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Copyrighted, 1902, by 

Selma. Ala. 






English, Colonial and Family Records 






Atlanta, Ga. 
The vranklin Printing and Publishing Companyi 
Giro. W. Harrison, (State Printer) Mgr. ^ 

190 1 


'TsMo C()Plt» R'fcOKIVED 

NOV. $ ima 

01 #SR '-^VXn No.! 
COP'V_ fj j 



of our 

W^io founded homes in the wilds of America, the wisdom. 

and genius of whose sons contributed to the forming 

and establishing of this great Republic, these 

pages are respectfully dedicated, loith the 

earnest wish that the same love of truth, 

justice and liberty which guided 

and strengthened those of 

1775-1781, may abide 

with their children 

of to-day. 


My endeavor in compiling these notes has been to col- 
lect the genealogical records of the Alston family in 
America, and to have them so arranged that the Ancestral 
lines can be easily traced, and the relationship marked out. 
In some lines family details are fully given, in others less 
so. I availed myself of all the reliable information that 
was obtainable. We would have been glad to have been 
able to insert more extended historical notes throughout 
the entire work, but such has been unobtainable, except 
from a few of the many prominent and well known mem- 
bers. In a few families all records have been lost, and no 
trace of them can be found. 

While all families have not been fully traced, yet it is 
hoped that sufficient data have been given to enable such to 
connect and trace the relationship. 

In recording families, we have given the wife's maiden 
name instead of her married name. Thus — 

John Alston and Mary Clark. 

William Allston and Esther LaBruce, etc., etc. 

In giving names, they are frequently recorded by the 
more familiar one by which they have been addressed and 
spoken of among friends and acquaintances, and by which 
they will be more readily recognized. 


= indicates union by marriage, likewise 

ra. denotes marriage. 

wf. denotes wife. 

dau. denotes daughters or daughter. 

d. denotes died or dead. 

ch. denotes child or children. 

issue denotes child or children. 

s. denotes sons or son. 

s. p. denotes without issue. 

d. s. p. denotes died without issue. 

unm. denotes unmarried. 

q. V. denotes to be referred to again for further details. 


In '* Browa's Genesis of America" it is recorded that 
Gabriel Harris and Edmund Neville, among other names, 
entered into indentures with Sir Walter Raleigh March 
7th, 1589, preliminary to the colonization of Virginia, and 
that Captain Gabriel Archer, in 1602, made a voyage to 
the New England Coast, and was made recorder of the col- 
ony in 1607. 

The second charter to Virginia was granted in 1609, 
and among the charter members are to be found, viz. : 

Captain Clarke Stephen Pole or Poole 

William Greene William Pool 1612 

Christopher Harris Sir Anthony Pool 1615 

Thomas Harris Richard Pyott 1609 

John Harris Thomas Jermyn 1611 

Arthur Harris Anthony Hunter, M.D. 1612 

Robert Saunders Robert Dawson 1609 

At this period Virginia included Carolina, and these 
family names among the charter members have been con- 
tinued among the colonists, although the successive genera- 
tions at this date cannot be traced in many instances. 

At a very early period the region of country north of the 
Albermarle Sound, in North Carolina, was resorted to by 
Quakers and other non-conformists, who went there to 
escape the religious persecutions which they had to endure 
in Virginia, Massachusetts and elsewhere. 

Nor can there be any doubt but that their conservatism 
and independence of thought and action, together with the 
broad principles of humanity and justice inculcated by 

8 The Alston Family. 

them, had much to do in shaping the future policy and laws 
of the State. 

Although settlers had been flocking to that region for 
years before, the first land grant was made to them in 3 662, 
in Perquimans county by the Indians, and there was an in- 
flux of these Quakers for many years into several adjoining 

The proprietary ownership and government of the col- 
ony was inaugurated in 1663. From which period there 
followed a struggle between the colonists and lords-pro- 
prietors which continued until their proprietorship was 
compelled to give way. 

A somewhat similar condition existed in the early set- 
tlement of South Carolina. The same lords-proprietors 
being in control of both colonies, and the population com- 
posed largely of English non-conformists and French ref- 
ugees, besides many from the other colonies farther north, 
notably Massachusetts, whence numerous immigrants came 
from time to time, one noted body of whom, known as the 
Dorchester Colony, organized and came in 1695. Owing 
to the unsettled condition of affairs, and the discontent of 
the colonists, the governorship was changed nine times 
from 1686 to 1703. 

Among the governors during this period, John Arch- 
dale, a Quaker, who was also one of the lords-proprie- 
tors, was sent over in 1694. He purchased lands in the 
Albemarle settlement, where one of his daughters had mar- 
ried, and some of his descendants still live. He met the 
legislature in Charleston, S. C, in March, 1695. From 
his just and humane administration much was expected. 
But after serving one year he resigned, and subsequently 
returned to England. 

In entering into an investigation of the genealogical 
history of the North Carolina family of Alstons, as was at 
first contemplated, we were confronted with the following 

The Alston Family. 9 

difficulties: First. The general absence of family records ; 
the scattered condition of the family, extending through- 
out the Southern States, and into some of the Northern ; 
and the tradition that they had all sprung from one com- 
mon ancestry. Secondly, there being another family of 
the same name, claiming the same coat of arms in South 
Carolina. These two families, although in adjoining States, 
have, to a great extent, kept separate, yet their many in- 
termarriages have created much confusion, and raised dif- 
ficulties in tracing their family lines. 

The trouble was increased by the frequent recurrence 
of the same family names in the several branches from 
generation to generation. To meet all of these, corre- 
spondence was opened with interested parties in various 
sections ; the colonial records of North Carolina and Vir- 
ginia have been searched, and old wills, land grants and 
deeds brought to light, in many instances setting aside ac- 
cumulated details which thereby were found to be incor- 
rect. In these researches material assistance has been ren- 
dered by Messrs. James M. Alston, of Montgomery, James 
H. Fitts, of Tuscaloosa, Dr. C. A. Taylor, of East Point, 
Ga., Dr. E. A. Banks, of Columbus, Ga., Mrs. H. A. Lon- 
don, of Pittsboro, N. C, Mrs. Kate Cabell Claiborne, of 
Richmond, Va., Judge C. A. Cook, of Warrenton, N. C, 
Dr. Willis Alston, of Littleton, N. C, Dr. E. W. Pugh, 
of Windsor, N. C, Mrs. Amelia Ann Whitaker, of Raleigh, 
Mrs. Martha T. Wilcox, of Brinkleyville, N. C, Miss 
Temperance Alston, of Shreveport, La., Mrs. M. R. K. 
Fowlkes, of Selma, J. R. B. Hathaway, of Edenton, N. C, 
and many others. 

In obtaining the records of the South Carolina family, 
kindly aid has been received from Rev. Benjamin Allston, 
of Winusboro, (now de'd), Jos. Blyth Allston, Esq., of 
Petigru, S. C, Mrs. McCready, of Sewanee, Tenn., Jas. 
B. Pyatt, of Georgetown, S. C, John Izard Middletou, of 

10 The Alston Family. 

Baltimore, Miss Emma Elliott Johnston, of Baltimore, 
Miss Sara Elizabeth White, of Tallulah, and others. 

Copious extracts from English genealogical works have 
been used in tracing the early history of the family. In 
addition to which Mr. Clarence Cabell, of Richmond, Va., 
a gentleman of wealth and education, during a protracted 
stay in England, employed at a considerable outlay a 
genealogical expert to carefully trace the family lines and 
connections, which served to establish and elucidate more 
fully the relationship between the family in England and 
that in America. Only such of Mr. Cabell's notes as 
relate to the immediate lines from which the American 
families descend, have been copied. 

I may here state that John Alston, the first of the family 
ill North Carolina, lived to be very old, and my great- 
grandfather, who was his grandson, lived in early life near by 
his grandfather, and his own widow lived in full possession 
of her mental faculties until her death in 1845, being in 
her 94th year. Her mother having been the widow of one 
of John Alston's sons, who died when comparatively young. 
Thus she had ample opportunity of being informed by her 
mother and husband, as to the traditions and history of the 
family. _ Tradition is very clear and emphatic in giving 
Odell Castle as the manorial seat of the family in England, 
also as to the statement that two young men (cousins) im- 
migrated together, who, after reaching America, disagreed 
and parted, one settling in North Carolina, where his de- 
scendants are inseparably connected with its history, the 
other changing the spelling of the name by inserting an 
additional 1, went to South Carolina where he founded 
the family which has been noted in the history of that 
State. In looking over the genealogical records of Odell 
Alstons, the two who came to America are the only 
ones of that period bearing the name John, excepting a son 
of Sir Edward of Strixton, who died unmarried in Eng- 

The Alston Family. 11 

land, and a Vere-John, who was rector of Odell; The 
John Alston who was deported to Barbadoes in 1685 has 
been supposed to have been the son of William of Grays 
Inn, of which, however, there is no proof; on the contrary 
it is very improbable, as Saxham Hall, an old manorial 
seat of the Alstons, which was inherited by this William, 
was in Suffolk, and those who followed the Duke of Mon- 
mouth have been alluded to as Rustics from the West of 

Campbell's History of Virginia, B. B. Minor, Pub- 
lisher, Richmond, Ya., 1847, Page 99, (1685.) " A num- 
ber of the prisoners taken with Monmouth, and who had 
escaped the cruelty of Jeffreys, were sent to Virginia. 

James instructed Effingham on this occasion in the fol- 
lowing letter : 

" James Rex: 

" Right trusty and well beloved, we greet you well. 
As it has pleased God to deliver into our hands such of 
our rebellious subjects as have taken up arms against us, 
for which traitorous practices some of them have suffered 
death according to law, so we have been graciously pleased 
to extend our mercy to many others by ordering their 
transportation to several parts of our dominions in Amer- 
ica, where they are to be kept as servants to the inhabi- 
tants of the same. And to the end their punishment may 
in some measure answer their crimes, we do think fit 
hereby to signify our pleasure unto you, our Governor and 
Council of Virginia, that you take all necessary care that 
such convicted persons as were guilty of the late rebellion 
that shall arrive within that our colony, whose names are 
hereunto annexed, be kept there and continue to serve 
their masters lor the space of ten years at least. And that 
they be not permitted in any manner to redeem themselves 
by money or otherwise until that term be fully expired. 
And for the better effecting hereof you are to frame and 

12 The Alston Family. 

propose a bill to the assembly of that, our colony, with 
such provisions and clauses as shall be requisite for this 
purpose, to which you our Governor are to give your assent, 
and to transmit the same unto us for our Royal confirma- 
tion. Wherein expecting a ready compliance, we bid you 
heartily farewell. Given at our court at Whitehall the 
4th of October, 1685, in the first year of our reign. 

" Sunderland." 

Virginia, however, made no law conformable to the 
requisitions of James, etc., etc., etc. 

To suppose that the two cousins, John Alston, could 
have been sent over in this company would be preposter- 
ous, as the younger of the two at that time was only 12 or 

13 years old, and their family seat at Odell was a long dis- 
tance from where James, Duke of Monmouth, with his 
hastily collected 2,000 rustics were repulsed. The power- 
ful Whigs, from whom he expected aid, holding themselves 
aloof. Besides the above reasons, the many and extensive 
grants to them go to show that they were in favor with 
the crown, and were not exiled convicts. 

There is no record to show when these two John Al- 
stons came to America, or where they landed, the Colonial 
reports and records of North and South Carolina, Virginia 
and Massachusetts having been searched with only nega- 
tive results, and the following is offered as presenting the 
most probable solution of the problem, viz.: 
j^ That they accompanied John Archdale when he came to 
America in 1694, as Governor of Carolina. They first 
came to Albemarle, where Quakers were numerous. Here 
the younger John Alston probably remained. From thence 
Gov. Archdale, with others who accompanied him, among 
whom was the elder John Alston (now changing his name 
to AUstou) went to Charleston, S. C' Here AUstou (about 
28 years old) met Elizabeth Harris, a young widow, whose 

The Alston Family. 13 

husband bad died the year before. She was possessed of a 
good estate, and comfortably settled in her own home, 
without children or other incumbrances. He soon availed 
himself of the opportunity, and in that same or the follow- 
ing year (June, 1695), married her, who in every way 
suited him so well. Living among his wife's relations, 
who were people of influence in the colony, he soon made 
himself as one with them, and being in favor with Guv. 
Archdale, circumstances were favorable to his building up 
a valuable estate. 

The younger John Alston (about 21 years old), remain- 
ing in Albemarle, after a few years married among the 
Quakers. Or he pos'?ibly may have accompanied Arch- 
dale to Charleston, and in 1696, returned with him to 
Albemarle (now Pasquotank). 
Y After Alston's marriage and several children having 
been born unto them, he removed from Pasquotank and 
settled upon Bennett's Creek (now Gates' county). His 
subsequent history is known. ♦^ 

Hawkes, in his history, states that Archdale received 
the appointment of Governor in 1694, and reached Charles- 
ton with specific instructions August 17th, 1695. That 
he visited North Carolina, first landing in Virginia July, 
1695, thence going direct to Albemarle, where he made a 
short stop. 

Wheeler, p. 32, upon the authority of vV^illiamsou, states 
that he was appointed and came over in 1694 ; that he 
met the Legislature in Charleston in March, 1695, which 
seems much more prol^able, and that Hawkes may have 
erred in stating that he first came over in 1695 instead of 

Admitiing this, and that Wheeler and Williamson are 
correct, it is made to appear that he came to America after 
his appointment in 1694, first landing in Virginia July, 
1694, thence going direct to Albemarle, North Carolina, 

14 The Alston Family. 

where he made a short stop, appointed Thomas Harvey 
Deputy Governor, and thence reaching Charleston August 
17th, 1694, appointed Joseph Blake Deputy Governor, 
while he proceeded to investigate the condition of the 
colonists and their grievances, and met the Legislature in 
Charleston in March, 1695. Subsequently when he re- 
turned to England, he left Thomas Harvey Deputy Gov- 
ernor of North Carolina, and Joseph Blake Deputy Gov- 
ernor of South Carolina. 
A It may here be stated, that according to the accompa- 
nying English records, all the descendants of Thomas 
Alston = Fiances Bloomfield, had their lines successively 
to fail, so that the family name in that branch is now only 
found in the descendants of the two John Alstons who 
came to Carolina, of whom the eldest now living, by 
"family seniority, is Jos. Blyth Allston, which would have 
made him the legal heir to the Baronetcy conferred upon 
Sir Thomas Alston ofOdell in 1642, and which became 
extinct upon the death of Sir Rowland, the 6th Bart., in 
1790, for want of a legitimate claimant. This seems to 
have been known to Gov. R. F. W. Allston, who spoke 
of it in his lifetime. {^ 

Besides these two families, there was a George Alston, 
of the mercantile firms of Andrew Mutter, Wm. Littlejohn 
and George Alston, of Granville Co., N. C, 1767-1771, 
and John Alston, James Young, James Martin and Alex- 
ander Grindley, of Glasgow, Scotland, but there is no 
record of his leaving any issue. 

There was also a William Alston, who died in Orange 
Co., N. C, in 1766, leaving property to wife, Mary Alston, 
gr. = sons, William Alston Downey, Thomas Stinkey 
McLeroy and William McBride, and sons-in-law, Peter 
Downey and Archibald McLeroy. No son was left bear- 
ing the name. He was probably the younger brother of 

The Alston Family. 15 

Sir Evelyn Alston, the sixth and last Baronet of Chelsea, 
who died in 1783. 

There was a John Alston who entered one hundred 
acres of land in Maryland in 1729, of whom nothing else 
is known. Another family, Henry Alston and brother, 
came from Lancashire, England, in 1861, and settled in 
Illinois, with whom we cannot trace connection. 

There are also some scattering branches of the North 
Carolina family that have removed west, and have not 
kept themselves informed as to their connection. These 
have not been traced. 

(We acknowledge our indebtedness to the valuable 
historical work of John H. Wheeler for many extracts.) 

The following are from English records : 

First, from "Magna Britannica," volume 1, page 149, 
published in 1720, a work on English genealogy. 

Another from "Bibliothica Topographica Britannica,'^ 
volume 4, published 1790, No. 29, page 31; and two oth- 
ers from "Kimber & Johnson's Baronetage of England," 
1771, volume 1, page 457, .112, volume 2, page 464, .268. 

Also a chart based upon the above, with additional notes 
from Mr. Clarence Cabell's later researches. The lineal 
descent of "Sir John Temple," copied from "Americans ot 
Royal descent," by Charles H. Browning, member of the 
"American Historical Association," second edition, pub- 
lished by Porter & Coates, Phialdelphia, 1891, Pedigree 
LIII, pp. 209-210, with further additional notes from 
Burk's Peerage. 

Magna Britannica. 
Volume 1, Page 149.— Published 1720. 

A little lower the Ouse runs by Odell, or Woodhill, 
called Wahulle. The Barons of Wahulle had a barony 
consisting of three hundred knight's fees in several conn- 


16 The Alston Family. 

ties. The castle which anciently belonged to these Barons 
was nothing but strange ruins in Leland's time, who says 
it was in possession of Lord Bray. It afterwards came to 
the Chetwoodes. Here was a fire on the 13th of May,* 
and here also Sir Thomas Alston has a seat. The family 
was raised to the title of Baronet in the person of Thomas 
Alston, Esq., high sheriff of the county, Charles I. 

Bibliothica Topographica Britannica. 
Volume 4, Published 1790, No. 29, Page 31. 

Odell — Wood-huUe and formerly Wahull — is a village in 
the hundred of , situated northwest of Bedford, dis- 
tance from it about eight miles, on the north branch of the 
Ouse, one mile from Harold. It is bounded on the 
east by Shamkook, northeast by Cotwo^th, north by 
Puddington and Winnich, having Harold in the west and 
the river on the solith. It extends from east to west about 
2^ miles, and nearly.^th'ef sanie" from north to south. Here 
is plenty of useful stone, lately discovered, gravel, and 
several good springs, two of which have been reported 
medicinal. One is northeast, whose waters have not yet 
been analyzed, but well known to be mildly cathartic. 
The other, on the northwest, has been so celebrated as 
to often obtain the name of ''Holbwell" for itself", and 
two closest which run into the town. The name of 
the village is characteristic of its situation, Woodhulle 
or Woodhill, from the hills and fine woods near it. The 
tradition of the place is that it was called Wahull from the 
way or road, Newhope, leading close between it and the 
castle, but there seems not much reason for this assertion. 
It might as well be so denominated from its present di- 

*This custom of lighting fires in May, or Midsummer day, was 
derived from, and was a relic of the Ancient Druidical worship, 
and indicated that here was a place where they practiced their 

The Alston Family. 17 

rection over the bill back of tbe castle between it and the 
■church. However, this seems to be a very old and proper 
name, for formerly it had its "Barons of Wahull," eminent 
for their ancient nobility. The castle, before the art of 
war was so refined upon as at present, must have been an 
impregnable fortress from its advantageous situation near 
the river, and as a work of considerable height and steep 
ascent. Little remains of the old works, yet the upper and 
bascourts are very conspicuous. The only habitable 
building is where stood the keep on one area of one- 
half acre, and is chiefly modern, particularly the south 
front, 105 feet long, built by Lady Wolstenholme while 
her son, Thos. Alston, was on his travels. The west is 
older embattled, and tower about 24 yards in length. The 
€ast end is of the same date as the south, and only 35 feet. 
The rooms within are real lofty and spacious, the walls 
being 27 feet by 23 feet, and 19 feet high. The drawing 
room 21 feet by 20i feet, 13 feet 9 inches high. They 
contain several good paintings, some of which were 
brought from Italy by Sir Thos. Alston about 70 years 
ago (1650.) 

The castle commands a delightful prospect over the 
Ouse, whose beautiful meanderings are remarkably strik- 
ing about this neighborhood. Between it on the north 
rises a wide extended hill covered with the noblest wood 
in this county, containing upwards of three hundred acres, 
and known by the name of " Odell Great Woods." Part 
thereof, consisting of about seventy acres, only by an ob- 
scure diversion, is called " Yelraes Wood," and said to be in 
the parish of Paddiugton, though distant from any part of 
that parish at least one-fourth of a mile. 

Alstons purchased Odell from Chetwoodes in 1640. The 
knights of Chetwoode revived about 15, George IL, a 
<;laim to the Barony Woodhulle. The event of this claim 
was a rejection, as no such title exists at the present day. 


18 The Alston Family. 

That it should be presented is singular, as the very name 
and Castle of Odell had nearly a century before passed by 
purchase to the Alstons — a very ancient family of Saxon 
origin, as may be attested from the name, which in the 
language signifies " most noble" or " most excellent," yet 
little has been preserved of the early part of their pedi- 
gree. Alstan was the Saxon Lord of Stanford in Norfolk 
before the Conquest, but dispossessed thereof by the villain- 
ous Normans. (See Bloomfield's list of Norfolk, vol. 1, 
p. 540). Their coat of arms, which has been preserved 
by the families of both South and North Carolina, is re- 
reproduced in the frontispiece, and thus described, viz. : 

''Arms Azure, Ten Stars, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0>% Crest on a 
wreath, a half-moon Argent, charged with a star Or in the 
arms. Motto Immotus." Seat at Odell Bedfordshire. 

Note. — (There can be no doubt but that the old Saxon 
names, ^thelstan, Ealhstan, Alstan, Alston, Alstone and 
Allston are but different renderings of the same name, 
which the Motto "Immotus" only tends to confirm, the 
last mentioned orthography being confined to South Caro- 

In connection with the above will be appended some 
lines and notes of allied families, which will doubtless be 
of interest ; among whom are Temple, Brooke and Wal- 
lis in England, and in America — Macon, Dawson, Ath- 
erton, Jones, Yancey, Williams, Keerney, Kimbrough, 
Hinton and Lillington. 

Kimher and Johnson, Baronetage of England, 1771, 
Vol. L, p. 4,57. 

112. Alston of Odell, Bedfordshire. Created Baronet 
June 13, 1G42. 

Saxham Hall, in Newton, was anciently the seat of the 
Alstons for many hundred years, from whence that family 

The Alston Family. 19 

bath spread itself iuto several counties. It is certainly a 
family of great antiquity and said to be of Saxon extrac- 
tion, though the origin of them cannot be traced at this 
time of day. We find them mentioned so early as Edward 
the First's reign, when AVilliam Alston of Stisted, in 
Essex, for want of warranty of Brockscroft, in Stisted, did 
grant and confirm to John de Carpenter, of Naylinghurst, 
so much of his better land in Stisted, except his mansion- 
house there. 

In Edward the Third's time, Hugh Alston bore for 
arms azure, ten stars, or 4, 3, 2, 1, which was long before 
coat armor was granted by patent. 

