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4th Edition. Feb 2008 (1st, 11/04! 2nd, 11/05; 3rd, 6/06). Copyright 2008: Compiled. Illustrated by D R E 
Permission granted to copy in whole provided document is not changed. 

Gratixude to FirstKreator. hlati, Elysha, Michael T. Ken, Susan, Greta, Dorothy, Edward. 
The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of all the folks herein. 
And the health information is for education only. 

Our NewClear Fun Healing Weapon to Ruin MindControl 
& Foil Reptilian Plans for Martial-Law Tyranny of Humanity 

Old Problem: Secret Invisible War on Humanity by the so-called New 
World O dor /Order, latest stanky cloak of our Ancient Reptilian Enemy. 

New Ancient Solution : Easy-to-make Earth-healing Orgone- 
Generators which, like kryptonite on superman, kripple or neutralize 
/ transform Reptilian technostuff, including mindcontrol & microwaves 
from so-called cell-phone towers. 





Save da Humans! 
Copy & share 
this book 

with Humans you care about. It only 
costs about $3 to $5 to reproduce. 
Sell or give it away to at least 1000, 
I mean 10 Humans and instruct 
them to do the same. Make and "gift" 
Orgone Generators abundantly, 
widely It only takes a small 
percentage of folks doing this to defang 
and prevent Reptilian 'new-world- 
order' Takeover -foil their plans of 
taking total control over us mainly 
through their "CELL TOWERS" which 
are really disguised War Weapons 
against us. Using these "martial law 
transmitters," they plan to turn the 
Americas, Europe and the whole 
planet into a Reptilian PoliceState, 
genociding most People of Color 
(first) along with Caucasians, and 
enslaving survivors. The whole 
Human Race is on the Reptilians' hit 
list. Their continuous attacks include 
HAARP and daily global spraying of 


GIFTING: Turn your home, car, neighborhood into an Orgone 13-19 
Paradise to protect yourself, family, community. A single person can 
"do" (orgonify) their whole city by themselves in about a week. 

Do Undo Reptilians. These humanivore parasites find us humans 20 - 39 
delicious. Let's spoil their appetites by also building / deploying 
advanced Orgone-Generators which further usurp/undo their disguised 
warfare on us: ChemBusters erase deadly chemtrails/smog, heal 
HAARP weather, halt cyclones, end droughts. EthericPipes purify 
lakes, ponds, rivers. EarthPipes instantly undo underground alien 
reptilian bases /hives by converting their massive destructive Orgone to 
beneficial positive Orgone. Powerful Orgone Defense-Tools protect us 
and enable us to reverse retaliatory / psychotronic attacks. 

Disable your MfP-plants! How to easily locate /disable the 40 - 41 

probable scores of nano-implants in you which you didn't know you 
had. Destroy parasites too, and become healthier. 

Orgonite Vendors around the Globe supply you if you'd rather 
not make your own generators. 


Fine FUN Art of Orgone-Style Warfare. "The Adventures of 
Don & Carol Croft," (re)inventors of Orgone Generators, teach 
and inspire us by their examples 
-the easy new-clear Art of 
Orgone Defense /Application & 
Gifting, enabling us to win and 
end this Ancient War and take back 
our precious planet from da Beast. 


Chemtrails ("Clouds of Death") on us all! 
The movies " V " and "They Live" are essentially true. 
At last we now CAN and ARE effectively fighting back, disabling them, 
reversing their damage to our planet, and converting the horrid negative 
energy of their systems into positive healing energy -through easy-to-make 
inexpensive ORGONE Generators, our NewClear FUN HealingWeapons 
For our survival & victory we ALL need to participate = become "Orgone 
Gifters /Warriors" ... because "Quiet War" has been declared on us 
and is killing us and our loved ones daily, through "Silent Weapons" .. 

OK, now prepare for some of da best 
MUFFINS 7? FUN you ever had this lifetime ... 

The Reptilian War on Humanity was not secret to our ancestors. Present Humanity is suffering from amnesia -partly 
induced, partly willful. When turned on full blast, the microwave towers all around us cause crippling pain, making us 
helpless before (the planned event of) NWO soldiers as they enforce genocidal PoliceState Martial Law upon us ALL in this 
Ancient War. Along with mindcontrol, these are the real reasons for their speedy erection everywhere... globally! 

Throughout this document I use [[double brackets for inserted comments]] and have added boxes & most emboldments for emphasis. ~DRE 

EXCERPTS from:'indcx.shtml 

Educate- Yourself The Freedom of Knowledge, Tlie Power ofTJiouglit© 

[[ MIRROR Site for this website is ]] 

The New World Order 
(NWO) An Overview 

By Ken Adachi <> ... Introduction 
There is a w orldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful 
and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest 
echelons) which include many of the world's wealthiest people, top political 
leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility 
of Europe (dominated by the British Crown) whose goal is to create a One 
World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, 
that is obedient to their agenda. Their intention is to effect complete and total 
control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce 
the world's population by 5.5 Billion people. While the name New World 
Order is a term frequently used today when referring to this group, it's more 
useful to identify the principal organizations, institutions, and individuals who 
make up this vast interlocking spiderweb of elite conspirators. ...The Illumiuati 
is the oldest term commonly used to refer to the 13 bloodline families (and 
their offshoots) that make up a major portion of this controlling elite. Most 
members of the Illuminati are also members in the highest ranks of numerous 
secretive and occult societies which in many cases extend straight back into the 
ancient world. The upper levels of the tightly compartmentalized (need-to- know- 
basis) Illuminati structural pyramid include planning committees and 
organizations that the public has little or no knowledge of. ... 

In 1992, Dr John Coleman published C onspirators 
Hierarchy: The Story of Ike Com m ittee of 300 . 
With laudable scholarship and meticulous research, 
Dr Coleman identifies the players and carefully de- 
tails the Illuminati agenda of worldwide domination 
and control. On page 161 of the Conspirators Hier- 
archy, Dr Coleman accurately summarizes the intent 
and purpose of the Committee of 300 as follows: 

"A One World Government and one-unit monetary 
system, under permanent non-elected hereditary 
oligarchisti who self-select from among their numbers 
in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle 
Ages. In this One World entity, popidation will be 
limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, 
famines, itntil 1 billion people wlio are useful to the ruling class, in areas which 
will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population. ... 
There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be 
uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code 
of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World 
imified military to enforce laws in all former countries wliere no national 
boundaries shall exist. Tlie system wilt be on the basis of a welfare state; those 
wlio are obedient and subservient to the One World Government wdl be 
rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simple be starved 
to death or be declared outlaws, tlius a target for anyone wlio wishes to kill 
them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited. " 

The sheer magnitude and complex web of deceit surrounding the 
individuals and organizations involved in this conspiracy is mind boggling. . 

Most people react with disbelief and skepticism towards the topic, unaware that 
they have been conditioned (brainwashed) to read with skepticism by 
institutional and media influences that were created by the Mother of All mind 
control organizations: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in 
London. ...Mind Control is a much greater problem than most people realize. 
According to Cisco Wheeler, a former Illuminati mind control programmer, 
there are 10 million people who have been programmed as mind controlled 
slaves using trauma-based MC programs with names like Monarch and MK 
Ultra The newer, non-trauma, electronic means of MC programming that grew 
out of the Montauk Project may include millions more. A l Bielek ... said that 
there are covert Montauk Programming 'Centers' in every major city in the U.S. ) 

...The NWO global conspirators manifest their agenda through the 
skillful m anipulation of human emotions, especially fear. In the past 
centuries, they have repeatedly utilized a contrivance that NWO 
researcher and author David Icke has characterized in his latest book, 
The Bieeest Secret , as Problem, Reaction, and Solution. ...The 
technique is as follows: Illuminati strategists create the Problem- by 
funding , assembling, and training an "opposition" group to stimulate 
turmoil in an established political power (sovereign country, region, 
continent, etc.) that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing 
factions in a conflict that the Ilhuninati themselves maneuvered into 
existence. In recent decades, so called "opposition" groups are usually 
identified in the media as 'freedom fighters' or 'liberators'... 

The corporate portion of the NWO pyramid seems to be dominated by 
international bankers and the big pharmaceutical cartels, as well as 
other major nudtinational corporations. The Royal Family of England, 
namely Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, (who are, in fact, 
descendants of the German arm of European Royalty -the Saxe-Coburg- 
Gotha family-changed the name to Windsor in 1914 ), are high level 
players in the oligarchy which controls the upper strata of the Illuminati. 
The decision making Illuminati nerve centers of this effort are in the 
London (especially the City of London), Basel Switzerland, and Brussels 
(NATO headquarters). ...The United Nations, along with all the agencies 
working under the LN umbrella, such as the World Health Organization 
(WHO), are full time players in this scheme. Similarly, NATO is a military 
tool of the NWO. . .The leaders of all major industrial countries like the 
United States, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand... are 
active and fully cooperative participants in this conspiracy. ... 

Most of the major wars, political upheavals, and economic 
depression/recessions of the past 100 years (and earlier) were 
carefully planned and instigated by the machinations of these elites. 
They include The Spanish- American War (1898), World War I and 
World War II: 'I'heGreat Depression:... the Rise of Nazi Germany: 
the Korean War; the Vietnam War; the 1989-91 'Tall" of Soviet * 
Communism, the 1991 Gulf War; and the recent War in Kosovo. ... 

Mind Control ... Recent revelations from deprogrammed Illuminati 
(government) mind controlled individuals such as Arizona Wilder..., 
Cisco Wheeler (The Top 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati), Cathy 
O'Brien (Trance Formation in America), and Brice Taylor (Thanks 
for the Memories ) leave NO DOUBT that 

the upper levels of the Illuminati 
engage in Satanic rituals which 
usually include the killing of 
young children, the drinking of 
human blood and the consuming 
of flesh and human organs. 

The details of the Illuminati conspiracy are 
brilliantly laid in three books by David Icke 
(Children of the Matrix, The Bieeest Secret . 
The Truth Shall Set You Free , and I am Me. I 
am Free : and in three books by Dr. John 
Colemaal Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story 
of The C omm ittee of 300 : O ne World Order: 
Socialist Dictatorship ; and D iplomacy by 
D eception .... 

[[ Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussy presents 
"Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies" 
and exposes the role of the Jesuits in global 
affairs, and introduces the secret most 
powerful man in the world -"Th e Black 
Pope" or Superior General of Society of 
Jesus, that ;s, the commander-in-chief of 
the Jesuit, the Vatican Military. ]] 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 2 OF 52 

Cell Towers are really Martial-law Reptilian Mind 

EXCERPTS from^ol_celLphoneJower.html 

Danger of Cell Phone Towers & how to 
prevent it with Don Croft's Tower Buster* 

Control Weapons to Subdue Us 

Introduction by Stephanie Relfe ... Many 
people have talked about the danger of living or 
working near cell phone towers due to electro- 
magnetic pollution. Our bodies use electrical 
signals. They rely on NATURAL energies. Muscle 
testing can show that the effects of cell phone tow- 
ers are negative to our bodies. ..But, there is an- 
other side to cell towers that is even more dan- 
gerous, that even less people know about. The 
fact is that the tower is not the problem. It is the 
electronic circuits that are placed on that 
tower. Many people believe that once a tower is 
set up for cell phones, other instruments are 
being added that are being used, or will be 
used, for electronic mind control. 

Don Croft has come up with a new wonder- 
ful device, a "Tower Buster". Small and 
cheap, you can easily make these to join in 

which they're more appropriate. ..The Tower 
Buster is a 3oz paper cup [[or 3 oz. muffin- 
pan hole]], like the ones for bathroom dis- 
pensers, filled with a half/half mix of resin 
and metal particles into which I insert a 
single, funky quartz crystal. Like the Ugly 
Duckling, these lonely crystals are dear to 
me because they demonstrate that our de- 
vices work extremely well with an abso- 
lute minimum of attention to quality and 
refinement.. .My objective from day one has 
been to enable the most unholy, non-psychic of 
folks (not unlike myself) to be empowered by 
achieving miraculous results, and I still advocate waging 
spiritual war on the regime which is poisoning our 
lovely planet... Yesterday Carol and I drove by the re- 
maining martial law transmitter in our county which 
has not been neutralized and she tossed the tower 
buster into the brush by the side of the road. 


'drive by technique. 

the war to fight negative energy on earth. To 

understand how the following device is so pow- xu a *»e our 

erful, you will need an understanding of Don nars our 

Croft's technology, which was developed from We weren't close enough to the enclosure to risk 

the technology of genius Wilhelm Reich. detection of the device— we feel certain that any- 

" Chembuster" at: where within a quarter mile (slightly less than .3 

cloudbuster_&_orgone_generator.html kilometer) is sufficient, and it's best to shal- 

The following is by Don Croft: ...After hear- lowly bury it. ..Many folks are saying that the 
ing from Tara, a young mother who has made a orgonite devices all seem to be operating intel- 
cloudbuster [[page 20]], boosted some key en- ligently, and I got an uncharacteristic telepathic 
ergy sites, and neutralized many transmitters message concerning that first tower buster that 
where she lives, north of Chicago, I was sort of went something like this, 'Don't worry about it, Bub, 

I can handle it.'.. As you probably guessed, the rea- 
son I did this is so that more towers will get busted in 
time to prevent the high treason being referred to 
as 'martial law' from being attempted at all. ... the 

jolted ..into the realization that the Holy Hand 
grenades [[page 11]] may be overkill for the 
martial law transmitters (..Don's term for the 
technology that is believed to be added to the 

"Richard Box. artist-in-residencc at the Univeisity of Bristol's 
physics department, installed hundreds of fluorescent light 
tubes in a fild underneath power lines. The tubes came on at 
dusk, powered solely by the EM field generated by the 
cables above." (From: www.v/ 

efficiently manage humanity, whom they 
have always considered their chattel 
(See The Georgian Guidestones at /stones.html ... 
Nobody wants to think about an overt, global 
tyranny that would make Hitler, Robespierre, 
Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot pale into historical in- 
significance, but this has been the cherished 
hope of the llluminati for perhaps six millennia, 
in the studied opinions of some people. Let's 
deprive those old farts in the White Brother- 
hood of their long-cherished goals, okay? Af- 
ter that, we'll be looking at a very bright future, 
beyond our fondest hopes. ... That's right 
— I said, White Brotherhood.' Why do you 
think Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) is 
the only institution that refers officially to them 
as the 'saviors and benevolent guides' of hu- 
manity. Yikes. Have you ever read some of 
the UN literature written and published by that 
trust? ..They're the official publishers for 

cell phone towers), so after Carol got back ...this presence of so many orgonite devices, spread across the United Nations, which now formally pro 
week I quickly made up what I consider to be the landscape at each primary transmitter location, 
the minimal orgonite (the 50% resin, 50% metal will uplift humanity in these regions for two reasons: 

1) they are synergistically neutralizing a primary pro- 
ducer of dead orgone 

2) they are spinning the good orgone out into the at- 
mosphere in direct proportion to the feds' efforts to 
produce the bad, ugly stuff.. 

filings mix., in device for neutralizing these 
damned things. ...By 'overkill' of course, I only 
mean that the HHg is more powerful than it 
needs to be just to neutralize a primary or sec- 
ondary martial law transmitter... 

Our efforts are better spent making many 
more of the appropriate Tower Busters for 
the vast number of the new martial law 
transmitters, and save our HHgs for multiple 
arrays, vile vortices, masonic temples, satanic 
murder sites, our in-laws' shrubberies, etc., for 

motes a 'population reduction' policy instead 
of it's former 'zero population growth' recom- 
mendations. .. The Lucis Trust's other big 
Interest is the new age movement, which it 
claims to foster and shepherd. Can you see 
why I cringe a bit every time someone signs a 
note to me with 'Love and Light?'.. What we're 

tt,- __:„ __„„„ «». «,„,.„ w,„ f „;«„^ ;«. *» «_ doing right now with our Tower Busters and 
The main reason for these transmitters is to en- B a u .i..u._j j». i 

force compliance to the planned, poten- 
tially imminent worldwide tyranny, which 
is determined to decimate the world's popula- 
tion back to the numbers that existed before 
the industrial revolution so that they can more 

"I didn't tale u that 1 day last week when driving home from wurk I counted 
the cell towers I spotted and in 6.3 milez 1 saw 7 towers..." Edward w 

Sprint asks CAN YOU SPOT A NEW TOWER?" "We're constantly adding new 
towers across the nation to provide you with better service. ... Want to know where the 
towers near vou are? We've recently updated our interactive map to include hundreds of 
new towers. Click here to find the latest towers in your area: [["Wireless Tower 
Locations from Sprint" ]] 

Do It 

From: United States Cell Phone Tower Locator, 
kanaradiotowerlocator04oct04 shtml: If you've been reading the Adventures of Don 
& Carol Croft [[see page 45//, you know how absoutely necessary it is to secret 
an orgone generator within 1300 feet of any (and all) cell phone towers in your immediate vi- 
cinity. Start with your house as the center of a circle, and 'gift' all towers within a 2 mile ra- 
dius of your residence with a tower buster or other types of orgone generators. As time allows, gift 
your way out to a 5 mile radius. Do that, and you will not only short circuit the mind control function- 
ality of those towers, but you will also bring in legions of Sylphs [[page 29 //to clean up you- local skies 
of chemtrails and all the toxic junk they contain. 13k- ihiabo' 

Do it folks. It's the most valuable contribution T a,fap 

you can make to assist humanity to abort the '••' • - ; 

planned llluminati enslavement/genocide 
agenda that is rapidly enveloping the world. 
Do it because it's within your capability. 
Do it because it needs to be done 
Do it because you can do it without 
exposing yourself to any serious danger. 
Just, do it. 

Holy Handgre-nades can be com- 
pared to turning the Nazis' high 
explosives around Paris into 
chocolate.. Can you imagine a 
more fun and rewarding pastime 
than this one? ..Disabling these 
towers is even more important 
right now than destroying 
chemtrails, we ..believe. 

. Copyright 2002 Don CroflS. 
Stephanie Relfe: ...Feel free to dis- 
seminate this information as long as you 
add a link to 

These excessively tall towers 

wth "lamps" apparently are 

disguised HAARP towers » 


"Electromagnetic fields 
in a cell tower site" 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 3 OF 52 


Latest Info On The Microwave Vertical 
Array ELF Towers Being Erected Countrywide 

[Editor's Note: The info you are about to read was 
posted ..May 25, 2002) by Don Croft. ..I had already 
learned from Stewart Swerdlow that the kickoff date 
for the NWO takeover was supposed to have been 
year 2000, but the date was pushed up to 2003 due to 

The Purpose Behind The 
Neighborhood ELF 
Microwave Towers 

Sent To Don Croft By an un- 
named source...May 23, 2002.. 

unforseen obstacles impeding the agenda; gun control Think grid triangulation. Like 

in America being one of them. ..Don Croft is con- 
vinced that the presence of DOR (..Deadly Orgone en- 
ergy) is necessary for these mind control towers to work- 
Eton maintains that an orgone generating device 
called a Holy Hand-grenade can transmute DOR 
into the more positive, Hfe affirming form of 
orgone called "OR" [[POR ]] by discoverer Wilhelm 
Reich. ..If you've been looking into the NWO takeover 
story for any amount of time, you may know by now 
that negatively orientated aliens, especially the 
negative Reptillians (see David Icke's The Ba- 
sest Secret ), are the hidden controllers behind 
the Illuminated humans pushing for the NWO 
enslavement/genocide agenda. The Rule of Polarity 
or Duality requires an opposite force in place to offer 
an alternative choice and so it seems that friend])' 
alien groups have been assisting certain energetic in- 
dividuals in this harrowing period of our evolution to 
counter the negative agenda. It appears that Eton & 
Carol Croft are recipients of a portion of that positive 
assistance... If you take the time to read their Adven- 
tures [[ see page 45 ]], you will see that higher di- 
mensional entities and friendly aliens have assisted 
them on more than one occasion. ..Ken Adachi] 

is full of fire and life, it has to, by nature of the 
3D prison planet, function through the brain. ..I 
can make you brilliant or stupid, just by insert- 
ing a chemical or frequency wave into your 
brain... [ I believe that if we have a HHg in our en- 
ergy Geld this won't be effective against us...]... 
They need only enter your brain, . : & 4$. 

and your good heart YOU >/^- £t 

ARE theirs. I don't care how 
many lives of service you 
have or what your radiance 
factor is. Once they manipu- 
late the brain on an ELF 
level, you are f****d. And 
... that is your towers... 

©Copyright 2002-2008 

the old grid paper... The whole 
damn dumb show was sup- 
posed to go down in late 99, but 

they didn't get people's guns, 
that big final obstacle to fascism. That's when they 
hit upon these ELF towers. Tested them in Ventura, 

^a, and the Sudan rhej had GWEN. operational frff || W l -Transmitters are popping up 
in 92, but it did entire counties and would affect cver where „,„ mdden in street si fake 
heir own people, who have body suits Aey were ^ , statjons church jres ^ fo ,. 

(lined with lead-impregnated kevlar- which blocks lowing l c 0mpan i es seC retly erect them: 
elf and piggyback freqs). .. So they found out that she)| Te McDonalds, Trusthouse 

he Imle towers, by the tens of thousands, they could g£g Th* Church of England. Brann- 
literally aim any energy like a gun to a single home, 
a given range area, and so forth. Big places run by 

FEMA/NORAD run it all from computers. But they 
can also go remote, with the proper clearance and 
hookup. They found out they didn't need to get the 
guns (that's why the push and schoolyard shootings 
stopped... can you fire a gun or load 
it, if you are crawling on the ground begging 
for mercy? If you can imagine the worst 
abdominable pain there is, then you know how 
debiliating it is - you simply can't do anything, but 

Forte, The Church of England, Brann- 
ingtons, witherspoons and Network 
Rail. " ( 

More proof the Towers ain't for Cell Phones 

Excerpts by D. Croft at 
> "Theyrt simply not they're for destroying the at- 
mosphere and for making everyone sick They're also 
used to target individuals in the population ... Genuine 
cell communication transmitters are quite small and 
are easily installed on phone poles and cheap towers; 
they dont need to be on towers that are designed to 

lie on the ground and pray for relief [..this assertion , withstand *** J"** nor I^^SSSff a 
From Don & Carol Croft ...Are you curious about has been corroborated During the 199. Gulf War, HS^SB^SKESh 
why those new towers are going up in all populated hundreds of thousands of Iraqi troops spontane- nMamall folks why the cell coverage and quality 
areas? We've gathered a lot of information to indi- ously surrendered without even attempting to didn1 improve after these millions of new towers were 
cate that the arrays are intended for mind control fight. It was this very ELF mind control techno!- pu t up ... som e of them even say. Now that you men- 
purposes. My wife and I found a way to neutral- ogy which had been applied... Ken Adachi]. ...Then tj n it, service is even worse now than it was before 
ize them w ith a simple device called a Holy they can clean up entire streets, districts, small towns these cell towers were built! 1 ... Cell-phone transmitters ie- 

H andzrenade 1 1 term from movie. Monty Python 's Holy . . as needed. They don ' t need to pulse the whole quire very Utile electricity; all of the death towers have 
Grail]] and have been doing so ... in various locations country at once. ...You can aim this grid like a net, massive cable bundles..." >" We later found these 

down to the meter's distance. Got a neighborhood or throughout even the parts of Africa we visited 
backwoods community that isn't cow towing the where there are NO cellphones. .." 
NWO line? Simple, fire up the machine and down > Cellphone tech t s underwater ': We discovered 
they go.. .as you walk through, kill the ringleaders, 

around the country. We place them in an inconspicu- 
ous location within effective range of the tower. We 
often bury them, base down with the pointed end up, 
to maximize its concealment.. I figure that if one 
person in every populated area decides to do this, 
the whole tower network will be disabled in a short 
time. The effective range of the device described 
in Metatech's material is at least a quarter mile 
[[ = 1,300 feet or length of 4 football fields ]], so don't 
put it close enough where a team of searchers would 
find it. It's best if the person making and deploying his 
own HHg's doesn't discuss it with me or many others 
and keeps their activites to themselves. This will only 
succeed as a grassroots effort. ...Here's some skinny 
on these towers from a friend of mine who has had ac- 
cess to some crucial inside information. My comments 
are in squared brackets ( [ ] ) He's not fully informed, 
yet, of what our HHg's can do... 

that a lot of HAARP infrastructure is on the sea- 
bed and the onlv explanation we have for the 
disarm the rest, then the lesson .s taught to the sum- HAAR p. icaneg y gett j' Ilg neutralized so far from the 
yors The French pioneered this technology in the im ^^ last 6 js m MUos distlibuted 
late 70s from Bell Labs. They created a device for mlch of our OI . gomte to these underwater weapon 
crowd control that looks like a big baseball stadium platforms, even as far as Africa." (also see pg 18, 52) 
loudspeaker. It fits into the back of a van. Then ________________ 

they'd open the doors pointing the van at the crowd. |yQ3^fflli@il^ffla32aajELfiti3l9 
. „ Made everyone drop to their knees with stomach "In September 2002, a group of EC doctors published 
nausea ...Your towers are the same thing but with bi- a document about their own patient's illnesses and 
phase polarity freqs that can induce hallucinations, nau- their link to m obile phone/mast radiation, called 

sea, herpes outbreaks ...or whatever they 
want you to feci that day ... h ominess, 
anger .. stupefication ...the walking 
dumb... look around, Don, and tell me 
what you SEE Even though our spirit 

From a 1990s Poster 3 big-azz towers » 

Those MlCrOWaveTOWgrS in your .- — ; 
neighborhood m deadly Weapons .ASBBRS 

... throughout America... are installed thousands of microwave towers. ... Western near 80th 
the primary purpose of these towers is behavior modification and genocide. '" Los Angeles 
...They usually are most concentrated in neighborhoods of People of Color. 
When bombarded on humans, these microwave pulses can be used to directly 
manipulate consciousness, produce amnesia, disorient inhabitants, control crowds, 
electronically generate "chaos"... produce painful physical symptoms, headaches, temporary 
paralysis, and reduce the immune system ... Installed by the U.S. military, the GWEN (Ground- 
Wave Emergency Network) system of hundreds of stations /towers allow signals to "go from coast 
to coast" exposing the entire U.S. civilian population to GWEN. A 1982 Air Force report stated: 
"Electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or 
perceptual distortion or disorientation. They are silent and counter-measures to them may be 
difficult to develop." (Matrix HI, pg 0307, by V. Valerian ) 

The Freiberger Appeal. They found "a clear .. correla- 
tion between the appearance of dis- 
ease and exposure to pulsed high- 
frequcnev microwave radiation. ." 
such as that from phone masts, in- 
tensive cell phone use and indoor 
cordless phones, are linked to "a 
dramatic rise in severe and chronic 
disease among our patients". These 
include: learning, concentration and 
behavioral disorders.. ADD., ex- 
treme fluctuations in blood pres- 
sure, heart rhythm disorders, heart 
attack and strokes among an increas- 
ingly younger population, alzheimers, 
epilepsy, leukaemia, brain tumors., 
cataracts, retina damage, eye cancer, 
rapid cell ageing, cellular DNA re- 
pair interference, scalp nerve dam- 
age, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, 
digestive problems, asthma, thyroid 
... conditions, embryo damage, miscar- 
■p&$||| riages and even suicide.." .html 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 4 OF 52 

Horrible HAARP(s) 

(& EISCAT. its European twin) are gigantic directed- 
energy-weapons, that enslave, manipulate & turn the 
Weather into a super-weapon against humanity as it 
converts Earth into a massive desert. The US 
military's semi-secret High Frequency Active Au- 
roral Research Program charges & BOILS Earth's 
ionosphere using the planet's largest electric gen- 
erator running at a billion watts. Wicked HAARP 
is the most powerful short wave radio in the world 
and a phased-array ionospheric heater (sky heater 
with focusing ability based on Tesla's Death Ray ma- 
chine). Sitting in a forest near Gakona. Alaska, the "offi- tions • Create earthquakes 
ciaf HAARP (containing 1 80 antennas) is a "front", a for miles deep within Earth 

An online HAARP animation shows how these 
monsters work at 

"Thousands of antennae focus billions of 

watts into a pencil thin beam that is steered 

by computers and aimed at the sky" 

HAARP can • Cause vast blackouts 
• Create & steer tornadoes • Direct disruptive 
mind-control /ELF waves at selected popula- 
View everything 
Create storms, 

decoy, an eerie sight. A larger facility is located in Poker floods, wind, hail, drought, earthquakes 
Flats, north of Fairbanks, Alaska and has thousands ANY where • Destroy worldwide communica- 

of antennas! To our horror we leam this is 
just one of over 12 such HAARPs around 
the globe! - atop major Earth vortexes. 

HAARP antenna in protec- 
tive dome: One of 1000s of 
identical antennae that form 
the powerful phased array 

tions /satellites all at once, but leave designated equipment unscathed • Control 
the jet stream by manipulating upper atmosphere • Project halograph images in 
the sky • Direct beams of focused energy, capable of "microwaving" human 
brains. This destroys the enemv. but leaves their cities & assets intact. 
• Make the SKY BURN UP PEOPLE & life, by heating up the skyto burn holes in the ozone to allow 
scorching radiation from space to pour in! Now we see that HAARP is undoubtedly the real, 
uncited biggest contributor to so-called " Global Warming "! -and hidden hand that pre- 
cipitated HAARPicane Katrina (2005) & Java Tsunami (2004). Works with Chemtrails to keep us messed up. 
More details at ("Military's Pandora's Box") and "Vandalism In The Sky" ; 
subcategory.asp?catid= l&subcatid=2 . HAARP is actually ancient technology: READ /pass on en- 
lightening novelette at "'TheNeverending.doc". by Dan Eden His personal adventurous ex- 
periences linking HAARP, Ark of the Covenant, NSA, Earth Vortexes, orbs, petroglyphs & sacred sites. 

CHEMTRAILS = POISONS sprayed in the sky to make & keep us sick & dying 

Chemtrails 101: Global 
Illegal Aerial Spraying 

CONTRAILS are normal Bails of jets made of 
ICE crystals formed from moisture emitted in the 
engine exhaust and evaporate within minutes. 
CHEMTRAILS are laid down similar to con- 
trails, but do not evaporate. They linger in die air, 
disperse widely, creating an eventual white-out 
sky condition, and form a greyish, streaky cloud- 
like cover which can last all day. Are commonly 
seen in patterns of "X" or "tic-tac-toe", parallel 
lines and random etches. They are made solid, 
very fine, particulate matter. And will land on 
the ground, water, sea, and in our lungs. Early 
'Chemtrail Spraying' dates back to the 1960s. The 
lines can reach from horizon to horizon. The main 
reason people noticed them is that they make 
people sick. If you see spraying b your area, you 
will be sick the next day or possibly within hours. 

www. handpen. com/Bio/chemtrails. htm 
Stealth Flying Cube Sprayers 

"They Make No Sound ...Sunlight was bounc- 
ing very strongly off what appeared to be a metal- 
he, dumbbell-looking object ...The large cubical 
nents may 
have been 
tanks, but 
the nozzle 
was un- 

Symptoms from 
Chemtrals Exposure 

Allergies, sore /blocked sinuses; Dry, 
hacking, persistent cough; Nosebleeds, 
blood in mucous; Swollen, burning, 
teary eyes with mucous; Flu-like, fever, 
sore throat; Pneumonia, upper respira- 
tory... Migraine or splitting headaches; 
Pain in back of neck., top of the spine 
..stiff neck -foggy brain, sudden dizzi- 
ness; Extreme fatigue, lethargy, inability 
to concentrate; Loud ringing in your 
ears; Depression, anxiety attacks; Gas- 
trointestinal distress, bloating; Diar- 
rhoea, bloody stools .Aching joints and 
muscles; Thirst (..pets, too) ..loss of ap- 
petite; Loss of bladder control, tics or 
spasms; Recurring fungal infections... 

Remedy for Chemtrail 
Health Problems 
ChemBuster HomeoHerbal 
© by Dr. von Peters, re- 
verses ill effects. Placing 
bottle near orgonitc 5-10 
minutes prior administering 
increases strength 10-fold . 
Greatly increases effectiveness 
of Zappers. (see Vendors) 
"/ ordered your ChemBuster 
preparation and I started to lake 6 
drops ofit 2 times a day. I felt 
much belter almost immediately. 
After 3 or 4days, the cough had 
stopped completely" j:--'.™.™ (photo by Norrin Rafld) 
Does this look normal to you? 

I GOT rapid pounding heart, I 

heart disorders, spasms, tension, 
PMS, depression, sleep disorders, 
nervousness, constipaOon. hiccups & 
other symptoms of magnesium defi- 
ciency? Then GET Natural Calm 
Magnesium . Water-soluble. Corrects w&KSSSS 
deficiency near instantly, effectively. This 
IifeSaver saved me from the "spasm toxin" 
from a Chemtrail m i crobe . I took it generously 
when I had sudden rapidly-pounding heart, 
sporadic muscle spasms. Overdose not possible 
because your body excretes excess No heart- 
attack (America's H killer) is possible if you 
have sufficient magnesium. -DRE 

Chemtrail toxins can alter DNA 

.... the altitude of these plumes [[are]], about 
35,000 feet - whereas the natural clouds are at 
about 5-10,000 feet. Also note the CHEM-WEBS 
(plastic polymer gels) that are drifting off of the 
main chemtrails. This "Angel hair" can contain al- 
most anything that can be added to the chem- 
soup which is 'jeing sprayed DAILY all over the 
world! Included in this Is DNA, experimental lab 
created RNA, Aluminum oxide, Ethylene 
Dibromide, Barium and a whole mess of 
chemicals which slice open the most sensitive 
oxygen exchange compartments of human 
lungs. It's like having an injection right into 
your blood stream without having to line up for a 
flu-shot to get your next batch of genetic up- 
grades, or your next batch of DNA succession. 
Once this new code enters your blood stream 
DNA TRANSESSION occurs. This new coded 
sequence is automaticly added to your DNA 
This technique leaves the humans below ... 
defenceless against having their DNA MODI- 
FIED ...This strange webbing material eventually 
lands on the ground... park grasses where your kids 
play, the windows on your house and 
car.. . ( ) 




by William Thomas 


.February 15,1999... 

SEATTLE, WA.... As formations of un- 
marked tanker aircraft continue to criss- 
cross American skies on a mission authori- 
ties refuse to disclose, an environmental 
laboratory has identified an extremely toxic 

also damage the reproductive system .... 
"Exposure can irritate the lungs, repeated ex- 
posure may cause bronchitis, development of 
cough, and shortness of breath. It will dam- 
age the liver and kidneys". ... EDB is 6.5- 
times heavier than air. Unlike normal con- 
trails, the thick white streamers being 
sprayed from downward-pointing 
tailbooms over at least 39 states does not 
component of the spray drifting over cities dissipate, but spreads into an overcast ... 
and countryside. ...ENS has learned that According to this eye-witness, "Everyone here 
samples of oily fallout ...were tested ... is sick. ... "We're getting sprayed real heavily... 
and found to contain ethylene dibromide As overfilled Pennsylvania hospitals ... "Emer- 
(EDB).. banned by the US Environmental gency Room patients overflowed into the 

Protection Agency in 1983 repeated hallways...ln England, after lingering contrails 

exposure to [fjow levels of ethylene and cobweb-like fallout ...the BBC reported.. 

dibromide results in "general weakness, more than 8,000 people - mostly elderly - 
vomiting, diarrhea, chest pains, coughing died from pneumonia and other respiratory 
and shortness of breath, upper respira- complications in the last week of December 
tory tract irritation" and respiratory failure ...first two weeks of January, 1999. .. more than 
caused by swelling of the lymph glands in 97,100 people in England and Wales were 
the lungs. "Deterioration of the heart, liver stricken with respiratory ailments in a single 
and kidneys, and hemorrhages in the res- week - almost double the usual rate. ...Norfolk 
piratory tract," can also result ...According and Norwich suffered such an unexpected in- 
to the U.S. Environmental Protection crease in deaths, a refrigerated semi-trailer 
Agency's hazardous materials list: "Ethyl- capable of holding 36 bodies was pressed into 
ene dibromide is a carcinogen and must service as a temporary morgue... ( 
be handled with extreme caution." ...may htdocs/hypermail/htmi-home/3i-html/03li.hunl) 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 5 OF 52 


The Reason for Chemtrails 

From Lydia M ancini ...J an. 24, 20Q4 ..The reason fo r 

chemtrails? lWgnPiVffli"ii'--:-.;--- ! °i : ,'i's- : :^ , il and we 

don't even know it ...I've made a simple discovery. ...I sup- 
pose Ihe reason I couldn't see it before is because it is so appalling. 
..We are already into World War Three. Military documents re- 
veal that current tactics and strategies no longer always aim to 
kill people. Chronically sick people are more useful than dead 
people. Chronically sick people need expensive drugs and they make good slaves 
of the state. (What is "the State"? Why, the elite, of course.) [[ eLIZards ]] ... Most 
of us have learned that World War 2 was really a continuation of World War 1. The 
current, hidden world war is also a continuation of WW1 and WW2. It is much the 
same plan for world order and world eugenics, only in an updated form. The war and 
the eugenics program are being implemented in a hidden way this time. ...After 
WVV2, much of the huge Nazi war chest was invested in pharmaceutical compa- 
nies. They say "follow the money" if you want to see what is really happening. Eco- 
nomics scholar Antony Sutton did just that. He found that it was Wall Street bankers 
who mostly funded the Nazis in the first place. We are talking about the folks that I 
politely refer to as '"the elite", people with names such as Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, 
etc. There was a huge amount of war money left after WW2 and much was invested in 
drug companies like Merck f[ MUCK, 1 mean MERC even means WAR!]] ... 

X-wars are being fought that make it look like nature or 
God is doing it. The masses believe they are at peace, never 
realizing that the earthquake or the tornado [[or Tsunami]] 
was not accidental. State-of-the-art military technology 
uses the earth itself as a weapon. ...We are being sprayed 
to compromise onr immnne systems, thereby towering 
onr resistance to both disease and to the removal of onr 
basic rights. Many are already too chronically tired to raise 
their awareness, raise a militia, or even grasp the things I 
am writing about here. ... They are also seeding the atmo- 
sphere with barium to increase the efficacy of HAARP ...capable of more 
than you are likely to believe ..[[ page 5]] The elite view as with contempt 
They don't respect national, religions, or individual identities and rights. 
They believe in using war as a social and economic engineering tool and 
they know that successful war requires a constant updating of weapons and 
strategies. The aerosol operalion is part of this modern arsenal. 

U.S. Concentration Camps Exists [[In Every State]]. .Dont Remain in 
Denial! .shtml gives extensive disturbing details on how 
We the unsuspecting People are being slowing killed with implants and wave- 
electronics. Also, (See pg 40) 

Secret Blueprint for World Conquest & Y/Our Enslavement 

exc f e r r c7m s "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" 

i Free Chemtrail Documentary Video at: 

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was uncovered in an IBM copier purchased at an army surplus sale in 
1986. Dated May 1979, this shocking manual is a formal declaration of "quiet war" against Americans - 
really, ALL Peoples. It outlines the "strategy" for how this war is being fought with "silent weapons," 
manipulating every aspect of people-activity. The ReptilianControllers' goal is to shift all wealth and control into 
the hands of a "worthy few" (themselves) and subdue everyone else into "useful beasts of burden or trainers 
of the same." Thus it is a blueprint for your eventual enslavement and, according to the document's 
author, only if the masses become aware of the plan, is there hope for their escape. The entire document is 
on internet wesites (, reprinted as a booklet by this title, also reprinted 
in "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper. He wrote: "/ read Top Secret documents which explained 
that 'Silent Weapons for Qidel Wars ' is the doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderburg 
Group during its first known meeting in 1954. " Excerpts follow (emphasis added, underlined /bold): 

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars 

Welcome Aboard 

Thispublication marks the 25th anniversary of 
the Third World War, called the "Quiet War, " being 
conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought 
with "silent weapons." ...This book contains an 
introductory description of this war, its strategies, and 
itsweaponry...May 1979..#74-1120 


It is patently impossible to discuss social engi- 
neering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engi- 
neering of social automation systems (silent weapons) 
on a national or worldwide scale without implying exten- 
sive objectives of social contro 1 and destruction of human 
life, i.e., slavery and genocide. 

This manual is itself an analog declaration of 
intent Snch a writing most be secured from public 
scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized fffot 
what it is! JJ as a technically formal declaration of 
domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or 
group of persons in a position of great power and 
without full knowledge and consent of the public, uses 
such knowledge and methodology for economic 
conquest -it must be understood that a state of domestic 
warfare exists between said person or group of persons 
and the public. ...The solution of today's problems 
requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, with no 
agonizing over religious, moral or cultural values. 

You have qualified for this project because of 
your ability to look at human society with cold 
objectivity, and yet analyze and discuss your 
observations and conclusions with others of similar 
intellectual capacity without a loss of discretion or 
humility. Such virtues are exercised in your own best 
interest. Do not deviate from them. 

...The Quiet War was quietly declared by the 
international elite at a meeting held in 1954. ...This 
volume marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of 
the Quiet War. Already this domestic war has had 

many victories on many fronts throughout the worid. 


Energy is recognized as the key to all activity 
on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources 
and control of natural energy, and social science, theo- 
retically expressed as economics, is the study of the 
sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeep- 
ing systems mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is 
the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can 
be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodol- 
ogy of the bookkeeping. ...All science is merely a 
means to an end. The means is knowledge The end is 
control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who 
will be the beneficiary? view of the law of 
natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world 
of people who will not use their intelligence are no 
better than animals who do not have intelligence. 
Such people are beasts of burden [[= slaves ! ]] 
and steaks on the table by choice and consent. 

Consequently, in the interest of future world 
order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately 
wage a quiet war against the American public with 
an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the 
natural and social energy (wealth) of the 
undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands 
of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few. 

In order to implement Oils objective, it was 
necessary to create, secure, and apply new weapons 
which, as it turned out, were a class of weapons so 
suhuV and sophisticated in their principle of operation 
and public appearance as to earn tor themselves 
the name "silent weapons. " 

hi conclusion, the objective of economic 
research, as conducted by the magnates of capital 
(banking) and the industries of commodities (goods) 
and services, is the establishment of an economy 
which is totally predictable and manipulatable. 

In order to achieve a totally predictable 
economy, the low-class elements of the society must be 
brought under total control, i.e., must be housebroken, 

trained, and assigned a yoke and long-term social 
duties from a very early age, before they have an op- 
portunity to question the propriety of the matter. In 
order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class 
family unit must be disintegrated by a process of in- 
creasing preoccupation of the parents and the estab- 
bshment of government-operated day-care centers 
for the occupauonaDy orphaned children... 


Everything that is expected from an ordinary 
weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its 
creators, but only in its own manner of functioning. 

It shoots situations, instead of bullets; 
propelled by data processing instead of a chemical 
reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, 
instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, 
instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, 
instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking 
magnate, instead of a military general. 

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no 
obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not 
obviously interfere with anyone's daily social life. 

Yet it makes an unmistakable "noise," causes 
unmistakable physical and mental damage, and 
unmistakably interferes with daily social life, i.e., 
unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows 
what to look for. ... The public cannot comprehend 
this w ea pon, and therefore cannot believe that th ey 
a re heing atta cked a nd su bdued by a weapon. 

The public might instinctively feel that some- 
thing is wrong, but because of the technical nature 
ol the silent weapon, they cannot express their feel- 
ing in a rational w a y, or handle the problem with 
intelligence. Ther efor e, th ey do not know how to 
cry for help, and do not know how to associate with 
others to defen d themselves against it. ...When a si- 
lent weapon is applied gradually, the public ad- 
justs/adapts to its presence and leams to tolerate its 
encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psy- 
chological via economic) becomes too great and they 
crack up. ...Therefore, the silent weapon is a type 
of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, 
and mobility of the individuals ofasociety by know- 
ing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their 
souces of natural and social energy, and their physical, 
mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. 

In this structure, credit presented as a pure 
element called "currency," has the appearance of 
capital, b ut is. in fact negative capital . Hence, it has 
the appearance of service, but is. in fact, indebtedness 
or debt. It is therefore an economic inductance instead 
of an economic capacitance , and if balanced in no 
other way, w ill be balanced by the negation o f 
popu lation (w ar, gen o cide) . The total goods and 
services represent real capital called the gross national 
product, and currency may be printed up to this level 

da MUFFIN papers 

PAGE 6 OF 52 

and still represent economic capacitance; but 
curre ncy printed beyond this level is subtractive . 
represents the introduction of economic 
inductance, and constitutes notes of indebtedness. 

W ar is therefore the balancing of the 
system by killing the true creditors (the public 

What U ben tole about 666 bear little or no re- 
semblance to the hidden Truths you will discover 
here. Like we've been given Great Lies for His- 
Story, we've been given Greatfer) Lies, slander 
& reversals about "666". Now tne precious Truth 
is available, ruining the Lies. TOPICS Include: 

• The Hidden SWEEET Truths About 666 

• The Hidden PunCode composing the 
en tire Bible Babble Babel be-Baal 

• How 111 & Mason Baphomet /Jahbulon 
are code names for central parts of a 
Massive Mathematical Reptilian Program 
which manipulates & feasts on HuHuManity 

CHRIST The Holy Goat 

• 666 JEHOVAH 

• Jehovah's alternate 
dragon [|=lizard ]] identity 
supplanting True Kreator. 

• Codewords in the Bible 
for Reptilians and their 

• How the Bible (& Koran, 
Torah, Veda/s) is a 666 
Lizard Cookbook to serve Humans to 
Reptilians. Put "Bible-Koran-Torah-Veda" 
in SuZar's VibrationCalculator 6 times ([ at 
SuZar.coml]. Short vibe = 666. The names 
of the chief deities of these books' religions, 
"God-Allah-Jehovah-Vishnu" 3 times = 666. 

• Christ's / JEHOVAH'S many hidden 666s 

• Zodiak Christ : Bible calls him all the 
zodiac signs: Aries ("Lamb of God"), Leo 
("Lion of Juda"), Capricorn (super Scapegoat), 
Aquarius ("Son of MAM), Son of Virgo Mary... 

• Arius Calpurnius PISO , the real author of 
New Testament., his signature throughout 
the Bible, Koran, US Dollar, Washington DC 

• Unseen global WORship WARship of PISO 

w hich we have taught to exchange true value for inflated 
currency ) and falling back on whatever is left of the 
resources of nature and regeneration of those resources.. 

Then the response of the household to future shocks 
can be predicted and manipulated, and society becomes a 
v well-regulated social energy bookkeeping system. 
Eventually every indiv id ual element of th e 
structure comes u nd er com puter control through a 
knowledge of personal preferences, such knowledge 
guaranteed by computer association of consumer 
preferences (universal product code -UPC -zebra- 
stripe pricing codes on packages) with identified 
consumers (identified via association with the use of a 
credit card and later a permanent "tattooed" body 
number invisible under normal ambient illumination... 


Outputs -create controlled situations -manipulations of 

the economy, hence society -control by control of 

compensation and income. ... Sequence: 

1) allocates... destroys opportunities. ... 

3) controls the economic environment ... 

5) controls capital. . legal functions... advertising 

..material., for TV. viewing. 

20) disengages attention from real issues... 

22) creates disorder, chaos, and insanity. ... 

26) develops psychological analyses and profiles of 

individuals. ... 29) controls health options 

30) preys on weaknesses... 31) cripples strengths. 

32) leaches wealth and substance... 

You Come-to-Power" Only 
When You 'C ome-to-a-Point 

\p>.~ by Dr. SuZar 

- :■-."'■■ Si Power is at the Point. 

Exudes, shoots, radiates 
from the Point, as shown 
by Kirlian photos of pyra- 
mids. Only when the 
spellbound Parent Race 
of HuHuManity "Comes- 
To-A-Point," will it "Come 
(Back)-To-Power," hence 
be able to resteer the 
world from Reptilian-in- 
duced Planetcide. The Point is the Intersec- 
tion of Life's 2 Polarities. This Intersection is 
where "Creation Happens." ...Like no other 
people, Blaks have been /are being vampirised 
for their abundant Power. The Reptilian War 
on HuHuManity will come to a screeching 
permanent STOP when the "critical mass" 
of Blak People awaken., from "The Great 
Spe111 of GO." Then, Blak People's tremen- 
dous hijacked power /energy will become 
freed from "the Beast" [[ reptilian llluminati 
capstone]], and be available to free all 
HuHuManity (their Children of all Races) 
from the same. Revelations, insights, solutions. 

about them reptilians 

David Icke's brave books & video interviews 
with Credo Mutwa, Afrakan Zulu Shaman, 
give deep dirty horrific details on the low down 
but high up Reptilians messing with us: 

• Children of the Matrix 

• The Biggest Secret 

• The Reptilian Agenda (Credo videos) 

Barbara Marciniak enlightens us further about 
the Lizzies and their mind-control manipulation of 
humans in Bringers of the Dawn 

The Body Snatchera 

After reading this you'll start to recog- 
nize them. And Y the government is 
like it is. Humans hosting reptilians 
and the reptilian is in control. S usan 
Reed 's personal experiences with a 
reptilian host and reptilian entity. 


WARNING: The Alien 
Agenda Revealed 

Art Greenfield 's free down!oad-able 
book on ALIEN interference: 

/ida_alien/ufowa'n:ng/ufowaTing htr. ;||~~JJ:v««i~.¥tij 

_|""1Q Ht*rv "<*nf mriif *rir*»>H nr^n" ".*-'-.-.•■ .-> "-^ - * fc. 

-OR- http://antigray.tripod com 

Lizzies in Afraka 

Credo Mutwa spills fas- 
cinating horrific truth about 
the Chitauli ancient 
name for the lizards that 
love us humans ...only as 
dinner. Detailed interview at 
"Great Zulu Shaman and Elder 
Abduction & Reptilians. A Rare, 
Astonishing Conversation. 9/30/99 by Rick Martin. 
From The SPECTRUM newspaper's Front Page 
story, September 1999. www.specfrumnewsfO.ccvn* 

Do this To get this 

Keep..public ignorant Less public organization 
Create preoccupation Lower defenses 
Attack the family unit Control-education of the young 
Social conformity Computer programming simplicity 
Maximize control Minimum resistance to control 

Collapse of currency Destroy., faith of the Amer- 
ican people in each other 

Experience has proven that the simplest method of 
securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public 
is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of basic 
systems principles on the one hand, while keeping them 
confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no 
real importance on the other hand. ..This is achieved by: 

1) disengaging their minds; sabotaging their mental 
activities; providing a low-quality program of public 
education in mathematics, logic, systems design and 
economics; and discouraging technical creativity. 

2) engaging their emotions, increasing their self-indulgence 
ana. indulgence in emotional and physical activities, by: 

a) unrelenting emotional affrontation and attacks 
(mental and emotional rape) by way of a constant 
barrage of sex, violence, and wars in the media - 
especially the T.V. and the newspapers. 

b) giving them what they desire -in excess- "junk food for 
thought" ...depriving them of what they really need 

3) rewriting history and law and subjecting the public to 
the deviant creation, thus being able to shift their think- 
ing from personal needs to highly fabricated outside pri- 
orities. ...These preclude their interest in and discovery 
of the silent weapons of social automation technology'. 
..The general rule is that there is a profit in confusion; 
the more confusion, the more profit Therefore, the best 
approach is to create problems and then offer the solutions. 

Media: Keep the adult public attention diverted 
away from the real social issues, and captivated by 
matters of no real [[ = true]] importance. ...Schools: 
Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, 
real economics, real law, and real history.... 
Entertainment: Keep the public below a sixth-grade 
level. ...Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no 
time to think; back on the farm with the other animals. 

Man-Made Attacks like HMRPicane Katrina 
& Java Tsunami = New WAR-fare Form 

While The Guilty goes unrecognized, Nature gets blamed 
for their increasing disguised new forms of mega murder. 
Using HAARP (pg 5) (with Cell Towers. Chemtrails) the 
Architects of Decimation turn Weather into wcapons-of- 
MASS-destruction of MASSes of Humans. Though 
People of Color are always hardest hit, Europoids are 
equally endangered as the Ilium iNaughtyLizards fulfill 
their Plans for undoing ALL Humanity. William Cohen, 
Defense Secretary said during a 1997 press conference: 
"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terror- 
ism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earth- 
quakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of elec- 
tromagnetic waves." ( 
042897j0428coh.html) Who could afford to build such 
weapons? Good news: NuclearBombs planted in seabeds 
to create more Tsunamis are being neutralized by Dol- 
phins! - our new Partners in this QuietWar (pgs 51, 52) 

Bust-Repel-Expose Reppies-Lizzies-Toids 

DB'S Special Creation: aka Reptoid Repellent, pg 43 

Sweeet Peas© : Reptoid kryptonite. Add a few to 
orgonite. Keep one on your person. 'An overseas customer 
said be got rid of all the small lizards from bis aparl - 
ment by placing SweeetPeas around bis apartment.' pg 43 

Predator Buster 'Get rid of Spooks, Reptiles, Aliens, 
Poltergeists & other Predatory offensive species.' pg43 


BreathTechnique makes them shapeshift before yoap 48 

"And now my little secret. Every single orgone 
creation thai went out my door .. half of them as gifts extras - 
all had either a tibetan singing crystal or lemurian [[crystal]] 
and usually rose qtz [[quartz]] and tons of kyanite crystals. 
No reptoids can get near you, not etherically. We did this 
on purpose, our family's way of saying, "thanks, for 
everything." - Cbswork (www.whale.toIbldorS7.hlm) 

da MUFFIN papers . PAGE 7 OF 52 


Re: What Should We Do 

we encourage everyone to disable 
at least the transmitters within ten 
miles of where they live. ..Not dis- 
abling them guarantees that the ennui, 
chronic illness and general disorienta- 
tion that everyone experiences from 
their transmissions will continue un- 
abated. The range of the Entropy 
transmitters, in particular, is quite 

Sweet as super-Bees' honey to Humans. Deadlier than its 
sting to our LIZZID enemies. Easy-to-make affordable 
"Muffin Tower Busters" & other Orgonite tools are 
Kryptoorte to the superman-like Reptilian-controlled "New 
World oDOR." At the same time they reverse massive ecological damage done to EARTH. And they protect us by transmuting harmful energy to 
beneficial energy. This is the FIRST TIME in a lonng time that we've had such effective, positive & WW tools for our Empowerment -and Survival, 
Defense & Victorius Combat against our ancient scaly enemies. Our friend the Bee, with its HEXa d comb point us to Sacred Geometry (SG), the real 
magic behind Orgonite, supplied from the energy-transforming Quartz Crystal - with its SJX sides. Bees nourish themselves from the heart of LIVING 
Sacred Geometry as the center of Flow ers. And their wax can make Orgonite. Simple (Flower-like) SG built into Orgonite, further amps its power as a 
FLOW-er of SWEET (= positive) Orgone, to trans- ^||§l|| s , >-'.iV%4^&^y-i-*'' mute the stench of the very old NewWfcrld Order. 

short, which is why they concentrate the trans- 
mitters in population centers [[especially 
those of People of Color]]. These aren't for 
cell phones... They're for assisting HAARP 
to desertify the planet and for disabling 
the populace to assist martial law... I'm at- 
taching my ' Gifting' instructions . .. [[ pages 
16, 13]]. This is how we turn the death 
^ force transmitters into life force transmit- 
ters ...the work empowers and educates indi- 
viduals who do the work... It's 
easy to do, otherwise there 
wouldn't be so many people do- 
ing it ...We really can beat the 
tyrants now. All we have to do 
is disable their equipment and 
they're then powerless. Para- 
sites are as parasites do, after 
all, and this world order is es- 
sentially parasitic... 

