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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1985 High Point College"

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Academics/17 • Sports/34 • Classes/56 • Clubs/198 
> Greeks/130 • Advertisements/154 • Epilogue/161 « 

knowledge and 
tradition . . . 

On Saturday, April 14, 1984 the 
Herman and Louise Smith Library 
dedication was held in honor of 
their generous donation to build 
High Point College a new library. 
A fundraising project for a new 
library began in 1981 and in 1982 
construction of the new building 
started. The Herman and Louise 
Smith Library was completed in 
the summer of 1983. In February 
1984 a human chain consisting of 
students, faculty, and alumni 
helped move the books from the 
old library into the new. This 
monumental task was 
accomplished in twelve hours. This 
new library is a wonderful addition 
to the High Point College campus 
and the Zenith staff would like to 
make a special dedication to the 
heart of the institution — the 

the Herman and Louise Smith 

2 Dedication 

Karen Bowles 
enjoys her new 
office in the 
library • 

1 ina Casey 
introduces herself 
to communications 
as dusk falls on the 
library • 

increased shelving 
in the library 
leaves space for 
many new books in 
the future • 

library to provide 
comfort and space 
when studying • 

ixesearch is much 
less hectic in the new 
library • 

Meetings are much 
relaxed due to the 
quietness and 
comfort in the new 
library • 

lVl uch more study 
space is available 
in this new 
library • 



1 om Gaughn, 


library director, 


has put much 



thought into 


making this a great 
library • 


1 hese chairs are 
seldom empty once 
classes are out • 

tl e rm a n a n d 
Louise Smith 
library is High 
Point College's 
newest addition 







Flowers To Friends 

Lifestyles . 

High Point College has a 
wide diversity of people 
and personalities. The 
amount of time available 

ocial interaction is 
almost endless. From the 
sorting of mail to the 
walks to and from class. 
We are blessed with 
ng a small, beautiful 
pus and friends 
Shu >h us. The 

traumas of academics ar 

en discussed over 
cheeseburgers. 7 
prospects of Friday and 

'day nights un 
offset by the reality of 
tests on Monday 

% M> 






, c 


- ' 




•- -. 


•-— • - 






'IP** I ■ 

J 1 


'■ * < * 




'3 4Wr: 




■ v~ 


'■ Mil £*3 *'4!< 






/ ? 

High Point College — 
just the mention of these 
three words brings to 
mind many memories. It 
all starts with that 
fateful day that we 
drove on campus with 
our cars loaded to the 
brim with all of our 
"essentials." The 
anticipation and 
excitement of starting 
our college career was 
only offset by fear of 
the unknown. 

The memories of 
pizza, popcorn, exams, 
Homecoming, and Last 
Class Bash will all play 
a special part in our 
lives. For 60 years High 
Point College has meant 
so much to so many. We 
are not the first, nor 
will we be the last to 
experience all that High 
Point College has to 

Bill Frampton 

II ' I 







jm*"- - *- >» i 

Now the Class of 1985 
prepares itself for the 
uncertainty of the 
future. For some, High 
Point is but a stepping 
stone, for others High 
Point signifies the end 
to years of education. 
Whether continuing on 
in school or entering 
the job market that 
seemingly unattainable 
college diploma is now a 

As the seniors 
graduate tears of joy 
and as well as sadness 
will be shed. Proud 
parents will take 
pictures and take proud 
in their children's 
accomplishments. The 
story doesn't end here 
because the Class of 
1985 is turning but 
another page in the 
book of High Point 
College, and the legacy 

Bill Frampton 

■ 1 } ~ fl 

I H 1 






w s 





to meet . . 



to go . . . 




Faculty and Staff 17 

Dr. Charles Lucht — President 

David Holt — Registrar 

Dr. W. Hutch Bearce 
Dean of the College 

Charles Hartsoe Jim Schlimmer 

Business Manager Director of Admissions 

Creativity — the key to a beau- 
tiful arrangement. 

18 Administration 








* 1 


Faculty 19 


Mr. Richard Hoffman urges his 
team to victory. 

Dr. Hodge and Dr. Moehlmann take an ice- 
cream break during the student-faculty soft- 
ball game. 

Mr. Paul Lundrigan practices before the game. 

Warming up before the game and discussing 
game plans are DeanBearce, Mr. Holt and Dr. 

20 Faculty 

Dr. Charles Lucht liked the outcome of the last play at the Faculty-Student game. 

Dr. Troy Anders 

Dr. W.H. Bearce 

Dr. Richard Bennington 

Dr. Gray Bowman 

Dr. Marion Hodge 
J English 

Faculty 21 

Mrs. Jane Burton 
Fine Arts 

Dr. David Cole 

Mr. William Cope 

Mr. Bob Davidson 
Phy. Ed. 




Dr. E. Vance Davis 

22 Faculty 

Faculty 23 

Mr. Nelson and Mr. Hartsoe exchange Helios on the sidewalk. 

Dr. William DeLeeuw 

Dr. E. Roy Epperson 

Mr. Faiz Faizi 

Dr. J. Rodney Fulcher 

Dr. Charles Futrell 
Phy. Ed. 

24 Faculty 

I I 




There's never a dull moment for faculty mem- 
bers. Their days are filled with preparations 
for class, field trips or luncheons with VIPs. 
Yet they take time from their busy days to 
discuss the day's events with fellow faculty 

Faculty 25 

Faculty and 

Mrs. Betsill asks Mrs. Charock to verify busi- 
ness and admissions records. 


%k| Mrs. Sink proofreads thousands of words 

26 Faculty 



Mr. Thomas Gaughan 
Library Science 

tDr. Philip George 

Mr. Woody Gibson 
Phy. Ed. 

Dr. Carole Head 
Mod. For. Lang. 

Faculty and students enjoy conversations at receptions. 

Miss Kris Howell 
W Business 

Faculty 27 

Dr. Manyon Idol 


Dr. P.J. LaPaire 

Mod. For. Lang. 

Ms. Nancy Little 

Phy. Ed. 

Mrs. Iris Mauney 


Mr. James Nelson 


Mrs. Kathleen Olson 

Mod. For. Lang. 

Dr. Ed Piacentino 


Dr. Louis Pope 


Mr. Raiford Porter 
Fine Arts 
Mr. Earnest Price 
Human Relations 

28 Faculty 


Pam Newell reviews her admissions calendar for the day's appointments. 

Mr. James Pritchett 

Political Science 

Mr. Lyman Rickard 


Mrs. Nancy Shelton 


Mrs. Alice Sink 


Mr. James Speight 

Phy. Ed. 

I I 

Dr. Richard Spong 

Human Resources 

Mr. Jerry Steele 

Phy. Ed. 

Mrs. Kitty Steele 

Phy. Ed. 

Dr. John Ward 


Dr. Leo Weeks 


Faculty 29 


30 Faculty 

P. J. Lapaire is intrigued by a fellow faculty member's comments. 

Mr. Joe Robinson 

Dr. Jack Williams 
Human Resources 

Dr. Fred Yeates 
I Biology 

Dr. John Moehlmann 

Mr. Ron Law 

Fine Arts 

Mr. Paul Lundrigan 

Fine Arts 

Dr. Susan McCrary 

Mod. For. Lang. 

Dr. James Stitt 


Faculty 31 


Ms. Martha Blake 
Mrs. Joan Betsill 

Ms. Margie Boyles 
Mrs-. Jeanine Burns 

Mrs. Donna Burton 
Mr. Ed Cannady 

I-/ III 

Rev. Ben Curry 
Mrs. Dot Easter 

32 Staff 

C.H. Kruyer 

Mrs. Shirley Gunn 
Mr. Charles Hartsoe 
Mr. Patrick Haun 
Mrs. Jeannie Hazard 
Mr. David Hope 

Ms. Carol McLain 
Mrs. Kay Stroud 
Mr. Ed Ray 
Mr. Mike Rolleri 
Mrs. Joyce Wainer 

Staff 33 


igh Point College College athletes offered much 
excitement for supporters this year. How could we forget 
Pete Cockburn scoring goals, Susie Rarirez's 25 foot 
jump shots, Andy Young's dunks, John Carty's base hits, 
Pekka Makela's ace serves, Phil Krimminger's par 
tournaments, Teresa Sweatman's backhands and Cynthia 
Ismael's jump serves? 

Blood, sweat and tears, hard work and dedication 
describes the athletes at HPC. Some victories, some 
defeats, but overall a positive year for HPC's athletes. 

Sports Divider 34 / 35 



I ' 




^v %i 


• *' **, id 

36 Baseball 


Bunt • Strike • Grounder • Fly ball 


Wayne Albrecht 
David Barnes 
Mark Barnes 
Bob Barra 
Carl Bradsher 
Scottie Carter 
John Carty 
Aiidy Dupree 
Mike Everett 
John Fitz 
Tom Gamble 
John Hamilton 
David Hooker 
Mike Horniak 
Ronnie Lucas 
Danny Mizell 
Jeff Pate 
Keith Rowand 
Jim Scott 
Ron St roup 
Charles Way nick 
Lee Whitney 

Panthers finished ahead 
sixth in the conference with 
a record of 6-8. The 

Panthers were 11-12 
overall. Andy Dupree was 
voted most valuable player. 

Above: The leading hitters are: Carl Bradsher, Mike 
Everett, and John Carty. 

Left: Anticipation of 
another game. 

Left: David Hooker is behind the 
plate for the Panthers. 

Baseball 37 




'■' '* i 

Homecoming 1985 began Thursday, February 7, with Career Alumni Day. 

^- ' " ^ '" ^_^mi ■ 

After the caravan there was a Talent Show in the Hayworth Chapel. 

Saturday, February 9, the Panthers beat the Guilford Quakers 39-38. 

A Caravan of students, alumni, and the court rode around the community. 

Susie Ramariez, Jeanne Davis, Donna Scherj), and Lynn Fortaleza, Queen. 

1985 Homecoming Queen: Lynn Fortaleza. 

Lady Panthers 

Defense • Pass • Foul 
Dribble • Free throw 

Susie Rameriz takes a jump shot from the top 
of the key. 

Debbie Johnson pushes up a shot 
from underneath. 


The Lady Panthers coached by 
Nancy Little provided the team 
roster with opportunity to play 
area teams in the Carolinas 

40 Women's Basketball 

Angie Green fights for a rebound 
as Anita Staton looks on. 

Amy Boswell 
Cathey Cassady 
Sherry Duvall 
Angie Green 
Ellen Hazelton 
Debbie Johnson 
Lisa Jones 
Beth Luckhardt 
Gigi McPherson 
Anne Myers 
Marie Ormond 
Susie Ramirez 
Rhonda Smith 
Anita Staton 
Julie Theberge 

Gigi McPherson shoots from outside 

Anita Staton looks for help 

Women's Basketball 41 

Slam • Dunk • Overtime • Jumpshot 

Men's Basketball 

Anthony Ball Mike Miller Ron Telleysh 

Hugh Gelston Danny Murphy Odell Walker 

John Hamilton Bill Puckett Andy Young 

Jim Hoffman Greg Purvis Dave Young 

Mike Johnson Terry Shakelford 

Dave Young takes the ball up. Ron Telleysh scores ayiother point 

Odell Walker drives for the basket as Danny Murphy looks on 

42 Men's Basketball 

The '84-'85 Panthers were "Dingo" Hamilton 

characterized by beards, 
new hair styles, dunks 
with authority and 
warming up to Hank 
Williams Jr. Danny 
Murphy and John 

operated the back court, 
while Jim Hoffman, Dave, 
and Andy Young, and 
Odell Walker worked in 
the front court. 

Danny Murphy drives as Odell Walker and John Hamilton look on. 

Andy Young takes a "jumper" from the top. 

Men's Basketball 43 

The Panthers' Soccer team goalkeeper for the 

had five seniors returning Panthers. Pete Cochburn 

for the 84-85 season. will be a scoring threat 

Sophomore Sal Schiavone from midfield. 
will be called on as 

Backs Bobby Rapp and Angelo Stewart are the team captains. Seniors 
R.C. Hill, Dwayne Hunt, and Glenn Jones should offer some leadership. 
Woody Gibson is the coach of the Panthers. 

Above: Danny Hague hustles off the field. w 

44 Soccer 

Mitre • Puma • Offsides 



Rich Rathbun 
Sal Schiavone 
Ted Sonnenberg 
Stu Shilling 
Kevin Noon 
Joe Crupi 
Randy Hechler 

R.C. Hill 
Danny Hogue 
Pete Cockburn 
Dwayne Hunt 
Lee Bundy 
Gary Hewett 
Glenn Jones 

Angelo Stewart 
Doug Brandon 
Phil Valente 
Lester Davis 
Bobby Rapp 

Above left: Bobby Rapp takes a •'breather". Above: R.C. Hill moves the ball 

Left: Angelo Stewart and Danny Hogue go for the 

Soccer 45 

Last year's standout 
players, Carol Williams, 
Carol Bidermann, and 
Sharon Packen will 
provide an "offensive 
punch" for the team. 
The Lady Panthers 
anticipate a successful 
season. High Point 
hosted the Deep South 

46 Women's Field Hockey 

Above Left: Amy Rowton defends. 

#. Left: Amy maneuvers the ball. 



Above: The Panthers "mix it up". 

Field Hockey Team: 
Carol Bidermann 
Shari Campbell 
Jennifer Duanne 
Colleen Farrell 
Claire Hall 
Patrice Higgins 
Anneli Kiviviemi 
Dawn Lemmo 
Lisa McKeown 

Amy Rowton 
Teresa Timmons 
Gray Todman 
Priscilla Trentham 
Carol Williams 

Manager: Marie Giofre 
Coaches: Kitty Steele 
Leslie Clark 



P i 

Women's Field Hockey 47 

The volleyball team had one 
returning senior. Susie 
Ramirez should provide 
leadership. Rhonda Smith 

and Donna Lilly should 
control the nets for the 

Returning all-conference player, Cynthia Ismael, will be a strong net 
player. The Lady Panthers are coming off an excellent '83-'8A season. 
Five of the players from last year's team returned. 

Anne Lopez and Rhonda Smith await the serve. 

48 Vollevball 

Bump • Set • Spike • Tiger 



Susie Ramirez 
Anne Lopez 
Kim Maness 
Rhonda Smith 
Donna Lilly 

Rebecca Daisy 
Ann Myers 
Cynthia Ismael 
Debbie Johnson 
Beth Luckhardt 

Sally Hamilton — Stats 
Margret Rodgers — Scorer 
Coach: Nancy Little 

Left: Cynthia Ismael and Donna Lilly go up to block 
a hit. 

Volleyball 49 


§ \ 





.1 . 






