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Full text of "Additions Made to the Library of Congress: Since the First Day of November, 1852. November 1, 1853"

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93*0. 3S 




CLASS OF 1830 

Senator from Massachusetts 








NOVEMBER 1, 1853. 




"p ^iso.-as 

« . . ■ 


29 Abbott, Jacob: A Sammer in Scotland, l2nio; New- York, 

10 Abcly, E. S. : Water Cure — Cases of Disease Cured by Cold 
Water, (translated from the Germany) with Physiologi- 
cal Illustrations from Orthodox Medical Authors, ad- 
dressed to People of Cominon Sense ; 2d edition, with 
corrections, &c., 8vo ; London, 1843. 

43 Abel-Remu3:it, J. P.: El(^mens de la Grammaire Chinoise, 
ou Principes G6n4raux du Kou-Wen ou Style Antique, 
et du Kouan-Hoa, c'est-iVdire, de la Langue Commune 
gen6ralement usitoe dans I'Empire Chinois, gr. 8vo; 
Paris, 1822. 

10 Abernethy, John : Surgical Observations on the Constitu- 
tional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases; and 
on Aneurisms; 8th edition, 8vo; London, 1825. 
3 Account of the English Stage, fro»n the Restoration in 1G60 
to 1830, 10 V. 8vo; Bath, 1832. 

13 Acosta, Christoval: Tractado de las Drogas, y Medicinas 
de las Indias Orientales, con sus Plantas, 8vo ; Burgos, 
5 Acta Concilii Tridentini, Anno 15(52 et 1563, usque in finem 
Concilii Pio IV. Pont. Max. ; et alia multa circa dictum 
Concilium Fragmenta a Gabriel le Cardinale Paleotto de- 
scripta; nunc primum in lucem vindicata e codice MS. 
olim penes Fridericum comitem de Guilford ; edente Jo- 
sepho Mendham, 8vo; Londini, 1842. 
1^- 15 Act for Limiting the Time of Service in the Army, passed 

2lst June, 1817; and an Act for Punishing Mutiny and 
Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and 
their Quarters, passed 2Dth April, 1832; together with 
Rules and Articles of War, 12mo; London, 1852. 

29 Adair, James: History of the American Indians; particu- 
larly those Nations Adjoining to the Mississippi, East 
and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, 
and Virginia, 4to; London, 1775. 

10 Adair, James M.: Philosophical and Medical Sketch of the 
Natural History of the Human Body and Mind, vfcc., 
8vo; Bath, 1787. 

29 Adalbert, W. (Prince of Prussia) : Travels in the South of 
Europe and in Brazil, with a Voyage up the Amazon 


and the Xingu ; translated by Sir Robert H. Schom- 
burgk and John E. Taylor, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1849. 

29 Adams, John Quincy : Letters from Silesia, written during 
a Tour through that Country in the Years 1800, 1801, 
8vo; London, 1804. 

10 Adams, Joseph : Observations on Morbid Poisons, Chronic 
and Acute; 2d edition, 4to; London, 1807. 

15 Adams, William B. : English Pleasure Carriages; their 
Origin, Historj-, Varieties, Materials, Construction, De- 
fects, Improvements, and Capabilities : with an Analy- 
sis of the Construction of Common Roads and Rail- 
roads, and the Public Vehicles used on them, 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1837. 

2 Adamson, John : Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis 

de Camoens, 2 v. royal 8vo; London, 1820. 
2 Addison, C. G. : The Knights Templars; 3d edition, 8vo : 
London, 1852. 

43 Adelung, Johann Christoph : Mithridates, oder allgemeino 
Sprachenkunde, mit dem Vater Unser als Sprachprobe 
in bey nahe fiinfhundert Sprachen und Mundarten, 4 v. 
8vo; Berlin, 1806. 

34 iEsop : Fables ; with a Life of the Author, 2 v. in 1, royal 
8vo ; London, 1793. 

15 Agricola, Georgio: Opera de TArte de Metalli ; e de GT 
Animali di Sotto Terra ; tradotti in lingua Toscano da 
M. Michelangelo Florio Fiorentino, folio ; Basilea, 1503. 

17 Aguilar, Grace: The Women of Israel; or, Characters and 
Sketches from the Holy Scriptures and Jewish History ; 
Illustrative of the Past History, Present Duties, and Fu- 
ture Destiny of the Hebrew Females, as Based on the 
Word of God; 2d edition, 2 v. IGmo; London, 1852. 

15 Aide-M6moire fl I'usage desOfficiers d'Artillerie; 2® Edition, 
(1844), deuxicme tirage, 8vo; Paris, 1851. 

10 Aikin, C. R. : Concise View of all the most Important Facts 
which have hitherto Appeared concerning the Cow Pox ;. 
2d edition, 16mo; London, 1801. 
2 Aikin, John, and others: General Biography; or. Lives, 
Critical and Historical, of the most Eminent Persons of 
all Ages, Countries, Conditions, and Professions, 10 v, 
4to; London, 1799-1815. 

15 Ainslie, C. P. : Cavalry Manual ; 2d edition, 24mo ; London, 

31 Ainslie, George Robert : Illustrations of the Anglo-French 
Coinage, 4to; London, 1830. 

28 Airy, George Biddell : Astronomical Observations made at 
the Observatory of Cambridge, from the Year 1628 to 
1842, 6 V. 4to ; London, 1829-'45. 

28 Astronomical Observations made at 

the Royal Observatorj^ Greenwich, from the Year 1836 
to 1842, 7 v. 4to ; London, 1837-'44. 


28 Airy, George Biddell : Mathematical Tracts on the Lunar 

and Planetary Theories, the Figure of the Earth, Pre- 
cession and Nutation, the Calculus of Variations, and 
the Undulatory Theory of Optics ; 2d edition, 8v'o ; Cam- 
bridge, 1831. 

28 Reports of the Astronomer Royal to 

the Board of Visitors : Read at the Annual Visitation 
of the Royal Observatory, Gi'eenvvich, 183G-'51, 4to ; 

29 Alton, John : The Lands of the Messiah, Mahomet, and the 

Pope; as Visited in 1351; 21 edition, 8vo; London, 

13 Aiton, William: IL)rtus Kf3\vynsis; or, a Catalogue of the 
Plants Cultivate:! in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew ; 
the 2d edition, enlarged by William Towasend Aiton, 
5v. 8vo; London, 1810-13. 

11 Akerman, John Y. : Arch.eological Index to Remains of 
Antiquity of the Celtic, Romano-British, and Anglo- 
Saxon Periods, 8vo ; London, 18 47. 

31 Numismatic Illustrations of the Nar- 
rative Portions of the New Testament, 8vo ; Loudon, 

10 Alderson, James : Brief Outline of the History and Progress 
of Cholera at Hall ; with some Remarks on the Pa- 
thology and Treatment of the Disease, 8vo; London, 

35 Alexander, Charles A. : The Fall of Aztalan, and other 
Poems, royal 8 vo; Washington, 1839. {Present.) 

29 Alexander, James E. : L'Acadie ; or. Seven Years' Explo- 
rations in British America, 2 v. l2mo; London, 1819. 
2 Alfieri, Vittorio : Vita di, Scritta da Esso, 2 v. 8vo; Lon- 
dra, 1807. 

37 Tragedies ; translated from the Italian, 

by Charles Lloyd, 3 v. 21mo ; London, 1815. 

2 Alison, Archibald: History of Europe, from the Fall of 

Napoleon in 1815, to the Accession of Louis Napoleon 
in 1852, 1st v. 8vo; London, 1852. 

2 Epitome of Alison's History of Europe, 

from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 
1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1315; 0th 
edition, p. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1852. 

3 Allen, John : Inquiry into the Rise and Growth of the Royal 

Prerogative in England ; new edition, Biographical No- 
tices, &c. ; to which is added, an Inquiry into the Life 
and Character of King Eadwig, 8vo ; London, 1849. 

21 Almanach National, Annuaire de la Ropublique Franijaise, 
pour les Annoes ISIS, 1819, 1850, 1851, et 1S52, 5 v. 
8vo; Paris, 181S-'52. 

33 Alte und Neue Studenten-, Soldaten- und Volks- Lieder, mit 
Bildern and Singweisen ; herausgegeben von L. Richter, 


A. G. MarFchncr, F. Pocci, unci A. Jurgens, 8vo . 
Leipzig, 1847. 

20 America and the West Indies, Geographically Described ; 
by Professor Long, George R. Porter, and George Tucker, 
8vo; London, 1845. 

42 Ames, Joseph : Typographical Antiquities ; or, the History 
of Printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland ; contain- 
ing Memoires of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of 
the Books printed by them ; considerably Augmented 
by William Herbert; and now greatly enlarged, with 
copious Notes, &c., &c., by the Rev. Thomas Frognall 
Dibdin, 4 v. 4to ; London, 1810. 

13 A Most Excellent and Perfecte Homish Apothecarye or 
Homely Physick Booke, for all the Grefes and Diseases 
of the Bodye ; translated out of the Almaine Speche 
into English, by John Ilollybush, folio ; Collen, 15G1. 

44 Anales de la Universidad de Chile, 1R43-1851, 7 v. gr. 
8vo ; Santiago de Chile, 1846-'52. {Present) 
3 Ancient Irish Histories, by Spencer, Campion, Hanmer, and 
Marleburrovgh, 2 v. 8vo; Dublin, 1800. 

2 Ancillon, Frederic: Tableau des R6volutions du Systcme 

Politique de TEurope, depuis la fm du quinzicme Si^cle, 
4 V. 8vo; Paris, 1823. 

3 Anderson, James: Collections relating to the History of 

Mary Queen of Scotland, 4 v. 4to ; Edinburgh and Lon- 
don, 1727-'28. 

2 Royal Genealogies; or, the Genealogi- 
cal Tables of Emperors, Kings, and Princes, from Adam 
to these Times; 2d edition, folio; London, 1736. 

2 Anderson, William: Sketches of the History and Present 
State of the Russian Empire ; of the Progress of Civili- 
zation from the Foundation of the Monarchy to the Ac- 
cession of the House of Romanof, (the present Reigning 
Family,) and particularly under the Sovereigns of that 
House ; Connected with Political and Personal Memoirs 
of the Imperial Court, 8vo ; London, 1815. 

2 Andrada, Jacinto Frcire de : Vida de D. Jcao de Castro, 

Quarto Viso-Rei da India ; nova edicao mendada, e 
acrcFcentada com a Vida do Autor, 24mo ; Paris, 181S. 

10 Andrew^ Thomas : Cyclopaedia of Domestic Medicine and 
Surgery, &c., 8vo; Glasgow, 1845. 

13 Andrews, II. C. : Coloured Engravings of Heaths; the 
Drawings taken from Living Plants only; with the ap 
propriate Specific Character, full Description, Native 
Place of Growth, and Time of Flowering of each; in 
Latin and English, &c., 4 v. folio; London, 1802. 

3 Andrews, James Pettit : History of Great Britain, connected 

with the Chronology of Europe ; with Notes, &c., con- 
taining Anecdotes of the Times, Lives of the Learned, 
and Specimens of their Works, 2 v. in 1, 4to; London, 


24 Anglesey, Arthur Earl of: The Privileges of the House of 
Lords and Commons Argued and Stated, in two Confer- 
ences between Both Houses, April 19 and 22, 1761 ; 
16mo; London, 1702. 
3 Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, 
from the Earliest Period to the Year 1616; edited from 
MSS. in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy and 
Trinity College, Dublin, with a Translation, and Copious 
Notes, by John O'Donovan, 7 v. 4to ; Dublin, 1851. 
2 Annuaire de la Pairie et de la Noblesse de France, et des 
Maisons Souveraines de I'Europe, public sous la direc- 
tion de M. Borel d'Hauterive, Archiveste Pal^ographe, 
(1846 k 1852,) 6 v. 12mo; Paris, 1846-'52. 

, 2 Annuaire des Deux Mondes ; Histoire G^n6rale des Divers 
Etats, 1851-1852, 8vo ; Paris, 1852. 
2 Annuaire Historique Universel, (1818 k 1850,) 33 v. 8vo ; 
Paris, 1825-'51. 

24 Annuaire Militaire de la Republique Francaise, pour I'An- 
n^e 1852, 12mo ; Paris, 1852. 

2 Annual Register ; or, a View of the History and Politics of 

the Year 1852, 8vo; London, 1853. 

15 Annual Report of the Normal, Model, and Common Schools, 
in Upper Canada, for the Year 1851, royal 8vo ; Quebec, 
1852. (Present.) 

15 Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Library of the 
State of New- York, 8vo; Albany, 1853. (Present,) 

24 Annual Reports of the Registrar-General, of Births, Deaths, 
and Marriages in England, 1839-1848, 9 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1839-52. 

3 Antiquarian Repertory: A Miscellaneous Assemblage of 

Topography, History, Biography, Customs, and Man- 
ners; intended to Illustrate and Preserve several valu- 
able Remains of Old Times; chiefly compiled by, or 
under the direction of, Francis Grose, Thomas Astle, 
and other Antiquarians, 4 v. folio; London, 1807-9. 
2 Antommarchi, F. : Last Days of Napoleon : Memoirs of the 
Last Two Years of Napoleon's Exile : forming a Sequel 
to the Journals of Dr. O'Meara and Count Las Cases ; 
2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1820. 

4 Arabian Nights' Entertainments; translated by Edward 

William Lane ; with 600 woodcuts by William Har- 
vey; new edition, super-royal 8vo ; London, 1853. 

28 Arago, Francois Dominique: Lecons d' Astronomic profes- 
s^es k rObservatoire Royal; Recueillies par un de ses 
Elfeves, 4® 6dition, 16mo; Paris, 1845. 

24 Arbuthnot, John : Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and 
Measures, Explained and Exemplify'd in several Disser- 
. tations ; royal 4^o ; London, 1727. 

44 ArchaDologia ; or. Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Anti- 


quity, published by the Society of Antiquaries of Lon- 
don, V. 31, 32, 33, and 34, 4to; London, 184G. 

5 Archdale, Mervyn : Monasticon Ilibernicum; or, an History 
of the Abbies, Priories, and other Religious Houses in 
Ireland; interspersed with Memoirs of their several 
Founders and Benefactors, and of their Abbots and other 
Superiors, to the Time of their Final Suppression ; like- 
wise, an Account of the Manner in which the Possessions 
belonging to those Foundations were disposed of, and 
the Present State of their Ruins, 4to ; London, 1786. 

29 Arctic Expeditions. — Report of the Committee appointed 
by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to Inquire 
into and Report on the Recent Arctic Expeditions in 
Search of Sir John Franklin, &c. ; folio ; London, 185?. 

44 Aristoteles: Opera, (Gr.) 6 v. folio; VenetisD apud Aldus, 
1495-'98. {Editio Frrnceps.) 

iO.l . Nicomachean Ethics; a new translation, mainl}'' 

from the Text of Bekker, with Explanatory Notes ; bv 
D. P. Chase, 8vo ; Oxford, 1847. 

10 Armstrong, John : Lectures on the Morbid Anatomy, Nature, 
and Treatment, of Acute and Chronic Diseases ; edited 
by Joseph Rix, 8vo ; London, 1834. 

10 Morbid Anatomy of the Stomach and 

Bowels ; with Explanatory Letter-Press, and a Sum- 
mary of the Symptoms of the Acute and Chronic Affec- 
tions of the above-named Organs, 4to ; London, 1838. 
3 Arnold, Richard: Customs of London, otherwise called 
Arnold's Chronicle; containing, among Divers other 
Matters, the Original of the Celebrated Poem of the 
Nut-Brown Maid ; reprinted from the 1st edition, with 
the Additions included in the 2d, 4to; London, 1811. 

10 Arnold, Thomas : Observations on the Nature, Kinds, Causes, 
and Prevention, of Insanity ; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1806. 
2 Arnould et Alboize du Pujol : Histoire de la Bastille, depuis 
sa Fondation, 1374, jusqu'a sa Destruction, 1789, 6 v. 
8vo ; Paris, 1 844. 
2 Artaud, A. F. : Machiavel, son Genie et ses Erreurs, 2 v. 
8vo; Paris, 1833. 

31 Art Journal ; new Series, 4th v. royal 4to ; London, 1852. 

2 Ascargorta, : Compendio de la Historia de Espana, 

8vo; Paris, 1838. 

29 Ashmore, Harriette : Narrative of a Three Months' March 
in India ; and a Residence in the Dooab, 12mo ; Lon- 
don, 184 J. 
9 Ash well, Samuel : Practical Treatise on Parturition, com- 
prising the attendant Circumstances and Diseases of the 
Pregnant and Puerperal States ; to which are added. 
Two Papers, the one containing some Remarks on Ab- 


dominal Surgerj% the other on Transfusion ; presented 
by Dr. Blundell, 8vo ; London, 1828. 
2 Asiatic Annual Register ; or, a View of the History of Hin- 
dustan, and of the Politics, Commerce, and Literature of 
Asia, from the Year 1799, to the Year 1809, 12 v. 8 v 
London, 1800-'ll. 

44 Asiatic Researches ; or. Transactions of tho Society, insti- 
tuted in Bengal, for Inquiring into the Histor}' and An-. 
tiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia, 20 
V. 4to; Calcutta, 1788-1838. 

10 Astruc, John: Treatise on all the Diseases Incident to 
Children, from their Birth to the Age ot Fifteen; with 
Particular Instructions to Tender Mothers, Prudent Mid- 
wives, and Careful Nurses, 8vo ; London, 1710. 

10 — _ Treatise on the Diseases of Women ; in 

which it is attempted to join a just Theory to the most 
Safe and Approved Practice ; with a Chronological 
Catalogue of the Physicians who have written on these 
Diseases ; translated from the French original, 3 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1762-'7. 

43 Aucher, Father Paschal, and John Brand: Dictionary, 
English and Armenian, 2 v. gr. 8vo; Venice, 1821. 

12 Audubon, John J., nnd John Bachman : Viviparous Quad- 
rupeds of North America, 2 v. 4to ; New- York, 1846-51. 

29 Auldjo, John: Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of 
Mont Blanc, on the 8th and 9th August, 1827, royal 4to ; 
London, 1828. 

2 Authentic Memoirs of the Rev^olution in France, and of the 

Sufferings of the R')yal Family; deduced principally 
from Accounts by Eye-Witnesses, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 

32 Avison, Charles: Essay on Musical Expression, 24mo; 
London, 1752. 

10 Ayre, Joseph : Researches into the Nature and Treatment 
of Dropsy in the *Brain, Chest, Abdomen, Ovarium, and 
Skin; in which a more Correct and Consistent Path- 
ology of these Dieeases is attempted to be Established, 
and a New and more Successful Method of treating 
them. Recommended and Explained, 8vo ; London, 1825. 

10 Report of the Method and Results of the 

Treatment for the Malignant Cholera, by small and 
frequently Repeated Doses of Calomel, &c., (fee, 8vo ; 
London, 1833. 

3 Ayscu, Edward: Historic, contayning the Warres, Treaties, 

Marriages, and other Occurrents betweene England and 
Scotland, from King William the Conqueror, untill the 
happy Union of them both in our Gratious King James ; 
with a Briefe Declaration of the first Inhabitants of this 
Island, &c,, p. 8vo ; London, 1607. 
12 Azara, Felix de : Voyages dans TAm^rique Meridionale ; 


publics d'apr^s les MSS. de TAuleur avec une Notice 
sur sa Vie et ses Ecrites, par C. A. Walckenaer ; enriches 
de Notes par G. Cuvier, suivis de THistoire Naturelle 
des Oiseaux du Paraguay et de la Plata, par le m^me 
Auteur ; traduite, d'apres Toriginal Espagnol, et aug- 
mentee d'un grand nombre de Notes, par M. Sonnini, 
4 V. p. 8vo; Paris, 1809. 

12 Planches, 4to ; Paris, 1809. 

2 Bacon, James : Life and Times of Francis the First, King 
of France; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 

2 Bacon, John F.: Six Years in Biscaj'^ ; comprising a Per- 

sonal Narrative of the Sieges of Bilboa, in June, 1835, 
and October to December, 1836; and of the Principal 
Events which Occurred in that City and the Basque 
Provinces, during the Years 1830 to 1837, 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1838. 

13 Badham, Charles David: Treatise on the Esculent Fun- 
guses of England, super-royal 8vo; London, 1847. 

43 Bailey, N.: New Universal English Dictionary; containing 
not only Explanations in the English Language, but 
also their Etymologies from the Ancient and Modern 
Ijanguages: the Etymology of all Terms derived from 
the Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and other Asiatic Lan- 
guages, being revised and corrected by Joseph Nicol 
Scott; new edition, folio ; London, 17G4. 

11 Baillie, Matthew: A Series of Engravings, accompanied 

with Explanations, which are Intended to Illustrate the 
Morbid Anatomy of some of the most Important Parts 
of the Human Body; 2d edition, folio; London, 1812. 
24 Baines, Thomas : History of the Commerce and Town of 
Liverpool, and of the Rise of Manufacturing Industry in 
the Adjoining Counties, super-royal 8vo ; London, 1852. 

3 Baker, Sir Richard: Chronicle of the Kings of England, 

from the Time of the Romans Government, to the Death of 
King James the First ; with a Continuation to the Year 
16G0, by E. Phillips; whereto will be added, a Second 
Continuation, to the end of the Reign of King George 
the First, by an Impartial Hand, folio ; London, 1733. 

2 Balbo, Count Cesare : Life and Times of Dante Alighieri ; 

translated from the Italian, by F. J. Bunbury, 2 v. 12mo ; 
London, 1852. 

3 Ballard, George : Memoirs of several Ladies of Great Bri- 

tain, who have been celebrated for their Writings or 
" Skill in the Learned Languages, Arts, and Sciences, 4to ; 
Oxford, 1752. 
34 Balzac, H. de: Petites Miseires de la Vie Conjugale, p. 4to ; 

12 Bancroft, Edward : Essay on the Natural History of Guiana, 

in South America, 8vo; London, 1769. 


4 Bancroft, George : History of the American Revolution, v. 
1 and 2, 8vo; London, 1852. 
31 Banduri, D. Anselmi : Numismata Imperatorum Romano- 
rum a Trajano Decio ad Palaeologos Augustos ; accessit 
Bibliothfcca Nummaria, sive auctorum qui de Re Num- 
maria scripserunt; 2 v. folio ; Lutetia) Parisiorum, 1718. 
34 Banim, John : The Anglo-Irish of the Nineteenth Century ; 
a Novel ; 3 v. p. 8vo ; London, 1828. 

3 Banks, T. C: Baronia Anglica Concentrata; or, a Concen- 
trated Account of all the Baronies commonly called 
Baronies in Fee ; deriving their Origin from Writ of 
Summons, and not from any Specific Limited Creation, 
&c.; whereto p added, the Prools of Parliamentary Sit- 
ting, from the Reign of Edvi^ard L to that of Queen 
Anne, &c., 2 v. in 1, 4to; Ripon, 1844. 

3 Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England ; 

or, an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Lives, 
Public Employments, and most Memorable Actions of 
the English Nobility w^ho have Flourished from the 
Norman Conquest to the Year 1806, &c., 4 v. 4to; Lon- 
don, 1807-'25. 

16.1 Bannister, S.: British Colonization and Coloured Tribes, 

12mo; London, 1838. 
34 Barbauld, Anna Letitia: British Novelists ; with an Essay, 
and Prefaces, Biographical and Critical ; new edition, 
50 V. 18mo; London, 1820. 

16.2 Barere, Bertrand : La Liberte des Mers ; ou le Gouverne- 

ment Anglais D6voil6, 3 v. p. 8vo; Paris, 1798. 

2 Barere. — M6moires de B. Bar<^re, Membre de la Constitu- 

ante, de la Convention, &c.; publics par MM. Hippolyte 
Carnot, et David (d'Angers), 4 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1842-'44. 

3 Barker, E. H.: Literary Anecdotes and Contemporary Remi- 

niscences, of Professor Porson and Others ; Irom the 
Manuscript Papers of the Author, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1852. 

3 Parriana ; or. Notices of the Rev. Samuel 

Parr, LL. D., Collected from various Sources, Printed 
and Manuscript, and in part Written, 2 v. 8vo; Loudon, 

3 Barrow, John: An Auto-Biographical Memoir; including 
Reflections, Observations, and Reminiscences, at Home 
and Abroad, from Early Life to Advanced Age, 8vo ; 
London, 1847. 

3 Life of Richard Earl Howe, Admiral of the 

Fleet, and General of Marines, 8vo ; London, 1838. 

Life, Voyages, and Exploits of Admiral Sir 

Francis Drake, with numerous Original Letters from 
him and the Lord High Admiral to the Queen and Great 
OfBcers of State, 8vo ; London, 1843. 
Memoirs of the Naval Worthies of Queen 


Elizabeth's Reign ; of their Gallant Deeds, Daring Ad- 
ventures, and Services, in the Infant State of the British 
Navy, 8vo; London, 1815. 

3 Barrow, John: Life of George Lord Anson, Admiral of the 
Fleet; Vice- Admiral of Great Britain; .and First Lord 
Commissioner of the Admiralty, previous to, and during 
the Seven Years' War, 8vo ; London, 1839. 

3 Some Account of the Public Life, and a 

Selection from the Unpublished Writings, of the Earl of 
Macartney, 2 v. 4to; London, 1807. 

2 Barruel, M. I'Abbc : M6moires pour servir a I'Histoire du 
Jacobinisme, 4 v. 8vo; Londres, 1707-98. 

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Exhibiting the Characteristic Appearances of the Prin- 
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of the late Dr. Willan ; and completing the Series of 
Engravings begun by that Author ; new edition, 4to ; 
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the State of the Weather, from 1804 to 1816, &c., 8vo ; 
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solutissima, cum consensu et dissensu circa eas ; quam 
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translated into English, with additions, corrections, and 
observations, by Bernard, Birch, Lockman, Sale,&c., &c. 
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Life of the Author, revised, corrected, and enlarged, by 
Mr. Des Maizeaux, 5 v. folio; London, 1734-'38. 

44 CEuvres Diverses, contenant tout ce que cet 

Auteur a Publi6 sur des Mati^res de Th^ologie, de Phi- 
losophic, de Critique, d'Histoire, et de Litterature ; ex- 
cept6 son Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, 4 v. en 5, 
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Domination des Normands, depuis la Conqudte de Tile 
jusqu'a I'Etablissement de la Monarchic, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

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fined Supply, and its Extending Consumption by Increas- 
ing and Improving Agencies, 12mo; London, 1852. 

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Body; from an Old Practitioner to a Patient, 12mo; 
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Helena ; written during a Residence of Five Years ; 
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Britain and Ireland ; or, a Complete Register of the 
Hereditary Honors, Public Offices, and Persons in Office, 
from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 3 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1806. 

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of Capture ; translated from the German, with consid- 


erable Additions, &c,, by H. G. Adams, royal 16mo ; 
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Behring's Strait, to Co-operate with the Polar Expedi- 
tions, performed in his Majesty's Ship Blossom, in the 
Years 1825, '26, '27, and '28, 4to; London, 1831. 

29 Voyage of Discovery Towards the North 

Pole, performed in H. M. S. Dorothea and Trent, under 
the Command of Captain David Buchan, R. N., in the 
Year 1818, 8vo; London, 1843. 

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Eastward, in 1821 and 1822; comprehending an Account 
of the Greater Syrtis Cyrenaica, and of the Ancient Cities 
composing the Pentapolis, 4to ; London, 1828. 

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World, performed in H. M. S. Sulphur, during the Years 
183G-1842, including Details of the Naval Operations 
in China, from December, 1840, to November, 1841, 2 v. 
8vo ; London, 1843. 

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of the Mediterranean, Illustrated in a Series of beauti- 
fully-executed Engravings, from Drawings on the Spot, 
by Thomas Allom and others ; with Historical, Classical, 
and Picturesque Descriptions, by the Rev. G. N. Wright, 
and L. F. A. Buckingham, 2 v. 4to; London, 1848-49. 

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a detailed Account of the Evidence and Proceedings 
connected with the recent Restoration of the Earldom ; 
together with the Report of the Attorney-General ; to 
which is prefixed, a Genealogical and Biographical His- 
tory of the Illustrious House of Hastings, including a 
Memoir of the present Earl and his Family; 2d edition, 
with additions, 4to; London, 1821. 

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or, a Physical, Political, and Statistical Account of the 
World and its Various Divisions, 6 v. 8vo ; London, 1834. 

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and 1838. 


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1802, 12 V. 8vo; London, 1805. 

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from the Treaty of Amiens, A. D. 1802, to the Termina- 
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of the House of Brunswic-Lunenburg ; 3d edition, 2 v. 
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of Bohemia, daughter of King James the First ; including 
Sketches of the State of Society in Holland and Ger- 
many, in the 17th Century, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1825. 

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et en Afrique, depuis I'Espagne jusqu'a la Chine ; tra- 
duits de THebreu, et enriches de Notes et de Disserta- 
tions Historiques et Critiques sur ces Voyages, par J. P. 
Baratier, 2 v. 16mo; Amsterdam, 1734. 

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of the Uterus, its Cervix, and Appendages, and on its 
Connexion with Uterine Disease ; 3d edition, 8vo ; Lon- 
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Round the Globe, from the Year 1833 to 1836 ; compris- 
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pelago, &c.; with an Account of Southern Whales, the 
Whale Fishery, and the Natural History of the Climates 
Visited, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1840. 

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the Natural Resources, Indigenous Productions, and Com- 
mercial Facilities ; to which are added. Details of its 
Statistics, Pilotage, and Sailing Directions, super-royal 
4to ; London, 1843. 

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ence of his Executor, John Bowring, 11 v. 8vo; Edin- 
burgh, 1843. 


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Napier's Justification of his Third Volume, 8vo ; Lon- 
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2 V. IGmo; London, 1826. 
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Heloisa; comprising a Period of 84 Years, from 1079 to 
1163; w^ith their Genuine Letters, from the Collection 
cf Amboise, 4to ; Birmingham, 1787. 

15 Bernan, Walter: On the History and Art of Warming and 
^'entilating Rooms and Buildings, by Open Fires, Hypo- 
causts, German, Dutch, Russian, and Swedish Stoves, 
Steam, Hot Water, Heated Air, Heat of Animals, and 
other Methods ; with Notices of the Progress of Per- 
sonal and Fireside Comfort, and of the Management of 
Fuel, 2 V. 12mo; London, 1845. 

17 Bernard, Hermann Hedwig: Main Principles of the Creed 
and Ethics of the Jews, exhibited in Selections from the 
Yad Hachazakah of Maimonides, with a literal English 
translation, copious Illustrations from the Talmud, &c., 
&c., 8vo ; Cambridge, 1832. 

2 Berry, Mary : Comparative View of Social Life in England 

and France, from the Restoration of Charles the Second 
to the Present Time ; to which are now first added, the 
Lives of the Marquise du DefFand and of Rachael Lady 
Russell, Fashionable Friends, &c.; new edition, 2 v. 
12mo ; London, 1844. 
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Classical Tables, compiled from the best Authors on 
Fabulous and Ancient History, folio ; London, 1816. 

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Dictionary of Heraldry, 3 v. 4to ; London, 1828. 

24 Bertolacci, Anthony : View of the Agricultural, Commercial, 
and Financial Interests of Ceylon ; with an Appendix, 
containing some of the Principal Laws and Usages of 


the Canadians; Port and Custom-house Regulations, 
&c., 8vo ; London, 1817. 
2 Berville et Barritire : La Vie et les M^^nnoires du General 
Dunnouripz, avec des Notes et des Eclaircissemens His- 
toriques, 3 v. Svo ; Paris, 1822-3. 

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Terentius Varro, and Cneius Cornelius Gallus, with 
Notes, p. Svo; London, 1814. 

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vinus, and Titus Pomponius Atticus; with Notes; to 
which is added, an Account of the Families of the Five 
First Ceesars, p. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1813. 

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toriques et Politiques, 4 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1805. 

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and Antiquities Investigated; or, the' Language of that 
Ancient and Illustrious People Compared and Identified 
with the Iberno-Celtic, and both shown to be Phoenician, 
2 V. 8vo; Dublin, 1842. 

2 Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns 

of the World, from the Earliest to the Present Period ; 
including the Genealogy of many other Personages and 
Families Distinguished in Sacred and Profane History ; 
particularly all the Nobility of these Kingdoms De- 
scended from Princes, folio ; London, 1795. 

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London, 1822. 

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cences of Native and European Life in the Presidencies, 
from 1808 to 1838, 2 v. 12mo ; London, 1839. 

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ments, nach der deutschen Uebersetzung von Dr. Martin 
Luther, 4to ; Stuttgart und Miinchen, 1850. 

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Languaje hasta Nuestros Dias; 19 v. gr. 8^ ; segunda 
edicion ; Madrid, 1831-'52. 
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late Reverend and Learned Samuel Parr, LL. D., Curate 
of Hatton, &c., 8vo ; London, 1827. 

42 Biblioth6que (Nouvelle) Universelle des Romans; dans 
laquelle ou donne I'analyse raisonn6e des Romans An- 
ciens et Modernes Fran^ais, ou traduit dans notre langue, 
avec Anecdotes et des Notices Historiques et Critiques, 
concernant les Auteurs ou leurs Ouvrages, &c. ; par MM. 
Mabille, Noel, M"^*- De Genlis, Deschamps, Desfon- 
taines, Fi6v6e, K^ratry, Legouv^, Mollin, Vig^e, &c., Ill 
V. in 55, 12mo; Paris, 1799-1805. 

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(Novcmbre 1790,) jusqu'ti le Deuxi^me Restauration ; 
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quarian Enthusiast, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1848. 

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on recent Clinical Observations and Investigations in 
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of Angers; translated from the French, with an Appen- 
dix, by James Stewart, 8vo ; New- York, 1839. 

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des Personnes Marquantes de la Chouannerie et de la 
Vendue, pour servir k I'Histoire de France et d6tourner 
les Habitans de I'ouest de toute tentative d'Insurrection, 
3 V. 8vo; Paris, 1832. 

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tiquities of Scotland, 4 v. 4to ; Edinburgh, 1845-'52. 

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Sandwich Islands ; or, the Civil, Religious, and Political 
History of those Islands ; comprising a Particular View 
of the Missionary Operations connected with the Intro- 
duction and Progress of Christianity and Civilization 
among the Hawaiian People ; 2d edition, 8vo ; Hart- 
ford, 1848. 

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Lives and Writings of the most Eminent Musical Com- 
posers and Writers, who have Flourished in the Differ- 
ent Countries of Europe during the last Three Centuries ; 
2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1834. * 

29 North Wales ; including its Scenery, 

Antiquities, Customs, and some Sketches of its Natural 
H^ory ; Delineated from two Excursions during the 
SflRmers of 1798 and 1801, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1804. 
3 Biographia Britannica ; or, the Lives of the most Eminent 
Persons who have Flourished in Great Britain and Ire- 
land, from the Earliest Ages, down to the Present Times : 
Collected from the best Authorities, both Printed and 
Manuscript, and Digested in the Manner of Mr. Bayle's 
Historical and Critical Dictionary, 6 v. in 7, folio ; Lon- 
don, 1747-'66. 
3 Biographia Dramatica ; or, a Companion to the Playhouse : 
containing Historical and Critical Memoirs of British 
and Irish Dramatic Writers, &c., by D. E. Baker, Isaac 
Reed, and Stephen Jones, 4 v. 8vo ; London, 1812. 
2 Biographia Gallica; or, the Lives of the most Eminent 
French Writers, of both Sexes, 2 v. 24mo; London, 
2 Biographical Sketches of Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte, Count 
de SurvillierSy 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 1833. 



^ Biographie des Hommes du Jour, par Germain Sarrut et B. 

Saint-Edme, 6 v. 4to; Paris, 1835-'41. 
2 Biographic des Hommes Vivants, ou Histoire par ordre Al- 

phab^tique de la Vie Publique de tous les Hommes qui 

se sont fait Remarquer par leurs Actions ou leurs Ecrits, 

5 V. 8vo; Paris, 1816-'19. 

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Observatory, South Villa, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, 
London, during the Years 1839-1851, 4to ; London, 1852. 

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lande; nouvelle Edition, avec Suppl6ment, 3 v. 8vo; 
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Army in India, during the Mahratta War of 1817, 1818, 
and 1819; Illustrated by Maps and Topographical Plans, 
2 v. 4to; London, 1821. 

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&c., 16mo : London, 1819. 
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Trei§tise on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Curative 
Treatment of the Diseases of the Horse, and, subordi- 
nately, of those of Neat Cattle and Sheep, 5th edition, 
8vo; London, 1841. 
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tion to the Present Time; with Additions and Correc- 
tions from the most Authentic Writers ; including the 
Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the Period from 
the Exode to the Temple ; new edition, super-royal 8vo ; 
London, 1851. 
2 Blakiston, Captain : Twelve Years' Military Adventure in 
Three Quarters of the Globe ; or. Memoirs of an Officer 
who Served in the Armies of his Majesty and of the 
East India Company, between the Years 1802 and 1814, 
in which are contained the Campaigns of the Duke of 
Wellington in India, and his Last in Spain and the South 
of France, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1829. 

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editio novissima, 8vo; Lugduni Batavorum, 1735. 

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London, 1726, 


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the Author, by Edward Bulwer Lytton, 3 v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 184G. 

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Quadratic Equations, with their Solutions, &c. ; 7th 
edition, 6vo ; Cambridge, 1837. 

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cation to the Solution of Problems ; designed for the use 
of Students in the University, 8vo; Cambridge, 1824. 

26 Geometrical Problems deducible from the 

First Six Books of Euclid, Arranged and Solved; to 
which is added, an Appendix, containing the Elements 
of Plane Trigonometry; 3d edition, 8vo; Cambridge, 

26 Problems in the Diflerent Branches of Phi- 
losophy, adapted to the Course of Reading pursued in 
the University of Cambridge, 8vo ; London, 18^ 

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from the Pastoral, Elegiac, and Dramatic Poets, 8vo ; 
London, 1813. 

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phical Principles of the Practice of Physic ; 3d edition, 
with large Additions, 8vo; London, 1825. 

10 Select Dissertations on Several Subjects of 

Medical Science; new edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1833. 
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the Treaty of Intervention, 8vo; London, 1828. 

29 Letters from the Mediterranean ; con- 
taining a Civil and Political Account of Sigjly, Tripoly, 
Tunis, and Malta; with Biographical ^ketches, &c., 
2 V. 8vo; London, 1813. 

29 Bligh, William : Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken by 
command of his Majesty, for the Purpose of Conveying 
the^read-Fruit Tree to the West Indies, in his Majesty's 
Ship the Bounty; including the Mutiny on board the 
said Ship, &c., 4to; London, 1792. 

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Parts of the World, taken from the Notes and Works of 
the famous Monsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French 
King, and other eminent Travellers and Authors, folio ; 
London, 1670. 

43 Blount, Thomas: Glossographia ; or, a Dictionary, Inter- 
preting the Hard Words of whatsoever Language, now- 
Used in our refined English Tongue ; with Etymologies, 
Definitions, and Historical Observations on the same; 
3d edition, with some Corrections, and many Additions, 
16mo; London, 1670. 

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of the Old and New Testament, an Argument of their 
Veracity ; 3d edition, 8vo ; London, 1850. 


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ten in Latin, and translated by John Bellenden, 2 v. p. 
4to; Edinburgh, 182L 

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lated into English, by Mr. Samber, 8vo; London, 1719. 

8 New Method of Chemistry ; including the 

Theory and Practice of that Art ; laid down on Mechan- 
ical Principles, and accommodated to the Uses of Mfe, 
&c. ; translated by P. bhaw, and E. Chambers, 4to; Lon- 
don, 1727. 
2 Boisgelin, Louis de : Ancient and Modern Malta ; contain- 
ing a Full and Accurate Account of the Present St£tte 
• of the Islands of Malta and Goza ; the History of the 
Knights of St. John of Jerusalem ; also, a Narrative of 
the Events which attended the Capture of these Islands 
by the French, and their Conquest by the English, 2 v. 
4to; London, 1805. 

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fax, 4 V. in 1, 4to; Huddersfield, 1788-'91. 
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Observations on Metastasio, and on the Present State of 
Music in France and Italy ; with Notes, by the Author 
of the Sacred Melodies; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1818. 
H Bonaparte, Lucien : Revolution de Brumaire, ou Relation 
des Principaux Ev6nements des Journ^es de 18 et 19 
Bruthaire; 2® Edition, 8vo; Paris, 1846. 
2 Bonaparte, Napoleon. — Correspondance in6dite Officielle et 
Confidentielle de Napoleon Bonaparte avec les Cours 
Etrang^res, les Princes, les Ministres et les G6n(§raux 
Frangais et Etrangers, en Italic, en Allemagne, et en 
Egypte, 7 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1819-'20. 
2 — Letters and Despatches, Secret, Con- 
fidential, and Official ; from the Originals, in his Private 
Cabinet, 2 v. 8vo; London, 184G. 

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ual ; translated from the French, by Colonel D'Aguilar, 
32mo; Dublin, 1831. 

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ada, 8 vo; Quebec, 1852. (Present,) 

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sophic, 18 V. 8vo; Neuchatel, 1779-83. 

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ments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, 
according to the Use of the Church of England, (in the 
Mohawk language,) 8vo; London, 1787. 

43 BopPf H.: Uber die Verwandtschaft der Malayisch-Polyne- 


sischen Sprachcn mit den indischeuropaisclien, 4to; 
Berlin, 1840. 
IC.l Bordas-Demoulin : Melanges Philosophiques et Religieux, 

8vo ; Paris, 1846. 
16.2 Borel, F.: Formulaire des Consulats, 8vo; Saint-Peters- 
bourg, 1808. 

16.2 L'Origine et des Fonctions des Consuls, 8vo; 

Saint-Petersbourg, 1807. 

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de la Bolivie, du P^rou, de I'Equator, de la Nouvelle- 

Gr^nade, de TAm^rique Centrale et du Mexique, gr. 8vo ; 

• Bruxelles, 1848. (2 copies.) {Present) 

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36mo; Milano, 1819-'23. 
1 Bossuet, J. B.: Discourse sur THistoire Universelle, depuis 
le Commencement du Monde jusqu'a I'Empire de Char- 
lemagne; suite de THistoire, depuis TAn 800 cfe I'An 
1700, inc!usivement, par B. J. de la Barr6; nouvelle edi- 
tion, 2 V. 16mo; Paris, 1752. 

1 ■' Universal History, from the Creation of 

the World, to the Empire of Charlemagne ; translated 
from the French : a new edition, with the Life of the 
Author, 8vo; London, 1778. 

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tion, 8vo; London, 1844. 

10 Sketch of the History of Medicine, from its 

Origin to the Commencement of the Nineteenth Century, 
8vo; London, 1835. 
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Remarks on a late Pamphlet upon that SuDJect ; 3d edi- 
tion, 8vo ; London, 1792. 

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Tour to that Island, and Memoirs of Pascal Paoli ; 3d 
edition, corrected, 8vo; London, 1769. 

13 Botanical Cabinet; consisting of Coloured Delineations of 
Plants, from all Countries, with a Short Account of 
Each, Directions for Management, &c., &c., by Conrad 
Loddiges & Sons, 20 v. p. 4to; London, 1817-33. 
16.2 Boucher, P. B.: Consulat de la Mer; ou Pandectes du Droit 
Commercial et Maritime, &c.; traduit du Catalan en 
Fran^aise, d'apr^s I'edition originale de Barcelonne, de 
I'An 1494, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1808. 

42 Boucher de la Richarderie, Gilles : Bibliothc^que Universelle 
des Voyages ; ou Notice Complcljte et Raisonn6 de tous 
les Voyages Anciens et Modernes dans les differentes 
Parties du Monde, publics tant en Langue Frangaise 
qu'en Langues Etrang^res, 6 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1808. 

28 Bouguer, Pierre : Nouveau Trait6 de Navigation, contenant 
la Thdorie et la Pratique du Pilotage ; revu et abr^go 
par M. rAbb6 de la Caille; 3® Edition, augmentee de 


plusieurs Notes et Additions, par M. de la Lande, 8vo ; 
Paris, 1792. 

2 Boiirke, Thomas : Concise History of the Moors in Spain, 

from their Invasion of that Kingdom to their final Ex- 
pulsion from it, 4to; London, 1811. 

14 Bournon, Le Comte de: Traits de Mindralogie; premiere 
partie ; I'lntroduction h. la Mineralogie en G6n6ral, la 
Thdorie de la Cristallisation, TEtude de la Chaux Car- 
bonatde proprement dite, et de TArragonite, 3 v. en 2, 
4to ; Londres, 1808. 

44 Boyle, Robert : Works ; to which is prefixed, the Life of the 
Author ; a new edition, 6 v. royal 4to ; London, 17731 

3 Brady, Robert : Complete History of England, from the 

first Entrance of the Romans under the Conduct of Ju- 
lius Caesar, unto the End of the Reign of Richard the 
Second, 4 v. folio; London, in the Savoy, 1684-'5, and 
10 Braithwaite, W.: Retrospect of Practical Medicine and 
Surgery ; being a Half- Yearly Journal, containing a 
Retrospective View of Every Discovery and Practical 
Improvement in the Medical Sciences, 26 v. in 24, 18mo ; 
London, 1840-52. 
10 Brande, William T.: Dictionary of Materia Medica and 

Practical Pharmacy, (fee, 8vo; London, 1833. 
8 Manuel of Chemistry, 2 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1848. 

29 Bray, Anna Eliza: Description of the Part of Devonshire 
Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy; its Natural 
History, Manners, Customs, Superstitions, Scenery, Anti- 
quities, (fee; in a Series of Letters to Robert Southey, 
Esq.f3 V. 12mo; London, 1836. 

29 Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland ; 

with Descriptive Sketches of other Parts of the Conti- 
nent, 3 V. 12mo; London, 1841. 

34 : Novels and Romances, 10 v. 16mo ; Lon- 
don, 1845-46. 

29 Bressani, P. F. J.: Relation Abr6gee de qnelques Missions 
de P^res de la Compagnie de Jesus, dans la Nouvelle 
France; traduit de I'ltalien et augmente, (fee, par le R. 
P. F. Martin, 8vo ; Montreal, 1852. (Present,) 
3 Bridges, George Wilson: Annals of Jamaica, 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1827-'28. 

10 Bright, James: Practical Synopsis of Diseases of the Chest 
and Air Passages ; with a Review of the several Cli- 
mates recommended in these Afiections, 12mo; London, 

24 Brissot de Warville, J. P.: Moyens d'adoucirla Rigueur des 
Loix Penalcs en France ; ou Discours Couronn6s par 
I'Acadcmie de Chalons-sur-Marne en 17S0 ; suivis de 


celui qui a obtenu Vaccessit^ h la meme Acad6mie, 8vo ; 
Chalons-sur-Marne, 1781. 
24 British and Foreign State Papers, 1812 to 1835; compiled 
by the Librarian and Keeper of the Papers, Foreign 
Office, 24 V. 8vo ; London, 1841-'53. 
10 Broackes, W. : Practical Observations on Homoeopathy, 

8vo; London, 1836. 
29 Brocquii^re. — Travels of Bertrandon de la Brocquic^re, Coun- 
sellor and First Esquire-Carver to Philippe le Bon, Duke 
of Burgundy, to Palestine, and his Return from Jerusa- 
lem Overland to France, during the Years 1432 and 

1433; translated by Thomas Johnes, Esq., 8vo; Hafod, 


9 Brodie, Sir Benjamin C. : Lectures on the Diseases of the 
Urinary Organs ; 3d edition, with Alterations and Addi- 
tions, 8 vo ; London, 1842. 

9 Lectures Illustrative of Various 

Subjects in Pathology and Surgery, 8vo ; London, 1846. 
29 Brodie, Waller; Remarks on the Past and Present State of 
New Zealand, its Government, Capabilities, and Pros- 
pects ; with Hints on Emigration, 8vo ; London, 1845. 

2 Brodrick, Thomas : Compleat History of the Late War in 
the Netherlands; together with an Abstracted the Treaty 
at Utrecht, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1713. 

28 Brooke, Henry : Guide to the Stars ; being an easy Method 

of Knowing the Relative Positions of all the Fixed Stars, 
from the First to the Third Magnitude, in either Hemi- 
sphere, particularly those that are Useful for finding the 
Longitude at Sea, 4to ; London, 1820. 
2 Brooke, T. H. : History of the Island of St. Helena, from its 
Discovery by the Portuguese to the Year 1§06 ; to which 
is added, an Appendix, 8vo ; London, 1808. 

29 Brosses, Charles de : Histoire des Navigations aux Terres 

Australes, 2 v. 4to; Paris, 1756. 

24 Brougham, Lord Henry : Opinions on Politics, Theology, 
Law, Science, &c., as Exhibited in his Parliamentary 
and Legal Speeches, and Miscellaneous Writings, 12mo; 
London, 1837. 

29 Broughton, Wm. Robert : Voyage of Discovery to the North 
Pacific Ocean ; performed by II. M. Sloop Providence, 
and her Tender, in the Years 1795-'96-'97-.'98, 4to ; 
London, 1804. 
2 Brown, John : The Northern Courts ; containing Original 
Memoirs of the Sovereigns of Sweden and Denmark, 
Since 1766, including the Extraordinary Vicissitudes in 
the Lives of the Grand-children of George the Second, 
2 V. 8vo ; London, 1818. 

25 Mathematical Tables, &c. ; 4th edition, im- 
proved, by Rev. J. Wallace, 8vo ; Edinburgh, 1826. 


12 Brown, Thomas : Book of Butterflies, Sphinges, and Moths ; 
2d edition, 3 v. 16mo; London, 1834. 

16.1 Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and 

Effect ; 4th edition, 8vo; London, 1835. 

44 Pseudodoxia Epidemica ; or, Enquiries 

into very many Received Tenets and commonly Pre- 
sumed Truths, 3d edition, p. folip; London, 1658. 

29 Brown, W. Wells : Three Years in Europe ; or, What I 
have Seen and Pieople I have Met ; with a Memoir of 
the Author, by William Farmer, 16mo ; London, 1852. 

29 Brown, William : New Zealand and its Aborigines ; being 
an Account of the Aborigines, Trade, and Researches of 
the Colony, and the Advantages it now Presents as a 
Field for Emigration and the Investment of Capital, 
12mo ; London, 1845. 

24 Browne, J. Ross : Report of the Debates in the Convention 
of California, on the Formation of the State Constitu- 
tion, in September and October, 1849, 8vo; Washington, 
1850. {Present) 

S4 The same, translated into the Spanish, 

8vo; New-York, 1851. {Present) 

13 Browne, Patrick : Civil and Natural History of Jamaica, 
folio; London, 1789. 
1 Browne, Thomas : Classical Dictionary of the Mythology, 
History, Geography, Manners, Customs, &c., occurring 
in the Greek and Roman Authors; 6th edition, 12mo; 
London, 1827. 
3 Brownlow, John : Memoranda ; or. Chronicles of the Pound- 
ling Hospital, including Memoirs of Captain Thomas 
Coram, 8vo; London, 1847. 

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of the Nile, in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, 
and 1773, 5 v. royal 4to; Edinburgh, 1790. 

S7 Brumoy, Pierre : Theatre des Grecs ; nouvelle Edition, 13 v. 
p. 8vo; Paris. 1785-'89. 

17 Bryant, Jacob: Observations upon the Plagues Inflicted, 
upon the Egyptians ; to which is prefixed, a Discourse 
concerning the Grecian Colonies from Egypt, 8vo ; Lon- 
don. 1794. 
3 Brydall, John : Jus Imaginis apud Anglos ; or, the Law of 
England relating to the Nobility and Gentry, 16mo; 
London, 1675. 

44 Brydges, Sir E. : Archaica ; containing a Reprint of Scarce 
Old English Tracts; with Prefaces, Critical and Biogra- 
phical, 2 V. 4to; London, 1815. 

29 Brydges, Sir Harford Jones : Account of the Transactions 
of his Majesty's Mission to the Court of Persia, in the 
Years 1807-11 ; to which is Appended, a Brief History 
of the Wahauby, 2 v. in 1, 8vo, and Atlas ; London, 1834. 


2 Brydges, Sir Harford Jones : The Dynasty of the Kajars 

translated from the Original Manuscript presented by his 
Majesty Faty Aly Shah to Sir Harford Jones Brydges ; 
to which is prefixed, a Succinct Account of the History 
of Persia previous to that Period ; Illustrated with Plates 
and a Map, 8vo; London, 1833. 

10 Buchan, William: Domestic Medicine; or, a Treatise on 
the Prevention and Cure of Diseases by Regimen and 
Simple Remedies; Revised and Corrected, with Addi- 
tional Notes, and a Life of the Author, by an Eminent 
Physician, 8vo ; London. 

29 Buchanan, Francis: Journey from Madras through the 
Countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar, 3 v. royal 
4to ; London, 1807. 

3 Buckingham and Chandos, Duke of: Memoirs of the Court 

and Cabinets of George the Third ; from the Original 
Family Documents, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1853. 
3 Buckingham, L. Stanhope F. : Memoirs of Mary Stuart, 

Queen of Scotland, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1844. 
6 Buckley, Theodore Alois : History of the Council of Trent, 
compiled from a Comparison of Various Writers ; with 
a Chronological Summary, 12mo; London, 1852. 

12 Buffon, G. L. Leclerc : OEuvres Completes ; mises en Ordre 
et preceddes d'une Notice Historique par M. A. Richard ; 
suivies de deux volumes sur les Progr^s des Sciences 
Physiques et Naturelles depuis la Mort de Buffon, par 
M. le Baron Cuvier, 28 v. en 14, p. 8vo ; Paris, 1827-'28. 

12 Planches, p. 8vo ; Paris 1828. 

12 — : Supplement, par R. P. Lesson, 10 v. 

en 5, p. 8vo; Paris, 1828-'37. 
2 Buisson, M. du : The History of the Life and Actions of that 
Great Captain of his Age, the Viscount de Turenne ; 
translated into English by Ferrand Spence, 12mo ; Lon- 
don, 1686. 

29 Bulletin de la Societe de Geographic, 29 v. 8vo; Paris, 

10 Bulwer Lytton, Sir E. : Confessions of a Water-Patient ; in 
a Letter to W. Harrison Ainsworth, lOmo; London, 1845. 

44 England and the English ; 2d edi- 
tion, 2 V. 12mo ; London, 1833. 

34 The Student, 2 v. 12mo; London, 

6 Bunsen, Christian Charles Josias : Hippolytus and his Age ; 
or, the Doctrine and Practice of the Church of Rome 
under Commodus and Alexander Severus ; and Ancient 
and Modern Christianity and Divinity Compared, 4 v. 
12mo; London, 1852. 

10 Burgess, T. B. : Climate of Italy in Relation to Pulmonary 
Consumption ; with Remarks on the Influence of Foreign 
Climates upon Invalids, 12mo; London, 1852. 


2 Burigny, Levesque de : The Life of the truly Eminent and 

Learned Hugo Grotius ; containing a Copious and Cir- 
cumstantial History of the Several Important and Hon- 
ourable Negotiations in which he was Employed ; to- 
gether with a Critical Account of his Works, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1754. 

3 Burke, John Bernard : Genealogical and Heraldic Diction- 

ary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Em- 
pire; 15th edition, 8vo ; London, 1853. 

29 Visitation of the Seats and Arms of 

the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain, 1st and 
2d V. royal 8vo ; London, 1852 and 1853. 

42 Burke, Peter : Law of International Copyright between Eng- 
land and France, in Literature, the Drama, Music, and 
the Fine Arts, Analysed and Explained ; with the Con- 
ventions, the Orders in Council, &c. ; (in English and 
French,) 12mo; London, 1852. 

36 Burlesque Translation of Homer; 4th edition, improved, 
2 V. 8vo; London, 1797, 

12 Burmeister, Hermann : Manual of Entomology ; translated 
from the German, by W. E. Shuckard ; with Additions 
by the Author, and Original Notes and Plates by the 
Translator, 8vo ; London, 1836. 

29 Burnab}^ Andrew: Travels through the Middle Settlements 
in North America, in the Years 1759 and 1760; with 
Observations upon the State of the Colonies ; edition the 
third, 4to; London, 1798. 

10 Burne, John : Treatise on the Causes and Consequences of 

Habitual Constipation, 8vo; London, 1840. 
3 Burnet, Gilbert, (Bishop) : History of the Reign of King 
James the Second: Notes by the Earl of Dartmouth, 
Speaker Onslow, and Dean Swift : Additional Observa- 
tions now enlarged, 8vo; Oxford, 1852. 

31 Burnet, John: Essay on the Education of the Eye with 
Reference to Painting ; 2d edition, 4to; London, 1837. 

31 Landscape Painting in Oil Colours, Ex- 
plained in Letters on the Theory and Practice of the 
Art, and Illustrated by Examples from the Several 
Schools, 4to; London, 1849. 

31 Practical Essays on various Branches of the 

Fine Arts ; to which is added, a Critical Inquiry into the 
Principles and Practice of the late Sir David Wilkie, 
12mo; London, 1848. 

31 Practical Hints on Portrait Painting; Illus- 
trated by Examples from the Works of Vandyke and 
other Masters, 4to; London, 1850. 

31 Rembrandt and his Works; comprising a 

Short Account of his Life ; with a Critical Examination 
into his Principles and Practice of Design, Light, Shade, 


and Colour; Illustrated from the Etchings of Rem- 
brandt, 4to; London, 1849. 
31 Burnet, John: Treatise on Paintings in Four Parts, consist- 
ing of an Essay on the Education of the Eye with Refer- 
ence to Painting, and Practical Hints on Composition, 
Chiaroscuro, and Colour, 4to ; London, 1850. 

31 Turner and his Works ; Illustrated with Ex- 
amples from his Pictures, and Critical Remarks on his 
Principles of Painting, 4to; London, 1852. 

32 Burney, Charles: Account of the Musical Performances in 

Westminster Abbey, and the Pantheon, May 26th, 27th, 
29th, and June 3d and 5th, 1784, in Commemoration of 
Handel, 4to; London, 1785. 

2 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the 

Abate Metastasio ; in which are incorporated, transla- 
tions of his Principal Letters, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1796. 

29 Burney, James: Chronological History of the Discoveries 
in the South Sea, or Pacific Ocean, from the earliest 
Discovery of that Sea by Europeans, to the Year 1764, 
5 V. 4to; London, 1803-17. 

29 Chronological History of North-Eastern 

Voyages of Discovery; and of the Early Eastern Navi- 
gations of the Russians, 8vo; London, 1819. 
9 Burns, John : Principles of Surgery, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1838. 

10 Burrows, George Man : Commentaries on the Causes, Forms, 
Symptoms and Treatment, Moral and Medical, of In- 
sanity, 8vo ; London, 1828. 
3 Burton, John Hill : Narratives from Criminal Trials in 
Scotland, 2 v. p. 8vo; London, 1852. 

29 Busching, A. F.: New System of Geography, in which is 
given a General Account of the Situation and Limits, 
the Manners, History, and Constitution of the several 
Kingdoms and States in the known World ; translated 
from the German, 6 v. 4to; London, 1762. 

29 Busching. — Geographic de Busching, abr^gee dans les Ob- 
jets les moins Int^ressans, et augment6e dans ceux qui 
ont paru I'^tre ; retouch6e par-tout, et orn^e d'un Precis 
de I'Histoire de chaque Etat, &c., par Mr. Berenger, 12 v. 
8vo; Lausanne, 1776-'82. 
2 Butler, Charles: Connected Series of Notes on the Chief 
Revolutions of the Principal States which composed the 
Empire of Charlemagne, from his Coronation in 814, to 
its Dissolution in 1806 ; on the Genealogies of the Impe- 
rial House of Habsburgh, and of the Six Secular Elec- 
tors of Germany ; and on Roman, German, French, and 
English Nobility, royal 8vo; London, 1807. 

