion ; — U. S. Signal office; — Zenger. 

Methodist episcopal church. See Newton. 

Methuen, Paul Cobb. See Britton. 

Meusel, Heinrich. Lexicon Caesarianum. Vol. 
1. [A-Hyrrus.] Berolini, 1887. 8°. *293i.5i 

Mexican border commission. Reports of the 
committee of investigation sent in 1873 by the 
Mexican government to the frontier of Texas. 
Trans, from the official edition made in Mexico. 
N. Y., 1875. Maps. 8°. *43i2.ioi 

Relates to Indian depredations on the Texas frontier. 

Mexican language and literature. See Brinton. 

Mexico. See Bancroft ; — Dahlgren ; — Wise. 

Meyer, Elard H. Homer und die Ilias. Ber- 
lin, 1887. 8°. 2998.71 

Meyer, Gustav. Griechische Grammatik. 2te 
Aufl. Leipzig, 1886. [Bibliothek indogerma- 
nischer Grammatiken.] 8°. 2985.56 

Meyer, Lothar. Modern theories of chemis- 
try. Trans, from the German (5th ed.) by P. 
Phillips Bedson, and W. Carleton Williams. 
London, 1888 [1887]. 8°. 397oa.6 

Michel, Emile. Gerard Terburg (Ter Borch) 
et sa famille. Paris. [1887.] Illus. [Les ar- 
tistes cdlebres.] Sm. 4". 4084.19 

Mickle, Isaac. Reminiscences of old Glouces- 
ter: or incidents in the history of the counties 
of Gloucester, Atlantic and Camden, New Jer- 
sey. Phila., 1845. Illus. 8°. *4376.i20 

Microscope. See Journal de micrographie ; — 
White, T. C. 

Middle Ages. See Ebert ; — Jacob ; — Prutz. 

Milchsack, Gustav, compiler. Hymni et se- 
quentiae cum compluribus aliis et Latinis et 
Gallicis necnon theotiscis carminibus medio «evo 
compositis, quie ex libris impressis et ex codici- 
bus manuscriptis sneculorum a ix usque ad xvi 
partim post M. Flacii Iliyrici curas congessit 
variisque lectionibus illustravit et nunc primum 
in lucem prodidit G. Milchsack. Pars prior. 
Halis Saxonum, m dccc lxxxvi. Sm. 4°. 


Military biography. See Goepp. 

Miller, J. Bleecker. Progress and robbery and 

progress and justice. An answer to Henry 

George the demi-communist. N. Y., 1S87. 8". 


Addresses delivered before the Young men's democratic 
club of New York. 

Milton, Massachusetts. See Teele. 

Mineralogy. See Erni ; — Foye ; — Ramsay, A. 

Mines and mining. See Anderson. J. W. ; — 
Bowie ; — Gallon ; — Church, J. A. ; — Dahlgren ; 
— Davies ; — Osborn. 

Miniatures and miniaturists. See Bradley, J. 
W. ; — Propert. 

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Minsi Indians. See Account. 

Miracle plays. See Stoddard. 

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state geologist. The first and second annual 
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8°. *3863.8i 

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Mitchel, astronomer and general. A biographi- 
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Phila., 1888 [1887]. 120. 5767.78 

Co«<«//.«.— Introductory; The physician; Convales- 
cence ; Pain and its consequences ; The moral management 
of sick or invalid children; Nervousness and its influence 
on character; Out-door and camp-life for women. 

Mithra. See BojniSid. 

Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes' geographi- 
scher Anstalt. Erganzungsband i6-iS. Gotha, 
1884-87. Maps. Plates. 4°. *627i.52.i6-i8 

Contents. — 16. Stein, F. von : Die russischen Kosaken- 
heere; Schuver, JuanM.: Reisen im oberen Nilgebiet; 
Schumann, C. : Kritische Untersuchungen iiber die Zinit- 
liinder; Drude, O. : Die Florenreiche dcr Erde; Lenden- 
feld, R. von : DerTasman-Gletscher und seine Umrandung. 
17. Kegel, Fritz: Die Entwickelung der Ortschaflen ini 
Thiiringerwald (nordwestliches und zentrales Gebiet) ; 
Stolze, F., and Andreas, F. C. : Die Handelsverhaltnisse 
Persiens, mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung der deutschen 
Interessen; Fritsche, H.: Ein Beitrag zur Geographic und 
Lehre vom Erdmagnetismus Asiens undEuropas; Mohn, 
II.: Die Stromungen des curopaischcn Nordmeercs; Boas, 
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gischc Studicn aus dem Bbhmerwalde; Schlagintweit, R. 
von : Diepacifischen Eisenhahnen in Nordamerika; Berndt, 
G. : Der Alpentbhn in seinem Einflussauf Natur- und Mcn- 
schcnleben; Supan, A.: Archiv fiir Wirtschaflsgeographie. 
I. Nordamerika, iSSo-iSSs; Radde, G. F. R. : Aus den 
dagcstanischen Hochalpen, vom Schah-dagh zum Dulty 
und Bogos. 




Mode, La. Tome 1-39. [Paris, 1832-41.] 
Colored plates. 8°. *5i52-5 

Established under the patronage of the duchesse de 
Berry by fcmile de Girardin, October i, iSag. 

Mohammedanism. See Du Pont. 

Mollusca. See F'ischer, P. 

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various forms: and the new one plane method 
of hand-railing. Numerous designs and plans. 
N. Y., 1888. Plates. 4°. *8o3i.8 

Money. See Nicholson. 

Monographs of American architecture. Issued 
in connection with the American architect and 
building news. [No.] 5. Trinity church, Bos- 
ton. Boston, 1888. Plates. F". ♦♦♦8i03.5 

Montefiore, Sir Moses, dari. See Rosenberg. 

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la Brede et de. See Sorel. 

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Mutton, W. H. 

Montgomery county, Pennsylvania. 5eeBuck, 
W. J. 

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planches et la photographic des usines Krupp. 
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With plates by Hayman.] Title-page wanting. 
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Etats-Unis d'Amerique. Mdmoire lu a I'Aca- 
demie des sciences morales et politiques, dans 
les seances des 18, 25 septembre et 9 octobre 
1886. Paris, 1887. 8°. 5560.94 

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Morley's universal library. .See Cunningham ; 
— Euripides; — Hooker; — Praed. 

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— The life of father John Gerard, of the Soci- 
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Morris of Roxbury, Mass., and Woodstock, 
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Maps. F°. *5670.3 

Moses. See Rawlinson. 

Mound builders. See Carr; — Thomas, Cy- 

Mudge, Enoch R. See Commercial. 

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kunde. B. 2. Mit Karten. Berlin, 1887. 8». 


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and the home of the Aryas. London, 1888. 
Sm. 8". 2958.60 

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tern-making. With a collection of rules and ta- 
bles. London, 1886. Illus. 8°. 8039.67 

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Chand for the murder of his own child. A ro- 
mance of criminal administration in Bengal. 
With an introduction by W. A. Hunter. Lon- 
don, 1888 [1887]. 8°. 56i9a.56 

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treatment in aid of an easy death. London, 
18S7. Sm. 8". 5767-77 

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Sketches in Colonsay and Oronsay. For pri- 
vate circulation. Glasgow, 1887. Map. Plates. 
Sm. 8". 2469.108 

Murray, John, professor of elocution. Elocu- 
tion for advanced pupils. N. Y., 1888 [1887]. 
16°. 5598-93 

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Constantinople, the Bosphorus, Dardanelles, 
Brousa and plain of Troy. New ed. London. 
[1871.] Maps. Sm. 8°. *5o89a.22 

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16°. 6005.101 

Music. See Brooks; — DvoHk; — Harris, 
T. F. ; — Kayser ; — Morsch ; — Schumann ; — 

Musical instruments. See Hipkins. 

Myrina, Asia Minor. See Pottier. 

Mystery plays. See Stoddard. 

Mysticism. See Letters. 

Mythology. See Boetticher ; — Bojnifcid ; — 

Nahuatl language. See Mexican. 

Names, Geographical. See Armstrong, G. ; 

— Blackie. 
Nantucket. See Belot. 

Napoleon I. See Bonaparte ; — Browning, O. ; 

— Las Cases ; — Peyre ; — Tolstoi. 
National debt (U. S.). See Stetson. 
National gallery, London. See Armstrong, 

W. ; — Attwell. 




Natural history. See Brown, J. A. H. ; — 
Forbes, A. ; — Hasselquist ; — Lyceum. 

Nautical almanac. See Atlantic ; — Pacific. 

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el Henneh and the land of Goshen (1885). 
London, 18S7. Plates. [Egypt exploration 
fund ] 4". *505ca.68 

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tions and reports. Vol. i, 2. Edited by R- W. 
Fernas. Lincoln, 1885-S7. 8". *4475-58 

Negro troops in the Rebellion, ^ec Williams, 
G. W. 

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the angel. Duke for a day. London, 1874 
Sm. 8°. 4576.110 

Nelson family. See Prime. 

Nervous system. See Drayton ; — Mitchell ; 
— Searle. 

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and present. With anecdotes, and biographies 
of the masters and principal members; and un- 
published letters of Sir F. B Head. London. 
1888. Plate. Portraits. Sm.8o. 4000.66 

Netherlands. See Wenzelburger. 

Neuchatel. See Bourgeois. 

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den alt- franzosischen Adgar 'schen Marien-Le- 
genden. Heft 2, 3. Heilbronn. [1887.] 8". 


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testen Kupfermiinzen. Prag, 1858-72. Plates. 
6 V. 8°. *2223.6i 

Neve, John. A concordance to the poetical 
works of William Cowper. London, 1887. 8°. 


New England. See Palmer, John; — Prince. 

New Granada. Sec Campaigns. 

New Guinea. See Lindt. 

New Hampshire. Proceedings and testimony 
before the judiciary committee of the House in 
the investigation of charges of bribery of mem- 
bers of the legislature. [Concord, N. H., 1887.] 

8°. *63I2.I2 

Members of the legislature were charged with receiving 
bribes from persons in the interest of the Boston and Muine 
railroad and the Concord railroad. 

New Haven. Free public library. Bulletin 
no. I. Books added June-October, 1887. Author 
list and rough subject index. [New Haven, 
1887.] S". *2i44.36 

New Jersey. See Mickle ; — Shourds ; — 

— ijth regiment volunteers. See Haines. 
New London. St. James's church. See Hal- 

New pocket-dictionary of the English and 
Swedish languages. New stereotype-ed. Leip- 
sic, 1887. 2 pts. in I V. 16°. *2889a.8i 

New York, city. See Taylor, J. S. ; —Todd. 

— Fire department. See Costello. 

New York, state. Board of commissioners of 
the state survey. Annual report, ist-lith, for 
1876-85. Albany, 1877-87. 11 v. in 7. Plates. 
Maps. 8" and 4°. *637i.56 

The final results of the triangulation of 

the New York state survey, with a description 
of the methods employed. Also, the nth annual 
report of the Commissioners of the state survey 
[for 1886]. Albany, 1887. Illus. Maps. 4°. 

^ ^ .„ *637i.56 C1886) 

— See Gnffin. 

New York directory, The, for 1786, illustrated 
with a plan of the city. Prefaced by a general 
description of New York by Noah Webster; also 
with an appendix consisting of Annals of New- 
York citv. 1786, compiled [by William Kelbv]. 
N. Y. [18S8.] Folded plan. 120. **4378.i24 

Fac-simile reprint of the first directory by David Franks. 

New York historical society. Collections. 
[Vol.15.] 1882. N. Y., 1883. 8°- *4472-i9 

Contents. — Journal of It. John Charles Philip von 
Krafft of the regiment Von Bose, 1776-17S4; Letterbook of 
captain Alexander McDonald, of the Royal Highland emi- 
grants, 1775-1779- 

New Zealand. See " Hopeful." 

Newark, Ohio. Second presbyterian church. 
Fiftieth anniversary. December, 1886. Newark, 
O.. 1SS7. Woodciit. 8«. *3546.78 

Newfoundland. See Howley. 

Newington, Connecticut. See Welles. 

Newman, Francis W. Miscellanies. Vol. 2. 
Essays, tracts or addresses, moral and religious. 
London, 18S7. 8". 4574.14 

Newman, John Henry. See Hutton, R. H. 

Newport, Rhode Island. See Hammett ; — 

Newspapers. See Bourne. 

Newton, J. C. C. The New South and the 
Methodist episcopal church, South. Baltimore, 
1887. 12°. 754942 

Nibelungenlied, The. Lay of the Nibelung. 
Trans, from the German, by A. G. Foster-Bar- 
ham. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 2860.70 

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literature, science, and art, from a.d. 200 to 18S8; 
and of American history, literature, and art. 4th 
ed. Glasgow, 1SS8. 8". *222i.69 

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of letters to his granddaughter. New Britain, 
i8Si. 12°. 4349.107 

Nicholson, Joseph Shield. A treatise on money 
and Essays on present monetary problems. Edin- 
burgh, 1SS8. Sm. 8«. 36503.93 

Nicknames. See Frey. 

Nicols, Arthur. Wild life and adventure in 
the Australian bush : four years' personal expe- 
rience. With illus. by J. T. Nettleship. London, 
1887. 2 v. Sm. 8°. 5078.59 

An account of adventure in Queensland. 

Nile river. See Mittheilungen (Schuver). 

Nippenose valley, Pennsylvania. See Fred- 
erick, T. J. 

Nisard, Marie L. Charles. Guillaume dii Tillot. 
Un valet ministre et secretaire d'etat. Episode 
de Ihistoire de France en Italic de 1749 a 1771. 
Paris, 1887. 12°. 4656.68 

Nootka sound. See Jewitt. 

Norsk Bog-Fortegnelse. 1848-82. Kristiania, 
1870-85. 3 V. 8«. *6i65.8 

The Register til Norsk Bog-Fortegnelse, 1848-72, is on 
616s .SA. 

North-east boundary. See Gallatin. 

North Riding record society, Yorkshire. Quar- 
ter sessions records. Vol. 5. October, 1647- 
January 1657/8. London, 1887. 8°. ♦2506.15.5 

North sea. See Mittheilungen (Mohn). 

Northampton, Massachusetts. First parish, 
Northampton. Meeting houses and ministers 
from 1653 to 1878. Containing a description of 
the new meeting-house, together with the dedi- 
cation sermon [by W. S. Leavitt], delivered May 
5, 1878. Northampton. [1878.] Plates. 8°. 





Northrop, Birdsey G. Rural improvement. 
New Haven, 1880. 8°. 3997-8 

Northwest territory. See American historical 

Norton, Charles B. Album of the most cele- 
brated works of art and industry from the Boston 
foreign exhibition. Containing 100 plates, with 
letter-press. Boston, 1885. L. 4°. *i^*8o7oa.70 

Norwegian literature. See Feilberg; — Norsk. 

Notes and queries : chiefly relating to interior 
Pennsylvania. Edited by W. H. Egle. [2d], 3d 
series, vol. i, 2 (nos. 1, 2). Harrisburg, Pa., 
18S3-87. 4°. *4470.74 

Nott, J. Fortune. Wild animals in captivity. 
Illustrated by pen and camera. N. Y. [1887.] 4°. 


Nottinghamshire. See White, R. 

Numbers. See Hopkins. 

Numismatics. See British museum ; — Com- 
brouse; — Institut de France; — Neumann; — 

Nursing. See Wilson, J. C. 

Obstetrics. See Spiegelberg. 

O'Conor, Charles. In memory of Charles 
O'Conor. [Report of a meeting of the bar of 
the courts of New York, and of the United States, 
for the second circuit, held May 23d, 1884.] 
[N. Y., 1884.] 4°. *425i.59 

Odd-fellow lodges. See Wilbor. 

O'Donnell, Jessie F. Heart lyrics. N. Y. 
[1887.] 12". 4408.112 

CEcumenical council. See Friedrich. 

