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Full text of "1955 "custom-line" and "pacemaker" houses by National Homes."

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1855 *Custoni-liHe? and * Pacemaker'' hou 

SES by . . . 


You get §0 MuCft Mote from National Homes 

SO MUCH MORE in new designs ... 32 exciting new floor plans and hundreds of 
exterior design variations by National's master architect, Charles M. Goodman, 
AIA ... so much more in luxurious new roominess all through the house ! 

SO MUCH MORE in precision of National's manufacturing . . . every detail from 
roof-ridge to threshold pre-tested and quality controlled from start to finish! You 
get much more in structural strength of completed home ! So much more quality 
starting with top-grade kiln-dried lumber and continuing through to the dramatic 
new color schemes by National's famed color-stylist, Beatrice West. Whatever you 
desire a home to be, there's a '55 National for you. 

Steps in choosing the home of your life: 
First, choose the FLOOR PLAN 

The new Nationals come in 32 basic floor plans ... a wide range of varia- 
tions. They are grouped here according to size, number of rooms, price 
range. Turn to the pages showing the plans that meet your requirements, 
and pick the one you prefer. 

Next, choose an EXTERIOR DESIGN 

that is available for the floor plan of your choice. 

Finally, select your EXTERIOR FINISH 

The outside of any 1955 National may be covered in your choice of Cedar 
Shakes, Asbestos Shingles, Masonite Weatherboarding; A" or 8" Vertically 
Grooved Plywood. 




4" Vertically 
Grooved Plywood 

8" Vertically 
Grooved Plywood 



f—m — tetea 


A new plan with living and 
dining areas flowing together. 
Kitchen has a very smart 
lunch bar. 


In this plan a large utility room is 
provided. This home is a "closed" 
plan, with kitchen separated from 
the spacious living room. 


• Deluxe in smartness and comfort is this array 
of seven "Custom-Line" floor plans and 15 excit- 
ing exteriors. You may combine any plan and 
any design on these two pages (except as noted) 
— and be sure of having a home that you'll own 
with pride and live in with comfort. 

NOTE : Window and door arrangements on kitchen end of ex- 
teriors will vary according to plan selected. 

as the end of the 
low section to en- 
)r Gibson plan. 

RANCH DESIGN 53 • In this quietly pleasing "Ranch" design, 
shuttered windows and Jlower boxes impart an air of warmth and 



This roomy plan has an 
unusually spacious kitchen-dining 
area — a real family room. 
A laundry alcove is off the hall. 


A new plan with living and 
dining areas flowing together. 
Kitchen has a very smart 
lunch bar. 


In this plan a large utility room is 
provided. This home is a "closed" 
plan, with kitchen separated from 
the spacious living room. 

RANCH DESIGN 50* The fresh simplicity of this "Ranch" de- 
sign is set off by the colored panel between the bedroom windows. 




• Deluxe in smartness and comfort is this array 
of seven "Custom-Line" floor plans and 15 excit- 
ing exteriors. You may combine any plan and 
any design on these two pages (except as noted) 
— and be sure of having a home that you'll own 
with pride and live in with comfort. 

NOTE ; Window and door arrangements on kitchen end of ex- 
teriors will vary according to plan selected. 


RANCH DESIGN 50-A • A graceful hip roof, as shown, sur- 
mounts this well-balanced style. A decorative panel alongside the glass 
wall adds smartness to the design. 


RANCH DESIGN 52 • This pleasing' design has the end of the 

house facing street, with the door and one tall window section to en- 
hance the interest. Not available with Fenmore or Gibson plan. 

RANCH DESIGN 53 • In this quietly pleasing "Ranch" design, 
shuttered windows and flower boxes impart an air of warmth and 

RANCH DESIGN 51 • A wide overhang shelters the front door 
and picture window, serving a useful as well as decorative purpose. 

RANCH DESIGN 52-A * Here's fine design accented by boldly 
colorful decorator panel and large flower box alongside end-front en- 
trance. Not available with Fenmore or Gibson plan. 

