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■t , 













9rbot^, ^1ih of fiSLan. 

BaiHym dy loayragh shiu ooilley lesh Glaraghyn, &c.->St. Paul, i Cor. xiv 5. 







602 .tTTTi 


The following Vocabulary of the Manks language has been compiled 
with considerable labour and assiduity. It is designed to facilitate the 
attainment of that ancient language^ and to furnish the reader not only 
with a variety of vocables^ idiomatic phrases^ and proverbial expres- 
sions^ but also the outlines of a Manks Grammar. 

That a language so venerable for its antiquity and so estimable on 
many accounts should be so generally neglected^ is much to be 
lamented. The consequence of this neglect has been, that numerous 
corruptions have crept into the dialect in general use, and so many 
anglicisms been adopted, that the Manks is now seldom spoken or 
written in its original purity. Despised and neglected, however, as 
the language appears to be at present, it is susceptible of high improve- 
ment, and justly entitled to the attention of the scholar. The sublime 
strains of Ossian mark the capabilities of the language, and commend 
it to the regard of the philologist as a subject of curious enquiry, and 
deserving accurate investigation. 

At the present period, when this interesting little Island promises to 
become once more the abode of science and literature, it is hoped that 
Gaelic learning will revive, and that every, facility will be afforded for 
the acquisition of a language so essentially necessary within the pre- 
cincts of Mona to the students of Divinity, and the students of Law. 
To both these classes, it is presumed, the compilation now offered to 
the public will prove an important acquisition. Such a publication has 
long been a desideratum in Manks literature, and possesses fair claims 
to general acceptance. Whilst the natives of Wales and the natives of 
North Britain are enthusiastically attached to the language of their 
forefathers, let it not be said t&at the natives of Mona regard *' Chengey 
ny mayrey Vannin veg veen'* with disgraceful apathy and heartless indif^ 
ference. As long as the Manks Bible and the Manks Liturgy remain 
they will testify that our ancestors thought and felt more correctly. 


Amongst the numerous literary advantages which ** King William's 
College'* is expected to afford the sons of Mona, it is devoutly to be 
wished that the cultivation of the vemacuiar tongue be not overlooked. 
The establishment of a professorship for that specific object would be 
highly desirable^ — such an arrangement would be in perfect unison 
with the pious and benevolent design of the Founder of the Academic 
Fund, whose primary object appears to have been to prepare candidates 
for the Holy Ministry in the Isle of Man^ and thus promote the highest 
and best interests of the country. 

If the following work should contribute in the smallest degree to 
advance so important an endi the Compiler will have reason to regard 
his labour as well bestowed. 




I AM well aware that the utility of the following work will be variously appreciated 
by my brother ManksmeD. Some will be disposed to deride the endeavour to restore 
vigour to a decaying language. Those who reckon the extirpation of the Manks 
a necessary step towards that general extension of the English, which they deem 
essential to the interest of the Isle of Man, will condemn every effort which seems 
likely to retard its extinction. 

But those will think otherwise who consider that there are thousands of the 
natives of the Island that can at present receive no useful knowledge whatever, except 
through the medium of the Manks language ; they will judge from experience, as 
well as from the nature of the case, that no work of this description will hinder the 
progress of the English, but in fact have the contrary effect. 

It is obvious, that when tribes of men are intermixed who speak different lan- 
guages, a great part of the knowledge which man should afford bis neighbour must 
be diminished. The Magistrate cannot address his suitors, — the Pastor his flock, 
but through the imperfect medium of an interpreter. Lawyers, Divines, Physicians, 
Merchants, Manufacturers, and Farmers, all feel more or less this inconvenience 
when they transact business with whom they have no language in common. 

To remedy such defect, the following Manks Dictionary, with the corresponding 
words in English, may, it is hoped by the Compiler, contribute in some degree to 
facilitate the acquisition of both the Manks and English languages ; and, if received 
with indulgence, may be followed by its counterpart, " Enoush rendered into 

To place the present publication within the reach of the peasantry of the Isle of 
Man, it has been greatly abridged from what was at first purposed by the autlior; 
notwithstanding which, it is hoped will give general satisfaction, and be a standing 
memorial of that very ancient language — the Manks or Gaelic, to generations yet 
unborn ; as it may with a degree of truth be asserted that we have little more than 
two-thirds of the language preserved in the published translation of the Scriptures 
and the Church Liturgy. 

The following Remarks of Reference, with the work itself, will enable the reader 
to form some idea of the construction of the language. 






Of the LETTERS and their SOUNDS. 

1. Thb Alphabet conslBts of seventeen single 
and three doable consonants, and seven vowels 
-—fh e, if o, Ut w, p. Of the consonants, fifteen 
are mutable — b, c, eh, d,/, g, J, k, m, p, 9, », eh, 
el, t. The immutables are— I, n, r, which always 
retain their sound ; and alter not, except when 
preceded by « in the beginning of a word to show 
the d^prees of comparison. Oh and ph begin no 
radical, or at least ought to begin none, as the 
language now stands ; although there are word 
that are so written : these are shown where they 
occur in the work, and will be seen only to be 
aqpiratlons, ghoig and of d, and ph of p. Sh and 
el must be considered double consonants as they 
have a change peculiar to themselves, and dif- 
fer firom the other radical initialled «'«. The o 
is considered a secondary mute. 

3. J is reckoned a broad vowel, and in some 
words sounded as o, as in claoh (a stone), clogh; 
and as «, as in ooan (scarce), goun. It is pro- 
nounced as a in the English words of man, pan; 
as, BAD, LAD, BAB, &c. } and when circumflexed, 
as in mdroo, eArey, is sounded as in matron, &c. 

3. £ is a labial, or lip-letter, and pronounced 
as 6, in English ; as, barb, boatl. 

4. C preserves a strong sound in its unaspl- 
rated state, as the English Ar, or as cin can ; as, 
CAM, CAPPAN. It never, however, usurps tiie 
pronunciation of «, as in the English words de- 
tern, city, cedar, &c. 

5. CH has a soft sound, as in chaohtbr, 
chabbaa, chinots ; like eh in English, in eherryt 
charcoal, chime, &c. 

6. CH has a hard or harsh sound, which sound 
is not in the English language. I cannot eicpress 
it better than by a word which I would write or 
spell ^h or egg-yth, and a, cha (not) ; and which 
sound would go through witii the vowels, tiius : 
egh e, CHB ; egh i, chi ; ^h o, CHO j egh u, chc ; 
eghy,caYi and with chla, chlb, &c. ; andcHBA, 
CHRB, &c., &c. 

7. D is pronounced as d, in English, in drone, 
dunnal, &c. 

8. But D, in other words, as if written and pro- 
nounced d%, as in DAA, Doo, &c. 

9. E is reckoned a small vowel, but is some- 
times sounded long, and sometimes short; tiie 
latter sound as heard in men, ten, bed (in English) 
answers to the Manks bbn, bbn, shbn, &c. 

10. The long or drcumflezed £, as in mMu, 
fih, t4, v4, &c., like the English they, &cy ; or as 
a in way, hay, eay, &c. 

11. F is called a weak consonant; because, 
when aspirated, it looses all its force ; as, fba 
(rest) ; b ba (his rest.) It corresponds in many 
cases with o; and has the English sound in fa, 


IS. CI' is a heavy consonant, and pronounced 
as ^, in English, in gain, get, go ; as, oamman, 
ooAiLL, OABBISH ; buthss Dosoft sound as in the 
words gentle, generoue, &c. 

13. When O is aspirated to ^^ it is reckoned a 
light consonant, and has a gutteral sound ; no 
such sound is in the English language ; and al- 
tiiough ^A is in ghoet and ghastly, they are only 
sounded gost, gaetly. 

14. H is pronounced as A in the words hand, 
hind, hold, &c. in English. Some would rather 
call h an auxiliary than a letter, because it rarely 
begins any radical word except a few small ones, 
as, HANNAH, HTM, &c., Bud scrves only to aspirate 
the other consonants, as, ch, gh, mh, ph, th, &c ; 
or the vowels, as, ha, he, hi, &c. When it aspi- 
rates from t, followed by an r, it is often sounded 
as cA, as B hraa (his time) j b hroo (his envy) ; 
&c. It is an initial in feminine genitive nouns ; 
as, B hbddin (her face) ; b haionbt, (her mind 
or will) ; B HBNNTM (her name.) The mascu- 
line of tiiose would be b bddin (his fauce) ; b 
AiGNBT, (his mind) ; b bnntm, (his name.) 

15. I is one of the small vowels, and pro- 
nounced as t (in English) in pin, win, ein ; as, 


16. J is pronounced exactiy like the soft Eng- 
lish g, and is perfectly uniform in its sound. 

17. K. This letter has precisely the sound of 
hard c, in English, and is never silent as tiie Eng- 
lish k in knee, knave, know, &c. 

18. L. Scnne say tbia letter admits of no aspi- 
ration, and is pronounced as / (in English) in law, 
liw, love; as, lavb, lioar, lanb; but I think 
there is a distinction between lie ar ly in English, 
and LHiB in Manks ; and had the words loo, 
LOOR, &c., been spelled or written lhoo and 
lhoor, they would have answered the Manks 
pronunciation better; for without the A the sound 
is too narrow, except to those who know that 
they require that sound. 

19 JIf is a strong consonant, but it is often 



Changed into v; and when it is foUowed by u\ oo, 
or u, it changes to « or w, when aspirated. 

SO. iV is sonnded as n in English ; it is never 
aspirated nor ecUpeed, but yet called a light con- 
sonant, and is often doubled to give the greater 

21. O is a broad vowel ; when acnted as o in 
gone, in English, answers the Manks son, 
caoN, &c. 

38. When O is circnmflexed as in bone, ekone, 
open, &c., thus dNav, Atb, &c. Manks. 

83. O before / in the Manks, sounds ohl. 

84. P. This is a hard consonant, and pro- 
nounced as p in English. 

85. PH is sounded as the English /. 

86. Q, which is always followed by u, has the 
sound of kw. 

87. A is a light consonant, and pronounced as 
r in English ; but some times when an initial, it 
requires to be sounded as if written rh; as, asn (a 

thing), BHBD. 

88. St. although called the queen of conso- 
nants, is subject to many changes, as shown in 
Remarks 56, 56, BJ, 58, ill, iia, l6l, &c. It 
sounds as (in English) taoor, cmae— saootbt — 


80. T. This is a hard consonant, naturally 
commuted with d; as, nT osbbid, fornT obbbit. 

30. When T is an initial before a vowel, it re- 
quires to be sounded as if written th. 

31. 27 is one of the three broad vow^ with a 
and o, and sounded as « (in English) in cumber -, 
as, CUM (hold). 

88. V is not properly a radical initial conso- 
nant ; but only a secondary mute. However, we 
hare some fewwoids which begin with v as a 
radical ; as, vaidjtmt, vbih, &c. 

83. W. Though I have set down tlii» letter as 
a vowd, I know of no syllable or word without 
anofiher vowel attached to it, with consonants, to 
make a vrord or syllable. The Welsh have it a 
vowd, without any support. Its sound is as oo 
(in English) in boot, aoot, root; as, wabdoon, 


34. Y. TIlis letter as a vowd and a consonant 
is too frequently used in the Manks. Its first or 
primary sound would be as i (in English) in bind, 
bile, &c. 

86. But Y has another sound as u, and is as « 
(in English) in bird, ^Mrif,— answering to the 
sound in sptbbtd, tmmtbchaoh, tnbican, &c. 
in Manks. 

3tf . This letter has the sound of e in the word 
the (in Eng^h); as, bv, dtt, mt, sv, ftc. 

87. Y some times has the sound of m, as in 
the English, barley, belly, stingy, &c. ; as, lhbit, 

OUIT, SBIV, &c. 

38. Such words as begin with mutable or 
changeable consonants, viz. : b, e, ch, d, f, g, j, k, 
*»> P» 9» '> 9h, el, and t, change these their radical 
initial letters as occasion require, and according 
to the effect the preceding words have on them. 

30. The letter A, as an initial in radical verbs, 
changes to d, or rather has d placed before it, as 
shown in Remark 60 ; and to g, (or has g placed 
before it) as shown in Remark 6l; and also 
changes to n, (or has n placed before it) to show 
the preterit or past time of the action of the veih : 
and so of aU the vowels when radical initials. — 
See Remark ll9i &c. 

40. But the letter A and all the vowels change 
to A (or have h placed before them) to show the 
gentive or ownership case of the feminine gender, 
as may be seen under the H in the work, and in 
Remark I4. 

41. Words, primarily beginning with B, have 
three initials, viz.: b, v, m ; as, bbaab (a brother)} 
BVBAAB (his brother) } ntn mbaab (your,.&c. 
brother) } &c. &c. 

48. But when the second letter alter the £ is 
w,oo,otu, such words change to w or v as an 
initial ; as, booiaoh (willing or pleased) ; fbxb 
wooiAOH (very willing or pleased, &c.) ; ■ and 

BWOAILLBB (a fold) } B WOAILLBB (hlS foM) ; 

boiohbt (]anndioe)} tn wvighbt of vviohbt 
(the jaundioe or yellows) . 

43. Words beginning with C have three initials, 
viz.: e, eh, and g; as, cabbbt (a friend) } b chab- 
BBT (his friend)} ntn oabbbt (your, &c. 

44. Words beginning with CH have also three 
initials, viz.: ch, h, and^; as, chxnobt (a tongue)} 
B hbnobt (his tongue) } ntn jbnobt (your, &c. 
tongue), ftc. 

46. Words initialled by D have two, viz.: d and 
ghf as, nooiNNiT (a man); b ohooinnbt (his 
man), &c. 

46. Words radioaUy initialled by E, have four, 
and so have all the other vowels the initial vowel, 
and three others, viz.: e, or the olher vowel, and 
d, g, and » ; as, bbcb CP*y)} dbbcb (paid or did 
pay)} OBBCK (paying). See Remarks 6o and 6i ; 
and BB nbbck (hath or having, &c. paid). See 
also a change mentioned in Remaric 40. 

47. Some words commendng with E, radically, 
for better sound's sake begin with y,* as, bbast 
(a fish), TBiAST ; bban (a chicken), vxban, &c. 

48. Words beginning with F have nine or 
more changes, viz.: d and v, and the first vowel or 
consonant after the /, if the preceding word 
change it. 

49. Words radically initialled by G have two, 
as g and gh ; as, obat (wind) } tn ohxat (the 
wind) . G also sometimes changes to y ; as, oiabb 
(short); BO tiabb (too short), though some- 
times qielled GHiABB } oiALL (whlte or bright) ; 
Bo TiALL (too bright). This and others are also 
written ao ohiall, &c. 

50. Words commencing with J have two ini- 
tials, j and If i as, jbb (God) ; b tkb, (his God) ; 

51. Words initialled with K have three, viz. : 
k, eh, and g; as, kbtbbt (a sheep) ; b chbtrbt 
(his sheep) ; ntn obtbbt (your &c. sheep), &c. 



52. M, beginning words has but two initials, 
viz. : m and v ; as, motbn (pride) ; b votrn (his 
pride), &c. 

53. P, beginning words has three initials, viz.: 
p, pA, and 6; as, pooab (power) ; b phooab (his 
power) } NVN BooAR (your &c. power), &c. 

54. Q, begfnidng radicals, has three initials, 
viz.: 9, wh, and g; as, quaitl (a court); b 
WHUAIVL (his court); NTN ovAiTL (your, &c. 
court), &c. 

55. St beginning words radically, has many 
changes, viz. : «, A, / ; as sooill (an eye) j b 
HooiLL (his eye) j tn tooill (the eye). 

50. Andif 5 be followed by A, it changes to cA 
and h ; as, shbnn OHOourNBT (an old man) ; nx 
cmam ohooinnbt (tiie old man ) ; b hbnn 
GHOOiNNBT (Us old man). 

57. When S is followed by /, it changes to el 
and /; as, slat (a rod); tn clat (Uie rod) ; 
B I.AT (his rod, &c.) 

58. The letter S, apostrophized before adjec- 
tives and participlea, I think is an abrev&ation of 
SMoo, bywhich the degrees of comparison are 
shown throughout the language ; first, the posl- 
tire, piBBiKAOH (true) ; secondly, a degree above 
the positive ; as, s'fibbinaob (how true) ; thirdly, 
the comparative, mr 8*fibbinbb (more true) ; 
fourthly, the superlative, tn raa s'pibrinbb (the 
truest saying). 

59. T, beginning words radically, has three 
ii^tials,viz.: tt A, and tf; as, towsb (a measure) ; 
B HowsB (his measure); ntn dowsb ^yonr, 
&c. measure). 


60. Vefbe commencing radiadly with vowels, 
begin with d to sOiow the preterit or past time of 
action, or negatively; as, aabl or aablbb (cook, 
dress, or prepare) ; oaarlbb (did cook, dress, or 
prepare) ; and n^gativ^, cha daabiiBb, &c. ; 
and BovLLBB (dung or nutnure) ; dbotllbb (did 
dung, or manure) ; and cba dbotllbb, &c. 

61 . Veibs beginning in like manner with vow- 
els, to show tlie present and also the past time of 
action, begin with g; 9a, aasb (grow); oaasb 
(growing) ; va imlbb oaasb (I was growing) ; ib- 
RBB (rise); &c. 

62. Of verbs irregolar, which do not altogether 
change according to the foregoing remarks.— 
Chbbt (coming), changes to haikk, dainb, bio, 
jio, habb, darr, bbbt, jbbt, tar. 

Clashttn (hearing), clasht, cblasbttv, 


Cur, or Covrt (giving, putting, sending, &c.), 


Fakin (seeing), akin, faik, hbb, honnick, 


Gbddvn (getting), ghbddtn fow, hooar, 


GoAiLL (taddng), oboaill, go, gbo, gqw, 



Gra (sajring), abbtr, dootbt, gbra, jir* 
and JIRR, YiAR and tiarr, n*abbyb, n'tiarr. 
Jannoo (doing), jban, jin and jinn, tinn, 


6s. The regular verbs change their initials ac> 
cording to what has been said on the changing of 
the letters and their terminations, as specified in 
Remarks 77—68. 


64. Of the forming of plureUs in the Manks, 
the addition of tn to the singtdar is the most 
common, which is shown after the singulars 
through the work. Have tiie plurals housen, 
(which was formerly used as the plural in the 
English for AotMef), oxen, men, women, children, 
&c., any analogy to this? Undoubtedly they 

65. Other words are formed into plurals by 
the addition of agbyn to the singulars ; these, 
for the most part, are given in the work after 
tiieir singulars. 

G6. There are other words that only require 
GBTN to be added to the singular. 

97» Some singular words, ending in by, 
change the bt to aohtn, to plnralize them ; as, 
CAGOBY (war) ; caogaobtn (wars) j coonby 
(help) ; oooNAOBTN (helps), &c. 

68. Other words ending in bt, change the y 
to BYN ; aSf BVNNBY (shcaf); bunnbbyn (sheaves) 

69. Other singulars ending in b and by, 
change the b and bt to yn; as, paitcbbt (a 
cliild) i PAiTCHTN (children) ; focklb (a word) ; 
FOCKLTN (words). 

70. Some few singulars ending in lbt, change 
the lbt to jtn; as, billby (a tree); biljyn 
(trees) ; ballby (a town or estate) ; baljym 
(towns or estates), &c. 

71. The termination of singulars in aob, for 
the most part to pluralize them, dianges the aoh 
to BB ; as, gimmaob (a lobster) ; gimmbb (lobs- 
ters), &o. 

72. The ending of singulars in aob, aobt, in, 
or TN, sometimes changesto bbtn; as, baodagq 
(woollen cloth) ; baddbbtn (woollen cloths) ; 
claddagb, singular; claddbbtn, plural; cubn- 
AOBT (wheat); curnbbtn (wheats); skillin 
(a shilling) ; skillbbtn (shiUings). 

73. There are other formations of plurals in 
the middle of words ; as, mac (a son) ; mbc (sons). 

74. Others by changing oa or o, to ui ; as, 
noABN (a fist); duibn (fists); stotl (a stool); 

STVILL (stools). 

75. The changing of b to i makes plural in 
some words ; as, feb to fib, &c. 

ifAMkS LAN6tJA6£. 


76. niere are other words tlutt require the 
change of t to i } as, cabbtl (a horse) } cabbil 
(horses), &c. 


77. Of tiie termixiatioii of Terbs, or the oom- 
poimdiiig of aaziUary Terto, prononns, ftc., to 
tlie veibs.— il0fl, added to a Terfo, is used with 
aU the noiiiiiiative pronoims, except I j as, he, 
an ; thev, ad 3 toe, shin } she, urn ; pou, shiu ; 
thou, 00, &c., as the words may require; and 
means wmM or wotUdat, emUd or eould$i, might 
or might€»t, &c., do the action of the verb ; or 
would or wouldet, &e., not do the action of the 
verb; as the Terb bbbb (overtake); bbrraoh 
KB (he would, ftc., oTertal^e) ; or, cha bbrbaok 
00 (thou wouldst not overtake) ; ftc., ftc. 

78. AIL, Joined V> a verb, signiiles iHg in Eng- 
lish; as, baab (spend); baabail (spending); 
FAAo (leave) ; paaoail (leaving) ; ftc. 

79. AL, added to a verti, has the same mean- 
ing as AIL, img, in English, and may be tenned 
the grand Mtmke^fler-gemeral of English verbs; 
as, irjfiMg, rmTAh iJLring, fixal, ftc., ftc; bvt 
not to the credit or honour of those who so 
midwvseof it. 

80. EE. This added to a verb, and used wiai 
the nominative prononns (except / (ur §he) means 
wiU or wUt, sAoU or ehaU, perform the action 
of the verb to which it is annexed ; or will or 
ehaU not perform the action of the verb, as set 
fortii in remark 77, on aoh ; that is, woutdt and 
this is, wOl and «*ai; do. 

81. BIL, This, as well as ail and al, when 
added to a verb, means iny ; as, doottbil (doubt- 
ing) ; TBBisBTBiL (tmsting). 

83. EY. TUs syllable^ also added to a verb, 
eorresponds to the En^^h ing, or the doing or 
performing tiie action of the verb to which it is 
annexed; as, oobbbaohbt (working) ; fluiohbt 
(wetting), &c. . 

83. IN, TUs termination, which always re- 
quires to be sonnded as If written ihn, partakes 
of the nature o( the aoxiliary verb would and 
the pronoun It as,BBBB (overtake); bbbrin (I 
woold overtake), and when so Joined together is 
called pronominal. 

84. INS, This termination to a verb is the 
e mp luUi f ! , absolute, certain, especial or particular 
of the preceding in, is that case to the veri> to 
which annexed, and always requires to be sound- 
ed as if written ihm ; as, bbbb (overtake) ; bbr- 
aiNS (I would, emphatically, absolutely, orcer. 
tainly, &c. overtake). 

85. IT or T. These terminations, which an- 
swcr tothe En^ish ed, must, to retain the pro- 
per Ifanks sound, be pronounced as if written O/, 
and ht, and partake of the nature of an adjective. 
Added to a verb it becomes a partidple. Iliere 
are many words of this part of speech in 
English that do not admit of ending in ed; as. 

grown, found, iott, worn, ftc* ; yet these all end 
in t< or < in the Manks; as, aasit, fbodymit, 


80. F3f . This syllahle, which partakes of the 
nature of the pronoun I and the auxiliary verb 
will, added to a verb, signifies that I will do or 
sifter the action of the verb to which applied i as, 
BBRB (overtake) ; bbbbtm (I will overtake), ^. 

87* VMS, it may be said, is the aame to tm, 
as ins Ib to in, the absolute, certain, especial or 
emphatic of tm ; as, bbbb (overtake) ; bbbbtms 
(I will emphatically overtake.} 

88. YS. This termination, and bb, added to 
verbs, is nearly of the same import ; bat it is 
my opinion that the ts means shall or shall do 
the action of the verb; and bb, will and irtV^i 
but the translators of the Scriptures into our 
language use it for both. This syllable, added to 
a verb» should always bo emi^oyed where two or 
more words that are sounded alike happen to- 
gether; as, BB 9M BB (she will eat). When these 
occur, we generally say itu ts bb (she shall or will 
eat). This postfix ia undoubtedly used in the 
subjunctive mood for eai, eats, eateth, eatest, ftc ; 
as, MT BBTS, BH, AD, oo, &c. (if he eatB, if they 
eat, if thou eateth) ; mt bbts doonnbt (if aman 
eat, shall eat, or eateth) ; and so of other verbs. 
In Oenests ii. I7t we have son bb t laa bbys 00 
JBH {for in the day thou eateth thereof) ; and in 
the xiv. chap. 16, it is, quoi bbbbb varrys 
CAIN (whosoever alayeth Cain). This termina- 
tion is also used in apposition ; as, sboh tn 
DooiNNBT OBBTBY8 Diu (thls Is the msD that 
will or shall work for you). 


80. Of the forming of adjectival nouns, or sub- 
stantives made of adlectives, in tlie MBnks, by 
the addition or changing of a syllable in the ter- 
mination of a word, corresponding to the English 
ness, tjf, ftc.<*-The most common of these are id 
and d, which require to retain the liCanks sound, 
and pronounced as if written iHD,'and bd. These 
syllables are sometimes added to the adjective ; 
as, BiOYR (brisk) ; biotrid (briskness) ; boutr 
(deal); BouTRiD (dealbess); mooar (big or 
great); mooad (greatness), &c. 

iH) Some aiUectival nouns are made by a part 
of the a4}ecttve being changed; as, jooiob 
(greedy) ; jooid (greediness) $ bxbcbagb (rich) , 
BBBCBiD (rieimess), ftc. 

91. Other a4)ectives are changed for the most 
part; aSfOiALL (bright or white); gillid (bright- 
ness) ; MARROo (dead) ; mbrrivid (deadness), ftc. 

92. Some Other a4)ectives require jiD in place 
of the latter syllable; as, millisb (sweet) ; mil- 
iiD (sweetaess) } TRjii> (heigfath or highness), ftc. 

93. YS and S are sometimes added to the ad- 
jective, and at other times placed instead of the 
last syllable or parti as, dorbaobxt (dark); 

I DOBBA6BT8 (darkness) } though the change to 


ID, In Remark 89, is soinetimes used; as, dorrid 
(darkness) ; and tnrick (upriglit, or sincere) ; 
TNRicKTS (nprigrtatness), &c. 

94. For sake of abridging the work, the reader 
is desired, in reference to derivatiye verbs and 
their coqjnnction into pronominals, with the 
auxiliary verbs thall, will, would, &c., to look to 
the radical verb, as the letter placed at the end 
of the explanation shows the initial from which 
the branch-word is derived; and the figures of 
reference under the radical answer the meaning 
in the same manner. 


S^. There are sevoral principles peculiar to the 
idiom or phraaeologp of the Blanks language, 
when compared with the English ; such as the 
unnecessariness of the indeflnito article a, in 

90* One peculiarity is, that the Manks pos- 
sesses a plural article, mr (the) ; as, nt nsiNsv 
(the men) ; vy claghvn (the sttmes) : t and 
VN are the singular definite articles. The eollec- 
Uve fumns, such as, ollaoh (cattle); slrxh 
(people); LuoHT-THia (household or femily); 
MAASB (kine), &c., are, as in the English, not 
reckoned plural nouns ; therefore, have only the 
definite article tn preceding them. 

97' A grand piinciple in Manks is the adJec- 
tive being placed after the noun or substantive. 
In English, the adjective has precedence ; there- 
fore the quality of a thing is mentioned before the 
thing itself; but in Manks, (more agreeable to 
reason and common sense) the substantive pre- 
cedes the adjective; as, cabbtl mix (a good 
horse) ; booa ohoo (a black cow) ; maohxr 
MOOAR (a big field). There are a few exceptions. 

96. In possessing a phtnU adfecHoe, the Manks 
again has an advantage over the English, (there 
being no dilference in the adjectives of singular 
and plural in that language) ; as, dbinbv mooarbt 
(big or great men) ; croink abdbv (high hills) ; 


99> Another, is the derioatioe adjective, as I 
have called it, of or belonging to a thing. My 
reason for distinguishing this class oi adjectives 
from others is, that there are some nouns tiiat 
have two adjectives which diflSer materially in 
thebr meaning; for instance, thenrn; as, i.aa 
OBIANAOH (a sunny, or sun shiny day), which I 
have left a common adjective ; but obbinbv, I 
have marked an adfecHoe derioaHoe, of or belong- 
ing to the sun ; as, chiass orbinbt (the heat of 
the son, or the sun*s heat) ; and olion (a glen or 
valley) ; olionnaoh (having glens or valleys) ; 
OLioNNBv (of or belonging to the valley; as, 
FiBB NT oLioNNBT (the ravcus of the valley) ; 
and cassaoh (having feet, or footed) ; as, maasb 
xiar cassaoh (four footed kine) ; coshxt (of the 
foot or feet). The English of this class of a4)ecti- 
val words are a^en, hempen, oaken, baptiemal, &c. 

100. Anolher principle is, the language not 
making plural until three ; the numbers of twenty, 
forty, sixty, eighty, a hundred, a thousand, &c. 
These are not twenty or forty men, but, literally 
twenty-man, &c. And I think the ys to shlaoh- 
TiNVN redundant, as in Daniel ix. 36 26. 

101. Another and grand princiide is, the em- 
photic : some instances of this are given in the 
work; but any substantive, &c. may be made 
emphaticallij adding % which requires to be 
bounded ei to the substantive, &c.; as, ott 
CHRXB*s (thy heart, emphatically) ; dtv obbtr's 
(thy worlc, emphatically), &c. In the English, the 
reader is left at sea without a compass, if he has 
not learned where to lay the emphasis, as few of 
the words differ in their form in that language 
for being emphatic; when unemphatical, thyia 
to be sounded the, and my, me, &c. 

102. The substantives being all masculine or fe- 
minine, is another; there being no such anomaly 
in Manks as a neuter gender ; we have however a 
few nouns, prcmouns, and pronmninals common to 
both genders. Some will have it that every word 
in the language is either masculine or feminine. 

103. The verbs running into auxiliary termi- 
nations and ptonominals; as, aoh, aii., ai,, bil, 
BT, rN, rNS, IT, FN, VMS, and vs, as are shown by 
the remarks oi reference throughout the work, 
is another prindi^e. 

104. The adjectives and participles throughout 
the language requiring to be brought under the 
letter «*, to show the degrees of comparison, as 
set forth in the 58th Remark, are exemplified in 
the WOTk under that letter, is another. 

106. The greatest difficulty to attain, by a per- 
son tiiat did not learn it when young, is the 
changing of the initials of mutable consonants, 
and of vowel letters, or the iHronundation of se- 
condary mutes or aspirations. There is very lit- 
tle occasion fbr such (dianging in the English ; 
but to g^ve an English scholar some idea of it, it 
may be necessary to show him something similar 
in his own lang^uage. The words Jirom home re- 
quire no change ; but let him say tU home, and he 
can hardly say home without a hiatus, or longer 
stop than ouc^t to be; he wUl be very apt to say 
at tome : this is changing the A to ^ in speaking. 
Or let him say a< a//, and if he be not very careful 
he will say at tall, or a tall, this is chai^ng the 
a to f . Or let him say the words, make haate, and 
he will be very iqit to say makekaete: this is 
changing the htokj and t^ it, he will be i^ to 
say it tie ; this is dianging itot, 

106. And the article an, which is nothing more 
than the article a with an n to come between it 
and the word initialled by a vowel, if it were 
placed before the vowel in the word would 
amount to nearly the same thing ; then an egg 
would be aneggi and ton awl would be a nawli 
an eye would be a neye, &c. &c. ; these are some- 
what like the changing of the initials in the 




1 07. The force of the proounciation of second- 
ary or auxiliary mutes (as they are called) is so 
dlfl^rent from that of the primary or radical, that 
they are expressed by dUderent fi^ores or letters 
in the Manks j from whence arises often the dif- 
ficulty of finding the etymtdogy of those words 
that branch cv are derived from a radical. The 
Irish, to prevent this in their langruage, have a 
dot, point, or dash, &c. placed over or below the 
letter; that is, as if 6 or m required to be sounded 
o. The primary or radical are always retained, 
but known by the dash or dot, so that the etymo- 
logry of words is easily found in that language. 

108. Of the causes of the changing of the mu- 
table initials, (d, y, and <, excepted.) Words of the 
feminine gender change their following words ; 
as, CLAOH VANB (a white stone) ; which would, 
if CLAOH wore masculine, be claoh bans; 
LAVB TxsH (right hand); if lactb were mas- 
culine, would be LAUB JBSH ; AwiN VBO : now if 
AwiN were (rf th» masculine gender, it would be 


great river) if masculine it would be mooar ; so 
that the adjectives bans, jbsh, bbo, mooar, are 
the ^imary or radical adjectives, which are 
changed by feminine substantives bdng placed 
before them to vanb, tbsh, vbo, vooar. 
From these examples the learner will see that it 
is of the utmost importance, in order to write and 
speak the language correctly, that he should 
know and be well acquainted not only with the 
names and wot^, but also with their genders. 

109. Words initiaUed by vowels are suliject to 
changes, as exjdained in Remarks 60 and tfl. 
Mutable consonants being initials are also chang- 
able, to show the preterit, without any word be- 
fore them ; as, baih (drown) ; but to show tiie 
pass time of action I must change baih to vaih j 
VAiH BH BH T8 GHBATN (hc drowncdor did drown 
him in the sea) ; and oow (take) ; ohow bh 
ooiLLXT NT v'atm vovm (he took all I had from 
me, or he did take all I had from me) ; and jbrk 
(hope, trust,, ot expect) ; I must change jbrk to 


trusted or expected him, and he dec^ved me) j and 
MOL (deceive) j aoh vol br mbb (but he deceived 
me). Baih, oow, jbrk, mol, are thus changed 
to tlieir aspirations, vaih, ohow, tbrk, vol, &c. 

110. Another cause <rf change is tiie vocative 
case, O Ybb I Jbb, (God) is here changed to Ybx. 
Tar martm, vraab (come with me, brother) ; 
BRAAR is here changed to vraar. O hib Yacob t 
(O house iji Jacob) ; the t in thib and the j in 
Jacob are here changed, jban, is changed to 

TBAN, and JUAN to YUAN, &C. &C. 

111. Changes made by ttie articdes t and tn 
being placed before radical wordi^ most of those 
initialled by vowels, borrow, as it were^ the n firom 
TN, in tiie pronunciation. The translators of the 
Scriptures have g^ven another n to ah, or aa 

(second)} as, tn nah (the second) ; and accord- 
ing to this rule, tnaall (the flesh fork) should 
be TN naall ) TN ollagh (the cattle), tn nol- 
laoh; tn ushtbt (the water), tn nushtbt; 
&e.; but 'they lutve not been uniform in this 
rule, having given it to some words and with- 
held it from others. Y and tn when placed before 
dchangeittov; cto<;A;/tothesecondletterwhe- 
ther vowd or consonant ; but tiie want of change 
in some ci these is so fUnt ti&at perhaps it would 
be better to retain the /in some than to omit it. 
O changes to ^A ; k Xachi m to v; which last, 
often in conversation, slides into w, P changes 
toph} qutowh} itot; Bhtochi iltocl; vand 
TN do not change ch, dt /, and t. 

1 IS. Hie pronoun b (his), changes the follow- 
ing mutable initials, viz. : ft to v and w, wh»k 00, 
«, or w, immediately follow ; cto ch; ch to h; 
dto ghi and/ similar to what is said on that 
letter in the preceding Remark. Q to ghi y to 
yi k to ch; m to v; and which last, as shown in 
the preceding Remark, often slides into to, in 
conversation. Ptoph; qutowh; «and<AtoA; 
sltol; ttoh. All the mutables change by the 
above pronoun. 

113. The pronoun b (her), on the contrary, 
changes none of the mutables; but changes 
words initialled by vowels, by requiring A to be 
placed before them. 

114. The words ot (to), dtt (thy), andMT, 
change the mutables exactly in the same manner 
as B (his) does, as shown in Remark 112. 

US. Hie changes caused by placing the ad- 
vert) RO (too), befc^e adjectives and participles 
are as follows : ft to v wto w, when second letter; 
c to cA ; eh to hf d to gh; g to gh, with a few 
exceptions to sf;/ to jr; ktoeh; mtotf; ptoph; 
qutowh; «and«AtoA; ttoh. 

I Id. The changes caused by the auxiliary verb 
BR (hath, has, have, or having, &c.) placed before 
verbs, require n to be placed before all tiie verbs 
beginning with vowels radically or derivatively. 
A, e, i, o, «, w, y, change to n; and the gh, wlien 
an aspiration of g, which, when initialled by n, 
has the sound of y, and which shows that it ought 
or ought not have that letter ; but the translators 
of the Scriptures have written the word ooll 
(going), when aspirated to ^A; as, br n*oholl, 
&c.; and the word oialdtn rpromise); as, 
' BR n'ohialdtn,— Heft. xi. 11 ; and brn'tialdtn, 
— JoiA. ix. 91 . The same may be said of 01 arx t, 
&c. Er changes ft to v ; cA to/; d to ^A j / to «, 
or the next letter in the syllable; g to gh; J to 
Sf; ktog; mtov; ptoph; qutowh; ^and«A 
to A ; «/ to /; and ttod. 

117. The changes of the mutable consonants, 
by placing t^e adverb fbbr (very), before adjec- 
tives, are as follow : ft toe; ctoeA; ^to^A; A 
tocA; mtoo; ptopA; and^vtoew. 

118. The changes tiie pronoun ntn causes, 
when placed before verbs and substantives, are 
as follow : Before words initialled by vowels. 


many require to bonow the last n in the pronun- i similar to the case of g by cHa, as shown in 
dation, in a similar case with tn. Ntn changes I examples in this page j k tog -, p tob-y q to g, 
Atom; c\jo gi chtoji /too; g^gh,oxy, I and^toif. 

Examples of CHANGES in thelmHaliof VERBS throughout the Alphabet, on VOWELS and 

MUTABLES by the Negative Adeerb CHA (not), 

119. il in verb aasb (grow}» changes to d; as, cba daasb, past tense. 

120. And — -»— i— i— i— n } as, — — naasb, present and future. 

121. Ein. verb bsck (pay), changes to dj as, cha dsbck, past. 

122. And ■ Sf a»f — -«KCK, past. 

123. And — _»— — -^-^ n -, as, — > nbsck, present and future. 

124. 1 in verb lu (drink), changes to di as, cha dip, past. 

125. And _— — — — >j as, — Jiu, past. 

126. And n ; as, — — niu, present and future. 

127. O in verb obbrbb (work), changes to d j as, cha dobbrbb, past. 

128. And ■'■' ■" nj as,—— nobbrbb, present and future. 
120. U in vorb ushtbb (wat»), changes to tfj as, cha dpsbtbb, past. 

130. And ■ nj as, — nushtbb, present and Aiture. 

131. TF in verb WHAAL (sew), changes to tf; as, cha dwhaal, past. 

132. And I nj as, — • nwhaal, present and future. 

133. Y in verb tm mtbk (bear), changes to d\ as, cha dtmmtbk, past 

134. . And " nj as, — ntmmtbk, present and future. 

135. B in verb bbnn (touch), changes to o j as, cha vbnn, past. 

136. And — — ^— ^— no change b -, as, — bbnn, present and future. 

137. C in verb cas (twistX changes to eh; as, cha cha s, past. 

138. And • ■ g ; as, — oas, present and futoie. 
130. CU in verb chionn (tighten) dianges to A ^ as, cha hxonn, past. 

140. And ————— > J as, — jionn, present and future. 

141. D in verb doll (blot), changes to gh; as, cha oholl, past. 

142. And ■ no change tf } as, — doll, present and fotnre. 

143. F in verb foshxl (open)* dianges to tf; as, cha dosbil, past. 

144. And in sacred sut^octs, changes to o } as» — voshxl, luresent and future. 

145. And in colloquial, (dianges to »; as, — noshxl, present and fiitnre. 

146. O In verb oiall (promise), changes to ;A ; as, gha ohiall, past. 

147. Or ■ ■ ' p ; as, — tiall, past. 

148. And ' ■ ■ no change, gi as, — oiall, present and fiiture. 
Or ' • changed to »$ as» — bttlall, present and Axtnre. 

140. *H in verb booab (got), changes tod\ ^ cha dooab, past 

150. And in bio (will come), changes to i j as, — jio, present and ftiture. 

151. J in verb jiolb (suck)» changes to 9; as, cha tiolb, past. 

152. And — — - no change, / } as, — jiolb, present and future. 

153. K in verb kion (buy), changes to cA ; as, cha ghion, past. 

154. And ' g; as, — oioN, present and future. 

155. M in verb motll (praise), changes to « ; as, cha votll, past 

150. And ■ ' no change, t» j as, — m oTLLy present and future. 

157* P in verb pbow (prove), changes to pik ; as, cba yhbow, past 

158. And ' ■ bi as, — brow, present and ftitnre. 

159. Q I7in verb quaalt (meet) dianges to wA j as» cba whaaI'T, past. 

160. And ' ' J ' guy as, —• ouaalt, present and future. 

161 . $ in verb saill (rather or wish), changes to & > as, cba baill, fiiture. 

162. And ' ■ ■ ' ni as, -^ naill, present 

103. In verb savb (save), cbangea to A j as, cba baub, past 

104. And — ^-^— ^— no diange, «; as, ^— savb, present and Aitnre. 

165. SH in verb sbionb (know), changes to ^ $ as, cba bionb, past. 

166. And ^ • » J as, — NBioNB, present and future. 
107* SL in verb sliacx (like), changes to 6} as, cba bliack, past 

108. And > / J as, — ^ lxack, present and ftiture. 

100. T in verb troo <Uit), changes to A; as, gha broo, past 

170. And II' • ' ■ di as, — droo, present and fMora. 

* Those in Hare irreguiar verbe, there being no Badieale under thai letter 



EXAMPLES of the d^erent WORDS proditeed from MANKS VERBS, and the CHANGES they 
undergo throttghoiU the Alphabet i the letters I, n, r, h, q, and v, excepted. 

Of E and Y, (which ma/jf serve for aU the Vowels) 
agreetAljf to Remarks 14, 46, 133, and 134. 

Of C and K, agreeably to Remarks 43, and SI. 


Eeck, V. pa7 

Ymmyrk, ». bear 























Deeck or Jeeck 




















Of B and M, agreeably to Remark 41. 

BochU], V, herd 






















Moogh, V. quench 






Moogheyderj a 




















Croat, V. knot 













Crnint, ir. 























Keil, o. conceal 


































Of D and G, agreeably to Remarks 45 and 49. 

Doll, V. blot 

Gear, v. laugh 



















































Of CH and F, agreeably to Remarks 44 and 48. 

Chyrm, «. dry 
^ Chyrmagli 

Faag» V. leave 








































0/ J and S, agreeably to Remark 50. 













































0/ P and T, agreeablp to Remarks 53 and Sfi. 

^ Joan, V. dust 

Saue» V. save 



Poose, V. marry 

Toig, v. underataad 
































































' Doiggyms 







0/ SH and SL* 





Sheid, r. b'ow 

Slug, V. swallow 
















































In coDcladlng my Observations and Remarks, I 
cannpt bat admire the oooatruction, texture, and 
beauty of the Manks Language, and how tfa« 
words initially change th^ cases, moods, tenses 
degrees, &c. It appears like a piece of exquisite 
network, interwoven together in a masterly man- 
ner, and fi-amed by the band of a most skilful 
workman, equal to the c<»Dposition of the most 
learned, pid not ,the production of chance. — 
The depth of meaning that abounds in many of 
the words must be con^cuous to every person 
versed in the language. 

Having but few verbs> its brevity may be com- 
plained of by some, but this deficiency is amp- 
ly supplied in the same manner as when a like 
want occurs in the English. When a substantive 
or adjective has no verb belonging to itseU, ano- 
ther verb is ^aced before the noun or a4iectiv£ ; 
as, DY VB (to be) ; Dv oHOAiLi. (to take) ; oy 

OBDDYN (to get) ; OY CHUB (tO glve, put, BCIld), 

&c. ; DY YAKNoo (to do, make, or perform), &c. 

We have no verb for havnbby (h^isy)— neither 
hu the English— nor its noon* vaynbys (liap^ 
pines8>i but we say^ dt vb matnbey (to be hap- 
py), &c. That our ancevtors (the tfUMlatora of 
the Scriptures) were tenacious that no infringe- 
ment should be made in this particular is obvioos, 
as the Scriptures, with a fow excesitionB to fhek 
orthography, &c., are an invaluable work. The 
verb to pray occurs above two hundred *in}i^ (n 
the English Scriptures ; y^ the transUtox;? have 
not once used that mongrel word, prayll^ or its 
parent, prayal, (see Remark 79), which, and the 
like, are now generally vsed without reserve. I 
do not, however, allude to the Clergy, w^o, to 
their credit, always say ooaill paojbb; Be 
PADJER; JANNOO PAAJBR, &c.; and whcu there 
is no necessity, we shoqld not borrow from the 
English, but endeavour to keep the language m 
pure as possible. 

A. C. 

Kirk Arhory, Uh June, 1834. 

* The Verbs under the letter S do not change like the Substantives and Adjectiws, as illustrated in 
Remarks 55 — 5". 


A, B, C, CH, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, 
0, P, Q, R, S, SH, SL, T, U, F, W, or V, at the 
end of a line, shows that the word is a derivatiye 
or aspiration of one whose initial radically is A 
or B, &c. C, placed after ch, shows it to be an 
aspiration of a word radically without an h, and 
so for O placed after gh, P after ph, &c. 

a A^ective. 

ado Adverb. 

a.d Adjective derivative! 

a. pi Adjective plural. 

tuh. p Adverb and pronoun. 

art Article'. 

art. pi Article plural. 

eomp Comparative degree. 

coT^ Conjunction. 

c. p Conjunction and pronoun. 

dim Diminutive. 

em Emphatically. 

/. Feminine gender. 

Gal Galic or Oselic. 

Heb Hebrew, & Book of Hebrews. 

id. or idem The same as above. ■ 

in Tnteijection 

lit Literally. 

p Pronominal. 

pl Plural. 

P'P Preposition and Pronoun. 

pre Preposition. 

pro Pronoun. 

Prov Manks Proverb. 

pt Participle. 

8 Substantive. 

s.f. Substantive feminine. 

sing Singular. 

«. m Substantive masculine. 

8. m.f. Do. masculine and feminine. Substantive plural. 

8up Superlative degree. 

^n Synonymous. 

V Verb. 

V. i Verb imperative. 

— a sign of repetition, and the reader is directed 
to read the word instead of the mark. 

* This is placed before such verbs where two 
are inserted, as, troo, the verb used alone ; 
the one marked thus, * troog, is the verb 
that is to be joined to aoh, eb, ky, &c. 

The figures 1,8, 3, &c., refer to remarks in the 
Introduction, relative to the meaning of the 
termination, sound, or part of speech, &c. 



A A, an a4}unct ; a. second, second-hand. This 
word is used as a prefix in composition, and 
implies repeated action, as the Latin re. Again, 
when ^ is placed before it^ it changes to nah, 
the ordinal of two. 
Aa'-aasb, a.m. second-growth; o. to grow again. 
Aa'-chionnaoh, «. buying again, repurchasing. 

Aa'-chionnit, pt. rebought, bought again the 
second time. 

Aa'-chuhmit, pt. formed cmew. 

Aa'-chlashttn. «. m. a rehearing. 

Aa'-chlvinnit, pt. reheard. 

Aa'-chooinaohttn, «. m. recollection. 

Aad'jin, or Aaitchin, «. m. gorse, furze, whins. 

Aax, a. d. of a kiln. 

, 8. f. an arch, a boundary over ariver, a ford, 

a place to pass over a river dry } pi. — ohtn. 

Aa'-baddaoh, a. m. second-hand clothes. 

AAti, f>. leave, (from Faag) j — aoh, — ail, — bb, 

— IK, — INS, — YM, — VMS, — T8, 94. F. 

Aa'-ghbrrit or Aaohbrrid, s. m. a shorter way, 
a shorter cut; pi. —mu. 

AAf-QBiKvisKQwrrs, a. m, regeneration. 

Aaoht, a. n». a lodging; «. lodge; pi. — 'TN. 

Aaohi/it, pt. lodged; 85. 

Aaoh^tn, a. pi. arches, fords ; Jvd. zii. 6. 

Aa'-billby, a. m. second sight. 

Aa'-hroooal, v. rebuilding, lifting again. 

Aail, a. d. of a brood or litter; as, gmy aail (a 
brood goose). 

Aail'aoh, or Aalaoh, a. f. a brood of young, 
what a fowl has at a hatching; Jet. xvii. l) . ; 

pl.yif or — TN. 

Aaishnbb, a, d. (from Faaishnee,) which see. 
Aaitn, v. gorse, cover with whins; —agh, 77; 

— EX, 80; — BY, 82; — IN, 83; — iNS, 84; 
— ^TM, 86; — YMS, 87; — T8, 88. 

Dy Aait-naoh or Aait-xaohby, v. to cover with 
gorse, as a bearded hedge. 

Aaio/xit, pt. gorsed, whined; 85. 

Aa'jby or Aahlby, a. m. a known place, a place 
used of, or convenient to. The latter word is 
used at the North of the Island for a place 
marked at sea to fish on ; pi. 67. 

Aa'-lhiebnby, a. m. second filling, la3dng eggs 
the second time ; to replenish, to fill again. 

Aa'licak, a. m. a halcyon, a fine calm time, 
serene and tranquil weather, peace and tran- 

Aa'lid, a. m. elegance, beauty, grandeur, splen- 
dour, comdiness, fairness, handsomeness, no- 
bleness, amiableness. 

Aa^un, a. elegant, beautiful, grand, splendid, 

noble, comely, fohr, amiable, handsome, fine. 
Aall, *. m. a iork, a flesh fork; pi. — tn. 


Aanb, a.f. a liver ; pi. — yn. 

Aan'bit, a. TO. cloth, linen clotli > — brbck, check 

or chequer; —sack, sackcloth; •— caitnaoh, 

fustian ; pi. — yv. 

Aa'ob, a. m. a great grand child. 

Aarb, f>. to come nigh or near to, to approach, 
to come in contact; Pal. xci. 7. 

Aa'rby, a.f. a ladder; a kidney; pi. 07. 

Yn Aar'kby, «. from {Faarkey,) the sea, 

Dy AKK^KKYt t>. to bathe. jj*. 

My *Aark or Aarkaoh, ». would, &c, bathe; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. J?. 

*Aarl or Aarlbb, v. cook; dress meat; — aoh, 
77 f — AOHBY, 82; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 
84 ; — YM, 86; -YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Aar'leb, a. d. of cooking or dressing meat. 

Aar'lidbr, a. m. a dresser of victuals, a cook ; 
see also Coagyrey. 

Aar'lit, 85. dressed, cooked, prepared. 

Aar'loo, a. ready prepared, fitted, dressed, at 
hand; apt, prone. 

Aart-ny-paart, lot nor part. 

E Aas'aao, a. (from Faaaaag^) his beard. 

Yn Aa'saoh, *. the desert, or wilderness. F. 

Aasb, a. m. growth ; pi. — ^yn; v. grow; — aoh, 

77 y — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 

— ^YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Aash, a. m. ease, rest, freedom from labour or 
pain, leisure ; Prov. " Caghlaa obbyr aaah." 

Aash'ao, a. f. a boss, a seat to rest on, a seat 
made of matted straw ; pU — ^yn. 

Aash'aor, a. easy, not dijficult. 

J)y Aash'aoh, adv. easily. 

Aas'it, grown, 85. 

Aa'-smooinaoht, a.m. second thought, reflection 

Aaso^il, a. having the quality of growing. 

J>y Aast, t>. to wring, (from Faaat) ; —aoh ; 

— BB; —in; —ins; — ymj — YMS; — YS; 94. 
B.0 Aastit, too much wrung, 85. j*. 

Aa'-vaair, a. m. second crop. 
Dy Aa'-vioohby, t>. to revive, to quicken. 
Aaub, a. f. Eve. 

Aba-naoh, a. d. of the ankle or ankles. 
Abanb, a.f. ankle; pi. — ^yn. 
Abb, a. abbey; as, thalloo abb. 
Ab'byr, v. say, say on. 
Ab'byraoh. See Yarre^k. 

A'bbr, a. m. pasture, a place to feed or graze on, 
pasturage ; pi. — yn. 

A'byl, a. able. 

Ac'cAN, a. m. moan, lamentation or sorrow 
expressed by a mournful tone of voice ; pi, — vn. 




Ac'cANAOH, 8.m. amoanerorbemoaner; pi. 71. 

Ac'cTRTs, 8. m. hunger, the pain felt by fttsting 
long; any violent desire. 

Ac'cRTSsAOH, a. hungry, being hung^ered ; «. m. 

a hungry p^son; pi. 7^' 
Ac'oTRTs, «. m. an action at law j ph — tn. 
Ac^oTRTSSAOH, 8, m. a eomplainant; ph 71' 

Ach'lish or Aoh'lish, «./. the armpit; a quan- 
tity of any thing brought under the arm ; Jer. 

XXXViii. 12; pi. — TN. 

Ad, pro. they, them; — stn; id. em. 

E Adeyr', 8. m. his prophet. This word is from 
Phadepr, but ought to be from Fadeyr, as it 
undergoes tiie changes of F, and not dt P. 

E Adbtr'ys, 8. his, &c. See Phadeyrya. F. 

Adhene', pro. themselves. 

AD^HEN^ pro. those, they. 

Adshid', pro. those more remote. 

Adshoh', pro. thes«« 

Adult'rinaob, a. adulterovf. 

Abo, a. young, juvenile, youthAiL 

A'bobt, a. pi. young, yonthfiil ; as, mraane aegey, 
(young women.) 

A'boid, 8. m. youth; 89. 

Abb, 8. f. air, firmament. 

Ago or Aooad, s. m. a sore or de^ cut, a nick 
or cut in a tally. 

Agoair' or Aggairys, 8. m. wrong, injustice; 
an action contrary to moral reditude;^ ag- 

Aggair'agh, a. unjust, impr(q>er, unfit, unsuita- 
ble; 8. m. a person that c(»nimts i^justiee; 
pi, 71 -f Pro. xxi. 15, 

Ag'gindagh, a. desirous, eager to obtain. 

Ag'gindys, 8. m. fondness, eagerness, eagn* 

*AoGL or Aggleb, v. fear or frighten; — ^agh, 77 ; 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 8/; 
— YS, 88. 

Ag'glagh, a. fearful, awful, dreadful, frightful, 

Dy Ao'glaohby, v. tq frighten, to appal^ to in 

Ag'olagbin, 8. m. a fearful person ; pi. -—yn. 

Ao'oLE, 8. m. fear, dread, terror, a painful ap- 
prehension of danger ; Prov. *' Boayl nagh vel 
aggie cha vel gray8e-^ pi. — yn. 

Ag'olish, 8. f. the Church, or body of believers ; 

pi. — YN. 

Ag'glishaoh, a. ecdesiaatieal; Church. 

Ao'glit, frightened, dismayed, appaUed; 86. 

Ho Agoys, a. (from Faggys,) too near. 

AoH, conj. but; when used as a postfix in com- 
position, means ing, ly, oue, &c. 

Aohaub', 8. f. a species of hemlock, or fool's 
parsley. In Amoe vi. 12, and Hoe. x. 4, it 1& 
rendered hemlock. Prm. *' Ta'« aghaiite veg 
ekuyr da*n aghaue vooar :** as mn<^ as to say, 
"a small evil or sin is sister to a great one.*' 

Aoh'-fuirrbb ort, in. hut stay thou, but hold 

Aoh'ebbb, v. horsing. 

Aoh'brby-hoanbt or Aobbrst-ahman, 9. /. a 

Aoh'in, 8. f. a petition, a suppUcotton, an en- 
treaty ; pf. --'TN< 

Aoh'inags, 9. m, apetitioner, supplicant; pi. 71 . 

Aoh'iney, v. petitioning, supplicating. 

Agh^markiagh, 8. m. a riding horse. 

Agh son shoh as ooillby, adv. but, notwith- 
standing; 2 Sam. xxiv. 4. 

Aght, 8. m. art, skill, behaviour, demeanor, gait, 
plight, way; pi. — yn. 

AoHT^Ai, a. artful, skilful, dexterous, expert, 

Aght'allys, 8. m. artfulness, skilfulness. 

Aght'baohex, 8. m. manner of life, occupation; 
2 Tim. iii. 10 ; Jonah i. 8. 

Aght'brbbb, adv. any way, any wise, saij how, 

Aght^rhobid, 8. m. the diarrhoea or lax. 

Ah, in. O ! Oh ! 

Ah'/ooioh, 8./. the gullet or throat, th« passage 

through which the food passes from the mouth 

to the stomach. 
Aq'lab, in. do not trouble me. 
Ahlea^ 8. f. the spleen of an animal. 
Ah'lby, 8. f. See Aajey ; pi. 67. 
Ahl'lby, 8.f. the aide of a 4^iiich. 
AiEB, 8. f. a kiln ; pi. -^yn* 
AiGH-viB orAiE-vi«, 8.m, good luck, farewell, 

good will, PMi. zlv. 5; go and prosper, 

1 Chron. xxii. II. 

Aig'nagh, a. ready minded for, inclined for. 
Aig'nby, «./. mind, inclination, wUl; pi. 67. 
Aio'nxy-caohj.aait, converted ; 85. 
Aio'ney-uib, 8. m. good will. 
Aignxy-booiaoh, 8. m. contentment. 
AiK, V. (from Faikaght) would see; — agh j — ee ; 

—in; — hlns; -^ym; — ymS; — YS, 94. 
AiLB, 8. m. fire, ignis; pi. '— yn. 
AiLE^AGm or AiLAGB, a. fiery, igneous. 
Ailb'y, a. if. of fire ; a»pl. fii«$ J«a. Ixvi. id. 
E AiLL, 8. (from FailQ his hire, wages; v. 

— AGH; —IN J — INS; — YM; —YMS; — ^YS. 

Dy Ail'leil, v. to fkiL F. 

Dy Aii/iXY, V. to hire. F. 

AiN, pro. our, us, of us, we have, we had, have, 
&c. we; as, yn thie ain (our house); ren 
eh beaghey ny mast* ain (he lived among us) ; 
te ain (we have it) ; ve ain (we had it) ; row eh 
ain) had we it,) &c. 

E Ain'aoh, 8. his chariot; pi. 71 • F. 

E Ats^VY, 8. his ring; pi. 67* F- 

Ainbbn'b, pro. have, had, &c. ourselves. 

AinOys, 8. m. acquaintance, intimacy. 

Ain'jtssaob, 8. m. an acquaintance ; pi, 71 ; a. 
acquainted, intimate;. 

AiNLB, 8. m. an angel; pi. —-yk. 
Aisd'btlaob, «. si. a mariner's compass. 
AiRB, 8./, gold. Airh wuigh as palchey fee. 
AiRH^XY, a. d. golden, of gold. 
Airb'.ballooin, i. m. yarrow, miUfoil. 
Airb'it, gilded; 85. 

AiTT, a. odd, antic, queer, comical, funny, 
ridiculous, sportive, &c. 

Aitt'ys, 8, f. anticness, fun, &c. 

Yn Aiyb, 8. the grass, Mark vi. 89 ; Jas. i. 10. F. 

A'kbr, 8. f. an«tneh(nr; pi. — ^yn. Acts xxvii. 29 ; 

V. — ^AGH, 77 ; —BE, 80 ; — IN, 88 ; — INS, 84 ; 
— TM, 86 } — TM8, 87 J — YS, 88. 

A'kxrit, anchored; 85. 

Dy A'ktn, «. to see. F. 




Ai.. See 79. 

Al'bin» 8. m. Scotland, Albion. 
At'BiNAdH, 8. m. ft SootchnMn } a. Scotch ; pi. 71 • 
Ai.'^Ess, in. idAii. 
Al'istbr, 8. m. Alexander. 
Allaoh, 8. (from Feallagh,) folk. This word 
ongrht to be written Eallagh. See l Kings, xx. S. 

Almo'ragh, 8. m. an ignoramus; pi. 71. 

Alho'raoht, a. ignorant, inadvertent, un- 
learned, stupid. 

Almo'rts, 8. m. ignorance. 

Alt, «. /. a high place, altitude. 

Al'tar, 8. m. an altar j pi. — yn. 

Am, a. bad, vile. 

An'olass or AMVLA8S, 8. m. a drink made by 
mixing milk and water together, pale watery 
drink, or bad tasted drink, acid water. 

Dff Am^laou, v. to manure with sea weed. F. 
Am'lee, a. d. of sea weed. F. 

Amm, 8. m. stature, size, puberty. 

JS Abim'an, 8. his tail ; pL — yn.- CMe rUh 
e amman. F. 

Am'myr, 8. /. a canal, or channel of water ; pi. 

— YN. 

Am'mys, 8. m. obeis&nce ; 1 King8t i. 16; homage, 
reverence, dutifulness. 

Am'myssaoh, a. obeisant, submissive, dutiful; 
8. duteous person; pi. 71. 

Am'bitssit, pt. l^rarship^ed, hAViHg obeisance 
pftidto; 86. 

AiiAsBBB, 8. m. See Imahw. 

A'mtlt, v. swim; -^aoh, 77 J — bb, 90; —in, 83 i 

— INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

A'myltaoh, 8. m. a swimmer; pi. 71. 

An, when used as a prefix in composition, sig- 
nifies «n, (English.) 

Andreays, a. d. of Andrew. 

Ancha'shbbick, a. unholy, unsanctified, pro- 
fane, wicked, impious. 

Ancha'shbrickys, 8. unholiness, impiety, pro- 
ftneness, wickedness. 

Anchas'sanaoh, a. trackless. 

AlNchas'ley, a. unlike, different. 

Anchas'lys, 8. m. dilference ; pi. — yn. 

Anchiart^ a. uneven, unequal. 

Anchbbbs'tbb, 8. m. a heathen, infidd, pi^;an. 

Anchrbes'tiagh, 8. m. heathenism, infidelity. 

ANcnRED'juAon, 8.m. anunbeliev^; pi. 71. 

I>y ANCHo'onAOHBY, V. to uncover, to develop. 

ANCHOo'nBE, V. imcovcr, discdose. 

Anchoo'ib, a. unfit, unqualified. 

ANnRAiL^AOH, a. See Qiiaiyl ardreiltagh. 

ANFIR'aiNNYS, 8. fn. UntTUth; pi. — YN. 

Anoa'aish, 8. tn. anguish, pain ; pi. — ^yn. 

Anoa^aishaob, a. painfal, afflicted, tortured 
with anguish ; s. m. a person afflicted with pain ; 
pi. 71. 

Anoa'aishit, afflicted, pained ; 85. 

Anohiarby'-chymmylt, «. tn. uncircumcision. 

Anohia'rit, uncut, unhetm ; 85. 

Anobbn'nal, a. cheerless, sad. 

Anohen'nallys, 8. m. infestivity. 

Anohoo', 8. m. iUfame, infamy, disgrace. 

ANeaoo^AOH, a. infamous, disgraceful. 

Anjb'al or Anjeeal, s. m. breakfast, a handsel. 

Anjbb^ 8. tn. an atheist. 
Anjtbb'aoh, a. atheistical. 
Anlaauit, unloaded j disburdened; 86. 
AWLBioB^ g. m. partiality in law. 
ANLBioH'Aoa, a. contnry to law. 
Anlmbil' or Anlheiltys, 8. m. unable to move 
about, imbecility, helplessness. 

Anlhbil'tacih, 8. tn. a person unable to move or 
helphims^f pi. 71. 

Anlout', f>. unloft} — AOH, 77 ; — bb, 80; —by, 
82 } —in, 83 ; —INS, 84 j —IT, 85 j — YM, 86 ; 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Anlught', t>. unload j —it, 85 ; unladen. 

Anmaoh, a. derived from Anmoghey-y late, not 

An'mbbnyn, 8. pi. or Anmbbyn, souls. 

An'mbt, a. rf. of the soul or souls. 

An'mys, 8. m. lateness ; Jud. six. 9. 

Ann, «. (from Fann,) flay; v. — aoh; — ey 

—IN J —INS; — YM; —YMS ; — Yfl, 94. 

An'naohyn, 8. pi. commandments. 

Annanjb'io. See Unnanjeig. 

An'ney, 8. f. (sounded Ahney,) commandment. 

An'noon, a. weak, feeble, imbecile. 

Annoon'agb, 8. m. a weak one ; pi. 71. 

Annoon'ey, 8. m. weakness ; pi. 67. 

ANNOON'in, 8. m. frailty; pi. — yn. 

An'nym, ti. in. soul; Ueb. Anaph. 

Anoayl'tagb, a. unaccustomed. See also Neu. 

Ansbick^yr, a. unsteady, unsure, inconstant, 
wavering. See also Neuhickyr. 

An'soor. 8. m. answer, verdict, award; pi. — yn; 

«. — AOB, 77j — EB, 80; — EYUER ; —IN, 83; 
— INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, «7; — YS, 88. 

Ansoo'rit, answered, solved; 85. 

An'vba, 8. m. discord, division; Luke, xii. 51 ; 

strife, perplexity, disquietude, uneasiness. 
Anvb'aob, a. discordant, troublesome. 
Anven^nicx. a. d. seldom, not often. 
ANvxo', a, inanimate. 
Anvroib', o. parboiled. 
Apf'aobby, V. ripening, maturing. 
App'bb, a. ripe, mature, mellow. 
App'EBxn or Appbeys, 8. tn. ripeness. 
Dy Aa^BAoa, t^. to fret, rankle or corrode. F. 
E Ar'byl, 8. his train or trail ; pi. 76. f. 

Ark'an-sonnby, 8. a hedge hog, or a fabulous 

creature ominous of plenty ; a fat little pig. 
Ard, a. high, chief, great, loud, lofty, arch, tall ; 

8. m, coast, or point of tiie compass, region, 

side; Job, xviii. ll. 

Ard-axo'naob, a. arrogant, high minded. 

Uy Ardaii. or Ardalts, s. of vainness or vanity ; 

pi. — yn, — SYN. F, 

Dy Aru-a'laob, otfo. vainly, insignificantly. 
ARn-A'iNut, 8. tn. archangel; pi. — tn. 
Aru-a'spxck, 8. m. archbishop ; pi. — yn. 

ARn-AYR'AoaT>r, «. pi, principal fathers, chief 
fathers; 1 Chum. xxiv. si; Neh. vii. 71. 

AriZ-cbiarail or — ^rs, «. /. the providence of 
God, foresight displayed in taking measures 
before hand ; pi. — yn ; — syn. 

Aan-'cBioNE, «. tn. superior. 

ARn'-CBioNBYs, 8. tn. superiority. 

ARn'-cnoRAA, «. m. loudToice; pi. — yn. 

Aru'-cbrbbaob, o. haughty, highminded, 




Ard'-br, 8. m. a chief; 1 Chron. xxvi. 10. 
Ard'-st, a. pi. high', as, ynnpdpn ardep, (high 

Ard'-fbrrbill» s. m. a supreme ; l Pet. ii. 19. 
Ard'-ohbiney, «. pi. great men, men high in 

power or authority. 
Ard-obbn'nallys, 8. m. great gladness. 
Ard-ohoo^ 8. m. fame ; Num. xri. 2. 
Ard-ohoo'aoh, a. famous, reputable. 
Ard-ohooin'nby, 8. m. a great man. 
Ardid or Ardjio. See Yfjid. 
Ard-jaoh'in, 8. vn. an Archdeacon; pi. — tn. 
Ard'-jyn, a. pi. coasts, regions. 
Ard'-laa, 8. m. a high day; John, xix. 31. 
Ard'-leeidaoh, 8. tn. a captain; Joah. v. 14. 
Ard'-looht, 8. m. felony, capital offence; 

pi. — YN. 

Ard'-loohtaoh, 8. m. a felon ; pi. 71- 

Ard'-loohtai., a. felonious; D^f — , adv. felo- 

Ard-loss'brby, 8. m. ground-ivy, alehoof; 
— FiRRYN, the herb archangel. 

Ard-marr'auh, 8. m. an admiral; pi. 71. 

Ard-nibu', 8. m. a serpent ; pi. — Ym. 

Ard-nibu'aoh, a. very venomous. 

Ard-ob'brbe, 8. m. an architect; pi. — yn. 

Ard-ooas'lby, 8. m. adoration; pi. ^. 

Ard-rbill' or Ard-reil'tys« «. tn. principality, 
chief rule, monarchy ; pi. — yn. 

Ard-rbil'tagh, 8. m. a monarch; pi. 71. 
Ard-sag'gyrt, a.m. high priest; pi. • — yn. 
Ard-soi'aghey, 8. m. acceptance. 
Ard-stroi'altagh, a.m. a great waster ; Prov. 

xviii. 9' 
Ard-val'ley, 8. m. a city; pi. 70. 
Ard'-sym, 8. m. the principal ; pi. — yn. 
Ard-vooara^lagh, a. imperious; Ezek. xvi. SO. 
Ard-vyoh'in, a. tn. great mercy ; pi. — yn. 
Ard-vol'laoht,«. tn. an execration; Jer, xlii. 18. 
Djf Ard-voyl'ley, v. to magnify, to extol. 
Ard-wan'nalaoh, a. stiff-necked. 
Ard-wooin'jbr, «. m. principal ones. 
Ard-vriw', a. tn. chancellor; Ezra, iv. 17. 

Ari/-ys, 8. tn. highness; pi. — yn; — rbeoil, 
royal highness. 

Area or Arby, a. m. a mill-race, a passage for 
water to a mill. 

Arg, 8./. ark; pi. — yn. 

Aroa'naoh, 8. tn. a dispnter, an arguer ; a. dis- 
putative, cavelling, contentious. 

Arga'nb, 8, tn. dispute, contest, controversy. 

Djf Aroa'nby, v. to dispute, argrue ; questioning, 
Mark, ix. 14. 

ArgaVys, 8. disputation, contention. 

Arg'id, 8. tn. silver, money ; pi. — yn. 

Arg'id-aob, a. having plenty of money. 

AlEoid-bio', 8. tn. quicksilver, mercury. 

AROID-I.AUE^ 8. tn. ready money, cash. 

Aruid-ruy', a. in. copper money, pence. 

Ark, 8. f. a feirrow ; a young pig. 

Ark'agb, a. d. of breeding young pigs, as a sow. 

Dy Ark'iaoht, v. (from Farkiaghf,) to wait. 

Ark'vuickby, 8, f, a young pig. Qow ark Jeh 

dty vuck hene. 
Ark'yn, a./, a beast's privity. 

Arrays, a. tn. adversity, calamity, miBfortnne, 
misery, disaster, distress ; pi. — syn. 

Ark'yssagh, a. calamitous, disasterous, distress- 
ing; a. m. a person in distressed circumstan- 
ces; pi. 71. 

Ar'mee, a./, army; pi. — yn. 

Ar'meydbr, or Armyder, a. tn. an armourer, or 
armour bearer; l Sam. xiv. 13. 

Ar'myn, 8. pi. arms. 

Arn, 8. f. sloe ; pi. — YN. See Drvneyn. 

Arsasis^, a. m. work done in the night by can- 
dle light. The Irish have this word for taak. 

Ar'pin, a. m. an apron; the herb orpine; pi. 

— YN. Ihave written this word as it is spoken. 
Arr, v. shift, remove, flit; offer; — achey, 82, 

to shift, &c. ; — BE, remove ; — in, 83 ; — ins, 

84 ; — ^IT, 85 ; — ^YM, 86 ; — VMS, 87 ; — ^YS, 88. 

ArrVoh, 8. f. the spring, or vernal quarter; a. 
any more, no more. 

By Arr'aght, «. to last, or endure. F. 

Dy Arr'al, v. to oflRer, or press on. 

Dy Arr'arby, v. to wake when dead. F. 

Arr'an, a. m. bread ; pi, — yn. 

Arrane', *. m. a song, a hymn; pi. — yn. 

Arranb'agh, a. m. a singer ; pi. 71 ; 2 Chrtm. 

XXXV. 15. 

Arrane'ydeb, a. m. a songster ; pi. — ^yn. 
ArraneVs, a. m. singing. 

Arr'bb, a.d. of spring; v. will last; as, arree eh 
choitd riah hetie (it will last as long as liimself.) 

Arr'by, a. m. a watch ; Eccl. xii. 6, a cistern, 
a mill-race. See Area; pi. 67. — traa, a 
watch, a time-piece. 

Arr'bydaoh, a. watchful. 

Arr'eydbr, 8. m. a watchman; pi. — yn. 

Arr'it, 85 ; offered; Prov. ** Cha row rieau cooid 
arrit mie.** 

Arr'oo, a. m. corn; pi. — yn. 

Arroo'gh, 8./. the chimb of a barrel, or tub, &c. 

pi. — ^YN. 

Arrooyri'yr, 8. f. the night before last. This 
word may be a corruption of Earroo, number, 
the night that numbered before last night. 

Arr'yltagh, a. willing, voluntary, witliout any 
degree of reluctance, free; Kom. v. 15, free, 
spontaneous ; «. m. a volunteer; pi. 71. 

Arr'yltys, 8. m. compliance, willingness, readi- 

Arr'ym, a. m. reverence, submission, honour, 
respect, obedience, solemnity. 

Arr'ymagh, a. reverential, submissive, dutiful, 
obedient, solemn. 

Arr'ymydagh, a. m. one that pays respect. 

Arr'ymyder, 8. m. one to whom respect is due, 
an esquire. 

Arr'ymid, a. m. submissiveness, &c. 

Arr'ys, v. shall or shalt, will or wilt last or 

Arrays, a. m. repentance, penitence, sorrow for 

Arr'yssaoh, a. sorrowful, sorry, penitent, peni- 
tential ; a. m. 9. penitent person ; pi. 71. 

E Arr'ysthie, a. in. his management of house 
afildrs. F. 

As, conj. and. 

As AD, c. p. and they, and said they, or and they 

As ADSYN, c. p. and they said; em. 




AYK-DiH-HS^Kfit p'.p* to jroixraelvds. 
Asii]rRT,«*yil y<e3pera»eTeaibgf praf era pl.-^-^ns 
A9'PTr*M9H f^rAB-MBHt mi. wit}i ea^e^ not 

quick, slowljv m .. .»■... 

~As-Es'atXj e^^<>ajHl Ixe said, or Bahl ke> 
Aa-HAiif K-xa iaif-B;i9XBy ajtdit oam«'to pass, 

ash'letoer' s. m^ ^ ilictfvpatijt, h peraontwk^' 

has so;net1iing revealed to him iaiail«e](. 
A^E^'u^g^ j./^a.tltflas Ac»iba»^r.vejrBl«feutti; 
AsHoo's, «./. a nation; pZ. — yh.. . 
AsHoo'NAOH, jt. iitu a geatiid, as iadifidaalt 

. of a natioti %pl, 71. 
AsK^p, »./. a Inle 5|^/.-^tk. 
Asx, w. wiuDow ; .— ^w. ■--in8*»— it. tw^tij .F 
AsflvAfim^ o/w6uJd wiauov^ - -^ F 

As'nee a. fif. of winnowing,^ tis^^tay tutiteai F 
T>y ^s*SMX^ V, tK> wimow. 
Ab'i»sy, ^. /. -a rib ;• pi. 67. 
Ad'»ieK,:S. .01. a ^isbo]^-; />Z. *^tw. . - 
As'piCKAOH, a. d. :1Velt>aging'^to..a biahq^; 

e|»iMopiA^ • - I '•.,,. ' 

Ab'pickjHjS. m. liiahopriek; Aeti^ i, 29w - 
Ass, izcti;. 6qti iMit of hiihi«'emprt^?>ii»o]qM«i> 

tioB to.ii^A (»)*. . / . ' .' , ' '• »• 

A68'A«yf»/. A' weasel ^fi'^^v'K^ > •: v 

Asd^AOH, V. wottMyi&o. f^ed'^ i9y-M4EV» St, Id' 

feed or graze cikftlift. ^ • 

Ass-BREX, a. faint, null, 'vwid.. . . 
AasriMD, j>. >>, oail of fwj ; — rjaa ^ id *». 
A4s«DiEv-BBEE,.«(2f.. j7^' oaf of yotifsalvies. 
Ass-Doo, aalv. p. out of tbehi Qv timaeii . 
Aas-^DO^irBmSy aiii', j»«.«iit of theniselves. 
Ass-Doo-firir, ac/v^ p. out of them ; eim,\ 
A88-Doo4ir,ri<lt;. pi ottlKkS B8>." 

As8-DQ0Ill¥K,'(M^».'P*Otti of «8^ ejlt.. 

Assfjiti, .$* 1^. ;hiitftv h^afm,. dadiag^; pL -^TV/ 
Ass-VHvmr^ or)&«fl^£i7isH, 4. liot pmesent^ 
'AsariifiV'JBi «uiv. pi Qat of .hhraielf, or. itself. 
Ass-TMMYD, a. out of ^86 obsolete. 
A$8-f csE Abvbi «iAr*:pJ»a&ii6flreneIl' i 
AssLAA'ir ID, s. m. pravity, Dotio aiperfeotstate. 
A88-xa;(r»v"a^- p/withouK delajy qnijdd^. 
Ass-LATNT. s./. out of healiiki 8iekp«8a,< diiB- 

ease, illness, diBOiid«rip^.*^»..\ . f 
AsS'Layn'tagh, a. diseased ill^ sii^kiunheaUbsr 

«. «K »di8«B8ad-pef»G|]ii; p^ 71i; /ikfn/, iv; 24; 
Ass-TAYMtr <• /* *•' n»»kb candle eaMi- 
A8s-»Biji^i»|Ty^t7«)Out of cagbt i'riw. *.* Att^ 

shilletf ass smooinagtyn.** ii <" 

Ass'fakin, (out of 8ighk>|.J0mMa^9^*«8«i(<(ft 
would then be 1 ininfpft ;. ' Cheu-atBteMfi 4he- 
aide out of ei|^^ " - ' - i • .; - ' • 

Ass-TOWsE, adv, out of ttke^nre^ Siseidediligly, 
beyond eveijfthio^- 

Ass-TD-iuBNE, adv. p. out of thysdf. 

Aas'tL, «./. «a ass; pi. — tL. ' ' 

A89-TBI, ado. p. out; of nH ; • *— s, id. erk. 
Ass-YM-PENB, ado. p/ out of myself. Th^ k 

in ^e»evc!iawg.«J8 to p KflteJ* atf wi/ 
Aas-TNNYD, a/hx. oat of plae^e^ out of joint. 
Ass-Y-NOA, ado^ aneir,'<ive']^ a^aitt. 
A88-<Tir, adv. p. out of him ^ tbeemphatid of «$«. 
As'tak, *. J, ft «fOnger'^ an e<Jl-} pi. — tk. 
E Asteb, s, his shelter; P 

r» AsTTBi #.<lw eVttfciUf. > 

As'TYR, v.destroyotttoftbaroota-; -^Aort, 77. 
Dy AsvYirr or A8»«a1., ». td root out at 

ATCH'iM,t. n>.dr^ad,iEiw^,t^<^i kanWfi1gh{. 
Atch'imaqk, a; aivfiil, dr«iadfoIl| pi. 71*. 
Atcb'imio, «;«i/awfiiti]h$88, ftc: ' ' 

Atch^imit, SiV.- mft^ d^smai^d*; Jtt.ii<t{\. IB 
Att, t. m. a »#^ihg', an iiifl«ta<aiio^, an alf- 
80S88 J pk'-^rvyf »v »^^U, ao^I; 77 ; Eli, 8fl. 
AvT^£srir, ^; pt el(ftpfM¥8 oi^ tifdwn^. 
Att^ey, «. m. a^orO'Wh^lp/: IW'. 
Att'it, 86. sivetted, swotteir. 
AtJN^iNra, s.f. 9k pricej; foraetkiag valuable. 
AuaaYN, t. m. relish or moisture that is ta~ 
]Bei).'wHh bfeid, pcitatottft, •&«. }!)r; A. 
eki:rie'a iioCe^ on ^Am; v^. 0;is^«i1te appli- 
, otibh) itbihla *«ora ; O^stfHd**, ihe Gi^^k 
. < awr^ he a'ia^s ^ 8i)gh}ftes ^at i# etfte'ft trHh 
•broadto v^«rfMt «h« -tm^i or to' lio^V^f ft ekay 
of degloil«lon;«>OirtO help th« df^tiom. 
■ ¥h«i»0 ia ho Wotfd f6 4ha'MRgl28h> Ifitiguage 
for it^ariKcfhii^agrea^ def«(^tr. ^T)§ in- 
hnbiliBuits Q>f Sootfimd- anA of the north & 
north w^t of ^T«flaad- aae^^lie word Kp- 
shen^ [so do the inhabitants oi this island] 
by which Uiey express #hat^veV is e^teii 
with breitd or potuto^s^ ffe>db; fish, biUter,, 
milk, eggs, &e.?* ... ^ 

Aw, (prefammaed' s?i**f>3 ^' i'a'*r,lwa4 hoikd;' 
Awa'ne, a. base immodec^ttttbha^te^ali^cbrie 
Awa'neagh, Si Pt'. iii«ki; Taw, liiicftriiixed^ 
AwAflf'TA, in. ho" braVe ! OVidlele. 
Aw^iht«.m. rawnie<si^ '89i 
Aw*iNBY, a. d, oi a^flt^p ttttyrtr^, 
AwNBR, i./. «n ounce-; pi. ^Vk: 
AwNSSAL, *\ ^i a sttiifiyard ; pi. -^yn. 
A;ar^fi«;8ji/ walwr M- whi«h an^^tlfiiig has 

been boiled;; broth ; pi. — Yi*. 
AlTD, pftr. tba,lhlne/ Of Ibee, thbt» hast, have 
or hflJdsCM a«^ ffk6h fty^hhjr - apd (this is' 
•thy wort: -or tbla -•AM^'fe-'flilne dt of thee)" 
affieJia^kf (hast^thlOtt g[(!»t it or ^ him); 
; i» (tjf^ (tH'OU* iMBt.itf) 'i^^^^'y id. triL 
As]ispfV>.'<«n}»;ii]iti^ of ih^, I have or had ;- s 
yttt<i«>pa!iEV!pyv>. havlbg ftmysem 
AfBij p*^«»/<inv witkift, inr him. 
Atn'dagh, «. nt, an index; pi. — Ylt. 
Aymda'b*> pip. in- those; — syw, id. eni. 
Ayn'diUjP- p. ioyoti or ye ; — ^rsH,**^. «te. 




Barret, s. m. a b<u:,.al)(^lt, a Varrow ; pL 67. 

' LAUE, s./. aban<j i^arr&w, 

quEETLAop, J5,yi a wl^eel -barrow. 

Bai^ip^^iaoht, s.f. Yictory,; pL ^-y?r. . 

BARB'iAaHTYB, s* m. victoriousficsi^. 

Bart^ s. m. a Im^ep, load. . r 

BAseaAOH, 4, fi^i^ adasb or douse, of. wd^er* . 

Basht, v. ba{>tizes;christ9iii r^A00y 7.7* .. 

Bash'teb, a,.4»\ of bapt)si«i,pr bapMsiDg. 

Bash'try, s. m. baptfsni ; pi. ^7. 

Bash'tetdeb, s. m. a ba^izer;p2. Trt-T»» 

Bash'tit, ^^. bapiijEed; SO. w 

Bask'aid or BA9i:'vf«« «./« a baskH; jP^-*--TN. 

i?r B A9TAL, ati^v,, fiast, ,pa*i, all. — . fes rjvf^aiOi s./. a jM^s a iiijissey 4 pi, — ts^ . ,. 

Bass, s, f. the piUm olUiebasd; the b^a ^bbav, {trqm,£g-fiiiau). W^^ woul4; be 

of an oar ; pL r-rTw. 

Bas'sag, s. /. a frWoloDfi sport ia>»bicli Bf|iEJ)AlSf(«^ s..f»* offaly giblets. 

those employed.slap eapb others bands. 
Bass'et, a. e2. of the pakn. ,. . . 
Bas^aoh, in pit}[.. i • . ; 

Baulk,5. m, a long-line ^d|^^wHlY;.l>l>-^Tiir> 
Baum, .9. 9m.foalin. >,M^ 

Batl'^lee, s. m. a .l^ailiS-; pL -—"^v, ,; 
Bayr or Beta* <«, ?n.'a waj» afemie^ l^u^ 9 pi* 

--NYN or-r?«Hi-.i ':•,..• 
Bayrk, 9^ w. a.WB j/j/f-T— Yif. .. ./ 
cag'gee, «..!», tS^JMo^etf I 

5«eaZ voaldy (the entrance ^nto M^y) t'T'lf 
phurt (the entrance latp the harbour)^ . 
Bebal'aq h yn, « . m. tbe> bits, of a ^ridle^ . 

Beeal'euey,.^, ^^./•. a^ ^babbler), a talkative 
person*; pi. 09. ...,'. . . 

BEEAL'-FnE^Tur, .(u2t7.'(.from ^ee$l-/reftj^]f). 
in a hasty i)i#f^ei>i abr^o^y. . 7^e sipiile 
is taken from, an animal; that is run or 
wrouifbt-M^d; And fo9v?S;atth«e moutb* ' 

pBEAL'-Mu.|{|.A€j, fi4,mt hvukg^lfifffukcaaiu 

B VBi|D':i«f)o,:4.ii^of Qjf cpay^uieutliO qr fpr the 
piwi^b or. fr;OOt l.^flfe^-beeallpQ (iftqptji^ 

wognJiiil Sjfnc^UhBe^agh*, 

-VLQ(fmf'9rP^ :a,9«a little. 

Bayt'nag <Mr< BiAVi^MGva. /, th.9 piaii^<i Venus. 

Bba, s.f. life, life-l^e, 

Bbagh^ vi ;woiv]4 b^' sl^uld be. 

V. live, feed. — AGa,.77 ; '^BUt 80. > r 

B9]|-|)Ti?>.ao.ST,;|i».:s|le]H)e4 ofbe tliou eileut 

^BE-EE,.v».«|i|( ah.^bj»,.Qr:^be will be. • , .- 

BsBiHi «K^».^etf da (if w^afrl^ says; 
be trii>e.«r.^ b^tj^oedipd).;: |be pretevitt.or 
.paatf;«»8e opMheeir^.] ,, .,, : . a - - 

Be«'-jkb, v^ W y* or jjTOT. 1 f 

Bbe-muck, s./ the,'bcrb:powtb?siI-er:^y some 
called Bairm^inpickf beoi^usiq \Wh^^ l>ro-' 
ken w««t*t,»HRd#s a^niilkyiuiqe, .. 

Bee -00, V, tbom.wiito be^; proop^^ced hau. . 

Beeyt or Beeiyt, 85; fatHj^d^leii, sM-M* 

Bb&, a.. little, smalli ditBlnutiive* 

Beg'gak, v. less thaib little ; the «^'^" of little 

B9a0AV.B6G> adv, iittle or notbi.xikg- . . 

Beggan-jou'-eb-obt, a bad wish ; it either 
means'toQ iUtie drink, or (oaiillJe appetite 

Beggak-ny-boo'isb,. litUe jtban^ft . 

Bln&'aiD, <.i ff». littlenosfiik cU^iinirtiveness* , 

Bs0b or BEtiR»! V*, jay-i fy«#i»« calve, foal. . 

Beaohey, s^m- |o.od« vifctualsi. susteuHoce y 

r. feediivft.livapg, Uy?lji, . 
BEAGiBSB, a. d;.v^ef living, <>r.'d.welUn|f. 
Beagh^eyder, s. m. a feeder, a sustadojes ; 

pi. — YN. ...,i (• . u . ... , ' 

'R%tm,[.9.'Vfk^yfiMi ip li^cit by a^ si^^ at once | i)y Bsign, v.. ^X 'were, px wpulfl be. 

in reaping; a mark cut in the ear«C a 

shtjep ; /)/. -— .yjsk . (■ 

Bbao'il, fl. niofial,-- , ;|. ,. ' , ,,., . » ' 
Bejirk, *./♦*■ oo!if»f;jrfr.— If Nt ■ :. 

BBA-TE/Ayir,.f,w. ^teiroal Jif^ eternal dufatit^n. 
Beaun, <f. 4J<iernal„. im^q^qt^, pei?|iiai»e»t, 

perpetual i 4Hira«;le» J a^iflg; . <i . 
Beayn'aghey, v. prolonging; l^ingtliettipg; 

Prov.x* 3i7. . ..•,■•■/•,■•.('/• 

Bka^yf^^be, «. w^fi areaper, a shearer ;./?A.t-tXH. 
Beayit/iP) 9. i?u .eternity, .perpetuity» ioinctr- 

tality, dnratioa without ei^. t 

Be AYS, s. m. being existenice., . - ■ , : 
Nyn Bec'cagh, s. m. jontt, &c. stnne£< . P 
^y».BEc'cAH, s. yoar, &eil »in. . . 
Beck, s.f. a bench in a boat ; y/. r^jTst^ 
Bee, V* be,, will be. - . . . 
Bee, s. m, Bd^at, food, fodder. -• i 

Bbbagh, V* wWd be worth. 
Beeal, 8. m. month;/)/, see Deill. This word 

is Alsofised ferau estraace orj^assage; ast 

-DA, v.i^at he i^fttatg iMfi^* 3(vcL. 21. 
BwBLi., V, grittd, bnsy^ t^^.m-acihw ; r-AOww , 
Beihll^eyder or BEiHLL'|ff<iH&K» < &< it* a 
grinder; pi. — yk*- .: . .- .^ .\,^ .y. ,. ^ >,./,» or Bbi^u^t, groiowd }» &&. j- , / . - , . 
Beill, mouths^ ^he i^liMTolk QiJEi^/itd^ - > 
Beinst, r. ««• peftJI^, |Muna<4e» aftn)«:^i^A-XN. : 
Beisrt^^mWI. jatbffute^; j^ rr-Y^r. > / 
BHisa'jTAPHi^iflfTvbrwtisbfbiiutaL. - i^n, ^ i 
BBWB'tBlG,r»./..areptiKj ;>Z. — ^T?, • 
Bsish'tyk, «. /. pL virm^; the tpoit^aohey 
> f rom asupposition Ib^h^ paia if {o^oaai^n- 
ed by^axttmalftul^B 
B'Bi.i!;BfAGQB-y('4^. feeding; MaUiY^ii.lO,' ■ 
B«iYN, /t. pi. /beasts ; t)»e pL ol Baagii, 
B«m:, 3./. a woman, a wife.. -, 
BBNAAi4«a77flB, ^v /. a femald fqTtoAa teller. 
Bbn-abg, ^/. A. young, worn an.. 
BBv-aiBa^TYB.,) 4. ./C( a) miBtrei^. 
B£N-Au'sTEYR,«./.auiin. Fefhap9iihQ Nun- 
nery nefur Bouglas-doriv^aitsname from tltis 





BxN-CHBx^, «./. a woman that gires ■uck. 
Bkn-chiiX^uin, «. /. a son** wife, daogfater-in-law. 
Bkn-ohoal, a. f. a blind woman. 
Bxn-ibthik' or Ban-isthik', which see. 
BxN-JBB, »./. a Goddess J "$fnvenjee," Act». 

zix. S7. 
Bbnn, V, touch; — aoh, 77 ; — bk, 80; — iw, 83; 

->1NS, 84; —IT, 85; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 

— ^TS, 88. Job. ii. 5. 
Bbn^nalt, v. waftingr, fluttering, fanning, mov- 
ing backwards and forwards in the wind. 
Bbn'kbtder, 8. m. a toucher ; pi. — tn. 
Bbn-oain'jtb or Bbn- oain'jtbaoh, -t. f. a 

harlot, a concubine. 
Bbn-oa'st, «./. the land-lady of a pnblic house 

or inn. 
BBN-rnoo^sBB, t. /. a bride. 
Bbn-pboo'st, «. /. a married woman, a wlile. 
BbN'Rbat^lt or Bbn-frbaylt, «. /. a midwife, 

a woman to dear or disentangle ; from djf 

ehwr reaghep • or if from /^eaplt, a woman kept 

for the purpose. 
BBN-RBIN^ ». /. a q^een, king's wife. ^ 
Bbn-sby^r, «. /. a gentlewoman. 
Bbn-thi'b, «. /. the woman of the house. 
Bbn-trbogb'b, a. /. a widow ; pi. see Mruane. 
Bbn^tyn, ado. touching, respecting, appertaining 

concerning, connected with. 

Bbn-van'shby, a. / vl woman who attends a 

Bbk-yarr'by, a. f. a mermaid. 
Bbn-yooin'jerey, 8. /. a kins-woman. 

Bboyw, a. m. tendency, drift, instinct. Ta 
beoyn er yn uahtey dy rote leak y nituhley. 

Bbrch^aoh, a. rich ; Prov. " Ta ynaagh coamrey 
atoamey yn dooinney berchagh, aa t*eh berchya 
y dooinney bogkt;** a. m. a i^ person. 

Bbrch'bb, a. pi. rich people ; v. enrich. 

Bbrch^id, a. m. richness. 

Bbrch'ys, a./, riches. 

Bbrht or Bbrt, pt. layed, calved, foaled, 
yeaned, &c ; Exod. xxxiv. 19. 

Bbrr, V. overtake ; — aob, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; — in, 
83 ; — INS, 84 ; —IT, 86 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; 
— YS, 88. 

Bbrr'aoht or Bbrr'auhtyn, v. overtaking. 

Bbrrbe'n, a. f. a cake, a dapt cake ; pi. — yn. 

Bbrr'bman, a. m. a neck collar ; pi. — yn. This 
word no doubt ought to be spelled Berremufing 
or BerreqtUng, 

Bbrr'byobr, a, m. anovertaker. 

Bbrr'ish, a./, a berry ; pi. — yn. 

Nyn Bbrsoo^n, a. your, &c. person. P. 

Bbr'tyn, v. See Berraght. 

Bbsb'bb, a. f. Elizabeth, Betty. 

Bbbtt, t>. wager, bet; — aob, 77; — al, 79; 
— BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — ins, 84 ; — IT, 8^ — YM, 
86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88; pi. — YN; ff. m. a 
wager; pi. — yn. 

Bbbt'tbydbr, a. m. a wagerer, a better. 

JV|f Bbityr, a. pi. the deaf; the pi. otBouyr. 

Bbysaoh, a. compliant, gentle, tame. 

Bhbili., v. grind; Num. xi. 8. 

Bhbb, a. m. a spit to roast meat. 

Bhid'bb, she win be; — isb; uf. em. 

Bbib, a. pi. spits, the pi. of Bker and of BatUr. 

Bhit^tao, fl. m. milk ftur cfanraiaf . - 

Bhlicb, a, pi. blodu. 

Bblit, 86. milked 

Bbow, fl. m. a bow to shoot with, the prow of a 

ship or vessel ; pi. — ohyn. 
Bbow-ohorbbb, a. m. the galaxy or milky-way. 

Bbclli/obt or Booalivoht, a. f. t)^e herb 

Bbvb'xin, fl. m. ft bodkin/ p/. —tit. 

Bhur'tao, fl. /. a blunt knife or toolj pi* — tn. 

Bbut, fl. m. a mark to shoot at ; i^prop or some- 
thing to stand against to snppturt, a bulwark ; 
pi. — YN. 

Be vt'tao, fl. /. shorter furrows than other parta 
ofthefleld; a gusset; pl.—rv. 

Bhuttoo^r, fl. m. a buttress, a pillar ; pL — yn. 

Bial, a. subject; Pal. cxlviii. (metre). 

Bi'allaoh, a. obedient, submisatve; «. m. a 
submissive person ; pi. 71. 

Bi'allys, fl. m. obedience, submlMbm. 

Nyn BiAN, fl. your, &c. pain. P. 

Nyn BiB^BiN, fl. your, &c. puflln. P. 

Bib'bbrnbb, e. shivering, shuddering with cold 
or illness. 

Nyn Bib'byb, a/ your, &c. pepper. P. 

Nyn BiCB, fl. your, ftc. pitch ; idck-axe. P. 

BiBAu, a. quick, swift, speedy. 

BiBAu^in, fl. m. quickness, speed. 

Biii'laoh, a. d. of trees, frdl of trees. 

BiL^LBY, fl. m. a tree ; pi. 70. 

Billby-bwbb' or Buioh, a. m. bay tree or laurel. 

My 'BiL^Liu, V. if you please or choose. 

My Bil'liuish, r. if you please, &c., em. 

BiNB, fl. m. a drop ; pi. — yn. 

BiNo, a. shrill; — by, a. pi. shrill. 

BiNo, «./. a Jury; pi. —aobts. 

Nyn BiNo, fl. your, &c. penny. P. 

BiNo^AGH, a.d. of a Jury; as, dooinney bingagh 
(a Juryman). 

Binge Y, a.d. of a Jury; u, dein^ bingey (Jury- 

BiNGYs, fl. /. music, harmony. 

BinOaobby, v. cmdling, or making in small 

Binjba'n, fl. /. milk turned to cmd with rennet, 
crudled in haste with rennet. 

Bins, a. f. a bench; base; /»/. — yn; a JTttwv, 
XXV. 13. • 

BiNN, fl. pi. the comers of a sheet or handker- 
chief, points ; Acta. xi. 6. 

Bin'nid, fl. /. a rennet; pi. — yn. 

Bin'sbey, a. d. of a rennet. 

B*in'shley, a. lowest, lowermost. 

Bio, V. live; as, bio chobbyl aa yiow bee; a. aUve, 

Bio'-AL or Bio^'OiL, adv. lively. 

Bio^BB, fl. pi. the living; o. enliven. 

Bio'oBBB, V. will or shall give life. 

Bio'oBBY, V. enlivening, quickening. 

Bio^oBBY-ROAYRT or UsHTBY-Bio, fl. m. the fiZjlt 
rising of the spring tide after a neap. 

Bio'iD, fl. m. livdiness. 

Bio'iT, 86. enlivened, quickened. 

Biol, fl. /. a fiddle. 

BiONB, e. knew, did know, the past tense of 



BioTB, a. brisk, smftrt; v. brisk; — aoh» 77-, 

— AOHBT, 8S J — ■«, 80 i —IN, 83 } — IHg, 84 ; 
—IT, 85 J — TM, 86 J — TMS, 87 1 — T8, 88. 

Bio'tkbs, v. enUTcn, make brisk. 

Bio'trid, «. m. briskness. 

BioTs, 8. f. life, existence. 

BiRK, fl. pi, the p/. of Bearkt ooms. 

Bir'rao, a. /. a shaxp^pointed tootb, or any 

thing sharp pointed, an eye tooth } pi. — tn. 
Bir'raob, a. pcrfnted, sharp pointed. 
*BiSH or BisEUBS, «. Increase, multiply, enlarge ; 

— AOH, 77 J — 'AOHST, 83 J —IN, 83 \ —INS, 84 j 
— TM, 86} — YM8, 87} — ^TS, 88. 

Bish'kb. This word is used ftir the verb Bith, 

increase, augmoil^ establish } Pnl. xc. 17. 
Bish'rtbsr, «. m. an increaser, a multiplier} 

pi. — TN. 

Bish^it, 85. anffmented, multiplied. 
Nyn Bish'tr, «. your, &e. pease. P. 

Bitch'bt, fl. /. a bitch} pU 69. 
Bite, a. m. wick} bait to fish} pX. — tn; v. 
— AOH, 77} — ■«, 80} — ry,8S} —in, 88} —ins, 

84 } — TM, 86 } —it, 86 } '-YMB, 87 } — T8, 88. 

JVyn BiTR, fl. your, &c. pair. P. 

Blaa, fl. m. bloom, flower, blossom ; pi. -^ohtn. 

Bi.aa'ohaov, «. would, &c. bud, blossom, or 

Blaa'ohbs, v. will, &c. id. 

Blaa'ohxt, v. blossoming, flowering, budding, 

flourishing ; Phil. iv. 10. 
Blaa'ohit, 85. flowered, blossomed. 
Blaa'ohts, o. shall or will, &c. i<f. 
Blaa-hia'bs, fl. tn. lukewarmth. 
JV]yn Blaass, fl. our, &c. palace. P. 

Blaa'shaoh-buiob or Baskaid-wuioh, fl./. the 
wild or fldd marygold. 

Vyn Blaiynt, a. your, &c. complaint. P. 

Blakb, ». gaze, gape} — aoh, 77 'y — bb, 80} 
— ^BT, 32; —in, 88 } —INS, 84} —IT, 85 } — TM, 
86} -TMS, 87} — ^TS, 88} pi. — TN. p. 

Bi.a'xbtdbb, fl. m. a gazer, a gaper. 

Blass or Blatst, fl. m. taste, savour, flavour} 

pi. — TN i f>. — ^AOa, 77 i — ^BB, 80 } — IN, 83 } 
— ^INS, 84} —IT, 85} — TM, 86} —TMS, 87} 
— TS, 88. 

Bla'sstal, a. tasteful, savoory, palatable. 

Bla'sstbt or Bla'bsttn, v. tastetii, tasting. 

dff Blbad, v. not plead} — aoh} — as; —in; 

— INS} — ^TM} — TMS} ^T8. P. 

BUBAN, fl./. flank, groin ; Lev. iii. 15 } pi. — tn. 

Blbatn, fl./. an emerod, a pile ; pi. — tn. 

Blbatr, v. saw clearly, did see. This word is 
nsed when there is some difficulty in seeing ; 
Bownick (saw), is vsed when there is no dlf • 

Blbatst, fl. /. a husk, the shell of an egg, any 
covering that is easily shattered; pi. — ^tn. 

BlbaVstaoh, a. husky. 
BiiXs, fl. m. a befooled pers(m, a cuUy, a person 
actUig foolishly } pi. — bbtn, — intn, or — tn. 

Bio'in or Bleb'an, a. m. one that is a little 
biBfoolfid, the «Um. of Bleb. 

Bubb'inaoh, a. foolish, easily made a fool of. 

Blxb^ints, fl. m. foolery, folly. 

Blbb'anbt, a. d. of a year, annual. 

Blbb'anttn, a. pi. years. 

Bukw orBLEiB, fl. m. ahalfling; perhaps fnun 

Bg-lieh (a thing about as good as half) ; pi. 

— OHTN. 

Blbin, fl. /. a year. 
Blbinlhb'im, fl./. a leap year. 
Blen'nick, fl. /. the fat of the belly. 
Blbnnick-chol'obt, id. A corruption of Bolgey. 
Blbsh or Bt*liesh, s. m. ownership. 
Blbsh'in, t^. belonging to him. 
Blest, «. m. blast} pi. — tn; Deut. xxviii. 22. 
Blbst- kbatin, fl. m. a sea blast } v. — aoh, 77; 

— BB, 80 } — IN, 83} — INS, 84} — IT, 86} — ^TM, 

86 } — TS, 88. 

Cka Blhio, v. 167. will not let or permit. 

Cha Blhio'aoh, v. would. Sic. not let, &c. 

Blhuio, fl. pi. blades. 

Bliack, v. did or didst like. 

Blieaun, v. milk, milking} — aoh, 77; — be, 
80} — IN, 83} —INS, 84 } — TM, 86} —TMS, 87; 
— TS, 88 ; pi. — AOHTN, milkiogs. 

Blibau'naoht, fl. m. the milking. 

Bueaun'btdbr, s. m. a milker ; pi. — tn. 

Blixh, v. grinding. 

Blioar, v. it would, &c. be enough. 

Blob, v. blab, babble. 

— — ERAOHT, V. babbling. 

BRET, fl. m. a babbler. See also Blaberey. 

Blockan, fl. m. a pollock fish; pi. — tn. 

Blod, fl. m. a blade. 

Cha Bloogh, v. not smother or stifle; — aoh ; 

— in; — INS; 

-TM ; — VMS. 


Blouse, fl./. a slovenly woman. 

B'lots, 0. durst, darest. 

Cha Block, «. not pull or pluck ; — ^aoh ; — in ; 
— INS; — TM; — ^TMS. p. 

Bluckan or Bluooan, a.m. a ball} pi. — tn. 

Bluck'anbt or Bluo'ganet, v. forming into a 
ball or round mass. 

Bluight, a. milch, giving milch; opposite to 

Bluioh'tagh, fl. m. milch cattle. 

BoAD^AOH, 8. m. a cod ; pi. 71 • 

Boad'rtm, fl. /. a greave ; pi. — tn ; 1 Sam. 
xvii. 6. 

Njfn Boag'et, fl. your, &c., bag ; pi. 67. P 

Boal or Boallet, «. m. a wall; pi. Q7. The trans- 
lators of the Scriptures have not in any case 
used this radical, but always Voal^ for which I 
cannot assign any reason. 

Boa'ldtn, a.f. May ; as Icui boaldyn (May-day)-; 
mee ny boaldyn (May-month.) The etymology 
of this word is not well known ; some say it is 
derived from Boal (a wall), and Teine (fire), 
Irish, in reference to the practice of going 
round the walls or fences with fire on the<«ve 
of this day ; others, that it is derived from Laa 
bwoaiUchyn, the day cattle or sheep are first 
put to the fold ; others, a corruption of Blieaun- 
tyfif "the month of three milkings,*' as the 
Saxons called this month. 

BoAL^LAOH, usage. See Bollagh. 
Boal'laob, v. would, &c. wall. 
Boal'lbtdbr, fl. m. a waller; pi. — tn. 
Boal'lin, v. I was used or wont; Judgea, xvi. 

20 ; — 8, id. em. 
Boal'lit, 85. walled. 

Boand, v. band} — aoh, 77} — be, 80} — in, 83; 
—INS, 84 ; — it, 85 ; — TM, 86 ; —TMS, 87 ; 
— TS, 88. 


Boan'dbt, a. m. a band] pt,67- 

BoAN^oTR, 8. f. a narse ; — kbb, a wet none j 

— SHAST, a dry nurse. 
Boan'dyb, t. nurse; — aoh, n\ -«b, 80, — iw, 

83 ; —INS, 84 J — YM, 86 > —VMS, 87 j — Y8, 88 j 
pi. — ^YN. 

Boan'dybey, b. m. a male nurse. 

Boan'dyrit, 85. nursed, nourished. 

Boan'dybys, v. nursing. 

Boan'laoh, «. m. the reftise ; s King»t xxiy. 14. 

Boan'noo or BainViu, «. m. a well nursed pig 
after being weaned, a half grown pig j pi, — yn. 

Vyn Boan'rby, b. your, &c. beans. P. 

Boar'der, «. »n. border j p/. — ^yn. 

BoAYL, ». m. a place, a ball to play with j pi. 
— LYK or BUILL. 

Boayl'din. Two Tallies in the parish of Brad- 
dan are so called, no doubt from their low si- 
tuations; as, hoayl dourin (a low place). 

BoAYRD, 8. m. a table, a^^KMod. 

Nyn Bo'bblb, your, &c. people, community. P. 

Bo'cHiL, V. herd; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80j — in, 
83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87} —YS, 88. 

Boc^HiLLAOHT, V. herding. 

BO'CHILLBY-ANMBY, 8. m. apastOX. 

Bo'cHiLLEY, 8. m. f. a herd or shepherd, fl. 69. 
Bo'cHiLLiT, 85. herded. 

Bock, b. m. a gelded horse, a gelding. The 
word is also used for Bock goat (a he goat), 
from buck goat. 

Bock-olass, b. m. the greyhound fish. 

Bock-yuan-fannbb, a. m. the horse of one 
John, who had flayed it, and who afterwards 
was obliged to travel on foot ; hence a man's 
own legs and feet, or his stick, are so termed. 

Nyn Boi/dash, b. your, &c. pottage ; pi. — yn. P. 
Bod^jal, b, m. a cloud; pL — ^yn. 
BodOalaoh, a. cloudy; a.d. of a cloud ox 

BodOalby, v. gathering clouds. 
Boo, a. soft, moist. *Booo, v. soften; — ^aoh, 

77 ; — AOHBY, 82 ; — EB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 
84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Boo'gby, b. m. Joy, gladness. 
Boo^obysaoh, a. rejoicing, gladdening. 
Boooo'iL, a. joyous, glad, merry. 
Bo^ooYS, a. m, brag, boast; Rom. iii. 27. 

Bo'ooYssAOH, V. boasting; a. m. a boaster; pi. 

71 ; Rom. i. 30. 
Boohan-dh'o, b. f, the herb burdock. 
Boohla'nb, a. m. a bank, an old hedge ; pi. — yn. 
BooHLA^NAOH, a. fuUofbanks. 

BooHT, a. poor, needy, indi^nt; — dyliooar, 
poor enough; a. m. a poor person, a pauper; 
pi. — YN. Prov. ** Boghi, boght dp bragh,** 

Dp BooHT, adv. poorly, indigently. 

Booht'ynii), a. m. poverty, poorness. 

Boor'bnish, b. /. the herb osmondroyal or 

Cha BouhLB, V. would not uphold or warrant ; 

— aoh; — IN; — INS; — YM; — YMS. P. 

Npn BoMT, 8. your, &c. pot. P. 

BoxD^DAOH, 8. m. a stingy person, a churl; 

P/. 71. 
Npn Bour^NAR, «. your, &c. boy or girl; pi. 

— YN. P. 



Cha BoiNSH V. 158. not appoint; — aoh; — in; 

- INS 1 — YM , —YMS, 94. P. 

Npn Boinsh'bil d. your, &c. ^pointing. P. 
BoiR, V. trouble, disturb, bother; — aob, 77; 

— BB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; —IT, 86 ; — YM, 

86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Boir'aoh, a. troublesome, tumultuous. 
Boira'nb, a. m. a clamorous fellow. 
Boira'nbaoh, a. brawling or turbulent. 

Boira'nys, 8. m. balderdash, brawl, bother, 
troublesomeness, tumult, the efRacts of being 
wrong in the head. 

BoiRBY, a. m. disturbance, trouble, strife, pi. 67. 

BoLG, r. roast, or raise blisters by fire ; — KSt 
80; — IN, 83; — INS, 84; — ^YM, 86; —YMS, 87 ; 
— ^YS, 88. 

BoLo, a. m. the belly; pi. JA. 

Bolo'aoh, a. d. of the belly, of blisters. 

Boi.o'an, B. m. a bubble, a blister ; pi. — yn. 

Boloa'nb, 8./. the calf of the leg; pi. — yn. 

Bolo'bydbr b. m. a roaster ; pi. — yn. 

Bol'oby, v. roasting or blistering ; a. d. of the 
belly or bellies. 

BoL^oiT, 85. roasted. 

Bol'oum or Bol'oym, b. m. a mouth frdl of 
liquid; a corruption of Beeal-gtun ; pi. 71. 

BOL^LAO, 8. /. a skull ; pi. — ^YN. 

Bol'laoh, a. (from Bpot^llagh,) wont, or used 
of; 1 Sam. xvili. lO. 

Bol'lagh, a. dean bare, altogeliier brought. 

Dp Bol'laoh, adv. entirdy, utterly. 

Bol'lan, 8. /. the fish old wife, or rock fish; pi. 

— YN. 

Npn Bol'lan, 8. your, &c. saddle doth. P. 

Bol'lby, 8. m. a boll, a measure of six bushels, 
or twenty-four kishens (rf barley and oats, four 
bushels or sixteeen kishens of wheat, rye, 
pease, beans, and potatoes; pi. 67. 

Npn Bolt, b. your, &c. knock or thump ; — aoh ; 

— in; — INS; — YM; — YMS, 9^. P. 

Bolya'nb, a. m. a numskull, a blockhead; pi, 

— YN. 

Bolva'nbagh, a. doltish, mopish, dull of appre- 
hension, stupid. 

Bolva'nbys, a. m. stupefietction, stupidity. 

Bon'dagh, 8. m. one in bondage ; pi. 71 ; s 
KingB, iv. I. 

BON^DIAOHT, 8. m. bOUdagC; p/. — YN. 

Bon'kan, b. m. a boor, a bumpkin, a rustic, a 
mountsdneer, a down ; pi. — yn< 

Bon'nad, 8. m. a bonnet ; pi. — yn. 

BoN^NBB or Bon'ny, 8. f. a general name for an 
old mare. 

Boo, v. (a contraction of B8t-oo\ thou wilt be, 
or wilt thou be; — ^uss, id. em. 

BooA, 8. /. a cow. Heb. Bakar; pi. — obyn. 

Booa-obo'ayn, a. /. the herb ftonatory. 

Npn BooAR, a. our, &c. power ; p/. — aohyn. P. 

Boo'dxb, adv. Jointly, in partnership. 

Boo'oBBYs, a. m. partnership ; pi. — syn. 

Npn Boo^oYR, 8. your, &c. powder; pi. — yn. P. 

Cha Boo'oyraoh, 185. would, ftc. not powder; 
— tSi —INS; — yn; — YM. p. 

Boooh, 8. m, bflge, protuberance; pi. — yn. s 
Chron. iy. la. 

Boo^iAOH, a. willing, content, satlsfled. See 
Bwonitigh, as it be written : ** Cha vei 


«A latfCiU g9fiagh ta gotUU MjflUif jth aign§jf 

Bo(/i8Ai., a. thankftil, grateful. 

BooisB, 8. m. thanks, praise. 

BooiT, «. m. boot} chance. 

Bo</aKr, a, m. a beach ; pi, 67. 

Cha BooiK, «. not marry ; — aoh j — in ; — ins ; 

— TM } — TM8 ; — T8, 04. Nyn B008K7, yODT, 

&c. pi. B008AOHTN, marriages. P\ 

Bos'sAN, f. m. wort, weed, an herb; pi. — ^tk. 
ABDNiBc, «. /. bistort, snakeweed. 
■ ' ■ A KoiD, «. m. tansy, sUrerweed. 

-DHOA or BooANDHO, «. m. dotbur, bur- 

dock, or coppy-major. 
PEALoiN, «. /. milkwort. 

• puACKLE, «, /. dog's tooth, vlolet. 

OKNNISH, «. /. barren wort» 

iNOKY, *. m. nailwort, or witlow. 

jAROAN, a. m. fleawort. 

MOLLAOH, a. m. a species of ragwort. 
• PKPYHAOH, a, m. pepperwort, dittander. 

PHKDDYa, a. m. peter*swort. 

T»S8«N, a. m. crosswort. 

. ^TBKBSHBT, f. /. bockshom. 

N$fn Bos'sAN, f. your, &c. 'parcel. P. 

BouiN, a. /. bodice, stairs, the waist j pi. — tn. 

Bouin'aob, a. m. a person, beast, or garment 
having a long waist. 

BouTB, a. deaf; — aohkt, v. deafening; — ^aoh, 

77; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 } — TM, 86; — TMS, 87; 
— T8, 88. 

Bou'tran, a. m. a persona little deaf; pi. — tn. 

Bou'trxt, a. pi. deaf. 

Bou'trid, a. m. deafiness. 

Bov'trit, 85. deafened. 

BoTN, a. f. a heel ; pi. — tn. 

Botn'naoh, a. f. a strap or string under tiie 
foot, a heel strap ; pi. 7\ . 

BoTN^BTSE, a. d. of a heel or heel strap. 

Bra or Braa, adv. ever, a contraction of Bragh, 
used oftener in poetry than in prose; Deut. 
Ti. 24. 

Braao, a. f. a shoe, a person's shoe ; it is also 
used for that part of a mill that shakes the com 
into the millstones ; pi. •-yjii. 

Braaoit, 85. shod. 

Braaoxt, a. d, of a shoe or shoes ; Oen. xiv.SS. 

Braain, a. m. ahandmill, a quern; pi. — yn. 

Braain-o'llby, a. m. the shell of the razor fish 
bruised to powder. 

Bra'ar, a. m. a brother; pi. — aohtn. 

Bra'araoh, 9dv. brotherly. 

Bra'arey, a. d. of a brother or brothers. 

Bra'arys, a, m. brotherhood, brotherliness. 

Brack, «, m. a mackar^ trout. 

Brack, «. sharpen, or point with a tool, not by 
grinding. These Bracka are all from Brack, 
(spotted), but I have adopted the a, as it ap- 
proaches nearer the pronunciation ; — agh, 77 ; 
—KB, 80; — KY,82; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 
86; — YM8, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Brack'an, a. m. a brindle, a small piece ploughed 
in a field ; pi, — ^yn. 

Brack'kydbr, a. m. a sharpener, an angler. 

Brack'it, 85. sharpened, pointed. 

Bras^oao, a. /. a rough grub or worm ; pi, — yn. 


Brad^daob, a. thievish. See Bradmgh. Prvv. 

Ix. 17. 
Brad'oan, a. m. a salmon; pi. — yv. 
Brakw, a. brave. Dy Brabw, ado,, bravely. 
Brabw^by, a. pi. brave. 
Brabw^id, a. m. braveness. 

Braoh, adv. ever; aon dy hragh aa dy braght 
(for ever and ever, — the ever that is to come) ; 
Rieau being the ever that is past. 

Braohbio, a. immortal, everliving. 

Braoh<parr'aohtyn, a. everlasting. 

Dy Braoh-parr'aohtyn, adv. eternally, ever- 

Brao'hbb, a. malty. 

Bra'ohby, a. d. of malt, .or of the malt. 

Bba'ohtan, a. m. (no doubt from Brack or 
Brack,) spotted, smeared; or streaked with 
some thing spread on bread, as honey, butter, 
herring, &c. 

Bra'ohtan-bbymky, a. m. a bnttercake, or a 
cake spread or spotted with butter or any other 
eatable. The Welsh have it Breckdan. It is 
sometimes used for any thing flattened or 
bruised flat; as, tou er nyannoo braghtan Jeh. 

Brah, v. betray, betraying; — ^agh, 77; — bb, 

80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; —IT, 85 ; — YM, 86 ; 
— VMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Brah^byobr, a. m. a betrayer; pi, — tn. 

Bran'clooib, a. f. the down of feath«*8. 

Bran'oi.asb, a. /. something wrong, in error, or 

Branlaa'oaoh, a. m. f. a raver, a person inco 
herent in his talk ; pi. 71 ; Jude, 8. 

Branlaa'deb, v. raving. 

Branlaa'dbb, a, m. a dreamer; Deuf. xiii. 3. 

Branlaa'oys, a. tn. the action of raving. 

Bran^laoh or Bran'laohby, v. would fallow or 
break up, or plough land, to e^^ose to the sun 
or to dry. 

Branla'io, a. f. a breach or creek on a shore 
between rocks ; pi. — yn. Had the idural of 
this word been used in translating Breachea in 
Judgea V. 17, it would have been more ccnrect 
than the word Purtyn. 

Bran', v. fallowing; a.m. a fallow, pl.Cf/. 

BRAN'LXYnBR, a. m. a fallower, pi. — yn. 

Branl, v. fsllow; — aoh, 77 i -—kb, 80 ; — in, 88; 

— INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — ^ys, 88. 
Bran'lbycan, a. m. the staggers in horses. 
Bran', 85. ftdlowed, ploughed. 

Brans, v. dash; — aoh, 77; — ^bb, 80; — by 
or — AL, (dashing) ; —in, 83 ; —ins, 84 ; — ym, 
86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Bran'sit, p^. dashed; Haa. xiii. 16. 

Brash, a, m. brace. 

Brabh-dy-bash, well up in age. 

Brash'laoh, a. f. charlock or wild mustard ; 
sometliing to brace, as a crupper. 

Brasb'lbid, a.f. a bracelet; pi. — yn. 

Bras'nao, a.f. a brand, a piece of stick to bum, 
a torch. Zee. xii. 6 ; pi. — ^yn. 

*Bra8N orBRASNXB, V. provoke, insult* excite 
to anger; —aoh, 77 \ — aohby, 82; - bb, 80; 
— BY, {—ty and — aghey are of the same mean- 
ing,) —in, 83; —INS, 84; —it, 85; — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Bras'nbb, a. d. of provocation or insult. 

Bras'nbydbr, a. m. a provoker; pi. — yn. 




Cha Breach* v. not preach; — aohj —in; 

— INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 84. P. 

A>n Brkachb'il, v. your, &c. preaching:. P. 
JVyn Brbacho'or, «. your, &c. preacher ; pi. 

— YN. p. 

Brbad'ao, s. /. a caterpillar, a reptile, a worm 
that cuts holes in bodies. See also Braddagi 

pi. — YN. 

Brb'adaoh, 8. f. a stretcher, a SMringletree ; pi. 

71 and — YN. 
Brbao or Brbo, «. /. a lie, a flb ; pi. — yn. 
Brbag'agh, a. lying, telling lies. 
Brbag'brby, «. m. a liar; pi. 09- 
Brbag'by, a. d. of lies; John, viii. 44. 
Brbb, v. kick, push with the foot ; — aoh, 77 ; 

— AL, 79 ; — BB, 80 ; —BY, 82 ; —IN, 88 ; —INS, 
84 ; — IT, 85 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88 ; 

8. m. a kick, or push with the foot. 

Brbb'ao, 8. f. a kihf without a roof to dry com 
or flax on ; it is also applied to a certain po«. 
ture when sitting at the fire ; pi. — yn. Par- 
haps the etymologry of this word is Bree-beg. 

Brbb'an, a.m. a little kick; it is used for any 
filth or dirt adhering to persons or things by 
being kick«l, or rubbed against ; pi. — yn. 

Brbb'anaoh, a. having any dirt or filth by be- 
ing rubbed or kicked against. 

Brbck, 8^. the small pox ; pi. — yn. 

BRBCK-KnP'Rx, «./. chicken pox. 

Brbck- ol'lbb, «./. the cow pox. 

Brbck, a. spotted, variegated, piebald, brindled, 
of many colours. 

Brbck'agh, v. would, &c. brindle, &c. 

Brbckan-snibnoan, «. m. a medley colour. 

Brbcb'by, a. pi. brindled, piebald. 

Brbck'it, 85. tnrindled, spotted. 


or freckles on the skin, caused by the heat of 
the sun. 

Brbd'aoh, a. thievish, furtive, stolen. 

Brbd'id, 8. m. thievishness, theft. 

Brbb, a. m. steam, vigour, energy, efficacy, 
vhrtue ; as, tree yn uill eehey (the virtue of his 

Brbb'aohby or Brbs'ghey, v. inspiring. 

Brbb'aohys, 8. m. inspiration. 

Brbb'aRR, v. VOW; — aoh, 77; — XB, 80; — IN, 
83 ; — INS, 84 ; —IT, 85 ; — YM, 86 ; -YMS, 87 ; 

— Y8, 88. 

Brbb'arrby, 8. m. avow; pi. 67. 

BRBB^ARRBYnBR, 8. m. OUC WhO VOWS; pi. — YN. 

Brbbok, 8. f. a brick ; pi. — yn. 

Brbbn or Bbbb'nid, s. in. sultriness, heat, 

Brbx'naoh, a. sultry, sweltry. 

Brbb'nby, a. pi. sultry, sweltry. 

Brbboc'klb, 8. m. a vowel. 

Brbeo'il, a. vigorous, energetic. 

Bbbb'sbbt, 8. f. bride or Bridget. 

Breg, 8.f. a lie; pi. — yn; 1 KingSt xiii. 18. 

Brkh. See Brep. 

BRBin, 8, f. a veil; pi. — yn. 

Brb'ioit, 85. veiled. 

*Brbiu or Brbao, v. coax, endeavour to per- 
suade. The former spring is here adopted as 
it agrees better witii the sound, although the 
latter orthography is used in Mat. xxviii. 14 ; 

and also for a lie ; -<-aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; —by. 

82; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84; —YMS, 87 J — Y8, 88. 

Brbi'obydbr, 8. m. a coaxer; pi. -^tn. 

Brbiob, c. m. a short rough substance growing 
on rocks under full sea mark, used by flshflr- 
men to preserve bait alive. 

Brbi'git, 86. coaxed, wheedled. 

Brbim, 8. m. posterior flatulency ; «. id. — aoh * 

77 1 —BR. 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86< 

— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Brbim'aoh, a. flatulous. 

Brbim'bydbr, «. m. abreaker of wind. 

Brbim'bn, 8. m. the dim. of Brti'mi a stinking 

Brbin, 8. f. womb, matriee or matrix ; pi. — yn. 
Had this word been written Bwreint it would 
have shown more analogy to its relatives 
Bwoirrynt Bwoirrpnagh, &c. ; but as a learned 
author observes of the orthography and pro- 
nunciation of words, fixed beyond the reach 
of etymologry to alter, have, like land, limita- 
tions to their rights. "When orthography or 
pronunciation has obtained a long stuiding, 
though by ftdse title, it is perhaps better to 
leave it in quiet possession, Uian to disturb the 
langruage by an ancient thoogh better claim. 

Brbinn, a. nasty, filthy, stinking; v. ->aoh, 77 ; 
— ^AGHBY, 6S; — ^BB, 80 ; — YS, 88. 

Brbin'nby, a. pi. id. 

Brbin'nby, 8. m. the part that hangs under the 
belly ofa brood goose; pi. 67 ; a. rf. <rfa fowl's 
womb, &c. 

Brbin'nid, 8. m. nastiness, stink, filth. 

Brblb^io, 8. f. a pack saddle, a gear made of 
straw ropes and covered with woollen cloth to 
ride on; pi. — yn. 

Brellbb'in, »./. a sheet; pi. — yn. 

Brbl'lish, 8.f. wort, fermented or fermenting. 

Nyn Brbndb'ys, your, &c. apprentice; pi. 

-:-8YN. P. 

Brbnbb'n, «./. an atom, a mote ; pi. — yn. 

Brbnbb'naob, a. full of motes. 

Breshag, 8. f. the mat or cloth of a sledge oar. 

Brbt'naob, 8. m. a Welsh man ; pi. 71 ; a. Welsh. 

Brbt'nisb, 8.f. the Welsh language. 

Brbt^yn, 8. m. Wales, Britain. 

Brby, v. laying, calving, yeaning, foaling, &c. ; 

8. f. a beast's womb. 
Brbyagh, v. (pronounced BeraghJ would, &c. 

calve, lay, &c. 
Brby-bio, a. viviparous. 
Brby-bb or Bbrbbb, v. will, &c. calve, lay, &c. 
Brby-ys or Bbrhys, v. shall, &c. calve, lay, &c. 
Brib, v. enquire, ask; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 

— IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Bri'aoht, v. enquiring; c. m. intelligence. 
Bbi'altaoh, 8. m. an enquirer; pi. 71; H06. 

xi. 31 ; spies. 
Bbic'uyn, 8. pi. breeches. 
Brick, 8. pi. mackerels, trouts, the pi. of Brack. 
Brick-fiddyr, 8. pi. fry trout. 
Bri'bydbb, t. m. an oiquirear, and asker. 
Brio'oyi., 8. m. a worthless creature. 
Bribt, 85. enquired after, infbrmed of. 
Brish, t>. break; -aob, 77; --^9* 80; —in, 83; 

—ins, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Bris'hbb, a. d, of brokerage or brokage. 




BHfs'HST, a. m. a break; v. breaking; pi. 67. 

'* Agfu Mihey jeh*n eaytt ta mee er vakin. 

Maghrey grou cur le»h fattyr aalin." 
BKI8BBT-P00SBT, «. m. adultery, a breach of 

BAibh'etdsh, 8. m. a breaker ; pi. — tn. 
Brish'taoh or Brish'laoh, a. brittle. 
Brisht, 85. broken, not -whole. 

Brivt, «. TO. a Judge, a deemster; pi. — ntn. 

Has this word any analogy to the Irish Brehon ? 

Prov. ** Eshyn nagh gow ri»h briw erbee t*eh 

deyrey eh hene.** 
Baiw-AooLisH, «. m. an ecclesiastical judge, or 

a vicar-general. 
Briw-marrkt, a. tn. a water bailiff. 
BriVnys, «./. judgment} pi. — yn or — syn. 
Briw'nys, v. judge j as, Easht leak dagh cleayah, 

eiahtjean briumys; — aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; — it, 

85 J — IN, 83; — INS, 84 j — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. 
BrOATCB, O. tap; — AOH, 77; — BB, 80j — BIL, 

81 ; — IN, 83; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. 
Broatch'by, ». m. a quantity of yam cm: thread 

wound on a spindle without a spool ; pi. 69. 

Broa'gby or Brockby, v. making orts or refuse, 
making a thing in a bungling manner. 

Broc, s. m. a badger. 

Brock, «. m. orts, refuse; v. make orts or re- 
fuse; — AOH, 77; — BB, 80; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 
84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Brock'bydbr, «. m, a maker of orts. 
Brock'it, 85. ortsed, made into refuse. 
Brock'il, «. /. collar. ^eeBroggil. 
Brock'lyn, 8. pi. the fore parts of a waistcoat. 

Brod, a. the choice or best of some things ; as, 

brod guilley ; «. m. a goad. 
Brod, p. pierce, prick; — ^ach, 77; — be, 80; 

— BY, 82 ; — IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 

— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Brod-bo'yn, 8. m. a spur ; pi. Brodynboyn. 
Bro'dit, 85. pierced, pricked. 
Broo'oil, 8. m. breast, collar. See it aspirated 

in Rev. ix. 9. 

Br 010, «. m. dirt, filth, filthiness. 

Broib, v. boil ; —AOH, 77 ; —BE, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; 
— INS, 84 J — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Broiby, a. pi. boiled. 

Broibt, 85. boiled, baked. 

*Broigh or Broohb, a. dirty, filthy ; v. — aoh, 
77; — EB, 80; — IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Bro'iohey, a. pi. dirty ; v. dirtying. 

Broigh'byder, 8. m. a person who spoils with 
dirt; pi. — YN. 

Broio'hit, 85. dirtied. 

Broill, 8. m. the part of a tool that bruises 
down by being hammered on, as on the upper 
end of a jumper, a chisel, or the point of a 
rivet. There is no corresponding word in Eng- 
lish. V. — AOH, 77 ; — BE, 80 ; — BY, 82 ; — in, 
83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Broillit, 85. the participle of the above. 

Broit, 8. m. broth; pi. — yn. 

Broo, 8. TO. a bruise; pi. — ghyn; ». — aoh, 77) 

— EB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Broo'dbr, «. to. a bruiser; pi. — yn. 


Broooh, 8. f. brink, verge, prec^oe. 
Brooighe, 8. TO. a belch, breaking wind upwards. 
Brooightoo'il, v. belching, rifting; —aoh, 77 ; 

—BE, 80} —IN, 83; — ins, 84; — YM, 86; 

— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Brooil, c. to. bruised bits. 

Broo'illauh, 8. TO. crumbs, fragments. 

Broo'inyn, 8. pi. brinks, the pi. of Bro<^h. 

Broo'it or Broo'jit, 85. bruised. 

Bro'uish, «./. brewis; p/. — yn. 

Brouit, «. TO. a brutish fellow, a sloven. 

Brouii/aoh, a. brutish, slutish. 

Cha Bromt, v. not prove; — agh, 77, &c. jP. 

Nyn Browal, «. your, &c. proof or proving ; 

pi. — YN. P. 

Nyn Brow'altagh, «. your, &c. deponent or 

deposer; pi. 71- ■**• 

Bruan, «. TO. a rash, cutaneons disorder ; pi. — yw. 
Bry, «./. malt; Prov. ** Ta aile meeley Jannoo 

hry millieh." 

Bryn'braght, v. flattering. 

Bryn'brys. «. TO. flattery. 

Bryn'naoh or Bryn'nyraoh, a. flattering, 
smootib or false talk ; lea. xxx. lO. 

Bryn'nyree, 8. pi. flatterers, hypocritical mock- 
ers; Psl. XXXV. 16. 

Brynt, a. pert, fluent, loquacious. 

Nyn Brysoo'n, «. your, &c. prison ; Cha. v. 

— aoh ; — in ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. P. 

Nyn Brysoo'naoh, a, your, &c. prisoner; pi. 
71. P'. 

Nyn Budda'se, a. your, &c. potato; pi. — yn. JP. 

Buoga'ne, 8. TO. a bug-bear, a browny, a scare- 
crow, something to frighten ; pi. — yn. 

Buooa'neaoh, a. frightful, dreary. 

Buoga'nys, «. TO. frightfiilness, dreariness. 

BuGo'uuE, a./, a buck thorn berry ; pi.— yn. 

BuiCK, a. pi. geldings, gelded horses. 

Buio'gys, 8. f. softness, moisture. 

Buigh or BwBE, a. yeUow. 

Buio'hby, v. making yellow ; a. /. the jaundice 
or yellows. 

Buig'hby or BwBEY, a. pi. yellow. 
BuiLG, 8. pi. bellies ; pi. of Bolg. 
Builo-she'ideb, a. f. bellows; Jer. vi. 29. 
Buil'ley, 8. m. a blow. See also Bwoailley ; 

pi. 67. 
BuiNN, V. reap, shear; — agh, 77; --eb, 80, 

— IN,83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Buin'nit or BuiNNT, 85. reaped, shorn. 

Nyn BuiNT, «. your, &c. pound. P. 

BuiRD, a. pi. tables, boards ; pi. of Boayrd; a. d. 

of a table or tables. 
Nyn Buirht, your, &c. ports, &c. P. 

BuiRHT, a. pi. burdens. 
Buir'kin, «. m, a bodkin. 

Buirroo'gh or Buirroo'ghb y, v. roaring, growl- 
ing ; pi. — YN. 

Nyn Biriss, a. your, &c. cheek. P. 

BuiTCH, a. f. a witch; v. bewitching, — aoh, 77; 

— AL, 79 ; — EB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; — INS, 84; — YM, 

86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Buitch'braoht, a, m. witchcraft. 
Buitch'it, 85. bewitched. 
Buitchoo'r, 8. TO. a butcher ; pi. — yn. 


Buitchoo'rts, 8. m. butchery. 

Buw, t. m. the but end, the bottom end, the best 
party the meaning; as, eur bttn dou er (give me 
the meaning of it), beneath j pi. — yn } Es. 
xxzii. 19. 

Bitnclsi'ghan. See Boghlane. 

NpnBmt'DAiL, b. oar, &c. pinfold} pi. — yn. P. 

Bi7in»'xi<» ». »• bundle i pi. — yv. 

Bukkb'kayl, ». m. a moral; pi. — yn. 

Bun'ney, 9. f. a sheaf; pi. 68. 

Bun-NY- osAYBS, 8. the wind's eye, where the 
wind blows from. 

Bun'nys, adv. almost, mostly, nearly altogether. 
Perhaps from Boytmya (at the heels of). 

Bun-ry-skyn, adv. topsy-turvy, upside down. 

Burk'an, 8. m. a kimlin ; pi. — yn.'k, 8. tn. brooklime, pimpernel. 

BuRLBY, 8. m. cress, cresses. 

Burr, «. m. the situation of a boat or vessel 
when at anchor and tbe wind tdowlng cross on 
the tide and the vessel standing between both, 
a tack in sailing j v. — aoh, 77 i — «■» 80 i — »t, 
82 ; —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 ; -YM, 86 ; — YM8, 87 J 
— Y8, 88. 

Bur'boo, 8. m. a large rock on the Southern ex- 
tremity of the Calf Island, called in English, 
the Eye Bock. 

BuRRYS-BNN, odv. ScB BooBMagh-enn, 

Cha Bur'rys lhiam da jannoo bh, 161. I am 
not surprised at his doing it. 

JVyn Bdrt, «. your, &c. port, harbour. P. 

Bus's AL, a handkerchief ; pi. — yn. 

Bus'sALAOH, a.d. oiB. handkerchief j as, baym 
buasallagh (a cap or hood with a neck-band at- 

BwAAo, «./. a bowling stone, a stone worn round 
by the sea, a paving stone; a hut or booth; 
JofiaA,iv. 5; pi. — yn. 

BwAAOH, a. pretty, beautifal. 

Bwaa'ohby, a. pi. pretty, &c. 

BwAANB, 8. m. a cot or cottage, a small house 
where booths are erected for cattle. Perhaps 
from Beth, Heb. (a house); /?/. — yn; Hab. 
iii. 17 

BwBB, a. See Buigh (yellow). 

BwHiD, «. the pi. of Bwoid. 

Bwhid-suooa'nb, «. pi. stones set in the walls 
of a thatched house to tie the ropes to. 

BwHON, 8. i». a stump ; pi. — yn. 

Bwillbb'n, 8. f. a loaf. 

BwiLLBB^NKAiL, 8. f. a cabbagc; p/. — YN. 

Bwin'nican, 8. m. the yolk of an egg ; pi. — yn. 

BwoAiiii., V. strike, dash ; Jfa*. iv. 6 ; -aoh, 77 j 
— BB, 80 ; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 
87 ; — YS, 88. 

Bwoa'ili.aoh, a. iI. of a fold or folds. 

Bwoa'illbb, 8. /. a fold; a halo or circle round 

Bwoa'illby, 8. m. a stroke, a blow, a box. 
Prov. ** Tad beagkeg bwoailley er kegi a8 bwoa- 
iUey er moddey.** 

Bwoa'illby-ba'ssby, «. m. a slap; pi. 67. 

Bwoa'llbydbb, 8. m. a striker, thresher. 

Bwoa'illit, 16. struck, threshed. 

Bwoa'illtbbn, 8. m. a beetle, a mallet ; pi. — yn. 

Bwoa'iltchyn, 8. pi. foldings, folds. 

Bwoa^iltys, 8. m. quarrelsomeness, strife that 
cones to blows. 



Bwoa'llbb, a. d. of threshing or itriking ; m. 
mwpllin bwoallee. 

Bwoa'llby. v. striking, threshing. 

Bwoaltby^r, 8, m. a striker, ftc. ; pi. — tn. 

Bwoid, 8. m. the penis. 

Bwoid-saogart, 8. m. the herb orchis tatircon. 

BwoiB, t. m. a boy ; pi. — aohyn. 

Bwoib'ryn, a. female, feminine. 

BwoiR^RYiNAGH, 8. f. R she, a female; an animal 
with a womb; fl. 71. 

Bwoir'rynid or Bwoir^rynys, «, /. feminaUty, 
effeminancy, eflimination. 

Bwooi'aoh, a. willing, pleased with ; MaX. i. 8. 

BwooisH or BwooisHAL, 8. /. a wish or wishing. 
I have only Inserted this noun as I think it ra- 
ther an Anglicism : we have the verb very ele- 
gantly expressed in Baill or 5a{{/, which see. 

Bwo'yid, 8. m. prettiness, beauty. 

By-aoolb, ado. See Baggie. 

By-chooid-saVb, adn. of good pleasure ; Qal. 
i. 15. 

By-chyn^daoh, adv. because of. 

By-dty-chybt'daoh, adie. because of thee, in 
consequence of thee ; Jet. xxxviii. 83. 

Bt-ohou.'lbb, adn. because of difficulty or hard- 
ness; B». xiii. 15. 

By-hait'tyn, adv. because of pleasure or delight, 
to pleasure or delight in. 

By-hrimshby, adv. for or because of sorrow or 

By-lhibu, adv. belonging to them. 

By-liack or By-laik, adn. See also Bliaek, l67» 
did or didst like ; Gen. xlviii. 17- 

By-lbsh, his, belonging to him; — yn, id. em.; 
Obadiah, 14. 

By-libsh, adv. belonging to, owner or owners of. 

By-lio'ar or Byliooar, adv. 176. would be 
enough. See also Blioar. 

By-loo orBY-sLOO, adv. smaUest,'fewest ; Deut. 
vii. 7. 

By-loys, adv. 167. durst or darest. See Blays. 

By-niar'tal, adv. because of strength, those of 
strength ; Pel. Ixxviii. 62. 

By-nibss'by, adv. because of nearness, nearest ; 
Deut. xxi. 6, and 1 Chron. xxvii. 7- 

Bybt'nby, v. did prefer, or hold in estimation, had 
fondness for, did like ; the past time of Shynneif. 

Byr'jby or By-syr'jby, adv. highest; Luke, 
xiv. 7, and Pel. Ixxviii. 62. 

Nyn Byshoo'nby, v. hath, &c. them poiscmed. P. 

By-sinsh'lby, adv. lowest or lowermost. 

Byss'nbss, 8. m. business ; 1 Sam. xxi. S. 

Byt'brmyn, 8. TO. the linnet ; pi. — yn. 

By-vi'an, v. would fidn ; Luke, xv. 16. 

Cha By-vooar, adv. careth not, caieth not be- 
cause of its bigness, size, or greatness ; lea. 
xxxiii. 8. 


C, as a radical initLal, and the changes it un- 
dergoes, see Remarks 4, 5, 6, at the beginning 
of the work. Words from k and 8 also change 

Caa, 8. m. an opportunity ; pi. — ohyn. 




Caabai'o, a. /. a thick cake, as of cheese, tallow, 

&C. } pi. — YN. 

Caa'bhil, s. m. cables; ting. Caabyl, 76. 
Caa'bb, «. m. seeds, as the seed of meal, &c. 
Caao, 8. f. a stopper, a forelock, an attached 

linchpin j pi. — yn. 
Caa'idgb, 8. m. a cage ; pi. — tn. 
Caa'ic, «. /. a jay j j»/. — yn. 
CAA^aoYSi 8. m. kindred, pedigree, genealogr. 
Caa'rjyn, 8. pi. friends ; pi. of Carrey. 
Caa'bjts or Caa'rdys, «. »». relationship by 

blood, consanguinity ; Neh. xiii. 4. 
Caa'bjysaoh, a. friendly, relatively. 
Caa'rtr, v. calumniate, traduce, vilify j — Aoe, 

77 J —KB, 80} —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 J — ym, 86} 
— YM8, 87 } — YS, 88. 

Caa'rtrbydbr, 8. m. a calumniator, a vllifler, a 

defamer, a traducer; pi. — yn. 
Caa'rtrey, v. traducing, vilifying} H08. iv. 4. 
Caa'rtrit, 85. traduced, vilified. 
Caa'shbt, 8. m. cheese; pi. 67. 
Caa'yney, v. tabering ; Nah. ii. 7 } braying j Job, 

XXX. 7* 
Caa'ys, s. m. convenience, fit time. 
Cab, 8. /. a jav?, a loop made fast on a flail j as, 

cab sooist ; pi. — byn. 
Cab'bao, s. f. a dock, bloodwort ; pi. — yn. 
Cab'bao-ny-hawin, 8. f. colt's-foot, cough- 

vroTt, hart's -hoof. 
Cab'bagh, a. stammering, stuttering. 
Cab'bal, s.f. a chapel; pi. — yn. 
Cabba'ne, 8. m. a cabin, tent, tabernacle; pi. 

— YN. 

Cabba'ney, v. tabernacling. 

Cab'bhid, 8. m. stammering, an impediment in 

Cab'byl, 8. m. a horse ; pi. 76. 
Cab'dil, s. /. a chapter; pl.—YH. 
Cab'oilaoh, a. d. belonging to a chapter. 
Caboo'n, 8. m. a capon, a gelded cock ; pi. — yn. 
Ca'bry-chbillby, 8. f. a pair of scissors. 

Cadd, v. defend} — aoh, 77 i — bb» 80; —by, 
82; —IN, 83; —INS, 84} — YM, 86; — YMS, 

• 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Ca'ddit, 85. defended, protected. 

Cad'oym, «. m. a disease in horses, called the 

glampu8, which causes a great enlargement of 

the gums. 

Cad'dymit, 85. having the glampus. 

Cao'oil, v. i. sleep, sleep on thou. 

Ca'djin, common, general, catholic, universal, 

Ca'ojinaoh, a. commonly, generally, &c. 

Ca^ojinys, 8. tn. common custom, vulgarity. 

Cad'jbr, 8. m. a huckster, a monger. 

Cad'jbragh, a. huckstering. 

CadObrys, 8. tn. huckstery, mongery. 

Cab'lao, 8. m. a sleeper, a sluggard, such as 

sleep a long time, as the bat, butterfly, &c. ; 

pi. — YN. 
Cadl, v. deep :— aoh, 77 ; -be, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; 

—INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Cai/lagh, a. sleepy, drowsy. 
Cad'leb, a. d. of sleep, or sleeping. 
Cad'ley, s. m. sleep; pi. 67- 
Cao'oagh, v. would war, or make battle. 

Cargoes, a. d. of war, or battle. 

Ca'ooby, 8. m. war, battle ; pi. 67. 

Ca'oobydbr, 8. m. a warrior; j»/. — yn. 

Ca'ggit, 85. fought. 

Caggo'il, a. warlike, hostile, militant. 

Ca'ggym, v. I will make war. 

Ca'ogys, v. shall, &c. make war. 

Caohlaa', 8. tn. change, diversity, alteration, 
difference; pi. — ghyn; v. —aoh, 77; — in, 
83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; -^TMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Caohlaa'bb, a. d. of change or changes. 
Caohlaa'sbr, 8. tn. one who changes or alters 

any thing. 
Caohlaa'it, 85. changed, altered. 
Ca'oliagh, 8. m. a boundary; pi. 72. 
Caid, adv. how long. 
Caign, », chew, gnaw; —aoh, 77; —be, 80; 

— IN, 83, — INS, 84: — TM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Caio'nbe, a. d. of chewing or gnawing. 

Caic'nby, v. chewing, gnawing. 

Cai'ljey, a. d. of loss or losing, of straying or 

Caill, ». lose; — AOH, 77 \ —BE, 80; — IN, 83; 

— INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Cail'lbyder, 8. tn. a loser; pi. — yn. 
Cail'lin, 8. f. a woman ; p/.— yn. 
CAiL^LiTor Caillt, 85. lost, perished. 
Cainlb, 8. f. a candle ; pi. — ^yn. 
Cain'leagh, a. d. of a candle or candles. 
Cainle're or Cainlb'yb, 8. tn. a candlestick ; 

p/.— YN. 

Cainlx'rbaoh, a. d. of a candlestick, &c. 

Cair, 8. tn. right, share, privilege. 

Cair'aoh, tn. right, well done; a. d. of justice, 

right, truth. 
Cai'ral, a. just, righteous, upright. 

Cairt, a. correct, exact, just, even, flat; v. 
— AGH, 77 ; — BE, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 , ^YM, 
86 ; — YMS, 87 J — YS, 88. 

Cairt'by, a. pi. just, right, even» exact. 

Cairt'it, 85. flxed, finished. 

Cair-vib, 8. f. a feir wind. 

Cair'ys, 8 tn. justice, right, equity ; v. — agh, 
77; — BE, 80; — in, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Camlaa'oagh, a. crooked, or contrary to law, 
(perhaps from Catnleighagh,) intricate, per- 
verse ; «. tn. a froward person ; pi. 71 ; Job, 
V. 13. 

Camlaa'oys, 8. f. crookedness, pervorseness, 
entanglement, intricacy, chicanery. 

Camlur'oaoh, a. bow legged. 
Cam'mag, 8. f. a crutch, a cricket ball ; pi. — yn. 
Cam'mah, adv. why, fbr what reason. 
Cam'man, 8. tn. a pique, a grudge, ill will. 
Cam'man-br-cooinnby, a pique or grudge in 

Cam'mby, s. tn. a bend, flexure, incurvation. 
Cam'mey, o. pi. crooked, wry, bent, oblique. 
Cam'mid, 8. m. crookedness, curvity. 
Cam'mit, 85. bent, made crooked. 
Camraa'sagh, 5. /. the herb jackins. 
Cam'stram, a. zigzag, crankled. 
Cant, «. m. an auction. 
Cant, ». t. bid at auction ; pi. — yn ; u. —agh. 




77. — AL, 79; —SKf 80 J— IN, 83 J —INS, 84} 

— YM, 86; — YMS, 87 } — Y8, 88 ; «. an Ruction. 

Cant'ktdbr, 9. m. an auctioneer, a bidder at an 

• auction; pi. — yn. 

Capp'aoh, «. m. a captive; pi. 71- 

Capp'an, 8. m. a cup; pi. — yn. 

Capp'kbys, 8. m. captivity ; pi. — syn. 

Capp'it, 85. confined, captured. 

Cap'tan, «. i». a captain; p/. — yn. 

Car, 8. m. a twine, twist, or knot in timber ; 
a twine, twist, a turn round ; as, cor n^f bleea- 
ney (all the year round, throughout or during 
the year) ; car y voghery (all the morning) ; 
car y tourree (all summer) ; car yn ouyr (all 
harvest) ; car y gheuree (all winter) . In speak- 
ing of all day or all night, the car is omitted, 
and we say, ftey laa (all day) ; and fud ny hoie 
(all night) ; pi. see Khyr. 

Cara'io or Cara'oe, «. /. a clock or beetle; pi. 
— YN. Cha boght as caraig. 

Carail', 8. f. care ; pi. — yn. 

Carail'agh, a. careful. 

Carail'ys, 8. f. carefulness. 

Car'byd, *. m. a bier j pi. — tn or 76. 

Carchuil'lao, 8. f. a fly, a gnat ; pi. — yn. 

Car-co'll, 8. m. a hitch of a rope ; a knot on a 
timber-head, of that tree,— whence the name 

Car'kyl, «. m. a hoop, a circle ; pi. 76- 

Car'ktlagh, o. a circular. 

Carmb'isb, 8. f. a canvass, a coarse sheet ; pi. 

— YN. 

Carn of Carna'nb, 8. m. a heap or knob ; a 
heap or pile erected in memory of a dead per- 
son, or of some memorable event ; pi. — yn ; 

Carnank-frbb'nky, 8. m. the head of a pin. 

Carna'nraoh, a. full of heaps, &c. 

Carnoa'in, «. m. a large bee or beetle. 

Carr, 8. m. a tune ; as, carr daurue (a tune to 
stance to) ; carr y poo8ee (the marriage tune) . 
Ta lane ckyndaaghyn ayna carr y phoosee. 

Car'rag, 8. f. a carious animal. 

Carr, v. twist, twine, warp; — aoh, 77; — al, 
79; —BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 80; 
—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Car'raoh, a. aflfected with the scurvy or scabs, 
scabious. Te feer aasagh cur fuill aaa kione 

Car^raoe, 8. f. a carrot; pi. — yn. 

Car'ran, 8. f. smaai white shells that grow on 
the rocks under full sea mark . 

Carra^nb or Kerra'nb, «. /. a sandal, a cover 
for the sole and sides of the foot made of raw 
hide, salted and dried, and laced with thongs 
of the same on the top of the foot ; pi. — yn. 
The Welsh have Cwaran for a shoe, and Carrai 
for a shoe lat(diet. 

Ca'rrbb, 8. f. the scud, or small clouds that fly 
with the wind ; a. d. the chancel of a church. 
Vod fir charree 8oie (can those that minister in 
the chancel or at the altar, or the ministers of 
the chancel, sit). 

Car'rby, 8. m, a friend, a crony. Is this word 
derived flrom Carr f (twist, twine, or warp— so 
is every friend's heart about his friend's); or 
from Caru8t Lat. (dear) ; pl.67. 

Car'riabs, ». /. something done unwillingly; 
highroad labour. 

Car'rick, 8. f. a strong hold, a fortress, 3er. vi. 
27; and which, in former times, had water 
round, whence it is now applied to a rock in Oie 
sea ; the chancel of the church, from its being 
a place of refuge or safety in some cases, as 
catching hold of the horns of the altar. 

Car'rid, 8. fit. cariousness, scabbedness. 

Car'rit, 85. twisted, twined, warpped. 

Carr'oo, «. m a carp ; pi. 73. 

Car'tagb, «./. a gadder ; Eccle8ia8ticu8t xxvi. 8. 

Car'than, 8. m. an insect found to have no vent 
below. Deea8ee yn charthan e hoyn woi8h as 
cha dooar eh arragh eh. 

Carthar'nbb, 8. f. a cannon. 

Car'val, 8. f. a carol; pi. — yn. 

Cas, v. twist, twist thou, turn, whirl ; — agh, 77 ; 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Cas'ao, 8. f. a curl ; pi. — yn. 

Cas'agaoh, a. curly, having curls. 

Ca'sby, 8. m. twist; v. turning, whirling, twist- 
ing; /?/. 67. 

Ca'sbydbr, 8. m. a twister; pi. — yn. 

Cash'brick, a. holy, sanctifled, sacred. 

Cash'erickbb, v. t. sanctified, &c. 

Casb'brickby, «. dedicating, sanctifying. 

Cash'brickys, /. m. holiness, sanctity, sacred- 
ness, sanctificiBition. 

Cas'it or Cast, 85. twisted. 

Cas'laoh, 8. m. a coil; pi. — yn; v. would, &c. 

Ca'slby, like, resembling. 

Ca'slid, 8. m. uniformity. 

Ca'slys, 8. m. likeness, resemblance ; sign, or 
appearance ; as, caalys acaddan (sign of her- 

- ring^s) ; pi. — YN. 