» /•' 

mu.i IU-...V.*.. ^^ 

i^y \ V _n 

Wome??'s Tennis Dori Johnson Mara Schultz 

Team: Suzanne LeClear Terry Schroth 

Kim Bergen Kim Lewers Teresa Sweatman 

Cathey Cassady Anne Maryse Lopez Kerry Thornett 

Whitney Clark Donna Reynolds Coach: Kitty Steele 


50 Men's and Women's Tennis 

Ace • Love • Fault • Adidas 



Men's Teyinis Team: 
Mike Bridget- 
Keith Brown 
Gary Clark 
Tom Conrod 
Randy Foster 
Joey Fuqua 
Mike Grimmer 
Matt Lange 
Pekka Makela 
Sami Narhi 
Steve Pappas 
Todd Polen 
Coach: Ed Ray 

Opposite page: Teresa 
Sweatman returns a vol- 
ley as Donna Reynolds 
looks on during a dou- 
bles match. 

Left: Dori Johnson returns a hard hit serve. Dori is a 
senior player. 

Tennis team had six returning play- 
ers. Randy Foster, a junior transfer 
from Brevard, will get some court 
time throughout the season. Pekka 
Makela and Sami. 

Dori will provide leader- 
ship for the team. 

Men's and Women's Tennis 51 

Yell for the Panthers! 


The HPC cheerleaders with Richard Hoffman, advisor. 

52 Cheerleaders 

Above the cheerleaders perform one of their 

Donna Scherp joins in on a cheer. 

The Panther, alias Mike Hor- 
niack, cheers on the team. 

High Point College 
Cheerleaders are: 

Tina Casey 
Donna Scherp 
Lisa Hill 
Paula Reising 
Christine Guy 
Ester Christian 
Cara VanKooten 
Linda Ferazzoli 
Dennis Smith 

Cheerleaders 53 

Bobby Rapp pulls down a rebound 
during an "A" league game 

High Point College had a 
strong intramural 
program thanks to many 
spirited participants and 
good leadership from 
John Carty, Lynn 
Fortaleza, and Bobby 
Rapp. The Delta Sigma 
Phi's captured the 
championship in ultimate 
frisbee and soccer. The 
Zeta Tau Alpha's won the 
women's soccer league. 

54 Intramurals 

George England drives to the basket. 

Team X * Delta Sigs * Pikes * Zetas 


1*1 J 

i vj 

* m 1 

• • 1 

m mm M 

I }!■ 

1 :mi ! 1 

ft " j^^HS* 

lK1 I 



"B" league action. Kevin Noon passes the ball, 
Greg Pribble and Bob Rossi defend. 

Independant teams 
dominated the men's "A" 
and "B" leagues. The 
women's leaders were the 
independants. Zeta's were a 

close second with "Ebony 
Rose" placing third. Nu 
Delta Beta, Fraticides, and 
Crawf s Court battled for 
first in "B" league. 

Intramurals 55 


he four classes at HPC represent four unique types of 
people. To the Freshman, college is a new experience to 
which they find the infamous HFC cheeseburger to be 

The Sophomore class represents seasoned freshmen 
back for a second year. They have caught on to the 
routine and their rating of the cheeseburger falls to OK. 

The Junior Class is full of anticipation. Waiting for that 
forever cherished class ring, plus, the rite of passage to 
Seniordom. Juniors find cheeseburgers boring and 
resort to soup and salad. 

Seniors have a lot to think about. First, they wonder how 
the first three years of college went by so quickly. 
Secondly, they look towards graduation with fear and 
gladness. Fear of the unknown after May 5th and 
gladness that four years of formal academic training are 
miraculously completed. The third thing the Senior 
ponders as if they have enough money to call Domino's 
instead of having cheeseburgers again. 

Classes Divider 56/57 



Mitchell Anderson 
Connie Baird 
Beatrice Barnswell 
James Beck 

Anthony Bell 
Risa Blackman 
Karen Bowman 
Robin Boyd 
Doug Brandon 
Barbara Brannigan 

Brianne Brannigan 
Charles Brikner 
Debbi Brobst 
Sky Broome 
Janet Brown 
Keith Brown 

Tommy Bryant 
Scott Bryson 
Teri Burchette 
Toni Burchette 
David Burks 
Noel Busch 

58 Freshmen 

Class of 1988 

Frankie Chaplin 
Esther Christian 
Billy Coley 

Tom Conrod 
Demetrio Contoganas 
Perry Conley 

June Craft 
Shannon Craft 
Caroline Cronin 

Marie Cross 
Leslie Culp 
Jeanne Dawson 

Cathy Demchak 
Donna Dennis 
Liz Dercksen 

Diane Derouen 
Beth Domby 
Bernie Donaldson 

Jennifer Dunne 
Sherry Duvall 
Audrey Espina 

Freshmen 59 

Clay Faulk 
Holly Felber 
Linda Ferazzoli 
Kenny Ferris 
Jack Fetner 

Dove Fielder 
Susan Finch 
Kris Flores 
Philip Fulp 
Wanda Furrow 

Tracy Glacer 
Monica Gregor 
Chris Guy 
Greg Helmstetler 
Claudia Hernandez 

Kathleen Hernandez 
Danny Hogue 
Sherry Holland 
Lisa Holleman 
Anne Hopkins 

Mike Hovan 
Brian Hopper 
Susan Horowitz 
Brenda Hovis 
Joe Hutchins 

Mary Ann Hundley 
Kim Idol 
Sonja Jenkins 
Debbie Johnson 
Tammy Joyce 

Chris Kelly 
Bill Kimmel 
Blair King 
Jon Kite 
Phyllis Lackey 

60 Freshmen 

Class of 1988 

*~ EL 

Scott Lax 

Suzanne LeClear 

Dawn Lemmo 

Kim Lewers 

Donna Lilly 

Gil Logan 

Tish Logan 

Freshmen 61 


Stephanie Mack 
Janet Mallet 
Tanya Matlins 
Kim Massey 

**jft ft 

Steve Maurer 
John McColsky 
Debbie Meckfessel 
Anne Meyers 
Andy Mills 
Tony Morrison 

Lori Morton 
Rich Mullins 
Mark Murphy 
Chris Muzzy 
Shawn Newsone 
Todd Nichols 

Michael O'Connor 
Maria Ormond 
Andrea Owen 
Rachelle Peters 
Gwenda Peddycord 
Misty Piper 

62 Freshmen 

Class of 1988 

Karen Poole 
Eric Potts 
Stephanie Powers 

Basil S. Qubain 
Seema Qubein 
Mary Quinn 

Richard Rathburn 
Mae Ravenel 
Michelle Rawie 

Michelle Reeside 
Paula Reising 
Sherry Rice 

Chloe Richardson 
Thomas Rizzo 
Arthur Rodriguez 

Jon Roller 
Scott Rutledge 
Trisha Sari an 

Freshmen 63 


Rhonda Skipper 
Rhonda Smith 
Don Snyder 
Owen Snyder 
Ted Sorensen 
Paige Spell 

Cynthia Stewart 
Beth Summerville 
Paula Swisher 
Leonore Szymanski 
Gregg Thompson 
Gray Todman 

Lisa Totten 
Anthony Transou 
Lynne Tuttle 
Cara Van-Kooten 
Kevin Ward 
Rob Weinhold 

64 Freshmen 

Being a Freshman 

College is an important and challenging step in 
one's life. During the first few weeks on campus 1 
experienced many exciting, scary, and trying times, 
anticipating adjustment being much harder than it 
really was. I was afraid I would never make it 
through Orientation, but I did, and it helped me 
enormously. I met many congenial people and 
became accustomed to the new environment 
through these Orientation meetings. My 
Orientation leader, Dr. Ward, and other professors 
were helpful in answering any questions that 

Living near High Point College has been an asset 
to me, however, the friendliness of the people on 
campus would have made college easy for anyone. I 
have enjoyed my first year at High Point College 
and will be looking forward to living on campus. 

Shannon Welch 


Shannon Welch 
Karen West 

Melanie Weston 
Josephine Williamson 

Barry Witten 
Warren Wolff 

Sophonia Wood 
Karen Yingling 

Ursula Yrbielewiez 
Carmen Zayas 

Joe Zeman 

Freshmen 65 




" ^t% r V 

c0 , ML-' 

66 Sophomores 


sr- _ 



m ^W 

Sophomores 67 

John Adkins 
Saad Ahmed 
Peggie Arvidson 
Anwar Atalla 
Edward Bamberg 

Donna Beanne 
Terry Best 
Carolyn Binkley 
Sandra Brownell 
Teresa Brewer 

Michael Bridger 
Peggy Cann 
Linda Carroll 
Cindy Casperson 
Cathey Cassady 

Rodney Clayton 
Lee Cockerill 
Kevin Connolly 
Andrea Cope 
Randy Dally 

Mike Ernst 
Lori Frye 
Kelly Given 
Kelly Coins 
Allison Guy 

Angela Green 
Debrea Hayward 
Angela Hendrix 
Lisa Hill 
Tammy Hill 

Sherri Hill 
David Hooker 
Kristin Howard 
Walter Hunter 
Deborah Kerr 

68 Sophomores 

Class of 1987 

Nancy Knipp 
Danny Leonard 

Bruce Long 
Louise M. Lopez 



, - m %? 

Priscilla Lowe 
Aileen Lynch 

Stacy Maloney 
Cindy Maness 

Kathleen McCullough 
Paul McDonough 

Lisa McKeown 
Dan Metivier 

Steven Mickel 
Tom Miller 

Sophomores 69 

Linda Mise 
Melissa Mize 
Sean Moberley 
Alison Moore 

Jane Morris 
Pam Mulvey 
Stephanie Newbern 
Bob Parkinson 

Yazmin Pastrana 
Phillip Perry 
Lynda Peterson 
Terrie Rea 

Donna Reynolds 
Sara Rivas 
Randy Rover 
Michael Roberts 

Amy Rowton 
Gary Russell 
Donna Schepp 
Terry Schroth 

Marwan Shaban 
Chris Shuping 
Mitchell Simpson 
Kathy Small 

Dennis Smith 
Doug Smith 
Elizabeth Smith 
Angie Snider 

4*1 i\ A A 



70 Sophomores 

Class of 1987 

Lora Songster 

Mike Stakes 
Julie Theberge 

Jon Travis 
Coy Trawick 

Priscilla Trentham 
Angella Vestal 

Sarah Wenley 
Terry Wood 

Paul Wong 
Karen White 

Amal M. Yhayyal 
Ken Zeller 

Sophomores 71 

Terry Aiken 
Carol Bidermann 
Jamie Borgman 
Kelly Brisentine 
Linda Bulla 
Nita Burchette 

Debbie Campbell 
Jill Carrick 
Tina Casey 
Susan Cox 
Sheila Craig 

Class of 1986 

Lisa Creed 
Cora Beth Crowell 
Margaret Draper 
Kim Eads 
Bonnie Eakin 

72 Juniors 


'•V' VLW'?^^ ■ _i < " \- '• 


• -V 

'*h: ' ^* 

Marja Erickson 
Colleen Farrell 

Daniel Firebaugh 
Randy Foster 

Debbie Frazier 
Marie Giofre 

Cindy Gleiser 
Kelli Green 

Alan Haggai 
Annette Hall 

Charles M. Hall 
Clair Hall 

James M. Hall 
Sally Hamilton 

Juniors 73 

Larry Hedrick 
Quinzetta Hayes 

Scott Heinecke 
Selwyn Heintz 

John Higgins 
Leslie Hill 

Amy Holland 
Amy Hora 

Ray Hotz 
Kenn Huff 

Cynthia Ismael 
Lance Jarett 

Janine Joson 
Phil Key 

74 Juniors 



Class of 1986 

Vanessa Lemmon 
Stuart Liberty 
Kim Maness 
Marsha Manos 
Rochelle McAuley 

Larry McCullough 
Pamela McHone 
Deena McMurtry 
Gigi McPherson 
Kim Moose 

Donald Osborne 
Pat O'Sullivan 
Sherry Paradise 
James Reese 
Cathy Robinson 

Juniors 75 

Robert Rogers 

Curtis Schneider 
Thomas Scott 
Gwen Shanks 

Sandra Shaw 
Craig Shepperd 
Camden Smith 
Steve Smith 
Andrew Stewart 

Chuck Taylor 
Ashley Teague 
Mary Van Horn 
Craig Van Steenburgh 
Michelle White 


Class of 1986 


Cynthia Ann 
Alicia Wright 

Mon Yom 
Paul Ziglar 


Juniors 77 

' mt*>mmmnm * 

78 Juniors 

Juniors 79 

Senior Directory 

Jerald Keith Albert 

6426 Littlewood Road 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
Jennifer Lindquist Albrect 
548 Deerwood Drive 
Gastonia, NC 28052 
Marie France Allred 
Route 4 Box 310 
Askeboro, NC 27-203 
Lillie Jean Alston 
1817 Blain St. 
High Point, NC 27262 
Arthur Alexander Amos 
121,0 Highland Ave. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 

Elizabeth P Anderson 

509 Guilford Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 
Michael Earl Anderson, Sr. 
1356 Oak Grove Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Nicki Holt Angell 

1689 Brookford Rd. 
Kernersville, NC 2728k 
Ross Douglas Arnold 
3815 Whitehaven Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Sandra Leigh Austin 
2606 Woods End Lane 
Greensboro, NC 271,10 
Teresa Pauline Baity 
Route 4 Box 245 G 
Yadkinville, NC 27055 
Jacqueline Renee Barner 
Rt 1 Box 1S4A 
Lawndale, NC 28090 
Robert Joseph Barra 
81,08 Fenwood Drive 
Springfield, VA 22152 
Jennifer Rene Bartholomew 
25*6 C Suffolk Ave. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Jacqueline Leigh Beasley 
1829 Bethel Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 
Allen Ralph Beck Jr. 
114 Maplewood Ave. 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Sylvia Clark Beck 
110 Dogwood Circle 
High Point, NC 27260 
William Alexander Beck 
110 Creekwood Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Glenda Joyce Bodenheimer 
Rt 4 Box 745 
Thomasville, NC 27S60 
Vicki Lynn Boles 
1921 Lyons Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Vickie Carol Bowles 

Rt. 3 Box 69 
Trinity, NC 27S70 
Jane Croyle Bowser 
132 Maplewood Ave. 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Gwendolyn Bradley 
5767 Antietam Dr. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Kristin Anne Brown 
2372 Birch Place 
Allenwood, NJ 8720 
Virginia Ellen Budd 
PO Box 174-501 Main St. 
Myersville, MD 21773 
Mona Celeste Burgess 
Route 5 Lot 90 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Melinda Denise Burton 

501 N Keplet Road 
Deland, FL 32720 
Michael D Cadle 

1 764 Union Cross Rd. 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
Rebecca Michele Cahan 
804 Honeysuckle Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27407 
Tamra G Calloway 
21 75 Widgeon Ct. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Dennis Lee Cameron 
135 Robbins Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Gary Mapp Campbell 

50 Dickens Rd. 
Claymont, DE 1970S 
Robert Duncan Campbell III 
19 A Fountain Manor Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27403 
Robert Gerard Campbell 
146 Cedar Cove Ln. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Kimberly Ann Cardwell 

