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Nicholas - - Michael - - Peter 
Family Tree 

Compiled By 
JOHN A. M. ZIEGLER, Ph. D.. D. D. 
Minister — Author — Writer 

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Glenn Printing Company 
Huntington Park 



The Author 

For a number of years, my ambition has been to 
trace my ancestors to the one who came from Ger- 
many. I knew it must have been in the Early Colon- 
ial period. When publishing "Father and Son," a 
life-sketch of my father, Rev. Dr. Henry Ziegler, and 
of myself, I could not say that my father descended 
from a certain Ziegler who came across at a definite 
time. This, therefore, was my problem. 

Collecting material for our Family Tree began, 
in a leisurely manner, more than thirty years ago. 
The serious effort, however, was started about two 
years ago. Plans were completed the past summer for an extended visit to 
Pennsylvania, in order to form the acquaintance of our numerous relatives, 
and to visit the places where great grandfather, Peter Ziegler, and my father 

A Ziegler family reunion was held in Hasson Park, Oil City, Pennsyl- 
vania, August 26, 1933, with more than two hundred present, A Peter Ziegler 
Association was effected, Captain Harley Jacob Ziegler of Franklin being 
elected President; E. Willard Ziegler of Oil City, Vice President; Miss Nora 
Bell Ziegler of Oil City, Secretary-Treasurer. The Association unanimously 
agreed to have the "Tree" published, the writer being the compiler. 

Subsequently, I visited Center, Clinton, Huntingdon, Blair, Snyder, 
Perry, York and Lebanon counties, Pennsylvania, also Baltimore, Maryland, 
From the York County Historical Society I received a voluminous transcript 
of all the Ziegler records available in the county. This has been invaluable. 
It points the way to our great ancestor, Peter Ziegler's grand-father, Nicholas 
Ziegler. who landed in Philadelphia. September 16, 1738. 

Huntington Park, California. 

John A. M. Ziegler. 

Ziegler Family Tree 
In German^ 

The Ziegler name originated in Germany. Ziegler means "tile;" a 
Ziegler is a tiler, a manufacturer of or dealer in tile and tile kilns. The name. 
Ziegler, therefore, is of commercial origin. 

A principal branch of the family in Germany is organized as the 
£iegler Familien Verein. Mr. Otto Ziegler of Dresden is president. They 
had their origin in Langensalza in Thuringia, where some of the direct descen- 
dants still live. 

In 1928 there was completed a Ziegler Chronic, that contains more than 
500 related families, and dates back to 1378. The Ziegler escutcheon displays 
a Golden Griffin on a blue field, and it can be seen on the sarcoffagus of Rev. 
Doctor Eofcanus Ziegler, a cotemporary of Martin Luther, and who is buried in 
&e cathedral at Erfurt. It is interesting to note, also, that Luther's mother was 
Margarethe Ziegler. 



In A 

menca on 


The commercial origin of the Ziegler name accounts largely for th< of 
numerous family groups in America, having no immediate connection one witlSp 

"the first United States Census, of 1790, enumerates 294 Zieglers, 55 of sa 
whom were heads of families distributed as follows: Massachusetts, 1; Pennsyl- ha 
vania, 41; Maryland, 5; Virginia, 1; South Carolina, 7 The average size of 
family was 6. 3. The name was variously spelled: Ziegler, Zeagler, Zeggelar, in 
Zeqler, Zeiqer. Zeigler, Zigler. dl1 

Several prominent groups are included in this list of 55 families an 
Michael Ziegler. generally referred to as the Ziegler pioneer in Pennsylvania ca 
was naturalized in Philadelphia in 1730. He came to America before 1717 M 
He was born about 1680. With two other brothers, he settled in Montgomery 1< 
Country forming the town of Zieglerville. The original farm has remained iiitn 
the Zieglar family until recently. . 

Christ Lutheran Church of York. Pennsylvania, the first Lutheratj 
church in York County, was organized in 1733. In the list of 24 heads o* 
families appear the names of Philip. John George and Jacob Ziegler. It « 
likelv that these three were brothers. John George and Philip came over m 
1727. St 

September 16. 1738. NICKLAS ZEGLAR arrived on the EDINBURGSepfeh 
ember 16, 1751. All the evidence points to NICHOLAS as our GREAlto 
ANCESTOR. He lived and died in Codorus Township, YorkCount«o« 
Pennsylvania. It is likely that John George. Philip. Jacob and NICHOLAS^? 
were closely related. ... • JN 

Not less than a score of Zieglers from York County are listed as serving 
in the Revolutionary War. Among them are Jacob, Nicholas, Michael, an! 
Peter. The services of Major David Zieglar. not of York County, are wel^ 
known. He was born in Germany in 1748. and served with Washington ii^ 
1777-78. Later he became the first mayor of Cincinnati. p] 

In the Boundary Dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland in whick^. 
Marylanders attempted to preempt land along the Susquehanna river almost fry 
York, a group of settlers, including Jacob Seglar, Jacob Seglar. Jr., and Philip 
Seglar, becoming convinced that the territory rightly belonged to Pennsylvania ^ 
joined with others in issuing a protest to Governor Oglevie of Maryland, r^ 
which they say in part: "We therefore .... do resolve to return to our dufri 
and live under the laws and Government of Pennsylvania, in which Proving 
we believe ourselves seated 

"Signed with our own hands this eleventh day of August Anno Don 


Oh October 21, 1736, Gov. Oglevie issued a warrent for the arrest <* s ] 


these parties— "for contriving signing and publishing a seditious paper and 
writing against his Lordship and his government/' 

The real historic justification for this declaration by the Seglars and 
others, is the assurance of Thomas Penn, given about this time, that he would 
issue patents to persons who had settled by his permission on lands in Lancas- 
ter county (now, York,) on the west side of the Susquehanna river, in a tract 
aoi about 70,000 acres, surveyed in 1722, "commonly called the Manor of 
:1 Springetsbury, so soon as the separate tracts could be surveyed." The ten 
years delay in the issuing of such patents was caused by "the claim made to 
3l said lands by the Indians of the Five Nations, which claim the said Indians 
1- have now effectually released to us." 

o\ Rupps Thirty Thousand Names, a list of those landing in Philadelphia 

ir ( in Colonial times, includes the names of numerous Zieglers arriving at many 
different times. What the relation of many of these groups to one another is, 
:s and what their relation to the parent stems in the districts from which they 
a came, is certainly problematical. They were Catholics, Protestants, Jews and 
7 Mennonites, coming principally from Germany, France and Switzerland. 
ryTodav. the Ziegler family is well nioh innumerable, and is scattered throughout 
ii^the States from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 



it, NICHOLAS ZIEGLER, who lived and died in Codorus Township, 

York county. Pennsylvania, is accredited by the York County Historical 

Society as being our great ancestor. He was born about 1710. He arrived 

H;on the Queen Elizabeth, September 16, 1738. The name frequently appears in 

>fcjthe York County annals. His wife's name was Catharine. She is supposed 

L Tfto have been the daughter of John George and Catharine Sohn. This has not 

tylbeen verified — it is probable that it is not correct. His will was probated 

^jjune 3 — July 25, 1791. The children were: Elizabeth, married Adam Fissel; 

Catharine, married John Henich; Jacob (deceased); Michael, oldest son; 

n |Nicholas. 

Jjj MICHAEL ZIEGLER of Codorus Township, oldest son of Nicholas 

•|and Catharine Ziegler. His wife's name was Catharina. The will was probat- 
ed Sept. 23— Oct. 22, 1814. The children were: Peter, Jacob, Elizabeth, John. 
, Philip, Catharina, George, Michael, Nicholas, Susanna ,Rachel. "Peter to 
i have niy blacksmith shop," The name Michael also appears frequently in the 

|. f York county annals. 

"/ There may be some question as to which Nicholas is our ancestor, the 

.,'one we have selected, or the Nicklas Zeglar who came across in 1751. The 
^evidence seems to point to the former. 




PETER ZIEGLER of York County, Pennsylvania, the subject of this 
* sketch, and our ancestor, is reputed to be the son of Michael and grand son of 



Nicholas Ziegler, both of Codorus Township. He was born about 1760, pre- 
sumably in York county. His wife is supposed to have been a Dawson. 
They had five children; I. Elizabeth; II. Jacob; HI. Peter; IV. George; 
V. Michael— the first three in York county. About 1795 they removed to 
Baltimore county, Maryland, where Mrs. Ziegler died about 1802. 

Mr. Ziegler was married again to kebecca Roates, (Margaret Ann 
Rhoads). She was born in 1776, died in 1869 and is buried in the German 
Reformed cemetery at Jacksonville, near Nittany, Center county, Pennsyl- 
vania. They had six children: VI. Catharine; VII. Susan; VIII. John; IX. 
Daniel; X. Kesiah; XL Julia Ann. 

About 1808 the family removed from Baltimore county, Md„ to Center 
Co., Pennsylvania, remaining about a year at Millheim, Penns Valley. In 1810 
and during the war of 1812, Peter Ziegler conducted a hotel at Earleytown, 
about a mile west of Old Fort, and near the Ziegler home farm. It is here in 
all probability that several of his children were born. The farm was occupied 
in succession by his sons, Jacob and Michael, and several of their children 
were also born here. The farm is now owned by Mrs. Calvin R. Neff, (Mary 
Elizabeth Ziezler) a grand daughter of Michael Ziegler, and great grand- 
daughter of Peter Ziegler. 

Later, Peter Ziegler removed to Abdera, and from there to Flemington, 
Clinton county, where he died April 14, 1819 or 1820. He was buried in the 
now abandoned Presbyterian cemetery near Lock Haven. No trace of the 
grave remains, the grave-stones having been carted away. 

Much of the history of Peter Ziegler and of his eleven children is con- 
tained in a letter written to me dated Jan. 15, 1900, from Henry Ziegler, son 
of Michael, and written by his son Franklin P. Ziegler, who now lives at 
State College, Pennsylvania. Uncle Henry got this information from the Petei 
Ziegler German Bible that passed through the flood of 1889. He received 
the Bible from John Keith, the husband of Elizabeth Ziegler Keith, oldest 
daughter of Peter Ziegler; and he in turn gave it to his aunt, Mrs. Julia Ann 
Ziegler Hare, widow of James Hare and younqest daughter of Peter Ziegler, 
She was living at the time (about 1870). with her daughter, Mrs. Josh Reish, 
who lived on a farm at Flemington Bridge, and where the Bible passed 
through the flood. Its last custodian was Miss Daisy E. Reish, daughter of 
Josh and Susan Reish, at Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. While in her keeping, the 
Bible, together with other valuable family papers, was destroyed by fire. 
These Bible records have since been compared with and verified by individual 
family records and traditions, and are ascertained to be in the main correct. 


I. ELIZABETH ZIEGLER, eldest daughter of Peter Ziealer, was 
born in York county, Pennsylvania, November 1, 1788. Her sponsors at her 
baptism were Michael and his sister Elizabeth Ziegler, presumably her father's 
father and Aunt. She was married to John Keith. 


WILLIAM KEITH, deputy Liutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, 
May 1717 — June 1726. had much to do with the Boundary Dispute between 
Pennsylvania and Maryland. Later, as already noted, several of the Zieglers 
were involved in the same dispute. The final settlement came in the form of 
the Mason and Dixon Line, in 1763 — 1767. 

John and Elizabeth Ziegler Keith settled in the wilds of Huntingdon 
county, about twenty miles south east of the town of Huntingdon. Some of 
the family still live at Robisonia. They had eight children: A. Julia Ann; B. 
Sophia; C. Susan; D. Charity; E. Sarah; F. William; G. John; H. Christina. 

A. Julia Ann married Christ Miller. Children: Henry, George, Mary. 
They settled in Indiana. B. Sophia married John Hazzard. Children: Simon, 
William, Sarah, Julia Ann. C. Susan married Samuel Sailor. Children: 
Rachel, Ann, Eliza, Jane, Mary, William. D. Charity married John Shoop. 
Children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Emaline, Lauretta, Alice, George, William, Allen, 
Simpson. E. Sarah married Jesse Smith. Children: Elizabeth and Hanna. F. 
William Keith married Sarah Ann Parks. Children ( 1 ) . Andrew, who was kill- 
ed in the Civil War in 1863 at Charles City; (2). George married Elizabeth 
Curfman. Children: Sadie, Jennie. Etta, Emma, Martha, Christina, John Calvin, 
Andrew Myers, Frank; 3. Hoy; 4. Sophie Elizabeth; 5. Christina. 

R. B. Keith, the son of Andrew Myers Keith, and great, great grand son 
[.of John and Elizabeth Ziegler Keith, is a successful merchant at Orbisonia, 
[through whom much of this information was received. 

G. John; H. Christina, married 'William Crotsley. Children: Jane, 
Martha, Ellen, Susan, John, Wesley, Leonard. 

! II. JACOB ZIEGLER, my grand father, the oldest son of Peter Ziegler, 

"born Dec. 5, 1791, in York county, Pennsylvania. He married Catharine 
.Lesher, October 15, 1815. Mrs. Ziegler was born September 10, 1798. They 
. lived for a time at the Ziegler homestead, near Earleytown, west of Old Fort. 
From 1826 to 1828 Jacob Blacksmithed in Sinking Valley, (Pleasant Valley), 
-'near the Pleasant Valley Lutheran church; from 1828 to 1830 near Petersburg, 
• at Neffs Mills. From there they removed to Maple Shade, Cranberry Town- 
/ship, Venango county, in 1830. Jacob Ziegler died May 4, 1868. Mrs. 
I Ziegler died Jan. 9, 1875. They are buried in the church yard of the Lutheran 
[ church that stood on the corner of grand father's farm. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler landed in Venango county with one horse, a cow, 
his blacksmith tools, and about fifty dollars. They settled on 150 acres of 
' timber and brush land. 

' Catharine Lesher Ziegler is a descendent of Col. John Lesher, who with 

his father, Nicholas Leshere, came to Oley Valley, Berks county, Pa. f as early 

as 1726. They were French Huguenot refugees. Mrs. Ziegler's mother was 

a Minnich, she was desended from Baron Munch of France, who, because of 

his conversion to Protestantism, "during the reign of Louis XIV, was stripped 

of his possessions, his chateau burned, and he himelf killed." His kinsmen in 

1685 fled to Germany. 

; Simon Munch and his brother, Peter, descendents of Baron Munch, 

r came to Oley Valley in 1736. Simons son, Christopher, of Bernville, had 

5 twelve children. His daughter, Catharina, married George Lesher, about 

1797. As near as has been ascertained, these are the parents of Catharine 


Lesher Zieqler. If this is correct, then Jonathan Miles Lesher, who lives on his 
farm near Franklin, Pa., and who has been blind for many years, and upon 
whom I called, would seem to be a son of my grand mothers brother, and my ( 

3t CFS Jaiob and Catharine Ziegler had seven chldren: Henry; Mary; Susan; j 
John Jacob; David; Catharine; Martin. 

A REV HENRY ZIEGLER, D. D., my father, was born August 19. j 
1816' on the home farm west of Old Fort. From ten to fourteen years of age he 
worked at his father's blacksmith anvil. After amoving to Venango county, 
in 1830. he assisted in grubbing out the farm, and worked for neighbors in 
Winter, splitting rails and flailing wheat, helping to support the family. 

Immediately after his conversion, in 1834. he started a movement which 
resulted in the organizing of a Lutheran church, the entire family j "™%^S ' 
the same, services being held in his father's barn The following year 1835. he , 
walked to Gettysburg. 250 miles, carrying al his possessions on his back 
enterinq Pennsylvania College, in preparation for the Lutheran ministry. He 
graduated from the Seminary in 1843. He immediately became co-pastor with 
Father J. P. Shindel at Selinsgrove. (including Sunbury, Lewistown, Miffhn- 
burg and Liverpool), introducing English preaching in the entire community. 

From 1845 to 1850 he served as Missionary Superintendent for the 
newly orqanized Pittsburg Synod, in western Pennsylvania, travelling 11. 001J 
miles on horseback, for a compensation of $1 500 including perquisites, for 
the five years. From 1850 to 1853 he served the Williamsport pastorate com, 
posed of six congregations. In 1852 he organized the First English Lutheran 
church of Williamsport. The original building still stands on Third Street. 
From 1855 to 1858 he served the Salona charge, which also was composed 
of six congregations. In several of the churches noted revivals were 
conducted. He was an ardent revivalist, at the same time insisting on 
catechetical instruction. # , e .'■■ 

In 1858. he became the co-founder with Dr. Benjamin Kurtz of the 
Missionary Institute— Susquehanna University— at Selinsgrove. During his 
incumbency as theological teacher and general superintendent, he prepared 
one hundred men for the Lutheran ministry. Through these twenty three 
years, until 1881, he did the work of three men. During his years of retirement 
he prepared the copy for an enlargement of Luthers Small Catechism, which 
was adopted by the church as its official text book. He died at Selinsgrove. 
November 26. 1898> triumphant in the Christian faith. 

Henry Ziegler was united in marriage to Eliza App at Selinsgrove, 
May 19, 1844. Mrs. Ziegler is a daughter of John App, who was a prominent 
farmer in the Susquehanna Valley. It is due to his generous donations that 
the Missionary Institute was located at Selinsgrove. 


Mathias App. the first of the family to locate in Penns Township, neat 
Selinsgrove. appears to have come from Northampton county. "Already io 
1766. "App's Mill" two miles north of (old) mouth of Penns Creek, is men- 


tioned in Maclay's Surveys." It is likely that he is a son of Christian App. * 
who landed in Philadelphia, Oct. 16, 1751. Mathias App was twice married. 
Children of the first marriage: Leonard; Polly; Catharine; Frederick, who 
settled at Muncey Station, Black Hole V&lley; Elizabeth, who married Peter 
Born, (the father of Rev. Dr. Peter Borne); Susan, who married Daniel Gross. 
Mathias App's second wife was Elizabeth Buck. Children: Mathias, 
removed to San Francisco; Regina, married Kleckner; John App, married 
Catharine Gross, sister of Daniel Gross. Children: Mathias App, married 
Harriett Snyder, grand daughter of Governor Simon Snyder. Children: Emely 
Snyder. John Oliphant, Helen, George S., Harry, Katinka; 2. Eliza App, 
married Rev. Dr. Henry Ziegler; 3. Isaac App, married Mary Holtzman. 
Children: Francis, John Gross, D. Norman, Henry 4. Hiram App married 
Catharine Hall, Children; Mazie, who married Joseph Lesher, John Hall, 
Charles, Lawrence, Grant, Lottie, Bertie. Cora; 5. Kate App, married Wesley 
W. Reynolds. Children; May, Winifred, Hal, Maude; 6. Anna A. App, married 
Harry Witmer; George App. 

Hon. D. Norman App, son of Isaac App, was born on the App farm two 
miles north of Selinsgrove. By inheritance and purchase, he came into 
possession of the farm of 250 acres. He specialized in thorobred stock until 
his untimelv. accidental death. Mr. App was a member of the State Legisla- 
ture several terms. He married Mary Dunkel, daughter of John and Catha- 
rine Dunkel. Children: Prof. Isaac D. App, superintendent of Dauphin Co. 
public schools, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Edna and Robert. They are all 
graduates of Susquehanna University. 