Cass, ». /. a foot, the foot of any thing. The 
handle of various things is called case^ as of a 
siMuIe, fork, &c. ; the handle of a flail, as an 
exception, is called loaghraite, as all the others 
ought to be ; pi. — YN. See Trie. 

Cas'saoh, a. having feet ; as, maase kiar cos- 
8agh (quadrupeds). 

Cas'san, «. m. a path, a track ; pi. — yn. 

Cas'san-ayns-kbyll, 8.m. a grove. 

Cas'sanaoh, a. having paths or tracks. 

Ca'ssee, a. d. of winding, curling, or twisting, 
(as stairs) ; l Kinge, vi. 8. 

Cas'sbydbr or Cas'sbyuagh, s. m, an accuser ; 

pi. — YN, 71' 

Ca'ssey-foalsby, 8. m. a folse accuser. 

Cass-fee'agh, «./. craws-foot, gold-knobs. 

Cassit, 86. having feet, footed. 

Casso'lley, «. /. hairs of old wool that' adhere 
to sheep, whereby the fleece is kept on longer 
at shearing time ; some wiU have it to mean 
caslya ollev (the sign of new wool, or new 
growth) ; It is common to call leg, caee ; as, 
caes etoyl (the foot of a stool) ; casa vrishi (a 
broken leg). 

Cass-roo'isht, a. bare-foot, bare-footed. 

Cast, v. i. quell, defeat; —aoh, 77 j —be, 80; 
—in, 83; —ins, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Ca'stey, v. quelling, defeating ; 2 Sam. xvii. 14. 

Ca'stit, 85. quelled, defeated, turned oflF. 

Cas'trbcair, a. in a tolerable way, passable. 

Ca'thair, «./. a chair ; Gal. pi. — yn. 




Catrbb'vey, «. /. Catharine. 

Cau'aigkt, v. cooiogr ; Zep. ii. 14. 

Caulo, 8. f. the awns of barley, the hards or 

shoves of flax. 
Caulo'aob, a. having awns or hards. 
Catr, «./. a car; «. m. a knot in timber. 
Caybn, 8. tn. a trumpet, a horn to blow, a bugle ; 

r. blow or sound the trumpet; — aoh, 77; 

— AL, 79; — EB, 80; — IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — VM, 

86; — VMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Cayr'nbtdbb, 8. m. a blower, &c. 

Cayr'nit, 85. blown, sounded. 

Cbab, s.m.B. clod or lump of earth. 

Cbab'baob, a. (or Cabbaghy as it is usually 
sounded,) cloddy, full of clods, or small masses 
of earth ; «. m. land is so cnlled the second 
year after being ploughed, Arom lea ; perhaps 
in consequence of its rising in clods. 

Cbaoh'il, v. i. change; —aoh, 77; — in, 83; 

—INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 } — YMS, 87 ; — T8, 88. 

Cbagh'lagb, v. would, &c. change. 

Cbagh'lbb, v. will, &c. change. 

Ceaoh'lit, 85. changed, altered. 

Ceaohl, V. t«2. — IN, 86; — ins, 84 ; — VM, 86 > 

— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Cbau, v. wear, cast, upbraid, spending ; raining, 
casting past; 1 Peter » i. 17 ; — aoh, 77 ; — be, 
80 ; — IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 j — YMS, 87 ; 

— YS, 88. 

Ceau'eydbr, 8. m. a wearer, &c. 

Ceau'it or Ceaut, 85. worn, cast, cast away, 
spent; Rom. xiii. 12. 

Cee'lyn, 8. m. ceiling; 1 Kings, vi. 15. 

C'el, ada. where, a contraction of Cre vel. 

Cha, adv. not. For the sound that the Ch has 
in this word, see remark 6 ; and all the words 
which follow commencing with Ch have the 
same aspiration, unless noticed to the contrary 
by the insertion of the figrnre 5. Cha is always 
placed before verbs to make negatives, as we 
have not a Manks word for no; it is used as, 
cha beagh (would not be) ; cha lia8s (need 
not) ; cha vel (is not or are not) ; cha row (was 
not), &c. Cha is often improperly used for as 
and«o. See Manks Scriptures, Josh. viii. 19; 
2 Sam. xxii. 46 ; P8l. xviii. 45, and Iviii. 3 ; 
Ex. ii. 18 ; Job, xlii. 15, &c. &c. If cho had 
been substituted for cha, in these latter instan- 
ces, I think it would have been much better. 

E Chaabai'o, 8. 6. his cake. C. 

E Chaa'byij, 8. his cable. C. 

E Chaa'be, 8. his seeds. C. 

E Chaao, 8. his forelock. C. 

E Chaa'idob, 8. his cage. C. 

E Chaa'io, 8. his jay. C. 

E Chaar'jts, 8. his friendship. C. 

Ro^ Chaar'jtssaoh, a. too friendly. C. 

Chaabt, v. did card ; E — his quart. K. 

E Chaa'rtby, v. his carding. K. 

E Chaa'rtraoh, «. his traducing, &c. C. 

Ro Chaa^btrit, 86. too traduced. C. 

E Chaa'shey, 8. his cheese. C. 

E Chaa'ys, 8. his convenience. C. 

E Chab, 8. his jaw. C. 

E Chab'bao, s. his dock. C. 

Feer Cha'bbagh, a. very stammering. C. 

E Cha'bbal, s. his chapel. C. 

E Chabba'ne, 8. his cabin. . . C. 

Cha'bbil, a. d. of horse or horses ; E — his 

E Cha'bbyl, 8. his horae; pi. 76. There are 
many other words that aspirate or change tiie 
C to CA and E (his), such as dff, drogh, dty, 
^y* «", feer, ro, yn, &c. C. 

Yn Chab'dil, 8. the chapter. C. 

Yn Cha'boon, 8. f. the capon. C. 

Dp Cha'sdet, v. to defend; J«a. iv. 5. C. 

Cha'doil, «. slept, did sleep. 

Yn Cha'ddtm, «. the glampus. C. 

Feer Cha'djiit, a. very common. C. 

Yn Cha'ojer, «. the huckster. C. 

Yn Cha'olao, «. the sleeper. C. 

Er Cha'olby, «. hath, &c. slept. C. 

Drogh Cha'lbydbr, «. a bad sleeper. C. 

My Cha'dlys, v. if shall or will sleep; or as it 
is in E». xsji. 27* Chaidlye. C. 

Chago, v. did war. C. 

Yn Cha'goey, 8. the war. C. 

Cha'ggley, v. 5. gather, gather togrether. 
Cha'ooyl, v. 5. assemble; Ex. xxxix. 17. C. 
Chaoh, «. m. 6. a hiding place ; Nah. ii. 11, 12. 
Chaoh'laa, v. did change. C. 

CHAGH'tER, «. m. 5. a messenger; pi. — yn. 
Chagh'teraoht, 8.m. 5. a message; pi. — yn. 
Chaohtbr-reeo'il, 8. fit. 5. an ambassador. 
Yn Chag'liaoh, 8. m. 6. the boundary. C. 

Chao'lit, 85. 5. gathered, assembled. 

Chao'lym, v. 5. gathering together; s. a col- 
lection, a contribution ; Rom.xv. 26. ^ 

Chao'lys, v. 6. shall, &c. gather. 

E Chah, 8. 6. his opportunity; Dan. viii. 25. 

Chah, a. d, of battie ; Zee. xiv. 3. 

Chaib, a. d. the other, the change; as, laa 
chaie (the other day). 

Chaign, v. did chew or grnaw; — auh; — by; 

— IN; — INS; —IT; — YM ; — YMS; — YS. C. 

Yn Chail, 8. the cole or cabbage. C. 

Chaii^'jby, a. d. of loss or losing, of straying or 

strayed; as, khree chaUjey; Mat. xviii. 12. C. 
Chaill, «. did lose; — agh; — in; —ins; — IT; 

— YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

Yn Chainlb, «. the candle; pi. — yk. C. 

Yn Cbainlb'rb, «. the candlestick; pi. — yn. C. 
Dty Chair, «. thy light or share. C. 

Feer Chair'agh, a. very right, just or exact. C 
Feer Chair'al, a. y&rf just or upright. S'mooar 

ta eddyr y chair eu yn aggair. C. 

Feer Chairt, a. very exact, just, even, flat. C. 
Vy Chairt'aohbt, v. to fix, prepare, make even; 

—IN, 83i4r«-INS, 84; — ^IT, 86; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 

87; — ^TS, to. 

Yn Cbaisht, s. the Easier. c. 

Yn Chait'nys, «. tt^ common, the nap. C. 

Yn Chal'lin, «. the iitdj, the carcase. C. 

Yn Cbalma'nb, «. the.|Hgeon. c. 

Ro Chamlaa^oaob, a. too intricate or perverse. 
E Chamlaa'oys, «. his perverseness. C. 

Ro Chamm, a. too crooked or bent ; v. bend ; 

— AOB J — BB ; —IN ; —INS ; — YM ; -YMS ; 

— YS; Prov. " Soddag chamm bolg Jeeragh.** C 
E Cham'mao, 8. his crutch, &c. C. 

Er Cham'maoh, v. hath, &c. bent, &c. C. 

Cham'mah, arfv. (from Cho-mie,) as well. 




Yn Cham'mkv, s. the crook or bend. C. 

Yn Cham'mio, «. the crookedness. C. 

Ro Cham'hit, 85. too much bent, &c. C. 

Chamoo', eonj. neither, not either, not more. 

Ro Chau'stram, a. too zigzag. C. 

Yn Chan'styb, «. 5. the senator or elder ; Ada. 
iv. 23. S. 

F» Chant, ». 6. the auction ; pi. — tn. C. 

Chant, r. did auction; — agh ; — al; —in; 

— INS J — IT; — YMj — YMS; — TS, 04. C. 

Yn Chapp, ». 5. the shop. S. 
Yn Chap'paoh, «. 6. Ilie captive; pi. 71. C. 

Yn Chap'pan, a. the cupj pi. — yn. C. 

Dy Chap'pbb, a. d. of captives. C. 

Yn Cbap'psbys, s. the captivity. C. 

Ro Chap^pyt, 85. too confined. C. 

Yn Char, s. the twist, turn, &c. ; v — aoh ; 

— in; — INS; — IT; — YM ; — YMS; — Y8, 94. C. 

Charbaa', r. 5. weaning. This word and its 
derivatives are sounded as ch in charter, (Eng- 
lish) ; — aoh, 77 i — BB, 80 j — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 j 
— IT, 85 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Cmabbaa'bb, a. d. 5. of weaning. 

Yn Cbarbyo, s. 6. the bier ; pi. 76. C. 

Yn Charchuil'lao, ». the fly. C. 

Yn Char-cho'li., «. the hitch. C. 

Cha Cbarb-lhiam, I woold not rather. S. 

Yn Char'gys, «. the lent. K. 

Yn Char's YL, «. the hoop, &c. C. 

Cha rma'nb, a. tf. of Germane. S. 

Yn Charme'ish, b. the canvass. C. 

Yn Charn, a. the monument. C. 

Ffi Charn a'nb, a. the heap, &c. C. 

Yn Charnoa'in, b. the large bee. C. 

Yn Charr, b. the tune. C. 

Yn Chab'raob, b. the carrot C. 

Chab'raoh, «. would, &c. twist or twine. C. 

Ro Chab'^raoh, a. too carious. C. 

Er Char'raoh or Cbar'raohby, v. hath, fee. 
repaired and mended. K. 

Yn Charba'nb, 8. the sandal ; pi. — yn. C. 

Char'rbb, v. did mend or repair. K. 

Yn Cha'rrbb, b, the chancel. 

Cha'rrbb, a. d. 5. of foals, asBaUacharree. S. 

Dp Chab'rby, 8. 6. thy friend. C. 

Char'rby, 8. m. 5. dry weather after rain. 

Feer Char'rit, pt. 6. very much repaired or 
mended. K. 

Yn Char'riads, a. ttte high-road labour. C. 

Yn Char'rick, a. the stronghold, ttie fortress, the 

rock in the sea. 
Yn Char'rid, 8. thecariousnesSk or cariosity. C. 
Yn Char'roo, a. the carp. C. 

Mp Charrys, v. if shall, &c. repair. K. 

Yn Chart, b. the cart. K. 

Chart, «. did gather or rake mire ; — aoh ; 

— ^AOHBY; — BB; — ^BTJ — IN; —INS; — IT; 
— YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. 

Yn Charvaa'nt, a. 5. the servant. S. 

Yn Charva'l, a. 6. the carol. C. 

Chas, v. did twist, twisted; — agh ; — bb ; 

—in; — INS; — YM; — YMS. 

Dp Chasby, v. to twist, to twine. C. 

Dp Chasid, v. to accuse. C. 

Yn Chasipa'oh, a. the accuser; pi. 71* C. 

Yee Chash'brick, a. Holy God. C* 

Dp Chash'brickby, v. to sanctify, &c. C. 

E Chash'krickys, a. his holiness. C. 

Yn Chash'tai., a. the castle. C. 

E Chas'lys, a. his likeness. C. 

Yn Chass, a. the foot. C. 

Chas'saoh, a. d. of feet. C. 

Yn Chab'san, a. the path, &c. C. 

Daa Chas'sby, a. two wreaths ; S Ckron. iv. IS. C 
Ro Cha ST, 86. too much twisted. 
Chast, v. did quell or conquer ; — aoh ; — ■■ ; 

— in; —ins; — YN; — YMS; — YS, 94, C. 

Dp Chas'tby, v. to quell, &c. C. 

Yn Chas'tbtdbr, a. ttte queller, ftc. C. 

Ro Chas'tit, 86. too quelled, &c. C. 

Laa*l Chatrbs'nby, a. Catharine's day. C. 

Yn Chaulo, a. the awns, &c. C. 

Yn Chay, a. the mist or fog; the quay. C. 

Feer Chaybb'aoh, a. very misty, &c. This 
word is used by aged Manks i>e(q;>le when they 
wish for particular weather at the approach of 
the different seasons of the year ; as, arragh 
chayeeagh ; aourey oupragh ; foupr ghrianagn ; 
aa geurep rioeea^h. K. 

Yn Cha'yid, a. the mistiness. K. 

Yn Cha'yrn, a. the trumpet. C. 

Cha'ybn, v. did blow the trumpet; —aoh ; — al ; 

—IN ; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — ^YS, 94* C. 

Fir Chayrnbb', a. trumpeters. C. 

Yn Cbayrnby'dbr, a the trumpeter. C. 

Yn Chayt, a. the cat. K. 

Yn Chayt'lao, a. the cat fish. K. 

Chba v. 5. fleeing, retreating; —agh, 77; ^in, 

83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — ^YMS, 87 ; — ^YS, 88. 

Yn Chbab, a. 6. the dod. C. 

Yn Chbab'aoh, a. the cloddy land. ' C. 

OoaiU Chbaoh, «. getting mad or in a rage. K. 

Chea'ohil, «. did or would, ftc. change ; Rom. 

i. S8 ; — AOH ; — BB ; — IN ; —INS ; — YM ; 

— ^YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

Chbau, v. did cast, wear, ftc. ; it is also used 

for did rain; ^aoh; — in; — insj — ymj 

• — YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

Ro Chbau'it, or Chbaut, 85. too much worn, 

ftc. C. 

Chbayll, v. did hear, heard. 
Yn Chbayn, a. the ocean, the sea. K. 

Chbayn, v. did cry, or cried; —aoh; —in; 

— INS ; — ^YM ; — YMS ; — YS. K. 

Er Chbay^nby", v. hath, ftc. cried, K. 

Un Chbayrt, adv. once, one time. K. 

Fn Che AYS, «. the ham or buttock. K. 

Chbb or *Chbbb, o. 5. bidoroflto; -aoh, 77; 
— AL, 79 ; — BB, 80 ; —in, 88 ; —ins, 84 ; — ym, 
86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88; a. m. a bid, or offer. 

Chbb'bbydbr, a. m. 5. a bidder, an offerer. 

Chxb'bit, pt. 5. bidden, offered, bade. 

Chbcb, v. 6. did dung, dunged; — ^aoh; — in; 

— ins; — YMj —YMS; — YS, 94. K. 

Chxd'oin, a. same ; wheeah eheddin (so much) ; 

choud eheddin (so far) ; aght eheddin (likewise) . 

Ben Chbb, a. a woman that gives suck. K. 

Y Chbb, a. 5. the peace of the peace. S. 

Chbb, v. 5. seeking; Luke, xi. 94. 

Un Cbxbad, a. 6. one hundred. 

Yn Chbbad'oo, a. the hundredth. ' K. 



Yn Chesaoh, ». the breast or pap. K. 

Yn Chbbaoht, «. the plough. K. 

Yn Chbbak, 8. the cake. K. 

Yn Cheeatl, ». the sense. Prov. " Keeapl 

chionnii pn cheeayl shares mannagh vel ee kion- 

nit ro ghepr.** K. 

Feer Chbbayl'laoh, a. very sensible or witty. K 

Chbeid, s. 6. thickness, density. 

Yn Cheb'idbt, «. 6. the silk. S. 

Yn Chebil, », the jaw, the jamb or side of a 

place ; as, keeil dorryah (the cheek or jamb of 

the door). K- 

Yn Chbb'ill, ». the chiuch. K. 

Chebil'laoh, a. d. of the church. K. 

Cheill'by, a. d. of the jaw, or church. K. 

Yn Chee'inby or Chbeint, «. 5. the teat or dug, 

the pap or nipple. S. 

Yn Chebih, ». the cud. K. 

Feer Chebib, o. very misty or dark ; as, cheeir 

yn oie orrin (the night darkened on us). K. 
Yn Chbbir'aoh, 8. the night fall. K. 

Yn Cheeir-lheeah, 8. the russet, or dark gray 

woollen cloth. K. 

Yn Chbel, 8. 5. the oats. See Sheet. S. 

Yn Chee'loohe, s. 5. the generation. S. 

Cheer, «./. country; pi. — aohyn. 
Cheer, v. 5. dry with heat or fire ; — aoh, 77 i 

—be, 80 } —BY, 82 ; —IN, 83 j —INS, 84 j — YM, 
86 J — YMS, 87} — YS, 88. 

Chbb'reb, a. d. 5. of torrefaction or drying. 

Chee'rey, a. d. 5. of a country. 

Chee'rby, 8. m. 5. torrefaction, drying; pi. 67- 

Chee'reyoer, 8. m. 5. one who dries. 

CHEE'RiTor Chebrt, 85. 6. drfcd by fire. 

Yn Chbesh, 8. 6. the tax or due. K. 

Cheet, t'. 5, coming; — dy ve, becoming, to be- 

Cheet-maoh-ollish, 8./. 5.' perspiration. 

Cheet-er-y-hoshiaoht, v. 5. coming forward, 
prospering, gaining in any thing. 

ChebT'Stiaoh, «.m. 5. an income; pi. — yn. 

Yn Cheoe'esh, 8. 6. the fortnight. K. 

Chbh, a. 5. hot, calid, warm; Rev. iii. 15. 

Yn Chbh, s. 5. the hide, the pate. Prov. *' She- 
gin goaill ny eairkyn mariah y cheh.** S. 

Cheil or *Cheill, v. 6. did conceal or hide; 

— AOH; — IN; — INS: — YM; — YMS , — YS, 94. K. 

,E Cheil'ley, 8. his wits. Prov. *' Kione mooar 
er y veggan cheilley, as kione beg gyn veg edyr. 

Tow8e cheilley riah." K. 

Yn Cheil'lbio, a. the kellag. K. 

Dy Cheil'ley, adv. tog^ether, joined. 

Ro Chbil'lit, pt. too concealed or hid. K. 

Er Chbil'ltyn, v. hath, &c. concealed. K. 

Chein'jean, a. to.5 a bonfire ; pi. — yn. 

Yn Chbint, a. 6. the sort, the kind. K. 

Yn Chbird, 8. the trade. K. 

Cheird'ey, a. d. of a trade or trades. K. 

Yn Cheirn, «. the mountain ash. K. 

Yn Chbish, 8. the obese, the fat.' K. 

Feer Cheiyn, a. very kind, or kindly. K. 

E Cheiyt, a. pi. his cats. K. 

Yn Chel'obyr, a. 5. the hunter. S. 

Yn Chelk, s. 6. the chalk. K. 

Yn Chkl'laA, s, the cock. K. 


Yn Chel^lan, a. f. the bee. S. 

Chbl'lbe, o. d. 6. of the cock or cocks. K. 

Crellee'raoh, adv. 5. directly, immediately, 
forthwith, straightway, without delay, straigfht 

Chellbb'rid, a. 5. m. directness, &c. 

Lurg-y-CaEh^LKY, adv. 6. after one another. 

Yn Chbl'ley, s. the saliva or spittle. S. 

Yn Chel'loo, «. 5. the flock. S. 

Yn Chem'mal, 8. 5. the hem. 

Yn Chem'myrk, a. 6. the refuge. K. 

Yn Cbbm'myrkaoh, the refugee i pl.71. K. 

Chbn'oey, 8./. 6. tongue; P/.67. 

Chenoby-ny-mraanb. See Cron-craaee. 

Yn Chenip, 8. 6. the hemp. K. 

Yn Chen'jaoh, a. m. 6. the extortioner; Isa. 
xvi. 4. 

Feer Chen'jal, a. 6. very kindly, or mellow. K. 

E ChbnOallys, a. his kindness, gentleness, be- 
nevolence. ' K . 

E Chenjallys-oraih'aoh, a. his loving-kind- 
ness. K . 

Yn Chbnn, a. 5. the old. S. 

Yn Chbnna'r, 5. (Arom Chion,) the strait passage. 

Yn Chenn'oiaoht, 8. 5. the aged, the old. S. 

Chbnn'id, a. m. 5. tightness, straitness, distress. 

Chent, a. m. 6. a flash ; pi. — ^yn ; Ez. i. 14. 

F^er Chbo'ib, a. 6. very wild, mad, or in a rage. 

E Cheo'ibid, 8. his wildness, &c. K. 

Feer Cheo'yagh, a. very fulsome, or musty. K. 

Yn Cher'cheen, a. the underling or cullion. K. 

Feer Chbrcbbr'naoh, o. in a very cullionly 
manner. K. 

E Cherchen^ys, a. his cullionness. K. 

Yn Cherb, a. the comb ; «. Chbre, did comb ; 
—aoh ; — IN ; — INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS. K. 
Dy Cherby, v. to comb, to tease, or hackle. K. 
Yn Chererey'der, a. the comber, the teaser. K. 
*Cherr or Cherr'eb, v. did punish; — agh; 

— IN; — IT; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. K. 

E Cher'raohey, 8. his punishment. K. 

E Cherriu, 8. pi. his carps. C. 

Yn Chesh, 8. the froth or foam. K. 

Chesh, o. did froth or foam; — aoh ; — in; 

— ins; — IT; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. K. 

Er Chesh'al, v. hath, &c. frothed, or foamed. K. 

Yn Chesh'ag, s. the bunch of froth, &c. K. 

Yn Chbsu'aght, a. 5. the company. Prov. 
" Myr aloo yn cheshaght share yn aym, 
Myr amoo yn cheshaght aWeaie yn chloie.^* S. 

Yn Chbsh'ey, a. 5. the companion. S. 

Yn Chbsh'eraoht, «. 5. the plough team. S. 

Chbsh'erbe, a. d. 5. of the plough team. ' S. 

Sy Chesh- VEAN, a. 5. in the exact middle. 

Yn Ches'mad, a. 6. the step; pi. — yn. K. 

Yn Ches'sey, 8. the cast of piece of land. K. 

Yn Chest, «. the turn, or length spun by a roper 
at once. 

Cheu, a.f. 5. side. Tills word differs from Lhitit. 
tee, also side ; as it would be improper to say, 
er y Ihiattee echey (for one who was dn a man's 
side) ; we ttierefore say, er y cheu echey. Cheu- 
heear (west side), is sometimes used for behind; 
cheu-hiar (east side). 

Chbu-mooie, a. m. outside, besides, except; 
Acta. vili. l. 


Chku-sthib. ». m. 5. iiwide. There is a very im- 
proper change of the word Cheu to, Lheu on 
the south-side of the Island. 
Yn Chbwyl, 8. 6. the keel. K* 

Yn Cbey, m. the cream. K* 

Feer Chbyl, a. very fine or slender. K. 

Yn Chbyll, 8. the vrood or forest. K- 

Yn Chbyl'laoh, 8. the Dryad or wood nymph. K 
Cdkyl'lby, a. d. of the wood or forest. K. 

Sy Chbyl'lys, «. in the sound or strait. K. 

Yn Chbym, », the style or'stcp. K» 

Yn Chbyoo, 8. 6. the sixth. S. 

CaBYa'RAOH, a. d. 6. of sheep. K. 

Fn Chbyb'bst, «. the single sheep. K. 

Chia, a. 6. See Cheh. 
Cbiad or *Chiadd, v. 6. did form j — aohj 

— BBJ —BY} —in; — ins; — YM} —JMS » 

— Ys; Job, xxxiii. 6. There is no douht but 

Hkis word is from Chied (first). K. 

Yn Chiaoht, ». 5. the seven. S. 

00, 8. 5. the seventh. S. 

. — ^YN or — in, 8. 5. the week. S. 

Yn Chialo, 8. 6. the guile or deceit. K. 

Peer- ^aoh, a. very hypocritical or de- 

ceitftil. ^* 





-BYH, 8. the hypocrite or deceiver. K. 

BYRYS or — YS, 8. his hypocrisy or 
subtlety. ^• 

E Chialtbb'nyn, 8. his churches. K, 

Yn Chial'ter, «. 6. the unmilled woollen cloth. K 

Eggep Chial'tbragh, 8. a web of unmilled 
-woollen cloth. K. 

Chiah'blb, «./. 6. a temple; pL — yn. 

Chiam'yr, 8. 6. the chamber; l King8f vi. 6. S. 

*Chian'ol or Chian'olb, v. 6. did bind or tie j 
— AOH) —by; —IN; -INS; — YM; — YM8 ; 
— ^YS, 94 ; Jlfo^. xvi. 19* K* 

Dy Chian'glby, v. to bind, tie, or make cos- 
tive. ^• 

Yn Chianolbydbb, ». the binder or tyer. K. 

Ro Chianolt, pt. too bound, or too costive. K. 

Feer Chianlt, pt. very bound or tied. K. 

Yn Chiannoo'bt, ». the governor. K. 

Yn Chiap, 8. the block or last. K. 

Feer Chiapit, a. very blockaded or confined* K. 

Yn Chiap-snappbral, ». the stumbling block. K. 

*Cbiar or Chiarb, v. did resolve, intend, did 
purpose, or provide; — ^aoh; — in; — ins; 
— ^YM ; — YT«8 ; ^Ys, 94« K. 

Er Chiaba'il, v. hath, &c. intended, purposed, 
provided* or resolved. K. 

Ro Chiarail'agh, a. too careful. K. 

E Chiabail'aoh, 8. Ws careful one; p/. 71- K. 

Yn Chiarb -As-FBBD, «. the Twenty-four Keys, 
the Manks House of Commons. K. 

Lttue Chiarb, «. left hand. K. 

Yfi Chiabfb'bd, 8. the eighty, or four score. K. 

Yn Chiabjb'io, «. the fourteen. K. 

yi» Chiark, 8. the hen; pi. — yn. K. 

Chiarn, 8. m. 6. Lord. 

- ■ — agh, a. lordly. 

in, 8. m. lordliness. 

YS, 8. m. lordship, dominion ; Mat.xx. 35. 

Chiar'rby, 8. m. 5. dry weather after rain; 
Pro. XXV. 23. 

Yn Chiarroo, 8. 6. the fourth; Dan. vU. 98. K. 
Feer Chiart, o. very correct, exact, even, &c. ; 

V. —AGH; — AOHBY; —-MBi —IN; —ins; 

— YM; — YMS;— Y8, 94« '^' 

Dp Chiart'aohby, V. to adjust or fix in order. K. 
Yn Chiari/ansb, a. 5. the several. S. 

Chiass, 8. 6. calidity, heat, warmth. 
Yn Chi As'sAOB or Cbiassaghby, 9. m. 5. thefevw 
Chias'sbydbr, t. m. 5. a heater ; pi. — yn. 
Yn Chiaull, «. 6. the clamour, noise; music; 

V. —AGH; —AOHBY; — BB ; —IN; —INS J 
— YM; — YM8; — YS, 94* *. 

Yn Chiavlla'nb, 8. the beU or hand-bell. K. 

Yn Chiaulla'nbydbr, «. the bell-man. K. 

Chiavi.'i.bx, a. d. of music or noise. K. 

Yn Cbiaul'lbbaoht, 8. the noise or music. K. 

Yn Chiaul'lxydbr, ». the musician. K. 

Yn Chiaulll-rbgoyrt, «. the echo. K. 
y« Chib'bag, 8. f. 5. the gentle blow or tap; 

pi. — YN. C. 

Yn Chib'bbr, «. 5. the supper. S. 

Fn Chib'bin, «. 6. the peg, pin, or stake. K. 
Chib'braohyn, 8. pi. 6. wells, springs. 
Chib'byr, «. /. 6. a well, a spring of water. 
Chib'byraoh, a. d. 5. of a well or wells. 
Crick'il, v. 6. did tickle ; —agh ; — bb j —in ; 

—INS; —IT; — YM ; — YMS; — YS, 94. K. 

Yn Chibb'bby, «. 6. the spade; pi. 67. K. 

Chibd, adv. first, foremost. 
Fn Chibd, 8. the leave or permission. K. 

F«<f-jr-CHiBL'LBY, adv. through others, mixed. 
Yn Chibl'liu, 8. 5. the salve; Jer. xlvi. 11. S. 
Chill'ys, 8. f. 6. cherry. See also Shilliah. 
Yn Chim'maoh, 8. 6. the criminal or culprit. K. 
Fn Cbim'mebys, 8. the criminality. K. 

Cbino, 8. m. 5. a sore, an ulcer ; a. sick, ill. 
Chino, a. d. 6. of the head or heads. Oour e 

ching (headlong). 
Yn Chino'bbsh, t. the pentecost. K. 

Chinoby-jbb, 8.f.b. a ringworm; ji/. Chino- 


Chin'oby, a. pi. 5. sick, ill, disordered. 

Chin'gys, «. 6. sickness, illness; pi. — yn. 

Ro Chin'jaoh, a. 6. too constant. K. 

Yn ChinOid, s. the regularity, the oonstancy. 

Chio'bb, adv. never. 

Chiolg, 8. 5. stomach or guts. 

Chiol'lagh, 8. 6. hearth or fire place. 

Chiol'lbb, a. d. 6. of the heartii; ai, Areet/- 
chiollee (the fire side or hearth side). 

Fn Cbiolta'nb, 8. 6. the flock. 8. 

*Chionn or Chionnbb, v. 6. did buy, bought; 
— AGH; — ^AOHBY; — in; ^INS; — ITj — YM; 
^¥M8;— YS, 94* K. 

Yn Chionb, 8, 6. the head, the end. K. 

E Chionb-ar'dys, 8. his haughtiness; Pro. 

XXV. 37. K. 

Chionn, v. 5. tighten, fasten, or straiten; 

—AGH, 77} —BY, 82; — BB, 80; — IN, 88; 
— INS, 84; — YM, 86; — ^YMS, 87; — ^Y8, 88. 

Cbionn, a. 6. fast, speedy; hardly. 

Yn Chion'nan, s. 6. tiie lump less than a head. K. 

Cbion'nbb, v. did buy, purchase ; a. rf. of buy- 
ing, &c. ; as, To feeagKy phing chionnee feer 
Ihome. K. 





Yn Chion'nikaoht, ». fhe purchase. K. 

Chion'kbt, a. pi. 5. strait, tight, fast. 

Fipi Chion'nbtdkr, 8. 6. the buyer or purchaser. 

Chionnt, 86. 5. tightened, stredtened. 

Chioo, a. 6. thick. See also Chiu. 

Chiow, v. 5. warm, warming, heating -, — aoh, 

77 i — «■» 80 i — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 j 

— ^TMs, 87 } — Ts, 88 J «. a warming. 
KK, a. d. 5. of wanning, heating, &c. 
— BYDKB, s. m, a warmer} pi. — tn. 

T, 86. warmed, heated. 

B Chip, 9. 6. his blocks or lasts. K. 

Yn ^Hipp, «. the whip ; pi. — ^tn. K. 

Chirm or Chib'btm, v. 5. dry; —aoh, 77 j 

— AGHBT, 82; — BB, 80 J — in, 83}' — INS, 84. 

BB, a. d. of aridity or drying. 
BY, a. pi. arid, dry. 

-BYDBB, 8. fit. a drier. 

-ID, 8. m. drjmess, drought. 

-IT, 86. dried, drained of moisture. 




E Chi&'rbb, 8. 6. pi. his sheep. 
Chib'pby, a. d, of the body or bodies. 
Yn Chirvk'ish, 8. 5. the service. 

Yn Chirvbish'aoh, 8. j6. the server, the minis- 
ter. S. 

Yn Chish'an, «. 6. the peck} pi. — yn. K. 

KnCniSH'TBY, «. the chest} pl.G7. K. 

Chiu, a. 5. thick, dense, gross, close ; «. m. a chew ; 
V, chew} —AOH, 77 i — bb, 80} —in, 83} 

—INS, 84 } — YM, 86} — YMS, 87 } — YS, 88. 

CHEY, V. thickening. 

■ " IT, 86. cut or chewed. 
Feer *Chiun or Chiune, a. 6. very calm } v. calm } 

—AOH } — AOHBY } —IN } —INS } — YM ; 
—YMS} — YS, 94. K. 

Cbiu'nbb, v. did become ^ aim. K. 

Yn Chiv'nby, ». the calm ; Prov. " Yn cMuney 

8moo erbee geay Jiass anieaaey fee." 
Laue Chiut'taoh, a. the left hand. 
Yn Chlaarb, 8. the dish } pi. — byn. 
Yn Chlaas'aoh, «. the harp } pi. — yn. 
Feer Chlabb'inaoh, a. very squally. 
Yn Chlabb^inid, «. the squalliness. 
Yn Chladi/aoh, «. the marshy bank. 
Yn Cbladd'an, «. the wash-staff. 
Yn Chlaog, 8. the bell or clock. 
Yn Chx.aoo'an, «. the small bell or clock. 
Yn CHI.AOH, «. the stone } pi. — yn. 
Qhlaoh, V, did stone, stoned } — ^aoh, &c. 
Ao ^ AOH, a. too stony or full of stones. C 

•Dy ^BY, V. to stone. C. 

Yn BYDBR, 8. the stoner. c. 

Yn Chlaioin, «. the scalp or top of the skull : 
Jud. iz. 63. q[ 

Yn CHI.AIGHT, a. the plait or fold. c! 

Chlamb or *Chlaym, v. did embrace or grasp 
in an awkward or clumsy manner} — auh • 
—IN} —INS} — YM } — yms; — ys, 04. c! 

Yn Chlam'bydbr, «. the embracer. c. 

Chlamp, «. did patch} — aoh} — bb} — by- 

—IN} -INS} — YM} —YMS} — YS, 94. c! 

Chlann, v. did populate or thicken} — aoh} 

—AOHBY} —MM', —IN} —INS} — YM ; — YMs! 
— YS, 94. C. 

Yn Cblan'nbydbr, 9. the thickener, &c. C. 



Fn Chlash, 8. 6. the hollow } pi. — yn. C. 

Er Chlash'tyn, v. hath, &c., heard. C. 

Yn Chlba, 8. the roof, &c. See Clea. C. 

Djf Chlbabb or Chlbibb, to harrow. C. 

Yn Chlban, 8. the cradle or creel. C. 

E Chlba YN, «. his harrows. c. 
Chlba YN, v. did allure, incline, or entice; 

—AOH ; — BB ; —BY } —IN ; —INS ; — YM; 

— ^YMS } — YS, 94 ; 8.m. the allurement or «n- 
ticement. C. 

Dy 'aohby, v. to entice, to draw; AHa. 

XX. 30. c. 

Fn by'obr, 8. the enticer, &c. C. 

Yn Chlbaysh, 8. the ear} pi. — yn. C. 

BY, a. d. oftheear orears. C. 

Chlbd, v. did overset} — aoh} — al} —in; 

—INS } — YM } —YMS } — YS, 94. C. 

Yn Chlbdob, «. the bran } a. — aoh } branny. C. 

E Chlbbau, 8. his chest, breast, or stomach ; 

beeal my cMeeau (the pit of my stomach) . C. 

Chlbibb, v. did harrow ; -aoh ; —in } —ins ; 

—IT } — YM } —YMS } — YS, 94. C. 

E Chleigh, 8. pi. his hedges ; Luke, xiv. 23. C. 
E Chleiybb, 8. pi. his hedges} Jer. xlix. 3. C. 

Ro Chlbiyt or Chlbioht, 85. too much dug, 
delved or quarried. c. 

Chlbin. See Chleayn. c. 

Dy Chlbin, a. of surname. 
Yn Chlbiy, 8. the hedge; Dy — , v. to dig, delve, 

&C. ; —AOH ; — BB ; —IN ; —INS } — YM ; —YMS ; 
— YS, 94. C. 

Yn Chlbiyobb, «. the digger or delver. C. 

Yn Chlbr^aoh, 8. thederk; pi. 71. c. 

E Chlbr'bbys, 8. his clerkship. c. 

Yn Chlbt, 8. the rock in the sea. C. 

Yn Chlbvin, «. the son-in-law. Eshyn ta geddyn 
dooinney mie da e inneen t*eh cosney mac. Agh 
eh ta geddyn drogh-chleuin Veh eoayl inneen. C. 

E Chlbu'inys, 8. his affinity by marriage. C. 

Chliaoht, v. did accustom or practice ; — aoh ; 

—BE } —BY } —IN } —INS } —IT } — YM ; —YMS ; 
— YS, 94. C. 

Y^ BY, s. the custom, habit, or practice. 

Yn 'BYDBR, 8. the practiser, &c. C. 

Yn Chliass, «. the fate. c. 

Yn Chlibobb'n, «. the ear-ring or jewel, &c. C. 
Chuen'nby, o. d. of children. c. 

Chlin or Chluin, ». did hear; — aoh ; -^^^; 

—IN } —INS } —IT} — YM } —YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

Fn Chlioao'aoh, a. the bulrushes } £;r. ii. 3 : 
the daggers. c! 

Yn Chlist, 8. the elasticity or spring} v. — aoh; 

—IN ; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS } — YS, 94. C. 

Yn Chliwb, 8. the sword. c. 

Chlo, v. did chase} — ^aoh} — ^bb} — in} — ivs • 

— IT} — YM} — YMS} — YS, 94. C. 

Chloao, v. did cloak} — agh} —be } — in: — ym • 

-Y8- c! 

Yn Chloaoh'by, 8. the cloak. c. 

Chloaib, a. d. of a stone or stones. c. 

E Chloan, 8. his clan or children. c. 

Yn Chlo'dbr, the chaser. q^ 

Dy Chlooh'by, v. to chase. c. 

Chloib, v. did play or boil} — aoh; — w 

—INS; -IT} — YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. c! 

Dy Chloiaoh'yn, «. to play. q. 




Dy Chloik, v. 6. to play, sport, tamper, &c. C. 

Yn Chlon-ch OUR, «. the after birth. C. 

Yn Chloo'io, t. lAie clout. C. 

Yn CHLOo'iSf «. tiie small featliars. C. 

Yn CHLow'Air, ». the reel of a line. C. 

E Chlvio, t. his gaUe, cmming, craft. C. 

Feer Chluio^aoh, a. very canning^, &c. C. 
CBi.inN or Chluinn oo, o. didst thou hear } 

— AOB J — BK i —IN J — INS J — YM ; — YS, 94. C. 

Cbo, adv. so, as ; cho leak (as soon), &c. 
Cboad, v. did protect j — aob; — aobby; — is; 

— INS ; — IT } — YM i — YM8 } — YS, 94. C. 

^bb, a. d. of protection. C. 

E BY, 9. his protection. C. 

Choaoyr, v. did cook ; —aob j — in } — ins ; 

—IT J YM J — YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

JVy Cboair, adv. nigh to, near. C. 

*Choamr or Cboamrbb, v. did clothe; — aob ; 

—IN J — INS J —IT ; — YM ; —YMS } — YS, 9*. C. 

B Choam'bby, 8. his clothing or dress. C. 

Yn Cboam'rbydbr, ». the clother. C. 

Yn Choan, ». the vale or valley. C. 

Yn Cboar, 8. the twister. C. 

Feer Cboar, a. very agreeable or civil. C. 

Cboard, v. did agree -, — a«b j — in ; — ins j 

— IT; — YMJ — YMSj — Y9, 9*. C. 

Yn Cboarda'il, «. the agreement. C. 

Dty Cboas'an, 8. thy equal in age; Oal. i. 14. C 
Yn Choait, 8. the chaff. C. 

Feer Cboau'aob, a. very chaffy. C. 

Fn Cboayl, 8. the loss; Prov. " Cha Jarg oo 
dtp choayl y chreck." C. 

Yn Cboayr, 8. the bittern; /«a. xxxiv. 11. C. 

Yn Cbocba'slys, 8. the likeness. C. 

Feer Cbocbor'rym, a. very eqaal. C. 

E Cbocbor'rymid, 8. his equality. C. 

Yn Cbocbbuin'aobt, 8. the congregation. C. 

E CaoB, V. his grieving or weeping. C. 

Yn Cboo^gyl, «. the tare or cockle. C. 

Yn Cbog^bal, 8. the core of a sore. C. 

Cboob'alaob, a. having cores ; a. d. of a core 

or cores. C. 

Yn Cbo^igeb, 8. the loom. C. 

Yn Cboil'lar, 8. the beast's halter. C. 

Choin'nbb a. d. of heath or gorse. K. 

Yn Cboin'nby, t. the heath, ling, or gorse. K. 

None Cboib, a. an odd one. C. 

Yn Cboib'rby, 8. the crucible, or ftumace. C. 

Yn Cboir'billaob, «. the odds. C. 

Yn Chol'bagb, 8. the heifer. C. 

Yn Cbol'bby, 8. the body, trunk, or hull. C. 

Yn Cbolbay'rtys, «. the twilight. C. 

E Cbolbiab^bagb, 8. his bed-fellow, his con- 
cubine, or harlot; 1 CAron. vii. 14. C. 

Yn Cboll, «. the hazel. C. 

Yn Cbol'lagb, «. the stallion. C. 

E CaohhA'sx, 8. his gut; pl.-^vv. C. 

Ffi Cboll-mba', 8. the herb lamb-quarter. C. 

Yn Cbol'loo, 8. the Calf Island. C. 

Yn Cbol^tab, «. the coulter. C. 

Yn Cbol^trag, 8. the coulter bill bird. C. 

*Cbombaa's or Chombaas'b, v. did encompass; 

— aob; — AL; — IN; — INS; —IT; — YM ; 
—YMS; — YS, 94. C. 

Feer Cbomlbayr'tagb or Cbionnlbayr'taob, 
a. 6. very difficult to see or descry on account 
of darkness. C. 

Yn Cbomlbayr'tys or Cbolbayr'tys, 8. the 
time when one is hardly able to see clear by 
reason of being dark or daskish. The fiormer 
of these words is in Joah. ii. 5, and the latter in 
2 Sam. xvii. 22. C. 

E Cbom'mbbys, 8. his fellowship. C. 

E Cbo'mys, 8. his blame, or guilt. C. 

E Cbo^mys, 8. his private part. C. 

E Cbo'myssby, p.p. his cohabiting. C. 

C'bon, adv. what for, why; a contraction of 

Yn Cbonaa'nt, «. the covenant. C. 

Ro Cbondaig'aob, a. too contrary. C. 

E Cbonoaio'ys, 8. his contrariety, or crabbed 
disposition. C. 

Yn Cbondbi'l, 8. the grosset of timber. C. 

Yn Cbo'btbbagbt, «. the twilight, the cowering. C 
Feer Cbonnaa's AOB, a. very disdainful; 8. m. 
a disdainfnl, teasing, gibing person ; pi. 72* 

Yn Cbonnaa'sby or Cbon'nysson, v. sneering, 
gibing, teasing in a disdainful manner. C. 

Yn Cbon'ning, 8. the cony or rabbit. C. 

Yn Cbon'traib, s. the neap tide. C. 

Yn Cbon'vayrt, 8. the carrion or carcase. C. 

Yn Cboo, 8. the greyhound. C. 

Yn Cboo'ag, 8. the cuckoo. C* 

Yn Cboo'aoky, v. the cooing ; Na^. ii. 7. This 
word is, radically, Cauaigepf in Zep. ii. 14. C. 

Yn Cboo AT, 8. the coat. C. 

Yn Cboob, 8. the inside of a bend. C. 

*Cbood or Cboodxb, v. did cover; — aob; 

— AOBEY; — KB; — IN; — INS; — IT; — YM ; 

— YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

Yn agb, 8. the cover or covering. C. 

^BB, a.d. ofvL cover or covering. C. 

Yn ^BYDBR, 8. the coverer. C. 

Yn Cbooid, 8. the goods. C. 

Dy Oagbby, v. to gather together. C. 

E ronVby, 8. his dividend. C. 

My — — — ^savb', v. if vouchsafe. C. 

Yn sLOO^, 8. the least. C. 

Yn sMOo', 8. the greatest. C. 

E voo^AB, 8. his great something. C. 

Feer Cbooib, a. very fit, convenient, or meet. C. 

Cbooillbb'n, v. did fulfil or flilfilled, per for m, 
reward, compensate, complete, finish; — ^aob ; 
— BB ; — BY ; — IN ; — iNS ; —IT ; — YM ; 
— YMS J — YS, 94. C. 

E Cbooillbbn'agbyn, a. pi. his Ailfllment, his 
revenges. C. 

E Cbooillbn'by, 8. his fulfilment, his revenge. C. 

Yn Cbooillbbn'bypbr, 8. the folfiUer, avenger, 
&c. C. 

Dy Cbooil'lby, adv. every. See Dy. 

*Cbooin or Cbooin'bb, v. did remember, or re- 
0(dlect; — ^AGB; — in; — ins; — IT; — YM ; 
— YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

Cbooin, v. helped, did help, aid, or assist. C. 

Dy Cbooin'aobt, v. to remember, &c. C. 

Dy Cbooin'aobtyn, v. to have remembrance, 
or memory* 

E Cbooin'agbyn, 8. his memory, &c. ,< 

Feer Cbooin'idaob, a. very recollectlyek j/""(3^ 





E Chooinshban'sb, «. 6. hia conscience. C. 

Yn Choo'ish, ». the cause ; pi. —ys. C. 

Peer Chooi'saoh, a. very curious, or inquisi- 
tive. C. 

Yn Choo'llbt, 8. the leaf, or valve of a door, 
cupboard, &c. C. 

Ro Choon a. too narrow. C. 

Choov, v. help, aid, assist; — ^agh ; — bb ; — in ; 

— INS ; — YM — ^YMS } — YS, 94« C. 

Dp Choon'aoh, v. to make narrow. C. 

Er Choon'aohby, v. hath, &c. narrowed, &c. C. 
Fir Choon'bb, a. pi. helpers, aiders, &c. C. 
Buird Cboo'nbt, m. pi. narrow tables, boards. C. 
Yn Choo'nby, «. the help, aid, assistance. C. 
Yn Choo'nbyobr, a. the helper. See Fer Choo- 

nee. C. 

Yn Choon'laoh, s. the straw, haum, &c. C. 
CaooN^LBB, a. d. of straw, or haum. C. 

*Choonb or Choon'rbb, V. did exchange, barter, 

truck, swop, or commute ; — agh j — inj — ins j 

—IT; — YM } — YMS, 94. C. 

jyy Choon'rby, v. to exchangee, barter, &c. C. 
Yn Choon'reyder, a. the exchang^er, &c. C. 
Choont, o. did reckon, count, or sum up ; — aoh j 

— in J — INS ; — IT J — YM ; — YMS; — YS, 94. 

Fir Choon'tbe, a. pi. male accountants. C. 

Dy Choon'tby, v. to reckon, account, cypher, 
to cast accounts. C. 

Yn Choon'tbydbr, a. the accountant. C. 

Yn Choorsb, a. the course. C. 

E Chooyl, a. his back part, or hinder part. 

Ny Crooyl, pre. behind, aback. C. 

Yn Chooyrt, a. the court or yard. C. 

Chor, a. possible haste ; Acta. xx. l6. Is this word 
from Siyr f S. 

Yn CH0RAA^ a. the voice. C. 

Feer Chora'aoh, a. very vocal. C. 

Yn Chorb, a. the heirloom. C. 

Yn Chord or Choyro, a. the cord. C. 

Yn Chork'by, a. the oats. C. 

Yn Chorla'io a. the coalrake, or muckrake. C. 

Dy Chorlhbim', «. to hop, or leap on one foot. C. 

E Chorlhbim'yraoh, v. his capering, hopping, 
&c. C. 

Feer *Chorm or Cbor'rym, a. very equal, or 

even ; v. id. ; — aoh ; — AGHBY ; — AL ; — BB ; 
^BY J —IN ; — INS J — YM ; — YMS } — YS, 94. C. 

Chor'meb, V. did equalize, &c. C. 

Yn Cbor'mid, a. the equality. i ' C. 

Yn Chornb'il, a. the comer. C. 

Chornbil'agh, a. d, of the comer^or comers. C. 

Yn Chorp, a. the body. C. 

Feer Chor'baoh, a, very tottering, or apt to 
fall. C. 

Yn Chor'ran, a, the sickle. C. 

Yn Chor'rbb, a. (he anger, or resentment. C. 

Feer Chor'rbb, a. vacy angry, or displeased. C. 

Ben Chor'rby, a. a woman with child; a. d/of 
seed or sowing. " C. 

Yn Chor'rbydbr, a. the sower of seed. C. 

Feer Chor'rym, a. very equal. See Chorm. C. 

Yn Chorvaa'l, the confusion, chaos. C. 

E Chosaa'yl, s his haunches ; Eeclesiaaticua, 
xxvi. 12. C. 

Chosh, a. d. of the foot or feet. C. 

Yn Chosb'aob, a. 6. the pedestrian. This word 
or its radical Is seldom used: it is the plural 
Choahee that Is made use of, which see. C. 

Yn Chosh'al, a. the treadle. C. 

Yn CROsn'BE, a. the pedestrian or footman. This 
ought to be the plural of Choahagh. C. 

E A OHT, a. his speed in walking. C. 

E OHOR^LBY, a. his maim footed. C. 

S Boo^isHT, his bare fboted travellers. 

*Chosn or Chosnb, v. did gain or gained, did 
profit or earn; — aoh, — bb, — ^iws, — it, 

— YM, — YMS, — YS, 84. C. 

Dy Chos'nby, V, to gain or earn. C. 

Yn Cbos'nbydbr, a. the gainer or earner. C. 

Feer Choss'ylagh, a. very tolerable. C. 

Chost, v. did cost; — aoh, — ys, 94. C. 

Feer Chos'tal, arf». very costly. C. 

Yn Chough, a. the coach. C. 

Choud, (idv. as fyi, whUe, whilst, till, as long ; 
— s, id. em.; Prov. **Bivoaill choud m ta^n 
jfiam cheh." 

Dty Chour, pre. for thee, reserved for thee, pro- 
"^ded for thee, towards ; — s, id. em. 

E Chouyr, a. his cure or remedy ; Mp —agh ; 

V. Dy — Kht My — in, — ins, ^ym, — yms, 

— YS, 94. C. 

Yn Cbo-vol'laoht, a. the conspiracy; Acta, 

xxiii. 13. C. 

Yn Chow'ao, a. the loud chat or talk. C. 

*Chowr or Chowrbb, v. did mark, or marked; 

— agh, — AGHBY, betoken, signi^, represent ; 

— IN, — INS, — IT, — YM, — YMS, — YS, 94. C, 

Yn Chowrbb, a. the sowins. c. 

Yn Chowrey, a. the mark, sign, token, symp. 

tom. C. 


-DBR, a. the marker, &c. 


E CBoymxSy'a. his effects or treasure; Jer. 

XV. 13. C. 

E Choyin, a. pi. his greyhpunds. C. 

*Choyri. or Choyrlbb, v. did advise or counsel ; 

— AGH, — AGHBY, — IN, —INS, — IT, — TU, 
— ^YMS, — YS, 94. C. 

E Choyrlb, a. his advice or counsel. C. 

Cho'yrlbb, a. d. of advice or counsel. C. 

E Cho'yrlbydbb, a. his adviser, &c. C. 

iS7r,CHOYRT, v.'hath, &c. given, put, sent, &c. C* 

Chraa or Chrib, v. did shake, quake, or trem- 
ble ; —agh, —in, —ins, —IT, — YM, — TM6, 
— YS, 94. C. 

Yn Chraa'dbr, a, the shaker. c. 

Yn Chraa-hallooin, a. the earthquake. C. 
Chraau, v. did corrode or eat away j — ^aoh ; 

— YS. C. 

Dy Chraavb, v. to plough. This change ought 
not to be. See Hraaue, T. 

Yn Chrac'kan, a. the skin ; Prov. '* Cre yiow 
Jeh*n chayt ttgh y chrackan}** and " Faggya ta 
my Iheiney agh ny anieaaey ta my ehra^can,** C. 

Dy Chragh'by, v. to slaughter, slay, destroy. C. 

Yn Chragh'bydbr, a. the slayer, slaaghtera*, 
spoiler, or destroyer. c. 

Yn Chraght, a. the slaughter, carnage, destruc- 
tion, or ruin. c. 

Yn Cbbaid, a. the mockery or derision ; v. mock, 
deride; — aoh, — in, — ins, — it, — ym, 

—YMS, — YS, 94. C. 

Dy by, v. to mock, to scoff, &c. C. 


T» CHSA''iD£ZD£By «. the mocker, Stc. C. 
Feer Chbaidoi^x^gh, adv. veiy tcoffingly. 
Chbaxb, a. d. of clay or marl. C. 

Feer Chbai'baoh, a. T«iy clayey. C. 

Chbaisht, v. did sqoeeze. This word ooglit 

to be written Hratut ; but as it oooors in 

Jud.yu dS, I bavo inserted it T. 

Tn Chbait'haq^ s, the bat C. 

CHBAiT'iTAOHy «. ij. of skin OT skiuB ; as, 

ollan chriUnaffh, C 

Tn Cbbaiu, «. the crow-bar. C. 

Tn CHBAiti'AiOy ». what is fallen in a ruin- 

oas state. C. 

Tn Ghbam^mao, ». the snail. 0. 

Tn Ghbam'man, s. the lamp, the bulb or 

button. C. 

Feer Ghbam'makaoh, a. yery lumpy. C. 
Dy Chbam'maitst, v, to bulb, &c. 0. 

Tn Cbbamp, s. the plague. C. 

Feer Ghbamp, a. very intricate. G. 

Tn Ghbap'lag, «. the wrinkle or crumple. G. 
*Chbapl or GBBAH.BB, V, did crumple or 

wrinkle ; — aoh ; — bb — ;in, 04. C: 
J)y Ghbap'let, v. to wrinkle or crumple. G. 
Tn Ghbatch, s. the crib, the stall. G. 

Tn Ghbauz, t. the bone ; Prov, " Myr 

tniessetf da'n chraue t*mi^ey yn eiHJ* G. 
Feer Geuiau^saoh, a. very bony. G. 

Feet Ghba'uee, a. very religious, pious, kc, 
E Gbba'ueeaoht,«. his religion or holiness. 
Tn Ghbaue-pee'aoh, «. the scald crow. C. 
Tn Ghbaunsh, s. the crush with teeth. G. 
Tn Chbat, s. the clay or marl. G. 

Tn Ghbea, s. the creed, faith or belief. G. 
Tn Ghbeaoh, «. the furrow. G. 

Tn Ghbeaoh, «. the stack. G. 

Tn Ghbeagh'lagh, s. the sage. G. 

F CHBEA'rx, «. his ague. G. 

Ghbbok, v. did sell, sold ; — aoh, 94. G. 
Tn Chbecil'btdbb, <. the seller. G. 

Tn Ghbed, s. the hem, &o. See Kred. K. 
*Chbed or Ghbbid, v. did beliere or be- 
lieved ; — AGH ;— AL ; — in ; — ins, 94 G. 
Er ny Ghbed'jal, v believed on. G. 

F Ghbed'jalbb or Ghbedjube, $.pl, his 

believers. 0. 

Tn Ghbed^juagh, «. the believer. C. 

Tn Gbed^jite, s. the faith, or belief. Cre*n 

chredjut fehjeh (what religion or faith is 

he of.) G. 

*Chbbdj or Ghbedtts, v. belive ; — agh ; 

— IH ; — INS ; —IT ; — tm ; tms, 94. G. 
Tn Ghbeb, s. the heart G. 

Chbbb^agh, a. d. of the heart ; as, trome 

ehreeagh (heavy hearted or heavy of heart); 

or, oiling ehreeagh (siek of heart) G. 
Tn Ghbbe'ab, •. the sieve, scarce or bolter. 
Chbbs'ab, ^. did sift or sifted ; — agh ; — 

W ; —IKS ; —IT ;— YM ; tms ; T8» 94. G. 



Dy Cbbbe^abet, v. to sift or searee. C. 
Tn Ghbbb'abbtdbb, <. the sifter. C. 

Feer Ghbee'abt, a. very mueh sifted. C. 
Dy Ghbbbd^agh, v, to shrug or semb. 
Fo Chbbbb, a. too ripe, withered tr ma^ 
ture. 0. 

*Ghbbbb or Chbbbkbb, tr. did ripen, &ew 

— agh ; — AGHET ; — TS, 94. 

E Ghbbb'haght, ». his wisdom. C. 

Feer Ghbbe'nbt, a. very wise. C. 

Bo Ghbbbvt, 85, too withered. G. 

Feer Ghbbb-oi^, a. very hearty or full of 

spirits. C. 

17 Ghbeb-oi'lii>,«. hisheartineM. G. 

My Ghbee's, 8. my heart, em, C. 

Fuill Gbbbbst, ». blood of Ghrist C. 

Tn Ghbbes^bb, s, the christian. G. 

Tn Ghbee'steeagbt, «. the SacraaMnt of 

the Lord's Supper. C. 

E Ghbee'stebaght, s. his Christianity. C. 
Tn Ghbbg, 8. the rock. G. 

Feer ^'oagh, a. very rocky. C. 

Tn ^GAH, «. the rocky place. C. 

Sheean^—'oEY, a. d, the noise or soand of 

the sea on rodcs, oi the rook or rooks. 0. 
Ghbexu, V, did ruin or crush. C> 

IN ; — INS ; IKS ; — tms ; — ts, 94. C. 
Tn Ghbbiu^tdeb, «. the miner, &e. C. 
Tn Ghbem, 8, the defect or sore. C. 

GhbboI or Ghbeooh, v. did harden. C. 
I Tn Ghbeoig^hetdeb. «. the hardener. G. 
Tn Ghbbtoo'b, the creature. G. 

Ghbibb, v. did cringe, contract, or shrink, 

—AGH ; — BE ; —IN ; -ins ; —XT, W. C. 
Tn Grbib'ban, s. the curb. C. 

Dy Ghbib'bbt, v. to contract or shrink. G. 
i2o GHBiB'Bii>JAQH,a. too niggardly or stingy. 
Ghbib or Ghbaa,v. did shake, shook; ^cte. 

Bii. 17. C. 

Bo Ghbibt, 89, too shook or shaken. C. 
E Ghbikk at Chboink, «.pt/. his IdBs. C. 
Tn Ghbit, s. the gallows. C. 

Tn Ghboab, 8, the eye of a needle, ke, C. 
Tn Ghboag, 8, the fang, takm,or ^vtch. G. 
Yn Ghboaga'nb, s. the crook. G. 

Tn Ghboag'han, s. the elegg or gadfly. G. 
Feer Ghboaga'neagh, a. very full of crooks. C 
Tn Ghboag'lagh,«. the handful in contempt. 
Tn Ghboan or Ghbon, s. the mast. 0. 

Tn Ghbobagb', s. the elaw. C. 

Tn Ghbock^an, s. the crock. G. 

Tn Grbodane^ «. the gurnet G. 

Tn Ghboe, s. the pen or coop. G. 

Ghbogh, v. did hang or hung; —-agh ; — 



; ts, 94. 

•^K, s. a hangman. 

vBT, v. to hang or saspend. 
^TDBB, 8. the hanger. 

Tn Gbboi'aght, 8. the incest 





Chbon, *Gbbonn, or Chbonnee, v. did de- 
scry, discern, or behold ; — aoh, 94. C. 

Dy Cbbon'naohbt, v. to descry, discern. C. 

Feer Chbon'nal, a. very plain, obvious. C. 

E Chbon^ket, s. his portion, share, fate. C. 

Tn CHBO/i'NBTDEB, s, the discerner, &c. C. 

Tn Ghbon-scoidet, s, the boom. G. 

Yn Ghbon-spbei'e, s. the bowsprit. G. 

Yn Ghbon-too'hebts, s. the winding blades. 

Ghbont, v. did knot; — agh ; — al, 94. G. 

Feer Ghbon'taoh, a. very knotty. G. 

Dy Ghbom'tey or Ghbontal, v. to knot or 
bulb. G. 

Tn Ghbon'tetdeb, s. the knotter. G. 

Tn Ghbon^tid, «. the knottiness. G. 

Ro Ghbon^til, 85, too knotted. G. 

Ghboo, v. did create, created ; — aqh ; »-ts, 
94 G. 

Er Ghboo, v. hath, &c. created. G. 

y» Ghboo or Tn Ghbooaoht, s. the cree^ion 
or created nature. G. 

Tn Ghboo'ao, «. the grub or maggot. G. 

Feer Ghboo'bagh, a. very lame. G. 

E Ghboo'bee, 8. pi. his lame ones. G. 

E Ghboo'bid, 8. his lameness. G. 

Tn Ghboo'daqh, ». See Fer-croo. G. 

JnGHBOSH,s. the cross, crucifix; the reel. G. 

Dy Ghbo'ssbt, v. to cross, crucify; to in- 
tersect, to cancel. G. 

Tn Ghbo'ttag, «. the curlew. G. 

Tn *GHBon or Ghbow. 8, the horse-shoe ; 
the iron circle of a wheel ; pL- — Ghyk. G. 

Tn Ghbout, 8. the trick or stratagem. G. 

jpVcr Ghbou'tagh , a. very trickish or crafty G. 

E Ghbouo:id or Ghboutts, s. his craftiness 
or craft ; 1 Cor, iii. 19. G. I 

Tn Ghbow or Ghbouw, s.ihe bunch or bush 
of shrub growing on one stem. G. ' 

Ghbow, v. did hover or hovered. 

Dy Ghbowal, V, to hover, to crave. G. 

JaGhbow^altagh, 5. the craver, claimant. G. 

Ghboyu or Ghboymm, v. did stoop or bow, 
stooped; — Agh; — in; — ins,. 94. G. 

Dy Ghbotm'met, v. to stoop or bow, G. 

E Gbbotn, 8, pi, his nuts. G. 

8y Ghbuick, s. in the bucket ; Isa. aj. 15. G. 

Tn Ghbuill, 8. the curve. 

E Ghbuxn, «. pi. his masts. G. 

FeerGEAVis or Ghbing, v. very close, com- 
pact. G. 

Tn Ghbuin^ag, s. the crown of a hat. G, 

Tn Ghbuin'aob, s. the close multitude. G. 

Ghruinn, v. did close, &c. ; — agh, 94. 

Dy GHBUiNr'NAGHsr, V, to besiege, ^c. G. 

Er Ghbuin'naoht, v. hath, &c. besieged. G. 

Yn Ghbuin'ney, s. the globe, ball, sphere, 
orb. G. 

Yn Ghbuin'neydbb, s. the besieger, G. 

Y G hbuin'nid, 8. the closeness, &c. G. 


Feer Ghbuin/kit, 85. very closed or be- 
sieged. G. 

Yn Ghbuisht or Ghbuishtin,4. the pitcher 

or pail ; Eccl. xii. 6. G. 

Yn Ghbuit'tag, 8. the hump back person. C. 

Feer Ghbuit'tagh, a. very hump backed. C. 

E Ghbuit'tid, 8, his hump backedness. G. 

E Ghbum'eeyn, 8. pi. his snails. C. 

Tn Ghbyss, v. the girdle, belt, inkle, &c. 0. 

Ghbyss, v. did gird or bind with belt, tape. G. 

"Dy Ghbys'sey, v. to gird or bind with girdle C. 

Ta Ghbyss-soil'lee, 8. the swaddling clothG. 

Yn Ohubeab', s. the cooper. C. 

Yn Ghug, 8. the pap or breast milk. G. 

Yn Ghuhg'lin, s. the cone. C. 

Yn Ghuill, 8. the quill. G. 

Fn Ghuille'ig, 8. the inside comer, nook. G. 

Yn GhunVag, 8. the flask, horn for snuff. C. 

Ghuib or *Ghuibb, v. did sow, sowed ; bid. 
or invite, bade, invited ; — ^agh ; — in, 94. C. 

Dy Ghuib'bey, v. to bid or invite. C. 

Yn Ghuib beydeb, 8. the inviter, &c. G. 

Yn Ghuish'lin, 8. the vein. 0. 

Yn Ghul'lee, 8. the colour or aspect; the 
tackle, furniture^ or apparatus to work 
any thing. C. 

Yn Ghullyb, «. the colour. C. 

Ghum or Ghumm, did hold or held. O. 

Feer, Ghum'ib, v. very compact, tidy, &c. 0. 

Yn Ghum'mal, s. the holding or dwelling C. 

Yn Ghum'maltag, s. the inhabitant. G. 

Yn Ghum'mey, «. the form. C. 

Yn GHUM'MEYDEByS. the manthatforms. C. 

*Chumb or GbumbeEi v, did hinder, hin- 
dered, deterred; — agh; —in; ins; — 
it, 94. C. 

Dy ' Chumea'il, v. to hinder or deter. C. 

Feer Gbumeail'agb, a. very hindersome. 0. 

Yn Gbcmeail'eypeb,, that hinders 
another. , C. 

Gbub, v. did give, gave, did put» did send. O. 

Yn Ghubjei'g. See Ourjeig. C. 

Yn 'Gbublei'd, s, the coverlid. C 

Feer Ghubm'agh, a, very careful in adher- 
ing to the charges or duties enjoined. O. 

Dy GAUBM' charge with duties.C. 

Er Gbubm'al, v. hath, &c. charged, &c. G. 

Gbubm or Gbubmee, v, did charge with 
duties. C. 

Yn Gbubn, 5. the can. K. 

Yn Gbubn'agbt, 8. the wheat. G. 

Ghubn'be, a. d, of wheat or wheats. C. 

Yn GHUBNEEaN, 8. the pet or huff. C. 

Feer Ghubneein'agb, a. very pettish, &c. C. 

Dy Ghub-ny-IiIEH v. to impeach. C. 

Yn Ghubp, 8. the haunch. G. 

Tn Ghdb'bag. s. See Currag. C. 

Tn Ghub'bagh, s. the bog, fen, or marsh. C. 

Ghob^ee, a. d. of the bog or feu. G. 


Dy Cad Ji '-BOO, v. to have to do with C. 
E Chdii'btm, s. his duty, his charge. C. 
Dy Chuii'btmaghet,v. See Churmaghty.C. 
Dy Chuu-shaghey, v. to adjoarn. C. 

Tn Chubi<laoh, s, the reed or cane. C. 
E Chu8K» «. his quantity. K. 

Tn Chvbh^ao, «. the ragwort or ragweed. G. 
Tn GhusH lin-tooab, s. the artery. C!. 

Chusht, r. did whip, whipped; — aqh; 

— 1» ; — 1K8. C. 

Tn Chush'tbt, s. the whipping. • C. 

Tn Chush'tetdeb, s. the whipper. C. 

Feer Chus'tet, a. very cnrsed. C. 

E Chu'tid, «. his keenness or cunning. C. 
T Ghuyb, 8. the sister ; Jer, iii. 10. S. 

Cbyl^loo, a. d, of the Galf Island. G. 

Chtm'lee, ». f. 5. the chimney ; pL — yn. 
Chym^mey, s, m' 5. compassion ; pi. 67. 
Chym'meydagh, 8, m. 5. a compassionate 

person ; pL 71. 
Chymmo'il, a. 5. compassionate. 
Chyh'mylt, 8. m. 5. a foreskin. 1 Sam» 

xviii. 26. 
CHYM'MYLTAGH,«.m.5.acircumcised person. 
Chym'mti.tit, 85. 5. circumcised. 
*Chymn or Ghymnee, v. d. will or beqneatl^ 

commend or devise ; — agh, 77; — eb. 80. 
Chyh'neb, a. d, 0. of a will or testament ; 

aa,feani8h chymnee. 
Chym'ney, s. m. 5. a will or testament ; pi, 

67 ; V. devising, bequeathing. 
Ghyh'ne ydbb, s. m. d. a testator, beqneather 
Chyms or Ghymseb, v, 5. gather ; — agh, 

77 ; — aghey, 82 ; — in, 83 ; — ihs; 84 ; 

— YM, 85 ; — YMS, 87 ; — ys, 88. 
Chym'sagh, s./. 5. a gathering, a sore. 
Chywdaa', v. 5. turn ; — agh, 77; — eb, 80; 

—IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — ym, 86. 
Tn Chyn'dagh, «. 6. the guilty person or 

thing. K. 

Ghyndai't, 85. 5. turned, transkited. 
E Ghyn'did, 8. 6. his guilt or guiltiness. E. 
Dty Ghyn'ney, s. tby kindred. K. 

Dy Chyb, 8. of knots. K. 

Chybm, or — EE, V, 5. dry or make dry. 

. 'AOHBY, V. 5. drying. 

/EE, a. d. 5. of drying or dryness. 

. ^BY, a. pi, 5. dry, arid, 

^ BYDEB, 8,m, 5. a dryer, an absorbent* 
-/IT, 85. 5. dried, absorbed. 

-'id, 8. m, 5. dryness, drought. 

Chyb'bym, a, 5. dry, arid. 

Chyb'bts, 8, 5. a tour or journey. 

Olaabb, 8. m, a dish ; pi, — yn or 71. 

Clab'binaoh, a, squally, gusty. 

Clab'bin IB, •. m. squalliness. 

Clad'daoh, a.m. the bank of a river. Perhaps 
this word wonldbemore properly Glattagh, 
as it may be derived from Clal, (a rod). 

GLE 43 

Tn Clad'dan, 8. the wash staff. S, 

Cjag or Glaog, 8, m, a bell, a clock. 
Glao-mbb'biu, 8, a kneU. 
Glagh, «./. a stone; pi, — yn. 
Clagh-Ghbuin, 8, a pebble. 
Clagh-oaie, 8, a gravestone. 
Glagh-bliehmbath, ». a grindstone. 
Glaoh-bubban, 8, a rubbing stone. 
Glagh-shlbeube, 8, a whetstone. 
Glagh-wyllin. 8. a millstone. 
Glagh-y-tooill, 8. the apple of the eye. 
Glagh, v, stone ; — agh, 77 ! — bb , 80 ;— 

BY, 82; — IN, 83; —ins, 84: — ym, 86. 
Glag'hagh, a. stony, ftill of stonet. 
Glag/hey, v. stoning, casting stones on. 
Glag'beydeb, 8. a stoner, one who stones, 
Glag'hit, 85. stoned. 
Glag'hyn-cloib, *. the bird stonechatter. 
Glag'hyn-geayl, 8. the stone, or what is 

termed gravel in the bladder. 
Glaig'in, 8. the scalp of the head, the part 

of the head the hair grows on. 
Glaight, 8. m- a plait or fold'; pi, — yn ; v, 

plait or braid ; —agh, 77 ; —be, 80. 
*Glam or Glamb, v. embrace, grasp ; -~agh/ 

77 ; — eb, 80 ; —in, 83 ;— ins, 84 ;— th, 

86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — ys, 88. 
Gla'mby, 17. embracing or grasping in a 

clumsy manner. 
Gla^mbybbb, 8, m. an embracer, &c. 
Gla'mit, 85. grasped, &c. 
Glamp, & m. a patoh ; pi. — yn ; v, patch ; 

—AGH, 77 ; —BE, 80 ; — ey, 82. 
Tn Glane, 8, the whole. S. 

Glann or Glahn, v. thicken, populate ; used 

chiefly for meal to thicken in boiling. 
Glan'naohby or Glan'nby, v. thickening, 

Glash^s./. ahoUow in land made by the 

ending furrow, a hollow on the back of a 

horse with fatness, any hollow or groove. 
Glasht, v. hear, hearken, hark, hark thou, 
Glashtyn, v. hearing. 
Tn Glat, 8, the rod, the wand ; Fer y-clat 

(the coroner or lockman). 
Tn Glat'tag, 8. the small rod, i^edim, of rod S 
T Glat'tys, 8. the statute. S. 

Tn Glaynt, 8, the health. S. 

Glba, 8./. any timber or iron barred across 

each other, as a gate, harrow. 
Gleaiee Gleiee, v. harrow; — agh, 77 ;— • 

IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; —it, 85 ; — ym, 86. 
Glea'ieedeb, 8. m, a harrower. 
Glbain or Gleaiyn, 8. pi. harrows. 
Glean, s, m. cradle or creel ; pi, — yn. 
Glbayn, 8, m. enticement, aUurement, se- 

ducement, delusidn. 
Glbayn or oleayneb, v, entioe, allure, 




CuuTWKE^ a. if. of enticing or allaring. 
Clbatk'etdejh 8. m. an entioer or aUarer. 
Clbatbb, 8, /.. an ear, a lag, the handle of 

a tnl^ or can, &c. j |>/.— tn. 
€lbai;'shaoh,. a. having ears or lugs.. 
Cleats'het, a. d, of the ear, auricular. 
Cleatsh-lia^tbv s>/. a long ear, slow in 

answering^ forbearing* 
€leatst,.s./. a fan ; Matt. iii. 12. S. 

€LBD&E,,«./.-bran : pi, — tn. 
Cleeaxj. 8, f, chest, breast, stomach.. 
Yn Glbeatst, or Clbeatsid, «.-the thigh. S. 
€lebie, a. clear ; Hymn 54. 
CiEicEyA. p/. hedges, a. <£..of hedge or hedges. 
Cleioh orCLBiT, s»,m. ajiedge ; v. dig^ delve, 

qnarry ? — aoh, 77 ; —be, 80 ;. — 1», 83. 
CtBioHT, V, dug, quarried. 
Tn Cleih, the people.. Sv 

Clein, 8, pi. See Cleanfn or Clecnn, 
Cleih, 8. m,. the elan, the surname. 
Cleitdeb,. «. m, a delver, a qnarrier. 
CLEiT-ro, V. supplanting. 
Clbotk, jt. bent, propensity, inclination. 
CxBP, t, a grapple or grapnel, a large kM>k 

set in a handle ; pi, tn. 
Cle'ba&h,. 8, fit; a clerk, a piece put into the 

chimb of a wooden vessel ^ pi. 71. 
CLB'BAGit-NT-LiOABTN,. 8, m, the Clerk of the 

CiB'BEB, a,.€Lof A cteriL or clerks 
Cle'bbbts, s,f, clerkship-; pi, — tn. 
Clbsp, 8, f, a clasp r v. clasp ; — agh, 77 ; 

—BE, 8a; — ET,82 ;: —ik, 8a ^ —ins, 84. 
Clet, 8,f. a rock in the sea near a larger 

one r it is- used for the same in Erse ; £t 

is also used for a piece oftimbev nailed on 

a larger piece to hinder anything &om 

CtEU^iN, «» m. a son-in law, a daughter's 

husband. See also J?'«ra-cAt^um. 
Cleu'intsv 8,.f, afSiuity, relationship.. 
Cliaoht, V, accustom, practice ; — aoh, 77; 

— be, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — ins,. 84^ — it, 85. 
CiiAO^BTBT, », tn,. practice^ habit, custom,. 

fashion ; pi, 67. 
CLiAo'BfTBTDBB, 8, m. a practieer, &e. 
Cliass, 8, m, a happening alike, the same 

fate, like as. 
Click, s. See Clmk, 
Yn Glieaip,. & the mountain. 
Clieqee'n, s./. ajewel; Pro.xi.26; a loop 

or ring ; jj/,— tk. The g in this word 

ought to be a/,, according to Dr. Kelly's 

Manks grammar and the 'latter part of re- 

XI ark 12, as I never heard this hard sound 

giieo to the^ in this word in conversation. 
Etymology perhaps from Cteaysh (an ear), 
taiSi Jeaheen (an. ornament). 


Cliex/ket, a. d, of the children ; Mark, viL 

Clin, v. hear. See also Clmn, which 

I reckon the best Manks ; — -agh, 77. 
Tn Clingak, 8. the back of the Shoulder. S.. 
Clink, 8,f. a trick, a curvature ; pi, — tk., 
Clink^bagh, v.. tinkling; /«a. iii. 16. 
Clin/btdeb, 8y m. a hearer ; pL — tn. 
Clin'nit, 85. heard. 

Olioag'aoh, 8. m. gladers, flagers, sword- 
grass, bukushes ; Exod. ii. 3. 
Yn Clissag, s. the hame. 
Clist, 8, m, spring, eltasticity ; v. — Aoa 
77 ; —BE, 80 ; — in, 83 ; — ins, 84., 
Clis'tal, V- spring, bounding^. 
Clis'itetdeb, 8, m, a springer o«r bounder; 
Cliwe, 8.f, a sword ; pL — tns. 
*Clo or Cloghei, v, chase, chasing; — ^agh,. 

77 ; —BE, 80 ; — in, 83 ; — ins, 84 ; — it^ 

85. ; — TM, 86 ; — tms, 87 ; — ts, 88. 
Cloag, v. cloak, or cover with a cloak ;— -^ 

AGH, 77 ; — BB, 80 ; — in, 83 ; —ins, 84^ 
Cloa'get, 8, m. a cloaJ: or mantle ; pi. 67. 
Cloaie, a, d, of stone or stones; Prov^ 

** Brishys accyry8 tmoidboallaghyn cloaie,**' 
Cloan, 8, pi, children, descendants. 
Cloan-oheinbt, 8, pi. children of men. 
Cloan-nt-mollaght, 8. pi. cursed children^ 
Clo^deb^ 8, m, a chaser; pi, — tn. 
Glo be, a. d, of chasing, or the chase. 
Clog'het, v.. chasing. 
Cloie, a play; v. pliay, boil ; —aoh.. 

77 ; -BE, 80; —in, 83 ; —ins, 84. 
Cloi'bdeb, 8. m. a player ; pL — tn. 
Cloiet, 85. played,, boiled. 
Glon-chou'b, 8, tn, the after birth. 
Clooid, s. tn. a cAqut^pL — tn ; v. to cloat» 
Clooid-jdis% 8. tn,. a dish clout 
Clooid-bubbeb, «. m, a towel* 
Clooie, s.f. small feathers,. Air. 
Clooib^ag^./. a bolster of feathers ;;>/. — ^tn.. 
*€lou or Clouw,. «. m. a pair of tongs ;; 

pi. — ohtn ; 1 Kings, vii. 4&, 
Olow'an, 8.f, a frame to wind a line on ; v 

craving, teasing, claiming, dunning. 
Clow'anagh, 8. w. a craver or danner;|>Z. 71. 
Clow^anit, 85, teased by dunning, &c. 
\ Clu'igagk, or Clu^agv, a.«crafty, cunnings 

wily, treacherous. 
Clu'oe, s./. craft, intrigue. 
Clu'oeid^ 8,f, craftiness, ounningness. 
Yn Clug^id, 8, tn. the nanrow part of ih» 

throat, the part where we swallow through^ 

the glottis. 8. 

GtiUiG, 8, pi, bellB, clocks. 
Yn Cluiobt, «. the offspring. S.. 

Cluin or ♦Cluinn, v. h«ar; —agh, 77. 
Clvin'etdbb, 8, m. a hearer ; pi, — tn. 
*CLiia or Clooets,. v. cover with feathiBxak 




— AOH, 77 i — M» Mi — IW, 83 J —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86 J — Y1I4, 87 J — T8, 88. 

Clu'saohky, V, expanding: fhe wing;8 over the 
young: of fowls, covering with feathers. 

Clu^sit, 85. the yonng of a fowl covered by the 

Cltnn, 0. hear. See CMn. 

Cltni/sk. v. See Ctuinee, Extni. xy. 14. 

Yn Clyst, 9. the reg:ion, suburbs, borders. S. 

CoAD, «. protect, defiend ; — aoh, 77 j — aohky, 

83 J — BB, 80 J —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 ; —IT, 86 } 

— ^YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 J — Y8, 88. 
Coa'dan, «. m. a protected person, a ward. 
CoA^DKx, a. d. of protection or defence. 
CoA^DBY, c. m. protection ; pi. 6/7. 
CoA^BXYDBR or FsT Choadbb, «. III. a protector. 

Coao'yb, v. cook, dress meat; — ^aoh, 77-, — xb, 
80; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 ; 
— Y8, 88. 

Coa'gybxy, 8. m. a cook ; pt. (I/7. 

Coa'oyrit, 85. cooked meat, dressed. 

CoAiR, tulv. near, nigh. 

Coamr or CoAMRBB, «. dothe, dress ; —aoh, 

77; — BB, 80; —in, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; 

— YMS, 87; — Y8, 88. 
CoAM^Rxx, a, d. of clothing or dress. 
CoaVrby, 9. m. clothing, garment, attire, dress, 

apparel; pi. 67. 
Coamrby-vra'ohby. 8. Themeanhug of Coamrey 

in this word is not now in nse : it was an 

old custom of going to drink ale or beer in the 

person's house where tiie mali-seller sold his 

CoAMRBY-YN-THiB, V. keeping the house in 

Coam'rbydbbi 9. m. a dresser, a dother. 
Coam'rit, 85. clothed, dressed, coVefed ; it 

means finished in Neh, y\. 15, and endued in 

LuhCt xxiy. 49. 
CoAN or Couan, 9. m. a valley or glen. 
Co-ARD^ 8. as high, of the same height. 

COAR-CBRA^TTAOH, «./. asUipC; pi. 71. 

Coar-ny-has'tan, 9. f. a crane; pl.—YV. 
CoAR, 9. f. a twister; ji»i. — yn, 
CoAR, a. agreeable, sociable, civil, indulgent. 
CoARD, ». agree; —aoh, 77; -^ail, 78; —bb, 

80; —in, 88; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 

— ^YS, 88. 
Coarda'ix^ t. «n. an agreement; pL — yn. 
Coarba'ilys, 9. m. agreement, agreeableness. 
Coard'bydbr, 9. m. an agreer; pi. ^ts. 
Coard'it, 85. agreed, settled. 
Coa'san, 9. m. an equal in age. 
CoAv, c. /. chaff ; pi. — YN. 
CoAu^AOH, a. chaffy. 
CoAYL, 9. m. loss, damage. 
CoAYR or CoAiR, a. odd ; Num. iii. 48. 
Co-ayr'naoh, t. m. a partaker ; Itotn. xv. 37« 
Cob'byr, 9. f. copper ; pi. — yn. 
Cod'jal, 9. m. a treadle; pi. —yn. See Coshal. 
Co-CAs^LBY, a. equal in likeness, alike. 
Co-cas'lyb, 9. m. likeness, form* portrait. 
Co-CHOR^RYM, a. equal, equipoise. 
Oo-cHoiTD^ add. equidistant, equally fur. 

*Co-cmviv* or Cochruinbb, v. congregate, 
assemble in a multitude, besiege; —aoh, 77 i 

^MK, 80: — Ilr, 83; ->I]|f, 84; — YM, 10; 
—YMS, 87; — Y8, 8S. 

Cochruin'aoht, «. m. ftn iMwnbly, A oottOOiirM 

or congregation of people, a besiegement. 

Cochruin'aohby, «. asscmMlngt fte. 

CocRRvtN'iT, 85. con g re g ated, besieged* te. 

Co-dowi'n, a. as deep, equal in partnership. 

Cob, v. grieving, mourning, weeping; -aoh, 77 j 
—ma, 80 ; —in, 83 ; -INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —VMS, 
87 ; — TS, 88. Pto». '< Mannagh vow dUagkiep 
eliaghtejf nee eliagkteif toe.** 

CoB^YDBR, t. m. a weeper, a grlever ; pU -^nr. 
Coo'oYL, t./. eodUe, taiw; ^oA,xzxi« 40i .' < 
Cooh'al» «. m. tibe core of a sore; pf« «><nr< 
Coi'dyr, t. /. straw dnMm fbr fopei. 
Coi'oBB, t. /. a loom ; pi. — yn. 

CoitL, 9. m. a general name for a dot; as, 
Coill-voddee, a corruption of quat in qualHoH, 

CoiL^LAR, t. m. the halter of a hone ; pl» — yn. 

CoiR^RBY, t. m. a cnicible, a caldron, tarnac9, 
or kettle ; pi. 67. 

CoiR'^RiLLAOH, a. some odds. 

CoLIAK^ otfb. alike, of the Mone Itteneis. 

CoL^BAOH, 9. f. a heifer ; pi. ft. n« plofil of 
this word ought to be Cohee and not Colbe^n, 
but custom frequently overcomes rule. 

CoL^BBB, a. d. of a heifer or heiferff. 

CoLB or Col'bby, 9. m. the body, trunk, tit htQl. 
This word, no doubt. Is the Old ifaoki for body. 

CoLBAYR'tYs, 9. twUljiflit, fitttiikittg of Ught and 

Colhb'aN, advn as wide, equally broad. Colhean 
coliauyr (as broad as long). 

Colhiab'baoh, 9. m. f. a bed-feUow ; 4 ooncu- 
bine; pi, 71. 

CoLIAlOK^ Mfov aUke, equal. See atoo CoUak. 

Coliauyr^ ado. as long, equal in length. 

Coll or Coull, 9. m. hazel, a tree. 

Col'laoh, t. m. attauion. Theinalea6f Auoiy 
animals are called Oalkigh ; m, oollmgh tmifi 

(a he-ass) ; collagh muck (a boar) ; collagk kayt 

(a he or kaarl cat), &c. J9/. 71. 

Colla'nb, 9. f, a gut or entrail. 

CoLLA'^NBAGB* a. intestinal. 

CoLLAN-BiNo', 9. m. a souud in the ear as of a 

Collan-jabo'an or CAnLBY-zAROAN, s. m. a 
sensation of pain generally felt in the foot or 
feet attended with dight pricking pains all over 
the member, which is quite twjSd at the time. 
Perhaps it ought to be written Ohallar-Jerkan. 

CoL^LBB, a.d. of a stallion or stallions. 

Col'lbbys, 9. m. the action of a stallion or male 
animal with his mate. 

CoL^Loo, 9. /. the Calf Island. This word, like 
many others, is difficult to knov^ firom vrnat 
it has been derived, as it diflfers from fhe Manks 
of calf, (the yonng of a cow) : bat perhaps it 
ought to be [felled centf. Conjectures in sdch 
cases are endless — some persons will have it to 
be from cooj/l-halloo (behind tibe land) ; others 
that it is from eoapl (loss) ; and others that it 
is so called on aocottnt of its being formerly 
frequented by puiBns, and this word CoUoo, 
being their principal note. 

CoLL-MBA, 9. f. the heib lamboquarter. FeHUQfe 
it ought to be KaU-mea (a fst or Inxnzlant cole 
or cabbage). 

Coloayrt', v. conversing; —aoh, 77, &c. 



Coloatbt'aob, 8. m. coarentti pi, 7^- 

Coloatbt'ts, 9. m. conyersation; pi. — tn. 

CoL^TAm, t. m. a coulter xnr cntterof aploug^h; 
pi. — TW. 

Col'tsao, t. a coulter bill fowl. 

*Combaa'8 or Com BAA8K, v. compass, surround, 
encircle ; — aoh, 77 j -^mmt 80; —in, 83 -, —ins, 

84 J — YM, 86 J — TMS, 87 J — YS, 88. 

Combaa'sal, o. encompassing:, endrdingr. 
Com baa'sb, t. m. a compass, a circular route. 
Combaa'sbt. v. See Combaasal, 
Combaa'sbtdbb, c. m. a compasser; pi. — tn. 
Combaa'sit, 85. compassed, encompassed. 
CoMLBATB'^TAOH or Chionnlbaybtaoh, a. hard 

to see, difficult to discern because of darkness 

coming: on. 

Comlbaybt'ys or Chzonwlbaybtys, c. m. tiie 
time between day-break and sun-rise, and sun- 
set and night. The word is in its aspirated 
state in Josft. ii. 5 ; pi. — ts. 

Com'mbb, a. common participation ; Rev. ii. 30. 
Prov. " Comrnee ohbyr commee bee." 

Com'mbbys, 9. partnership, fellowship, commu- 
nion, leagrue. This word and Boodeepg are 
nearly synonymous, the former is used in mat- 
ters respecting: the body and the mind, Eph. 
ili. 9 ; and the latter in matters of commerce, 
g:ain, or partnership. 

Co^MYS, t. 01. offence, blame; 3 Cor. viii. 20. 

Co'mys, c. HI. the private part; pi. — yn. 

Co^MYSsBY, 9. cohabiting:, copulating. 

Conaa'nt, 9. m. a covenant, a condition ; pi. 

— YN ; V. — AOlI, 77 J —MK, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 
84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Conaa'ntaoh, 9. m. a covenanter; pi. 71. 

Conaa'ntby, v. covenanting, bargaining. 

CoNAA^NTiT, 85. covenanted, conditioned. 

Conda'io, 9. f. a contrary, crabbed person ; pi. 


Condaio'aoh, a. contrary, in opposition. 
Condaio'ys, 9. f. contrariety, contrariness ; pi. 

— YN. 

Condb'il, »./. a goar in timber work; pi. — yn. 

Con-ohor'baohby, a. sometiiiiig dark. Perhaps 
this word is from CMtmn and Domurhev 
(hardly dark). ^ ^ 

Con-ohob'raohys or Con-ohobrid, 9. tn. dark, 
ness, not altogether dark, pretty dark. 

Con'bbaqht, 9. m. the twilight the cowerinir 
of night. ^ 

Con'naasaoh or Con'nysson, v. taunting, 

scoffing, disdainfully sneering, or teasing. 
CoN^NAASB, 9. f. dlsdaiu, contempt. 
Oon'naoh-ny-ghia'hk, 9. f. the herb henbane. 
Con'nbbyn, 9. pi. conies, rabbits. 
CoM^NiNo, 9. f. a coney, a rabbit. 
CoN^NYSAGH. See Connaasagh. 

Con'rba, t. m. a tup that has his testicles in his 

CoNBiBUGH^ a. imaginary, not real. 

Contan'grys, a. cross-gndned, crabbed, peevish. 

Con'tbaib, 9. f, the neap tide. The con. in this 

word is supposed to come from cwm (narrow). 

as the shore is narrow at this time. 
Conva'ybt, 9. m. a carcase, a carrion ; the pi. is 


Coo, 9. m. a greyhound; pi. Coyin. 


Coo'ao, 9. f. a cuckoo ; pi. — yn. 
Coo^AOBY, V. cooing as a dove; Ndh. ii. 7. 
CooAT, 9. m. a coat; pi. — yn ; V. coat; — ^agh, 

77; —AL, 79;— BE, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; 
—IT, 85 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 
Cooat'by, V. coating, covering with a coat.' 
Cooat'b YDBR, 9. •». Bcoater, a coverer ; pi, — yn, 
Coob or CooiB, 9. m. inside of a bend ; the piece 
of timber that fills the eye of the nether mill- 

*CoDD or Cood'bb, v. cover — aoh, 77 ; —uu, 

80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; —IT, 85; — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

'agh, 9. m. a covering ; pi. — yn. 

^AOHBY, e. covering. 

•^m, a. d. of covering t)r coverings. 

^BYDBB, 9. m. a coverer ; pi. — yn. 

CooiD, 9. f. goods, ware, merchandize; pi. — yn. 

CooiD-BON^NBY, 9. m. portiou of goods divided. 

Cooin'jAGH, adv. together. 

Cooid'jaghby,o. gathering together; Can/, vi 13. 

Cooid-vooa'b, 9. m. something great. 

CooiB, o. fit, convenient, meet ,• Ez, xv. 4. 

Dy CooiB, (ufo. duly, fitiy, properly. 

CooiLL, 9. f. a hiding place ; Isa. xxviii. 17, 
There are several estates of land in the Island 
caUed CooUl, as Cooill-vane, CooUl-inJil, *c. : I 
suppose from their situation being behind. 

Cooillbe'n, v. fulfil, perform, reward, avenge • 

— AGH, 77 i —BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — ym' 

86; —YMS, 87; — y8, 88; 9. recompence, com. 
pensation ; pi. — aohyn ; Rom. xii. 19. ; Heb. 
xi. 26. 
Cooillbb'nby, v. fulfilling, performing, recom- 
pensing, compensating, avenging; ». m. ful- 
filment, revenge ; pi. 67. 

Cooillee'nbydbr, 9. m. an avenger, fnlfiller. 

&c. ;'p/. — YN. 

CooillxbVit, 85. fulfilled, finished, &c. 
CooiL^LBY, o. d. 9f the situation of lying behind. 
Cooill-lhiag'ht, 9./. a couch; Amos, iu, 12. 
CooiN, V. i. help, aid, assist. 
CooiN or Cooin'bb, v, remember, recollect- 

—AGH, 77 i —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; —IT, 85 ; — ym! 
86; —YMS, 87;— YS, 88. 

Cooin'aoht or Cooin'aghtyn, b. m. memory. 

recollection, remembrance. 
Cooin^aohyn, 9. m. memorandum. 
Cooin'ey, 9. m. coin ; pi. 67. 
Cooin'bydbr, 9. m, a coiner, a rememberer. 
Cooin'idagh, a. retentive, recollective. 
Cooinshbans'b, 9. f. conscience ; pi. — yn. 
Cooznsheans'agh, a. conscientious. 
CooisH, 9. f. a cause, case, ailbir; pi. — yn. 
Coois'hagh, a. cautelous, desirous of informa- 

taon or knowledge, wily, sly. 

Dy Coois'flAGH, adv. wily, cunningly, slilv 
Jo9h. ix. 4. o ^ , J , 

CooL^LBE or Coyl'lbb, o. d. of a valve or valves, 
of a leaf of a door, &c. ^^ 

Cool'lby or Cooyl'lby, 9. f. the valve or leaf 

of a door. 
Coon, o. narrow, not wide ; e. narrow ; ^aoh 

77 \ ^VA, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — ym, 86! 

—YMS, 87; — Ys, 88. ' » . 

CooN, V. help, aid, assist; -agh, 77-. — bb. 80: 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — tmS, 87 : 
— YS, 88. » ' » 


Coon'kb, a. d, ofbelporMslBtence. 

Coon'xy, a. pL narrow, itnit. 

Coon'sy, a, m. help, aid, assistance j pU 07. 

CooN^BTpaH, «. m. or Faa-CHOONBC, a hdper, 
an aider. 

Coon'id, 9. m. narrowness. 

CooN^LAOH, «. /. straw } pi, 7S. 

Coon'lbx, a. tf. of straw, of tibe straw. 

CooNR or Ck>oNBK, «. exchange, barter, track, 
commote, swop; — ^aoh, 77; — ^bb, 80; — by, 
82; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — IT, 86 ; — YM, 80; 
— YM9, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

BB, a. d. of ezcbani^, or barter, Ac. 

BY, c. m. an exchang:e ; pi, 07. 



^BYBBS, 8. m, an exchanger j pL —rv, 

CooNT, V. count, reckon, calcnlate ; — agb, 77 ; 
— Mlt, 80 ; — BY, 82 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; —IT, 
85 ; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87 ; — ^Y8, 88. 

Coon'tby, 9. m, an account, sake, sake of, rec- 
koning, history ; pi. t/}. Ptm, *< CwnUeif ay 
A«Sn roi«A ta agr hoohffn guirt.** 

CooRSB, 9. m. coarse ; pL — yn. 

CooYL, ado. behind, aback. ler cooyUduhm 

(one to aid or help in case of need). 
CooYL-cAs^siDAOH, 9. m. abackUter; p/. 71. 
CooYL-cAs'siD, «. badcbiting; Rom. i. 30. 

CooYL-CBLBA, a. in ambush, in wait, lying in 
wait, behind the screen. 

Cooyl-sbir'raobtaoh, «. m. a backslider; pi. 

CooYRT, t. a oonrt or yard ; pU — yn. 
Cooyr'tby, a. d. of a court or yard. 

CORAA^ 9. /. YOice } pi. — OHYN. 

CoRAA-DOR'^RAOHBY, 9. m. R parablo or dark 
saying ; pi, Coraaghyn-dorraobby. 

CoRB, t. m. an heirloom; pi. — yn. 

Corda'il, a. according, pursuant. 

Cor'bby, 9. m. oats, oat grain ; pi, 07. 

Corbby-tao'hyrt, 9. m. long bearded oats. 

CoRLAiQ^, 9. f, a coalrake or muckrake. 

Cor'lan, 9, f. an earth nut or pig nut ; pi. — yn. 

CoRLHB^iM, V. hop, leap on one foot; — aob, 

77 i —IN, 83; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 

— Y8, 88. 

Corlhbim'braoht, V. hopping, capering, skip- 

CoRM, a. (a contraction of Corrymf) equal equi. 
valen^ even, up to; «. m. satisftbction or re- 
venge for something done, compensation ; v, 
— IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— Y8, 88. 

Corm'aob or CoRMAL, V. making equal or even. 

Corm'aohby, «. equalising, making even. 

Corm'bb, a. d. of equalising. 

CoRM^iD, 9. m, equality, equivalence, equilibri- 
unv evenness. 

Cormid-traa-ar'rbb, t. m, tibe spring or vor- 
nal equinox. 

CoRMib-TRAA-FOv^YR, t. m, the harvest, or aa- 
tuxnnal equinox. 

Cor'mit, 86. made equal, or even ; JioA, szviii. 

Corm'ydbr, f^ m. a chancellor ; Emra, iv. 8. 
CoBNBiL^ t. /. a comer ; p/.— yn. 

Cornbii/aoh, a. having comers ; a. d, ot tk 
comer or corners. 

Coroc'blb, a, m, a consonant ; pi. O9. 

Corp, 9. m. a body, a corpse ; pi. Kiar ; the 
body of any thing. 

CoBP-As-sLAT^NT, t. m. kind love and best 

Cor'rao, §./. a hand in contempt, a crook made 
of tiie hand or Angers ; a knob to hold by to 
turn a machine; pi. — yn. 

CoR^RAOH, a. tottorlng, ready to fUl. 

CoR^RAN, t. m. a sickle ; p/.—YN. Prw,**Cka 
dooar rieau drogh veaynee eorran mie," 

Cor'rbb, t. /. anger, resentment; a. angry, dis- 

CoR^RBY, a. d, of shooting nets; trnttram-eorrep 

(shooting time). 

CoR^RBY, a, d. of sowing, or seed; as, arrwh- 
eorr^ (seed com). 

Cor'rydank, a, crossly dltpoeed. 

CoR^RBYnxR, 9, m, a sower; pi, — yn. 

CoR'^Rin, 9, m, caducity, aptness to fUl or totter. 

Cor'rillaoh, 9, m. the odds, balance, the flrac- 
tional part ; pi, — yn. 

Cor'rym, a. equal, even; with child. See Corm, 

CoRVAA% t. /. confusion, chaos. 

Corvia'n, 9. f, conceit. 

Cosaay'i., 9, f, (from Coth and SoieoL) on the 
haunches. Soie-eo9aa]fl is sitting with the 
haunches or hams on the calves of the legs ; 
Eccle9Ut9Hcu9t xxvi. 2. 

C08B or CosBBY, a. d. of the ftxit or feet. 

Cosb'agb, 9, m, a pedestrian. This word is sel- 
dom used. See Cho9ee, 

CosB^AL, 9, f. a treadle; pi. — yn. 

Cosb'bb, 9, m, pedestrian, foot traYellers, foot. 

men. This word is used for both singolar and 

plural ; a. d, of travelling on foot. 

Cosh'bbaobt, 9, m. the action of walking. 
€h»ll a§fn9 coakeeaght JUonn (going in quick 

Cosh'bx-ohorlby, 9. pi. traydlers that have 
some ailment In their feet, lame trayeUers. 

Cosb'bb-rooisht, 9. pi, barefieet or barefooted 

Cosh'-ry-cholbby, a, going in a body together, 
walking cheek-bp-Jowl, 

*CosN, CosNB, or CossYN, V. gain, earn, win, 
escape, &c. ; — ^aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; — by, 82 ; 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Cos'^NXB, a. d. of gain or earnings. 

Cos^NBY, 9. m. gain, earnings, winnings, profit, 
emolument; pi. 67. 

Cos^NBYDBR, 9. fn. Ru eamcr, a gainer ; pi, — yn. 

Cos'nit, 86. earned, gained, &c. 

Coso'yl, v. compare, liken; — a oh, 77; — bb, 

80; — AOBBY, 82; — IN, 83 j — INS, 84 ; — YM, 
86 ; — YM8, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Coso'ylby, 9, m. a comparison, metaphor, 
simile, &c. ; pi, 67. 

Coso^YLLAoH, V, Comparing. 

Coss^YLLAOH, «. indifferent, passable, tolerable^ 
in a middling state. This word may be flrom 
Ca9lp9agk, agreeable to the likeness yoa see it 
In, or firom Co9h (of a foot, aUe to go on foot). 

Oos'sYLLiD, t. m. tolerableness, p a s sa blen ess. . 

Cost, v, cost; — aoh, 77 i — ai.,70'; -^■■» M; 
—IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 j — YS, 
88 ; t. m. 

Cos'tal, a, costty, precious. 




CosTRAT^i., «. /. a Jar or large bottle. 
CouB, pre. towards, provided for. 
Couh-t-laa', a. daily, by the day, diurnal. 

CouB-T-TKAA^ o. BB tiie time comes. 

Couth, «. m. cure, relief, remedy ; p/.— tn ; v. 

— AOH, 77 i — XB, 80 ; — lit, 83 i —INS, 84 J — YM, 
— 86 j — YM8, 87} — T8, 88. 

Cou'tbal, v. recovering, getting in a state of 

convalescence ; pL — tn. 
Cou^vaxTDBB, «. m. a curer ; pi. — ^tn. 
Cow^Ao, t. /. chat, loud talk, unintelligible dis- 

coarse; pi. — tn. 
Cow'abt, t. m. a coward. 
CowB, V. mark, note, signify, betoken } — aoh, 

77 i — BB, 80} —IN, 83; —INS, 84 J — TM, 80} 

—VMS, 87 } — TS, 88. 

Cow^BAOHBT, V. mark, signifying, betokening, 

Covir^BBB, s. f. sowins, flummery ; pi. — yn ; a. d. 

of a maik or marks, or signifying. 

Cow^BBY, «. m. a mark, token, sign, symptom} 

pi. 67. 
CoVaiT, 85. marked, sigrnifled. 
Ck>YBD, c. m. a cord} Jo«A. ii. 15} pi. — yn. 

CoYBL or CoYBLXB, o. advisc, counsel, persuade > 
— AOH, ^^\ —in, 83} — ins, «4} — ^ym, 86} 
— ^yms, 87 } — ^Y8, 88. 

Coyb'laohby, v. advising, counselling, persuad- 
ing, &c. 

Covt'rbydbb, «. m. a marker, one who marks. 

CoY^BLAGH Noi, o. dissuading. 

Coy'blex, a. d. of advice or counsd. 

Coy'rlbtdbb, 9. m. an adviser. See also, Fer 

Coy'blit, 85. advised, counselled. 

CoYRT. «. giving, sending,! patting, &c. See 
also. Curt, which is seldom used. 


Cbaa, o. shaking, trembling, quaking; —aoh, 

77 i —KB, 80} —IN, 83} —INS, 84} — YM, 86} 

— YMS, 87 } — Ys, 88. Prov. " Tad craa npn 
moyrn er y eJUelley." 

C'baao, adv. where } a 'contraction of ere and 

Craa'^dbb, «. m. a shaker, &c.} pi. — ^yn. 

Craa'-hallooin, 8. m. an earthquake. 

Craa'it, 85. shook, shaken. 

Crac'kan, «. m. skin, peel, rind} pi. — ^yn. 

Craoh or Craoht, «. /. carnage, daaghter, de- 
struction, crash, spoil, prey. "Share eraghi 
ve »3f cheer, na mee ny maiman cheet tHagh 

Craou'bydbb, «. m. a destroyer, slaughterer, 
spoiler, &c. } pi. — y } Jer. li. 53. 

Craob'it, 85. destroyed, slain. 

Craid, «. /. mockery, scoffery, irony; v. mock, 

scoff, &C. } —AOH, 77} — BB, 80} —IN, 88} 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86} — YUS, 87} — YS, 88. 
Prov. ** Eshyn yiouy tkeUley, yiow eh craid." 
Cbai'dxy, v. mocking, scoffing, ridiculing. 

CBAin'^BYnBR or 0RAiixHi.^A6a, «. m. a mocker, 
seoffex, &c. 

Craid'it, 85. mocked. This word is seldom used 
but as T*eh eraidii er (he is mocked at). 

Craidoil'aoh, a. in a scoffing, mocldng manner. 

Craib, a. d. ofclay, made of clay. 

Cbaib'aob, a. clayey, partaking of clay. 


Cbai'tnao, t. /. a bat; pi. — tn. 
Cbai'tnaoh, a. d. of Ain or skins. 
Cbai'tntn, a. pi. sUns, pedB. 
Cbaiv, «. m. an iron crow or lever; pi. — ^ntn. 

Cbaiu, «. corrode, eating away; — aoh, 77; 

•~BB, 80 } — it, 85 } — YS, 88. 
Cbam^m Ao, «. /. a snail. 
Cbam'man, a. m. a lump, bulb, or button } pi. 

— TN. 

Cbah'manaoh, a. lumpy, bnlbons. 

Cbam'manxy, v. taking bulbs or lumps. 

Cramp, «. m. plague} — yn; a. intricate, com. 

Cbanb or Cronk, b. m. a knock, or sound of a 
blow, written in the Manks Scriptures cronk $ 
but as crank is the sound used, and as cnmk 
rather confounds it with cronk (hill), this is in- 
serted ; v» — AGH, 77 \ — ^AL, 79 } — vm, 80 ; — in, 
88} — YM, 86} — YS, 88. 

Cbanb'bydbb, a. v«. alcnocker} pi. — yn. 

Cbanb'it, 85. cracked, distracted, knocked. 

Cban'nao, a. f. a pulpit} pi. — yn. 

Crantb'ssbn, a. m. diameter } pi. — ^yn. 

Cbapl or Craplbb, v. crumple, wrinkle, cockle; 
— AUH, 77; — BB, 80} —IN, 83: — INS, S4; 
— ^YM, 86 } — TM8, 87 } — TS, 88. 

Cbap^lag, «. /. a crumifle, wrinkle, or crease ; 
pi. — TN. Prov. **Ta crnplag amoo ayn$ dty 
hopn fiJcA na va ro*et." 

Cbap'laoh, a. full of wrinkles, &c. 

Cbap'lbt, crumpling, wrinkling, &c. 

Cbap^lbtdbr, a. m. a cnunpler, ftc. ; pi. — tn. 

Crap'lit, 85. crumpled, ivrinUed, cockled. 

Cbaub, a. f. a bone } pi. — tn> 

Cbaub^aoh, a. bony, having bones. 

Crai/bb, a. reUg^ous, pious, godly. This word 
is most likely era flrom craa (to shake), and 
uee from guee (to pray, or beseech), as the 
head is generally shook by some when speaking 
on solemn subjects. 

Crai/bbaght, a. m. religion, piety, godliness, 
holiness} H06. xii. 14. The word craueeyais 
improperly substituted by some. 

Craubbaout-foalsbt, a. hypocrisy, ftOse piety. 
Craubb-oal'sby, a. pi. hypocrites. 
Cravb-vbbaob, a. m. a scald crow } pi. Cbaub- 


Cbay, a. f. clay or marl; v. clay, &c. ; —aoh, 
77 i — BB, 80; —IN 83} —INS, 84 J— IT, 85} 
— YM, 86} — YMS, 87} — YS, 88. 

Cray'bb, a. d. of day or marl} tho* craie is used } 
this is also in Mark, vii. 4. 

CRAYN-LOSHT,«.m. burning ague} Lev. xxvi. 16. 

Crb, pro. what} in conversation too often pro« 
nounced he; it sometimes is an adverb, and 
means how, as ere ehoud (how far, how long). 

Cbba, a. f. creed, the heads or tenets of faith or 
belief} pi. "-cnvN. 

Crbaoh, *. /. a stack, a furrow } pi. — yn. 

'Crbaoh'by, v. stacking, furrowing. 

Crbaoh'it, 85. stacked, furrowed. 

Cbbaoh'laoh, a. f. the herb sage. 

Crban'aoh, a. chilly, shaking with cold. 

Crbau, v. trembling} as, et-ereaa, (trembleth, 
quaketh) } Jok, xxxvii. 1. 

Crbayn, a. m. ague, the shaking or trenbling 

Crbaynvodubb, a. f. the herb dog*s mercury. 




Crkck, v. sell, dispofle of by sale ; — aoh, 77 i 
— ■*, 80; —IN, 83 i — IN«, 84 J — TM, 86; 
— TM8, 87 J — Y8, 88. 

Cbkck, «. m. a sale j p/. — tn. 
Cbbck'bybr, ». «, a seller j p/. — tn. 
Crbck'it, 85. sold, vended, made sale of. 
C*RBD, adv. (Cre red) wbat, literally what thing. 
Crbd or Crbid, «. believe, give credit ; — aob, 

77 J — BB, 80 i —IN, 83; —INS, 84} — IT, 86 } 

— TM, 86; — VMS, 87; — T8, 88. 
Crbd'jal, 9. believing, crediting. 
Crbd'jaltbb, 9. pi, believers. This as well as 

the'plaral of Credjutmh is used. 
Cbbd'jvaoh, «. m. a believer; pi, 71. 
Crbd'jub, 8. m. faith, belief, credence. 
Crbb, t. /. heart ; pi. — aohtn. Prov, " Ta 

eree dooie ny share na kione croutagk." 
Crbb'aoh, a. d, of the heart or hearts. 
Crbrar, «. /. a sieve, searce ; bolter ; pi. — yn. 

V. sift, searce; — aob, 77 i — »». 80; —by, 88 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 

— YS, 88. 
Crebar'bydbr, 8. tn. a sifter, &c. ; pi. — yn. 
Crbbar'it or Crbbart, 85. sifted, &c. 
Crbb-bris'ht, 8. m. a broken heart. 
Crb-bc, adn. what at, why, at. what. 
Crbbd'laoh or Crbbt'laoh, «. m. shraging, 

shifting, or moving the shoulder in the clothes. 
Crbbn, o. ripe, withered; v. wither, ripen; 

— AOH, 77 ; — BB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; —IT, 

85; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Crbbn^aohbt, v. ripening, withering. 
Crbbn'aoht, 8. /. wisdom; pi. — yn. 
Crebi/by, o. wise, provident. Prov. **Ta 

dooinnaf creeney menmek Jannoo carrep jeh 

e noid.*^ 
Crbbn'by, a. pi. ripe, withered; BS,magheryn 

creeney (ripe fields). 
Crbbn'id, 8. m. 89. ripeness. 
Crbbnt, 85. ripened, withered. 

Crbbo^il, a. hearty; Dy , adv. heartily. 

Crbbo^ilid or Cbbbo'ilys, 8. m. heartiness* 

Crb-brbbb, adv. whatever, whatsoever. _ 
Crbbst, 8. m. Christ; pi. — yn. 
Crbbs'tbb, 8. m. a Christian ; pi. - -yn or — nyn. 
Crbbs^tbbaoh, 8. m. Sacrament of the Lord's 

Supper; pl.—'Yu. 
Crbbs'tiaoht, a. m. Christianity. 
Crbo or *Crboo, ». /. a rock ; pi. — yn 
Crbg'oaoh, a. rocky, having rocks. 
Crbo'oan, 8. m. a place or piece of ground left 

uncultivated in consequence of being rocky or 

containing stones ; generally overgrown with 

gorse or underwood. 
Crbo'oby, a. d. of the rock or rocks. 
Crbiu, v. ruining. 

Cbbm , 9. a sore or ailment ; pi. — yn. 
Crbm'aoh, a. diseased with sores, &c. 
Crbm'bydbr, 8. m. a fault finder, a critic; pi. 

— YN. 

Crb'n-fa, adv. wherefore, why, literally what 

for ; a contraction of Cre ynfa. 
Crbn'-fa-naoh, adv. why not, wherefore not. 
Crbn-oyr^ adv. for what cause. 
CrboT, a. hard, obdurate ; close, near. 

Crboi or CBBoaB, v. make hard or harden; 

—AOB, 77 i — *B, 60 ; —in, 88; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 

86; —YMS, 87 i — YS, 88. 
Crboob or Crboioh, v. id., &c. 
Crboid'by, a. hardy, daring, firm. 
Cbboid'ys, 8. tn. hardiness, darlngness, &c. 
Crboio'hby or Crboobby, v. hardening. 
Crboio'hys, a.m. hardship; pi. — syn. 
CbboYt, 85. hardened. 
CbboY-wan'nallaob, a. stiff-necked. 
Crb-saillym, adv. what I please ; — s, id. 
Crb-sailt, adv. what thou pleasest ; — s, id. 

Crb-silliu, adv. what you please or what is 

your pleasure. 
Cbb-tbbibll, adv. whatever, where ever. 
Crbtoob, 8. m. a creature; pi. — yn.; — bio, 

an anixnal. 

Cbbujit, 85. mined, crushed. 
Cbb vbib or Crb voish, adv. from whence, 
where from, or fircun where. 

Crb vbl, adv. where is, what is. This word is 
often spoken C*el. 

Crb wbbbsb, adv. how big or how great. 

Crb wbbllbbn, adv. how many. The ee in the 
last syllable is to be sounded as {. 

Crb woad', adv. how much. 

SBA^BB, adv. how much better. 

-SLOo^ adv. how much less. 
-smoo, adv. how much more. 

Crib or *Cribb, v. curb, contract, shrink ; 

— AGB, 77 ; — ^BB, 80 ; —in, 88 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 

86; —YMS, 87; — ys, 88. 
Crib'^bao, 8. f. a loop of rope put round a thing 

to hoist it by. 
Crib'baohyn, 8. v%. a sUver sixpence is so called 

in ludicrous talk. 

Crib'ban, 8. m. a loop of rope to put on a wres- 
tive beast's fore leg to hold it double. 

Crib'bby, v. contracting, shrinking in or up. 
Crib'bidjaoh, a. parsimonious, niggardly, &c. 
Crib'bit, 85. contracted, shrunk. 

Crib' v. shake; — aoh, 77 i — ■%, 80 5 —'w, 83 ; 

— YM, 86; — YS, 88. See also craa : the both 

Crto'oyl, 8. f. a cripple ; pi. — yn or 79. 
Criht, 85. shook, shaken. 
Crinb or Croinb, «. pi. hills, mounts. 
Crine'yl, 8. m. a loop in the edge of a sail. 
Crivass'an, 8. m. a shrunk or contracted crea- 
ture ; a dwarf; pi. — yn. 
Criy, 8. /. gallows ; pi, — AOBYN or — YN. 
Croab, 8. f. an eye of a needle ; the notch of 

an arrow to admit the bow string. 
Croao, 8. fiing, talon, claw, clutch; pi. — yn, 
Croaoa'nb, 8. f. a crook or hook ,• pi. — yn ; 

Bfs. xl. 43. 
Croaoan'baoh, a. having a crook or crooks. 
Croaoh'an, 8. m. agadfiy; acratching; p/.— yn. 
Croao'laoh, 8. as much as can be brought in the 

fiangs or clutches, or in ttie hand or hands in 

Cboao-par'tan, 8. /. water seagrum; crab's 

Cboan or Cron, s. m. a mast. 
Cboanrb^isht, ». / amradulsa, a species of 

night shade, the decoction of which is said to 




be good for the healings of inward bruises. 
Croa NSCo'iDBr, 8. m. a boom. 

CROANSPRBIE^ 8. m. R bOWSprit. 

Crobao'e, 8. f. a boiled claw or foot j pi. — yn. 
Croc'kan, *. m. a crock \ pi. — yn. 
Croda'nb, 8. m. a garnet; pi. — yn. 

Croe, 8. f. a coop i an iron to put under a pot 
or griddle on the fire. 

CaooH, V. hang, suspended ; — aoh, 77 ; — ^bb. 

80 J —IV, 83 J —INS, 84 } — YM, 86 J — YIIS, 87 J 

— YS, 88. 

'bb, a. d. of hanging or suspension. 

—'By, V. hanging, suspending. 

-'bydbr, 8. m. a hanger; pi. — yn. 
-'it, 85. hung or hanged. 

Croi'aosit, 8./. incest; Liv. xvili. 17- 

Croi'aohtaoh, a. incestous. 

Croink, 8. pi. hills, mounts. See also Crink.-, 

I8a. ;di. 15, 
Croit, 8. f. a croft ; pi. — ^yn. 
Croi'yk, 8. pi. nuts ; reeds. 
Cron, 8. m. a scar or cicatrice ; a stain ; pi. — yn. 

Cron-craa'bb, 8, f. aspen tree. See also Chen- 
gey ny mraane. 

Cronk, 8. m. a hill, or mount, or knock. See 
Crank for the latter. 

Cronk-keeillow'n, 8. m. John*s Church-hill 
or the hill of John's Church ; called also Tyn- 
wald Hill ; is situate about three miles from 
Peel, in the parish of German, on the main 
road to Douglas. T^o doubt but the latter part 
of this word is a corruption of Ean or Yuan 
(John). This is the hill or mount on which 
the constituted authorities promulgate all 
their Statute Laws, in Manks and English, to 
the people. 

Cronn, V, descry, discern, perceive ; — aoh, 77 '» 
•-BE, 80; — IN, 83; — INS, 84; — ^YM, 86 » 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Cron'nao, 8. m. a round top on the mast of a 
vessel, the crosstree; a. /. a rock that can be 
seen before low water f pi. — yn. 

Cron'naohby, v. discovereth, discovering, dis- 
cemeth, &c. 

Cron'nal, a. evident,'visible, obvious, conspicu- 
ous, manifest 5 eminent, notable, plain, famous. 

Cron'nby, 8. m. portion, fate, destiny. 

Cron^neydbr, 8. m, a descrier or discerner. 

Cron'nit, 85. discerned, descried. 

Cront, a.m. a knot; v. id.; — aoh, 77; — eb, 
80 ; — IN 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — IT, 85 ; — YM, 86 ; 
— YMS, 87; — ^YS, 88. 

— 7— 'aoh, a. knotty, full of knots. 

^'al, a. knotting, binding with a knot. 

-ki'onb-kiar'k, a. m. a knot made by put- 

ting the two ends together as if one, and turn- 
ing a knot on. 

fid'dxragh, 8. m. a weaver's knot. 

'id, 8. m. knottiness or knottedness. 

'it, 85. knotted. 
Croc, v. crawling in grubs, maggots, or vermin. 
Croo or — AOHT, a. creation; v. create; —aoh, 

77} — BX, 80; — in, 83; — INS, 84; — YH, 86; 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Croo'ao, 8. f. a grub or maggot; pi. — yn. 

Croo'baoh, a. lame, crippled; a. m. a lame 
animal; pi. 71. 

Croo'bid, a, m. lameness. 

CROo'oAOHr 8. m. CrcatoT. This wcwd is used 
by the translator of tiie Manks Paradise Lost. 
Fer-eroot I think, is the most projter term, 
which see. 

Crooin'nby, a. m. creation, the earth. This 
orthog^raphy is used Ettod, zxxiv. 10. 

Croo'it, 85. created. 

CaosH, a. f. a cross or crudflx; a hand reel; 
the figure of a cross sent round the parish by 
the Captain to assemble the people ; pi. — ^yn. 

Crosh, V. cross, thwart; —aoh, 77; — be, 80; 
— in, 83 ; — YM, 86 ; — YS, 88. 

Crosh'by, a. d. of the cross. 

Cros'san, 8. m. coral; pi. — yn. 

Cros'bb, v. will, &c. cross, &c. 

Cros'by, v. crossing, intersecting, crucifying. 

Crost, 85. thwarted, cancelled. 

Crov, a. f. a horse shoe or the shoe of a beast ; 
the iron band on the feUoe of a wheel; thep/. 
of the former is — yn, and the latter — ghyn, 
1 KingSf vii. 33. 

Croo, v. shoe ; — aoh, 77 ; — be, 80 ; — in, 83 ; 
— INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Crout, a. /. a trick, craft, stratagem. 

Crout'aoh, a. crafty, trickish, cunning, subtle ; 
a. m. a crafty subtle person; pi. 71; Job, v. I2. 

Caom/iD, a. m. 89. craftiness, cunningness. 

Crouw, a. f. a bunch growing on one stem or 
stalk; a clue ; pi. — yn or — ohyn. 

Crow, v. hover ; — aoh, 77 ; — eb, 80 ; — in, 83 ; 
— INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; -YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Crow'al, v. hovering, craving. 

Crow'altagh, s. m. a craver, a claimant, a 
dunner; pi. 71. 

Crow-chby't, a. /. the herb bird's foot. 

Cboym or*CROYMM,v. bow, bend, stoop; — aoh, 
77 ; — ^BE, 80 ; — EY, 82 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; 
— YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Croym'mbydbr, 8. m. one that bows or stoops. 

Croym'mit, 85. bowed, stooped, bent downwards. 

Cruill, a. f. a curve ; pi. — yn. 

Cruil'laoh, a. having a curve or curves, curvy. 

Cruin or CaiNO, a. close, comi)act. 

Dy Cruin, adx. closely, compactly. 

Cruin, a. pi. masts. 

Cruinao, a. m. crown of a hat; pi. — yn. 

Cruin'lagh, a. m. an orbit; pi. 72. 

Cruinn, d. round; Pal. xcyiii. 8; v. dose, com- 
pact^ besiege; — ^agh, 77 \ — be, 80; — in, 83; 
— INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Cruin'naohby, V. closing, making compact, 

Cruin'nby, a. m. a globe, orb or sphere, the 
earth as it is one ; pi. 67. 

Cruin'nid, a. m. closeness, compactness. 

Cruin'nit, 85. closed made compact, besieged, 

Cruint, a. pi. knots ; the pi. of Cront. 

Cruisht or Cruishtin, a. m. at>itcher or pail; 

pi, — YN. 

Cruit'tag, a. f. a hump backed person ; pi. — yn. 

Cruit'^taoh, a. crooked or hump backed; Le». 

xzi. 20. 
Cruit'tio, 8. m. humpishness. 
Crum'mbeyn, a. pi. snails; thep^ of Crammag. 




CR7SS, 9. /. belt, tape, inkle, g^irdle; v. gird, tie 
or bind with a belt, tape, &c. ; — aoh, 77 ; — bc , 
80; —IN, 833 —INS, 84,* — TM, 86 j — YMS, 87} 

— ys, 88. 
Crts'sst, v. girding:, binding with a belt or 

Crts'sit, 85. bound with a belt, girdle, or tape. 
CuBA'ia or Cubb'fb, *. m. a cooper; pi. — yn. 
Citb'byi., 8. tn. a couple, a yoke of two ; a roof 

timber ; pi. 76. 

Ccck'olt, 8. m. a cuckold ; pi. — yn. 

Cvo, 8. f. pap, breast milk. 

CvoH, «.dirt, excrements. Only used to children. 

CuoH^LHiN, 8. m. a cone j pi. — yn. 

Cuoh'lhinaob, a. conical, in form of a cone. 

CuHT, 8. f. a lot ; pi. — YN. 

Cubt'aoh, a. short, brief. 

CviLL, 8. /. aqiiill« a piece of reed. 

Cuii/ULOB, a. d, of a bcu:k or bedroom; as, dor. 
tycMjf cuillagh. 

Cuil'lbb, 8. f. a back room in a house, a bed- 
room or closet ; pi. — yn. 
CuiLLxi^o, 8./. a nook, an inside comer; pi. 

— YN. 

Cuii.lsio'aoh, a. having nooks, &c. 

CviL^LiMBR, 8. m. a man whose bulk rather de- 
forms him, the feminine of which I believe to 
be Caillin. 

CuiN, adv, when, at what time. 

Cuin'nag, 8. f. a flask or horn to hold powder 
or snuff, a snuffbox ; pl.—Yv. 

CuiR or *CuiRR, V. sow, invite, bid, shoot ; as» 

Cuiry n'ingagh (shooting the nets or train; 

— AOB 77; —BE, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; 

— YM, 86— VMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

. ^BAOHYN, feasts, banquets, invitations. 

. ^BBB, a. d. ofbidding or inviting. 

'rby, 8. m. an invitation ; v. inviting ; pi. 


.. 'kit or CiriRT, 85. bidden, invited or sown. 

CviBi/LAaH, 8, /. reed, reeds, cane, canes. 

Citisb'lin, 8. f. a vein ; pi. — yn ; but I have 
oltener heard it plnralized as 72. 

Cuisb'lin-vooar, 8. an artery. 

CuisLX, 8. f. a pipe or tube, a conduit. 

Cul'lxb, 8. f. a colour or banner; the aspect of 
the air; «. pi. the tackle, furniture, or appara- 
tus to work any thing, as a mill, ship, boat, &c. 

Cul'lyr, 8. m. colour, hue, die ; pi. — yn. 

Cum or *Cumm, v. hold, keep, retain, sustain ; 

—AOH, 77 J — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; 
— YM, 86 J — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Cvm'furt, «. /. the herb comfirey. 

Cum'ir, o. dose, concise, tidy, compact. 

Cvm'mai^ v. holding, dwelling, inhabiting ; «. m. 
a dwelling, a holding ; p/.— yn. 

Cummai.-ma'gh, V, holding out, persevering. 

Cum'maltaoh, 8. m. a dweller, holder, or inha- 
bitant; pi. 71* 

Cum'mbb, a. d» of holding, of form or shape. 

CvM^MBY, 8, m. form, shape, model, appearance ; 
9. conforming, forming, modelling. 

CuM^HBYDBR, 8. m. a foimer, a holder. 

CuM^MiT, 85. hdd, stopt, fonned, modelled, 
hewn; 3 JiTin^s, xxU. 6. 

*CuMB or CuMRBB, V. Under, deter, delay; 

—AOB, 77 J — ". 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 

— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Cumraa'o, 8. m. f. comrade, companion, crony ; 

pi. — YK. 

Cumraaoys, 8. m. compuitoiiship, fiunJUarity, 

CuMRAi% V. hindering, deterring ; «. /. ahin- 
derance, a stop or stoppage; pi. — tn. Pnm. 
'* Myr 8moo aiyr tmoo cumraU.** 

Cvmrai'laoh, a. hindersome; c. m. a hinderet; 

CuM'^RiT, 85. hindered, deterred. • 

CvR, V. give, put, send; with lbs a after it, it is 
bring, gives, giveth, &c> ; puts, putfeeth, he. ; 
sends, sendeth, &c. 

CuR-XR-sooYi., e. averting, toridng off. 

CuR-HAAR'^T, 8. f. overthTow ; Jobt xxvl. 19. 

CuRjBB^n, «. undress, put off fhee ; — dty xad- 
DAOB, put off thy dothea. 

Curjb'io, 8. f. an aim dish j no doubt from Cmr- 

jeirk (a dish to give alms with). This word is 
used for the surname of Cavbndish (in Manks) 
but more properly giving-dish. 

Cur'lan, 8. f. a pig nut or earth nut ; pi. — yn. 

Curlb'ao, 8. /. a coverlid, a quilt; pi. — yn. 

Curlbsh', v. bringing, carrying, &c. 

CuRM or CuRRYM, «. m. charge or duty; pi, 
— YN; ei^oined, v. id; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 
— IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Cdrm'aohby or Curm'al, v. enjoining charges 
or duties. 

Curm'by, v. charging to perform duties. 

Ce7rm'bydbb, 8. m. one who charges, &c. 

Ct7R'-Mi-NBR, tn. behold. See Curmyner. 

Cur'mit, 85. charged with duties or obligations. 

Cur'-my-nbr, in. behold, see, lo; Cur-jee-my. 
ner (behold ye). 

Cur'naght, 8. f. wheat ; pi. 72. 

Cor'nbb, a. d. of wheat or wheaten. 

Curnbb'in, 8. f. pet, huff ; pi. — yn. 

Curnbbin'agh, a. pettish, huflSbsh, easily turned 
or thrown down. 

Citrnbbin'ys, 8. f. fickleness, &c. 
CuR-NY.LIBH^ V. fattpeachiug, Rccusing. 
CuRP, 8.f. buttock, ham, rump; 1 Chron. xiz. 4. 
Cur'rao or Cor'rao, c. a bundle of oAen, 
CuB^RAOH, 8. /. a bog or fen, a marshy place or 

quagmire ; ph 78> 
Cur'rbb, a. d. of a bog or fen, &c. 
Currish', v. doing, practise ; JlftcoA, ii. i. 
Cur'bit, S5. e^ven, put, sent; &c. 
Currit-lbsh', 85. brought, carried, &c. 
Currit-shagh'by, 85. adjourned. 
Cur -roo^ p. havingto do to or with j — syn id, em, 

Cur-rhym, p. doing with me, having to do with 
me ; -— s, %d, em, 

Cur-rhyV, p. to do with thee, having to do with 

thee i —^8, id. em, 
CuRRYM, 8. m, duty, charge. See also Curm, 
Currym'aghby, V, charging, eojoining, &c. 

Curt, v. giving, putting, sending, &c. See also 

Curt'lagh, 8. f. reed or reeds, cane, &c. 
Curtlagh-vuc'r, 8, f, herb bur-reed. 
Curthool'laghby, v. obscuring, the air gather- 
ing a cloudy aspect. 




Cubthool'lyb or Cubtboollid, «. m. a dark 
doudy aspect of the air. 

Cubt'shkk, 9. /. a courtesy; pi. —ys. 
CvBTWoAi'ji, V. beware, be aware. 
CuB-voLLxr, d. a, giviag him grli^dness; Jer. 

Cush'ao, 8. f. ragn>7ort or ragweed. The stem 
or stalk is caUed dog's standard ; the herb is 
also called St. Jameswort, seagmm, stagger- 
wort, stammerwcvt ; pi. — tn. Prov. ** Ta 
ahrh er cu^agjfn ognw «Aen." 

CtfSTAL or GiLCHBBBST, 8. m. Clucjstophex . 

*Cv8TB or CusTHSBf V. wMp, beat with a rod ; 

— ^AOH, 77} — 1»» 83) — INS, 84 J — YM, 86, 
— TM8, 87; — Y8, 88. 

'kb, a. d. of whipidng or whippings. 

-^BY, 8. m. a whipping; pi. 07* 
-'bydbb, «. m. awhipper; pi. — yn. 
■^iT, 85. whipped, beateta witti a rod. 

Cust'by, a. cursed, accursed. 

Cwbsr'tan, 8. m. a question ; pi. — yn. 

CVoAO, adn. how many or how much. This is 
a contraction of Cre wood. 

** «A4^«AMA«%«%«Ai«% ^»^^*% »»^^»» <^'<^*^<^»»^%%Hl^iW»»» %»%»»»%»»»^»V»» »» %»'»»%»^» 


D, for its sound see Remarks 7 and 8. All the 
words under this letter not marked 7, require 
the sound spoken of in Remark a • and as a 
radical initial and its changes see 45. D is an 
initial in words radicaUy firom all the vowels, 
and also firom F, as explained in Remarks 6o, 
119, 121» 143, &c. ; in substantives firom S, to 
show the plural possessive or ownership case; 
and in T for both nouns and verbs, a few of 
which may be seen by the letters at the end of 
the lines. 

Da, p, p. 8. to him, for him, him, to, fbr; as, 
ehur mee da eh (I gave it to him) ; ie aym da 
(I have it for him) ; /At; da (let him) ; eeek 
da Ce8aT (pay to Cesar) ; — syn, idem. It may 
not perhaps be amiss to state here that tills 
wtml has something very singular belonging 
to It as respects the idiom of the English lan- 
g^oage, but which is, however, peculiar to ^e 
IiCanks. A person that would attempt to trans- 
late passages wherein this word occurs In the 
Manks Scriptures, according to the Hamilto- 
nlan or interlinary system, would think it su- 
perfluous in many instances, especially where 
It is placed before plural and feminine nouns ; 
as In 1 Tim. v. Ix. JVv ihig da ben-treoghe ve 
goitj which, to translate literally, would run 
thus, let not him a widow be taken ; and In 
Oen. chap i. IMg da ny uehtaghyn (let him the 
, waters) ; Ihig da ny eeanlee (let him the 
fowls), &c. &c. A learner must not hesi- 
tate to sacrifice the idiom of his own language 
to learn that of another, but must form 
phrases altogether incorrect and foreign to 
his own language. 

Daa, a. 9. two, the dual number; adv. twice, 
doubly. This is not the word used in counting, 
but tliat which Is always used with its substan- 
tive in the singular number, as the Manks does 
not make plural till three. See 100. 


Daao, 8. left, did leave. F. 

Daaob'aoh, v. would, &c. die. 

Daaoh'bb, a. d. of dying or colouring. 

Npn Daaoh'by, v. your, &c. frequenting ; Jud. 
V. 6; e. 8. dying, colouring. 

Daah-cbbb, 8. m. heart bum. 

Daah'dbr, 8. m. a dyer or one that singes.. 

Daa-fillby or rather Daa-illby, a. twofold. 

Daah, v. die, singe ; — aob, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; ~in, 
88 ; — INS, 84; — ^YM, 86; — YllS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

Daab'it, 85. dyed, coloured ; S*. xxv. 5. 

Daa'bjit, 85. singed, scorched. 

Daail, v. did ftdl, CaUed. F. 

Daait'nbb, v. did gorse^ gorsed. A. 

Daan'by or Danby, a. bold, daring, impudent, 
presumptive, rude. 

Daan'ys, 8. f. boldness, presumption, &c. 

Daabb or Daabkbb, «. did bathe. F. 

Daabb or *Daar, v. catch ; as, Daare 00 (canst 
thou catch). See also Dayr; both words are 
used In the Scriptures; — agh; — in; — ins; 
— YM ; — YMS ; — Ys, 94. T. 

Daabl or Daae'lbb, v. did cook or dress vic> 
tuals. A. 

Daabb, v. did grow, grew. A. 

Daast or Daastbb, «. did wring, wrung. F. 

JV^n Daaub, ,. 9. your, &c. bein^ idle, out of 
employ. T. 

Daayl or Daill, «. m. delay, credit, time before 
payment. Prov. ** Hig daill gye eeek.** 

Dabxd, a. forty, two score or two twenties. 

Daebd'oo, a. fortieth. 

Dao'olb or Daoolbb, v. did frighten or fright, 
ened, did terrify or terrified, &c. A. 

Npn Dao'oloo, 8. your, &c. talk or conversa- 
tion. T. 

Nyn Dao'oyrt, 8. your, &c. parson, priest, or 
minister. S. 

iVtfn Dao'oybty8,«. your, &c. ministry or priest- 
hood. S. 

Daob, pro. each, every one of any number taken 

Cha Dagb'yb, v. will not happen ; — in ; — ym, 
&c. T. 

Dy Daob'ybaob, v. If would happen. T. 

Er Daob'yrt, v. hath, &c. happened. T. 

Nyn Daob'ys, «. your, &c. Iteh. T. 

Daill or Dbaill, v. did hire, hired, did fedl, 
credit, time. See Dat^l. Prov. ** Roehee 
daUl y dorrye.** F. 

Daink, v. did or didst come. 

JV^ Dait'nys, 8. your, &c. delight or pleasure. 

Cha Dait'tyn lbiam, v. I had not pleasure or 

delight. T. 

Nyn Dalbai'b, 8. your, &c. tailor. T. 

Dalk, ado. will they walk on slowly. Cha 
*Dalk, not walk slowly ; — aob ; — in ; —ins ; 

— YM ; —YMS, 94. T. 

Er Dal'bal, v. hath, &c. walked slowly. T. 

Dal'laob, v. dazr.ling or to dazzle, to cause 
blindness by beholding some bright object. 

JV^ Dal'laob, v. your, &c. murmuring, grumb- 
ling. T. 

Daml or Damlbb, e. did wrack or manure with 

seaweed. F. 

Nyn Dam'mao, «. your, &c. thicket or hush. T. 


f>VNXT, a. bold, daring. See also I>aan0y, 
Pahget'b or rather Dafjetb, «. m. danger, 

haxard. See Cleigeen, 
Danjey^bagh, a. dangerous, hazardous. 
Baxjet^bid, s. m. dangerousness. 
Er Dan'nagh or £^r Dannaohtth, v, hath, 

&c., coutinaed, remained, abode, ^. T. 
Ayn Dan^nts, your, &c. ten an try or tenants. 
Baitsoo'b, v. answered or replied. A 

Ifyn Bj^f^j your, ^. temperature of 

temper^ T. 

Dabk or P&BKEE, V. did wait or w&ited. F. 
Dabb, v. lasted or did last; 3 Chron xxix. 28. F. 
Dab'bao, ttf. a fishing line made of black 

hair snooids ; a beam ; Mat, vii. 3. 
Dab'bagh^ 8. m. oak ; a, d. oaken.. 
Dab'baoh oo, v. wooldst thou come, or go. 

See 62. Ch. 

Dab^bee,V, shifted or did shift, jremove or 

did remove or shift, is used for i>arr (last) . A 

PAB^BETDiSBt 8, m. a door keeper, a porter. 

Dab'bin, p, would I come, or wou}d I go ; 

1 Cor, iv, 18 ; — s, id, em, Ch. 

Bash, s.m a. bulk or heap built up , pi. — yn. 
Pasht oo, V, wilt thou keep or treasure ; — 

AGA ; — £E ; — IN ; i«»ins ; — ym ; ••— yms ; 

Ys, 94. T. 

Nyn DASH'xAGHYNjS.p/.your&c. treasures. T 
Das'in or Das'nee, did winnow, winnowed. T 
Cha Past, v. not heed, or not led to be 

mindful, or pay attention to; — aoh > — 

iNi — IKS ; — YM ; — yms; — ys, 94. T. 
Nyn DAs'TEY,«.your,&c. notice, beed, 5pc, T. 
Pas'tyb, V, did ei^tirpate or root oat* A. 
Da'syn, p, pm, of Da, which see. 
Patt, V, did swell, swelled,. 
Paue, p, p, to them, for them. The pl^ oiDUf 
Pade'syn, p, p, idf em, 
*Pauns or Paunse, v, dance, dandle ; — 

AGH, 77 ; — EE, 80 J — IN, 83 ; — ins, 84 ; 

— IT, 85 ; — YM, 86 ; —yms, 87 ; — ys, 38. 
Paunse, 9. m, a dance ; pL see next word, 
Paun'seeyn, 5. pi, dances. 
Paunseyb', s, fit. a dancer ; pi, — yn. 
pAYLL, 8,f, a dingle or dale, a valley. 
ifyn Paynt, s, your. Sec. covetousness. 8. 
Cha Payb, V, not catch ; — ^agh ; — in ; — 

INS ; — YM ; 94. See also Daare, T. 
Cha Paybn, V, not drawn; — ^agb;-^in; 

— INS ; — YM ; YMS ; ys, 94. T. 

Cha PsAB, V. did not form or plan. £. 

Cha Pbagbill, v, did not change. C. 

Pbaisht or Pbais9tbb, v. did listen, 

barkened, listened. E. 

BxAiLii, 8, m, 7. a quantity of dry fiaz tied 

together before sent to the mill to be 

cleaned ; pL Peayill. 
-^MAU, V. 8. did cry out. See Deie^ % 
^^^UMy V, project or jut; — 4QH, J7 

P£N A3 

PsAM^EB, a, 4* of projection. 

— ^/EY, 8, m. ( projection ; pi, 67, 

'EYDEB, 8j tn, a projector, Abo. 

'IT, 85. projected, jutted. 

Pean, 8, m, 7. a goal or mark ; pL — ^nr, 
Peayl'lee, V, 8, did lime, limed. ' I^, 
Beayb'ee, V. did cool, or become less warm.F. 
Peaybt, v. spill, pour; agh, 77 ; — ee, 80; 

— IN, 83; — INS, 84; yms, 87; — ys, 88. 

'ey, V, spilling, pouring ; pi, 67. 

— — 'evdeb, 8,n^. a spjiller, pourer. 

'it, 85, spilled, poured, 

PEAYSHaL, v. did untie, set at liberty. F. 
Nyn PsAYST, *. your, &c. dough. T, 

Cha ^Peaystn orPEAYST'NEE, v. not knead ; 

— AGH ; — IN ; — INS ; — ym. 94. T. 

Er Peayst'ney, v. hath, &c. kneijed. T. 
Peb'ejagh, a, 7. desperate. A low word. 
Ped'dbymmeb, V, 8 did lighten or make 

lighter in weighty E. 

Pedgb, 8,f, 7f something clever. 
P'ee, V, 8, did leaj;, ate ; lifat, xiii. 4. E. 
Pee or P|d^|9,»./7, a play thing for * child. 
Peeal, v. 8. did beat, beat pr bet. . T. 

Peeab'bee, V, did desire oi^ desired. £. 
Peeas'see, V, did lend, lent, borrwed. E. 
Peeast or Peeast^ee, v, did fish or catch 

fish. E. 

pE£B.BorPEE'BBEE,v.did banish, banished, 

did drive away, compel to quit expelled. E . 
P BECK, 17, did pay, paid. 
PEGNorPEGiNEE,i;.didforce, SeeD^t^n.E. 
Peheb'bbe, s, f. destruction by fire. 
Peie, v. shouted or d|d shout or call. E. 
Nyn Pe]gq,s. your, &c, hatchet ; ^/. — yn.T. 
Peign or Peignee, v. did force or compel, 

compelled, or was obliged to comply. E, 
P'EiLLor pEiLLEE, V, did arm or Qquip with 

armour. %, 

PeiVagh, a. weniy fatigued. 
P£i^EY,s. m. pi. men; the pi. of Dooinnetf, 
Pei NTS, 8./. wearisomeness, fatigue. 
jyEiYB, V. drove or did drive, did follow. E. 
Pell, «./. 7. a lever ; pi, fr-YN. 
Pell, v, 7. deal; — agh, 77; — B^, 80; — 

IN, 83 ; — INS, 84; «*ym, 86 ; — yms, 87. 

— AL, V. 7. dealing; pi, <»— yn. 

-— ^ eydeb. s. m. J. a dealer; pi. ^-^yn. 

IT, 85. 7, dealed or dealt. ' 

Pei/lid, 8. m, 8. failure of sight, blindness. 
Pend, V, 7 attend ; as^ mannagh dtnd eh (if 

he attend not) ; —agh ; — in ; —ins ;— - 

T-.YM ; —YS, 94. T, 

Pendey'saoh, a. 8. delicate, donsy, effemi,- 

nate ; «. m. a delicate or effemiiia^ 

person ; pi, 71. 
Pendey'sid, 8, m. delicacy, effeminacy. 
De'nee, did ask or enquire, asked, ^, F, 
Peh'mts, V, nominated, nftmed, 



Cha Bbnn or Den'nek, v. did not feel. Prov. 

**Cha dennee rieaii yn soogh y shang." E. 
D.EOYiL or DEOYLaEE, V. did dung, dunged. 
Deb or ♦Debb'oo, v. wilt thou give ; — agh ; 

— IN ; — 1N8 ; — YM ; — yms ; — vs. For 

the radical of this Jrregular verb, see 02. 
.Ber'bey, adv. till, until, other or either. 
yn Derbey-leih', s. m. the oue half. 
Debt, v. did stick, stuck, fastened. . F. 

Det'lee or Det'tyl, v. flew, did fly. 
Dew, oxeu, bullocks. 
Dewil, tf. cruel, burbarous, savage, severe. 
Yn Dewi'lagh,s. w. the cruel or terrible 

oue ; pi. 71 ; Ji^a. xxix. 28. 
Dewi'ley, a. pi. cruel, savage, severe. 
Dewi'lys, s. /. cruelty, barbarity, inhu- 
manity, severity, inclemency ; pi. — syn. 
DsYh, a. dear, not cheap. 
Deyu or Deybee, v. condemn or sprstence 

to puuisbment: — agh, 77; — ee, iriO. 
Deyr'ee, a. d. >f condemnation. 
Deyb'ey, a. pi. dear, not cheap ; s. m. con- 
demnation,^) tome, guilt; V condemning. 
Deyr'eyder, Si m. a condemner, a sen 

teucer; pi. — yn. 
Deyr'it, 85. condemned, sentenced. 
Deyrs'nys, s. dearness, high price. 
Deysht or Deyshtee, v. did exariiine or 

questioned, did question or examined. F. 
Nyn 1)hal'loo, *. your, &c land, eartb, 

terra. T. 

Dhan, v. did flay, flayed. F. 

Dhatt or Datt, v. did swell or swelled. A. 
Er Dhen'niu, v. hath, &c. thawed, melted, 

or liquified. T. 

Dheyb, s. m. bulling ; a cow is said to be 

so when she wants the bull. 
Dhiane', s. w. a worm, earthworm ; pi. — yn. 
Dhian'eaoh, a. wormy, full of worms. 
Nyn Dhie, s.your,&c. house, home; pi. — 

yn. T 

Dhilo, V. will, &c. throw or cast; aoh ; — 

IN ; — YM, &c. T. 

Er DaiLG'Ei, v. hath, &c, tlirown up, 

vomited. T. 

Dhill, v. did fold or folded. F. 

Dhim'byl, v. did brew or brewed. I. 

Dhin'qyr, v. did gather pus, or matter. I. 
Dhoan or Dhone, a. dark brown, bay. 
Dhoa'naghey, v. making brown or dark 
Dhoa'ney. fl. pi. brown, &c. 
Dhoa'nid, s. m. brownness, 
Nyn Dholt'aNjS. your, &c. house in ruins. T.i 
Dholta'nagh, a. doltish. 
Dhon'ey, a. pi. ill, in a bad state of health. 
DHONK,s.wi.aheavy blow or thump ;pl. — yn. 
Dhonk'an, 8. m. a bruiser in a flax mill, a 

thumper to beat a pavement; |>^. — yn. 
Phonk'ey, v. thumping. 


DH0NK'EYDER,s.m. one who thumps; j>/. — Yn 
Dhon'nao, s.f. a name for a brown cow. 
Dhon'naw, s. m. one that is ill or poorly to 

do a thing; a dunce, dolt or dastard. 
Dhox'nanagh, a. duncely, dastardly. 
Dhoo'ag, s.f. an eclipse : a general name 

for a black cow. 
Dhoob'aght, s. m. a perquisite, something^ 

given over the settled price or wages. 
Dhornan'e, s.f. a handle, ahelve or hilt, a 

short handle as thatofaknife, Scc;pl. — yn 
Dhorna'nagh, a. having short handles, as a 

two handled knife ; skynn dliomanagh, 
Nyn Dhost, adv. we silent ; as, hee mayd 

nyn dhost (we shall be silent.) 
Dhotail', v. doting, impaired in the ouder- 

standing by age or otherwise. 
Ad ny Dhree, s. they the three. T. 

Dhue'bey, s. m. a puddle, a pool*; pi. 67. 
Nyn Dhuill, s. pi. your, &c. holes. T. 


on a ball ; a plug or stopple ; pi. — y'n. 
Dhui,'ley, s. m. scarcity, scantiness. Sel- 
dom used but negatively; as, cha row 

dhulley. T. 

Dhuss'an, s. m. a dozen ; pi. — yn. 
Dhyt, p. p. to thee, for thee ; — s, id em. 
Cha DiLG, V. not throw or cast ; — agb : — 

IN ; — INS ; — YM ; — yms, 94. T. 

Dim'lee, v. humble, humbled. 
Dim'man, v. did drive, drove. I. 

DiM'MEE, V. departed, did depart or walk 

away, did go. I, 

Dimeaa', v. did mention or express, &c. I. 
DiN'JiLEE, V. did lower or make low. I. 
DiNSH, V. told, did tell. I, 

Dirk, s.f. a dagger, a dart. 
Dir'rag, s.f. a wicket door, a small door or 

gutte*" for sheep to pass on ; pi. — yn. 
Dirb or DiRBEE, V. rose, did rise. I, 

Diu, V. drank, did drink. 
Did, p. p. for ytm, to you ; ish, id em. 
Diu-hen'e p. p. for yourself or selves. 
DiUN, V. deepen; — agh, ; 77; — ee, 80. 
Diun'aghey, v. deepening, &c. 
Diun'id, s. m. depth ; pi, — yn. 
Div'lyn, s. m. 7. Dublin. 
DoAD, V. 8. kindled, did kindle, lit. 
Doagh, s.f. a vat, a keeve, a press. 
DoAiE, s.f. decency, suitableness, worth. 
Doaie'agh or Doaiagh.o. decent, becoming, 

suitable, discreet, worthy. 
Dy Doaiemgh, adv. decently, suitably, dis- 
creetly, worthily. 
^y DoAtL, «. pi. the blind. Isa. xxxv. 5. 
Doal, a. blind, without sight, dark. 
Doa'ley, a. pi. blind, sightless. 
Nyn DoALT, s, your, &c, bam ; pL *— > 


DoALTATTTM, u. sndden nn expected, hasty, 
without knowledge before hand. 

Doaltat'tymaqh or Dy Doaitattym, adv. 
suddenly. • 

Doaitat'tymid, a. m. 90. suddenness. 

Doan'hjck, v. did bury or inter, bnried. 0. 

Doab'dee, v. did ordain or ordained, did 
- order or ordered. 

DoARaisH, s.f. a gap, or breach; pi. — yn, 

Doab^ishagh, a. having gaps or breaches. 

DOARN, s./. a fist. 

Doarnai'g, s./. See Dornaig, 


Dob, v. did deny or denied, did refuse or 
refused, did object or objected. O. 

Dob'beran; v. 7. lamenting, mourning, be 
wailing, &c.; s./^ lamentation, mourning. 

Dob'beranagh or Dobbranagh, a. 7. sor- 
rowful ; Jab vi. 7 ; s. «i. 7. a mourner. 

DoB^BREE, V. did work, wrought, &c. 0. 

Doc'cAB^ s.f. dint or stress of labour. 

Doc'cARAGH, a. laborious, done with great 
dint or exertion of strength. 

Doccar-coraa', 5. m. emphasis; a. — agh, 

Doo'cARiD, s. m. laborionsness. 

Doc'kle. v. did word, spoke, or utter ; Isa. 
xlviii. 3. F. 

Doc'KLEE, V. did speak or utter in words. F. 

Cha DoD, V. could not; Esther, ix. 2. F. 

My DoD'DiN.^J.beforel could; — s, 

DoGH'AN, s. m. disorder, distemper; pi. — yn. 

DoGH'ANAGH, a. disordered, ill, &c. ; s. m. a, 
disordered, diseased, orsick person; pi. 7 1. 

Dogh'anky, v« disordering. &c. 

Cha DoGHT, V. not choke or strangle ; — 
" AGH ; — IN ; — INS ; — YM, 94. T. 

JSr Dogh'eey, v. hath, &c. choked, &c. T. 

Nyn DoGH'YR, «. your, &c. dowry or mar- 
riage portion. T. 

Cha DoiG, V. will not underatand ; — agh; 

— in; — ins; ym; — yms, 94. T. 

Nyn Doig'gal,^. your, &c. understanding. T. 

Er Doig'gal, v. hath, &c, understood. T. 

Er DoiLCHiN, V. hath, &c. merited, &c. T. 

Nyn Doil'cbinys, s. your, &c. deservings, 
merits or deserts. T. 

Cha Do ILL, V. merit, earn, or deserve not ; 
— AGH ; — IN ; — INS ; ym, 64 T. 

Doil'lee, a. difficult, not easy. 

Dy Doil'lee, adv. diflSculty, not easily. 

Doil'leeid, s. m. difficulty, hardship. 

Er Doil'liu, v. hath, &c. deserved ^merited 
or earned. Er Doilliu to reward. &o. T. 

Nyn Doii/BHEY, s. your, &c. light, sight. S. 

Doll, v. blot, deface, erase ; — agh, 77 ; — 
EB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — ins. 84 ; — ^ym, 86. 

Doll or Dolleb, v. did hide, hid or con- 
4iea]ed. F. 



Dol/LST, v. blotting, defaceing, ke* 

DoL'LEY, s. lack ; Exod. xvi. 18. 