RANCH DESIGN 53-A • Flower boxes and window shutters art 
featured in this conservative-style model. 

as well as OUTS I > 
every National home is 
planned for Pleasant Livin g 

Vertically grooved plywood on one wall 
of this living room gives added distinction. 
Floor plan allows for endless variety 
of furniture grouping. 

All National homes feature work-saving, 
step-saving kitchens. Compact, streamlined, yet 
containing ample storage space in spick-and-span 
cabinets, the kitchen pictured here wins approval 
of modern homemakers. 

Your Local NATIONAL HOMES Builder-Dealer 

will be happy to help you decide, and to 
quote finished home prices. National's huge 
buying power plus assembly-line methods gives 
you more home for less money , . . always! 

You will note that "Custom-Line" 
National homes come in two general 
classifications of architectural design . . . 
"Ranger" and "Ranch." The "Ranger" 
homes are contemporary in style. The 
"Ranch" homes are a modernized version 
of the comfort and charm of the classic 
"Cape Cod" homes of our forefathers. 

Both "Ranger" and "Ranch" homes 
may have either "open" interiors per- 
mitting free flow of family activities from 
area to area of the home or "enclosed" 
rooms affording cozy privacy preferred 
by many families. 

Here are but a few of the many fea- 
tures that will make your new National 
home Outstanding in livability and value: 

• Spacious living areas, featuring abun- 
dant closet and storage space. All closets 
extend from floor to ceiling. Sliding wood 
doors in the "Custom-Line" bedrooms; 
bamboo folding doors included in most 
"Pacemakers," give full access to the en- 
tire closet area. 

• Big kitchens with efficient layouts, 
many of a size to permit dining and family 
recreation area. 

• Aluminum sash windows are horizontal 
sliding type, easily cleaned from inside the 

All windows are extra large and 
weatherstripped. Window screens and 
screen doors with all models. Storm win- 
dows and storm-screen doors optional. 

• Living rooms have picture windows or 
ceiling-high glass walls as noted in indi- 
vidual design descriptions. Ceiling high 
glass walls in "Custom-Line" models fea- 
ture sliding lower panels of glass, or lou- 
vers for ventilation. 

• All homes are completely insulated with 
Fiberglas, assuring maximum economy 
from the heating plants, which are of latest 
design. Your choice of automatic oil heat, 
or gas (where available locally) with 
thermostatic control. 

• All "Custom-Line" homes have king- 
size medicine cabinet in baths and many 
have built-in vanities. 

• Extra outside storage space for garden 
equipment, toys, etc., is available through 
the use of a special unit which may be 
attached to house or carport. The unit 
is optional with all models. 


This roomy plan 
unusually spaciov 
area — a real fam 
A laundry alcove 

RANCH DESIGN 50 ■ The fresh simplicity of this " Ranch" de- 
sign is set off by the colored panel between the bedroom windows. 


RANCH DESIGN 50-A • A graceful hip roof, as shown, sur- 
mounts this well-balanced style. A decorative panel alongside the glass 
wall adds smartness to the design. 


house facing street, wit 
home the interest. Not a' 

RANCH DESIGN 51 • A wide overhang shelters the front door 
and picture window, serving a useful as well as decorative purpose. 


colorful decorator panel t 
trance. Not available \ 



97'* mo- [sp vrxinr 

E * D 

J!Q it 





Here is a basement-type plan with 
access from kitchen to third bedroom 
which may be used as dining room. 


Similar to the Fenmore in 
layout, this larger plan affords 
more space in living-dining 
area, kitchen and end bedrooms. 


Another basement plan having all 
the fine features of the Fernbrook, 
but with additional length in all 
bedrooms and living room. 


Here's a 4-bedroom house for the family 
that needs more room. This plan takes 
same designs as 3-bedroom plans 
shown on these two pages. 