After some descents from the above, said William 
Alston, of Stisted, the lineal descendant of this family was 
John Alston, of Newton in Suffolk. He was father of 
William, who, by Ann the daughter of Thomas Symons, 
had issue. Edward of Saxham-hall in Newton, who took 
to wife Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Colman, by whom he 
had two sons: 1, William of Saxham, of whom hereafter; 
2, Thomas of Edwardston, in Suffolk, who married, first, 

Dorothy, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Holm- 

sted of Maplested, in Essex, by whom he had Edward 

Alston of Edwardston, Esq. His second wife was , 

by whom he had Thomas Alston of Newton, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas West of Loudon, and had 
issue, Thomas Alston of Newton. Edward Alston, of Ed- 
wardston aforesaid, married Margaret, daughter of Arthur 
Penning, of Kettleborough, in Suffolk, Esq., by whom 
he had Sir Edward Alston of London, Knt., Doctor in 
Physick and President of the College of Physicians. 
Joseph Alston of Chelsea, Esq., ancestor to [the present 
Sir Evelyn Alston, Bart., of whom hereafter ; and Pen- 
ning Alston of London. Sir Edward married Susan, 
daughter of Christopher Hudson, of Norwich, by whom 
he had two daughters : 1, Mary, married to Sir James 

20 The Alston Family. 

Langham of Cottesbrooke, in Northamptonshire, Bart., 
who had only one daughter, Mary, married to Henry 
Booth, Lord Delamer, afterwards Earl of Warrington ; 
2, Sarah, married first, George Grirastone, Esq., eldest son 
•of Sir Harbottle Grimstone, Bart., Master of the Rolls ; 
secondly, John, Duke of Somerset; thirdly, Henry, Lord 
•Colerain, and died without issue. 

William Alston, of Saxham Hall, Esquire, son and heir 
of Edward aforesaid, married Elizabeth, one of the daugh- 
ters and co-heirs of Hampstead, of Halstead, in Essex, 

Esq. (by the daughter of William Bindloss, Esq., Ser- 
geant at Law), by whom he had several children ; but 
their lines failed, except William, the eldest, and Thomas, 
the fourth son, of whom hereafter; William, the eldest son, 
married the daughter of Neuce, of Hadham, in Hert- 
fordshire, by whom he had William of the Inner Temple, 
who was seated at Marlesford, in Suffolk, and married 
Avise, daughter and co-heir of Jeffry Pitman, of Wood- 
bridge, Esq., by whom he had issue, Samuel of Marlesford 
and Thomas of the Inner Temple, who died without issue; 
also three daughters; Avise, married to Sir Thomas Fors- 
ter, Knt. (son of the Lord Chief Justice) ; Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Thomas Mann, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Usher 
of the Rolls; and Mary, who died unmarried. This 
William and his wife lie interred at Marlesford church. 
He died Anno 1641. Samuel Alston, of Marlesford, Esq. 
(eldest son of William), married Alice, daughter of Francis 
Nicholson, of Chapelle, in Essex, by whom he had Samuel 
Alston, of Marlesford, Esq., who married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Gregory Wescomb, of Eltham, in Kent, Esq. (son of 
Clement Wescomb, Doctor in Physic), and had issue one 
son, William Alston, of Grey's Inn, Esq., and three daugh- 

Thomas Alston, Esq. (fourth son of William above men- 
tioned), was of Polstead, in Suffolk, and married Frances, 

The Alston Family. 21 

daughter of Simon Bloomeville, or Bloomfield, of Monks 
Illey, in Suffolk, Esq. (surviviug her said husbaud; she 
married Sir John Temple, of Stantonbury, in Bucks, Knt.) 
They had issue four sons and a daughter. 1. William, who 
was of the Inner Temple, and also of OJell, in Bedford- 
shire, but died unmarried ; 2. Thomas, of the Inner Tem- 
ple, and also of Odell, of whom hereafter; 3. Sir Edward, 
who was likewise of the Inner Temple, and of Strixton, in 
Northamptonshire. He had the honor of knighthood con- 
ferred on him, and married Esther, daughter and co-heir of 
Sir William Ashcomb, of Alscot, Oxon, by whom he had 
five sons and three daughters (William, Edward, Thomas, 
John and Charles, which Charles was Doctor in Divinity, 
Archdeacon of Essex, Rector of Northolt, in Middlesex, 
Treasurer of St. Paul's and Chaplain to Dr. Compton, 
Bishop of London, and died 1714; all these sons died un- 
married. Of the three daughters, Catherine was married 
to Wiseman, of Northamptonshire); and 4. John: Frances, 
the only daughter of Thomas, married William, Lord Mon- 
son, which John Alston, of the Inner Temple, Esq., and of 
Parvenham, in Bedfordshire (fourth son of Thomas, of 
Polstead), married Dorothy, daughter of Sir John Temple, 
of Stanton, Bucks, Knt., by whom he had four sons and 
five daughters. 1. W^illiam, who married the daughter of 
Brooke, see note, and died, leaving issue; 2. Thomas; 3. 
Edward ; 4. John, who married Anne, daughter of Wallis, 
see note. The daughters were Frances, married to Ed- 
wards Reynolds; Elizabeth to William .^ofts ; Mary to 
John Lemon; DorotlTy^to Tiiomas Wells, and Sarah. 

Thomas Alston, of Odell, Esq. (second sou, but eldest 
surviviug son of Thomas, of Polstead), had first the honor 
of knighthood conferred upon him, and afterwards was 
advanced to the higher dignity of a Baronet. 18 Car. I. 
He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Rowland St. John, 
Knight of the Bath, by whom he had two sous — Thomas, 

22 The Alston Family. 

who died iu his father's lifetime unmarried ; and Sir Row- 
land, his successor ; also two daughters — Frances, married 
to Sir John Pickering, of Titmarsh, Northamptonshire ; 
and Elizabeth, married first to Stavely Stanton, of Birch- 
more, in Bedfordshire, Esq., and secondly to Montague 
Pickering, Esq., brother to Sir John. Sir Thomas died 
Anno 1678, and was succeeded by his eldest surviving sou. 
Sir Rowland Alston, Bart., who married Temperance, 
second daughter of Thomas, Lord Carew, of Stene, and 
left three sons and three daughters — Sir Thomas, his suc- 
cessor ; Sir Rowland, successor to his brother ; and Vere 
John, Rector of Odell and Minister of Parvenham, in Bed- 
fordshire, who was twice married and had issue. The 
daughters were : Mary, married to the late Mr. Sergeant 
Selby ; Elizabeth, to the late General Stuart, and after his 
decease to Mr. Rowe ; and Auue, to Richard Mead, Esq., 
M.D. Sir Rowland died 1698, and was buried at Odell; 
his lady surviving him was remarried to Sir John Wol- 
stenholme, of Forty-hill, in Enfield, Middlesex, Bart. 
Sir Thomas Alston, Bart., his eldest son, succeeded his 
father in dignity and estate; by dying unmarried, 1714, 
was succeeded by his next brother. Sir Rowland Alston, 
Bart., who was thrice elected one of the knights of the 
shire for the county of Bedford, and by Elizabeth, only 
daughter of Captain Reyues, had issue. 1. Sir Thomas, 
his successor ; 2. Rowland, who married Gertrude, sister to 
Stilliugfleet Durnfurd, Esq., of the Tower, but had no is- 
sue. Also two daughters ; Elizabeth, the eldest, died un- 
married. May 5, 1756; and Ann, now the wife of Robert 
Pye, Rector of Odell, etc. Sir Rowland died January 2, 
1759, and was succeeded by Sir Thomas Alston, his eldest 
son and heir. He married August 30, 1750, Catherine 
Davis, a daughter and heir of Dr. Borey, by whom he had 
issue. Sir Thomas was knight of the shire for Bedford in 
the tenth and eleventh Parliament of Great Britain. He 

The Alston Family. 23 

died 18tli July, 1774, and was succeeded by his brother, 
Sir Rowland. He dying without issue 29th June, 1790, 
aged 64, the title became extinct. His widow survived un- 
til March, 1807. The family property by the will of Sir 
Thomas Alston, his predecessor, devolved on Thomas 
Alston, that gentleman's illegitimate son. 

Vol. 2, Page 464. 
268. Alston of Chelsea, Middlesex. 

This Sir Thomas Alston, Bart, (the person of whom we 
are now principally to treat, second son of Edward Alston, 
of Ed ward ton in Suffolk, Esq.), married Mary, one of the 
daughters and co-heirs of Mr. Crookeubury, of Bergen-op- 
Zoom, in the province of Brabant, a Dutch merchant, 
with whom he had about £12,000 fortune; at the time of 
his creation, he resided at Chelsea, though he purchased 
Bradwell Abbey, in Buckinghamshire, for the future resi- 
dence of his family. He died May, 1688, leaving issue 
three sons and two daughters (eight having died young in 
his lifetime), viz.: 1. Sir Joseph. 2. Edward, who mar- 
raied Mary, daughter of Captain Thompson, by whom he 
li;'.d one son, Joseph, and several daughters. 3. Isaac, who 
Vv'as born at Edwardston, 1688, who had a design of build- 
ing a house upon an estate about two miles from Edward- 
Mton ; and in pursuance of this design had laid down great 
quantities of timber upon the place, but his father would 
liave the timber removed to Edwardston and build the 
bouse where the old one stood and would have this branch 
of the family settle there, because it was the place of his 
nativity; and accordingly he did remove the timber and 
build his house at Edwardston, though both he and his 
father died before the house was finished. He married 
Mary, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Henry Seile, 
of London, by whom he had one son, Joseph, which Joseph 


24 The Alston Family. 

was seated at Edwardston, and a very ingenious gentlemaQ 
and a collector of medals ; he married Laureutia, sole 
daughter and heir of the Reverend Charles Trumbull^ 
LL.D., brother to Sir William Trumbull, Knt., Secretary 
of State to King William, by whom he left one son, Joseph^ 

and three daughters, viz. : Margaret married to Soame, 

Esq.; Anne, to the Right Reverend Dr. Hare, late Bishop 
of Chichester; and Charlotte. 

The daughters of Sir Joseph were, Clare, married to John 
Witterong, of Rothamsted in Hertfordshire, Bart., and 
Mary, the youngest daughter, married to James Clayton, 
Esq., only son of Sir Thomas Clayton, of La Vache in 
Buckinghamshire, Knt., but had no issue. Sir Joseph 
Alston, Bart., eldest son and heir of Sir Joseph before 
mentioned, was seated at Bradwell Abbey, in the county 
of Bucks, and died March 14, 1688-9, and was buried in 
the chancel of the church at Bradwell, aged 49. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Morrice Thompson, Esq. (sister 
to the late Lord Haversham), and by her left two sons, Sir 
Joseph and Edward, who was rector of Wivenhoe and Layer 
Marney in Essex, and married Mrs. Elizabeth Wells and 
had only one daughter. He was succeeded in title and 
estate by his eldest son. 

Sir Joseph Alston, Bart., who married Penelope, one of 
the daughters and co-heirs of Sir Edward Evelyn, of Long^ 
Dittou in Surrey, Ivnt., by whom he left two sons, Sir 
Joseph and Sir Evelyn ; also several daughters, Penelope,, 
Elizabeth, Theodosia, and Die Patris, a name given her 
because she was born on her father's birthday. 

Sir Joseph, the oldest son, succeeded his father and took 

to wife Thursby, and died without issue, whereupon 

the title devolved upon his brother. 

Sir Evelyn Alston, who married by whom he 

had two sons, Evelyn and William, and one daughter. He 
was succeeded in dignity and estate by his eldest son. 

The Alston Family. 25 

Sir Evelyn, who married in March, 1766, Mrs. May, of 
Mary-le-bone. (But dying issueless in 1783, the Baronetcy 
became extinct). 

The following is from records recently collected in Eng- 
land by Mr. Clarence Cabell, of Richmond, Va., (omitting 
all collateral lines): 

1. John Alston, of Newton, County Suffolk. 

2. (visitre, Brds. ]634) C. 31. 2. AVilliam Alston, of 

Newton. Will dated 1st Feby. 1564. Married 
Ann, dau. of Thomas Simonds. 

3. (visitre, Essex, 1634) C. 21. Edward Alston, of Sax- 

ham Hall, in Newton. Will dated 10th Jany. 
1591. Married Elizabeth, dau. of John Colman. 

4. William Alston, of Saxhsm Hall, b. 1537. Buried 

there 13th Jany. 1617. Married Elizabeth, dau. 
and co-heir of Hampstead, of Halstead, County 
Essex, (by dau. of Wm. Bindloss, Esqr., Sergeant 
at Law.) 

5. Thomas Alston, of Gedding Hall in Polstead, County 

Suffolk, 4th son, was bap. at Newton, 23 Feb. 1564. 
Buried there 25th Jany. 1619. Will proved in 
P. C. C. 4th Feby. 1619-20. Married Frances, 
dau. of Simon Bloomfield, of Coddenham & Monk's 
Illeigh, County Suffolk. Bap. at Coddenham, 8th 
Sep. 1612. Mentioned as deceased in will of her 
son. Sir Thomas Alston, in 1678. After the death of 
Tuomas Alston, she married Sir John Temple, of 
Stowe or Stantonbury, County Bucks, Knt. & Bart., 
who d. 1632. 

6. John Alston, of the Inner Temple & of Parveuham, 

County Bedford. 4th son, b. 1610. Proved the 
Will of his son, Thomas Alston, 1678. Mentioned 

26 The Alston Family. 

in the will of his Brother, Sir Thomas Alston, in 
1678. Buried at Parvenhara, 15th Aug. 1687. 
Married Dorothy, dau. of Sir John Temple, 4th 
Jany^ 1634, at Odell. She was buried at Parven- 
ham, 5th Dec. 1668. 

7. William Alston, of Strixton, Northamptonshire (eldest 
son) bap. at Odell, 13th Aug. 1637. Mentioned in 
the Will of Sir Thomas Alston, 1678. His Will is 
dated 20th Nov. 1707. Proved in Arehdy. Court 
of Bedford, 18th May, 1709. Married Thoraasin, 
dau. of Brooke, buried at Parveuham, 29th Jany. 
/ 1669, aged 25 years. 

-8. \Villiam Alston, mentioned in father's will 1707, died 
28th November, 1713, M. I., at Parvenham, will 
dated 6th July, 1713, proved in Arehdy Court of 
Bedford, married Elizabeth, mentioned in her hus- 
band's will 1713, died 16th February, 1730, at 

9. AYilliam, mentioned in father's will 1713, called grand- 
son in will of Sarah Alston 1714, died 26th April, 
1736, at Parvenham. After the death of his wife 
Thomasiu, 1669, William Alston married Sarah, 
who left no issue and died 30th August, 1714, at Par- 
veuham, aged 56. 

10. John Alston, 2 son of Wm. and Thomasin (Brooke) 

Alston ; Thomasin, dau. of Wm. and Thomasin 
(Brooke) Alston, is mentioned as wife of Abraham 
llandson in her brother William's will, 1713. 

11. Thomas d. 1678, and Edward, sons of John and 

Dorothy (Temple) Alston, both died s.p. 

12. John Alston, 4th son of John Alston and Dorothy 

Temple of Parvenham, mentioned in will of John 
Alston, 1704, married Anne, dau. of Wallis. 

The Alston Family. 


13. Joliu Alston, eldest son of John Alston^ 

and Anne Wallis, was baptized at 

Felmershara co., Bedford, 5th Dec, Children 

Thomas, mentioned in will of Edward Al- of John Al- 
ston, 1715. 
Edward Alston, bap. at Parvenham 30th }> ston and 

June, 1689. 
Francesca, wife of Whitlock. Anne Wal- 

Sarah, baptized at Parvenham, 2d May, 

1680. lis. 

Dorothy, baj)tized at Parvenham 23d July, 


By reference to the map of England it will be seen that 
Strixton, Parvenham and Felmersham were all contiguous 
to Odell. The farthest being Strixton, and not exceeding 
five miles. 

Greville, or Grevile, (Sir Fulke) Lord Brooke, an Eng- 
lish poet and miscellaneous writer, born in Warwickshire 
in 1554, was distinguished by the favor of Queen Eliza- 
beth, who made him a Knight. He was a[)pointed by 
King James I. uuder-treasurer and Chancellor of the ex- 
chequer in 1615, and obtained from that monarch the 
castle of Warwick (then in a ruinous condition), which he 
repaired at vast expense. He was created a peer, with the 
title of Baron Brooke, in 1620. He was mortally wounded 
in a quarrel with an old servant in 1628. Lord Brooke 
was the intimate friend of Sir Philip Sidney, of whom he 
published a biography. He also wrote a number of poems 
and tragedies. 

(See Horace Walpole, Royal and Noble Authors; Bio- 
graphia Britannica.) 

Greville (Robert), born in 1608, was a cousin of the 
preceding, whose title he inherited. He fought in the 
Parliamentary army, and was killed at the battle of Lich- 
field in 1643. Among his principal works are a *'Dis- 


28 The Alston Family. 

course Opening the Nature of the Episcopacy Exercised in 
England," (1641), and "The Nature of Truth." 

(See Lodge's Portraits.) 

Thomasin, his daughter, born in 1643-4, m. Wm. Al- 
ston and died 29th January, 1669, aged 25 years, leaving 
three children, viz.: William, John, Thomasin q. v. 

The evidence that Lord Brooke was the father of 
Thomasin is presumptive. Being mentioned as the daugh- 
ter of Brooke carries with it the assumption that he was 
prominent and well known before the British Public. This 
could apply to no one else of the name at the time of her 
birth, 1643-4, but this Robert Greville. Warwick Castle, 
the seat of Sir Fulke Greville, the predecessor of Sir Rob- 
ert, being only 45-50 miles distant from Strixton and 

National Cyclopedia of Useful Knowledge. 

London, 1851, Vol. xii, Charles Knight, 90 Fleet Street. 

Page 731. 

John Wallis was the oldest son of the Rev. John Wallis, 
incumbent of Ashford in Kent, where he was born Nov. 
23d, 1616. The father of Wallis died when he was six 
years old, leaving five children to the care of his widow. 
He was fifteen years old when his curiosity was excited by 
seeing a book of arithmetic in the hands of his younger 
brother, who was preparing for trade. On his showing 
some curiosity to know what it meant, his brother went 
through the rules with him, and in a fortnight he had mas- 
tered the whole. 

He was entered at Emanuel College, Cambridge, where 
he soon obtained reputation. Among his other studies, 
anatomy found a place; and he is said to have been the 
first student who maintained, in a public disputation, the 

The Alston Family. 29 

doctrine of the circulation of the blood, which had been 
promulgated by Harv^ey four or five years before. 

After taking the degree of Master of Arts, he was 
chosen Fellow of Queens, and took orders in 1640. He 
was then chaplain in one and another private family, re- 
siding partly in London, till the breaking out of the civil 
war, in which he took the side of the Parliament. He 
made himself useful to his party by deciphering inter- 
cepted letters, an act in which he was eminent. In 1643, 
the sequestrated living of St. Gabriel, Feuchurch street, 
was given to him, and in the same year he published "Truth 
Tried, or Animadversions on the Lord Brookes Treatise on 
the Nature of Truth." In this year also he came into a 
handsome fortune by the death of his mother. In 1644 
he was appointed one of the secretaries of the Assembly of 
Divines at Westminster. In this year also he married. 
In 1645 he was among the first who joined those meetings, 
which afterwards gave rise to the Royal Society. When 
the Independents began to prevail, VVallis joined with 
others of the clergy in opposing them, and in 1648 sub- 
scribed a remonstrance against the execution of Charles I. 
In 1649 he was appointed Savilian Professor of Geometry 
at Oxford by the Parliamentary visitors. He now moved 
to Oxford and applied himself diligently to mathematics. 
At the end of 1650 he first met with the method of indi- 
visibles in the writings of Torricelli, and from this time 
his celebrated researches begin. In 1658 Wallis, who 
with others desired the restoration of the kingly power, 
employed his art of deciphering on the side of the Royalists, 
so that at the Restoration he was received with favor by 
Charles II., confirmed in his professorship and in the place 
of keeper of the archives at Oxford, and was made one of 
the royal chaplains. In 1661 he was one of the clergy 
appointed to review the Book of Common Prayer. . . 

He was of course one of the first members of the Royal So- 

30 The Alston Family. 

ciety, and from this to bis death his life is littJe more than 
the list of his works. The collections of his works by the 
Curator of the Oxford university press began to be made in 
1692. The three volumes bear the disordered dates of 1695, 
1693 and 1699. In 1692 he was consulted upon the adop- 
tion of the Gregorean calendar, or new style, against which 
he gave a strong opinion, and the design was abandoned. 
In 1696 when the first two volumes of his works appeared 
he was the remote occasion of beginning the controversy 
between the followers of Newton and Leibnitz. Some re- 
marks were made on his assertions as to the origin of the 
differential calculus in the Leipzig Acts, which produced 
a correspondence, and this correspondence was published 
in the 3d volume. He died Oct. 28th, 1703, in his 88th 

Wallis in his literary character is to be considered as a 
theologian, a scholar and a mathematician. As a divine 
he would probably not have been remembered but for his 
eminence in the other characters. His discourses on the 
Trinity are still quoted in the histories of opinions on that 
subject. If the character of Wallis has been elevated as a 
divine by his celebrity as a philosopher, his services as a 
scholar have for the same reason been, if not underrated, 
at least thrown into a shade. He was the first editor of 
the " Harmonics " of Ptolemeus, of the commentary on 
it by Porphyrins, and of the later work of Brennius; as 
also of Aristarchus of Samoa. 

As a mathematician Wallis is the most immediate prede- 
cessor of Newton, both in the time at which he lived and 
the subjects at which he worked. Those who incline to 
the opinion that scientific discoveries are not the work of 
the man, but of the man and the hour, that is, who regard 
each particular conquest as the necessary consequences of 
the actual state of things, and as certain to come from one 
quarter or another when the time arrives, will probably 

The Alston Family. 31 

say that if Wallis had not lived, Newton would but have 
filled his place, as far as the pure mathematics are con- 

His daughter, Anne, married John Alston (4th son of 
John Alston and Dorothy Temple), whose eldest son, John, 
was baptized at Felmershara 5th December, 1673. As 
with Thomasin Brooke, so likewise with Anne Wallis. 
Being mentioned as the daughter of Wallis, carries with it 
the assumption that he was prominent before the public 
and well known, which would apply to none other of the 
name at that time but this John Wallis. \/ 

A few items of English history compiled from various 
sources will be appropriate just here. 

Christianity, first planted in England by the Apostles, 
probably Paul himself, although persecuted and oppressed, 
survived even the period of Roman occupation. 