2 Life of Erasmus; with Historical Remarks 

on the State of Literature between the Tenth and Six- 
teenth Centuries, 8vo ; London, 1825. 
2 Life of Hugo Grotius ; with brief Minutes 


of the Civil, Ecclesiastical, and Literary History of the 
Netherlands, 8vo; London, 1826. 
2 Butler, Charles: Memoir of the Life of Henry-Francis 
D'Aguesseau, Chancellor of France ; and of his Ordon- 
nances for Consolidating and Amending certain Portions 
' of the French Law ; and an Historical and Literary 
Account of the Roman and Canon Law ; 4th edition, 
8 vo ; London, 1 830. 

44 Philological and Biographical Works, 5 v. 

8vo; London, 1817. 

2 Some Account of the Life and Writings of 

James Benigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux, p. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1812. 

29 Butler, Fanny Kemble : A Year of Consolation, 2 v. in 1, 
12mo ; New-York, 1847. 

29 Butler, Frances A.: Journal, 2 v. 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1835. 

44 Butler, Samuel: Genuine Remains, in Verse and Prose; 
with Notes, by R. Thyer, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1759. 

10 Cadogan, William : Dissertation on the Gout, an4 all Chro- 
nic Diseases, jointly Considered as Proceeding from the 
same Causes; 8th edition, 8vo; London, 1771. 
1 Caesar, C. Julius : Opera Omnia ; ad optimorum exempla- 
rum fidem recensita, &c.; studio J. Dymock, editio 
9% 12mo; Edinburgi, 1832. 
,29 Caldcleugh, Alexander : Travels in South America, during 
the Years 1819-20-21, containing an Account of the 
Present State of Brazil, Buenos Ayres, and Chile, 2 v. 
8vo ; London, 1825. 
Calidasa : La Reconnaissance de Sacountala ; Drame San- 
scrit et Pracrit, publi6 pour la premiere fois, en original, 
sur un Manuscrit unique de la Biblioth^que du Roi, ac- 
compagne d'une traduction Francais, et Notes Philo- 
logiques. Critiques et Litt^raires, et suivi d'un Appen- 
dice, par A. L. Ch6zy, 4to; Paris, 1830. 
29 Callander, John: Terra Australis Cognita; or. Voyages to 
Terra Australis, or Southern Hemisphere, during the 
16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries, 3 v. 8vo ; Edinburgh, 
29 Campbell, Archibald: Voyage Round the World, from 1806 
to 1812; in which Japan, Kamschatka, the Aleutian 
Islands, and the Sandwich Islands, were Visited ; includ- 
ing a Narrative of the Author's Shipwreck on the Island 
of Sannack, and his Subsequent Wreck in the Ship's 
Long Boat ; with an Account of the Present State of 
the Sandwich Islands, and a Vocabulary of their Lan- 
guage, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1816. 
2 Cambridge, R, O. : Account of the War in India, between 
the English and French, on the Coast of Coromandel, 
from the Year 1750 to the Year 1761, &c., 4to; Lon- 
don, 1761. 


3 Camden, William: Britannia; or, a Chorographical De- 
scription of Great Britain and Ireland, together with the 
Adjacent Islands ; translated into English, with Addi- 
tions and Improvements ; 2d edition, revised, &c., by 
Edmund Gibson, 2 v. folio; London, 1722. 

44 Camden Society's Publications, 17 v. p. 4to; London, 

24 Canada. — Appendix to the ninth volume of the Journals of 
the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada; 
from the 11th day of May to the 10th day of August, 
both days inclusive ; Session 1850; 2 v. folio ; Toronto, 
1850. {Exchange.) 

24 Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Pro- 
vince of Canadca, from the 19th August, 1852, to the 14th 
June, 1853, both days inclusive ; Session 1852^'3, vol. 11, 
part 1, super- royal 8vo ; Quebec, 1853. {Exchange,) 

13 Candolle, Aug. Pyr. de: Vegetable Organography; or, an 
Analytical Description of the Organs of Plants ; trans- 
lated by Broughton Kingdon; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
•don, 1841. 

13 Candolle, A. P. de, and K. Sprengel : Elements of the Phi- 
losophy of Plants ; containing the Principles of Scientific 
Botany, &c.; translated from the German, 8vo; Edin- 
burgh, 1821. 

32 Cantus Diversi ex Graduali Romano, pro Singulis Solemni- 
tatibus, Dominic is, Festis et Feriis per Annum, 24mo ; 
' Lugduni, 1724. 

2 Capefigue, M.: Charlemagne, 2 v. en 1, 8vo; Bruxelles 

1842. ' 

2 Le Gouvernement de Juillet, les Partis et 

les Hommes Politiques, 1830 k 1835, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

31 Cardonnel, Adam de : Numismatft Scotiac ; or, a Series of the 
Scottish Coinage, from the Reign of William the Lion 
to the Union, 4to ; Edinburgh, 1786. 

31 Cardwell, Edward : Lectures on the Coinage of the Greeks 
and Romans, 8vo ; Oxford, 1832. 

24 Carew, Thomas : Historical Account of the Rights of Elec- 
tions of the several Counties, Cities, and Boroughs, of 
Great Britain ; collected from the Public Records, and 
the Journals of Parliament, to the Year 1754, folio; 
London, 1755. 

3 Carey, Mathew : Vindiciae Hibernicae ; or, Ireland Vindi- 

cated ; an Attempt to Develop and Expose a Pew of the 
multifarious Errors and Misrepresentations respecting 
Ireland, in the Histories of May, Temple, Whitelock, 
Borlace, Rushworth, Clarendon, Cox, Carte, Leland, 
Warner, Macauley, Hume, and others ; particularly in 
the Legendary Tales of the Pretended Conspiracy and 


Massacre of 1641 ; 3d edition, enlarged and improved, 
8vo ; Philadelphia, 1837. 
3 Carleton, Sir Dudley: Letters from and to Sir Dudley 
Carleton, during bis Embassy in Holland, from January, 
1615, to December, 1620, 4to ; London, 1757. 

34 Carleton, William: Denis O'Shaughnessy Going to May- 
nooth, ISmo; London, 1845. 

34 Fardorougha, the Miser ; or, the Con- 
victs of Lisnamona, ISmo; Dublin, 1846. 

34 5 The Black Prophet ; a Tale of Irish 

Famine, 12mo; London, 1847. 

34 The Squanders of Castle Squander, 2 v. 

p. 8vo; London, 1852. 

34 Traits and Stories of the Irish Pea- 
santry ; a new edition ; vv^ith an Autobiographical Intro- 
duction, Explanatory Notes, &c., 2 v. 8vo; London, 

S4 Valentine McClutchy, the Irish Agent ; 

or, the Chronicles of Castle Cumber, &c., 8vo ; Dublin, 
2 Carlyle, Thomas : The Life of Friedrich Schiller ; compre- 
hending an Examination of his Works ; 2d edition, 12mo; 
London, 1845. 
2 Carne, John : Lives of Eminent Missionaries, 3 v. 12mQ ; 
London, 1833-'35. 
IE 7 Carr, Thomas Swinburne : Manual of Classical Mythology ; 
or, a Companion to the Greek and Latin Poets ; designed 
chiefly to Explain Words, Phrases, and Epithets, from 
the Fables and Traditions to which they Refer, 12mo ; 
London, 1846. 
XO Carter, H. W. : Short Account of some of the Principal 
Hospitals of France, Italy, Switzerland, and the Neth- 
erlands, with Remarks upon the Climate and Diseases of 
those Countries, 8vo ; London, 1819. 
SI Carter, John: Specimens of the Ancient Sculpture and 
Painting, now remaining in this Kingdom, from the Ear- 
liest Period to the Reign of Henry the VIIL, consisting 
of Statues, Basso Relievos, Brasses, Paintings on Glass 
and on Walls, &c. ; a new and improved edition, ar- 
ranged in Topographical Order, and Illustrated with 
copious Notes, by Dawson Turner, Sir Samuel Rush 
Meyrick, &c., &c., imperial folio ; London, 1838. 

29 Carter, N. H. : Letters from Europe ; comprising the Jour- 
nal of a Tour through Ireland, England, Scotland, 
France, Italy, and Switzerland, in the Years 1825, '26, 
and '27, 2 v. 8vo; New- York, 1827. 

29 Casey, Charles : Two Years on the Farm of Uncle Sam ; 
with Sketches of his Location, Nephews, and Prospects, 
Svo ; London, 1852. 

29 Castaueda, Hernan Lopez de : Historia del Descubrimiento 


y Conquista de la India por los Portugueses, 32mo; 
An vers, 1554. 

2 Castera, J. : Histoire de Catherine II., Imperatriee de Rus- 

sie, 3 V. 8vo ; Paris, 1800. 

3 Castlereagh. — Correspondence, Despatches, and other Pa- 

pers, of Viscount Castlereagh, Second Marquess of Lon- 
donderry : edited by his Brother, Charles William Vane, 
Marquess of Londonderry ; 3d Series, 4 v. 8vo ; London, 

2 Castro, Alonzo Nunez de : Libro HiAorico Politico, Solo 
Madrid es Corte, y el Cortesano en Madrid; tercera 
impression, con diferentes adiciones, p. 4to; Madrid, 

2 Catteau-Calleville, J. P. : Histoire de Christine, Reine de 
Suede, avec un Precis Historique de la Su^de,depuis les 
Anciens Tems jusqu'd la Mort de Gustave-Adolphe-le- 
Grand, P6re de la Reine, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1815. 

2 Catteau, Jean-Pierre : Tableau des Etats Danois envisages 

sous les rapports du M6canisme Social, 3 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

15 Catechetical Explanation of the Field Exercise and Evo- 
lutions of the Army ; for the Use and Guidance of the 
93d Highlanders, 12mo; London, 1840. 

13 Catesby, Mark : Hortus Britanno-Americanus ; or, a Curious 
Collection of Trees and Shrubs, the Produce of the Bri- 
tish Colonies in North America, adapted to the Soil 
and Climate of England ; with Observations on their 
Constitution, Growth, and Culture ; royal 4to ; London, 

12 Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and 

the Bahama Islands, (French and English,) revised by 
Mr. Edwards, 2 v. gr. folio ; London, 1771. 

3 Caulfield, James : Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters, of 

Remarkable Persons, from the Revolution in 1688 to the 
End of the Reign of George II., collected *om the most 
authentic Accounts extant, 4 v. 4to; London, 1819-20. 

29 Caulin, Antonio : Historia Coro-Graphica, Natural y Evan- 
gelica de la Nueva Andalucia, Provincias de Cuman^, 
Guayana, y Vertientes del Rio Orinoco, folio ; Madrid, 

15 Cavalry Sword Exercise ; revised edition, 12mo ; London, 

3 Cavendish, George : Life of Cardinal Wolsey ; new edition, 

p. 4to ; London, 1852. 
3 Cayley, Arthur : Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, 2 v. in 1, 4to ; 

London, 1805. 
3 Cecill. — Collection of State Papers relating to Ajffairs in the 
Reigns of Kings Henry VIII., Edward VI., Queens Mary, 
and Elizabeth, from the Year 1542 to 1596 ; transcribed 
from Original Letters, and other Authentic Memorials, 


never before published, left by William Cecill, Lord 
Burghley, by Samuel Haynes and William Murdin, 2 v. 
folio; London, 1740 and 1759. 

2 Cellini, Benvenuto : Memoirs, written by Himself ; contain- 
ing a Variety of Information respecting the Arts, and the 
History of the I6th Century; 3d edition, with the Notes 
and Observations of G. P. Carpani, now first translated 
by Thomas Roscoe, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1823. 

10 Celsus, A. C. : DeRe Medica,4to ; Lugduni Batavorum, 1592. 

10 Medicinae, Libri Octo, ex recensione Leonard! 

Targae ; praefixa de Celsi Vita Dissertatione : concinna- 
vit, Indice jam Delphiniano auxit Ed. Milligan, M. D. ; 
2» editio, Svo; Edinburgi, 1831. 

24 Census of Great Britain, 1851 : Population Tables — Num- 
ber of the Inhabitants in the Years 1801, 1811, 1821, 
1831, 1841, and 1851, 2 v. folio ; London, 1852. (Present.) 

24 Census of Great Britain, 1851 : Index to the Names of the 
Parishes, Townships, and Places in the Population Ta- 
bles of Great Britain, folio ; London, 1852. (PresenL) 

17 Certain Sermons or Homilies appointed to be Read in 
Churches in the Time of the late Queen Elizabeth, of 
Famous Memory : to which are added, the Constitutions 
and Canons Ecclesiastical, set forth in the Year 1603, 
8vo; Oxford, 1840. 

29 Chabert, Joseph-Bernard, Marquis de: Voyage fait par 
ordre du Roi en 1750 et 1751, dans TAmerique Septen- 
trionale, pour rectifier les Cartes des Cotes de I'Acadie, 
de I'Isle Royale et de I'Isle de Terre-Neuve ; et pour en 
fixer les principaux Points par des Observationes Astro- 
nomiques, 4to ; Paris, 1753. 

37 Chalmers, George : An Apology for the Believers in the 
Shakspeare Papers, which were Exhibited in Norfolk- 
street, 8vo; London, 1797. 

37 Supplemental Apology for the Believers 

in the Shakspeare Papers ; being a Reply to Mr. Ma- 
lone's Answer, &c., 8vo; London, 1799. 

36 Poetic Remains of some of the Scotish 

Kings, 12mo; London, 1824. 

10 Chalmers, Lionel : Account of the Weather and Diseases of 

South Carolina, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; London, 1776. 
2 Chamich, Father Michael : History of Armenia, from B. C. 
2247 to the Year of Christ 1780, or 1229 of the Arme- 
nian Era; translated from the original Armenian, by 
Johannes Avdall, 2 v. 8vo; Calcutta, 1827. 
2 Chamier, Captain: Review of the French Revolution of 
1848 ; from the 24th of February to the Election of the 
First President, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1849. 
2 Chass^riau, F.: Precis Historique de la Marine Fran§ais, 

son Organisation et ses Lois, 2 v. Hvn ? Paris, 1845. 
1 Chatfield, C.: Teutonic Antiquities al and Geo- 



graphical Sketches of Roman and Barbarian History^ 
Explanatory of the Origin and Progress of the following 
Nations: Goths, Wisigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Lom- 
bards, Thuringians, Burgundians, Bavarians, Franks, 
and Britons, 8vo; London, 1828. 
44 Chatterton, Thomas: Miscellaneous Works, in Prose and 
Verse, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1803. 
2 Chaudon, Louis Mayeul : Historical and Critical Memoirs 
of the Life and Writings of M. de Voltaire ; translated 
from the French, 8vo ; London, 1786. 

28 Cheever, George B.: Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the Sha- 

dow of Mont Blanc — The Pilgrim in the Shadow of the 
Jungfrau Alp, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

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Series; 4th edition, 12mo; London, 1852. 

2 Cherefeddin Ali : Histoire de Timur-Bec, connu sous le 
Nom du Grand Tamerlan, Empereur des Mogols et Tar- 
tares; ^crite en Persan ; traduite en Francois, par Mr. 
P6tis de la Croix, 4 v. 24mo ; Paris, 1722. 

29 Chevalier, Michel : L'Isthme de . Panama, Examen Histo- 

rique et G6ographique des DifTiSrentes Directions suivant 
lesquelles on pourrait le Percer et des Moyens a y Em- 
ployer; suivi d'un Apergu sur I'lsthme de Suez, 8vo; 
Paris, 1844. 

10 Child, George Chaplin : On Indigestion, and Certain Bilious 
Disorders often Conjoined with it ; to which are added, 
Short Notes on Diet, 8vo ; London, 1847. 

44 Chinese Repository, from May, 1832, to December, 1845, 
14 V. 8vo; Canton, 1833-45. 

10 Chisholm, C: Essay on the Malignant Pestilential Fever, 
Introduced into the West India Islands from BouUam, 
on the Coast of Guinea, as it Appeared in 1793, 1794, 
1795, and 1796, &c.; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1801. 
2 Chodzko, Leonard : La Pologne, Historique, Litt^raire, Mon- 
umentale, et Illustr^e ; 5® Edition, 4to; Paris, 1844. 

29 Choris, Louis : Voyage Pittoresque Autour du Monde, avec 
des Portraits de Sauvages d'Am^rique, d'Asie, d'Afrique, 
et des lies du Grand Ocean, &c.; accompagn^ de De- 
scriptions par M. le Baron Cuvier, et M. A. de Chamisso, 
et d'Observations sur les Craines Humains, par M. le 
Docteur Gall, folio ; Paris, 1822. 
2 Christian, P.: L'Afrique Frangaise, I'Empire de Maroc, et 
les Deserts de Sahara ; Conquetes, Victoires, et Decou- 
vertes des Fran^ais, depuis la Prise d' Alger jusqu'a nos 
Jours, gr. 8vo; Paris, 1846. 

10 Christison, Robert: Treatise on Poisons, in relation to Me- 
dical Jurisprudence, Physiology, and the Practice of 
Physic; 4th edition, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1845. 
2 Chroniques Etrang^res relatives aux Exp6ditions Fran^aises 
pendant le XUI^ SiScle, publi^es pour la premiere (oiSf 


elucid6es et traduites par J. A. C/Buchon, gr. 8vo ; 
Paris, 1840. 

29 Churchill, A. & J.: Collection of Voyages and Travels, some 
now first printed from Original Manuscripts, others now 
published in English ; with a General Preface, &c., 6 v. 
folio ; London, 1732. 

10 Churchill, Fleetwood : On the Principal Diseases of Females ; 

2d edition, 12mo; Dublin, 1844. 
3 Cibber, Colley: Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ire- 
land, to the Time of Dean Swift, 5 v. 18mo ; London, 

15 Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal, Scientific and Rail- 
way Gazette, from October 1837 to December 1852, 15 v. 
4to; London, 1837-'52. 

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Practised by Vincent Priessnitz, at Grafenberg, Silesia, 
Austria; 3d edition, 8vo; London, 1842. 

^4 Clark, F.: East-India Register and Army List, for 1852, 
12mo; London, 1852. 

•24 East-India Register and Army List, for 1852: 

2d edition, corrected to the 6th May, 12mo; London, 

2 Clark, Hugh : Concise History of Knighthood ; containing 

the Religious and Military Orders which have been Insti- 
tuted in Europe, with Descriptions of their Mantles, 
Caps, Collars, Stars, Ribbons, and Mottoes, &c., 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1784. 

3 Clarke and Mc Arthur: Life of Lord Admiral Nelson, from 

his Lordship's MSS., 2 v. folio; London, 1809. 

"29 Clarke, B.: The British Gazetteer, Political, Commercial, 
Ecclesiastical, and Historical ; showing the Distances 
of each Place from London and Derby, Gentlemen's 
Seats, Populations, Inns and Hotels, Postal Arrange- 
ments, Bankers, Markets, Fairs, &c.; Illustrated by a 
full Set of Country Maps, with all the Railways Accu- 
rately laid Down ; 3 v. royal 8vo ; London, 1852. 

10 Clarke, James : Sanative Influence of Climate, 4th edition, 
12mo; London, 1846. 

10 Treatise on Pulmonary Consumption ; com- 
prehending an Inquiry into the Causes, Nature, Preven- 
tion and Treatment of Tuberculous and Scrofulous Dis- 
eases, 8vo ; Loudon, 1837. 

10 Clarke, John : Commentaries on Some of the Most Import- 
ant Diseases of Children, 8vo; London, 1815. 

24 Clarke, William: Connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and 
English Coins, deduced from Observations on the Saxon 
Weights and Money, 4to; London, 1767. 

15 Clausewitz, Carl von: Hinterlassene Werke iiber Krieg 
und Kriegfiihrung, 10 v. 8vo; Berlin, 1832-'37. 

24 Clerk, John: Law and Practice of Election Committees, 


brought down to the End of the last Parliament, and 
containing all the Recent Decisions of Election Com- 
mittees ; with an Appendix of Forms of Petitions and 
Statutes, 12mo; London, J852. 
29 Cleveland, Richard J. : Narrative of Voyages and Commer- 
cial Enterprises; 3d edition, royal 12mo; Boston, 1850. 

1 Clinton, Henry Fynes : Fasti Romani — the Civil and Lite- 

rary Chronology of Rome and Constantinople, 2d v. 4to ; 
Oxford, 1850. 

29 Cobbett, William : Year's Residence in the United States 
of America; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1819. 

29 Cochrane, John Dundas : Narrative of a Pedestrian Jour- 
ney through Russia and Siberian Tartary, from the 
Frontiers of China to the Frozen Sea and Kamschatka; 
performed during the Years 1820, 1821, 1822, and 1823, 
8vo ; Philadelphia, 1824. 

2 Cochelet, Mademoiselle Louise : Memoires sur la Reine Hor- 

tense et la Famille Imp6riale, 4 v. 8vo ; Paris, 18^56-'38. 
29 Coleridge, Henry Nelson : Six Months in the West Indies, 

in 1825, p. 8vo ; London, 1826. 
44 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: Literary Remains; Collected 

and Edited by H. Nelson Coleridge, 4 v. 8vo; London, 

44 Colman, George : Prose on Several Occasions, accompanied 

with some Pieces in Verse, 3 v. 12mo; London, 1787. 

2 Colleccion de Documentos Ineditos para la Historia de 

Espana; por Don Martin Fernandez Navarrete, Don 
Miguel Salva y Don Pedro Sainz de Baranda, 20 v. p. 
4to; Madrid, 1842-'52. 

3 Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica, 8 v. royal 8vo ; 

London, 1834-'43. 

2 Collection Complete des Tableaux Historiques de la Revo- 

lution Frangaise, compos^e de cent treize numeros, en 
trois volumes, folio; Paris, 1804. 
29 Collection Universelle des Memoires Particuliers, relative k 
I'Histoire de France, 67 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1785-'91. 

4 Collections of the Maine Historical Society, 3d v. 8vo; 

Portland, 1853. (Present.) 
44 Collet, Stephen: Relics of Literature, 8vo; London, 1823. 

3 Collier, J. Payne : History of English Dramatic Poetry in 

the Time of Shakspeare ; and Annals of the Stage to 
the Restoration, 3 v. p. 8vo; London, 1831. 

41 z. Poetical Decameron ; or. Ten Conversa- 
tions on English Poets and Poetry, particularly of the 
Reigns of Elizabeth and James I., 2 v. p, 8vo ; Edin- 
burgh, 1820. 

29 Collins, David: Account of the English Colony in New 
South Wales ; with Remarks on the Dispositions, Cus- 
toms, Manners, &c., of the Native Inhabitants of that 
Country ; to which are added Some Particulars of New 


Zealand; compiled, by permission, from the MSS. of 
Lieutenant-Governor King, &c., 2 v. 4to ; London, 1798 
and 1802. 
3 Collins's Peerage of England, Genealogical, Biographical 
and Historical ; greatly Augmented, and Continued to 
the Present Time, by Sir Egerton Brydges, 9 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1812. 
2 CoUinson, J. : The Life of Thuanus, with some Account of 
his Writings, and a translation of the Preface to his 
History, 8vo; London, 1807. 

29 Colnett, James : Voyage to the South Atlantic, and Round 
Cape-Horn, into the Pacific Ocean, for the Purpose of 
Extending the Spermaceti Whale Fisheries, and other 
Objects of Commerce, by Ascertaining the Ports, Bays, 
Harbours, and Anchoring Berths, in certain Islands and 
Coasts of those Seas, at which the Ships of the British 
Merchants might be Refitted, 4to ; London, 1798. 

29 Colton, Calvin : Four Years in Great Britain ; new and im- 
proved edition, 12mo; New- York, 1836. 

29 Colton, Walter : Visit to Constantinople and Athens, 12mo ; 
New- York, 1836. 
2 Comines, Philippe de : M6moires ; ou Ton trouve I'Histoire 
des Rois de France, Louis XL et Charles VIII. ; nouvelle 
Edition, revue sur plusieurs Manuscrits du tems, enrichie 
de Notes et de Figures, &c., par Messieurs Godefroy ; 
augment^e par M. I'Abb^ Lenglet du Fresnoy, 4 v. 4to ; 
Londres, 1747. 

2 Memoirs ; containing the History of 

Lewis XL and Charles VIIL of France ; and of Charles 
the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, to which Princes he was 
Secretary ; with a Supplement ; as also several original 
Treaties, Notes, and Observations ; and, lastly, the Secret 
History of Lewis XL, out of a Book called the Scandal- 
ous Chronicle ; and the Life of the Author, with Notes 
by the Famous Sleidan ; translated from the French ; 
new edition, 2 v. p. 8vo; London, 1823. 

24 Complete Collection of the Lords' Protests, from the First 
upon Record, in the Reign of Henry III., to the Present 
Time ; with a copious Index ; to which is added, an His- 
torical Essay on the Legislative Power of England, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1767. 
7 Complete Grazier ; or. Farmer's and Cattle Breeder's and 
Dealer's Assistant ; by a Lincolnshire Grazier ; 8th edi- 
tion , edited, enlarged, and partly re- written, by William 
Youatt, 8vo; London, 1846. 

12 Comte, Achille : Book of Birds ; edited and abridged from 
the Text of Buffon ; translated from the Original, by 
Benjamin Clarke, royal 8vo ; London, 1841. 

24 Comte, Charles : Traits de Legislation, ou Exposition des 
Lois g6n6rales suivant lesquelles les Peuples Prosperent, 


D^pdrissent, ou Restent Stationnaires ; 2* Edition, 4 v 
8vo ; Paris, 1835. 
29 Condamine, M. de la : Relation Abr6gfee d'un Voyage fait 
• dans rinterieur de TAm^rique Meridional ; depuis la 

Cote de la Mer du Sud, jusqu* aux Cotes du Br^sil et de 
la Guiane, en Descendant la Riviere des Amazones, 8vo ; 
Paris, 1745. 
2 Conde, Jose Antonio: Historia de la Dominacion de los 
Arabes en Espana, sacada de varios Manuseritos y Me- 
nfiorias Arabigas, 8vo; Paris, 1840. 

29 Conder, Josiah: Dictionary of Geography, Ancient and 

Modern ; comprising a Succinct Description of all the 
Countries of the Globe, their Physical and Political Ge- 
ography, the several Races of their Inhabitants, and 
their Ancient as well as Modern Denominations, &c., 
24mo ; London, 1834. 
44 Condillac, S. B. \ (Euvres Completes, 23 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1798. 
2 Condorcet, J. A. N. Caritat, Marquis de: Vie de Turgot, 
8vo ; London, 1786. 

30 Coney, John : Engravings of Ancient Cathedrals, Hotels de 

Ville, and other Public Buildings of Celebrity in France, 
Holland, Germany, and Italy ; with illustrative Descrip- 
tions, imperial folio ; London, 1842. 

28 Connoissanc© des Tems, ou des Mouvemens Celestes, a 

I'Usage des Astronomes et des Navigateurs, publiee par 
le Bureau des Longitudes, pour les Annies 1799-1853, 
52 V. 8vo ; Paris, 1798-1850. 

10 Conolly, John : Construction and Government of Lunatic 
Asylums and Hospitals for the Insane, 12mo ; London, 

24 Considerations on Money, Bullion, and Foreign Exchanges, 
being an Enquiry into the Present State of the British 
Coinage ; particularly with regard to the Scarcity of 
Silver Money, 8vo; London, 1772. 

10 Conwell, W. E. E. : Treatise on the Functional and Struc- 
tural Changes of the Liver, in the Progress of Disease ; 
with numerous Cases, exhibiting the Invasion, Symp- 
toms, Progress, and Treatment of Hepatic Disease in 
India, 8vo; London, 1835. 

29 Cook, James : Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round 

the World, performed in his Majesty's Ships the Resolu- 
tion and Adventure, in the Years 1772, 1773, 1774, and 
1775 ; in which is included. Captain Furneaux's Narra- 
tive of his Proceedings in the Adventure during the 
Separation of the Ships, 2 v. 4to; London, 1777. 

29 Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, Undertaken, by 

the Command of His Majesty, for making Discoveries 
in the Northern Hemisphere, performed under the Direc- 
tion of Captains Cook, Gierke, and Gore, in his Majesty's 
Ships the Resolution and Discovery, in the Years 1776, 


1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780; 3 v. 4to ; the 3d Volume 
written by Captain James King; London, 1784. 
129 Cook James : Atlas to Voyages, gr. folio ; London, 1785. 

2 Cooke, John H. : Narrative of Events in the South of France, 

and of the Attack on New Orleans, in l9l4 and 1815, 
12mo; London, 1835. 

26 Cooley, W. D. : Euclid's Elements of Plane Geometry ; with 
Explanatory Appendix, and Supplementary Propositions, 
16mo; London, 1840. 

26 ' Geometrical Propositions Demonstrated ; or, 

a Supplement to Euclid ; being a Key to the Exercises 
appended to Euclid's Elements, 16mo ; London, 1840. 

129 Inner Africa Laid Open, in an Attempt to 

Trace the Chief Lines of Communication Across that 
Continent South of the Equator ; with the Routes to the 
Muropue and the Cazembe, Moenemoezi and Lake Ny- 
assa ; the Journeys of the Rev. Dr. Krapf and the Rev. 
J. Rebmann on the Eastern Coast, and the Discoveries 
of Messrs. Oswell and Livingstone in the Heart of the 
Continent, 8vo ; London, 1852. 
9 Cooper, Astley : Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures of 
the Joints ; new edition, much enlarged, edited by Brans- 
by B. Cooper, 8vo ; London, 1842. 

34 Cooper, James Fenimore : Novels, 33 v. 12mo ; New- York, 
1 Cooper, John Gilbert : Life of Socrates, collected from the 
Memorabilia of Xenophon and the Dialogues of Plato, 
and Illustrated further by Aristotle, Diodorus Sictilus, 
Cicero, Proclus, &c. ; 4th edition, 8vo; London, 1771. 

10 Copland, James: Dictionary of Practical Medicine, 1st and 
2d V. 8vo; London, 1844. 

3 Corder, Susanna: Life of Elizabeth Fry; compiled from 

her Journal, as edited by her Daughters, and from 
various other Sources, 8vo; London, 1853. (Present.) 

10 Cormack, John R. : Treatise on the Chemical, Medicinal, 
and Physiological Properties of Creosote, 8vo; Edin- 
burgh, 1836. 
59 Cortes. — Cowespondence de Fernand Cortes avec I'Empereur 
Charles-Q^uint, sur la Conqu^te du Mexique; traduite 
par M. le Vicomte de Flavigny, 12mo ; en Suisse, 1779. 

29 Cortes, Fernando: De Insulis nuper inventis Narrationes, 
cum alio quodam Petri Marty ris, folio; Colonia3, 1532. 

15 Cory, Isaac Preston: Practical Treatise on Accounts, Mer- 
cantile, Partnership, Solicitor's, Private, Steward's, Re- 
ceiver's, Executor's, Trustees, &c., &c. ; 2d edition, 8vo ; 
London, 1839. 
3 Costello, Louisa Stuart : Memoirs of Eminent Englishwo- 
men, 4 V. 8vo ; London, 1844. 

29 Coulier, M. : Atlas General des Phares et Panaux i I'usage 
des Navigateurs; public sous les Auspices de S. A. 


y Conquista de la India por los Portugueses, 32mo ; 
An vers, 1554. 

2 Castera, J. : Histoire de Catherine II., Imperatriee de Rus- 

sie, 3 V. 8vo ; Paris, 1800. 

3 Castlereagh. — Correspondence, Despatches, and other Pa- 

pers, of Viscount Castlereagh, Second Marquess of Lon- 
donderry : edited by his Brother, Charles William Vane, 
Marquess of Londonderry ; 3d Series, 4 v. Svo ; London, 

2 Castro, Alonzo Nunez de : Libro Hiltorico Politico, Solo 
Madrid es Corte, y el Cortesano en Madrid; tercera 
impression, con diferentes adiciones, p. 4to; Madrid, 

2 Catteau-Calleville, J. P. : Histoire de Christine, Reine de 
Suede, avec un Precis Historique de la SuMe,depuis les 
Anciens Tems jusqu'a la Mort de Gustave-Adolphe-le- 
Grand, P6re de la Reine, 2 v. Svo ; Paris, 1815. 

2 Catteau, Jean-Pierre : Tableau des Etats Danois envisag^i 

sous les rapports du Mecanisme Social, 3 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

15 Catechetical Explanation of the Field Exercise and Evo- 
lutions of the Army ; for the Use and Guidance of the 
93d Highlanders, 12mo ; London, 1840. 

13 Catesby, Mark : Hortus Britanno-Americanus ; or, a Curious 
Collection of Trees and Shrubs, the Produce of the Bri- 
tish Colonies in North America, adapted to the Soil 
and Climate of England ; with Observations on their 
Constitution, Growth, £Lnd Culture ; royal 4to ; London, 

12 Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and 

the Bahama Islands, (French and English,) revised by 
Mr. Edwards, 2 v. gr. folio ; London, 1771. 

3 Caulfield, James : Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters, of 

Remarkable Persons, from the Revolution in 1688 to the 
End of the Reign of George II., collected n-om the most 
authentic Accounts extant, 4 v. 4to; London, 1819-20. 
29 Caulin, Antonio : Historia Coro-Graphica, Natural y Evan- 
gelica de la Nueva Andalucia, Provincias de Cumana, 
Guayana, y Vertientes del Rio Orinoco, folio ; Madrid, 
15 Cavalry Sword Exercise ; revised edition, 12mo ; London, 

3 Cavendish, George : Life of Cardinal Wolsey ; new edition, ' 
p. 4to ; London, 1852. 

3 Cayley, Arthur : Life of Sir Walter Raleigh,^ 2 v. in 1, 4to ; 
London, 1805. 

3 Cecill. — Collection of State Papers relating to Ajffairs in the 
Reigns of Kings Henry VIII., Edward VI., Queens Mary, 
and Elizabeth, from the Year 1542 to 1596 ; transcribed 
from Original Letters, and other Authentic Memorials, 


of the Grisons ; in a Series of Letters to William Mel- 
moth, 4th edition, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1801. 

29 Coxe, William : Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and 
Denmark; 5th edition, 5 v. Svo; London, 1802. 

10 Craigie, David : Elements of the Practice of Physic, pre- 
senting a View of the Present State of Special Pathol- 
ogy and Therapeutics, 2 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1837-40. 

29 Craufurd, Quinton : Sketches chiefly relating to the History, 
Religion, Learning, and Manners of the Hindoos ; with 
a concise Account of the Present State of the Native 
Powers of Hindostan ; 2d edition, enlarged, 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1792. 

43 Crawfurd, John : Grammar and Dictionary of the Malay 
Language, with a Preliminary Dissertation, 2 v. Svo ; 
London, 1852. 

2 Cr6quy. — Souvenirs de la Marquise de Cr^quy, 1710 a 1800, 
7 V. Svo ; Paris, 1834-'35. 
JL 5 Cresy, Edward : ISncyclopsBdia of Civil Engineering, His- 
torical, Theoretical, and Practical, Svo ; London, 1847. 
X Crichton, Alexander: Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of 
Mental Derangement ; comprehending a Concise System 
of the Physiology and Pathology of the Human Mind ; 
and a History of the Passions and their Effects, 2 v. 
Svo; London, 1798. 

2 Croix, P^tis de la : Histoire du Grand Genghizcan, premier 

Empereur des Anciens Mogoff et Tartares, 24mo ; Paris, 

S5 Croker, T. Crofton: Popular Songs of Ireland, 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1839. 
5 Cross, E. B. : View of Ecclesiastical History, prepared for 
the use of the Higher Karen Schools, and the Teachers 
and Pastors of the Karen Churches, [in the Karen Lan- 
guage,] V. 1, 12mo; Tavoy, 1851. {Present.) 

S9 Cruise, Richard A. : Journal of a Ten Months' Residence 
in New Zealand, Svo; London, 1823. 

3 Cruise, William: Treatise on the Origin and Nature of 

Dignities, or Titles of Honour ; containing all the Cases 
of PeeH^e, together with the Mode of Proceeding in 
Claims oi this Kind ; 2d edition, revised and enlarged, 
Svo; London, 1823. 

10 Cullen, William: First Lines of the Practice of Physic; 
Continued and Completed by James C. Gregory, 2 v. Svo ; 
Edinburgh, 1829. 

10 Works; containing his Physiology, Noso- 
logy, and First Lines of the Practice of Physic ; with 
numerous Extracts from his Manuscript Papers, and 
from his Treatise of the Materia Medica; edited by 
John Thomson, 2 v. Svo; Edinburgh, 1827. 
3 Cunningham, Allan : Life and Land of Burns, with Contri- 
butions by Thomas Campbell; with an Essay on the 


graphical Sketches of Roman and Barbarian History^ 
Explanatory of the Origin and Progress of the following 
Nations: Goths, Wisigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Lom- 
bards, Thuringians, Burgundians, Bavarians, Franks, 
and Britons, 8 vo; London, 1828. 
44 Chatterton, Thomas: Miscellaneous Works, in Prose and 
Verse, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1803. 
2 Chaudon, Louis Mayeul: Historical and Critical Memoirs 
of the Life and Writings of M. de Voltaire ; translated 
from the French, 8vo ; London, 1786. 

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dow of Mont Blanc — The Pilgrim in the Shadow of the 
Jungfrau Alp, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

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Series; 4th edition, 12mo; London, 1852. 

2 Cherefeddin Ali: Histoire de Timur-Bec, connu sous le 
Nom du Grand Tamerlan, Empereur des Mogols et Tar- 
tares; 6crite en Persan ; traduite en Francois, par Mr. 
P6tis de la Croix, 4 v. 24mo; Paris, 1722. 

29 Chevalier, Michel : L'Isthme de . Panama, Examen Histo- 

rique et G6ographique des DifKrentes Directions suivant 
lesquelles on pourrait le Percer et des Moyens a y Em- 
ployer; suivi d'un Apergu sur I'lsthme de Suez, 8vo; 
Paris, 1844. 

10 Child, George Chaplin : On Indigestion, and Certain Bilious 
Disorders often Conjoined with it ; to which are added. 
Short Notes on Diet, 8vo ; London, 1847. 

44 Chinese Repository, from May, 1832, to December, 1845, 
14 V. 8vo; Canton, 1833-45. 

10 Chisholm, C: Essay on the Malignant Pestilential Fever, 
Introduced into the West India Islands from Boullam, 
on the Coast of Guinea, as it Appeared in 1793, 1794, 
1795, and 1796, &c.; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1801. 
2 Chodzko, Leonard : La Pologne, Historique, Litt^raire, Mon- 
umentale, et Illustr^e ; 5® Edition, 4to; Paris, 1844. 

29 Choris, Louis : Voyage Pittoresque Autour du Monde, avec 
des Portraits de Sauvages d'Am^rique, d'Asie, d'Afrique, 
et des lies du Grand Ocean, &c.; accompagn^ de De- 
scriptions par M. le Baron Cuvier, et M. A. de Chamisso, 
et d'Observations sur les Craines Humains, par M. le 
Docteur Gall, folio ; Paris, 1822. 
2 Christian, P.: L'Afrique Frangaise, TEmpire de Maroc, et 
les D6serts de Sahara ; Conqu^tes, Victoires, et Decou- 
vertes des Frangais, depuis la Prise d'Alger jusqu'a nos 
Jours, gr. 8vo; Paris, 1846. 

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dical Jurisprudence, Physiology, and the Practice of 
Physic; 4th edition, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1845. 
2 Chroniques Etrangferes relatives aux Expeditions Frangaises 
pendant le XIII® Sidcle, publi6es pour la premiere fois, 


12 Cuvier, Georges : Recherches sur les Ossemens Fossiles, ou 
Ton R6tablit les Caracteres de Plusieurs Animaux dont 
les Revolutions du Globe ont Detruit les Esp^ces ; 4® Edi- 
tion, 10 V. 8vo; Paris, 1834-'36. 

12 Atlas ; 4^ Edition, 2 v. 4to ; Paris, 1836. 

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Min^ralogique des Environs de Paris, avee une Carte 
G^ognostique, et des Coupes de Terrain, p. 4to ; Paris, 
10 Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine ; edited by John Forbes, 
Alexander Tweedie, and John Conolly, 4 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1833-'35. 
29 D'Acuna, C. : Relation de la Riviere des Amazones ; tra- 
duite sur Toriginal Espagnol, par feu M'- de Gomberville ; 
avec une Dissertation sur la Riviere des Amazones, pour 
servir de Preface, 2 v. en 1, 16mo; Paris, 1682. 

44 D'Aguesseau, Henri-Frangois : CEuvres Completes ; nouvelle 
edition, augmentee de Pieces echappees aux premiers 
6diteurs, et d'un Discours Preiiminaire par M. Pardes- 
sus, 16 v. 8vo; Paris, 1819. 

1 5 D'Aguilar, Major-General : Observations on the Practice and 
the Forms of District, Regimental, and Detachment 
Courts Martial ; revised, by permission, by John Endle, 
8vo; Dublin, 1850. 

1 5 Dahlgren, Lt. John A.: Report on the Thirty-two Pounder of 
Thirty-two Cwt., to Commodore Warrington, Chief of 
Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, p. 8vo ; Wash- 
ington, 1850. (Present.) 

15 System of Boat Armament in the 

United States Navy; reported to Commodore Charles 
Morris, Chief of Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, 
p. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1852. (Present) 

1 5 ■ Naval Percussion Locks and Primers, 

particularly those of the United States, p. 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. (Present) 

-44 D'Alembert, Jean le Rond : GEuvres, 5 v. 8vo; Paris, 1821-'22. 
4 Dallas, R. C: History of the Maroons ; including the Expe- 
dition to £)uba, for the purpose of procuring Spanish 
Chasseurs ; the state of Jamaica for the last Ten Years ; 
and a History of the Island previous to that Period, 2 v. 
8vo ; London, 1803. 
3 ' — - — Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron, from 

the Year 1808, to the End of 1814, 8vo ; London, 1824. 
2 Dallaway, James : Inquiries into the Origin and Progress of 
the Science of Heraldry in England ; with Explanatory 
Observations on Armorial Ensigns, 4to; Gloucester, 
29 Dalrymple, Alexander : Historical Collection of the Several 
Voyages and Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean, 
2 V. 4to ; London, 1770-1771. 



2 Dalrymple. — Memoir, writtPvU by Sir Hew Dalrymple, Bart, 
of his Proceedings as Connected with the Affairs of 
Spain, and the Commencement of the Peninsular War, 
8vo ; London, 1830. 

2 Daniel, Gabriel : Histoire de Prance, depuis TEtablissement 

de la Monarchic Fran^oise dans les Gaules ; nouvelle 
Edition, 10 v. 4to; Paris, 1729. 

2 History of Prance, from the Time the 

Prench Monarchy was Established in Gaul, to the Death 
of Lewis XIV. : translated from the original French ; 
2d edition, 5 v. 8vo ; London, 1732. 

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Niece, 7 v. p. 8vo ; London, 1842-'46. 

3 Memoirs of Doctor Barney, arranged 

from his own Manuscripts, from Family Papers, and 
from Personal Recollections, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1832. 

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Louisiana, the Southern part of the State of Mississippi, 
and Territory of Alabama ; together with a Map, from 
Actual Survey, of the State of Louisiana ; 2d edition, 
enlarged and improved, 8vo ; New- York, 1817. 

29 Map of the State of Louisiana, with Parts 

of the Mississippi Territory, and of Alabama, from Ac- 
tual Survey ; folded 8vo ; New York,-1816. 

29 Universal Gazetteer ; or, a New Geo- 
graphical Dictionary ; containing a Description of the 
Empires, Kingdoms, States, Provinces, Cities, Towns, 
Ports, Seas, Harbors, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Capes, 
&c., in the Known World ; with the Government, Cus* 
toms, and Manners of the Inhabitants, &c., &c., 8vo ; 
Philadelphia, 1827. 
3 Darell, William : History of Dover Castle, 4to ; London, 

2 Darembert, M. : M^moires tir6s des Papiers d'un Homme 
d'Etat, sur les Causes Secretes qui ont d6termin^ la Poli- 
tique des Cabinets dans les Guerres de la Revolution, 
13 V. 8vo ; Paris, 1831-'38. 

24 Darien Papers ; being a Selection of Original Letters and 
Official Documents relating to the Establishment of a 
Colony at Darien by the Company of Scotland Trading 
to Africa and the Indies, 1695-1700, 4to; Edinburgl^ 

26 Darley, George: Geometrical Companion, in which the 
Elements of Abstract Geometry are Familiarized and 
rendered Practically Useful to the various Pursuits of 
Life ; 2d edition, 16mo ; London, 1841. 

26 System of Popular Geometry, 5th edition, 

12mo; London, 1844. 
2 Daru, P. : Histoire de la R^publique de Venise, 2® 6dition, 
revue et corrig6e, 8 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1821. 


12 Darwin, Charles : Journal of Researches into the Natural 
History and Geology of the Countries Visited during the 
Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle, Round the World, under the 
Command of Captain Fitz Roy; new edition, 12mo; 
London, 1852. 

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Life, 4 V. 8vo ; London, 1801. 

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Honor to Catherine II., Empress of all the Russias ; 
written by Herself; comprising Letters of the Empress, 
and other Correspondence ; Edited from the Originals, 
by Mrs. W. Bradford, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1840. 

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tionary of North America and the West Indies, 8vo ; 
Baltimore, 18^2. 

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prising the Logarithms of Numbers, and of Sines, Tan- 
gents, and Secants, (fee. ; also. Tables of Compound In- 
terest, of the Probabilities of Life, &c., &c., 8vo ; Edin- 
burgh, 1852. 

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tions, and Language, of the Ancient Britons ; with some 
Introductory Sketches, on Primitive Society, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1804. 
5 Davies, Edward : Mythology and Rites of the British Dru- 
ids, Ascertained by National Documents, &c. ; with an 
Appendix, containing Ancient Poems and Extracts, with 
some Remarks on'Ancient British Coins, 8vo ; London, 
3 DavieSj Sir John : Historical Tracts ; to which is prefixed, 
a new Life of the Author, from Authentic Documents, 
8vo; Dublin, 1787. 

10 Davies, Thomas : Lectures on the Diseases of the Lungs 

and Heart, 8vo; London, 1835, 
8 Davila, Enrico Caterino : Storia delle Guerre Civili di Fran- 
cia, 6 V. en 7, 8vo; Londra, 1801. 

2 History of the Civil Wars of France; 

translated from the Italian, by Ellis Farneworth, 2 v. 
4to ; London, 1758. 

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Health, 8vo ; London, 18.%. 

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Inhabitants ; with Travels in that Island, 4to ; London, 

29 Notes and Observations on the Ionian Islands 

and Malta ; with some Remarks on Constantinople and 
Turkey, and on the System of Quarantine as at Present 
Conducted, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1842. 

10 - Researches, Physiological and Anatomical, 3 v. 

Svo; London, 1839. 


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Deposites; with Observations on the Nature, Causes, 
and Treatment, of the Various Disorders of the Genera- 
tive System ; 5th edition, 12mo ; London, 1851. 

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8vo; London, 1845. 

24 De Bow, J. D. B. : Industrial Resources, &c., of the South- 
ern and Western States ; embracing a View of their 
Commerce, Agriculture, Manufactures, Internal Improve- 
ments ; Slave and Free Labor, Slavery Institutions, 
Products, &c., of the South ; together with Historical 
and Statistical Sketches of the different States and Cities 
of the Union, &c., 3 v. 8vo; New Orleans, 1852-53. 
(2 copies.) 

43 D'Ebn Malec : Alfiyya, ou la Quintessence de la Grammaire 

Arabe ; public en original, avec un Commentaire, par la 
Baron Sylvestre de Sacy, 8vo ; Paris, 1833. 
16.2 De Clercq, Alexander J. H.: Formulaire k I'usage des Con- 
sulats ; suivi d'un Appendice, contenant le Tariff des 
Chancelleries, Consulaires, et les Principales Lois et Or- 
donnances relatives aux Consulats, 8vo ; Paris, 1848. 
3 Defoe, Daniel: History of the Union between England and 
Scotland ; with a Life of Defoe, by G. Chalmers, 4to ; 
London, 1786. 

44 . Novels and Miscellaneous Works ; with a 

Biographical Memoir of the Author, Literary Prefaces 
to the Various Pieces, Illustrative Notes, (fee, including 
all contained in the Edition attributed to the late Sir 
Walter Scott, 20 v. 16mo; Oxford, 1840-'41. 
16.2 Deffaudis, M. : Questions Diplomatiques, et particuli^rement 
des Travaux et de I'Organisation du Minist^re des Af- 
faires Etrang^res, 8vo ; Paris, 1849. 

42 Delepierre, Octave: Macaron^ana ; ou Melanges de Litt^ra- 
ture Macaronique des Differents Peuples de TEurope, 
8vo; Paris, 1852. 

14 De Lisle, De Rom6: Cristallographie, ou Description des 
Formes Propres a tous les Corps du Regno Mineral, dans 
I'Etat de Combinaison Saline, Pierreuse ou Metallique ; 
2* edition, 3 v. 8vo ; et Planches, 4to ; Paris, 1783. 

26 De Morgan, Augustus: Elements of Algebra^ Preliminary 
to the Differential Calculus, and fit for the higher Classes 
of Schools in which the Principles of Arithmetic are 
Taught ; 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 1837. 

40 Formal Logic ; or, the Calculus of 

Inference, Necessary and Probable, 8vo ; London, 1847. 

29 D6nain, A.: Considerations sur les Int^rSts Politiques et 
Commerciaux qui se rattachent k I'Isthme de Panama, 
et aux differents Isthmes de I'Amerique Centrale ; rela- 
tion directe de ces Isthmes avec celui de Suez, 8vo ; 

^ o A a 


Dendy, Walter C: Practical Remarks on the Diseases of 
the Skin ; on the External Signs of Disorder ; and on the 
Constitutional^ Peculiarities during Infancy and Child- 
hood, 8 vo ; London, 1837. 

5 De Pambour, P. M. G.: Practical Treatise on Locomotive 
Engines, &c. ; 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 1840. 

9 Depons, F.: Voyage k la Parte Orientale de la Terre-Ferme, 
dans I'Am^rique M^ridionale, fait pendant les Annies 
1801, 1802, 1803, et 1804; contenant la Description de 
la Capital nerie G^n^rale de Caracas, compos6e des Pro- 
vinces de Venezuela, Maracaibo, Varinas, la Guiane 
Espagnole, Cumana, et de I'lle de Marguerite, &c., 3 v. 
8vo ; Paris, 1 806. 

2 Dermoncourt, General : The Duchess of Berri in La Vendue ; 
comprising a Narrative of her Adventures, with her Pri- 
vate Papers and Secret Correspondence ; 2d edition, 
8vo; London, 1833. 

I Der Nibelungen Noth, illustrirt mit Holzschnitten, nach 

Zeichnungen von Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld und 

Eugen Neurenther ; die Bearbeitung des Textes von Dr. 

Gustav Pfizer, 4to ; Stuttgart und Tubingen, 1843. 
X ^ De Ros, Lord : Selections of Field Movements for a Divi- 
sion of Cavalry, p. 4to ; London, 1846. 
X 3 Descartes, R^n6 : QEuvres ; publi6es par Victor Cousin, 

11 V. 8vo; Paris, 1824-'26. 
Us Desfontaines,R6n6: Flora Atlantica, sive Historia Planta- 

rum, quae in Atlante, Agro Tunetano et Algeriensi cresc- 

unt, 2 V, 4to ; Parisiis, 1798. 
1 3 Histoire des Arbres et Arbrisseaux qui 

peuvent 6tre Cultives en pleine terre sur le Sol de la 

France, 2 V. 8vo ; Paris, 1809. 
16.1 Desfontaines, R6n6 Louiche: Tableau de I'Ecole de Botan- 

ique du Jardin du Roi ; 2® Edition; 8vo, Paris, 1815. 
15 Desmarest, Anselme-Gaetan: Histoire Naturelle des Tan- 

garas, des Manakins et des Todiers, gr. folio ; Paris, 

<* 2 De Thou, J. A.: Histoire Universelle, depuis 1543 jusqu'en 

1607; traduite sur 1' Edition Latine de Londres, 16 v. 

4to ; Londres, 1734. 

3 Devereux, Walter Bourchier: Lives and Letters of the Deve- 
reux. Earls of Essex, in the Reigns of Elizabeth, James L, 
and Charles I., 1540-1646, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1853. 

24 De Villiers, B. J. Van de Sandt: Cape of Good Hope Al- 
manac, and Annual Register, for 1852 and 1853, 2 v. 
12mo; Cape-Town, 1851-52. 

29 Dewey, Orville: The Old World and the New ; or, a Journal 
of Reflections and Observations made on a Tour ia Eu- 
rope, 2 V. 12mo ; New- York, 1836. • 

12 Dewherst, Henry William: Natural History of the Order 
Cetacea, and the Oceanic Inhabitants of the Arctic Re- 
gions, 8vo ; London, 1834. 


24 D'Haussonville, M. O.: Histoire de la Politique Ext^rieure 
du Gouvernement Fran^ais, 1830-1848 ; avec Notes, 
Pieces Justificatives, et Documei]||9 Diplomatiques enti- 
erement in^dits ; nouvelie Edition, 2 v. 12mo ; Paris, 1850. 
16.2 D'Hauterive, Le Comte, et Fred, de Cussy: Recueil des 
Traites de Commerce et de Navigation de la France, 
avec les Puissances Etrang^res, depuis la Paix de West- 
phalie, en 1G48; suivi du Recueil des Principaux Traites 
de m6me nature conclus par les Puissances Etrang^res 
entre elles, depuis la m^me Epoque, 10 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

2 D'Herbelot, Barthelemi : Biblioth^que Orientale, ou Dic- 

tionnaire Universal ; contenant tout ce qui fait connoi- 
tre les Peuples de TOrient ; leurs Histoires et Traditions, 
tant Fabuleuses que V6ritables ; leurs Religions, Sectes, 
Gouvernemens, Loix, Politique, Mceurs, Coutumes; et 
les Revolutions de leurs Empires, &c. ; nouvelie Edition, 
r^duite et augment^e par M, D*****, 6 v. 8vo ; Paris, 
1781 -'3. 

3 Diary Illustrative of the Times of George IV., interspersed 

with Original Letters from the late Queen Caroline, and 
from various other Distinguished Persons ; edited T)y 
John Gait, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1838-'39. 

95 Dick, Robert : Diet and Regimen, Physical, Intellectual, and 
Moral, as Means in the Prevention and Cure of Disease, 
12mo; Glasgow, 1838. 

43 Dictionary of the Scottish Language ; containing an Ex- 
planation of the Words used by the most Celebrated 
Ancient and Modern Scottish Authors, 32mo; Edin- 
burgh, 1818. 

43 Dictionary of Select and Popular Quotations ; taken from 
the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, and Italian Lan- 
guages, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1850. 

43 Dictionary of Select and Popular Quotations, which are in 
Daily Use ; taken from the Latin, French, Greek, Span- 
ish, and Italian Languages, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1852. 

12 Dictionnaire Classique d'Histoire Naturelle, par Messieurs 
Audouin, Isid. Bourdon, Ad. Brongniart, De Candolle, 
Daudebard de Ftrussac, &c., 16 v. 8vo ; avec Planches, 
8vo; Paris, 1822-30. 
2 Dictionnaire des Dates, des Faits, des Lieux et des Hommes 
Historiques ; ou les Tables de I'Histoire, Repertoire Al- 
phab6tique de Chronologic Universelle ; public par une 
Society de Savants et de Gens de Lettres, sous la Direc- 
tion de M. A.-L. D'Harmonville, 2 v. gr. 8vo ; Paris, 

15 JDictionnaire de Marine k Voiles et k Vapeur, par MM. le 
^ Baron de Bonnefoux et Paris ; public sous les auspices 
de M. le Vice- Amiral Baron de Mackau, gr. 8vo ; Paris. 

2 Dictionnaire Universel, Historique, Critique et Bibliogra- 


phique; 9® Edition, revue, corrigee et augment^e de 
16,000 Articles environ, par une Soci6t^ de Savans 
Frangais et^^angers, 20 v. 8vo; Paris, 1810-'12. 

^9 Didier, Franklin^r: Letters from Paris and other Cities of 
France, Holland, &c., written during a Tour and Resi- 
dence in those Countries, in the Years 1816, '17, '18, '19, 
and '20, 8vo; New-York, 1821. 
2 Dillon, John Talbot: History of the Reign of Peter the 
Cruel, King of Castile and Leon, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1788. 

29 Dillon, Peter : Narrative and Successful Result of a Voyage 
in the South Seas, performed by Order of the Govern- 
ment of British India, to Ascertain the actual Fate of 
La P^rouse's Expedition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1829. 

15 Dil worth, Thomas: The Young Book-Keeper's Assistant; 
shewing him, in the most plain and easy Manner, the 
Italian Way of Stating Debtor and Creditor, &c. ; new 
edition, 8vo; York, 1839. 

1 Diodorus. — The Historical Library of Diodorus the Sicilian, 

in Fifteen Books ; to which are added, the Fragments of 
Diodorus, and those published by H. Valesius, I. Rhodo- 
mannus, and F. Ursinus; translated by G. Booth, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1814. 
13 Dioscorides, Pedacius : Opera quae extant omnia; ex nova 
interpretatione Jani-Antonio Saraceni Lugduna^i, Me- 
dici ; sumtibus haeredum Andreas Wecheli, Claudii Mar- 
nii, et Joan. Aubrii, folio ; Frankfort, 1 598, 

2 Dirom, Alexander: Narrative of the Campaign in India, 

which Terminated the War with Tippoo Sultan, in 1792, 
4to; London, 1793. 

29 Discoveries of the French in 1768 and 1769, to the South- 
East of New Guinea, with the Subseqiffent Visits to the 
same Lands by English Navigators, who gave them 
New Names ; to which is prefixed, an Historical Abridge- 
ment of the Voyages and Discoveries of the Spaniards 
in the same Seas ; by M. * * *, formerly a Captain in 
the French Navy ; translated from the French, 4to ; 
London, 1791. 

34 Disraeli, B.: Coningsby, or the New Generation; 5th edi- 
tion, 16mo; London, 1850. 

42 D'Israeli, I. : Amenities of Literature, consisting of Sketches 
and Characters of English Literature ; 2d edition, 3 v. 
8vo; London, 1842. 

42 Miscellanies of Literature ; new edition, re- 
vised and corrected, 8vo; London, 1840. 

29 Dixon, George : Voyage Round the World ; but more particu- 
larly to the North- West Coast of America : performed 
in 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, in the King George 9.nd 
Queen Charlotte, Captains Portlock and Dixon, 4to; 
London, 1789. 


43 Dizionario della Lingua Italiana ; Garrer Luigi, Frederic 
Ab. Fortunato, Editori, 7 v. gr.Aw; Padova, 1827-'29 
3 Dodd, Charles R. : Manual of DigflRs, Privilege, and Pre 
cedence ; including Lists of the Great Public Function 
aries, from the Revolution to the Present Time, 16mo 
London, 1843. 

13 Dodoens, Rembert : New Herbal, or Historie of Plants ; no 
first translated out of French into English, by Henry 
Lyte, corrected and amended, folio; London, 1619. 

13 Stirpium Historiae pemptades sex, siv 

libri XXX ; vari^ ab auctore, paulJo ante mortem, aucti: 
et emendati, folio; Antverpiae, 1616. 

29 Dodwell, Edward : Classical and Topographical Tour 

through Greece, during the Years 1804, 1805, and 
1806, 2 v. 4to; London, 1819. 

3 Domesday Book, seu Liber Censualis Willelmi primi Regis 
Angliae, inter Archivos Regni in Domo Capitulari West- 
monasterii asservatus: additamenta ex Codic. Antiquiss: 
et Indices, 4 v. folio; Londini, 1783 et 1816. 
13 Don, George: General System of Gardening and Botany; 
containing a complete Enumeration and Description of 
all Plants hitherto Known, with their Generic and Spe- 
cific Characters, &c. : Founded upon Miller's Gardener's 
Dictionary, and Arranged according to the Natural Sys- 
tem, 4 v. 4to ; London, 1831. 

7 Donald, James : Land Drainage, Enjbankment, and Irriga- 
tion ; their Practical Application, Cost, Probable Profits, 
and the Proper Season for such Undertakings ; new edi- 
tion, 12mo; London, 1852. 