RANCH DESIGN 54 • A novel trellis makes this ranch home 
distinctive, lends itself to rambler roses and other flowering vines. 

RANGER DESIGN 40 • Floor-to-ceiling glass walls set off both 
the living and dining areas in this design; a secluded front terrace is 
provided by the wood screen fence. 

RANCH DESIGN 55 • Twin trellises atop flower boxes give the 
effect of old-time bay windows, though contemporary in feeling. 

RANGER DESIGN 43 • The glass-walled end in this design can 
face front, side or rear of lot. Here it opens on a backyard terrace. 
Available with Fenmore or Gibson plan only. 

RANGER DESIGN 41 • Below the wide overhang of this home 
is an unusual trellis that creates an intriguing pattern. 

RANGER DESIGN 44 • A low-roofed entrance porch combines 
with wide-grooved vertical siding to create freshness in this design. 

All designs in the "40" series are "Ranger" style, 
with extra wide overhang all around — 42" on front 
and rear, 24" on ends. 

Designs in the "50" series are "Ranch" style, with 
a higher roof, which comes shingled to harmonize 
with your selected color scheme. This style has a 
2-foot overhang on front and rear, 1-foot at ends. 

ADDITIONAL "Custom-Line" home* on following pages 

RANCH DESIGN 56 • Modern styling in entrance porch with 
wide overhang, set off by a graceful trellis that is crisply functional. 

RANGER DESIGN 42 • The end of this home, facing the street 
is given importance with a wide window wall flanked by gaily toned 
doors. Available with Fenmore or Gibson plan only. 

3 -Bedroom "CUSTOM-LINE" Komes (continued) 

The distinctive designs in this group are available 
only with the Glenwood floor plan. An attached 
garage or carport gives additional appeal; several 
variations are shown. 




This versatile new plan has 
a forward-extended bedroom 
forming an "L," which 
includes an attractive porch 
or covered entrance walk. 

Window and door 
arrangements on 
kitchen end vary ac- 
cording to plan 


in-iiiio - 


For those who prefer a separate 
kitchen-dining area, A big 
utility room with laundry space 
is provided in this plan. 

■ + ♦ W "^ *> 
RANGER DESIGN 45 • This attractive Glenwood home features 
a glass wall with lower panels that slide open for ventilation. 

RANGER DESIGN 47 • Similar to Design 45 but with picture 
window in living room. Higher bedroom windows make furniture 
placement easy. 

RANCH DESIGN 57 ■ Here is a very appealing design. Living 
room has picture window; low windows in bedrooms. 

RANCH DESIGN 57-G2 • Same as 57, but with roof extended 
to right of living room to provide for an attached garage. 

RANCH DESIGN 54 • In this cozy home the modem-styled trellis 
adds an outstanding note to the attractive exterior. 

Ol Desi § ns in tnis g rou P may be had with the Edgemont, Elmhurst or Edgebrook plan, except for 42, 43 and 52. 

32 8- . 34 J- 


This full-basement plan 
features an extra large kitchen, 
with ample room to seat 
8 people. 


Rooms that flow together 
make this compact plan roomy 
and uncrowded. The lunch 
bar saves steps at mealtime. 

RANGER DESIGN 42 • Definitely a house that says, "Wel- 
come" Entrance and glass walls are placed at living-dining end. 
Available with Edgemont plan only. 

RANGER DESIGN 43 • Glass wait at end like 42, but with en- 
trance in long side of home. Available with Edgemont plan only. 

(^ustorKt-Line 7 

Want a smaller home of real charm and comfort, with spa- 
ciousness created by skillful planning? Here's your answer! 

RANCH DESIGN 52 • This design has the end facing street, 
with decorative panel to provide interest. Not available with Edge- 
mont plan. 

RANCH DESIGN 51 • Roof projection over the entrance and 
living-room windows gives shelter to callers, adds smartness. 