502 Hampton Drive 
King, NC 27021 

Cynathia Prosser Carroll 

1078 Laverne Lane 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
John Patrick Carty 
2907 Custer Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27407 
Luigi Mario Castaldo 
U North Street 
Madison, NJ 791,0 
Larry Kent Cecil 
608 Frontier Drive 
Archdale, NC 27263 
Lisa Marie Childress 
PO Box 1044 
Sylva, NC 28779 
Charlie Wayne Clark 
603 Moore Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Edward Thome Clark, Jr. 
40 Arita, CI 

Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Allen Hodges Cole 
1914 Wakefield Place 
High Point, NC 27260 
Lethia Nichols Coleman 
3858 Draper St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Holly Mackellar Collins 
RFD Locust Hill Way 
East Canaan, CT 6024 
Nancy Alison Collins 
PO Box 104 

N Wilkesboro, NC 28659 
James Francis Connor 
561 South Bunker Hill 
Colfax, NC 27235 
Virginia Muirhead Cooper 
710 Hallmark Drive 
Rural Hall, NC 27045 
Gregory Richard Cornelius, Jr. 
2950 Northbridge Rd. 
Gregory Richard Comeluis 
8614 Bunnell Dr. 
Potomac, ND 20854 
William Earl Cotham, Jr. 
2950 Northbridge Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 
Carmen Yyonne Cottle 
241 W Church Street 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

Charles Christopher Cox 

400 Idlebrook Drive 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
Charles William Crabill, Jr. 
10211 Lawyers Rd. 
Vienna, VA 22180 
Elizabeth Crawford 
70 Girard Ave. 
Somerset NJ 8873 
Donnie Gray Crotts 
Route 2 Box 64 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Sylvia Darren Dalton 
3997 B Valley Court 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Martha Motsinger Darnell 
Route 12 Box 2W 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Branson Davis 
PO Box 177 
Siler City, NC 27344 
Camille Walton Davis 
1355 Old Woodbine Road 
Atlanta, GA 30319 
Mary Jane Davis 
3650 Yarborough Apt 61 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Roger Douglas 
1419 Guyer Street 
High Point, NC 2.7260 
Melissa Ann Duncan 
PO Box 816 
King, NC 27021 
Jacquelyn Gail Eads 
2750 Woodvale Dr. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Rita Jeanette Edwards 
209 Lynella Lane 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Michael Kent Elliott 
634 Naomi Ave. 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
George William England, Jr. 
1 7 Purple Martin Lane 
Hilton Head Is., SC 29928 
Amy Roe Everett 
2314 I Shadow Valley Rd 
High Point, NC 27260 
Patricia Ellis Fitzgerald 
3847 B Johnson Street 
High Point, NC 27260 
Teresa Meredith Forbes 
2906 English Road 
High Point, NC 27260 
Lynn Marie Fortaleza 

15 Southwest 10th St. 
Ft Lauderdale, FL SSS15 
Andrew Keith Fortune 
Route 2 Box 1273 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Donald Allen Foster 
5674 Chancellorsville 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Jill LuAnn Foster 
266 Oakgrove Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
C William Frampton III 
705 Rodman Road 
Wilmington, DE 19809 
William D Frazier 
1728 Stoneybrook Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 
Aquilla Mae Fulton 
3620 Yarbrough Ave #B 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Mary Margaret Gagner 
5400-13 Lamoya Ave, 
Jacksonville, FL 32210 
Andrew Jerome Gaither 
2305 Pebble Creek Rd. 
Winston Salem, NC 27107 
Marsha D. Garner 
2502 Williams Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 
Carla Price Gentry 
4388 Bridal Creek Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Suzanne L Gillespie 
2647 Majestic Drive 
Wilmington, DE 19810 
Brenda Gail Graham 
1218 Stevens Street 
Raeford, NC 28376 
Brian Keith Graham 
518 Player Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Christopher Lee Grantham 
142 B Old Mill Road 
High Point, NC 27260 
Tammie Byrd Greene 
151 B Willow Creek Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Tamara Moss Greenwood 
5756 Davis Road 
Walkertown, NC 27051 
Gail Smith Gregory 
Rt 2 Box 252 
Mocksville, NC 27028 
Kimberly Michelle Gregory 
Route 2 Box 433 
Mocksville, NC 27028 
David Horton Gorseclose 
8215 McDonogh Rd. 
Pikesville, MD 21208 
John Virgil Gurney 
2202 Bohngbroke Court 
High Point, NC 27260 
Carolyn Shipplett Hamilton 
427 W 'Lexington Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 
John Whitfield Hamilton 
PO Box 1375 
Cullowhee, NC 28723 
Melanie Lynn Hamilton 
Route 4 Box 26 
Four Oaks, NC 27524 

Connie Byrd Hance 

701 Marley Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 
Todd Cloniniger Harmon 
102 Fairbanks Ct. 
Mount Airy, NC 27030 
Todd Kiger Harris 
7920 Simmons Road 
Rural Hall, NC 27045 
Rachel Ann Harward 
801 Woodburn Road 
Rockville, MD 20851 
Steven Warren Hatt 
Grant Road 
NewMarket, NH 3857 
Kenneth William Hauser 
8 Larnpan Lane 
Winson-Salem, NC 27105 
Valerie Ann Hawes 
2729 Reynolds Dr. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Janice Hux Hayes 
2663 Monticello Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Rodney Steven Hedrick 
Route 4 Box 97 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Christopher Robert Heenan 
2513 Raven Road 
Wilmington, DE 19810 
Rita Lynn Hege 
Route 8 Box 112 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Kenneth Lee Hendrix, Jr. 

P. Box 165 
Trinity, NC 27370 
Sharon Lowe Hennis 

515 Avon Court 
River Vale, NJ 7675 
Karen Danette Hernandez 
711 Alano Dr. 
Guaynabo, PR 657 
John S. Hess 
2S18 F Shadow Valley 
High Point, NC 27260 
Jimmy Dale Hill 
628 Sedge Garden Road 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
Mary Jane Hill 
1015 Tipton St. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Robert Charles Hill III 
216 E Concord Road 
Orlando, FL 32802 
Duane Lee Hines 
Route 4 Box 1232 
High Point, NC 27262 
Janet Shoaf Holcombe 
3960 Winterhue Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Arthur A Holleman HI 
1021 Lavada Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 
Dana Lee Holmes 
12S09 Chesterton Drive 
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 
Brent Paul Holshouser 
830 East Main St. 
Shelby, NC 28150 
David Wayne Holt 
PO Box 6254 
High Point, NC 27260 
William Michael Homiak 
3223 Cedarhurst Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28213 
Jean Hurley Howington 
624 N Stratford Rd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Donald Ray Humphrey 
3270 Plantation Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Nancy Anne Huner 
18 Woodhollow Rd. 
Great River, NY 11739 
Dwayne R Hunt 
1061 Cassel Drive 
Bay Shore, NY 11706 
Monica Lee Husserl 
Calle 88 7A-41 Apt 301 
Bogota Columbia 
Annette Faith Huttar 
Route 2 Box 295 
East Bend, NC 27018 
Jonathan Phillip Jackson 
8 RVE Michel Lentz 
Niederanven Lux 
Andrew George Johnson 
3106 Rolling Road 
High Point, NC 27260 
Patsy Vaughn Johnson 
Rt 2 Box 2860 
High Point, NC 27260 
Tammy Leigh Johnson 
Rt 6 Box 381 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Donald A Jones 
102 Timberwood Dr. 
Jamestown, NC 27282 
Glenn R Jones 
2225 Henlopen Ave. 
Wilmington, DE 19804 
Judy Dixanne Jones 
802 Dogwood Road 
Boone, NC 28607 
Kimberly Dawn Jones 
1227 East Ritters Lk R 
Greensboro, NC 27406 
Laterfa Morgan Jones 
Rt 3 Box 567 
High Point, NC 27263 
Thelma B Jones 
102 Timberwood Drive 
Jamestown, NC 27282 
Daryl Evan Katz 
1 Deerchase Road 
Morristown, NJ 7960 
Barbara Ann Flowe Kelly 
2200 Brentwood St. 
High Point, NC 27263 
Kirsten Elizabeth Kezar 
209 E Stadium Dr. 
Eden, NC 27288 
Valerie Jeanne Ross Kiger 
66 Carter Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Anneli Kiviniemi Bennett 
1011 N Main Ecker #B-9 
High Point, NC 27262 
Phillip Drear Krimminger 
5S0 5th Avenue NE 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Continued on p. 97 

80 Senior Directory 

CLASS OF 1985 

As Leicis Wheless tries to figure out what is going on, his 
entire class has left. 

Lillie J. Alston 

High Point, NC 

Dennis K. Andrews 

Political Science 
Winston Saleni, NC 

Karen A. Austin 

High Point, NC 

Seniors 81 

Sandra L, Austin 

Early Childhood Ed. 
Greensboro, NC 

Jacqueline R. Barner 

Lawndale, NC 

Sylvia Beck 

Oxford, NC 

Jane Croyle Bowser 

Chemistry and Biology 
Thomasville, NC 

Carl L. Bradsher 

Roxboro, NC 

Virginia Budd 

Business Administration 
Myersville, MD 

Mona C. Burgess 


Winston Salem, NC 


Michael Douglas Cadle 

Business Administration 

and Economics 

Augusta, GA 

Gary M. Campbell 

Political Science and 


Claymont, DE 



82 Seniors 

Class of 1985 

John P. Carty 

Greensboro, NC 

Kent Cecil 

Business Administration 
Arckdale, NC 

Alison Collins 

North Wilkesboro, NC 

Holly M. Collins 

Political Science and 
Howsatonic, MA 

William E. Cotham, Jr. 

Winston Salem, NC 

Carmen Yvonne Cottle 

Christian Education 

and Spanish 

Mocksville, NC 

Bill Crabill, Jr. 

Business Administration 
Vienna, VA 

Elizabeth Crawford 

Political Science and 


Somerset, NJ 


Branson L. Davis 

Business Administration 
Siler City, NC 

Seniors 83 

Robert E. Dennis, Jr. 

Business Administration 
Greensboro, NC 

Michael K. Elliott 

Political Science and 


Kernersville, NC 

George William 

Hilton Head, SC 

Michael Everett 
Physical Education 
Summerfield, NC 

Lynn Marie Fortaleza 

Physical Education and 


Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Jill L. Foster 

Business Administration 
Winston Salem, NC 

Bill Frampton 

Religion and 
Christian Education 
Wilmington, DE 

Mary M. Gagner 

English Media 
Jacksonville, FL 

Suzanne L. Gillespie 

Theatre Education 
Wilmington, DE 

84 Seniors 

Daryl Katz tries to escape the rigors that plague 
all seniors. This is commonly called 

Brenda Graham 

Business Administration 
Raeford, NC 

Kimberly M. Gregory 

Managerial Psychology 
Mocksville, NC 

David H. Groseclose 

Political Science and 


Pikesville, MD 

Seniors 85 

John W. Hamilton 

Physical Education 
Cullowhee, NC 

Todd C. Harmon 

Home Furnishings 
Mount Airy, NC 

Rachel Ann Harward 

Early Childhood Ed. 

Rockville, MD 

Rodney Steven Hedrick 

Biology I Pre-med 
High Point, NC 

Christopher R. Heenan 

Wilmington, DE 

Rita Hege 

Early Childhood Ed. 
Lexington, NC 

Kenneth Lee Hendrix 

Business Administration 
Home Furnishings 
Trinity, NC 

Steve Hess 

Political Science and 


Rockville, MD 


*-*- "■*— 

William M. Horniak 

Charlotte, NC 


86 Seniors 

Terri and Frank Livingston share a moment in between 

Dwayne Hunt 

Business Administration 
Centereach, NY 

Karen D. Hernandez 

Media Communications 
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 

Nancy Anne Huner 

Managerial Psychology 
Great River, NY 

Seniors 87 

Tammy L. Johnson 

Human Relations 
Thomasville, NC 

^V* l*^" 

Glenn Jones 

Physical Education 
Wilmington, DE 

Judy D. Jones 

Communications and 


Boone, NC 

Kimberly Jones 

Intermediate Education 
Greensboro, NC 

Kirsten Kezar 

International Business 

and French 

Eden, NC 

Phillip D. Krimminger 

Home Furnishings 
Hickory, NC 

Debbie Kuchinskas 

Early Childhood Ed. 
Edison, NJ 

Wyeleen Kwan 

Gaithersburg, MD 

John T. Lancaster 

Southern Pines, NC 

88 Seniors 

Simon E. Lappi 

Carrboro, NC 

Tammy K. Lawson 

Winston Salem, NC 

Lisa D. Leach 

Special Education 
Lexington, NC 

Terri Livingston 

Davidsonville, MD 

Clifford Lopp 

Lexington, NC 

Stephen C. Mackintosh 

Political Science and 


Adamstoicn, MD 

Renee Henry Marsh 

High Point, NC 

Charlene G. McDaniel 

Business Administration 

and Accounting 

Winston Salem, NC 

Betty Jane Mclnvale 

Business Administration 
Winter Park, FL 

Seniors 89 

As temperatures rise annual Sunicorshipers obtain a tan. 

Scott McPherson 
Business Administration 
Setauket, NY 

Shannon Andrea 

Media Communications 
Newtown, CT 

Denise Metivier 

High Point, NC 

90 Seniors 

Anna Minear 


High Point, NC 

M. Scott Morgan 
Communications and 
Trinity, NC 

Marion Kay Morris 

Physical Education 
Walnut Cove, NC 

Danny Murphy 

Business Administration 
Richmond, VA 

Cedric Austin Nash 

Asheville, NC 

Donna Rudd Nelson 

Christian Education 
Asheboro, NC 

Brad O'Brien 

Home Furnishings and 
Business Administration 
High Point, NC 

Sharon A. Packen 

Physical Education 
and Health 
Beachwood, NJ 


Joseph Patton 

Political Science and 


Winston Salem, NC 

Seniors 91 

Thomas Arthur Payne 


High Point, NC 

Hope Lucinda Phelps 

Lexington, NC 

Edna Millay Price 

Business Administration 

and Economics 

Gastonia, NC 

Krich Ratanaphruks 

Chemistry and 
High Point, NC 

Susan E. Ramirez 

Early Education 
Manassas, VA 

Robert J. Rapp 

Business Administration 

and Accounting 

Commack, NY 

Charles B. Rhodes, Jr. 

Kernersville, NC 

Bob Rossi 

New Port Richey, FL 

Horic E. Roundtree 

Business Admiynstratioti 
Winston Salem, NC 

92 Seniors 

SGA Vice-President, Art Payne, receiving ridicule from 
Phil Key, for his apparent misfortune when he had an 
"encounter" with a fence. 

Douglas B. Shields 

Physical Education 
Kernersville, NC 

Greg Shuskey 

Home Furnishings 
Mount Airy, NC 

Kent Sides 

Business Administration 
Harrisburg, NC 

Seniors 93 

Joseph G. Smith, Jr. 