Oeffentliche Vortragegehalten in der Schweiz. 
Herausg. von Benno Schwabe. Band 7, 8- 
Basel, 1883-85. 8°. *290oa.5o.7, 8 

Contents. — 7. Hotz.-Osterwald, J. H. : Der Reichthum 
und das Himmelreich [Matthew xix]. Keller, C. : Das 
Thierleben in grossen Meerestiefen. Cramer, C. K. : 
Ueber das Bewesfunjjsvermogen der Pflanzen. Born, S.: 
Lord Byron. Zehnder, G. : Martin Disteli. Heuinann, 
K. : Das Keuer. Schaer, K. : Aus der Geschichte der 
Git\e. Goetz, \V. : Lehen und Streben vergan^ener Zeiten 
in germanischt n Landen. Meyer, C. R.: Der Parzival 
Wolframs von Eschenbach. Brunnhofer, Hermann : Der 
Indienfahrer Anquetil Duperron. Schroeter, C. : Die Al- 
penflora. Kraemer, A. : Die Entwickelung der Landwirth- 
schaft in den letzten loo Jahren. 8. Froehlich, F. : Die 
Mode im Alten Rom. Baggc, S. : Carl Maria v. Weber. 
Rudio, F. : Leonhard Euler. Kottmann, A.: Die Arz- 
neimittel. Brunnhofer, H. : Ueber den Ursitz der Indo- 
germanen. Ritter, W. : Fluth und Ebbe. Steck, J. R.J. : 
Goethe und Lavater. Keller, R. : Die naturwissenschaft- 
liche Bedeutung der zwecklosen Organe im Thierreich. 
Heim,A.: Die Quellen. Buehler, A.: Der Wald in der 
Culturgeschichte. Hunziker, O. : Rousseau und Pesta- 
lozzi. Born, S. : Heiniich Zschokke. 

Oesterreichisch-ungarische Monarchic, Die, in 
Wort und Bild. Auf AnregungdesKronprinzen 
Erzherzog Rudolf. Ubersichtsband. Abth. 2. 
GeschichtlicherTheil. Wien, 1887. Illus. Plates. 
40. *286oa.i 

O'Hart, John. Irish landed gentry when 
Cromwell came to Ireland. 2d ed. Dublin, 
1887. 80. *2438.6 

Ohio. 8/si regiment volunteer infantry. See 
Wright, C. 

— 104th regiment volunteer infantry. See 

Old man's thoughts. An, about many things. 
2d ed. London, 1872. Sm. 8°. 45793.105 

Contents. — Of the final cause; Of schools; Of riches; 
Of statues; Of style; Of books; Of place and power; Of 
education; Of taxation ; Tithonus ; Praxiteles; The judg- 
ment of Paris ; To an aged friend. 

Old Testament student. Editor : W. R. Har- 
per. Vol. 7, no. 1-8. Sept., iS87-April, 1888. 
New Haven. [1888.] 8". *7437-io 

Oliphant, Margaret O. W. The makers of 
Venice. Doges, conquerors, painters, and men 
of letters. With illus. London, 1887. 80. 


Oliver, John A. W. Astronomy for amateurs. 
Illus. London, 1888. Sm. 8". 3926.78 

Omar KhayyAm. 5f?c Fitzgerald, E.; — Sa'd. 

Oncken, Wilhelm. Das Zeitalter der Revolu- 
tion, des Kaiserreiches und der Befreiungskriege. 
Mit Portrats, Illus. und Karten. Band 2. Ber- 
lin, 1886. [Allegemeine Geschichte in Einzel- 
darstellungen.] 8°. 2301.59.2 

Oneida disaster. The. The pride of our navy 
run down by the British steamer Bombay. 
Cruel conduct of Captaiii Eyre [etc.]. Phila. 
[1870.] 8°. No. 6 in *7955.33 

Optics. See Wright. M. R. 

O'Reilly, Bernard. Vie de Ldonxiii. Edition 
fran<;aise entiferement refondue et annotde, par 
P. M. Brin. Paris, 18S7. Illus. 4". *3550.5i 

Oriental literature. See American oriental ; — 

Orientalische Bibliographic. Herausg. von 
August Miiller. 1887. Jahrg. i. Heft i. Ber- 
lin, 1887. 8°. *2i7oa.6o 

Original Mr. Jacobs, The. A startling expos^. 
N. Y., 1888. 16°. 2298.66 

On the manners and customs of the Jews. 

Original sin. See Fletcher. 

Ornament. See Decoration. 

Ornithology. See Birds. 

Osborn, Henry S. A practical manual of 
minerals, mines, and mining. Phila., 1888. 8". 

3860a. 80 

Osthoff, Georg. Die Bader und Bade-Anstal- 
ten der Neuzeit. Leipzig, 1887. Illus. 8°. 


Our homes; how to beautify them. 150 en- 
gravings. N. Y.,1888. 12°. 6005.19 

Over-production. See Crocker. 

Oxford university. See University of Ox- 

Oyster. See Ingcrsoll. 

Pacific coaster's nautical almanac for 1888. 
Washington, 1887. 8°. *7943.6o 

Pacific islands. See Ballou. 

Pacific ocean. See Campaigns. 

Paine, Charles J. See Boston. 

Paine, Thomas. The ruling passion : an oc- 
casional poem. Written by the appointment of 
the Society of the 4> B K, and spoken, on their 
anniversary, in Cambridge, July 20, 1797. Bos- 
ton, 1797. Sm. 4°. **H.85.32 

Painters. See Armstrong. W. ; — Attwell ; — 
Britton ; — Klein, W. ; — Quilter ; ~ Sharp. 

Paleobotany. See Dawson, Sir J. W. 

Palfeologue, Georges Maurice. L'art chinois, 
par M. Pal^ologue, secretaire d'ambassade. 
Paris. [1887.] Illus. [Bibliotheque de I'en- 
seignement des beaux-arts.] 8°. 8087.29 

Paleontology. See Fischer, P. ; — White, C. A. 

Palestine. See Geikie, J. C. ; — Hasselquist; 
— Stapfer. 

Paley, Frederick A. The truth about Homer. 
With some remarks on professor Jebb's " Intro- 
duction to Homer." London, 1887. 8°. 2999.65 

Palgrave, William Gifford. Ulysses ; or scenes 
and studies in many lands. London, 1887. 8°. 


Pali language. See Buddhaghosa; — Sutta 




Palmer, John. An impartial account of the 
state of New England : or, the late government 
there, vindicated. In answer to the declaration 
which the faction set forth, when they over- 
turned that government. With a relation of the 
horrible usage they treated the governour [An- 
dros] with, and his council ; and all that had 
his Majesty's commission. London, 1690. Sm. 
40. **H.88.3; **H.88.4 

Palmer, Josiah. A brief genealogical history 
of the ancestors and descendants of Steplien 
Palmer of Candia. Rockingham county, N. H., 
with some account of the other lines of descent 
from his ancestor Thomas Palmer, one of the 
founders of Rowley, Mass., in 1639. [Compiled 
from matter collected by Josiah Palmer and sup- 
plemented by Frank Palmer.] Brooklyn, N. Y., 
18S6. 8°. ^ *4335i37 

Palmer, Roundell, ist earl of Selbortie. An- 
cient facts and fictions concerning churches and 
tithes. London, 1888. Sm. 8°. 5529a.7i 

— A defence of the Church of England against 
disestablishment. With an introductory letter 
to W. E. Gladstone. London, 1886. Sm. 8". 

Papuans. See Lindt. 
Papyri. See Bergmann ; — Rhind. 
Parables. See Richey, T. 
Paris. See Belgrand ; — Hare. 

— Census. See Boislisle. 

— Salon. Salon de 1886-87. Planches en 
photogravure par Goupil & Cie. Paris, 1886, 
87. 4". ***8o63.56 

Parker, A. A. Recollections of General 
Lafayette on his visit to the United States, in 
1824 and 1825; with the incidents of his life. 
Keene, N. H., 1879. Portrait. 8°. 6642.56 

Parker, Francis E. See Massachusetts his- 
torical society. 

Parkin, John. Are epidemics contagious? 
Popular edition. London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 

3790b. 86 

— The volcanic origin of epidemics. London, 
1887. Maps. Sm. 8°. 379ob.87 

Parkinson, S. Scenes from the " George 
Eliot" country. With illus. Leeds, 1888 [1887]. 
Sm. 8". 2469 107 

Parodies. See Hamilton. 

Parsons, Robert. Memoirs of Robert Dudley, 
earl of Leicester. [Anon. With a preface by 
James Drake.] London, 1706. In 4 vols. Vol. 
I. Edinb., 1887. [Collectanea adamanta;a.] 
Sm. 8°. ***6543.77 

A reprint of "Leicester's Commonwealth, conceived, 
spoken and published"; also entitled "The perfect picture 
of a favorite." 

Partridge, Charles A. History of the Ninety- 
sixth regiment Illinois volunteer infantry. Chi- 
cago, 1887. Portraits. Plates. Maps. 8°. 


Pastry. See Whitehead. 

Patents. See Great Britain; — Qiieensland; 
— U. S. Patent office. 

Paton, William A. Down the islands: a voy- 
age to the Caribbees. With illus. N. Y., 1887. 
8". 4362.108 

Patriarchs. See Hunter. 

Pattern-making. See Mull in. 

Patton, Jacob H. Natural resources of the 

United States. N. Y., 1888. 8°. 5827.65 

Larjjely devoted to the precious meUls, coal, iron and 

Peabody, Andrew P. Harvard reminiscences. 
Boston, 1S88. 12°. 2387.76 

Peach, R. E. M. Bath, old and new. A handy 
guide and a history. London, 1888. Illus. Map. 
Sm. 8°. 2469.110 

Pearson, Carl. The ethic of freethought. A 
selection of essays and lectures. London, 1888. 

8°. *3584.74 

Peerage. See Burke ; — Crossley ; — Douglas. 

Peerage cases. See Great Britain. 

Pellew, George. Woman and the common- 
wealth : or a question of expediency. Boston, 
1888. 8«. 3571-65 

Pember, Austin. Croesus Minor : his educa- 
tion and its results. London, 1888 [1887]. Sm. 
8°. ^. 5596.72 

On the education of children of well-to-do families in 

Peninsula war. See Foy. 

Penn, William. See Seidensticker. 

Pennell, Joseph and Elizabeth R. Our senti- 
mental journev through France and Italy. Lon- 
don, 1S88. Map. Illus. Sm. 8". 2276.63 

An account of an excursion on a tricycle. 

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steter; — Stories. 

Personality. See Harwood ; — Seth. 

Peru. 5^6 Guillaume ; — Reiss. 

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Paris, 1886, 87. 32". Namely: — 

Historique du 25* regiment de ligne. 

No. I in *4639a-55 

Historique succinct du 35* regiment dinfan- 
terie. No. 2 in *4639a.55 

Historique du 86* regiment d'infanterie. 

No. 4 in *4639a.55 

Le Moing, Theodore Jean Fortund. and others. 
R^sumd de I'historique du 64* regiment d'infan- 
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par MM. Le Moing, Lesbros, Durand, Domi- 
nique. No. 3 in *4639a.55 

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Antipodes. With illus. drawn witii pen and ink by 
"Twain." Edinb., i8S8 [1887 J. Sm. 4°. 3074.76 





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Ouvrage illustr^de 13 planches en coiileur et 431 
gravures et photogravures, et 21 cartes ou plans. 
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— Women and work. London, 1888 [18S7]. 
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Pheasants. See Home. 

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Philadelphia. See Gopsill. 

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history of a family. A guide for the genealogist. 
London. 1887. Sm. 8°. 2439-i8 

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an offering of praise for the Methodist episcopal 
church. [With appendix.] N. Y.,i866. 8°; 


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the heralds' visitations. A list of persons who 
were disclaimed as gentlemen of coat-armour by 
the heralds at the visitations of the various coun- 
ties of England; [edited] with an introd. by J. 
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Phonography. See Pernin. 

Photography. See Abney ; — Burbank. 

Physical education. See American association. 

Physicians. .See College; — Hirsch. 

Physics. See Everett. 

Physiology. See Boussingault. 

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valley. Boston, 1888 "'[1887]. Illus. 12°. 4407.136 

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Tretower) castle, and Scethrog, Brecknockshire; 
Ocle Pichard, Alma'y, Staunton-on-Wye, Over 
Letton, Merston [ett'.'.] in Great Cowarne, Bishop's 
Stanfoid, Cradley/ Pengethley, etc., Hertford- 
shire ; Sapey Piohard, and Suckley, Worcester- 
shire. With sotyfe account of the family of Sapy, 
of Upper Sape/, Herefordshire. London, 1878. 
Plates. L. 8y *453i.i02 

Pickering family. .See Bowditch. 

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languages./ Washington, 1887. [Smithsonian 
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.. Pitt, Mrs. William B. De omnibus rebus. An 
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everyday life. By the author of " Flemish inte- 
riors." With illus. by R. Caulfield Orpen. 
London, 1888 [1887]. 8°. 4571-103 

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fentliche (Schroeter). 

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coke boroughs, and also a history of Wyoming 
valley in Luzerne county, Pennsylvania. Wilkes- 
Barre, 1885. 8°. *4374.iio 

Plumbing problems; or, questions, answers, 
and descriptions relating to house-drainage and 
plumbing, from the Sanitary engineer. 2d ed. 
N. Y.. t886. Illus. 8°. 3764-79 

Plumstead family. See Devereux. 

Plutarch. See Universal-Bibliothek. 

Plymouth, Massachusetts. See Dunham. 

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Poetae Christiani minores. Pars i. Vindo- 
bonae, mdccclxxxviii. [Corpvs scriptorvm ec- 
clesiasticorvm Latinorvm. Vol. 16, pars i.] 8°. 

750oa.i.i6, pt. I 

Poetry. See De Vere. 

Poetry. (Collections.) ^ee Boyle; — Bulien ; 
— Connolly ; — Randolph ; — Wreath. 

Poetry, Humorous. See Book. 

Poisons. See Oeffentliche (Schaer). 

Political economy. ^ee Crocker; — Labor 
question; — Lacy; — Phipson; — Ricardo; — 
Richmond, W. J. ; — Waters. 

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sonal remembrances. London, 1887. 2 v. Sm. 
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Yale college. 1871-1886. N. Y., i886 [1887]. 
Portrait. 12°. 3430.58 

Eighteen sermons, of which fifteen were Baccalaureate. 

Portraits. See Lenoir; — Pennsylvania; — 

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formerly frincesse de Ligne. Histoire d'une 
grande dame au xviiie siecle. La princesse He- 
lene de Ligne. Par Lucien Perey \^pseud. of 
LuceHerpin]. Paris, 1887. Portrait. 8°. 


Largely from the Memoirs of the princess hitherto un. 

— Histoire d'une grand dame au xviiie sifecle. 
La comtesse Hdlfene Potocka. Par Lucien Perey 
[/5e««/. of Luce Herpin]. Paris, 1888. 8°. 


— Memoirs of the princesse de Ligne. Edited 
by Lucien Perey. Trans, by Laura Ensor. Lon- 
don, 1887. 2 v. Portrait. 8°. 4650.58 

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n^cropole de Myrina. Paris, 1887. 2 v. [Ecole 
fran^aise d'Athenes.] L. 4°. •♦*3o8o.53 

This work contains plates of figurines. 

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the imagination on the nervous system, contrib- 
uting to a false hope in religion. Andover, 1828. 
12°. 7455-33 

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souverains de I'Europe, sur I'^tat present des af- 
faires de I'ancien & du nouveau monde. Tra- 
duit de I'anglois par M ♦ ♦ * * ♦. Londres, 
M.DCC.LXxxi. 8"^. *44i6.58 

Practical hints on shooting. By'*2o-Bore" 
[/5e«rf.]. Illus. London, 1887. 8°. 6002.72 

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Sir George Young, bart. London, 1887. [Mor- 
ley's universal library.] Sm. 8°. 4576.106 




Prayer. See Bickersteth. 

Precious stones. See Groth ; — Vollmoeller. 

Presbyterian church in the United States. See 

Present day tracts on subjects of Christian evi- 
dence, doctrine, and morals. B_y various writers. 
Vol. 9. [London, 1887.] Sm. 8°. *3437-56 

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its advantages, methods, and difficulties. A re- 
port of an inquiry made for the Toynbee trus- 
tees. With a preface by Alfred Marshall. Lon- 
don, 1887. Portrait. 8°. 35603.88 

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of his children, with notes on the families of 
Taller and Stoughton. [Anon.] N.Y.,i886 8°. 