By Don Croft ... Jan. 1, 2004 ... chemtrails are easily disabled 
and dispersed with these things [[Orgonite chembuster ]]. far as we 
can tell from our many sources, internationally, the chemtrails pretty much stopped 
making people sick in N. America and much of Europe by May. 2002 when the 
number of CBs reached into the thousands. ..It's mainly the HAARP and Entropy 
transmitters [[cell towers]] ..which keep the atmosphere in a deadened enough state to 
maintain the chemtrails. This is why 

One of the ways to succeed in the 'Art of War' 

is to take and maintain the initiative. Mankind is in a spiritual war with the llluminati right now. 
Orgonite has apparently given mankind the edge (initiative) that it needs to win this war be- 
cause this stuff is like kryptonite to the llluminati alleged supermen. That's our single most effec- 
tive advantage over them. ...distributing orgonite in their vicinity robs them of their power to 
exploit us. ..The fact is that the llluminati, consummate human parasites and predators, have 
been waging war on humanity for centuries on a massive scale... Now they stand poised to initiate 
martial law, after which they plan to exterminate most of humanity so that the few peoole who 
remain will be easier for them to rule and enslave. They've even created extensive underground 
facilities in order to survive the very global catastrophe's they wish to facilitate. D. Croft 

ORGONE is the name 
Wilhelm Reich gave to the 
omnipresent Sea of Life- 
Energy out of which all ma- 
terial forms manifest. Also 
known as Universal En- 
ergy, Chi, Sexual Energy, 
Elan Vital, Holy Spirit, 5th 
Element, Shakti and Ether. 
'Orgone is the Matrix of 
the universe. Itia intelli- 
gent, dynamic and even 
humorous.' This Vital En- 
ergy exists in Nature under 
different forms. It can be 

What are Orgone Generators, Orgone, Orgonite? 

of death cannot work and "the 
new world order disappears!" 
ORGONITE: A mixture of 

spheric Orgone to Positive? Credit 
& Magna Thanks to the living legend couple 
Chemtrails, Microwaves, Can Orgonite Become Stale? Don & Carol Croft who started the grass- 
HAARP, Cell Towers (& Dis- According to Don Croft, "orgonite main- roots Orgonite movement with their inven- 
ease) are all examples of DOR tains its ability more or less perpetually, tion of the Tower Buster & development 
at work. Without Deadly like magnets do. It's one of the best fea- (with inspiration from other engineers) of 

ORgone, these technologies tures of this miraculous stuff' (Details: other Orgonite tools to help Earth & peace- 
"etheric m/ip/viewtoplc.php?t fully yet effectively combat the totalitarian 
=716"). In cases where gifted Orgonite "New World Odor" enslavement agenda, 
appears to have stopped working (as How did the Orgonite Movement 
equal parts ORGANIC material determined by returning headaches /dis- become GLOBAL? Credit & Magna 
(resin, wax, etc., which holds comforts or your ZapChecker, pg 40) - thanks to Ken Adachi and his brave inter- 
energy) & INORGANIC mate- what likely occurred is the gifted tower's national website, "" 
rial (usually METAL particles/ output was increased or the area up- Don wrote : "..Ken Adachi graciously con- 
shavings -which attracts, then graded with more vertical bars, often at ^ed t0 posl ^ nrst j 0Urna | reports in 
neutra (OR), positive (POR) or negative ffi flecfc energy), with a Q UARTZ crysta l buildin 9 tops (page 50). Simply re-gift Ma „ 2 001 , when I told him that Carol and I 
nl e n * { uK area, ° DServab te (which reORganizes the energy). With-" Who Invented Orgonite? "Stacie 
POR manifestation can be seen under out tne crysta | you have an <-,( on lne t^^ at Cape Haft-eras' 

ri^l^£f^ U ^n^n U r,f 0r 9° ne Accumulator (which can be al- Outer Bank last weekend and baited 

Ctoudsarenot,ustaconcentratK>nof ,e mat ing layers ofaluminum foil & plastic hooks for a knowledgable an old black ,. 

warervapor, tneyre ..a "Hssva concen- wrap or wax paper) It draws in and concen-gentleman who had made his own fish- fellow orgonite cloudbusterexperimentors 

Irates orgone and send it back out again, ing weights of fiberglass resin, BBs sprang up in the US and Canada from the 

'When they draw in unbalanced orgone, (small ball bearings) and a quartz crys- correspondence that the reports' exposure 

Wilhelm Reich 

needed a little higher profile for our own 
physical safety on account of our success- 
ful orgonite cloudbuster research and within 
a few months a loose, informal network of 

Reich did a tot of research on the proper- 

iLfw it 1ZS rrtlr °3t° ne h "tSf* tnev send * ba * out M unbalanced orgone, tad. Hb grandfather taught him to do that generated from Ken's internationally popu- 

so one needs to use them in a place where and he apparently catches more fish lar educate-yourself. org" (educate-yourself 

there is more good orgone than the bad stuff."than anyone around... 'Granpappy was .org/dcrtwowarriorexemplars09nov04.shtml) 

Many apparent large-scale accumulators (of- poor... loved to fish. And couldn't afford Countless Orgone s/ heroes (perhaps 

ten as 'sacred sites') are found around weights but could always gethold of old yourself) have been abundantly Awarded - 

Earth. ('Dead Mens Secrets' by Jon. Gray ). cans [cut into little bits] and pine sap with harassment, threats, attacks ...all proof 

...... -...What does Orgonite do? Transmutes and *«W /°cks. '...The ftsherman that the Real Reward is in progress, as the 

MSr*^^ DOR (Deadly ORgone) into POR (PosSive ^ his inkers "energy stones" so if benents enjoyed by all Humanity from con- 

IT^Se^t^ntmf ORgone). Crystal have a natural ability to TS^^^S^' ,he !"."«?*??!* »_ ""I"? 2» 
cular tension (he called that armouring) arran 9 e enera -y & dlrect ener 9y flow - 

in the 50's. He died [[ believed murdered]] 
in jail, after having his laboratory and 
much of his work destroyed by the 'au- 
thorities', for they feared the naked truth 
knowledge of this orgone energy could 

expose. ..His eariier research Mops* whaf does Q jte ^ Transrnutes and energy rocks. 

"• mal n« <n ii. ^n. ( :-.- i-^n /rv^x... calls his sinkers energy stones so if 

anyone asks who invented orgonite. " 

short answer is that nobody alive can positive Energy while keeping the Parasites 

thlsenengyb^mes Deadly Orgone or An Orgone Generator is an Orgonite fff^&^p "" *J2» ^SSSSSJSSm 

DOR. (the resulting character of an ex- device that generates orgone. It draws giftingupdatelSjui05.shtml.byl ««\ BfiMHI „„a„^ Z 

tremely armoured person he beMngly in unbalanced orgone, revitalizes it and ink. .U.....J iw.». fa. /Mftt I 

called 'pestilential. " - Georg Ritschl sends it back out. 

Who pioneered Orgonite for 
transmuting Negative Atmo- 

Is Orgonite a Rediscovery of 
Ancient African Technology? 

"Africans of the Nile Valley made 
Power Generating Tools. Rulers of 
Kam (Ancient Black Egypt) had 
hollow staffs filled with charcoal IJ 
IB|P* organic material]], crushed quartz, 
precious stones & other ingredients, 
with a copper or silver rod in the 
middle of the staff." (Yoshua B.) 
Materials found in Egyptian 
hand rods include charcoal, 
quartz, lodestone, magnetite.. 
The rods were used to in- 
crease people's vital energy. 
(www. htm) 

...and "Sacred Geometry" 

Spirals to a Higher 

Or HOLY Geometry. All Geometry is divisions of the (very feminine) 
CIRCLE = HOLE = WHOLE = HOLY, HEAL, WELL .... - ALL variants 
of the same word. Sacred Geo is the magic behind Orgonite. ForSG is the essence of the 
Quartz Crystal -the ingredient in Orgonite that ORganizes = transforms energy from negative 
to positive. SG all by itself produces profound results (pages 19, 33, 34), even causing Nukes to 
disappear (pgs51, 52). And when harnessed with Orgonite (pgs 1 1 , 19, 21 , 22, 23, 32, 49), takes 
it to higher levels / greater power. 'Sacred-Holy' also = SPIRitual. That's SPIRAL-tual (motion 
circles), the motion of the Universe. Adding the nappy SPIRAL (Coils, Mobius Coil, DNA tech- 
nique., pgs 10, 11, 22, 24, 25, 28, 30) further expands Orgonite's power /ability. (Don's HOLY 
Handgrenade is truly "Holy"!). Quartz is natural Silicon, the magic behind Computers. NWO 
heavily uses SG, perverted (pg3). Sacred Geometry is a Channel for Chi, portal for Divine 
:, HEALin q Energy. Orgone! SG is a branch of "Star-Science", Earth's oldest lech 
nology.' (source of astro-logy /astro-nomy). From Afrika, where it began & devel- 
oped, it spread around the globe. With Orgonite, it is making a comeback to Human- 
™. s . ity's awareness to facilitate our Survival & return to WHOLEn ess. -ORE 

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Fun Healing Arsenal overview 


page 1 2 

Sacred ~ 
Geometry ® 

The magic behind the 
(Quartz) Crystal, the 
transformer in Orgonite 

Orgone Generators 

aka. Positive Energy Generators 

Continuously convert all forms of negative energy to positive energy 
Orgone Muffin: aka "Tower Buster" (TB), 3-oz sized 
Orgonite muffin neutralizes harmful waves from cell 
towers (mind-control towers); converts them to fountains 
of good vibrations. 

Harmonizer, "HHG": larger (12, 16 oz) version of previous 
ChemBuster : large generator wipes out Chemtrails (but 
not normal nature-real clouds) /smog; purifies atmosphere. 
Ends droughts. Heals, softens, prevents or stops severe 
weather, storms, tornados, hurricanes & HAARP effects. 
Etheric PeacePipe (EPP): aka "Etheric PipeBomb" 
(does NOT explode, don't worry), small pipe-style generator 
purifies the water in ponds, lakes, rivers. 

• Dolphin Ball: Spherical generator with hour-glass coil. 
Specially made for dolphins, whales, orcas. 

Orgone Defense/Protection Tools 

• Succor Punch (SP): Large 3"+ Quartz Crystal wrapped in a 
mobius coil, hooked to electric box to create programmable sca- 
lar waves. Greatly amplifies your intent. Directs positive orgone 
to any place /person. Reverses psychic /psychotronic attacks. 
Apparently makes you immune to electronic /satellite surveil- 
lance while "gifting" (distributing) Orgonite. 

• PowerWand (PW): more powerful version of above. 

• EarthPipe (EP) • Triniti Wand (TW): Believed to cause 
secret underground reptilian bases /hives to experience problems 
and not function so well, by transmuting bases' abundant deadly 
orgone (DOR) into positive orgone (POR), as soon as it's buried. 

• Skillet Orgone : Instant massive orgone field, page 12 

• Orgonite Pendants protect you from ELFs, harmful energy. 
Caroi Croft's Harmonic Protector © (pg 44) excels here & shields you from psychic 
attacks The "HP apparently has inspired the 
development of SPECIALIZED Orgone 
Pendants. Noteworthy are the SERIES by 
Christy Gunn, Lily Ochescu and others, 
addressing various areas: DNA Repair. 
Chakras, Healing, etc. See pages 12, 43. 

• Lizzie Repellers 

A concept apparently sparked ! 
by "DB's Special Creation." 
Lovely for heartless biology. 
"SweeetPeas" & "Predator 
Buster" . See pages 7, 43. 


18888 20, 2 

Make Most of these Fun Healing Weapons Yourself 

or buy them (see Vendors) and deploy them. They ruin the massive 
continuous electronic assaults upon us. Place them around and in your 
abode, unda your bed, on top of your TV & Computer, in your fridgerator, 
car, neighborhood. Especially put one within 1/4 mile of all "cell towers" 
within a minimum 10-mile radius of your abode. Doing this will protect / 
shield yourself /loved ones from these continuous attacks. By placing 
Orgone Generators throughout your home, "hood" and eventually your 
entire city, you establish positive energy balance, heal Earth and create 
better living conditions for ALL to enjoy. See Gifting instructions, page 13. 

Reported Benefits Include 

• Enhanced sense of well being • More harmony in all relationships 

• Better sleep, more vivid dreams • Calmer household/ work environment 

• Better health. More energy • Enhanced spiritual/psychic growth 

• Increased mental clarity & focus • Protection from cellphone radiation 

Orgone Tutorials Adventure Archives Humor 

• Ken Adachi's -popular chief site making Orgonite 
famous. Click "Orgone Adventures" & "Adventures of Don & Carol Croft" 

What else can Orgone Generators do that's so important? 

• Make your neighborhood safer. Reduce/stop CRIME in your area 

• Eliminate, prevent deadly CHEMTRAILS & smog in your area 

• Increase your Gas Mileage, Lower your Utility Bills (see page 50) 

• Protect you from electronic surveillance & psychic / microwave attacks 

• Boost plant growth, gardens, farms 

• Change polluted water into clean water 

• Stop /reverse psychic /psychotronic attacks. 

• Break evil spells /witchcraft. 

• Shut down negative alien vortex, portal locations, reptilian hives 

• Adversely affect locations where satanic rituals are performed 

• Reduce diameter of radiation field surrounding nuclear reactor 

• Stop/soften cyclones, tornados. End droughts. Heal HAARP weather 



> orgonite. info 

>, input "SenseiDennis" 








> FRN: 

Susan T. discovered "All Orgone Generators are GENIES ." To get the 

out of them, rub ' em & give them assignments. Tell them what to do. They love it. £ 

Infiltrated. Not surprisingly, the Orgonite movement is infiltrated, 
under attack. Some websites-vendors-forums hacked, affected, in- 
fected, slandered, shut down, closed. Fortunately, many valuable ear- 
lier articles /posts are archived (mostly at 

Other Common Abbreviations in Orgone Forums 

• BS: Big Secret (hourglass-shaped copper coil around large DT crystal; 
photo below), "one may speak his/her heart-felt desires into the center 
of the crystal and they'll manifest" Tutorial, The Bis Secret by 
Don at 

• C]B: Cluster Buster (powerful WaterWand with a mobius coil) 

• CJrf.CCVft Clockwise, Counterclockwise (Tutorial, page 12) 

• rjCJB: Detonater Cluster Buster (variant of Triniti Wand with 
extra mobius coils & HHG at each end) • EFR EthericFYcedom 

t Fighters • EW: EthericWarriors • IK: Implant Killer (disables 
implants, pg 40) • LS.LSG Cesco's Little Secret Coil; pg 43. 
44 • MWW : Medicine Wheel WaterCpotent charged water, i 
enhances orgonite; "Sally Water") • SW: Sally Water 
(MWW, see pg 19) • TW: Triniti Wand (3 CIBs or 
: WWs with mobius coil. Potent underground alien- 
base blister, pg 25) • WW : Water 
Jt Wand (pipe with charged water & 
'i orgonite; works like a super TB or 
. P // HHG: charges water bodies) « XTAL 
HIP if ff / / Crystal. ST. single terminated. DT, 
■ double terminated. 

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Make Your Own 

20-minute OrgOm MufflHS 



,50/50 ratio 
l^o.f metal 
& resin ' 

p- Metal 

To make a "Saint Buster's Button" (SBB) COIL : 

In brief: using the tip of needle-nose pliers, firmly hold a length of 
copper wire at its midpoint. Tightly bend one side of wire 180 de- 
grees around the tip, creating a turned "U" shape, like "C (c ). Now 
bend.pjher side of wire around the tip, turning your C into the "S" at 
center ofthe,coil. Gently, a little at a time, alternately 
bend wire sides, around & a- 
round each other until whole., 
wire is coiled. Tutorials at j 
ryanmcgintv. com 
•mthai /orgone 
» mvthnlvnx. com 

Brought to us by Don & Carol Croft, Ihe 'Tower Buster" is a 
3-oz size Orgonite Muffin For a radius of 1/8 to 1/4 mile, it 
continuously converts negative energy into positive beneficial 
energy wherever it is placed or buried, and thereby neutralizes the 
harmful physical and mind-control effects of microwave cell towers, 
hence the name 'Tower Buster." Instructions are based on Croft's : 
"Update on Holy Handgrenades and Tower Busters" at 

Gather Ingredients 

• muffin pan, regular or non-stick, 6 or 12 holes 
(3-oz. size), (oiling not needed since resin shrinks) 

• 6 or 12 bean-sized quartz crystals. Low quality 
works just fine. OK to use broken pieces, tumbled beads 
from a quartz necklace. At least 1/4" to half inch long. If 
pieces are smaller than this use more than 1 . 

• metal particles. 16 or 32 ozs. for 6 or 12 muffins. ANY 
type of metal: metal scour pads (cut them up; cheap at 990 
Stores), shavings from machine shops /key-maker, small 
nails /pins /paperclips. BBs (copper or zinc-coated ball 
bearings from a Sports store) work but are very heavy & 
expensive if you're making lots of TBs, HHGs. 

• resin & catalyst, a Quart (32 ounces) makes 12 muffins. 
A Gallon makes 48 muffins. Any type of resin: fiberglass, 
epoxy, clear, acrylic, marine. Bondo fiberglass resin is 
available from Home-Depot, lumber or auto-supply stores. 

Prepare to Make Your Muffins 

Set up your work(PLAY) space outside or in ventilated garage 

• big sheet of cardboard, trashbag or to protect work surface 

• rubber gloves to protect your hands 

• paper container for mixing resin with hardener (catalyst) 

• stick for stirring hardener into the resin 

• old spoons for spooning metal-particles into pan 

• rags, old socks, paper towel for wiping resin off utensils 

• clock with second-hand to help you time 1 minute, also 
know how much time you have before resin becomes hard 


"1 Drop one small quartz crystal into each muffin hole. If pieces 
are tiny drop in more than one. 

2 Nearly fill each muffin hole with metal particles. 

For a full minute, mix up enough catalyzed resin (resin with 
catalyst added) to fill muffin pan holes: 16 ounces for 6 holes: 
32 ounces (1 quart ) for 12 holes. The metal & crystals make up 
for the missing 2 or 4 ounces. Recomendation: figure out 
how much catalyst you think you need and use 25% -40% 
less. Doing this gives you more time to mix and pour before 
resin hardens. Also reduces incidence of cracking. 

Working briskly, pour about an ounce of catalyzed resin into 
each muffin hole so that the resin easily soaks down to the 
bottom while it is very fluid. Then go back and repour resin 
almost to the top of each muffin hole. 

Let resin cure. It gets hot and rock-hard in about 15 minutes. 
Muffins are "done" when hard. (If resin doesn't cure enough 
you can ADD HEAT with a hairdryer, heat-lamp, heat gun or 
setting the pan in direct sunlight to cause curing.) 

Turn pan upside down and smack it or whack rim against the 
table to release your fresh Muffin Tower Busters. Sticking 
muffins can be coaxed out with a harder whack or thin knife. 

Optional: Paint your muffins to your liking or favorite color/s of 
your friends to whom you give them. To make them stealthy to 
blend with environments, spraypaint them brown & green. 

Drive-By Technique 

Deploy! Using Don Croft's fun | 

(pg 3) bust at least ALL the towers within a 10-mile radius of your home 
by tossing a TB out your car window in the vicinity of a "cell tower." 
More fun: Don also makes TBs in 3-ounce Dixie paper cups to 
shoot them from a Spudgun ( to reach targets you 
can't get close enough to. See Gifting Instructions, page 13. 

Enhancements (especially for Personal Muffins):Add bits/ 
beads of rose quartz, kyanite, amethyst, garnet, pyrite crumbs, 
activated charcoal. Charged Water (p19). Sacred Ash (p12). 
SBB Coil (at left) after step #2. SweeetPea (pg 7). At center use a 
whole crystal wrapped in wire. 

da MUFRN papers : PAGE 1 OF 52 

Make a 


aka "HHG or Holy Handgrenade" or HUG 

Based on Don Croft's : "Update on Holy Handgrenades 
and Tower Busters" http://educale 
HHgandTBupdate26may03 .shiml. 
Croft's HHGs do everything Tower Busters do but on 
a larger scale. These powerful Orgone Generators 
protect /energize your space; neutralize & convert 
negative harmful energy /ELF waves into positive energy. 
Heals, transforms negative /evil places. 


Gather Materials, Ingredients 

• large quartz crystal, single or double terminated (point at both 
ends), minimum 1 1/2" long x 1/2" thick. If smaller, ok to use 2 
crystals taped. ..end-to-end, making a double termination. Doesn't 
matter how ugly /low quality crystal is, long as it has a natural point. 

• Optional Enhancements (for personal orgonite): 4 hematite 
beads, teaspoon/s of crushed pyrite /activated charcoal, pieces of 
amethyst, rose quartz, garnet, kyanite. Bit of Sacred Ash (p12). 
Drops of Charged Water (p_19). SweeetPeas (p 7). 

• cone mold: 4" or more diameter; 4" or more height. Plastic 
funnel, martini glass, party-hat, paper-cone or pyramid mold. 
The bigger the cone, the more powerful the HHG. 

• jar or can to hold mold upright • copper wire,18 gauge 

• veggie oil, grease, Pam spray or WD-40 as mold-release 

• metal particles, about 11 ounces. ANY type of metal: shavings 
from a machine shop /key-maker, cut-up metal scrubbing pads, 
small nails /pins /paperclips. BBs (ball bearings from a Sports store) 
work but are heavy & expensive if you're making lots of HHGs. 

• resin & catalyst, about 11 ounces; fiberglass, epoxy, or acrylic re sin 

Prepare your Cone-Mold 

• Soft (Paper) Molds for 1-time use: 

- Pointed Paper Party Cap: tape the seam so resin doesn't leak. 

- Croft's quick n' easy Paper Cone: fold a sheet of typing paper from lower 
corner to opposite corner to make a triangle shape, not rectangle. Fold a 
second time, making another triangle, then open it into a cone shape. 
With masking tape, tape the overlap & underlap to help it hold its shape. 

- Very LARGE Cone: make a paper cone (taping the seam) out of a 
big piece of thin poster board and tape that into a large funnel. 

• Hard Molds for multiple use: 16-oz (473 ml) Plastic Funnel: saw off spout 
and tape the hole (cone will have flat tip); or form a point with 2" wide masking 
tape, being sure to prevent leaks. Large Martini Glass. 

Prepare your Spiral or Coil (makes orgone field spin) 

• Make a Clockwise Conic Spiral (tutorial, page 12) : cut a length of 26", 39" or 
'52" from your 18 gauge wire. Form wire into a cone spiral so it fits loosely inside 
your mold. To make it clockwise, wind wire clockwise towards point, as viewed 
from bottom of cone towards point. Do 7 or so turns. ( T IP : loosely wind wire into 
a flat coil, then stretch it out into a rough cone; shape it if needed) 

• OPTIONAL: Make an SBB or "Saint Buster's Button" Coil; instructions, pg 10 

• OPTIONAL: wrap copper wire clockwise around the length of your crystal. 


Lubricate interior of your cone-mold with oil /grease, (not 
needed for papermold unless you want to remove paper) 

2 Sit your funnel mold into a jar to hold it upright. 

3 Place your copperwire spiral into mold. 

4 Put about an inch of metal particles into the 
pointy end of your mold, on top of the coil-spiral. 
(copper BBs are nice here, at the capstone). 

5 Push your big crystal, point down, into the 
metal so that it's standing up, then put more 
metal around it to hold it in place. 
© For a full minute, mix up enough catalyzed resin 
(resin with catalyst added) to cover the metal. 
Pour in resin to cover the metal surrounding the crystal. 
Add more metal particles to nearly fill remainder of mold. 
Optional: lay a flat SBB coil level on top of the metal. 

1 Again mix up enough catalyzed resin to cover the metal. 

1 1 Pour in resin up to the brim of the mold. 

1 2 Let resin cure. It becomes hot & rockhard about 15 minutes. 

1 3 Turn mold upside down and shake or smack it to release your 
new Harmonizer (Holy Hand Grenade). Congratulations! 

14- Deploy! -after FIRST placing several in YOUR environment /car. 
BURY(upright) if possible; HHGs are best for the worse negative/ 
"evil" places/things (HAARP arrays, hospitals, slaughter houses, 
cemetaries, satanic sites..). See Gifting Instructions, page 13 
(&16), from: 1feb03.shtml. 


Cbswork talks about HHgs 

"clearing the 'atmosphere' of a room, they definately do, re- 
gardless of room size. Put four or more in your house and 
the houses of your friends , and the turnaround is miracu- 
lous. ...The real magic begins at six and then to nine... Over 
and over again, wherever we add hhgs to a situation, that gets 
to about six in number, they seem to create their own little en- 
ergy field between themselves. ... This energy field can be as 
small as 30 by 60 feet, or by a mile. They link up.. Put one in 
a car.. .put one at each end of a public park and the whole 
park lights up. ...Add an hhg to a cloudbuster and 
its range will extend. Add several hhgs around 
your CB base in a Star of David pattern and it 
seems to double the range of the CB . ..The energy 

HEX-Orgone Your House 


your property with 6 HHGs (or 
TBs at least) in the shape of the 
Hexagon (Sacred Geometry, 
page 8). Or /and do this 
arrangement on INSIDE of your 
apartment /abode. This is an 
upgrade from the 4-picce orgonite 
grid around your house. 

field that., commences the moment an hhg enters the locale 
of a sucky place, person, or thing, "lights" up. Many times fve 
put a hug someplace, looked up, and saw a spinning vortex 
in the clouds above it. Think about that ...Couple'a crystals, some unwanted scrap metal, and 
some stanky boat resin and voila! Instant Physics paradigm shift. People all of a sudden are 
thinking about self improvement, home improvement, life improvement. That stagnation feel- 
ing that sits in so many places we live and move and have our being, vanishes. ...[[ HHG ]] 
motivates change in the place, person, or thing. Gardens bloom, children laugh, birds sing. 
The air around them is alive with ions and magnetic energy. ..Plants double in size in six 
months. Ugly, snitty people start acting nice...( 

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Clockwise or Counterclockwise? 

How to easily tell! byDRE 
Apparently there is much confusion 
determining Clockwise vs. Counter- 
clockwise when it comes to wrapping 
wire (around crystals) and making coils 
(for HHGs...). Perhaps because CW& CCW ~*«WE 
reverse depending on direction traveled (towards or away 
from center), or view (top vs. underneath). Here are 2 
easy ways to determine if wrapping is Clockwise: 

• the thread on a SCREW is Clockwise. 

• a Snail SHELL is Clockwise (topview, moving 
from center to opening). You can model your H HG 

.jte.A, C oil from the snail-shell spiral . 

ftqPf* About CW-CCW, Don wrote ; 

' ■*• •» 'The coil in the HHg and ''fcc 

Earth pice looks like a screw tip, simply 
stated. Whether it's CW or CCW isn't extremely important ... 
My wife simply sees it working better ..when if s CW.." 

m 1 % Ryan's Clockwise Crystal Wrapping Tutorial 


Hold the wire like so with 
your left hand. 

Go from around the 

bottom then over the top 

towards yourself. 


Repeat this as many 
times as you want. matter which end you look at the coil is always moving in a Clockwise 

motion [[from wire-tip end towards ! 
crystal]]. If you wrap in the reverse 

direction it will always be moving in 
a Counter Clockwise motion. 


Examples of wrapped crystals, 

www. whale. to/b/dor76. htm 

"Cbswork and Crystal Wrapping" wv/ 

Orgonite Heals 

HHG Sandwich spirals 
away pain. Inspiraledby 
the ChineseYoyo (pg 27) I sand- 
wiched my headache between tips of 2 
HHGs, holding Ihem to my head. Pain 
gone in minutes. A friend calls one night, 
tooth aching badly. I told her my tech- 
nique. Nest day she told me when she 
held the 2 HHGs to her face with her 
throbbing jaws between its points, the 
awful pain lessened. Then, to her sur- 
prise she could feel energy spiraling 
back &. forth between HHGs, through 
her jaws as all pain dissolved. -DRE 

Christy's Shamanic Healer 
Works for Animals Too 

Added to orgonite, 
§3 amps its power. Veiy potent -just 
a pinch needed. Also known as 
Vibhuthi and Agnihotra. Used 
since ancient times, its healing 
powers (bio, ecological) docu- 
mented. • German study notes 
?uick healing of Skin Fungus, Herpes, 
ancer. Sinusitis., ( 
/ash_applications.hlm) • Testimonials 
from Pern 

• International list of sites /contacts: 
direclory.hlm) • How to make therapeu- 
tic Preparations (tapovan. netlagnihotral 
preparation.htm) • Source? Best to do 
Agnihotra yourself to get the Ash; there is 
a special healing effect. Easy to make. 
One fire produces much ash. Ash /medi- 
cines are never to be sold Free sample 
available from Fivefold Path Inc., (540) 
948-5463. 278 N. White Oak Drive, Madi- 
son VA 22727* Instruction details at 
a OR 

• Supplies: copper pyramid tray, dried 
cow dung, ghee, brown rice; plus Agni- 
hotra Mantra & sunrise/set timings from • Introduced by 

Sacred Ash | More TB /HHG Enhancements (for Personal Orgonite) 

Cbswork's Enhanced 
Tower Buster Recipe 

My main gifting 
weapon, bar 

• Muffin pan, 
teflon or sili- 
con, 12-up. 

• A light smatter- 
ing of shavings 

Add one quartz* Cover with 

Add kyanite, a 

wonderful addition.. 

crystal, wrap 
the xtal in 24 • 
guage pure 
copper wire, 
Add two < 

garnet bits. 
Add rose or i 
or amethyst 
for heart/higher 

Pour mixed resin 
(charged water or 
no, depending) and 
coverall material. 
Sun cure until 
they pop out. 
Two coats of 
camo, leaf green, 
brown, and dark 

Al Gray. See Vendors Si "Al Gray's Ag- 
nihotra" by ZS Livingstone l educate-your 

BEFORE: They taped 
2 "Shamanic Healer AFTER: In 2 hours 
Pendants' (page 43) the horse "was 
to front legs of "rescue walking without a 
horse" who had pain- limp, and has not 
ful crippling laminitis. limped since." 

Qj2EE3 f r ° m email she sent me: 

'.. see if your Illness is in the list [[at site], 
so you can make an orgonite with the stones for your specific condition: ..If you are experiencing pain 
anywhere in your body, you should make one [forqonitel with jasper and ma- 
hogany obsidian ..very effective. An Indian healer ..told us about these stones, I 
found the round beads and mixed them in the orgonite. The day after I started 
wearing it, the [( longstanding) pain disappeared" 'Christie G. (See pg 9, 43) 

And the St Busters Button or Therapeutic HHG 


1 small Krypton & 1 Xenon light bulb, 
small neodvmiuni magnet 1 quartz crystal. 

Copper- only shavings to coverthem, or 
wrap in copper-only foil . ITien wrap ALL in 
small square of aluminum foil, careful not 
to break bulbs. Seal with plastic tape. Add 
to middle of 5-crystal HHG before pour- 

ing resin layers. Tutorial: KKv.power 


Ai 5-Crystal Reactor Core in your HHG 

<!$l^% Croft's original HHG design (left) had 5 
U..-L/\ quartz crystals, later replaced with a 
C*m single larger crystal, still effective, 
**%& plus economical for gifling-HHGs. For j 
y : :""•">£*&. personal & extra-powerful HHGs you . 
S&sSES^ can use all 5 crystals. Wrapping 
each crystal, especially wrapping all 5 
together as shown makes your HHG even 
more potent : • Starting at the point, clock- 
wise wrap the length of one lateral crystal in 
1 8 gauge copper wire, 1 3" or 26" long , leav- i 
ing a trail of wire at the end. • Repeat for 
other 3 lateral crystals. • Clockwise wrap 
the trailing wire of each crystal around the 
central vertical crystal as shown. • Op- 
tional: Place a hematite stone between the 
crystals. • Cast Drgonite in LAYERS . As 
you do so, sprinktejn option-al kyanite, py- 
rite, garnets... 

TIP: glue 
crystals in place 
(Goop or glue 
gun) then 
add wire wrap. 

• Cbswork 




& garnets under 

center crystal. 

"They take away pain where ever 
you put them... place it on the back 
of your neck for tension and stress 
..on the temples for the same effect. 
..any where you have is gone 
usually within a few minutes" They 
also prevents nightmares and pro- 
motes lucid dreaming and meditation. 
Don Croft wrote: "We designed this to 
unravel energy blocks in the body and 

,,~ 9 mm Amethyst 


Neodlmium Mag 
6mm Garnet 
Copper Coil 

j<2>\ 13' Long Bare 20-26 
rfSSSsJCv gauge Solid Wire Coil 
nwSvMM i/V of Ends Bent 90° 
i i 'SxA/ljii One end is bent up. 
W^V/ the other end bent 

N2^i' down [[ see pg 10 fj 

[[Use ]] "only non-ferrous 
metal, preferably aluminum" 

activate the chakras. The 
top is rounded so that en- 
ergy won't squirt out the 
point, as they do with cones 
and pyramids. ..We want that orgone go 
move into the body, so the flat side is put 
against the body (thru clothing is fine) and 
the magnet simply causes a toroidal current 
of orgone through the bottom surface. 

How to Make a St Busters Button 

"J put the north side of the magnet down 
because I want the orgone to pass through 
the purple amethyst first (top side), then the 
red garnet (bottom side). It's not a major 
consideration, but it replicates and encour- 
ages movement of cosmic energy into the 
crown chakra (purple) and out through the 
root chakra (red), a process that balances 
and energizes all aspects of one's being..)..I 
cut off the spout of a small plastic funnel, 
tape the opening, and when the resin has 
cured, 1 sand [[ or file ]] the top into a round 
shape... The amethyst Ls a short distance from 
the top, so there's no risk of sanding into that" 

Instant MASSIVE Orgone from your Skillet 

Excerpt from book at Based on description & effects, it's clear that 
this exercise is a powerful instant cheap n' easy Massive Orgone Generator : 

Let's all do the "Jive-Vibe-Buster" 

•D. Oof: Orgone Gen. FAQ.: educate-- 
• More Instructions: c 

loudouster _& _orgone_genc-alor.html 

Although this little inexpen- 
sive process takes only a 
few minutes, itproduces 
profound beneficial results 
for the planet, your neigh- 
borhood, your apartment 
building, your abode, and 
yourself. .. It is cheap, fast, 
easy and incredibly effec- 
tive. .. In just minutes, it 
accomplishes ultra deep 
profound cleansing that far 
exceeds traditional purifica- 
tion rites such as burning 
sage or incense for long pe- 
riods. ..this technique ut- 
terly purifies your home, 
apartment building and 
neighborhood of negative 
vibrations, negative psychic 
energy, and "bad" or "evil" 
vibrations, etc. At the same 
time, it apparently opens up 
the channels for immense 
spiritual LIGHT to pour into 
the physical plane at the lo- 

cation where performed. 
The first person I told about 
this process was a prophet 
.. she clairvoyantly saw 
rainbows of light through- 
out her house shortly after 
doing it ...she felt that the 
cleansing was so profound enabled her to take a 
major step in her spiritual 
unfoldment. I told another 
friend about it. ...she finally 
did it one day. She called 
me up excited, for she could 
actually "see the energy in 
my house shifting ancT 
changing." This continued 
thru out the neighborhood. 
Another friend got ...peace 
and lightness ... 


1. Get the following: 

- metal container 
(small skillet will do) 

- box of salt 

- rubbing alcohol 

- lighter or matches 

- glass of water (for 
safety in case of 
accidental fire) 

2. Put about 2 

of salt in the pan (you 
may flatten the salt). 

3. Pour the alcohol on 
the salt, covering it or 
soaking all of it. 

4. Light it. It will burn for 
a minute or two 
almost smokelessly 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 


OF 52 

If the ReptilianAliens get their way (=impose their HlumiNaughty-NWO martial-law police-state upon us), then we 
lose everything (all our belongings, real estate, pets, peanut butter, bank accounts, savings...) and likely our lives if 
we are not enslaved first. We NEED to do ALL we can NOW, while we STILL can do anything at all. If we wait 
til they spring their trap it will be too late. Good news: with Orgone, just 1 person (YOU) or a handful of diligent 
folks can do VAST DAMAGE to the Reptilian-Elite's agenda. 

Gifting with Orgone 

FULL ARTICLE from: educale-yourself.orgldclgiftingwithorgonellfeb03.shlml 

[Editor's Note" "Cbswork" is the e-mail name of a guide within you - your conscience 

man who lives in the Los Angeles area that Don Croft - is shouting from deep within your heart 

has often mentioned in his articles and Adventure 

episodes. like Carol Croft, he has special and 
unusual psychic talents that allow him to penetrate 
the veil of secrecy that the dark minions laboring on 
behalf of the Illuminated Ones usually depend on to 
carry out their foul deeds and treacherous agenda with 
impunity. He has done much to upset the Illuminated 
Apple Cart in southern California and elsewhere 
through the efforts of a dedicated band of Merrymcn 
known as LA.A.R.P (Los Angeles Air Reclamation 
Project). I hope to upload more info from him in the 
near future, as he has a great deal to offer. This 
perceptive essay on the distribution and placement of 
Croft-style orgone generators is a good example of 
his insightful powers of observation ..Ken Adachi] 

By Cbswork [["DB'TJ... 
giftingwithorgonel 1 
February 11,2003 

At some point in your experience with orgone, you'll 
discover the miraculous healing and balancing effects 
of working with orgone energy devices, commonly 
known as HHGs (Holy Hand Grenades) and TBs 
(Tower Busters.) This is an entirely natural outcome. 
You know what it has done for you. your family, and 
friends. You've watched it take "old sourpusses" and 
turn them into thoughtful angels, conscious of their 
ugliness. You've watched the ugliness around your 
home and neighborhood shift into something higher and 
nobler. You've seen your plants, pets, and water 
become simply alive after having these things about. 

And, at some point, you'll want to share this gift 
with others. 

Truly, it is a gift. It's the gift of life, taken away 
from us by those forces in religion, metaphysics, 
and government who don't want you to be, all you 
can be. Orgone devices don't give HTe, they retrieve 
Kfe stolen from you. 

That life was stolen through subliminal, hypnotic 
suggestions imbedded in radio, television, and 
through the very air itself, courtesy of these 
'lowers." It was stolen from us by the flouride put in our 
drinking water, the processed sugars put in our foods, 

to take the gift given you, and give it to others. 

With that in mind... 



Place a full sized Croft HHG on the water main 
going to your house. Do this first. Not only are you 
orgonizing your water, but the water of your 
neighborhood. Orgone dilutes of negative energetic 
effect of the poison, flouride, though not the 
chemical aspects of it. By gifting your water main, 
you are sending healing energy, via the water itself, 
out to your area, because orgonized water is 
conductive and spreads, even against the flow of 
water itself. In fact, gifting water itself would be a 
whole chapter, all by itself. If you are on a well system, 
place an HHG over the main pipe coming out of 
your pump that feeds your house. Whatever the 
situation, get your water orgonized. One pint-sized 
HHG or larger will be sufficient to handle any 
volume your residence may use. 


Place HHGs under your beds, over your fridge, 
on your water heater, and in your gardens, spaced 
1 5 feet apart, the ionizing limit of orgone, in a stan- 
dard pint/half-pint configuration. For Scalar energy, 
the range is much further, a few miles in fact. But for 
the plants in your area, most hhgs have a limited 
range and this can easily be seen (this was demon- 
strated to Don Croft in December of 2002, by taking 
him to a small field where I had placed a single, 
half-pint HHg near a large series of planted Oleander 
bushes. Where the HHg was placed, everything 
within 15 feet of it was double size, double stalks, 
and radiant - beyond that, same old, same old. This 
is the ionizing effect of orgone, on plants.) 

Put HHGs at each corner of your property, even 
if its just an apartment Doing this creates a grid 
zone of energetic energy, that will help stave off 
the negative effects of cell phone microwave 
transmissions and also, as has been demonstrated to 
me on countless occassions, forces paranormal 
entities such as ghosts, poltergeists, astral 
demonic types, and black magicians outside the 

and by the lies and distortions placed in our minds, by 8" d The base ol trees are especially wonderful 

the false history books, taught by false teachers. 

When the gift of orgone came into your life, things 
began to appear as they really are. The beautiful, 
as well as ugly. As the weeks pass and your 
environment adjusts to the restored and balanced 
frequencies of what it should normally be, the sheer 

places to put hhgs - given what a tall tree does for its 
neighborhood - giving it a boost of energy will 
help it "de-smog" the pollutants it breathes in. 

Put small HHgs or TBs over your TV and 
computer monitors, right on top. Any source of 
ELF/VLF energy needs its very own orgone device. 

magnitude and volume of the assault upon the human That HHg will work harder than any other in your 

condition becomes very apparent- And then, 
something happens inside you. 

You know what you need to do. 

You know that in order for you to do be truly free, 
you must also free those around you. Your sense of 
right and wrong - buried from years of self-interest or 
for other reasons - is now your daily guidepost That 

home, dissipating the negative effects of these 
common household items, that we all use daily. 
No one person can advise you on the amount of 
HHGs or TBs to place in your home, as every 
situation is naturally different. 

The theme thus far is...get vour home 
environment in order first. You can't give, 
if you are under the gun, so clear out the old stuff 

so you can be who you should be, without 

extra-dimensional or outside interference. In 

some places, like New York or Los Angeles, 

many are needed in a home - say twenty - to 

get the same effects and protection as six would 
get you in, say, Colorado or Montana. Your heart 
will tell you when your are there. Listen to it. 


When your home is done, now place at least 
TWO HHGs in your automobiles. One under the 
front seat one in the trunk; if you have a truck 
one under the seat another TB in the rear bumper 
- you'll figure out how to get one in there that 
will stay there. You'll be a travelling field of 
orgone, bringing freedom wherever you go. It 
will also stop predators who are sitting outside 
your home grid from hurting you as you leave to 
go about your daily life. As many orgone aware 
people can attest - and they have countless times - 
car accidents, astral spooks, and cops looking for 
a victim, have all gone bazocko in the presence of 
orgone, allowing you to safely travel with you 
and yours. This is important. Very often, 
maliciously focused persons and government 
agencies are just sitting around the corner, 
waiting for you to I^ave. This being the case, 
some good energy can only help out and it has on 
several occasions to many of us since our 
introduction into this wonderful technology. 
Work & Activity Environments 
Next on our list would be your immediate 
environs. Where you work, where you shop, the 
gas station(s) you frequent - any place that is part 
of your routine should have hhgs and tbs already 
there and waiting for you when you arrive. I've 
gifted restaurants I go to, shopping centers, gas 
stations, parks, friend's homes (even without their 
knowledge, if I have to be around there) - 
anywhere that is your daily routine, should have 
orgone in place. The amount of devices is, again, 
up to the dictates of where you live and what your 
heart tells you. Sometimes a single gift does it 
all. Other times, you need a whole bag, just to 
"set things a'right" Bag them all and as 
Tiospayel often says, "let God sort them out" 

Your Town 

Having faithfully done the above, its time to grid 
your hometown, the place you live and move and 
have your being. Start from the streets directly 
adjacent to your home. Go up one street and 
down the next, for miles in each direction. Get 
the parks, every ivy bush, trees, ditches - every- 
where you can put a gift, do it. You are center to 
the hub of a great and ever expanding grid-wheel 
and see to it that this grid grows in size each month 
or whenever practicable. Many have done this with 
great success and report excellent results from the 
community - better attitudes, a vibrant and healthy 
plant and aviary life, and a far better atmosphere all 
around than was ever there before. 

What you are doing is freeing the world around 
you. By this process, you are disabling under- 
ground bases, cell towers and their negative 
effects, black magicians, and satanists who live in 
your area. You are freeing the many from the 
dogma of the church and are forcing law 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 13 OF 52 

enforcement to rethink what they have allowed 
themselves to become. Parents become better parents, 
children better adjusted and normalized. The years 
ahead no doubt will reveal much; as yet, the data is too 
new and baselines are just now being established. On the 
whole, all fronts and aspects of life show a much 
improved increase in vitality and radiance. 

If gifting known baddies (places that are well known 
spots of negativity) bothers you, then take a different 
tact Just keep making the grid bigger. Start with your 
town and gift every street possible or at least every other 
street Then the adjacent towns and cities, and so forth. 
Within three to five months, you'll have freed either 
thou-sands or millions, depending upon where you live. 

Special Gifting Targets 


Sticking rotting, dead bodies into the soil is generally 
perceived by the more advanced cultures as 
something to be avoided. Cemetaries quickly become 
manmade vortexes used by astral and etheric entities 
as entryways into our world Souls are often trapped 
there, caught by the vortex while passing through or by 
their own ignorance, because the etheric web around 
their well preserved heart hasn't dissolved yet. Either 
way, the thing to do is gift these places with a 
vengeance. Several things will happen. The negative 
vortex will start to slow its CCW spin and eventually 
stop. Souls trapped, will be freed. Soured ground, 
over time, will return to its normal state, though we 
do not know as yet how long that will take. Dorks 
who like to do satanic rituals at the more infamouse 
graveyards, will find their mojo "no longer worky." 

Masonic, Mormon, and Esoteric 
Order Temples 

My, these places deserve everything that is coming to 
them. Ritual abuse, child murder and kidnapping, 
black magic incantations - the works. These places 
are also mini-manmade vortexes, but on a lesser scale. 
Very often, these sites are chosen for their place within 
the greater Major and Minor arcana Grid, for the express 
purpose of hijacking our planet for dark purposes. Every 
city, township, and locale across the globe has them, and 
this is not by accident Over gift these places. Take them 
down Time to end the dark influence in our lives and 
it must start with these esoteric orders. 

If the location or organization claims to serve 
humanity, they will want to be gifted. If their motives 
are not on the up and up, then they need it to see the 
light so to say, that they so often brag about bringing to 
the world. Grid gifting gets them all. Up one street and 
down the next You'll be glad you did. 

Eaw Enforcement (Cop Shops) 

Need I say more? Who do you think the politicians 
will be using to slam down on the people first, before 
they deploy the National Guard? What group of 
armed men are given lists by the FBI for harassment 
to known dissidents and truth-seekers? Who will 
often empty their guns into an un-armed man, then 
cry aloud, "it was self-defense! He made a furtive 
movement!? Who do you see in the news beating the 
hell out defenseless teenage girls with oak and steel 
nightsticks? Who covers the CIA's butt in the field, 
when one of their drug couriers goes off the 
reservation? Who harasses orgone gifters, as they 
bring freedom' to the world? Who needs to be 
necklaced with a dozen of TBs at each cop shop? 

Urban Areas (no plants or ivy around) 

These are the toughest to gift, because the natural 
thing to do is to get the TB or HHG in the ground 01 
in water. In heavy industrial areas or inner cities, 
plant life literally doesn't exist there, for your gifts of 
love. One solution that we've taken to doing is toss- 
ing them on the roofs of small business - drug stores, 

dry cleaners, pet shops, whatever. Sure, the next 
time someone repairs their roof or gets up there for 
some reason, they may discover it and treat it like 
trash. But, it does get orgone in places that otherwise 
wouldn't, and until it's found, those babies are work- 
ing it 247, 365 days a year! And, operating under the 
principle that there is no such thing as a wasted gift, 
even if your HHg or TB is trashed, it then goes to a 
city dump, where it work its little heart out helping 
mother Earth clean up our ongoing mess. 

The only thing worse than a nuke or a ccmetary, is 
a battlefield. You don't have to be energy sensi- 
tive to sense and feel the horror that is a battle- 
field, whether its Gettysburg (a very nasty energy 
site, brrr) or something that happened thousands 
of years ago in Greece or Carthage. Very often, 
there are still souls trapped there - for centuries - 
who cannot escape, still fighting the battle, unable 
to leave. The ground is soured, the aura of death 
extends literally for miles beyond the actual site 
(visit Fredericksburg at Marie's Heights, if you 
want to understand this completely) and surely, 
each of these deserves your best bag of orgone. 
You'll heal the ground, stop the vortex, close the 
portal, and free souls ALL IN THE SAME DAY. Those 
of you on the East Coast of America have plenty 
to do in this regard. This goes for any historical 
site where humans slaughter humans for any rea- 
son. GET THEM ALU 'let God sort them out'. 

Wards for the dying, birthing houses for the 
masses, and money machines for the AMA. 
That about describes what a hospital is. Once in 
awhile, they'll fix your broken hand or drain 
your ear. The aura around hospitals are.. .well... 
usually dark grey and brown, with heavy bands of 
even darker grey, when viewed clairvoyantly. 

Reservoirs, Streams, 

Lakes and Waterways of any kind. 

The wonder of gifting water cannot be overstated. 
Time and again, orgone aware folks have 
witnessed amazing results by gifting these places. 
For freshwater, make them well, make them 
strong, get them in as deep as possible and at as 
many points as is practicable. Try and gel them in 
and around the shores of these places, as well. We 
are still gathering data on water gifting and the 
years ahead will reveal much. For salt water, it's 
been decided that glass, thus far, is the best 
container and the reason for this is salt chlorides, 
which as any surfer can tell you, eat everything 
and quickly - except glass. Resin is permeable, 
and salt water telegraphs itself right through the 
cracks and crannies, no matter how tiny and goes 
straight to work, eating your metal composition. 
Salt water can take a normal H H g and turn it to 
mush in less than thirty days . There are directions 
for building devices just for the ocean I (coat gifts 
with a marine sealant : see page 19JJ on the Croft 
Forum board, referenced at the end of this article. 
Storm Drains 

Another great place to put orgone devices is in the 
storm drains. Take the same tact as you would 
wher area gifting above ground, by gridding. Up 
one street and down the next, popping them in the 
drains. Often these will do more than just vitalize 
the sewage, but works towards healing your area 
using both water and Mother Earth at the same 
time. The gifts will ultimately move around, 
hither and yon, taking their goodness with them, 
upsetting underground parasites and getting near 
all those nasty and ancient tunnels without the 
gifter ever getting wet with stankage. Should they 
then move out to sea so much the better. When 

gifting storm drains, it would be a good idea to 
give your TBs an extra coating of resin, to help it 
last longer in all the solvents, sewage, and 
eventually, salt water. The longer they stay whole, 
the longer they stay working. 


Hell on earth. That's what a prison is. 85% of all 
inmates are incarcerated for non-violent, non- 
victim crimes, thanks to the Bush Crime 
Syndicate in power since 1963. The numbers 
don't lie. For prisons, given that they are under 
such tight security, its best to make Super HHGs 
and necklace [surround] the location at a safe and 
practical distance to the gifter. Trespassing on 
state and government land, might well land you in 
one of these, so be wise, be safe, and gift with 
POWER instead of placement. 

Microwave and so-called "cell 
phone" towers 

Well, these nasty little gifts from NATO countries 
to its citizens, are a top priority for gifting. Often, 
they are hidden as palm trees, douglas firs, or just 
big, huge ugly flat-panel towers. They are not 
what they appear to be. These arrays are also 
hidden in Shell, Texaco, and Exxon gas station 
signs, church steeples, tacked onto office 
buildings, on the sides of schools! They have 
nothing to do with cell coverage and everything to 
do with obliterating your ability to function 
normally as a human being. Orgone aware people 
GIFT THESE FIRST and never look back. Like 
water gifting, gifting the towers is one of the 
greatest acts of freedom and kindness you can do 
for your fellow human being. 

Nuclear Power Plants 

The dingy orange and brown aura of these places, 
often purposely placed on grid points (well estab- 
lished by researchers), as well as their CCW vor- 
tex, require POWER gifting to undo. We've gifted 
many such sites with satisfactory results. Super 
HHGs, well placed, as well as a good smattering of 
HHgs and TBs in the LAARP "necklace" fashion, 
will insure that the negative effects of such human 
stupidity will be offset as much as can be done. 
Again, caution is as advised. Trespassing on Fed- 
eral land is a bigtime no no, on Fascist Earth, so 
gift these places wisely. Federal installations are 
under constant tight survellience - video and satel- 
lite. Be smart, don't be obvious, and don't trespass 
around nukes. Just make your HHGs as powerful 
as you can get them and leave the rest to nature. 

[[ Map of US. Nuclear Power Plants: ] 

Haunted Houses and the like 

You've read the books, seen the shows all over the 
TV, and you should know that a few, well-placed 
HHGs will undo the imprimatur established by 
the horror, that made the place haunted in the 
first instance. Murders, evil-doings, lost souls, 
bad times, asylums, old prisons no longer in use 
- all of these have to be gifted. 

Underground Tunnels and Bases 

Very often, many cities have ancient labyrinths still 
in use and expanded for the express purpose of 
moving people and meteriel around without the 
public's awareness. Your tax dollars at work, 
without your knowledge or consent Nuclear facilities - 
targets of environmental groups - are frequently found 
in these places, to power underground bases without 
the usual, tell-tale signature of tapping into the 
mainstream power grid. If these can be found, the 
DOR effects of these places can be offset in the 
very same fashion as above ground nukes. Gift 
when found - proceed with caution, as always. 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 14 OF 52 

Daycare Centers and Schools 

How many times to we have to read yet another 
horror story about a daycare center involved in 
satanic ritual abuse? The reports number in the tens 
of thousands. Schools, from kindergarten through 
post graduate, deserve the same freeing source of 
goodness as any place, and especially the K through 
12. Gift all schools. You'll be doing the kids a big 
favor. Remember schools have gardeners who 
constantly piddle around doing the gardening thing. 
Just tossing them in a bush, may not have them left 
there for very long. This often being the case, in less 
you can find lots of ivy around, its best to go after 
hours, take a small hand spade, and dig them in deep 
Being under a few inches of earth will in no way 
stop your gifts from doing all they can do - in fact, 
its been well established that burying HHgs and TBs 
increases their range-fact. 

Bars, Distilleries, and Sex shops 

No description needed. Gift every one you find. The 
ghouls and blood-sucking astral entities will not be 
able to suck the energy off the patrons as they've 
been doing for thousands of years, once gifted. Who 
knows? Maybe thousands of alcoholics will finally 
lose their taste for the green demon of booze, once 
their favorite watering hole no longer has the old 
vibe? Anything can happen. 

Forests, Parks, and places of Nature 

If not you, who? If not now, when? Nature deserves 
as much attention as any city. More so, some would 
say. The forest lands of today are not what they used 
to be, even as little as twenty years ago. The flora 
and fauna of this planet need their world returned to 
them and what better way to give Mother Nature a 
boost than to gift her frequently with orgone? Hav- 
ing carpeted a few forests, the response witnessed 
has been truly wonderful - fresher water, more 
abudant wildlife, and a very visible and grateful avi- 
ary population. If you find that you may be driving 
through a forest one day, bring a BIG bag of TBs 
and toss them every mile on your trip through. 

Neighbors and Friends 

Making your neighbors aware of the benefits of 

points and for specific reasons. If you happen to 
live in an extremely large city and rightfully feel 
overwhelmed at taking on such a huge task as grid 
gifting, do what we started doing - which is - start 
gifting along the highways and freeways that criss- 
cross through your town. Use the already-in-place 
grid of these systems and put them every half mile. 
In a very short time, you'll have completely 
gridded your city with orgone. It will make a world 
of difference. 

Out and About 

Make sure you keep a personal orgone device on 
your person -pendant . TB, or some such thing so that 
you become your very own field of orgone, no matter 
the circumstance. This will assure you that clear, 
uncluttered energy is with you, healing, serving, and 
cleansing wherever life's path may lead you. It will 
also aid in protecting you against foul play. 

Over gifting 

There is no such thing as over-gifting. The reason this 
is so, is because TPTB constantly search for these 
orgone creations and try to remove them Gifts are found, 
taken home, thrown away, or kicked into the street and 
lost That's life. In high profile target areas, a great many 
are needed, in case some of them are found as described. 
In high-density cities like Los Angeles or New York, 
sometimes gifts need to be placed a few hundred feet 
apart, instead of miles. Your heart will tell yoa 


Gifting should be fun and in fact, its exhilerating! 
Bringing such freedom to total strangers in areas you 
may or may not go to is a total blast. The smile that 
appears on your face lasts a very long time. Still, gift 
safely. Don't break laws that will land in you a place 
where the man can do whatever he wants to you - and 
he will, given half a chance. Don't trespass on federal 
land, cuz' nowadayz, they'll call you a terrorist and 
throw away the key.. .after they torture you. Don't 
toss TBs from your car with a cop sitting behind you 
or you'll discover your area's littering laws first hand. 
And today, in America at least if they can bust you for 
one thing, it gives them an automatic right to search your 
car or even seize it depending upon your state. Don't 

orgone should be a natural - unless of course, you are give them a reason to ruin your life, because the 

surrounded by dunderheads! That can easily be 
solved by gifting them anyways! A little orgone in 
your neighbor's oleander bush or ivy usually has a 
great way of making them act. almost human again. 
Hell, you might even learn their name and start 
waving to them, like people USED TO DO. 