Prof. Isaac D. App married Gertrude Rine. Their daughter, Mary 
Harriet App, married Robert Donnell. Their home is Williamsport, Pennsyl- 
vania. After his wife's death, Prof. App married Dorothy Margerum, 
of Millersburg, Pa. They have two children: Lois M., and Etta Carolyn App. 
Robert App married Evelyn Jarrett. Children: Robert, Betty, Ruth, Gladys, 
Lucille, Russel. Miss Edna App, teacher, with the Robert App family and 
their mother live on the farm north of Selinsgrove, carrying on the projects of 
1 the father, Hon. D. Norman App. 

Doctor and Mrs. Harry Ziegler had the following children: 
( 1 ) . Catharine Louisa Ziegler born June 1 . 1845, at Zelienople, Pennsyl- 
vania; died in August, 1908. She married Rev. Dr. John Buehler Shoup of 
1 Dayton, Ohio- Whilst a student at Missionary Institute, Mr. Shoup enlisted, 
* and served through the Civil War. He was personal body-guard to Jefferson 
Davis as he was confined at Fortress Monroe. He was an enthusiastic mem- 
' ber of the Grand Army of the Republic. He served Lutheran congregations in 
: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and Florida. He died in April, 1910- Children: 
1 a, Ida May Shoup, born at Seibertsvflle, Pa., in 1868. Married William 
Addison Willis, Marshall, Missouri, 1887. Mr. Willis was of English, French 
and Indian descent. His parents lived in Virginia. Children: 1, Catharine 
Elizabeth, born 1890, died 1904; 2. Robert Buehler, 3. Henry Jesse Gordon, 
born 1895. Married Grace Marie Britt, T919. Children: Gordon Wesley, 
Robert Leslie, Elizabeth Marie; 4, Mary Dorothy, born 1898; 5. Doris, died in 
l infancy; 6. John William Leslie, born 1901. Married Pearl Hardy, 1926. 
l Children: William Ivan, Francis Wesley; 7. Edith Claire, born 1904. Married 
. Arthur Thompson. 1927. Children. Claire, Howard Barnett, Florence Ethel; 


8. Margery Ethel Willis, born 1907. < 

b Linnie Maude Shoup, married Ernest Keller. Child: Lena Keller, almnus ot , 
North Carolina College for Women: Librarv Science degree University ot 

North Carolina; Librarian, Lenoir-Rhyne College. < 

(c) H?rry ShouD: (d), Martin Shoup; (e), Edward Buehler Shoup, Den. Col- ( 
or^do (f) Anna* Belle Shoup. married Emmet J. Shafer, South Miami, Florida- 

(a). Harriette Mable Ruth Shoup. married Olfver C. Buckel. Bittenger, Mary- j 

land Mr. Buckle is a merchant and farmer. Children: Herbert Buehler, born j 

Feb. 28, 1907; Rex Clifford, born Feb. 9, 1909: Ralph Leo, born Oct. 5, 1910: ] 
Oliver Woodrow, born Jan. 20, 1913; Elbert Elwood, born Sept. 6, 1914; Alice 

Louise, born Oct. 22. 1916; Joseph Robert, born July 16, 1919; Kenneth Ray. , 
born Feb. 18, 1924. Herbert married Leonora Wiley. They have one child. 

Jean Lois. He farms near Bittenger. His wife teaches school. Rex married i 

Etta Brenneman. They have one child, Maxine. He cares for the home ] 

farm. Ralph is a school teacher. ] 

(h), Eliza Virginia Clay Shoup, daughter of Rev. Dr. J. B. and Louisa Ziegler j 
Shoup. married Rev. J. L. Morgan. D. D., Salisbury, North Carolina. Dr. ] 
Morgan is a prominent minister in the United Lutheran Church in America, 
and a member of her Executive Board. For a number of years he has been j 
Missionary President of the North Carolina Synod. Mrs. Morgan is a mem' ; 
ber of the Deaconess Board and of the Executive Board of the Women's ] 
Missionary Society of the United Lutheran Church. Children: Gladys. A. 
B. degree. Lenoir-Rhyne College. M. A. degree. University of North Carolina. 
M. D.. Women's Medical College, Philadelphia. Exchange fellowship course. 
Geneva. Switzerland. She is under appointed as a medical missionary to ] 
India in 1934; Karl Ziegler Morgan, bachelor and masters degree. University - t 
of North Carolina, Ph. D., Duke University, by profession, a physicist, teach- 
ing in Lenoir-Rhyne College. Hickory, N. C; Katharine Morgan, graduate 
North Carolina College for Women. Married O. A. Kirkman. Mr. Kirkman 
is a graduate of Oxford and University of Virginia. They live at High Point. 
Virginia; Lois Morgan, student in Rhyne-Lenoir College. 

(2). Henrietta Joanna Ziegler was born July 24, 1848, at Meadville. 
Pennsylvania. She married Rev. John W. Reese, who served congregations 
in the Lutheran church in eastern Pennsylvania. Children: Harriett, Eliza 
Ziegler, Hermann. 

(3). Anna Lorena Gunn Ziegler was born August 17, 1850, at Wlliams- 
port, Pennsylvania. She married Rev. George W. Fortney. Mr. Fortney 
served congregations in central Pennsylvania and New York state. He was 
an ardent prohibitionist, seeking the nomination for governor of New York 
on the Prohibition ticket. Children: (a). Clarie Fortney, married Walter Ten- 
Broeck. Newberg, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Ten Broeck had fifteen children. The 
first born, Walter, born July 28, 1894, died in infancy. Then followed Claire 
N., Louise W., Margaret P., T. Benton, Earl L., Mildred R., Walter T. L.. 
Maude S., Leonard William, Theodore R., Esther L., unnamed son, H. 
Ursula, Linda Ziegler born September 12, 1917. Claire, Louise, Margaret, 
Benton, Earl, Mildred, and Leonard are married. 

(b). Marion Mildred Ruth Fortney, Born March 20, 1876, married 
Elbert J. Sutherland, Nov. 6, 1902. Mr. Sutherland was born Dec. 12, 1879. 



Children: Clifford Fortney, born Sept, 30, 1904; Elbert Jackson, born Dec. 1, 
F (c), Roy Ziegler Fortney, born July 21, 1879, married Maude Steiner. 

Child: Marion Fay, born Oct. 6, 1899. Marion married Thadius Johnson. 

- Children: Fay, Carroll, Joan. The Johnsons live at Nassau, Bahama Islands. 

(d), William Weikert Fortney, born June 20, 1882, married Erma Lucile 

- Bundy, Aug. 11, 1906. Children: Lucile Virginia, born March 14, 1909; 
\ Elizabeth Christine, born Jan. 23, 1919. Mr. Fortney is connected with the 
' New York Life Insurance Company. 

- (4). Harriett Newel Ziegler, twin sister of Lorena Ziegler Fortney, was 

* not married. 

(5). Augustus Hermann Francke Ziegler was born Feb. 28, 1853. at 

* Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He married Myra Hoffman, Des Moines, Iowa. 

- He was a graduate of the Missionary Institute at Selinsgrove, and of the 
Michigan Law School. He located at Des Moins, Iowa. Later, he published 
the Des Moines Leader. He was a staunch Democrat, organizing one of the 

r first Cleveland-Hendricks clubs in central Pennsylvania. For several years, 

* he was mayor of the city of Anita, Iowa. 

(6), Rev. John A. M. Ziegler, Ph. D., D. D., was born May 9, 185^ a* 
V Salona, Clinton Co., Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Wittenberg College, 
" Springfield, Ohio, and of the Teheological Department of Missionary Institute. 

5 During the winter of 1875-6, he taught a grammar school in Sunbury. From 

- 1889 to 1892, he was Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy in Carthage 
>♦ College, Carthage, Illinois. 

: ' Dr. Ziegler was ordained to the Lutheran ministry, June 24, 1877. 

3 He was a home missionary for thirty years, serving pastorates in Iowa City 
f and Nevada, Iowa; Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Kansas City, 

- Missouri; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Belen, New Mexico; San Bernardino and 
e Huntington Park, California, and organized Trinity Lutherian Church at Long 

6 Beach, in 1907. 

k In 1931 Dr. Ziegler published the life-story of 1iis father and himself. 

entitled, "Father and Son," in the preface to which he says: "It has been my 
*> prerogative to organize congregations, build churches, cancel debts, reconcile 
s difficulties, and, in general, to measure strength with forlorn hopes." 
a Mr. Ziegler married Mary Frederica Bell, born Oct. 16, 1854, daughter 

of Henty F. and Amelia Boteler Bell, August 18, 1877. Mr. Bell was a son of 
> Frederick and Maria Emerick Bell. Mrs. Boteler Bell was of the Boeder 
y family whose plantation was in Pleasant Valley, Virginia, in the vicinity 
s of Harpers Ferry. Children. Edith Bell, born Oct. 18, 1878; Emma Ruth, 
k born May 24, 1883, both in Iowa. Dr. and Mrs. Ziegler celebrated their 
l> Golden Wedding, August 18, 1927, at their home in Huntington Park, Calif- 
e ornia. 

e (7). Ida Albertina Ziegler born at Salona, Pa., Nov. 24, 1857; died at 

... Selinsgrove, Oct. 31, 1860, during an epidemic of Diptheria in the community. 

). Henry Frederick Bell was a son of Frederick and Maria Emerick Bell, 


and grand son of Captain Peter Bell, who served with General Washington. 

Maria Emerick Bell is a grand daughter of Valentine Emerick, a 
brother of John Nicholas Emerick with whom John Jacob Astor, br. was 
associated in the Fur trade, 1787 to 1817. Before Mr. Emerick s death, he is 
reported to have created a trusteeship, with Mr. Astor as trustee to continue 
for 99 years when the estate was to be distributed among the heirs of his 
two brothers, Christopher and -Valentine Emerick. Several efforts have been 
made to bring about a settlement of the estate, but the Astors thus tar have 
succeeded in resisting the claim. 

(B). MARY ZIEGLER, born Jan. 11, 1819, died Dec. 17, 1899. She 
married John Henry Parker. Children: (1), Henry Parker, married Peninna 
Hillard. Children: Alice, Martha, Mary, Stella, John. 

(2). Manuel Parker, wife Mattie. 

(3). Catharine Parker was married three times, the last to David Pryor, 
who formerly was the husband of her Aunt Catharine Ziegler. 

(4). Fannie Parker married James Hollis. Children: Mary, William, 
Frank. Grace, Mary (McCauley). Mrs. Mary Parker later married James 

(C). SUSANNA ZIEGLER, born Sept 16, 1821: deid July 5, 1907. 
Married, 1, Joseph Miller, Brother of her brothers John Jacob and Davids 
wives; 2. Theodore Haslet. Child by first marrage; Joanna Miller, born June 
28, 1851 fc died May 12, 1912; married James Harvey Smith, Warren, Pennsyl- 
vania. Children: „,,,«, »«. 

James Miller Smith, married Nellie Bashline. Child, Martin Albert. 

Harry Smith, killed in auto accident, the shock causing the death of his 

mother. . 

John F. Smith, married Maude Berlin. He met an accidental death in 


Laura Anna Smith, married Ulysses S. Rogers, Warren, Pennsylvania. 
Mr. Rogers was a successful business man and banker for many years, until he 
was incapacitated by sickness, several years ago. 

Lottie R. Smith, holding a bank position in Warren, and making her 
home with Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. 

(D). JOHN TACOB ZIEGLER. born April 2. 1824, on the home farm 
west of Old Fort, Pa., died Sept. 13, 1894, at Mapel Shade, Venango Co.. 
Pennsylvania. Married Fannie Miller, sister of his brother David's wife. 
May 11, 1893. Mrs Ziegler was born Nov. 24, 1821, died April 20, 1899. 

( 1 ). Mary C. Ziegler, born June 3, 1844, died March 29, 1925. 
' (2). Sarah Malinda Ziegler, born Dec. 11, 1846, died April 5, 1920. 
Married John C. Dinsmore. They had one daughter, Cora Dinsmore, who 
married Datus B. Berlin, May 26, 1889. Mr. Berlin died Jan. 23, 1932. 

Geraldine F. Berlin, born June 16, 1890; died June 4, 1921. Married Fred 
H. Marshall, Feb. 27. 1918. Son, Robert Hale Marshall, born June 4, 1921. 



Imogene L. Berlin, born Dec. 1891; married Chester A. Dennstedt, Dec. 
20. 1913. Daughter, Shirley E. Dennstedt. 

Dayton Hale Berlin, born March 18, 1894. Married Sarah Fitter, Nov. 
22, 1923. Child: Marjorie Jean Berlin, born March 24, 1930. 

Mrs. Cora Berlin, makes her home at San Diego, California. 

February 14, 1878, Mrs. John C. Dinsmore married Miles C. Ross. 
Children: May me Ross, born Sept. 6, 1879; died Aug. 1928, married Jacob 
Ebersole. Children: Elizabeth, married Howard Huston; Mary Ebersole. 

John Jacob Ross, born Dec. 17, 1881. Married Hattie Nickel 
Daughter, Helen, born Sept. 26, 1909. 

Nell Ross, married Frank Roth. Alma Ross, born March 2, 1885, died 
March 22, 1897. 

Fannie Ross, born Sept. 27, 1887, married Lee Ferguson. Children: 
Ross, Mary, Maxine, Edna. The Ross family live in Oil City. Miles C 
Ross died Dec. 31, 1915. 

(3). William M. Ziegler, and Susanna Cradilla died in infancy. 

(4). Tobias Henry Ziegler, born Aug. 31, 1852, died March 9, 1890. 
Married Emily L. Berlin, July 10, 1877. Children: 

(a). Fred F. Ziegler, born Oct. 1, 1879. Married, 1, Mollie Rooney— 
living at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Children: Emily, married Verne Dunbar: 
Mildred Louise, married Herbert Slater, undertaker, Pittsburg. Fred F. Ziegler 
married, 2, Nettie Rooney, sister of his first wife. 

(b). William Edward Ziegler, born March 15, 1882, married 1, Leila 
McCaughey. Children: Donald, born Jan. 2, 1911; Allen, born Feb. 10, 1915. 
William E. Ziegler, married (2). Elizabeth McGaughey, sister of his first wife. 

(c), Audry Ziegler, born March 21, 1884, died Dec. 28, 1918. Married 
Alice Irwin. Children: Glen, Audry, Jr. 

(d). Roy Ziegler, born Oct. 10, 1885. Married Alice Salsbury. 

(e). Ethel Ziegler, born March 2, 1889. Married Norman L. Seifreit. 
Erie Pen. Children: Maurice, Dick. 

(5). Emily A. Ziegler, born Sept. 9, 1854, died March 1, 1904. Married 
Daniel D. Laughner, May 3, 1877. Children: 

(a) George O. Laughner, born Feb. 11, 1879. Married Catharine Disler. 
Children: Arnold, Mildred, Harry, Grace, Joseph. 

(b). Klare Laughner, born April 16, 1880. Married Harry Weiser. Mr. 
Weiser is a descendent of Conrad Weiser, Indian Interpreter and Diplomat 
under President Washington. Children: Robert Weiser, married Miriam 
Rogers, Children: Robert Weiser, Jr.; Miriam Weiser, married Earl Masters. 
Mr. Masters is a teacher in Reading, Penn; Lois; John; Kathlene Weiser. 

(c). Frank Deverne Laughner, born Jan. 1, 1889. Married Kathlene 
McDonald. Children: James, George. 

(6). Elizabeth Amelia Ziegler, born Dec. 29, 1856; died March 21, 1929. 
Married Scott R. Rote. Children: 




(a), Effie Rote, born Sept. 27, 1879. Married Velmer Willings. Child- 
ren: (1), Scott; (2), Cordelia Willings, married Earl Nunemaker. Children: 

Harold. Clare; 

(3). Ruth Willings, married Lloyd Ziegler. Children: Howard, hdger, 

Neva, Norman. 

(b). Frank Rote, born Dec. 20, 1881. Married Nora Mcintosh. Child- 
ren: Theresa Rote married George Sheffer. Children: Harold, Richard, Elanor, 
Earl Sheffer; Marian Rote married Mearl Oaks. Children: Fonald, William, 
Louis, Audell Oaks; Ray Rote, Robert, Scott, Earnest, Harold Rote— children 
of Frank Rote. 

(c). Merle Rote, born Oct. 21, 1884. Married Fred Stuart. Children: 
Theodora Stuart, married Harold Smith. Children: Marjory Ann, Frank, 
Le Verne, Robert Jean, Dale. 

(d), Ruby Rote, born Jan. 2, 1886. Married Charles Hogue. Children: 
Ralph Hogue, married Leola Sweeney; Mildred, Dorothy, Gerald, Kenneth, 
Morris, Leroy Hogue. 

(e). Lottie Rote, born Jan . 10, 1890. Married Clyde Pryor. Child- 
ren: Jenevieve, Ruby, Clifford. 

(f), Dorothy Rote, born May 7, 1895. Married Clinton Shreffler, Chil- 
dren: Rodger. Vivian, Fred , Shirley. 

(g), Clifford Rote, born March 7, 1898. Mnrried Ipal McGinnis. Child- 
ren; James, Mary Aurelia, Virginia June. 

(7), John Howe Ziegler, born May 15. 1858. died Dec. 27, 1907. Mr. 
Ziegler occupied the Jacob Ziegler farm at Maple Shade, Venango Co., until 
the time of his death. He married Mary Almeda Hoque, Oct. 21, 1879. Mrs. 
Ziegler was born Dec. 12, 1857. She still lives on the same farm. Children: 

(a), Captain Harley Jacob Ziegler. born Oct. 17, 1880. Mr. Ziegler 
lives in Franklin, Pennsylvania. He is a civil engineer, and has been connect- 
ed with the Atlantic Refining Company Eclispe Works for twenty years. 
Previous to his present enqagment, he was with the Pennsylvania Highway 
Department of the Pennsylvania Rail Road Company. 

On Jan. 11, 1913, Mr. Ziegler was commissioned First Lieutenant, 
National Guards; advanced to rank of Captain, May 10, 1919 — mustered out 
with this rank, June 14, 1920. He assisted in reorganizing the Pennsylvania 
National Guards, and was commissioned First Lieutenant, July 10, 1920, 
assigned to Company L„ 112th Infantry; promoted to the rank of Captain, 
June 24, 1922, serving until July 12, 1927, when he resigned and applied for 
commission as Captain United States Army Reserve, Dec. 21, 1927. He 
received his commission as Major, Sept. 23, 1932. 

Major Ziegler married Anna S. Hill, Jan. 21, 1903. Mrs. Ziegler died 
Nov. 15, 1928. Children: (1) Gerald Floyd Ziegler, born Nov. 21, 1903. 
Married Kathryn Myers, June 2, 1928. Floyd Ziegler is a draftsman by 
occupation. He holds the rank of Second Lieutenant, Coast Artillery, U. S. 
Army. He attended the Citizens Military Training Camp r Fort Monroe, Va., 
also took military training in Carnegie Tech. In 1933-4, he served with 
the U. S. Army Reserve, stationed at C.C.C. Forest Camp, Elk County, 



Pennsylvania; (2), Margaret Oromel Ziegler, born December 26, 1906. She 
is connected with the Altantic Refining Company in Oil City. May 17, 1930, 
Major Ziegler married Esther M. Weinhold, of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. 
Mrs. Ziegler was born Dec. 28, 1892. 