After the Romans had abandoned the' Island, about 449, 
Hengist and Horsa, two Jutish chiefs, invaded the coun- 
try, and drove out the Picts. Following soon after these, 
Ella the Saxon, with three sons and three ship-loads of 
Buccaneers, consisting of Angles and Saxons, two nearly 
related peoples, landed upon the southern coast and estab- 
lished themselves. These were followed by similar suc- 
cessive immigrations, which resulted in Anglo-Saxon 
sovereignty, and spreading over the Island their English 
language, finally giving to it the name of Angle-land or 
England. The seven leading States of the Saxon Heptarchy 
were ruled by petty Princes, who from time to time were 
dominated by some one more powerful than the others. 
They were in no sense a confederacy, and when they had 
subdued the Britons, they were continually fighting among 

"The principal diet of these early English or Saxon 
tribes is said to have been beef and pork, taken with 

32 The Alston Family. 

copious draughts of ale and mead. They were hard 
drinkers and hard fighters, and their wild lives were 
usually cut short by battle or pestilence." Although 
Christianity was so early planted in England, the antago- 
nism between the two races was too bitter to encourage 
the British Christians to mission work among the Saxons. 
Four generations were born and buried before this hostility 
died away, and intercourse between the peoples gradually 
obliterated differences of race. The Britons, however, 
sent missionaries among the Irish Celts in the fifth century; 
also to the Picts of North Britain, and even to the con- 
tinent of Europe. (See Twenty Centuries of English 
History, by James R. Joy.) 

These invading tribes of Jutes, Angles and Saxons were 
all pagans, and Ethelbert, King of Kent, had married a 
Christian princess. Bertha, a daughter of a King of the 
Franks. She was permitted to worship the Christian God 
in the royal town of Canterbury. To her Pope Gregory 
commended his missionary, Augustine (597 A. D.). 
Suspecting sorcery, Ethelbert received the monks under 
the open sky. He accepted their doctrines and many of 
his court were baptized. From this beginning, first one 
and then another state of the Heptarchy embraced Chris- 
tianity, until Mercia alone was left, and became the rally- 
ing ground of paganism, with King Penda its defender. 
Finally in 655 the Mercians were conquered and em- 
braced Christianity. Penda was overthrown by Oswald and 
the last hold of paganism fell. In 680 King Ethelred 
divided the kingdom of the Mercians into dioceses and 
placed a bishop's seat at Leicester. 

During the eighth century the Danes began to make 
incursions, and ultimately succeeded in establishing them- 
selves. During these incursions, having subjected to 
their own rule portions of North Britain, Ireland and other 
neighboring isles, they allied themselves with the Welsh, 

The Alston Family. 33 

the hereditary foe of the Anglo-Saxons, for a combined 
assault u.<ou the English. This mixed force was defeated 
by Egbert, the West Saxon King, in 835, at Hengestes- 
dun, in Cornwall. Ethelwolf, the son and successor of 
Egbert, could not prevent their depredations upon the 
coast, and finally the Danes changed their tactics and 
brought with them their wives and children, determined 
to conquer a homo and dwell upon English soil, and the 
the warfare between them and the Saxons became very 
bitter and relentless. The Danes were pagans, and in 
SQQ, having mastered Northumbria and Mercia, they de- 
feated Edmund, the last King of East-Auglia, in battle, 
whom they captured, but offered him freedom if he would 
only bow the knee to their pagan god, Woden. He defied 
them and was put to death by torture for his refusal. 

Elated with successive triumphs the Danes then rushed 
upon Wessex, but found their match at Ashdune (871) 
where King Ethelred, son of Ethelwolf, with his young 
brother, Alfred, beat them with great slaughter. Alfred 
became king at twenty-one and continued his warfare 
against the Danes until 878, when Guthrum, their king, 
agreed to terms of peace and was baptized into the 
Christian faith. 


Harderick, the first known Saxon King, B.C. go. 
Anseric Saxon King, d. A. D. i. 
WelkaL.d. A. D. 30. 
Svartic I., Saxon King, d. 70. 
Svarti XL, Saxon King, d. 80. 
Segward, Saxon King until 100. 
Whitekind. Saxon King until io5. 
Wilke, Saxon King until 190. 
Marbod, Saxon King. 

Friga, or Sigge, Saxon King ; conquered, Denmark, Norvay and .Sweden, and 
assumed tlie name of Wodin or Odin, d. 300. 
Beldeg, brother of King Vcldeg. 


34 The Alston Family. 



Cerdlc, came to England, 495 ; King of Wessex, 519 ; d. 534— very old. 
Cenric, King of Wessex, 534 ; d. 560. 
Ceaulin,King of Wessex, 560; conquered Sussex ; d. 592. 
Cuthwin, killed, 581. 


Egbert, King of Wessex, 800 ; succeeded in uniting the whole Heptarchy under 
his rule, 827 ; King of England, 828 ; d. 836. 
Ethelwulf, King of England, 836-857. 
Alfred the Great, King of England, 871-901. 

NOTE— The above is taken from the Pedigree of J. Bayard Backus, of New 
York City. He says there is a question as to the spelling of several of the names,, 
and some of the parties are known by different names. Of course this refers to 
the earlier names. 

The several States were united under Alfred, who has 
ever been regarded as the greatest of English kings, great 
in war, but greater in peace. Of his five children only 
one, Edward the elder, wore a crown. He ruled from 
901 to 925, and with the help of his sister, Ethelfleida^ 
"the Lady of the Mercians," he took the offensive and won 
back the greater part of the Dane-Law. "The Danes of 
this region had settled down beside the English, adopting 
their religion and fitting themselves easily to the English 
ways of life. The two races were of kindred ancestry, 
spoke closely related languages, and neither had been 
dominated by Rome or influenced by Roman civilization." 

A few notes from Bibliographa Brittanuica will here be 
appropriate, (Camden.) 

Ethelfled, or Ethelfleida, sister of Edward the elder, had 
married Ethelred, the king or earldorman of Mercia. 
After the death of her husband she governed the Mercians 
for eight years in very troublous times, to her great praise 
and honor. Besides the aid given her brother in recover- 
ing the Dane- Law, in 911 she repaired Warwick; in 913 

The Alston Family. 35 

she entered the land of the Britons to reduce a castle at 
Bricencumere, and took the Queen of the Britons prisoner. 
Also, in 914, she repaired Leicester and fortified the place 
with new walls. She was ancestress of Leoferine, Earl of 
Mercia, whose seat or residence was at Leicester, and 
from whom sprung the family of Sir John Temple of 
Stantonbury or Stowe q. v. 


It is stated in Burkes Peerage that this ancient family 
derives its surname from the manor of Temple Co. Leices- 
ter, and has its pedigree recorded in the "Visitation of 
Leicestershire," A. D. 1619. 

1. Leofern, or Leoferin, Earl of Mercia had 

2. Leofric, King of Leicester, (Lodges Peerage of Ireland, 

under Viscount Palmerston). He married the 
famous Lady Godiva, who rode naked through 
Coventrytown by day to regain for the citizens the 
privileges taken fro in them, and dying August 31, 
1027. They had issue : 

3. Algar, King of the East Saxons in 1053, who had 

4. Edwin, King of the East Saxons, deposed by the Con- 

queror, and killed in battle with the Normans, 1071. 
His sister married, 1st, the Welsh King Gruifydd. 
" Her name was Ealdgyth and her brothers were 
Eadwine and Morkere." (Encyclopedia Britannica, 
Art. Harold). She married secondly, Harold, king 
of England. He (Edwin) was father of 

5. Edwin, Earl of Leicestershire and Coventry, who 

assumed the surname. Temple, from the Manor of 
Temple, in the Hundred of Sparkenhor in Wells- 
boro, Leicestershire (see Burtin's Leicestershire), 
whose descendant 
1. Henry De Temple, Baron of Temple, and little Shepey 

-36 The Alston Family. 

2. Geoffrey De Temple, Leicestershire, whose son 

3. John De Temple, Leicestershire, had 

4. Henry De Temple, Leicestershire, who married Lady 

Maud, daughter of Sir John Ribbesford, Knt., and 

5. Henry De Temple, Baron of Temple Manor and Little 

Shepey (temp. John), who had 

6. Richard De Temple, Baron of Temple Manor, who 

m. Catherine, daughter of Thomas de Langley, and 

7. Nicholas De Temple, who m. Lady Margery, daughter 

of Sir Roger Corbet, Knt., of Libton, and had 

8. Richard De Temple o£ Shej-ey, who m. Lady Agnes, 

daughter of Sir Ralph Stanley, Knt., and had 

9. Nicholas De Temple, who m. Maud, daughter of John 

Burguillon, of Newton, in Leicestershire, and had 

10. Richard De Temple, who m. Joan, daughter of Wil- 

liam Shepey of Great Shepey, Leicestershire, and 

11. Thomas De Temple of Whitney, Oxfordshire, third 

son, who m, Mary, daughter of Thomas Gedney, 
Esq., and had 

12. William Temple, of Whitney, who m. Isabel, daughter 

and heiress of Henry Everton, Esq., and had 

13. Thomas Temple, of Whitney, who m. Alice, daughter 

and heiress of John Heritage, of Burton Dorset, in 
Coventry Warwick, and had 

14. Peter Temple of Stowe, second son, who in the latter 

years of Edward VI. obtained a grant of the 
Manor of Marston Boteler Co., Warwick, and m. 
Millicent, daughter of William Jeklye, Esq., of 
Nemington, in Middlesex, and had 

15. John Temple of Stowe, eldest son b. 1542, d. 1603, 

m. Susan, daughter and heiress of Thomas Spencer 
of Everton, Northampton, and had 

The Alston Family. 37 

Anthony, from whom the Viscount Palmerston and 
16. Sir Thomas Temple of Stowe, Knt., created baronet 
June 29, 1611, d. 1637, m. Esther, daughter of 
Miles Sandys, Esq., of Latimers Bucks., by whom 
he had thirteen children. (Fuller, in his "Worthies 
of England," relates that Lady Temple lived to see 
seven hundred of her own descendants). Of the 
numerous progeny 

1. Peter, s. to the Baronetcy and " 

2. John, received the honor of Knighthood and m. Doro- 

thy, daughter and co-heiress of Edward Lee, Esq., 
of Stantonbury, having at his decease, in 1632, 

1. Peter (Sir), who m. Eleanor, daughter of Sir Timothy 

Tyrnell of O'Keley, and d. January, 1660, leaving 
five sons. The four elder d. s. p. and the youngest 
d. 1706, leaving William and Peter 5th and 6th 

2. Thomas (Sir), a Nova Scotia baronet and Knt., Gov. 

of N. S. 

3. Edmund of Sulby, Co. Northampton, who m. Eleanor, 

daughter and co-heiress of Sir Stephen Harveys of 
Hardinston, and left Stephen of Sulby d. s. p., and 
John of Sibbertoft, who d. 1702, leaving three 
daughters and two sons, Edmund of Leicester, left 
by Ellen his wife, an elder son, Purbech, and two 

4. Purbech (Sir) of Edgcombe Place, Co. Surrey, gov- 

ernor of Henley, m. Sarah, daiighter of Robert 
Baker and d. s. p. 

5. Dorothy m. John Alston, Esq., of the Inner Temple. 

6. Hester m. Edward Pascal, Esq. of Co. Essex, of 

Gray's Inn, and had a son John, who went to 
America and m. Elizabeth, daughter of William 
Taylor, Esq., of Dorchester, near Boston, and d. 
1734, leaving a daughter, Mehitabel, who married 

38 The Alston Family. 

Robert Temple of Boston, Aug. 11, 1721, and was 
mother of Sir John Temple, 8th Bart. 
7. Mary m. Robert Nelson, Esq., of Gray's Inn. 

From the foregoing records we find John Alston, second 
son of William Alston and Thomasin Brooke, was born 
about 1665 or 6. Again another John Alston, son of 
John Alston and Anne Wallis and first cousin to the 
above John, son of William, was baptized in 1673, Dec. 
5th, thus being about eight years younger. 

The Alstons as a family had very marked characteris- 
tics. In personal appearance they were tall, erect, muscu- 
lar, with florid complexion, blue eyes, and brown or flaxen 
hair. They held much wealth, though not given to money- 
making as a business, and have but seldom been pauder- 
ers ior political preferment, or sought public honors. 
They have rather acted the part of wealthy country gentle- 
men who lived well, bestowed upon their families all the 
pleasures and luxuries which circumstances could afford, 
and dispensing hospitality with a liberal hand. Strong 
in their attachments and unyielding in their antagonisms, 
they have ever been ready to make common cause with a 
friend, defend injured innocence, befriend the weak, or 
fight against whatever they conceived to be injustice, 
wrong or oppression, and as masters were kind and con- 
siderate to their servants. Their own conduct being open 
and above board, they held in abhorrence all sham or 
pretense of every kind, or anything that savored of 
dishonesty or meanness, preferring death to dishonor. 
Brave and unflinching in battling with the vicissitudes of 
life, they have borne their name proudly in prosperity and 
poverty alike. 

Their women, while always proud of their ancestral 
lineage, and holding its traditions, have been kind, loving 
and gentle in their home-life, unfaltering in their devotion, 
true and faithful in all that goes to make up the sum of do- 
mestic and social endearment and happiness, cherishing 
virtue as the crowning jewel of womanhood. 

The Alston Family. 39 

JOHN ALLSTON— 1666-1719. 

While it is not known certainly when he came to the 
Carolina colony, every indication points to his coming with 
Governor John Archdale in 1694, who was sent from Eng- 
land and was in control during the year" 1695. 

It has been stated that he administered upon the estate 
of John Harris, but this does not appear upon the records, 
nor does it appear who was the father of his wife, the 
records of the court having been carefully examined by 
Rev. Robert Wilson, whose notes are herewith appended. 

John Harris— Abstract of Will— Dated 8th of Ffeb., 
1692-3— Recorded 20th Dec, 1693. 

"I, John Harris, of Berkeley Co., Tanner." Mentions : 
"Elizabeth, ye daughter of Sarah Saunders ; Deare wife 
Elizabeth Harris. Lambert Saunders. Loving Brother Mr. 
Ffrancis Turges. Trustee friend John Alexander." Be- 
<queathes lands, cattle, two or three negro slaves, silver 
tankard, pewter plates, etc., 150 tanned deer skins, raw 
deer skins, calf skins, hides, etc. 

Francis Turges was first husband of Elizabeth, daughter 
of Landgrave Danl. Axtell, whose second husband was 
Gov. Joseph Blake. 

John Alexander was husband of her sister, Ann Axtell, 
afterwards Mrs. Joseph Boone. 

Estate administered 4th of Mar., 1693, by Elizabeth 
Harris, widow, James Le Bas, "De Rousserye" and Jos. 

Inventory sworn by above, 15th of June, 1694. (Grant 
by Gov. Thos. Smith, 27th of March, 1694.) 

40 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

Indenture by Mr. John Allston, gent, and Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Harris, "alias Allston," 13th of Aug., 1695, late John 
Harris, gent.," etc. 

All the above from original autograph documents, 
Book 1693-9. Copies in later book. 

We next append an abstract which has been preserved 
of his will, the original will most probably having been 
destroyed with other old records by Sherman's army 
when they passed through Columbia. 

Will of John Allston, of St. John's Berkeley, So. Caro- 
lina. Dated Jan'y 2d, 1718. Proved Nov. 30, 1719. 

Witnesses : Samuel Martin, Thos. Mitchell, John Nun- 
kin and Anthony Biddis. 

To his wife Elizabeth he bequeathed "his grey mare and 
her three-year-old mare," besides a liberal provision in 
land and otherwise. 

His children were, viz. : 

1. John, 400 acres joining Henry Fairwell's laud, and 

500 acres run out for Miss Rebecca Harris, and 
joining "Whiskenboo." 

2. William, a plantation of 490 acres called "Indian 


3. Elizabeth, 500 acres. 

4. Mary, a tract on the east side of " Whiskenboo," in- 

cluded in the plat and grant of "my Lady Blake's 

5. Peter, 500 acres called "Whiskenboo." 

6. Tomassin, 500 acres joining her sister Elizabeth's tract. 

He left his wife and Percival Pawley, Executrix and 

The following abstracts of the will of the eldest son 
John and of his eldest son John will here be inserted, also 
marriage contract. 

AND His Descendants. 41 

"Articles of agreement beetween Sarah Belin, widow, of 
the one part, and John Allston, Sr., M^idower, of the sec- 
ond part : Whereas, a marriage is intended shortly to be 
had and solemnized between the said Sarah Belin and 
John Allston upon the 10th inst.," etc. 

10th day of Nov., 1748. (Recorded 7th April, 1750.) 

John Allston Abstct. Will. 

"I, John Allston, of Craven Co., Parish of Prince 
George, Planter. 

Date: 24th of Mar., 1749-50. Proved: 11th of May, 

"Loving wife, Sarah Allston, personalty with reversion 
to sons Josias, Samuel and William, £100 in lieu of 
dower as per agreement (vide supra). 

"Eldest son, John, 490 acres, bounding on land of John 
Allston, sou of William, etc. Also part of tract on Wac- 
camaw River, being part of tract of 700 acres, 'for which 
I have His Majesty's grant.' Also 137 acres more. Re- 
version to son, Josias Allston. Son Josias, 1 negro boy ; 
other personalty. Son Samuel, 640 acres on Waccamaw. 

Also acres, part of 700 acres before mentioned. 

Personalty. Son William, 300 acres purchased of brother 
Peter. Also 150 acres more. Personalty. Son John, 1 
moiety lot in Georgetown, No. 84. Personalty. Son 
Josias, other half said lot. Sons Samuel and William, lot 
in Georgetown, No. 94. Son-in-law Benjamin Marion, 
320 acres. William Lupton, other part of 700 acres above 
mentioned. Daughter Martha, use of three slaves for life. 
(Illegible, paper destroyed.) Sons Josias, Samuel and 
William residue of estate ; youngest sons, Samuel and 
William, under 18. Exrs. : Sons John and Josias." 

42 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

John Allston, Jr., Abstr. of Will.— Date, 28th 
of Aug., 1750. — No date of proof or record. 

"I, John Allston, of Prince George's Parish, jjlanter, 
brother-in-law Esther Marion (sic) beloved wife Esther 
Allston. Child my '^ wife is now pregnant with. Children 
Martha, Elizabeth, Hester, Elinor, and the child, etc. (as 
above). (Illegible, paper destroyed.) Friends and brothers 
.Thomas Mitchell, Josias Allston and Benjamin Marion. 

1 John Allston d. May, 1750 = 1st Deborah, 5 chd., 
m. 2d Sarah Belin (widow). 10th of Nov., 
1748. No issue. 

4 I. John Allston^ Esther Marion {q. v.). 

5 II. Josias Allston, born 1731 = lstEstherSimons(9. v.). 

2d Ann Proctor {q. v.). 
3d Esther Brown {q. v.). 
III. Samuel Alston, no further record. 

6 IV. William Allston d. July 31, 1781:= 1st Anne 

Simons in 1763 (g. v). 
2dEachel Moore in 1775 {q. v.). 
V. Martha Allston= Benjamin Marion ; issue, 
viz. : 

(1) Ann=Thomas Roche. 

(2) Martha=l, Patrick Eoche ; 2, Paul Warley. 

(3) Catharine=iThompson Whitehouse. 
(No further record of this family.) 

4- John Allston = Esther Marion (dau. of Gabriel and 
Esther Marion, and sister to General Francis 
Marion and Isaac, his brother. After the death 
of John Allston, his widow, Esther, married Dr. 
Thomas Mitchel, of Georgetown, S. C, and left 
a large family); issue: 

7 I. Martha ^ Benjamin Young [q. v.). 

II. Elizabeth=Benjamin Simons (no record). 
III. Hester died at 18 years of age. 

AND His Descendants. 43 

IV. Eleanoe=Peter Simons ; issue, 2 Ch., viz.: 

(1) John Siraousz= Elizabeth Les Peyre. 

(2) Elizabeth Maurice Simons. 
V. John died in infancy. 

7 Benjamin Young^ Martha Allston ; issue, 9 chil- 
dren, of whom only 6 passed childhood, viz. : 
I. Archibald. 

II. Thomas=and had a dau., Eliza Maria Young. 
III. Anna=James Bond Read of Savannah, Ga. 
ly. Mary = William B. Bulloch of Savannah ; 
issue, viz. : 

(1) Laura= Joseph L. Locke. 

(2) Mary = Ed. Neufville. 

Benjamin Young may have been the same who subse- 
quently married Mary Allston (q. v.). 

5 JosiAs ALLSTONi=May 26th, 1752, Esther Simons, 
who d. Feb. 19th, 1753. She was the daughter of Francis 
Simons and Ann his wife, and was married by Rev. Alex- 
ander Garden of St. Thomas Parish. After the death of 
Francis Simons his widow Ann married Videau and be- 
came the mother of Francis Marion's wife. Josias' wife, 
Estlier, gave birth to twins, the elder of whom, John, died 
and the other, Francis, survived. After the death of his 
wife, Josias again was married. May 1st, 1755, by Rev. 
Alex. Garden, to Ann (daughter of Stephen and Hannah 
Proctor), who bore him 9 children. She was born May 
7th, 1731, and died Feb'y 28th, 1773, leaving an infant 
daughter, and was buried in Brunswick, North Carolina, 
where the family had removed. After the death of his 
wife Ann, Josias returned to St. James, Santee, and mar- 
ried his 3d wife, Esther Brown, who bore him a posthu- 
mous son, Josias, and after her husband's death married 
Rev. Lance. 

Josias died Sep. 27th, 1776, and his will was proved 

44 John Allston — 1666-1719 — 

before Isaac Marion, J. P., Dec. 9th, 1776. His sons^ 
Francis and John, executors. His children were 

8. I. Francis, born Feb. 5th, 1753=issue, 3 ch* 

{q. v.). 

9. II. John, born Feb'y 28th, 1756 =& had 2 ch- 

(q. v.). 

III. Hannah, born Dec. 13th, 1757 — no further 


IV. William, born Oct. 4th, 1759, died Dec. 23d, 

V. Martha, born Sep. 20th, 1761, died 1765. 

10. yi. Ann, born Dec. 3d, 1763= — De Lepline; 

issue 1 dau. (q. v.). 

11. VII. Benjamin, born Oct. 6th, 1765=3 times (g. v.). 
VIII. Martha, 2d of name, born Feb. 8th, 1768 ; 

no other record. 
IX. Joseph, born June 25th, 1770; no other re- 

12. X. Mary Stead, born 1773=Daniel DuPre (g. v.). 
XI. Josias, born 1777 (d. s. p.). 

S Francis ALLSTON=issue 1 son and 1 daughter, viz. : 
I. Dr. William Allston, a prominent physician of 
Georgetown, S. C, and buried in the churchyard 
there ; married Mary Pyatt, and their dau. mar- 
ried Dr. Theodore Gourdine and bore 3 sons, viz. : 

(1) Theodore, who = and left one son, Samuel 


(2) William Allston Gourdine = Anna 

White, one-half sister to Edward B. 
White, and had 2 children, viz. : Allston 
and Anna. 