High Voltage Power Lines 

The ugly, negative etheric energy (brown) that radi- 
ates a foot off these 

simple fact of the matter is, they will look for ANY 
reason, at ANY time, to stop your gifts to humanity. 

No, boys and girls, cops - federal, military, or local 
- are not the nice sweethearts who love their 
country's citizens. They follow orders. They will 
gleefully ruin your life, if you give them any 
excuse whatsoever. Gift safely. Gift wisely. And 
many times, gift S I L E N T L Y. 

lines, kills the life- 
force of the Earth un- 
derneath them. Gift 
these high-tension 
wires whenever found. 
The electrical system 
of our world has not 
brought progress, it has 
taken us down a dark 
road and for so long 
now, no one alive re- 
members how vibrant 
the world used to be. 
This must end now. 

Freeway and 
Highway 3 


Very often, the state 
and federal planners 
designed the highway 
system along specific 

Talk to 
the Animals 

The following is worth mentioning, 
but shouldn't be considered essen- 
tial to litis work. Whenever I need- 
ed to find the right farm road to 
get to a tower or array, I found 
that the behavior of hawks and 
doves was helpful... Carol was the 
first one to point out and demon- 
strate to me that the behavior of 
birds and animals in general can 
be used to show us what to do. 
Lots of cloudbuster folks have noted 

? Streets torn up m 
search for TBs, HHGs 

from orgone forums: "Groups of Correc- 
tions Dept. inmates used to cleanup areas 
gifted. Same place, a coupja weeks later, 3 
guys in sute, one with radio in hand, looking 
down a sewerfor my gifts!! ... In downtown 
they are tearing up the streets all around 
where I busted ... months ago. I know they 
didnt find my gifts, though. Along the 
hiway, they did get close to one gift, 
though, within 50 feet. They tore up strips 
of concrete shoulder and wend down over 


In reality, any place is a good place to gift. If the 
idea of gifting some location occurs to you, follow 
that nudge and do it. Don't make excuses Not To 
Be. The more visible the hand of oppression in 
your world, the more necessary that list needs the 
freeing gift of orgone. There is a reason you are 
reading this article - perchance The Life has 
picked you to help out Its time to take advantage 
of that opportunity and here is one important thing 
you can do that actually goes beyond whining and 
moaning about the sad state of affairs in our world. 
Gifting is action oriented. No one can tell you how 
wonderful it is, until you try it for yourself. With 
very little money, a dedicated person can take their 
community and restore its sanity, offset any dark 
influences, and change the course of history on a 
local level, with postive, outward repercussions 
that will travel over the world. But that does not 
describe the majority of men and women 

If you are a spineless do-nothing, who prefers to 
attack, slander, and hand- wring your daily life 
away, gifting even your own family and street may 
seem like too much of a bother to you. There are 
several orgone aware people who have tons of 
time making up excuses and reasons why they 
can't find twenty dollars for a gallon of resin, 
which easily makes 48 TBs - more than enough to 
cover an area miles in circumference. 

Many orgone aware people are also extremely 
poor. Several vendors on this forum have made it 
very clear that if that accurately describes your 
situation, the TBs you need are often shipped to you 
at no charge. Time and again, men and women have 
offered HHgs and ^Bs to people for mere pennies 
on the dollar, to help out any SINCERE person 
who finds themselves in such predicaments. 

Gift, don't gift, its all up to you. Never before 
have so many depended upon so few and in a world 
crisis as now presents itself. Are 
you ready to do some good 
today? Throw down and 
stand tall for freedom? 

We hope so. 


// oka "DB " (See Vendors ) 

• Archives: 

• Webpage & products, books:]] 




Ma k e * 'Preciou s 

Orgone Trash" 

3 feet in the search... I'm wreaking havoc 
anomalous behavior of birds around 1 with the "El trains" system! ...I gifted like 
them, especially hawks and eagles... mad. Now they are tearing that up all 

over the place, too!! fimShoe 

vultures are rarely seen. 
where there is a 
cloudbuster... vulimes 
love dead orgone fields 
and are apparently not 
comfortable in areas 
of strong, healthy 
orgone. Don Croft 

"Another removed HHG!" .. I was walking 
by a "HHG-planted" location yesterday, 
and saw that not only was the garden it 
was planted in had been ripped up. but 
also the sidewalk and the small asphalt 
Darking area. VmcouverSicve 

Create & put orgone generators in one 
or more protective plastic bags (or cre- 
ate them in glass botttes), tie it up, and throw Ihem 
in the trash! They go to the city dump, where 
they continuously transmute the dump's mas- 
sive volumes of DOR (deadly orgone) into POR 
(positive orgone). This is a "passive" vet ex- 
tremely effective way to wipe out massive 
amounts of DOR ! Go to neighboring cities and 
toss your 'Precious Orgone Trash' into their pub- 
lic trash containers too. This method of "gifting" 
can be done brazenly. Massive POLLUTION is 
being used as a Major Weapon against Mamma 
Earth in this secretly-Reptilian-controlled society, 
where systems /industries are deliberately set up to 
be excessively polluting. This is part of the Reptil- 
ians' War on Humanity and Mamma Earth. The 
Reptilian Agenda /Machinery needs massive 
amounts of DOR (DeadlyOrgone) in order to work. 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 15 OF 52 

Gifting Basics 


Here are the gifting protocols 
that Carol and I use... 

1. One towerboster is sufficient | 
To disable most single transmit- . 
ters. I toss them in thick bushes, 
in creeks, ponds, rivers or even drainage 
ditches within a quarter mile but not closer than fifty 
yards to each tower. If there are no suitable hiding 
places, I bury them or toss them onto flat roofs. 

2. For massive single towers, two is usually enough. A 
ZapChecker from [[ pg 40]ts use- 
ful for checking the EMF before and after gifting but if 
the secret police know you're on the job and depending 
on a ZapChecker they're very likely to send some ground- 
wave interference your way to queer the data you get... 

3. If there arc three or more towers close together, or if 
IPs a HAARP facility, I use a single HHg, hidden the 
same way as a TB. When I toss an HHg in water, I wind up 
a plastic grocery bag in ball and tape it securely to the point 
of the HHg. This ensures that it will land on the bottom, un- 
derwater, point-up, which is the meet efficient way for an 
HHg to generate the right kind of energy field... 

4. that go into water [[ update/ Dolphins, pg 18]] 

5. ALL TOWERS are most likely either part of the 
mind control infrastructure or are HAARP trans- 
mitters. Even the radio and TV transmitters are now 
part of the HAARP system, according to what energy 
sensitives are seeing Genuine communication transmitters 
don't generate much DOR but all of the towers ...send out 
very dense, potentially deadly DOR... 

6 . If you simply can't get within a mile or so of a trans- 
mitter array, you can cither put a single HHg as close as 
possible and string a few TBs out along the road on your 
way out of the area or get several HHgs around the perim- 

eter on other access roads, also as close as possible.... 

7. So far, only one or two of the devices that Carol 
and I have distributed in this region have been found 
and removed. ...This is something that most people 
won't have to be concerned about If you're in LA, 
Chicago, NYC, London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Mexico 
City, Johannesburg or any other Illuminati strong- 
hold, though, you need to be concerned about that 
and I hope you'll follow Cbswork's recommen- 
dations to the letter [[page 13]] ... I hope his cre- 
dentials in over-gifting from the School of Hard 
Knocks will help you avoid the tuition cost 

8. If a place feels nasty and deserving of a TB or 
ITHg, don't hesitate to gift it, okay? Trust your feel- 
ings. Sometimes the meet heinous activity takes place in 
churches, ritzy bouses, schools, day care centers, etc 
Our instincts manifest as 'feelings' and hunches ... 

9. Before yon go oat to bast all the heinons trans- 
mitters in your region, remember to do the ones 
closer to your home first and also to pnt at least one 
TB outside yonr honse at each corner. We put 
those down around our house, then we put some out 
around the neighborhood and so on. That creates a huge 
protective field around your home. Once you start bust- 
ing up the bad boys' new, predatory infrastructure 
they're going to be pretty mad, so you'll need that 
protective buffer to keep them off balance whenever 
they come around . The more you bust, the nicer the 
atmosphere around you will get, especially if you're 
careful to bust all the HAARP arrays. Work out- 
wardly in a roughly circular pattern. If you're in a 
mountainous region, you'll need to get those 
mountaintop arrays, so count on getting a few blisters 
onyourfeet if the roads are closed off... Watch for cam- 
eras when you're gifting in that case... 

10. LOOK AROUND YOU constantly when 
you're out gifting, before, daring and after. This 
is how you get confirmations and it also helps ensure 

"orgon[ite] loves to be moved ... keep 20 or 
more pounds ( 45 kilos ) in your vehicles and 
as they move it will shift the dor/por stabiliza- 
tion. [[ Periodically]] Move yourchembusters 
more then 3 feet and you will 
feel the imbalance and flows." 
[Compare /see pg 24, Instant 
CB ] (TexasCritter.Clyde, 
EFF forum. 22 Aug 2005) 

that the bad boys won 't just film you from a distance, 
then go and remove all the objects you put down... 
1 1. You'll need to have a Succor Punch with you 
Jfybn really want them to lose yon. The SP blocks 

all transponders and related tracking devices and it 

even apparently prevents them from tracking you vi- 

sually from satel ites if you 'make it so . ' You need to 
really, really want to be invisible to the secret police, 
otherwise you may look like a walking neon sign to 
them. Remember that they use psychics as part of 
their surveillance work these days, so whenever you 
get a hint of an astral presence, blast their socks off 
with energy from your SP or, better yet from your 
Powerwand or Shiva Privacy is our birthright 

|[ Next paragraph from Croft Episode tt 32 JJ: 
Felonious Feds ...Of course, anyone with a 
Succor Punch in the car will remain electroni- 
cally invisible to the spies during the tower bust- 
ing episodes, and having one turned on inside 
the house will ensure that their conversations at 
home won't be electronically monitored, unless 
they're online or on the phone. Otherwise, it's pretty 
easy to get the job done without been seen by the 
street level federal watchers... 

12. [[ Don's precautions regarding federal prop- 
erty and tresspassing ]] — » 


Human Hybrid 

Lizzies Among Us 

• "The eyes -like nobody's home 

• "The eye from where the lens 
fell out was NOT human, but in- 
stead ..a vertically-slit pupil. 

• "wore dark glasses ..looked nor- 
VERTICAL SLITS • "facial struc- 
ture., of a classic reptilian hybrid i.e. 
the eyes sunk deep into the eye 
sockets, the ridge over the eye- 
brows, the high cheekbones and 
sunken cheeks .. [[great]] arrogance 
and contempt for human life .. in- 
ability to tell the truth [[or feel re- 
morse, emotions]. ♦ "Standards of., supermodels., actresses 
... move toward emphasis upon 
features typical of hybrids: low 
forehead, small chin, triangular 
face, large eyes, slim androgynous 
bodies. • "look as if they're about to 
rob you • "Some hybrids., being 
passed off as 'Indigo Children' ..The 
hybrids .. following their intended 
progr ammi ng act like little psy- 
chopaths, have contempt for hu- 
mans, and possess acute intellec- 
tual and psychic powers to support 
their ambitions. ...that make tbeni 
fit for eventually ruling over hu- 
manity in obedience to their alien su- 
periors. • "VERY SLOW-MOV- 
ING.. DELIBERATE • "for iden- 
tifying .. descendents.. look lor 
those with a thirst for blood, gore 
and slavery... senseless cruelty to 
humans., animals and plants.' 


'We are both bending over the fade away, and at the same time recede into the ordinary face of 

bench in front of the welder the young man underneath. The dissipation of the imposed face 

when I happened to look directly into his face. It seemed to suddenly lasted or took about five seconds before it was completely gone and 

become covered with a semi-transparent film or cloud. His features i was standing there weak, my mouth open and staring at the 

faded and in their place appeared a thing' with bulging eyes, no hair and young man who had come in with the rush order. The young 'man' 

SCALES for skin. I stood and looked at it for about 20 seconds. WHAT- did not seem to be conscious of the elapsed time when I had ob- 

EVER IT WAS stood and looked at J| me without moving. Then the served all this but went right on talking about the job as if nothing had 

strange face seemed to happened." ( 



Reptilian with offspring. 
Sumerian c.lav sciilntiire 

Sumerianclay sculpture 

(From REFTOID.COM and wwwMnk- reptoid hierarchy." "Somi Various 
types of upright walking 'Toids have 
been reported. Most common axe: 
• REPTOIDS (Reptilian-Human- 
oids): 5 to 9 feet tall. Scaled skin. Ei- 

with white powdery scales." 
In every case "the greenish- 
brown Draco beings appearei 
to be submissive and highly 
respectful towards those with 

ther "large black eyes with vertical slit whitescales.. indicated mat 
pupils or eyes that are white with flame *e Draco hierarchy is a cast 

colored vertical slit pupils." No body or 
facial hair. Tails and non tailed. 
Reptoids and their superiors, the 
Draco Prime Reptoids. 7 to 12 feet tall. 
Reported to he "the royal elitists of the 

system dependant on skin 
color (and possibly other un- 
known genetic straits)." 
with 'oversized craniums, large black eyes with verti- 
cal slit pupils, no ears, slight torsos, arms and legs'. 

"Mayan Tapestry: Human Sacrifice to the Reptilian 
(Serpent) Qod. Notice what is being served." 

(pg7)Art Greenfield's contribution to 

"the graphics on these glasses 

are extremely accurate portrayals 

of what a real reptilian looks like. 

The story is at 'Times Online" 

Reptoid devouring human baby 

.,..,:■::■:::«;::: F-abv s hand & foe! arc 
hanging out side of 
reptoid' s greedy 
mouth. They 
were not shy 
about who 
they ate. 
art. htm 

Cbswork talks about the Reptillians 

A very near and dear friend of mine.. related.. 
"Dude, I took some acid with '**"" and we 
were out at the fair, walking around the people. 
I turned around and all around me, about 
every tenth person, was these.. LIZARD 
people. Totally freaked me out, dude." ..He 
will never take LSD again, he swears. ..the 
dose he had taken was so strong, it temporarily 
rent the elheric web in certain places and he SAW 
a sliver of reality .. .Rent BANDITS and Watch 
a reptoid in action. Kale BLaiichen. or whatever 
her name is....There is a quick scene, fraction 
of a second, where they let her shapeshift on 
screen... (EFFFomm- "Friend reports reptoids") 

da MUFFIN papers PAGE 16 OF 52 

EarthGrid /Vortex Gifting: Shortcut to victory? I Big Churches+ on Vortexes 

The scaly regime has essentially stolen /hijacked 
the "Earth Grid" and feeds off it, using it as a 
chief secret Power source. Most of the cell tow- 
ers, electric power-lines, large 
monuments/churches, masonic 
temples and other large struc- 
tures important to the reptil- 
ian-power-regime have been 
built directly on or close to the 
Earth Vortexes & " Earth 
Grid "lines. Also called "Le' 

power spots on the earth grid 
in order to maintain their 
i hegemony and they sim- 
1 ply can't stop us from 
' showing up at or very 
close to those spots and 
taking them back (gifting 
them) on behalf of humanity and the planet 
...Any time you see more than two new trans- 
mitters within a quarter to a half mile of each 
other, you will be in a major vortex if you stand 
" in the middle of that... The regime does this to 
maximize the effe c ts of their predatory apparati .. it's 

Lines" (located through dowsing), these pathways 

of subtle energy enss-cross Earth s surface and com- ^ ^ f their occult modu^operendi for millennia, 
pare wth your merKhans, while vor- ^JT cathedrals built on the old pa- 

dees compare wuh chakras (energy centers) of your M -^ b Bro^jK ame^fi hcadquar- 
body. By placuig Orgomte gifts on EarthGrid / g£ gg^, in Nl X Amf , rira a re built on S 
Vortex sites we take tneni and liicn vast power 
back from the regime and help heal Our Common 
Mamma Earth. We now see it is easy to locale 
EarthGrid Lines and Power Vortices. The enemy 
has mapped them out for us by placing their spe- 

lers .. facilities in North America are built on ancient 
native holy places whenever possible.. An ancient 
principle in warfare is to use the enemy's own en- 
ergy and information against him..." 

cial structures upon or near them : electric power- 
lines running through your town, HAARP arrays, 
cell phone towers close together.. Here's almost al- 
ways something big at or near the major ley-line in- 
tersections/vortices: large monuments, obelisks, war 
memorials, nuclear plants, military/HAARP installa- 
tions, underground bases, big churches and buildings 

Cbswork wrote: "Something else us earthstar grid 
gifters should be thinking about - each CB creates 
and maintains a brand new vortex locale... The best 
of both would be a cb in a vortex locale to begin with. " 

Ryan McGinty noted after completely gifting the 
Earth Grid Line for the Idaho Panhandle: "Yester- 
day when I went back home the energy could be 
felt from 300 feet on either side of the Grid Line, 
with sacred geometry design (like Pyramid roofs on Now after placing the final end locations the energy 
federal & bank buildings, police stations; pyramids foie has expanded to about a half mile on either 
amplify the power /author i ty of institutions under it). side oftbe . Qrid Line y^ eadl gj ft was added i 

Croft wrote: "distributing orgonitc in their vicinity could feel the line strengthening between areas I 
robs them of their power to exploit us. They're con- gifted.jt was too coincidental how a conple gifts 
strained, by their nature, to occupy and exploit on the Grid Line achieved so much energy. " 

The Symptoms of DOR Poisoning ■ 

By Dr. Wilhelm Reich ...The basic and typical 
symptoms of DOR [[ Deadly Orgone ]] sickness, com- 
monly referred to as "Virus X" or "Intestinal Flu"... 
DOR sickness has nothing to do with any virus. It is a 
clear-cut, well circumscribed disease due to pre- 
atomic "DOR clouds'. ..What is being called "smog" 
over big cities is a mixture of fog, soot, etc. This fog 
becomes stagnant and does not dissolve when DOR 
clouds are present in the atmosphere. It appears not 
only over big cities, but also in the open countryside 
which is free of any industrial smoke. So-called 
"smog" has, therefore, little to do with smoke; how- 
ever, industrial regions full of soot may well enhance 
the hovering of DOR clouds over big cities. ...The 
Orgone Institute organized and received reports from 
many parts of the USA about DOR sickness... 

Typical symptoms of DOR sickness are: 
General fatigue and emotional distress., emotional 
outbursts of hatred. Nausea ..Pressure in head, 
chest, arms and legs.. Respiration is difficult .. sensa- 
tions of lack of oxygen... Thirst, hunger for much wa- 
ter, is grave under conditions which promote a DOR 
atmosphere, such as presence of fluorescent lights, 
neon signs in a restaurant, clocks and watches with 
luminous dials, x-ray machines in a hospital filled with 
filing cabinets which act as accumulators of atmo- 

heric energy. ...Faces appear 
bluish to purple. People seem to be choking ...They 
complain about "something wrong in the air, or 
"something queer going on." .. Heart failures ..Diar- 
rhea .. The stools become black, due to Melanor 
which is being eliminated through the intestinal 
trad.. Tachycardia ...shivering or fibrillar quivering 
of muscle groups in various parts of the 
body, .emotional dullness, a letdown in stamina 
..stupor ..dull gaze in the eyes, with an expression 
of despair of the face . .At times, a metal ceiling in a 
room full of people may induce a complete stand- 
still of emotional functioning. ...Swelling of glands 
...edema of tongue, uvula, glottis..Sever[e] thirst, 
due to dehydration of blood and tissues, and oxy- 
gen hunger, due to reduction of oxygen in the air 
through DOR, are the most distressing syndromes. 
It was found that the following remedies 
at least alleviate the distress. ..Frequent 
warm, soaking baths eliminate Melanor from the 
skin. Continuous ventilation of living and sleeping 
quarters. Drinking water or tea in abundance. Or- 
gastic discharge of bio-energy is essential. [[ but 
especially, ORGONJTEJ! which did not exist then]] 
(EXCERPTS: »thewomenwa 
viewtopic.php?r=116 AND »educate-yoiirsert.ory 
ww/wilhelmreichcore1 parti 5mar06.shtml) 

[CONT from page 16 ]J 

13. For high-rise downtown ar.ix we always do 
our gifting in a grid pattern. There s no other practi- 
cal way to neutralize the seemingly countless number 
of rooftop arrays and the sheer bulk of human DOR 
generators in those office and apartment complexes, 
let alone the usually-extensive, satanic catacombs un- 
derfoot We usually pick Sunday mornings for that be- 
cause there's very little traffic and it's also very easy 
to spot secret police peckers ... Just pot one TB ev- 
ery conple of blocks in every direction... 

14. We did the entire city of Atlanta [[page 46]], 
which has two million people, with twenty-five gal- 
lons of resin in just a few days of actual distribution 
work... Atlanta is the main occult/satanic/llluminati 
center for the Southeastern US but no place on earth 
can likely compare with LA for sheer heinous, preda- 
tory/parasitic oppression and human exploitation by 
the niuminati. 

15. You can find most rural underground bases 
TiyTooking for smog fields in the lower atmosphere 
after you've busted all the towers in the region. 
Nuke reactors generate scads of DOR, and that 
manifests as smog ...toxic material in colloidal sus- 
pension in an atmosphere that has a net positive 
ion charge. Keep you eye out for gravel-lined, rect- 
angular ponds, usually two of them separated bv a 
gravel barrier, the whole surrounded by a high 
barbed wire fence. It may have a hastily-made sign 
indicating that it's a sewage settling pond... One 
TB per pond is usually enough to disable the reac- 
tor, but two is better. 

16. Save your HHgs for the arrays, the regional 
Masonic and Mormon Temples, the particularly 
nasty and oppressive churches, animal testing labs. 
Federal Reserve Banks, your bedside table, your 
car, your mortal enemy's property and for your 
town's head satanist's bushes. . .In fact gifting is an Tips /Strategies 

We have found the Holy Grailj : : : 

By Louis Onder, Dec 2 1 , 2004 
This is not a bash to ANY RELI- 
GION, it is only evidence of sacred 
geometrical structures all around us 
(designed to amplify energy) which 
may be connected to the earth's 
grid that could benefit the entire 
planet and increase the effective- 
ness of the gifting movement I 
only wish to point out that sacred 
geometrical features are present in religious building 
configurations as well as non- religious buildings and that if we 
gift these, we can amplify our gifting energy enormously 
by tapping the circuits already in place for us. I believe 
this information is divinely inspired... I believe we can G-I- 
F-T within the traditional buildings, cathedrals, megaliths, 
etc of the elite, and become victorious quicker than we 
ever imagined Please read these excerpts from Peter farley who 
points out what I believe is our sure road to VICTORY !!!!.. 
The main visual aspect of a Gothic building is the pointed 
arch— the ogive— which first emerged in abut 1 130. The 
Ogive substitutes as a dynamic sound vibrator or energy 
increasor, raising the vibration— Sound being the chief 
directional constructor of the Universes. Unlike other 
styles of construction, cosmic forces in an ogive pull 
upwards, carrying the telluric current vertically 
through the people beneath it and beaming it up 
through antenna spires to whatever or wherever those 
spires and that building are aligned with. The action of 
the soundwaves within an ogive can be controlled.... The 
degrees of resonance alter with the specification of 
individual Ogives, and Gothic buildings were often tuned in 
the same manner as, say a piano....", http:// 


EarthGrid Maps. LeyLinea, EarthStar Lines 

' BlueGrid gifting map of USA: 

htto:// gift/bgusa.htm 

• One Blue Grid map for each US state: 
■ Planetary Grid: 1 -PlanetarvGrid.html 

• Earth's Energy Grids: dowsingworks. conVid23.html 
Look up coordinates: topozoneconVviewmapsasp 


How to Find a Vortex: vortex.htm 

essentially simple process, otherwise there wouldn 't be so many 
people doing it these days .. I did some of the most demonstra- 
tive gifting work without Carol's help because I wanted 
yon to see that you don't need to have a psychic or an en- 
ergy sensitive in attendance in order to do this work 
That's why I did most of the Atlanta job... [[and]] string of small 
cities and towns. . I've gifted a highway from the Atlantic to the 
Pacific using his method of dropping one [[TB 11 every 
three miles .. This creates a new energy grid because all of 
the orgonite/crystal devices that have ever existed are now 
connected with each other... What's more, each device that 
hits the ground is adopted by an entity, usually an elemen- 
tal, who uses the energy of the device in concert with all the other 
benevolent entities to heal and strengthen the earth.. 
Copyright 2002-2007 

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OCEAN GIFTING : the Dolphins are helping us, & we help them with Orgonite 

The Dolphins know Humanity is in deeep trouble. The Dolphins themselves are in equal trouble. They 
can help us. We can help them... in a bigBigBIG way : ORGONITE. Go to the oceans, bringing your 
Orgonite gifts for the Dolphins. The Dolphins (& sometimes Orcas, Whales, porpoises) will likely appear, 
maybe before you arrive. They will amply reward you for bringing them Orgonite. They may have already 
saved your life. For Dolphins have rendered many nuclear bombs, planted on the seabed near popu- 
lous regions, harmless! (pq 51, 52). Dolphins, being near-magical multi-dimensional beings, are able to 
AWAKEN humans, activate our DNA and accelerate our unfolding. (Yes we REAL Humans, too, are magical 
multi-dimensional beings, but largely shut down I thwarted, hence , use a fraction of our brain capacity, etc.). 
Dolphins take our PRECIOUS Orgonite gifts to the pirated EarthGrid 
Leylines & HAARP microwave tech on the ocean bottoms! F ollow- 
ing are highlights /excerpts from Carol & Linda's amazing and historical 
(HER-storical) adventure with the Dolphins, which initiated a new Sur- 
vival-Partnership of Humanity with our Cetacean Relatives... 

EXCERPTS: • Croft Adventures Episoide 85 

Carol's [& Linda's] Costa Rica Trip! ! 

[ Initiates Dolphin-Human Orgone-Partnership ] 

Dolphins and whales have always had a very special 
place in my heart. ... I had been trying for a few yeais to 
find a place where I could swim with the dolphins. ... 
Linda and I decided to do some research to find an 
affordable tour, some place where there was a better 
chance of getting in the water with the dolphins... Every 
place we looked at was too expensive until we found 
Delfin Amor Eco Lodge, "Dolphin Love" in Spanish... 
[]] ..southern most tip of Costa 
Rica.. There are never more than 12-14 people there. 
..You look out the front of your cabin at Drake Bay and 
the Pacific Ocean and behind the cabins is the rainforest. 
It's remote, intimate and very affordable ..From the 
moment that we made the arrangement I have been 
under etheric attack. ..The constant attacks were 
aimed at my kids, my business, my marriage, and my 
health. And ail along the dolphins were visiting me in 
the etheric realm, telling me how important this trip 
was... About 2 weeks before the trip I told Don that we 
needed to make some orgonite gifts for the dolphins. ..I 
made small big secret coils around a Herkimer for the 
center of each orgonite ball and then chose the other 
specific gemstones [|page 19]]. These were perfect. I knew 
the dolphins would love them and they did.. This dolphin 
report must be very important for the readers... Apparently 
the feds and the other parasites don't want me to share it 
with humanity but there is no way they're going to stop me 
...The dolphins have been coming to me in my dreams 
since July and. 1 knew I had to go, one way or another. . . 

Day 4 ..Today is our first Dolphin tour. I was so excited. 
...I decided the first day out I would drop a ball each time I 
saw a pod of dolphins ... A moment alter I 
dropped the balls I looked back down at the 
water and I could see a bright light 
coming up from deep under the surface. 
/(These "lights" are luminous lifeforms! 
-addressed al Joan jj ...On the 
way back near to the Island we found another large , 
group of spotted dolphins. We started boating in a -fi ■'.-. 
circle to see if they would interact with us. I put V* ' 
down another ball. The dolphins were all over us... 

Day 5...When I first saw these 3 [[ Vril psychics]] they 
acted surprised to see me, probably because I should have 
been dead or disabled from their attacks. Now I knew why it 
was hard for me to hike through the jungle— they were 
beaming me the whole way.... 

Day 6 ...we found a huge pod of Rough Tooth Dol- 
phins! ...very rare to see. ...[[They usually ]] go out of 
their way to avoid human contact. ..[[Dolphins]] were 
everywhere wc looked. So finally Roy stopped the boat. 
He decided to let us get in the water with them. J couldn't 
get in this time, as my ankle had swollen to twice the 
size . . . Linda and the other 7 got into the water. 1 
watched as a line of about 6 dolphins swam right to- 
ward Linda. .. This is when I thought. "If I can't be in 
the water with them I will just channel my energy 
through Linda," so that's just what I did. I got into an 
altered state, then I sent my awareness through Linda, 
in the water. Once I made contact through Linda I 
could see dolphins everywhere. They were swimming 
all around us in the water. they were cradling us.. 
I saw what looked like a pillar of light coming from 
really deep in the water. And then in the middle of the 
pillar I saw that dolpbin swimming up. It was unbe- 
lievable. The dolpbin looked like be was illuminated 
as he swam up to about eight feet or so beneath me. 
He just hung there in the water. ... Linda and I were 
having the same experience with this messenger but we 
were each getting individual messages through this 
dolphin.. .He told me how sad the dolphins were that 
most of humanity were holding themselves back in their 
spiritual evolution... The dolphins so want to help us 
advance... Then he went on to tell me that the safe place 
to be was in the water, with what was coming. He 
showed me a picture of what was coming. . . . At first it 
looked like the water was rising and then he showed me 
how the ocean was washing away the land under a 
shelf of basalt. ...This all appeared to be in slow motion. 
This means it is not going to be an abrupt change. As he 
was showing me this I looked up the coast from where 
we were to as far as San Francisco and it was still 
sloughing off. I then came back to him and he showed 
me mat North and South America were no longer go- 
ing to be connected and that the coast all the way up 
past Seattle was going to be gone. T he coast was going 
to be a lot further inland ...I asked for a time frame, 
and he just told me 'Soon. soon.'... He also told me that 
the dolphins and whales were trying very hard to 
communicate with humans now and that I must try to 
facilitate this process. They desperately want to help 
us. They want to wake up as many people as possible 
right now. The time is crucial, he kept telling me that 
..He also showed me how the US Navy and other 

agencies are trying to kill them all off now, b ecause the dol- 
phins and whales so desperately want to help us humans. 
What he showed me was heart wrenching. How t hey are being 
tortured by the sonar and by the different radio frequencies 
that the Navy is using on them. ...When we got back to the 
lodge, J couldn't even talk to anyone... I just sat there with 
tears streaming... I had felt so much unconditional love 
from the dolphins ..After awhile, when Linda came back, I 
started to tell her what I saw. She was shocked, and she told 
me tha t what I was telling her was almost exactiv what she 
had expe rienced.... The Dolphin messenger also tried to ex- 
press how thankful all of the ocean creatures were for 
orgonite. T he ocean is one target area that we giftens haven't 
explored much yet and right now I feel it is very important to 
gift as much as possible out there. ... 

Day 8 ...We went to all the usual feeding grounds and 
places that we had seen the dolphins before but had no luck. 
Then all the sudden, over the radio, one of the fishing boats 
told Roy there was, of all things, an Orca. .. Roy told us there 
hadn't been an Orca here for about 21/2-3 years. I knew 
right away that tbe orgonite had drawn him in. ...This is 
why we didn't see any dolphins. They had all headed out when 
the Orca came in because Orcas eat dolphins. Most people call 
an orca a whale but orcas are a dolpbin specie— the largest 
one. ..We boated along side the orca for over an hour. .. I com- 
municated to him how honored we were^ to be in his pres- 
ence. He told me that he was bere to 
pay bis respects to the ones 
who brought new en- 
ergy to the water (that 
would be Linda and I). 
...The orca stayed closest to 
our little boat because he knew we had more orgonite gifts and 
he wanted one. ..The orcas come up for air...fhen they dive re- 
ally deep ... It was like he was playing hide and seek with us... 
then the orca beaded back out to sea. Iinda was so thankful for 
the interaction with the orca that she took out tbe ball she had 
been saving for the volcano and dropped it in tbe water. ...The 
moment she dropped H the orca instantly made a U-turn and 
came back, right toward us. ..After lunch Roy looked at me 
and asked, "OK where are the dolphins, Carol?." I shut my 
eyes and did my dolphin-locator techniquc.."They'rc over 
there.. When wc got to the spot it was amazing. There were 
about 1500 dolphins. The water was literally boiling with 
dolphins. ...Everywhere we looked.. Some were playing with 
the boat: swimming alongside, surfing in the wake ..swimming 
and jumping out in front of the boat They were there to give 
Linda and I a proper send off. They were ecstatic about tbe 
orgonite and they were showing how grateful they were for 
the gifts. It was overwhelming to see that many dolphins in one 
spot. There are no words that can even come close to expressing 
how it made me feel. ..We were almost back to our beach when 
the biggest, most incredible rainbow appeared over the 
on-aii. ...It was one of those story book moments .... I'm still 
having contact from the dolphins now as I am editing this 
story. Tbey tell me that all I have to do is ask and they will 
be here. What a comforting thought! ..When we got back on 
the land, I realized that I was vibrating like crazy ..It was like 
activating kundalini, only, about 100 times stronger... I went 
to bed early .trying to relax but the moment I shut my eyes I 
was connected to the orca again, so I asked if he could tell 
me what was going on. He told me that he and the roughtooth 
dolphins had activated S more strands of DNA in both Linda 
and I and mat once we integrated these we would be given a 
6th strand automatically. This was their gift to us. ... WHAT A 
GI1-T. I give thanks eveiyday... -Carol Croft 

Simple technique to 
Recon. .nect Your DNA 
Page 226 of Barbara Marciniak's 
book, Bringers of the Dawn 

Beware! MonoAtomic Gold 

(White Powder Gold) Destroys 

DNA: See 'Mono Atomic Gold - 
Think Twice' and 'Sir Laurence 
Gardner, Reptilian Shape-Shifter?' 

by David Icke, both at educate-vour- 
self .orqfcn/laurereecardnershape 
shifter .shtml. "Anna Hayes mentions 
..mono atomic gold is ultimately harm- 
ful. ..the promotion an llluminati de- 
ception ..ulterior purpose is to cause 
the destruction of the ten virtual DNA 
strands which all humans possess." 

To Help End Dolphin Massacre, Support: 
Fishermen hack 1000s to 
death , slash their throats or 
stab them with spears. 
Thrashing about, the dol- 
phins take as long as 6 min- 
utes to die. The water turns 
red with their blood ..the air 
fills with their screams ... "the greatest 
threat to whales, dolphins., is entanglement in fishing 
gear, also known as bycatch. If cunent trends continue 
..several cetacean species and many populations will be 
lost... WWF is working to ensure that whales, dolphins 
...will swim in our seas for generations to come. 

Dolphin Fun, A fan-site dedicated to dolphins: n-pictures-facts 

www JoanOcean com 

Dolphin Connection 

The dolphins and whales are 
calling us into the ocean. They 
want to meet us, to introduce us 
to their world, and to swim with 
us into the unknown. They are 
intelligent friends who exemplify 
qualities we value- cooperation, 
harmony, peace, joyfulness, good health, beauty, wisdom, supple 
movement, grace and unconditional love. The dolphins and whales 
are approaching us around the globe, filling our minds with visions of 
freedom, and interacting with us to encourage us to attain many life- 
enhancing qualities. ..The calling that I have received from the ceta- 
ceans is a call to people about our unlimited essence and our capacity 
to experience love more fully. ...This is what the dolphins have been 
showing me by their example as I swim with them almost every day... 

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Charged Water, a controversy in the orgone community, is too impor- 
tant to neglect. Here be basics; you research-test-decide for yourself. 

These 11 Charged Waters are reported lis 

to have beneficial properties. Let all the water you drink, cook with, water 
plants, be Charged Water. Pendulums can be used to test & compare ordi- 
nary water with charged water. Kirlian /aura photography can show the dif- 
ference. Energized water is brighter. Strengthen Orgonite by adding CW: 
just mix into the resin about half as much CWas catalyst before add- 
ing catalyst Or include CW in a vial or bent straw, ends taped shut 

ECH20 Water (Energized Co^j To make SUN Charged Water, place a CLEAR 

| mic Water, Raymon Grace Water) 
! is free (you pay only for shipping 
| & container; donations accepted). 
This water is Self-Replicating! = 
I Once you have some, you can use 

GLASS container, filled with drinking water, outside on ihe 
ground, wilh a glass cover. Leave it outside 5 to 8 hours. 
Drink (use) over the next 24 hours, ( 

Chartres Labyrinth Water 

Make copy/s of Chartres Laby- 
rinth at right ( or print from 
labyrinthos .nel/imagesl 
hlfig.gif). Laminate a 
few. Then either 
tape a copy 
(front-side fac- 
ing) to your 
(clear?) wa- 
ter container, 
or place a 
copy under 
It charges 
the water. 
Use image 
over and 
over to 
make as 
much C. Wa- 
ter as you like. 
The water keeps 
a long time, 
maybe indefinitely, 
even after Labyrinth is 
remov ed. Ancient sym- 
bol of Creation's Womb. 
Walking the Labyri nth (legs or fin- 
ger-tracing) brings serenity, 
solutions. Ask your quest- 
ions/requests as you 
approach the Center 
(good place to com- 
municate with Hist 
Kreator). Receive 
answers as you exit 

Orgonite may weak- 
en Charged Water un 
you tape a small copy oj 
Chartres Labyrinth (face in) 
to container holding C Water 

Cesco's "Orgonite Water Charger Tutorial" 

Provides "instructions on how to make a simple but very po- 
ll to make as much as you like. Put some Ient Orgone generator that will permanently charge water and 
in a pool; whole pool bccomeschaiged. also the strength of crystals". (Chembuster needed): 
Medicine Wheel Water (aka Sally Water). Earliest 
charged water used in Orgonite. For a donation, Sally can di- 
rectly charge gallons of your ordinary water over the phone. 
Contact her at reedtrk2000@ See Sally's 'Medi- 
cine Wheel' Explained 

from ancient holy healing spring is 

Regularly added to lakes, purifies lake. 
To order send International Money Order, payable 
to Toronto Dowsers, for $12 (in USA & Canada, 
otherwise S15), to: • Marilyn Gang • #816 - 225 
Davis-ville Ave. • Toronto, Ontario M4S 
1G9 • Canada. Include your name, ad- 
dress, email address & (optional) 
phone number. Allow weeks for 
delivery. • 
toronto/watcr.htm . 
dowsers, info/toront o/ 
water3.htm . Email: 

Zam Zam Water 

served to Muslim pilgrims. Authentic source:; 
Phone: 1 -(866)-425-2546. $2.95 for about 2 cups 

(500 cc). ^= 


Seepage 51 

Other Sacred Geo H20: 

Healing pendant: Wheel of 

Life (right), silver $125; 

gold/jewels $ 2040, at Use Mandala 

Charger (left) like H.E. Mandala (right). 1"($1), 

3"($3), 6" ($5), 11"($20). Ph (925) 862- 2332. 

Structured Water: Catvlyst Altered Water (aka "Willard Wa- 
ter"). Speeds healing ,'wellbeing. Add 1 oz. CAW concentrate to 1 gallon 
of water. At health food stores. Directions for making Quartz Structured Water 
using crystals: 

Make Dolphin Balls ... and Orgonite Ocean gifts 


Dolphin Balls & Gifts 


• Found 30 fl oz 
ball mould, .a 
water float from 
merchant — cut 
top off, and then 
cut in half with 
small disc cutter, 
cut top down 
first as liable to 
shatter— then 
use parcel tape 
to seal join... 

• 30 fl oz is 
less than £1 
in orgonite. 

• Put 10mm rope 
loop in top. 

• Herkimer 
for coil 

• Peridot, pink 
rase quartz, 

• "I also use 

gemstones like 
amathyst, rose 
quartz, moon- 

Wire size 

•° 20AWG in 
Carol's dolphin 

stone, sunstone, baBs. I have one 
aquamarine, of Andy's and 
etc.. No he uses 18 

grounding AWG. " - Don 

stones." • Using 15 

-Carol AWG... 

Best to use Surfboard/Marine /Boater's Resin (see Vendors) for ocean 
Orgonite gifts. Or/and coat gifts with a "marine sealant'' for underwater use 
or marine "Gel Coat". Seawater turns resin-orgonite to mush (see page 

14) For Dolphin Ball SOURCES see Vendors. 

Way to make a Dolphin Ball 

Supplies needed are underlined. 

well) then add your wire- wrapp ed 
herkimer core & gemstones: add more 
metal around this. 

1 Gel a hollow 3" or so, plastic toy ball 8 Add metal into other top-half, 
(like a TOO* ball. Plastic easier EGG 9 Press the two filled hemispheres together 

10 Securely tape both halves together with 
duct tape so that resin won't leak out. 

11 Prop ball so its hole is at the top. 

12 Stick the 2 ends of your 

could work if balls are unavailable) 

2 If using a Wiffle ball, one half should 
have no holes; use two balls. 

3 Using scissors or saw- 
knife, cut ball in half. 

4 If using 2 Wiffle balls, 
discard holev halves. 
You should have 
2hemispbere halves. 

5 At the top of one half-ball, create a 
hole. You could do this by stabbing it 
twice and twisting on the" 2nd stab. 
The hole needs to be large enough to 
receive funnel spout and tow rope in 
steps 12 & 13. 

6 If you intend to remove plastic ball- 
shell later, lubricate interior of both 
hemispheres with ve getable oil. 

7 In the un-holed half, add metal 
particles (cut-up scour pads work 

9" tow rope into the 
hole; or just one end 
of 9" string. 

13 Push funnel 
spout into the hole. 

14 Pour in catalyzed 
_____________ ( may 

take long to harden). 

15 When resin is hard, fUe 
off edges, metal buns. 

16 Optional: remove tape & 
plastic-shell or leave 
them on for extra 
protection, espe- 
cially if using 
regular resin. 

Drop Orgonite Gifts in 
deep enough w.-itcr! -for 
dolphins to get to it A 
whale nearly beached himseif io get |||| 
to orgonite tossed into Miami surf, ps 

Half Sphere Mold. $ 329, 3 inch 
stainless steel, code #453_. 
', Ph. 866-285-2665 

Healing-Energising Mandala 

Just looking at it activates 
the life force, Chi energy. 
Mega powerful (sacred-geom- 
etry) portal for Divine Energy. 
Its key element is a pattern (at 
right) composing an ancient 
Afrikan artifact, oddly called the 
"Atlantis" Ring (reproduced as jew- 
elry). The pattern atone is potent, pro- 
tecting & revitalizing It is combined with" 
rings of colors which activates nearly all parts of 
the energy bod/ • Charge your drinking 
water by placing the mandala under it. The 
bio-energy goes through glass, metal, plastic, 
most materials. Charge overnight for better 
results. • Make copies in various sizes (1 " to 
8"); laminate some. Put a big one on your 
home /office walls. • Place (or tape) them di- 
rectly on pain spots, headaches, acupoints, 
chakras. You can additionally look at another 
mandala while healing takes place Healing 
may take minutes, hours, days, depending on 
ailment This mandala does not replace pro- 
fessional help but does give amazing results. 
• To do distant healing place patient's photo 
(or name) between two mandalas. "Transmit 
energy to them from your hands for 15 to 20 
minutes. ..prayers /invocations greatly en- 
hance healing. You may leave photo between 
the mandalas for a period. • Tired/ stressed? 
Sit down Splace a mandala under each foot, 
sit on one under your spine and hold one in 
each hand. Ciose eyes for 10 or more min- 
_ utes. • Place mandalas under your plate 
when you eat. Race your shoes on mandalas overnight. The energised shoes ac- 
tivate acupoints at your feet and charge your whole body. Charge your food, vita- 
mins, pills, clothing, bed, pillow.. Place/tape one by /on your tv, computer, cell 
phone. List is endless • (Thanks to Stephen Wong making this Mandala 8. info 
Dolphin Icecube Mold $±S5. avaiiable at: healingcancernaturally.commealing-energising-mandala.html) 

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da MUFFIN papers PAGE they can stop doing unto us. They find Humans simply delicious. For ages these vampiric humanivores have 
been consuming and controlling Humanity on all levels, via their imposed social /religious /technological onslaughts, 
designed to bind us and continuously sap our lifeforce, energy, funds and even lives. Now for the first time in ages, 
we can and ARE effectively fighting back, with Orgone Generators - our new lethal Arsenal which halts / undoes ■** 
Reptilian warfare on us, while also protecting us and healing our common Mamma, Earth. Ifs miraculous! Li. 

Simple Powerful OrgoneTools to Heal Earth, Bust Alien Bases & Defend Ourselves 

ChemBusters wipe out deadly Chemtrails, Smog & HAARP-effects from the sky & heals the weather for 
about a 90-mile area. If rain is needed CBs bring rain, especially if water is sprayed on or put in its pipes.* 
"Even the most ordinary, basic CB can easily stop cyclones from approaching." 


The first chembuster I ever saw was the 
one Don Croft sent me back in 2001. The 
very first day I set it up on the patio, we 
had a black helicopter visit us at 2 AM, 
hovering about 150 feet overhead, and 
shining the brightest search light imagin- 
able-going around and around our apart- 
ment- in an obvious attempt to both in- 
timidate and video tape us inside our 
home using special infrared technology... 
A chembuster will produce an intensely 
blue orgone field that is easily seen on 
any infrared radar weather map .... You 
probably won't get a visit from a black he- 
licopter when you set up your CB because 
there are too many CB's out there now 
...but you can still see the blue orgone 
field centered over your house if you go 
to a weather web site and click on the in- 
frared maps for your area You will be sur- 
prised to see that the orgone field extends 
outward for many, many miles. ...It usu- 
ally takes a couple of weeks for a new 
CB to acclimate to the local environ- 

ment, so you may not see dramatic results with 
chemtrails right away, but just hang in there for 2 or 3 
weeks and you will begin to notice things. ..The larger 
the CB resin/metal chip matrix base, the larger the diam- j 
eter of the pipes used, the longer the length of pipes used, j 
the more ana larger crystals used, the more coils used, 
etc. means a more powerful punch of orgone transmu- 
tation delivered by the CB. The bare bones basic 
chembuster is made with a 2 gallon bucket and six, 1 
inch copper pipes.. .The six pipes are evenly spaced out in j 
a ...Star of David configuration ..have some very pow- 
erful effects both on the etheric and physical planes... 


Build the Classic Croft ChemBuster 

When you put up a ChemBuster, it quickly 
creates a large "blue hole" in the HAARP-in- 
duced cioudy chemtrailed-sky (cloudy but no 
rain! = one way of telling ifs tin-nature-real 
HARRPed weather). Another effect of CBs 
and generous orgone-gifting are those "new" 
beautiful astounding "punch-hole clouds 
mystifying scientists -who give wrong expla- 
nations. Orgone is the real reason! "As soon 
as it [[CB]] was put up... after an hour or so a 
clear blue hole appeared above m v house, 
this increased a size of .five circular miles 
. . .you will notice one common theme in any and 
all hole punch cloud images, that of the Sylph 
enities within.the hole punch..." 

Materials Needed 

• One 2-Gallon Bucket 

• Six 2-inch long double 
terminated quartz crystals 

• Six .75" sections of garden 

hose or PVCpipe 

• Metal Shavings (bucketful) 

• 3 Plywood Spacers 

• Resin, 2 gallons, Polyester or 

• Six 1 foot by 1 " copper pipes 

• Six 5' foot by 1" copper pipes 

• Six 1" copper end caps 

• Six 1" copper connectors 

• 'Goop' Glue • Masking Tape 

3 Spacer Templates 

• See next page.' 


-ChemBuster Instrnctions 

* I . Place each of the crystals 
f in a .75" section of 
g gardenhose or PVC pipe. 
| 2. Use the Goop glue to glue 
j each crystal, with its 
■* garden nose (or PVC pipe) 
housing, into one of the 
copper end caps, leaving 
enough room around the 
inside edge of the cap to 
insert the pipe. 

3. Put the end caps with their 
glued-in crystals onto each 
of the 1-foot copper pipes. 

4. Tape the end caps so that the 
resin will not leak in during 

5. Cut the plywood spacers for 
each of the three templates. 

6. On a level surface, pour an inch or so 
of catalyzed resin into the bottom of 
the bucket and stir in metal particles 
until the surface is uniform and flat. 
The ratio that works is approx. one 

Salt resin to one part metal particles, 
ut the Base Spacer- 1 onto that before 
it hardens, so tnat it just touches the > 
surface and doesn't sink in much. J 

8. Set the six pipes into the holes in the . 
Base Spacer- 1. 

9. Pour a naif gallon of catalyzed resin ' 
into the bucket. 

10. Use the dowel to stir in handfuls of 
metal particles in the same ratio as 
before. Note that the Base Spacer- 1 
should not be pushed down to the 
bottom of the bucket with the resin 
squishing over the top. 

11. Expeditiously move the Holder Spacer- 
2 down on to the six pipes until it is 
snugly within the rim of the bucket 

12. After the resin has hardened, remove 
the Holder Spacer-2, which is only 
used during construction. 

13. Finish off putting the resin/metal 
mixture in now in two stages if you 
want, up to within a half inch of the rim 
of the bucket 

14. Attach the 
six 5' copper 
pipes with the 
6 cop- 

15. Put on 
near top. 

"Whenever you want to direct energy 
from every single CB on the planet, just 

imagine the target and know that each CB is di- 
reclmg energy against it.'. .What may be happen- 
ing is a sort of full-circle realization of the signifi- 
cance of resonant chambers in contact with 
orgonite. It's also a radionics function." -Don 



hold pipes 


& rigid 

Holder Spacer-2. 


holds pipes 

parallel as each 

resin-layer sets 

• Video Tutorials for CB, TB, HHGs.. 
At, input "SenseiDennis" 

• CBsWork's Observation of a Working 
ChemBuster whale. to/b/cbs6. html 

• Don Croft's original CB instructions: 

- 0jan02.shtml 

• Cesco's "Classic Croft Orgonite Cloudbuster Tutorial" 

• "RevTed's CB & HHG Photos" : 


Solder | 

(if desired) 

at this 

end only 

2" double 
Crystal glued 
into 0.75" PVC 
pipe and glued 
to endcap 


CAUTION: "If you touch the pipes when they're drawing in 
strong unbalanced or dead orgone [[ DOR)) and don't put your 
hand on the base after that, you may expenence headaches. " 

PERIODICALLY move your CB about 3 feet from its location; 

doing this seems to reactivate & Improve performance. 

(Compare on page 16, Keep It Moving; & pg 24, Instant CB Thingee) 



da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 20 OF 52 


Template for all 3 ChemBuster Pipe-Holder Spacers 

Check dimensions to verify accuracy after copying /printing ; enlarge or reduce as needed. 
TIP: glue template onto board and use as a guide to cut /saw /drill. 


Spacer-1 Spacer-2 Spacer-3 

Base Temporary Top 


Use the 7 
DOTTED Circles 
only for 
Advanced CB, 
page 22 (bottoms 
of Rubber 

Circle Template for 
Base Spacer-1 
and Top Spacer-3 


Rectangular Temporary 

Casting Template. 

Make as large as needed to 

rest on top of mold /bucket 

(or inner bucket rim) 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE £l OF 52 


Build a Very Powerful ChemBuster by D R E 

These instructions allow you to make an extremely powerful 7-pipe CB with simple tools; power tools not required. 
With a few innovations added, instructions are based on Don Croft's original 6-pipe CB, plus key enhancements 
contributed in orgone forums by inventive gifters. This CB costs $150-5300 to make, more or less. Before building 
this advanced CB, it's recommended you build the original standard Croft CB first and learn from your experience. 

Gather CB Ingredients 

strengthens orgone output. After mixing resin/ 

,,„.. „>-,-.. metal, add sand; mix to stiff oatmeal-like 

QUARTZ CRYSTALS (see .Vendors) consistencv . Just adding mc ^.j helps ^y. 

• 6 quartz crystals, at least 3long j ; 1/2 y (See -. U) q^ descent ^^ , iom± 

thick Double Terminated (DT) preferred ^ja,^ ^ fa deserl Qu^ Sand , 5 or 10 

though Single Terminated works. Iape2 ^ S9 99, Sl649 . Not b]asdng q but ok. 


ST crvslals together, base to base lo 
create 1 DT . "Up lo seven crystals can 
be placed in each pipe lo improve 
performance. "DC 

• 1 SingleTerminated Smokey Quartz 
crystal, non-irradiated (or /and Lcmur- 
ian or Citrine crystal) for central pipe 

• 6 or 12 DT quartz crystals . 

> If doing HexaGON Layout, you need 
12 DT quartz crystals, about 3/4" long 

> If doing HexaGRAM I-ayout you i.eed -ripe. 
6 DT quartz crystals (longer ok) 


• Pyrite. about 2 pounds, crushed with a 
hammer into small nuggets, l/8"-l/4" 

• Hematite. 6 tumbled stones 

• Charged Water (see page 19) 

• Activated Charcoal »Neo Magnet 
(page 40) at least 1 for central pipe 

• Tourmaline, 1 small pointed crystal 
•OPTIONAL: kyanite, garnet, amethyst, 

rose quartz. Topaz gem (helps delete 
HAARP clouds). Xenon bulb (see #E). 
Sacred Ash; a teaspoon is plenty (pg 12). 

Resin, 2 gallons (Polyester or Epoxy.. 
Clear Epoxy Resin, small container 


Sand Blasting Quartz evenly distributes 
the metal flakes; this enhances, 

bucket /container, 9" bottom 
mixing containers for resin 
marked containers to measure resin 
vegetable oil or other parting agent 
clock to time 1 minute 
Goop glue & adhesive spray 
JB Kwik epoxy steel 

When mixing RES1\, use 25% to 
40%. LESS catalyst than directions say. 
This gives you more lime before Resin 
hardens and reduces incidence of cracking. 
» Direct exposure lo sunlight, hair-blow- 
dryer, heat gun speeds up Resin curing 
(hardening). » While making CB, have a 
muffin pan near with Us holes filled with 
metal/crystal, so when you have mixed loo 
much resin, pour excess in muffin holes lo 
create TowerBusters and prevent waste. 


• Metal Particles/Shavings, enough to 
nearly fill bucket. TIPS: if you use cut-up 

COlLed metal scour pads, resin soaks in 
well. You may use variety of metals; 

copper (especially), aluminum (lightest), 
steel, brass. NOT recommended: BBsor 
ball bearings (loo heavy, low porosity) 
and steel wool (low porosity). 

• copper wire, 18-guage (2 or more rolls), 

• 1/4" copper tubing, with 2 endcaps. 39" 
(3x13), OR 41.26" long (Royal Cubit, 
20.63"x2) (500.24 mm x2); OR 46.98" 
(Lost Cubit, 23.49"x2) (596.67 mm x2). 
These lengths, especially latter 2, bring in 
resonance with the universe. 