(b), Fannie Elizabeth Ziegler, born April 29, 1883. Married Garfield 
Hess, Oct. 21, 1908. They live at Maple Shade. Children: Willis Hess, 
married Gladys Mullen. Children: Joan, Glen; Laurena Hess; Norman Hess. 

(c), Lena May Ziegler, born May 4, 1886. Married Humphrey Otis 
Beck. Children: Lyle, John Wesley, Freda. 

(d), Ralph Emerson Ziegler, born Dec. 10, 1894. He lives on the farm 
with his mother, widow of John Howe Ziegler. Married Grace Exley, June 
15, 1918. Children: Lela Elvisa, Nyal Dean. Robert Bruce, Donald Duane. 

(e). Vera Ziegler, born Oct. 20, 1898. Married Thomas F. Exley, 
Sept. 15, 1919. Children: Eugene, Paulene. Vera. 

(8). Rosanna A. Ziegler. born Oct. 3, 1860, died, Sept. 25, 1881. 

(9). Rhuhanna Ziegler, born May 15. 1863. 

(10). Zelda Christina Ziegler, born Dec. 4, 1865. She lives at Maple 
Shade. She is the only one of John Jacob Ziegler 's children now living. Miss 
Ziegler has been an accredited Bible teacher for a number of years. She has 
also published several volumes of delightful poems. In one volume, "Above 
the Clouds," she says: "We must live below the clouds, but we may think 
above them." The following verse is typical of the character of her poems. 

"Take time to think of your blessings; 

Count them o'er and o'er; 
Think of the good that is promised you 

From God's exhaustless store. 
Let His sunshine come in and flood your life 

Until grateful tears shall start, 
And if there is no song on your lips, 

There will surely be one in your heart." 

E. J. David Ziegler, the fifth child of my grand father, Jacob Ziegler, 
was born Oct. 29, 1826, in Sinking Valley. Huntingdon County, Pa. He 
died at Maple Shade, Venango Co., May 5, 1895. He inherited a part of his 
father s farm. Married Sarah Miller, sister of his brother Jacob's wife. Mrs. 
Ziegler was born Feb. 29, 1828; died, April 28, 1921. Children: Jacob Fisher. 
George, Lorena, Priscilla, William, David E., Annetta, Frank, Lovenia. 

( 1 ) . Jacob Fisher Ziegler, born July 7, 1 849 in Venango County. Penn- 
sylvania. He is a carpenter, and lives in Oil City. He married Amanda 
Haslet, who died July 6, 1917. Children: 

x* ■ i a i' M y r ° n W - Ziegler, born Jan. 9, 1870. Lives at Maple Shade. 
Married Lizzie Fa rr in ger Children: (1), Izora Ziegler, married Warren 
Scheffer. Children: Phyllis, Erma, Merell: (2), Minnie Ziegler, married 
Prentice Fish. Children: Elsworth, Clair. Wayne. Alberta, Lois (3), Paul 
Ziegler, married Bertha McElhatten. Children: Carl, Glen Eva, Emily 
(4), Lloyd Ziegler, married Ruth Willings. Children: Howard, Edqar. Neva. 
Oneita. Venol. a 




(b). Emma Ziegler, married Charles Brown. They live at Oil City. 

(c)! George Ziegler, married Mary Brown. Children: Charles, mar- 
ried Pearl Rhodes: Harry; Floyd; Willard. 

(d), Taylor Ziegler, married Catharena Scott. Children: Blanche. 
They live at Pittsburg. 

(e) Arthur Ziegler, married Ethel Mealey. Children: Burns, married 
Ruby Rhodes; Wendell": Roy; Donald. Their home is in Oil City. 

(f), Lulu Ziegler, married Floyd Linn. Child: Fred Linn. Their home 
is at Bully Hill, near Franklin. 

(g). Edna Ziegler, married Elbert Borland. Children: Harry, Hazel. 

(2). George H. Ziegler. son of David Ziegler, born March 21, 1851: 
died Oct. 4, 1924. Married Ella Parks. They had no children. 

(S). Lorena Ziegler, born March 2, 1853. Married Fred Hoot. Mr. 
Hoot died Feb. 9, 1931. Mrs. Hoot and Jacob Fisher Ziegler are the two 
oldest living descendents of grand father, Jacob Ziegler. Mrs. Hoot lives 
at Oil City. Children: 


(a). George T. Hoot, born March 1, 1877. Married Anna Sandrock. 
born Sept. 4, 1879. Their home is in Tulsa. Oklahoma. Children: Russell, 

(b). Frank J. Hoot, born Aug. 4, 1879. Married Julia Sandrock. Sept. 
9, 1903. Children: Harry, Carl. Violet. Laretta. 

(c). Jennie Annetta Hoot, born Jan. 11. 1882. Married Harvey 
Daum. Sept. 3, 1907, Butler, Pennsylvania. Children: Dorothy. Carl. Harold. 
Harvey, John. 

(d). Emma L. Hoot, born March 28, 1885. Married John Daum, Oil 
City. June 22. 1911. 

(e), Dora Belle Hoot, born Nov. 22. 1887. Married Arthur McCreaJ 
Sept. 10. 1913, Winchester, Kentucky. Children: Alice Lorena, John Richard, 
Fred. » 

(f). Sara Edna Hoot, born July 31, 1890. Married Rev. Joseph 
Allfree Zimmerman, November 19, 1913. Mr. Zimmerman is a minister in 
the Congregational Church. Their present home is Riverhead, Long Island. 
New York. They have a daughter, Sara Ethel. 

(4), Mary Priscilla Ziegler, born Aug. 21, 1855. Married Almon J. 
Holliday. Mr. Holliday died March 27, 1916. Mrs. Holliday married George 
Heath, Aug. 22, 1919. The Heaths lived on a dairy farm at South Hammond, 
New York, until the time of Mr. Heath's death, August 17, 1933. Mrs. Heath 
now lives with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Hickman, Oswego, New York. 
Mr. and Mrs. Holliday had seven children, 23 grand children and eighteen 
great grand children Children: 




(a), Ola Holliday, married John R. Felmlee. They had ten children: 
(1). Norman; (2), Larue, married Vera Dale, Children: Glen, June, Jack, Anna 
(3), Hazel, married Sidney Perry. Children: Grace, Lloyd; (4), Francis, 
married Sidney Blauser. Children: Hazel Pearl, Doris; (5), Arthur Felmlee 
married Leota Fry. Children: Dolores, Miriam, Leonard; (6), Clyde Felmlee 
married Mary Osfoed. Child: Maryline: (7), Flossie, married Lee Baum; 
(8). Chester Felmlee married Albertina Speerstra. Child: Charles; (9). Ray 
Felmlee; (10), Lucille Felmlee. 

(b), Clara Victoria Holliday, married Charles Sampsell. Children: 
Regina, Mildred, married Edward Mitchell. Children: Patricia, Burton; 
Chalmers Sampslell married Neva Dunmire, Children: Shirley Jean, 
Dorothy Marie. 

(c), Bessie Holliday, married Charles L. Hickman. 

(d). Frellson Holliday, married Jane Hawkenberry, Child: Mildred, 
married Dr. William Cunningham. Child: Billy, (e), Otilla Cleveland 
Holliday. (f), Chalmers Holliday, married Mary Delong. Children: (1), 
Dorothy Holliday, married Gilbert Yocum. Children: Marjorie, Jacob. 
Electa; (2), Denzil Holliday, married Erma Yocum. Children: Donald, 
Charles; (3), Myrtia Holliday, married Robert Stanley; (4), Esther Holliday, 
married Samuel Moslander; (5). Chalmers Holliday Jr; (6). Mary Rose: 
(7), Ernestine; (8), Michael; (9), James. 

(g), Brooks Holliday, married Bethel Robinson. Child: Nesbeth. 

(5), William Ziegler, born Dec. 29, 1857, at Maple Shade, Venango 
County, Pa. Married Elizabeth Cropp. Mr. Ziegler is a carpenter, and lives 
at Oil City. Children: 

(a), Nellie Ziegler, married Byron Gotham. Children: Hazel, Norman, 
Darwin, Eugine. 

(b), Ina Ziegler, married Harry Steen. Children: Edmond, Alice, 
Susan, Richard. 

(c), Orrel Ziegler, married Lottie Day. Children: Ralph, Betty Sue- 
(d), Sarah Ziegler, married John Neidich. Children: Edward, Eliza- 
beth, Jack, Lois. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Neidich married 
Charlie Jones. 

(e), William Ziegler Jr., married Mary Lobaugh. Children: Harry, 

(f), Harold Ziegler died in infancy. After the death of his wife, 
William Ziegler, Sr., married Malinda Johnson Rarer. 

(6), David Emery (Cartwright) Ziegler, born March 4, I860, at 
Maple Shade. He is a carpenter and contractor, and lives at Erie, Pennsyl- 
vania. Married, (1), Jennie Fye. Children: (a), Russell, married Maude 
Slagel. Children: David, Russell; (b), Buelah, married Edward Bitters. 
Children: Paul, Jack, Russell, Jane, (c), Duwane married Helen Kcrpick. 
Children: Duane & David, (twins). 

After his wife's death, David Ziegler married Dora Elis. 



(7)'. Annetta Ziegler, born May 22, 1862. Married Elias Wilbert j 
Shaffer Sept. 30, 1885. About 1910. they removed from Venango County to - 
Tulsa. Oklahoma, where Mr. Shaffer died. Feb. 15. 1922. Mrs. Shaffer 
makes her home with her children, at Tulsa. Children: « 

(a), Carrie Mae Shaffer, born July 6, 1886. Married C. F. Tomes. 
Children: Robert, Alice May. Tohn, Elizabeth, Tom. Fred. ,«,«_* 

(b), George Wallace Shaffer, born Oct. 26, 1888. Married Delight , 
Hennish. Child: George. Jr. i 

(c). Melville Roy Shaffer, born Feb. 18. 1892. Married Jennie Pattee. j 
Children. Roy Jr., Donald, Pattee Ann. Their home is at Bartlesville, Okla. 

(d). Alice Valgene Shaffer, born May 16, 1894. Married Herbert 
Dulany. Children: Herbert, Step. Margaret. 

(e), Earnest John Shaffer, born Aug. 12, 1896. Married Dora Heninger. 
Child: Daniel. „ t r _ . 

(f), Doris Oneda Shaffer, born Sept. 15, 1898. Married Lawerence R. j 
Sheldon. Child: Wilbert. 1 

(8), Frank Ziegler, born Nov. 3, 1864; died Feb. 6, 1892. 

{9). Lovenia Ziegler, born Oct. 14, 1866. Married William B. Shaffer, 
Uncle of Wilbert Shaffer, husband of her sister, Annetta. Their home is in 
Oil City. They have one daughter, Opal, who married Russell Brown, ] 
Sharon, Pa. Son: William. ' 

(F). Cathrine Ziegler, daughter of Jacob Sr. and Catharine Ziegler, , 
born May 18. 1833, died Feb. 25, 1858. Married David Pryor, Jan. 16, 1858. ] 
Mr. Pryor was born Feb. 11, 1833, died June 18, 1901. After 
his wife's death, Mr. Pryor married Catharine, daughter of Mary Ziegler ] 
Parker. He had also been married to Miss Miller sister of David and Jacob 
Ziegler's wives. 

(G). Abraham Martin Ziegler, the youngest of Jacob Ziegler's chil- 
dren, was born Sept. 22. 1836; died March 18, 1920. His farm was a part of 
the Jacob Ziegler homestead at Maple Shade, where he lived until he moved , 
to Oil City, where he resided until the time of his death. In early life, he was 
a teacher and carpenter, Later, he was employed by the Standard Oil Com- 
pany as field manager, tankage division, until he was retired on pension. ; 
Married Martha Smith, April 17. 1858. born July 1, 1838; died Nov. 17, 1923. 

(1), Lauretta Florence Ziegler, born Jan. 27, 1859. 

(2). Candace Albertine Ziegler, born Sept. 14, 1864. 

(3). Clarence Milford Ziegler, born Jan. 29, 1868. Mr. Ziegler is 
a machinist, and was engaged with the National Transit Pump and Machine 
Co., Oil City, until his retirement on pension. Married Hattie Horner, Sept. 
18.1888, born Aug. 27, 1871. Children: 

(a), Ernest Willard Ziegler, born June 8, 1889. Married Iva Wilson, 
Daughter of Dr. C. M. Wilson of Franklin. Children: Williard Wilson, born 
April 12, 1915; Richard Lincoln, born Feb. 12, 1919; John Robert, Born Sept. 
15. 1928. 

(b), Franklin De Verne Ziegler, born March 18, 1897. Married Helen 



Dunn, June 21, 1923. Child: James, born April 5, 1924. (c), Dorothy Horner 
Ziegler, teacher of music, born Sept. 8, 1906. 

(4). Nora Belle Ziegler. born Aug. 26, 1873. Miss Ziegler is a seam- 
stress. She and her sisters, Florence and Candace, live together at Oil City. 

(5). Minnie Maud Ziegler, born Oct. 10, 1881. Married William J. 
Smith June 8, 1910, Oil City, born May 1, 1881, Mr. and Mrs. Smith had a 
son, Vincent Claire born March 31, 1913, died Oct. 10, 1927. Mr. Smith 
is a pattern maker, and is engaged with the N. T. Pump and Machine Co. 
Mrs. Smith is a Kindergarten Teacher, conducting a school in their home. 

(III). Peter Ziegler, Jr., the third child of Peter Ziegler, Sr., born in 
York County, Pa., Nov. 17, 1794. After the death of his father, he removed 
from the neighborhood of Old Fort to Center Hall. He remodelled a log 
school house that stood on the site of a hotel and store that were built in 1846 
by Henry Witmer, converting the school building into a dwelling house, where 
he died in 1840. He had a blacksmith shop on the opposite side of the street. 
A history of Center and Clinton Counties records the fact that Mr. Ziegler 
died from the effects of frozen feet incurred on a trip from the Old Fort. 

(IV.) George Ziegler, the fourth of Peter Ziegler Sr's. children, was 
born in Baltimore County, Maryland, March 31, 1795. He came to Center 
County with his parents, about 1810. About 1825 he removed to Venango 
County. Later, he went to Iowa. Some of the family remained in Venango 
County, others live in Warren, Penn. Mr. Ziegler married Catharine Murray, 
born April 16, 1794, sister of Mary Murray, wife of his brother, Michael 
Ziegler. The Murrays are of English descent. The Murray sisters had two 
brothers, George and William, who served in the war of 1812, one,, at least, 
serving with Commodore Perry on Lake Erie. Their father was Levi Murray, 
a tanner. George was the father of William A. Murray, Esq. of Boalsburg, Pa. 
Member of the House of Representatives, 1880-81. George Murray was born 
March 10, 1791; died Sept. 13,1878. 

George and Catharine Murray Ziegler had eight sons and seven 

(A). William Ziegler, born in Center Co., Pa., Oct. 20, 1816; died in 
Warren, March 9, 1903. Married Margaret Sweet June 17, 1840. Mrs. 
Ziegler was born in Stuben County, N. Y„ Feb. 26, 1817; died, June 9, 1875. 

(1). Henry Alonzo Ziegler, born Dec. 18, 1841; died Jan. 14, 1911. 
Married Rachel H. Stephens, Aug. 3, 1863. Mrs. Ziegler was born at Wells- 
ville. 1ST. Y., Dec. 10, 1842; died in 1907. Children 

; (a). William C. Ziegler, born Aug. 5, 1864. Married Rose Belle Har- 

; per, Nov. 30, 1886. Children: Alice, born July 8, 1888, married James Taft; 

, Hazel, born Nov. 19, 1891, married Redout; Ralph, born June 12, 1896; Iona, 
born Aug. 19, 1900, married Hart 

(b), Dora Sophinia Ziegler, Born Feb. 24, 1866, died Nov. 1, 1886. 

[ Married Edwin Mead, June 30, 1883. Child: Arthur Mead, born July 26, 
1886, died June 5, 1915. 

(c), Cora Beatrice Ziegler, born March 13, 1872. Married 1, Julian C 

^ Janes, March 12, 1890; 2, Edward Fagan, June 22, 1915. 



(d). Edna Jenette Ziegler, born Sept. 15, 1881; died Dec. 26 1887. < 
(2). Mary Ziegler, daughter of William Ziegler, born April 24, 1843. 

m inancy.^ Elizabeth daughter of William Ziegler, born Sept. 4, 1844, m 
died May 13, 1931. Married Adam Offerlee, May 3 1866 Mr Offerlee was 
born in Baldenheim, Alseces, France, Feb. 20, 1842, died Sept. 5. 1921. ^ 

r Ta), Margaret Salone Offerle, born May 30, 1867. Married, 1, C. C v 
Chippis; 2. Leonard L. Watson. 

(b), Addie Estella Offerle. born May 23, 1869 married Fred A. 
Lesser May 16, 1889. Children: (1) Byron Virgil Lessor born Feb 19, 189 £ 
married Beatrice Ken Bradley. Children: Jeanne, born Sept. 21, 1915; Roberl ^ 
born Jan. 2, 1918; Barbard, born Aug. 25, 1921; John David, born Sept. 2 
1926; Ann. born March 21, 1932. 

(2). Ann Elizabeth Lesser, born Jan. 8, 1905. Married Meldum K. 
Carmichael, April 5, 1928. Children: Susan, born Dec. 12. 1930; Judith, born p 
Feb. 17, 1935. „ , _. , ., 

(c), Carrie Ethel Offerle, born March 29. 1875. Married Charles M y 
Folkman, July 7, 1898. Children: Ethel lone Folkman, born Nov. 28, 1901. 
Married Lou C. Nederlander. Oct. 27. 1928. Child: Charles, born Dec. 12, r 
1930; Margaret Elizabeth Folkman, born May 4. 1907. Married Dan Dorsey, c 
June 12, 1928. Child: Janice, born Jan. 16, 1932. 

(d), Andrew Merton C. Offerle, born April 10, 1876; died Nov. 11. 
1917. Married Doris Smith. May 14. 1911. E 

(4). Francis Theresa Ziegler. daughter of William Ziegler, born May E 
25. 1849. died Jan. 29, 1930. Married William Burkete, June 18. 1871. Chil- 
dren: (a). Charles Stewart Burkete. born Dec. 25, 1875, died Oct. 16. 1907; 
(b). Jennie May Burkete, born Nov. 11, 1881. died Feb. 15, 1928. Married J. E 
Hunter Siggins, June 24, 1902. Children: Stewart Laverne Siggins, born June 
8. 1903: William Siggins, born May 26, 1912; George Siggins, born Sept. 7 

(5). Eliza Jane Ziegler, daughter of William Ziegler. born Jan. 30 
1853, died June 24. 1897. Married Lew H. Green. ^ 

(6). Emma Artamessa Ziegler, daughter of William Ziegler, born Junf - 
18. 1854. died June 24. 1906. Married John L. McWilliams. December. 1874 
Mr. McWilliams was born March 21. 1848; died Nov, 24. 1907. Children: J 

(a), Margaret McWilliams, born June 13, 1876. Married Andrew R 1 
Black, April 10, 1894. Children, (1), Katharine S. Black, married Edwin E 
Jones. Child: Andrew Richard Jones, born Auq. 25, 1932; (2), Mary EI 
Black married Ralph F. Otterbein, March 27, 1925. J 

(b). Steward B. McWilliams, born May 24, 1878, died July 19, 1926. \ 
Married Mamie Brink, April 1, 1908. Children: John Lewis McWilliams • 
born Dec. 16, 1908; Jessie Marie McWilliams, born July 19, 1910. l 

(c), Charles McWilliams, born Oct. 16, 1890. Married Agnes Bair j 
stow. Child: Doris, born Nov. 22, 1918. \ ; 

(7). Ella Mylisssa Ziegler, daughter of William Ziegler, born June 18 j 
1854; died Dec. 16, 1933. Married Ezra J. Woodruff, Dec. 24, 1874. Mi 
Woodruff was born at Pickering, Ontario, Canada, March 7. 1844; died Ma] 
19, 1927. Children: ' 



(a). Ralph Ziegler Woodruff, born Sept. 24, 1875. 