Sewaren, NJ 

' *» 

Sheila M. Smith 

Asheboro, NC 

Valdes J. Snipes 

Mebane, NC 

James G. Spainhour 

Business Administration 
Kernersville, NC 

Lolita Y. Spencer 

Business Administration 
Eagle Springs, NC 

Sharon R. Starkey 

Christian Education 

and Human Relation 

Olney, MD 

Melinda D. Stroud 

Early Childhood Ed. 
High Point, NC 

Tamara Lynn Swain 

Business Administration 
Clemmons, NC 

Teresa L. Sweatman 

Winston Salem, NC 

94 Seniors 

Lisa C. Swing 

Lexington, NC 

Renae Talley 

Political Science and 


Woodleaf, NC 

John Tisdale 

Human Relations 
Fayetteville, NC 

Leslie A. Tucker 

Sarasota, FL 

Gregory S. Upchurch 

Home Furnishings and 


Raleigh, NC 

Anthony Watson 

Media Communications 
Clinton, MD 

Charles S. Waynick 

Business Administration 
Greensboro, NC 

Pamela M. Welch 

Special Education 
Winston Salem, NC 

P. Lewis Wheless, Jr. 

Media Communications 
High Point, NC 

Seniors 95 

Luanne White 

Chemistry Business 
Parsippany, NJ 

Thomas P. Williams 

Human Relations 
Roanoke, VA 

Jean Williamson 

Portsmouth, VA 

Robert L. Williard 


Wiyiston Salem, NC 

Vera M. Wilson 

Charlotte, NC 

Paula L. Winton 

Political Science and 
Woodbridge, VA 

Connie M. Wright 

Early Childhood Ed. 
High Point, NC 

Susanne L. Zuroff 

International Business 
Fayetteville, NC 

96 Seniors 

Senior Directory 

Continued from p. 80 

Deborah Lynne Kuckinskas 

468 Plainfield Road 
Edison, NJ 8820 
Wyeleen Kwan 
17100 King James Way 
Gaither&burg , MD 
Anne S Lambeth 
325 Dogwood Circle 
High Point, NC 27260 
John Talmadge Lancaster 
1924 East Indian Avenue 
Southern Pines, NC 28387 
Tammy Kay Lawson 
131,3 Bethania Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Lisa Delane Leach 
Route 10 Box 221 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Sonya G Leister 
711 Leisters Church Rd 
Westminster, MD 21157 
Charles Joseph Libro 
4031 Hampton Road 
Clemmons, NC 27012 
Jonnie Roy Livengood 
Rt 3 Box 497 
Trinity, NC 27S70 
Terri Suzanne Livingston 
632 Santa Maria Lane 
Davidsonville, MD 21085 
W L Lockamy Jr 
1524 Wiltshire Street 
High Point, NC 27260 
Lisa Carol Loflin 
50 W Holly Hill #40 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Edward Nalle Lohr II 
1802 Carolina Street 
High Point, NC 27260 
Michael Clayburn Long 
525 West Second St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 
Stephen Carson Mackintosh 
12S5 Parks Mill Road 
Adamston, MD 21710 
Renee Henry March 
PO Box 273 
Wallburg, NC 27373 
Edwin Aydlett Martin 
2442 Apt. G S Holden 
Greenboro, NC 27407 
Sandra White Massey 
Rt 12 Box 160 Raye Dr. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Peggy Ann Mastbrook 
3016 Locksley Lane 
Greensboro, NC 27406 
Krista Beeson Matthews 
Route 12 Box 695 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Charles Edward McCarthy 
427 Freedom Mill Road 
Gastonia, NC 28052 
William Dwight McCorkle, Jr. 
Rt 1 

EUaville, GA 31806 
Charlene Gail McDaniel 
4046 Reidsville Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 
Betty Jane Mclnvale 
2862 Euston Rd. 
Winter Park, FL 32789 
Sharon Ann McMillon 
401 Woodbriar 
Rural Hall, NC 27045 
Scott William McPherson 
12 Linda Lane 
Setauket, NY 11733 
Frank Foy Meadows 
PO Box 882 
Weaverville, NC 28787 
Barbara Stewart Merritt 
Route 1 Box 246 
King, NC 27021 
Denise Elaine Metivier 
828 Rosecrest Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 
Kim Charles Miller 
Rt 18 Box 140-B 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Mary Anna Minear 
1509 Whitehall St. 
High Point, NC 27262 
James Stuart Mitchell 
119 Fawn Drive 
Clairton, PA 15025 
Jeter Wayne Montgomery 
627 Colonial Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Shannon Andrea Moore 
73 Brushy Hill Road 
Newtown, CT 6470 
Doris Joyce Moorefield 

4023 N Main St. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Montgomery Scott Morgan 
Rt 2 Box 6 
Trinity, NC 27370 
Richard William Morgan 
180-11 Dalewood Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Dora Mae MorriBon 
811 Montlieu Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 
William Thomas Mowery, Jr. 
3740 Vandalia Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Daniel Harold Thomas Murphy 
1007 Wynbrook Lane 
Mechanicsville, VA 23111 
John Mark Myers 
Route 9 Box 430 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Cedrick Austin Nash 
1 A Lee Walker Hghts 
Asheville, NC 28801 
William B Neal 
3250 High Cliff Road 
Pfafftown, NC 27040 
Jerry Wayne Neely 
1852 Buddinbrook Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Donna Rudd Nelson 
119 Shamrock Road 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
Kelly Lynn Newman 
5606 Fallingbrooks Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27407 
Remigius Nwabueze 
320 N. Richardson St. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Homer Bradley O'Brien 
1611 Guyer St. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Jacqueline Maureen O'Linn 
3600 Vandalia Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Paul O'Brien O'Neal Jr 
3822 Talcott Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
William Thomas O'Neal, Jr. 
6007 Hedgerow Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27012 
Sharon Anne Packen 
612 Neptune Ave. 
Beachwood, NJ 8722 
Hilda H Pate 
3027 Kinnamon Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Joseph Pitts Patton 
J25 Billie Sue Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
David Albert Paul 
437 E Sprague Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Percy I Payne III 
803 Parkwood Circle 
High Point, NC 27260 
Thomas Arthur Payne 
2003 Chestnut St. EXT. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Timothy Allen Pegram 
400 Old Mill Road 
High Point, NC 27261 
Hope Lucinda Phelps 
1931 Winston Road 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Robin Renee Phieffer 
N Country Road RR1 
Wading River, NY 11792 

Julia Irene Pickens 

2367 Bethabara E-6 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Edna Millay Price 

3236 Starland Drive 
Gastonia, NC 28052 

Saundra Greene Pugh 

■2227-L Shadow Valley R 
High Point, NC 27260 
Susan Elaine Ramirez 

9510 Chatham St 
Manassas, VA 22110 

Robert Jacob Rapp 

S3 Wyoming Street 
Commack, NY 11225 
Krich Ratanaphruks 
819 5th Street 
High Point, NC 27262 
Thomas Gary Redding 
Rtl Box 471 
Yadkinville, NC 27055 
Nancy Jean Reynolds 
PO Box 587 
Lewisville, NC 27023 

Charles Bradford Rhoades 

661 Naomi Ave 
Kemersville, NC 27284 
Mark Thomas Richardson 
145 Turnwood Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Deborah Darlene Robinson 
15 Kingston Road 
New Castle, DE 19720 
Robin Rogers 
1115 Twin Oak Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Robert Thomas Rossi 
6032 Casey Drive 
New Port Richey, FL 33553 
Florie Elizabeth Roundtree 
3890 Old Vineyard-26B 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Waldo Herbert Rustrian 
610 Martha PI 
High Point, NC 27263 
Joseph Pascal Santoni 
Socorro Sanchez #269 
Santo Domingo 
Brian James Sarnecki 
4730 Parkvale Rd. 
Elicott City, MD 21043 
James Shaw Scott 
730 Gormley Drive 
Rockville, MD 20850 
Lynn Marie Sharkey 
475 Walton Rd. 
Maplewood, NJ 7040 
Wendell Fred Shoemaker 
7435 Pine Trails Rd 
Pfafftown, NC 27040 
Calvin Gregory Shuskey 
PO Box 1642 
MtAiry, NC 27030 
Joe Kent Sides 
315 Plaza Drive 
Harrisburg, NC 28075 
Daniel Ray SimmonB 
1841 Meadow Glen Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
William Binford Sledge 
PO Box 610 

Kill Devil Hill, NC 27948 
Bobbi Gail Smith 
190-3 Dalewood Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Georganne Mackaronis Smith 
2372 Spicewood Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
John Randolph Smith 
1212 E Ritters Lake Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27406 
Joseph George Smith, Jr. 
13 Debra Place 
Sewaren, NJ 7077 
Sheila Marie Smith 
Route 9 Box 373 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
Valdes Juan Snipes 
Rt 5 Box 400 
Mebane, NC 27302 
James Gregory Spainhour 
5949 Timberwood Trail 
Kemersville, NC 27284 
William David Spainhour 
Route 3 Box 69 
King, NC 27021 
Stephen Wendell Speaks 
2304 Barnsley Court 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Lolita Yvette Spencer 
PO Box 93 

Eagle Springs, NC 27242 
Sharon Renee Starkey 
1 9005 Riverton Street 
Olney, MD 20882 
Kathryn Cheek Steelman 
Rt5 Box 459 
Yadkinville, NC 27055 
Kimberly Armstrong Stepp 
800 Memorial Park Drive 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Melinda Denise Stroud 
Route 3 Box 287 
High Point, NC 27263 
Opal Coleman Suggs 
1129 Kendall Mill Re 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Tamara Lynn Swaim 
PO Box 504 
Clemmons NC 27012 
Teresa Lynn Sweatman 
4975 Alms Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Lisa Carol Swing 
Rt 2 Box 3 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Sandra Maie Swoboda 
5716 Nevada Street 
Berwyn Hghts, MD 20740 
Cynthia Renae Talley 
Rt 1 Box 270 
Woodleaf, NC 27054 
David Crissman Tally 

4995 Pine Hall Road 
Walkertown, NC 27051 
Mary Ellington Tatum 
1802 Eliiabeth Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 
Stanley Edward Taylor 
914 B Lakecrest Ave. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Gary Lee Thomas 

5108 Wheeler Ct. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Rhonda Kim Thomas 

6112 Lea-Ray Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Jc .n Kenneth Tisdale 
2171 Middle Road, 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 
David Bruce Tomlinson 
Cecily Johnson Towsend 
552 Kinard Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 
Leslie Tucker 
2180 9th Street 
Sarasota, FL 33577 
Faye Gough Underwood 

522* Cox Blvd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Jeffery Keith Vogler 
Route 12 Box 510 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Nancy Smith Wade 
512 Moore Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Lisa Lynn Walker 
241 7 Williams Ave. 
High Point, NC 27262 
Mark Steven Ward 
5 Vivian Street 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Rachel L Warlick 
1088 Peace Haven Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Virginia Binkley Warner 
PO Box 474 
Walkertown, NC 27051 

Anthony Watson 

7705 Canberra Place 
Clinton, MD 20785 
Charlie Stuart Waynick 
1208 New Garden Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Kevin Thomas West 
667 Mourning Dove Dr. 
Sarasota, FL 33577 
Amos E Westmoreland 
1824 Sussex Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Paul Lewis Wheless Jr 

1414 Madison Ave 
High Point, NC 27262 
Luanna White 
171 Rainbow Tr 
Denville, NJ 7834 
Rachel Dayvault Wiles 
519 Dogwood Circle 
High Point, NC 27260 
Charlotte Willhite 
201 Cedarwood Dr. 
Jamestown, NC 27282 
Jean Paige Williamson 
421 Mayflower Road 
Portsmouth, VA 23701 
Keith Richard Williams 
117 Lakeview Circle 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Mary Katherine Williamson 
3504 Stonehurst PI 
High Point, NC 27260 
Sue S Williams 
414 Penns Grove Road 
Summerfield, NC 27358 
Robert Lee Williard 
3712 Fraternity Ch Rd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Kenneth Lee Wilson 
445 Burnham Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Michael Lane Wilson 
101 Dalewood Dr Apt 2 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Paula Louise Winton 
4314 Kentland Drive 
Woodbridge, VA 22193 
Connie Martin Wright 
3101 Flanders Ct 
High Point, NC 27260 
Arthur Kyle Yates 
Rt 12 Box 256 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
John Alexander York 
PO Box 66 
Morganton, NC 28655 

Richard Steven York 

167 Turnwood Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
David Allen Young 
737 Tiffany Drive 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Senior Directory 97 


ooking at the body of the college, the classes 
are the organs and the organizations its 
spiritual essence. Some groups function as 
regulators pumping vital fluids and others 
operate as obedient servants working to 
help and assist. 

Each precludes sacrifice on the part of its 
members in time and energies growing out of 
dedication and self-satisfaction which quite 
often is the only reward. Each human segment 
earns the admiration of our entire community 
because of the selfless contributions and earned 

The creative talents, collectively and 
individually, display themselves in works that 
enrich the human state and sensitize us to the 
beautiful in life. The liberal arts experience is 
fed by each of these groups. 


Organizations Divider 98 / 99 

Karen Bowman, Sonya Jenkins 

Organizations staff 


Left to Right: Renae Talley, Art Payne, Suzanne 
Zuroff, Bill Frampton, Ray Hotz, and Ted Coryell. 

Top Row, Left to Right: Mike Lemmo, Ray Hotz, Peggy Draper, Bill Frampton, 
Suzanne Gillespie, Todd Harmond, Second Row: Tammy Riggs, Hope Phelps, 
Denise Metiever, Kristin Howard, Ted Coryell, Suzanne Zuroff, Janet Temple, 
Tonya Faizi, and Dean Sistrunk. First Row: Betty Mclnvale, Renae Talley, 
Alicia Wright, Karen White, Jeanne Davis. 

"Who Seconds the Motion?" A 


t its Bi-weekly meetings SGA 
considered bills dealing with the 
allocation of money, Ethics code, 
Revisions, and the purchase of 
material goods. The best 
component of the Student 
Government Association was the 
fact that the people who were 
there cared enough about the 
school and their respective 
organization or class to vote in 
good consciousness. 

100 SGA 

road to 

Bill Sheehan, Greg Russell, Terry Aiken, Jim 
Scott, Anthony Watson, Dennis Andrews, 
James Turner, Charlie Hinman, Chris 
Heenan.Joe Patton, Owen Snyder, Craig Van- 
steeuberg, Loy Sherrill, Bob Parkinson, Liz 
Crawford, Diane Mulrey, Joe Hutchenson, 
Tim Winters, Lora Songster, George 
Moronese, Lester Davis and Wanda Furrow. 

Craig Vansteenverg managed WWIH 
during 198U-19S5. 