(3) Samuel {d. s. p.). 

II. Eliza=John Blake White, the historical painter 
of Charleston, S. C. They have 4 children, viz. :: 

AND Ills Descendants. 45 

(1) Edwaed B. White=:Miss Adams, issue 

viz. : Miss Sara Elizabeth White of Tal- 
lulah Falls, Ga. 

(2) Allston White=Miss SimraoDS {s. p.). 

(3) Aloxzo WniTEr^Miss Ixgraham, aud left 

several children living in Charleston, S. C. 

(4) Adeline ^Gen'l Abbott VV. Brisbane. 

John ALLSTON-^issue 2 sons, viz. : 

I. George, killed by a fall from his horse] (s. p.). 
II. JosiAS William -^Lydia, dan. of George Mor- 
EALL of Prince George, Winyah, moved and 
settled in St. Luke's Parish, 1805, and died in 
1812. They had 2 daughters who married, but 
left no issue, and one son, viz, : Benjamin 
George, who never married, he fought the duel 
with Hayne, and in his after life would not per- 
mit any allusion to it in his presence. The sen- 
sational article relating to his duelling " pen- 
chant," which was published a few years since 
in the New York lllusb^ated Record, aud headed 
" The Fighting Alstons," was a gross perver- 
sion, not only of Ids character, but of that of 
his kinsman alluded to as " Honest Willie." 

10 DeLepline=Ann Allston ; issue, 1 son and 1 daugh- 
ter, viz. : 

I. Francis DeLepline married aud left no issue. 
II. Esther " Mr. Cripps and had one son, John, and 
one dau., Allston. After the death of Mr. Cripps 
his widow married Cap't Monck. 

(1) John Cripps was Secretary of Legation to 

Gen'l Gadsden in Mexico, where he also 
married and left one daughter. 

(2) Allston Cripps ^ Dr. Richard Allen and 

had one soji, viz. : Captain William Allen 

46 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

who was murdered by deserters, and he left 

one dan., who married Rev. Wetmore 

of Asheville, N. C. 

11 Benjamin Allston = 1st to Miss Cook; issue, 3 
dau. 2d, to Dorothy, widow of Col. Singleton, s. p. 3d, 
Miss Coachman, niece of Col. Singleton, s. p. His 
daughters (1) Ann and (2) Mary died unmarried. (3) 
Martha married John Francis Pyatt and had 3 chil- 
dren, viz. : 

I. Charlotte = Rev. Paul Trapier. Their sons died 

II. John Francis Pyatt, Jr. = dau. of John No- 
well and left 3 ch. Of these 

(1) Martha = Boykin Heyward and had 

2 sons, viz. : Boykin and Allston. 

(2) John Saville Pyatt =^-= dau. of D. H. 

Smith, and have 6 children, viz. : 
I. John Saville Pyatt. 
II. Mary. III. Charlotte. 

IV. Edward. V. David, and 
VI. Julia Pyatt. 

III. Joseph Benjamin Pyatt ^t^^ dau. of Col. J. J. 
Wood, and have 5 children, viz. : 

(1) Martha Pyatt, unm. 

(2) Penelope ^^ James R. Parker, and had 

one son, James R. Parker, Jr. 

(3) Allston Pyatt is a planter and unmarried. 

(4) Catherine, unm. 

(5) Maham is a lawyer and member of the 


AND His Descendants. 4T 

12 Daniel Dupre==Mary Stead Allston, issue, 3 
children, viz. : 

50. (1) -Daniel DuPre, born Oct. 16th, 1793; married 
1815 to Sarah Margaret Hibben of Mount 
Pleasant, S. C, and have issue {q. v.). 

(2) Mary DuPre =. James J. B. White of S. C, 

and had one son, who died in Philadelphia. 

(3) Rebecca DuPre =^ James Edward Jerman, 

and had four children, viz. : 

(a) Edward DuPre Jerman = Cornelia 

Klepstein of Winchester, Ya. Of 6 
children only one survives. 

(b) Dr. Thomas Palmer Jerman, a promi- 

nent citizen and practitioner of Ridge- 
way, N. C. ; married LucY Beverly 
Sydnor of Mecklenburg, Va., and had 
6 children, viz. : 

(1) Beverly SY^i)NOR=lst Miss 

Borden of Goldsboro, N. C, 
and have one son. 
= 2d Miss Montgomery of 
Concord, N. C. 

(2) Thomas Palmer=Miss Petty- 

of Carthage, N. C, and have 
one child. 

(3) Lucy^Thweatt = Dr. Thomas 

Barker Williams of Ridge- 
way, N. C. They have 4 
children (g. y.). 

(4) Carrie == Robert Keith Dar- 

GAN, of Darlington, S. C, 
and have 1 dau., Esther 
Palmer, living with Dr. Jer- 

48 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

(5) Rebecca Allston and (6) Mary 
DuPre died unm. 

(c) Allston Cahnsac = Louis Klepsteiu of 

Winchester, Va. (s. p.). 

(d) Mary DuPre = Dr. John Y. DnPre ; no 

surviving issue. 

50 Daniel DuPke= Saeah Margaret Hibben; 9 
ch., viz. : 

51. I. Warren, born 1816, married 1838 to Sarah Barks- 

dale Sydnor who died in 1841. He then m. her 
sister, Mary, who d. 1896, issue (g. v.). 
II. Hibben, born 1817, accidentally shot fatally 1825. 

III. Hannah JSapier, b. 1820, d. in infancy. 

IV. Samuel Allston, b. 1822, d. in infancy. 

52. V. Ann Allston, b. 1824, ra. in 1845 to John A. Le- 

land, issue (g. v.). 

yi. Sarah Wells, b. 1829, m. in 1854 to Rev. Edwin 
T. Williams, a Missionary to Africa, and died 
June, 1855 (s. j?.). 
VII. John Younge, b. 1827, ra. 1st Mary Jerman (no 
surviving issue); m. 2d Ann A. Jervey ; have 
3 surviving children, viz. : John, Jervy and Em- 
mie; all are unm. 
VIII . Daniel Allston, b. 1831, m. Emma Calhoun in 
1858, who is now living. He died leaving one 
son, D. C. Calhoun DuPre, of Greenwood, S. C, 
who is married and has four or five children. 

IX. Andrew Hibben, b. 1834, m. Essie Ann Mc- 
Clelland and have 4 children. 

(1) Sallie Girardeau, m. Robert Royal and have large 


(2) James DuPre, num. 

(3) John Younge DuPre, unm. 

(4) Andrew DuPre, unm. 

AND His Descendants. 49 

52 John A. Leland ^ Ann Allston DuPre, have 
3 surviving children. 

I. Ann Leland =W. W. Kennedy and have two 
children living. 
II. Sallie Leland =W. J. Sanders in 1881. They 
have 1 son living. 
III. Allston Leland = Effie Williams, and they 
have two little girls. 

51 Warren DuPre = Sarah Barksdale Sydnor 
had 1 child, Sallie, still living. By his 2d wife Mary 
Ann Sydnor, 8 children, viz. : 

I. Beverly Sydnor, born January 22, 1846, d. 1855. 

53. II. Daniel Allston, b. May 15, 1848, m. January 8, 

1880, to Helen Capers Stevens, issue {q.v.). 

54. in. Mary Ann, b. 1850, m. 1872 = Samuel N. Hol- 

land, issue (g. v.). 
IV. Lucy Palmer, b. 1853, d. 1860. 

55. V. Anna Leland, b. 1855, died 1893, m. 1879 to 

Charles Forster Smith, issue (5. v.), 
YI. Warren DuPre, b. 1859, m. 1887 to Carrie 
Duncan, issue 2 ch. 

(1) Wallace Duncan, b. Dec. 10, 1889. 

(2) Mary Sydnor, b. July, 1897. 

56. VII. Gertrude Henry, b. 1861, m. 1883, Wilbur Emory 

Burnett, issue (g. y.). 
VIII. William Beverly DuPre, b. 1864, ra. 1894 
to Selina Lipscomb and have 3 children. 

(1) Anna, b. 1895. 

(2) William Beverly, b. 1897. 

(3) Margaret Carlisle, b. 1899. 

53 Daniel Allston DuPre, Pres. Female College 
Spartanburg S. C.=Helen Capers Stevens, 4 children, 
viz. : 


50 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

I. Fayssoux Stevens, b. Nov. 27, 1880. 
II. Mary Sydnor, b. Jan. 14, 1883. 

III. Helen Allston, b. Dec. 11, 1887. 

IV. Grace Annett, b. March 21, 1894. 

54. Samuel N. Holland = Mary Ann DuPre, 6 chil- 
dren, viz. : 

I. Mary Jeanett, b. Dec. 1873, married J. Prewitt. 

II. William DuPre, b. Dec, 1875. 

III. Falsy Henry, b. Dec, 1879. 

IV. Bessie, b. 1881. 

V. Samuel, b, 1883. 

VI. Gertrude, b. 1886. 

55 Charles Forster Smith = Anna Leland DuPre,, 
5 children, viz, : 

I. Warren DuPre Smith, b. May, 1880, in Leipsic^. 
II. Julia Forster, b. Sept., 1881, in America. 

III. Anna Bell, b. June, 1883, in America. 

IV. Charles Forster, b. April, 1886, in America. 

V. Daniel DuPre, b. April, 1893, in America. 

56 Wilbur Emory Burnett = Gertrude Henry Du- 
Pre, 8 children, viz. : 

I. Warren DuPre Burnett, b. July 15, 1884. 

II. Mary Alice, b. Feb., 1886. 

III. Gertrude Henry, b. March, 1887. 

IV. Wilbur Emory, b. Feb., 1889, d. 1890. 
V. Jackson Smith, b. July, 1891. 

VI. Anna, b. Oct., 1893, died 1894. 

VII. Helen Capers, b. Oct., 1895. * 
VIII. Wilbur Emory, b. January, 1898. 

6 Captain William Allston, Jr., r= July 21, 1763, 
Anne Simons (dau. of Benjamine Simons, Esquire (1713- 

AND His Descendants. 51 

1772), commanding general of South Carolina in 1769) 
by Rev. Alexander Garden of St. Thomas Parish. Their 
children were — 

13. I. Elizabeth, b. June 22, 1766 = William Hasell 

Gibbi; 12 children {q. v.). 

14. II. Benjamin Allston, b. Jan. 28, 1768 == Charlotte 

Anne Allston, dan. of William Allston =Sa- 
bina Atchison, 6 children {q. v.). 

in. A son born 1770 and died in early infancy. Anne 
Simons Allston died March 6, 1773, and Wm. 
Allston, Jr., was married by Rev. Alexander 
Garden on Jan. 19, 1775, to Rachel Moore, 
dan. of John Moore = Elizabeth Vanderhorst. 
Her children were — 

IV. A daughter born in 1776, and died in early in- 
V. John Allston born Aug. 28, 1777, and died in in- 

15. VI. Mary Allston born Sept. 6, 1778 ^Ist to Ben- 

jamin Young, and had daughter, Eliza Young. 
She married 2d William Algernon Alston, 2 
children (g. v.). 
VII. Washington Allston, born Nov. 5, 1779, died 
July 9, 1843. He first married in 1809 to 
Ann Channing, dau. of Wm. Channing, a 
lawyer of eminence in Newport, and a grand- 
daughter of Wm. Ellery, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence. She died 
in 1815 in London. After her death Allston, 
on June 1st, 1830, married Martha K. Dana 
dau. of the late Francis Dana, Chief Justice of 
Massachusetts, and cousin on the maternal side 
to his first wife. 
VIII. William Moore Allston b. Sept. 25th, 1781 = 
Ann R. Rogers, 5 Ch., viz.: 

52 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

(1) Samuel R. Allston. 

(2) Harriet Allston. 

(3) John E. Allston. 

(4) Jane R.= Amory, and died 1876. 

(5) Washington Allston. 

[No further record of this family.] 

The above Wm. Moore Allston was a posthumous son 
and not mentioned in his father's will. 

James Moore immigrated to South Carolina and settled 
in St. James Berkeley about 1685. As tradition tells, he 
was a grandson of the brilliant and famous Roger Moore 
(or More), leader of the Irish rebellion of 1641. He was 
made governor of the colony in 1700. He married the 
only child of a former governor. Sir Joseph Yeamens, 
Bart., by whom he had a son, James, who was also made 
governor in 1719, having before then, as commander of 
the forces of the colony, gained great distinction in wars 
against the Indians. His son, John, married Rachel 
Villeponteux, a Huguenot lady. Their son, John, married 
Elizabeth Vanderhorst, also a Huguenot, and their dau., 
Rachel Moore, was married Jan'y 19, 1775, to Captain 
William Allston, who died in 1781. Her son, Washing- 
ton Allston, very early manifested marked talent, and his 
education was conducted with much care. As a painter, he 
ranks among the most noted that have ever lived, either in 
Europe or America, and wherever known his prominent 
merits have been recognized. His excellencies were not 
confined to artistic culture alone, but he was also gifted as 
a writer, and in purity of life, chastity of language, origi- 
nality of conception, with high sense of honor, united to 
refined social and domestic attractions, he stands forth 
among the illustrious men of the age. 

Dr. Henry C. Flagg, who had been chief of the medical 
staff of General Greene's army during the Revolution, re- 

AND Ills Descendants. 53 

mained South after the close of the war and married the 
widow of Captain Allston. Among their descendants have 
been and continue to be artists of national fame. (See life 
of Washington Allston, by Flagg.) 

The following extract from Weem's Life of Marion will 
be of interest : 

"During the struggles of the present year (1781) Cap- 
tain William Allston, of True-Blue, on Little River, All 
Saints Parish, Waccamaw, served under General Marion. 
He was a firm patriot and a good soldier. Indeed, he may 
well be enumerated among the martyrs to the cause of his 
country, for having been seized with a fever in camp, he 
had scarcely time to reach his home, where he expired at 
a middle age. He left behind him his last wife, two sons 
and a daughter. His younger son he named after the 
illustrious Washington, and he has since proved himself to 
be highly worthy of tiiat distinction. In this son will be 
readily recognized the distinguished artist, 'Washington 
Allston', whose pencil has bestowed celebrity upon the 
place of his birth, aud whom every American should be 
proud to claim as his countryman." 

"In the name of God, amen. I, William Allston, Gent., 
of All-Saints Parish in Craven County, in the Province of 
South Carolina, Planter, being of sound mind and memory, 
hereby make this my last will aud testament in manner 
and form following, that is to say : 

"I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty 
God that gave it, in hope of a glorious resurrection thro' 
the intercession of our blessed Redeemer, Jesus Christ. 
My body I desire may be decently interred at the discretion 
of my executors, and as to the worldly goods which has 
pleased God to bestow upon rue, I dispose of in the manner 

'^Imprimis, it is my will and desire that all my just debts 
and funeral expenses be first paid and discharged. 

54 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

"Item. I give and bequeath unto my 2 children, Eliza 
and Benj., the sum of ;^4300 currency, that being the sum 
I received from the estate of their grandfather, Benjamin 
Simofis, Esquire, to be equally divided between them and 
their respective heirs. 

"Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Ra- 
chel, and her heirs and assigns forever, 3 negroes named 
Maryan, Beck and Abraham, and their increase; also all 
my household and kitchen furniture that may be in or be- 
longing to my house in town (Chars Town); also of my best 
horses that she may make choice of, and all my light car- 
riages ; and also she shall (if she chooses) live on either of 
my settled places during the time she remains my widow 
and no longer. 

"Item. I also give unto my beloved wife, Rachel, the 
use of my house in Chas. during the time she remains my 
widow, and no longer. 

"Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Eliza, 
and her heirs and assigns, one negro wench, Minerva, and 
her child, Cain, and her future increase. Then I give and 
bequeath unto my other 3 children, Benjamin, Mary and 
Washington, and to their heirs and assigns, a young negro 
to each of them, which shall be chosen either by them- 
selves or by my executors at any time before the division 
of my estate. Then I give and bequeath to my son Benja- 
min and to his heirs and assigns torever, the plantation 
whereon I now live, extending from river to sea, contain- 
ing 932 acres, and is clearly distinguished by No. 1 in a 
general platt hereunto annexed. Then I give and bequeath 
to my son Washington, and to his heirs and assigns forever, 
a plantation consisting of 3 tracts of land, the one on the 
river called the Spring, containing 385 acres, and clearly 
distinguished by No. 2, and red lines in the general platt 
hereunto annexed, and the other tract of land on the sea- 
side, containing 483 acres, and is also distinguished in the 

AND His Descendants. 55 

general platt hereunto annexed, by No. 2, and red lines, 
and also one other tract of land on the seaside adjoining 
the last mentioned tract on the north, and is the same 
I purchased from Mr. Joseph Allston (formerly 
Montgomery's) containing 110 acres. 

"Item. I give and bequeath to my 2 daughters, Eliza 
and Mary, and their heirs and assigns forever, all my other 
lands, consisting of one lot in Chas. Town (with the in- 
cumbrance on it before mentioned) also one lot in George 
Town; one tract of land on Sampit, containing 750 acres, 
and 2 other tracts of land on plat containing 300 acres ; 
the whole of which land to be equally divided between 
them by my executors either by division or by sale 
of such lands at any time my executors may think proper, 
and the monies arising therefrom to be put to interest or 
laid out in any other property that my executors shall 
think most beneficial for the respective heirs. 

"Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Ra- 
chel, and unto all ray children, Eliza, Benjamin, Mary and 
Washington, and their respective heirs and assigns, the 
whole of the residue or remainder of my estate, to be 
equally and justly divided between them by my executors, 
share and share alike, which division shall be made by first 
having a regular and just appraisement and divided into 
so many lots or shares of equal value, from which each 
heir shall draw their respective lot, or share, at such time 
as follows, that is to say, my beloved wife, Rachel, re- 
ceive her share or dividend immediately after she ceases to 
be my widow, or at any time before when she shall demand 
the same of my executors, which said lot or share and oth- 
er bequests to her before made are to be deemed and taken 
by her in lieu of her right of dower to any part of my 
lands, and other claims or demands which she may have to 
any other part of my estate, except the sum given by her 
father, which, by a marriage settlement, is secured to her 

56 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

and her issue, and my children above mentioned shall like- 
wise receive their respective share or dividend to be deliv- 
ered to them by my executors as they shall respectively 
arrive at the age of 21 years or day of marriage, which 
shall first happen, and in case of the death of either child 
before marriage or age of 21 years, then and in that case such 
child's share or proportion of my estate to be divided be- 
tween the survivors or survivor of them and their heirs 
respectively, then it is my will and desire that the negroes 
owning to my beloved wife, Rachel, from the division of 
my estate shall (if she choose) continue there on shares on 
my estate under the direction of my executors during the 
time she remains my widow and no longer. 

"Item. In case either of my sons should happen to die 
before and under age, then in that case it is my will and 
desire that my surviving son shall take the plantation 
whereon I now live (the same being before given to my 
son, Benj., and the other plantation containing 3 tracts of 
land and before mentioned given to my son, Washington) 
be divided between my two daughters, Eliza and Mary, 
that is to say, they shall draw lots, one of them to have the 
river part called the Spring, distinguished by No. 2, and 
containing 385 acres, and my other daughter to have the 
other 2 tracts of land on the seaside, one of which is distin- 
guished by No. 2, and containing 483 acres, and the other 
adjoining the same containing 110 acres, my executors 
seeing the same done and performed according to my desire 
above mentioned. 

"Item. And in case the other contingencies should hap- 
pen, it is then my will and desire that my other lands on 
Sampit — the lot in Charleston and that in George Town 
be then equally divided between all my survivors to their 
heirs and assigns forever. 

"Item. In case all my children shall happen to die be- 

AND His Descendants. 57 

fore marriage and under age, then it is my will that my 
estate be disposed of in the following manner: 

"Item. On such contingencies I give and bequeath unto 
my beloved wife and unto her heirs and assigns forever 
one-third part of all my personal property. 

''Item. On the contingencies before mentioned I give 
and bequeath unto the eldest male of my brother, Josias 
Allston, who shall be then living, and his heirs and 
assigns forever the plantation whereon I now live, known 
by No. 1, containing 922 acres. 

"Item. And in case of the above contingencies I give and 
bequeath unto the next male heir ot my second brother, 
Josias, and to his heirs and assigns forever, my other plan- 
tation containing 3 tracts of laud, distinguished by No. 2, 
and containing in the whole 972 acres. 

"Item. On the above mentioned contingencies I give 
and bequeath unto my niece, Martha Young, the sum of 
£5000 currency, the same to be raised out of the profits of 
my estate. 

"Item. On the above mentioned contingencies I give 
and bequeath unto all the rest of brother's children, and 
here before mentioned." 

The concluding part has been lost. 

13 William IIasell Gibbes, born March 17, 1754, died 

Febr'y 14th, 1834; married Ai^^^ 29th, 1782, 

Elizabeth Allston, born June 22, 1766, and 

died 1806, issue, 12 Ch. 

(After the death of his wife, he was again married, to 

Mary Philp Wilson) {s. p.). 

I. Anne, born, Sept. 17, 1783, died Oct. 18th, 1783. 
II. William Allston, born May 4th, 1785, d. July 
11th, 1785. 

58 John Allston— 1666-1719 — 

16 III. Eliza, b. Dec. 15th, 1787, d. May 14th, 1853. 

Married, Jan'y 22d, 1811, to John Wilson, b. 
March 9th, 1789-d. Feb'y 27th, 1833, issue (q. v.). 
IV. Harriet, b. March 16th, 1789, d.— 
Y. William, b. Aug. 3, 1790, d. May 16th, 1792. 
YI. Rev. Allston Gibbes, b. Feb. 16th, 1793=Dec. 
31st, 1819, to Sarah Chisholm, who died July 
21st, 1822. 
YII. Washington, b. Jan. 31st, 1795, d.— 
YIII. Henry Gibbes, b. March 19th, 1797, d. 1833 = 
May 15th, 1820, to Ann Isabella May rant, d. 
IX. Rev. William Hasell Gibbes, b. June 8th, 1798, 
d. Jan., 1835. 

17 X. Edwin Gibbes, b. Oct. 7th, 1799, died June 1st, 

1831=Nov. 30th, 1821, to Caroline S. Thayer, 
who d. June 7th, 1879, issue (g. v.). 
XL Benjamin, b. Feb. 17th, 1801, d. Aug. 26th, 1801- 
XII. Sarah Postell, b. Nov. 15th, 1804, d. 1862z=in 
1852 to Wm. F. Heins. 