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New England, in the form of annals. (Boston, 
N. E., 1736.) [Edited by E. Goldsmid.] Edinb., 
1887. 5 V. in I. [Bibliotheca curiosa.] Sm. 8°. 


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Goodnow memorial building and Bagg hall : 
Princeton, Massachusetts, Sept. 6th, 1887. 
Worcester, 18S7. Portrait. Plate. 8°. *435oa.i68 

Principle of sufficient reason. See Fitzgerald, 
P. F. 

Printing. See Hessels ; — Madden ; — Mayer. 

Prisons. See Blouet, G. A. 

Privilegia Londini : or, the laws, customs, and 
priviledges of the city of London. London, 
1702. 8°. *7637-23 

Probabilities. See Venn. 

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loving study of Dickens' half-told tale [The 
mystery of Edwin Droodj. London, 1887. Sm. 
8°. 4559.101 

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With notes on collectors and collections. Lon- 
don, 18S7. Illus. Portraits. F", *^,*8o6oa.67 

Prophecy. See Keith. 

Protection. See Carey. 

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ress of English farming. London, 1888. Sm.8°. 


Provencal language. See Chabaneau. 

Proverbs. See Adams, H. C ; — King, W. 
F. H. 

Prussia. See Stadelmann : — Tuttle. 

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landes im Mittelalter. B. 2. Berlin, 1887. [All- 
gemeine Geschichte in Einzeldarstellungen.] 8°. 


Psalmody. See Emerson: — Hillman; — 
Hull; —Jonas, S. P. ; — Phillipps, P. 

Psalters. See Glass. 

Pseudonyms. See Cushing. 

Psychology. See Hill; — Kirchner; — Maine 
de Biran. 

Public speakers. See Wilbor. 

Publication de la Reunion des officiers. See 
Belhomme ; — Historique ; — Roulin ; — Valet. 

Pulszky, Augustus. The theory of law and 
civil society. London, 1888 [1887 J. 8°- 5560a. i6 

Puseyism. See Merle d'Aubignd. 

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tion of her io2d birthday, November 14, 1886. 
Obituaries, September, 1887, etc.] Newspaper 
cuttings. 8°. "'4444.92 

Putnam, Rufus. See Cone. 

Pyramids. See Leith. 

Pytchley hunt. See Nethercote. 

Quebec. See Thomas, C. 

Queensland, Australia. Registrar of patents, 
designs, and trade marks. First report. 1887. 
[Brisbane. 1887.] F°. Patent Room 

— See Nicols. 

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and some objects which it shows me. A simple 
introduction to the glories of the heavens. Lon- 
don. 18S8. Illus. Sm. 8". 5929^-35 

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ciples of art for painters and picture lovers. Lon- 
don, 1886. 8". 8086.67 

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dav and general reading. Vol. 20-22. London, 
1S85-87. F°. *7473-i 

Quotations. See King. W. F. H. 

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[Etui-Bibliothek der deutschen Classiker. 13.] 
32°. 68703.33 

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of Shakespeare, and Shakespeare's brooch, de- 
livered to the members of the Birmingham nat- 
ural history and microscopical society, Nov. 15th, 
1883. With an appendix and illus. [Birming- 
ham.] 1SS4. 8°. 4595-105 

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don, iSSS. Illus. 8°. 3966.11 

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of St. Chad, Saddleworth, York, from 1613 to 
175 1, with supplement and appendix, and a frag- , 
mentary history of Saddleworth-cum-Qiiick. 
Uppermill, 18S7. Fac-simile. 8°. *25o8. 100 

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Gammen mit circa 900 Tonen. Hamburg, n. d. 
4°- *592o.55 

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der turkischen Stiimme SiAd Sibiriens [vol. 5, 6, 
der ndrdlichen turkischen Stamme], gesammeit 
und iibersetzt von Dr. W. Radloft". St. Peters- 
burg, 1866-86. 6 v. 8°. 3081.66 

Railroad curves. See Smith, I. W. 

Railroad officials. See Biographical. 

Railroads. 5'eeKnies; — Mittheilungen (Schla- 

Raine, James, editor. Testamenta Eboracen- 
sia. A selection of wills from the registry at York. 
Vol. 5. Durham, 18S4. [Surtees society.] 8°. 


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niale : histoire, g^ographie, commerce. Avec 
la collaboration de L. Achinard [etc.]. 36 ^d. 
Paris. 18S6. Maps. 8°. 46203.13 

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eralogy. 3d ed. London, 1885. Diagrams. 
[Weale's rudimentary series.] Sm. 8°. 5869.73 

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18th century. From the Mss. of John Ramsay, 
of Ochtertyre. Edited by A. Allardyce. Edinb, 
1888 2 V. 8°. 4526.104 

Randolph, Henry F., editor. Fifty years of 
English song Select'ons from the poets of the 
reign of Victoria. N. Y. [1887.] 4 V. 16°. 


Ranke, Franz Leopold von. Weltgeschichte. 
Theil 8 Kreuzziige und papstliche Weltherr- 
schaft (xil. und xiii. Jahrhundert). Leipzig. 
1887. 8°. 2214.53.8 

Rapson, Edward J. The struggle between 
England and France for supremacy in India. 
(The " Le Bas " prize essay for 1886.) London, 
1887. Sm. 8°. 50793.63 




Raven, John J. The church bells of Cam- 
bridgeshire. Appended a list of the inscriptions 
on the bells. Lowestaft, 1869. Ulus. 8°. 

•2496. 107 

Rawlinson, George. Moses: his life and times. 
2ded. London. [1887.] Sm. 8°. 5438.76 

Raymond, Marcius D. Gray genealogy. A 
genealogical record and history of the descend- 
ants of John Gray, of Beverly, Mass., including 
sketches of other Gray families. Tarrytown, 
N. Y.,1887. Portraits. 8°. *4334.ioo 

Reclus, Jean J. Elis^e. Nouvelle geographic 
universelle. La terre et les hommes. T. 13. 
L'Afrique m^ridionale. Paris, 1888. Maps Illus. 
40. *227oa.5o.i3 

Reclus, On^sime. A bird's-eye view of the 
world. Trans., edited [etc.] by Malvina A. Howe. 
With America (through the United States) re- 
written and enlarged by Forrest Morgan. The 
whole under the editorial supervision of C. H. 
Clark. With nearly 400 illus. Boston, 1887. 
Illus. 8°. 2300.61 

— La terre a vol d'oiseau. Ouvrage contenant 
ID cartes et 616 vues et types graves sur bois. 
Paris, 1886. F°. 2300.62 

Recueil des historiens des croisades. Lois. 
Assises de Jerusalem, ou recueil des ouvrages de 
jurisprudence composes pendant le xiii« sifecle 
dans les royaumes de Jerusalem et de Chypre. 
Publides par le comte Beugnot. Paris, 1841, 43. 

2 v. F°. *;„*2220.27 

Recusancy. Sec Gibson, T. E. 

Red river settlement. See Russell. 

Red sea. See Lieblein. 

Reed, Andrew. The advancement of religion 
the claim of the times. N. Y., 1843. ^2°. 7437.65 

Reed, Sir Edward J , and Simpson, Edward. 
Modern ships of war. With supplementary chap- 
ters and notes by J. D. Jerrold Kelley. Illus. 
N. Y., 1888 [1887]. Portrait of A. Krupp. 8°. 

3950a. 68 

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bracing the schools of the squad and company, 
skirmishers, inspection, etc., as authorized by the 
War department. 3d ed. Illus. Chicago. [1887.] 
240. 595916 

— Standard signal tactics. Prepared for the 
army, navy and militia of the United States. 2d 
ed. Chicago, 1886. Illus. 24°. 5959-74 

Reformation. See Keller. 

Regeneration. See Mastricht. 

Registers, Papal. See Innocent iv. 

Registers, Parish. See Crisp ; — Haslewood ; 
— Hovenden ; — Leigh ; — RadclifFe. J. 

Reichel, William C. The Crown inn. near. 
Bethlehem, Penna. 1745. . . . Being a partial un- 
folding of the particular annals of early Moravian 
settlement in the Province of Penn.sylvania. 
[PhiJa.] 1872. Map. L. 8°. **4374.H3 

Reily, JohnT. Conewago. Centennial cele- 
bration. Church of the Sacred heart. 1787-1887. 
Martinsburg. [1887.] Illus. Portraits. 8°. 

Reimann, Heinrich. Robert Schumanns Leben 
und Werke. Leipzig, 1887. Portrait. 8°. 4047.92 
Reincarnation. See Walker, E. D. 
Reiss, Wilhelm, and Stuebel, Alphons. The 
necropolis of Ancon in Peru. Being the results 
of excavations made on the spot. Trans, by A. 
H. Keane. With the aid of the general admin- 
istration of the Royal museums of Berlin. Berlin, 
1880-87. 3 V. 119 plates. F". **62.M.i 

Religion. See Martineau : — Reed, A. 

Renan, Joseph Ernest. The abbess of Jouarre. 
Trans, from the French by Georges Delon and 
J. F. Rhodes. N. Y., 1888. 12°. 4670.25 

A drama of the time of the French revolution. 

— Histoire du peuple d'Isragl. Tome i. Paris, 
1887. 8°. 2294.7a 

Renault, Chai-les. Histoire des graves. Ou- 
vrage couronn^ par I'Acaddmie des sciences mo- 
rales et politiques. Paris, 1887. 12°. 3570.26 

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The history & science of heraldry concisely ex- 
plained, with a glossary of terms. Illus. London, 
1887. Sm. 4°. *2438.53 

Revell, William F. Ethical forecasts : essays. 
London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 3585^57 

Revue des traditions populaires. Ann^e i. 

1886. Tome I. Paris, 1886. 8°. ♦4701.50 

Contains the music of many song's and of some dances. 

Rexdale, Robert. Drifting songs and sketches. 
Portland. [1886.] 160. 4408.117 

Reynard the fox. Van den vos Reynaerde, 
uitgegeven door W. L. van Helten. Groningen, 

1887. [Bibliotheek van middelnederlandsche let- 
terkunde. 41, 42.] 8°. ^4902.39 

Rhetoric. See Hirzel. 

Rhind, Alexander Henry. Zwei bilingue 
Papyri hieratisch und demotisch. Uebersetzt und 
herausg. von H. Brugsch. Mit Tafeln. Leipzig, 
1865. Fo. *505oa.67 

Rhind lectures, 1885. See Allen. 

Rhode Island. Census board. Rhode Island 
state census, 1885. Amos Perry, superintendent. 
Providence, 1887. Map. 8°. *633i.4 

Ricardo, David. Letters to Thomas Robert 
Malthus. 1810-1823. Edited by J. Bonar. Oxford, 
1887. 8°. 3650.68 

Richardson, David N. A girdle round the 
earth: home letters from foreign lands. Chicago, 
1888 [1887]. 8°. "75-57 

Richey, Alexander G. A short history of the 
Irish people, down to the date of the plantation 
of Ulster [1611]. Edited, with notes, by R. R. 
Kane. Dublin, 1887. 8°. 4517.100 

Richey, Thomas. The parables of the Lord 
Jesus, according to S. Matthew, arranged, 
compared, and illustrated. N. Y., 1888. 12°. 


Richmond, Mrs. E. J. Woman, first and last, 
and what she has done. N. Y., 1887. 2 v. 12°. 


A series of brief biographical sketches of noted women. 

Richmond, Legh. Domestic portraiture ; or, 
the successful application of religious principle 
in the education of a family, exemplified in the 
memoirs of three of the deceased children of 
the Rev. Legh Richmond. N. Y., 1833. 12°. 


Richmond, Wilfrid J. Christian economics. 
London, 1888 [1887]. Sm. 8°. 5560.101 

Richter, Jean Paul F. Werke. Teil 6. Flegel- 
jahre. Herausg. von P. Nerrlich. Berlin. 
[1888.] [Deutsche National-Litteratur.] 8°. 


Riddell, Robert. The slide rule, simplified, ex- 
plained and illustrated. Phila., 1885. Plates. 
Sm. 4°. 4012.79 

Riddell, Riddle, Ridlon, and Ridley families. 
See Ridlon. 




Ridlon, Gideon T. History of the ancient 
Rjedaies and their descendants, from 860 to 1884. 
Comprising the genealogy and biography of the 
families of Riddell. Riddle, Ridlon, Ridley, etc. 
With portraits, residences, monuments, coats-of- 
arms, and autographs. Manchester, N. H., 1884. 
8°. *4335i34 

Riel, Louis. See Bryant, W. F. 

Rijks-Universiteit te Utrecht. Catalogus co- 
dicum manu scriptorum bibliothecae Universi- 
tatis Rheno-Trajectinae. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 
1887. L. 8°. " *6i7i.24 

— Jaarboek der Rijks-Universitet te Utrecht. 
1877/8-1S86/7. Utrecht, 1879-87. 10 pphs. 8°. 


Ripley, Henry J. Christian baptism : an ex- 
amination of Prof. Stuart's essay in the Biblical 
repository, April. 1833, on "The mode of bap- 
tism." Boston, 1833. 12°. 7455-27 

Ristori, Adelaide. Adelaide Ristori. Studies 
and memoirs. London, iS88. Portrait. Sm. 8". 


Ritter, Fanny, nSe Raymond. Songs and bal- 
lads. N. Y., 1887. 160. 4408.116 

River and harbor improvements. See United 
States. Engineer dept. 

Roberts, Alexander. Greek the language of 
Christ and his apostles. London, iS88. 8°. 


Roberts, Robert E. Sketches and reminis- 
cences of the City of the Straits [Detroit] and its 
vicinity. Illus. Detroit, 1884. Map. 8°. 


Robertson, William. The history of the dis- 
covery and settlement of America. London, 
1828. Maps. Plate. 8°. 44i6-59 

Rodman family. 5<?e Jones, C. H. 

Roemer, lean. Origins of the English people 
and of the English language. N. Y., 1888 [18S7]. 
8°. 4523.100 

Rogers, James E. T. A history of agriculture 
and prices in England from 1259 to 1793. Vol. 
5, 6. 1583-1702. Oxford, 1887. 8°. 3653.26.5,6 

Rogers, Samuel. See Clayden. 

Rogers, William. Reminiscences. Compiled 
by R. H. Hadden. London, 1888. Portrait. 
Sm. 8°. 4549.122 

Roland, Chanson de. La chanson de Roland. 
Traduction archaique et rythmee accompagn^e 
de notes explicatives. Par L. Cledat. Paris, 

1887. [Bibliotheque de la Faculty des lettres de 
Lyon. T. 3.] 8". 46900.52 

— See Altfranzosische ; — Rowbotham. 
Roman Catholic church. See Allies ; — Belles- 

heim: — Friedrich ; — Hecker; — Jouin ; — 

Roman Catholic families in England. See 

Roman emperors. See Visconti. 

Romans in Briton. See Vine. 

Rome. See Dahn; — Inge; — Marquardt; — 
Oeffentiiche (Froehlich). 

Roofs. See Sergent. 

Roscoe, Henry E., and Schorlemmer, Carl. 
Treatise on chemistry. Vol. 3, part 4. London, 

1888. 8». 3974-54 
Contetits. — Chemistry of the hydrocarbons and their 

derivatives, or orjfanic chemistry. 

Rosenberg, Adolf. Eminent Jews of the time. 
No. I. Sir Moses Montefiore. London. 11877.] 
Portrait. Sm. 4°. *6293.i2 

No more was published. 

Rosicrucians. See Hartmann. 

Roskoschny, Hermann. Afghanistan und 
seine Nachbarlander. Der Schauplatz des letzten 
russisch-englischen Konflikts in Zentral-Asien. 
Mit Abbildungen und Karten. Leipzig. [1885.] 
2 V. 40. 3051-63 

Ross, Abel H. Sermons for children. Bos- 
ton. [18S7.] 12°. 5434-54 

Roulier, A. The first book of French com- 
position. Materials for translating English into 
French for elementary classes. 7th ed. [With 
a synopsis of French grammar.] London, 1S86. 
Sm. 8°. 2688.76 

The two first editions ■were published under the title of 
the " Charterhouse first book of French composition." 