RANCH DESIGN 53 • Shutters on the low bedroom window and 
flower boxes 



RANGER DESIGN 40 • Has glass walls with sliding-lower 
banes for ventilation. Either the front or end may face the street. 

P VL**^* 

RANGER DESIGN 401 • Very smart and popular in small-home 
design is this lavish use of glass wall in living area. 

RANCH DESIGN 55 • A design of fresh simplicity; flower box 
under the medium-high bedroom window balances the picture window. 

RANCH DESIGN 56 • /I handsome porch, harmonizing with the 
lines of the house and having an unusual trellis. Smart/ 

RANGER DESIGN 44 • The wide porch with low-slanted roof 
imparts a sleek modern look. Main living-room windows at side. 

' l^acm&kere 

Medium Priced Homes 

Like all Nationals, the materials and equipment that go 
into "Pacemaker" homes come from famous brand-name 
manufacturers. All lumber used is Number One Kiln 
Dried. From start to finish, the construction of all "Pace- 
makers" is rigidly quality controlled to give a lifetime of 
happy, comfortable living. 

Like all National Homes, "Pacemakers" are designed by 
the noted architect, Charles M. Goodman, AIA, and 
color-styled by America's foremost stylist, Beatrice West. 

All "Pacemakers" feature low, sweeping roof lines; and 
the smart sloping ceilings create an air of unusual spa- 
ciousness in all rooms. 

This 3 bedroom group includes the Delta, the Dawson, 
the Dalton, the May- Flower, the Camden, the Cabot, 
and the Clayton. 

NOTE: Window and door arrangements on kitchen end of some floor plans 
will vary according to the design you select. 


The glass-walled dining room 
extends forward from main 
part of house in this plan, 
which also provides a big, 
convenient outside storage area. 
Available only with Design 34. 

DESIGN 34 • The cheerful, forward-projecting, glass-walled 
dining room gives more light and amazing amount of extra space. 
Available with Delta plan only. 

DESIGN 36 * There's more comfort in the extended living room 
of the Dawson; offset at right front corner adds distinction. Avail- 
able only with Dawson plan. 

DESIGN 35* For those who enjoy a living room flooded with 
sunshine, this design will have strong appeal. Comes only with 
Dalton plan. 

DESIGN 38 • Tall windows with sliding vents below are used in 
the living room of this design, which has a neat entrance porch. 
May-Flower plan only. 

DESIGN 371 • In this design, the JJoor-to-ceiling windows give 
dramatic charm to the forward-projecting dining room. Available 
with May-Flower plan only. 

DESIGN 31 • Corner entrance and glass-walled living room are 
dramatized by an extra wide overhang across this part of front. 
Camden and Barclay plans only. 

. I . 




THE CAMDEN »rr»*v 

For variety, the main entrance 
in this plan is placed at right 
front end of house. Living, 
dining and kitchen areas flow 
together for roominess. 


Lowest cost 3-bedroom house 
A plan similar to the Camden 
but with slightly more compact 
kitchen and storage. Folding 
doors across dining area and on 
closets may be added if desired. 


Here is a compact 3-bedroom 
plan that includes a separate 
dining room and "closed" 
kitchen. With Designs 371, 
37, 38 and 39 only. 

DESIGN 39 • Roof over projecting parLof house is exten&\ 
entire front to form wide, hospitable />orcfcMa>fr Flower plan" op 

DESIGN 37 • Here the living room has a wide picture window, 
while the projecting dining room and kitchen are given low windows. 
May-Flower plan only. 

DESIGN 30 • With a trellis at each end, the modern porch on this 
corner-entrance home adds dn original touch. Camden or Barclay 
plan only. 

-" " -- 



All Pacemakers may have optional features added, such as carport, covered terrace, 
storage unit and wood screen fencing. For additional suggestions see pages 10 to 12. 