• aluminum foil • metal polisher 

• clear protective lacquer spray 

COPPER PIPES & TUBE: Ask store you 
buy pipes from to cut them; or cut 
them yourself with a pipe-cutter : 

• 7 long pipes, 1 " wide, 4 feet long 

• 7 short pipes 1" wide, 13" long 

• 7 one-inch copper couplers 
(pipe connectors) 

• 1 skinny pipe, 1/2" wide, 
4' long (to go into center 
pipe as "reactor core -1 ) 

• 6 (preferred) or 3 more 
skinny pipes, as before 

•7 RUBBER (not metal) 
endcaps, 1 1/8" (by Shepherd 
item #875-147 at Home Depot) 

• wedges of CORK (preferred) 
otherwise wood /styrofoam (for Step 04) 

In standard CBs, pipes are 6 feel. In this 
enhanced CB they are shorter, 5 feel. 
Reason is they will have a "Reactor Core" 
(pipe-inside-pipe); inspired from "Joe Cell " 
concentric cylinders. This makes them 
much more powerful, farther-shooting and 
equmlenl lo being much latter. » You can 
still make your pipes 6 feet if you prefer (re- 
place '4feet' with 'Sfeel' in previous list). OR 
later add 1 -foot pipe extensions. »In this 
CB, pipe-bases nave no metal or metal 
endcaps covering it. This creates better 
Earth-connection & empowers vortex cre- 
ated byCB.» If you put an EP plu g (page 
25 ) at bottom of one or more pipes, your 
CB doubles as a Laird-Base Buster. 

• "foam core" board (at art-supply 
stores); 2 sheets, typing-paper sized OR 
cardboard, 4 typing-paper sized sheets 

• round PAN with FLAT bottom, 8" 
diameter. Can be a cake or pie pan. or 
pot or plastic storage container. Most 
cake pans = 9" (bucket diameter). The 9" 
pie pan has an 8" bottom. If using 9" you 
will need to file off a little orgonite (step 
G, Part 3, #6) for easy fit in 9" bucket. 

Gather Tools, etc 

1 large piece of cardboard, plastic bag 
or newspaper to work on 
■ cloth /paper towel for wiping utensils 
' exacto knife /sharp thin serrated knife 

• spoon, knives for stirring resin 
' rubber gloves (when working 

w/ resin, filing, handling pipes) 
> sharp scissors 
(to cut metal scour pads) 

• file, sandpaper, tape 

Make 7 Preparations [c 

Using instructions on 
page 10, make a large 
SBB coil, using 26, 39 
or 52 inches (multiples 
of 13, a cubit) of 14 guage copper wire. 
Or buy one ready-made from educate- Alternative : Instead of, or 
in addition to SBB, do a large Scatter 
Coil See page 24. 


Make 3 copies of the Croft CB Spacer 
Template on previous page. 
Spacerl : Have one copy 
laminated with plastic; this 
will be Spacerl, a guideline ' 
for pipe-bottoms (see G). Cut 
out circular outline of laminated copy; 
do no[ cut out the holes. 

Spaccr2 . rectangular, is temporary to 
hold pipe-tops parallel as resin layers 
hardens. Make as large as needea to rest 
on top (or inside rim) of bucket mold' 

1 Adhere a copy onto foam-core board 
or (doubled) cardboard 
with adhesive spray. 

2 Use an exacto knife or 
sharp thin serrated knife 
to cut out holes. , , 

3 Coat entire / eg© \ 
spacer with 

If doing the HexaGON Wheel, Clock- I 
wise-wrap each of the 12 DT crystals in / 
2-3' of 20 or 18 guage copper wire, / 
leaving a trail of about 12 inches at / 
each end. (Clockwise instructions on L, 
pa ge 12V If needed, Goop-gluc the fL.-2» 
cry stals to stay in wire better. 
- If doing the HexaGRAM Star 
Clockwise-wrap 6 DT crystals in 
2-3' of 20 or 18 guage copper wire, 
leaving a trail of about 12 inches at 
each end If needed, Goop-glue the 
crystals to stay in wire better. 


With lengthy 20 or 18 guage copper wire (in i 
but wear gloves/ mask when han- length-multiples of T'or 13'), snuggly clock- 
dling; Its microscopic sword-like wise-wrap the 6 quartz crystals (which go into 
particles damage lungs, cause lu- your pjpes) ^j continue the 
mors). Prepare your Central pipe spira ] coii aboul 9 incnes 
this way. and at least 3 or all 6 re- pag mc crystal point (you 


Using metal polisher / sandpaper/ 
file, remove all writing, designs, 
etchings, bar-codes, dirt off pipes 
Optional: spray protective lacquer 
on pipes (keeps them shinny..) 
SHORT PIPES: Tape one end of 
each of the (13") 7 short pipes to 
prevent stuff from falling in. 
LONG PIPES: The skinny pipes 
will go into the wider pipes, cen- 
tered and held suspended by 
wedges of Cork (otherwise 
wood, styrofoam ). (You can use 
wound, taped fiberglass for this 

maining pipes. If doing 3, 
let them be every other pipe 
(triangle arrangement): 

a. Get one skinny 1/2", 4' ■. 
pipe & one wide 4' pipe. 

b. Starting about 2" from 
one end, clockwise wrap 
18-guage copper wire j 
around full length of pill 
skinny pipe 

c. Put skinny pipe all the 

way into wider pipe, and brace 
one end flush against a wall, 

g? Q^ 

can wind around a round- &£. 
pencil to guide process). pST 
OPTIONAL: Under each crys- £T 
tal include a neodv m ium >~ 
m agnet wrapped in foil. 2S» 
For CENTRAL PIPE : With || 
a lengthy 18-guage copper §J. 
wire, snuggly clockwise-wrap &j 
the smokey quartz (or citrine & 
/Lemurian) crystal, with a KT 
lourm aline crystal above this ;£ 
(pointing up), and neodv - |£ 
mium magnet above this. 

resin to make it stronger. 
4 Before resin hardens, wipe excess 
from around the 7 holes and put 
Spacer on wax paper or foil to dry 

Spaccr3 holds pipes rigid & parallel on 
finished CB. Repeat previous directions 
& add a second resin 
coat . May be painted ( ^&' 
in colors you like. 

supported on a chair, etc. , 

^i -Push wedges of Cork between/ (OPTIONAL Xenon bulb m 5A 
around inner pipe-top, flush w/ /<"' *J* «$"« 5 ^"f^ 0S 
rim, to hold this end suspended touching buB>; see page 24). f~ 
& centered within wideTpipe. Continue cod for 9 or more ; 
- Reverse pipe direction and do S) mc r hes P ast cr y s,ak | 
the same with the other end. / /L. Topaz can be at top, 
_ i gag, or separately 

Select a layout: the HexaGON or 
HexaGRAM (illustrated on next 
page) (probably ok to do both): 

wrapped & hung 
inside central 
pipe top of fin- 
ished CB later 
(shown at left). 


Quake spiral tube 

» Bend copper tubing into a 
3" wide (at base) cone- 
shaped coil to go around cen- 
ter pipe. (TIP: Wind lube into a 
flat coil and pull up the center 
lo stretch coil into a cone. OR 
bend it around a funnel.) 
» Rll tube w/ CHARGED WATER 
leaving a little room at the 
top, and put on endcaps 
(maybe Goop-glue them 
secure). » Make a liny 
copy of the Labyrinth 
(pg 19). Cut it out, wrap 
it anywhere on tube, 
front side touching metal 
& tape it. (Reason is, magnets 
are believed to cause charged water lo weaken 
in lime. Labyrinth image prevents this.) 

@ MAKE " CB ENGINE " ^jgfe 

Orgonite Base to hold short pipes •* 

PART 1: make Resin Base 

1 Get die pan. 
(NOTE: If doing the 
Scalier Coil, build 

Cr base with a 112" 
•. through the 
middle lo allow 
projecting Scalier 
Coil wire to come 
through later. 
Hence, to center of 
pan, glue a 1-inch 
cylinder aboul a II '• 
2 inch wide) 

2 Oil the pan. 

3 Pour in a thin layer (about 1/4") of 
catalyzed resin (resin with catalyst/ 
hardener added) and let harden. 

4 Using the CLEAR-epoxy-resin. pour in 
another thinner layer, and brush it around 
to cover entire top of previous layer. 
»Then press Spacerl (laminated copy) 
into it, centered in the pan. Use a paper- 
towel to press it flat and wipe off resin 

da MUFFIN papers ; PAGE 


Or 52 

from the surface (it needs to be level for next steps). 
5 After resin hardens, cover Spacerl with a thin layer of 
catalyzed CLEAR-epoxy-resin (about 1/4") 

PART 2: secure rubber endcaps in Base 

1 You should be able to see the template guidelines (7 
circles) of Spacerl through the clear resin. 

2 Get the 7 RUBBER endcaps^ 

3 EITHER » pour a thin 
layer of CLEAR catalyzed 
resin and expeditiously 
before resin hardens, center 
the bottom of each endcap onto a (dotted-line) circle 
» OR mix about a spoonful of clear resin separately 
for each endcap and center bottom of cap onto a circle, 
then repeat until all caps are in place. You can also use 
JB-Kwik steel epoxv for this (sets in 4 minutes), if you 
think you can center caps with opaque epoxy. 

PART 3: Make base thicker 

1 Close endcap-tops with tape. 

2 (If using 9" pan, first thinly put in metal only around inner 
pan-sides because in step 6 you may need to file some 
of this away, then >) Spoon a 3/4" layer of pyrite nuggets 
into pan (this is almost halfway up on rubber caps). 

3 Mix 2 or more teaspoons /capsules of activated 
charcoal into resin, then mix in catalyst. 

4 Pour the catalyzed resin over 
the pyrite, covering it. Mix 
more if needed. Let harden. 

5 Remove tape. Remove CB 
Engine Base "cake" from pan 

6 If diameter is 9 inches, file off enough of the sides so 
base can easily, loosely fit into 9" bucket-bottom later. 

PART 4: Secure Short Pipes into Endcaps 

1 Get the 7 short taped pipes. 

2 Firmly push the bare end of one short pipe into the 
CENTRAL endcap all the way down. 

3 (NOTE: If desired, al this point, mounted around the 
central pipe, you would add a Triple Succor Punch or 
3 crystals with a single mobius coil. See next page) 

4 Repeat until remaining 6 pipes are inside caps. 

5 Optional: put a little Goop 
around outside endcap-edges j 
to further secure pipes. 


Add Crystals, Tube 

If doing the 

HexaGON Wheel (Fig I): 

1 As shown to the right, 

clockwise-wind the Vailing 

ends of the pre- wrapped 12 double terminated 

crystals around pipes in a wheel-like 

pattern shown in Figure 1. 

Adding more Sacred Geometry... 

» The crystals should be evenly suspended about 
1/2 to 3/4 inches above surface of the resin-cake 
platform to accommodate Spiral Tube. Their 
points should aim at the center of the pipes. Ok to 
tape trailing wires if needed to hold them in place. 

- Wind 6 crystals to the central pipe and outer pipes. 

- Wind other 6 between the 6 outer pipes. 

2 Put the water-filled Spiral Tube over 
the central pipe and lower it near crystals 

- Guide its bottom end-tip into a space 
oetween two spoke-wired lateral 
crystals, and 

- rotate the Spiral Tube so the end-tip 
goes UNDER two or more wired 
crystals, hence the Tube-base rests 
directly on the resin platform. Make 
adjustments to Tube if needed 

- Center Tube around central pipe 

- Secure Tube base with a little 
glue or tape. 

3 Use Goop glue to stick down one 
hematite stone between each of the 
wircd-crystal-spokes, 6 total. 

PART SB: Add Tube & Crystals 

If doing HexaGRAM Star (Fig If. 

Put the water-filled Power Coil tube over the 
central pipe and lower it to rest on the resin 
platform, centered around the pipe. 
Secure base of Coil with a little Goop-glue or tape. 
Starting several inches up (as needed to keep from 
bumping into Coil ) from the resin platform, 
clockwise- wind the nailing end of one wrapped DT 
crystal so that its two ends point to the center of 
two (alternating) pipes as shown in figure 2. 

4 Tape the wire to hold it in place if needed. 

5 Repeat previous two steps for two more crystals, to 
form one level lateral Triangle-Layer. 

6 Starting just above previous layer, create another 
Triangle Layer with the other 3 wrapped crystals. 

7 Glue a hematite stone at the 3 points of each 
triangle, onto the pipes -or glue stone on outer side 
of each DT crystal (if enough room), or to its 
bottom of bottom layer and top of top layer. 

PART 6: Make sure Spacer2 properly fits. 
Slip it on top of erected pipes. / — ~z a^"^. ~ 
Make adjustments if needed / ^«S 
and remove. 

Figure 1 : 

HexaGON Wheel Layout 
(enhancement by 

Top view of Quartz Crystals 
wired to pipes. 
Step 6A 

Figure 2: 

HexaGRAM Star Layout 

Top view of Quartz Crystals 
wired to pipes. 
Step 6B 

Top view of 
first Lateral 

v Side view of 
both Lateral 


More photos /details at under Orgone Generators < 

CB Assembly 

1 Lubricate bucket with vegetable oil. 

2 Place bucket on a level surface. 

3 Pour in a little catalyzed resin (resin mixed with 
catalyst) to create a foundation and level bottom 
(about 1/4 inch). Let resin harden. 

4 Place your SBB coil, centered on the bottom, 
with its central "S" reading reverse » Jit] 
(as found in crop-circle). Pour in enough catalyzed 
resin to slightly cover it & let harden (NOTE: If 
doing the ScotterCoU, you 'd place it here afterwards 
or instead of SBB, centered, covered with resin, 
with its trailing wire projecting up from the center). 

5a If both, your CB Engine Core & bucket are 
9". pour catalyzed resin into the bucket and 
lower your Core (with taped pipe-tops) to the 
bottom. The resin should be enough to squish up 
around the sides onto the top of the core-platform 
a little (mix more if needed). (NOTE: If doing the 
ScattaCott bring coil's center wire through 
premade hole in center of Engine Core) Go to #8 . 

So If your CB Engine Core b 8" -or your bucket 
is wider than 9"- pour a thin layer of catalyzed 
resin into the bucket and lower your CB Engine 
Core (with taped pipe-tops) to the bottom, 
centering it in the middle of the bucket. (NOTE: 
If doing theScatterCoil bring coil's center wire 
through premade hole in center of Engine Core) 

6 If there's a shallow trough of empty space 
around the sides of the Engine Core resin base, 
fill this space with pyrite nuggets or / and metal, 
almost to the top of engine core resin platform, 

7 Pour in catalyzed resin to cover the pyrite /metal, 
level to the top of resin-base platform. 

f cover pyrite 
g with resin 

add r" 

SBB coil & 
resin, let harden 

place on level 

da MUFFIN paper s : PA GE 23 OF 52 

8 If doing HexaGON-Wheel, add a few garnets 
and optional minerals between spokes. 

9 Now add your metal /resin in LAYERS. 
(SAND instructions, see page 22). Also add 
more pyrite and optional ingredients. 

- If you are using cut up curly scrub pads or 
other porous metal particles, your layers can 
be thick (2 to 3 inches), because the resin 
soaks through easily. Firmly press the metal 
down, leveling it before pouring. 

- If using finer metal particles, cast in thinner 
layers, 3/4" to 1 1/2" thick, and maybe prod 
with sharp instrument to aid resin saturation. 

- Here are the steps: 
A Add layer of metal mixed with optionals. 
B Cover metal with catalyzed resin. 
C Expeditiously before resin hardens, put 

Spacer2 onto pipes (to keep them parallel 
while resin cures; heat can cause warping). 
D After resin hardens, remove Spacer2. 

- Repeat previous 4 steps. A standard CB 
uses about 1 1/2 gallons of resin. 

10 After final layer of resin is 
hard, remove Spacer2 & tape. 
Remove CB Base from bucket. 
Repair cracks /holes with more 
resin. File off boo boos. 

11 Lower wrapped crys- 
tals into pipe bottoms. 

12 Connect short/long 
pipes (Optional: Wire- 
wrap pipes at this 
point, at least your 
Center Pipe . See CB 
Amplifiers below): 

- hit couplers 
on short pipes. 

- Insert long 
pipes into couplers. 

- Optional: spray clear lacquer 
on pipes / wire. 

13 Place & adjust Spacer3 onto 
your pipes near the top. 

Congratulations.' You've made a 
very powerful CB with at least a 120- 
mile diameter range. Orgone forums 
say 150 miles with pipe extensions 
(on even a standard CB) shown 
below. Original standard CB range is 
about a 90 mile diameter. 

Barely begun CBs still function 
somewhat, causing makers to note 
in orgone forums: "..get a few of the 
1 foot pipes and set them in a plastic 
bucket, no special arrangement other 
than them pointing at the sky. Place a 
TB [For HHG ]] in the bucket and 
maybe a couple around the outside of 
the bucket as well. Thafsit! ...I've 
had really good results at clearing the 
sky with one of these... And to keep 
this thing working consistently I move 
it once a day to a new spot at least 3 
feet away. "Therefore, you could set 
up one of these HI' CB Quickies and 
have it doing its thing while you prepare 
to make /buy a full ChemBuster 

Most can be done to a Standard CB 

Six Harmonizers (HHGS) 

arranged evenly around your 
ZB double its effectiveness 
(see page 11). Align with or 
between the 6 pipes. 

p Power-Pack Crystal Wands NASA's shocking satellite photo of so called "CONTRAILS" are really 
Instant CB upgrade. Amethyst, garnet, emerald, multitudes of deadly CHEMTRAILS massively criss-crossing southern US 
kyanite, citnne, xenon* 2 super magnets states, Oct.13, 2004. ( 

wrapped in copper rod/wire. Put one in each ot 
your 6 pipes (on top of existing crystals, ok). 6 
for SI 75. At Sec Vendors 

Copper wire around your pipes 

Wrap 18-guage copper wire, clockwise, 
around length of center pipe (at least) and 
alternately 3 or 6 of your other pipes. 

3 Small Xenon Bulb at least in 
central pipe, with south side of neodymium 
magnet touching it; wrap whole unit in foil. 

^ Angled Pipe Extensions for 
"50% increase in power." Attaching 45° & 90° 
pipe extensions to your CB pipes converts CB 
into a Hurricane CB or Vortex CB which 
powerfully sweeps orgone in a massive 
whirling vortex. Put angled-pipes on either 3 
alternating pipes or all 6 peripheral pipes (not 
central pipe). Add T-connectors to end of 90° 
pipe extensions to enhance vortex spiraling. 
» 1 " diameter, 45' (& 90°) copper pipe elbows. Attach 
to top ,j» of pipes. » 1 " diameter copper pipes, 3', 4' 
or 5' feet long, depending on your available 

1 space. Insert these into elbows. 

C§> Spiral ScatterCoil on top 

of or instead of SBB coil at CB bottom, in J; 
the middle with its center wire running 
up into the middle pipe. (Better yet. 
leave this wire extended longer and use 
it to coil all your center crystals.) Add 
coil at Step #4, after pouring first resin. 
You need to put a hole (1/4' to 1/2") in 
the middle of Spacerl 's center circle, 
plus in middle of central rubber end- <? 
cap. Then build your CB Engine with S 
a hole through the middle (or drill one 3c 
in). To make the coil, clockwise wrap \ 
j H lengthy 18 or 20 guagc wire — "*" 
around a knitting needle and bend 
as shown. 

/ Seed Of Life archetype / 
design (or/and Chartres Labyrinth, i 
pg 19) can be added to the bottom 
of your CB after, or as you 
"^t^ create it, after Step #3. To^ 
pa add later, re-pour resin in 
**i| your bucket & let harden. Then add 
f SOL resin, CB. Or just sit your CB 
on top of a 13" metal SOL ($75), 


^'^iyv.'vv^.t* from . Your 

"%&. SOL can be on PAPER or made of 

****%,_ '%.. real metal rings Make SOL with 7 




CB with 
45 ll pipe 

45°, 90° extensions on alternating pipes 


Combo CB 
has 45°&90° 

extensions on 
the same pipes, 
joined with 6 extra 
1 ' pipes in 6 T-con- 
nectors, 6 elbows. 

small thin, equal-sized metal 
rings, overlapped & glued or 
'& soldered in place (art stores 
| have suitable small fiat rings FLOWER OF LIFE 
^ called "metal-rimmed nylon tags"). To make pa- 
^ per version, draw the SOL about 7" wide. Trace 
$■ outline of each circle in gold paint (easily 
" done with goldpaint tube-pens). 

. j.yi*" 4§> Triple Succor Punch In CB 

'^VWwtfu^ 8 *' Add after securing first central short pipe (see #Part 4). 
Glue 3 plump quartz crystals vertically and evenly around cen- 
tral pipe, near the base (leaving room underneath for crys- 
:; ••• 1 * ■ » i tal-spoke wires). Then wrap a single mobius coil 
•• * v i ... around all 3 together, making sure its 2 trading 
wire-ends are at least a foot long. Tape these 
end-wires near pipe top to later hook them 
to a power box (pgs 28-29) or earth battery. 
This is a simpler version of Ken Adachl's 
option of 3 separately wrapped SR? cast in the 
top resin layers of his advanced CBs for 
sale at 

Cloudbuster vs Chembuster? 

Confusion between these terms can be 
erased if you call Don's "Cloudbuster" what it really is - an " ORGONITE Cloudbuster ." He named it 
the Cloudbuster to honor its predecessor & source of inspiration, Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster 
(at right). Mainly it was Don's addition of Quartz which transformed it, making it safe. Ken Adachi ex- 
plains the difference between the Reich Cloudbuster (an Orgone Accumulator which modifies 
weather, pg 8) & Croft Chembuster (also called Cloudbuster. hence the confusion. It balances the 
weather, deletes Chemtrails) -at 

§jf Sand Blasting Quartz 

ZS used pounds mixed into bis layers. 
See "Ctoud-BusterNumber Seven" 

by ZS Livingstone: educate-yourself. 
org/zsl/cbsevenl lnov04.shtml 

Reich & his Cloudbuster, 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 24 OF 52 

Enhanced ER quiet & easy (for women) to deploy. I designed it to combine 
best of a number of orgone devices. 3 of everything here: 3 crystals, 3 pipes 
in 3 consecutive lengths, 3 wire-wraps around pipes, 3 orgonite levels, 3 
resonance Chambers ... (The notoriuS Ferrari Enzo mystery crash /million- 
aire felon (Malibu CA, 2/28/06) occurred shortly after Y. deployedmy 
first T-Whammy nearby. See 

Components Description 

• 3 CRYSTALS: quartz or 
smokey quartz, each sepa- 
rately wrap-ped in T or 13" 
of 24-gauge copper wire, 
& Goop-glued together. 
Or/and all 3 wrapped 
in a single passive 
m obius coil (= the 2 wire-ends 
stripped, connected, sealed w/ 
electrical tape or Goop 

• 3 PIPES : 5" long central pipe is 
copper; other two (6", 7") are 

w/ 3 layers of orgonite. Each 
pipe is clockwise wrapped 
in 18 or 20-gauge copper 
wire, 39" (3x13) for inner- 
most; 52" for next; 65" for 
outermost, added after 
device is completed. 
power c oil: heavy 


"..Earthpipes Aren't for Smoking As we 

were driving away, we saw two confirmations olour success: 
a big blue hole formed over the base in the coastal cloudbank 
and some fedmobiles turned onto the side road that we were 
just leaving on our way back to the city. I got the sense that 
they knew they were too late to do or see anything, but were 
just driving out there to shut their boss up. ..As we were fin- 
ishing, Carol started looking underground and told us that the 
nas<ier non-human tech and buggery there, which is what 
the bases are built to facilitate in the first place, were all 
shutting down... Stacie in North Carolina had a dream vision 
in which an American Indian walked around and pushed 
arthpipes into the ground with his mocassined foot in a tri- 

angle pattern, so Carol and 1 have adopted that method as an 


plastic cylinders. Being concentric wires) or have two 18-gauge 

(like super CB, p 22), these short copper wires wrapped around 



* CC5" 


Tnniti Wand E 

>ne of Al Gray's f Captain Dragon") remarkable Orgone 
Inventions; 3 WaterWands or ClusterBusters bound with a 
mobius coil. With TW's radial range being well over 10 miles, proximity to your target is 
not a problem. Al wrote: "A buried Triniti Wand anywhere in the neighborhood of an un- 
derground base is enough to cause immediate devastation. Fires, explosions and mass 
electrical failures are commonly reported. " "it was Triniti Wands ([that Cbswork used]]... 
that worked so well against the LA. chemcrud. " 

Cbswork Talks About Trinity Wands: "they are the silver bullet I've been 
waiting for. ..The range of my deployed TWs, in heavily gifted zones, is about ten miles. 
Out in the forests of Ventura Cty, it was about 25 miles. These TW zones have unbeliev- 
able levels of prana circulating - enourmouse floating banks of pure, indigo energy. The 
CB is a big vacuum cleaner. The TW is an energy and force purifier and multiplyer, 
much like a HHG orTB, but with a hundred times the amplitude. ..This is my as- 
sessment after using them for three weeks.. .Nothing before ever caused thunder, light- 
ening, and then rain, in less than an hour. NOTHING" (Read rest: www. whale.tolbldorl3.htm ). 
Email your request for E nhanced TW Instructions to 
or see original tutorial "Making a Trinity Wand" at www. whale. to/b/dor71. htm 

Make an EarthPipe 

coil, about 3" high, 16- 

gauge or thicker copper is counter-clockwise, like coil in Powerwand, 
wire, spans all 3 levels to better counteract negative biology. This, 
and wraps around the plus the clockwise wraps = a DNA double- 
crystals at the top. Coil can be helix effect. Ok to make it clockwise. TIP: 
triple (twisted cable of 3 thinner make a flat coil then pull out the center to 
make it conic. 

• CHARGED WATER : central pipe contains 
pipes equate to one long powerful its entire length (creating 2 scat- Charged Water (see pg 19) and sealed with 
pipe. They are cast in 3 levels ter coils around main wire). Coil a P/asfcorRu6terer>dcap(NOTmetar)so 
_ . _ . . ,. pipe opening is not compromised / blocked. 

GenencCompressed Instructions 

for experienced Orgoners. Mate rials n eeded are 

1 Pre-make Power-Coil, wrapped crys- 
tals, P.Coil around crystals (make 
sure they go easily into copper pipe),? 
3 SBB coils. See Descriptions. 

2 Get a c opper pipe . 1 1/4" wide, 5" 
long. Get a p lastic or ru bber 
endcap for pipe. Clockwise wrap 
39" of 20 o r 18 ga uge coppe r wire ! 
around pipe. Secure wire ends with! 
duct tape if needed. 

3 Make 2 plastic cylinders from rolled acetate (at art 
stores) or easier to buy a wide & skinny bottle of 
Gla ceau Smart-Water (50.7 oz & 33.8 oz). Diameter of 
wide bottle is almost 3 2/4"; skinny bottle is 2 3/4" wide. 

> Peel off labels. > Cut off top of wide bottle, 
leaving a 7-inch base container. On skinny one cut off 
top & bottom, leaving a 6" cylinder open at both ends. 

> Wrap hea vy a luminum foil around 
skinny cylinder using adhe sive spray or 
tape to secure it. > Clockwise wrap 52" 
of 20 or 18 gauge copperwire around 
cylinder. Secure w/tape. 

4 Pour 3 Levels. > Put Power Coil in wide 
cylinder base, centered. > To make sure 
everything fits, put other 2 pipes on coil 
(see diagram) & make adjustments so 
pipes are level at the top. Remove pipes. 

> Put an inch of m etal p articles (& other ingredients) in 
wide cylinder; cover with c atalyzed resin & let harden. 
Container may warp some. > Put SBB coil flat at cen- 
ter within P. Coil, then Goop it. > Pour in a thin layer of 
resin. > While resin is wet, lower /press bottom rim of 
central cylinder into it, over crystals, centered around P. 
Coil. Let resin harden. > Add 1" of metal, etc., in cylin- 
der /cover with resin /let harden. > Pour in thin layer of 
resin & place Copper Pipe over Power Coil, pushing it 
down over the 3 crystals into the wet resin. Let 
harden. > Put metal in Copper Pipe, slightly covering 
crystals. Cover metal with resin & let harden. 

5 Add Charged Water to central Copper Pipe: Either 
put water into a folded straw (or yjaj) & seal ends with 
tape; or fill pipe over halfway with water. Put on plastic 
endcap & seal with Goop. > Add water-filled straw to 
other 2 cylinders. > Close off whole 
top of unit with duct-tape. 

6 > Wrap/ secure heavy aluminum foil 
around the sides of exterior cylinder. 

> Clockwise wrap 65" of 18-gauge 
copper wire around cylinder exterior 
Secure with duct tape. > Turn unit 
upsidedown. In the de-pression in the 
plastic, place an SBB coil and secure 
with Goop or resin. 

cally, crystals pointing down. It should 
be ok to bury it a few miles away from 
suspect area if risky putting it closer. 

apparent force multiplier. " (Croft Adventures, Episode 80 ) 

• 3 sbb coils : largest at bottom, one 
at 2nd level; smallest one Gooped 
on inside of endcap. All 3 with their 
central "S" in same direction. 

* other ingredients: Pyrite, Acti- 
vated Charcoal, Sacred Ash (pg 12), He- 
matite, Black Tourmaline/Obsidian (negativity pro- 
cessors). Optional: Kyanite, Silver, Garlic, Cayenne 
Pepper, Garnet, Dinosaur Bone bead ($6.50 at rhodesian Teakwood 
(anti-draco; Mutwa interview p7) 

Two methods: a) Cast your orgonite mix in the pipe [see *NOTE] or 
b) Create the mix as a plug, inserted later into the pipe. 
Following is a way to make one EarthPipe using latter method. 

Gather Materials 

• copper or aluminum pipe, 
1 1/2" diameter, 13" Ions 

• quartz crystal at least 1 
long & 1/4" wide, with a 
natural point at one end 

• 18 gauge copper wire, 
13 inches long 

• sheet of thin poster board 
(or board from large 
post-office envelope) 

• optional: long artist paint 
brush to apply grease /oil 
to interior of cylinder mold j | 

1 Create mold for EP Insert Using the 
poster board, roll up a cylinder about 
6" long, with diameter slightly less 
than 1 1/2". Tape the sides and one 
end closed so resin won't leak out. 

2 Use brush to oil /lubricate cylinder. 

3 Create a flared coil around crystal: 
bend the wire to resemble the end 
of a big screw 
then pinch the 
small end of 
the coil 
around the 
middle of the 
crystal as shown 

5 With termination point- 
ing down, drop coiled 
crystal into cylinder (or use 
needle-nose pliers to do this) 

6 Add remaining metal / resin; it 
fills in around the coil /crystal. 

7 After resin hardens remove tape 
& cardboard (or leave on). 

to'the crystal so unk'doesn't 8 Dra* "> a" 10 " °" lnscrt - pointing 
fall apart when dropped into m same direction as crystal point 
the cylinder 9 Deploy When you get to the tar- 

1 4 Add 5 ounces of orgonite to §« a«a- slide the Insert (with ar- 

Thc whole unit has to fit 
easily into the cylinder 
mold. Tape or glue the coil 

the cylinder mold 
p - Method-1: put in about 2 
inches of metal particles and 
cover with catalyzed resin (If 
your metal is cut-up curly 
scour pads, saturation occurs 
easily, otherwise you may 
need to prod /stir a little.) 
- Methocf-2: mix up 5 ounces 
of orgonite (50 /50 ratio of 
metal particles and cata- 
lyzed resin). Drop (or spoon 
in) about 2 or 3 ounces of 
orgonite mix into cylinder. 

row /crystal minting down) into 
the 13" metal pipe. Then use a (6- 
pound sledge) hammer to pound 
pipe VERTICALLY L-sc-s— 
all the way into suffi- ' 
ciently soft, stone-free 
ground. Some damage, 
occurs but that's ok (If 
worried use large steel 
plumbing cap or 2 x 4 
to absorb pounding). 
Soil will get in the pipe 
but that's ok too; won't 
hurt performance. 

*NOTE: If you cast orgonite in the metal pipe itself, 
put in the crystal with its termination pointing UP. 
When you pound the pipe into the ground, the 
HOLLOW section is the BOTTOM. The orgonite part is 
the top, with the crystal pointing down into the ground. 

sv • EP Tutorials: > 
J > 
Use a dead blow rubber headed mallet to 
silently drive EPs into the ground 

EPs work by pulling the DOR from underground, then releasing POR above ground and below. One 
key to the effectiveness of EPs is the resonating cavity in the empty space inside the pipe. -Ryan 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 25 OP 52 

About Them Underground Lizard Bases 

A list is published /downloadable al • 
rt/04_GIobal/040223.undeigroundbases.html • educate-yourself. 
org/dc/undergroundbaseslisled08feb 04.shtm), and tilled: 

"Some Underground Bases 
Listed by State" 

- where Ken Adachi wrote: "Phil Schneider used to work for tbe 
government and was involved in the construction of Deep Under- 
ground Military Bases (DUMB bases). ...he said that there were 
129 active deep military bases in America ..He confirmed, there 
existed a minimum of two underground bases in each state...more 
than 1, 450 DUMB bases woridwide..62 of those 129...bases were, 
being used as housing facilities forvarious alien groups that the 
govememnt had made treaties and agreements with. The rest were- 
being used by humans (military & Chilians) for biological, chemi-. 
cal, and mind control development Phil mentioned in his last lec- 
ture ...that he was publishing a book that would expose these gov- 
ernment secrets and identify the location of every underground 
base in America, as he felt the American public were entitled to 
know what theor government was doing with their money and 
keeping secret from them. When Phil was found murdered in Or- 
egon in early January, 1996, all of his records, alien artifacts, jour- 
nals, book manuscript, etc. were missing. You should print out a 
hard copy of this page., and also save it on a floppy or CD ..." 

- and Don Croft wrote: "I got this [list] anonymously today in 
email. It's obviously the result of a whole lot of groundwork 
a lot of people... This is quite timely, perhaps, as the new 
Earthpipes show some promise for neutralizing the predatory as- 
pects of these facilities cheaply and efficiently. We normally lo- 
cate underground bases by the smog fields that they produce 
above ground. This happens because nuclear generators produce 
dense deadly orgone radiation (DOR) which forms smog by posi- 
tive-charged ionization. ..It's our feeling that the bases are being 
built as hidey-holes fortius regime, which has effectively lost its 
psychological stranglehold on the world populace by now and is 
retreating. It would be unwise to allow them to just wait us out 
and take another swipe al humanity later on and we know that 
neither predators nor their arcane weaponry can function well 
within a strong orgone field, even underground, and slave labor is 
no doubt essential to running these facilities, so intense orgone 
will incite them to do what you and I are doing: claiming our 
birthright of individual freedom and responsibility." 

Instantly turn Street Poles into CBs, EPs, BaseBusters 

Instant Secret Sidewalk CBs Simple EarthPipe Instructions 

Look around you on the streets; there be scores, "Some of us feel that the underground bases 
even 100s of hollow upright pipes everywhere, are the next priority after busting the new 

towers, taking back the earthgrid and neu- 
tralizing satanic ritual sites and institutions. 
Most of the towers are on the earth grid and 
vortices and most of the satanic sites are 
also on or close to these features, so you'll 


(MAP loo)'about601.html 

Reptilian Bases Reported 
Under Most Hospitals 

Info in free downloadable book, "The Mars Force - Pat's 
Story." Details at • 
hospitalsl9aug04.shtml • • 
"Evidence lhat reptilians have a base, or a tunnel leading to a 
base, under more than 90% of hospitals and some morgues. 
They use this to gain access to the bodies in the hospital for 
the purpose of harvesting hormones." 

Remote Viewing Underground UFO Bases 

Defector, spills it out 

plus shows smuggled photos. One good thing in the 
horrendous details he exposes is that we (humans) are 

getting ET help. For your safety, read his: 

"Underground Bases, Missing Children, 

Extra-Terrestrials What You Need To Know For Your Future" 

About BUSTED Bases 

By Cbswork 'There are all kinds of 'orgone' energies. ..Orgone 
often ..appear as heat waves: ripples of clear, fiery energy, that bums 
brightly, but does not consume matter., when we say an under- 
ground base has been destroyed, I believe what is being stated is 
thai the higher, free energy systems operating in these areas us- 
ing the electromagnetic force and lines of force in much of the 
esoteric machinery is no longer functioning. ..But a car under- 
ground still runs. Because these are entirely two different function- 
ing realities, not affecting one another. Humans DO NOT DIE from 
our orgone gifts underground but many of the alien devices created 
to function of DOR., do cease to function. From mat POV [[Point of 
View]], the base is, yes, dead. But all the other mundane stuff 
woiks. Their underground rail system, which is gravlev, does NOT 
work, as it is based upon etheric free energy systems that are nega- 
tively polarized, much like our electrical grid system is setup upon a 
60hz ac system, which is negatively polarzied. electrical fire ...The 
reason orgone docs not take out these sytems is BBCAUSETHEY 

Just waiting to receive your PREMADE orgone 
Inserts or Waterwands, and thereby be trans- 
formed into something far loftier than a "street sign" 
or gate anchor. Secret Sidewalk ChemBusters. 
You can make orgone inserts using cut PVC, 

rolled paper, or cardboard-cores from paper-towel / get a lot of Bang for our orgonite Buck ;-). ... 
toilet rolls. Or just drop in one or more or many For now, I'm recommending Vancouver 
narrow Dixiercup TBs. Stand on a stool or folding Steve's treasured method: fill a toilet paper 
chair (kept in your car for this pur- core tube with orgonite and a single, 1 " 
-■pose} for extra height to reach long quartz crystal of any quality and 
tall pole tops. Pole caps can drop it down a fencepost stop sign 
be knocked off/put back pole or any other (at least) 2" diameter pipe 
on. ToNOTdrawatten- that's set in the ground. Steve carries a little 
tion while gifting, do your stepladder on his urban gifting missions. This 
"Drop-Ins" at nite. does double duty as a tower-buster and 

~DRE under-ground base buster . Don Croft 

Orgonite buried (or tossed close) near a POLE 
also converts the pole to a mini CB; see pg 24. 

Make Etheric PeacePipes to 
Purify Pools, Ponds, Lakes, Rivers 

...also called "Etheric PipeBomb"(does NOT ex- 
plode). It clears / cleans up bodies of polluted 
murky muddy water. In Gifting.doc Don Croft 
wrote: "This... has been found expedient for re- 
viving bodies of water and clarifying 
them. Just half-fill any length of 
empty pipe with orgonite and a 
single, tower-buster- type of crystal 
and toss it in polluted water. I did an 
acre-sized pond in Uganda with five pipe 
bombs. 9 inches long and 7/8" diameter 
and a week later the scummy, opaque and 
stinky water had turned clear, smelled 
nice and had no scum at all. A few weeks 
later, some Japanese relief workers from 
the city were seen fishing there." 

Making Sugar Orgonite 

A controversy in orgone fo- 
rums. I decided to provide 
this information for those 
who, for whatever reason, arc 
not able to obtain Resin; they 
can still make Orgonite devices (TBs, HHGs, even 
CBs) with cooked Sugar, used just like Resin. It gets 
rock hard, though needs to be coated. White sugar 
is much cheaper than Resin, and everywhere avail- 
able, being the world's number one drugfood ad- 
diction. Deadly and health-wrecking inside the 
body, but when made into Orgonite, becomes 
deadly to the Regime that uses Sugar as one of its 
many disguised weapons to undo Humanity You 
can make Sugar Orgonite in your kitchen; ventila- 
tion not required. Following is a recipe & general 
instructions for making Sugar Orgonite. Mind you, 
just plain white Sugar melts when heated. Feel free 
to modify, experiment, improve! 
Ingredients, Materials (makes about 6 TBs) 

• 4 cups Sugar (any • muffin pan, tightly oiled 
kind, crystal or powder) (or use Telflon coated), 

•J cups (charged) containing other • orgonite 

Water (less=better?) ingredients: quartz crystals, 

• 45ml or 50ml Vinegar cjis, mc ta| particles ... 
(note: 2 fluid ounces = ,77^5. coppeK copper-cooled 
60 ml. ,02 =30 ml) orahmuniummaybebestfor 

• pot • wooden spoon this. Cut-up curly/mesh metal 
•candy-thermometer scour pads are very porous, 
(or use Test in step #3b) permitting thorough saturation) 

Sources & more Information: 


( Device Construction. "Orgonite with sugar") 

Air Force tunnel-boring machine. 

"Dulce and Other Underground Bases" 
"The September, 1983 Omni ran a picture story 
on the Subterrene.'a nuclear tunnel-boring 
machine ...burrows through deep underground 
rock, heating it to a molten state.. .which cools 
after the Subterrene moves on. The result is a 
tube with a smooth, glazed lining that can be 
used for the high-speed transport shuttles 
that link the sub-base complexes." 


1 Mix all ingredients in a pot. 

2 Turn on /up heat slowly (after 5-10 minutes, lots 
of bubbles) while stirring continuously, bringing 
mixture to a boil. After a half hour mixture 
reaches hardening temperature. 

3a Let temperature reach 160° Celsius (320° 
Fahrenheit), as verified with a candy thermom- 
eter. Watch out not to surpass this or mixture 
begins burning and you get syrup. 

3b If you have NO THERMOMETER: after 
mixture has boiled about a half hour, do this 
TEST to see if mixture hardens when cooled: 
From your stirrer-spoon, let a bit of mixture drip 
into a glass of cold water. Feel if the drops are 
soft or hard. If soft, boil a little longer and re- 
tesL If hard, mixture is saturated and makes a 
cracking-sound in the glass; it Ls ready. 

4 Remove mixture from heat. 

5 Wait about 30 to 60 seconds to let it cool a little, 
maybe while still stirring (to rid air-bubbles). 

6 Pour mixture into muffin pan holes (or into 
metal or glass mold; not plastic or it melts): 

- Some people preheat the muffin pan with its 
contents (metal particles /crystal), then pour 
hot mixture over these. Pre-heating metal 
particles prevents air-holes in the orgonite. 

- Some people pour mixture into pan. then 
immediately add metal particles 'crystals 

7 Let it cool. It cools quickly into rock-hard Sugar 
Orgonite, maybe with a sticky surface. 

8 Make your Sugar Orgonite bug & waterproof by 
coating it in one or more layers of Resin. 
Lacquer. Varnish or Paint to protect it from 
nibbling bugs, rain erosion, dissolving. 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 26 OF 52 

Powerful Orgone Self-Defense Tools 

Succor Punch Explained 

not be realized Since the world order is 
heavily centralized and energized by 
the masters of the WB, it will deprive 
... the beastly manifestation of its head 
and enough ordinary folks like us wi" 

By Don Croft ... July 22, 2002 invisible to even the keenest 

Carol and I chose the name because "sue- observers on the other team 
cor" because it means "to nourish" and be- in those moments. I've got a 
cause it rhymes with "sucker." A sucker photo of an agent looking for 
punch is made when the opponent's de- a HHg and he^s got a big, 
lenses are directed elsewhere. In this case, white blob enveloping his 
humanity's opponents, as far as we can head ;-) I call it a ' brain cloud,' 
tell, are the entities in charge of the preda- and we believe that's compli- 
tory agenda, most evident by the chemtrails ments of the VVingmakers 
and the new "martial law" transmitters pop- [[aka Sfyphs, Operators; pg 29, 
ping up all over the planet in the past 48]], or whatever you wish to 

year... A while back, a fellow gave me call the host of heavenly help- 
written directions for making a mobius ers guiding us into the emerging paradigm 
coi I, and warned me not to deviate from and out of the receding one... This is an 
those, as it could lead to illness if not made orgone generating instrument, though 

right. It resembles a mobius strip and gen- it operates on different principles than „„ „„,„..;,,.„..,.,„„„„,, ,„,„„„„ 
erates essentially pure chaotic electromag- the Holy Handgrenade and cloudbuster Chicago during a fireworks display 
nelic energy. A Succor Punch is made up of .. The SP is far more interactive. Al- "•■ -"" '• '.'.'■ '.'• 

one of these coils, wrapped around and glued though a protective Held is generated 
to a substantial quartz crystal that has a dis- automatically , the size and strength of 
tinct point on it The terminals of the coil are which is determined by the crystal, con- 
connected via small alligator clips to a fre- scious direction of the energy sends a 
quency generating box, powered by a nine beam of pulsating, concentrated 
volt battery. ...I glue the coil to the crystal orgone to any entity in existence 
because if the chaotic energy is not orga- Those of us who are aligned with the 
nized by the crystal or contained within a force of life are envigorated by it, 
perimeter field it will make someone nearly those who are aligned with the forces 
sick and debilitated This makes no sense in of decay and exploitation are made to 

feel intensely uncomfortable by that 

its midline and out through its pri- 
mary charkas ... Sometimes I turn 
them in circles or spin them on a hori- 
zontal axis to disorient them. The hu- 
man psychics will try to depart fast and 
you can let them go with a strong tele- 
pathic warning. The other-than-human 
wate up 6 that'the delusion createdfor ones wil1 •* unpleasantly astonished that 

us will simply collapse in on itself, a merc numan can do lins to them . so 

will resist a lot more. These need to be 
kept in the field longer sometimes and 
may try several more times, so stay fo- 
cused and watch for them. ...The SP is a 
potent healing tool in the hands of a 
skilled practitioner. entity other 
than the really nice ones can exert any 
influence on a person who has a SP 
in his/her personal energy field- 
Here's what happened when the voodoo 
men followed Carol back from Kenya 
last September ...She had a severe pain 
in her side as soon as she left Nairobi af- 
on the waterfront on July 4. This was (er a monm j„ a village where she had 
to have been a trigger to establish mar- demonstrated the ability of our little 
rial law. We believe that other groups are crow d zapper to cure AIDS... We de- 
operating along other paths and depriv- c ided to see what was causing it and both 
ing the WB of their hoped for world tyr- f us became aware that several entities 

anny this year our hope is that no- were drawing energy through a 'hole' in 

body will actively involve themselves her side. I got the image of some African 
with us unless at least part of what we' re men and Carol recognized one of them 
claiming lines up with their own under- as being from that village. We traced the 

similar to the way the high explo- 
sives attached to the supporting 
girders of each floor of the WTC 
and Murrah Federal Building 
caused those buildings to collapse 
mm in on themselves. The delusion 
tgm they've created for us is that these 
were terrorist attacks. See my point? 
...Six of us with Succor Punches, two of 
whom are telepaths and astral travelers, 
neutralized a bomb that was intended 
for killing a large number of people in 

theoiy, since there is only 5 milliamps go- 
ing through the coil, pulsed in a square wave 
at 15 cycles per second This current is not 
even strong enough to be felt if you were 
to hold the two electrodes. We're using 
our zapper circuit for this. If you apply the 
electrodes to bare skin for at least 20 min- 
utes, you'll be killing lots and lots of your 
parasites, even though you may not feel 
the current going through your skin. 

standing and/or experience.... You can 
keep the target entity on the "spit" as 
long as you like. The really recalcitrant 

beam, since it forces them to rise in con- ones need a lot of attention. ...Since all 

We're finding that just turning the 
thing on and keeping it in your car 
blocks the signals of transponders that 
the feds may have left there. 

sciousness to the place you and I are. 
Many are shocked to discover that tech- 
nologically advanced races, such as 
predatory Reptilians, Draconians, B 
Sirians, grays., are so spiritually under- 
developed Their human cohorts, such as 
the masters of the White Brotherhood 
(WB), although well able to spin a spiritu- 
ally-advanced sounding rap, are equally 
susceptible to the healing force of the Suc- 
cor Punch. Some of the latter are only par- 

races but humans are strongly bound by 
universal law, they must detach their 

source of the power to a vortex west of 
Nairobi that was severely distorted, simi- 
lar to the way the one in Montauk and 
other satanic sites are. Carol was person- 
ally threatened by the visage of a semi- 
human male eating human body parts 

predatory/parasitic connections to you once wne n she looked at that site but held on 

you've made it abundantly clear that they and traced the energy further to a repn'l- 

are not welcome. ...You need to get a j all hj ve under southwestern Africa 

sense of who your target is to be. Nor- ...we later learned that Credo 

mally, whenever anyone commits ac- [[Mutwa]], a chief shaman of the 

rively to this project, he/she is notice- xhosa, or Zulu, told of being invited by 

ably harassed by a number of entities, a reptilian hive queen lo mate and pro- 

not least of which are the federal 
agents who are trained psychics. If 

If you're involved with the cloudbuster 
project I bet you've got at least a satellite 

yourve- you is tnai enougn win get into me pleasant sensations, relax and imagine full advantage in times of need Many 

the process hands of effective people that the alleged the source. Send that person or entity others like me have gotten similar re- 

!Ll. ■ >. .:' .1. ' I.' (,.. Hull I. . . !■. A ..I. >|.,n' l.:Tb\ > « . ■ "• ■■ - _ " . 

transponder and a voice one in your ve- you is that enough will get into the 
hide. ...Mind you, if you're in the process hands of effective people that the a 
of neutralizing one of those horrible trans- powers that be will be in a constant bath 
mitters with a holy handgrenade you'll be of this healing energy, thereby creating 

I an environment for them in 
| which their fondest wishes of 
genocide and exploitation may 

tially human... Wholly human predators are y 0U feel like this is happening and 

less susceptible but these ..almost never oc- you've been making and deploying holy 

cupy positions of real power... Our inten- handgrenades and cloudbusters, it prob- 

tion and hope in making this available to a bly is, so just be aware of any un- 

duce offspring with her and that she had 
promised hini great power if he agreed to 
do so. He refused, not being a fan of per- 
sonal power. ....I'm not particularly psy- 
chic but using the Succor Punch has en- 
abled me to use my meager abilities to 

Make a Chinese YoYo HHG 
& protect your privacy 

a beam of strong, pulsing blue or 
purple orgone through the end of the 
Succor Punch, imagine it surrounding 
and contracting around th eentity, 
while at the same time blazing along 

suits. I want to stress that there are no in- 
stitutional elite or upper castes in the 
emerging paradigm and service to hu- 
manity has been the highest aspiration of 
the wise since the dawn of time... 

HourGlass HHG. (You need 4 or 

5 of these in order for this to work; 

One is no longer suffient!) Create 2 

HHGs with flat tops, 

joined top to top. Cut the 

funnel of your HHG mold 

lower and make your 2 


HHGs in it. Their tops will 
be flat and broader. Con- 
nect the 2 tops with resin or 
'Goop glue. Result is an hourglass 
shaped HHG (with extra intense wider 
forcefield), an effective anti-surveillance tool 
which protects your communications privacy ac- 
cording to forum reports. Put them by your 
phone, your computer, in y o ur car . Maybe a mini 
one to keep on your person. (Invented by Al ^— ■> 
Gray). "Joined at the tips, yes. Even 
small ones will create a surveillance- 
free zone big enough for your immedi- 
ate area." ~MaryKCrott, Don Crofts sister 


^| i mce youi eyes arc "trained" to see ii you can then 
For moi. its far easier to sec energy in the day - as there is turn it on and off at will. ... The benefits of this is that 
a great deal more of it, considering it comes from our Sun your eyes then see all ctheric grade pbenom. Good and 
- than at night To tune to DOR [[destructive orgone]], just bad Youll start to notice entities and beings that exist in 
spend a few minutes about near a close power line and a mostly etheric state much more frequently. ...A short 
gaze at the wires. You'll see a brown haze like a sheath cut -not recommended- is to take your SP, and from 
around the wires, and the transformers themselves actu- your temple, point it at the base of your eye socket for a 
ally drip the stuff like slow syrup down the poles. 60hz few minutes. Then tends to "awaken" those mostly un- 
AC, is bery bery bad Once the synapses behind the rods in used portion of your visible sight by gentle shock. Dont 
your eyes adjust to the frequency of that waveform, you'll do it more than a few times. Most of us do not see with 
see it eveiy where. You are then developing etheric acuity the eyes we have. There's tons to look at And this is just 

in your eyes For most people, the simplest way to engage 
that portion of their eyes, is to use their peripheral vision, 
which FORCES the eye to use the rods, instead of cones. 

etheric vision ..None of the above will work or create 
REAL clairvoyance. That's a horse of a different color. 
(From: www. 

VARIATIONS, perhaps taped \-/ (—A 

together : Double YoYos / \ \__/ ' 

and a YoYo COLUMN! \~/ / \ 

21 v 


Aura Book + Aura Glasses: "Aura Glasses: You Can See Auras 

Takes aura viewing one step further and in- tention on a subject brings one to an altered 
eludes a pair of glasses for aura viewing. state, which enhances the ability to see energy. | 
20 short chapters teach you all about seeing $ 24. 95 USD+ $ 5 shipping worldwide. 
and interpreting the aura.. Most people who §^j check or mone y order payable to: 
try the Aura Glasses can immediately see Ea rthtopia 

light around objects, plants & people. Fur- Strathcona Postal Outlet 74061 

ther practise brings the ability to see aura Calgary Al bcrta 

colors, guide energies, thought forms, heal- T3H 3B ' 6 Canada 

ing energy and past life energy. Weanng 

the Aura Glasses and calmly focusing at- Email: info@auragoggles.COm Phone:1-403-240-2642 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 27 OF 52 

Make a "Succor Punch" 

Make your own "SP" using these instructions. 
Or BUY an SP (or PowerWand) from: 

• educate-yourseltorg (mobius wrapped, double 
terminated SP crystals, S55 -$165) + P. box S80 

• (full SPs: $135, $160) 

• (mobius wrapped 
SP crystal, $25. Add Powerbox) 

(full SPs, $134.29, $144.62) 

• (Powerbox, $36) 

What's a Succor Punch? 

"Succor Punch" (SP) is the name Don Croft 
coined for a quartz crystal that has a specially 
knotted Mobius Coil wrapped around it "When 
you pulse a 15 Hz signal into the coil, it sets up 
a chaos field which interacts with the crystal to 
create scalar waves which can be programmed 
with your thoughts. Forces are set in motion both 
on the third arid fourth dimensional levels." 

An active Orgone Gifter should have at 
least one Succor Punch... or Powerwand (super 
Succor Punch). It's convenient to have 2 or 3 
SPs; one for your house - with its powerbox 
plugged into the wall; one to take around with 
you whenever you go out; and one in your car all 
the time car- plugged into your cigarette lighter. 

"According to Don Croft, the SP crystal 
pulsing in the car will prevent bugs ana 
transponders planted in your vehicle from 
working properly, denying the Gestapo the 
opportunity to monitor your conversations and 
tracking your position from satellites." 



• large quartz 
crystal, at least 

J about 1 1/2" thick, 3 
or more inches long. 
(Available from and 
Or in 14 sizes, already wrapped in a Mobius Coil 
with jack & 6" double-plug cable included; $55 to 
$165, at 

For making your Mobius Coil Cable: 

• spool of 30 gauge solid conductor insulated 
wire (Available at RadioShack in red, blue, 
white; 50 feet, item #278-50/ to 503. Do NOT 
get the copper "Enamel Coated Magnet Wire"; it 
is too stiff and its enamel easily scrapes off 
causing minute shortages.) 

• Alternative to above: premade Mobius Coil, 
ready for wrapping around your crystal (from . 8-foot= $10, 14-foot = $15) 

• Optional: cordless drill, otherwise use your 
hands to twist wire. (The counter-clockwise 
spinner on an electric handmixer also works.) 

• hook or clamp (to hold wire while being twisted) 

• pliers (to hold wire if someone helps you) 

• tape (to hold ends of folded wire together) 

• Goop glue or HotGlue Gun (to cover mobius 
coil /jack after you wrap it around crystal) 

POWERBOX. A frequency generator designed to power your SP 
(or PowerWand) by pulsing a 15 Hz frequency into the mobius- 
coil on your crystal. Here are 4 options /sources: 

Powerbox Option A: 

Battery-powered only. Order 

- "SP / Powerwand Power Box" ($60) 
- "Wired Accessory Plug" ($10) 

(Or RadioShack's 6 Audio Cable . 1/8" mono 

miniplug with tinned ends, 042-243 4, $3.29) 

Powerbox Option B: 

Plug into wall /car or use battery. Order from 
-"Compact SP Pulser" (580), comes with: 

• 2.1mm jack for SP crystal • DC coax power jack 

• 9 volt batteiy • 9 volt DC wall transformer (Adapter plug-in-wall cord) 
- 2. lmm jack ($2.50) to glue on crystal. (Or RadioShack's 3/32" 

Submini Phone Jack. #274-245, pack of 2, $2.99) 

-cable with 2.1mm gold plug at each end (6-inch = $12, 4-foot 
= $15.) (one plug goes into jack mounted on crystal; other plug 
goes into powerbox jack) (Or RadioShack's 6 Shielded Audio 
Cable , with two 1/8" mono miniplugs, #42-2420A, S3.29, and 
2 Mono Plug Adapters . #274-327C, $2.99 each, to go on each 
end of previous cable) 

-Optional 4'Coiled Car Cable ($18) for battery power 
from your car. (with modified central polarity) 

• Quick Tite super glue gel (to glue jack on crystal) 

Powerbox Options C & D: 

C Generic, battery-powered with two 

Alligator Clip connectors. 
D Lets you plug above Powerboxes into wall. 