— The second book of French composition. 
4th ed. London, 18S6. Sm. 8°. 2688.75 

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ment d'infanterie de ligne. Paris, 1875. [Publi- 
cation de la Reunion des officiers.] 8". 

No. I in *4637-55 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. See Jansen ; — 
Oeffentiiche (Hunziker). 

Routledge's almanack for 1888. London. 
[1887.] Sm. 8". *23o8.59 

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A. Rouxel, Mossmann et L. Larchey. Paris, 
1879. Portraits. [Les grands hommes de la 
France.] 12°. 46593.72 

Contents. — Richard Lenoir; Jacquard; Oberkainpf; 
Philippe de Girard; Les grands industriels de Mulhouse; 
Dollfus et KcEchlin. 

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An epic poem. London, 1S87. Sm. 4°. 4562.100 

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California. Berkeley, 1887. [University of Cali- 
fornia. Library bulletin. No. 9.] 8°. 

No. 9 in *6i45.2i 

Rowley, William. The birth of Merlin. Halle, 
1887. [Pseudo-Shakespearian plays. Ed. by K. 
Warnke and L. Proescholdt. 4.] 8°. 4590 36 

Royal charter, The, of confirmation granted 
by king Charles 11. to the city of London. 
Wherein are recited verbatim, all the charters to 
the said city, granted by [the] kings and queens 
of England. Taken out of the records, and 
translated into English, by S. G., gent. Lon- 
don. [i68o.] Sm. 8". *4539a.i4 

Ruble, Alphonse, baron de. Antoine de Bour- 
bon et Jeanne d'Albret; suite de Le manage de 
Jeanne d'Albret. T. 3, 4. Paris, 1885, 86. L. 8«. 


Ruete, Emily, nie Salima, princess: of Oman 
and Zanzibar. Memoirs of an Arabian princess : 
an autobiography. N. Y., 1888. Portrait. 120. 


Descriptive of life in Zanzibar. 

Rumpf, Carl, and others, editors. Technologi- 
sches Worterbuch deutsch-englisch-franzdsisch. 
Herausg. von Ernst Rohrig. ler Band. 4te 
Aufl. Wiesbaden, 18S7. 8°. '*8o3i 52 

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dramatic and lyric. N. Y., 1888. 12°. 4408.118 

Russell, Alexander J. The Red river country, 
Hudson's bay & North-West territories, con- 
sidered in relation to Canada, with the last re- 
port of S. J. Dawson on the line of route between 
Lake Superior and the Red river settlement. 
Ottawa, 1869. Map. 8°. 4467.27 

Russell, Lord VVriothesley. See Dunne. 




Russia. See Colbeck; —Cutting; — Foulke; 

— Guild; — Lansdeli ; — Steur; — Tolstoi; 

— Tychomirov ; — Vereshtchagin. 
Russian literature. See Wilson, C. T. 
Ryedale family. See Ridlon. 

Sa 'd ud din Mahinud Shabistari. The dia- 
logue of the Gulshan-i-Raz or mystical garden of 
roses of Mahmoud Shabistari. With selections 
from the Rubaijat of Omar Khayam. London, 
1S87. Sm. 8°. 3029.73 

Saddleworth, jE;;_^/a«</. See Radcliffe,J. 

Saft el Henneh. See Naville. 

St. George, Sir Henry. The Cambridgeshire 
visitation. By Henry St. George, i6ig. Edited 
by Sir T. P. Bart. [Sir Thomas Phillipps, bart.]. 
Typis Medio-Montanis, 1840. F". *^*2490.i02 

Contains many notes and additional pedigrees in manu- 

St. Joseph, Alissouri. See Dunn. 

St. Louis, yT//55o«r/'. City finances. Report of 
the comptroller, for 18S6-87. St. Louis, 1887. 8°. 


St. Paul, Minnesota. Public library. Annual 
reports, ist-3d, for the years ending Feb. 28, 
1883-4-5. St. Paul, 1887. 8°. *2i44.35 

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T. 21. Supplement, public par A. de Boislisle. 
Paris, 18S6. 16°. 4658.55.21 

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series, vol. 16. London, 1887. IIlus. Plate. 8". 


Saint Werburg monastery. See Christie. 

Saints. See Stanton. 

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ry of Elizabethan literature. London, 1887. [His- 
tory of English literature. Vol. 2.] Sm. 8°. 4574.106 

Salem, Nexu Jersey. See Shourds. 

Salisbury cathedral. See Breviarium. 

Salmon. See Day, F. 

Salt, H. S. Literary sketches. London, 18S8. 
Sm. 8". 4557.100 

Content f. — Two kinds of genius; Shelley as a teacher; 
The Tennysonian philosophy; The works of James Thom- 
son, On certain Ivric poets, and their critics; Edgar Poe's 
writings; Henry t). Tnoreau; William Godwin; Nathaniel 
Hawthorne's romances; Some thoughts on De Quincey. 

— Percy Bysshe Shelley. A monograph. Lon- 
don, 1888. Portrait. Sm. 8". 4549.123 

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London, 1888. Illus. Map. 8°. 3081.68 

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SprachefurSchulen. Berlin, 1884. 3 v. 8°. 2887.72 

Sanford, Elias B. A history of Connecticut. 
Hartford, 1888. Map. Illus. 12°. 2338.80 

Sanitary record and London medical record 
diary, for 1888. [London, 1887.] 8". *578i.54 

Sanitary science. 5^e Simon, John. 

Sanskrit language and literature. See Arnold, 
E. ; — Manu;— Pali. 

Saone river. See Hamerton. 

Sardou, Victorien. Andrea. Com^die. Nouv. 
6d. Paris, 1880. 18°. No. i in 467ob.33 

Sardou, Victorien. and Najac, Emilede. Divor- 
(jons ! Com^die. i6e ed. Paris, 1885. 18°. 

No. 2 in 467ob.33 

Sargent, William M. Maine wills. 1640-1760. 
Compiled and edited with notes. Portland, 
1887. 8". *4436.67 

Published under the auspices of the Maine historical soci- 
ety, with financial aid from the state. These wills are copied 
from the York county records, and comprise all those re- 
corded from the earliest period down to 1760, when York 
county was divided into separate counties. " Until then the 
County of York had embraced the entire Province of Maine." 

Saunders, Frederick. The story of some 
famous books. London, 1887. [Book-lover's 
library.] Sm.8". 2127.17 

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book. Trans, from the French, and enlarged by 
J. Tripplin and E. Rigg. 2d ed. London, 1888. 
Illus. Sm. 8°. 8039.66 

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trait. 24". 4409a.i4i 

Savages. See Schneider, W. 

Savings banks. See Keyes. 

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Portrait. [Les grands dcrivains fran9ais.] 160. 

4650b. 55 

Sayce, Archibald H. Assyria : its princes, 
priests, and people. London, 1885. Illus. [By- 
paths of Bible knowledge.] Sm. 8^ 30793.92 

Scandinavia. See Cutting. 

Schade, Oskar. Altdeutsches Worterbuch. 
2te Aufl. Halle a. S. 1872-82. 2 v. 8°. *2885.6o 

Schaefer, Arnold D. Demosthenes und seine 
Zeit. 2te Ausgabe. B. 3. Leipzig, 1887. 8". 


Scharf, John Thomas. History of Westchester 
county, New York, including Morrisania, Kings 
Bridge, and West Farms, which have been an- 
nexed to New York city. By J. Thomas Scharf, 
assisted by [others]. Phila., 1887. 2 v. Illus. 
Portraits. Maps. 8°. *6470.67 

Schauffler, William G. Autobiography of W. 
G. Schauffler for forty-nine years a missionary 
in the Orient. Edited by his sons. With introd. 
by Prof. E. A. Park. N. Y. [1887.] Portrait. 
12". 5539-57 

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seinem Tode herausg. von J. B. Wirthmiiller. 
[Theil I.] Freiburg imB., 1887. [Theologische 
Bibliothek.] 8°. 34303.51 

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Berlin, 18S6. 8". 2840.51 

Schiller. See Carlyle. 

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turgische Schriften. Heilbronn, 1887. [Deut- 
sche Litteraturdenkmale des 18. und 19. Jahr- 
hunderts. B. 26.] Sm. 8°. *289ob. 50.26 

The introduction, pages i-clxxx, is by Johann von Anto- 

Schneer, Joseph. Alassio : •' a pearl of the 
Riviera." London, 1887. Sm. 8°. 2767.58 

Schneider, Richard. Bodleiana. Lipsiae, 
MDCCCLXxxvii. 8". 2964.18 

Contents. — Additamenta ad volumen alteram Anecdo- 
torum Oxoniensium Crameri. 2. De Arcadii qui fertur 
codice Bodleiano disputatio. 3. Excerpta e libris Bodleia- 

Schneider, Wilhelm. Die Naturvolker. Miss- 
verstandnisse, Missdeutungen und Misshandlun- 
gen. Paderborn, 1885, 86. 2v. ini, 8°. 6236.18 

Scholz, Paul F. Gdtzendienst und Zauber- 
wesen bei den alten Hebraern und den benach- 
barten Vdlkern. Regensburg, 1877. Illus. 8°. 


Schouler, James. A treatise on the law of 
bailments, including carriers, innkeepers, and 
pledge. 2d ed. Boston, 1887. 8°. 3661.50 

Schradieck, Henry. Die Schule der Violin- 
technik. ite Abth. N. Y. [1887.] F^. 

No. 3 in ^8057. 34 

— Tonleiter Studien. Scale studies for violin 
as practiced at the Conservatory of music at 
Leipzic. N. Y- [1887.] Fo. 8057.33 




Schreck, Emmy, compiler. Finnische Mar- 
chen. Mit einer Einleitung von G. Meyer. 
Weimar, 1887. 8°. 2901. 11 

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Leipzig, 18S7. [Leipzig. Realgymnasium. Pro- 
gramm, 18S6-87.] 4°. .. 4971-2 

Schulze, C. Systematische Ubersicht der in 
Zeitschriften, Programmen und Einzelschriften 
veroffentlichten wertvollen Aufsatze uber Pada- 
gogik aus den Jahren 1S80 bis 1886. Hannover, 
18S7. 8°. *2i76.88 

Schulze, Heinrich. Vademecum des Orna- 
mentzeichners. Taschen-Musterbuch enthaltend 
1210 Ornamentmotive fiir dekorative Kunst. 2te 
Aufl. Mit einer Sammlung heraldischer Dar- 
stellungen gezeichnet von Ad. M. Hildebrandt. 
Leipzig, 1886. 18°. 8038.32 

Schumann, Robert A. Sammtliche Werke. 
Symphonien fiir Pianoforte zu 4 Handen, arran- 
girt von T. Kirchner. Leipzig, n. d. [Edition 
Peters.] 8°, obi. 8056.28 

— Early letters, originally published by his 
wife. Trans, by May Herbert. London, 18S8 
[1887]. Sm. 8°. 8047.74 

— Sec Reimann. 

Schwanert, Hugo. Lehrbuch der pharma- 
ceutischen Chemie. Band 2. Braunschweig, 
1883. 8°. 5785.56 

Schwartz, Wilhelm. Indogermanischer Volks- 
glaube. Berlin, 1885. 8°. 3491-73 

Science. See Tannery ; — Wilson, John. 

Scientific American. Supplement. New cata- 
logue of valuable papers contained in the Sup- 
plement. N. Y. [18S7.] L.8°. *3970.5 

Sclater, Philip L. Argentine ornithology. A 
descriptive catixlogue of the birds of the Argen- 
tine republic. By P. L. Sclater, with notes on 
their habits by W. H. Hu(Json. Vol. i. London, 
1888. Colored plates. 8°. *3902-57 

Scotland. Court of session. See Maidment. 

— General register house. Calendar of docu- 
ments relating to Scotland preserved in Her 
Majesty's Public record office, London. Edited 
by Joseph Bain. Vol. 3. 1307-1357. Edinburgh, 
1887. [Scottish record publications.] L. 8°. 


— Lord high treasurer. Compota thesaura- 
riorum regum Scotorum. Accounts of the Lord 
high treasurer of Scotland. Edited by T. Dick- 
son. Vol. I. A. D. 1473-1498. Edinburgh, 1877. 
L. 8«. *7oii.5i 

— Privy council. Register. Edited and 
abridged by D. Masson. Vol. 8. 1607-1610. 
Edinb., 1887. [Scottish record publications.] L. 
8°. *7024.5o.8 

— See Barb^ ; — Bellesheim ; — Brochard ; — 
Brown, J. A. H. ; — Chalmers; — Douglas; — 
Hannay ; — Ramsay, J. ; — Shairp ; — Slezer ; — 
Stevenson, J. 

Scott, Leader, /.«^K^. See Baxter, Lucv E. 

Scott, Sir Walter. The bridal of TrieVmain. 
With illus. by Percy Macquoid. Boston, 1888 
[1887I. 4°, obi. *256o.i4 

— Marmion. Edited with notes by W. J. Rolfe. 
With ilius. Boston, 18S5. 16". 4560b. 72 

— See Hannay; — Knight. 

Scottish revie'w. Vol. 1-9. 1882-87. [Edin- 
burgh.] 1883-87. 8°. *5289.5 

Scottow, Joshua. [Joshua Scottow's account 
with Monsieur de La Tour, 1657-1663.] Manu- 
script. (11) if. F°. No. I in ♦*G.4i.i5 

Scoltow was confidential agent of La Tour in transac- 


tions with the colonial jrovernment, 1^54-7. In the Col- 
lections of the Massachusetts historical society [3d series, 
vol. 7, pp. iiS-120] are printed papers regarding the pre- 
sentation of other bills by Scottow to La Tour. 

Scrivener, Frederick H. A. Codex S. Ceaddae 
Latinus, Evangeiia SSS. Matthaei, Marci, Lucae 
ad cap. III. 9 complectens. circa septimum vel 
octavum saeculum scriptus. in ecclesia cathedrali 
Lichfieldiensi servatus. Cum codice versionis 
vulgatae Amiatino contulit, prolegomena con- 
scripsit F. H. A. Scrivener. Cantabrigiae, 
M.DCCC.LXxxvii. Fac-similes. F°. *74io.62 

Scrofula. See Lebert. 

Scudder, Horace E. Men and letters : essays 
in characterization and criticism. Boston, 1887. 
12°. 4407.127 

Contents. — Elisha Mulford; Longfellow and his art; A 
modern prophet [J. F. D. Maurice]; Landor as a classic; 
Dr. Muhlenberg ; American history on the stage; The 
shaping of Excelsior; Emerson's self; Aspects of histori- 
cal work; Anne Gilchrist; The future of Shakespeare. 

Sculpture. See Bode; — Iconographic. 

Seamen. See Goepp. 

Searle, William S. A new form of nervous 
disease. Together with an essay on Erythroxv- 
lon coca. N. Y., 18S1. 12". '58093.62 

Secretan, Charles. La civilisation et la cro- 
yance. Paris, 1887. 8". 5560.99 

Seidensticker, Oswald. William Penn's travels 
in Holland and Germany in 1677. Read before 
the Historical society of Pennsylvania, Dec. 10, 
1877. {Taken from The Pennsylvania magazine 
of history and biography. Phila., 187S. Vol. 
2, PP- 237-282.) 8«. *4344.i09 

Seilhamer, George O. History of the Ameri- 
can theatre: before the Revolution. Phila., 
1 888. 4<'. *440i.ioi 

Seiss, Joseph A. The Apocalypse. A series 
of special lectures on the Revelation of Jesus 
Christ. With revised text. Phila., 18S1. 3 v. 
Woodcut. 12°. 5438.71 

Sellar, Robert. The history of the countv of 
Huntingdon and of the seigniores of Chateaugay 
and Beauharnois to 1838. Huntingdon, C^, 1S8S. 
8°, *43i3 101 

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus. Seneca his tenne 
tragedies, translated into Englysh. Imprinted 
at London, 1581. [Part 1,2.]" [Manchester.] 
1887. [Spenser society.] Sm. 4°. *^*66o5.56 

These tragedies were edited by Thomas Newton, who 
translated the Thebais. A copy of the edition of 15S1 is on 
shelf-number **G.4073.7. 