VV VV J- -Ll is an educational 
FM station that serves the student 
population on the campus as well 
as the High Point Community. The 
station presently operates at 10 
watts with an expected increse to 
over 100 watts in the near future. 
WWIH is designed to give students 
on the job experience in the field 
of radio broadcasting, especially 
announcing, production, and 

operations. The station itself is 
located in the tower of Roberts 
Hall and is run entirely by 
students at High Point College. 
Most of the students working at 
WWIH are communications majors, 
although this is not required. 
Many of those who have worked at 
the station have graduated and 
are now employed in radio 
broadcasting. The announcers 

choose the music that is to be 
played on WWIH keeping in mind 
the stations format of AOR (Album 
Oriented Rock). This does not 
apply to the shows on Friday and 
Saturday which have been 
reserved for Soul music. All in all, 
WWIH is the best way a student at 
High Point College can gain 
experience in the radio industry. 

WWIH 101 

Left to right. First Rou>: Jane Boivser,Krich Ratanaphruks,Wyeleen Kwan Second Roiv: Bill Cot ham — President, Joe Smith, Art Payne, 
Chuck Taylor, Brad Rhoades 



A he Student Affiliate Chapter of professional and social contacts 
the American Chemical Society with chemists in industrial as well 

gives chemistry students as academic environments. 

102 American Chemical Society 

TTT1 1 TXT1 

wno s wr 

1Q Among Students 


Ms. Marsha Lynn Manos |> 


Mrs. Karen Silvertone 


Ms. Jane Caroyle 

Ms. Anita Kelly 

Mr. Robert J. Rapp £• 


Ms. Tammy Faye Riggs — . 


Mr. William Earl 
Cotham Jr. 

Ms. Melinda Denise 

Bges and U 

Ms. Elizabeth Anne 

Ms. Teresa Lynn 

Ms. Colleen Patricia 
F err ell 

Mr. Stanley Edward 



Ms. Lynn Marie 

Mr. John Kenneth 




Mr. Charles William 

Mrs. Connie Martin 


Ms. Judy Dixanne Jones 

Ms. Laura Alicia 

Ms. Susanne Linda Zuroff 


's Who 103 

Left to right: Ted Coryell, Lisa Creed, Ray Hotz. 

We Plan Fun 

Student Union 

JL he Student Union is the 
Governing Board of the Student 
Government Association of the 
college and is charged with the 
operation and promotion of 
activities for student and faculty 
in the social, cultural, and 
recreational areas. It serves as 
an off-shoot of the SGA and may 
have membership derived from 
the student body of the college. 

Student Union Members 

Row: Left to Right: Deidre 
Fleenor, Kerry Thornette, Priscil- 
la Lowe, Heidi Lehmkuhl, Megan 
Kaufman, Tracey Glaser, Kathy 
McCullough, Alicia Wright, Sec- 
ond Row: Dr. Al Sistrank, Kevin 
Connolly , Lisa Creed, Terri 
Smith, Lisa Slaton, Deena 
McMurty, Deborah Hayivord, Deb- 
ra Kerr, Third Roiv: Billy Coley, 
Jane Morris, Margaret Phillips, 
Trish Sarlan, Monica Gregor, 
Ursula Urbielewicz, Chloe 
Richardson, Teresa Brewer, 
Fourth Row: Andy Miller, Ray 
Hotz, Darren Clark, Ted Coryell, 
Nick Russo, Owen Snyder, Mike 
Stakes, Mary VanHorn, John Hig- 
gins, Kristin Howard, Mike Far- 
ley, Greg Shuskey, Mike Lemmo, 
Esther Christian 

104 Student Union 

Pan's and Faculty have picnic at Dr. Lucht'i 



Henry the Eighth 
and Joseph Conrad 
Collect Heads for 
all Seasons 

A hose "paws" were the "core" 
of the Orientation Program. 
"Paws" as in dependability were 
the big sisters and brothers of 
the program and carried out 
what was the substance in the 
sessions, "How to Survive 
Registration" and college in 

The earliest meetings were 
social in make-up but the 
academic sessions became 
involved in note-taking, study 
procedures, time management, 
and how to use the library. 
Appreciation was extended to all 
the core committee members 
and each paw for the time and 
interest in making the program 

Art Payne, Rev. Ben Curry , and Mrs. Busch 
were Orientation Leaders. 

Orientation 105 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Left to right. Row 1: June Craft, Marja 
Erickson, Connie Wright (President), 
Melinda Stroud (Treasurer), Melinda 
Wall Abee. Row 2: Kim Eads, Valerie Ann 
Hawes, Philip George (Advisor), Nancy 
W. Shelton (Advisor), John Hamilton, 
Sandy Austin. (Not pictured) Karen 
Austin, Jane Bowser, Elizabeth Daisy, 
Glenn Jones, Anneli Kivinemi, Lisa 

106 Kappa Delta Pi 

Presidential Scholars 

JT residential Scholarships are awarded to selected 
incoming Freshmen. The Basis by which these students 
have been selected is dependant on their high school 
activities and personal interviews that are conducted by 
faculty and present scholars. The scholarships, valued 
from four thousand to six thousand dollars over a four 
year period are based on academics, leadership, and 
citizenship. The chosen scholars must maintain a 3.0 
grade point average and serve on selected committees. 
These committees run the annual Presidential 
Scholarships weekend to which certain high school 
students from around the country are invited to visit High 
Point College. 

Executive Committee. Left to Right. Row 1: Jennifer Bartholomew, Co-Chairperson; Art 
Payne, Co-Chairperson; Kelly Brisentine. Row 2: Robin Sink, Lance Jarrett, Marwan Sha- 
ban, Barbara Benson. 

Presidential Scholars 107 



A he Writers' Club which meets monthly 
seeks to promote interest in all types of 
writing: journalistic, cinematic, literary, and 
commercial. The club is open to all students. 
The Writer's Club works jointly with the 
Apogee and Flyspec, in the production of these 

108 Writers' Club 

Art Payne and Jennifer Bartholomew seri'ed as 
co-chiefs during the 198J, commencement. 


Marshals • 

Art Payne, Co-chief 

Jennifer Bartholomew, Co-chief 

Vickie Boles 

Jane Bowser 

William Cotharn, Jr. 

Marsha Garner 

T a mar a Greenwood 

Judy Jones 

Renee Henry-Marsh 

Charlene McDaniel 

Robert Rapp 

Joseph S?nith, Jr. 

Melinda Stroud 

Teresa Sweatman 

Stanley Taylor 

Connie Wright 

Junior Marshals stand as Seniors arrive 
for graduation. 

Junior Marshals 109 




Jon Travis works steadily 
on Greeks. 

Bill Frampton examines 
the 198A Zenith. 

110 Zenith 

BP'jr ' 


Zenith Staff: Left to right. First Row: Bonnie Eakin — 
Underclassmen, Coy Traivick, Second Row. Left to 
right: Vatiessa Lemmon, Carmen Zayas — Staff Secre- 
tary, Stephanie Mack, Danny Leonard — Sports, Third 
Row. Left to right: Linda Carroll, Suzanne LeClear, Bill 
Frampton — Seniors, Melissa Mize — Editor-in-Chief, 
Mr. Porter — Advisor, NOT PICTURED: Scott 
Heinecke — Chief Photographer, Tyrone Worsham — 
Photographer, Jon Travis — Greeks, Sonja Jenkins — 
Organizations, Karen Bowman — Organizations, 
Anthony Molodecki — Faculty 




Spring of 1984 saw the staff of the Zenith 
busy at work photographically recording the 
events happening late in the school year and 
never appearing on the pages of the yearbook. 

Correcting this omission, our capable and 
talented Editor-in-Chief, Melissa Mize, 
planned the 1985 Zenith to include that time of 
year when college activities, as well as nature, 
spurt into the season of re-birth giving eternal 
hope a shot of adrenaline. 

The March winds shook the roots of 
aspirations; April dawned with primordial 
mists; and May celebrated fruition. The time 
honored and dependable pattern of nature was 
reflected in rose buds, mortarboards, and 
exciting plans. Everything accelerated with 
the singing of the birds catapulting us into the 
new academic year. 

The Zenith staff views 1985 as the year of the 
flowers, radial in design and cyclic in growth. 

Melissa Mize tries patiently to explain drawing layouts. 

Zenith 111 

Janet Mallet, Michael Roberta, and Carolyn Binkley 
compose copy for a winter issue. 


Working for a better 
informed campus. 

ITxichael Roberts, editor-in-chief, 
worked many late hours and often 
stayed up all night long to see that 
HPC received an edition of the Hi-Po 
six times first semester. With the help 
of Carolyn Binkly, assistant editor, the 
Hi-Po staff strived to better inform our 

Owen Snyder, Jerry Min, and Danny Beall proofread an edi- 
tion of the Hi-Po. 

112 HiPo 

Oiven Snyder and Jerry Minfit copy and pictures together for a pleasing layout. 

Right to left. Owen Snyder, Staff 
Writer; James D. Beall, Co-Sports 
Editor; Jerry Min, Co-Sports Edi- 
tor; Janet Mallett, Sports Writer; 
Carolyn Binkley, Assistant Edi- 
tor; Michael Roberts, Editor-in- 

HiPo 113 

"God Bless Us Everyone 




'ecember 6-9 in the Memorial 
Auditorium rang once more with 
the Christmas "Spirits" of HPC's 
third year (and last for a while), of 
Leslie Bricusse's "Scrooge". The 
performance is a musical 
adaptation of Charles Dickens' A 
Christmas Carol. However, a new 
director, Ron Law, and an able and 
talented group of HPC students 
and townspeople brought a new 
life to the production despite the 
difficulities of little rehearsal time 
and scarce funds. 

Paul Lundrigan assumed his 
traditional role as Ebenezer 
Scrooge and Bob Erden, for his 
second year, played the crippled 
Tiny Tim. But that's where the 
similarities ended. 

HPC students Philip Valenti, Cindy 
Gleiser, Lee Morris, Chris Flores, 
Sarah Werley, Jane Morris, Mike 
Reid, Mike Farrell and others 
joined by Tim Austin and Doreen 
Dvorsack of the Triad area formed 
the cast. 

114 Scrooge 

Hi!! |i.. JJM" 

t » 

Scrooge 115 





Homecoming 1985 

Talent at HPC 


^omecoming hosted 
entertainment in the Hayworth 
Memorial Chapel. Dennis Smith 
and Kim Thomas, Andrea Cope, 
John Higgins, Aileen Lynch and 
Sky Broom were a few of the 
contestants. Andrea Cope won 
with "Come in From the Rain." 

Alpha Chi 
Honor Society 

Alpha Chi is an honor society 
which recognizes outstanding 
juniors and seniors. Members are 
selected annually, and the formal 
induction ceremony is held yearly. 
Students are judged on 
scholarship, character, leadership, 
and service. Each of these areas 
must reflect dedication to the 
school. The purpose of Alpha Chi is 
to recognize and encourage 
outstanding scholarship on the 
High Point College campus. 

Left to Right: Bill Cotham, Treasurer; Char- 
lene McDaniel, Secretary; Teresa Sweatman, 
Vice-President; Jennifer Bartholomew, Pres- 
ident; Art Payne, Delegate. 

College Bowl is sponsored by 
Alpha Chi each year. College Bowl 
is a question-and-answer game 
played between two teams made 
up of four players each. Points are 
scored by correct answers to 
questions asked by the moderator. 
College Bowl begins with a "Round 
Robin" of all teams taking turns 
playing one another. After this, 
elimination playoffs are held to 
determine the year's new 

Jane Bowser, Stan Taylor and Bill Cotham 
agree with Art Payne's answer. 

Charlene McDaniel, Jane Bowser, Teresa 
Sweatman and Bill Cotham await Jennifer's 
okay to play. 

Alpha Chi 117 

Tom Lamb presides at a fall meeting. 

Wesley Fellowship 


'rganized in 1984, Wesley Fellowship is 
an ecumenical group of students who 
meet weekly on Monday evenings, 8-9 
P.M., in the Student Center. The group 
has studied I Corinthians, Ephesians, 
Romans in the Bible as well as had films, 
speakers, socials, and programs on a 
variety of topics. The Chaplain, Reverend 
Ben W. Curry, leads the group with 
assistance from Tom Lamb and Mark 

As an outreach project, many of the 
members of Wesley Fellowship go each 
week to the Father's Table, a soup 
kitchen for street people. The group is 
growing in its size as well as in 

Reverend Ben Curry, Selwyn 
Heintz, Rich Mull ins, Marja 
Erickson, Second Rou>: Art 
Payne, Sharon Starky, Tom 
Lamb, Beth Summerville, 
Charles Rirkner. 




1L i 

118 Wesley Fellowship 

International Language Club 

Row 1. Mary Anne Rankin, Claudia Hernandez, Helena Rae Marshall, Beat rise Bamswell. Row 
2. Thomas Conrad, Seott Pollack, Andy Maness, Vance Davis, Gwenda Peddycord, Debbie 
Meckfessel, Michelle Rawie. Row S. Sami Narhi, Suzanne Le Clear, Perry L. Conley, Donna 
Bean, Paula Reising, Stuart Thomas, Teesha Grubb, Sushi Horowitz, Gil Logan, Carolyn 
Binkley, Rachelle Peters, Andy Miller, Paula Kamenish, PJ Lapaire. 

Language Club 119 


HPC meets 

A he Tower Players are an 
organization for all students 
interested in theatre. For the 1984-85 
year Tower Players provided new 
make-up for the Theatre Arts 
department. Tower players held 
positions from Director to Audience 
in every H.P.C. production. A "First 
Annual Tower Players Awards 
Banquet" was planned as well as a 
production executed by Tower 

The 1984-85 productions included 
Dracula, Scrooge, Heaven Can Wait, 
Celebration, and the Tower Players 
one act. Major goals for the Power 
Players are to get HPC campus 
involved in theatre. 

Tower players officers for the 1984-85 year were: Ai~ 
leen Lynch — President, Cindy Geiser — Vice Presi- 
de nt.SuzanyieGilespie — Secretary, PamMcHone — 
Treasurer, and Lee Morris — Promotions Chairman, 
Ron Law, new theatre professor at HPC is the clubs 

Society For Collegiate 

A he Society for Collegiate 
Journalists is a national 
honorary society of students 
interested in print and 
broadcast journalism. Induction 

as a full member is determined 
by grade point average and total 
hours of contribution to campus 
and/or community publications. 

Left to Right: Rich, Janet Temple, Shari Camp- 
bell, John Higgins, Ted Coryell. Second Rou: Ma ryGagner, 
Linda Mise, Shanon Moore, Leivis Wheelis, Scutt Morgan. 

Benjie and Jim discuss plans for the day of celebration. 

Society of Collegiate Journalists 121 

Campus Gold At HPC 


.igh Point College has seen 
significant changes and signs of 
growth over the past few years. One 
of the changes took place with the 
installation of a new club on our 
campus, Campus Gold, a coed service 
organization aligned with Girl Scouts 
of America whose members are 
dedicated to the assisting of young 
girls and their growth. The 
expansion of their horizons is 
brought about through a program of 
camping, education, various cultural 
trips, and numerous activities to 
increase life's pleasure and beauty. 
These experiences heighten their 
awareness of themselves. 