Dol'lit, 85. blotted, defaced, erased. 

DoLM orDoL'HEE.v. did empty orexDtled.F. 

Dolt, s. m. a ward ; pi. — aghyn. 

Dolt'anys, s. m. adoption. 

Dolt'ey, s. m. an adopted child, or a child 
one has stood sponcer for at baptism. * 

Doltoo'an, v. did reproach or blaspheme. O, 

Doo, a. black, dark; v. blacken, darken; 
— agh, 77 ; — EB, 80 ; — in, 83, 

Doo'an, s. a hook, a fish hook ; pi. — yn. 
The etymology of this word no doubt is 
Doo (dark,) and the diminutive an^ {the 
little thingihatlies hid in darkness to de- 

DooAN - y • CH lONE -CAST, s./. the herb self-heid 

Dooar ad, v. did thej get, or got they. 6. 

Doo'blb, a. double ; p., — yf. 

Doo'blt, 85. doubled. 

Doo'cbey, v. blackening, making black. 

Doo'dee, s. /. a damsel, a wench. Only 
used on the South of the Island. 

Doo'ey, a. pi. black, dark. 

DooGH, a. ill, bad, dire. 

Dy DooGH, adv. badly, not well. 

Doogh'ey, a. pi, bad, ill, dire. 

Doo-gheu'rey, s. m. the dead of wintA*. 

Doo-gob'rym, a. purple. 

Doo-gor'rymid, s. m. purpleness. 

DooGHfYS,^./. nature, quality,kind, temper. 

Doogh'yssagh, (I. natural, temporal, opposed 
to spiritual, inbred, according to nature. 

Doo'iD, s. m. blackness, darkness. 

Dooie a. kind, beneficent, good uatured, true. 

Dooi'lee or DooiLLEE.v.didoil, did anoint. 

DooiN, p. p. Cpronounced Duhn) to us, for 
us ; — YN, id. em. The words Hooin, 
Eooitu and Dooin are all to us, but used 
difierently ; as, cvr dooin nyn an an (give 

DooiN, v. i. close up, shut up or darken ; — 

AGH, 77; ee, 80; — in, h3 ; — ins; 84. 
Dooin'ey, v. shutting, closing or darkening. 
Dooin'eyper, s. m. a shutter, a darkeuer. 
Dooin'ney, s. m. a man ; pi. see Deiney, 

— : AEG, 8. m. a young man. 

CHEER'EY, 8. ffi. a countryman. 

moyl'lee, s. m. an applauder, a 


poo'sEE, a bridegroom. 

— — — P008T, s, m, a married man, a 


-SEYR, s. m, a gentleman. 

■^soo'bee, s. m. a wooer, a conrter. 

DooiNT, 85. shut, closed, darkened. 

DooiR or DooixiREE, V. did earth or cover 

with mould. O. 

DooisHT, V. awake, awaken, awakened ; — 



vpvvAOH, T7 ; XB, 80 : — iK, 88 ; — nri, 84. 
Pooi8H^AOH> a, watchfiil, TigUant 
Pooi9h'tbt, a, pi, watchful, TigUant. 
Booisb'tbtdbb, 8. m. an awa](ener» 
DooisH^TiT, 85, awakened. 
PooiT, 85. blacl^en^d, ^f 
|)ooL, af bli^eki^. 

PoQif^ St Bf ^eld called in English a close; 
. V. shat, close up, darken, &c. ; aob, 77. 
PoON^AOHT, Sf m. Sabbath, the Lord's Day, 

Sunday. Perhaps from Doon Cshnt or 

dose up), and agfU Cwav) ; as doors and 

gates were all ^ be in a closed np state 

on this day. 
PooN^BB, a. d* of ths Sabbath, Sabbatic. 
Doon'et, V, shutting, closing, darkening. 
Doon'btdeb, ». m. a closer. See Doftntyder. 
Doon'lbb, V, did ablute or wash, 0. 

Doo'oAL^BE, 8.f, a spider ; pL — 'Tx. 
Nyn DooB, s, yoar, &c. tower ; pi. -vYV, T. 
Poo^BAOHT, St See Dhooraght. 
Doo'BBB, V. did refresh, or refreshed. 
*Doo8HT or DoosHTET, V. awakcn, aronse ; 

— AOH, 77; — rBB, 80 J — IB, 83 ; — ins, 84. 
Pqosh'tbt, «. a wake, a vigil ; pL 67. 
PoouB, 9. /. a dara, a coUectiqn of water, a 

Poo^BT, V, said did say. 
DooYs, p. p. give ine. The em of Dou, 
Poorr, s. m, a doubt ; pl^ -^tn ; v. id. ; -«- 

AOH, 77 J —BE, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; ins, 84. 
Pootteil', v. doubting, distrusting. 
PooTTEiL'AQH, a, doubtfpl * «. m. a doubtful 

of dqnbting person ; pl^il. 
Pootteil'ys, 8. m. doubtfulness. 
PooTT'iT, 85. doubted. 
Pooyt'tlagh, 8. m, a doubter ; pi. 71. 
PoB'AL, 8. f. a pore, puncture, or aperture. 
^yn Dob'can, 8. your, ^c. fumes. T. 

^yn Dobch, 8. your, &c. sort, kind. Sec. S. 
^y;? Dobch'agh,*. your, ^. torment; p^—YN. 
Sr ny Dobcq'aohey, v. being tormented. T 
Cha Dobch or Pqbch'ee, v, not torment ; 

-^AQH ; —IN ; — INS ; — ym j yms, 94. T. 
Pobnaig/, «./. a covering for the hand or fist, 

used to guard tbe hand i^gainst thorns. 
Pobneein', 8. m. See Dhomane, 
Dob/ba«hby, a. dard, duskish. 
Dy Dob<beghey, adv. darkly. 
Pob/i(agpts or DoBBiD, 8. m, 98. darkness ; 

pL -^yn. 
Bob'bin, 8. m. tempest, storm ; pi. — ^yn, 
Pob'binaoh, a. tempestuous, stormy. 
Pob'bys, «. TO. a door ; pL — syn. 
Por'bybh, a. <i. of a door or doors. 
Poi/bys-doovt or — -dxjnt, s. the back or 

shut doof. 
Kyn Dqbt, 8- your, 6x. thoughtfulness, &c. T. 
^y» PotH^IAOHT, V, OUT, &c, beginning, ^ ; 


DoBH lu, V, opened, did open. P^ 

Dos'NBB, V. did sigh, sighed, sobbed. 0^ 
Doss, 8. m. abunch, a cluster, a bow of riband. 
Dos'sAGH, a. clustery, bushy, bunchy. 
Dos'sAN,«.ni. a small bunch; l/9am. xxv. IS, 
Dos'SANAOH, a. bnoohy, clusterous ; the 

dim. of Dossagk* 
Dou, p, p. to mej for me, em. See Dooyt. 
Bou-HBNB, p. p, for myself, to mysell 
Dou^BiN, «. m. a distemper, a malady. 
Dou<BiNAOH, a. distemperous, contagions. 
Dow, 8, TO. an ox, abnllock ; pi. see Dew. Prov, 

" Cha 8tamp rieau yn dow doo er e chan" 
DowuNBB or DowABBT, «, m. dawning of^ 

the day. 
DowiL, a. 0ee Ihwilf 
DowiB, a. deep, entering fsMP, 
Dow^iNBY, a. pi, deep, not superficial. 
Nyn Pqwsb, 8. yonr, &c. measure. T^ 

Nyn Dow'sQAN,*. your, &c. measurement. T, 
Dqtn, or Dhoan, which see. The former 

spelling, is in Zech. vi. 3, for bay. 
Nyn DoYN, «. your, Sgfi, anus or bottom. T. 
Nyn DoYBT'MOw, s. their, ^.destrnction.T, 
Nyn Dbaa, s. our,' j(c. time. T^ 

Nyn Dbaagh, 8, your, &c. hay. T.' 

Nyn Dbaabti^s, «. your, &c. overthrow. T. 
Nyn Dbaas'tey, 8, yonr, &;o. squeezing. T. 
Nyn Dbaaue, v. your, &o. ploughing. T, 
Dbabao, 8.f. a dirty woman, aslut;/?/. — ^yn, 
Nyn Dbaid, 8. our, &c. street. S. 

^^71 Dbaib, 8. their, &«. shore. T, 

Cha Db ai'e agh, V. would not, fcc. ebb or abate, 
Dbane, 8.f, rhyme, metre, poetry, verse. 
Dbap or ♦piiAPP, V. climb ;-^AGH, 77. 
Dbap'pal, V, climbing ; 1 Sam. xiv. 13. Jer, 

iv. 29. 
Dbap'pit, 85. climbed up. 
Nyn Dbanlaas'e, s. your, &c. tyranny, &c.T, 
Cha Dbanlaas'aob. a, would not, &c. tyran<> 

Nyn DBanlaasagh, your, &c. tyrant, op< 

pressor, &c. ; pi. 71. T. 

Dbease or *Dbeast, adv. after a while, after 

a short time to rest or ease ; — aoh, t^. em^ 
Dbbajll, v. did keep kept. See Dreill, F.^ 
Dbeb, a. tedious, slow. 
Pbeem or Dbbeyv, 8. m. back ; pL — ibyi^ 

or YH. 

Dbeg^oyb, v. replied, did reply or answer, 

did respond, F.^ 

Cha Dbbig, v. not forsake, abandon, ot 

leave ; — aoh ; — in ; — ins ; — ym. 94. T. 
Er Dbbigbii., v. hath, &c. forsaken, &e. T^ 
Nyn Dbeioeil'agh, «. your, &c, fonaker, 

deserter, &c. T. 

Dbbiqh'yk, 8. pi. wretches, slaves. 
Dbbih, s. to. a^wretch, miseri^ble or foflon^ 





DsBiLL, o. kept, did keep, 
Debin or Drban, s. m. a wren j pi. — tn. 
Dbbinmol'laoh, a.m. the bird tomtit. 
Nyn Dhbisht, ». your &c., tmst, hope, confi- 
dence, &c. "^^ 
Cha Drbisbt, ». not trust, confide, &c. j — aoh j 

— BB } — IN J —INS i — TM ; — YMS, ©4. T. 

Npn Drbishtbti/aoh, ». m. your &c. trustee, 
ftcj pi. 7\. T* 

Drbss, ». /. a bramble, a briar; pi. — yk. 

Dbbssaoh, a. briary, having briars. 

Drbssbb, a. rf. ofbriar or briars. 

Driaoh or Dbiaoht, s. a chain of links j p/. 
— YNj t>. chain; — agh, 77? — »■» 80j — i''* 
83; —INS, 84 ; — YM. 86; —YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

Dbiaohi/by, «. chaining, binding with a chain. 
Dbiaoht'bydbb, «. m. achainer; pi. — yn. 
Dbiaoh'txt, 85. chained, fettered. 
Drid, 9. m. a slow trot; v. trot slow; —aoh, 

77; — BB, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; —IT, 85; 

— YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Dridal, v. trotting slow. 

Dbid'laoh, «. m. thin slop, drippings. 

Drio'aoh, a. watery, dropping water; under en- 

Drig'by, v. dropping, fiEdling in drops. 

Dril^lin, a. m. a small particle of fire ; p/.— yn, 
or Dbillebyn. 

Ayn Drim'mid, «. your, &c. weight or import- 
ance. ^' 

Nyn Dbim'shby, «. your, &c. sorrow, grief, &c. T. 

Drinb, 9. m. thorn, thorn tree, quickset ; pi. 
— YN. Of these there are several; as, drine doo 
or am (the sloe thorn) ; drine bugogue (the 
buckthorn); drine drughaig (the hip thorn); 
dnne skeag (the haw thorn), &c. 

Drine'aob, a. thorny, prickly, ftdl of thorn trees 
or quicksets. 

Dkiual'tys or Drualtys, ». Druidiam. 

iVy« Dboailt, 9. their, &c. travelling or journey, 
your, &c. labour in child birth. . T. 

2Vy«DB0Aii.'TYS, «. your, &c. pilgrimage, &c. T. 

Npn Droar or Droayr, «. your, &c. crop. T. 

Cka Deoo or *Drogo, v. not lift, rear, build, 
raise, train; —aoh; —in; —ins; — ym ; 
—YMS ; — YS, 94. T. 

Er Drog'gal, v. hath, &c. reared, lifted, train- 
ed, built, or raised. T. 

Deooh, an adjunctive, a. male, mis, evil, base, ill, 

Dbooh'ad, 9. f. a bridge; pi. — yn. Prw. 
** Moyll 9 droghad mf/r heu harrieh." 

Drogh-aohtys, «./. ill behaviour, misdemeanor, 

Drogb-chorrym, 9. /. foul play, evil treatment; 
Act9j vii. 19* 

Yn Deogh-br, ». to. the evil one, nuuculine. 

Drogh-ohoo, a. m. ill fame, reproach, scandal, 
disgrace, discredit. 

Drogh-haohyrt, 9. m. a disaster, an ill hap. 

. ■ ■ hareooghys, <. m. ill thrift; Eccl. y. 14. 
HpEN, 9. m. an ill turn or job. 
YANNOO or yantys, 9. TO. evil doings. 
-YANTAGH, «. TO. au evil doer, a sinner. 

Nyn Droiddby, ». your, &c. scolding ; pi. 67' T 
Drol'lanb, ». m. a drone, a drudge, an inactive 

spiritless creature ; and in fond or endearing 

language, drollane boght means, poor dear 

Drolla'nbaoh, a. dronish, drooping. 
Drolloo, 9. TO. pothooks, pot hangers. 
Drom^ao or Drom'aoh, 9. m. a backhand, a band 

over a horse's Imck. 
Dromh, a. drowsy, dull, torpid; 90th P9I. Manks 

metre. T. 

Drom'mby, a. d. of or belonging to the back ; 

gournyndrommey (backwards) ; John, zvtii. 16. 
Dronb or Droyn, a. to. a hump or rising part on 
K any tiling. 
Deon'nagh, a. having a hump or rising part. 

'nan, 9. TO. a small hump. 

'ney, a. d» of the hump or rising part. 

-^NiD, a. TO. humpishness. 

Cha Droid or *Droidd, v. not scold; — aoh: 

—in; —ins; — ym ; —YMS; — YS, 94. T. 

Er Droid'dby, v. hath, &c. scolded. T. 

Nyn Deoor, a. these three; Qen. ix. 19; Nwn. 
xii.4. T. 

Nyn Drosb'id, a. your, &c. strength. T. 

Nyn Drostby, a. our, &c. fasting. T. 

Nyn Drousb, a. their, &c. rubbish. T. 

Drow, a, grains, the malt after the beer is ex- 

Druaiobt, a. TO. a Druid. 

Druaight'agh, a. Druidic. That this word is 
also the substantive, appears from the plural 
being in Jer. xxvii. 9 ; «. m. a Druid ; pl. 71. 

Drvaioht'ys or Drualtys, a. m. Druidism, en- 

Drug, a. f. a dray ; pl. — yn. 

Druoh'aio, a. f. the hip thorn, the hip thorn 

Drugh'aioaoh, a. hippy, full of hips. 

Druight, a. TO. dew ; pl. — yn. 

Druighto'il or Deuightoilagh, a. dewy. 

Dbundin, a. TO. lees, dregs, leys. 

Drunt, a. f. the gum; pl. — yn. 

Nyn Drustyr, a. your, &c. dirt. T. 

Nyn Drusyn, a. their, &c. tiousers. T. 

Dt*, pro. thy, thee ; an abbreviation of d^ when 
followed by words beginning with a vowel ; as, 
dVeddin (thyfebce); dt* oi (against thee); dt* 
egooiah (without thee) ; dt* oaya hene (thy own 
good or goodness) ; Job, v. 12. 

Dty, pro. thy, thee, of thee, belonging to thee ; 
it is also used for a, as in Oen. iv. 12. 

Nyn Duarystal, a. your, &c. shape, resem- 
blance, or picture. T. 

Dug, v. gave, put, sent; as, dug 00 daeh (didst 
thou give it him) ; or more literally, gavest 
it thou him; the answer in the negative 
would be, cha dug (gave not) ; dug 00 ayna ahen 
eh (didst thou put it there) ; negatively, cha 
dug (put not) ; dug 00 hooin eh (didst thou send 
it to us) ; negatively, cha dug (sent not) or cha 
ren (didst not) ; which would answer for them 
all as well. Who would think this irregular 

verbis from 
DuiLLAG, a. f. a leaf; pl. — yn. 

^ARGiD, a. f. silver weed, tansy. 

v iLLisH, a. f. costmary, alcost. 
■ 'AGH or DuiLLAOH, a. leafy. 
PHARiCB, a. f. plantain. 


DuiLLBB, V. did suffer, permil^ or allow some- 
thing to be done ; Luke, xiii. 2 ; 2 X)ot. xi. 25. F. 





DuiN or DuiNN, V. did bake or baked. F. 

DviBK or DuiRBBB. V. did stay, staid, did wait 
or tany. F. 

DuiBN, 8. pi. fiats, the hands shot or clenched ; 
the pi. of DoABN. 

Cha DuiTT, 0. not foUj — aoh ; — in; — ins } 

— YM } — TM 8, 94. T. 

Er DiTiTTTM, hath, &c. fell or fallen. T. 

Dulotbn'bb or Doaloaanhbb, 8. f. impairment 
of the sight so as to see eveiy thing in two. It 
is generally understood to mean conjuration, 
or an affection of fiascination pf the sight; the 
latter spelling seems to me the best, as it shews 
its meaning to be a degree of blindness, seeing 
things double. 

Dctll'ish, 8. f. a marine eatable leaf, dillisk. 

DuLLTR, 8. f. dimness, a dark hne, lowering ; 

Mat. xvi. 3. 
Cha Dvu or *Dumm, v. not dip or plunge; 

— AOH; — IN; — INS; — YM ; — YM8, 94. T. 

Er Dum'mby, o. hath, &c. dipped, plunged, &c. T. 

Nyn Dvm'mid, 8. your, &c. bulk, &c. T. 

DuN^NAL, a. courageous, valiant, intrepid. 

Dun'nallby, a. pi. courageous, &c. 

Dun'nallio, 0. m. courageousness, &c. 

Dun'nallys, 8. m. courage, bravery, spirit, re- 
solution, intrepidity, fortitude, boldness ; Heb. 
iv. 16. 

DuNT, a. shut or darkened, a corruption of 
Dooint ; as, dorrya dunt (the shut or back door) . 

DuN^vBR, 8. m. a murderer ; pi. — yn. No doubt 
dunt from dooinney (a man), and ver from var 
(did kUl or slay). 

Dun'vbraoh, a. murderous. 

DunVbr-failt, 8. m. a rufSan. 

DunVebhbne, 8. m. f. saicide, one who des- 
troys him or herself, a felo de 8e. 

Dun'verys, 8. m. murder, murderment. 

Dush'tbb, v. watered, did water. U. 

Nyn Dush'tby, 8. your, &c. knowledge. T. 

Dwhaayl, «. did sew, sewed ; — aoh ; '-in ; 

— ins ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. W. 

Dwoaiaoh, a. detestable, hateful, abhorrent. 

DwoAiB, a. aware ; as, be-Jee er nyn dwoaie (be- 
ware ye, or be ye aware) ; Mai. vii. 15 ; Col. ii. 8. 

DwoAiB, 8. f. detestation, abhorrence, dislike. 

Dwoaiy'saoh, 8. m. a detestable person; the 
plural is in Pro. xxiv. S4 ; pi. 71 . 

DwoAiYs or Dwoaibid, v. detestableness, hate- 

Dy, adv. to ; when placed before verbs is always 
to ; as, dy aagail (to leave) ; <fy aarlaghey (to 
cook) ; dy arragh^ (to shift) ; &c. &c. ; pro- 
nounced dke. 

Dy, pre. (pronounced Dhe) of, when placed be- 
fore substantives; as, lane dy arroo (full of 
com) ; kuid dy ooir (a load of earth) ; ktue dy 
hollan (a quantity of salt), &c. ; there may be 
exceptions nevertheless; as, veih boayll dy 
boayly 3 Ckron. xvii. 5 ; although I thin^ that 
dy there is only as a subst^nte or corruption 
for gy8 or dy8. 

Dy, adv. that or there. I think this word, as 
used in composition, to be adverbial ; as in er 
aggie dy bee (lest that) ; er aggie dy beagh (for 
fear that be) ; or (for fear there be) ; dy row 
(that was) ; (tiiere was) ; (that be) ; Qae as 
that) ; 2 Sam. xviii. 32. 

Dy, coi^. if j ^ beagh eh (if he were) ; dy raghin, 
or, as it is spoken, dy thoin (if I went) ; dy 

n*aa8agh oo mooar (if thou wouldst grow big). 
The word dy is a particle used in composition 
before adjectives, to make them adverbs, as 
nearly every adjective can be made an advert) 
by placing dy before it. For sake of abridging 
the work I have only inserted a few, yet the 
reader may understand how they are made, by 
the following. 

Dy-aalin, ado. beautifully. 

Dy-aabloo, adv. readily. 

Dy-bibau, adv. quickly. 

Dy-booht, adv. poorly. 

Dy-chbillby, adv. together. 

Dy-chooillby, adv. every. 

Dy-slanb, adv. wholly. 

Dy-surransaob, adv. patiently, &c., &c. There 
are many adverbs in the language without this 

Dyll or Dyllbb, v. called or did call, did visit or 
name. y. 

Dym'byl, v. brewed or did brew. Y. 

Dym'mylt, v. did tumble or roll as a horse. Y. 

Dym'myrb, v. bore or did bear, sustain, or testify. 

Dym'^myrt, v. did row with oars, rowed. Y. 

Dy-my-varboo, v. to kill or slay me. 

Dyn-blayst, a, insipid, without taste. 

Dy-nbb, pro. that is ; colloquially we say Dy re, 
but in sacred or solemn discourse we say efy 
nee, the present tense of dy row. 

Dyn, pre. un, without, of the same import as 

Dyn^oyr, v. did gather pus, ichor, corruption, or 
matter. Y. 

Dyn'sbb, v. taught, did teach, learned or did 
learn, did gain, or impart knowledge. Y. 

Dyn-yss, a. unknown, without knowing or 
knowledge, by surprise. 

Dy-rb, that is; Methodiet Hymn Book, Ix. 6. See 

Dys, pre. to, until, unto ; of the same meaning 
as Oye. 

*"**■**■**""•**"■"■""** ■----->-."---*- , - ^- | -^* iniii i i' i i im-'Triin nrun vtiyt a j^iix VI 


E, for its sound see Remarks 9 and 10 ; and its 
changes as a radical initial, see 40, 40, 47, 121, 
&c. ; and in words where it is second letter 
after F, see ll and 48. 

E, pro. his, her, hers. The words initialled by 
mutable consonants that follow the E (his), 
change or aspirate, but those following E (her), 
do not. See 112 and lis. E (her) changes 
initial vowels, as shown in 14 and 40. 

E or Eh, in. of wonder or surprise. 

Dty Ea, 8. thy rest or quietness. F. 

Eab or *Eabb, 8. m. an attempt, eflbrt, or push; 

to say or do some thing; pi. — aohyn; v. 

attempt, &c. ; —aoh, 77; — bb, 80; — «y, 83; 

— in, 83; —ins, 84; — YM, 86; — ^YMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. 
Ea'bxb, 8. m, a person, &c. partly taught, formed 

or planned to some particular work or use. 

Ea'btt, 85. planned, formed, cut out, marked, &c. 
*Ead or Ea'obb. v. be jealous; — aoh, 77-, •~ik, 

83; — ins, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — TS, 88. 




Dy Ea'daoh or Dy Ea'oaghbt, v. to be jealous 

or have jealonsy. 
Ead'daoh, «. m. woollen cloth, wearioi; apparel; 

pi. 72. Eaddagh ceau (wearing clothes). 

Eai/dbb, a. d. of woollen doth, of wearing 

Eado^laoh, a. jealous, suspiciously fearfol. 
Eado'lts, 9. f. jealousy, suspicious fear. 
Eaoh'chbot, s. f. sciatic, rheumatism. 
Eaoht^tr, 8. m. surface, superflce, upper part ; 

pi. — TN. 

EAfmi/TBAGH, a. d. belonging to the surftM^ or 
uppermost part ; a. superficial, shallow. 

Eaibk, s. m. a horn ; pi. — yn. 

Eair'kaoh, a. having horns, horned. 

Eaisht, v. hark, listen, hearken ; pi. — aohtn ; 
— AOH, 77 i — BB, 80 J —IN, 83; —INS, 84} 
— VMS, 87 i — TS, 88. 

Dp Eaish'taohbt, v. to listen, to hearken. 
Eaish'tbvdbr, 8. m. a listener, a hearkener; 

pL — ^YN. 

Eaish'tit, 85. listened, hearkened. 

Ea'jbe, a. 'odious, abominable, hateftd, abhor- 
rent, hideous. 

Ea^jbbts, 8. m. odiousnesB, odium, abominable- 

E Eal'laoh, 8. (from. Feetllagh,) his folk ; Mat. 
xxi. 36. F. 

EAit^LTN, 8. pi. chops, the sides of the month. 

Eam, 8. m. call, cry, shout; pi. — ^tn; «. id. 

. — AOH, 77 J — »«♦ 80 ; — ^IN, 63 j — INS, 84 j 
— YM, 86 i — ^YMS, 87 } — Y8, 88. Prov. ** Un 
eam gys bee, as jeea gys obbyr.** 

Dy Eam^aghby, v. to call, to shout. 

Eam^bydbb, 8. m. a caller, a shouter j pi. — yn. 

Ean, 8. m. John, in sacred or solemn discourse, 
but in common talk it is Juan. 

Ea'nin or Eay'nin, «. m. a precipice; pi. — ^yn. 

E Ea^nish, 8. his witness j pi. — yn. F. 

Banish, «. audience, those present ; Zech. iii. 7. 

Ean'nbb or Eayn^nbb, a. d. of the precipice. 

Ea^rish, 8. weather; sometimes applied to foul 
weather in opposition to Enukir, which some 
say ought to be applied to fair or fine weather. 
It is also used for time of life as, ooilley eariah 
my vea (all the time of my life) ; pi. — yn ; 
Oen. xlviii. 15, and 1 Peter, i. 17. 

Ear'kan, 8. f. a lapwing ; pi. —yn. 

Ear'rao, 8. f. a puUet, a young hen or fowl ; 

pi. — YN. 

Ear'roo, 8. m. number; pi. — yn. 

Ear'roo-airhby, 8. m. the golden number. 

Ear'rooaoh, a. numerous, manifold, multitudi- 
nous $ Ins. xlvi. 25, and 1 Kinge, lU. 9. 

Ea^ry or Ab'rbe, 8. f. an open airy place. 

Eash, 8. f. age ; pi. — ^yn. 

Eayl, 8. f. lime ; pi. — ^yn. 

*Eayi.i. or Eayllbb, v. lime ; — aoh, 77 ; — bb, 

80} — in, 83 j —ins, 84 ; — YM, 86} — yms, 87; 

— ^YS, 88. 

Dy Eayl^lXohby, v. toUme. 
Eayl^lby, a. pi. lime. 
Eatl^uiydbb, 8. m. one who limes. 
Eayl'lit, 85. Umed, covered with lime. 

Eayl^ltmyn, 8. pi. betUes, a part of a weaver's 

Eayut, 8. pi. lambs. 

Eayn, 8. m. a Iamb. 

Eay'naoh, 8. m. a desert, a waste. 

Eay'nnbb, a. d. of a desert or wilderness, of a 

Eay'nin, 8. f. a precipice. See Eanin. 

*Eayr or Eayrbb, v. make cold, cool ; —aoh j 

— IN; ^INS; — YM} ^YMS j ->YS, 04. F. 

Dy Eay'raohby, v. to cool. F. 

E Eay^rid, 8. his coolness. F. 

Ro Eay'rit, 85. too cooled. F. 

*Eaysl or Eayshil, v. untie, loosen } ^aob } 

— IN ; — INS} — YM; — YMS; — Y8, 04. F. 

Dy Eays'lby, «. to let loose or unbind, to un- 
tie or unloose, to set free or at liberty. F. 

E Eays'lbyubr, 8. m. his one who unties or 
unlooses. F. 

Ro Eays'lit, 85. too untied, too unloosed. F. 

Eayst, «. /. moon ; pi. —yn. 

Eayst-noa, 8. f. a new moon. 

Ec, pre. at. Something might be said far this 
word, as is for Da. 

Ec'hby, (Ec eh,) p. his, he, of him, he, &c. has, 
hath, have, had, &c. ; as, ehoh yn thie echey 
(this is his house or home) } ta fye eehey (he 
knoweth) -, te eehey (he has got it) ; «e echey 
(he had it), &c. ; — syn, id. em. 

EcK, pro. her, hers, of her, she has, she bad, &c. 
•"— SH, id. em. 

Edd, 8. m. a hat ; a nest > pi. Ibd. 

Edd-ushao, 8. m. a bird's nefit. 

Ed'deyder, 8. m. a hatter ; pi. •^yn. 

Ed'dtn, 8. f. a face, front, &c. ; pi. -— yn. Ety- 
mologry Oi dooinney. 

Ed'drym, a. light in weight, not heavy} v. 
lighten, make light } — aoh, 77; -^w, 80 ; — in, 
83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 j — YS, 88. 
This word, no doubt, is from 0% trome (oppo- 
site to heavy). 

Dy Ed'drymaohby, v. to lighten or make 

Ei/drymbb, v. make light or lighter. 

Ei/drymmid or Eddrymmys, «. m. lightness, 

want of weight, levity. 
Eduyr, pre. betwixt, between. Prov. " Bddyr 

daa etoyl ta toyn er laare.** 

E Ed'jao, 8. his feather ; pi. — yn. F. 

EoYR, conj. either, neiUier, not at all, whether 
or no, one or other. 

Ee, pro. she, and sometimes her. The following 
passage has them both in: ** Ohow ee bread ae 
choose ee e heddin" (she took a veil and 
covered her face). 

£b, v. eat} — ^aoh, 77s — mm, B0-, —in, 83} 

—INS, 84 J — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 J — T8, 88. 
Dty Eback'lb, a. thy tooth ; pi. 69. F. 

Ro Eeack^laoh, a. too snappish. F. 

E Bbaoh^yn, 8. pi. his debts; Mat. xviii. 25. F. 

Eban or Tbban, «. m. 47. a <diicken, the young 
of a fowl of any kind, a fowl. 

Eban', 8. pi, 47. fowls, the fowls of the air. 

Eban'lbydbr, 8. m. 47. a fowler ; pi. -^yn. 

Eban-rb'ap, 8. /. 47. com-<9reak, rail. 

Ebar'lys or Ybbablys, «. m. 47. earnest. 

Ebar'rbb or Yxbabrkb, 8, 47. desire^ wish. 

*£bass or Ebassbb, v. 47. lead, bonrow $ —aoh, 

77} — BB, 80} —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86 ; 
—YMS, 87 } — YS, 88. 

Dy Ebas'saobby, v. 47. to lend, to borrow. 



Yn EsAs'tAOBT, «. m. 47- the loan or Iqndingr ; 

pi. — TN. 

BsAs'tBB, a. d. 47. of lending or of borrowing:. 
Ebas'sbtdxr, $. m. 47. a lender, a borrower; 
pi. —YN ; a creditor, a Kings, iv. 1. See also 

Ebas'sit, 85. 47. lent, borrowed. 

Kbast, s. m. 47. a fish ; pi. — tn j «. fish ; — aoh, 

77 i —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — TM, 86 J — TMS, 87 } 
— TS, 88. 

Dy Ebas'taob or Ebastaohbt, v. 47* to fish, 

to angle. 
Ebas'tbb, a. d. 47. of fishing or angling. 
Ebas'tbtr, ». m. 47. a fisher or fisherman, an 

angler; pi. —ys. 
Ebab'tbtkaob, a. d. 47. of a fisher or angler. 
Ebas'tbtkts, s. m. 47. the trade or craft of a 

Ebas'tit, 85. 47. fished. 
*Ebbr or Ebbrbb, v. banish, send to exile; 

— AOH, 77 i —in; 83; -INS, 84; — YM, 86 i 

— ^YMS, 87$ — TS, 88. 

Eb'brit, 85. banished, transported, sent to exile. 

Eb'btrtaoh, ».m. a banished person ; pi. 7'^' 

Dp Eb'btrt, v. to drive away, to banish. 

Eb'btrtts, $. m. banishment. 

Ebck, f>. pay ; — aoh, 77 ; — bx, 80 ; ^in, 83 ; 
— INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — ^YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88; S. m. 
a payment ; pi. — yn. 

Eec'kbydbr, ». m. a payer, one who pays. 

Ebc'kit, 86. paid, rewarded. 

Eb'dbr or Ebddyr, s. m. an eater ; pi. —yn. 
The latter spelling is quite absurd, although it 
is made use of in Jud. xiv. 14. 

Yn Eb'doo, a. the twentieth; l Chron. xxiy. l6. F 

Dy Eb'dyn, 8. pi. of twenties. F. 

Ebh, «. /. suet or fat of an animal before it is 

Ebhen'b, pro. herself. 

Ebil or Oibl, ». the night of. 

Es^iT or Ebt, 85. eaten, ate. Sometimes im. 
properly sounded Uit, Prov. " Ta bee eettjar- 

ExK, s. /. a small stack or rick j v. stack or rick ; 

—aoh, 77 i — BK, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — Y8, 88. 

'by, V, stacking, ricking. 

'byobr, 8. m. one who stacks or ricks. 

— ^iT, 85. stacked, ricked. 

Ebm or Ebym, 8. f. butter; Gen. xviii. 8. 

Ebr, adv. even, merely. 

Eb'rby, 8. f. the length that a plough team 

ploughs in a field without turning; pi. 67. 

Eerey hallooin. 

Ebym, «. /. butter; pi. — yn. See Eem, Had 
Eem been the orthography made use of 
throughout the Scriptures, it would not have 
confounded it with Eeym (I will eat). The 
Hebrew of butter is henuA. 

Ebym'mby, a. d. of butter; as, croekan-eeymmey 
(a crock of butter). 

Diy Ebyn, 8. thy wine ; Eccl. ix. 7. F. 

Eg'oby, 8. f. a web; pi. (S/7. 

E'oiN, 8. f. force, compulsion, rape, constraint; 
want of help; Deut. xxii. 25 ; extortion, Ex. 
xxii. 12. 

Eo'iNAGH or Eio'nagh, a. forcibly, in want of 


help, compnlsiYe ; «. m. a person who wants 

force or help; p/. 71* 
Dy Eo'iNAOBBY, V. to force, to compel, to straiten 

so as to make to comply, to constrain. For the 

other derivatiYes of this verb, see Eign. 
Eolhinol'lby, 8. m. linsey woolsey. 
DV Eooo'isH, pre. without thee. F. 

Eh, pro. he, it, and sometimes him, as in 2 King8 

xi. 2, Q» dollee ad eh (and they hid him). 

Eh-hbnb', pro. himsdf. 

Ehl'lby, 8. m. attachment, intimacy, taken up 
with, very fond of, so as to be entirely taken up 
with. Perhaps Ellyn has some analogy to 
this word. 

EiB, 8. m. idea ; as, eha row eie aym er (I had 
no idea of it). 

Eix, a. m. meddle ; as, cha dug mee eie er (I did 
not meddle with him or it). This word may 
seem strange as it has no substantive in English. 

EiB, 9. shout, cry, call, call out; — ^aoh, 77 1 
— IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 87 ; — YS, 88. Prov. 
** Cha nee yn wooa smoo eieys stnoo vlieaunye.** 

EiBiT, EiBT, or EiT, 85. called, cried for, called 
by name. 

Eio, a. stale, flat, vapid. 

*EioN or EioVbb, v. force, compel, constrain, 
oblige; —AOH, 77; --be, 80; —in, 83; —ins, 

84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Dy Eio'naghby, v. to force, compel, &c. 

Eio'nbydbb, 8. m. 'aforcer, aravisher, acom- 
peller ; pi. — yn. 

Eio'nit, 85. forced, compelled, obliged, strait- 
ened ; Luke, xii. 50. 

Eil'kin, 8. m. an errand, a message ; pi. — tn. 

Eill, «. arm, fit with armour or arms ; — ^aoh, 

77 J —BE, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 i 

— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Dty Eill, a. thy flesh ; pi. — ^yn. f. 

Dy Eill, 8. of flesh ; pi. — yn. f. 

Eil'lby, «./. armour; pi. 67. 

VROOHIL, 8. m. breast armour, harbergeon 

CHAGOEE, *. /. armour for war. 

Eil'lit, 85. armed, fitted for war. 

EYn, 8. pi. chickens, the young of fowls. 

Eion'by, 8. See Eaynagh. 

Dy Eir'aghey, v. to inherit. (Seldom used.) 

Eir'aght, «. m. inheritance, patrimony ; pi. 64. 

Eir'ey, 8. m. an heir, an inheritor; pi. 67. 

' >iNNBBN, «./. an heiress. 

Eib'inagh, 8. m. a fkrmer, a husbandman, an 
agriculturist^ a yeoman ; pi. 71. 

MAiLLBB, 8. »». a former that holds a 

farm on rent. 

Eir'inys, 8. m. husbandry, agriculture, fisuming. 
Eisht, adv. then, at that time; — ^agh, then em. 
ElT, 85. called, cried to. See Eieit. 
EiYR, V. drive, follow ; — agh, 77 j — eb, 80 ; —in, 
88 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS 87 ; --YS, 88. 

Eiyr'bydbr, 8. m. a driver, a follower ; pi. -— yn. 
See also Eiyrtyaagh. 

Eiyr'it, 85. driven, followed. 

Dy EiYRT, «. to drive, to follow. 

Eiyrty'sagh, «. m. a follower, an imitator or 
copier; pi. 71. ^ 

Eiyrt'ys, or EiYRTS, 8. certain consequences. 

Un EiY, 8. one fathom. p. 

EiY, 8. f. the foot lock of a lanket ; pi. — obyn. 


Eit'btt», «. m. a halter, a tie; pi. —tn. 

£l'ot8» 9. f. spite, choler, fierceness. 

El'otsaoh, a. spiteful, spitefully ; Mat. xzli. ; 
choleric, fierce ; «. m. a spiteful person ; pl.7^- 

El'lao, •. /. hickup or hiccough; pi. — tn. 
Ellag atue a* Ellag y vaaae. 

El'lan, s. f. an island ; pi. — tw. 

El'lanaoh, «. m. an islander; j?/. 71. 

El^lkt, pro. and ou^o. other, another, else. 
Aght-eltep (otherwise). 

El^ltn, s. f. manners, behaviour, communica- 
tions, mem. 

E Emb, «. his want, his need, or necessity. F. 

Em^shir or Emshtr, «. /. weather, seasonable 
weather. From Imbagh (a season). 

Emshiro'il, a. seasonable, opportune. 

Ehshiro'ilid, 8. m. seasonableness. 

My *E?r or Enys, v. if ask or enquire ; — aob ; 

— IN ; — ins; — TM; — TMS; — TS, 94. F. 

My *ENDorENDT8, ». if defend; ^aoh; — in; 

— INS ; — TM ; ^YMS ; — TS, 94. F. 

Dy Endbil', v. to defend. F. 

Dty Endxil'aoh, 9. thy defender; pi. 71. 
Dty Endxil'ts, 9. thy defence. F. 

Enxb, a. d. of presence ; as, Kitme-enee. 
E En'ish, «. his presence. F. 

*£nm or En'hbb, v. name ; — aoh, jj^ — be, 80; 
—in, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — TM, 86 ; —TMS, 87 j 
— TS, 88. 

En^mxt, a.d. of a name or names. 

En^mtn, 8. pi. names, epithets, appellations. 

En'mts, 9. m. as much as that it could be 
named, a little more than nothing : «. name 
as, Enmy9 y Ihiannoo 9hoh (name this child) 
— AGB, 77) —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86 
— TMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

En'mtsit, 85. named, nominated, called by 

Enn or Ennby, v. to know or have knowledge of. 

F'er En'naoh, a. (pronounced Ehnnagh,) some 
one ; red ennagh (somethmg) . 

*Enn or En'nbb, v. feel; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 
— ^IN, 83; — INS, 84; — TM, 86; —TMS, 87; 
— ^TS, 88. 

Dy En^naoht, v. to feel, to perceive by touch. 

En'naghttn, 9. m. feeling, sympathy; pi, — tn. 

En'naohtyn-booisal, 9. m. grateful fedUng, 

En'nal, «. /. breath; pi. — tn. 

En'nalaoh, a. d. oi the breath. 

En'nbb, a. identical ; as, yn downney 9hen ennetf 
(that identical man). 

En'nxxtn, 9. pi. brains. This word has no 
singular in the Manks. 

En'nbt, 9. m. knowledge, as respects knowing 
one person, place, thing, &c., from anotiier. 
For the more extensive meaning of the word 
knowledge, see Ttuhtey, 

En'nxtdbr, 9. tn, a feeler; pi. — ^tn. 

En'nit, 86. felt. 

Ennoil^ a. endearing, beloved. 

BNNOiL^in or Ennoilts, «. m. endearment, lore. 

Bn'ntm, 9. m. name, epithet, appellation; pi. 
see Enmyn, 

*Eotll or Eotl'lbe, v. dung, manure ; —aoh, 
77; — BB, 80; —in, 88; —ins, 84; — TM, 86 j 
-TMS, 87 ; — TB, 88. 




Dy Eoti/laoh or Eoti.'i.aohbt, v. to dung or 

Eotl'lbt, 9. /. dung, manure, ordure, muck, 

excrement; pi. 67. 
Eotl'lbtdbr, 9. m. one that dungs, &c. ; pi — tn. 
Eotl'lit, 85. dunged, manured. 
Er, pre. on ; p. p. on him or on it ; — stn, id. 

em. When an adjunct, prefixed to verbs, means 

hath, have, having, has, had, hast, hadst, &c. 

It is also a contraction of Fer^ after femiiUnes, 

which see. 
Er, in. on, of incitement. 
Er-a'golb, adri, for fear, lest. l?r is sometimes 

translated, for, as in this word, though more 

literally it should be, on. 
Er-ash', adv. to appear after being hid, hidden 

or concealed ; to become damp, as such things 

as have salt in them, will in moist weather; 

in Ez. xvii. 9, it means, prosper. 
Er-bast'al, ad. past, past all. 
Fer Erbbb, a. any one ; imw cre-erbee (what- 

Erbbt' or Erbb', adv. because, lit. on cause. 
Er-caVnoo, a. enamoured, dotingly fondj Ez. 

ER-CHBA^ V. fleeing, fled ; roie-er-ehea (retreat- 
Er-chxb'-goli., ado. about to go; er-ehee dy 

yannoo (about to do, about to act). 
Er-chbil'ttn. See CheiUyn. 
Dty Er-codnbb, 9. thy helper. F. 

Er-coon'tet, ado. on account. 
Yn Er-crau'bb-oalsbt, 9. tn. the hypocrite; 

Job, xxxiv. 80. F. 

£R-CRBAU^ V. trembling, shuddering, quivering; 

Had. ill. 16. 
Er-draib', o. hath, &c. abated, ebbed, &c. 
Er-droai'lt, v. hath, &c. travelled. 
Er-dtt-hwoa'ib, ado. on thy look out, on thy 

aware or alert. 
Ea-nwooAiB^ a. determined to resist. 
Eb-dtt-sbtn', ftdo. p. above thee; — s, id. em. 
Er-dtn^, ado. since. 
Ea-DT^, ado. ago. 

Er-dt-hbn'nbt, ado. since that, since then, ago. 
ER-nT-RiBAu, ado. from eternity, for tiie ever 

which is past, all the time that hath been. See 

Er-bi'gin or E'gin, 9. on force ; Jud. xx. 5. 
Er-b-bktn, ado p. above him; — ^s, id. em. 

Er-b-hon', p. p. for him, for it. Proo. ** Dy 
chooilley ghooinney er e Hon hene, cu Jee 9on 

Er-b-son', p. p. for her. 

Er.bitr't, o. following after, pursuing after ; 
^8, id. em» 

Er-fbn'niu, ado. furiously, fiercely. 

ER-FLOAn', ado. on float, afloat. 

Er-obr'rbt, a. nigh, at hand, at a short dis- 
tance, near. 

Er-ohlbb, v. a breaming. A sow pig is said to 
be so when she wants the boar. 

Er-oholl^ o. hath, &c. gone ; when after Va, 
had, &c. gone. 

Er-oitn', a. next after ; laa er giyn (the day 
after) } on again; Luke, vii. 11. 

Er-oooi'l or Er-goot'l, ado. in arrear, behind 
hand, beUnd. 




"Em-nmwM, a. on himaelf j reserred, coy. 

E'AiN, a. /. vestry ; 3 Kingt, x. 23. 

B'biivaob, ». pi, 71. See Eirinagh. 

Eb'ik, «. /. Ireland. See Nerin. 

Er^ints, «. See EMnjft. 

Er-jskt', pt. hath, &c. come or arrived. 

ER-JSID^ a. on ed^, as teeth ; Jer. xxxi. SO. 

Er-jkr'rbt, od». lastly, in fine, latterly, behind, 
not in front. 

Er-lbsh', p. he conceives or imagines; — ^tn, 
id. cm, 

£r-lhbh', adv, apart, separately, severally, 

privately, chiefly ; a. private, particalar. 
Er-lhia'm, p. methinks, I conceive, or imagine. 
Er-lhia't, p. thou conceivest, &d. ; — s, id. em. 
Er-lhtkb', p. she imagines, &c. ; ^ish, id. em. 

Er-lhibn', p. we imagine or conceive ; — tn, 
id. em. 

Er-lhibu', p. ye or you conceive, &c. ; — ish, 
t0. etn, 

Er-lhibu^ p. they, &c. conceive, &c.; — stn, 
id. em. 

ER-LHiBi'MBr, adv, except, save. 

Er-lhiubid, tido. at length, at fall length, along 
on the ground. 

Er-loctv'n, adv. on a rope, by the hand, along. 

Er-mat^rn, a. remaining, to fore, left, yet alive. 

Er-mcsh'tby, a. drunk or drunken. Prov. 
** Laa er-meshtep at laa er uahtey.** 

Er-mt-skyn, p.p. above me; — s, id. em. 

£r-mba'rby, a. ashamed, for shame. 

Er.n'ohol% v. hath, &c. gone, gone. 

£r-niar't, ado, by might or force of arms. 

Er-non'nbt, adv, dse, or else, at least. 

£r-nt^ «. having, being. 

Er-n7-bn'mt8, «. hath or having, &c. been 
called or named. 

Er-nt-vb^ v. hath or having, &c. been. 

Er ntn sktn% adn, p. above us, you, them. 

Er ntm bitr^t, ado. p. following after us, in 
pursuit of. 

Er NY yibn'tyn, ado. having been conceived, 

Eb-oib^ adv. by night, on the night. 
Er'rbb, a. latter end of, become of, end of. 
Er'rebish, ». f. compassion, pity, sympathy, 
feeling for, by grantiiig relief to those in dis- 
>( tress -y pi. — yn. 

Erbbbi'shaoh, a. compassionate, easily affected 
with sorrow or pain on viewing the oalamities 
or distresses of others as if our own, sympa- 

Ebrbi^sh, adv. after, or after what has been 
said or done. 

Er'rby, ». m. incumbrance, burden, something 

irksome to be borne, yoke ; pi. 67. 
Er'riu, adv. p. on you or ye; — mr, id, em. 
ER^Roe, $. m. apkragfeman, one that holds the 

plough when jdoughing ; pi. — tn-. 

EHRMi'tsB, 9. m, a chimb; pt. — yv. 

Er-rosh'tyn, o. hath, &c. reached or arrived. 

Er-rou^ or Er-rouy^, a. In a rage, outrage, 
ous, violent, disorderly. 

Er-scuir^r, v. hath &c. ceased or left off. 

^^"■5^'*'*^*'» ^- as*»y» bewildered, bewrayed, 
having erred from the right way. 

Er'-shbn, adv. on that, thereon, thereupon. 

Yn Er-shin'nby, 8. the eldest one, matculine. F. 

Er^-shoh, adv. whereupon, on this. 

Er-sktn^, ado. above; super. 

Er-skyn.bab'boo, a. innumerable. 

Eb-sxyn-inbh^ a. unutterable, unspeakable. 

Eb-skyn-tow'sb, a. immeasurable. 

Yn Er-sloo^, ». the least, ma$; Jer. viii. 10. F. 

Yn ER-SMOo^ 8. the greatest, maa. F. 

Er-sooy'l, in. away ; pt. gone. 

Er-sooy'l-jbb, adv. p. away with you or ye. 

Eb-sooy^l-lhiat, adv. p. away with thee. 

Yn Er-thib^ 8, the man of the house; Mai. 
XX. 11. p. 

Er-troai^lt, V, travallling in child birth. 

Er-vb', v. have, &c. been. 

Er-b-chion'b, adv. p. on his head. 

Er-y-chion'b, adv, on the head, ahead. 

Er-y-chooy'l, adv, shortly, by and bye, pre- 

Er-y-ohbr'rit, adv, lately, shortly. 
Er-y-ghrun't, ado, on the ground, aground. 
Er-y-fa^ ado. therefore, wherefore. 
Er-y-libh^ ado. on the half, by the half. 
Er-yn-oyr^ eoi^. because, on the cause. 
E £r.yV8be, 8. his teacher, mas. F. 

Er-t-traa t*ayn ta Ihie pn eiapd beayn ain (on 

our present time depends our future state). 
Er-y-vul'laoh, adv. atop» on the top. 

Esh'yn, pro, (Ehehen,) him, he; the em. <rf 

Esh^lyk or EsH^LYs, 8. a shroud. 
E Ess, 8, his spindle. p. 

Es'sYL, 8. f. an axle or axis; pl. — yn. 
Es'sYN, 8. m. a post, jamb of a door, the post of 
a door frame or gate ; pl. — yn. 

Mp *E8T or EsTYs, v. if stuck ; — aoh ; — bb ; 

— IN ; —INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. F. 

Dp Es'tal, V, to stick or adhere. p. 

Ro Es'tit, 85. too stuck or glued. p. 

*£TLOrETLBB, V. fly; —AOH, 77; — BB, 80 ; 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87} 
— YS, 88. 

Eu, pro. CEc8Mu)t your, you, ye, of you, you 
have, you had, &c ; as, pn obbpr eu (your work) j 
deuig mee eu eh (I left it with you) ; nagh row 
fp8 eu (did ye not know) ; te eu (you have it) ,• 
ve eu (you or ye had it), Ac. ; —ish, id. em. 

Eu'lys, 8. f. fury. Indignation, rage, madness. 

Ed'lyssaoh, a, indignant, inflamed with anger 
or rage, furious ; «. m. a furious person ; pl. 71 . 

Eu'nys, 8. m. ecstacy, delight^ pleasure, raptu- 
rous pleasure ; pl. — syn. 

Eu^NYssAOH, a. ecstatic, delightful, pleasant, 
delectable, affording pleasure in the highest 
degree ; s. m. an CAJoyor of ecstatic pleasure : 
pl' 71. 

Yn Ew, 8. the Jew. 

Mp *Eysht or Eysh'tys, v. if examine, ques- 
tion, peck out by questioning; — aoh; —in; 

— YM; — YS. p. 

Dp Eysh^tby, v. to examine or question. F. 
Yn Eysh'tbydbr, 8. m. the examiner, &e.j 

pl. — YN. p. 

Ro Eyshtit, 85. too questioned, ftc. p. 





F. For the sound of this letter see Remark ll, 
and for Its changes see 48 ; it is an initial in 
no words except radicals and their derivatives ; 
there are no words from other letters that 
come under it. 

Fa. This adjunct is affixed to a few words, and 
signifies, /<»r ; as, in cr en-fa, shen-y-fa; but the 
for is changed to fore, as in wherefore, &c. See 
also Feiba, 

Faao, e. leave, qnit, abandon ; — aoh, 77 ; 
— BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 } — INS, 84 j — TM, 96; 
— ^YMS, 87 5 — TS, 88. 

Faaoail', «. leaving, quitting, &c. 

Faao'bydbr, 8. m. one who leaves, &e. 

Faao'it, 85. left, abandoned, &c. 

Faao'it-mooib, 85. indicted by the petty or 
grand jury. 

Faaid, s. m. a torf, a sod ; pi. — tn. 

Faa'ib, s. f. (from Fo-hie,) a field called in 
English, a fiat, a field near or nnder a mansion 
house better manored than the other fields ; 

pL — ^AOHTN. 

Faa^nys, 8. a breach in a fence ; pi. — stn. 

*Faaro or Faabob, v. fare, get by j —aoh, 77; 
— KB, 80 J —IN, 83 i —ins, 84 ; — YM, 86; —VMS, 
87 ; — ^Ts, 88. The g in this word ought to be 


Faab-t-chaaoh, a. fate or fare the same. 

Faarb, adv. nigh, near; Ex. xix. 12. The word 
Aare is from this word, which see. 

*Faark or Faab'kbb, t>. bathe ; —aoh, 77 ; — bb, 
80; —BY, 82; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; 
— YM8, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Faar'kbb, a. d. of bathing. 

Faar'kby, 8. m. the sea, and sometimes a billow 
or great wave ; pi. 67. 

Faab'kbydbr, 8. m. a bather, or one who bathes. 

Faar'bit, 85, bathed. 

Faarn, 8. m. rain water dropping through the 
rooi of a house. 

Faasaao, 8. f. beard ; pi. — yn. 

Faasaao'agh, a. having beard, bearded. 

Faasaao^by, a, d. of beard or beards ; v. getting 

Faa^saoh, 8. m. a wilderness, desert, or desolate 

place ; pi. — ^YN. 

Faasb, a. faint, feeble, weak, infirm, not strong. 

Faasb^laoh, 8. m. the weak part or parts of any 
thing, as of com not well fed, &c. 

Faasb-rba, 8. m. a tup that has been only half 

Faa'sid, 8. tn. debility, weakness, faintishness. 

Faaso/ouin, 8. f. a sponge ; pi. — yn. 

Faast or Faastb, «. wring, twist so as to 
squeeze the water out; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80 ; 

--IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 

— YS, 88; 8.fn. a wring, &c. ; pi. — agbyn. 
Faast'bb, a. d. of wringing, &c. 
Faabt'st, ». wringing, pressing the water out. 
Paast^bydbr, 8. m. a wringer or squeezer 
Faast^it, 85. wrung, pressed. 
Faaub, 8, m. aliint, a suggestion; pi. — yn. 
Faayl, 8,f.A tart spade } pi. — yn. 

Fa^ba, a. If we give the Fa in this word the' 
meaning it has in Cren-fa and Ba (of cattle) ; 
it might mean, for cattle; or Fa part of Uie 
word Faiffr (grass), and Ba as before (grass for 
cattle, or cattle's grass). This is the name of 
a glen or valley in the vidTnity of Peel tranx 
which that Sheading or Coroner's District 
takes its name. 

Fadan'e or Fadanys, 8. m. a place left unculti- 
vated, a lonely or solitary place, solitude. 

Fadanb'agh, a. desolate, solitary, unfrequented, 
wild, uncultivated ; «. m. an uncultivated per- 
son; pi. 71. 

Fada^nid, 8. m. the state of being uncultivated, 

or of desolation, or solitude. 
Fao^oys, a. near, nigh, adjacent. 

Faoh'id, 8. tn. disdain, derision, contempt, ridi- 
cule, mockery; pi. — yn. 

Faoh^iuaoh, a, contemptible, deserving of scorn ; 
8. m, ascorner; pi. 71. 

Fahn'bt, «. m. a wart ; pi. 67. 

Fahn'aohtaoh, a. warty, grown over with warts. 

Fair, v. see, see thou; — ^aoh, 77; ->bb, 80 ; — in, 

83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Faik-jbb, o. see ye or you. 

Faik'in, v. seeing. See also Fakin. 

Faill, 8. m. hire, wages; pi. — yn. 

Faill, r. hire, engage for wages; — aoh, 77 ; 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
-YMS, 87 ; — Yf, 88. 

Fail'lbb, a. d. ot hire or wages. 

Faillbi'l, v. failing, falling short. For another 
T pronunciation of this wcnrd see Fajeil, 

Faillbi'laoh, a^ in a failing state, deficient, 

Fail'iby, v. hirefaog, binding to serve. 

Fail'leyder, 8. m. a hirer; pi. — yn. 

Fail'lit, 85. failed. 

Failt, 86. hired, bound to service. 

Fail-y-vaais'b, a. the failure of death, past re- 
covery, sickness to death. 

Fain'aoh, 8. f. a chariot; pi. 71. I think the 
plural made use of in P8l. xx. 7, to be incorrect, 
it being the plural of the next word, and not of 

Fainby, 8. f. a ring; pi. 67. 

Faib'aio, 8.f. a lump in the groin or armpit; 

pi. — YN. 

Faish'nagb or Faishnys, 8. m. a telling before 
hand future events, foretelling, fortune tell- 
ing, what is told by a fortune teller, generally 
used in a bad sense. 

Faish'nbb, a. d. of or belonging to fortune tell, 
ing, of knowledge before hand in future events 
of life. 

Faiynt, a. faint ; Isa. i. 5. 

Faiyr, 8. f. grass ; pi. — yn. 

CHOONLBB, 8. f. StubblC gHtSS. 

oviY, 8. f. goose grass. 

FBiYR, 8. /. See GuUlejf'bing. 

FINNAN, a. f. a strong grass growing 

among com. 

sHoooYL, 8. f. rye grass. 

-soNNYS, 8. f. a kind of soft, whitish grass 

that grows in rich land. 

-VODUBB, 8, f. couch gfRSS. 

Faiy^raoh, 8. m. a litter or layer of bay or straw 
laid under com on a kiln. 




Va.3 bil\ v. fklliagr. This word Is used by some 
fnstead of Failleilt bat I cannot say it is cor- 
rect, as it is not once used in the Scriptures, to 
my knowledge. 

Fak'idkr, ». m. a seer; pL — tn. 

Fak'in, v. seeing, beholding. 

Fak^ixit, 85. seen, beheld. 

Fai.lbat's, «. m. the least glimpse of light, a 
small gleam or glance. 

Fallbay'saoh, a. glimpses seen at intervals. I 
have no English a4jectiye to show this word. 

Fallo^ots, ». f. prognostication, divination; 

pi. — TN. 
Fallo'otsaoh, ». m. a prognosticator, a diviner. 
Fam, «. m. stem of wrack or oarweed, a sea 

pine; pL — tw. 
Faml or Famlbb, v. wrack or manure with sea 

weed i — AOH, 77 ; — BB, 80 ; — IN, 88 ; — INS, 
84 ; — ^YM, 86 } — VMS, 87 } — T8, 88. 

Fam'laoh or Famtbaoh, i. m. sea weed, oar 
weed, wrack ; pi. —yji. 

Fah'laohbt, v. wracking, manuring witii sea 

Fah'lbb, a. d. of wrack or sea weed. 

Fam'lby. See Famlaghey. 

Fam 'lbydbr, «. m. one who manures with sea 

Fam'lit, 85. wracked, manured with sea weed. 

Fam'man, ». m. a tail ; pi. — tn. 

Fann, v. flay; — AOH, 77; — BB, 80; — in, 83; 
— INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS,87; -r-YS, 88. 

Fan'nao, «. /. a crow ; pt. — ^yn. 

Fan'nao.varbbt, «. /. a cormorant. See also 

Fan'nbb, a. d. of flaying, peeling or stripping 
off the skin. 

Fan'nbtobr, g. m. a flayer; pi. — tn. 

Fant, 85. flayed, peeled. 

Far, a. fresh; 9S, dt^liah-far-ushtey (freshwater 

Farb, «. fret or inflame, as a sore ; — aoh, 77 ; 
^BB, 80 ; — IN, 83; — INS, 84 ; — TM, 86 ; — TMS, 
87 ; — TS, 88. 

Far'baoh, v. fretting, inflaming. 

Far'bit, 85. fretted or vexed, as a sore. 

Fab'btl, 8. m. a trail or train, a tail. 

Far>cha'il, «. /. weed or weeds. The Far in 
this word, and in many of those that foUow, 
means, ft^e, or not real. 

Far-cbarkyl, ». m. a truss hoop. 

Far-chass, «. /. a piece put on the shaft of a 
sledge car toleng^en it when worn too short ; 
a false or wooden leg or foot; pi. — yn. 

Far-chlashtyn, g. m. dulness of hearing, hard 
of hearing, not able to hear well. 

Far-chlo'ie, s. m. foul play. See also Drogh- 

Far-chooish, 8. f. a flctitions cause, a cause 

adduced for instance. 

Farda'ii^ 8. m. vanity, foUy, inanity ; pi. — yn. 

Fabda^ilaoh or Farda'laoh, a. vain, of little 
or no worth, diminutive, insignificant, una- 

Faroa'ilts, 8. m. vainness, folly* emptiness, 
fruitless desire oi pursuit; pi: — syn. 

Far-bais^htaoa, 8. tn. the act of lending a deaf 
ear, pretending to be deaf. Prw. "Ckavelfer 
€rb9e eha bomyr, m tti^fn naghjean cla8htpn.^ 


Far^enktm , 8. m. a bye name, a nick name, an 
agnomen, a name besides the real one. 

Far-bn'mtssit, 86. nick named, bye named, 

falsely so called ; 1 Tim. vi. 20. 
Far-folt, 8. m. false hair, a wig. 
Faro. See Ferg. 
Far-ohuillao, 8. f. an artificial leaf. 

Park, v. wait, stay; — ^aob, 77; — ^bb* 80; — w^ 
83 ; — ins, 84 ; — TM, 86 ; — YM8, 87 ; — TB, 88. 

Fark'aobby or Farbagbt, v. waiting, &c. 

Fark'an-doal^lan, 8. m. blindman's buff. 

Far'kbb, a. d. of waiting. 

Far'kbydbr, 8, m. a waiter; pi. — yn. 

Far'kit BB, 86. waited on. 

Far'kyl, 8. m. a lid, a pot lid; pi. 76. 

Farla'nb, 8. fl». aflrlot; pi. — yn. 

Far-lheiy, 8. m. a false conception of a calf, 
said to be generated between a cow and what 
is called a Tarroo-uahteff. 

Far'lino or Farlbno, 8. afiarthing; pi. Fab- 


Far'nby, 8. m. black alder. 

Parr, v. last; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80; —in, 83; 

— INS, 84; — ^YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

FARRAGHTorFARRAGHTYN. V. lasting, cnduring. 

Farrai'n, 8. f. the herb avens, colewort, bonet, 
wild parsnip ; pi. — yn. 

Far'ral, v. fardng, to fare. 

Farra'nb, 8. a fountain, a spring of water, a 
source, a spring or gentle breeze of wind ; pi. 

— TN. 

Farra'nbaoh, a. having fountains or springs ; 
a. d. of springs or sources. 

Far'bar, 8. a wake, a vigil ; pL — tn ; o. wake, 
or forbear sleep; — aoh, 77 1 — bb, 80; — iw, 

83 ; ^INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —VMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Far'rarby, v. waking the dead, mourning; 
Jer. vi. 86. 

Far'barit, 86. waked. 

Farrys-thib, 8. m. management in housek eep- 
ing, economy. 

Far-scrbbu, or Fab-scribu, «. m. forgery ; 

pi. — ^YN. 

Far-scribudbr, 8. m. a forger ; pi. — yn. 

Far-scryss, 8. m. the scarfskin or furfur, the 
cuticle, the scruff or dandriff. 

Far-sbbbal^ 8. f. a fable; pi. —yv. 

Far-sbkba'i.aoh, a. fribulous. 

Far-thib, 8. m. (from Fer-thieJ the man of the 

Far-thib-mooar, 8. m. m^}or domo, the great 
man of the house. 

Far-vaalys, 8. m. from Faiyr (grass) ; and 
Maail (rent) ; hired or rented grass ; Pro. 

ZZVii. 26 ; pi. — SYN. 

Farva^nb, 8. f. a blank ; pi. — yn. 

Far-vlaa, 8. m. an artiflcial flower. 

Far-voal'lby, 8. tn. a partition; pi. 67. 

Far-uinnao, 8. f. a false window, an imitation 
of one, a recess in a wall. 

Far-vbn', 8. f. The Far in this word is taken 
as a corruption of Fer ; an amazon, s^ virago, 
a woman of masculine appearance, or one who 
is master of her husband. The For, taken ma 
folse, will be one who is ftdse to her wedded 
husband, one whom a man has besides his wife j 
pL Mbaanb-fib. 


Farvish, ». /. a forfeit. Fat from (Wse, and 
risA fromBw*; increase, a false increase; ». 

trf. — AOH. 77} --BK»80} — IN, 83i —INS, 84 j 

— YH, 86; — TMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

Farvish'kydbr, «. m. aforfeiter; j»/. — yn. 

Farvish'it, 86. forfeited. 

Far-uj/nish, «. /. ascalUon; pi. —TV. 

Fash A OH or Faitaoh, a. timorous, timid, weak- 
ened with fear, fearful. 

*Fasn or Fasin, ». winnow, fan; — aoh, 77; 
—KB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 j — YM, 86 ; 
— YMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Fas'nbb, a. d. of winnowing or fanninsr. 

Fas'nbt, ». m. a winnowingr j p/. 67. 

Fas^nstdbr, «. m. a winnower, a fanner; ph 

— TW. 

Fas'nit, 85. winnowed, fanned. 

Fass or Fassbb, v, feed, feed with grass ; — aoh, 

77 ; —%^t 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; 
— YHS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Fass'aghbt or Fassaoht, v. feeding:. 
Fassca'daoh, «. m. nmbreUa; pi. ^\. 
Fass'btdbr, ». m. a feeder; pi. — yn. 
Fass^it, 85. fed, fed with grass. 
Fast, «. m. quiet, silence, penslveness j as, 

Tea tu Fast. 
Fast^agh, a. modest, graTC, sedate, serious, 

pensive, dose. 
Fas'tbb, ». a shelter; pi. — yn. 
Fas'tbbagh, a. having shelter, sheltry. 
Fas'tbbid, s. m. the state of the place of shelter. 
Fas^tid, ». m. modesty, seriousness, closeness. 
Fas^tyr, ». m. evening j pi. — yn. 
Fas'tyraoh, a.d. of the evening. 
Pas'tyr-bso^ 8. late in the afternoon. 
Fba, 8. m. quietness, rest, stillness. 
Fbagh, a. quiet, at rest, still. 
FbaI or Fky. See Feiff. 
Fbail'lbrb, 8. an almanack, the calendar. 
Fbail-^lys, 8. m. feriation, festivity, sacredness. 

Fbail'lby, 8. m. festival, feast ; pi 67 ; a. holy, 

sacred, hallowed. 
Fbal'laoh or Fbal'leb, 8. m. folk or folks. 
Fba'nish, 8. m. a witness, a testimony ; pi. — yn. 
Fba'nish-sooillby, 8. an eye witness. 
Fbatgrt, *. (a contraction of Feayraghty) cold. 
Fbatl'lbt, 8. m. eave, or as it is called easin; 

pi. 67. 
Featn, a. wide, expansive. 
Fbatnfoshlit, a. wide, open. 
Yn Feay'nid-mooab, «. m. the grreat expansive 

Toid without boandary or limit. 

Fbat'nys, «.' m. widMie^, widtii, expansion, 

Fbatrj a. frigid, cold, chilly. 
*FBAYa on Fbatrbb, v. cool, make cold ; -tAgh, 

77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — Vai, 86 ; 
— TilS,.«7; — TS, 88.. 

Fbat'raoan, «. TO. a fan, a parasol ; pi. — tn. 
Fbat'raohbt, v. cooling, making cold. 
Fbav'raort, 8. m. cold, coldness, frigidity, 

frigidness , pi. -—vn. 
Fbay'rbb, a. d. of cold or cooling. 
Fbay^rbt, a. pi. cold, frigid. 
Fbat^bsydbr, 8. m. a cooler ; pt. — yn. 



Fkat'rit, 85. cooled, made cold. 

*Feav8l or Fbatshil, v. loosen, unbind, untie t 

—AOH, 77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; — 1N», 84) 

— YM, 86; —TMS, 87; — TS, 88. 
Fbats'lbb, a. d. of loosening, unbinding, ui|- 

tieingor settiogfree; as, Bl(iin-feay8lee (year 

of Jubilee). 

Fbats'lkt, 8. m. looseness, freedom j p/. 67 ; «• 
loosening, unbinding, untieing, setting free. 

Fbats'lbydbr, 8. m. one who unbinds, unties, 

loosens or sets free ; pi. — yn. 
FBAYs'i.iT, 85. loosed, unbound, untied, set free. 

Fbd, 8. m. an emotion of the body in laughing ; 

t>. — AGH, 77 j — BB, 80; —IN, 83; — IN8, 84; 

— YM, 86 ; —TMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 
Fbd'oal, v. shaking of the body in laughing. 
FBn'nAN, «. m. a flute, fife, whistle, pipe; pi. 

— YN. 

Fan'oANAGR, V. whistling, to play on any mu- 
sical instrument with the breath. 
Fbd'oyn, v. finding, acquiring, obtaining. 

maoh, v. finding out, discovering. 

IT, found, gotten, acquired. 

IT MAGH, 85. found out, ascertained* 


-foil'l, v. finding fault, blaming, ac- 


Fed-gail'lbv, 8. m. the guifle in the belly of a 
horse when rode hard. 

Fbd'jao, 8. f. a feather ; pi. — yn. 
Fbd'jagaoh, a. having feathers, feathered; a. d. 
of a feather or feathers. 

Fbojbb'n, 8. f. the feather on an arrow ; pi. 
— yn; p. feather the arrow; — agh, "JJ ; — nn^ 
80; —IN, 83; — INS, .S4; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Fedjbe^nagh, a. having featiiers as an arrow. 

Fedjb&'nit, 85. feathered as an arrow. 

Fee, 8. pi. ravens. See also Fiee. 

Feb, v. weaving, to weave; — aoh, 77; — b«/ 

80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; TMS, 87 ; 

— TS, 88. 
Feeac'klk or Feeac'ktl, 8. f. a tooth; pl.^^ 

for the former, and — tn for latter. 
Fkeac'klagh, a. snappish, cross, crabbed, apft- 

to bite, having teeth ; Ua. xli. 15. 
Fbeagh, 8. tn. a raven; p/.. see Fiee and F««; 

Prov. * • Cur tn eer da^n feeagh a8 hig eh reei8ht. ** 

Febagh, a. worth, value. 

Fke'agh YN, 8. pi. exactions, just debts, disborse- 


Fee At H, 8. a buck or doe, the deer kind. Tha 
sound of the word is the same in aing. and pi,, 
but the pi. —BE is written, applied to bui^ aAd 
doe with Firryn and Bteoirryn. 

Feed, 8. twenty, a score; pi. — tn. 

Fbb'ooo, a. twentieth. 

Fee'it, 85. wove, woven, platted. . 

Fbbr, udo. very, in a great degree. 

Dif Febr, ado. truly, verily, really. 

Feki;, a. worthy, worth. 

Fbeu'ovs or FxBun'iD, t. m. discreiiaDi imv 
dence^ Fro. i. 4. 

Febi/id, 8. m. worthiness, wotth> 

Fbeyv, 8.m. wine; pi. — tn. 

FbrvNbt, ». d, of or beUmgiag to win* or 



FsBT'iniT, a. pi, -wine or vines. 

FwiTN-OKim', «. m. vinegar. 

FnTN-SA^NB, », m. white wine. 

pjUTK-iiAH^o, », m. red wine. 

Tseooi^BB, pre. withoot, not with. 

F*B, t. i». a sinew, a tendon j p/. — tw. 

Fki^ a. wild, not tame, shy. 

Fsjb'ts, t. m. venison, the flesh of a wild or 

untamed animal j a. fierce, wild, ontame. 
Faij.1.. «. /. flesh, butcher's meat.: pi. — yw. 
Faii/fiW^ f.. See Feailleifi a. pi. flesh. 
FMi&sAXi^f «• flhnsy, weak, slight, thin, limb«r, 

slendQf . 
Fxio'siD, «. m. fllmsiness, sllghtness, slender- 

Fbit, ». m. a fathom j /»/. —tn or — ghtn. 

Perhaps the greatest measure then in use, he. 

caase we say Feiy iaa (all or through the day); 

Feijf nff eruitmey (through the globe). See Car, 

Fbitjtaob, a. tedious and grievous j Ua. xxi. 3. 

Fbitb, s, tn. noise, firagor, din, clamour j pi, — yn. 

■ , ©. noise, &c.; —agh, 77; — eb, 80} —in, 

83 > —INS. 84 } — YM, 86; -YMS. 87 j — Ys, 88. 
AX, V. noising, making noise, sounding; 

3 CAron. ziii. 18 i tingle, 8 Kingg, xxi. 18. 
-BYDBB, 9, m. one who makes a noise} 

pi. — YW. 

•IT, 85. noised, sounded. 

Fbn'blal, v. taking out here and there. 
Fbmb, ». m. need, want, necessity } pi. — ^yn. 
FBiroiL^ a. needful, necessary, requisite. 
*Fbn or Fbnbb, ». ask, enquire ; — agb, 77 j 

—IV, 68} —INS, 84} — YM, 86} — YMS, 87} 

— YS, 88. 

Fbn'aobt or Fbnaohtyn, v. asking, asketh, &c. 

Fbnd, tf. defend} —a oh. 77} — bb. 80} —in, 
63} —INS, 84} — YM,86} — YMS 87; — ys, 88. 

Fbndbi% v. defending. 

Fbnubi'laoh, a.m. a defender: pi. 7^* 

Fbndbi'lys, «. m. defence } pi. — syn. 

Fbndby'r, «. m. a fender} pi. — yn. j. 

Fbn'i>it, 85. defended. 

Fb'nish, «. m. presence ; a. present. 

FVnit, 85. asked, enquired. 

Fbnt, 8. m. a waist-band } pi. — yn. This word 

Is opposed to Lent, 
Fbnthbuinbbl', 8. f. a wrist-band. 
Fboobai'g, $. f, a periwinkle, a sea snail } pi. 


Fbob, ». abhorrence, disgust, aversion, dislike. 

FkoB^DAOB, a* disgustful, filthy, nauseous; 3 
Fetett ii. 7. 

Fboboi^ a. filthy, foul ; Pal. ziv. 4. 

Fboboi'lys, t. filthiness, foulness. 

Fbob^oys, 9, abomination, axmoyanee; Let, 

Fboilt, o. liberal, firee, bounteous, generous, 

Fboil'taob, a. bountiful, liberal, glvingwithout 
grudging s «. m. a liberal person ; p2. 71. 

Fboij/tys, 9. m. liberality, bounty, giving 
largely; Acta, U. 46. 

P» Fbout or Djf FboiiiTAoh, adn. liberally, 
DQontifolly, &c. 

_.<»•»• one^ one male, a man. Hie ^ng. of 


Fbb-cbion'nbb, 9. m. a redeemer, aransomer. 
Fbb-cboa^dbb, 9. m. a protector ; pi. Fib '-^. 
Fbb-cboo', 9. m. creator. 
FBB-rAiL'T, 9, m. a hired man ; John, x. 13. 
Fbb-gvnoay^l, 9. m. a foreigner. 
Fbr'isb, 9, m. a fairy; a hand steel to strike fire 
with a flint } pi. — yh. 

Fbr-obbr'jbb or Fbr-ny-obbbjaoh, 9. m. a 
comforter, a consolator, or consoler. 

Fbr-nt-fail'lby, 9. tn. a hireling. The last p 
in thiit word I think is wrong; it ought to be e, 

Fbrg. 9. f. ferocity, fierceness, anger, spite. 

Fbro'aob, a. ferocious, fierce, spiteful, angry. 

FBR-I.BBB^ 9. tn, a physician, a doctor or sor- 

Fbr-mooinObbby, 8. m. a man-servant. 

Fbr-oi'r, 9, m. an officer, a person in office. 

Fbr-fbav'rbb, 8. ti. one above the number 
wanted in a work, one to cool while the others 
are working and taking turn about.' 

Fbb loayr't as lbbh, 8. tn. an intercessor. 
Fbr loayr't BR NYN SON, 9, tn. one speaking 

for us. 
Fbb-raaubb, 9, tn. a monitor, awamer. 
Fbr-bbagh'yb, 9. Mu an umpire. 

Fbr-rbi'll. a. m, a ruler, magistrate, or person 
in authority. 

Fbb-rooob^ 9. f. an eyelid, ik lid} pi, — ts, 

Fbr-roi'b, a. tn. a deserter, a runner. 

Fbr-tosb'bb, a. m. the foremost, the first in 

Fbr-yn'sbb, a. tn. a teacher. 
Fbss or Fbsst. a. a spindle ; pi. — -tn. 
Fbst, v. stick, stuck } — agb, 77; — bb, 80; — in, 
83; -ins, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Fbs'tal, v. sticking, adhesive. 

Fbs'tbyubb, a. tn. a sticker, an adherer. 

Fbs'tit, 85. glued, stuck. 

Fbub, adv. under you or ye; — isb, id, em. 

Fbub-hbnb', pre. under yourselves. 

Fby, 8. a fathom. See Feiy, 

Fbysbt, a. a question ; pi. — yn or ^Aovnr. 

Fbysbt, o. question, examine ; — ^agb, 77 ; — ^eb, 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 36; —YMS, 87 > 
— YS, 88. 

Fbysb'tbtdbr, a. tn. a questioner, a inquiaitlTa 

FBYSBtBY-TBS^SBN, V. CTOSB examining. 

Fbysh'tit, 85. questioned, examined. 

Fby-ybr'rby, adv. at las^ lastly, finally. Sea 

Fh^nnbi^o, a. f. a pod, a capsul; ph — ^yn. 

Fbyt, a, m, a flt, a short time ; ph — yn. 

Fin'nBB, 8, tn. a weaver ; pi, —ts. 

FIi/dbbaob, a. d. of or belonging to a weaver t 

as, apaal ftMaragh (a weaver's shuttle or the 

shuttle of a weaver). 
Fin^DBRYS, a. m, the trade or craft of a'wesYer. 
Fid'dyb, t. fry, brieMfiddyr (trout Ary). 
FiBAu, V, resting or waiting quietly, deeistiiig 

from doing somet^iing; — aob, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; 

—in, 83 j —ins, 84; — YM, 86; -—YMS, 87} 

— YS, 88. 
Fibau'bydbb, a, tn. a rester, a waiter for. 
Fio'gagb, a. ofaflgorflgs. 
Fio'gan. a. tn. a hoop for a sieve or peck ; a 


flgtm, a trap to catch birds; pi. — tn. 
FlLi, ». foW, lap up ; — aoh, 77 ; — »«. 80 j — iw, 

83 s —INS, 84} — YM, 86} — TMS, 87} — T8i 88. 

Fii.tKA'o, ». /. a Bhawl ; pi, — tw. 

FiL^LSK, a. d. of folding or lapping np. 

Fii-'i.KT. ». m. a fold or lap, a donble or crease } 
pi. 67 } V. folding, plaiting, lapping up, rolling} 
erny;«M<^ (folded). 

Fil'lbydsr, «.»». a folder} pi. —Yit. 

Fil'lit, 86. folded, lapped up. 

FiLLo'sHSR, «. m. a needless ornament, or ma- 

FiNB, ». m. a scabbard, sheath, or quiver; pi. 

— YN. 

FiNo'AN, ». m. tHfe cliff of a rock, a crag, the 
sharp point of a rock ; oie'l fingan (the night 
preceding St. Thomas's Day, said to be the 
longest night in the year). Perhaps caUed 
Fingan, becaase on that day people went to 
the diffis to catch venison or mutton for Chnst, 
mas. Proo. " Faaid mooar fnoaj/neif son ote I 

Tiv'ioAOB, 8. m. knot grass. 

Fin'nan, 8. m. a kind of grass. 

FiOOH, n. fade, wither; —aoh, 77 ; — "«. 80 ; 

—IN, 83; —INS, W} — YM, 86} — YMS, 87; 
— T8, 88. 

Fio'GBSY, «. withering, fading. 

Fio'oBiT or FiojiT, 85. withered, faded. 

Fia, «. *»• ]»'• oocs, male ones, the pi. of Fer, 
■ men. 

Fir-cbiau'llsx, 8. pi. musicians; Rev. xviii. 22. 

Fir-choo'nkb, 8. pi. helpers. 

Fir-choyr'ljbb, 8. pi. counsellors. 

FiR-CBRAi'B, 8. pi. potters ; 1 Chron. iv. 23. 

Fir-obbrOsb, 8. pi. comforters, consolers. 

FiR-oBBBB, 8. pi. wizards, sorcerers; 2 Chron. 
xxxiii. 6. 

Fir-oi'k, 8. pi. oiScers ; Jer. xxvii. 9. 

FiR^aiNAOH, a. verily, true, of a truth, faithful. 

Fir'rinby, a. d. of truth or verity. 

Fia^RiNYS, 8. TO. a truism, verity, truth, faith- 

Firroo'gh, 8. pi. eye Uds or lashes, lids. 

Firtao'hbb or Vbaobeb, 8. pi. livers, dwellers, 

Fib-yn'skb, 8. pi. teachers, instructers. 

FiR'Ys'sYRBB, 8. pi. Rstrologcrs} Isa. xlvil. 13. 
Flaibv, 8. tn. a fiend, an imp } pi. id. 

Flaoi'l, a. fluent, eloquent. 

Flaoi'lid, 8. m. fluency, eloquence. 
Flau'nys, *. m. heaven, the seat of God,j)t 
holy aiigels, and the blessed, a place of felicity, 
bliss, or happiness beyond the conception of 
mortal man. Of the etymology of this word 
Jt may be remarked that, as heavenly or spirit- 
ual things cannot be understood but by their 
being compared witii things temporal, Mr. 
Jambs Macphbrson, in a treatise on the im- 
mortality of the soul, page 180, when «peaking 
of the ancient Celtics, says that it is from flath 
<noble or blessed) and innff8 (an island) the no- 
ble or blessed island. They imagined or be- 
lieved that the virtuous went after death to 
Borne noble, blessed, or happy island } and 
hence the word Flaunys. Our PMaaae (»!'*- 
lace) may also be from hence. This word is 
never made use of fo» the aerial heaven. See 



FLAu'NYsfAov. «. feUcltouB, bllMfol, hevreulr, 
angelic, celestial ; a. m. an inhabitant of hea- 
ven; pi. 71. 

Flbx or Flio, 8, f. chicken weed, alslne. 

Flbs'hao, *. /. a rug ; pi. — yw. 

Flbs'hxn, 8, m. twilled woollen doth, blanket 

Fliaor'aoh, a. rainy, given to rain or showers, 
pluvial or pluvious. 

Fliaob'kb, a. d. of or belonging to rain. 

Fliaob'by, 8. TO. rain; pL 6?. 

Flip, 8. m. a flb, a lie } pi. — yn. 

Flip'pbraob, v. telling flbs. 

Flip'pbraobt, v. dropping into water, as fish 
when playing. 

Fliuob, a. wet; e. id.; — aob, 77 J — "t 80 j 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84} — YM, 86} —YMS, 87 J 
^Y8, 88. 

Fliugr'by, ». wetting, maHing wet; «. m, a 

FLiuoH'BTnBR, 8. tn. a wetter, one who wets. 
Fliuoh'it, 85. wet, watered. 
Fliugh-niaoh'tbb, 8. sleet. 
Fliugh'ys, 8. TO. wetness ; pi. — yn. 
Fload, v. float; —AOB, 77; — bb, 80 ; — W, 83 ; 

—INS, 84 } — YM. 86; —VMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Floa'bby, f. floating, flowing on the BorfacQi 

flowing over. 
FLOA'nRAN, 8. m. afloatson. 
Flo AG, 8. f. a jot, a tittle, an atom. 
Floao'ao«, a. having atoms^ &c. 
Flooyr, 8. TO. flour } pi. — YN. 
Flout, 8. a taunt, scandal, or reproach, a slan. 

dcr, or stigma, an aspersion, or scurrility ; pi. 

— YN ; V. to taunt, &c. ; —aob, 77; —bb, 80 j 

—IN, 83 } -INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, > 

Floot'aoh, a. scurril, or scurrilous, taunting, 

reproachful, slanderous, aspersive, lewdly jocu« 

Flout'yragbt, t>. giving reproach, scandal, or 

contempt, acting with a deceitful grin of cxvihty 

in speech. 
Fldrt, ». in. a feast, &c., given at the flnlshing 

of work, the hireing of a crew on a vessel, &c. 
Flu'stvbneb, v. faddling, doing littie or nothing. 
Fo, pre. under, beneath; p. p. under himy 

— SYN, id. em. 
FoAon, V. kindle, light fire ; — Aoq, 77i — ««. 80 ; 

—IN, 83} —INS, 84; — YM, 86; -YMS, 87} 

— YS, 88. 
Foab'dan, 8. tn. a match to kindle fire ; pi. — yk. 
FoAn'DEY, V. kindling, lighting fire. 
FoAn'niT, 85. kindled, lit or Ughted. 
FoAin, «. m. a sod, a clod ; pi. — yn. 
FoAiN, 8. tn. the sward, the green grassy sur- 
face of the earth or ground ; Fo-oiii, (under us). 
Foal'lby, a. d. of the flesh or blood, carnal, 

lustful, sensual, corporal. 
Foal'sagbt or Foal8M>» falsehood, dissimula- 
tion ; pi. — YN. - 
Foal'lby, a. false, fictitious, counterfeit, unjust, 

treacherous, perfidious, hypocritical. 
FoAST, adv. yet, yet stUl, over and above what 

has been mentioned, besides ; — agm, W. em. 
FoAWR or FowAR, 8. tn. a giant ; pL Foawm. 
ToM^'^B, a. gigantic, huge. 



FikAT^irAO, 9. m. f he condition, state or drcnm- 
staoees foood in ; eren faaufnoo Vort, (what 
plight or condition a:t thoa in, or on thee.) 

FoATR, «. m. fATOur, kindness ; pi. — tn ; o. fa- 
voor, be kind to ; — ai»h, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; —in, 83 -, 
—INS, 84 i — TM, 86 J — YMS, 87 J — Ys, 88. 

Foat'ral, v. favouring:, Sec. 

FoAY^RiT, 85. favoured, &c. 

FoATRoiL^ a. favourable, kind, tender, condu. 
dvc to. 

Foatroi'lid or Foatroilys, ». m. favonra- 
blenesa, &c. 

FoATs, 8. m. good, groodness, benefit, benefi- 
cence, perfection j Job, xxviii. 3 ; pi. — yn. 

Foay'saoh, a. good, beneficial, profitable. 

Fo-CHLBA^ ado. under liouse roof, under cover; 

I Sam. jdx. 11. 
Fo-chosh', ado. underfoot, beneath, overcome; 

currit fo-chosh (subdued). 

*FocKL or FocKLR, «. tn. a word; pi. 63; ». 
word, utter or express ; — a oh, 77 j — bb, 80 ; 

— IN, 83; ^INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Fock'lagh, a. d. of words, or oral testimony, 
verbal ; Isa. xliv. 8. 

FOCKJ.B SON focklb, odo. word for word, ver- 

Fock'lby, v. wording, expressing, uttering by 

FocK^LBYOER, 8. tn. a person who utters words ; 

pi. — YN. 

Focklby-haoh', v. proclaiming, promulgatine:. 
Fock'leyr or Focklioar, ». m. a dictionary; 

pi. — YN. 

Fock'lit, 85. worded, uttered, spoke, expressed, 

FoD or *FoDD, V. may, can ; — in, 83 ; ^ins, 

84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Fod'daoh, «. might, could. 

Fod'okb, v. may or might, can or could. 

Fod'dee, ad-i. may be, perhaps, peradveuture. 

Fran. ** Fodder yn moddey a'jerree tayrtyn y 


FoD^DKY, ado. far, at a great distance, afar, re- 
motely, to great extent ; fnddey as gerrit (far 
and near), and when applied to time, long ; as, 

DY HRAA, adv. for a long time. 

BR DY BBNNBY, odo. lODg SlnCC. 

FARRAOHTYN, add. loug lasting. 

Fod'ory, a. r^ote, distant, foreign. 

Fod'diaoht or Fod'dbraght, k. longing for, 
earnest desire, continual wish. This word 
seems to convey, that the person or creature 
afiected by it is far from home. 

Fod'oid, 8. tn. famess, distance. 

Fod'dyb, «. m. fodder; ». id. — aoh, 77 1 — »*» 
80; -1X83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; --YMS, 87 j 
— YS, 88. 

Fod'dyrit, 85. foddered, fed. 

Fod'ibraoht, 8. tn. the distance of the farthest 
arrow shot in archery, famess. 

Fo-DORRYs, 8. tn. the sole of the door. 

Fo-bb, p. p. under her ; — ish, id. etn. 

Fo-erhbn'b, p. p. under herself. 

Fogh'an. 8. in. bruit, the young bud or herba^re 
of any thing; pi. — yn. 

Foob'anaob, a. d. of bruit or bruits. 

Fogb'anit, 85. bruited, budded. 

Fo-ha'rey, ado. ander command. 
Fo-bbn'b, jD. p. under himself. 
Foil'jaob, a. faulty, blameable, culpable. 
Foil'jyn, 8. pi. faults, foibles. 
FoiLL, 8. tn. Si fault, foible, flaw. 

Foi'llan, 8. f. a gull ; pi. — YN. * 

Foi'lliu, 8. tn. mulcture, toll given at a mill 'far 

Foi'llycan, 8. tn. a butterfly; pi. — yn. 

Fo IN, p. p. under us ; — yn, id. em. 

Folau'e, 8. tn. a note of hand, a promissory 
note, a certificate or receipt under a person^s 
hand, or from his hand ; pi. — yn, or Fooh- 


Fo-b-lau'b, adn. under his hand, his subscrip. 
tion ; laa. xliv. 5. 

Fo-LAUB-ASFiCB, 8. m. Confirmation. 

Fol'dbr or Fol'oyr, «. tn. a mower; pi. — vw. 

Fol'obrys or Foldyrys, j». m. the craft or trade 

ot a mower, or of one who cats wfth a scythe. 
Fol'dyragh, a. d. of a mower or mowers. 
FoLL or Fol'lee, v. hide, conceal; — agh, 77 j 

—be, 80; —IN, 83; — IN3, 81; — YM, 86; 

— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Fol'laghey, v. hideing, concealing. 

Fol'laohtagh, a. clandestine, by stealth. 

Fol'laohtyn, ». hideth, &c. ; Proo. xix. 24. 

Fol'lan, a. wholesome, esculent, eatable, hale, 
sound; and when applied to doctrine, ortho- 
dox, &c. 

Fol'lanid or Follanys, *. m. wholesomeness, 
salujiirity, orthodoxy. 

Fol'leyder, 8. tn. a hider, a concealer; /> J. — yw. 

Fol'ley or Foa'llbv, a. d. of blood or bloody; 
Luke, viii. 43 and 44. 

Fol'liaoht, 8./. a secret, mystery, concealment 
secrecy; pi. — yn. 

Fol'lit, 85. hid, concealed, secreted. 

Fol'i.yd or Fol'licb, «. m. dry meal put on a 
cake to bake or clap it out. 

Fol'lym, a. empty, having nothing in, vacant. 

Follym-faas'e, a. desolate; /«r. xxv. 38; Acts, 
i. 10. 

FoLM or Fol'mbe, v. empty, discharge ; — aoh, 
77 ; —BE, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Fol'maohey, v. emptying, disburdenijg. 

Fol'mby, a. p/. empty. Prov. ** Styn fijlmep 
8moo 8heean nee.** 

Fol'mbydbr, 8. tn. one who empties. 
Fol'mio, 8. TO. emptiness, nothing ; Job, xxvi. 7. 
Fol'midys, 8. m. vacancy. 
Fol'mit, 85; emptied, discharged. 
Folt, 8. m. hair, the hair of a per8«»*8 bead. 
Fo'-my-chbillet, ado. through others, subvert- 
ing ; 2 Tim. ii. 14. 

Fon'dagh, a. sufficient, stable, firm, solvent 
sure, efl'ectual. 

Fon'dio, 8. m. sufficiency, solvency, stability. 

FooiL^LAou, 8. m. leavings, remainder, remnant 
fragment or ft^^gments. Prov. **Tafooillagh 
tutareydagh ny smelley na ee 8eammylU^k.** 

Fooil'lbyraoht, v.* fribbling. 

Fooil'lbybby, 8. m. a fribblery. 

Fo-RAAD, a. under way or weigh. - 

Ford, ». afford; —agh, 77 i — «f, 80; —tb, 88. 

Fordbai'l, v. aflSordingr, sparing. 

*¥toBDB or POBDRBK,«. a«ford } — AOH, 77 i —IN, 
83 ; —TBI, 86 , — T8, 88. 

Fok'drit, 85. afforded, spared. 

Fort, ». «• abiUty, able to afford. 

For'tan, «. m. fortone ; pi. — tbt. 

FoR^TANAOB, o. fortunate, lucky.- 

Fosaid', «. m. a faucet j p/. — tn. 

*Fo8HL or Foshil, r. open ; — aoh, 77 i — ■»» 

80; —IN, 83 i —INS, 84 j — TM, 86; — YM8, 87 ; 

— T8, 88. 

FV>sB^i.iT, 85. open, opened. 

Fos'lbt, v. opening j «. m. an opening; pi. 67. 

Fos^LBTDBR, «. m. an opener; pi. — yn. 

Fos'tbr, 8. m. a forester j pi. — tn. 

Fos'tbraob, o. d. of a forester or forestery. 

Fos^tbrts, s. tn. forestery. 

Fo'syn. See Fo. 

Vov, «.«. a rumour, a report; SccleaiasHcus, 

XXV. 18. 
Fou'daob or FouDBB, a. unsound, morbid, 

Fou'did, «. m. unsoundness, damage, morbid- 
FovB, p. p. under them ; — syn, id. em. 
FovB -bbnb', P'P. under themselves. 
FovYB, 9. f. harvest, autumn ; pi. — yw. 
Fouy'bagb or Fouyib, a. d, of or belonging to 

Fouy'boil, a. congenial or seasonable to the 

Fow, v. g«t, pfocure; Fovfaarloo (prepare); 

Fow dou eh (get it for me). For the relatives 

of this irregular verb, see 62. 
FO^'an, «. m. a dry scorching wind, a blast, a 

Fow'anaob, a. droughty with scorching wind, 

Fow'anit, 85. blasted, blighted, dried up with 

dronght^ wind. 
FoTi>, p. p. under thee; — s, id. em. 
Fotin, a. fine. ISiis and the two foUowing 

words are, I think, only corruptions of the 

English, but are often used. 
Fqyi^v^y,' top J M» laghjfn foifineif (fine 

Foyi'nid, s, m, fin^nr, fineness. 
FoTLi, «. o*. a doif's bed, a kennel; a bed in 

FojUt p.p. under me; — s, W. «n. Ta foyv^. 

dy bee eh JeatU' (I have purposed it shall lie 

done) ; /er. iv^ 98. 
Fo^yn-bays't, a. sublunary. 
FoYB, «. m. edge, the edge of a tool or instnr- 

meqft. - 
FoY^BAOB, a^ h^LYte ^ e4e^ sha^edged. 
FpT^RiT, 9<^. Bp»d9 stWP-«dge4> 
Fra'oym, a. Q»^ciC the WW of duty, awjcy. A 

\oyf worji^. 
FM^N'oAft% «. m. a Fnnchman ; pi. 71 ; a, any 

i^hig Freattt. 
Fban'oisq, 9. /. tbfi French language. 
Fbap, s. m. the soi^id xptwlft by i^ sudden or 

^tjjlqp li|lo%« Of: <:>q^lion of air- 
Frap^pai*. or* FJRAc'pjtRAORT, tt. ci;ackingor 

CTBcl^^, as thoimS'iii a IM^e when bunimg. 



Frass, #. m. a shower; pi. — yx. 

Fras'saoh, a. showery. 

Fraub, *. m. a root; pi. — yn. ; v. take root; 

—AOH, 77 i — BB, 80; —IN, 83; — Y8, 88. 

Fraubai'o, 8. f. a small root or fibre ; pi. — yn. 

Fbaubaio'aob, a. having small roots, fibrous. 

Frau'bit, 86. grounded, settled by roots in the 

Fbaueoi'l, a. radical ; having roots, rooty. 

Fbba, 8. m. some thing given above the com- 
mon or ordinary usage. 

Fbbayll or Fbbayl'ley, v. keeping, keepeth, 
&c., preserving, conserving, &c. 

Frbayl^lbyubr, *. m. a keeper, a preserver. 

Frbayn, v. fiow or overflow ; —aoh, 77 j — »»• 
80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YM8, 87 ; 
— Y8, 88; 8. m. a fiow or fiow over; pi. 


Frbay'naom, a. raging; Jude, 13. 

Frbay'nby, v. fiowing above the surtfece, over- 
flowing ; «. «n. a flow ; pi. 67. 

Frbb'nby, 8, m. a pin; pi. 67. 

Frbo'gyb, v. reply, answer, do a required act; 
—aoh. 77 i — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86 ; — YM8, 87 ; — ▼«» 88- 

Frbo'oyrit, 85. relied, answered. 
Frbo'uyrt, ». replying, answoring. 
Frbo'oybtaoh, o. ready to reply or answer ; 
s. m. a parson ready to reply or answer ; pi. 71 • 
Frbill, tj. keep, preserve ; —aoh, 77 ; —«*. JO ; 
—IN, 88} -INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— Y8, 88. 
Frbil'lbydeb, 8. m. a keeper. See also Fteayl- 

Frbill'-jbe, p. keep ye, &c. 
Frbilt, 85. kept, preserved. 
Frboaoh, 8. m. flrankwort, ling, heath, heather ; 

Jer. xlviii. 6. 
Frboaob'aoh, a. abounding in heather. 
Frboaoha'nb, «. /. a Ung berry. 
Frboaoha'nb-ohorrym, «. /. abil-berry. 
Frboaib, a. d. of heather, heath, or ling. 
Fbioo'an, 8. m. a fin, a bristle ; offence ; pL — yn. 
Fbioo'anaoh, a. finny, having bristles ; o«fen- 

sive, easily offended. 
Frioosb, 8. m. advertence, heedfiilness, consi- 
deration, attention, respect, esteem, impor- 
tance, value, consequence, moment, diligence. 
Frioo'saob, a. advertent, mindful, heedftil, 
0Qii8lderate,«tten^ve, respectful; consequen- 
tial, momentous 1 ado. advertently. 
Fbi«'i<as, 8. m. a fop, a coxcomb ; pi. — yn. 
Frit, 8. m. a firlvoU a txifie; pi. — yn. 
Frit'lao, 8. f. a rag, a tatter j jwL -^yn. 
FuT'itAOH, a. nw€?^> tattered, toam. 
Frit'taob, a. trifling, unstable, inconstant. 
Froaish, 8. f. high assuming language of one's 

self, swash, egotism, brag. 
Froaishagh, h. assumptive, assuming, braggart, 
egotic; 8.m. a braggait, an egonst; pf.7i. 
Froai'shid, 8. m. braggadocio, assumptioh. 
Frooh, a. dry rotten, not toiigh. 
Frooh'by, a. pi. dry rotten. 
Frogb'iu, 8. m. dry rottenness. 
Froor, 8. m. the flook of an anchor; pi. — yn. 
Frouoh, 8. f. fog, mist; pi. — YN. 



Frouoh'aoh, a. (oggj* misty. 

Frouob'id, «. m. fogginess. 

Fkourt, 8. /. a freak. 

Frourt'aoh or Frowrt'aoh, a. freakish, fro- 

ward, peevish* perverse. 
Frour'tid» 8. m. frowardness. 
FuD, pre. among, mixed, through, mingled with. 
FuD-NT-HoiB, ttdv. through the night. 
Fi7D-T>CHBiLLEr, odv. mizcd thTOugh otbcrs. 
Fu'daoh, a. discreet, decent, grave, modest; 

1 Tarn. ii. 9 and iii. ll.« 
Fu'did, 8. m. discretion, decency. 
FuiLL, 8. f. blood J pi. — YN. 
FuiLL or FuiLLBB, «. permit, allow, &c. ; — aob, 

7J i —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 ; — TM, 86 J — TMS, 

87 } — T8, 88. 
Fuil'laoh or Fuillaohttn, ». allowing, per- 
mitting, suffering to be done, bearing with; 

Heb, ix. 15. 
Fuil'liaoht, 8. m. consang^uinity, relationship 

by blood. 
Fuill'taoh or Fi;il'i.iaghtaoh, a. bloody, 

eager to spill blood j P«/. cxxzix. 19* 
Fuinn, r. bake; — ^aoh, ^^ j — ^kb, 80 j — in, 83; 

—INS, 84 } — TM, 86 ; — YM8, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

BB, a. d. of baking. 

BT, «. baking; s. m. a baking ; pi. 67. 

BTDBR, 8. m. a baker j pi. —yn. 

IT or Fuinnt, 86. baked, baken. 

*FuiRR or Fvir'rbb, v, stay, tarry, stop; — aoh, 
77 ; —BKt 80 ; —in, 83 ; —INS, 84 j — TM, 86 j 
— TMS, 87 } — TS, 88. 

AOHT or Fuib'raohttn, v. staying, stop- 
ping, tarrying. 

-bb-or't, in. hold thee or thou, stay thou 

or thee, stop thou or thee. 

BTDBR, 8. m. a stayer, &c. 

<iT, 86. stayed. Not used. 

FuTOH, 8. m. wood, timber. I think the ortho- 
graphy would be better Foiee. 

FuTOH'AOH, a. wooden. Ob8oMe, 

Ftnnbio'. See Fhynneig. 

Ftn'nbraoht, 8. m. frigidness, coolness, cool 

Ftn'na.oh, a. hairy, having hair. 

Ftn'nbt, 8. m. fur, hair, the hair that covers the 
body of an animal. 

Ftn-rut, a. having brown hair or fur. 

Ftnnican, 8. m. the glaire or white of an egfg. 

Ftbrtn, a. he, male, masculine. 

Ftrrtn'aoh, 8. m. one of the male sex, one of 
the masculine gender; p/. 71* 

Ftrbtn'id, 8. m. masculineness. 

Fts, 8. m. knowledge, knowing; as, ta fp8 aym 
(I have knowledge or I know) ; hug eh fya 
hjfm (he sent or gave me knowledge or let me 

Ftsstrbb, 8k f. foreknowledge, prescience, 
anticipated knowledge of what is to come to 

FT'TBr'rbt, adv. lastly, at last, finally, in fine. 

]?V-TBRIiBT-H0AL, odv. EtlOUglaSt, &C. 



G, for its sound, see Remarks IS and is, and its 
changes, see 49 ; it is an initial as shown in 43, 
45, 46, 51, 64, and 61. S, when changed to C, 
changes also to O^ by placing n^n before it. 

Ga, eof^. though, although. 

Nyn Qaa, 8. your, &c. opportunity. C. 

Nyn GAABAIO^ «. your, &c. thick cake. C. 

Nyn Gaabb, 8, your, &c. seeds. C. 

Nyn Gaao, 8. your, &c. forelock. C. 

Nffn Oaaidob, 8. your, &c. cage. C. 

Oaaio, 8. f. a crack orchaft; pf. — tn; e. uf., 

— AGH, 77 \ —vs, 80; —IN, 83; — INS, 84; 
— TM, 86; — TMS, 87; — Y8, 88. 

^AOH, a. having cracks or chaffs. 

— — 'et or Gaa^obt, v. cracking, chaffing; 
Jet. xiv. 14. 

-'it, 85. cracked, chaft. 

Gaail'aoh, 8. f. the brood of young that a fowl 
has at hatching. a. 

Gaail'laoh, 8. f. a disease in the mouths of 

Gaait'naoh or— bt, v. 6l. gorsing, or placing 
edder or fence wood on the (op of ahedgre; 
it is also called bearding or eddering. A. 

Npn Gaar'dts, 8. your, &c. genealogy; Ezra, 

ii. 62. C. 

Nyn GAJiJofsYVf a. your, &c. friends. C. 

Nffn Gaar'jts, a. your, &c. friendship. C. 

Gaab'laoh or — BT, V. 61. cooking. A. 

Njfn Gaart, 8. your, &c. quart. K. 

Gaasb, v. 61. growing. A. 

Nffn Gaa'shbt, «. your, &c. cheese. C, 
Gaaub, 8. m. a smith; pi. — ntn. 
Gaaubdoo, 8. m. a blacksmith. 
Gaaub'nts, 8. m. smithezy, smith craft. 

6AA-TBIo^ a. twelve, (ten and two) ; pi. —yk. 

Gaa-tbio'-as-dabbd, a. fifty-two, (twelve and 

Gaa-tbio-oo, a. twelfth. 

Nffn Gaat'nbt, «. your, &c. braying ; Job. xzx. 7. 

Nffn Gab, 8. your, &c. jaw ; pi. — btn. C. 

Nffn Gabba'nb, «. your, &c. cabin, &c. C. 

Nffn Gab'bid, 8. your, &c. stammering. C. 

Nffn Gab'btl, 8. your, &c. horse. C* 

Nffn Gab'dii., 8. your, &c. chapter. C. 

Gac'can, v. 61. moaning, bewailing. A. 

Oac'cbts, a. hungry. A. 

Nffn Oad'dtm, «. your, &c. glampus. C. 

Nffn Gad'jints, «. your, &c. commonness. C. 

Nffn GadObb, 8. your, &c. huckster. C. 

Nffn GadObrts, e. your, &c. mongery. C. 

Nffn Gad'lao, 8. your, &c. sleeper. C. 

Cha Gadl or Gadlbb, v. not sleep; — aoh; 

—in ; —INS ; — TM ; —TMS ; — ^TS, 94. C. 

Nffn Gad'lbt, 8. your, &c. sleep. C. 

Nffn Gad'lbtdbb, 8. your, &c. sleeper. C. 

Gadtrbb or Gad'trbt, a. Jolly, hot, &c.; a 
bitch is said to be so when she wants ttie male. 

Diff Gabbd, a. thy forty, or two twenties D. 

Gab'lic, Gaixic, orGABLo ; a.f. Erse or Maaks* 




Gabe, ». m. short dungr, ordure. 

Cha Gaoo, «. not war or make battle 5 — aoh ; 

—in; — IN8J — YM-J — TMSJ — YS, 94. C. 

Nun Gao'oby, «. your, &c. war j pi. 67. C. 

Nyn Gao'obydbr, «. your, &c. warrior j pj. 

— YN. *'• 

Gao'olaoh or Gaoolaohby, ». frightening. A. 
Gao^oykts, v. complaining, craving, claiming. A. 
Gaoh, pro. each, every one separately. This 

word seems to change from rf, without an 

h, in Pro. xxiii. 32. 
Gaohby, o. sting^g, stingefh, &c. 
Nun Gaohlaa', s. your change; pi. — ohyn. C. 
Gaoht, ©.act, behave J — aphj—bbj — '»» 

— INS} — YMj — YMSJ — YS, 94. A. 

Gaoh'tby, v. acting, behaving. A. 

Nun Gao'liaoh, s. your, &c. boundary; pl.?^- C 
Ga'gyrtssaoh, ». m. a complainant ; pi. 7^- A. 
Gah, 8. m, a sting ; pi. -—Yit, 
GahVoh, a. having a sting, venomous, 
Gatd, «. m. a heath or heather rope j pi. — ynj 

V. — AOH, &C. 

Oaid'bb, #./. one that is jolly, frisky, or wanton. 
Gaw^by, r. roping with heath rope. 
Gaii/it, 66. roped with heather ropes. 
Cha Gaion, v. not chew or gnaw; —aoh; 

-KB ; —in; —ins ; — YM; — YM8 } — YS, 94. C. 
Er Gaio'nby, v. hath, &c. chewed, gnawed. C. 
Gaih, 9. m. a toy; pi. — aohyn, or casting the 

final h away. 
Gaih'aoh. a. toyish. 

Nun Gail, «. your, &c. cole or cabbage. K. 
Cha Gaill, t». not lose ; du gaUl ad, (that they 

lose); Jud. XVlii. 26; —aoh; — EB; —in; 

—INS; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. C. 

Gaii.'i<by, ». m. the gizzard or stomach. 
Gaillby-pbkn, «. m. a fish which I do not know 

the English name of. 
lVy« Gainlb, «. your, &q. candle. C. 

Nun Gainlb'bb, ». your &c. candlestick. C. 
Nun Gaie, ». your, &c. share, &c. C. 

Nun Gaiba'il, ». your, &c. care ; pi. —yn. C. 
Nun Gaibd'bb, «. your, &c. smithy ; pi. — yn. K. 
Nun Gaieys, b. your, &c. right; pi, — syn. C. 
Nun Gaisht, »: your, &c. Easter pi. — yn. C. 
2V^ Gait'nys, 9. their, &c. common, or nap. C. 
Cha Gale, ». not calk j —aoh; —in; —ins; 

— tm; — YMS; — YS. *'• 

Nun Qal'eby, 9. our, &c. calking. K. 

Gall, «. /. giil i the same written as in EngUsh, 

but the English is sounded gawl; pi. — yn. 
Gal'lae, 9. m. a disease, of the same meaning 

-with QorleUt which see. 
Gall-chebba'oh, 9. f. or it may be Goal- 

CHEBBAOH, thc ending furrow. 
Nun Gal'lin, 9. your, &c. body; pi. — yn. C. 
Gall'thoo. See Ooal'-thoo. 
GALL.VBEO, 9. f. bitter spite, or fury accompa- 
nied with revenge. 
Gall-vbe'oaoh, o. spiteful to an extreme, most 

Nun Gamlaa'oys, ». your, &c. crookednesss. C. 
Gam'lby, v. speaking ironically. 
Nun Gah'mao, 9. your. &c. crutch, &c. ; pi. 

— YN. ^• 

Gam'maoh, a. wry; distorted. 

Cha Gamm or Gammbb, v.''not make crooked or 

bend; — aoh; —in; — ins; — ym; — yms; 

— YS, 94. 
Gam'man, 9. m. game, sport ; Jud. xvi. 87 ; pl* 

— YN. 

Gam'manaob, a.'fallof game'or sport. 
Nun Gam'mio, 9. your, &c. crookedness. C. 
Gau'ylt, v. swimming, and perhaps a better 
word than Snaue, which^^we make use of. „ A. 
Ganola'nys, v. Jangling, bickering, &c. 

Gan'nidaoh or Gannidbe, «. m. a mocker or 

Gannidys, 9. m. mockery, scorn, derision. 

Gannoo'inaoh or Gannooinaohby, «. weak- 
ening, enfeebling; JIfarA; viii. 3; debilitate, 61. 

Du Gannoo'inbb, adv* that they weaken, or 
grow weak ; Matt. xv. 32. A. 

Gannoo^inys, v. shall or will weaken or grow 
weak. A. 

Gan'sooe, v. answering, replying, doing what 
is bid. A. 

Cha Gant, v. not auction; —aoh; — in; — ^ins; 

— YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. 

Nyn Gan'tby, «. your, &c. auctioning. C. 

Nun Gan'tbyoee, «. your, &c. bidder at an 
auction. C. 

Nyn Ganvbi'sh, «. your, &c. canvass ;p<—YN. C. 

Nyn Gap'paoh, 9. your, &c. captive; pi. 71« C. 

Nyn Gap'pan, *. your, &c. cup; pi. — yn. C. 

Npn Gap'pbbys, «. your, &c. captivity }pl — ^yn C 

Nyn Gap'tan, 9. your, ftc^captain; pi. — ^yn. C. 

Nyn Gap'tanys, 8. your, &c. captainship. C. 

Nun Gar, 9. your, &c. turn, job, &c. C. 

Ga'raoh, a. sourish, acrimonious.] [Only made 
use of when speaking of land. 

Gae^aohtbb, v. laughing. 

Nun Gae'byd, 9. your, &c. bier; pi. — yn, or 
76. C. 

Nyn Gaechuil'lao, 9. your, &c. fly ; p/. — yn. C. 

Gaed, 9. m. guard; 2 Chron. xii. 11; o. grnard; 

— AGH, 77 i — BB, 80; — ^IN, 83; — INS, 84; 

— YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Gae'dae, 9. m. a very strong g^ust of wind ; pi. 

— YN. 

Gae'dby, v. guarding, protecting. 

Gae'uit, 85. guarded, protected. 

Ga'ebb, 9. f. a sour piece of land, (from Geayr 

Ga^ebbbbbce, 9./. the bird sea-pie. 
Ga'rby, 9. m. a garden ; pi. 67- ^ 

Ga'ebydbr, 9. TO. a gardener; pi. — yn. 
Ga'bbydys, 9. m. gardening. 
Gaeo, a. acrid, hot and bitter. 
Gaeg'agh/ v. making acrid or tart. 
Garg'bt, a. pi. acrid, hot and bitter. 
Garg'id or Gaeoys, 9. m. acritude, tartness. 
Nyn Gae^kyl, «. your, &c. hoop; pi. — yn,^ot 

76. K. 

GAELBID^ 8. /. garlic ; pi. — yn. 
Gaemad, 9. garment; pi. — yn. 
Nyn GAEMBISH^ 9. your, &c. coarse sheet. C. 
Gae'min, 9. m. a weaver's beam that the waxp 

is rolled onin^weaving ; pi. — yn. 
Nyn Gaen, 9, your, &c. monumental pile. C. 



Xpn Garna'nb, s. yoar, Stc. heap j pi. — yn. C. 

Njfn Gasnoa'in, ff. your^ &c. beetle; p/.— tn.C. 

iVyn Garb, s. your, &c. tune, twist, or turn. C. 

Gar'rad, 8. m. garret; pi. — yn. 

Npn Gar'raor, ». your, &c. carrot. C 

Gar'raoh or Garragbby, v. 6l. Bhifting, 
moYlng out of one place to another. A. 

Npn Gar'baobyn, s. pi. those who V>efriend 
you i heats, ox spells, or turns of work ; the 
pi. of Oarrejf. C. 

Gar'bal, v. 6i. offering to give, proflfering. A. 

Gar'ran, 8. »». a galloway, a pony ; pi. — yn. 

Njfn Garra'nb, «. your, &c. sandal ; pi. — yn. 


Npn Gar'rby, 8. your» &c. Mend; pi. G7. C. 

Gar'rby, 8. m. a heat, turn, or spell of work. 

Npn Gar'biads, «. your &c. highroad labour ; 
pi. — STN ; somethiag wearisome to carry or 
perf<Min. C. 

Nffn Gar^ricb, «. your, &c. See Carrick. C. 

Gar'rish, o. jeering, mimicing, mocking. 

Nyn Gar'roo, s. your, &c. carp. C. 

Gar'roo, a. coarse, rugged, uneven, not fine. 

Gar'rooid or Gsr'rooid, 8. m. roughness, un- 

Nffn Gart, 8. your, &c. cart; pi. — yn. K or C. 

Gart, 8. m. the last reaper on the standing com 
side of a company of reapers in a field. 

Gart'lban, «. weeding com, &c. 

Garva'in or Garvbin^n, «. groats. 

Nyn Gar'val, 8. your, &c. carol ; pi. — yn. C. 

Garvbi'oagh or Garybi'ghby, v. roaring, 
bellowing as a lion or bull, &c. 

Garyroi'b, a. parboiled. This word may be 

from garrey df/ vroie or from giare vroie. 
Cha Gas, «. not twist ; — ^aoh ; — in ; — ins ; 

— YM i — YMS ; — Y8, 94. C. 

Nyn Gas'ao, a. your, &c. curl ; pi. — -yn. C. 

Er Ga'sby, «. hath, &c. twisted, &c. C. 

jyyn Ga'8BY9SR< '• your, &c. one who twists ; 
pi, — YN- C. 

Er Nyn Gasq'brickby, v. hath, &c. been sanc- 
tified ; Act8t xxvi. 18. C. 

NpH Gash'irickys, 8. yooT, &c. holiness, 
sanctification, &c. C. 

GASK'BYnAOH, 0. hasty ; Hob. i. 0; «. m; a 

person who can work with despatch ; p/» 71. 
Nyjn Gas'lys, 8. your, &c. likeness, or sign; 

pi. — SYN. C. 

Nyn Gass, 8. your, &c. foot; pi. — yn. G. 

Nyn Gas'san, «. your, &c. path; ph — yn. C. 

Er Nyn QAa'vzr, p. hatb« £(c. been q,i\elted, 
conquered, &c. C. 

Gast, 85. chaffed, leased, tli^e skin mbbed off by 
running, walkinjg, or riding. 

Gas'tby or Gastaoh, a. i^e, nimble, clever, 
expert ; Jer, 1. 9. 

Gas'viv, 8. m. agility, cleverness. 

Gas'tb or Oastyr, v. 61. root out, extirpate; 

— ^AOH ; — BB ; —IN ; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; 
— T8, 94. A. 

Gas'tral or Gas^tyat, v. dl. rooting out, ex- 
tirpating. A. 

Gas'tyrit, 85f 6a. V0Q|e4 out, extijpat^d. A. 
Nyn Gatrbb'nby, «. yoiw, &c Catharine. C. 
Gatt, 9« «|. aweliint. 


Gaub, 8. m. hazard* risk, peril ; pi. -^yn. 

Gaub'aoh, a. haiardou9» perilous. 

Gaub^id, 8, m. peritousn^sa. 

Gauin, «. m. a young beast of the cow kjnd, 
between the age of a. calf and a heifer. 

Nyn Gaulo, 8. your, &c. awns, hards, &c. C 

Nyn Gay, «. youx, &c mist. K. 

Nyn Qayr, 8. joxa, te. car ox cazriage. C 

Nyn Gayrn, 8. your, &c. trumpet, &c. C. 

Nyn Gayt, «. your, &c. cat. K. 

Nyn Grab, your, &c. dod. C. 

Nyn Gbab'baoh or Gabbaoh, 8. youi^ &c. 
cloddy land. C. 

Gba'daoh, or GbVdaohby, v. 61. jealous, being 
jealous. I cannot describe this word in the 
English as I ought, as there is uo verb for it in 
that language. %. 

Gbaish^taob ox 6BAIS|aL'TAo^BY, «. 61. listea- 
ing, hearkening, hearkeneth, listeneth listens, 
&c. £. 

Gbal. See Oeeal. 

Gbam, Gba^maoh, or Gba'maohry, v. 64. cas- 
ing, crying, shoutiug. £. 

Gbar, ». laugh; —A OH, J7'y —KB, 80; —BY, 82; 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 8«; —YMS, 87 J 
— YS, 88. 

Gba^'rbydsr, 8. m. a laugher ; pi. — yn, 

Gba'rit BR, 85. laughed at or on. 

Nyn Gbasb, 8. your, &c. buttock. The pi. is in 
2 Sam. X. 4. K. 

Cha Gbau, v. not cast, throw, rain, or wear; 

— AOH; — BB; —IN; — INS; — YM ; — YMS, 
04. C. 

Gbay, 8. f. wind ; pl% — gbyn. 

'bb, a. d, of the wind, or of wind. 

'bbaoh, a. windy, flatulent. 

'bbid, 8. fn. windiness, fiatuosity. 

Gbay'il, a. d. of or belonging to coals. 
Gbayl, 8. m. coals; pi. — yn. 

Geay'lin, 8. f. a shoulder; pi. — Gbayltyn. 

Gbayl'laoh, 0. 61 . UjCQing, covering with lime. E. 

GsAYtK,, V. 62. This verb is used In an inter- 
rogatory maimer; as, geayll eo mee (didst 
thou hear me)^ geayll ad oo (did they he^^E 
thee) } &e. C. 

Nyn Gbayn, 8. your, &c. ocean or sea. Si. 

Cha Gbayn, v. not cry; — aojv; —usi —in; 
—INS ; — YM ; —YMS, 94. K. 

Gbay'naohby, v. making green. 
Gbay^nby, a. green. 

Nyn Qbay^nby, «. your, &c. crying, &c. K. 
Geay'nid, 8. m. greenness. 

Gbayr, a. sour, acid ; laa. xviii. 6 ; o. make- 
sour or acid ; — agh, 77; — bb, 8a; — in,' 89; 
—INS, 84; — YM, 66; —YMS, 87; — Ys, 88. 

Qeay'raghby, v. making sour or souring. 

Gbay^rbe. See Oaree, a sour piece of land. 

Gbay'rby, a. pi. sour, acid. 

Geay'rid, 8. m. sourness, acidity. 

Gbay'rit, 85, soured. 

Gbaysh, 8. f. long strong hair, as the hair of a 
horse's tail or mane. 

Geayshtbbn', 8. f. long strong hairs in wool. 

GBAYs^TBB'NAQ^4 a« hai]7, having strong hfsdrs. 

Gbayshtbb^nid, 8. m. hairiness. 




Cha Gbce, v. not dung, or go to stool ; •— agh ; 

— IN ; —INS J —YM J — YM8, 94. K. 

Gxd'drymaob or Obd'drymaohby, v. 6i. mak* 
ing lighter in weight, making light. E. 

Gbo'oyn, v. getting, procuring. 

QBE, V. 61. eating. E. 

Npn Gebad, 9. yoor, &c. hundred ; pi. — yn. K. 

Npn Gbba'doo, a. our, &c. hundredth> K. 

Npn Gbb'aoh, 8. your, &c. breast. K. 

Npn Gbb'aght, s. their, &c. plough. K. 

Npn Gseak, 8. your, &c. cake. K. 

Gbxal^ley, o. 6i. beating. Though the radical 
of this word is in F, as Yeeall, the Y is cast 
away and it seems to come from E. 

Gxbar'rbb, v. 61. greeting; desiring, beseech- 
ing. £. 

Gbeas'saohsy or Gbbas^saoht, v. 6l. lend- 
ing, lendeth, lends. B. 

Nyn Geeayl, «. their, &c. sense or wit. K. 

Gbe'byrt, v. 6i. banishing, driving, drifting. E. 

Geeck, f. 61. paying; Prov. ** Qeech cabbyl 
marroo." E. 

Nyn Gbbill orGsEiHLL, s. your, &c. church. K. 

Npn Geeil, s. your, &c. jaw; pl.—rv. K. 

Gbbkby, v. 6i. making ricks of turf. E. 

Nfffi Gbbsh, s. your, &c. tax or tribute. K. 

Ngn Gbgebi'sh, s. your, &c. fortnight. K. 

Gbid, v. steal, thieve, stealing, thieving; — aoh, 

77; —BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Gbid'ey or rather Jeioby, s. m. a godfather, 
a man who stands sponser for a child at the 
baptismal font. 

Gbio^bydbr, 8. m. a stealer. See Mctarliaght 
for tiiief . 

Geid'it, 85. stole, stolen. 

Gbio'nagh or Geio'naohby, v, 6i. forcing, 
compelling, compelleth ; urging, urgeth, urges, 
forceth, forces, &c. E. 

Nyn Geiley, a. d, of your, &c. sense or wit. 
Ec kione i^n Geiley (at their wits end). K. 

Geill, 8. m. heed, notice. 

Getll, 8. «n. a spring of water; v. spring; 

— aoh, 77 ; — BE, 80 ; — it, 85 ; — YS", 88. 
Cha ^Geill or Geil, v. not conceal or hide ; 

— ^AOH ; — IN; — INS ; — YM ; — ^YMS. K. 

Nyn Gbiltyn, v. your, &c. concealing, &c. K. 

Gein'naoh, 8. f. sand ; pi. 72. 

GBiN'NAon-oHARRoo, 8. f. gTuvel, coaTsc Band. 

Gbin'nee, a. d. of sand. 

Nyn Geint, 8. your, &c. kind, sort. K. 

Nyn Geird, 8. your, &c. trade. K. 

Geirr, 8. f. tallow, suet; v. crowed, did crow. 

Gbirr'-vili,, 8. /. bees* wax, honey wax. 

Gbirrym, v. crowing. 

Gbiyrt, «. 6l. driving, following. E. 

Nyn Gbiyt, 8. your, &c. cats. K. 

Nyn Gblk, 8. your, &c. chalk. K. 

Gbll. See Geill. 

Nyn Gel'laoh, «. your, &c. cock ; pi. 71. K. 

Nyn Gbm'myrk, 8. your, &c. refuge. K. 

Gen, 8. cheer. See Gien. 

Gbn-bd^din, 8. m. countenance. 

Nyn Gxn'ip, «. your, &c. hemp. K. 

Gbn^ipby, a. pi. hemp ; a. d. of hemp. K. 

Nyn Gbn'jallys, «. your, &c. kindness. K. 

Gbn^mys, r. 6l. naming, namiaatlng. £. 

Gbn^naght or Gin'naobtyn, v. 6i. feeUng, 
feels, feeleth. £. 

Gbn'nal, a. cheerful, afikble, jovial, having 
sweet engaging looks. 

Gbn'nallys, 8. cheerfulness, exhilaration, hila- 
rity, mirth, afhibility, jocularity. 

Gbn'nby, 8, m. scarcity, famine ; pi, 67. 

Gbn'nish, a. barren. 

Gentrbil', «. 61. entering. 

Nyn GBoY-in, «. your, &c. wildness, &c. K. 

Geoyl or *Geoyll, w. 61. dung; — aoh; — in; 
— INS; ^YM; —YMS; — YS. E. 

Geoyl'laohey, v. 61. dunging, manuring. 
Nyn Gbrb, a. your, &c. comb. K. 

Cha Gere, ». not comb; — aoh ; — in; — ins ; 

— YM ; —YMS. K. 

Ge'rinys, 8. 61. farming, husbandry. £. 

GerOagh, 8. m. comfort, consolation, happiness. 
That this word is derived l^om Ard or Yr in 
Yrjid or Yryaghey, I have not the least doubt, 
and of that class of words spoken of in the 6l8t 
Remark ; so comfort raises and alleviates the 
heart to whom administered. It is rather of a 
higher meaning than the English, eis it is very 
seldom used temporally ; for which see Souirid 
and Sonir. 

Gbr'jaohby, v. comfbrting, consoling, &c. 

Ger'jee or *6erj, v. comfort, console ; — agv, 

77; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 
87 ; — YS, 88. 
Gbr'jeydbr, 8. tn. a comforter or consoler; 

pi. — YN. 

GerOit, 85. comforted, consoled. 

Gkrjoil' or Gbrjoil'agh, a. comfortable, con- 
solatory, joyful, happy. 

Gerjoi'lid or Gbrjoillys, 8. m. comfortable- 
ness, &c. 

Nyn Ger'ragh or Gbr'ragbey, s. your, &c. 

Cha Gbr'rbb or *Gbrr, v. not punish ; — aoh ; 

— IN; — INS ; — YM; — YMS. 


Ger'rey. See Er-Gerrey. 

Gbr'rby, 8. m. the end; P«/.lxxvii. 8. I suppose 
the G in this word is a mistake. See Jerrey. 

Gbr'rid or Ger'rit, adv. shortly, soon. 

Gbr'rym, v. crowing. See also Geirrym. 

Cha Gbsb, v. not f^oth or foam ; —aoh ; —in ; 

—INS ; — YM J —YMS, 04. K. 

Nyn Gbs'mad, 8. your, &c. fstep ; pi. — yn. K. 

Nyn Gbs'sey, 8. your, &c. cost of piece of land. K 

Get'laoh, v. 61. flying. £. 

Gsir, 8. a gibstaflf, a setting pole. 

Gbu^agh, a. forked, branchy. 

Gbitl, v. gyve, fetter, bind, shackle ; — aoh, 77 ; 

-BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 56; 
— YMS, 87 ; — ^YS, 88. 

Gbu^lby, 8. m. a gyve, a fetter; pi. 67. 

Gbu'leydagh, 8. m. one who is bound; p^ 71 ; 
Ita. Ixi. 1. 

Gbu'lbydbb, 8. m. one who fetters or binds. 

Geu'lit, 85. fettered, gyved. 

Gbu'rbb, a. d. of vrinter. 

Gxir^RBY, 8. m. winter. FrobaUy ^om the trees 
then being bare as poles ; pi. 67. See Oeu. 

Gbw, 8. f, a severe paiuw . > 




Gbw'aob, a. painful. 

Njfn Gby, 8. your, &c. cream. k. 

Ay Gbtr'baoh, a. d. of sheep i John, x. ]. K. 

Gbtrb, a. sharp. See also Ojfere. 

Qkybbtek's. See Geoj^thteen. 

Gbtshtbs'naoh, a. hairy j Gen. xxvii. 23. 

Gha, ado. not. In all probability, from Cha; 
as, mjr va djf gha (if it were or not). The sound 
of the fi>A is not in the Bngrlish laneuaee. as 
shown in Remark 13. » -o » 

E Ohaa, ». his two; Qhaa wheeth (twice as 
much). D^ 

Dy Ghaa'ohxt, v. to dye or colour. D. 

Ghaah, v. dyed, did dye ; singed, did singe; 

■— AOH; — INj —INS; — TMJ —VMS; — YS, 

»'*• D. 

Ro Ghaa'hit, 85. too much dyed d. 

Ro Ohaah'jit, 85. too much singed. D. 

Ro Ghaa'xby, a. too bold or daring. d. 

E Ghaa'-tbio, a. his twelve. d. 

F OHAn'DBB mybtou, s. m. /. a wanton as 
thou art. q, 

E Ghab, «. his sting. 6. 

E Ghaih, t. his toy or gewgaw; /?;. — aohtn. G 

E Ghail'lby, ». his gizzard; pi. 67. g. 

E Ghaill, his credit time; delay. D. 

Ghall, v. did dazzle or dazzled ; — aoh ; —bs ; 

—IN; —INS; — YM; — YMS ; — YS, 94. D. 

Dy Ghal'lby, v. to blind or dazzle. D. 

E Ghal'taoh, «. his gallant. g. 

E Ghah'han, 8. his game. G. 

E Ghanjby'r, 8. danger. D. 

Ro Ghanjay'oaoh, a. too dangerous. D. 

JS? Ghan'kidaoh, 8. his despiser, scorner; »;. 
71; ilc#*, xiii. 41. q, 

E Ghan'nidys, 8. his mockery, scoffing ; v. his 
despising, scorning, &c. ; Heb. x. 83. G. 

Gha'raoh, a. rf. of a garden or gardens. G. 
E Ghard, 8. his guard. G. 

Cha Ghard, v. did or didst not guard j —aoh • 

—IN; —INS ; — YM; —YMS, 94 g! 

Yn Ghar'dbr, 8. the violent gust of wind. G. 

Ro Ghar'oit, 85. too well guarded. G. 

E Gha'rxy, 8. his garden. G. 

E Gha'rxydys, ». his gardening. G. 

E Ghar'mad, 8. his garment. G. 

Dsf Ghar'rauh, a. d. of oak, oaken. D. 

E Ghar'ran, 8. his galloway or pony; pl.—vit. 
Prov. " Eshyn nagh bee mie rish e gharran, 
8hegin da*nphollant y chur lesh er evui n."' G. 

E Ghar'rby, 8. his heat or spell of work ; pi, 
67. G. 

Ro Ghar'roo, a. too coarse or rough. G. 

E Gharvxi'oaoh, v. his howling, roaring, or 
yelling. q^ 

Feer Ghas'tky, a. very agUe or nimble. G. 

*Ghai7ns or Ghaunsb, v, did dance, danced ; 

— A0H;,^>-BB; —IN; —INS; — YM ; — YMS ; 

— YS, 94. D. 

E Ghaun'sin, v. his dancing. d. 

Ghaw, 8. f. a creek or cove; pi. — ohyn. 
Ghbam, v. did project, projected ; — aoh; — in; 

-INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. D. 

Dy Ghxa'mby, », to project or jut. D. 

S^Ghkay. s, the wind; pi. —ohyn. Prov. 

Cha daink lesh y gheay, nagh ragh lesh yn 


ushtey. Q 

Ghbay'il, a. d. of lime; aa, aaie.gfteayil. G. 
E Ghbayl'lin, 8. his shoulder. g. 

E Ghbayl'tyn, 8. his shoulders. g 

Ghbayrt, r. didspiUorpour; — agh; — in • 



-ins; — YM; —YMS; -YS, 94. 

Dy Ghbayr'tby, v. to spill or pour. 
Ro Ghbayr'tit, 86. too much spilled, &c. 
^fo?nd"°'°^^' »• to be had, to be got, 
Dy Ghbd'dyn, v. to get, procure, or find. ^ 
^^i?tll^ *• 'y^' ^' country ; Josh. x. 42. 
I^uSV'^''^'^ ''''''' see ^..r, as it 
Nyn Ghbh, «, your, &c. hide or pate s 

Ghbid, v. did .teal, stole; -aoh; -in; -iNsi 

— YM; —YMS; — ys, 94. q* 

E Ghbid'by, *. his godfather; pi. 67. q 

Ghbill, v. did spring; Ja9. iii. n- -aoh • 

-IN; —INS; -YM; —YMS ; — YS, 94. G. 

ie?j;for"toe"d.°' Ghkinaohby. r. to make 
E Ghei'nby, *. his men. jy' 

Sy Ghbi'nnagh, s. in the sand. g 

E Ghbi'nys, 8. his wearisomeness. d 

Ghbir, V. did crow; -aqh j -ee; -in; -ins ■ 

-YM; -TMS; -ys,94. ' ' q\ 

Dy Gheir, *. of smart or pain. g 

GhbLL, v. did deal; -agh ; -IN: -,VS • 
-FM; -YMS; -YS, 94. ' p' 

Dy Ghel'lal, v. to deal. u' 

E Ghei,'lid, 8. his dimness. x>' 

Ben Ghbn'nal, o. a cheerful woman. g 

'^n^fa''''*'^''''^*' '• ^ Cheerfulness, his kind- 

Yn Ghbn'nby, *. the scarcity. 
Ro Ghen'nish, a. too barren. 
E Ghen'nishid, 8. his barrenness. 
E Gher'jaoh, *. his comfort. 
^ Gher'jaghey, ». to comfort, to console. 
Gher'jee, v. did comfort, comforted. 
Yn Ghbr'jeyder, *. the comforter. 

^!SL?S.''uf°'.''' P' Gherjoil'aoh, a. 

. cAnfortable, joyful, happy. ^ 

Gherr, v. did crow, crew ; JIfarA, riv. 68- 
-vrw. ""''"' "■""' "~'''®' ~^"^ """""^J 
Fn Gher'rid or Gher'rit, s. the short time, g! 
Er Gherrym, v. hath, &c. crowed or crew. G 
Nyn Gheu, s. your, &c. side. c' 

£ *Gheul or Ghbd'ley, s. his gyve or fetter - 
t^. to gyve or fetter; -agh; -ee; -i n f 

N8 1 VII*. VMO . - n> ' » 


—INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. 

Oie Gheu'ree, a. d. the winter's night. 

Yn Ghbu'rey, *. the winter. 

Dy Ghbw, *. of oxen, of bullocks. 

Ro GhrVil, a. too cruel, too barbarous. 

E Ghbw'ilys, 8. his cruelty, &c. 

Ro Gheyr, a. too dear. ^^ 

Ghbyr, r. did condemn, condemned ; aoh • 

—BE; —in; —ins; — YM ; -YMS; — YS, 94. D 

Er Ghby^rey, v. hath, &c. condemned or sen 
tenced to punishment. jj^^ 

Ro Ghby'rit, 86. too much condemned. D. 
Feer Ghial, a. very white or bright. q! 





Dty Ghial'ointn, «. pi. thy promises or 
grants. 6 

Er Ghial'otn, v. hath, &c. promised or 
granted. ^ 

Ghiall, v. did promise or grant j — aoh j 

—KB i — INJ —INS ; — YM } — YMS } —YS, 94. G 

Ghiall or Ghiallsb, v. did bleach, cleanse, or 
full. G 

Er Ghiallaoh or Ghillaohby, v. hath, &c. 
bleached, made bright or white. G 

Ben Ghial^lbb, a. d. a bleach- woman. G 

Yn Ghial'lbydbb; «. the fuller or bleacher. G 
Bo Ghial'lit, 8fi. too bleached, too promised 
or granted. G 

Ghiax'taohby, v. granting, promising, pledg- 
ing. 'MfsMmmual Service. 
Npn Ghiam^blb, «. your, &c. temple, &c. C 
Ghiab or Ghiare, did cut. See Yiare. G 

Ro Ghiabb, a. too short. See Yiare. G 

Yn Ghiarb-vbinn, «. the groats. G 

Dy Ghia'eby, v. to cut j pi. 67. G 

Yn Ghiab'bydbr, e. the cutter; pi. — yn. G 
Ghiar'rsy, a. pi. short. 
Ro Ghias'tyllaoh, a. too liberal, charitable, 
or bountiful. G 

E Ghias'tylcid, 8. his charitableness. G 

E Ghias'tyllys, s. his charity, bounty, &c. G 
Dty Ghiat, «. thy gate. G 

E Ghib, a. d. of his mouth; as, dy huittymgour 
e ghib (to full month ways, or with the mouth 
foremost). See Gob. G 

Bo Ghib^baob, a. too sharp pointed. G 

Yn Ghib'bbbcriu, «. the kibe ; pi. — yn. G 

Yn Ghibn mib, «. the good-cheer. G 

Er Gbibnaoht'yn, v. hath, &c. conceived. G 

Ghibnt, v. did conceive; — agh; — in; — ms; 

— ^YM ; — YMS ; — ^YS, 94. 

Dy Ghibnt'yn, v. to conceive. G 

E Ghim'lad, 8. his wimble. G 

E Ghim^maoh, 8. his lobster ; pi. 71. G 

Ghim^man, «. m. an admirer, a suiter or lover; 
pi. — YN ; Exk. rvi. 38, 

Nyn Ghino, «. your, &c. heads. K 

Nyn GHINOBBSH^ s. your, &c. Pentecort or 
Whitsuntide. K 

E Ghioal, 8. his pledge, pawn, or mortgage ; 

pi. — YN. G 

Yn Ghioal^bydxr, «. the mortgager, pawner, or 
pledger. G 

E Ghtoal'tbbyn or Ghioal'tiaohtyn, «. his 
pawns or mortgages. G 

Yn Ghioal'tbeys or Ghioal'tiaoht, s. the 
premises mortgaged, pawned, or pledgfed. G 

Yn Ghioal'tbyr, «. m. the mortgagee. G 

Gbioot, v. did gift, gifted ; —agh ; —in —ins ; 

— ^YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. G 

Er Ghioot/al, v. hath, &c. gifted, given ; Acts, 
xxvii. 24. G 

Yn Ghioot'eydbr, 8. the gifter, giver, or be- 
stower. G 

Ro Ghioot'it, 85. too much gifted. G 

Er Gbir'raohby, v. hath, &c. shortened, or 
abridged, abbreviated. G 

E Ghibrid, 8. his shortness. G 

Ghiun, r. did deepen j — aoh ; — be ; — in ; 

— INS; — VM; — YMS; — YS, 94. D 

E Ghiv'nid, «. his depth. D 

Ooll dy Ghiv'lyn, «. going to Dublin. D 

E Ghlaarb-bddin, «. his forehead. G 

E Ghlarb, 8. his language, tongue &c. G 

C/£^A-Ghlass, a. a gray or blue stone. G 

Ghlass, v. did lock, or make sure ; -agh ; —in j 

— ins; — ym; — YMS; — YS, 94. Prov. " Tra 

ta*n gheay 8y villey yiow 8hiu magh yn OhUue 

ghuilley.** G 

Dy GHLAs'sAOHorGHLAs'sAOHBY, brighten 

or get gray. G 

Dy GuLAs'sBY, V. to embrace, to lock. G 

Ro Ghlast, 85. too locked. G 

Cha Ghleash, p. not stir; —aoh ; -in ; — ins ; 

— YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. G 

Er Ghlea'shagbey, v. hath, &c. stirred. G 

Ro Ghlea'shit, 85. too stirred. G 

Cha Ghlbayn, v. not entice or allure. G 

Ghlbck, v. did wrestle; — agh; — ^in; — ins; 

— YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. G 

Yn Ghlec'kbyder, «. the wrestler ; pi. — yn. G 
Yn Ghleiy, 8. the fibre of slime, &c. G 

Ghlen or*GHLBNN, did cleanse or clean; — aoh, 

— BE ; — in ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. G 

Ghlbn'nee, a. d. of cleansing. G 

Er Ghlbn'ney, v. hath, &c., cleansed, &c. G 
Yn Ghlen'nbyder, «. the<deanserorcleaner. G 
Ro Ghlen'nit, 86. too cleansed or cleaned. 6 
Ghlennt, pt. cleansed, cleaned. G 

Yn Ghlion'an, 8. the small valley, the dim. of 

Glion. G 

Ghlioon, v. did kneel; — agh; — in; — ins ; 

— YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. G 

Yn Ghmoon, 8. the knee ; pi. — yn. G 

Yn Ghlioo'naoh, 8. the &c. See Glioonagh. G 

Dy Ghlioo'ney, e. to kneel. G 

Yn Ghlioo'nbyder, «. the kneeler. G 

E Ghloo, 8. his warp ; pi. — ohyn. G 

E Ghloyr, 8. his glory; pi. — aohyn. G 
Ghloyr, v. did glorify; — aoh; —in; — ins; 

— YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. G 

Dy Ghloy'raohby, v. to glorify. G 

Yn GHLOY'REvnER, *. theglorifier; p/.— yn. G 
Feer Ghloyroi'l, a. very glorious. G 

E Ghloyr oi'lid, «. his gloriousness. G 

Yn Ghlut'tbrby, 8. the glutton. G 

E Ghoauh, 8. his vat, or keeve. D 

Ro Ghoai'aoh, a. too decent, &c. D 

E Ghoaie, 8. his decency, &c. D 

Ro Ghoal, a. too blind. D 

Ghoa'lby, a. pi. blind; as, mraane ghoaley. D 
Dy Ghoaill, v. to take, to partake. G 

Dy Ghoal'lby, v. to bUnd, to blot; E»od. 

xxxii. 32. D 

Ro Ghoaltat'tym, a. too sudden. D 

Ro Ghoaltat'tymaoh, adv. too suddenly. D 
Ro Ghoan, a. too scarce, too brown. G. D 

Dy Ghoa'naghby, v. to make brown. D 

Ghoa'nby, a. pi. brown. I> 

E Ghoa'nid, *. his brownness. D 

E Ghoar'lish, 8. his gap ; pi- — yn. D 

E Ghoarn, 8. his fist. D 

E GHOAiri., 8. his fork, or divergement of the 

thighs. G 





E Ghob, «. his mouth in contempt. 
Dtp Ghob'bbran, ». thy lamentation. 
E Ghob'bbeanaoh, 8. hislamenter; pi. 71« 
E Ghoc'cab, 8. his dint, or stress of labour. 
Ro Ghoc'caraoh, a. too laborious. 
E Ghoc'carid, «. his laboriousness. 
E Ghooh'an, «. his disease, or disorder. 
Ro Ghooh'anaoh or Ghooh'anit, a 

ordered, or diseased. 
Dy Ghooh'avbt, v. to cause disease, or 

Ghoohe, v. (from Gftotoa^*,) would take. 
Ro Ghoil'lbb, o. too difficult. - , ^ 
£ Ghoil'xbbid, *. his difficulty. 
Groin, p. (from Ghowin,) I would take. 
Groins, p. idem. em. 
Gh^Il, v. did blot, or blind; — aohj 

E Gholl, v. his going. 
Yn Grollaob', a. the pitch-fork, the ear-wig, 

or any fork of timber, &c. ; pi. — yn. G 

E Ghol'lan, 8. fiBua or winnowing instrument. D 
Ro Gbol'lit, 85. too blotted or eflbced. D 

E Ghol'tbt, 8. his godson. D 

—INS ; — TM ; — XM8 ; — YS, 94. 

too dis- 







— bb; 



Ro Ohooish'tit, 85. too awakened. 
Ro Ghooit, 85. too blackened. 
Awin Ghoo'lisb, 8. Douglas river. 
E Ghoo'naoht, 8. his Sunday. 



too much on Sundays 


Ghonk, v. did thump; 
— INS; 

— YM; — ^YMS 

— AOH ; 
— Y8, 94. 

— EB 

— IN 


E Ghonk'an, «. his thumper. 

Dp Ghonk'by or Ghonk'al, v. to thump. 

Ro Ghonk'it, 85. too thumped. 

E Ghon'nao, 8. his brown cow. 

Ro Ghon'naoh, a. too sore, too crabbed. 

E Ghon'nan, 8. his dunce or dastard. 

Ro Ghon'nanaoh, adv, tooduncelyoralyectly; 

Pealm xzxy> 15. D 

GhonVby, a. scarce. See also Ghnan ; Jer. xvii. 

8. This ought to be a pi. G 

£7 Gh 00, «. his word, his fame. G 

Ro Ghoo, a. too black, v. blacken ; — aoh ; — in ; 

— ^YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. D 

E Gaoo'AO, 8. his eclipse; pi. — yn. D 

"Dp Ghoo'aohbyot Ghoo'ohey, v. to blacken. D 
E Ghoo'an, *. his hook; pi, — yn. D 

Ro Ghoo'anaoh, o. too hooked. D 

Ghoobl or Ghoo'blb, v. did double; 

— EB ; —IN ; —INS ; — YM j —YMS J — YS, 


94. D 


I^ Ghoo'blby, v. to double. 

Ro Ghoo'blit, 85. too doubled, D 

E Ghoo'obb, ». his damsel or weneh. D 

Ghoo'by, a. pi' black. D 

Ro Gboooh, a, too bad, too HL D 

"Dp Qhoo'obby, v. to bladcen. D 

E Ghoo'ohys, 8. his nature. D 

R» Ghoo'ohyssaoh, a. too naturaL D 

E Ghoo'id, 8 his blackness- D 

Ro Ghooib, a. too kind J boapl e ghooie (his 
natlYO place). D 

GhooiN) IS did close, shut, or darken; — aos; 

— BB ; —IN J —INS } — YM J —YMS J — Y8, 94. D 

Vp Gboo'nby, v. to shut or dose up. 9 

Ghooin'nby, 8. Oh man t voc. eaae, S 

Ro Ghooiis'nit of Ghooint, 85. too (dosed or 
shut. D 

OvooTSBT, V. did awaken ; — aob ; —in j —ins; 

Ro Ghoo'naobtagh, 

or Lord's days. 
Oie Gboo'nbb, 8. the night preceding the Sab- 
bath or Suaday. Why it is so called is not 
known. Oie Jedoonee, is Sunday night. D 
E Gboo'raoht, 8, his perquisite ; pi. — yn. D 
"Dp Gboos'tby, v. to awaken. D 

Yn Ghoot, 8. the gout; pi. — yn. G 

Ro Gboo'tagb, a. too gouty. G 

E Gbooyt, 8, his doubt. D 

*Gbooyt, ». did doubt; — AOB; — in; — YM; 
— YS, 94. D 

Dp Ghooyteic^ v. to doubt. D 

Ro Gbooyteil'aoh, a. too doubtful. D 

Yn Gbor'ley, «. the galling. G 

Ghorm, v. did make blue ; — agh j —be ; —in ; 

-INS ; — YM ; — YMS , — Y«, 94. G 

"Dp Ghor'magbby, v. to colour blue, or make 

Fir Gbor'mby, a. pi. blue ones. 
Yn Gbor'mbydbr, «. the dyer of blue. 
E Gbor'mid, 8. his blueness. 
Ro.Gbor'mit, 85. too much blued, 
E Gbor'nanb, 8, his handle, 
Ro Gbor'raghby, a. too dark 
"Dp Ghor'raghys or Gborriu, «. of darkness. D 
D^ Ghor'rin, 8. of tempest. « D 

Ro Ghor'rinagb, a. too tempestuous. D 

E Ghor'rys, «. his door; pi. — syn. D 

Gbobt or Gbor'tbe, « did hurt; — aob; — in; 


















— INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. 

Yn Gbor'tagh, ». the hurt; pi. — yn. 

Ro Gbor'tagb, a. too sparingly. 

Yn Gbor'tby, 8. the famine; pL 67. 

E Gboss, 8. his cluster. 

E Ghos'san, 8. his small cluster or bunch. 

Ro Gbos'sanaoh, a. too bunchy. 

E Gboull, 8. his beam or ray. 

E GboiKrin, 8. his distemper. 

Ro Ghou'binagb, a, too contagious. 

E Gbow, 8. his ox or bullock. 

Gbow, v. did take. See Gow. 

Ro Gbowin, a. too deep. 

Mp Gbowym, p. if I take. See Gopm. 

Xp Gbowyms, p. id, em. See Gopms, - 

Mp Gbowys, V, See Gop8. 

J}p Gbra, v. to say; ere toudp ghra (what tWou 
sayest) ; L/uke^xxh, 60. G 

Er Gbra, V, said, hath, &c. said. G 

E Gbraib, 8, his love, G 

Feer Gbbaib'aob, a. very loving <xe lovingly. 6 

E Ghraib'altaob, 8. his lover; pi. 71. G 

B Gbraib'dbr, 8. his lover ; pi. — yn. 6 

Feer Gbraib oil', a. very lovely. G 

E Gbraiboilid or Gbraib oil vs, «. his loveli- 
ness. G 

Gbrain or *Gbrainn, v. did grave or carve ; 
— AGB; — BE; — in; —INS; — YM ; — YM8 ; 
— YS, 94. 

— YM ; — YS, 94. 

^ 1 Dp Gbrain'naobby, v. to grave or carve. G 




Ghrain'nbb, ». did, Ac grave. See Qhxain, G 

IBr Ghrain'nbt, v. ^ath, &c. graven, &c. G 

Yn Ohbain'nistdbr, ». tiie graver, &c. G 

B.0 Ghbain'nit, 86. too graven or carved. G 

Feer Ghra'nbt, a. very ugly or defoimed. G 

£7 Ghra'nid, 8. his ngliness or deformity. G 

JE7 Gbratbe, s. his grace; pi. 69. G 

JTtfer Ghraysoii.', a. very gracious. G 

J? Ghraysoil'id, s, his graciousness. G 

E Ghrea'hal, o. his dreaming. D 

JDiy Ghreasb, «. thy industry, &c. G 
"Ben Ghrbas'sao, a. an industrious woman for 

spinning and making clothing. G 

M Ghrbast, «. his while. See Dreate. D 

Ro Ghrbb, a. too tedious or slow. D 

*Ghbbbs or Ghrbbsbb, v. did stir up to action, 

or kindle to wrath; — ^aoh; — in; — iws ; 

— ^TM ; — ^TMS J — YS, 94< G 

Yn Ghrbb'saoh, «. the embers, the live coals 
or ashes. G 

Dp Ohreb^saghbt, v. to kindle or stir to action 
or wrath ; E*od. xxxii. 19* and Lam. iv 1 1. G 
Jto Ghrbb'sit, 85. too stirred or agitated. G 
E Ghbbbvm, 8. his back; pi. ^yn. G 

E Ghrbih, 8. his wretch, slave, or drudge. D 
E Ghrbigh'yn, 8. his tools. G 

Bo Ghrbih'aoh, a. too wretched. D 

E Ghrbim or Ghrbhe, 8. his hold, grasp, stitch, 

or bite ; pi. — yn. G 

Ghrbim, «. did hold, grasp, stitch, &c. ; — aoh ; 

— in; — INS 


-YMS; — YS, 94. 


Er Ghreim'by, «. hath, &c. bit, grasped, 
caught hold of, stitched. G 

Ro Ghrbim'it, 85. too much stitched, grasped, 
&c. G 

E Ghrbin, 8. his wren; pi. — yn. D 

*6hreinn or Ghreinnee, v. did urg^e or stimu- 
late, did encourage or raise the mind to action ; 
Ezra, i. 5 ; — Agh ; — in ; — ins ; — YM j 

— YMS J — ^YS, 94. G 

Er Ghrein'naohey, v. hath, &c. stimulated 
or encouraged to something. G 

Yn Ghrbin'nby, o. the urg^ing, &c.; 8. the 
gate. G 

E Ghrbiy, 8. his tool or instrument. G 

E Ghrbss, 8. his briar; pi. — yn. D 

Ro Ghrbss'aoh, a. toobriary. D 

Fo Ghriaoht, 8. under druidism or inchant- 
ment. D 

E Ghriaoht, «. his chain, his group, or drove ; 
pi. — YN. D. G 

Yn Ghrian, 8. the sun. Prov. G 

" My ta*n Ghrian j'iarg tra girree teh, 
Foddee 8hiu jerkal risk fiiaghey.** 

Feer Ghrian'aoh, a. sunny. G 

Dp Ghrian'by, «. to sun, or air in the sun- 
shine. G 

E Ghrinb, 8. his thorn tree; pi. — >tn. D 

E Ghrinb, 8. his grain ; pi. — yn. G 

Ro Ghrinb^aoh, a. too thorny, or grainy. D.G 
Yn Gbriu, 8. the goods stolen that criminate 
the felon ; as, yn ghriu vaarlee. G. 

