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Full text of "GPS traces and Waypoints for Libre Map Collaboration Projects logictheo"

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20100829_bus_route_most_of_5_oasth.gpx -- "Surveyed on bus route 5 oasth in Thessaloniki"

20100529.gpx -- "Taking a train from Thessaloniki to Athens. Arriving in Athens by train and continuing on bus."

20100305_geophoto_survey.gpx -- "Geophoto street survey. There are errors in the trace right where the photos are correlated. Better luck next time.."

20100226.gpx -- "Geophoto walk traces. Took a walk with gps along with a camera for photo mapping"

20100121.gpx -- "Going to a part of Thessaloniki I visited for the first time. It was suggested I use a car, but the bus goes there as well."

20091223_Thessaloniki_oasth_bus_line_20_mostly.gpx -- "I started walking by foot close to the center of Thessaloniki(searching for bus line 20). Later I found it and took the bus number 20 for about 1.5 times (from start to end and from end to start counts as 1 time)"

20090912_From_Alexandroupoli_to_Thessaloniki.gpx -- "Traveling from Alexandroupoli to Thessaloniki"

20090911_Alexandroupoli_On_Foot_and_Car.gpx -- "In Alexandroupoli at a cafe, walking back to the hotel mostly on the pavement beside the road"

20090910_Thessaloniki_To_Alexandroupoli.gpx -- "Traveling from Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli. We made a stop/pause somewhere, then continued the trip."

20090815_near_mountain_olympus.gpx -- "mountain tracks [[Mountain_mapping]], around Mount Olympus."

20090804_going_to_Serres.gpx -- "Going to Serres, close to Ammoudia and back."

20090720_bus_line_14_full.gpx -- "I took bus number 14 this time which goes to Άνω Τούμπα ("high-up" toumba)"

20090707_Trip_to_Plaisio_Kalamaria.gpx -- "Trip to Plaisio Kalamaria"

20090629_bus_line_37.gpx -- "I went from the "New Railway Station"(Νέος Σιδηροδρομικός Σταθμός) on bus line 37."

20090619_Kaftanzoglio_stadium_runningway.gpx -- "Had some exercise at this place. New changes not covered by Yahoo maps, so made this trace for help."

20090601_full_bus_route_28A_and_28B.gpx -- "I took bus number 28B. When it goes one way it is called 28B, when it is returning it is called 28A"

20090530_Big_Trip.gpx -- "From Thessaloniki , passing Chalkidiki (Χαλκιδική) going to Drama and then a village"

20090525_Running_at_the_local_Neapoli_neighborhood_stadium.gpx -- "A trip to my local stadium of Neapoli, running around plenty of times"

20090523.gpx -- "Going from the prefecture of Thessaloniki to the prefecture of Kilkis (Νομός Θεσσαλονίκης and Νομός Κιλκίς) - passing various places"

20090522.gpx -- "A trip to my local stadium of Neapoli in the city Thessaloniki (Θεσσαλονίκη)"

Later I will try to add the descriptions inside the 7z compressed file format archive.