Left to right: Jris W. Mauney, Advisor, Quinzetta A. Hayes, Secretary, Claire B. Hall, 
President, Cathy Robinson, Vice President, Sharon Starkey, Parliamentarian, Tammy 
Johnson, Treasurer 2nd row: Steven C. Mickel, Ursula Urbielewicz, Ken Furris, Jerry 
Aiken Not Pictured: Jon Kite, Sandy Earner, Bert Lee, Joe Williamson 



The PE Majors club strives towards professionalism i n the field of 
physical education and recreation. 

122 PE Majors 




A.S one of the oldest professional 
management organizations, The 
Society for the Advancement of 
Management is open to all persons who 
plan to enter the area of professional 
management. By promoting managers, 
the society seeks to improve both the 
efficiency and the image of business 
and industry. 

Below: Left to right: 1st. row: Heidi Lehmkuhl 2nd. row: Craig Sheppard, dreg 
Spainhour — President, Brad O'Brien, Lee Cocke rill — Secretary, Lillie Alston — 
Treasurer, 3rd. row: Robert Rogers, Kim Gregory, Betty Jane Mcln vale, Mary Van 
Horn, Brenda Graham, J,th row: Kelly B risentine — Vice President, Lance Jarrett 
5th roiv: Terry Henderson, John York, David Ashe, Barry Martin 

Management/American Humanics 123 

High Point 
College Singers 

KJ nder the direction of Alexa 
Jackson, the High Point College 
Singers have performed both on and 
off campus including the annual 
Christmas Concerts, the Lessons and 
Carols Services and for various 
community and campus functions. 
They were asked to participate in 
WXII, Channel 12's Annual 
Christmas Special. 

Mrs. Alexa Jackson 

124 HPC Singers 

Coy Trawick, Kathleen Farley 
and Teresa Timmons prepare for 
an annual concert. 

Hard Work, Vocal Exercises and 
Practice, Produces Those Lilting Tones. 

An 1984, the Singers performed 
Gabriel Faure's Requiem with 
orchestra and the highlight of the 
group's year was the Spring Tour. 

High Point College Singers' 
repertoire consists of both classical 
and popular music. The ensemble 
showcases solo talent and group 
talent. Within the Singers, the men 
join to create a male choir and the 
women perform as a women's chorus. 

HPC Singers 125 

Baptist Student Union 

Left to right: Clay Faulk, Charlene McDaniels, Ruth Wad- 
dell, Frank Smith-Advisor, Not pictured: Lamar King- 

126 Baptist Student Union 

Tom Williayns 

Liz Craivford 

Bowling Club 

X ins and Points to Spare in the 
Alley League Tournament is the 
goal but the accumulation of 
points is the real competition for 
the club made up of High Point 
College students. It is organized 
into four sections of members. 
Each group earns points that grow 
until a five week period is over and 
the four top bowlers have a roll-off 
with 4th place bowling the 3rd 
place, winner of match bowling 
2nd, on and on until a first place 
winner is proclaimed the winner of 
the league. 

Our super coach is bookstore staff 
member, Gerry Hill, who gains as 
much pleasure from her team's 
trophies as the top bowlers. 

Beth Phillips 

Bowling Club 127 

The flag is flying and now for daily pushups. 

Army R.O.T.C. 
at H.P.C. 

Designed for students who have 
demonstrated potentials in 
becoming commissioned officers in 
the Active Army, the Army 
Reserve, or the Army National 
Guard. Marksmanship, Military 
History, and Leadership are a few 
of the topics discussed in Army 





[•» Q\ 

■*» * 



SGM Richardson R.O.T.C. Detachment Sergeant Major, Mike 
Siegfried, Quinsetta Hayes, Steven Michael, Kenneth Huff, 
Patrick O'Sullivan, Mike Horan, Cpt. Newell MSIII In- 

128 Army ROTC 

Army ROTC 129 


REEKS. This one word holds more 
meaning than any one person can 
explain. There is so much more to being 
a Greek than what is viewed on the 
surface. The endless days at the Rail; the 
car-washes; the Greek games, the parties 
and dances are all quite fun and 
memorable. But the heart of all Greeks 
lies deeper than these simple surface 
activities. The following pages may help 
you to understand and more fully enjoy 
these endless relationships. 

Greeks Divider 130/131 


Jon Travis 

Greeks editor 





Intra-Fraternity Council is the 
governing body of the four social 
fraternities at HPC. Its purpose 
is to organize rush and to keep 
things running smoothly 
between the four groups 
throughout the year. 

First Row (Left to Right): Buzz Mackintosh, Tom Wil- 
liams, Andy Brown, Simon Lappi, hoy Sherril, Jon 
Travis. Second Row: Scott Oliver. Third Row: Chip 
Fleming, Rich Molinaro, Mike Siegfried, Matt Kohn. 

Tish and Mary discuss last nights dates. 

132 Panhel/IFC 


Each year Intra- 
Fraternity Council and 
Panhellenic Council put 
together a Greek Week. The 
week consists of a bonfire, 
games, and a dance. Its pur- 
pose is to help bring all Greek 
Organizations on campus 
closer together. 

Front: Trudy McDonald, Mary 
McCormic. Second Roiv: Jennifer 
Palmer, BJ. Mclnvale. Third Row: 
Carol Bidermann, Robin Rogers and 
Tammy Riggs, President. 

Panhellenic Council 

Xanhellenic Council is the governing 
body of the four sororities at HPC. It is 
responsible for organizing sorority rush. 
Sixty-five girls pledged in formal rush 
this year. This year Panhellenic 
sponsored a Junior Panhellenic for the 
first time. Each sorority is represented by 
two pledges from the pledge class. This 
group works with Panhellenic on all 
projects and helps promote good 
panhellenic relations. 

Left to Right: Mike Lemmo — SGA Delegate, Jon Travis — Secretary, Mike Siegfried 
President, Tom Andrews — Treasurer. Not Pictured: Chip Fleming — Vice-President. 

Panhel/IFC 133 

Left to Right — Jeanne Davis — Publicity 
Chairman, Carol Bidermann — Panhellenic 
Delegate, Nancy Huner — President, Bunny 
Wagner — Rush Chairman, 2nd Row: Janet 
Temple — Standards Chairman, Sha?i Camp- 
bell — Recording Secretary, Robin Pneiffer — 
Ritual Chairman, 30th committee chairman, 
Debbie Kuchinskas — Activities Chairman, 
Kelly Given — House and Guard Chairman, 

Kelli Green — Membership and Altruism 
Chairman, Debbie Campbell — Treasurer, 3rd 
Row — Jennifer Austin — Social Chairman, 
Deri Johnson — Vice President, Scholarship, 
Hope Phelps — ■ Vice President, Fraternity 
Eudcation, Not Pictured Denise Metivier — 
Corresponding Secretary 

Left to Right — Front to Back: L-F : Donna Reynolds, Mary Gun- 
nals, Terri Smith, Bunny Wagner, Amy Toivton, Jeanne Davis, 
Carol Biderman. 2nd — Janine Joson, Lisa Slayten, Linda Mise, 
Lainey Simonson, Sandi Potterfield, Jane Mems, Robin Pheiffer, 
Tammy Sivaim, Debbie Kuchinskas, Hope Phelps, Kelli Green, Dive 
Fielder, Kelly Given. 3rd — Michelle Raivie, Mary Mac Cormack, 

Debbie Campbell, Tanya Matlins, Holly Feldbar, Dori Johnson. Uth 
— Sherry Duvall, Mellisa Heyes, Janet Temple, Shari Campbell, 
Laura Cedarte, Linda Miller, Denise Snow, Nancy Huner, Pam 
Harris, Jennifer Austin, Vanessa Lemmon, Janet Mallet, Mara 
Shulz, Robin Boyd, Karen West, Sarah We-ley, Rachelle Peters. Not 
Pictured — Terri Livingston, Denise Metivier 

134 AGD 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Alpha Gamma Delta strives to 
build character and lasting 
friendships. Along with the social 
activities, the Gams spend a great 
deal of time raising money for 
their National Philantrophy, the 
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. 
Alpha Gamma Delta's other 
current altruistic projects include 
visiting orphanages, and singing 
Christmas carols at retirement 
homes. The members of AGD are 
actively involved in intramural 
sports, Student Government, and 
Student Union, etc. This year the 
Alpha Gams take great pride in 
celebrating its Thirtieth 

Happy — "Alpha Sigma Pi — My 

Detective — "I have potential to 

spek cowectly." 
Teasing — "Habid-a-gee- yipee " 
Rockin' — "Hey you guys . . . Swat 

team unite" 
Crazy — "Congrats on holding out 

till Christmas." 
Kookie — "Don't forgett — one in 

one out" 
Dopey — "It all happens at the 

Terrorist — "Whats P.R?" 
Laid Back — "I found my WOP" 
Shana — "I'm holding out for a 

Develish — "I'm crawling back in 

my shell." 
Dummy — "I am going on a man 

Party — "Is older better?" 
Kinky — "So what really happened 

at City Lake?" 
Mouth — "I'm No. 1 and one half." 
Jolly — "Got you dangling by mu 

Big — "Don't take me to the 

hospital Take Ish." 
Jivin' — "Anyone for a friendly 

game of quaters?" 
Sunshine — "Because I am Pegs — 

I'm dancing with myself." 
Drunken — "Should I stay or 

should I go?" 
Joshin' — "I wanna live on 

Shooting — "I like 'em tall, dark, 

and handsom." 
Loving — "Where's my Coke?" 
Voluptuous — "Snow at the YMCA 

in Rocky Mt. High? Where's 

Leslie and the 450 SL?" 
Lucky — "Fud-that-noise" 
Adorable — "Three things make 

me happy . . . pizza, hockie, and 

Sensuous — "What does 

shack-a-kon mean in African?" 
Luscious — "Who loves ya?" "vou 

Jokin' — "Hurts me bad" 
Talkative — "Bozo You social 

Marvelous — "Who's my crush this 

Ravishing — "I really must go and 

Terrific — "I hate them boys over 

there yonder." 
Lunatic — "Where's Sandy?" 
Modest — "I'm out to conquer 

Daring — "Can I barf my hips up?" 
Merry — "H.P.C. — You can have 

your cake and eat it too" 
Dingy — "I drive a lemmon" 
Jumping — "I'm sooo confused. It's 

scaring me bad" 
Jamin' — "I aint afraid of no rich" 
Messy Marving — "You're just so 

Rambunctious — "Get a re-al 

Jabber-Jaw — "Like its casual" 
Hilarious — "Don't be so radical" 
Krazy — "When's my baby 


"The Deal" 

Just Hangin Out! 

AGD 135 

lift. *. 

Whit, if you think we're strange . . . LOOK! 
Sue and Whitney 


Devi — What do you think about 

drinking on campus? 
B.J. — Sleeping in the drunk tank. 
Lynde — I'll hold the door, so you 

talk to him in Belk. 
Eb — Did Jeff really pull a muscle 

in his arm doing that? 
Myrtle — Class is cancelled today 

. . . due to lack of interest. 
Arv — Weird Theatre Person 
Whimpy — Renting a room in 

Yadkin for appearances. 
"T" — Wake me up when it's 

supper time. 
Prudence — I know Prince is 

Ginger B — Later . . . I'm going to 

Jane — Atlanta or Bust. 
Animal — How do you do it? 
Stevie — Don't worry, Donnie will 

buy me another ring! 
Frito — How far is it from 2nd 

floor Millis? 
Jill — What color underware do 

you have on? 
Wheezy — Rowwrr — she's off! 
Brick — Who loves ya Baby? 
Kim — They do the same thing in 

McCulloch they do in Millis. 
Whit — A Waste Case! 
Dawn — He's a god with that 

Sushi — 869-1115 

Jenn — Two a night? 

Noel — Leaving the country so 

Kris — ... looks just like Tom 

Diane — Seen Rob yet? 
Reese — Can't live with them, 

can't live without them. 
Mae — What's that dance again? 
Devola — The dance starts at 

Amy — He makes a move and I'll 

deck him! 
Crip — Seen my keys or crutches? 
Pepples — Camping in the 

Cricket — What's behind those 

dark glasses? 
Rhonda — We Can't hear you!! 
Cammy — It's all my fault! 
Donna — What's happening at 

Paula R — Thrown any pictures 

Paige — 3 days in the cafe! 
Kristin — I need Tony! 
Madonna — Pick me up when I 

Cathy — Angel in disguise! 
Minnie — I'd love to stay, but I'm 

double parked! 


136 KD 

From Left to Right. Peggy Arvidson, Editor; Pam McHone, member- 
ship; Paula Winton, treasurer; Lynda Peterson, secretary; Cheryl 
Lamer, Assistant treasurer; Judy Jones, President; BJ. Mclnvale, 


Is this hazing? 

Lisa McKeaven and MaryAnn Foster 

The Kappa Deltas started the 
year off in great form with our 
largest and one of the best 
pledge classes in our recent 
history — 26 super girls!! 

Then on to preparing for and 
celebrating our 30th year at 
HPC! We also participated this 
year in our bi-annual 
Rock-a-thon for our local 
philanthrophy, The American 
Heart Association. 

Many new bonds were 
formed and even more old 

bonds were tightened as the 
sisters and pledges pulled each 
other through their everyday 
ups and downs. 

As each day passes our colors 
of green and white grow to 
hold more meaning as we look 
back at a year gone by too 
quickly, but look forward to the 
beach and many more good 


Family Potrait 
Jill, Pam, and Jenn 

From left to right — 1st row: Kim Crutchfield, Noel Bush, Jill Cardillo, 
Peggie Arvidson, Lisa McKeawen, Kim Maness, Pam Welch. 2nd Row: 
Ginger Budd, Judy Jones, Donna Beane, Diane Derouen, Paige Spell, 
Andi Owen, DeeDee Lett, Alicia Sacco, Alison Guy, Cathy Demchak, 
Sue Horowitz, CaraVanKooten.SrdRow; Whitney Clark, Lynda Peter- 


, BJ. Mclnvale, Risa Blackmann, Paula Winton, Kris Florres, 
Dawn Lemmo, Paula Reising, Pam McHone, Brenda Hovis, Lynn 
Watts, Jackie Barner. 4th Row: Courtnay Primm, Cheryl Lanier, Mae 
Ravenel, Rhonda Smith, Kristin Hotz, Amy Boswell. 

KD 1.37 

Our Phi Mu Pledges — We love 'em! 

First Row: Ann Osterhout — Vice President, 
Lolita Spencer — President, Jennifer Palmer 
— Panhellenic Delegate, Tracey H olden — Phi 
Director, Lisa Maim — Corresponding Secre- 
tary. Second Row: Terry Henderson — Mem- 
bership Director, Margaret Rodgers — Record- 
ing Secretary, Robin Rogers — Panhellenic 
Treasurer , Melissa Duncan — Social Director. 
Not Pictured: Karen Hernandez — Treasurer. 