E Ghrooh^-yankoo, a. his evil, bad, or ill 
doiBgs; Proo. Daa Okrogh eeck tapn geeck 
rolaue, 08 dyn geeck edyr. D 

E Ghroi.'i.oo, 8. his pot-hooks or hangers. D 

Dy Ghroo'id, «. of gloominess ; Zeph.i. IS. G 

E Ghrouio, 8. his ttawn ; pi. — tn. G 

Feer Ghrouw, a. very gloomy ; grim, sullen, 
&c. G 

E Ghruai'e, 8. his grimace ; his ghastly or grief 
worn countenance. G 

Yn Ghruioht, «. tbe measles. 

Dy Ghruioht, «. of dew ; pi. — yn. D 

Jto Ghruiohtoil' or Ghruiohtoil^aor, o. too 
dewy. D 

E Ghrun'oin, 8. his lees or dregs. D 

Yn Ghrvnt, 8. the ground. G 

E Ghrunt, 8. his gum; pi. — yn. D 

Yn Ghryn'dbr, «. the giber. G 

Ghubb, v. did beseech, besought, or intrea^ 
did pray or prayed ; — aoh ; — in ; — ins ; 

— YM ; — YMS ; — ^YS, 94. 


Yn Ghubb'dbr, 8. the beseecher or intreater. G 
E Ghuil'lao, 8. his leaf; pi. — yn. D 

Yn Ghuil'lao, «. the leech. G 

Yn Ghuil'lby, a the boy; pi. 69. Q 

E Ghuirn, 8. his fists. D 

Ghuir or *Ghuirr, v. did hatch, hatched; 
— AOH ; — YS, 94. G 

Dy Ghuirr, v. to hatch. G 

Ro Ghuir'raoh, a. too adle or rotten as eggs, 

too much in a hatching state. G 

Ghull, v. did yell, yelp, or howl; — aoh; — in; 

— INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. G 

E Ghul'lyrnbe, pt. his yelling, howling, &c. G 

Ro Ghun^nal, a. too courageous, too daring:, 
or intrepid. / D 

E Ghun'nallys, 8. his courage. D 

Y Ghun'vbr, 8. a murderer ; pi. — ^yn. D 

Ro Ghun'vbraoh, a. too murderous. D 

E Ghun'vbrys, 8. his murder. D 

E Ghuobb, 8. his geese. G 

Dy Ghurneil', v. to govern; — aoh; — in; 

— INS ; — ^YM ; — ^YS, 94. G 

E Ghurneil'lys, v. his governing. O 

E Ghus'san, 8. his dozen ; pi. — ^yn. D 

Ghwbb, v. did curse; — aoh; — in; — ins ; 

— YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. G 

E Ghwbb'aghyn, 9. his cursing. G 

Yn Ghwbb'obr, 8. the caner. O 

Ro Grwoai^aos, a. too detestable. D 

Dy Ghwoaib, 8. of detestation. D 

E Ghwoai'bys, 8. his abhorrence, &c. D 

Ro Ghyerb or Ghybir, a. too sharp, sour, tart; 
sharp edged, strict, addons. G 

GiAL, a. white, glittering, bright. 

GiALi/iN or GiALDYNYS, 8. ff). a ];Hromise, a 
grant; v. promising, granting; pi. — yn. 

GiALL, V. promise, grant; — aoh, 77} — bb, 80; 
—IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; 
— ^YS, 88. 

GiALL or GiALLBB, o. whlteu, or make white at 
bright, bleach or ftdl; — ^aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. 
GiAL^iiAOHBY, V. whiteningTf bleaching, fulling. 
Gial'itBb, a. d, of whitening, or bleaching. 
Gial'lby, a. pi. white, bright, or glittering. 
Gial'lbydbr, 8. m. a bleacher, a faller, one that 




whitens; or one ttiai promises or srants. 

Gial'lit, 85. promised, grunted, bleached, 
whitened, fulled. 

Oial'taoh, «. m. a gallant J pi. 71. 

Npn GiALTESN^TN, 8. jovot, &c. churches. K 

Gial'txbts, 8. m. gallantry. 

Cha GiANOL or Gianolb, v. not tie or bind ; 

— AOH; — INj — ins j — TMj — TMS } — Y8, 04 K 

Er GiANO^Lsr, v. hath, &c. tied or bound. K 
Nffn GiAKNooRT^, 8, OUT, &c. govemor. K 

GiAB, V. cat, hew; — aoh, 77; — kb, 80? —in, 

83; —ins, 84, — TM, 86; — YM8, 87; — Y8, 88. 

GiARE, a, short, momentary, brief, not long. 

Nyn GiARB, «. your, &c. four. K 

Cha GiARv, V. not provide or resolve. K 

QiARBY, a. pi. short, brief; v, cut; Exod. 
xxxiv. 13. 

Oiarb'-chooat, «. m. a jacket. 

Giar'it, 85. cut, shootened ; Exod. zxxii. l6. 

Njfn Giark, 8. your, &c. hen ; pi. — yn. K 

Nyn Gialobyb'ys, «. your, &c. subtleness, 

Giar'rby, 8. m. a cut ; the flux; an edge ; j»/. 
71 ; V. cutting, hewing, &c. 

Giarrby-fol'lby, «. m, the bloody flux. 

Giar'rby, a. pi. short; hs, ddney giarrey (short 

Glar'rbyhaoh, v. excluding, cutting out. 

Giar'rbyobr, a. m. a cutter ; pi. — yn. 

Giar'rxtx 85. cut, hewn. 

Ni/n, Giar'roo, a. your, &c. fourth. K 

Cha GiART, V. not make even, fix or adjust. K 

Nyn GiART^AGH, 8. youT, &0. chfiT or job. K. 

Nyn Giart'bydbr, «. yow, &c. adjustor, &c. K 

GiAs^TYLLAOH, a. chftiitRbte, liberal, bountilal. 

Gias'tyllid, 8. m. charitableness. 

Gias'tyllys, charity, bounty, liberality, g«ne. 

GiAT, 8. m. a gate, a field. 
Giai/tby, a. i{. of a gate or gates. 
GiAu or GiAw, 8. f. a creek. See Ohaw. 
Njfn GiAULL, $. your, &c. clamour, noise, or 
din. K 

Nyn Giaul'jlbbaoht, «. your music, &Ck K 

Gib, 8. pi. beaks; a. d. ctf mnnf jia in contempt. 

Gib'baoh, a. pointed, diarp pointed. 

Gib'bebchiu or Gibbbbcbiow, 8. f. a chilblain, 
a kibe ; pU — yn. 

Nyn GiBD, a. your, &c. liberty, or permission. K 
GiBNorGiBNs, 8.m. a feast or gala ; 2 Peter, 

ii. 13. Prw. " Qien nonney gortey.** 
GiBN, s. m» cheer, festivity ; temper of mind. 

•Gien'naoh'cyn, t>. conceiving, generating; 
LukBt i. 31. 


birth, reg^eneration. 

GiBNT, «. conceive^ (nr beoome pr^;nant ; fonn 
in the mind. 

GiBN^TiT, 85. conceived, formed in the womb or 

Gien'tyn, v. conceiving} Gm. xxx. 38. See 
also QUamaghiynk 

Gio'uBA43B, «. gigling, tittering. 

Gio'lbrts^ s. m. gigling. 


Gil'laor. See GpUagh. 

Gil'lid, s. «i. brightness, whiteness. 

OiH^BYL, o. da. brewing. i 

Gim'lad, 8. a wimble or gimlet. 

Gim'i.aoh or Gim'laohby, ». fl3. humbling. I 

Gim'maos, «. m. a lobster; /»/. 71. 

Gim'man, ». 61. driving. i 

Gih'mbbaoht, ». fia. going; j»/. — yn. i 

Gihraa', «. 61. mentioning, repeating. I 

Gin'dys, V. 01. wondering; P«/. xxil. 17. y 

GiN^OYRAOH or GiNOYRAOHT, V. 63. gatberinff 
pus or matter, as a sore. j 

Gin'jillaorby, v. 6s. lowering, abasing. i 

GiNSH, o. 61. telling, reporting. i 

Ginsh'laobbt, ». 61. humbling, lowering, abas- 

iDg. See also, Oif^illaghey, of which this is 

a contraction. j 

OioAL, 8. m. pledge, pawn, moFtga«^,~ security. 

Gxoal'skb, a. <f. of pledge, pawn, or mortga«e : 

ilmo«, ii. 8. ••-•«« 

^'^ii'*^"** *• *•• ^^ pawner, pledger, or 

Oioal'tbbaobt or GiOAJbrsBTS, «. m. the pre. 
mises or article pawned, or given in pledge. 


^ioal'tbbnyn, I 8. pi. mortgages, &c. 
Gioal'tbbyn, j 

Gioaltoyb', 8. m. the mortgagee, one who takes 
a pledge, &c. 

Gioal'tit, 85. pawned, pledged, mortgaged. 
Gio'bb, 8. pi. geese, the pi. of Guiy. 
Nyn Gionb, «. your, &c. head. it 

Cha GiON or *Gionn^ r. not buy ; —aoh j 
— »B; — IN; — ins; — ym; — VMS, 94. 

-Br Gion'naohby, v. hath, &c. bought or pur- 
cnascQ. w 

Nyn Gion'nbydbb,. «. your, &c. purchaser. 

GiooT, «. m. a gift; p/. — tn; ». —aoh, 77. 
— BB, 80} —IN, 88; -ins, 84; — ym, 86 i 
— YM8, 87 ; — YS, 88. » » . 

Gioot'ai. or GiooTBY, V. gifting, bestowing. 

Giot'bydbr, 8. m. a gifter, one who gives gifts. 

Gioot'it, 86. gifted, bestowed. 

Gir'mid, 8. m. blueness. See also Oarmid, 

Nyn GiRP, ». your, &c. bodies. 

Gir'raghby, v. shortening, abridging. 

Gir'rbb, v. 62. rising, accruing. i 

GiRRBB-MAOH^ V. rislug in rebellion. 

Gir'rid, 8. shortness, brevity. 

GisH, 8. pi. stems, stalks ; Joah. ii. B. 

Nyn Gish'an, a, your, &c. peck; pi, — tn. k 

Giu, V. 62. drinking. j 

GiuAo, «./. a gullet; j»/. — yn. 

GiircK'i.AOB, a. m. broom ; pL -►yn. 

GuTCKLBB, a. d, of brooim. 

Gha GiuNB, V. not calm; — aor; — b; »iir8t 

— YM; — YMS, 94. K 

Nyn GiuNBY, a. your, &c. calm ; pU 67. K 

Glaabjubd'ozn, «. /. forehead; pi, — yn. 

Nyn QhAAfsAQBt s. your, &c harp. c 

Glab'bao, a. /. a poultice; pi. — yn. 

Olac«, «. /« the hollow of the hand; the loaf* 
as much hemp in stalks as canbe held in the 
hand at once; pi. see Gliekt v. hoidltatxii 

the hand; — aor, ^^', — ■■, 80; —in, 83; 

— INS, 84 ; — ^YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — Tfl, 88. 

Gi^ck'kt, o. holding fost in the hand. 
Glack'sydkr, 8. m. a holder in the hand. 
Glack'it, 85. held in the hand. 

2Vr^ Glaoo, 8. your, &c. dock or bell ; pi, see 

OUgg. C 

Itfyn Glaoh, your, &c. stone ; pi. — tn. C 

Cha Glaoh, 9. not stone; — aoh; —in; — ins; 

— ^YM ; — YMS, (K. C 

Eir Glaoh'xy, hath, &c. stoned. C 

Kfn GLAoH^aYBBR. «. your, &c. stoner. C 

Glarb, «. /. tbngue, speech, langruage; *pl, 
Glaraohyn or— yn. 

G1.ASHTIN, 8. m. a goblin, a sprite ; pi. 73. 

Glass, «. m. a lock; pi. Gmsh. 

Glass, a. pale, gray, pale blue; in a growing 
state; applied to vegetation, green, verdant ; 
opposed to Creen ; billey glas» (a growing or 
green tree); Jer. 3d. 16. Prov. "Freayl y crane 

'Glass, v. lock or make sure ; — ^aoh, 77; — bx, 

80; —IN, 88; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— TS, 88. 

Glas'saohby, 9. getting pale or wan, getting 
green or gray, &c. 

Glass-ailbaob, 8. m. a firelock. 

Glas'san, «. /. a sallad. 

Olas'sbraoht, 8. m. herbage, vegetation, ver- 
dure, grassiness; pi. 73. 

Glas'sby, a. pi. pale, gray, green; as, Ed- 
dtngm Olassey, 8. pi. (pale faces); Clagh^ 
Gltuaeg, 8. pi. (gray stones) ; Magheiyn 
Gltusey, 8. pi. (green fields). 

Glas'sbydxr, 8. m. a locker. 

Glast, 85. locked, made sure under lock. 

Njfn Glat, 8, your, &c. rod. S 

tQLXASH, 9. stir, move ; — aoh, 77 ; — »* 80 ; 

— IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 80; —YMS, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. 

Glbash'aobby, stirring, moving. 
iSLXASH^BYDBR, 8. m. B. Stirrer, a mover ; pi. 


Glbash'it, 85. stirred, moved. 

Cha Glbayn, v. not entice, seduce, or inveigle; 

— ^AOH ; — BB ; — IN ; — ^INS j — ^YM ; —YMS, 94. C 

Sr Glbayn'aohby, hath, &c. enticed, seduced, 

&c. C 

Erng Glbayn'ey, t. hath, &c. been enticed, 

&c. C 

Npn Glbatsv, 8. your, &c. ear, lug; pi. — yn. C 
Glbcb, v. wrestie, wvesOing ; —aoh, 77; —^9, 

80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; -YMS, 

87; — Y8. 
Glbck^bybbb. »»n^* awrestier; pi. — yn. 
Glbck'it son, 85* wrestted for. 
Npn Glbbau, ». your, &c. breast; Nah. ii. 7. C 
Glbih, «. m* a position in which to place com 

to dry when cut; a handAil of corn; Jer. 

ix. 88 ; pi. — YN. 
Glbish, a. d. of a lock or locks. 
Npn Glbiy, 8. your, &c. hedge. C 

Glbiy, 8. f. a fibre of slime or of any glutinous 

Glbiy- VAN^NAti, «./. duck's meat. 
Glbiy'naoh, a. fibrous, slimy. 
Glbn, «« clean, clear, pure, perfect. 



Glbnn, v. cleanse, clear, ftc. ; ^agh, 77 ; — xi, 

80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86) ^TMS,87; 
— YS, 88. 

Glbn'nbb, a. d. of cleansing or making clean. 

Glbn'nby, a. pi. clean, clear, pure, perfect. 

Glbn^nby, v. cleansing, cleaning, clearing. 

Glbn'nbydbr, 8. m. a cleanser, See, 

Glbn'nid, 8. fli. 89. cleanliness, purity, ftc. 

Glbn'nit, 85. cleansed, purified. 

Glbnt, 85. cleaned, cleared; a contraction of 

Npn Glb^raob, 9, your, &c. clerk. C 

Npn Glx^rbbys, your, &c. derkship. C 

GlBSS, 8. /. glass ; pi. — YN. 

Glbs'sar, 8. m. a glader ; pi. — tn. 

Glbss-hvab'ystal, 8. m. a looking-glasBy a 

Npn Glbuin, 8. your, &c. daughter's husband. 
Npn Glbui'nys, «. your, &c. affinity or relation- 
ship by marriage. 

Npn Gliaob'tby, «. custom, practice, habit; 

pl' 67. C 

Cha *Gliaght or Gliaohtbv, v. not accustom, 

practice, &c. — aor ; — in ; — ins ; — ym ; 

— YMS, 94. C 

Glib, a. pert, finent. 

Click, a. pat, coining in quick succession. 

Npn Glibn'nby, a. d. of their, &c. children. C 

Cha Glin or Gluin, o. not heRET; .—aoh ; — bb ; 
—IN ; —INS ; — YM i — YMS^ 94. Cha glin eh 
shen nagh n^pnnep le8h. C 

Glion, 8. f. a glen, a valley, a hollow betwe^i 
mountaina ; pl. — tbbyn. 

Glion'naoh, a. having glens or vallies. 

Glion'nan, «. /. a small valley. 

Glion^nby, a. d. of the glen or valley. 

Glioon, 8.f. a knee, a crooked timber, as a knee 
when bent; v. kneel; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 
— IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 j 
— YS, 88. 

Glioonaoh, s.f. a disease in the knees; pl. 

— YN; a herb, arsmart, lakeweed, wat^ p^. 


Glioon'bb'n> »./. a garter; pl. — yn. 

Glioo'nby, v. kneeling. 

Glioo'nbydbr, 8. m. a kneeler. 

Glioo'nit or Glioont, 85. kneeled; a. having 
knees, kneed. 

Glis'tyr, 8. m, clyster ; pl, — ^yn. 

Npn Gliwb, 8. your, &c. glave <»* sword. C 

Npn Glo, v. your, &c. chasing. c 

Gloas, v. polish, gloss; —AOH, 77} — bb, 80; 

—IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; 

— ^YS, 88. 

Gloa'sa'ohby or Gloasby, o. polishing, gloss- 

Gloa'sbyubr, 8. m. a polisher; pl. — ^yn. 

Gloa'sit, 65. poUshed, gicisoed. 

Gloo, 8. the rolling of the ssa after a stram. C 

Cha Gloib, 9. not play or hdH j -^aoh ;• '-4ir j 

— INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. C 

Gloo, 8. m. warp, the order of thread length 
ways in a web ; pl. —^^tv. 

Gloo'ao, 8./. alumpof something to wind yam 
on, to make a ball or bottom; pl. — yn. 

Npn Glooii»» 8. your, &c. diout. vC 




Glooib, a. dose texture in weavioc^, closely 
or thickly wove. 

Npn Olooik, 8. your, &c. plumagre, small fea- 
thers, fiir. C 

Njfn Glooi'sao, «. your, &c. bolster. C 

O1.OUT, 8. m. a shapeless lump of any thingr. 
Prov, Surree eh yn flout y my yiow eh yn Glout. 

Nyn Glou or Glovw, «. their, &c. tongs ; pi. 

— OHTN. C 

Glo'tbb, 8 f. straw taken from the flails after 
being threshed, without being ruffled, to make 
straw ropes ci. 

Gloyr, 8. m. glory; pi. — AOHTNor — tn; v. 

glGtity; — ^AOH, 77', —KB, 80; — IN, 88; — INS, 
84 J — TM, 86 ; — TMS, 87 ; — T8, 88. 

Glot'raohbt, v. glorifying. 

Glot'ret, a. d. of glory. 

Glot'bbtdbb, «. m. a giorifler. 

GLOT^arr, 85. glorified, gloried. 

Olotro'il, a. glorious. 

Glotro'ilid, «. tn. gloriousness. 

Gluo, 8. a gurgle; pi. — tn. 

Gluo'braoht or Glug'brnbb, v. g^nrgling, the 
noise made on emptying a cask, bottle, &c. 
when there is no passage for the air but that 
from which the liquid comes. 

Cha Gluin, v. not hear; — aoh; — in; — ins; 

— YM ; — TMS, 94. C 

Glut, «. a piece of timber nailed on a larger to 
hinder some thing passing any further. 

Qlut'tbraobt, v. gluttoning. 

Glut'tbrby, a.m. a glutton; pi. 67. 

Cha Qo Alt, V. not protect; — aoh; — bb; — in; 
— INS ; — TM ; — ^YS, 94. C 

Er Goa'daohby, v. hath, &c. protected. C 

Nyn Goa'dby, «. your, &c. protection. C 

Cha GOAO^YR, V. not cook ; — aoh ; — in ; 

— INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. C 

Nyn Goag'yrby, «. your, &c. cook ; pi. 67. C 
GoAiLL, t>. (Gow al,) taking. This verb is much 

used in composition in the Manks, as in the 

following words. 

Goail'jlaoh or Goail'taoh, a. contagious. 

GoAiLL AYNS LAu^E or GoAiL AS lau'b, V. pre- 
suming to say, undertaking or engaging to do, 
taking in hand, to suppose or say. 

Goaill-br, v. to arrogate or assume. 

Goaill-foal'lby, «. m. incarnation. 

GoAiLL. lhuino'ys, V. embarking; a. embark- 

GoAiLL>NiART, V, prevailing; a. prevalent. 

Goaill.raa'o, v. prevailing ; r Chron. xxi. 4. 

Goaill-rish', v. acknowledging, admitting; 

Dy Ohoaill-riah (to acknowledge or admit.) 
Goaill-stia'oh, v. including, taking in. 
Goaill-tosh'iaght, v. beginning, commencing. 
Goaill'tys, 8. conts^on; pi. — syn. 
Goaill-yin'dys, V. wondering. See also Qindya. 
Nyn Goair, ado. near us, nigh us. c. 

Goal, «. the fork of any thing between where 

the branches, prongs, or legs branch out or 

diverge; pi. — tn. 

GoAL^-THOO, 8. thatch held or made sure on a 
house, &C., by forks made of briars or wattles, 
which are cut in short junks, bent, twisted and 
pointed, and pushed through the thatch into the 
scraw to bind the thatch on ; whence, I sup- 
pose, this kind of thatching takes its name ; v. 

thatching in the above manner; — aoh, 77 ; 

—KB, 80; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 96; 
— YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

Goal'-thooit, 85. thatched in the above manner. 

Goal'daoh, 8. m. a guest; pi. 71. 

Cha *GoAMR or Goamrbb, v. not clothe or 
cover with raiment; — ^agr ; — in ; — ins ; 

— ^YM ; — ^YMS, 9*. C 

Nyn Goam'rby, 8. your, &c. dothins^, apparel, 
raiment. C 

GoAN, «. pi. words. There are scarcely any two 
words in the Manks that mean exactly the 
same thing. Focklyn is nearly ^n. with this, 
but focklyn only means a few words; goan 
means a series of words, a continuation of 
words, speech ; the pi. of Ooo, 

GoAN, or (as Dr. Kelly has it in his grammar) 
GoAUN, a. scarce, rare, hard to be had; it is 
the latter spelling which is in the prayer book; 
Pal. xii. 1. 

Goan'luck, v. 61. bury, inter; — ^aoh; — ^iw ; 

— ins ; — YMJ — YMS, 94. O 

Goan'lucbbt, v. 61. burying interring. 

Goan'lys, 8. /. spite, malice, hatred, malignity. 

Goan'lyssaoh, a. spiteful, malicious ; a. m. 
a spiteful or malicious person ; pi. 71. 

Goan'styrnbb or Goun'sttbnbe, v. barking, 

Cha GoARD, V. not agree; — agh; —in; — ins; 

— YM J — YMS, 94. C 

Nyn Goard'ail, a. your, &c. agreement; pt. 

— YN. C 

Goar'daohby, v. ordering, ordaining. O 

Goar'orail, «. ordering, ordereth, &c. O 

Goar'lby. See Gorley. 

Nyn GoAu, a. your, &c. chaff. C 

Goaun. See Ooan. 

Nyn GoAYL, a. your, fee. loss. C 

GoAYR, a. f. B. goat; pi. 76. 

Goay'ragh, a. goatish. 

Goay'rbt, a. d. of a goat or goats. 

Gob, a. m. besik, neb, bill; the mouth in con- 

Gob doo, a. m. a muscle. 

Gtob'bag, a. f. a sea .dog, a dog fish ; pi. — yn. 

Gob'baohyn, a. pi. muzzles on the mouth. 

Gob'bal, «. denying, denies, &c. O 

Gob'bby, v. budding, springing out ci the 
ground, coming out of the shoot. 

Gob'braoh or Gob'braohby, v, working. O 
Gob'laghyn, s. pi. compasses, dividers. 
Goblan-mar'rby, a. f. a red-shank. 
Nyn Go'-chaslys, a. your, &c. likeness, ana- 

logy. C 

GocK^LBY, «. wording, uttering words. F 

Nyn Gob. v. your, &c. weeping, grieving. C 
Goo'oAN, a. f. a noggin or piggin ; pi. — ^yn. 

Nyn Gog'oyl, a. your, &c. cockle or tares. C 

Nyn Gooh'al, a. your, &c. core ; pi. — ^yn. C 
Goghb, v. (firom Gow-agh,) would take. 

Nyn Goh'dyr, a. your, &c. refuse of straw. C 
Nyn GoiF, a. your, &c. woman's cap ; pi, 

— YN. Q 

Nyn GoiGBB, a. your, &c. loom. C 

GoiN, V. (from Gow-in,) I would take; — s, 
id% em. 

Nyn Goin'nby, a. your, &c. heath, ling, &c. K 


Kffn Goxb'ext, •» your, &c. cradble or ftur- 
nace. C 

Gorr, 85. (from Gow-UJ taken. 

Npn GoiTK, «. joxar, &c. greyhoand. C 

Nyn Qol'baoh, «. yonr, &c. heifer j pi, 79. C 

Nyn Qoi/bey, s. your, &c* body, trunk, hull. C 

GoLL, «. going:. 

GoLI.AOB^ «. /. a fork of any kind Imt a flesh- 
fork j an earwig j pi. — tn. 

GoLLAos^AOH, a. forked, branched. 

Npn GoL^LAOH, «. your, &c. stallion; p/. 71* C 

Gox.x«an-okat'bk, «. a swallow; pi. Gollanyk- 


'* Cha Jean un ghollan-geayee aowreff, ' 
Ify un Chellagh keyllep gewep." 

OoLX. BB MUI.I.AOH CHiNo, V. going at short 

notice, in a hnxry or bustle. 
GoL^LBTDBR, B.m. agoerj pi. — tn. 
Npn Golla'nb, «. your, &c. gut or entrail. 
Gol'lish, v. 6i. sweating. O 

GrOLL^BBB, odv. p. like her ; — ^ish, id. em, 
Goll'-bhtm, ado. p. like me j — s, id. em. 
Qohi/'KHYT, adv. p. like thee; — s, id. em. 
QoLvf-Kiau, ado. p. Uke him ; — tn, id. em. 
Goll'-roo, adv. p. like them; — stn, id. em. 
Goll'-rooin, adv. p. like ns ; — tn, id. em. 
GoLL-RT-CHBiLLBY, odv. like ono another, 


Goll'-twoaib, 8. in. a rainbow; pi. — tn. 

OoL^MAOH, V. emptieth, &c. F 

GoL^MAOHBT, V. emptying. F 

Gol'taohbt, 9. saluting ; Luke, x. 4. O 

Nyn Gol'tar, a. your, &c. conlt^. C 

Gox.too'an or Goltooanbt, v. reproaching, 
reviling, scandalizing, &c. O 

iVjnt Gombaas^b, a. your, &c. compass. C 

Npn Oom'hbbts, a. your, 8as. fellowship. C 
Npn Gonda'obts, a. your, &c. contrariness. C 
Npn GoNNAA^NT, a. your, &c. coyenant or con- 
dition. C 
Dp Gonnaa'saoh, adv. disdainfoUy. C 
Npn Gonnaa'sb, a. your, &c. disdain. C 
GON^NAOH, a. (from OuinnaghJ sore, painfol; 

saucy, peevish. 
Gon'nby, a. pi. scarce ; Oen, xli. 60. 

GrON^NiD or Gon'nts, a. m. soreness, as ex- 
pressed in the following Prov. "Chavelaon- 
npa gotutpa^* (store is no sore). 

Npn Gon'nino, a. your, &c. rabbit. C 

Npn Gon'ntsson, v, your, &c. gibing, &c. C 
Npn Gonvatr't, a. your, &c. carrion, &c. C 
Goo, a, m. word; fome, reputation. 
Goo-tbb', a. fli. the word of God« the Scripture. 
Npn Goo, a, your, &c. greyhound. C 

Npn Qof/AQ, a. your, &c. cuckoo ; pi, — ^tn. C 
Gooasb'laoh, v. 6i. worship, worshippeth, &c.0 
Qooash'laohbt, v. 6i. worshipping. O 

Cha *GooD or Goo'nBB, «. not cover; — aob ; 

— bb; —in; — ins ; -^tm ; •'TMS, 94. C 

Er Goo^daohbt, v, hath, &c. covered. C 

Goo'ddxn, a, m. a tuberde, pimple, or small 

Npn Gootb'xd, a, your, &c. fltness, &c. C 

Npn dooiD, a, your, &c. goods. C 

OOR 81 

Dp Gooxdsavb'-lhiat, v. pro. that thou 

Gooil'laoh, o. oil, oils, oileth, &c. O 

Gooil'laohbt, v. oiling. O 

Cha Gooillbbn', v, not fulfil or perform; -—AOHi 

— BB; — IN; — INS; — TM ; —VMS, 94. C 

Er np Gooillkbn'bt, v. hath, &c. been fulfilled, 

performed, or compensated. C 

Npn Gooillbbn'btobr, a. your, &c. folflller, 
&c. c 

CAa Go oiN, v. not remember; — aoh; — bb; 

—IN ; — ^INS ; — TM ; — TUB, 94. C 

Npn Gooin'aoht or Gooin'aohttn, a. your, 
&c. memory, or remembrance. C 

Dp Oooinshbans'aoh, adv. consciously. C 

Npn Gooinshbans'b, a. your, &c. conscience.C 

Gooir'aoh or Gooir'aohbt, ». 6l. earthing. O 

Npn GooisB, a. your, &c. cause ; pi. — tn. C 

Npn Gool'lbt or Gootl'lbt. a. your, &c. leaf 
or valve of a door. c 

Goon, a. m. a minister's gown or surplice; 

pl. — TN. 

Cha Goon, v. not help; — aoh; —in; -ins : 

— TM8, 94. c 

Npn Goo'nbt, a. your, &c. help, aid, assistance.C 

Npn Goon'id, a, your, &c. narrowness. C 

Goon'laoh or Goon'laohbt, v. abluting, 
washing. q 

Npn GooN^LAGB, a. your, &c. straw. c 

Cha *Goonb or Goon'rbb, v. not exchange; 

—AOH; — BB; —IN; —INS; — TM; — TMS^ 
W« C 

Npn GooN^RBT, a. your, &c. exchange, swop, 
ice. ; pl. 67. c 

Goo'baoh or Goo^BAOBBT, V, refreshing, fresh- 
ening, o 

Goorl'i.aoh, a.m, thegrumeoftheeye. 

Npn GooBSB, a. your, &c. course. c 

Npn GooTL, a. our, &c. back; adv. behind us. C 

Npn QooYh'hoo, adv. behind your, &c. back. C 

Npn Gob'aa, a. your, &c. voice; pl. — obtn. C 

Npn Gork'bt, a. your, &c. oats; pl. Gy. c 

Npn Gorla'io, a. your. &c. coalrake ; pl. — tn.C 

Gor'lbt or Goar'lbt, a. m. a disease. 

1 — cao'lbb, a. lethargy. 

— — — car'ragh, a. the scurvy. 

k;rau^agb or — crouaob, a. a disease 

in the feet or hoofis of cattle. 

oail'lbt, a. the colic or belly ache. 

— ^— GHOL^iiAOB, a. a disease causing blind- 
ness, or dimness of sight. 

— — plooob'bb, a, the quinsy. 

scoAL^PBB, a, the lues venerea. 

■ SBTM^LBB, a. a consumption. 

Npn GoRP, a, your, &c. body ; pl, see Girp. C 
Npn GoB^RAO, a, your, &c. hand. See Corrag.C 
Npn GoR^RiLLAOH, ». youT, &c. odds. C 

GoR^RTM, a. m, blue. See also Gmrm. 

j iAM'a, a, purple. 

oiA^ss, a, azure blue, lig^t blue. 

IT| 85. blued, made blue. 
GoRT, a. stale, flat; sour, bitter. 
GoRT or GoRTBB, V. hurt; — aob, 77; — ijj, 83- 
-INS, 84; —IT, 85 ; — TM, 86 ; — TM8, 87; 
— TS, 88. 



Gob'taoh or GoRTAOHST, V. hortiiig. 

Gor'taoh, a. parsimonious, stingy* scant. 

Gor'tbt, 8, m. famine, dearth, scarcity. 

Gor'tbtdbr, t. m. one who hurts. 

Er nyn Gosh, ». on your, &c. foot or feet, C 

Gosh, a. m. what is said to call geese. 

Nyn Gosh'bb, ». your, &c. travellers on foot. C 

Gosh'tiu or Gosh'too, a. m. /. a sponsor at 

the baptismal font, a gossip j pi. — tn. 
Cha *Gosn or Gosnbb, ©.' not gain, win, &c. j 

— AOH J — BBJ —IN J — INSJ — TM J 


— YMS, 


Gos'nach or GosnAqhky, ». 61. sighing. O 
Er Gos'nbt, v. hath, &c. gained, profitted. C 
Nyn Gos'nbydkr, a. your, &c. gainer, &c. C 
GovLL, a. a beam or ray j John's day collect, 
Gou'naoh, a. /. a cow is so called, strictly 

speaking, on being a quarter of a year done 

calving ; a stripper ; pi. 72. 
Gou'nbb, a. d. of a stripper or strippers. 
Gou'nby, a. pi. young cattle, between calves 

and heifers ; the pi. of Qauin. 
Nyn Gour, adv. provided for, towards you, 

your, their, or our, for they, them, you, ye, or 

us, &c. 
GouR-Y-CHio^NB, odv. hcRdlong. by the head. 
GouR T OHiB, adv. face- ways, or mouth- ways. 
Gou'rys, v. suspecting, surmising, guessing. O 
Cha GouYR, V. not recover or cure; — aoh j 

— BB } —IN J — INS i — YM J — YMS, 94. C 

Nyn Gouy'ral, a. your, &c. recovery, cure. C 

Gow, V. take, receive, go, take thy way ; Prm, 
** Oow coyrl bleb son keayrt." 

GowAOH, V. See Ooghe. 

GowAL, V. See Goaill. 

Gow'bb, V. will or shall take; Oen. xx. 11. Prw. 
" Oowee bleb risk e voylley as cha ; 
Gow dooinney creeney rish ephlaiynt." 

Gow HOOD HBNB BH, adv. pl. take it or him to 

GowiN. See Ooin. 

GowiNS. See Ocins. 
QowiT. See Ooit. 

Gow-LBSH^ adv. say on; 1 Sum. xv. l6. 
Cha GowR, V. not mark; — aoh 
— INS; — YM; — YMS, 94. 

Nyn GowRBY, a. your, &c. mark, token, sign, 

GowYM, V. See Onym, 

GowYMS. See Goyms, 

GowYS. See Goys. 

GoYM, V. I will, &c. take; —s, id. em. 

Nyn GoYRT, v. your, &c. giving. C 

Govs, V. shall or will take or receive, take, takes, 
taketh, receive, &c. 

Gra, v. say, saying, saith, sayest. 

Gra-agh. See Yiarragh, 

Er nyn Graa, v, hath, &c. been shook or 
shaken. C 

Cha Graa, v. not shakej ^-tAoh j —in ; —ins ; 

Cha GtaiAiD, V. not mock or make game; ->aoh ; 

; — BB; — in; 

— YM 

-YMS, 94. 


Nyn Graa'der, a. your, &c. shsiker. C 

Nyn Grac/kan, a. your, &c. skin. C 

Nyn Gragh, a. your, &c. carnage, &c. C 

Nyn Graoh'btobb, «. your, &c. spoiler, &e. C 

— BB; 


-INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. 

Nyn Qrai'dby, o. your, &c. mocking, 8Coffins» 
&c. C 

Nyn Graidoi'lagh, a. your, &c. mocker, scof- 
fer, &c. C 

Nyn Oraidoi'lys, a. your, &c. mockery, scof- 
fery, &c. C 

Graih, a. /. love ; pl. — tn. 

Graih'aoh, a. loving, lovesome. 

Py Graih'aoh, ado. lovingly. 

Graih'altbb or Graihdbrtn, a. pl. lovers. 

Grair'dbr, a. m. a lover. 

Graih-my-chbbb', a. my heart's love, 

Graih oil', a, lovely. 

Dy Oraihoil' or Graiboil'aoh, adv. lovioig^yi 

Graihoil'id or Graiboilts, a. m. lov^ln^s. 

Grain, a. m. oatgrist. 

Grainn or Grannbe, v. grave, carve; — ^aob, 

77 ; — BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 

—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Grain'naghby, V. graving, carving. 
Grain'nbydbr, a. m. a carver, a graver. 
Grain'nit, 85. graved, carved. 
Grait, 85. said, spoken. 

Nyn Grait^nag, a. your, &c. bet. C 

Nyn Grait'nyK, «. your, &c. skins, felts. G 
Nyn Graiu, a. your, &c. crow or lever. C 

Cha Oraiu, «• not corrode or eat away; — aoh ; 

—IN; -INS; — YM; — YMS, 94. C 

Nyn Graiuaio', a. your, &c. ruinous stated C 
JV^ Gram'mao, a. your, &c. snail. C 

Nyn Gram'han, a. yom:, &c lump. G 

Granq'an, a.m. across peevish person; pl. 

— YN. 

Orang'anaoh, a. crabbed, peevish. 
Grano'anid or Granoakys, a. m. crabbedness. 
CAa Granb or Gronk, v. not knock; — ^aohi 
— IN; — INS; — YM; — YMS, 94. C 

Nyn Grank'al, v. your, &c. knocking. C 

Gra'nby, a ugly, deformed, not pretty, 

Gra'naghby, V, getting ugly or deformed, 

Gra'nio, a. m. ugliness, deformity. 

Nyn Gran'nao, a. your, &c. pulpit; pl. — nc, C 

Gran'nbb, a./, agrandam. 

Grapb, a./, aa Instrument to lift dung. 

Cha Grapl or Graplbb, v. not wrinkle or 

crumple; — AOHi— in; — nrs; — ymj — tms, 

94. C 

Nyn Grap'X'Ag, «• your, &c. wzkikle or cram«* 

pie. C. 

Grash, a. /. a bout of sickness; a. job or toni 

of work. 
Nyn Graub, a, your, &c. bone. C 

Graub, a. /. griet 

Gravb-aash', a. /. uneasiness, restLessness. 
Q-raub-aash'aoh, a. uneasy, resUess. 
Nyn Gbau^bbaobt,. •« your« &c. religioiii pletyr 

Sic. C 

Nyn Gray, a» your, &q* clayj pl. — ohyn. C 
QB4Y8B, »./. grace; pl, — yn. 
Graysb lhibttalaoh, a. /. preventing graOQ* 
QclATsoII•^ a. gxac^QUflb giaeefnl.. 
Okatsoil'id, «. m« gnfi€^)ls«flB,.g]»ctoiiffi«0«*. 




N9n OasA, «. your, tec careed. G 

Kfn Grkaoh, 8. yooi, &c. stmck, Itowow. C 
Grsain, «. /. grudge, aversion j a smart ffelt 

ihroiigli the nervous system of tbe body, on 

healing or seeing anything sudden or awM. 
Grsain vooht ort, 8. (an imprecation,) that 

thy nerves may be poor, 
^rbas, 8. industry in making clothing. 
Grsas'ao, a. industrious housewifery. 
Grba'sse, 8. m. a shoemaker J pi, — tn* 
Grsa'sbrys, 8. fit. shoemaking, the craft of a 

Cha Grbck, v. not sell; •— a<ih} — iit} —ins; 

TM J — VMS, 94. C 

JVyn Grbc'kstdbr, «. your, Ac. seller, vender. C 
Cha Grkd, v. not hem or gnmti — aohj — in-j 

— INS J — YM } — VMS, 94. K 

Grbi»-hias8', 8, m. a glowing, grilling, search* 

ing heat. Perhaps the gred in this word is 

the Manks of the word grid in English; a% 

gridiron (yiam greddee). 
Grbd or *Grbdd, v. parch, grill, or roastj 

— AOH, 77j —KB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 

— TM, 8fl; —VMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Grbd'oan, 8. f. parched com ; m^nn ghreddan 

(meal of parched com). 
Grbi/danit, 85. parched, grilled, roasted. 
Grbd'deb, a. a hot fulsome smell or stink, when 

applied to smell; as, 8oar greddee. 
Cha Grbd or Grbid, v* not believe; — ^aoh; 

— BB; —IN; —INS; — TM ; — TM8, 94. C 

Npn Grbi/jal, p. your, &c. beliering. C 

Ayn Grbd'juaoh, *. your, ^c. believer. C 

Nyn Grbd'jub, «. your, ^c. faith, belief. C 

Npn Grbb, 8. your, ^. heart ; pL — ohtn or 

— ^AUHTN. C 

Np» Orbb^ar, «. your, ^c. sieve or searce; 

pi. — TN. C 

Grbbish, 8, f, a stak ; pi, •— tn. 

Npn Grbb'naoht, 8, your, ^-c. wisdom. C 

Npn Grbb'nid, «. your, ^c. ripeness. C 

*Grbbs or Grbbsbe, v. stir up to action, kindle to 
wrath, stimulate; — ^aoh, 'JT s — eb, 80; — in, 
g3; — INS, 84 } — TM, 86; — YMS, 87; — T8, 88, 

Gbbb^saahbt, v. kindling, stirring, stimalatingr, 
provoking to action. 

Grbb'saoh, «. /. Uve ashes, red hot ashes or 

6rbb'sbt, v. stirring up, agitating. 
Gbxb'sbtdbr, 8, m, a stirrer, a poker; pi, — yn. 
Grbb^sit, 8S. stirred, agitated, provoked. 
Npn Grbbst, 8, our, ^. Christ; pi, — yn. 
Npn jSbbbs'tbb, «. your, ^c. Christian; pi, 

— ^nyn. C 

Npn Grbbs'tbbaobt, 8, your, &c. sacrament 

of the Lord's Suiqper. C 

Npn GrbBs'tiaght, 8, your, &c. Christianity. C 
N^ Orbo, 8, your, &c. rock ; pi. — yn. C 
Nu^ Grbo'oan, ». your, &c. rocky place. C 
Qbbib, 8, m, a toed, gear, instrument, utensil, 

or implement ; pi, — tn. 
Grbioh or Grbib, «. gear, harness, fbmish 

Willi tools, gear, or implements ; — aoh, TJ j 

-^BB» 80; — VSt 83; —INS, 84; •— TM, 86; 

— YM8, 87; — '»»» 88. 
Qbbiob'bt, «• gearing, harnessing. 
GKnoH^sTDBB, «. f». a gearer; afttmlsher of 

tools or implements; p/. — tn. 
Y Grbib, «. the wretch. 
Grbim or Grbmb, 8, m. a bite, hold, stitch, 

gobbet, or bit > pi, — ntn. Trw, " Ta gtmHe 

apn8 traa cooie, aauail nup,** 
Grbim or *GaBiMM, v. bite, hold; — AOM, 77 ; 

— BB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — TM, 86 ; 

— TMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Grbim-collan'b, 8. f, a gripe. 
Grbim'mbt, pt. biting, stitching, grasping, hold- 

ing; Exod.xv 14. 
Grbim'mbtdbr, 8, tn, a biter, stitcher, holder. 
Greim'mit, 85. bit, stitched, grasped. 
Grbin, *Greinn, or Grbinnbb, «. encourage, 

incite, or prompt to action ; l8a. xili 17 ; — aoh, 

77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 

86 ; —TMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 
Grbin-aadjtn, 8, pi, greaves, 
Grbi'nbt, a, d, of, or belonging ix>, the sun. 
Orbin'naobbt, V, eneoiiraging, inciting, to 

prompt to action. 
Grbin'nbtdbr, 8. m. an enconrager or enciter. 
Grbn'nit, 86. encouraged, prompt. 
Grbit, 85. geared, hamtesed; fumisbedwlth 

CAa Grbooh, v. nothaitlen; -^aoh; -*bb; 

—IN; —ins; — YM;— YMS, 94. C 

Npn Grboob'by, 8, your, &c. hardening. G 
Npn Grbouh'bydbr, «. .your, &c. hardener; 

pi, — YN. C 

Npn Greoob'ys, «. your, &c. hardnesfr or 

hardship. C 

Npn Grbtoor^ s, your, &c. creature; pi, 

— YN. G 

Gri'aobt, 8, a group, a drove. 

Gri'aohtaoh, a, gregarious. 

Grian, 8. m, sun ; pi, — yn. I have marked 
this word of the masculine gender ; see P8l, 
Tax, 6 ; although common usage is against it. 

Grian'aoh, a. sunny, sun-shiny. 

Grib'bey, 8. m, the hollow for dung in a cow- 
house ; pi, 67- 

Cha Grib or *Gribb, v. not contract or shrink ; 
— aoh; — IN; — ins; — YM; — yms, 94. C. 

Npn Grib'bbt, v. your, &c. contracting, shrink- 
ing. G. 

Grib'bbtdbt, a, a pace of short steps and ra- 
ther in a hurry. 

Grio, 8, m, the beat of a clock or watch, a 

Grio'traoht, «. beataagaaa clock or watch. 

Gbin'dbr, 8, m. a satirist^ atannter^ pi, -^tnp. 

Grin^dbraok, 9. taantlBg, talking contome- 

Grin'dbb or Grin'dbrtn, «. p/. mockers, 
tuunters, ridiculers ; Psl: zxzv. 16. 

Grin'dbrts, 8, /, sarcasm.. 
Grinb, 8, m. a grain ; pi, --'Tir. 
Grinb-ach'lish, «. m, a small grain of oattfthftt 

grows with another. 
Grinb^aob, a. gndny. 
Grinbbn^ «. /. very small grain, a grit. 
Grinbbn'agh, a. gritty. 
Gbinebn'iD) 8, fff. gritCinaM. 
Npn Grink or Gboink,' 8, ycntr, &e, ISM at- 

moimts. C;r 

Qrinnbt, «./. agate, a gateway; pi, 67, 





GRissmu'rs. See Cfroomkiifa. 
Omiu, «. /. the goods that ere fooiid in the pos- 
geislon of a thief or felon ; that which crimi- 
nates a criminal; Oen. xxx. 33} pL ~-ohtn. 
Nyn QaiY, ». your, &c. gallows. 
Npn Gboak, «. your, &c. eye of needle. 
Npn Groao, «. your, &c. datch. 
Npn Groaoan^k, «. your, 8as. crook. 
Npn QaoAOH^AN, «. yoar,j&c. gadfly. 
Nifn Groao'laoh, your, &c. clutch full. 
Groam, «. m. a sad, sorry, or sullen look { Om. 

It. S. 
Groa'maoh, a. sorrowfiil, sorry, dejected, sul- 
len countenance ; Oen. iv. 6. 
Groa'mid, a. m, sullennefls, dcjectedness. 
Nyn Groan, «. your, &c.mast. C 

Npn Grobaob', «. your, &c. hoiled daw. C 
Nyn Grocxan, «.7your,&c. crock }J»/. — tn. C 
Npn Grodawr', ». your, &c. gurnet; pi. — yw. C 
Njfn Grok, 8. your, &c. coop; pi. — ohtn. C 
Cha Grooh, v. not hang; — aoh j —in ;— ins ; 
— YM; — YM8, 94. C 

Npn Grooh'xy, o. your, &c. hanging. C 

Npn Groohxy^dxr, «. your, &c. hanger, C 
Npn Groi<aort, «. your ftc incest; pi. — yn. C 
Npn Groint, e. your, &c. knots. C 

Npn Groit, «. your, &c. croft. C 

Npn Grow, «. your, &c. nut, reed, scar, mark. C 
Cha Grown, o. not desdy* discern, see, or he- 
hold; —AOH; — x»i —IN; —ins; — TMJ 
— YM8, 94* ^ 

Er Gron'naohxy, v. hath &c. descried, dis- 
cerned or seen. 
Npn Grono'an, 8. your, &c. hillod: ; pi. — yn. C 
Npn Gronk, 8. your, &c. hill or mount. C 

Npn Gron^nao, 8. your, &c. crosstree C 

Npn Gron^nbbaoht, 8. your &c. doleful lamen- 
tation; 2. Cron. xxxy. S6. C 

Nvn Gron^nby, «. your, &c. portion, share, al- 
lotted share. C 
Cha Gbont, r. not knot; — aohj —in; —ins; 

— ^YM; — YMS, 94. C 

Npn Gron'tby, v. your, &c. knotting, bulhing. C 
Groo, 8. m. curd ; pi. — ohyn. 
Npn Oroo, «. your, &c. creation. C 

Cha Groo, «. not create; -aoh ; —in; — m**! 
— ^YM; —YMS, 94. 

Npn Qroi/ao, 8. your, &c. grub, maggot C 
Npn Groo'bbx, «. your, ftc. lame folk. C 

Npn Gboo'bid, 8. your &c. lameness. C 

Groo'bin,'*. m. a cooper's tod, crowis, groover. 
Npn Grooin or Gruin, 8. pi. mast. C 

Npn Grooin'nby, 8. your, &c. creation of earth, 
a globe, sphere, or orb. See CrooUmep. C 

Groosniu'yb or Groonoays, «. m. biestings 
or new curd, made of the miUc of a cow newly 
done calving. 

Npn Grosh, «. your, &c. cross. C 

Cha Orosh, v. not cross j —aoh ; —in ; —ins ; 

-YM; -YMS, 94. C 

Npn Gros'san, «. your, ftc. coral. C 

Npn Gros'sby, 9. your, ftc thwarting. C 

Npn Gbot'tao, 8. your, ftc. curlew; pi — yn. C 
Ghov'oi.b, «. m. a crowder; pi. — yn or 70* 


W|r» Giiou, 8. ytmr, ftc. iron dioe; pi. —ohyn. C 
Grouio, «. /. a frown ; pi. — yn ; v. frown ; 

-AOH, 77; ^ai8, 80; —in, 83; -INS, 84; 

—IT, 85 ; — YM, 86 J —YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 
Grouio'aob, a. haYlng frowns. 
Grouio'by, o. frowing. 

Npn Grout, «. your, &c. trick, craft, C 

Npn Grou'tid, «. your, &c. craftiness. C 

Cha Grou, p. not shoe horses; — aoh> —in; 

—INS ; — ^YM ; — ^YMS, 94. C 

Npn Grovw, 8. your, &c. bunch of any thingr 

growing on one stem or stalk ; pi, —ohyn. C 

Grouw, a. gloomy, graft, sulky. 
Grouw'id, 8. m. gloom, sulkiness. 

Cha Grow, v. not hover; — ^aoh ; —in ; — ins; 

— YM; — ^YMS, 94. C 

Npn Grow'al, v. your, &c. hovering. C 

Cha Oroym cat *Oboymm, v. not stoop or bow j 

— aoh ; — IN ; — YMS, 94. C 

Er Groym'mby, v. hath, &c. stooped or bowed. C 

Npn Groyn, 8. your, ftc. nuts, C 

Gruai'b, «./. grimace, a griefwomftu^, a grim, 
sad, or sorry countenance ; l8aiah, xxv. 8. 

Gruanb^, 8. m. the giU of a fish ; pi. — yn. 

Npn Gruill, 8. your, ftc. curve. C 

Npn Gruin, «. your, &c. masts. C 

Npn Gruin'nb Y, c. your, ftc. earth, globe, sphere, 
orb, ftc. ; pi. 67. 

Npn Gruin'nid, «. your, ftc. compactness, as 
being a round body. 

Npn Gruisht or Gruishtyn, «. your, ftc. 

pitcher. C 

Npn Gruit'tao, «. your, 4c. crook back. C 
Npn Gruit'tid, «. your, ^. crookedness. C 
Grun'sdyi., «./. groundsd. 
Grunt, «. m. ground, bottcxn, sole ; as, gmnt mp 

chaa8 (tiie sole of my foot). 
Grunt-trib^ 8. m. house stead, the ground the 

house stands on. 
Grylb, 8./. a griddle; pi. — yn. 
Gryn'dbr. See Orinder. 
Npn Gryss, 8. your, ^c. ghrdle, bdt, tape. C 
Npn Guaal'taoh, 8. your, ^. meter. Q 

Npn GuAiL, 9. to meet us ; Oen. xxiv. 60. Q 
Npn GuAiYL, 8. your, 4c. court. Q 

GuBBor GuBBON, «./. a young gull, gniOimot. 
Npn GuBBBY^R, 8. your, ^c. cooper. C 

GuBX, 9. praying, beseediing, intreating; — ^aoh, 

77 -y —IN, 83 ; -INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87} 

— Y8, 88 ; Jer. xi. 14. 

Guxbit, 85. prayed, besought. 

Npn GuBBYL, 8. your, ftc. whed. Q 

GuBSS, 8. m. a time observer; 8 JTingr^ xxi. 6. 

Npn Geo, 8. your, 4c. pap j pi. — yn. C 

Npn Qviq'qal, «. your, 4c. distaff; pi. — yn. Q 

Npn GuiLL, 8. your, 4c. quill; pi. — yn« C 

Guillin'by, v. 61. dbowing. U 

Npn GUIL1.BB, 8. your, 4c. badcroom. C 

Npn GuiLLXi'o, 8. your, ftc. nook. C 

Guil'i.xy, 8. m. a boy ; pi. 69. 

Gcil'lbybin'o, 8.m. the herb codcsheadmedie. 

Guil'i.byolass or — olbsh, «. m. a lockman, 
more literally a lockboy. Were this the name 
of a turnkey, it would seem more applicable 
For the meaning dgUm or gle8h in this word. 


see the proverb on Ohlaaa, 
GmL^LST-NT-RiTLAo, «. lit., the manifbld tripe. 
Gi7iLi^i.aT-NT-u8H'TKT, «. fit. the smaUest of the 

young «ta litter or birth. 

CNnN or *Guiinf» «. m. a pain, an acute pain. 
This is thoaght to be the original Manks of 
pain; 0. to pain or give pain ; — agh, 77 i 
— -Bitt, 80; — IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— ^TMS, 87 J — T8, 88. 

Vfpn Ouin'nao, 9. your, &c. snnffhom or box. C 
QviN^NAOH, a. painful, sore. We pronounce 

this word Cronnagh. 
GviN^NXT, o. paining, giving pain. 

GviNT, 85. pained, a sudden pain as shot in some 
part of the body, an elf shot. 

GuiN^TAOH, 8. m. one who is pained or wound- 
ed; thep/. 71, Is in Ex, zzvi. 15 and xxviii.ds. 

Gmnn, 9. hatch, hatching, &c. ; — a on, 77 i 
'-■E, 80; — IN, 83} — INS, 84; — TM, 86; 
— TMS, 87 ; — T8, 88. 

l^jnt GciBR, «. your, &c. sowing. C 

GviB^nAOH, a. adle, rotten ; clucking; fowls are 
said to be so when in a hatching state. 

IVjnt Guin'RAOHYN, «. your, &c. feasts, ban. 

quets. C 

Mr tmi Guir'rbt, v, hath, &c. been bidden or 

invited. C 

GuiBT, 85. hatched. 

Npn Gvish'lxn, «. your.&c. vein ; pt. — ^yn. C 

GuiT, «. m. a goose. 

Gvhh, V. howl, yell; — aoh, 77; — sk, 80; — in, 
83 J — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88 j 
Jer. XXV. 34. 

GvL^LAL or GuLLYRNBK, V. howliug, yeUiug; 
Jer, ii. 15. 

Npn Gvl'lsx, s. your, &c. tackle, apparatus, 
or equipage; your, &c. colours. C 

Nyn 6ux.'lyr, a. your, &c. colour. C 

Cha Gum or *Gumm, v, not hold; — aob; 

— BB ; —IN ; — INS ; — YM ; —YMS, 94. C 

Cha GUMM, V. not form ; — aoh ; — in ; —INS ; 

— YMj — YMS, 94. C. 

Njfn GvM^MAL, «. your, &c. holding or dweUiog. 
Npn GvM^MALTAOH, «. your, dweller or holder. C 
Jijfn Qvuf MKY «. your, &c. form ; pi. 67. C 
Nagh Gum'mby, ado, no matter, never mind. 
CKa Qumb, V, not hinder; — aoh;— in;— ins; 

— ^YM } —YMS, 9*' C 

Npn QvMKAi'h, V, your, &c. hindering. C 

Npn Gumbai'lys, s. your, &c. binderance. C 
Gvo'iBB, «. pi, geese-; the pi, of Owip, 
Npn Guoiv, a, your, &c. woman's cap. Q 

Gcb bh mib xv, God send you good, thank you. 
Npn GuRLBAD, 9, your, &c. coverlid. C 

Npn Gur'myn, 9, your, &c. duties. C 

Npn Gurnbbx'n, a, your, &c. pet, huff, &c. C 
Npn GuRN, 9. your, &c. can. C 

Npn Gur'naobt, «. your, 4to. wheat. C 

Npn GuRP, 9, your, &c* haunch, pi.— yn. C 
Npn Gur'rao, 9, your, &c. Siee Currag, C 
Npn GvR^RAOH, 9. your, ftc. bog, fen, &c. C 
Npn GuR^RYM, 9, yout, &c. duty. C 

Npn Qun'TAX, 9, your, *c. curtain ; pi. — yn. C 
Npn Qvb'bxo, 9, your, &c. See Cuahag, C 
CAaOuSHT, e. not whip; —aoh;— in; -^ins; 

—YMJ —YMS, 94. C 




Gusb'taob or Gcshtaorby, v. 61. watering. V 

Npn Gush'txy, 9, your, &c. whipping; p/. 67. C 

Npn OwAiLL, V. to meet us. See also Ovail, 
Faalm cxlv. 6, Manks metre. Q 

GwsB, V. curse; —aoh, 77; —km, 80; —in, 88; 

—INS, 84} — YM, 86 } —YMS, 87 } — Y8, 88. 

Gwbb'aohyn, V. cursing. 

Gwbb'dbr, a. m. acurser} pi, — yn. 

Gwbb'it, 85. cursed. 

Gy, pre. to; a contraction of €fpa. 

Gybbb, a, sour, tart, sharp, strict, rigid, rigor- 
ous ; V. sour, &c. } — ^aob, 77 } — b, 80 ; — YS, 88. 

Gybrb'aohby, 0. souring, sharpening. 

Gyb'rby, a. pi. sour, sharp,' strict. 

GvB'ain, a, m, sourness, sharpness. 

Gyb'rit, 85. soured, shariwned. 

Gyxr'snagh, a, m. a smart ; pi, — yn. 

Oyl'laoh, v. 61. shouting, calling. Prw. " Yn 
oghe gpllagh toyn loaht da*n aiee." 

Gym'milt or Gym'miltby, v. 6i. rolling or 
tumbling as a horse will after work, wallow- 
ing; SPeMi. 22. Y 

Gym'myrch, V, in need or necessity. Y 

Oym'myrxey, V, bearing, bearing up, bringing 
forth, behaving, sustaining. Y 

Gym'myrt, ». 61. rowing, rowing with oars. Y 

Gyn, pre. without. 

Gyn-dooyt, adv, without doubt. 

Gyn^dyr, V, 61. grazing, browsing, feeding on 

grass. Y 

Gyn-bT'b, adv. without meddling, besides. Jud. 

XX. 17. 
Gyn-oraysb, adv. graceless. 
Gyn-orun't, adv, bottomless, without bottom. 
Gyn-lhbi'hys, eulv. incurable; 2 Chron. xxi 18. 

Gyn-looh't, adv. without crime or guilt, inno- 

Gyn-logh'tynio, a. m. guiltlessness. 

Gyn-oayl, a. foreign. 

Gyn-oa'yl'taoh, a. tn. afrar^gner; pi. 71. 

Gvn-oayl'tys, 8. m. foreign^ness. 

GVn.oyb, adv. without cause. 

Gyn'saoh or Gynsaohby, v. 6i. teaching, learn- 
ing. Y 

Gyn-tor't, a. without tiiought or considerirfioD ; 
a. incircumspection. 

Gyno'iraoht, v. 61. gathering pus or matter, 

festering, hatching some ill. Y 

Gyn-ys's, a. unknown, without knowledge of. 

Gyrn, v. snarl, grin ; —aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; 

—in, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — yms, 87; 

— Y-5, 88. 

Gyr^nal, v. snarling, grinning. 

Gys, pre. to, till,'until. This is not Oie word used 
before verbs. See Dp. Opa and dpa are useil 
before other words ; dpa in coUoquud, and gpa 
in sacred and solemn. 


As H is not a radical initial in the Manks lan- 
guage, it is not to be expected that all the 
branch words which might be brought under 
it will appear here} so many, however, are 



inaerted as will show how the changes are 

eflbcted. See Remark 14, and also 40, 44, S5, 

50, S9, 130, and l63. 

Ha, in. aS id)hoiTence or dislike. 

S Haaoh, «. his vessel. S 

Haaoh, «. frequented, did freqnent; -^aoh; 

~IN J —INS } — YM ) — TMS, 94. T 

Dp Haao'hbt, v. to frequent. T 

Ro Haao'hit, 85. too frequented. T 

E Haaoht, «. herlodg;ing. A 

Djf Haah, o. to weld, &c.j — aoh; <^iv; 

— INS J — ^TMj — TMS, 94. T 

Dp Haai^lst, «. of brine or salt water. S 

E Haal, «. his adze 5 her fork. T.A 
Haal, o. flowed, or did flow, as milk to the 
udder; —aoh; — utj —ins; — tm; — tms, 

94. T 

Dp Haa'iiBT, v. to flow with milk. T 

E Haa', «. her beauty or comeliness. . A 

E Haans» «. her liver; /»/. — tn. A 

E HAAN^aiT, s. her linen cloth. A 

Haark, v. did catch, caught. See Hapr. T 

E Haau'laoh, s, her cookiug. A 

Dp Haar'naob, 8. of thunder; pi. 7a. T 

Dp Haar'naohbv, v. to thunder. T 

Sheean Haab'nbs, a. d. the sound or Doise of 
thunder. T 

iV^ Haart, s, a defeat, rout, or overthrow. T 

Np Haart'ts, 8. a desolation. T 

E Haasb, 8. her growth. A 

E Haasb, «. his mean or method. S 

E Haash, 8. her ease or rest. A 

Np Haaub, a. idle. Proo. " Cha vow laue np 
haaue veg,** T 

Up Haaub, «. my safety; Acts, vii. 49. S 

E Haaub, 8. his saw; pi. — tn. s 

Dp Haau'trnbb, o. to reach in vomiting. T 

E Haba'nb, «. her ankle. A 

E Hac'oan, 8, her moan. A 

E Hac'cyrvs, 8. her hunger. A 

E Hack, «. his sack; his tax. S.T 

B Hab'oio, 8, her youth. A 

£ Hao'oad, 8. his tack or small nalL T 

E Hao'oindts, «. her willingness. A 

Np Hao'olish, 8, of the Church ot body of be- 
lievers. A 

E Hao'olb, 8, her fear. A 

Dp Hao'oloo, e. to talk. T 

Br Hao'oloo, v. hath, fte. talked. T 

£ Hao'ovrt, «. his parson or priest. S 
E Hao^otrtts, «. his ministry or priesthood. S 

i^ Hagh'in„ «. her petition. A 

Haohn or Hauh'nbb, e. did spare, spared. 

Shunned, or evaded; — aoh; —in; —ins; 

— ^YM J —TMS ; — TS, 9A, S 

Dp Haoh'nbt, 0. to spare, shun or eschew. S 

Haobr or Haoa TB, 0. happened* did happen ; 
-aoh; — in j —ins I — VMS; — TS, 94. T 

E Haoht, 8, her skUly. &c. A 

E Haoh'tbr, 8. his messenger.^ Ch 

S Haoh'tbraoht, «• his loeisa^e, Ch 

'Dy Haoh^trt, «• to happen. T 

B Haoh'ts, «. his Itch. T 

Ho Haoh'tssaoh, a. too itchy. T 


Haol <»* Haooil, v. did gather or gAthflratf : 
Bjid, zvi. 18. Ch 

Dp Hao'lbt or Haoltm, e. to gather. Ch 

E Hahll, 8. his saim or fat, blubber on fish. S 

E Haick or Hbick, «. his sacks. s 

E Haib, 8. his satiety, his enough. s 

E HaIbb, 8. her kiln. a 

E Haio'nbt, 8. her mind, &c.; i«Jlf«, U. 19. A 

E Hailb, 8. her fire. a 

Haill, v. did salt; — ^aoh; — <IV; — ^INS; — VM; 

— VMS; — TS,94. 8 

E Haill, «. her wages or hire. F 

Dp Hail'lbt, V, to salt. s 

E Hail'lbtdbb, 8. his Salter. s 

Ro Hail/bt, b. too salt. s 

^ Hail'jio or HAILJT8, «. his saltneas. 8 

Ro Hailt, a. too salted. s 

J7 Hain'jts, «. her acqua'ntance. A 

Haink, o. came, did come, became. Ch 

E Hainlb, 8. her angel; pi. 6g. a 

Np Hainlb'tn, 8. the angels. a 

E Hairh, 8. her gold. a 

E Hait^nts, «. his pleasure. T 

Ro Hait'ntssaoh, a. too itleasing. t 

Mp Hait'tin, o. if I would have pleasure or 
delight. T 

Mp Haii/ttm, v. if I will have pleasure &c. in ; 
— s, id, em, T 

E Haii/tts, •. her, 8tc. See Aiftps. A 

E Ha'lbb, 8. his quest or pursuit. S 

Dp Halk'-noa, of spick and span new. T 

Halk, V. did walk; — a<ih ; —in ; —ins 5 — ym ; 

— ^YMS; — YS, 94. T 

Dp Halk'al, V, to walk slowly. t 

E Hal^laoh, 8, his murmuring. t 
Np Hal'lbt, a. d. of the hall; Luke, xxii. 7. 

E HAL^Lin, 8. his twinkling. s 

E Hal'loo, 8, his land, earth. t 

HallooiV, a. <f. oflandorearth. t 

Ro Hallooi'naoh, a, to earthly. t 

E Hal^manb, 8. his moshroom. s 

£ Ham'ark, Ills shamrock. s 

E Ham^btl, 8, his sample. s 
E Ham'hao, 8. his bush. Prov. " Ta drogh ham^ 

mag np share na magher foshlit.** 

Ro Ham'maoaoh, a* too bushy. T. 

E Hau'man, 8, her tail. F 

E HAM'MTLTt 8, hls While. T 

E Ham'mts, s. her obeisanoe. A 

E Hamplby^b, «. his escample. S 

Ao Hano or Hanola'nbaoh, a. too lank or 

• empty bellied. 3 

'/^ Hano^a^h, e. to become lank. S 

E Hano'id or Hano'ts, t. his lankness. S 

i? Hangla'nb, «. his^ankcreatuiCr S 

Np Haw'hbt, a. if.' of the souL A 

Hann, V, did make thin or thiuned ; —aoh ; 

—in; —INS; — ym; — tms; — ys, 94. T 

*Hann or Han'nbb, e. did abide, continqe, tar- 

ry, or endure; — aoh ; — in ; -ins ; — tm ; 

— tms ; — YS, 94. T 

Dp Hannaoht or Hannaoh'tyn, to continiae, 
abide, tarry, or endure. 1R 

Ham'kab, adv. aliMuiy, before now, heretofoie. 

Mo Ham'mbt, a. too tWn. T 

Jf Han^nish, 8. hte whisper. » 

J Hakkoo'nid, 8. her weakness. A 

:B Hak'ntm, «. her soul. A 

^ HAN^NTs, ». his tenantry or tenant. T 

^ Hawsoo'r, ».'h0r answer. A 

E Han'styb, 8. his elder or senator. 8 

E Hanvba', 8. her discord or strife. A 

JB Hap, «. his wispj his shop. S 

S Happ, ». his top } ph -TN. T 

S Hap'pao, #. his tuft. T 
HAB, ». east; iri(m«-*flr (eastward); Gen, iii. 

Hab or Habbb, o. did conunand or commanded; 
-aoh; -in; -ws; -y|^ ; -YHS, -Y8, 

Habbaa', v. did wean or weaned ; — aob j — nf ; 

—INS; — YMJ — YMS; ~Y8, 94. ^H 

Ao Habba'it, M. too weaned. Ch 

E Habd'jtn, ». her coasts. A 

E HABn-VAL'LBY, 8, her city. A 

I)y Ha^bby, V, to command or enjoin. S 

B Ha'bbydbb, ». hi* commander. S 

E HaB'oane, r. her dispute or contest. A 

Ro Ha'bit. 85. too enjoined or Cdmmanded. S 
Hablhb'im, r. did alight ; -aoh ; -in ; -ins ; 

— YM ; — YM8 ) — Y8, 94. * 

E Habma'ns, 8. his sermon ; his alarm. S. T 
E Habmay'nys, 8. his economy. T 

HABN, 8, (from Sam) Saturday ;lWTa^jr.* 

Mv *Habb or Habbaoh, t>. if go or come; 

--IW 5 —INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. C 

E Hab'bai»b, «. his foal, his girt. 8. T 

HAB'BBB, a. d, of a foal or foalsj as, torfr 


hab'bxb, j>«i>. over her; — wh, «. em, 
Hab'bxn, p. l». ovef us; — yn, «. cm. 
HAB^Bin or HAB'BYn, p.p. ov« thee; — s, td, 

Hab'bin, p. I would go or come. SeeJtoin. C 
Hab'bish, ji.; p. over, over him; —in, id, em, 
HAB'BisHDm, p. p. overyouor ye, or 
HAit'Riv o. p. over you or ye ; I. Oof. ix, 12. 

iSe m. oi this and the preceding word is — i^n. 
Habrish y chio'nb, above value. 
E Hab'boo, 8. his bull. T 

ilo Hab'roo, a. too bitter. 8 

i^ Hab'boo, ». her com. -^ 

Hab'roo, p. p. over them; — syn, id, em. 
Bo Habbooo'h, «, too thrifty. T 

^ Habbooo'hip, «. his thrifUneis or thrift. T 
Hab'bym, p. p. over me ; — s, id, em, 
Hab'bysin, p. p. over him, em. See .also 

Hab'bystoo, p»P« over them. See Harroo, 
B Habvaan't, «. his servant. .. 8 

■Jio IlAfB,.a.. toodan^. ^ 

Dy Hash'aoh, V, to dampen. T 

E Hash'id, 8. his dampness. T 

E HASHoe'ir> #/ her nation* A 

2/y Hashoo'nbb, t» the nations, the people ^ 




Hasbt, e. did treasure up in stor*; — aob ; 

—in; —ins; •— ymj •— ymj — ys, 94. T 

Hasb'tbb, a.d. of treasure. T 

Dy Hash'tby, ». to treasure or store* T 

E HASB'TBYnsB, «. his treasurer. 

*' ,- 

Ho Hasb'txt, M. too treasure4. T 

Hass, r. did stand, stood; — aob; — '"j^'**^ 

— ^YM ; — VMS ; — Y8, 94. 
Hass- BB, p. she stood. 
E Has'sbb, 8. her hurt or ham\K 
Dy Hass'laob, 8. of bent. • , ^ 
E Hass'laynt, «. her illness/ ^ 
1^ Has'soo, It. to stand. l>- 
E Has'syi., 8, her ass. 
Hast. See Biaet, 
Hast, v. did heed or heeded; 

—ins; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. 
Bo Hast^aoh, d, too sharp of notice; Gfyw'J, 
haetagh (sharp Of notice, heedful.) t 

Py Hast'al, It. to heed, to attend to what is 
said, done, bid, or directed. T 

E Hast'an, 8. her conger or eel. A 

E Hast^dBb, *. his thresher. T 

E Hast'b Y or HAST'in, e. his inteUect, sagacitj^ 
heed, notice. ^ 

Dy Hauai'l, ». to save. S 

D^ Hauai'taoh, «. thy Saviour. 8 

Bty Haualtys, «. thy salvation. 8 

*HAuorHAUB, V, did save or saved; — aoh; 
—IN; —INS; — YM; —VMS ; — ys, 94. 8 

E Hadb'chys, «. his safety. 8 

Dy HaiKin, of HoUantide, of the 1st of Novem- 
ber, or as it is now, the lath. 8 
Hault, V, halt, stand still; 2 Sam. ii. 28. 
Ny Haw'in, o, d. of the river. 
E Haw'in, «. her river. 
Dtp Hayll, 8. thy turn in rotation. 
J>tp Haynt, 8, thy covetousness. 
Ro Hayntoi'laob, a. too covetous. 
E Hayb, ». her fether; pi. — aghyn. 
Hayb or *Haybb, v. caught, catched, or did 
catch ; —AOB ; —IN ; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; 
— YS, 94. Prov. "Eehyn ghwrrye sheilley 
hayrrye ekeilley.** T 
D^ Hay'baobyn, 8. thy sisters; Ex. xvi. 46. 8 
E Hay'bbb, 8. his worthless catch. t 
E Hay'bby, o. d. of his sister, of her fsither or 
fathers; 0011. xzix. 13. S.A 
E Haybn, 8. her share; pi. — yn. A 
Haybn, v. drew, did draw; —aoh; — in; 
—ins; — YM ; —YMS; — YS, 94. T 
E Hayb'nbydbb, 8. his drawer. T 
Ro Hayb'nit, 85. too drawn. T 
Hba, v. did flee, lied ; — aob; —in; —ins J 







— YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. 

Qy Hba, v. to flee, shun, or retreat. 

E Hba'daob, v. her being jealous. 

E Hbad^vaob, «. her clothes; pi, 7^. 

E HBAno'LYS, 8. her Jealousy. 

*Hbagbn or HBAeBNBB, V, did trouble or agi- 
tate; —AOB; -in; —ins; — ym ; — yms ; 
— YS, 94. » 

Dy Ubaob'nby, V, to trouble, afflict, or agitate. 8 

E Hbaob'nbydbb, 8. his troubler. 8 

Ro Hbaob'nit, 85. too troubled or afflicted. 8 



J^^Hbaoh^'ttk, «. her Borftbce. E 

S Hbaohtn, «. hifl trouble or aflUcdon. S 

E Hbairk, v. her horn. E 

E Hbaisb'tstdkr, «. her listener. E 

E Hba'jbbts, «. her odionaness. E 

E Hbam, ». her call, cry, or shout. E 

E Hba'nish, 9. her witness. F 

Ny Hba^bishtn, «. the weather, the tim es. E 

S Hbab'boo, «. her number. E 

Np Hbas'hyn, «. the a|^, the generations. E 
Hbaum, v. did teem, teemed) — aohj — in; 

— ^INSi — IT J — YM J — YMSJ — ^Y8, 94. T 

Dy Hbau'mby, o. to teem or pour. T 

E Hbait^mbydbr, 8. histeemer. T 

Ro Hbau'mit, 85. too teemed or emptied. T 

Np Hbayim, 8. the lambs. E 

S Hbayl, 8. her lime. E 

E Hbaym, 8. his whin. T 

Ro Hbay^maoh, a. too whimsical. T 
Hbayn or Hbaynbb, v. did pray cat eijacnlate ; 

— ^AOH } — IN ; — INS ; — IT J — YM J — YM9 } 
— YS, 94. S 

Dp Hbay'nby, v. to pray or ejaculate for pro- 
tection, peace, &c. S 

Np Hbayn'nbb, a. d» of the precipice or hogh, E 

JV^ Hbayst, a. d, of the moon. £ 

Hbaystn or Hbaystnbb, v. did knead or 

kneaded J — aoh; — inj 

— YMS J — YS, 94. 

-INS } — IT i — ^YM ; 


Dp Hbayst'ney, v. to knead. T 

Hbb or *Hbbb, v. offered, did offer, bade or did 

bid i — AOH ; — IN} — INS J — IT J — YM J — YMS } 

— YS, 94. Ch 

"Dp Hbb'bal, v. to bid, offer or proffer. Ch 

Hbc^byl, 8. tn, a hackle j pi. — yn. 

Hbd, «. will, wilt, or shall, shalt go. 

Hbd-oo, v. (pronounced Hefoo) thou wilt go; 
Hed is used for go, Hig for come. See 6a. 

E Hedd, s. her hat, her nest. B 

E Hbd'din, «. her tBX». E 

E Hbb, «. his peace S 

Hbb, «. will, wilt, shall, shalt see ; -— agh ; — bb ; 
— IN; —-INS; — M; —MS; — Y8,94. Theyin|rm 
and mn8 is not used ; but in andm« in the pro- 
nominals of this verb, Os. F. 

E Ubba'byn, 8, his soap. S 

Ro Hbba'bynaoh, a. too soapy. S 

E Hbbac^blb, 8, her tooth. £ 

"Dip Hbban, «. thy sound or noise. S 

Ro Hbban^aoh, a. too noisy. S 

Hbbab, a. in the west, western. S 

Hbbar-ass, a. in the south-west. s 

Hbbii or *Hbbbb, o. blew, blasted, did blowj 

—AOH J —IN} —ins; -YMJ -YMS} — YS, 

94; HagA,9' 8 

E Hbb'banb, «. his wind, or thihg driyen with 

the wind. g 

Er Hbb'bby, v. hath, &c. Uown or blew away 
with the wind. S 

B» Hbb'bit, 85. too driven or drifted. s 

E Hbbck, «. her payment, S 

E Hbbid, 8, his thickness. Ch 

JHf Hbbi^by, «. of silk, silken. s 

JHp Bvuxt'wY, or Hbbint, «. thy teat or dog. S 


Sy Rbbl, 8. of thiiBliiMl oatfc s 

Hbbl, v. filtered, did lUter, did snetV «way, or 

sober , — aoh ; —in ; —ins; —it } — YM ; 

— ^YMS ; — YS, 94. S 

"Dp Hbe'laohby, v. to sober, ftc. s 

Dp Hbb'lby, v. to Alter, sneak away, &c. S 
Dp Heblnau^b, 8. of mankind. S 

E Hbblooh'b, 8, his generation. S 

Dp Hbbl^tys, «. of soberness, of temperance. 8 
E Hbbr, 8. his country; pL — ^aohyn. Ch 

Hbbr, v. dried, did dry with fire, &c.; —aoh; 

—IN; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. Ch 

Dp Hbb'rby, v. to dryby'heat of fire. Ch 

Ro Hbbrt, 85. too dried. Ch 

Hbbsb, ado. down, below 
Dp Hbbt, o. to come.— JJ^r-osA, e. is to appear.' 
E Hbbym, 8. her batter; pU — ^yn. e 

Hbbyn, v. stretched, did stretch; aoh; —in; 
—INS ; —IT ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. E 

Hbbyn, e. stretched, did stretch; —agh; —in ; 

-INS; —IT) — YM; —YMSJ — YS, 94. S 

Dp Hbby^nby, «. to stretch. S 

Ro Hbbynt, 85. too stretched. s 

E Hbo'oby, s. her web; pi. 67. E 

^ HBioiNorHs^oiN, «. herwantofhdp. E 

E Hbb, «. his hide. s 

Ro Hbh, a. too hot, too warm. Ch 
Hbid, v. blew, did blow; — aoh; —in; —ins : 

— YM ) —YMS ) — YS, 94. 8 

E Hbidd, 8. his rope or teOier. T 

Hbi'dbb, a. d. of blowing. s 

Dp Hbi'dby, 9. to blow. 8 

Ro Hbi'dit, 85. too much blown. s 

Hbioh or Hbiy, v. did peck or pick; — aoh; 

—IN ; — IVS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. T 

E Hbigh, «. his hatchet) pi. — yn. T 

Ro Height, 85. too pecked or picked. T 

E Heihll, 8. his time in the world; his world : 

laghpn-e-heihll (days of his life.) 8 

Ro ^biohll'taoh, a. too worldly. s 

E Heihll'tio, «. his worldliness, his worldly 
mindedaess. g 

Hbilo or Hblo, v. did hunt, hunted; — aoh; 
—IN; —INS; — YM;— YMS; — YS,94. The first 
spelling is in Qen. zxvii. 80, and the latter in 
Jer. rvL l(J. s 

E Hbii.oby'b, 8. his hunter. s 

E Hbilgby^rys, 8, his hunting. s 

E Hbil'ktn, 8. her errand. ^ 

Hbill, v. did suppose or imagine, supposed, 
imagined; —agh ; —in; -ins ; — ym; — tms ; 
—Ts, 94. s 

Dp Hbil'lagh,«. of sallow, saOix, of blade sally. S 

Hbil^lbb, a. d. of sallow or sallix. s 

Er Hbil'tyn, e. hath, ftc. supposed or iauu 
gined. g 

Np Hb^n, 8. the chickens, the young of 4^1b. B 
E Hbi'raoht, 8. her inheiitaace. B 

E Hbi'bby, «. her heir. s 

Hbiy, «. did posh, toss, agitate, mix, te. $ —aoh ; 

—IN ; —INS J — YM ; -YMS ; — YS, 94* B 

Dp Hbiy, v. to mix, stir, push, Ac. 8 

Ro Hbiyt, 85. tooagitated, mixed, muddy, ftc. S 
E Hbiyrtyssaoh, «. herfoUower; pi, 71. B 
S Hnr^STTB, «. her halter; pi, — nr. B 



JS Hkl'gts, «. her maligDity. E 

S Hmi/las, «. her island. E 

S Hbl^law, t. his bee ; pi, — rv. S 

Np Hki/lav, a. d. of the island. E 

Np Hbl'lanbe, t. the islanders. E 

Hxl'lbt, 9. his saliya or spittle ; pL 07* S 

Dp Hxl'liu, «. of salve ; pi. — tn. S 

£ Hbl'loo, «. his herd ; pi. — tn. S 

'BKi/hTU, (from Yllpm,) blown, winded, sound- 
ed ; 2 Chrcn. V. 13 ; 1 Cor. xr. 52. Y 

Hbm, p. p. I will g:o ; — 8, id. em. G 

Hkm-katd, p.p. we wiU or shall go. O 

Hbmpr, v. did temi>er, tempered ; — aoh ; — iw ; 

— ^INSJ —YU} — YMSi — YS, 94. T 

Dp HxMrRBi% V. to temper. T 

Ro Hbmp^rit, 85. too tempered. T 

E Hbhp'tr, 9. his temper. T 

UxTsiD, V. attended, did attend} — aohj — inj 

— INS J — YMJ — YMSJ — ^YS, 94. T 

Dp HxNDBi^L, V. to attend. T 

Dp Hkudbxi'l, 9. of ligrhtning. T 

Hbbtx, pro. self, ownselves. 

E HxNo^ar, 9. his tongae. Ch 

E Hb^nish, 9. her presence. E 

E Hx'nmyn, 9. her names ; or as it is in AcU i. 
15, Np Henmpn (the names). E 

Daa HfeN^NALT, 9. two tenons ; Exod. xxvi 17. T 

Np Hb'nn ohooinnby, 9. an old man. S 

Hbn'nku, o. UAwed, did thaw ; —aoh ; — ^ys, 
94. T 

E Hbn^nid, 9. Us straitness, tightness, dis- 
tress. Ch 

E Hbnn'id, 9. his seniority or old age. S 

E Hbn'nym, 9. her name. E 

Hjbosb, adv. up, above. 

Hbkk, v. tarred, did tar; — ^aoh; — xn; —ins; 

— ^YMJ — YMSj — YS, 94. T 

Dp Hbr'raohtyn, v. to perish. Ch 

Dp Hbb'bal, v. to tar, or cover with tar. T 

E Hbb'rxy, 9, her harden or encumbrance, E 

E HxR'Riir, 9. his bolls. T 

Dp Hbr'biuid, 9. of bitterness. S 

Dp Hbrvbi'sh, 9. to serve, to minister. S 

E Hbrvxi'shaoh, 9. his server or offidater. S 

E Hbsh'aoht, 9. his company; pi. — yn. S 

B Hbsh'aohyN) 9t his companions, fellows, 
equals, mates, matches. S 

Mp ven Hesh^xx, a. d. my affianced or be- 
trothed wife ; Oen. zziz. si ; in Job ii. 9, it 
is He9hep» S 

E Hbsh^bbaoht, 9. his plough team. S 

Ordte Hbsh'bbbx, «. a plough team gear. S 

Dtp Hbsh'brbxyn, 9. thy plough teams. S 

E Hxsh'by, «. his companion, mate, equal, 
fdOow, &c. S 

E Hxs^MAo, «. his cross-bar or rundle. T 

Jlo Hxs^sxN, a. too cross or transverse. T 

Np Hbs'sxnaob, 9. a sexton or sergeant. S 

Hxir, p. p. (a contraction of Hig 00,) thou wilt 
go. U 

J7 HBt7, 9. his side; cferrey Aeu (one side). Ch 

Hxu^viN, «. a he-goat; pi. — yn. 

S HiY, «. his six ; J& Hepjeig (his sixteen). S 

Jff Hbt^ib, «. hia carpenter; i»l. —yn. S 

1? HxY^oo, 9. his sixth. 8 

Hbyr, 9. did free, set at liberty, Justify, clear, 
&c. ; — ^AOH ; — IN; — INS; — YM ; — YMS; — YS, 

94. 8 

Yn ven Hxyr «. the genttewoman. 8 

Dp Hxy'rby, v. to Justify, free, dear, &e. 8 

Ro Hxy'rit, 85. too justified, freed. Sec. 8 

E HiAOHT, 9. his seven; pi. — yn. S 

E Hiaoht'in, 9. his week ; pi. — yn. 8 

Dtp HiAOHTJBi'o, 9. thy seventeen. 8 

E Hiam'blb, 9. his temple. Ch 

S Hiam'yr, 9. his chamber. 8 

HiAR, 9. east, eastern. See also Har. 8 

E HiARN, 9. his Lord ; pi. — yn. Ch 

E HiAR^NYS, 9. his lordsliip ; j^l. — syn. Ch 

E HiAR^TANSB, 9. hls scveral. 8 

Dp HiAss, 9. of heat or warmth. Ch 

Booa HiAST, a. a dry cow, a cow that does not 
give milk« 8 

HiAuiLL, V. did sail, sailed; ^cfo, xxvii. IS; 

— aoh ; — ^IN ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 

94. 8 

Np HiAULTBY^R, 9. R sailor. 8 

E HiB^BBB, 9. his suppor ; pi. — YN. 8 
Hib'byn, 9. ivy ; pi. — YN. 

E Hib'byr, 9. his wdl ; pi. — ^aohyn. Ch 
Hic or Hvic, p.p. to her ; — ish, id. em. 

*Hick'yr or HiCKYRBB, V. did make sure or cer- 
tain ; did establish, confirm, or &sten; — aoh ; 
— IN ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — ^YS, 94. 8 

Dp Hick'yraoh or Hickyraohxy, v. to certify, 
establish, or make sure. 8 

Ro Hick'yrit, 85. too established, made too 
sure or ceitain. 8 

E HiDD, 9. her hats; her nests. I 

E HiDx, 9. his arrow ; pi. — yn. 8 

J^ Hi'dby, 9. his tide; pL97. T 

Np Hidby'r, 9. an archer; pl.—TH, 8 

E Hidby'rys, 9. his archery. 8 

E Hidoo'b, «. his soldier; pi. — ^yn. 8 

E Hidoo'rys, 9. his soldiery. 8 

HiB, V. went, did go. 

E HiB, 9. his house ; pi. — yn. T 

Dp HiK, a. of bad, ill, badly. S 

Hixx, p. she went or did go. 

Hib'ish, p. she went, em. 

Hio or *Hioo, V. will or wilt, shall or shalt 

come; ^YM; — YMS. Ch 

HiLo, V, did throw or cast; threw, or threw up, 

vomited; — aoh; — in; -ins; — ^ym; — yms; 

— YS, 94. T 

Dp Hil'oby, v. to throw, to vomit, to ei}ect by 

vomit. T 

Hill or Hiyll, «. did drop or shed; did spill or 

drain; —aoh —in; —ins; — ym; — yms; 

— YS, 94. 8 

E Hillbki'd, 9. his slug or soft snail. S 

Dp HiLLBY, e. to shed drop or drain. S 

Dtp HiLLXY, «. thy sight, visit, or look S 

Np Him'lxk, 9. the humble. I 

E Him'lbbid, 9. her humility. I 

E Him'man, v. her driving. I 

E HxMLXi^o, 9. her navel. I 

Ro HiNO, a. too sick, too ill. Ch 

B HiNO, 9, his sore; pi, -^th. Oh 



IKr HiNo^TS, «. fhy lickiieM. Cs 

JVf HiinrvB^N, «. admoghter) XntXr^zttl. ll T 
Bg Hih'nst, a. senior, elder. S 

^oiLL, V. sailed } Mat, ix. I. See HUntiUU 8 
HiOLL or HoTLi., V. did bore or perforate, bored, 

perfbrated; — aoh ; —in; — imsj — tm ; 

— TMS J — TS. 94. FH. xxii. 17. T 

lM|y HioL^LAOB, «. iSbj heartii ; pi. — th. Ch 
HiOL^LKs, a, d. offhehettth. Ca 

HioL^UK, 9. like to have happened. Prov. 

** Ht^J^ eh n^ ahare nm kUMee eft." 
Dp HioL^LST, V. to bore, to perforate. T 

£» Uioi/ltt, 85. too bored or perforated. T 
S Hiolta'kb, «. his flock ; jp/. — tn. S 

Dy HioLTA^NBY, V. to make into flodcs. S 

HioM, V, did tighten, straiten, or fasten ; — aoh ; 

—IN J —INS ; — TM } —TMS J — YS, IH* Ch 

Qy HioN^NBT, «. to tighten, straiten, &c. Ch 
Mo Hion'nt, 85. too tightened, &c. Ch 

B HiooN, «. his msh; pi, — tn. 8 

Hiow, V. did warm, warmed; — aoh; —in; 

— ^INS ; — ^TM ; — ^TMS ; — TS, 94. Ch 

HiB or *HiBR, V. did seek, or enquire, sooght, 

besought, asked ; Jud. ▼. 86 ; —aoh } —in ; 

^INS ; — TM ; — TMS J — YS, 04. 8 

*iliRx or HiBKBB, V, did shrink, shrank, or 

slirank; —aoh; -in; —ins 5 — ym; — yms; 

— YS, 94. S 

Dy Hirk'aoh or HiRKAOBBt, V, to shrink, &c. 8 

Ro HiBx'iT, 35. too shrunk. 8 

Sy Hib'rby, v. to seek, ask, &c. Prov, ** QoU 
thie yn ghoayr dy hirrey ollan,** 

Ro Hirt, 85. too sought or besought. 8 

Hiu, p. p. to you or ye ; — ish, Ut, em. 
Bo Hiu, a. too thfdc, dense, 6ce, Ca 

Hiv, «. did thicken ox condense. Ch 

Dy Hiu'cHBY, r. to tiiieken or eoAdense. Ch 
HiYLi., V. shed, did drop, or dvain. See also 
Hia, 8 

Dy Hiyl'lby, e. to shed drop or drain. 8 

B HiYN, 9. his Vessels. 8 

B HiYR, «. his haste or hurry. 8 

Bo Hiyr'raoh, a. too hasty, &c. 8 

Dy Hiyr'raohby, v, to hasten, to hurry. 8 

HiYR^RBB, V. did hasten or hastened. 8 

S Hiyr'bid, «. Us hastiness or hurry. 8 

Bo Hiyr'rit, 85. too hastened or hurried. 8 
E Hoa'byr, a, her seed lop. O 

Ny HoA^AOHYN, «. tiiegraYes; £«*« yiii. 27, O 
Ny HoAiB, ft. d, of the grave; PW.lzaxvi. 13. O 

HoAiL or HoAiLx., V. did wrap or swathe ; — ^aoh j 
—IN ; — ins; — ym j —YMS ; — YS, 94. 8 

Hoax, ado. hence, orer, beyond ; Hoai aa noal 
(hence and fhence) ; Hoal aa waaa (over and 

Bo Hoal'lbb, a. too robust, taU and Strong. T 

B HOALT, a. his barn ; pi, — yn« ' 8 

B Hoa'lys, a, her charm; O 

Hoa'nby, o. d, of the anus. T 

B Hoan'luckby, a, her burial. O 

Hoar, e. smelled, did smell : —aoh ; — in; 

—INS ; — ^YM ; — ^YMS ; — ^YS, 94. S 

Hoar, v. did dung, or dunged; —aoh; — in; 

r-INSj — YM ; —YMS j — ^YS, 94. T 

Dy HoA^RAOH or Hoaraorby, «. to dung x or 


manure with dung. 
Dy HoA^RAL, V. to smell. 
B Hoa'rby, a. his dung, &e. 
Ro Hoar'it, 85. too dunged, kc* 
B HoARN, a, her barley. 
B Hob'bal, a, herdeniaL 


B Hob'bbbys, a. her sorcery divination, &e. 
Acta XYi. 16. O 

B Hob^braohyn, a. her works. O 

E Hob'brbb, a. her worker. O 

B Hob'byr, «. bar work, her font. O. T 

B Hock, a. his idongh share. 8 

Ro Hoc^kbraoh, a. too easy or slow. 8 

B Hod'oao, a, his bannock. 8 

B Hob, a. her grand-child; pi. — obtn. O 

B Hooh, a. his surge or sob. 8 

B Hooh'br, a. her key ; pi. — yn. O 

Hooh'br, V, did wind, wound ; —aoh $ — xw ; 

— INS ; — YM ; —YMS 5 — YS, 94. T 

Ro Hooh'brit, 85. too wound up. T 

Dy Hooh'brys, v. to wind on a bailor bottom. T 

Hooht, a. eight ; pi. — yn. 

Hooht, v. did choke, dboked; — aoh; — xk; 
— ins ; — YM ; — YM ; — YS, 84. T 

Hooht-chbba'o, a, eight hundred. 

Dy HooH^TBY, «. to choke, to strangle. T 

Ro Hooh'tit, 86. too choked or strangled. T 

Hooht-jbio, a. eighteen. 

HooHT-zBio AS FBBD, «. thirty- eight. 

HotiH^Too, a. eighth. 

Dty Hooh'yr, a. thy portion or dowry. T 

E Hoi, pre. against her. 

Hoi or Hoib, v. did sit, set, sat ; — aoh ; — in ; 

— iNs; — ym; — yms; — YS, 94. 8 

Dy Hoi'aoh or Hoi'aohby, v. to set or plant. 8 

Br Hoi'aohby, e. hatii, &c. set or planted. 8 

Dy Hoiaohby-maoh', e. to set forth, represent 
describe. S 

Dy Hoib, v. to sit. S 

If J Hoib, a, of the night, the night. O 

E Hoib'ao, a. his boss, or straw seat. 8 

Ro HoiBT, 85. too set, too seated. S 

Hoio or *Hoioo, v. understood, did understand, 
had knowledge of ; Mat. ziv. 35 ; —aoh ; -'IN ; 
—INS; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. T 

Dy Hoio'oAi., V, to understand. T 

Ro Hoio'oiT, 85. too miderstood; T 

E HoiK^AN, a. her infant. O 

HoiL or *HoiLL, o . did desenre, merit, earn; waa 
worthy of reward or punishment ; —aoh ; 

— IN} — INS; — ^YM; — ^YMS ; — YS, 94. T 

Br HoiL^cHiN, e. hath, &c. dei^Ierved, earned, 
merited. T 

Hoii.'cHiNAOH, a. d, of merit, meritorial, of de> 
servings. T 

B<sf Hoil'chinys, «. thy merit or deserving. T 
Ro Hoil'ut, 86. too earned, merited. T 

Dy Hoil'i.ii7, e. to deserve or merit rewarda or 
punishments . T 

HoiLSH or Hoil'shbb, o. did enlighten, declare, 
publish, proclaim, divulge or elucidate ; — aoh j 
— in J — ^INS; — ym; — YMS; — YS, 94. 8 

Dy Hoil'shaoh or Hoit'sBAOHBVa V, to en- 
lighten, declare, &c. 8 

Dy Hoilshba^n, e. to Aine or give Bgbt. 


Mo Hoilshba'naob, a. too enlightening, ftc. B 

HoiL^SBSx, a. d. of Ugbt or enlightenings. S 

I3{y Hoil'shxt, m. of light; pi. 67. S 

Ho Hoil'shit, too shown or exhibited, too de« 
(dared or published. S 

HoiT, 85. set, planted ; S Sam. xx. 8. S 

Dgr HoLK, adv. evil, wickedly j Psalm cix. 10, 
intheday of the month Psalms. O 

S HoLL, «. his earwax, or eeking in wool. S 

HoLL or HoLLBs, V. did defile or snlly; — aoh t 

— IN J — INS J — TM J — YMSJ — YS, 9^. 5 

Pif Hol'laoh, or HoLLAOHST, V. to defile or 
snlly. S 

"Diff Hol'laohtn, a. thy crondy j pi. — tn. S 

JE Hol'laoh, «. her cattle. O 

S)^ Hol'lan, 9. of salt. S 

Mo HoLLA^NKAOH, u. too dizzy or beady. T 

X Holi.a'nbts, «. his dizziness. T 

Mo Hol'leb. See Hoallee. T 

Oy HoL^LXT, V. to defile or sally. S 

HoLUBT-TA^ adv. so was or were. S 

Mo HoL^LiT, 85. too defiled or sullied. S 

HoL^LTN, »./. holly, 

Holltnstrai'b, »./. sea holly, eringo. 

Mo HoL^LYS, a. too light or bright. 8 

Biff Hol'lyssid, ». thy light or brightness. S 

£ HoLMo'aYs, «. her ignorance. O 

Bolt, «. m. a held or grasp; v. did hold or 

grasp; — ^AOH, 77 i — ^"Y, 82; —IN, 83 ; — ^INS, 
84 ; — ^IT, 85 ; — ^YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — ^YS, 88. 

Djf Holi/al, V. to hold or grasp. 

JB Holi/an, a. his old house in decay. T 

E HoM, ». hisThom. T 

E Homa'sb, a. his Th<«nas. T 

Br eh Hon, pre. for him or it. S 

Ro Hon'daoh, a. too aTaricioos. S 

B Hon'did, 9. his arariciousness. S 

£ HoNN, 9. his wave; pi. — yn. T 

B Honnaa'sb, 9. his arrogance, ambition. S 

Mo HoNNAA^sAOB, a. too arrogant, too ambiti- 
oos. S 

HoN^Nicx, «. did see, saw, seen. Perhaps from 
Hee (seeing,) and Naik. See 62. 

E Hon'nts, 9. his satiety or abundance. S 

S Hoo, 9. his juice or substance. S 

Boo, V. did soak or suck up; •~aoh; — in; 

— INS ; — ^YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. S 

Hoo, o. did thatch or thatched ; — aoh ; —in ; 

— INS; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 9*. T 

HooAs, 9. got, received. This is an irregular 

derivation of the verb geddpn. See 62. O 

Boon, p. p, to thee ; — s, id em. 
B Hoo'dxr, 9. his soaker, his thatcher. S. T 
HoonHBN^B, p. p. to tbyself. 
3Dy Hoo^BK, 9. of soot. 

Np Hoo^HYN, 9. the eggs. Proft. ** LMg dp 
ehooUlep uehag gfdrr e hoohpn Aene." O 

Np Hooi'oBY, a. d. of the pits. O 

Kp Hooi'oYN, 9. the pits. O 

B HooiL, 9. her oil. O 

HooiLL, V. did toil or tire ; —aoh ; — in ; — ins ; 

— ^YM; — YMS; — ^YS, 94. T 

B HooiLL, 9. his eye; pL — tn. S 

Dp Hooii'X'Xi'i'* «• to toil or toiled. T 

HOU 91 

Ho HoOTLLXi'xJkOB, «. tOO toUflOlM^ ftC, T 

Np Hooti.'lbt, 9, a flood; Oen. iz. If* T 

Ro Hooil'ltt, 85. to tiriled or tired. T 

HooiN, p.p. to us, let us go. See Doofn ; —in, 
id. em. 

HooiR, V. did forebode or threatens •«>Aiia,- 

— IN; —ins; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. T 

Np Hooir'rby, a.d. of the earth or aMidd. O 

Ro Hoor, a. too sour. g 

E Hoor, 9. his tower; pi, — tn. T 

E Hoor, «. her hour ; pi. — yn. O 

Ro Hoor'aoh, a. too towery, T 

jyp Hoo'rxb, v. to court, to woo. $ 

E Hoor^ran or Hur'ran, 9. his round com 
stack. T 

E Hoor'rid, 9. his leaven or sourness. S 

E Hoost, 9. his flail ; pi. — yn. S 

E Hoot, 9. his oaf. See Too^. T 

Ro Hoot'aoh, a. too much an oaf or idiot. T 

Hooyl or *HooYLL, did walk, walked; «— aoh; 
—IN; — ins; — YM ; — YMS; — YS, 94. 8 

B HooYL, 9. her apple. O 

E Hor'can, 9. his suflfbcating fume. T 

Dp Hor'canby, v. to stifle with fame. T 

E HoRCH, his sort; pi. — yn. S 

HoROH or HoRCHBB, V. did torment or tor- 
mented; —AOH ; —IN; — ins ; — TM ; —YMS; 
— TS, 94. T 

Dp HoR^cHAOH, V. to tovment. T 

Er np Hor'chaohbt, v, being tormented. T 
Ro HoR^cHiT, 86. too tormented, too sorted. T.8 
E Ho'rbb, 9. his highwayman; pl.—nt, T 
Dp Ho^RBBAOHT, V. to rob on the highway. T 
D^ Ho'rbbys, 9. of highway robbery. T 

HoRLTH, V. to call a cow or cattle. 
Ben HoR'RAoa, a. a pregnant woman. , . T 
Np Hor'ran, 9. a danghUl ; Ezra, vi. li. T 
E HoRT, 9. his heed, thought, &c. T 

Fer Hosh'bb, a. the first ot foremost one. T 
E HosHBBYioR^RBY, 9. hls coToners. T 

E Hoshiaohjior'rby, «. his coroner. T 

Dp HosB^iAOHBY, «. to forward, to expedite. T 

Er dtp Hosb'iaobt, in. go on, go forward ;p.|». 
onbefore thee; — YS. id. em. T 

Hosh'iaoht ooillby, a. first of all. T 

Hosh'tax., a. left. Would the etymology of this 
word be too far fetched, if it were said to be 
from Taeht /—the hand kept or stored np more 
than the other. T 

Np Host, a. silent; Prov. "Tachengepnpk09t 
np 9hare na oik p ghra." T 

Ro Hos'taoh, a. too tacit or silent. T 

E Hos'tid, 9. his silence or tadtQess. T 

Ben Hos'tnaoH) 9. an English woman. S 

Dp Hos'tnbb, 9. of Rnglish peppte* 6 

E Hos'TYXt «. her apostle ; pi. — yn. O 

Kee Hos^TYN, «. the king of England. S 

Ro HouiR, a. too snug or oomlbrtable. B 

E Hovir'xd, 9, his snugnese, 6cc. S 

E Hou'ral, «. her sacrifixx or oikting, O 

Laa Hou'rbb, a. d. of a summer's day. S 

Dp Hou'rby, 9. of sunmier. S 

Eepm Hoi/rinaob, a. summer hotter. 8 

Daa Hovsa^nb, «. two thousand. t 

ft HRE 

JB How, 9. Ilia baoy line i pi. — nt. T 

How, V. did tow, towed, dnir by a rope on the 
water: — aohj — is; — ins; — tmj — TMS; 

— T8, pi, T 

E Howl, «. his hole; pi. J^Hcill. T 

*How8H or H0W8X, V. did measure, measured } 

>--AOH j —IN J —ins; — YM j — 7MS; — Y8, 9i. E 

E How'sHAN, «. his measurement ; pi. — tn. T 
Ro How'sHiT, 85. too measured. T 

HoTi. or HoTUBE, 0. did compare, typify or 

liken; — AOH; —in; —INS; — ^TMj — TMS; 
— TS, 94. S 

Py Hot'laoh, v. to compare typify, or liken. S 

Er njr Hoy'laohst, v. to be compared, or being 
compared, typified or likened; Mat. xiii. 34. S 
HoTLL, V. did bore or perforate. See also Hto/^ T 
Hotl'lxb. See HioUee. 

E Hotl'lxt, his enjoyment or fruition. S 

E HoTN, «. his anus or bottom. T 

E Hotb, ». her cause or motive ; pi. — tn. O 
E Hotrt, m. his donation or gift. T 

E Hotrt-booi'sx, a. his giving of thanks. T 
E Hotrt-mow^, «. his destruction. T 

E Hotb'tts, 8. his donative or present; pi. 

— SYN. T 

E Hraa, «. his time J pi. — ohyn or — yn. T 
E Hraaoh, ». his hay ; pi. — inyn. t 

E Hraar'tys, », his desolation. T 

Hraast, v. did squeeze or press ; — aoh ; — in ; 
—INS; — YM; — YMS ; — YS, 94. T 

"Oy Hraas'tby, v. to squeeze or press. T 

Ro Hraas'tit, 85. too squeezed or pressed. T 
*Hraau or Hbaaub, v. did plough, ploughed; 

—aoh; —in; —INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS, 
94. T 

Dy Hraaub, v. to plough or make furrows. T 
Ro Hraavit, 85. too much ploughed. t 

B Hraid, a. bis street ; pi. — yn. s 

Hraib, v. did ebb or abate; — aoh; — in- 

-INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94 . T 

E Hraib, a. his shore ; pi. — yn. t 

I^ Hram'man, a. of dder. T 

Ro Hram'man, a. too foul or too entangled. T 
Ro Hram'mylt, a. too sturdy or stout. T 

*Hranlaa's or Hranlaasb, i>. did tyranize or 

oppress; — AOB; —IN; —INS; — YM ; —YMS: 
— Y8, 94. If 

E Hranlaa^saoh, 8. his tyrant or oppressor; 

pi. 71 • r£ 

I^ Hranlaa'sxy, v. to tyranize, oppress, or 
harass. m 

Ro Hranlaa'sit, 85. too oppressed, &c. T 

E Hbass, a. his third. .p 

Ro Hbban, a. too valiant or strong; Pal. xxxv. 

Ny Hrxan'aoh, *. a valiant man; pi 71, t 

E HRBAN^in, a. his valour or strength. t 

E Hrbx, a. his three; 1 Sam. nod. 6. t 

£ Hrbxan, «. his bridle; p/. — yn. g 

*?*fj*'»^ °^ Hrbicknbb, v. did beetle or beat 
with a beetle; — agh; — xn; —ins: — ym- 

—YMS; — YS, 94. f^ 

E Hrbickna'nb, a. his beetle; pi. — yn. t 
"Dy Hrxick'nby, v. to beetle or beat. t 

Ro Hrxick^nxt, 85. too beetled or beaten. t 

Hrbio or *HRBioa, •. did forsake, forsook; 

—AOH ; —IN ; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. T 

Er Hrbiobil' or Hrxio'by, v. hatii, &c. for- 
saken or abandoned. 7* 

Ro Hrbih, a. too wretched or miserable, too 
pale. f£ 

E HRBiH'in, a. his wretchedness, &c. T 

E Hreigh'ys, a. his misery j pi. — syn. T 

Hrbin or *Hrbinn, 0. did nail or nailed ; —aoh ; 

—IN; —ins; — ym; -VMS ; — YS, 94. T 

E Hrxin^nby, a. his nail ; pi. €7; v. nailing. T 
Ro Hrbin'nit, 85. too nailed. t 

Hrxisht, «. did trust or hope, trusted ; —aoh; 

—IN ; —ins ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. T 

Dy HRBISHTBIL^ V. to trust or hope. t 

E Hrxishtbil'aoh, 8. hia trustee or trusty one- 
pl' 71. ip 

Ro Hrbish'tit, 85. too much trusted. t 

E Hrbllbb'n, a. his glanders. t 

£en Hreoohe, a. a widow; pl. see Uraane, 

which word, according to the rules of Manks 

ought to be the true spelling, and not Ben^ 

treoghe. .j, 

E Hrbooh'ys, a. his widowhood. t 

"Daa Hrib, a. two feet in measurement. T 

E Hrim'mid, 8. his weight or heaviness. T 

Ro Hrim'shaoh, a. too sorrowful, &c. t 

E Hrim'shaoh, a. his sorrowful one ; p/. 71. t 

E Hrim'shby, a. his sorrow or grief. t 

O Hrinaid^ 8. O Trinity. .p 

Hroailt, ».'did travel or travail ; —agh • —in • 

1Z\^^ ' ir^"J ""^"^ ' ~^«' W- ^n expressing 
« ^T""?* "^l^"" S? adjective, after Lhiabbee, 
HA Lhta6bee.hroatlt, the r is often omitted or 

SSlo^^^Sl^' as, LAiaAia-AoaW (the bed of 
travail or lying-in bed). f 

Ay Hroail'taob« a. a traveller; pl. yi, t 

J>ty Hroail'tys, a. thy pilgrimage. t 

E Hroar or Hroayr, a. his crop; pl, ^tn. T 

E Hrocair'ys, a. his affection or favour. T 

Ro Hrochoil^ a. too affectionate or fovourable.T 

Hroo or *Hrooo, v, did lift, rear, build, train 

or raise; —aoh; — inj -ins; — ym; — yms • 

— YS, 94. r^ 

Aa Hroo ad orroo, and they arose. t 

Dy Hroo'oal, v. to lift, rear, build, train, &c.T 
E Hroo'gilloo, a. his liftiog, &c. *t 

Ro Hrog'oit, 85. too lifted, reared, &c. x 

Hrooh, e. did hang or hung ; 3 Sam. xxi. 12. 
This word is improperly speUed; see the true 
orthography, Chrqgh. ^ 

Hroid or *Hroidd, v. did scold or chide: 

—aoh; —in; —INS; — VM; —YMS; —vs. 
94. ^ 

Dy Hroidd'by, i>. to scold or chide. y 

E Hroidd'idbr, a. his one who scolds. t 

Ro Hromb, a. too heavy or weighty. t 

Dy Hrom'mys, a. of heaviness. ^ 

Hroo, «. didenvy or grudge, envied; — aoh • 

—IN } —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. T 

Ro Hroo^aoh, a. too envious. ip 

Ny Hrooid, p. p. through him, throaghout; 
""■SYN, iti. 8m. m 

E Hroor, a. his three. ^ 

Ro Hrosh^agh, a. too strong. m 

£ Hrosh'id, «. his strength. ^ 


Hbosht, 9. did Hut, liuted) '-aokj — .iiri 








~IMB; -YMJ -TMS} — T9, 04. 

JB Hbosh'taoh, «. biti Aster} pl.7l- 

JDy Hrosh'tkt, «. to fast. 

MS Hrouss, «. his rubbish. 

JS Hbua'nk, s. his triangle. 

^ Hru8s» «. his truss ; pi. — ts, 

S Hrus'ttr, 8. his filth, dirt, or nast. 

JES Hua'rtstal, «. his shape, resemblance, com- 
parison } Ita. xlvi. 5. T 
X Hub'bao, a. his tab or bushel. Prw, " T*otf 

foir«e 'e cmroo liorith dty hubbag hene," T 

Hue, p. p. to tiiem ) — stn, id. em. 

Rua, pre. to. This vord is used instead of Op», 

Huo, «. put, gave, sent; Hug^eh (he pat, he 
sent, he grave). 

Dy Huooa'kb, «. of straw rope. S 

Huooa'in, v. did bind with straw rope } — ^aohj 

— IBfj — INS J — THJ — TMSj — TS, 94. S 

Dy Huooa'nbt, v. to bind with straw rope. S 
Bo Huooa'nit, 85. too much bound wiHi straw 

roi>e. S 

HuG^oET, p. p. to him, unto him ; — stn, id. em. 
Huo'oRT AS TSiH, (zdv, hithcT and thither, to 

and fro. 
Hinc, p. p. to her ; — ish, [id. em. 
Ny HffiLK, «. the evils. U 

HuiLL, e. did walk; Esther, ii. 11, Jcia, 

ill. 4 ; — AOH ; —IN ; —INS ; — TM ; —VMS ; 

— TS, 94. S 

E HuiLL, «. his holes ; a. d. of hole or holes. T 
E HuiL^LiN, 9. her elbow. U 

E Hvin'nbt, «. his universe. T 

HuiTT, «. did ftdl, fell, devolved; — ^aoh; —in'; 

— INS ; — TM } —VMS ; — TS, 94. T 

Dp HviT^TTH, 0. to MU devcdve, drop. T 

Hvl'lad, «. /. an owl; pi. — tn. 
E HuL^LAOH, «. his instant. T 

HvM or *HuMM, V. did dip, dipped; — aob; 

— IN ; —INS ; — TM ; — TM8 ; — TS, 94. T 

E HuM^ABK, i, his primrose. S 

Dy Hvm'mbt, v. to dip or plung:e. T 

E Hvu'mid, t, his size or bulk. T 

Bo HvM'MiDAOHr a. too bulksome. T 

E Hvn'dbb, ». his snmner or sexton. S 

E Hun'din, 8. her foundation. U 

B HuNB, M. his rash. See also Hioon. S 

Hunn, v. did tun, tunned; — ^aoh ; — in; — ins ; 

— ^TM; — ^TMS ; — ^TS, 94. T 

E Hun'nao, «. his duck. T 

Jhta Hvn'nbt, ». two tons ; pi. 97- T 

Dp HuN^NXT, o, to tun. T 

E HuN^NisH, 8. her onion; pi. — ^tn. U 

Bo Hun'nit, 85. too inured, too tunned. T 

Hub or *Hi7BB, v. did suffer, suffered ; — aoh ; 

— IN; —INS; — TM; -VMS; — TS, 94. S 

Bo HuBDBKM^AOH, a. too trust woithy. S 

E HuRDBBM'in or HuRnBXM'TS, 8. his trust 

worthiness. S 

HubOuck or HvBJucKS, ado. away pig, or 

away with thee pig. 

E Hdb'lxt, 8, her eagle. U 

Hob'ubt-xub', adv, higgledy-piggledy, con- 


HTS 09 

HuBLL, V. dldtoss ortomhtei — aok; — in; 

—INS ; — TM ; — TM8 f — TS, 94. 8 

By HuBL^LAOHXT, V. to toss OT tumble. S 

Bo Hurl'IiIt, 85. too tossed or tumbled. 8 

E HuBN, 8. his Job; drogh-kum (abad Job)« T 

J)y Hur'bal, v. to suffer pain. S 

E Hub'ban. See Hoorran. T 

Bo Hub'bansaoh, a. too sufferable. 8 

Dy Hur'bansx, v. to undergo, sustain, saffsr. 8 

Diy HuR'RANSK-Fon^DKT, 8. thy long suffBr- 
ing. g 

E HuB^BANsxx, 8. his suffcreTS. S 

Bo HuBT, 85. too much suffered. 8 

Mee Hitsh'taob, a. without knowledge. T 

E Hdsh^tal, «. his gospel. 8 

Ny Hvsh'tallaoh, «. on evangelist. 8 

Mee Hush'txx, s. ignorant people, T 

Ny Hush'tbt, 8. of water. U 

Dy HusH^TBT, 8. of knowledge. T 

Mee HvsB^TXT, «. want or lack of knowledge. T 

Hut, in. of dislike. 

Dy Hut'tbbnxx, v. to neigh. 8 

E HuTB, 8. his sister; pi. — aomtn. 8 

E Hutr'ts, «. his sisterhood. 8 

My HwoAix, a. northward. T 

Bee diy Hwoaix, adv, beware tliou, be fhoa 
cautious. T 

Htll, v. died, drop. See Hill, 8 

Htm, p. p. to me; — s, id. em, 

E Htm, «. his sum ; pi, — tn. 8 

*Html or Htm'lbb, «. did pine or decay; — aoh; 
—IN; —INS; — TM; — TMS ; — T8,94. 8 

Dy Htm^lbt, e. to phie or waste away. 8 

Dy Htm'mbt, 8, of compaasioa. Cm 

Bo Htmmoi% a. too compasilonate. Cr 

Ny Htm'mtdtw, «. the uses. T 

Htmn, v. did win or bequeath, &c.; — aomi 

—IN; —INS; — 'TM; —TMS; — TS, 94. Cs 

My Htm'naob, o. if would, fte. wQl, beqaeirtli, 
commend. Cs 

Dy HtmVbt, o. to bequeath or commend. Cb 
HTMrxN^B, p, p, to myselil 

*Htms or Htm^sbb, «. did gather, gathered i 
—AOH; —IN; —INS; — TM; —TMS; — »•, 
94. Cm 

"Dy Htm'saoh or Htm'saohxt, e. to gather 
together, to accumulate. Ck 

E Htm'sbtdxb, 8. his accumulator, &c. Ch 

Bo Htm'sit, 85. too gathered together. Cm 

Htndaa', V. did turn, turned; — ohj »-iv; 

— INS; — TM; — TMS; — TS, 94. Ch 

Dy Htnuaa', v. to turn, to return. Ch 

Bo Htnda^t, 85. too much turned. Ch 

*Htrm or Htbmbb, v. did dry, dried ; —aoh \ 
—nt ; —INS ; — tm ; — tms ; — TS, 94. Ch 

Dy Htr'maoh or Htbmaohxt, v. to dry. Ch 

E Htb^miu, 8, his dryness. Ch 

Bo Htb'mit, 85. too dried. Cm 

Bo Htb'btm, a, too dry or arid. Ch 

E Htb'bts, 8. his tour or Journey. This word 
appears, by Sam, xvii. 38, to be ftom Ch, tot 
which seems to me to be from T 

Htss, o. to set a dog on any things — Aeni 

—IN; —TMS, &c. 



IUb leltMr If radical in all worda under it wlicik 
it i« initial, exo^ a few from F. 

ICK, UicK, or AvicK, «. /k a creek or grnllet. In 
looldng oyer Dr. Borlase's vocabolury of the 
OomiBh lan8:aage, (wlilch is now nearly ex- 
tinct,) I found a word which exactly answers 
to Our Okaw, Oiau, OtUck, or Oiua/r, a creek 
or ffollet. Tliere are not less than nine places 
in we soath of this Island, the names of which 
end in ick, viz. — Fleshick, Spoldrick, Parunek, 
Drei$iek, Saundriek, Orehick, Soderick, Pol' 
lickt and Qarwitk* 

In, «. This, in the Manks* is only an endinir 
syllable to adiectives, and makes them sub- 
stantives ) its meaning is, for the most part, 
the same as the Englishnetf . See 89, &c. 

Inn, «. pi. nests ) Pal. civ. 17; hats, Dan. iii. 31. 

Inn, a. d. of nest or nests, of hat or hats. 

Id'leb or Id', #. m. a string. Perhaps from 
a hat string. 

Il^liam, 9. m. William. 

Il'lish, «./. the handle or loop in a creel, hand 
basket, or reticule ; |>f. —tn* 

tta'BAOH, a. m. season ; pi. —th, 

tiiBAOHOi'L, a. seasonable. 

iMBAOUoi^Liis 9. m. seasonableness. 

Im'bxa, «. carriage, character, conduct. No 
doubt a contradtiOh <tf Jmrneeti^gM-b^. 

Iii^BBB, a. d. of the Season or seasons. 

Im'btl, e. brew J — Aett, 77 j — bb, 8«; — iw, 

U I -4N8, M J —IT, 85 J -^f M, M } — TMS, 

87 ; — ¥B, 88. 

IM^LAOH, 9. Oie fine «f groats j iba stnuoge sheep 
to be turned off. 

Er ny Im^laohbt, e. hath» &c» been hamUed. 

Im'lbb, a, humble, not proud* 

Iic'iiBBXD, a. m. humbleness, humility. 

Itfi.Bio^ a./. BUTei} .!»/. -r^vK. . 

laf^MWKk, k. "m. it brewer ) pi. ^rw. 

Ik^iT, 85, humbled; brewed. 

I«i^Air> ». m. adroyej 3»/:^Yx; *. drivfe; 

— AOH, 775 — BB, 89) *-»IHr» 83 j -»XNS, 64$ 
••--¥11,66; — TMS> ^J — TSySSi 

iM^MANAav, «. m. a <kiver; pi. 71* 

Ili'^ANiT, 85. drlTen, drove. 

TMfvLWt, «. t. go, bei^ottev — Aoto, 7J, &c. 

IM^BBAOHT, V. going, adihg. 

Iit'^MBBii* or ittMtT, 85. gone. 

Itt'MTB, 9. /. a bed or butt of land, al^ many 
fmows las are put together between the ending 
filrrows, a bed of seed in a garden. 

Ikhba', 9. m. anxie^, aolldtttde, concern, un>. 
easiness for aay thing; pU — tn, or— osyH* 

IvNs^AeH, m audotts, solicitoaa^ tuiMtsy ; Jtfof . 
ti. 25. . 

Sir iMNV'Aatt, •(ift. ajiuElMnIy» Aft. 

iKtOE^ATs, 9. m, anxj uu s mmi, atisdetyk 

iKltAA', o. mention, rcJlMaiM> «p«ak x/i, icp«at^ 

•^•AOB, 77 i a*^ 8a; r^w» 8»; — «lr8» B4| 

— TM, 6C* —TMS, 87 } — TS, 88« 

lKftAAyi>Bi^ ek m, ame nttener , 4ka. 
iMftAA^iT, 85. meaitlMMd, ^pwlmak 
iH'kuMiHTir, e. ipl. la&di ortoeda. 
iN'cHTir, s. 11/. brains. See also JimiiHgn. 

Ivo'aoh, f. /. a train of nets ; pi. 7S. 

Ino'an, 9. m. an anvil; pi. — tv. 

Ino'an, a. m. the issue, increase, or otbprtn^ of 
sheep, cattle, fowls, &c*; Job, xxxix. S; 

pi. — TW. 

Ino'bb, a. d. of a train or trains of nets. 
Ino'in, 9. f. the nail of a finger or toe, a hoof. 
Dy Ino'nbt, v. to cut with the nails or hoofis. 
Iwe^NBT, a. d. of the nail or nails, or hoof. 
iNo^NiT, 85. cut with nails or hoofii. 

Ino'tb, 9. f. pus, ichor, corrupted matter of a 

iNo'raAOH, a. pussy, ichorous, gathering pus. 
iNo'vaAOH, a. d. of pus or curruption. 

D$ Inu'tkaobj, e. to gather pus or matter, to 

TNJBIo^ 9. f. a pringle, a paddock, a small en- 
closure of land; pi. —Ts. 
Injbio'aob, a. being in pringles, &c. 
IkOil, a. low, not high. 

^Iir'iiLLorlNJiLLBB, V. makelow,lower; — aob, 
775— BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; 
— YMS, 87; — ^TS, 88. 

Dp iN'oiLLAoaBT, «. to make or bring low, to 
abase, to subdue, to bring into a state of anb- 

In^jillid, 9. m. lowness, depression. 

In'jillit, 85. made low, abased, humbled, de« 

In'naoh, a. m. woof <tf weft. Prop. " Lkig 
da*n innagh Ihie er p chione 9*Jerree.** 

In'nbb, ft. d. daughter of, girl of. 

Innbb'n, a. /. daughter, girl; pi. — vn. 

■ Yw DAA VBAAR, «. pi. two brotihen' 

YN VAC, a. pi. sons* daughters. 

'YN iNNBBN, «. pi. daughters' daughters. 

-YN BRAAR AS BBVYB, «. brother and 

sista''s daughters. 

-YN DAA HUYR, », pi. two sLsters' daugh- 


YN MAC, 9. son*s daughters; 

iNNBY-VBY^x,, 9. /. u maid or girl that Is hired 

for wages, a handmaid; l K&tg9, iii. so. 
In'nyd, a. f. V&A. See £aa-imtjr/. 
INSH, 0. teU or announce; — aoh, 77 \ <— as, 80; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; —TMS, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. Pron. " Nagh ifuh dou ere tw mee, 
agh inah dou ere ta mee.** 

Insh'bydbb, a. m. a teller, one who aanouncea. 

Insh'it, 85. told, announced. 

Insb'lby, a. d. of lowness or low ; Ckeu My 
inakley (the low side). 

Insh^lid, a. m. lowness. A conniption of It^ 

lB-cHOYii'Lit«, t. eounsellors. f 

lax, 9. pi. young pigs; thep/. tsiAtk. 
S la-oi^K, 9. his officers. F 

Irr or la^RBB, e. rise ; — aob, 77 ,* —in, 83 ; 

— nrs, 84 J — TM, 86} —TMS, 87j — TS, 88. 

Prov. "Eahpn Ihiepe nutria modaee, irrpe €k 

MorisA Jmrgunpn,** 

Ir'bbb, 9, /. a passion, rising. 

Ibrbb-mao'b, «. areba^ itm; pi. •^Tir. 

iRxxB-irT-oaim'ira* m. tlie lialiit of tbt 


Ikess-rsksb't or Thkbs-ssoss bxisht, «. re- 
surrection; Jfa/. zzii. 31. Irree-»eo»ei John, 
ad. 24. 

Ib^hsstk, «. p/. risingrs, passions of tbe mind or 
aooL They are called passions, no donbt, on 
account of their passing in the mind; Yeear" 
reegn, no doubt, is firom hence. 

iB-naii.^ «. rulers; Isaiah, zliz. 9. F 

Ib^rktdbb, «. m. a riser; pi. — Tvr. 

Tb'bxtdbbmaob, f . m. a rebel. 

Yn Irrin or Ibrinxt, a. the trutii. F 

Ir^rit, 85. risen. Ohtoiete, 

Jwi'n.00, «. pi, ploughmen, the pi. of Erroo, 

Dty Ib-tnsbb> «. thy teachers. F 

IsH, pro. she, her; the em. ot Ee. 

It, 9. a. postfix of the same import as ed, English, 
mnd requires to be sounded Iht. See 85. 

lu, V, drink, swallow liquid ; — agh, 77 ; — xx, 80 ; 
— ^IJf, 83; — INS, 84; — m, 86; ^YMS, 87; 
— TS, 88. 

Tv'oBB, «. m. a drinker ; pi. — ^tn. 

luiT or luT, 85. drank, drunk. 

Ivlayn't, a. m. a toast, something said before 
drinking in company ; pi. — tn. 

Ino'iL, a. drinkable, fit to drink. 

Tuo'iUD, «. m. drinkablenessy fitness to drink. 

ITN, «. m. a tie on a thievish beast* s forelegs. 



For its sound see Remark 10; and for its changes 
see Remark 60. Words that come under it 
from oQier letters are so marked. 

Jaaoh, i. /. smoke; pi. — tn or — btntn; 
9. id. -~AOH, 77 ; — MM, 80 ; — in, 83; —ins, 84 ; 
— TM, 86; — YMS, 87; — -TS, 88. 

JAAOH^AOH, a. smoky. 
Jaaoh^bt, e. smoking. 
Jaaob'ktdbb, «. m. a smoker; pi. •^tn. 
Jaagr'it, 85. smoked. 
Jao'oad, «. /. a jacket; pi. — ^tn. 
Jao^olx or JAOOLBX, V. did fdght or frighten. 
Jaoh, v. went, did go; Prov. "ChaJagkMopUesf 
Ohooinneff hene rieau/oddejf wriih e ghorrya,** 

Jaoh^aoh, a, titheable. 

Jaoh^bb, f./. tithe, ten13i;p/.—NTN. 

Jaob^bbit or JAOHrr, 85. titlied. 

Jaoh'bbnts, a. m, tithing. 

^pn Jaor^tbb, a, your, fte. messenger. Ch 

Npn Jaoh^tbbaobt, a, your, ftc. message, Cb 

Cha *Jaol or Jaooii., e. not gather; — aob; 
— IH ; — INS ; — YM ; — -YMS, 94. Cb 

Jal'loo, «. m. an idol, an image; ji/. — yh. 

TbiB word is sometimes used for noUiing} n, 

Cha row Jattoo, 
JAh'hooAou, a. idolatrous. 
Jal^loodbx, a, IB. an idolater 1 pi, — tn. 
Jal^loonts, a. m. idolatry; pi. — syn. 
Jamts» «. IB. Junea. 

JaiKnoo» «. dDlBCi maSkkag, aake, Ac acttng^ 

Cha Jaxbaa^ 9. not WMUii — ^oi ; •— nr 1 — «va j 
— tm ; •— TM8, 94. Cb 

Jaro, v. can or canst, could or couldrt; —aob, 
77 ; —in, 83 ; —ins, 84 ; — ym, 86; —YMS, 87 ; 
— YS, 88. 

Jar'oan, a. /. a flea ; pi. — yn. Perhaps itdMMild 
be Jerkan, from its leaping. 

Jar'oanaob, a. pulicose. 
Jab^oanbb, a, pi. small wonns found in tlis 
gravel, on the sea shore, and used for belt to 

catch fish. 

Jab'oan-leoiobyb, a. m. a lizard. 

Jab'oitbr, 85. overcome, subdued. 

Jab'roo, adv. indeed, in truth, in verity; it is 
often used with d^ before it; as, dy Jarroo-fir- 
inagh (indeed, and in voity, or truth) ; B^od. 
ix. 16. 

Dy JabboO'Ta', adn, yes indeed, indeed it is, in 
reality it is so. 

Jarbood', v. forget, forgetting; —aob, 77 \ 
— MM, 80; —in, 83; — ^INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
-YMS, 87; — YS, 88; a, m. a forget; ji/. — yn. 

Jabrooi/bydxb, a, m. a foigetter ; pL — 'Yn. 

Jabbood'it, 86. forgotten or forgot. 

Jas'dil or Jasdyl, a. this word is used as an 
adjective after Jerdein, for Asoensioa-day or 
Holy Thursday. Some will have it that Fraa- 
dpi is the proper word. If JaadU is the correct 
word it may be from Jee aa y theihll, as Christ 
ascended to heaven on that day. If Fraadyl, it 
may be from Feaillya tooil, as some say it is 
improper to look or gaze so fur as you can on 
that day. It may have some reference Acta i. 1 1 . 

Ja s^tan, a. m. a course or row of linsr or heather 
laid on the ground from the hand of the puller; 

pi. — ^YN. 

Jas'tanaob, a. in courses or rows. 

Jas'txb, a. m. barm, yeast ; pi, — yn. 

Jas'tbbit, 85. harmed, yeasted. 

Jat'tbr or Jauttxr, «. m. a debtor; a dealer; 
an author. 

Jba, a. m. yesterday. 

yyn JxA, 0. your &c., fleeing or retreatiBg. Cb 

Cha Jba, o. not flee or retreat. Cb 

JxADAOB, a, diUgent, careftd, assiduous, prudent. 

Jsad'id or JxAnYS, a, m, diligence, care, spruce- 

JxAXD, «. m. on an edge, as teeth by eating acldf . 
JxAisT, a,/, a Joist. See Jeayat, 
JxAN, e. do, act, make, perform ; it is used also 

for have; as, Jean myghin orrin, (have mercy 

on us). Prov, "Jean iraagh ^oud aaU^n 

ghrian aoUahean,** 

Jxan'naob, e. See JUmagh, 

Jban-jbx', p. do ye or you. 

JxANT, 85. done, flniiihed, peribrmed, acted, 
BMMie, rendered. 

Jxan'taob, a, IB. a doer, actor, maker, pertDnnsr 

&c.;p/. 71 • 
Jbant-maob^ v. endued* made tiBt. 
Jxayst, a, a Joist; Heb, ii. 11 ; pi, — yn. 
Cha JxK or "^Jibb, v, not Ud or offer; — aob; ' 

—IN ;— INS ; — YM ; — yms, 94* €■ 

Kyn Jbbbal^ e. yoar« AaofWaycr tdddiag; 

JxcBXAN^ t.WedBesday; (diea t n et - vmii ,) the day 

dedicated by the healhen to Mercury, taaday of 

JxD 00, or Jx*4»o/ «. wBtUumwok Aa WMfw»* 

in the aflirmattTO wpald be Aadj iMkHtnt^nagt^ 

tive, ehaj9d. 



Jbdoo'mbx, «. /. (JedomMt diet domitrieaj the 
Lord*8 day, the Sabbath. This was the day 
dedicated by the heathen to the son— Sunday, 
as the EngliBh name shows. 

Jxs, «. m. God, the creator and upholder of all 

tldngS J pi. — ^AOHTN. 

Jks» pro. (added to verbs,) ye or yon, as Jeanjee 

(do ye) } tar-Jee (come ye) j gow-jee (go ye or 

take ye). 
J'ke, p.p. to her, of her; as, eurfee eh (give it 

her or g:iTe it to her), te fee, (it is oi her) } 

— ISH, id. em. 
JxBAOH, 9. look, examine by sight, show, visit; 

--▲OH, 77} — BB, 80; —IV, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; —VMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Jbxaoh, t». look, see, behold. 

Jbbaoh'btbbb, «. m. a looker, a spectator, one 

that looks. 
Jbxaoh'it, 85. looked, shown, exhibited. 
Jbbaoh'tn, v. looking:, showing, seeming. 
Jbban, a. earnest, pervent, zealous, sudden. 
Dy Jbxan, adv. hastily, earnestly, suddenly. 
Jbxanid, a. m. earnestness, fervor, zeal. 
Jbbar, s. (from Eearrect) the desire, on oath by 

tiie desire. 
Jbxas, «. /. an ear or head of com. 
JxBAs'sTRAOH, 0. gleaning, gathering ears or 

heads or com. 
Jbxas'sbtdbr or Jbxassbrbt, a. m. a gleaner; 

pi. — TN. 

Jbb'bin, «./. a deepingr of nets, net. 

Jkb'binaoh, a. d. of network. 

Jbbcx, pt. paid. See also Deeek. E 

JxBD, p. p. of thee ; — s ; id. em. 

Jbbdhxnx', p.p. of thyself. 

Jbbo, «./. lAtke xiv. 5.; Jeeig, 2 Sam. xx. 16, 
a ditch, a moat, or drain ; pi. — yn or — inyn. 

Jbb'ohyn, 8. pi. gods; Jeeghinjailoo (idol gods). 

Jsxia, V. dridn, ditdi; — ^aoh, 77; — ex, 80; 
— IN, 84; — ins, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. 

Jxxio'aoh, a. having ditches or drains. 

Jbxio'xan, «./. a rill, a very small stream of 

JSBiOBAN^AOH, o. having rills or small streams. 

Jbbioby, «. draining, ditching, tilting ; «. m. a 
hollow or bend in, as a hollow or bend in the 
ridgfe of a house, the back of an animal, &c. ; 
pi. e7' 

Jbxio'byobr, «. m. a drainer or maker of ditches. 

Jbbio'it, 85. drained, ditched, tilted. 

Jbbill' or JxELL, 9.f. havoc, waste, destruction, 
trespass, desolation; Micah, iv. ii.; v. com- 
mitting havoc or waste ; — aoh, 77 ; — eb, 80 ; 

—IN, 83; — XNS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Jxxi.'lal or JxBLLBY, V. Committing havoc, 
waste or trespass. 

Jxxl'lbydbr, ». m. one that commits havoc, &c. 

JxxL^LiT, 85. worried, mangled, dirtied. 

JxxLT, «./. a saddle; pL — ^yn. v. saddle; — ^aoh, 

77 } — Al, 79, or -by, 82; — eb, 80 ; —IN, 83; 
—ins, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

' ■ bbn, a woman's saddle. 
— — lhiattaoh', a side saddle. 
— — — SAiRKAOH^ a homed saddle. 
Jxxltbtb*^ #.m. a saddler; pi, *-yn. 


Jbblt'it, 86. saddled, covered with a saddle. 

Jbb'lym, a. m. any tiling that is lost in the ga- 
thering, as com when reaping or stacking; 
drops from avessd on bringing a liquid; a rem- 
nant; Jer. xlvii. 5.} pi. — yn. 

Jbbm, p.p. of me; — s, id. em. 
Jbbmpbnb', p. p. of myself. 
Jbbn, a. stanch from leak, drop dry, a house is 
said to be so that takes no rain in. 

Jbvn'agh, 8. m. the rinsing of the' milking ves- 
sels, after the milk has been drained. 

Jbbn'ys, «./. a wedge; pi. — ^syn ; v. wedge ; 
— AOH, 77 ; —BE, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 j 
— YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Jbbn'ysxy or Jbbnysal, v. wedging, &c. 

Jbbn'ysit, 85. wedged. 

Jeeoil', a. divine, god like. This, and the two 
words following, I have never seen nor heard, 
but as the language stands in need of them, 
and the words purely Manks and appropriate, 
T have inserted them. 

Jbboil'aob, 8, m. a divine, a theologian ; pi. 71. 

Jbboil'ys, 8. m. divinity, theology. 

Nyn Jeer, «. your &c. country; pi. — ^aohyn. Ch 

Cha Jbxr, v. not dry by fire or heat ; — aoh ; 
— IN ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. 

*Jbbr or Jeerbe, v. make straight ; — a on, 77; 

— IN, 88; — ^INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Jbbr'aoh, a. straight, direct. 

Jbbr'aohey, v. straighten, &c. 

Jeer'bb, v. straighten, make straight. 

Nyn Jbbr'by, 8. your, &c. drying. Ca 

Nyn Jbbr'bydbr, «. your, &c. drier. Cm 

Jbxr'bydbr, 8. m. a straightener ; pi. — yn. 

Jber'id, 8. m. straightness, directness, upright- 

Jbbr'it, 85, straightened, made straight. 

Jbbr'ys, 8. m. justice, right, equity. 

Jexs, a. two. This is the two used in counting 
no doubt a corruption of Daae, 

Jbbs-as-fbbd, a. twenty-two or two and twenty. 

Jbbs-as-daeed^ a. two and forty. 

Jees'tybnee, v. creaking, as the creaking of 

tough wood on breaking, or a new saddle or 

new shoes on being wrought. 

Er Jebt, e. hath, &c. come, arrived. Ch 

Npn Jebt, «. your &c. coining, arrival. Cm 

Jbbtorym-jbbas^ «./. the herb horse tail. 

Yn Jbbys, 8. m. the Deity, the Godhead. 

Jbb, pre. of; adv. off. 

Jeh, p. p. of him ; — syn, id. em. 

Nyn Jeh, $. your, &c. hide. Sh 

Jeh-chash', a. wild, unruly. The metaphor in 
this word is no doubt taken from Jeh, (o^) and 
Chaah, or Choah (of the feet) ; a horse or other 
unruly beast that rears its feet off the ground. 

Jbhein^ey, 8. m. Friday; (dies venerie,) the day 
of Venus as the heathens dedicated it ; pi. 67. 

Jerbiney-cheays' or — chaisht, «. m. Good- 
Friday ; the cheaye or chaiaht is fit)m Caeheriek, 
no doubt 

Jbh-henb',p.j7. of himself, of itself, spontaneous. 
Jbh-raie', a. ungovernable, hard to deal with. 
Jbh-shen, p. of that, thereof. 
Jeh-voyl'ley, p. dispraise, censure, dishonour. 
JbY, p. coming after, behind. 


Jei bhob; adv, henceforth. 

Jeidagh, a. See Jeadagh, 

Jeidid or Jeidts. See Jeadid* 

Jei6,«i. teen, apostfix used after ten to twenty. 

JFeioh,v. shut, close lip; — agh,77; — £S,80. 

Jeiohdeb, s. m. a shutter; pL — tn. 

Jeiooo, a. teenth; a postfix to ordinals 
from ten to twenty. 

Jeih, a. ten ; Jeih as feed ( thirty) ; pL — tn. 

Jeih as daeeo, a, fifty, or ten and forty. 

Jeiu thousantn A8FBEtf,a. thirty thousand. 
The jeig in this number must be wrong 
in Num, xxxi. 4d. 

Jeihoo, a. tenth. 

Jeib, s. tear, tears. This word is alike in 
sing, and pL, except the diaoresis 'i is used 
in the pL, as, Jeir; for a few tears we 
say pL — TK. 

JjBiBK, s. m, an aim ; pL — ^tn ; v. beg ; — ik, 
83 ; — liis, 84 ; — tm, 86 ; — yms, 87. 

Jeibr'aoh, s. ffi. a beggar, a paoper, a re- 
ceiver of alms ; pL 71. 

Jeibretd'aoh, 8, m. an almoner, a giver of 
alms ; pL 71. 

Jeibk'id, s. mi beggary, paupery. 

Jeib'kit, 85. given in alms. 

Jeibk^s, «. fit. a collection of alms. 

Jeie'bbe, a. d. ot tears, as in the phrase, 
Agnsydooasyjeirree in blackness of tears. 

JelbbOn or Jelune, «. m. Monday; (die* 
Luna,) the day dedicated to the moon, 
the moon's day. 

Jelliu, v. warp, warping ; — aoh, 77. 

Jellid'deb, 8. m. one who warps; pi, — tn. 

Jelliu'it, 80. warped. 

JEMorJEDTM,v.shal]orwillIgo; — 9tid,em. 

Jem-matd,;?. shall we go; 2 CAroit. xviii.5. 

j£M'ATET,«.m. Tuesday; (dies Martiu8,) the 
day dedicated to Mars, the day of Mars. 

^^71 JBNGBY,«.your, &c. tongue ; pi. 67. Ch 

^yn Jennid, «. your, &c. struitness, &c. Ch 

Jbbde^in or Jebdune,«. in. Thursday; (diem 
Jove8;) Jupiter's day, or the day dedi- 
cated to Jupiter. 

Jebk, v. expect, hope ; — agb, 77; — be, 80; 
— IN, 83; — INS, 84; — tm, 86; — tm8,87. 

■Jebk'alts,«. m expectation, hope; pi — stn. 

Jebkbt'dbb, 8.m. an expecter; pi. — tn. 

Jbbk'it, 8d. expected, hoped. 

Jeb'ltn, 8, f. darnel ; pi. — tn. 

Cha *Jebb or Jebbee, v. notpmsh; — ^aoh ; 
— in; — ins; — xms, 94. Ch 

Er Jebbagh'ttn, v. hath, &c. perished. Ch 

Jebbee', a. d. of hindmost or last. 

Jeb'bbt, 8. tn. end, conclusion, hinder ends. 

Jebbin'aoh, a. dernier, last^ a. d. of or be- 
longing to the latter end. 

Jbsabn', 8. Saturday; (dies ScUumU) the 

«day dedicated t) Sattuo, Saturn's day. 



Jbsh, a, right, proper, suitable, neat, nice. 
Jesh'aght, 8. an instrument, implement. 
Jksh^al, «./. water agrimony, water htfu*|.* 
Jesb'een, 8. m. an ornament, garnish, or 
embellish men t; pi. — tn. 

'etosb, ». m. oue who ornaments. 

^T8,». m. trimmings, embellishments; 

pi. — TN. 

Nyn Jbsh'sbaoht, «. your, &o. team to 

plough. 8 b 

Jeshet, a. pi. right, snitable, proper, neat 
Jesh'io, 8. m. propriety, suitableness. 
Jet^leb, v. flew. See also Deilee. E. 

Jeu, p. p. of thera, of those, these | — aTV, 

idf em, 
Jeu, p. (a coniraction of (Jig oo,) wilt thou 
go or come. 

Nyn Jbu, t. your, &c. side. Cv 

Jeus'han, 8./. a hinge ; pi. — tn. 
Jeush^anagh, a. having hinges. 
Jeush^anit, 85. hinged. 
Jetd, 8. m. dad, dada, or daddy. 
Jaids, a. red ruddy. 
*JiABa or Jiabgee, v. redden, make red j— 

AGH, 77 ; —be, 80; — in, 83 ; — ins, 84. 
Jiabg'agh or Jiaboaghbt, v. reddening* 

blushing, becomiug red. 
Jaib^get, a. pi. red ruddy. 
JiABGET^DEB, 8. m. oue that makes red. 
Jiab'git, 85, made red, reddened. 
Jiabg'booisht, v. stark naked. 
Nyn JiABN, 8. our, &c. Li>rd. Ch 

Nyn JiB^BTB, 8. your, &c. well. Ch 

Jig 00, p. wilt thou come ? The answer in 

the ajffirmative would be Higi in the 

negative CVmi Jig. 
JiGTM, p. will I come ? — s, id. em. 
JiLG, 8. pi. thorns ; knitting needles ; the 

pi. of Joig. 
Jim, p. will I go ? — s, id. em. The answer 

in the affirmative would be Immee ; in 

the negative Cha Jem. 
Jim'mee, v. did so, departed, went. X 

Nyn Jim'net,^«. your, &c. will,/>/. 67. Ch 
Jin or *Jinn, v. do, perform, &c. ; —aoh, 

77 ; in, 83 ; —ins, 84 ; — tm, 86 ; — tmb, 

87. See also Jean, 
JiN, p. p, of U84 — TN or Jeeyn« id, em, ; 

Gen, iii. 22, 
JiNQ, V. jam, throng, press; — aoh. 77 ; — 

BE, 80; IN, 88 ; —ins, 84 ; — tm, 86. 
Nyn JiNG, s. your, &c. sore. Cr 

J INGE Y^, V. pressing, thronging, &c. 
JiNGET^DEB,«. m. oue that presses or throngs. 
Jingleib' 8. m. a jangler;|>/. — tn. 
JiNGLETBTS, 8. 171. a jangling, 
^yn J iNOT8,<. your, &c. sickness, illness. Cb 
JiNNA^iBAGH, a. d. of dinner. 
Jivva'ib, 8, m. dinner; pi, — ts:. 


•6 JOL 

- Jiois, V. sack, sucking ; — aoh, 77. 

JIOLBTDBR^ s, fit. oDc that sucks, E suckcr. 

JiOLiT' or JiOLT, 80. Slicked. 

i^iftt, JiotLAOH', 8. your, &c. hearth. Gh. 

Cha J ION or*Jiovv,v. not tighten ; — agh; 
— IH ; — ins; — ym; yms, 04. Ch. 

Nyn JioiiNBY^ v. your, &c. iighteniug, 
straitening ; 2 Cor. vii. 12. 

JiooiD, V. discard, cast off, dismis, thurst 
put; T»<i>AOH, 77 ; •^be, 83. 

JI00LDAGH^a. disgustful, cloyish, raisinga 
uauseousness in the stomach, raising 
dislike bv some offensive action. 

JiooLDiT', 85. turned off by dislike. 

Jiooleydeb', s. m. a discarder, &c. 

Cha Jiow, V. not warm or heat; — agh ; 
\r^iN{ — ins; — ym ; — yms, oi. Ce. 

Jib or ♦Jirr.t;. «ay, sayest, sayetb, &c. ; — 
AOH, 77 ; — EE, 80; — in, 83 ; — fns, 84. G. 

JiR'GiD, «. m. redness ; Mat. xvi. 2. 

JiB/KiN, 5. m. a coatee or short jacket; pi. 

JiB'BEE, V. did rise, or arose. I. 

JiR'RiT, 85. See Grait; said. 

Jib^HiG, 8. m. papa, father; pi, — yn. 

Jiu, 8r fn. to day, this day. 

J'lu, p. p. of ye or you ; perhAps a pontrac- 

tion of Jehahiu ; Gen. xxxiv. 15. 

J'iu, V. did drink, drank. See also Diu. I. 

JElr Jiu6hi;y, V. hath, &c. thickened. Oh 

Ji CLEAN' or JiULEANAGH, 8. m. a sojouruer, 
a person that stnys but a day or two, as 

the word would indicate, acotler, or tenant. 

JiULEANYS, 8. ffi. sojouniing, cotlery, living 

as not at home. 

Joan, «. m. dust, any dry thing pulverised to 
powder or dust; pi. — yn ; v. dust; — 
AGH, 77 ; — BE, 80 ; — in, 83 ; — ins, 84. 

JoANEV/, V. dusting. 

JoANBY'DER, 8. »w, a dustcr ; ph — YN. 

Joan IT, 85. dusted, powdered. 

Joan'lagh, 8. m. diist of rain, nilzzlij^g or 
drizzling rain ; pi. 72. ' 

JoAB'BEE, Sf m. a stranger; ph — yn. 

Joar'rpe, a. strange, remarkable, outland- 
ish ; Neh. xiii. 26. 

JoAR'REBAGHTorJoAR'REEY8.«. m. estrange- 
ment, strangeness, a foreign or strange 

Job'al, 8. m. a yoking, what a team can do 
at once whilst yoked together. 

JoLG, 8.f, a thorn ; one of a set of knitting 

JoLG'AOH, a. thorny, full of thorns. 

JoLO-YRASNEE^ 8. f. somc will havc it that 
this is the proper Manks for spur ; pi. Jilo. 

JoL'LYS, 8.f. voracity, raven on sn ess. 

iloLiiYS'SAOH, a. ravenous, gluttonous, im- 
moderately fond of food, or in the gratifi- 
cation of any sensual desire. 


JoLLYs'SAOH, 8. fR. a reveuous peifpn o^ 
beast;/)/. 71. 

JoLLYs'siD. 8ee JoV.y8. 

JoLT^AGH, V. traversing; J^r, ii 23, 

JoLT'EE, a. hasty, rash. 

JoNEB or Jon BY, «./. Judith. 

JoNSS, «, m. a jolt, or wince. 

Jon'sebaoh, v. wincing, acting in a wild and 
untamely manner, said of ar horse that 

JooiD, «./. greediness, eagerness of appetite. 

JooiGH, a. this and JoUy»8agh are nearly 8y 
n. but with this difference, that Jooigh is 
only to be applied to eagerness of appetite. 
Jolly 8sagh to tha^ and all other in temper* 
ate desires. 

Jooio'HiD. See Jooid. 

JouGH, 8. f. drink. The Manks here sur- 
passes the English, as that language has 
onlv the one word for verb and noun ; the 
Manks verb of drink is lu ; pL — yn, or 


JoniSH, 8.f. shears ; pi. — yn. 

JousHAG, 8. f. a sharper, a termagant; 
pi. — YN. 

JouYiL, 8. pi. devils, diabolians. 

JouYL, 8, m. devil. The J from Jee and ovyl 
trom dewil cruel, the cruel or evil god. 
The English I supposed to be formed in 
like manner, d from d'ui or deus^ and evil 
added, the evil or bad god ; diabolus, &c. 

Jouyl'lagh, a. devilish, diabolical. 

Joul'lid, s. m. devilishness, devilment 

JoYN,r. join; r^- AGH, 77; — ee, 10; — in, 83, 

Joyn'al, v. joining. 

.Joyn'eyder, s. m. a joiner ; pi. — yn. 

.Joyn'it, 85. joined, 

JuAiL or Joailys', deprivation, total loss. 

Juan, s. m. the familiar of John. 

Joan-moo'ar, 8. m. the black backed gull. 

Juan-teayst, 8. m. die jack-daw. 

'Juis'tby, a. d of a wooden dish or dishes, 

Jum'm4L, v. wasting, destroying, embezzling, 
squandering, lavishing, consumingby riot; 
— AGH, 77 ; — ee, 82 ; —in, 83. 

Jummal'lagh, a. wasteful, lavish, destruc- 
tive; prodigal. 

Jummal'iy, 85. wasted, sqnandered,lavished. 

JuNT'AGH, a. having joints or seams. 

Junt'eyder, s. m. a jointer. 

Junt'it, 85. jointed, having joints. 

Jurnaa' or JuRNAH, «. m, a journey ; pi, — 


Jurnaagh'ey, v. journeying. 

Jus-NiSH, adv. just now. 

JuYs, s. m. fir timber, fir, Ez. xxxi. 8. 

Nyn Jym'mey, 8. your, &c, compassion. Oh 

^^reJYM'MiLT,s. your, &c. circumcision. Cb 

Jymmoo'sagp, a. wrath, indignant, inflamed 


with anger, farious, raging. 
Jtmmoo'sagh, 8, ffi. a wrathful, &c. person ; 

pi. 71. 
^ymnoose', 8./. wrath, ire, anger^ indigna- 

nation; pi. yn. 
iivn Jyhmylt^agh,*. a cireamcised person; 

"pi. 71 ; Jer. ix. 26. Ch 

Nyn Jtm<xsy, «. your, Sua, will. See also 

J^imRey. Ch 

Cha Jyms or Jymbes, v. not gather ; — aoh, 

77. Cfl 

Nyn Jym^saoh, v.yonr, &o. gathering. 'Ch 
£r Jym/saohby, v. hath, &c. gathered. Ch 
Cha JyhdaV, v. eo* turn-; — aoh; — in; 

— IN 8 ; — YM ; — YM8, 94. Cb 

^yn Jynda'aohyv, ». yonr, &c. tnm«. 
Cha ♦Jyrm or Jybmeb, v. not dry; — aoh. 
Er Jykmauh'ey, hath, &c. dried. Ch 

2iyn Jyk'mid, «. your, &c. dryness. Ch 

Nyn Jyb'byb, 8. your, &c. tonr, &c. Ch 

^ys^ick, s. father. See JUhiy. 



-This letter, like F, has no word from other 
letters. For its sound, see Remark 17 ; 
and its changes see 51. 

Kaart, 9. m. a quart; a x:ard; the weight 
of 71bs. of wool ; pi. yn. 