Order "Regulated Power Supply" from ($22). With 9-volt DC 

battery clip. See pages 29, 43. 

Free Mobius-Wrapping Video Tutorial 

Input "SenseiDennis" at 


Part I: Make Mobius Coil Cable 

"1 Select proper length of wire. From spool of 30- 
.■*:•:::::■:•..... gauge insulated wire, cut a length of 
|Si wire appropriate for the size of your 
"I?; SP crystal. (When wire is prepared 
IP (doubled twice & twisted] it becomes 
mr u4 its original length, and is wound 
? ' & knotted around your crystal): 

• crystal of 1 " diameter: 

use 24 feet of wire; after preparation 
it becomes a 6-foot mobius coil 

• crystal of 1-1.5" diameter: 

use 28 feet of wire becomes 
a 7-foot mobius coil 

• crystal of 1.5 - 2" diameter: 

iise 32' of wire = 8' mobius coil 

• crystal diameter wider than 2": 

use 36' of wire = 9' mobius coil 

• crystal, very large /wide: 

"use 40' or entire 50' spool. 

2 Fold wire into 4 equal lengths /strands. 
Fold wire in half once, then fold in half 
again, creating a zig-zag of 4 strands / 
quarters (like greek alfabetsigma. £). 

5b To twist wire by DRILL (faster, easier): 

• Set the drill direction in reverse (counter- 
clockwise direction that removes a screw) 

• Take the end where both ends are bent and 
place them into the locking chuck of your drill. 
To easily keep them evenly together in the 
drill, start a small twist to holdlhem together. 

Clamp the other end of the wire (with 
the two leads) to a sturdy stand OR 
have someone hold it with pliers. To 
minimize irregularities, keep good 
tension ,'tautness while drill is rotating. 

7 Your Mobius Coil Cable is completed when 
composed of twists with angles of 45-degrees. 

8 If needed, re-tape both ends for easier handling. 

Part II: Wrap & Knot Mobius 
Coil Cable around crystal 

9 Holding your crystal and cable, take the end of 
the cable having the two leads: 

• with leads pointing left, extended 
several inches past crystal, hold 
this end to a side of your crystal. 

3 Pull out the two ends « 

2 to 4 inches from the <= 
middle-bend of the 
wire. These will be the leads of 
the finished Mobius Coil Cable. 
Can be trimmed later if needed. 


4 Optional: wrap wire at both ends with tape to 

hold strands together for easier handling; remove 
tape as needed, later. 

5a By Drill or Hand, the 4fold-wire needs to be 
twisted counterclockwise until it becomes a 
cable composed of 45-degree threads. 

Rotate drill counterclockwise until 
the full length of cable is composed 
of twists ("threads" ) having 
angles of 45-degrees. 

6 To twist wire by HAND (takes longer): 

• Take the end where both ends are bent and 
hook it in a firmly mounted hook, or clamp 
it to a sturdy stand. 

• Starting near the hook /clamp, twist (turn) 
the four strands together, counterclockwise 
(turn to left) until the "threads" of the twists 
are about 45 degrees, and compose the 
length of cable. 

• wind the cable counterclockwise 
(=turning to left) to the back of the 
crystal, around it to front, one time 

"IO Make your first knot after bringing 
cable around first time. The knot 
goes over, down, up-around. A 
simple overhand knot 
as shown. Keep this ' 
knot a little LOOSE 
because you' 11 need 
the space for the 
remaining knots. 

"11 Repeat process, continuing making knots. Loop 
it in tie same location over and over. You will be 
doing a counterclockwise wrap that works 
upward You'll notice the wire working upwards 
while knot gets larger. Start pulling the wire tight 

12 Each time you start 
a new knot, startjust 
before the last one. 
Keep wraps tight to 
ensure wires do not 
overlap on the back 

Here is how it looks going 
around a third lime 

da MUFFIN pape rs : PAGE 28 OF 52 

13 You can creale two or more knot- 
clusters on your crystal, especially 
if knots become difficult to 
overlap, or your crystal is long. 

Start another row the same way as 
the first. Pull the excess just a 
little above the first mobius wrap. 
wrap the wire around 
counterclockwise, then do the 
knot and keep repeating as many 
times as needed. 

14 When you act to the end of the c 
luck the double folded bends 
(tips) into a crevice between 

Finished result for 
a small crystal. 

15 Coat entire Mobius 
Cable (except leads) 
with Goop (or glue 
from a hot-glue- 
pun) to protect and 
hold wires in place. 
Use 2 or 3 coats of 
Goop. letting each 
coat dry before 

16 Strip wire-ends 
using a utility or 
other sharp knife: 
shave off about a half 
inch of insulation coating 
from the two ends (leads) of 
wire, exposing the bare metal. 

Succor Punch OPTIONS 

Your Powerbox can be a 

Zapper-box with a jack 

added (pg 42), and serve 

as both, a parasite-zapper 

&SP/PW Power-box. 

At, "Mini Silver Terminator" Si 25 

Part III: Connect SP Mobius Coil to Powerbox 

17 If you selected Powerbox Option A : 

a. Get the "Wired Accessory Plug" 

and if needed, strip off part of the 
insulation from its two wire- 
ends, exposing the bare metal 
wire, (or use RadioShack 6 ' 
Shielded AudioCable) 

b. With clean hands, take one of 
the stripped ends of the 
Mobius Coil wire (glued on 
your crystal), and lake one of 
the ends of your "Wired 
Accessory Plug" (or one of 
the 2 tinned ends of Radio- 
Shack cable) and wrap 
them around each other. 

c. Repeat step with other end 

d. Insulate the 2 connections 
separately with electrical tape 
or Goop and let Goop dry. 

e. Insert accessory plug (or RS cable) 
into the jack on your "SP/ 
Powerwand Power Box". 

f. Turn on your powerbox. 
Congratulations! You now have a 
functional SP. ready for programming! 

Succor Punch 

Dennis Griffen's Inventions (at 
"Everyman's Orgone Zapper & Frequency Generator" 
$35. Combines 3-in-l: • Powerbox (without the box) 
+ • Orgone Zapper + • Implant Killer (2 removable 
orgonite discs with neo magnets). Uses Dr. Hulda 
Clark-approved 30 kHz frequency. Battery-powered 
(or use R.P.Supply below to plug into wall). 

Plug your SP's (& PW's, Zappcr's) Powerb ox into the 

wa|l with the AC to DC "Regulated Power Supply" $22. 

Enjoy freedom from batteries. Its gold/copper orgone 

transformer conditions electricity flow. Its 9-volt clip attaches to your 9-volt 

battery clip. Now you can run your SP-PW-Zapper 24 hours while you siecp. 

An Orgonite Base around your SP makes 
it more powerful and enhances /amplifies 
its action. Also add an "SBB Coil" (pg 10) 
at the bottom; it will function as a mini 
Powerwand. Available readymade from where Ken 
Adachi wrote: "Don & Carol Crop 
have found thai adding some resin/ 
metal matrix to the base of the SP 
crystal will enhance and amplify Us 
action. I've gone a little farther ana 
immersed the entire SP crystal in a 
resin/metal matrix using copper, 
aluminum, and brass metal shav- 
ings I find that the larger SP 
crystals with Ike surround- 
ing cylinder of orgonite and 
Lost Cubil coils will essen- 
tially function as a mini 


How to Use a Succor Punch 


"Just turn it on for protcctioa.. You can keep it 
in your car glove box or have it at your bedside at 
night ..For projection, put your finger to the tip 
and project a mental positive image of healing or 
protection towards someone or some situation." 

(From: The Succor Punch, by Ken Adachi 

'To utilize the SP. you turn it on and hold it 
over your heart chakra and tell it what you want it 
to do. If you are being harassed by ELF 
microwave transmissions, you tell it to create a 
perfect shield against any sort of energy that is 
beamed to you from any dimensional plane, 
intended to cause you harm (in any way or form), 
by any sentient being or thought form directing 
that negative energy towards you. You then tell it 
to transmute any negative directed energy that 
penetrates your shield, into life enhancing energy 
that invigorates and energizes you in a positive 
manner. You then tell it to beam back to the party 
(or parties, or thought forms) who are responsible 
for sending this negative energy to you, the same 
negative energy, but in a form that the offending 
parties are defenseless to shield against. 
...Sometimes, for good measure. I'll ask that the 

offending energy being reiumca snould be increased by 
800% for as long as the clowns are beaming the energy 
to me. You can ask that any remote viewer, human or 
otherwise, be blocked from Remote Influencing or 
remote viewing you or from psychic scans. You ask that 
any negative alien being should be blocked who 
attempts to attach any sort of life draining 'cord" or 
device (in any dimension) to your chakras or interferes 
with you in any way, etc., etc. You get the idea. In other 
words, you use it as if it's Aladdin's Lamp. ...Dowsing 
tells me that I can program the medium size crystal for 
about 35 tasks. ..Larger crystals can usually handle 
more programming and do things more powerfully than 
smaller crystals... According to Don Croft, negative 
aliens like the Draconian Reptilians cannot stand to be 
in the environment of the SP pulsing circuit and want to 
exit He mentions this often in his Adventures episodes." 

For examples /experiences of using the SP, PW and 
other Orgone defense tools see: "The Adventures of 
Don & Carol Croft" Series at 

• Mobius Coil Tutorial, 

• What's A Succor Punch? hnp://' s 

dc/dcsuccorpunchdescri p.sntml 

• Succor Punch Explained, by Don Croft, educate- % 8 

• Mailing Addresses, to order powerboxes, etc (from " 
ctbusters, educate-voursclf, quebecorgone) in Vendors 



If you selected Powerbox Option B : 

Connect the two stripped-wire ends of the 
Mobius Coil Cable to the jackbox as follows: 
With clean hands, connect one wire-end to loop- 
stem on top of jack. To do this, 
insert wire into the loop, then 
wrap excess wire snugly around the stem. 
Connect other wire-endto lower loop at back 
of the jack; do NOT use the higher loop (ok to 
cut it off). It's ok to bend down the loop-stem 
on top, but do not bend backside loop. •«**„ 
Separately wrap each connection with electn-" 
caf tape (or heat-shrink tubing) to insulate i 
If using these, put the 2 Mono Plug 
Adapters on the 2 ends of 
RadioShack's double cable, 
iflsert a plug (of double-plug-cable t 
from EducateYourself or 
RadioShack) into jack-hole to see it 
slightly extending past back of 
jackbox: this space must remain 
clear of glue / obstructions. Use 
electrical tape to section /seal off this space 
(box ulterior and slightly beyond the back), 
enough to properly accommodate jackplug, 
b. Glue the jack onto the crystal (using Quick 
Tite glue) and let glue dry. (Gue it high 
on the crystal, or on a facet at the to| 
if you plan to cast an orgonite base 
around crystal to further boost its 
power: see SP OPTIONS.) 
Re-glue jack w/ Goop & let it 

Insert one end of the double- 
plug cable into the jack on the 
crystal: insert other end into the 
powerbox jack, 
e. Optional: plug Adapter cord into 
jSigB^, DC jack on the powerbox; plug 
?\ — . other end into the wall, 
or omit this step to use 
battery power. 
f. Turn on your powerbox. 
Now you have a functional 
SP, ready for programming! 
Succor Punch 

19 If you selected Powerbox Options C, D : 

C Generic Instructions for SP or PowerWand Power- 
boxes with Alhsator Clip Connectors : a) Wrap each 
stripped wire-end (in step #16. from mobius coil on SP 
crystal) around a small metal screw. (A nail or paper-clip 
also works but it's easier to wrap wire around screws, and 
wire stays in place better), b) Insulate both wrappings 
separately with electrical tape or Goop glue, c) With 
Goop. glue the wrapping/screw in place onto your crystal, 
leaving enough screw surface exposed to receive alligator 
clip. If you neglect this step, the wires eventually break 
off, leaving no contact wire for alligator clips, d) After 
Goop dries, clamp alligator clips to screws, e) Add 
battery to turn on powerbox. Congratulations! ', 

D (You must already have a Powerbox con- 
nected to your SP. described in steps #17-19). , 
a) Plug the "Regulated Power Supply" 

into your Powerbox' s 9-volt battery clip. 
b)Plug other end into walL Congratulations 


SLYPHS, aka 
"The WingMakers," 
related to 'The 
Operators" (pg 48). 
Ancient Ethenc 
Custodians of Earth. 
Visible as swan-like 
feathery cloudforms 
whenever they're 
asked sincerely for 
help and even when 
unasked Sylphs Of 
The Gas Gumts, by ZS 
Livingstone (educale- 

da MUFFIN pape rs : PA GE 29 OF 52 

The Power Wand 

Everyman's Weapon Against Tyranny 

The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft -Episode 52 

By Don Croft ..Having satisfied ourselves quency box to the two 
that absolutely no harm can be done with this screws to power the coil 
device, we're ready to give out the instruc- when it was finished. Others 
tions for it ..Special thanks in the beginning use a different contact method 
is due Ben Morton, Sua Hooten and Bruce 5. other Crystals 
Stenulson for helping us make the crucial 
connection ...r m writing a detailed descrip- 
tion of how mine was made. If any of this 
seems over your head you probably should 

9. Cheap Fiberglass Resin... team, we always go after the strongest 

• v Here's how I made mine: ...Since I meanest one and have the others watch. 

j-.^ tend to be a little rough with my stuff, .1 carried the PowerWand from the base- 

I recessed the point of the crystal into ment to our bedroom/workshop, when it 

the pipe. I pushed it through some was finished, and it felt like an army was 

cuts in the bottom of a 3oz Dixie cup... marching in front of me ;-) . That was 

I put GOOP Glue around the bottom of pretty special. ..Carol said that before it was 

the cup to ensure that resin wouldn' t even turned on, a big, spherical cobalt 

leak in and fill the cavity, then I glued blue orgone field was writhing, centered 

the rim of the paper cup onto a flat plas- 
tic surface after the first bunch of glue 
hardened enough to hold up the crystal. 
A little amethyst (mine was an ***** I had gauged the business end of the 

inch long, broken from a cluster), a bit of pyrite lvvo terminals (screw heads) to be an inch 
(I used about a quarter teaspoon of broken Mm me ^ of ^ pipe and when I put 
bits), hematite (I used four 12mm beads), lhe f rcquenC y box in there the copper 

four feet beyond the end, sort of like a 
Medusa's head. This is the thing that vis- 
its the target when we turn on the power. 
but if s huge then and has no range limit 
Also, no psychic shields or ritual magic 
protection works against it . 
The first thing we did was test it on mc, 

or dive into a pool. Carol saw the cobalt en- 
ergy flowing over me, but none of it went 
inside. I guess nothing in me needed to be 
recycled. ...1 learned to stop visualizing 

buy one from one of the vendors... Here are an d gamete (I used four or five small rough end ca ,j (lubricated with spraved silicone m Wast ' felt a P leasaDt rush ■ n over •*■ 

the ingrediente:...(Its built in a 3" diameter bits, about 6mm). Without at least these [[so it can come off later]]) fit snugly when you stand under a tropical waterfall 

Hootcnizers. the energy from lyour Power and held it in place on top of the screw 

Wand won t be grounded or focused It will heads ^^ $ m ^ ^^ ^ 

work about half as weU as the one I made «, of ^ , M ^ ^ 

and the energy field will be spinning wddly down around whole thmg and added 

around the room instead of taking proper form. H -enous-h to stand the amethvst P Kd * So ' s conun g a P art because ' want t0 

Ifyouwantyouc^beefitupalotmorewith ^StSSSSSSSS^SSA Z&&7££2£2S* 

moremmerals,mtelhgenUycombined...We s fc C[VS £j 1 nourcd in enou»h cata- derer. Instead, I just direct the energy at 

werec^fultomakeourswithmaterialsyou | yz XLtoi^tb e mefi At this *"" h ^ ** undcrstandin S <h* it will 

can find many bead store and rock shop. point, it's better to pour just a little 

6. Succor Punch Frequency Generator catalized resin; enough to go just over 

is lawfully appropriate to 
their situation ..Here's my theory on how 

If you don't want to "use the hard wired boxes , ihSMrf^^S^"&l^uW^f2! rt ?" ,,d,, S?^2™ i8 l. 

copper pipe. 9" long. Basically it's just a 
Succor Punch embedded in slightly 
'HootenizecF orgonite [resin/metal shavings 
mix with misc.added crystals...) 

1. The Copper Pipe 

2. An Enacap (optional) 

3. A Suitable Crystal- it needs to be at 
least seven inches long, close to 1 1/2" 
thick in the middle and with a single dis- 
tinct point on one end A Vogel (expen- 
sive!) will do line, of course, but mine is 
funky and cost only $45. 

4. Mobius Coil ..I used an entire roll of 

the blue magnet coil wire from RadioShack 

(sold singly in a plastic and cardboard 

packet) to make the mobius coil on the 

crystal. The instructions for wrapping 

this coil are on .. [Ipg 28, 29 & ryanmc l. Since the 'cable' for the coil , , ,, , 

was very long in relation to the thickness SP* t0 balanced, healthy people and boosts our the business end ..and chiseling out the mllsl has 
ofthe crystal, I made a series of six awareness. The healthy orgone fields get quite | ea ked resin there, and it was finished... more nib 

' knots' or underhand mobius turns. This J^ced DV "■ "»• Om theory is that this is be- 
saved me from having to make a huge, cause it will be the earth's resonant frequency 
unwieldy 'knot.' Each knot was made up after 2012, when tyranny and parasitism vvill 
of six turns of the cable around the crys- simply be unviable on this planet 

downloadthesoftwareforafrequency genera- mT^SSSSSSSSSEST f- Whoever identmeswimU^ togs 
tor onto your desktop and hook the coil to you 
speaker plug-ins on your computer. You can 

download the NCH Frequency from Ken 
Adachi's web site: http://educate-vourself.or°/ 
nchf We use 15Hz for this because it drives all 

tal. I stripped an inch of wire on the two 
ends and wrapped them around the 
threads on the ends of two, 2° long dry- 
wall screws, so soldering was not neces- 

sary. I put some little shrink tubes around clockwise along the length of the crystal. 

the lengths ofthe screws so that the cur- 
rent would not short into the orgonite 
around them. I also liberally coated (with 
GOOP) all the bare wire that was still ex- 
posed andGOOP-glued the screws along 
the crystal so that just the heads would be 

exposed after it was all done. Until the glue perhaps because of "the nature of the 
dried, the screws were taped into position. I WO rk that' s to be done with this de- 
applied the two alligator clips from the fre- v j ce . We meli aluminum for the rest 

is susceptible to being dissolved by the 
leak and out from the the edge ofthe pipe, p^, Wan(fs ^^^ focused CDer „, 

..When this hardened. I added the pynte. y^ j,™ of dissolution is m direct pro- 
more metal, the hematite, more metal, p(Mm to that person's demonstrated 
then near the ' top I added the. garnets commitment to predatory action. They 

parasites and predators .0 distraction, but it feels ^^^J^^^Z S ^' aP ^SSSi^!^. ,> ' 
L i„ LiJZj Zm« ZZZ Za u* ™.r '? "! c sercw hea . ds - •-.' e . n . de f! U P gnnpg the more mayhem and murder he/she 

e committed, therefore the 
more vulnerable to (his device. ...The 
I sent out a request for volunteers who Love and Light gurus are window dressing, 
were under attack by NSA and other secret only. They don't participate in the grisly 
police psychic predators to give Carol and I stuff, but their programmers do. ..BodUy 
permission to visit them and disable their parasites are predators ...mi a smaller 
attackers. About twenty people responded scale, biologically. The parasitic aspects 
from around the world.. We mainly ofthe world regime are seen in its global 

wanted to get our own 'before and after/ as- exploitation of human energy and natu- 
sessments .. We found out in the process ral resources. I think the religious and edu- 
that all human predators are very vul- cational institutions fit well in the parasite 
nerable to this device, whfle lhe human/ category...The predatory aspects are seen in 
reptilian hybrids and ETs are harder agencies like the NSA the Federal Reserve 
targets. ...Our hope has been for all psychic Corporation, the International Monetary 
and even physical fake-gov' t predators to fund Communism, National Socialism 
be too scared, due to circulating reports, to (like the fake US and European govem- 
go afteranyone. When we encountera ments ^.dictatorships... 

7. A Copper Coil 
I used 99" of 18gauge bare copper wire [or 
cnammeled copper wire used for coils and 
trnasformers], wrapped loosely counter- 

The counterclockwise wrap gets the pro- 
jected orgone field spinning in a direction 
suitable for dissembling predatory/parasitic 
thoughtforms. I5Hz speeds that process. 
8. Mostly CopperMetalfor Orgonite least half the metal should be copper. 

Your PW is a Radionics=Action-at-a-distance Tool 

Ken Adachi wrote "a Powerwand can be programmed with your 
intention to address any problem or concern. I programmed the 
Powerwand [[at right]] ..witn my focused intent (along with many 
other people) to deactivate and weaken Hurricane Wilma ..when 
it was building up strength in the Carribean, on its way to Flori- 
da. If you recall, Wilma fizzled beautifully and was a non-event, 
despite the best efforts of the HAARR the military 
boys with GWEN, and the ELF tower operators." 


Ryan McGinty wrote "A PW is a type of mdionic 
device You use mental and spoken intent while using 
one. You can also use a photograph or written in- 
tent by placing the paper in the base ofthe PW. 

You would write down what you want to happen to the 
chemtrails. The DOR flow of Energy comes through 
the PW base where the intent is written. The frequen- 
cy is set by the zapper. Which then is transformed by 
the OR matrix into POR included with your intent and released out the crystal." 


alien underground 
'hives' CZ. . For 
beginners, dows- 
ing can be accom- 
plished using 3 
pendulum- move- 

Gerard B. wrote " It is restively easy to send a specific type of energy through a 
Power Wand, Succor Punch or Scarab Ring [[ his creation]] ..For instance .. tape a 
piece of Exlax or other laxative to the base of the wand, or simply hold it in one hand 
. and the energy will get sent through the wand. A good herbal 'booster' for 
this type of work is garlic That particular herb will powerfully stimulate 
* the heart chakra. Most parasitic aliens ana Hluminatists have only a 
vestegial heart chakra, so this will likely send them into shock Some 
truely 'heartless' dark entities dont even have a heart chakra, ana garlic 
would be lethal for them. food stores..carry garlic in tablet form" 

Brief overview to acquaint you with ments: one for a YES, NO and Neutral 

the orocess. Dowsing is a way to (or a Rephrase Question). Or use the 

receive instant accurate answers, CHART below To begin, here is a way 

especially to YES-NO questions -by using instru- to use vour Pendulum: • First relax, 

ments such as the Pendulum, L-Rod and Y-Rod. c >&" V° u! mn ° of extraneous thought 

Any object hung from a string is a Pendulum. Many a" ask vour Hl 8h Self (and onlyycvr 

varieties; choose one you're comfortable with. Easy High SeH) to speak to you via this instru- 

to learn, this ancient skill goes back eons. Wall mu- n*rt- • Hold tne stnn 9 of your pendulum 

rals (estimated 8000 years old) in Afrika's Tassili between your thumb and forefinger. 

Caves depict dowsing scenes. In the Bible, Moses * 0u }'° u ° or mentally, ask: Show me 

& Aaron used a "rod" to find water ('Take the rod tne YES direction and repeat question 

...and speak ye unto the rock...and it shall give forth urtl1 y° u wl " see steao Y. obvious -» 
water" Numbers 20:8-11). While dowsing is famous 

as a way to find water, it can be used for innumer- 
able applications. "The Church" (another name / 
guise for the very old NWO) prohibited it, as they've 
always done with things that can truly empower 
people. Comparable with Kinesiology, another 
way to receive accurate answers about anything. 
Also called DIVINING, dowsing is a way of letting 
your Higher Self speak to you. Allows access to 
the Super-conscious, the "unlimited repository 
of knowledge." By dowsing on a MAP (or hand- 
drawn layout of a room) it permits you to pinpoint 
unknown locations of things, lost objects, minerals, 


s— Ready 
/ for 
/ Question 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 30 OF 52 

[[ Also see "Powerwand Non-I nstructlons" Croft Episode 62 ]) 
EXCERPTS:, Episode 62B 

Powerwand Non- instructions 

-Updated June 6, 2003 itnrnense Wack pan- 
. . .By Don Croft . .The real performers ther most of the ti me, 
with these devices are our imaginations prowling around Ibe target, 
and all of us have one of those. Please looking for an opportunity to 
don't underestimate the power of your pounce. If the targets are just 
own imagination! The crystal-based de- some chump psychic agents 
vices that Carol and I developed... and or internet NSA hackers, he A' 
some new creations of other folks... ac- knocks them down and plays with them, 
cess and amplify the latent power of as a cat does with a bird or mouse, and 
our imaginations so all we need to do is they get terrified beyond comprehension 
convince our ego-based doubts and fears (my internet browser operates as it should 
to step aside and let the rest of us do what from that moment, most often). If the tar- 
needs to be done these days to prevent the get is a killer, I see the very hungry pan- 
world's gang of tyrants from committing therrippmghis/herthroatorgutsoutandl 
mayhem and genocide as they exit even imagine myself relishing it— I think 
history' s stage. Don't worry— if your tar- that makes it more real for the target Rc- 
gel is not guilty he/she won't experience member that we' re not making these de- 

anything more than a vague discomfort 
and if the target is innocent the energy 
will likely feel good to him/her. That's 
how this new technology works . 

terminations and if the imagined target is 
harmless (we all goof sometimes) nothing at 
all will happen except that I feel a little 
chagrinned. If V m really off base, the tar- 

When I use my PW to disable a secret get would feel a rush of nice energy, but 

police predator or other tyrannical mis- 
creant or enabler, I sometimes imagine 
that I'm standing knee deep in water 
with the raging ocean behind me. I 
imagine the 'recipient' about to get a 
huge wave of orgone crashing over 
him/her. I feel the water recede all the 

so far my wife tells me my hunches have 
been pretty good. ..In most cases, I get 
angry before I do the work. Righteous 
anger is like gasoline on a Ore. If you 
think anger is always a bad thing, try to 
figure out how to disable the deep, long- 
term mental programming that was used 

way down to my feet rushing out toward to convince you of that, okay?.: 

where my a** end is facing as a tsunami 
builds up. I do this on a slow inbreath 
as I 'feel' the water receding away 
from the shore until I'm 
Standing on wet sand. 
Then, as I exhale, the 
wall of water/ 
orgone that has 
reached an in- 
credible height 

Another one: As I breathe 1 
both in and out I imagine spi- 
rals of bright orgone moving 
up through the target 
spinning very fast I 
spin them both ways, 
so it looks like a DNA: 
' molecular pattern. .. I don't know if 
any of the crystal-based devices will 
■--'- ■■ i k if one is unwilling to use the imagi- 

right behind me on its way to the beach ""lion. Imagination gets a bad rap in our 
hits the target who is standing in its culture because of some pseudoscicnce 
path. I feel it al 1 over the front of my and,or religious/ mental programming 
body as a sort of outward pressure in this considerations. In fact all of the great dis- 
ease. Carol says that really freaks them «"*"« "■ made ty.\*°pk "^ » 
out or kills them, depending on their "^mely active imaginations. really 
threat (to humanity) leveL It always takes need l0 find vour own expression with 
them by surprise, sbe says. lhesc ,ools - •*/*■ b™ chudren vou . 

Another technique: I imagine my m S ii conslder lcttB1 8 them use the devices 

shapeshifting doppelganger, which is an for vou - afleT "^S read them "^ mstn]c - 

[CONT. frompg 30] movement of your 

pendulum. • Say: "Thank you. Now show 

me the NO direction" You must wait until 

pendulum loose the energy from YES and teen year olds will instantly grasp these 

move in other direction, which signify NO. concepts and will go right to work with 

lions. Just don't put any pressure on them 
and make sure that they don't feel that 
they need to meet any of your expectations, 
okay' You can bet that most eight to thir- 

• After memorizing both movements you 
may start to use your pendulum for vour own 
purposes. • ALWAYS formulate your question 
to require YES or NO answer. Ambiguous ' 
question results in ambiguous or non-answer. 
Start by asking questions that you know 
the answers to. For example, is my name ti 

(choose a name other than your ! 

own)? You should get a NO. Repeat ques- 
tion using your own name. You should get a 
YES. Then you can move on to asking ques- 
tions where the answer can be verified, such 
as "Are there any messages on my answer- 5 
ing machine?' If you get a YES response, 

ask, "Is there 1 message?' "More than 1 mes- 
sage?" and so on. Done consistently these ex- 
ercises enhance /confirm your ability to dowse. 
If pendulum movement become erratic, take a 
break. You get better with practice. Have phun. 

For more information: 

• Dowsing 

• Letter to Robin by Walt Woods. 26-page 
excellent mini course in Pendulum Dowsing, 
$5. at (see Vendors) 

appropriate gusto. They're prob- 
ably more observant than you 
too. and will more quickly visu- 

Torsion CB Tutorial 

; By Rich & John The Tor- 
sion CB is Laozu's inven- 
tion ...this is in no way sup- 
posed to replace the original 
[[Croft ]] design. It is just an 
alternative ...Laozu observed 
that negative Orgone.. would 
be pulled down [[into CB]] in a 
counter-clockwise motion, ""his 
is the reason the pipes set 
in this direction. The positive en- 
ergy then runs back out from 
around the point where the pipes 
twist, tunneling out in the oppo- 
site direction in a clockwise spi- 
ral, the centre pipe..aids the di- 
' recfion..." See orgonitemok 

alize the target and even the fed peekers, 
both physical and astral. Let them be your 
teachers. Children, unlike brain-compro- 
mised and heart-suppressed adults, can eas- 
ily distinguish the stink of the pres- 
ence of the secret police psychics 
and new age fake helpers from the 
fragrance of angelic and bonafide- 
benevolent Other visitors. 
...Here's Chen's account about us- 
ing her Powerwand... "I think I was psy- 
chically attacked night before last - my 
lower back was killing me, then my middle 
back. I got into bed about 8:30 at which 
point I got a sharp pain in my right side. I 
pushed it with my finger -sore - weird. My 
little PoWi [Powerwand] was on a dresser 
busily covering about 5 other things, but, 
from bed (in my mind), I just told it that if 
this was an attack by the dark side, 
would it please stop my pain and send it 
back to them tenfold, then on up the 
chain of command to the top. All pains 
were gone within 3 seconds. No 
Sh't! ! ! ! !..By the way, we don't need to be 
touching the devices in order for them to 
work for us. We don't even have to be in 
the same room or perhaps even in the same 
town. There may come a point where it won't 
matter if the thing is turned on. ff<-Ex- 
perienced users are finding this lobe the 
case. J J Often, I find that my PWs battery 
has run out before I've done some good 
work with the PW. ..I don't know if there's 
a limit to how many people can use one de- 
vice or to how many jobs one can set the 
thing to accomplish.. A good test for you 
to determine if the PW is 'doing some- 
thing' is when your computer gets hacked 
by the NSA/CIA geeks. I used to get that in- 
terference nearly every time I get online 
and, as I said, they stop as soon as I focus 
some special attention on the hacker, though 
sometimes I need to attend to the hackers' 
superiors if I'm in a hot spot due to having 
done something particularly hurtful to their 
collective predatory agenda and in those 
cases it's usually one of the superiors who 
is hacking my computer, Carol tells me. 
The boss hackers, usually MIB, have a lot 
more talent occult resources and determina- 
tion than the chump level hackers. Carol 
says they' re always shocked/angry that 
somebody like me can actually 10 and stop 
them. MIB usually die when they get in 
the way of the PWs... 
For psychic peekers I find it expedient to 
blast them every time the thought occurs 
to me that my privacy is being compro- 
mised by them. As a rule, I do this every 
time I even think of them because that's 
probably exactly when they show up. Some 
are clever at hiding and the most clever 
ones are also the ones who have the most 
innocent blood on their hands, according to 
my wife. The psychics like to work on us 
during sleep after we've stopped them 
from coming around during our wakeful 
life. It's a good idea to wake up when you 
sense their influence on your dreams and 
blast the snot out of them. ...These days 
the NSA wont do anything at all until/ 
unless one or more of their psychics can 
get a clear picture of our circumstances, so 
disabling the astral visitors really clogs up 
their wetwork plumbing. Remember that 
anyone who is in the astral plane is par- 
ticularly vulnerable to our brand of in- 
terference, and in that world the imagina- 
tion of the corporeal entity (you, the would- 
be victim) is king, so have some fun with 
these would-be energy vampires, okay? 
You'll no doubt find, as I have, that you'll 

get fewer and fewer intimations of psy- 
chic peekers as you progress. ..The re- 
mote viewers are another story. Many 
of them arc legitimate military men and 
women. If one of them hasn't figured 
out that many of their targets are inno- 
cent and that the people ordering the 
viewing are criminals, give him/her a 
blast when you sense the intrusion and it 
will make the right impression without 
harming the viewer. I feel them as rather 
clumsy, relatively blind intrusions com- 
pared to the higher level professional 
psychics. I think the secret police use them 
as backup only and the military uses them 
routinely for somewhat more legitimate 
reasons.. Remember that every single 
molestation of your privacy, your 
skies, even your telephone, email and 
snail mail, is just another opportunity 
for you to exercise your right to pro- 
tect yourself and your family and 
friends from this vast corporate monster 
that I'm calling the world order. ...All 
of tbese intrusions are at the hands of 
the secret police and their unofficially 
affiliated chumps in the otherwise more 
legitimate police agencies around the 
world. The satanic orders, like Golden 
Dawn, I AM, Theosophical and 
Rosicrucian masonry, etc., are sub- 
groups of the secret police and do their 
dirty work on occasions when the fake 
governments of the world want to divert 
attention from themselves. ... 

So.. .stop the secret police from en- 
forcing the world order's agenda and 
we will have effectively disabled the 
world order's terror campaign and 
the next logical step will be the disso- 
lution of the corporate entities that 
are posing as legitimate national, 
state, county and local governments 
in the world. Then, I think it will be 
natural and easy to fix this political 
mess by dissolving all heavily central- 
ized 'authority' and consulting locally 
and at the county and state levels to ar- 
range for more organic, more manage- 
able and feasible forms of government 
while the present treasonous officials 
are gradually arrested, tried and con- 
victed for their manifest crimes... See 
how important your work with these 
devices can be to the course of history 
and for the safety, health and pros- 
perity of the human race? ... If you're 
one of the remaining majority who 
hasn't the inclination or courage to take 
this monster oa you can at least be sure 
that just turning the thing on and 
staying within its sphere of protection 
will keep them at bay in your case and 
you'll probably be physically safe from 
them as long as they don't get their wish 
and establish martial law. ...The PW 
will work for anyone just by turning 
it on, at least in terms of protection and 
some marginal healing and conscious- 
ness-raising. ...optimally one would 
want to have as many of these items as 
possible around if one is serious about 
tackling the world order.. If sin 
vogue now to talk about reptilians and 
ET predators but in fact Carol and I be- 
lieve that the human secret police ones 
are far more dangerous right now and if 
we ignore the non-human ones well still 
win the game if we focus on these more 
immediate, take-govemment physical 
threats. Only humans can do the real 
dirty work and the real healing work in 
the world right now. If you have the in- 
clination and talent to deal with the rep 

31 OF52 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 

tilians. draconians, B-Sirians, etc., that are in league with this fake world govern- 
ment the Power-wand and Shiva generally work on them the same way they 
work on astral human peekers. so have some fun with them. Most of them are 
a lot more clever than their human cohorts and can manipulate your percep- 
tion, time and collateral events... Undermining the world order by neutralizing 
the secret police agencies will also effectively disable any alien or reptilian inten- 
tions for us... because the secret police are the only effective 3D interface between 
predatory ET and ourselves...We feel certain that the two bodies taken on stretchers 
from the NSA house up the street that day... a couple of hours after I aimed my 
Powerwand at it ...were reptilians (part human or at least using human forms) ... 

PowerWand -Inspired Creations include... 

• WidowMaker PW (by Al Gray, tutorial, whale, to/b/ 
dor5l.htm ) • Solus Wand (by Ryan McGinty, creates 
controllable vortex. See 
canonIO feb04.shtml & 

• BeltBuckle Tetra PW (below, R.McGinty's conven- 
ient portable PW-HHG. Tutorial, lost from EFF, may become available 
at his site. • Shiva & Mini-Me (left; MM tutorial, 

* PowerPunch (huge hollowed Quartz crystal filled with orgonite, | 
Moebius coil wrap; pg 43) • Scarab Ring (Finger PW by Gerard B, 
unavailable) • Mini PWs at & Orgonise- f - (above) & latter's 

• Orgone Howitzer 
( far right, powerful 
hybrid of Chem- 
Buster & Power 
Wand technology) 

• Orgone Power A nkh© (pendant,, see Vendors) 
The very shape of the Ankh is special, being an archetype 
for Life s 2 primal polarities -Male /Female, & their Union, ^ 
which produces Life. The ANKH emanates Life Energy by ,s 
being an antenna for the divine power of Life that ..,..._ 
permeates the universe. Thai 's Orgone! Each Ankh *&. 
includes 3 double-terminated crystals. Sweeet- 
Peas. gems. To use as a mini PW hold as showa 
A sensitive said "It's an armchair-traveler's 
delight; Close your eyes and you got a video 
going. It connects Body, Mind & Spirit. ...And 
[is] a powerful treatment for schizophrenia. " 


The Mega Powerwand 

By Ken AdachL.A Powerwand (PW) is 
an enlarged version of a Succor Punch ... 
Don Croft's original version of the 
Powerwand used ...a 3" copper pipe that 
was 9" long... The copper pipe made a 
strong casing for the PW, but it also 
made it a little too heavy if you wanted 
to carry it around with you. The copper 
pipe isin't absolutely necessary for the 
PW to function, as you can substitute 
copper shavings in the matrix and get the 
same energy signature or avoid the use 
of copper all together if desired. I like to 
use both copper and silver in my 
Powerwands because alchemicafiy, they 
are a perfect match for each other, con- 
tributing complimentary male and fe- 
male energy. To reduce' weight. I prefer 
to make the normal sized Powerwand in 
a cylindrical shape without the copper 
pipe and add the cooper as shavings. ...I 
always install a 2. 1mm jack on the upper 
facet of the crystal so I canplug a gold 
plug audio cable into the SP Pulser and 
pulse the Powerwand externally using a 
cable, rather than having the SP Pulse- 
enclosed within the lower copper cap 

and hard wired to the crystal. ... I made a 
much larger version of the conventional 
Powerwand using a bigger crystal, more 
coils, sacred geometry and a greater va- 
riety of gemstones for a person who 
needed special help. She was on the re- 
ceiving end of very advanced psychic 
and psychotronic torture technologies 
that was [slowly] killing her for many 
years and she had no way to fight back. 
.... I decided to call this enhanced version 
of the Powerwand, a Mega Powerwand. 
... I used a very large crystal that was 
over 5 inches in diameter and about 8 
inches long. I wrapped it with two 14 
foot rnobius coils and followed mat with 
a Silver Wrap using exactly 1 1 turns of 
pure silver wire, [[ 2 coils of Silver 
Wrap, over or under the mobius coils ]] 
each wound in the opposite dircctioa... 
I used a 2 quart bucket for the mold and 
initially poured a very shallow base of 
resin/metal matrix along with a 4X Lost 
Cubit SBB 
coil (18 ga. 
copper wire) 
placed at the 
very bottom 
of the mold. 

Silver Wrap 

Star of David 99. 
pure silver wire. 
Double Terminated 
quartz crystals 
held with 1/2 
Lost Cubit silver 
wire. Star placed 
over SBB Coil. 
placed above 
and below bag 
of gemstones > 

v "Don't denigrate funky orgonite, please! 

ou may hear a lot 
s about gemstones, fancy ingredients, arcane coil configurations and massive 
* scale, expensive devices (these have their place, too, when properly made) 
"but, really, it's the meek little muffins made of resin, metal 
waste and little quartz chips — nothing m ore! -that's getting, the bulk of the glo- 
bal gifting job done right now. I'm ve>y proud of that proven invention! It's the one 
thing that lets people know for sura that this grassroot movement is for everyone, not 
just for the genuinely gifted and the camp-following prima donas and etheric mercenar- 
ies and proselytes. ...Ifyouhavea burning desire to explore the potential of the fancy 
stuff, consider that this is more appropriately applied to orgonite devices that you'll be 
using within your own energy field, okay? When you're not using them, they're not do- 
ing much at all. These additives are interactive with YOU, in other words.. -Don Croft 

More Instructions for.. 

' UrilU t K Md'LiHi 

"There is a written tutorial and a cross- 
section hand drawing of how to put it all together." 




- Original message From: "Chrystal Kay" 

Don's Power Wand 

Parts List: 

• One 3" copper 
pipe, 9" long 

• One copper cap 
for pipe 

• One dixie cup that 
will fit snugly in end 

• One 7" by 1" 
diameterSP crystal 

• One roll blue 
magnet wire from 
Radio Shack 

• Two 2" drywall 

• Shrink wrap 
tubing- op./tona// 
•99" 18 gage 

bare wire 

• tape • Goop glue 

•Metal filling- 1/2 

copper at least, 

and aluminum 

• Resin and catylist 
•One 1" 

Amethyst point 

• 1/4tsp. Pyrite grains 
•Four 12mm 

Hematite beads 

• 4 or 5 rough 
round Garnets 

• Frequency box w 
aligator clip 

• Silicon spray 


large crystal: 

> Start at the bottom of 
the crystal, (make the 
'ears' that will stick out 
rather long- 2-3") Using 
magnet wire, make a six 
wrap mobius knot , and 
continue below that and 
make a second six wrap 
mobius knot. 

> Continue to make a 
total of six- sue wrap 

mobius knots from the 
same continuous piece of 
wire, [[see instructions, 
pages 28, 29]] 

> Now attach 2- screws to 
'ears' by firmly wrapping 
aroung threads and either 
shrink wrap or goop glue 
well. ( no bare wire or screw 
length exposed) Leave only 
the head exposed. Tape to 
crystal to hold in place while 
pouring, head ends up 
beyond end of crystal. 

> Wrih the entire length of 
bare wire, wrap the crystal 
from top to bottom counter 
clockwise, (there is a 
reason for that) 

On to the assembly: 

This project is made 
begining with theTOP. 

> Fit your Dixie cup into the 
top end of the pipe, (flat 
side in) and trim flush with 
rim. Cut x in bottom and 
incert point of large crystal, 
from the bottom of the cup, 
up. (Don does this so point 
will be below the rim of the 
pipe.) Glue well around 
crystal and glue cup in place 
flush with rim. 

> Now turn over, bottom 
side up. 

> Put just enough metal 
and resin in to cover cup and 
meeting place of crystal and 
cup bottom. Let harden. 
(Less leaks this wayO 

> Add metal to position 

amythist in. Place 
Amethyst point down next 
to crystal pointing same way, 
and add catalized resin. (Let 
firm up between each layer.) 

> Sprinkle pyrite in, add metal 
and pour on resin. 

> Add Hematites, add metal 
and pour on resin. You should 
be pretty close to the top by 
now...say2 1/2" or so. 

> Add Garnets, add metal to 
beneath top of screws. 

> Let cure. 

> Trim off any boo boos or leaks. 

> Attach frequency box 
[[PowerBox; see options, 
pages 28, 29. PowerBox es 
with alligator clips are made for 
this J] clips to screw ends. 

> The frequency box will fit 
handily into the cap. With some 
spray around the edge of the 
pipe rim, it shouldn't be too hard 
to remove the cap for changing 
the battery. 

How did I do Don? 


Frequency Box's 
[Powerbox's] Battery 

4 or 5 Round Rough 
Four 12mm Beads 

Amethyst PcVrt,-. 
1" long, aligned 
with/7 Quartz J] 

Metal Mix -' 
should be 1/2 
Copper, 1/2 

\- 3" Copper Cap 

Heads of two 2" 
Drywall Screws. 

6 Sets of a 6-wrap 
mobius knot 
continued one 
piece Entire roll of 
blue magnet wire 
from Radio Shack 

jy 99" 18 gauge 
bare wire counter 
CW [[clockwise]] 
along length of 
crystal over 
mobius coils 

9" x 1" diameter 
SP[[ Quartz]] 

3" diameter Pipe, 9" long 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 32 OF 52 

Webpages for detailed information 

With BioSignatures & Sanjeevini Healing Cards, enhance your Health ...& Personal Orgonite 

Ancient Egyptian BioSignatures 

Nappy curly squiggly lines that have a near-magical 
beneficial effect on humans. They realign our bio- 
logical energy, giving our energy field a TUNEup. 
Which helps us rapidly HEAL and stay well. Same 
effect on plants, animals, environment. So simple it 
sounds unbelievable, but it works! Independent of 
belief. Imagine what it could do to Orgonite. So 
when you make orgone devices, experiment & 
include images of BioGeomefry on the surface. 
You could start with just drawing the General En- 
ergy-Balancing "L" on Orgonite. (Or create it in wire, 
or make Orgonite itself in this shape). Reducing the im- 
age of BioSignatures (photo at right has 100s of them) very 
small and printing it (perhaps on acetate, so it looks like a dot) does not lessen or 
compromise its essence. If drawn incorrectly, there's no effect, since they work by 
resonance Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Egypt rediscovered/developed this ancient 
African science and brought it to world attention. A friend of mine simply drew the 
emotional biosignature on paper and taped it on her bedroom wall. She woke up the 
next day completely free of a trauma she had suffered from for 12 years. 

BioSignature pendants products courses 
• (828) 257-2600 (952) 938-3751 


& 7 1 

ilitjes # 

ical / 

we m 

The "L" pro- hmbi ^^^k 
duces "BG 3" % 

energy (the 3 pri- 
mary vibra-qualities 
of BbGeometncal 
shapes: Negative 
Green 8 higher harmonic of Ultra 
Violet & Gold) Amps body's en- 
ergy field. Protects from harmful 
radiation Draw it on tape & ad- 
here it to your cell phone (and 
appliances, electric 
plugs, outlets & 


Heart Balance, 
Blood Pressure 

Depression, Emotional Problems 

Sanjeevini Healing Cards (Images) 

Sai the Ever Compassionate Divine 
Mother answered our prayer by re- 
Profound healing system. Simple, easy, - Introduction describes system in- vealing the knowledge of the 
free. Overview :• To use, download & structions on how to prepare remedies. Sanjeevinis if prayers can move 
PRINT the cards. • Select the cards rel- - " SSC 1-58 ": Combinations, descriptions mountains - surely they can heal 1 
evant to your condition (heart, diabetes..) - " Images -All" : ALL the Healing Cards ..healers from all over the world... - 

-the Sanjeevinis themselves. 60 for are telling us - the results with the 
Body Parts; 186 for specific Dis-Eases. Sanjeevinis are often 'astonishing' 

..people phoning in and writing their experiences 
- all brimming over with the joy of having discov- 
ered .prayers CAN move mountains!" The SS- 
Sanjeevinis are subtle (spiritual) vibrations of all 
of Mother Nature's own healing forces." 

NOTES • You can charge any object with 
Sanjeevinis and use as Remedies -especially 
ORGONITE • Their logo is Hanuman, India's 

■ Make your own Remedy by putting a 
bottle of water (or any drink, food, sugar- 
pills) atop each selected image for 15 
seconds minimum. - Dosage: chronic 
problems 3 doses a day. One sip /pill is 
one dose. If you take 10 pills together it is 
still one dose, in acute problems (like in- -^Neutralisation Card'' "ne'utra'lTses pre- under'the pil"lo"w'"ha*s"worked; 'thinking' prayer energy radiating from each 

juries, fevers...) a dose may be taken ev- pared Sanjeevinis. Neutralises, erases 

ery 5 -1 minutes • Other healing negative vibrations from items 

methods include holding images rever- ; 

ently in hands, wearing.. • Even if image Excerpts from Introduction 

- " Multiplication and Broadcasting instantaneous', "miraculous". And, of- 

Card below Lets you make "Refills" of ten, the sick person has not even taken Monkey Deity, ideal Servant of God -upholding 

Remedies, send healing Sanjeevinis to the Sanjeevini orally - just keeping a " fragrance mountain. • The mgrances 

patients, charge items, anything. photocopy of the relevant San eevinis 'hey mention, apparently is poetic for the focused 

of the Sanjeevinis has worked: hold- 
ing the bottle in th e hand has worked. 
The Sanjeevinis are prayers -highly 
focussed prayers- how they work 
defies explanation at the physical 
level. ...a spirit of surrender on the 

is damaged, faded, stained, it still works, ( 

« Does NOT rep l ace medical programs "A GIFT OF LOVE 'Prayers can move 

you 'r e on; enhances them. Can be taken mountains' ..but how many of us truly be- part of the healer instantly opens up 

with allopathic drugs, for Sanjeevinis lieve it? ..A fervent and ardent prayerwent channels of God's Love. God's Love 

are prayers and can do no harm. out from us to the Lord seeking a way of k n0 ws no limitations ... when we un- 

• Main webpage for details is healing naturally, simply, effectively, gerstand this then we will recognise the 

■". From inexpensively, quickly - a very big 

'TEXT" box print at least these pages: mountain..! But the mountain moved! 

Om Sai Ram 

Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini 
healing fragrances 



• To create REFILL: place sample of your Remedy on "SAMPLE" circle; place bottle of water on "OUTPUT. Leave for 
half a minute (at which time you may pray, sing mantra if desired), then Refill is ready -charged with all the vibrations in 
original sample. • For Healing at a Distance: to "broadcast" Sanjeevini Remedy to someone in a coma/intensive care, 
or in another city /country): Make their Remedy, place it on SAMPLE. (Suggestion: Add Orgonite! Or make Orgonite the 
medium of the Remedy, charged with patient's Sanjeevinis). Write their NAME on paper & place it on OUTPUT Leave it 
there as long as required in a spirit of surrender. This could be a few minutes or several days. • Same procedure can help 
heal Earth /check wikked entities (such as HAARP). Use your imagination, consider possibilities! For example, make mul- 
tiple copies of above Card to set up each one for a specific issue. On SAMPLE, place Orgonite charged with Heart / 
Parasite/Entities Sanjeevinis. On OUTPUT, place picture or name/location of negative "target" Leave it there indefinitely to. 
continuously bathe target in Divine Vibrations. Also keep same target permanently in the Neutralizer (at right) > 

FLOWER-like Sanjeevini. • Com- 
pare with Flower-Of-Life, an- 
other potent Orgonite enhancer / 
(page 24). • Dr. Ibrahim Karim \\ 
(BioSignatures /BG3 above) 
found that when you pray/com- 
municate with Kreator [or sing 
GodsChant pg 34], you create the Higher 
Harmonic of Gold Energy. Compare mis with 
the Sanjeevinis! -which ARE focused Prayers 
Sanjeevinis in their true form ,.Ta Gift of pouring forth Divine Fragrance ( =Gold Energy?) 

Love... Each day has been a "miracle" : — : — . . — ■ — -^— r: — - — 


QUESTION : Can we use the Neutralisation card 
to neutralise negative vibrations in pills, water, 
food etc.? ANSWER : Yes, many people are al- 
ready doing this. A wonderful idea come from a 
surgeon in Europe that drugs having side-effects, if 
they must be used, can be first placed on the 
Neutralisation card with a prayer to neutralise 
the negative side effects of the drug and then re- 
charged with 
the relevant 
thus making the 
drugs doubly 
potent - all the 
while chanting 
your favourite 
prayer or man- 
tra. This does 
not change the 
physical proper- 
ties of the drugs 
or pills or water 
or food in any 
way - what it 
does is charge 
it with positive 
thoughts and 


Om Sai Ram 

Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini 
healing fragrances 

DS 1 56 Sanathana Sai 



DS 26 Sanatliana Sat 

Cancers (all) 


1 ( DS 1 66 Sanathana Sai 



BPS 22 Sanathana Sai 



DS 142 Sanathana Sai 

Worms Parasites Fungus 


BPS 54 Sanathana Sai 

Whole Body 



<x;:¥xv:;i>Wm;: x 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 33 OF 52 

Awesome Vesica Technique 

Another simple powerful tool for your upliftment, 
protection & life-enhancement. What if you make 
Orgonite in the shape of the eye-outline and /or 

let your Orgonite cure inside one of these? 

Excerpt from article written /copyrighted (2006) 

by Eileen Nauman: "PREPARING FOR THE 

GLOBAL SHIFT and Moving to the UGHT 

from the DARK: How to Do It". 


giobalshift2006.html, with permission to copy 

OR - www.linktoweUness.comlUigo.html 

USING SOME STRING ...this is basic and simple.. All 
you need is a ball of red yarn (or your favorite color). 
Or, just plain string. ...You need to cut two sixteen 
feet (1 6') lengths of yam/string. ..each string is going 
to make one circle large enough for you to stand 
within.. ..before you make a judgment, test it out 
OF STRING ..I would try this inside a house or struc- 
ture rather than out in Nature.. Take one piece of red 
yarn and create a circle out of it making sure the 
ends are touching and connecting. ...Next take the 
second string and create a second circle. But this 

aura or energy field, back into balance and harmony. 
Once that is accomplished in the eye, you then can ex- 
perience an incredible amount of things. 

Some people see a color or two. Others see a per- 
son, sometimes, their Master or spirit guide or a loved 
one that has passed over. Or, some will hear music, or 
their hearing will be sharpened and accentuated. Words, 
sentences or instructions may be given. Other times, 
places, incarnations or your home planet may be shown 
to you. No two people will ever have the same experi- 
ence because they are uniquely different. 

What is the point of working in the eye of the VP? 
This is a way to access our own integration process, 
clean out our dirty laundry within us (our wounds/negative 
emotions, ect), and heal yourself. When you sit and medi- 
tate in the eye, this is one of the most profound experi- 
ences you can have. 

The VP is about healing. And opening up. Don't 
be surprised if your heart chakra flies open and you 
feel tremendous love pouring down through you. As 
you are filled up with this love from the Universe, you, 
in turn, can give to others. It is a win-win situation. 

The VP can put you in touch with a special 
teacher in Spirit You can receive positive and reinforc- 

Sing the ancient 47 Words into your Orgonite 

while it is CURING (becoming hard). Or play 

the CD. It will be much more powerful. 


47 Words of God's Chant 

time, make sure that half (or less) of the second circle in 9 9 uidanee as "f ?** ' ifetimes ™V. un l [ oll ' ike •"■ 

overlaps the first circle. There should be a 'fish' or 
'eye' that is created as this yarn intersects one an- 
other. Congratulations! You have just created the 
Vesica Piscis symbol! 

H In the 


(Vessel of 
the Fish) 2 
'equal circles 
overlap at 
their centers ]] 

on a movie screen to you, too. The VP, in the finest 
sense of the word, is a DOORWAY To where? Well, 
you must sit in there and find out The VP is ...catalytic 
as well. You cannot sit in the VP and not change for the bet- 
ter. It will accentuate your true, authentic self and bring you 
to full bloom if you allow it to wori< with you. 