(b), Mary Lorena Woodruff, born May 31, 1877. Married Otto Stone, 
June 10, 1896. Children: Wynona Stone, married Ivan Stone; Ella Stone 
married Stumph, Dec. 16, 1933; Charles Stone. 

(c), Claude A. Woodruff died in infancy. 

(d). William Barton Woodruff, born Aug. 1, 1885. Married, (1), 
Lillian Webb; (2), Vera Stone. Children: Volilla Woodruff, born April 23, 
1906; William Barton Woodruff Jr., born Jan. 9, 1908. 

(B). George Ziegler, Jr., son of George and Catharine Murray Ziegler. 
Born Feb. 23, 1818, died in Wood County, Ohio, Oct. 16, 1865. Married 
Catharine Barton. Children: 

(1). Fred Ziegler, born 1862; died 1881. Not married. 

(2). Frank Ziegler, married Linda Jennings. 

(3). James Ziegler, married Margaret McClelland. Children: Leslie, 

(4). John B. Ziegler. born June 8, 1856; died Oct. 4, 1932. Married 
Hanna C. Davidson, born Oct. 23, 1858. Children: 

(a), Walter Ziegler, born 1881. Married Almira Swartz. Children: 
Howard J., Margaret, Betty Jane, Donald E. Walter Ziegler lives at Warren, 

(b), Glenn George Ziegler, married Cora Hake. 

(c), Mabel Ziegler, born Jan. 5, 1886; died March 5, 1929. Married 
Edward Steel. Children: Mary Steel, married Charles Mullen; Donald Steel; 
Evalyn Steel. 

(d), Hazen J. Ziegler, married Mae Williams. 

(e), Hazel Catharine Ziegler, married Duane J. Kellog. Children: 
Engene, Gordon. 

(C). John Ziegler, born Oct. 16, 1819. 

(D). Hannah Ziegler, daughter of George and Catharine Murray 
Ziegler, born Feb. 11, 1821; died July 28, 1909. Married Stephen Lauders, 
Stockton, N. Y. Mr. Lauders was born April 6, 1816. Child: 

(1 ). Lizzie M. Lauders, born Oct. 7, 1847, died July 26, 1893. Married 
Hiram B. Gilbert. July 4. 1865. Mr. Gilbert was born May 25. 1836, died Jan. 
12, 1912. 

(a). Addie L. Gilbert, born June 2, 1867. Married John S. Smith. 
July 18, 1882. Children: (1 ), Oily James Smith, born Jan. 20, 1883. Married 
Theresa Schacktsable, July 26, 1916. (All Souls Church, New York City). 
Children: Oily J. Smith, Jr., born at Lime, Ohio, May 27, 1917, Jack Arthur, 

i Smith born Dec. 4, 1918. (2) Lena Esther Smith, daughter of John S. Smith, 
born March 1, 1884, at Pine Valley, N. Y. Married Ernst A. Exedahl, 
June 2, 1901, at Radolph, N. Y. Children: Howard James Exedahl, born 
Oct. 9, 1902, at Jamestown, N. Y. Married Margaret Elmira Dougal, June 

» 22, 1929. Pittsburgh, Pa. Child: Erik Charles Exedahl, born Oct. 1, 1930; 

( Robert Milton Exedahl, born July 31, 1908, Jamestown, N. Y. 

(b). Clarabel Gilbert, born March 8, 1878. Married Sidney Danforth. 

' Jamestown N. Y. # May 11, 1895. 



(E). Susanna Ziegler, born Sept. 7, 1822. 

(F). Betsy Ziegler, born April 7, 1824. Married James Loker. Children: 
(1). Willis Loker, born July 25. 1854; died July 5, 1931. Married 

Amanda Williams, born March 14, 1850, died Aug. 20, 1916. 

(2). Frank Loker. (3). Edward Loker. (4). John Loker. (5). Adaline, 

married John Homan. (6). Mary Loker, married (1). Miller Thomas, (2), 

Joseph Ford. 

(G). Levi Ziegler, born Aug. 21, 1826. (H). Daniel Ziegler, born April 
21. 1828. (I). James Ziegler, born March 5. 1830. (J). Mary Ziegler. born 
Jan. 24, 1832. (K). Ann Ziegler, born Dec. 3, 1833. (L). Fannie Ziegler. born 
May 29. 1836. (M). Catharine Ziegler. born Dec. 17, 1838. (N) Andrew 
Ziegler. born April 1. 1841. (O) Lafayette Ziegler. born Aug. 5. 1844. 



V. Michael Ziegler, son of Peter Ziegler, Sr., was born in Maryland, 
Jan. 12, 1800. When about eight years of age, he came with his parents to 
Center County, Pennsylvania. He remained on the home farm west of Old 
Fort until his first three children were born. In 1829, he bought a farm one 
mile west of Madisonburg, where he lived until 1854, when he removed to 
Spring Mills, and from there to Aarcnsburg, where he died April 20, 1873. 
He is buried in Salem Reformed cemetery along the pike below Penn Hall. 

He also bought three other farms: one from John McKibben in Potter 
Township, Center Co., for his son Henry; another, the Wolf farm in Penn 
Township, east of Aaronsburg, for his son John; third, the Murray farm, in 
Gregg Township, for his son Peter. He also assisted his two daughters, 
Elizabeth Krape and Mary Frain, in the purchase of homes. The home farm 
near Madisonburg was occupied by his son William, until he moved to Vir- 
ginia, in 1873. 

Michael Ziegler married Mary Ann Murray, sister of Catharine Mur- 
ray, wife of his brother George. Mrs. Ziegler was born Sept. 5, 1803, died 
Aug. 11, 1865. 

A. Elizabeth Ziegler, daughter of Michael Ziegler, born Aug, 14, 1823, 
died April 26, 1876. Married David Krape, of Fiedler, Penns Valley, three 
miles below Aaronsburg. Mr. Krape was born Nov, 9, 1819. He is a 
brother of Elizabeth Krape, wife of his wife's brother, William Ziegler. 


David and Elizabeth Ziegler Krape had three children: William 
Johnston, Mary Susanna, 

(1). William Johnston Krape, Born April 23, 1849, married Susan 
Mary Fiedler, born May 5, 1850. Children: 

(a), Elsie Mabel Krape, born Nov. 12, 1877, married William G. 
Hosterman, born May 6, 1874. Children: Ward K. Hosterman, born Feb, 4, 
1902, Married Beatrice Rishel; Orvis W. Hosterman, born Aug. 15, 1908- 
Married Grace Haney Stover. Child: Mona Elsie Hosterman. 

(b), Henry David Krape, born Sept. 22, 1881. Married Rachel Ella 
Hosterman, born June 15, 1902. Children: Dean Hosterman Krape, born June 
21, 1931; Neal Henry Krape, born July 21, 1932. 

(c), John Fiedler Krape, born July 1»3, 1884. Married Mamie E. 
Grouse, born March 4, 1885. Children: (1), Paul W. Krape, born Aug. 5, 
1906. Married Mary J. Bright, born Jan. 4, 1903. Children: Rose Marie 
Krape, born March 5, 1932; Mabel Caroline Krape, and Paul William Krape, 
(twins), born April 26, 1933. (2), Earl Krape, born Oct 22, 1910: (3) Nevin 
Krape, born Dec. 1912; (4), Catharine, born June 3, 1914; (5), Esther, born 
May 28, 1918; (6). Harry L„ born June 3, 1921; (7). Jean, born Aug. 8, 1929. 

(2), Mary A. Krape, born Nov. 17, 1846; died Sept. 21, 1855. 

(3). Susanna Krape, born July 12, 1852. Married, 1, Samuel C. Smith, 
born Sept. 30, 1850. Children: Edwin K. Smith, born Jan. 25, 1880. Married 
Sadie C. Tate, Feb. 6, 1876. Child. Andrew J. Smith. Samuel Smith died 
Feb. 11, 1881. Mrs. Smith married, (2), Edwin Stumpff, born Feb. 24, 1845. 



(B). Henry Ziegler, son of Michael Ziegler, born Feb. 9, 1826, on the 
farm in Potter Township, Center Co., west of Old Fort; died June 26, 191 5, 
in Nittany Valley. Married at Madisonburg to Mary A. Anderson, daughter 
of John A. Anderson of Lebanon County. Mrs. Ziegler was born June 1, 
1831; died March 25, 1907. They had three sons and two daughters. 

(1), Elizabeth Jane Ziegler, born Feb. 8, 1855; married William Dietz 
of Nittany Valley. Children: 

(a), Henry Ziegler Dietz, born 1877. Married Lauria Marsh. They 
have two children, Ziegler and Dorothy. 

(b), Anna Mary Dietz, born Oct. 11, 1879; died Oct. 24, 1915, at Paris, 
Illinois. Married William Robinson. They have two sons, Paul and Gertus. 
Paul died Jan. 29, 1929, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

(c), Oneida Viola Dietz, born July 26, 1889. Married Rella Clark 
Gould, Nov. 21, 1912. They live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr, Gould is 
engaged in the furniture business. Mrs. Gould's mother makes her home with 

(2). Clara Agnes Ziegler, born Aug. 12, 1856. Married Zwingle 
W. Hoy. For children, see The Hoy Family, VII, A. I., Page 28. 

(3). Michael Nevin Ziegler, born April 3, 1859; died at Altoona, Pa., 
Ang. 22, 1921. Married Rebecca C. Gramley, Rebersburg, Pa. Their home 
is Center HalL Children: 

(a), Lottie Grace Ziegler, born Nov. 11, 1883. Married Ira Reed 
Stover, Altoona, Pa. Children: Rebecca Charlotta Stover, born June 9, 
1907; Sara Ruth Stover, born Sept. 8, 1911, married Robert Pressel, Madison- 
berg, Pa., Jan. 1935. 

(b), Mayme Agnes Ziegler, born Dec. 11, 1885. Married Bryan Fort, 
Wrightstown, New Jersey. Children: John Z. Fort, born Dec. 28, 1910; died 
in infancy; Ernest H., born Nov. 17, 1911; Walter Z., born Nov. 17, 1914; 
Philip and Bryan, twins, born Dec. 30, 1916; Rebecca, born Oct. 30, 1918; 
Orvis Z., born Mav 9, 1922. 

(c), Nellie Francis Ziegler, born Tune 16. 1887. 

(d), Orvis Henry Ziegler, born Feb. 6, 1889. 

(4). John Thomas Zieqler, born April 29, 1860. Married ,1, Ida 
Brickley; (2), Mrs. Sadie Weaver Frazier. Child: Lillian Bricklev, born 
Feb. 11, 1895. Married (1), Hoit Royer, Lamar, Clinton Co., Pa.; (2), Clint 
Phillips. Child to Mr. and Mrs. Rover: Grayson Royer. Mr. and Mrs. 
Phillips live on the farm in Nittany Valley near Mill Hall, adjoining the 
McDowell farm at Fleminqton, where Peter Ziegler, Sr. died. 

(5). Franklin P. Ziegler. son of Henry and Marv Anderson Ziegler, 
born April 20, 1863. Married Alma Gardner of Howard, Pa. Mrs. Ziegler 
died Jan. 17, 1932. Mr. Zieoler and his son Charles live at 219 South Spark 
Street, State College, Pa. Children: 

(a). Margaret Lydia Ziegler, Born Jan. 31. 1891: married Boyd E. 
Yearick, Altoona, Pa. Children: Mildred, born April 17, 1918; Leonard; 

(b). Amy Francis Ziegler, born Jan. 26. 1893; married J. Charles Ide, 
Upland, Pa. They have one son and two daughters: Alvin, Audrey, Alma 

(c). Mary Edith Ziegler, born Dec, 11, 1897; married George E, Holi- 
er, Philadelphia. They have two sons and two daughters: Georgeana, Ray- 



mond, Alma Loice, William Franklin. 

(d). Charles Evans Ziegler, born Dec. 17, 1911. He makes his home 
with his father at State College. Charles Ziegler married Dorothy Lockard. 
Lamar. Pa., Dec. 25, 1934. 

(C). William Ziegler, son of Micheal and Mary Ann Murray Zieg- 
ler, born in Center Co., Pa., April 24, 1828. Married Elizabeth Krape born 
July 20 1830; died Feb. 20, 1910. Mrs. Ziegler was a sister of David Krape, 
husband of her husband's sister, Elizabeth Ziegler. Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler re- 
moved from Center Co., Pa., to Farmville, Virginia, March 20, 1873. where 
Mr. Ziegler died Aug. 3, 1905. They had thirteen children: 

(1). Samuel Ziegler, born Feb. 26, 1852; died in Missouri, Oct. 16. 
1887. Married Jane Klinefelter. They had two sons who died when children, 
and two daughters. , _ 

(2). John William Ziegler. born July 21, 1853; died at Rebersburg. Pa., 
about 1923. Married, 1, Angelina Venada; 2, Anna Wolf, daughter of John, 
who is a brother of Dr. E. J. Wolf of Gettysburg Theological Seminary. 

(3). Susan Rebecca Ziegler. born June 6, 1855; died Aug. 1930. Mar- 
ried O. W. Hoy, Flat River, Missouri. They had nine children: John, Anna, 
Irving, Calvin, Dora, Ida, George, Harvey, Marvin, 

(4). Charles Emanual Ziegler, born Oct. 9, 1856, lives at Paw Paw. 
111. Married Sopheia Ellen Karstetter, Sugar Grove, 111. Children; 1, Anna 
Elizabeth Ziegler, born Aug. 28, 1883. Married Calvin Bowers, Maple Park. 
111. Children: Randall Irvin, Doris Marion, Laverne Ray; 2, Hanna Mae Zieg- 
ler, born July 14. 1886, married John R. Guster, Somonach, 111. Children: Doro- 
thy Irean; 3. Tenney Martin Ziegler, born Jan. 6, 1893, married Martha Ellen 
Smith, Aurora, 111. They have no children; 4, Westley Leon Ziegler, born 
July 16, 1895, married Ino Martin. Children: Martin Leon, born Nov. 26, 1916; 
Ardell Edith, born Sept. 24, 1918, married Neil Lincoln. Children: Joanne. 
Ardell Lincoln, born Nov. 7, 1934; Ellen Jane Ziegler, born Sept. 14. 1919: 
Elaine, born Sept. 5, 1923; Charles William, born May 25, 1929; Esther Anna 
Mae. born April 13, 1930. 

(5.-6). Herbert and Marie Catherine died in infancy. 

(7) Alice Elizabeth, born 1862, married Arthur Miller. 

(8). Caroline Catherine, born in 1864; died. March, 1892. 

(9). Emma Helena Ziegler, born in 1864. Married. 1, William Addle- 
man; 2, Stover, Cass, West Virginia. Children of ^rst marriage: Daisy. 

Arthur, Lizzie, William, Perry. ,,,.„. x T - i. 

(10). Eliza Jane Ziegler, born March 8, 1868. Married William Nich- 
olson, Punxsutawney, Pa. Children: Noelan, Irvine, Ward, Harry. 

(11). Ida Regina Ziegler, born July 19, 1869. Married Alvin Hinke. 
Children: William, Winifred. . ,,..„. : 

(12). Cora Naomi Ziegler, born Aug. 15, 1872. Married William 
Deamer, Bay Run, Pa. Children: Elsworth, Loy, Charles, Racile and Cormle, 

(twins). . _ ... . r> ii 

(13). George E. Ziegler, born May 9, 1866. Married Nenme Bell. 

March 22, 1893. Children: 

(a). Elizabeth Venable Ziegler, born Aug. 6, 1894. Married Peter A. 
Mathews. Children: Gordon, John. ,,,.,,. T 

(b). Belle McGuire Ziegler, born Oct. 3, T902. Married William J. 



Burnett. Children: Virginia Page, Ann McGuire. 

(c). Grace Spencer Ziegler, born April 10, 1906. Married Daniel K. 
Bradford, child: Mary Elizabeth. 

(d). Helena Davis, born Nov. 18, 1907. 

(e). George Frederick, born Oct. 11, 191 1. 

(f). Lucile, died in infancy. 

(D). Peter Ziegler, son of Michael and Mary Ann Murray Ziegler, 
born in Center Co., Pa., Feb. 9, 1830; died Sept. 9, 1904, at Pershing, formerly 
Germantown, Wayne Co,, Indiana, to which place he removed in 1865 or 6. 
Married Rachel Ruhl, Rebersburg, Pa. Children: 

(1). Lyman H. Ziegler, born in Center Co., Pa., in 1855- Married 
Mollie Red Key, of Red Key, Indiana, in 1882. Children: Bessie (Ludlum), 
Marion, Indiana; Edna (Vantilburg), Dunkirk, Indiana. 

(2), Maggie Ziegler, born Sept. 22, 1858; died May 9, 1927. Married 
Judson W. Teeple, May 28, 1885. Mr. Teeple is a druggist at Decatur, IndL 
and was born Oct. 29, 1856. Children: (a) Erie May Teeple died in infancy; 
(b) Ray Ziegler Teeple, born Oct. 8, 1889, is District Claim Agent for the 
Penn. Rv. Company, Fort Wayne and Grand Rapids District. Married Hilda 
Smith. Children: Richard Smith Teeple; Roy Teeple died in infancy. 

(E). John Ziegler, brother of Peter, above, born on farm west of Mid- 
isonburg, Dec. 2, 1832; died June 5, 1883, Married Sarah M. Heckman, Penn 
Hall, Pa., Nov. 2, 1856. They lived on the farm east of Aaronsburg for twenty 
years, until 1880, when they moved to Nittany Valley. Children: 

(1). Alice Samaria Ziegler, born July 7, 1857. Married, 1, John W. 
Bartges; 2, John F. Smith. Mrs. Smith and her niece, Mrs. Krausse, live to- 
gether in Akron, Ohio. 

(2). Doris Emily Ziegler, born Nov. 11, 1858; died Jan. l t 1861. 

(3). Emanuel Heckman Ziegler, born April 1, 1861, lived on the 
Michael Ziegler farm west of Madisonburg, where he died May 9, 1933. 
Married Minnie Eckerman of Pleasant Gap, Pa. They conducted a stock and 
dairy farm. Children: Mary Maude and Robert Norris Ziegler, born July 12, 
1896; Jennie May Ziegler, born Aug. 18, 1901. 