Sepoy mutiny.. See Gillean. 

Sergent, E. Etudes pratiques sur les fermes 
de charpente, soit en hois, soit en fer, soit mixte 
(fer et bois), avec applications numeriques. 
Avec un atlas de 18 planches. Paris, 1887. 2 v. 
Text, 8"; Atlas, 4°. 8032.4 

Serpent-worship. See Wake. 

Service afloat or the naval career of Sir William 
Hoste. London, 1887. Portrait. Sm. 8°. 4549.115 

Seth, Andrew. Flegelianism and personality. 
Edinb., 1887. [Balfour philosophical lectures. 
University of Edinburgh.] Sm. 8". 5600b. 88 

S6vignfe, Madame de. See Boissier. 

Sewerage. See Beigrand ; — Plumbing. 

Shairp, John C. Sketches in history and 
poetry. Edited by J. Veitch. Edinb., 18S7. Sm. 
8°. 4578.106 

Contents. — St. Columba; Queen Margaret of Scotland ; 
Bishop Lambcrton and Lord James; King Robert Bruce in 
St. Andrews cathedral; The earliest Scottish university; 
The early poetry of Scotland; James i. of Scotland and tfie 
King's quair; The songs of Scotland before Burns; The 
Ettrick bhepherd; Henry Vaughan, silurist. 



Shakespeare, William. A new variorum edi- 
tion of Shakespeare. Edited by H. H. Furness. 
Vol. 1-6. Phila., 1878-80. 8». ♦♦4591. 100 

Vol. 3, 4 are of the second edition. 

— The Shakespeare speaker. With introd. 
and notes by A. F. Blaisdell. N. Y. [1884.] 
[English classics with explanatory notes.] 24°. 


— Tragedy of Hamlet as arranged for the 
stage by Wilson Barrett. Chicago. [1887.'] 12". 


— The life and death of king Richard the sec- 
ond. Qp. 5, 1634. A facsimile in photo-lithog- 
raphy by C. Praetorius. With introd. notice 
by P. A. Daniel. London, 1887. [Shakspere- 
quarto facsimiles.] Sm. 4°. **G. 63.37 

— Shakespeare's tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. 
With illus. by Andriolli. Boston, 1887. Sm. 4°. 


— See Churcher; — Dawson, G. ; — Famous ; 
— Halpin ; — Morgan, J. A. ; — Rabone ; — Row- 
ley; — Scudder; — Snider; — Vaughan ; — 

Sharp, William. Great minds in art. With 
an introduction on " Art and artists." By William 
Tirebuck {_pseud.^. With portraits. London, 
1888 [1887]. Sm. 8°. 8086.66 

Contents. — Dor6; Durer; Raphael ; Rembrandt; Velaz- 
quez; Richard Wilson; Landseer; Wilkie. 

Shaw, Henry. Illuminated ornaments selected 
from manuscripts and early printed books from 
the sixth to the seventeenth centuries. With 
descriptions by Sir F. Madden. London, 1833. 
Plates. 40. *^,*2i84.i5 

Shearman, Montague. Athletics and football. 
With a contribution on paper-chasing by W. 
Rye. London, 1887. Illus. [Badminton library 
of sports and pastimes.] Sm. 8°. 6002.73 

Shelley, Percy B. Epipsychidion. A type 
fac-siniile reprinted of the original edition, 1821. 
With introd. by Stopford A. Brooke, and a note 
by A. C. Swinburne. Edited by R. A. Potts. 
London, 1887. [Shelley society.] 8°. *456o.2i 

— See Salt. 

Sheppard, John Brigstocke, editor. Literje 
Cantuarienses. The letter books of the monas- 
tery of Christ church, Canterbury. Vol. i. 
London, 1887. [Great Britain. Public record 
office. Chronicles and memorials.] L. 8°. *7048.57 

Sherwood forest. See White, R. 

Ships of war. See Reed, Sir E.J. 

Shoemaker, John V. A practical treatise on 
diseases of the skin. With colored plates and 
other illus. N. Y., 1888. 8°. 3790.3 

Shourds, Thomas. History and genealogy of 
Fenwick's colony. Bridgeton, N. J., 1876. Por- 
traits. Illus. 8°. *4335-i35 

Fenwick's colony comprised the territory now known as 
Salem and Cumberland counties, New Jersey, of which 
Salem is the principal township. 

Shrewsbury, Earldom of. See Great Britain. 

Siberian languages. See RadlofF. 

Sibilian, P. Clement. Collection choisie. De- 
scription de monnaies grecques autonomes de 
Subhi Pacha. N. p., 1875. Plates. 16°. 

No. 2 in 4968.12 

— Collection des mddailles grecques auto- 
nomes de Subhy Pacha. N. p., 1S74. Plates. 
16". No. 1 in 4968.12 

Signals (military). See Reed, H. T. 
Silesia. • See Sldma. 

Sill, Edward R. Poems. Boston, 1888 [1887]. 
16". 4407.130 

Simms, William G. Michael Bonham : or, 
the fall of Bexar. A tale of Texas. By a Southron. 
Richmond, 1852. L. 8". No. i in ♦44ooa.37 

Simon, G. Eugfene. China: its social, politi- 
cal, and religious life. From the French. Lon- 
don, 1887. Tables. Sm. 8". 3018.68 

Simon, John. Public health reports. Edited 
for the Sanitary institute of Great Britain by 
Edward Seaton. London, 1887. 2 v. Portraits. 
8". 3760.44 

Simon, Jules. Victor Cousin. Trans, by G. 
Masson. London, 1888. Portrait. [Great 
French writers.] 8°. 4650.7 

Sinclairs, The, of England. London, 18S7. 
Sm. 8°. 4539.101 

Singers. See Edwards. 

Singleton, Mary M., nie Lamb. Poems. By 
Violet Fane {^pseud.^. Including "Constance's 
fate," " Dawn to noon." N. Y., 1887. 2 parts in 
I V. 12°. 4407.132 

Siouan languages. See Pilling. 

Skin. See Shoemaker. 

Slama, Franz, editor. Oesterreichisch Schle- 
sien. Landschafts-, Geschichts- und Culturbil- 
der. Unter Mitwirkung A. Peter, J. Matzura, 
K. Radda, F. Schmied u. A., herausg. von Franz 
Sldma. Mit vielen Original-Illus. Prag, 1887. 
8°. 2861.65 

Slezer, John. Theatrum Scotise : containing 
the prospects of their majesties castles and pala- 
ces : with those of the most considerable towns 
and colleges; the ruins of many ancient abbeys, 
churches, monasteries and convents, engraven 
on copper plates. With a short description of 
each place. [With life of the author, and large 
additional illus. by J. Jamieson.] London, 1693. 
[Reprinted 1874. Edinb.] Coats of arms. 
Plates. Fo. *,»*C.B.5.5 

Smedes, Susan Dabney. Memorials of a 
Southern planter [Thomas Smith Gregory Dab- 
ney]. Baltimore, 1887. Portraits. 12°. 4349.106 

Smiles, Samuel. The art of living; from the 
writings of Samuel Smiles. Selected by Carrie 
A. Cooke. Boston. [1887.] [Spare minute se- 
ries.] 16°. 3587.79 

— Life & labour; or, characteristics of men of 
industry, culture and genius. London, 1887. 
Sm. 8". 3587-75 

Smith, Alfred C. The birds of Wiltshire. 
London, 1887. S". 3903-73 

Smith, Charles. A treatise on algebra. Lon- 
don, 1888. Sm. 80. 3938.86 

Smith, D. McLaugblan. Manual of engineers' 
calculations. Added tables, drawings, etc. Also 
a sketch of the life and works of W. M. Smith. 
St. John, N. B., 1886. Portraits". 3936-74 

Smith, George B. William i. and the Ger- 
man empire. London, 1887. 8°. 28403.16 

Smith, Helen A. One hundred famous Ameri- 
cans. With portraits and other illus. N. Y. 
[1886.] Sm. 4°. 4344.112 

— The wonderful cities of the world. With 
illus. N. Y. [18S7.] 8°. 2275.59 

Consists of "The great cities of the modern world," and 
" The great cities of the ancient world," which have been 
separately published. 

Smith, Isaac W. The theory of deflections and of 
latitudes and departures, with special application 
to curvilinear surveys for alignments of railway- 
tracks. N. Y.,1884. Folded plates. 16°. 8037.12 




Sirith, Caft. John. The last will and testa- 
ment o^ Captain John Smith ; with some addi- 
tional memoranda relating to him. Cambridge, 
1867. Fac-simile. 8°. No. 5 in *7667.4 

Smith, William, and Wace, Henry, editors. 
Dictionary of Christian biography, literature, 
sects, and doctrine. Vol. 4. N-Z. London, 
1887. 8°. *3534-50 

Smithson, David J. Elocution and the dra- 
matic art. London, 1887. Portrait. Sm. 8°. 


Smithsonian institution. Bureau of ethnology. 
See Henshaw; — Holmes, W. H. ; — Pilling; 
— Thomas, C. 

Snider, Denton J. The Shakesperian drama. 
A commentary. The tragedies. Boston, 18S7. 
12°. 4597.101 

Social science. See Carpenter, E. ; — Chan- 
ning; — Creighton ; — Jaeger; — Pulszky; — 

Socialism. See Kirkup ; — Lacy. 

Society for propagating the gospel among the 
Indians and others in North America. [Histori- 
cal sketch, etc.] 1787-1887. [Cambridge, Mass.] 
1887. Sm. 40. **5535-7 

£dited by James F. Hunnewell. 

Sociology. See Pearson. 

Soderhjelm, Werner. Petrarca inderdeutschen 
Dichtung. Helsingfors, 1886. 4°. *2i6o.2 

Solomon islands. See Guppy. 

Somersetshire. See Crisp. 

Sommers, Charles G. Memoir of the Rev. 
John Stanford, D.D. With brief memoirs of Rev. 
John Williams, Thomas Baldwin, and Richard 
Furman. N. Y., 1835. Portraits. Illus. 12°. 


Songs. See Hopkinson ; — Revue ; — Walk- 
er, G. 

Sophocles. Samtliche Werke. Uebersetzt und 
mit einer Einleitung versehen von L. Tiirkheim. 
Stuttgart. [1885.] 2 v. Portrait. 160. 3007.58 

Sorel, Albert. Montesquieu. Trans, by G. 
Masson. London, 1887. Plate. [Great French 
writers.] 8°. 4650.6 

Soudan. See Macdonald, A. 

South, The. See Kelley; — Newton; — 

South Kensington museum, London. A de- 
scriptive catalogue of a collection of tapestry- 
woven and embroidered Egyptian textiles. By 
A. S. Cole. London, 18S7. 8°. *8o27.20 

Southey, Robert. Robert Southey. The story 
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Parts 4-S are dated 1773-75. 

Spanish language and literature. S'ee Becker. 

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Spiritualism. See Helleberg. 

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about authors. Illus. bv Edmund H. 
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Contents. — Goldsmith's whistle; Samuel 


4402. lOZ 

Johnson in 
Uttoxeter market; Blind Milton; Beside the Ouse [Cow- 
per] ; A splendid fire [Collins] ; Woods of Warwick 

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mestic receipts and guide for home management. 
London, 1887. Illus. 8°. 6002.63 

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Square (carpenters'). See Hodgson. 

Squares. See Buchanan. 

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8°- 5494-51 

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phin; Louis XVII. or Onwarenhiiaki, the Indian 
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On the attempt to identify Eleazer Williams with Louis 
XVII. The first discussion of this subject may be found 
in John II. Hanson's articles, " Have we a Bourbon among- 
us?" and " The Bourbon question," in Putnam's monthly, 
Feb. and April, 185,? [•^aSs.i.i]. In 1S54 Mr. Hanson 
published a book entitled " The lost prince," which was 
reviewed in Putnam's monthly, Feb., 1S54. 

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2 V. L. 8°. *70ii.55 




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— Same. N. Y., 1887. 12°. 4578107 

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— See Jenkin. 

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called Venus of Melos. Two studies in archie- 
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Three papers first published in The Century. 

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"These tales are taken from Malcolm's Sketches of 

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Mostly written by Lucien B. Crocker, H. S. Nourse, and 
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Strassburg. See Urkundenbuch ; — Virck. 

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life of a great king and good man. London, 
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tions, between Inquirer and Universalist : in 
which the salvation of all mankind is exhibited. 
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teers " (loyalists) in the revolutionary war. Tren- 
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antiquarian and other correspondence of William 
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Subhi Pacha. See Sibilian. 

Suez canal. See Lesseps. 

Sun. See Zenger. 

Sunday. See Kingsbury ; — Lewis, A. H. ; — 
Wilson, D. 

Sunday schools. See Wells, K. G. 

Superior, Lake. See Verwyst. 

Surgery. See American surgical assoc. ; — 
Bryant, J. D. ; — Congr^s. 

Surrey, England. See Hissey. 

Surtees society. See Raine ; — Stukeley. 

Susquehanna river. See Maclay. 

Sussex, England. See Hissey. 

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the story of his life, with critical remarks on his 
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— Digha-Nikaya. See Buddhaghosa. 

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Synonyms. See Attwell. 

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Andrew, at sea, July 31, 1755.] Manuscript. 15 
ff. Sm. 4°. ** 

Tailer family. See Prime. 

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Extract from the messages. [1789-1887.] Wash- 
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graphisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oester- 
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[Collection historique des grands philosophes.] 
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Tariff. See Talbott. 

Tasmania. See Mittheilungen (Lendenfeld). 

Taxation. See Degenkolb ; — Massachusetts. 
Commissioners on taxation ' — What. 

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piled by Winslow M. Watson.] Washington, 
1872. Portrait. Photographs. 4°. *434i.io7 

The Biography and the Ancestry were compiled by Mr. 
Watson, the rest of the volume was written by Mr. Tayloe. 

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studv in the evolution of ethics. London, 1888. 
Sm.>. 3585-59 

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account of the origin and growth of the religious 
movement at Melrose Highlands, Mass., with a 
tenth anniversary sermon. Boston, 1887. 12°. 


A history of the Melrose Highlands Congregational 




Taylor, Joseph S., editor. A romance of Prov- 
idence : being a history of the Church of the 
strangers, in the citj of New York. N. Y. [18S7.] 
Portraits. Woodcuts. 12°. 3546.80 

Teaching of the apostles. See Harris, J. R. 

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— Thomann ; — Vincent. 

Teneriffe. See Stone. 

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Theatre. See Drama. 

Theism. See Bowne. 

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Theology. See Marsh, J. — Smith, W. 

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lung des gezogenen Gewehrs.] Dresden, 1887. 
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of intemperance. A statistical sketch, contain- 
ing letters and statements from the superintend- 
ents of American insane asylums, etc. ; with a 
view of the operations of prohibitory and re- 
strictive laws, and the Gothenburg system. 
N. Y., 1884. 8°. 35'70i39 

Published by the U. S. brewers' association. 

Thomas k Becket. See Morris, J. 

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the Eastern townships [Canada] : containing an 
account of the early settlement of St Armand, 
Dunham, Sutton, Brome, Potton, and Bolton ; 
•with a history to [1866]. Montreal, 1866. 12°. 


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Illus. [Smithsonian institution. Bureau of 
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— See Salt. 

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On teaching. 

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Thuringia. See Mittheilungen (Regel). 

Tides. 5ec Oeffentliche (Ritter) ; — Radcliffe, 
C. B. 

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B. 6. Dichterleben. Stuttgart. [1887.] Cotta' 
sche Bibliolhek.] 16°. 2891.50.6 

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Geschichte. Teil 2. Gotha, 1888. [Handbiicher 
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Tilden, William P. See Boston. Ne-M South 
free church- 

Tillot, Guillaume L. du. See Nisard. 