Reports of going through a worm hole, a star 
gate', flying through the galaxy or through the Uni- 
verse have also been experienced. Even more pro- 
found, going 'home' to your home place where your 
soul was birthed... The VP is a mystical opening into 
the other dimensions, a gate, a door or whatever you 
want to call it When you sit or lie down in the VP (make 
sure your entire body is within the eye or lens/fish, no 
part of it outside it), something will happen. First, your 
aura will adjusted and harmonized. Once you are in har- 
mony, then your healing begins. ..I would suggest a 
twenty minute meditation daily in the eye of the VP. Be 
sure to keep a journal or diary of what you feel, hear, see 
or experience. Over time, you will see that each journey 
is like a piece to a greater motif that is you. 

..Feeling stressed out? Go sit or lie down in the The Eye 
of the symbol. If you are upset, angry or losing patience, 
go sit in the eye for about five to ten minutes. Amaz- 
ingly, all the anger or impatience or feeling out of 
sorts, will simply dissolve away and you'll feel strong, 
steady and in your 'core' being where there is a sense of 
solidness and peacefulness... Worried? Anxious? 
Next, open your eyes and step OUT of the single p an jc attack? Want to get rid of these awful feelings'' 
circle. Go to either end of the 'lens/eye/fish'and step Go sit or lie down in the lens/eye for ten to twenty minutes 

and feels all this unwanted energy dissipate and dissolve. 
You'll come out of there feeling like a new person. 

Sick? Have a headache? Experiencing arthritis? 
Go sit or lay down in the lens/eye for ten to twenty 
minutes and see what happens. You'll be feeling a lot 
better when you leave the VP. ...You see, the VP is 
our very own, private doorway to the Universe in 
strong pull from your left or nght shoulder. It may seem every possible and conceivable way. You can turn 
that you're doing what I call, 'adjusting' by moving one negative into positive. Separation or duality into One- 
way or another. This adjustment is about getting your ne ss. ain into no pain... Sharp, hurtful emotions move 
into a feeling of peace and harmony. 

TESTING THE Vesica Piscis 

There are some rules to the road in utilizing the 
Vesica Piscis (VP). First, step into one of the outer 
circles (either side) of the double circle, but not into 
the 'fish or 'eye' area. When you get into the single 
circle area, ground yourself (see silver tree roots 
gently twining around your ankles and the tip of the 
root going down through each of your feet and sev- 
eral hundred feed down into Mother Earth), close 
your eyes and bend your knees slightly (we call this 
'soft knees'). Take two or three deep breaths down 
into your abdomen and out your mouth. Stand there 
for a minute or two and see what happens. 

into it. Close your eyes, soften your knees, take a 
couple of nice, deep breaths. Then, see what hap- 
pens. ...Many people experience many sensations in 
the eye . You can suddenly be pulled forward until you 
feel like you're going to tip over your toes and fall. Or. 
you can feel pulled backward to the point where you 
think you're going to fall over. Or, you may feel a 

Planetary Initiation Offers an Electro- wonderful thing is that the Goiden Et uses the human aura as a device 
magnetic Shield Against Dark Alien to resonate this energy patterns that will disrupt all Alien energies and 

Mind Influencing metal waves, wherever any person with this initiation is located, affect- 

..From Willy and Andy ... 2007 ing not only his environment, but also his relatives and his friends. ... In 

Golden Ascended Masters - :; - : -■'" ' n ' s initiation will create a big shift in perception for all who re- 

ni___i_„. i_:»:_a:__ ceive it and have been manipulated by this force and will open a chan- 

Planetary Initration nel t0 the 0,^5 M t0 £ ecome 

I ecnnique aware of the subconscious patterns that 

There is an initiation for the planet trie lower ET transitions create. In short, 
that will create an electromagnetic shield this initiation is the solution to many cases 
at the level of the Causal Body that will f men ( a | E T mind control used on unsus- 
broadcastasignaloffreedomtoallof pecting people. ..The wonderful part is that 
those that have been affected by low ex- anyone that asks for this initiation can re- 
iitia- ceive it just by asking for it: Just close your 
eyes, relax and think these words: 

When you sing or listen lo these |§ "" >* 

words, your healing begins. 
Brought to America by Shinto 
Master Hideo Izumoto, this 
Healing Chant-Song transforms || 
one's life when sang daily. This 
Chant is the vibration of the 
Universe and vibration of the 
highest God, and our God- 
Energy within. It opens your Third Eye and develops your 
intuition. It calms your mind by returning your energy to the 
Peace that comes from within heals, Benefits your Body- 
Mind-Spirit Singing God's Chant daily is probably the easiest 
way to prepare yourself for Earth's upcoming Ascension. A 
simple method is to sing it 3 times upon arising in the 
morning and 3 times before going to sleep. Forproper 
musical-tones, you can freely LISTEN to the Chant 
(, or order Hideo's chanting 
CD, or play out the written Musical Notes .... 
Here are the syllable-words and their meanings: 

Hi Fumi - Yo I Mil Na Ya - Kotomo Chi Lo Lane: 
We are gods and creators. We create everything in the 
Universe for us and it belongs only to us and forever. 

Shi 10 Lu -Yu I Tsu Wanu -So Wo Ta Ha Kumeka: 

We practice Freedom, Truth, Love, Beauty and Happiness, 
Advancement and actually becoming God Beings. 

WuOE- Nisali Hete - Nomasu A Se Ye Holeke: 

We live together forever, for our happiness and advancement 
Thank you God, for every one, every thing, and for me. 

[[ Music and ]] I'rononnciation, spelled the way it sounds in 

Japanese... Long dashes ( — or ) indicate take a breath or 

deep breath. Each syllable-word is 1 connt except for the 

drawnnnn out ones (prior to inhaling ) which are 2 counts; 

while the last syllable "Keh" is drawnnnn out 8 connts : 

Hee Fuu -Meeee 
G G G 
5 5 5 


E F G 
3 4 5 

Yoh Eee MuU Nah Yahhhh - 



Chee Loh 
G G 

5 5 




Lah Nehhh - 


-Yu Ee T'SuU 
A A A-G 

6 6 6-5 

G G G A 

5 5 5 6 

Nee-Sah-Lee Heh-Tehhh No-Mah-Su 

A A A G G E F G 

6 6 6 5 5 3 4 5 

Hohhhh-Lehhhhh Kehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

G G G 

5 5 5 

Shee Kee Luuuu - 

6 6 6 

Soh Wo Tah Hah 

E F'~ G G 
3 4 5 5 

WahNuuuu — 
G G 
5 5 

Wuh Oh Ehhhh - 
A A 
6 6 

Ah Seh Yeh 

G G G 
5 5 5 


(free shipping in U.S.), 
send your request & $20. 
USD money order to: 
Hideo Izumoto 
801 Rocky Fountain Dr. 
CIO McDermott 
Meyersville, MD 21773 

How To Defend Yourself Against Psychic Attack (Part 1) 

tion is given by the Interdimesional 
Golden ET masters and is designed to 
awaken within the mind structures of 
any individual, a chain of information 
that will counteract mental manipulation 
at the lower levels where the grays ET 
operate. ...This transmission will com- 
mence a 
every yea 

"It is my intention to receive the 

Golden Inter dimensional Bands 

of Love and Light right now 

-and so it is" 

... ..„ .(, „ The transmission willlast 30 minutes and can 

. Zm? M J ™£3S£te te '^^ onc * •<** "•» "*>r U<" every 
ar until I 2012. This shield will WEE ^ to , sn ^ and » %£ ^ 

resonate magnetically against aH other nnonurtOXnz (iducate-yourself.oScn/pian- 
transmissions from the grays. The el3!y i n fefonshielc^anfluence20febrj7.shtml) 

by Eileen Nauman EXCERPTS: 

see prana-guzzling from a parent to a child or 
vice-versa. This is where pieces get taken 
from everyone involved in this psychic dance 
of unhealthy patterns..You can literally, bleed 
yourself dry over an issue, person, circumstance 
ind you're hemorrhaging yourself! They 

What is a psychic attack? 

It is the assault upon your aura, without your 

conscious permission, by another person, 

place, thing or group. It will leave you feeling 

open, exposed, vulnerable and sometimes, a 

sense of danger and an anxiety or panic 

attack.. At the root of any psychic attack .. it is aren » * in S rt £ ^°^° u are S" 001 '^ 

designed to "hot button" our fear... 

Who is Doing the Psychic Attacking? 

..Usually, a person doesn't even know they 
are attacking you. This is the unconscious 
kind of psychic attack. And then, there's 

yourself, quite literally, into your own foot!.. 

Warning Signs of Psychic Attack 

■ Tiredness. Fatigue. Because an individual 
or group is putting an invisible "gasoline 
hose" into your aura and pumping out your 

those who do it on purpose and consciously, pranic energy.. If you suddenly become very 
..Often, in dysfunctional family dynamics, we tired ...weak .. when you're with a -> 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 34 OF 52 

Simple do-it-yourself "Shield" 
for fast easy protection, relief... 

Next time you feel Bad Sick Stressed Panic or have hurt yourself, try this 

FROM: shield.html 

Psychic shield -for psychic protection against 
psychic attack, health and manifestation 

Here is something that I think you may find inter- 
esting. I didn't want to send it to you before test- 
ing, but results I got were so amazing, that I 
couldn't wait no longer. It is called 'the 
shield" and was designed by Sevranx 
brothers in Belgium. It supposed to shield 
you from negative thought forms, 
psychic attack, negative vibrations, 
viruses and microbes. It helps 
overcome depressions and nega- 
tive feelings and also balances 
functions of organs in human 
body. It may also serve as a manifestation 
tool and energy broadcasting device. 

The full potential of it is not known yet. 
You can use it on its own (shape energy) or 
you can give it telepathic commands. All of 
it is done through a w itness - swab of 
cotton (I used a piece of tissue) placed 
inside small bottle or vial, wetted with saliva 
and plugged with natural cork (I used 
plastic!) and placed in the center of the 
shield (cross) so it doesn't extend beyond 
the smallest hexagon, (bottom of the bottle 
or vial must be smaller). 

To use it, orient it N-S with the pilot 
(circle) pointing N orth, wet cotton swab with your 
(or somebody you work on) saliva (or any kind of 
witness! [[ can be piece of fingernail, toenail, hair...]]) and put 
it inside the bottle, cork it and place inside the smallest hexagon in 
the spot marked with X. To use it as a passive shield, that's it, just put it 
where it's not disturbed. It's said that 10 minutes of use gives 36 hours of 
psychic protection. To use it as an amplifier for mental transm i ssion, stand close to 
it facing North, put your hands over the shield and create a mental picture of a person 
you want to help - being in perfect health (result). Mentally send the message. 

The shield should be hand-drawn (following the lines with pen or ink) 
from the inside out I tested it by putting a tissue wetted with my saliva and putting a 
piece of paper with question or request - left it for the night - presto! I got my answer right on! 
Try it and let me know what you think. I'm impressed 

Copyright 1998-2006 Divining Mind Radiesthetic Supplies. All rights reserved. 
H Suggestion: Make one and put a photo of EARTH at the center, folded up to tit. ]J 


* Statin" from 
CENTER, trace 
Shield on blank sheet of 
blank paper with an ink pen 
You can make central Hexagon 
LARGER to hold your items better. 
• Write your request on a piece of paper (I do 
mine in tiny writing and then cut it out), fold it up 
and place it at the center, totally within central 
hexagon »Then put a "witness" of yourself ( piece 
of your nail /hair, or saliva on piece of tissue 
wrapped /taped in plastic or in a vial) at the center. 
•Then turn the whole sheet with the "pilot" 
< — (GAPPED Circle at bottom) pointing North . & 
forget about it while it does its thing. DRE 

particular person, in a particular., place, this is a sign that 
you're being drained of pranic energy... • Tiredness or a 
feeling of absolute weakness or fatigue that occurs at a cer- 
tain time of the day clockwork.. [We] all get a little lackluster 
between 2pm and 4pm every day . This is NOT psychic attack 

• Headache... "Drained feeling. You can spend five minutes 
with this predator and walk away on weak knees and feel as if 
you are going to have to crawl.. • Nightmares. .. But you need 
to be sure about this.. Shadow dreams ..where you're being 
chased .. constantly dodging, ducking, running and hiding. 
You need to ask yourself what is presently going on in your 
life that you're not facing ...Most nightmares are NOT., psy- 
chic attack. • Icy cold feeling physically on some part, or 
all of your body. When your aura is being drained, you can 
physically feel like you're freezing. • A clenched knot feeling in 
your stomaclvsolar plexus area.Jf you feel suddenly weak or 
shaky, get away from this person or activity. -Anxiety and 
Panic Attacks.. 'Depression ... • Suicidal. Long term psy- 
chic attack can literally drain a person of so much pranic en- 
ergy that all they thinking or know is that they are dying.. 

• Snaking and trembling. ...From a subconscious level, where 
the assault is realized, this is a ..normal reaction because ..your 
adrenaline is flowing high ..the "fight or flight" hormones .. 

• Pessimism. If you are normally,, optimistic.. • Loss of 
Confidence...* Victim Mentality.. • Health problems .. 
[[• & Computers Electronics problems!]] 


How To Defend Yourself Against Psychic Attack (Part 2) 

Other Tools for Acute S 

...The scenarios arc endless... a psychic attack can 
happen to any of us, any where. So. wc must be 
aware and be prepared. Here are some "acute" 
tools that I have used, [[besides your SP or PW] 
:. Saranwrap.. .Whenever I go on the road ...I al- 
ways pack my trusty Saranwrap! It is three 
sheets or layers, one on top of the other. I tuck it 
beneath my bra so that it hangs over and covers 
my solar plexus (the area just below where your 
breastbone or sternum ends to your tummy but- 
ton). ...If I get into a seminar where I feel instant 
draining, and I don't have time ..then I excuse 
myself and go slap on my Saranwrap and 
there's a happy ending. The only bad thing 
about this is: you'll sweat like a pig beneath it. 

2. Ask your Spirit Guide for protection. ... 

3. Black Tourmalin* taped to your solar plexus. wonders. ...Black Tourmaline is one of 
the top gemstones for protection against psychic 
attack. By taping it right on your stomach region 
with a piece of tape, it will send the energy right 

ituations Eileen Nauman 

back at the. sender and leave you alone. This 
stops fear/anxiety/panic instantly., people., 
psychically attacked in the dream state put a 
couple of Black Tourmaline in their pillow 
casc.and no more nightmares or bad dreams. 
..You can also do this..less obviously and wear 
black tourmaline on your LEFT side. ..where 
the assault comes into your aura. 

4. Jasper, Agate & Turquoise. ..used., by 
Native Americans during ceremonies ...We 
may wear a necklace of one of these stones, 
or place one of them into our LEFT pocket. 

5. Visualizing light around you. .. close 
your eyes and see this ball of white/gold light 
hovering over your head and then spilling 
down in an egg shape all around you. Make 
SURE you visualize the color coming beneath 
your feet and sealing up. 

6. Prayer. ..very simple, but very effective. Ask 
for help from those that you believe in. In 
asking, you are changing the dynamic. 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 35 OF 52 

Excerpts: wtvw3.sympatico ca'leigh notfEnergy_Crisis.htm 

The Real Energy Crisis 

Although it may not be as obvious or as sensa- f hum ans, who the Pleiadians call he WorlcTMan- 
tional as .. was m the mid- 970 s many people with t T ., have ^ly orchestraled lhe ^ 

e^ronmentaUeanings still speak about the looming ^ ^ ]i(ica , ^ ^ bio i ogica] « evo i u . 
energy cnsis and how it ,s f.kely to effecUhe wor r d [ion " of th i S p lan e, t o serve their "enerCT" needs. Al- 

a hidden power elite on Earth fear that exists on this planet? Or the efforts that our 
that has been slowly consolidat- major media, our governments, and our corporations 
ing control for many thousands expend to cultivate these emotional charges in us? 
of years. This very small group This is not an accident. ...Behind the physically 

manifested versions of the Father Warriors who run 
this planet (..politicians, our bankers, our doctors, our 
corporate CEO 's— all those that we give our personal 
power away to) sit composite beings that feed off the 

n coming decades. Energy exists in many forms and ^ , h ££ fee , Md ^ exa( f , jke emodona] ene ^ a| Uj ve off s ^ and 

^TJi^lli ^!" 6 !^™, lll ui . d u!^ e ™A U !; ;. othefhuman, they are different in many ways. One of especially, fear As in Th% Matrix, we are the perfect 

gest that the "physical" energy crisis that some see in 
Earth 's future is really a manifestation of a different 
kind of energy crisis that exists in the spiritual 
realms. ... As stated in The Story of Creation, there 
are two basic Sources in the Universe. One is elec- 
tric and one is magnetic. We call them the Father 
and the Mother of Creation. These Sources are 
manifested in our reality as the Snn and the Earth, 
and as amazing as it sounds, these "heavenly bodies 
are conscious and self-aware much like you and I. 

they are dilterent in many ways, 
the most important is that they were not created by slave race because we do not even recognize that we 
the Sources in the same way that most souls were are under the control of others. 
created. Their origins stem from the battles that have The good news is that God and the Mother 
raged between Spirit and Will in the cosmos. In these have decided that it's time for this arrangement to 
battles, some souls (and even the Sources themselves!) evolve. The Father Warriors know that things are 
denied and discarded parts of themselves and these about to change for, unlike all of us, they have main- 
parts were then collected and formed into "composite" tained contact with their "higher selves' throughout 

beings. These composite beings cannot draw energy 
from the Sources in the same way that others can be- 
cause they have no "parental" essence within them 

Interactions between these two Sources create myste- Tr7 r ",,h ThZZJZ^ ,^,33 L 

C c . i .1 , r. !•/_.!.■' As a resut, they nave created a cvzat on based on 

r i^f ,k SU v * Sf A rfw" Boreal,s <f rthe ™, "external" sources of energy, i.e, oil, money, and, be- 

l.ghtsX and the Van Allen Belt scientists on Earth y ft h hu ^ ^any of you have 

nI—f3nZEKtr probably seen the movie The Matril In the movie, a 

in the amount of energy flowing from the Sun to the ^ rf ^mputers deve| Mi{kiai rnte lligence. en- 

time. They know that the empires that they have 
built on money, fossil fuels, and fear are about to 
end. You see, tie Mother and Father have found 
their right places. He stands in the center of Cre- 
ation and She has positioned Herself around the 
outer rim. In essence, they have created 
a huge battery. As this battery ramps up its 
charge, all the beings that have been created by the 

Si n u^!S ^mS/^^c^o r„ sl^e the human race, and then use them biological Father and the Motfier will be drawn to their right 
lights have appeared prominently as far south as In ,._„„:„. Li. „-..:i:_..:„ ,n .<i~." ,. .t.i.„m:n_ii u. j..T_ 

diana... So.. .what 's going on? ...The reality is that 
we have all been created^ and are continually sus- 
tained, by energy flowing between the two 
Sources. As humans on Iarth our understandings 
of existence have been manipulated and condi- 
tioned so that we no longer recognize or honor the 
Sources and the role they play in the creation and 
maintenance of life. In our modem and "advanced" 
societies, the Sun has been reduced to a "burning ball 
of gas" that provides heat and light, and the Earth has 

batteries to power their civilization. Amazing as it place. All 'lost" aspects of the Will will be drawn to 

sounds, the basic story line of The Matrix is true! A Earth, and all "lost' aspects of Spirit will be drawn to 

race of beings that are not quite human have bred six the Godhead (what some call the "birthplace of 

plus billion human "batteries" to feed off of because souls") This includes the denied soul parts that 

they cannot source from the Creators themselves. have been used by Lucifer, Ahriman and their co- 

They exist and remain in power only because we horts to create the Father Warriors here on 
unconsciously feed them tie energy they need. If Earth. These parts will be drawn back to their re- 
you doubt these words, think about how much of spective parental souls on the way to moving towards 

your life is spent working for someone else their right places. This is the process that we are all 

Think about how easily you have accepted the lie that "living ' now. We are becoming parental (creating 

been reduced to a lifeless ball oTdirt that has^racu* £ ^ ha !f.S? Ia . r§ f &**? Mi^ S&E Wholene ^ £ Preparation for the bigj-est family re- 

lously produced the only known life in the Universe. $ heck ° r ne * 5"| ** et Wfci ^^"^T T ."' e J"m?r7 C ^ ** y ° U 

Nothing could be further from the truth. ..Reality is d™ned you feel a the end of each day Think about ready to party!!!! H 

layered and multi-dimensionaL The parts of us g» 1 u,et Operation that most feel but are unable Current work! events are reflecting the terror 

that are here on Earth exist in a relatively dense layer l0 A ex P«" as ^f *?"! 'heir meaningless hves. that the Father Warriors feel as they sense their 

of realitv called the "manifested universe " Fverv - As IS the case mih a " thm gs. the energy that empire, their very existence, slipping away. Think 

«5S^«2ESS»SB&i^ these corn^ being s (we call them them the StoSS&SSS^S^I 

form or another, in other dimensions The'W ESHMfflHa Puminati NewWorld Order]) «*f Why' it that all the major nattJes going on 

that God takes in our layer of reality is the Sun. take Immi* exists on many levels and in many - seem to pit those s in control against those who are 

The n to7m" that tie Mother takes in manifested forms. The easiest form for us to recognize is our rebelling against that control? ..Are you ready for 

reality is the Earth... So.what does all this have to nme, creativity, and labor. Money is the energy that your underetandings of the world to be stood on their 
do with the "energy crisis" and current world facilitates these types of "exchanges" and there is 
events? It has everything to do with it now that you nothing as corrupt or as manipulated as the currency 
know enough to ask: "Who has been manipulating system on this planet. But they also feed off other 
us so that we deny the existence of the true types of energy including our emotional energy. 
Sources of Creation, and what do they have to Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of 

gain from doing this?" ~z 

It is becoming common knowledge that there is following vital message is related to RUOW (below) & the Father Warriors: " Channeled WW? German General Sets 

heads? ... One of my favorite sayings..: "Wisdom is a 
function of validated observation and a willingness to 
accept the truth no matter how uncompromising it 
may appear." The question you could ask.. "'Are you 
ready to face the truth of these times?" 

the Record Straight on Nazi Motivations ', at channeledgermangeneral23jan96.shtml 

Full healing means also healing your Emo- 
tional/Etheric Body. The Human Body is (sup- 
posed to be) a natural Positive Orgone-Gen- 
erator. But because we are trained in Self-De- 
nial, we become Negative Orgone-Generators 
more or less. "Right Use of Will" reverses this. 
Like Orgone it is simple yet miraculously powerful, 
facilitating Healing on all levels. Orgone generators 
help us with Right Use of Will -the most KEY 
practice and way oflifefor full wholeness /bal- 
ance /power. Right-Use-of-Will is the most 
powerful, effective personal practice for serf-em- 
powerment. No one, not even the Elites, Reptil- 
ians, New World UnGovernment and "Old Nick" can 
deny you unless you are denying yourself in some 
way! Police-State America is created and fueled 
by our Self-Denials. As long as you believe you 
must accept something whether you like it or not, 
you are overriding your own Free Will. If you are 
doing this to yourself, you are opening the door 
for others to do it to you. Notice the New World 
Order is about annihilating your WILL. Hence, 
" implants " and "mind-control "! Anything seek- 
ing to take away our Will is taking away our 
Power. Will & Power are synonymous. Per- 
sonal Power is something you ALWAYS HAVE if 
you EXERCISE it -not EXORCISE it. -DRE 


Right Use Of WillIS 


Will to do so now, and also to find in the process that 

Healinq & EVOlvina the Emotional BodV hcalin S tbc '""balotct within, heals the imbalance 

• " * without The balance of Spirit and Will in the Heart 

is book I of 8 in the series received 

by Ceanne DeRohan. "Most 
people.. .have felt their own Will was 
not acceptable; that to love the way 
God loves, they must eliminate their 
own feelings and opinions and do 
what they imagined was the Will of 
God An understanding is needed 
here, the Will of God is not in oppo- 
sition to the Will of the individual." 
"The Will has for so long on Earth 
been misunderstood, judged against disciplined, punished 
and denied that most people no longer even know what the 
Will is. Many are now calling positive thinking by the mind 
Will power The Will is the [[Magnetic ]] Mother Prin- 
ciple of God and expresses in us as Intuition. Feeling, Emo- 
tion, Receptivity and Desire. This book has been psychically 
received from God in order that lost undeistandings regard- 
ing His own Mother Principle, the Divine Will, may be re- 
stored to Earth." ..'This information enables anyone with 
intent to heal his or her own imbalance between Spirit and 

Emotional Freedom Technique 

allows Unconditional Love to Manifest." 
Too-Brief Summary of "Right Use of Will" 

1) End Self-Denial. "Will denial on Earth is so 
substantial that most people feel afraid to allow 
the direct expression of any emotion at all..." 

2) Using your VOICE, vent (express, move, 
release) your repressed emotions. Do this 
privately and often. (It's a good idea to ask Tme- 
Kreator for help). To the degree that you move 
(shake, vent, release) your repressed, frozen, 
held emotions, you regain a proportionate amount 
of your lost light (Power). "Gelling your 
emotions in motion will conned you to the 
reality of Original Cause in your own Will." 

3) Practice yourOWNWHI, while crossing no one's 
else Will, or letting others cross your Will (Do what 
you wanna do; don't do what you don't wanna do ) 

4) Accept yourself. Opens the door to LOVING 
Yourself. That's when the real magic begins. Now 
your magnetic Will, freed of Denial, can properly 
work for you -attracting all your Heart's Desires! 

heals trauma phobias syndromes anxiety in minutes. 

Easy to learn "acupuncture without needles. "Use for everything. Often works where nothing else 
will. Download FREE book from 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 36 OF 52 


I chose not to 'excerpt' the following message, as every part seems essential -since it 
is part of the Right-Use-of-WILL process (previous page), whereby we can HEAL at 
our deepest level. It IS time now, for Humanity's full HEALing. Therefore special tools 
are now available to aid us (Orgonite, BhSignatures,, Genesa Crys- 
tal,'s Immortality Rings...). HEAL & WHOLE be two forms of same word. 
To HEAL means to become WHOLE. As Real Humans heal, we generate more posi- 
tive energy (Orgone) and less negative Orgone. The Controllers try to keep us negative in order to 
use us to generate DOR -produced abundantly by human suffering. A key part of Right Use of Will 
is Emotional Expression using our VOICE . Throw periodic Tantrums PRIVATELY. Say whatever 
you want. Scream shout sing laugh cuss, hiccup groan.. Express your FEELINGS without holding 
back or judging yourself. Let your Body move anyway it wants. Ask Kreator for assistance. Kreator 
is NOT what ReLIGion projects. Word ReLIGion literally means BONDAGE. We need Kreator's help 
to properly & permanently fix (heal) the mess we're in. ReLIGion is owned by the powers-that-wish- 
they-be, and used to keep Humanity in Bondage (=FASCES). Fortunately, despite this, Kreator can 
still communicate with Her precious Children, as He is doing in the following message... ~DRE] 
Healing the Invisible You 

Voices from Across the Planes 

Let the New God In 

Healing through Understanding 

Mother's and God's Evolution into Heart 

Part Five of Six 




Mother's teachings 

"Oh, My God, how much 1 desire now for all of 
us to huddle up together and experience it all in a 
synchronized way in a place where the "wrong" is 
accepted as a healing tool just as the right is, and 
not judged, but welcomed! 

What if I told you that sometimes, the so-called bad 
things are happening to us as a spontaneous aim for 
balance, a subconscious attempt to "weed out" an 
individual's old beliefs and perceptions, so he can 
be saved from upcoming illnesses or accidents that 
stem from these old beliefs and perceptions - regard- 
less of whether it's a conscious process or not; 

What if 1 told you that, when one's views of reality, 
judgments and opinions are getting dangerously old, 
someone from the outside might need to shake 
them, shatter their grounds, "operate" on them and 
even destroy them - to save one's very life; and that, 
if that reality is not understood and accepted accord- 
ingly, it can create a lot of anger, resentment and ha- 
tred - which is a danger and entity of its own; 

What if I told you that, if one is judging the act of 
stealing as a crime or moral violation (con- 
sciously or subconsciously) his family member or 
even he himself might be forced into stealing by 
HIS OWN INNER KNOWING - in an attempt to 
balance out his attachment to honesty or other 
moral laws and save him or his loved ones from 
upcoming problems that are resulting from this at- 
tachment and the judgment based on it; 

What if I told you that, if one's spouse or friend 
idealizes the other, the first one may become ill, 
even terminally ill, while the idealized one may 
be intuitively drawn to cheat on him or betray him 
- to save his very life (and be completely uncon- 
scious of the real reason for his behavior); 

What if 1 told you that, if a person makes anyone 
into an idol or center of his life (even subcon- 
sciously) this idol may be drawn to do devious acts 
to "uncrown" himself in this person's eyes - to save 
his very life; that's when the teacher or spiritual 
leader might be compelled to "betray" his followers; 

What if I told you that, if a couple's ideals and judg- 
ments are similar, the two might be forced into sepa- 

ration for no good reason, by "unfortunate circum- 
stances" or "bad people"- because of the danger of 

What if I told you that, if people made morality 
their God, they might be forced into immoral acts 
by their own Desire, their own subconscious - to 
balance out that idolatry and save their very lives - 
which usually happens without the light of under- 
standing and acceptance and creates plenty of guilt; 

Would the revealing of these unseen realities help 
you not to judge your "bad" desires as bad even if 
you don't understand yet where they're coming 
from and what their aim is? Would it help you to 
TRUST your DESIRE as KNOWING the "game" a 
few moves before your consciousness does? Are 
you ready to see that sometimes there is love behind 
"violation?" That many sufferings could be pre- 
vented if these crimes and violations were not be 
judged as bad and/or identified with? 

Are you ready to see that all it takes for the "bad" 
to become good is for you to see it as such? That 
all it takes for a "bad war" to become a "good 
war" is for you to see it and receive it as good - 
ALL?! Are you ready to accept a small conflict as a 
beginning of a great peace and friendship? Are you 
ready to experience the "bad" as good? 

What if! told you that, 

To mature out of these gods of ideals and morals, 
one might require to be theoretically willing and 
able to commit all these "crimes" without judging 
them as bad or identifying with them - only now in 
the presence of one's loving consciousness. If these 
crimes, "wrong" desires and impulses are lovingly 
acknowledged, understood for what they are , 
looked at, thoroughly felt, observed, expressed (pri- 
vately or through the arts) and accepted as valid and 
They become ENLIGHTENED by you and their 
power becomes your light! 

What if I told you that if you are helping people 
to recover from various problems and illnesses 
without their understanding the process of this 
healing and without them changing their views of 
reality, if you only heal the sickness, but not the 
cause of the sickness, if you only heal the visible, 
but not the hidden, emotional subconscious mat- 
ters and roots of disease - causing the illness only 
to "hide" deeper within and erode the person's 
deeper inner planes without him knowing and 
feeling it - you might be taking your "patient's" 
illnesses upon yourself or your posterity or even 
upon your unborn children! And your "healed" 
patient might be heading towards a much greater 
problem that he started with! 

What if I told you that, if one is trying to help or 
"heal" someone whose inner planes are greater than 
the healer's, he might "inherit" his patient's percep- 
tions, and attachments (in the form of illnesses or 

entities) of a much greater scale than the "healer" 
is prepared for and able to handle at the present stage 
of his development - he might be killing himself or 
his loved ones - instead of helping someone; 

What if I told you that, if one is elevating his 
own pain and sickness only on the body/mind 
level - he might be dumping it all into his subcon- 
scious (into Mother inside him) - without having 
his consciousness feeling and learning anything 
from that pain and illness and thus, lowenng its 
ability to protect him and prevent the illness from 
spreading into deeper layers of his being; 

What if I told you that some of the so-called 
evolved, "enlightened" beings may actually live 
at the expense of not only their disowned Wills, 
but also at the expense of their unmanifested 
children or their students and followers; 

What if I told you that, sometimes those who 
look like angels are responsible for crimes the 
scale of which you can t even imagine; 

What if I told you that, old Gods, out-dated per- 
ceptions and views of reality, along with sup- 
pressed emotions and impulses may manifest 
themselves as illnesses, vicious spirits and enti- 
ties or "dark spots" on an individual's aura, that 
can spiritually posses him, run his life for him, de- 
stroy him -and destroy THROUGH HIM! 

What if I told you that, people (especially chil- 
dreB) or animals can react to this spirits (some- 
times harshly, to the extreme), mistakenly iden- 
tifying them with those holding them, taking 
the one who is possessing for the one who is pos- 
sessed; and the only way to stop their unfriendly 
reaction is to privately work out the "negative" 
emotions and change, update, upgrade, elevate 
one's views of reality; 

What if I told you that, one may attract or be at- 
tracted to certain types of people or events that 
will repeatedly irritate, stir that same place, 
some ' dark spot" in him so that he can eventu- 
ally become aware of it and "bubble" it out 
through expressing his emotions and acquiring 
a new understandings; 

What if I told you that, if one is attacking the 
other with his thoughts, these thoughts can ac- 
tually damage and kill - more so now, when an 
individual's energetics are much more potent 
than they were only a few years ago. And not 
only can it reach and damage the victim - it can 
also be reflected from the "mirror" of his pro- 
tective bio-energetic field (or aura), turn back 
to the offender, attack him with the power equal 
to the one that was sent; many people had actually 
killed themselves that way; 

What if I told you that, if you deny, repress, con- 
demn, judge and send away your own impulses to 
kill, steal, rape or avenge - your own child or fam- 
ily member, or someone from the street, or even 
your national leader may just act it out for you; 

What if I told you that, if one doesn't let go of his 
Old Light, old perceptions and old views of reality 
and refuse to replace them with newer, more 
wholesome Light, it might be forced upon him by 
the upcoming transformational difficulties, or else 
they might erase him from the face of the Earth; 

What if I told you that, when people can't eas- 
ily let go of the old God, entire nations may be 
forced to become atheists - so that they can be 
saved from extinction: 

What if I don't tell you anything but 


When the Old Light, old judgments and percep- 
tions can't sustain you anymore - they must be 
shed like an old skin or they might start the decay- 
ing process of death - and attract illnesses, acci- 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 37 OF 52 


dents and other unforeseen problems. At the same 
lime they might be your awakening calls - to 
search for New, more wholesome Light of knowl- 
edge and perception that will heal and guard you 
- until the next time. So, 

Are you ready to let go of the Old God, the Old 

Are you ready to let go of morals, principles, concepts, 
rules and regulations, ideals and idols as your God"? 

Are you ready to let go of "almost God" values such 
as righteousness, justice, perfection, principles, 
rules, order, discipline, control, honesty, integrity, 
loyalty, dignity, nobility, excellence, honor, success, 
power, peace and other "almost God" virtues - so 
that while you're striving for them, you don't bow 
to them or attach to them as your God and so that if 
Mama calls for it, they can be violated at any time 
without hesitation or doubts? 

Are you terrified to let go of the Ten Command- 
ments as your God? 

Are morals and principles God? 

Whom do you like to be your God NOW - morals 
or Love? 

Who is God for you? - God that is speaking or God 
that spoke? God that is or God that was? 

Which God do you wish to listen to now - the One 
that is scolding you or the One that is accepting you 
with all your "imperfections?" The One that is judg- 
ing you as a sinner or the One that is now giving 
you back the memory and the knowledge that you have 
an absolutely valid reason to be the way you are? 

Are you ready to let go of the old judging God and 
meet a New, loving, evolved, expanded God? 

If yes, then let's go. 


Let's dance together. You are there and I am 
here. Let's dance our distance away. Please don't 
think of yourself as small or unworthy - 1 want to 
dance with you - do you hear Me? It's Me, God is 
talking to you now. The only quality I require to 
dance with Me is your Desire to dance with Me. 
Would you please, now? May 1? Here we 
go.. .Dance with Me.. .Move love, move 


Are you dancing? Move... Here we go... That's it... 
Beautiful... So, you're saying you're ready to let go 

of The Me of yesterday And you are ready to 

accept and embrace THE ME OF TODAY.... 

That s great, it's beautiful I love it! Dance, 

love, dance.... I missed you too, when you were 
dancing with the Me of yesterday. And I was all 
alone.... Please, catch up with Me every day, I'm 
changing and expanding every moment.... 

Don't look for Me into the past and its frozen images of 
Me. If you're twenty years old you wouldn't want 
someone longing for and seeking the two-year-old you 
and ignoring the present you, the grown-up you, the 
evolved you! You wouldn't want someone only lov- 
ing your photograph and not you - would you? 

So why are you only relating to THE ME OF 
THE PAST and ignoring THE ME OF THE 
PRESENT? Why are you only talking to My 
"photographs" and not Me - the evolved Me, the 
"grown-up" Me, the expanded Me? 

AND BE HEARD BY YOU! Do you feel what I 
feel now? Feel it! 






Make Love to Me, move.. ..You are... so beauti- 
ful to Me I love every "imperfection" 

in you I love even your brokenness Your 

"imperfections" are more perfect to Me than the 
perfection itself. Your "yukkiest" flaws, frailties, 
weaknesses, shortcomings, drawbacks are so pre- 
cious to ME.... Your courage to even hold them 
amazes Me! Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the 
feelings of love and marvel when I see your frail, 
brittle bravery, this vulnerable, shivery courage of 
yours to carry on with all your brokenness, wretch- 
edness, deformity, distortion, agony, grief and 
gloom and not die and escape.... This strik- 
ing, stunning, astonishing power of the weakness 
in you.... Please accept it and love it within your- 
self as I do, and soon you will see the infinite wis- 
dom behind each "imperfection" you are carrying. 

Remember, that 



There is nothing to be ashamed of, NO THING. 
You are innocent and you are perfect. You are try- 
ing to carry Both of Us, Mother and Father in you 
and you feel OUR feelings and OUR confusions 
and OUR shortcomings of the past. Hang on, Love, 
it's not just a pain, it's a labor of Love!... Feel and 
experience it all, but don't identify with it. You are 
Both, therefore you are a HEART, a LOVE we are 
all missing so much. Mother and I are longing to 
become One - inside you. Stand firm. Love. Take care 
of Mother in you. You will only need to bear it for 
some time now. Soon, I will be right here with You 
and in you - all of Me.... Will you take ALL OF ME? 

As you progress with your emotional movement, 
your reception of Me (or Us) will be clearer and 
clearer. I will help you now. Stay tuned.... 

...Dance, don't stop turn the page... I'll teach 

you the MOVING STEPS... 


Are you dancing? Move love, move! That's it... 
Beautiful. Listen... listen to Me now. You've been 
asking for clear directions I'll give you clear direc- 
tions. Only listen carefully... It's so easy that it 
seems hard. It's like trying to explain how your 
eyes blink. Move love, don't stop... Listen. When 
you relate to Me, do it as if I were standing right in 
front of you, as if I were your spouse or a friend. 
And then direct your attention inside yourself and 
access and feel that pain, that discomfort, or what- 
ever is "bothering" you, feel it as deeply and thor- 
oughly as you possibly can. DO NOT GO INTO 


And sound it! !f you were angry with your spouse, 
would you be able to make love with him or her 
before expressing how you feel? Same here. You 
can't love Me the way I know you can until you 
express all your discontent. And guess what - I'm 
ready to take it, like a real lover would!.... So, here 
- I'm your spouse now, go ahead and have a fight 
with Me - and feel good about it! Like you're 
building something, not destroying! The attitude is: 
we are loving each other and we are helping each 
other to evolve; we are not denying our emotions, 
we are working them out; we welcome conflicts 
and expression of emotions as a part of our healing 
processes and evolution and we accepting fights as 
emotional aerobics and it's OK by us to have a 



If your present problems are not throwing you into 
your emotions, if you feel numb and frozen - go 
into your past, find these feelings and emotions 
there and experience them again - ONLY WITH 
ME NOW, consciously (you can even use movies 
or music to bring your emotions up). Experience 
them willingly, invitingly, celebrate them no mat- 
ter how ugly or unwanted they seem to you. 

They are all beautiful to Me now.... Go inside your 
pain or discomfort (emotional or physical), feel 
and see its shape, color, heat, intensity, sharpness, 
dullness, location, vibration - anything or every- 
thing! Now, - if that pain or whatever you feel 
would have a language of its own, how would that 
pain sound? Talk its language - give Me that 
sound! "Compose" it! 

Remember, it's the Mother who is trying to reach 
Me through you and be accepted and Enlightened 
by Me - so GIVE HER TO ME! Give Me your 
feelings no matter how unappealing or out of sorts 
they seem to you. Imagine for a moment that you 
are a psychiatric patient (no judgment, please!) but 
now you are in a very special, new kind of "clinic" 
where instead of shutting down your impulses, you 
are welcomed to express them in any and every 
way that THEY ARE! You are allowed to act out 
the ^craziest" sounds and movements you can 
imagine - without fearing being criticized or 
judged in any way! 

SCIOUSNESS' ! Play a kid, an infant! Go nuts! 
Allow and accept lovingly and full heartedly EV- 
ERYTHING that comes up , as I do now, DON'T 
MY WIFE! ....I wish you would play this game ev- 
ery day - so I can meet and heal and hold Her in 
My arms every day.... 


Or you can also be creative about it, you can put 
on music that is most descriptive of how you feel, 
turn up the volume and talk, sing and scream your 
emotions with it to Me. It can be rock, rap, heavy 
metal, black gospel - anything that helps you to ac- 
tivate and express your feelings UN-BEAUTI- 
FIED. You can also be really explicit with your 
movements, you can make all the improper, impo- 
lite, "forbidden" movements you feel like doing. 

If you feel anery - directly at Me or THROUGH 
PEOPLE - tell Me just how angry you are. Tell me 
like it is, don't be intimidated. Yes, you can tell 
Me how you hate Me, if you feel so, but, most im- 
portantly, tell Me HOW THAT HATE FEELS! 
And so for all the other feelings you have. Tell me 
straight, don't be afraid - 1 can handle it! Not only 
can 1 handle it - 1 CAN ENLIGHTEN IT and I can 
give you a new Light and livelihood instead. Don't 
give it to people who are "causing" it - give it to 
ME! If you give it to people, you may "adopt" 
their problems - only I can give you Light instead. 

So, are you ready now? Tell Me openly and 
honestly how it feels to be in pain, in fear, 

rejected, unloved and unwanted Get 

emotional, get intimate with Me, move Me with 
your cries! Let Me know how it feels and 
sounds! I will hold you in My arms! Give it all 
to Me now, will you! Give me your anger, 
resentment, fear, terror, hopelessness, disgust, 
emotional or sexual frustration, anypain and 
any discomfort! Make Me feel it, FEEL-IT-TO- 
ME! - Now! You can say; God I hate feeling 
this. I resent it and I hate You, and I hate 

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everything! Il feels like ? what!!? 

Give Me the sound.... the beastly sounds and the 

body movements the words are secondary.... I 

want your feelings - not your words! OPEN UP TO 
ME, give it to .Me - now! - Scream it, growl it, moan 
it, groan it, cry it, hiss it, howl it, sing it, dance it, 
play it, drum it, tap it, jump it, fall it, shake it, 
trance it, love-it-to-Me! Go hysterical, cry to Me 
like a little baby, an infant... I'll hold you in My 
arms Give it to Me... Now! 

Move, My Love, move, you're doing beautifully, soon 
you will know for yourself just how beautifully.... 



Dear Heart! Your Earthly songs and dances are re- 
ally a prayers and expression of Mother in you. 

Sing, dance, make love - as on expression and 
elevation of Mother to Me, as an arising of 
Kundalini to Consciousness, as your most 
wholesome and genuine prayer. 

Listen to what is trying to burst out of you! 

Sing your concerns to Me 

Sing your desires to Me 

Sing your feelings to Me 

Sing your sensations to Me 

Sing your longings to Me 

Sing your resentments to Me 

Sing your pain to Me 

Sing your love to Me. 

Sing it, dance it, drum it, babble it, - gibberish it to Me! 



It's like trying to pour liquid into a full glass. Re- 
member, that love - DIRECTLY TO ME OR 
THROUGH PEOPLE - brings salvation but it can- 
not be "poured" into you and accumulated if your 
"vessel" is full of aggression (passive or active, 
chronic or acute, conscious or subconscious). If you 
try to "squeeze" love on top of aggression you might 
get a "crooked" love. The right sequence is: empty 
yourself of your discontent first and only then open 
to receive and accumulate love. So go ahead, empty 
yourself of your old emotions - routinely and regu- 
larly - and give them to Me SO I CAN GIVE YOU 
MY HELP INSTEAD. I need your emotions to be 
materialized into sounds and movements to be able 
to help you - words alone cannot do it! I need to 
know how you feel, every nuance of it, don't just as- 
sume, that I, God, am supposed to know everything. 
I only know what I know, the rest YOU tell Me! I know 
the Knowledge - you have the Feelings, give Me the 
Feelings, I'll give you the Knowledge inst ead.... I need 
youjust as much as you need Me! YOUR FEELINGS 
ARE MY MATE remember? - so give them to Me! 

You've been asking for practical advice? I'll give 
it to you. Keep asking. And keep your ears and 
senses open... 


A license to express is not a license to ventilate your 
anger directly at your offenders (or not yet) no mat- 
ter how right you are. You will be able to do it only 
when you become "depolarized" of either physical- 
ity and spirituality and their values and you won't 

accumulate aggression by defending them or by 
trying to follow their rules. That alone can have a 
love-producing effect on you. You will start to ac- 
cumulate love inside yourself and that love behind 
your emotion will be felt (consciously or subcon- 
sciously) by your opponent and will change his reac- 
tion to it from destructive to constructive. 

The amount of Love or aggression that you pos- 
sess can greatly alter people's and nature's atti- 
tude towards you, it can affect the chemistry of 
SDur relationships with them and even affect their 
shavior in your presence. Even electronics can 
react to it. People working in NASA know very 
well how their sensitive computers react to each 
person differently and behave "unusually" when a 
strange user operates them. Sometimes it is pos- 
sible to "fix" some home electronics like TV or 
VCR just by reducing the level of their owners' 
aggression by giving it expression and acceptance. 

You cannot yet express strong emotion directly 
to people also because it was suppressed for so 
long and it became so thick and dangerous, that 
it might just take over you and be very destruc- 
tive. These first clots of condensed emotions, 
especially rage, may become a very strong en- 
tity inside yourself, harboring itself and waiting 
for a perfect moment to take you over and to 
easy to end up in jail, which may not exactly 
serve your purpose here. 

Your conscious needs to really show it's validity 
and cleverness by finding ways of expression that 
are safe and most suitable for you by directing 
and transporting it into something constructive 
and even enjoyable. Keep asking your mind to 
find out for you how and where to express your 
emotions in most practical and beneficial ways. 
Do it the way you like it; dance it, sing it, 
"heavy-metal-it", act it, "rap" it, make a comedy 
...They call it a "folk medicine".... 


When triggered, don't go past your emotions; 
instead, go ahead and get irritated or sad or an- 
gry or whatever, if you feel like it, but watch 
out - don't identify with it! Play out your anger, 
like an actor in a movie, and watch yourself do- 
it while witnessing it and know that A GOOD 

You are probably doing it unconsciously anyway, 
so you don't even need to learn it! THE ONLY 
easy, it's sounds complicated only when said! Just 
remember - the point is not to be angry or what- 
ever, the point is WATCHING YOURSELF BE- 
ING angry or whatever. 

The point is for your consciousness to accept the 
emotion (the subconsciousness) AS GOOD - re- 
gardless of its positive or negative charge! The 
point is to express and accept what you express 
- iovingly! Because EMOTION is NEITHER 
BAD NOR GOOD - IT simply IS! So take it 
AS it IS! Feel it, welcome it, respond to it and 
LOVE IT! Enjoy it like a movief 


Those who are possessed by rage, talk to your 
rage and say it like this: 

If you are rage you will be confronted by rage; 

If you torture you will be tortured - 

By your own tools you designed for others; 

If you devour you will be devoured; 

If you feed on others you will be fed upon; 

If you enslave vou will be enslaved; 

If you choose to be power you' 11 be consumed by 
greater power, 

You will fall into your own pit-hole that you dug for 

You will be poisoned by your own bait, 

You will burn in your own bonfire you prepared for 

Every power has its end. Every power has another, 
greater power to devour it; 

Every powerful lion has another powerful lion to take 
over when it gets older and weaker 

There will be always bigger rage than you; 

Every rage will be zapped by its own rage; 

Every rage will be attacked by its own reflection; 

It will be reflected right back on you like a mirror re- 
flection of you; 

You can't be winner for long, all your victories are 
temporary, and you'll never be satisfied by them; 

You can never be satisfied by anything, and you will 
always aim and reach for more, until you fall into 
abyss of the Black Void; 

Don't you see, you can't win for more than five min- 
utes, there will be always a bigger rage to haunt you; 

If you won't become Love you'll be nothingness, you 
will vanish, you will be no more, you' U lose your soul, 
you'll be devoured by greater rage than you and that last 
rage will zap itself with its own reflection and will bum 
in much more "hellish" hell than it itself created; 

You almost blew your chance; As it is you almost 
have to dye to recover from what you are but you'll 
probably postpone it even more anyway until you 
have no time left at all, and time is almost up tor you; 
make that choice - now! - or you will have no choice; 

You will be thrown into brutal Space for eternity with 
no one to torture but yourself; and so be it; 


My gun is loaded with your bullets and Your own 
rage that You implanted in Me is driving Me when I 
need it, and It has plenty of explosive power that will 
be enough to do what I need to do to save and em- 

Kwer Love - and to zap you into a " zombie" and to 
>w You out of existence if You are not with Me! 


You think, I say "no" to Rage? Wrong! I say "yes" to 
Rage! I'm going to fuck the Mother with It so good, 
(with such ragefull passion!) and for so long, that if 
You are not with Me, You are going to explode into 
pieces from envy and jealousy just hearing Mother 
moaning and groaning (with Me!) from Joy and Ecstasy! 
With such loving rage! With such raging passion! 




Rage is Lucifer, rage is Ahriman. Don't identify with 
YOU ARE NOT IT. You can depossess yourself 
from it and become your own self and your own com- 
mander and THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO DO 
THEIR "JOB" THROUGH YOU! You don't need a 
personal or global war to figure out the differences 
with your surroundings. If you discharge rage and ha- 
tred out of you. you'll see without the veil that this 
rage put upon your eyes and you'll see everything as il is, 
not as They want you to see it IF YOU ARE POS- 

End of Part Five. All six parts should be read con- 
secutively and as a whole to have a healing effect 

da MUFFIN pape rs : PA GE 39 OF 52 

YES you HAVE THEM - scores of them! - leetle lizards = hi-tech DEMONS = IMPs ! NanoMicroMothahPhuckahs 

working mischief 24/7 in your body. Average person has upwards of 50 IMPs from various sources. 

■ ; r-iv'I <•! ■! ti-.]'.} M £tTTTHtT?HtTH (Credit & Thanks to Al Gray, page 43, for introducing this): Ant with i-mm microchip, 

In brief , locate it by scanning a "ZapChecker" over every part of your body. For best results set the Zap- T^fan^c m°™^ 

Checker to 6 or 7 on Linear Mode. The meter-needle rises over implants and red light may blink /buzz. 

;: ' On this spot tape a half-inch wide neodymium magnet (instructions below) or use The Implant Killer. Scan your pets, car, house- 
hold too ! You likely have scores of nano bio implant chips already in you unknowingly! -especially if a ny of the following apply to 
you: born or been in a hospital or jail; had dental care /vaccinations; visited places of high public attendance (malls, stadiums, amusement parks), 
are "psychic," worked for "the government" or military; walked in cities having "cell towers"; kissed /intercoursed anyone having implants; 
consumed meat /food containing them, "breathed Chemtrail air, is "psychic," or have symptoms. Do Implant-Neutralization regularly 

Symptoms of IMPIants often resemble effects 
from other "Silent Weapons": Ringing in the ears. Hearing 
tone bursts. Sensitivity to sound. Sudden dizziness. 
Night sweats. Nervousness, Irritability. Inability to concen- 
trate. Memory loss. Migraines, Headaches, Depression, Leth- 
argy. Mild pressure in the head, a cloudy feeling. Metallic 
taste in mouth. Dehydration. Hyperactivity. Increased heart 
rate for no apparent reasoa Rashes. Limbs jerk as one is 
trying to sleep. Just as drifting to sleep, suddenly awaken- 
ing, often with faster heartbeat. Many DISEASES, in fact... 

"The range of illness is so broad as to defy or- 
dinary logic varying from mental illness, syndromes 
and serious disease including terminal disease, heart at- 
tacks and so forth. ..millions ill from the effects of im- 
plants ... crippled and killed ... millions are implanted 
and dying ... Electromagnetic pulse experiments in 
your area are causing minor and major discomfort, syn- 
dromes and disease.' (, and 

"your injected microchip transpondets..are used in r. injunc- 
tion with the new towers and even with handheld .... :;*;§& 
psionic assault weaponry to create illness symp- 
toms and even insanity in us." D. Croft 

The implant killer [SunStnr, sec Vendors] 
was bom out of a need to be able to eliminate nancl 
electronic implants placed illegally in our bodies by., govern- 
ment agencies and off-worlder entities These implants con- 
trol our behaviors, our state of mind, our moods, o ur en- 


#180 or 185. To locate transmitting bugs, take the 
meter down to a point where it is neutral, then 
look for areas where it jumps, as described below: 

eruv levels, our ability to think abstractly and follow deeper 
lines of inner thought. They deplete our various systems, 
cause lesions and sores in the tissue and very often contain 
various nerve and protein coats, functioning as time bombs 
of death, through renal, kidney, and liver failure. ..The disabling 
of implants ..often produces rashes in the soft tissues and epider- 
mal layers of the skin ..any..locatjons in the body." -Cbswork 

Your Clothing Taj 

-even old fadedclotl 

|S have implants / RF ID tags 
es. Just cut em' off. 

Press 'n SUCK "You have people who have inserts 
laugh at that ..but there are doctors actually removing strange 
little glass-like or metallic-like slivers... Anyway, they actu- 
ally have machinery, down below, in our ground ..machinery 
that they can aim at a group, or a person, press a button, and 
make that person or group react in some ungodly way... They 
then, SUCK and ...suck on the emotion ... like somebody 
who's sipping a cocktail...They actually walk along, and if they 
get hungry for a snack, they stop at one of these pieces of ma- 
chinery, see who's up there with these inserts, press a damn 
button, and get a reaction, and suck that energy. Like you and 
I would stop for an ice cream cone, or drink a soda, or coffee, or a 
drink of li quor." -Red Elk, lhespec trumn 

Video games are mind control. They rum children [into] 
hateful, crying arrogants..cold-blooded kuTeis.^llowing thern in 
the home, when you know better is ...complicity with the Beast 
[&] equal as the designers of the games themselves. -Cbswork 

More useful info at see Lily's 
"Implants: Location- Problems- Solutions" 

Busting Unknown Implants 

from EthaicWankxs com. Fcrum Index: Miscellaneous 
(by BG)...Initially had no success as I alternated 
between the "log" and "linear" settings and tried 
different sensitivity levels. Also set it on vibrate 
because this is important when scanning parts of the 
body which prohibit seeing the ZC. Pretty confusing 
in the beginning because there seemed to be no 
pattern to the responses I was getting. Then started to 
get familiar with it and determined these things... : 

* Set it on "Linear" and set the sensitivity on about 
"6" to start. 

* Move the ZC slowly along the body, maybe 1-2" 
off the skin surface. You' 11 notice that as it gets 
closer to the body, there is typically a bigger response, 
so try to keep it an equal distance as you move. 

* At some point you may get a response and think 
you hit paydirt. To confirm, move to a different 
part of the room and re-try. When scanning your 
arms, it also helps to hold the ZC still and move 
the *arm* being scanned under the ZC. 

* I very often find that interfering signals are coming 
in no matter where I stand sometimes so it's even 
more important to move around. .. 

* At some point when moving the ZC along my 
body. I got a response (dial jump and buzzing). 
Slowly moved the ZC back and forth many times un- 
til there was no denying. Taped a small neodymium 
magnet on the spot, North side facing me .. Left it 
on overnight - okay if from the neck down On the 
head, magnets 20 minutes on and 40 off. . 