Lowest cost 

2 and 3-bedroom homes 

This group, which includes the Alton, Avon, Avalon, 
Barton, Barclay, and Barwick, has the same quality of 
materials, design, and construction as all National homes. 
To keep the prices of this group of homes far below any 
others, it is necessary that certain minor features come to 
you so that a handy "do-it-yourself man" can complete 
them at his convenience and to his own taste. For ex- 
ample: Closet doors are omitted. Additional kitchen cab- 
inets and storage may be added. The floor, which is 
either wood or insulated concrete slab, may be finished 
later with tile or other types of floor covering. The walls 
are unfinished gypsum board which may be painted any 
desired color at a later date. Of course, the homes may 
be comfortably lived in "as is." 

NOTE: Window and door arrangements on kitchen end of exteriors will vary 
according to plan selected. 




THE ALTON Lowest cost 

2-bedroom house. 
A plan with many space- 
saving features. Extra 
storage room is included 
between the bedrooms. 
Design 29 only. 

DESIGN 29 • Extending from the entrance to the right front corner, 
an extra wide overhang adds zest to this design. With Alton, 
Barton, Cabot plans only. 

DESIGN 28 • Trimly modern, the low-sloping porch roof in this 
model harmonizes with the roofline of the house. Available with 
Barton or Cabot plan only. 

I ) 






10- «1 





THE AVALON lowest cost 

2 -bedroom house. 
The end of this home 
looks toward the street. 
A very practical plan. 
Designs 32, 33 only. 

THE BARWICK lowest cost 

3 -bedroom house. 
With end facing street; 
other features same as 
in the Barton. Designs 
32, 33 only. 


This "end-front" plan 
has handy storage room 
between second and 
third bedroom. 
Designs 32, 33 only. 

DESIGN 301 * A welcoming porch, continuing the roof slope, 
frames the corner entrance of this model. Available with Avon only. 

THE AVON lowest cost 

2-bedroom house. 
In this plan, the entrance is 
located at the right front corner 
of the living room, which has 
a long uninterrupted wall for 
ease of placing furniture. 
With Designs 301, 311 only. 

DESIGN 32 « The crisp lines of the flat-roofed porch are aug- 
mented by the trellis on one side. With Avalon, Barwick, Clayton 
plans only 

DESIGN 311 • Here an extended eave shields the floor-to-ceiling 
windows and front door of this design. Comes with Avon only. 



DESIGN G-3 • This detached garage is suitable for any 
"Ranch" design house. The breezeway and garage roof are 
shingled to match house, a wood screen fence encloses the patio. 

DESIGN G-2 • A one-car garage attached to the living-dining 
end of the home, available with "Ranch" design Edgemont, 
Fenmore or Gibson plan only. 

GARAGE and CARPORT variations . 


DESIGN R-12 • Carport and covered walk attached to the 
kitchen side of the house, with the living-dining end facing the 
street. A wood screen fence forms a court on the living-room side. 
Will fit any "Custom-Line" or "Pacemaker" design . 

DESIGN R-13 • Here the carport projects toward the street, 
forming a garden court with the wood screen fence. House roof 
extended provides a spacious porch, with storage unit as back wall. 
Will fit any "Custom- Line" design. 

DESIGN R-2 • The long roof extension provides for a covered 
terrace off the living-dining end, and a carport with storage unit. 
Garden courtyard in front. Available with "Ranger" design 
Edgemont, Fenmore or Gibson plan only. 

I DESIGN R-S • This arrangement has a separate carport with 
storage unit at back; wood screen fence along left side of carport 
and across front of garden court. Will fit any "Custom-Line" or 
"Pacemaker" design . 

DESIGN R-3 • Under the extended roof at the living-dining 
end is this functional carport, backed by a storage unit. Available 
with "Ranger" and "Pacemaker" designs. 

DESIGN R-4 • This srnart-looking combination, with carport,* j 
storage unit and covered terrace forming an entrance court, will 
fit any "Custom-Line" or "Pacemaker" design . 