30 Donaldson^ John : Improved Farm Buildings, 4to ; London, 


12 Doubleday, Edward, & J. O. Westwood: The Genera of 
Diurnal Lepidoptera ; comprising their Generic Charac- 
ters, a Notice of their Habits and Transformations, and 
a Catalogue of the Species of each Genus ; illustrated 
with 86 Plates, by William C. Hewitson, 2 v. folio; 
Lbndon, 1846-'52. 

10 Douglas, John : Medical Topography of Upper Canada, 8vo ; 
London, 1819. 

10 Dovar, Thomas: The Ancient Physician's Legacy to his 
Country, being what he has Collected in Forty-nine 
Years' Practice, &c., 12mo ; London, 1733. 
2 Dover, Lord: The Life of Frederic the Second, King of 
Prussia, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1832. 

15 Downes, Alfred : Manual of Information and Instruction for 
Candidates for Commissions, 12mo; London, 1852. 

10 Downing, Beal P. : Reformed Practice and Family Physi- 
cian, 12mo; Utica, 1851. (Present.) 

15 Doyle, John Sidney: Military Catechism, for the use of 
Young Ofiicers and Seigeanls o? livtanU^^ Militia Regi- 


ments, and Volunteer Corps; 6th edition, 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1850. 

44 Drake, Nathan : Assays, Biographical, Critical, and Histori- 
cal, illustrative of the Tattler, Spectator, and Guardian, 
3 V. 16mo; London, 1805. 

44 :_ Literary Hours ; or Sketches, Critical, Nar- 
rative, and Poetical ; 4th edition, corrected, 3 v. p. 8vo ; 
London, 1820. 

44 Mornings in Spring; or Retrospections, 

Biographical, Critical, and Historical, 2 v. p. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1828. 

-44 ■ Noontide Leisure ; or Sketches in Sum- 
mer, Outlines from Nature and Imagination, and in- 
cluding a Tale of the Days of Shakspeare, 2 v. p. 8vo ; 
London, 1824. 
2 Drinkwater, John : History of the late Siege of Gibraltar ; 
with a Description and Account of that Garrison, from 
the Earliest Periods; 2d edition, 4to; London, 1786. 
2 Droz, Joseph : Histoire du R^gne de Louis XVL, pendant 
les Annies oil Ton pouvait Pr^venir ou Diriger la Revo- 
lution Frangaise, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1839-42. 

12 Drummond, James L. : Letters to a Young Naturalist on 
the Study of Nature and Natural Theology ; 2d edition, 
12mo; London, 1832. 
12 Drury, Dru: Illustrations of Exotic Entomology; containing 
upwards of 650 Figures and Descriptions of Foreign 
Insects, &c. ; a new edition, brought down to the Present 
State of the Science, by J. O. West wood, 3 v. 4to ; Lon- 
don, 1837. 

29 Dry Leaves from Young Egypt, by an Ex-Political; 3d 
edition, 8vo; London, 1851. 

36 Du Bartas, William de Salluste : Diuine Weekes and Worker; 

translated by Josiah Sylvester, folio; London, 1641. 
2 Dubois. — M6moires Secrets et Correspondance In^dite du 
Cardinal Dubois, Premier Ministre sous la R^gence du 
Duo d'Orleans ; recueillis, mis en ordre et augmentes d'un 
Precis de la Paix d'Utrecht, et diverses Notices Histor- 
iques, par M. L. de Sevelinges, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1815. 
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Testacea ; with Illustrative Observations, &c., p. 8vo ; 
London, 1825. 
2 Dubois, N. F. : Histoire des Amours et Infortunes d'Abelard 
et d'Eloise ; avec la traduction des Lettres qu'ils s'^crivi- 
rent Tun k I'autre; 5® Mition, 24mo; La Haye, 1711. 
31 Ducarel, Andrew Coltee: A Series of above Two Hundred 
Anglo-Gallic, or Norman and Aquitain Coins of the 
Antient Kings of England ; exhibited in Sixteen Cop- 
perplates, and Illustrated in Twelve Letter's, addressed 
to the Society of Antiquaries of Loivdoxi, ^iWi ^^n^t^ ^^ 
its Members, 4to ; London, 1757. 


1 3 Duchesne, E. A.: Repertoire des Plantes Utiles et des Planter 
Ven6neuses du Globe, 8vo ; Paris. 1836. 

15 Duckett, Geo. P.: Technological Miltary Dictionary, Ger 
man -English-French; new and revised edition, 8vo; 
London, 1848. 
2 Duclos, C. P.: History of Louis XL, King of France ; trans- 
lated from the French original, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1746. 

44 (Euvres Completes; preced^es d'une Notice 

sur sa Vie et ses Ecrits, par M. Auger ; nouvelle Edition, 
9 V. 8vo; Paris, 1820-'21. 

15 Dufour, G. H.: Cours de Tactique ; 2* ^ition, 12mo ; Paris, 

24 Dufresne St. Leon, L. C. A.: Etude du Credit Public et des 
Dettes Publiques, 8vo; Paris, 1824. 

2 Du Fresnoy, M. I'Abbe Lenglet: Methode pour Etudier 

PHistoire, avec un Catalogue des principaux Historiens, 

et des Remarques sur la bont6 de leurs Ouvrages, et sur 
\ le Choix des meilleures Editions ; nouvelle Edition, 4 v. 

4to; Paris, 1729. 
13 Duhamel du Ponceau, H. L.: Physique des Arbres, ou il est 

Trait6 de TAnatomie V^g^tale, &c.; 2 v. 4to; Paris, 


3 Duke, George : Life of Major-General Worge, Colonel of 

the 86th Regiment of Foot, and Governor of Senegal, in 

Africa, 8vo ; London, 1844. 
29 Dumas, Alexander : Impressions of Travel, in Egypt and 

Arabia Petraea ; translated from the French, by a Lady 

of New-York, 12mo; New- York, 1839. 
2 Dumas, Mathieu : Memoirs of his Own Time ; including the 

Revolution, the Empire, and the Restoration, 2 v. 8vo ; 

London, 1839. 
2 Precis des Ev^nemens Militaires, ou Es- 

sais Historiques sur les Campagnes de 1799 a 1814, 19 

V. 8vo; Paris, 1818-'26. 

2 Cartes et Plans, folio ; Paris, 1818-'26. 

29 Dumont, John : New Voyage to the Levant ; done into 

English, and Adorn'd with Figures, 8vo; London, 1705. 
2 Dumouriez. — Life of General Dumouriez, 3 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1796. 
32 Dun, Finlay, and John Thomson : The Vocal Melodies of 

Scotland, Arranged with Symphonies and Accompani- 
ments for the Piano Forte, 4 v. in 1, folio ; Edinburgh. 
16.1 Dunbar, James : Essays on the History of Mankind in Rude 

and Cultivated Ages; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1781. 
2 Dunlop, John: Memoirs of Spain during the Reigns of 

Philip IV. and Charles II., from 1621 to 1700, 2 v. 8vo; 

Edinburgh, 1834. 
44 The Philosophy of Artificial and Compulsory 

Drinking Usage in Great Britain and Ireland, &c., 24mo ; 

Loudon, 1839. 


10 Dunsford, Harris : Practical Advantages of HomoBopathy, 
illustrated by numerous Cases, 8vo; London, 1841. 

29 Duperrey, M. L. J.: Rapport fait h FAcademie Royale des 
Sciences, le 22 Aout 1825, sur le Voyage Autour du 
Monde de la Corvette de S. M. La Coquille, 4to ; Paris, 

29 Atlas du Voyage, gr. folio ; Paris, 1826. 

29 Atlas Hydrographique, gr. folio ; Paris, 


12 Duperrey, M. L. J.: Voyage Autour du Monde, 6x6cut6 par 
Ordre du Roi, sur le Corvette de S. M. La Coquille, pen- 
dant les Annees, 1822, 1823, 1824, et 1825: 

Botaniq^w, par MM. D'Urville, Bory de St. Vincent, et Ad. Brongniart, 4to; 

Paris, 1828; Atlas, gr. folio; Paris, 1826. 
Hydrographique et Fhi/siqiie, par M. L. J. Duperrey, 4to; Paris, 1829. 
Zoolof/iej par IklM. Lesson et Garnot, 2 v. en 4, 4to ; et Atlas, gr. folio ; 

Paris, 1826-'30. 

Dupin, Lewis Ellis : The Universal Library of Historians, 
(viz.) the Oriental, Greek, Latin, French, German, Span- 
ish, Italian, English, and others ; done into English, from 
the Paris edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1709. 
Durbin, John P. : Observations in the East, chiefly in Egypt, 
Palestine, Syria, and Asia Minor ; 9th edition, 2 v. 12mo ; 
NeviT-York, 1847. 

Observations in Europe, principally in 

France and Great Britain, 2 v. 12mo ; New- York, 1844. 

^ Durdent, R. J.: Histoire de la Convention Nationale de 
France, accompagn6e d'un Coup-dCEil sur les Assem- 
blees Constituante et Legislative, 2*^ Edition, revue et 
corrig^e, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1818. 
^4 Bureau de la Malle, M. : Economic Politique des Remains, 
2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1840. 
9 Durlacher, Lewis : Treatise on Corns, Bunions, the Diseases 
of Nails, and the General Management of the Feet, 8vo ; 
London, 1845. 

29 Earl, George W. : Eastern Seas ; or. Voyages and Adven- 
tures in the Indian Archipelago, in 1832-33-34 ; com- 
prising a Tour of the Island of Java, Visits to Borneo, 
the Malay Peninsula, Siam, &c. : also, an Account of 
the Present State of Singapore, &c., 8vo: London, 

29 Earle, Augustus : Narrative of a Nine Months' Residence 
in New Zealand, in 1827 ; together with a Journal of a 
Residence in Tristan d'Acunha, an Island Situated be- 
tween South America and the Cape of Good Hope, 8vo ; 
London, 1832. 

31 Eckhel, Abbe : Kurzgefasste Anfangsgriinde zur alten Nu- 
mismatik, p. 8vo ; Wien. 

31 Eckhel, Josephus : Doctrina Numorum Veterum, 8 v. 4to ; 

Lipsiffi, 1826-'28. 
3 Edgeworth. — ^Memoirs of Richard LoveW ElAgevJot\^\,^i^%^»^ 


by Himself, and Concluded by his Daughter, Maria 
Edgeworth, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1820. 

20 Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary, 6 v. 8vo; 
Edinburgh, 1822. 

44 Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, from June, 1819, to April, 
1824 ; conducted by Brewster and Jameson, 10 v. 8vo; 
Edinburgh, 1819-'24. 

44 Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, from April, 1826, to 
October, 1850 ; conducted by Robert Jameson, 49 v. 8vo ; 
Edinburgh, 1826-'50. 
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London, 1780. 

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Philadelphia, 1806. 

29 Edwards, B. B. : Missionary Gazetteer ; comprising a Geo- 
graphical and Statistical Account of the Various Sta- 
tions of the American and Foreign Protestant Missionary 
Societies of all Denominations, &c., 12mo ; Boston, 1832. 

26 Edwards, J. : Figures of Euclid ; with Questions, and a 
Praxis of Geometrical Exercises; 4th edition, 16mo ; 
London, 1846. 
3 Eglesfield, Fr. : Monarchy Revived ; being the Personal His- 
tory of Charles the Second, from his Earliest Years to 
his Restoration to the Throne ; reprinted from the edi- 
tion of 1661, 8vo ; London, 1822. 

39 Elegant Epistles ; being a copious Collection of Familiar 
and Amusing Letters, Selected for the Improvement of 
Young Persons, and for General Entertainment ; new 
edition, royal 8vo ; London, 1807. 

44 Elegant Extracts ; or. Useful and Entertaining Passages 
in Prose, Selected for the Improvement of I oung Per- 
sons, 2 V. royal 8vo ; London, 1808. 

36 Elegant Extracts ; or. Useful and Entertaining Pieces of 
Poetry, Selected for the Improvement of Young Persons, 
2 V. royal 8vo; London, 1809. 

26 Elementary Course of Mathematics, prepared for the use of 
the Royal Military Academy : by order of the Master- 
General and Board of Ordnance, 2 v. royal 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1850. 

13 Elements of the Science of Botany, as Established by Lin- 
naeus; by R. D. ; 3d edition, 3 v. 12mo ; London, 1812. 

10 Elliotson, John: Human Physiology; with which is incor- 
porated much of the Elementary Part of the Institutiones 
PhysiologicsB of J. F. Blumenbach; 5th edition, 8vo; 
London, 1840. 

29 Elliott, C. B.: Travels in the three Great Empires of Aus- 
tria, Russia, and Turkey^ 2 v. 12mo; Philadelphia, 1839. 
3 Ellis, George : Irish Ethnology Socially and Politically Con- 
sidered, embracing a General Outline of the Celtic and 


Saxon Races; with Practical Inferences, 16mo; Lon- 
don, 1852. 

2 Ellis, George Agar : True History of the State Prisoner, 
commonly called the Iron Mask ; extracted from Docu- 
ments in the French Archives, 8vo ; London, 1826. 

3 Ellis, Henry : Original Letters, Illustrative of English His- 
tory; including numerous Royal Letters; from Auto- 
graphs in the British Museum, and one or two other 
Collections; with Notes and Illustrations, (3 Series,) 11 v. 

. p. 8vo; London, 1825-'46. 
9 Ellis, William : Authentic Narrative of a Voyage performed 
by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke, in H. M. Ships 
Resolution and Discovery, during the Years 1776, 1777, 
1778, 1779, and 1780, in Search of a North-West Pas- 
sage between the Continents of Asia and America, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1782. 

9 Polynesian Researches, during a Residence 

of nearly Eight Years in the Society and Sandwich 
Islands; 2d edition, 4 v. 16mo; London, 1840. 
L Ellis, W. C: Treatise on the Nature, Symptoms, Causes, 
and Treatment of Insanity, with Practical Observations 
on Lunatic Asylums, &c., 8vo; London, 1838. 

2 English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula; extracted 
from his " Peninsula War," by Lieut. Gen. Sir William 
Napier, p. 8vo; London, 1852. 
X3 English Botany; or, Coloured Figures of Plants, with their 
Essential Characters, Synonyms, and Places of Growth ; 
to which will be added, Occasional Remarks : by James 
Edward Smith ; the Figures by James Sowerby, 36 v. 
8vo; London, 1790-1814. 

13 English Botany. — Supplement to the English Botany of the 
late Sir J. E. Smith and Mr. Sowerby : the Descriptions, 
Synonyms, and Places of Growth, by Wm. Jackson 
Hooker, Wm. Borrer, Charles C. Babington, and other 
eminent Botanists ; the Figures by James de Carle 
Sowerby, and John Wm. Salter, 4 v. 8vo; London, 
1831 -'49. 

24 Escriche, Joaquin : Diccionario Razonado de Legislacion y 
Jurisprudencia ; tercera edicion, 2 v. folio ; Madrid, 1847. 

12 Esper, Jean Frederic : Description des Zoolithes nouvelle- 
ment decouvertes, d'Animaux Quadrupedes Inconnus et 
des Cavernes qui les renferment, de m^me que de plusieurs 
autres Grottes Remarquables qui se trouvent dans le 
Margraviat de Bareith, &c.; traduite de TAllemand, par 
J. F. Isenflamm, folio; Nuremberg, 1774. 

26 Euclid: Elements; by Robert Simson, 4to ; Glasgow, 1756. 

26 Euclid's Elements of Geometry, the First Six Books, chiefly 
from the Text of Dr. Simson, with Explanatory Notes ; 
a Series of Questions on each Book ; and a Selection of 
Geometrical Exercises from the Senate-Ro\\sfc^\AC»0^- 



lege Examination Papers ; with Hints, &c., by Rober'^* 

Potts; corrected and enlarged, 12mo; Cambridge, 185(^ 
44 Evelyn, John: Miscellaneous Writings; with Notes, b 

William Upcott, 4to ; London, 1825. 
40 Ewing, Thomas: Principles of Elocution ; revised and im 

proved by F. B. Calvert, 30th edition, 12mo ; Edinburg' 

2 Eyre, Vincent : The Military Operations at Cabul, whicl 

Ended in the Retreat and Destruction of the Britisl — J 
Army, January 1842 ; with a Journal of Imprismimen 
in Affghanistan ; 2d edition, p. 8vo ; London, 1843. 

34 Fables of ^Esop, and other eminent Mythologists : wit 

Morals and Reflexions, by Sir Roger L'Estrange, Kt. ^ 
folio ; London, J 692. 

34 Fables of iEsop, and others ; with Designs on Wood, b>^^ 
Thomas Bewick ; 2d edition, 8vo ; Newcastle, 1823. 
3 Fabyan, Robert: New Chronicles of England and France^ 
reprinted from Pynson's edition of 1516, the First Part^ 
collated with the editions of 1533, 1542, and 1550; an(S 
the Second with a MS. of the Author's own Time, a^ 
well as the subsequent editions, &c.; to which are added^ 
a Biographical and Literary Preface, and an Index, b)r 
Henry Ellis, 4to ; London, 1811. 

24 Falconer, Thomas, and Edwafd H. Fitzherbert : Cases of 
Controverted Elections, determined in Committees of tha 
House of Commons, in the Second Parliament of the 
Reign of Queen Victoria, 8vo; London, 1839. 

33 Falconer, William: The Shipwreck, a Poem ; the Text il- 
lustrated by additional Notes, and corrected, &c., with 
a Life of the Author, by James Stanier Clarke, royal 
8vo; London, 1804. 
7 Farmer's Magazine, (2d and 3d Series,) 25 v. royal 8vo; 
London, 1840-'52. 

29 Farnham, Thomas J.: Life, Adventures, and Travels in 
California, Oregon, &c., 8vo ; New- York, 1850. 

43 Febres, Andres: Diccionario Chileno-Hispano, i Diccionario 
Hispano-Chileno; edicion hecha el serviciode las Misiones 
por drden del Supremo Gobierno i bajo la inspeccion del 
R. P. Misionero Miguel Anjel Astraldi, p. 4to ; Santiago, 
1846. {Present) 

43 1 Gramatica de la Lengua Chilena ; edicion 

hecha para el servicio de las Misiones por 6rden del 
Supremo Gobierno i bajo la inspeccion del R. P. Misi- 
onero Miguel Anjel Astraldi, 8vo ; Santiago, 1846. (Pre- 
2 Feller, F. X. de : Biographic Universelle, ou Dictionnaire 
Historique des Hommes qui se sont fait un Nom, par 
leur G6nie, leurs Talents, leurs Vertus, leurs Erreurs, ou 
leurs Crimes ; Edition revue et Continu6e jusqu'en 1848, 


SOUS la direction de MM. C. Weiss et de I'Abb^ Busson, 
8 V. gr. 8vo; Paris, 1847-'50. 

2 Fellowes, Robert: History of Ceylon, from the Earliest 
Period to the Year 1815; with Characteristic Details of 
the Religion, Laws, and Manners of the People, and a 
Collection of their Moral Maxims and Ancient Proverbs, 
4to; London, 1817, 

15 Fenwick, Lieut. Horace: Essays on Field Fortification, 
intended for the use of the Junior Officers and Non- 
commissioned Officers of the British Infantry, 24mo; 
Dublin, 1833. 

28 Ferguson's Astronomy, Explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's 
Principles ; with Notes, and Supplemental Chapters, by 
David Brewster, 2 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1811. 

28 Plates, 4to ; Edinburgh, 1811. 

15 Fergusson, James: An Essay on a Proposed New System 
of Fortification ; with Hints for its Application to our 
National Defences, imp. 8vo; London, 1819. 

9 Fergusson, William: System of Practical Surgery; 3d edi- 
tiod*12mo; London, 1842. 

2 Ferishta, Mahomed Kasim: History of the Rise of the 
Mahomedan Power in India, till the Year A. D. 1612 ; 
translated from the original Persian, by John Briggs; 
to which is added, an Account of the Conquest, by the 
Kings of Hydrabad, of those Parts of the Madras Pro- 
vinces denominated the Ceded Districts and Northern 
Circars, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1829. 

2 Ferrand, Antoine de: Histoire des Trois Demembremen^ 
de la Pologne, pour faire suite a THistoire de I'Anarchie 
de Pologne, par Rulhiere, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1820. 
35 Festeau, Louis: Chansons Nouvelles, Musique et Epi- 
graphes, 32mo; Paris, 1847. {Present,) 

2 Fezensac, Lieut. General: Journal of the Russian Cam- 

paign of 1812; translated from the French, with an 
Introductory Notice of some Passages connected with 
the Campaign, by Col. VV. Knollys, 12mo ; London, 1852. 
15 Field Exercise and Evolutions of the Army, as revised in 
1833, 12mo; London, 1833. 

3 Field, William : Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Opin- 

ions of the Rev. Samuel Parr ; with Biographical No- 
tices of many of his Friends, Pupil% and Contempora- 
ries, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1828. 

16.2 Filon, M. A. : De la Diplomatic Frangaise sous Louis XIV., 
8vo; Paris, 1843. 

28 Fisk, Wilbur: Travels in Europe, viz., in England, Ireland, 
Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the 
Netherlands; Gth edition, 8vo ; New- York, 1843. 

15 Fitz-Clarence, Colonel: Memoir on the Duty of Picquets; 
3d edition, 32mo; London, 1843. 



15 Fitzclarence, Lord Frederick: Suggestions for Brigade and 
Light Infantry Movements, &c., 12mo; London, 185L 
16.2 Flassan, Gaetan Raxis de : Histoire du Congr^s de Vienna 
3 V. 8vo; Paris, 1829. 

12 Fleming, John : The Philosophy of Zoology; or, a Generjul 

View of the Structure, Functions, and Classification oi 
Animals, 2 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1822. 
2 Fleury. — The French Stage and the French People, as Illu 

trated in the Memoirs of M. Fleury; edited by Theo- 
dore Hook, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1841. 
29 Flint, Timothy : Condensed Geography and History of th^ 
Western States, 2 v. 8vo; Cincinnati, 1828. 

13 Floral Cabinet, and Magazine of Exotic Botany ; conducted^ 

by G. B. Knovvles, and Frederic Westcott, 3 v. 4to ; Lon- 
don, 1837-'40. 

36 Floresta de Rimas Antiguas Castellanas ; ordenada por Don. 
Juan Nicolas Bohl de Faber, 3 v. 8vo ; Hamburgo, 1821^ 
1823, and 1825. 

24 Florida. — Message of the Governor of Florida, with tho 
accompanying Documents, for 1852, 8vot Tallahassee, 
1852. 2 copies. (Present,) 

24 Journal of the Proceedings of the House of Rep- 
resentatives of the State of Florida, 1852, 8vo ; Talla- 
hassee, 1852. 3 copies. (Present) 

24 ^Journal of the Proceedings of the Senate of the 

State of Florida, 8vo; Tallahassee, 1852. 3 copies. 
• 13 Flower Garden, with Selected Lists of Annual, Biennial 
and Perennial Flowering Plants, 12mo; London, 1838. 

10 Floyer, John: History of Cold Bathing, both Ancient and 
Modern; 5th edition, 12mo; London, 1722. 

31 Folkes, Martin : Table of English Gold Coins, from the 18th 
Year of King Edward the Third, when Gold was first 
Coined in England, to the present Time; with their 
Weights and Intrinsic Values, 4to ; London, 1745. 
4 Foote, Henry S. : Texas and the Texans ; or, Advance of 
the Anglo- Americans to the South- West, &c., 2 v. 12mo; 
Philadelphia, 1841. 

38 Foote, Samuel: Works, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1799. 

43 Forbes, Duncan: Dictionary, Hindustani and English; to 
which is jdded, a reversed Part, English and Hindustani, 
imperial 8vo; London, 1848. 

43 Forby, Robert : Vocabulary of East Anglia ; an Attempt to 
Record the Vulgar Tongue of the Twin Sister Counties, 
Norfolk and Suffolk, as it Existed in the last Twenty 
Years of the 18th Century, and still Exists; with Proof 
of its Antiquity from Etymology and Authority, 2 v. 
12mo; London, 1830. 

29 Ford, Richard : The Spaniards and their Country ; new 
edition, 12mo ; New- York, 1847. 


10 Fordyce, George: Works, 4 v. 8vo ; London, 1791-1803, 

29 Forrest, Thomas: Voyage from Calcutta to the Mergui 
Archipelago, lying on the Estst Side of the Bay of Ben- 
gal, royal 4to; London, 1792. 

29 Forster, George: Voyage Round the World, in H. B. M.'s 
Sloop Resolution, commanded by Capt. James Cook, 
during the Years 1772, '3, '4, and '5, 2 v. royal 4to ; Lon- 
don, J 777. 

29 Forster, John Reinhold : History of the Voyages and Dis- 
coveries made in the North ; translated from the Ger- 
man, 4to; London, 1786. 

10 Forsyth, J. S.: Synopsis of Modern Medical Jurisprudence ; 
Anatomically, Physiologically, and Forensically, Illus- 
trated, 12mo; London, 1829. 
2 Forsyth, William: History of the Captivity of Napoleon at 
St. Helena ; from the Letters and Journals of the late 
Lieut. Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, and Official Documents 
not before made Public, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1853. 

10 Fothergill, John :■ Account of the Putrid Sore Throat; 5th 
edition, 12mo ; London, 1769. 

1 . Complete Collection of his Medical and 

Philosophical Works ; with an Account of his Life, and 
Occasional Notes, by John Elliot, M. D., 8vo ; London, 
2 Fouch^, Joseph : Memoirs ; translated from the French, 2d 
edition, revised and corrected, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1825. 
8 Fownes, George : Manual of Elementary Chen^Jstry, Theo- 
retical and Practical ; 4th edition, 12mo ; London, 1852. 

13 Frampton, John : Joyfull Newes out of the Newfound World, 
wherein are declared the Rare and Singular Vertues of 
divers and sundrie Herbs, Trees, Oyles, Plants, and 
Stones, with their Applications, as well to the Use of 
Physicke, as Chirurgery, &c.; newly corrected, p. 4to ; 
London, 1596. 

29 Franklin, John : Narrative of a Journey to the Shore of the 
Polar Sea, in the Years 1819-20-'21 and '22 ; with an 
Appendix on various Subjects relating to Science and 
Natural History, 4to ; London, 1823. 

29 Narrative of a Second Expedition to the 

Shores of the Polar |^,4n the Years 1825, 1826, and 
1827; including an .^Pount of th^ Progress of a De- 
tachment to the Eastward, by John Richardson, 4to ; 
London, 1828. 
2 Fraser, James: History of Nadir Shah, formerly called 
Thomas Kuli Khan, the present Emperor of Persia ; to 
which is prefixed, a Short History of the Moghol Em- 
perors ; at the End is inserted a Catalogue of about 
Two Hundred Manuscripts in the Persic and other Ori- 
ental Languages, collected in the East, by James Fra- 
ser, 8vo ; London, 1742. 


3 Freeman, John: Life of the Rev. William Kirby, Rector of 
Barham, 8vo ; London, 1852. 
43 Frey, J. S. C. F. : Hebrew Grammar, in the English Lan- 
guage ; 10th edition, 8vo; London, 1839. 

2 Froissart, Sir John : Chronicles of England, France, Spaia, 

and the adjoining Countries, from the latter Part of th.^ 
Reign of Edward II. to the Coronation of Henry IV. 5 
newly translated from the French editions, by Thomai-S 
Johnes; 2d edition, 12 v. 8vo ; London, 1805-'6. 

2 Plates, 4to ; London, 1805-'6. 

43 Fuchs, August: Uber die Sogenannten Unregelmassige 
Zeitworter in den Romanischen Sprachen, 8vo ; Berlirm 

3 Fuller, Thomas : History of the Worthies of England ; wit 

Notes, by J. Nichols, 2 V. 4to ; London, 1811. 

10 PharmacopoBia Extemporanea ; or, a Body/' 

of Medicines, containing a Thousand Select Prescripts^ 
answering most Intentions of Cure, &c. ; 5th edition , 
8vo; London, 1740. 

10 Furnivall, J. J. : Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment of 
Diseases of the Heart, and of Aneurism ; with Observa- 
tions on Rheumatism, 8vo ; London, 1845. 

15 Fyers, Captain — : Notes on the Defensive Resources of 
Great Britain ; with Suggestions for the Formation of a 
Militia Artillery, 8vo; London, 1832. 

13 Gaertner, Josephus : De Fructibus et Seminibus Plantarum ; 
etj^ Supplementum CarpologisB, C. F. Gaertner, 3 v. 
4to; Lipsiae, 1801"'5. 

29 Gage, Thomas : New Survey of the West Indies ; or, the 
English American his Travail by Sea and Land ; con- 
taining a Journal of 3300 Miles w^ithin the main Land 
of America; 2d edition, folio ; London, 1655. 
2 Galeria de Espafioles C^lebres Contemporaneos, 6 Biografias 
y Retratos de todos los Personages Distinguidos de nues- 
tros dias, &c. ; publicadas por D. Nigomedes Pastor 
Diaz y Don Francisco de Cardenas, 9 v. 12mo ; Madrid, 

2 Gallery of Portraits ; with Memoirs, 7 v. super-royal 8vo ; 

London, 1833-'37. 
Gallini, Giovanni- Andr^^^reatise on the Art of Dancing, 
8vo; London, 1772. Iff 

3 Gait, John: Autobiography, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1833. 

24 Gandillot, M. R.: Essai sur la Science des Finances, 8vo; 
Paris, 1840. 

12 Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society Deline- 
ated ; Published, with the Sanction of the Council, under 
the Superintendence of the Secretary and Vice-Secre- 
tary of the Society : Quadrupeds and Birds ; 2 v. in 1, 
8vo; Chiswick, 1830-'31. 

24 Gardner, Charles K.: Dictionary of all Officers, who have 


been Commissioned, or have been Appointed and 
Served, in the Army of the United States, from 1789 to 
the 1st January, 1853, with every Commission of each; 
including the Distinguished Officers of the Volunteers 
and Militia of the States, who have Served in any Cam- 
paign, or Conflict with an Enemy, since that Date ; and 
of the Navy and Marine Corps, who have Served with 
the Land Forces, &c., 12mo; New- York, 1853. 
29 Gardner, George : Travels in the Interior of Brazil, princi- 
cipally through the Northern Provinces, and the Gold 
and Diamond Districts, during the Years 1836-1841 ; 
2d edition, 8vo; London, 1849. 
2 Garibay y Camalloa, Estevan de : Los XL. libros d'el Com- 
pendio Historial de las Chronicas y Universal Historia 
de todos Reynos d'Espana, 3 v. folio; Anveres, 1571. 

4 Garland, Hugh A.: Life of John Randolph, of Roanoke, 2 v. 

p. 8vo; New- York, 1837. 
35 Garrick, David : Poetical Works ; with Explanatory Notes, 

by George Kearsley, 2 v. 16mo; London, 1785. 
44 Gassendus, P.: Opera omnia, 6 v. in 4, 8vo ; Lugduni, 1658. 
1 5 Gawler, G.: Essentials of Good Skirmishing ; 2d edition ; to 

which are now added, a Brief System of Common Light 

Infantry Drill, &c., 12mo; London, 1852. 
^2 Gayton, Edmund: Pleasant Notes upon Don Quixot, p. 

folio ; London, 1654. 

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Earliest Period to the Accession of Charles xhe Tenth; 
translated from the Swedish, with an Introduction and 
Notes, by J. H. Turner; (comprising the first three 
volumes of the original,) 8vo ; London, 1845. 
-^4 Gellius, Aulus : Noctes Atticae^ cum Notis J. Gronovii, 4to ; 
Lugduni Batavorum, 1706. 

-^4 The Attic Nights; translated into English, 

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X2 General History of Quadrupeds: the Figures engraved on 
wood, by Thomas Bewick ; seventh edition, 8vo ; New- 
castle-upon-Tyne, 1820. 
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Hands; edited by Baron Field, 8vo; London, 1825. 
2 Georgel, M. I'Abb^ : Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire des 
Even^mens de la^in du Dix-huiti6me Siecle, depuis 
1760 jusqu'en 1806-1810, par un Contemporain impar- 
tial, 6 V. 8vo; Paris, 1817-.'18. 
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very much enlarged and amended by Thomas Johnson, 
folio; London, 1636. 
24 Gerin-Lajoie, A. : Catechisme Politique ; ou El^mens du 
Droit Public et Constitutionnel du Canada, mis k la 
Port^e du Peuple ; avec un Appendice, &c., 8vo ; Mon- 
treal, 185J. (Present.) 


29 Geschichte des Seefafarers Ritter Martin Behaim nach den 
altesten vorhandenen Urknnden bearbitet Ton Dr. F. W. 
Ghillany, gr. 4to; Nuraberg, 1853. 

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Old Testament Scriptures; translated, with Additions 
and Corrections, from the Authors Thesanros and other 
Works, by Samael P. Tregelles, 4to ; London, 1853. 

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after the 16*^ original edition, by R Davidson ; with a 
Hebrew Reading Book, prepared by the Translator, 4to ; 
London, 1852. 

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12 ■ Icones Animalimn ; Qnadropednm, Viviparo- 

rom et Oviparorum, quae in Historiae Animalium descri- 
buntnr, &c., folio ; Tiguri, 1560. 
2 Giannone, Pietro : Istoria Civile del Regno di Napoli ; con 
accrescimento di Note, Riflessioni, Medaglie, e moltis- 
sime Correzzioni, date e fatte dall' Aotore, e che non si 
trovano nella Prima Edizione, 4 v. 4to ; Haia, 1753. 

2 • Histoire Civile du Royanme de Naples ; 

traduite de I'ltalien, avec de Nonvelle Notes, Reflexions, 
et Medailles foumies par I'Auteur, et qui ne se trouvent 
point dans I'^dition Italienne, 4 v. 4to; La Haye, 1742. 

Opere Postume in difesa della sua Storia 

Civile del Regno di Napoli ; con in fine la di lui Profes- 
sione di Fede, 4to ; Palmyra, 1755. 

30 Gibbs, John: Series of Designs for Gothic Monuments, 
Churchyard Crosses, Sepulchral Slabs, and Head Crosses ; 
together with Remarks on some Modern Erections, and 
their stssumed connection with Ecclesiastical Buildings, 
&c., 4to ; London, 1852. 

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Sketches of Prominent Surgeons, Physicians, Medical 
Schools, Hospitals, Literary Personages, Scenery, &c., 
12mo; Philadelphia, 1841. 

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Princess Royal's Dragoon Guards, 12mo ; London, 1848. 
2 Gilchrist, James P.: Brief Display of the Origin and His- 
tory of Ordeals ; Trials b)|> Battle ; Courts of Chivalry 
or Honour, &c. Also, a Chronological Register of the 
Principal Duels Fought, from the Accession of his late 
Majesty to the Present Time, 8vo ; London, 1821. 

29 Gilman, Caroline : The Poetry of Travelling in the United 
States ; with Additional Sketches, by a few Friends, and 
a Week among Autographs, by Rev. S. Gilman, 12mo ; 
New. York, 1838. 
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2 Gisquot, M.: Memoires ; Merits par lui-m6me, 4 v. 8vo j Pa- 
ris, 1840. 


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adjudged by the Commons in Parliament, in the 21st 
and 22d Years of the Reign of King James the First ; 
to which is prefixed, an Historical Account of the An- 
cient Right of determining Cases upon Controverted 
elections, 8vo ; London, 1775. 

15 Glascock, W. N.: Naval Officer's Manual, for every Grade 
in her Majesty's Ships; recently revised, &c.; to which 
is added, a Notice on Steam and Steam Ships ; 2d edi- 
tion, 12mo; London, 1848. 

3 Gleig, G. R.: Life of Major-General Sir Thomas Munro, 
late Governor of Madras, with Extracts from his Cor- 
respondence and Private Papers, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1830. • 

3 Memoirs of the Life of the Right Hon. War- 
ren Hastings, First Governor-General of Bengal ; com- 
piled from Original Papers, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1841. 

Sketch of the Military History of Great Bri- 

tain, 16mo; London, 1845. 
13 Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb : Historia Fucorum, 4to ; Petro- 

poli, 1768. 
2 Godoy. — Memoirs of Don Manuel de Godoy, Prince of the 
Peace, written by Himself; edited, under the Superin- 
tendence of his Highness, by Lieut. Colonel J. B. D'Es- 
m6nard, with an Introduction, Historical Notes, &c., 

2 v. 8vo ; London, 1836. 

29 God ley, John Robert : Letters from America, 2 v. 12mo ; 

London, 1844. 
44 Goguet, A. Y. : De I'Origine des Loix, des Arts, et des 

Sciences ; et de leurs Progres chez les Anciens Peuples, 

3 V. 4to; Paris, 1758. 

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Nature, 4 v. 8vo ; London, 1826. 

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Diseases Peculiar to Women ; 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 

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Author's MSS., and reference to the Latest Advances in 

Physiology, Pathology and Practice ; 4th edition, 4 v. 

8vo; London, 1840. 

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adapted to the "Elementary Course of Mathematics," 
&c. ; 2d edition, 8vo; Cambridge, 1851. 

25 — Elementary Course of Mathematics, de- 
signed principally for Students of the University of Cam- 
bridge, 3d edition, 8vo ; Cambridge, 1849. 

27 ■ — ■ Elementary Mechanics; designed chiefly 

for the Use of Schools: Part I., Statics, 12mo ; Cam- 
bridge, 1851. 


3 Gonlon, James : History of Ireland, from the Earliest Ac^' 
count, to the Accomplishment of the Union with Greats 
Britain in 1801, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1806. 
16 Gore, John: Evolutions of a Field Battery Explained in 
Full Detail ; to which are added, the Principal Ma- 
ncpuvres of a Brigade of Batteries, 12mo ; Woolwich, 

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1848 and 1849, 2 v. p. 8vo; London, 1852. 
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3 Grafton, Richard: Chronicle, or. History of England; to 

which is added, his Table of the Bailiffs, Sheriffs, and 
Mayors, of the City of London, from the Year 1189, to 
1558, inclusive, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1809. 

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of Vermont, 8vo ; London, 1797. 
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8vo; London, 1820. 

10 Graham, Thomas J. : Cold Water System ; an Essay, ex- 
hibiting the Real Merits, and most Safe and Effectual 
Employment, of this Excellent System in Indigestion, 
Costiveness, Asthma, Cough, Consumption, Rheumatism, 
Gout, &c. ; with Cautionary Remarks, and some New 
Cases; 2d edition, with Additions, 8vo; London, 1843. 

10 Diseases Peculiar to Females, 8vo; 

London, 1834. 

10 Diseases of Females ; a Treatise illus- 
trating their Symptoms, Causes, Varieties, and Treat- 
ment ; containing, also, an Appendix on the Proper Prin- 
ciples of the Treatment of Epilepsy ; an Account of the 
Symptoms and Treatment of Diseases of the Heart ; and. 
a Medical Glossary ; 5th edition, 8vo ; London, 1850. 

10 Modern Domestic Medicine, &c. ; 10th 

edition, 8 vo; London, 1848. 

10 The Best Method of Improving Health, 

and Invigorating Life ; by regulating the Diet and Re- 
gimen; 5th edition, 24mo ; London, 1842. 
2 Grandin, F. : Souvenirs Historiques du Capitaine Krettly, 
Ancien Trompette-Major des Guides d'ltalie, 2 v. 8vo ; 
Paris, 1839. 

10 Grantham, John : Facts and Observations in Medicine and 
Surgery ; the Gleanings of Ten Years of Active General 
Practice, and having Particular Reference to Fractures 
and Dislocations, Gun-Shot Wound, Calculus, Insanity, 
Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus, the Therapeutic Application 
of Galvanism, and Fibrinous Diarrhoea, 8vo ; London, 

15 , Iron, as a Material for Ship-Building ; be- 
ing a Communication to the Polytechnic Society of Liv- 
erpool, 8vo; London, 1842. 


10 Granville, A. B. : Counter-Irritation ; its Principles and Prac- 
tice, Illustrated by One Hundred Cases of the most Pain- 
ful and important Diseases Effectually Cured by Exter- 
nal Applications, 8 vo ; London, 1838. 

10 Spas of England, and Principal Sea-Bath- 

ing Places — Northern Spas, 12mo ; London, 1841. 

10 The same — Midland Spas, 12mo; London, 


10 '• The same — Southern Spas, 12mo ; Lon- 
don, 1841. 

32 Grassineau, James: Musical Dictionary ; being a Collection 
of Terms and Characters, as well Ancient as Modern ; 
including the Historical, Theoretical, and Practical Parts 
of Music; as also, an Explanation of some Parts of the 
Doctrine of the Antients ; interspersed with Remarks on 
their Method and Practice, and Curious Observations on 
Phosnomenaof Sound Mathematically Considered, as its 
Relations and Proportions constitute Intervals, and those 
again Concords and Discords, 8vo ; London, 1740. 
3 Grattan. — Memoirs of the Life and Times of the Right 
Honorable Henry Grattan, by his Son Henry Grattan ; 
new edition, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1849. 
3 Gravi^re, Captain E. Jurien de la : Sketches of the last 
Naval War ; translated from the French, by the Hon. 
Captain Plunkett, R. N., § v. in 1, p. 8vo ; London, 1848. 

12 Gray, George Robert : The Genera of Birds ; comprising 
their Generic Characters, a Notice of each Genus, and 
an extensive List of Species referred to their several 
Genera ; illustrated by David William Mitchell, 3 v. im- 
perial 4to ; London, 1844-49. 

44 Gray, Thomas : Works ; with Memoirs of his Life and Wri- 
tings, by Wm. Mason ; to which are subjoined. Extracts, 
Philological, Poetical, and Critical, from the Author's 
Original MSS., Selected and Arranged by T. James 
Mathias, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1814. 
f 37 Greek Tragic Theatre : containing iEschylus by Dr. Potter, 
Sophocles by Dr. Francklin, and Euripides by Mich. 
Woodhull, Esq. ; a new edition ; with a Dissertation on 
Antient Tragedy, by Thomas Francklin, D. D. ; 5 v. 
8vo ; London, 1809. 

10 Green, Jonathan: Practical Compendium of the Diseases 
of the Skin, including a Particular Consideration of the 
more Frequent and Intractable Forms of these Affec- 
tions ; with Cases ; 2d edition, corrected and improved, 
8vo; London, 1837. 

10 Greenhow, T. M. : Cholera, as it recently Appeared in the 
Towns of New-Castle and Gateshead, &c., 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1832. 

2 Greenwood^ J. : Narrative of the late Victorious Campaign 
in Affghanistan, under General Pollock ; with RecoIIec- 


tions of Seven Year's Service in India, 12mo; London, 

29 Gregg, Josiah : Commerce of the Prairies ; or, the Journal 
of a Santa F6 Trader, daring Eight Expeditions Across 
the Great Western Prairies, and a Residence of nearly 
Nine Years in Northern Mexico, 2 v. 12mo ; New- York, 

26 Gregory, D. P. : Examples of the Processes of the Differ- 
ential and Integral Calculus ; 2d edition, edited by Wil- 
liam Walton, 8vo ; Cambridge, 1846. 

26 Gregory, D. F., and W. Walton : Treatise on the Applica- 
tion of Analysis to Solid Geometry ; 2d edition, 8vo ; 
Cambridge, 1852. 

2 Gr^han, Am6d6e : La France Maritime, gr. 8vo ; Paris, 


3 Grenville Papers; being the Correspondence of Richard 

Grenville Earl Temple, and the Right Hon. George 
Grenville, their Friends and Contemporaries ; novsr first 
published from the Original MSS. formerly Preserved at 
Stowe ; edited, with Notes, by William James Smith, 
v. 3 and 4, 8vo; London, 1853. 

13 Greville, Robert Kaye: Scottish Cryptogamic Flora; or, 
Coloured Figures and Descriptions of Cryptogamic 
Plants, belonging chiefly to the Order Fungi ; and In- 
tended to Serve as a Continuation of English Botany, 
6 V. in 3, royal 8vo ; Edinburgh, 1823-'27. 
3 Grew, Nehemiah : Anatomy of Plants ; with an Idea of 
a Philosophical History of Plants, and several other 
Lectures, read before the Royal Society, folio ; London, 

24 Grey, Earl: Colonial Policy of Lord John Russell's Admin- 
istration, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1853. 

15 Griffiths, F. A.: Artillerist's Manual, and British Soldier's 
Compendium; 5th edition, 12mo; London, 1852. 

29 Griscom, John : A Year in Europe; comprising a Journal 
of Observations in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, 
Switzerland, the North of Italy, and Holland, in 1818 
and 1819, 2 v. 8vo; New- York, 1823. 
3 Grose, Francis: Antiquities of England and Wales; new 
edition, 8 v. 4to ; London, 1787. 

3 Antiquities of Scotland, 2 v. 4to ; London, 

3 Antiquities of Ireland, 2 v. 4to; London, 


Military Antiquities respecting a History 

of the English Army, from the Conquest to the Present 
Time, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1812. 
29 Grosier, Abbe : General Description of China ; containing 
the Topography of the Fifteen Provinces which Com- 
pose this Vast Empire ; that of Tartafy, the Isles, and 


Other Tributary Countries, (fee. ; translated from the 
French ; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1795. 
2 Gu^rin, L6on : Les Marins lUustres de la France, gr. 8vo ; 
Paris, 1846. 

43 Gaichet, J.: Italian and English Grammar, from the Italian 
and French Grammar of Vergani and Piranesi; with 
Notes and Remarks ; new edition, enlarged by A. Tom- 
masi, 12mo; London, 1852. 

43 Key, 12mo; London, 1852. 

24 Guizot, F. : De la D6mocratie en France, (Janvier, 1849,) 
8vo; Paris, 1849. 

29 Gumilia, Joseph: El Orinoco Ilustrado, Historia Natural, 
Civil, y Geographica, de este Gran Rio, y de sus Cauda- 
losas Vertientes ; Govierno, Usos, y Costumbres de los 
Indios sds habitadores, con nuevas, y Utiles Noticias de 
Animalers, Arboles, Frutos, Aceytes, Resinas, Yervas, y 
Raices Medicinales, &c., p. 4to; Madrid, 1741. 

29 Guthrie, Mrs. Maria : Tour, performed in the Years 1795-6, 
through the Taurida, or Crimea, the Antiont Kingdom of 
Bosphorus, the once-powerful Republic of Tauric Cher- 
son, and all the other Countries on the North Shore of 
the Euxine, ceded to Russia by the Peace of Kainardgi 
and Jassy; in a Series of Letters to her Husband, the 
Editor, Matthew Guthrie, 4to; London, 1802. 
2 Gutzlaff, Charles: Sketch of Chinese History, Ancient and 
Modern ; comprising a Retrospect of the Foreign Inter- 
course and Trade with China: Illustrated by a new and 
corrected Map of the Empire, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1834. 
10 Guy's Hospital Reports, edited by George H. Barlow, James 
P. Babington, E. L. Birkett, Edward Cock, and Alfred 
Poland, 1st and 2d Series, 14 v. 8vo; London, 1836-51. 
10 Guy, William A.: Principles of Forensic Medicine, 12mo; 

London, 1844. 
10.1 Haddock, Joseph W. : Somnolism and Psycheism; or, the 
Science of the Soul and the Phenomena of Nervation, 
as Revealed by Vital Magnetism or Mesmerism, consid- 
ered Physiologically and Philosophically; with Notes, 
&c. ; 2d edition, 12mo; London, 1851. 
29 Hahn Hahn, Countess : From Babylon to Jerusalem, 12mo ; 

London, 1851. 
29 Hakluyt, Richard : Collection of the Early Voyages, Travels, 
and Discoveries of the English Nation ; a new edition, 
with Additions, 5 v. imp. 4to; London, 1809-1812. 
10 Half- Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences, &c. ; edited 
by W". H. Ranking, and C. B. Radcliffe, 16 v. 12mo ; Lon- 
don, 1845-53. 
29 Hall, Basil : Account of a Voyagf of Discovery to the West 
Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo-Choo Island ; with an 
Appendix, containing Charts, and various Hydrographi- 
cal and Scientific Notices; and a Vocabulary of the 


Loo-Choo Language, by H. J. Clifibrd, Lieutenant Royal 
Navy, 4to ; London, 1818. 

2 Hall, Charles Henry : Memoirs of the Life of Andrew Hofer ; 

containing an Account of the Transactions in the Tyrol 
during the Year 1809, taken from the German, 8vo; 
London, 1820. 

3 Hall, Edward : Chronicle ; containing the History of Eng- 

land, during the Reign of Henry IV., and the succeeding 
Monarchs, to the End of the Reign of Henry VIIL, 4to; 
London, 1809. 

10 Hall, Marshall: Critical and Experimental Essay on the 
Circulation of the Blood ; especially as Observed in the 
Minute and Capillary Vessels of the Batrachia, and of 
Fishes, 8vo; London, 1831. {Present.) 

10 The same, 8vo ; London, 1831. 

10 Gulstonian Lectures for 1842: On the Mu- 
tual Relations between Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, 
and Therapeutics, and the Practice of Medicine, 8vo ; 
London, 1842. 

10 Principles of the Theory and Practice of 

Medicine ; including a 3d edition of the Author's Work 
upon Diagnosis, 8vo ; London, 1837. {Present.) 

10 The same, 8vo; London, 1837. 

10 Practical Observations and Suggestions in 

Medicine; 1st and 2d Series, 12mo; London, 1845-'6. 

34 Hall, Mrs. S. C: Tales of Woman's Trials, royal 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1847. 

42 Haller, A. von: Bibliotheca Botanica, 2 v. 4to; London, 
2 Halliday, Sir Andrew : Annals of the House of Hanover, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1826. 
2 Hammer, J. de : Histoire de I'Empire Ottoman, depuis son 
Origine jusqu'^ nos jours ; traduit de I'AUeniand sur les 
Notes et sous la Direction de I'Auteur, par J. J. Hellert, 
18 V. 8vo; Paris, 1835-1843. 

2 Atlas; par J. J. Hellert, gr. folio; Paris, 


29 Hamilton, Andrew : Sixteen Months in the Danish Isles, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1852. 
12 Hamilton, (formerly Buchanan,) Francis: Account of the 

Fishes Found in the River Ganges and its Branches, 

4to; Edinburgh, 1822. 

3 Hanger, Col. George: Life, Adventures, and Opinions; 

written by Himself, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1801. 

24 Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, 3d Series, v. 122 to 126, 
8vo ; London, 1852-'53. 

15 Hansard, T. C. : Tyj^graphia; an Historical Sketch of the 
Origin and Progress of Printing ; with Practical Direc- 
tions for Conducting every Department in an Office; 
with a Description of Stereotype and Lithography ; lUus- 


trated by Engravings, Biographical Notices, and Por- 
traits, super- royal 8vo ; London, 1825. 

44 Harleian Miscellany ; or, a Collection of Scarce, Curious, 
and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, found in the 
Earl of Oxford's Library ; iaterspersed with Historical, 
Political, and Critical Notes, 12 v. Svo; London, 1808-11. 

29 Harpe, M. de la : Abr^g6 de I'Histoire G6n6rale des Voy- 
ages; avec Supplement, 33 v. 8vo; Paris, 1780-1804. 

29 Harris, John : Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca ; 
or, a Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels ; con- 
sisting of above Six Hundred of the most Authentic 
Writers, &c., Illustrated by Proper Charts, Maps and 
Cuts, 2 v. folio ; London, 1744 and 1748. 

29 Harris, Thaddeus Mason : Journal of a Tour into the Ter- 
ritory Northwest of the Alleghany Mountains, made in 
the Spring of the Year 1803; with a Geographical and 
Historical Account of the State of Ohio, 8vo; Boston, 
9 Harrison, Charles H. Rogers : Deformities of Spine and 
Chest, Successfully Treated by Exercise alone; and 
without Extension, Pressure, or Division of Muscles, 
8vo ; London, 1842. 

13 Harrison, Joseph : Floricultural Cabinet, and Florist's Mag- 
azine, 14 V. in 7, 8vo; London, 1833-46. 

24 Hart, H. G.: New Army List, 1st October, 1852, Svo ; Lon- 
don, 1852. 
2 Harte, Walter: The History of the Life of Gustavus Adol- 
phus. King of Sweden, Surnamed the Great ; 2d edition, 
corrected ; with Alterations and Enlargements, 2 v. 8vo; 
London, 1767. 

10 Harty, William : Observations on the History and Treat- 
ment of Dysentery and its Combinations; 2d edition, 
8vo; Dublin, 1847. 

10 Harvey, William: Opera omnia, 4to; Londini, 1766. 

S9 Haskel and Smith: Cc^plete Descriptive and Statistical 
Gazetteer of the United States of America, &c., <fec., 
Svo; New- York, 1850. 

29 Haussez, Baron d': Great Britain in 1833, 18mo ; Philadel- 
phia, 1833. 
2 Havelock, Henry : Narrative of the War in Affghanistan, 
in 1838-'39, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1840. 

S9 Hawkesworth, John : Account of the Voyages Undertaken 
by the Order of his present Majesty, for Making Disco- 
veries in the Southern Hemisphere, and Successively 
Performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Cap- 
tain Carteret, and Captain Cooke, in the Dolphin, the 
Swallow, and the Endeavour, 3 v. 4to ; London, 1773. 
10 Hawkins, Bisset : History of the Epidemic Spasmodic Cho- 
lera of Russia, including a copious Account of the Dis- 
ease which has Prevailed in India^ and which has 


Travelled, under that Name, from Asia into Ecrrope, 8vo; 
London, 1831. 

10 Hawkins, F. Bisset : Elements of Medical Statistics ; con- 
taining the Substance of the Gulstonian Lectures deli- 
vered at the R(jyal College of Physicians, &c., 8vo; 
London, 1829. 
3 Haydon. — Life of Benjamin Robert Haydon, Historical 
Painter, from his Autobiography and Journals; edited 
and compiled by Tom Taylor, 3 v. p. 8vo ; London, 1853. 

31 Haydon, B. K.: Lectures on Painting and Design, 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1844, and 1846. 

24 Head, Sir Francis B.: A Narrative, 8vo; London, 1839. 

29 Fortnight in Ireland, 8vo ; London, 


29 Rough Notes, taken during some 

Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the 
Andes, 12mo; London, 1826. 

10 Headland, Frederick William: Essay on the Action of 
Medicines in the System ; or, " On the Mode in which 
Therapeutic Agents Introduced into the Stomach Pro- 
duce their Peculiar Effects on the Animal Economy ;'* 
being the Essay to which the Medical Society of Lon- 
don Awarded the Fothergillian Gold Medal for 1852, 
8vo; London, 1852. 

10 Healde, Thomas : New Pharmacopoeia of the Royal College 
of Physicians of London ; translated into English, with 
Notes, &c.; 2d edition, corrected, 8vo; London, 1788. 

3 Hearne, Thomas: Works; 4 v. 8vo; Oxford, 1724-'5; con- 
taining, Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle; transcrib'd, 
and now first publish'd, from a MS. in the Harleyan 
Library ; to which is added, besides a Glossary and other 
Improvements, a Continuation (by the Author himself) 
of this Chronicle from a MS. in the Cottonian Library. — 
Peter Langtoft's Chronicle, (as illustrated and improved 
by Robert of Brunne,) frojn the Death of Cadwalader to 
the End of K. Edward the First's Reign ; transcrib'd, 
and now first publish'd, from a MS. in the Inner-Tem- 
ple Library, to which are added a Glossary and other 
Curious Papers. 

10 Heberden, William: Commentaries on the History and 
Cure of Diseases, 8vo ; London, 1802. 

10 Hecker, J. F. C. : Epidemics of the Middle Ages; trans- 
lated from the German, by B. G. Babington, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1844. 

31 Hedlinger, J. C. : (Euvre ; ou Recueil des Medailles de ce 
Celebre Artiste, gravies en taille-douce, accompagn^es 
d'une Explication Historique et Critique, et pr6c6d^es de 
la Vie de i'Auteur, par Chretien de Mechel, folio ; Basle, 
1 Heeren, A. H. L. : De la Politique et du Commerce des 


Peuples de TAntiquit^ ; traduit de I'Allemand, par W. 
Suckau, 7 V. 8vo; Paris, 1830. 

35 Heliconia ; comprising a Selection of English Poetry of the 
Elizabethan Age; Written or Published between 1575 
and 1604; edited by T. Park. 3 v. 4to; London, 1815. 

•28 Henderson, Thomas: Astrono«fcal Observations made at 
the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, from 1834 to 1843, 
9 V. in 4, 4to; Edinburgh, 1838-'50. 

10 Henderson, William: Inquiry into the Homoeopathic Prac- 
tice of Medicine, 8vo; London, 1845. 
16.2 Henke, Edouard: Droit Public de la Suisse; traduit de 
I'Allemand, par T. E. Mass6, 8vo ; Geneve, 1825. 
2 Henningsen, C. F. : The most Striking Events of a Twelve- 
month's Campaign with Zumalacarregui, in Navarre and 
the Basque Provinces, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1836. 

29 Herbert, Thomas: Some Yeares Travels into Africa, and 
Asia the Great ; especially Describing the Famous Em- 
pires of Persia and Industant; as also Divers other 
Kingdoms in the Orientall Indies, and lies Acljacent, 
folio; London, 1638. 

29 Heriot, George : Travels through the Canadas, &c. ; with 
an Account of the Productions, Commerce, and Inhabit- 
ants of those Provinces ; to which is subjoined, a Com- 
parative View of the Manners and Customs of several 
of the Indian Nations of North and South America. 4to ; 
London, 1807. 
1 Hermann, Charles P.: Manual of the Political Antiquities 
of Greece, Historically Considered; translated from the 
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Himalaya; being an Account, Botanical and Geogra- 
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by the Uses to which they are Applied in the Arts, in 
Medicine, and in Domestic (Economy; together with 
Occasional Botanical Notices and Information, 3 v. 
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selected from Curtis's Botanical Magazine ; with an In- 
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Orchidaceous Plapts, and with Copious Remarks on the 
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ures and Descriptions of New, Rare, and otherwise Inter- 
esting Plants, especially of such as are Deserving of 
being Cultivated in our Gardens ; together with Remarks 
upon their Generic and Specific Characters, Natural 
Orders, History, Culture, Time of Flowering, &c., 3 v. 
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the Equinoxial Regions of the New Continent, during 
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Aim6 Bonpland ; with Maps, Plans, &c.; translated into 
English, by Helen Maria Williams; 3d edition, 8 v. in 9, 
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du Nouveau Continent, fait en 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, 
1803, et 1804, par Alexandre de Humboldt et Ami6 Bon- 
pland, viz. : 

le Partie: Relation Historique, 3 v. gr. 4to; Paris, 1814, 1819, and 1826. 
" " " Atlas Pittoresque — Vues des Cordilldres, 

et Monumens des Peuples Indigenes de 
TAm^rique, Texte, et Planches, 2 v. gr. 
folio; Paris, 1810. 
2e Partie : Observations de Zoologie et d'Anatoniie Compar6e, 2 v. gr. 4to ; 

Paris, 1811-33. 
8* Partie : Essai Politique but le Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne, 2 v. 
gr. 4to; Patis, 1811. 

Atlas, gr. folio; Paris, 1808. 

4e Partie : Recneil d'Observations Astronomiques d'Operations Trigonom^- 
triques, et de Mesures Barom6triques; r6dig6es et calcnl^es par Jabbo 
Oltmanns, 2 v. gr. 4to; Paris, 1810. ♦ 

6e Partie: 

6® Partie: Botaniqne: Plantes Equinoxiales, recueilles au Mexique, dans 
rile de Cuba, dans les Provinces de Caracas, de Cumana et ae Barce- 
lone; aux Andes de la Nouvelle-Grenade, de Quito et du P6rou, et 
BUT les bords du Rio-Negro, de I'Ordnoque et de la riviere des Ama- 
zones, 2 r. gr. folio ; Paris, 1808-9. 

■ Monographic des Melastomac6es, gr. folio; Paris, 


Monographic des Melastomac^es-Rhexies, gr. folio ; 

Paris, 1823. 