17 Edwin Gibbes = Caroline S. Thayer, 4 ch., viz. : 

(1) Elizabeth A., b. Oct. 25th, 1822, d. July 14th, 1833. 

(2) Harriet Lowndes, b. May 10th, 1824, d. Aug. 4th, 


(3) Mary Hasell, b. April 23d, 1826. 

(4) William Hasell Gibbes, b. April 7th, 1828. 

16 Major John Wilson = Eliza Gibbes, 8 ch., viz.: 

18 L William Hasell, b. Nov. 5th, 1811:zz:Apr. 26th, 

1836, Jane Miller, who died May 11th, 1898, 

issue [q. v.). 
II. John Littlejohn, b. Dec. 1st, 1813, d. Apr. 7th, 

1899=Oct. 26th, 1838, Frances M. P. Lewis. 
III. Allston, b. Nov. 27th, 1815, d. June 11th, 1816. 
lY. Sarah Isabel, b. Feb. 18, 1817, d. 1885. 

AND His Descendants. 


V. Henry William, b. Jan. 28, 1820, d. June 2d, 1841. 
VI. Mary Gibbes, b. Nov. 30, 1822=October 4th, 
1854, Thomas D. Lindley. 
VII. Allston, b. July 14th, 1824, d. Oct. 21st, 1887= 
March 18th, 1852, to Alraata Stunecken. 
VIII. Alexander James, b. Nov. 28th, 1828, d. Jan. 
17th, 1829. 
18 William Hasell Wilson = Jane Miller, 7 ch., 


19 1. John Allston, b. Apr. 24th, 1837, d. Jan. 19th, 

1896=Nov. 4th, 1863, to Elizabeth H. Loyd, 
d. Aug. 23d, 1897 ; issue {q. v.). 
II. Joseph Miller Wilson, b. June 20th 1838=May 
24th, 1869, to Sarah Pettit; 2 daughters, viz.: 
(1) Alice May, b. May 10th, 1870, d. in child- 
hood ; (2) Mary Hasell, b. April 28th, 1873. 

20 III. Emily, b. April 25th, 1840=Nov. 22d, 1864, 

Wm. A. Baldwin ; issue (5. v.). 
IV. Henry William Wilson, b. Aug. 25th, 1843 = 
Oct. 15th, 1874, to Harriet M. Morton; issue: 
1 son, Arthur Morton, b. July 1st, 1877. 
V. Sarah Havard, b. Jan. 3d, 1846. 
VI. Mary, b. Sept. 10th, 1850, d. April 11th, 1871. 
VII. Susan Downing, b. Sept. 26th, 1853. 
19 John Allston Wilson = Elizabeth H. Loyd, 6 ch., 


I. Elizabeth BiUerby, b. Feb. 13th, 1865=Pharo [or 

II. Jane Miller, b. Feb. 27th, 1867. 

III. Emily Loyd, b. Nov. 2d, 1868. 

IV. William Hasell, b. Sept. 19th, 1871. 

V. John Allston, b. Aug. 16, 1873, and d. Nov. 26th, 
VI. Helen Radcliff, b. Feb. 27th, 1878. 

60 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

20 William A. Baldvvin=Emily Wilson, 5 ch., viz. : 
I. Louisa Linu, b. Oct. 28th, 1865, d. July 16, 1866. 

II. Jane Wilson, b. Nov. 7, 1867. 

III. Joseph Trimble, b. Aug. 11th, 1869, d. July, 1896. 

IV. Hasell Wilson, b. Nov. 25th, 1874. 

V. Isabella Douglass, b. Feb. 2d, 1877. 

(The above records of Gibbes and Wilson were obtained 
from the Gibbes chart prepared by Rev. Robert Wilson, 
D.D., Charleston, S. C.) 

Mr. William Hasell Wilson, aged 89, now living in 
Philadelphia, has been all his life a distinguished official 
of the Pennsylvania U. R. With his father. Major John 
Wilson, he laid out the first engineering work on that 
great system. For many years he was chief engineer, then 
consulting engineer when too old for active work, and now 
holds an honorary position with equal rank. His son, 
Joseph M. Wilson, is one of the most distinguished 
engineers and architects in the country with an inter- 
national reputation. 

14. Benjamin Allston =: Charlotte Anne Allston, 6 
ch., viz. : 

21 I. Elizabeths John H. Tucker; issue [q. v.). 
II. Charlotte Allst(>n= John Coachman (s. p.) 

III. Mary Allston= — Jones, and had one dau. Char- 
lotte, who died unm. 

22 IV. General Joseph Waties Allston=3 times [q. v.). 

23 V. Robert Francis Withers Allston=Adile Petigru ; 

issue (5. v.). 

VI. William Washington Allston, died num. 

21 John H. Tucker^Elizabeth Allston, issue two 

daughters, viz. : 
I. Elizabeth=F. Weston, issue {q-v.^. 
II. Ann Tucker, d. unm. 

AND His Descendants. 61 

F. "WESTONnrELIZABETH TuCKER, 8 ch., viz.: 

1 — Pauline; 2 — George B. ; 3 — Anna H. ; 4 — 
Bentley; 5 — Antonio B.; 6 — Elizabeth B.; 
7 — Frances M. ; 8 — John "Weston. 

'22 Joseph Waties Allston^ 

1st — Sarah Prior, issue, 1 son. 

2 d Nicholson, no issue. 

3 d — Mary Allan, issue, 2 sons. 

Joseph W. Allston was appointed from the South Caro- 
lina College to the United States Army by Mr. Madison, 
and served in the war of 1812. There were two commis- 
sions, viz. : for 3 and 2 Lieutenant. He also took some 
part in the Florida War, became General of Militia, and 
was very prominent and influential as a citizen. His 
children were 

I. Benjamin, who died at 8 years. 
2 If. TI. Joseph Blyth Allston = Mary North, issue (g. r.). 
III. William Allan Allston = his cousin Williarae Haig, 
Nov. 15th, 1864, at Plantersville and died in Charles- 
ton, S. C, Nov. 14th, 1878, without issue. 

21^ Joseph Blyth Allston — Mary North, 5 ch., 

I. Jane L., unm. 
XL Mary Allan, d. June 9th, 1882. 

III. Louisa=Oct. 6th, 1887, Rev. William Melson Meade, 

and lives at Eastville, Northampton Co., Va. (s. p.) 

IV. Joseph North ALLSTON=Feb. 14th, 1900, Victo- 

ria Augusta McIntosh. They have 1 son, Jos- 
eph C, Dec. 5th, 1900. 

V. Caroline Allston, d. Feb, 28th, 1896. 

(Joseph Blyth Allston, b. Feb. 8th, 1833, served as 
Captain of Infantry through the Confederate War, and was 
in prison of Fort Delaware.) 

62 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

Extract from Appleton's American Encyclopedia. 

" Robert Francis Withers Allston, governor of South 
Carolina in 185 6-'7, born in All Saints' Parish, Wacca- 
maw, of that State, April 21, 1801 ; was educated at home 
till his 16th year; entered the military academy at West 
Point, Dec, 1817. His was the first class that went 
through a regular 4 years' course under Col. Thayer. 

Mr. Allston graduated in June, 1821, received an ap- 
pointment in the 3d artillery, and was immediately ordered 
on the coast survey, under Lt. Col. Kearney, of the topo- 
graphical engineers. He assisted in surveying the harbors 
of Plymouth and Provincetown, Mass., and the entrance of 
Mobile bay. But domestic duties required that he should 
leave the service, which he did at the close of those labors; 
and he retired upon a small patrimony, becoming a rice- 
planter on the Great Pedee. He surveyed his lands in 
person, reclaimed a wild territory, and found his military 
education eminently useful in laying out the course of 
canals, embankments, etc. 

In all these works he proved highly successful, and has 
become one of the most thorough, well-informed and pros- 
perous of the southern rice-planters, contributing greatly 
to the improvement of this peculiar sort of culture. 

In 1823, he was made surveyor-general of the State, an 
office which he filled worthily 4 years. In 1828, he was 
returned by the people of Winyah to the lower house of 
the legislature. In 1832, he was sent to the senate. He 
continued to be returned to this body at each election, was 
finally made president of the senate in 1850, and left it 
only when elected governor of the State. 

His career has been one of continued employment, public 
and private, and unvaried usefulness in all relations. His 
ambition aimed at usefulness only. In its exercise he has 
been modest, gentle of demeanor, courteous always, and 
dulv considerate of the claims of others. His morals are 

AND His Descendants. 63 

beyond reproach. As a politician, he belongs to the States' 
Rights school of Calhoun. But he has never suiFered him- 
self to sink into the partisan. He has always steadily- 
avoided ultraism ; shrunk from controversy ; was too mild 
and genial of nature to suffer his political course to run 
into any extremes; and while honestly proud of thehonors^ 
bestowed upon him by his people, has never so hungered 
after office as to make a single sacrifice of feeling or char- 
acter in its pursuit. Agriculture and education, the free 
or public school system, especially, were always the leading 
objects of his care while in the legislature. As a planter, 
his progress in improvement has been steady and decided. 
He is one of those by whose industry, intelligence, and 
active exertions, the rice culture of the Southern States 
has gone so far beyond that of the regions from which this 
nutritious grain was originally introduced. He has con- 
trived and introduced better modes of culture, better varie- 
ties of seed, and farm stocks, and farming implements of 
every kind. His was the first thresher ever erected on the 
Pedee. He devotes annually a considerable portion of his 
income to the work of improvement, to new inventions in 
machinery, structure, manuring, canalliug, embanking,, 
etc. To economize capital, labor, time, to keep his land 
especially 'in heart,' by feeding properly, and duly resting, 
are among the prominent secrets of his success. Com- 
mencing with 300 acres, he now cultivates 1,300, of whicb 
about 1,000 are in rice. He is ideutififid with many of 
the improvements of his precinct. He is an indulgent 
master. Himself a religious man, his negroes are carefully 
instructed in morals and religion. Their tasks are easy, 
and under his management they work with regularity and 
system. He has built them a rustic church on each of his 
plantations, where a missionary attends them regularly, 
and they have their frequent prayer-meetings beside, where- 
persons of their own color assist in their instruction. 

64 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

Gov. Allston's life is that of a model gentleman and 
planter. No citizen commands more certainly the respect 
of the people for his virtues, intelligence, and perfect 
amiability of character and conduct. He resides, during 
the winter, at his plantation, called ' Chicora Wood,' on 
the Pedee ; and during the summer months, on the Wacca- 
raaw Beach seashore, where the climate is genial, the sea- 
bathing excellent, and the fish particularly fine, various 
and plentiful. He is a hospitable gentleman, who natu- 
rally asserts all the virtues of the old school gentry." 

S3 Robert Francis Withers Allston = Adile Peti- 
GRU, 5 ch., viz. : 

25. I. Rev. Benjamin Allston, b. Feb. 26th, 1833, d. Jan. 

15th, 1900; married Feb. 25th, 1864, Ellen Stan- 
ley Robinson of Texas, who died 1875, issue {q. .v). 

26. II. Adile Allston = A. Vander Horst, issue (g. v.). 

III. Elisabeth W. ^ John Julius Pringle, who died 
without issue. 

IV. Charles Petigru Allston = Emily Lowndes, 4 
ch., viz. : 

(1) Julius, died uum; (2) JohnEarl; (3) Richard Lowndes; 
(4) Susan. 
V. Jane Louise =: Charles A. Hill, an Englishman, 
(s. p.). 

25 Benjamin Allston = Ellen Stanley Robinson, 5 
ch., viz. : 

I. Adile; II. Mary D.; III. Louisa D. 

IV. Charlotte = Jan. 3d, 1900, Maurice Augustus 

Moore, and have a son, Benjamin Allston Moore, 
b. Dec. 5th, 1900. They reside at Union, S. C. 

V. Robert Francis Withers Allston, Jr., resides at Tryon, 

N. C. 

26 A. Van der Horst= Adile Allston, 7 ch., viz. : 
I. Adile A. II. Anna M. III. EHas. IV. Frances. 

AND His Descendants. 65 

V. Elisabeth P. VI. ArnoWus, and VII. Rob- 
ert A. Van der Horst. 

Tribute to the Memory of Rev. Benj. Allston, late Rector of 
St. John's Episcopal Church, Winiisboro, S. C. 

"Mr. Allston was born in Charleston, S. C, and was 
the eldest son of Gov. R. F. W. Allston and Adile Pcti- 
gru, sister of James L. Petigru, Esq., the famons lawyer. 
He entered West Point at the age of sixteen, the youngest 
member of his class, and graduated iu June, 1853. Among 
his class-mates were Gens. Schofield and Craighill, U. S.A. 
After graduation, he was assigned to the Cavalry Corps, 
and sent on a Trans-Mississippi expedition, a branch of 
which service he commanded as a lieutenant. After a few 
years of active service, during which he traversed nearly 
all the Western States, he resigned from the U. S. Army 
in April, 1858. He then engaged in rice-planting until 
the beginning of the War for Southern Independence, 
when he raised, and assisted greatly iu equipping, a com- 
pany of cavalry, which he desired to go to Virginia, but 
failing in this, he resigned as Captain and reported in per- 
son at Richmond. After a few weeks drilling artillery, 
he was commissioned Major of the 19th Mississippi lu- 
fantry, under Col. Motte and Lieut. Lamar, which com- 
mand served under Gen. Kirby Smith at Manassas Junc- 
tion. After this Mr. Allston served as Colonel of the 4th 
Alabama Infantry, while Col. Law was recovering from a 
severe wound inflicted at Manassas. After serving some 
time around Norfolk, he was made Lieutenant-Colonel, 
and sent to East Tennessee to report to Gen. Kirby Smith 
at Knoxville, where he was wounded iu the side. In Jan- 
uary, 1863, he was transferred to the Trans-Mississippi 
department as Inspector-General for Gen. Kirby Smith, 
and continued in this capacity, as well as Chief of the 
Secret Service, until the surrender. 

5 al 

66 John Allston— 16G6-1719 — 

After the war Mr. Allston eugaged in rice-planting, and 
for some years was lay-reader in the chapel at Planters- 
ville, S. C; and while interested in this, the late Bishop 
Howe requested that he take the order of a deacon that he 
might be available at funerals and weddings. This led 
him into theological studies, and he resolved to make the 
sacred work that of his life. About this time he married, 
and was called to the rectorship of Prince Fredericks, 
PeeDee (Georgetown Co.,) where he did a great deal of 
missionary work among the poor. Thence he was called 
to Prince George, Winyah, Georgetown, S. C; subse- 
quently to the church at Union, S. C, and then to Winns- 

Mr. Allston impressed his character on this community. 
He loved truth and sincerity, and abhorred ostentation in 
everything. Being thoroughly honest with himself, what- 
ever course the path of duty marked out, he pursued with 
absolute faith in its rightfulness. Of such a man, frank- 
ness, candor, and often plainness of speech, were logically 
characteristic. Yet he was full of sympathy and generous, 
and softened the stern character of the trained soldier with 
the sweet and tender graces of the Christian." 

Will of William Allston, Sr. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, William Allston, Seur., 
of Prince George's Parish, Craven Co., in the Province of 
South Carolina, being weak and low in body, but of perfect 
mind and memory, blessed be God. 

Item. After my just debts are paid, I give unto my 
loving wife, Esther Allston, three slaves and two rooms in 
my dwelling house, with the furniture. 

Item. I give and bequeath and devise unto ray son, 
AVilliam Allston, three tracts of laud, etc. 

Item. Unto my daughter, Rebecca Marion, a town lot 
in Georgetown. 

AND His Descendants. 67 

Item. I give unto my daughter, Esther Allston, three 
slaves, named Clarenden, Hercules and Hager. 

Item. Unto my daughter Elizabeth Allston, three 

Item. rju<o my son, Joseph, 

Unto my daughter, Ann Allston, 
Unto my daughter, Mary Allston, 
Unto my daughter, Frances A., 
Unto my sou, John, etc. 
Item. Unto my daughters, viz. : Esther, Elizabeth, 
Ann, Mary and Fiances Allston, two tracts of laud con- 
taining 1519 acres. Two lots in Georgetown, unto my 
wife and youngest children, to be divided as they come 
of age, the boys at 18, and the girls at the age of 17, or 
day of marriage. 

As soon as my wife marries she shall have no part in 
the dwelling house or in affairs of the plantation, but shall 
take her dividends and remove. 

I appoint ray son, William Allston, my brother, John 
Allston, my brother, William Poole, my brother, Josej)li 
LaBruce, my executors. [Signed] Wm. Allston. 

29th of January, 1748. 
Proved: 12th of April, 1744. 
Recorded : 9th of July, 1744. 

2 William Allston ra. June, 1721, to Esther LaBruce, 
[b. 1704-d. 1781]. [The parents of Esther 
Margarette LaBruce were Dr. Joseph LaBruce 
de Marboeuf, alias I^aBrosse, the son of Julieu 
Marboeuf, of Bretagne, Fi'ance, and Esther 
Robins. There is a grant of 727 acres on 
Waccamaw, dated Aug. 22d, 1733, made to Jo- 
seph LaBruce, who married Elizabeth All- 
ston, sister of William.] This Wm. Allston was 
Collector of Customs for Georgetown and died 
1743 or 4. Their children were: 

68 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

27 I. Rebecca, b. 1722=: Isaac Marion and left issue 


28 II. William, b. 1724=:Sabina Atchison, issue, (q.v.). 

29 III. Esther, b. 1726=ArchibaldJohusoni; issue, (q.v.). 

30 IV. Elizabeth, b. 1728=Thoraas Lynch, issue, (q.v.). 

V. John, b. 1730, died early in life num. 

31 VI. Joseph, b. 1733, d. June 10, 1784=CharIotte 

Rothmahlar, issue, (q.v.). 
VII. Anne, b. 1735=Thomas Watibs, and had three 
sons, viz. : William, Thomas and John, of whom 
we have no further record. 
VIII. Mary, b. 1737= John Waties, no issue. 
IX. Frances, b. 1739= Robert Pawley, no issue. 
X. John, b. 1741 = Mary Fauchereaud, and had 
one daughter, Mary, who 1st married her cousin,. 
Thomas Allston, (no issue), and 2d=: Benjamin 
HuGER, who was a member of Congress, and en- 
tertained the Marquis de Lafayette at his wife's 
plantation of Prospect Hill, Waccamaw. 
XL Thomas Allston, b. 1744, died unm. 

27 Isaac Marion = Rebecca Allston, 2 children viz. :. 
[This Isaac Marion was a Justice of the Peace 
and also brother to General Francis Marion]. 
I. Isaac Marion, Jr., of whom there is no further record. 
II. Rebecca Marion=SamuelDwight, 4 children, viz.: 
[1] Joseph, [2] Thomas, [4] Francis Dwigbt, of 
whom no record, [3] Samuel DwiGHT=lst, E. 
E. Moore, no record ; 2d, Mary E — , no record ; 
3d, Emily McDonald ; 9 ch., viz. : 
I. Samuel B., II. Isaac M., and III. Oscar D. 
Dwight, of whom no record. 
IV. Elias Dwight= Charlotte Yeadou. 
V. Mary Esther= Henry Ravenel, s. p. 
32 VI. Rebecca L.=George S. Bryan, issue (q.v.). 

AND His Descendants. 69 

VII, Mary E.^ Peter — her cousin. 
VIII. "I r Charlotte, twin of Harriet, died in 

V Twins < infancy. 

IX. j (Harriet=Mical Brown, issue, 5 ch., 

viz. : [1] Edward, and [2] Marion Bryan, died 
33 without issue, [3] Emily Bryan=J. A. Andrews, 
issue, (q.v.), [4] Hattie Bryan=:W. M. New- 
bold, and had one daughter, Hattie Bryan New- 
bold, of whom hereafter, [5] William Bryan= 
Amelia Kirchman, and had one son, Edward 
Benjamin Bryan. 

■S2 George S. Bryan::^ Rebecca L. Dwight, 7 children, viz. : 

I. George Dwight Bryan:=: Mary Middleton King. 

II. Caroline S. Bryan, died in 5th year. 

III. Isaac Marion Bryanr=:Rosa Story. 

IV. J. P. Kennedy Bryan= Henrietta C. King, sister 

of George's wife. 

V. Arthur, and VI. Rebecca Marion are botli unm., and 
VII. Kate H,, died in her 6th year. 

■3S J. A. Andrews^ Emily Br^an, 11 children, viz.: 

I. Archibald B. A ndrews=: Hattie Bryan New- 
bold, issue, 2 ch. viz. : [1] Marion N. and [2] 
Emily C. Andrews. 

II. Emily C. Andrews=G. O. Hemminger, and 

have 1 son, viz. : James Morroh Hemminger. 

III. Thomas B., IV. Elizabeth D., V. William M. 

VI. Hattie Marion, VII. Edward B., VIII. H. Wal- 

ton, IX. Eudora N. 

X. Ellison Capers, and XI. Robert Oliver Andrews. 

^8 William Allston=Sabina Atchison, issue, 5 ch., 
I. Sabina, II. Esther, and HI. Mary, were num. 

70 John Allston — 1666-1719— 

IV. Elizabeth Frances Allstou=Dr. Joseph Blytb, who 
was a surgeon in the Continental Army. They 
left no issue. 
Slf. V. Charlotte Anne Allston=: Benjamin Allston, [son 
of William Allston, Jr., and Anne Simmons] is- 
sue (q.v.). 

W Archibald Johnstone, as far as is known, was the first 
of his family who came to South Carolina. He was a promi- 
nent man in his section of the State, and had a grant of 
1,000 acres, March 27th, 1756, in Prince George's District, 
also a grant of 1,000 acres in Craven Co., May 2d, 1700/^' 
Was attorney for Sir Nathaniel Tragagle, of Wiltshire, 
Eug., in 1762, and his name appears in many of the 
records concerning the improvements of his district. We 
are not informed of his ancestry or previous family history, 
but have the following family record : 

Archibald Johnstone was married to Esther Allston 
by Rev. A. C. Keith. Their 4 children were: 

II. William, III. Esther, IV. Archibald — no further 
record ; probably died unmarried. 

I. Andresv, b. 1748, died January 9th, 1795; and 
married Feby. 25th, 1773, to Sarah Elliott Mc- 
Kewn, b. Feb. 26th, 1758. He was buried at 
Oaks Cemetery, Waccamaw, S. C, and in his 
will dated March 19th, 1794, he names as his 
executors, William Washington Allston and 
William Allston. He left two ch., viz. : 
36 I. William Johnstone, b. Sept. 1776, d. Aug. 1840 : 
married Anna Maria Piuckney. dau. of Hopson 
Pinckney, whose parents, Roger Pinckney and 
his wife, Anna Maria Locke, were both buried 

-There is probably some error as to this clato. 