Those enthusiastic Phi Mil's! 


Phi Mu was founded in 1852 at 
Wesleyan College, Macon Georgia. 
The Gama Zeta Chapter was 
established at High Point College 
in 1952. Our colors are rose and 
white, and our flower is a 
rose-colored carnation. Phi Mu is 
based on the ideals of love, honor, 
and truth. Our national 
philanthrophy is project HOPE 
which stands for Health 
Opportunities for People 


Amal: We hate you, Love, the Phi 

Cindy: What's on reserve the last 

weekend of every month? 
Gray: I found my Keys. 
Claudia: You guys is it really 

wrong? Do you think I should? I 

am not bad am I? 
Terry: Why can't our chapter 

consultant stay in your room 

this weekend? 
G.T.A.: Home is where the Bruce 

Tracey: Is my nose to big? 
Stacy: Anybody got any paper? 

No, not that kind. 
Melissa: Do you really desire a 

Margaret: Should I date a Sig? I 

need a reputation. 
Mimi: Just who are you taking to 

the pledge dance? 
Lisa J: Wanna go for a hike? 
P.R: It's so salty, aaah! 
Cyndi: Have you hugged your 

TEDdy bear today? 
Bonnie: Remember, blondes do 

have more fun! 
Kim R: I love Prince's face, chest, 

legs, . . . 
Kathy: Too shy to eat in front of 

Bolivians, huh? 
Amy: What do you get in 

Charlotte, Amy? 
Lisa R: Jersey people don't 

Kim L: How about them Finnish 

Lolita: What's the towel for? 
Lori: I'm 111! Whooo is it? Cool 

hammies, man! 
Susie: Resident Rambling women 

— "Think about it". 
Maria: Our L.B.G. 
Robin: Is Donnald Duck really 

that good in bed? 
Patrice: Shut up and get 

Jennifer: I'm dreaming of the 

Kappa Delta sweetheart!!! 
Lisa M: Don't worry Lisa, no one 


138 PM 

Phi Mu's are always ready for a night on the 

Get down girls! 

Left to Right. First Row: Cindy Casperson, Claudia Hernande 

Jen- den 

Kim Lewers, Melissa Duncan, Robin Rogers. Lolita Spent 

,„-*„ ZJ........L Tk,-..J D, C*„„,. E>„; J A A.-J 71 J 

Left to Right. First Row: Cindy Casperson. Claudia nernanaez.jen- aen, sewers, meiissa uuncan, noom tcogers, uonta spencer, 
nifer Palmer, Cynthia Stewart, Lisa Mann. Second Row: Terry Hen- Bonnie Hannah. Third Row: Stacy Boland, Amy Anderson, Margaret 
derson Cathy Hernandez, Aim Osterhout,GrayTodman,Tracey Hoi- Rodgers, Patrice Higgins, Lori Frye, Lisa Rozzo, Susie Ramirez. 

PM 139 

Did you get any paint on the rocks girls? 


140 ZTA 

Left to Right. Back to front. Terrie Rea, Robin 
Sink, Tish Logan, Tammy Hill, Barbara Ben- 
son, Kim Jones, Teresa Timmons, Kelly Mul- 
lins, Michelle Reeside, Mary Van Horn, Leslie 
Hill, Heidi Lehmkuhn, Trudy McDonald. Dawn 
Miller, Kim Wyont, Kathleen Farley, Tammy 
Riggs, Tracey Glazer, Kathy McCullough, Lici 
Wright, Mimi Burton, Tracy Orendorf, Bonnie 
Eakin, Rita Hege, Elizabeth Daisey, Lynn For- 
talzea, Jean Williamsoyi, Peggy Cann, Janet 

Brown, Lissa Wood, Megan Kauffman. Lee 
Cockerill, Sandra Shaw, Jane Heim, Michelle 
White, Karen Yarbrough, Shannon Moore, Re- 
becca Daisey, Tonya Walters, Kristen Howard, 
Lisa Holleman, Nikki Pompei, Kerry Thornett, 
Kathy Odinski. Stephanie Hrytzay, Stephanie 
Mack, Peggy Draper, Chris Guy, Mary Quinn. 
Not Pictured: Sandy Austin, Kirsten Kezar, 
Tammie Fishe, Marie Delaney, Millie Price. 

Finally my Big Sister! 

Welcome to ZTA! 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

The Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity 
was founded on October 15, 1898 at 
Longwood College, Farmville, 
Virginia. The Chapter was founded 
at High Point College on March 15, 
1957. We will soon be celebrating 
our 30th anniversary on this 
campus. Our colors are turquoise 
blue and steel gray and our flower 
as the white violet. Throughout 
the year we have several parties 
for the retarded children at the 
Kendall Center, representing our 
philanthropy of the Association for 
Retarded Citizens. 

Mimi — "Hey . . . listen." 

Lee — "Why walk when you can 

Elizabeth — "I love you too, 

Lynn — "I want to go home!" 
Jane — "I'm waiting for Barry." 
Rita — "Let's do RITA tonight . . . 

8:00 Be There!!!" 
Leslie — "Britches" 
Lisa — "I promise I'll stay here 

next weekend!" 
Kristin — "Ummmm!" 
Stephanie H. — "When I say ZTA 

... You say ...?" 
Kim J. — "My name is not 

Grandma!" . . . "Not yet 

Kirsten — "You guys" 
Susanne — "S'up, kids?!" 
Tish — "Let's just get a keg!" 
Stephanie M. — "Well, you gotta 

like that!" 
Trudy — "I'm all over that!" 
Dawn — "Hang out!" 
Shannon — "This is the scoop!" 
K.O. — "Ya know what I'm 

Spacy — "What a Bubba?" 
Nikki — "Peace, Love and Wheat 

Mary Q. — "Hey Tish, Beers and 

Boys — We're there!" 

Riggs — "Don't worry about it the 

maids will clean it up!" 
Sandra — "— Frick 'em" 
Robin — "You're such a wiener!" 
Teresa — "Where's the Beef?" 
Mary VH — "Hey Elwood, do I 

have a roommate tonight?" 
Tonya — "What does Chemistry 

and Anatomy have to do with 

Michelle W. — "Give me a break, 

Jean — "Ummm, excuse me!" 
Lissa — "Mare — you might have 

a roommate tonight!" 
Lici — "Let me in Nikki!" 
Karen — "No way" 
Sandy — "— Chill out." 
Barb — "Ya ... Well ... I ..." 
Janet — "I love my Big Sister!" 
Peggy C. — "I'm going to come 

knocking on doors." 
Marte — "Oh, Give me diabetes . . 

Let's get stupid." 
Peggy D. — "Even though I don't 

drink I'm still fun" 
Bonnie — "Hey I got to talk to 

K'leen — "I only had one salad 

Tracy G. — "I don't eat any meat!" 


Tammy H. — "When will I find me 

a real man?" 
Megan — "Where's North 

Kathy Mc — "This is serious guys" 
Kelly — "Where is Trudy?" 
Millie — "If Jimmie calls, I'm at 

the library." 
Terrie — "I'm pissed off!" 
Michelle R. — "I must be sick my 

hair is flat." 
Kerry — "Ohhhh, I'm so smashed." 
Heidi — "Hey there!" 
Rebecca — "I make a motion we 

Kim — "I'll be back in a minute" 

Executive Officers: President, 

Elizabeth Daisey, 1st VP, Barbara 
Benson, 2nd VP, Rita Hege, 
Secretary, Susanne Zuroff, 
Treasurer, Kathy McCullough, 
Historian, Lee Cockerill 

Thetas at their best.' 

ZTA 141 

Selwyn and Carolyn exchange Big Sister- 
Little Sister gifts at Pledge Dance. 

June and Sheila at Fall Retreat. 

Left to Right Bottom Up: Sheila Craig, 
Charlene McDaniel, Sheila Smith, June 
Craft, Shannon Craft, Frankie Chaplin, 
Selwyn Heintz, Carolyn Binkley, Sharon 
Starkey, Libby Johnson, Suzanne Gilles- 
pie, Marja Erickson. 

142 ADT 

Alpha Delta Theta was 
founded in 1954 as a 
continuation of the religious 
education majors club. ADT is 
now a sorority with the motto 
"Sisters in the service of 
God." We are a sisterhood that 
tries to promote Christian 
faith and fellowship. We do 
many different service 
projects throughout the year 
as well as our social activities. 
We have adopted 
grandparents at the area 
resthome, and we help out 
with different campus and 
community events. Some of 
the service projects we have 
done are donations to the 
children's fund, and donations 
to the Rainbow House in 
Winston-Salem. We also do 
fund raisers for UNICEF and 
many other similar charities. 
We also help with mailings for 
admissions and Parents 
Weekend for the Alumni 
Office. Through these projects 
and other activities we have 
grown together and shared 
our Christian fellowship and 
service throughout the 
campus and community. 

June: "Come Here!" 

Sheila C: "I can't help I'm slow." 

Sheila S: "Ya'll, listen to this." 

Selwyn; "Sorry!" 

Suzanne: "Todd is coming!" 

Liz: "That's true." 

Sharon: "Like . . . come on ya'll, I'm 


Charlene: "I don't know." 

Libby: "Sid ..." 

Carolyn Binkley: "Quit pickin' on my 

southern accent, y'all!" 

Carolyn Boyles: "I've got to study." 

Jane: "I got to work on my seminar." 

Shannon: "When are we leaving this 


Frankie: "Looks like" 

Lisa: "Oh! I don't know!" 

Marja: "What should I do?" 


Front to Top (Left to Right}: Sheila Smith — 
President, June Craft — Vice-President, Char- 
lene McDaniel — Treasurer, Sheila Craig — 

Sisters playing a game at ADT Fall Retreat. 

Lisa Swing at ADT bowling night. 

ADT 143 

Guardian of the Sphinx 

Delta Sigma 


Freddie: Wilma has me by the 

Mr. Goodrench: I didn't mean to 

Bolders in Bedrock. 

drop the car. 

Bob Long: Pritchett for president, 

Frac: I really think it has to do 

turn it loose Jimmy boy. 

with your up bringing. 

Capt. Joystick: I'm going to get 

Fric: How did it taste Snotty? 

some real big . . . 

Woman: I'll pay my dues before 

Mr T: Who cares if I have to do it 


behind corners. 

Daddy: She's gaining a little 

Sprocket: I hope I did the right 

weight, isnt she? 


The Wig: Why the business office? 

Brain Cell: Go Cocks 

Romance: Is this really summer 

Zipperhead: Boppin to the Beaver. 


Bozo: I am not a slut, I just like to 

Smokin Joe: So this is Greensboro 

fool around. 


Squanto: Be very, very quiet, its 

Skunk: Where are the bucks? 

Elma season. 

Waldo: which drawer are they in 

Salt: When I shake my butt the 


peach comes calling. 

Snotty: Thanks for the leg Dave. 

Crotchsnake: We're talking quality 

D and H: No way I am going to 

not quantity. 

that dance. 

Smory: The grill closes at 10:30. 

Bone Head: I'm not cocky, I just 

Mr. Sporting goods: We just got 

know whats going on. 

this whole truck full of size 9's. 

Sailor's Ball, Myrtle Beach 

144 DES 

Front Row Tom Abbott, Donnie Osborne, 
Andy Brown 2nd Row — Dave Marotta, 
Walt Hunter, Buzz Mackintosh, Larry 
McCullough, Mark Pearn, Joe Bell, Dave 
Weigel, Tom Rizzo, Rich Mullins 3rd Row — 
Keith Roivand, Mike Siegfried, John 
McColskey, Andy Bonar, Eddie Bamberg, 
George England, Lance Wallace 4th Row — 
Tom Williams, Gregory Upchurch, David 
Groseclose Not Pictured — Tom Greco, Les- 
ter Davis, Joe Medlin, R.C. Hill, Steve 

Front Row — Tom Williams (Vice- 
president), David Groseclose (president), 
Joe Bell (treasurer), Back Row — Donnie 
Osborne (Sgt at arms), Greg Upchurch 

1984 Ultimate Champions 

DES 145 

OFFICERS — 1st Row: Bill Crabill, John 
York, Chip Fleming. 2nd Row: Rich Moiinaro, 
Kevin Newman, Mike Etherton, Matt Kohn. 

Chi — The Hall Cat 

Hail to our leader! 


On December 11th of 1954, the 
Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Theta 
Chi was inducted at High Point 
College. We are now celebrating 
our 30th Anniversary here at 

Looking back, we experienced a 
very successful Rush, pledging 8 
men, 6 wonderful new little 
sisters, and retaining our strong 

We plan to visit the children at 
the Mills Home Orphanage with 
the Alpha Gamma Deltas and 
having a successful "Bong Show" 
with the proceeds going to Easter 

O.P. — Would you like to take a 
walk and enjoy NATURE? 

M.J.R. — South of the boarder. 

Dickie — You have how many 

Pup — Mae I have another? 

Cotten — Hail, the 4th Reich 

Fuzzy — Gam Gigolo? 
Moving Darkness — Stairway to 

heaven, again? 
Ollie — When all else fails, give 

me a whirley. 
Vans — Umm, I'd just like to 
say . . . 
Shov — Wheres the bathroom 

Doob — Well, let me check my 

date schedule. 
Buster Bad — When's the next 

throat culture appointment? 
Brealer — When I get cold, I wrap 

in Theta Chi. 
Willie — Did you get "crushed" 

into Amos? 
Smiles — I finally got my letters 

Gator — Funnel + tube = 


146 TCHI 

Little Bro + Big Bro, cheek to cheek. 

FromLeft to Right. 1st Row: Gary Gantz, Jim Anderson, Chris Hearn, Wagner, Gregg Thompson. 3rd Row: Mike Reid, Kevin Newman, Scott 

Rick Shovlin, Harold Nitoivitz, Fred Smiley, Melissa Duncan, Lisa Oliver, Bill Crabill, John York, Mike Etherton, Chip Fleming, Matt 

Mann. 2nd Row: Karen Hernandez, Mary MacCormick, Mary Gagner, Kohn, Rich Molinaro. 
Mimi Mackenzie, Sarah Wenley, Jane Morris, Anne Lopez, Bunny 

TCHI 147 

Gary Campbell displays the newest in designer 

) CamUa tCM Alpha""^ 

Left to Right. First Row: Dennis Smith, Basil 
Qubain, Dave Ziviello, Curtis Schneider, hoy 
Sherrill, Steve Chesser, Charlie Hinman, Joe 
Crupi, Tom Andrews. Second Row: George 
Moronese, Chris Shuping, Tony Perry, Jon 
Travis, Dave Murray, Jeff Briggs, Steve Hen- 
ry, Alan Haggai, Robin Miller, Greg Cassello, 
Randy Hechlar, Dave Dunham, Scott MePher- 

son, Kevin Markham, Ba rt Davis, Mike O'Con- 
ner, Phil Krimminger, Gary Campbell, Chris 
Moschella, Keith Hutchins, Andrew Stewart, 
Frank Livingston, Chris Heenan, Bruce Fini- 
gan, Not Pictured: Simon Lappi,Jack Fetner, 
Gary Hewett, Chuck Willard, Barry Witten, 
Rich Cotten, Jim Turner, Ken Zeller, Doug 
Brandon, Danny Hogue, Gary Cooper. 