Kaart, v. card , — agh, 77 4 — ee, 80 ; — ik. 

Kaar'tee, a. d. of carding, or to card. 

Kaartby'deb, 8. m. a carder; pi. ■. — yk. 

Kaab'tit, 85, carded. 

KAHN6)R^ s.f. a cancer ; pi. — yn. 

Kail, s.f. cole, cabbage, colewort. 

Kain'lagh, a. d. of a jcandle, or eanxHes. 

Kainle'rb, 8. m. a candlestick { pi, — ^yn. 

Kainle'reagh, a. d. of a candlestick, . 1 

Kair'daoh, a. d. of a smithy or smithery. 

Kair'dee, <./. a sfuithy, a forge; pi. — yn. 

Kair'deeys, 8./. smithery or smith craft. 

Kalk, v. calk, stop jthe lenk of a ship or 
boat; — AOH, 77; -r-BE, 80; — in, 83. 

Kalk'by, v. calking, stopping leaks. 

Kalkey'dei:, 8. m. a caiker; pi. — yn. 

Kalk'in, 8. m. a calking iron{ pL — ^yn^ 

Kalr'it, 85. calked. 

Kab'gys, 8.f. Lent, forty days before Easter 
set apart by the Church for fasting. Is 
the word from Kiar (provide), and Oyn 
(to)? — to provide for that festival ; or is 
it from Kiare (four,) and Jeih (ten) ? — 
the number of days it contains. 

Kabb or Kabbeb, v. mend, repair ; -—aoh, 
77 ; —be, 80; —in, 88 ; —-in, 84. 

KEK 00 

Kab'baoh or Sjlbbaohby, 4r* mending, re- 
Kabbby'deb, f . m. a mender, &c. pi. — TV, 
Kab^bit, 85. repaired, mended. 
Kab'boo. See Carroo. 
Kabt, «./. a cart; pi. — yn ; v. mnck, rake; 

— AGH, 77 ; — IN, 83; —ins, 84. 
KabT^ey, v, carting ; raking muck or mire. 
Kabtby'dby, 8. m. a gatherer of muck or 

Kay, 8./. mist, fog. 
Kay'id, 8. m. mistiness, fogginess. 
Kayt, 8. m. a cat ; pi. Kiyt. 
Kayt'lag, «./. a cat fish ; pi. — tn. 
Er Kbagh, a. (from Keo'iy) wild, raging. 
Kbasb, 8. f. buttock, ham. 
Keay^in, a. d.oi the sea or ocean. 
Keayn, 8, fit. ocean, sea. 
Keayn, adv. kindly or kind. 
Keaxn, v. isr^y weep; agh, 77; — bb, 80; 

— in, 83 ; — ins, 84. 
Kbay^nby, v. crying, weeping. 
Keaynby'dbb,'«. m. a crier, one .that cries.. 

pi. — YN. 
Keayn'it as, 85. cried out. 
Keayt, adv. once, one time j pi. — rw, 

BLLEY, txdv. one time more. 

DY BOW, drftf. once on a time, 

'. — NY ghaa, adv. many a time. 

Keck, «. m. the excrements or dung of any 

animal ; pi. — ^yk. 
Keck,v. dung; agh, 77; — be, 80 ; — iif, 83 

AGH, a. excremeniitious. 

E y'deb, 8.m. a voider of dung ; pi. — ^yh 

'see, 8. m. one that is besmeared 

with excrements, a dirty fellow. 
Kee, a. d. of breast milk. 
Keb'agh, s.f. breast or pap, the breast that 

gives milk ; pi. — yn. 
Kee^aght, 8. m. a plough ; pi. — yk. 
Keeak, 8. m. a cake{ pi. — yn. 

KEEAILL^Or KEEAYLE, 5./. SCUSe, Witjp/. "YV, 

Keeayll'agh, a. sensible, witty. 
Kerayll-vaibey, s.f. mother^s wit. 
Keeil, 8.f. jaw, jamb, side or cheek. 

chiollee, 9. hearth side, or fire side. 

DOABLisB, 8. side of the gap. 

DOBBYSH, 8. sidc of the door or door 

Kee'ill or Keeihll, s.f. church kirk. 
KEEiLL'EY,fl.rf. of the jawor<*heek ; caigney' 

ketiUey (chewing the cud). Though in 

common convresation we wiy caigney 

KEEfB, a, a dark colour, the natural colour 

of what is called in English a black sheep. 
Keeib'agh or Kaybaoh, f. the darkness of 

the night, or night fall. Is this woc4 

from JTny (mist) ? 



KssiB AM ooB^TM, 8, fit. bloe and the colonr 
keeir mixed io wool being spun and wove 
into cloU) is so called. 

KBBIB-I.HBKAH, s. m. those two colours of 
wool spun and wove io to cloth are so called, 
and which was formerly the garb gene- 
rally worn by the Manks peasantry. 

XlBiB^iT, 80. make dark or black ; vel yn 
oie keeirit f ( is it nightfall, or is the night 

as dark as it will be)? 

Kbbk, 8. m. a peep; pi. — tb; v. peep; •— 
▲GH, 77; — BB, bO; — ih, 83. 

Kbrkbt^dbb, 8, m. a peeper ; pi, — ^th. 

Kbbp, «. . m. a sort of strong grass of the 
bent kind. 

Kbbsh. 8,f, tax, fee, tribute ; pL^^YV, 

KBBSHaoH, a. tributary. 

Kboeesh^ 8, forfhight; pi, — th. Prov, 
** Three kegee8hyn dy chegeeekyn 8laney 
Ts voiah laa'l thomy8 8y noUick gy8 laa^l 
breeshey bane,'* 

Kbil or *Kbili, v, conceal, hide, secrete ; 
— ^A&H ; 77 ; — BB, 80; — iw, 88. 

Keil'leio, 8,f, an enclosures belonging to 
a church or chapel ; «. a fish called kel- 
lack or kellag; pL — tn. 

Kbil'let, a. d, of sense or wit'dbb, 8, m, a concealer, a hider, 

Ebilt^yn, V, concealing, secreting, &c. 

Kbim, 8. f, amble an ambling pace; Prov. 
*' My la keim sy laair, bee ktim sy thiy,** 

Keim'aoh, a. able to amble. 

Kbimbb'aoh, ambling, pacing,. 

Kbint, 8, tn, kind, sort, species, somewhat 

Kbibd, 8./. trade, employment, oceupation, 
business ; pi, — tn. 

Ebibd'aoh, 8. m. a tradesman, a craftsman. 

Kbib'dbt, a. d, of a trade, or business. 

Keibk, 8. m. the round tree, the mountain 
ash, a berry of its fruit ; a kind of bird. 

Keish, a, obese, fat ; s./. a fat pig. 

Keish^d, 8. m. obeseness, fatness. 

Kbitn, a. kind delicate, &c. ; Prov, xxix. 21. 

Dy Keith, a</v. kindly, delicately; Sam, iv.5 

Keitt, 8, pi, cats ; the pi, of Kayt. 

Kblk, 8. m, chalk ; pi, — yn ; v. chalk; — aqu, 
77 ; —BE, 80 ; —in, 88. 

Kblk'al or Kblkey, v, chalking. 

Kblket'obb, 8, m, achalker; pi. — nr. 

Kelkit, 89. chalked, scored with chalk. 

Kbl^laoh, 8, m. a cock ; a wooden anchor 
with a stone in it. The male of many 
fowls are called Kellagh; as Kellagh 
Ouiy ( a gander; ) Kellagh Tun nag (a drake ) 

Kbll'bb, a, d, of a eock or cock. 

Kbm'mybk, 8, f, refuge, protection. 

Kxx'xTBKAOB, «. m. a refugee, one who 


stands in need of refuge or protection ;pl. 71 

Ken'jal, ci. kind, benevolent, mellow. 

Kbnjal^lys, 8, m. kindness, benevolence, 


Kbn'nip, «./, hemp ; pi, — yk. 

Kennip'bt, a, d, hempen, of hemp. 

Kboib, a, wild, mad, in a rage, not tame. 

Keoibid or Kboibys, 8, m. wildness, See. 

Kboybe'aoh, a. fulsome, musty. 

Kbbchbbm', «./. m. a cuUion, a cringe, an 
underling, a very dependent beiug. 

Kbbohbbn'ys, «* /,• the act of doing the 
meanest actions for hire, mean de- 
pendancy, slavishness, base, meanness. 

Kbbb or Khebb, «./. a comb, wax ; pi, — 
YN, or — NYNj Psalm, xix. 10; v, comb. 

Kbbb-ol'tlbt, 8.f. honey comb, or rather 
a sweet comb ; as the Volley here comes 
from MUli8h, 

Ke'eby, v. combing, teasing, hackling. 

Kb'beydeb, 8. m, a comber, teaser, &c. 

Ke'bbit or Kebet, 85. combed, teased, &c. 

Kbbnbiaoh'yl, 8, m, a square ; pi. 70. 

Kebb orKEBBEE, V. punish; — aoh, 77 ; 
— BE, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — ins, 84 ; — ym, 
86. Kerree is iu Isaiah, Ixi. 4, for repair, 
wheuiit ought to have been Karree. 

Kbb'baghby, 8. m. punishment, vengeance ; 
p/. 69 ; V. punishing, taking vengeance. 

Keb'bit, 85. panished. This word is in 
Josh. ix. 4. for mended or repaired where 
it ought to have been Karrit. 

Keb'biu, 8, pi. carps ; the pi. of Carroo, 

Ker'boo, 8. m, a quarter, the fourth part. 

Keb'bin, 8, m. a square of anything, a pane. 

Kbb'binyp,«./>/. thejo^. oi Kernto AudKirrin, 

KEsh, 8,f, froth, foam ; pi, — yn ; v. froth, 
foam ; —aoh, 77 ; —be, 80 ; —in, 83. 

Kesh'ao, 8,f. a bunch of froth or foam that 
fly together. This word is applied to 

k snow when it comes down like feathers. 

KehQ/AGa^h, a. in bunches, having bunches. 

Kbsh/al, v. frothing, foaming, &c. 

Kesh'eydbr, s. m. a frolher, &c. ; pi, — ^yn. 

Kes'map, 8, m. a step, a pace ; pi, — yn. 

Kesmad-cosh'ey, a foot step. 

Kbst, j»* m. a turn or cast, a length spun by 
a roper at a lime ; />/. — yn ; v, cast or 
struggle ; agh, 77 ; — be, 80. 

Kest'al, V, struggling in wrestling. 

Kest'bydbb, 8, m, one who gives a cast, 
turns or struggle ; pi, — yn. 

Kest'it, 85. cast, turned off. 

Kbv'ys, adv. (a corruption of Crefys or 
Cre'n-fys) what knowledge or know- 
ing. Though I do not wish to suppoit 
corruptions, yet, this word being so 
often used in this form in the Ian- 


guage it may not be amiss to take notice of it. 
KsTTS DA, adv. how does he know j — stn, 

id* em» 
DAUB, adv. how do they know j ■— stn, 

DHTT, adv. how does thou know J — s. 



id. cm. 

DOOYS, ado. the emphatic of Dow. 

■ Dou, adn. how do I know. 

JBB, adv. how dost she knowj — ish, 

id. em. 

Kbwtl, 8. a keel; pi. — yk. 
BJBT, a. m. cream j a quay j pi. — ohyn. 
KxTBK, a. d. of a quay or keys. 
Kkyjbbn', 8. a cock's c(nnb, a hen's comb; 

pi. — YN. 

KxTJBBN^AOH, a. having a comb as a cock. 

Kbti., a. fine, small, slender; «. to make fine, 

smidJ* or slender; — aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; —in, 

S3; —INS, 84 J — YM, 86; — YMS, 8? ; — YS, 88. 

Kbyl^aoh, V, growing or getting fine, small, or 

Kbyl'by, a. pi. fine, small, slender. 
Kbti.'id, 8. m. fineness, &c. 
Kbylid-biba'n, 8. the waist. 
Kbyx'it, 85. made fine or slender. 
Kbyll, 8. /. a wood, a forest. 
Kbyi.^ijloh or Ebyh'laoh, «. /. a dryad, a 
wood nymph; a fabulous deformed old wo- 
man; as, KeyllafFh-np'grummag, vaAycheyl- 
laghghaney myr tou. 
Kmyj/lsy, a. d, of the wood or forest. 
Kbyl'ljyit, 8. pi. forests, woods. 
Kbyl'liu, a. d. of the Calf Island. 
Kbyl'lys, 8. f. a strait, a firth, a narrow neck 

of sea, a sound ; pi. — yn. 
Kbyh, 8. a stUe, or steps to go over a fence. 
Kxym'yn, 8. pi. steps on which to step over a 

river j the pi. of Keym. 
Kbym-chrbbst', a. f. the herb centuary. 
Kbyn'naob, 8. /. moss; pi. 72. 
Kbyn^nbb, a. d. of moss. 
Kbyb/baoh, a. d. of sheep. 
Kbyr'bby, «./. a sheep; pi. Kibrbb. 
Khbnnoi/oh, v. carping, cavilling. 
Khbb'rbb, 8. f. Kitty. 
Khyr, 8. pi. knots, cars. 
Khyrlooh's, />. unBound, carious. 
Khyrlooh'by, a. pi. unsound, &c. 
Khyrlooh'id* 8. m. unsoundness, gourdiness. 

KiADD, «. form; —AOH, 77; — bb,80; —in, 83; 

-INS, 84; — YM, 86; -YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
KiAD^DBY, V. forming, modelling. 
Kiad'dit, 8S. formed; laa. xlv. 7* 
KiALO, 8. f. guile, deceit, craft, subtlety, wile, 

cunning; pi. — yjj. 
Kiax.o'aoh, a. hypocritical, crafty, deceitful, 

wily, sly. 
Kxal'obyr, 8, m. a hypocrite, a deceiver, a 

subtle deceitftil person; p/. — yk. 

KiALOBY^RYS OT KiALOYs, 8, m. subtlcness, 
crafttneHB, deceitfUness. 

Kialtbbn'yn, 8. pi. churches. 

Kialt'bb, 8. m. woollen cloth before it is milled 

<nr tucked. 
Kialt'braoh, a. d. of woollen cloth unmilled. 

*Kiangi. or KiNOLB, V. tie, bind, make fast, or 
secure; — aoh, 77 x — bb, 80; —in, 88; 

-INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 J — Y8, 88. 

Pro©. " Kiangle myr noid, aa yiow tftyr earrey." 

Kiano'lbb, a. d. of binding or tying. 

Kianu'lby, a.m. a tie, a bandage; j)<.67} v« 
binding, tying, astringent 

Kiano'lbydbr, 9. m. a tyer or binder; pi. — yn. 

KIANOX.T or Kxanlt, 85. tied, bound, made fiast, 
secure; costive. 

KiANOLT booisb, bouud in thanks or bound to 

Kiannoor't, a. m, a governor; pi. — yn. 

Kiannoor'taoh, a. d. of a governor. 

Kiannoor'tys, a.m. government; pi. — syn. 

KiAP, a.m. a block; Iwi.lvii. 14, Ez. Jdx. 14; 
a last; pi. — YN. 

*KiAR or KiARB, a. left; v. provide, resolve ; 
—AOH, 77 i — M» 80; —IN, 83; -INS. 84; 
— YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Kiarail', 8. /. care, purpose, design, careful- 
ness; pi. — YN; 0. care, cares, careth, &c.; 
determine, &c. 

Kiaral'aob, a. careftil, circumspect, industri- 
ous i a.m. a. careful person ; pi. 71. 

KiARB, a. four. This word cannot be better 
pronounced than Kr, or care, English. 

■ ■■ AS FBBD, a. four and twenty. 

AS DAEBD, a. four and forty. 

FEBO, a. fourscore. 

-cHAs'sAGH, a. four-footed, quadruped. 

Kiab'bydbr, a. m. a provider; one that resolves. 


ninety-nine persons; l^tt/re, zv. 7* 
Kiabb-fil'lby, €uhf, four-fold. 
KiARB-JBB, p. provide ye. 
KiARB-jBB Diu-HBNB, provldc yc fOT youTselves. 
KiARB-jBXo, a. fourteen. 

KiARiT, 86. provided; resolved, determinetl, 

designed, settled to be. 
KiARK, a. f. a hen, the female of fowl ; pi. — yn. 

• MY-LBYDBB, «./. a gOldfiUCh. 

' rhbn'nbb, *. /. a partridge. 

' ush'tby, *. /. a coot. 
Kiarb'yl, 8. m. a hoop; a circle ; pi. 7^. 
Kiar'roo, a. fourth, the ordinal of four. 
KiART, a. even, right, just, exact, flat, accurate. 

*Kiabt or KiARTBB, V. make even, right, accu- 
rate, flat, &C.; —AOH, 77 \ —in, 83; —INS, 84 ; 
— YM, 86; —YMS, 87 } — YS, 88. 

Kiart'aoh or Kiartaohby, v. at^ustiug, flzing 
in order, preparing, getting ready, rectifying. 

Kiaro/aohyn, a. pi. chars, Jobs, flzings. 

Eiari/by, «. m. a char, a Job. 

Eiabt'it, 85. made right, even, just, or exact, 
flxed, flnished. 

KiAULL, a. clamour, nois^ din % pi. — -yn ; v. 
make clamour or noise; —aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 
— in, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

KiAULLANB^, 8. a bell; a clarion; acUunouzer; 

pi. — ^YN. 

Kiaullanb'dbr, a. m. a bellman, a crier; pi. 
— YN; Eeeleaiaatieua, xx. 16. 

Kiaul'lbb, a. d* of music or melody. 
KiAUL^LBBAOHT, 8. m, music With instruments 
I or voice; dancing singing; Luke, xv. 35; 

pi. — YN. 




KiAVL'uiTt v< noising, making mosic. 
Kiavl'lbtdsb, «. m. a musician, a maker of 
noriae, &c.; pi. — tk. 

KiAiTL^LiT, 86. made to sound. 

KLA,ULir.uo'oTBT, «. /. echo. 

Kn^BtK, 8. m. a stake, spike, or peg driren or 
pat into some thing to tie to ; pi. — tn. 

KiCKL or KxcKiL, «. /. tickle, titillation; v. 
tickle or titillate ; — aoh, 77 ; — ^bk, 80; — in, 

83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; — TMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

KicK'i.AOHy a. tieklesome. 

KicK^LBT, V. tickling, tttlUating. 

KiCK^LiT, 85. tickled. 

Kibb'baoh, a. d. ofa spade or spades. 

KiBB^BBT, 9. m. a spade ; pL 07. 

— — — » cLBirBB, 9. m. a hedge spade. 

^— ^— OABBT, «. m. a garden spade. 

KiBD, «. leave, permission, allowance to do, &c. ; 

pi. — TS. 

Kii/LAOH, a. d. of adbnrch; Prov. Chaboghtaa 
lugh kUlagh; and, Clagh njr killagh aptu 
Mone dtp hie wooar. Tbia was once thought 
the greatest corse. 

KitfuKY, a. d. near the church, but not belong- 
ing to. 

Kih'maob, 9. m. a criminal, culprit, felon, male- 
iisctor; J9/.71. 

Kim'mxbts, «. m. criminality, felony. 

Kivo, 9. pi. heads chiefs, ends ; the pi. of Kione. 

Kivox^xsH, «./. Pentecost, Whitsuntide. Is this 
wcntl from Chengee9 (tongues in two), or from 

Swinquagkt, Latin, (fifty) ? the number of days 
om Easter to this feast. 
Kinj'aoh, a. constant, still, continual, regular, 

KiNj'iD, 9. m. constancy, continuance, regularity. 

KiwB, 9. m. a wrinkle or double in a rope, yarn, 
or tliread with too much twist , pi. — ts. 

KiN^-oiB, 9. (the Kin from Kione,) the end of 
file night. 

— — MAiBAGH, 9. tiiecnd of to-morrow night. 

— ^— NUTB, 9. the end of nert night. 

Ktoo, 9. /. a lock or ringlet of hair or flax ; 
pi, — ^TN. Whether tills word is in its proper 
form or not I cannot telL but as I find it plu- 
raUzed in Numben the vi. 5, 1 have inserted it, 
yet I think it ought to be initialled by 5, as in 
Jud. zri. 13. 

KiONB, 9. m. a liead, an end ; pi. see King. 
This word is also.*«i8ed for pass ; as, Haink£h 
gP'kaine (and it came to pass), 

bn'bb, a. present, or in presence. 

eitbt or xdbitbt, «. the head of the bed. 

XMSHIB, 9. a weather head in the air. 

FBinsB, adv. in audience of, present. 

HALX.0OIW, f. a cape or promontory. 

— KBBAOHT, «. a plough head. 

— — — LAJXBAOB, a. headstrong j Ho9, iv. 16. 

— — ^MT-LABB, 9. the drooplug or lower end. 

-BOAUTB, 9. the best part, the thick end or 

— — TBAM^MAir, f . f». the fish buQ-head. 

T CHBILLXT, adv. through otiiers, mixed. 
KioNoo^TET, pre. before, in presence of. 
*KioNir or KiONNBB, v. bay, purchase; — aoh, 

77} — BB,80; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — TM, 86 ; 
—TMS, 87 ;— YS, 88. 

KiON^KAOB or Kionnaobbt, v. buying, par- 

KioN^NAN, V. the dim. of Kione, a lump less than 

a head, a bundle ; Acie, zxviii, 3 ; pi. — ^yn. 
KiON^NBX, a.d. ofbuying or purchasing. 

KiON^NBBAOHT, 9. nu tL purchase ; pi. — tn. 

Kton'nxtdbr, 9. m. a buyer or purchaser. 

Kion'nit, 86. bought, purchased. 

Kip or Kirr, «. pi. blodcsor logs; the pi. of 
Kiapi «./. a whip; Pro. xxri. 3j pi. — tn. v. 
whip; — AOB, 77; — BB, 80; — IN, 83; —INS, 
84; — ^TM, 86; — ^TMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

KiRB^TL, «. m. a lunch or luncheon ; pi, 76. 

KiRX, a. d, of a hen or hms. 

Kirk'bt, a. pi. hoi or hois. 

Kiek'in, 9, m, an unsteady, inconstant person ; 

pi. — ^TN. 

KiRx'iNAOB, a. warering, fluctuating. 
Kirk'ints, 9. m. inconstancy. 
KiRP, 9, pi. bodies; the pi. of Corp. 
Kir'rbb, 9. pi. sheep ; the pi. of Keyrrey. 
KiRT, V. make speed, away; — aoh, 77; — bb, 

80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; —TMS, 87; 

— ^TS, 88. 

Kirt'aoh, v. making haste or speed. 

Kish'an, 9. m. a measure of eight quarts, a peck 
Prov. ^*Sheeu kiekan dyyoanmapmt maailt 
bleeaney vannin.** 

Kish'an shxllan, 9. /. a bee hive. 

Kish'anbt, v. hiving. 

Kish'tbt, 9, m. a chest ; pi, 67. 

Kit, 9. a piece of wood made small in both ends 
to play with. 

KiUN or KiuNB, a, calm, tranquil. 

*KiirN or KiuNBx, v. calm, tranquillize; — ^agh, 
77% — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; 
— TMS, 87 ; — ^TS, 88. 

Kic'naoh or Kiu^NAOHBT, V. calming. 

Kiu'net, 9. f. a calm ; pi. 67. The gender of 
this is settled under the proverb. See Chiuney. 

Kh/nxtubr, 9. m. a calmer. 

Kiu'nit, 85. calmed or becalmed. 

Kiut'taoh, a. left handed ; Jud. iii. is. 

Koin'nbb, a. d. of ling or gorse. 

KoiN^NBT, 9. m, ling, heather, gorse. 

Koinnbt-aad'jin, 9. gorse ling. 

Koinnbt-frbaix', 9. heatiier ling. 

KoiR, 9. f. a box, a chest; pi. Koitr. 

Krxd, 9. m. a grunt, a hem, the act of dischaig^- 
ing the breatti with force : a sigh is made by 
drawing in the breath, this by forcing it out, 
a weak cough ; v. hem, &c. ; — aoh, 77 ; — bb, 

80 J — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — TM, 86 ; —TMS, 87 ; 
— TS, 88. 

Krxu'al or Krkd'traoh, v. grunting, or dis- 
charging the breatii short with force. 

Krinx, 9, m. a knight; par lo9t} pi. — tn. 

Krink'ts, 9. m. knighthood. 

Krit'laoh, 9. m. the refuse of a worn out gar- 

KucKL or KucKLEB, V. dry after rain ; — aoh, 
77 i — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — ^TM, 86; — TMS, 87 ; 
— TS, 88. 

Kdck'lbt, 9. m. an interval of dry weather after 
rain ; pi. 67. 

KuRN, 9. m. a can; pL — tn. 

Kusx, 9. /. a quantity j pi. — tn. 


Kim» a. keen, acute, canning. 

KuT^jUBMTS, 8. m. a selected portioii. 

Ktm^maoh. See Kimmagh. 

Ktn'daoh, conS. because of, on accoont of. 

Ktn'oaoh, «. m. the gruiltj one j pi. 71- 

Ktn'did, 9. m. gnat, grnililess. 

Kyn'nby, 8. m. kindred; pi. 68. 

Ktr, «. pf. See Kiyr. 

Kts, ««». (from Qui8 or jy»,; how. 

TA sHiu, adv. p. how are yon or ye j — isn, 

id. cm, 

t'ad, adp. p. how are they ; — stn, id. em. 

-TA KXK, fide. p. how am I. 
rA iiiSH. id. em, 

., adv. p. how is it. 
p»BK, «Mip. p. how is she; — isn, id. em. 
adv. p. how is he. 
ESHTN, adv. p, id. em. 
— — Tou, adv. p. how art thon ; — uss, id. em. 
— VAD, adv. p. how were they ; — syn, id. em. 

^v'oo or YOU, adv. p. how wert thon; — uss, 

id. em. 
Kyt'taoh, a. See Kiuttaght left handed. 

This letter is one of the immntable consonants as 
set forth in first Remark, and also in l8th. 

Laa, 8. m. day. Prov. " Tra Mg y laa hig eh 
ehosfrle le8h." 

Dp Laa, v. to daub or besmear j Ez. xiii. 10, 11, 
12} — AOH; —IN;— ins; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 
94. ^ 

LAA-BI.SBNXY, 8. m, anniversary day. 

Laa-chai^s, 8. the other day. This ckaie comes 
fkom Caghlaa (change), the change of a day. 

Laad, 8. m. a load, burden j pi. — yn; v. load, 
burden; —aoh, 77 — »«» 80; —in, 83; —ins, 
84- — TM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Laa'dby, v. loading, burdening. 

Laa'dbydbb, 8. m. one who loads ; pi. — yn. 

Laa'dit, 85. loaded, laden. 

Laa-fbail'lby, 8. a holy day, a festive day. 

Laaoh, 8. f. mire, mud, slush; pi. — yn; v. to 
cover with mire, &c. ; —aoh, 77 ; — ■»» 8® J 
—IN, 83; -INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. 

Laaoh'aob, o. miry, fWl of mud. 

Laaoh'an, 8. a slough, a place of mire. 

Laaoh'by, a.d. of mire or mud. 

Laauh'it, 85. mired, mudded. 

Laa-in'nyu, 8. «i.. Ash-wednesday, the first day 
of lent ; from aoin or oine (a fast) ; it ought 
to be Laa-aoinifd (a day of ftating) ; though 
we have it not fbr fbsting, it is in the Erse. 

Laair, 8. f. a mare ; pi. — bbyn. 

Laa jbh'n vbb, 8. day of the month. 

Laa'l, 8. (Laa and E«7,; day and festival, but 
Derhans ought to be firom haa and Ote/, the 
dayand night of, or thevigUof the festival day. 

Laa'l bbbbshby, 8. the feast of St. Brede or 
Bridget, kept on the first of February. Prov. 
" Laa*l breethey bane, 
Dy choolley yeeig lane, 
J)y gkoo ny dy vane ;" and. 



" Choud a8 hig y 8ceU grebmey 8Hagh Laa'l 
bree8hey, [hig y 8niaghtey my Jig hta boayldyn." 

Laa'l chybbyr-vshtby, ». m, Epiphany-day. 
This ought to be Laa* I chebhal oomAI«s^, the day 
of offering worship, as the wise men of the East 
did, of which it is a commemoration. 

Laa'l moirrey ny Gianlb, 8. m. Candlemas- 
day, kept on the second of February. Prov, 
** Laa*l moirrey ny gianle, lieh foddyr oM lieh 

Laa'l moirrey ny Sansh or Sanish, «. m. the 
Annundation-day, kept by the church on the 
25tii day of March. 

Laa'l parick, *. m. St Patrick's day or Patrick- 
mas day, the festival of St. Patrick, kept on the 
17th day of March. " Laa* I Pariek arree yn dow 
gys e 8taik ae y dooinney gy8 e Ihiabbee.** 

Laa'l paul, 8. m. St. Paul's day, held the 26th 
day of January. 

" Laa*l Paul ghofrinagh gheayee, 
Ohenney er y theihll a8 baase-mooar 8leih ; 
Laa*l Paul aalin ae glen, 
Palchey er y theihll dy arroo ae meinn.** 

Laan, 8. m. a stud, a mould ; pi. — yn. Cant, v. 14. 

Dy Laanaohby, v, to heal, to make whole. S 

Laanb, See Lane ; Luke, v. 36. 

Laa ny nuyr, ». tiie next day|after to-morrow. 

Laa ny vairraoh, 8, lit, the morrow day. 

Laa'nbb, «. heal, cure. 

Laaoi'l, a, daily, diurnal; Dan, viii. ll. 

Laarb, 8. f. a floor; pi- — yn; v, floor; —aoh, 
TJ'y -BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; -YM, 86; 
— ^YMS, 87; — ^YS, 88. 

Laarb^aoh, 8,f, a flooring; pi. — yn. 

Laarb'aohby, «. putting on the floor. 

Laar'by, a. d. of the floor. 

Laare'ydeb, 8. m. a floorer; pi. — ^yn. 

Laarb'it, 85. floored. 

Laarb-vooi'b or Laarb-voaillbb, «. thethxesh- 

ing or winnowing floor. 
Laa-shyn'nbb, 8. 
Laatch, v. lace; —aoh, 77; —bb, 80; —in, 83; 

-ins, 84 ; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Laatch'aoh, a. d, of lace. 
Laatch'by, ». m. a lace; pi. 67 ; v. lacing. 
Laatch^byubr, 8. m. a lacer ; pi. — yn. 
Laatch'it, 85. laced. 
Lab, 8. m. a lot, a great quantity. 
Labb, 8. m. a blow, a severe Wow; v. strike 

severe; — aoh, 77-, — ys, 88. 
Lab'bal, v. striking with something heavyv 
Lab'bbyder, 8. m. a striker witii weight. 
Lab'bit, 85. struck, &c. 
Labr or Labrbb, v. labour, work; -aoh, 77} 

—be, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 

—YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
La'boreb or Labrbbyn^ 8. pi. workers, helpers; 

Rom. zvi. 3. 
La'boraoht, 8. m. labour, work; j»/. — yn. 
La'breb, 8. m. a labourer, a worker. 
La'brit, 85. laboured, wrought. 
Lac'cal, 8. m. want, lack; v. wanting, lacking. 

Prov. — 
" Tra ta /er laccal ben, cha vel eh laccal agh ben, 
Agh tra ta ben echey, t*eh laccal ymmodee glen. 
Lac'callaoh, 8, TO. one in want ; pL 7I. See. 

also Ymmyrch<tgh. 
Lao, a. loose, slack, not tight. See Lhag. 



Laoo, «. m. a hcdloir; pi. see Ligg. 

LAo'oAy, «. a bollow, a dimple; pi. — -tn. 

Laob'tn, «. pi. dajrs ; tiie jv/. of Laa. 

IaAm, i. m. lad. Dr. KeUy in his Manks gram- 
mar says Lah means sir; but I think it cannot 
mean that, as it is only used in finmiliar con- 
Tersation; the feminine of which is Yah. 

liAHN, V. mash j — aoh, 77 , — ■■, 80; —in, 83; 
—IKS, 84; — YM, 86; — TM8, 87; — T8, 88. 

I^ahn'bt, v. mashing. 

ItAHN^sTssR, «. m. a masher. 

Lahn'it, 85. mashed. 

Laik, adv. like; «. to choose, to approve. 

Lait, v. lay; — aoh, 77; —as, 80; —in, 83; 
— TM, 86; — T8, 88. 

Laiy'al, v. laying. 

Laitt, 85. laid; Ejcod. xzvi. 32. 

La'jbb, a. strong. 

La'jbraoh or Lajbrys, a. d. of strength ; Ez. 
zlv. 9. 

La^jbbxt, a. pi. strong. 

La'jxrid, «. m. strength, potency. 

Lanb, a. Aill, much; s. a deal, much. Prov. 

" To lane eddyr raa aajannoo ;" and, " Ta lane 

caillit eddpr y laue aa y veeal." 

I^anb-doab'n, »./. a handful. 

ouir'n or I4ANXYN.DUIRN, a. pi. hand. 

fuls, fistfuls. 

-Fo, s. defiance ; v. to defy. 

-ID, «. m. fulness, repletion, satiety. 
-mar'rkt, s. m. high water. 
-mar'rxt traiz, 8. turned on the ebb. 

viB, a. indiflSerenl^ middling, very weU. 

Lanb'y, a. pi. fall. 
Lannoo'n, «. »A. a twin; p/. — yn. 
Lannoo'naoh, a. d* of twins. 
Lansh, 8. m. a great deal ; pi yn. 

Lant, 8. f. the lap of one board on another in 

clinch built vessels, pi. — yn. 
E Lat, 8. his rod, his lath. S 

E Lat'tao, 8. his small rod ; pi. — yn. S 

E Lat'tts, «. his statute; pi. — syn. S 

Lavk, 8. f. a hand; pi. — yn. 
Lau'xb, a. handy, dexterous. 
Laux'nyn, 8. pi. gloves. 
Laub'.ry-laux, eufo. hand in hand. 
Laub-scrivbx, 8. f. manuscript. 
I^aub'y, o. d. of the hand or hands. 

Laub yn baohtyr, adoi the upper or whin 
hand, victory. *^ 

Laub'ys, 8. m. handiness, speed; ». performed 
In a handy, dexterous, skilful manner. 

I^AUB MY HBioHT, 8. m. a hand suit, bound to 
prosecute by giving the hand to the coroner 
or lockman on searching for stolen goods. 

E Laynt, 8. his health. g 

LxAc, »./. a fiat stone, a slate; pi. — yn. 

LxAoH, «. m. reward, price, recompense ; com- 
pensation; in Ex. xxii. 13 it is gifts. 

Lbaoh-shxaullbx, 8. fare, payment of passare • 
Jonah, i. 3. *- o » 

Lbaoh-mooar, a. precious, valuable. 
Lbaqh'yr or Laobyr, «. /. coarse grass like 

rashes; from Laagh (mire), void Aitir (grass). 

it grows in meadows in miry places. 


LxAH, adv. soon, early. 

LxAUM, 8. m. a sudden heavy shower of rain, a 

Lbayb or Lhbbar, a. clear, evident ; v. seeinsr, 

perceiving. See Remarks 167 and 168. s 

Lbayst, v. rock, reel, swing, stagger; -aoh, 

77 i — RB, 80; —IN, 84; —INS, 84; — YM, 86 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Lbaystanb, 8. m. a thing to rock or swinr on 

pi. — YN. 

Lbays'tby, ». rocking, reeling, staggering 
Job, xii. 25. 

Lxays'tbydsr, 8. m. one who rocks, &c., a 

Lbays'tit, 85. rocked, swung. 

Lxxin, ». lead, conduct; —aoh, 77 j — bb, 80: 

—IN, 83} —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. ' 

Lbbwbii.', v. leading, conducting. 

LxBiDBiL^AOH, 8. m. a leader, a conductor; pi, 71 . 

LBxinBii.'AOH PUBTBY, «. m. a pilot. 

Lbbiobil^ys, «. m. guidance, direction. 

Lbbid'it, 85. led, guided. 

Lbo'oao, a.m. a legacy; pi. — yn; a person 
to liking ; a custom in former times of caUing 
a lad and lass to be together at a supper, &c. 

Lbioh, «./. law; pi. — AOHYN; French, Loi. 

Lbioh^dbr, a. m. a lawyer, a pleader ; pi. — yn. 

Lbioh'dbraoht, v. at law, suing at law, plead- 
ing at court. 

Lbioh'dbrys, 8. m. practice at law. 

Lbioh oiL^ a. lawful. 

Lbioh or l'id or Lbiohoilys, a. lawfiilness. 

Lbigh NY HAsoLisH, 8. f. cauou law. 

Lbih, a. m. forgiveness; v. forgive; — aoh, 77 - 

-BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86: 

—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Dy Lbih, ». to forgive; Mat. vi. 14. 

Dy Lbih, a. (from Sleih,) of people. s 

LxiHT, 85. forgiven, pardoned. 

O Lbityn, a. pi. O mountains ! s 

Lbnt, a. m. tiie lower edge of any thing th^t 

hangs down, the skirt; pi. — ^yn ; opp<Med to 


LxoAiB, 8. f. lead, metal; pi. — -yn. 
Lxoai'by, a. pi. leaden; a, d. of lead. 
Lbod, «. derogate, detract, disesteem, under- 
value, : dislike; —aoh, 77 j — bk, 80 5 —in, 

83; —ins, 84; — YM, 86; -YMS, 87} — YS, 88. 

Lbod'aghby, o. becoming less in esteem or 
value, becoming disliked; Ecel. x. 1. ProD. 
" Ta rouyr chebbyn mie leodaghey miichoor," 

Lbod'it, 85. disesteemed, disrespected, dl8> 
Uked, derogated. 

Lboh, a.d. of ashes. 

Lboib, 8,f, ashes. 

Lzsh, pre. with, towards; p. p.- belonging to 
him, his. 

LxsHYN, id. em. 

Lbshhxnb, p. p. his own, belonging to himself. 
LxsH^TAi., 8. m. ^from Lieh akeealj an excuse. 
Lbsh^tal croobagh, a. a lame excuse. JProv 
" Cha daink rieau yn baaae gyn leahtal.** 

Lbsh'talaoh, a. m. an excuser; a. excuaabie 
or excusatory. 

Lbsh-traa^ ado, deliberately. 




Lbsh-t-cbsillst, tidv, one with another. 
LtKSH T CHOONID, odv. ntbeT miTow. 
Lbao, a. loose, slack. 
Lhao-chrbx'aoh, a. ftdnt-hearted. 
*Lhaoo or Lhaooxb,v. slacken, loosen; — ^aob, 

77 i — BB, 80 J — IN, 83 J — INS, 84 ; — ^TM, 80 J 
YM8, 87 J — T8, 98. 

Lhao'oaohbt, v. loosening:, slackening; Dan, 
▼. 6 ; 2 King8t It. 84 ; Isa. xxxlii. 23. 

Lbao-bast'aob, a. weak in knowledge or un- 
derstanding; Pro. xvii. 18. 

Lhao-laiKbb, a. fednt-handed, feeble-handed. 
Lbao-latnt', «. m. indisposition. 
Lhao-latnt'aoh, a indisposed, slightty dis- 

Lhao-statd, a. impotent ; Jud. vi, 0. 

Lhaih, e. read; — aob, 77; — bb,80; — in, 83; 
— INS, 84; — TM, 86; — TMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

Lbaibdbb, s. m. a reader; pi. — tn. 

Lhaibt, 85. read. 

Lhampa'naob, a. languid, limber, childish. 

Lhampa'nb, «. m. a languid, weak, limber, not 
stiff person ; pi. — b . 

Lhampa'nid or Lbampants, s. m. langour, 
want of stUltaess, debility. 

Lhanobi^d, «. m. alanket; pi. — yn. 

Lhan'nbb, s. /. church-land, glebe-land; as, 
thalloo Ikannee. 

Lhap, V. lap, double; — ^aoh, 77 y — bb, 80; 

— IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 80; — ^YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88, 

Lhap'pal, V. lapping, doubling, folding. 

Lhap'pit, 85. lapped, doubled, folded. 

Lhab^oaoh, 8, f. a descent^ decUyity, a sloping 
side of a hill or moantain, down the hOl ; op- 
posed to Ugktagh ; pi. Lharobbyn. 

Lhar'obb, a. d. of descent or declivity, of de- 
clining or sloping ground. 

Er Lbba, «. hath, &c. starved with cold. 

*Lbbai> or Lhbadbb, v. starve with cold; 

— AOH, 77; — ^bb, 80; — in, 83; — INS, 84; 

— YM, 80; — ^YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

•Dy Lhbad^by, e. to starve with cold. 

Lhba'mys, s. m. a blemish; pi. — yn. 

Lbba'mysaoh, a. defective, having blemishes. 

LHBA^MYSin, «. m. defectiveness. 

Lhba'mysit, 86. blemished, deformed. 

Lhban, a. broad, wide. 

Lhba^naoh or Lbba'naohby, v. widening, &c. 

Lhba'nby, a. pi. broad, wide ; s. a sprain ; pi. 07. 

Lhba'nit, 85. sprained; widened. 

Lhbayst. See Leayst. 

Lb*bb, p. her own, belonging to her, hers ; Job, 
zxx^. 10 ; — ISH, Id. em. 

Br Lhbb or Libb, «. hath, &c. licked, lapped, 

or cleansed with the tongue. 
D9 Lhbbaob, v. if would lick. S 

Lhbbad, «. m. breadth, width ; pi. — ^yn. 
Lhbbah, a. hoary, gray, mouldy. 
Lhbbaoh^by, v. getting hoary, gray, or mouldy. 

Lhbeaoh'ys, s. m. hoariness, grayness, mouldi- 

Lhbbah-bio', «. /. hoar-frost. 

Lbbban, a. m. the floor on which the meal falls 
from a floor mill. 

Lbbban^nao, s. /. a small meadow. 

Lbban'naoh, a. (f. of a meadow or meadows. 

Lbbban^nbb, «./. a meadow. 

Lb BB AN Vtn, ».pl. meadows. 

E Lbbbas'id, «. of his thigh; Oen. zxzil. S5. S 

E Lhbrayst, «. his thigh. S 

Lbbbob, «./. a ladle; pi. — ^yn. 

LbbibbidOaob, a. unwieldy, cumberous. 

Lbbibbid'/ys or Lbbibbid'jid, a. m. unwieldi- 

Lbbid, pro. such, like, of that Idnd. 

Lbbib, v. mell^ dissolve, soften, grow tender; 
disappear; — aob, 77; — b, 80; — in, 83; 
—INS, 84 5 — YM, 80; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Lbbib'obb, a. m. a melter, a dissolver, a found- 
er; Jer. vi. 80, it is spdled Lheeider; but in 
Jer. li. 17, it is Lheieder; pi. — yn. 

Lbbib bb sooyl, v. to dwindle away by degrees; 
to wear off, to vanish. 

Lbbib, a. /. a place at sea noted for fishing on, 
by some called Adhley. 

Lbbibli. or Lbbil, v. move, stirabout slowly or 
heavily, use of limbs ; Acta, ziv. 8. 

Lbeibt or Lbbit, 85. melted, dissolved, liquified. 

Lbbib'ys, v. heal, core a wound. 

Djf Lbbib'ysaob, a. medical, healing. 

Lbbil'taob, «. m. a mover, one who can use 

or exercise his limbs ; pU — yn. 
Lbbil'tys, a. m. exercise, motion. ^ 
Lbbim, a. m. a leap, jump, limp, an embrace of 

animals; pL — yn; v. leap, &c. ; — aoh 77; 

— BB, 80 ; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 80; —YMS, 

87 ; — YS, 88. 
Lbbim'mbydbb, a. m. one who leaps, ajumpor; 

pi. — YN. 

Lhbim^mbydbb-faiyb, «. m. a grasshopper. 
Lbxim'mit, 85. leaped, leapt, covered. 
Lbbim- sub'lby, a. m. a standing-Jump. 

Lbbim'ybaob or Lbxim'yraobt, v. skipping, 
hopping, leaping, &c. ; Acta, tii. 8; Nah. lii. 8. 
Lbbi'nby, a. f. a shirt. 
Lbbini/yn, s. pi. shirts. 

LaxiNor Lbbiun, a. Monday; as, Doonaghiaa 
Lhektn (Sanday and Monday). 

Lbbiy, a. f». a calf; pi. — bb ; Prov. " Ta booa 
trie ny gha aa drogh Lheiy ec." 

Lbbmbb'n or Lbbmyn, a. a moth ; pi. — ^yn. 

Lbbmbb'naob, a. mothy, having moths. 

Lbbno, a. f. ahal^nny; pi, — ^yn. 

Lbbr'bym, a. the larboard quarter of a boat m 
vessel ; pi. — YN. 

Lbbsb, a. f. the hip ; pi. — yn. 

Lhbss'aob, a. rocking in waUdng, as if ttie hips 
were weak. 

Lbbsb^by, a. d. of the hip or hips. 

Lbbu^nican, «. a sty on ttie eye lash; pi. — yn. 

Lbiab'baob, a.d. of a bed or beds. 

Lbiab'baobyn, a, pi. beds. 

Lbiab'bbb, a, f. a bed. Some sayfrom Liehbea 
(half meat.) 

Lbiabb^-vrbao, «. /. a fisbricated lie, a falsity 
alleged for truth ; nearly c^ the same meaning 
witti Breag-lhtaaait. The Lhiaee in this word 
would be a. d. of false allegation or contrivance. 

Lbiaobt, a. m. a lying place ; a lair, a lodging 
place, a grave, a couch : Amoa, iii. 12, a tomb, 
a sepulchre; a Sam. zzi. 14, 8 Kinga, xziii. 17 » 

pi. — ^YN. 




Lhiaoht, o. lay in a place, &c. ; —▲oh, TJ % 
— n, 80j —IK, 83 J —INS, 84; — TM, 86 j 
— TM8, 87 } — Y8, 88. 

Lhiaob^tit, «. lading or lodging in a place. 
Lhiaoh'tstdsr, «. m. a layer down or depositor. 
Lhiaoh'tit, 85. lodged, laid. 
Lhiam, 0. mine, my, belonging to me, with me; 

Lhiam-lhiat, «. an mcoiurtant or unsteady 

Lhian, pro» oar, onrs, belonging to ns, with os; 

— ^TN, a, an. 

Lbiann, o. cleave, flatten'; — ^aoh, TI ; — bk, 
80} — ^IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86 j — YM8, 87; 
— ^TS, 88. 

Lhian^nag, «. /. a flake; any tiling flattened, 
pressed, or made flat ; a pea-pod, &c. before it 
Ib ftdl; as, LhUMnag phisheragh, 

Lhtan'naohbt, v. flattening by pressure, man- 
gling, or pressing. 
Lhiannan-sbbk, 8. /. a ftuniliar spirit. 
Lhian'nit, 85. pressed flal^ flattened. 

Lhian^noo, «. m. a child. Some say this word 
is flrom Lieh-noo (half a saint) . 

Lbian'nooaob, a. childish, paerile. 

Lhiant, v. cleave, adhere to, stick dose to; 
— ^AOB, 77, &c. 

Lhian'taoh, a. attached, adherent, nnited with, 
sticking to. 

Lhian'ttw, v. deaving, adhering to, sticking 
dose to. 

Lhian'tts, s. tn, attachment, adherence. 

Lhiabb or LiABB, s. m. leather. The orthogra- 
phy of both these words is used. 

Lhiark'aoh, a. leathern^ of leather. 

Lhias dou, adv, need I. 

Lhias or Lhiasxb, v. atone, ransom, amend, 
correct; replenish, manure; — ^aoh, 77; — km, 
80; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — TM, 86; — ^TMS, 87; 
— ^TS, 88. lliis verb is supposed to be froim 
Iheihpa and aghey (healing, making amends, 
making up what was lost, mending, atoning, 
healing up the breach) ; and in this way it is 
understood in manuring land, putting some 
thing on to make it as good as before. 

Lhias'aoh, «. m. manure ; amends, recompense. 
Prov. " Ta dty Ihieuagh dty ghoam." 

Lhias^aohbt, s. m. atonement, ransom, res- 
titution ; y, atoning, ransomkig, amending, 
correcting; manuring, r^lenishing. 

Lhtas'bb, a. d, of atoning, amending, &c. 

Lbias'btdbb, 8. tn. an atoner, amender, reoom- 
penser; Jer. li. 56; mannrer; pL —rv, 

Lhias^it, 85. atoned, amendied, recompensed ; 

Lhiass, adv, needs; 9 Tim, ii. 15. 

Lhiass or Lhias^sbb, v. allege, invent, contrive 
lies and tell tiiem for truth; — ao h, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; 

—in, 84; —ins, 84} — TM, 86} —VMS, 87; 
— TS, 88. 

Lhiass^aob, 9. contriving aad tdUng untrue 

Dp Lhias^saghbt, 9. to aSege, invent, and 
fabricate lies, and tell what is not true of your 
own invention or ftbrication. 

Lhias^sbb, a. 4, of alleging lies. See Lhiaee, 
Lbias'sbtdbb, 8. m, an aUeger of untruOis. 
Lrias'it, 85. alleged, invented, contrived 
fiOsely, laid against in untruth; Aei8, xzv. 97* 

Lhi as'tbt, a. loalli, rdueCant, slow to do a thing. 

Lhias^ttn, v. in debt, owing. 

Lhias'ttnaoh, 8. HI. a debtor, one that owes ; 

p/. 71. 
Lhias'ttnts, 8. m. debt. Proo. " Share goU dyi 

Ihiefegooiah 8hibber na girree aytu Ihia8tyn§f8,** 

Lhiat, pro. thine, belonging to thee, with tiiee, 
and sometimes thou; as, cur lhiat eh (bring 
thou him or it) ; — s, id. em. Prw. " Lhiat 
myr hail oo.** 

Lhiat'taoh^ a. d. lateral, of a side or sides. 

Lhiat'tbb, «. /. side; pi. Lhiattaohyn or 

^HIATTBBTN) 2 King8, xiz. 85. 

Lhiat'tbb-bt-lhiat'tbb, «. side by side. 

Lhic, 8. pi. slates, flat stones. 

Lhib, e. lie, lay down } — aoh, 77 i — b, 80; —in, 
83; — ^INS, 84; — TM, 86; — VMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Lhibdbb, 8. m. one that lies down ; pi. — tn. 

Lhib-ohrbin'^t, 8,m. sunset, the setting of the 

Lhibbn, v. fiU, make Aill ; — ^aoh, 77 — ns, 80 ; 

— ^IN,83} — ^INS, 84; — TM, 86} .— TMS,«7; — ^TS,88. 

Lhibbn^bt, 8. m. a flUing, a qiasm ; pi. 67. 

Lhibbnbt-aio'nbt, 8. m. satisAictton. 

Lhibbn'btdbb, 8. m. one who fllls; pi. — tk. 

Lhibxnt, 86. flUed, made full. 

Lhibo or *Lhiboo, v. fell, bring to the ground, 
fall, cast or throw down; — aoh, 77 ; — ^bb, 80 ; 
—in, 83} -INS, 84; — TM, 86} — TMS, 87} 
— TS, 88. 

Lhibo'obt, 8. m. a fUi, degradation ; pi, 67. 
Prov. " Yiow moym Ihi^^ey.** 

Lhibo^ubtdbr, 8. m. a feller, one who throws 

Lbiboobt-ushtbt, 8. m. a water f a ll, a cataract. 

Lbibo'oit, 85. fallen, felled. 

Lhibit or Lhibt, 86. laid, lain. 

Lhibn, p.p. with us, ours, belonging to us ; — ^nr, 
id. an. See also Lhian. Heb. zii. 25. 

Lhib-na'nb, «. said of ahorse, cow, sheep, &c.. 
lying on its back In a hollow, so that it cannot 
rise up of itself. 

Lhibn'noo, a. d. of children, of the child ; Mark 
ix, 24. and Jlfa#. ii. 16. } the pi. of Lhiannoo. 

Dy Lhibn^noo, «. of surname, sumamed } Mark 
iii. 16. 

Lhibt or *Lhibtt, v. let, hinder, prevent stop; 

— AOH, 77 } — BB, 80 ; — ^IN, 83 } —ins, 84 } — TM, 
86} —TMS, 87} — ^TS,-88. 

Lhibt'tal, v. hindering, stopping, preventing, 
staying} J06 xzxviiL 37. 

Lhibt'talaoh, 8. m. a hinderer, a prevention ; 
pi, 71 } a. preventive, obstructive. 

Lhibt'tbimmts, Lhibt'btmts, or Libt'tbimts, 
8. m. a hinderance, obstacle, or impediment. 
This word, the orthography of which is varied 
in three instances in the Manks Bcrlptares, to 
used for digierenee in E»od. zi. 7 ; Mai. iiL 18} 
Acta zv. 9} Rom, iii. 22. Would not CagUaa 
ot Aneha8^8, or Neueha8^8, have been a better 

Lhixt'tbimtsaoh, a. obstructive, hindersome. 

Lhibu, p. p. with you or je, yours} — ^ish, id, em. 

liBTKv, p,p, with them, tbeirs} — syk, id, em, 

Lhibq'an, 8. m, elm} pi, -^yk. 

LhibiKanaoh, a,d,oi elm timber. 

Lhio or *Lhioo, t. Ut, permit, saflinr, allow, gal- 
lop, shoot} —aoh, 77} — BB, 80} —IN, 8S; 

—ins, 84} — TM, 86) —TMS, 87} — TS, 88. 

LHO . 

Lbio^bt, «. gtmoakag. Lhige^^n laaSr vane, (nin- 
ning from service). 

Lhio'gbt, V, letting, pennlttiiig, ahootingr. The 
pi. which is according to 67, w in Zee, iv. 2, for 
discharges, pipes, &c. 

Lhig^oxybbb, «. m. one who lets, permits, &c. 

LiBioo^xTDBR, 8. m. ooe who gallops j i»/. — tn. 

Lhio'oit, 85. let, aUowed, suffered to be. 

Lahig'xt, 85. galloped. 

Lbiooxt-shaohxt, 86. postponed, jwocrastlnated, 
let b7, delayed. 

Lhto-obt, adv. prebend^ feign thyself. 

Lhim'mbt, adv. save, except. 

Lhino, «. m. life time, days of lifBi Ptl. IxxU. 7 j 
^c««, xi. 28 J 2 Kingi, xxiii. 22. 

E Lhino'an, ». his shoulder j jbJ. —tn. S 

IiHINo'anaoh, a. d. of the shoulder. S 

Lhino^bt, «. /. a lisne or cavity in a river be- 
tween rocks. 

Lbion^baio, ». /. an even grassy plot in a val- 
ley; pi. — TN. 

Lhion'naio, «. /. a strand or part (rf a rope or 
cord twisted by itself before it is topped; 

pi. — YN. 

Lhion^nbt, a.d. ottieoT beer. 

*IjHIS or Lhxsaoh, v. should, ought; — iw, 83 j 

— ^INS, 84. 
Lhiu'baoh or Lhiubaohby, v. lengthening. 
Lhiu'kbb, v. lengthen, make long. 
LnxvB'in, ». m. length, procerity ; pi. — tw. 
Lhit, «. /. a colt ; pL — AOHYN, or — wyk. The 

latter is in Jvd. x. 4. 
Lhiy^aob, a. coltish; ticklish. 
Lhoam or Lhomb, v. bare ;*—AaH, 77 j — »■» «• » 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 
Lboam'bb, a, d. of making bare. 
Lhoam^by, v. making bare. 
Lhoam^bydbb, 8. m. one tiiat makes bare. 
IjHOAm'id, 8. m. bareness. 
Lhoam'it, 86. bared, made bare. 
Lboau or LoAU, a. rotten, putrid; Num. v. 22 ; 
V. rot, putrify ; — agh, 77 i —be, 80 ; —in, 83 ; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Prov. ** Leah appee leak Ihoau." 
Lhoau^bb, o. d. of rottenness. 
Lboau'by, a. pi. rotten, putrid. 
Lhoau^id, 8. m. rottenness. 
Lhomb-laubb, o. empty-handed. 
Lhom'mybt, 8. m. the shearing of sheep^ 
Lbom'mybtaoh, a. bare of cover; drawn; as, 

eliwe Ihomm/jfriagh (a drawn sword). 
Lhon, 8. m. a blackbird; pi. — yn. 
Lhono, 8. f. a ship; pi. — yn. 
Lhono-cbaoobb, 8. f. a man of war. 
Lbono^bb, a. d, of a meal or meals. 
Lhono^by, 8. m. a meal; pi. 67. 
Lbong-vbbb, 8. f. a steam-vessel. 
Lbono-spooil'lbb, 8. /. a pirate. 
Lhoo, 8. m. a shaft or thiU; pi. — ohyn. 
Lhoob, f . ^. a loop ; pi. —rv. 
Lhoob, v. bend, bow; —agb, 77; — "■» 52* 

—in, 83; — XNS, 84; — YM, 86; —VMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. 
Lhoob'by, 8. m. abend, abow; p/. 67; ». bending. 



Lhoob'bydbb, 8. m. a bender; pi. — yn. 

Lhoobtt, 85. bent, made crooked. 

Lhoob- YiABN, «. m. a link. 

Lhott, 8. m. a wound; pi. — ^t^'N; ». wound; 

—AGH, 77 J — BB, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; 

— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Lhoti/by, v. wounding, hurting bo as to cause 

a wound. 
Lhott^bybbb, 8. in. one that wounds. 
Lhott'it, 86. wounded. 

Cha Lhoys, v. dare not. S 

Lhu'an, 8. /. any weak thing that comes out of 

due time, such as a lamb, calf, swarm ci bees, 

&C.; pi. — YN. 

Lhu'anys or Lhunys, ». m. Lammas. 
Lhuddyb, v. maul, mangle, hack and dirty 

withal; —AGH, 77; — bb, 80; —in, 88; —ins, 

84 ; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 
Dp Lhuddye'aohby or Lhuddybal, v. to 

maul, mangle, &c. in an unskilftil manner. 
Lhubdyb'by, 8. m. a mangier, &c. ; pi. 69. 
Lhubdyb'it, 85. mangled, dirtied, draggled in 

My LauGG, v. if swallow; — agh; —in; —ins ; 

— YM ; —YMS, 94. S 

Dy Lhuog'by or Luggby, v. to swallow or 

gulp up ; lea. xlix. 19> ^ 

E Lhug'gbydbk, 8. his swallower. S 

Lhuing'by, a. d, of ship or ships, naval ; Rev. 

xviii. 17- 
Lhuing'ys, 8. f. shipping. 
Lhuing'ys chaggxb bbboil hostyn, 8. the 

royal navy of Great Britain. 
Lhunb, «. m. ale, strong drink. 
Lhun or *LHrNN, v. launch; —agh, 77; — bb, 
80- —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 
97 . _ys, 88. The but end of an oar is called 
lAicn, because used to draw orlauncha boat'on. 
Dy Lhun'naghby, v. to launch. 
Lhun'nby, v. launching. 
Lhun'nbydbb, 8.m. one who launches; pi. — yn. 
IjHun'yit, 85. launched. 
Lhvss, *. leeks, lentils, herbs. 
LiACK, a. like, equal. See also Liah. 
LiACK, V. approving of, liking; —agh, 77 i — iw» 
83. —TM, 86; -VMS, 87; — w, 88. 

Liacx'al, v. liking. 
Liack'it, 85. liked. 
Liabb, v. (from LiaekJ liking ; as, eka vel liaee 

aym er (I have no liking for it). 
Ro Liagh'agh, a. too rainy. F 

Liagh'bb, a. d. of rain. F 

E Liagh'by, 8. his rain. F 

Liabg'aoh, 8. m. a declivity or descent. See 

also Lhargagh. 
Liar'gbb, a. d. of declivity or going down; 

Jer. xlviii. 5. 
LiASS, 8. (from Idehye or Leigkye,) law-«tep, or 

a step by law or marriage. 

! — BI7YR, 8. f. a step sister. 

iNNBBN, «./. a step daughter. 

' VAC, 8. m. a step son. 

^— VOIR or — ^UMMUG, 8. f. * stcp mothcT. 
vBAAR, 8, m. a step brother. 

.YisHiG or — ^AYR, ». »i. . R Step fittfaer. 

The latter of these is seldom used. 




LiASs, ado. See Lhiast. S 

LiAss^AOHBT, V. to allegre, feign, or contrive 
lies; Neh. vl. 8. See Lhia. 

Liass'taoh or Liasstky, a. slothfol, remiss, 
idle, doggish, loath to do a thing, indolent, 
inactive. See also Lhiasstey. 

Lxass^tid, «. /. Blotii, indolence, relnctance, 
. slowness, tardiness. 

LiAUYR, a, long, txrolix, lengthy. 

LiAUYa'KY, a. pi. long, lengthy. 

LiCKLY, adv. likely, probable, but not altogether 
certain, more for than against. 

Fo LixAu, «. under a mountain } Heo. vi. 14. S 

Libck'an, «. /. (from Ueh kionej cheek ; 1 Kings 
zxii. 24 ; Job, xvi. 10 ; and Luke, vi. ag ; what 
is seen in a profile view of the head ; pi. — yn. 

Lixck'anaoh, a. d. of the cheek or cheeks; 
CasljfB lieckanagh would be a profile likenesft. 

Dp LiBB, V. to lick or lap with the tongue j 

— AOH ; —BB j —IN j —INS J — YM ; — YMS j 
— TS, 94. S 

LiBBN, s. m. lint, fiax, linen j pi. — txeyn or 
— TBBNYN. The pi. \b used for nets, perhaps 
because they are made of flax j Ecel. vii. 26 -, 
and Mark, i. 18. 

LiBH, «. m. half, moiety; pi. — ghyn. 

LiBHBA^OB, 8. f. afiook, a fiat fish; pi, — yn. 

LiBH-CHiABT, a. uneven, txid, roagh. 

■CHiARTYs, 8. m. unevenuess. 

-CHARKYi., 8. m. a semicircle. 
-CHRAUB, 8. f. a gristle. 
-BOOST, 8. m. threshing with one fiail. 
-HooiLLAOH, a. monocular, one eyed. 

LiBOH, a. half gone, half done, mid way. 

LiBOH-LHiBBNT, o. half-fiood or fiowed. 

LiBHio or LiBHD, 8. f. half a breadth. 

LiBH.KiART, 8. m. the even half. 

LiBH MY LIBH, adt). half each, half apiece. 

Libh'nbbn, 8. m. the lining of a hedge, &c. 

LiBH-scoADXY or LiBH-sKBW, a. slopewise, 

Libn'noo, 8, surname j as, ere dty liennoo (what 
is thy surname). 

LiBRiu, p. p. by you or ye j — ish, id. em. 
lAiBSH, p. See Le8h. Both words are used. 
Li 00, 8. pi. hollows; the pi. of Lagg. 
Lioo^AR, 8. tn. liquor, spirits ; pi. — yn. 
Lioo'iN, 8. m. slack water, eddy water, dead 
water, where or when there is no tide or 
stream; pi. — yn. 

Lim'mbr, 8. the passage for water under the 

floorings of a boat or vessel. 
Lindb'yr, »./. a lintel; pi. — yn. 
Dip Ling'an, 8. thy shoulder. S 

Linu'anaoh, a. d. of the shoulders. S 

LiOAR, 8. /. a book; pi. — YN. This word is 
used as an oath, and it may seem strange that 
it is so used in our excellent translation of the 
Scriptures; Jea. xl. 24, and Mai. ii. a, for yes 
or yea. 

Lioar'aoh, a. d, of book or books s as, i/fuwrh 

/tooray* (book learning). 
LioAR^AN, #./. a small book, a pamphlet. 
LioAR-HASHT, 8. f. R library; pi. — tn. 

Lipar'lhan, «. /. (Lieh'OrlaneJ half a firlot a 
quarter of a boU. anrioi, a 

Dp LiooAR, ado. enough. 

Lio'kbb, p.p. by her; — ish, id. em. 

Lio'rbbhxnb, p.p. by herself. 

Lio'rin, p. p. by us ; — yn, id. em. 

Lio'rish, pre. and ado. by; p. p. by him, by the, 
beside ; 2 Kings, xi. 20. ; — in, id» em. 

Lio'rishbbnb, p. p. by himself. 

Lio'roo, p.p. by them; — syn, id. em, 

Lio'roohbnb, p. p. by themselves. 

LiORT, p.p. by thee ; — s, id. em. 

LiORTHBNE, p.p. by thyself. 

Lio'rym, p. p. by me ; — s, id. em. 

Lio'rym pbnb, p. p. by myself. 

List, «. /. a lean to one slide ; v. — aoh, 77 ; 

— BB,80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YM8» 
87 ; — YS, 88. 

Lis^TAi., V. leauing. 

Lis'tit, 85. leaned. 

Litch'br, 8. m. a lazy person, a sluggard, an 
idler; pi. — yn. 

Litch'bragh, a. lazy, slothful, idle, indolent, 

Litch'braoht, 8.f. laziness, idleness, indolence, 
slothfulness ; pi. — yn. 

" Litcheragh goll dp Ihie, Liicheragh dy irree. 
As Litcheragh dp gholl dps y cheeill Jedoonee.** 

Cha Liuoh, v. not wet ; — aoh ; — ym ; — yms j 
— YS, 94. p 

Dp Liugh'by, v. to wet. F 

E Liugh'ys, «. his wet or wetness. F 

LivRBY^ V. deliver; — agh,77; — bb, 80; — ^iw^ 

83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; -YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Livrb'it, 85. delivered. 

Livrey'dbr, or Fbr Livrbybb, «. m. a delly- 
erer ; 2 Sam. xxii. 2. 

Livrey's or Livrby'-ys, s. ddiveranoe; pi. 
— SYN, Jer. XXX. 7. 

Loa'oan, t>. stagger, staggering; Isa. xxix. 9. 

Loa'ganaoh, 8, m, one that staggers; pi, 71. 

Loa'oanys, «. staggering. 

LoAGH, 8. See Lugh. 

Loaghran'b, «./. the handle <tf a flail. SeeCacs. 

LoAOHT, t>. handle, feel; — a gh, 77; — bb, 80; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 1 

— YS, 88. 

Loaor'tbb, a. d. of handling. 

LoAOB^TBY, ft. handling, feeling with hands. 

Loagh'tbydbr, 8, m. a handler; pi. — yn. 

Loaoh'tit, 86. handled, felt with the hand. 

Loaoutran^b, 8. See Loaghrane. 

Loaoh'tyn or LuoH-DHOAN, a. brown; Gen. 
XXX. 33 and 35. There is no word in English 
by which to express Loaghtpn or Keeir. Lugh 
dhoan is very descriptive of the coloux—Lugh 
(mouse), and Dhoan (brown). These colours 
mixed vrill produce the shade which is under- 
stood by Loaghtpn, or the word may be fktnn 
Lhosht dhoan (burnt brown.) 

Loam, a. shorn, bare. See also Lhoam. Both 
are used. Prov. — 

" Cronk ghlassfoddep vopm. 
Loam loam tra roahpm en;** 
and another, *' Yn loam leigh yn loam chair i** 
though some will have it to be, yn loam aggcAr. 
Loam, v. bare; — agh, TJ -, — bb, 80 j —in, 
83 ; - INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88, 
Loam -chosh AOH, a. bare.footed. 




LoAM^xT, a. pi. bare. 
Loam'it, 85. made bare, bared. 
LoAM-LiAs^TXT, a. TeTy relactant or loath. 
LoAMR, V. fleece, shear off; — aoh, 77 ; — kS) 

80} — IN, 83 J — INS, 84; — ^TM, 86 J — TM8, 
87; — TS, S8. 

LoAM^RST, «. /. a fleece ; pi. 67* 
Loam'bstdkr, 8. tn. one that shears the fleece off. 
Loam'rit, 85. fleeced, shorn. 
LoAu, a. rotten, putrid ; «. rot,patrlfy; — ^aoh, 

77 i —KB, 80; — IN, 83; — ^IKS, 84; — ^TM, 86; 

— ^TMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

Loai/ys, 8. /. rottenness. 

Loatr, t». speak, spoke ; — aoh, 77 ; — ^xb, 80; 

— IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— ^YS, 88, 

Loayr'bydbr or Loayrtaoh, «. m. a speaker. 

Loayr'it, 86. spoken. 

LoAYRT, e. speaking. 

Loayr'tys, «. tn. utterance to qpeak, or of 

Loo'oYR, 8. f. something got or allowed above 

expectation, or for lack. 

LooH, 8. f. a lake, a pool; pi. — yn. 

LooH^AN, 8. f. a small lake; pi. — yn; the 

dim. of Logh. 

LooHT, 8. m. crime, offence, trespass, guilt, 

transgression, sin ; pi. — yn. 

Looh'tal, a. severe, violent, stem ; deep as a 
cut, &c ; strong as a gale of wind. 

LooH^TALiD, 8. t». Severity, violence. 

LooB^TYNiD, 8. m. Criminality, guiltiness. 

Lom-'arcan, a. alone, deprived of company. 

LoMM, V. make bare; — aoh, 77; — rx, 80; 

— ^IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 6,"; 
— YS, 8B. 

LoM^MAN, 8. m. a scorching wind that dries up 
and makes the ground bare of herbage ; Hot. 
xiii. 15. 

Lom'manaoh, a. scorching, baring. 

LoM^MBB, a. d. of baring. 

LoM^MBY, e. making bare. 

ItOM^MBYDBR, 8. !». ouc that makcs bare. 

LoM^MTT, 85. bared, made bare. 

IiOm'myrt, v. shearing sheep, making bare by 
cutting off the wool or hair. 

Lom'myrtagh, 8. m. a shearer of sheep; pi. 7\ ; 
a. anything made bare, as a sword, &c., un- 

IiOM^RXY, 8. See Loanvrey. 

IiOm'rit, 85. shorn bare of wool or hair. 

LoN^DBRNBX or LoNDYRNXx, V. glAringy daz- 
zling with lustre ; Nah. ii. 4. 

IiONDBY^R, 8. f. a lantern ; pi. — yn. 

LoNDXYR^AOH, a. d. of a lantern. 

Loo, 8. m. an oath; pi. — ghyn; «. swear; 

— AOH, 77; — XK, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; 

— YM, 86; — ^YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Loo^AN, 8. See hKwin. 

Loo'xK, s. d. of an oath or oaths. 

Lxx/iT, 85 sworn. 

LooR, a. lusty, stout ; Qen, xlix. 14. 

Loo^RiD, 8. m. lustiness. 

LoRo, «. m. a staff. 

*LoRO or Lor'oxx, v. drive or urge forward 
with a staff; —aoh 77 't — xx, 80; —in, 83; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86 ; — TM8, 87; --»•. 88. 
Dy Loao^AOHBT, «. to excite or drive ftirwiid. 
LoRo-BowsH^kN, 8. f. R measuring rule. 
Loro-im'manaoh, 8. /. a goad; EeeUaia$^eu»t 

xii. II. 
Lorg'it, 85. excited, urged. 
LoRo-RXBoiL or — RxiLL, 8. f. R sccptre. 
Los'oAN, 8. f. a lamp; ph — yn. 
LosHT, 8. f. a bake stone, or baUng board. 
LosHT, ». bum; —AOH, 77 i — xx, 80; —in, 

83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Losh'txx, a. d. of burning. 
LosHT or LosHTiT, 85. burnt, burned. 
Loss, V. blaze, flame ; —aoh, 77 ; — ^xx, 80 ; — in, 
83; —INS, 84 ; -YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 } — YS, 88. 

Los'sAo, 8. f. a small flame or flash. 
Los'sAOHYN, 8. pl. bumlugs, flamings. 
Los'sAN, 8. f. luminous particles seen in the sea 

by night, and on flsh that are not dry, in the 

dark; the aurora borealis or northern lights. 
Los'sANAOH, a. having luminous qualities, or 

aurora borealis. 
Los'sxx, a. d. of flame or flaming, blazing. 
Los'sBRXB, 8. /. herbage, herbs. 
Los'sBHXY, 8. f. an herb ; pl. 73* 
I^s'sxY, V. flaming, burning in a ULaze; «. m. 

a flame ; Luke, zvi. 24. 

Los'txy, «. burning; pl. 67. 

Los'tkydxr, 8. m, one who puts things to bum. 

Lostxy-chain'lby, 8. m. the churching of 
women. Called so, perhaps, firom the juractice 
of burning a candle during the service in 
former times. 

LoTT, 8. f. a lot; V. to allot; — agh, 77 \ — xx, 

• 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; -YMS, 

87 ; — YS, 88. 

Louraa'naoh, a. leprous. 

Louraa'nys, Loihrxy, or Lourxt, «. /• 

Louranx^ «. m. a leper; pl. '-^* 

Lout, «. m. aloft; pl. — yn; v. loft; — ^AOH, 77 i 

—XX, 80; —IN, 83; -INS, 84; — YM, 86; 

— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Lout-xaoh'tyr, 8. f. a deck. 

LOUT-XAOH^TYRLBONO, «. /. R Ship'S dedc. 

Lou'tky, v. a lofting. 

Lou'txybxr, 8. tn, one who lofts. 

Lou'tit, 85. lofted. 

LouYR, 8. f. an abort or abortion ; a idink or 
castling which has been 8(»ne time dead before 
brought forth, so that it is partly rotten and 

LouYRAN, 8. f. a small castliog. Vrw, ".ZtMofi- 
fkoo ny louyran." 

Low, V. allow; —AOH, 77} — xx, 80; — jn, 88; 

—ins, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Low'al, a. lawful, allowable ; Luk0f ziv. 8. 
Low^ALTYS, 8. in. approbation. 
LoVansk, «. m. a thing allowed'; Jer, zzxvii. Si. 
LoVbydxr, 8. m. an allowerj pl, — yn« 
Low'iT, 85. allowed. 
Loys dhyt, p. darest thou. 
Lub'ban brkcx, 8, /. a sea nettle. 
LvB^BXRLAB, 8. f. the herb bogbane. 

LuD'DAN-MKA^ 8. f. a lumlnous oilyqpQtQii 
the surface of water; Jcb, zli. 8S. 



huww, «. lool^ bear doee to the windwurd ; — aoh, 

77 1 — AL, 79} — BK, 80j —IN, 88; —INS, 84; 

— TM,80; — YMg, 87} — Yg, 88. 
Luoo, «./. a sea or sand worm used for bait. 
LuoH, 8. f. a mouse, a mole ; pi. — sk ; Tm. ii. 20. 
LvoH^AO, a. d. of a mouse or mice. 

LuoHT, «. m. load, cai^ro, burden; what any 
thing can hold ; pi, — tn ; o. — aoh, 77 ; — m, 
80 J — ^IN, 83; — INS, 84 ; — TM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— Yg, 88. 

LvoH^TAOH or LroHTAOHSY, 0. taking in a 
cargo or load. 

Luoht'-thix, 8. m. a household, a fEunily. 

LuoH^TKYnBR, 8. m. One that loads ; pi. — yn. 

LiroH%T, 85. loaded, loaden. 

E LuioHT, 8. his oflbpring, seed, or issue. S 

LuiBo, 8. pi. staves ; the pi. of Lorg. 

Lu'naoh, a. rude, sarcastic, contemptuous, slan- 
derous J «. m. a rude person ; pi. 71 ; slander- 
ers; Mark, zv. 18. 

Lu'nby, v. slandering ; 2 Sam. xix. 27. 

iiUNB, «. slander; — aoh, 77; — ^x, 80; — in, 

83 ; —INS, 84 i — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 j — Y8, 88. 

Lu'nit, 85. slandered. 
LuNo'-LANB, a. quite full; Ez. xxviii. 16. 
LuNN, 8. See LAicnn. 
Lun'nin, 8. m. London. 
, LuRo, pre. after, after him or it; — «yn, id. etn. 
LuBcKAOHi a. A, of the leg or legs. 
LuBO^BY, 9. f. a leg; pi. 67. 
LuBo'aYMtB, 8. f. the herb penny-royal. 
Ltiao-ooiL'LBY, ftdv. after all. 
LuBO Y thooil'lby, a. postdiluYian. 
Lus. See Lhuu, an herb, leek. 

liUS-BLAYS^TAL, 8, f. SBVOry. 

Lns-LHBi^HYS, a. f. Solomon's seal or heal; a 
species of bell- wort. 

Lus-lu'na, «./. moonwort. 

Lus mil'lxsh NY 1.HBBANA0H, «. /. meadow 

Ltrs NY binOby, «. /. dropwort. 

Lus NY binjby hoo'ar, «. /. cTudwort. 

Lus NY binjby lbbban'aoh, 8. f. meadow 

Lus NY FAHN'nAOHYN, 8. f. WBTtWOrt, SpUIgC. 

Lus YN ailb^, «. /. buTnet. 

Lus Y chiol'o, «. /. golden maiden haix. 

Lvs Y csbng'by VBia, «. /. taouse-ear. 

Lus Y <}tt<»ft'fiANB) *,/. the herb robin run over 
the hedge. 

Lus Y LHBAN^BY, 8. f. bindwccd, convolvlalus. 

L^ Y CHOB^aAN, i. f. sickle weed. 

Lus Y dbuiqh't, 8. f. sun-dew. 

Lus NY chrosh'by, »./. cudwort, cotton weed, 
chaflf^ed, or dwarf cotton. 

Lus Y ghbV, «./. purging flax. 

Lus Y DAA PBiNO^ 8. f. mouey-wort, the herb 

Lus NY MOYL liDili^RBY, 8. /. marsh mallows. 

Lus Y yiar'by, 8, /. flux weed. 


gladwin or stinking gladwin. 
Lus Y oHoot^, 8. f. gerrard, goutwort. 
Los-frBIlt^ 8. f. sengreen, houseleek. 
Lus-SKBiL^LBY, «. /.^loosestTife, or willow- wort. 


Lus Y CBAMMAN Doo^ 8. f. ksapwced or button 

Lus NY MOAL moib'rby, 8. f. common mallows. 

Lus NY min'nag, 8. f. daudeliou, piss-a-bed. 

Lus NY frbbnaohyn mooar'by, 8. f. dove's 
foot, crane's bill. 

Lus Y tooill', 8. f. dary or clear eye, eye 

Lus FBiB Y TooILL^ 8. /. Wild dary. 

Lus NY obaybb', 8. f. anehome. 

Lus Y WBB or wuioH, 8. f. woBld or wold, 
dyer's weed for dying ydlow. 

Lus Y byp'tar, 8. f. allseed, rupture wort, litQe 

Lus Y vol'lby, 8. /. lady's bed-straw. 

LuTCH, V. to carry in a clumsy slovenly manner ; 
—AOH, 77, &c. 

Djf Lutch'aoh, adv. loobily. 

LuTCH^YNAOH, 8. m. a looby, a lubber, an 
awkward clumsy fellow ; pi. 7 1 . 

Lutch'by, v. lubbering. 


This letter is an initial in words primarily ini- 
tialled by B,by placing the pronoun iV>» before 
them, as shown in Remark 41 ; for its own 
changes see 52. 

' M', pro. a contraction of my before a word 
beginning with a vowel ; as, M*olt (my hair). 
Nf/n Maa, 8. your, &c. cows. B 

Nyn Maaoh, 8. your, &c beast. B 

Nyn Maaib'auh, 8. your, &c. cowhouse. B 

Maaio, 8. f. a paw, a claw ; pi. — ^yn. 
Maaio^auh, a. unhandy, clumsy with the hand. 

Maaio'brby, «. m. a person handling awk- 

Maa'ihll, a. d. of rent. 

Maail, 8. m. rent ; pi. — tbxyn. 

Nyn Maair, «. your, &c. crop ; pi. — ^yn. B 

Nyn Maarai'l, 8. your, &c. spending. B 

Maar^ubraoh, 8. m. a fornicator, a whodre- 
monger; pi. 71. 

Maar'dxrvs, 8. f. fornication, whoredom, 
adultery ; MM. v. 57. 

Nyn M AARB, s. your, &c. point. B 

Nyn Maarlb, «. your, &e. English. 

Maar'lxb, 8. pt. thieves, itiarauders. 

Maar'liaoh, 8. th. a thief, one tiiat steals. 

Maar'lys orMAARLBBYs, 8. theft; IfarA, vii. 22. 

Nyn Maar'nby, «. your, &c. gap; pi. 67. B 

Nyn Maasb or Maash, «. your, &c. death, 
visage. B 

, Maasb, 8. m. cattle, kine. 

Nyn Maa'tby, 8. your, &c. boat. B 

Nyn Mab, 8. your, &c. baby. B 

Mab'byl, 8. m. maple. 

Mac, 8. m. son, fitz. 

Macimshbb, 8. m. the son of discord or fUee 




Ngn MAc/cAOfl, «. yoar, &c. halt, &c. person. B 

Ma</cak, «. m. a little son; Loa'f maccan', 
(Innocent's day), kept by the Chorch in Christ- 
mas. It may be A:om a little son, or from 
iPeuxim (my moan). 

Macksw'tl, 8. m. a kelson or keelson. 

Macmollaoht, 8. m. son of a tmrse, son of 
perdition, the devii. 

Mac-sot^lxt, 8. m. an instance, a metaphor to 
inastrate by. 

Ma'dtk, v. matter, import; — aoh, 77; — -aa, 80 ; 

—IK, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86} — YM8, 87 j 
— ^YS, 88. 

Ma'dtbai., v. regarding. 

Mad'trah ox Mad^ban, 8, m. the morning 

dawn, the twilight; p/. — tn. 
Mao, 8. tn. a failure in a rope. 
Maooa'nk, «. m. numbness. 
Maooa'naoh, a. nnmb, dmnsy, not acnte in | 

Magoa'nys, 8. torpor, numbness. 
MAfi'oLB, 8. m. a testicle ; pL — tn. 
Npn Mao'oybbt, «. yonr, &c. threatener. B 
Npn Mao'oyrt, v. your, &c. threatening, &c. B 
Maoh, adv. oat, forth ; opposed to Stiagh. 
MaobKbr, 8. m. afield; pi. — ^yn. 
Maoh'braoh, a. d. of the field; Cam^. iv. 5. 
Maob'by, ado. forth, from hence forth, hence 

forward ; l8a. xli. 22. 
Nfffi Maoht, 8. your, &C; observation, &c. B 
Magh-toish, pre. except, without, excluslTe. 
Haid'jaoh, a. d. of sticks or timber. 

Maid'jby, 8. m. a stick or pole ; pi. 69 ; a. 
anylhing made of timber in opposition to other 
stuff; as, claare maidjey (a wooden dish). 

Haid'jby laub, 8. m. a walking stick. 

Maii/jsy mastbb, 8. m. a mixing stick. 

Maid'jby RAUB, 8. HI. an oar; p/. 69. 

Npn Maih, v. your, &c. drowning. B 

Maih'agbey, o. pardoning; Micah, vii. 18. 

Maibt, 85. pardoned; Hymn 160. 

Mail, «. m. Michael. 

Maill, «. m. rent ; pi. — ^yn. 

Mail'lbb, a. d. of rent, having on rent; ActSt 
xxviii. 30. 

Main, pro, no, we; — ^yn, id. em. See Mapd, 

Npn Main'nby, «. your, &c. milk* B 

Main'styr, 8. m. master; pi. — yn. 

MaiWstyragbt, 8. m, mastery. 

Ma IB, «. /. a finger. 

Maib chass, «. /. a toe. 

Mair'aoh, «. m. morrow, to-morrow ; pi. — yn. 

Npn Mal'jyk, 8. your, &c. towns, estates. B 

Npn Mal'lby, 8. your, &c. town, estate. B 

Mam, 8. /. the hands fall when placed together 
by the little fingers. 

Mamm, 8. f. a blatn ; Exod. ix. 9; pi. — yn. 

N$fn Manb'agh, v. your, &c. whitening. B 

Npn Man'oan, 8. your, &c. branch. B 

Npn Mangla/nb, s. your, &c. bough. B 

Npn Man'nish, «. your, &c. wedding. B 

Npn Manistbi'b, «. your, &c. management of 
house affEiiis. B 

Npn Man'/aob, 8. your, &c. lea land. B 

Manjoo'b, 8. m. a manger ; pi. — yn. 

Man'naob, cot^f. (a compound of mp, if, and 
naght not,) if not, or not, unless, except. Hie 
translators of the Scriptures have spelled this 
word exactly as it is sounded) why did tiiey 
not spell mp (if) ma, throughout ? 

Npn Man'nagbby, v. your, &c. blessing. B 

Npn Man'nagbt, 8. your, &c. blessing. B 

Man'nan, 8. m. a kid ; pi. — yn. 

Man'nin, 8./. the Isle of Man, the Island called 
Man or Mona ; Mannin veg veen (little dear or 
fiavourite Isle of Man). 

Man'ninaob, a. Manks, of or belonging to the 
Isle of Man. 

Man'ninaoh, 8. m. a native of Man w Mona t 
pl' 71. 

Man^ninan mac lbar, 8. m. Neptune, sou of 
the sea. 

Npn Man^sbyn or Man'/yn, «. your, &c. wed- 
dings. B 

Mara'nb, 8. /. a thimble ; pU — ^yn. 

Npn Mab^antys, «. your, &c. confidaice, war- 
rantry. b 

Mab'cban, 8. m. a merchant; pi. •— yn. 

Mab'cbanys, 8. m. merchandize. 

Npn Marooon'agh, «. your, &c. tragical poet. B 

Npn Mardoon', i. your, &c. doleful song. B 

Ma'rbb, p. p, with her ; — isb, id. em, 

Npn Margan^b, 8. your, &c. bargain. B 

Mar'obe, a.d. of a fair or market. 

Mar'gby, 8. m. a fair, mart, market. 

Ma'rin, p. p. with us ; — YN, id. em, 

Ma'bish, p, p. with, with him, besides ; — yn, 
idt em. 

*Mark or Mar'kbx, v. ride; — ^agb, 77; ^eb, 
80;— IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 } 
— YS, 88. 

Mark'iagh, «. m. a rider; pi. 71. 

Mark'iaohby, v. riding. 

Mark'ish, a. d. of mark. 

Mark'it, 96> rode, riden. 

Markym-jbbl'ym, 8. m. the shaking or vibnu 

tion of the sun shine on the ground on a hot 

sun shiny day. 

Npn Mar'naoh, a. your, &c. limpit, fiitter. B 
Ma'roo, p. p. with them; — syn, id. em. 
Marr, ». kill, slay; —aoh, 77; —be, 80; —in, 

83; —ins, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88^ 
Npn Mar'ragb, «. your, &c. tow. B 

Mar'ran, 8. mistake, error, wrong ; Pal. Ivi. 7. 
Mar'ranaoh, 8. m. one in error; pi, 71. 
Npn Mar'rant, «. your, &c* assurance. B 

Mab'ranys, 8,m, mistake, error ; Joft, six. 4. 
Marrb-vaai'sh, 8, a pall, or covering used in 

olden times before tiie use of coffins, to pat 

over the dead body on the bier. 

Mar'rby, a. d, of the main or sea. 

Mar'rbydbr or Mab'boodbr, a. m. a killer, a 
slayer, an avenger. 

Npn Mar'riaoht, 8. your, &c. victory. B 

Mar'rinagh, 8. m. a mariner; pi. 71, Acts, 
xxvii. so. 

Marr-jbb, v. i. kill ye, slay ye. 

Mab'boo, a. dead, slain, killed ; v. killing, &c. 

Cha marroo as clagh (as dead as a stone.) 
Mart, s, m. a beef. 




Jfyn BCabt* «. your, &c. barden. B 

Mab'tab, 8, m. a cripple { pi. — tk. 

Mab'tabts, ». m. crippleness. 

Mabt'i.han, 8, /. a maw wonuj pi, — ^tn. 

Mabta^waoh, a. mortal. 

Mabta'nts, «. m. mortality, frailty, frailness. 

Ma'btm, p. p. with me } — s, id. em. 

JVjrA Mash^ijloh, «. your, &c. dash of water. B 

Nyn Mash'txt, «. your, &c. baptism. B 

Njfn Mask'aid, «. your, &c. basket. B 

Masoo'naoh, 8. m. a mason ; pi. 71. 

Masoo'nts, «. m. masonry. 

Nyn Mass, «. your, &c. palm; pi. — tn; Jud. 
Tii. 6. B 

Mast, v. mix, chum ; — aoh, 77 y — be, 80; — in, 
83 J — INS, 84 J — TM, 86 J — YM8, 87; — YS, 88. 

Mast', pre. a contraction of Mcutey before a 
word beginning with a vowel; as, MtuVain 
(among us) ; Jlfa«<'«u (among you) ; MtuVeekep 
(among it or him) ; MtuVeck (among her.) 
This last is odd in the English, but the Manks 
requires it, as if a liquid of the feminine gender 
is mixed with something. 

Mas^tbb, pt. of mixing or churning. 

Mas'tbt, pre. among or amongst, amid or 
amidst^ mingled. 

Mas'tbt, v. mixing, stirring, churning. 

Mas'tbt-bainnbt, v. churning milk. 

Mas^tbtdbb, $. m. a mixer, a chnmer. 

Mas^tit, 85. mixed, churned, stirred. 

Mayo, pro. we ; nee mayd (we will). 

Mayl or MAY1.B, 8. m, rent. This word is writ- 
ten no less than four different ways in the 
Scriptures, tiie first of these is in Cant. yiii. ii^ 
the latter in Exra^ iv. 13. 

Mayn'raoh, 8. m. a happy person; pi. 71, 

Mayn'bsy, a. happy. 

Mayn'bys, 8. f. happiness. 

Njfn Matb, 8. yt>ur, &c. lane or way. B 

Maybnt, 8. f. March. 

May^bby, a. d. of a mother, maternal. 

Nyn l/LKTBXit 8. your, &c. cap. B 

Maybn. See Er-maym, 

Maybt, p.p. with thee; —s, Idf. an. 

Mba, a. greasy, fiat, luxuriant. 

Nyn Mba, «.' your, &c. life, the conduct or gene- 
ral manner a person behaves in life. B 

Nyn Mxaoh'by, c. your, Ike. food, living, sus- 
tenanee, victuals. 

Mbaio, 8. /. whey ; pi. — yn. 

MxAio^AOH, a. wheyish. 

Mbain or Mbayk, s. /. mine, ore. 

Mbain'aoh or Mbainby, a. d. of ore, mine, &c. 

Mbain'bydbb, 8. m. a miner ; pi. — yn. 

Mbaish, 8. f, a mease, five hundred of herrings. 

Mban, 8. m. middle, interior. 

Mban'aoh, a. middlemost, of the middle. 

Mban-oi'b, 8. m. midnight. 

Mbay, a. See Mea. 

Mbayl, a. bald, without hair or horns, depilous. 

*Mbayll or Mbayllbb, v. make depilous; 

—AOH, 77; —VL^t 80; —IN, 83 5 —INS, 84; — YM, 
80; — ^YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Mbayl'laohby, v. maldng bald, baring of irre- 

Mbayl', 8. ft a general name for a cow with- 
out horns. 

Mbayl'lit, 85. made bald or bare. 

Nyn Mbayn'nbb, s. your, &c. rei^per. B 

Nyn Mbayn'io, «. your, &c. eternity or eternal 
duration. B 

Mbc, 8. pi. sons ; the pi. of Mac. 

M'bb, p. p. about her ; — ish, id. em. 

Nyn Mbb, 8. your, &c. meat, food. 

Mxe, pro. me, my ; as misA meehene (me, myself). 

Mbb, «. /. loin; pi. — ohyn. Scarcely used bat 
in the pi. 

Mbk, un, dis, im, in, ir; only used as an adjunct. 

Mbb, 8. f. a mouth ; pi. — aohyn or — ohyn. 
That the Manks had names of their own for the 
months is evident, as Mee ny, Mannan, Mee ny 
Meayllagh, &c. 

Nyn Mbxal, s. your, &c. mouth. B 

Nyn Mbbal'aohyn, «. your, &c. bridle bits. B 

Nyn Mbbayl'bbagh, v. your, &c. babbling. B 

Nyn Mbbal'brby, 8. your, lllcc. babbler. B 

Nyn Mbbal'l6o, a. d. their, &c. of the mouth 
or before their mouth. B 

Mbbayl^ys, 8. m. fatness. 

Mbbam'mys, «. m. disrespect^ irreverence. 

Mbbam'mysaoh, a. disrespectful; «. m. an irre- 
verent person; pi. 71. 
Mkbar'bys, 8. m. impenitence. 

Mbbar'rysagb, a. impenitent; s. m. an impeni- 
tent person ; pi. 71. 

Mbbchaib'ys, 8. m. iniquity, injustice. 

Mbbchaib'ysaoh, a. iniquitous, unjust; s. m. 
an unjust person; pi. 71. 

Mbbchbsayl', 8. f. silliness, simplicity, non- 
sense. . 

Mbbchbbayl'laoh, a. silly, simple, nonsensical; 
8.m. awantwit; pi. 71. 

Mbbchbeayl^lid, 8. m. silliness, simpleness. 

Mbbchobdail' or Mbbchoboail^ys, 8. m. disa- 

MBBCHORnAiL^AOH, a. disagreeing. 

MxBCHRAu^BB, o. uugodly, wickcd ; 8. pi, irre- 
ligious persons. 

Mbechbau'bbaoht, «.f}i. ungodliness, irreligian, 
wickedness, unrighteousness. 

MBBCHBn'jAL, V. disbelieving. 

MBBCHBBnOuB, 8. m. unbelief, incredulity. 

MBBCHBBn'juAOH, tt. uubelieving; «.m. anun- 
believer; pi. 71. 

MBBCHYN^nAOH, a. inculpable ; s. m. an incul- 
pable or an unblamable person; pi. 71. 

MBBCHYN^nin, «. m. 'inculpableness, blameless- 

Meegheb'oaoh, 8. m. uncomfortableness, dis- 
tress, disconsolation. 

Meboherjo'ilagh, a. uncomfortable; «. m. a 
disconsolate person ; pi. 71. 

Mbbghbrjo'ilys, 8. m. discontent, unhapplness. 

Mbbghiast'ytlys, 8. m. uncharitableness. 

Mbbhas'tagh, a. heedless, inattentive; s. m. 
an inattentive person ; pi. 71. 

Mbbhas'tby or Mbbhas'tid, t. m. heedlesa- 
ness, inattentkm. 

Mbbhb'nb, pro. myself. 

Mbbhbbis^ht, «. /. distrust. 




MnHBsnBTSiL', «. /. despair. 

MBKHKKISHTBII'AOH, a. dlstTQStftll, dCSpftiling , 

t, m. a despairing person ; pi- 71 • 

rant; «. i». a ^enon void of knowledge; 

Mkmcsh'tbt. «. «. want or lack of knowledge, 

MMiL'BT, «. /. a mUe ; pU 67. 
MMiN, a. tame, not wild, toe joftj 2 f«W 

xxiii.6; ». tame, assuage, abate; —agh, 77, 

-Sk, 80, -IN. 83 J -INS, 84} -TM, 86} 

— TM8» 87} — TS, 88. 

Mrti'KAOHKT. V. taming, getting tame, toe or 

Ifm^NBT, a. pi' twne, fine, soft. 
Mbki'nbtbbb, •. «. one who tames, a tamer. 
Mbbi'nit, 85. tamed, abated, softened. 
Mbbit. t». meet. Though this word is a co"nP- 

tiSn if the English, yet it is made use of in the 

Hanks hymns. Ft>r its Manks see Qwuul and 

WMir « f. a wink, a twink or twinkle of the 
^e^' U: ^v. 19 ; V. to twink j -agh, 77; 

—BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 

— TM8, 87; — YS, 88. 

MBBK'AGH, a. a person is said to be so that 

keeps his eye lashes nearly closed. 
Mbbk'bt or Mbbkbtragh, «. winking, peeping; 

IfotoA, viii. 19- 
Mbbkbt-sooill', «. the twinkUng of an eye. 
Mbbk'bybbb, ».m. a winker; p/.— tn. 
Mbbk'it, 86. winked. 
*MBBL or MBB'LBB. ^-rafAsk^u^ "jftenj^ -agh. 

77. —BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, BO, 

— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Mbb'laohby, ». softening, &c. 
Mbb', a. soft, moist, fine to the touch ; a. pi. j 

id, em> 
Mbx'lbydbb, 8. m. a softener. 
Mbx^lit, 85. softened, moistened. 
MbbioV, v. disallow; -agh, 77; -«. ^{ 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. 

MbbloVal, a. dlsallowable; v. disallowing. 

MbloVit, 85. disallowed. 

Mbbn. a. patient, dew, fine, mild, meek; i». to 
make mild, meek, &c.} -agh, 77; — ". »»» 
—IN, 83; -ins, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87$ 
— YS, 88. 

Dp Mbbn, aiv, patiently, meekly. 
Mbbn'aghby, v. getting patient, mild, &c. 
Mbbn'by, a. pi. patient, fine, dear, &c. 
Mbbn'id, 8. m. patience, meekness. 
Mbbn'it, 86. See Meeinit, 
Mbbonnbbaoh. a. dishonest; #. «. » dishonest 

person; pi. 71 • 
MxBON^NBRio, 8. ». dishoucsty. 
Mbbonnoroil', a. dishonourable. 
Mbbonnoboil'id, «. m. dishonourableness. 
Mbbooash'laghby, 9, indignifying, profiming. 
Mbbooash'lby. «. m. indignity, dishonour. 
Mbsooas'lb, a. ignoble, mean. 
Mbxou^bys, 8. m. insuspidon. 
Mbbou'byssagh, o. insuspidous; ».m. anln- 

BOBpldous person; i»J. 7l« 
Mbbb, #./. »]^«cej i»l.-YN. We have this 

2 A 

word still retained In our lajfW "STJ^ 
to that meaning, 1. Sam. xiU. 20 ; it is the 
proper Manks of piece ; the word Peeuh, which 
Is too often made use of, is only a corrui^ 
of the English. Why some Insist that it m«HM 
bread may be easily accounted for ; as, give 
the child a piece. Cur meer da*nlManHOO 
(give a piece of bread to the child). The above 
eUipsls may account for It. It Is often the 
case that an article used in an action is cauea 
the action itself ; for instance, tea for W 
meal, &c.; ©. piece; -agh, 77 1 — bb, 80 j 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 
Mbb'baghby, e. pledug, or putting pieces 

Mbb'bbydkb, «. m. plecer ; pi. — yn. 
Mbbbbil'tagh, a. unruly, turbulent, disloyal ; 

8. m. an unruly person; ph 71 • 
Mbbrbil'tys, s. m. uuruliness, turbulence, 

Mbbrioo'saoh, a. Inattentive, negligent, re- 
gardless of what Is said or done ; «. m. negu- 
gent person ; pi. 71* 
Mbbbioo'se, »./. (firom ilf «e/r«<MWtf,; Inattention, 

Inadvertence, negligence. 
Mbbvayn'baoh, 8. m. an unhappy one; pi. 71' 
Mbbvayn'bey, a. unhappy. 
Mbbvayn'bys, 8. f. unhappiness. 
Mbbvi'allaoh, o. disobedient; a.m. a disobe- 
dient person ; pi. 7^' 
Mbbvi'allys, 8, disobedience, rebellion. 
Mbbvoyl'lby, 8. m. dispraise. 
Mbbyl, ». /. a louse; pi. — yn. 
Mbbyl chbyrbagh, 8. f. a sheep-louse. 
Mbbyl chbbbn, 8. /. a small wwm or ^^^ 
eats away timber, also one that bmrrows und« 
a person's skin and causes great itch, and on 
which is the following couplet : 
"Dp heagh ee er e bolg mpr fee er e dreeym, 
Shimmep mae dooiwnep yinnagh ee harrien y 

Mbbyl'laoh, a. lousy. 
Mbo, 8. f. a cosset, a pet lamb. 
JVyn Mbg, 8. your, &c. little. B 

2Vy« Mbg'gan, «. your, dim. of Uttle. B 

N^ Mbg'gid, 8. your, &c. UtUeness. B 

Mbih. ». balance, weigh ; -agh, 77 i -»■, M ; 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 865 —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 
Mbih, «. m. a balance, a weight, a scale j mult, 

much ; pi. — ^aghyn. 
Mbib'aohby, v. weighing, balancing. 
Mbih'bydbr, 8. m. one that weighs. 
Mbih'it, 86. weighed, balanced. 
Npn Mbihl'laghyn, «. your, &c. grinding** B 

Mbil, «./. aliPJ 1>^— »'™- , ^ 

MBIL.BAA^ «./. cowsUp, preaglc, poUlanwer. 
Mbil'lby, 8. /. a basin, a bowl ; pi. 67. 
MBiL^Lin, «. m. (from MoalJ desplcablencsi, 

meanness, degeneracy, poomeas. 
Mbinn, 8. f. meal ; pi. — yn. _ , 

Mbin'nby, a. pi. meal; «. rf.ofmcal. 
Mbir, 8. pi. fingers. 

Npn Mbtsht, 8. your, to. brat* f pi' ^yh> 
Mbiygh, a. benign, tender, « ^*!J% »**• iJ* 
t. to be benign; —agh, 77} — »»j ^ij^^' 
83 ; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 J — YS, 88. 




Mbit^ohst, t. yearnliig with tendemesi or 

Mbit'ohid, 8. m. benigrnity, tenderness. 

Mbit'ohit or Mbitqht, 85. drawn oat in ten- 
derness, &c. 

JVjfn Mbitn, «. pi, year, &c. beasts. B 

Mblltd-chrbb', «./. melancholy. 

JVjfn Mbn, s. your, &c. wife or woman. B 

Mbnk'id or MbnVickid, «. m. frequency. 

Mbn/nbb, 8. f, an awl ; pi, — tn j E»od. xxi. 6. 

Mbn'ntck, a. often, frequent. 

If bkoy'b or Mhbnoyraob, a, {Myn and Ooir,) 
mellow, mealy, goodly; Jet. zl. l6. 

Mbhtot^bid, 8. m, mellowness. 

Mbois, 8. m. a moar, a man sworn to coUect the 
Lord*s rent of a parish. 

Mboir-aoolisb, 8. m. a beadle. • 

Mboir'snts, «. m. the moarship. 

Nyn Mbr'chts, «. your, &c. riches. B 

*Mkrg or MsBOBB, V. mst; — aoh, 77; — kb, 

80 J —IN, 83} —INS, 84; — TM, 86; — THS, 87; 

— YS, 88. 

Mbr'oaoh, a, rusty. 

Mbr'oby, a. d, of a market or fair. 

Mbb'obr or Mbroys, 8, m. rust. 

Mbr'oby, 8. m. ensign; Isa. zxz. 17. 

Mbr'gbydbr, 8. m. something that rusts. 

Mbr'oid or Mbroys, «. m. rustiness. 

Mbr'oit, 85. rusted. 

Mb'riu, p. p, with you; — ish, id. em, 

Mbrrioo'sb, 8. f, stupor, sluggishness. 

Mbr'riu, 8, pi, the dead. 

Mbr'riuib, 8. m. deadness. 

Mbsh'tal, a. drunken. 

Mbsh'talauh or Mbshtbylagh, «. m. a drunk- 
ard; pi, 71. 

MbshVallys or Mbshtbylagh, «. m. drunk- 
enness; Rom, ziii. 13. 

Mbsh'tby. See Er-m^htey, 

Mbsb'tbylys, 8. m, inebriation, intoxication, 
ebriety, ebriosity. See also Meahtallya, 

Mbss, «. m, fruit. 

Mbssoi'i., a. fruitftd, fertile. 

Mbssoi'lid, a, m. finitfulness. 

Mbst, V, mix; — aoh, 77 i — bb, 80; —in, 83; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; — YS, 88. 
Mbst'it, 85. mixed; Deu. xv. 4 and 6. 
If bt/tby, o. tender, delicate. 

Mbi/tby-ys, «. m. delicacy, delicateness; Deu. 
xzviii. 66. 

Mbyd'x.aoh, a, (from MooadJ heavy and slow 

in moving on account of size. 

Mbyd'lid, 9, m, slowness and inactivity in 

Mhbd'dyr, 8. /, a pail, a vessel like a noggin 

Mhbz'lby, «. a mile; pi, 67, See. also Meeilep, 

Mhbil, 8, /. a company of reapers or shearers 
in a field cutting com ; pL — yn. The Welsh 
has Medal for the same. 

Mhbil'lba, 8, f, the term is used for the finish- 
ing of reaping com ; from Mheil (a company 
of reapers), and Eafroia Fea (the reapers' rest). 

Uhill, v. mar, moil, spoil, dirty; or render 
useless. This word is written 3fWi /am. ill. 
6; but for the better sound's sake and a dif- 

fierence from Mill (honey), the h is inserted j 
— AOH, 77; — BB, 80; — in, 83; — ins, 84; — TU, 
86; — YM8, 87; — YS, 88. 

Mhil'lbb, a d. of marring or spoiling. 

Mhil'lby, V, marring, spoiling, dirtying. 

Mbtl'lbydbr, 8, m. a marrer, spoiler, &c. 

Mhil'lit, 85. spoiled, marred, &c. ; Jer. xviil. 4. 

Mhin'ao, 8. f, a pinch, a nip ; pi, — yn. 

Mhingooh, v. yawning, gaping. 

Mhinoyr' or Minoyraoh, a. mellow, m^y. 

Mhinoyr'by, a. pi. mellow, mealy. 

Mhinoyr'id, 8. m. mellowness, mealiness. 

Mhioyb, 8. m. the sense of feeling and touch 
acuteness of feeling, &c. 

Mhioy'ral, a. having the pow^ and sense of 
feeling, and the use <rf the members. 

Nyn Mhir, «. your, &c. crops, spits. B 

Nyn Mhit'tao, «. your, &c. milk for chnming.B 

Mbol'lim, a, friable, earthy, ready to fall to 

pieces when applied to earth ; when applied to 

fruit, mellow or getting rotten. 

*Mholm or Mholmbb, «. moulder, make fria- 
ble or earthy ; — aqh, 77 1 — bb, 80 ; — in, 83 ; 

— INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Mhol'maghby, v. mouldering, making fnable, 
earthy, or mellow. 

Mhol'hby, a, pi. friable, brittle, mellow. 

MHOL'MBvnBR, 8. m. a crumbier, a moulder, or 
something that renders friable. 

Mhol'mid, 8. m. friableness, mellowness. 

Nyn Mhow, 8. your, &c. bow. B 

Mhuil'tchin, 8. m. a two year old mutton. 

Mhuinnbe'l, 8. f. a sleeve. 

"Nyn Mhut, a. your, &c. prop or support. B 

Mi'al, a. mansuete, mUd, gentle, lenient, good 

Nyn Mi'allys, 8. your, &c. subjection, obe- 

Mi'alys, 8, m, mansuetude, mildness, demency, 

Mi'an, 8, m, Matthew, Matthias. The both 
names are so caUed according to the old 
phrase r — '* l,a<i^l inian carragh akaaynarroo sy 
n*ouyrt aa marroo ny eayin ay n*arragk,** The 
feast of St. Matthias is held on the 26th of 
February, and that of St. Matthew on the 21 st 
of September. 

Mian, a. m. (sounded Meean^) appetite, eager 
wish for some thing, a fond or hankering desire. 

Mian'dagh, a. fond, longing for, having an 
appetite for, minded for, desirable; a, m. a 
person longing for something ; pi. 71 , 

Mian'ded, a. m. eagerness of appetite, or mind 
for something desirable. 

MiB, a. good; a, m. good, weal. 

Dy MiB, adv. well. 

Nyn MiBAu'iD, a, your, &c. speed, &c. B 

Mix-chrbb'gh, a. well disposed, good hearted. 

MiB DY LI o OAR, odv. Well euough. 

MiB^- BY, a, pi, good. 

MiB^NYN, 8. pi. virtues; Eeclesiaatieua.yiiLy. 

Mib'ys, 8, f, goodness. 

Mil'jby, a, pi. sweet ; Cant. i. 3. 

Mil'jbydbb, a. m. a confectioner ; pi, — tw. 

iVjfn MiLJYN, a, your, &c. trees. B 

Mill, a, m. honey; MUlermaar (honey on a 


Hill'chea, ». m. mildew. Some might think 
this word an Anglicism, but I rather think 
the English word a Gaelicism, the mill firom 
mar or moil, and kay mist {Millkay), 

Mill'chkait, 85. mildewed. 

MiL^LEYr ». «»• a million} 1 Chron. xxi. 6. 

Nyn Mil'lbt, «. your* &c. tree. B 

MiL^LiSH, a. sweet. Prov. " Millish dy ghoaUl 
agh aharroo dy eeck.** 

MillOao, «. /. (from MillJoughJ a sweet drink, 
ale before the hop is added, mead. 

Mill'jaohkt, v. sweetening. 

MiLL'jin or Milljts, s. f. sweetness. 

Mim'bbe, p. p. about her; — ish, id. em. 

Mim'mky, s, /. a godmother j pt. 67* 

Nyn MiNB, ». your, &c. drop. B 

MiNO, V. pinch, nip, bitej —a oh, 77 j -tKb, 80; 

—IV, 83 J —ins, 84 j -TM, 86; — YM8, 87 j 

— TS, 88. 
Nyn MiNO, «. your, &c. jury. B 

Ming'bt, v. pinching, nipping, &c, 
Mino'btder, 8. m. a pinchers a nipper. 
MiNo'iT, 85. pinched, nipped. 
Nyn Mino'ys, s. your, &c. music. 
MiNJBio', 8. f. a young hind or roe ; a bundle 

of heather, &c. 
Min'naoh, 8. m. guts, bowels, entrails, pith. 
MiN'Nin, 8. /. a minute; pL — yn. 
MioL, o. tempt, entice; — aoh, 77} — bb, 80; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. 

Mio^LAOH, 8. m. a temptation, &c ; pi. — yn. 

Mio'laohby, >. tempting, enticing, &c. 

Mio'lbydbb, 8. m. a tempter, &c j pi, — tk. 

Mio'lit,- 85. tempted, tried. 

Mto^yr, e. See Mhioyr. 

Nyn Mio'ys, 8. your, &c. life ; pi. — yn, B 

Mib'ril, 8. /. a miracle; pi. — yn. 

Mib^bilagh, a. miraculous. 

MisH, pro. me, emphatically, 

Nyn Mish'aoh or Mishaohby, v. your, &c. 
increasing or multiplying. B 

Mis'silaoh, a. precarious, fickle. 

Mis^siLiD, «. m. uncertainty, &c. 

Nyn Mit'chby, 8. your, &c. bitch. E 

Mitch oo'r, «. m. a rogue. 

Mitchoo'raoh, a. roguish, mischierons. 

Mitchoo'raoht, 8./. roguishness, mischief. 

Nyn MiTB, «. yonr, &c. bait, wick. B 

Mith'an, 8. f. ft mitten, a glove ; pi. — yn. 

Min, p. p. about you or ye; — ish, id, em, 

Nyn Mlaa, 8, your, &c. bloom. B 

Nyn Mla'kby, «. your, &c. gazing. B 

Nyn Mlayst, «. your, &c. taste. B 

Npn Mlbb, 8. your, &c. befooled person, &c. 
See Bleh, B 




Nyn Mlbban'tyn, «. your, &c. years. 
Npn MlbIn, 8. your, &c. year. 
Nyn Mlxn^nick, 8. your, &c. b^y faX, 
Nyn Mlbbt, «, your, &c. blast. 
Nyn Mlibaun, v. your, &c. milking. 
Nyn Mlibau'naoh, 8. your, &c. milking. 
Nyn Mlibau^nbydxb, a. your, &c. milker. 
Nyn Mik>b'brby, 8, your, &c. babbler. 

Nyn Mlod, «. your, &c. blade. B 

Nyn Mluo'oan, «. your, &c. ball. B 

Nyn Moad'agh, «. your, &c. cod. B 

MoAL, a. mean, meagre, poor, gaunt, despicable, 

sorry, dim. 
Nyn MoAL or Moallby, «. your, &c. walL B 
Moal'lby, or as in Deu. xxviii. 65, Moaluby, 

a. pi. poor, mean, meagre, despicable, sorry, 

and when applied to sight, dim. 
Nyn MoAL^LAGHYN, 8. pi. your, &c. walls. 
Moa'nagh, a.d. of or belonging to turf. 
Moan'daoh, a. blunt, not acute, dull on the 

edge, faultering, stammering, feeble; Itaiah,, 

xxxii. 4. 
Fer MoAN'nAOH, 8. m. afnmbler. 
Nyn Moan'dby, «. your, &c. band. B 

MoAN^niD or Moan'dys, «. t». dulness, blunt- 

Nyn Moan'dyr, «. your, &c. nurse. B 

Nyn Moan'oyrys, ». your, &c. nursing. B 

MoA^NEB, 8, f. a turbary, a field of turfy soil; 


Moa'nby or MOANAGH, a. turfy, of turf; as, 

grunt moaney (turfy ground). 
Nyn Moan'noo, «. your, &c. weaned pig. B 
MoAR, V. moor, or tie in a harbour; —agh, 77 ; 

—BE, 80; —IN, 83; —IKS, 84; — YM, 86; 

— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Moar'al, V. mooring. 

Nyn MoAR^nxR, ». yonr, &c. border. B 

MoAR'sYnsR, 8. m. one that moors. 

Moar'it, 85. moored. 

Nyn MoAYL, «, your, &c. place. B 

MOAYN or MOAYIN, «. /. turf. 

Kyn MoAYRn, «. your, &c table. B 

Nyn Mo'chil or Mochillby,«. your, &c.herd. B 
Nyn Mo'chillaght, t>. your, &c. herding. • B 
Nyn Mock, «. your, &c. gelding. B 

Moi/dagh, a. doggish. 
Mon'DBE, 8. pi. dogs. Prov. " Ta ny moddee er 

churnyngioneayphoti" and, "Bot^ moddee, 

aa beggan eraueyn.** 
Mod'oxy, a, m. a dog. 
MoD^DBY airh, a. m. a mock sun. 
Mon^DBY OALDEY, 8. m. a wolf . 
Nyn ModOal, a. your, &c. cloud. B 

Mo*BE, p. p. on her or about her; — ish, id, em, 
Mog'olaoh, a, ofmeshornet. 
Nyn Moo'oBY, a, your, &c. joy. B 

Moo^oYL, «. m. a mesh; pi, — yn, or Mooolyv. 
Mooh'by, a. early. 

MooH^BYiD or MooH'in, t. m. earliness. 
Nyn Mooh'lanb, a. your, &c. bank. B 

Mooh'rby, a. m. morning. A contraction of 
this word is used when Manks people meet 
each other of a morning ; they say Mo*rey, 
which is so like morrow l£at people who do not 
understand the language imagine they speak 
of to .morrow. To pluralize, tiie y changes to 
eyn, Prov. " Foddee faatyr grianagh ve ec 
moghrey bodjalagh." 

Nyn MooHT, a. your, &c. poor person. B 

Nyn Mooh'tynid, a. your, Ac, porerty. B 

MoHLT, a, m, a mutton. 

M'oi, p. p, against m«} acontnctioii ot n^f 
and iMl. 



Moi'dtn, 8. /. a Tirgin, a maiden. 

Moi^DTNAOH, a. Tirgijial. 

Moi'dtnys, «. /. Tirginity, maidenhead. 

MoiR, s. f. mother, a female parent, a dam; 
Stwd, xzii. 30. 

MoiR-NT-usBTAOHTN, f. /. a sooTce of the 
waters; 2 Kingt,i!L 21. 

MoiB^AQH or MoiRoit, a. mothexly, maternal. 

Nyn Moir'kt, «. yonr, &c. dLstorbance, &c. B 

Npn MoiR^BTDXR, i. your, &c. disturber, &c. B 

Moib'rst, s. /. Mary. 

MOL, 8. tn, a nave, a mould ; pi. — tn. 

MoLO, «•/. a milt; p/. ~yn. 

Njfn MoLo, «. your, &c. belly. B 

MoLOAOH, a. having milt or milts. 

Npn MoLOAN^B, 8, your, &c. calf of leg. B 

Nyn Mol'oum, «. your, &c. mouthful. B 

MOLK, V. macerate, mortify, rot; — aoh, 7f; 
— BB, SO ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — tm, 86 ; — TMS, 
87;— T«,88. ' 

Mol'baoh or MoLBAOHBT, V. macerating, the 
first stage of rottenness. 

Mol'rbt, o, rotting, pntrifying. 

MoL^Kir, 8S. macerated, putrifled. 

Moll, v. deceive, cheat, dupe, disappoint; 
Mat. «iv. 4 ; Proo. " My yial ify molli" 
—AOH, 77 ; —TStl, 80; ^IW, 83; —ins, 84; 
— TM, 86; — TM8, 87; — YS, 88. 

Nyn Mol'lao, 8, your, &c. skull. B 

MOL^LAQ, 8. /. a buoy ; pi. — YN. 

Mol'lagh, a. rough, rugged. 

MoL^LAOHT, 8. m. a curse ; pi. — yn. 

Mol'laohtaoh, a. cursed* accursed/ blasphe- 

Mollaght-myn'nby, 8. m. an execration, acurse 
of curses, a double curse ; Jer. xM, 18. and 
xliv. 12. ' 

Npn Mol^lan, 8. your, &c. loclE-fish. "b 

Mol'lbb, 8. /. the eye brow ; pi. — tn. 

Mol'lbt, a. d. of sweetness; PW. xix. lO.Manks 

Mol'lby, ». deceiving, cheating, disappointing. 
Mol^lbydbr, 8. m. one who disappoints. 
Mol'liD) «. M. roughness, ruggedness. 

Mol'lit, 85. cheated, deceived, duped, disap. 
pointed, mistaken. 

MoLTBYR^ *. m. a deceiver, a cheat, an impos- 
ter; Prw. "MolleeynMolteyrootnyoddy8eh.** 

MoLTBYB^AOH, a. dcceltfcil, fraudulent, insidloQS. 

Moltvyb'ys, 8. m. fraud, deceit, imposition, du. 

Npn Molvan'b, 8, your, &c. dolthead. B 

Nyn Molvan'ys, «. your, &c. doltishness. B 
Npn Mon'diaoht, «. your, &c. bondage. B 
Mono, v. smile, smirk} -^aoh, 7Ti — »b, 80; 

—IN, 88, —INS, 84} — TM, 86; -YMS, 8/; 

**"TS, 88. 

Hono'bt, v. smiling, smbrklng. 
Mono'btdbb, 8. m. asmilerj pi. 
Mono'itbb, 85. smiled on. 
Npn MoNx^AN, 8. your, &c. boor, Ac. B 

Mon'nbt, 8. m. manner, meaning; a« much. 

many ; mostly nsed negatively. 
Moo, p. p. aboat them ; — stn, id, em, 
yyn MooA, t. your, &c. cow. B 


*MooAD or MooADBB, tf. enlarge, extend. In- 
crease, magnifjr, exaggerate; —aoh, 77 ; — bb, 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

MooA^nAOHBY, V. enlarging, increasing in macr- 
nitnde, exaggerating. 

MooA'oBvnBR, 8. m. an enlar^, ftc. 

MooA'niT, 85. enlarged, extended. 

MooAns or Mooadys, «. m. greatness, size, 

bulk, extremity; Job, xxxv. 15, Ua. xl. 90, 

Neh. xiii. 22. 

MooAB, a. big, large, great, vast, kc. 
Dy MooAB, adv. greatly, largely, hugely, &c. 
*MooAB or MooARBB, V. grudge, envy, seeing 
big or large, too large to be ^ven, or another 

to have ; — AGH, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; —in, 83 ; —INS, 
84; — YM, 86 ; —VMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Mooa'baohby, v. grudging, seeing too great 
for others to enjoy. 

Moobaig'naoh, a. magnwiimous. 
Mooaraio'nys, 8. m. magnanimity. 
Moora'laoh, a. haughty, ambitious, ostenta* 
tioos ; «. m. a haughty person; pi. 71. 

Mooara'lys, «./. ambition, haughtiness, osten- 

Moo Aran' or Mooaran'b, 8. m. much, many ' 
the dim. of Mooar, a littie much. ' 

Mooar'by, a. pi. big, great, large, enormous, 

Mooar'bvder, 8, m. one who gmdges. 
Mooar'it, 85. grudged. 

Mooab-lbaoh^ a. predons, valuable. ; Pro. vi. 26 
Cha Mooab lbsh, v. he caretb not on account 
of size; — ^YN, id. em. 

Cha Mooar lh*eb, ado. she careth not, &c.i 
— ^iSH, id. em. 

Cha Mooab lhiam, ado. I care not, &e.i —a. 
id. em. » -» 

Mooab- ooASLB^, a. great honour, honomablei 
AeU, xxviii. 10. 

Mooab'-rhbynn, 8. m. a province. 

MooAB-voLo^AOH, a. big bellied. 

Mood, p. p. about thy body, about thee. 

Cwr Mood, p. dress; Ac*8, xU. 8; — «, «|. «n. 

Moo'BB, p.'p. about her, about her body; — laa, 
id. 0fn* 

MooGH, «. quench, extinguish; -aoh, 77: •~-Kmi 
80; —in, 83^ —INS, 84; — ym, 86; — TMaTaTi 
— ^YS, 88. ^ ' 

MoooH^BT, V. quenching, extingnlshfpg. 

MooGH^BYDBB, 8. i». aqucucher, 6te.; pi. ~tn. 

Moogh'it, 85. qnencfaed, extinct: extinguished: 
leaiah, xliii. 17. 

MooiDJBBN^, 8. m. (i)rom Maeie, oxA, and Jeemi, 
of us) an outlawed or excommunicated person, 
one out of the pale of the church, a miscieaiitt 

pi. — YN. * 

Mooidjbbn'aoh, a. behaving as a miscreant or 

outlawed person. 
Mooidjbbn'ys, 8. m. miscreancy; p/.-— yjr. 
MooiN, V. i. piss, make animal water. 
MooiNBT, a. pi. urine or animal water. 
MooiN or MiriN, p. j». lOxmt vm, or mounted on 

us J — TN, id. em. 

MooiN^JBB, 8. f. meiny, domestics, servants 

about one, relatives, honsdudd; JW, i. s. 
MooiN^jBBBT, a. d. of a relation, servant, Ac. 


llooiNjBR-Tio'oBv, s. pi. little ones aboatone. 

MooinObrts, 9. m. relationship, alliance, the 
state at being related. 

Er Mooin' t chbillbt, ado. on one another, 
mounted on one another, pell mell. 

MooiR or MuiR, «. f. (Mare, Latin) main, the 
sea; Eccl. i. 7. 

Mooirchoor', 8. m. a wreck j pi. — aohtnj v. 

•— AOH, 77 I —KB, 80 J — IV, 83 J — INS, 84 J 
— TM, 86 J — TMS, 87 J — T8, 88. 

MooiRCHOo^RBT, V. Wrecking. 
Mooirchoo'retdbr, «. m. awrecker; pi. — tk. 
)fooiRCHOo'RiT,'85. wrecked. 

Hooirbb'rbt, 8. f. a billow ; pi. 67; biilows, 
the rising of the sea by wind, the motion made 
on standing com by wind. 

Hooir-hra'ib, 8. f. the ebb tide, low water. 

MoorjbbVaoh, a. mnrky, dark, gloomy, of a 
sea coloar, clondy, looking for rain, watery. 

Mooirjbb'nts, 8./. appearance for rain, cloudi- 
ness, lowering, gloominess. 

MooiRLAi'o, 8. f. a sea worn stone. 

Mooirla'nb, 8. f. an edible sea tang. 

UooiR LHiBB^NBY, 8. m. the JBowing of the sea, 
the flood tide. 

Vyn MooisB, «. yonr, &c. thanks. B 

Vyn MooiTs, ». yoor, &c. gratitude. B 

MoOM, p. p. about me ; — s, id. em. 

Moon, «. m. urine, piss, animal water. 

Moon, t». piss, &c.; —Aon, 77 i — bb,80j —in, 
83 J —ins, 84 ; — YM, 8flj — yms, 87 j — ys, 88. 

MooN^BYOBR, «. m. one who makes water. 

MooNooAR, 8. f. the herb orragh or orrange . 

This is is one of the quickest herbs known to 

grow and run to seed. 
MooNT, 85. pissed. 

Nyn Moo'rby, «. your, &c. beach \ pU 67. B 
MoosT, V. rouse, hastily or suddenly starting 

out of a qniet posture j — agh, 77 \ — eb, 80 j 

—in, 83 j —ins, 84} — YM, 86} -YMS, 87 J 
— YS, 88. 

Moos'tby, 8. m. a sadden rouse or spring from 

sleep or a quiet posture ; pi. 67< 
Moos'tbydbr, «. m. arouserj pi. — yn. 
Moos'tit, 85. roused, bustled. 
MooYLL, 8. f. a mull, a cape ; pi. — yn. 
Nyn Mos'sAN, ». your, &c. herb. B 

Moughan'b, 8. m. a cough ; pi. — ^nr. 
MouoBAN^BAOH, a. having a cough. 
Mouoha'nby, «. coughing. 
Ifpn MouY^Rin, «. your, &c. deaihesg. B 

Mow, V. waste, decayed, destroyed. 
Cut "Mow or Coprt Mow, v. wasting, decaying, 

destroying, consuming, ; Deu. ix. s. 
MoYLL, V. praise, applaud ; — aoh, 77 \ — bb, 
80; — ^IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 
87; — YS, 88. Prov. ** Moffll 9 laa tnie 
Moyi.'lkb, o. d. of praise or applause. 
Moyl'lby, 8. f. praise, applause, &c. 
_^— cHARANB, a corruption, no donbt, 

of Moylley Hiam (praise to the Lord). 
..— — — CHBBBBT, piaise to Christ 

- RBA or RBB, praise to the King. 
_«— ^ vARTYN, praise to St. Martin. 

. voiRRBY, praise to St. Biary. 

^ TRBBSBBY, pndse to St. Bridget. 

9 B 



MoYL^LBYDBR, 8. ffi. R praiicr, an applandor. 

Moyl'lit, 85. praised, applauded. 

MoYLL Y CBiARN, in. haUeluJah. 

Npn MoYN, 8. your, &c. heel. B 

Nyn Moyn'nagh, «. your, &c. heelstrap. B 

MoYRN, 8. f. pride, haughtiness. Prov. " Yiom 
mojfrn Ihieggep ;** and " Cha vel eh cheet jeth 
datnoym, dayannoored erbee ta laeeal leahtal,** 

MovrVaoh, a. proud, haughty; a.m. a proud 

I>erson; pl.7i. * 

Nyn Mraao, «. your, &c. shoe. B 

Nyn Mraain, «. your, &c. quern. B 

Mraanb, 8. pi. women, wives. 

— — TRBOOHB, 8. pi. VrldOWB. 

•^— — JBB, 8. pi. goddesses. 

— ^— sHARVAANT, «, pi. maidsefvants. Sea 
also Inneenffn veyl. 

Nyn Mraar, «. your, &c. brother. B 

Note.— J/ may be well here to obeerve that a 
train of etAetantivee and verba radically in S, 
by placing Nyn before them, might be here in- 
eerted, but for brevity*8 eake are omitted, except 
a few, ae reference may be made to the radieal§ 
in B, and change the B to M, the meanix^ 
being the eame. 

Mras'tyr, 8. m. an evening meal. Some think 
this to be the old Manks of dinner. 

Mrastyr-bbo', 8. m. a luncheon in the eyeninff. 

Mrbih, a. d. of women. 

Nyn Mriw'nys, «. your, &c. judgment. B 

Muc or Muck, «. /. a pig, hog, swine; pi. — tw. 

Mdc'kaoh, a. hoggish. 

Muck-aw'in, 8. f. a bear. 

Muck'laoh, 8. m. a hogsty or pigsty. 

Nyn MuiCK, «. your geldings. B 

Muic'kby, or MuioEY, a. d. of swine or pigs. 

MuiHLT, < pi. muttons. The pi. of Mohlt. 

MuiRT or MuiHRT, 8. pi. becves. 

Nyn Muil'ly, «. your, &c. blow; pi. 67* B 

Nyn MuiNN, v. your, &c. reaping. B 

Muin'nby, 8. m. mesentery; it is called inwardt 
in the English Bible ; Leo. iii. 9 ; pf' 67* 

Mul'lao, 8. f. a cask, a keg; pi. — yn. 

Mul'i<aoh, 8. top, summit; pi. 7S> 

MuL^LKX, a. d. of the top or summit. 

Mum'boo, p. p. about them ; — syn, id. em. 
See also JIfoo. 

MuM^Mio, 8. f. the familiar of mother; appella- 
tions for grandmother on the mother^ side in 
the Manks are, Mummig my vuwtmig, ben my 
yieick wooar, aa my warree, 

Nyn Mi7N, 8. your, &c. See Sun. B 

MuNLAA^ 8. m. mid-day, noon, twelve o'clock. 
Nyn Mun'nby, a. your, &c. sheaf; pi. 68. B 
MuR^LBiN, «./. a hamper; pi. 79* 
Mur'ran, a. m. a plague or contagious dis- 

Nyn Mur'tag, a. your, &c. Uunt knife. B 

Mur'taohby, v. bungling, ftimbling. 
Nyn Mus'sAL, a. your, &c. handkerchief. B 
MusTHAA^ a. m. a blander, an uproar» a tunnlt. 

It may also he the Manks of moster ; pL — yn. 
Mustban'b, «. spunk, rotten wood tinned to 

Nyn MuTTAO, yoor, &c. battag. B 

Mwaa'bb, «. pi. hares. 

— »-.- , 



t, i. m. a haM. Pron. " Acitm im 

MwANB, «. /. 1^ embryo of an tgg in Ibwis, 
ftc., the fetus of any other animal in the 
womb i Jobf iii. 16 j pt. — tn. 

Mitan'na];, «. m. the neck, the nape, the coUar 
or caj^; as in Job, xxx. 19. 

HwAv'vAh CASSt «. /• the small of the leflT' 
HwAV'juA^ cooAT* #• *>• the cape of a coat, &c. 
Mwan'n^l LAua, «. /. the wrist > jrl. Mwan- 


Mwam'nallaoSi a. 4* of the neck or necks. 
MwAN^NALLTS, «. «>• the act of hayinf the arm 

round the neck; being in <dose contact or 


MwAa'aax, t. f. a grandmother j pL —ys, 

Mwas'hao, «. /. a wigr, a bnnch of hair, a 
Mowze } pi. — YN. 

Mwat', 8, /. a large sea snail, a wilk or 
walk; pi. — FK. 

ffyn Vwii«^»r, $, your, See. loaf; pt. ••— tn. B 
Mviira, f. /. a mane; pi. •^tn. 
MwiVG-jasA^B, », «. a bone halter ; pi. <— tn. 
Bfpn MwiM^NCCAir, a. your, Ac. yolk. B 

Ngn MwoAiL^TCHTN, «. yoor, &c. folds; Jer. 
xxlii. 8. B 

Hwtl'jxt, a. d, of a mill or mills. 

MwtlOtn, 8. pi. mills. 

Mwtl'lab, «. m. a miller ; p{. — rv. 

Mwtl'lakaob, a. <f. of a miller. 

Mwtl'ltn, «. a miU or miln. 

— — ab'boo, 8. f. a com mill. 

-— — — — FAsVxB, 8. f, a winnowing machine. 

' axA'TBB, 8, f. a wind mill. 

' LAAB^x, 8. f. a floor mill. 

————— LAUx', 8. f. a hand miU. 

————— lixbn', 8. f. a flax mill. 

— — — usH^rxT, 8. f. a water mil}. 

* WAL^KBB, 8. f. a tuck mill. 

1(7, pre. before ; Qen. 1. 10. My dooar eh bcuue 
(before he died). 

Mt, pre. my, mine, me. It is always sounded 
Mheat Mey. 

|if T, cony, if, suppose that, allow that. 

M*T, ado. pro. that and me (a contraction of tr 

fat By (that), and « in Mee (me) ; JRovi. ▼!!. if. 
Mt-chbil'lxt, a. continuous, together. 
Mr-<;«ie^^x, p. p. about, coneerning; of who, 

of wfiom ; — ^BSRYN', id, effi, 

Mt-chiom'k xck, p, p^ about her, cQoc^roing 
her; — isH, id. efii. 

Mt-C]b[iom'x oC| |». p. about them, &c. ; — stn, 
M. eni. 

Mv-caoAu', iMfo. In chaff. 

Mr-DTT cbion'b, p. p. about ISiee, coneerning 
HMef 1 1'xM. xix. 3. --^i, M. em. 

Mt-chionx^stn, p. p. about him, em. Bee also 
ll^cA<one.atAyn; Jea. zxix. 16. 

Mt-x-chion^ p. p. about Um, of him, eon- 

«eniii|ff \^ I «/«Afi, x» 90i 
l^f i-MHiir'** jif n. fiir »«. grovldQd ilitr ma. 
Mmsat'^iv |mv* afaoixt, ooncemiBg. 
MvosAv'iKT V Mo*a^, p. p. about her; — ish, 

iff. em. 

Mvoxat'bt t miif^ p. p. afbout you or ye; 
*— ISB, Hit em. 


Mtobat^bt t moo', p. p. about them; — aTir, 

M. em. 
Mtoxat'bt t mood', p. p. about thee; — a, 

M. em. 
Mtobay'bv t mooxx', p. p. about us ; — tm, 

id. em. 
Mtobat'bt y moom', p. p. about me ; — ^ys. 

Is. em. 

Myobay'bt y mysh', p. p. about him; — nr. 
Iff. em. 

Myoh'in, 8. f. mercy ; pJ. — yk. 
Myob'ixaoh, a. merdful, clement; e. m. » 
mercifol person ; pi. 71. 

Mygb'ikid or MYOHimrs, 8. f. mercifolneaa. 

My-hbx'ab, a. westward, to the west 

My-hia'b, a. eastward, to the east. 

My-hwo'atx, a. northward, to the north. 

My-Wdx, pro. 8. my hand; alter CAeef it ia an 
adv. going on, coming on, going forwant* 
getting better in health or eircomstancefl. 

Mylbxa'nxy, 8. f. this year. 

My-lxsh', o. belonging, owning. 

Myla'xx, a. with the descent, drooping. 

My-lhixu', pro. pi. the owners. 

My-libh', ado. my behalf; jDett. zxxi. 19« 

My-lioa'b, ado. could hardly, 

My-lom'arcan, pro. a. I alone; Jobti. 10. 

My lub'o, p. p. after me; — s, id. em. 

My my chio'nx, • p. p. about me, ponc«nUA|? 
me; — s, id, em. 

Myn, o. small, fine, as flour, &c. 

Myn'aohby, v. mincing, making small. 

MYN.cHYR't, 8, pi. little cares or ones. 

Mynxbal'loo, a. fainted, fell in a trancor 
swooned ; Dan. viii. 27. 

Myn'basb, 8. m. minority. 

Myn'by, a. pi. small, fine, &c. 

My-nbb', in. behold ; as, ver 00 my-net. 

My-ntxs'sxy, ado. next to, by, nearest to^ 
Num. ii. 20. 

Myn'laob, 8. m. the fine of meal or flour. 

Myn'oyb, «. i. pilfer, steal small thinsa; 
— A OR, 77 f &c. 

Mynoyraght, v. pilfering, picking and stealing^ 
stealing small things. 

Mynjei'o, «. /. a package ; pi. — yw. 

Myn'ney, 8. m. a double cutse, a great oatti. 

Er M'yn'saobby, «. hath, &o. been taught. 

My NY oio'ne, p. p. about them, about whom ; 
—s, id. im. ; Jud. yL IS. 

My nyn oio'irx, p. p. aboottiiem; •-^, id. mb. 

Myv'tbxy* <> /. mint; X^e, xl. 42. 

Myb, conj. as, like. 

My-bass', a. boiled, in seed. 

Myb-cba'agb, ado. withal» along witlt ; 9 94bi. 
X. 17. 

Myb dy bka'gh, ado^ as it were. 

My bbn', v. if did, if done. 

Mybgbd'din, adn. also, likewise, in like manner. 

Myb-bayn't, 4<fv. coY^tQWlly* 

Myb baoh, adv. asnp^. 

Myb'bagb, ado, w likew as woujid, m were. 

Myb shbv, adv. rs that, i« that nM»per. 

Myb sboh, ff4l>> thus, W^ip. 

Myb Tlt« <Mfp. M it U^* 


Mtk tsb» odO' aB be is- 

Mtb ta, oiZo. as was. 

UrtL v», <mI». •« l>eft)re, m It was, as it were; 

If Tm TSAOH, otfv. a« wcrald be. 
Mtr v'bh, e. p. as he was. 
Mtr you tou, c. p. as thou wert, so thou art. 
Htr-txin', o. as it were real, in a pretended 

manner, sham. Prov. ** Cadtey ny moddee tra 

ta my mraane ereearep** 
Mr SHB SBBN, tido. if it be, if that shotdd. 
Mtsb,' j». p. about, about him j —in, id. em. 
Mts'kid or Mts'kit, «. to. malice, hatred. 
Mts'kidaoh, o. malicious} E». xxv. 15, 
Mr TA ny oha, ado. if is or not, if it Is or not, 
Mt ta dt oha, ado» if it were or not. 
Mt Tvo'eAV ]<HiAT, ado. if too UtCle for thee, 

or if thou thought too UtOe. 
Mr tlaa'. a. in flower. 
Mr TOTM BAASB, odv. before I die. 
MT-T-cHio'ifs* J». P* of which, about which. 
MT-Tx1i^ adv. p, After me. 
Mt-tbi'bh, «. in«ar* out of the blade. 
Mt TiA.^sf» 9^^* BQufthward, to the south. 

^^^. ^ t^^^ I r^ ■* ' ' H ii M «<<« " «« 




nds letter Is one of the immutables, and does 
not change; words primarily initialled by 
▼owels come imder it, and some from F, 0, S, 
fte. as shown. The reader is not to expect the 
whole of the branch words or derivatives, but 
AS many of them will appear as may show 
how the changes are effected the changelings 
from F to iV all change to F in sacred or 
solemn discourse or wriUng. 

Na, adv. than. 

CA<i Naaoi ». pot leave or forsake j •<-aob j 

— BB } — IWl -^WS I — TM ; —VMS, 04. F 

Er KAAtAl'P* V. h»Ow &c, left, te. F 

F Naaib, s. the Itat* P 

C4a *WAAWvi or Naait'nbb, v. not gortej 

— AOH ; —IN J —INS ; — TM } — YM8, 04. A 

Er N'aait'naomkt, ». hath, &«. gorstd. A 
Naab or Naa'rbb, v. shame, disgrace; — aoh, 

yy. _BB, 89t —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 1 -/m, 86) 
•^YMS, 87 i — Y8, 88. 

Naa'raobbt, v. shameingf 
NAAit^DST* «• waste, decayed, »bo3i9bod. 
NAA'MTt »• /• sbame. See N^tvrey. 
NAA^ASTDAont a. sh«jneful» bashful. 
Naa'mtdsr* '•«»• ooewhoAhamegji pi. wtk% 
NAA'wi-J^AaP. o« bpabful. 
Naa'bit, J9^. shamed. 
da Naarb or Naar^hbb, v. not bathe} — aob ; 

-r||€ J -"INS } — TM J -rTMBf 0*' ' 

Er Kaar'kbt, v. hath, &c. bathed. F 

Gia •N'AARi^ or NAAa'ii««, e. not eook or 

dress sae^tj — ▲«■} -^-wj — inbj — tmj 

— TMS, 04. . . A 

Er Naar'laobby, «. hath,lte. cooked Tictual».A 
Cha •JTaas or Naasb, e. not grow-, — aobi 

— BB J —IN } —INS ; — TM J — TM8, 94. A 

Er N»aa8b, ». hath, &c. grown. A 

Cha N»AA9T, V. not wring; —aoh ; — bb ; — IN ; 
—INS; — YW; — YUS, 94. F 

Er N'aas'tby, pt. hath, &c. wrung. F 

Dy •Naau or Naaub, t>. to creep, to swim ; 

— A3H } — BB ; —IN , -INS'; — YM ; — YM8, 94. S 

Cha N'ab'btr, ». not say ; —aoh ; — bb ; — in ; 

— INS } — YM } — YMS, 94. A 

Ka'boo, b. m. a neighbour ; pi. — yn. 
Ka'booaoh, a neighbourly. 
Na'boonys or Naboots b. m. neighbourhood. 
Nao'oyr, o. out of use; above what is wanted; 

idle; neglected. 
Cha N'ao'ol or Nao'olb, t>. not fear or fright- 

en; —AOH; — BB; —IN; —INS; — YM ; 
— YMS, 94. A 

Er N*Ao'oLAOBBT, V. hath, &c. frightened. A 
Naoh, adv. not. There are two words in the 
Manks for not ; this for interrogating and com- 
manding negatively ; the other word (ChaJ 
is for answering negatively or denying. Ny is 
often used instead of this word, but I think 
improperly; as, in Jw.xliil. 2, ** Ny gow Bheete 

?U8 Egypt," and in 2 Kings, ii. 18, " Ny gow 
ec," which ought to have been Nagh. 

Naoh lhio y jbb, in. let not God or God forbid 1 

Naoh vod vb, adv. cannot be, impossible. 

Naobt, 8. TO. the way; with myr like as, that 
as ; a contraction of Yn and Aght. 

Yn Nab, b. f. (from Aaj second, the ordinal of 
two. As this word is initialled by n besides the 
n in Yn, other words initialled by vowels 
might claim the same ; as, Yn Nollagh (the 
cattle); Yn NaoBBagh (the wilderness) ; yet, 
this is not the case. A 

Naiobt, b. to. news, narrative, narration, tale. 

Bee Naioht, b. to. a novelty in meat, some new 
or delicate meat to eat, a dainty. 

Naiob'baob, a. giving to tell news or tales. 

Cha Naik or Nak, v. not see; — aob; ^in; 

—INS ; — YM ; —YMS, 94. F 

Er Naik'in, 9. hath, &c. seen. This verb and 
Naik and its declinables are not in Scripture; 
it is Vaik which is used on solemn or sacred 
occasions, but Neikia common conversation.F 

Cha *Naill or Nail'lbb, e. not fail ; —aoh ; 
— in; —INS; —YM; —YMS, 94. F 

Er Naillbil', o. hath, &c. failed. 

Cha Naill or, v. not wish, not hire ; 

— AOHi — in; —ins; — YM; —YMS, 94. S.F 
Er Nail'lby, t>. hath, &c. hired. F 

Cha Naill'-lbibn, p, we would not wish, &c. S 
Cha Nail'lish, p. he wishes no^ or his will is 

not for; — IN, W. em. 
Cha Nail'liv. See Niilhio S 

NailTs p. wooldst thou wish or be pleased to be 

so ? — 8, id. em. S 

i Naim, b. m. uncle, the ftXbssr or mother's 

brother; 3 KingB, xziy. 17 i J^v. xxv. 49} 

pi. — YN. 

Naisbt, pt. espoused* promised in marriage^ 
bargained to marry; — aqh, 77} —ft^* 80/ 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84 J — YM, 80; —YMS, 87 1 
-"YS» 88. 

Naisb'tbb, a. d. of espousals, or matriinonial. 




MAitH'TBT, 9. bargaining in marrlAffe. 

Naish'tit, pi, SetNaiaki, 

Kal'bin or NoLBiN, ». Scoiiand, Caledonia. 

Some say that this word is from N*alpin, on 

aocoant of tiie (preat Alpine moantains tiierein, 

and others that it is from Albion. 
8p N'al'binaoh, a. in the Scotchman. A 

CAa *NAaii. or Nam'lbb, e. not manure with 

sea wcedj — aobj — in?- — insj — tm; 

— THS, 94. F 

Er Nam'laohbt, v. hath, &c. wracked. F 

Nanb, «. /. and a. one; a contraction or part 
of the word Unnane, what is used in familiar 
talk; pi. — YN. U 

Nanb jkio, a. eleven. U 

Nanb jbio as feed, a. thirty- one. U 

Nanb jtbiooo, s. eleventh. U 

Cha Nann or Nan'nkb, v. not flay ; — aob ; 

— IN} —INS J — YM; — YM8, 94. F 

Er Nan'nbt» v. hath. See. flayed. All those 
words from F are initialled by V, as specified 
nnder the word Naikin. 

Cha N*ANsooa^ v. not answer or reply ; — aoh ; 

— BEj — IN J — INS J — YM; — YMS, 94. A 

Nap'in, 8. m. a turnip j pi. — yn. 

Nar, eulo. no, nor, or never } Mark, xi. 14. 

Sp N'ard, 8. in the coas| or point of the com- 
pass. A 

Nff Nabda'lys, a. the inslg^niflcant or vain 
thing J pi. — SYN. F 

Cha N*aroanb', v. not argue or dispute } — aoh j 
— B J — IN ; — INS, 94. A 

Er N*aroa'nby, v. ISO. hath, &c. argued, &c. A 

Cha *Nark or N*ark'ibe, v. not waitj —aoh ; 

— IN 5 — INS i — YM } — YM8, 9*. F 

Br Kark'iagbby, v. hath, &c. waited. F 

Sy N'ark'ys, «. the adversity, calamity. A 

Cha *Narb or Nar^rbe, v, not last; not offer, 

not shift; — agh; — in; — ins, 94. F.A 

Narra noain' dhyt, adv. may it not otherwise 
be known to thee, or may it inevitably, of ne- 
cessity, or fate come on or to thee. 

Sy N*ar'raoh, a. the spring. A 

Er N'ar'raob or Nar'raobby, pt. hath, &c. 
shifted. ' A 

Er Nar'raght, «. hath, &c. lasted. P 

Er N*ar'ral, v. hath, &c. ofi'ered or proflfered.A 

Er Nar^rish, v. hath, &c. Jeered, mimicked. 6 

Nasht. See Naiaht. 

Cha *Nasn or Nasnbb, o. not winnow; — agh; 
— IN; — INS; — YM; — VMS, 94. F 

Nas'tbb, ado, gratis, for nothing, nought; Job, 
i. 9- 

Nas'teb, a. d. of espousals. 

Nas'tbeaoh, ado, gratuitously. 

Nastey-nol'lick, a. vi. a Christmas box, a 
gift given at Cliristmas, a gratuity. 

Er Nas^tby or Nais'tby, e. hath, &c. espoused, 

&c. ; Ho8, ii. 19> 
5^ Nas^tyr, «. in the evening. F 

Cha N'ATT, «. not swell; ^aoh; ^kk} —in; 

— INS; — YMJ — YMS, 94. A 

Naunt, a. f, an aunt j Leo, xvill. 14. 
Nay, adv. nay ; 1 Cbron. xzi. 34. 
Cid N^AisBT, f>. not hearken, listen, or hear ; 
— A«B; ^99 i —IK; — ms; — YM ; — TMS, 

Er N*BAisB^AeBBT, 9. bath, &e. hearkened. 
fcc. B 

Nbal. Though this word is in Joel ii. 6, it ought 
to be written Neeal, which see. 

Cha N^BAM, V. not shout, call, or cry; — aobi 

— ^XB ; — IN ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. IS 

Er N*ba'maohby, v. hath, ftc. called, &c. E 
Nba'rby, «. /. shame, bashfnlness. 

Cha N*bar'roo, e. not number or count; — aob; 

— XB ; — IN; — INS; —YM; —YMS, 94. E 

Cha *N*BAYLL or N*bayllbb, v. not limef 

— AOH ; — IN ; — INS ; — ym ; — YMS, 94. B 

Er N*bayl'laohby, v. hath, &c. limed. E 

Nbayr, pre. since, so long since, ago; Mark, 

ix. 21"; — YS, id. em, 

Cha *Neayrr or Neayreb, v. not cool; — ^^ob ; 
— IN ; — INS ; — YM ; — ^YMS, 94. F 

Er Nbayr'raohby, v. hath, &c. cooled. F 

Cha N'bay'sl or Nbay'shil, v. not loose or 
untie; — AOH J ^kk; — in; — ins; — ''MJ 
— YMS, 94. B 

Er N*bay', v. hath, &;c. loosed. 8 

Sp N'bayst, a. m. in the moon. B 

Sff N'edd, a. in the hat, in the nest. B 

Cha Nbd'dan or NxD^nANXB, v, not whistle ; 
— aoh; — IN; — ins; — ^YM; — YMS, 94. F 

Er Ned'oanagh, v, hath, &c. whistled. F 

Sy N'bd'din, a. in the £EUse. E 

Cha N'bd'drym or Nbd'drymbb, «. not lighten 
in weight; — aob; — in; — ins; — ym; 
— ^YHS, 94. E 

Cha Neb, v. Ik not, will not, not as ; Eph. v. 15. 
Had this word been written Ne or Ney and not 
the same as Nee (will), I think it would have 
been much better ; as too many meanings 
under the same form perplex the memory. 

Nbb, v. will or wilt, will or wilt do. 

CAa N'eb, v. not eat; — ^agh; — ^in; — ym; 
— YMS, 94. E 

Dp Nbb, v. that is, that were, that was. Dp 
Re is used for this word in common conver- 
sation, wUch see. 

*Sp Nbeacklb, a. in the tooth. F 

Cha Neeagh, a. not worth, good for nothing. 
See also Cha Neeu. This word is written 
Nieeagh (would wash), Jer. xiii. 10. F 

Nbbal or Nbbal'loo, «. swoon or ftdnt. 

Nbeal, a. m. aspect, countenance. 

Nbba^lkragbt, e. changing countenance or 

Cha NsxAtL, V, not beat; —aoh; — bb; —in; 

— INS; — ^YM; — YMS, 94. Y 

Er Nbbal'lby, v, hath, &c. beaten. T 

Nbbar, a, from tlie west. Sb 

NBEAR-Ass^ a. from the south west. Sb 

Nebar-bwoai'b, a. from the north- west. Sb 

*Sp N*bbast, a. in the fish. E orT 

Er N'beas'taghby, v. hath, &c. fished. E or T 

Cha *N*bb'bb or Nbe^brbb, v. not drift or 
banish away; —agh; — iw; -ins; — ym; 

—YMS, 94. E 

Er N'bb'bybt, e. hath, &c. drifted, &c. E 

CAa N'bxck, «. not pay; —aob; — in; —ins; 

— YM; — ^YMSt 94. B 

Npn Nbxu.'uby, e. their &c. eating; Pro. i. 91.B 

CAa Nbbk, v. not rick or staek; — acb; — bb; 
— IN; — YM, &e. B 





NfiB'M or Kbetm, 'p. 1 will ; — », id tm, 
Yn NeeD, s. the daughter or girl ; a ooDtrac- 
tion of Inneen. I 

Neesk, adv. from below, up. It is also used 
when you aek--ois the cow dry from milk 
(vel y vooa neese) i when she is dry the 
word is 8hagt, 
Nbesb shbsse, adio- np and down. 
NbeshI) o^. besides, also, too ; ro too, is 
nearly syn. Teh skoh neeaht ro veg (this 
also is too little) ; — -agh, id, em. 
Cha N'eexj. a. not wcnrdi, worthless; Joh, 
xviii. 12. F 

Nbbu, a redaeed to want, undone ; Pro. ti 

30, and Ita. viii. 21. See Neunhee. 
KBGOOi'8H,j}ne. withont, without him or it. F 
C^aN'Bio, V, not deaden, get flat or stale; 
Prov, ** Clia neigynchaoUtcaaee ny hoyn.' E 
C/ia ^N'Bidir or Nbig'bbb, v. not force. £ 
Er N'Bio^A<»HBY,|7^i hath, &o. forced, &c. E 
'Sy Neill, 8. in the flesh. . F 

Cha *N'BiLLor NBii/LEB,v.not armor equip, 
— ASH ; — IN ; —-IBS ; — ym ; ^-i^s, 04. E 
*8y N'bi'baoht, $. in the inheritance. £ 
'% N'ei^bby, 8. in the heir. £ 

'8y N'bib'iba«h, «. in, the farmer or hus- 
bandman. £ 
Cha *N'eiyb^ or Neiy^bb, v. not drive. £ 
Cha Nbl, v. is not, am not, are not, art not. 
This, is colloqnial talk, is ofteh the nega- 
tive answer to the interrogative VeL Cha 
nee has also the same meaning, but the 
question must be put differently ; as, vel 
ooyoll thie (art thou going home) ? the 
answer negatively would be cha vel or cha 
nel ; but if the question be asked thus, nee 
yoll thie. fou (is it going home thou art) ? 
the answer negatively would be cha nee 
(is noV-or am), instead of nel; Vel is 
always used insaered or solemn discourse. 
'% N'el'lan, 8. in the islands £ 
'8y N'bm'shyu, s. in the Weather. £ 
Cha NENorNE^NAOHyV. not ask or enquire. F 
C^NenDj v. notdefend ; — aoh; — eb;—- in. F 
Er Nendbil', hath, &c. defended. F 
Cha N'een or N'en'nbb,v. not feel; — aoh E 
Er Nb'naohtyn, v. hath, &e. felt £ 
'8y N'enn'al, s. in the breath. £ 
Ne'oo, />. thou wilt ; -i^s, irf. «». 
Neosb seosb, adv, down and up. 
Cha N'eoyll or Nboyl'lbb, v, ilot dung or 
manure ; — agh ; —be ; — in ; -—ins. E 
Er N'BOYLaASHBY, t^. bath., &c. dunged. E 
Nep, <./. the herb hoar<honnd. 