(4.) Mary Elizabeth Ziegler. born June 2, 1864. Married Calvin R. 
Neff. Mr. Neff died in 1920. Mrs. Neff lives on the Ziegler home farm near 
Earleytown, west of Old Fort. I had the pleasure of visiting the farm in 1933. 
Children: Sara M.; Edna; Helen C; C. Robert; John Ralph. 

(5). Minnie Amanda Ziegler, born July 24, 18^6; died May 27, 1920. 
Married Samuel A. Krape of Spring Mills. Child: Alice Krape, born July 4, 
1900. Married A. Bernard Krausse. They had one son, Alfred Bernard 
Krausse, Jr., born Feb. 17, 1931. Mrs. Krausse and her aunt, Mrs. John F. 
Smith, live together at Akron, Ohio. 

(6). William Franklin Ziegler, born March 8, 1868. Mr. Zieqler is a 
teacher in Bank's Business College, Philadelphia, Pa. Married Olive Douglas, 
Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey. 

(7). Catharine Viola, and (8) Charles Wallace Ziegler died in child- 

(9.-10). John Frederick and Rebecca Ziegler, (twins), born Jan. 6, 
1875. Rebecca died Jan. 28, 1880. John Frederick Ziegler married Catherine 



Gertrude Wieland, Linden Hall, Pa. in 1910 Mr. Ziegler is ^P^d in the 
Mechanical Department of the Penn. Ry. Shops, Altoona, Pa. Their son. 
Tohn Lewis Wieland Ziegler, is a student in Catawba College, Salisbury. 
Worth Carolina. Mr. Ziegler has been untiring in aiding in gathering material 

f0f ^(K'Mary Ann Ziegler, born Feb. 29 1836; died May, 1884 Mar- 
ried Isaac Shoemake Frain.Feb. 5, 1855 Mr. Frain was a succ^ful former 
and stock man in Center County, specializing in French Coach horses. In 
eariy We h" was a contractor and builder. Later, he purchased what is still 
known as the Frain Farm, in Nittany Valley. He wa s Maste r of t^ Pomona 
Grange for eight years, and president of the Center Co. Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Company for more than thirty years. He was a son of Henry and Ca- 
tharine Shoemaker Frain. He was born in Berks County, Feb. 3. 1834; died 

MarCH Mrs/ Catharine Frain Mark, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs Frain says 
of her parents and of their home: "They were fine Christian people; our home 
was a home of prayer." The farm hands always were present at family wor- 
3hto. The mother and each of the children also in turn conducted the worship. 

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Frain had nine children: 

(li. Davis Ziegler Frain, born Jan. 26 1861: died Feb. 19 19M. 
Married Anna Mary Romick, Nov. 7, 1889. Their home was m Marrion 
Township, Center County, Pa. Mrs. Frain is « daughter of Charles F and 
Mary Romick. Her parents were confirmed and married in the Snydertown 
Lud£rn church by the Rev. L. K. Sechrist. Mr. and Mr, Davis J?ram were 
married in the Salona Lutheran parsonage, where my father and ^ mother lived 
from 1855 to 1858. and where I was born^ They have a daughter Mary 
Naomf. who married E. R. Bartley. The Bart eys have four chddren^ After 
the death of her husband. Mrs. Frain married Jacob Robb, who died in 1928. 
Mrs. Robb now lives at Nittany Pennsylvania m M in * trin* 

Davis Ziegler Frain is authority for the following. In his walking trips 
from Venango County to Gettysburg, to college my father. Henry Ziegltt. 
stopped several times at the home of his uncle Michael On one of his visits 
he asked his Uncle for a loan of $300, so that he might be able to complete 
his college and theological courses. "No Henry. Michael said you are ^not 
ooina to fool away my money on your learnen. That was the last time he 
topped wkn his llnde. Several years later, the Rev. Dr. Henry Ziegler and 
family drove up the lane to Michael's door After shaking ^d* with his 
Uncle and introducing his family, father said: "Uncle Michael. I got through 
without ( your o money:' y ^ ^^ ^ £ ^ ^ 

1890 They have two sons: Claude E.. who lives in Chicago; and Ira bee. 

(3) Cephas Wesley Frain. married Rebecca Whiteleather. The* 
dauqhter, Hazel Fav, is in the High School Altoona. 

(4). Elmer Franklin Frain, married Marv E. Humphrey. 

(5) Mary Catharine Frain, married Prof. George Frederick Wood- 
ward Mark. They have a son, Frain Woodward Mark who is married to 
Roberta Snyder. Mrs. Mark and her son live in Altoona Prof. Mark took his 
preparatory training in Central Pennsylvania College. He «*?«* " arv " d .f 
1899, graduating in 1900. The following year, he received the Master s de- 
gree After graduation, he was engaged in administrative educational work in 


Punxsutawney, Pa., and Troy, Ohio. He died June 11, 1907. 

(VI). Catharine Ziegler, daughter of Peter and Rebecca Roates Zieg- 
ler, was born Dec. 12, 1804. She was speechless and did not marry. 

(VII). Susannah Ziegler, daughter of Peter and Rebecca Roates 
Ziegler; born in Maryland, Jan, 13, 1806; died Dec. 9, 1883. She is buried in 
the cemetery at Jacksonville, Center Co., Pa. She married George Hoy of 
Walker, Pa. Mr. Hoy was born in 1805, died in 1864. He is the grandfather 
of Zwingle W. Hoy, who married Clara A. Ziegler, niece of Mrs. George 


George and Susan Ziegler Hoy had four sons and five daughters. 

(A). John S. Hoy, married Rebecca Yearick. Children: 

(1). Zwingle W. Hoy, married Clara Agnes Ziegler. Mrs. Hoy is a 
daughter of Henry, who is a son of Michael Ziegler, Children: (a), Harry I. 
Hoy, married Annie Fisher. They live at Zion, Pa.; (b), John Hoy of Beech 
Creek, Pa., married Myrtle Bolspue; (c), Emma Hoy married J. J. Vonnada; 
(d), Mabel Hoy married Roy Garbrick, Center Hall. 

(2). J. A. Hoy, married Etta Shafer. Children: (a), William, died in 
infancy; (b), Cyrus, married Gertrude Brumgard; (c), Harvey Hoy, mar- 
ried Mary Eckenroth; (d), Calvin, married Susan Vangorder; (e), Lulu, mar- 
ried Merle Weaver; (f), John Hoy, Jr.; (g), Roy Hoy, married Belle Martin. 

(3). John C. Hoy, married Matilda Gross. They had no children. 

(4). Calissa Hoy, married William Gorman. Children: (a), Emma, 
married Clem Harter; (b), Rebecca, married Harvey Truckenmiller; (c), 
Alfred; (d), William; (e), Harry, married Sadie Lutz; (f), Otto, married 
Mary Alice Resides; (g), Eva married Paul Vanada; (h), Earl. 

(5). Caroline Hoy, married Henry Lesh. They had no children. 

(6). Mary Hoy, married Calvin Wilson. Children: (a), Edna, mar- 
ried William Long; (b), George, married Edna Hoffman; (c), Ollie; (d), 

(7). George Hoy, married Amanda Miller. Children: (a), Calvin, mar-* 
ried Edna Decker; (b), Pearl, married Harry Wyon; (c), Nevin, married 
Ruth Beck; (d), Harold, Married Jane Sharp. 

(8). Fietta Hoy, married George Harter. Children: (a), James Ray- 
mond Harter, married Mary Bartley; (b), Willard C. Harter, married Ger- 
trude Confee; (c), Grace M. Harter, married Earl Armstrong; (d), Ruth N. 
Harter, married Harry Smeltzer; (e), Allen W. Harter, married Anna Clem- 
ens; (f), Mary M, Harter, married Glenn H. Wilizer; (g), Victor L. Harter, 
married Millie Meyers; (h), G. Hoy Harter, married Viola Hoffman; (i), 
Rosetta M. Harter, married Austin Allison. 

(9). Margareta Hoy, married William Weight. Children: (a), Cath- 
arine Weight, married George Longer, Children: Emma, Charles, George, 
Curtis, Maude, Joseph; (b), Mary Weight, married Gabriel Betz. Children: 
Mervin, married Alice Harter; Josephine, married William Weaver; (c), 
Franklin Weight, married Susan Sayers. 



(B). Sarah Ann Hoy, born Oct. 5, 1834; died Feb .25. 1897; married 
Adam R. Yearick, born Dec. 31. 1829; died June 19. 1915 Adam Yearick was 
a brother of Zwinglc A. Yearick's father. Zwingle and his father were both 
Reformed ministers, preaching in Center County, the father being associated 
with my father, Dr. Henry Ziegler. in introducting English preaching in cen- 
tral Pennsylvania; the one in the Reformed, the other in the Lutheran church. 
Doctor Zwingle Yearick has been totally blind for several years. I cherish a 
letter he wrote me in May, 1934, not a word of which could he see after writ- 
ing it. He is still living at Bethlehem, Pa., at the age of eighty-nine years. He 
is the author of the history of the Reformed churches in Center Co., Pa. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Yearick had eight daughters: lo 11M(i 

(1). Ellen Minerva Yearick, born Jan. 6 1854; died Dec. 18 1928: 
married Rev. Frank Wetzel. They had eight children: (a) John A. We ze 
married Stella Miller. They have five or six children; (b), Walter Wetzel, 
(c) Beulah, married Joseph Sweet; two children: Kenneth and Harold; (d). 
Grace; (e), Veda; (f), George, married and has two sons, Richard and Rob- 
ert; (g). Harvey, married, has a son. Lowell, and a daughter Vida; (h). Min- 
nie, married Albert Jacobs. They have four or five children. Rev. Frank Wet- 
zel continues to preach regularly at 82 years of age. ., 1Q9Q . 
(2). Emma Viena Yearick. born Feb. 20, 1856; died Jan. 13 1929; 
married Jeremiah Lee. Children: (a) Charles Lee married farah Fulton. 
They had two sons and two daughters; (b). Minnie Lee. married Jacob Crow 
Jan. 24. 1906. Children: 1. Charles Lee Crow, born July 3, 1907; 2 Paul 
Emerson Crow, born May 28, 1909; 3, Clarence Nevin Crow, born Feb. 28. 
1911: (c). Clyde Lee, married Nettie Swinehart. They have two sons and two 
daughters ^^ g ^^ ^ ^ 1858, marred Henry Wetzel. 
June 30, 1886. Thev had five children: (a), Paul L., born Oct 14 1887, mar- 
ied Vila Taggert. Dec. 22. 1917: (b) Nevin Y. born April ». 1890 m«nri 
Mary Robinson. Oct. 29. 1917; (c). Lucille Wetzel, born July 26 1891. mar- 
ried Malcolm Pifer. June 24. 1914. Children: 1 Alvin Henry Pifer, born April 
21 1915; 2. Sara Alene. April 15. 1916; 3. Malcolm Pifer Jr born Feb. 25. 
1919: died Jan. 5. 1933; 4. Kenneth E March 19. 1921; 5 Nevin W .Aug. 
16. 1924; 6, Faye L., Oct. 2, 1927; 7. Edna L June 18. 1931; 8 Gerald L 
Dec 16 1933; (d). Ruth Wetzel, born March 2. 1894, married Willard Hart- 
swick, June 2. 1915. Children: 1, Tames Melvin Hartswick fied in infancy; 
2, Elizabeth Ann, born Jan. 24. 1918: B^ Richard W.. April 16. 1921: 4 Su- 
sanna. March 13. 1924; (el. Sara E. Wetzel, born Tan 29 1897. married 
Earle Hoffer. Feb. 11. 1919. have two sons. Robert L. Hoffer, born Jan. V. 
1920. James E. Hoffer. born May 11, 1922. 

(4). Sarah Alice Yearick, born Sept. 27. 1860 married William Holt- 
er. Dec. 13, 1886. Children: (a). Lulu Janesborn Holter .bom Aug. 9. 1890. 
married Joe Gehret, March. 1914. Children: 1 Charles j William Gehret, Mar 
8, 1916; 2. Edwin Holter Gehret, July 7 1919: b) .Edwin Hoy Holter Sept. 
5. 1892, died in infancy; (c). Anna Gladys Holter born June 4 1894. mar- 
ried Arthur Wetzel. They have one child, Sarah Elaine Wetzel born Nov. 
4 1925; (d), George Elliott Holter, born Sept. 31. 1896, married Mary Zieg- 
ler Chudrea: 1, Georgians, born Jan. 17, 1917; 2 -Raymond Elliot Holter, 
Sept 10, 1922; 3. Alma Lois Holter. Nov. 23. 1924; 4, William FrankUn Holt- 
er March 29. 1926; (e). Clyde Willard Holter, born Jan. 12. 1901; married 



Josephine Tibbins, daughter of Dr. George Tibbins. n 

(5). Minnie S. Yearick, born Dec. 27, 1862, married Samuel Von- ri 
nada, Dec. 27, 1893. Children: (a), Anna, born March 25, 1899, died Oct. 28, 

1918; (b), Samuel Vonnada, Jr., born Jan. 19, 1901, married Myrtle Beck- r 

with, Sept. 12, 1923. Children: 1. Elizabeth, born June 11, 1924; 2, Sarah L., r 

April 19, 1927. c 

(6). Adah V. Yearick, born March 14, 1865, married William Stoner, £ 

Jan. 20, 1897. Mr. Stoner died Jan. 6, 1910. Mrs. Stoner married E. W. Kline. V 

March 24, 1917. Mr. Kline died Sept. 5, 1928. Mrs. Kline married H. W. \ 

Bickle, Sept. 24, 1929. l , 

(7). Makata E. Yearick, born Nov. 4, 1867, married Joseph Weber, J 

born Jan. 15, 1868, died Nov. 14, 1920. Children: (a), Nelle, born April 7, I 

1890; (b), Lauretta, June 16, 1892; (c), Helene, April 27, 1894; (d), Walter \ 

Wharton Weber, born Aug. 12, 1900, married Virginia Rhinehart, born Nov. n 

7, 1902, died Feb. 9, 1932. Children: 1, Walter Wharton Weber, Jr., born J 

Nov. 9. 1925; 2, John Rhinehart Weber, April 5, 1927: 3, Mary Kate, Aug. t 

4, 1930; (e), Virginia Weber, born June 9, 1905, married Clarence Faris. 5 

born March 12, 1905. Son, Thomas Weber Faris, born Nov. 24, 1932; (f), i 

Mary Weber, Oct. 29, 1908; (g), John Henry Weber, Sept. 13, 1912. j 

(8). Sancta Alverta Yearick, born Aug. 22, 1871, married Lewis Dor- i 

man, born May 16, 1873, died June 30, 1928. Children: (a), Jesse Lee Dor- [ 

man, born Jan. 3, 1899, married Celia Ardella Leich. Children: 1, Clara Al- ] 
verta Dorman, May 23, 1927; 2, Walter Dorman, July 8, 1929, died in in- 
fancy; 3 Richard Harold Dorman, Jan. 16. 1934; (b), Sarah Ellen Dorman, 

born Aug. 28, 1901, died Aug. 15, 1905; (c), Lewis Hoy Dorman, born Sept. l i 
30, 1909. married Emeline Bathgate. 

(C). Elizabeth Hoy, married Jacob Dunkel. i 

(D). George S. Hoy, married Catharine Ann Yearick, sister of Adam 
Yearick. They had eight children: 

( 1 ) . Agnes, married Isaac Gates. They had two sons and one daugh- 
ter. The daughter, Emma, married Haggerty. 

(2). Amanda Hoy, married Perry Gates. They had two daughters, ! 
Minnie and Mabel and one son. ' 

(3). Angeline Hoy, married Harvey Venada. They had five children: 
(a). Jennie, married Harvey Guiser; (b), Adam, married Mrs. Porter; (c), 
Calvin, married A. Bartley; (d), Charles, married Cora Fisher; (e), George] 
married A. Weaver. 

(4). Samuel Hoy, married Nancy Wensel. Children: (a). George Hoy, 
married Minnie Swope; (b), Henry Hov. married Minnie Miller. They live 
at Nittany Hall; (c), Talitha, married Thomas Delaney; (d), Maoqie. mar- 
ricd Irvin Bierly. 

(5). Malissa Hoy, married Andrew McClintock. Children: Oneida; 
Beulah; Hoy; Catharine. 

(6). Susan Hoy, married Edward McClintock. 

(7). Henry died in childhood. 

(8). Tillie Hoy, married George Glossner. Children: Beulah; Oneida; 
Doyle; Inez, married Walter Holey. 

(E). Susan Hoy, married John Hoy, Jr., brother of Adam Hoy, attor- 



ney, Bellefonte, Pa. Children: Emma, married Wesley Smith; Araminta, mar- 
ried Otto Garbrick; Holloway, married Catharine Dorman. 

(F). Henry Cyrus Hoy, born at Walker, Pa., Jan. 12 1843; married 
Lucinda Betz, Jan. 14, 1863, born at Jersey Shore Oct 23, 1843 Children: 1. 
Cora E. Hoy, born June 20, 1865, married James N White. They have ,wo 
children Lloyd Way and Rozella. Rozella married William Siegfried. They 
have one child, Frances. Lloyd married Clara Beihl They have three children: 
Luceilla, Leo and Albert; 2, Joseph J. Hoy, born Nov. 28, 1868, married Ef he 
Ilthoff; 3, Samuel E. Hoy. born July 26, 1870, married Hannah Heaver. They 
have a son, William C. Hoy. Mrs. Hoy died at the birth of her son Later, 
Mr. Hoy married Mary Heaver, by whom he had a son, Thomas Hoy; %, 
Hattie L. Hoy, born, Aug. 24, 1872, married William J. Troxell. Feb. 22. 
1893. Children: a, Parm M. Troxell, born Oct. 2, 1894, married Irene Ireman. 
They have a son, James Maynard, born March 8, 1933; b, MakelG Trox- 
ell, born April 20, 1896, married Raymond Bonden. Children: 1. Melborne. 
born March 1. 1915; 2, Ellsworth, born Nov. 30, 1921. Mr. Bonden died April 
28, 1928; c. Pearl M. Troxell. born Oct. 16, 1898. married John Steer Dec. 5. 
1919; (d), Leslie D., born July 31, 1901. William J. Troxell died Jan. 22, 1918. 
Later. Mrs. Hattie Troxell married Naxel G. Johnson Nov. 26 1924. 5, Wil- 
liam G. Hoy, born Nov. 26, 1875, married Beulah Frederick. They have three 
sons, Isaac Pierce, John Cyrus and Clement; 6,Isaac Pierce Hoy, born Nov. 
11, 1878, died July 26, 1892; 7, Cyrus Elliott Hoy, born Nov. 12, 1880 mar- 
ried Ada Heaver. They have four children:Edith L., Ear C, Cora and Ken- 
neth: 8. James Nelson Hoy. born July 11. 1882. married Maude Heaver. They 
have three sons: Marion. James and Murel. Mrs. James Hoy died in Jan. 1W/. 
Later, James N. Hoy married Katie LaBarre. They have six children: Lucinda. 
Rozella, Calvin, Bernard, Marvin and Donald. 