AND His Descendants. 71 

in Peterborough Cathedral, Englaud. The 
parents of Roger Pinckuey were Roger and Anna 
Pinckney, and are buried in Sanini Cathedral, 
II. Esther AinsIie==Robert Francis Withers, no further 

56 William Joiinstone=Anna Maria Pinckney, 8 ch., 

viz. : 

57 I. Anna R.= William T. Maxwell, issue, [q.v.] 

58 II. Andrew= 1st, Sophia Beaumont Clarksou, issue, 

[q.v.] ; 2d, Mary Barawell Elliott, issue, [q.v.]. 
III. D. Pinckney= Harriet Priugle, further record 
not given. 
39 IV. McKewn= Martha Webb, issue, [q.v.]. 

V. Emma S.r=:SinioDS Lucas, further record not 
JfO VI. Francis VV.= Eleanor B. Simons, issue, [q.v.]. 
VII. Eliza S, and VIII, William Henry .lohnstone, 
probably unm. 

37 William T. Maxwell = Anna R. .Iohnstone, 1 

children, viz.: 
I. James, II. Pinckney, III. Ainsley, IV. .lulia 
Maxvvell= Benjamin Wilson, further record not 

38 Andrew Johnstone = Sophia Beaumont Clark- 

son, had 1 son, 
I. William Johnstone, who m. 1st, Alice L. Frasek» 
issue, 9 ch., viz.: [1] William, [2] Isabel, F., 
[.3 J Sophia, [4] Alice, [5] William Henry, [6] 
Salina, [7] Francis, [8] Mary, and [9] Andrew 
Johnstone. By 2d ra. Mary Barnwell Elliott 
(dan. of Hon. Wra. Elliott, of Beaufort, S. C.) 6 
children, viz. : 

72 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

I. Elliott=Sarah Lenox Mills, 3 cli., d. young. 
II. Annie, d. young. 

III. Mary Elliott=Edward Livingston Thompson, 

2 ch., viz.: [1] Mary Elliott and [2] Dorsey 
Thompson ; no further record. 

IV. Emma Elliott Johnstone, unm., who furnished 

these family records. 
V. FRANCES=r William Dent, 9 ch., viz.: [Ij Wil- 
liam, [2] Elliott, [3] Isaiah, [4] Mary, [5] Cath- 
erine, [6] John, [7] Richard, [8] Edith, and [9] 
Frank Dent. 
VI. Edith— Robert H. ColExMan, they have 5 ch, viz.: 
[1] Robert, [2] William, [3] Ralph, [4] Neyle, 
and [5] Anne Coleman. 

39 McKewn Johnstone == Martha Webb, 5 children, 
viz.: [1] W^illiam, [2] Alice, [3] Sophia, [4] 
Frank, and [5] McKewn Johnston. 

4-0 Francis W. Johnstone= Eleanor B. Simons, 7 ch., 
2 daughters died young ; [3] Maria Pinckuey, 
[4] Eleanor Simons, [5 j Sedgewick, [6] Louis, 
and [7] Eliza= Reuben Gray. 

Jonach Lynch was the first of the name to move into 
Carolina. They all came from Dublin, having removed 
there from Galway, Ireland. The family came from 
France with William the Conqueror, 1066, but originally 
from Austria, and the town of I/mtz, which was "called 
after the chief family in the town, whose name was 
Lynch," (from family records.) 

The coat of arms is a lynx surmounting a visor and 
shield, with "fleur de lis," etc. 

The family had (until Sherman's raid) several table- 
cloths and napkins with the coat of arras woven in the 
damask, and a motto "'Spernit fellGia.'* The shamrock. 

AND His Descendants. 73 

rose aud thistle was the pattern of the clotii. Thomas 
Lyuch had tliese woven in Ireland, aud they were often 
used on state occasions in the family. They were all 
stolen and carried off by General Potter's soldiers, (who 
passed through Statesburg, S. C, where the family were) 
and used as saddle cloths. 

Thomas Lynch was delegated to sign the *' Declaration of 
Independence," but being too ill at the time they met, his 
only son, Thomas Lynch, was choseu to sign in his place. 

After the death of his first wile, Elizabeth Allston, 
Thomas Lynch married Miss Motte, from whom are de- 
scended the Hamiltonsand Prioleaus of South Carolina. 

30. Elizabeth Allston married Thomas Lynch Sep. 
oth, 1745 ; issue 3 children, viz.: 

I. Thomas Lynch, Jr. = Miss Shuhrick, both lost 
at sea. They left no issue. 
11. Esther Lynch died unmarried. 
IIL Sabina Lynch = John Bowman and had 4 chil- 
dren, 3 daughters who left no issue (2 of whom 
died unmarried), and 1 sou, John Bowman, who 
changed his name to John Bowman Lynch and 
married Miss Campbell of Baltimore. They had 
3 sons who died unmarried, aud 4 daughters, 3 of 
whom died unmarried. The eldest daughter, Sa- 
bina Lynch = Paul Dismukes, of Nashville, 
Tenn. He was of Huguenot descent, the name 
originally being Desmeaux, aud was corrupted into 
Dismukes. They had 9 children, of whom 

I. Dr. John Lynch Dismukes has 3 sous and 
1 daughter, viz.: John — James — Paul — 
and Mary. 
II. Dr Thomas Terrel Dismukes has 2 sons 
and 1 daughter, viz.: Gaston — Thomas 
Lynch — and Martha. 

74 John Allston — 1666-1719 — 

III. Paul Dismukes has 3 sons and 3 daughters= 

living, viz.: James — llavenel — Lewis — 
Myra — Mary — and Sabina. 

IV. Makcus Dismukes has 3 sons and 2 daugh- 

ters, viz. : Daniel Don nelson — James — 
Marcus — Esther — and Laura. 
V to VIII. The daughters were all unmarried except 
the youngest. 
IX. Sarah Dismukes married John McCrady,. 
Professor of Mathematics in Charleston 
College Sept. 1st, 1859. (During the war 
he was engineer under General Beaure- 
guard, and helped to build the batteries 
on Morris and James Islands, which were 
engaged in the bombardment of Fort 
Sumter. Then he was transferred to 
Savannah, and was Chief Engineer of the 
State of Georgia under Major Harris. 
After the war he again filled the Chair of 
Mathematics in Charleston College until 
1873, when he was chosen by Professor 
Louis Agassiz to be his assistant at Har- 
vard University in the Chair of Zoology, 
and after the death of Agassiz was elected 
to fill the chair made vacant by his death. 
Feeble health compelled him to resign, 
when he was immediately elected Profes- 
sor of Zoology at the " University of tlie 
South," Sewanee, which he called the 
Professorship of Science and Religion. 
He was also asked to deliver a course of 
lectures in his particular line of study, at 
the Johns-Hopkins University, which he 
did in the spring of 188L His health 
was always delicate and in October of 

AND Ills Descendants. 75 

that year he died). They have 6 chil- 
dren, viz.: 

I. Esther Lynch Bowman Mc- 

Crady = Samuel Gourdine 

Gaillard of South Carolina, 

and have issue. 

II. Louisa Rebecca Lane Mc- 

Crady' = William Hazzard 

Barnwell of Charleston, S. Cr 

and have issue. 

III. Sabina Lynch McCrady = 

Theodore Fitzsimmons of 
Charleston, S. C, and have 

IV. Rev. Edward McCrady, P. E. 

Church, Abbeville, S, C. = 
Mary Tucker of Jacksonville, 
Fla., and have 2 daughters. 
V. Katherine de Berriere McCrady, 

SI Joseph Allston= Charlotte Rothmahlar, b. 
22d March, 1736, d. Nov, 8, 1784; aiarried June 1st, 
1755, by Rev. Durant, 2 sons, viz. : 

II. Thomas Allston=Mary, daughter of John 
AUston and Mary Fouchereaud. She afterwards married 
Benj, Huger {s. p.). The above Joseph Allstou was a 
member of the "House of Commons" under the Royal 
Government, and had the distinction of entertaining Wash- 
ington on his presidential tour. The mahogany table at 
which he dined is still in possession of the family. His 
residence was on the Waccamaw, and he was engaged in 
rice planting. 

L Col. William Alston, b. Aug. 23, 1756, d. June 26, 
1839, was a Captain in Marion's Brigade, and twice 

76 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

married; 1st, on Feb. 13, 1777, by Rev. Dr. Willis, to 
Mary Ashe, who bore him 5 ch. ; 2d, Feb. 24th, 1791, 
by Rev. Dr. Robt. Smith, to Mary Motte, who bore him 
6 ch. 

Mary Ashe was gr.-daughter of John Baptiste Ashe and 
dau. of Genl. John Ashe, 1721-1781, of New Hanover 
Co., N. C, who was distinguished for his opposition to the 
Stamp Act, and was the officer who led the daring spirits 
of his section in 1775 and 6, in their resistance to 
English aggression. Her brother, Samuel Ashe, Jr., 
served as Captain of Light Horse, and rendered im- 
portant services in various expeditions against the enemy 
until the close of the war. 

Mary Motte was the dau. of Jacob Motte and Re- 
becca Brewton his wife, who gave the arrows to one of 
Marion's men by which he was enabled to set on fire 
her palatial residence and thus drive out and capture the 
British who had fortified themselves in Fort Motte. 

Obituary of Colonel William Alston. 

Another patriot of the Revolution has gone — the ven- 
erable Col. William Alston died in this city on Wednes- 
day last, in the 83d year of his age. 

At the commencement of the Revolution he left college 
aud took the field as a volunteer in defence of the liberties 
of his country. Though he did not enter the regular army, 
lie served at diifereut periods throughout the war under the 
partisan leaders, whose services and exploits form the 
brightest page in the history of South Carolina. 

He was a Captain under Marion, and was entrusted by 
him with the defence of a fort in the harbour of George- 
town when that town was menaced by the enemy. Col. 
Alston loved to dwell on the virtues of Marion, and was 
fond of relating anecdotes illustrative of his character. 

AND His Descendants. 77 

On the return of peace, Col. Alston resumed the culti- 
vation of his paternal estates on the Waccamaw, near 
Georgetown, which he pursued without interruption until 
a few years of his death, and with almost unexampled 

Devoted to agricultural pursuits and thecai-es and duties 
of domestic life, he avoided as far as possible, all pub- 
lic employment. Being, however, a personal and political 
friend of Mr. Jefferson, he was prevailed upon to lend the, 
weight of his name and influence to the party of which 
Mr. Jefferson was the head. He accordingly served for 
several years as a member of the Senate of this State, and 
was one of the Democratic electors of the president and 
vice-president at the time of the memorable contest be- 
tween Jefferson and Adams. He soon retired, however, 
from public life, and from that period devoted himself ex- 
clusively to his private affairs. 

It is as a Carolina planter — a character identified with 
the interest, and honor and best hopes of the State — that 
Colonel Alston was chiefly distinguished. Whether we 
estimate his claims to public consideration by his extraor- 
dinary success, the admirable treatment of his slaves, or 
the progressive improvement of his estates, (the result of a 
wise and practical system of economy and good manage- 
ment) Col. Alston stood almost at the head of his class 
to which he belonged. 

It is believed that at the time of his death he was, with 
perhaps a slight exception, the largest slave holder in 
South Carolina. Commencing life with comparatively a 
small number of slaves he went on steadily adding to his 
stock, until they had multiplied many fold. It was the 
opinion of Col. Alston that in the management of slaves 
the true interests of the planter were in exact accordance 
with the dictates of an enlightened humanity. It was 
therefore a rule with him through life to treat his slaves 

78 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

with the utmost liberality and kindness, while he never 
relaxed the reins of a wholesome discipline. His rule was 
to provide them with dwellings of the best description, to 
clothe them in the very best manner, and to allow them 
supplies of every kind on the most liberal scale. The 
consequence was that his numerous plantations were models 
of neatness and order, and his slaves always exhibited an 
appearance of health and comfort which spoke well for 
their treatment. They were devotedly attached to their 
master, whose service they would not have exchanged for 
any other upon earth. 

Colonel Alston, however, was not one of those specula- 
tive philanthropists who sacrifice essential good to visionary 
theories. His system was based on a calculation of prac- 
tical results. It was not his slaves only who were to be 
made prosperous and happy. If they were among the best 
treated in the State, his crops were always abundant, and 
his rice of the first quality brought to the Charleston 

Col. Alston lived to a good old age and richly earned 
the title of a useful citizen. If "he is justly considered as 
a public benefactor, who makes two blades of grass grow 
where one grew before," what shall we say of him who pro- 
duced such results as we have detailed? 

Until compelled by his increasing infirmities to retire 
from the world, his house was the abode of a refined and 
elegant hospitality. Courteous in his manners, social in 
his disposition, surrounded with a large circle of friends, 
and blessed with an ample fortune, his tastes and habits 
were for many years those of "a Carolina gentleman of the 
old school.'' 

He received and entertained General Washington for 
several days on his visit to this State, at his elegant man- 
sion near Georgetown, in a style which the president 
pronounced to be truly Virginian, declaring that "he had 

AND His Descendants. 81 

a paper announced that he had returned to the city and 
resumed the practice of law in Nassau street. 

His daughter, whose devotion to her father had never 
faltered, on learning of his return to New York, deter- 
mined upon going to see him, her son, about 9 or 10 
years of age, having recently di^d. Accordingly, on the 
29th of December, 1812, she took passage on the Patriot, 
a small schooner, at Charleston, and bound for New 
York, which was never seen or heard of again. Re- 
cently, however, an article in the New York Herald an- 
nounced the discovery of a portrait in Elisabeth City, 
N. C, which had been taken from a ship many years 
before, with a strange history connected, which leads to 
a belief that it is of Theodosia Burr Alston, and that 
the Patriot was robbed at sea and then run ashore un- 
der full sail on Currituck beach, North Carolina, with 
no one on board, passengers and crew having been pre- 
viously disposed of. This accords with the reported con- 
fession of an ex-pirate, who related the capture of a 
vessel, all the passengers being made to walk the plank, 
among whom was a lady of rare beauty and elegantly 
attired, vvho displayed the most unflinching fortitude and 
heroism, walking into the deep clasping her prayer book 
in her hands. 

Her husband, overwhelmed with grief at her loss, sur- 
vived her but a very few years. 

4.3 John Ashe Alston, b. 1783, d. 1831, planter of 
Baunockburn, Waccamaw, S. C; married Sarah Mc- 
Pherson, b. 1785, d. 1812, 3 children. 

I. William Alston= Caroline Thompson - of 
Princeton, N. J., issue 1 dau., Caroline, who mar- 
ried Harris of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

II. Thomas Alston= Josephine Alston, dau. of 


82 JoH^' Allston— 1666-1719— 

William Algernon Alston:=Mary Young (wee All- 
ston). Their son Joseph died without issue. 
III. Sarah McPherson Alston, b. July 9th, 1807, d. 
May 28th, 1878=:John Izaed Middleton of So. 
Carolina, March 28th, 1828, issue: 

I. Henry Middleton, b. Dec. 9th, 1828, d. 

Jan. 31st, 1847. 
II. Sarah McPherson iMiddleton, b, June 
30th, 1830, d. July 9th, 1855, unra. 

III. Mary Helen Middleton, b. 1832, d. 1839. 

IV. John Izard Middleton, b. Feby. 16th, 
1834. Resident of Baltimore, Md,, since 

V. Thomas Alston Middleton, b. Jany. 16th, 

1836, d. Feby. 5th, 1896. 
V^I. Arthur Middleton d. in infancy. 
YII. Mary H., b. Ap. 1841. 

15 William Algernon Alston^Mary Young, nee 
Allston, issue, viz.: 

1. Joseph Alston= Helen Mason of New York. 
Their son Wm. died unm. 

2. John A.she Alston=: Fanny Fraser, issue . 

1. Theodosia, d. unm. 

2. Washington, d. unm. 

3. Dr. Rowland Alston is attached to Hos- 
pital in Charleston. 

4. John Alston:=Emma Sanders, and their 
son, Wm. Algernon Alston, lives in Sum- 
ter, S. C. 

5. Helen Alston, unm. 

6. Fannie Alston, unm. 

7. Thomas Lynch Alston= Helen Leroy 
Sanders; itsue: Wra. Leroy Alston, Helen 

AND His Descendants. 83 

3. Edraond Alston, d. unm. 

4. Charlotte, d. unra. 

5. Josephine AlstoN:= Thomas Alston. Their son 
Joseph died without issue. 

6. Anna Alston=Ben Burgh Smith, no issue. 


Died in Charleston, April 29th, 18G1, Colonel Thomas 
Pinckney Alston, aged QQ years. The deceased was born 
in All-Saints Parish, Waccamaw, where he resided until 
the end of the year 1858. His many relatives and 
friends hold in grateful remembrance his many virtues, re- 
calling his social disposition, amiable and benevolent 
temper, and agreeable conversation mingled with pleasing 
anecdote. After studying law he returned to his native 
parish, and entered upon the various occupations of the 
planter, amongst which the care of the negro necessarily 
engages the chief attention of the conscientious master. 
The deceased felt his responsibilities herein, and while 
arranging for the temporal comfort of his slaves, made 
ample provisions for their religious training. In this 
high duty he showed his deep interest by constant per- 
sonal attendance in the neat chapel erected near his 
dwelling; by causing all the childi-en that were born to 
be brought thither for baptism ; and by requiring all 
who desired to enter into the holy estate of matrimony 
to be married therein according to the appointed form. 
The result of his efforts was the moral and religious im- 
provement of his negroes. His end was calm and peace- 
ful. He said that he relied solely upon the merits of 
our Redeemer, and that he was ready to depart, if such 
was the will of God. 

He has left an afflicted wife and children, whose only 
consolation can be derived from the religion so earnestly 

84 John Allston— leeG-lTlO- 

impressed on them by a most pious, affectionate and de- 
voted husband and father. 

(In all his undertakings he was ably assisted and en- 
couraged by his devoted wife.) 

4^ Thomas Pinckney Alston (b. Ap. 19, 1795, d. 
Apr. 29, 1861,) married 1st wf. Jane Ladson Smith (b. 
1800-d. May 4, 1823) dau. of John Rutledge Smith & 
Susan Elizabeth Ladson, on the 20th May,1820, by Rev. 
Dalcho. John Rutledge Smith was a lineal descendant of 
Landgrave "Thomas Smith." 

Issue : 

(1) Jacob Motte Alston, b. March 2d, 1821=Mary 
FiTZSiMMONS, Feb. 16, 1848, and resides in Washington, 
D. C. 9 ch., viz. : 

1. Thomas Pinckney — died. 

2. Nellie= — Cooper, issue 1 daughter. 

3. Jane Ladsonz= — Read, issue 3 children. 

4. Anua=: — Garvin, died. 

5. Kate= — Steiner — have several ch. (Pinck- 
ney Alston Steiuer). 

6. Mary Motte. 

7. Hess= Richard Trapier; 1 son, Pinckney 
Alston Trapier. 

8. Pauline, and 9 Jacob Motte, died. 

Thomas Pinckney Alston was married June 25th, 1825, 
to his 2d wile, Susan Elisabeth Smith (sister to his 1st 
wife) by Bishop Nathl. Boweu. 

Issue : 

45 (2) Charles Alston, b. Ap. 18th, 1826=March 23d, 
1847, by Rev. John Bach man to daughter of Washington 
Duukin (b. July 22d, 1829). He was State Senator from 
All-Saints Parish, Waceamaw, for several years just pre- 

AND His Descendants. 85 

ceding the War. He was Major of Artillery in C. S. 
Army. Issue (q. v.) : 

451 (3) Mary Brewton, b. Aug. 7th, 1827= Ap. 23d, 
1856, to James Johnston Waring by Rev. Alexander 
Glennie. Issue (7. v.) : 

441 (4) Dr. William Joseph Alston, b. Jan. 27th, 1829= 
Sep. 16th, 1852, to Marianne Porcher Smith, b. 1831. He 
lives in Marietta, Ga., and was surgeon in C. S. A. 

Issue (q. V.) : 

(5) Susan Elisabeth, b. Dec. 20th, 1830, d. Sep. Uth, 
1880=Febyj7th, 1867, to Clelland Kiuloch Huger by 
Rev. Alexander Glennie. 

(6) Thomas Pinckney Alston, Lt, Col., 1st Reg. S. 
C. Vol., McGowan's Brigade, A. P. Hill's Division, b. Dec. 
7th, 1832, d. June 19th, 1864, at Jackson Hos[)ital, Rich- 
mond, Va., of wound received at Jericho Ford 23d day of 
May, 1864. 

(7) John Rutledge Alston, Capt. Co. H, 21st Texas 
Cavalry, Parson's Brig., Trans. -Miss. War Dep. b. March 
20th, 1835, and m. Dec. 20th, 1857, to Margaret Pemberton. 

(8) Jane Ladson, b. Dec. 1st, 1838, d. Jan. 15th, 1842. 

(9) Elisabeth L., b. May 9th, 1841, d. Aug. 24th, 1843, 

(10) Jane Ladson, b. May 12th, 1843, d. Nov. 28th, 

(11) Rebecca Hayue. 

4.5 CiiARLHS Alston^ — Dunkin, 4 ch., viz. : 

1 Thomas Pinckney, b. March 26th, 1848. 

2 Benjamin Faneuil, b. Dec. 27h, 1849= Caroline 
SiMONTON, 1874, by Rev. Yedder. 

Issue, viz. : 

(1) Charles Simonton Alston, Nov. 9th, 1775. 

86 John Allston— 1666-1719— 

(2) Thomas Glover Alston 1 Twins, Feb. 1st, 

(3) Beuj. Faneuil Alston | 1881. 

(4) Caroline Simonton, May 26th, 1886. 