* Re sensitivity adjustments, let's say I picked up a sig- 
nal from a spot on my body. I might move the ZC 
away from my body...lhen slowly turn the sensitivity 
down -just until there is no buzzing or needle move- 
ment Then move it closerto pick up small jumps. 

All TV broadcasts contain a (debilitatingl carrier 
signal that has subliminal mind control programming 
...on top of all the socio-psychoiogical brainwashing 
contained in the programming and commercials. No 
one is immune from these effects. ~Don 

Survellience Tip: Hold your sunglasses up 
to the sky. As you slowly put them on. slowly use your 
peripheral vision to look through the glass. "If you see 
two little blue dots that look like orbs, you are looking al l 

re ptilian survellience placed on vour "lasses, seeing ev- 

erything you see when on. ..They 
do this, because they ..cannot keep 
their implants on many of us on for 
very long. ..So., they put 
them on our sunglasses. 
(Cbswork, www. whale 

Make Implant-Busting CAP 

Zaps implants in brain, eyes, ears. Overview: Get" 
a baseball cap and and use duct tape to line interior 
headband & remaining space with a string of 12 or more 
neodymium magnets evenly spaced, using a "+" cross 
shape from the top. WARNING: Only wear it for 20 
minutes on, then 40 minutes off, in a 6-hour period per 
day. Because if you keep it on too long, you "It will 
unhinge your etheric wiring." For the neck, use magnet 
under a bandaid for stealth. Details at www.whale.lo/bl 
dor46.htm, "Cbswork and Zapping Implants" 

Make Implant-Busting HEADWRAP 

Developed by a gifter. Use as many regular small 1/2 
inch diameter CERAMIC magnets as needed to wrap/ 
tie around your head in a scarf or cloth. They are easily 
held in place by sandwiching the cloth between evenly 
spaced pairs of 2 magnets. This is supposed to be safe 
to wear to bed, overnight. Implants supposed to be neu- 
tralized by morning. I did it once and had no problem. 
Next morning however, a helicopter woke me up and was 
noisily flying around nearby for hours. -DRE 

EthericTorch: Remade former 
"Laser Wand" originated by Ben Morton. 
Creates a small nipple of etheric fire; "It's this 
point that does the cutting of any etheric 
blockages or sludge that causes impediments". 
Article / Cbswork's instructions for the Laser 
Wand apply to the Etheric Torch, at: 
Available from QuebecOrgone (See Vendors) 

Simple Tool to Help Mitigate Mind 
Control Technologies: "The Herudians 
said that there arc many ways to create physical tools to 
help dissipate these mental waves (scalar'and microwave 
mind control transmissions) that the Zeta Reticulum and 
others produce. Tbey allowed us sec only one of the sim- 
plest ones and it was by filling jars with seawater or 
water with sea salt and placing them around the 
house. Also quartz crystals around the house works, but 
the crystal has to be cleaned daily and the salt water also 
has to be changed frequendy." ( 
ielainfoB23sep 05 .shlmllmindconlrollool) 

"Oh NOse! In Sept. 2005, Y. Elyshah tuned 
into the following: The wicked ones are now making 
breathable implants and dropping them on 
us in Chemtrails! These are spore-like microscopic 
chemical particles which are binary programmable 
"zeroes & ones." Once inhaled, they latch onto our 
nerves. We may all be infected. Do we locate/neutral- 
ize these same way as "old fashioned" chips? 

To disable vaccine implants you 
just need to tape a rare earth magnet to the area ( it doesen't matter which 
side is used ). Usually it is the upper arm area. The implant should be dis- 
abled within 20 seconds although there are others who suggest that you 
should leave the magnet in place for 24 hours. An alternative 
method for disabling implants when you do not know 
where they are located is to stack your magnets so they form a 
small rod (this multiplies the power of the magnets) and run this slowly 
over your entire body. These magnets should not be used by persons wear- 
ing pacemakers or by pregnent women." ( 

da MUFFIN papers: PAGE 


$159. plus$7.00S&H 
Check or money order to: 

Alan Broadband 
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Order by Phone: 

Neodymium SuperMagnets at: 

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- 1/2" dia X 1/4" thick, $1.20 each 

- 1/2" dia X 1/8" thick, $1.25 each (gold plated) 
- 1/2" dia X 1/8" thick, $0.60 cents each 

CAUTIONS: Since Neo Mags can wipe out disks & computer-hard drives, don't 
let them come 12 -15" to these. It mishandled can bite a chunk from skin 

OF 52 

providing Muffin Tower Busters (TBs), Harmonizers 
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Crystals & More for Orgone Devices 

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Properties of Crystals, M inerals : .hlml 

• Charged Waters:See paqe 19 • Super Magnets: See page 40 

Marine Surfboard Resin is BEST for making OCEAN Orgonite /Dolphin Balls 

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Croft Harmonic 
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the copper pipe in an earth pipe; see pg 26] 
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destroy your parasucks2 

Ionic Minerals Wipe Out Parasites 

YES you HAVE THEM - If they each paid you $1 for the free room & board you provide them 

you'd be a multi-billionaire 

Parasites are a type of 

You gel them from eating meal 
(mainly) (zap your meal for 30 
or more minutes), intercourse 
w/ meat-eateis, going barefoot, 
pets, handshaking, chemtrails... They 
are the unseen cause of Dis-Eases kill- 
ing millions. Parasites can control the 
behavior of their hosts & change entire 
ecosystems to suit their needs. Hook- 
worms sink their teeth into intestinal 
walls of over a billion people daily to 
drink their fill of blood. Dr. Hulda Clark 
discovered all dis-eases have para- 
sites in the equation. She brought us 
the ZAPPER. It destroys parasites and 
thereby wipes out dis-ease. Cheaply 
make your own Zapper from instruc- 
tions in her book " The Cure for All 
Diseases . " Or 

3 Great ZAPPERS... 

Terminator has Orgonite+; See Vendors 

Average person has 2 pounds of parasites in their bodies! 

t, Kallie 


Optimal Life 

Zapper $ 180, 

includes ship 

ping from 

Canada. Phone 


"Dr. Clark Full 
Gamma Generator" mini 
frequency generator; $ 460. 
Can be usedas Zapper or to 
input specific frequencies. 800-220-3741 

Zapper TIP: Replace copper 
joysticks with stainless steel butter knives, 
hence, no wet-tissue ( iFt f 

wrap needed i y- . _-. »>) 

Special Health Boosters 

Beast Computers 

"...He can use your implant [[to con- 
trol you] serious is electronic 
mind-control? ..guided tour., through 
a NWO's major beast computer center 
in Alaska back in the 1970's. ..These 
Beast Computer Centers consist of aisles 
and aisles of big state of the art computers 
...each have several dozen people to run 
them. Even in the '70's, an operator could 
speak into the computer and it would an- 
swer. ..if you asked the computer about 
anyone., it could usually pull up all kinds 
of information about that person. If you 
asked the computer how could you get that 
person to kfll someone? ...The computer 
would spill out a plan almost instantly, 
telling you all the people around that sub- 
ject who could be manipulated .. to cause 
the end result. This is the end result of 
yeans of "BLACK PSYCHIATRY-which 
means applying psychiatric techniques to 
manipulate people and nations. These com- 
puters electronically connect to some of 
those people who are electronically con- 
trolled, so that the controllers can actually 
control the world from a computer. These 
coroputeis also store vast amounts of per- 
sonal information about people's thought 
processes... This sounds like science fiction, 
but from people who invent & work at slate 
of the art technology, this is ..said to be old 
technology.. CHAPTER 6...ELECTRON- 
ICS.. I Iwliale.toIblsplspr6.html ] .. De- 
velopments in fiber optics...nano-tcchnol- 
ogy.. neuro-electrical research have com- 
bined to bring mankind to the point 
where mankind can be controlled by one 
centralized monolithic Beast computer. 
The ultimate mind-controlled slavery is 
now possible. [whaleSolblbeast.html) 

Effective method for destroying all the parasites 
in your Body, plus Brain. You ingest certain 
angstrom-sized IONIC (not colloidal) minerals, 
as made by, 800-547-2294. (, 337 
993-9660). Colloidal is /m'cron-sized. 1 million angstroms side-by-side j 
= size of 1 micron! Ionic does not accumulate in the body like 
colloidal. WaterOz Ionic Minerals (best to use regular strength, not 
concentrated): 16oz. Pint $19; 32oz. Quart $30; Gallon $60. Cheaper 
for members, also cheap at, toll-free 1-877-328-1744. Order 
at least a quart each, of Ionic Cower (kills/evicts parasites); Ionic 
Sulfur t (takes Copper to brain); Ionic Silver (kills bacteria/viras/parasitcs); 
Ionic Zinc (parasites have parasites! - Zinc prevents these from replicating); 
Ionic Molybdenum (clears parasite poop from brain; restores pH). Takes months to 
delete all parasites. They are ever returning. Little worms may start crawling out from 
anywhere on your body or be pushed out, already dead. Stinging & skin rashes as they exit 
/ purge. Probably a FRENZY of them exiting; don't panic! -better out than inside of you. 
Put Sulfur on cotton ball & wash any lesions; dries them up. Boon: Gray Man- 
goes away! (Thanks to 77-year-old youngster, Dorothy for Parasite/Fungus Cleanse) 

Day 10 to 14 take 2 T. Copper 

Dorothy's Ionic Parasite Buster 

• Mornings 1 to 4: Cook oatmeal (or other 
long cooking cereal) in 1 pan Ionic Copper 
mineral water & 3 parts pure water. (1/4 cup lo 
3/4 cup). Also during first 4 days, lake: 

- 2 TableSpoons (T.) Ionic Zinc 

- 2 TableSpoons (T.) Ionic Silver 

- 2 Teaspoons (tsp.) Ionic Molybdenum 
(moly), chased w/ drink of water. 

NOTE: Do NOT take Copper w/ Zinc or Molv 

• On day 5 stop taking Copper in oatmeal 

• Day 5, take 1 tsp. Ionic Copper. 

• Days 5 to 14, take Minerals listed above. 

• Each morning after food increase Copper 
by 1 tsp. {/Take 2 T. Ionic Sulfur daily; ok 

• Go to full dosage as soon as possible if 
no big problem with detoxing. 

• Day IS, start over and repeat the cycle 
with the 4 days of Copper in oatmeal, plus 
other minerals followed by 10 days of all 
minerals without the oatmeal. Continue 
until evidence of parasites is gone. 

Maintenance: (best) eat only raw food 
(amps immune system). Otherwise repeat 
Cleanse every 6 months. Use Zapper. Daily 
take 1 T. of Coconut Oil below & 1 T. Ionic 
Copper /Sulfur /Zinc. Use NEEM oil, 
permeates all cells in 20 minutes; anti- 
fungal/viral/bacterial, like true OREGANO 

after oatmeal or before bedtime; anytime ok] <,,/. for more information. 

Day 6, 

2 tsp. Ionic 

•Day 7, |'Day8. |-Day9. 
1 T. Ionic 1 4 tsp. Ionic 5 tsp. Ionic _ 
Copper Copper j Copper 

• BioSignatures See Page 33 

• S anieevini Card s Sec Page 33 

• H ealing Mandala See Page 19 

• magnetic Eternal 
Life Rings S37 Reverse aging. Wear 
nightly, reap benefits (888)363-9184 

• simple detoxer. 

• Sun Gazing : www. (HRMsl heals everything wrong... 

• Happy I'eet Foot Soak Machine. Ionizing foot bath pulls toxins out from the 
feet. S300 + $50 ship. • Root Stimulator makes hair grow fast & regrows hair 
on bald heads. $15 + S8 sh (8 oz). wtvw. Payment to New 
Body, P.O. Box 4755, Inglewood CA 90309. Dr. Angelica (3 10) 242-3173 

• HioEnergy Tuner (Wearable 1 : Millions of harmonics retime & vibrate your 
body to wholeness S 260. BioEnergvTuner.html 

• Urine Therapy heals A I J known dis-ease. Work your nay up to 2 ounces daily 
of your first morning urine (most potent for healing). Ok to mix injuice. Rub on 
skill problems. See internet & ' Your Own Perfect Medicine' by M Christy 

» VirusBuster-Im m uneBooster : Dr. Hulda Clark's L-G Recipe: 1/8 cup 
L-Glutamic acid powder, not glutaminc.1/8 cup L-lysme powder. Add powders 
to 2 quarts cold water and heat, covered, till dissolved; it will be near boiling. 
Use non-metal pan /stirring spoon. When cool, freeze most of ii. Keep I cup in 
refrigerator for immediate use. If ciystals form at the bottom, shake up; ok to 
reheat Since no preservatives, reheat every fourth day. If veiy ill. take ! table- 
spoon 4 times a day on empty stomach. If lightly ill, take 1 tablespoon 3 per 
-lay before meals. Details 

More Tips To Reduce/Delete MindControl 

RoseC ream/Lotion Parasite Buster 

Mix cream, pea-sized amount, liberally with 

virgin olive oil; massage into skin; cover whole body. Wash off m 8 hours in a BATH Or apply 
before bedtime; bathe next morning. Drink much water. Skip a day & repeat, thrice weekly for 
several weeks+. Penetrates, kill parasites in skin, tissues. 100% natural, non-toxic. All sickness 
is related to parasites IN/ON body. Delete parasites= deletes problems. Testimonials indicate: 

• Stops & reverses hair loss! Makes • Reduce, reverse skin wrinkles j • Vanish skin problems 
bald heads regrow hair use undiluted • Boosted energy/well-being | • Eliminate dis-ease 

2-3 month supply: Cream S40: Lotion $ 4S. Includes shipping. Send payment to Ericka Key: 
(301) 266-1S23, PO.Box 5782 • Capital Heights, MD 20791 • AnnoinUdBodyWorks.Com 

2 Ways to Clean Your Colon 

Most folks have 2 to 30 pounds of hardened feces in 
their co lon, poisoning their blood . Hence, 95% of dis-eased folks heal when colon is cleaned. 

• Dr. Rich Schulze 5-day Colon Cleanse $60 at HerbDocxom ; free catalog. (800)437-2362 

• Easy! Daily take 1-4 match-head-sized Aloe Ferrox Bitter Crystals with meals & 
drink plenty of water. Deletes colon's impacted waste & parasites. Detoxes liver. $1£ 
for 6-week supply. Contact either El HaGahn (215)240-6360, 
or Betty (917) 842-7534; NaturalAloePluiCom. Email: 

and delete your fungus 

Fungus too, is a parasite. Fungus 
crawls! and forms chains MILES long in your body! Olive Leaf Powder elimi- 
nates fungus (wildcrafted, $9.54 for 1.10 pounds). Start, 1/2 tsp. daily; build up 
to half Tbl. daily. May take 6-7 months. As detox occurs, fluid may come out your 
ears, sinus, from inside your head into your mouth. Pain in your soft tissues. 
White flakes in urine. Avoid SUGAR (feeds fungus). Cold-pressed virgin Coconut 
Oil prevents, kills fungus & viruses. For 2-3 months take 3 Tbls. daily. Then, 
maintenance, take 1 Tbl. daily & use only virgin coconut oil for cooking. Good 
source:,(800)94S-3801, quart $22.95; gal. $ 64.95; 
The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife. The Fungus link by D. Kaufmann. Drugs 
Masquerading As Foods by Dr. SuZar. We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz 

Head-attacks? make a HELMET; line a hat with LEAD tape (or 
lead strips, -at hobby stores; or LEAD foil); Add inner cover over lead 
(since lead is toxic). Wear gloves during construction. 
Discard your box-SPRING mattress: its coils = antennae. Use4orgonite 
'Take a five foot insulated copper wire and strip it bare at one end 
about 10 inches and wrap the bare wire around your ankle , take the rest of 
the free end wire and bring it up inside your clothing, the very end of the 
wire which is the free end place a piece of tape over it so as to prevent the 
possiblity of any copper from that end from touching the body. The idea is to 

Shrink Beast Tentacles with HHG on Computer The Beast, so-called 
[[is]] already here, we call them COMPUTER NETWORKS. The beast has already incar- 
nated on the physical plane. ..into the computer systems of Brussels first. Now, it has 
spread itself onto the net and grows more powerful everytime someone logs on.... He's 
in the phone network, the university network, DARPA, and the WWW. Want to 
shrink a tentacle of the monster? Stick an HHG on your computer and the dark 
consciousness of that entity will shrink back to the telephone router down at the 
box on the end of the block. Bury an bhg within a few feet of these gray boxes 
on every street and you stop him from entering dozens of homes." -Cbswork 

change your frequency and scramble any recognition signal from the body; making it difficult for the surveillance and attack frequencies from locking on you. For an 
improvement ...tnak[e] an alteration such as taking the free end and stripping it bare for 12 inches and make a noose sliding knot so that houriy or daily you can change some- 
what the actual length of the wire to keep the detection of your signal difficult bv changing the total output of signal from the body" 

da MUFFIN papers . PAGE 41 OF 52 

Cbswork ("DB") 

"Very beautiful creations" - Generators by Cbswork, made with gemslones, | 

fold leaf, healing stones, copperwire-wrapped Lemurian /Brazilian / 
ibeian singing crystals, alum/copper/litanium shavings & more... 



12 each $15. + sh $7 = S22 
36 each $40. + sh 12 = $52 
50 each $50. + sh 16 = $66 
100ea$90.+sh32= S122 

Standard HHG 

$20. each + sh $7 = $27 
5 each $80 + sh $15 = $95 
10 each $150 + $25 = $175 

Sun Stars -formerly, 
Implant Killers, see pg40 
$50.each + sh$7 =$57 
3 each $135. + $10 = $145 

Enhanced HHG 

$50. each + sh $5 = $55 
3 pack $1 25 +sh $10 = $135 

Record Keeper HHG 

$70 each +sh$5 =$75 

3 pack ea $175 
+ shlO = $18S 

OB's Special Creation 

-aka Reptoid Repellent 

$35. each + sb $5= $40 
3pack$100 + shlO=S110 

"Reptoids hate these. Put one 
in your pocket and walk into a 
restaurant and watch the faces 
of the people. Have fun" 

3 Books by Cbswork 

by author $50 ea +sh $5= $55 
» The Significance of the O ne 
* Ansels In A Harsh World 
• The Teaching 

To order send Postal Money Order to: 4. 
D.Bradley, PO Box 31 14 1 

Canyon Country, CA 91 387 * 

Donations are always accepted, appreciated 

DB's Products & writings are available from: 


• : Fun, Sun & Life Humor! Prints, Apparel, Bag 

• Bloas: 'Archived Articles: 

ACME: Arizona Coalition of Metaphysical Engineers 

Products, Services by Al Gray (Captain Dragon) & wife, MaryK Croft (Don Croft's sister) 

• Enhanced Chemtrail Buster 

2 or 3- gal. size. With emitters (holographic 
wave forms) carrying anti-frequency of reptilians, 
grey aliens & parasites/ all types. 
• Agenda Buster $25. Functions 
like Al's Triniti Wand, and equally 
powerful, hut 
smaller. Does 
not need to 
be buried 

• Free Instructions 

upon request, for making Al's 
Enhanced Triniti Wand (page 25) 

• Royal Oil : Rub it on, pain is gone. 
$ 29.95 (2 ounces), $39. (6 oz) 

• Agnihotra Ash is in all our 
products. Free sample upon request 
(send $5 for postage), "used for 
healing & promoting plant growth 
for centuries." 

(see page 12) 

• Isis Pyramid : Only for people with 
a track record of batdes, "who have made 
their bones against the dark side." 

For more info • Email Al at 

or to ORDER • Email MaryK at 

please inquire: . Mailing address: 1139 CR 4114 • DeKalb, TX 75559 

Intuitive Counseling by MaryK 

do readings either online, by 
letter or by phone, various methods are used, as needed, astrologically- 
Wi based intuitions & more formal questions at 'sessions.' Readings van/ widely 
; : as to amount of energy and time expended. You decide payment-amount 
H| based on what you can afford, & arrange payment by check or barter. 


All our devices include smokey quartz, silver, py- 
s^k rite, copper /steel/brass coils, copper BBs, activated 
faZ?* charcoal, resin & certain HERBS for spiritual connect-^ 

. ing with Mother Nature and punty /clarity of mind body soul. 
■!s$^ Silver deals with various aspects of non-benevolent biology. 
j Activated charcoal which draws poison out the body, also draws 
| poison out the surrounding ctheric zone of the device. Charcoal was 
| highly used in ancient Sudan & Kamit (ancient Egypt) for electrical 

& spiritual 

• Pyramid or Cone HHG 

$25 small, $45 large 

•Tower Buster $10 

•Orgone Heart 

(1 5/8* x 1 5/8", 1/2" ) $10 

• T-Shirt, Orgone Heart, back $13 

Contact Yoshua: 
Ph (310) 702-5912 

P.O. Box 7796 • Alhambra, CA 91 802 

purposes, a 
key element 
in their 

Specialized Orgonite Pendants 

Here are two siles shining in this area. The products are 
offered as premium Gifts in consideration of Donations. 

PlanetaryHea ling Project. Org 

Power Pendants $50 each: • DNA/RNA Repair Pendant 

• Shamanic Healer Pendant (right: see Testimonial, page 12) 

• Health-Wealth-Protection • Rejuvenation • Psychic Protection" 

• Pet Pendant $20, $30 • Balancer $2 [TB], $15 [HHG] • Orgone Home 
Packages (26 pieces) $160 , $270 • Order at site or BY MAIL: U.S. Postal 
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Mail to Fred Gunn. 4193 Dellwood St, San Diego, CA 92111, 

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• Chakra Balancer S45, 7-set $ 170 

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• Lilly's Healing Services 


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Free Predator Buster with 
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\ Payments to: 

Lonis Onder, 1 10 Rayfield Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

"/ held it in my left hand.. The 
energy went into my body f 
and healed a damaged jaw- 
\ bone in my f ace., overnight" 

• Orgone Power Ankh © pendant (see pg 32) 
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Eyeamisz Avant-Oavis Ph 317-255-3107 • 

Upcoming Orgone House-Umbrella protects 
against psychic attacks, negative waves, etc 

Free Orgonite Video Tutorials input 'SenseiDennis' ~~ 

Lemurian CB $260 

Gifter's Construction Special 

2 Lbs of quartz crystals, 3 Lbs of metal, & sa 
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Tibetan DTs, Selenite & Blue Kyanite Blade 

•4 HHGs $48 • 6 Personal Pyramids $24 

• Pendulum: amethyst $14; merkaba $16; gold 
orgonite $45 • Lemurian Pyramid $175, $195 

• Lemurian Orgone Beamer/Protector $24 
Crystal Merkabas $16, $55, $65 « Neo Magnet $1.15 

12 Tower Busters $26 

(&1 Free Personal Pyramid) 

Crystal Sampler $32. Lb. of Quartz 
Crystals t samples ofaoove crystals 

Tower Buster Special $78:Buy36TBs 
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Regulated Power 
Supply with or- 
gonite. Plug your 
SP.PW, Zapperinto 

METALS & Minerals for Making Orgonite 

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' Selenite Crystal Blades, Lb $9 

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•Tibetan Quartz DTs 1/2 Lb $18 
•Amethyst or Citrine 1/2 Lb $9 

• Chinese Mini QuartzPoints Lb~$ 11.50 
' Quartz Crystals Lb $9.75 . about 50, 1-3" 

Cesco. ...«££, '$65: Silver Electrodes Sports Zapper 
Coil /^J-* '$35 Freq Generator Zapper A.. 
••'- i85.S25: Mobius-ed SP Crystal M 
$195 Lemurian P Wand ' 
• Power 

Order : Dennis Griffin • PO Box 544 • Isle of Palms • SC USA 29451 • Phone (843) 819-8415 • Email: 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 43 OF 52 

Our infected planet is healing faster as the good news of Orgonite 
embraces the globe borne by the wings of the Internet. Here are 
Orgone Vendors around the world. Some ship internationally. 
If th e site vou visit does not display your language, copy its web 

address into th e box at and select 
your language translation. Lets you also translate blocks of text. 

Don & Carol Croft's Website 

Georg Ritschl's site in German 

& English. Full range of Orgone 

products & potent Herb supplements including Credo Mutwa's Vulindaba^ 

Immune booster ($12.00). "Our sendee is professional and quick. Our 

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PO Box 72397- Parkview, 2122 -South Africa. See pages 45,46 

1 Euro = 1.46871 USD 

• Muffin Tower Buster 
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•Pyramids (set of 3, €52); 

€10, €18, €30, €110 
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• Orgonite Amulett €16, €22 
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' Bulk Crystals 

Etheric Stick €8 
Etheric Earth Pipe €1 1 
Power Wand €175 
PW "Shorty" €125 
ChemBuster €320 
CB Base €140, Kit, €65 
Howitzer (CB/PW hybrid, 
see page32) €330 
Orgone Zapper €60 
Silver Zapper €70 
Powerbox (for PW, SP) 
& "Sim ple Zappe r" €35 
The Book: Operation 
Paradise; environmental 
healing w/ orgone 

MUTI Series 
Artful Orgonite com- 
bining African Muti 
(Medfcine) with other 
African items. Includes | 
Sangoma Herbs/Bark, 
Cowrie Shells, Tour- 
maline, Sapphire & 
Gold. 26% of sales 
support Healing 
Work & Orgonite 
Distribution in Af- 
rica by ITHC Malawi 
& Dr. Chipangula, 

by Georg Ritschl providers of the Muti. 
€19.15 (or €4.13 Muti HHG €35 
if downloaded) M uti T B€10 
£•» Help Orgonise Africa: 

Jfeg Buy MUTI Orgonite. Sponsor CBs or 
; '■ :0 50 TBs to East Africa. Deserts 
""'turn rainy (pg 45, 46) 

Terminator Zapper 

Wearable Orgone-Zapper. 
Wipes out parasites (see pg 
41). Effective health defense 
Batteiy operated. S 134 . (+sh. S3) 

ChemBuster HomeoHerbal© 

Compliments the Terminator (see 
pgs 5, 41). By Dr. William von , 
Peters ( 
$17. (+sh. $3) 


•earthclinic. c /orgo nite 

' Prices in Aus $1=US $0. 70j 
• Pyramid /Cone $55 • Super HHGs $185 to $325 • TBs, set of 10 
$44 (w/ pyrite, hematite) • Terminator Zapper $165 • SP w/ power 
connector $ 235 • SP car kit connector $22 • CB $ 530 • Ph., 
02 9398 8132 • Francois, 

Harmonic Protector© 

$63 (+sh. $3). Personal 
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ic mirror. Reinforces body's 
energy field, helping you 
cope with energy overload 
/stress. Shields against electromagnetic 
fields and debilitating frequencies. En- 
hances mental /emotional clarity, a sense 
of well-being & restful sleep. Testimonial: 
"all of a sudden, my HP went crazy. I felt 
a buzzing on my chest .. and as I looked at 
'her 1 , 1 could feel a force field of energy 
surrounding me coming from the HP...and 
it dawned on me, 'She' was not human 
..She ..gave me a deadly look ..I have to 
say I sent her packing without her looking 
back at me. . The HP stopped buzzing . . 
when 'it left" 

The Orgone Pyramid 

With a Lemurian Seed 
Crystal in the point, 
gems & 4 crystals at 
base. $126. (sh. $10) 

Don Croft & daughter 
at Mt. Shasta 


Clouds of Death 

Free documentary video. 
Download from site. 

The Crystal 

or St. Buster's Button. 
"Therapeutic device for use 
on the body ..can clear the 
Chakras.. any energy 
blockages in the body in., 
minutes." (see pg 12) 

$1 % 


Al McAllister's site • Pyramid Generators paneled in 7 * 

Colors $120; StoneTextures $200; Egyptian styles $ 200 

• Mobile Generator for cars $85 -with 5 crystals & water-sealed copper 

tube spiral • Orgone Wand $85 • Email 

Aureo Crescent, PO Box 107022, Niteroi, RJ, CEP 24360-230 Brazil 

| Email info@orgonita. 

• HHG $35 • Desktop orgonite $25 «SBB$55 

• Pendant $25, $40 • 7 Chakra Buttons $100 

• Orgonite Dog Collar $25 




Send your request and • 
payment (U.S. Postal 
Service money order 
ONLY), payable to: 
Carol Croft 
915 West View Drive 
Moscow, Idaho 83843 

For foreign 
orders not by 
credit card, 
please contact 
us for specific 

To Order 
Croft Products: 

[ Full directions at website] 

• For orders by postal 
service, please confirm 
current mailing address 
by contacting us 

• U.S. Post Office 
Money Order or credit 
cards ONLY 

_EMAIL terminator3 

The Life Etheric with Carol Croft 

Don's understanding of their quiet, internet-based 

phenomenon and its significance. 365 pages; 

Available from 

accessed from Don's website or: c gi/view-item?item=1 7343 

US $23.84, C$2742, EUR19.68, £13.71 


[ Cesco's site, an 
orgone info /tutorials base, may include products later, including his heal- 
ing /.S Device with his Little Secret (LS), a Vortex-Generating Coil with a strong 
positive Orgone field, which can substitute as a crystal in orgonite; at Cesco archives: 

orgon eitalia. com 


Tetsuzi-san's showcase-website of beautiful orgonite. 
"lyashiro" means "Healed place" 

kiWmjJM'iEl IBs CBs HHGs. Earthoipes 

•goalternatif.moonfruit. com 


•orgone. ch 


'LifeforceGeneraiors. com 

Phone: 01726 76588 

• Whale, to forgone html 
Orgonite, Tutorials, Archives 

Website & Orgone Forum in French 
& English. Free shipping on US & 
Canadian orders over $100. Volume 
faholesale discowts. Products include 
•Standard HHG: 
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•Implant Killer : 
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• Etheric Torch 
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• Orgonite Pendant : 
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•Terminator Zapper 
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To order by mail: email or call 
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email service) for shipping 
charges & send your request & 
International Money Order (in 
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Celine Ricard 

407, de la 30Se avenue 

St-Hippolyte. Qc 

J8A2W 4 Canada 

• St Buster's Button : 

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• Succor Punch with Zapper 
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• Mini PowerWand : 
$149.78 usd, $145 end, €102.31 

• PowerWand Pro: 
$268.58 usd, 
$260. end, 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 44 OF 52 

Get you some hot buttered popcorn, go to and click on "Orgone Adventures." Read The Adventures of 
Don & Carol Croft. You'll spill your popcorn. Read other orgonics these brave, history-making pioneers inspired, including Jeff 
Baggaley's Mission to Tibet and George Ritschl's Orgonise Africa Expeditions And don't forget the Orgone FORUMS (page 
9). Get your mind blown, entertained and INSPIRED -for these stories are true. Exemplifying da Supreme Power of Orgone, 
form of True-Kreator's Light manifesting at this time to help Humanity in the time of our greatest need. 


The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft - Introductory Notes 

By Ken Adachi ...Sept. 4, 2002 ...The stories you arc about to read are true and 
have occurred exactly as written. There is not one word of fiction here, although 
many of you will find that extremely hard to believe, as the level of excitment in 
these episodes approaches that found in Star Wars or Men in Black, but the author, 
Don Croft, has always insisted that people should believe what their hearts dictate 
and they have no obligation to accept other people's realities as their own. I've 
titled this journal Adventures in the spirit of fun that seem to dominate their 
personalities. ...1 don't think you can find two braver souls on the face of the planet 
than the Crofts. They are taking on the most powerful and evil organization of thugs 
and traitors that have ever existed in the history of humanity- and they are pinning 
their ears to the wall- despite assassination attempts, psychic attacks, psychotronic 
attacks, computer hacking, theft of their mail..moncy..customer orders, 24 hour 
surveillance, and gumshoe monitoring. ..Don has got to be the gutsiest guy I've ever 
known. Even the aliens have told Carol: "He's Crazy!" ...Don is without fear, but 
never acts without prudence or intelligence. He's a gentle warrior using 
'weapons' of orgonite, copper coils, and crystals to neutralize and sterilize the 
most heinous assault with secret technology that has ever been perpetrated on 
humanity - chemtrails and ELK mind control towers . Without the incredible psychic 
abilities of his wife [[Carol]], it's hard to say if Don would still be here to continue his 
vrork ..While these stories are exciting and entertaining to read, the seriousness of 
what's being discussed should not be overlooked. Don Croft is both trying to inform 
and warn that we have to participate in this fight or we are going to be the losers. 
..The most pressing thing to attend to -right now- is to neutralize those ELF mind 
control towers (erroneously assumed to be cell phone lowers) by depositing a Holy 
Handgrenade (HHg) or ..[[Muffin]] Tower Buster within 1/4 mile of those towers. .. 
Don has gleaned from psychic sources., and info from friendly aliens that the mind 
control element and the targeted pain-inflicting capabilities of those towers 
WILL NOT FUNCTION without the presence of negative DOR [[destructive 
orgone]] energy. Any size of HHg.. down to a little ..Tower Buster will transmute 
the DOR envirnoment into OR_orgone energy and prevent the mind control 
function. That is the reason 1 am posting these articles and encouraging you to 
get involved and join the H H g brigade to save onr country from these 
satanic lunatics trying to destroy America! 


Magical Africa 


Orgone Adventures 

"stories and articles from [[folks ]]..who are helping to stem the tide of electronic mind 
control ...and atmospheric manipulation and to resist the forces of Big Brother tyranny 
.. Ordinary citizens are the ONLY forces so far , that are engaged in any real, 
determinded effort to resist to the NW0 enslavement manipulators. Won't you do 
your part and help to rescue this world from a satanic globalist nightmare?" 

• Busting South Mountain by Fred Gunn (Oct. 5. 2007) 

• Orgone Adventures in India, England, and the NY Fed Reserve.. 

• Lilly Ochescu & The Women Warriors on Wilma, Avian -Bird flu, FEMA.. 
■ Mission to Tibet. Parts 1-8 (Dec. 15, 2002) [[ incredible, inspiring!] 


The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft 

• Episode 88: Adventures In Hawaii, 2005-2006 (July 17, 2006) 

• Episode 87: Carol and Don's Highway Pastimes (Nov. 2, 2005) 

• Epidosde 84: Soothing Mother Earth and then CUTting to the Chase... 

• Episode 83: Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl ..Count 'I Ain't' Saint Germaine 

• Episode 82: 1 Wanna Defect! (July 19, 2004) ... 

• Episode 81: McGinry's Report: Busting Underground Bases in ..Seattle... 

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone '..his E mail were really essays., 
with new and fascinating information ...these wonderful articles .. open a new 
vista into our understanding of the forces at play here on..Mother Earth." 
■ The Orgonite Dodecahedron • Sylphs Of The Gas Giants 

• Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails • DNA Activation [[ Parts 1 & 2 ] 

• The One Kilometer Tall "Cloud-Buster" • Two Crows Remain 

• All Mind Control Is Based On Hypnotism • When The HAARP-Gales Blow 

EXCERPTS. For index, go to www.orgonise-africa.rr*. click REPORTS, then click 
(Georg Ritschl's) Orgonise Africa Expeditions 

[| are turning African DESERTS back into the WET Tropics they used to be! ]] 

• 1st Orgonise Africa Tour September 2002 (Zimbabwe) 

• From Paradise to Masonic Street and back - busting the Eastern Cape 

• Mama Mbeki's Zapper (and Cloud-buster) 

• Mozambique - another African country deHAARPed 

• Operation Desert Rain Namibia • Disabling the Kruger Barrier II -The Reward 

• Operation Paradise continued • Clipped Wings - The Prisoners of Orgone 

Orgonite Gifting is Converting Africa's Deserts Back 

into Rainy TropiCS -Thanks to Georg Ritschl /Orgonise-Africznet 

By Don Croft ...September 19, 2001 ..This is one of the 
many first hand accounts 1 got from my friend, Gert 
Botha, when I visited him in Swakopmund, Namibia last 
year. I'm offering it as an anecdotal example of what in- 
trigues Carol and I so much about rural African culture. 
Georg Ritschl will be taking cloudbusters to villages and 
will be reporting on the progress of their healing work.. 
Gert told me this story illustrate the innate psychic 
abilities of rural-dwelling Africans... The doc had asked 
Gert to go to that place in an offhand manner, almost an 
afterthought, but though it took them a day to get there, it most enduring, devastating 
took the many Africans who had showed up then to re- and aggressive genocide 
ceive treatment many days to get there on foot from vari- campaigns in modern his- 
ous villages. ...They simply knew he was going to show tory. . . This isn't a charity 
up, so they left in plenty of time to get there to meet him. appeal. We're going to get 
Africans, generally, don't hurry for anyone... The doc some solid, liberating en- 
didn't seem at all surprised to see that large group of vil- ergy from freeing these Af- 
lageis, serene under the big tree by the road junction. rican nations from the 
...consider the implications of a village in a country HAARI'-imnosed drought/ 
in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe or famine protocols they're 
Zambia getting a clondbuster from you, courtesy of 
Johannesburg's premier cloudbuster maker, Georg 
Ritschl. ..A noted Persian philosopher once said 'The 
black race are the pupil of the eye of humanity.' He 
had also referred to humanity as a garden full of flowers 

under right now, and subse- 
quent reports from the villag- 
ers, through Georg, to us, will 
greatly increase the already well-established and repu- 
table store of information we've gathered already about 


"Since we started busting the secret underground $ 
bases in South Africa from where the illegal elec- 
tronic weather warfare was conducted that had lead 
to wide spread drought in Southern Africa, unprec- 
edented rains have swept the subcontinent." ..The 

planting season which is normally from October to • 





South Africa. Since the beginning 
recorded a rainfall average higher 
-Independant Foreign Service 


average. </> 

wildly dramatic results ..probably because there aren't 
HAARP arrays every 400 square miles or so as there arc 
of various hues, fragrances and shapes, and how monoto- healing the atmosphere, our own spirits, and beyond... throughout the North America and Europe... The ambient 
nous a garden made up of one specie of flowers must be. For those who consider efforts like this to be more appro- orgone field in Africa is arguably twice as vibrant and strong 
...As I mentioned many times, all we need to do to see priately expended in our own countries, first consider as in North America and Europe, too, so a little boost in that 
what's important in this world rignt now is to look at that the planet is already like a single country, and all of atmosphere gets multiplied by the atmosphere cer- 
the things the regime is trying hardest to destroy. humanity are related by blood...In case you don't know, tainly makes it easier for Carol and I to undeistand how 
Nobody would deny that Africa has not sustained the a clondbuster in this part of the world often gets much more magical African society is than our own. 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 45 OF 52 


Help Orgonise-Africa.NET 

• Sponsor a ChemBuster 

• Support 

• Buy Muti Orgonite (page 44) 

"We have made it our mission to distribute 
Orgonite all over Africa in order to restore 
this continent to ifs original beauty. ...Pres- 
ently we are preparing the 10 countries-7 
wonders orgone safari, covering South Af- 
rica, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tan- 
zania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi 
and Zambia. The effects of this massive distribution of orgonite on the 
environment are astounding ..Droughts are being stopped and the 
whole ambience takes on a fresh and revitalised feel. ..We finance our 
wide spread orgone gifting activities with the proceeds from our 
web site ..our main source of income for living. ..Apart from supporting 
us by buying our products, you have the opportunity to directly spon- 
sor a cloud buster for Africa." [[, see page 44 ]] 

What's The Opposite of 
'Atlanta's Burning?' 

By Don Croft ... April 3, 2003 ... What- 


[ RAIN, continued ] April/May was again predicted (read : planned) to be a 
drought season albeit not in the same hysterical fashion as the 3 years 
before. The ...previous planned droughts were all broken by our 
massive orgonite gifting efforts. The rains. ..only got unlocked after 
our attention turned towards those underground bases in earnest ... 
Since then average rainfalls ..have been exceeded massively ...The 
rains were well distributed over the whole region and especially Namibia 
experienced rainfall like they never observed in the whole 20th and 21st 
century." ~Georg Ritschl (>121 ) 


Clipped Wings - The Prisoners of Orgone 

...Be that as it may, the country is in shambles and ready for the big corpo- 
rate take over after the elimination of any middle class, be it Mack or white. 
. In that sense Zimbabwe is an advanced model of whafs basically 
planned worldwide by the ruling elite. ..The majority of "useless eaters" to be eliminated by biowarfare like "AIDS", vaccination programmes, 
starvation, attrition wars , weather manipulation and other forms of genocide. 
...I had received very interesting information from an anonymous source, who 
claimed to have been a former operative in the secret "one world army" that 
messes up Africa with all these senseless wars. ... In fact, there is no war 
in Africa that is not run by outside secret services who mostly create ,. 
various 3-letter "liberation movements" that murder and create mayhem. All 
these Insurgent movements are equipped and suported by the "One World 
Army" of the "New World Odor". . .This monster has many names, call it UN. 
French Foreign Legion, South African Mercenaries, CIA, MI6. .. Ifs activities are 
supported by a network of underground bases with weather warfare and 
mind control capacities, secret and forbidden territories for training and as- 
sembling armies etc. Most rebel insurgencies originate from the vast "game 
reserves" in Africa that are mostly already under the control of cover organi- 
sations like the VWVF (run by Prince Charles of British royalty) .. Nowhere 
but in Africa is the NEW WORLD ODOR 
so obvious and so murderous.. ..Coming 
back to the Area of the famous ruins of Great 
Zimbabwe which had already been gifted 
twice, was a revelation.. It felt like paradise! 
..We were finally charged with a minor misde- 
meanor ..And to prison we went! .This is 
generally (he lesson of this aborted trip: We 
cannot do it alone 1 . . We agreed to leave most 
of our Orgonite in the capable hands of Dr. 
ChipangUa and his organisation, for distribu- 
tion all over Malawi, which had ..been hit by 
one of the the NWO fabricated HAARP- 
droughts in order to create hunger and "donor 
dependancy". as usual Africa cannot be 
liberated from outside, however wellmeaning 
such intervention may be. ..The networks of 
genuine traditional healers, .will also play an 
increasing rote in this True African Renais- 

sance" . You can help strengthen., this 
emerging African netwark by making a dona- 
tion under one of the following sponsorship 
options [See Vendors,] 


Adventures of Don & Carol Croft. Episode 61 _ , . ,, • «_••_ 

.. They invested endless resources into brain- 
washing and mind control programs designed 
to convince ns all that we were helpless, 
hopeless and powerless to change the 
coarse of human history, not unlike the way 
everthat is, I think we achieved it in March that common parasites excrete ammonia into 
because the city itself is entirely smog free, the brain to alter our perceptions and make us 
the skies over Atlanta are pristine and the depressed and listless. ...Most of us felt sort 
places in the city that felt like hell when we of reborn the first time we saw that charac- 
arrived now feel pleasant and envigorating. teristic bine hole [[pg 20]] in the chemtrail/ 
... Veiy simply, to get rid of all the smog and HAARP muck over our heads the day we 
sky molestations, all that's needed is to dis- erected our first cloudbusters. We felt even 
able the towers. We fi[r]st did all the more committed and encouraged after our 

HAARP transmitter arrays throughout the first gentle rains and many of us hadn't seen 
city, then I spent a week systematically dis- rain in several years doe to the global pre- 
abling all the smaller military transmitters, dations of the countless HAARP arrays. 
of which there are around five hundred in .Anyone who travels a bit will notice these 
Atlanta... Anyone can do this. We used characteristic multiple tower arrays every 
abont thirty gaDons of orgonite for that thirty or forty miles along the major highways 
city of two million people to make the throughout North America, closer together in 
towerbnsters and holy handgrenades. I populated areas. Knock these out for thirty 
didn't count, but it seems we made about or forty miles aronnd where yon are and 
a thousand 4-ounce towerbusters and a y on 'l | get *• same results we got from our 
hundred 12-ounce holy handgrenades. initial busting effort in Atlanta last month, 
..We 'did' an entire large city as an example I guarantee... One graphic example of the 
but of course Atlanta is a key regional cen- synergy of deathforce transmitters and the 
ter in the agenda of tyranny and genocide, orgone-generating three-ounce towerbusters.. 
much as Los Angeles is. ..Now and then I is the effect I saw on the people in a large 
hear about someone who has been working housing project south of downtown Atlanta, 
quietly and effectively behind the scenes to There were several large transmitters around 
stop this loathsome martial law process. For this complex and when I visited there to dis- 
instance, I'm told there is a fellow who ere- able them the people I saw outside looked an- 
ated a device, which, when turned on, M and suspicious. A week later I went there 

makes nuclear reactions impossible within and saw that there were more people outside 

and that most of them seemed happier and 
more outgoing. Actually, I'd forgotten that 
I'd been there to bust the towers and only af- 
ter I saw how happy the people looked I rec- 
ognized the place as one I'd already visited 
with some towerbusters. ... Our approach 
from the beginning has been rather simple 

it's field and that he's taken them to each 
city where there is rumored to be a nuclear 
attack planned by the American secret po- 
lice agencies on the populace, for which 
any number of foreign groups could be 
blamed to frighten everyone into accepting 
martial law and the enforcement of all the 

treasonous new fake laws, like Homeland and perhaps even mundane. How could it be 
Security. ...We prefer to do our work pub- otherwise if this is to gain acceptance in 
licly and internationally, involving as many popular culture as it certainly should?... 
co-workers as feasible so that everyone We' ve simplified the parameters and looked 
can see how easily this can be accom- for the least expensive, least skill-intensive 
plished by ordinary folks like ourselves, methods for making the basic devices... 

Adventures of Don & Carol Croft -Episode 56 

G-Men From Hell 

By Don Croft ...March 15, 2003 ...Now, two 
years after making our first chembuster, I find 
myself in a situation similar to the one we expe- 
rienced after aiming that first one, with exten- 
sions, at the moon on several consecutive nights 
Wc seem to be in danger of losing our lives while 
at the same time doing something that severely 
challenges most people's credulity. ...Up to the time of that exer- 
cise neither of us had experienced any interference from the fake 
federal government's secret police agencies and it was rather a 
shock to realize then just how vehemently opposed they all 
are to any disturbance of their predatory agenda ...I'd known 
for years before this that (he US Government is fake and 
predatory by nature and had arranged my life and fortunes 
around those conditions. 

Apparently, our successful efforts in Atlanta has 
opened up a whole new range of opposition, including the 
nether realms of the FBI and even Delta Force. The latter 
are senous, trained warriors, unlike those fat stupid, armored 
FBI thugs ..We really hammered the fake US Government's 
gouty toe this time, judged by its potentially murderous re- 
sponse. ...the readers' digest version is that we cleared all the 
muck out of the skies over the city itself simply by disabling 
all the HAARP transmitters in the city.... Another confirma- 
tion is that lenticular clouds were seen over and around the 
city, perhaps for the first time. Carol and I blasted all the dark 
ones in short order, of which there were only a few. I hope 
you're all doing that with your Succor Punches, at least 
each time you see them. ..We love to have, the light lenticulars 

around because, to us, it means 
we're getting plenty of reinforce- 
ments in our spiritual war. 

o That realization of danger two 
gg-g years ago prompted me to start writ- 

> la.-; ni\ itports and distnhutina them 

ISH | to several active internet boards and 

i? lists for our own protection.. Every 

|:2 step of our collaboration has pro- 
duced benefits that we' ve been able 
to share with everyone. For instance, we were getting a 
burger in Van Nuys last May when we discovered that sim- 
ply turning on a Succor Punch in the car not only 
caused the massive NSA box surveillance team to lose 
us, but even blocked all the electronic and satellite 
tracking and surveillance devices in his car. We then 
went on to put HHgs under the veiy noses of the heavily 
armed guards at a major under-ground facility in LA.. 
..We in America are a hair's breadth away from overt en- 
slavement and genocide right now and I feel perfectly justi- 
fied in going after the whole predatory hierarchy with vigor 
and focused rage. . J'm a hundred percent determined to 
stop genocide from happening and I'll do whatever it 
takes, within the real law, to accomplish that I'm simply 
inviting you, too, to experience the thrill of victory rather 
than having to endure the agony of defeat ;-) I suspect that 
one of the aspects of this now fully emerging new paradigm 
is that ordinary people have this power over predators for 
the first time in human history. . We got some visual con- 
firmation that the Powerwand does indeed disable NSA 
predators ... If you have a PowerWand [[ page 30 ] or Shiva 
([ pg 321, or even just a Succor Punch [[pg 27, 28 ] and you 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 46 OF 52 

gel the sneaking feeling someone's watching you, you're prob- 
ably right so you ought to impale the uninvited watcher's as- 
tral body right away if you don' t want to get hurt later on by 
electronic assaults, etc. These are the ones who do the setups. 
They rarely die when we juice them, but they always get ter- 
rorized by that and generally won't try it again... There arc a 
limited number of mature, competent psychics working 
for the NSA and CIA. The chump satanic sorcerers of the 
CIA's asset-the biack-robed Golden Dawn orOTO-fall like 
bowling pins whenever you focus a little attention on them 
They present the scariest aspect, but are the easiest to disable. 
Carol says their heads pop off whenever she uses the Shiva 
on them, but they [[arc]) as numerous as stalks in a wheatfield 
for some reasoa which is why it's important to go after 
tlieir NSA/CI A bosses and the bosses' bosses ... They usu- 
ally attack during our sleep time and they only go after 
psychics. ..I get a little bemused when I hear from psychics 
who are still unwilling to consider taking the initiative against 
their demonstrated enemy, which is mainly the unlawful 
National Security Agency [NSA]. They mostly tell me that 
they continue to use the same tired techniques that have so far 
failed to prevent them from getting cancer, suicidal thoughts, 
and a plethora of other disabling conditions since the NSA 
initiated its campaign against them a few short years ago. 
...Technically. I think one could consider this kind of inces- 
santly repeated-but unviable-approach to serious problems a 
definition of insanity, which is not surprising since it's appar- 
ently a product of mind control and the Big Lie that has con- 
vinced people that they're not only powerless to stop tyrants, 
but that they're are also, somehow- God Almighty ;-) We 
westerners are particularly prone to schizoid views of reality, 
I think... The pattern, as we see it, is that the effect of the en- 
ergy from both the PowerWand and the Shiva tailors it- 
self to the threat level that the recipient presents. We 
can't dictate the results, but V m learning that we can get a 
pretty good feel for what's going to happen. ...Putting two 
and two together ...we thought it would be prudent if Carol 
searched the ethers for any other plans to harm us. ..She 
found five Delta Force guys gearing up for another at- 
tempt to murder us in our sleep in our Tampa motel 
room... We both juiced them, theu she discovered five 
more backup guys and we juiced them, too. Only two out 
of the ten survived that - 1 guess these two had never mur- 
dered innocent people before. Then we went after their 
commander, his commander, and on up 1 lie line. Carol 
said, 'What did you do to those guys?' and 1 said, 'This 
time, I spun the energy from the ground up,' and she said, 
'Well, I'd never seen that -their guts came right out of 
their mouths!' .. thenl juiced the NSA peckers in the two 
cars that were still waiting for us to show up at Denny's, a 
block down the street The psychic in one car had a ner- 
vous breakdown and her driver had the strong feeling 
that he didn't want anything to do with us. The driver in 
the other car had the same impulse, but he bounced back and 
started looking for us again, so I juiced him a second time and 
he learned his lesson. ...The nice thing about writing this is 
that the fake federal government would vehemently deny that 
their surveilling innocent people like Carol and I, much less 
planning our demise, so none of them will pursue us for this 
in their heinously unlawful court systems or any of the less- 
unlawful police agencies. ... I do want to mention that after 
we put the three HHgs around the airbase at Marietta, which 
is mainly a heinous Lockheed facility in the Atlanta suburb, 
Carol said that the Wingmakers were holding down the en- 
ergy of the devices until we left the vicinity in order to 
protect us. A fedboy in a big, white pickup drove right by the 
Zapporium and didn't see us right after we put the second 
HHg down, even though he was looking hard for us and he 
seemed a little manic. ...Carol said the main effect of bust- 
ing underground facilities this way is that the majority of 
people in them start to wake up and openly question why 
they're there. There aren't enough thugs on the planet to do 
all the work, so the world order relies totally on mind con- 
trolled people to carry out most of its agenda -all of it, in fact. 
except for the openly predatory activities. They have plenty 
of blood-stained thugs for that and for occupying the top posi- 
tions in all of the key corporations and all of the national gov- 
ernments in the world's 'developed' nations. That's some de- 
velopment, eh? ...It was right before we went to Lockheed that 
we saw all the light lenticular clouds, which of course are cre- 
ated by the good guys to hide their craft. ... 
© Copyright 2X8 Educate-Youredf.oig 

EXCERPTS: Orgone Adventures; 

Mission to Tibet, Part 5: The Driver Revolts 

That afternoon at the lunch break, a 
fight broke out between Sam and the 
bus driver. Around and around they 
circled each other, trading verbal 
blows. I didn't have a clue as to what 
was going on- it was all Chinese to me 
(I had to get that in at least once!). 

Asking Sam what happened later in the 
truck when we had again hit the road, he 
said that the driver was now refusing to 
drive us to Darchen, the town at the base 
of Kailash. In fact, Sam continued, he is now say- 
ing that he isn't even going anywhere close to 
Darchen. I told him not to worry, that we would 
work it out at the next stop. 

The next stop- about 70 kms from Kailash- we, 
along with all our gear, were unceremoniously 
dumped in the town. I tried to remonstrate with the 
driver. He wouldn't even look me in the eye- or 
even anywhere close to my direction- a VERY 
UNTibetan thing to do. A very attractive feature of 
the Tibetan people is their clear direct look- 
straight at and into your eyes. As you learn to re- 
turn their look, you find yourself looking deep into 
their souls, as they are looking deep into yours in 
turn. It is very disconcerting at first, so unaccus- 
tomed are we to such deep looking, but once you 
get the hang of it you wonder at the superficiali- 
ties of our nasty glancings. Meeting souls before 
exchanging words. Deep connections. Getting 
back to what it's all about. 

And now the driver was uttering a stream of 
what sounded to my untrained ear Tike a series of 
curses I kept asking Sam what on earth the guy 
was saying. Sam kept saying : It's not important 
I'll tell you later. Etc. Finally, simply standing 
still, as the entire village looked on, I let the driver 
do his thing (what else can you do?), throw out 
Sam's dusted sleeping bag onto the dusty ground- 
hop into his truck, ana boom away. 

I looked at my Lonely Planet guidebook, trying 
to figure out the next step, ringed around by the 
village kids. I gave one of the moms a pack of 
liconce to hand around to the kids. That did it- 1 
was Santa Claus -and before you knew it we were 
all on a first name basis. Well at least they knew my 
name. They found it pretty hilarious watching and lis- 
tening to Jeff trying to pronounce their names. 

I asked Sam what the driver had been saying. 
He said, 'The driver was saying: You are going to 
die! You are going to die at Kailash. Do you want 
to die? 1 am doing you a favor saving your life by 
leaving you here. You will die. At Kailash you 
will die. .." (And of course, finally having the op- 
portunity to study my map a little more closely, 
the driver's ONLY available route further south- 
east took him within a couple of kilometers of 
Darchen.He had been lying beginning to end- 
again very un Tibetan.) 

Inverted swastika on the driver 's truck. White 
Brotherhood. They knew I was coming. 

The name of the little town at which we had 
been dumped is Moincer. It was winter, with very 
little road traffic. We were stuck, and not within 
walking distance of Kailash (I was getting a little 
frustrated and was threatening to start walking to 
Kailash). Sam, by degrees over the course of the 
evening, befriended the soldiers at the town's 
checkpoint They said they would help us get to 
Kailash, stopping the next vehicle that came 
through the checkpoint en route toward Darchen. 

So we sat by the checkpoint, starting at dawn 
and waited throughout the long day for a vehicle 
to go through that blasted checkpoint- a vehicle 
that is apart from official Chinese ones that 
wouldn t even slow for the checkpoint- bombing 
through the point as the soldiers ran to raise the 
gate. ..Finally around 5PM- ENOUGH AL- 

READY!! ! .. "Sam there must be a vehicle in this 
town that will get us there- any vehicle- any price. 
We need to get there today. Tomorrow at the latest 
Otherwise it won't happea" 

"Any price?" 