(G). Josiah I. Hoy, married Sarah Yearick. They had seven children: 
1. A son died in infancy; 2, Annie, born March 18. 1870. married William 
Bridge; 3. Catharine S. born Oct. 15, 1879, married George Tate. They had 
six chldren; 4, Jane, born Oct. 15, 1879, married; 1, William Long. They had 
one son. Married, 2. Newton Dorman. They had one son; 5, Molhe, born 
Feb 9. 1881. married Russell Stamm. They had two children: 6, Sara, born 
Aug 10. 1887. married William Kauffman: 7. Elsie, born Sept. 22, 1889, mar- 
ried Blaine Noll. They had five children. 

(H). Josephine Hoy, married R. K. Wilson. 

(I). Emma Hoy, married Dr. Joseph Tibbins of Bellefonte, Pa. Their 
son. George Tibbins, is a physician at Beech Creek, Pa. George's daughter, 
Josephine Tibbins, is married to Dr. Willard Holter, dentist. Lock Haven. 

VIII. John Ziegler, son of Peter and Rebecca Roates Ziegler, born in 
Maryland. June 19. 1807, died Feb. 25, 1865. He came to Center County Pa i. 
with his parents about 1809. Married Elizabeth Rudy, born Feb. 13, 1807; died 
July 24, 1886. Children: 

(A). Margaret Ziegler. daughter of John and Elizabeth Rudy Zieg- 



ler, born 1832, died Jan. 18S6; married James L. Loder, born Sept. 12, 1812, 
died March 1882. They had six sons and two daughters. 

(1). John Ziegler Loder, born March 3, 1854, died Dec. 7, 1919, mar- 
ried Susan Holter. Children: Joseph, Mabel, Eugene and Mary B. 

(2). George R. Loder, born Oct. 30, 1855; married Sade Shade. Two 
children died in infancy. 

(3). William T. Loder, born Oct. 31, 1857, married Hetty Gramley. 
Three sons died in childhood, a fourth son, Maurice, died in 1909, a daughter, 
Alice, married Ray Allison, lives at Howard. Pennsylvania. 

(4). James Lewis Loder, born March 19, 1860; met an accidental 
death, Nov. 17, 1875. 

(5). Samuel L. Loder, born May 11, 1862; died Oct. 1907. Married 
Esther Kitchner. 

(6). Philip B. Loder, born Oct. 27, 1864; died Aug. 22, 1933; married 
Temperance Hall. 

(7). Elizabeth Catharine Loder, born May 20, 1867; died May 19, 
1933. Married Joseph Pletcher. 

(8). Sarah M. Loder, born Sept. 1870; died Nov. 1914, Married 
George Shilling. They had two children: Leroy and Alice. 

(B). George Ziegler, oldest son of John and Elizabeth Ziegler, born 
March 9. 1834; died Dec. 16. 1915. Married Elizabeth Houghawout. They re- 
moved from Center Co., Pa., to Nebraska. They had five sons and five 

(1). Alice Adilaide Ziegler, born Sept 15, 1858, died Nov. 2, 1925, 
married Charles Plouck. Children: (a), Georgia E. Plouck, married Clarence 
E. Sager. Children: Dorothy Alice Sager, Jackson Linn, Stanley Homer, Lois 
Helen, Clarence Admiral, Jean Elizabeth, Robert Lee, Richard James Sager; 
(b), Homer Plouck; (c), Bessie Plouck, married Jasse Davis; (d), Clyde; (e), 
Earl Plouck, married Ruth Herzig. They have two sons and one daughter; 
Richard, Keith, Betty. The Plouck home is at Monclove, Lucas Co., Ohio. 

(2). Herbert Sebiski Ziegler, born Aug. 4, 1860; died Feb. 17, 1931. 
Married Flora A. Davis, born May 17, 1868;° living at St. Clare, Nebraska. 

(a). Mary E. Ziegler, born Sept. 9, 1887. Married John Crook, born 
Feb. 6, 1887. Children: Percy Crook, born Oct. 30, 1909; Glen Crook Nov 
22, 1910; Dale Crook, July 23, 1914; Lucile Crook, May 5, 1918; Vlelma Crook, 
July 8, T920; Bernice Crook, April 12, 1925; Nellie Crook, March 27, 1927; 

(b). Georgea Ziegler, died in infancy. 

(c). Alva L. Ziegler, born Oct. 14, 1890. Married Ella Jacobitz, born 
Dec. 11, 1889. Children: Lyle, born Feb. 13, 1914; Leslie, Dec. 17, 1916; Eva 
Sept. 30, 1918; Hilton, Oct. 23, 1920; Clara, June 7, 1922. 

(d). Bertrand L. Ziegler, born April 22, 1892. 

(e). Earl Ziegler, born March 22, 1896. Married Fay Duggar, born 
July 22, 1896. Children: Keith Neville, born Nov. 23, 1916; Fay Catharine 
Sept 8, 1919; Ida June, June 3, 1927. 

(f). Merl was a twin of Earl. 

(g). Ethel A. Ziegler, born Aug. 31, 1897, married, 1, Everett W. 
Plamback, born Sept. 19, 1896. Children: Gerald, born Dec. 18, 1915- Don- 
ald, March 7, 1918; Everette LeRoy, July 4, 1920; Helen Marie, April 30, 



1922- Mrs. Plamback married, 2, William Doyle. 

(h). Cecil E. Ziegler, born April 13, 1902. 

(i). Clell H. Ziegler, born Dec. 24, 1903. 

(j). Wilbur J. Ziegler, born Nov. 5, 1905. 

(k). Edna C Ziealer, born Feb. 8. 1909. Married Rav Rogers, born 
April 26. 1906. Child: Barbara Joyce Rogers, bonrFeb. 28, 1VZ*. 

P (3). Laura Irene Ziegler, born April 17, 1862, married Stephen Mc- 
Hose, born April 19, 1858. Children: ,, 1CM ., . , «„„,. 

(a). Zora Elizabeth McHose, born Aug. 13, 1883. Married Frank 
Buticofer, born May 25, 1881. Children: 1, Floy Violet Buticofer born April 
17 1904. Married Alfred Watson. Child: Margaret Edith; 2, Margaret Ida 
Buticofer, born April 3, 1908. ^^ . - , n 

(b) . Edna Alzena McHose, born Nov. 29, 1 884, married Gunder Gun- 
derson. Children: Mary, born Sept. 1, 1905; Marie and Edwin Gunderson. 
twins, borh Aug^ ^H™ ^ May ? ^ ^ N ^ m ^ (d) , 

Maude Myrtle, born June 14, 1888, died Oct 28, 1889; <e) .Charles Emery, 
born Oct. I 1890; (f), Oliver Dwight, born Oct. 17, 1892; <g) George W. 
born Oct. 13, 1899; (h), Wayne Laverne, born Nov. 8, 1901; (i), Ward 
Lester McHose, born July 19, 1903. A1 . T 

(4). Mary Agnes Ziegler, born Sept. 5, 1864 Married John Alvin La 
Borde. born Feb. 8, 1863. Child: Neva C. La. Borde, born Dec. 27, 1893. Mar- 
ried Ray Clifford Wagner, born April 19, 1893. ...» 14 io?o 

(5). Elsie Roberts Ziegler, born April 20, 1867; died Aug. 14, 1929. 
Married William Kern. Children: p„»j a 

(a) Georqe W. Kern, married Lona Rutner. Children: Kermot, treda. 
Weaver Harold Clyde. After his wife's death, George Kern married Inez 
Marble. They had three children: Dale. Mervin. Phyllis Lea. 

(b), Clarence Kern, married. Children: Elanor, Phyllis; (c) Mable 
Kern married H. B. Van Buskirk. Children: Roger bornjidv 24 1918; Leon- 
ard March 6, 1920; (d), Florence Kern, married M. Duff; (e), Alice; (t). 
Mary Esther Kern, born Jan. 15. 1897 married Chester C Blakely, born Jan. 
28, 1895. Children: Cleo Kern Blakely. born May 20. 1918. Chester C Blake- 
ly Tr. born Jan. 6, 1922; Helen Frances Blakely. born March 17 1924; (g). 
Ada Winona Kern, married Eugene Dobbtas. They have a daughter. Mary 
Frances; (h). Helen Bertha Kern, married H. C. Krei. Children Ronald Lloyd. 
Barbara Joyce, Dorothy Louis. 

(6). Eugene Ellsworth Ziegler, born Aug. 12, 1869. 

(7). Harold Bertrand Ziegler, born Jan. 12 1872 Married Emma O. 
Kurtz, born Jan. 24, 1877. Children: Flossie Mae, born June 22, 1903; Clar- 
ence E., born July 7, 1906. ft 
(8). William Everette Ziegler, born Sept. 29, 1873; died Aug. 8, 1929 
(9). Winona Blanche Ziegler, born Feb. 22, 1876. Miss Blanche lives 
at Arnold, Nebraska. She has furnished considerable data for the 1 ree. 

(10). Percy Clarence Ziegler, born Dec. 16, 1878, married Julia A. 

Jones. Children: (a) Neva, born at Nora Nebr J^V^on? ^" 1 wf. 
Holgner Frankson. born at Jamestown, N. Y., March 6, 1905. Chi dren: Win- 
ston' Holgner Frankson, born March 2. 1926, at Jamestown, Wallace Duane 
Frankson, born May 6, 1933 at Toledo, Ohio; (b) Leroy F. Ziegler. 



(C). Catharine Ann Ziegler, daughter of John and Elizabeth Rudy 
Ziegler, born April 30, 1836; died Feb. 4, 1896. Married John Cox, born July 
24, 1830; died Feb. 3, 1868. Their home is in Belief ont, Pa. They had eight 
children, four of whom died in infancy — the other four are as follows: 

(1). Marjory Jane Cox, born April 26, 1856; died July 20, 193 3. 
Married ( 1 ) , Lawrence Solt. Children: 

(a), Samuel A. Solt, born May 17, 1877. Children: Merril and Samuel 

(b), Nora Alverda Solt, born Sept 17, 1879. Married Joseph Ritter 
Bushley, Dec. 19, 1900. Child. Chester Ritter Burley. Married Beatrice 
Thornton, March 17, 1923. Children: Dorothy Spray; Chester Thornton; 
Richard Melvin. 

(c), John A. L. Solt, born Dec. 6, 1884. Children: Jack Dennis, Nora [■ 

Lawrence Solt died in 1884, and Mrs. Solt married (2), Dennis Mon- 
gan, Dec. 15, 1886. Children: (a), Dennis M; (b). Brinton M; (c), William 
E. Mongan, born April 25, 1892. Married Emma Pearl Welhaus. Children: 
Elenor Jane Morgan; Mary E; William; Nadine E; Naomi R; Renolds 
J; Kathleen; Dennis; Fred L; Harriett Blanch, (d), Catharine E. Mongan, 
born April 3, 1894. Married Fred K. Houser. Children: Marjory May 
Houser; Maryland Leone; Edress Loretta Houser, born Oct. 30, 1928. 

(2). Martha Amelia Cox, born Dec. 21, 1858; married Miles Bnm- 
beager. Children: Phoebe, Jane, Lyda, Francis, Belinda, Olive, William 
Bumbarger. Their home is Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. 

(3). Phoebe Ellen Cox, born May 26, 1859, died Aug. 1912; married 
John Houtz. Children: Anna, Mary — one married Keller, the other, Fetters, 
John Hourtz, Jr. Their home is Bellfonte, Pa. 

(3). Harriett Nora B. Cox, born Jan. 24, 1866; married George B, 
Hennigh, M. D., Feb. 15. 1884. Children: 

(a). Sara Belle Hennigh, born Oct. 12, 1885; Married Melvin B. 
Anchy, July 4, 1925. Child: Joanna Louise Anchy, born Oct. 4, 1929. 

(b), John S. Hennigh, married Ida E. Olson, Oct. 15, 1913. Children: 
(1), George B. McClellan Hennigh, born May 3, 1915; (2), Charles Emmorv 
Hennigh, born Sept. 15, 1916; (3), Sara Belle Hennigh, born Sept. 26.1918: 
(4), Harriet Eliizabeth Hennigh, born March 12, 1923; (5), Emma Louise 
Hennigh, born July 27, 1925. The Hennigh home is at Perkasie, Pa. 

(D). Sarah Elizabeth Ziegler, daughter of John and Elizabeth Rudy 
Ziegler, born in Center Co. Pa., April 18, 1838; died at Hancock, Michigan, 
July 13, 1917. Married John Franklin Haughawout, Bellefonte, Pa., Dec. 3, 
1856. MTr. Haughawout was born July 6, 1836, in Juniata Co. Pa., died at 
Hancock, Mich., Jan. 31, 1916. At the present time, there are twenty grand 
children and eleven great grand children. Children: 

(1). William Packard Haughawout, born Oct. 29, 1857, in Center 
Co. Pa., died in June, 1884. 

(2). Lissa H. Haughawout, born Oct. 28, 1859, in Suffield, Ohio. Mar- 
ried John A. Miller, Stanton, Mich., Dec. 22, 1886. Mr. Miller was born at 
Defiance, Ohio, Feb. 19, 1856, died at Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 24, 1931. 
Children: (a) Lloyd Augustus Miller, born Aug. 1888. died in infancy; (b) 



(b). Leon Clayton Miller, born Aug. 22, 1889; (c). Floyd Carlton Miller, born 
Dec. 29, 1901. Married Josephine Leys Aug. 1920. They have a son, Robert 
Bruce Miller, born at Grand Rapids, Mich., April 29, 1921. 

(3). Electa Elizabeth Haughawout, born in Brimfield, Ohio, Dec. 17, 
1861 married William A. Reed, Vickeryville, Mich., Oct. 11, 1883. Mr. Reed 
was born Mav 13, 1858. at Ionia, Mich. He died July 22, 1931, at Crystal 
Lake Mich They had one daughter, Edith Avis Reed, born March 17, 1890. 
She married Willard Alfred Knaggs, Sept. 17, 1914, at Palo, Mich Mr 
Knagos was born at Ionia, Mich., Sept. 17, 1888. They have a son Murel 
Willard Knaggs, born March 19, 1924. They live at Vickeryville. Mich. 

(4). John Otis L. Haughawout, born in Kent, Ohio, July 1864. He 
lives at Hancock, Michigan. 

(5). Arnoldus Franklin Haughawout, born Dec. 18, 1866, in Center 
Co. Pa., died at St. Louis, Missouri. 

(6). Sadie Luella Haughawout, born Sept. 1869. She is buried at 
Jacksonville. Center Co., Pa. 

(7), Edgar Brison Haughawout, born Jan. 22, 1871, at Renovo, Pa. 
Married Anna Martha Sargent, July 9, 1894, at Escanaba, Mich. They had 

(a) Robert John Haughawout, born March 11, 189(6; (b) Chester 
Franklin Haughawot, born Aug. 27, 1898. married Yonvone Johnville born 
in France, in 1898. They have one son, Franklin Earl, born May 30, 1920. 
They live at Miles City, Montana; (c) Edgar Brison Haughawout. Jr. born 
May 13, 1900, at Oconta, Wis., married Hazel Leone Gaston, born at Perry, 
Okla. They have two children: Anna Maura, born Mav 5, 1926 and Edgar 
Gaston, born Mav 13, 1929. They live at Miles Citv. Montana; (d) Mary 
Elizabeth Haughawout, born March 2. 1902. at Green Bay, Wis. Miss Haugh- 
awout is a trained nurse; (e) Helen Sarah, died in childhood; (f) Grace 
Evelyn Haughawout, born March 19, 1907, married Albert James Culverson. 
Nov. 3, 1928. Mr. Culverson was born Sept. 21, 1904 at St. Charles, 111. They 
have two children: Roberta Jean, born May 23, 1929 and John Robert, born 
Dec. 14, 1931. They live at Miles City, Montana; (g) John Sargent Haugh- 
awout, born July 10, 1910; (h) Clayton Lee Haughawout, born Jan. 30, 1912; 
(i) Kenneth Williston Haughawout, born July 5, 1914; (j) June Hope Haugh- 
awout, born March 13, 1918. 

(8), Ernest Westly Haughawout, born Aug. 29, 1873, at Kent, Ohio, 
died Jan. 26, 1900 at Hancock, Michigan. 

(9). Daisy Annetta Haughawout, born March 9, 1876, married Joseph 
Rowe Hancock, Mich.. Oct. 30*. 1901. Mr. Rowe was born in England, May 
24, 187(6, Mrs. Rowe died in Chicago, Feb. 1. 1922. Children: (a) William 
Thomas Rowe, born Sept. 22, 1902, married Margaret Shaw, June 29, 1926, 
at Spencer, Iowa. They have two children: Thomas Hugh and Margaret 
Jean. They live at Pittsburg, Pa.; (b) Franklin Eldred Rowe, born July 8, 
1904, married O'lga Peterson, April 28, 1934, at Chicago; (c) Florence Luella 
Rowe, born March 7, 1906: (d) Ernest Joseph Rowe, born April 30, 1908, 
married Eleanore Louise Weber, June 7, 1930, at Chicago, 111. They have 
one son, Laurence Earnest Rowe; (e) Alvin Richard Rowe, born Jan 2. 1912 

(10). Zoe Alverta Haughawout, born Sept. 19, 1882, married Elmer 
G. Harry, Oct. 22, 1902, at Hancock, Mich. Mr. Harry was born March 31, 



1875. Children: (a) Sadie Elizabeth, died in infancy; (b) Verna Elverta, 
born Tune 10, 1909, married Anthony Ruffs, Milwaukee, Wis. They have 
one child, Alice Marie, born April 23, 1928: (c) Elmer Clinton Harry born 
July 3 1911; (d) Raymond Clyde Harry, born July 21, 1916; (e) Eldred: 
Franklin Harry, born Oct. 6, 1918. The Harrys live at Milwaukee. | 

(E) Julia Ann Ziegler, sister of Catharine, born June 14, 1840; diecb 
June 11, 1908, married Jacob Fisher, born 1823, died Sept. 9, 1901. They had, 

12 children. ^ , _ T ,. _ _, ! 

(1). Alice Elizabeth Fisher, born Feb. 15, 1862, married N. M. Kunes.? 

Children: , r , _. | 

(a) Charles Calvin Kunes, born Feb. 7, 1881, married Lulu Hoover,! 

daughter of George H. Hoover. Children: Alice Kunes, married John Miller; 

Nathan; George; Robert. 

(b), Harry William Kunes, born April 3, 1884; married Lulu De Long, 

daughter of Thomas De Long. „.„«,, . _. T i u 

(c) Clarence Russell Kunes, born Dec. 7, 1886, married Lulu Bryan. 
Children: (1) Thelma Eva, married Edwin Hobart Brown; (2) William 
Mitchell Kunes, married Viola Rogers, they have a son and a daughter. Wil- 
liam Mitchell Jr. and Doris Jean; (3) Fred Donald Kunes; (4) Mildred Neva ; 

(d), Floyd Emerson Kunes, born Nov. 6, 1888, married Sarah Mac- 
elhaney. Children: Ben; James; William. 

(e). Nathan Merril Kunes, born Jan. 6, 1890, married Pearl Madeia. 

(2), Rachel Agnes Fisher, born April 19, 1863, married J. T. Moore. 

(3). Ida Elmira Fisher, born Oct. 21, 1864, married Jacob Batschelet; 
son, Clarence C. Batschelet lives at Cherry Dale, Va„ near Washington, D. 
C. Later, Mrs., Batschelet married A. E. Berry. 