Nova Genera et Species Plantarum quas in Pere- 

grinatione Orbis Novi coUegerunt, descripserunt^ partim 
adumbraverunt Am. Bonpland et Alex, de Humboldt: ex 
Bchedis autographis Amati Bonplandi in ordinem digeasit 


CaroL Sigismund. Eonth, 7 v. gr. folio ; Lutetiffi Parisiomm, 
Botanique : Alimoses et autres Plantes L^gnmineuses du Non- 
veau Continent, d6crites et publics, par C. Sigismond Kunth, 
avec figures colorizes, gr. folio; Paris, 1819. 

44 Hume, Rev. A. : Learned Societies and Printing Clubs of 
the United Kingdom ; being an Account of their Respec- 
tive Origin, History, Objects, and Constitution, &c. ; with 
a Supplement, containing all the Recently-Established 
Societies and Printing Clubs, and their Publications to 
the Present Time, by A. J. Evans, 12mo; London, 1853. 

15 Humfrey, J. H. : Essay on the Modern System of Fortifica- 
tion adopted for the Defence of the Rhine Frontier, &c. ; 
Exemplified in a copious Memoir on the Fortress of Co- 
blenz, &c., 8vo; London, 1838. 

10 Humphreys, John Doddridge : Electro-Physiology of Man ; 
with Practical Illustrations of New and Efficient Modes 
of Galvanic Treatment in a Variety of Cases, 18mo; 
London, 1843. 

10 Hunt, Henry : On the Nature and Treatment of Tic Dou- 
loureux, Sciatica, and other Neuralgic Disorders, 8vo ; 
London, 1844. 

44 Hunt, Leigh : Imagination and Fancy ; or, Selections from 
the English Poets, Illustrative of those First Requisites 
of their Art, &c. ; and an Essay in Answer to the Ques- 
tion, "What is Poetry?"; 2d edition, 12mo; London, 

36 Wit and Humour; Selected from the Eng- 
lish Poets; with an Illustrative Essay, and Critical 
Comments, 12mo ; London, 1846. 

30 Hunt, T. T. : Architettura Campestre ; Displayed in Lodges, 
Gardeners' Houses, and other Buildings, composed of 
simple and economical Forms in the Modern or Italian 
Style; introducing a Picturesque Mode of Roofing, 4to ; 
London, 1837. 

30 Designs for Parsonage Houses, Alms Houses, 

etc., with Examples of Gables, and other curious remains 
of Old English Architecture, 4to ; London, 1841. 

30 Exemplars of Tudor Architecture, adapted to 

Modern Habitations ; with Illustrative Details selected 
from Ancient Edifices ; and Observations on the Furni- 
ture of the Tudor Period, 4to ; London, 1841. 

30 Half a Dozen Hints on Picturesque Domestic 

Architecture, in a Series of Designs for Gate Lodges, 
Gamekeepers' Cottages, and other Rural Residences ; 3d 
edition, with additions, 4to ; London, 1841. 
29 Hunter, John: Historical Journal of the Transactions at 
Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, including the Journals 
of Governors Phillip and King, Sincjp the Publication of 
Phillip's Voyage : to which is prefixed, a Life of the Au- 
thor, 8vo ; London, 1793. 


2 Hunter, W. P. : Narrative of the late Expedition to Syria, 

under the Command of Admiral the Hon. Sir Robert 
Stopford, 2 V. p. 8vo; London. 1842. 
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Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, mentioned in Domesday Book, 
and those of more Recent Date, 8vo ; London, 1852. 

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of Problems and Examples, 8vo ; Cambridge, 1849. 

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for Domestic Use ; with numerous Illustrations, 8vo; 
London, 1842. 

38 Inchbald, Mrs. Elizabeth : British Theatre ; with Biographi- 
cal and Critical Remarks, 25 v. 12mo; London, 1808. 

38 Modern Theatre ; a Collection of 

Successful Modern Plays, as Acted at the Theatres 
Royal, London, 10 v. 12mo; London, 1811. 

38 Collection of Farces and other 

After-pieces, which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, 
Drury-Lane, Covent Garden, and Hay-Market, T v. 12mo ; 
London, 1815. 

15 Infantry Manual; containing Directions for the Drill and 
Instructions of Recruits, &c., 12mo ; London, 1847. 

17 Ingram, R. Acklom: Necessity of Introducing Divinity into 
the regular Course of Academical Studies Considered, 
and other Regulations Suggested for the Improvement 
of the Present Mode of Education at the University of 
Cambridge, 8vo ; Colchester, 1792. 

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on Plans of Ships, with an Example of their Applica- 
tion, 8vo ; London, 1849. 

15 Introduction to Naval Gunnery, 8vo ; Port- 
sea, 1828. 

15 Instructions and Regulations for Field Battery Exercise and 
Movements, for the Royal Regiment of Artillery, Wool- 
wich, December, 1831, 12mo; Woolwich, 1831. 

15 Instructions and Regulations for the Exercise and Move- 
ments of the Royal Horse Artillery, 12mo ; Woolwich, 

15 Instructions and Regulations for the Service and Manage- 
ment of Heavy Ordnance for the Royal Regiment of 
Artillery; 3d edition, 12mo; Woolwich, 1852. 

15 Instructions for the Carbine Exercise, the Pistol Exercise, 
and the Lance Exercise ; revised and corrected, 12mo ; 
London, 1850. 

15 Instructions for Recruiting Parties of the Scots Fusilier 
Guards, 12mo; London, 1851. 

29 Interesting AcQount of the Early Voyages, made by the Por- 
tuguese, Spaniards, &c., to Africa, East and West Indies ; 
the Discovery of numerous Islands, with Particulars of 


the Lives of those Eminent Navigators ; including the 
♦ Life and Voyages of Columbus, &c., 4to ; London, 1790. 

2 Ireland, W. H. : France for the last Seven Years ; or, the 

Bourbons, 8vo ; London, 1822. 

3 Irvine, David : Lives of the Scottish Poets, with Preliminary 

Dissertations on the Literary History of Scotland, and 
the Early Scottish Drama, 2 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1810. 

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Mineralogy of the State of New Hampshire, with Con- 
tributions towards the Improvement of Agriculture and 
Metallurgy, 4to ; Concord, 1844. 
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and Importance, 12mo; London, 1850. 
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Economy of Armies ; 3d edition, revised, with a Memoir 
of the Author's Life and Services ; drawn up from his 
own Papers, &c., 8vo ; London, 1845. 
37 Jackson, Z.: Shakspeare's Genius Justified ; being Restora- 
tions and Illustrations of Seven Hundred Passages in his 
Plays, 8vo; London, 1819. 
15 Jacobi, G. A : Etat Actuel de I'Artillerie de Campagne en 
Europe — Bavaroise, Wurtemberg, N^erlandaise, Fran- 
caise, Su6doise, et Anglaise, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1838-49. 

2 Jacobi, J. M.: Histoire G6n6ral de la Corse, depuis les Pre- 
miers Temps jusqu'a nos Jours, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1835. 

10 Jacobi, Maximilian: On the Construction and Management 
of Hospitals for the Insane ; with a particular Notice 
of the Institution at Siegburg; translated by John 
Kitching ; with Introductory Observations, &c., by Sam- 
uel Tuke, 8vo ; London, 1841. 

29 Jacquemont, Victor : Letters from India ; Describing a Jour- 
ney in the British Dominions of India, Tibet, Lahore, 
and Cashmeer, during the Years 1828, 1829, 1830, 1831, 
Undertaken by Order of the French Government ; 2d edi- 
tion, 2 V. 16mo; London, 1835. 

13 Jacquin, N. J.: Hortus Botanicus Vindobonensis, &c.; colun- 
tur Icones coloratae et succinctae Descriptiones, 3 v. 
folio; Vindobonae, 1770-'76. 

13 Miscellanea Austriaca ad Botanicam, Che- 

miam, et Historiam Naturalem Spectantia, cum Figuris 
partim Coloratis, p. 4to; Vindobonae, 1778. 

13 Oxalis; Monographia, Iconibus Illustrata, 

4to; Viennae, 1794. 

13 Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum Histo- 

ria, folio; Vindobonae, 1763. 
James, Edwin : Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh 
to the Rocky Mountains, performed in the Years 1819 
and '20, by Order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Secretary 
of War ; under the Command of Major Stephen H. 
Long, 2 V. 8vo; with maps, 4to; Philadelphia, 1823. 



2 James, G. P. R.: History of Charlemagne ; with a Sketch 
of the State and History of France, from the Fall of the 
Roman Empire, to the Rise of the Carlo vingian Dynasty; 
2d edition, 8vo; London, 1847. 

3 History of the Life of Edward the Black 

Prince, and of various Events Connected therewith, 
which Occurred during the Reign of Edward III., King 
of England, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1836. 

History of the Life of Richard CoBur-de- 

Lion, King of England, 8vo; Paris, 1842. 

Life and Times of Louis the Fourteenth, 

4 V. 8vo; London, 1838. 

Life of Henry the Fourth, King of France 

and Navarre, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1847. 

3 James, William : Full and Correct Account of the Military 
Occurrences of the late War between Great Britain and 
the United States of America, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1818. 

3 Full and Correct Account of the Naval 

Occurrences of the late War between Great Britain and 
the United States of America ; preceded by a Cursory 
Examination of the American Accounts of their Naval 
Actions Fought previous to that Period, 8vo ; London, 
44 James I. — The Workes of the most High and M ightie Prince, 
James, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britaine, 
France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.; Pub- 
lished by James, Bishop of Winton, and Deane of his 
Majesties Chappel Royall, folio; London, Anno 1616. 
31 Jameson, Mrs.: Legends of the Madonna, as Represented in 
the Fine Arts ; forming the 3d Series of Sacred and 
Legendary Art, 8vo ; London, 1852. 

2 Memoirs of Celebrated Female Sovereigns, 

2 V. 12mo; London, 1831. 

Romance of Biography ; or. Memoirs of Wo- 

men Loved and Celebrated by Poets, from the Daj-s of 
the Troubadours to the Present Age ; 3d edition, 2 v. 
p. 8vo; London, 1837. 

10 Jameson, Thomas: Essays on the Changes of the Human 
Body, at its Different Ages ; the Diseases to which it is 
Predisposed in each Period of Life ; and the Physiolo- 
gical Principles of its Longevity, 8vo; London, 1811, 

35 Jamieson, Robert : Popular Ballads and Songs, from Tradi- 
tion, Manuscripts, and Scarce Editions ; with trans- 
lations of Similar Pieces from the Ancient Danish 
Language, and a few Originals by the Editor, 2 v. 8vo ; 
Edinburgh, 1806. 
[ 12 Jardine, Wm., & Prideaux John Selby : Illustrations of Orni- 
thology, 3 V. 4to ; Edinburgh, 1829-'40. 

15 Jebb, J. : Practical Treatise on Strengthening and Defend- 


ing Outposts, Villages, Houses, Bridges ; 3d edition : — 
Practical Treatise on the Attack of Military Posts, Vil- 
lages, Intrenchments, &c. ; 2d edition : — Practical Trea- 
tise on the Duties required to be Performed by Officers 
and Soldiers of the' Army at a Siege, 8vo ; London, 
^9 Jefferys, Thomas : Description of the Spanish Islands and 
Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies, 4to ; Lon- 
don, 1762. 
10 Jenner, Edward : Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of 
VariolaB Vaccinae, a Disease Discovered in some of the 
Western Counties of England, particularly Gloucester- 
shire, and known by the name of Cow Pox ; 2d edition, 
4to; London, 1800. 

10 Jenner, Rev. G. C. : Evidence at Large, as laid before the 
Committee of the House of Commons, respecting Dr. 
Jenner's Discovery of Vaccine Inoculation ; together 
with the Debate which followed, and some Observations 
on the Contravening Evidence, &c., 8vo; London, 1805. 
Jenyns, Soame : Works ; to which are prefixed, short Sketch- 
es of the History of the Author's Family, and also of 
his Life, by Charles N. Cole, 4 v. 12mo ; London, 1793. 

15 Jervis, Jervis- White : Manual of Field Operations, 12mo ; 
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recting the Fire of Ships' Broadsides ; with a Proposed 
Method of Controlling and Delivering a Simultaneous 
Converging Fire, royal 8vo ; London, 1851. 
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Literary and Historical Memorials of 

London, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1847. 

London and its Celebrities ; a Second 


Series of Literary and Historical Memorials of London, 
2 V. 8vo ; London, 1850. 

Memoirs of the Court of England, 

from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George the 
Second, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1843. 

Memoirs of the Court of England, 

during the Reign of the Stuarts, including the Protecto- 
rate, 4 V. 8vo ; London, 1840. 

Memoirs of the Pretenders and their 

Adherents, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1845. 
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Part of the Life of Louis IX., King of France, with 
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Hafod, 1807. 
2 Johnes, Thomas ; Memoirs of the Life of Sit 3 o\iTt Yxcasj^^sX \ 


to which is added, some Account of the Manuscript of 
his Chronicle in the Elizabethian Library at Breslau, 
and a complete Index, royal 4to ; Hafod, 1810. 

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and Practice of the Water Cure, shown to be in Accor- 
dance with Medical Science and the Teachings of Com- 
mon Sense, 12mo ; London, 1843. 

10 Results of Hydropathy ; or. Constipation 

not a Disease of the Bowels ; Indigestion not a Disease 
of the Stomach, &c., 12mo ; London, 1846. 

10 Life, Health, and Disease ; enlarged * 

and improved, 12mo ; London, 1842. 

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Water upon the Healthy Body, to Illustrate its Action in 
Disease ; in a Series of Experiments performed by the 
Author upon Himself and others, 8vo ; London, 1850. 

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and Recreation, &c. ; 4th edition, with additions, 8vo ; 
London, 1838. 

10 Economy of Health, or the Stream of 

Human Life from the Cradle to the Grave; with Re- 
flections, Moral, Physical, and Philosophical, on the 
Successive Phases of Human Existence, &c.; 3d edition, 
8vo ; London, 1838. 

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and Intellectual Refinement, on Human Health and 
Human Happiness, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1820. 

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pean Constitutions, including an Essay on Indigestion, 
&c. ; 5th edition, 8 vo; London, 1836. 

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including an Account of the Origin of Printing ; with 
Biographical Notices of the Printers of England, from 
Caxton to the Close of the 16th Century, i&c. ; 2 v. 16mo ; 
London, 1824. 

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faces, Biographical and Critical, and a General Index, 
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phical Distribution ©f Natural Phenomena, embracing 
Geology, Hydrography, Meteorology, and Natural His- 
tory, gr. folio; Edinburgh, 1850. 

29* ■ National Atlas of Historical, 

Commercial and Political Geography ; accompanied by 
Maps and Illustrations of the Physical Geography of the 
Globe, by H. Berghaus ; and an Ethnographic Map of 
Europe, by G. Kombst, gr. folio ; Edinburgh, 1850. 

29 Johnston, Charles : Travels in Southern Abyssinia, through 


the Country of Adal to the Kingdom of *Shoa, 2 v. 8vo ; 
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of the Province of New-Brunswick ; 2d edition, royal 8vo; 
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Nouveau Tableau Analytique des Principales Combinai- 
sons de la Strategic, de la Grande Tactique et de la 
Politique Militaire ; derni^re Edition, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1838. 

15 Tableau Analytique des Principales 

Combinaisons de la Guerre, et de leurs Rapports, avec 
la Politique des Etats, pour servir d'Introduction au 
Traits des Grands Operations Militaires ; 3® Edition, 8vo ; 
Paris, 1830. 
15 Traite desGrandes Operations Mili- 
taires, ou Histoire Critique des Gaerres de Fr^d^ric le 
Grand, Compar^es au Syst^me Moderne, avec un Recueil 
des Principes les plus Importants de I'Art de la Guerre ; 
4« ^ition, 3 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1851. 

15 Planches, gr. folio; Paris, 1851. 

29 Jones, George : Excursion to Cairo, Jerusalem, Damascus, 
and Balbec, from the United States Ship Delaware, 
during her recent Cruise ; with an Attempt to Discrimi- 
nate between Truth and Error in regard to the Sacred 
Places of the Holy City, 12mo ; New- York, 1836. 

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translated and abridged from Decker; 2d edition, 12mo; 
London, 1851. 

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and Manual of Comparative Anatomy, 8vo ; London, 
Jones, Sir William : Works ; with the Life of the Author, 
by Lord Teignmouth, 13 v. 8vo; London, 1807. 

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Mer, public sur les Documents fournis par les Officiers 
des Arm6es Frangaises et Etrang^res, par J. Corr6ard, 
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Ireland, 10 v. 8vo; London, 1834-'47. 

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Commons ; collected by Simonds D'Ewes ; revised and 
published by Paul Bowes, folio; London, 1682. 

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24 Journals of the House of Commons, Index, 5 v. folio ; Lon- 

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which are contained the Principal Events, Remarkable 
Occurrences, and Anecdotes of his Reign ; translated 
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J. G. Scheuchzer, 2 v. folio ; London, 1727. 
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Century, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1850. 

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pany ; a History of Indian Progress, 8vo ; London, 1853. 

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of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the 
Woods, &c., &c., performed in the Year 1823, under the 
Command of Major Stephen H. Long, 2 v. 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1824. 

15 Keefer, Thomas C. : Essai Couronne: De I'Avenir et de 
rinfluence des Canaux du Canada: Ecrit pour le Prix 
ofTert au Concours par son Excellence le Comte d'Elgin 
et Kinkardine, Gouverneur General de I'Amerique Brit- 
anique du Nord, &c. ; 8vo; Toronto, 1850. (Present.) 

15 Report on a Survey for the Railway Bridge 

Over the St. Lawrence at Montreal, Surveyed in 1851-52, 
p. 8vo; Montreal, 1853. {Present) 

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sal Geography, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1819 and 1822. 

3 Kelly, Michael : Reminiscences, including a Period of 

nearly Half a Century ; with Original Anecdotes of 

many distinguished Persons, Political, Literary, and 

Musical, 8vo; New-York, 1826. 
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Parts of the United States, in the Years 1807 and 1808, 

3 v. 8vo; New- York, 1809. 
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the Methods of Calculating the different Machines made 

Use of in a Cotton-Spinning Factory, &c. ; 2d edition, 

12mo ; London, 1852. 
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Remarks on its Character and Treatment in England ; 

3d edition, 8vo ; London, 1832. 


3 Kennet, White : Complete History of England ; with the 
Lives of all the Kings and Queens, from the Earliest 
Account of Time, to the Death of King William III. ; by 
Milton, Daniel, Habington, Moore, Buck, Lord Bacon, 
Lord Herbert, of Cherbury, Hayward, Francis Godwin, 
Cambden, Wilson, and Kennet ; 2d edition, corrected ; 
with I^otes, and a New Index, 3 v. folio ; London, 1719. 
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by the two Passes of Selimno and Pravadi ; also, of a 
Visit to Azani, and other Newly Discovered Ruins in 
Asia Minor, in the Years 1829-30, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 
1831. < 

29 Keppel, Henry: Visit to the Indian Archipelago, in H. M. 
Ship Maeander ; with Portions of the Private Journal of 
Sir James Brooke, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1853. 

29 Kerr, Robert : General History and Collection of Voyages 
and Travels, Arranged in Systematic Order : forming a 
Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Naviga- 
tion, Discovery, and Commerce, by Sea and Land, from 
the Earliest Ages to the Present Time, illustrated by 
Maps find Charts ; with Wm. Stevenson's Historical 
Sketch of the Progress of Discovery, Navigation, and 
Commerce, from the Earliest Records to the Beginning 
of the Nineteenth Century, 18 v. 8vo ; Edinburgh, 1824. 
is Kimber, Thomas: Construction of the Modern System (of 
Fortification,) as Executed at Sandhurst and Addis- 
combe; with Instructions, giving the Dimensions of 
every Line and Angle, 8vo ; London, 1852. 

29 King, J. Anthony: Twenty-Four Years in the Argentine 
Republic, (fee, 12mo; New-York, 1846. 

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and Western Coasts of Australia, performed between 
the Years 1818 and 1822, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1827. 

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Rome, 12mo; New-York, 1846. 

29 The Early Jesuit Missions in 

North America; compiled and translated from the Let- 
ters of the French Jesuits, with Notes, 12mo; New- 
York, 1846. 
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don, 1788. 

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ments of the Natural History of Insects ; 5th edition, 
4 v. 8vo; London, 1828. 

12 Kirby, William: Monographia Apum Anglioe; or, an At- 
tempt to Divide into their Natural Genera and Families, 
such Species of the Linnaean Genus Apis, as have been 
Discovered in England: to which are prefixed, some In- 
troductory Remarks upon the Class Hymenoptera, 2 v. 
royal 8vo ; Ipswich, 1802. 


29 Kirkland, C. M.: Holidays Abroad; or, Earope from the 

West, 2 V. 12mo; New- York, 1849. 
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Locomotion ; containing Precepts for Promoting the 
Pleasures and Hints for Preserving the Health of Tra- 
vellers ; 2d edition, 2 v. l6mo; London, 1827. 

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Macklin, Esq., principally compiled from his own Papers 
and Memorandums, &c., 2 v. 8vo; London, 1799. 

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to the Present Time ; with Introductory Chapters on the 
Geography and Nfctural History of the Country, and on 
the Customs and Institutions of the Hebrews, 12mo; 
Edinburgh, 1851. 
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London, 1829. 

3 Knight, Charles : William Caxton, the First English Print- 
er — a Biography, 32mo; London, 1844. 

2 Knolles, Richard : Turkish History, from the Original of 
that Nation, to the Growth of the Ottoman Empire; 
with the Lives and Conquests of their Princes and Em- 
perors; and a Continuation, to the Year 1699, by Sir 
Paul Rycaut ; 6th edition, 3 v. folio ; London, 1687-1700. 

2 Knox, Robert: An Historical Relation of the Island of 
Ceylon, in the East Indies: together with an Account of 
the Detaining in Captivity the Author, and divers other 
Englishmen now Living there; and of the Author's Mi" 
raculous Escape; Illustrated with Figures and a Map- 
of the Island, 4to; London, 1817. 
44 Knox, Vicesimus : Works ; with a Biographical Preface^ 

7 V. Svo; London, 1824. 
16.2 Koch, Chr.: Table des Trait^s entre la France et les Puis- 
sances Etrang^res, depuis la Paix de Westphalie jusqu'a 
nos Jours; suivie d'un Recueil de Trait6s et Actes 
Diplomatiques que n'ont pas encore vu le Jour, 2 v. 8vo; 
Basle, 1802. 

2 Koch, C. W.: Tableau des Revolutions de I'Europe, depuis 
le Bouleversement de I'Empire Remain en Occident 
jusqu'a nos Jours; nouvelle Edition, corrig^ et aug- 
mentee, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1814. 
29 Koster, Henry: Travels in Brazil, in the Years from 1809 
to 1815, 2 V. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1817. 

2 Kotzebue. — The most Remarkable Year in the Life of Au- 
gustus Von Kotzebue ; containing an Account of his 
Exile into Siberia; and of the other Extraordinary 
Events which happened to him in Russia; written by 
himself; translated from the German, by Rev. Benjamin 
Beresford, 3 v. in 1, 12mo; London, 1802. 
29 Kotzebue, Augustus Von: Travels from Berlin, through 
Switzerland, to Paris, in the Year 1804; translated 


from the German; 4th edition, 3 v. in 1, 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1806. 

t59 Travels through Italy, in the 

Years 1804 and 1805; new edition, revised, 4 v. in 2, 
12mo; London, 1807. 

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Years 1823, '24, '25, and '26, 2 v. 12mo ; London, 1830. 

29 Krusenstern, A. J. von : Voyage Round the World, in the 
Years 1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806, by Order of his Im- 
perial Majesty Alexander the First, on Board the Ships 
Nadeshda and Neva ; translated from the German, by 
R. B. Hoppner, 2 v. in 1, 4to ; London, 1813. 

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formed by Order of the Constituent Assembly during 
the Years 1791, 1792, 1793, and 1794; translated from 
the French, by John Stockdale, 4to; London, 1800. 

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and the Birkenhead: a Letter to the President of the 
Board of Trade, on the Management of Ships' Boats ; 
2d edition, 8vo; London, 1852. 
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ration, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1829-'35. 

2 Histoire de France, pendant le Dix- 

Huiti^me Si^cle; 4® Edition, 6 v. 8vo; Paris, 1819. 

Histoire de I'Assemblee Constituante ; 

nouvelle Edition, 2v. 8vo; Paris, 1844. 

Histoire de I'Assemblee Legislative, 

8vo; Paris, 1824. 

Histoire de la Convention Nationale, 

3 V. 8vo; Paris, 1824-'5. 

Histoire du Directoire Ex^cutif, 2 v. 

8vo ; Paris, 1826. 
2 Ladvocat, M . the Abbe : Historical and Biographical Dic- 
tionary; translated from the French, by Catharine Col- 

lignon, 4 v. 8vo; Cambridge, 1799-1801. 
2 Lafayette. — Memoires, Correspondance, et Manuscrits du 

General Lafayette, publics par sa Famille, 6 v. en 4, 

8vo; Paris, 1837. 
2 Lafayette. — Memoirs, Correspondence, and Manuscripts of 

General Lafayette : published by his Family, 3 v. 8vo ; 

London, 1837. 
^9 Lafitau, Joseph Francois : Histoire des Decouvertes et Con- 

questes des Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde, 2 v. 4to ; 

Paris, 1733. 
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tentrionale ; 2® Edition, revue, corrigee, et augment6e, 

2 v. 24mo ; Amsterdam, 1741. 
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Political State of France, Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, 


and other Parts of Europe, during the Present Century; 
from the 2d London edition, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1846. 
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of Kabul ; with his Political Proceedings towards the 
English, Russian, and Persian Governments, including the 
Victory and Disasters of the British Army in Afghanis- 
tan, 2 V. Svo; London, 1846. 
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(abridged ;) translated from the French, by St. Vincent 
Trowbridge, 12mo ; London, 1852. 

12 Lamarck, J. B. P. A. de: Histoire Naturelle des Animaux 

Sans Vert^bres, pr^sentant les Caracteres G^neraux et 
Particuliers de ces Animaux, leur Distribution, leurs 
Classes, leurs Families, leurs Genres, et la Citation des 
principales Esp^ces qui s'y rapportent ; 2® Edition, revue 
et augment^e des Notes pr^sentant les Faits nouveaux 
dont la Science s'est enrichie jusqu'a ce Jour, par MM. 
G. p. Deshayes et H. Milne Edwards, 11 v. 8vo; Paris, 

13 Lamarck et Decandolle, MM. de : Flore Francaise, ou De- 

scriptions Succinctes de toutes les Plantes qui Croissent 
Naturellement en France, disposes selon une nouvelle 
Methode d'Analyse, et prec^dees par une Expose des 
Principes clcmentaires de la Botanique ; 3® 6dition, 6 v. 
en 5, 8vo; Paris, 1805-15. 

2 Lamartine, Alphonse de : Histoire de la Restauration, 6® and 
7« V. 8vo; Paris, 1852. 

2 History of the Restoration of Mon- 
archy in France, 3d v. p. 8vo; London, 1852. 

4 Lamb, R. : Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences 
during the late American War, from its Commencement 
to the Year 1783, 8\ o ; Dublin, 1809. 

2 Lamballe, Princess : Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family 
of France, during the Revolution ; with Original and 
Authentic Anecdotes of Contemporary Sovereigns, and a 
Cipher of the Secret Correspondence of Marie Antoinette, 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1826. 
10 Lambe, William : Reports on the Effects of a Peculiar 
Regimen on Scirrhous Tumours and Cancerous Ulcers, 
8vo; London, 1809. 
29 Lambert, John : Travels through Canada, and the United 
States of North America, in the Years 1806, 1807, and 
1808; to which are added. Biographical Notices and 
Anecdotes of some of the Leading Characters in the 
United States; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1813. 
29 Landmann, George : Universal Gazetteer, or Geographical 

Dictionary j new edition, 8vo; London, 1840. 
15 Landmann, Isaac : Principles of Fortification, &c. ; 6th edi- 
tion, corrected and revised, by George Landmann, 8vo ; 
London, 1831. 


24 Landwirthschaftliche Zeitung, 4to ; Hannover, 185]. {Pre- 

10 Lane, Richard J. : Life at the Water Cure; or, a Month at 
Malvern; a Diary : to which is added, the Sequel, 12mo ; 
London, 1846. 

29 Lang, John Dunmore : Cooksland in North-Eastern Austra- 
lia ; the future Cotton-Field of Great Britain ; its Char- 
acteristics and Capabilities for European Colonization, 
with a Disquisition on the Origin, Manners and Customs 
of the Aborigines, 16mo; London, 1847. 

29 Phillipsland ; or, the Country hitherto 

Designated Port Phillip ; its Present Condition and Pros- 
pects, as a Highly Eligible Field for Emigration, 16mo ; 
London, 1847. 

42 Langbaine, Gerard: Account of the English Dramatic 

Poets, 8vo; Oxford, 1691. 

43 Langley, L. : Principia Saxonica ; or, an Introduction to 

Anglo-Saxon Reading, comprising iElfric's Ilomily on 
the Birthday of St. Gregory ; with a Preliminary Essay 
on the Utility of Anglo-Saxon, 12mo; London, 1844, 
29 LangsdorfT, G. H. von: Voyages and Travels in Various 
Parts of the World, during the Years 1803, 1804, 1805, 
1806, and 1807, 4to ; London, 1813. 

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Paris, 1799-1823. 

29 Laplace, M. — Voyage Autour du Monde par les Mers de 

rinde et de la Chine de la Corvette de S. M. La Favor- 
ite, execute pendant les Annees 1830, 1831, 1832, sous 
le commandement de M. Laplace, Capitaine de Fr6gate, 
&c. : Album Historique, grave et public par les soins et 
sous la direction de M. de Sainson, gr. folio; Paris, 

12 Latham, John: General History of Birds, 10 v. 4to ; Win- 
chester, 1821-'24. 

29 Latham, R. G. : Ethnology of the British Colonies and De- 
pendencies, 16mo ; London, 1851. 

29 ; — Ethnology of the British Islands, 16mo ; 

London, 1852. 

12 Latreille, P. A.: Histoire Naturelle des Singes, faisant 
partie de celle de Quadrupedes de BufTon, pr6sent6e 
sous un ordre, dans lequel les Suppl6mens sont fondus 
avec le premier Texte ; et augmentee de Notes, d' Addi- 
tions considerables, avec Figures, gravies sur des Des- 
sins neufs de Barraband, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1801. 
2 Latude, Henri Masers de: Memoirs; arranged from the 
original Documents, by Monsieur Thierry, and trans- 
lated into English, by John VV. Calcraft, 12mo ; London, 
25 Laurie, James : Tables of Simple Interest, at 5, 4^, 4, 3j, 
and 2^ per cent, per Annum, from 1 Day to 12 Years ; 


also, Tables of Compound Interest; 18th edition, 8vo; 
London, 1853. 
2 Lavall6e, Theophile : Histoire de Francjais, depuis le Temps 
desGaulois jusqn'en 1830; 4^ edition, revue et corrig^e, 

4 V. ]2mo; Paris, 1844. 

16 Military Topography of Continental 

Europe ; translated from the French, and edited by J. 
II. Jackson, 12mo; London, 1850. 
2 Lavallette, Count: Memoirs; written by Himself, 2 v. 8vo; 
London, 1831. 

12 Lawrence, John : History and Delineation of the Horse, in 
all his Varieties; with a Particular Investigation of the 
Character of the Race Horse, and the Business of the 
Turf; Illustrated by Anecdotes and Biographical Notices 
of Distinjrnished Sportsmen, 4to; London, 1809. 

12 Lawrence, W. : Lectures on Physiology, Zoology, and the 

Natural History of Man, 8vo ; London, 1819. 
9 Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye ; 3d edi- 
tion, 8vo ; London, 1844. 

9 Treatise on Ruptures ; 5th edition, 8vo ; 

London, 1838. 
2 Laya, Alexandre : Etudes Historiques sur la Vie Privee,, 
Politique et Litt6raire de M. A. Thiers — Histoire de 
Quinze Ans, 1830-1846, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1846. 

29 Layard, Austen H. : Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh 
and Babylon ; with Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan, and 
the Desert ; being the Result of a Second Expedition 
undertaken for the Trustees of the British Museum, 8vo; 
London, 1853. 

29 Second Series of the Monuments of 

Nineveh ; including Bas-Reliefs from the Palace of Sen- 
nacherib and Bronzes from the Ruins of Nimroud ; from 
Drawings made on the Spot, during a Second Expedition 
to Assyria; oblong folio; London, 1853. 
2 Leake, William Martin : Historical Outline of the Greek 
Revolution, with a few Remarks on the Present State of 
Affairs in that Country ; 2d edition, p. 8vo ; London^ 

29 Le Bruyn, Corneille : Voyage au Levant, c'est-^-dire, dans 
les principaux endroits de FAsie Mineure, dans les Isles 
de Chio, Rhodes, Chypre, &c., de m6me que dans les 
plus considerables Villes d'Egypte, Syrie, et Terre Sainte, 

5 V. 4to ; Paris, 1725. 

2 Le Due, L^ouzon : La Finlande, son Histoire Primitive, sa 
Mjrthologie, sa Poesie Epique : avec la traduction com- 
plete de sa grande epopee ; le Kalewala, son G^nie Na- 
tional, sa Condition Politique et Sociale, depuis la Con- 
qu^te Russe, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1845. 
43 Le Grand Vocabulaire Francois, par une Soci^tcS de Gens 
de Lettres, 30 v. 4to ; Paris, 1767-74. 


36 Le Roman du Renart| publie d'apr^s les Maiiuscrits de la 
JUbliotheque du Roi des 13®, 14®, et 15® Sidcles, par M. 
D. M. M6on, 4 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1826. 

43 Le Roux, Philibert Joseph: Dictionnaire Comique, Satyr- 
ique, Critique, Burlesque, Libre et Proverbial ; nouvelle 
Edition, r^vuS, corrig^e et considerablement augment^e, 
Svo; Lion, 1735. 

34 Le Sage, A. R. : Historia de Gil Bias de Santillana ; tradu- 
cida al Castellano por el Padre Isla ; corregida, &c., por 
Don Evaristo Peiia y Marin, Svo; Paris, 1850. 
^29 Le Sage, M. : Historical, Genealogical, Chronological, and 
Geographical Atlas, exhibiting all the Royal Families in 
Europe, &c. ; translated from the last and much Im- 
proved French edition; 2d edition, folio; London, 1818. 

15 Leach, J.: Recollections and Reflections relative to the 
Duties of Troops composing the Advanced Corps of an 
Army, 12mo; London, 1835. 
2 Lebrun. — Souvenirs de Madame Louise-Elisabeth Vig6e- 
Lebrun, 3 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1835-'37. 

14 Lectures on Gold, for the Instruction of Emigrants about 
to proceed to Australia ; by J. B. Jukes, Edward Forbes, 
Lyon Playfair, W. W. Smyth, John Percy, and Robert 
Hunt; 2d edition, p. 8vo; London, 1853. 

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and an Appendix of English Mineral Waters, 12mo; 
London, 1836. 

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tutions and Practice of France, Italy, and Germany, &c.; 
to which is added, an Appendix, on Animal Magnetism 
and Homoeopathy, 8vo; London, 1835. 

9 On Stammering and Squinting, and on the 

Methods for their Removal, 8vo; London, 1841. 

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chiefly intended to Illustrate those Varieties which Sim- 
ulate Structural Disease ; 2d edition, re-written, &c., 
with an Appendix of Cases, 8vo; London, 1838. 

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ment of the United States ; a new edition, with Correc- 
tions left by the Author, and with Notes and Additions 
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piled from the most approved Sources, Oriental and Eu- 
ropean, Jewish and Christian, including B ux tor f, Taylor, 
Parkhurst, and Gesenius ; containing all the Words, with 
their usual Inflexions, Idiomatic Usages, &c., as found in 


the Hebrew and Chaldee Texts of the Old Testament, 
&:c., &c. ; 3d edition, 8vo; London, 1844. 

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Surveying, Geodesy, and Practical Astronomy, including 
Elements for the Projection of Maps ; 2d edition, with 
Additions, 8 vo ; Washington, 1853. (Present.) 
2 Lefebre, Armand : Histoire des Cabinets de I'Eu rope pen- 
dant le Consulat et I'Empire, 6cnte avec les Documents 
Rcunis aux Archives des Affaires Etrang^res, 1800-1815, 
3 V. 8vo; Paris, 1845. 

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ance, in Health and Disease, 12mo ; London, 1844. 

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demically in St. Petersburgh, 8vo ; London, 1831. 
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Theatre Fran^aise, depuis 1600 jusqu'a nos Jours, 2 v- 
8vo; Paris, 1810. 

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cal and Historical Account of the Lives, Characters^ 
and Labors of Eminent Persons, in all Ages and Coun— 
tries ; together with Original Articles of American Bio-— 
graphy, by Eleazar Lord, 2 v. 8vo; New- York, 1825. 

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the Peninsula of Sinai, in the Years 1842-1845, durin 
the Mission sent out by his Majesty Frederick Willia 
IV. of Prussia ; edited, with Notes, by Kenneth R. H,^ 
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suite de I'Histoire, 12mo ; Paris, 1618. 

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Troops on Actual Service, 12mo; London, 1843. 

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James Vernon, Esq., Secretary of State; edited by 
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dence of between two and three Years, in Different Parts 
of those Countries, and addressed to a Lady in Virginia, 
by her Father, 2 v. 8vo; Boston, 1819. 

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8vo; London, 1834. 

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Like Inspiration of Infants ; to which are appended, 
Illustrations of the General Principles of the Pathology 


of Nerves, and of the Functions and Diseases of the Par 
Vagum and its Principal B ranches,- 8 vo; London, 1836. 

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named Asian, or the Lion ; including a Compendious 
History of Modern Greece ; 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 

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the most Remarkable Affairs of his Time, and Particu- 
larly of Ireland under his Government ; with an Appen- 
dix, &c.; new edition, 6 v. royal 8vo; Oxford, 1851. 

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man, 8vo; London, 1851. 
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accedit Hypothesis Nova de Febrium Intermittentium 
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Three Grand Kingdoms of Animals, Vegetables, and 
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• rite cognitas ad Genera relatas, cum differentiis Specificis, 
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12 '■ — Systema Naturae per Regna Tria Naturae, 

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Critical Explanation of the more Difficult Passages in 
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1803, '4, '5, and '6 ; performed by order of his Imperial 
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Full, Retired, and Half-Pay: with an Index, 28 v. royal 
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and Manners, in the Reigns of Henry VIIL, Edward 
VI., Mary, Elizabeth, and James I., Exhibited in a Series 
of Original Papers, Selected from the MSS. of the Noble 
Families of Howard, Talbot, and Cecil; containing, 
among a Variety of Interesting Pieces, a great Part of 
the Correspondence of Elizabeth and her Ministers 
with George, Sixth Earl of Shrewsbury, during the 
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in his Custody; with Notes and Observations; second 
edition, with Additions, revised and corrected, 3 v. 8vo ; 
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tory of the Present Nobility of that Kingdom ; with En- 
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larged, and continued to the Present Time, by Mervyn 
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the Classification of De CandoUe, 12mo ; London, 1842. 

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Perennials^ 2 v. 4to; London, 1843-4. 

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Bulbous Plants; 2d edition, 4to; London. 

13 Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental 

Greenhouse Plants ; 2d edition, 4to ; London. 

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the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, Native and Foreign, 
Hardy and Half-Hardy, Pictorially and Botanically 
Delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly Described ; 
with their Propagation, Culture, Management, and Uses 
in the Arts, in Useful and Ornamental Plantations, and 
in Landscape Gardening, &c. ; 4 v. Letter-Press, and 4 v. 
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Cultivated in the Gardens and Grounds in the Neighbor- 
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Scotch Style, Adapted to England, folio; London, 1812. 
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October 1837 to December 1852 ; containing the Date of 


Publication, Size, Price, Publisher's Name, and Edition, 
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traduit de I'ltalien, par J. Armand de Galiani, 8vo; 
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Parts of Brazil; taken during a Residence of Ten Years 
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Vulgarly, though Erroneously, called the Empire of Pres- 
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an Introduction, and an Essay on the Treatment of the 
Principal Varieties of Scrofula, by W. H. Ranking, 8vo; 
London, 1844. 
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designed for the Use of the Junior Classes in Schools, 
with a numerous Collection of Original Easy Exercises ; 
2d edition, 16mo; Cambridge, 1851. 

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Ottoman Porte, 8vo; London, 1783. 
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to Reach Repulse Bay, through Sir Thomas Rowe's 
" Welcome," in his Majesty's Ship Griper, in the Year 
1824, 8 vo; London, 1825. 

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Account of the Towns, Villages, and Hamlets, within 
12 Miles of that Capitol; interspersed with Biographical 
Anecdotes ; 2d edition ; including those Parishes in the 
County of Middlesex, which are not Described in the 
Environs of London, 3 v. 4to ; London, 1800 and 1811. 

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Concise Topographical Account of the Several Counties 
of Great Britain, 6 v. 4to; London, 1806-'22. 
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the Second, and of the Age in which he Lived ; to which 
is prefixed, a History of the Revolutions of England, 
from the Death of Edward the Confessor to the Birth of 
Henry the Second, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1777. 

29 MacCann, William: Two Thousand Miles' Ride through 


the Argentine Provinces ; being an Account of the Nat 
ral Products of the Country, and Habits of the People 
with an Historical Retrospect of the Rio de la Plat^»- 
Monte Video, and Corrientes, 2 v. 12mo; London, 185^ 

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and Prevention of Continued Fever, Svo; London, 183^ - 
5 McCrie, Thomas : Life of John Knox ; containing Iliustra — 
tions of the History of the Reformation in Scotland ^ 
w^ith Biographical Notices of the Principal Reformers 
and Sketches of the Progress of Literature in Scotlan 
during the 16th Century; and an Appendix, consisting 
of Original Papers; (first complete American edition;^ 
royal Svo ; Philadelphia. 
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Gardening; comprehending all the Modern Improve- 
ments in the Art, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1807. 

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of Sixteen Months in the Turkish Capital and Provinces^ 
2d edition ; to which is added, an Appendix, containing" 
Remarks and Observations to the Autumn of 1829, 2 v. 
Svo ; London, 1829. 

Turkey and its Destiny; the Result 

of Journeys made in 1847 and 1848 to Examine into the 
State of that Country, 2 v. Svo ; London, 1850. 

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Lives of the Gooroos ; the History of the Independent 
Sirdars, or Missuls; and the Life of the Great Founder 
of the Sikh Monarchy, Mahrajah Runjeet Singh, 2 v. 
Svo; London, 1846, 

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and Tour through England, France, Germany, Switzer- 
land, and Italy ; with a Memoir of the Author, by I. Mc- 
Lellan, 12mo ; Boston, 1834. 

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Misrepresentations Circulated against them by the Ed- 
inburgh Review, Mr. Clarkson, Mr. Cropper, &c., Ex- 
amined and Refuted, Svo ; London, 1824. 

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sion of James I. to that of the Brunswick Line, 8 v. 4to ; 
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Prebendary of Westminster, 4to ; London, 1778. 

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Subjects connected with the Duties of the Field Engi- 
neer; 3d edition, 12mo; London, 1850. 

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Essays, contributed to the Edinburgh Review ; new 
edition, 3 v. 18mo; London, 1853. 
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Maceroni, late Aide-de-Camp to Joachim Murat, King 
of Naples, &c., 2 v. 8vo; London, 1838. 

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and Migratory: including their Organization, Habits, 
and Relations ; Remarks on Classiiication and Nomen- 
clature; an Account of the Principal Organs of Birds, 
and Observations relative to Practical Ornithology ; 
Illustrated by numerous Engravings, 5 v. 8vo ; London, 

29 The Travels and Researches of 

Alexander von Humboldt ; being a Condensed Narra- 
tive of his Journeys in the Equinoctial Regions of 
America, and in Asiatic Russia ; together with Analyses 
of his more Important Investigations ; 2d edition, 32mo ; 
Edinburgh, 1833. 

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Science; being an Attempt to Improve its Study and 
Practice, on a Plan in Closer Alliance with Inductive 
Philosophy, &c., 8vo ; London, 1838. 

10 Remarks on the Unity of the Body, as 

Illustrated by some of the more Striking Phenomena of 
Sympathy, both Mental and Corporeal, with a View of 
Enlarging the Grounds and Improving the Application 
of the Constitutional Treatment of Local Diseases, 8vo ; 
London, 183G. 

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12mo; New- York, 1835. 

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a Memoir of Mrs. Chisholm, 16mo; London, 1852. 

3 Memoirs of Mrs. Caroline Chisholm ; 

with an Account of her Philanthropic Labours in India, 
Australia, and England, &c., 16mo; London, 1852. 
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paign in China, 12mo; London, 1842. 

9 Mackenzie, William: Physiology of Vision, 8vo; London, 

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Existence of Pestilential Contagion ; deduced from the 
Phaenomena of the Plague of the Levant, the Yellow 
Fever of Spain, and the Cholera Morbus of Asia, 8vo ; 
London, 1824. 

10 ■ Results of an Investigation respecting 

Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases ; including Re- 
searches in the Levant, concerning the Plague, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1817-'18. 
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Gaelic Language, 8vo; London, 1845. 


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and on the Affections of Internal Organs, more especiall 
the Heart and Brain, 8vo ; London, 1842. 

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12mo; Glasgow, 1834. 

10 Philosophy of Sleep ; 3d edition, 12mo 5 

Glasgow, 1836. 
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History of Great Britain, from the Restoration, to th^ 
Accession of the House of Hanover, &c. ; 2d editiorm, 
4 V. 4to; London, 1775-'76. 

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Orders and-Genera are Arranged and Described accord- 
ing to the Natural System of De Candolle, 12mo ; Lon- 
don, 1837. 

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World : Records of Pilgrimages in many Lands, &c., 2 v^-^ 
8vo; London, 1851. 

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Syria, &c., including a Visit to the unfrequented District 
of the Haouran, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1834. 
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de Zumalacarregui, gr. 8vo ; Madrid, 1844. 

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Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology; coo- 
ducted by J. C. Loudon, 9 v. 8vo; London, 1829-36. 

12 The same, New Series ; conducted 

by Edward Charlesworth, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1837-40. 

15 Magazine of Science, and School of Arts ; intended to lllus- ^ 
trate the most Useful, Novel, and interesting Parts of 
Natural History and Experimental Philosophy, Artisti- 
cal Processes, Ornamental Manufactures, and the Arts 
of Life, 6 V. royal 8vo; London, 1840-45. 

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Jardine, P. J. Selby, and Dr. Johnson, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 
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gine ; designed chiefly for the Use of the Oflicers of Her 
Majesty's Navy ; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1852. 
2 Malay Annals: Translated from the Malay Language, by 
the late Dr. John Leyden ; with an Introduction, by Sir 
T. Stamford Raffles, 8 vo; London, 1821. 


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tical, and Historical, 8vo; London, 1731. 

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Customs of London, from the Roman Invasion to the 
Year 1800 ; including the Origin of British Society, Cus- 
toms, and Manners, v^rith a General Sketch of the State 
of Religion, Superstition, Dresses, and Amusements of 
the Citizens of London, during that Period, &c., 2 v. 4to; 
London, 1808 and 1811. 

3 Lives of the Topographers and 

Antiquarians who have Written concerning the Antiqui- 
ties of England ; with their Portraits, and a complete 
and detailed Account of their Works, so far as they Re* 
late to this Kingdom, 4to; London, 1824. 

Londinium Redivivum; or, an 

Ancient History and Modern Description of London, 

compiled from Parochial Records, Archives of various 

Foundations, the Harleian MSS., and other Authentic 

Sources, 4 v. 4to; London, 1803-1807. 
Malcolm, Sir John : History of Persia, from the most Early 

Period to the Present Time, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1825. 
Life of Robert, Lord Clive ; Collected 

from the Family Papers communicated by the Earl of 

Powis, 3 V. 8vo; London, 1836. 

Memoir of Central India, including 

Malwa, and adjoining Provinces ; with the History, and 
copious Illustrations, of the Past and Present Condition 
of that Country, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1823. 

Political History of India, from 1784 to 

1823, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1826. 

Sketch of the Sikhs ; a singular Nation, 

who Inhabit the Provinces of the Penjab, Situated be- 
tween the Rivers Jumna and Indus, 8vo; London, 1812. 

15 Maiden, Henry : Origin of Universities and Academical De- 
grees, 12mo; London, 1835. 

10 Male, George E. : Elements of Juridical or Forensic Medi- 
cine ; for the Use of Medical Men, Coroners, and Barris- 
ters ; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1818. 

2 Mallet, Paul Henry : Northern Antiquities ; or, a Descrip- 

tion of the Manners, Customs, Religion and Laws of the 
Ancient Danes, including those of our own Saxon An- 
cestors ; with a translation of the Edda, or System of 
Runic Mythology, and other Pieces, from the Ancient 
Icelandic Tongue ; with Additional Notes by the English 
Translator, &c., 2 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1809. 

3 Malmesbury. — Diaries and Correspondence of James Harris, 

First Earl of Malmesbury; containing an Account of his 

^ Missions to the Courts of Madrid, Frederick the Great, 

Catherine the Second, and the Hague ; and his Special 

Missions to Berlin, Brunswick, and the French Republic ; 


edited by his Grandson, the Third Earl, 4 v. 8vo ; Loi^^ 
don, 1844. 

29 Malte-Brun, Conrad : Tableau de la Pologne, Ancienne e 
Modern e, sous les Rapports Geographiques, Statist ique^ 
G^ologiques, Politiqut s, Moraux, Historiques, L^gisla - 
tifs, Scientifiques, et Litt^raires; nouvelle Edition, en- 
ti<!!Tement refondne, augment<5e et orn6e de Cartes, pai 
Leonard Chodzko, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1830. 

25 Mann, Horace, and Pliny E. Chase: Arithmetic, Practically^^ 
Applied, for Advanced Pupils, and for Private Reference ^^ 
designed as a Sequel to any of the ordinary Text-Book^^ 
on the Subject, 12nno ; Philadelphia, 1850. 

2 Manstein, Christopher Herman de : Memoirs of Russia 

Historical, Political, and Military, from the Year 172'" 
to 1744; translated from the original MS. by DaTi( 
Hume, 4to; London, 1770. 
4 Mante, Thomas : History of the Late War in North- America^ -a 
and the Islands of the West-Indies, including the Cam. — 
paigns of 1763 and 17G4, against his Majesty's Indiai 
Enemies, 4to ; London, 1772. 

15 Manual and Platoon Exercises for Percussion Carbines- 
Royal Regiment of Artillery, 12mo; London, 1851. 

24 Manual of the Practice of Parliament, in Passing Publi« 
and Private Bills; together with the Standing Orders o 
both Houses, from 1685 to 1829; and, also, Tables o 
Fees, 16mo; London, 1829. 

29 March, Lieut. : A Walk Across tlie French Frontier intc 
North Spain, 12mo; London, 1852. 

29 Marchand, Etienne : Voyage Autour du Monde en 1790-95? -^ 
prec6d^ d'une Introduction Historique, &c., par C. P-- 
Claret Fleurien, 4 v. 4to ; Paris, 1798-1800. 

3 March mont Papers. — A Selection from the Papers of th( 

Earls of Marchmont, in the Possession of the Right 
Hon. Sir George Henry Rose: Illustrative of Eventi 
from 1685 to 1750, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1831. 
29 Margoliouth, Moses: A Pilgrimage to the Land of M; 
Fathers, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1850. 

2 Mariana, Juan de: Historia General de Espana, 14 v. p. 
4to; Valencia, 1830-36. 

2 : General History of Spain, from the Firs^^ 

Peopling of it by Tubal, till the Death of King Ferdi- 
nand ; with a Continuation to the Death of King Phili[ 
III. ; to vi^hich are added. Two Supplements, the first \y^^ 
Ferdinand Camargo y Salcedo, the other by Basil Varei 
de Soto, bringing it down to the Present Reign; the^ 
whole translated from the Spanish, by Capt. John Ste- 
vens, folio; London, 1699. 

2 Marigny, Augier de: History of the Arabians, under th^ 
Government of the Caliphs, from Mahomet to the Deatb 


of Mostazem, the last Abassian Caliph ; translated from 
the French, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1758. 
2 Maries, M. de : Histoire G6n6rale de I'fnde, Aneienne et 
Moderne, depuis I'an 2,000 avant J. C. jusqu'a nos 
Jours; pr^c^d^e d'une Notice G^ographique, &c., 6 v. 
Svo; Paris, 1828. 
29 Marsden, William : History of Sumatra, containing an Ac- 
count of the Government, Laws, Customs, and Manners 
of the Native Inhabitants, with ^ Description of the 
Natural Productions, and a Relation of the Ancient 
Political State of that Island ; 3d edition, with Correc- 
tions, Additions, and Plates, 4to; London, 1811. 

31 Numismata Orientalia Illustrata: The 

Oriental Coins, Ancient and Modern, of his Collection, 
Described and Historically Illustrated, 2 v. 4to ; London, 
1823 and 1825. 

J5 Marshall, Henry : Military Miscellany ; comprehending a 
History of the Recruiting of the Army, Military Punish- 
ments, &c., &c., 8vo; London, 1846. 

16.2 Martens, Charles de": Causes C6l6bres du Droit des Gens, 
2 v. Svo; Leipzig, 1827. 

16.1 Martens, Geo. Fr6d. de: Recueil de Trait^s d'Alliance, de 
Paix, de Tr^ve, de Neutrality, de Commerce, de Limites, 
d'Echange, etc., et plusieurs autres Actes servant a la 
Connaissance des Relations Etrang^res de Puissances et 
Etats de I'Europe, tant dans leur rapport mutuel que 
dans celui en vers les Puissances et Etats dans d'autres 
parties du Globe, depuis 1761 jusqu'a 1819; Continue 
par M. le Baron Charles de Martens, et MM. Fr^d^ric 
Saalfeld et Fr6d6ric Murhard, depuis 1808 jusqu'a 1844, 
36 V. 8vo; Gottingue, 1817-'50. 

35 Martial, M. Val. : Epigrams, in twelve Books ; with a Com- 
mentary, by James Elphinston, 4to; London, 1782. 

29 Martin, John : Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, 
in the South Pacific Ocean ; with an original Grammar 
and Vocabulary of their Language ; Compiled and Ar- 
ranged from the extensive Communications of Mr. Wil- 
liam Mariner, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1817. 

29 Martin, R. Montgomery : History of Nova Scotia, Cape 
Breton, the Sable Islands, New Brunswick, Prince Ed- 
ward Island, the Bermudas, Newfoundland, &c., &c., 
16mo; London, 1837. 

29 Hudson's Bay Territories and 

Vancouver's Island, with an Exposition of the Char- 
tered Rights, Conduct, and Policy of the Hon. Hudson's 
Bay Corporation, 8vo ; London, 1849. 

15 Martin, T. : Guide to the Military Examination, containing 
everj^thing relating to the Interior Economy of a Com- 
pany, and How to Keep its Accounts, according to the 


late Horse Guard's Circular; the Constitution, Form, and 
Power of Courts-Martial, &c., 12mo; London, 1851. 

29 Martineau, Harriet : Eastern Life, Present and Past, Svo*, 
Philadelphia, 1848. 

3 — History of England during the Thirtj 

Years of Peace — 1816 to 1846, 2 v. imperial 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1849 and 1850. 

13 Martyn, Thomas : Language of Botany ; being a Dictionary 
of the Terms- made Use of in that Science, principally 
by Linnaeus; 3d edition, 8vo; London, 1807. 

24 Maryland. — Journal of the House of Delegates of the Stat^ 
of Maryland, 1852, 8vo ; Annapolis, 1852. 2 copied- 

24 Journal of the Senate of Maryland, 1852, 8vo ; 

Annapolis, 1852. 2 copies. {Present.) 

24 Documents published by the Legislature oi 

Maryland, 1852, 8vo; Annapolis, 1852. 2 copies. {Pre- 

24 Maseres, Francis : Account of the Proceedings of the British, 
and other Protestant Inhabitants, of the Province af 
Quebeck, in North America, in order to obtain an Act 
of Assembly in that Province ; with Additional Papers, 
2 V. 8vo; London, 1775-'6. 

17 Maskell, Rev. Wm. : Monumenta Ritualia EcclesisB Angli- 
canae ; or. Occasional Offices of the Church of England, 
according to the Ancient Use of Salisbury, the Prymer 
in English, and other Prayers and Forms ; with Disser- 
tations and Notes, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1846-47. 

29 Mason, R. H. : Pictures of Life in Mexico, 2 v. 16mo ; Lon- 
don, 1852. 
3 Mathews, Mrs. : Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Comedian, 
4 V. 8vo; London, 1838-'39. 

29 Matthews, John : Voyage to the River Sierra Leone, on the 
Coast of Africa ; containing an Account of the Trade 
and Productions of the Country, and of the Civil and 
Religious Customs and Manners of the People; during 
his Residence in that Country in the Years 1785-'6-'7 ; 
with an Additional Letter on the Subject of the African 
Slave Trade, 8vo; London, 1788. 

15 Maurice, P. E. : On National Defence in England ; trans- 
lated by Capt. J. E. Addison, 8vo; London, 1852. 
1 Maurice, Thomas : History of Hindostan ; its Arts, and its 
Sciences, as Connected with the History of the other 
Great Empires of Asia, during the most Ancient Periods 
of the World, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1795. 
2 Modern History of Hindostan ; compre- 
hending that of the Greek Empire of Bactria, and other 
Great Asiatic Kingdoms, bordering on its Western Fron- 
tiers; commencing at the Period of the Death of Alex- 


ander, and intended to be brought down to the Close of 
the 18th Century, 2 v. 4to; London, 1802-'3. 

2 Maurice, Thomas : Supplement to the Modern History of 
India; bringing that History down to the Year of our 
Lord 1788, when the Imperial Mogul Dynasty, by the 
Blinding and Dethronement of Shah Aulum, virtually 
became Extinct, 4to; London, 1810. 

1 Observations connected with Astronomy 

and Ancient History, Sacred and Profane, on the Ruins 
of Babylon, as recently Visited and Described by Clau- 
dius James Rich, 4to; London, 1816. — Also, Observa- 
tions on the Remains of Ancient Egyptian Grandeur 
and Superstition, as connected with those of Assyria, 
4to; London, 1818. 

31 Maury, Sarah Mytton : Ten Subjects from the Designs of 
the Carracci ; with Frontispiece, Title Page, and Vig- 
nettes, also from the Works of these Painters, gr. 4to ; 
Liverpool, 1843. 

29 Mavor, William : The British Tourist's, or TravelJ^r's Pocket 
Companion through England, Wales, Scotland and Ire- 
land, comprehending the most Celebrated Tours in the 
British Islands; 2d edition, 6 v. 12mo; London, 1800. 

29 Historical Account of the most Celebrated 

Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries, from the Time of 
Columbus to the Present Period, 20 v. 24mo ; London, 

2 Universal History, Ancient and Modern ; 

from the Earliest Records of Time, to the General Peace 
of 1801, 25 V. 18mo ; London, 1802. 

29 Mawe, John : Travels in the Interior of Brazil ; with No- 
tices on its Climate, Agriculture, Commerce, Population, 
&c., &c. ; and a Particular Account of the Gold and 
Diamond Districts; including a Voyage to the Rio de la 
Plata ; 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 1822. 

15 May, John : Observations on the Mode of Attack, and Em- 
ployment of the Heavy Artillery at Ciudad Rodrigo and 
Badajoz, in 1812, and St. Sebastian, in 1813; with a 
Discussion on the Superior Advantages derived from 
the Use of Iron instead of Brass Ordnance in such Ope- 
rations, 8vo; London, 1819. 

10 Mayo, Herbert : Managem§nt of the Organs of Digestion, 
in Health and in Disease; 2d edition, 12mo ; London, 

10 The Philosophy of Living; 2d edition, 

12mo; London, 1838. 