"Any price." 

Within 20 minutes we were on the road, a Post 
truck having materialized out of nowhere-pretty 
darned tooting fast. Some things are universal: 
S$$ screams in any language. 

Kailash ...Two hours later Kailash was in 
view and my God WHAT a view. As I mentioned in 
my preliminary post from Lhasa, Kailash is dis- 
tinctly pyramidal in shape, with four distinct faces 
facing the four cardinal directions .A deep gash runs 
down the middle of its south face, forming a swas- 
tika-like graving with a horizontal line bisecting it. 
That is the reason why the mountain has since time 
out of mind has been known as Swastika Mountain. 

Again I mentioned in that preliminary post, my 
theory about the connection between the Bon priests 
found suicided in Berlin at the end of the Second 
World War and Hitler- the inverted swastika- and 
how this led me tu assume a connection with 
Kailash - Swastika Mountain- and the White Broth- 
erhood- inverting that swastika- whose legendary 
residence in occult lore has been primarily at, or in, 
or around, some remote mountain in the mountain- 
scape that is Tibet. ...I had dowsed to see if I got 
agreement with these intuitions: 'Yes'. ..The real 
confirmations came, however, with the attacks and 
assaults I sustained on the way to Kailash, what I 
saw at Kailash, and then most especially, the serious 
magic that took place around me as I made my way 
back to Lhasa ( Part 7) . They REALLY didn't 
want me to post the fact that I had made it to 
Kailash and back! Thus demonstrating for ALL 
the world to see, how so very easy it is for ANY 
relatively determined person to go ANYWHERE 
on the p l.i n ei in his or her attempts at healing the 
planet, as so many of the members on our forum 
have themselves demonstrated. 

The White Brotherhood, so-called, is a paper ti- 
ger. All you need to do is light a match. Perhaps the 
better image is the one Don s uses, that what we are 
dealing with are parasites, social parasites. Parasites 
need a weak host in order to flourish. If the host is 
strong the parasites themselves will weaken and die or 
go somewhere else seeking weaker prey. 

The Tibetan people themselves are exemplary in 
this way, having been colonized relatively recently 
[1950], but they are a very strong people. One can 
only hope that they will, sooner than later, regain 
their independence. ..I tend to shy away from all 
Good vs Evil talk because it basically sets up a bi- 
polar world that only affirms itself and is what the 
White Brotherhood themselves have put in place to 
maintain their Order. Such talk is not reality talk- at 
least that is my belief (E.g. Is the crocodile Evil? Or 
is the coyote Evil and the rabbit Good?)] 

(Back to Kailash) ...The plan Sam and I worked 
out that evening was to walk the 52 clicks around 
Kailash in two days ..then on the third day walk up 
to Selung Monastery in the heart of the Mountain. 
And that is exactly what we did. ...The next morn- 
ing., we headed out- going clockwise around the 
mountain. After- oh, about ONE click- 1 was ready 
to DIE! ...Only 51 more to go.... 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 47 OF 52 

"Amazing Breathing 

Technique causes Reptilians 

to Lose Human Form!" 

fly Liliy Ochescu "We were using a breathing tech- 
nique that Dork Boy [cbswork] had shown Carol 
and Carol taught me to make them feel unbal- 
anced, uncomfortable and they were trying really 
hard to maintain their human form. ... Next stop: 
Vons Grocery store. Ohhh MY!!!! LET THE 
GAME BEGINS!!! ...At the service desk, there is 
this really strange man standing there. I elbowed 
Carol and she was nodding at me. meaning "Yes he 
is a reptilian". Well, well, we started the magic- 
breathing technique and OHHHH MY!! Carol was 
pointing down towards the back of his trousers 
laughing really hard! .. And he was trying really 
hard to get the cashier to hurry up to get us out of 
the store. .. Later that day, we went., to buy BBs 
for earth pipes. .. we had to wait for the cashier to 
open the case. 1 asked Carol: "He is a reptilian, 
isn't he?" and she confirmed. ..We started the 
technique.. The guy got red faced and his fore- 
head started to stick out., his eyes started moving 
really fast, rolling around really quick. The guy 
was dropping things..." ( & jhtml) 

"...Success Stories from Readers Since I've read 
that they often wear thick sunglasses in stores, 
once when I went to shop for groceries, I ran- 
domly chose a person with sunglasses to experi- 
ment on with the breathing technique. ... I was in 
line in the customer service department. There 
were many people. Without thinking about anyone 
in particular. I started doing the technique again 
without taking it too seriously. But I noticed a 
woman working for the store's customer service 
department who looked at me in the line, then 
started complaining to her colleagues about having 
too much work and about there being too many 
people. Then when my turn came, she was the one 
who was supposed to help me, but she shook her 
hand in the air, said "I can't take it anymore," 
asked her colleague, to take care of me. and left" 



...Two or more people doing this method at the 
same time make it a lot more powerful. 
..What you do: you just shut your eyes and 
think of someone you love and charge your- 
self with infinite love... Take at least 3 deep 
breaths and filling your whole heart area 
with this LOVE and then on the last exhale 
imagine the energy going to the man/ 
woman/reptilian you are aiming at and as 
you send the energy out say the word 
Keep doing over and over and over. ..If the 
man/woman is reptoid she/he will start to act 
very nervous, strange and clumsy, dropping 
things, etc almost like they are having a spasm. 
This means that they are having a real hard 
time maintaining their human form. And watch 
for the left eye becoming bigger, and ex- 
tended out slightly from the skull, huge 
black circles under the eyes or the eyes roll- 
ing like in cartoons and of course, people 
wearing dark sunglasses inside the stores. 
...Keep this thing in mind when you go out in 
public and you will be amazed, but don't forget 
to have fun- that's a MUST!!! Remember it's 
important not to have any fear and laugh in- 
stead. They can smell fear and they feed off of 
it. There is really nothing to fear. THEY CAN- 

THEM TO.. © Copyright 2002-2004 

Cbswork's Reptoid Decloaking Technique 

original text (from his earlier site) is saved at 


EXCERPTS: http://educate-yoursetf.orgyzsl/operatotshelpingearth11mar05.shrml 

The "Operators" Are Helping The Earth 

By Zuermnovahh-StarT Livingstone taneously in the Van Allen Belts. 
..A few people have written me that they have not seen as The Operators stopped that plan, 
many sylphs recently. .. I have seen more of the "Opera- The same thing coula be done by 
tors ' working in places where sylphs once were. The blasting thousands of H-Bombs un- 
interdimensional spacecraft are immune to the electro- derground That has not worked. The destruction of the con- 
magnetic and scalar weaponry. Sylphs are taking a rest tinents could be imposed by the detonations of thousands of 
leave to regenerate new skins. ... Since mid February H-Bombs in the deep trenches of the oceans. That plan is not 
there have been 4000 earthquakes on the Juan da Fuca working either. The Operators have been intervening con- 
(Vancouver Island) tectonic plate. ...The "Operators" are slant I v for decades. Every plan which has been discussed 
operating on the bowels of the Earth magnetically. The by the Black Nobility has been circumvented by higher 
complexities of this "intercession" are amazing. ...There powers . Even the secret plans which were not agreed upon by 
are over sixty active volcanoes emitting steam and ash the top members were stopped ...The rank and file of trie 
world wide. There are 5.0 Richter earthquakes on a daily NWO believe that the plan of a one world government fore- 

basis. The Earth is wobbling but 
not dangerously. Inwardly I seen 
about fifty vortices on all the con- 
tinents acting like cosmic shock 
absorbers. The days of the Illu- 
minati are numbered They 
lost ..During Melchizedek train- 
ing I was told by the teacher that 
the diabolical conspiracy's 
plans would result in a planet 
where the highest lifeform 
would be an ant colony. Even 
the cockroaches would nave been 
wiped out The entities at the top 
of the conspiracy were totally in- 
sane. If "they" could not possess 
the world then they would de- 
stroy it ..It is possible to frag- 
ment the planet with as few as a 
dozen H-Bombs going off simul- 

Solar Angels Coming to Earth 

"Mary Kay Croft [[Don Croft's sister]] has seen 
something new coming. I have known for a 
while that Solar Angels are coming to earth. 
They are higher dimensional beings and not 
intradimenstonal as the Sylphs and all the deva. 
Solar Angels are ten to twenty miles in diameter 
and can clear chemtrails. These angels live in 
the corona of the sun andhigh temperatureis 
their normal environment. They will shrug off 
the c-m and scalar weapons causing the Sylphs 
so many problems. They have some talents in 
defusing nuclear wars. They can remove 
Aetbcric Coronal Elements from the magma 
pockets beneath volcanoes effectively stopping 
eruptions. They can determine the best level of 
solar radiation for the earth and make it so." 
Zuerrnnovahh-Slarr Livingstone (educate- 

ibly imposed on humanity, or 
what is left of humanity, is the 
only solution. That plan will 
never work. The Operators 
know that the planners are 
cunning and that all their 

?lans are against life itself, 
he top planners are arrogant 
nihilists. Their promises of a 
Satanic paradise on Earth does 
not work, has never worked 
and will never work. On all 
planets which have reversed 
the primary life vortex nothing 
remains. The parasite destroys 
the host .The parasite has 
lost, it cannot destroy the 
Earth. Life itself will elimi- 
nate the blood-suckers. 

The Reptilian Pact 

Originally titled "The Secret Covenant" the full version of this anonymous document is published at 
wnyv.luisprada.cwm/Protected/reptilian_pacthtni & other sites. The fact that these mother fockers must always go 
to extreme lengths -busting their donkeys- to keep Humans suppressed, is actually good news -for it means that 
even in our severely weakened, compromised, zombic-ized, unconscious state, we are still incredibly Power-Full! 
-and that their stuff, horrible as it is, really simply AIN'T working. They are losing, and they are desperate. ~DRE 

many never connect with their inner 

We will distract them with fornica- 
tion, external pleasures and 
games so they may never be one 
with the oneness of it All. 

Their minds will belong to us and they 
wit do as we say. If they refuse we 
shall find ways to implement mind-al- 
tering technology into their lives. We 
will use fear as our weapon. 

We will establish their governments 
and establish opposites within. We 
will own both sides. 
We will always hide our objective 
but carry out our plan. 

They will perform the labor for us 
and we snail prosper from their toil. 

Our families will never mix with 
theirs. Our blood must be pure al- 
ways, for it is the way. ... 

We will keep them separated from 
the oneness by dogma and religion. 
We will control all aspects of their lives 
and tell them what to think and how... 

When a light shall shine among them, 
we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or 
death, whichever suits us best... 

We will continue to prosper from 
their wars and their deaths. We 
shall repeat this over and over until 
our ultimate goal is accomplished. 
We will continue to make them live 
in fear and anger though images 
and sounds.... 

Drop by drop, drop by drop we will 
advance our goal. We will take over 
their land, resources and wealth to 
exercise total control over them .We 
will deceive them into accepting 
laws that will steal the little freedom 
they will have.... 

We will ..// see the rest at website Jj 

An illusion it will be, so large, so vast 
it will escape their perception. 

Those who will see it will be thought 
of as insane. 

We will create separate fronts to pre- 
vent them from seeing the connec- 
tion between us. 

We will behave as if we are not con- 
nected to keep the illusion alive. 

Our goal will be accomplished one 
drop at a time so as to never bring 
suspicion upon ourselves. 
This will also prevent them from see- 
ing the changes as they occur. 

We will always stand above the rela- 
tive field of their experience for we 
know the secrets of the absolute. 

We wiii work together always and will 
remain bound by Wood and secrecy. 
Death will come to he who speaks. 

We will keep their lifespan short and 
their minds weak while pretending to 
do the opposite. 

We will use our knowledge of science 
and technology in subtle ways so they 
will never see what is happening. 

We will use soft metals, aging accel- 
erators and sedatives in food and 
water, also in the air 
They will be blanketed by poisons ev- 
erywhere they turn. 
The soft metals will cause them to 
lose their minds. 

We will promise to find a cure from 
our many fronts, yet we will feed 
them more poison "Tie poisons will 
be absorbed trough their skin and 
mouths, they will destroy their minds 
and reproductive systems 

From all this, their children will be 
born dead, and we will conceal this 

The poisons will be hidden in every- 
thing that surrounds them, in what 
they drink, eat, breathe and wear. 
We must be ingenious in dispensing 
the poisons for they can see far. 
We will teach them that the poi- 
sons are good, with fun images 
and musical tones. 
Those they look up to will help. 
We will enlist them to push our poi- 

They will see our products being 
used in film and will grow accus- 
tomed to them and will never 
know their true effect. 

When they give birth we will inject 
poisons into the blood of their chil- 
dren and convince them its for their 

We will start early on, when their 
minds are young, we will target 
their children with what children 
love most, sweet things. 

When their teeth decay we will fill 
them with metals that will kill their 
mind and steal their future. 

When their ability to learn has 
been affected, we will create medi- 
cine that will make them sicker and 
cause other diseases for which we 
will create yet more medicine. 

We will render them docile and 
weak before us by our power. 
They will grow depressed, slow and 
obese, and when they come to us for 
help, we will give them more poison. 

We will focus their attention toward 
money and material goods so they 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 48 OF 52 

Terrorizing the Terrorists By Don Croft 

(Excerpts: Croft Adventures: Episode 51) 

N ew Toy Carol and I have been testing a 
new energy device for two weeks ...we needed to 
be sure that this device, like all the others we've 
offered can't be used to harm innocents. ...A lo- 
cal cop (Moscow, Idaho, USA) in a ninja suit was 
sneaking around outside our house last night.. 
We know it was a cop because Jenny heard the 
cretin's police scanner go off when be was right below 
her window ;-) I guess he's not quite ready for the big 
league yet. ...Since this was clearly a violation, Carol 
immediately ' looked' at where that cop's orders came 
from and saw the NSA boss agent for our case, telling 
the crooked police chief in our town to send somebody 
to search our property for something. ...Carol went to 
the police station to make a formal complaint The cop 
at the desk could find no record of that visit (of course).. 

New Lessons After Carol sot a clear picture of 
the boss agent's complicity in the Harassment episode, I 
imagined my hand around this NSA Special Agent in 
Charge's beating heart and squeezed until Carol said 
he was terrified. Then I asked her how many psychics 
were assigned to help and protect this predator (I was 
told by an insider that this guy is in the habit of raping 
women and little girls ..) and she said, 'Five, and they 
live right in town!' I said, 'Pick out the meanest one,' 
and she got the image of a man. With my left hand I 
squeezed his gonads until he, too, was terrified, then I 
told him. since he is telepathic, 'You need to tell your boss 
that if anyone ever shows up on our property again by his 
orders, we' U be back and he'll be much, much worse off 
than he is right now.' Then I let them both go. I expect a 
new SAIC to show up here soon ;-) ...There you have it. 
Carol and I have been doing this to predators (in the act 
of harming or threatening people) here and there around 
the planet for two weeks, every night at bedtime...There 
were eight full time NSA psychics looking for ways to break 
us. but three of them, who were on assignment from 
Spokane, will never have anything to do with us again 
..We always look for the biggest, baddest predator 
and use him/her as an object example for the rest 

The African Connection The relevant 
shamanic exemplar who occurred to me is Ouma 
Lahia, the Xhosa witch/healer we met in Namibia 
..Until I met Ouma Lahia in Africa, I wasn't aware of 
another human who was able and willing to exercise 

such profound personal 
power. ...The reason 
Ouma I.ahia can go through life completely unafraid of 
predators (no shortage of those in Africa though the 
ones here, usually connected with the NSA, are far 
more savage and bloodthirsty on the whole) is that she 
knows she can destroy them if she needs to. 

Ouma Lahia I'm wondering if any shamans 
outside Africa and Latin America practice this level of 
personal power. What I experienced in Africa felt fa- 
miliar and right, and it's right in line with my instinc- 
tive belief that Africa will soon assume its proper 
place in human, spiritual civilization. The suppres- 
sion of Africa has been essentially the same as the 
suppression of a huge part of our own personal po- 
tential, though here it's done with brainwashing... There 
it's done with violence and overt threats ...'Ouma' is Afri- 
kaans for 'grandmother,' and that's exactly how she felt 
to me, as does vo Joanna in Brazil. ..When Carol went to 
Kenya a few months earlier, she was struck by the fear- 
lessness of the witches/healers she met on the fust day in 
the village. ...It took both of us this long to make the con- 
nection between their fearlessness and ours right now. 
It's based on the knowledge that we can stop 
predators in the act of harming innocents. .. 

NSA: Trailers in Trouble? 
Our aim is to wage a campaign of terror 
among all the predators of the NSA and 
the associated enforcing agencies of this 
fake world regime. This is where all the 
terrorism in the world comes from .. They're the 
ones who blow up public buildings ..passenger jets, 
commit mass murder, conduct all the Satanic serial killings, 
maintain ..MK Ultra and all the other predatory mind con- 
trol programs... They run the FBI, the local police agencies 
..the spiritual chumps' gurus who get wide acclaim.. Tbey 
set up and maintain all the Stalins. Hitlers and Pol Pots op- 
erating right now as heads of state in sundry Utile countries 
..In short: disable these behind-the-scenes criminal 
networks and the world regime will be completely 
defenseless, therefore no longer viable .. 

Universal Law, The Fly in the Ointment 

Carol and I figured out that every member of 'the re- 
gime,' essentially expendable, even the five old dark 
masters at the top end of the Great White Brotherhood's 
formerly secret hierarchy. They all know it because ...sys- 
tematic programming began in their earliest moments in 
this life with ritual infant abuse [see Thanks for The 

Memories by Brice Taylor -Ken], Later on ...their minds 
were overlaid with predator programming, giving them 
the delusion of personal power, but reinforcing their distrust 
of their coworkers and a distinct fear of failure. This is also 
the root programming used in MK Ultra and all the other 
programs designed to keep their troops in line. ..which 
makes the psychic predators try to ignore universal law, and 
ultimately that makes them vulnerable to you and me.. 

Criminals in Charge ...The world is in a state 
of anarchy because criminals run all of the governments 
from behind the scenes and terrorize the populace in the 
process. That means there is no effective government 
in real terms right now. We're responsible for creating 
proper government, not politicians or fake saviors. ..I don't 
think we have time to get approval from 'the masses' for 
this work because as long as they' re afraid of these 
fake governments, they'll remain asleep and even dan- 
gerous. We need to do whatever it takes, within the 
real law, to neutralize the external source of this fear 
programming. To Carol and I, right now, that means 
destroying the thoughtforms with turbocharged 
radionics and systematically terrorizing the dem- 
onstrated secret police terrorists... 

Dog Training Pavlov discovered that only a 
small, hidden effort is needed to train someone 

to behave and believe a certain way We 

found out that the 'disciplined' predators 
do tell the others about what we've 
done. .The clear but implicit message: 'If I 
ever hear of you harming another innocent 
you' re going to pay dearly; and nobody can pro- 
tect you and if s impossible to hide from me. If I 
get killed, there will be somebody else to find you and do 
the deed, probably immediately .'..In fact, when the victory 
comes, the casual nature of our association will be just an- 
other confirmation of the power of the human spirit over the 
power of degradation and exploitation, which requires se- 
vere structuring, complex formal hierarchies and infighting 
to maintain itself. ..Infighting is not inherent to human 
organization - it's a programmed activity. The fact 
that it characterizes corporate employment simply supports 
my claim that corporations are un-natural organizations, 
about to be abandoned in favor of more organic forms of or- 
ganization.. Humanity is only a few hobbling steps away 
from that wonderful realm right now. Maybe we can finally 
get around without crutches after we get there. Is that go- 
ing to happen after 2012? Imagine a world without 
parasites. 'Rebirthing' has a lot of meanings. 

Do Undo "symbol of the enemy" 

[[Don wrote ]]"... we focused on neu- 
, tralizing the old motivator of grand- 
f\ scale human conflict, .that draco- 
nian . .ancient parasite, whom 
upper level Masons worship 
as 'Baphomet ... we did 
manage to get his pet 
symbol ...when it was 
online STevo or Carol di- 
rected us to blast 
through the all-see- 
ing-eye segment of 
the design ...Carol's 
quite sure that if you'll 
send that image to as 
many people as you com- 
fortably can, with the ca 
':, ..' : ' veat that it's not necessary to 
' V' believe any of this, the expo- 
sure of the symbol to more and 
more human eyes will finish off 
the symbol's ability to unite the various 
sewer rat agencies that are instruments of global 
mayhem and slaughter these days: CIA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, SS, Vril, 
GReat White Brotherhood, Jesuits... Finding this symbol ..was a culmina- 
tion of several years of psychic peeking into the machinery of the old 
World Odor When enough eyes see this symbol.. I'm quite sure that 
MOssad, Iran's cle r gy and all of the other London-based murder agencies 
will be completely unable to start WWIII. How many sets of eyes is 
enough? Maybe just a thousand or so... As Dooney said, please do 
boost this image often. [[ Dooney wrote] "Here's an updated 
version of the symbol ... we found their power word and married 
it to their power symbol ... Go boosters!!!" [[ McGinty added] 
'That's a narly symbol. ...just remember to clear your aura after 
blasting that symbol ". ( 

To Continuously 
enemy symbol 

Staple the enemy 

symbol image to Neutralisation Card. Sand- 
wich /staple this between 2 large Atlantis Man- 
dalas. Make 6 or 7 sets. Leave like this indefi- 
nitely. Maybe also sandwiched between orgorite 

2 Other Methods Divine Light HUG, Suggested Contents 

ByDRE (Make copies of enemy symbol, • Negativity processors (activated charcoal, Black 
Sanjeevini Neutralisation & Broadcasting Cards, I Obsidian/Tourmaline: /after generates electricity & far 
& Atlantis Mandala, pages 19 , 33, r — g^-\ I infared rays; see, 
or print from website) ! ":tr*V*7*IIC^N. ^ Malachite • Intense Heart Chakra Enhancers 

% (ruby, sugilite, emerald, dioptase, kunzite, morganite, 
watermelon tourmaline, garlic, cayenne, hawthorne) 

• S acred A sh, 1+ teaspoons (pg 12) • Divinity 
bridcers (Angelite, Celestite, Danburite, Amethyst) 

• Kvanite & Selenite together (Selenite is a shape- 
shifter & bridge to highest light: see 'The Crystalline 
Transmission" by K. Raphaell, pages 60, 63) 

• Main Quartz Crystal as Smokev or E lestial ('All- 
seeing Stone'), wrapped counter-clockwise (as in 
PW) in S ilver wire or Mobius coil -wrapped 

• Metal shavings as pure Copper, Titanium, Pyrite 
ca/mbs. Cast in layers • Cha rged water t 
(pg 19) • MERKABA. 
Metallic or Crystal 
($16 crystal merkaba at; 
$24 Silver merkaba at 
www. kano/d-jewelry. com) 

• At bottom, 2 back-to-back align- 
ed Atlantis MANDALAS : then 
above this • HEXAGON in Silver ws 
wire, aligned with Mandate's inward fac-y%Sjj 5* 
ing center & taped; then • 3 stacked M& 
S BB Coils (pg 9) atop hexagon • Bit of 
Honey (maybe in its naturally HEXed 
Comb fragment) • Small S eas hell , ver- 

To Continuously Broadcast Divine 
Vibes To Cancel Out enemy symbol 

Make a special very powerful dedicated 
Divine Light HUG (HHG, at light) • As it cures 
add Divine Vibration of the Universe (see 
pg 34) • Once finished, mark its surface with 
bio "L" & "Angelic Link" (page 33), drawn on, 
or paper-image or shaped wire giued on 

• Charge the HUG with Sanjeevini Rem- 
edies (Heart. Parasites, Entices. Cancer, 
page 33) • On the Broadcasting Card, place 
HUG on SAMPLE. • Place enemy symbol on 
OUTPUT. • Leave them there i ndefinitely, to 
continuously bathe enemy/s in Divine Vibes. 

• Or Place HUG directly on top of symbol 

• Or make 2,set up like Chinese yoyo (pg 
27), with symbol sandwiched between flat tips, 

for bucking-magnets-like, double-helix 

tical (with tiny crystal glued inside), taped shut • Dino- 
saur Bone chip (bead, $6. 50 at 
HUG's SacredGeometry =door for DivineLight. 
Further Mileage: make more than one HHG /HUG 
this way to radionicalty "gift" kindred entities. 

da MUFFIN pape rs : PA GE 49 OF 52 

Send "Double Helix" Blasts with your PW, SP. Form a group for Orgone "Blasting Sessions" via internet chats 

Credit & Thanks to Mark Davey, inventor of the Internet-Chat OrgoneBlastingSession Technique 


Introducing the DOUBLE 
HELIX energy weapon! 

Don Croft ..Nov 18, 2004 ..Thanks to the 
Women Warriors of 
we've got a brand new technique for neutral- 
izing predators. ...Several sessions ago. when 
we were working at undoing one of fie mass i 
murder plots ... and related staff wc just 
weren't getting at the two .. in the core of a ritual .. who 
were doing a ritual to boost the large scale massacre of 
innocent civilians .. A couple of the women put the two 
...who were the core of that cabal .. in a sort of tornado 
of energy but they were so well shielded that I don't 
think it even made them uncomfortable, probably be- 
cause a dark master was sort of there with them. ... Re- 
member tbat this is all pretty subjective, even though 
the psychics in the group were seeing the same things. 
...Carol suggested that we divide up; half of us sending 
energy through one blaster in a clockwise direction and 
half send through another one in a counterclockwise di- 
rection. That got some pretty immediate resolution and 
we went through that entire group of non-humans and 
partial humans.... I did discover, though, that I can 
send this double tornado at anyone individually and ac- 
cording to what Carol's seeing, it's very effective. I like 
that it takes less energy than the ways I was sending en- 

From: Forum Index •> Tips & strategies 

Blasting - I by] Denis in Quebec 

Actually it is quite easy. Do you do martial arts, medita- 
tion, tai chi ? Mountain climbing, bicycling? You see its all 
about develloping a good sense of concentrion. To be 
able to focus clearly on an inner image, sustain it and use 
your imagination to put movement and action into it. ..Let 
me give you a few examples : ... The first and most im- 
portant thing to do is to put yourself in a state of calm 
and love consciousness expansion J This can be done 
easily by thinking of anybody you LOVE. 
Also, just SMILING open the heart 
chakra instantly]!. Anger, is ok if its 
mixed with love. ... The way I do it is I 
hold my Succor Punch or my Power 
Wand, close my eyes and I take 3 slow and 
deep breaths As I am doing the breathing I 
imagine pure orgone energy flowing into me, as I ac- 
cumulate it. I imagine it comming from all the orgone 
sources I have around my house, but also from all the 
Cloud Busters and other source around the planet 
(etheric level has no boundaries). I am beguining to actu- 
ally see muyself being filled up with a bright light as I ex- 
pand my energetical body. ..I do the same thing if 1 want 
to heai my children or blast a occult dark cabbal leader. 
Same energy, exactly the same. From the heart to the 
heart . Dont worry . will go were it is needed to go. 
Someone with a heart chacra like you wife or kid, or 
even a chemtrai! plane pilot, will receive the blast and 
feel quite good about it. It may change their ways. Most 
people feel a heart expansion, an uplifting experience. A 
spewplaner pilot who has a heart chacra, might feel weird 
and not feel good about what he is doing. A programmed 
agent with heart will probably have to bring his pants to 
the cleaner ..But someone bad, dark with no heart chacra, 
could expire right there, .trust your guts . .visions, what 
you see or sense may be real in another dimension.,. 

Gift Your Vehicle, Increase Your [Gas] Mileage 

Illustrated instructions, "by placing TBs in the plenum 

(air Alter box) of his car.. .the gas mileage increased 

dramatically"; See 

Keeping Orgonite on your electric meter outside may 

also reduce your service bills. ORgone ORganizes 

energy, making energy-use more efficient. 

The MANDALAS have the same effects (page 19): 

"Charge your car (perhaps by placing mandalas on the air 

filter, carburettor or petrol tank to increase mileage)." 

How CORNMEAL Can Protect Your Property 
from Hurricanes: Instructions at http://medicine 

(From ) 'We went at this 
group [["dark masters" of the Great White Brother- 
ergy before. ... Try this the next time hood]] from every imaginable direction for about 
your browser slows down (hacker) or an hour but the ties were just getting stronger 

among them and what we did earlier didn't hold. 
..I think most of the psychic etheric warriors who 
go after these rats don't realize that ' killing them' 
isn't final. It's likely that they each either have a 
closetful of clones or they're simply regenerated 
...The dark masters stay dead, thankfully.. I don't 

some predator does something hei- 
nous in your own purview... I just vi- 
sualize the target— can be as crude as 
seeing an outline of a person— then I 
imagine my own hands sending energy whirling around and 
around the target from right and left I use my heart as the 

energy sender once T ve created this image and my breathing is remember who suggested sending a double helix- 
sort of like a bellows that ' blows' the energy through my heart patterned blast around them all but one of the 
It only takes a second or so to get it started. ..I'd found early psychics had identified the protection that was sud- 
on that the more I can involve my whole body in this, the denly being generated for the plotters as a sort of 
more powerful the blasts are. Remember that the same pro- tornado. Dennis and I, backed up by the rest 
eedure is used for healing or chastisement We don't even moved the energy in both spiraling direction 
need to concern ourselves whether one or the other is appro- and their tornado began to degrade, then the 
priate because it's never up to us to judge anyone, nor do we psychics treated us all to a graphic description of 
have the capacity or station to make determinations like that., dynamically-disintegrated ritual Satanists." purpose in writing this is to encourage you to form or join a -blasting in tel cell' 

like the one we created on Anyone with commitment and genuine aggression 
can do this work and I'm confident that if you're not adequately psychic to get the necessary intel 
someone will show up to do that for your cell. You don't have to be an ascetic or even a nice person 
to be effective... A small, united group does a whole lot more damage to the genocide agenda and 
occult global hierarchy than one or two can do and we need to destroy both of these entities right 
now before they make your and my country look just like Iraq. -Don Croft 

EXCERPTS from, originally published at 

Wanna know what we do in those group blasting sessions? 

...How do you write a tutorial about something that bor- ...Most of the psychics in the bunch are females. My 
ders on chaos? Where do you make a distinction between hope is that others will be inspired by our example and 
inspiration and derangement? ...What I'm aiming for is set up their own informal public etheric warfare efforts. 
that other little informal groups who use the internet ..[[Sessions areJJ pretty casual, so people usually wan- 
will foDow our lead ...When someone sends me some der in over the first half hour or so ..and we're spread 
target request that looks like we might get a lot of bang across four time zones ... we're in the habit of boost- 
for our buck by addressing.. I send out a ' round letter' to ing whomever among the hitters isn't feeling tiptop at [[]] participants to schedule the beginning of the session ... we're comfortable 
the blast session , which wc use the chat function for , with any of us taking the lead during these exercises. 
The ones who are most inclined to etheric combat show Wc joke a lot ...I., openly acknowledge that we're all 
up. It's not an obligation. Usually, there are six to ten, being guided and protected by The Operators, who 
out of forty registered site participants. ..and 2/3 of them seem to be able to also constrain and dilute the most 
are psychic or learning to develop their psychic gift and strenuous efforts of the to obliterate our 
the rest of us just send energy and make comments world and even discredit us personally through their so- 
when we feel it's appropriate and helpful. ...We usu- ciopathic saboteurs. ...I feel like the guy on the ridgetop 
ally go after bigger targets, though, and our hunting par- who sees the dawn before the PJ [[pajama]] folks, who 
ties follow the etheric threads of current massacre plots are deep in the valley, do and has gotten pretty excited 

and generally end up finding the same core group of 
ritual Satanists ...behind the planned ... military massa- 
cres throughout the world. . ...The meat and potatoes of 
mayhem is left to their agents in America, apparently. 

about it I'm jumping around and yelling at them, 'Check 
it out! A new day has just started!' and they're yelling 
back, ' SSSbhhaaaaddddaaap, you idiot! Can't you see 
it's NIGHT TIME?!' -Carol Croft's husband 

From orgone forums 

"how 'dangerous' is what we do?" 

"Possible rctaliations'harassments .. reported include 
computer problems, surveilancc, psychic attack, spray 
plane 'flu. [[Gifting &]] Setting up a CB involves a 
certain amount of risk... However, you need to bal- 
ance this risk against the risk of NOT fighting back 
... The NWO plan is for a worldwide fascist dictatorship... 
As far as I can see, lighting back is the only option, ana 
CBs/orgone devices are the best way I know to do this. To 

Ctect yourself, orgonize your home, your neighbour- 
ed, ybui car, your workplace ... Build or buy a Succor 
Punch or Power Wand... with each CB and orgone device 
we build, we get stronger and safer. ...resin junner 

"I've got a cb, busted a few towers ..tower near me got 
upgraded t .vice unnaturally slow, low large jet shad- 
ows me. Thai's it. i can deal with that. To me it's actually 
deep down belly funny because's confirmation! If 
you re not a threat, they ignore you. That to me is actually 

worse ..It's a circle, the more you do, the more they come.. 
Have fun ..they won't shoot you for building a cb... They 
just come.. take measurements of your local energy field 
and tweak their inacliiiics.,and spray more ... ogmios 

Don't Worry, New Gifters 

"The upside of the CIA surveillors'predators' attrition for 
you., is that you're not going to be plagued with seasoned, 
incessant psi assailants or surveillance the way we all 
were. ..because all of their worst is directed at we few in 
front: they just no longer have enough personnel to interfere 
effectively with thousands ..of gifters. The day of the 
fedmobile entourage for gifters is Dead! ...The CIA and 
other filthy agencies ...they've never actually been a bona 
fide threat to this Lawful grassroot movement in terms of 
force, thankfully, in spite of all their street bravado. None of 
us have been seriously harmed b y these federal jerkwads 
and there are many thousands of us who are afting and 
kicking etheric predator butt... You can, too!' Don Croft 

" If you are pouring orgonite, consider yourself in the crosshairs 24/7. 

You are making a difference. You are saving a world that sorely needs your help. People [[& children, cetaceans] are be- 
ing tortured ..dying horrible deaths..The people [[& 'toids] who do these acts do NOT want to lose their 'freedom' to con- 
tinue their abuses. You PERSONALLY are standing in their way. ..You are making life much more difficull for the dark 
minded. ..You are being attacked. Some attacks are direct and obvious. Many are more subtle. The obvious ones you 
see and respond to immediately. The subtle ones you give other names to. A cold, a flu, an illness... A head- 
ache that hangs on. An ache in the body somewhere that is irritating and constant Depression. A sense of 
futility. A feel-ing of loneliness. A feeling of worthlessness. Any form of fear... And lets not forget - 
financial setback.. At any given time there are several layers of attack going on. ..keep pouring. 
There is no better therapy. Your orgonite is a light bora into a darkened world" Jon H. 

50 OF 52 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 


u. o 




u w ^ 


O Ltf 


< Q X X 

Build a Genesa 
Crystal ^dre 

SIMPLE amaz- 
ing Divine 
structure you 
can make 
yourself with 
four circles of 
any rigid material 
(After practicing in paper, I used 
16-gauge wire, fastening each 
point, where wires crossed, with 
24-gaugewire.) Genesa Crystal 
is a Sacred Geometric Sculp- 
ture. Creates a Vortex of en- 
ergy. Behaves like Orgonite. 
Draws in energy, "cleanses, 
balances it and sends it back 
out." Worn as a pendant, pro- 
motes healing, energizing. 
Boosts plant growth. Cure /put 
Orgonite inside; amplifies it. 
Charges water, food, medi- 
cine, objects; just place item 
inside. Genesas are intelligent 
and have consciousness like 
crystals & Orgonite. They love 
being outside and "light up" en- 
ergetically in the sun. They love 
being handled and played with! 
They respond to us and and 
help us with different things. Is 
a manifestation tool (like 
Shield, pg 35); write out your 
desire/request /prayer and sus- 
pend it inside. Contains all the 
Platonic Solids /Merkaba / Sa- 
cred Geometry in its design. 
Compare with Vesica Piscis 
on page 34; Genesa has many 
VPs! Notice both (VP & GC) 
produce amazing results. Com- 
pare with results produced by 
the Cetaceans using Sacred 
Geometry to disappear Nukes 
(see article at right). Divine Ge- 
ometry opens portals to Di- 
vine Power. Developed by Dr. 
Derald Langham: "Genesa is 
the coded matrix of your own 
life force." A 24-inch Genesa 
has a radius-effect of 2 miles. 

• Illustrated Building In- 
structions: www.quantum 

• Simplified Basic Instruc- 
tions: "Any material will do, if it 
is thick then it will need to be 
notched at the joins, flat materi- 
als are best woven together. 
The following is a simple dia- 
gram [[ at LEFT ]] of the assem- 
bly points with each line repre- 
senting one full circle. Each of 
the 4 circles is divided into 6 
equal parts the letters represent 
the cross over points, "A" to 'A, 
'B' to 'B' and so on. Maybe try 
with paper first." Have PHUN 

TIP: Make 2 sets of double 
joined circles as shown; turn 
one set 90° and slip it into other 

Partnering with Dolphins saves us, them & Earth 

■ Your OrgoneGifts to Dolphins help them heal the EarthGrid+ 
• Dolphins Reward You by Activating your DNA and more 

The Sacred Geometry of Cetaceans 

Amazing Blasting Session Account posted at 
» & ; 

byDooney ...Feb 01,2005 ... It was another interesting, 
educational and rather wild chat yesterday. Don had 
asked us to get some intel on a possible earthquake in 
Iraq. Before I give my report, I want to add in the 
necessary disclaimer that everything von read here 
Is subjective . I'm simply relating the experiences of 

the dozen or so people who were in the chat... 

We started looking for plots and plotters in Iraq, 
and I saw an underground cavern. I dowsed that it 
was in Iraq, and saw a group of people having a 
heated discussion. Stevo got that there were 7 people 
there, and Anne saw that they were not speaking En- 
glish. ..Stevo saw that it was a Mossad planning ses- 
sion. They seemed to me to be very panicky and des- 
perate. Don invited the cetaceans in right away and 
they went to work weav- 
ing an energy_web 
around these people. 
Patrick Pastor saw a 
ziggurat and what I saw 
was that this group was in 
a cavern under the ziggurat 
..As you may have realized 
by now, these chats are a 
totally cooperative ven- 
ture. Someone gets a vi- 
sual impression, a feeling or a hunch, offers it up for 
consideration and the rest of us either confirm it or add 
to it Very often two or three people type the exact 
same thing within seconds of each other... Sometimes 
we get very different impres- 
sions, and we dowse as a „ 
group to see which one is cor- e 
rect Every now and then we » 
get what we call a "misdirect", j 
meaning someone has sent us -2 
a false vision of an event. 
We've gotten pretty good at 
sniffing these out quickly and 
moving on to the real issues. Sometimes it necessary 
to blind dowse, where one person has a question in 
mind and the rest of us dowse for a yes or no, not 
knowing what the question is. This is a great way to 
clear up a mis-direct as we have no foreknowledge of 
the question's just pure intution.. 

As the dolphins, a couple of orcas and a blue 
whale continued to work on the people in the cavern, 
we looked briefly at Iran. Carol and Steve both saw a 
map of Iran with marks on it. A few people dowsed 
that Israel was the master in this plan, not London, 
which Don said may indicate that there is no lead- 
ership at the top of the occult/corporate order. '! 
this is true, it's a very positive sign. ...We always try 
to find ont who is at the top of all the mass mnrder 
plans. ..We all dowsed that we had prevented a mass 
murder by earthquake in Iraq, but we also got that 
there were other plotting parties we needed to attend 
to. Stevo saw a meeting on a plane and one on a sub, 
with otheis also being held underground in various 
places. We started iooking at the plane first, and I saw 
corporate types (money men), techies and engineeis. 
Stevo saw money issues being discussed, economic 

More Info or to Buy: |*~*\ 

• "*■&■<■' 


• §s 


(sells Orgonite too) 


• mesacreativearts com/Main%20pages/ 

How Dolphins Neutralize Nukes 
& Other Harmful Devices 

"The swimmers (dolphins) 

rapidly spin/weave an etheric 

dodecahedron around the 

devices then cap the points 

with our love. This makes the 

devices non-harmful to 3D." A 

dodecahedron is a Platonic solid, comprised of 

1 2 pentagonal faces. It is represented by ether 

or prana (a.k.a. orgone) in sacred geometry... 

destabilization rather than geological mayhem plots. 
The dolphins surrounded the plane as soon as we fo- 
cused on it, without a specific invitation. ..We continued 
to boost the dolphins as they took care of the occupants 
of the plane. ..We next turned out attention to our favor- 
ite cabal of murdereis and found 
that they were meeting in two places 
in Florida and South Carolina, with 
the possible aim of a tsunami-type 
disaster... The cetaceans started 
working on it right away. ...It seems 
that all we have to do sometimes is 
get a general idea of the target 
and the cetaceans get to work. 
Other times, we need to be very 
specific We nse our feeling, seeing 
and dowsing abilities to determine what they need 
from us. At times, we need to invite them in to help, 
other times they just jump in and do it Sometimes 
they need us to boost them with energy, other times, we 
are free to move on to identifying the next 
target It's a veiy dynamic process... Sev- 
eral of us had been getting hints during 
the chat about Switzerland, particularly 
the city of Basel, reputed to be the resting 
place of a whole lot of gold, a 
supercomputer called The Beast and 
underground living quarters for a whole 
lot of Diuminati. ... In any case, as soon as 
we started looking at Basel, we got the attention of a 
tali white-blonde Vril guy. I saw him turn and look at 
me. Sensei went after him immediately - my hero! I also 
saw a psychic Vril woman The cetaceans started work- 
ing on them right away, and the woman was really 
fighting it. Stevo saw a long board room type table with 
about 20 people around it listening to a presentation. We 
both saw that the dolphins and orcas were working only 
on the two head Vril - rest of the folks were sitting 
there stunned and frozen in place. ..Suddenly, the two 
Vril were gone. And I mean seriously gone, out of 
this dimension. I've never seen that happen. ..As soon as 
the two top baddies were out of the way, the dolphins 
went around the room working on people's cbakras. 
I felt two more people disappear, and the rest 
seemed to be getting healed. Several of us got that the 
cetaceans were giving them a chance to choose their fate. 
And the ones who wouldn't give up their plans were 
adiosed Stevo and I saw that most of these people were 
bankers, heads of state, heads of royal families, etc, Diumi- 
nati power playeis. We felt their desperation; in fact that's 
what I fell all during the chat while disposing of these dif- 
ferent groups. They're running around trying to play with 
the deadly toys, and they have no idea what to do. There's 
no one running the show. Don saw this as a perfect op- 
portunity to throw a wrench in the whole works and re- 
alty do some damage to the occult/corporate order. .. 
Stevo's whale friend said yes, that's the goal. In his words: 

They, the I Minn inati. have always feared the 

humans linking with the cetaceans like this in 

etheric battle; they knew it would be their 

undoing. This is why our navy has been 

lzenociding whales and dolphins for years." 

da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 51 OF 52 



... At this point ..two planes flew over our 
house to bug us - our first double flyover! 
They got blasted, of course... After the 
whales and dolphins finished in Iran, Denis 
shared a recurring vision with us. He saw 
the Earth encased in a dodecahedron 
made of crystalline material. . He said the t- — ■•£ 
dodec is pulsing strongly and is a sort of relay for something 
else. We all felt that this was a positive vision be was seeing, 
and what we came to realize is that the dodec around the 
earth is a relay for the whales and dolphias to help us with 
our spiritual evolution. ...Stevo suggested that we boost all 
the points (places where the comers of the pentagonal faces 
meet) ..So that's what we did. The cetaceans were there at all t! 
node points to help us... dolphins leaping around and jumping 
through the points, estatic. I saw beams of energy shooting out 
into space and down into the earth from each point Most of us felt 
a wonderful energy that is hard to describe, so 111 just call it 
Love. . .We got a lot done in a relatively short amount of tune (4- 1 / 
2 hours).'s my feeling that something big is coming, some- 
thing good ..Do whatever you can to connect with the 
cetaceans. They are waiting for you... Be well, friends 
~Dooney [[website at]] 

Rough Tooth Dolphins 
in the Bay of Haifa 

By Don Croft ..Until the dramatic episode in De- 
cember [[see page 18]] in which Carol and Linda' 
received identical, heart-wrenching visions and mes- 
sages from the enormous rough tooth dolphin they 

©55§fcS3# Naturalist kissing a Grey Whale 

^\ - who brought her baBy over& "every 
' \ one played Magdalena Bay, Mexico 

"anyone can call on the ceta- H 
ceans for help in disabling their 

own occult/corporate tormentors, any time at all ...they have a heavy vested interest in the collapse of this glo- 
bal parasitic/predatory regime because part of the genocide agenda these London-based minions are commit- 
ted to carrying out is the destruction of all of the dolphins and whales in the oceans. Your problem is 
their problem, in other words, so don't be shy! You may not get a clear picture of the CIA psychic or electronic- 
weapon handler who is blasting you but you can bet the dolphins know just what to do about it and are only 
waiting for your invitation to get busy with these lawbreakers. ...dont .. take my 
word for it Just invite them in and observe your sensations after that.' D. Croft 

Whale Thanks Rescuers: SF Chronicle reported humpback whale en- 
j tangled in masses of crab traps & lines, struggling to stay afloat. After rescue 
' divers cut them all off, she circled joyously, then came back to EACH diver & gently 

nudged him, her way of thanking them. ( 

the death transmitters but is extremely eager to start be- 
ing a partner with dolphins. In a way, that reminds me of 
the story of the brilliant American black man in the South 
who was unable to find appropriate employment and social 
connections until he donned a turban and a fake accent and 
then all the doors opened for him. the point being, perhaps, 
that any lawful way this can get done is appropriate in the 
long run... We've been getting so many reports of dol- 
phins and whales coming close to shore when people 

Since then oar psychics found around 

forty of these enormous, numbered bombs 

on the seabed around the world, mostly 

near populated coastlines, a nd in each case 

rough tooth dolphins and, once, some bine 

whales, used synchronized swimming in a 

way that apparently moved these bombs right 
sagw hum cue wrni iuuui .mum uo.pmni iney , off fte ^^ ^ „ t of onr mJ ^ 

encountered ...thirty miles off the coast of Costa Riral J I 

these dolphins were generally understood to avoid hu- ...Rough tooth dolphins... When seventy of them were haVe" tossed orgonite intolhe sea^ e ven if it's only 
man contact and until the beaching in Florida and beached by coordinated US Navy and Coastguard so- tnrowll j Bl0 tne surf, that it's clear that the cetaceans are 
their appearance in the Bay of Haifa they were also nar assaults in the Florida Keys last month... in appar- ^^ impatient to develop and extend the new partner- 
known to avoid shallow coastal waters. ...One of their ent reprisal for this enterprising dolphin specie "s hav- s hip to as many people as wfll simply take some orgonite 
distinctive features... is that they often swim in a syn- tag disappeared so many of the occult/corporate to Q mll F or instance, vhen EricCarlson casualty 
chromzed fashion. ...Their synchronized swimming world order's 'earth changes'- generating bombs (055^ a simple orgonite device into the surf from the 
came into play for our Ethenc Warriors intel/boosting on the seabed, we got together that night and chased beach in .Miami, recently, a whale immediately came 
sessions shortly after the enormous H-bomb was down the people who were responsible for corralling, „, ^ c [^e t0 shore at that spot that the singular, unprec- 
detonated on the seabed off the coast of Java. It then murdering half of that unfortunate group of captured edented sighting was in the evening news and the Miami 
occurred to someone in onr informal group to ask dolphins ... How marry were tortured to death in captivity papers Whenever Branch Ellis, in Maui, goes out to 
for the cetaceans' help when we were hunting for then? ..For four years this network has been focused on gjft the sea from his kayak he's soon surrounded by 
similar Ixmihs the week after lhat mass murder oc- healing the carthgrid but our elicits have been spent affectionate blue whales Several in the group . have 
eurred and our psychics saw rough tooth dolphins almost entirely on the landlocked portion, which is i ate i y received specific communications from dolphins 
swimming ma dodecahedron pattern around one of only about a fifth of the planetary grid. and whales They're as eager to help us with our 

Carol and I are certain that the reasons she was 
called to Costa Rica were to spread the news that 
the cetaceans want us to give them orgonite to 
heal the rest of the pirated earth energy grid and 
to disable the underwater predatory tech of the 
US Navy and other occult/corporate agencies who 
have stepped up their efforts to destroy all of the 
world's whales and dolphins as soon as possible. 

the other H-bombs on the seabed If memory serves, 
that bomb was east of New York City and was about to 
be detonated We had gotten together because someone 
had emailed me about a vision of impending calamity in- 
volving a tsunami in that city. ..It's been three months 
since the detonation of the Java bomb. Right after 
the detonation the disinformation mills were rabidly 
cranking out predictions of imminent, similarly de- 
structive tsunamis and even 'earth changes.' We feel 
pretty sure that if we hadn't disabled those bombs, ...cetaceans seem to know that this genocide can be pre- 
with the dolphias' and whales' e ssential help, some of vented by taking the entire pirated earthgrid away from 
those 'predictions' would have come to pass. the ancient occult/corporate world order by gifting it. 

...consider that many, many more people will be 
motivated by the prospect of interacting with 
whales and dolphias than would ever be moti- 
vated by public service, such as disabling the new 
death transmitters in their own neighborhoods... 

The. few thousands of people who disable Ihe millions 
of new death transmitters and HAARP arrays are per- 
haps nearly enough to eventually get tht job done but 
probably not enough to get sufficient orgonite to the ceta- 
ceans in coming days... Carol knows a psychic who 
won't lift a finger to help his community by disabling 

landlocked challenges as we are to help them over- 
come their own environmental threats. The orcas are 
particularly eager to ethereally savage some of the top 
level participants in the occult/corporate hierarchies. 

What we're acquiring right now is an overview of the fledg- 
ling partnership. ...Carol's role in the unfolding of this 
movement, more than being my essential partner in the pro- 
cess, is her recent introduction and perhaps the facilitation of 
the new cetacean/human partnership [[pg 18]... 

2largeover-npe BaiMM PeCan MuffiM 

Bananas, mashed 
• 2 cup organic Flour 
■ 2 teaspoon baking Scda 

1/4 cup plain Yogurt 
or Buttermilk 
1 cup Pecans (halves or 
chopped. Or Walnuts) 
Optional: 1/3 cup 
chopped Dates 
Optional: dashes of your 
favorite spice 

I want to make sure that absolutely anyone who 
has a notion to bring some orgonite to these won- 
derful sea people "ill receive something substan- 
tial and spiritually sustaining from one or more of 
mem ta retoni for mat good-faim service effort ... 

• 6 tablespoon 
Butter, melted 

• 1 teaspoon vanilla 

• 3/4 cup organic Sugar 

• 2 Eggs 

Combine bananas, sugar & eggs in large bowl and beat 
untii well combined. Stir in 
melted butter 8 vanilla. Add 
flour, baking soda, yogurt, 
dates & nuts. Stir 
just until combined. 
Do not overmix. 
Spoon into 
prepared pans (10- ) 
1 2 paper-lined or 
oiled muffin cups). 
Bake at 350 F, 
20-25 minutes. 

Continue on reading the other Episodes ..end 
Orgone Forums. Learn from their brave examples. 

'So, how did ail of you people bring down that 
ancient, powerful occult world order?' 

' We mainly did it by littering. ' 

Copy & share this Human Empowerment Guide 

with at least 10 Humans you care about & instruct them to do the same. If only 100 folks do 
this & their 10-friends-each do the same, 5 levels deep, 10 MILLION will have this life-saving 
information -downloadable/available from so me sites (Check Vendors). Orgonify your 
person, environment. Get a Succor Punch or PW, then make & "gift" Orgone 
Generators abundantly, widely. Ifs FUN ! Z- Abundant Orgone heals Earth 
and ensures our Victory. Working, I mean PLAYing together, we ARE 
permanently ending the scaley War on u s and our common Mamm a Earth. 
OK NewClear Orgone Warriors /Gifters, 


da MUFFIN papers : PAGE 52 OF 52 



Q 2-» OT3 <» 

3 cd-o c c-^ 

0) o rc o ^ 
= 3 o. 3 s 


■< "'j- s w " 

Q) (J) . 


U-> — ? "* Wn ii>\ — t — < j «* -J *-> i 

' C_3-T3 

3 .. 
CD "O 

o ^ f». en ,'^r -^ 

3-™ 2«< _° o "..q-sp-a g => g g" 5-J5-3.W.3 £ 

3 OTO)3 3-3 2 


' 2 " o i> c N - ^ 

... 2. in >2, ! *o-5'(o3 3 a 
*5- -a Hffi a-co £§> § 5 

2 = x~. 

en 2 o N> 
CD "* Q 

S 9 — 


o Q) 



^ r=-N5 

.? § 


3. O 

°3 S-S 



en qj 

co en 

to oj : 


° CD 3 3,1- 3 3 

3- 0) <D IT "> 2. o 

0) CO- _ _ <D Zl 3 
o 2 


- gig a. o 
co in en 

CO ni 

U M 

en en a. ^ o -» £» 

«< 3 COCO 3D 

S O CD 5,0="" 

£ 5 2 3<9.^ <i 

0- °> 3 =5. < m CD 

■o CD ® — 2 w 

5 H. °> ^ t? i? en 



0) o 

= 3-5 o ~ t= ^ 

§• 8 Sax go 

co • — .^X CD £•"? 


Q-C 3 


eo a~ 

en O 

> ri C 

- Q.O 

2 ^o>g.° 


en " rog"fi 

■ ig 3 s 

0) 3 c 

rn ^ 

«•«■* "= 

eg S 5 

2 5<i o 

• • 




33 n 


RICA: orgo 



- p 

=""-< CD 


r5§ E.3 IS 


n =- o 



q 3 

g 3 a 

o n 
g « c 



ir «" 3" 

- p CO 

a=? IS 


2 a 

3 n 
2 "» 



. o - 5 

Icra bi 3- 


3-' tn ■« 

«< s. • o 



V fc cr 





■ O" 3 in 



= = O 
~ o 3 

o era S 

S C?3 


c -: -, 

9 s. — 

re is q. 

3- era 
o 3- 
o o- 

« 3- 

" s 
™ s 

-1 o. 
=r = 


» 2. =r 

a 5 » 

.1 » < 
3 01 


K ' Q 

= CO" 


2» n 

O T3 — 



<-> o a: 

O 3" < 

2 r> ft 





2 = 



— » — • 

a.*< o 

- •— '-' 

e: ... 3 


■ 73 2 

ni — 
cj . 

— C/3 

n = S 
» •< ~ 


" s 

O 3- 




Q> — 

1 ^ 




o -1 n 


o> QtO 


3 3 o 

q £ 5 

8 = 2, 

o ° a 

i §■« 
= as 






3 § 8 

o> n 3 


3 ^.^^ 

^ s"< 
g. - a 

" o era 

I? 8 

• "0 


3 o 

S 3 



























r ; 


C9 O 03 

g -"a 

g s,g 

3-S 5 


£T O 03 

E" <. " 


•< o. ^* 

? CO. 
C 3 

o e» 

C 03 

" 3 





- ? § 






3 r« 

8" c o 



-1 — o 


o. 03 y 

g o> _ 

n 3 — • *■ 

no 00 -, 

03 c O H 





q »^ 

K o 3 


2 - o - 

—I _ W Cfl 

E-S 3 I 
15.3 » 
3 n 2 o 

^ - 1 3 - 1 

S " a 


? e 

K — i O 


2 o !? 3 =■ 

§.g»o s.'B 

s 8 I £ 


o 3 - 
S 'a 

2 ** 03 — . 

P a-" w 

m-^.3 , H 

q e? 3 n 

a a r.09 
■? gl 

1-1 o , 

3 ?3.| 

3 O 

a. — 
m o* 

I i 1 





* ' 


o - '