DESIGN G-4 ■ Here is an attractive two-car garage located at 
living-dining end; also available with "Ranch" design Edge- 
mont, Fenmore or Gibson plan only. 

DESIGN G- 1 • This smart flat-roofed garage and covered walk 
may be had with any "Ranger" design home. It can be located 
in all positions shown in the Carport series below. 


Your new National home may be placed 
on the lot in any one of several different 
positions— with the living room facing 
the front, side or rear — whichever 
gives the most interesting view. Shown 
here are two 'suggestions. Your builder- 
dealer will be glad to aid you in plan- 
ning the best arrangement for your new 
National home. 

available on all National homes 

DESIGN R-14 • Facing the street is this combined carport and 
covered terrace. A front-yard "living room" is formed by the wood 
screen fence. Will fit any "Custom- Line" or "Pacemaker" design. 

Any "Custom-Line" or "Pacemaker" home may be ob- 
tained with a garage or carport in a variety of styles. All 
these garages and carports measure 24 feet from front to 
back, ample for even the longest new cars. The designs 
shown here are available with all models unless otherwise 
indicated. Wood screen fences may be included with any 
National home. 

DESIGN R-6 • This charming ensemble adds a covered walk 
from carport to front door. Storage unit forms rear wall of carport. 
Will fit any "Custom-Line" or "Pacemaker" design . 


DESIGN R-7 • A different treatment of Design 6, with carport 
connected to the house by a shorter covered walk. The storage 
unit and wood screen fence give privacy to the rear garden. Will 
fit any "Custom-Line" or "Pacemaker" design . 


DESIGN P-l • This 4-foot extension of the roof over the 
living room and entrance is available with any "Ranch" tie- 
sign. DESIGN P-2 is available for "Ranger" designs. 


DESIGN P-4 • Available only with "Ranch" design homes, 
this attractive porch is suitable for use whether the living 
room faces front, side or rear of lot. 

DESIGN P-3 • Here the porch is formed by extending the 
roof at the living-dining end, which faces the rear garden. 
With Edgemont, Fenmore or Gibson "Ranger" de- 
signs only. 

• One of these distinctive porches will 
contribute materially to the character and 
livability of your new National home. 


DESIGN SP-1 • The attached storage unit provides for ad- 
ditional storage if desired. Available for any "Custom- Line" 
or "Pacemaker" house. 

DESIGN SP-2 • This free-standing storage unit permits a 
passageway to the kitchen entrance and a small back porch. 

A storage unit provides a convenient place to 
keep mower, garden tools, lawn furniture, 
barbecue equipment, bicycles and other out- 
door toys. It can be had either as part of a 
carport as shown on pages 10-11, or separate. 


. . . available at extra cost on all National homes 

AIR CONDITIONING— cools and dehumidifies 
home; costs little more than a single-room window 
unit; waterless (air-cooled) — requires no water or 
plumbing; quiet, economical in operation. 

FANS— Attic type, ventilates entire house with com- 
plete change of air every minute, for cool living, cool 
sleeping. Kitchen Exhaust Fan, removes cooking odors. 

HOME APPLIANCES— Washer and Dryer or com- 
bination Washer-Dryer; Garbage Disposer; Electric 

Storm Windows, Combination Storm-screen Doors. 

TAr:n £, 

K D_.,„„.' 

• If your taste and your desires tend toward 
more ample living, here are National's finest 
homes. Luxurious without being ostentatious- 
bold in conception yet delightfully hospitable 
— they sound a new note in modern living. 

Ill Ho 




^&4 mFB. , 



There's abundant space for all the family 
in this big 4-bedroom plan with bath and 
a half, and a full basement. Three bedrooms 
have twin closets; the fourth bedroom, 
connected with the extra-large kitchen, is 
ideal as a nursery or for dining, 

The all-new 7955 National homes are as distinguished for their smart, spacious interiors as/or their exterior beauty 


RANGER DESIGN 40 • Planned for families that love sunlight, 
this "Ranger" design has ceiling-high windows clear around the 
corner, turning jour living room into a "sun parlor." 