Y Nbb'naoh, «. the Irishman. Y 

Y N'eb'bey, 8. the yoke, the encumbrance, 
or budreu. 

Y Ness or Nesst, 8. the spindle. F 
y N'bs'syn, s. the door post. £ 

Cha *Ne8T or Nbstbb, v, not stidc. F 

Er Nbstal, v. hiith, &c, stuck. F 

Cha N'etl or Nbt'lbe, v. not fly. E 

Er N'bt'laghey, v. hath, &c. flown or flew. E 

Nev, an ad^un^iy un, in, dis, im, ir, &o. and 
of the same meaning with am^ an^ mee, &c. 

Neu-aa'lin a. inelegant, uncomely. 

Neo-aa'sh, s.f, uneasiness, diaeontent 

NbU'Aa'shaoh, uneasy, not easy. 

Nbu-aa'sid, «. w. disquiet, discontentedness, 

Nbu-a'byi., o. unable impossible. 

Nsu-AGH^TAt, a, unskilful, awkward. 

Nbu-agh'tallyji, «./. unskillfulness, &c. 

Neu-ag'oindagh, or Nsu-AftoiNAaB, a. un- 
desirable, untnitiided for, averse. 

Nbc-ao'oindyh, 9./. undesirableness. 

Neu-ain'jyssagu, a. unacquainted. 

Neu-am'myssaoh, tf . undutifulness ; «. m. 
an undutiful person ; pL 71. 

Nbu-ap'pbb, a. immilure, unripe. • 

Keu-ab'byltaoh, a. unwilling, involuntary. 

Nbu-ab^&xlty^, 8. f. unwillingness, reluc- 

NBU-AT'cHivi:r, a. unawed. 

NBU-CHA'DJiN,.a* uncommon rare; Dan. ii. 11 

Nbu.chaohlaa'bb,ii. unchangeable, invaria- 
ble, immutable. 

Nbu chag'lit, a. 6. unbounded, unlimited. 

Nbu-crao lit, CI. 6. ungaihered. 

Nbu-chai'baoh a. unjust, unrighteous,iinfair 

NBU-CHAs'LBYy a different, unlike. 

Nbu-chas^lys, 8. f. difference, unlikeness. 

NBU-coBBAYLfLAOH, a. unwavy unwittingly. 

Nub-ohbn'jal, a. unkind, not kindly. 

NBu-CHiABAi'iaAH, a. uncareful, careless. 

NEU-OHi^'T,'a. uneven, not level, dissimilar. 

Nbu-chiab'tys, 8. f. unevenness, partiality, 

Neu-chin'jao&, a. irtegular inconsistent, 

NEU-CHOoi'E,a. unfit, incapabte, inordinate, 
indecent ; Col. iii. 5. 

Neu-chob'rym, a. unequal, disproportionate. 

Neu-chob^bymid, 8. m. inequality, partiality. 

Nbu-ohob^byhit, a. unequalled, unparalleled 

Neu-chbbb'n, a. unripe,, un withered. 

Nbu-chbbb'ney, a. unwise, simple. 

Nbu-cbyn'daob, a. 6. unblamable, free from 
crime ; s. m. a. blameless, person. 

Nbu-ghum^malitit, pt. uninhabited. 

Nbu-b'nit or Nbufb-bit, pt, unasked, un- 

Nbu-en'naghtaoh, a. unfeeling insensible* 

Nbu-ebbeei'shaoh, a. imcompassionate ; 
s. m. a person void of compassion ; pi, 71. 

Nbu-fba'gh, a. unquiet, restless. 

Nbu-fbao'hid, 5. m. disquietude. 

NBU-FEBu'a. nnworthy,wanting merit, mean. 

2 C 

M. <w w 



inadequate, defective. 

Neu-fbed'id, «. m. uuworthiiiess, woitbless- 
ness, meanness. 

Nbd-fil'l, v. unfold, iinfarl. 

Nku-fii/ley, V, unfolding^ unfarling. 

Nbu-pib^bina«h, a. untrae, unfaithful^ s. 
m. an unfaithlhl person; p/. 71. 

Neu-pib'binii>, 8, m. nnfaithfiiln«S3, per- 

NbU'Pib'imts. «./. nntrntb, false asseition. 

Neu-pock'laoh, a. inaffable, unspeakable. 

Neu-poil'jagh, a. nnbiameable, fanltless; 
s. m. a faultless person ; p^. 71. 

Nbu-fol'uln, «. unwholesome, prejudicial, 
insalubrious, corrupt 

New-pol'lanid, 8. m. unwholesomeness, &c. 

NBU-PON'DAaH,a. insufficient, incapable, in- 
solTcnt; «. m. an incapable person ; />/. 71. 

Nbu-fon'did, «. m. insufficiency. 

Neu-pui'dagh, a. unbecoming^ indecent. 

Nev-fui'did, 9, m. indAenoy, indiscretion. 

NeU'Olhbh', a. unclean, impure, corrupt. 

Neu^qhlbwid, «. tn. uncleanness, im- 
purity, lewdness, incontinence. 

Nbu-gheb^jaoh, s, m. discomfort 

NeU'Ghbrjoi']., a. disconsolate. 

Nbu-gbebjoi'lid, 8, m. disoonsolateness. 

Neu-gboai agh, «. untidy, slovenly, nneivil, 

Nbu-ghoai'ys s. f. untidiness, slovenliness, 
imprudence, .want of decency. 

Neu-ghooi'e, «. unkindly ; barren ; 2 Kings 
ii. 19. 

Neu-ghooh'tsaagh, a. unnatural, disaffec- 

NEU-GHOOGHT^flSiD, s, fit. dimfibetion, un- 

Neu ohoot'tit, a. undoubted. 

Neu-gbob'tit, a. unhurt. 

Neu-oboll bt cBEiLasY, a. dissimilar. 

Nbu-oholl btchbil lid, «.m. dissimilarity. 

Neu-baao'hit, o. unfrequented. 

Neu BAb'TAGB, a. unmindful, insensible, re- 

Neu'HAbboog^b, a. unthrifty, careless. 

Nsi7-BABB00G^BTs, 8. /. unthriftiuess, sloth. 

Nbu-bat'ntssaoh, a. unpleasing, unpleasant 

Neu- hbblt, a. intemperate, inebriated. 

Nbu-heel'tys, «./. intemperance, inebriety. 

Neu-beihll'tagh, a. immaterial, incorpor^. 

Neu-hbihll TYs, 8, m. immateriality. 

Nstr-BioK^B, a. unsure, unsteady, unstable. 

Neu BiCK'fBTS, s.f. uncertainty, precarious- 
ness, unsteadiness. 

Neu-boi't, a. unset, unplanted. 

Neu-aoiq'galtaob, a. not having under- 
standing, ignorant. 

NEu-B0iG''GALTy9,«./. waiitof Understanding. 

NbU'Boil'sbit a. unenlightened; undeclared. 

Nbu-bre'ISBTbi'laob, a. not to be trusted, 
perfidious, treacherous. 

Nsu-hur'ravsagh, a. insufferable, not to be 

Nev-bush'tagr, a. foolishly; 1 Clyron. xxi. 8. 

Nbu-bwoai'agh, a, unwary, incautious. 

Neu-imnea'ys, s./. insolicitnde, iuanxiety, 

Neu-imbaa'it, a. unexpressed, unspoken of. 

Nbu-iv'shit, <i. untold, unannounced. 

Neu-iu'^it, a. undrank. 

Nbu-iuoi'l, o. undrinkable. 

Nbu-la?'ee, a, unhandy. 

Neu-loob'tynid, 8. m. innocence, not guilty. 

Neu lom'bit, a. uo8horn> undeeced. 

Neu-losb'aob, a. incombustible. 

Neu-low'al, a. disailowable, unfit immoral, 
immodest, illtimed. 

Nbu ifOW'iT, a, disallowed. 

Nxu-lugb'tit, unladen unloaded. 

Neu-bbee^ o. reduced to mere nothing, use- 
less for any thing. 

Nbu-bieb't, a. unwashen, unwashed. 

Neu-oayl'lagb a. unaccustomed Jer.i^xi. 18 

Nxu-oir'NBBAGH, a, dishonest 

Nxu-oN'HEBiD, 8. fft. disfaDuesty. 

Nxu-oOAS'LB, a, ignoble, disgraceful. 

Nsu-BAi'piT, a. unrent, untorn. 

Neu-bba', uneven, not even. 

Nsu-bbsoo'b AGE, a. unreasonable. 

Nsu-BBBTir'NXT, a. undivided, undistributed. 

NEU-BOKSOifLAQB, a. unsearchable, inscruta- 
ble, inexplorable. 

Neu BUG -GIT, a. unborn. 

KBQ-sAMPBY'flKT, a. Unexampled, unprece- 

Neu-scbleio^, unskilful. 

Nbu-scahs'b, 8.f, disregard disesteem. 

Neu-scel't, uncloven, undeaveo. 

Nbu-skab't, a. unshook, unshaken, nn^cd. 

Nbu-skeb', a. untired, unweary. 

Neu-skil^, a. unshelled. 

Neu-slayntoii/, a, unhealthy. 

Nbu-smagb'tit, a. uncorrected. 

Neu-smoon'it, ix. unthought 

Neu-sniem^it, a. unknit, unnoosed. 

Nxw.sKiEu'iT, a. unspun. 

Neu-soo-oil' or N bu-boo oil, o. unjuicy. 

Nsu-spebin't, unpeeled. 

Neu-spexiy't, a, unbacked. 

Neu-spbei't, a. unaprinkled. 

Neu-stam^pIt, a. untrodden. 

Neu-stoa'met, a. unstately. 

Neu-btoa'mid, 8, m. unstateliness. 

Neu-vaasoil' or vabva'nagb, a, invmortal. 

Nxu-VAOH'TAL, a. iudistiuot, un discernible. 

NEU-VAiBrr, a. undrowned. 

Neu-vanla^agh, a. without boughs. 

Nku-vab'b^ n. unharsh, pleasing. 

Neuvahh'^t, a, unbaptized. 




^£tr VATN/BST, €u unbappy, miserable. 

Nbu-veay'n, a. unpermaDent. 

Nun-TEBiN^, a. nntarae ; coarse. 

Ned-tessoi'l, a. unfruitful, infertile infeounti 

Neu-yebsoi^lid, «. m. vnfruitfulness. 

Nbu-vlays'tal. a. unsavory, insipid* 

Nbu-v.odjal'it, a. unclouded. 

Neu-vogh't, a. not poor. 

Neu-vondeis^, s.f. disadyantage. 

Neu vooiTs, s./. ingratitude. 

Neu-yooi'8al, cu unthankftil. 

Neu-vbaa'bagh, a, unbrotherly. 

Nbc-vboi'e, a. unboiled. 

Neu-vyghin'agh, a. unmerciful, inclement. 

Nbu-ytohi'hu), s, m. unmercifulness. 

Nbu-wai/kit, a. untaoked, unmilled. 

Neu^whaal't, a. uasewed. 

Nbu-whuin'nit, a. nnreaped, unshorn, un- 

Neu^wooi^aob, a; unwilling, unpleased. 

Nbu-wooi'sal, a. unthankful. See also 
Neu-vooisal. • 

Nbu-tabboo'dagb, o. unforgetfial. 

Nbu-teak^Tj «. undone, unmade. 

Nsn-TSEA^ir, a. not. zealcxus. 

NBU-TEB^BAdB, o. indirect, not fair, not 

Nbu-tee'bts, «./. injustice, iniquity, crook- 

NeU'YEId'aoh, a. not assiduous, iudiscreet. 

Neu-teigb't, a. unshut 

Nbu-yebk^it, a. unexpected. 

Keu-tes^, a, improper, unbecoming unsuit- 
able, unseemly, inapplicable, awkwnrd. 

Neu-tial'lit, a. unpromised, unbleached. 

Neu.tien'tit, a. unconceived. 

Neu-yino'it, a. nnpressed. 

Keu-tl'ut, a. uncalled. 

NBu-YiritYDAGe, or Nbu ymmydoi'l, a. un 
useful, useless. 

Nbu-thoiybghagh, a. unnecessary, needless 

Nbxj-ym^mtbrit, «. unbome. 

Neu-yk'bick, a. insincere, unrighteous, un- 

Neu-yn'sit, o. unlearned, untaught illiterate 

Neu-yuh^malit, a, unwasted, unlavished. 

Neu-yymmoos'saob, a. not wrathful. 

^rN'GRED'DYN, pt. hath, &c. got or gotten. 6 

i?rN*GBiAL'TAOBEY,;7<. hath, &c. granted. G 

i?r N'gbial'dtw, jo/, bath, &c. promised. 

Er N^gbol'l, pt. hath, &c. gone. G 

yN,BAN'ivAG OBABBAGB, 5. the scald crow. F 

Ncigh Nba'bb, o. is it not better or best. S 

Nbed'debagb, v. fidgeting or fidging. 

Nbeb, s. m thing ; pi. — ^agbyn or — gbyn. 

Cha Nbegin, V, (sounded Neign,) must 
not S 

Nbb'bin, s. Ireland. Prov. Mie Manning 
mie Kberift. 

€fui Nhtm^mey, a. not many. S 

Cfia Nhionb or Nione, v. know not Prov. 

Share yn oik stUone dooin, na yn oik nayh 

nhione dooin, S 

Cha Nhyn'ney, v. like not, do not like. S 
Yn NiAOB, 8. m. the nag, the riding horse. 
Dy Niagb'tey, 8. of snow. . S 

Niag'byn, s»m. washing; pL — yh; v. washing 
NfAK, s.f. from tlie east. S 

NfAB A88, s.f. from the south-east. S 

Niab-bwoai'b, s.f. from the north-east. 8 
Cha N'lABB, V. not say ;— agb ; — in ;— ins, 
♦NiABT or Niabtbb, v, give might or strength 
NiABT, s, m. might, strength ; pi. — yv. It 

is used adjectively for .great, large, &c, as 

in Job. i. 3. 
Dy Niab'taghey, v. to strengthen. 
Niab'tal, a. mighty, strong, potent 
NiAB^TALLAGH, 5. m. a mighty person ; pi 71. 
Naib^allys, s.f, mightiness, dignity. 
Naib'tey, v. strengtflbn, make mighty. 
Niab'teydeb, s. m. a strengthener 9 ph^-^Ys. 
NiAB^iT, 85. strengthened, made mighty. 
NiAU, s. m. heaven ; pL «-ghyij. 
Nyn NiDD, s. pL your, &c. hats, nests. I 
NiEB, V. wash; — aoh, 77; -—be, 80. 
Nixb'agbyn, v. washing. See also Niaffhyn. 
NiEE'DEB, s.m, A washer; pi. — yk. 
NiEBT, pt. washed. 
NiBCt s.f venom, virulence, poison. 
Nibu'aoB) a, venomous, virulent 
Kieu'kys, or KiEUNiD, s. f venomoDsness. 
Nii.'liu,|>. will ye or you be pleased ;-^I8B, 

id. em. S 

Br N'im'byl, v. hath, &c. brewed. I 

Cha 'N'mL or Nimlxe, v. 126. not brew; 

— AGB ; — IN ; — YM ; — Yiis* 04. I 

Er N'im'man, r, hath. &c. driven. I 

Cha N'im'man, v. not drive ; — -agh; — in. I 

Y N'lM^AfANAGB, 8. the driver. I 
Er N'lM^jCEBA'OBT, V. hath, &c. gone, de- 
parted, gone away. I 

Cha N'imbaa', v. not mention or epeak of; 
— GB ; r-7BE ; — IN ; -^ins, 94. I 

Y N'lM BAA'DEB s. the mcutioner. I 

Y N'in'gagb, s. the train. I 

Y N'lNG^iN, s. the nail, the hoof, I 
Cha N'lH-'GYB, V. 126. not gather pits, mat- 
ter, or corruption as a sore ; — ^agb y— * 
EB ; — ^iN ; r— IN.S : — ^yk ; — yms, 94. I 

Er N'ing'bagb, v, hath, &ct gathered pus, 
ichor, matter, &c. I 

Cha N'ur'jiUi, or N'injillbe, i^ not make 
low or abase: — agb; — in; — ins; — 
YM ; — YMS, 94. I 

Er N in'jillagbet, v. hath, &c. made low or 
abased. I 

Cha N'iNSH, t?, not tell or announce ;— agh; 

— ES : IK : INS ; — ym : —yms, 94. 





Cha N'iKSHL or N^inshleb, v. not lower. 
Er N'iNSHLAOH or N'lveHLAGnEf . See Er 

N'iufgiUayftey. I 

Oha N'iBR, v. not rise ; — agh ; ~-be, I 
Er N'ib'bbb, v. hath, &o. risen. 
Sy N'tB^BUk, «. in the troth. F 

8y N'ib'bihbt, «. in the, idem, em, ; Ptov. 

Cha bee brea§€ry credit^ ga dy ninsh eh 

y nHrriney. 
NiSB, adv. now, this time ; — taob, id. em. 
Cha N'lu, V. 12j6. not drink ; — aoh. I 

Er Hiv, pt. hath« &o. drank. I 

'SivmiVy 8. m. hel] ; pi. — tk. 
Nru'BiHAGH, a. helliph, infernal ; s. m. an 

inhabitant of hell ; pi. — yv. 
Niu'bints, 8,/. hellishness. 
NoA, a. new, modem, recent. 
Noa'bt, a. pL new, model n, &c. 
Y NoAB^B¥B, 8, the seedlop or hopper. O 
Cha NoAD or ♦N'oadd, v. 128, not kindle. 
Er NoAi/DBT, pt. hath,*cc. kindled. F 

NoA'D¥B, ctmj, neither, not either. 
NoAiD, s. m. aewness, reoentness. 
NoAiN, a. of necessi^, of irresistabl^ power, 

free from choice, inevitable fate. 
NoAL, adv. from a place home, from the 

other side to this, fjnom thence, from where 

the speaker is, opposed to Noon. 
Cha N'oan'luck, v. 128. not bury or inter. 
Er N'oah'luckby, v. hath, &o. baried, &c. 
Cha N'oabd or O'oabdb., v. not order ot 

ordain. O 

Er Noab'daohby or N'oab^dbail, v. hath, 

&c. ordered or ordained. O 

Cha N'oATB or Noaybbe, v. not show favour; 

—AGS ; — IN ; —INS ; — ym 

-YMS, ^4 F 



Er N'oay'bagbby, v. hath, &c. favoured. 
Cha Nob or *Nobb, v. 128. not den j. 
Er N'qb'bal, v. hath, &e. denied. 
Cha ♦N*oBBB or Nob'bbbb, v. not work. 
Er N'ob'bbaohby, v. hath, &c. wrought 
C7/ia *N'oGKL or Nockleb, v. not express in 

words ; —agh ; — ^in ; — ins ; •— tm. F 
Er N'ocKOiBY, V. hath, &c. spoken er 

expressed in words. F 

Cha Nod or *Nodd, v. can or canst not :— 

No'iN, p. would Iget ; — s, id. em. 
NoiYS, 8. f. opposition, prejudice. 

Y N'oLK, s. the evil, the injuiy. O 
Oia Noli, or Nol'lbb,v. not hide; -ac^h;-imF 

Y N'ol'lagh, 8. pi. the cattle. Though this 
word is seldom found in its present ortho- 
graphy, it is incerted as pronounced. See 
Nah. O 

Er Nol't-aohby,. r. hath, &c. hid. F 

Yn NoL'LicK, s. the Christmas. O 

Cha *NoLM or Nol^be, v. not empty ; -agh ; 
— IN ; — INS ; — YM ; -*f-YM8, 94. F 

Er N'ol'magh or Nqlmaghby, v. hath, &c. 
emptied. F" 

Cha N'oltoo'an, v, not reproach ; -^aoh; — 
BE ; — ^IN ; — INS ; — yml ; — ymb, 04. O 

Er Noltoo'aney, v. hath»&e. reproached. O 

Noo, 5. m. a saint ; pi, -^^hyn. 

Noo, a. holy, sacred, hallowed, diviae. 

Cha *N'oOAElHL or Nooashlee, v. not wor- 
ship. O- 


Cha *N'ooiLLorNooiLLBB, 17. notoil or anoint 


— IN ; —INS ; -^YM ; — yjis, 94. O- 

AGH ; — IN ; ins; — ym ; — yms, 94. 


Cha NooHB, V. not get or would not get. 

NoGHT, s, to-night, this night. 

N'pGHj, a. (a contraotian of Neu-voghi) not 

poor ; Hi. unpoor; as in the phrase boglU 

as n*oght (poor and unpoor.) 
Noi, pre. & p. p. against, against him 
Noi BY Ho'i, adv. against one another^ 
NoiD, s. m. an enemy, an adversary ; pi — yn 
Noid'aoh, a. hostile, at enmity. 
Noid'ey, a. d. of an enemy ; Jer. xxx. 14. 
Noin-NY-HAN^MBY, 8. m. the enemy of souls. 
Noii/ys, 8.f. enmity, hostility, animosity. 

Er N'ooil'laghey,- v. hath oiledor anointed: O 
CAaNooiBor *NooiBB;v.noteaxthor moald ;. 

-AGH ; -BE ; "In; -ins; -ym; --yms, 94. O 
Er N'ooib'baghbt, v.hath, &c. €arthed, &o O - 
Noon, adv. to a part from home, to the other 

side from this, to beyond somewhere, over. 
Noon as noal, adv. henoe & thence, to & fro. 
Tar Noon, adv. come over Acts, xvi. 9. 
(7Aa-*NoQNL or Noon'lxb, v. not ablute or- 

wash; agh; -in; -ins; -ym;.-tm8, 94. O 
Er N'oon'laghey, v. hatb, &c. ablated or 

washed. O 

Cha *N'ooB orNooBBB, v. not refresh or fresh- 
en ; -agh; -in; -ins; '-xm; -yms, 94. O 
Er N'oo'baghby, v. hath, &c. refreshed. O 
Noo'BEY VIE OBT, adv, the good hour, the 

good hour to die, or the good earth on thee 
Cha *N'o3HL or Nosh'lbb, v. not open. F 
Er N'os'lby, 17, hath, &c. opened. F 

Cha *N'o9N or N'osnsb, v. not sigh. O 

Er N'os'nagbbt, v, hath, &«. sighed. O 
Er N'oo^BALLXT, V. hath, &e. sacrificed O 
Now,p. wilt then get, will they, you &e. get. Y 
Now or Nowys. A contraction of Now ti89, 

wilt thou get ; em, 
NowiN. See NoHn ; — s, id, em, 
*NviLL or Nuii/LBE, V. not suffer or permit; 

—AGH ; — IN ; — INS ; — ym ; —yms, 94. F 
Er N'uiiiaAOBTYN, v. hath, &o. suffered or 

permitted. F' 

Sy N'lriLLiN-, s. in the elbow. U 

Sy NuiN^NAG, in the window. U 

Cha NuiNN, or Nuin'ney, v. bake. F " 

Er Nuin'nby, h. hate, &c. baked. F^ 

Nuib, 8. m. next day after .to-monow. 







CAa N*viBR or NviB^RBB, 9. notBtay; -^aoB} 

—IN J — IKS J — TM} — YM8, 9*» F 

Mr N*uia'iiAOHTTN, v. hatiU, &c. stayed. F 

Nur'res, 8. f. last year, the past year. 
Cha Nur'rts, iido, need not be surprised. 
Cha tVvam or Nush'tbk, v. not water j -^aoh 

— EB } — IN J — TM } — YMS, 94. 

Sr N*dsh'taohbt, «. hath, &c. watered. 

NuY, a. «i. nine. 

NuT-jEio, a. nineteen. 

Nut as fbbd, s. m, twenty and nine. 

Nut fbbd, s. m. nine sc<»'e or 180. 

Nut fbb'doo, a. hundred and eightieth. 

Cha N'whaa'l, v. not sew j — aoh, &c. 

Er N'whaa'let, v. hath, &c. sewed. 

Ny, art. pL the, the article used before plural 
nouns ; it is also used before singular nouns 
in the genitive or ownership case ; as, eaghiyr 
ny hooirrey (the surface of the earth, or rather 
the earth's surface) ; shianyn ny geayee (the 
wings of the wind, or more literally the wind's 
wings) ; cliafrhtey ny cheerey (the country's 
custom). It is also used for the article a and 
an, as in the service of baptism, ny heirey (an 
heir) $ ny henn ghooinney (an old man) j i^f 
vree^erey (a liar) 3 ny lomarcan (alone). 

Ny, conj. or, nor; as, eshyn ny mUh (he or 1) ; 
doQtnney ny ben (man or woman) } ny mish 
(not I) ; ny eshyn (nor he). 

Ny, a prefix or particle used in composition, and 
when prefixed to adjectives makes the com- 
parative case ; as, ny share (better) j ny saa 
(younger), &c. j and when prefixed to other 
words signified, literally, a, in English ; as in 
ny vud (among) j ny chour (for him), but more 
literally it would be (a for him) ; ny hrooid 
literally (a through him) . 

Ny, adv. not. This word, which is a corruption 
of Nagh, ought not to be. See Nagh. 

Er N'yan'noo, v. hath, &c. done, made per- 
formed. J 

Ny-chio'nb, adv. by the hand; JimI. xvi. 36; 
literally, a-head of, mingled among; Num. 
xvi. 6andQ. 

Ny'gooi'sh, p. p. without him or it. 

Ny-broo'id, p. p. through him; — byn, id. em. 

Cha N'yiar or •N'yiarr, v. not say ; —aoh ; 

— IN; — INS; — YM; — YMS# 94« G 

Sy N'tiarn, «. in the iron. Y 

Er N'yiar'nby, v. hath, &c. ironed, smoothed. Y 

Ny-jeY', p. p. abaft or behind them, after them 

or us. 
Nym. See Nee'tn. 
Cha N'ym'myrk, v. not bear; — ^agh ; — in ; 

— INS ; — YM ; — YMS, 94. Y 

Er N'yh'myrkby, v. hath, &c. borne. 

Nyn, pro. our, their, your; ours, theirs, yours, 
and sometimes them, these, those, we, &c. ; 
or where it is placed in Luke, xiii. 3, and in 
Acts, ii. 32, and such like places the last » 
must be redundant. This word causes great 
changes in the initials of primary words. See 
Remark 118. 

Ny-nbbs%t, €U the two, the both. 

Cha N'yns or Nynsbe, v. not learn, not teach; 

— AOH; — IN; —INS; — YM ; — YMS, 94. Y 

Er N*yn'saohey, pt. hath, &c. learned, taught. Y 
Cha Nyr'rts, v. not wonder. Y 

Ny-srby'n, adv. presently, by anV by. 

2 D 

Ny-sodOey, ado. moreoyer, fiBrUiennoK» any 
more, no more, no fnrtho:. 

Ny-vud' oc, ado. among them, amongst Uiem. 

Ny ybK^ p. p. after him, behind him. 

NY-YEIH^ adv. nevertheless, notwithstanding, 

•~''''****''~'i'' [^'iTri"i'tiin'iri"n ' i rT>r>" i i v \'>'>arir ifi.^.^->' h fm fif\rtf^i'trt»rfc 


O, interj'. oh! 

Oabbyr, s. f. a seedlop, a hopper; pi, — yn» 

My *Oadd or Oaddys, v. if kindle or ignite, 

— AOH ; — IN ; — INS ; — ^YM ; — ^YMS, 94. F 

Dy Oaddby, «. to kindle or ignite. F 

Ro Oaddit, 85. too kindled. F 

Oaiaoii, a. perjured, forsworn. A person is 
said to be so when he swears a thhig to be 
true, which he knows to be false. Ztoo-oaiagh 
(a false oath). 

E Oaid, 8. his sod; pi. -^yn. F. 

Oaib or Oayb, 8. f. a grave; pL — ohyn. 

Oaie, 8. m. face, front; Jer. xxxii. S3; pi, — ^yn. 

Oaibys, 8. f. perjury. 

E Oain, 8, his sward or grassy surfEuse. * F 

Oainjyr, s. f. a harlot, a concubine. For the 
etymology of the Oain in this word and the 
three following, I find that in the Gselic dic- 
tionary, by the Rev. W. Shaw, M.A., it is a 
person or tiling on loan or hire. 

Oainjyraoh, a. illegitimate, out of marriage, 
base bom ; Ihiannoo oait^yragh (a bastard) ; 
in ludicrous lang^uage called fer thammag, 

Dy Oainjyraohey, v. to bastardize. 

Oainjyrys, 8, f. bastardy. 

Oaldey, a, wolfish, voracious^ rapaciousi eager 
after prey, wild. 

Oaldyn, 8. pi, haunts, lurking places. 

Dy Oalby, v. to sew. Perhaps this word ought 

to be written AtjUey, W 

Dy Oalsaght, «. of falsehood. F 

Dty Oalserey, 8, thy hypocrite or fhlse person ; 
Job, ii. 3. F 

Ro Oalsby, a. too fEdse, &c. F 

E Oalsid, s. m. his falseness. f 

Oalsum, a. m. a tie on a thievish cow, a rope 
tied from the horn or head to the leg. 

Oalsum'it, 85. tied from the horn to the leg. 

Oalys, a. f, a chann, a divination; Eg. xjd, as. 

Oalys'aoh, a.m. an enchanter; pi* 71; ado, 

Gan'luck, V, bury, inter, deposit in the earth 
or in stones ; — aoh, 77; — ikk, 80 ; — in, 83 ; 

—INS, 84; -TM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Gan^luckbe, a. d. of a funeral, exequies,, or 

Gan'luckey, a. m. a funeral or burial; pi. 76. 

Gan^luckbydbr, a, m. a burier, one who buries. 

Oan'luckit, 85. buried, intered. . 

Oanlyn or Galyn. Though the former of these 
may, perhaps, be the best orthography, yet 
see Aunlyn. 

Oan'rby, a, f». a petticoat; pi, 67. 

Gard, 8. f, a lai^ hammer. See Oojfrd. 




Oakd or Oabdsb, 0. order, ordain } — aoh, 77 ; 
— KX, 80; — IV, 83; — IKS, 84; — TM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 ; — r», 88. 

Oar'daoh, «. m. ordinance, order j pi. — tn. 
Prov, ** Obbyr dyn oardagh ohbyr dyn booiae.^* 

Dy Oar'daohky, v. to order or ordain. 

Oar'dbrit, 85. ordered, ordained. 

OAR^nR or Oab^dreb, v. will order, &;c. ; — aoh, 
77 J —in, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 j — ^YMS, 87 ; 
— Y8, 88. 

Dy Oar'drail, o. to set in order, &;c. 

Oar'drailys, «. /. order or ordering. 

Oar'laoh, «. m. an inch pi. 72. Prov. ** Tra 
toujannoo yn trie Jean yn oarlagh." 

Oabn, «. /. barley ; pi. — tjexyn. 

Oa'skir, «. m. an overseer, a. g^uardian ; pi, — yn. 

Oa'srirys, 8. f. gaardianship, &c. 

Oash, 8. m. habit. Used more in a bad sense; 
as, drogk-oaah (a bad habit). 

Oasht, *. /. a yearlingr sheep, a sheep of one 
year. It is used for ewe and male, as in Eaod. 
zii. 5. 

Oa'sbyr, 8. f. a stocking, a blade of com or 
grass ; E*d. ix. S3 ; pi. — yn, hose ; Dan. iii. 21 , 

Oasbyr-yoyn'neb, 8. /. a stocking without a 
foot but having a string under the foot. 

Oashyr-slob'bagh, «. /. a stocking having no 
sole to the foot, but a lappet covering the top 
of the foot, with a loop to the fore toe and a 
heel strap. 

Oast, a. firequented, resorted to; as, thie oast 
(an inn, a public house), a house where people 
frequent or resort, to drink strong drink or 
liquor. See Ben-oa»t. 

Oas'tbydbb, 8. m. an inn-keeper, a publican. 

Oast-ric'k, 8. m. a public or ale-house sign. 

Oas'tys, 8. /. what is sold by the publican, or 
perhaps the authority or licence whereby they 
are permitted to sell or retail. Vel ad ahoh 
freayl oaatye myleeaney f 

Oayb, 8. f. grave. See hymn book for this spell- 
ing, which would I think have beenbett^; 
as Oaie is used for front or face. 

Oayll, 8. m. a haunt, a place much frequented 
or used, usage. 

Oaylx., a. as in Oobbag'Oayll, a species of dog 
fish, that stays on frequented places. T believe 
this to be the word, and not Oobbag-ghoal, as 
the fish is not blind. 

Dy ve Oayl'i^ob, v. to be accustomed, used of, 
usual ; a. wonted, habitual, customary, usual, 
inured to by habit, acquired by long practice, 
acquainted with. 

Oayllaa^shaob, a. easy disposed, not violent. 

Oayl'luss, 8. f. the science of botany. 

Dty Oay'noo, s. thy condition or plight found 
in. F 

Dty Oayr, V, thy favour. F 

Oayrd or Oard, «. /. a hammer ; formerly ap- 
plied to big and little, but now generally ap- 
plied to a sledge hammer; pi. — yn> 

Dy Oatroi% adv, fi&vourably. p 

Dy Oays, 8. of good, of goodness; Deu. x. is. F 

Ob, 8. m. hops. 

Obaih^a or Obaih'aoh, «. a word to call or 
firighten deer. 

Ob or *Obb, v. deny, refuse, disown ; —aoh, 77} 

—^S, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86} 
— YMg, 87; — Y8, 88. 

Dy Ob'bal, 0. to deny, refuse, forbid. 
Ob'bbb, a. d. of endiantment or sorcery. 
Ob'bbbys, 8. f. ariolation, enchantment, sorcery. 
Ob'bkydbr, 8. m. a denier ; pi. — yn. 
Ob'bit, 85. denied, refused, forbidden. 

♦OBBROr Ob'bRBX, v. WOlk; — ^AOH, 77 \ — IN, 
83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — Y8, 88. 

Dy Ob'braohby, v. to work, to labour, to ope- 
rate, to ferment, to toil. 

Ob'brex, 8. m. a worker, a workman ; pi. — yn. 

Ob'brinagh, «. m. a mechanic; pi. 71. 

Ob'brit, 85. wrought. 

Ob'byr, 8. f. work, labour, toil, operation, ac- 
tion; pi. — AOHYN. Prov. ** Obbyr laa yn 
ghuUley buigh or buee, obbyr laue" (manual). 

Oc, pro. their, them, they have, they had, &c.$ 
as, yn vaagh oc {their beast), ny vud oc (among 
them), te oc (they have it), ve oc (they had i^ 
&c.) ; — SYN, id. em. 

My *0dd or Oodys, v. if can, canst, could or 

COUldst ; — AGH ; — in ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; 

— YS, 94. F 

Dty On^DEBAOBT, 8. thy longing. F 

Dy On'nin, «. of frimess, remoteness. F 

Ob, 8. m. f. a grandchild, a son or daughter of a 
son or daughter ; pi. — gbyn. 

Obn'yn, 8. f. oxlip or cowslip. 

Op'fishear, 8. m. an overseer, an ofiicer ; 

pi. — YN. 

OoH or OcH. See Ugh. 

OoHE, 8. f. oven ; pi. — yn. Prov. " Yn ogke 
gyllagh toyn lo8ht da*n aiee" 

OoH^ER, 8. f. a key ; pi. — ^yn. 

Ooh'lisb. SeeAcMish. 

Ooh'risb, 8. f. bosom ; pi. — yn. 

Dy Ooh'bishby, v. to embosom. 

Ooh'risbit, 86. embosomed. 

OoH'sANf 8. f. rebuke, reproof; pi, — yn. 

Ooh'sanagh, a. reprehensible. 

Oght or UoHT, 8. f. the com that a set of rea^ 
era cut at once through a field. 

OoH'vn, 8. f. the roe or spawn of fish ; pi. — yn. 

Ogh'yraoh, a. d. of ro e or spawn. 

Oi, pre. against; as, DV 0% (against thee) ; 
— 8, id. em. n 

Oib, 8. f. night; pU — ohyn. 

Oib-in'nyd, 8. f, the night before Ashwednes- 
day. Prov. — 

" CHe'innyd bee dty volg lane 
My jig laa caisht yiow tracutson 8hen." 
Another : 

" Oie mooie, a8 Oie elley 8thie 
Oik son cabbil, agh son kirree mie,** 
Oib'l or Eail, s. f. eve, even or vigil, the night 
preceding a feast or festival, whether the first 
or last of these is best, perhaps ought to par- 
take of both ; as, Oielaa'l the eve or night of 
the festival. 

Oib-rehol'lys, 8. f. a moon light night. 

Yn OiE-NOOHT, 8. f. this very night 

Oik, 8, m. office; pi. — yn. 

OiK^AN, 8. m. an infieint; pi. — ^yn. There is a 

pronunciation of this word on the south side 

of the island Oinkan or IrJcan, 

Oik'anaoh, a. infantile, infantine. 

Oik'anys, 8. f. infancy, firat part of life. 

E Oil or OiLt, s. his fault or ibihle ; pL — jyn. F 


OiEorOiRR. «• m. edge,vergre,the<^eofany. 

thing not sharp j the sharp edge is Fogrr. 
OiR'RAo, ». /. aridgreordrmj pi. — tn. 
Oirr-cruin'bky, ». m. the horizon. 
Oirbmooi'b, ». *n. outside or edge, outer edge. 
OiRR sTHi'B, ». ». the inside edge or verge. 
Dy Oir'rysby. «. to chaflfof the edge by tossing. 
Oir'rysit, 85. chaft, the edge worn. 
Olk, a. evfl, bad, noxious, wicked.' 
Olk, s. f. evil, injury, mischief. 
Dy Olk, adv. wickedly, badly. 
Olk'by, a. pi. evtt, bad, vricked. 
Olk'id, «. w*. badness, evilness. 
Olk'ts, »./. wickedness, iniquity, malignity, 

corruption of manners, moral, iU. 
Olk'yssaoh, a. evil disposed, wickedly designed j 

« M. an evil disposed person ; pl.71' 
Ol'laoh, »./. cattle. Though this word dora 

nSt require the pi. article, it requires the pi. 

Ol'laoban, s. m. an angle, the angle on a 

hedge spade for the foot j pi. — yk. 
Mv Oll or Ollys, v. if hide; — aohj -in; 

—INS} — YM} — YMS, 94. ' 

Dp Ol'laohky, v. to hide, to secrete. 

Ol'lAN, 9. wool J pi. — YN. 

Ol'lanaoh, a. woolly. 
Ol'lay, ». /. a swan ; pi. Ollkb. 
Ol'lkb, a. d. of cattle. 
Ol'lby, a. d. of wool, woollen. 
Ol'i.ick, ». /. Christmas : from Yule or Yulic, 
Scotch, or Halg (holy), Saxon. Prov.^ 
** Ollick vog Rhullie vea." 
Ol'lish, «./. sweat, perspiration; pi. — yn. 
Ot'LYM, » TO. alum. 
Mp Olm or Olmbb, v. if empty; — agh j — in ; 

—INS } — YM J —YMS, 94- *^ 

By Ol'maohby, v. to empty. F 

Yn Oi/mbydbr, a. ill. the emptier. F 

E Ol'mbydys, ». his vacancy. F 

E Ol'mid *. his emptiness. F 

Jto Ot'MiT, 85. too emptied. F 

Olt, 8. /. an organ, a faculty of the body, a 

member, a limb of the body j pi. — yn. 
Dtp Olt, s. the hair of thy head. F 

Olt or Oltbb, v. salute or give refreshment; 
— A3H, 77 i — ". 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — Y9, 88. 
Dtf Ol'taohby, v. to salute ; Mark, xv. 16, to 
receive ; Matt. x. 4, to get the members or or- 
gans of the body refreshed by meat, drink or 
deep. Oltaghep ollee (a catUe salute, a fight). 
Oltaohby-bba', «. refreshment in life by being 
brought to partake of meat, dnnk or sleep 
which sustain nature ; Acts, xxviii. 7. 
Ol'tbb- JBB, ». salute ye, or give ye refreshment ; 

1 Peter, y. 14. 
Ol'tby, ». m. a memberof society a member of 

a body of people ; pi. — nyn. 
Oltoo'an, v. rcproachj'disgrace ; — aoh, 77; 
—KB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87; — Ys, 885 ». m. areproacher, &c. 
Oltoo'anaoh, o. reproachftil, rqproachable ; 
s. m. upbraidei-, one who reproaches ; pi. 71- 
Dp Oltoo'anby, v. to reproach, to upbraid. 
Oltoo'anit, 86. reproached, upbraided. 



Om'midan, 8. m. a fool ; pi. — yn. 

Om'mtd/aoh, a. foolish. 

Dy Om'midjaoh, adv. foolishly. 

Om'midjys, 8. /. foolishness. 

E On'did, 8. his sufficiency. ^ 

O'nby, o. innocent. 

Dy O'nby, adv. innocently. ^ 

O'nid, 8. TO. innocence. 

Onna'ne, s. f. a thistle; pi. — yn. 

Onna'nbaoh, a. thistly. 

Onnanb-fran'aoh, 8. f. the down or cotton 

Onanb-vkbi'n or — vucx, «./. the sow-thistte. 
Onnanb-voib'rby, 8. /. the cardas-thisUe. 
On'nbb, 8. f. Ann. 
On'nbbagh, a. honest. 
On'nbrid', honesty. 
On'nor, 8. TO. honour. 
Onnoroi'l, a. honourable. 
Onnoroi'lid, 8. TO. honourablenese. 
Oo, pro. thou, somettmes thee and thyj as, 
hooar mee thie 00 (I got thee home); oohene 
OoASLB, a. worthy, noble, exceUent, exalted, 

sublime, magnificent. 
OoAsrft or Ooash'lkb, v. worship, pay adora- 
tion, reverence, do homage; —aoh, 77} — Mt 
80; —in, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 
— YS, 88. 
Py Ooash'laohby, v. to worship, to do homage. 
Ooash'lbe, o. d. of worship, &c. 
Ooash'ley, 8. TO. worship, adoration, honour, 

dignity, &c. 
Ooash'lkydbr, 8. TO. R worshippcT, &c; pl.—YV. 
Ooash'lid or OoASHLYs, 8. f. exceUcucy, em- 

inency, dignity, nobleness. 
OoASH^LiT, 85. worshipped, revered. 
Ooas'lby, a. pi. worshipful, reverent, noble, 

OoH, 8. f. an egg; an udder; pi. — yn; latter, 

— OHYN. 

Ooh'agh, a. oviparous. 

Oohbn'b, pro. thyself. 

Ooh'by, a, pi. eggs; o. d. of eggs. 

Ooio, 8- f. a pit J pi. — YN. 

Ooio'anagh, o. full of pits. 

Ooill, 8. f. oil; p/. — yn; «. oil or anoint; 

—AOH, 77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —IKS, 84; 

— YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 
Py Ooil'laghky, v. to oil or anoint. 
Ooil'lvy, o. all; ». to. all, the whole. 
Ooil'lby AS ASS, adv. all and aU; Jt/. all and 

OoiLLBY cooid'jagh, odv, altogether, quite. 
Ooil'lbydbb,.*. to. one who oils or anoints. 
Ooillby-niar'tal, a. almighty, omnipotent 
Ooilley niar'talys, «. /. exceUency; Jiib, 

Ooillby-tush'taoh, a. all-knowing, omnisdous. 

E Ooil'liaght, 8. his leavings. 

Ooil'lit, 85. oiled, anointed. 

OoiR. 8. f. earth, soil, mould. 

OoiR, *OoiBB, or Oorbbb, t>. earth, mould; 

—AOH, 77; — BB, 80; —IN, 88 i — ma, 84 j 

— YM, 86; — YMB, 87} — TfS, 88. 



J)lf Ooir'kaobst, o. to eartii or mould. 

Ooib'bbt, a. pi. earth, moimd, soil. 

Ooir'kbt, a. d. of fhe eartlL or soil. 

Ooib'bxtdbb, «. f». one ivbo earths or moulds. 

Ooir'rit, 85. earthed, moulded. 

Oo^Lvr, a. m. estimation } Lee. vi. 6. 

Oo'lkydbr, a. m. an estimator ; pL — tn. 

Oo'iAt, 85. estimated; determined} Egod.xsi. 
S3; amerced; Dew. xxii. 19. 

Ool'lbk or OoLSB, a. goiltf, chargeaUle with 

Ool'lbbid, 8. guiltiness, conviction of guilt. 

*OoNL or OoNLBs, o. ablutc, wash ; — aob, 77 ; 

—IV, 83} —INS, 84} — YM, 86} — YM8, 87} 
— ^TS, 88. 
Bp OoN^LAGHBT, v. to wssh the body or parts 

Oon'laohtn, a. pi. ablutions, lavatlons ; Ooan- 
laghyn (washings), Heb, ix. 10. 

Ooi/lbb, a. d. of abluting or washing fhe body. 

OoN^Lsr, a. m. an ablution, a lavation ; pi. 67. 

Oon'lbtdbb, a. m. an abluter j pi, -~yn. 

Oon'lit, 85. abluted, washed, eluted. 

OoR, a. f. an hour } pi. — ^aohyn or — yn. 

OoR, a. fresh, not salt. 

*6oR or OoRBB, V. freshen, make fresh ; — aoh, 

77 } — BB, 80 } — IN, 83 } — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 
— YMS, 87} — YS, 88. 

D^ Oo'raohby, v. to refresh or freshen. 

Oo'rbb, a. d. of refreshing or freshening. 

Oo^RBY, a. pi. fresh, not salt. 

Oo'rbydbr, ». m. a refresher} pl.—rs. 

Oorbydbr-orbin'by, a. m. a snn-dial. 

Oo'rioaoh or Oo'riltaoh, a. m. refreshment. 

Oo^RiT, 85. refreshed, freshened. 

OoYL, a. f. an apple ; pi. — yn. 

Ooy'laoh, a. d. of apples. 

Ooy'lby, a. pi. apple, apples. 

Orch, «. /. orts, refuse; Lam. iii. 45; v. idem.; 
— AOH, 77; — ^BB, 80} —in, 83} —INS, 84} 
— YM, 86} — ^YMS, 87} — YS, 88. 

Dp Or'chal, o. to make orts. 
Or'gbit, 85. made orts or refuse of. 
Ordaa'o, a. f. a thumb} pi. — yn. 
Ordaao>chas% a. f. a grpat toe } pi. Ordaao yn- 


Ordaao'aob, a. clumsy in the fingers } a. d. of 
the thumb or thumbs. 

Or'raohby, a. m. a shot. Generally applied to 
the shot of an arrow; as, Orraghep aidep; pi. 69. 

Or'rin, p. p. on us ; — YN. id. em. 

OaftLOo, p. p. on them} — syn, d. em. 

Or'roo-srid, p. p. on those. 

Or'roo-shor, p. p. on these. 

Or'rym, p, on me} — s, id. em. 

Or'ryvpbnb, p. on myself. 

Owi p. on thee ;— s, id. em. 

Dtp Ort, a. thy ability. F 

M^ *OSBL or OSHLYS, V. If OpCU} —AOH; —IN} 
— INS} — ^YM} —YMS, 94. F 

J^ Os'lby, 0. to open, to disclose. F 

E Os^LBYDBR, a. his opener or disdoser. F 

•OsN or OsNBB,. ». sigh } — aoh, 77 i — in, 88 ; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS| 88. 

Dy Os'naohby, o. to sigh or sob. 


Os'vBB, a. <l. of a sigh or sob. 

Os'nbt, a. m. a sigh or sob. 

Os'nbydbr, a. m. one who sighs or sobs ; pi. — ^yn. 

OsNiT, 85. sighed ; as, teh oanittui (he is sighed 

Os^TYL, a. m. apostle, disciple ; pi. — yn. 

Os'tyllaoh, a. apostolic. 

Os'tyllys, a. m. i^jKWtleship. 

Od'ral, a. m. a sacrifice, an offering; pi. — yn. 

Ou'rallaoh, a. d. sacrificial, of a sacrifice. 

"Dp Ou'rallby, v. to ofl'er sacrifice. 

Ou'rys, a. f. suspicion } drogh-ourpa (suspidon 

On^RYSsAOH, a. suspicious, suspecting } «. m. a 
suspicions person } pi. 71. 

Ouw, a. f. the herb, marsh penny wort. Said 
to be injurious to sheep that eat it. Prov. — 
*< Cha nee tra td'n cheyrrey gee yn ouw te 
cheet r*ce.** 

OuwATTA, tn. ho, brave I Obaolete. 

OuYR, a. dun, a dun colour. 

Ouy'raoh, a. donnish, dull, gloomy. 

Yn OuRR, a. the harvest; 2 Sam. xxi. 9< 10. F 

Yn Ow, a. the howe. 

Oyr, a. m. cause, reason, motive, occasion; 

pi. — YN. 

For its sound, see Remark 24 and 25. This letter 
like C and G, goes over the same words twice, 
to have the aspirate H in them. 

Paa or Paagr, a. thirsty, athirst. The first is 
used in common conversation and in poetry, 
the latter in scripture. 

Paag, a. f. a kiss} pi, — yn. «. kiss; — aoh, 

77 J —IRIR, 80 } — IN, 83 } — ^INS, 84 } — YM, 86 ; 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Paa^oby, 9. kissing, ^ute by joining lips. 

Paa'obydbr, a. m. one who kisses. 

Paa'git, 85. kissed. 

Paaib^ 8. f. Peggy. 

Paal, a. f. a pen, a coop } pi. — yn. 

Paard or Pa ART, v. part, depart} — aoh, 77 \ 

— BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 } 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Paaroai'l or Paartail, v. parting with, de- 

Paar'dit, 85. expired, departed. 

Paart, a. m. some, part, part of. 

Paa'ys, a. f. thirst; — syn. 

Pa'byr, 8. m. paper; pi. — yn, ». paper; — aoh, 
77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Pa'byral, v. papering. 

Pa'bybby, a. pi, paper, a.d' of paper. 

Pabyr-crait^nagh, a. parchment. 

Pa'byrbybbr, 8. m. a paperer ; pi. — yn. 

Pa'byrit, 85. papered. 

Pad'jbr, 8. /. prayer; pi. — ^yn. 

Pad'jbragh, a. d. of prayer. 

Pao'oad, a, m. a packet ; pi. — yn. 




PAo'oAif, f. /. a doth uied under m child, a 

double ; pt. — TN. 
Pao'okt, 8. m. a pack ; pi. 67* 
Pairk, a. m. a park ; pf. — tw. 
Pait'cbaoh, a. childish. 
Pait'chbt, f. m. a child; pi. Cg. 
Paitt, «. /. pest, pestilence, plag:aQ. 
Pait'taoh, a. pestilential, plaguy. 
Pait'toil, a. pestilent, pestiferous. 
Pal'chbt, ». m. plenty; pi. 67. 
Pal'chet, a. plentiful, plenteous. 
Dy Pal'chbt, ado. plentifully, copiously. 

Pal'chid or Pal'chys, «. /. plenteousness ; 

1 Sam. XZY. 6. 
Pandooo'h, v. panting, pant; — aoh, 77; — bk, 

80; — IN, 83 J — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — TMS, 87; 

— T8, 88. 

Pan'nbt, a. m. a pan ; pi. 67. 

PanVys, 8./. penance; pi. — syn. 

Pa'pan, 8. m. a pope ; pi. — yn. 

Pa'panaoh, a. papistical, popish; a.m. a pa> 
pist; pi. 71. 

Pa'panys, 8. f. popery. 

Para'nb, a. f. a wild parsnip ; pi. — yn. 

Pardoo'n, v. pardon, remit; — aoh, 77; — bb, 

80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; -YM, 86 ; — YMS, 
87; — ^YS, 88. 

Pardoo'n, a. m. pardon, forgriyeness ; pi. — yn. 
PardooVby, «. pardoning, forgiving. 
Pardoo'nbyder, a. m. a pardoner ; pi. — yn. 
Pardoo'nit, 85. pardoned, forgiven. 
Par'oys, a. m. paradise; pi. — yn. 
Patrick, a. m. Patrick; «. /. a small lobster; 

pi. — YN. 

Parla'nb, 8. m. Bartholomew. The festival of 
this saint is kept on the 24th of August. Prov, 
** Laa^l parldne, daa honn goll ay nana.** 

Par'tan, a. /. a crab ; pi. — yn. 

Par'tbays, a. m. f. a partner; pi. — syn. 

Pash, a. /. an earthen pan, a panmug, a pot- 
sherd ; Pro. xxvi. 23. 

Pash'bydbr, a. m. a potter; pi. — yn. 

Pa'trao, a. /. a partridge ; pi, — yn. 

Pba'mab, t. m. a pavement ; pi. — yn. 

Pkajbo'o, a. m. f. a niggard, a miser; pi. — yn. 

PBAJBo'oAGn, a. niggardly. 

Pbajbo'oys, 8. f. niggardliness. 

Pbc'cah, a, m. sin; pi. Pbccaohyn. 

Pec'caoh, a. m. a sinner; pi. 71. 

Pbcgoi'i., a. sinful, wicked, vile. 

Pbccoil'lys, a./, sinfulness. 

Pbd'dyr, a m. Peter. In general improperly 
Iffonounced Peedyr, the Manks of pewter. 

Pxeaoha'nb, a. a staffing of the breath passage, 
a hoarseness, dyspnoea. 

Pbbaoha'naoh or Pbbaoha'nit, a, stuffed up 
in the breath passage, so as not to be able to 
Bpeak above the breath, hoarse. 

Pbbaoh'brbk, «. caterwauling or cat rotting. 

Pbb'dyr, a. m. pewter; pi. — yn. 

Pbbd'yraoh, a. d, of pewter. 

Peb'oaoh, a. m. a large skate or ray fldit a 
thomback ; pi. — ^yn. 

PiaiKSA'a, a. m. a spy, a descrier ; pL — yn. 

pBBiKiA'RAoa, V. tpfiag, descrying, prying. 

9 B * 

Pbbikba'rys^ 8. f. the craft or boaiaeMof aspy* 

Pbbk, a. /. the top of a gable. 

Pee'lby, «. /. (from PillJ a fortresi, a pile or 
tower; pi. 67. 

Pbb'oob, a. f. a puny, petty, tiny thing; pi. 

— YN. 

Pbbsh, a. /. piece, part of the whole; pL •^tn; 
o. to put pieces together; — ^aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80; 
— in, 83; — ins, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 i 
— YS, 88. We could well do without this word. 
See Meer. 

Pell, a. m. the prominence of the belly. 

Pbl'lao, a /. a small division oi something, 
generally applied to the division of a cart load 
in small heaps or parts ; pi. — yn. 

Pelt, a. m. the felt or skin ; pi. — yn. 

Pbnb, pro, self, own. Hene changes to Pei^ 
after the letter m. 

Pbr'kin, «. m. a prater, an impertinent, saucy 
fellow, a pragmatic ; pl^—m; EccleaiaatiGua, 
XX. 8. 

Pbr'kinaoh, a. prating, pratling in matters not 
concerned in, pragmatical. 

Pbr'kinys, a. /. prate, pragmaticalness. 

Pbr'kyn, a. /. a porpoise, a herring-hog; pi. 7S. 
Yn pherkpn wooar (the great sea or hwring- 


Pbr'rbb, a. m. a shcnt Jacket without a tail; 

pi, — YN. 

Pbrsoon', a. m. a person; pL — ^yn. 

Pbrsoon^aoh, adv. in person, personally. 

Pbs'mad, a. /. a parsnip ; pi. — yn. 

Pes'son, a. m. a rector; pi. — yn. 

Pbs'sonaoh, a. d. of a rector. 

Pes'sonys, «. /. the office of a rector. 

*»* The words preceding, under this letter, and 
those subsequent to tiie word Phynnodderee, 
would here all change fh>m p to pht but to 
avoid so much repetition a few only are given 
as examples. The verbs are aU ^ven ; the 
preterit of each could not be shown without 
their insertion. 

Ro Phaa or Phaaor. a. too thhrsty. P 

Phaao, e. did kiss or kissed; — aob ; •— ■■; 
—IN ; —ins ; —IT ; — YM ; -YMS ; — YS, 94. P 

Yn Phaa'osydbr, a. the kisser. p 

Phaaib, a, Peggy, voc, caae. p 

Phaart or Phaabd, v, did part or depart; 

—aoh; — BB; — INj —INS; —IT; — TMl 
s— YMS ; — YS, 94. P 

B Phaa'ys, a. his ttiirst. P 

Pha'byr, e. did paper or papered ; —aoh j — ^bb ; 

—IN; —INS; -it; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 04. P 
Pbadey'r, a. m. a prophet ; pi. — yn. That 

this word is notj initialled as it ou^t, see 


Phabby'r-bbn, a,/, a prophetess. 
Phadby'raoh, a. d. of a prophet. 
Phadby'rys, «. m. prophecy. 
Pbandoo'oh, o. did pant or panted} — aob; 

— BB; —IN} —INS J — ^ITj — YM} —YMS; 
— YS, 94. P 

Phardoo'n, e. did pardon or pardoned; — aoh; 
—sui — ^IN} — urs; —it J — YM; "—TMS; 

— YS, 94. P 

Un Pbabick, a. m. one Patrick. Prov, '* Ta 
daa Phdriek Jannoo un gkimmagh,** p 

Yn Pbbc'caoh, a. the sinner. This word and 
Its iBdioal are often used for ptrMn } a% /«r. 




' 3dlii. 0, and AeU, xlli. 11. It is generally 
■onniled m it written Phy'*agh, and the ndi> 
eel Pf 'erA* ^ 

pBMSH, V. did piece or pieced} — aoh } — wb ; 

— |JI| — DfSl —IT J — TMJ — TMS} — T8, 94. P 

pBiAVy V. did pain or pained ; — aobj — bb; 

—Of J ^DM} — rr; — TM; — TM» J — Y8, 04. P 

Phib'btb, e. did pepper or peppered} — aoh; 

— CS} —nti — wi : —it; — tmj — ms; 

-T«,94. P 

Phxtb, v. did pair or paired} — aoh j — ■■ j —in ; 

—INS J —IT} — YH; —TMS} — TS, 94. P 

Phlaitnt, e. did complain, Ac.; — aoh} — «■} 

—IN J — iws; — tm; —IT; — yms; — ts, 94. P 

Pbla'sttk, e. did plaster, ftc. ; —aoh ; — sx ; 

— IW } —ins } —it } — YM } -YMS } — Y8, 94. P 

Phlbad, e. did plead or talk, ftc.; — aoh; 
— BB ; —IN } —INS } —IT ; — tm ; — YMS } 
— YS. 94. P 

Phloooh, «. did smother or stifle, &c. ; —aoh ; 

— XB; — IN} — INS} —IT} — ^ym; — YMS; 
— TS, 94. P 

Phlugk, o. did pladc or pull; — aoh} — bb; 

—IN; — INS} —IT} — YM} —YMS; — YS, 94 P 

Phoint or Phoinsh, o. did appoint ; "-aoh , 

&C., — YS, 94. P 

Pholld, v. did uphold, ^c; — agh; —in; 

— YM} — YS, 94. P 

Pholx., e. did mat or adhere; -aoh ; &c. —in ; 

— YM; — YS, 94. P 

Pholt, 0. did fhnmp, thumped; —aoh, &c.; 

— Yji, 94. P 

Phoo'dyb, ». did powder, powdered ; — ^aoh, 

&c.; — ys,94. P 

Phoosb, e. did marry, married; — aob; — in; 

— YM } — YS, 94. P 

Phbbach, v. did preach; &c. — ys, 94. P 

Phrow, v. did prove, try or experience, proved ; 

—AOH; — IN; — INS; — IT; — TM; — YMS ; 
— YS, 94. P 

Dff Phrow'al, o. to prove, to depose, or swear 
on oath. P 

Yn PhkoValtaoh, «. the prover or deposer. P 

Phbys'soon, V, did imprison or incarcerate; 
—AOH, &e.; — YS, 94. P 

Phun^dail, v. didimpoand, &c.} — ^aoh} — iv; 
— ^ym; — ^YS, 94. P 

Phutt, o. did push, &c. ; — ^aob, &c. ; — ys, 94. P 

Phityt, o. d. at the pot or pots; as, cooid y 

Phynnod'dbbbx, s. m. a satyr; Ua, xxziv. 14. 
That this word stands precisely in the same 
predicament as the word Phadeyr, fhere can 
he no doubt; derived firom Fpnnejf (hair or 
fur), and Oathyr or Omhyree (of stockings or 
hose) ; the name seems to imply that its hair 
or fur is its covering. 

PxAN, 8. m. (sounded Peean,) pain; pi. — yn. 
I think that this word is noChii^ more than a 
corruption of the English, and could be well 
dispensed with. See 6tM». 

Pian'daoh, a. painful ;«.«». a person in pain ; 

pi. 71- 
Pian'by, tn paining. 
PiAN^XT or PxANT, 8ft. pained. 
Pib'bin, 8. /. a puffin; pi. — ^yn. 
Pib'syb, 8. fn. pepper; pi. — yn. 
Pib'btbaoh, a. d, of pepper. 
Pvci, 8. /. pitch} l8a. zxjJT. 9; a pick-axe. 

Pick-hallooi'n, a. f. slime, bitumen. 

Piba'nat, 8. f. a magpie ; pU — yn or the oi 
clutngedto — XB. 

Pio'oYL, 8. f. pickle ; p^. — VN. 

PiHTT, «. /. a woman's privity. 

Pil'laoh, «. m: a pillow; Ex. xiii. 18; pi. — tn. 

Pin or *Pinn, «. /. a peg; E». xv. iii; pi. 


Pino, «. /. a penny ; pi. — ^yn. 

Pi OB, 8. a pipe, flute ; pi. — yn. 

PiB^BAGH, 8. f. a species of gull, pinquin ; pi. 71. 

Pis'hao, 8. /. a spell, colouration. 

Pis'hagagh, a. Incantatory, magical. 

Pis'haoys, f . /. magic, enchantment. 

Pis'hbyragh, v. whispering. 

Pis'hin, 8, m. a kitten; pi. — yn, or 72. 

Pis'hyb, 8. f. peas or pease ; pi. — yn. 

Pis'hybaoh, a. d. of peas. 

PiYR, 8. f. a pafar, a couple; pi. — yn ; 0. pair 

—AOH, 77', — AL, 79. or— BY, 88; — EB, 80 
—IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 80 ; — YMS, 87 

— YS, 88. 

PiY^aiT, 8ft. paired, coupled. 

Plaasx, 8. f. a palace ; pi. — yn. 

*PiAA'STB or Plaa'stbeb, e. plaster; — ^aob, 
77 \ —vm» 80; —IN, 83} —INS, 84; — TM,86i 
—TMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Pi.AASTKAi% e. plastering. 

Plaa'strbtdbb, 8. m. a plasterer; pi. — ^yn. 

Plaa'strit, 85. plastered. 

Plaa'sttr, 8. m. plaster ; pi. — yn. 

Plao'gad, 8. m. oats, from the time it is in ear 
till threshed, has a right to be so called. It is 
always Corkey^ but not Sheel till threshed and 

Plaiynt, 8. complaint ; pi. — yn j v. complain ; 
—AGH, 77; —KB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — ^YS, 88. 

Plaiynt'aoh, 8. m. acomidainer; pi. 71. 

Plaiynt'it, 8ft. complained. 

Plxadbi^lys, 8. discourse. Joint talk. 

Plbat, 8. m. prate, prattle, talk ; v. idem. ; 

—AOB, 77; — EB, 80} —in, 83; —INS, 84 ; 
— YM, 86} —YMS, 87} - YS, 88. Prov.— 
** Boayl ta gioee ta keek^ as b&t^l to mramu 
ta pleat." 

Plbatbi'l or Plbatxy, v. pleading, pratling, 
talking, prating. 

Plba'tbtdbr, 8. m. a pleader, or prater. 

Plba'tit, 85. talked. 

Ploooh, v. smother, stifle ; — aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; 

—IN, 83; -INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Ploooha'nx, 8. f. a suflbcating fume. 

Ploogh'bybbr, 8. m. a smotherer ; pi. — tn. 

Plooob'it, 8ft. smothered, stifled, suflRocated. 

Poa'gbt, 8. m. a bag ; pi. 67. 

PoAN^RXY, 8. m. beans; pi. 67. 

Pob'blb, 8. m. people* audience population. 

Pod'aash, 8. f. pottage; pi. — tn. 

PoD^jAL, «./. a flagon. Jug, am } Ua. xziL 4. 

Poo^oAiD, 8. f. a pocket} pi, — yn. 

Poh, te. of dislike, 

PoHLL, o. uphold, warrant, &c.} -asm, 77; 
— BB, 80} —in, 83} — XN8» 84; — TM, 86} 
— TMS, 87 ; — TS» 88. 




PoBLL^DST or PoHbLDAL, V. upholdinSy war. 

Pdhll'dbr, a. m. an upholder, &c. 
POHLL'niT, 86. npholden, warranted. 

PoHLL, 9, f. a pole stone; pi. — ys. Stones 
fastened to both ends of herring nets to sink 
tbem when fishing. One is called PohU y 
vaatejf, and the other Pokll famnum. 

Pohl'linaob» «. m. a mermiUd, or rather a 
merman} pi. 71* 

PoHN^NAB, a. m. a child grown between infttncy 
and adolescence. There appears to be three 
stages before paberty, in the Manks language r 
Oikan, Pohnnar, and Scollag or Scoilg. 

Port, «. m> a pot; pi. Poitt. 

Poin'nxk, a. stout, sturdy, stiff. 

Poin'nxkid, b. m. stoutness, stordiAess. 

PoiNHT, a. a lace of leather or thong; pi. — tn. 

Point br Poinsh, «. appoint, bid, or order; 
— AOH, 77 ; — KB, 80 ; — IV, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; 
— TM, 8fi ; — YM8, 87 ; —TS, 88. 

PoiNTsi^L, V, appointing, bidding. 

Point'it, 85. appointed, bidden. 

Poll or Pobll, t, prune, mat, or stick toge- 
ther; — AOH, 77} —BK, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 
84; — YM, 86; — TMS, 87; — Y8, 88. 

Pol'lagh, a. f. marsh parsnip. 

Pol'lal, «. pruning, cropping. 

Pol'lan, a. a saddle cloth, a doQi for the back 
of a horse ; pi, — yn. 

Pol'lby, o. sticking together without weaving, 
as wool in a hat. 

Toi/hiT, 86. matted, stuck together. 

PoLT, «. m. a blow, stroke, or thump; or per- 
haps it means the sound or report of a blow, 
shot, &c., more than the blow, &c. itself; 
V. strike, &c.j — aoh, 77; — bb, 80; —in, 
83; -ins, 84 j — YM, 86? — ym^, 87 j — ys, 8«< 

PoL'TAL'or PoL^TBY, V. Striking, thumping, &c. 

Poltxy'dbb, a. m. a thumper, &c. ; pi. — yn. 

Pol'tit, 85. thumped, struck. 

Pontkbi'l, «. /. a plummet; 2 Kinga^xxi. 13. 

FooAB, a. m. power, puissance, authority; pi. 
— aohym; token, warrant ; pi.— mi velpooar 
eepn eaystXdocB the moon shine). 

PooA^aAOB, a. d. of power or might. 
Pooa'bal, a. powerful, mighty, puissant. 
PooAR-oioA^L, a. m. an execution. 
Poo'dye, a.m. powder; pL — ^yn. 
Poo'dyr or PooDYABB, V. powdcr or dust; 
—AOB, 77; —Btit 80; —in, 83 j —ins, 84 j 

— YM, 36 J — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Poo'dybal, v. powdering. 

Poo'dyrit, 85. powdered, dusted. 

Pooi'suBB, «. /. a posy, a flower. 

PooiYT, a. pi, pots. 

Poos or PoosB, V. marry, wed, wive; — aoh, 

77} —BK, 80} — IN, 83} — INS, 84} — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Poo'sBB, a* d. of marriage, matrimonial, con- 

Poo'sBY, a. m. a marriage, a wedding} pi. 67} 
V. marrying, wedding. 

Poo'sBYPBB, a. m, one who marries. 

FoosT, 85. married, wedded. 

PooTCB, a. aix>uch} pi. — yn. 

Poot'cbaob, a. pontish, sullen, sulky. 

Pooi/cBiD, a. m. sullenness, sulkineas. 

Pos'sAN, «. m. a parcel. Generally implied to 

Pos'tyr, a. f. a scold, a bully; Eedeaiaaticua 
xxTi. 27. 

PouiN r, a. pi. laces, strings, thongs. 

PoYLL, a.f. puddle, pool. 

Pbad'dao. Pal. Ixx^viii. 46. See Braddag. 

Prasb, a. m. brass; pi. — yn. 

Pra'sbby, a. d. of brass, brazen. 

Pra'sbbydbb, a. m. a brazier; pi. — yn. 

Pra^sbit, 86. brased, lined with brass. 

Prayll, v. pray, praying. I have inserted this 
word although not without an objection. See 
conclusion of introduction, page 16. 

Prxacb, v. preach, publish a religious oration. 

Prbachbi'l, v. preaching. 

PrBachoo'r, a. m, apieacher} pi, -^yn. 

Prba'ghit, 85. preached. 

Prbis or Prbays, a. f, pressure of business; 
Mark, ix. 26. 

Prbis'sal, v. pressing. 

Prbm'bb, a. f. a necessary or privy. 

Prin'obys, a. m. f. an apprentice} pi, — syn. 

Prinjbio^ a./, pauncb, the belly tripe; pi. — yn. 

Prios, a.m. price;, — yn. 

pRisB, a. f. a fulcrum; pi. — yn.; o. raise by 
lever on a falcrtun ; — aob, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; —in, 
83; — YM, 86 J — YS, 88. 

Pri'sal, v. raising by lever and fulcrum. 

Pai'siT, 85. raised by lever. 

Provt, t>. prove, try, evince; — aoh, 77; —mu, 

. 80; — IN, 83} — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — ^TMS, 
87; — YS, 88. 

Prow'al, a. m. proof, experience, deposition} 
pi. — YN } V. proving, trying, deposing. 

Prow'altaob, a. m, a prover, a deposer} pi, 71, 

Prow^altys, a, probatory, probationary. 

Prow'alys, *. /. probation, trial. 

Prow'it or Prowt, 86. proved, deposed, tried. 

Pai7GB, ». hoard} —aob, 77; — bb, 80} — in, 
83 ; — YM, 86 ; — YS, 88. 

Pruor'ao, a. m. a hoarder, a miser; pi, — ^yn. 
Pro. ** Taaht prugag aa ee lughag." 

Pruoh'it, 86. hoarded. 

Pryssoo'n, a. n*. a prison ) e. imprison } —aob, 

77 -y — BB, 80} —in, 88} —INS, 84} — YM, 86} 
— YMS, 87 } — YS, 88. 

Pryssoo'naoh, a. m. a prisoner} pi. 71, 

Pryssoo'nby, v. imprisoning. 

Pryssoo'nbydxr, a. m. one who imprisotts. 

Pryssoo^nit, 86. imprisoned. 

Puck'lbr, a. m. a snug farmer on a small farm. 

Pudoa'sb, a. f. a potato } pi. — yn. 

PuBTor PuiT, e. push} —aob, 77 \ — bb, 80} 

— IN, 83} — INS, 84} — YM, 86} — YMS, 87 j 
— YS 88. 

Pubt'taob or Puit'tagh, a, poaUng, apt to 

Pub'txy, v. pushing. 
Pub'tbydbr, a. m, a pusher. 
Pob'tit, 86. pushed. 

Puid'dibn, a.f, pudding} p/. Pvudbxyn. 
PuiBB, in. away cow, begone cow. 
PcriLL, a, p%, pools, puddles } pU of poyll. 


PviKT, 9, pi. pounds } pi. of punt, 

PuiRT, t. pL luarboors, ports, harens. 

Pdiss, 8. /. a cheek ; pi. — tv. 

Pl7NDAIo^ 8. f. a hard stem of graw j p'* -"''i'- 

Povdaio'aob, a. having hard stems. 

Pundai'l, 8. a pinfold or ponnd; p. Impound } 

-AOH, 77; — KK, 80; IV, 83; —INS, 84} — TM, 

86; --YM8, 87; — TS, 88. 

PuNDAi^LBTDBR, «. Ml. an impoiuider } pU —rv. 

Pundai'lit, 85. impounded. 

Punt. «. m. a pound, 90 shillingrs; pL see Pumt} 
a small yawl or boat ; pi. — yn. 

P0RT, a. f. port, harbour, haren. The best pi. 
of this word iapuirt, but in scripture it is purtyn. 

Pur'tbt, a. d. of a port or harbour. 

Purt-noo-motb'rist, 8. Port St. Mary. This 
safe and excellent harbour, which has been 
greatly improved of late years by the building 
of a new quay, no doubt took its name from a 
Catholic Chapel which formerly stood adjacent 
thereto, called St. Mary's, now razed from the 

PiraT-NYHiN'sHRY or IxvYsBY, 8. Pccl, lite- 
rally, the harbour of the Island— the town and 
harbour of Peel. Some say that this word is 
derived from ny hinshleify (the low situation) ; 
others, from ny ynsee (the seat of the literate) : 
but it is obviously . from inch or innys (an 
Island), the genitive article ny changes inch 
to hinch and ey ; in that case, the harbour of 
the Peel Island. 

Ptrt.shrba'ran or Shbkar ayv, a. Port Erin, 
the most western port or harbour of the Island, 
now generally called Port Iron . 

Puss, 8. f. cheek. See also Pmi-m; pX. — yx» 
». puff; — AOB, n\ — »B, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 
84;— YM, 86 ; -VMS, 87 ; — YS, S8. 

Pus'sAOH, a. having fat or chubbed cheeks, 
choleric, puffy. 

Pus'sAL or Pcrs'.sEY, «. getting swelled in the 
cheeks with "choler. 

Py, 8. f. a pie; pi. — aohyn. 

Py'aoh or P*AOH, 8. m. a person. No donbt this 
is a contraction or a corruption of peceagh 
(a sinnner), which see ; it is used in common 
talk, and with some propriety when in opposi- 
tion to baaghf as Py'agh ny baagh. 

Pybt, in. pshaw, of contempt. 

pYLB, 8. /. a sharp pointed iron or ferrule on an 
arrow, an emeroid; pi. — tk. 

Pynjouiryn, 8. pL pincers. 

Pynt, 8. TO. a pint : pi. — yn. 

Pynt'braoht, v. pinting, drinking pints. 

Pyshoo'n, 8. TO. poison; pi. — -ynj v. poison; 

—AOH, 77 i —BKi 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 

— YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Pyshoo'nagh, a. poisonous, pernicious. 
Pyshoo'nby, p. poisoning. 
Pyshoo'nbyder, 8. TO. One who poisons. 
PYsttoo^iT, 85. poisoned. 


TUs letter for its sound see Remark SO, and for 
its changes ate 54, 159* aud l6o. 


Qoaaoh, a. jgTuff, sour, torvous, morose, sullen, 

sulky, estranged, alien ; Pal. Izix. 8. 
Quaaohby, r. getting gruff or gloomy. 
Qua AIL, V. to meet, to confront on meeting. 
Quaal'lagh, a. of or belonging to a court. 

Quaal'tagh or Qdal'taoh, «. m. one who'meets ; 
pi. 71. Pro. xvii. 12. Hos. xiii. 8. The first 
person met on New Year*s Day, or on eoingon 
some new work, &c. A company of young lads 
or men, generally went in old times on what 
they termed the Qualtaght at Christmas or New 
Year's Day to the house of their more wealthy 
neighbours ; some one of the company repeat- 
ing in an siudible voice the fallowing rhyme: — 

" Ollick ghennal erriu as blHn/eer vie, 
Seihlt 08 alaynt da'n alane tught thie ; 
Bea aa gennallya eu bio ry-cheilley, 
Shee aa graih eddyr mraane aa deiney ; 
Cooid aa cowryn^ stock tta itoyr. 
Palchey phuddohc, aa akaddan dy-lidoari 
Arran aa caaahey, eeym eu roayrt; 
Baaaci myr lugh^ ayna uhllin ny aoalt; 
Cadley aauehey tra veea shiu ny Ihie, 
Aa feeackle y jargan, nagh bee dy mie.** 

When this was repeated, they were then invited 
in to partake of the best that the house could 

Quaal'tys or Qual'tys, «. /. a meeting, an in- 
terview ; Pal. Ixxxv. 10. 

Quaiyl, a. TO. a court, a place where justice or 
judgment is administered, perhaps called so be- 
cause people have to confront the Judge or one- 
another ; pi. — yn. 

Quaiyl-ardrbil'ta.ih, f. TO. the chancery court. 
This has no doubt been corrupted to what you 
hear Quaiyl-andrailagb ; some say the latter is 
from Quaiyl-wandrcUlagh (the wandering court), 
but I prefer the first. 

Quaiyl-thba'y, «. /. the common law. 

Qua LILIAN, «. m. a cub, a pup or whelp ; j»J — tk. 

Qual'lianaor, a. d. of a cub or whelp. 

QualVby, v. meeting, coming face to face. 

Qual'tut, 85. met, assembled. 

QuB, pro. what. Now written Cre. 

QuBBL or QuBBYL, t. /. a wheel; pi. — rv. 

Queeyl'agh, a. d. of a wheel or wheels. 

QuBBYL^LAGH, f . /. a bsud or bandage ; pi. 73. 
This word is seldom used for any thing but the 
band of a sheaf; it ought to be the Manki of 

QuBBYL^LAGHSY, o. binding, wheeling. 

Qubkyl'lbylbr, «. m. a wheelwright, a Under. 

Quxbyl'lit, 85. wheeled, bound. 

QuBio, a. five ; pi. — yn. Latin quinque. 

Qubio-jxi'g, a. fifteen. 

QvBio AS 7bb'd, a. twenty-five or more, lit. fire 
and twenty. 

Qubio-jei'goo or Qubi ooo-ybig, a. fifteenth. 
Quei'goo, a. the fifth. 

Quiu'oAL, «. /. the distaff, the lint or tow pot 
on the distaff to spin ; pi, — yn. 

Quio'oALAOH, a. d. of or belonging to a distalt 
or the lint or fiax on the distaff. 

QuiNo, a. f. a yoke, a swingletree. 

Quir, 8. See Cuir. 

Quoi, pro. who, whom, which, whote. 

Qvoi Bc TA VYs, p. who kuows. 

Quoib or QuAiNB, 8. (from QtMMif JM Mtruiftd* 
alien peoiAa, strange peopla. 


Ccoi-xrbeb', pro, whoever, whosocjw, whom- 
soever. >!<^i V*XV 

QuoiF, «. /. a woman's ca^^w^-'ra^f^lH' 
pl.—Ys, orQcoivYN. ^t- '^'■'■if' ■^^^\-'\ 

Ouoi'net. See Coiney. /V^/ 4 ;> .■■\v'^>N 



TMs letter is one of the iimnntables in the Manks 
laogruage, and changreth not ; neither do many 
words from other letters come nnder it, ex- 
cept a few from F where R is second letter. 

Raa, «. m. a saying; pL — ohvn. 

Raa-crke'nb7, «. m. a wise saying*, a proverb; 
pi. Raauhx-n-crbbnbt. 

Raad, 8. m. a road, way, vent ; adv. where; 
9. ride at anchor, to give Way; -^aoh, 77 1 
— BB, 80} — IN, 83; — ^INS, 84} — ^VM, 8<9; 
— VMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

Raad^bb. a. d. of anchorage. 

Raao'bv, «. anchoring. 

Raa-do&'baobbv, «. m. dark saying, a riddle; 
Jud. xiv. 12 and 15. 

Raah, «. m. report, prosperity; Pal. Ixxiii. 3> 
Raai'dtn, 8. pL roads, ways ; Job. xiii. 27. 
Raa'it, 85. said, spoken. 
Raa-kebatl'laoh, 8. m. a maadm, an adag«* 
Raa'lish, «. m. loose, empty talk; pi. — tn. 
Raanb, 8, m. bail, surety, guarantee; pi, 
Raantbb VN or Raantbbnyn; 2 Chron, zxv 24. 

Raantbb'nts, 8. f. suretlship. 

Raa-oi'laoH) a. proverbial. 

*Raau or Raaub, v. warn, admonish; — AO0, 
77 i — ^BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — ^TM, 96; 
— VMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

Raaub, 8. m. a warning, a caution; pL — tn, 
Fer Raau'bb or Raavbvdbr, «. m. a waroer, 

an admonisher, a monitor; pi. of the former 

FtTt of the latter — vn. 

Raau'it, 85. warned, admonished. 

Rai/uno, 8. m. paled, railing; Eecleah^ticua, 
zzii. 18. 

Rao, 8. m. a short storm ; pi. — yn. 

Rao-ran^nbb, 8. m. an arch rogue. 

Raoh, v. would go; Cha Bagh (would not go). 

Rao'hidby, a. able to ^o or walk about. 

Raoh'in, p. I would go. 

Raob'ins, p. id. em. See RoHn, 

Raoh'tal, a. rash, violent. 

Raoh^talid, Raoh'talys, or Raohlid, «. m. 
rashness, violence. 

Raoh'tanys, 8. /. rigour; pi. — tn. 

Rah, 8.m. ahago, funk, a strong smell; itig 

also used for a strong taste. 

Rab'aoh, a. rammish; strong scented. 

Rahoi'l or Raa-oil, a. £;unou8, successful; 
Eecle8ia8ticu8, x^p. 9. 

Rah'gtl, 8. f. the herb horseradish^ poor- 
man's pepper. 

Rai'xx, 8. /. a quarter of a year. 

Raiob, «. /. a rein; p/. — tn. Ihis word was 
formerly applied to the reins or ropes from 
the horse gear to the harrow. 


Raink, 9. did arrive or arrived. 

Raip, ». rend, tear, lacerate; — aoh, 71 1 — »»» 

80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; TM, 86 ; — TM8, 

67; — TS, 88. 

Raipbb, a. d. of rending or tearing. 

Raip'bt, 8. m. a rent or tear; «. rending, &c. 

Raif'btder, 8. m. a render, a tearer ; pU — tn. 

Raip 'it, 85. rent, torn, lacerated. 

Raip.roatrt, 8. f. a spring tide that tears 
things away. 

*Rais or Raisb, tt. grope, move slowly; — ^aoh, 
77 ; — BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 j —ins, 84 ; — TM, 86} 
— TMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

Rai'sbt, v. groping, moving slowly. 

Rai'set, 8. m. a grope, a move, as in the dark; 
pi. &7, 

Rai'setder, 8. m. one who gropes. 

Rai'sit, 85. groped, stirred. 

Rais^tl, 8. m, a rake ; pi. — tn. 

Rais'tti,agp, a. rakish, dissolute. 

Rano'an, 8. m. a worn out animal; pi. — tn. 

Rank, «. /. France. 

Rank, a. high or rapid in growth, luxuriant, 
rapid, hasty growth. Whether the Manks or 
the English can lay the best claim to this word 
I cannot decide, but I believe the Manks to be 
a much older language. 

Rank'id or Ranets, 8. rankness, luxuriance, 
exuberance, hastiness, rapidity. 

Ran'nbb, 8. m. a roguish fellow, a wag. 

|lAP, s. m. a counterfeit, a base coin ; a littie 

Rass, «. w, seed; pi. — TNor-riNTN. Phrtue, 

Raaa as caaa. 

Rass, v. rip, undo a sewing; — ^aoh, 7^; — ^bb, 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — rM» 86; —TMS, 87; 
— TS, 88. 

Rass'ag or Rbxassao, a. f. a creel. 

Ras^sbt,~«. m. a lip, a rent in the seam ; pi. 67; 

e. ripping, undoing a sewing, undoing any 

Ras'sbtdbb, «. m. a ripper, a render of work, 
Rasst or Rast, 85. ripped. 
Ras'taoh, a. gusty, squally, rapidity of wind, 

windy, boisterons; ifot. xiv. 30; 

Rastan^ 8. m. an uncultivated piece of land. 

Rasta'naoh, a. uncultivated, unimproved by 

Rasta'nid, 8, m. uncultivation. 

Ras'tid, 8. m. gustiness, squalliness. 

RATcn, a, m. a run. It might have been the 
original Manks of race, but it ts now only 
generally applied to a run or race before a 

Jump; pi. — TN; V. — A6H, 77; &C. 

Ratch'ai., «. making runs. 
Ratch'btdxr, a. m. a runner of short nms. 
Ratch'it, 85. run or puUed quickly. 
Raue, a. ff Roi^e. 
Raub'aoh, a. Romish. 

Raub, a. d. of the stroke of an oar, or rowing. 
Rauob, a. a light red colour. 
Ravn, *. /, 1^ seal, a seft-oalf ; pU — tibtn or 
— TN ; Lam. iv. 3. 

Rat. See Re. 

Rb, «. /. the moon, one of the names of the 

moon; the same word which the Rev. Wm. 

Shaw gives in his Gaelic dictionary for moon ; 



moon ; although ^^ translators of the Bible 
have writ^n it Rajf, Isa. Ix. 19, the same as 
a ra§f ot Bght. 

Rb-hol'lt8 yooak y w'oitte, «. /. the great 
harvest moonlight, called so from the moon's 
rising about or near Ihe same time for a 'week 
sucoesslTely, at the time of frill, caosed by the 

• sltoatiQn of the earth and moon at or after the 
autumnal eqoinox. 

IMl-H0|i'LT8 VOOAK NV OABBTL, 8. /• the mOOn- 

light that immediately follows the former. 
^K, «. iM,9»i dp rt (that is) ; ffpmn Book, 
Rba, «. ffi. a ram» a tap; pi* — onTvt. 
Rba, a. even, level, id^n, smooth. 
RxA'nAN, #. /. a iJdndpipej a shaip pott or 

htastofwindj pL^YX, 
Rkaoh, a. mttish, wanton, merry, sportive, 

lecherous. - • 
RsAOH or Rbaib, v.. disentangle, decide, dear; 

~AOH, 77 i — M» 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 

— TM, 86; — YM8, 87; — Y8, 88. 
Rbaqh'bb, a. d. of disentanglement, clearance. 

Rbaoh'bt, «. m. decision, disentanglement; 

pi. 67 ; V. unravelling, dealing, disentangling, 

Rbaoh'xtde^, 8, m. a dedder, &c. ; pi, — tn. 
Rbaob/ts, 8. /. decisiox^; settlement. 
RbaYd, 8. m. wantonness, merriment, sport, 

mirth, lecherousness. 

Rea'-id, 8. m. smoothness, evenness. 

My Rbail'i:.t8, e. if keep or if shall or will 
keep; Act8. x}r. 29. This word is differently 
written in l Kings, iat. 4. ' ' F 

Rbaish, 8. f. a span j p^ — tn. Th^ word, 
no doubt, obght to be the Manks of cubit. 

Rxa'xt, 85. dedded, disentangled^ unn^veUei^ 

deared, settled. 
Rba^jaoh, a. orderly, correct, discreet. 
Rbajid or Rbajts, «. discretion, order. 
Dff *Rbatj:.l or Rbati.i.xt, v, to keep, to pie. 

serve; — aoh; — xnj — ins; — tm;— yms; 

— YS, 94. F 

Rkayxt. See Ba^^reaplt', 

Reayrt or Rbayrtys, », m, view, exfcention 
of sight, reach of view, 

Rea^ys, a. riggis'h, tupping, wanting the tup 
or ram. 

Rbcort', v. record, register J —aoh, 77; — bb, 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. 

Rbcort'by, o. recording, registering. 

Recort'it,.85. recorded, registered. 

RB<;oRT:'rs, .»./. a record, a register; pi,— byv. 

RecorWssbr, 8. m, a recorder, a registrar; 
pL — YN ; 1 Kings, iv. 3. 

Rbcortys-kil'i.aoh, 8, f, church register. 
Rbu, s. m. a thing; p^. *— dyn. i^TAee is nearly 
8yn. with this word, but there are words that 
nhee will not agree with; as, un red (one 
thing) J un nhee, red elley, nhee elley, the hhee 
does not sound so agreeably with these. Pto9, 
V 7«*fi red ta goit dp mt«, 
Np share na\red ta jeant dp mie,". 

• ^*'€ha itee eshpnia red beg echep ta boght, 
Aph eshpn ta geearree maoartaog,**' ^ 
Rsn-HB^NB, 8, m, the thing itself. 
Rbi, *. i». Ung- pr.~ioihrN ot— obtjt. 

•I'/ '• Jill- •!? ' ■*..S'<i'"" 


R*BB, adv. p. to )i(Br, unto her; — ish, td. em, 

Rbball, V, wriggle, deanse com ; — ^aoh, 77 f 
— be, 80; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; — ^YM, 86 f 
—YMS, 87 > — Y8, 98. 

Rbeal^ley, v. wriggling, cleansing com in a^ 
sieve ; Jer. iv. II, and Amos, ix. Q. 

Rebal'leyder, r. tn. a wrigrgler ; pi. — yn. 

Rbbal'lit or RxBALTr 85. Wriggled. 

Rbban, 8. m. a rattle or tightness in the breast 
or chest, a difficulty iif breathing. 

Rebast or RxeastaVe, e. m. a rough, uneveur 
uncultivated piece of inbound ; pi. — yn. 

Rxeast'aoh, a. ooorae, rdde, uneven, rough ;; 

when applied to doth having large and small 

threads ; when applied to land having hillodE» 

RsEAST'in, «.r m, uneveimess, coarseness, 

Reeayl^laoh, 8. m. anytfahig thinly scattered 

or spread; pl^ — yn. 

Ree'jbrby, 9. fit. regent psinc^ vio^erent, 
prince; Hos. iii. 4 ; pi. 67, 

Reen, a. tough, rop, vicid, gluey. 

Rbxn or Reeneb, v. toughen, to get tough ; 

"-AOH, 77 ; — ^YS, 88. 
Dp Ree'naohby, tf, to toughen, get tough. 
Rbb^ney, a. pi, tough, ropy, &c. 
Reb^nbyder, 8. m. something that toughens. 

Ree'nid, 8, m. toughness, &c., hard to be 

Rbb'nit, 85. toughened, &c. 

Reboi'l, kingly, toyal, regal. 

Rberi'aobt, 8. m. kingdom ; pi. — ^tn. 

Rbbsht, adv. again; — aoh, t'i.em. 

Re'giryn. See Repggprpn. 

Cha Reo'oyr, V, not reply, or not do a required 

act; —aoh; ~-bE; — IN; -^INS; — YM ;' 
— YMS ; — YS, 94. F 

Dy Reo'gyrt, v. to reply or do something re- 
quired to be done, to response. p 

Rbih, 8. m. choice; pi. Reighyn; v, choose; 
—aoh, 77 i — EB, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84 ; 
— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. Reih as tdgk 
(pick and chQice). 

Rjsih'dbb, 8, m. a chooser; pi. — tn. 

Reih'it or Reiht, 85. chosen. Cloan reiht 

Reill, 8, m, rule, reign; oj. — yn; v, rule, 
reign, govern; —aoh, 77 f—^^* 80; —in, 83; 

—ins, 84 ; -YM, 86 J —YMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Rbill or Reil^ley, r. governing. 

Reillt, 85. ruled, governed. 

Reil'taoh, « m. a ruler, a magistrate ; pi, 71, 

Reil^tys, 8. f, rule, government. 

Rein. See Ben-rein. 

Reir or Rebb, according to, to the utmost of, 
as far, as far as possible. 

Rei'rey, V, reaching, extending. 

Reis, «. «>. race j 2»/. — yn, <7«m^. 

Rem'lau, 8. m. a remnant, a iiazrow stripe of 

cloth, &C. ; fl. -YN. ^^ 

Ren, v. did, didst ; the preterit of Jean, 
Rbnai^o, 8. f, a hair, one hair ; pi, — tn. 
Renai^oaoh, o. hajry« havipg^lif^ifi.. 

, Ri^s^^ a. d, of seed; as, arrofr«»A (seed con) 7 

I «<Mte r«fft(lQte vital thread). 




Rksoo'n, «. m. reason, rationalitjr ; pi. — nr. 
V, reason 5 —aoh, 77 i — k», 80; — iw, 83} 

— IN8, 84; — TM, 86 i — YM8, 87 ; ~T8, 88. 

Rxsoo'kaoh, a. reasonable, rational. 
Rbsoo'nbt, v. reasoning, arguing. 
Resoo^nbtobr, a. m. a reasoner, an arguer. 
Rxsoo'nit, 85. reasoned. 
RbsoVir or Rbsowr, «. m. a receiver ; pi. — rv, 
Rbub, adv. p. before you or ye, or go ye, begone; 

—IBH., id. en. 
RxtTBHB^NK, adv. p. before yoursehres. 
Rbu^d orRBU^RiD, «. m. fatness, £at; Psalm, 

xvii. 10. 
RETTTBOr RouYR, V. dig, delvc, root ; — agh, 

77} — BB, 80; — W, 83; — iws, 84 ; — YM, 8fi} 

— YM8, 87 } — Y8, 88. 

Rbitt^rby, 0. digging, d^Ying, rooting* 
Bsmr^RSYDBR,* «. m. a digger} pi. — yk. 
Rbuy^bit, 85. dog, delved, rooted. 

Rky, done, done with, a total ftJIore; Jtev.xv1i.i. 

14; Hymn, 76. 
RxYo'oYRYN, 8. pi. a few, some few; Zee, zi. ll. 
RBYmr. See Bheynn} Eaeod, xv. % voAActa, 

xiii. 19. 
Rhbam or Rbam, a. m. realm ; pi. — yn. 
Rbba'iiys, «. room, space, extent. 
RaEA'MYssAOH, a. roomy, spadons, extensive, 


Rhba'myssid, 8. m. roominess, spaciousness. 

Rhxv'naoh, 9. f. fern; pi. 72. 

Rhbn'nbb, a. d. of fern. 

Rhb'sar, 8. f. razor; pi. — yn. 

Rhbykn, v. divide, distribute; — <aob, 77; 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — ym, 86; 
— YHs, 87 ; — YS, 88; 8. m. a division, a dis- 
tribubbn; pi. — yiH 

Rhxyn'nbydbr, a. m. a divider; pU — yn. 

Rhbyn'nit, 8$. divided, distributed. 

Rhbyrt or Rhxyr'tys. See Reayrt. 

Ib^KYR^TTssAOH, 4. Within the reach of sight or 

Rhol'lan, 8./. awhirler, spool, a nave; pi- 

— YN ; Bheeves; i Kings, vii. 33. 
Rhol^lanash, a. having spools, &c. 
Rhum, «, m. room, apartment; pi. — yn. 
RHVu-AAR'i.BXf 8, HI. a l(itchen. 
Rhpk'ayl, 8. m. the edge or skirt of a loose 
' garment; Nwn, xv. 38. 

RauM saa', 8, /, Rainsey, a town in the parish 
of Maughold. 

Rhvb'ao, «. /. an amulet; pi, -tyn. 

Rhym, p. p. to me, unto me} — s, id. em. 

Rhym^bxb, adv. p. before her ; hie ee rhjfmiee 

(Bhewent away, on tbo way before her); — ish, 

til. en^ 
Rbym'biu, adv. p. before you or ye; —ish, 

id. em, 
RHX^f^oo, etdPf p. before them; hieiidrhpmboq, 

(they went away or on_ hefore them) ,- — syn, 

vs. 001. 

Rhyt, p. p. to thee, unto thee} — s, id. em. 
Rib'bao, 8,/. a piece, part, or parcel rent or 
t6m'6ff tfiin something. 

Bi^'bub <» Rib^bby, 8. f. a snare, trap, (ur gin, 
06BMlhldg to entrap unwarily; pi. 70. 

Rib'bbtdbb, i. m, an ensnftrer, a fowler; Pro. 
▼i. 6; pi.— yn. See also f'Ain/eyder. 

RiBL or Rib'il, v. ripple; -«-aoh, 77; — xx, 80; 

—IN, 83} —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87} 

— YS 88. 

Rib'las, 8. m. a lath under the scraw of a 
thatched house ; pi. -syn. See also Tt^Mane. 

Rtb'lby, v. rippling. 

Rib^lbydbr, a. m. a rippler; pi. — yn. 

Rib'lit, 85. rippled. 

Rick, «. m. a satisfttctory answer; a resolve 
uniformity of rule, a steady determined man- 
ner, settled rule; pi. — yn. 

RiBAir, 8, m. ever, the ever that is past ; rieon 
er dy henney (ever since) ; er dy rieau (fh>m 
everlasting); charow rieau (never was). 

RiBuoH, a. real, not imaginary. 

Rif'tan, 8. m. a refused person, a worthless 

fellow ; pi. — YN. 

Rio'oan, v. rut; — AOB, 77 i — BB, 80 ; — YS, 88. 

Rio'oanby, v. rutting. 

Rio'gyl, 8. m. a ram half castrated ; pi. — ^yn. 

Rih'laoh, 8. f. a fishing line ; pi. 7S. 

Rih'lbb, a. d. of a fishing Une. 

RiHMBi^o, 8. f. a weal, a stripe, a streak, a 
mark made in the skin by the blow of a whip 
or rod, &c. ; pi. — yn ; v. to make weals, &c. ; 

— AOH, 77 \ — ^BE, aO; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; — YM8, 87; — YS, 88. 

Rim'hby, 8, m, a rim, a ledge; pi* 67; i Kill^^ 
vii. 36. 

RiM^MBi^oAOB, a, having weals, stripes, or 

RiMHBi'oBYDBR, 8. m, ouo who makes weals, 
streaks, &c. 

Rihmbi'git, 85. streaked, striped, variegated. 

RiNO, 8. f. a verse, a subdivision ; Oael. 

Rin'kyn or RoANKYN, 8. pi. thiugs separated or 
scattered &om the main body. 

Rio, 8, m. ftost, ice; pi. — ohyn; v. freese, 

coagulate ; — aoh, 77', — xb, 80 ; — ys, 86. 
Rxo'bx, a, d, of flrost or ice. 
Rio^BBAOH, a. frosty, icy. 
Rio'dbr, «. m. a freezer; pi. — yn. 
Rio^jiT, 85. frozen, coagxQated. 

RiSB, adn. p. with, by, unto him, with him; 
— YN, id, em, 

RisH-BBNB, p. p. to himself, with himsdf. 

E Rit'lao, 8. his rag ; pi, ^-yh. F. 

E Rit'lio, 8. his raggedness. F 

Riu, p. p. to you, unto you or ye} dy ghoaill riu 
(to receive you) ; Luke, ix. 5 ; — isb, id. em. 

Riu'rid, 8. f. fatness, fat. It is contracted to 
JLiu^id, and also used for thickness or largeness 
in circumference ; pU — yn. 

RiYR, adv. last night, yester-night. 

Ro, adv. too; from JSoujrr or JSowr, too much) 
rocreoi (too hard). There is another ro (before) 
as, rolaue (before hand), this lattor is from 

RoA, 8, m, a row ; pi. — obyn ; «. to set in row ; 

— AGB, 77; — XB, 80; —IN, 83} —INS, 84} 
— YM, 86 } — YM8, 87 } — Ylj 88f 

Roa'gbby, V, making in. rows. 

Roa'oan, 8. f, a acoUoff.} pi* -tTN. 

Roa'it, 86. rowed. 

RoAYRT or RoAXT, 8, f, the spring tide, a great 
flow o( any tiling; pi. — yw} eel yroajfrt eey 
vullagh (is the sining at the height) i Prov* 
** Lurg roayrt kig eofUraie.** 



ROAmrR, a. ht, thick. 

RoAUT^RAOH, 8. m. /. a fat one. This word is 
seldom used, bat I find the plural in Zee. xi. 16 

RoAUT^axr, a. pi. fat, thick. 

RoAiTN or RoAUTN. See Raun. 

Rob'bkb, «. /. a mffle pi. — tn. 

Rock, V. cockle, pucker'; — aoh, 77\ — kk, 80 ; 
—IN, 83} —INS, 84; — TM, 80; — TMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Rock'by, 8. m. a pucker, &c.; p/67; v. cock- 
ling, puckering. 

Rock'btdbr, «. m. one who cockles, &c. 

Rock'it, 85. cockled, puckered. 

RoDDAM, M. f. a very coarsely woven creel, or 
straw rope net work. 

Rod'oagaoh, 8. m. moor gall ; pi. — yn. 

Roi>'oAN, a. /. a rat ; pi, — yn. 

Ro'bb, p. p. before her ; — ish, t^. em. 

Rol, adv. reserved for, provided for or against. 

Roi'bagb or RoBAio, «. /. a wisker ; pi. — yn. 

RoiB, V. run, running, ran; — aoh, 77; — eb, 

80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; —VMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Ro^'B, adv. before now ; Sam. xvii. 30. 

RoiB^DBR, $. m. a runner ; pi. — yn. 

RoIbhbn'e, p. p. before herself . 

Roib-fol'lby, 8. the bloody flux. 

Roio, a. f. the King's evil. 

ROTOHT, 85. run through. 

RoiH, 9. /. an arm ; pi. — aghyn. 

Ro'Vn, p. before us; — yn, id. em. 

RoYn, p. I would go; — fl, id. em. 

Roinhbn'b, p. p. before us, before ourselves. 

RoiSB, adv. before, anterior, before him ; — yn, 
id. em. 

Roish-hbn'b, p. p. before himself. 

RoisH Y THooiL^LBY, a. autideluviau. 

RoYt, 86. run, caet, melted, molten; 1 Kinffg 
vii. 33. ■»•"•«•, 

Rolau'e, adv. before, befprehand. 

Rolaub'id or Rolaoeys, «. m. anticipation, 
the act of being before hand. 

Roll or Rowl, v. roll; — agh, 77 j — ee, 80; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —VMS, 87; 

— YS, 88. * 

Rol'lao, 8. f. the hollow an oar works in on 

the gunwale of a boat ; pi. — yn. 
Rolla'ob, 8. f. a star ; pi. — yn. 
Rolla'oeagh, a. starry; Cant. vi. 4. 

Rollab'gydaoh, 8. m. an astrologer, an astro- 
nomer; pi, 71. 

Rollab'oyoys, 8. f. astrology, astronomy. 
Rol'lby, 8. f, a roU ; pi, ^, 
Rol'leydbb, 8. m, aroUer; p/.— yn. 
Rol'lit, 96. x%)Iled. 
Ro'manaoh, 8. m. a Roman ; pi. 71. 

*^S?^J?K L*" RoNNiAoHT, 8. m. revcrie or 
rcvery, ribaldry, a foolish song, ranting talk, 
raving in drink, &c. ; Job, xxx. 9 ; pL^^* 

Ron'nby, 8. m. a portion, share, division; p/. 67. 

*RoNs or RoNSBK, V. search, ransack, rummage • 

=tS;;87/-"S,V "'"•' ^^ -^^' ''-* 


Roir'sBY, 8. m. a search, a ransadc ; pi. €7. 

Ron'sbydbr, 8. m. a searcher, &c. j pi. — yn, 

Ron'sit, 85. ransacked, searched. 

Roo, p. p. to them, with them, unto them ; 
— SYN, id. em. 

Roo, 8. m. a ruff; pi. — ohyn. 

Roo-hbn'b, p. p. to themselves. 

RooiN, p. p. to us, used In, doing to us ; — yn. 
to us, em. ' 

RooisHT, *. m. the naked; Job xxiv. 7; v. 
stripped naked, bared of covering ; —aoh, 77 1 

— BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84;— YM, 8dj 
— YM8, 87 ; — YS, 88. 7 F , 

Roois'htby, a. pi. naked, uncovered. 

Rooish'tbydbr, «. m. a person or thing that 
strips or makes naked. 

Rooish'tid, 8. m. nakedness, nudity. 

Rooisht'it, 85. stript or stripped, made naked 
or bare of clothing. 

RooiT, 8.f. a peal; as, rooU harnee, (a peal of 
thunder); pi. —yn. 

RooN, 8. f. rancour, resentment, malice, S|nte. 

Roo'^'-^OH. «. rancorousness, spiteful, perverse s 
Mat. xvii. 17; revengeful, malignant, vindic- 

Roo'nid, 8. m. rancorousness, &c. 
RoosT, 8. m. rind, bark, peel; v. strip, make 
bare, peel off, unbark; —aoh, 77-, — bb, 80; 

—in, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. » » / , 

RoostbbV, 8. m, a naked peison ; pi. — rb s 
Isa. Iviii. 7. 

Roostbe'naoh, a, naked, in want of dotfacs. 
Roost'by, v. making naked, or robbing. 
Roost'byr, *. m. a robber ; pi. — yn. 
Roostby'rys, s. f. robbey^; Fel. Ixii. lO. 
Roost'it, 85. robbed, rifled; Zee. xiv. 2. 
RosH, V. reach, stretch; —agh, 77-, — «e, 80 ■ 

—IN, 83; -INS, 84; — YM, 8«; -YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. » ' » 

Rosh'eydbr, 8. ffl. one who reaches ; pi, yk. 

Rosh'it, 85. reached, extended. 

Rosh'tyn, v. reaching. 

Br Rosh'tyn, v. hath, &c. reached, arrived. 

R*ou, p. thou was, wast thou \ I K%ng8, xviii. 
10; — s, id. em. 

RovAi^L, V. roving, roaming, rambling, wander- 
ing ; —AOH, 77 i — BB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; — ijrs, 84 s 
— YM, 86; -VMS, 87; — ys, 88. 

Rouail'laoh, a. unsettled, of a roaming, ramb. 
ling, unsteady mind, devious. 

Rouail'tagh, 8. m, a rover, rambler, &c. ; pi. 71. 

Rouaii/tys-aionby, 8, m, the rovinsr orwaih' 
dering of the mind. 

RocTAN, 8. m. riot, uproar; v. idem; —aoh, 771 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86: 
—YMS 87 i —YS, 88. * 

RouAN^AOH, a. riotous; 8. m. a rioter; pi. 71. 

Rouan'id or Rouan'ys, ^./..riotousness, rioting. 

RouD, adv. too far, too late. 

RouB, p. p. before them ; — syn, id, em, 

RouB-HBNE, p. p. before themselves. 

RouR or RouYR, too much ; Exod, xviii. 18 j too 

many, over and above what should be. 
Rou'rby, 8./. a headland, a piece of land in the 

end of a field, tfaUed so, no doubt, because in 

cad times, generally dug. 


RoiTYL, «. m, rage, fury; o. rabid, ftuious, fran- 
tic. See Er-roul, 

Row, v. was, "wast, were, wert. 

Row, p. wast thou ; — s, id. em. 

RowL, r. roll; Mat, xxvii. 60 j ilfflr* xv. 46? 
— AGH, 77 J —KB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86 } TMS, 87 J — T8, 88. 

Rowl'al, v. rolling, rolleth. 
RowLBT, 9. TO. a roll J pi. 67. 
Rowl'etder, «. TO. a roller; p/. — yn. 
Rowl'it, 85. rolled; Markxvi, 4. 
RoYD, p. p. before thee; — s, id. em. 
RoYD HKNS, p. p. before thyself. 
RoYD 00, p. p. away thou, begone thou, t, 
RoYM, p. p. before me ; — s, id. em. 
RoTMPKNB, p. p. before myself. 
RuAOH, o. inclined to red, brown. 
Rub or *Rubb, v. wipe, rub; — aoh, 77 i — «■» 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; YM8, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

RcBBAO. See Ribbag. 
Rub'ban. See Bybban. 
rub'bkydbr, 8. m. a rubber, a wiper. 
Rub'bit, 85. wiped, rubbed. 

RuoK. •. /. a rick of turf or hay ; p/. — yn ; 0. 
rick; -AGH, 77} -M, 80; -in, 83; -ins, 
84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Ruc'kbydbb, 8. TO. one who makes ricks. 

Rcc'kit, 85. ricked. 

Rdo'uaoh, a. rugged, rough, uneven, harsh. 

Ruoo or RuooYR, v. did bare, was or wast bom, 
did come by birth; —aoh, 77 j —in, 83; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Er Ruo'oAOHTYN, V. hath, &c. boine. 

Er ny Ruo'gky, v. hath, &c been bom. 

Ruo'GiT, 85. bora, brought forth. 

Ruo'oYK, 8. TO. birth, the time of birth ; as, 

«n IcM ruggyr mee (the day of my birth) ; rug- 

gyr ee Ihianno mac (she brought forth a male 

child) ; bom; Acts, xxii. 8. 
Ruil'lick or Rhulmck, ». /. a grave yard, a 

place set apart to bury the dead m, a church- 
ruil'lickby, a. d. of a grave or church-yard. 
RuisfsAGB, a. ruddy, reddish, of a freshblooming 

Rum'byi., •. the edge or skirt of a garment ; 

Nah. iii> 5* 
Runt. a. round, cjrcular, globular; «. to make 

round, &c. ; —aoh, 77 i — bb, 80 ; —in, 83 ; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86; -YMS, 67; — Y8,88. 
run'tao, 8. /. a round lump of a thing. 
Run'taoh, a. roundish, oval. 
Run'taohby, V, rounding. 
Run'tby, a. pi. round, circular. 
Ron'tid, 8. TO. roundness. 
Run'tit, 85. rounded. 
RuY, a. reddish^ brown. 
Ruy'by, a. pL brown, reddish. 
Ruyoh'by, o. getting brown, reddening. 
Ruy'ip^ 8* TO., brownness, reddishness. 
ry, (sounded Rct) to be, to, by, and sometimeB 

a. This particle or ac^unct is used before 

words as the following. 
Ry-ak'in, v. to be seen. Cha jintM^h dooinney 

ta coyrt Ay ve ry-akin dy bragh jekrk sy dor- 





Ryb'ban, *. TO. a riband; pi. — yn; Num. xv38. 
RY'Chbil'lby, ado. together, stuck together. 
Ry-chlash'tyn, v. to be heard. 
Ry-chlbays'hyn, adv. by the ears. 
Ry-chos'h, adv. by the feet, by foot. 
RYD'tAN, 8. f. a cribble, a riddle; pi. — yn. 
Ry-kn'naghtyn, v. to be felt, or being felt. 
Ry-fod^dby, adv. by a long time. 
Ry-ohbd'dyn, tj. to be had or found. 
Ry>hbbt,' v. to come, being to come. 

Ry-hbsh'aoht, v. to be in company, accom- 

Ry-hoY or RY-oTt, adv. reserved against, for and 

Ry-hros'tby, v. to be fasting. 

Ry-lhbay'st, adv. by the thigh, on the thigh ; 
Cant. iii. 8. 

Ry-lhiat'tbk, adv. by the side, aude. 

Ryf'tah, 8. f. rapture; pi. — yn. 

% v««« »» %» w».»%^» %^»» w»^^^^ %»^^%%^»**%* <^ ^^^ 


This letter, for its sound and changes, see Re- 
mark 28, &c. The feature of all the adjectives 
and the participles jfast of the language 
(which only I have marked participles) when 
initialled by this letter, is a feature that is not, 
perhaps, in any other language, but peculiar 
to the Manks alone ; when such adjective ends 
in agh, that agh generally changes to e« in the 
comparative and superlative degrees. See 68. 

Saa, a. younger, youngest; the camp, and «Mp. 
of Aegt positive, and ^aeg which is the degree 
—there is not tme word In English which gives 
its definition; its meaning is, how young, or 
young is the person ? and so for all the adjec- 
tives and participles, as shown in Remark 68. 

Saaoh, «. to. a v^sd; p^ Siyn. 

Saaii.'lby, 8. f. trine, sea-water, salt-water; 
£«. xlvii. 11. 

S'aait'nit, o. how gorsed, or greatly, or well 

S*AAiTT or Saitt, a. how antic, odd, funny, 
comical, or ridiculous. A 

S'aait'tby, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

S'aa'lin, a. how beautiful, el^^ant, ftur, comely, 
handsome, grand, noble, amiable, &c. A 

S*aa'ley, a. id.f comparative and superlative. A 

S*aar'lit, a. how dressed, cooked, or made 
ready. ^ 

S'aar'loo, a. how ready, prone, apt, &c., com- 
parative and superlative. A 

Saasb, 8. TO. a mean method or measure; 

pi. — YN. 

Saa^sbaoh, a. by means, measures or methods. 
Saasb-lhbib'ys, 8. TO. medidiW) Jdr.^vi. 11. 
S*aa^shaoh, a. how easy, liow iwudi at rest 
or quietness. ^ 

S'aa'shaght or Sassby, a, id., conip. . and 

tMp. "^ 

Saa'silaoh, «. TO. amethodist; p). 71* 
8'AA^siT, a. how grown or greatly grovm. A 
Saaub, *. TO. a saw; pi. — nyn; v. saw; 

—AOH, 77? — ■«. 80; — "N» 88} —INS, 84; 

— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — ys, 88. 




SAAv^EAht V, sawing. 

Saau^btdbr, «. to. a sawer or sawyer; pi. — tjt. 

Saau'it, 85. sawn or sawed. 

Saatll, 8. m. sale ; pL — tn. 

S'a'btl, a. how able or greatly able. A 

S*ac'crtssaoh, a. how bnngrry, &c. A 

S'ac'cbyssxx, a. id., eomp. and sup. A 

Sack, a. m. sack. This word is nearly the 
same in all langaages, and is thought to be 
an antedUavian word j pL Sbick. 

Cha Sabc, p. p. she does not know ; — nn, id. 
em. This word ought to end with k, as eck, 
and not ec (at). 

S*ABo, a. how yoong or yoathful. A 

Cha Sabu, p. p. ye or you do not know; — ish, 
id. em. 

S'aooair'aoh, a. how m^ust^ how wrong. A 
S'aooair'eb, a. id. comp. and eup. A 

S*Ao'oLAGH, a. how feacfdl, afraid. A 

S*Ao'oLBB, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

S*A00LB, ado. cause of fear. This word is used 
in answer in the affirmative to Baggie when 
there is cause of fear. A 

S*Ao'oLiT, a. how frightened. A 

Sag'otrt, s. m. a minister, a priest or clergy- 
man; pi. — YK. 

Sao'otrtaoh, a. d. of a priest or parson. 

Sao'gyrtys, «. /. priesthood, &c. 

S*aob'tai., a. how skilfol^artfuli, lice. A 

S*aoh'talby, a. id.^ eomi and sup. A 

Sahll or Saill, s. m. sidm, the white flesh of 
pork, &c.; the blubber of fish, &c.; grease; 
Pel. cxix. 70. Prov. **Slaa sahll er toyn 
fnuck mauyr."* 

Sahl'laoh, a. having saim, &c. 

Saick, a.d. of a sack or sacks. 

Saib, adv* what satisfies, enough. 

Saib'ioj 9. m. satiety. See Sonnys. 

Sail, s. m. seal; v. seal, secure; — aoh, 77', 

— BB, 80; — m, 83; —ins, 84; — TM, 86; 

— YM8, 87; —YS,e8: 

S*ai^lxagb, a. how fiery. A 

S'ai'lbx, a. id., comparative and superlative. A 

Sailit, 86. sealed.' 

SailOby, a. salt. 

Sail'jys, s. f. saltness. 

Saill, ». salt; — aoh».77;.— bb, 80; — iw, 83; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 80; — YMS, ^7\ — YS, 88. 

ilfiS^ Sail'lbb, p. if she please ; —ish, id. em. 

SAiL'LBYorSAL'LBy,-», saltiug, 

Sazl;,by% «, /. a salt cellar ; pi. — yn. 

My Sail'lish or Sallish, p. if he pleaoej 
— ^IN, id. em. , 

Mp Sail'lin, p. if we please; — yn,W. ein. 

Sail^t, 86, aedted. 

Sail'lyn, p. I please ; — s, id. em. 

My AAturv pj Iftthoaplease, if it please thee. 

ChA S'AtSrP^ we-kuowaot ; — YN, id. em. A 

S'Aur^oYssAaK,* «»«kowaequainted. A 

S'ain'oyssbb, a. id. em., comp. and sup, A 

S'Azn. S9eSaiiUt. 

Sal'lxydbr,, «. m. a Salter ; pi. — yn. 

S'ALMo'RAdid; 'a., how ignorant A 

S*ALMo'aBB, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

Sam'ark, s. a shamrock ; pi. — yn. 

Sau'arkagh, a. having shamrocks. 

Sah'arkbb, a. id., comp. and sup. 

Sam'byl, 9. m. a sample ; pi. 76. 

S'am'lit, a. how wracked, &c. F 

S'au'myssaob, a. how dutiful, submissive, or 
obedient. A 

S*am'hyssbb, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

Sahplby'r, 9. m. example, pattern, precedent for 
others to imitate. 

Samplby'raoh, a. exemplary, sign; Num. 

xxvi. 10. 
Sahplxy^rbb, a, id., comp. and sup. 

S*anchash'brick, a, how unholy, unsanctifled 
or ppofane. A 

S*anchash'brickby, a. id., eomp. and tup. A 

S'anchas'lby, a. how dififerent, how unlike; 
comp. and sup. A 

S'akchiar^t, a. how uneven. A 

S*anchiar'tby, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

S'angaa'ishaoh, a. how much in anguish. A 

S*anoaa'ishbb, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

S*anoaa'ishit, a. how anguished. A 

S'an'haoh, a. how late. A 

S*an'mbb, a. id. , comp. and sup. A 

San'nisb or Son'nish, a.f. a whisper; pi. — yn; 
r. to whisper orsusurrate; — aoh, 77; — ^bb 

80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 8tf ; — YMS, 87 ; 

S'annoo'n, a. how weak or feeble. A 

S'annoo'nby, a. id., eomp. and 9up. A 

S^anoayl'lagh, a. how unaccustomed. A 

S'anoayl'lbb, a. id., com. and sup. A 

Sansh or Sanshit, a. aniiunciated. As, laaU 
Moirrey ny Sansh. 

Sans'hbraoht, v. whispering. 

Sans'herey, 9. m. whisperer; pt. Sanshbrryn. 

S'anoayl'leb, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

S*anvb'aoh, a. how discordant, &c. A 

S*anvb^abb, a. id., comp* and sup. A 

S'anvbn'nioS) a. how seldom. « A 

S'AsrvBK'KBY* o. id., comp. and sup. A 

S*ANvio' a. how inanimate; eomp, and sup. A 

Sap, 9. /. a wisp, the outside of timber ; pi, — ^yk. 

S'ap'pbb, a. how ripe or mature; comp. 8c sup, A 

*Sar or Sarb, v. command, enjoin; —aoh, 77; 
— ^BB, 80; *-lN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 80; 
—YMS, 87; — ^YS, 88. 

S'ar]>, a. how high or lofty. a 

S'AiiDA'LAod, a. how vain, insignificant or di* 
minutive. A 

S'arpa'lbb, a. id., comp. and sup. A 

S*ard-chrbb'aoh, a, how haughty. A 

Sa'rby, s. m, a command, precept or li^unc- 
tion ; pi. 07. 

Sa'rbydbr, s.m. acommioider; pi. — yn. 

S'aroa'naoh, a. how disputative, &c. A 

S'aroa'nbb, a. idt comp. and sup» A 

Sar'kyl, 9. /. weed, sarclek See alio FarekaU. 

Sa'rit, 86. commanded, eijoiiiedi A 

S'ark'yssagh, a, how cilamltoiis, disaatiGiu, 
adverse, or irksome. A 

S'ark'yssbb, a. id,, comp. and sup. A 

Barn, 9. m. a contractioft of Jetam, Batarday. 

.. ' 


Sar^rah, «. TO. sir, in contempt. 
S*ar'rbvdaoh, a. how watchful. A 

S*ar'rbydbb, a. i<f.» oomp. and «up. A 

S'ab'ryltaoh, a. howwilling or inclined for. A 
S'ar'ryltbb, o. id., eomp, and sup, A 

Sar'rymaoh, a. how reverential, how mudi for 
giving due respect. A 

S'ar'rymeb, a. id.t eomp, and sup. A 

Sab^ryssaoh, a. sorry or sorrowful, how re- 
pentant or penitential. A 
S'ab^ryssbb, a. id., comp. and sup. A 
Sas'sby, a. more or most easy or cheap* the 

com. and sup. of Aashagh. 
S'at'chimaoh, o, how awful, dreadfol, dismal, 
terrible, &c. A 

S'Ai/cHiHBB, o. t'rf., comp. and ««p. A 

Sat'chimit, a. how awed, how dreaded. A 

Sau'allagh, 8. m. a salvor ; pi. 71 • 
Saual'taoh, «. to. a saviour j pi. 71' 
Saual'tys, ». /. salvation* redemption. 
Saua'il, v. saving, saveth, &c. 
Sau'chby, a. safe, not dangerous. 
Dy Sauchby, adv. safely. 
Saub or Sau, v. save) — agh, 77 j — bb, 80; 

—IN, 83 J —INS, 84 i — YM, 86j —VMS, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. 

Saybydbr, s. m. a saver; pi. — yn. 

Savin, s. /, HoUantide, (from Saue save) either 
from All Souls or All Saints Day, kept by the 
chnrch of Rome on the first and the other on 
the second of November, to pray for the sal- 
vation of all souls and saints departed, to have 
them saved. 

Saui'nby, a, d. See Souiney. 

Sau'it, 85. saved. 

Saveb'n, s. f. slumber; v. id., —agh, 77; 
— BE, 80; —IN, 83; — ins, 84; — YM, 86; 
VMS, 87; — Ys, 88. 

Savbb'naoh, a. slumbering, sleepy; s. m. one 
that slumbers; pi. 71. 

Savbb'nbb, a. id., comp. and sup. 

Savbb'nys, s. f. sapineness, sluggishness; 

pi. — YN. 

S'aw, a. how raw. A 

S'aVby, o. id., comp. and sup . A 

S'awan'b, a, how base, rude, or immodest. A 
Sawan'b, s. f. wash-brew. 
Sawm, *. /. a psalm ; pi. — yn. 
Cha S'ayd, p. thou dost not know ; — s, id. em. 
Cha S'AYM, p. I do not know, I know not ; John 
ix. 18 ) — s, id. em, 

Saynt, «./. covetousness, eagerness after gain. 

It is also used when the plough is set to gripe 

the land too much ; pi. — yn. 

Sayntoi% a. covetous, lustful. 

Sayntoi^laoh, a. covetous, voraciously eager 
after gain; «. m. ai covetous person; pi. 71. 

Satntoi'lbb, a. id,, comp. and sup. 
S*baar'x<agb» a, how much in the English tone 

of language. B 

S'baaji^lbb, a. id,, eomp, and sup. B 

S'baa'bit, a. how spent, how bare made. B 

S'baa80i% a. how deathly or deadly. B 

S*BAA80i^i.BT, a, id., comp. and sup, B 

S'sAi/cAOB, a. how halt or maimed B 



S'bac'cbb, a. id,, comp. and sup. B 

S'bao'giraoh or Sb'ag^oyrtaoh, a. how threat- 
ening or insulting, how menacing. B 

S'bag^oyrtbb, a. id., comp. and sup. B 

S'baoh'tal, a. how plain, obvious, manifesti 
evident, distinct, clear, discernible. See. ; comp. 
and sup. B 

S'baiht, a. how drowned. * B 

S'bal'loo, a. how dumb, comp. and sup. B 

S'banb, a. how white. B 

S'ba'neb or S'baney, id., comp. and sup. B 

S'ba'nit, a. how whitened. B 

S'banoanaoh, a. how branchy. B 

S'bano'anbb, a. id., eomp, and sup, B 

S'bano'lanbaoh, a. how full of boughs. Prov. — 
" S'banglaneagh yn phy^aghy B 

S'bano'lanbb, a. id,, eomp, and sup, B 

S'ban'nbe, a, how blest, how calm or fine; 
comp, and sup. B 

S'ban'nit, a. how blessed. B 

S'barb or S'babbaou, a. how harsh or rough. B 

S'barb'by, a, id,, comp, and sup, B 

S'baroa'nit, a. how bargained. B 

S'basb'tit, a. how much or well baptized. B 

S'BEA^SAOHorS'BBY'sAOH, o. how submissive. B 

S'bba'sbb, a, id., comp, and sup, B 

S'bbayn, a, how durable, lasting or permanent, 
how immortal or eternal. Prov. — " Quoi erbee 
S'beayn cha beayn y chenndiaght." And, 
" S' beayn dagh oik.'' B 

S'bbayn'by, a. id., comp. and sup. B 

S'bbe'it, a. how well fed ; comp. and sup. B 

S'beo, a. how little or small, little indeed. B 

S'beihlt, a. how ground. B 

S'bbish'taoh, a. how beastly or brutal. B 

S'bbisb'tbb, a. id., comp. and sup. B 

S'bbr'chaoh, a. how rich, &c. B 

S'bbr'chbe, a. id., comp. and sup. B 

S'si^ALLAOH, a. how obedient, &c. B 

S'bi'allbb, a. id., eomp. and sup. B 

S'bibau, a. how swift or speedy, comp. & sup. B 

S*bil'laoh, a. how grown over with trees. B 

S'bil'leb a. id., comp. and sup. b 

S'bino, a. how shriU, how melodious. B 

S'bino^by, a. id., comp, and sup. B 

S'bino'aoh, a. how much for juries. B 

S'bio, a. how much alive ; choud as S'bio mee 
(as long as I live) . Though I think it could be 
expressed as well, choud as bee'm bio. B 

S'bto-oi'l or S'bio-al, a. how lively; comp. 
and sup. b 

S'bioyr, a. how brisk or smart. B 

S'bio y'bby, o. id., comp, and sup, B 

Sbir'raoh or S'byb'baoh, a. how sharp pointedB 
Sbir'rbb, a. id., comp. and sup. B 

S'blaa^aoh or S'bla'aoh, a. how fiowery or 
fall of flowers. B 

S'blaa'bb, id., comp. and sup. B 

S'blas'tal, o, how savory, tasty, sippid, comp. 
and rap. B 

S'boo, a. how soft or moist. B 

S'boo«ox% a. how Joyous or joyful, com. &««sp. 
S'booht, a. how poor or mean. B 

S'boohtbTi a. UF., eomp, and sup. B 



8'boir^ra.ob, a. how troublesome, &c. B 

S'boir'rkk, a. id.t eomp. and »up. B 

S'bol^laoh, a. how quite bare, how entirely or 
wholly bare. B 

S'bol'lkb, a. id., con^. and tup. B 

S'bolta^naoh, a. ho^ stapid or doll of appre- 
kenaion. B 

S'bolta'nxb, a. id., comp. and aup, B 

S'booi'aoh, a. how glad or willing, how well 

pleased. Prov.—" S'booiagh yn voght er yn 

veggan." B 

S'booibk, a. id., cam. and n^. ' B 

8*BO0YR, a. how deaf. B 

S'BotrT^RXY, a. deafer, deafest. b 

S*«rba'gagh, a. how addicted to lying or tell- 
ing lies. B 

S*brba'obb, id., com. and sup. B 

S'BRBD'nAOH, a. how thievish. b 

S'bbbb'naoh, a. how sultry or warm. B 

S'brbb'nbb, a. more sultry, most sultry. B 
S'brbeoi'l, a. how vigorous or forcible, how 

energetic or full of meaning. b 

S'brbboi^ley, a. id., com. and aup. B 

S'brbin, a. how nasty or filthy. B 

S'brbi'ket, a. nastier, nastiest. b 
S'BRiN^KrAOH, a. how pert or full of flattery. B 

S'brin'nbb, a. id., com. and ntp. B 

S'brint, a. how flatterons, &c. B 

S'brisht, a. how broken. B 

S'brish'taoh, a. how brittle, &c. B 

S'brish'tbe, a. more brittle, most brittle. B 

S'broioh, a. how dirty or muddy. B 

S'broibb, a. dirtier, dirtiest. B 

S'broib, a. how boiled or baked, comp. and 
sup. B 

S'broioh'it, a. how dirtied. B 

S'brou^taoh, a. how brutish. b 

S'brou^tbb, o. more brutish, most brutish. B 
S'buooa'naoh, a. how dreary, frightful, dis- 
mal. B 

S'buoga^nbb, a. id., comp . and sup. B 

S*Buio'oET, a. the comparative and superlative 
of Bog and 8' bog. B 

S'bui'ohby, a. more yellow, most yellow. B 

S'bwaaoh, a. how pretty. B 

S'bwaaib, a. prettier, prettiest. B 

S'bwoail'taoh, a. how apt to strike. B 

S'bwoail'tbb, a. apter, or aptest to strike. B 

S'bwoailt, how threshed or struck. b 

ScAA, s. m. a shade, a shadow. 

So a A, shed. See also Skaa and Skah. 

Scaao'hbt, v. shadowing ; Heb» ix. 6. 

Scaail'laoh, a. scaly, squamous. 

Sgaail'lbb, a. id,, eomp, and sup. 

ScAALBBA^N, «. III. a broad Scatter ; pi. — yn. 

SCAALHEA^NBY, V. Scattering; isa. xli. i6. 

Scaal'ley, «. m. a scale; p/. 67. 

SoAALLXT, a. covered with scales. 

Scaaliaohbb, 8. /. an umbrella, a shade to cast 

ScAAW, s. an apparition, a ghost, a spectre, a 
g>h1tj ph — TN5 Luk^, xxxiv.37, anrtilfo#. 
xiv. 26. 

Scaa'nby, 8, m. a crack, flaw, or fissure; pi. 67. 

ScAAN'joow, s. f. a phantom, a skeleton : 

P/. — TTSl. ' 

ScAANT. 85. cracked, having flaws. 
BcAAP, ©. did escape j 1 5am. xix. 12. 
S'caar'jyssaoh, a. how friendly. c 

S'caab'jyssbx, a. more friendly, most friendly. C 
S'cab'baoaob, a. how frill of docks. c 

S'cab'baoeb, a. id., comp, and sup. c 

S'cAn'DAN, s. m. herring. See also Skeddan. C 
S'cad'jin, a. how common. c 

S'cadOznbb, a. more common, most common. C 
S'cad'laoh, a. how sleepy or drowsy. c 

S'cad'lbb, a. sleepier, sleepiest. 
^cADoo^ *. shadow, dark shade. 
ScAnoo'AOH, a. shadowing, shady. 
Scadoo'be, a. more shady, most shady. 
S'cAOHi.Altr, a. how changed or altered. C 

ScAHT, 86. shook. See Skaht. 
S'caio'nit, o. how chewed or gnawed. c 

S'cail'mt or S'cAiLT, a. how lost. c 

S'CAIR, Scair'aoh, or S'caihal, a. how just, 
nght, true, upright, righteous. c 

S|cair'bb, a. more and most just, right, &c. C 
S'cairai'lagh, a. how careful. c 

S'cairai'leb, o. more and most careful. c 

^lev^*fiaSi' ^^"^ ^^^* ^^^^* accurate, just, 
S'caib'tby, a. more and most even, exact, &c. C 
S'cal'oaoh, a. full of awns. c« 

S'cal'oeb, a. more and most full of awns. C 

S'cAH, a. how crooked, wrong, distorted, per- 
verted, perverse, wry. q 

S'camlaa'oagh, a. how illegal, intricate in 
law, how implex. q 

S'cahlaa'geb, a. id., com. eokdsup. c 

Scam'malt, s. to. a scafibld ; pi. — yn. 

S'cam'hby, a. the comparative and superlative 
of Cam and S*cam. q 

S'cam'mit, a. how bent or made crooked. C 

Scam'mylt, s. f. scandal, reproach, defamation. 

Scam'myltagh, o. scandalous, reproachful, 
infamous, vile, disgraceful ; «. m. a person 
who defames or reproaches ; pi. 71. 

Dy Scam'myltby, v. to scandal or reproach. 

Scam'myltid or Scam'myltys, «. /. disgrace- 
fulness, scandalousness. 

Scam'myltit, 86. scandalized, &c. 

ScANSH, s. f. regard, consequence, respect. 

Scanshoi% a. regardful, &c. 

Scansh'-smoo, a. important. 

ScANSH^-vooAR, «./. importance. 

S'cant'it, a. how auctioned. c 

*ScAP or Scape, e. escaped; — agh, 77; —vs,, 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87: 
— YS, 88. ' 

Scapai^l, v. escaping. 

Bt Scapai'l, v. hath, &c. escaped. '. . 

ScAFB, s. m. an escape, a shield ; pU — yn. 

Sca'paltagh, s, to. one who escapes; pi. 71. 

SoA^piT, 86. escaped, avoided, untaken. 

ScARLBo'o, «. III. scarlet, a red coloar. 

S'carna'naob, a. how full of heaps. c 

S'carna'nxb, a. more and most foil of heaps. C 

Scar or *ScARR, t». separate, disperse, sever; 




sometimes used instead of the word spread ; 

— AOH, 77} —KB, 80} —IN, 83} —INS, 84} 
— YM, 86} — TM8,87} — T8, 88. 

Scar'rao, «./. a skate or ray flshj pi. — yn. 
S'car'baoh, o. how carious or rotten. C 

S'cAR^RKB, a. id.t eomp. and tup, C 

Scar'rbk, a. d. of separation or severance. 
Scar'rby, 9. separating:, spreading, disuniting:, 

disjoining, severing} s. m. a separation, a 

disunion ; pi. 67. 
Scar'rkyobr, «. m. a separator} pi. — yn. 
Scar'rky veih yn aoolish, 8. f. schism. 
Scar'rit or ScARRT, 85. separated. 
S'cAs'sANAOH, a. how full of paths. C 

S'CAS^SANEE, a. id., comp. and siip, C 

S'cAST, a. how twisted or twined. C 

S'cast'it, a. how quelled or overcome. 

S*ckaoh', a. how changed or altered. . C 
S'cBAiTT, a. how worn, cast, or thrown. C 

ScBLL, «. m. a beam or raf of light } pi. — yn. 
Scbll-orbi'ney, a. m. asan-beam. 
ScBLT, 85. cloven, split, bursted} v. cleave 

asunder} — aoh, 77 } — bb, 80} —in, 83 } —ins, 

84} — YM, 86} —VMS, 87} — ys, 88. 

Scblt'bydbr, a. m. a cleaver, a spllter} pi. — yn. 

S'charba^t, a. how weaned. C 

S*chash'brick, a. how holy or hallowed. C 

S'chash'brickey, a. id., comp. and »up. C 

8*chbr, a. the comp. and tup. of Chiu. Proo. — 
** T^fidll ny a'chee na uahtey.** C 

S'chbby, a. pi. the comp. and «up. of Chiu, when 
speaking in the plural number. C 

S'chbn'nby, a. the comp. and tup. of Chion, 
tighter, tightest} fiEuster, ftustest} straiter, 
stoaitest} Acta. zxvi. 5. C 

S'cbil'lbbraoh, a. how direct or strait for- 
ward. C 

8'chil'i.berbb, a. id,, comp. andtt^. C 

Schim'mbto, t. f. a streak or stripe} ph — yn; 

V. streak, stripe, variegate } — Aoa, 77; — bb, 

80; — IN4 83} —INS, 84} — YM, 86} — YMS, 

87 ; — YS, 88. 
Schzm'mbioaoh, a. having streaks, stripes } 

variegated, how streaked, &c, 

Schxm'mbiobb, a. id., cwnp. and tup, 

Schim'mbioby, v. streaking, variegating. 

Schim'mbigeydbr, t. m. one who streaks, &c. 

Schim'mbtoit, 8S. streaked, striped. 

S'cHiNo, a. how sick or ill. C 

S'chino'by, a. id., comp. and tup. C 

8*CHi0NN, a. how tight, fisst, strait. C 

S'CBioN^NiT or S'cHTONT, 85. how tightened or 
straitened. C 

S'cHiow^iT or S'cBcowT, a. how wanned. C 

S'OBiRM, a. how dry, how arid. C 

S'chir'mby, a. a., eomp, and tup. C 

S'cBiR^MiT, a. how dried. C 

S'cHioo or S'cHiu, a, how thick or dense. C 

S'cblash'aoh, o. how fidl of endhig ftmrows. C 

8'cblasb'it, a, how farrowed. C 

ScBLBT, t. f, skill, ar^ dexterity. 

ScblbY'al or SchlbYoi'l, a, skilful, artAil, in- 
genious, dexterous. 

8'cBOB, a. warmer, warmest} hotter, hottest} 
Ou6 eomp, and tup* of Cheh. C 


Sgboioh, a. snug, trim, warm. 

Schoioh'by, a. id., comp. taiAtup. 

ScHOiLL, a, m, a school} 2 Kinga, xxU. 14} 
pi. — YN. 

ScHoiL^LAR, a.m./. a scholar} pi. — yn. 

S'chooinshbans'agh, a. how conscionable or 
conscious. C 

S'chooinshbans'bb, a. id., comp. and«t^. C 

S'chus'tby, a. how cursed or accursed. C 

S'chym'saob, a. how much for gathering. C 

S'chym'sbb, a. id., comp. and ttip. C 

S'cbyh'sit, a. how gathered. C 

S'cHYNnAA'iT, a. how turned or converted. C 

S*clab'binaoh, a. how gusty, squally, &c. C 

S*clab'bineb, a. id,, comp, and tup, C 

S*CLAGH^AOH, a. how stouy. C 

S'claoh'bb, a. id., comp. and «uji. C 

S'clahn'it, a. how thickened. C 

S'claiob'tit, a. howfdaited. C 

S'cla'mit, a. how clumsily embraced. C 

8'cLAHp'iT, a. how patched. C 

S'clauoh'tal, a, with how much satisfisction 
in the use of comp. and aup. C 

S'clbay'nit, a. how enticed, allured, &c. C 

S'clbi'bbt, a. how harrowed. C 

S'glbight or S'clbiyzt, a. how dug, delved, or 
quarried. C 

S*cliaoh'tit, a. how accustomed. C 

S'clu'gaoh, a. how cunning or crafty. C 

S'cLu'oEB, a. id., comp. Bndaup. C' 

S'cluin'it, a. how well heard. C 

Scoa'dby, a. a sloop, a smack } pi, 617, 

S'coa'gyrit, a, how cooked or dressed. C 

S'coAH^RiT, a. how dad or clothed. C 

S'goan, a. how scarce or scant, scarcely, lids 
word ought to be written S^goan, C 

S'coAR, a. how agreeable, social, or dviL C 

Scoar'naob, a. f. the throat } pi. 73. 

ScoAR^NBB, a. d, of the throat. 

Scob'bby, a. m. a snack, a repast} pi. dfj. 

ScoinAN, «. m. the sheet of a sail; pi, — ^yk. 

ScoiDBY, t. m, obliqueness, aslope, askew. 

ScoTOB, I. /. sqneam, disgust j pi, — yv. 

ScoxLO, a. m,f, a slender grown child. 

S'coiR or S'coYR, a, how odd, comp, and tup. C 

ScoLB, V, chip, break the shell; — aoh, 77; 

— BB, 80} —IN, 83} —INS, 84} — YM, 86; 

— YMS, 87 } — YS, 88. 

Scol'bby, V, chipphig} stirring to rise firom bed. 

Scol'bit, 85. chipped, &c. 

ScoLn, scald} — agr, 77 ; &c. 

ScoL'nBE, a. d, of scalding. 

Scol'oby, «. m. a scald} pi, 97', v, scalding. 

Scol'oit, 85. scalded. 

Scoii'lao, t, m. a stripling, a boy in a state sub- 
ject to stripes, as stripling im^es. Hie lOuikB 
etymology might be one flt for sduxfl or a 

SCOLT, V. split) —AGB, 77} — YS, 88. 

Scol'tby, t, m. a split or burst} pi, 07 j •• 

ScoL^TBYDBR, «. M. One who splits. 

S'combaa'sxt, o. how enoompasfled or for- 
roonded. c 



S*coin>Ai'oAOB, a. how contrary. C 

S'cosnDAi'oBE, a. id., comp. and 9Up. C 

S'coN^NAOH, or more properly S'oonnaor, a. 
how sore, how crabbed. - C 

S'cok'itbk, a. id., comp. and nip. 
S'coo'dxt, a. how covered, fee. C 

Scoo'oTK, «. /. a nasty scniff or scunif foond 
on vessels which are not kept properly clean ; 

pi. — TN. 

S'cooid'savk, V, may vonchsafe. See Sgooid. 
S'cooiB, a, how flt or proper. C 

S'cooi^BT, a, id., comp» and ttQ». C 

S'cooiL^LssmT, a. how ftOlllled, eompensated, 
rewarded, recompensed, or finished. C 

S'cooin'.lhiam, p. I remember. C 

S'cooiN^-LHiAT, p, thoa rememberest. C 

S'coon7'-i.HBB, p, she remembers. C 

S'cooin'-lhibu, p. they remember, and you or 
ye remember. C 

S'cooin'-lhbsh, p, he remembers. C 

S'cooiir'-LHiBN, p. we remember. C 

S'cooiN^AOHTAOH or S'cooin'ioaoh, a. how 
recollective or retentive. C 

S'cooin'idbb, a. id., comp, and mp, C 

S'cgoin'bt, o. the comp. and tup. of Coon. C 

S'coon'it, a. how remembered. Q 

Soooia, V, scour or 'scrub } — aoh, 77; — bk, 

80; — w, 83; —INS, 84 J — YM, 86; — TMS, 

87; — YS, 88. 

Scooia^BE, a. d. of scouring. 

Scooxa^BY, 9.m. asconring; pl.GJi v. scour* 
Ing, scrabbing. 

Scooir'bydbr, 8. m. a scourer j pi. — yn. 

ScooiRT, 85. scoured. 

S'cooBT, a. how narrow. C 

S'coon'rit, a. how exchangred or swopped. C 

S'coon'tit, a. how counted, reckoned or 'cal- 
culated. ' Q 

ScooYR, 8. /. drunkenness, intoxication. 
Scooyr'it, a. drunk, intoxicated. 
S'coRM or S'coRRTM, a. how equal. C 

S'corm'sy or S'coRRYMBY, o. id., comp. & »up. C 
S'corm'it, a. howi equalized. C 

S'cornbi'laoh, a. how cornered. * C 

S'coR^RAOH, a. how tottering, comp. and ntp. C 
S'cor'rbb, a. how angry or vexed, comp. and 



S'ooR^RYM. See Corm. 
S'cos'xiT, a. how gained or earned. 
S'cos'siLAOH, a. how indifferent. 
S'cos'siLBB, a. id., comp. and aup. 
S'cos'tal or S'cos'talaoh, a. how costly. 
S'cosTALBB, a. id,, comp. and sup. 
Scow'an, 8. f. a lung or light j pU •— yn. 
S'cow'bit, a. how marked. C 

ScoYi.0, •. /. a shriek ; pU —yn ; t>. shriek ; 

—AOH, 77 i —EB, 80; —IN, 83; —ins, 84: 

— YM, 86; — YM8, 87} — YS, 88. 

Scoyiio'aoh, a. to be shrieking often. 

ScoYL^OBBNBB, V. cackl^g as a hen. 

ScoYL^oBY, V. shrieking. 

ScoYL'oBYDBm «. m. iashxieker. 

Scqtl'oit, 8fi. shiieked. 

S'eoTB'LXT, a. how advised or coansolled. C 

Scba or ScBAi'oBY, t». scrawing; —aoh, 77 j 

'-'KE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YM8, 87} — YS, 88. 

Scra-chraa'bb, *./. aquagmire, a shaking bog. 

Scraa'bb, a. d. of scraws. 

ScRAA^iT, 86. covered with scraws. 

Scraba'ob, 8.f. a scratch; p/. Scrabaohyn. 

Scra^bey, v. scratching or scraping. 

Scrabeydbr, «. m. a scraper, &c. 

Scra'bit, 85. scratched, scraped. 

ScRAOH, 8. f. a scream} pi. — yn. 

S'caidoi'laoh, a. how much for scoffinir or 
mocking. * ^j 

S'craidoi'lbb, a. id., comp. and 8up. C 

S'craib'aoh, a. how clayey. c 

ScRAio, 8. f, a scraw ; pU — yn ; ©. —aoh. 77 ; 
—IT, 85 I — YS, 88. ' 

Scraio'by, covering with scraws. 

ScRAiQ^BYDBR, «. m. oue who scraws. 

S'cRAn/NAOH, a. how skinny, full of skins. C 

S'cRAiT^NBB, a. id., comp. and 8up. 

S'craiu-aio'agh, a. how ruinous. c 

S'craiuaio'be, a. id., comp. and vup. c 

S'cbahan'maoh, a. how lumpy. c 

S'crah'manbb, a, id., comp. and sup. c 

S'crap^lagh, a. how much crumpled, &c. C 

S'crap'lbb, a. a. id., comp. and sup. c 

S'crap'lit, a. how crumpled. c 

S'craub'aoh, a. how bony, comp. and sup. C 

S'cbau'bb, a. how pious, reUgious. godly, holy, 
righteous, comp. and sup, c 

S'cRAYT, a. how clayed. c 

S'crban'aoh, a. how diilly or cold. c 

S'crban'be, id., comp. and sup, c 

ScRBAv, s. f. a kiln last, as much corn as is put 
on the kiln to dry at once ; pi. — yn. 

ScRXB, a. f. scab ; pi. — yn. 

Scrbb'baoh, a. scabby, how scabby. 

Scre'bbb, o. id., comp. and sup. Prov. "Taun 
cheyrep screbbagh doghaney yn clone sMoltane. 

Scrbb'bio, s. m, scabbedness, scabbiness. 

S*creck'it, a, how sold. c 

SCRBD, 8. f, a gasp ; pi, — YN. 

S'crbd'it, a. how much believed. c 

Scrbb'aoh, a. screech; JfouiA, xxxiv. 14. 
S'crbb^abt or Scrbbrt, a. how sifted. c 

ScRBBB, 8, f. a scratch or scrape. This is nearly 

^£®*^f°5i^i*®*°^8^»*® ScroAaa'c, but, perhaps 
with this difference that screeb is the action of 
sever^ sharps drawn over, scrabage but of only 
one sharp; —aoh, 77-, — bb, 80; —in, 83; 
—INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 } — YMS, 87 } — YS, 88. 
Sorbbb'by, 9. scratching or scratting. 
Scrbbb'bydbr, «, m. ascratcher; pli^-Yv, 
Sgrbbb'it, 86. scratched* scraped. 
S'cREBN, a. how ripe or withered, comp. Scaup. C 
S^crbb'nby, a, how wise, more or most wise. C 
S'cBBa.oi% a. how hearty, comp^uoAu^, c 
ScRBBu, Scribu, or Scrip, ©.: write, scribUe, 
wrote; —AOH, 77 } —MS, 80 } —IN, 83; —ins, 
84 J — YM, 86 } -YMS, 67} — YS, 88. 
Scrbbu'bb, a. d. of writing or penmanship ; as 
fe^ag-screeeuee Ca pen) ; Psalm, xliv. a. 

^^i'fSS?" orScRiTDB'YR, «.». ascribe.wxitcT 
or scribbler ; pi, — yn. 




ScRBEUBT^AUs, 8. /. vrxiiAng, pennuuifihip. 
ScRKBUT or ScRuiT, 85. Written, scribbled. 
ScRBEu'Tur, a. m. a letter, an epistle j Acts, xv. 23. 

pi. ScBBBUirrN. 
S'cRBO'oAOH, a. how rocky. C 

S'cBBG^OBB, a. id., comp. andrap. C 

S'cRBo'oANAOH, a, how foil of smaU rock« &c. C 
S'cRBo'oANBB, a. id.,eomp',aad n^, C 

S'cRBoi, a. how hard, obdurate or obstinate, comp. 

and aup. C 

S'caoi'dbt, o. how hardy, comp. and mp. C 

ScRi, V. descry, espyj — ^aoh, 775 — »■» 80 j 
— IV, 83; — INS, 84; — tm, R6j — TMS, 87 j 
— YS, 88. 

Scbi'ai., 0. descryingr, spying. 

Scri'altaoh, «. m. a descrier, a spy; j»l. 71* 

S'cBiB^BBTJAOH, o. how niggardly, paraimoni- 
oos, or penurloiu. C 

S'crib'bbyjbb, a. more niggardly, mobt nig. 
gardly. C 

S'crib'bit, a. how duunk or contracted. C 

Scrxb'iobr, «. m. a grater ; pi. — tn . 

Sgbi'-it, a. how descried or spied. 

Scrip'tyr, m.. m. scripture ; pi. — yv. " Te 
coofUit tutheif ooaale dp hoiggal leighi^ at elU 

3fhtagh3fn y cheer ta dodnney ctanmal ayn. 
gh ere wood S'ooasle eh dy hoiggai tlattyssyn 
niau ae leighyn beaynid dy braghfarreighiyn ta 
ain ayna ny acriptyryn caaheriek** 

ScRip^TTRAOH, fl. scripturaL 

ScRiss, V. pare, shave; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84} — YM, 86; — YMS, 87} 

— YS, 88. 

ScRis'sAN, «. ffi. a pareing, a tliin skin or scum. 
ScRis'sEY, V. pareing, shaving. 
ScRis'sBYOBR, «. HI. a parer, a shaver. 
ScRiss'-NY-oRBo or Clbaysh-lhbbah, a. f. a 

moss that grows on rocks, and is nsed in d]dng 


ScRisT, 85. pared, chaft, shaved. 

Scbob'bao. «./. the crop of afofwl, a gizzard; 
,pl. — HYN; Lev. i. l6. 

Sgrob'baohyn, a. pi, the dewliqy of oxen* 

ScROD, ©. screw; —aoh, 77', — bb, 80 ; —in, 83 j 

— YM, 8d; — YS, 88. 

ScRo'jDA, f . /. a screw ; pi. — obyn. 
ScRO^DBT, «. screwing. 
ScR^BYDBR, a. m. a screwer; pi, — ^yn. 
Scbo'dit, 86. screwed. 

S'croooa'naoh, a. how hooked. C 

S'croooa'nbb, a, id., comp, and aup* C 

S'crooh'it, a. how hung. C 

ScROio, a. f. a crust, a scralT ; pU — yn. 
S'cRONo'ANAOHy o. how foll of hillocks. C 

S'crono'anbb, a. id., comp, and tup. C 

S'cRoy'NAi., d. how phiin, obvious, evident, 
manifest, visible, conspiciens, • easily seen, 
comp, and aup, C 

S'cbon'mit, a. how seen, diaoemed, b eheld. C 

S'cROM^TAOH, a, how knotty. C 

S'cron'tbb, a. more knot^, moat knotty. C 

S'cron'tit, a. how knotted. ' C 
SoBOO. Se^Seroda. 

S'cRoo^BAOB, a. how lame. C 

S'croo'bbb« a. more lame, molt lame. C 

S'crou'taoh, a. crafty or subtle. C 

S'cRou^TBB, a. id., oomp. and aup. C 

S'cRow'iT, a. how shod. C 

S'cRo^YM, a. how stooped or bent fiorward,«o«vp. 
and aup. C 

Scrui'n, a. /. swarm of beea. 

S'cRuiN or S'cRcriNo, a. how compactor doae.C 

S'cRuiN^NiT, a. how besi^ed or closed. C 

S'crvit'taoh, a. how hump backed. C 

S'cRuiT^TBB, a. id., comp, and mp. 

ScEYss, a. m. a pareing, a shaving. 

ScuD^LAOH, a. m. a luggage , pi. 73. 

ScuoH, V. remove, move, shift; — aoh, 77; — bb, 

80 ; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 j 

— YS, 88. 

Scuoh'by, a, m. removal; pl,07, a. removing, &e. 
Scuoh'bydbr, a,m, a remover; pi, — ^yn. 
Scuoh'it, 85. shifted, removed, moved. 
S'cuiLLBi'oAOH, o, how fulI of iuside comen. C 
S'cuillbi'gbb, a. id., comp. and aup, C 

ScuiRR, V. cease, desist^ leave off; —aob, 77 s 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; — INS, 84; —YMS, 87* 
— YS, 88. Prov. " Traaeuirrya y laue dy cht^ 
acuirrya yn veeal dy voylley." 

ScuiR^RBYDBR, «. HI. One who ceases, &c. 

ScuiTCH, V, scourge; — agh, 77} —al, 79 j — bb, 
80; —IN, 83; — IN8, 84; —IT, 85; — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Scuitch'bydbr, a. m, a scourger; pi. — yn. 

Scum'mby, adv, what matter, no matter, would 

not matter. 