10 Mayo, Thomas: Elements of the Pathology of the Human 
Mind, 12mo; London, 1838. 

10 • Remarks on Insanity; Founded on the 

Practice of John Mayo, M. D. ; awd T^ndLm^ \.c> \!!^as.- 


trate the Physical Symptoms and Treatment of the 

Disease, fivo; London, 1817. 
2 Mazas, Alexander : Nouveau Cours d'Histoire de France, 

depuis les Temps les plus Recul^s de la Gaule, jusqu'au 

la Restauration de 1814, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1835-'36. 
10 Mead, Richard: Works; translated from the Latin, with 

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Author, by 

Thomas Stack, 7 v. 8vo; London, 1756. 
15 Mechanics' Magazine, 55 v, 8vo; London, 1823-1851. 
31 Medallic History of Napoleon : a Collection of all the 

Medals, Coins, and Jettons, Relating to his Actions and 

Reign, from the Year 1796 to 1815, royal 4to; London, 


10 Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, published by the Royal 
Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, (with Gene- 
ral Index to the first 33 vs.,) 36 v. 8vo ; London, 1809-52. 
16.2 Meisel,H.: Cours de Style Diplomatique, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1826. 
29 Melish, John : Geographical Description of the United States, 
with the Contiguous Countries, including Mexico and 
tlft West Indies, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1822. 
2 Memoirs of Henry the Great, and of the Court of France 
during his Reign, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1824. 

4 Memoir of Robert Troup Paine, by his Parents, 4to ; New- 

York, 1852. {Present.) 
2 M6moires du Cardinal de Retz, de Guy Joli, et de la Duch- 
esse de Nemours; contenant ce qui c'est Pass6 de Re- 
marquable en France pendant les premieres Annies du 
Regno de Louis XIV. ; nouvelle Edition, 6 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

5 M^moires et Correspondance de Duplessis-Mornay, pour 

servir k I'Histoire de la Reformation et des Guerres 
Civiles et Religieuses en France, sous les R^gnes de 
Charles IX., de Henri III., de Henri IV., et de Louis 
XIII., depuis I'An 1571 jusqu'en 1623; Edition complete, 
12 V. 8vo; Paris, 1824-25. 
2 M^moires sur le Consulat, 1799 k 1804, par un Ancien Con- 
seiller d'Etat, 8vo ; Paris, 1827. 

2 Memoirs of Jeanne D'Arc, Surnamed la Pucelle d'Orleans; 

with the History of her Times, p. 8vo; London, 1824. 

3 Memoirs of Sophia Dorothea, Consort of George I., chiefly 

from the Secret Archives of Hanover, Brunswick, Ber- 
lin, and Vienna ; incluaing a Diary of the Conversations 
of Illustrious Personages of those Courts, Illustrative of 
her History, with Letters and other Documents, 2 v. 
8vo ; London, 1845. 
3 Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan, (Daughter of the late Major 
MoncriefTe,) written by herself, and Dedicated to the 
British Nation ; being interspersed with Anecdotes of 
the late American and present French War, with Re- 
marks Moral and PoVvlicaV, l^rcio \ l^ow^ow, UQ4, 


2 Memoirs of the Baroness d'Oberkireh, Countess de Mont- 
brison ; written by herself, and edited by her Grandson, 
the Count de Montbrison, 3 v. p. 8vo ; London, 1852. 

2 Memoirs of the Duke de Ripperda ; first Embassador from the 
States-General to his most Catholic Majesty; then Duke 
and Grandee of Spain ; afterwards Bashaw and Prime 
Minister to Muly Abdalla, Emperor of Fez and Moroc- 
co, &c. ; 2d edition, corrected, with additions, 8vo ; 
London, 1740. 

2 Memoirs of the Empress Josephine, with Anecdotes of the 
Courts of Navarre and Malmaison ; 2d edition, 3 v. 12mo ; 
London, 1829. 

28 Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society, 18 v. 4to ; 

London, 1822-'50. 
2 Memoirs of the Secret Societies of the South of Italy, par- 
ticularly the Carbonari ; translated from the Original 
MS., 8vo; London, 1821. 

2 Men of the Time in 1852, or Sketches of Living Notables, 

16mo; London, 1852. 
43 Mendies, John : Abridgment of Johnson's Dictionary, Eng- 
lish and Bengali ; peculiarly calculated for the Use of 
European and Native Students; 2d edition, 2v. 8vo; 
Calcutta, 1851. 

29 Mendozza, Gio. Gonzalez di : Dell' Historia della China ; 

tradotta nell'Italiana, dal Magn. M. Francesco Auanzo, 
16mo ; Venetia, 1586. 

15 Metcalf, T. : Tabular View of Light Infantry Drill, accord- 
ing to a System of Light Drill, by Capt. T. H. Mitchell ; 
London. [In Map form.] 

29 Metcalf, C. J., Jun. ; The Ch^innel Islands; Historical Le- 
gendary Sketches, 8vo ; London, 1852. 

3 Meyrick, Samuel Rush : Critical Inquiry into Ancient Ar- 

mour as it Existed in Europe, but pa||;icularly in Eng- 
land, from the Norman Conquest to ine Reign of King 
Charles the 11., with a Glossary of Military Terms of the 
Middle Ages, 3 v. folio; London, 1824. 

Engraved Illustrations of Antient 

Arms and Armour, after the Drawings, and with the 
Descriptions of Dr. Meyrick, by Joseph Skelton, 2 v. 
folio; London, 1830. 

Mezeray, Fr. de : Abreg6 Chronologique de I'Histoire de 
France, 6 v. 24mo ; Amsterdam, 1696. 

Abrege Chronologique de I'Histoire de 

France ; nouvelle Edition, augment^e, 4 v. 4to; Amster- 
dam, 1740. 

Histoire de France avant Clovis ; I'Ori- 

gine des Francois, et leur Establissement dans les Gaules, 
I'Estat de la Religion, et la Conduite des Eglises dans les 
Gaules, jusqu'au Regne de Clovis, 24mo ; Amsterdam, 


1 Micali, Giuseppe : L'ltalia Avanti il Dominio dei Romani, 

4 V. 8vo ; Firenze, 1810. 

1 Anticbi Monumenti, per servire alFOpera 

intitolata l'ltalia Avanti il Dominio dei Romani, folio; 
Firenze, 1810. 

2 Michaud, L. G. : Vie Publique et Priv^e de Napoleon Bona- 

parte, 8vo; Paris, 1844. 
2 Michaud et Poujoulet, MM. : Nouvelle Collection des M6- 
moires pour servir a I'Histoire de France, depuis le 13® 
Si^cle jusqu'i la fin du 18® ; pr^c6d6s de Notices pour 
Caracteriser chaque Auteur des M6moires et son Epoque, 
32 V. gr. 8vo; Paris, 1836-39. 

13 Michaux, Andreas: Flora Boreali-Americana, 2 v. 8vo; 
Parisiis, 1803. 

13 Michaux, F. Andrew : North American Sylva ; or a Descrip- 
tion of the Forest Trees, of the United States, Canada 
and Nova Scotia ; Considered particularly with respect 
to their Use in the Arts, and their Introduction into Com- 
merce: to which is added, a Description of the most 
Useful of the European Forest Trees, 3 v. super-royal 
8vo ; Paris, 1819. 

13 Quercus, or Oaks ; from the French 

of Michaux, Histoire des Chines de I'Am^rique Septen- 
trional e ; with Notes and an Appendix, by Walter Wade, 
royal 8vo ; Dublin, 1809. 
2 Michelet, M. : History of France ; translated by Walter K. 
Kelly, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1844-46. 

38 Middleton, Thomas : Works ; now first Collected, with some 
Account of the Author, and Notes, by the Rev. Alexan- 
der Dyce, 5 V. 12mo.; "London, 1840. 
2 Mieroslawski, Louis : Histoire de la Revolution de Pologne, 

3 V. 8vo; Paris, 1838. 
2 Mignet, A.|j^. : Antonio Perez and Philip II.; translated, 
with the Approbation of the Author, by C. Cocks, 12mo; 
London, 1846. 

2 History of the French Revolution, from 

1789 to 1814; revised and corrected from the London 
edition, 8vo; New- York, 1827. 

Histoire de la Revolution Frangaise, depuis 

1788 jusqu'en 1814; cinqui^me Edition, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 

7 Milburn, M. M.: The Cow; Dairy Husbandry, and Cattle 
Breeding, 12mo; London. 

3 Military History of the Duke of Wellington in India, sq. 
16mo; London j 1852. 

2 Miller, George: History, Philosophically Illustrated, from 
the Fall of the Roman Empire, to the French Revolu- 
tion, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1832. 
13 Miller, Philip : Figures of the most Beautiful, Useful, and 
Uncommon Plants Described in the Gardener's Diction- 
ary, exhibited on 300 coppei-^\a\e^,«u^^\3L\^V^^ ^w^^Nf^n 


after Drawings taken from Nature, 2 v. folio ; London, 

7 Miller, Philip: Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary ; con- 
taining the best and newest Methods of Cultivating and 
Innproving the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower Garden, and 
Nursery ; of performing the Practical Parts of Agricul- 
ture ; of Managing Vineyards, and of Propagating all 
Sorts of Timber Trees ; the whole corrected, and newly 
Arranged, &c., by Thomas Martyn, 2 v. in 4, folio ; Lon- 
don, 1807. 

29 Millet de Saint- Adolphe, J. C. R.: Diccionario Geographico, 
Historico e Descriptivo, do Imperio do Brazil ; e trasla- 
dada em Portuguez do Manuscripto inedito Francez, 
pelo Dr. Caetano Lopes de Moura; publicada pelas 
diligencias e debaixo da direc^ao litteraria, de J. P. Ail- 
laud, 2 V. 8vo; Pariz, 1845. 

10 Millingen, J. G. : Aphorisms on the Treatment and Manage- 
ment of the Insane ; with Considerations on Public and 
Private Lunatic Asylums, pointing out the Errors in the 
Present System, 24mo ; London, 1840. 

10 Curiosities of Medical Experience, 2 v. 8vo ; 

London, 1837. 

2 History of Duelling; including Narratives 

of the most Remarkable Personal Encounters that have 
taken place from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 
2 v. 8vo; London, 1841. 
2 Millot, C. F. X. : E16mens de I'Histoire de France ; enrichis 
des Recherches de l'Abb6 Dubos, de I'Abb^ Mably et de 
Thouret, sur I'Origine des divers Peuples Conqu6rans des 
Gaules, repris et continues depuis le commencement du 
Regne de Louis XV. jusqu'au P' Janvier 1823, par M. 
Buret de Longchamps; 12* Edition, 24mo; Paris, 1823. 

2 Elements of General History, Ancient and 

Modern; with the Continuation, from J 760 to the Year 
1815, by M. Professor Millon, of Paris; a new edition, 
6 V. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1823. 

2 Mills, Charles: History of Chivalry; or, Knighthood and 
its Times, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1844. 

29 Travelsof Theodore Ducas, in various Coun- 
tries in Europe, at the Revival of Letters and Art, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1822. 

29 Milner, Thomas : Descriptive Atlas of Astronomy and of 
Physical and Political Geography; with Descriptive 
Letter-press ; the Maps, of Physical and Political Geo- 
graphy, constructed or revised by Augustus Petermann, 
4to; London, 1850. 

33 Milton, John : Poetical Works ; with a Life of the Author, 
by William Haley, 3 v. imperial 4to; London, 1794-'97. 

31 Mionnet, T. E. : Description des M6dailles Antiques, Greca 
et Romaines ; a vac ieur Degr6 de^ai^Xfe ^\.\^\xt YiS^^xaa.- 


tion ; avec Supplement, et Planches, 16 v. 8vo; Paris, 

1 806-'37. 

31 Mionnet, T. E. : Atlas de G6ographie Numismatique, pour 
servir a la Description des Medailles Antiques, gr. 4to; 
Paris, 1838. 

31 De la Rarete et du Prix des M6dailles Ro- 

maines, ou Recucil contenant les Types Rares et Inddits 
des Medailles d'Or, d' Argent, et de Bronze, 3® edition, 

2 V. 8vo; Paris, 1847. 

31 Poids des M6dailles Grecques, d'Or et d' Ar- 
gent, du Cabinet Royal de France, d6sign6es par le Nu- 
m6ro d'Ordre de la "Description des Medailles Antiques 
Grecques et Romaines," &c., 8vo; Paris, 1839. 

2 Minana, J. Manuel : Continuacion de la Historia General 
de Espafia del P. Juan de Mariana, escrita en Latin, y 
traducida al Castellano por Don Vicente Romero, 4 v. 
p. 4to; Valencia, 1836-41. 

2 Mins, Peter: Narrative of the Naval Part of the Expedi- 
tion to Portugal, under the Orders of his Imperial Ma- 
jesty, Dom Pedro, Duke of Braganza, 12mo ; London, 1833 

2 Mirabeau, M. le Compte de : Atlas de la Monarchic Prus- 
sienne, folio ; Londres, 1788. 

2 — Histoire S6crete de la Cour 

de Berlin, ou Correspondance d'un Voyageur FranQois, 
depuis le Mois de Juillet 1786 jusqu'au 19 Janvier, 1787; 
Ouvrage Posthume; 2 v. 8vo; Londres, 1789. 

Secret History of the Court 

of Berlin ; or, the Character of the present King of 
Prussia, his Ministers, Mistresses, Generals, Courtiers, 
Favourites, and the Royal Family of Prussia; in a 
Series of Letters, translated from the French, 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1789. 

M6moires Biographiques, Lit- 

teraires et Politiques de Mirabeau, Merits par lui-m^me, 
par son P^re, son Oncle, et son Fils adoptif, 8 v. 8vo ; 
Paris, 1834-'35. 

Memoirs, Biographical, Lite- 

rary, and Political, by Himself, his Father, his Uncle, 
and his adopted Child, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1835-36. 

44 _ (Euvres, 8 V. 8vo ; Paris, 1821. 

2 Miraflores, Marques de : Memorias para Escriber la Historia 
Contempordnea de los Siete Primeros Anos del Reinado 
de Isabel II., 2 v. gr. 8vo; Madrid, 1843-'44. 
44 Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction ; contain- 
ing Original Essays, Historical Narratives, Biographical 
Memoirs, Manners and Customs, Topographical Descrip- 
tions, Sketches and Tales, Anecdotes, &c., 62:0., 40 v. 
8vo; London, 1823-42. 
16.2 Miruss, Alexander: Diplomatisches Archiv fiir die Deut- 
schen Bundesstaaten, 3 v. in 5, 8vo; Leipzig, 1846-.'48. 


44 Missionary Herald, containing the Proceedings of the Ame- 
rican Bfptrd of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 
with a View of other Benevolent Operations, for the 
Years 1823 to 1852, 30 v. 8vo; Boston, 1823-52. {Pres- 

29 Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, perform- 
ed in the Years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the Ship Duff, com- 
manded by Captain James Wilson, 4to ; London, 1799. 

29 Mitchell, Donald : Fresh Gleanings; or, a New Sheaf from 
the Old Fields of Continental Europe, 12mo; New- 
YcJrk, 1851. 

15 Mitchell, T. H. : System of Light Drill ; or. Questions and 
Answers on the Rudiments of Skirmishing ; also, a Sys- 
tem of Company Light Drill, &c. ; 7th edition, 12mo; 
London, 1851. 

29 Mitchell, T. L. : Three Expeditions into the Interior of 
Eastern Australia; with Descriptions of the recently 
Explored Region of Australia Felix, and of the Present 
Colony of New South Wales, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1838. 
2 Modern Part of an Universal History, from the Earliest 
Account of Time ; compiled from Original Writers, by 
the Authors of the Ancient Part, 44 v. 8vo ; London, 

29 Maps and Charts to the Modern Part of an Univer- 
sal History, folio ; London, 1766. 

38 Moli^re, J. B. P. : Works, (French and English,) 10 v. 18mo ; 
London, 1748. 

29 Molina, Juan Ignacio: Compendio de la Historia Geogra- 
fica. Natural y Civil, del Reyno de Chile ; traducida en 
Espanol, por Don Domingo Joseph de Arquellada Men- 
doza, y Don Nicolas de la Cruz y Bahamonde, 2 v. p. 4to ; 
Madrid, 1788 y 1795. 

17 Molyneux, Rev. Cappl : Israel's Future ; Lectures delivered 
in the Lock Chapel, in Lent, 1852, p. 8vo ; London, 1853. 

29 Monconys, Balthasar de : Journal des Voyages ; ou les Sga- 
vants trouveront un nombre infini de Nouveautez, en 
Machines de Mathematique, Experiences Physiques, 
Raisonnemens de la belle Philosophic, Curiositez de 
Chymie, et Conversations des Illustres de ce Si^cle, &c.; 
public par le Sieur de Liergues, 3 v. 4to; Lyon, 1665-6. 
3 Monk, James Henry : Life of Richard Bentley, D. D., Mas- 
ter of Trinity College, &c. : with an Account of his 
Writings, and Anecdotes of many Distinguished Cha- 
racters during the Period in which he Flourished ; 2d 
edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1833. 
2 Monstrelet, Enguerrand de: Chronicles; containing an Ac- 
count of the Cruel Civil Wars between the Houses of 
Orleans and Burgundy ; of the Possession of Paris and 
Normandy by the English; their Expulsion thence; and 
of other Memorable Events that Happened in the King- 


dom of France, as well as in other Countries ; a History 
of Fair Example, and of Great Pfpfit to the French, 
beginning at the Year 1400, where that of Sir John 
Froissart finishes, and ending at the Year 1467, and 
continued b}^ others to the Year 1516; translated by 
Thomas Johnes, 13 v. 8vo; London, 1810. 
3 Monstrelet, Enguerrand de : Plates to the Chronicles, &c., 
4to ; London, 1810, 

29 Montague, Edward P.: Narrative of the late Expedition to 
the Dead Sea; from a Diary by One of the Party, 12mo; 
Philadelphia, 1849. • 

2 Montbel, M. de: Le Due de Reichstadt, 8vo ; Paris, 1836. 

24 Montesquieu, C. de Secondat : CEuvres ; avec les Notes de 
tous les Commentateurs ; Edition publide par L. Parrelle, 
8 V. 8vo; Paris, 1826. 

44 Monthly Magazine, or British Register, from 1796 to 1825, 
60 V. 8vo; London, 1796-1825. 

2 Monumens des Victoires et Conquetes des Francais ; recueil 

de tous les Objets d'Arts, Arcs de Triomphe, Colonnes, 
Bas-Reliefs, Routes, Canaux, Tableaux, Statues, M6- 
dailles, Consacr^s k C^lebrer les Victoires des Fran§ais 
de 1792 k 1815, ob. folio; Paris, 1822. 

3 Monumenta Historica Britannica ; or, Materials for the 

History of Britain, from the Earliest Period ; prepared 
and illustrated with Notes by the late Henry Petrie, as- 
sisted by the Rev. John Sharpe ; published by command 
of Her Majesty, V. 1, folio; London, 1848. 

2 Moor, Edward: Account of the Measures Adopted for Sup- 
pressing the Practice of the Systematic Murder by their 
Parents of Female Infants ; with Incidental Remarks on 
other Customs Peculiar to the Natives of India, 4to ; 
London, 1811. 

3 Narrative of the Operations of Captain 

Little's Detachment, and of the Mahratta Army, Com- 
manded by Purseram Bhow ; during the late Confede- 
racy in India, against the Nawab Tippoo Sultan Baha- 
dur, 4to ; London, 1794. 

2 Moore, George : Lives of Cardinal Alberoni, and the Duke 
of Ripperda, Ministers of Philip V., King of Spain, 2 v. 
in 1, 8vo; London, 1806. 

10 The Use of the Body in Relation to the 

Mind, 12mo; London, 1846. 

2 Moore, James : Narrative of the Campaign of the British 
Army in Spain, Commanded by his Excellency Lieut.- 
General Sir John Moore, 4to; London, 1809. 

2 Moore, John : Journal of a Residence in France, in 1792, 
2 V. 12mo; Philadelphia, 1794. 
44 Works ; with Memoirs of his Life and Wri- 
tings, by Robert Anderson, 7 v. 8vo; London, 1820. 


of Mostazem, the last Abassian Caliph ; translated from 
the French, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1758. 
2 Marias, M. de : Histoire G6n6rale de I'fnde, Ancienne et 
Moderne, depuis Tan 2,000 avant J. C. jusqu'a nos 
Jours; pr6c6d6e d'une Notice G6ographique, &c., 6 v. 
Svo; Paris, 1828. 
29 Marsden, William : History of Sumatra, containing an Ac- 
count of the Government, Laws, Customs, and Manners 
of the Native Inhabitants, with a Description of the 
Natural Productions, and a Relation of the Ancient 
Political State of that Island ; 3d edition, with Correc- 
tions, Additions, and Plates, 4to ; London, 181 L 

31 Numismata Orientalia Illustrata: The 

Oriental Coins, Ancient and Modern, of his Collection, 
Described and Historically Illustrated, 2 v. 4to ; London, 
1823 and 1825. 
15 Marshall, Henry : Military Miscellany ; comprehending a 
History of the Recruiting of the Army, Military Punish- 
ments, &c., &c., 8vo ; London, 1846. 

16.2 Martens, Charles de": Causes C616bres du Droit des Gens, 
2 V. 8vo ; Leipzig, 1827. 

^6.1 Martens, Geo. Fr6d. de : Recueil de Trait^s d' Alliance, de 
Paix, de Tr^ve, de Neutrality, de Commerce, de Limites, 
d'Echange, etc., et plusieurs autres Actes servant a la 
Connaissance des Relations Etrang^res de Puissances et 
Etats de I'Europe, tant dans leur rapport mutuel que 
dans celui en vers les Puissances et Etats dans d'autres 
parties du Globe, depuis 1761 jusqu'a 1819; Continue 
par M. le Baron Charles de Martens, et MM. Fr^d^ric 
Saalfeld et Fr^d^ric Murhard, depuis 1808 jusqu'a 1844, 
36 V. 8vo ; Gottingue, 1817-'50. 

35 Martial, M. Val. : Epigrams, in twelve Books ; with a Com- 
mentary, by James Elphinston, 4to; London, 1782. 

29 Martin, John : Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, 
in the South Pacific Ocean ; with an original Grammar 
and Vocabulary of their Language ; Compiled and Ar- 
ranged from the extensive Communications of Mr. Wil- 
liam Mariner, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1817. 

29 Martin, R. Montgomery : History of Nova Scotia, Cape 
Breton, the Sable Islands, New Brunswick, Prince Ed- 
ward Island, the Bermudas, Newfoundland, &c., &c., 
16mo; London, 1837. 

29 Hudson's Bay Territories and 

Vancouver's Island, with an Exposition of the Char- 
tered Rights, Conduct, and Policy of the Hon. Hudson's 
Bay Corporation, 8vo ; London, 1849. 

15 Martin, T. : Guide to the Military Examination, containing 
everything relating to the Interior Economy of a Com- 
pany, and How to Keep its Accounts, according to the 


13 Morison, Robert: Plantarum Histofias Universalis Oxonien- 
sis, 2 V. folio ; Oxonii, 1715. 

10 Morley, John : Essay on the Nature and Cure of Scrofulous 
Disorders, vulgarly called the King's Evil, deduced from 
Observation and Practice; 7th edition, 12mo; London, 
2 Moron, Fermin Gonzalo : Curso de Historia de la Civiliza- 
cion de Espana, lecciones pronunciadas en el Liceo de 
Valencia y • el Ateneo de Madrid en los cursos de 1840 
y 1841, 6 V. Tn 3, 12mo; Madrid, 1841-'46. 

29 Mortimer, George : Observations and Remarks made during 
a Voyage to the Islands of Teneriffe, Amsterdam, Maria's 
Islands, near Van Dieman's Land, Otaheite, Sandwich 
Islands, Owbyhee, the Fox Islands on the N. W. Coast 
of America, Tinian, and from thence to Canton, in the 
Brig Mercury, Commanded by John Henry Cox, 4to: 
London, 1791. 

10 Morton, Samuel George : Illustrations of Pulmonary Con- 
sumption, its Anatomical Characters, Causes, Symptoms, 
and Treatment, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1834. 

10 Morton, William T. G. : Statements, Supported by Evidence, 
on his Claim to the Discovery of the Anaesthetic Pro- 
perties of Ether, submitted to the Honorable the Select 
Committee appointed by the Senate of the United States, 
January 21st, 1853, 8vo ; Washington, 1853. (Present.) 

29 Mott, Valentine: Travels in Europe and the East, from 
1834 to 1841, 8vo; New- York, 1842. 
2 Motteville, Madame de: Memoirs for the History of Anne 
of Austria, Wife to Lewis Xlll. pf France ; and Regent 
of that Kingdom, from his Death to the Accession of her 
Son, Lewis XIV. ; translated from the original French, 
5 V. 24mo; London, 1725-6. 
2 Mottley, John: History of the Life of Peter I., Emperor of 

Russia, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1739. 
2 Mouradja D'Ohsson, Ignace: Tableau G6n6ral de I'Empire 
Othoman, 2 v. imp6rial folio; Paris, 1787 et 1790. 

12 Mudie, Robert: Feathered Tribes of the British Islands; 

3d edition, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1841. 
2 Muhammed Baber. — Memoirs of Zehir-Ed-Eddin Muham- 
med Baber, Emperor of Hindustan, written by himself 
in the Jaghatai Turki, and translated by Dr. Leyden and 
W. Erskine, Esq., 4to ; London, 1826. 
1 Miiller, C. O. : Introduction to a Scientific System of My- 
thology ; translated from the German, by John Leitch, 
8vo; London, 1844. 

29 Muller, S. : Voyages from Asia to America, for completing 
the Discoveries of the North West Coast of America ; 
to which is prefixed, a Summary of the Voyages made 
by the Russians on the Frozen Sea, in Search of a North 


East Passage ; translated from the High Dutch, by 
Thomas Jefferys ; 2d edition, 4to ; London, 1764. 
29 Mundy, Capt. Rodney: Narrative of Events in Borneo and 
Celebes, down to the Occupation of Labuan ; from the 
Journals of James Brooke ; together with a Narrative 
of the Operations of H. M. S. Iris, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 
2 Muratori, Lodovico Antonio : Annali d'ltalia, dal Principio, 
deir era Volgare sino all' Anno 1750, colle Prefazioni 
Critiche di Giu. Catalani, 12 v. 8vo ; Roma, 1752-54. 

2 — Annali d'ltalia, dall' Anno di 

Christo 1750 fino all' Anno 1771; per servire di Continu- 
azione a quei del proposto L. A. Muratori, 8vo ; Livorno, 

•Antiquitatesltalicae Medii iEvi, 

post Declinationem Romani Imperii ad Ann. 1500, 6 v. 
folio; Mediolani, 1738-1742. 

Dissertazioni sopra le Anti- 

chit^ Italiane ; opera postuma data in luce dal proposto 
Gian Francesco Soli Muratori suo Nipote; seconda 
edizione, 3 v. 8vo; Roma, 1755. 

Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, 

ab Anno aerae Christianae 500 ad 1500, 25 v. in 28, folio ; 
Mediolani, 1723-1751. 

Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, 

ab Anno aerae Christianae 1000 ad 1600, 2 v. folio; Flo- 
rentiae, 1748-'70. 

6 Murchison, Roderick Impey: The Silurian System, Founded 
on Geological Researches in the Counties of Salop, Here- 
ford, Radnor, Montgomery, Caermarthen, Brecon, Pem- 
broke, Monmouth, Gloucester, Worcester, and Stafford ; 
with Descriptions of the Coal-Fields and Overlaying 
Formations, and Map, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1839. 

6 Murchison, De Verneuil, and Count Von Keyserling : The 
Geology of Russia in Europe and the Ural Mountains, 
2 V. 4to ; London, and Paris, 1845. 

2 Murphy, J. Cavanah: History of the Mahometan Empire in 
Spain, royal 4to; London, 1816. 

2 MuiTay, Alexander : Doings in China ; being the Personal 
Narrative of an Officer engaged in the Late Chinese 
Expedition, from the Recapture of Chusan in 1841, to the 
Peace of Nankin in 1842, 12mo; London, 1843. 
17 Murray, John : The Truth of Revelation, Demonstrated by 
an Appeal to Existing Monuments, Sculptures, Gems, 
Coins, and Medals; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1840. 
34 Musaeus, J. C. A. : Volksmahrcheii der Deutschen : Prach- 
tausgabe in einim bande ; herausgegeben von J. L. 
Klee, super-royal 8vo; Leipzig, 1845. 

5 Muscatt, Edward: The History of Church. La^^ \w "Eiw^- 
land, from A. D. 662, to A. D. 1850, 8vo\ IiOwSloxl.V^'^^ 


31 Museum of Painting and Sculpture ; or, Collection of the 
Principal Pictures, Statues, and Bas-Reliefs in the Public 
and Private Galleries of Europe ; Drawn and Etched by 
R^veil ; with Descriptive, Critical, and Historical No- 
tices, by Duchesne, Sen., (French and English,) 17 v. 
12mo ; London and Paris, 1829-33. 

3 Musgrove, Richard : Memoirs of the different Rebellions in 
Ireland, from the Arrival of the English : also, a par- 
ticular Detail of that which broke Out the 23d of May, 
1798; with the History of the Conspiracy which pre- 
ceded it ; 3d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; Dublin, 1802. 

2 Napier, Charles : Account of the War in Portugal between 
Don Pedro and Don Miguel, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1836. 

2 The War in Syria, 2 v. 12mo; London, 


2 Napier, Henry Edward : Florentine History, from the Ear- 

liest Authentic Records to the Accession of Ferdinand 
the Third, Grand Duke of Tuscany, 6 v. p. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1846 and 1847. 

3 Napier, Mark : Montrose and the Covenanters ; their Char- 

acters and Conduct, Illustrated from Private Letters and 
other Original Documents hitherto Unpublished, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1838. 

17 Napleton, John : Advice to a Student in the University, con- 
cerning the Qualifications and Duties of a Minister of 
the Gospel in the Church of England, 8vo ; Oxford, 1795. 
2 Napoleon et ses Contemporains ; Galerie de Tableaux, repr^- 
sentant des Traits d'H6roisme, de Cl^mence, de Grandeur, 
de Courage et de Bont^ ; avec un texte ; public par Au- 
guste de Chambure, gr. 8vo; Bruxelles, 1838. 

26 Narrien, John : Analytical Geometry; with the Properties 
of Conic Sections, and an Appendix; constituting a 
Tract on Descriptive Geometry, 8vo; London, 1846. 

26 Elements of Geometry; consisting of the 

Four First, and the Sixth, Books of Euclid, chiefly 
from the Text of Dr. Robert Simson ; with the Prin- 
cipal Theorems in Proportion, and a Course of Prac- 
tical Geometry on the Ground, &c. ; 3d edition, 8vo ; 
London, 1850. 

26 Practical Astronomy and Geodesy ; includ- 
ing the Projections of the Sphere and Spherical Trigo- 
nometry, 8vo ; London, 1845. 

29 Narrative of a Four Years' Residence at Tongataboo, one of 

the Friendly Islands, in the South Sea, 8vo ; London, 1810. 

30 Nash, Joseph: The Mansions of England in the Olden 

Time, (4 Series,) imperial folio; London, 1839. 
9 Nasmyth, Alexander: Report of a Paper on the Cellular 
Structure of the Ivory, Enamel, and Pulp of the Teeth, 
as well as to the Epithelium, and some other Interestiiig 
Points of Odontology, 8vo •, Loivdoii, 1839. 


44 National Cyclopaedia of Useful Knowledge, 12 v. in 6, 8vo ; 
London, 1847-'50. 

10 Nature the Best Physician ; or. Every Man his Own Doc- 
tor, by a Lover of Mankind, 12mo; Lo!idon. 
2 Naylor, Francis Hare : History of the Helvetic Republic ; 
2d edition, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1809. 

10 Neale, Adam: Researches to Establish the Truth of the 
Linnaean Doctrine of Animate Contagions; wherein 
the Origin, Causes,* Mode, Diffusion, and Cure of Epi- 
demic Diseases, Spasmodic Cholera, Dysentery, Plague, 
Small Pox, Hooping Cough, Leprosy, &c., &c., are Illus- 
trated by Facts from the Natural History of Mankind, 
of Animals, and of Vegetables, and from the Phenomena 
of the Atmosphere, 8vo; London, 1831. 
2 Necker, M. : De la Revolution Frangaise, 4 v. 8vo ; Paris, 
1 796. 

10 Needham, J. P. : Facts and Observations relative to the Dis- 
ease commonly called Cholera, as it has recently Pre- 
vailed in the City of York, 8vo ; London, 1833. 

24 New Brunswick, (British Province) : Journal of the Legis- 
lative Council of the Province of New Brunswick, from 
the first Session of the First General Assembly, in the 
Year 1786, to the fourth Session of the Fourteenth Gene- 
ral Assembly, in the Year 1850, 7 v. 4to; Fredericton, 
1831-1850. (Exchange,) 

24 — ^ Population and other Statistics of the Pro- 
vince of New Brunswick, for the Year 1851, imperial 
• ;8vo ; Fredericton, 1852. (Exchange.) 

24 — r^ ^ Reports on the Sea and River Fisheries 

of New Brunswick, by M. H. Perley ; 2d edition, 8vo; 
Fredericton, 1852. (Exchange,) 

24 Report on the Agricultural Capabilities of 

the Province of New Brunswick, by J. F. W. Johnston, 
8vo; Fredericton, 1850. (Exchange.) 

24 Journal of the New Brunswick Society for 

the Encouragement of Agriculture, Home Manufactures 
and Commerce, throughout the Province, 8vo ; Frederic- 
ton, 1850. (Exchange,) 

29 New General Atlas, Exhibiting the Five Great Divisions of 
the Globe, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Ocean- 
ica, with their several Empires, Kingdoms, States, &c. ; 
drawn and engraved particularly to Illustrate the Uni- 
versal Geography by M. Malte-Brun, 4to ; Philadelphia, 

10 Neville, William B. : On Insanity; its Nature, Causes, and 
Cure, 8vo; London, 1837. 

28 New Tables for Facilitating the Computation of Precession, 
Aberration, and Nutation of 2881 Principal Fixed Stars ; 
together with a Catalogue of the same Reduced to 
January 1, 1830; to which is prefixed, an Introduction 


Explanatory of their Construction and Application, by 

Francis Baily, 4to ; London, 1827. 
15 New- York. — Sixty-Sixth Annual Report of the Regents of 

the Uiiversity of the State of New-York, 8vo ; Albany, 

1853. {Present.) 
24 Journals and Documents of the Senate and 

Assembly of the State of New- York, for 1862, 12 v. 8vo; 

Albany, 1862. (Present.) 

1 Newman, Francis W. : RegaJ Rome ; an Introduction to 

Roman History, p. 8vo ; London, 1852. 
10 Newnham, W. : Human Magnetism ; its Claims to Dispas- 
sionate Inquiry ; being an Attempt to Show the Utility 
of its Application for the Relief of Human Suffering, 
12mo; London, 1845. 

2 Ney. — Memoirs of Marshal Ney ; published by his Family ; 

Illustrated with Portrait, Maps, and Plans, 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1833. 

3 Nichols, John : Biographical Anecdotes of William Hogarth; 

with a Catalogue of his Works, Chronologically Ar- 
ranged; and Occasional Remarks, 8vo ; London 1782. 
42 " Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Centu- 
ry ; comprising Memoirs of William Bowyer, and many 
of his Learned Friends, &c. ; and Biographical Anec- 
dotes of a Number of Eminent Writers and Ingenious 
Artists, 6 V. 8vo ; London, 1812-15. 

42 Illustrations of the Literary History of the 

Eighteenth Century, &c. ; and intended as a Sequel to 
the Literary Anecdotes, 7 v. 8vo; London, 1817-'48. 

3 Recollections and Reflections, Personal and 

Political, as Connected with Public Aflairs, during the 
Reign of George III. ; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1822. 
29 Nicholas, John Liddiard : Narrative of a Voyage to New 
Zealand, performed in the Years 1814 and 1815, in Com- 
pany with the Rev. Samuel Marsden, 2 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1817. 

3 Nicolas, Nicholas Harris : History of the Order of Knight- 
hood of the British Empire ; of the Orde|;of the Guelphs 
of Hanover ; and of the Medals, Clasps, and Crosses, 
Conferred for Naval and Militafy Services, 4 v. imp. 4to ; 
London, 1842. 

3 Nicolas, Sir Harris : History of the Battle of Agincourt, 
and of the Expedition of Henry the Fifth into France, in 
1415 ; to which is added, the Roll of the Men at Arms, 
in the English Army; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1832. 

2 Nicolini, G. B. : History of the Pontificate of Pius the Ninth ; 
including a Narrative of the Political Movements in 
Italy during the last Five Years, 16mo; Edinburgh, 

2 Niebuhr. — Life and Letters of Barthold George Niebuhr; 
with Essays on his Character and Influence, by the 


Chevalier Bunsen, and Professors Brandis and Loebell, 
3 V. 8vo; London, 1852. 
16.2 Nigon de Berty, L. : Histoire Abr^g^e de la Liberte Indi- 
viduelle, chez les principaux Peuples Anciens at Mod- 
ernes, 8 vo; Paris, 1834. 
29 Noah, Mordecai M. : Travels in England, France, Spain, 
and the Barbary States, in the Years 1813-14, and '15, 
8vo; New- York, 1819. 

3 North, Roger : The Lives of the Right Hon. Francis North, 
Baron Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, under 
King Charles II. and King James II. ; the Hon. Sir 
Dudley North, Commissioner of the Customs, and after- 
wards of the Treasury, to King Charles II. ; and the 
Hon. and Rev. Dr. John Ifbrth, Master of Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge, and Clerk of the Closet to King Charles 
II. ; a new edition, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1826. 

2 Northcote, James : Life of Titian ; with Anecdotes of the 
Distinguished Persons of his Time, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 

3 Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, late 

President of the Royal Academy, comprising Original 
Anecdotes of many Distinguished Persons, his Contem- 
poraries; and a brief Analysis of his Discourses; to 
which are added, Varieties on Art, 8vo; Philadelphia, 
S8 Norie, J. W. : Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation ; 
containing all necessary Instruction for Keeping a Ship's 
Reckoning at Sea ; 1 5th edition, considerably augmented 
and improved, by George Coleman, 8vo; London, 1852. 
^9 Norman, B. M. : Rambles in Yucatan ; or. Notes of Travel 
through the Peninsula, including a Visit to the Remark- 
able Ruins of Chi-Chen, Kabah, Zayi, and Uxmal ; 3d 
edition, 8vo; New- York, 1843. 

2 Norvins, M. de: Histoire de Napoleon; 2P Edition, illus- 
trde par Raffet, p. folio; Paris, 1852. 
42 Notes and Queries : a Medium of Inter-Communication for 
Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, &c., 
7 V. in 5, p. 4to ; London, 1850-53. 
29 Notes on Cuba, containing an Account of its Discovery and 
Early History ; a Description of the Face of the Coun- 
try, its Population, Resources, and Wealth ; its Institu- 
tions, and the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants, 
&c., by a Physician, 12mo ; Boston, 1844. 
16.2 Nouveau Traits de Diplomatique, ou Ton Examine les Fon- 
demens de cet Art : on Etablit des Regies sur le Dis- 
cernement des Titres, et Ton Expose Historiquement les 
Caracteres dea Bulles Pontificales et des Diplomes donnas 
en chaque Si^cle ; par deux Religieux Benedictines de 
la Congregation de S. Maur, 6 v. 4 to ; Paris, 1750- 65, 
34 Novelist's Magazine, 22 v. 8vo -, Loudow, \n^\-'^n. 


1 Nuttall, P. Austin : Classical and Archaeological Dictionary 

of the Manners, Customs, Laws, Institutions, Arts, &c., 
of the celebrated Nations of Antiquity, and of the Mid- 
dle Ages; to which is prefixed, a Synoptical and Chro- 
nological View of Ancient History, 8vo; London, 1840. 
29 Nuttall, Thomas: Journal of Travels into the Arkansas 
Territory, during the Year 1819; with Occasional Ob- 
servations on the Manners of the Aborigines, 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1821. 

6 Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteorological 
Observatory at Hobarton, in Van Diemen Island, and 
by the Antarctic Naval Expedition ; printed by order of 
her Majesty's Government, under the Superintendence 
of Lieut. Col. Edward Sabine, from 1841 to 1845, 2 v. 
4to ; London, 1850-'52. 

6 Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteorological 
Observatory at Toronto, in Canada ; printed by order of 
her Majesty's Government, under the Superintendence 
of Lieut, Col. Edward Sabine, 1840-41-'42, v. 1, 4to; 
London, 1845. 

6 Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteorological 
Observatory at the Qape of Good Hope ; printed by order 
of her Majesty's Government, under the Superintendence 
of Lieut. Col. Edward Sabine, 1841-46, v. 1, 4to; Lon- 
don, 1851. 
1 6.2 Observations sur quelques passages du Manuel Diplomatique 
de M. le Baron Charles de Martens, 8vo; Paris, 1825. 

2 Ockley, Simon : History of the Saracens ; containing the 

Lives of Abubeker, Omar, Othman, Ali, Hasan, Moa- 
wiyah I., Yezid L, Moawiyah II., Abdolla, Merwan I., 
and Abdolmelick, the immediate Successors of Mahomet ; 
giving an Account of their most Remarkable Battles, 
Sieges, &c.; 3d edition, 8vo; Cambridge, 1757. 

3 O'Connor, : Chronicles of Eri ; being the History of 

the Gaal Sciot Iber; or, the Irish People; translated 
from the Original Manuscripts in the Phaenician Dialect 
of the Scythian Language, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1822. 

2 Official Bulletins of the Battle of Waterloo, in the Original 

Languages, with translations into English; edited by 
John Palfrey Burrell, 8vo; London, 1849. 

29 Ogden, John C. : Excursions into Bethlehem and Nazareth, 
in Pennsylvania, in the Year 1799; with a Succinct 
History of the Society of United Brethren, commonly 
called Moravians, 18mo; Philadelphia, 1800. 

15 Okounef, N. : M^moires sur les Principes de la Strategic, et 
sur ses Rapports Intimes avec le Terrain ; 2 « edition, 
8vo; Paris, 1851. 

3 Oldmixon, John : History of England, during the Reigns of 

Henry VIIL, Edward VI., Queen Mary, and Queen 
Elizabeth, folio ; London, 1739. 


3 Oldmixon, John : History of England, daring the Reigns of 
the Royal House of Stuart, folio ; London, 1730. 

3 History of England, during the Reigns of 

King William and Queen Mary, Queen Anne, and King 
George I., being the Sequel of the Reigns of the Stuarts, 
folio; London, 1735. 
29 Olmsted, F. Allyn : Incidents of a Whaling Voyage ; to 
which are added. Observations on the Scenery, Manners, 
and Customs, and Missionary Stations of the Sandwich 
and Society Islands, I2mo; New- York, 1841. 

2 O'Meary, Barry E. : Napoleon in Exile ; or, a Voice from 

St. Helena; the Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon on 

the most important Events of his Life and Government, 

in his own Words ; 4th edition, 2 v. 12mo ; Boston, 1823. 

15 Orders and Regulations for the Army Serving in Ireland, 

12mo; Dublin, 1848. 
38 Old English Plays ; being a Selection from the Early Dra- 
matic Writers, 6 v. 8vo ; London, 1814. 

29 O'Reilly, Bernard : Greenland, the Adjacent Seas, and the 
North- West Passage to the Pacific Ocean, in 1817, 4to ; 
London, 1818. 

2 Orloff", M le Comte Gregoire : M^moires Historiques, Poli- 
tiques, et Litteraires sur le Royaume de Naples ; avec 
des Notes et Additions, par A. Duval, 5 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

2 Orme, Robert: Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, 
of the Morattoes, and of the English Concerns in Indos- 
tan; from the Year 1659: Origin of the English Estab- 
lishment, and of the Company's Trade, at Broach and 
Surat; and a General Idea of the Government and 
People of Indostan, 4to; London, 1805. 

2 History of the Military Transactions of the 

British Nation in Indostan, from the Year 1745 ; to which 
is prefixed, a Dissertation on the Establishments made 
by Mahomedan Conquerors in Indostan ; the 4th edition, 
revised by the Author, 2 v. in 3, 4to ; London, 1803. 
10 Osborne, Jonathan : On Dropsies, Connected with J;5uppressed 
Perspiration, and Coagulable Urine, 12mo; London, 1835. 

7 Ossaye, F. M. F. : Las Veill^es Canadiennes ; Traite E16- 
mentaire d'Agriculture, approuve par la Soci^t^ d'Agri- 
culture du Bas-Canada, et par la Surintendant de Tln- 
struction Publique, 24mo ; Quebec, 1852. {Present) 
15 Ottley, William Young: Inquiry into the Origin and Early 
History of Engraving, upon Copper and in Wood, with 
an Account of Engravers and their Works, frona the 
Invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the 
Time of Marc Antonio Raimondi, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1816. 
29 Oxley, John : Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior 
of New South Wales, undertaken by order of the British 
Government, in the Years 1817-18, 4to; London, 1820, 


27 Ozanam, M. : Recreations in Mathematics and Natural Phi- 
losophy, &c. ; translated into English, and Improved with 
many Additions and Observations, by Charles Hutton,4 v. 
8vo; London, 1803. 

29 Pagan, Francis de: Historical and Geographical Descrip- 
tion of the great Country and River of the Amazones 
in America ; translated from the French, by William 
Hamilton, 8vo; London, 1661. 

2 Paganel, P. : Essai Historique et Critique sur la R6volution 

Francaise ; ses Causes, ses R^sultats, avec les Portraits 
des Hommes les plus Celdbres ; 2* edition, 3 v. 8vo ; Pa- 
ris, 1815. 

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Years 1767, '68, '69, '70, '71 ; translated from the French, 
3 V. 8vo; London, 1791-'2. 
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logically Distinguished from Materialism, 12mo ; New- 
York, 1849. 

10 Institutes of Medicine, 8vo; New- York, 

1847. i 

10 Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 12mo; 1 

New- York, 1848. ' 

10 Medical and Physiological Commentaries, 

3 V. 8vo; New- York, 1840. 

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V. 1, 8vo; London, 1851. 

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scription of that Province of Egypt, and of some of the 
Bordering Countries, with a Review of the Present State 
of the Commerce of those Countries, of the Habits and 
Customs of the Inhabitants, as also an Account of the 
Slave-Hunts taking Place under the Government of 
Mehemid Ali, 8vo; London, 1844. 
2 Pantaleoni et Lumia, MM.: Mdmoire Historique sur les 
Droits Politiques de la Sicile, gr. 8vo; Paris, 1849. 

44 Pantologia: a New Cyclopaedia, comprehending a com- 
plete Series of Essays, Treatises, and Systems, Alpha- 
betically Arranged ; with a General Dictionary of Arts, 
Sciences, and Words ; the whole presenting a Distinct 
Survey of Human Genius, Learning, and Industry ; 
illustrated with elegant Engravings; by John Mason 
Good, Olinthus Gregory, Mr. Newton Bos worth, &c., 
12 V. royal 8vo; London, 1813. 

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London, 1839. 

2 Life of Marie de Medicis, Queen of 

France, Consort of Henry IV., and Regent of the King- 
dom under Louis XIII., 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1852. 

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moires sur les Questions les plus Importantes de Illy- 


gi^ne ; pr6ced6 d'une Notice Historique sur la Vie et les 
Ouvrages de TAuteur, par Fr. Leuret, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 

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the Rocky Mountains, in the Years 1835-36-37, p. 8vo ; 
Ithaca, 1838. 

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8vo; London, 1841. 

13 Parkinson, John: Theatrum Botanicum ; the Theater of 
Plants ; or, an Herball of a Large Extent : containing 
therein a more Ample and Exact History and Declara- 
tion of the Physical! Herbs and^^Plants that are in other 
Authours, &c., &c , 2 v. folio; London, 1640. 

10 Paris, J. A. : Pharmacologia ; being an Extended Inquiry 
into the Operations of Medicinal Bodies, upon which 
are Founded the Theory and Art of Prescribing; 9th 
edition, 8vo ; London, 1843. 

10 Treatise on Diet; with a View to Establish, 

on Practical Grounds, a System of Rules, for the Preven- 
tion and Cure of the Diseases Incident to a Disordered 
State of the Digestive Functions ; 5th edition, corrected, 
&c., 8vo; London, 1837. 

24 Parish, Henry Headley : Diplomatic History of the Mon- 
archy of Greece, from the Year 1830, showing the Trans- 
fer to Russia of the Mortgage held by British Capitalists 
over its Property and Revenues, 8vo; London, 1838. 

24 Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England, from 
the Earliest Times to the Restoration of King Charles 
II. ; by several Hands ; 2d edition, 24 v. 8vo ; London, 

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Cooley, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

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&c., 1st V. 8vo; London, 1815. 
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moirs of Some of the most Eminent Welshmen, from the 
Earliest Times to the Present, 8vo ; London, 1824. 

29 Parry, William Edward : Journal of a Voyage for the Dis- 
covery of a North- West Passage from the Atlantic to 
the Pacific; performed in the Years 1819-20, in His 
Majesty's Ships Hecla and Griper, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 

29 Journal of a Voyage for the Dis- 
covery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to 
the Pacific; performed in the Years 1819-20, in His 
Majesty's Ships Hecla and Griper ; with an Appendix, 
containing the Scientific and other Observations ; pub- 
lished by Authority of the Lords Commissioners of the 
Admiralty, 4to ; London, 1821. 

29 Supplement to tVv^ ^^.^^^tAvl ^i 


Captain Parry's Voyage for the Discovery of a North- 
West Passage in the Years 1819-20, containing an Ac- 
count of the Subjects of Natural History, 4to ; London, 

29 Parry, William Edward: Journal of a Second Voyage for 
the Discovery of a North- West Passage from the Atlan- 
tic to the Pacific ; performed in the Years 1821-22-23. 
in His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla, illustrated by 
numerous Plates ; published by Authority of the Lords 
Commissioners of the Admiralty, 4to ; London, 1824. 

29 Appendix to Captain Parry's Jour- 
nal of a Secwid Voyage for the Discovery of a North- 
West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, &c., 4to ; 
London, 1825. 

29 Journal of a Third Voyage for the 

Discovery of a North- West Passage from the Atlantic 
to the Pacific ; performed in the Years 1824-'25, in His 
Majesty's Ships Hecla and Fury ; illustrated by Plates 
and Charts ; published by Authority of the Lords Com- 
missioners of the Admiralty, 4to; London, 1826. 

29 Narrative of an Attempt to Reach 

the North Pole, in Boats fitted for the Purpose, and at- 
tached to His Majesty's Ship Hecla, in the Year 1827, 
illustrated by Plates and Charts; published by Authority 
of His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral, 4to ; 
London, 1828. 
2 Pascal, A. : Les Bulletins de la Grande Arm^e, precedes et 
accompagnes des Rapports sur les Armies Frangaises, 
de 1792 k 1815; avec Planches, 6 v. en 4, 8vo; Paris, 

26 Pasley, C. W. : Complete Course of Practical Geometry, 
including Conic Sections and Plan Drawing ; treated 
on a Principle of Peculiar Perspicuity; 2d edition, 8vo ; 
London, 1822. 

15 Essay on the Military Policy and Institu- 
tions of the British Empire; 4th edition, part l,8vo; 
London, 1813. 

15 ■ Observations on Limes, Calcareous Ce- 
ments, Mortars, Stuccos and Concrete, and on Puzzola- 
nus. Natural and Artificial, &c. ; 2d edition, parti, 8vo; 
London, 1847. 

29 Paulding, James K. : Letters from the South, written du- 
ring an Excursion in the Summer of 1816, 2 v. 12mo ; 
New- York, 1817. 

29 Sketch of Old England, by a New 

England Man, 2 v. in 1, 12mo; New- York, 1822. 

13 Paxton, Joseph : Magazine of Botany, and Register of Flow- 
ering Plants, 16 V. 8vo ; London, 1884-'49. 

28 Pearson, W. : Introduction to Practical Astronomy ; con- 
taining Tables, recently Computed, for Facilitating the 


Reduction of Celestial Observations ; and a Popular 
Explanation of their Construction and Use, 2 v. 4to ; 
London, 1824 and 1829. 

29 Peck, J. M. : Gazetteer of Illinois ; 2d edition, revised, cor- 
rected, and enlarged, 16mo ; Jacksonville, 1834. 

29 New Guide for Emigrants to the West, 16mo ; 

Boston, 1836. 

15 Peckston, Thomas S. : Practical Treatise on Gas-Lighting ; 
in which the Gas-Apparatus generally in Use is Ex- 
plained and Illustrated ; Sd edition, 8vo; London, 1841. 

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31 Pegge, Samuel : Assemblage of Coins, Fabricated by author- 
ity of the Archbishops of Canterbury, &c., 4to ; London, 
2 Pelet, (de la Loz^re,) Baron : Napoleon in Council ; or, the 
Opinions delivered by Bonaparte in the Council of State ; 
translated from the French, by Captain Bazil Hall, R. N., 
p. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1837. 

^5 Pendergast, Harris : The Law relating to Officers in the 
Army, 12mo ; London, 1849. 

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don, 1790. 

12 Introduction to the Arctic Zoology; 2d 

edition, 4to; London, 1792. 
12 Arctic Zoology, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1792. 

^ Pepe, Lt. Gen. W. : Narrative of Scenes and Events in 
Italy, from 1847 to 1849 ; including the Siege ot Venice, 
2 v. 12mo ; London, 1850. 
^^ Percival, Robert : Account of the Island of Ceylon ; and 
Journal of an Embassy to the Court of Candy, in 1800, 
4to ; London, 1805. 
lO Percival, Thomas : Works, Literary, Moral, Philosophical, 
and Medical ; to which are prefixed. Memoirs of his 
Life and Writings, and a Selection from his Literary 
Correspondence; new edition, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1807, 
1 Percivall, William : Hippopathology ; a Systematic Trea- 
tise on the Disorders and Lamenesses of the Horse ; 
with their Modern and most Approved Methods of Cure, 
4 v. in 5, 8vo ; London, 1834-'52. 
^ 5 Percy, H. : Explanations of the Manoeuvres of a Brigade of 

Infantry, 8vo; London, 1852. 
U Plans, 4to; London, 1852. 

IQ Pereira, Jonathan : Elements of Materia Medica and The- 
rapeutics ; 3d edition, enlarged and improved, 1st. v. and 
2d v. part 1st, royal 8vo; London, 1849-50. 

10 Treatise on Food and Diet ; with Obser- 
vations on the Dietetical Regimen Suited for Disordered 
States of the Digestive Organs, &c., 8vo ; London, 1843. 

10 Perkins, Benjamin Douglas : Experiments with IIlq Ma\.^VI\^ 


Tractors in Rheumatic and Gouty Affections, Iiiflamma- 
tions, and various Topical Diseases, as published by 
Surgeons Herboldt and Rafn, &c. ; also, Reports of 
Cases in England Demonstrating the Efficacy of the 
Metallic Practice, both upon the Human Body, and on 
Horses, &c., 8vo; London, 1799. 
4 Perkins, James H. : Annals of the West ; embracing a Con- 
cise Account of the Principal Events, which Occurred 
in the Western States and Territories, from the Disco- 
very of the Mississippi Valley to the Year 1850; com- 
piled from the most Authentic Sources ; 2d edition, revised 
and enlarged, by J. M. Peck, Svo; St. Louis, 1850. 

29 Perkins, Justin : Residence of Eight Years in Persia, among 
the Nestorian Christians ; v^rith Notices of the Muham- 
medans, Svo; Andover, 1843. 

29 P6ron, Francois : Voyage de D^couvertes aux Terres Aus- 
trales, fait par Ordre du Gouvernement, sur les Corvettes 
le Geographic, le Naturaliste, et le Goelette le Casuarina, 
pendant les Annies 1800-1-2-3 et 1804; Continue, 
revue, corrig6e et augment^e, par M. Louis de Freyciaet, 
4 V. en 2, 8vo ; Paris, 1824. 

29 Atlas, par MM. Lesueur et Petit, 4to; 

Paris, 1824. 

29 P6rouse, J. F. Galup de la. — Voyage de la P^rouse AutoVX 
du Monde, Public conform^ment au D^cret du 22 Avril 
1791, et R6dige par M. L. A. Milet-Mureau, 4 v. 4to; 

^ Paris, 1797. 

29 Atlas du Voyage de La P^- 

rouse, gr. folio; Paris, 1797. 

[ 29 Voyage Round the World, in 

the Years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, by J. P. G. de La 
P^rouse ; Published conformably to the Decree of the 
National Assembly, of the 22d of April, 1791, and Edited 
by M. L. A. Milet-Mureau ; translated from the French, 
3 V. 8vo; London, 1798. 

29 Maps and Plates, folio ; Lon- 
don, 1798. 

13 Persoon, C. H. : Mycologia Europaea, seu completa omnium 
Fungorum in Variis Europaeae Regionibus detectorum 
Enumeratio, 3 v. 8vo; Erlangae, 1822-28. 

13 Synopsis Plantarum, seu Enchiridium Bo- 

tanicum, complectens enumerationem Systematicam 
Specierum hucusque cognitarum, 2 v. 16mo; Parisiis 
Lutetiorum ,1805 et 1807. 

13 Observationes Mycologicse; seu Descrip- 

tiones tam Novorum, quam Notabilium Fungorum, 
pars 1 et 2, 12mo; Lipsiae, 1796 et 1799. 

34 Petites Mis^res de la Vie Humaine, par Old Nick et Grand- 
ville, 8vo ; Paris, 1846. 


29 Petrus Martyr : De rebus Oceanicis et Orbe Nouo decades 
tres : eiusdem praeter^a Legationis BabylonicaB libri tres, 
folio; BasileaB, 1533. 

29 Nouo Orbe, or The Historie of the West 

Indies, in Eight Decades; translated by R. Eden, and 
Michael Lok, p. 4to ; London, 1612. 
35 Petrarch, Pr. : Rime, 2 v. 24nrio; Livorno, 1815. 
24 Petrie, S. : Report of the Cricklade Case ; comprehending 
the whole bf the Proceedings, in the Courts of Law, 
before the Select Committee of the Commons, and in 
both Houses of Parliament, 8vo ; London, 1785. 
12 Pettigrew, Thomas Joseph : History of Egyptian Mummies, 
and an Account of the Worship and Embalming of the 
Sacred Animals by the Egyptians; with Remarks on 
the Funeral Ceremonies of Different Nations, and Ob- 
servations on the Mummies of the Canary Islands, of the 
Ancient Peruvians, Burman Priests, &c., 4to ; London, 
2 Medical Portrait Gallery ; Bio- 
graphical Memoirs of the most Celebrated Physicians; 
Surgeons, &c., &c., who have Contributed to the Ad- 
vancement of Medical Science, 4 v. in 2, 4to ; London, 

10 On Superstitions connected with 

the History and Practice of Medicine and Surgery, 8vo ; 

London, 1844. 

25 Petyt, William : Antient Right of the Commons of England 

Asserted, &c., 8vo ; London, 1680. 

2 Peyronnet, M. le Comte de : Histoire des Francs, 2 v. 8vo; 

Paris, 1835. 
2 Pfister, J. C. : Histoire d'Allemagne, depuis les Temps les 
plus Recul6s jusqu'^ nos Jours; traduite de I'Allemand, 
par M. Paquis, 11 v. 8vo; Paris, 1837-'38. 
27 Phear, J. B. : Elementary Mechanics, 8vo ; Cambridge, 1850. 
10 Philip, A. P. W. : On the Influence of Minute Doses of 
Mercury, combined with the appropriate Treatment of 
Various Diseases, in Restoring the Functions of Health, 
and the Principles on which it Depends; 2d edition, 
12mo; London, 1635. 
24 Philipps, John : Election Cases ; determined during the first 
Session of the Fifteenth Parliament of Great-Britain, by 
the Committees of the House of Commons, appointed by 
virtue of Statute 10, George III., p. 8vo; London, 1782. 
10 Phillips, Benjamin : Scrofula ; its Nature, its Causes, its 
Prevalence, and the Principles of Treatment, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1846. 
3 Phillips, Charles: Historical Sketch of Arthur, Duke of 

Wellington, 8vo ; Brighton, 1852. 
43 Phillips, Edward : New World of Words ; or. Universal 
English Dictionary ; containing un kc^ioxxwX. ol ^}aftQ\v- 


ginal or Proper Sense, and Various Significations of all 
Hard Words derived from other Languages, &c.; 6tb edi- 
tion, revised, corrected, and improv^, &c., by John Ker- 
sey, folio; London, 1706. 