RANCH DESIGN 50-A • Here is a graceful "Ranch" design 
with the smart four-sided "hip-roof." The bedroom windows are 
above waist height, for freedom of furniture placement. 

RANCH DESIGN 50 ■ This rambling design refects a friendly 
welcome and a wealth of comfort within. Tall living-room windows 
have ventilating louvers, for summer coolness, winter snugness. 


For a Site on a Hillside, Choose 
a Dramatic Variation in . . . 



Where rolling terrain permits, this 
brilliant two-level series gives an en- 
chanting answer to your desire for 
something special in a home. Created 
to nestle against a slope, the flexible 
basic plan (above) has numerous 
lower-level variations giving you the 
room arrangement of your liking. You 
may select any lower-level plan on 
these two pages, with its appropriate 
design, to form a "Custom-Line" 



Hollybrook. But first — there are two 
types of hillside lots: down slope sites, 
with the lot sloping downward from 
the street; uphill sites, where the lot goes 
up from the street. With a down slope 
lot, the carport adjoins the upper floor, 
letting you drive in at street level. On 
an uphill lot it is best to have the car- 
port as part of the lower floor. Be sure 
to keep this in mind when selecting 
your Hollybrook design. 

RANGER DESIGN R-25 • Tour neigh- 
bors will look up admiringly at this unique 
4-bedroom plan design for an uphill lot. Car- 
port is on the ground floor, which includes an 
activities room, utility-storage, extra bedroom 
and bath, 

RANGER DESIGN R-24 • In this hospi- 
table 5-bedroom plan for a down slope lot, 
front entrance is upstairs. On the lower level, a 
huge activities room opens on a flagstone ter- 
race. This floor also includes two bedrooms, 
bath and utility-storage. 





ir.irs- i C. I — i f III, nviM-ir 

RANGER DESIGN R-18 • Reminiscent 

of an old plantation veranda is the jull-length 
covered terrace of this down slope design, which 
has Jour bedrooms. A guest bedroom, bath and 
activities room on lower floor look out on terrace. 

RANGER DESIGN R-T7 . There 's liv- 
ing a-plenty in this 5-bedroom plan, adapted 
to an uphill lot. The lower floor contains two 
bedrooms, bathroom, workroom-study, as well 
as a carport. 


RANGER DESIGN R-26 • A sheltered 
patio at the lower level is provided by the exten- 
sion oj the brick siding and the retaining wall 
in this 4-bedroom uphill model. The glass- 
walled activities room has folding doors to form 
a spacious guest room. The lower floor also in- 
cludes carport, bathroom and ample storage. 



Ug^ jiu-... 

CUSTOM-LINE'' HOMES (confmued) 

RANGER DESIGN R-12 • Here the 
house faces to the right, with a combined car- 
port and entrance porch joined to it. A simple 
yet very attractive design. 



# Here are homes that blend for family fun and 
entertaining, but with bedrooms secluded from the 
social area. These models are of the "open" type, 
and feature a liberal use of glass-walls. You'll be 
proud and happy with whichever floor plan and 
design you choose for your new home. 


A bath and a half, a big "family room" 
combining kitchen and recreation area, 
and three bedrooms away from the rest 
of the house, are features of this 
comfortable floor plan. 




In this 3-bedroom, 2-bath floor plan, 
hospitality is the keynote. A full-depth 
living room, with or without fireplace, 
extends to the dining area and kitchen 
which are joined by a lunch bar. 

RANGER DESIGN R-13 • Impressiveness is given this design by 
the roof extension that provides a carport attached to the living room, 
and the covered terrace and wood screen fence creating a sheltered 
garden court toward the street. 

RANGER DESIGN R-14 • The carport and cov- 
ered terrace under one roof give dramatic interest to 
this model, which has an enclosed garden court. 