S'cum'mit, a, how held, how formed. C 

S'cumrai'lagh, a. how hindersome. C 

S'cumrai'lbb, a. id., comp, and aup, C 

S'cvrnbbi'naoh, a, how hufflshf pettiah, or un- 
steady, c 

S'curnbbi'nbb, o. id., comp, and aup, C 

S'cdr'rit, a, how given, put or aent. C 

S'cus'i,iNAOH, a. howftillofveiaa. C 

S'cus'lnbb, a. id,, ciNNtp. and aup, C 

Scu^YR, a. m. a skewer; p/.— yn ; o. —aoh, 77 $ 

— Al^ 79 i — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 

—IT, 85; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

ScuY^BBYDBR, «. m. onc who skewers. 

S'oAAH^iT, a. how singed. D 
S'daa'it or S'oAAT, how dyed. 

S'oaa'nby, a, how bold or daring. D 

S'oANjBY^BAOB, u, how dangeKOoa. D 

S'danjby'rbr, a, id., comp, and f«|i. D 

S'davn'bit, a, how danced. D 

S'oba^mit, a, how projected. D 

S'obayrVit, a, how spilled or poured. D 

S'dbb'bjaoh, a. how desperate. D 

S'db'bejbb, a. id., comp, and fup. D 

S'dbi'naoh, a, how weary or t^ed. D 

S'dbx'nbb, o. id,, comp, and aup. J> 

S'obn'dbysaoh, Oi, hiow deUca^, donay. D 
S'dbn'dbysbb, a, more and moat delicate. D 

S'dbwil, a, how cruel, inhuman. D 

8*dbwi'lby, a, more and moat orneL D 

S'dbyr, a. how dear. D 

S'oBY^aBY, a. dearer, deareat. ]> 
S'dby'rit, a. how ooadenned or aentenoed. D 

S'dhoan or S'oBONi, a. how^hrown. D 




S'dhoa'nst, a. Ijtowner, tarowneat. D 

S'dhol^lit, a. how blotted, or deteced. D 

S'oholta'vaoh, a. how doltish. D 

S'dholta'nxx, a. id., camp, vadtup. D 

S'dhon'nanaoh, a. how dastardly. D 

S'dhon'nanbb, a. itf., comp. wad tup, D 

S'dhon'nbt, a. how Ul or donsy. D 

S'diu'xet, a. deeper, deepest, the comp. and 
8up. of Dowin, 

S'doai'aoh, a. how decent or genteel, comp, 
and tup. D 

S'ooAL, a. how blind. D 

S'doa^lbt, a. blinder, blindest. D 

S'jdoaltat'ttm, a. how sndden or unawares. D 

S'doaltat'tymaoh, a. how suddenly. D 

S'doaltat'tthbb, a, id., comp, and aup. D 

S'ixm/carraoh, a. how laborious, with how 
mach ^nt or stress of labour, D 

S'doc^cabrex, a, id., comp. and 9up. ; l Cor, 
XV. 10. D 

S'oooh'anagh, a. howdisorded. D 

S'dooh'anbx, a. id., comp. and sup . D 

S'doil'lbb, o. how difficult, comp. and sup. D 

S'ool'lit, a. how blotted or blinded. D 

S'doo, a. how black. Prov. ** Myr s^doo yn 
feeagh yUno eh sheshey." D 

S'doo'bt, a. blacker, blackest. D 

S*DOOOH, a. how ill, bad; Mat. xii. 45; worse, 
worst. D 

S'doooh'tssaoh, a. how natural or cong;enial, 
with what natural instinct. D 

S'nooiB. a. how kind or affectionate, comp. 
and sup. D 

S'dooint, a. how closed or shut. D 

S'oooiSHT, a. how mu(di awake, how vigilant. D 

S'dooish'tit, a. how awakened, comp. and 
tup. D 

S'oob'raohxt, a. how dark. D 

S'dob'bbb, a. darker, darkest. D 

S'dor'binaob, a. how tempestuous. D 

S'dor'rinbx, o. id., comp. and sup. D 

S'noiT^RiirAOH, a, how ffistempered. D 

8'ooi/RiirBB, a, id., comp. and sup, D 

S'dowin, a, how deep. D 

S'oRBB, a. how slow or tedious, slower, slow- 
est. D 

S'drbs'saoh, a, how briary. D 

S'drbs'sbb, a. more briary, most briary. D 

S'driaor'tit, a, now chained. D 

S'oRiNB^AOH, a. how thorny. D 

S'dri'nbx, a. more thorny, most thorny. D 

S'drolla'nbaoh, a. how despicable cr mean. D 

S'drolijl'nxx, a. nearer, nearest. D 

S'dron^naoh, a. howhnmpish. D 

8*dron'nbb, a. id., comp, and stgf. D 

S'druoaio^aoh, a. how hippy or tuU. ot hips. D 

S'druoaiobb, a. id., comp, and sup. D 

S'oRirioHToi^LAOH, «. how dcwy. D 

S'oRuioHToi'i<xB, a. more dewy, most dewy. D 

S'ninL'LAOAOH, a, howleaiy. d 

S'di7u.'laobx, a. more leafy, most leafy. D 

8'dun'nal, a. how courageous, braye, daring, 
or intrepid, comp, and sup, 

S'dun'txkaoh, a. how murdcrom. D 

S'dun'vxhbb, a. more and most murderous. D 

S'nwoAi'AOH, a, how detestable, how hateful, 

with what hatred or dislike, comp. and sup. D 

S*ba'bit, a. how planned or formed for some 
work or state. E 

S'baoo^laoh, a. how jealous. E 

S'bado'lbb, a. id., comp. and sup. E 

Sbagh'in or SxAOB^TN, V. afflict, trouble, grieve, 

&C.} —AOH, 77} ^BE, 80; —IN, 83; —ins, 

84 i — TM, 86 J —VMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

Sbaoh'in or Sbaohtn, s. m. affliction, sorrow, 
grief, trouble, agitation. This word copies 
from Seiy, (to agitate). 

Sbagh'inaoh or Sbaohtnaoh, a. afflictive, 
grievous, sorrowful, troublesome. 

Sbaoh'nbv, v. afflicting, troubling. 

Sbaoh'nxvdbr, s, m. one who inflicts or 

Sxaoh'nit, 85. grieved, troubled, Stc. 

S'xab'kaoh, a, how homy. e 

S'xab'kxb, a, id., comp. and sup. E 

S'baObb, a. how odious or abominable, comp. 
and rap. e 

S'bar'rooaoh, a. how nmnerous. £ 

S'bar^roobb, a. more and most numerous. B 

S'bayl^, a. how limed. £ 

Cha S'bc, p. she does not know; — ish, id. em. B 

Cha S'Bc'nxT, p. he does not know; — stn, 
id. em, b 

S*bo'drtm, a. how light in weight, comp. and 
«W»- E 

S*xba'sit, a. how lent or borrowed. E 

S*bbas'tit, a, how fished. e 

S'bb^brtt, a. how drifted or driven. £ 

Sbec^kit, a. how paid or well paid. £ 

Sbioh, 8. m, a mix or stir. Quallian Jeh'n eheid 
seigh (a pup of the first litter), pi, — tn. 

S'bio'nagh, a. how needy, or in what want of 
help or force to do a thing. £ 

S*bio'nbb, a. id,, 68. £ 

S'bio'nit, 85. how forced, compdled, <»r obliged.X 

Seihll, s. f. world; for the gender of this see 

Job ix. 84 ; time in thewOTld, a man's life.time 

in the world ; pi. — tn. 

Sbihllt, a. d. of the world, wwldly. 

Sbihll'tagh, a. of or belonging to the world ; 
secular, corporeal; how worldly; opposed to 
Spyrrydoil ; «. m. a worldling. 

Sbihll'tbb, a. id., comp. and sup. ; «. world, 

Sbihll'tid or Sbihlltts, s, worldliness or 

Sbihili., a, d, of the world. 

S'bil^lit, a. how armed. £ 

S'xiT, a. how called or shouted for. £ 

SxiT, s. m. a shank, Ihat part of an instrument 
that goes into the handle ; a pudi or shove, a 
thrust; V. to push or diove ; — aoh, 77; —m, 
83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; —VMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

Sbiy'xvdbr or Sxiv^dxr, s, m. an agitator, a 

SbioOaob, a. agitatotts; sore; Mieak,ii, lo. 

8'Bmi'iT, 85. how driven. £ 

SxiTT, 85. stirred, mixed, muddy, agitate^ 
troidded, rolled; Jsa. ix. 5. 

S'bl'otssaob, a. how implacahle, in anger 
choler, or spite. £ 


S*sl'g7ssb9, a. id. em., 58. £ 

S'bn'mtsit, a. how named or nominated. £ 
S'bn'naohtaoh, a. how feelingrly. £ 

S'bn'naghtkb, a. id., 58. £ 

S'kn'nit, a. how felt. E 

S'en'noil* a. how beloved or endeared. £ 

S*en'noilet, a. id., comp. and 9up. £ 

Seosb, adv. upwards, up. 

S^koyi/lit, a. how duDg«d. £ 

S*BRREB, a. how end, become of, meaneth; 

Acts, u. 12; befallen, how will the end be; 

Deu. xxix. 28. £ 

S'saaBEi'sHAOH, a. how compassionate. £ 
S'ebrbbi'shbb, a. id., 58. £ 

Sbs'sbnaoh, 8. m. a sergeant, a sexton j pi. 71. 

Sett, «. /. a plant, a piece of potato to plant ; 
Ez.XYii.5', pi. — YNj V. plant; — ^agh, 77; 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; — ^INS, 84; — TM, 86; 
— TMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Sst'tai., V. planting, setting. 
Sbt'tit, 85. planted, set. 

Cha S'bd, p. ye or you know not; — ish, id. em.£ 

S'eu'lyssagh, a. how indignant or inflamed 

with anger, forious. £ 

S'bu'ltssbb, a. id., 58. £ 

S'ku'ntssaoh, a. how delectable, with what 
rapturous delight. £ 

S'bu'ntssbb, a. trf., 58. £ 

Setir, 8. m, a carpenter, a wright, a joiner. 

Setir-clagh, 8. m. a mason ; Oalic. 

Setiret, a. d. of a carpenter or wright. 

Sbtir'snys, «./. carpentry. 

Seyr, a. free, clear, at liberty; dooiney seyr, 
(a grentleman, a man dear of labour, an in- 
dependent person). 

Seyr, v. to free, dear, or set at liberty, to justify; 
— ^AGH, 77; — EB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— TM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 
Sey'bey, a. pi. dear, justify. 
Sby'rit, 85. justifled, freed, cleared. 
Sbyb'^snys, 8. f. freedom, justification. 

S'vAA^oiT, a, how left or deserted. F 

S'faab'eit, o. how bathed. F 

S'faasaa'oaoh, a. how fall of beard. F 

S'faasaa'obb, a. id., 68. F 

8'faa*sagh, a. how desolate. F 

S'FAASB, a. how weak, slender, fkint. F 

S'faas'tit, a. how wrung. F 

S'fada'naoh, a. how solitary. F 

S'fada'nbb, a. id., 68. F 
S*fao'gy8, a. how near or nigh, camp, and sup. 

See Snie88ey. F 

S'faoh'idaoh, a. how deserving of scorn. F 

S'fagh'idbb, a. id., 58. * F 

S'failt, a. how hired. F 

S'pail'liT) a. how much ftdled. F 

S'fait^aoh, a. how fearful or timorous. F 

S'fait'bb, a. id., 68. F 

S*fak'init, a. how seen or visible. F 

S'fam'ut, a. how wracked. F 

S'fam'hanaoh, a. how tailed. F 

SVam'manbb, a, id., 68. F 

S'fant, a. how flayed. F 

S'far'bit, a. how fretted or inflamed. F 




S'faroa^laor, o. how vain, dimhuntive or in- 
significant. F 

S'farda'lbb, a. id., 68. F 

S*far'rarit, o. how waked. F 

S'fash'agh, a. See S'faitagh. F 

S'fas'nit, a. how winnowed. P 

S'fas'sit, a, how fed with grass. F 

S'fast'agh, a. how modest or serious. F 

S'fast'bb, a. id., 58. p 

S'fast'bb or S'fast'beagh, a. how shdtry, 
comp. and sup. p 

S'feagh, o. how quiet, still, or silent. P 

S'fbaeb. a. id., 58. F 

S*feayn, a. how wide, open, or extensive. P 

S'feayn'by, o. wider, widest. p 

S'fbayr, a. how cold or frigid. F 

S'fbayr'by, a. colder, coldest. ** Ny three geay- 

ghyn 8*feayrey dennee, Fion Mc Cooil." P 

**• Geay henneu, a« geay huUl, 

Ae geay fo ny shiauilV* 

S'fbayrit, a. how cooled. p 

S'fbayslit, a. how loosed or free. P 

S'fbdjagagh, a. how feathered. F 

S'fedjageb, a. id., 58. p 

S'fbbagh, a. of how much value or worth, 
comp, and eup, p 

S'fbecklaoh, a. how snappish or cross, how 
apt to bite, or use the teeth. ' P 

S'feeacklbb, a. id., 68. p 

S*FBBiT, a. how wove or woven. p 

S'fbbr, a. how true, true that, of a truth; 
Ua. xxxvii. 18. F 

S'fbbu, a. how worthy or worthy is. P 

S'fbbubt, a. id., comp. and sup. pi, P 

S'fxillaoh, a. how fleshy. P 

S'iTETi^LBE, a. more fleshy, most fleshy. P 
S'feoisaoh, a. how slight, limber, slender, fine. P 

S'fboisbe, a. slighter, slightest. P 

S*FEiYRAOH, a. how uolsy. F 

S'fbitrxe, a. id., 68. P 

S'fbiyrit, a. how noised or clamoured. P 

S'fsmoil, a. how needful or needed. F 

S*fbmoilby, a. more needy, most needy. P 

S'fbndbilagh, a. how defraisive. P 

S'fbnbbilbe, a. id., 68. F 

S'fbndit, a. how defended. P 

S'fb'nit, a. how after asked. F 
S'fbohdagh, a. how filthy, foul or nauseous. F 

S'fbohubb, a. filthier, filthiest. p 
S'feoilt, a. how free or abundant in giving. P 

S'feoil'tby, a. more or most, &c., id. P 

S'fboiltaoh a. how liberal or bonntifrd. P 

S'fboiltbe, a. id., 58. F 

S'fbroagh, n. how ferodoos, fierce. P 

S'fbrobb, a. fiercer, fiercest. P 

S'fest, a. how stuck or fristened. F 

S'feysh^tit, a. how questioned. P 

S'fil'lit, a. how folded. P 
S'fiogh'it or S'fiojit, a. how foded, how 

withered. P 

S*fib'rinaoh, a. how true, true it is; how 
faithful, genuine, with what voradty or truthP. 

S'fir^biNbe, a. I<f., 58. F 



S'flauntssaoh, a. bow heavenly, angelic, feli- 
citoas, Ufssfol. &c. F 

S'VLAVNTBSBB, a. id,, 68. F 

S'fliaqb'aoh, a. how rainy. F 

d'pLiAOH'BB, a. id, 58. F 

S'fliuob, o. how wet. F 

S'vliuoh'bt, a, wetter, wettest. F 

S'vluxoh'it, a. how satorated with wet. F 

S'PLOAOi% a. fluent or eloqaent. F 

S'floaoi^lbt> a. more fluent, most fluent. F 
S'flou^taoh, a. how scurrilous or opprobrious.F 

S*floo'tbb, a. id, 68. F 

S'foad'dit, a. how kindled or lighted. F 

S'foal'lbt, o. how carnal or sensual F 

S'foal'sbt, a. how false. F 

S'foayboi'l, a. how farourable. F 

S'foatroi'lbt, a, more fitvourable, most fis- 

▼ourable. F 

S'foatb'it, a. how fsYOured. F 

S'fogk'laob, a. how verbose, loquacious. F 

S'fock'lit, a. how worded or spoken. F 

S'foo'dbt, a. how fisur, how long since. Syoddey 

beaifn p Ree (long live the King). 'Cornp. and 

tup. See Sodjejf. F 

S'foil'/aoh, a. how ftiolty or criminal. F 

S'foil'/bb, a. Ut,, 68. F 

S'fol'lan, a. how wholesome, esculent, how 

orthodox, camp, and cup., or S^follaney, F 

S'fol'lit, a. how hid or hidden. F 

S'fol'ltm, a. how empty. F 

S*fol'lyhbt, a, more empty, most onpty. F 

S'fol^lthit, a. how emptied. F 

S'fon'daoh, a. how sufficient, &c. F 

S'fon'dbb, a. id., 68. This word ought to be 
used in Egod. iv. 13 instead of S^fondagh, F 

S'fosh'lit, a, how open. • F 

S'fow'amaob, a. how droughty or scorching 
dry. P 

S'fow'anbb, a. tJ.) 68. F 

S'fow^anit, a. scorched or dried up. F 

S'fotb^aob or Sfotb^al, a. how sharp 

edged. F 

S'fotb'bb, a.' «f., eomp. and «»p. F 

S^foyb'it, a. See Shleetti, F 

S'frap'paob, a. how crackling. F 

S'fbap'pbb, a. id,, eomp, and xup. F 

S'pKAs'sAOB, a. how showery. F 

S'fras'sbb, a. id., 68. F 

S'fbau^aob, a. how rooty or having strong 
roots. F 

S'paAD'BB, a, id., comp. and mp, F 

S'PRAUAio^AaB, a. with how many small roots.F 

S'frauaio'br, a, id., eomp. and sup. F 

SVrau^it, a. how rooted or grounded. F 

S'frbayn'aoh, a, how overflowing. F 

S'frbayn^bb, a. id., 68. F 

S'frbayn'it, a. how overflowing or flowed 
above the surface. F 

S'prbo'oyrtaob, a, how repUcative, or ready 
to do a thing. F 

S'pRKo'oYRTBK, A. id., eowp. and 8up. F 

S'prbilt, a. how kept. F 

8'frboaob^aob, a. how full of heather. F 

S'prboaob'bb, a. «., 58. F 


S'frboaoha'naqb, a. bow abundant in ling 
berries. F 

S'frxoaoba'nkb, a. id., 68. F 

S'prboaoh'it, a. how stored in heather. F 

S'frioo'anaoh, a. how flnny, how snappish. F 

S'pRioo'AiirBB, a. id.,comp.9jaA.9up. F 

S'friog'anit, a. how finned. F 

S'prioo'saoh, a. how attentive, with how much 
respect or regard. F 

SVrioo'sbk, a. id., eomp. and sup. F 

S'brit'lagb, a. how ragged. F 

S'prit'lbe, a. more ragged, most ragged. F 

S'frooh, a. how dry, rotten. F 

SVroob'by, a, id,, eomp, and swp, F 

SVrourt or S'frowar'taob, a. how flroward, 
peevish, perverse; Deu. xxxii. 20. F 

S'proub'tbr or S'frowartbk, a. id., 68. F 

S'fud^ y chbillby, a. how much through each 
other, or through others. f 

S'foin't or S'puiVNT, a. how baked. F 

S'puir'raohtaqb, a. how much for staying or 
tarrying. p 

S'fuir'raobtbb, a. id,, 58. p 

S'pniGHT or S'puYOBT, a, how timbered. F 

S'pynnbio'aob, a. how weU podded. F 

S'fynnkio'bk, a. id., 68. p 

S'fyn'wit, a. how well furred, or grown over 
with hair or Air. p 

S'pYR'aYN, a. how he or masculine. p 

S'oaai'oaoh, a. how flail of cracks or chafts. F 

S*oaai'obb, a. id., 68. q 

S'oAAi'oiT, a. how cracked or chafed. o 

S'oabl^lioaoh, a. howmutdi for Manks or ErseO 

S*oabl'liobb, a, id., 58. q 

Soairt, s. f. the midriff or diaphragm, a par- 
tition; pi. — YN. 

S'oal'laoh, a. how gusty. g 

S*oal'lbe, a. id., 58. q 

S'oam'manaoh, a. how gamesome. Q 

S'oam'manbb, a, id,, eomp. and supi Q 

S'oanola'naob, a. how much for Jangling. G 

S*ganoi.a'nbb, a. id., 58. q 

S*oard'it, a. how g^narded. q 

S'oARo, a. how acrid, eomp. and «f^. g 

S'oar'oaob, a, how acrimonious. Q 

S*gar^obb, a. t<f. , comj9. and«t<p. g 

S'oar'roo, a. how coarse or rough. G 

S'oas'tky, a. how agile or nimble, eomp, and 

nfp. G 

S'gaub'aob, a. how hazardous. G 

S'oau'bb, a, id., eomp. and sup, Q 

S'obaybb^aoh, a. how windy. g 

S*okaykb, a, id., 58. g 

S'obay'nby, a. how green, eomjv. and «iip. G 
S'obayr or S'oKiR, a. how sour, sharp or tart ; 

Isaiah, xvili. 5. G 

S'obay'rby, a, id., eomp. and sup. Q 

S'gbn'nal, a. how cheerful, free, afliedble, ^ad, 
merry, eomp. and sup. q 

S'obnVisb, a. how barren, eomp, and sup. G 

S'gxrjoi'laoh, a. how comfortable. G 

S'gbrjoi'lbk, a. id., 58. q 

S'gbr'rid or S*obr'rit, a. how shortly. 6 

S'gbbOby, a. ttf., romp, and sup. g 




S'obi/lit» a. how botind vith shackles. G 

S'obu'raoh, a. how wiuterlf. G 

S'oed'bkb, a. id., 58. G 

S'obw'aoh, a. with what acheing. G 

S'oKw'xB, a. id., comp. and sup, G 

S'ohan'nidagh, a. how derisory or derisive. G 

S'ohaVkidbb, a, id., 58. G 

S'ghxn'nxt, a. scarcer, scarcest; the comp. 
and sup, of Ooan. G 

S'oiAL, a. how bright, glittering or white. G 

S*oial'lit» a. how promised, granted, bleached, 
whitened, or brightened. G 

S'giarb, a. how short, or short it is. Prov, 
** S'giare p jough na yn skeeal," Q 

S'oiak'it, a. howcnt. O 

S'oas'ttlaoh, a. how charitable or generous. G 

S'oas'ttlbb, a. id., 58. G 

S'oib'baoh, a. how sharp or pointed. G 

S'oib'bbb, a. id.y68, G 

S'oibn'tit, a. how conceired. G 

S'oxL'i.BT, a. brighter, brightest} whiter, whitest; 
the cmnp. and sup, of Gial, O 

S%f ioal'tit, a, how mortgaged or pledged . G 

S'oioot'it, a. how gifted. G 

S'oib'ret, a. shorter, shortest, comp. and sup. 
of Giare, G 

S'oir'roo, a. coarser, coarsest, comp. and sup, 
of Garroo, G 

S'olac'kit, a. how pressed in the hand. G 

S'oLAss, a. how verdant, how pale or gray. G 

S'oLAs'sBT, a.* more verdant, most verdant, 
paler, palest, &c. G 

S'oLAST, a. how locked. G 

S'olxa'bhit, a. how stirred. O 

S'oLBN, a, how clear, or pure. G 

S'plxn'tby, a. id., comp. and sup, G 

S'oLiB, a, how flaeot, comp. and sup. G 

S'oi.oa'sit, a, how glossed or polished. G 

S'olot'boil, a, how glorious. G 

S*OLOT^ROii.BY, a. id,, comp, and sup, G 

8*ooAv, a. how scarce. See S*coan, G 

S'ooAN^itVssAOH, a. how malicious. G 

S'ooan'i.yssxx, a, id., 58. G 

S'oon'naoh, a, how sore. G 

S*oon'nxb, a, id., 68. G 

S'oooid'savb, a. more or most vouchsafe. G 

S*ooR^RTH, a, how blue. G 

S'gor'rvmxt, a, id,, comp, and sup, G 

S'ooRT, a. how stale. G 

S'gor^txv, a, id,, comp, and sup, Q 

S'oob'tit, a, how hurt. G 

S'oRAi^HAOH, a, how loving, with what love. G 

S'orai'hbx, a, id., 68 j Mat, x. 37. G 

8*oraiboi'l, a. how lovely. G 

S?oraihoi'lbt, a. id., comp. and sup, Q 

S'ora'mey, a, how ugly or deformed, comp. 
and sup, O 

S'oran'it, a. how graven. G 

S*o RAY soi% a. how gracious. G 

S'oRAYsoi'jLBY, a. id., comp, and sup, Q 

S'oRxx'siT, a. how stimulated. G 

S'orbim'mit, a. grasped or bit. G 

S'orb'it, a. how geared or harnessed; how well 

stocked witii tools. O 

S'gri'aohtaoh, a. how gregarious or in droves.G 
S'gri'aohtxb, a, id., 58. O 

S*orian'aoh, a. how sunny. G 

S'grian'bb, a. i(f., 58. Q 

S'orin'obragh, a. how much for taunting. O 

S'ORINDBRBB, a. M., 58. G 

S'orinx'aoh, a. how grainy. O 

S*orin'bb, a. id., 68. G 

S'giu'aoaoh, a. how mudi in gullets or creeks. G 

S*giu'agbb. a, id,. 68. O 

S'oroa'maoh, a, how sad or low hearted, how 
sullen. G 

S*oroa'hbb, a. id., comp, and sup, O 

S*orun'tit, a, how grounded. G 

S*oniNT, a. how racked with pain, how wounded 
or pained. O 

S'ouiR^RAOH, a, how addle or rotten j as eggs 
when so, how much in a hatching state, as a 
hen or fowl when so. G 

S'ouir^rbb, a, id,, comp, Biad sup. Q 

S'oYBRx, a. how sharp. O 

S'oYB^RBY,*a. id,, comp, and sup, of Gpere. O 

Shag, s. m, a cormorant; pi. — yn. A low word. 

Shagu^by, ado, by, dygholl shaghey (to pass by). 

Shaoh^by, pre, past, past by. 

Shaohby xh-bbnb, adv, out of his senses w 

Shaohn or Shagbix, v. shun, avoid, eschew 
spare, escape; — aoh, 77 ^ —kb, 80; —in, 83; 

—INS, 84; — YM, 86 ; — YM8, 87; — YS, 88. 

Shaoh'nxy, v. shunning, avoiding, &c. ; pi. 67. 
Shaob'nbydbr, s, m, a sparer, shnnner, &c.; 

pi, — YN. 

Shaoh'nit, 86. spared, dinnned, avoided. 

Sbagh'byn, v. See Er-shaghrpn, 

Shagr'bynagh or Shaoh^ybnaoh, «. m. an 
estray, one astray. 

Shaoh'rynys, s, f, the state crfbehig astray, or 
out of proper mind or senses, confiuion ; Gen, 
xi. 7 ; deviation, error^; James, v. so. 

Shaoh'rynys crbdjub, s, heresy Acts, xxiv. 6. 

Shagb'yd, s, by thee, past thee, a contraction of 
Shaghey ayd, , 

Shagh'in, p, past us, by us (shaghey ain), 

Shaoh'yh, p, by me, past me (shaghey aym), 

Shaoh'yn, V, shun. Prov, "shaghyndagh oik,** 

Sha'lbb, 9. /. quest, pursuit, design. 

Shal^lid, s. f, the twinkling of an e^e ; pi, — yn. 

Shalma'nb, s, a mushroom, fungus, club>top, 
irog-cheese; pi, — yn. 

Sham'yb, s, f, a chamber ; pi. — yn. 

Sham'yrdbr,«. m. a chamberlain; a Kings,:aXi.* 
11. Esth.^, 15.; pi. — YN. 

Shan^xr, 9. m. grandfather ; dty herm shatter 
(thy great grand &ther). 

Shang, a, lank, lean, empty, not swelled cur 
puffed out. This word is very expressive of 
the state; Gen, xli. 31. where the English is 
" iU favoured" and in Isa. xvii. 4. 

Shang, o. tobe lank, lean, not plump; — aoh, 
77 i — ^BK, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 
— ^YHS, 87; — ^YS, 88. 

Shano^aoh, V. getting lank, less in bulk or 
thickness, getting shrunk, and not so Aill or 




Bhaho'st, a. pi. lank not plomp. 

BwLASo'iD, 8, m. lankness, emptlneas of the belly 
or bow^, inanition, leanness ; Job, ZTi. 8. 

Shavo'it, 86. sbmnk, or grown lank. 

Shako lan'b, «. m. one that is lank or empty. 

Sbavola'naoh, a. empty bellied, comp, andncp. 
«. m. an empty person or beast ; pi. 71* 

Shanola'nxy. «. becoming empty bellied. 

Shanola^nio, «. m. the state of being empty. 

SHANOiJk'NiT, 85. sbnmken by want of fbod. 

Shan^sttb, «. m. a senator, an elder; pL — yn. 

Shapp, •. /. a shop; pi. — yn. 

Sha'raob or Sha^baobky, «. getting better, im- 
proving, getting in a state of conralescenfte. 

Shabb, a. better, best ; as, njf share (better) jm 
dooifutey] thare (the best man) the eomp. and 
gup. of mie (and so for all the adjectives. See 
also f 8. 

Shakb. v. to better, improve, &c. ; — aoh, 77; 

—BB, 80 } —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 } —IT, 85 i — YM, 

86; — YMS,87; — YS, 88. 

O' The poueaaive pronount might here be all 
Joined to this, ae in the case of Bare, and the mean- 
ing the Mme, but in the present tense % as. Share- 
da, Share-lhiam, Share-lhiat, &c. Prov. '* Share 
sole son veg, na roie son veg." 
Sharb'id, s. m. preferableness, superiority. 
Sbabb'xt, 85. bettered, improved. 
Sbab'kaob. s. m. a porpoise; pi. 71. 
Sbarma'nb, s. f. a sermon ; pi. — yn. 
Sbarma'naob, a. sermonlike ; s. m. one who 

preaches sermons, a preacher }pl.7l- 
Shabma^nb-vvck, s. /. 9ow thistle. See also 

Onnane meein. 

Sbabma'nby, v. preaching sermons. 
Sbab'baoh, s. m. a foal; pi. 71. 
Shar^boo, a. bitter, acrid, eomp. and sup. 
Sbab'tansb, a. several. See also Shiartanse. 
Sharvaa'nt, s. f. a servant ; pi. — yn. 
Sbas'lagb, s. f. bent-grass ; pi. — yn. 
Sbas'lbb, a. d. of bent-grass. 
Sbass, v. stand, stop; — ^aoh, 77 \ — bb, 80; 

— IN, 83; — ins, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 67} 

•^YS, 88. 
Sbass-obbinby obubbe, s. the winter solstice. 
Sbass-gbbinly sourbb, «. the summer solstice. 
Shas'sbydbr, s. m, astander; pi. — yn. 
Shas'soo. e. standing ; s. m. erection ; pi. — yn. 
Shast, a. sterile, barren, dry. See also Shiast. 
Sbawk, s. /. the hawk or glede ; Deu. xiv. 13. 
Sbawm, s. m. the comet; pi. — yn; Psl. cvii. 9. 

Sbayll, s. f. succession, rotation, gradation, 
turn about, first come first served ; Esth. il. 12. 

Shay^rby, a. d. of a sister or sisters. 

Shayr'raohyn, s. pi. sisters. A corruption of 
Shumraghyn, probably because it sounds bet- 
ter m opposition to Braaraghpn. 

Sbb, adv. yes, yea, ay. This word which is a 
contraction of shen eh, literally (that's it) to 
sh*eh and the last h cast off. There is another 
yes in the Manks. See Ta. 

SHBA'niN or Shba'oing, s. f. a division into 
six, as the Island is ; the district of a coroner 
from Sheg-rheynn. 

Shbazn or Shbb-ain, s.p, peace to us ; a prayer 
for the peace and blessing of God. I 

Shbaxn %u. mib orrin, in. an inteijection of ■ 

wonder or surprise, praying that God might 
difltise his good peace on or among us. 

Shbanb, s. f. a wen ; Lev. xxii. 22. ; pi. — ^yn . 

Sbbansb, s. m. science; pi. — yn. 

Sbbayn'by, v. prajriog ejaculatory prayers ; as, 
shee pee dy row marin, shee chreeat hooin, &c. 

SHEAYN'EYnBR, s. m. ouc who perfonus ejacu- 

Sbbaynt, 85. blest with peace ; thalloo sheaynt 
(land of peace) ; Jet. xii. 5. In Amos, vii. 9. 
the sanctuaries are called thieyn sheaynt, fer 
sheaynt (one who had performed) sheayney 

Sbbayn NY MBA, in. (probably a contraction of 
Shee ayns nyn mea) peace in your life, peace be 
to ye. Proo. ** Sheayn dty hie as dty aaght 
ta^nfer driaght ec dty ghorrys.*' 

Shbck'tbr, s. m. an executor ; pi. — yn. 

Sbbck'tbr-ayns-trbisht, s. m. administrator. 

Shbck'tbraght, 8. f. goods, money, or effects 
left a person by will ; a legacy. 

Sheck'tbrys, s. f. executorship. 

Shbb, s. f. peace ; pi. — ghyn. 

Shebab'in, s. m. soap ; pi. — yn. 

Shbbab'inagh, a. soapy. 

Sbbbab'inbb, a. id., eomp. and sup. 

Shbe^agb, a. is worth, in value. 

Sbbb'altagb, s. m. a mediator, an intercessor, 
an appeaso*. Bishop Wilson's book on sacra- 
ment, page 40 ; pi. 71 . 

Shbb an, s. m. sound, noise, clamour. The 
Hebrew sheon is very like the Manks. The 
literality of this word would be shee (peace) 
and an, dim. (little peace). 

Sbkean, v. noise, sound, fee. Though this word 
is seldom used as a verb singly, it is sometimes 
used pronominally, and with the terminations ; 

— AOH; — AL ; —IN; — IN;— IT; — YM ; & 
— YS, 88. 

Shbban'aoh, a. sonorous, sounding. 
Shebanan'b, s. f. accent; pi. — yn. 
Shbbar, a./, west, westward. 
Shbbar-ass, s. f. south-west. 
Shbbar. hwoa^ib, s. f. north-west. 
Shbeb, s. m. a blast of wind that drifts some 
thing before it ; a sharp scold ; pi. — aghyn. 
Shbbb, v. drift, drive with wind; scold: — aob, 

77 ; — BB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Shbbban^b, s. m. the continuation of a blast of 
wind, &c., that drives; the dim, of Sheeb; 
pi, — YN. 

Sbbbb'by, v. drifting before the wind, as snow, 
sand, &c. ; pi. 67. 

SHBBB^BYnBR, S. m. R dliftor; pi. -.-YN. 

Shbbb^it, 85. drifted, driven. 

Shbb nv rou hiu, peace be to you. 

Shbb nv row mayrt, peace be with thee. 

Sbeb nv ROW MARIN, peacc be with us. 

Shbb nv roy mbriu, peace be with you. 

Shbb nv vba, welcome, 

Shbb nv vba nTYVALLBY, welcome to thy home. 

Shbbi'daoh, a. d. silken, of silk. 

Shbbi'oby, s.m. silk; pi. 07, 

Shbbin'by or Shbbint, s. f. a teat, dug, nip- 
pie, pap ; first ji/. 67, last pi, — yn, 

Shbbint'aob, a. piqUlIons, having paps or teats, 




Shsbl, s. m. oats, from the time it is threshed till 
sown, or dried for the mill. This word is for 
seed. Job, xn. 8. ; p/. — yn. 

Shbel, v. sober, filter, strain, sile, &c. j — aoh, 

77; — EB, 80; —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 J — YM, 80 J 
— TMS, 87j — Y8, 88. 

Shbbl'aohby, v. sobering, filtering. 

Shbbl cobbby, «. m. seed oats. 

Shbbl'ey, v. straining, filtering, sneaking. 

Shbbl'eydbb, «. m. one who strains, filters, &c. 

Shbbl'it, 85. filtered, strained. 

Shbelnau'e, 8. mankind, human beings. This 
word no doubt is from Sheet (seed) as in Job, 
zzi. 8. } and naue a corruption ofniau (heaven,) 
the seed or oflTspring of heaven. 

Shbblooh'b, 8. m. a generation, age j pi. — yn. 

Shbblt, a. sober, temperate. 

Sbeel'tby, a. pi. sober, temperate, eomp. and 

Shbbl'tid, 8. m. soberness. 

Sheel'tys, 8. f. sobriety, temperance. 

Shbeoi'l, a. peaceable, quiet, comp. and «ifp. or 

Sheer, d. true, sure, or about toj as, aAcer 
loaprt er nyn 8on (about or sure to siteak for us) . 

Shbbse, adv. down. 

Sheki;, 8. is worth, worthy. 

Sbsbyl, 8. This word is used in theManks 
translation of Milton's Paradise Lost, for a con- 
traction of Sheelnaue, which see. 

Sheeyn, v. stretch, extend, distend; —aoh, 77} 

—BE, 80 J —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 J — YM, 86 J 
— YM8, 87 } — YS, 88. 

Sheey'ney, 8. m. astretch ; pi. 67; v. stretching. 

Sheby'nbydbr, 8>m. a stretcher; pi. — yn. 

ShebYney-haoh', v. stretching out. 

Shebynt, 85. stretched, extended. 

Sheoin, «. (8hyin) must, shall. 

Shboin, v. lurking for, lyingin wait ; Lw^e, zi. 54. 

Sheh, 8. f. hide, felt ; pi. — ohyn. 

Sheid, 8. m. a blow, blast or puflTof wind; pL 

—A ohyn. v. blow, expel wind ; —aoh, 77 j 

—BE, 80 ; —IN, 83 } —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YM8, 

87; — YS, 88. 
Shei'dbb, a. d. of blowing. 
Shei'dby, 8. m. a windy or blowing time ; pi. 67 } 

V. blowing. 
Shbi'dbyder, 8. m. a blower ; pi. — yn. 
Shbi'dit, 85. blown. 
Shbil'laob, 8. f. salix, black willows or sally. 

pi. 71. 
Sheil^lbb or Shbllbe, a. d. of salix or willow; 

l8aiah, xliv. 4. 
Sheil'tyn or ShEiN, v. supposing, coi^ecturing, 

thinking; Acts, xiv. 19* 
Shblu or Sbbilg, v. hunt, hunting; — aoh, 77 i 

-BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 

—TMS, 87 J — YS, 88. 

Sheloey'b, 8. m. a hunter, pi. — ^yn. 

Sheloe'rys, 8. f. huntsmanship ; pi. — yn. 

Shel'git, 85. hunted. 

*Shbll or Shellaoh, o. imagine, suppose, 
conjecture; — be, 80; —in, 83; — ins, 84; 

— TM, 86; — VMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Shel'leb, a. d. See Sheillee. 
Shbl'lan, 8./. a bee; pi. — yn. 

2 K 

Suellan-moo'ar, «. /. a large bee. 

Shel'leio, 8. f. a bee-hive ; pi. — yn. 

Shbl'lbt, 8. saliva, spittle ; pi. 67* 

Shel'liu, 8./. salve; pi. — yn. 

Shbl'loo, 8. a herd of cattle; pi. — yn. 

Shel'tyn, v. See Sheiltyn. 

Shen, pro. adv. that, so, these, those, thence. 

Shen BBS EH, adv. so be it, amen. 

Shbn'diaoht, 8. m, age, old age, aged, the old, 
the aged. 

Shen'n-ayr, 8. m. fore -father, progenitor. 

Shenn, a. old, aged, senile. 

Shen'nid, 8. m. oldness, senesence. 

Shenn-scollao-ae'o, 8. m. a bachelor. 

Shbnn-shan'eb, 8. m. great-grand-father. 

Shenn -VEN- AEG, «. /. an old maid. 

i Sheni-t-fa^ adv. therefore, wherefore. 

Sher'ruid, 8. bitterness ; pi. — yn. 

Shbsh'aoht, 8. company, society; pi. — yn. 

Shbsh'bb, a. d. of a companion or pi. Though 
this word is in He6. x. 33, for companions, tilie 
plural of Sheshey, I think Sheshaghyn would 
be more correct. 

Shbsh'ey, 8. m. a companion, an equa], a mate, 
one of a pair, a matc)i, a husband ; Gen. iii. 6 1 
pi. 67. Prov. " Ta 8hehey chammah a8 aymJ* 

Shesu'eragh or Shesh'bbaoht, 8. f. a team to 
plough with. Perhaps from being formerly 
made by partners ; pi. 72. 

Shesh'eree, a. d. o£ or belonging to a team to 

Shey, a. six ; pi. — ohyn. 

Sheyoin, V, watching for prey. See also Shegin. 

Shet-jei'o, a. sixteen. 

Shby-jei'goo or Shbyooybiq, a. sixteenth. 

Shey'oo, a. sixth. 

Shiaoht, a. seven; pi. — ^yn. 

ShiaohVin, 8. f. a week } pi. — tn or 7S. 

Shiaoh'tjeig, a. seventeen. 

Shiaohtjei'ooo or Shiaohtooybio, a. seven- 

Shiagh'too, a. seventh. 

Shiam'eyder, 8. m. See Shamyrder. 

Shiar, 8. east, eastward. Prov. ** Oiare sheew 
liauyr 8hiar,** 

Shiar- ASS, 8. m. south-east. 

SH^AR-HwoAt'E, 8. fft. uorth-east. 

Shiar'tanse, a. several. See also Shartafue. 

Shiast, a. dry, steril, barren, not giving milk. 

Shias'tey, a. pi. idem. 

Sbta'uill, o. sail, float; —aoh, 77; — », 80; 
—IN, 83; —ins, 84; — YM, 865 -VMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Shiaull, 8. tn. a sail; pi. Shiauihll. 

Sbiavii'laoh or Shiaul'laohby, v. fixing, get- 
ting in order to sail, or to do any other work, 
getting equipped. 

Shiaul'lbb, a. d, of sailing or getting in order. 

Shiaul'lby, v. sailing, floating. 

Shiaul'lbydbr, 8. m. a person who can set an 
instrument in order to work ; pi. — yn. 

Shiaul'lit, 85. set in order. 

Shiault, 85. sailed, floated. 

Sriaultby'b or Skioltbt'r, 8. m. a sailor > 
pi. — YN. 




Bmixvutvt'mTBt «. /. aaUorahip, the bfuineu or 

Shib'bm, «. m. supper ; pi. ~tn. 
" Dgtfe atukagh ^fn oie, motm^ thibber nagh ee ; 
Er nonneif n'oo plaignt, ee laeeai dip laywt," 


"ShUAer eddrpm, IMabbee ghlen." 

Shib'bbbaoh, a. d, of supper, belonging to 

Shic'ktb, a. sure, certain, steadfast, stable, 

steady, fixed, fast, firm. 
Dg Shicktb, adv. surely, certainly, firmly, &c. 
^Shic'ktb or Shic'strbb, v. make sure, &c. ; 

— AOH, 77 i — ■■• 80 } —IN, 83 i —INS, 84 ; 

—TBI, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 
Shicb'tbaoh or Shicbtbauhbt, v. making 

sure, fast, or certain. 
Shick'ybbb, a. the cowtp. and tup. of Shicleyr. 
Shicb'tbbt, a. pi. sure, certain, &c. 
Shicb'tbbtdbr, 8. m. an affirmer, a securer. 
Shicb'tbit, 85. secured, established, made 

steadfast or sure. 
Shick'trts, «. /. certainty, security, confidence. 
iSSim Shick'tbts, adv. positively, confidently, 

Shid, ade, yonder, there. 
Shell, v. shed, spill j — aoh, 77 » —bb, 80 j 

—IN, 83 J —ins, 84} — YM, 86 J —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88, 

Shil'laoh, a. d. of sight or sights. 

Shil'lbb, s. f. a mass or assemblage of thin 
slate, or bits of thin stone. 

Srillbbi'd, *. /. a slus: or scrft snail j pi. — yn. 

Shil'lby, «. m. sight, look, view; pi. 67. 

Shil'lby-faooys, a. purblind. 

Shil'lby, v. shedding, spilling, draining, 

Shillby-sooil'lky, 8. f. eye-sight. 

Shillby-yin'dyssaoh, 8. m. spectacle j 1 Cw. 
iv. 9. 

Shil'lish, «. See ChUlys. 

Shil'lit, 85. shed} drained. 

Shim^mby, a. how many, many. 

Shin, pro. we, us j — yn, id. em* 

SHIN-HBNB^ pro. ourselves. 

Sbin'nby, a. elder, eldest, senior } comp. and 
8up. of Shenn. 

Shin'nbyid, 8. m. seniority, oldness. 

Shiolta'naoh, a. being in flocks. 

Shioltanb, «./. a flock; p/. — yn. 

Shiolta'nby, v. flocking. 

Shionb, v. do or doth know. 

Shir or *Shirr, v. ask, seek, endeavour, re- 
quire; — aoh, 77; — BB, 80} — IN, 88; —INS, 
84 ; — YM, 86 } —YMS, 87 j — YS, 88. 

Shibk, v. shrink, dry up, contract, shrivel} 

— ^AOH, 77 i — BB, 80} — IN, 83} —INS, 84} 
— ^YM, 86} -YMS, 87} — ^YS, 88. 

Shirk'aohbt, V, shrinking, shrivelling, &c. 
Shirk'bydbr, 8. m. a shrivdler. 
Shirk'it or Shiroit, 85. shrivelled, shrunk. 
Shirraoh-ny-oiarb, 8. m. the fialcon, a hawk. 
Shir'rby, 8. m. a request) «. seeking, asking, 

endeavouring} p/. 07< 
Shir^rbydbr, «. m. an asker, seeker. 
Shir'rit or Sbirrt, 86. sought, desired, bidden, 

asked, invited, acdidted, required. 

Shir'roo, a. more or most bitter; the comp. 
and tup. of Sharroo ; Eccl. vii. 26. 

Shirvbi'sh, «. m. service, servitude. 

Shirvbi'shaoh, a. serviceable, &c. } |. m. one 
that serves or ofliciates ; pi. 71. 

Shiv, pro. ye, you ; — ish, id. em. 

Shlaiss, adv. needs. 

Shlba, a. broader, wider, broadest, widest; the 
com. and eup. of Lhean. 

Shlbaio, 8. f. a small lick, a stinted bit. 

Shlbar'aoh, a. delaying, postponing, procras- 
tinating time. 

Shlbayst, 8. /. thigh, fiank } pi. — yn} Lev. 
iii. 4. 

Shlbb, a. more or most in number. 

Shlbbu or Shlibu, v. sharpen, whet} —aoh, 

77 i — BB, 80} — IN, 83} —INS, 84} — YM, 
86} — YMS, 87} — YS,88. 

Shlbbu'dbr, «. m. a sharpener; pi. — yn. 

Shlbbuit or Shlbbut, 86. sharpened, whetted 
a. fain, keen, bent for. 

Shleiy, «. /. a spear, a scimitar, a short 

sword } pi. ^-OHYN. 

Sbliaw^in or Shliawn, a. slippery, slape, or 
slapy ; sly, insidious. 

Shliawi^naoh or Shliawnaohby, v. getting 

Shliaw^nby, a. pi. slippery, tHapji Jer. zxiii. 12. 

Shliaw^nid or Shliawnys, 8. slipperiness, 

Shliee, o. lick or lap up ; — ^aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 } 

— IN, 83; — INS, 84} — YM, 86} —YMS, 87} 
— YS, 88. 

Shlibb^dbr, «. m. one that licks } pi. — yn. 

Shlibbt, 85. licked or lapped up. 

Shliebu. See Shleeu. 

Shlio, 8. f. a shell, a shred; Isaiah, zxx. 14 ; 

pi. — OYN. 

Shlio'oaoh, a. shelly. 

Shlig'gkb, a. id., 58. 

Shlino'an, 8. f. the shoulder, or back part of 

the shoulder ; pi. — yn. 
Shnoao or Shnoao'brby, «. m. a sneaknp} 

pi. — YN. 

Shnoao'aoh, a. sneaky or sneaking. 

Shnoao'yraoht, «. sneaking. 

Shoaltby'b, 8. m. a sailor ; S Kings, iz. 97 } 

pi. — ^YN. 

Shoo'oyl, 8. f. rye ; Exod, iz. 32} pi. — vy. 

Shoh, adv. this, here. 

Sholl, 8. f. the wax of the ear, the natoial 
greasiness or eek of wool; pi. — yn. 

Srollan'b, «. /, a strainer, afllterer} pi. — vw. 

ShoOILL, «. walk ; —aoh, 77 }— bb, 80 ; —IN, 83 } 
-INS, 84 ; — YM, 86} — ^YMS, 87 ; — ^TS, 88. 

Shooil'lbydbr, «. m. a walker, a pedestrian. 
Shooil'lit or Shooylt, 85. walked. 

Shooyll, v. walking. Yn un ehooyll (the one 

fate or pass). 
Shooyll-nY'UHIb'yn, «. begging. 
Shou'shan, 8. /. a shive } pi. — yn. 

Shu, v. sue, prosecute; — aoh, 77; — bb, 80 j 
-IN, 83; —INS, 84} — YM, 86; — YMS, 87} 
— YS, 88. 

Shu'al, v. sneing, prosecuting. 




Shu'altaoh,«. m. plaintifl; a complainant ; pi, 71 
Shud'dtr, 9. f. scissors j pi, — tn. 
SH170HLAI0^ B, f, soixel or soordock. 
Shuohlaio'aoh, t^. abounding in sorrel. 
Shu'gyb, ». m. sugar; pi. — tn. 
Shuilo, «. nibble, eat in small morsels j — aoh, 

77 J —KB, 80} —IN, 83 i -INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— VMS, 87 } — T8, 88. 

SntnL^oxT, V. nibUing, eating by snudl morsels. 

Shuilo'btdbr, v. anibbler; pL — tn. 

Shuil'oit, 85. eaten slowly, &c. 

Shuit, 85. sued, prosecuted. 

Shuit or Shooit, «. m. a suit, shift or effort; 

pi. — TN. 

Shuit'blaoh, «. m. a shifter, a progger; pi. 71. 

SHun/iT, 85. shifted, &c. 

Shunb, Shioon, orSHUiN, «./. a rush { pi, — tn. 

ShiKnaoh, a. d. rushy, of rushes. 

Shut'tbrnbx, v. neighing. 

Shutb, «. /. a sister ; pi. — aohtn. 

Sbtml or Shtmlbb, v. pine or languish; — ^agh, 
77; — BB, 80;— IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TBI, 865 
— YMS, 87 i — TS, 88. 

Shtm'lbt, «. pining, languishing. 

Shth^lbtdbb, «. m. one who pines as in a con- 

Shtm'lit, 85. pined away. 

ShyVnaoh, 8. m. a fox ; pi. 71* 

Shtn^nbb, a. ef. of a fox or foxes. 

Shtn'nbt, V, do or doth like or love. 

Shtr'baoh, 8. m. a kite; pi. 71* 

Sick, 8. pi. plough shares ; pi. of Sock. 

Sins, «. /. an arrow, a shaft; pi. — yn. 

Si'dby, a. d. of an arrow or shaft. 

Sioby'b, «. m. an archer; pi. —tn. 

Siobt'raoh, a. d, of archery. 

SinBT^RTS, 8. f. archery. 

Sidoo'r, «. m. a soldier ; pi. — tn. 

Sidoo'raoh, a. d. of a soldier. 

SinooB-MAR^BBT, 8, tn. R marine. 

S inoo^RTS, 8. f. soldiery, soldiership. 

Sib, a. sad, bad, ill. 

Si'bt, a. pi. sad, bad, ill. 

SiBYR, 8. pi. carpenters, joiners, wrights; the 

pi, of Seyir'j S Kings, xxii. 6. 
SiBYR-CLAOH^ «. pi. iiiasons. 
Jfy Sil'liu, p.p. if you please; — ish, id. em. 
S'lif'LBB, a. how humble; eomp. and sup. o: 

S'im'manit, a. how drove or driyen. 
S*im'nbaoh, a, how anxious. 

S'llf^NBABB, a. id.f 58. 

S'im'raait, a. how often mentioned. *) 

S'in'jil, a, how low. 

S'inOillby or S'hinslby, a. id., eomp. uad 8up, 

S'in'shit, a. how (rften told. 

S'lu'iT or S'lUT, a. how drank up. 

SiYN, 8. pi, vessels ; the pi. of Saagh. 

8IYN-Iu^ 8. pi. drinking vessels. 

SiTR, 8. m. haste, hurry, expedition. 

Sitr'baob, a. hasty, expeditiousj in a hurry. 

SiYR'RBB, a. more or most hasty. 

SiYB^RBB, V, hasten, make haste, move swiftly. 

SiYB'Rin, «. m. hastiness, expeditioasness. 

S'jaagh'aoh, a. how smoky. j 

S'jaaoh'bb, a. id., 58. J 

S'jARRoo'nAOH, a, how forgetful. J 

S*jarroo'obb, a. id. 58. J 

S'jARROo'niT, a. how forgotten. J 

S'JBANT, a, how done or perfcurmed. J 

S'jBAN^TAon, a, how diligent. J 

S'jban'tbb, a. id., 58. J 

S'jBBAN, a. how fervent or ardent, how muchtn 
eameert:, in a hurry. J 

S'jBBAN^BY or S'jbban'nby, o. id,, eomp* and 
sup. ; Mark, xiv. 31. J 

S'jbbaoh'it, a. how much shown or looked at. J 

S'jBBAs'sAOH, a. how full of ears or heads of 
cohi. J 

S'jBEAs'sBB, a. id., 58. f 

S'jvb'btnaoh, a. how full of net work. J 

S'JBB^BINBB, a, id.,' 68, J 

S'jbbio'aoh, a. how fuU of ditches. J 

S'jbbio'bb, a. id., 58. J 

S'jkbil'lit, a. how worried, wangled, what 
havock done to. J 

S'jBBL^TiT, a. how saddled. J 

S' JBBN, a. how drop dry, how tight fkom leak. J 

S'JXBN^Y, a, id., com. and sup, J 

S'jbbn'yssit, a. how wedged. J 

S'jbb'raqh, a, how straight or direct. J 

S'jBB^RBB, a. id,, 58. S 

S'jBioHT, a. how shut or idnsed. J 

S'jbr'rbb or S'tibr'rbb, a. tiie last, thelatest. J 

S'jbr'rinaoh, a. how much tending to the last 
or latter end. J 

S'jbr'rinbb, a. id., 58. J 

S'jBSH, a. how right, becoming, suitable or pro- 
per. J 

S'jbsh'by, a. id., eomp, and «»p; J 

S'jBu'sHANiT, a, how hinged. J 

S'jiARO, a. how red. J 

S'jiARO^BY, a. id., eomp, and 8up. J 

S'jiNo'iT, a. how pressed or thronged. J 

S'jio'lit or S'jioLT, a. how sucked. J 

S'joan'agh, a. how dusty. J 

S'joan'bb, a. id. 58. J 

S'joan'it, a. how dusted. J 

S'joa'rbb, a. how strange. J 

S'joL^LYssAOH, a. how nveaous or. immode- 
rately eager after any sensual gratification. J 

S'jol'lyssbb, a. id., 58. J 

S'jooioH, a. how voracious or greedy. J 

S'jooiob'bt, a. id., eomp, and aup. J 

S'jooil'daoh, a. how disgustftQ or nauseous. J 

S'jooil'ubb, a. id. 58. J 

S'JooiL'niT, a, how discarded or turned off. J 

S'jouTL^LAOH, a. how devilish or diabolicaL J 

SVouTL^iiBE, a. id., 58. J 


fdl or lavishing. j 

S'jum'malbb, a. id., 58. J 

S'jTMMOo'sAOH, a. how wroth. J 

S'jTMUOo'sBB, a, id., 58. , J 

Skaal, 8. f. a flat dish« a saucer; pi. — tn. 
Skaa'lkt, 8. f. a flat wooden dish used in wozt. 



Skaa'lhbait, «./. dispersioa, shed abroad ; Jer» 
XXV. 34. See also Scaalhean. 

Skab'bao, s. f. a lock or handful of green flax ; 

ph — ^TW. 

Skah, «. shed, shake; — aor, ^^^y — er, 80; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — VM, 86; —VMS, 87; 
— TS, 88. 

SxAH, 9, f. a strong .wind that sheds or shakes 
otnrn or fruit ; a mark in the ear of sheep; 

pi, — OHYN. 

Skab'bb, a. d. of shedding or shaking. 
Skah'btdbk, a. m. a shedder or shaker. 
Skab'it or SxAHT, o. shook, scattered, shed. 
Skaio or Skbao, «. /. a haw; pi, — tn. 
Skaio'agh, a, haying hawthorn berries or haws. 
Skaibt, 8. f. the caul; Hos. xiJi. 8 ; pi. — yn. 
S'kar'ktlagh, a. how circular. K 

S'kab'xtlbb, a. t'<f., 68. K 

S'kab'bit, a. how mended or repaired. K 

S'kab'tit, a. how carted or raked with a coal- 
rake. K 
Skauoh, «. /. disgust, nanseousness. 
SxAWQH, a. neaty trim, compact. 
S'kbaybb'agh, a. how misty, cwnp, and sup. K 
Skbab, «. /. a besom ; pi. — tn ; v. sweep ; 

'-AOH, 77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86 ; — YM8» 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Sxbab'an, 9. f. a brush ; pi. — yn. 
Skbab'bt, v. sweeping, brushing. 
Sbbab'btdbb, «. m. a sweeper; pi, — yn. 
Skbab'it, 85. swept, brushed. 
Sbbah or Skbat, «. spew, vomit ; v. vomit, &c. ; 

— AOH, 77 i — «B» 80 J —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; — yms, 87; — YS, 88. 

SsBAY^A<}H, a. squeamish ; Im. xxiy. 9. 

Ssbay'der, 8. m. one who spews or vomits. 

SsEAY^iT or Skbayt, 85. spewed, vomitted. 

Skbayl, v. spread, scatter, diilpel, dispense; 

—AOH, 77 y — EB, 80; —IN, 83; —ins, 84; 
— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Skbayl'by, V. Spreading, scattering; pi. Cfj. 

Skbaylt, 85. spread, scattered. 

Ssbd'dan, 8. m. a herring, herrings ; p/. — yn. 

Sbee, a. lired, weary, fotigaed. 

Ssbe'agh, a. tiresome, wearisome. 

Skbbah, s. , See Skeah and Skeajf. 

Skebal, 8. f. story, tale, narrative, tidings; 
pi. — YN. 

Skbbal'aoh, a. having stories. 
Skbbal'bb, a. iif., 58. 

Sbbbal'brey or Skbbailbyder, ». m. a story- 
teller, a news-monger; Pro. xviii. 8. 
S'kbbayl'laob, a. how sensiMe or witty. |C 
S'xbbayl'lbb, a. id., 58. 
S'kbbir, a. how dark coloured, sable. K 

S'xbbir'by, a. id., cotnp. and sup. k 

Skbb'rbt, «./. (tromSearreyJ a parish; pi. 67. 
Skbbt, 8. tn. a creeping, sneaking fellow. 
Skbbt'aoii, a. in a sneaking manner. 
Skbbt'bb, a, id,, eomp. and sup. 
Skbby, a. pi. tired, weary. 
Skbb'ts, 8. f. tiresomeness, wearisomeness. 
SxBiBB, 8. f, the scathe or stilt, of a plough. 
S'kbil'lit, a. how concealed or hid. k 

Skbilt, v. spUt or rent ; — aob, 77 ; — eb, 80 ; 

SKI : " 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; — rus, 87 s 
— YS, 88. 

SxBiLT-cHAs'sAOH, a. clovcn-footcd. 

Sxbilt'an, s. m. a lath ; pi. — yn. 

Skbiy, 8. f. a faggot or bundle of something to 

shut a door or gap; pi. — ohyn. *^Skeiy m 


SxBLF, 8 M. a rail; pl.—YS. 
Skbl'im, 8. a whim, a freak; pi. — yn. 
Skbl'imagh, a. whimish, freakish. 
Skbl'imbb, a. id,, cotnp, and sup. 

SxBLL, V. to vanish, to disappear; L»Are,xxiv. 

81 ; —AOH, 77 i — BB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; -INS, 84 ; 

— YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 
Skbl'loo, 8. f. a shelf; pi. — yn. 
Skblt, 8. a squat; pi. — yn; v. to squat; 

—AOH, 77; —BB, 80; —IN, 83, —INS, 84: 

— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Skbl'taoh, a. apt to squat, apt to start aside. 
Sxbl'tbb^ a id., cwnp. and 8mp. 
S'kbn'jal, a. how kindly, mellow. K 

S'kbnOalby, o. id., cotnp. and sup. k 

Skboo, 8. f. a lock of hair or flax, &c. , pi, — yn. 
S'kboib, a. how wild or mad. k 

S'keoi'by, a. id., cotnp. and sup. k 

SsEoiGH, a. spruce, tidy. 
Skxoioh'by, a. id., cotnp, and sup. 
Skbr, 8. /. a rock in the sea; pi. — yn. 
S'kbrbt, a. how well teased or combed. K 

Sxbr'in, «. tn. a splice or scarf; pi. 72 or — yn. 
Skbr'it, 85. spliced, scarfed. 
S*KER'BiT,7a. how punished. k 

S'kbshaoh, a, how frothy or foamy. k 

S'kbshre, a. id., 58. ^ 

S'keyl, a. how fine or slender. k 

Skbyl'lby, a. id,, cotnp. and sup. 
S'khyrlooh'e, a. how unsound in body. K 

S'khyrlooh'by, a. id, cotnp. and wp. K 

S'kial'gaoh, a. how hypocritical, crafty, deceit- 
fnl, or subtile. |^ 

S'kial'okb, a. id., 58. ^ 

Skian, *. /. awing; pi. — yn. 

Skian'agh, a. winged, having wings; s, tn. a 

winged creature, a fowl ; pi. 71. Eccl. x. 20. 
Skian'it, 85. winged, pinioned. 
S'kianlt, a. how tied or bound. k. 

S'kiaba'laoh, a, how careful. k 

S'kiara'lbk, o. id., ds. g 

S'kia'rit, a. how designed or resolved. K 

S'KiART, a. how even, exact, just, level, fiat. K 
S'kiar'tby, a. id., cotnp. and 9up, k 

S'kiart'it, a. how fixed, prepared, made even. K 
Skib'bylt, o. light of foot, nimble; 2Sam.ii. I8. 
Ssib'byltby, a. id., cotnp. and attp, 
S*kick'laoh, a. how ticklesome. k 

S'xick'lbb, o. id., 58. g 

Skibl'ley, 8. in. hurt, harm scath ; pi. 67. 
Skihll, v. shell, strip of the shell or husk- 

—AOH, 77; — EE, 80; —IN, 83; — ins, 84 1 
— YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Sxthl'lbe, a. d. of shelling. 
SKiHL'tKY, s.m. a shelling; v. shelUng, taking 
off the sheDs, husks, or hulls. «»*"& 

Skihl'^lbydbr, s. tn. one who shells, &c. 


SciHLT, 85. shelled, hnlled. 

Skilleio^ 8. f. a narrow stfipe of any tfainfr; 

pi. — TN. 

Skillxio'aoh, o. being in narrow stripes. 

Skillsio'be, a. M., 68. 

Skil'ltv, «. /. a shilling:, p/. 72. 

Skim'mkb, ». m. a crew, a boat or ship^s crew. 

S'kin^jagh, a. how constant or regular. K 

S'kin'jse, a. id.t 68. K 

Skxoo. See Skeog, 

Skiolo, s. m. (from S^keyh) a slender yonih. 

S'kioN^NiT, a. how porchascd or bought. K 

S'kip'pit, a. how whipped. K 

SxiR or ^Skthr, ». dip, slide j — aoh, 77 ; 

— XB, 80; —IN, 83 J —INS, 84; — TM, 86; 

— TMS, 87 ; — ys, 88. 

Skir'rao, «. /. a splinter ; pi. — tn. 
Skir'raohtaoh, «. m. one that slides or slips ; 

r'. 71. 
Er Ssir'raohttn, v. hath, &c. slipped or slld- 

denj Pro- xiv. 14. 

Skir'rbt, v. slipping, sliding. 

Skik^rbtdbr, 8. m. a slider or slipper. 

Skir'rit, 85. slided, slipped. 

S'kiune, a. how calm or serene. K 

S*kiu'net, a. id., comp. and 8up. K 

Skiu'nit, a. how calmed. K 

Skon, «. m. meat or drink got by intmsion. 

Skort, 8. f. a chasm; pi. — tn. 

Sktll or Skyl^lbt, 8, /. (corrupted from 
Skeerefff) a parish. 

S*ktn'daoh, a. how much because of, how 
criminal or guilty. IK. 

S*ktn'dbs, a. id.y 58. K 

Skynn, 8. f. a knife ; pi. — ^aohyn. Skynnyn 
is used for the plural in Pro. ziii. 14. 

Prtnn-at'tby, s.f. a dagger; Jud. ill. l6, 21. 

Skynn-phen'ney, s.f. a pen -knife; Jer. xxzyi.23 

Skyoll, 8. f. a great deal, a large quantity. 

Ssyrr, v. slip, slide. See Skir. The former 
word is used in Pal. xvili. 36, and Jer. ii. IQ, 
and iii. 12. ' 

Skyr'raohtaoh, a. apt to slide or slip. 

Skyr'raghtbb, a. id.^ comp. and sup. 

Skyrt'laoh, «. /. a lap full; pi. 72, 

Slaa, v. daub, besmear, plaster; — aoh, 77; 
— ZSt 80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 
—TMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Slaa^oaah,, 0. painting. 

Slaa^der, 8. m. a dauber, &c. ; pi. — yn. 

S'laa'dit, o. how loaded or laden. K 

Slaaik, «. m. , This word ought to be used for 
mortar, a composition that would daub. 

Slaa'it or Slaiyt, 86. daubed, besmeared, 
plastered. . 

Slaan, v. heal ; — aoh, 77 y — bs,80> — ^in-, 83 j 

— INS, 84; — YM, 86.; — YUB, 97 i — YS, 88. 

Slaa'naoh or Slaa'nauhby, v. healing, getting 

Slaa'nbb, a. d. of healing. 

Si^aa'nxyobr, «. m. a healer; pi. — yn. 

Slaa'nit, 86. healed, made whole. 

SLAAN'-tuss, «. /. ribwort. 

Si'laat'shagb, a. how laced or coyered with 
lace. L 




S'laat'shbb, a. id.t 68. L 

S'laat'shit, a. how laced. L 

S'lab'rit, a. how laboured. L 

Slao'dan, 8. f. a wash staff; pi. — yn. 
S'lao, a. how slack or loose. 
S'tAo^OBY, a. t<i., comp. and sup. 
S'lao'git, a. how loosened or slackened. L 
S'lagh'aoh, a. how miry. 
S'lagh^bx or S'laohey, a. more or most miry.L 
S*laOxr, a. how strong. For the comp. and 
sup. of this word see %tro8hey. L 

Slane, a. whole, total, hale. 

Slane^aohey, v. healing, making whole; a. 
sanatire, healing. 

Slane-ayd, p. p. farewell with thee ; — s, id. em. 

Slanb'id, 8. m. wholeness, perfection. 

Slanb jeant magh, a. complete, perfect. 

Slanb kiarit, <ufo. wholly resolved. 

Slane-lhiat, p. p, fare thee wdl. 

Slanblhibu, p. p fare ye well, or farewell with 

Slanb-luss or Slan-luss. See also Slaanlusst 
ribwort, called so in Manks on account of its 
quality in assisting nature to heal, when 

StANB palchby, 8. abundauce ; 1 CAro.xxix.2l. 

Slanb pooar, ». authority; Esther, iz. 29. 

Slanb tushtagh, a. perfect knowledge. 

Slaney, a. pi. whole, healed. 

Slanb- yn'rick, a. perfect ; Job, i. 18. 

Slanb. yn'sit, a. perfect; lsa» xlii. 10. 

Slat or Slatt, s. f. a rod; the yard of an 
animal ; a badge of office. Slat ayns moon 
(some punishment or chastisement provided). 

Slat'tag, 8. /. a small rod ; the dim. of Slat. 

Slat'tby, 8. m. yarding; a custom in this 
Island, in former times, that the constituted 
authorities could notice any man or woman 
servant and make him or her serve for one 
year at very low wages. 

Slat'tys, s. m, a statute, a decree or precept; 

pi. — SYN. 

S*lau'ee, a. how handy, comp. and sup. 

Slaynt, 8. f. health", saneness, sanity ; pi. — yn. 

Slayntoi'l, a. healthy, healthful, sane, sound. 

Slayntoi'ley, a. id., comp. and sup. 

Slayntoi'lid, 8. m. healthiness. 

Slbab, 8. m. a slave ; pi. — ^yn. 

S'lear, a. how soon or shortly. l 

S'leaTb, a. id%, comp. and 8up.; Heb. xii.Q. L 

Slbayd, 8. f. a trail, sledge or drag ; E». xziz. 
4; V. trail, drag; —aoh, 77 -, —be, 80; —in, 
83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS,87; — YS, 88. 

Slbay'dagh, a. trailsome, &c. 

Slbay'dbb, a. id., comp. and sup. 

Slbay'dby, v. trailing, dragging. 

Slbay^obydbri 8. m. one who trails ; p/.— tn 

Slxay'dit, 85. trailed, dragged, sledged. 

Slbatst, «./. a shovel; a fan; p/. --tn. 

Slxx'an, 8. /. a goad; pi. — tn ; EecletUutieus, 
xzzviii. 25. 

S'lbbid'it, a. how led or directed. L> , 

Slxxtcb, 8. f. slime; />/. — tn. 

Slxktch'aor, a. slimy. 

8f.x8T0H'BB, a. id., comp. and swp 



Slbbtch'ali o. lurking:, sneaUng. 
Slbo'oan, «. /. a cleaver i pi. — tn, 
Slbooan-slbbit') «* /> fbdg^e. 
Slbick, ». dake, as lime ; — aoh, 77 i — »«. M ; 

—IN, 8S; — IN8, 84} — TM, Sdj — TBI8, 87j 

— T», 88. 
Slbick'ai., e. daking. 
Sj.bick'it, 85. slaked. 
Si.Bio» «. a small bit or morsel. 
Slbib, «. m. 96. people, inhabitanU. 
S^LEiHT, a, howforgiren. 
Slbit'aob, a. moantainoDS, hilly, how billy. 
SLBn/m, A. tf ., eoBip. and aup. 
Slbi'ttk, «.j»I. mountains. 
SH.BI8R or S^LBSH, 9. belonging to, owning, 

owneth, Ac L 

S'LBO'niT, a. how derogated. L 

S'lhao'oit, a, how slackened or loosened. L 
S'lbaiht, a. how read, or often read. L 

S'abban, a. how broad or wide. L 

S'lhba, a. id., eomp, and <tcp. L 

Slrbb, a. more or most in number ; Jud. zvi. SO. 

Prw. - Mffr ndtuey da'n oie tlhee mUehoor,*^ 
S*i.HBBAB, a. how hoary or gray, eomp. and 

Slbbba'sid, a. <r. ofthelhigh. 
Slbbbayst, «. /. thigh j pi. — tn ; Gen. xxiv. 9- 
S'LBBiBBin'jAOB, o. how UBwicldy, ftc.t L 

S'lbbibbid'jbb, a. Id., 58. L 

S'lbiant'aob, a. how attached. L 

S'lbiant'bb, a. id., 58. L 

'StBio, «. and let or permit. L 

S'lbic/bbt, a. longer, longest, the comp. and 
sup. of I4at(yr. L 

S'liace, V, do or doth like. L 

S'liass, e. need, needeth, needs, &c. L 

S'uas'tbt, a. how loath, comp. and nip. L 
S'liautb, a. how long. L 

S'lick'lt, a. how likely, eomp. and aup. L 

Slibau, «. m.* a mountain. 
Slib'bin, «. m. sloven ; jp/. — tn. 
Slib'binaob, a. slovenly. 
Slib'binbb, a. id., comp. and mp. 
Slibb, e. did lick. See also SMee. 
SuBN^NOO, «. m. (from Slane noo.) surname ; 
as in the case of Jacob to Israel} Simon to 
Peter, ftc. } or from Slaa noo, to rub or anoint 
with some unctions matter at time sumamed. 

SuBN^jroQ, 9. to surname: — aqb, 77; — bb, 

80 J —IN, 88} —INS, 84} — TM, 86} —TUB, 

87} — TS,88. 

. Subn'nooit, 85. sumamed. 

Sli'man, «. m. a loose garment} pi. — yn. 

Slxno, «. /. a weaver's slaie. 

Slioab or Suooab, atbf* hardly enough, 
enongh, what sufficetiis John, j(iv. 8. 

Slis'sao^ «./. ahame, a slice} pL — tn. 
8'x.itck'bbagh, a. how lazy. L 

S'utcb'xwub* a*, id., 58. L 

S'liuob'bt, a. See S*/Kugh, L 

8*x.xvBB^T, a. howddivered. I« 

S'loaob'tit, a. hgw handled or felt with hands. L 
S'loaob^ttv, o. hdw dun and brown. L 

S'loam, a. how bare or shorn, Proo» ** S'loam 


ta laare p valley vargee." L 

S'aoam'bt, a. id.^ comp, and tup, L 

S'liOAM'iT, a. how bared. L 

S^LOAM^rr, a. how 8h<Hn or fleeced. L 
Sloat, «. m. abatement from rain. 
Sloata^il, V, abating raining. 

S'loav, o. how rotten. L. 

S'ioau'bt, a, id., comp. and mp, L, 

S*toATB'iT, a. how much spoken. L. 
Slob'baob, a. sloppy, having slop. 
SiACK, «. /. the live part in a horn. 

S*loob'anaob, a. howfnllof lakes. L, 

S'loob'anbb, a. id., 58. £> 

S'loob'tal, a* how severe or heavy. L. 

S'loob'talbt, a. id., eomp. and ««!p. L. 

Sloo, a. smaller, smallest, less, least. Proo. — 

'* JVyr sloo yn cheshaght smoo yn aymJ* 

Ny Slooid, cot^, unless, except, if not. Proo. — 

" Ta keeayll ommidjys ny slooid ny fee ee dooin- 
ney ereeney dy reayll.** 

S*LooiT, a. how sworn. L 

S'losbt, a. how burned. L 

S'losbi/aob, a. with what burning smart. L 

S^losbi/bb, a. id., 58. L 

S'los'sanagb, a. how luminous. L. 

S^LOS'SANBB, a. /if., 58. L 

S'lovbaa'naob, o. how leprous. L 

S'lovbaaVbb, a. id., 58. L 

Si.ou'bbv, s. f. a rackentree ; what a pot or a 
kettie is suspended by when hung on the fire ; 

pi, — ^TN. 

S'lout'it, a. how lofted. L 

S'low'al, a. how much approved or allowed of. L 
S'low'aiiBT, a. id., comp, and «t^. L 

S'low^it, a, how allowed. I. 

Slito or Si<uao, v. swallow, gulp } — agb, 77 ; 

— mm, 80} —IN, 83} — INS, 84} — TM, 86} 
—TUB, 87} — T8, 88. 

Sluo'oao, s, f, a gulp, a swallow } pi. — tn." 

Sluooan'b, s.f, slake or- sloake. 

Slug'obY) V, swallowing, gulping. 

Sluq'obtdxb, «. m. aswallower; pi. — vn. 

Slvg'oxt, 85. swallowed, gulped. 

Sluxobt, 8, m. issue, posterity, progeny, off- 

Sluiob,t, a. some, some littte. 

Sluiobtoi'l, a, fruitful in children. 

Slubt, s. /. slut} pi, — TN. Prov — 

'* QuilUy snmggagh dooinney glen, 
Inneen smuggagh sluht dy ven.'* 

Slubt'aob, a, sluttish. 

Slubt'bBv a. id., 58. 

SltsT) 8. m. border, suburb, environ } pi. — tn. 

S'lf AAi'oAOB, a. how awkward in handling. M 

S^AAl'OBB, 0. id., 58. If 

S'maoa'nbaob, a, how numb. M 

S'haoa'nbb, a. id., 58. M 

SmaobT) 8. m. correction, chastisement; pi. 
— ^TN} V. correct, chastise} — aob, 77 ; — mm, 

80} —IN, 83} —INS, 84} — TM, 86} — TM8, 

87} — ^TS, 88* 

Smaobt'aobbt or Smaobtbt, v, eanedtijag, 
afflicting, chastising chastening. 

Smaoht^btubb, 8. m. a correcter. 




SmagbVit, 85. corrected, afflicted. 

Smair, «./. aberrjr; pi. 73. 

Smals, 8./. a spark; pi. — tn. 

Sma'leagh, a. prodacing: sparks. 

Sma'lek, a. d. of sparks ; Exod. xxzvii. 23. 

Shal'tdbr, 8. m. a snuflfer ; pi. — tn. 

Smabagb', 8. f. a live coal of fire that has ceased 
to blaze ; pi. — yn. 

Smara'oeagh, a. having: live coals that have 
ceased to blaze or flame. 

Smaba'gbb, a. id', comp. and sup. 

Smarr» r. grease; — agh, 77; — bb, 80; — in, 
83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Smar'rey, 8.m. grease; pi. 67; v. greasing. 

Smar'reydbr, 9 m. a greaser ; pi. — yn. 

SMAR^arr or Smarrt, 85. greased. 

S'uar'roo, a. how dead, how lifeless, comp. 
and sup. M 

S'marva'nagh, a. how mortal or firail. M 

S'ju arva'nbb, a. id., 58. M 

Smayn'rey, a. how happy, comp. and sup. M 

S*mba, a. how fat or greasy, how luxniiant, 
comp. Bndsup. M 

S'meerooi'sagb, a. how careless, inattentive. M 

S'mebrooi'sbb, a. id., 58. M 

S'mbbin or S'mbbn, a. how tame, meek, mild ; 
or how flne, as flour, powder, &c. M 

S'mebi'ney or S'mebnby, a. id. comp. and 
sup. M 

S'msb'ley, a. how moist, soft, yielding to the 
touch. M 

S'mbb'kaoh, a. how meek eyed. M 

S'hsb'kbe, a. id., 58. M 

S'hbby'laoh, a. how lousy. M 

8'j«B7'i.BB, a. id., 68. 

SmKofoYL, s. f. the chin ; pi. — yn. 

S'mbiyoh, a. how tender. M 

S*hbi'yi}Hby, a; id., comp. and sup. M 

S'mbir'bbaoh, a. pecking berries. 

S'm bl'lby, a. more or most mean, male, poor, 
despicable, the comp, and sup. of MotjU. M 

S'mbn'nicb, a. how often or frequent. M 

S'mbn'nicxby or S'mank'by, a. id., cotnp. and 
sup* } Acts, zxiv. 26. M 

Smbbo, in. wo, a denunciation of calamity. 

S'mbr'oaoh, a. how rusty. M 

S'mbr'gbb, a. id., 58. M 

Shbbo'by, a. more or most wofdl. 

Sius'sBr, a. worse, worst. 

S*MBS80i% a. how fruitful, comp. and sup. M 

S'mhbno'yr or S'hhbnoyragh, a. how mealy 
or mellow. M 

S'mhbno'yrby or S'mhbboyreb, a. id., comp. 
and sup. M 

S'MTAn'dagh, a. how earnestly wished for, 
longed for, how desirous to the mind' or ap- 
petite. M 

S'biian'oeb, a. id., 58. M 

Smio'daoh or Smittagh, a. smutty, spotted 
with black. 

Sbiio'dbb, a. id*, 58. 

S'mib, a, how good, well of. Prov.-^** S'mis ve 
daanep agh s^olk ve ro ghaaney,*^ M 

Smio'oyi^, ». /. a small diminutive creature. 

Smioh, «. /. snuir, the snuif of a candles 

Smigh'yl, s.f. a small partiole of fire, as the 
snuff of a candle. 

Smil'jby, a. sweeter, sweetest, the eomp, and 
sup. of Miltish (sweet). 

S'milmsh a. how sweet, with what sweetness; M 

S'mil'lit, a. how spoiled. M 

S'mir'rilaoh, a. how miraculous. M 

S'mir'rileb, a. id., 58.* M 

S*mitcboo'ragh, a. how roguish, mischievous, 
or fraudulent. m 

S'mitcboo'rbb, n. id., 58. M 

S'moal, a. how mean, poor, male, despicable. 
Some persons use Smoailley as the ewnp. and 
sup. of this word, but I prefer Smelley. M 

S'moa'nagh, a. how turfy. M 

S'moa'nbb, a. id., 58. M 

S*moan'daob, a. how blunt, dull, feeble, not 
acute. M 

S'moan'obb, a. id., 58. M 

Smoasb, v. smash, crush; — aoh, 77 j —be, 80 j 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Smoashit, 85. smashed, crushed. 

Smock, «. /. a shift ; pi. — tn. 

Smogh'an, ». m. stink* bad smell ; Amos, iv. lo. 

Smogb'anaob, a. stiaking, having stink*. 

Smooh'anbb, a. id.^ comp. and sup. 

Smogba'nb, 8. m. a suflbcating or smouldering 

Smogba'nby, v. smouldering. 

Shogha'nit, 85. smouldered. 

S'm ooB^EY, a. how early, comp. and 8up. M 

S'mol^lagh, a. how rough, how hairy. M 

S'mol'lbb, a. id., comp. nndsup. m 

S'hol'lagbtagb, a. how accursed. M 

S'mol'lagbtee, a. id., 58. M 

S'mol'lit, a. how deceived or cheated. M 

S'mol'tey'raob, a. how deceitful. M 

S'MOLTBy'REB, a. id., comp, aad«iKp« M 

Smoo, a. bigger, biggest, greater, greatest, 

larger, largest, more or most, the comp. and 

sup. of Mooar. 

''Eshynsmoo hayrys, smoo vees echey.*' 

S'mooar, a. how big, great, large; Luke, i. 49. M 

S'mooara'laob, a. how haughty, &c. M 

S'uooar'lbb, a. id., 58. M 

S'mooar'it, a. how grudged or begrudged. M 

Smood, v. smooth, calender ; — aob, 77; — be, 

80; —in, 83; —INS,' 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 

87 ; — YS, 88. 

Smoo'dal, V, smoothing, &c. 

Smoo'dit, 85. smoothed. 

S'moogb'it, a. how quenched. M 

Smooin, v. think, recollect, oonsiiier; —aob, 

77 i —BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 
86} —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Smooi^'naob or Smooi'naobby, o. thinking, re- 
collecting, considering. 

Smooi'naoht, s, m. a thought ; pi. — yn. 

Smooi'nbb, o. This word, tbiough custom, is 
often made use of instead of Smooin; as in 
John zvi. 2, and the Prov. " Cha smooinee rieau 
er yn oik naght ren,^ ^ 

Smooi'nbtdbb, «.m. a thinker; jp/. — yn. 

Smooi'nit, 85. thought of, recoUeeted. 

Smooir, v. smile,- smb-k, tittfer; --agb, 77 '» 



84; — TM, 96}. 

I, M; — llf, 83; — IHS, 
— TM8, 87 i — rg, 88. 

Smooir'st, or Smooisooi'x., v. smllingr, titter- 
ing ; «. m. a kind of stifled or smotl&ered laii{^. 

Smooir'btdbb, «. m. one who laaghs a little. 

Smooir^it, 86. smiled, laughed. 

Smooir^laoh, •. pL broken bits, ftagments j 
pl' 73. 

Smooiran^b, «. all in broken bits or fragments. 

Smorio, «./. snuff, huff, pet. 

Smorio'agh, a. snuffish, pettish. 

S'movoha'naoh, a. how much o>ushing. M 

S'movoha'nxr, a. id., 58. 

S'how, a. how wasted or decayed. M 

S'mow'rt, a. id., cotnp. and «w;y. M 

S'motl'lit, a. how praised. M 

S'hotr'naoh, a, how proud. M 

S'mot^rmtbb, a. itf., 68. M 

Smug. s.f. a snot, a spit; pi. — ars. 

Smuo^gaob, a. snotty. 

Sm uo'oBB, a. id., comp. and mp. 

Sm uo-coo'ao, «. /. cuckoo spittle. 

Smvo'obt, v. snotting, spitting. 

Smuo'git, 85. snotted,. spot, 

Smuir, 8t m. marrow; pL — tn.^ 

Sbivir'aor, a. marrowy. 

Snitir'bb, a. id,, comp. and tup. 

S'bitoh'inaoh, a. how merciful. M 

6'mtgh'inbb, a. id., 68. M 

S'htn, a. how small or fine. M 

S'mtn'by, a. id., cotnp. and «tg). M 

Snaa, a. <f. of thread, yam, or nets. 

Snaal, 8. m. a mountainin tiie parish of Maugh- 
old, called so from Sniaghtejf (snow) as its sum- 
mit is often in winter covered with snow ; it is 
said to be 600 yards above the level of the sea, 
and a few feet higher than Baroole. 

S'naar'det, a. how reduced to nottiing, how 
decayed or annihilated. N 

S'naa'rbtdaoh or Snaa^rildaoh, <r. how much 
ashamed. N 

S'naa'rbtdbs or Snaa'rildbb, a. id., comp. and 
sup. N 

Snao'obr, «. gnash ; — aoh,77; — iBi 80; —in, 
88; — INS, M; — tm, 86; — TUS, 87? — YS, 88. 


Snao'obtdbr, «. m. aguasher; pU — yn. 
Snaid, «./. a needle; pi. —yn. 
Snai'oxy, a. d. of a needle or needles^ 
Snaib, 8. m. thread, a quantity of yam or tiiread ; 

pi. — NYN. 

Snaib-ol'lby, 8. m. woollen yam. 

Snap, «. m. a nap of sleep; pi. — yw. 

Snap'braoht, v. taking naps of sleep. 

Snap'bobr, «. m. one who takes naps. 

Snap'pbral, v. stumbling, stumbleth, &c. Kiap 
Snapperal (a stumbling block.) 

Snaux, v. cr^ep, swim; — agh, 77; — be, 80; 

—IN, 83; —ins, 84; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 

— YS, 88. Gamylt is better Manks for swim, 
but nume is what is used. 

Snaua'nb, »* TO. a slumber (^ corruption of 

Bwoeenga,) a fibre of gossamer. 
Snaua^nbb, 8. pi. gossauiers, fine fibres on the 

ground on a fine day in unsettled weather. 
Svav'bydbr, «. m. a creeper. 

Snbbu, ft. spin, tptaming; — aoh, 77; — bb. 89 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84: — YM, 86; — YM8, fV7 z 
— YS, 88. f t 4 , 

SurBBiT^BB, a. d. of spinning. 

Snxbd'dbr or Snbau^byobb, «. m. a spinner; 

Snbbd'it, 85. spun. 

Snbg, 8. f. a latch ; pi. — yn. 

Sneo^oaoh, a. captious, snappish, how captions; 
Snbo'oeb, a. id. comp. and sup. 

Snbfh or Snbb, «. /. vexation, anything that 
vexes one ; pi. — yn. s "-v 

Snbih'aoh, a. vexatious, how vexatious. 
Snxih'be, a. id., comp. and sup. 

SNEs'SBYor Snibs'sby, a. nearer, nearest; thes 
comp. and sup. of Faggys. 

Sneu-aab'loo, a. how unprepared. It may be 
well here to remark that the S may be placed 
before aU the adjectives, having neu before 
them, and for abridgement I have inserted only 
a few ; as, ^ 

S'neu-ohiar't, a. how uneven, &c. n 

S'nbu-fbbu^ a. how unworthy. jj- 

S'nbv-ghlbn', a. how unclean. jf 

S'neu-harroo'oh, a. how unthrifty. n 

S*NBir-Low'AL, a. how disallowable. n 

S'nbu-rba', a. how uneven, &c. jf- 
Sniaoh'teb, a. d. of snow. 

SviAOHT'ltY, 8. m. snow ; pi. 67. 

Sniaohtby-gar^roo, s. to. hail. 

S'niar'tal, a. how mighty, or strong; comn. 
and sup. <|j 

Sniem or *Snibmm, s. a noose or ranning knot. 
a bow knot; pi. — yn. ». noose or knot- 

-AGH, 77; — BE, 80i —IN, 83; —INS, 84 | 
—IT, 85 ; — YM, 86; —VMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Snibm'mby, v. noosing; knitting, as a^bcme. 

after being broke, piecing together. 
Sniem'mbyobr, 8. TO. knitter ; pi. — yn. 
Sniem'mit, 85. noosed, knitted, pieced. 
Snibng, *. /. a nit, a louse egg ; pi. — yn. 
Snibng'aoh, a. nitty, having nits. 
Snieno'an, *. /. an ant, a pismire ; pi. — yn. 
Snibn'anaoh, a. having ants or pismires. 
S*nibi/nagh, a. how poisonous or venomous. N 
S'nibu^nbb, a. id., 58. 2,^ . 

Snio, 8. f. a fillip, a sharp stroke or blow. 
S'noa, a. how new or modern; comp. and sup, N 
Snog or Snuig, *. to. a nod ; pi. — yn. ». nod* 

—agh, 77; —BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 
—IT, 85; — YM, 86; —VMS, 87 ; -YS, 88. 
Snog'oal, v. nodding. 

Snooid or Snoaid, s. f. a length of hair in a 
nshjng Ime or gear; pi. — yn. 

SoAiLL or SoiLL, V. Wrap, or bind round; Isaiah, 

XXX.. 20.; —AGH, 77; —BE, 80; —IN, 83- 
—ma, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —VMS, 87 ;. — YS, 88. 

Soail'lagh, a. sumptous, warmly clad. 

SoAiL^LBE, a. d. of wrapping round. 

Soail'lby or Soil'lby, v. wrapping round. 

Soail'leyoer, s.m. a wrapper; pi. ^^th. 

SoAIL'LID, 8. TO. luxury; pi. — YN. 

Soail'lit, 86. wrapped round. 

SoAiLT, a. <^ of a bam or bams. 

Soail'taoh, 8. m. an efReminate penotki pi. 71 ;. 


S'oal'sst, a. how fidse, eomp. and mp. F 

SoJkvr, 8. f. a barn} pL — tn. 
S'oan'iuckit, how buried. O 

SOA.R, 8. m. a smell ; pi. --tn; (used to good and 
bad) ; V. smell, scent } — aoh, 77 j — »■» 80 ; 

IN, 83} —INS, 84} —rM, 86; — YBIS, 87 j 

— Yg, 88. 
SoAB^AL, «. smelling, scenting. 
SoABCH, «. See SorcA. 
Soar'stdbr* 8. m. a smeller j pi, — yn. 
Soar'it, 85. smelled. 

S'oayl'laoh, o. how used of. O 

S'oayl'iiBS, a. id,, comp. and 8up. O 

S'oB^BiT, a. how denied. O 

S'ob'brit, a. how wrought. O 

Cha S'oc, p. they do not know; — syn, id, em. O 
Sock, «. /. a plough share. 
SocKBRAOH, a. easy, tardy, moderate, slow^ 

plain ; Oen, xxv. 27. 
Socrbrbb, a. id,fC0mp.9XLd8t/^. 
Sod'dao, «. /. a bannock; p/. — yn. 


thick clapped cake ; a cake generally under- 
stood as the last of a baking, and lett longer 
on the griddle to harden } 1 Kings, xvii. 13. 

Soj>'jEY, a, further, furthest, farther, fiarthest; 
the comp. and sup. of Foddey. 

SooH, 8. f. a surge ; a sob or groan ; pi, — yn ; 
V. surge, sob, groan; —aoh, 77', — eb, 80} 
— in, 83; — ins, 84; — YM, 86} — YM8, 87; 
— Y8, 88. 

Sooh'al, v. sobbing, surging, groaning ; Ez. 

XXX. 24. 
Sogh'eydbb, 8 m. asobber, groaner; pi. — yn. 
Sooh'it, 85. surged, sobbed. 

Soi or SoiB, V. set, sit, plant; -^agh, 77 i — bb> 
80; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Soi'aoh or SoiAOHBY, V. setting, planting. 

SoiAOH-BBo', V. despising, slighting. 

Soi'aoh-jbh, 8. m. acceptance, approbation. 

Soi'aohey, having respect to ; Gen. iv. 4. 

SoiB, V. sit, set, plant. 

Soib'ao, 8. f, a seat or sofe, a seat made of 
matted straw ; pi. — ^yn. 

Soie'deb, 8.m, a sitter, a setter; pi, — yn. 

Soie'deraob, a, sedentary. 

SoiLL, V. See Soaill, 

Soil'I'EY, V, wrapping, binding up; Jsa. xxx, S6. 

SoiLSH or Soil'shbb, v. enlighten, declare, 
illume; — AGH, 77 i — EE, 80 ; — in, 83; — ins, 
84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Soil'shaoh or Soti.shaghey, v. enlightening, 
declaring, publishing, exhibiting, showing, 
setting forth, revealing. 

SoiL^SHEAN, V. shining, shineth, shines. 

Soilshean'aoh, a. shiny, bright, splendid, 
radiant, glittering; Hab. iii. 11 ; how shiny. 

Soilsrean'bb, a. id., comp. Budsup. 

Soil'shby, 8. m, light, illumination; pi. 67. 

Soil'sebyder, 8. m, an enlightener, &c; /}/.— yn. 

Soilsh'it, 86. enlightened, exhibited, shown. 

SoiT, 85. set, seated, planted. 

Soit-jbh', 85. accepted, set by; 1 Sam. xviii. SO. 

*SoL or So' LEE, V. compare; — aoh, 77; — in, 

83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — ^YMS, 87; — YS, 88. I 

^ M 



So'laohey, v. comparing, compareth, &c. ^ 

Sole v noRRvs, «. the threshold of tiie door ; 
Zeph. i. 9. 

So LIT, 85. compared. 

S'oLK, a. how evil, ill, bad. Prov, " Mpr t^olk 
ayn smessep ass." O 

S*OLKYssAGH, o. how wickcd, iniquitous. O 

S'olk7ssbb, a. id., comp. and »up. O 

*SOLL or SOLLEB^ V. dcfilC, pollute, soil , -.-AOH, 
77 i — EB, 8O;; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86} 
—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

SoL^LAOHXY, V. Soiling, defiling, polluting. 

SoLLAGHEY-LAu^E, 8. B bribe. Something put 
into the hand to pervert the judgment; 
Micah, vii. 3. 

SoLLAOH^YN, 8. f. CTOudy, a kind of pottage 
made of oatmeal and the water or broth 
wherein flesh meat had been boiled, and the 
fiat, of the broth poured thereon. 

SOL^LAN, 8. m. salt; pi, — YN. 

Sol'lanagh, a. saltish, salty. 

SoL^LEY TA, adv. SO is, or it is. 

Sol'lby va, adv. so was, or so it was. 

SoL^LBYnsR, 8. m. a defiler, polluter. 

Sol'lit, 65. defiled, soiled, polluted; Isaiah, 
xxviii. 8. 

SoLLYS, a, light, bright, shiny. 

Sol'lysby, a. id., comp. and sup. 

Sol'lyssid, 8. m. brightness, lustre. 

S'oltoo'anaoh, a. how reproachful. O 

S'OLTOO^ANEE, a. id., 58. O 

S'oltoo'anit, a. how reproached. O 

S'om'midjaoh, a. how foolish. O 

S'om'midjee, a. id., 58. O 

Son, pre. for, because of, in search of. 

Son'daoh, a. sordid, avaricious, greedy of gain, 

Son'dbb, a. id., comp, and sup. 

SoN^DEBEY, «. m. a greedy or selfish person ; 
pi. 68. Prov. ** Ta'n bteagerey molley yn 

Son'did, 8. m. sordidness, churlishness. 
3'oNEY, a. how innocent, comp. and sup. O 

Sonnaa'saoh, a. arrogant, haughty, self-con- 
Sonnaa'sb, 8. f. arrogance, ambition. 

SoNNAA^SEB, a. morc arrogant, most arrogant, 
the comp. and sup. of Sonnaasagh. 

S'oN^NBRAOH, a. how houcst. O 

S'oN^NBREE, a, id., em. 58. O 

SoN^NXY, a. d. of satiety or plenty. 

S'oNNOROi% a. how honourable, comp. and sup, 

Son'nys, 8. f. satiety, abundance, plenitude, 

Son'nyssagh, a. abundant, copious, abound- 
ing in plenty ; Jer. 11. 13. 

Son'nyssbb, a. id,, comp. and 8up. 

Son shen as ooillby, conj, notwithstanding, 
for that and all. 

Son wheesh, conj, forasmuch, whereas; Isa, 
xxix. 13. 

Soo, 8. m, juice, essence, substance; pi. — ohyw. 

Soo, V, soak, suck up; —aoh, 77 1 -^bb. 80 j 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; ^YM8, 87}; 
— YS, 88. 

Sooanb', 8. f. wash-brew; pi, — yn. 



S'ooAs^LB, a. how worthy, noUe, gnat, iUns- 
trloiu, exatted» sablime, magnificent, comp. 
and tup. O 

S'ooASHLiT, a. how worshipped. O 

Soo'nsB, a. m. a soaker, sipper, tippler ; pL — tk. 

Soodbaoh't, «. m. the recussion of a wave on 
the shore; pi. — tk. 

Sooss, «. /. soot } pi. — yw. 

Soosb'agh, a. sooty. 

SooxsT, a. pi. soot. 

SoooH, a. plenary, substantial, solrent, plen- 

SoooH^iD, 9. m. sabstance, plenteonsness, ple- 
nsuriness, substantialness. 

Soo'iD, 8. m. Juiciness. 

S'ooio'AnrAOH, a. how ftOl of pits. O 

S'ooio'anbb, a. id., 58. O 

SooiLL, «. /. an eye j pi. — tn. 

Sooil'laob, a. having eyes. 

Sooil'lxt, a. d. of the eye or eyes. 

S'ooil'lit, a. how anointed or oiled. O 

SooiLL NT OBAYXB, «. /. the wind*s eye, the 
point tiie wind blows from ; Act», xxvii. 15. 

S'ooib'baoh, a. how earthy. O 

S'ooiB^BBB, a. id., 58. O 

S'ooiBBiT, a. how earthed. O 

SooiSHT, a. d. of a flail. 
Sooisht'xt, a. d. of flails. 
SooiT, 85. soaked, soaked up. 
Soo-o'iL, a. juicy, haying juice, cotnp. and tup. 
S'ooB, a. how fresh. Soorey, cqmp. and tup. O 
SooB, a. sour, leavened. Hebrew, Sear i Welth, 

SooB or SooBXB, V. sour, leaven j — aoh, 77 j 
— BB, 80} — IW, 83'j — INS,;. 84 J — YM, 86; 
—VMS, 87; — TS, 88. 

Soo'baoh or Soo'baohbt, v. souring, leavening. 

oo'rbx, v. wooing, courting ; t. f. courtship. 
Frov. ** Sooree ghiare, yntooree thare." 

Soo'bbt, a. pi. sour, leavened. 

Soo'bid, t. m. sourness, leaven. 

S'oo'biltagh, a. how freshening or refreshing.O 

S'oo'riltbb, a. id., 68. O 

Soo'rit, 85. soured, leavened. 

Soos'laoh, «. m. a composition of liquid where- 
in there is some substance. 

SoosT, t. f. a flail ; pi. — yn. 

SoBCH, «. assort, sort; — ^aoh, 77; — bb, 80; 
—IN, 88; — ins, 84; — TM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— ^YS, 88. 

SoRCH, t. m. sort, kind, a species; pi. — yn. 

SOBGHBTDBR. t. m. BU aSSOrtCr ; pi. — YN. 

Sorch'it, 85. assorted, sorted. 

SoBN or SuRN, «. /. the fire place in a kiln. 

SoRNAi'o, t. f. a sewer or covered drain. 

SosT^NAOB or SosTYNAOH, s. English, British, 
or Saxon ; «. m. an Englishman, a Briton. 

Sost'nbb, t. pi. English people. 

Sos^TYN, t. England. 

S'osVtlaoh, a. apostolic. O 

S'os'lylxb, a. id., 58. O 

Sou-aio'nby, (Sie or S^p-aigney,) t. f. bitter- 
ness ; 1 Sam. xviii. 8 ; grief of mind, sorrow 
of spirit; Lam. ill. 65. 

Sou-aio'naoh, a. in a state of bitterness of 
mind or spirit. 


Sou-aio'nbb, a. id., comp. and tup. 

SouiD, t, m. an old worn out horse. 

SouiB or Sour, as spelled in Numbert xi. 18, or 
as in Job xxid. 20, Sovyr, a. warm, snng, 
comfortable, not in want as respects drcnm- 

Sovir'id, t. m. solace, warmth, snugness. 

SovNBY, a. d. of November or HoUantide. 

Soitr'bb, a. d. of summer. 

Sovb'by, «. m. summer. Perhaps from Souir 

S'ou'yb, a. how dun. O 

S'ouy'rey, a. id. comp. and mp. O 

S'ou^RYSSAOH, how suspicious. O 

S'oit'rysseb, a. id., 58. O 

Sows, «. /. a sudden blow or slap ; pi. — yn. 

SoYL or SoYLBB, V. compare, typify; — ^aoh, 77} 

— ^BB, —80 ; — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 

— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

SoY^LAOHBY, t. B comparison ; pi. 69; Jud. viii. 
2 and 3 ; V. comparing, typifying, matching. 

SoY^LBB, «. wiU, &c. compare. This is shown 
above, but this word has the inronominal co- 
alesced with it in some places in Scripture, as, 
Soylee-ym, Mat. vii. 24. 

Soy'lit, 85. compared, matched with. 

Soyl'lby, «. m. enjoyment, fruition, possession. 

S'PAA or S'PAAOH, a. how thirsty, first comp. 
and tup. p 

Spaao, t. f. a spattle, the foot of a fowl, the 
foot in contempt; pi. — yn. 

Spaa^oaoh, a. splay-footed, 

Spaa'obb, a. id., comp. and sup. 

Spaa'oit, a. having spattles. 

S'paa'git, a. how kissed. p 

Spaai^'nagh, a. Spanish. 

Spaai'nby, «. /. Spain 

Spaal, t. f, a shuttle ; pi. — yn. 

Spaab, r. spare, save, do without; —aoh, 77 ; 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Spaarai^ V.' sparing, saving. 

Spaarai'lagh, a. frugal, sparing. 

Spaarai', a. id., comp. and tup. 

Spaa'rai'lys, «./. frugality savingness. 

Spaa'rxyder, t. m. a sparer; pi. — yn. 

Spaa'rit, 85. spared, afforded, saved. 

S'pa'bybit, a. how papered. p 

Spabb, t. f. a swatiie of grass from the scythe. 

Spa'gry, t. m. a scrip; pi. 67. 

Spain, «. m. (Spein), a spoon; pi. — yn. 

S'pait'toil, a. how pestilential, comp. and tup.V 

Spakb. 8. f. a spoke; p/. 69; 1 Kingt, vii. 33. 

S'pALCHBY, a. how plentious or plentiful, cotup. 
and twp. p 

S'pardoo'nit, a. how pardoned. P 

Sparroo, tm. a sparrow; pi. Spbrbiu. 

Spattan, t. light lodged com ; pi. — yw. 

S'pbajeo'gagh, a. how miserly or niggardly. P 

S'PBAJBO^GBB, a. id., 5S. p 

S'pBccoi% a. how sinfol, comp, and tup. P 

Spbck'i.byryn, spectacles. 

S'pbbaghaVit, a. how unible to speak above 
the breath. p 

Spbbgbbn' or Spbbkbbn^ t. f. a small peak or 

Spbbik, v. pry, peep, spy; --aoh, 77 i — ■■* 80} 

IN, 83 J — INS, 84 J — YM, 86 ; — TMS, 87 i 

— YS, 88. 

Spbxikbar', 8. m. a pryer, peeper, spy; pi. — tn. 

Spkbiksab'raoh or Sfbbikby, v. prying, peep- 
ing, descrying. 

Spkeikbbn'aoh, a. spiry. 

Spsbikbbn'bb, a. id., comp. and 8up. 

Spbbin, v. peel, strip off the rind, skin, husk, 
or bark ; — aoh, 77 j — bb,80; — in, 83 j — ins, 

84 J — TM, 86 } — FMS, 87 i — YS, 88. 

Spbbinb'io, 8. f. fherind or peeling; pi. —tn. 
The pi. is often nsed for splinterx; as, Te 
briaht ayn8 apeeineigyn. 

Spbbinb'ioaob, a. having peelings, how fall of 
peel or rind. 

Spbbi'nbiobb, a. id., comp. and »up. 

Spebi^nbt, v. peeling, taking off the rind, &c. 

Spbbi^nbtdbb, 8. m. a peeler ; pi. — yn. 

Spbbi'nit or Spbbint, 85. peeled. 

Sfbbk, 8./. a peak, a spire; pi. — yn. 

Sfbiy, «./. a hack, mattock, or hoe ; pi. — ohyn; 
V. hack, hoe; — aoh, 77 i — sk, 80; —in, 83; 
— ins, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

SPBiY'nBB, 8. m. a hacker ; pi. — yn. 

Speiyt, 85. hacked. 

Sfblt, 8. f. a wattle or hurdle ; pi. — ^yn. 

Spbbriu, 8. pi. sparrows ; Luke, zii. 6. 

Speyr, 8. the sky. 

S'PHBBR, a. how true ; 2 Kings, xiz. 17. See 
S'/eer as it ought to be written. P 

S'pian'daoh, a. how painful. P 

S'piAN^DBB, a. id., 58. P 

S'piant, how pained. P 

Spinch, 8, f. a scullion ; pi. — yn. 

Spinch'yraot, v. scullioning, doing the work 

of a scullion. 
Spin'nby, «. m. elasticity; pi. 67. 

Spin'nycan, 8. f. the disease in fowls, called 
the pip ; pi. — YN. 

S'pisH^AOAGH, a. how much for speUs or charms. 

S*pish'aobb, id. 58. P 

Spit'lhin, 8. m. supposed to have been the name 
of a saint, for which tiiere are two days in the 
year, laa*l spitlhin 8ouree (I8th May), laaU 
spitlhin geuree (18th Novonber). 

S'piY^BiT, a. how paired. P 

S'plaa'strit, a. how plastered. P 

S'piiAIYn'tit, a. how complained of. P 

S'ploooha'naoh, a. how suffocating. P 

S'PLOOOHA^NEB, a. id., 58. P 

S'ploooha'nit, a. how sufibcated. P 

S'plucb'it, a. how pulled. P 

Splugh^an, 8. f. a pouch; pi. — yn. 
Spoar, 8. m. space; pi. — aohyn. 
S'pohl'lit, a. how upholded. P 

Spoht, «. m. a spot; pi. — yn or Spvit. 
Spoht'taoh, a. spotty, full of spots. 
Spoht'tit, a. spotted, how spotted. 
S'poin'tit, a. how appointed. P 

Spoiy, v. geld, splay, castrate ; — agh, 77 ; 

— BE, 80; —IN, 63; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YM8> 87 ; — YS, 88. 

SpoiY^nsR, «. m. a gelder, a splayer. 
Spoiyt, 85. gelded, splayed. 



Ter Spoitt, 8. m. an eunuch, one deprived of his 
genitals; pi. FitK 

Spolo. See Sputg. 

Spol'lao, 8. f. a chip ; pi. ~yn. 

Spol^lagaoh, a. chippy, having chips. 

Spol'laobb, a. id^ covip. and eup. 

S'pol'lit, t». how matted. P 

S'pol'tit, a. how struck, or thumped. P 

Sponk, 8. m. tinder, burnt dotii to catch fire 

from the spark of flint and steel ; v. dry or 

parch up; —aoh, 77 j — bb, 80; —in, 88; 

—INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 
Sponk^by, V. drjring up with drought. 
Sponk'it, 85. dried up with drought. 
Spon'nao, 8. f. a span, a trick, or error; as the 

the Prov.— " To'i» chied Sponnag lowit.'* 
S'pooar'aoh, a. how powerM or mighty. P 
S'pooar'al, a. id; comp. and 8up. This change in 

the termination is contrary to the general rule . 
Spooib, a See S*booie. 

Spooii. or Spooill, v. spoU, rob, plunder; 

—AGH, 77 ; —be, 80 ;— in, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM , 
86; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Spooil'ley, 8. m. spoil, prey, plunder ; pi. 67. 

Spooil'leyder, 8. fn. a spoiler, a robber; pi. — yn. 

Spooil'lit or Spooilt, 85. spoiled, plundered. 

S'poosT, a. how married orwedd^. P 

Spooyt, a. spout; pi. — yn; o.'spout; — AOH, 
77 ; — BE, 80 j —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 

— YMS, 87 S — YS, 88. 

Spooyi/laoh, 8. m. something poured through 
a spout. 

Spooy'tev, v. spouting, squirting. 

Spooyi/eraoh, v. spurting, squatting. <^ 

Spooyt'eraoht, 8. flk. spurtablc drink, only fit 
to be spurted out. 

Spooyt'eyrby, 8. m. a squirter, a sputterer. 

Spooyb'it, 85. spouted, squirted, sputted. 

Spor'ban, 8. a purse ; pi. — yn. 

Sporran-y-vo'chil, «. /. shepherd's purse, 

Spotch, 8. a joke, a jest; pi. — ^yn; «. joke, jest; 
— AGH, 77 i -BE, 80 — in, 83; — ins, 84: 
— YM, 86;- — YMS, «/;— YS, 88. 

Spotch^aoh a. jocose, jocular. 

Spotch'al or Spotchbraoht, v, joking, jesting. 

Spotch'bydbr, 8. m. a joker, jester. 

Spotcb'it, 85. joked, jested. 

Sprano'aoh, a. outof rule, not r^cular. 

Sprang^an, 8. something that causes unevenness. 

Spranox.anb^ «. something made up irregularly. 

Sprbi'ohyn, 8. pi. sprinkles, splashes. 

Spreih, «. m. a sprinkle, a splash ; v. 'sprinkle, 
splash ; —AOH, 77 i — »»# 80 ; —in, 83 ; —INS, 
84 J — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Spreih'dbr, 8. m. a sprinkler ; pi. — yn. 

Spreiht, 85. sprinkled, splashed. 

S'pREi'sAL, a. how pressing oi busy. P 

Sprbt, «. m. a start, struggle, shove ; —aoh, 77; 
—BE, 80; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
84 ; -YMS, 87 J — YS, 88. 

Sprbt'al, v. starting, struggling, &c. 
Sprbt'eyobr, 8. m. one that starts, &c. 
Sprbt'it, 85. started, &c. 
Sproao or Sproaio, s. f. something saved spar- 
ingly; pi. — YN. 



Spbooh'an, 8. the crop of B fowl} pi. — yn. 

Spbooht, «. /. vexation, spfeen "WTOuglit up to 

Sprogh'tit, 85. vexed, vexed so above measnre 
as to be frantic. 

S'PBOw'iT, o. how proved or sworn, how expe- 
rienced. P 

S'prtssoo'nit, o. how imprisoned. P 

Spuitt, 8. pi. spots ; the pi, of Spoht. 

Spulo, 8. f, a peck or pinch of the bone ; ». 
peck, pick, &c. ; —aoh, 11 \ — kb, 80 j —in, 
83} — Y¥, 86} — FS, 88. 

SpuLOAlo^ 9. /. a sharp or smart pinch, or nip 

off the bone} pi. — tn. 
Spulo'bt, t>. pecking or pinching the flesh off 

the bone. 
8pui.o'btdbb, 8, m. a pecker, &c. 
Spulo'it, 86. pecked, &c. 
Sptnxbio', 8. See Speeineig. 
Sptr, 8. a collar beam} pi. — yn. 
Spyr'ryd, 8. m. spirit } pi. — yn. . 
SPYBBYD-NOO^ 8. i». Holy Ghost. 
Spyrrydoi'l, a. spiritual, immaterial, comp. and 

Spyr'bydys, 8. f. spirituality. 

SPYT'tOG, 8. f. spigot} pi. — YN. 

S'pyshoo'nit, a. how pois^ed. P 

S'quaagh, a. how gruff, sullen or morose, how 

strange or aliened. Q 

S'quaaib, a. iff. amp. and aup. Q 

S'raauit, a. how warned. R 

S'ltAOH^TAL, a. how rash or violent. R 

S'ra^'pit, a. how rent or torn. R 

S'rank, a. how luxuriant, comp. and n«?., or 

SWarik'ey. R 

S'rass'tagh, a. how squally or gusty. R 

S'rass'tbb, a. id.t 58. R 

S'bast, a. how ripped. 

S'rasta'nagh, a. how uncultivated. R 

S'rastanbe, a. id., 58. R 

S'rba, a. how even or regular, comp. and sup. R 
S'reaoh, a. how merry or wanton. R 

S'reaib, a. id., comp. and sup. Prov. — " Tra 

sreaie yn chloie, share faagail /c*,'* and " Mpn 

smoo yn ckeehaght, sreaie yn chloie." 

S'rba'myssaoh, a. how roomy. R 

S'rba'mysseb, a. more or most roomy. R 

S'reat or S*reait, a. how decided or disen- 
tangled. R 
8'bbaylt, a. how kept. R 
S'rebalt, a. how wriggled. R 
S'rbbas'taoh, a. how uneven, coarse, rough, &c. 
S'rbbas'tbe, a. id., 58. R 
S*rebn' a. how tough or ropy. R 
S'rbx'nbt, a. d., comp. and sup. R 
S'RBBOIL^ a. how royal or kingly, comp. and sup. 
S'rbiht, a. how chosen or elected. R 
S'bbillt, a. how ruled. r 
S'bbsoo'naoh, a* how reasonable. r 
S'bbsoo'nbb, a. id., 58. R 
S'rbitt'rit, a. howdugordelved. r 
S'bhbyn'nit, a. how divided. R 
S'bimbibi'gao?, a. how fall of stripes, or weals. R 
S'rimmbi'oeb, a. id., 68. R 


S'bimmbi'oit, a. how striped. R 

S*Rio'jTT, a. how frozen. ' R 

S'riu'ret, a. ftitter, fattest the comp. and sup. 
of Roattyr. R 

S'roautr, a. howfhtorthick. K 

S*RoiT, a. how run, cast, melted, or molten. R 

S'rollagb'agh, a. how starry. R 

S*rollag'eb, a. id., 58. R 

S'ron'sit, a. how ransacked or searched. R 

S'rooisht, a. how naked or bare. R 

S'rooish'tit, a. how stripped or bared. R 

S'roo'nagh, a. how rancourous or spiteful. R 

S'roo'nbb, a. id., 58. R 

S*rosh'it, a. now reached. R 

S'rouail'agh or S'rouail'tagh, a. how roving, 
roaming, or disposed to wander. it 

S'rouail'bb or S'rouail'tbb, a. id., 58. R 

S'roit'anagh, Ur how riotous. R 

S'rou'anbb, a. id., 58. R 

S*ruck'it, a. how ricked. R 

S*rub'bit, a. how rubbed. R 

S'rug^gagh, a. how rugged or uneven. R 

S'ruo'gbe, a. id., 58. R 

S'ruis'hagh, a. how ruddy. R 

S'rvis'hee, a. id., 58. R 

S'runt, a. how round. R 

S'run'tbt, a. id., comp. and sup. R 

S'buy, a. how reddish or brown. r 

S'ruy'ey, a. id., comp. and sup. R 

Staa, «. m. three a?en making hedges together, 

two of them cutting the sod and one lifting. 

This word perhaps is derived from Staayney, to 

oppose or stand firm against in wrestiing or at 

this work } these men called a Staa formerly 

made fold hedges} pi. — yn. 

Staa^byi., 8. m. stable} pi. 76. 

S'taaoh'it, a. how frequented. t 

S'taa'it, a. how welded or soldered. T 

S'taa'bit, a. how caught or taken. t 

Staayn, v. oppose, stand firm against} — agh, 
77 } —be, 80 } —IN, 83 } —INS, 84 } ~YM, 86 ; 
— VMS, 87} — YS, 88. 

Staay'nby,». strenuously opposing, opposition, 
vehementiy pushing against, or stan(ting firm 
against} pl.67i Prov.xxi.29. 

Staay'neyder, s. m. a strenuous opponent. 

Staay'nit, 85. standing statue, like in opposi- 
tion to some force. 

Staaynt, 85. set or stuck up agalnsl^ confrt>nt- 
ing, set in opposition, stiffened up. 

Stab'ban, s. m. a small stump } pi. — ^yn. 
Staoh'yl, s. m. an awkward person } pi. — yn. 
Stagh'ylagh, a. awkward, awkwardly. 
Stagh'yleb, a. id., comp. unA sup. 
Stagh'ylys, s. f. awkwardness. 
S*taoh'yssaob, a. how itchy. T 

S'taou'yssee, a. id., 58. x* 

Staik, s. f. a stake, a stitch in the body } pi. — yn. 
t). stake, &c.} — ^agh, 77', —be, 80 ; — in, 89} 

-INS, 84} —YM, 86} — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Staik'by, v. staking. 
Staik^bydbr, 8. m. a staker -, pi. — yn. 
Staik'it, 85. staked, anchored. 
Stain'nagh, a. (f. of tin. 
Stain'nby, 8. m. tin } pi. ^7. 


S^tait'ntssaor, a. how pleasing:, dell^htfiil, or 
desirable. T 

S'TAil^NTSSBX, a, id., 68. T 

Stah'ack, «. /. stomacli; pi. — tn. 
S'tah'myltaoh, a. how much in whiles. See68.T 

Stamp, v. tread, trample; — aoh, 77; — bx, 80 i 
— IN, 83; —INS, 84; — FM, R(J j — YMS, 87; 
— TS, 88. 

Stam'pbt, V. treading, trampling. 

Stam'petdbr, 9. m. atreader; pi. — tn. 

Stam'pit, 85. trod, trodden, trampled. 

Stano, 8, f, a wooden horse, a stock. 

Stano^it, 85. set on the wooden horse. 

S'tan'naohtagh, a. how continnal, &c. T 

S'tan'naghtxb, a. id., 68. T 

Stan'nair, 8. m. a hawk ; pi, — ^tn. 

S'tap'paoaoh, a. how tufty. T 

S'tap'paoxb, a. id., 58. T 

Stap'pan, «. m. a stump ; a small one, as thatof 
com after being cat ; pi. — tn. 

Stap'panaoh, a. how stunpy. 

Stap'panxb, a. id., 58. 

S'tap'pbb, a. how quick, fiast, or rapid. 

Stark, a. stiff, inflexible; stiffen. 

Stark'aoh or Starkaohbt, o. stiffening, get- 
ting stiff. 

Starkest, a. pi. stiff, &c., and the comp. and 
8up. of Stark. 

S'tarm at'nagh, a. how economical. T 

S'tarmat'nbb, a. id., 68. T 

S'tarroo^oh, a. how thrifty, comp. and sup. T 

S'tash, a. how damp or moist. T 

S*tash'bt, a. id., eomp. and sup. T 

S'tas'taoh, a. how intelligent or quick of dis- 
cernment. T 

S'tas'tbb, a. id., 58. T 

Statb-hallooi'n, s.m. a farm; JIfaf . xxii. 6. 

Statd, 8. m. state, case, pomp; pi. — tn. 

Stavd-noa', 8. m. regeneration ; Mat. xix. 28. 

Staydoil' or Statd oil'agh, a. stately, pomp- 
ous ; «. m. a pompous person; pi. 71. 

Statdoil^lys, 8. f. pompousness, pomposity. 

S'tatb'nit, a. how drawn. T 

Stbab, «. /. a dart; pi. — tn. 

Stbat or Strait, 8. f. estate, or State of Ame- 
rica; pi. — TN. 

Stbaon, 8. m. Stephen. 

S*tbav'maoh, a. how whimsical, freakish, or 
fantastic. T 

S*txau'mbe, a. id., 68. T 

S*teau'mit, a. how teemed or emptied of water.T 
Stbbt, 8. Though this is the orthography in 

Jtide, iv., I have written it Sheet, whip^^ see. 
Stxil'lin or Stxilltn, «. m. steel. 
S'ten'dit, a. how attended. T 

Stbb'rn, 8. m. storm ; pi. — tn. 
Stbr'btmaoh, a. stormy, how stormy. 
STER^RTikiBB, a. id., comp. Bud sup. 
Stbr'rymid, 8. m. storminess. 
Stbr'rymit, 85. stormed. 

S'tbs^sbn, a. cross or transverse, comp. and 
8up. T 

Stalk, 8. m. a stalk or stem. 

S'thallooi'naoh, a. how terrestrial or earthly .T 



S'thallooi'nbb, a. id. 68. 

S'tham'maoaoh, a* how bushy. T 

S'tham'haobb, a. id., 68. t 

Sthano'an, «. /. a small debt ; pi. — tn. 

Stdano^anaoh, haying small debts. 

Sthano^anbb. a. id. and sup. 

S'tban'nbt, a. how thin. x 

S'thanVa'naoh, a. how astonishing. T 

S'thanya^nbb, a. more or most astonishing. T 

Sthap <w *Sthapp, «. /. a stop or pause ; pi. 

— TN; V. stop, pause; — AOH, 77} —KB, 80; 
—in, 83'; —INS, 84; — TM, 86 j — TMS, 87; 
— TS, 88. * 

Sthap'pal, v. stopping; a.m. a stoppage; pi. 

— TN. 

Sthap'pbtobr, «. m. a stopper ; pL — tn. 

Sthap'pit, 85. stopped. 

S'thar'tagh, a. how costive or bound. T 

S'thab'tbx, a. id., 58. ^ 

Sthar'tbt, «. m. a job or spell (tf work; pi, 67. 

Sthbo, *. /. a steak or slice of meat ; pi, — tn. 

S'thbin'niuit, a. how thawed. T 

Sthbin'nbt, a. thinner, thinnest, eomp. and 
8up. of Thafutey, 

StrbVir, s. pi. staves, poles ; pi. of StJIowyr. 
Sthib, adv. in, within, within a house or place; 
opposed to Mooie. 

Sthilk, 8. pi. stalks, stems. 

Sthitt, 8. pi. steers, bullocks. 

Steock, *. m. stock, fund, race ; pi. — tn. 

Sthoc'kan, 8. f. the body of a plant, a small 

Sthol or Stholb, o. sprout or branch forth, 
ramify or grow in many stalks from the one 

root; — AGH, 77; — BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; —INS. 
84; — TM, 86; —TMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Stho'lby, V. sprouting, spritting, shooting fhnn 

the one root, grovring prolific. 
Stho'lit, 85. sprouted, ramified. 
Stroll, s. m. a stall, a station ; pi. — yn ; ». id, 

—AOH, 77', — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Sthol'lal, V. Stationing, stalling. 

S'tholla'naoh, a." how, dizzy, heady or capri- 
cious. T 
S'tholla'neb, a. id., 58. f 
Sthol^lbydbr, 8. m. one that stations. 
Sthol'lit, 85. stationed, stalled. 
S'thol'lit, a. how-bored or holed. t 
Sthoo, 8. See Stoo. 
S'thoo'it, a. how thatched. t 

Sthook, 8. /. a pile or shock of sheaves, mluie 
generally of twelve. 

Sthook, v, make into piles or stoolcs. 

Sthook'by, v. making into piles, shocks, stooks. 

Sthook'xydbr, 8, m, one who makes stooks. 

Sthook'it, 85. made in stooks or shocks. 

S'thor'banaoh, a. how full of dunghills. T 

S'thor'ranbb, ti. id., 68. Tf 

Sthow^ran, 8. m. a stiftue ; a person in con- 
tempt, standing as a pole.or statue; p/. ^— yn. 
Sthow^yr, «. in* astafforpole. 
Sthvogby, s.m. abouthalf size; pi. 6r. 
S'THUM^MiDAGB^^a. how bolksooie. T 

S'TBPiff^MioBB; a. itf;, 58. T 

? N 



S'thvm'mit* a. how dipped. T 

STBURnrBisB^ 8. /. stubbomiicaB. 
Sthvrnsish'aoh, a. stabbom, how stubborn. 
Sthurnkish'bb, a. id.,' comp. toidmp. 
Stiaoh, ado. in, into ; opposed to Magh (out). 
Stiark, a. few, seldom, how few; Mat. vii. 14. 

Pro9.—" Stiark keayrt ta dooinney tipragh 

an seaghyn.** 
*Stiur or Stivrk, v. steer or gruide a ressel on 

a passagre by the helm or rudder ; — aoh, 77 ; 

— BB, 80; —IK, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86 j 

— ^YMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 
Stiur'bb, a. d, of a rudder or rudders. 
Stiu'rbt, 8. m. a rudder; pi. 67; ». steering. 
Stui'bbydbr. «. IT., skipper, steerer, or helmsman. 
Stiv'rit, 85. steered. 
Stiurt, a.m. a steward; pi. — yn. 
Stiur'tagh, a. stewardlike. 
Stiur'tbt, a. d. of a steward or stewards. 
STira'TYs, «. /. stewardship. 
Stoa'maoh or Stoa'mbt, a. stately, ornamental 

proportionable in the members. 
Stoa'mid, 8. m. stateliness, grandeur. 
Stoan'det, 8. m. a standish, a kind of barrel ; 

pi. 67. 
S'toar'it, a. how dunged. T 

S'tooh'bbit, a. how wound np. T 

S'toob'tit, a. how choked or strangled. T 

S'toio'oaltaoh, a. how knowing or able to 

understand, how skilful in judgment. T 

S'toio'oaltee, a. t<f., 58. T 

S'toio'oit, a. how understood. T 

S'toil^cbinaoh, a. how meritorious. T 

S'toil'chineb, a. id., 58. T 

S'toil'lit, a. how earned or deserred. T 

Stoo, 8. m. stuff, substance, element, material; 

pi. — OHYN. 

Stoo'alt, a. solid. 

Stoo'altys, 8. f. solidity, 

Stooa'mid, 8. m. this word is in 1 Cot. xi. 15, 
for glor)*t and in 12 and 23 verses for honour- 
able. Stoamid, perhaps is the word meant. 

S*tooil'lit, a. how toiled or weary. T 

S'toot'agh, a. how oafish. T 

S'toot'be, a. id., 58. T 

Stoo-thi'b, 8. m. household furniture. 

Storail, v. storing, sparing, saving. 

S'tor'ganagh, a. howfumy orreeky. T 

S'tor'canbe, a. id., 58. T 

S'tor'raob, a. how pregnant. T 

S'tor'rbb, a. id., 58. T 

Stott, «. m. a steer, a bullock. 

Stow, v. bestow; — ^agh, 77; — >b, 80; —in, 
83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YM8, 87 j — ^Y8, 88. 

Stow'al, V. bestowing. 

Stow'altaob, «. m. abestower; pi. 71. 

Stow'eydbr, «. tn, one that stows. 

Stow'it or Stowt, 86. bestowed. 

Stoyl, 8. m. a stool, a seat. 

Stoyl-cosh'bt, 8. m. a foot-stool. 

Stoyl-rbboi'l, 8. m, a throne or regal seat. 

Stoyl-shick'yr, 8, m. a form. 

Stoyr, «. m. store, treasure } jv/. — -yn; «. id.; 

— AOB, 77; —BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; 


— TM, 88; — YMS, 87; — TS, 88. 
Stoyr'al or Stoy'rby, v. storing, treasuring* 
Stoy'rbydbb, 8. m. a storer ; pi. — ^yn. 
Stoy'rit, 85. stored, treasmred. 
Stoyr-ron'nby, 8. m. a dividend ; but it is 

generally understood to be a remainder after 

division not worth dividing. 
S'traar'tit, a. how desolated. T 

S'taar'tyssaob, a. how desolating. T 

S'traar'tyssbb, a. id., 58. T 

S*traas'tit, a. how squeezed. T 

S'traau'it, a. how ploughed. T 

Strah, 8. f. a plain, level country; a champaign ; 

pi. — ohyn; 2 K.%ng8j xlv. 25. 
Straid, 8. f. a street ; pU — yn. 
Straid'oby, a. d. of a street or streets. 
Straib or Straih, a. d. of the shore. 
SVraih'it, a. how ebbed or abated. T 

Stram'lao, «. /. a crankled or awkward thhig; 

pi. — YN. 

S'tram'man, a. how foul, wrong, or amiss. T 

S'tram'manby, a. id., comp. and aup* 

S*TRANi.A a'saoh, a. how tyxannlcal or oppressive. 

S'tranlaa'sbb, a. id., 58. T 

S'tranlaa^sit, a. how tyrannized or oppressed.T 

Strap, 8. m. a line or string ; pi. — yn. 

Straob. 8. f. » straw; pi. — yn. For a quan- 
tity of straw, see Coonlagh. 

S'trban, a. valiant or stout. T 

S'trba'nby, a. id., comp. and aup. T 

Stbbb, «. struggle, vnrest ; — agb, 77; — ^bb, 80; 

— IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; — ^YMS, 87 ; 

— ^YS, 88. 

Strb'bin or Strb'pby, v. strugg^g. See 

Streban, 8. /. a bridle; pi. — yn or — tbbtn. 

Streban-volo^aoh, 8. f. a martingale. 

Strbx'bagh, 8. f. a strumpet, whore, or pros- 
titute; pi. 71. or rather 72. 

Strbb'bbb, a. d. of a strumpet or whore. 

Strbb'bbbtS, 8. f. whoredom, prostitution. 

Streeu or Streiu, «. /. strife, contention; 
pi. — OHYN; V. strive, contend; — agh, 77 j 

— BE, 80; —IN, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 ; — Y8, 88. 

Strbevail'taoh, a. apt to strive, or be at vari- 
ance ; «. m. a contentioiu person ; p/. 71. 

Strbbuail'tbb, a. more or most i4>t to strive. 
Strbbuail'tys, 8. f. contentiousness, discord. 
Strebu'dnr, «. m. a contender, or striver; 
pi. — YN. 

Strbbu'it, 86. striven. 

S'trbicb'nit, a. how beetled. T 

Stbbioh'yr or Strbiyr, v. sneeze or neese; 

—aoh, 77; —BE, 80; —in, 88; —INS, 84; 
— ^TM, 86; — YMS, 87; — ^ts, 88. 

Strbioh'raght or Strbigh'bbnbb, v. siieezingj 
2 King8 iv. 35; Job xli. 18. 

Strbigh'bydbr, 8.m. a sneezer; p/. — tn. 

Stbbiuh'brit or Streitrit, 85. sneezed. 

S'trbio'it, a. how forsaken. T 

S'trbih, a. how miserable, wretched, forlorn, 
pitiful, dismal, pale ; eomp. and ntp. T 

S'tbbin'nit, a. how nailed. 

Stbbipb, 8, f, astimip; ph -^ts. 




Strxir, 8. m. a rope or string; as, muck er 

S'treishtbi'laoh, a. how teusty. T 

S*trbishtsi'lbb, a. id,. 68. T 

S'trbisht'it, a. how much trusted. T 

Strbno, 8. m. a string j pi. — yn. 

S'trboohb, a. how widowed or forsaken ; the 

comp. and 8up. of S^treoghey. T 

Strep, v. struggle, wrestle, wallow j — agh, 77 i 

— BB, 80} — IN, 83; —INS, 84 j — TM, 86; 
— FMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 
Strb'pbt, v. struggling, wallowing; 2 Sam, 

XX. 12. 

Stre'petdbr, *. m. a stmggler ; pi, — yn. 
Strb'pit, 85. struggled, wallowed. ' 
Strbyr, 8. f. the handle or gear fixed forward 
of a pillion on ahorse; pi. — yn. 

Strio or *Strioo, «. /. a draw or stripe of milk 
from a teat; pi, — yn; v. stripe or draw from 
a teat; — AOH, 77; —be, 80; —in, 83; — INS, 
84 ; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Strig'oaoh, a. slow in giving the miUc. 

Strig'obb, a. id., comp. snd sup, 

Stbio'gby, 8, drawing milk by stripes or strokes; 
V, milking the strippings. 

Strig'obyder, 8. m. a drawer of milk by stripes 

or strokes. 
Strio-ohou'naoh, 8. f. a stripper, or a cow 

more than one year on the same milk. 

Strio'it, 85. drawn by strokes, milked. 
Strig'olb, 8. f. a whet-board, the instrument 

with which a mower whets or sharpens his 

Strio'oyj., 8. f, a strikeless ; pi. — yn. 
Strim'mby, a. heavier, heaviest, the comp, and 

8up. of Strome, 
S'trim'shagb, a. how sorrowful or mournful, 

how loaded with grief or heaviness. T 

S'trim'shbe, a. id., 58. T 

Strinnoo'oh, v. snoreing. 

Strit'lag, 8, f. a jade, jilt, trollop, or trull. 

S'toail'tit, a. how travelled. T 

Stroa'nby, a. d, nasal, of the nose. 

Stroa'nyn, 8,p, nostrils. 

S'trochoi'l, a. how favourable or lenient. T 

S'trochoi'lby, a. id., comp. and 8up, T 

S'troo'git, a. how lifted, reared, built. T 

Stroib, V, destroy, waste, spend ; — agh, 77 ; 

— BE, 80 ; — in, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; 

— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 
Stroi'altaoh, 8, m. a destroyer, a spender, a 

prodigal ; pi. 71 ; o, wasteful, prodigal. 

Stroi'xdbr, 8, m, a spender, a waster ; pi. — yn. 

Stboin, 8. f, a nose ; pi. — yn or — tbbyn. 

Stroinkb'n, 8. f. a nuzzle, a pig's ring. 

S* TROME, a. how heavy or weighty. T 

Stron, 8. m„A snort or snuffle; pi, — yn ; v. i<E.| 
— AGH, 77 J — >X, 80; —in, 83; — INS, 84; 
— YM, 86 ; -YMS, 87 ; — vs, 88. ^ 

Stron'an, «. m, a snuffler. 

Stron'naoh, a. sounding through flie nose or 

Stron'nbx, a. id,, comp. and 8up. 

Stroo, «. m. the current of a stream; pi. ~yn. 

S'troo'aoh, a. how envious. T 

Stroo'an, 8. f. a stream ; pi, ~'TK. 

Stroo'anaob* Ok streamy, full of streams. 

Stroo'anbe^ a. id., comp, and 8up. 

S'troo'ee, a. more envious, most envious. T 

Strooben'b, p. it appears to me or myself, I am 
persuaded in myself, I imagine or suppose, 

Strooio, 8. See Stride. 

Stroos or Strooys, it appears so, (perhaps from 
Streeu, strife) ; there has been a strife in me 
how it is, and it is so settled by me that it will 
or shall be as 1 say ; the emphatic of Stroohene, 

Stros^hby, a. stronger, strongest, the comp. 
and sup. of Lajer and Troshagh. 

S'trosh'tagh, a. how much fbr tasting. 

S'trosh'tee, a. id., 58. 

Struan'b, 8. f. a triangular bannock. But it 
ought to be written S'^oorane. 

Struoe, or *Struo, s. f. a genlle stroke of the 
hand; v. to draw or stroke the hand gently 
over; —agh, 77; —m^, 80; —in, 83; —ins, 

84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Stru'gey, V, stroking, drawing the hand gently 
or kindly over. This word is used for strike in 
2 Kings, V. II. 

Stru'geydbr, s. m. one who strokes. 

Strung it, 85. stroked gently. 

Strull, 8. f, a rinse; p/. — aghyn; ». rinse; 
—agh, 77 \ —be, 80; —IN, 83; — iNS, 84; 
— YM, 86;— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Strul'ley, v. rinsing, streaming, shedding out; 

pi, 67. 
Strul'lbydbr, 8. m. arinser; pi, — yn. 
Strul'lit or Strult, 85. rinsed, shed. 
Strum'pag, 8. f. a strumpet, a harlot ; Amoa, 

vii. 17 ; pi. — YN. 

Stub's IN, s. m, a cat without a tail. 
Stub'byl, 8, m. stubble 
Stud'dyl, 8. m. a timber in a vessd's side. 
Stvgg or Stug^oey, s. mi a stoutling, a part or 

piece of a thing, a thing not so big or stout as 

shall be ; pi, 67. 

Stuill, 8. pi. stools, basis. 

Stuitt, a. stout, neat, trim. 

Stuit'tey, a. id., comp. and sup.; a. pi, stout, 
neat, triin. 

Stunda'yrt, 8, m, a yard; pi, — ^yn. This might 
be the Manks of standard, and perhaps right, 
as this (the yard) was the only standard mea- 
sure in use; therefore called Siunda$frt (stan- 

S'tvsh'tagh, a, how knowing or versed in 
knowledge. T 

S'tush'tbx, a, id., 58. T 

Styr, v. hiss; used to set a dog on. 

Styrk, v. stiffen or lay stiff; —agh, 77 ; — xb, 

80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; ^YMS, 87 J 

— YS, 88. See stark. 

Styrk'bydbr, 8. m. a stiffmer ; pi. — yn. 

Styr'it, 85. stiffened. 

^uGGAN^x, 8. m. a straw rope; pL -p'YV. 

Scooa'naoh, a. d. of straw rope. 

Svooank-cor'xao, «. m. a straw rope made on 
the thumb. 

Sum'ark, a. f. a primrose; p/.— yw. 

Sun'dbb, a. m, a sumner or sezton ; pi, — tk. 

Sun'dxraoh, a. d. of tiie sunmcr, Ac. 

Sun'dxbts, a, f, BomnerBbip. 




Sunt, a. Bound, sane, not anhealthy. 

SuNT^iD, «. m. Boandnesfl. 

Sub or *8vBm v. soffer, allow; — aoh, 77 i —■■» 

80; —IK, 83 J— INS, 84 J — TM, 86} — YMS, 

87} —¥8,88. 
Subdbsm'aoh, a. trust- worthy, sufficient, fit to 

trust. The simile in this word is taken from 

wheUier a horse will suuDfer to be rode on the 

back, Sur dreejfm agh, sufferable on the back. 
Subdbbm'bb, a. id,, eomp, and nip. 
SuB-jBB, V. Boffer ye. 
SuBL or *8uBLi., V. sprawl, toss, tumble ; ~-aoh, 

77} — M, 8a J — IW, 83; —INS, 84 J — TM, 86; 

— TlfS«87} — TS, 88. 

Svbl'lbt, a. m. a sprawl, toss, or tumble ; pi. 67. 
Subl'lktdbb, •• m. a sprawler, a tumbler; 

pL — TN. 

Subl'lit, 85. sprawled, tumbled. 

SvBN, «. /. a fire-place in a kiln, or under an 

oven ; pi. — ^TN. 
SuRB, V. See Sur, 
Svrf'BAL, V. suffering, enduring. 
Sub'bansb, «. /. suffering, sufferance. 
SuB'^BANssAOH, a. patient, suffering ; Heb. x. 36. 

snffierable, able to suffer; a.m. a sufferer; pi. 

71. a. d. of suffering. 

SaB'BANs'sBB, Q, morc or most able to suffer ; 
8. pi. suffierers. 

Subbansb-fod'dst, 8. f. long-suffering, for- 

Sub'btt or SuBRT, 85. suffered, permitted. 

Svbbts-enn', adv, allowed to be well known. 

Subsmooin'aght, 8. m. considerarion. ; p/., — yx. 

Laa'l Sush'in, «. Swithin's day. This day is 
marked in the calender on the I5th of July, 
and is said that if it rains on this day, there will 
not be a day without rain for forty days after- 

S'usH^LAOH or Susht'i.aoh, a, how watery. CJ 

S'ush'lbb, a. id.f 58. U 

Sush'tal, 8. m. Gospel. This word no doubt is 
Su from Sheeu (being of worth) and Shtal, from 
Skeeal, (news or tidings, worthy or yaluable 
news, or tidings.) 

Sush'talaoh, 8. m, an evangelist, a gospel be- 

S'vondbi'shaoh, a. how advantageous. V 

S*voNnBi'sHBB, a, id.f 58. V 

S'waooaAn'taoh, a, how vagabond or vagrant. 

SVaogaan'tbb, a. id., 58. W 

SVal'kit, a.' how tucked. W 

S'wab'rbb, how witty, crafty or cunning; comp. 
and 8up. VV 

S'whaa'tlt or Swhaatlt, a. how sewed. . W 

St, pre, & art. in the, an abbreviation of ayns y, 

the two last letters used before consonants. 
Sydb, 8. /. an arrow ; E»od, xix. 13. See Side, 
S'tiab'nit, a, how ironed, or covered with 

iron. Y 

S'YXN'nTBSAGH, a. howwonderfulor wouderous. 

S'TiN^DTSsn, a. id., comp. and sup. y 

S'tl'lit, a, how called, or shouted to. Y 
Stm, 8, m. a sum; pi, — tn. 

S'tm'mtdaoh, a. how useful! Y 

S'TM'MTBcHAon, a, how necdfiil, necessary. Y 

S'tm'mybcbbb, a. id., 58. Y 

S'tmmybkit, a. how borne or sustained. Y 

Stmn, e. dte, summon, publish" bans of matri- 
mony ; —AOH, 77 i — BB, 80; —IN, 83; — ins, 
84 ; — TM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 J — T8, 88. 

Stm'nbt, v. citing, summoning, publishing ma- 
trimonial bans ; «. m. a citation ; pi. 67. 
Stm^nbtdbb, 8, m. a summoner, &c. pi. — yn. 
Stm'nit, 85. summoned, dted, &c. 

Stn, pre. & art. in the ; an abbreviation of a^ns 
pn, the three last letters used before words in- 
itialled by vowels. "^ 

Stn'^nin, 8. f. a tug or thong, from the middle 
of the small swingletree to the end of the 
large one, in which irons are now used ; p/.— yn. 
or Sfffineeyn, 

S*tn'bick, a. how sincere, candid, upright, or 
just, comp. and aup. y 

S'tn'sit, a. how learned, taught, instructed, or 
educated. y 

Stn-tnntd, adv. in lieu of, instead, in place of. 

Sybjby, a, higher, highest, comp. and 8up. of ard. 

■*^****^**^* a^^^^^** -»-*^>.— >-.>...^^. nTi-nliri'tTari.TrLiavLT.-L t 


This letter and its changes see remarks 30 and 59 ; 
it takes in derivatives from S. Most words in 
T would sound better, according to the Manks 
pronunciation with h after them, as shown in 
Remark 30. 

Ta, v. (present tense) am, are, art, is; Is an an- 
. swer Id the affirmative corresponding with yes, 
or ay, in English, though not the same part of 
speech. Ta mee (I am) ; ta shin (we are) ; ta 
00, or as contracted, fou (thou art) ; ta eh, or as 
contracted, feh (he is); and as contracted for the 
neuter gender, te (it is) . There are other words 
that answer affirmatively when the question is 
put to suit them, as, she (yes) j nee (wDl) ; fod 
(can); &c., &c. the answers negativdy would be 
cha nee, cha Jean, cha vod, &c. There is great 
nicety in these replies ; but however illiterate 
the Manksman maybe, he never fails using the 
proper word. Ta Is only used in assertions and 
affirmations: see ve/, which has the same mean- 
ing in interrogations. 
Yn Taaoh, 8. the vessel. s 

Taaoh, v. frequent, visit often; —agh, 77 j 

— BB, 80; —in, 83; —INS, 84: — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Taaoh'da or Taaghbr, s. m. a cause- way* 
pi. — YN. ' 

Taaoh'^by, v. frequenting, resorting often to, 
visiting. I would have written this word 
Thaagh'ey, only it is used in Psl. cxlii. Q. and 
in John, zviii. 20. without an h. 

Taaoh'bypbr, 8. m. one that frequents a place 
Taaoh'it, 85. frequented, resorted to. 
Taah or Taa, 8. TO. a weld, a solder; t>. weld, 
solder, <4p(iixed ; Dan. U. 43.; —agh, 77; — bb 
—80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — ym, 86; -YMs! 
67; — YS, 88. 

Taah'obr, s. m, a welder; pi. — yn. 
Taah'it or Taaht, 85. welded, soldered. 
Taal, v. flow as milk from the udder to the teat 
when milked or sucked ; -agh, 77 : — bb. 80 • 

— TS, 88. ' .* ' 

Taal'bt, 0. flowing of milk from the udder to 
the teat. 


Taal'it, 85. flowed. 

TAARorTAARB, V. catch. See also Tajfr; fhe 
three words are used for the same meaning^ ; 

— AOH, 77 J — KK, 80; —IN, 83 J —INS, 84 J 
— FM, 86 J — TMS, 87 } — TS, 88. 

Taa'reb, 8. f. a worthless catch, a trifle; 

■pi. — TN. 

Taar'naoh, a. m. thunder ; pi, 73. 

Taar'naohkt, t>. thundering. 

Taar'nke, a. d, of thunder, belonging to thun- 

Taav orTAAUs, a. idle; out of employment. 

Taauk, «. /. a squeam or qualm ; a reach in 
vomiting; pi. — ntn. 

Taau'stnxb or Taaubrnbb, v. reaching or 
forcing to vomit. 

Taau'^id, s. m. idleness. 

Tack, «. m. a tax; pi, — yn. 

Yn Tack, «. the sack. S 

Tack'bydaoh, «. m. a person taxed; pi, ^\, 

Tack'bydbr, «..m. a taxer, an usurer ; pi, — yn. 

Ta'o, pro, V, (from Ta ad,) they are ; — syn, 
id. em. 

Eh Ta dy my choyrt, he who has sent me. 

Tao'oad, 8. f, a tack or tache, a small nail; 

pi. — YN. 

Tao'oloo, v. talking, conversing. 
Yn Tao'gyrt, 8, the priest or parson. S 

Yn Tag'gyrtys, «. the priesthood. S 

Taoh'yr, 8. m. lup, chance ; o. happen ; — ^aoh, 

TJ ', — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YH, 86; 
— YMS, 87; — Y8, 88. 

Taoh'yrit, 85. happened. 

Taoh'yrt, V, happening, occurring. 

Tagh'yryn, 8. pi. a few, some that happen. 

TAOH'yS, 8,f, itch; pi. — YN. 

Taoh'yssaoh, a, itchy, infected with itch. 
Yn TAih^JYSt s. the saltness. S 

Taill, 8, f. the rynd that bears the millstone. 
Taill, v. cut or mark the tally; — aoh, 77; 

— BB,-80; —in, 83; — INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
—YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Tail'lby, 8. m. tally; pi, 67; Exd, v. 18. 

Tail^lbyoer, 8, m. one who tallies. 

Tail'lit, 85. tallied. 

T'ain, pro. V. we have ; — yn, id. em. 

Tait'nys, 8,f, pleasure, delight; p/.— yn. 

Taii/nyssagh, a. pleasant, delightfid, accepta- 
ble ; Acts, xxiv. 27. 

Tait'nyssid, 8, f. pleasantness, delightfolness. 

Talk, t;. walk, walk slowly ; — aoh, 77 ', — be» 80 ; 
—IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Talk'al, v. walking slowly. 

Talk'bydbr, 8, m, a slow walker ; pi. — yn. 

Talk'it, 85. walked in slow pace. 

Tal'lagh, v. murmuring, grumbling, complain- 

Tal'lbydbb, «. m. a murmurer, &c.; pi, — yn. 

Tal'lit, 85. murmured, grumbled. 

Tah'mylt, 8, m, a while; pi, — ^yn. 

Tam'myltagh, a. in whiles, nows and thens. 

Tamn, v. tarry, continue, abide; —aoh, 77 i 
— BB, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — :YM, 86 ; 
-VMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Tan'naobt or Tannaohtyn, v. continuing, 

^ O 



tarrying, abiding, or continuetb, tarrieth, 
abideth, or endureth. 

Tan'nbydbb, 8. m, an abider or continuer. 

Tan'nit, 85. continued, &c. 

Tan'nys, 8. f, tenantry, tenant; pi, — yn. 

Tan'nyssaoh, a. tenantable. 

Tapp, 8. TO. a plaything, atop; pi, — yn. 

Tap'pag, 8. f. a toft of feathers, or hair on the 
head; pi, — yn. 

Tap'pagagh, a. tufty, having tufts. 

Tap'pacit, 85. tufted. 

Tap^pbb, a. quick, fast, speedy. 

Tap'pbeys or Tap^pbbio, «. m. speed, quickness, 
'fostness of motion. 

Tap'pky, 8. m, temperament, temperature, 
equinamity of temper. That which a person 
loses, when he gives way to passion ; chaiU 
ad nffn dappey (they lost their eveniiess of 

Tar, V, come, come away. This word, I think, 
is derived from Taare or Tayr (catdi), and not 
from Cheet (come)* 

Tar ao, p. they are. A corruption of Ta'otf. 
See Ta'd, 

Tar'lhbim, V, alight, alighting, coining down 
from a horse or beast on which a person rides ; 
— ^AGH, 77; — BB, 80; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Tarlhbim'an, 8, m, a stile or step, made use 
of when mounting on, or alighting ofi; a beast. 

Tarlheih'it, 85. alighted. 

Tarmay'naoh, a. economical, managing weU, 
husbanding; 8, m, an economist; pi. 71 • 

Tarmay'ney, o. managing well, making the 
best of things. 

Tarmay'nit, 85. managed well. 

Tarmay'nys, 8. f. economy, good management; 

pi, — SYN. 

Tar'raoh, 8. m. a girth ; pi. 72. 

Tar'rbb, a. d, of a girth. 

Tar'roo, 8, m, Taurus, a bull. 

Tarroo-dbyi'll, 8. m. the bull- worm. 

Tarroooh^ a. thrifty, industrious. 

Tarroogh'^io or Tarrooghys, «. /. thrift, 
thriftiness, industry. 

Tarroo-puhi/taoh, a. m. a pushing bull. 

Tarroo-ol'leb, 8. m, a cow's bull, in opposition 
to other bulls. 

Tarroo-ush'tby, 8. m. a nondescript animal. 

Tash, a. damp, dank, moist. 

Tash'aoh, V, getting damp, damping. 

Tash'id, 8, m. dampness, moisture. 

Ta shbn dy ohra, adv. that is to say, to wit. 

Tasht, V, treasure,^ keep, store; — ^aoh, 77; 

-BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 

—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Tasht'bb, a, d* of treasuring or keeping store. 
Tashi/by, v. treasuring, storing, depositing. 
Tasht'^byder, 8, m. a treasurer, a storer. 
Tasht'it, 85. treasured, stored. 
Tast, V, heed, attend, notice, observe ; — aoh, 

77 i — »»» 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84} — YM, 

86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — ^YS, 88. 

Tasi/agh, a, knowing, sagacious, intelligent 
discerning. . 

Tast'al, v. heeding attending to, observing. 

Tastier, «. m. a thresher with a flail; pi, — yn. 



TASTfiBAORT, 0. threshing; laa. xli. 16. 
TAw^MtLTB, «. /. the threshlntp. 
Tast^st, 9. m, notice, heed, obsenration. 
Tam/id, 8. m. sagracity, attention. 
Tast'xtdsr, «. m. one who heeds. 
TAsyiT, 85. heeded, observed. 
F» Taval'taoh, «. the Saviour. 
yi» Taual'tfs, a. the salvation. 
Fift Tau'iw, 8. the hollandtide. 


Tauimt, v. saunter; — agh, 77 j — bs, 80; 

—IK, 83 J —INS, 84; — YM, 8flj —VMS, 87j 
— T8, 88. 

TAin]iT'TBA«in>, V. sauntering. 
TAvnfT^TBTS, «. /. the action of sanntering. 
Cre T*ATD, what hast thou i — s, id. em. 
Ore Vayu, what have I > — s, id. em. 
Ore T*ATN, what is in ? —a and — snr, id. em. 
Yn Tatmt, «. the eovetooaness. s 

TAflir vk «mMi. Hie Methodist Hymn Book has 
it Miyr, which spellingr I would have adopted, 
ImttbMtit is not in in oui translation of the 
aaiptores. See also Taare ; — aoh, 77 ; — ■■ , 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — TM8, 
t( 87 J — ^YS, 88. 

Tayb'bydsr, «. m. a catcher; pi. — yn. 

Tay^it, 86. caught. 

Taye'tyn, v. catching. 

Tayrn, A.m. a draw; pi. — yn; v. dnfvr, de- 
duce; —AOH, 77; —BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 
84 ; — YM, 86; — YHS, 87 ; ~Y8, 88. 

Tayrn'kydbr, 8. m. a drawer; pL — yn. 

Tayrn'it, 86. drawn, deduced. 

Tb, p. it, it is. I know not the reason of the dif- 
ference made in the orthography of tliis word 
ftom that of TeA, (the masculine gender), 
as both words are SQunded alike, except it be 
to show where the neuter gender occurs in 
English. See 102. 

Tbad or Tbid, 8. m. a rope , pi. — dyn. See 
Walker's Dictionary on the word tether. 

Teaum, v. teem, empty, pour out; —aoh, 77; 
— BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMs, 87; — Ys, 88. 8. m, a teem, spill or 

pour; pi, — >AOHYN. 

Txaum'bb, a. d. of teeming. 

Tbaum'by, e. teeming, pouring. 