(4). William Elmer Fisher, born Aug. 28. 1866, married Caroline 


(5). Susan Anetta Fisher, born Jan. 10, 1868, married Clark Penington 

('6). Clara Eva Fisher, born Jan. 19, 1870, married M. C. Reeder. 

(7). Sarah Luella Fisher, born Aug. 28, 1871, died Sept. 17, 1931, 
married William Burnell, Lock Haven, Pa. Children: Howard; Clare. 

(8). Cora Bell Fisher, born March 19, 1873, married George S. Moore. 

(9), Catharine Viola Fisher, born Sept. 17, 1874, married Samuel 


(10). Harry Wilber Fisher, born Oct. 15, 1878. married Tillie Holland 
(11). Maggie Fisher, born Nov. 28, 1880, married Herbert Nifart. 
(12). Catharine Jane Fisher, born April 28. 1884, married Charles 


(F). John William Ziegler, born Dec. 14, 1842, died at Nelson, Neb., 
July 4, 1892. Married Sarah Elvina Corman, born May 23, 1851. They had 
ten children: 

( 1 ) . Susan Elizabeth died in infancy, at Jacksonville, Center Co., Pa. 

(2). Estella Viola Ziegler, born Oct. 23, 1870; died Dec. 13. 1928. 
Married William E. Howard, born Jan. 12. 1865, died Wellefleet, Neb. June 
13, 1928. Children: 

(a) . Ellis Franklin Howard, born June 5. 1893, died at Wellefleet, Nebr. 



March 17 1920. Married Flora Young. Children: George, William, Fern, Alta. 

(bj Elvina Rachel Howard, born June 25, 1896. Married George L. 

Koster, born May 28, 1887. Children: George William born Nov. 10, 917; 

Floyd Odel, Jan. 7, 1920; Wayne Joseph, July 24, 1924 died Sept. 9 1926. 

(c) Virgil Clyde Howard, born June 13, 1900. Married Lora Luella 
Hunt, born May 15. 1908. . .....' 

(d) Lola Vivian Howard, born June 21, 1903. Married Francis Willis 
Hunt, born July 6, 1897. Child: Ardis Ilene, born Feb. 20, 1930. 

(e) Glenn Elsworth Howard, born April 30, 1906. Married Bertha 
V. Brown, born Sept. 21. 1910. Child: Vinita Mae, born Aug. 4. 1928. 

(3) Alvin Wilson Ziegler, born March 12, 1873. Married Mary Ann 
Thompson. Guide Rock, Neb., born Feb. 8, 1877. Children: (a) Mervin Paul 
Zieqler, born Dec. 31. 1898; (b) Floyd Raymond Ziegler, born Oct. 13. 1900; 
(c) Dudley Roy Ziegler, born Jan. 19, 1903. Married Nellie Thorp. Born 
Nov. 16. 1908. Child: Dolores Irene, born Dec. 29. 1931; (d) Alma Anise 
Ziegler. born June 21. 1905. Married Zodic Brovilette. Child: Betty Virginia, 
born Oct. 15. 1923; (e) Francis Elmer Ziegler. born Jan. 20, 1909. Married 
Muriel Davies. born Oct. 31, 1915. Child: Doneta Shirleen, born Dec. 8, 1931;- 
(f) Byron .Selby Ziegler, born June 5, 1911; (g) Ivan Berl Ziegler. born 

March 9. 1916. _ m , . , _ A1 , : 

(4). Bella May Ziegler. born March 12. 1875. Married Jesse Albert 
Pritts. born April 26. 1869. Guide Rock. Neb. Children: (a) Ulah Valier 
Pritz. born, Nov. 1, 1899. Married Perry Barnason. Children: 
Jesse Albert, born April 6. 1924; Duane Elbert, born Jan. 2. 1927; (b) 
Veda Maude Pritz. born Dec. 10, 1901. Married Frank Sweet. Child: Mary- 
lin Bell Sweet, born Aug. 23, 1928. 

(5). John Lewis Ziegler. born Dec. 6, 1877. Married Lillie Mae Hiatt. 
born Oct. 4, 1877, North Piatt, Neb. Children: (a) Clyde Evert Ziegler, born 
Aug. 18, 1900. Married Anna Northhouse, born July 16. 1908. Children: 1. 
Evert Le Roy. born Feb. 9. 1924; 2. Lewis Lyle. born Feb. 3. 1925; 3, Or- 
ville Duane. born Aug. 2. 1927; 4, Ilene Elvera, born Oct. 1, 1928; 5. Robert 
Lowell, born Sept. 4. 1930; 6. Arlene Rosella, born Oct. 24, 1932. ' 

(b) Ava Myra Ziegler, born June 2. 1904. Married Cecil Leland 
Florom, born Jan. 28. 1909. Children: Chester Leland. born March 29, 1928: 
Duane Eugene, born March 13, 1930. , 

(c) Walter Lewis Ziegler, born Aug. 8, 1907. (d-e) Harley Ray arid 
Harold LeRoy Ziegler (twins), born June 22, 1910. Harley married Lulu 
Jesse Joliff, born Dec. 13, 1912. Child: Marlin Lee, born Oct. 2, 1932. 

(6). Olive Gertrude Ziegler, born March 6, 1881. Married Levi Ed- 
mond Ray, born Jan. 11. 1878, Dickens. Neb. Children: 

(a). Lloyd Emmett Ray, born Aug. 27, 1901; (b) Golda Fern Ray, born 
June 28, 1904. Married Cecil Sanfor Dunn, born May 5, 1902. Children: 1. 
Betty June Dunn, born Sept. 16, 1923; 2, Wauneta Flora Dunn, born Oct. 8, 
1924; 3, Cecil Fern Dunn, born July 27, 1926; (c) Freeda Oleeta Ray, born 
Aug. {31, 1909. Married Elmer Leigh Fitzgerald, born April 19. 1906 

(7). Hess Maud Ziegler, born July 25, 1883. Married Norman Clar- 
ence White, born Nov. 19, 1874, North Platte, Neb. Children: 

(a) Russell Clarence White, born April 22, 1903. Married Dora Mae 
Welch, born March 16, 1904. Children: 1, Wayne Clarence White, born 
Dec. 2, 1924; 2, Loretta Irene White, born March 24, 1928; (b) Ralph 


Archie White, born Feb. 23, 1905. Married June Clara Siinms, born April 13, 
1910. Child: Billy Bruce, born Dec. 10, 1932; (c) Clair Adelbert White, born 
Feb. 7, 1908. Married Gladys Rogers, born Aug. 22, 1911; (d) Norman 
Gerald White, born May 22, 1910. Married Estella Dakery Jones, born Aug. 
7, 1914; (e) Luvern Lyle White, born June 22, 1914; (f) Elvina Bell White, 
born March 14, 1919; (g) Clayton Cleeon White, born Feb. 9, 1923. 

(8). Myrtle Grace Ziegler, born April 29, 1886 at Wellfleet, Neb. 
Married Hugh Leroy Ryker, born July 3, 1884. Children: (a) Veda Melvina 
Ryker, born Dec. 25, 1907. Married Henry Charles Cooper. Children: Mil- 
ford Blaine; Roland Dean Cooper, born Feb. 5, 1931; Connie Marlene Coop- 
er, born Nov. 19, 1932; (b) Kenneth William Ryker, born Nov. 7, 1908. Mar- 
ried Jesse Curr; (c) Dale Odell Ryker, born Feb. 28, 1918; (d) Maurice Earl 
Ryker, born Nov. 14, 1929 

(9). Veda Luverne Ziegler, born Sept. 25, 1888. Married. 1, Edgar 
Charles Crook, born Tune 28, 1885, died March 8. 1920. Children: (a) Clarice 
Valear Crook, born May 2, 1909; (b) Vivian Floy Crook, born Sept. 30, 
1910. Married Sherwin Francis Carlson. Children: Llwyn Bruce Carlson, 
born June 1, 1930: Clair Dwight Carlson, born May 30, 1932; (c) Cleo 
Oleeta Crook, born Feb. 25, 1913: (d) Bella Irene Crook, born March 9. 1920. 
Mrs. Edgar Ziegler Crook married. 2, Rodney Rudolph Rogers, born May 
5. 1871; ched April 6. 1929. Child: Emerson Lee Roqers. born Sept. 16, 1928. 

(10). Elvina Flower Zienler. born Dec. 2. 1891, died April 10. 1895. 

After her husband's death, Mrs. William Ziegler married William A. 
Hall of Nelson, Nebraska 

(G). Susanna Ziegler, daughter of John and Elizabeth Rudy Ziegler, 
born July 13, 1845, died Dec. 12, 1906. Married Levi Kustenborder, Dec. 10, 
1867. Mr. Kustenborder was born May 5, 1844, died Dec. 18, 1926. Children: 

(1). Elizabeth Catharine Kustenborder, born Jan. 22, 1870. Married 
John W. Brown. Children: (a) Esta Mae Brown, born Nov. 22, 1894, died 
Feb. 29, 1924. Married Williard C Sweeters. Children: Violet Ida Mae Sweet- 
ers, born Aug. 23, 1918; Vera Carbella Sweeters, born March 25, 1921; 
Arloha Edith Sweeters, born March 4, 1922; Ivas Wilma Sweeters, born 
Feb. 23, 1924. Mrs. Sweeters died Feb. 29, 1924. (b) Lillian Ropia Brown, 
born April 22, 1897. Married John Hoffman. Children: Ida Mae, born Feb. 
5, 1926; Dorren Darrell, born Dec. 23, 1929. 

(2). Delia Irene Kustenborder, born March 18, 1874; died April 1, 
1904. Married William A. Neal. 

(3). William Otto Kustenborder, born March 4, 1879; died April 24, 
1899, in Spanish American War, Manila, Philipine Islands. 

(4), Iona Oka Kustenborder married Crist Dreuth. 
Children: (a) Elizabeth Iona Dreuth, born Sept. 1, 1896. Married Harry Van- 
denburg. Children: Gerrit Christian Vandenburg. born Nov. 9, 1920; Richard 
Albert, Sept. 14, 1922; William John f Sept. 16. 1924: Robert Herman, Aug. 20, 
192:6; Lewis died in infancy; Ella Pearl, Jan. 30, 1930: Aelow Lewis, May 24, 

(b) Susan Pearl Dreuth, born March 1. 1898: (c) Mary Christeen 
Dreuth, born Oct. 21, 1899. Married J. J. Schlenker. Children: Myron Chiles 
Schlenker, born Dec, 27, 1930; Earl Gordon, Oct. 21 .1932; (d) Levi Theo- 
dore Dreuth, born Oct. 2, 1901. Married Beatrice Aulderman. Children: Lyle 



Rover, born April 3, 1927; Ruth Marjory, Oct. 8, 1930; Marie Anna July 29, 
1932- (e) Ella Gertrude Dreuth, born Oct. 16, 1903. Married John G. Kalm- 
back. Child: Vivian Jannett, born Oct. 24, 1932; (f) Mabel Anna Dreuth. 
born May 23, 1905. Married Paul Sander; (g) Pearl Bernice Dreuth, born 
Sept. 14, 1909; (h) Richard Benjamin Dreuth, born May 9, 1912, married 
Abbie Twenfaugh; (i) Irene Grace, Dec. 10, 1915; (j) Mildred Lulu, Aug. 25, 

(5). Margaret Pearl Kustenborder, born June 7, 1886. Married Tohn 
Bedker. Children: Hazel Iona Bedker, born Aug. 14, 1908; Pearl Prudence. 
Auq. 12, 1910; Melvin Stanley, Nov. 12, 1912; Henry Alvin, March^, 1917; 
Lila Bernice, Oct. 21, 1920; Mildred Grace, Sept. 24, 1923; Mariel Mae, May 
30, 1928, died Dec. 26, 1928. The Bedker home is at Jud, North Dakota. 

(H). Mary Rachel Ziegler, daughter of John and Elizabeth , Rudy 
Ziegler, born May 12, 1848. (Still living as this is being written). Married 
James W. Becle, born Aug. 21. 1845; died May 24, 1903. Children: 

( 1 ) . Elizabeth Beck, born June 27, 1 870; married James Hever^y; son, 
Paul M. Heverly, married Sara Reamoly, Indiana, Pa. Mrs. James Heverly 
lives at State College, Pa. __ +, 

(2). John William Beck, born Oct. 25, 1872; married, 1, Mary E. 
Heverly, Howard. Pa. Child: Wilda Beck, married Edgar M. Rader, Allen- 
town, Pa. Mr. Beck later married Katie Johnson, Jersey Shore, Pa .^ 

(3). Carrie E. Beck, born Aug. 11, 1875; married J. B. Strunk. Their 
home is at Mill Hall, Pa. Children: (a) M. Ethel Strunk, married Alleman 
Swope, Lock Haven, Pa. Thev have four sons: Robert T. Swope; Donald 
Swope; Richard A. Swope; James E. Swope; (b) V/illard Strung married 
Hester Zerbe. Mrs. J. B. Strunk and her mother, Mrs. James W. Beck, live 
toaether at Mill Hall, Pa. 

(I). Elmira Ziegler, sister of Margaret Ziegler Loder, born July 31, 
1850; died Nov. 15, 1920, at Jacksonville, Center Co., Pa., where their four 
children are buried. She married Aaron Buck. They moved to Sunbury, Pa., 
about 1887. Children: _, __ , 

(1). John Emery Buck, born June 18, 1874; married Mary Myrtle 
Savidge of Sunbury, Pa., Sept. 18, 1900; born May 15, 1880; died Sept 15, 
1932. Their home is Detroit, Mich, Children: (a) John Leonard Buck born 
at Sunbury. April 7, 1902; married. 1, Louise Robinson. Jan. 18. 1923. Child: 
Bettie Louise/ born Dec. 12. 1923. Mr. Buck married, 2, Beulah Ethel 
Paige, July 16, 1930. Child: Constance Marion, born April 24, 1931; (b) 
Helen Mae Buck, born Aoril 16; 1904; married Del Osborn, April 30. 1932. 

(2). Rena Elizabeth Buck, born Nov. 18, 1876; married Harmon 
Knoebel. Sunbury, Pa. Mrs. Knoebel has furnished valuable Tree information. 

13). William Harold Buck, born Sept. 26. 1880, did not marry. 

(4). Mary Ethel Buck, born Seot 6. 1885; married Georqe F. Ream, 
Nescopeck, Pa. Children: (a) Vauqhn Herald, and Roland Emery Ream 
(twins), born Sept. 27, 1906. Vaughn died Feb. 5, 1930. Roland married 
Florence Sullovan, Wilkesbarre, Pa. Children: Roland Emery, Jr., and George 
Bertram: (b) Georae Harrison Ream, died in childhood: (c) Mildred Elmira 
Peam, born Tan. 25, 1910, Sunbury, Pa. Married Frank Downing Jr.. 
Wilkesbarre, Pa. They have one child: Vaughn Ream. 



(IX). DANIEL ZIEGLER, son of Peter Ziegler, Sr., born in Cen- 
ter Co., Pa. 1809 or 1810. He is buried in Yearick's cemetery, Brush Valley, 
three miles west of Madisonburg. There were four sons and four daughters. 

(A). Henry Cyrus Ziegler, son of Daniel Ziegler, married Julia 
Stover. Children: 

( 1 ) . William Harry Ziegler, married Mary Minerva Zimmerman. 

(a), Harry Clemens Ziegler, married Alpha Smull, their home is in 
Rebersburg, Pa. Mr. Ziegler is an instructor in the High School, and Justice; 
of the Peace. Children: Clarence Paul; Ruth Eleaner; Sara Josephine. I 

(b) Stanley Guy Ziegler, married Lottie Strayer. Child: Gladys Irene; 

(c). Raymond Allen Ziegler. married Marian Kreamer. Children 
Gladys May; Billy Franklin; Richard. 

(d) Russell Charles Ziegler; (e) Norman Bruce Ziegler, married Ida 
Hudson. Children: Phyllis, Nancy Jane; (f) Preston Roy Ziegler, married 
Margaret Krouse. They have one child, Rae Anna Krouse. 

(2). Ella Codora Ziegler, daughter of Henry Cyrus Ziegler, married 
William Haines. Children: John Haines; Martha Haines, married John Winkel- 

(3). Ira Allen Ziegler, single, died April 8, 1827- 

(4), James E3ward Ziegler, married Annie Klinefelter, 

(5). Sarah Susanna Ziegler, marred William C. Wolfe. Child: Mil- 
dred Wolfe, married Roy Nixon. Child: Sarah Louise Nixon. 

(6). Chestie Idella Ziegler, married Edward R. Wolfe. Children: 
Jason; Mildred. 

(B). John Ziegler, son of Daniel Ziegler, married Elmira Oswalt. Mr. ; 
Ziegler is buried in Green Grove Cemetery, near Spring Mills, Pa. Children: 

(1). Arthur Ziegler, married Sarah Wance. (2). Blanche Ziegler. 
(3). Bertha Ziegler, married Confer. (4). Lucretia Ziegler. (5). Eunice 
Ziegler, married Gideon Decker. 

(C). Peter Ziegler, son of Daniel Ziegler 

(D). Benjamin Ziegler, son of Daniel Ziegler, had a son. Calvin, by 
his first marriage. His second wife was Flora Snavely. 

(E). Catharine Ziegler, daughter of Daniel Ziegler, married Isaac 
Kling. Children: James Ziegler Kling, married Kate Hazel; William; Charles; 
Harry; Edwin and one daughter. 

(F). Julia Ann Ziegler, daughter of Daniel Ziegler, married William 
Glantz. Children: 

(1). Edith Glantz, married Frank Long. Children: (a) Alverta Long, 
married John Shade. Children: William, Agnes. Marvin; (b) Owen Long; 
(c) William Long; (d) Ernest Long; (e) Walter Long. 

(2). Delia Glantz, married William Breon. Children: (a) Edith 
Breon, married Roy Gentzel. Children: Benjamin; Marian Gentzel married 
William Rachau; Lorraine; Roy; Betty; (b) Paul Breon; (c) Guy Breon, 



married Dorothy Bailey. Child: Alda Irene: (d) Kenneth Breon. married 
Elizabeth Schnechterly: (e) William Breon; (f) Luella Breon, married Jesse 
Pennypacker. Children: Rose and Mary. 

(G). Sarah Ziegler, daughter of Daniel Ziegler, did not marry. 

(H). Emma Ziegler, sister of Sarah, married Adam Schreckengast: 
later, married John Hart. 

(X). Kesiah Ziegler, daughter of Peter Ziegler, Sr born about 1812. 
in Center Co., Pa. Married John Garbrick. Mr. and Mrs .Garbrick are buried 
In tne cemetery at Jacksonville, Center Co., Pa. They had two sons and four 

(A). Samuel Garbrick, married Margaret Hayer, daughter of James 
and Julia Ann Hayer. Children: 

( 1 ) . Bertha Garbrick died in infancy. (2) . Delia Garbrick, born Dec. 
13 1867 Miss Garbrick is a seamstress; she lives at Jacksonville (Nittany), 
Center Co., Pa. (3). Anna Garbrick. born July 15, 1870. (4). John James 
Garbrick, born Nov. 1873. (5). Clara Garbrick, born Oct. 14, 1876. (6). 
Harry Garbrick, born Sept. 1881. 

(B). William Garbrick married Miss Hazzard, (Sarah or Julia Ann), 
grand daughter of Elizabeth Ziegler Keith. 