L-lo ft 

148 LCA 

Left to Right. Allan Haggai — Social 
Chairman; Chris Heenan — Ritualist; Bruce 
Finagin — Education Chairman; Gary Camp- 
bell — Rush Chairman; Frank Livingston — 
Treasurer; Andretv Stewart — Fraternity 
Educator; Loy Sherrill — President; Simon 
Lappi — Secretary; Ken Zeller — Alumni 
Affairs. Not Pictured: Tom Andreivs — Vice- 
President; Gary Cooper — Advisor. 

The partying never stops for Dr. Pritchett, 
Faculty Advisor, and Gary Cooper, Advisor. 

Getting set up for another Brother vs. Associ- 
ate Member chug-a-lug. 

Closeness is what fraternity life is all about. 


On May 15, 1954, Delta Alpha 
Epsilon was formally installed as 
Iota Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi 
Alpha at HPC. 

Lambda Chi Alpha's heritage is 
based on human vision, need, 
understanding, idealism, and 
love. Above all, it is based on a 
series of honest friendships. 

This year we associated 16 

great men. As the year 
progressed with parties, 
entertaining the children at Mills 
Home Orphanage, the annual 
brother-associate member football 
game, and White Rose Weekend, 
each member has grown closer in 
friendship and the desire to help 

Coop: Isn't one enough? 

Loy: Preciate it Yogi. 

Scott M: Is their mother next? 

Frank: Frank, I love you! 

Gary C: Roll over Stan. 

Hutch: Whats that spot on Chris's 

Phil: Don't wack your balls 

around so much. 
Andrew: Woman's . . . UHHAH . . . 

UHHAH . . . 
Gary H: I just want to that 

Simon: You were engaged? 
Chuck: OTHA one on one W/"Q". 
Kevin: Hey Do Do, my name is 

Allan: Wheres the dance? What 

Rob: Another Belky boy. 
"Z" Man: Another wild night, t.v 

and beer. 
Chris M: The fall guy always 

bounces back up. 
Bruce: Hey babe, whose x is next? 
Randy: What? Where? Why? 
J.T: Give me some Dave. 
Dave D: Hows Jim? 
Bart: On the rag. 
Chan: Backseat and sidewalk 

Cheeser: Don't worry he falls 

asleep fast. 
Ziviello: Come on The door is 

Ken: Isn't 28 a little old? 
Steve H: How about a trip to 

Burger King? 
Tom: The Reamster. 
Basil: When I get acceptance, 

man am I going to party! 
Travis: I'm busy in here, quit 


Cotton: I'll take her! 
Eddie: I can't drive 55!! 
Dennis: Token cheerleader. 
Jack: Get a piece of the rock! 
Chief: Heads were made to be 

Barry: I'll pay you later. 
George: Moronese vs. Dominoes. 
Chris S: The Puerto Rican 

WeeGee: I like those manetes! 
Casselo: OYE VEY! 
Briggs: I'm so damn typical! 
Doug: They call me the claw! 
Danny H: Give it to me Baby! 

Lady and the Tramp proves successful. 

Bruce, Tom and Tony — Hanging loose. 

LCA 149 

"weekend Chippendales" 

Bottom Row: Barry Martin, Mitch Anderson, Seott Chapot, Tom 
Hahn, Mark Phelps, Chris Kelly, Terry Best, Brad O'Brian, Ted 
Coryell, Dennis Andrews, John Aybur, Mike Lemmo, Jeff Pate, Paul 
Deuschle,JohnHanns,Dowe Tomlinson, Keith Laudeau Second Row: 
Rich Miller, Keinn Connolly, Bob Shenigo, Mark Randell, Gil Logan, 

Fred Burrer, Jim Holfield, Tom Wynne, Kevin West, Jeff Hill, Mike 
Farley, Dave Stouve, Dave Marinoff, Owen Synder Back Row: Greg 
Pribble, Dave Ashe, Barry Peranteau, Brian Hopper, Stewart Thom- 
as, Tom Scott, Mike Roberts, Ken Huff, Jeff Chomysak, Nick Russo, 
Rob Wicnhold, Randy Rover, Jeff Nameth, Mark Hall, Tom Miller 

150 PKA 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on 
March 1, 1868 at the University of 
Virginia, Pikes were Charted at 
High Point College in 1953. 

The 62 members and 17 little 
sisters are active throughout the 
High Point College Campus. 

Student Union, SGA, IFC, and 
Campus Publications are just a 
few of the activities the Pikes 
participate in. Pika's were also the 
1983-84 Intramural Champions and 
also won the Campus College Bowl 
Competitions. Pikes also received 
high honors and a Chapter 
Excellence Award from their 
National Fraternity. 

Pi Kappa Alpha is growing 
bigger and stronger everyday and 
will be very influential in years to 

Chomyszak — That's it, that's 

final, your fined! 
Marinoff — I would have got some, 

but I got sick. 
Hahn the Mahn — Enjoy! 
Chuck — How's the Zodiac Lounge 
Mitch — Weekend Chippendale! 
Dcuschle — Where's my car? 
Fiscella — I don't care, I have a 

girlfriend won't let me. 
Hopper — I can't go to the dance 

with you, my girlfriend won't let 

Johnson — I'll tell her I love here, 

only if I have to 
Gil — Load me up! 
Mackey — Mimi, that's a handful. 
Barry M — Shake. 
Nick — Wet and Dry, Wet and Dry. 
Owen — Football dynamo. 
Groovey — But Coach Hoffman! 
Guido — I don't want her anymore, 

she's not a challenge. 
Cod Brad — I'll do anything, just 

take me to Maryland. 
Slick Dave — Rack 'em up, Townie! 
Alvin — A Tools a Tool. 
McDonough — I took her home . . . 

she took me to the cleaners. 

Farley — Yeah, Big Bro, she did 

take you to the cleaners. 
Kenny — R.O.T.C. — Running on 

Terry's Commands. 
West — I love each and everyone of 

you in a very special way. 
Ted — Not tonight, Kath . . . my 

New Wave Dave — Lady Flash is a 

Best-Belk Alien — 305E 
Secret — Oops, forgot, he's not 

Gilligan — Get the phone, Dribble 

T. Wynne — Don't put anything in, 

Beth might see it. 
Todd — I don't do that anymore, 

she changed me 
Beef — I think she likes me, she 

hasn't fallen asleep yet! 
Rover — You don't want none of 

Jughead — Big Bucks, Big Bucks, 

No wammies. 
Freddie — Fill her up, Happy 

Aybar — Frank Perdue, "Why did 

shacks legs cross the road?" 
Flames — She was only 13, so I 

gave her number to Jabba. 
Harris — He-man woman Hater's 

Phelps — "Nobody knows the 

trouble I've seen." 
Coy — I have to talk to you Steve, 

its important. 
Darren — She was here a minute 

Pate — Leave my sister alone. 
Hotz — He's awful cocky . But 

I'll give him a chance. 
Laudeau — Shut up Ray! 
Stakes — Watch out for that bus! 
"Miller Time" — Hey Slurp, play 

"Purple Rain" again, I've only 

heard it six times tonight. 
Headrick — Is there a party at the 

Crash — Pate, will let me borrow 

your car! 
Higgens — Zeta Sweetheart, 1985 

is . . . 

Second Place "Hippydislc" Team. 

PKA 151 

Sandy, Marsha, Claire, and Mike hamming 
it up for the camera. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

i\]pha Phi Omega is the largest 
National Co-ed Service Fraternity 
which is located on 623 campuses 
across the nation. APO, founded in 
1925 at Lafayette College, is based 
on the principles of the Boy Scouts 
of America. The three principles 
that govern APO are leadership, 
friendship, and service. Leadership 
opportunities arise through 
participation in group interaction, 
and holding chapter offices. These 
opportunities provide lifelong 
impact. Friendships made through 
APO are rewarding, life long, and 
an enriching part of campus life. 
The strong ties that are formed 
can be seen in our Big and Little 
Brother Program. Yet, the most 
unique aspect of the fraternity is 
its service program. 

We kicked off our service 
program with the making of 
student ID's. Other on going 
projects are as follows: helping at 
the Alumn Picnic, distributing the 
HiPo, proving a campus book 

exchange, painting panther paws, 
sponsoring two successful Red 
Cross Bloodmobiles, and campus 
clean up. 

Our services did not stop on 
campus, APO involvement 
extended far and wide: a City Lake 
Carnival, assisting with the YWCA 
adaptive aquatice, working closely 
with urban ministries on a food 
drive and cheese distributions, 
voluntary Day at the Park, 
forming Pet Therapy Sessions at 
Evergreen Resting Home, helping 
to restore the High Point 
Environmental Center, and so 
much more. Our services proved to 
be successful in aiding various 
charities and human service 
agencies especially the Boy Scouts, 
Big Brother/Big Sisters, and the 
High Point Jaycees. 

It was our biggest aim this year, 
and all years to follow, to set an 
example of unselfish giving and to 
continue our "people helping 
people" program to make this 
world a little brighter! 

152 APO 

Mitch and Tammy having a blast at the National Service Day Project. 

First Roiv (Left to Right): Tyron Worsham, Claire Hall, Tammy Johnson, WyeleenKwan. Second 
Row: Colleen Farrell, Marsha Manos.Luanne White, MarwanShaban, Joe Smith, Warren Wolff, 
Tom Lamb, Kim Boy kin, Scott Heincke. Third Row: Tom Butler, Mike Bridger, Ursula Urbiele- 
wicz, Sandy Brownell, Mitch Simpson, Scott Morgan, Sean Moberly. 

We've got spirit, yes we do! 

First Row: Claire Hall — Vice-President 
Service. Second Row: Sandy Brownell — 
Secretary, Luanne White — President. 
Third Row: Marsha Manos — Vice- 
President Membership, Mike Bridger — 


APO 153 



Open for Lunch 

1 1 :00am- 12mid Sun. Thru Thurs 

1 1 :00am- 1 :00am Fri. 4 Sat. 


High Point Mall 
225 Eastchester Dr. 


S. Main 

Call us. 

Free 30 minute delivery 
and 10 minute pick-up 

Limited delivery area. 

CI 983 Domino'l Pizza. Ir>c 

Sechrest Funeral 
Service Inc 

High Point 


Phone: 889-3811 

Marty's Record Shops, Inc. 
"When you think of Music, think of Marty's" 

Westchester Mall 

High Point, NC 27260 

Phone #886-5049 

Compliments of 

North State 


TRW 5 *™ 

























886-5554 ZZ & 





20 N. MAIN 

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Coke Is It! 

Teacher's pet. 


•^i-,**,\ .^--1 

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156 Advertisements 

You have a 

Personal Banker 

at Wachovia 

Only one bank in North Carolina assigns one 
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Only one bank trains that banker to help 
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Only one bank gives you the name and 
phone number of your own Personal Banker, 
so you know who to call anytime you have a 

Only one Bank. Wachovia 

Bank & Trust 

Member F.D.I.C. 

SINCE 1965 ... 



Since 1948 American Humanics has been a 
Not-for-Profit organization providing college 
level education, supplemented by professional 
seminars, field trips, career planing and 
special educational opportunities to those 
seeking careers as human service 
administrators. American Humanics is proud 
to celebrate its 20th year in partnership with 
High Point College. 

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In Winston Salem visit SIR SPEEDY at 1011 Burke St . . . 722-4109 





PHONE: 887-1990 

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get in every Quarter Pounder " with cheese 

A lean and unmistakably good taste of 
100". pure, domestic beef including cuts of 
chuck, round and sirloin. 

No fillers. No additives. 

Simply pure lean beef, leaner than the 
ground beef most people buy in stores. 

And for cheese lovers, there's not one, 
but two melted slices of our full flavored 
cheese. All tucked into a freshly toasted, 
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U S D a nsoecieo 1QQ C * bee' 


m«T M'_-pnnaH> C'vyvan"' 

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Self Expression 



Epilogue 161 

Things are changing . . . 

The Columned Porch Speaks Sweetly 
Three score and personalities galore make 
up our college's lifetime of recollections. 
"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow 
creeps in its petty pace from day to day" 
but yesterdays are fresh in the minds of 
the old. Changes, the history of 
experience, clip past like a television 
review on the establishing and preserving 
of traditions. 

"When from these halls we must depart, 
Nurtured in each grateful heart 




s *vhaj 




Will be the warmth of friendly days 

Enjoyed along the pathways. 

When on our ears thy name shall fall, 

It will be a hearld trumpet's call 

To hail thee college, queen of all, 

Oh well-loved Alma Mater. 

The mind's eye sees the campus green, 

The mind's ear hears a sound serene- 

A cherished hymn from bell tower rings: 

Remembered be thy blessings. 

Throughout our lives in accents clear 

The cords of memory draw us near 

To sing again a song sincere 

In praise of Alma Mater." 

Dr. Lew J. Lewis 

/J *Zrtt'e> 


owing . . . 
Growing . . . 


Brilliance of the present, Mists of the past, 

Reality of the future . . . 

At High Point . . . 

. . . We're more 





. . . We form 

ships . . . 

than just a number . . . 




= i 

. . . And express 


talents through 
creativity . . . 

artistry . . . 

- . ' 

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♦Ar>' > 


F V;A 

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j**r.i .~V„; ?tV 
'IT / " 169 





HPC Alumni advise students 

Students at High Point found that 
Alumni are a valuable source of , 
information and help on career 
choices at Career Alumni Day. 
People in fields ranging from city 
government to hotel management 
shared their experiences with High 

Over 200 students came to the 
Campus Center to listen as alumni 
and guests talked about their own 
jobs as well as the other jobs in 
their chosen fields. Twenty-nine 
different career fields were 
represented so that the students 
would have a wide range of 

One of the beneficial results of the 
day was the number of personal 
contacts and valuable advice the 
students received. 

College President Charles Lucht, Tom Gray, 
Leonard Kaplan and Joyce Wainer were 
among those participating in the Career Alum- 
ni Day. 



'■ ■ miwiwx 







$ as we discover ourselves 





■ Prx>ducinj^a yearbook to please everyone 
~lg»«5jnpossible task. We have tgeoin 

sjjtion of the Zenith to cover all 

jft and academic activities which_ 

portray life at Hrgh'T'oint College. No one" 

k/iows how much work .goes into j^lajining~ 

and BradiieSfllLa jwn&t&k untfi the work " 


uetwri of this JxJoft 
Enjoys the jj 

Melissa Mize.-