Tit-bits of English humor. Collected from 
various sources. N. Y. [1887.] 24°. 45793.101 

Tit-bits of Irish humour. Collected from 
various sources. N. Y. [1887.] 24°. 45793.102 

Tithes. See Palmer, R. 

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cavalry, 1861-1865. Published by the First Maine 
cavalry association. Boston, 1887. Portraits. 
8°. *4323-"3 

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York. Illus. N. Y., 188S. Portraits. Plans. 
12°. • 4378.121 

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[History and dedication.] Toledo, 1886. Plates. 
L. 8°. *4373.ioi 

Toledo, Spain. See Chronique. 

Tolstoi, Lyof N., count. The physiology of 
war. Napoleon and the Russian campaign. 
Trans, from the third French edition by Hunt- 
ington Smith. N. Y. [18S8.] Portrait. 12°. 

3060b. 1 6 

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soniana. A list of books written by or relating 
to Thomas Jefferson. N. Y., 1887. 8°. *2i53.39 

Totems. See Frazer ; — Wake. 

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et explicatif de la langue fran^aise et sp^ciale- 
ment du langage populaire. Paris, 18S6. 8". 


Town holdings : a digest of evidence as to 
England and Wales, given before the select com- 
mittees of the House of commons, of 1886 and 
1887, ^"'l statement as to leasehold enfranchise- 
ment and taxation of ground rents and building 
land. London, 1888. 8°. 3672.8 

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the electro-vital theory of nature. Cambridge, 
1887. 8». 39603.24 

Trade marks. See Qiieensland. 

Tradesmen's tokens. See Neumann. 

Tr3nsmigr3tion of souls. See Walker, E. D. 

Tre3ties. See Clercq ; — Martens. 

Trees. See Boetticher. 

Tricycling. See Pennell. 

Trigonometry. See Wells, W. 

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iron. 2d ed. N. Y., 1886. 8°. 38603.79 

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London, 1S87. 2 v. Portrait. L. 8<'. 4542.111 

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counsel of God : on the manner and views with 
which the Christian minister should declare it. 
A sermon delivered at the ordination of Nehe- 
miah Prudden in Enfield, November 20, 1782. 
Springfield. 1783. 8°. **H.99b.47 

Tuberculosis. See Lebert. 

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formation and management of mercantile and 
manufacturing corporations. With forms. A 
book of Massachusetts law. Boston, 188S [1887]. 
8°. 3663.26 

Tunisia. See Graham. 

Turgot, Anne Robert J., baron de I'Aulne. 
See Say. 

Turkey. See Colbeck ; — Cox, S. S. ; — Mur- 
ray. J. ; — Schauffler. 

Turkish languages. See Radloff. 

Tuscany. See Baxter, L. E. 

Tusc3ror3 Indians. 5'^c Johnson, E. 



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1-3.] Boston, 1884-88. 3 V. Maps. 8°. 2827.64 

Contents. — i. History of Prussia to the accession of 
Frederick the Great. 2, 3. History of Prussia under 
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Tyrone, Ireland. See Lowry-Corry. 

Ulysses. See Stillman. 

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United Brethren. See Buedingische ; — Cranz ; 
— Reichel ; — Spangenberg. 

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ports of committees of the Senate. 14th to 49th 
congress inclusive. Compiled by T. H. McKee.] 
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reports of committees of the House of repre- 
sentatives, 14th to 49th congress inclusive. Com- 
piled by T. H. McKee.] Washington, 1887. 8°. 


— 13th Congress, ^d .tession. House of rep- 
resentatives. Executive document, no. 38. Let- 
ter from George W. Campbell, late secretary of 
the treasury, to the chairman of the Committee 
appointed to inquire into the causes and par- 
ticulars of the invasion of Washington, and 
Alexandria, in August last. Washington, 1815. 
8°. No. 2 in *4426.85; No. 38 in *C. 158. 17.2 

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from the joint select committee on retrenchment, 
made to the House of representatives, May 14, 
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uary I, 1809, to December 31, i860. Compiled 
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Chemical division. Bulletin. No. i-io, 

12-16. Washington, 1883-87. 8°. *59gi.72 

Each number has been sepanitely catalogued under 
author and subject for the card catalogue. 

Division of entomology. Bulletins i-^, 

8-16. Washington, 18S3-87. Illus. Plates. 8°. 


— Engineer department. Annual report of 
the chief of engineers, United States army, to 
the Secretary of war, for 1S87. Washington, 
1887. 4 v. Maps. 8°. ^8056.52 

Devoted almost entirely to reports upon river and harbor 

— Geological survey. Clarence King, director. 
Monographs. Vol. 12. Geology and mining 
industry of Leadville, Colorado. With atlas. 
Bv Samuel Franklin Emmons. Washington, 
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Secretary of the interior. 1SS3-86. 8". *446i.75 

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report, ist, 1887. Washington, 1S87. 8". ♦5658.6 

— Nai>y department. General orders and cir- 
culars issued from 1863 to 1887, with an alpha- 
betical index of subjects; also an index of bureau 
and marine corps circulars, general court-martial 
orders, and special death notices. Compiled by 
M. S. Thompson. Washington, 1887. 8°. 


— Patent office. History of the International 
union for the protection of industrial property, 
including a discussion of the articles of the union 
and their effect upon industrial property of citi- 
zens of the United States. Prepared by F. A. 
Seely. Washington, 1887. 8°. 5662.53 

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observers of the Signal service. United States 
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consular service. Reports from the consuls of 
the United States. No. 81-84. July-Sept.. 1887. 
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— Surgeon-general of the army. Index cata- . 
logue of library. Authors and subjects. Vol.8. 
Legier-Medicine (naval). Washington, 1887. 
L. 8°. ♦2141.50 

— War department. War of the rebellion : a 
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and Confederate armies. Prepared under the 
direction of the Secretary of war, by R. N. Scott. 
Series i, vol. 19, part 2; vol. 20, part l, 2. Wash- 
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Contents. — 19, part 2 : Operations in northern Virginia, 
West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania; Reports, 
Sept. 20-Nov. 14, 1S62; Correspondence, Sept. j-Nov. 14, 
1S62. 20, part I, 3. Operations in Kentucky, Middle and 
East Tennessee, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia. 
Nov. I, 1862-Jan. 20, 1S63. 

See Hamersly. 

— Constitution. See Desty ; — Lamphere ; — 

— Description, etc. See Bates ; — Patton. 

— History, etc. See American historical assoc. ; 

— Brydges ; — Irving; — Williams, J. D. 

Revolution. See Arnold, C. H. ; — Cham- 
berlain, M. ; — Fernow; — Linn; — New York 
historical society ; — Stryker ; — Westbrook ; — 

Civil war. See Anderson, J. — Billings ; 

— Emilio; — Fosdick: — Glimpses; — Grasset; 

— Haines; — Hinman: — King, W. C. ; — Par- 
tridge; — Pinney; — Story ; — Tobie; — Ward; 

— Watson, W. ; — Williams, G. W. 

— Navy. See Hamersly. 
Universal-Bibliothek. [B. 235-238.] Erschei- 

nungen, 2281-2320. Leipzig. [1887. J 16°. 


Contents. — 235. Kopisch, A.: Gedichte, ausgewahlt 
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M.r Redaktionsgeheininisse, I-ustspiel. Wittmann, H.. and 
Loebel, M.: Das kritische Alter. Schauspiel. Plutarchus : 
Plutarchs vergleichende Lebensbeschreibunj;en, iibersetzt 
von J. F. S. Kaltwasser, neu herausg. von O. Giithling, 
B. 2. Mattis: Wie Jakob Sten bier in der Welt in die Hbhe 
kam, Novelle.aus dem Schwedischen iibersetzt von H. Den- 
hardt. Hacklaender, F. W. : Der treheime Agent, Lustspiel. 
236. Hern, 'M., compiler : Deklaniatorium,eine Mustersamm- 
lung ernster und hciterer Vortragsdichtungen aus der Welt- 
iittcratur.heruusg. von M. Bern. Chcrbuliez.C.V.: DerGraf 
Kostiii, dcutsch von H. Denhardt. Misch, R.: Die Jung- 
gesellen, Schwank. Fulda, L. : Unter vier Augen, Lustspiel. 
2^7. Heine, H.: Memoiren.eingeleitet und herausg. von O. 
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Scbauspiel. MIt Beniilzung der T. Hell'schen Ubersetzung 
neu bearb. von C. F. Wittmann. MolnAr, V. von : Die Genfer 
Konvenlion. Kleist. B. H. W. von : Der zerbrochene Krug, 
Lustspiel. Meyer. M. W.: Auf der Sternwarle oder wie 
der Astronom z'u den Resultaten seiner Forschung gelangt. 
Schott, R: Hero und Leander, Schwank. Gross, F. : Drei 
Geschichten, zwei ernste und einc heitcre. Proell, C. : Ver. 




gessene deutsche Briider, Wandeningen im Bohmerwalde 
und im ,, Sachsenlande " Siebenblirgens. Ibsen, H. : Peer 
Gynt, ein dramatisches Gedicht, iibersetzt von L. Passarge. 
23'$. Schoenthan. P. von : Der Kiiss, gereimtes und unge- 
reimles Uber den Kuss. Hermann, C: Das V^erlobungsbad, 
Lustspiel. Lombroso, C. : Genie und Irrsinn in ihren 
Bezienungen zum Gesetz, zur Kritik und zur Geschichte, 
ubersetzt von A. Courth. Ibsen, H.: Die Wildente, Schau- 
spiel, aus dem Norvvegischen ubertragen von E. Brause- 
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von : Schiiler-Liebe und andere Erzahlungen und Humores- 
ken. Mueller-Saalfeld, F. : Eine Cotillontour, Lustspiel. 

Universal salvation. See Austin ; — Streeter. 
University of California. See Willey. 

— Library Bulletins. See Rowell ; — Stoddard. 
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— See Foster ; — Madan ; — Stedman. 
Unveiling of the Juneau monument. July 6th, 

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Contents. — King Richard ill.; King Henry viii.; Cym- 

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(by Madam Verestchagin). 2, India, continued; Reminis- 
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Refers to the " Discurse der Maler," founded by Bodmer 
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Discusses social wine-drinking, card-playing, theatre- 
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— See Colton. 

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Visitations, Heraldic. See Phillipps ; — St. 




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16°. 3079a-93 

The nrij^innl text of this narrative here published is pre- 
serveii in the British museum, and a translation with notes 
was published in 1S74, by J. Ph. Berjeau under the title 
"Calcoen. A Dutch narrative of the second vovajje of 
Vasco da Gama." A French translation was published at 
Paris in 1S81 []. The present edition consists of the 
Flenush text with a German translation. 

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— See Irving. 

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No. I in 3938-85 

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The snme is in N. E. hist, and gencal. register, 1SS7. 
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■What shall we do with it."* (meaning the sur- 
plus). Taxation and revenue discussed by Presi- 
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Extracted from Vol. 7 of Archivos do Museu nacional 
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and towns in the U. S. of over 1,000 population; 
Young men's Christian associations. Masonic 
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Dr. John Keate was head master from 1809 to 1S34. 

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C. B. 

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♦4384. 100 

In iS68 the University of California was organized and 
approved by the legislature; in 1869 the College of Califor- 
nia, maintained as a private corporation, transferred its 
rights to the University of California. 



\A^illiam the conqueror. See Freeman. 

William I., emperor of Germany. See Smith, 
G. B. ; — Strauss. 

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" The first eleven chapters of this work are from the pen 
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*3862.57; Atlas, *38M.2 

Each volume is accompanied by an atlas in folio. 


— See McLeod. 

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Pages 99-102 contain a Literatur-Verzeichniss. 

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Women. 5"<?e Pfeiffer; — Richmond, A/r,9. E.J. 

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Wood preserving. See Heinzerling. 

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The same is in Maine historical and genealogical record- 
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Woolen manufacture. See Beaumont. 

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and the particular communion of the baptist 
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Words. See Garlanda ; — Long ; — Mueller. 

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Worksop, England. See White, R. 

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* 2500a. 103 

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A list of British authors. 




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65693. log 

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■who came from England in 1637, and settled at 
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Walworth, wife of Veach Williams. New Haven, 
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2 parts in 1 v. 12°. 5527.14 

Contents. — Parti. The early church in Britain. 2. The 

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N. Y., 1838. 8°. 3875-24 

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Published under the auspices of the Maine historical so- 
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♦5079a 63 

No more was published. 

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— See Oeffentliche (Born). 





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Published in I^ippincott's monthly magazine, for Feb., 

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" I hope I have sufficiently demonstrated that these civili- 
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— that tney were Toltec and comparatively modern." — Dedi- 

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Part of this work is devoted to the discussion of the 
Eastern question. 




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2, 3. The Puritan colonies. 

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232 5 

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1 144 25 

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The scene is laid at the Hygtia hotel, Old Point Comfort, 

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— Walks in Paris. Illus. 1663.6 
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Luska \^pseud.'\. 60.62 

Published in I^ippincott's monthly magazine for August, 
1SS7 [1S94.1]. 

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— Mona's choice. [Leisure hour series.] 25.40 
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his " pard." How they lived and talked, and 

what they did and suffered, while fighting for the 

flag. Illus. 273.16 

Holmes, Margret. Dialogues for Christmas. 





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and other poems, chiefly occasional. 1333-2 

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a story of Piers Gavestone. 25.14 

The scene is laid in England about 1320. 

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Hopkins, Mark, jr. The world's verdict. A 

novel. 25.69 

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din. The secrets of stage conjuring. 180.138 

A supplement to " The secrets of conjuring and magic " 


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New York broker. 130. 103 

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church. lilus. 2103.7 

— Shorthistory of the mediaeval church. Ilius. 


— Short history of the reformation. Illus. 
Portraits. 2104.25 

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Sierras, the Yo Semite valley. Maps. Illus. 


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dress to the students of Harvard university.] 


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history, literature, art, and social life. 

R. R., Desk 32 

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Stories dealing with London life. 

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By the author of "The story of Margaret Kent." 


Kron, Karl, pseud. See Bagg, Lyman H. 

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Illus. 192.25 

Lady's book. The, of knitting. Containing 
new and easy patterns of useful and ornamental 
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Lawrence : w ith extracts from his diary and cor- 
respondence. By his son. Portraits. 530.35 

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Letters from heaven. Trans, from the Ger- 
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book to Southern California. With maps and 
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Illus. 631.14 

Long, John Henry. Slips of tongue and pen. 


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on, a story of boy life: and Kensington junior. 
By Margaret Sidney [/.<te«rf.]. Illus. 25.77 

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[Poems.] Portrait. 1334-8 

Luska, Sidney, pseud. See Harland, Henry. 

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banshees, fairies, witches, widows, old maids, and 
other marvels of the Emerald isle. Popular tales 
as told by the people. Illus. 50.52 

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Travels in the United States, with views. 

— Swiss pictures drawn with pen and pencil. 
With illus. by [E.] Whymper, and others. 651.9 

Manning, Samuel, and Green, Samuel G. Eng- 
lish pictures, drawn with pen and pencil. 671.13 

Marshall, Emma. On the banks of the Ouse; 
or, life in Olney a hundred years ago. A story. 
[Home reading for girls.] 25.75 

" Slight sketches of the poet Cowper and his friend John 
Newton " are introduced. 

Marston, Edward. Fresh woods and pastures 
new. By the author of " An amateur angler's 
days in Dove dale." 1185.10 

Principally an account of fishing trips. 

Maurice, C. Edmund. The revolutionary 
movement of 1848-9 in Italy, Austria-Hungary, 
and Germany. Q^^-^S 

Mayer, Alfred M., editor. Sport with gun and 
rod in American woods and waters. Illus. 170.53 

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Trans, from the German. 1145.22 

Mitchell, Silas Weir. Doctor and patient. 


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lilies. 25.56 

Montauban, G. de, pseud. See Greenough, 
William P. 

Montresor, C. A. Some hobby horses and 
how to ride them. 185.35 

Contents. — How to keep a scrap. book; Seals; Crests; 
Coins; Postage stamps; Odd hobbies. "How to keep a 
scrap-book '* relates to church architecture. 