Tbaum'bydbr, 8. m. a teemer ; pL-^YV. 

Tbaum'^it, 85. teemed, emptied. 

Tbaym, 8. /. B whim, conceit, an odd freak, 
fancy, or fit; p/.— yn. 

Tbaym'aoh, a. whimsical, fiemtasticaL freakish, 
heady ; 2 Tim. iii. 4. 

Tbaym'id, 8. m. whimsicalness, headiness, &c. 

TbAYST, *. /. dough; pi. — YN. 

Tbays'tao, 8. f. a dumpling; p/. — yn. 
Tbays'taoh, a. doughy, not hardened. 
♦Tbaystn or Tbays'tnbb, ». knead, or bake; 

—AOH, 77 J — BB,— 80; —IN, 88; —INS, 84: 
— YM, 86; — YMS,87; — YS, 88. 

Txayst'nxx, a. d. of kneading. 

Txayst'nby, o. kneading. 

Tkayst'nbytbb, 8. m. a kneader; pi. — yn. 

Tbaysi/nit, 85. kneaded. 

Tbc, p. she has or hath; — ish, id. em. a con- 
traction of ta ec; it is also used in the mascu 
line, as in, wHU^ np ^ec dooUmey verehaone 


«i(»y«, (all that a man hath will he give for his 

Cre T'bchby, p. what hath he ; — syn, id. em. 

TxB, p. she is; —ish, id. em. 

TBB,p.heis. This ought also to be, it is. See Te. 

T'xBSYN. See Teahytii the em. of Teh. 

Tbidd or Tbdd. See Tead; a rope or tether. 

Tbioh, 8. f. a hatchet ; pi. — yn. 

Y Tbihll, 8. (from SeihlF) the world. S 

Tbib'roo, 8. pi. bulls; P8alm8,l. 13. 

Tbiy, ». pick, gather, pickup; —aoh, 77; — bb, 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YM8, 87; 
— YS, 88. Prov. " Raadtajee8tareih, 

A8 Road ta troor ta tefy." 

Tbit'dbr, 8. m. a picker ; pi. — yn. 

Tbiyt, 85. picked, gathered. 

Tbks, 8.m. a text; pi. — yn. 

Tbnd, v. attend, wait on ; —aoh, 77 ; — bb, 80 ; 

—IN, 83; —INS, 84} — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Tbndbi'l, o. attending, waiting on. 

Tbnd'it, 85. attended, waited on. 

Tbndrbi'l, 8. m. lightning. Ten from Teine 

(fire), Erse j and dreil from Drillin, (a small 

particle of fire). 

Tbnorbi'laoh, a. having lightning. 

Tbr'rish, 8. m. something severe. 

Tbr'riv, 8. pi. bulls ; Jer. 1. 11. 

rBSH'YN, p. he is, emphatically. e 

Tbs'mao, 8. f. (from TeasenoDd Matt^ey) b croaa 
stick or bar, a step or rundle in a ladder, a bar 
in a barrow, &c.; p/. — yn. 

Tbs'sbn, a. cross, transverse, athwart. 

TBs'^SBNAdH, adv. transversely, &c. 

Tbs'sbnid, 8. m. crossness. 

T»Bu,p. you having or your having; — iSH,t<f. em. 

Tby, a.m. tea; pi. — ohyn. 

Yn Tbyir, a. the carpenter. s 

Thaa, ». weld, solder; -aoh, 77; — bk, 80; 
—INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YS, 88 ; Welding, Soldering 

Thaaoh'by, v. See Taaghey. 

Thaal, a. an adze; pi. — yn. 

Thag'oyb, 8. f. a large drain over a stream. 

Thaoh'xr, 8. m. a causeway ; pi. — yn. 

Thaoh'by, ». frequenting, &c; it is written thus 
in the Psalter; Paalma, cxix. 17. See Taaghey. 

Thaish, a. f. noise made by the emission of a 
person's breath, conversing not louder than the 
breath ; hug mee enney er lioriah yn thatah eehev 
cheayl mee thaiah Jeh. According to Mr. Mae- 
pherson thaiah or taiae, in Celtic, means a ghost. 

Thalhb'ar, a. m. a tailor; pi. ~yn. 

Thalk'-noa, a. spick-span new. 

Thal'loo, a. m. land, terra, earth. I have 
marked this word as I think it ought to be, as 
passages are at variance on its gender. See 
Pal. cvi. 17. and Mark, iv. 28. Goll dya thalloo 
(going to stool). 

Thalloo'in, a. d. of land or terra. 

Thalloo'inaoh, a. territorial, earthy, terrestrial 
composed of land. * 

Thalloo'inid, a.m. Thalloo'inys,*./. earth- 

Tham'mao, a. f. a thicket, a bush; pi yn. 

Tham'maoaob, a. frill of thickets, bushy. 

•Thannot Than'nbb, v. thin,rarify; —aoh, 77. 




—KB, 80; — IW, 83} — IN8, 84; — YM, 86 j 
— TMS, 87j — T8, 88. 
Than'naohbt, v. making thin. 
Than'nbk, V, mtike thin, rarify. 
Than'nkt, a. thin, not thick, tennoos. 

Than'nbydbe, «. m. one who make thin. 

Than'nid, «. m. thinness, tenuity, liquidity. 

Than'nid, 8. f. a hoggerel or thave, a sheep in 
its third year. 

Than'nit, 85. made thin, thinned. 

Thanva'nbb, v. astonish, amaze. 

Thanva'nagh, a. astonishing. 

Thanva'nbts, «. /. astonishment; Ex. \v. 28. 

Tha'bbe, *. See Taaree. 

Thabma'kb, *. TO. an alann; Joel, ii. i.j a con- 
fusion, or confused noise; Isaiah, ix. 6. 
rumbling; Jer, xlvU. 3. It is also used for a 
severe blow or stroke. 

Tharma'naoh, a. noisy, alarming, rushing or 

Tharma'nets, s. /. noisiness, or the sound or 
noise of people in confusion. 

Thak'bar, «. /. an auger; pi. - tn. 

Thab'baets, 8. /, the work of an auger. ^ 

Thar'rbt, «. /. the essence or best part, the 
pith or juice. 

Thar'taoh, a. costive, bound in the body. 

Thassan'b, 8. f. a murmuring noise, as of the 
rolling of a stream of water ; the sound of un- 
intell&ble talk, &c. 

Thaub or Thob, v. a word used to drive sheep. 

Yn Thatnt oc, «. thdr covetousness ; Psalna, 
Ixxviii. 19. 

Thbat or Thbo, «. /. the public, the peasantry, 
the common people, the laity, (in opposition to 
the clergy) ; the vulgar, the people of a coun- 
try, the populace, (in opposition to the rulers.) 
Pr&o. ** Stro8hey yn theay na pn Chiam.*^ 

Thbatst, a. /. dough; Jar. vii. 18. See also 

Thbihll, 8. See also Teihll. 

Thbin'niu, v. thaw, liquify; — aoh, 77 j — bb, 
80 ; •— YS, 88. 

Thbin'niu, v. thawing, liquifying, 

Thbin'niuit, 85. thawed. 

Thbr, a. to. tar; pi. — yn. 

Thbr'riu, 8. pi. bulls; Gen. xxxii. 16. 

Thib, 8. m. a tenement, a house or home; pl.—YS. 

. baan'riti 8. m. a bedlam. 

— — cloib', a. m. a play-house. 
■ xr'rby, 8. TO. an infirmary. 

. I im'byl, 8. m. a brew-house. 

, , kbbsh', 8..m. a custom-house. 

. kiark', 8. m. a hen-house. 

lhion'nby, 8. m. an ale-house. 
mer'oeb, 8. f. a market-house. 
oast', 8. m, an inn, a public-house. 
ol'lsb» 8. f. a cow-house. 

smaoht', 8. m. a house of correction. 

sou'rbb, 8. f. a simmier-house. 

' stoyr', 8. m. a store or warehouse. 

— x^— vbaoh'bb, 8. /. a dwelling-house. 

— vBo', 8. f. a necessary or privy. 

Thiboi'l, a. domestic* 

Thiboi'laoh. a.m. adomestlo; pU 71* 

Thioll, e. bore, pierce; -—aoh, 77', •— bb, 80; 

— IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
— YS, 88. 

Thiol'lby, v. boring holes; a.f. athowl;/i/. 67. 

Thiol'i-bydbr, 8. TO. a4>orer; pi. «-yn. 

Thiol'lit, 85. bored, holed. 

Thit, a. f. a lisp j pi. — yn. 

Thit'taoh, a. lisping. 

Thoa'oan. v. gape with the mouth open, staring; 
—AOH, 77; — BB, 80; — IN, 83; —INS, 84; 
— YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Thoa'oanaoh, 8' m. one who gapes or stares. 
Thoa'oanys, a. f. gaping, staring. 
Thoan'nby, a. d. of the backside, or bottom of 
the arse or anus. 

Thoin or Thoyn, a. f. the arse, anus or fonda- 
ment ; Thfxyn ry hoyn, (to draw tails.) 

Thol'log, a. f. a crab louse ; pi. — yn. 

Thol'loo 7AIYR, a. /. a shrew mouse, a field 

Thollanb', a. ffi. a dizzard, dizziness. 

Thollanb'agh, a. dizzy, capricious. 

Thollanb'ys, a. f. caprice, giddiness. 

Thol'lbb orToAL'LBB, a. great of stature, tall 
and corpulent withal, robust, athletic. 

Thol'tan, 8. m. a house in ruins or in a ruinous 
state, a house left to have holes in its roof; 

pi, — YN. 

Thomaas'b, a. m. Thomas. 
Tho'mys, a.d. of Thomas. 
Thoo, a. TO. thatch; pi. — ohyn, v. thatch; 

— aoh, 77 ; — BB, 80 ; — IN, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; 

— YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Thooan'b. 8. f. a rib or lath on the roof of a 
house under the scraws ; pi. — ^yn. 

Thooa'nby, v. ribbing or lathing. 

Thoo'dbr, 8. m. athatcher; pi, — yn. 

Thoo'bb, a.d. of thatch. 

Thooil'lby, a.f. a torrent, a flood, an inunda- 
tion or deluge ; pi. 67. 

Thooit, 85. thatched, covered with thatch. 

Thoot or Toot, 8. m. abooby, an idiot; pi. — tn. 

Thoo'tagh, a. oafish, not having common sense. 

Thootch or Thootchby, a. m. a short space of 

Thootid, a. TO. oafishness, idiotism. 

Tho'rbe, a. TO. a highwayman, one that robbeth 
on the highway; pi. — yn. * 

Tho'rbbaoh, v. committing robbery on tlie high- 

Tho'rbbaght or Tho'rbbys, a.f. robbery, high- 
way robbery. 

Thornan'b, a.m. a wooden hammer oar mallet; 

pi. — ^YN, or 69* 
Thor'raoh, a. pregnant. See also Torragh, 
Thor'ran, a. f, a dunghill; pL — tn. 
Thor'rid, a. TO. pregnancy. 

Thort, a. f. consideration, drcnmspectioii* heed, 
thought or thoughtfolness ; hardly ever used 
but in the negative. See Gyn-tort, 

Thovsan'b, a. m. a thousand ; pi. — tn. 

Thow, a. m. a line used to tie the bnoy to the net 
1q fishing; pi. — ohyn; o. tow, haul j —aoh, 
77 i — BB, 80; —IN, 83; — KNS, 84| — ni,86} 
—YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Thow'al, v. towing, hauling. 
I Thow'dbb, a, m, a tower, a hauler. 



Thow'it, 85. towed, hauled. 

Thowt, t. m. a thwart; pi, — tn . 

Thbxjis. See Troor, 

Thbbsh'tbs, a. /. the third course of sods on a 
fold hedge. 

Thbuss, *. /. truss, a bundle of straw j pL — tn. 

Thuill, 8. pi. holes. 

Thum or *Thijmm, v. dip, immerse; — aoh, 77; 

—KB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — TM, 86; 
— TMS, 87 ; — TS, 88. 

Thum'mbt, v. dipping, immersing ; «. m. a dip, 
an immersion ; pi. 67. 

Thitm'mbtdbr, «. m. a dipper; pi. — tn. 

Thum'hio, a. tn, bulk, size. 

Thdu'midaoh, o. bulksome, lumbersome. 

Thum'uit, 85. dipped. 

Thun'nao, 8, /. a duck ; pi, — tn. 

Tbitn^nbt, 8. m. a ton; pL 67.; v, tunning. 

Thun'nit, 85. tunned, inured. 

Yn Thubn, 8, the flre-place of a kiln. s 

THlrRN.MIB^ 8. a good turn or job. 

Thitb'ban, 8. See Tooran. 

Tbub'bicx. 8. f. a short space of time, A low 

Thub'bts, 8, f, a tour, journey, mission. 

Thub'rtssagh, 8, m- a tourist; pi, 71. 

Y TiDB, 8. the arrow, the shaft. s 

Ti'dbe, a. d. of the tide or tides. 

Ti'dbt, 8.f, tide; pi. 67.; tidey-hraie, (the ebb 

fade). See also, Mooir-hraie, yn tidey-varrey, 

fthe sea tide). 

F Tib, s. the iU, the bad. S 

TiLo, V. throw, cast, vomit; — agh, 77; — ee, 

80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — tm, 86; —TMS, 87; 

— TS, 88. fit, 

Til'obe, a, d, of vomiting or throwing up. 

Til'gey, 8. w. a vomit; pi. 67; v. throwing, 
castang, vomiting; a. an abortion or miscar- 
riage m beasts. 

Til'obtdbr, 8. m. a thrower, a caster. 
Til'git, 85. thrown, cast, vomited. 
Tinolbt'b, 8. m. a tinker ; pi. — yn, 
Tinolet^raoh, a.d. of a tinker. 
Tinolbt'bys, 8. f, the trade or craft of a tinker. 
Yn Tlat, 8. the rod. g 

Yn Tlat'tao, ». the small rod. s 

Yn Tlaynt, 8, the health. g 

Yn Tug, «. the sheU. g 

Toailt, a. (f. of a bam. 

^°^t!ifi!'*"' ^ f^^ i^xGiL^, robust, athletic, 
corpulent ; J)eu, i. -28, and ii. lo. 

Yn ToALT, 8. the bam. g 

ToaVkbt. SeeTAoawwy. 

Toab'raob or Toar'raohbt, r. dunffinfl* man. 

uring by oattle, &c. , dunging ttTlSd!' 
ToAR^KBXy *.»•♦ a dang; p/. 67. 
Tqah^rvtdbb, «, m. a danger ; pi, — tn. 
ToAB^ir,; 86. dunged. 
Tob'bw, »: jT. a front; pl^ -tn. 
Cr« T'oc, p. p. what have they; -stn, id. em. 
« V* ^^^ y*^ or thread; -agb, 77; 

-Ji's^y. ^4a'o?5 -INS, 84; -ym, 86 

^YMS, 87 J — TS, 88. 


Tooh'brit or TooBBiT, 85. wound, 

Tooh'bbys, v. winding; also said of a pregnant 

Toob'bbyobr, 8. m. a winder; p/. — yn. 
Togbt, ». choke, strangle; —agh, 77; —be, 

80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; — YMS, 87; 
~Y8, 88. ' * tj 

Toge'tbb, a. d. of choking or strangling. 
Togh'tey, v. choking, strangling. 
Togb'teydbr, 3, m, one who chokes. 
Toob'tit, 85. choked, strangled; Acta, rv. 29. 
Togb'yr, 8,f. dowry, portion; pi. — yn. 
Yn Toie'ao, 8, the seat or boss. g 

Toio or *ToioG, t>. understand ; —agb, 77 • 

—BE, 80; —IN, 83; — IN8, 84; — YM. 86! 
—YMS, 87; — Y8, 88. ' 

Toio'gai., 8. f, understanding. 

Toio'galagh orToio'oALTAOB, a. having un- 
derstanding ; «. m. a person that understands : 
pi. 71. * 

Toio'oALTYS, 8. f. intellect, imderstanding. 

Toio'gbydbr, 8. m. one who understands. 

Toig'git, 85. understood. 

Toil'cbin, ». deserving, meriting, demeriting. 

Toil'cbinaoh, a., meritorious, meritorial. 

ToiL'cBiNYs, «. /. deserviiJgs, merits. 

ToiLL, ». earn, deserve; — agh, 77; —be, 80- 

■"l^'So' ""'*'*' ^* — YM» 86; -YMS, 87.' 
"^YS, 00. 

Toil'leydbb, 8. m. one who cams or deserves. 
Toil'lit, 85. earned, deserved. 
Toil'liu, v. earning, deserving, meriting. 

Y Toil'shby, 8. the light. g 

Y Tol'lan, 8. the salt. § 
ToNN, «./. a wave; pi, — yn. 

Ton'nagb, a. wavy. 

Y TooiLt, 8. the eye. g 
TooiLL, ». toil, labour; —agb, 77 \ — bb. 80 • 

""1«'q?' ""^^^ ^^' -YM, 86; -YMS, 87,' 

Tooillei'l, 8,f. toU, fetigue; ©. toiling, tireing. 

Tooillei'laoh, a. tiresome, toilsome, laborious. 

^^il^l''-*^ °' TooTLLiu, a. more, more besides 
wnat IS. 

TOOIL'lEYDER, 8. TO. R tOilCr; pi. — YN. 

ToiL^LiT, 85. toiled, ftitigued. 

TooR, 8. m. a tower; pi, — yn. 

Too'ragh, a. towery. 

Too'ran, 8. f. a turret, a small tower ; a round 

com stack; pronounced Thurran ; pi. — yn, 
Yn Too'reb, 8. the courtship. g 

Yn ToosT, 8. the flail. g 

^^J?* *• *^\^^ ^^* *° *^^o*i P'- — YN. I think 
this word is better written Thoot. 

Too'tey, 8. f. what might adhere by touching. 

Tor'can, 8.f suffocating fume, reek, vapour of 
smoke; ilcfe,ii. i9j p/. __Yjr; ' «puur ui 

Tor'canagh, a. fumy, suiTocating, reeky. 
Tor'canys, 8, /. suffocation. 
Y Torch, a. the sort. g 

♦Torch or Torcheb, r>. torment ; -agh. 77 • 

-EK, 80; -IN, 83i -ins, 84; -YM 86,' 
-YMS, 87; — YS, 88. ' ' ' 

Torch'agh, a. TO. torment, torture; ph — yn. 
Torch'aobby, V, tormenting, torturing. 
Torcb'eydbr, a. m. a tormentor ; pi. — yn. 


ToRCH'iTf 85. tormented, tortured* 

Tor'baoh, a. pregnant. 

TV>r'rid» «. See Thorrid, 

ToR^'aiK, p. p. on us ; — yn, id. em. 

Tor^'roo, p. p. on them; — syn, id. em. 

Tor'rym, p. p. on me j — s, id. em. 

Tort, p. p. on thee j •— s» id. em. 

Tosh'kb, a. foremost. Laa,*l moirrep thoskee 
(Marj's foremost or first feast). 

Toshbs-tioar'rbx, «. pi. coroners, shiieyes. 

Tosh'^iaohby, v. giving beginning, setting 

Toshiaos-jioa'rby, 8. m. a coronet or sheriff, a 
man sworn under the crown or king to cite 
before Jadges, hold inquests, execute writs, 
executions, &c. The e^rmology of this word, 
like many other, is hard to find ; the Scotch 
Gaelic has Taoiseach for a chieftain, the Irish 
haye the same word for chieftain and captain, 
from either or both it may have been derived ; 
but whence the joarep or j'oaree which is added i 
is it a corruption of Jeh-ree (of the king), or 
Fo-ree (under the king), and changed to Jo-ree 
«r Jo-rey i 

Tosh'iaoht, 8. m. beginning, commencement, 
first, foremost, forepart ; pi. — yn. 

Tost or Tos'taoh, a. sUent, tacit. 

Dp Tos'taoh, dufo. silently, tacitly. 

Tos'^tid, 8. m. silence, tacitness. 

Tou, p. thou art; — uss, thou art, em. 

Y TouRBB, a, d. of summer. S 

Sy TouRBY, 8. in the summer. S 

TowL, 8. m. a hole; pi. Tdill. 

TowsB, 8. m, a measure; pi. — yn ; v. measuring. 

It is also made use of for weighing ; as, tou er 

ny how8e aytu ny meihaghyn ae er dty gheddyn 

eddtyms l>an. v. 27. 
TowsH, o. measure, weigh ; — aoh, 77; — sb, 

80; — IN, 83; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86; — YMS, 

87; — -YS, 88. 
Tow^sBAN, 8. m. a measurement, the measure; 

pi. — YN. 

Tow'sHBYDBR, 8. m. R mcasuTer, a weigher. 

Tow'sHiT, 85. measured, weighed. 

ToYRT or ToYRTYS, 8. f. R donation, a present, 
some thing given gratis or unasked ; pi. — yn. 

ToYRT-Mow', 8. f. destruction, damnation, deso- 
lation ; Zep. i. 15. 
Toyrt-mow'ys, 8. f. destructiveness. 
Toybt'ysaoh, 8, m. a donor, a bestower; pi. 71. 

Tba, adv. when ; used in affirmations and asser- 
tions, but not in interrogations, except when 
Cr^n is placed before it ; as, cre'n tra (what 
time). Prov. "Tra ta thie dty naboo er aile 
gow cairml jeh dty hie hene." 

Traa, 8. m. time ; pi. — ohyn. 

Tra A OH, *. /. hay; pi. — yn or — ^inyn. 

Tbaa-lon'obx, 8. f. meal-time. 

Tbaa tayn, adv. present time, time that is, 

Traar'tys, 8. f. (from Treih haghyriy8j des- 
truction of inhabitants, desolation ; Job. v. 32. 

Traar'tyssaoh, a. desolating $ «. m. a desola- 

ter; pl.7l- 
Traar'tybsit, 85. desolated. 

Traast, V. squeeze, press; — aoh, 77$ — >■« 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 

87; — Y8, 88; t.m, a Squeeze; pi. — aohyn. 



Traab'^tby, «. squeezing, pressing. 
Traas'tbydbr, 8. m. a squeezer ; pi. — yk. 
Traas'tit, 85. squeezed, pressed. 

TRAAUB, v. plough; —AOH, 77; — BX, 80; --€Nr 
83; —INS, 84; — YM.86; —YMS, 87 J — YS, 88. 
Traau'be, a. if. of ploughing. 
Traau'xydbr, 8. m. See Erroo. 
Traau'it, 85. ploughed. 
F Traid, 8. the street. s 

*Traib or Traih, e. f. shore; pi. — yn; v. ebb, 
abate ; — agh, J7 ; — b, 80 ; — YS, 88. 

Traie-var'^rby, 8. /. low- water. 

Trait, 85. ebbed, abated. 

TRAITooR^ 8. m. a traitor, a betrayer, a treach- 
erous person, one who commits treason; 
pi. — yn. 

Traitoor'aoh, a. traitorous, treacherous. 

Traitoo'rts, 8. f. treason, treachery. 

Tram'man, 8. f. the elder tree; a. foul, entan- 
gled, amiss. 

Tra'mylt, a. sturdy, stout. 

Tra'myltby, a. pi. sturdy. 

Tranlaa's, v. tyrannise, oppress; -agh, 77; 

— BB, 80; —in, 83} -INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
-YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Tranlaa'bagh, 8. m. a tyrant, an oppressor, a 
persecutor; pi. 71 ; a. tyrannical, Sec. 

Tranlaa'sb, 8. f. tyranny, oppression, perse- 
cution, severity. 

Tranlaa'sby, v. tyrannising, oppressing, per- 

Tranlaa'sit, 85. tyrannised, oppressed, &c. 

Trar'taoh, a. glutted, overstalled. 

Trass, a. third, the ordinal of Troor. See also 

Tra'val, 8. f. a trowel ; pi. — yn. 

Traw or Troa, «./. the surge of a stream. 

Trban, a. valiant, heroic. 

Trba'nagh, 8. m. a valiant person; pi. 71 ; 

valiant persons, the mighty ; Job^ xii. ai . 
Trba'nby, a. pi. valiant, mighty. 
TRBA'Nin, 8. m. valiantness, might, strength. 
Trbb'ah or IliirsH, s. f. used to call a pig. 
Y Trxban, a. the bridle. s 

Trbbn, 8. /. a township that divides titbe into 

Trbickn, v. beetle, strike with a beetle ; — aob, 
71 i — «B, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
-VMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Trbicknan'x, 8. f. a beetle; pi. — yn. 
Trbick'nby, o. striking with a beet^ie or bruiser. 
TRxiCK^NBYnsR, 8. m. one who strikes witb a 

Trbick'nit, 86. beetled, bruised. 

Trbio, o. forsake, desert, abandon ; —agh, 77 1 

— BK, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 

— YMS, 87 J — YS, 88. 

TRBIoxIL^ 0. forsaking, deserting, abandoning. 

Trbiobil'aoh or Trbio'eydbr, s, m. a forsaker, 
a deserter; pi, 71 and — yn. 

Trxig'it, 86. forsaken, abandoned^ forlorn. 

Trbih, a. miserable, wretehed, Jbrlom, pitiable; 

and when applied to complexion means aallow. 

pale. Ace. 

Tbhih^aoh, lufo. miserably, pitiftilly. 
Trxih-hrim'shagb, a. dotefol* lamentftUe. 



Tbbih'id,''«. m. xniwrableneM, paleness. 
Tbeih'78, 8. f. vaiMtary j pi, — sth. 
Tbbill, a. ready to ventare. 
Tbbiv, v. nail, fasten with nails; — aob, 77 i 

— mUt —80} — IN, 83) — 1W8, 84} — YM, 86} 

— TMS, 87 i — YS,88. 

Tbbi'nby, 8,f. a nail; pi. 67} v« nailinff. 
Tbbi'mbtdbb, «. m. a nailer. 
Tbbi'nit, 85. nailed, fastened with nails. 
*Tbbisht or Tbbisbtbil', «. trust, hope ; pi. 
— TN} V. trost, hope /(Mr; — aoh, 77 i — ^bb, 

80 } —IK, 83 ; —INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YM8, 
87} — YS, 88. 

Tbbishtbil'', v. tmsting, hoping. 
Tbbishtbil'aoh, a. worthy of trust, trusty; 

a.m. a trustee; pi. 71- 
Trbishteil'ys, «. /. trustiness, faithfcdness, 

TRBisHi/BYSKft, f. M. on who trusts ; pi. — yn. 
Tbbisht'it, 85. trusted, credited. 

Tbbllbb'n, 8. m. the glanders, a disease which 
horses are subject to. 

Tbblleb'naoh, a. diseased with the glanders. 

Tbbnshoo'b, 8. f. a trencher ; pi. — ^yn. 

Trbooh'an, «. /. an orphan; pi. — yn. 

Tbboohb, Ap (from Ttexg) widowed, forsaken. 

Tbbooh'ys, 8. f. widowhood; Jsa. xlvii. 9. 

Tbbss, a, third. See also Trow. 

Tbbw, 8. f. the quincy. This disease is also 
called Oorley-plooghee, 

Trice, a. quick in succession. 

Trib, 8. f. a foot, twelve inches ; it is also used 
for the sole of the foot ; as, fo trie my eha88 
(under the sole of my foot) ; Me otuhyr (the 
foot of a stocking) ; pi. — yn. 

Trib-bow^shan, 8. afoot-rule. 

Trillbb'n, 8./. the Pleiades. 

Trim'm ID, 8. m. heaviness, weight. 

Trim'shaoh, a. heavy, sorrowful, mournful, 
grievous; «. m. a sorrowful person ; pi. 71. 

Tbim'sbby, 8. m. heaviness, grief, sorrow. 

TBiif'sHBY.NY hoi'e, 8. the dead of the night. 

Tbo, 8. f. trait ; as, ehied ^o. 

Tboa, 8. f. the surge of a stream. 

Tboa'otb, v. trudge, march ; —aoh, 77; — "b, 
80 } — IN, 83 ; — INS, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 
87; — ^YS, 88. 

Tboa'oyraoht, v. trudging, marching. 

Troa'^oyrby, «. m. one who trudged} pi. 68. 

Troa'oyrit, 85. trudged, marched. 

Tboailt, o. traveling; labour; —aoh, 77 i 
—BE, 80; — ^IK, 83} —INS, 84} — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 } — YB, 88. 

Tboail'^taob, a. j». atraveUer) pi. 71. 
Tboailta«h.cbaiKbb, 8.m, a pilgrim. 
Troail'tit, 85. travelled, traversed. 
Troail'tys, 8. f. pilgrimage, travel ; pi, — byn. 
Tboab or Troayr, 8. f. crop, what comes off 
the land in harvest ; pi, — yn ; Hag. i. ii. 

Tbocai'rys, 8. f. justice blended with mercy; 
(Tro from Treoghe, and CtUrpa, justice,) 
such, justioe as a widowed parson would ex- 
pect} mercy, aflRedion, favourableness; Pro. 

XX. 28. 

Trochoi'l or Tkoooi'i., a. frtvouraUe, affection- 
ate} Jer. XV. 5. 


Trochoi'lys, 8, See Trocairpa. 

Tboo or *Trooo, v. lift, rear, tndn, build ; 

— ^AOH, 77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; — INS, 84 ; 
— ^YM, 86; — YMS, 87; — YS, 88; take. Mat. 
xvii. 37, and Pro. xxii. 6. 

Troo'oai, v. lifting, rearing, training, building ; 
Phraae — Trt^gal y voir veg. 

Troo'obydbb, 8. m. a lifter, founder, &c ; pi. — tw 

Sr Troo^oilloo or Troo'oloo, a. a lifting; a 
beast is said to be so, when byreason of lean- 
ness or sickness it cannot rise without help; 
Zech. xi. 16. 

Troo'oit, 85. lifted, reared, built, trained. 

Tboo-or't, p. arise, arise thou; Chron. jodL l6. 

TaoiD or *Troidd, v. scold, chide, quanrel with 
the tongue; — aoh, 77; — be, 80; — in, 83; 

— ins, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; —YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Troid'dby, v. scolding, chiding; Eaod. xvii. 2; 
pi. iS7. 

Troid'dbydbb, 8. m. a scolder, a termagant. 

Troid'dit, 86. scolded, chid, or chode. 

Tromb, a. heavy, weighty ; it is also used to ex- 
press with young, or with child. 

Trohe-crad'laoh, a. drowsy. 

Tromb-chooi'saoh, a. important, of great weight 
or consequence. 

Tromb-tob'bagh, a. big wiHi child. 

Tbom'mby or Tro'mby, a. pi. heavy, weighty, 
grievous; Acta, xxv. 7. 

Troh'mys, 8. /. heaviness. See also Trimmid, 
which is employed when any thing luiving 
weight or heaviness is spoken of ; Trommya for 
heaviness on the body, dejectedness, melan- 
choly, pensiveness ; as in the Phraae " Chingya 
ny Trommya.** 

Troo, a. f. envy ; pi. — yn or — ohyn ; v. envy, 
grudge; —AOH, 77} -be, 80 j —in, 83 ; —INS, 

84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Troo'aoh, a. envious, grudging. 

Y Trooan, f . the stream. S 

Trooan'e or Trooran'b, a. a triangle. 

Troo'ane^agh, a. triangular. 

Troo'obr, a. m. an envier ; pi. — yn. 

Trooid, adv. through, from one end or side to 
the oQier. 

Trooid-maob', pre. throughout, quite through. 

Hiooid-taoh'ybt, adv. accidentally. 

Troo'it, 85. envied, grudged. 

Troor, a. three ; the radical of Droor ; Gen. ix. 
19 } obsolete in ^mmon talk. 

Tboo'syn, 8, f. trousers, hose. 

Trosh'aoh, a. strong; a.m. a strong creature ; 
pi. 71. See also Lajer. 

Trosh'^id, a. m. strength, potency, &c. 

Tbosrt, v. fast, abstain from food. 

Trost, v. fast, abstain from food; — aob, 77; 

—BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Tbost'be, a. d, of a fkst or fissting. 

Trost'by, v. fasting, abstaining; a.m. a ftst; 

pi. 67. 
Trost^ydbb, a. m. a faster ; pi, ^yn. 
TRosyiT, 85. flasted. Not used. 
Troitisb, a. f. trash, trumpery, rubbish} pi, 6g. 

Troyt, v. trot} -aoh, 77% -be, 80; —in, 83; 
-INS, 84; — YM, 86} —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Troyt'bydbb, *. m. a trotter } pi. — yn. 




TROYyiT, 85. trotted. 

Trub'btl, ». trouble j Luke, viii. 49. 

Teuoh'anaoh, s. m. one who murmars, a mnr- 

murer; pi. 71 j v, murmuriBgr, g^rnmbling. 
Teuoha'nbt, v. munnurmg, complaining. 
Truoha'^nys, s. f. murmur, grumble. 
Tbust'tr, 8. f. dirt, filth, nast j pi. — tn. 
TRUST'yRAOH, a. dirty, filthy. See Broigh. 
Tbct'lao, «. /. a starling j p/. — tn. 
Try, v. attempt, tryj — aoh, 77 i — bb. 80? 

—IN, 83} —INS, 84 J — YM, 86 J — YMS, 87 J 
— YS, 88. 

Try'ai., a. the mill-stone grit is so called. Clagh 

Tuar'ystal, 8. f. the shape and carriage of the 
body, the form or appearance $ Ez. x. 21 ; the 
fashion; Ez. xliii. 11; the resemblance i 

pL — YN. 

Tub'bao, 8. f. a tub, a bushel or measure of four 
pecks; pi. — YN. 

TcB'BiRor Tub'byb, s.f. a laver,afont; pi. — yn 

TuiG, 5. /. a twig; pi. — YN. 

Tu!o-y-ybeio'by, 8. f. thc twig of the ditch, 
called or corrupted by some to Treehey-yeeigeyt 
the twig of sallix or sally that grows spontane- 
ously in marshy places. 

TuiLL, 8. pi. holes ; Lukef ix. 58. 

Tuin'nby, 8. m. the universe j Oael, 

TuiTT, V. fall; —aoh, 77', — kb, 80; —in, 83; 
—INS, 84; — YM,86; —YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Tuit'tbydeb, 8. m. one who falls ; pi. — yn. 
Tuitteydbr-maoh', 8. tn. one who quarrels. 
Tuit/tym, ». falling ; «. m. a fall ; pi. — yn. 
TuiT^TYMAOH, a. if. of falling, incident toftdUug. 
Tcittym-maoh', v. falling out, quarrelling. 
Tuii/tym nbeal, v. falling lifeless ; <Sa«». ii. 11; 

swooning or fainting. 
Tul'laoh, 8. f. an instant; pi. 72. 
Tul'laohtagh, a. instantaneous. 
TuM, V. See Thum. 
Tun'ney, v. See Thunney. 
Tun, v. draw ale off in casks; —aoh, 77 ; — »«, 

80; —IN, 83; -INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, 

87; — YS, 88. 
Tun'nby, v. filling casks with ale or beer. 
Turnbi'r or Turnby'r, 8. m. an attorney; 

pi. — YN. 

Turnbi'raoh, a. d. of an attorney. 

Turnxi'rys, 8. f. attorneyship, the practice of 

an attorney; pi. — syn. 
Tush'taoh, a. knowing, haying knowledge; 

8. m. a knowing one; pi. 71 • 

Yn Tush'tal, 8. the gospel. S 

Tush'tey, s. m, knowledge; pi. 67. 

Tttt'lbr, 8. m. a tattler a tale bearer ; pi. — yn. 

Tut'lbraoh or Tvt'lbraoht, v, tattling, tale 

Tut'lbrys, «. /. the practice of tale bearing. 

Twoai'aoh, a. aware of, apprehensive, cautious, 
on the look out. 

Cur TwoAiB, V. beware, take heed. 

Er TwoAiB, a. aware, vigilant. 

TwoAiE, 8. f. nortii. 


TwoAiB AS 0Y8 Y sHBBAR, 8. uorth and by west. 
TwoAiB 8HIAR HWOAIB, 8. north, northeast. 


As a radical initial, is like the other vowels in the 
Manks language. See Remarks. 

Ny Ud, a. among, lAbced. F 

Ud'lan, s. f. a swivel ; pi. — yn. 

Ugh or Ooh, an inteijection of disappointment, 
frustration, or defeat. 

Uah^ cha nbe, in. Dr. Kelly in his Manks gram- 
mer says the meahing is " wo is me." 

Ugh chotn shb, in. O that it is. 

Ught, 8. f. lap. See Oght ; pi. — yn. 

Uoh'tagh, 8f. ascent, accUvity, arising ground ; 
pi. 72. 

Uoh'tbb, a. d. of ascent or accUvity. 

Uhl'^lby, a. d. of the stack-yard or hagyard. 

Uhl^lin, «. a stack-yard or hagyard. 

UiLK, 8. pi, evils; the pi. of Oik. See also 
Hvilk ; Deu. xxzi. 17. 

Dty UiLL, 8. thy blood. F 

Diy Uil'liaoht, «. thy consanguinity or rela- 
tionship by blood. F 

Uil'lin, 8. f. elbow. Pr(m> ** 8nie88ey yn uillin 
na yn doom.** 

Uil'jyn, 8. pi. elbows. 
Uin'nao, 8. f. a window ; pi. — yn. 
Uinnao-celba, 8. f. a sky-light or literally a 

My *UiNN or Uin'nys, «. if bake; —aoh; 
— ^EB ; — IN ; — ins ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. F 

Ben Uin'nbb, a. d. a bake woman. F 

By Uin'nby, v. to bake. F 

E Uin'neydbr, 8. his baker. F 

B.0 Uin'nit, 85. too baked. F 

My *UiRR or Uib'rys, v. if stay or tarry ; 

— AGH; — IN; — ins; — YM ; — ^YMS; — YS. F 

2>y Uir'^raght or Uir'baghtyn, ». to stay or 
tarry. F 

J>ty Uir'rbyobr, 8. thy stayer. F 

Ullaa'oagh, 8. f. woodbine, honeysuckle. 
Ul'leb, a. conversant; Ec. zxxix. 3. ; ready, 
prepared; Matt. xxii,4, 24, 44. 

Ul'lymar, 8. f. wormwood; pi. — yn. 

E Um'mug, 8. his mother. \M 

Un, a. one. Un is only part of the word Uwnane 
(one) ; un is always used before substantives ; 
as, un la a (one day) ; ten red (one thing), &c. ; 
but the whole word unnane^ or the latter sylla- 
ble none, is used before other words. 

Yn Un chooid, 8. the same, one and the same ; 
Gen. xli. 26. 

Undaa'gagh, 8. f. nettles. 

Un'^din, 8. m. foundation, basis ; ph ^-th. 

Un'dinagh, a. fundamental. 

Un'jin, 8. m. ashf'leil; Ira. vi. 13. 

Uu'jiNAGH, a. d. ashen, of ash. 

Unnan^e, 8. f. one. This word is not mad9. use 
of before substantives as it is a sastefftf^l 
See Un and Nom. J^i- k-,^'i 

Unnanbjb'io, a. eleven. '"%'?* ' '■ 

Unnanb'ys, ». /. unity, union. >>;)' * •' • 

Unna'neysaoh, a. inunition. ^r^ • ' • 

Nnna'neysby, v. uniting, to nmfe; 

Unna'nbysit, 86. united. Vv'* ' 

Un'nish, t, f, an onion} pi, — yi|v: 



Um'bick, a. only. This orthography is med in 
the Manks Hymn Book» hymn cxlviii. s, and 
perhaps more analogous. See Ynrican. 

Ua'LBS, 8, p/.*eagle8. 

Ur'lbt, s. m, an eagle. 

Ua^BBB, p. p. on her; — zsh» id. em. 

Ubbbb-hbnb', p, p. on herself. 

UsB, «. m. interest ; pi. «-yn. 

Ush'ao, 8. f. a bird ; pi. — nr. Pnn. ** To 
tuhag ajfnt laue chammah as jeet ty thammag.** 

Ush'ao hap'paoh, 8. f. the lark or toft bird. 

Ush'ao bbaisht or rbbast, «. /. the mountain 

Ush'ao roaittb NT HOABV, 8. f. the hunting. 

Ush'ao voltbb, 8. /. the wagtail. 

Ush'ao wbb, 8. /. the yellow hammer. 

Ush'laoh, a. watery, wet. 

UsHT or Ush'tbk, v. water, moisten, wet; 

— AOH, 77 i —KB, 80 J —IN, 83 i —INS, 84} 
— TM, 86j — YMS, 87; — T8, 88. 

Dy Ush'taoh or Ush'taobbt, v. to water, to 
steep in water. 

Ush'tbt, 8. TO. water; pi. 67. 

UsHTBT-Bio'. See Bioghey roayrt. 

Ush'tetdbr, s.m. awaterer; j»/. — yn. 

Ush'tit, 85. watered, steeped. 

Ush'ylaoh, *. m. a very light and weak person, 
a mere skeleton. 

Uss, pro. thee ; the em. of Oo. 

Uyll, a. (from OaylJ a frequented watering 

place; as, logh-wyll (a pool or lake near a 

house where animals go to water). 

»»w«»«»» o »»«i« >>>!,> >»>ia<».)> M „»„^ -n -tT rt^m yi tvu-i^ Y> 1.1 

V, as a radical initial, see 32; mostly all words 
under it come from B, F, and JIT, only some of 
which are shown. 

Va, v. was, v/ere. 

Yn Vaa, 8. the cow or cattle. B 

Cha Vaao, v. not leave; — aoh; —in; — ym. F 
Er Vaaoai'l, v. hath, &c. left. p 

Yn Vaaoh, 8. the beast. B 

Yn Vaaib'agb, ». the Taccary or cow house. B 
Yn Vaaio, 8. the paw or claw. M 

Feer Vaai'oaoh, a. yery unhandy. M 

Yn Vaaibn, 8. the beam. B 

B Vaail, 8. his rent; pi. — yn. m 

E Vaair, 8. his crop; pf. —yn. B 

E Vaaish, 8. his death; his visage or face ; his 
cattle. See Esod. xiii. 12, where the word is 
in its radical state. Ii^ 

Vaab, v. did spend ; — -aoh ; —in ; —ins ; — ym ; 

— YMS ; — YS, 94. B 

Er Vaabail^ e. hath, &c. spent. b 

Nagh Vaab'oaoh, v. would not; &c. prevail. F 

Nagh Vaab'dbb,. v. will not, &c. prevail; John^ 
xii. 19. Q 

Yn VAAB'nBBAOH, 8. the fornicator; I Cor.r. u. 

Dp Vaab'dbbys, 8. of fornication or whoredoin.M 

Dtif Vaabb, 8. thy point; pL —yk. B 


y* Vaabb'laoh, 8. the refuse of grain. B 

Vaabb, v. did bare or poll; — aoh> —in; 

ins; — ym ; —YMS; — YS, 94. B 

Dp Vaa'bby, v. to make bare, or cut off rough- 
ness. B 

Cha VaabobOaoh, v. would not, &c., fare. F 

Ro Vaa'bit, 85. too spent or bared. B 

Cha Vaabb or Vaarbeb, v. not bathe t —aoh ; 

—IN; —INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS. F 

Er Vaab'bey, «. hath, &c.. bathed. F 

JVyn Vaab'bby, «. your, &c., sea or bathing. F 

Ben Vaar'laoh, a. a woman that speaks Eng- 
lish. Q 

Dtp Vaarlb, 8. thy English. b 

Dp Vaab'lbb, «. of thieves. m 

Dp Vaar'lbbys or Vaar'lys, ». of theft. M 

Yn Vaar'liaoh, «. the thief; pi. 71. M 

Yn Vaar'nby, «. tiie breach or gap. B 

Npn Vaasaa'o, v. your, &c., beard. F 

E Vaasb, «. his death. b 

E Vaasb or Vaansb, «. his catUe or kine. M 

Feer Vaasoi'l, a. very deathly or deadly. B 
Mp Vaast, t>. if wring; —aoh; —in: — ym i 

— vs. p 

Er Vaas'tby, v. hath, &c. wrung. p 

E Vaa'tby, *. his boat; pi. 69. b 

Yn Vab, 8. the babe ; the she^ mark. B 

Yn Vaban, 8. the baby. b 

Dtp Vac, «. thy son ; — s, id. em. m 

Yn Vac'caoh, «. the halt person. b 

Vad, p. they were; — syn, id. em. 
Npn Vadby'r, 8. your, &c. prophet ; pi. — yn • 
themselves, prophets ; Acts^ xv. 32. Pa 

Fn Va'dran or Vadyran, 8. the dawn; afol*. 
xxviil. 1 ; the morning; Isaiah, xiv. 12. M 
Dp Va'dyr, 8. of matter; pi. — yn. m 

E Vaooa'nb, «. his numbness. m 

Feer Vaoga'naoh, a. very numb. M 

Dtp Vaooa'nkys, 8. thy numbness. m 

^ Vag'glb, 8. his testicle; p/. — yn. m 

Vao'gyb or Vao^gybbb, v. did threaten or re- 
buke; JITarAr, ix. 26.; — aoh; — in ; — ins- 
— YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. B 

Feer Vao'gyragh or Vao'gyrtaoh. ©. verv 
threatening or insulting, &c. b 

Yn Vao'gyrby or Vau'gybtaoh, «. the threat- 
ener. ^ 

Dp Vag'oybt, ». to threaten, insult B 

Vaoh, v. did dwell or inhabit; — aoh; — in- 

—INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. B 

Vagh'^bb, a. d. of dwelling. b 

Yn Vagh'br, *. the field; pi. — yn. m 

Y Vagh'bragh. a. d. of the field or fields. M 
Dp Vagh'by, ». to live, dwell, or inhabit. B 
E Vaght, 8. his discernment or observation. B 
Feer Vagh'tal, a. very distincUy, plain, obvi- 
ous, clear, evident. *^ ' b 

i><y Vaid'jby, «. thy stick; pi. 69. m 

Vaid'jin, adv, a whUe since, a whUe ago. Just 
now past. . -« » * 

Yn Vaie, 8. the bay ; pj. — aohyn. b 

Vaih, v. did drown; — agh; — in; — tm ; 

•~~Y8, 94* jg 

Er Vaih, ». hath, &c., drowned. B 

Lieh Vaiht, 86. half drowned. b 


Vaik oo, o. didst thou see. F 

Cka Vaik, v. 144. did not see; — aohj — iw; 

— TM, 94. ^ 

Nagh Vail oo, v. that thou fail not ; — aoh ; 

&c. ^ 

Hr Vailbi'l, 9. hath, &c. failed. P 

Nyn Vaill, f. your, &c. hire or wages. F 

ChaVAiLLjV. not hire J —AGH 5 — iwj — tm, 

94. ^ 

Er Vail'lbt, f>. hath, &c. hired. F 

Yv Vainsh'tbb or Vainshtyr, «. -the master ; 

pi. — YN. M 

yn Vainsh'tyraoht, t. the mastery. M 

J5 Vaib, *. his finger. M 

Laa ny Vair'aoh, «. the morrow or morrow 

day. M 

Er Vak'in, t>. hath, &c. seen j I«*c, il. 30. F 
E Val'jyn, «. his towns or estates. B 

Yn Vai/ul or Val'lby, s. the town or estate. B 
Dp Val'lby, adv. of home, homeward. B 

Feer Val'loo, a. very deaf. Yn toddag valloo 

(the dumb cake). B 

E Val'looid, «. his dumbness. B 

E Vam, ». his blain. M 

Er Vam'laoh, v. hath, &c. wracked. P 

Va'n (from Va ynj it was or were. 
Feer Vanb, o. very white. B 

Br Va'nbaoh, v. hath, &c. whitened. • B 

Dp Va'nbaghby, t>. to whiten. B 

E Va'nbid, 8. his whiteness. B 

Va'nby, a. pi. white} as, Acirrce uon^ (white 

sheep). ^ 

Fn Van'oan, s. the branch. B 

Feer Van'ganaoh, a. very branchy. B 

Yn Vanolanb', «. the bough. B 

J'eer Vanolanb'aoh, a. very full of boughs. B 
E Van'^isthib, «. his management of house 

aflUrs. B 

rn Van'jagh, f . the lea land. B 

Yn Vanjoo'r, «. the manger j p/.;— yn. M 
JF Van'jyn, «. his weddings. B 

Vann or Vannbb, v. did bless ; — agh j —in; 

—INS > — YM J — YMS ; — YS, 94. B 

Yn Van'nao, s. the ballad j pi. — yn. B 

Er Van'naohby, «. hath, &c. blessed. B 

Yn Van'naght, a. the blessing. B 

Un Van'nan, 8. one kid J pi. — yn. M 
Feer Van'nbb, a. very blessed, calm, ortran. 

quil. B 

Er Van'nby, v. hath, &c. flayed. P 

Elian Van'nin, «. Isle of Man. M 
Dy Van'ninaoh, s. of a Manks person ; pi. 71. M 

Yn Yan'nish, 8. the wedding. B 

F«er Van'nit, a. very blessed. B 

Ben Van'shby, a. d. of a wedding woman. B 

Yn Van'tan, 8. the bantling. B 

Vagh Var, v. not last j Paf. Il9f (metre). F 

Yn Varanb', 8. the thimble. M 
Var-a-mish, p. Ill warrant. 

£ Yar'antts, «. his warrantry, assurance, or 
confidence. B 

Feer Yarb, a, very harsh, rough, or seveie. B 

Eo Yab;'baob, a. too harsh, &c. B 

Sr Yar^baoh, 9. hath, &c. fretted; as a sore. P 




E Yar^bid, «. his harshness. B 

Yn Yar'chan, «. the merchant. M 

E Yar'chanys, «. his merchandize. M 

E YARi9bo'N, «. his doleful song. B 

E Vardoo'^nys, 8. his tragical singing. B 

Vare. See Vaare. B 
Varoa'n, ». did or didst bargain ; —aohj —in; 

— INS} — YM; — YMS J — YS, 94. B 

E Yarganb', 8. his bargain j pi. — yn. B 

Feer Yaroa^nagh, a. very much for bargainb.B 
Dy Vbroa'ney, v. to bargain. B 

Yn Yarga'^neydbr, ». the bargainer ; pi. — yn.B 
Var'obb, a. d. ofthe fair or market. Chavely 
Fanninaghdy bragh creeney, dye y laa lurg y 
vargee. M 

Yn Yar'oby, 8. the fair or market ; pi. 97- M 
Yn Yark, 8. the mark. M 

*Yark or Yarkeb, v. did ride or rode ; —aoh ; 

— IN J — INS } — YM J — YMS ; — YS, 94. M 

Er Yarr'agh, v. hath, &c. rode. M 

Yn Yark'iagh, 8. the rider; pi. 7^* ^ 

£r Yark'iaghby, V. hath, &c. waited; rode or 
ridden. F. M 

Yn Yab'nagh, f. the Hmpet or fiitter; pi. 71- B 

Yn Yar'nby, 8. the gap or breach. B 

" Tou er y vamey veayl." 

Yn Yarr, 8. the bar ofthe court or port. B 

Varr, p. did kill, slay, or slew J — aoh; —in; 

—INS; — YM; — YMS ;^-YS, 94. M 

Yn Var'raoh,' «. the tow. B 

Yn Yar'ran, 8. the error or mistake. M 

Feer Yar'^ranaoh, a. very erroneous, &c. M 
E Yar'rant, 8. his assurance, &c. B 

E Yar'rantys, 8. See Vorantye. B 

Eggey Yar'rbb, a. d. a web of tow. B 

Yn Yar'rel, «. the barrel. B 

Yn Yar'rby, «. the bar or barrow. B 

Baare Var'rby, a. tf. on the surface of the 8ea.M 
Yn Yar'riaght, 8. the victory or dominion. B 
Ro Yar'roo, a. too dead or lifeless. M 

Yn Yar'roo, 8. the dead or deceased person. M 
Yn Yar'rooobr, 8. the killer or slayer. M 

Feil Yart, 8. beef. M 

y» Yart, the beef. M 

E Yart, 8. his burden. B 

Yn Yar'tar, c. the cripple. If 

E Yar'tarys, «. his decrepitude. M 

Yn Yart'lhan,' «. the maw-worm. H 

E Yar-vaaish, 8. his pan. M 

Feer Yarva'naob, a. very mortal or frail. M 
E Yarva'nys, e. his mortality, &c. M 

Ya shid or Yaik shid, in. a. see yonder. P 
Yn Yash'laoh, 8, the douse. B 

Yasht, v. did baptize; —aoh; —in; — insj 

— YM ; —YMS ; — ^YS, 94. B 

Yash'tbb, a. d. of baptism; as, yntob^vaah- 

tee (the baptismal font). B 

Er Yash'tby, v. hath, &c. baptized. B 

Yn Yash'tbtdbr, «. the baptizer. B 

Ro Yash'tit, 86. too much baptized. B 

Yn YAS^KAin, 8. the basket. B 

Er Yas'nby, v. hath, &c. winnowed. P 

D/iy Yass, «. thy palm ; p/. —tn. B 

Sr Yas'saohbt, o. hath, &c. fed with griM. F 



Vast, e. did mix or 8tir together ; — aor ; —in i 

— IW8 J — TM i — TBis } — rs, 94. M 

Laue Yjlu'tbm, a. d, a hand to mix, &c. M 

Dp Vas'tst, v. to mix or stir together. M 

Yn Vas'^tbtdsr, s. the mixer. M 

Ro Vas'tit, 85. too mixed. M 

Yn Vatl'lsb, 8. the bailiff. B 
V'atm, p. I had ; — s id. em. 
ypAjuDOOt p. in them; — STN,t'(f. em. 

Feer Vatn'rxt, a. very happy. M 

J? Vatn'bts, t. his happiness. M 

Yn Vayr or Vktr, *. the way, lane, 9te. B 

Vatrbt, a. if. of a mother. M 
Yn Vatrn, «. the cap used instead of a hat. B 

Ta*n vaymt 

Yn Vatrnt, «. the march. Prov. *' 

chionney as yn nah veefanney.'* 
Dy Vb, v. to be, being. 
Vb, v. was, were, it was or were. 
Er Vb, v. hath, &c. been, was. 
Yn Vba, s. the life time. 
E Vba, «. his life time. 

Vba, «. ado ; as, ere hon ton cummal toheesh dy 
vea ort. 

Ro Vba qt Vaa, a. too fat or greasy, too luxu- 
riant. M 

Nyn Vba, «. your, &c. quiet, &c. F 

Vbaoh, 0. would be, were, wert, wouldst. B 

Vbaoh or Vaob, v. did or didst live or feed; 
— ^AOH; — IW; — INS J — YM ; — VMS; — YS,94.B 

Vbagh'be, a. d. of living or dwelling. B 

Dy Vbaob'by, v. to live or dwell. B 

Yn Vbagh'by, «. the food or living. B 
Er Vbaoh'by, v. hath, &c. lived, fed, dwelt. B 

Yn Vbaio, s. the whey. M 

Kn Vba IN or Veayn, «. the mine. M 

Yn Vbai'nbydbr, s. the miner. M 

Un Vbaish, 8. one mease. M 

Yn Vban, 8. the middle. M 

Mee Vba'naoh, «. the middle month. M 

Nyn Vba'nish, ». your, &c. witness. F 

Ro Vbayl, a. too bald or bare. M 
Er Vbayl'laohbt, v. hath, &c. made bald or 

bare of hair, horns, &c. M 

Yn Vbayl'lbb, s. the cow void of horns. M 

Nyn Vbayl'lby, 8. your, &c. eave. F 

Ro Vbayn, a. too permanent or lasting, B 

Dy Veayn'aohey, v. to prolong-, to pcrpetuate.B 

Yn Vbayn'bb, 8. the reaper or shearer. B 

Laue Vxay'nby, a. d. hand of the shearer. B 

Yn Vbayn'id, «. the eternity, or eternal dura- 
. tion. B 

Er Vba!y'raohby, o. hath, &c. cooled. F 

Nyn Vbay'raght, «. your, &c. cold or co1dness.F 

Er Vbats'lby, v. hath, &c. loosed, set firee or at 
liberty, untied. F 

E Vbc, 8. his sons. M 

Er Vbd'danaoH) v. hath, &c. whistled. F 

Nyny-KD*3Ao, 8. your, &c. feather. F 

B Vbb, 8. his meat or food. B 

Dty Vbb, «. thy loin > pi. — ghyn. M 

Vn Vbb, «. tbe month ; pi, — ghyn. M 

V*mmt p. She was or were ; — ish, id. em. 
B Vbb, adjunct t his male ; un, dis, in, ir, &c. 
See Meet of which this is a changeling. M 


Note. — I have only inserted a few of the worde 
beginning trith Mee, (adjunct), which will eerve 
a» esamplee, 

J? Vbb aar'looid, «. his unpreparedness ox 
unreadiness. M 

Nyn Vkbacklx, 8. your, &c. tooth. ' F 

Ben Vbbaoh, a. a monthly woman. M 

Dty Vbbal, 8. thy mouth. B 

E Vbbal'aghyn, 8. his bridle bits. B 

Dy Vbbal'braoht, v. to babble or tattle. B 

Yn Vbbal'erby, 8. the babbler. B 

Cheu Vbbal'^loo, 8. front or mouth side. B 

Yn Vbbalys, 8. the fatness. M 

E Vbbab'rys, 8. his impenitence. M 

Yn VEBAR^RrsAOH, 8. the impenitent one. M 

Feer Vbbchai'raoh, a. very unjust. M 

E Vbbchai'rys, 8. his Injustice. M 

E Vbbchiabail', 8. his carelessness. M 

B Veechordail', «. his disagreeing. M 

E Veechoroail'ys, «. his disagreement. M 

Feer Vbechra'ueb, a. very ungodly, wicked, 
unrighteous, irreligious, &c. M 

U88 Veechrbo'juaoh, 8. thou unbeliever. M 

Yn VEECHREn'juE, 8. the unbelief. M 

£ VeeoherOagh, 8. his discomfort. M 

fVBEGH'^YN DY HVMUEY, 8. hiS bOWGlS Of COffi- 

pas.sion ; 1 John, iii. 17. M 

Ro Vebhas'tagh, a. too heedless. M 

E Vbbhas'tby or Vebhastid, «. his heedless- 
ness. M 
Ro Vekhusb'taoh, a. too simple or ignorant. M 

E Vbbbush'tby, 8. his lack of knowledge, his 
simplicity, or ignorance. M 

Un Vbeilby, «. one mile; pi. 67. M 

Veein, 8. pet, dear, darling, favourite, &c. M 

■Ro VxBiN or Vkbn, a. too fine, small, or tame.M 

Vbbin or Vbbi'nbb, v. did tame 5 make fine, 

, small, or smooth ; — aoh ; — in; — ins ; — ^ym j 

— YMs } — Ys, 94. M 

Dy Vbei'naoh or Veei'nagbey, v. to tame; 
make fine, small, or smooth; to moderate. M 

Veei^ney, a. pi, tame ; fine, small, &c. M 

Yn Veei'netdbr, 8. the tamer, &c. M 

Ro Vbbi'nit, 85. too tamed, &c. M 

VxBK, V. did wink, winked; — ^aqb ; —-in; — ins; 
— YM ; — VMS ; — YS, 94. M 

Ro Vbbx'agb , a. too meekeyed. M 

Yn Veek'ey, 8. the wink of the eye. M 

Ro Vbek'it er, a. too winked at. M 

*Vbbl or Veeleb, v. did soften, softened; 

— AOB ; — IN ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS j — ^Y8, 94.M 

Dy Vbb'lagb or Veelaohby, o. to soften. M 

Feer Vbb'ley, v. very soft or moist. M 

yh Vbb'lbydbr, 8. the softener. IC 

Ro Vbb'lit, 85. too softened. BC 

My Veel'lby mbtllbb ort, my dirty mUe 00 
thee, or my bad wish on thee. 

My Vbb'm, p. if I be; — s, id. em, 

VxBN, 8. See Veein, Mannin teg veen (litlte 
dear Isle of Man) . M 

Feer Vbbn, a. very patient, mUd, &c. It 

D^Vbb'naob or VxBNAOBBY, o. to shttt^ as- 
suage, appease, allay, or moderate. M 

Er Vbb'naobby, «. hath, &c. abated^ allayed* 

moderated, &c. M 

Vbb'nbb, v. did abate, appease, &c. M 


fm M 


Vbb'ns7, a. pi. patient, meeli, &c. M 

E Vbs'nid, «. his patience, meekness. M 

Ben Ybe oil^ a. a menstruous woman. M 

E Vbk ooash'lbt, a. his dishonour. M 

E Ybbov'bts, 8. his insuspicion. M 

Ro Vbbou'b7SSAge, a. too insaspicious. M 
^ Vebou'tssaob, 8. hisinsuspicioasonet pi. 

71. M 

D/^ Vbbb, «. thy piece; pi. — ^yn. M 

Dy Vebb'aohby, v. to piece. M 

Yn Vbbbbil'tagh, 8. the unruly one. M 

J^ Vbebioos'e, 8. his inattention, &c. M 

Ho Vbbbioos'sagh, a. too inattentive. M 
Vbbs, V, will or shall be. 

I'eer Ybbti^allaoh, a. very disobedient. M 

J^ Vbbvi'allys, 8. his disobedience. M 

77oTbbvayn'rb7) a. toounhappy. M 

E Vbbvayn'rys, s. his unhappiness. M 

ynVEBYL, 8. the louse; pi. — lyn. M 

JRo Vbbyl'i.aoh, a. too lousy. M 

FeerY^Of a. very little j Ro Fegr, too little. Veg 
is also understood to mean none or nothing; 
as, cha daag eh veg dou, (he left nothing or 
none for me) ; veg share na, (no better than.) 

FnTEo'oAN, 8. the little. See Beggan. B 

Np Veg'gan as NY Vbo'gan, adv. by little and 
little, gradually. B 

Cloan Vbo'oby, a. pi. little children. B 

Yn Vbg'oid, 8. the littleness. B 

Nyn yEOGOois''H, p. p. without us ; 1 Cor. iv. 8. P 
V'bh, p. he was, he were. 
Vbhr or Vbbr, v. did calve, yean, lay, foal, &c. ; 

— AOH; — IN; — INS; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 

94. B 

DyVBHT/TAL, V. to wager or bet; — aoh, &c. B 

Veion, v. I were, I would be; — ish, id. em. B 

Vbigh or Vbih, a. scale or balance ; pi. — aohyn, 
Rev. vi. 6. V. did weigh or balance; — aoh; 
— IN; — ins; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 84. M 

J^rTBiH^AGHEY, V. hath, &c.,- balanced or 
weighed. M 

Dy Vbih'by or Tbigh'ey, v. to weigh or balanceM 

Vbih, p. p. from, from him ; — syn, id. em. 

Cre "Vbih, adv. whence, where from. 

Vbih, ff. a balance; pi. —aohyn, Ua. xlvi. 6. 
See Veigh. M 

Vbihll, V, did grind, ground ; — agh ; —in ; 

— INS; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. B 

E Ybihl'laghyn, a. his grindings. B 

Yn Vbihl'lbyobr, a. the grinder. B 

Ro Ybihlt, a. too ground. B 
Vbih my chbillby, adv, asunder. 
Vbih sbio, cidv. from thence. 
Vbih shoh, adv. hence, from hence. 

D^ Veil, a. thy lip ; pi. —lyn. M 

Yn Vbil'lby, 8. the basin or bowl. M 

£7Tbil'lid, a. his despicableness, &c. M 

Fa Ybinn, a. the pinnacle. B 

Yn Vbinn, a. the meal. M 
Koir Vbin'nby, a. d. of meal box or chest. M 

E Ybir, «, his fingers. M 

Yn Ybisht, a. the brute, the beast. B 
JRoYbish'tagh, a, too brutish or beastly. B 

Yn Vbishtbig^ «. the reptile or worm. B 



Yn Vbisbtbig' loaueb, a. the palmer worm. B 
Yn Vbisbtbig' vbrgaoh, a. the canker worm. B 
E Yetsh'tyn, a. his tooth ache or vermin. B 

Feer Ykiygh, o. very mild or tender, benign or 
gentle, M 

Ro Ykiygh'agh, a. too tender or benign. M 
Dy Ybiygb'aghby, ». to yearn with tendemess.M 
E Ybiyoh'ys, a. his benignity. M 

E Ybiyn, a. his beasts, of cattle. B 

Nyn Yeiyr, «. your, &c., noise. F 

Er Ybiy'hal, v. hath, &c., noised or sounded. F 
\jiLt V. is, are, art, am, (interrogatively) ; Ta^ is 
Manks of the same words in answering or re- 
Nyn Yeme, a. your, &c., want. F 

Yn Yen, a. the woman, the wife. B 

iify Yen-hbsh'ey, a. my wife; Joh^ xix. 17- ; all 
those words compounded with J?cn, (a woman 
or wife) might be here inserted, but the reader 
may refer to Ben, ard change them to Ven, as 
required. B 

Er Ye'naghtyn, v. hath, &c., asked. F 

Er Ybndei'l, v. hath, &c., defended. F 

Ve'neb, a. inherent propensity; a low word. 
Nyn Yb'nish, *. their, &c., presence. F 

Venn, v. did touch or touched; —agh; — in 

—INS; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. B 

Cre Yen'nagh rish, v. what would beftil hiln, 

what would touch him severely. B 

Dy Ven'n ALT, v. to waft the wind or air. B 

Yn Yen'nbe, a. the awl. M 

Ro Yen'nick, a. too often, too frequent. M 

Ventb, v. did ventnie or ventured; — aoh; 

77 ; —BE, 80 ; —IN, 83 ; .—INS, 84 j — YM, 86 ; 

— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

"Dy Yentbbi'l, v. to venture. 
Er Ven'tyn, v. hath touched or meddled with. B 
Yn Yen'tyb, a. the venture ; pi. — yn. 
Yn Yboir, a. the moar or collector of crown 
rent. m 

y» Veoir'^snys, ff. the moarship. M 

Nyn Yer-croo, a. our, &c., creator. p 

VBR or *Vbbb, V, will give, put, send, bring; 

— YM; — YMS. C 

Feer Ybrch^agh, a. yery rich. B 

Yn Yerch'aoh, a. the rich one, B 

Yn Verch'id, a. the richness. B 

Yn Ybrch'ys, a. the riches. b 

Feer Ybr'oaoh, a. very rusty. m 

Yn Yer'gys, *. the rust. M 

Yn Ybr'oid, a. the rustiness. M 

Ro Vbr'oit, a. too rusty or rusted. If 
Verb, v. did overtake or overtook ; — aoh ; —in j 

—INS; — ^YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. B 

Er Ybr'raoht or Vbk'baghtyn, v. hath, &c., 
overtaken. b 

Yn Ybrrbb'n or Vbrri'n, s« the dapt cake. B 
Yn Ybr'rbman, a. the neck collar. B 

FnTBR'RBYDBR, 8. the overtaken B 

Yn Ver'rish, «. the beiry or grape. B 

Ro Vbr'bit, a. too overtaken. B 

Shiu Vbb'riu or Ver'roo, a. ye dead. M 

E^ Vbr'riuid or Vbr'rooid, a. his.deadnesff^ M 
Ro Vbrrt, a. too calved, layed, &c. B 

Nyn Vbb.yn'8bb, *. our, &c., teacher, Mihool^ 
master. p 



Fear Vcsh'tal, o. veiy dmoken. M 

Kfi Vksh'tallaoh or Vksb'tcflaob, «. the 
drankard. If 

S Ybsh'tallts or Vbsh'tktlts, a. his drunk- 
enness. If 

Ybsbtit, p. he was or were ; em, 

Yn Vbss, ». the fruit. M 

jPeer Ybssoi'l, a. very fraitfol. M 

Vn Vbssoil'lid, «. the fraitfolnesa. M 

Vbst, e. /. a waistcoat. 

CAa Vbst, v. 144. not stick i ~aob; — iw; 

— IWSi — TMJ — YMS, 94. p 

^r Vbs'tal, v. hath, &c., stuck. p 

Feer Vbt'tbt, a. very tender. M 

e Vbt'tbtid or Vbt'tys, e. his tenderness. M 

Vkd, p. ye or yon had; a contraction of va ew. 

— ^iSH, id. em. 
Vbub, p. p. from you or ye; — isb, id. em. 
E Vbvtb, «. his deaf. B 

17 Vbut'rid, «. his dea&ess. B 

Yn Vb70B^ «. the voyage j Acts, xxvii. 10. 
J'eer Vbtbd'laoh, a. very unwieldy. m 

E Vbtbd'lid or Vbfhd'lys, «. unwieldiness. M 
Yn Vbyr or Vayr, «. the lane, way, or avenue. B 
Er Vbysh'tby, p. hath, &c., examined. p 

Yn Vhbd'dyh, «. the pail, or pigghi. M 

' Yn Ybbb'lby, «. the mile. IK 

Fn Vhbil, «. the company of reapers. M 

Vhbill, ». did grind or grinded j Num. xi. 8. B 
Yn Vbbil'lba, e. the harvest feast. M 

E Vbbb, *. his spit or roaster. b 

Ybili., ©. did dirty, spoil, or render useless t 

^AGHi — IBf J — INSi — YM j — YMSj— YS.»4. M 

i>sr Vbil'laobyn, «. of miUions. m 

I7« VBiL'tB, M. one million. 1^ 

2)sr Vbil'lby, ». to spoil, mar, moil, or dirty. M 

Yn Vbil^lbyoer, «. the spoiler, &c. m 

Ro Vbil'lit, a. too spoiled, &c. jj 

rn Vbin'ao, », the pinch or nip. j^ 

D9 Yhiboo^ob, ». toiyawnlor gape. m 

Feer Vbinoy'b or Vbinoteagb. a. very mel- 
low or mealy. ' Yj 

E Vbinoy'bid or Vbinoy'bts, «. his mellow- 
ness. » 

E Vbioyr, a. his feeUng or use of faculties. M 

>'tfer Vbiot'ral, a. very acute of feeling. M 

E Vhir, «. his crops. B 

Yn Vbit'tao, «. the milk for churning. b 

^S^rS?"* "• ^^^* ^" ^^"^ ^^"^^ ' ^««'«* 
jRo Vblit, a. too milked. B 

Bo Vbol'lim, a. too friahle or brittle. m 

Er Vbol'maob, ». hath, &c., got friable. M 
E Vhol'mid, *. his friabiUty. jj 

S Yhoult, 8. his mutton, his bolt m B 

E Vbow, *. his bow to shoot with, his prow. M B 
E \mmftsBK% t. his sleeve. j^ 

Yn Ybullvoh't, «. the may flower. b 

y»'VBUR'BAN, 8. the bodkin. B 

Yn Vbitr'tao, «. the blunt knife. b 

r» Vbut'tao, «. theguasetorgoarin ploughingfe 
Yn Tb YN'TBY, «. the heib mint. m 

^'•wTiAi,, «. rerysBl^ectiye. b 


ilo Vial'laob, a. too obedient or snboiisflive. S 
JS Via l'lys, «. his obedience or submission. B 
« ViAN, 8. his Matthew or Matthias. M 

E ViAN, «. his eager wish or fond desire: leaiah, 
xxix. 8. ^ 

ilo Vian'daoh, a. too hankering after, too fond 

of, longing too much for or after. M 

Yn Vie, «. the good. m 

Feer Vie, o. very good, very well. M 

Feer Vieau, a. very swift or speedy. B 

E ViBAi/iD, 8. his swiftness or speed. B 

Fir Vib'-ey. a. pi. good ones. m 

E Vie'ntn, «. his ^-irtu^s. m 

^ Vib'fs, «. his goodness. m 

E Vil'jyn, 8. his trees. b 

Fn ViLL, 8. the honey. |f 

Feer Vil'laob, a. very full of trees. B 

Yn Vil'lby, 8. the tree. , b 

Yn Vil'ley. See Fn r«.'/c, the million. M 

E Vil'jid, 8. his sweetness. if 

J'ccr Vil'lish, a. very sweet. m 

Dty ViM^MEY, ». thy female sponsor at the font. M 

Yn Vine, a. the drop. b 

Vino, v. did bite or pinch j — aoh : — iw j —ins • 
— YM } — YMS J — Ys, 94. M 

FnlTiNo, 8. the Jury. b 

Ro ViNG, a. too shrill. b 

Er Ving'by, r. hath, &c., bit or pinched. M 
Ro Ving'it, o. too bit or pinched. m 

E ViNo'YS, 8 his music. g 

^r Vin'jagbby, v. hath, &c., curdled; Job, x. lOB 

*^** y'^'»A.N^ 8. the curds and whey, the curded 
milk. n 

Fn Vinjeig', a. the kid of a hind. m 

Yn Vine, a. the bench. b 

^ ViNN, a. his corners. b 

Fn Vin'naoh, a. the guts, entrails or bowels, the 
pith of timber. ' ^ 

Fn Vin'nid, a. the rennet. b 

Yn Vin'nid, a. the minute. j^ 

Feer Vio, a. very much alive. b 

Vio'bb, v. did quicken or vivify. jj 

i>8r ViocB^BY. ». to quicken or animate, to en- 
hven or vivify. ^ ^ 

Yn Viol, a. the violin or fiddle. b 

♦Viol or Viol'lbb, v. did tempt or tempted i 

— AGB i —IN . —INS J — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. M 

Dp Viol'lagb, ». to tempt jf 

FnVioL'LAoB, a. the temptation. jf 

Er Viol'lagb, ». hath, &c., tempted. u 

Dty Viol'ley, «. thy tempting. )f 

Fn Viol'leyder, a. the tempter. m 

ilo Viol'lit, a. too tempted. if 

-Feer ViOYE, o. very brisk. v 

* VioYR or VioYRBB, ©. did make brisk j — aoh • 

-IN; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, Q^. B 

I^Viot'baobby, t>. to make brisk. b 

Vioy'rby, a. pi. brisk, smart. b 

E Vioy'bid, a. his briskness. b 

Ho Vioy'rit, o, made too brisk. b 

i>5jr Vio^YS, 8.'^^, Prov. **Le8h 9 Hom* 
8hegtn Janmtio.** / "'" ^ wo|g 

Nyn^tB, •riimt^tak., (^es or moi. p 

Fn Vib'ao, «. fh« eye tooth. ^ 


Fecr ViB^RAOB, a.^yery sharp pointed. B 

Dy Vie'baohbt, o. to sharpen the point. B 

*yiRR or Vir'bbb, 9. did sharpen the point; 

— AOH i — IN ; — INS } — TM } — YAJS J — Y8, 94.B 

*VisH or V'ish'kb« v. did increase, multiply, or 
prosper; — aghj — inj — insj — tmj — yms; 
—YS, 94. B 

I>^ Vish'aoh or VisHAOHBT, P. to increase, to 
aag^ent, &c. B 

Feer Vis'silaoh, a. very precarioos. M 

Yn Vis'siLiD, «. the uncertainty, &c. M 

Yn Vitch'by, a. the hitch. B 

Fn ViTB, «. the wick; the halt. B 

Yn Svj^TVitM, s. the mitten or g^love. M 

Yn Ylaa, 8. the bloom, blossom, or flower. B 

"Dp Vlaa'ohey, o. to blossom or flower. B 

Ro Ylaa'ghit, a. too blossomed, &c. B 

Vlaak or Vlakb, o. did graze or gape ; — aoh ; 

—BY J — INJ — insj — YMJ — YMS J — YS, 94. B 

Yn Vlaa'shao wuiob or Yn Vaskaid wbb, «. 
the wild or field marygold. B 

Yn Ylak'bydbe, «. the gazer. B 

Yn Vlass or Vlayst, ». the taste or savour. B 

Feer Vlays'^tal, a. very tasteful or sippid. B 

Vlayst, ». did taste j — aohj — inj — ins; 

— YM ; — YMS J — YS, 9*. B 

Dy ViiAys'tyn, t>. to taste. B 

J? Vlban, 8. his groin or flank. B 

Yn Vlbayn, 8. the emerod or pile. B 

Yn Yleayst, 8. the husk or shell, the cover of 

grains in a pod ; the shell of an egg. B 

Ro Yleays'tagh, a. too husky. B 

Fn Vleb, 8. the foolish or befooled person. B 

Feer Ylbb'binaob, a. very simple or silly. B 
Chia88 Yleba'^nby, a. d. the heat of the year. B 

E YLEEAN'TYjtr, 8. his years. B 

Yn Ylbib, 8. the halfling* B 

Yn Ylbin, 8. the year. B 

Fn Vlen'nick, «. the belly fat. B 

Nyn Vlbsh'en, 8. your, &c. blanket cloth. F 

Fn Vlbss, 8. the blast. B 

Vlbst, o. did blast j — aoh j — ts, 94. B 

Dy Ylbs'tal, v. to blast. B 

Ro Vlbs'tit, a. too blasted. B 

E Ylhuid, 8. his blades. B 

E Vlics, 8, his blocks. B 

Vlibaum, «. did milk or milked ; — aoh j —in ; 
—ins j — ym j —yms ; — YS, 94. B 

Fn Ylibau'nagh, «. the milking. B 

Fn Ylibau'nbydbr, 8. the milker. B 

Ro Vlibau^nit, a. too milled. B 

Jtfjf Vltugh, ». if wet J —aghj — inj — ym; 
— YS, 94. p 

Er Vliugh'bt, t>, hath, &c. wetted. p 

Fn Ylob'bbrby, «. the babbler. B 

Fn Yloc/ban, 8. See Rlockan, B 

Fn Ylod, «. the blade. B 

Fn Ylousb, 8. the blowse. B 

My Yloys, v. if darest or durst. B 

Fn Yluo'oan, «. the ball. B 

Hy Yluo'oanbt, v. to ball or glomerate. B 

Rooa VLUtoBT, a. a milk cow. B 

Fn Yluiob^taob. «. the whole of the milk 
oatU*, B 




Fn YoA, «. the cow j Job, xzi. 10. See also 

Booa. B 

Fn Yoa'oaob, «. the cod. B 

CAa YoAD or *Yoadd, v. not kindle; — agb i 

—in J — INSJ — YMj —YMS J — YS, 94. F 

Er Yoad'oby, v, hath, &c. kindled. P 

E Yoad'rymyn, 8. his greaves. B 

Feer YoAl, a. very poor, mean, or despicable.M 
YoAL or •VoALL, V. did wall J — aoh; — inj 

— YMJ — YS. B 

Yn Yoal'dyn, «. the May. b 
Yn VoAL husb'tagb, s. the person having no 

great share of knowledge, a fool; Prov. xxix. 

20. M 

Fn Yo A l'lby, «. the wall. B 

YoAL'^LEY, a. pi. mean, despicable. M 

Yn Yoal'lbyoer, s. the waller. B 

BcUley Yoal'lit, a. a walled town. B 

Feer Yoa'nagh, a. very turfy. M 

Yoand, v. did band J — aobj —inj — ymj 
~Y8, 94. B 

Feer YoAN'nAGB, a. very faltering; blunt, 
feeble, dull. M, 

Fn Yoan'bey, «. the band. B 

Ro VoAN'^oiT, a, too banded. B 

Fn Yoan'oyb, a. the nurse. B 

Ro Yoan'^dyrit, a. too nursed. B 


Fn Yoa'neb or Yoaynee, 8. the turbary, the 
field of turfy soil. M 

Creafrh Yoa'nby, a. d. a sti\ck of turf. M 

Fn Yoan'noo, 8. the partly reared pig. B 
YoAR, V. did moor J —aobj — inj — ^ymj — ys, 

94. M 

Er YoAR^AL, V. hath, &c. moored. M 

E Yoab'yn, 8. his moorings. M 

Ro Voae'it, a. too moored. M 

Er YoASTBi'i., V. hath, &c. boasted. B 

Fn YoAYLL, s. the place J the playball. B 

Fn YoAYN, 8. the turf or peat. — M 

Fn YoAYRD, 8. the table, the board. B 

Nyn YoAYs, 8. your, &c. good or goodness. F 

Y*oc, p. they had, that they had j a contraction 
ofVaoc; — SYN, id. em, 

Yn Yo'cBiL or Yocb)llby, «. the herd or 

herdsman. B 

Yo'cBiL, V, did herd; —aghj — inj — tmj 

— YS, 94. B 

Dy Yo'cHiLLAGB or YocHiLLAGBBT, V. to herd.B 
Fn Yo'cBiiiLAOBT, 8. the herding. B 

Ro Yo'cBiLUT, a. too herded. B 

Fn YocE, the gelding. B 

Er Yock'ley, «. hath, &c. uttered or spoken. F 
YoD or •YoDD, V. can, canst, may, mayst, &c. j 
—agb J —IN J —insj —ymj —yms, 94. F 
Dy Yod'dagb, v. that could or couldst, &c» P 
E YoD^nEE, 8. his dogs. M 

Cha Yon'DBY, v. not long, not fax, F 

Dy Yon'oEY beayn y bee, long live the king, 
or long may the king live ; 3 Kinge, xi. 13. F 

Fn Yod'dey, 8, the dog. Prov. ** Ceau crane 
ayne beeal drogh voddey i" and " Baaae y der* 
rey voddey grayee y voddey elley," M 

Cha Yod'din, p. I could not j — s, id. em, F 

Dy Vod'otm, p, that I mayj — s, id, em. V 




Fb Vod'jai., «. the doud. B 

Feer Vod'j\laoh, a. very cloudy. B 

Er Vol'/alkt, v. hath, &c. gathered cloads. B 
Vo SK, p. p. from her; — ish, id. em. 
Ro Voo, a. too soft or moist. B 

My YoQ or Vooo, v. if would soften j — aoh ; 

— IN; — FMj — ys. B 

Dp Vog'gaghbt, «. to soften or moisten. B 
Djf Voo'oBF, 8. of joy or grladness. B 

Dy Vog'gbtsaoh, ». to rejoice, to triumph, to 

gladden. This word is seldom used ; the 

phrase, rfy goaill boggey, or dy ve gennal, &c. 

having superseded it. B 

E Vog'gil, s. his meshes. M 

Bo Voogoi'l, a. too joyous. B 

Yn Vog'gyl, «. the mesh. B 

"Oy Vog'gtssaoh, ». to boast. B 

Fn Tog'oyssagh,*. the boaster; o. boasting. B 
VooHB, V, would get. 
Cha Voghb, v. would not get. 
Feer Vogh'by, o. very early. M 

E Vooh'id, «. his earliness. M 

Feer Voohla'nagh, a. very full of banks. B 
Yn Voglanb', 8. the bank. B 

Fn Vooh'rbv, «. the morning. M 

Yn VoGHT, «. the poor body. B 

Feer Vooht, a. very poor. B 

E VooH^TYNiD, 8. his povcrty. B 

Yn VoHLT, 8. the mutton. M 

Void, p. p. from thee j — s, trf. em, 
Yn Voi'dyn, «. the virgin or maiden. M 

Void'ynaoh, a. virginal. M 

Voi'dynys, 8. virginity. M 

Yn VoiL, 8. the mull. M 

Nyn Voil'jyn, «. your, &c. faults. F 

VoiN, p. p. from US; — YN, id. em. 
Vo*iN, p. (from Voghin) wotild I get ; — s, id. em. 
E Voir, «. his mother. M 

Voir,©, did disturb or trouble ; — agh; —in;. 

—INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, ©4, B 

Feer Voi'ragh, o. very troublesome, &c. B 

"Dy Voi'raghby or Voirey, v. to disturb or 
trouble. B 

FnVoi'RBY, 8. the disturbance or trouble; ox 
bother, a low English word. B 

Yn Voi'^REYDBR, 8. the troubler or disturber. B 

Ro Voi'rit, a. too disturbed, &c. B 

VoiSH, pre. from; p. p. from him ; — yk, id, em. 

Yn VoiTBiL or Votki'l, «. the bottle. B 

Yn Vol, 8. the nave, the mould to cast anything 

in. M 

Yn VoLo, 8. the belly, the milt. M 

VoLo, V. did roast or blister ; -agh ; —in ; 

— INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. B 

Feer Vol'gagh, a. very milty. M 

Vol'oaoe, a. d. of the belly. B 

Yn Vol'oan, 8. the bubble or little belly. B 

Yn Volganb^ 8. the belly or calf of the leg. B 

Er Vol'gby, v. hath, &c. roasted, &c. B 

Yn Vol'obyder, «. the roaster or parcher. B 

Ro Vol'git, a. too roasted, &c. B 

Yn Vol'gum, 8. the mouthful. ' B 
VoLK, t». did macerate or putrify ; —agh ; — «b ; 

— YS, 04. M 


Dy Vol'kaohby, v, to macerate, to putrify. M 
Ro Vol'kit, a. too macerated. M 

VoLL, V. did deceive or cheat, did disappoint ; 
— ^AGH; — BE; — IN; — INS; — ^YM ; —YMS; 
— YS, 94. M 

FwVol'lag, 8. the buoy. M 

Ro Vol'l^gh, a. too rough. M 

Ro Vol'lagh, a. too bare or too barely brought 
or gathered. This and preceding word* though 
spelled alUce, are nearly in direct opposition. B 
Fir Vol'laghby, v. hatii, &c., hid, hidden or 
concealed. F 

Yn Vol'laght, 8. the curse. M 

Ro Vol'laghtagh, a. too cursed or blasphem- 
ous. M 
E Vq^'LAGHTiD, 8, his cursedness. ' M 
Yn Vol'lan, 8. the old wife fish. B 
E YoL'^LEB, 8. his eye brow. M 
Dy "Voi/ixY, V. to cheat or deceive, &c. M 
Fn Vol'lby, 8. the boll. B 

Kere Vol'^ley, a. sweet comb, honey comb. 
This word Volley comes from MiUi8h, (sweet) j 
and means a. d. of sweetness. M 

Yn Vol'leydey, «. the disappointer. M 

E VoL'^LTD, 8. his roughness. M 

Er Vol'maoh or Vol'maghby, v. hath, &c. 
emptied. F 

Nyn Volt, «. your, &c. hair ; Ez. xliv. 20. F 
Yn Vol'tbyr, «. the decfeiver, rogu^ or cheat. M 
Ro Voltey'ragh, a. too deceitful/ rogruish,&c,M 
E Volte V'rts, 8. his deceit, fraud, &c. M 

Feer Volva'nagh, a. very stupid, &c., foolish ; 
Job, XXX. 8. B 

Yn VoLVANEf, 8. the stupid person, the dolthead, 
the person dull of apprehension. B 

E Volvan^'ys, 8. his stupidity or dullness of 
apprehension. B 

Vondeis'h, 8. advantage, profit; p/. — y».* 

VoNDBis'HAGH,':a. advautagcous, profitable. 

Dy VoN'^DiAOHT or Von'debys. 8. of bondage. B 

VoNo, V. did smile or smirk ; — ^agh ; — in ; 
— INS; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. M 

E YoNG, 8. his smile or smirk. M 

Dy YoNG'^BY, V, to smile, to smirk. M 

FnYoNG^EYDBR, «. the smiler. M 

Yn Von'kan, 8. the bumpkin or boor. B 

Ro Von'kanagh, a. too boorish, c. B 

E VoN'^KANYs, 8. his boorishuess, &c. B 

Yn VoN'^NAD, 8. the bonnet. B 

Yn Von'nbb, 8. the old mare. B 

Cre*n Von'nby, «. what manner, what meaningM 

Yn Von'nby, 8. the much, the many. M 

V'oo, p. See Fot*, thou wert. 

Yn VooA, 8, the cow. B 

Yn VooAD, 8. the size, bulk or bigness. M 

VooAD, V, enlarge, extend; — ^agh; — kb; — in; 

— INS; — YM} :^YMS; — YS, 94. M 

JS?r Vooa'oagh orYooA'DAGHSY, o. hath, &c. 
enlarged, extended, magnified, increased in 
bulk. M . 

Fn Yooa'ds or Vooa'dys, 8. the greatness, bulb 
size or magnitude. M 

Feer Vooar, o. very great, large, big, huge. M 

Chennid Vooab, a. agreat strait; 1 Chron. xxi. 13M 

VooAR or YooAREB, o. did grudge or begrudjKp; 

—AGH 5 —IN } —INS i — YM ; —YMS } — YS, 94.M 


Er Vooar'ach or Vooar'aohbt, v. hatb, Ac., 
grudged, &c. M 

Yn Vooara'laoh, a. the haughty person. M 
^cct'Vooara'laoh, a. vqty haughty, &c. M 
E Vooara'lys, 8. his haughtiness, &c. M 

E Yooaran'b, 8. his much or mickle. M 

Kirree Voo ar'bt, a. pi. big sheep. M 

Yn Vooar'bydeh, «. the grudger. ' M 

Ro Voo'dbb, a. too much in partnership. B 

^'Voo'dbkys, 8. his partnership. B 

VoooH, V. did quench or quenched ; — ^agh ; 

— IN ; — INS } — YM ; — YMS j — YS, 94. M 

Yn VoooH, 8. the bilge. B 

I>y'VoooH'Br, ». to quench, M 

Yn Vogh'eyder, *. the quenther. , M 

Ro Yooh'it, a- too quenched. M 

Ro Vooi'ach, a. too willing. B 

Yn yooIDJBEN^ 8. the outcast or miscreant. M 

Eeer Vooidjben'aoh, a. See "Mooidjeenagh. M 

E Vooidjeen'ys, «. his miscreancy. M 

VooiB, a. See Laare Vooie. B 
VooiN, V, did make urine; — agh j ^inj —ins ; 

— YM J — YMS J — ^YS, 94. M 

Yn Vooin'bydbr, *. the maker of urine. M 

Ro VooiNT, a. too pissed. M 

Yn Vooin'jer, «. the domestics, the servants, 
the household. M 

Fir Vooin'jerey, s. men servants. M 

E Vooin'jbrys, 8. his relationship, &c. M 

Er e VooiN or Vo'in, «. on top of, on his back 
or on him, M 

Yn Vootr, 8. the sea j Eecl. i. 7* M 

JBTooisB, «. his thanks. B 

Feer VoOi'sal, a. very thankful or grateful. B 
■ E Vooi'ifs, 8. his gratitude. B 

Py VooN, V. to piss ; 8. of urine. M 

Yn Voo'rey, ff. the beach. B 

VoosT, V. did rouse, sally or rush j —agh ; —in ; 

— INS J —YM J —YMS, 94. M 

Er Voos'tby, v. hath, Ac, roused, &c. M 

Yn Voostey'r, *. the rouser. M 

Yn VooTS, 8. the boot. B 

Er Yordrai'l, v. hath, &c., afforded. F 

2Vyn VoRT, 8. your, &c, ability. F 
V'oRT, p. p. on thee j — s, id. em. 

CAa VosHL or Voshil, v, not open; .— aoh; 

— IN j —INS; — YM ; -YMS; — YS, 94. F 

Er Vos'iBY, V. hath, &c., opened. f 

FnTos'sAN, «. the veort. B 

Vou, p. thou wert ; — ys, id. em. 

Er Vou'daghby, v. hath, &c., become damaged 
or unsound. p 

E Vou'deeid, 8. his unsoundness^ F 

VouB, p. p. from them ; — syn, id. em. 

Yn VouiN, 8. the stays or bodice. B 

Yn Voui'nagh, «. the long veaist. B 

y» VouLT, 8. the bolt or mutton. B. M 

VouLT, V. did bolt j -agh j -in ; — ym ; — ys, 94B 

Dy Voul'tal, v. to bolt. B 

Ro Voul'tit, a. too bolted. B 

Ro Youyr, a. too deaf. B 

J)y Vouy'ragh, ». to deafen. B 

Jffr Yout'raobby, 9. hath, &c., deafened. B 



Yn Vouy'ran or Vouran, *. the person a little 
deaf, the deaf diminutive creature; Jcr. li. 17.B 
E Vouyra'nys, 8. his little deafness. B 

"Mraane Vouy'rey, a. pi. deaf women. B 

Yn Vouy'reydbr, s. the deafener. B 

Ro Vouy'rit, a. too deafened. B 

Vow, p. 144. will thou get; — s, id. em. G 

Vow AD, will they get; —syn, id. em. G 

Cha Vow, p. 144. not get. G 

VowYM or Vo'ym, p. 144. vrtU I get. G 

Mff YowYM or Vo'ym baasb, before I die. G 
VowYMs or Vo'yms, p. wiU Iget; em. G 

VoYLL, ». did praise; — aohj -in; — ins; 

— ym ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. M 

Fir Voyl'lee, p. praisers, applauders. M 

Dff Voyl'ley, v. to praise, to applaud. M 

Yn Yoyl'lbydbr, a. the praiser. M 

Ro Voyl'lit, a. too praised. M 
VoYM, p.p. from me; — s, id. em. 

Yn VoYN, 8. the heel. B 

Yn Voyn'naoh, «. the heel strap. B 
Yn VoYRN, 8. the pride. Proo. " Cha dennee 

rieau yn voyrn feayraght." M 

FctfrToYR'NAOH, a. very proud. M 

E Voyr'nbe, 8. his proud one6. M 

Vra orVRAA, a. (from Bra; ever, used in poetry .B 
Yn Vra A a, *. the shoe. Prov. **Tafy8 ec dy 
chooilley ghooinney c'raad td'n vraag gortagh 
eh." B 

Er Vraa'gby, v. hath, &c., shod. B 

Yn Vraain, 8. the quern. % B 

E Vraane, 8. his women ,or wives. M 

E Vraar, 8. his brother. B 

Vraa^ey, a. d. of a brother or brotiiers ; as, in 
the song. b 

My vraar ey chree 

She er dty choontey ta mee 80ie* 
Yn Yrack, 8, the mackrel or trout. B 

Vrack, v. did point or sharpen; — aohj — inj 

— INS; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. B 

Yn Vrac'kan, *. the brindle. B 

Uy Vrac'kky, *. to sharpen a tool, and not by 
grinding; to variegate. B 

Yn Yrac'kbydbr, «. the pointer or sharpener. B 

Ro Vrac'kit, a. too sharpened. B 

Fn Trad'dao, 8. the reptile, grub, &c. B 

Yn Yrad'dan, 8. the salmon. B 

Ben Vrabu, o. a brave woman or wife. B 

Fir Vrabu'by, a. d. brave men, B 

Feer Vragh'be, o. very malty. B 

Er Vraoh'by, v, hath, &c., malted; a. d. of 
malt. B 

Fn Ybagh'byden, *. the maltster. ' B 

E Yragh'id, 8. his maltiness. B 

Yn Vragh'tan, a. the slice or piece of bread 

spread over with butter, &c. B 

Vrah, v. did betray, — aoh; —in; —ins; 

— YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. B 

Fir Vkab'bb, 8. betrayers. B 

Yn Yrah'bydbr, 8, the betrayer. B 

Ro Yrah'it, a. too betrayed. B 

Yn Yran'-clooib, *. the down, B 

Yn Vran'olash, 8, the wrong or error, B 

E Yranlaa'deb, 8. his ravings. B 

Yn Vbanlaa'djeb, », the raver. B 



X Vrawlaa^ots, «. his raving. B 

Vbami. or Ybaklkb, v. did fallow; — aoh ; —in; 

— INSj — TMJ — YMS; — TS, 94. B 

Yn VaAN^LAi^o, s. the breach on a shore. B 
Yn Vran'^ktcan, s. the staggers. B 

Dy VaAN^LBT, V. to fallow. B 

Fit Vranlstdbr, 8. the fallower. B 

Ro Vban'lit, a. too fallowed. B 

Vbans» v. did dash; — aoh; —in; —ins; 

— TMj — TM8; — YS, 94. B 

Djf Vrans^bt, v. to dash; Isa. ziii. 16. B 

B Vhash, «. his brace. B 

Yn Vrash'laoh, «. the charlock ; the crupper. B 
Yn Vras'nag, t. the brand. B 

Vrasn or Vrasnks, v. did provoke, stimulate, 

or affront, did exasperate ; — aoh j — in ; 

— INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. B 

JBr Vras'naohby, v. hath, &c. provoked, &c. B 

Glaare Vras'nbb, a. d. provoking, or affironting 

language, &c. B 

Dy Yras'nby, o. to provoke or exasperate. B 
Yn Ybas'nbyder, s. the provoker, &c. B 

Ro Vras'nit, a. too provoked, &c. B 

Yn Yrba'daou, «. the swingletree. B 

Yn Vrbao, «. the lie. B 

FffcrVRBA'oAOH, a. very lying. B 

Yn Vrba'obrby, s. the liar. ' B 

J^rVRBA'oBY, V. hath, &c. lied ; JoAn, viii. 44. B 
Er nyn Yrbayll, v, hath, &c, been kept; Est, 
iz. 28. F 

Er Vbbayl'lby, v. hath. Sec. kept ; iVaA. i. 7. F 

Vbbb, «. did kick or kicked ; — aoh ; — in ; 

— INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — ys, 94. B 

Yn Vreb'ao, 8. the kiln without a roof; the 
certain posture to warm. B 

Dy Vreb'al, V, to kick, B 

Y« Vreb'an, 8. the small kick, or what is left of 
dirt by a kick. B 

Feer Yrsb'anagh, a. very full of dirt by kicks.B 

' Yn Vrbb'eydbr, 8. the one who kicks. B 

Ro Vrbb'it, a. too much kicked. B 

Yn Vrbck, 8. the smallpox. B 

Feer Vrbck, a. very spotted, variegated, &c. B 

Yn Vrbck'lagq, «. the something very spotted.B 

Feer Vrbd^daob, a. very thievish. B 

J^Vrbd^did, «. his thievishness or theft. B 

Yn Vrbb, 8. the steam or vigour, &c. B 

Vrbbar or * Vrebarr, v. did vow, vowed, 
swear; — ^agh; — in; — ins; — ymj — yms; 
— YS, 94. B 

iff Vreear'rey, a. his vow. B 

Yn Vrbb ar're YDS R, s. the one who vows. B 
Ro Yrbbar'rit, a. too vowed. B 

Yn Yreeck, a. the brick. B 

ynYRBENor Vreenid, a, the sultriness. B 
JfccrTRBBN'AOH, o. vcry sultry. B 

Vrbbn'by, a. pi. sultry. B 

Yn Vrbeoc'klb, a. the vowel. B 

iJ'ffcr Yrbeoi'l, a. very vigorous, &c. B 

OtV/ Yrebbh'ey, a. Brede or Bridget's night or 
vigil. B 

Vh Yrbo, a. the lie; 1 Kinga, xiii. 8. B 

Feer Yrb'oaoh, See Vreagagh. B 

Vrbid, v. did veil or veiled ; —aoh ; — iw j —ins j 

— TH) —YMS) — Ta,94; 2Kinga,ii,M, B 


FrTrbid, a. the veil. ^ 

Vrbio, v. did coax or coaxed; — aoh: — in. 

—ins; — YM; —yms; — YS, 94. B 

Dy Vrbig'by, v. to coax. ^ 

Yn Vrbig'bydbr, a. the coaxer. b 

Ro Vreio'it, a. too coaxed. b 

Dy Vrbill 00, that thou ke^.:r» This word is 

also spelled Reayll and Vreaytt. f 

Er Ybbil'lby, v. hath, &c. kept. . p 

Vreim, v. did break wind behind; — aoh ; 

—IN ; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, ^4. fi 

Dy Vreim'aragh, v. to fart. b 

Fn Yreim'eydbr, a. the farter. b 

Yn Vrbim'in, a. . the stinking fellow. b 

Yn Vrein, 8. the womb. b 

Ro ^Treinn, a. too stinking or nasty. b 
Er Vrbin'nagh or Vrein'naohey, v. hath, &c 

stunk or become stinking. b 

rnVRKiN'NEv, a. the part that hangs under the 
belly of a brood goose. b 

Dy Vein'nid, a. of nastiness, stink. b 

Yn Vrbish'ag, a. See radical Breiahag, 
Yn Vrelei'o, *. See Breleig. 
Yn Vrelleein', a. Ihe sheet. b 

Yn Vrel'lish, a. the ale wort. b 

Yn Vreneen^ a. the mote or atom. b 

Feer Vreneen'agh, o. very fuU of motes, &c. B 
Yn Vret'naoh, a. the Welshman. b 

E Vret'nbe, 8. his Welsh people. b 

Fn Yret'nish, a. the Welsh language. B 

Cheer VREx'yN, a. the Welsh country, Wales. B 
Vr¥y, v. did calve, lay, yean, &c. Vehr is the 

word used in common talk; — aoh: be- 

— YS, 94. B 

♦Vri or Vrib, v. did enquire, ask or enquired j 

— AGH ; —IN ; —INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94 B 

Er Vri'aoht, v. hath, &c., enquired or asked. B 
E Vrich'yn, a. his breeches. b 

E Trick, a, his troats or mackrels. B 

Ro Vribt, o. too enquired or asked. B 

Vrish, v. did break or broke; — aoh; — iwi 

—INS; -YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. ' B 

Er Vrish'ey, v. hath, &c., broke or broken. B 
Er Vrishey-poo'sby, t>. hath, &c., committed 

adultry, literally broke marriage. B 

Yn VRiSH^EYnsR, *. the breaker. b 

Ro Yrisht, a. too broken. b 

Feer Vrish'taoh, a. very buittle. b 

Yn Vriw, a. the judge or deemster. b 

Er Vriw'nys, «. hath, &c.. Judged. B 

£Vriw'nyssyn, «. his judgments. b 

Vroach, v. did tap; — aoh; —in; — ins; 

— YM; — YMS; — YS. B 

Dy YiioACHEiL, V. to broach or tap. b 

FnTROACR^EY, 8. the roll of yarn or thread. B 
Yn Yroacu'eyder, a. the tapper. b 

Ro Yroach'it, a. too tapped. b 

Yn Vroc, a. the badger. b 

Yn Yrock, a. the 01 ts. b 

Vrock, o. did make ort or refuse of; — aob ; — ^rsB 
Dy Yrock'by, o. to make orts of. B 

Yn Yrock'il or Voor'il, a. the breast or collar ) 

as, eilley tfroghil, (breast armour). B 

S VROcm'uv, a. his fore parts for a waistcoat, b 




Ro Vrock'it, a. too ortsed. B 
Vrod or *Vrodd, v. did pierce, poke, stab, 

prick J — AGHj —IN J —ins; — ymj — yms; 

— YS, 94. B 

Dp Vrod'dby, ». to pierce, poke, &c. B 

Yn Vrod'dbydbr, s. the piercer, &c. B 

Bo Vrod'dit, o. too pierced, &c. , B 

Yn Vroid, 8. the dirt, filth, filthiness. B 

* Vroi or Vroib, v. did boil or boiled j — agh ; 

—IN J —INS J — YM3 — YMSJ — YS, 94. B 

Yn Vroib'dbr, «. the boiler. B 

JRo Vroibt, o. too much bofled. B 

Vroigh, v. did dirty or dirtied j -agh j —in ; 

— INS J — YM J — YMS J — YS, 94. B 

Dy Vroigh'by, v, to dirty, &c. B 

Yn Vroioh'eydbr, «. the dirtier. B 

Bo Vroigh'it, a. too dirtied. B 

Vroill, «- did biir or bruise downj — aghj 
—INS J — YM } —YMS } — YS, 94. Scc BroUl. B 
Dy Vroil'ley, t». to bur or bruise down. B 

Yn Vroil'lbyder, «. the burrer, &c. B 

jRo_ Vroil'lit, o. too much bruised or blunted.B 
Yn Vroit, ««. the broth. B 

Vroo, v. did bruise or bruised j —agh j —in ; 

—INS } — YM j — YMS ; — YS, 94. B 

Yn Vroo'dek, 8. the bruiser. B 

Yn Vroooh, 8. the brink or brow. B 

Vrooicht, v. did belch or belched j —aghj 

— INJj -INS ; — YM ; —YMS J — YS, 94. B 

Dy Vrooightoil', v. to belch. B 

Yn Vrooill or Vrooil'lagh, «. the crumbs. B 

Bo Vroo'jit, a. too much bruised. B 

E Vroo'nyn, 8. his brinks or brows. B 

Yn Vrouish, 8. the brewis. B 

Yn Vrout or Vrouit, s. the brute. B 

Ro Vrodt'agh, a. too brutish or brutal. B 

E Vrout'id, 8. his brutishness or brutality. B 

Yn Vru'an, 8. the rash. B 

Feer Vru'anagh, a. very full of rash. B 

Yn Vry, «. the malt. Prov.— B 

" Ta'n vry erskyn y chumaght." 

Feer Vryn'nagh, a. very pert or flatterous. B 

Dy Vryn'nbraoht, v. to flatter. B 

JE Vryn'nerys, 8. his flattery. B 

E Vryn'nid, «. his pertness. 

Ro Vrynt, a. too pert. 

Yn VucK, ff. the pig or hog. Prov.— 

" Lhig dy chooilley vttck reuyrey jee hene." 

Yn Vitck-ar'kagh, 8. the sow. M 

Yn VucK-AwiN, 8. the bear. M 

Yn Vuck'laoh, «. the pigsty. M 

17 Vvcl'yn, 8. his buckles. B 

Ny Vuo EU, among you ; 2 Cor, xi. 30. F 

YuD^DEE, 8. f. damsel, wench; the voe, of 

Yn Vuooanb', 8. the bugbear or brownee. B 

Feer Yugoanb'agh, a. very dreary or frightful, 
very dismal, apt to frighten. B 

Yn Vuooo'oub, «. the buckthorn.' B 

Yn Vuo'oTL, 8. the buckle. B 

E Vuicx, 9. his geldings. B 

Ro VnioB, a. too yellow. B 

£r VuioH'^BY, V. hath, &c. yellowed. B 

E VuiBRT, 8. his beeves. B 

% S 

JET VuiLo, 8. his bellies. B 

E Vuilg-shbid'be, a. his bellows. B 

E VuiLL, s. his places. This word as well as 
Voayllyn, is used for the plural of place. - B 
Yn Vuil'ley, 8. the blow or stroke. B 

VuiNN, V. did reap or reaped, did shear com, 
pull flax, hemp, ling; cut turf, &c. ; -agh ; 

— IN; —INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. B 

Yn Vuin'nky, «. the mesentery. B 

Yn Vuin'nbyder, s. the turf cutter, &'c. B 

Ro Vuin'nit, a. too reaped, shorn, pulled, &c. B 
Cha VuiR or *Vuirr, v. not stay; — agh ; — in ; 

— INS ; — YM J — YMS J — YS, 94, F 

Yn VtriR, 8. the sea. See also Vooir. M 

E Vuirchoo'raghyn, s. his wrecks. M 

E VuiRD, 8. his tables, boards, &c. B 

Yn Vuirei'rey, «. the billow. M 

Yn Vuirhraie', 8. the ebb tide. M 

Feer Vuirjbb'nagh, s. very gloomy. M 

E Vuirjeb'nys, s. his gloominess. M 

Yn Vuirlaig', s. the stone worn by the sea. M 

Yn Vuirlane', 8. the sea tang. M 

Er Vuir'riaoht or Vuir'raghtyn, v. hath, &c. 
stayed ; Act8f xxv. 6. F 

Vuitch, v. did bewitch; ^-aoh; — bb; — in; 

— INS; — YM; — YMS; -— YS, 94. B 

Er Vuitch'al, v. hath, &c. bewitched. B 

Yn Vuitch'eraght, 8. the witchcraft. B 

Yn Yuitch'eyder, s. the bewitcher. B 

Ro Vuitch'it, a. too bewitched. B 

Yn Vuitch oo'r, «. the butcher. B 

^Yuitchoo'rys, 8. his butchery. B 

Yn Vul'lag, 8. the cask or keg. lA 

Fn Yul'lagh, «. the top, .the summit, the 
height ; as, vel 'yn eayst ec y vullagh (is tiie 
moon at the height or full) ? M 

E Yul'lee, a. d. his top or head; Acta, i. 18; 
pL — YN ; his eminences. . M 

Dty Yum'mig, 8. thy mother, colloquially. M 

Yn YuN, a. the butt end ; the meaning. B 

Yn Yundei'l, 8. the bundle. B 

Yn "SvTHLKjJ, 8. the mid-day or noon. M 

Yn Ydn'ney, 8. the sheaf; pi. 68. B 

Hty Yun'nys, 8. thy almost. B 

Feer Yun ry sky'n, a. very topsy turvy, or 

upside down. B 

Yn Yur'lby, 8. the cress or cresses. B 

Yn Yur'lhin, «. the hamper. M 

Yn Yur'roo, 8. the eye rock at the Calf. B 
Cha Yur'rys lhiam da. See radical Burrya. B 

Yn Vur'tag, 8. the blunt knife, B 

Dy Vur'tagh, v. to fumble, to work with a poor 
or blunt tool. M 

Er Yur'taghby, v. hath, &c. fumbled or wrought 
in a bungling manner. M 

Yn Yus'sal, 8. the handkerchief. B 

Yn Yustaa' or Yusthaa', «. the bustle. M 

Yn Vcsthanb', 8. the dust of rotten wood. M , 

Yn YuTT, 8. the prop or buttress. B 

E Vygp'in, 8. his mercy. M 

Feer Yyoh'inaoh, o. very merciful. M 

DyYYOH'iNEE, ». of merciful ones. M 

JSYygh'inzd, s. his mercifulness. M 

Feer Yyn» v. very fine, small, &c. M 




Vff Vtk'aohby, o. to make small, &c. M 

Vtn^oyr, o. did pilfer or steal small thingfs ; 

— AOH } —IN J —INS ; — YM } — TMS ; — TS, 94.M 

Dy Vtn'ctraoht, «. to pUfer or steal petty 
things. M 

Yn'VYSJMio', 8. the small package. M 

l^'VTN'NAaH, «. his bowels } Jo6,xx. 14. See 
Vinnagh. M 

Feer Vts'oidaoh, a. very malicious or spite- 
ful. M 

E Yts'kio or Vts'kit, 8. his malice or spite, M 


This letter, as primary initial, is seen in the fol- 
lowing colamns, and also as initial in deriva- 
tives where it is second letter, or where OO, U 
and sometimes O are next after primary mu- 
table initials in a word. 

Note.— TAe derivatives from V are only used in 
common convertaiionf and not in 8acred or 
tolemn language, 

E WAA'xa, 8. his hares. M 

E Waag, «. his bowling stones j his hut or 
cottage. B 

E Waaoh, «. his hare. M 

Feer Waaoh or Whaaoh, a. very pretty. B 

Dy Waa'lkt, v. to sew. 

Yn Waanb or Wank, a. the cow-house or 
booth. B 

Waoaan', v. stroUidly. 

Waoaan'taoh, «. IB. a vagrant or vagabond} 
a. in a vagabond, vagrant manner. 

Waoaan'tvs, 8, vagrancy. 

Wahll, in, well. 

Walk, v. tuck or mill woollen cloth j — aoh, 77 i 
— KE, 80} —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; 
— YHS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Walk'be, a. d. of tucking or milling. 

Walk'by, V, tucking, milling. 

Walk'bydbr or Walker, 8. a tucker or miller 

of woollen doth, a fuller; Mark, iz. 3. 
Walk'it, pt. tucked, milled. 
Wanueail', v. wandering. 
Wandrail'aoh, a, wandering; 8, m, a person 

that wanders. 
Wandrail'yssyn, 8, pi, wanderings. 
E Wan'nal, 8, his neck. M 

Creoi Wan'nallagh, a, stiffiaecked; 8. stiff- 

nedced person. M 

Creoi Wan'nallyS) 8, stiifheckedness, stub- 

bomness. M 

Wap'pin, *. m, a weapon j pi, — yn. 
Wap'pinaob, a. having weapons. 
War, 8. m. the stroke of an oar in rowing or 

plying; j>/.— YN. 
War'doonagh, 8. a, a warden; pl,7\* 
War'door, «.m. a jailor; pl.—YS; ilefo,xvi.23. 
Warp, 8, m, a cast, a three; ph —pyn. 
Warp, v, wrap, bind round ; —aoh, 77 i —be, 

80 J —ins, 84; — YJM, 80; — YMS,87; — YS, 88. 

War'pal, v. wrapping, binding round. 
War'pit, pt. wrapped, bound. 
War'rag, 8. f, m, a wit; pi. — yn. 
War'bbb, a, witty, crafty, &c. 

E War'rbb, 8. his grandmother. M 

Wass, adv. below, down. It is sometimes used 

in opposition to Hoal ; any where the speaker 

is; ayn8 8hohwas8 (here below). 

Yn Wasb'ag, 8. the wig or tuft of hair. M 

E Wat'lao, 8. his wilk or walk. M 

Wbd, 8. m. wad or wadding. 

Ro Web, a. too yellow. See Wuigh. B 

Web, v. did cuise or beseech ; — agh ; — in; 
—INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. Q 

Dy Web'aghyn, v. to curse. G 

Yn Web'der, 8. tl)e curser. Q 

Yn Wbbi'ghby, 8. the Jaundice. B 

Bo Wbe'it, a. too cursed. G 

Wbub, p.p. from you; — iss, i4. em. See VencV 

Wbub-henb, p. p. from yourselves. ' y 

Whaal or Whayll, v. sew; —aoh, 77; —*k, 
80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86; —YMS, «7j 

— YS, 88. 

Whaa'lby, V, sewing ; «. tn. a sewing or seam ; 
pi. 67. 

Whaa'lbydbh, 8. m. one who sews. 

Whaal'ley, 8. m. a clinch nail; pi, 67, 

Whaalt, pt. sewed. 

Yn Whaaltaoh, «. the meeter. Q 

Mp Whail, v. to meet me. Q 

Er Wh ail'tby, v. hath, &c. met, Q 

Yn Whaiyll, 8, the court; pi. — yn. Q 

Whed'dyr, *. /. a barb ; pi. — yn. 

Whed'dyragh, a. barby, having barbs. 

Whbbsb, adv. as much, so much; ere whee^ 
ere whillin, (how much). 

Yn Whbio, 8, tiie five ; pi, — yn. Q 

Yn Whbtg'ooo, a. the fifth. Q 

Fit Wheigjbig^ a. the fifteen. Q 

Yn Whbgjbio'oo or Wheigooybio, a. tiie fif- 
teenth. Q 

Yn Wheig as feb'doo, o. the twenty-fifth. Q 

E Whid, 8. hispenises. B 

Whil'lbbn, or as it is always pronounced 

Whil'lin or Whyl'lin, adv. as many, so many ; 
(how many). 

E Whing, 8. his yoke ; his large swingletree. Q 

Whinojeba'r, 8. m. the leading horse or bul- 
lock in a yoke or team, the beast that is fore- 
most inside. 

Yn Wnrv^BR, 8. the quiver ; Gen. xxvil. 3. Q 

Whoig or Whaig, 8. f. a thrum; pi, — yn. 

Yn Whon, 8. the stump. B 

Feer Whon'naoh, a, very stumpy. B 

Ard Whuaiyl, s. the council. Though this 
spelling is made use of, I think it better writ- 
ten Whaiyl, which see. Q 

E Whuail^'lan, 8. his pup or whelp. Q 

Yn Whubbyl, 8, the wheel. Q 

Yn Whuebyl'laoh, «. the band; pi. 72, Q 

Yn WHuio'ftiiL, 8. the distaff; it is also applied 
to the lint on the distaff. Q 

E Whvineb'l, 8. his sleeve. M 

Smock Whuinbel'lagh, a, a shift having 
sleeves. M 

Whush, in. hold thy peace, bush. 

E Wil'lbbn' 8, 42. his loaf; Lev, xxiii. 17. B 

Yn Wing, 8. tiie mane. M 

E WiN^NiCAN, 8, 42. his yolk. B 





Wis'taD, «. /. worsted. 

E WoAiE» 8. his hatred or detestation. D 

Ro Woai'aoh, a. too hateful or detestable. D 
E Woai'ys, «. his detestablcness. D 

WoAiLL ». 42. did strike or smite; — aghj 

—IN J —INS J — YMJ — VMS J — TS, 94. B 

Yn Woail'lbe, *. 42. the fold. B 

Yn Woail'lbt, «. 42. the blow or stroke. B 

Yn Woail'leydbr or Woailtbtr, «. 42. the 

striker or smiter. B 

Bo Woailt, a. 42. threshed or striken. B 

Ro Woail'taoh, a. 42. too apt to strike. B 

E Woailt'chyn, 8. 42. folds or foldings. B 

Yn Woailtbbn', «. 42. the heavy mallet. B 

Djf Woal'lby, v. 42. to strike, to thresh. B 

E WoiD» 8. 42. his penis. B 

E WoiE, a. 42. his boy J pi. — aghyn. B 
WoiR, V. 42. did trouble or disturb, did harass j 

— ACH; — BEj — IN J — INSj — YM; — YMS; 

— Ys, 94. See also Voir. B 

Ro Woi'baoh, a. 42. too troublesome, &c. B 
Yn WoIRANB^ «. 42. the troublesome one. B 
E Woia'nys, 8. 42. his trouble, harrassing:. B 
E Woi'rby, «. 42. his trouble or disturbance. B 
Yn Woi'rbydbr, s. 42. the troublcr or distur- 
ber. B 
Otc7 Woir'rby, 8. Mary's night. M 
Kirree Woirryn, «. 42. she sheep. B 
Un Woir'rynaoh, 8. 42. one female. B 
Yn Woir'rynid, *. 42. the feminality. B 

Woiss, pre. from. Prov. " WoUh y laue gys 
2^ veear^' (from hand to mouth). V 

WoiSH, p. p. from him J — yn, id, em. V 

Woish'lebyn, 8. pi. pennyworts. 

Wol'lad, 8. a wallet. 

Won'deish, 8. advantage, profit. V 

Won'obishsaoh, a. advantageous, profitable. V 

Yn WooA, 8. 42. the cow. See also Vooa. B 

Cre WooAD kbayrt, how many times. M 

E WooAD, 8. his size, bigness. M 

"Dy Wooad'aohby, o. to enlarge or expand. M 

E Woo ADS or Wooad'ys, s. his size, greatness, 
em. M 

Peer Wooar, a. very big, great, or large. M 

Hy Wooar'aohey, v. to begrudge. M 

Ro Wooaba'lagh, a. too haughty or ambi- 
tious. M 

E Wooara'lys, 8, his haughtiness or osten- 
tation. M 

Djf WOOASB^LAGHEY, V. tO WOrshlp, O 

Note. — I have initialled these words, from O, loith 
W, though I never 8aw them 80 tvritten; yet 
nothing ts more common than to hear them 
80 spoken. 

Yn Wooasb'lbyder, «. the worshipper. O 

Wooash'lit, 85. worshipped. O 

Feer Wooi'agh, a. 42, very willing or pleased. B 

E Woo'iD or Wooi'-iD, 8. 42. his willingness. B 

Tou dty Wooidjebn^ 8. thou art an excommu- 
nicated person. M 

E Wooidjbb'nys, 8. his outlawry. M 

WooiN, p. p. from us J — YN, id. em. V 

Wooinbbnb', p. from ourselves. V 

E Woom'jBR, «. his household or domestics. M 

Fir WooinObr, «. men-servants. M 

Ben Wooin'jbbby, 8. a woman relation. M 

E WooinOerys, 8. his relationship. M 

Yn WooiR, 8. the sea. M 

Dy Wooi'ys, ». 42. to please j 2 Chron. x. 7. 
See also Matrimony. B 

WooYM, p. p. flrom me j — s, tU em. V 

Wooympbne', p. p. from myself. V 

WoR, V. This word is used to make a horse g^o 
off to the right, to chee or gee. 

WouE, p. p. from them; — syn, id. em. V 

WouB BENE, p. p. from themselves. V 

E WuiCK, 8. 42. his geldings. B 

Dy WuiooYS, 8. of moisture. B 

Ro WuioB or Wee, a, 42. too yellow. B 

Yn Wuiob'ey or Wbbtob'bY) «. 42« the Jaun- 
dice. B 

E WuiLG, 8. 42. his bellies. B 

Yn Wuil'ley, ». 42. the blow or stroke. B 

Ro WriLT, a. 42. too smitten. B 

I^ WuiNN, 42. See Vuinn, to reap, &c. B 

Yn Wuin'nagb, 8, 42. the lax or looseness. B 

Yn WuiB. See Wooir, the sea. M 

WuiTCB, 8. 42. witch} V, did bewitch; — agb; 

— IN ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. B 

Dy Wuitcb'al, v. 42. to bewitch. B 

E Wuitcb'eragbt, s. 42. his witchcraft. B 

Ro Wuitcb'it, a. 42. too bewitched. B 

E Wyl'jyn, 8. his mills. H 

Yn Wyl'lar, s. the miller. M 

Wyl'laragb, a. d. of or belonging to a miller. 

E Wyl'larys, 8. his millership or his trade or 
craft of a miller. M 

Yn Wyl'lin, 8. the mill or miln. M 

Wyl'linaqb wyljby, a. d. of a mill or mills. M 

m^mk •••■■^•■■■■■■■■« ■■■■ .■.■.^.^^-- , - , --,^.^- , ^.^.^^^. , ^-^^^.^^^^.^^.^^.^^.^^^^ ^ ^.^^ 

Y, as a radical initial, does not change, but all 
words radically in J come under it. 

Y, (article) the contraction of yn. It is often used 
before words beg^ning with a consonant; as, 
y Dooinney, (tlie man); Goll gys y vagher, 
(going to the field), &c. Itis sometimes usedin 
composition for A, as in Luke, ix. 3. Ny Ihig 
da daa chooat y pheesh y ve'eu. 

Dy Yaagb, 8. of smoke. j 

Yaaob, v. did smoke; — aoh; — inj — iks; 
— YM ; —YMS; — YS, 94. J 

Ro Yaagb'agb, a. too smoky. J 

Dy Yaagb'by, v. to smoke. J 

Ro Yaaob'it, a. too smoked. J 

E Yag'gid, *. his jacket. J 

Yagb, in. anon ; said to the speaker when the 
hearer does not well know what is said, a no- 
tice to repeat what was said before. 
E Yaob'eb, 8. his tithe. J 

E Yaob'benys, 8, his tithing trade. J 

Yab or Yagb, *. lass; pi. — tw. 
E Yal^loo, 8. his idol or image. j 

Ny Yal'loodbb, 8, an idolater. j 




E Yam'ts, 9. his James. J 

Dy Yan'noo, v. to do, act, make, &c. J 

Brogh Yan'tagh, a. a sinner, an eril doer or 
actor, a transgressor ; pi. 71 • J 

Cha Yaro, v. could or couldst not ; — aoh ; 

—KB J —IN } —INS J — TM J — TMS J — YS, 94, J 

E Yarg'an, ». his flea. J 

Yarnaio', 8. f. ahank of yam or thread j p/.— yn. 
Yarr or Yiar'raoh, ». (from Jir) would or 


— INS 

wonldst say; — aoh; — bb; 

— YMJ — YMS; — YS, Q4. J 

l)*y Yar'hoo, *. thy indeed. J 

Dy Yarroo'd, 8. to forget ; —aoh ; —in ; 

—INS i — YM J —YMS } — YS, 04. J 

Ro Yarroo'daoh, a. too forgetful. J 

E Yarroodby, v. his forgetting. J 

Ro Yarroo'dit, a. too forgotten. J 

E Yas'tan. See Jastan. J 

Dp Yas^bb, 8. of yeast or barm. J 
E Yai/tbr, a, his debtor, his dealer with, his 

author. J 

E Yaw, 8. his creek. G 

E Yba, 9. his yesterday. J 

J7 Yba'id, 5, his sharpness of teeth. J 

Ybal. See Yeeal. 

Drogh Yban'taoh, «. an evil doer, a sinner. 
Though this word is more analogous j yet, see 
Drogh-ffantagh. J 

E Ybcrban, 8. his Wednesday. J 

E Ybdoo'nbb, 8. his Lord's day or Sunday. J 

Dtp Ybb, 8. thy God. J 

Ybbaoh, v. did look, show, showed or appeared; 

— AOH ; —in j — INS ; — ^YM j — YMS ; — YS, 94. J 

Ro Ybbaoh'it, a. too looked on or shown. J 
Dtp Ybbaoh'yn, v. to look j visit, or show. J 

Ybbal, 8. /. a thong, a string of hide; Acts, 
xxh. 25. 

Ybb^l-chas'sbe, 8. /. a piece of thong tied be- 
tween the handle and the rod of a flail, whereon 
it works. 

Ybbal, «. beat j — ^aoh, 77 j — be, 80 j — in, 83 j 

— ins, 84 ; — YM, 86 ; — YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Ybbal'lby, v. beating; «. m. a beating; pL 67. 

Ybbal^lbydbb, 8. m. a beater. 

Ybbalt, 85. beaten. 

Ybban, 8. m. a chicken, a chick, the young of 
any fowl. This word is also written without 
a Y. Prov. " Ta'n peean mpr e ghooie mp vel 
clooie er e chione,** . 

Ybban'lbe, 8. pi. fowls, the fowls of the air. E 

Ro Ybban, a. too earnest, zealous or fervent. J 

E Ybban'iq, 8. hiseamestnessj.zeal, ardency. J* 

Ybbar'lys, 8. m. an earnest. £ 

Ybbar'rbB) 8. /. a desire, a wish. E 

Ybbarrbbo'il, a. desirable. E 

Ybear'reydbr, 8. m. one|that desires ; pi. — yn. 

Ybbar'rit, 85. desired. E 

E Ybbas, 8. his ear or head of com. j 

Ybbas'bydaoh, a.m. alender; pi. 71 j Pro. xxii. 7 

Ybbas'bydbr, 8. m. a borrower. 

Ybeass or Ybeas'sbe, v. 42. lend or borrow; 

— AOH; — BB; — IN; — INS; — YM ; — YMS; 
—YS, 94. 

Dp Ybbas'saohby, v. to lend, to borrow. 
Ybbas'sit, 85. lent, borrowed. 

Dp Yebas'syrraoht, v. to glean, to gather ears 
or heads of corn. J 

YbbAST, 8. m. 42. fish; pi. — YN.; ». fish; 
— AOH; •=— BE; — IN; — INS; — YM ; — YMS; 
— YS, 94. 

Dp Ybbas'taohey, v. to fish or catcb fish. J 

Ybbasi/bb, a.d. of fishing. 

Yebastbyr^ a.m. a fisherman; pi. — yn. - 

Yebasteyr'aoh, a.d. of a fisher or fisherman. 

E Yeb'bin, 8. his deeping of nets. J 

Ro Yeb'binaoh, a. too much deepings, too 
much in mesh or net worl^ j 

E Ybb'binys, 8. his net or mesh work. J 

E Ybeoh'yn, a. his idol gods.^ J 

E Ybbio, 8. his ditch or drain. J 
Yeeio, v. did ditch or drain; — agh; —in; 

—INS ; — YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. J 

Ro Yeeig'ach, a. too full of ditches, &c. J 

E Ybeigban', 8. his small ditch or rill, J 

Ro Yeeigban'aoh, a. too full of small ditches, 
drains or rills of water. j 

Dp Ybbio'by, v. drain or make ditches ; to tilt a 
cask. J 

E Ybeio'eydbr, 8, his drainer, &c. J 

Ro Ybbio'it, a. too drained or ditched. J 

Ybel, », did havoc or waste ; — aoh ; — in : 

— ins ; — YM ; — YMS J — YS, 94. " J 

Dp Yeel'al, v. to make havoc, &c. J 

E Yeel'eyder, a. his damager or waster. J 

Ro Ybbl'it, a. too much made havoc of, wasted, 
dirtied, &c. j 

Yeelt, v. did saddle or saddled; — aoh; —in; 

— INS; — YM; —YMS; — YS, 94. J 

Dp Ybblt'al or Ybeltey, v. to saddle. J 

E Ybelteyr^ a. his saddler. j 

Ro Yeblt'it, a. too saddled. j 

Ro Ybbn, a. too stanch from rain or leafk. J 

E Ybbn'aoh, a. his rinsing of the milking ves- 
sels. J 

E Yeen'nys, 8. his wedge; pi. — syn, j 

Ybbn'nys, ». did wedge; — aoh; —in; — ins; 

— YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. J 

Dp Yeen'nysby, v. to wedge. j 

Ro Yben'nysit, a. too wedged. j 

*Yber or Ybbrbb, v. did straighten ; — aoh ; 

—in ; —ins ; — YM ; —YMS } — YS, 94. J 

Dp Yeer'aghey, v. to straighten. j 

E Yber'eydbr, a. his straightener. j 

E Yber'id or Yeerys, a. his straightness or up- 
rightness. J 

Ro Yrbr'it, a. too straightened. j 

E Ybbs, a. his two. j 

Yee^sby, a. m. Jesus. 

Ykest'yr, ». did creak; — aohj — in; — ins;' 

— YM ; —YMS ; — YS, 94. J 

Dp Yebst'yrnee, v. to creak, &c. j 

E Yee'ys, a. his Godhead. j 

Ybh, (from Jeh,) of; pn derrep pea (the either 
one of). J 

E Yehbi'nby, a. his Friday. j 

Mp YeY, adv. after me, abaft me. J 

iZo Yeid'agh, a.too snug and tidy. J 

E Ybid'id, 8. his tidiness, &c. j 

Traas Ybio, a. the thirteen. J 

Traaa Ybio'oo, a. the thirteenth. J 


YwoH, ». did shut } —AOi^i — inj — iwis — tmj 
— YMs } — ys, 94' ^ 

Dy Yeioh, ». to shut. J 

\b Ybioh'bydkr, 8. his shutter. J 

Ro Yeight, a. too shut. J 

Ykih. SeeNi/ Yeih, 

E Yeih, «. his ten. J 

E Ybih'oo, s. tenth. J 

E Ybir, ». his tear ; pi. YbIr. J 

f: Yeiuk, 8. film; pi. •— yn. J 

Ybirk, «. did give alms; — aoh; —inj —ins; 
— YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. J 

E Yeirk'aoh, 8. his beggar; pi. 71- J 

E Ybirk'eydagh, s. his giver of alms or almoner. 
E Ybirk'id, 8. his beggary. J 

Ro Ybirk'it, a. too given in alms. J 

E Yeir'reb, a.d. of bis tears. J 

E Yelhei'n or Yelhuin', «. his Monday, J 
Ybl'liu, 0. did warp a web; — aghj —in; 

—INS ; — YM J —VMS ; — YS, 94. J 

E Yel'liuder, 8. his warper j pi. — yn. J 

Ro Ybl'liuit, 8. too warped. J 

E Ybma'yrt, 8. his Tuesday. J 

Feer Yen'nal, a. very glad, cheerful, free, G 

E Ybv'nallys, 8. his cheerfulness, &c. G 

D^ Ybn'nallys, s. of joyfulness, gladness. G 

E Yerdbin', 8. his Thursday. J 

Ro Ye re, a. too sharp, tart, or sour. G 
Dp Ybrb'agh or Yerbaohey, v. to sharpen or 

sour. ® 

E Ybrb'id, 8. his sharpness or sourness. G 

Ro Ybbb'it, 8. too sharpened or tart. G 
♦Ybek or Yerk'bb, v. did expect, trust, or hope; 

— AOH ; —IN } —INS J — YM J —YMS ; — YS, 9^. J 

Dy Yerk'al, v. to expect, trust, or hope. J 
E Ybrk'Allys, *. his expectation, &c. J 

i! Ybrk'byder, a. his expecter. J 

Ro Ybrk'it, a. too expected or hoped. J 

Dy Yer'lyn, 8. of darnel. J 

Ybr'nagh, 8. tn. an Irishman J «p/. 71; «• Irish, 

any thing Irish. 
Ybr'nish, 8. f. the Irish language. ^ 
E Yer'rbb, s. his hindmost or lastj M,fy-perree 

(at lastk lastly, finally) . J 

E Yer'rey, 8. his end, l^s last, his hinder ends; 

pi. 67' J 

Ykr'rinaoh, «. d. of the laat or latter; as, 

Ihiabbee-yerrinagh (of the death-bed, or the bed 

that ends, or is final) ; Jlfa^. xu. 45. J. 

^ Yesarn', 8. his Saturday. J 

Laue Yesh, a. right hand. • J 

Ro Yesh, a. too right, proper, suitable, &c. J 

B Yesh'agbt, «. his implement, instrument, or 

utensil. J 

TESHEEN^ V. did ornament, embellish ; «-agh; 

—IN} —INS; — YMJ —YMS; — YS, 94. J 

E Ybsreen,' 8. his ornament, &c. J 

Ro YBsas ENGAGE, u. too Ornamental, too deco- 
rated, or set off. J 
Dy Ybshbbn'ey, v, to adorn, embellish, &c. J 
^o Ybsheen'it, a. too ornamented, &c. J 
E Yeshebn'ys, 8. his ornamenting, &c. J 
E Ybc'rby, «. his Winter. G 
li YbcKshan, «. his hinge. J 



Ro Ybu'shanaoh, a. having too many hinges. J 
i?o Yeu'shanit, a. too hinged. J 

D^y Ybyd, 8. thy dad, dadda, or daddy. J 

Dy Yheih, a. often; P»/. xxxiii. 2. J 

YiAL or YiALL, V. did promise or grant; — aoh ; 

— IN; — ins; — YM; — YMS ; — YS, 94. Q 

Feer Yial, a. very glittering, bright, or white.G 
YiAL or YiAi.'i.EE, c. did bleach, whiten, or 

make bright; — agh; —in; -ins; — ym; 

— YM5; — YS, 94. G 

Er YiAL'rvN, o. hath, &c. promised, granted. G 
B Yial'dynys, s. his promise, grant, &c. G 
Yial'lee, a. d. of whitening, brightening, &c. G 
YiAi/LEV, a. pi. white, bright, &c. G 

Yn Yial'leyder, s. the bleacher or fuller, tho 

promiser or granter. G 

Bo Yial'lit, a. too bleached or whitened, too 

promised or granted. G 

Yiarb or *Yiarr, v. did cut; -agh; —in; 

—INS; -YM; — VMS; — YS, 94. G 

Ro Yiarb, a. too short. G 

Feer Yiare, a. very short. G 

Yn Yiare'-choonlagh, s. the stubble; Isa. 
Ixvii. 14. G 

Yiar'ey, a. pi. short. G 

Dp Yiar'ey, v. to cut. G 

Dy Yiarby-sbos'b, v. to carve or cut up meat.G 
E Yiar'eydbr, 8. his cutter. G 

*YiARO or Yiarg'eb, v. did redden ; — agh j 

— in ; — INS ; — YM ; — YMS ; — YS, 94. 
Dp Yiaro'agh or Yiarg'aohby, v. to redden. 
Yiaro'by, a. pL red. 
E Yiaro'bydbr, 8. his reddener. 
Ro Yiarg'it, a. made too red or reddened. 
YiAEN, 8. m. iron ; pi. — tn ; v. iron j —aoh, 
77 i -BE, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 80; 
—YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 
Dp Yiarn'al or YiARNBY, ». to iron. 
Yiabn-fold'yragh, 8. f. a scythe or sithe. 
Yiarn-oiab'reb, s. an edged tool. 
Yiab'nit, 86. ironed, finished with iron. 
Yn YiABREY-FOLLEY, 8. thc bloody flux. 
Bo Yiar'bit, c. too cut. G 

E YiAs'siD, 8. his southemness. I 

Ro Yiastylagh, a. too charitable or liberal. Q 
E YiAs'TYLYs, 8, hls chorlty, liberality, or 
bounty. ^ 

E YiAT, 8. his gate; pi. — tyn. G 

Feer Yib'bagh, a. very pointed, sharp, &c. O 
E Yibb'bbhiu, 8. his chilblain. O 

E YiEN, 8. his cheer ; drogh yien (sad) ; Oen. 
xl. 6. Q 

Er Yibn'naghtyn, v. hath, Sec. conceived, &c. Q 
YiENT, V. did conceive or conceived ; —aoh j 

&C. — YS. Q 

Ro Yient'it, a. too conceived, &c. - O 

- Dy Yient/yn, ». to conceive. Q 

Dy Yig'leragh, ». to giggle. Q 

Dy YiLG, 8. of thorns J of knitting needles. J 
E Yim'maoh, s. his lobster. G 

Yin'dys, 8. m. wonder, admiration, amazement; 

pi. — SYN. 

Yin'dyssaoh, a. wonderful, wonderous ; 8.m. 

awonderer; p/. 7l« 
Dy Yin'dyssaoh, adv, won^erfoUy, &c. 




Tnro, o. did Jam, cram, throng* press, mBhed} 

Act»t XlX. 29} — AOHi —IN J —INS J — TM } 
—VMS J — YS, 94- J 

T)lf Yino'bt, v. to jam, cram, throng, rosh, 
press, &c. 

JB YiNo'xTDBB, M. Us msher, presser, &c. 

Ro YiNo'iT, a. too crammed, staffed, &c. 

My Yin'naoh, v. if would or wouldst do. 

J>ty Yinwaib';, a, thy dinner. 

Yinnai'raoh, a. d.' of dinner or dinners. 

Jfy Yin'nin, ». if I would, &c. do j — s, td. em 

E YioAhf's. his pawn, pledge, or mortgage. G 

E Yioal'syder, 8. his mortgager. O 

Djf YroAL'TBBAOH, V. to mortgage, iMtwn, &c. G 

E Yioal'tbbaohtyn, «. his mortgages, &c. G 

E Yioal'tbbyn, «. his pawus, &c. G 

E Yioalteyb', 8. his taker of pawn, pledge, or 

mortgagee. G 

jE? Yioaltbyp/ys, 9. his practice ^of mortgagee 

or mortgaging. G 

YiOM, p. I would get or have. G 

Kyn Yio^N or Yio^, «. their, &c. knowing or 
knowledge; Im. Ivii. 9; their, &c. purpose; 
Acts xxvii. 13. 

Jeh YioYn, ado. knowingly. 

YiOLB, V. did* suck or sacked ; .— agh ; — in ; 

— INS J — YM; — YWS} — YS, 94. J 

E Yio'letdbb, s. his sucker. J 

Bo Yio'lit, a. too sucked. J 

Yioo'ld or Yioolt, e, discard, turn off, cast off, 

or dismiss ; — agh j — in ; — ins j — ym ; 

— YMS; — YS, 94. J 

Bo Yiool'daoh, a. too cloyish or apt to torn 
on the stomach. J 

J>y Yiool'dey, v. to discard or cast off, to dis- 
miss on account of disgust or aversion. J 

E Yiool'dbydbr, 8. his discarder, &c. J 

Ho YiooL'niT, o. too discarded, &c. J 

YiooT, V. did gift or gifted; — aohj ~in; 
— ins ; — YM ; — VMS ; — vs, 94. G 

Dp Yioo'tal, v. to gift or bestow. G 

, Yn Yioo'TBYnss, 8. the gifter or bestower. G 

Ro Yioo'tit, a. too gifted. G 

Yiow, p. wilt get, thoxi wilt get ; — s, id. em. 

Yiow, p. they will get; — syn, id. em. 

Yio'ym or YoYM, p. I will get or have ; —a, 

id. em. 
Yir'obe, v. did or didst redden. See also YiargeeJ 

E Yia'ain, 8. his redness. J 

£ Yis'kin, «. his Jacket or coatee. J 

E Via'ain, a. his shortness. J 

Dtp Yis'hio, 8. thy papa, thy father, colloquially J 

E YlULBAN^ 8. his sojourner; pi, — bb. J 

Ro Yiulban'agh, a. too sojoumer-Uke, too cot- 
ler or tenant-like. J 

Yll or Yl^lbe, v. shout, cry out, exclaim, call ; 

— AGH, 77; —IN, 83; —INS, 84 j — YM, 8fl; 
— YMS, 87 ; — YS, 88. 

Yl'lagh, 8. m. a call or shout; pi. — ^tn. 

Vy Yl'laoh, «. to call, to shout or cry out. 

Er Yl'la'ohby, v. hath, kc., called, &c. 

Tl'lbtdbr, s. m. a calier, shouter, excl&imer. 

Tl'lit, 85. called, shouted for. 

Tm'mii.t or Ym'm YLT, V. tumble or roll, as a horse 
does after work ; — aoh, 77 ) — »> 80 $ —in, 
88 — wa, 84 1 — TM, 80} —TUB, 87, — Ti, 88. 

Th^tltagb, s.m. a tumbler or roller; pf. 71. 

Dp Ym'myltby, v. to roll, tumble or wallow. 

Ym'myltit, 85. rolled, tumbled, wallowed. 

Ym'modbb, a. many, g:reat many, 

Ym'myd, a. m. use ; pi. — yn. 

Ym'mydaoh or Ym'mydoii., a. useful. 

Ym'^mydby, «. using. 

Ym'mydit, 85. used. 

Ymmydoi'lio or Ymmydys, a. /. useMness. 

Ym'mylt. See Ymmilt. 

Ym'mybch, a. f. need, necessity; pi. — tn.- 

Yu'myrchagh, a. needful, necessary; a. m. a 
necessitous person ; ;>/. 71. 

Ym'm YRK, V. bear, bear with, behave ; —agh, TJ; 

— bb, 80 ; —in, 83; —INS, 84 ; — YM,86; —YMS, 
87 ; — YS, 88. 

D^ Yh'myrkby, v. to bear, to bear up, to bring 
forth, to carry, sustain, behave, &c; a. a births 
Johy iii. 16; pU 67. 

Ym'myrkit, 85. borne, sustained, supported, 
carried, &c 

Ym'myrt, v. rowwitb oars; — ^agh, 77; && 

— YS, 88. 

Ym'myrtaoh, a.m. a rower; pi. 71. 

Ym'mybtit, 85. rowed. 

Yn'dyr, v. graze, browse, feed on ^rass; — aob, 

77; — BB, 80; —IN, 83; —INS, 84; — YM, 86] 
— YMS, 87; — YS, 88. 

Yn'o YRAOH, a. m. one that grazes, a grazier ; pi 71 

D^ Yn'dyr, v. to feed on grass, to graze. 

Yn'dyrit, 85. grass eaten, grazed. 

Dp Yno'nby, v. to cut with hoofs or nails. 

Yng'nit, 85. cut with hoofs, nails, claws, &c. 

Yng'nyn. a. pi. nails, hoo£s, or hooves, daws i 
2^h. xi. i6. 

Yng'yr, a. f. pus, matter, ichor, corrupted mat- 

Yng'yragh, a. d. of pus, matter, &c. See also 
li^^ and Jngpraght &c. 

Dp Yno'ybagbt, v. to gather pus, mattor, &e. 

Yno'yrit, 85. gathered, festered. 

Yn'nyd, 8. f. a stead, impression, place, statioii* 
site, vestige ; pl.^Yif. 

Apm Yn'nyd, ado. in lieu, place, stead of, ia 

Yn'nydaoh, a. having impressions, marks of 
what had been, local. 

Ynnyd-vbaob'bb, a. f. a dwelling place. 

Ynnyo t vrbc% a. f. the marks of the small 

Yn'rican, a. only, onely or one like. This words 
would have been giore analogous had it been 
spelled Unrican. 

Yn'ricb, a. (from CTn, one. and Rick, settled 
rule) ; sincere, upright, just, perfect ; i Chnm, 
xxix. 9* Dooinnep pnrick, (a man of one setUed 
rule in any thing good). 

Yn'rickys, a. /. sincerity, 'uprightness, integu 
rity, righteousness, truth. 

*Yns or Yn'sbb, v. learn, teach, instruct; —a ok, 

77; —BB, 80} —IN, 83} —INS, 84 1 »^TM, 86 1 
—YMS, 87 f — TS, 88. 

Yn'sagh, a. m. learning, literatore, enuUttoiw 
instrucUtm, doctrine; pi. — tn. 

Ynsaoh-lioa'raob, a. m. book learning, tite 
use of letters, in contradistinctkm to ttoT 
log of any fliiiigelss. 


iTKtAOR'KBATi^, «. /. oavigatioxi. 

Dy Yn'saohey, v. to learn, to teach, to instroc^ 

to receive instmction. 
Yn'see, a.d. of learning or teachingr. 
Fer Yn'ske, s. m. a teacher, a taught person. 
Fir Yn'see, s. pi. teachers, taught persons. 
Yn'srvdaoh, 8. m. a learner, a pupil, a scholar; 

pi. 71. 
Yn'setder, s.m, a teacher; pL — tn. 
Yn'sit, 85. learned, taught. 
D^ Yn'sit, eulo. learnedly. 
Yn'soil, a. teachable, able to learn. 
YoAN, V. did dust or dusted ; ^aoh j —in ; 

— ins; — ym; — TMS} — YS, 94. J 

Bo Yoan'aoh, a. too dusty. J 

Dp Yoan'ky, v. to dust. J 

E Yoan'kyder, 8. his duster. J 

Ro Yoan'it, a. too dusted. J 

Dff Yoan'laoh, 8. of misling or drizzling rain. J 
Dy Yo an 'la OBEY, V. to missle or drizzle rain. J 
Ifff Yoar'ree, s. a stranger. J 

Bo Yoar'rbb, a. too strange. J 

E Yoar'reeaoht, s. his strange or foreign 

place. J 

E Yoar'rebys, «. his estrangement. J 

Yo'iN. See Yioyn ; Pro. xxiv. 28. 
Yo'in, I would get or have; — s, id, em, 

Yok, v. yoke; — Ach; — BBj — IN; —INS; 

— YM ; — YMS — YS, 94, J 

Dy Yok'al, V, to yoke. J 

Daa Yok'al, s. twoyokiugs. J 

Veh Yoe'it, 85. he was yoked. J 

E Yolo, «. his thorn or knitting needle. J 

E Yol'lys, s. his voracity or greediness. J 
Eo Yol'lyssaoh, a. too voracious, greedy, too 

ravenous ; «. a ravenous person; pi. 71. 

*YoNS or YoNSB, v. did jolt or wince ; — ^aoh ; 

— IN; — YM; — YMS; — YS, 94. 

Dp Yon'sbraob, v. to Jolt or wince. 
E YoN'sBYnBR, «. his wincer, &c 
Bo Yon'sit, a. too much Jolted or winced. 
E Yo<)u>> «. his eagerness of appetite. 
i7D«YooioH, a. too greedy. See Jooigh, 
Yootoh'by, a. pi, greedy; as, moddee yooigheff, 
(greedy dogs). J 

Dy YovoB, a. of drink. J 

E YomsH, «. his shears. J 

Dy You'yil, 8. pi. of devils. , J 

Y YouYL, 8. a devil. J 

Eo YovYi/jJuoB, a, too derilUbor diahdUcal. J 

Tonr, 9. did Join or Joined; '—AQUt "—ivi 

— INS;— YM; — YMS; — YS, 04. J 

Dff Yoy'nal, V, to join. J 

Ro Yoy<nit, a. too Joined. J 

Yoj or Yrjbb, «. make higher, exalt; — aors 

IN; — ins; — YM; —YMS; — YS. A 

Dy Yk'jaghby, v. to exalt; IfoioA, xzziii. 6. A 

Yn Yr'jby, 8. the height. A 

Yn Yr'jid, 8. the height or highness. A 

Jeeg Yk'vin, 8, two males or he ones; Dim. 
vui. 5. F 

E YR'avNin, «. his he-ness, masculineness. F 

Ys'kan, 8. an ell ; pi. — yw. 

Ys'kid, «. shank or hough ; 2 Sam. viii. 4; J08h, 
xi. 9 ; the part an animal has below the trunk 
of the body ; pi. — yn. Yvkidyn liavgrey (long 

Yn Ys'sereb, 8. the knowledge, the fore know- 
ledge ; Luke, xi. 52. F 

Dy Yl'ai'l, 8. of deprivation or loss. J 

Er Yu-ai'l, v. hath, &c., deprived or lost. J 

Yuan, 8. John, voc. of Juan. J 

E Yitil'lky, 8. his boy ; pi. 69. Q 

Yuis'tey, a. d. of a wooden dish. J 

Yn Yuiv, 8. the goose. Q 

£r Yum'mal, v. hath, &c., wasted, lavished or 
squandered; — aoh; — in; — ins; — ymi 
—YMS ; — YS, 94. J 

Ro Yum'mallagk ct Yum'maltaoh, a. too 
wasteful or lavish, &c. ; «. a waster, a squan- 
derer, &.c. ; pl.y^- J 

E Ycm'mal or Yi;h'uallys, «. his wastefolness. 
his lavishing or squandering. J 

Ko Yum'mallit, a. too wasted, destroyed, &c. J 

YuNT, V. did joint or Jointed; — age; — iNt 
— INS; — YM; — YMS; — YS. J 

Droyh YuNT, 8. a bad scam or Joint in wood* 
stone, &c. J 

Vy Yunt'al or Ydntby, v, to Joint together in 
joints, to Join in seams. J 

E Yunt'byoer, 8. his Jointer. J 

Ro Yunt'it, 85, too jointed, J 

E Yurnaa' or Ypbnah', «. his Jonmey; pK 

— OHYN ox — YN. J 

Dy Yunnaoh'ey, v. to Journey. J 

E YuENAH'rs. 8. his Journeying. J 

Dy YuYS, 8. of flr. J 

Ro Yymmoo'saoh, a, too wroth or wrathftil* 
angry. J 

E YyMMoosB^ 8, his wrath, anger, fury, ngei 

pi. — YN. J 

l>y YYuuoou'mr, 0. to make wroih or angnr* 9 



Aa-txo^k or Aa-txo'ohkb, v. revive, qoicken, 

Ab^btrlhit, «. f». tiie alphabet. 

Aionbv-sbtr', 4. m. free will. 

An, «. as a termination to words, shows dimina- 

Anjbb^raoh, a. not straig-ht. Notwithstanding: 

the etymology given under the word Oainjyr, 

I h^tate not to say that Oainjyragh came 

from this. 
Bras'nit, 85. provoked, excited. 
Cassan-nt-orbi'nbt, a, tn, the zodiac. 
Clooi'dbraoht, v. patching, clouting. 
Clooi'oit, 85. clouted, patched. 
CBuxTctt, 9. cower, stoop ; — aoh, 77 ^ Ace., 

— TS, 88. 

Crvbt'chal, o. cowering, stooping. 

Cbuxt'chit, 85. cowered, stooped. 

Dv-BB or Dt-bbt, ado, for cause, because. See 
also Erbey, 

Vbaub-oaui^ «. /. a feature; pL — ys. 

Fbaub-oc'klb s. /.'etymology. 

QAEifoAau, a. Manks or Erse, ezdusively ap- 
plied to the languages. 

Glibbmia'n, 8, /.. concuplsence, lust. 

Glim^inaoh, 8. TO. a sweetheart, a lover. 

Lessoon' 8. /. a lesson j pi. — tn. 

Mebin-chin'jagh, a. moderate. 

Mbbinchin^jid. 8. m. moderation. 

Msr'be, 8. f. stupor, deadness of desig^n to-what 
is right, and, as it were, propelled to do wlxat 
is wrong. 

Mbrbb-cheil'lsy, «./. deadness of wit or sense. 

Ob'baltaoh, 8. tn. an abstainer; pi. 71. 

Ob'baltts, 8. f. abstineDce ; pi. —stn 

DjT Phoaobt, v. to bag. Jut, bulge or swell. 

P0TI.L sLuo'oBB, 8. /. a whirlpool. 

Sbtib-qubbt'l, 8. TO. a wheelwright. 

Shebtn^ao, 8. f. a Une, a straight line. 

Sktol'taoh, Oj. profuse. 

Sktol'tts, 8. f. profusion. 

Slat- bbas'tbe, «. /. a fishhig rod. 

Sluo'obb, a. d. of swallowing. 

Smit^tan, «. /. smut. 

Stbanb, «. TO. a file of men, a rank. 


Under Remark I09,a7th Une, for " F«" read St. 

Page 16th, first column, next line to the last, for '* Q^ddyn** read Quunw^ffi^ * ^ 
Under the word Airh, for " Jee?* read J'bb. 
For the word ** Bog-renUh" read Boo-unnish. 
— — ** Creekeyer" read Crbckbtdbb. 
— -^— " Croo" after Crou, read Crop. 
Under the word CiiIWb, for "—yna** read— bttn. 
' Dants, for "Deanya" read Da^yb. 

' Orouiobt, for "/rowing** read frownixo. 

■ GvAALTAOB, for "meter'* read mbbtbb. 

■ Hallooinaoh, for " to" read too. 
— — ^— — Jbban, for "peroewtf* read fbrvbnt. 
Ftor the word ** Keayt'* read Kbatrt. 

— — — " Mooraignagh** read Mooaraionaoh. 

■ "Merger** read Mbrobt. 

Under the word Moonooab, for "orragh** or "orrangtf* read obbaob or orbami. 

— — — ^— Mtntoionb, for "ein** read bm. 

— — — OoiRRBY, for "mound** read mould. 

For the word " Ounr" read Oittb. 

Under the word Reen, for " rap'* read ropt. 

— — Roostetbts, for "Pel." read Psl. 

FW the word ** Shata^einley'* read Sbass-obiinbt.