3 Susan Bethune Alston, b. March 13th, 1853. 

4 Mary Rutledge Alston, b. June 13lh, 1855. 

4.5 h James Johnstone Waring=:Mary Brewton Al- 
ston, 7 ch., viz. : 

1 Annie Johnstone Waring, b. Apr. 29th, 1857= Feb. 
17th, 1881, to Antonio Gogarza, of Saurez, Spain, by 
Rev. Thomas Booue, 2 ch., viz. : 

1 Antonio Gogarza, b. Nov. 27th, 1881. 

2 James Johnstone Gogarza, b. Aug. llth, 1883. 

2 Mary Alston \Yaring, b. Sep. 22cl, 1858, d. Jan. 8th, 

3 PiNCKNEY Alston Waring, b. May 18th, 1860=Lil- 
LiE Horton Ellis, by Rev. Robert White, Nov. 15th, 1893, 
2 ch., viz. : 

1 Piuckney Alston, b. Aug. 30th, 1895. 

2 Charles Ellis, b. March, 1900. 

4 Helen Waring, b. Nov. 19th, 1862, d. Nov. 6tb, 1884. 

5 James Johnstone Waring, b. Mar. 8(h, 1865, d. July 
6th, 1887. 

6 Thomas Pinckney Waring, b. Feby 28tb, 1867. 

7 Mary Alfctou Waring, b. Aug. 24th, 1869. 

44h Dr. Wm. Joseph Alston^ Marianne Porcher 
Smith, 10 ch., viz. : 

1 Anne Smith, b. July 12th, 1853, d. Aug. 15th, 1854. 

2 Susan Elisabeth, b. Jany. 13th, 1855. 

3 William, b. Feb. 28th, 1857=Ina Christian, 7iee 
Cleland, Nov. 17th, 1886, by Rev. C. Lemon. 

Issue : 

1 Susan Elisabeth, b. March 6th, 1887. 

2 Bessie Barnwell, b. Sep. 29th, 1891. 

01 4 Marianne Porcher Alston, b. May 20th, 1859=Rob- 

AND His Descendants. 87 

ert Goodman, Dec. 27th, 1877, by Rev. Stephen Barnwell. 
Died Sept. 2d, 1891. Issue (q. v.) : 

5 John Rutledge, b. Mar. 2d, 1861=Sallie Clel- 
AND, Nov. 17th, 1891, by Rev. Guerry. 

Issue : 

Wm. Carleton Alston, b. March 24th, 1893. 
02 6 Sabina Smith Alston, b. Apr. 20th, 1863= Edgar 
Nichols, Dec. 29th, 1886. Issue (g. v.) 

7 Thomas Pinckney, b. Feb. 24th, 1866= Fannie 
Beatrice Mustin, Jany. 24th, 1894. 

Issue : 

Fannie Beatrice Alston, 1895. 

8 Caroline Porcher Alston, b. Sep. 2d, 1868. 

9 Joseph Motte Alston, b. Dec. 10th, 1870, d. July, 

10 Frederick Roland Alston, b. Feb. 26tb, 1875. Is 
an attorney in Atlanta, Ga. 

01 Robert Goodman=Mari-Anne Porcher Alston, 

8 ch., viz. : 

1. Mari-Anne Alston, b. Oct. 6, 1878. 

2. Mildred Bishop, b. Dec. 3, 1879. 

3. William Alston, b. Ap. 5, 1881. 

4. Rosa McDonald, b. Oct. 28, 1882 ; d. July 2, 1883. 

5. Robert Goodman, b. 1884; d. 1886. 

6. Roberta Caroline, b. Ap. 2, 1887. 

7. John Martin Green, b. Oct. 2, 1888. 

8. Marion Roland Goodman, b. Sept. 1, 1891. 

02 Edgar Nichols m. Sabina Sjiitii Alston, 4 ch., 

viz. : 

1. Marianne Gindron Nichols, b. Oct. 25, 1882. 

2. Edgar Rutledge, b. Sept. 26, 1890. 

3. George, b. March 1, 1893. 

4. Sabina Alston, b. Oct. 1898. 

88 John Allston— 1666-171 9— 

4.6 Cleland Kinlock Huger= Susan Elisabeth Als- 
ton, 3 ch. viz. : 

1. Susan Alston Huger, b. Dec. 17, 1868. 

2. Mary Brewton Huger, b. Feb. 13, 1870. 

3. Lucy Pinckney Huger, b. March 5, 1894, m. Dec. 8, 

1896, to Edward Stoney Vaux. 1 son, Cleland 
Huger Vaux, b. July, 1899. 

4.6 1-2 John Rutledge Alston m. Margaret Pember- 
TON, 7 ch., viz. : 

1. Susan Ladson, 1858, 

2. Richard Pemberton, 1860, m t j 

o Tvr i. 17- 1- • 1 o/»o f inese died young. 

3. Margaret Felicia, 1863,.' ^ ^ 

4. Helen, 1865, 

5. Benjamin Burgh, b. June 25, 1869. 

6. Charles, b. Sept. 9, 1871. 

7. Catherine Pemberton, b. Sept, 15, 1874. 

Peter Allston. Abstract of Will. 

Dated 1 Day of April, 1748. Proved 21 Apr. 1749. 

Witnesses, Andrew Warnock, Joseph Burges, Anna 

Hayes. "I, Peter Allston, of Berkeley Co., Planter 

sick in body, but of sound and disposing, etc. . . .Loving 
wife, Sarah Allston, £800 in lieu of dower. One fifth of 
all personal est. Maintenance during widowhood. Three 
children, Charles, Peter and Elizabeth, wife Sarah now 
pregnant. Bro. -in-law Joseph Warnock and friend An- 
thony Bonneau Exrs. and Trustees for son Charles. Wife 
Sarah Extrx. during widowhood. " Realty 490 acres in 
St. Thomas Parish. 

3 Peter Alston died 1749, m. Sarah Bacot. 

They lived in St. Thomas Parish. Their children 
were viz: I. Charles Alston. IIL Elizabeth. 

AND His Descendants. 89 

IV. A daughter married Bacot. No other rec- 
ord of above three children. 
II. Peter Allston, Jr., m. Mary Bacot, issue, 6 chil- 
dren, viz. : 
(1). Joseph Allston m. Miss Belin, issue, Samuel 

and Peter Allbton. 
2. Samuel. 3. Frances. No further record. 

4. Elisabeth Allston ra. Hoge. No records. 

5. Jane Allston m. Turner, issue, one daughter, 

viz. : 

Jane Turner, who married Elijah P. 
Co/-\CHMAN, issue, 

(1) Sarah A. Coachman. 

(2) Edgar F. Coachman. 

(3) Olivia m. John T. Green. 

(4) Eliza P. m. Henry Green. 

6. John Hays Allston m. Harriet M. Wilkinson, 8 
ch., viz. : 

I. James L. Allston. II. Henrietta Allston. 
Jf.7 III. John Elias Allston m. Regina Coachman, 

issue {q. v.). 
IV. Juliana Francis. V. Francis Allston. 

Ii.8 VI. Peter Bacot Allston m. Juliana Palmer, 

issue {(q. v.). 
VII. Anne S. Allston. 
4-9 VIII. Edward Francis Allston m. Catherine 

Palmer, sister of above. Issue (5. z;.). 

^7 John Elias Allston m. Regina Coachman, 4 ch., 
viz. : 

I. John A. II. Francis C. 

III. Sarah M. IV. Donald McK. Allston. 

^c? Peter Bacot Allston m. Juliana Palmer, 7 ch., 
viz. : 


«0 John Allston— 1666-1719. 

I. Edward Francis. II. Mary B. III. Esther. 
IV. Helen W. V. Saraulla F. 

VI. William J. & VII. Samuel J. Allston. 

4.9. Edward Francis Allston m. Catherine Palmer, 

7 ch., viz. : 

I. Marianna, II. Harroll W., III. Peter B. 
IV. Catherine P., V. John H. 

VI. Thomas & VII. Elisabeth Allston. 

Below is the record of marriage of John Allston's three 
daughters and regret inability to trace them out, viz.: 

Elizabeth Allston m. Joseph Marbery, (alias La-Bruce or 
La Brosse). 

Register St. Thomas & St. Denis Par. 
Mary Allston m, Joseph Warnock. 

Family records McD. E. Iluger Smith. 
Thomasou Allston m. Abraham Warnock. 

Fam. Rec. as above ; also birth of 
"Thomasnn, d. of Abraham & 
Thomason, 14 Dec. 1724." 
Warnock <* "Mary d. of Joseph & Mary, 
I 20 July, 1732, Reg. St., T. 
l^ & D Par. 

John Alston— 1673-1758. 91 

JOHN ALSTON— 1673-1758. 

The first mentien we have ou record of John Alston in 
North Carolina is a ^rant of 270 acres of land ou the 
northwest side of Bennetts creek in 1711. This creek is, 
in what is now Gates county, formerly Chowan, and his 
land was near or immediately where Gatesviile now stands. 
He subsequently made many entries and purchases of laud 
in that and other sections and counties and became a very 
extensive land holder. In 1713 we find land-grants in 
the names of his several sons. The first official act we 
find recorded of him is April 20, 17 15, as juror at court 
held at house of Mr. Henry King, and the next as a grand 
juror at a general court of Oyer and Terminer, at the 
general court-house at Queen Anns Creek in Chowan pre- 
cinct, March 30th, 1721, and was continuously a grand 
juror until April 9th, 1724, when he was commissioned a 
justice of the peace. On Oct. 24th, 1724, he was com- 
missioned assistant justice of the court of Oyer and Ter- 
miner, the court being then composed of the following, 
viz. : Thomas Pollock, chief justice, Cullen Pollock, Wm. 
Downing, Isaac Hill, John Alston and Robert Lloyd, as- 
sistants. He was continuously reappointed and so served 
until after the April term, 1729. He was called Capt. 
Alston until 1725, then major until 1729, and afterwards 
known as Colonel Alston. We are not informed as to how 
he obtained his titles. In 1725 he was appointed revenue 
collector for the king. Aj>ril 3d, 1738, he was elected 
vestryman of St. Pauls Parish, Chowan county, and served 
until 1747, or later. In 1746 he was sheriff of Chowan 
county, and probably for some years prior to that time. 

His wife, Mary Clark, survived him. 

92 John Alston— 1673-1758— 

The following will is copied from the original, now on 
file in the office of Secretary of State : 

" In the Name of God, Amen. September 17th, in the 
year of our Lord God one thousand Seven hundred and 
fifty four, I, John Alston of Chowan County and province 
of North Carolina being in perfect health and of sound 
and perlect mind and memory thanks be to almighty God 
for it., Calling to mind the uncertainty of this Transitory 
Life, and that all flesh must Yield unto Death when it 
shall please God to call. Doe make Declair ordain, appoint 
this my last v/ill and testament in Manner & form follow- 
ing and principally I Recommend my Soul to God that 
gave it to me in full hope I shall receive full pardon for 
all my Sins Past by the merits and meditation of our 
Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my body to be 
buried in Such Christian Like manner as shall pleas my 
Executor hereafter uaimed and appointed, and secondly 
I doe by these presents frustrate and make null and void 
all other or fcn-mer wills by me made or Declaired Either 
by word or writing and this to be taken for my Last will 
and testament and no other, thirdly my will is that all My 
Debts Duly that I owe in the right or concieuce to any 
maner of persons What Ever Be Justly Contested and paid 
in Sum convenient time after my Death By my Executor 
hereafter nam'd, and now as such worldly Estate as it hath 
pleased God to Bestow upon me I Give & dispose of the 
saim in manner and form following — 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved Son 
Joseph John Alston my Land at White Oak River and 
other personall Estate By me all Ready delivered to him 
and a tract of land containing two hundred and fifty acres 
being in Chowan County Joining to Mrs. James Willson 
Line Beginning at a hickory standing on Benit's Creek 
Side I also give to my son Joseph John Alston one Gold 

AND Ills Family. 93 

Riug about fifteen shillings worth I say aforesaid Land and 
Estate to him and his heirs for Ever, 

Item. I give and bequeth unto my Beloved Son Solomon 
Alston a Negro woman named Sarah which he has in his 
possession and other personal Estate all Ready delivered to 
him by me I say the aforesad Negro and Estate to him and 
his heirs for Ever. 

Item. I give and Bequeath unto my Beloved Son Wil- 
liam Alston in his lifetime that part of my Estate I allotted 
for him and now his heirs has it in their possession. 

Item. I give to my Beloved Son Phillip Alston one 
Negro man named Seser now in his possession and one Ne- 
gro man named Robiu and what Else of my personal Estate 
he has had of me before now in his possession I say the 
afor s'd Negro's & Estate to & his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and Bequeath unto my Beloved Daughter 
Mary Seward one mulato woman named Moll and what 
Else she has had of me befor to her and her heirs for Ever 
I allso mean the use of my Dwelling House and garden 
to her Durin her natural life. 

Item. I Give & bequeath unto my beloved Daughter 
Elizabeth Williams one Negro woman named Moll an her 
iucreas to her and her heirs for Ever and what Else of my 
personal Estate she has had all Ready. 

Item. I Give and bequeath unto my Beloved Daughter 
Sarah Kearny one Negro woman nam'd fanney and her in- 
crease now in her possession and what Else she has had of 
my Estate Before the afore said negro and Estate to her 
and her heirs forever. 

Item. I Give to my Beloved Daughter Charity Dawson 
one Negro woman named janey and a Negro boy named 
Jupiter and a negro girl named Gate and a negro girl named 
Nancy I say the aforesaid Negro's to her and her heirs an 
assigns for Ever. 

Item. I mean my Dear wife Mary Alston to have the 

94 John Alston— 1673-1758— 

use of my Estate as vis Dick fauney peter Robin & Easup 
and Diner allso — my plantation stock & iiousehoUl Goods 
During her naturall Life But at her Death to be returned 
in manner hereafter mentioned. 

Item. I Give to John Alston Son of Solomon Alston 
one Negro boy named Peter to him and his heirs for Ever. 

Item. I Give to Elizabeth Alston Daughter of Wiiliam 
Alston Deceased one Negro boy named ued to her and her 
heirs for Ever, 

Item. I Give to Paty Alston Daughter of Joseph John 
Alston one Negro Girl named Pru to her and her heirs for 

Item. I Give to William Alston Son of Philip Alston 
one Negro Boy named Hary to him & his heirs for Ever. 

Item. I Give to John Alston Son of James Alston one 
Negro woman named Diner and her increase and one negro 
boy named Robin to him and his heirs for Ever. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Son James 
Alston one Negro man named Dick one Negro man named 
Peter and one mulato man named Easop allso my planta- 
tion whereon I now live and all the Land ajoining there- 
unto I allso give him the Rest and Residue of my whole 
Estate Both Raill and personall I say the aforesaid Land 
and Estate to him and his heirs & assigns forever I allso 
leave him my whole and sole Executor of this my last 
will and testament in witness whereof I have here unto 
set my hand and seall the 20 day of Feb'y 1755. 

John Alston 
Seasbrook Wilson 
Thomas Byrd 

Joseph X Parker 

Edenton 2d December 1758 

AND His Family. 95 

Theu personally appeared before me Seasbrook Wilson 
& Joseph Parker two of the subscribiug witnesses to the 
foregoing Will who made oath that they saw John Alston 
the Testateor sign seal deliver and declare the foregoing as 
& for his last will and Testament and that the said John 
Alston was at that time to the best of their judgment & 
belief of sound and disposing Memory & understanding 
and that they together with Thomas Byrd subscribed their 
names to the foregoing will as witnessed thereto. 

At the same time James Alston Executor before named 
took the Oath of an Executor. 

Let Letters Testamentary issue thereon. 

Arthur Dobbs." 

The above John Alston was the eldest son of John Al- 
ston = Anne AVallis, and was baptized at Felmersham, 
Bedfordshire, England, Dec. 5th, 1673. 

John Alston iz= Mary Clark, issue c--- 

J I. Joseph John Alston, (q. v.). 

S 11. Solomon Alston, (q. v.). 

H III. William Alston, {q. v.). 

P IV. Phillip Alston, {q. v.). 

A V. James Alston, (q. v.). 

VI. Mary' =: 1st Henry Guston, no issue. 

2d Wm. Seward, of Isle of Wight 
county, Va., no issue. Surviving them both, she 
died a widow, but the names Guston and Henry 
continue in the family. 

W VII. Elizabeth = Samuel Williams, {q. v.). 

liTVIII. Sarah =i Thomas Kearney, (q. v.). 

IX. Martha = Lemuel Wilson, January 29th, 
1752. Her name is not mentioned in her fath- 
er's will, but the marriage records of Chowan 
county show that she was married at the date 

96 John Alston — 1673-1758— 

above mentiou, and probably dying without issue 
before the will was written, caused the omission. 
The names Martha and Lemuel continue in the 
D X, Charity^ John Dawson, (g. v.). 

Among the immigrants to the Albemarle section in the 
latter part of the 17th century, who went from Isle of 
Wight, and Nausemond, Va., and elsewhere, are the fol- 
lowing names : Akehurst, Chancey, Clark, Durant, Hatch, 
Hill, Palin, Thomas and others. These were Quaker 
families, and their settlements originally in Perquimans 
and Pasquotank extended into Chowan and other neigh- 
boring counties. These were among the best citizens of 
the colony, and some of them held large estates. It is 
here we find John Alston, among these he married, and 
the names Solomon, Philip, James, Martha, Charity, till 
then not found in his ancestral lines, were doubtless ob- 
tained through his wile's mother's connections and rela- 
tionship. The loss of the old Nansemoud records, and 
tlie destruction of those in Pasquotank and Perquimans 
during the war prevent the tracing of many family lines. 

As elsewhere stated, it is most probable that John Alston 
came there in 1694, and there is reason to encourage the 
belief that among those who accompanied John Archdale to 
the Albemarle section at that time were John Dawson and 
William Williams (father of Samuel), whose families are 
so closely intermarried with Alston. 

From Wm.and Mary Quarterly, April 1899, p. 221, we 
take the following : 

"Will of Humphrey Clark, Cooper, dated March 3d, 
1655. Wife Jane, son John, daughter-in-law, Jane Brunt, 
two kinswomen, Jane How and Mary Clarke, the latter in 
his employ for 7 years, 3 of which are remitted. His son, 
John, to be sent to school. Legacies to Thomas Holmes, 

AND IIis Family. 97 

John vVilliams and William Godwin, Robert Bird, over- 

From p. 241, the following: 

"Francis Ayre's inventory, 1678, mentions Jane, his 
wife, now wife of Henry Ettvison, Jane Clarke, Humphrey 
Clarke, the son of John Clarke." 

(This Humphrey Clarke must have died in his father's 
life time.) 

From N. C. Hist, and Gen. Register No. 1 the follow- 
ing abstract of will of Daniel Akehurst of Warwick 
county, Va. This will is in the office of clerk of superior 
court of Chowan county and was probated in 1700 in War- 
wick county, Va. 

Daughter, Filia Christy Akehurst, wife, Ann Akehurst, 
Thomas Symons, Ex'r., 11th Oct., 1693. Witnesses — 
William Langhorn, Mary Gary, Miles Gary." 

Hon. Daniel Akehurst, Esq., was one of the lord's 
deputies and secretary of the council in 1694 and assistant 
justice, N. G., under Gov. Philip Ludwell. (Col. records.) 
John Clarke died 1689, and some extracts from his will 
are annexed, The family name is variously spelled, Clark, 
Clarke and Clerke. 

The above Humphrey Clark, John Clark and Daniel 
Akehurst lived in Virginia. John Clarke, in 1665, ob- 
tained 440 acres on the westward side of Black Water. He 
and Daniel Akehurst subsequently removed to North 

The will of Arthur Workman is also annexed making 
Mary Clarke, sole executrix in 1695. She is again men- 
tioned in 1707 as widow and executrix, and also in 169 7 
in couriection with Robert Wallis, who in 1694 had been 
assistant justice in the province. 

Records go to show that she was a great granddaughter 
of Henry Palin, who was a witness to the signing of John 
Clark's will, and at the death of her husband in 1689, 


98 John Alston— 1673-1758— 

must have been quite young, as she is again mentioned as 
having been appointed in 1740, joint-administratrix upon 
the estate of Mary Glaister of Pasquotank. She seems to 
have been quite a business woman, a prominent character, 
and the second wife of John Clarke. At her husband's 
death in 1689, she was left in charge of a large estate 
with an only daughter, also named Mary, who afterwards 
married John Alston. This accords with the tradition 
that has been carefully and minutely transmitted, "that his 
wife was left an orphan, and an only child, living at her 
home, constantly attended by a faithful old negro woman, 
who had nursed her in infancy, and continued to wait upon 
and serve her until her marriage," which most probably 
was about 1700-1703. , 

(N. C. Hist, and Gen. Eeg. Nos. 1, 2 and 3) Henry 
Palin had a land-grant in 1652 from Governor Richard 
Bennett. Probably the same as 

Henry Palin,' Sr., who was witness to the signing of 
John Clarke's will in 1689. 

Henry Palin, Jr., of Pasquotank, d. January 30th, 1699, 
leaving wife Ann, and sons John and Thomas. 

John Paliu, d. August 16th, 1737, leaving wife S^rah, 
and son John, and daughter Mary, of whom 

John Palin was chief justice in 1731, and {d. s. p.) Feb- 
ruary, 1753. 

Mary = John Clarke about 1686. He d. May 30th, 
1689, leaving an only child Mary, and wife Mary as his 
executor. (See will.) 

Thomas Palin, son of Henry, Jr., and brother of John, 
d. August 1st, 1733. Sons Henry and Thomas, daughter 
Ann and Mary Scott, wife Susannah, and daughter Mary 

These families were in Pasquotank. There were other 
Palins in Edenton, viz: James and Christian. 

AND His Family. 99 

Arbemaele County. 

In the Name of God Ameu the Thirtieth . day of May 
Oae Thousand Six hundred and Eighty Nine I John 
Clarke beeiug sick of body but of good & pfect memery 
thanks bee unto Almighty God >i« * ^ * * * 
Item. I give & bequeath unto William Curry my wearing 
clothes, my horse bridle and saddle. Intern I doe ordain and 
constitute & appoint my well beloved friends Mr. Daniel 
Akhurst & Mr. John West & Edward Smith as overseers 
of my child or children : Item I give & bequeath unto 
Mr. Daniel Akhurst five pounds sterll to be paid in coun- 
try comoditys. Item I give & bequeath unto Mr. John 
West five pounds sterll to be paid in country comodity. 
Item I give & bequeath unto Edward Smith Tenn pounds 
sterll to be paid in country comoditys. Item I give & be- 
queath unto my daughter Mary ye one half of my whole 
estate both moveables & immoveables reall & psonall to her 
her heirs Executors Administers & assigns forever, but if 
in case ray lawful wife Mary Clark should prove with 
child by mee & its should happen to bee a boy then ytsaid 
boy to ejoy peacesably without any mollestation whatso- 
ever all my lands to him & his heirs for ever : but if ye 
said childe should prove to be a girle then to be equally 
coheirs with her sister in ye aforesaid halfe of my estate. 
Item I doe ordain constitute & appoint my lawful wife 
Mary Clark to bee my whole & sole Executrix of this my 
last will & testament to whome I give & bequeath my 
whole estate both reall & personall moveables & immove- 
ables shee my Executrix paying my just debts & ye afore- 
said legacys to have & to hold my said estate, for herselfe 
her heirs Executors Administrators & assigns forever: & if 
in case my aforesaid daughter Mary Clark should die be- 
fore shee arrives att ye full * * of eighteen years old then 
ye above said * * * ^(c >;< ^ ^^^^^ wife. In witness whereof 

100 John Alston— 1673-1758— 

I have hereunto sett my hand & seale in Pasquotank River 
in ye county aforesaid & day & year above written. 