Moore, Nina. Pilgrims and Puritans ; the 
story of the planting of Plymouth and Boston. 
Illus. Portraits. Maps. 238.17 

Mowry, William A. Studies in civil govern- 
ment. 210.54 

Relates to the United States. 

Munroe, Kirk. Derrick Sterling. A story of 

the mines. Illus. 25.97 

Murray, John. Elocution for advanced pupils. 

Myers, Philip V. N. Outlines of mediaeval 

and modern history. gio.45 

Neuer Deutscher Novellenschatz. Herausg. 

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Vol. 21, 22 of 2034.1 
Contents. — 31. Der Kunstenmacher, von E. Kuike; Der 

Fachermaler von Nagasaki, von H. Rosenthal- Benin ; 

Emmy Genze, von H. Heiberg; Kirchenraub, von A. 

Friedmann. 22. Um ein Ei, von T. H. Pantenius; Peerke 

von Helgoland, von Hans Hoffmann; Die Last, von Use 

Frapan [pseud, of — Levien], 

Neuvaine, La, de Colette. Par * * * Rg. 
printed from La revue des deux mondes. [Ro- 
mans choisis.] 1063.17 

Norris, \V. E. Mademoiselle de Mersac. 


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other stories. New ed. 1801.26 

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Trans, by Mrs. Mathews. 25.43 

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Venice. 581.15 

Oliphant, Margaret O. W., and Aldrich, 
Thomas B. The second son. A novel. 25.52 

Previously published in the Atlantic monthly, beginning 
January, 1887 [1S92.1]. 

Oliver, John A. W. Astronomy for amateurs. 
Illus. 1 146.21 

O'Reilly, John Boyle. Ethics of boxing and 
manly sport. Illus. Portrait. 183.35 

O'Rell, Max, pseud. See Blouet, Paul. 

Owen, Catherine. Gentle breadwinners: the 
story of one of them. 25.61 

Palacio Valdes, Armando. Maximina. Trans, 
from the Spanish by N. H. Dole. 25.89 

Palmer, Mary T. The doctor of Deane. Illus. 


Pansy, pseud. See Alden, Isabella M. 

Parker, Marie L. Cousin Angle : a story of 
real life for children. 25.70 

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study in astronomy. 1146.20 

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series.] 1806,18 

Paton, William A. Down the islands. A 
voyage to the Caribbees. Illus. 631.13 

Patton, Jacob H. Natural resources of the 

United States. Illus. i40-54 

Largely devoted to the precious metals, coal, iron and 

Paull, Margaret A. Rhoda's reform, or owe 
no man anything. 25.55 

Payne, F. M. Payne's business letter writer 
and book of commercial forms. 130.102 

Peabody, Andrew P. Harvard reminiscences. 


Peard, Frances M. Scapegrace Dick 25.81 

Perez Galdos, Benito. Leon Roche. A ro- 
mance. From the Spanish by Clara Bell. 2 v. 

Perry, Nora. New songs and ballads. 1324.7 

Peyrebrune, Mathilde Georgina E. de. Les 
freres Colombe. Par Georges de Pe3'rebrune 
{^pseud.^ [Contes choisies.] 1063.19 

Prentice, Harry. Ben Burton, the slate-picker. 
Illus. 25.88 

Prichard, Joseph Vila. An unlaid ghost. A 
study in metempsychosis. [Anon.~\ 25.86 

Proctor, Richard A. Chance and luck: a dis- 
cussion of the laws of luck, coincidences, wagers, 
lotteries, and the fallacies of gambling; with 
notes on poker and martingales. 1 146.16 

Raffensperger, Mr$. A. F. Patience Preston, 
M.D. [Round world series.] 25.50 

Rau, Heribert. William Shakespeare. Cul- 
turgeschichtlich-biographischer Roman. 2044.8 

Riddell, Charlotte E. L. The nun's curse. A 
novel. By Mrs. J. H. Riddell. 25.48 

Ristori, Adelaide, later marchesa Capranica 
del Grillo. Adelaide Ristori. Studies and me- 
moirs. An autobiography. [Famous women.] 


Rives, Am^lie. A brother to dragons and 
other old-time tales. 1801.31 

Robertson, Margaret M. By a way she knew 
not. The story of Allison Bain. 1801.23 

— Eunice. A story of domestic life in New 
England. 25.51 

Robinson, Frederick W. Memoirs of Jane 
Cameron, female convict. [Prison series.] 25.95 

Robinson, Rowland E. Uncle Lisha's shop. 
Life in a corner of Yankeeland. 25.54 

RoUin, Charles. The ancient history of the 
Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians [etc.]. 952.1 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Gouverneur Morris. 
[American statesmen.] I533-I7 

Rowel, M. Letters from Hell. Given in Eng- 
lish by L. W. J. S. [A/tou.^ 2100.30 

M. Rowel is said to be the pseudonym of Waldemar A. 

Ruben, Edward. The path to fame. [Fiction.] 


" Russia's hope," The, or Britannia no longer 
rules the waves. Showing how the Muscovite 
bear got at the British whale. Trans, from the 
Russian by C. J. Cooke. 25.64 

Ryder, Annie II. Margaret Regis, and some 
other girls. A story. 25.96 

Saintsbury, George E. B. A history of Eliza- 
bethan literature. 397-24 

Sand, George, pseud. See Dudevant, Aman- 
tine L. A. D. 

Sanderson, Edgar. Outlines of the world's 
history, ancient, mediaeval, and modern. Illus. 


Sansone, Antonio. The printing of cotton 
fabrics, comprising calico bleaching, printing 
and dyeing. Plates. Samples of printed cloth. 


Saunders, Frederick. The story of some fa- 
mous books. [Book-lover's library.] 1400.18 

Schobert, H. Picked up in the streets. A 
romance. From the German. By Mrs. A. L. 
Wister. 1801.24 

Scott, Lucy A. Boys and other boys. 120.72 

Scott, Sir Walter, bart. Tales of chivalry and 
the olden time, selected from the- works of Sir 
Walter Scott. Edited by W.J. Rolfe. Illus. [Eng- 
lish classics for school reading.] 25.34 

Selfe, Rose E. How Dante climbed the moun- 
tain. Sunday readings with the children from 
the " Purgatorio." Illus. 1352.28 




Sergeant, Adeline. Roy's repentance. A novel. 
[Leisure hour series.] 25-46 

Shakespeare, William. Works. 3 v. [Victoria 
edition.] 1390.1 

— Wit, wisdom, and beauties of Shakespeare. 
Edited by C. S. Ward. i39i-34 

Sheldon, Louise V. Yankee girls in Zulu 
land. Illus. 1698.9 

Shepard, Hazel, pseud. See Smith, Helen A. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. J. W., compiler. The elocu- 
tionist's annual. No. 15. 1393-29 

Shorthouse, Joseph H. A teacher of the violin 
and other tales. 1802.26 

Sidney, Margaret, pseud. See Lothrop, Har- 
riet M. 

Sinclair, Ellery. Victor. 25.78 

Skene, Felicia M. F. The Lesters. A family 
record. 2 v. 25.73 

Smart, Hawley. A false start. A novel. 


Smedes, Susan D. Memorials of a Southern 
planter [T. S. G. Dabney]. Portraits. 1553.5 

Smiles, Samuel. Life and labor; or, charac- 
teristics of men of industry, culture and genius. 


Smith, Helen A. The great cities of the an- 
cient world. By Hazel Shepard \_pseud.'\. Illus. 


" The great cities of the ancient world," and " The fjreat 
cities of the modern world," have been published together 
with the title "The wonderful cities of the world." 

Southey, Robert. Robert Southey. The story 
of his life written in his letters. Edited by John 
Dennis. 530-34 

Stannard, Henrietta E. V., nee Palmer. Driver 
Dallas. A novel. By John Strange Winter 
[/.<:e«(f.]. 25.41 

Starrett, Helen E. Letters to elder daughters, 
married and unmarried. 130. loi 

Statesman's year-book for 1888. 1885. i 

Sterry, J. Ashby. The lazy minstrel. [Poems.] 


Stevenson, Robert L. Memoir of Fleeming 

Jenkin. 1556.17 

— Virginibus puerisque and other papers. 


Stockton, Frank R. The Dusantes. A sequel 

to '"The casting away of Mrs. Leeks and Mrs. 

Aleshine." 25.71 

Originally published in the Century magazine, beginning 

December, 1SS7 [1S62.2]. 

Stoddard, John L. Red-letter days abroad. 
Illus 652.4 

Contents. — Spain : The Passion play at Ober-Ammergau 
in 1880; The cities of the czar. 

Stoddard, William O. William Henry Har- 
rison, John Tyler and James Knox Polk. Por- 
traits. [The lives of the presidents.] 1558.6 

Swift, James A. The practical telegrapher. 
Illus. 142.24 

Teele, Albert K. The history of Milton, Mass. 
1640 to 1887. 241.9 

Thackeray, William M. A collection of letters 
of Thackeray, 1847-1855. Portraits. 530.26 

Thomas, Edith M. Lyrics and sonnets. 1334.4 

Thompson, Sir Henry. Diet in relation to 
age and activity. 1170.24 

Tibbals, Marion H. Many mistakes mended, 
containing 3000 corrections in speaking, pro- 
nouncing and writing the English language. 


Todd, Charles B. The story of the city of 
New York. Illus. Portraits. 238.18 

Tolstoi, Lyof N., count. The long exile and 
other stories for children. Trans, from the 
Russian by N. H. Dole. 25.58 

— The physiology of war. Napoleon and the 
Russian campaign. Trans, from the French by 
Huntington Smith. Portrait. 1000. 24 

Tourg6e, Albion W. Black ice. 25.90 

TroUope, Thomas Adolphus. What I remem- 
ber. Portrait. 530.31 

Tucker, Charlotte. Driven into exile. A story 
of the Huguenots. By A. L. O. E. \^pseud.]. 


Turner, Ross. On the use of water colors for 
beginners. , Plates. 200.48 

Tuttle, Herbert. History of Prussia. [Vol. 1-3. J 
Maps. 920. xo 

Verne, Jules. Texar's revenge; or. North 
against South. A tale of the American civil 
war. 25.49 

VioUet-le-duc, Eugene E. Annals of a for- 
tress. Trans, by B. Bucknall. Illus. Map. 

191. 21 

Illustrates the development of military science in France 
from the earliest times. 

Voices from many hilltops, echoes from 
many valleys, or the experiences of spirits Eon 
and Eond, in earth life and spirit spheres [etc.], 
given through the Sun angels' order of light. 


W., C. H , pseud. See Chaplin, Heman W. 

Walker, E. D. Reincarnation : a study of for- 
gotten truth. 1113.25 

Walsh. A. Stewart. Mary: the queen of the 
House of David and mother of Jesus. The story 
of her life. Illus. 2102.25 

Wasson, David A. Poems. Portrait. 1334.7 

Watson, Beriah A. The sportsman's para- 
dise; or, the lake lands of Canada. Illus. 631.17 

Watson, William. Life in the Confederate 
army; being the observations and experiences 
of an alien in the South during the American 
civil war. 274.4 

Welch, Philip H. The tailor made girl. Illus. 


Wellcome, Henry S. The story of Metlakahtla. 
Illus. Portraits. 1630.19 

An account of William Duncan's work in civilizing a 
colony of Tsimshean Indians of British Columbia near the 
southern border of Alaska. 

Werner, E., pseud. See Buerstenbinder, Elisa- 

West, Mary A. Stories of the march. Ro- 
mance of the nineteenth century crusade. Vol. I. 
Plates. 1806.20 

Stories of the temperance movement. 

Wheeler, Esther G. Stray leaves from New- 
port. 1801.28 

Whipple, Edwin P. Outlooks on society, 
literature and politics. 1899.29 

Whitelock, William. The life and times of 
John Jay. Portrait. 1556.16 

Wiggin, Kate D. The birds* Christmas carol. 


Wilbor, Elsie M. Werner's directory of elo- 
cutionists, readers, lecturers [etc.]. With lists 
of pieces for declamation and recitation. 1398.25 

Wilcox, Marion. Seflora Villena and Gray : 
an Oldhaven romance. 24.2 




Williams, Rev. George W. A history of the 
negro troops in the Rebellion, 1861-1865. Illus. 
Portraits. 274.5 

Williams, John F. Philips' picturesque his- 
tory of England. Illus. Maps. 1985.14 

Wilson, Edward L. Wilson's quarter century 
in photography. Illus. 1143.24 

Wilson, James C. Fever-nursing. [Practical 
lessons in nursing.] 1170.25 

Wilson, James H. China: travels and inves- 
tigations in the "Middle kingdom." With a 
glance at Japan. Map. 1697.25 

Winter, John Strange, fseud. See Stannard, 
Henrietta E. V., nee Palmer. 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Hannah More. [Fa- 
mous women.] 1532.33 


Abbreviations: — Brl., Brighton; Clin., Charlestown; Dor., Dorchester; E. B., East Boston; J. P., Jamaica 
Plain; JV. E., North End; Rox., Roxbury; S. B., South Boston; S. E., South End; W. Rox., West Roxbury. 

Central Library Books can be applied for at the several Branch Libraries 
and Delivery Stations^ and., if they are on the shelves^ they will be sent on the 
same or following day. 

Actor's ward, The. By the author of " A fatal 

dower." Dor, 445-12; S. B. 245.37 

Afterem, George, pseud. Silken threads. A 

detective story. S. E. 444.1 

Alden, Isabella M. {Pansy.') Eighty-seven. 

€hii. 1846.5 

— Profiles. [Stories.] By Pansy and Mrs. C. 

M. Livingston. E. B. 253.34; S. B. 136.40 

Dor. 446. 16 
Alexander, Mrs., pseud. See Hector, Annie F. 
Alexander, Sigmund B. Ten of us. Original 
stories and sketches. Dor. 446.8 

Allen, Joseph H. Christian history. Third 
period. Modern phases. Dor. 67.32 

Allen, Willis B. The northern cross; or, Ran- 
dolph's last year at the Boston Latin school. 

Rox. 1III.8 

American almanac and treasury of facts, for 

1888. Edited by A. R. Spofford. Bri. 116.69 

Chn.' 1435.2; Dor. 285.2; E. B. 79.24 

J. P. R.R., E. 7; Box. 1728.2 

S. B. R.R. 295 ; S. E. Ref. Lib. 34 

Arabian nights'entertainments. Lady Burton's 

edition of her husband's Arabian nights. Vol. 6. 

Box. 7452.1 
Argles, Margaret. (T^e Duc/iess.) Lady Val- 
worth's diamonds, and The haunted chamber. 

BrI. 31- 137 
—Marvel. Bri. 31- 136; E.B. 256.36; B.S. 238.66 
— A maiden all forlorn, and other stories. 

BrI. 31.138 
Arnold, Edwin. Death and afterwards. 

S. E. 104.34 
Badeau, Adam. Military history of U. S. 
Grant 3 V. E, B. 112.XI 

Baker, George M., editor. Baker's humorous 
speaker. S. E. 38.12 

Baker, William M. Inside : a chronicle of seces- 
sion. By George F. Harrington [/5CK</.]. Illus. 
by T. Nast. S. B. 221.51 

Ballantyne, Robert M. The dog Crusoe and 
his master. Box. 935.30 

Ballou, Maturin M. Under the Southern 
Cross; or, travels in Australia, Tasmania, New 
Zealand, Samoa, and other Pacific islands. 

CLn. 2337.12; J. P. 1437.1; Rox. 413.24 
S. B. 348.48; S.E. 345-2 

Bancroft, Hubert H. California pastoral. 
1769-1848. Rox. 7421.4 

— History of the Pacific states of North Amer- 
ica. Vol. 9. Mexico. Vol. 6. 1861-1887. 