RANGER DESIGN R-4 • Outdoor -indoor living 
at its best is inspired by this design, which includes a 
front courtyard, carport, covered terrace joined to house, 
and rear patio. 

RANGER DESIGN R-15 * In this dramatic design, a covered 
terrace and carport at either end oj the house front form the sides of 
a delightful open patio enclosed by wood screen fence. 

THE T)eoonsfum 

Four bedrooms, two baths, and a spacious 
living room feature this design. 
The bedrooms are kept apart from 
the living quarters by a separate 
entrance and hallway. 

RANGER DESIGN 60 • A carport and covered terrace ex- 
tend toward the street from the family room in this handsome 
design. The garden court at right is shielded by the wood 
screen fence and storage unit. 


RANGER DESIGN 62 • A secluded garden court and a 
2-car carport jace the street in this picturesque design. The 
carport is formed by continuing the roof of the family. room. 

An elegant 4-bedroom plan with two baths, 
the Ambassador offers bountiful indoor-outdoor 
living for the larger family. The T-shaped 
floor plan permits many individual variations. 

RANGER DESIGN 64 • This design includes a2-car gar- 
age attached to the family room. Full-length windows at both 
ends of the family room afford views front and rear. 

RANGER DESIGN 63 • Another "front-yard living 
room" — with roof extension of family room forming a com- 
bined covered terrace and carport. The storage unit at end 
toward street helps five privacy 

RANGER DESIGN 65 • In this design an extension of 
the living-room roof provides a combined carport and covered 
terrace. A front-yard patio promises fun a-plenty/ 


Its Easu to Own 

the National Home of your choice! 

All National homes are eligible for FHA in- 
sured mortgage loans under the latest structural 
engineering bulletin. They invariably require 
minimum down and monthly payments. 

• Due to variations in requirements of different 
areas, states, municipalities, government insur- 
ing agencies and mortgage companies, it is im- 
possible for National Homes Corporation to de- 
fine the specifications of the finished product. 
While all National homes are sold by authorized 
National Homes dealers complete, including wir- 
ing, plumbing and heating — ready to live in — 
variations in specifications may exist. For ex- 
ample, in some cases the house may be sold 
including rough grading only while others may 
include seeding or sodding and may include 
landscaping. Air conditioning, washers, dryers 
and other appliances may or may not be included 
in the contract. In purchasing a National home, 
you should check with your local dealer for a 
complete understanding as to what items are in- 
cluded in your purchase contract. 

# National Homes Corporation reserves the right 
to introduce changes in plans and specifications 

without notification and without obligation to 
include such changes in any National home al- 
ready delivered. The company further reserves 
the right to make changes in materials and "brand 
names" from those described in this brochure 
without obligation. 

• Your National Homes dealer is an independent 
business man and not an agent, representative or 
direct employee of National Homes Corporation. 
In his function of creating your home, he pur- 
chases, supervises and is responsible for every 
detail from the vacant lot to the finished resi- 
dence. National Homes Corporation is only one 
of his many suppliers; he buys from them the 
structural home parts in one complete "package," 
thus eliminating slow, costly fabrication on the 
building site. 

• Due to variations in local conditions, only your 
local National Homes dealer-builder can quote 
completed home prices. His figure is always com- 
puted to give you the utmost in value — the lowest 
possible down and monthly payments. The 
National Homes way is the way to get more 
house for your money! 


Phone 7-7708 
Yellcw Springs, OSiso 




: ; 


Typical of the charm common to all ranch 
homes, the cheery bedroom pictured has two 
beautifully proportioned windows giving access 
to light and air a-plenty/ 

Spaciousness achieved through skillful modern 
design is shown in this interior pictured here. 
Note the "openness" that permits free flow of 
family activities from room to room. 

National Homes prefabricated 
panels and structural parts, as 
they leave the assembly plant, 
carry the Good Housekeeping 
guaranty seal and the Parents' 
Magazine seal of commendation 



N. H. C. 1955