13 Phillips, Henry : Flora Historica ; or, the Three Seasons of 

the British Parterre, Historically and Botanically Treat- 
ed ; with Observations on Planting ; to which are added, 
the most approved Methods of Cultivating Bulbous and 
other Plants, as Practised by the most Celebrated Florists 
of England, Holland, and France, 2 v. 8vo; London, 
13 Sylva Florifera; the Shrubbery Histori- 
cally and Botanically Treated ; with Observations on 
the Formation of Ornamental Plantations, and Pictur- 
esque Scenery, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1823. 

14 Phillips, William: Elementar}' Introduction to Mineralogy; 

new edition, with extensive alterations and additions, 
by H. J. Brooke and W. H. Miller, 8vo; London, 1852. 
[27 Philosophical Transactions, from 1665 to 1750; Abridged, 
1 1 V. 4to ; London, 1749-'56. 

27 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 
from 1665 to 1851, 132 v. 4to; London, 1665-1851. 

27 — — General Indexes, from v. 1 to 70, 

and from V. 71 to 110, (1665-1820,) 2 v. 4to ; London, 
1787 and 1821. 

29 Phipps, Constantine John : Voyage Towards the North 
Pole, Undertaken by his Majesty's Command, 1773, 4to; 
London, 1774. 

% Pictorial History of England ; being a History of the Peo- 
ple, as well as a History of the Kingdom; by George L. 
Craik and Charles Mac Farlane, assisted by other Con- 
tributors, 8 V. imperial 8vo; London, 1849. 

29 Picture of Greece in 1825; as Exhibited in the Personal 
Narratives of James Emerson, Count Pecchio, and W. 
H. Humphreys, 2 v. 12mo ; London, 1826. 

29 Picture of New- York ; or, the Traveller's Guide through 
the Commercial Metropolis of the United States, 18mo ; 
New-York, 1 807. 

12 Pidgeon, Edward : Fossil Remains of the Animal Kingdom, 
8vo; London. 

29 Plgafetta, Antonio : Primo Viaggio Intorno al Globo Ter- 
raqueo, ossia ragguaglio della Navigazione alle Indie 
Orientali per la via d'Occidente ; sulla Squadra del Ca- 
pit. Magaglianes negli Anni 1519-1522; ora^pubblicato 
per la prima volta, tratto da un Codice MS. della Bibli- 
oteca Ambrosiana di Milano e corredato di note da Carlo 
Amoretti, 4to; Milano, 1800. 
2 Pigault-Lebrun : Histoire de France, abreg^e. Critique et 
• Philosophique, k I'Usage des Gens du Monde, 8 v, 8vo ; 
Paris, 1823-.'28. 


2 Pignotti, Lorenzo : Storia della Toscana, sino al principato 
con diversi saggi sulle Scienze, Lettere e Arti, 5 v. in 4 ; 
Pisa, 1813. 

2 '- History of Tuscany, from the Earliest 

Era ; comprising an Account of the Revival of Letters, 
Sciences, and Arts, interspersed with Essays on Import- 
ant Literary and Historical Subjects : including Memoirs 
of the Family of the Medici ; translated from the Italian, 
by John Bowring, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1826. 
29 Pike, Z. M. : Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the 
Mississippi, and through the Western Parts of Louisiana, 
to the Sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and 
Pierre Jaune Rivers ; performed by Order of the Govern- 
ment of the United States, during the Years 1805, 1806, 
and 1807, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1810. 
29 Pinckard, George : Notes on the West Indies ; written dur- 
ing the Expedition under the Command of the late 
General Sir Ralph Abercromby ; including Observations 
on the Island of Barbadoes, and the Settlements Cap- 
tured by the British Troops, upon the Coast of Guiana; 
likewise. Remarks relating to the Creoles and Slaves of 
the Western Colonies, and the Indians of South America, 
3 V. 8vo; London, 1806. 

^^'2 Pinheiro-Ferreira, Silvestre : Cours de Droit Public Interne 
et Externe, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1830. 

^•5 Observations sur le Guide Di- 
plomatique, de M. le Baron Ch. de Martens, 8vo ; Paris, 
1837. m 

^•2 Principes du Droit Public, 

Constitutionnel, Admin istratif, et des Gens, ou Manuel 
du Citoyen sous un Gouvernement Repr^sentatif, 3 v. 
p. Svo; Paris, 1834. 

1 Pinney, Joel : How to Attain Health and Long Life, and an 
Alternative for the Prevailing Misconception of their 
Sources, 8vo; London, 1839. 

^9 Pinto, Fernand Mendez : Voyages Ad vantvrevx ; traduit du 
Portugais, par B. Figuier, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1830. 

•^3 Piozzi, Hester Lynch : British Synonymy ; or, an Attempt 
at Regulating the Choice of Words in Familiar Conver- 
sation, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1794. 
12 Pison, Gulielmus : De Indiae Utriusque Re Naturali et Med- 
ica, folio; Amstelaedami, 1658. 

29 Pitman, Robert Birks : Succinct View and Analysis of Au- 
thentic Information Extant in Original Works, on the 
Practicability of Joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, 
by a Ship Canal Across the Isthmus of America, Svo; 
London, 1825. 
2 Planta, Joseph : History of the Helvetic Confedera|y ; 2d 

edition, Svo; London, 1807, 
32 Playford, John : Brief Introduction to the Skill of Musick : 


to which is added, the Art of Descant, or Composing 
Musick, in parts, by Dr. Thomas Campion, with Anno- 
tations thereon by Christopher Simpson ; 4th edition, 
12mo; London, 1664-'64. 

32 Playford, John : The same; 7th edition, 12mo; London, 

12 Plinius, C. Secundus: Naturalis Historiae, cum Coraraen- 
tariis et Adnotationibus Hermolai Barbari, Pintiani, 
Rhenani, et variorum, 3 v. 8vo ; Lugduni Batavorum 
1 GG8-'G9. ' 

13 Historia Naturalis, a Hieron. Bono- 

nio; folio; Tarvis, apud Mich. Manzol, Parmeus, 1479. 

12 Histoire Naturelle; traduit en Fran- 
cois, avec le texte Latin retabli d'apres les meillures le- 
mons manuscrites, par Poinsinet de Sivry ; accompagnee 
de Notes Critiques pour I'^claircissement du Texte, &c., 
par Guettard, et autres, 12 v. 4to; Paris, 1771-82. 

12 Historic of the World; commonly 

called the Natural History of C. Plinius Secundus; 
translated into English, by Philemon Holland, 2 v. in 1, 
folio; London, 1601. 

13 Plukenet, Leonard: Opera; secundo excusum, ediderunt 

T. Davies, T. Payne, L. Davis, C. Reymers, D. Wilson, 
et Geo. Nicholls, 4 v. 4to; Londini, 1769. 

10 Plumbe, Samuel : Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the 
Skin, Arranged with a View to their Constitutional 
Causes and Local Character ; 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 

15 Plumier, Charles : L'Art de Tourner, ou de Faire en Perfec- 
tion toutes Sortes d'Ouvrages au Tour ; nouvelle Edition, 
. corrig^e et augmentt^e, folio ; Paris, 1749. 

13 Plantarum Americanarum ; edidit, de- 

scriptionibus et observationibus illustravit, Joannes 
Burmannus, folio; Amstelaedami, 1755-'60. 

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1822 ; accompanied by an Historical Sketch of the Revo- 
lution, and translation of Official Reports on the Present 
State of that Country, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1824. 
2 Pointis, Lewis de : Authentick and Particular Account of 
the Taking of Carthagena by the French, in the Year 
1697 ; 2d edition, p. 8vo ; London, 1740. 

29 Polack, J. S. : Manners and Customs of the New-Zealand- 
ers ; with Notes Corroborative of their Habits, Usages, 
&c., and Remarks to Intending Emigrants, 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1840. 

29 New-Zealand ; being a Narrative of Travels 

and Adventures during a Residence in that Country be- 
tween the Years 1831 and 1837, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1838. 

24 Political Essays concerning the Present State of the British 
Empire, 4to ; London, 1772. 


29 Polo, Marco: Travels in the East, in the Thirteenth Cen- 
tury; translated from the Italian, with Notes, by Wil- 
liann Marsden ; with a Map, 4to; London, 1818. 
2 Pompadour. — Memoires de Madame la Marquise de Pom- 
padour, 2 V. 8vo; Paris, 1830. 

28 Pond, John : Astronomical Observations made at the Royal 

Observatory at Greenwich, in the Years 1811-1835, 15 v. 
folio; London, 1815-'35. 
36 Pope, Alexander : The Rape of the Lock, an Heroi-Comical 
Poem, p. 8vo; London, 1798. 

29 Porter, David : Constantinople and its Environs, 2 v. 12mo ; 

New- York, 1835. 

29 Journal of a Cruise made to the Pacific 

Ocean, in the United States Frigate Essex, in the Years 
1812, 1813, and 1814 ; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; New- York, 

16.2 Portets, M. de : Faculty de Droit ; Droit Naturel, Droit des 
Gens, Droit Public G6n^ral, (Journal des Cours Publics 
de Jurisprudence, Histoire, et Belles- Lettres,) 8vo; Paris, 
2 Potter, M. de : Memoirs of Scipio de Ricci, late Bishop of 
Pistoia and Prato, Reformer of Catholicism in Tuscany 
under the Reign of Leopold ; edited from the original, 
by Thomas Roscoe, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1829. 

26 Potts, Robert: Euclid's Elements of Geometry, chiefly from 
the Text of Dr. Simson, with Explanatory Notes, &c., 
8vo; Cambridge, 1845. 
2 Pouquevilie, F. C. H. L.: Histoire de la R^g^n^ration de la 
Gr^ce, comprenant le Pr6cis des Ev^nemens depuis 1740 
jusqu'en 1824, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1824. 
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in Spain and Portugal ; from the first Invasion of the 
Moors, to their Ultimate Expulsion from the Peninsula, 
8vo; London, 1815. 

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and Pencil, 12mo; London, 1849. 
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Lord Seaforth, 1801, 4to; London, 1808. 

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TAm^rique, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1817. 

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Estr^madura; by a Southron, 18mo ; New- York, 1845. 

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2 Parts, 12mo; London, 1852. 

29 Prevost, A. Francois : Histoire G^n^rale des Voyages, ou 
Nouvelle Collection de toutes les Relations de Voyages 
par Mer et par Terre, qui ont ^U publi^es jusqu'A pre- 
sent, dans les difierentes Langues de toutes les Nations 


oonnues; noavelle ^ition, 24 v. 4to; La Haye, et Am^ 
sterdam, 1747-'79. 
2 Price, David : Chronological Retrospect ; or, Memoirs of the 
Principal Events of Mahommedan History, from the 
Death of the Arabian Legislator to the Accession of the 
Emperor Akbar, and the Establishment of the Moghul 
Empire in Hindustaun ; from Original Persian Authori- 
ties, 3 V. in 2, 4to ; London, 1811-21. 

Essay towards the History of Arabia, Ante- 

cedent to the Birth of Mahommed, arranged from the 
Tarikh Tebry, and other Authentic Sources, 4to ; Lon- 
don, 1824. 

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ral History of Man, gr. folio; London, 1851. 

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tory of Mankind, 5 v. 8vo ; London, 1837-51. 

12 Natural History of Man ; com- 
prising Inquiries into the Modifying Influence of Phys- 
ical and Moral Agencies on the different Tribes of the 
Human Family; Sd edition, enlarged, 8vo; London,. 

12 Review of the Doctrine of a Vital 

Principle, as Maintained by some Writers on Physiolo- 
gy ; with Observations on the Causes of Physical and 
Animal Life, 8vo ; London, 1829. 

10 ■ Treatise on Insanity and other Dis- 
orders Affecting the Mind, 8vo ; London, 1835. 

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Riots in Birmingham ; 2d edition, 8vo ; Birmingham, 

17 — ^ Comparison of the Institutions of Moses 

with those of the Hindoos and other Ancient Nations ; 
with Remarks on Mr. Dupuis*s Origin of all Religions^ 
8vo ; Northumberland, 1799. 

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Revealed Religion, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1794-'96-'99. 

17 . Disquisitions relating to Matter and Spirit, 

3 V. 8vo; Birmingham, 1782. 

24 Essay on the First Principles of Govern- 
ment, and on the Nature of Political, Civil, and Religious 
Liberty, including Remarks on Dr. Brown's Code of 
Education, &c. ; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1771. 

17 Examination of Dr. Reid's Inquiry into the 

Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense, Dr. 
Beattie's Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, 
and Dr. Oswald's Appeal to Conmtion Sense in Behalf of 
Religion ; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1775. 

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from the Fall of the Western Empire to the Present 
Time, 3 v. 8vo ; Northumberland, 1802. 


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to the Fall of the Western Empire; 2d edition, 2 v, 8vo ; 
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!7 Harmony of the Evangelists in English; 

with Critical Dissertations, an Occasional Paraphrase, 
and Notes for the Use of the Unlearned, 4to ; London, 

17 HistoryofEarlyOpinions concerning Jesus 

Christ, compiled from Original Writers ; Proving that 
the Christian Church was at first Unitarian, 4 v. 8vo ; 
Birmingham, 1786. 

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2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; Birmingham, 1793. 
17 Institutes of Natural and Revealed Reli- 
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2 Lectures on History, and General Policy, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1793. 

17 Letters to a Philosophical Unbeliever, 8 vo; 

Bath, 1780. • 

24 Letters to Edmund Burke, occasioned by 

his Reflections on the Revolutions in France, (fcc; 3d 
edition, 8vo; Birmingham, 1791. 

17 Letters to Dr. Horsley, in Answer to Ani- 
madversions on the History of the Corruptions of Chris- 
tianity; with additional Evidence that the Primitive 
Christian Church was Unitarian, 8vo ; Birmingham, 1783. 

1.7 Letters to the Jews; Inviting them to an 

Amicable Discussion of the Evidences of Christianity, 
8vo ; Birmingham, 1786. 

1.7 Notes on all the Books of Scripture, for 

the Use of the Pulpit and Private Families, 4 v. 8vo ; 
Northumberland, 1803-'4. 

i7 Original Letters, by the Rev. John Wesley, 

and his Friends, Illustrative of his Early History, with 
other Curious Papers, communicated by the late Rev. S. 
Badcock ; to which is prefixed, an Address to the Metho- 
dists, 8vo ; Birmingham, 1791. 

17 The Doctrines of Heathen Philosophy, 

Compared with those of Revelation, 8vo ; Northumber- 
land, 1804. 

17 Three Letters to Dr. Newcome, Bishop of 

Waterford, on the Duration of our Saviour's Ministry, 
8vo; Birmingham, 1780-81. — Letters to the Jews, &c., 
8vo ; Birmingham, 1786. 
17 Tracts in Controversy with Bishop Hors- 
ley ; with Notes by the Editor, T. Belsham, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1815. 
17 Three Tracts: 1. An Appeal to the Seri- 
ous and Candid Professors of Christianity. — 2. A Fami- 
liar Illustration of Certain Passages ot Scti^Vwce* — ^- ^ 


General View of the Arguments for the Unity of God, 
12mo; London, 1791. 

17 Priestley, Joseph : Theological Repository ; consisting of Ori- 
ginal Essays, Hints, Queries, &c., calculated to Promote 
Religious Knowledge, 6 v. 8vo ; London, 1795, and Bir- 
mingham, 1784-'88. 

15 Principes de la Grande Guerre, suivis d'Exemples Tactiques 
Raisonn6s de leur Application, par le Prince Charles 
d'Autriche ; traduit de I'Allemand, par Ed. De la Barre 
Duparcq, Capitaine du G6nie, &c., gr. folio ; Paris, 1851. 

15 Principes de la Strategic, devellopp^s par la Relation de la 
Campagne de 1796 en Allemagne; ouvrage traduit de 
I'Allemand, et attribue k S. A. J. L'Archduc Charles; 
avec Cartes et Plans, 3 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1818. 

15 Cartes et Planches, folio ; Paris, 1818. 

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and of the Treatment of Diseases, 8vo ; London, 1823. 

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6th edition, 8vo; London, 1768. • 

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Transactions in India during the Administration of the 
Marquess of Hastings, 1813-1823; enlarged from the 
Narrative published in 1820, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1825. 

3 Prior, James : Life of Oliver Goldsmith, from a Variety of 

Sources, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1837. 

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ing and Fossil ; illustrated by several Hundred Magnified 
Representations ; a new edition, enlarged, 8vo ; London, 
2 Private Memoirs of the Court of Louis XVIIL, by a Lady, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1830. 
7 Prize Essays and Transactions of the Highland Society of 
Scotland, 11 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1831-'51. 

44 Proceedings of the American Association lor the Advance- 
ment of Science, Fourth and Sixth Meetings, 2 v. 8vo ; 
Washington City, 1851-52. 

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dillera of the Andes, and of a Residence in Lima, and 
other Parts of Peru, in the Years 1823 and 1824, 8vo ; 
London, 1825. 

10 Professional Anecdotes ; or. Ana of Medical Literature, 3 v. 
12mo; London, 1825. 

17 Protestant Dissenter's Answer to the Rev. Dr. Priestley's 
Free Address, on the Subject of the Lord's Supper, upon 
Scriptural and Rational Principles, 8vo; London, 1770. 

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ou Philosophic de la Mis^re, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1846. 

10 Prout, William : On the Nature and Treatment of Stomach 
and Renal Diseases ; being an Inquiry into the Connex- 
ion of Diabetes, Calculus, and other Affections of the 


Kidney and Bladder, with Indigestion ; 5th edition, 8vo ; 
London, 1848. 

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Kingdoms; together with an Appendix, &c., p. 4to; 
London, 1643. 
2 Psalmanaaar. — Memoirs of ♦***, commonly known by the 
Name of George Psalmanazar ; a Reputed Native of 
Formosa ; written by Himself, in order to be published 
after his Death; 2d edition, 8vo ; London, 1765. 

29 Puckler Muskau : Tour in England, Ireland, and France, 
in the Years 1828 and 1829; and in Germany, Holland, 
and England, in the Years 1826, 1827, and 1828; with 
Remarks on the Manners and Customs of the Inhabit- 
ants, and Anecdotes of Distinguished Public Characters; 
in a Series of Letters, by a German Prince, 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1833. 
2 Puffendorf, Samuel : Introduction to the History of the Prin- 
cipal Kingdoms and States of Europe; enlarged, and 
Continued down to the Year 1743, by M. Martiniere; 
Improved from the French, by Joseph Sayer, 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1748. 

43 Pughe, W. Owen : Dictionary of the Welsh Language, Ex- 
plained in English: with numerous Illustrations, from 
the Literary Remains and from the Living Speech of 
the Cymmry ; to which is prefixed, a Welsh Grammar ; 
2d edition, 2 v. gr. 8vo; Denbigh, 1832. 

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Designs, royal 4to; London, 1849. 

^1 Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and 

Costume ; Compiled from Ancient Authorities and Ex- 
amples ; 2d edition, enlarged and revised by the Rev. 
Bernard Smith, royal 4to; London, 1846. 

13 Pulteney, Richard : General View of the Writings of Lin- 
naeus, 8 vo; London, 1781. 

13 Historical and Biographical Sketches 

of the Progress of Botany in England, from its Origin to 
the Introduction of the Linnaean System, 2 v. 8vo ; Lon^^ 
don, 1790. 
7 Quarterly Journal of Agriculture, 17 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 

15 Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Army; 3d edition, 

8vo; London, 1844-'49. 
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Sanctorius ; translated into English, with large Explana- 
tions; to which is added. Dr. Keil's Medicina Statica 
Britannica, with Comparative Remarks, and Explana- 
tions, &c. ; 5th edition, 8vo; London, 1737. 

10 Complete English Dispensatory, in two Parts, 

• Theoretical and Practical; 13th edition, 8vo; London, 


2 Qafncy, Marquis de : Histoire Militaire da Regne de Louis 

le Grand, Roy de France, 7 v. 4to ; Paris, 1726. 
89 Raccolta di Lettere, scritte dal S. Cardinal Bentivoglio, in 
tempo delle sue Nunziature di Franeia e di Fiandra, a 
diversi Personaggi, [with a translation into English,] 
16mo; Londra, 1764. • 

3 Raffles, Sophia : Memoir of the Life and Public Services of 

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, 4to ; London, 1830. 
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of France, Savoy, Switzerland, Germany, and the Neth- 
erlands, in the Summer of 1817, 12mo ; New- York, 1818. 
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don, 1817. 

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pire of Hayti ; comprehending a View of the Principal 
Transactions in the Revolution of St. Domingo ; with 
its Ancient and Modern State, 4to; London, 1805. 

3 Ralph, James: History of England, during the Reigns of 

King William III , Queen Anne^ and King George I. ; 
with an Introductory Review of the Reigns of Charles 
II. and James II., 2 v. folio; London, 1744-46. 

24 Of the Use and Abuse of Parliaments, in 

two Historical Discourses, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1744. 

10 Ramadge, Francis Hopkins : Asthma, its Varieties and Com- 

plications ; or. Researches into the Pathology of Disor- 
dered Respiration ; with Remarks on the Treatment 
Applicable to each Variety ; also, a Succinct Treatise 
on the Principal Diseases of the Heart ; 2d edition, 8vo; 
London, 1847. 

11 Ramsay, Alexander: Anatomy of the Heart, fcranium, and 

Brain, adapted to the Purposes of the Medical and Sur- 
gical Practitioner ; to which is added, in Notes, Observa- 
tions on the Laws of Life and Sensation ; with Plates ; 
2d edition, much enlarged, 4to; Edinburgh, 1813. 
2 Ramsay, David : Universal History Americanized ; or, an 
Historical View of the World, from the Earliest Records 
to the Year 1808, &c. ; to which is annexed, a Supple- 
ment, containing a Brief View of History, from the 
Year 1808 to the Battle of Waterloo, 9 v. 8vo; Phila- 
delphia, 1819. 

29 Ramusio. — Delle Navigationi et Viaggi Raccolto gia da 
M. Gio. Battista Ramusio, 3 v. folio ; Venitia, 1563, 
1583, 1565. * 

10 Ranking, W. H.: Half- Yearly Abstract of the Medical 
Sciences; being a Practical and Analytical Digest of 
the Contents of the Principal British and Continental 
Medical Works published in the preceding Six Months, 
15 V. 18mo ; London, 1845-'52. 


3 Rapin, Paul de Thoyras: Histoire d'Angleterre ; nouvelle 
. Edition, augment^e des Notes de M. Tindal, et de quel- 

ques autres Remarques mises au bas des Pages, &c., 

&c., par les Soins de M. de S. M., 16 v. 4to ; La Haye, 

3 History of England ; translated 

into English, with additional Notes, by N. Tindal ; 2d 

edition, 2 v. folio ; London, 17.S2. 

2 Rapp. — Memoirs of General Count Rapp, First Aide-de- 
Camp to Napoleon ; written by Himself, and published 
by his Family, 8vo ; London, 1823. 

1 Rasche, Jo. Christ. : Lexicon Unlversae Rei Numarias Ve- 
terum et praecipue Grsecorum ac Romanorum, cum Ob- 
servationibus Antiquariis, Geographicis, Chronologicis, 
Historicis, Criticis, et passim cum Explicatione Mono- 
grammatum, 6 v. in 12, 8vo ; Lipsiae, 1785-'90. 

1 Lexicon Universae Rei Numariaa Vete- 

rum, (fee; Supplementorum, 3 v. 8vo; Lipsiae, 1802-5. 
Rask, Erasmus: Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, 
with a Praxis; new edition, enlarged by the Author; 
translated from the Danish, by B. Thorpe, 8vo ; Copen- 
hagen, 1830. 
10 Raspail, F. V. : Histoire Naturelle de la Sante et de la Ma- 
ladie chez les V6g6taux et chez les Animaux en g^n^ral, 
et en Particulier chez I'Homme, suivie du Formulaire 
pour une Nouvelle Method de Traitement Hygi^nique et 
Curatif; 2« tirage, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1845. 

3 Rastell, John: Pastime of People; or, the Chronicles of 

Divers Realms; and most especially of the Realm of 
England ; now first reprinted and Systematically ar- 
ranged, 4to; London, 1811. 
29 Raumer, Frederick von : America, and the American Peo- 
ple ; translated from the German, by William W. Tur- 
ner, 8vo; New- York, 1846. 

2 Contributions to Modern History, 

from the British Museum and the State Paper Office — 
Frederick II:, and his Times, p. 8vo; London, 1837. 

Geschicte der Hohenstaufen und 

ihrer Zeit, 6 v. 8vo ; Leipzig, 1823-'25. 

History of the Sixteenth and Sev- 

enteenth Centuries, illustrated by Original Documents; 
translated from the German, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1835. 

13 Ray, John : Historia Plantarum ; in qua agitur prim6 de 
Plantis in Genere, earumque Parti bus, Accidentibus et 
Differentiis, <&c., 3 v. folio; Londini, 1686-1704. 

10 Ray, J. : Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence and Insanity ; 
with an Introductory Essay, by D. Spillan, 12mo ; Lon- 
don, 1839. 

10 Rayer, P. : Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Dis- 


eases of the Skin ; 2d edition, remodelled, 8vo ; London, 
10 Atlas, folio; London, 1835. 

16.2 Rayneval, M. : De la Libert^ des Mers, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1811. 
43 Raynouard, M.: Lexique Roman, ou Dictionnaire de la 
Langue des Troubadours, eompar^e avec les autres 
Langues de TEurope Latine, pr6c6d6 de nouvelles re- 
cherches Historiques et Philologiques, d'un R^sum6 
de la Grammaire Romane, d'une nouveau Choix des 
Poesies originales des Troubadours, et d'extraits de 
Poemes divers, 6 v. 8vo; Paris, 1838-'44. ^1 

36 ReboUedo, Bernardino de : Obras, 4 v. 16mo ; Madrid, 1778. 

16.2 Recueil de Pieces Diplomatiques relatives aux Affaires de 
la Hollande et de la Belgique, en 1830, 1831, et 1832, 
3 V. 8vo; La Haye, 1831-33. 
2 Recueil de Pieces Officielles destinies a D^tromper les 
FranQois sur les Ev^nemens qui se sont Passes depuis 
quelques Annies, 9 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1814-'16. 
29 Recueil de Voyages et de M6moires, publi6 par la Soci6t6 
de G6ographie, 6 v. 4to ; Paris, 1824-'40. 

16.2 Recueil des Trait^s et Conventions entre la France et les 
Puissances Alli^es, en 1814 et 1815; suivi de I'Aete du 
Congr^s de Vienne, &c. ; 8vo ; Paris, 1815. 
15 Records of the Royal Military Academy, from 1741 to 1840, 
folio; Woolwich, 1851. 

16.2 Reddie, James: Researches, Historical and Critical, in 
Maritime International Law, 2 v. 8vo ; Edinburgh, 

16.2 Reedtz, H. C. de: Repertoire Historique et Chronologique des 
Trait^s conelus par la Couronne de Dannemarc, depuis 
Canut-le-Grand jusqu'd 1800; avec un extrait des Prin- 
cipaux Articles ; precede d'un Discours Pr^liminaire de 
L. Engelstoft, 8vo; Gottingue, 1826. 
14 Reeve, Lo veil Augustus: Conchologia Iconica ; or, Illustra- 
tions of the Shells of Molluscous Animals, 6 v. royal 
4 to; London, 1843-51. 

14 Reeve, Lovell : Conchologia Systematica ; or Complete Sys- 

tem of Conchology, 2 v. 4to ; London, 1841-42. 

15 Regulations for the Dress of General, Staff, and Regimental 

Officers of the Army, 8vo ; London, 1846. 

15 Regulations for the Exercise and Conduct of Rifle and Light 
Infantry Companies, on Parade and in the Field ; new 
edition, 12mo; London, 1852. 

15 Regulations for the Instruction, Formations, and Move- 
ments of the Cavalry, 12mo ; London, 1851. 

15 Regulations for the Management of Army Hospitals, at 
Home and Abroad, and for the Rendering of Hospital 
Accounts ; also. Instructions to Medical Officers, regard- 
ing the Examination of Recruits and Invalids, &c., 8vo ; 
London, 1845. 


15 Regulations for the U. S. Military Academy, at West Point, 
New-York ; with an Appendix, containing Extracts from 
the General Regulations for the Army, and the Rules 
and Articles of War, 12mo ; New-York, 1853. {Present) 

15 Regulations relative to the Conveyance of her Majesty's 
Forces, their Baggage and Stores, by Railway, (June, 
1846, July, 1846, and April, 1849,) 8 vo ; London, 1846-'49. 
2 Reign of Terror; a Collection of Authentic Narratives of 
the Horrors committed by the Revolutionary Govern- 
ment of France under Marat and Robespierre ; written 
by an Eye- Witness of the Scenes ; translated from the 
French, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1826. 

29 Relations Veritables et Curieuses de I'Isle de Madagascar, 
et du Br^sil; avec I'Histoire de la derniere Guerre faite 
au Br^sil, entre les Portugais et les Hollandois ; Trois 
Relations d'Egypte, et Une du Roy aume de Perse, p. 4to ; 
Paris, 1651. 

24 Remade, Bernard-Benoit : Des Hospices d'Enfans Trouv^ 
in Europe, et Principalement en France, depuis leur 
Origine jusqu'd nos Jours, 8vo; Paris, 1838. 

24 Tableaux Statistiques Officiels, 

4to; Paris, 1838. 

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amined and Explained, by a Comparison with those of 
other Ancient Authors, and with Modern Geography; 
2d edition, revised, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 
7 Rennie, James : Alphabet of Scientific Gardening, for the 
Use of Beginners; new edition, 16mo; London, 1837. 

15 Repertory of Arts and Manufactures, 1st and 2d Series, 
•49 v. 8vo; London, 1794-1818. 

15 Reports by the Juries on the Subjects in the Thirty Classes 
into which the Exhibition was Divided, royal 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1852. 

24 Reports of the Decisions of Committees of the House of 
Commons in the Trial of Controverted Elections, during 
the Fifteenth Parliament of the United Kingdom ; by 
David Power, Hunter Dodwell, and Edward L'Estrange 
Dew, 24mo; London, 1853. 

17 Reply of the Jews to the Letters addressed to them by Dr. 
Joseph Priestley, by Solomon de A. R., 8vo ; Oxford, 
' 1787. 

44 Rq)orts of the Meetings of the British Association for the 
Advancement of Science, (1831 to 1851,) 20 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1833-'52. 

24 Reports of the Surveyor-General of Prisons, 2 v. super-royal 

8vo; London, 1844 and 1847. 
2 Retz, Cardinal de : Memoirs, containing the Particulars of 
his Own Life, with the most Secret Transactions at the 
French Court during the Administration of Cardinal 
Mazarin, and the Civil Wars occasioned by vt\ to '^Vcl'^Ai 


are added, some Other Pieces written by the Cardinal 
de Retz, or Explanatory to these Memoirs ; translated 
from the French, with Notes, 4 v. 12mo ; London, 1723. 

81 Retzsch, Moritz: Gallerie zu Shakspeare's Dramatischen 
Werken ; herausgegeben von Ernst Fleischer, ob. 4to ; 
Leipzig, 1847. 

81 Revue Numismatique, publi^e par E. Cartier et de La 
Saussaye de la Soci6t6 Royale des Antiquairesde France 
et de plusieurs autres Soci6t6s Arch6oIogiques Fran- 
daises et Etrang^res, (1846-1850,) 5 v. 8vo ; Blois, 

29 Reynolds, J. N. : Voyage of the United States Frigate Poto- 
mac, during the Circumnavigation of the Globe, in the 
Years 1831-'32-'33 and 1834, 8vo; New- York, 1835. 

10 Riadore, J. E. : On the Remedial Influence of Oxygen, or 
Vital Air, Nitrous Oxyde, and other Gases, Electricity 
and Galvanism, in Restoring the Healthy Functions of 
the Principal Organs of the Body, and the Nerves Sup- 
plying the Respiratory, Digestive, and Muscular Sys- 
tems, 12mo; London, 1845. 

10 -T Treatise on Irritation of the Spinal Nerves 

as the Source of Nervousness, Indigestion, Functional 
and Organical Derangements of the Principal Organs of 
the Body, &c., 12mo; London, 1842. 

80 Ricauti, T. J. : Sketches for Rustic Work ; including Bridges, 
Park and Garden Buildings, Seats and Furniture ; with 
Descriptions and Estimates of the Buildings, 4to ; Lon- 
don, 1848. 

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Selections from Writings in the " Mirror of the Time," 
from 1850 to 1851, 4 v. in 2, 16mo ; London, 1851-'2. 
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their Natural History, Origin, and Treatment in Health 
and Disease ; new edition, revised, p. 8vo ; London, 1846. 
7 Domestic Pigs ; their Origin and Vari- 
eties, Management with a View to Profit, and General 
Treatment in Health and Disease, (fee. ; new edition, 
p. 8vo; London, 1847. 

12 The Dog; its Origin, Natural History, 

and Varieties ; with Directions for its General Manage- 
ment, &c. ; new edition, p. 8vo: London, 1851. 

12 The Hive and the Honey-Bee ;^vith an 

Account of the Diseases of the Insect, with their Reme- 
dies; new edition, p. 8vo; London, 1852. 

12 The Horse; its Varieties, Breeding, and 

Management ; new edition, revised and enlarged, by M. 
M. Milburn, p. 8vo ; London. 

12 The Pests of the Farm ; new edition, 

revised and much enlarged, by M. M. Milburn, 12mo ; 
London, 1852. 


12 Richardson, John : Fauna Boreali- Americana ; or, the Zool- 
ogy of the Northern Parts of British America, 4 v. 4to ; 
London, 1829-'37. 
2 Richardson, Major: Movements of the British Legion, with 
Strictures on the Course of Conduct Pursued by Lieu- 
tenant-General Evans, &c. ; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 

24 Richelot, Henri : L' Association Douani^re Allemande, 8vo ; 

Paris, 1845. 
2 Richter. — Life of Jean Paul F. Richter, compiled from Va- 
rious Sources ; together with his Autobiography ; trans- 
lated from the German, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1845. 

24 Riddell, Henry : Railway Parliamentary Practice ; to which 

is added, a Treatise on the Rights of Parties to Oppose, 

the Preamble and Clauses of a Railway Bill, and to 

the Insertion therein of Protective and Compensatory 

' Clauses, 12mo; London, 1846. 

10 Riofrey, A. M. B.: New Treatment of Malignant Diseases, 
and Cancer, without Incision, 8vo ; London, 1836. 

10 Riverius, Lazarus : Practice of Physic ; transited, by Nich- 
olas Culpeper, Abdiah Cole, and William Rowland ; and 
a Book of Select Medicinal Counsels, by John Fernelius, 
&c., folio; London, 1662. 

15 Robbins, Thomas : Cavalry Catechism; or, Instructions on 
Cavalry Exercise and Field Movements, Brigade Move- 
ments, Out-Post Duty, Cavalry Supporting Artillery, Ar- 
tillery Attached to Cavalry, &c., 12mo ; London, 1851. 

29 Roberts, Edmund : Embassy to the Eastern Courts of Cochin- 
China, Siam, and Muscat, during the Years 1832-33-34, 
8vo; New- York, 1837. 

24 Roberts, Lewis : Merchant's Map of Commerce ; wherein 
the Universal Manner and Matter relating to Trade and 
Merchandize, are fully Treated of; the Standard and Cur- 
rent Coins of most Princes and Republicks observed, &c. ; 
4th edition, carefully corrected, folio ; London, 1700. 

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edition, p. 8vo; London, 1829. 

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8vo; London, 1845. 

10 Treatise on Diet and Regimen ; 

4th edition, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1847. 

35 Robinson, Mary: Poetical Works, including many Pieces 

never before Published, 3 v. 12mo; London, 1806. 
2 Robinson, John : Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Re- 
ligions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the 
Secret Meetings of Free Masons, lUuminati, and Read- 
ing Societies, collected from Good Authorities ; 3d edi- 
tion, 8 vo; London, 1798. 

30 Robinson, P. F. : Designs for Farm Buildings ; 3d edition^ 
4to ; London, 1 837. 


30 Robinson, P. F.: Designs for Gate Cottages, Lodges, and 
Park Entrances; 3d edition, greatly finproved, 4to^ 
London, 1837. 

30 New Series of Designs for Ornamental 

Cottages and Villas, with Estimates of the probable^ 
Cost of Erecting them, 4to ; London, 1838. 

30 Rural Architecture; or, a Series of De- 
signs for Ornamental Cottages; in Ninety-six Plates^ 
the Landscapes Drawn on Stone, by J. D. Harding; 5tL 
edition, greatly improved, 4to; London, 1850. 

30 Village Archit^ture; being a Series of" 

Picturesque Designs for the Inn, the School House, Alms- 
houses, Markethouse, Shambles, Workhouse, Parsonage^ 
Townhall, and Church ; forming a Sequel to a Work oa 
Rural Architecture ; 4th edition, greatly improved, 4to; 
London, 1837. 

30 Robinson, P. F., & John Britton: Vitruvius Britannicus: 

History of Woburn Abbey, Hatfield House, Hardwicke 

Hall, and Cassiobury Park, imperial folio ; London, 1847. 

2 Rocca, M. de : Memoirs of the War of the French in Spain ; 

tran"ated from the French, by Maria Graham, 8vo; 

London, 1815. 

2 Rochambeau. — M^moires Militaires, Historiques et Poli- 

tiques de Rochambeau, Ancien Mar^chal de France, et 

Grand Officier de la Legion d'Honneur, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris, 


2 Roches, J. B. des: Histoire de Dannemarc, avant et depuis 

I'Etablissement de la Monarchic, 9 v. 16mo ; Paris, 1732. 

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Sea, &c., 2 v. 8vo; Boston, 1842. 

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de los Descubrimientos, Entradas, y Reduccion de Na- 
ciones, &c., folio ; Madrid, 1684. 

24 Rogers, Francis N, : Law and Practice of Elections, Elec- 
tion Committees, and Registration ; with an Appendix, 
containing the Acts of Parliament for England, Scotland 
and Ireland, down to 1847; 7th edition, 12mo; London, 

29 Rogers, Woodes: Cruising Voyage Round the World ; first 
to the South Seas, thence to the East-Indies, and Home- 
wards by the Cape of Good Hope: Begun in 1708, and 
Finished in 1711, 8vo; London, 1712. 

43 Roget, Peter Mark: Thesaurus of English Words and 
Phrases, Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the 
Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Composition, 
8vo ; London, 1852. 
2 Roland, Maria J. Philepon : Appel a Flmpartiale Post6rit6, 
2 v en 1, 8vo ; Paris, 1795. 

2 ' Appeal to Impartial Posterity ; 

or, a Collection of Pieces vnriUen during her Confine- 


ment in the Prisons of the Abbey, and St. Pelagie; 
translated from the French, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1795. 
(2 copies.) 
lO RoUo, John : Cases of the Diabetes Mellitus; with the Re- 
suits of the Trials of certain Acids and other Substances 
in the Cure of the Lues Venerea ; 2d edition, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1798. 
IB.l Rolt, John: On Moral Command; 3d edition, 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1842. 

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4th edition, revised by Thomas Roscoe, 2 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1846. 

2 Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the 

Magnificent; 7th edition, revised by Thomas Roscoe, 
8vo; London, 1846. 

2 Rose, Hugh James : New General Biographical Dictionary, 

12 V. 8vo; London, 1850. 
29 Rosellini. — I Monumenti dell' Egitto e della Nubia, diseg- 
nati dalla Spedizione Scientifico-Letteraria Toscana in 
Egitto ; distribuiti in Ordine di Materie, Interpretati ed 
Illustrati dal Dottore Ippolito Rosellini, 9 v. 8vo, and 3 v. 
gr. folio; Pisa, 1832-1844. 
29 Ross, Sir James Clark : Voyage of Discovery and Research 
in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, during the Years 
1839-'43, 2v. 8vo; London, 1847. 
29 Ross, John : A Voyage of Discovery, made under the Orders 
of the Admiralty, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and 
Alexander, for the Purpose of Exploring Baffin's Bay, 
and Inquiring into the Probability of a North- West Pas- 
sage, 4to; London, 1819. 

29 Appendix to the Narrative of a Second Voyage 

in Seych of a North- West Passage, and of a Residence 
in the Arctic Regions during the Years 1829-'30-'31-'32- 
'33 ; including the Reports of Capt. James Clark Ross ; 
and the Discovery of the Northern Magnetic Pole, 4to ; 
London, 1835. 

2 Rotteck, Karl von : Allgemeine Geschichte vom anfang der 
historischen Kenntniss bis auf unsere Zeiten, 9 v. 8vo ; 
Freiburgh im Breisgau, 1834. 

2 General History of the World, from the 

Earliest Period to the Year 1840; embracing an Ac- 
count of the Origin and Manners and Customs of all the 
Nations of the Earth ; the Rise and Progress of Judaism, 
Paganism, and Christianity, &c. ; with a Continuation, 
containing an Account of the Various Revolutions and 
Wars in all Parts of the World, from 1840 to the Present 
Time, by Charles J. Peterson, 4 v. in 2, 8vo ; Philadel- 
phia, 1851. 
37 Rotrou, Jean : CEuvres, 5 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1820. 

2 Roullion-Petit, F. : Campagnes M6morables des Frangais 


en Egypte, en Italic, en Hollande, en Allemagne, en 
Prusse, en Pologne, en Espagne, en Russie, en Saxe, &c.; 
ou Histoire Complete de toutes les Operations Militaires 
de la France depuis I'Epoque de TExp^dition d'Egypte 
jusqu'ji. celle du Traill de Paix da 20 Novembre, 1815, 

2 V. gr. folio; Paris, 1817. 

13 Rousseau, J. J.: Letters on the Elements of Botany; ad- 
dressed to a Lady ; translated into English, with Notes, 
and 24 additional Letters, fully Explaining the System 
of Linnaeus, by Thomas Martyn ; 4th edition, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1794. 
2 Rovigo. — Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo, (M. Savary,) 
written by himself; Illustrative of the History of the 
Emperor Napoleon, 4 v. 8vo; Lon4pn, 1828. 

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London, 1852. 

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15 Royal Warrant and Regulations regarding Army Services ; 
and Explanatory Directions for the Information and 
Guidance of Paymasters and others, 8vo; London, 1848. 

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royal 8vo ; London, 1-840. 

13 Roxburgh, William: Plants of the Coast of Coromandel, 

3 v. gr. folio ; London, 1795. 

17 Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with 
Advices: being Extracts from the Minutes and Epistles 
of their Yearly Meeting, held in London, from its first 
institution; 3d edition, 4to ; London, 1834. {Present.) 

29 Ruschenberger, W. S. W. : Three Years in the Pacific ; in- 
cluding Notices of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, 8vo ; 
Philadelphia, 1834. ^ 

29 Voyage Round the World ; in- 
cluding an Embassy to Muscat and Siam, in 1835, 1836, 
and 1837, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1838. 

29 Russell, John : Tour in Germany, and Some of the Southern 
Provinces of the Austrian Empire, in the Years 1820, 
1821, 1822, 8vo ; Boston, 1825. 

2 Russell, Lord John : Memoirs of the Afiairs of Europe, from 

the Peace of Utrecht, 2 v. 4to; London, 1824 and 1829. 

3 Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence 

of Thomas Moore, 4 v. p. 8vo; London, 1853. 

16.2 Rutherforth, T. : Institutes of Natural Law, 2 v. 8vo ; Cam- 
bridge, 1754. 

[^10 Ryan, Michael: Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, and 
State Medicine, compiled from the latest Legal and 
Medical WorksJ &c. ; 2d edition, enlarged and improved, 
8vo; London, 1836. 
29 Ryland, R. H. : History, Topography and Antiquities of the 
County and City of Waterford ; with an Account of the 





Present State of the Peasantry of that Part of the South 
of Ireland, 8vo; London, 1824. 

Rymer, Thomas: Fcedera, Conventiones, Literse, et cujus- 
cunque generis Acta Publica, inter Reges Anglias, et 
alios^quosvis Impsratores, Reges, Pontifices, (fee. ; editio 
secunda, 20 v. folio; Londini, 1727-35. 
29 Saabye, Hans Egede: Greenland; being Extracts from a 
Journal kept in that Country in the Years 1770 to 1778 ; 
with an Introduction, of the Manners of the Greenlanders, 
and of the Mission in Greenland, &c. ; 2d edition, trans- 
lated from the German, 8vo; London, 1818. 
29 Sagard Theodat, Gabriel : Le Grand Voyage du Pays des 
Hvrons, situe en i'Amerique vers la Mer douce, 6s der- 
niers confins de la Nouuelle France, dites Canada; avec 
vn Dictionaire de la langue Huronne, &c., IGmo; Paris, 
2 Saint-Hilaire, E. M. de: Histoire Anecdotique, Politique, 
et Militaire de la Garde Imp^riale ; nouvelle Edition, 2 v. 
gr. 8vo; Paris, 1847. 

Saint-M6ry, M. L. E. Moreau de: Description Topogra- 
phique. Physique, Civile, Politique, et Historique, de la 
Partie Frangaise de I'lsle Saint Oomingue, 2 v. 4to ; 
Philadelphia, 1797-'98. 

Topographical and Po- 
litical Description of the Spanish Part of St. Domingo ; 
translated from the French, by Wm. Cobbett, 2 v. 8vo; 
Philadelphia, 1798. 

Saint-Simon : Memoires Complets et Authentiques du Due 
de Saint-Simon, sur le Si^cle de Louis XIV. et la R6gence, 
publi6s pour la premiere fois sur le Manuscrit original 
enti^rement 6crit de la Main de TAuteur, 21 v. 8vo ; 
Paris, 1829-'30. 
'^ Salaberry, M. de : Histoire de I'Empire Ottoman, depuis sa 
Fondation jusqu'a la Paix d'Yassy, en 1792, 4 v. en 2, 
8vo; Paris, 1813. 

Salazar, Pedro, y G. G. Davila : Mon:irquia de Espana, 3 v. 
folio; Madrid, 1770 y 1771. 
^ Sallust, C. C. : Works: with two Essays on the Life, Char- 
acter, and Writings of the Historian, and Notes, by H. 
Steuart, 2 v. 4t6; London, 1806. 
'^ Salmon, Thomas: Modern History, or Present State of All 

Nations; 3d edition, 3 v. folio; London, 1714-'46. 
i2 .Samouelle, George: Entomological Cabinet; being a Natu- 
ral History of British Insects; 2d edition, 16mo; Lon- 
don, 1841. 
2 Samuels, M. : Memoirs of Moses Mendelsohn, the Jewish 
Philosopher; including the celebrated Correspondence, 
on the Christian Religion, with J. C. Lavater, Minister 
of Zurich; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1827. 
29 Sansonj, Joseph : Sketches of Lower Cariada,^\^\.o\viaX^xA 



Descriptive ; with the Author's Recollections of the Soil, 
&c., during a Tour to Quebec, in the Month of July, 1817, 
12mo; New- York, 1817. 

2 Sarrans, B. : Memoirs of General Lafayette, and of the 

French Revolution of 1830, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1832. 
10 Saukey, F. F. : Familiar Instructions in Medicine and Sar- 
p:ery, with Observations on the Means of Maintaining 
the Henlih of Men on Ship Board, or when Employed 
in Unhealthy Localities, 12mo; London, 1846. 

5 Sarpi, Pietro (Father Paul) : Treatise of Ecclesiastical Bene- 
fices and Revenues; translated by Tobias Jenkins; 3d 
edition, with the Life of Father Paul, by Mr. Lockman, 
8vo; Westminster, 1730. 

9 Saunders, J. C. : Anatomy of the Human Ear ; with a Trea- 
tise on the Diseases of that Organ, the Causes of Deaf- 
ness, and their Proper^tment, folio; London, 1806. 

9 Treatise on some Practical Points Relating 

to the Diseases of the Eye ; to which are added, a Short 
Account of the Author's Life, &c., &c., by J. R. Farre; 
new edition, with Additions, 8vo; London, 1816. 
10 Sauvages, Francisco Boissier de: Nosologia Methodica Sis- 
tens Morborum Classes juxta Sydenhami mentemetBo- 
tanicorum ordinem ; editio ultima, auctior, et emendatior, 
2 V. 4to; Amstelodami, 1768. 

16.1 Sawyer, Frederick W. : Plea for Amusements, 12mo; New- 

York, 1847. {PresenL) 
29 Saxe-Weimar Eisenach, Bernhard, Duke of: Travels through 

North America, during the Years 1825 and 1826,2 v. in 

1, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1828. 
2 Sayous, A. : Memoirs and Correspondence of Mallet da Pan, 

Illustrative of the History of the French Revolution, 2 v. 

8vo; London, 1852. 
9 Scarpa, Antonio : Treatise on the Principal Diseases of the 

Eyes ; translated from the Italian, with Notes, by James 

Briggs; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1818. 
2 Scheffer, John : History of Lapland, folio ; Oxford, 1674. 
43 Scheller, I. J. G. : Copious Latin Grammar ; translated from 

the German, with Alterations, Notes, and Additions, by 

George Walker; 2d edition, 2. v. 8vo; London, 1838. 
2 Schiller. — The Life of Frederich Schiller; comprehending 

an Examination of his Works ; edited by Charles Follen, 

12mo; New- York, 1837. 

16.2 Schmalz, M. : Droit des Gens Europcen ; traduit de TAlle- 

mand, par le Comte Leopold de Bohm, 8vo; Paris, 1823. 
2 Schnitzler, J. H. : Secret History of the Court and Govern- 
ment of Russia under the Emperors Alexander and Nich- 
olas, 2 V. 8vo ; London, 1847. 
2 Schoelcher, V. : Histoire des Crimes du Deux Decembre, 
12mo; Londres, 1852. 
16,2 Schosll, F. : Archives WVsloTvcvvxe^ e\."^c?v\\A^^%\ ^xxRecueil 


de Pieces Oflicielles, M^moires et Morceaux Historiques, 
in6dites ou peu connus, relatifs k rHistoire des 18® et 19* 
Si(^cles, 3 V. 8vo; Paris, 1818-'19. 

^9 Schoolcraft, Henry R. : Narrative Journal of Travels, from 
Detroit, Northwest, through the Great Chain of Ameri- 
can Lakes, to the Sources of the Mississippi River, in 
the Year 1820, 8vo; Albany, 1821. 

29 Narrative of an Expedition through 

the Upper Mississippi to Itaska Lake, the Actual Source 
of this River ; embracing an Exploring Trip through the 
St. Croix and Burnt wood (or Broul6) Rivers, in 1832, 8vo; 
New- York, 1834. 

29 Travels in the Central Portions of 

the Mississippi Valley ; comprising Observations on its 
Mineral Geography, Internal Resources, and Aboriginal 
Population, 8vo; New-York, 1825. 

29 Schultz, Christian : Travels on an Inland Voyage through 
the States of New-York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, 
Kentucky, and Tennessee, and through the Territories 
of Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New-Orleans, 
performed in the Years 1807, and 1808, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; 
New- York, 1810. 

43 Schulze, Ernst : Gothisches Glossar ; mit einer Vorrede von 
Jacob Grimm, 4to; Magdeburg, 1847. 

43 Schiitze, Johann Friedrich: Holsteinisches Idiotikon, ein 
Beitrag zur Volkssittengeschichte, 2 v. 8vo; Hamburg, 

10 Scott, John : Cases of Tic Douloureux, and other Forms of 
Neuralgia, 8vo; London, 1834. 

3 Life of the Reverend ThomasnScott, Rector of 

Aston Sandford, Bucks, 12mo; New-York, 1828. 

29 Paris Revisited, in 1815, by Way of Brussels, 

including a Walk Over the Field of Battle at Waterloo, 
12mo; Boston, 1816. 

29 Scott, Joseph : Geographical Dictionary of the United States 
of North America, 8vo; PhiladelpFiia, 1805. 
3 Scott, Sir Walter : Border Antiquities of England and Scot- 
land ; comprising Specimens of Architecture and Sculp- 
ture, and other Vestiges of Former Ages, accompanied 
by Descriptions; together with Illustrations of Remark- 
able Incidents in Border History and Tradition, and 
Original Poetry, 2 v. folio ; London, 1814. 

25 Scott, William: Elements of Arithmetic and Algebra; 3d 
edition, 8vo; London, 1851. 

26 Plane Trigonometry and Mensuration, 8vo ; 

London, 1845. 

29 Scoresby, William : Account of the Arctic Regions, with 
a History and Description of the Northern Whale Fish- 
ery, 2 V. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1820. 

29 Journal of a Yoyage lo \\i^^Qt\\!L^TtL 


Whale Fishery ; including Researches and Discoveries 
on the Eastern Coast of West Greenland, made in the 
Summer of 1822, in the Ship Baffin of Liverpool, 8vo; 
Edinburgh, 1823. 

15 Scrivener, Harry : Railways of the United Kingdom, Sta- 
tistically Considered, in relation to their Extent, Capital, 
Financial Position, (fee, 8vo; London, 1849. 

10 Scudamore, Charles : Cases Illustrating and Confirming the 
Remedial Power of the Inhalation of Iodine and Conium 
in Tubercular Phthisis, and Various Disordered States 
of the Lungs and Air- Passages ; 2d edition, Svo ; Lon- 
don, 1834. 

10 Medical Visit to Grafenberg, in April 

and May, 1843, for the Purpose of Investigating the 
Merits of the Water-Cure Treatment, 8vo; London, 

10 Observations on M. Laennec's Method 

of Forming a Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Chest by 
Means of the Stethoscope, and of Percussion ; and upon 
some Points of the French Practice of Medicine, Svo ; 
London, 1826. ^ 

10 Treatise on the Composition and Me- 
dical Properties of the Mineral Waters of Buxton, Mat- 
lock, Tunbridge Wells, Harrowgate, Bath, Bristol, Chel- 
tenham, Leamington, Malvern, Isle of Wight, Brighton, 
and the Beulah Spa, Norwood : with Instructive Obser- 
vations on the Drinking of the Waters, and the Use of 
the several Baths; 2d edition, &c., Svo; London, 1833. 

10 Treatise on the Nature and Cure of 

Gout and Gravel ; with General Observations on Morbid 
States of the Digestive Organs ; and on Regimen ; 4th 
edition, Svo; London, 1823. 

10 Further Examination of the Princi- 
ples of the Treatment of Gout ; wittf Observations on 
the Use and Abuse of Colchicum; 2d edition, &c., Svo; 
London, 1833. 
3 Secret Correspondence of Sir Robert Cecil with James VL, 
King of Scotland ; now first published, by Sir David 
Dalrymple, 12ma; Edinburgh, 1766. 
3 Secret History of the Court and Reign of Charles the Second, 
by a Member of his Privy Council ; to which are added, 
Introductory Sketches of the preceding Period, from the 
Accession of James I., with Notes, &c., 2 v. Svo; Lon- 
don, 1792. 

2 Secret Memoirs of the Court of Petersburg ; particularly 
towards the End of the Reign of Catharine II. and the 
Commencement of that of Paul I. ; translated from the 
French, 3 v. in 2, Svo ; London, 1801 and 1802. 

2 Secret Societies of the Middle Ages, 12mo ; London, 184S. 


S4 Sedgwick, Catharine M. : Clarence; or, a Tale of Our 
Own Times ; Author's revised edition, 12mo ; New- York, 
S4 New England Tale, and Mis- 
cellanies, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 
^4 Redwood ; a Tale ; Author's re- 
vised edition, 12mo; New- York, 1850. 
^9 Seemann, Berthoid : Narrative of the Voyage of H. M. S. 
Herald, during the Years 1845-51, under the Command 
of Capt. Henry Kellett; being a Circumnavigation of 
the Globo, and Three Cruises to the Arctic Regions in 
Search of Sir .John Franklin, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1853. 
2 Segur, Philip de : History of Charles VIII., King of France : 
translated by Richard R. Montgomery, 2 v. 12mo; Phil- 
adelphia, 1842. 
2 History of the Expedition to Russia, un- 
dertaken by the Emperor Napoleon, in 1812, 2 v. 12mo : 
Philadelphia, 1825. 

History of Russia and of Peter the Great, 

8vo ; London, 1829. 

Memoirs and Recollections, written bv 

7 C' 

Himself, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1825-27. 

12 Selby, Prideaux John : Illustrations of British Ornithology, 
(Land and Water Birds,) 2 v. 8vo ; Edinburgh, 1833. 

12 Plates, 2 v. gr. folio; London, 1841. 

34 Select Fables ; with Cuts, designed and engraved by Thomas 
and John Bewick, and others, previous to the Year 1784 ; 
together with a Memoir; and a Descriptive Catalogue 
of the Works of Messrs. Bewick, 8vo; Newcastle, 1820. 
17 Selection from the Christian Advices issued by the Yearly 
Meeting of the Society of Friends, held in London ; 6th 
edition, enlarged, 12mo ; London, 1851. (Present.) 
17 Selections from the Epistles of George Fox; by Samuel 
Tuke; 2d edition, with additions, 12mo; London, 1848. 
^9 Selkirk, James: Recollections of Ceylon, after a Residence 
of nearly Thirteen Years ; with an Account of the Church 
Missionary Society's Operations in the Island; and Ex- 
tracts from a Journal, 8vo; London, 1844. 
3 Selkirk. — Statement respecting Lord Selkirk's Settlement 
upon the Red River, in North America ; its Destruction 
in 1815 and 1816; and the Massacre of Governor Semple 
and his Party, 8vo; London, 1817. 

17 Sermons, by John Kentish, at Birmingham, September 9, 
1804 ; and by John Stephens, in Edinburgh, October 20, 
1803, 8vo; Birmingham, 1804, and Edinburgh, 1803. 

26 Sestini, Benedict: Treatise on Analytical Geometry, 8 vo ; 
Washington, 1852. (Present) 

10 Seymour, Edward J. : Nature and Treatment of Dropsy, 
&c.; to v/bich is added, an Appeud\'3L,coxvX^VD[vcv%^\x^Tss.- 


lation of the Work of F. C. Geromini, on Dropsy, 8vo; 
London, 1837. 

38 Shadwell, Thomas: Dramatic Works, 4 v. 24mo; London, 
^ 37 Shakspeare, William : Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies ; 
published according to the true Original Copies: unto 
which is added. Seven Plays, never before printed in 
folio; 4th edition, folio; London, 1685. 

37 Dramatic Works; with a Glossary, 

8vo ; London, 1852. 

37 Works; the Text regulated by the 

recently Discovered folio of 1632, containing Early 
Manuscript Emendations, with a History of the Stage, 
a Life of the Poet, and an Introduction to each Play, by 
J.Payne Collier; to which are added, Glossarial and 
other Notes and the Readings of former Editions, impe- 
rial 8vo; New- York, 1853. 

43 Sharpe, Samuel: Egyptian Inscriptions, from the British 
Museum and other sources; in two Parts, folio; Lon- 
don, 1837-'41. 
2 Shaw, C. : Personal Memoirs and Correspondence of Col. 
Charles Shaw; comprising a Narrative of the War for 
Constitutional Liberty in Portugal and Spain, from its 
Commencement in 1831, to the Dissolution of the British 
Legion in 1837, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1837. 

29 Shaw, Charles : Topographical and Historical Descriptipn 

of Boston, from the First Settlement of the Town to the 
Present Period, 12mo; Boston, 1817. 

12 Shaw, George: General Zoology, or Systematic Natural 
History ; with the Continuation, by J. F. Stephens, 14 v. 
8vo; London, 1800-26. 