Rox. 7421.3 

Barr, Amelia E.,«^e Huddleston. Jan Vedder's 

wile. Chii. 21 13.6 

— Master of his fate. Chn. 1846.10 

E. B. 256.40; Box. 2626.13; S. B. 235.77 
Barrows, Charles M. Acts and anecdotes 
of authors [American and English]. 

Dor. 283.10 

Barrows, William. The Indian's side of the 

Indian question. E.B. 188.25; S. E. 252.15 

— The United States of yesterday and of to- 
morrow. Dor. 494.19; Box. 417.21 

S.E. 235.12 
Batchelor, George. Social equilibrium and 
other problems. S. E. 107.5 

Baxter, Lucy E., nee Barnes. The life of Wil- 
liam Barnes, poet and philologist. By his 
daughter. Rox. 7126.3 

Baylor, Frances C. Behind the Blue Ridge. 
A homely narrative. Dor. 446.6 

— Juan and Juanita. S. E. 648.9 
fiayly, Ada E. The autobiography of a slan- 
der. By Edna Lyall Ipseud.']. Chn. 2148.25 

Dor. 446.10; S. E.509a.46 
Beard, Lina and Adelia B. How to amuse 
yourself and others. Rox. 1723.23 

Bellamy, Edward. Looking backward, 2000- 
1887. Bri. 25.126; Chn. 2017.17; Dor. 445-4 

E. B. 253.37 ; J. P. 532.17 ; S. B. 247.69 
Benjamin, Samuel G. W. The cruise of the 
Alice May in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and ad- 
jacent waters. Illus. Dor. 454-i8 

— Persia and the Persians. Illus. Portrait. 

S. E. 280 3 

Berlitz, Max D., and Dubois, Emil. English 

notes to the first part of the Berlitz method for 

learning French. S. E. 709. 10 

Besant, Walter. All in a garden fair. 

Box. 2426.24 

— All sorts and conditions of men. 

E. B. 253.24 

— Children of Gibeon. J. P. 333-24 

— The holy rose. S. E. 426.1 



Blouet, Paul. {Max O'Rell.) John Bull, 
junior; or, French as she is traduced. 

Dor. 2og.2g 

Boesnier, — . Le Mexique conquis. IAho//.] 
Paris, 1752. 2 V. in i. Chn. 1044.9 

Intended for an epic poem, but not divided into verses. 

Boston. Ordinances passed in 1885, 86, and 

87. Bri. 177.60; Chn. 14271; Dor. 341.5 

E. B. R.R. Table; J. P. Desk 10; N. E. 111.24 

Rox. 832.6; S. B. R.R. 160; S. E. 238.18 

W. Rox. 37.13 

— Reports of proceedings of the City Council, 
1887. Bri. 177-74; Chn. 521317 

J. P. 921.6; Rox. 832.1 

— A testimonial to C. J. Paine and Edward 
Burgess, for their successful defence of the Amer- 
ica's cup. Portraits. Plates. Bri. 11 7. 169 

Chn. 5432.15; Dor. 284.13; E. B. 211. 16 

J. P. 911. 6; N. E. 110.16; Rox. 1710.6 

S. B. 151-40; S. E. 240.5 

— Record commissioners. Report containing 
the Boston town records, 1770-1777. Bri. 176. 131 

Chn. 2738.8; Dor. 202.14; E. B. 201.9 
J. P. 923.11; Rox. 2444.1 ; S. B. 202.12 

S. E. 238.9 
Report containing the selectmen's min- 
utes from 1754 through 1763. Bri. 176.131 
Chn. 2738.8; Dor. 202.14; E. B. 201.9.19 
Rox. 2444.1 ; S. E. 238.9 

— Churches. West Church. Commemorative 
services on the 50th anniversary of its present 
ministry and the 150th of its foundation, March 
I, 1887. With three sermons by its pastor. 
lUus. Portraits. Chn. 2666.19; Rox. 5020.14 

Bowne, Eliza S. A girl's life eighty years 
ago. Selections from [her] letters. Illus. 

J. P. 1113.22; Rox. 1213.16 

Bradley, Henry. The story of the Goths, to 

the end of the Gothic dominion in Spain. [The 

story of the nations.] Bri. 74.92; Chn. 2657.24 

E. B. 337-25; J. P. 1036.21; Rox. 637.18 

S. B. 57.24; S. E. 270.7 

Brooks, Elbridge S. Historic boys. Illus. 

Clin. 621.19; Rox. 1234.6 
Brydges, Harold. Uncle Sam at home Illus. 
Dor. 346.19; !S. B. 338.24 

Sketches of the United States and its people. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward G. E. L., ist baron 

Lytton. Ernest Maltravers. S. E. 437.20 

Burnett, Frances H. Sara Crewe ; or, what 

happened at Miss Minchin's. Bri. 16.118 

Clin. 612.28; Dor. 482.3 ; E. B. 463.1 

J. P. 222.28; Rox. 1112.24; S. B. 121. 12 

S. E. 639.37 

Bumham, Clara L. Dearly bought. A novel. 

Dor. 446.4 

Cable, George W. Bonaventure. A prose 

pastoral of Acadian Louisiana. Bri. 25.124 

Chn. 1846.7; Dor. 446.12; E. B. 253.31 

J. P. 532.18; Rox. 2628.6; S. B. 276.58 

S. E. 441-17 

Caddell, Cecilia M. Summer talks about 

Lourdes. Dor. 312.44 

Caine, Thomas Henry Hall. The deemster. 

A romance. Bri. 31.132; E. B. 256.38 

Rox. 2625.20 ; S. B. 245.35 ; S. E. 545-7 

The scene of the story is laid in the Isle of Man. 

Caimes, John E. Some leading principles of 
political economy newly expounded. 

Rox. 1911.10 

Cameron, Verney Lovett. The adventures of 
Herbert Massey in Eastern Africa. Dor. 483.21 
Carey, Rosa N. Only the governess. 

J. P. 627.20 ; S. B. 143-65 ; S. E. 509.69 

— Wee wifie. A novel. E. B. 256.37 
Carol!, Martha. How Marjory helped. 

E. B. 463.2 

Century magazine. Index. Vol. 1-30 inclu- 
sive, 1870-1885. Rox. 1438.2 

Chambers, Robert. A biographical dictionary 
of eminent Scotsmen. Portraits. 4 v. Glas- 
gow, 1837. Chn. 781.4 

Chandler, Peleg W. Memoir of Governor 
Andrew, with personal reminiscences. Portrait. 

Clin. 2876.32 

Chaplin, Heman W. Five hundred dollars 
and other stories of New England life. 

Bri. 31-131; Chn. 2182.25 

Chappell, Edward. Narrative of a voyage to 
Hudson's bay. London, 1817. Maps. 

Chn. 815.10 

Chatterbox. [1887.] S. B. 11.30 

Chautauquan, The. Vol. 7. 1887. 

Rox. 2430.1 

Choate, Lowell. The romance of a letter. 
[Round world series.] S. B. 146.60 

Chopin, Frdd^ric F. Waltzes for piano forte. 
Revised and fingered by H. Scholtz. Dor. 521.35 

Church, Alfred J. Stories of the old world. 

Dor. 483.22 

Clay, Cassius M. Life. In 2 vols., written and 
compiled by himself. Vol. i. Illus. 

Chn. 2668.1 

Clayden, Peter W. The early life of Samuel 
Rogers. Rox. 5338 8 

Claytor, Graham. Pleasant waters : a story 
of Southern life and character. J. P. 627.19 

dementi, Muzio. Sonatinen fiir Pianoforte 
solo. Dor. 521.37 

Conway, Moncure D. Pine and palm. A 
novel. [Leisure hour series.] S. E. 418.55 

Cooper, James Fenimore. Afloat and ashore. 
A sea tale. Rox. 7455.6 

— The bravo. Rox. 7455- 23 

— The chainbearer ; or, the Littlepage manu- 
scripts. Rox. 7455 9 

— The crater; or, Vulcan's peak. A tale of 
the Pacific. Rox. 7454.2 

— The deerslayer. Rox. 7455.1 

— The headsman. Rox. 7454-4 

— The Heidenmauer; or, the Benedictines. A 
legend of the Rhine. Rox. 7454-3 

— Home as found. Sequel to " Homeward 
bound." Rox. 7455-12 

— Homeward bound. A tale of the sea. 

Rox. 7455" 

— Jack Tier; or, the Florida reef. Rox. 7455-28 

— The last of the Mohicans. Rox. 7455-2 

— Lionel Lincoln; or, the leaguer of Boston. 

Rox. 7455-20 

— Mercedes of Castile. Rox. 7454.1 

— Miles Wallingford. Sequel to Afloat and 
ashore. Rox. 7455-7 

— The monikins. Rox. 7455-17 

— The oak openings. Rox. 7455-21 

— The pathfinder. Rox. 7455-3 

— The pilot. Rox. 7455-22 

— The pioneers, or the sources of the Susque- 
hanna. Rox. 7455-4 

— The prairie. Rox. 7455-5 

— Precaution. Rox. 7455-26 

— The Red Rover. Rox. 7455-^9 




— The redskins, or Indian and Injin. Being 
the conclusion of the Littlepage manuscripts. 

Box. 7455-IO 

— Satanstoe, or the Littlepage manuscripts. 
A tale of the colony. Rox. 7455-8 

— The sea lions; or, the lost sealers. 

Kox. 745515 

— The spy. Rox. 7455.25 

— The two admirals. " Rox. 745513 

— The water-witch. Rox. 7455.16 

— The ways of the hour. Rox. 7455.27 

— The wept of Wish-ton-Wish. Rox. 7455.24 

— The Wing-and-wing. Rox. 7455.18 

— Wyandotte. Rox. 7455.14 
Corbett, Julian. For God and gold. 

S. E. 545-4 

Corson, Juliet. Family living on $500 a year. 
Dor. 528.44; J. P. 2434.13 

Croker, B. M. Some one else. A novel. 

Dor. 446.11 

Crowninshield, Mary B. The ignoramuses. 
A travel story. Rox. 1121.15 

Cuffe, William U. O'C, 4tk earl of Desart. 
Kelverdale : a novel. Dor. 325.33 

Currier, Albert H. The life of Constans L. 
Goodell, D.D. J. P. 1111.3 

D., S. E. Mahaly Sawyer, or "putting your- 
self in her place." J. P. 537. 23 

Dall, Caroline W. H. The life of Dr. Ananda- 
bai Joshee, a kinswoman of the Pundita Rama- 
bai. Portrait. J. P. 1237.8 

Darling, Mary G. Gladys. A romance. 
[Round world series.] Chn. 2182.26 

Darwin, Charles R. Life and letters. Por- 
traits. 2 V. 

Chn. 2883.26; S. B. 85.7; S. E. 198.33 

Dawes, Anna L. How we are governed. A 

book for young people. Rox. 617.23 

Dawson, Sir John W. The geological historv 

of plants. Illus. [International scientific series.] 

J. P. 1914-3 
Deland, Margaret. John Ward, preacher. 

Bri. 44-131; Chn. 2146.26; Dor. 445.15 
E. B. 253.36; J. P. 532.22; Rox. 2615.10 
S. B. 243.51; S. E. 545-10 
Diaz, Abby M. Bybury to Beacon street. 

Bri. 31-130; E. B. 253.26 

Dictionary of national biography. Edited by 

Leslie Stephen. Vol. 14. Damon-^D'Eyncourt. 

Rox. R.R.,G. 5.1 

Dodge, Grace H. A bundle of letters to busy 

girls on practical matters. S. B. 49.39 

S. E. III. 21 

Douglas, Amanda M. In trust; or. Dr. Ber- 

trand's household. S. E. 451.19 

Dowd, Daniel L. Physical culture, for home 

and school. Illus. Bri. 105.107 

Drayson, Alfred W. The art of practical whist. 

Rox. 1737 19 
Drayton, John. A view of South Carolina, as 
respects her natural and civil concerns. Charles- 
ton, 1802. Chn. 1031.19 
Duchess, The, pseud. See Argles, Margaret. 
Dudevant, Amantine L. A. D. (Geo^i^e Sand.) 
La mare au diable. Dor. 288.8 

— Marianne. Dor. 288.7 
Ellis, Edward S. Adrift in the wilds. 

Bri. 42.118; E.B. 12.33; S. B. 134.26 
S.E. 632.31 

— The last war trail. Bri. 42.120; E. B. 12.34 

S. E. 632.33 

— Ned in the block-house. Bri. 42.119 

Ellis, George E. The Puritan age and rule in 
the colony of the Massachusetts bay. 1629-1685. 
Chn. 2666.20; Rox. 5014.13 
Emerson, Ralph W. Essays, ist series. 

Dor. 106.32 

— Poems. Dor. 114.9 
Enault, L. Le chien du capitaine. Dor. 288.6 
Escrich, Enrique P. The martyr of Golgotha; 

a picture of Oriental tradition. From the Spanish. 
2 v. S. E. 489.10 

Evans, Warren F. The primitive mind. 

Bri. 105.108 

Everett, William. Address in commemoration 
of Charles Francis Adams, at Quincy, 4th July, 
1887. Portrait. Rox. 5234".6 

Ewing, H. B. A castle in the air. Bri. 31.139 

Clin. 21 13. 10; Dor. 448.10; E. li. 256.42 

Rox. 2637.3; S. E. 417.60 

Ewing, Juliana H., nee Gattey. Dandelion 
clocks, and other tales. Dor. 482.2 

— The peace egg, and A Christmas mumming 
play. Dor. 482.1 

Farjeon, Benjamin L. While golden sleep 
doth reign. "Good Words" Christmas story. 

Chn. 2028 37 

Farrar, Frederic W. St. Winifred's ; or, the 
world of school. J. P. 31 14 

Faunce, Linus. Mechanical drawing. Pre- 
pared for the use of the Massachusetts institute 
of technology. Rox. 1716.9 

Fenn, George Manville. The dark house : a 
knot unravelled. S. B. 22964 

— The story of Antony Grace. Bri. 25.123 

Dor. 446.3; E. B. 256.32; Rox. 2626.20 
S. B. 14774 
Field, Caroline L., n^e Whitney. The un- 
seen king, and other verses. 

Dor. 115 23; J» P. 1825.26 
Field, Henry M. Old Spain and new Spain. 

Chn. 2337.16 
Field, Walter. Stones of the temple; or. les- 
sons from the fabric and furniture of the church. 

Dor. 526.39 
Finley, Martha. Mildred and Elsie. 

S. B. 138.60 

Fisher, George P. History of the Christian 

church. Chn. 5635 10 

Fiske, John. The unseen world and other 

essays. S. E. 104.35 

Forbes, Archibald. William of Germany : a 

succinct biography of William i. J. P. 1237.9 

S. B. 87.3 
Foster, J. Ellen. The crime against Ireland. 

Dor. 526.40 

Foster, Joseph. Alumni Oxonienses. 171 1?- 

1886. Vol. I. A-D. Bri. 107.90; Chn. 2881.1 

Rox. R.R., G. I.I 

French, Alice. {Octave Tkanet.) Knitters in 

the sun. S. E. 546.26 

Frith, William P. My autobiography and 

reminiscences. Dor. 502.5; J. P. 1231.11 

Rox. 7125.8; S. B. 179-34 

Froude, James A. The English in the West 

Indies. Chn. 2337.13; Rox. 235.6; S. E. 344-9 

Gaume, Jean J. Sudma ; or, the little African 

slave who was buried alive. Dor. 359.34 

Geikie, John Cunningham. The life and words 

of Christ. J. P. 2032.12 

George, Henry. Progress and poverty. 

Bri. 105.106 

Gibbon, Charles. Queen of the meadow. A 

novel. Bri. 44-130 




Gladstone, William E. The Irish question. 

Dor. 526.41 
Goodwin, Hannah B. Our party of four. A 
story of travel. J. P. 617.7; Rox. 2417.20 

Green, John R. History of the English peo- 
ple. 4 V. ' S. E. 254.14 
Green, Samuel A. Groton historical series. 
Papers relating to the history of Groton, Massa- 
chusetts. Vol. I. Bri. 77.78; Pox. 7010.16 
Greene, Homer. The blind brother. [A/so 
Dick, the door-boy.] S. E. 625.14 
Greenough, William P. The cruise of a 
woman hater. By G. de Montauban [pseud.']. 

Dor. 446.5 
Guild, Curtis. Britons and Muscovites; or, 
traits of two empires. Clin, 2337. 15 ; E. B. 92. 1 1 
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