(XI). Julia Ann Ziegler, daughter of Peter Ziegler, Sr born in Center 
Co., Pa., 1818. Married James Hayer. They had one son and four daughters: 

(A). Margaret Hayer married Samuel Garbrick, son of John and 
Kesiah Ziegler Garbrick. For children, see X, A. 

(B). Hannah Hayer, married William E. Emerick. Children: 1, Re- 
becca Emerick. married Albert Spayd, Center Hall Pa Child: Madalene 
Spayd, married Ray Dutrow. They have one child. Albert: 2, Christie Barner 
Emerick; 3. Claude Emerick; 4, Roy Emerick. 

(C). Susan Hayer, married Joel Reish. Children: James; Daisy; John. 
(D). Elizabeth Hayer, did not marry. 
(E). John Hayer, married Mina Starn. 


There are numerous related Ziegler family lines in America: we have 
traced but one. Several others in Center and Perry counties, Pa., are closely 




(I). JOHN NICHOLAS ZIEGLER, son of Nicholas, Sr. and Cath- 
arine Ziegler. was born in Codorus township. York Co., Pa., baptized June 
26, 1760. He married Juliana Weigel, June 8, 1784. Shortly after Peter Zieg- 
ler, Sr. came to Pennsylvania, in 1808 or 9, Nicholas also came to Center 
County. In 1807, he had sold to Dewalt Snyder a tract of 30 acres in Co- 
dorus Twp., York Co., being part of a larger tract patented to his father, 
Nicholas Sr., in 1790; and in 1811. to George Wepeling, 103 acres also in 
Codorus Townshp. In 1812, he purchased a farm of about 240 acres in Gregg 
Township, Brush Valley. Center county, from the executors of the Miles 
estate. Shortly after his death, the farm was sold, and deeded to his son Fred- 
erick, who in turn deeded it to Peter. Frederick's brother. According to the 
will of Nicholas, executed June 25, 1832, the proceeds of the sale of the farm 
were divided equallv among his eight children, including the children of his 
deceased daughter. Mary Ann Miller. 

Mrs. Ziegler died March 28. 1833: Nicholas died June 2, 1835. Their 
children are: Susan, who married John Hoover; Elizabeth, married Mathias 
Walker; Peter, the principal subject of this sketch; Henry; Frederick: Cath- 
arine; Rebecca; Mary Ann. deceased. Mary Ann's children: Henry, John and 
David Miller 

PETER ZIEGLER, second, son of Nicholas and Juliana Weigle Zieg- 
ler. was born in York Co. May 18, 1792; died in Center Co., May 5, 1864. 
He married M. Barbara Waldbarger. She was born Jan. 10, 1799; died May 
5, 1849. They had thirteen children, as follows: 

(1). Hannah Ziegler, born Dec. 28, 1818: died Jan. 1864. Married 
Jacob Garbrick. Children: Hannah, George, Jacob, Frank. Manuel. Jemina. 

(2). Sarah N. Ziegler, born July 26, 1820; died May 5, 1886. Mar- 
ried W. Philips. Children: William, John, Jerimiah, Sarah. 

(3-4). Johannes and William, born Jan. 2, 1822. Johannes died March 
30. 1837; William died April 3, 1837. 

(5). Catharine Ziegler, born July 25. 1823: died in 1890. Married 
Jacob Lutz. Children: Jerry, Harvey, Clement, Julia, Chasty, Hannah, Sarah. 

(6). Linamaria Ziegler, born July 23, 1825. Married Michael Tibbens. 
Children: Julia, Anna, Jane, Carrie, Chesty, Ida. Josiah. 

(7). David Ziegler, bom March 31. 1828; died March 24, 1893. Mar- 
ried Catharine Corman. Children: John, Albert, David; These three live at 
Fair Point, near^Mill Heim/, Pa., Frank, Elizabeth, Kathrine, Barbara Jane. 

(8). Petei*W. Ziegler, born Dec. 24, 1829; died 1899. Married Re- 
becca Long. Oct. 22, 1853. Mrs. Ziegler died April 29, 1890. Children: 

(a) Maria Jane Ziegler, born April 21, 1856; married William Musser. 
They have two children: 1, George Musser, who lives at Lewistown, Pa., 2, 
Alma Musser, married Haines. Mr. and Mrs. Hnines hive a daughter, Sarah 
Haines, who is a member of the High School faculty at Center Hall. William 
Musser died April 30. 1934. 

(b) Elizabeth Ziegler, born Dec. 25, 1865; married H. Keller. 

(c) Enima Ziegler, a twin of Elizabeth, married Newton Weaver. 
Mrs. Weaver died May 28, 1891. 

(9)/ Elizabeth Ziegler, born in Gregg Township, Feb. 19, 1832* died 

t //K}) fen 


in 1900. Married John Rossman Jr., Oct. 2, 1851. Children: (a) Josiah C. 
Rossman, born May 10, 1856. Married Mary Ream. Children: Alv.erta M., 
John, Elmer, Carrie, Abner, Cleve; (b) Lewis E. Rossman, born Feb. 6, 1859. 
Married Catharine Weaver; (c) Howard F. Rossman, born March 7, 1862; 
(d) Harvey D. Rossman, born May 6, 18 ! 63. Married Ida Armbuster. 

(10). Juliana Ziegler, born Dec. 21, 1833; married Solomon Weaver. 
Mrs. Weaver died Nov. 17, 1866. Children: Palmer, Curtis, John. 

(11). Henry Ziegler, born April 18, 1836, died Feb. 23, 1904; mar- 
ried Lydia Wolf. Children: (a) Harvey M. Ziegler, born Jan. 25, 1856; died 
Nov. 2 1923. (b) Charles Edward Ziegler, born Sept. 10, 1858; died July 
1867. (c) Josiah T. Ziegler, born Jan. 1, 1861; died March 25, 1925. Married 
Myra Stone. Children: 1, Charles I. Ziegler, has the following children: Jesse, 
Grace, Ellen, Earl, Catharine, Josiah, Beulah; 2, Edgar M. Ziegler has a son, 
Lewis; 3, Homer H. Ziegler. Children: Harriett, Miriam, Budd, George; 4, 
Clarence J. Ziegler, born Sept. 10, 1898, married Grace S. Boyer. They have 
a daughter, Betty A, Ziegler. They live at Belief onte. (d) Nathaniel Ziegler. 
born Feb. 14, 1863; married Margaret Carper. Children: Ralph, who has a 
son. Dean; Lyda, Mary, Ray, Rena, Gladys, Helen, (e) Adam E. Ziegler, 
born Jan. 13, 1865; married Anna Francis Myers, daghter of John and Re- 
becca Hoy Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ziegler live at State College. Pa. (f) 
Sarah Elizabeth Ziegler, born Oct. 15, 1867. (g) Howard J. Ziegler, born 
Sept. 25. 1869. Married Ella Shull. (h> Catharine M. Ziegler, born Sept. 10. 
1871. Her home is at Carlisle, (i) J. William Ziegler, born Oct. 23, 1873; 
Married Lulu Lonebaraer. Children: Velma. Violet. Snowden. May. (j) 
Anna R. Ziegler, born Oct. 15. 1876. died May 15, 1888. (k). Irwin W. Zieqler 
born April 24. 1879: died Dec. 29. 1926: Married Mabel Bartolet. Children: 
Constance. Louise. Henry. Rose Marv. Alice. Irwin. 

(12). Deliena Ziegler. born Nov. 22. 1838. died May 20. 1852. 

(13). Daniel Ziegler. born March 24. 1841: died 1924. Married Re- 
becca Houtz. Children: (a) Calvin, who has a son, Paul, at Lock Haven; (b) 
Rose, married John Gramley. 

(II). MICHAEL ZIEGLER, Mill Heim, Center County, born 1820; 
died Oct. 1894; son of Peter Ziegler. Which Peter he is, and how he is re- 
lated to our ancestor, Peter Ziegler, Sr., has not been determined. Mr. Zieg- 
ler was a sadler. He marrid Lydia Gephart. They had eight children: 1 , Dan- 
iel Ziegler, a sadler, at Mill Heim, born Sept. 13, 1842; died April 26. 1920. 
Married Sarah Wolf of Rebersburg, Pa., July 11, 1866, sister of Dr. E. J 
Wolf of Gettysburg. His daughter, Mabel, lives at Mill Heim. 2, John B. 
Zieghsr, born Nov. 11, 1843; married Sarah J, Yarger, born Jan. 1, 1849, 
daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Yarger. They have a son, Edward Grant 
Ziegler. 3, Sarah J. Ziegler, married A. Reesman, Center Hall. 4, Mary A. 
Ziegler, born June 1, 1848; married B. H. Arney, Center Hall. Their son, 
Miles Arney, lives at Niagara Falls, N. Y. 5, Emma R. Ziegler, married Geary 
Van Pelt, Ithaca, N. Y. 6, James Ziegler, Union County. 7, Lydia Ziegler 
Smith, Tyrone, Pa. 8, Alice E. Ziegler. 




JOHN SHARP ZIEGLER, son of Philip and Margaret Ziegler, was 
born in Harrington Township, York Conty, Pa., Jan. 19, 1813. 

Philip Ziegler, father of John Sharp, was born about 1746; died in 
York Co., Aug. 4, 1829. Philip and Margaret had the following children: 
juliana, Catharine, John Sharp, Sarah and Mary Ann; the last three being 
minors at the time of their father's death. Just how Philip Ziegler and our 
ancestor, Peter, are related is uncertain. It was thought that they were 
brothers; this is not likely, however. My father considered the Perry County 
branch as closely related to our line. It is probable that Philip is a son of 
Philip Ziegler, Sr., who was one of the twenty four original members of Christ 
Lutheran Church, York, Pa., in 1733. It is likely, too, that Nicholas Ziegler, 
Sr, is our common ancestor, and that he is a brother, also of the three Ziegler 
charter members of Christ church. 

Philip Ziegler, Sr. was born about 1712. He came to America in 1727. 
He married Margaret Schmidt in Christ Church, York, Pa., Nov. 21, 1737. On 
0,ct. 30, 1736, the Hon. Thomas Penn patented to Killian Smith 200 acres; 
to George Ziegler, 150 acres; to Jacob Ziegler, 150 acres, all in Manchester 
Township, in Springettsbury Manor. A grant was also patented, Oct. 23, 1767, 
to Philip Ziegler, Jr. Killian Smith had three daughters: Anna Margaret, who 
married Philip Ziegler; Anna Marie, who married Andrew Nebinger; Maria 
Agnes, who married Peter Wolf. The 200 acres of the Killian Smith estate 
were sold by Killian Smith and Andrew Nebinger to Peter Wolf, Oct. 14, 1763, 
for 80 pounds. 

John Sharp Ziegler married Mary Susan Roth of Dover Twp., York 
Co., Pa., Dec. 5, 1839, the Rev. Daniel Ziegler officiating. Mrs. Ziegler was 
born May 27, 1816; died March 12, 1893. They removed to Wheatland Twp., 
Perry Co., where Mrs. Ziegler died July 20, 1895. They had nine children, 
two of whom, George and Julia, died in infancy. The others are as follows: 

( 1 ) . Margaret Ann Ziegler, born May 5, 1841 ; married Thomas Green, 

Mr. Green was a Civil War Veteran ,serving three years, mustered out 
in 1865. Children: Mary E., born March 3, 1864; Minnie M., born, Nov. 13 
1865; Lysander G., Nov. 26, 1867; Ferdinand R., June 18, 1869; Charles E. 
Sept., 1870; Ella May, May, 1874; Thomas G., Aug. 16, 1876. Mrs, Greer 
died at the same time. 

Mary E. Green, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Ann Ziegler Green 
married Harry Swager, Dec. 30, 1884. Mr. Swager died in 1927. Children 
(1). Pearl Nina Swager, born Dec. 6, 1885. Married W. A, Fenicle, Dun- 
cannon, Pa., Feb. 12, 1908; (2). John M. Swager, Dec. 4, 1887, marriec 
Katharine Wein, Jan. 29, 1910. Children: Stanley Merwin; Catharine Eliza- 
beth, married Charles Lono, Nov. 3, 1932; Glenn; John; (3). Ennet H. Swager 
born Aug. 10, 1889, married Lulu Newcomer, Waynesboro, Pa. Children 
Winifred Elizabeth; Rachel Lucile; (4). David C Swager, Dec. 5, 1891 
Married Margaret Koontz, Son, Allen Dale; (5), Mary A. L. Swager, Dec. 9 
1895. Married Elmer E. Hamilton, April 30, 1922. Children: Mary Dorothy 
Elmer Newel; (6). Alda P. Swager. Sept. 11, 1900. Married Howard E 
Reiber, April 7, 1917. Children: Wilfred, Harry, Donald. Mrs. Mary E 
Swager s home is at Wiconisco, Pa. 



(2). John Andrew Ziegler, born March 28, 1843. He was a civil war 
veteran. Married, (1), Henrietta Weaver. Oct. 25. 1864. Children: Samuel 
C. Ziegler, William H. Ziegler; Anna T. Ziegler. Later John A. Ziegler 
married .(2). Mary E. Heller. Children: Mabel E. John C. 

(3). Mary Catharine Ziegler, born May 5. 1845; married Henry 
; Shaffer. Children: John Sharp Shaffer, Ellen. 

\ (4). Naomi Susan Ziegler, born near Delville, Perry County, Nov. 4, 

}■ 1847; died at White City, Kas., Oct. 5, 1908. Married Samuel Comp, at 
I Machanicsburg, Pa., April 13, 1868. Mr. Comp was born near Bloomfield, 
I Pa., Dec. 19, 1847; died at White City, Kas., Aug. 15, 1918. Mr. Comp 
; was a miller by trade. Children: 

(a), Harry Ferdinand Comp, born June 13, 1869, married Belle Mc'~ 
\ Coy. at Woodlawn, Kas., Sept. 1, 1897. Mr. Comp is a carpenter. Children: 
(1), Sylvia Juneta, born Aug. 6, 1898; died Dec. 1, 1916; (2), Katie Naomi, 
born Oct. 4, 1899, married Archie Clarence Hines, at Witchita, Kas., Dec. 27. 
1927. Mr. Hines is an Electrical Engineer. 

(b), Samuel Howard Comp, born Aug. 16, 1870. His home is White 
City, Kas. He is a farmer, specializing in the breeding of high grade horses, 
(c). John Andrew Comp. born May 1, 1872; retired farmer and pure- 
bred stock breeder. Married Mary Malone Firkins. March 4, 1896, White 
City, Kas. Children: 

(1). John Howard Comp, born June 29. 1898; married Alice Marie 
Henry, Feb. 12, 1922. Mr. Comp is owner of Sunnyslope Farm, White City, 
Kas., conducting a thoroughbred Jersey dairy farm. Children: Doris Marie, 
; died in infancy; Delma John born Dec. 25, 1925; Thelma Dorine, born May 22, 
I 1928; Myra Joan, born July 23, 1931. 

(2). Thelma Mae Comp, born Oct. 4. 1901. Miss Comp is a stenog- 
rapher in Savings and Loan Bank, Council Grove, Kansas. 

(3) . Everett Theron Comp. born Nov. 14, 1907. He operates South Slope 
Stock Farm, White City, breeder of pure-bred Jersey cattle. Married Reba 
Lilian Worlet. June 10. 1932. Child: Everett Theron Comp. Jr.. born March 
15, 1933. 

(d), Kattie Eva Comp, born April 18, 1874; married William H. 

Lovell, Kansas City, Mo. 

(e), Charles Ziegler Comp. died in infancy. 

(f), Mary Pearl Comp, born July 5. 1883; married James Thomas 
Houseman, White City, Sept. 10, 1903. Mr. Houseman is a barber. Child- 
ren: (1), Earl Comp Houseman, born Aug. 23, 1904. He is a musician ?nd 
composer; (2), Maxine Mae Houseman, born Aug. 11, 1914; married Paul 
- j Harrison Viar. Council Grove, Kas., June 10, 1934. Mr. Viar is a butter 

(5.) Ferdinand Luther Ziegler born Nov. 18, 1851; married Alfaretta 

• Spahr. Son: Raymond Ziegler. their home is Rock Rift, New York. 

: ('6.) William Henry Ziegler, born June 14, 1854; married Sarah En- 

• sminger. Children: Homer. Mae. They live at Duncannon, Pennsylvania. 
'•j (7.) Charles Emro Ziegler, born Jan. 1, 1858; married, (1), Susan 
•I Rebecca Wallace, Dec. 28, 1880. Children: 

:• | (a), Albert Clarence Ziegler, born Oct. 21. 1881, (b), Oscar Charles 

-! Ziegler born Oct. 16. 1883, married Minnie Raub. Their daughter, Helen. 


OCT 14 1936 


married Ralph Magee; 

(c), Emma May Ziegler, born Sept. 6. 1885, married A. B. Spease. 
Children: (1.) Ethel Spease, married Ernest Owen. Sons: Harold, Richard; 
(2), Arthur Spease, married Ruth Blatt. Child. Arlene; (3.) Charles Spease, 
married Marguarite Smith. Son, Nelson: (4.) Katharine Spease, married 
Paul Stansfield; John, Pearl. Rebecca, Miriam and Margaret Spease, at this 
writing, are at home; 

(d,) Hawley Ziegler. born Dec. 18, 1886; died in infancy; 

(e.) John Wallace Ziegler, born May 26, 1888; married, (1), Ida 
Fritz, who died in 1913. Son r Howard Fritz Ziegler. John W. Ziegler 
married, (2), Nellie May Owen. Children: Charles E., John W., Sara, 
Anna, Donald O. Ziegler. 

(f), Ira Nelson Ziegler, born Sept. 12, 1890; married Rebecca Page. 
Children: Mildred, Ina, William; 

(g,) Raymond Lester Ziegler, born Oct. 18, 1899; married Valeria 
Snell. Children: Lester and Cathryn. After the death of his wife in 1906, 
Charles Emro Ziegler married Mrs. S. B. Fritz. 


Three brothers, Nicholas, John and Daniel Ziegler are supposed to be 
connected with our line in York county. 

Daniel Ziegler was born Dec. 25, 1816, near Markelsville, Perry Co. 
He was a shoemaker by trade. He conducted a hotel together with his 
father-in-law, Isaac Keiser, at Duncannon. He supervised the construction 
of the Clarkes Ferry Dam. He died Feb. 19, 1804, on the farm he bought 
from John Ulsh, several miles west of Liverpool. His wife was Mary Keiser. 
They had six children: (1). Elizabeth, married George Martin; (2.) Isaac 
K.. who lives on the home farm in Poutz Valley; (3.) Emma, married, (l f ) 
Emanuel Lebkicher; (2), Joseph L. Kline, Academia, Pa; (4), Mary Ellen 
died in infancy/ (5.) E. D. ZieglerlPfoutz Valley, born Nov. 13, 1858; married 
(1,) Laura Be^Ver, Oct. 27, 188^(2,) Jennie Bookwalter. Children: Owen 
Paul Ziegle^fives on a farm/in Perry Valley; Tasie Ziegler. Mrs. Louis 
Bookwaltef Ziegler and Mte«f Tasie have their home in Newport, Pa. I took 
lunch ^ith them when op/a visit to Pennsylvania and Perry County, in 1933.