12 Naturalist's Miscellany ; or, Coloured Fig- 
ures of Natural Objects; Drawn and Described im- 
mediately from Nature, 24 v. royal 8vo; London, 
1789, &c. 

30 Shaw, H.: The History and Antiquities of the Chapel at 

Lucton Park, a Seat of the Marquess of Bute, imperial 

folio; London, 1829. 
29 Shaw, John : Tramp to the Diggings ; being Notes of a 

Ramble in Australia and New Zealand in 1852, p. 8vo ; 

London, 1852. 
10 Shaw, Peter: New Practice of Physic, &c. ; 7th edition, 

corrected, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1753. 
15 Shearman, Francis W. : System of Public Instruction and 

Primary School Law of Michigan, with Explanator}^ 

Notes, Forms, Regulations and Instructions, a Digest of 

Decisions, &c., 8vo; Lansing, 1852. {Present.) 
29 Shelvocke, George: A Voyage Round the W^orld, by the 

Way of the Great South Sea ; 2d edition, revised, 8vo ; 

London, 1757. 


2 Shepherd, William: Life of Poggio Bracciolini, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1837. 

29 Sherwood, Adiel : Gazetteer of the State of Georgia ; 3d edi- 
tion, greatly enlarged and improved, 12mo ; Washington 
City, 1837. 

29 Shillibeer, John : Narrative of the Briton's Voyage to Pit- 
cairn's Island ; including an interesting Sketch of the 
Present State of the Brazils, and of Spanish South Ame- 
rica; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1817. 
2 Shoberl, Frederick : Historical Account, interspersed with 
Biographical Anecdotes of the House of Saxony, tracing 
the Descent of the present Royal and Ducal Branches ; 
and containing a Memoir of the Life of Leopold George 
Christian Frederick, Duke of Saxon}^ &c., 12mo: Lon- 
don, 1816. 

24 Shore, Frederick John : Notes on India, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 

10 Short, Thomas: Discourses on Tea, Sugar, Milk, Made- 
Wines, Spirits, Punch, Tobacco, &c. ; with Plain and 
Useful Rules for Gouty People, 8vo ; London, 1750. 

10 — Natural, Experimental, and Medicinal His- 
tory of the Mineral Waters of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, 
and Yorkshire, particularly those of Scarborough, 4to ; 
London, 1734. 
2 Siborne, W: History of the War in France and Belgium, in 
1815; containing Minute Details of the Battles of Qua- 
tre-Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo ; 3d and revised 
edition, with Remarks upon the Rev. G. R. Gleig's " Story 
of Waterloo," 8vo; London, 1848. 
Atlas, folio; London, 1848. 

13 Sibthorp, J. : Florae Graecac Prodromus ; sive Plantarum om- 
nium enumeratio, quas in Provinciis aut Insulis Graeciae ; 
Characteres et Synonyma omnium Annotationibus elab- 
oravit J. E. Smith, 2 v. 8vo; Londini, 1806. 

29 Sidney, Samuel: The Three Colonies of Australia; New 
South Wales, Victoria, South Australia; their Pastures, 
Copper Mines, and Coal Fields, 8vo; London, 1852. 
2 Sketches of Popular Tumults; Illustrative of the Evils of 
Social Ignorance, ISmo; London, 1837. 

12 Sloane, Hans: Voyage to the Islands of Madera, Barbados, 
Nieves, S. Christophers, and Jamaica, with the Natural 
History of the Herbs and Trees, four-footed Beasts, 
Fishes, Birds, Insects, Reptiles, &c., of the last of those 
Islands, 2 v. folio; London, 1707 and 1725. 

10 Sigmond, George G. : Mercury, Blue Pill, and Calomel; 
their Use and Abuse, 16mo ; London, 1840. 

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or, Sketches of American Scenes and Military Adven- 
ture, 12mo; New- York, 1843. 


6 Silliman, Benjamin : Outline of the Course of Geological 
Lectures, given in Yale College, 8vo ; New-Haven, 1829. 

29 Remarks, made on a Short Tour, be- 
tween Hartford and Quebec, in the Autumn of 1819; 
2d edition, 12mo; New-Haven, 1824. 
3 Simeon. — Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. Charles Simeon; 
with a Selection from his Writings and Correspondence ; 
edited by the Rev. William Carus ; the American edi- 
tion, edited by the Right Rev. Charles P. Mcllvaine, 
8vo; New- York, 1852. 

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Branches; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1795. 

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ment of the Navy ; being a Supplement to Ideas as to 
the Effect of Heavy Ordnance Directed against and 
Applied by Ships of War, 8vo; London, 1839. 

15 Ideas as to the Application of Ar- 
tillery in the Field ; preceded by some Remarks on the 
Promotion of Officers of that Corps in the British Ser- 
vice, 8vo; London, 1818. 

15 Ideas as to the Effect of Heavy 

Ordnance Directed against and Applied by Ships of 
War, particularly with Reference to the Use of Hollow 
Shot and Loaded Shells, 8vo ; London, 1837. 

15 Remarks on the Constitution and 

Practice of Courts Martial ; with a Summary of the 
Law of Evidence, as connected with such Courts, &c. ; 
4th revised edition, 8vo ; London, 1852. 

31 Simon's Essay on Irish Coins, and of the Currency of For- 
eign Monies in Ireland ; with Mr. Snelling's Supplement: 
also, an additional Plate, containing nineteen Coins, never 
before published, 4to ; Dublin, 1810. 

29 Simond, Lewis: Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great 
Britain, during the Years 1810 and 1811,2 v. 8vo; New- 
York, 1815. 

29 Switzerland; or, a Journal of a Tour and 

Residence in that Country, in the Years 1817, 1818, and 
1819; followed by an Historical Sketch of the Manners 
and Customs of Ancient and Modern Helvetia, 2 v. 8vo ; 
Boston, 1822. 
2 Simms, W. Gilmore: Life of the Chevalier Bayard, 12mo; 
New- York, 1847. 

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World, during the Years 1841 and 1842, 2 v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1847. 

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2d edition, 12mo; London, 1851. 

15 Military Catechism, designed for the Use of 

the Non-Commissioned Officers and others of the Infan- 
try ; 0th edition, 12mo; Portsmouth, ift^i. 


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de la Liberty en Italie, de ses Progr^s, de sa Decadence 
et de sa Chute, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1832. 

Histoire des Francais, 31 v. 

8vo; Paris, 1821-1844. 

Histoire des R6publiques 

Italiennes du Moyen Age ; nouvelle Edition, revue et 
corrig6e, 16 v. 8vo; Paris, 1826. 

Pr6cis de I'Histoire des 

Francais, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1839. 
2 Sketch of ihe History of France, from the Suspension of 
the Monarchy in 1792, to its Re-Establishment in 1815; 
with illustrative Official Papers, 8vo; London, 1817. 

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Practical Notes on Country Residences, Villas, Public 
Parks, and Gardens, 12mo; London, 1852. 

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Mayence, Wiesbaden, Niederbieber, Bonn, and Cologne, 
8vo; London, 1851. 

29 Smith, Eli : Researches of the Rev. E. Smith and Rev. H. 
G. O. Dwight, in Armenia; including a Journey through 
Asia Minor, and into Georgia and Persia, w^ith a Visit 
to the Nestorian and Chaldean Christians of Oormiah 
and Salmas, 2 v. 12mo; Boston, 1833. 

29 Smith, Francis : Account of a Voyage for the Discovery of 
a North-West Passage by Hudson's Streights, to the 
Western and Southern Ocean of America, pei*formed in 
the Years 1746 and 1747, in the Ship California, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1748 and 1749. 

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LinnsBUs, and other Naturalists, from the Original Manu- 
scripts, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1821. 

13 The English Flora, 5 v. Svo ; Lon- 
don, 1824-'33. 
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Extracts from his Writings, and from Despatches in the 
State Paper Office, never before published, 2 v. 8vo; 
London, 1843. 
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cultural Canals of Piedmont and Lombardy, addressed 
to the Honourable the Court of Directors of the East 
India Company, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1852. 
7 Maps and PlanSj gr. folio; London, 1852. 

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tion of the Physical and Mental Constitution of Man, 
with a View to the Promotion of Human Longevity 
and Happiness, 2 v. 24mo; London, 1836-8. 

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3d edition, 8vo; London, 1852. 



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Nepaul, from 1841 to 1845, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1852. 

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and on the Prevention and Eradication of the Strumous 
Diathesis, 8vo; London, 1844. 

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Roman Imperial Large-Brass Medals, 4to; Bedford, 1834. 

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gether with Guard Mounting and Relief of Sentries; 
Parts 1 and 2, 12mo; London, 1850. 
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tailing the Operations of Major-General Sir Archibald 
Campbell's Army, from its Landing at Rangoon, in May 
1824, to the Conclusion of a Treaty of Peace at Yanda- 
boo, in February, 1826, 8vo ; London, 1827. 

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Cambridge, 1845. 

26 Elements of Plane Trigonometry; with 

the Construction and Use of Logarithmic Tables of 
Numbers, and those of Trigonometric Functions of 
Angles; 2d edition, 8vo; Cambridge, 1834. 

26 Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigo- 
nometry ; with the Construction and Use of Tables of 
Logarithms, both of Numbers and for Angles, 16mo; 
Cambridge, 1852. 

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of the Months; 2d edition, 2 v. 12mo ; London, 1849. 

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Arrangement of all the British Mints hitherto Discovered, 
folio; Bath, 1798. 

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the Spaniards ; translated from the Spanish, by Thomas 
Townsend ; the whole translation revised and corrected 
by Nathanael Hooke ; 3d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 
2 Southey, Robert : Chronicle of the Cid, from the Spanish, 4to ; 
London, 1808. 

3 Life of Wesley ; and Rise and Progress of 

Methodism; with Notes, by the late Samuel Taylor 
Coleridge, and Remarks on the Life and Character of 
John Wesley, by the late Alexander Knox; edited by 
the Rev. Charles Cuthbert Southey ; 2d Anjerican edi- 
tion, with Notes, by the Rev. Daniel Curry, 2 v. 12mo; 
New- York, 1847. 
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comprising the History of the Rise and Progress of the 
System of Mutual Tuition, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1844. 
Somtaey, Thomas : Chronological History of the West In- 

H fL^* ^ ^' ®^® ' London, 1827. 

^^"^f Mexis; Gastronomic Regenerator ; a Simplified and 


entirely New System of Cookery; 8th edition, 8 vo ; Lon- 
don, 1852. 

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York, 8 vo; Albany, 1824. 
S4 Spain. — Diario ile las Sesiones del Congreso de los Diputa- 

dos; Legislatura de 1850-1851, 3 v. folio; Madrid, 

1851-52. (2 copies.) {Exchange,) 
S9 Spanish Empire in America ; by an English Merchant, 8vo ; 

London, 1747, 
4 Sparks, Jared : Letter to Lord Mahon, being an Answer to 

his Letter Addressed to the Editor of Washington's 

Writings, 8vo ; Boston, 1852. {Present.) 
40 Speeches of the Celebrated Irish Orators, Philips, Curran, 

and Grattan ; to which is added, the Powerful Appeal 

of Robert Emmett, at the Close of his Trial for High 

Treason, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1850. 

30 Specimens of Architectural Remains in various Counties in 

England, but principally in Norfolk, etched by John Sell 
Cotman ; with Descriptive Notices by Dawson Turner, 
and Architectural Observations by Thomas Rickman, 
2 v. imperial folio; London, 1838. 

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revised and enlarged, 16mo; London, 1850. 

15 Spectateur Militaire, Recueil de Science, d'Art et d'His- 
toire Militaires; du 15 Avril au 15 Octobre, 18.52, 8vo; 
Paris, 1852. 

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cluding a Tour through Imeritia, Mingrelia, Turkey, 
Moldavia, &c., in 1836, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1838, 

29 Travels in European Turkey, in 1850, 

through Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thrace, 
Albania, and Epirus ; with a Visit to Greece and the 
Ionian Isles, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1851. 

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Languages; 2d edition, 12mo; London, 1852. 
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of the Sheep, 12mo; London, 1844. 

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tences of Celsus, with Explanations and References to 
the most Considerable Writers in Physic and Philosophy, 
both Ancient and Modern, 8vo; London, 1708. 

15 Squad Book, ob. 18mo; London, 1852. 

15 Standing Navy more Economical and Efficient than our 
Present Irregular Force, with some Remarks on Naval 
Titles, Naval Courts Martial, Officers' Messes, &c., 8vo ; 
London, 1851. 

15 Standing Orders, and Interior Regulations of the Scots 

Fusilier Regiment of Guards, 12mo; London, 1851. 
15 Standing Orders by Col. Baumgardt, with the Sanction of 


29 Stockdale, John : Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany 
Bay; with an Account of the Establishment of llic 
Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island; compiled 
from Authentic Papers, which have been Obtained from 
the several Departments, 4to; London, 1789. 

15 Stocqueler, J. H^: Military Encyclopaedia; a Technical, 
Biographical, and Historical Dictionary, referring ex-, 
clusively to the Military Sciences, the Memoirs of Dis- 
tinguished Soldiers, and the Narratives of Remarkable 
Battles, 8vo ; London, 1853. 

28 Stoetfler, J. : Veterum Ephemeridum Opus, ab Anno Christi 
1499 ad 1544, 4to ; Tubingse, 1549. 
3 Stow, John : Survey of London ; containing the Original!, 
Antiquitie, Encrease, and more Moderne Estate of the 
sayd Famous Citie ; as also, the Rule and Gouvernment 
thereof (both Ecclesiasticall and Temporall) from Time 
to Time, &c., 8vo; London, 1618. 

25 Stowe, W. E. : Time Tables, shewing, without Mental Cal- 
culation, the Number of Days from any given Day in 
the Month, to every Day in any other Month during a 
Year, adapted for use in Military, Mercantile, and Bank- 
ing Offices, 4to; London, 1848. 

2 Strada, Famianus: De Bello Belgico ; the History ot the 

Low-Countrey Warres ; translated from the original 
Latin into English, by Sr. Rob. Stapylton, Kt., folio; 
London, 1650. 
24 Strange, William: Unclaimed Dividend Books of the South 
Sea Stock, now lying in the Bank of England, &c., 1 2mo ; 
London, 1851. 

3 Strickland, Agnes: Lives of the Queens of England, from 

the Norman Conquest ; a new edition, revised, and 
greatly Augmented, &c., 8 v. 8vo ; London, 1852. 
10 Strother, Edward : Euodia; or, a Discourse on Causes and 
Cures, 8vo; London, 1718. 

3 Strutt, Joseph : Complete View of the Dress and Habits of 
the People of England, from the Establishment of the 
Saxons in Britain to the Present Time ; new and im- 
proved edition, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, by 
J. R. Planch6, 2 v. 4to: London, 1842. 

3 Sports and Pastimes of the People of Eng- 
land ; including Rural and Domestic Recreations, May- 
Games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions and Pompous 
Spectacles, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 
&c. ; 2d edition, 4tq; London, 1810. 

3 Stuart, Robert: Caledonia Romana ; a Descriptive Account 
of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland; 2d edition, re- 
vised by David Thomson, 4to; Edinburgh, 1852. 

15 Descriptive History of the Steam Engine; 

new edition, continuing the Subject to the Year 1829, 
8vo; London, 1829. 


ningryk der Nederlanden ; over het jaar 1851, folio; 
Gravenhage, 1852. {Present,) 
7 Stephens, Henry : Book of the Farm ; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo ; 

Edinburgh, 1852. 
29 Stephens, John L. : Incidents of Travel in Central America, 
Chiapas, and Yucatan; 12th edition, 2 v. 8vo; New- 
York, 1852. 

29 Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, 2 v. 

8vo; New- York, 1848. 

29 Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia 

Petraoa, and the Holy Land; 10th edition, with Addi- 
tions, 2 v. 12mo; New-York, 1851. 
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Diseases ; containing their Definition, Principles, and 
Treatment, with a New Pathology of Fever and Inflam- 
mation, 8 vo; London, 1841. 
lO Stevens, Wm. : Observations on the Healthy and Diseased 
Properties of the Blood, 8vo; London, 1832. 
S Stevenson, John : Cataract ; a Familiar Description of its 
Nature, Symptoms and Ordinary Modes of Treatment, 
particularly with Reference to the System Devised, and 
Carried into Extensive Operation, with almost invaria- 
ble Success; 3d edition, 12mo ; London, 1836. 
9 Stevenson, W. B. : Historical and Descriptive Narrative of 
Twenty Years' Residence in South America, 3 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1825. 
^9 Stevenson, William : Historical Sketch of the Progress of 
Discovery, Navigation, and Commerce, from the Earliest 
Records to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century, 
8vo ; London, 1824. 
29 Stewart, C. S.: Visit to the South Seas, in the United 
States Ship Vincennes, during the Years 1829 and 1830; 
including Notices of Brazil, Peru, Manilla, the Cape of 
Good Hope, and St. Helena, 2 v. 12mo ; New- York, 1831. 
44 Stillingfleet, Benjamin : Select Works, and Literary Life ; 

edited by W. Coxe, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; London, 1811. 
31 Stirling, William : Annals of the Artists of Spain, 3 v. 8vo; 
London, 1848. 

2 The Cloister Life of the Emperor Charles 

the Fifth, 12mo; London, 1852. 
29 Stoddard, Amos: Sketches, Historical and Descriptive, of 

Louisiana, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1812. 
29 Stokes, J. Lort : Discoveries in Australia ; with an Account 
of the Coasts and Rivers Explored and Surveyed during 
the Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle, in the Years 1837-'38 
-'39-'40-'41-'42- 43, by Command of the Lords Commis- 
sioners of the Admiralty ; also, a Narrative of Captain 
Owen Stanley's Visits to the Islands in the Arafura Sea, 
2 V. 8vo ; London, 1846. 


29 Stockdale, John : Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany 
Bay; with an Account of the Establishment of the 
Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island ; compiled 
from Authentic Papers, which have been Obtained from 
the several Departments, 4to; London, 1789. 

15 Stocqueler, J. H^: Military Encyclopaedia; a Technical, 
Biographical, and Historical Dictionary, referring ex-, 
clusively to the Military Sciences, the Memoirs of Dis- 
tinguished Soldiers, and the Narratives of Remarkable 
Battles, 8vo ; London, 1853. 

28 Stoetfler, J. : Veterum Ephemeridum Opus, ab Anno Christi 
1499 ad 1544, 4to ; Tubingae, 1549. 
3 Stow, John : Survey of London ; containing the Originall, 
Antiquitie, Encrease, and more Moderne Estate of the 
sayd Famous Citie ; as also, the Rule and Gouvernment 
thereof (both Ecclesiasticall and Temporall) from Time 
to Time, &c., 8vo; London, 1618. 

25 Stowe, W. E. : Time Tables, shewing, without Mental Cal- 
culation, the Number of Days from any given Day in 
the Month, to every Day in any other Month during a 
Year, adapted for use in Military, Mercantile, and Bank- 
ing Offices, 4to; London, 1848. 

2 Strada, Famianus: De Bello Belgico; the History ot the 

Low-Countrey Warres ; translated from the original 
Latin into English, by Sr. Rob. Stapylton, Kt., folio ; 
London, 1650. 
24 Strange, William: Unclaimed Dividend Books of the South 
Sea Stock, now lying in the Bank of England, &c., 12mo ; 
London, 1851. 

3 Strickland, Agnes: Lives of the Queens of England, from 

the Norman Conquest; a new edition, revised, and 
greatly Augmented, &c., 8 v. 8vo ; London, 1852. 
10 Strother, Edward : Euodia; or, a Discourse on Causes and 
Cures, 8vo; London, 1718. 

3 Strutt, Joseph : Complete View of the Dress and Habits of 
the People of England, from the Establishment of the 
Saxons in Britain to the Present Time; new and im- 
proved edition, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, by 
J. R. Planch6, 2 v. 4to: London, 1842. 

3 Sports and Pastimes of the People of Eng- 
land ; including Rural and Domestic Recreations, May- 
Games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions and Pompous 
Spectacles, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 
&c. ; 2d edition, 4tq; London, 1810. 

3 Stuart, Robert : Caledonia Romana ; a Descriptive Account 
of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland ; 2d edition, re- 
vised by David Thomson, 4to; Edinburgh, 1852. 

15 Descriptive History of the Steam Engine; 

new edition, continuing the Subject to the Year 1829, 
8vo; London, 1829. 


15 Stuart, Robert: Historical and Descriptive Anecdotes of 
Steam Engines, and of their Inventors and Improvers, 
2 V. 16mo; London, 1829. 
10 Stukeley, William: Of the Spleen, its Description and His- 
tory, Uses and Diseases, particularly the Vapors, vi^ith 
their Remedy; to which is added, some Anatomical 
Observations in the Dissection of an Elephant, folio; 
London, 1723. 

31 The Medallic History of Marcvs Avre- 

livs Valerivs Caravsivs, Emperor in Brittain ; in two 
Books, 4to; London, 1757 and 1759. 
2 Sue, Eugene: Histoire de la Marine Fran9aise sous Louis 
XIV.; 2« Edition, 5 v. gr. 8vo ; Paris, 1835-'38. 

31 Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna, 2 v. folio. 

15 Suggestions for the Defence of Great Britain, without In- 
creased Expenditure, 8vo; London, 1851. 

29 Sullivan, Edward: Rambles and Scrambles in North and 
South America, p. 8vo; London, 1852. 
2 Sully, Maximilian de Bethune, Due de : Memoires ; nouvelle 
edition, plus exacte et plus correcte que les pr^cedentes, 
6 V. 8vo; Paris, 1814. 

2 Memoirs ; translated from 

the French, by Charlotte Lennox ; new edition, revised 
and corrected ; with Additional Notes, &c., 5 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1810. 

43 Surenne, Gabriel : Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the 
French and English Languages; 8th edition, 12mo; 
Edinburgh, 1852. 

29 Sutherland, Peter C : Journal of a Voyage in Baffin's Bay 
and Barrow Straits, in the Years 1850-1851, performed 
by H. M. Ships "Lady Franklin" and "Sophia," under 
the Command of Mr. William Penny, in Search of the 
Missing Crews of H. M. Ships Erebus and Terror: with 
a Narrative of Sledge Excursions on the Ice of Welling- 
ton Channel ; and Observations on the Natural History 
and Physical Features of the Countries and Frozen Seas 
Visited! ; with Maps, Plates and Wood-engravings, 2 v. 
p. 8vo; London, 1852. 

17 Swain, J. H. : Objections of Mr. David Levi, to the Mission, 
Conduct, and Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ, Exam- 
ined, 8 vo ; London, 1787. 

12 Swammerdam, John : Book of Nature; or, the History of 

Insects; with a Life of the Author, by H. Boerhaave; 
translated from the Dutch and Latin, by Thomas Flloyd ; 
revised and improved by Notes from Reaumur and others, 
by John Hill, folio; London, 1758. 

13 Sweet, Robert : British Flower ciarden, 7 v. royal 8vo ; Lon- 

don, 1838. 

13 Cistineae ; the Natural Order of Cistus, or 

Rock-Rose,- Illustrated by coloured Fv^vx^e^ ^\A \^^- 


scriptions of all the Distract Species, and the most 
Prominent Varieties, that could be at Present Procured 
in the Gardens of Great Britain ; with the best Direc- 
tions for their Cultivation and Propagation, royal 8vo ; 
London, 1825-30. 

13 Sweet, Robert : Geraniaceae ; the Natural Order of Gerania, 
Illustrated by coloured Figures and Descriptions; con- 
taining the numerous and beautiful Mule-Varieties Cul- 
tivated in the Gardens of Great Britain, with Directions 
for their Treatment, 4 v. royal 8vo; London, 1820-28. 

10 Swieten, Baron van : Conrimentaries on Boerhaave's Apho- 
risms concerning the Knowledge and Cure of Diseases; 
translated from the Latin, 18 v. 12mo; Edinburgh, 1776. 
2 Swinburne, Henry : The Courts of Europe at the Close of 
the Last Century; edited by Charles White, 2 v. 8vo; 
London, 1841. 

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8vo ; Londini, 1844. 

10 Whole Works; 7th edition, corrected 

from the original Latin, by John Pechey, 8vo; London, 

9 Syme, James: Diseases of the Rectum; 2d edition, Svo; 

Edinburgh, 1838. 

43 Szmidta, J. A. E. : JSlownik Polsko-Rossyisko-Niemiecki, 

8vo; Wroclawiu, 1834. 

43 Slownik Rossyisko-Polsko-Niemiecki, 

8vo; Wroclawiu, 1836. 

2 Tallemant des R6aux: Les Historiettes ; M^moires pour 

servir ^ I'Histoire du XVII® Siecle, publics sur le MS. 
Autographe de I'Auteur ; 2® Edition, pr^c^d^e d'une No- 
tice sur I'Auteur, augment^e de passages in^dits, &c., 
par M. Monmerqu6, 10 v. en 5, 18mo; Paris, 1840. 

29 Tanner, John : Narrative of the Captivity and Adventures 
during Thirty Years' Residence among the Indians in 
the Interior of North America ; prepared for the Press 
by Edwin James, 8vo; New-York, 1830. 

33 Tasso, Torquato : Godfrey of Bulloigne ; or, the Recovery 
of Jerusalem: done into English Ileroical Verse, by Ed- 
ward Fairfax ; with the Lives of Tasso and Fairfax ; 
2d edition, reprinted from the original folio of 1600, 2 v. 
Svo; Windsor, 1817. 

10 Taylor, Alfred S. : Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, 16mo ; 

London, 1852. 
10 On Poisons, in relation to Medical Juris- 
prudence and Medicine, 16mo; London, 1848. 

3 Teignmouth, Lord : Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Cor- 

respondence of Sir William Jones, 8 vo; Philadelphia, 1845. 

44 Temple, Sir William: Works Complete; to which is pre- 

fixed, the Life and Character of the Author, considerably 
enlarged, 4 v. Svo; London, 1814, 


15 Templeton, William: Locomotive Engine Popularly Ex- 
plained, and illustrated by Lithographic Designs, &c. ; 
2d edition, 12mo; London, 1848. 

2 Tenhove, Nicholas : Memoirs of the House of Medici, from 
its Origin to the Death of Francesco, the Second Grand 
Duke of Tuscany, and of the Great Men who Flourished 
in Tuscany within that Period ; from the French, with 
Notes and Observations, by Sir Richard Clayton, 2 v. 
4to; Bath, 1797. 

2 Tennent, Sir James Emerson : History of Modern Greece, 

from its Conquest by the Romans, B. C. 146, to the 
Present Time, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1845. 
38 Terence's Comedys, translated into English, and the original 
Latin, from the best editions, on the opposite Pages, 
with Critical and Explanatory Notes; to which is pre- 
fixed, a Dissertation on the Life and Writings of Terence, 
by Mr. Cooke; 2d edition, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1749. 

3 Thackeray, Francis : History of the Right Hon. William 

Pitt, Earl of Chatham, 2 v. 4to; London, 1827. 
42 Thackeray, W. M. : English Humorists of the Eighteenth 
Century ; a Series of Lectures, p. 8vo ; London, 1853. 

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and of Civic States and Habits of Living, on Health and 
Longevity; 2d edition, 8vo; London, 1832. 

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folio; Amstelodami, 1644. 

2 Thibaudeau, A. C. : Histoire des Etats G6n6raux et des In- 
stitutions Repr6sentatives en France, depuis I'Origine 
de la Monarchic jusqu'a 1789, 3 v. en 1, gr. 8vo ; Brux- 
elles, 1844. 

2 Le Consulat et TEmpire, ou Histoire de 

la France et de Napoleon Bonaparte, de 1799 a 1815, 
10 V. 8vo; Paris, 1834-35. 

2 M^moires sur la Convention et Direc- 

toire ; 2^ Edition, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1827. 

*2 Thi^bault, Dieudonn6: Mes Souvenirs de Vingt Ans de 
Sejour a Berlin ; ou Fr6d6ric le Grand, sa Famille, sa 
Cour, son Gouvernement, son Academic, ses Ecoles, et 
ses Amis Litt6rateurs et Philosophes ; 3® Edition, revue 
par A. H. Dampmartin, 4 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1813. 

2 Thierry, Augustin ; Dix Ans d'Etude Historiques ; 4® Edi- 
tion, 8vo ; Paris, 1842. 

2 Lettres sur I'Histoire de France, pour 

servir d'Introduction k I'Etude de cette Histoire ; T edi- 
tion, 8vo; Paris, 1842. 

History of the Conquest of England by 

the Normans ; with its Causes, from the Earliest Period, 
and its Consequences to the Present Time ; translated from 
the French, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1825. 
15 Thiroux, Charles- Victor : InstraclioiiT\xfeot\^'^^\.^^^Nl\^^ 


d'Artillerie, k I'usage des El^ves de I'Ecole Militaire de 
Saint-Cyr; 3« Edition, 8 vo; Paris, 1849. 

10 Thomas, Robert : Modern Practice of Physic ; exhibiting 
the Symptoms, Causes, Prognostics, Morbid Appear- 
ances, and Treatment of all the Diseases of all Climates ; 
11th edition, thoroughly revised, corrected, and to a con- 
siderable extent re-written, by Algernon Frampton, 2 v, 
8vo; London, 1853. 

29 Thompson, Zadock: History of Vermont, Natural, Civil, 
and Statistical ; with a i\ew Map of the State, 8vo ; 
Burlington, 1842. 

10 Thomson, Anthony Todd : London Dispensatory ; a Practical 
Synopsis of Materia Medica, Pharmac}^ and Therapeu- 
tics ; 11th edition, edited by Alfred Baring Garrod, 8vo; 
London, 1852. 

44 Thomson, Thomas : Annals of Philosophy ; or. Magazine of 
Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, 
Agriculture, and the Arts, (1st and 2d Series,) 28 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1813-'26. 

20 ■ Western Himalaya and Tibet ; a Narra- 
tive of a Journey through the Mountains of Northern ^ 
India, during the Years 1847-8, 8vo; London, 1852. 
2 Thorn, William: Memoir of the Conquest of Java; with 
the Subsequent Operations of the British Forces, in the 
Oriental Archipelago ; to which is subjoined, a Statistical 
and Historical Sketch of Java, 4to ; London, 1815. 

2 Memoir of the War in India, conducted 

by General Lord Lake, and Major General Sir Arthur 
Wellesley, Duke of Wellington ; from its Commence- 
ment in 1803, to its Termination in 1806, on the Banks 
of the Hyphasis, 4to ; London, 1818. 
2 Thornton, Edward: Chapters of the Modern History of 
British India, 8vo; London, 1840. 

2 Thuanus, J. Auguste de : Historia sui Temporis, [1545 — 

1608,] 7 V. folio; Londini, 1733. 

29 Thornton, J. Quinn : Oregon and California in 1818; with 

an Appendix, including Recent and Authentic Informa- ^ 
tion on the Subject of the Gold Mines of California, 2 v. 
12mo; New- York, 1849. 

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Asia, made between the Years 1770 and 1779 ; 3d edi- 
tion, 4 V. 8vo ; London, 1795-96. 

3 Thurloe, John : Collection of State Papers; containing Au- 

thentic Memorials of the English Affairs, from 1638 to 
the Restoration of Charles II. ; with the Life of Mr. 
Thurloe, and an Index, by Thomas Birch, 7 v. folio ; 
London, 1742. 
35 Tibullus, Albius : Works, containing his Four Books of Love- 
Elegies ; translated by Mr. Dart ; with the Life of the 
Author, &c., 8 vo ; London, 1720. 


2 Timour. — Institutes, Political and Military, written origin- 

ally in the Mogul Language; by the Great Timour, im- 
properly called Tamerlane ; first translated into Persian 
by Abu Taulib Alhusseini, and thence into English, with 
Notes, by Major Davy ; and the Whole Work published 
with a Preface, Indexes, Geographical Notes, &c., &c., 
by Joseph White, 4to; Oxford, 1783. 
15 Timperlej', C. H. : Encyclopaedia of Literary and Typogra- 
phical Anecdote; being a Chronological Digest of the 
most Interesting Facts Illustrative of the History of Lite- 
rature and Printing, from the Earliest Period to the Pres- 
ent Time; 2d edition, super-royal 8vo; London, 1842. 

3 Tindal, N. : History of England, by Mr. Ilapin de Thoyras : 

Continued from the Revolution to the Accession of King 
George II., 3 v. folio; London, 1744. 
42 Tiraboschi, Girolamo : Storia della Letteratura Italiana, 9 v. 

en It), 8vo; Venezia, 1795-96. 
29 Titsingh, M. : Illustrations of Japan ; consisting of Private 
Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Reigning Dynasty of the 
Djogouns, or Sovereigns of Japan ; a Description of the 
Feasts and Ceremonies, and of the Ceremonies Customary 
at Marriages and Funerals ; translated from the French, 
by Frederic Shoberl, 4to; London, 1822. 

2 Tocqueville, M. le Comte de: Histoire Philosophique du 
Regne de Louis XV. ; 2® Edition, 2 v. 8vo ; Paris. 

9 Tod, David: Anatomy and Physiology of the Organ of 
Hearing; with Remarks on Congenital Deafness, the 
Diseases of the Ear, some Imperfections of the Organ 
of Speech, and the Proper Treatment of these Several 
Affections, 8 vo ; London, 1832. 

2 Tod, James : Annals and Antiquities of Rajast'han, or the 
Central and*Western Rajpoot States of India, 2 v. 4to; 
London, 1829 and 1832. 
^6 Todhunter, J. : Treatise on the Differential Calculus, and 
the Elements of the Integral Calculus, p. 8vo; Cam- 
bridge, 1852. 

2 Toreno, el Conde de : Historia del Levantamiento, Guerra 
y Revolucion de Espana; nueva edlcion, 3 v. 8vo ; Paris, 
39 Torquemada, F. Juan de : La Monarchia Indiana, con el Ori- 
gen y Guerras, de los Indios Ocidentales, de sus Pobla- 
ciones, Descubrimiento, Conquista, Conversion, y otras 
Cosas Maravillosas de la mesma, 3 v. folio; Madrid, 

15 Torrens, : Six Familiar Lectures, for the Use of 

Young Military Officers, 12mo; London, 1851. 

2 Tommasini, Jacopo Filippo : Petrarcha redivivus ; accessit 
LaursB brevis Historia ; editio altera correcta et aucta ; 
cui addita Poetae Vita, p. 4to; Patavii, 1650. 

2 TouloDgeon, F. Emmanuel : HisloVte ^e Ytb.wc^^^^«^\»a*\^ 


Revolution de 1789, dcrite d'apr^s les M^moires et Manu- 
scrits contemporakis, recueillis dans les Depots Civils et 
Militaires, 7 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1801-'10. 

29 Touron, Antoine: Ilistoire G^n^rale de rAm^rique depuis 
sa Decouverte, 14 v. 24mo; Paris, 1768-70. 

12 Tower Menagerie ; comprising the Natural History of the 
Animals contained in that Establishment; with Anec- 
dotes of their Characters and History, 8vo ; London, 1829. 
2 Towers, Joseph : Memoirs of the Life and Keign of Fred- 
erick the Third, King of Prussia, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1788. 

17 Tracts illustrating the History, Doctrine and Discipline of 
the Society of Friends, 16mo; London, 1851. {Present) 

6 Transactions of the Geological Society of London, (2d 

Series,) v. 7, 4to; London, 1845. 

7 Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London, (1st 

and 2d Series,) 10 v. 4to; London, 1812-48. 

15 Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 4 v. 4to ; 
London, 1836-'42. 

12 Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, 20 v. 4to; 
London, 1791-1851. 

10 Transactions of the Medical and Physical Society of Cal- 
cutta, 7 V. 8vo; Calcutta, 1825-'35. 

44 Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, 
and Ireland, 3 v. 4to; London, 1827-35. 

15 Transactions of the Society, Instituted at London, for th& 
Encouragement of Arts, ManufJactures, and Commerce, 
50 v. 8vo ; London, 1783-1836. 

15 Tredgold, Thomas : Steam Engine ; its Invention and Pro- 
gressive Improvement ; an Investigation of its Princi- 
ples, and its Application to Navigation, Manufactures, 
and Railways ; new edition, enlarged by the Contribu- 
tions of Eminent Scientific Men,%nd extended to the 
Science of Steam Naval Architecture ; revised and 
edited by W. S. B. Woolhouse, 4to ; London, 1838. 

15 Illustrations of Steam Machinery and 

Steam Naval Architecture ; Atlas to the enlarged edi- 
tion of Tredgold's Work on the Steam Engine, folio ; 
London, 1845. 

15 Appendices A. B. C. D. E. F. G. to the 

new edition of Tredgold on the Steam Engine and on 
Steam Navigation, 4to; London, 1844. 

15 Plates to the above, folio ; London, 1844. 

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31 Tr6sor de Numismatique et de Glyptique, ou Recueil Gene- 

ral de MMailles, Monnaies, Pierres Gravees, Bas-Reliefs, 

&c., tant Anciens que Modernes, 6 v. folio; Paris, 


29 TroUope, Frances : Belgium and Western Germany in 1833, 

including Visits to Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Cassel, 

Hanover, the Hatlz 'NLo\ia\.«tm^> &l^*^^n^\ ¥\uladelpluay 



3 Trotter, John Bernard : Memoirs of the Latter Years of the 
Right Honorable Charles James Fox, 8vo ; Philadel- 
phia, 1812. 

10 Truman, Matthew : Food, and its Influence on Health and 
Disease, 12mo; London, 1842. 

44 Truths Illustrated by Great Authors ; a Dictionary of nearly 
Four Thousand Aids to Reflection, Quotations of Max- 
ims, Metaphors, &c., in Prose and Verse, l2mo; London, 

29 Tuckerman, Henry T. : The Italian Sketch Book; 3d edition, 
12mo; New- York, 1848. 

29 Tuckey, James Kingston: Maritime Geography and Sta- 
tistics ; or, a Description of the Ocean and its Coasts, 
Maritime Commerce, Navigation, &c., &c., 4 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1815. 
3 Tupper, Ferdinand Brock: Family Records; containing 
Memoirs of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, Lieutenant 
E. W. Tupper, R. N., and Colonel William De Vic 
Tupper, with Notices of Major-General Tupper and 
Lieut. C. Tupper, R. N. ; to which are added, the Life 
of Te-Cum-Seh, a Memoir of Col. Havilland Le Mesu- 
rier, &c., 8vo; Guernsey, 1835. 

10 Turnbull, A.: Medical Properties of the Natural Order 
Ranunculacea) ; and more particularly on the Uses of 
Sabadilla Seeds, Delphinium Staphisagria, and Aconitum 
Napellus, &c., 8vo ; London, 1835. 

10 Report of Facts Narrating Recoveries of 

the Deaf and Dumb in 1840, 1841, and 1848, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1850. {Present.) * 

29 Turnbull, Robert: The Genius of Italy; being Sketches of 
Italian Life, Literature, and Religion, 12mo; New- York, 

10 Turner, Daniel : Syphilis ; Practical Dissertation on the 
Venereal Disease, (fee, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1724 and 1739. 

13 Turner, Dawson: Fuci ; or. Colored Figures and Descrip- 
tions of the Plants referred by Botanists to the Genus 
Fucus, (Gr. and Lat.,) 4 v. in 2, 4to; London, 1808-19. 

15 Turner, Robert : Practical Guide to the Breaking and Train- 
ing of the Young Horse, 12mo; London, 1851. 

13 Turner, Wylliam : A New Herball, wherin are conteyned 

.the Names of Herbes in Greke, Latin, Englysh, Duch, 

French, and in the Potecaries and Herbaries Latin, with 

the Properties, Degrees, and Naturall Places of the 

same ; in two Parts, folio; London, 1551-62. 

13 Book of the Natures and Properties, as 

well of the Bathes in England as of other Bathes in Ger- 
many and Italy, very Necessary for all Seik Persones 
that can not be Healed without the Helpe of Natural 
Bathes, folio ; Collen, 1562. 
9 Tuson, E. W. : Cause and Treatment of Carvat\ic^ ot tbia 


Spine, and Diseases of the Vertebral Column, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1841. 
7 Tusser, Thomas: Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, 
as well for the Champion or Open Country, as for the 
Woodland or Several ; together with a Book of Hus- 
wifery, &c., exhibiting a Picture of the Agriculture, 
Customs, and Manners of England, in the Sixteenth 
Century ; new edition, with Notes, &c., by William 
Mavor, Svo; London, 1812. 

3 Twiss, Horace : Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor 

Eldon, with Selections from his Correspondence, 3 v. 8vo; 
London, 1844. 

32 Selection of Scottish Melodies, with Sym- 
phonies and Accompaniments for the Piano Forte, by 
Henry R. Bishop, and Words by Horace Twiss ; folio ; 
London, 1812. 
2 Twiss, Travers : On the Relations of the Duchies of Schles- 
wig and Holstein to the Crown of Denmark and the 
Germanic Confederation, and on the Treaty-engagements 
of the great European Powers in reference thereto, 8vo; 
London, 1848. 

24 View of the Progress of Political Economy 

in Europe Since the Sixteenth Century ; a Course of 
Lectures delivered before the University of Oxford, in 
1846 and 1H47, 8vo; London, 1847. 
9 Tyrrell, Frederick : Practical Work on the Diseases of the 
Eye, and their Treatment, Medically, Topically, and by 
Operation, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1840. 

12 Tyson, Edward : Orang-Outang, sive Homo Sylvestris ; or,, 
the Anatomy of a Pygmie Compared with that of a 
Monke}^ an Ape, and a Man ; to which is added, a Phi- 
lological Essay concerning the Pygmies, the CynocephabV 
the Satyrs, and Sphinges of the Ancients, wherein it will 
appear that they are all either Apes or Monkej'S, and not 
Men; folio; London, 1699. 

44 United Service Journal, and Naval and Military Magazine, 
70 V. 8vo; London, 1829~'52. 
2 University of Bonn ; its Rise, Progress, and Present State ; 
with a Concise Account of the College Life of his Royal 
Highness Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha^ 
12mo; London, 1845. 

4 Upham, C. W. : Life of General Washington, 2 v. p. Svo , 

London, 1852. 
] 5 Ure, Andrew : Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines 5 
4th edition, 8vo ; London, 1853. 
16.2 Vaines, Fr. J.: Dictionnaire Raisonn6 de Diplomatique, 
contenant les Regies Principales et Essentielles pour 
servir k d^chiffrer les Anciens Titres, Diplomes et Mon- 
uments, ainsi qu'a Justifier de leur Date et de leur Au- 
thenticity, 2 V. Svo •, Paris, 1774. 


43 Valpy, F.: Fundamental Words of the Greek Language, 
adapted to the Memory of the Student by Means of De- 
rivations and Derivatives, 8vo; London, 1826. 

2 Van Halen, Juan : Narrative of his Imprisonment in the 
Dungeons of the Inquisition at Madrid, and his Escape 
in 1817 and 1818; to which are added, his Journey to 
Russia, his Campaign w^ith the Army of the Caucasus, 
and his Return to Spain in 1821,2 v. 8vo; London, 1827. 
'29 Vancouver, George: Voyage of Discovery to the North 
Pacific Ocean, and Round the World; in which the 
Coast of North-West America has been carefully Exam- 
ined and accurately Surveyed ; undertaken by his Ma- 
jesty's Command, principally with a View to Ascertain 
the Existence of any Navigable Communication between 
the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans ; and per- 
formed in the Years 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, and 
1795, in the Discovery Sloop-of War, and Armed Tender 
Chatham, under the Command of Captain George Van- 
couver, royal 4to; London, 1798. 

2 Vane, Charles William : Narrative of the Peninsular War, 
from 1808 to 1813; 3d edition, with an Appendix of 
Correspondence, 2 V 8vo; London, 1829. 

3 Narrative of the War in Germany 

and France, in 1813 and 1814, 4to ; London, 1830. 
^1 Vasari, Giorgio: Opere, gr. 8vo ; Milano, 1840. {Present) 
€1,11 Velpeau, A. A. L. M: Anatomy of Regions ; translated 
from the French, by Henry Hancock, 8vo ; London, 1838. 

2 Vertot, M. I'Abbe de: History of the Knights Hospitallers 
of St. John of Jerusalem, Styled afterwards, the Knights 
of Rhodes, and at Present, the Knights of Malta ; trans- 
lated from the French, 5 v. 24mo; London, 1775. 

2 Victoires, Conqu^tes, Desastres, Revers et Guerres Civiles 
des Fran9ais, de 1793 a 1815; (avec MS. Additions et 
MS. Collection de Chansones Revolutionnaire; avec Mu- 
sique a la fin du tome 27,) 27 v. 8vo ; Paris, 1817-21. 

2 Portraits des G(§n6raux Fran^ais, fai- 

sant suite aux Victoires et Conqu^tes des FrangaiSjSvo ; 
Paris, 1818. 

2 Vie de Jeanne de St. Remy de Valois, ci-devant Comtesse 
de la Motte ; 6crite par elle-meme ; 2® Edition, 2 v. 8vo ; 
Paris, 1792. 
12 Vieillot, L. P.: Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de I'Amfe- 

rique Septentrionale, 2 v. en 1, gr. folio; Paris, 1807. 
24 View of the Art of Colonization, with present Reference to 
the British Empire: in Letters between a Statesman 
and a Colonist ; edited by (one of the Writers) Edward 
Gibbon Wakefield, 8vo; London, 1849. 
43 Vieyra Transtagano, Anthony: Dictionary of the Portu- 
guese and English Languages, in two Parts: Portuguese 


29 Stockdale, John : Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany 
Bay; with an Account of the Establishment of the 
Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island; compiled 
from Authentic Papers, which have been Obtained from 
the several Departments, 4to; London, 1789. 

15 Stocqueler, J. H^: Military Encyclopaedia; a Technical, 
Biographical, and Historical Dictionary, referring ex-, 
clusively to the Military Sciences, the Memoirs of Dis- 
tinguished Soldiers, and the Narratives of Remarkable 
Battles, 8vo ; London, 1853. 

28 Stoeffler, J. : Veterum Ephemeridum Opus, ab Anno Christi 
1499 ad 1544, 4to ; TubingSB, 1549. 
3 Stow, John : Survey of London ; containing the Originall, 
Antiquitie, Encrease, and more Moderne Estate of the 
sayd Famous Citie ; as also, the Rule and Gouvernment 
thereof (both Ecclesiastical! and Temporall) from Time 
to Time, &c., 8vo ; London, 1618. 

25 Stowe, W. E. : Time Tables, shewing, without Mental Cal- 
culation, the Number of Days from any given Day in 
the Month, to every Day in any other Month during a 
Year, adapted for use in Military, Mercantile, and Bank- 
ing Offices, 4to; London, 1848. 

2 Strada, Famianus: De Bello Belgico; the History ot the 

Low-Countrey Warres ; translated from the original 
Latin into English, by Sr. Rob. Stapylton, Kt., folio ; 
London, 1650. 
24 Strange, William: Unclaimed Dividend Books of the South 
Sea Stock, now lying in the Bank of England, &c., 12mo ; 
London, 1851. 

3 Strickland, Agnes: Lives of the Queens of England, from 

the Norman Conquest ; a new edition, revised, and 
greatly Augmented, &c., 8 v. 8vo ; London, 1852. 
10 Strother, Edward : Euodia ; or, a Discourse on Causes and 
Cures, 8vo; London, 1718. 

3 Strutt, Joseph : Complete View of the Dress and Habits of 
the People of England, from the Establishment of the 
Saxons in Britain to the Present Time; new and im- 
proved edition, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, by 
J. R. Planch^, 2 v. 4to : London, 1842. 

3 Sports and Pastimes of the People of Eng- 
land ; including Rural and Domestic Recreations, May- 
Games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions and Pompous 
Spectacles, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 
&c. ; 2d edition, 4tq; London, 1810. 

3 Stuart, Robert: Caledonia Romana ; a Descriptive Account 
of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland ; 2d edition, re- 
vised by David Thomson, 4to ; Edinburgh, 1852. 

15 Descriptive History of the Steam Engine; 

new edition, continuing the Subject to the Year 1829, 
8vo; London, 1829. 


15 Stuart, Robert: Historical and Descriptive Anecdotes of 
Steam Engines, and of their Inventors and Improvers, 
2 v. 16mo; London, 1829. 

10 Stukeley, William: Of the Spleen, its Description and His- 
tory, Uses and Diseases, particularly the Vapors, with 
their Remedy ; to which is added, some Anatomical 
Observations in the Dissection of an Elephant, folio; 
London, 1723. 

31 The Medallic History of Marcvs Avre- 

livs Valerivs Caravsivs, Emperor in Brittain ; in two 
Books, 4to; London, 1757 and 1759. 
2 Sue, Eugene: Histoire de la Marine Frangaise sous Louis 
XIV.; 2* Edition, 5 v. gr. 8vo ; Paris, 1835r-'38. 

31 Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna, 2 v. folio. 

15 Suggestions for the Defence of Great Britain, without In- 
creased Expenditure, 8vo; London, 1851. 

29 Sullivan, Edward: Rambles and Scrambles in North and 
South America, p. 8vo; London, 1852. 
2 Sully, Maximilian de Bethune, Due de : M6moires ; nouvelle 
edition, plus exacte et plus correcte que les pr^cedentes, 
6 V. 8vo; Paris, 1814. 

2 Memoirs ; translated from 

the French, by Charlotte Lennox ; new edition, revised 
and corrected ; with Additional Notes, &c., 5 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1810. 

43 Surenne, Gabriel : Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the 
French and English Languages; 8th edition, 12mo; 
Edinburgh, 1852. 

29 Sutherland, Pefer C : Journal of a Voyage in Baffin's Bay 
and Barrow Straits, in the Years 1850-1851, performed 
by H. M. Ships "Lady Franklin" and "Sophia," under 
the Command of Mr. William Penny, in Search of the 
Missing Crews of H. M. Ships Erebus and Terror: with 
a Narrative of Sledge Excursions on the Ice of Welling- 
ton Channel; and Observations on the Natural History 
and Physical Features of the Countries and Frozen Seas 
Visited ; with Maps, Plates and Wood-engravings, 2 v. 
p. 8vo; London, 1852. 

17 Swain. J. H. : Objections of Mr. David Levi, to the Mission, 
Conduct, and Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ, Exam- 
ined, 8vo; London, 1787. 

12 Swammerdam, John : Book of Nature ; or, the History of 

Insects; with a Life of the Author, by H. Boerhaave; 
translated from the Dutch and Latin, by Thomas Flloyd ; 
revised and improved by Notes from Reaumur and others, 
by John Hill, tblio; London, 1758. 

13 Sweet, Robert : British Flower Garden, 7 v. royal 8vo ; Lon- 

don, 1838. 

13 Cistineae; the Natural Order of Cistus, or 

Rock-Rose; Illustrated by coloured Figures and De- 


the Principles of Theoretical Hydrostatics and Hydrody- 
namics, 8vo ; Cambridge, 1847. 

26 Walton, William : Problems in Illustration of the Principles 
of Plane Co-ordinate Geometry, 8vo; Cambridge, 1851. 

26 Treatise on the Differential Calculos, 

8vo; Cambridge, 1846. 

2 Ward, William: View of the History, Literature, and My- 

thology of the Hindoos; including a Mmute Description 
of their Manners and Customs, and Translations from 
their Principal Works; a new edition, 3 v. 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1822. 
7 Warnes, John : On the Cultivation of Flax ; the Fattening 
of Cattle with Native Produce; Box-Feeding; and 
Summer Grazing, 8vo ; London, 1846. 

24 Warren, Samuel : Law and Practice of Election Commit- 
tees ; being the Completion of a Manual of Parliament- 
ary Election Law, 12mo; London, 1853. 
4 Washington. — Reprint of the Original Letters from Wash- 
ington to Joseph Reed, during the American Revolution ; 
referred to in the Pamphlets of Lord Mahon and Mr. 
Sparks; by William B. Reed, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1852» 

12 Waterton, Charles : Essays on Natural History, chiefly Orni- 
thology ; with an Autobiography of the Author ; 8th edi- 
tion, 1st and 2d Series, 16mo; London, 1851. 

24 Watkin's Commercial and General London Directory and 
Court Guide for 1853, super-royal 8vo; London, 1853. 

3 Watson, Richard : Life of the Rev. John Wesley, p. Svo ; 

New- York, 1831. 
2 Watson, Robert : History of the Reign of Philip the Second, 

King of Spain; 4th edition, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1785. 
2 History of the Reign of Philip the Third, 

King of Spain ; Continued by William Thompson ; 2d 

edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1786. 
10 Watt, Robert : Cases of Diabetes, Consumption, &c. ; with 

Observations on the History and Treatment of Diseases 

in general, 8vo ; Paisley, 1808. 
2 Weber, George: Outlines of Universal History, from the 

Creation of the World to the Present Time ; translated 

from the German, by Dr. M. Behr, 8vo; London, 1851. 
29 Webster, John W. : Description of the Island of St. Michael, 

comprising an Account of its Geological Structure : with 

Remarks on the other Azores or Western Islands, Svo ; 

Boston, 1821. 
29 Webster, W. H. B. : Narrative of a Voyage to the Southern 

Atlantic Ocean, in the Years 1828-29-30, performed in 

H. M. Sloop Chanticleer, under the Command of the late 

Captain Henry Foster, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1834. 
29 Weddell, James : Voyage towards the South Pole, performed 

in the Years 1822-24; coutaiuiug an Examination of 


the Antarctic Sea, to the 74th Degree of Latitude ; and 
a Visit to Tierra del Fuego, with a Particular Account 
of the Inhabitants ; to which is added, much Useful In- 
formation on the Coasting Navigation of Cape Horn, and 
the Adjacent Lands, with Charts of Harbours, &c., 8vo ; 
London, 1825. 
10 Weiss, J. : Hand Book of Hydropathy ; for Professional and 
Domestic Use ; with an Appendix, on the best Mode of 
forming Hydropathic Establishments ; being the Result 
of Twelve Years' Experience at Grafenberg and Frey- 
waldau, 8vo; London, 1844. 

3 Wellesley. — Despatches, Minutes, and Correspondence of 
the Marquess Wellesley, during his Administration in 
India; edited by Montgomery Martin; 5v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1837-.'40. 

3 Wellesley. — Memoirs and Correspondence of the Most Noble 
Richard Marquess Wellesley, by Robert R. Pearce, 3 v. 
8vo; London, 1846. 
29 Wells, William Henry: Geographical Dictionary; or. Gaz- 
etteer of the Australian Colonies, 8vo; Sydney, 1851. 
43 Welsford, Henry : On the Origin and Ramifications of the 
English Language ; preceded by an Inquiry into the 
Primitive Seats, Early Migrations, and Final Settle- 
ments of the Principal European Nations, 8vo ; London, 

2 Welsh, Col. James: Military Reminiscences; Extracted 
from a Journal of nearly Forty Years' Active Service 
in the East Indies; 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 

6 Welsh, Jane Kirby : Familiar Lessons in Mineralogy and 
Geology, 2 v. 18mo; Boston, 1832-33. 
^6,2 Wenckius, Frid. Aug. Guil. : Codex Juris Gentium, recen- 
tissimi, e Tabulariorum exemplorumque fide Dignorum 
Monumentis compositus, 3 v. 8vo ; Lipsiae, 1781-5. 
^9 Wentworth, W. C. : Statistical Account of the British Set- 
tlements in Australia, including the Colonies of New 
South Wales and Van Diemen's Land ; 3d edition, 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1824. 

6 Werner, Abraham Gottlob : New Theory of the Formation 
of Veins, with its Application to the Art of Working 
Mines ; translated from the German ; to which is added, 
an Appendix, containing Notes Illustrative of the Sub- 
ject, by Charles Anderson, 8vo ; Edinburgh, 1809. 
29 Westover Manuscripts ; containing the History of the Divid- 
ing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina; a 
Journey to the Land of Eden, A. D. 1733 ; and a Progress 
to the Mines; written from 1728 to 1736, and now First 
Published, by William Byrd, 8vo ; Petersburg, 1841. 
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Classification of Insects, including the Crustacea a: 
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of Insects; founded on the Natural Habits and Corr^ 
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Normans, from the Earliest Times to the Conquest 
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Cholera Panic, 8vo; London, 1837. 

2 Political History of the Extraordinary Events 

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Offspring, of some Forms of Disease, and of Morbid 
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or, an Historical Account of what Passed from the be- 
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Charles the Second his happy Restoration ; a new edi- 
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Mind Proved by the Structure, Functions, and Diseases 
of the Brain, and by the Phenomena of Mental Derange- 
ment, and Shown to be Essential to Moral Responsibi- 
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Expedition, during the Years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 
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Tours, and Critical Remarks on Works of Art ; and a 
Selection from his Correspondence, by Allan Cunning- 
ham, 3 v. 8vo ; London, 1843. 

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Sir David Wilkie, including his Spanish and Oriental 
Sketches ; with Notices Biographical and Critical, 4to ; 
London, 1848. 

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Maps of the Countries mentioned by the Ancient Au- 
thors, both Sacred and Profane ; with the various Sub- 
divisions at different Periods, 4to ; London, 1797. 

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Maps of the World, and Quarters, the Principal Em- 
pires, Kingdoms, &c. ; with their several Provinces, and 
otner fSubdivisions, correctly Delineated, 4to ; London, 

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an Attempt to Trace the History of Mysoor ; from the 
Origin of the Hinde)o Government of that State, to the 
Extinction of the Mohammedan Dynasty in 1799, 3 v. 
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sion ; with an Account of the Rise and Progress of its 
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1 790. 

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have taken Place in France ; with an Account of the 
Present State of Society and Public Opinion ; 2d edition, 
8vo ; London, 1817. 

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relative to the West India Islands, 2 v. 8vo ; Edinburgh, 

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Form, giving Information at Sight for Ascertaining 
according to the Carlyle Table of Mortality, the Value 
of Lifehold, Leasehold, and Church Property, Renewal 
Fines, &c. ; the Public Funds, Annual Average Price and 
Interest on Consols from 1731 to 1851, &c., 8vo ; Lon- 
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the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs in England and Wales, 
&c., 3 V. in 2, 8vo ; London, 1715-'16. 

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tion, revised, 8vo ; London, 1843. 

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all the Birds hitherto Known, being reduced to a Method 
suitable to their Natures, are Accurately JDescribed ; 
translated into English, and enlarged virith many Addi- 
tions, &c. ; to which are added, three Considerable Dis- 
courses, viz: Art of Fowling ; Ordering of Singing Birds ; 
and Falconry, by John Ray. folio; London, 1678. 

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the Borders, and of Scotland ; with an Illustrative Glos- 
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counts of that Country, till the Expulsion of the French 
from Alexandria, in the Year 1801, 3 v. 8vo ; Edinburgh, 

10 ■ Water-Cure — Stomach Complaints and Drug 


Diseases, their Causes, Consequences, and Cure by 
Water, Air, Exercise, and Diet ; to which are appended, 
Two Letters to Dr. Hastings on the Results of the 
Water-Cure at Malvern ; 7th edition, 8vo ; London, 1843. 
l-O Wilson, James, & James A. Gaily : Dangers of the Water 
Cure, and its Efficacy Examined and Compared with 
those of the Drug Treatment of Diseases ; and a Pros- 
pectus of the Water Cure Establishment at Malvern, 
12mo; London, 1843. 
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Agriculture, in all its Departments, Principles, Methods, 
Recent Improvements, and Business Affairs, as Taught 
and Practised by the Most Distinguished British Agri- 
culturists of the Present Day, 2 v. super-royal Svo ; 
Edinburgh, 1851. 
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to Egypt ; to which is subjoined, a Sketch of the Present 
State of that Country and its Means of Defence ; 4th 
edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1803. 
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comprehending an ^count of the Wreck of the Ship 
"Governor Ready," in Torres Straits; a Description of 
the British Settlements on the Coasts of New Holland, 
more particularly Raffles Bay, Melville Island, Swan 
River, and King George's Sound ; also, the Manners and 
Customs of the Aboriginal Tribes, &c., 8 vo; London, 1835. 
27 Wilson, W. P.: Treatise on Dynamics, 8vo; Cambridge, 
16.2 Winter, H.: Syst^me de la Diplomatic; redige pr^alable- 
ment en 6bauche pour servir de base et de guide au 
Cours de Diplomatic Th^orique et Pratique, 8vo; Ber- 
lin, 1830. 
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with a Digest of Veterinary Practice, 8vo ; London, 1846. 
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according to the latest Improvements of the Linnaean 
System ; with an easy Introduction to the Study of 
Botany ; 7th edition, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 
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Years 1843-45, to Ascertain the Fate of Colonel Stod- 
dart and Captain Conolly, 8vo ; New-York, 1845. 
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Origin and Progress of the French Revolution ; and the 
Effect it has Produced in Europe, 8vo ; London, 1794. 
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of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their Edu- 
cation in the University of Oxford ; to which are added, 
the Fasti, or Annals of the said University ; a new edi- 
tion, with Additions, and a Continuation by Philip Bliss, 
5 v. 4to; London, 1813-'20. 


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Use of Students in the University; new edition, revised, 
re-arranged, and enlarged, by J. C. Snowball, 8vo ; Cam- 
bridge, 1841. 
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ants of Ireland, Illustrated by Ptolemy's Map of Erin, 
Corrected by the Aid of Bardic History, 8vo; London, 1821. 

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and Practical ; new edition, v. 1, 2 Parts, 8vo ; Cam- 
bridge, 1821-'3. 
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atic and General Descriptions, with Plates of all the 
Medicinal Plants, Indigenous and Exotic, comprehended 
in the Catalogues of the Materia Medica, as published by 
the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edin- 
burgh ; together with most of the Principal Medicinal 
Plants not Included in those Pharmacopoeias ; accompa- 
nied with a Circumstantial Detail oi their Medicinal 
Efl'ects, and of the Diseases in which they have been most 
Successfully Employed l 2d edition, 4to; London, 1810. 

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being the first Part of a Treatise on Descriptive Geome- 
try, and its Application to Ship Building, 8vo ; London, 

2G Plates, super-royal 4to; London, 1850. 

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Election Petitions, and Registration of Voters ; with all 
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2d edition, with additions; edited by Lt. Col. Edward 
Sabine, 16mo; London, 1844. 

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Henry the Third, in 1574, lo the Death of Henry the 
Fourth, 1610 ; preceded by a View of the Civil, Military, 
and Political State of Europe, between the Middle, and 
the Close of the Sixteenth Century ; and followed by a 
View of the State of Europe at the Accession of Louis 
the Thirteenth; 2d edition, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1814. 

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Cavalry, 4to; London, 1802. 
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2 V. 8vo; London, 184L 
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lations for the Formations and Movements of the Cav- 
alry, adapted to the Use of Yeomanry Corps, &c. ; new 
edition, revised, 12mo; London, 1844. 

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with Directions for Salting Pork, and Curing Bacon and 
Hams, 8vo; London, 1847. 

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cluding a System of Practical Nosology ; intended as a 
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sumptive Diseases, &c., 8vo; London, 1815. 

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onment in Portugal, [of the Author ;] with Sketches of 
the State of Society in that Country, under Don Miguel 
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. Edited and Su"perintended by Charles Darwin, 5 v. 4to ; 
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Owens. — Part II., Mammalia, by G. R. Waterhouse. — 
Part III., Birds, by John Gould.— Part IV., Fish, by Leo- 
nard Jenyns. — Part V., Reptiles, by Thomas Bell. 

1'2 Zoology of Captain Beechey's Voyage : Compiled from Col- 
lections and Notes made during a Voyage to the Pacific 
and Behring's Straits, performed in His Majesty's Ship 
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Chap. No. ^ 

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Prospero Farinacio in the Defence of Beatrice 
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Chap. No. 

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the City of London in Connection with Trade, and 
into the Laws and Ordinances within the City re- 
specting Wholesale and Retail Traders, and the 
Power of the Corporation over Persons carrying on 
Trade within the City not being Free, 8vo ; London, 

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Damages, 8vo; London, 1843. 

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change, Promissory Notes, and Bankers' Checks ; 
containing Forms of Affidavits of Debt in Actions 
thereon ; and Declarations and Pleas in such Ac- 
tions, adapted to the Nc^ Rules on Pleading ; with 
all the Statutes and deo|^ed Cases in full, relating 
to Bills atfd Notes, the Bank of England, and Bank- 
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dhap. No. 

some other Official Documents; 2d edition, 12mo; 
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182 lilBEAET OF C0NGEES8. 

Chap. No. 

as it relates to the Power and Privileges of the 
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line of all the Inns of Court ; the Regulations of the 
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jeants at Law, the Benchers, &c., &c.; 3d edition, 
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8vo; London, 1853. 

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way Companies ; with all the Cases relating to 
Compensation, Mandamus, Injunction, and other 
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ap. No. 

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4 V. 8vo. 
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with Notes and an Appendix; 3d edition, 12mo; 
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and English ; a new edition. Printed from the most 
Ancient Copies, and Collated with the Various 
Readings of the Cambridge MSS. ; to which are 
added, the Ancient Treatise of the Old Tenures, 
and the Customs of Kent, by T. E. Tomlins, 8vo ; 
London, 1841. 

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Chap. No. 

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Common Schools in California, with Notes and Ex- 
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Progress, and Present State of the Laws relating to 
Sundays and other Holidays, and days of Fasting, 
12mo ; London, 1845. 

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ductory Observations and Notes, 12mo; London, 

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Registration and Provisional Registration of De- 
signs ; and the Copyright and Registration of Sculp- 
ture, 12mo; London, 1851. 

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lating to Letters Patent for Inventions, 12mo ; Lon- 
don, 1853. 

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1852, 2 V. 8vo ; Baltimore and Annapolis, 1851 and 
1852. (2 copies.) 



Chap. No. 

SO 136a Reports of Gases in the same, 2 v. 8\ro ; Baltimore and 

Annapolis, 1851 and 1852. 2 copies. (Present.) 

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1849. 2 copies. (Present.) 

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sive ; Analytically Arranged, and afibrding a Sy- 
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Customs of Gavelkind; with an Appendix, con- 
cerning Borough English ; 3d edition, with Notes, 
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edition ; translated from the German, by E. Perry, 
8vo ; London, 1848. 

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hold, and Ancient Demesne Tenure, with the Juris- 
diction of Courts Baron and Courts Leet ; 4th edi- 
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and Servant, including therein Masters and Work- 
men in every Description of Trade and Occupation, 
with an Appendix of Statutes, 12mo ; London, 1852. 

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an Action of Law ; 4th edition, with Additions and 
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Laws relating to the Clergy, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 


Chap. No. 

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Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Estates, 8vo; 
London, 1851. 

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to the Limitations of Time, Estates Tail, Dower, 
Descent, Operation of Deeds, Merger of Attendant 
Terms, Defective Executions of Powers of Leasing, 
Wills, Trustees and Mortgagees, 8 vo ; London, 1852. 

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edition, 2 v. 8vo ; London, 1845. 

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Administered by the House of Lords, 8vo ; London, 

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before the Hon. Judges Nelson and Betts, in the 
Circuit Court, U. S., for the Southern District of 
New- York, May 17-29, 8vo ; 1851. 

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rogative Writ of Mandamus, as it Obtains both in 
England and in Ireland, 8vo; London, 1848. 

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Court of Criminal Appeal, 1848 to 1851, v. 1, 8vo; 
London, 1852. 

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Commission, held at Monmouth, in December, 1839, 
and January 1840; taken in Short-Hand by Joseph 
and Thomas Gurney, 8vo ; London, 1840. 

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jects, and Provisions; 3d edition, 12mo; London, 

19.1 153 Reports and Notes of Cases on Let- 
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Equity by Way of Supplement and Revivor ; with 
an Appendix of Precedents, 8vo; London, 1843. 

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with its Computations and Reckonings, 8vo ; Lon- 
don, 1851. 

18 668a Treatise on the Law of 

Waters ; including the Law relating to Rights in 
the Sea, and Rights concerning Rivers, Canals, 
Dock Companies, Fisheries, Mills, Watercourses, 
&c. ; 2d edition, 8vo •, l»oxiAoxi^ 1^51, 



I^ complia/nce with the V^th Section of the ^^Act to Establish 
the Smithsonian Institution^'* passed August 10, 1846. j 


^ap. No. 

■■• ^ 54a American Form Book and Legal Guide, by a Member 

of the Cincinnati Bar, 8vo; Cincinnati, 1852. 

•^ Q 72a Archbold, J. F. : Law of Nisi Prius, copiprising the 

Declarations and other Pleadings in Personal Ac- 
tions, and the Evidence Necessary to Support them; 
3d American, from the 2d London edition; with 
Notes referring to the Latest American Decisions, 
by John K. Findlay, 2 v. 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

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Equity, in the Supreme Court of New- York, v. 11, 
12, and 13, 8vo; Albany, 1853. 

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and Divorce, and Evidence in Matrimonial Suits, 
^ 8vo; Boston, 1852. 

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from 1833 to the Present Time, v. 1, 8vo; Cincin- 
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of Errors and Appeals for the State of Mississippi, 
1851 and 1852, v. 1 and 2, 8vo; Boston, 1852 'and 

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1700 to 1852 ; 3d edition, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

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v. 32 and 33, 8vo ; New- York, 1853. 

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8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 


diap. No. 

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V. 3, 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

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California, carefully Adapted to the Existing Law, 
8vo; New- York, 1853. 

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Personal Property ; being a General View of the 
English and American Law upon that Subject, 2 v. 
8vo; Boston, 1853. 

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preme Court of the United States, v. 13 and 14„ 
8vo; Boston, 1852 and 1853. 

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and 1853. 

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Supreme Court of New- York, adapted to the Cod^ 
of Practice ; 2d edition, with Copious Notes and. 
References, v. 1, 8vo; Albany, 1853. 

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Court of Ohio, contained in the first Twenty Vol- 
umes of the Ohio Reports, 8vo; Cincinnati, 1853. 

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edited by George Minot, 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

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a Collection of Approved Declarations, Writs, Re- 
turns and Proceedings in the several Actions now 
in Use in the United States ; with Notes and Addi- 
tions, by A. Jordan; W. M. Rockefeller; and M. 
L. Shindel, 8vo; Sunbury, 1853. 

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Law ; edited by George Sharswood, v. 66, 69, and 
70, Svo ; Philadelphia, 1852 and 1853. 

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ance, 8vo; Albany, 1853. 

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by C. T. Greaves ; 7th American, from the 3d Lon- 
don edition ; with Additional Notes and References, 
by George Sharshwood, 2 v. 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

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Court of the City of New- York, v. 5, 8vo ; Albany, 

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of Appeals of New- York, April 12 and July 13, 1853, 

2 V. 8vo; Albany, 1853. 
19.2172b Reports of Cases in the Court of 

Appeals of TS ew-^ ot\l, n . \ , %n o •, KXJci^^^ ^ \^53, 


1^ ap. No. 

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and Appendix, by J. C. Symons ; 3d American edi- 
tion, with Additional Notes and References to both 
English and American Decisions, by W. H. Rawle, 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 
L 8 478d Smith, Thomas L.: Elements of the Laws ; or. Outlines 

of the System of Civil and Criminal Laws in Force 
in the United States, and in the Several States of 
the Union, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 
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Galveston, 1852. 

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ing in Civil Actions under the New- York Code of 
Procedure, 8 vo ; Albany, 1852. 

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the Law of Nature, applied to the Conduct and 
Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns ; from the new 
edition by J. Chitty; with Additional Notes and 
References, by E. D. Ingraham, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 

18 577c Waterman, Thomas W.: Complete Practical Treatise 

on Criminal Procedure, Pleading and Evidence in 
Indictable Cases ; with minute Directions and 
Forms for every Criminal Case that can arise either 
at Common Law, under the English Statutes, or 
under the Statutes of the Different States, com- 
prising the " New System of Criminal Procedure, 
Pleading and Evidence," by Mr. Archbold; and, 
also, the Twelfth and Last London edition of "Arch- 
bold's Pleading and Evidence in Criminal Cases," 
by Messrs. Jervis and Welsby ; to which are Added, 
Comprehensive Notes, &c., &c.; 6th edition, 3 v. 
8vo; New- York, 1853. 

19.2 213 Wharton, Thomas I.: Digest of the Reported Cases in 

the Several Courts held in Pennsylvania, together 
with some Manuscript Cases^ 6th edition, by Fran- 
cis Wharton, 2 v. 8voj Philadelphia, 1853. 



In compliance with the IQth Section of the " Act to Estallish 
the Smithsonian Institution^'^ passed August 10, 1846. 


1 Abbott, Jacob: History of Nero, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 
1 History of Romulus, 12mo ; New- York, 1852. 

29 Marco PauPs Voyages and Travels — Boston, 

16mo; New- York, 1853. 
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Buffalo, 1852. 

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thirteen Discourses, 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

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Pits into which the Runners Fall : Six Lectures, apply- 
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16mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

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&c., 4to; Cincinnati, 1852. 

25 Pocket Leger, and Perfect Interest 

Table ; embracing, also, Land, Cubic, Liquid, Dry, Wood, 
Stone, Brick, and other Measures, 16mo; Cincinnati, 

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III. — Acoustics, Optics, 8vo; New- York, 1852. 

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Endless Misery Disproved ; and the Doctrine of Destruc- 
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9 Bond, Thomas E. : Practical Treatise on Dental Medicine ; 
being a Compendium of Medical Science as Connected 
with the Study of Dental Surgery^ 8vo •, P\vvlQ.4d^VsL\a.^ 
J 853. 


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•of Fables illustrated by Facts, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

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prising more than one Tiiousand Anecdotes, Odd Scraps, 
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Vindication of Church Order, Doctrine, and Practical 
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from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, 12mo ; 
Philadelphia, 1853. 

4 History of Vermont, 

from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, l2mo ; 
Philadelphia, 1853. 
1 3 Carter, Sarah C. : Lexicon of Ladies' Names, with their 
Floral Emblems, 16mo; Boston, 1853. 
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ited by Rev. James C. Moffat ; 2d edition, 12mo; Cin- 
cinnati, 1853. 
^4 Chapman, T. Ellwood : Philadelphia Wholesale Merchants' 
and Artisans' Business Directory, for 1853, 16mo; Phil- 
adelphia, 1853. 
42 Chasles, Philar^te : Anglo-American Literature and Man- 
ners; translated from the French, 12mo; New- York, 
— Chesebro', Caroline : Children of Light ; a Theme for the 

Time, 12mo; New-York, 1853. 
17 Christian's Companion to the Sick and Afflicted, 16mo; 

New- York, 1853. 
32 Christy's Plantation Melodies, No. 2, 12mo; Philadelphia, 

17 Clark, Rufus W. : Heaven and its Scriptural Emblems, 
8vo ; Boston, 1853. 


42 Cleveland, Charles D. : English Literature of the Nine^ 
teenth Century, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

25 Colburn, Dana P. : Interest, Discount, Equation of Paj"=5 
ments; with Numerous Problems for Solution, I2mo 
Boston, 1853. 
4 Cole, Thomas. — Course of Empire, Voyage of Life, an^ 
other Pictures; with Selections from his Letters an«K 
Miscellaneous Writings, Illustrative of his Life, Chair^ 
acter, and Genius, by Louis L. Noble, 12mo; New-Yorl^. 

44 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: Complete Works; with an In- 
troductory Essay upon his Philosophical and Theologv- 
cal Opinions; edited by Professor Shedd, 7 v. 12mo; 
New- York, 1853. 

29 Colvocoresses, George M. : Four Years in a Government 
Exploring Expedition, &c., 12mo ; New- York, 1852. 

8 Comstock, J. L.: Elements of Chemistry, in which the Recent 

Discoveries in the Science are included, an^ its Doctrines 
Familiarly Explained, 12mo ; New-York, 1853. 

12 Readings in Zoology; designed for the 

use of Institutions of Learning, and for the General 
Reader; Part I.: Mammalia and Birds, 12mo ; New- 
York, 1853. 

10 Condie, D. Francis: Practical Treatise on the Diseases of 
Children ; 4th edition, revised and augmented, 8vo ; Phil- 
adelphia, 1853. 

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of Scripture and Reason, 16mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 
1 Cornelius Nepos ; with Notes, Historical and Explanatory, 
by Charles Anthon, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

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the Cryptogamia ; for the use of Schools and Colleges, 
12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

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ion, by Pocahontas ; 2d edition, 12mo; Boston, 1853. 

44 Cox, Samuel Hanson : Interviews, Memorable and Useful, 
from Diary and Memory reproduced; 12mo ; New- York, 

15 Crittenden, S. W. : Elementary Treatise on Book- Keeping 

by Single and Double Entry, designed for Common 
Schools; with a Key, 2 v. 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

9 Croserio, C. : Homoeopathic Manual of Obstetrics ; or, a 

Treatise on the Aid the Art of Midwifery may Derive 
from Homoeopathy ; from the French, by M. Cot6, p. 8vo; 
Cincinnati, 1853. 

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edition, with Additions and Emendations, 12mo ; New- 
York, 1853. 

25 Cruttenden, D. H. : Theoretical and Practical Systematic 


Arithmetic ; or, Arithmetic Arranged in its Natural Or- 
der, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 
D'Arbourville, Countess : Three Tales ; Christine Van Am- 
berg ; Resignation ; and the Village Doctor ; translated 
from the French, by Maunsell B. Field, 12mo; New- 
York, 1853. 
1 3 Darlington, William : Flora Cestrica ; an Herborizing Com- 
panion for the Young Botanists of Chester County, State 
of Pennsylvania; 3d edition, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 
Davies, Charles: Elementary Algebra ; embracing the First 
Principles of the Science, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

Practical Mathematics, with Drawing and 

Mensuration, Applied to the Mechanic Arts, 12mo; New- 
York, 1852. 
Davis, Z. A. : Freemason's Monitor ; containing a Delinea- 
tion of the Fundamental Principles of Freemasonry, 
Operative and Speculative, as well in a Religious as a 
Moral View ; new edition, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 
4 De Hass, Willis : History of the Early Settlement and In- 
dian Wars of Western Virginia, 8vo; Wheeling, 1851. 
^34 Denison, Mrs. Mary Andrews: Home Pictures, 12mo; New- 
York, 1 853. 
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Heroes of '76 ; with a Sketch of the Early History of 
Vermont, 12mo; Buffalo, 1853. 

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Treatment of Children; 10th edition, with the Author's 
last Improvements and Corrections, 8vo; Philadelphia, 

17 Diamante del Americano Catdlico; Devocionario Comple- 
tismo, &c., 16mo; Nueva-York, 1852. 

29 Disturnell, John: American and European Railway and 
Steamship Guide, &c., 24mo; New-York, 1853. 

29 Dix, J. R. : Hand-Book of Newport, and Rhode Island, 12mo ; 
Newport, 1852. 

24 Dockham, C. A., & N. P. Brown : Directory of the City of 

Newburyport, containing the City Record, &c., 16mo; 
Newburyport, 1853. 

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edition, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

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Baptist; and the Relation of his Ministry to the Chris- 
tian Dispensation, 12mo ; New- York, 1853. 

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wards A. Park, 2 v. 12mo; Boston, 1853. 

17 Elkins, Hervey: Fifteen Years in the Senior Order of Sha- 
kers: a Narration of Facts concerning that Singular 
People, 8 vo; Hanover, 1853. 

34 Ellen Linn : a Franconia Story, by the Author of the Rollo 
Books, 12mo ; New- York, 1852. 


15 Ellet, Charles, jr. : The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers; con- 
taining Plans for the Protection of the Delta from Inun- 
dation ; and Investigations of the Pracdcability and Cost 
of Improving the Navigation of the Ohio and other Rivers 
by Means of Reservoirs ; with an Appendix, on the Bars 
at the Mouths of the Mississippi, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 
4 Ellett, Mrs. E. F.: Pioneer Women of the West, 12mo; 
Newr-York, 1852. 

29 Summer Rambles in the West, 12mo ; 

New- York, 1853. 

10 Ellis, Benjamin: Medical Formulary; (enlarged to 1854,) 
being a Collection of Prescriptions, derived from the 
Writings and Practice of many of the most Eminent 
Physicians in America and Europe, &c. ; 10th edition, 
revised and much extended, by Robert P. Thomas, 8vo ; 
Philadelphia, 1853. 

17 Emery, Samuel Hopkins: Ministry of Taunton, and Inci- 
dental Notices of other Professions ; with an Introduc- 
tory Notice, by Hon. Francis Baylies, 2 v. 12mo; Bos- 
ton, 1853. 

17 Faithful Mother's Reward; a Narrative of the Conversion 
and Happy Death of J. B., who Died in the 10th Year 
of his Age ; with an Introduction, by the Rev. Charles 
Hodge, 16mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

29 Fanning, : IllustratedGazetteerof the United States, 

giving the Location, Physical Aspect, Mountains, Rivers, 
Lakes, Climate, Productive and Manufacturing Resources, 
Commerce, Government, Education, General History, 
&c., of the States, Territories, Counties, Cities, Towns, 
and Post-Offices in the American Union, with the Popu- 
lation and other Statistics Irom the Census of 18.50, 8vo; 
New- York, 1853. 

34 Farrence, Edmund : Carlotina and the Sanfedesti ; or, a 
Night with the Jesuits at Rome, 12mo ; New- York, 1853. 

43 Fasquelle, Louis: Key to the Exercises of Fasquelle's New 
French Method; with Occasional Notes, &c., 12mo; 
New- York, 1853. 

29 Figani^re, F. F. de la: Notes taken during a Trip to San- 
tarem, Batalha and Alcobaga, 16mo; New- York, 1852. 

32 Fillmore, A. D. : Temperance Musician; a Choice Collec- 
tion of Original and Selected Temperance Music, 16mo; 
Cincinnati, 1853. 
Fishbough, William : the Macrocosm and Microcosm ; or, 
the Universe Without and the Universe Within, Part I., 
12mo; New- York, 1853. 

29 Fisher, Richard Swainson : New and Complete Statistical 
Gazetteer of the United States of America ; Founded on 
and Compiled from Official Federal and State Returns, 
and the Seventh National Census, 8vo ; New- York, 1853. 

36 Floral Forget Me Not, 24«io •, W\\^.d.^\^\i\^, 1S54, 


Flower Queen : or, the Coronation of the Rose ; Poetry by 
Miss Frances Jane Crosby; Music by Geo. F. Root, ob. 
8vo; New- York, 1852. 

15 Fontenelle, J. De, & F. Malepeyre: Arts of Tanning, Cur- 
rying, and Leather-Dressing : edited, from the French, 
with numerous Emendations and Additions, by Campbell 
Morfit, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1852. 

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ton, 1852. 
4 Foster. — Memorial of John W. Foster ; edited by Andrew 
P. Peabody, 12mo; Portsmouth, 1852. 

40 Fowler, J. A. : Analysis of Dramatic and Oratorical Ex- 
pression; Developing the Associative Relations of the 
Elements of the Voice and of Gesture, and the Adapta- 
tion of the English Language, in its Orthoepical, Syn- 
tactical, and Rhetorical Structure, to Vocal and Gesticu- 
latgry Delineation, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. , 
8 Fownes, George : Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and 
Practical ; edited, with additions, by Robert Bridges, 
from the last and revised London edition, 12mo; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 

34 Fun and Earnest, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

15 Galloway, Samuel: Ergonomy; or. Industrial Science, 
12mo ; Princeton, N. J., 1853. 

24 Gardner, Charles K. : Dictionary of all Officers, who have 
been Commissioned, or have been Appointed and Served, 
in the Army of the United States, from 1789 to 1st Jan- 
uary, 1853; including the Distinguished Officers of the 
Volunteers and Militia of the States, and of the Navy 
and Marine Corps, &c., &c., 12mo; New- York, 1853. 
4 Ga^arre, Charles : Louisiana ; its History as a French Col- 
ony ; 3d Series of Lectures, 8vo; Pfew-York, 1852. 

17 Gay man, Isaac: Key to the Bottomless Pit ; or, a Daguer- 
rean Likeness of the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten 
Horns, with his Foot Prints, and the Number of his 
Name ; 2d edition, 16mo.; Columbus, Ohio, 1853. 

17 Omega; or, the Key to the Kingdom of 

Heaven ; a Supplement to the Key to the Bottomless 
Pit, 12mo ; Zanesville, (O.) 1853. 

40 Giddings, Joshua R. : Speeches in Congress, 12mo ; Boston, 
1853. . 

32 Gillham, Wm. B. : iEolian Lyrist; a new Collection of 
Psalm and Hymn Tunes, &c., ob. 8vo ; Cincinnati, 1853. 

35 Glazier, William Belcher: Poems, 12mo; Hallowell, 1853. 
10 Gluge, Gottlieb : Atlas of Pathological Histology ; translated 

from the German, by Joseph Leidy, folio ; Philadelphia, 
40 Goodrich, Chauncey A. : Select British Eloquence ; embrac- 
ing the best Speeches entire, of the most eminent Oratoss 


of Great Britain, for the last two Centuries, 8vo ; New- 
York, 1852. 
24 Gouge, William M. : Fiscal History of Texas ; embracing 
an Account of its Revenues, Debts, and Currency, from 
the Commencement of the Revolution in r834, to 1851-2; 
with Remarks on American Debts, 8vo; Philadelphia, 

34 Goulding, F. R.: Robert and Harold; or, the Young Ma- 
rooners on the Florida Coast, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1852. 

6 Gray, Alonzo, & C. B. Adams : Elements of Geology, 12mo ; 
New- York, 1S53. 

44 Great Truths by Great Authors ; a Dictionary of Aids to 
Reflection, Quotations of Maxims, &c., 12mo; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 

16.1 Green, Francis H.: Biography of Mrs. Semantha Mettler, 
the Clairvoyant ; being a History of {Spiritual Deyelope- 
ment, and containing an Account of the Wonderful 
Cures performed through her Agency, 16mo; New- 
York, 1853. 

34 Griggs, William N.: The Celebrated " Moon Story," its Ori- 
gin and Incidents ; with a Memoir of the Author, &c., 
12mo; New- York, 1852. 

4 Grimshaw, William: History of the United States, from 
their First Settlement as Colonies, to the Peace with 
Mexico, in 1848; revised and corrected, with Additional 
Chapters, by A. H. Grimshaw, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1863. 

2 Hale, Sarah Josepha : Woman's Record ; or. Sketches of all 
Distinguished Women, from " the Beginning" till 1850; 
with Selections from Female Writers of every Age, 8vo ; 
New- York, 1853. 

34 Hall, Baynard R.: Frank Freeman's Barber Shop; a Tale, 
12mo ; Ne^v-York, 1852. 

10 Halsted, H.: Exposition of Motorpathy ; a New System of 
Curing Disease, by Statuminating, Vitalizing Motion, 
12mo; Rochester, 1853. 

15 Hamilton, Schuyler: History of the National Flag of the 
United States of America, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1852. 

34 Hanaford, Mrs. Joseph H.: Lucretia, the Quakeress; or. 
Principle Triumphant, 12mo; Boston, 1853. 

43 Hand-Book of Anglo-Saxon Root- Words, in Three Parts; 
by a Literary Association, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

43 Hand-Book of English Orthography, embracing the Choice 
Gothic, Celtic, French, Latin, and Greek Words of the 
English Language, on the Basis of the Hand-Book of 
Anglo-Saxon Orthography ; in Three Parts ; by a Lite- 
rary Association, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

17 Harbaugh, H.: The Heavenly Home ; or, the Employments 
and Enjoyments of the Saints in Heaven, 12mo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 


34 Harlan, Mary B.: Ellen ; or, the Chained Mother, and Pic- 
tures of Kentucky Slavery, 12mo; Cincinnati, 1853. 
9 Harris, Capin A.: Principles and Practice of Dental Surgery ; 
5th edition, revised, and improved, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 

29 Hart, Adolphus M.: History of the Valley of the Missis- 

sippi, 12mo; Cincinnati, 1853. 

17 Hart, John S.: Epitome of Greek and Roman Mythology, 
(in Latin :) with Explanatory Notes and a Vocabulary, 
12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

32 Hastings, Thomas : Dissertation on Musical Taste, 12mo; 
New- York, 1853. 

15 Haswell, Charles H.: Engineers' and Mechanics' Pocket- 
Book, &c.; 8th edition, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

34 Hawthorne, Nathaniel: Blithedale Romance, 12mo; Bos- 
ton, 1852. 

4 Life of Franklin Pierce, 12mo; 

Boston, 1852. 
4 Headley, J. T.: Lives of Winfield Scott and Andrew Je^ck- 
son,'^12mo; New- York, 1852. 

10 Helme, W. C: American Farrier, and Family Medical Com- 
panion, &c., 8vo; Cleveland, 1852. 

10 Henl6, J.: Treatise on General Pathology; translated from 
the German, by Henry C. Preston, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 

34 Hentz, Caroline Lee : Wild Jack ; or, the Stolen Child ; a 
Sketch from Life ; together with other highly interesting 
Stories, 12mo; Philadeli^ia, 1853. 

15 Herbert, Henry William : .mierican Game in its Seasons, 
12mo; New-Yoik, 1853. 

34 Chevaliers of France, from the 

Crusaders to the Marechals of Louis XIV., 12mo ; New- 
York, 1853. 

34 ■ Marmaduke Wyvil, an Historical 

Romance of 1651 ; 14th edition, revised and corrected, 
12mo; New- York, 1853. 

34 Herndon, Mrs. Mary E.: Louise Elton ; or, Things Seen 
and Heard; a Novel, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

25 Hinkley, Edward: Tables of the Prime Numbers, and 
Prime Factors of the Composite Numbers, from 1 to 
100,000 ; with the Methods of their Construction, and 
Examples of their Use, 8vo; Baltimore, 1853. 

30 History and Rudiments of Architecture; edited by John 

Bullock, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 
4 Holliday, F. C: Life and Times of Rev. Allen Wiley ; con- 
taining Sketches of Early Methodist Preachers in In- 
diana, &c.; also, his Original Letters, entitled, " a Help 
to the Performance of Ministerial Duties;" edited by 
Rev. D. W. Clark, 12mo; Cincinnati, 1853. 
29 Howe, Henry : Travels and Adventures of Celebrated Trav* 


elers in the Principal Countries of the Globe, 8vo ; Cin- 
cinnati, 1853. 

10 Hunter, John: Treatise on the Venereal Disease; with 
copious Additions, by Philip Ricord ; edited, with Notes, 
by Freeman J. Bumstead, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

34 Huntington, J V. : Alban ; or, the History of a Young Pu- 
ritan; new and revised edition, 2 v. 12mo; New- York, 

The Forest, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

4 Ingersoll, Charles J. : History of the Second War between 
the United States of America and Great Britain ; 2d 
Series, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1852. 

29 James's Rail Road and Route Book for the Western and 
Southern States; compiled by J. Griswold, 16mo ; Cin- 
cinnati, 1853. 

29 James's Traveller's Companion : being a Complete Guide 
through the West and South, to the Gulf of Mexico and 
the Pacific, via the Railroads, Lakes, Rivers, Canals, &c., 
16mo; Cincinnati, 1853. 

34 James, G. P. R. : Agnes Sorel, a Novel, 8vo ; New- York, 

44 Life of Vicissitudes ; a Story of Revolu- 
tionary Times, 8vo; New- York, 1852. 

10 Jennings, J. : Philosophy of Human Life ; with especial 
Design to Develop the True Idea of Disease ; its Nature, 
Immediate Occasion, and General Remedy, 12mo ; Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 1852. 

17 Jimeson, A. A. : Notes oil the Twenty-Five Articles of Re- 
ligion, as Received Md Taught by Methodists in the 
United States, 12mo ; Cincinnati, 1853. 

10 Johns, Montgomery : Clinical Phrase Book; in English and 
German, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

24 Jones, John B. : The Monarchist, a Novel, 12mo ; Philadel- 

phia, 1853. 

17 Judson, Emily: Kathayan Slave, and other Papers con- 
nected with Missionary Life, 16mo; Boston, 1853. 

10 Kirkes, William Senhouse : Manual of Physiology; 2d 
American, from the 2d London edition ; assisted by 
James Paget, p. 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

34 Kirkland, Mrs. C. M. : Book for the Home Circle ; or, Fa- 
miliar Thoughts on Various Topics, Literary, Moral, and 
Social, 12mo ; New- York, 1853. 

29 Knapp, J. L. : Country Rambles in England ; or Journal of 
a Naturalist ; with Notes and Additions, by Miss S. F. 
Cooper, p. 8vo ; Buffalo, 1853. 

25 Knapp, Moses L. : Lectures on the Science of Life Insur- 

ance, addressed to Families, Societies, Trades, Profes- 
sions; considerate Persons of all Classes; 2d edition, 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 


3 Knighton, F. : American Etymological School Grammar, 
&c., 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1852. 

-*43 Young Composer ; or. Progressive Exercises 

in English Composition, &c., 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 
15 Krider, John : Sporting Anecdotes, illustrative of the Habits 

of Certain Varieties of American Game ; edited by H. 

Milnor Klapp, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 
32 La Hache, Theodore : New Collection of Sacred Choruses, 

Quaiuors, Trios, Duos and Solos, Selected from the 

Works of Adam, Rossini, Winter, Mozart, &c., ob. 4to ; 

New- York, 1853. 
17 L'Ange Conducteur des Ames Devotes dans la Voie de la 

Perfection Chretienne, &c., 16mo ; New- York, 1852. 

4 Lanman, Charles : Private Life of Daniel Webster, 12mo ; 

New- York, 1852. 
6 Lardner, Dionysius : Hand-Books of Natural Philosophy and 
Astronomy; 2d Course: Heat, Magnetism, Common 
Electricity, Voltaic Electricity, p. 8vo ; Philadelphia, 

15 Larkin, James : Practical Brass and Iron Founder's Guide, 
12mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. . 

34 Lasselle, Mrs. N. P. : Annie Grayson ; or, Life in Washing- 
ton, 12mo; Washington, 1853. 

25 Leach, Daniel, & Robert Sv/an : Elementary Intellectual 
Arithmetic, containing numerous Original Contractions 
in Multiplication, 16mo; Boston, 1853. 

34 Lee, Henry W. : Cornelia; or, the Deaf Mute, 16mo; 
Rochester, 1853. 

17 Letters to a Recent Convert, by a Pastor, 16mo; Philadel- 
phia, 1853. 

24 Lieber, Francis : On Civil Liberty and Self-Government, 2 v. 

12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

4 Life of Henry Clay, the Statesman and Patriot, 12mo; 
Philadelphia, 1853. 

4 Lossing, Benson J. : Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, 
V. 2, 8vo ; New- York, 1852. 

8 Lowig, Carl: Principles of Organic and Physiological 
Chemistry ; translated by Daniel Breed, 8vo ; Philadel- 
phia, 1853. 
17 Lowrey, Asbury : Positive Theology ; being a Series of Dis- 
sertations on the Fundamental Doctrines of the Bible, 
&c., 12mo; Cincinnati, 1853. 
37 Ludvigh, Samuel : Kossuth, oder der Fall von Ungarn ; 
Historisches Drama, 12mo; Baltimore, 1853. 

25 Lyon, Patrick : New and Improved Tables ; with the Method 

of their Application to Finding the Mean Heights of 
Cross Sections, and Cubic Contents of Excavations and 
Embankments, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 
43 McClintock, John : Second Book in Latin ; containing Syn- 


tax, and Reading Lessons in Prose, forming a sufficient 
Latin Reader, 12nrio; New-York, 1853. 
3 McClure, A. W. : The Translators Revived ; a Biographical 
Memoir of the Authors of the English Version of the 
Holy Bible, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

15 McHenry, John : The Gas Meter and the Apparatus Used 

in the Manufacture of Coal Gas, &c., 8vo ; Cincinnati, 
43 McMunn, John B. : Grammar of the English Language, 
Designed for the Illustration of a Series of Grammar 
Charts, 12mo ; New- York, 1853. 

16 Mac-Gregor, P. : Practical Treatise on Book-Keeping, on a 

New Plan, 12mo ; New-York, 1852. 
3 MacLeod, Donald : Life of Sir Walter Scott, 12mo; New- 
York, 1852. 

26 Mahan, D. H. : Industrial Drawing ; comprising, the De- 
scription and Uses of Drawing Instruments, the Con- 
struction of Plane Figures, &c., 8vo; New- York, 1852. 

29 Map of Cayuga County, New- York ; from Actual Surveys ; 
by Samuel Geil; Philadelphia, 1853. 

29 Map of Frederick City, Frederick County, Maryland ; by 
Henry H. Pittar. Baltimore, 1852. 

29 Map of Livingston County, New- York, by Rea & Otiey, 

29 Map of Monroe County, New- York, by P. J. Browne. 

29 Map of Morris County, New-Jersey ; from Original Sur- 
veys, by L. Lightfoot and Samuel Geil ; Morristown, 

29 Map of Niagara County, New- York, by Gifford & Geil, 

29 Map of Oneida County, New- York, by Rogerson & Mur- 
phy, 1852. 

29 Map of Onondaga County, New- York, by L. Fagan, 1852. 

29 Map of Ontario County, New- York, by H. F. Walling, 1852. 

29 Map of Orleans County, New- York, by Lightfoot & Geil. 

29 Map (Topographical) of Seneca County, New- York, by 
W. T. Gibson. 1852. 

29 Map of Tomkins County, New- York ; from Actual Surveys, 
by L. Fagan ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

29 Map of Washington County, New- York ; from Actual Sur- 
veys, by Morris Levey. Philadelphia, 1853. 

29 Map of Wayne County, New- York ; from Actual Surveys, 
by H. F. Walling ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

34 Mapleton ; or, More Work for the Maine Law, 12mo ; Bos- 
ton, 1853. 

15 Marsh, C. C. : Course of Practice in Single-Entry Book- 
Keeping, Improved by a Proof or Balance, and Applied 
to Partnership Business, 8vo; New- York, 1853. 


I Martin, George W. : Equation Tables : Designed to furnish 
Merchants, Manufacturers, and other Business Men, with 
an Accurate Set of Calculations for Averaging Accounts, 
folio; Rochester, 1853. 
S9 Marvin, Henry : Complete History of Lake George, &c., 
18mo; New- York, 1853. 
29 Mathews, Cornelius : Pen and Ink Panorama of New- York 
City, 32mo; New- York, 1853. 

39 Mathews, J. M'D. : Letters to School Girls, 12mo; Cincin- 

nati, 1853. 
16.1 Mattison, H. : Spirit Rapping Unveiled! an Expos6 of the 
Origin, History, Theology, and Philosophy of certain 
alleged Communications from the Spirit World, by m^ans 
of " Spirit Rapping," ** Medium Writing," &c., 12mo ; 
New- York, 1853. 
84 Maturin, Edward: Bianca; a Tale of Erin Italy, 12mo; 
New- York, 1852. 

40 Meagher, Thomas Francis: Speeches on the Legislative 

Independence of Ireland; with Introductory Notes, 12mo; 

New- York, 1853. 
10 Meigs, J. Forsyth : Practical Treatise on the Diseases of 

Children ; 2d edition, revised and enlarged, 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 
17 Melcher, Josiah F. : Bible Astronomy; or, the Little Book 

on the Mysteries and Wonders of the Rise and Fall of 

Babylon, 12mo; St. Louis, Mo., l553. 
32* Melodia Sacra; a Complete Collection of Church Music, 

&c., by B. F. Baker, A. N. Johnson, and Josiah Osgood, 

ob. 8vo ; Boston, 1853. 
17 Miles, George D. : Memoir of Ellen May Woodward ; 2d 

edition ; with a Preface, by the Rev. Alonzo Potter, 

16mo; Philadelphia, 1852. 
9 Miller, James : Practice of Surgery ; 3d American, from the 

2d Edinburgh edition ; edited, with Additions, by F. W. 

Sargent, 8 vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 
39 Miller, Samuel : Letters from a Father to his Sons in Col- 
lege, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1852. 

33 Milton, John : Poetical Works ; with a Life of the Author ; 

Preliminary Dissertations on each Poem ; Notes, Critical 
and Explanatory, and an Index to all the Poems ; edited 
by Charles Dexter Cleveland, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

34 Mr. Frank, the Underground Mail Agent, by Vidi, 12mo; 

Philadelphia, 1853. 

29 Mitchell, S. Augustus : Intermediate or Secondary Geo- 
graphy; revised edition, 4to; Philadelphia, 1852. 

— Moran, Benjamin : The Footpath and Highway, or Wan- 
derings of an American, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

35 Morris, John J.: Sacred Lyrics, or Hopes and Yearnings 

Heavenward, 16mo ; Philadelphia, 1852. 


34 ^My Own Cottage Stories for Summer Hours, by MelvHle, 

16mo; Portland, 1852. 
34 My Own Cottage Stories for Winter Evenings, by Melville, 

16mo; Portland, 1852. 

— Neitz, Salomon : Ein Besuch auf der Eisenbahn nach der 

Himmlischen Stadt, 16mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

30 Nicholson, Peter : Carpenter's New Guide ; the whole being 
carefully and thoroughly revised, by N. K. Davis ; and 
containing numerous new, improved, and Original De- 
signs for Roofs, Domes, &c., by Samuel Sloan; 16th 
edition, 4to ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

15 Northend, Charles: Teacher and the Parent; a Treatise 
upon Common School Education, &c. ; 2d edition, 12mo ; 
Boston, 1853. 

17 Nuevo Testamento de Nuestro Senor y Salvador Jesu- 
Chrislo, nuevamente traducido de la Vulgata Latina al 
Espaiiol ; por Felix Torres Amat, 12mo; Nueva-York, 

15 Nystrom, J. W. : Treatise on Screw Propellers and their 
Steam Engines, &c. ; accompanied with a Treatise on 
Bodies in Motion in Fluid ; also, a Full Description of 
a Calculating Machine, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1852. 

17 Obligation of the Sabbath ; a Discussion between Rev. J. 
Newton Brown, and William B. Taylor, 12mo ; Phila- 
delphia,* 1853. 
4 Olin. — Life and Letters of Stephen Olin, 2 v. 12mo ; New- 
York, 1853. • . 

43 Ollendorffs — Gramatica Francesa, Metodo Prdctico, para ap- 
pender a Leer, Escriber y Hablar la Lengua Francesa, 
segun el Sistema de Ollendorff; con Lecciones adicion- 
ales y un Apendice, &c., 12mo; Nueva-York, 1850. 

— Our First Mother, 16mo ; New- York, 1852. 

34 Paxton, Philip : Stray Yankee in Texas, 12mo ; New- York,. 

17 Pendleton, J. M. : Three Reasons, Why I am a Baptist, 

16mo; Cincinnati, 1853. 
36 Phelps, Mrs. Adaliza Cutter: Life of Christ, and other 

Poems ; with an Introductory Notice by her Husband, 

12mo; Boston, 1852. 

— Pidgeon, William: Traditions of De-coo-dah, and Anti- 

quarian Researches; comprising extensive Explorations, 
Surveys, and Excavations of the Wonderful and Mys- 
terious Earthen Remains of the Mound-Builders in 
America, &c., 8vo ; New- York, 1853. 

17 Pierson, H. W. : American Missionary Memorial ; includ- 
ing Biographical and Historical Sketches, 8vo ; New- 
York, 1853. 

17 Plumer, Wm. S. : The Grace of Christ, or Sinners Saved 
by Unmerited Kindness, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

36 Poems, by Meditatus, 16mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 


24 Politics for American Christians ; a Word upon Our Ex- 

ample as a Nation, Our Labor, Our Trade, Elections, 
Education, and Congressional Legislation, 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1852. 
44 Pratt, Seabred Dodge : Inklings ; containing Sketches of 
Life, Compositions, Essays, Disputations, Poems, &c., 
12mo; Auburn, 1852. 

6 Preliminary Treatise on the Law of Repulsion, as a Uni- 

versal Law of Nature ; in which the Mosaic History of 
Creation is Vindicated and Sustained, &c., 8vo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 

34 Rattlehead's Chronicles ; or, a Little Experience with Old 
Maids and Young Maids; Old Bachelors, Fools, and 
Drunkards, &c., by David Rattlehead, p. 8vo ; Philadel- 
phia, 1852. 

34 Rattlehead's Travels ; or, the Recollections of a Back- 
woodsman, &c., by David Rattlehead, p. 8vo ; Philadel- 
phia, 1852. 

25 Ray, Joseph : Key to Ray's Algebra, Parts 1st and 2d, &c., 

p. 8vo; Cincinnati, 1852. 

36 Read, Thomas Buchanan : Poems, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 
8 Regnault, M. V. : Elements of Chemistry ; translated from 
the French, by Thomas R. Betton ; and edited, with 
Notes, by James C. Booth, and William L. Faber, 2 v. 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1852. 

8 Elements of Chemistry, for the use of 

Colleges, Academies and Schools; translated from the 
French, by T. Forrest Betton ; and edited, with Notes, 
by James C. Booth, and William L. Faber ; 2d edition, 
2 V 8vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

17 Richardson, R. : Principles and Objects of the Religious 
Reformation, urged by A. Campbell and others, briefl}'' 
Stated and Explained, 12mo; Bethany, Va., 1853. 

24 Ridgely, James L., and Paschal Donaldson: Odd-Fellows' 
Pocket Manual, 16mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

32 Robbins, Edgar A. : Accordeon Method, 4to ; Rochester,! 853. 

7 Robinson, Solon : Guano; a Treatise of Practical Informa- 

tion for Farmers; containing Plain Directions how to 
Apply Peruvian Guano to the Various Crops and Soils 
of America, &c., 8vo ; New- York, 1853. 

34 Roland Trevor ; or, the Pilot of Human Life, being an Au- 
tol)iography of the Author ; showing how to Make and 
Lose a Fortune, and then to Make another, 12mo ; Phil- 
adelphia, 1853. 

43 Roorbach, O. A. : Bibliotheca Americana — Catalogue of 
American Publications, including Reprints and Original 
Works, from 1820 to 1852, inclusive, together with a 
List of Periodicals published in the United States, 8vo ; 
New-York, 1852. 


— Saco, Jos6 Antonio : Obras, v. 1, 12mo ; Nueva-York, 1853. 
34 Saint-Pierre, J. H. B. : Paul et Virginia ; avec Vocabu- 

laire, 12mo ; New- York. 

— Salad for the Solitary, by an Epicure, 12mo; New- York, 

2 Savage, Charles C. : Illustrated Biography; or, Memoirs of 
the Great and Good of all Nations and all Times, 8vo ; 
New- York, 1853. 

17 Schaufller, W. G. : Meditations on the Last Days of Christ ; 
together with Eight Meditations on the 17th Chapter of 
John, 12mo ; Boston, 1853. 

13 Schleiden, M. J. : Poetry of the Vegetable World ; a Popu- 
lar Exposition of the Science of Botany, and its Rela- 
tions to Man ; 1st American, from the London edition of 
Henfrey ; edited by Alphonso Wood, 12mo ; Cincinnati, 
6 Schoedler, Friederich : Book of Nature ; an Elementary 
Introduction to the Sciences of Physics, Astronomy, 
Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Botany, Zoolog}^, and 
Physiology ; 1st American edition, with a Glossary, &c., 
from the 2d English edition ; translated from the 6th 
German edition, by Henry Medlock, 8yo ; Philadelphia, 

29 Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe: Scenes and Adventures in the 
Semi-Alpine Region of the Ozark Mountains of Mis- 
souri and Arkansas, which were first Traversed by De 
Soto in 1541, 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

24 Seaman, Ezra C. : Essays on the Progress of Nations, in 
Civilization, Productive Industry, Wealth and Popula- 
tion, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

34 Secret of Success; or, Family Affairs; a Memoir, by a 
Mississippian, 16mo ; Cincinnati, 1853. 

44 Seward, William H. : Works ; edited by George E. Baker, 
3 V. 8vo ; New- York, 1853. 

34 Shelton, F. W. : Rector of St. Bardolph's ; or, Superannu- 
ated, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

8 Silliman, Benjamin, Jr. : First Principles of Chemistry, for 

the use of Colleges and Schools ; 25th edition, rewritten 
and enlarged, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1852. 

16.1 Simmons, Charles: Laconic Manual and Brief Remarker, 
p. 8vo ; North Waltham, Mass., 1852. 

34 Simms, W. Gilmore : Marie de Berniere ; a Tale of the 
Crescent City, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

38 Norman Maurice ; or, the Man of the 

People; 4th edition, revised and corrected, 12mo; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 

34 The Sword and the Distafi*; or, " Fair, 

Fat, and Forty;" a Tale of the South, at the Close of the 
Revolution, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

9 Smith, Henry H. ; System of Operative Surgery; based 


upon the Practice of Surgeons in the United States ; and 
comprising a Bibliographical Index and Historical Rec- 
ord of Many of their Operations, during a Period of 
Two Hundred Years, royal 8vo ; Philadelphia, 1852.. 

34 Smith, W. L. G.: Life at the South ; or "Uncle Tom's 

Cabin" as it is ; being Narrative Scenes, and Incidents 
in the Real '' Life of the Lowly," 12mo; Buffalo, 1852. 
28 Somerville, Mary : Physical Geography ; a new American, 
from the 8d and revised London edition ; with Notes, 
and a Glossary, by W. S. W. Ruschenberger, 8vo ; Phil- 
adelphia, 1853. 

35 Songs of Yale, 8vo; New-Haven, 1853. 

34 Southworth, Emma D. E. N. : Curse of Clifton ; a Tale of 

Expiation and Redemption, 2 v. 12mo ; Philadelphia, 
Old Neighborhoods and New Set- 
tlements ; or, Christmas Evening Legends, 12mo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 
17 Spencer, Ichabod S.: Pastor's Sketches; or. Conversations 
with Anxious Inquirers, respecting the Way of Salva- 
tion; 2d Series, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

35 Springer, M.: Songs of Zion, for Social and Public Worship, 

16mo ; Hallowell, 1853. 

17 Statement of the Trinitarian Principle, or Law of Tri-Per- 
sonality, 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

34 Stearns, E. J.: Notes on Uncle Tom's Cabin ; being a Logical 
Answer to its Allegations and Inferences against Slavery 
as an Institution, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

15 Steuart, Charles B.: Naval and Mail Steamers of the United 
States, 4to; New- York, 1853. 

25 Stoddard, John F.: American Philosophical Arithmetic, de- 
signed for the Use of advanced Classes in Schools and 
Academies, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

34 Stoddard, Richard Henry : Adventures in Fairy- Land, 12mo; 
Boston, 1853. 

34 Stowe, Harriet Beecher : Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin ; pre- 
senting the Original Facts and Documents upon which 
the Story is Founded, &c., 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

34 Oheim Tom's Hiitte ; oder das 

Leben bei den Niedrigen ; ubersetgt von Hugo Rudolph 
Hutten, 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

34 The Mayflower ; or. Sketches of 

Scenes and Characters among the Descendants of the 
Pilgrims, 16mo; Boston, 1853. 

35 Uncle Tom's Cabin ; or. Life among 

the Lowly, 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

16.1 Sumner, Charles: White Slavery in the Barbary States, 
16mo ; Boston, 1853. 

39 Swisshelm, Jane G.: Letters to Country Girls, I2mo ; New- 
York, 1853. 


10 Taylor, Alfred S.: Medical Jurisprudence; 3d American 
from the 4th London edition ; edited, with Additions, by 
Edward Hartshorne, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

34 The Old House by the River; by the Author of the Owl 
Creek Letters, 16mo; New- York, 1853. 
4 Thomas, F. W.: John Randolph, of Roanoke, and other 
Sketches of Character, including William Wirt; to- 
gether with Tales of Real Life, 12mo; Philadelphia, 

29 Thomas, J.: Travels in Egypt and Palestine, 12mo ; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 
4 Thompson, Zadock: History of Vermont, Natural, Civil, 
and Statistical; with an Appendix, 8vo; Burlington, 

36 Thomson, James:. Seasons; with Critical Observations of 
Various Authors on his Genius and Character; with 
Notes Explanatory and Critical, by John Robert Boyd, 
12mo; New- York, 1852. 

10 Thomson, Spencer: Dictionary of Domestic Medicine and 
Household Surgery ; 1st American, from the last Lon- 
don edition, revised, with Additions, by Henry H. Smith, 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

28 Townsend, Charles E.: Mechanical Zodiac, designed to Il- 

lustrate the Motion of the Earth in its Daily and Annual 
Revolutions, and the Apparent Movement of the Sun 
among the Constellations of the Zodiac, and other Hea- 
venly Bodies, folio; New-York, 1852. 

29 Traces of the Roman and Moor ; or. Twice Trodden Tracks 

through Lombardy and the Spains, by a Bachelor, 12mo ; 

New- York, 1853. 
10 Tracy, Stephen: The Mother and her Offspring, 12mo; 

New- York, 1853. 
17 Turner, Samuel H.: Epistle to the Hebrews, in Greek and 

English, with an Analysis and Exegetical Commentary, 

8vo; New-York, 1852. 
34 Turnover; a Tale of New Hampshire, 12mo; Boston, 1853. 
17 Tustin, Septimus : The Doubting Communicant Encouraged; 

2d edition, 32mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 
34 Tuthill, Mrs. L. C: Queer Bonnets ; or, Truthfulness and 

Generosity, a'Book for Girls, 16mo; New- York, 1853. 
43 Urcullu, Jos6 de: Nueva Graroatica Inglesa, reducida a 

Viente y Siete Lecciones, &c.; con una Clave de los 

Temas, 12mo; Nueva-York, 1852. 
16.1 Van Doren, Wm. Howard : Mercantile Moral ; or. Thoughts 

for Young Men entering Mercantile Life, 12mo; New- 
York, 1852. 
34 Vincent, John: The Pretty Plate, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 
17 Vinet, A. : Pastoral Theology ; or, the Theory of the Evan- 
gelical Ministry; translated and edited by Thomas H. 

Skinner, 12mo ; New- York, 1853. 


V^ Vingut, Francisco Javier: El Maestro de Ingles, Metodo 
Practico para aprender a Leer, Escriber y Hablar la 
'Lengua Inglesa; segun el Sistema de Ollendorff, &c., 
12mo; Nueva-York, 1853. 

13 Clave de los Ejercicios del 

Maestro de Ingles, &c., 12mo; Nueva-York, 1853. 

13 Ollendorff's Spanish Grammar, 

&c.; 4th edition, 12mo; New- York, 1853. 

17 Voices of Nature to her Foster-Child, the Soul of Man; a 
Series of Analogies between the Natural and the Spiritual 
World ; by the Author of " a Reel in a Bottle ;" edited 
by Rev. Henry T. Cheever, 12mo; New- York, 1852. 

32 Wakefield, S. : Deutsches Choralbuch, ob. 8vo ; Cincinnati, 

43 Walker, John : Critical Pronouncing Dictjpnary and Expos- 
itor of the English Language, 12mo : New- York, 1853. 

24 Wallis, S. T. : Spain ; her Institutions, Politics, and Public 
Men; a Sketch, 12mo; Boston, 1853. 
9 Warrington, Joseph: Obstetric Catechism, 12mo; Phila- 
delphia, 1853. 
4 Watson, Henry C. : History of the United States of America, 
from the Discovery to the Present Time, 8vo ; Philadel- 
phia, 1853. 

34 Webber, C. W. : Tales of the Southern Border, p. 8vo; 
Philadelphia, 1853. 

17 SpirituafVampirism; the History of Ethe- 

rial Softdown, and her Friends of the " New Light," 
12mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 
2 Weber, George: Outlines of Universal History, from the 
Creation of the World to the Present Time ; translated 
from the German, by Dr. M. Behr ; revised, &c., with 
the Addition of a History of the United States of Ame- 
rica, by Francis Bowen, 8vo ; Boston, 1853. 

»'i2 Webster, William C. : The Dulcedo ; a Choice Collection 
of Music, with a Complete and Thorough System of 
Elementary Instruction, ob. 12mo; Buffalo, 1853. 

34 Weir, James : Simon Kenton ; or, the Scout's Revenge, an 
Historical Novel, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1852. 

— Wharton, G. M. : New-Orleans Sketch Book, 12mo ; Phila- 

delphia, 1853. 
40 Whedon, D. D. : Public Addresses, Collegiate and Popular, 
12mo; Boston, 1852. 

— White, Charles : Essays in Literature and Ethics, i2mo; 

Boston, 1853. 

30 Whittier, John G. : Chapel of the Hermits, and other 
Poems, 16mo ; Boston, 1853. 

32 Wilder, Levi : Musical Elementary, an Improved Text- 
Book in the First Principles of Singing by Note, ob. 
8vo. ; New-York, 1852. 

10 Williams, Charles J. B. : Principles of Medicine : compris- 


ing General Pathology and Therapeutics, and a brief 
General View ol' Etiology, Nosology, Semeiology, Diag- 
nosis, Prognosis, aed Hygienics ; edited, with additions, 
by Meredith Clymer; 4th American edition, revised, 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

17 Williams, Mrs. H. D wight: Voices from the Silent Land; 
or Leaves of Consolation for the Afflicted, 12mo ; Bos- 
ton, 1853. 

29 Willis, N. Parker : Sunmier Cruise in the Mediterranean, 
on Board an American Frigate, 12mo ; New- York, 

25 Wilson, Clement A.: Teacher's Assistant, or a System of 
Practical Arithmetic, 16mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

32 Winner, Sep. : Collection of Music for the Violin, ob. 8vo ; 
Philadelphia, 1853. 

25 Winslow, E. 8. : Computist's Manual of Facts, and Mer- 
chant's and Mechanic's Calculator and Guide, &c. ; 3d 
edition, revised and enlarged, p. 8vo; Boston, 1853. 

25 Foreign and Domestic Commercial Cal- 
culator, p. 8vo ; Boston, 1853. 
8 Woehler, Friederich : Analytical Chemist's Assistant ; trans- 
lated from the German, with an Introduction, &c., by 
Oscar M. Lieber, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1852. 

32 Woodbury, J. B. : Harp of the South ; a new and com- 
plete Collection of Church Music, &c., ob. 8vo ; New- 
York, 1853. 

32 Self-Instructor in Musical Composition, 

and Thorough Bass ; to which has been added, Hamil- 
ton's Treatise on Fugue and Double Counterpoint, &c., 
12mo; New- York, 1853. 

32 The Flute ; containing Instructions for 

Playing that Instrument, with an extensive Collection 
and Variety of the Choicest Music, oblong 12mo ; New- 
York, 1853. 

32 The Piano-Forte ; containing Instructions 

for Playing that Instrument, with an extensive Collec- 
tion and Variety of the Choicest Music, oblong 12mo ; 
New- York, 1853. 

32 The Violin ; containing Instructions for 

Playing that Instrument, with an extensive Collection 
and Variety of the Choicest Music, oblong 12mo ; New- 
York, 1853. 

17 Woodruff, Hezekiah : Exposition of the New Testament ; 
or, the New Covenant of Our Sovereign Saviour, the 
Anointed, 12mo ; Auburn, 1852. 

43 Wurst, R. J. : Deutsche Sprachdenklehre, &c., 12mo ; Cin- 
cinnati, 1852. 

12 Wythes, Joseph H. : Curiosities of the Microscope; or Illus- 
trations of the Minute Parts of Creation, adapted to the 
Capacity of the Young, oblong 16mo; Philadelphia, 


10 Wythes, Joseph H. : Physician's Pocket Dose and Symptom 
Book, 16mo; Philadelphia, 1853. 

12 — • The Microscopist ; or, . a Complete 

Manual on the Use of the Microscope ; for Physicians, 
Students, and all Lovers of Natural Science; 2d edi- 
tion, improved, 12mo ; Philadelphia, 1853. 

— Yale, Elisha : Select Verse System, for the use of Individu- 
als, Families, and Schools, p. 8vo ; Albany, 1863. 

32 Zundel, John : Amateur Organist ; a Collection of Open- 
ing and Closing Voluntaries, Selected and Arranged 
from the Works of Handel, Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, 
&c., &c., 4to ; New- York, 1853. 

32 Choral Friend ; a Collection of New Church 

Music, consisting of Original Anthems and Psalm and 
Hymn Tunes, 8vo ; New- York, 1852.