John Clark (Seal) 

Henry Palin Senr. 

John Hawkins 

John CaS^ey 

Proved July 27 by the oathes of Henry Palin & John 
Hawkins John Cafey before Seth Brothers. 

Will of Arthur Worhman. 

In the name of God Amen I Arthur Workman late of 
Jaimaca but now of Ronoch Marchant being in good health 
of body and perfect mind and memory praised by God I 
doe make and ordain this my last will and testament in 
manner and form following ***** "Po Capn John 
Hunt one silver tankard of twelve pounds value, marko 
ex dono AW. To Mrs. Eliza Hunt a gold mourning ring 
of thirty shills value in * * * * * England, to Anthony 
Hatch son to sd Eliza Hunt that my plantation in Little 
River with 6 sows 4 cows & calves, to Mr. Richard Platen 
ten pounds of fresh porke with all my wayreiug apparrell. 
To Mr. John Robison tenn pounds in porke, and twenty 
pounds to be given towards schooling of eight orphant 
children to be disposed of at the discretion of my sd Ex- 
ecutrix ******** Xo Majr. Charles Sadler of 
Jamaica forty pounds in money, to Madam Dorothy * * 
* * * one gold mourning ring of twenty five shills value 
of that island, To Mr. Thomas Sherwood of Jamaica sixty 
pouns currt mon ***** of that island, all wch money 
is now in the hands of sd Majr. Sadler, and about ninety or 
a hundred more wch give to my Executrix ****** 
all that my whole estate within the Kingdom of Ireland 
t') my two loving sisters Mary and] Millesaint Workman 
but now be * * * * * boath marryed I know not their 

AND His Family. 101 

other names. To Mrs. Sarah Franklin wife to Henry 
Franklin five pounds in money. And all the rest of my 
estate reall and personal! (after my just debts being first 
truly paid) doe give and bequeath unto Mrs. Mary Gierke 
widdow, late wife of John Gierke deced whom I make by 
this my last will and testament whole and sole Executrix 
to dispose and ma**** all to her own and her heirs &c. 
proper use forever. I doe desire my sd Executrix to buy 
one mourning ring of thirty *** *** ** price with my name 
in it. In Witness whereof I * * * hereunto put my 
hand & seal this first day of August ^.- * ^ * Domini 
one thousand six hundred ninety & five. 

Arthur Workman (Seal) 

John Hunt 

John Robison 

Richard Platen 

* * * * * 

* * * Leqg I his marke 

Pasquotank pcinct Gourt the 19th day of Aprile, 1697 
by t-he oaths aforesaid 

Edward Mayo Glerk. 

102 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

The Last Will and Testament of Joseph John Alston. 

In the Name of God, Ameu. I, Joseph John Alston, 
of Halifax, in the State of North Carolina, being weak of 
body, but of perfect sound sense, mind and memory, thanks 
be to Almighty God, do make and ordain this my last will 
and testament in the manner and form following, that is to 

Imprimis. I recommend my soul into the hands and 
protection of Almighty God that gave it, hoping for a re- 
mission of all my sins, and my body I leave to be decently 
interred at the discretion of my executors hereafter named, 
and as for my worldly estate which it hath pleased the 
Almighty God to bestow on me, I give, devise and bequeath 
as follows: 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son, John Alston, his 
heirs and assigns forever, all my lands that lie on Reedy 
Creek, Fishing Creek, Benn Creek and Long Branch on 
the South side, Butterwood or the waters thereof, consist- 
ing of sundry different tracts, and whereas my said son, 
John Alston, has now a dispute depending in law for a 
tract or a parcel of land called the Poison Fields in Chat- 
ham county, with Matthew Jones, of said county, in case 
my said son, John Alston, should lose the said land called 
the Poison Fields, then and in that case I give and be- 
queath to my said son John Alston, his heirs or assigns, 
two tracts of land which I bought of John Coupland in 
said County of Chatham. But in case my said son John 
Alston should recover the said land now in dispute from 
the said Mathew Jones then, and in that case only, I 
give my said son, John Alston, part of the said two tracts 
of land bought of said John Coupland, bounded as fol- 
lows, to- wit: lying above the Spring Branch, known by 

AND His Descendants. 103 

ihe name of Couplands Spring Branch supposing to be two 
hundred acres more or less including the old plantation 
whereon Richard Couplaud formerly lived. 

Item. I give and devise to ray said son, John Alston? 
his heirs or assigns all the negro slaves which I have here- 
tofore possessed him with as also one other negro man 
named Levey, and one other negro man named Joseph 
which is now in my pOvSsession. 

I give and devise unto my son Phillip Alston, his heirs 
or assigns, all the negro slaves which I allotted for him 
being now in his poseession. 

Item. I have already given to my daughter, Patty Me- 
rony, the several negro slaves which I allotted for her por- 
tion, the same she has been possessed with many years past. 

Item. I give and devise unto my sou, William Alston, his 
heirs or assigns all the negro slaves which are now in his 
possession, excepting the following negroes, to wit : Hannah, 
Hagar, Silva, Nancy, Press, Boatswain, Nursery Rose, Ra- 
chael and Sam, which said ten negroes herein mentioned 
I lend unto my said son William Alston the use of until 
his children, male and female, shall arrive to lawful age or 
marriage, then I give and bequeath the said ten negroes 
and their increase to be equally divided between the said 
children and their heirs or assigns, share and share alike, 
each child to have his or her part or portion of the said 
negroes and their increase as he or she shall arrive to law- 
ful age or marriage as aforesaid, and the remainder of the 
negroes to remain as undivided until the next child shall 
arrive to age as aforesaid, and so on till the youngest shall 
be of age aforesaid to take his or her part of the said ne- 
groes. Which division it is my will and desire shall be 
made among my said grandchildren by their father, my son 
William, if living ; if not, by my executors hereinafter 

Item. I give and bequeath to my said son William Al- 

104 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780 — 

ston, his heirs and assigns two negroes, to-wit: Fork Ben 
and his wife Priss. 

Item. I give and devise to ray son, Willis Alston, his 
heirs or assigns, all that part of the land which I bought 
of Mr. Mead's estate that lies on the lower side of the Gov- 
ernor's Branch and joining Irviug's Creek on the south- 
east side. 

Item. I give and devise to my two grand sons, John 
Joseph and William Alston, sons of my son William Al- 
ston, a parcel of land which I bought of the estate of Mr. David 
Meade, deceased, that lieson Irwin's Creek, alias Bears Swamp 
above the mouth of the Governor's Branch to be equally 
divided between them and their heirs or assigns, share and 
share alike, but in case the said John Joseph and William 
Alston, should either of them depart this life before they 
arrive to the age of twenty one years or leaving lawful 
issue of their body then and in that case I give and devise 
the part of the said land of him who shall or may decease 
to the other that survives, and in case both the said John 
Joseph and William Alston should depart this life before 
they arrive to the age of twenty-one years then and in that 
case I give and devise the said land to my grand son Jo- 
seph John Alston, sou of my sou Willis, his heirs and as- 
signs forever. 

Item. I give and devise to my grand son John Joseph Al- 
ston,son of my son William, all that part of the lands I bought 
of Joseph Moore in the county of Chatham that lies in the 
fork between two streams where the said Joseph Moore 
built and formerly lived as high up each stream as my land 
extends to him, his heirs and assigns forever. But in case 
my said grand son, John Joseph, should depart this life 
without lawful issue, then in that case I give and devise 
the said land to my grand son, his brother, William Alston, 
his heirs or assigns forever. 

Item. I give and devise to my son Willis Alston, his 

AND His Descendants. 105 

heirs or assigns all my land that lies in the fork on the 
North-west side the Beaver Ponds, between Butterwood 
and the Mill Swamp as high up each stream as my land ex- 
tends, as also my other lands between the mill run and the 
North East branch of Irwin's Creek, alias Alston's Swarap> 
including my dwelling house and m}'' Manor planta- 
tion, likewise including the plantation and tract of land 
where John Mills formerly lived, lying at the head of Bear 
Swamp as also all my other lauds on the North-East side 
of the Beaver Ponds and Bear Swamp that lies above and 
joins the land that was formerly Meade's. 

Item. I give and devise to my son, Willis Alston, his 
heirs and assigns all the negro slaves which I have already 
possessed him with as also three other negro men called 
Simon and Pocosiu Ben as also Frank which are yet in my 

Item. I give and bequeath to my grand son, Joseph 
John Alston, son of my son Willis, all these two tracts of 
land, lying on the waters of Great Creek that I bought of 
Archibald Hamilton and Anthony Winston, to him, his 
heirs and assigns forever. But in case of his death before 
he arrives to years of twenty-one or leaving lawful issue 
of his body, lawfully begotten, then and in this case I give 
and devise the aforesaid two tracts of land to ray son Wil- 
lis, his heirs and assigns. I also give my said grand son, 
Joseph John Alston, one negro boy named Jem, son to 
Mulatto Pegg, and one negro girl named Jud, daughter of 
Penny, to him, his heirs and assigns for ever. 

Item. I give and devise to my son, Henry Alston, his 
heirs and assigns forever, four thousand acres of land where- 
on he now lives which I purchased of Solomon Alston, Jr. 

Item. All the slaves which I allotted for my son Henry 
I have already possessed him with, and the same I do give 
to him and his heirs and assigns forever, as also I do give 
and bequeath to my said son Henry, eight other negroes, to 

106 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

wit: Hester Peters' daughter, Jacob, mulatto boy, Youug 
Bdccosr, Dyuer and increase Sabiua and Davy to him, his 
heirs and assigns. 

Item. I have already given my daughter, Mary Palmer, 
the negro slaves which I allotted for her portion, the same 
she has been possessed with some time past. 

Item. I give and bequeath to John Cooper, his heirs and 
assigns forever, all that tract of laud and plantation in the 
•county of Chatham, which I bought of Thomas Coupland, 
known by name of the Hickory Mountain, bounded by a 
branch between the lands I bought of said Copeland and 
the lands I bought of Thomas Stone, and from the head 
•of said branch and by a line of marked trees, westerly to 
the back, then round by different lines several courses to 
the said branch. 

Item. 1 lend unto my daughter, Uphan Wilson Cooper? 
the use of the following negroes during her natural life, to 
wit: Toby, Sail, Will, Roger, and Sail's children, Creas» 
Buck, Nan, Adam, Creasee's children, Nan and Will, Cate's 
children, Charles and Edie, Pegg's children, Jupiter and 
Abraham, old Joe's son, and after her decease I give and 
devise the said negroes and their increase to be equally 
<livided between the lawful issue of her body, male and 
female, share and share alike, to them and their heirs and 
assigns forever. 

Item. I give and devise to my son, Joseph John Alston, 
all my lands and plantation lying in the county of Chat- 
ham that is not herein before mentioned or given in lega- 
cies to him and his heirs or assigns forever upon the ex- 
pressed condition and proviso, that in case my said son, 
Joseph John Alston, should live to the age of twenty-one 
years or leave lawful issue of his body. But if neither of 
these cases happen, I then give and devise the aforesaid land 
to my grand sons hereafter named to be divided in the fol- 
lowing manner, to-wit : To my grand sou Joseph John 

AND His Descendants. 107 

Alston, son of my sou Willis two tracts, to-wit : One tract 
on the east end of the Hickory Mountain containing one 
hundred and fifty acres, the other track containing three 
hundred and fifty acres, more or less, which I bought of 
Simon Tyrril, to him and his heirs or assigns forever the 
residue of the aforesaid lands I give, devise and bequeath as 
follov/.^, to-wit: To my grand sou Joseph John Alston, son 
of my son John, to my graud son John, sou of my son 
Philip. To my graud son John Joseph, son of my sou Wil- 
liam, aod to my graud son Joseph John, son of ray son 
Willis to be equally divided between them and their heirs or 
assigns forever, share and share alike, but in case either of 
my said grand sous should depart this life before they ar- 
rive to the age of tweuty-oue years or leaving of lawful issue 
of their bjdy, then I give and devise the part or parts of 
him or them so dying to the next brother of him or them 
so dying which shall then be living to them or each of 
them and their heirs or assigns forever. 

Item. It is my will and desire that my negro woman 
Lucy, the cook wench, shall enjoy her liberty after my de- 
cease in the same manner as a free born person for and dur- 
ing the space of thirty-five years to commence immediately 
after my decease, she the said Lucy yielding and paying to 
my executors hereinafter named the annual sum of one shil- 
ling proc money if the same is by them demanded, and at 
the expiration of the aforesaid term of thirty-five years, it 
is my will and desire that my executors, or either of them 
shall and they or either of them are hereby empowered to 
sell the said Lucy, and the money arising from such sale 
to be given to ray sou Joseph John, and during aforesaid 
term of years it is ray desire that the aforesaid Lucy be un- 
der the protection of my executors hereinafter mentioned. 

Item. And for preventing disputes which may arise 
amongst my sons about any former rights or titles of heir- 
ship in any slaves given by me amongst any of my said 

108 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

sons and now in their possession, it is my will and I do 
hereby desire and direct that if any one of my said sons 
John, Phiiip, William, Willis, Henry or Joseph John shall 
at any time hereinafter sue for aid recover or otherways dis- 
possess any other of my said sons of any slave or slaves given 
them me in said case, I do hereby revoke so much of this 
my last will as bequeath any lands to such son who shall 
dispossess any of his brothers, and I do hereby will and 
devise all the lands such son might have inherited in virtue 
of such will unto such of my other sons who shall be so 
dispossessed of their slaves by him to be held for them, their 
heirs or assigns for ever in fee simple. 

Item. I give and devise to my son, Joseph John Alston, 
all and singular of the remainder of my negro slaves and 
all other of my estate, both real and personal, of what na- 
ture, kind or quality soever which is not heretofore by me 
bequeathed which I shall be possessed with at the time of 
my decease, to him and his heirs and assigns forever, and 
in case he should depart this life, without leaving lawful 
issue of his body, then I give and devise the aforesaid ne- 
gro slaves with their increase and all other of the personal 
estate above bequeathed to be equally divided to and 
amongst all the rest of my sons and daughters. My sons, 
John, Phillip, William, Willis, Henry and my daughters 
Patty, Mary and Uphan Wilson and my grand son Joseph 
John, son of my son Willis, and to their, and each of their 
heirs and assigns for ever and the survivors of them. 

Item. And lastly I do hereby nominate, constitute and 
appoint my trusty and well beloved friends AYillie Jones, 
Solomon Williams, William Alston, the son of Philip- 
James Alston and John Jones, and my son Joseph John 
Alston, executors to my last will and testament hereby re- 
voking, disannulling and making void all other will or 
wills or testaments by me heretofore made or published. 
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed 

AND His Descendants. 109 

my seal this fifth day of January, in the year of out Lord 
one thousand seven hundred and eighty. 


Signed, sealed, published and declared by the Testator 
Joseph John Alston as and for his last will and testament 
in presence of us who at his request subscribe our names 
as witness to the due execution of the same. 

Robert Green, John Green, Willis Green. 

Joseph John Alston was first married to Elisabeth 
Chancy, and in seeking her ancestry we find the following 
abstracts of wills: 

1. William Chancy, Jr., 18th of 2d month, 1736. 
Probated May 13th, 1736: father William Chancy, bro- 
ther Jeremiah, sister Ann Boyd, sister Mary Chancy, sis- 
ter Deborah, cousins Joseph and Deborah Sutton, children 
of my sister Elisabeth, cousin John Symons, Brothers 
Jeremiah Chancy and John Boyd, executors. 

2. William Chancy, (Sr.)-, Pasquotank, July 17, 1746, 
probated August 4th, 1749. Gr. son William, son of 
Jeremiah, deed., gr. sous William Boyd and William 
Chancy Commander, daughter of Ann Whedbee (widow of 
John Boyd), dan. Mary Commander, dau. Deborah Bailey, 
gr. children Joseph and Deborah Sutton, gr. children 
Wiuuifred, Elisabeth and Thomas Boyd, gr. children Ann 
and Mary Bailey, sons-in-law Joseph Bailey and Joseph 
Commander. Exr, and Test., Fordham Jordan, Hester 
Broadwell, Arthur Williams. 

3. There was also a will of Edmund Chancy probated 
July, 1754, in . Pasquotank. Devizees : sons, Stephen, 
Dauie], Zichariah, Jacob, 3 gr.-sons Edmund, gr.-dau. 
INIary Chancy, gr.-dau. Hannah : — dau. Ruth's children, 
John Baker, Mary DeGrafienreidt, Blake Baker, Samuel 
Baker, Rath Baker, Zidoc Baker. 

110 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

Edmund Chancy and William Chancy, Sr., were brothers 
and had a sister Hannah who married Thomas Burnby. 
These were children of Edmund Chancy upon whose 
estate letters of administration were granted to Margaret 
Culpepper in 1680. 

These were very wealthy and influential families that 
came to Albermarle from Virginia and extensively con- 
nected. Elisabeth Chancy, the 1st. wife of Joseph John 
Alston, was the dau, of William Chancy, Sr., and wife 
Deborah, (dau. of Jeremiah Simons). 

Euphan Wilson, the 2d wife of Joseph John Alston, 
was the daughter of Willis Wilson, of Norfolk county, 
Va., who was a member of the House of Burgesses from 
that county in 1720, 1722, 1748 and 1750. Family 
relics go to show that his wife's name was Mary. His will 
was dated Apr. 28th, 1758, probated September court, 
1760, and his sons were Samuel, James and Thomas. 
J Joseph John Alston=:Elisabeth Chancy, issue 4 
ch. viz. : 

1. I. Captain John Alston=Ann Hunt Macon, -"''^ 

issue {q. v.). 

2. II. Colonel Philip Alston=Mary Drew Temple, 

issue {q. v.). 

3. III. Martha (Patty)=Meroney, issue (q. v.). 

4. IV. William =Sarah Yeargan, issue (q. v.). 

2d Wife Euphan Wilson, issue, 5 ch,, viz. : 

5. V. Colonel Willis b. 1750= Elisabeth Wright, 

issue (q. v.). ■ 

6. VI. Henry (Harry) b. r753=Sarah Hill, issue(g. u.). 
VII. Mary b. 1756=^William Palmer, and had one 

son, viz. : 

Robert Palmer who married Nancy Ann Alston 
{q, t'.). 
, 7. VIII. Euphan Wilson b. 1761=John Cooper, m. 
3779, issue (5. u.). 

AND His (Descendants. Ill 

8. IX. Joseph John (Chatham Jack) boru March 15, 
1767. Died April 29, 1841. Married June 1, 
1791, to Martha-' Kearney, Issue [q. v.). 

3Iemoranda Prepared by Hon. Charles Alston Cook, of 
Wai'renton, N, G. 

Joseph John Alston: the first official record we have of 
him is that he was in April, \124i, in attendance upon the 
council at Edenton making a petition concerning his fath- 
er's land patent on Bennett's creek. He patented a large 
number of tracts of land in that section which afterwards 
became Edgecombe County and later on, (1758) Halifax, 
and settled in what is now the upper part of Halifax, on 
the road leading from "Person's Ordinary" to Hamilton's 
store on Marsh swamp, at or near the place now called 
" Gretna Green, " and there died in 1781 and is there 
buried in the old family graveyard. 

In 1732 he was appointed Justice of the Peace by Gov. 
ernor George Burrington. In 1745 he was one of the 
Committee on Grievances and petitioned not to tax wives 
of free negroes. After serving in the General Assembly 
from 1744 to 1746, inclusive, as a member from Edgecombe 
county, he retired from public life, and thereafter devoted 
himself to his domestic affairs, and increasing his fortune, 
in which he was very successful, having given to his chil- 
dren and grand-children by will and otherwise, about 150 
slaves and over 100,000 acres of land. He first married 
Betsey (Elizabeth) Chancy, of Virginia, and had by her 
four children. He afterwards married Euphan Wilson 
and by his marriage with her he had five children. About 
two years before he died, he executed his will in his own 
handwriting, dated May 20th, 1778, but did not sign it, 
so he afterwards, to wit, on the 5th day of January, 1780, 
executed his last will and testament which is probated in 

112 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

Halifax at the August court, 1731. I now have the original 
will, which he failed to sign ; it shows a high order of 
intellect, excellent penmanship, orthography and punctua- 
tion perfect. In addition to bequests and devises made to 
his children, he also makes some to his grand-children, viz., 
John Joseph, Samuel and Mary, children of his son Wil- 
liam ; to Joseph John, son of his son Willis; to Joseph 
John, son of his son John ; to John, son of his son Philip ; 
to Robert Palmer, son of his son-in-law, William Palmer. 
From this will it is ascertained that he gave his land in 
Chatham county to his youngest son, Joseph John, who 
moved to Chatham county and there resided, and was after- 
wards called " Chatham Jack. " His sou Henry moved to 
Bute county and there lived upon the tract there situate, 
containing 4,000 acres, which he had purchased from Solo- 
mon Alston Jr. But as I am descended from his son John, 
I will next trace his family history. 

Captain John Alston (oldest son of Joseph John Alston, 
the eldest) lived and died upon that tract of land devised 
to him by his father on the east and north of Fishing 
creek, in Halifax county, where he is now buried. A 
part of this place was, a few years ago, owned by Mr. 
Elijah Perry, and the family graveyard is only a few hun- 
dred yards from the house. He married Ann Hunt Macon, 
a daughter of Gideon Macon and sister of Nathaniel 
Macon, and was one of the executors of his said father-in- 
law, Gideon Macon, who died in Granville, (afterwards 
Bute and now Warren) county, in 1761. By his marriage 
with said Ann Hunt Macon, he had six children, the last 
three being minors at the time of his death, which occurred 
in 1784. His executors of his will were John Hawkins, 
Jr., James Johnson and Nathaniel Macon, and it was wit- 
nessed by William Johnson, James Connor Williams, Jr. 
and Mary Carstarphan. After his death his widow mar- 
ried Billy Green, a widower with eleven children. Being 

AND His Descendants. 113 

<]esceuded from his son Gideon Alston, I will not now 
undertake to trace any of his children except Gideon. 

Gideon Alston, son of John Alston and Ann Hunt 
Macon, his wife, was born at his father's home above de- 
scribed. He married Frances Atherton and they resided at 
his place devised to him by his father, near the Warren line 
on the west side of Little Fishing creek, where they are 
now buried in the family graveyard which is now owned by 
me. He had no fondness for political life. Was elected 
to the State Senate from his native county, Halifax, and 
there served in 1805 and 1806, and when his term was out 
he positively refused to ever again hold a public office, 
giving as his reason that he would not undertake to per- 
form any duty which would keep him from his family at 
night. He was a devoted and indulgent husband and 
father. Indulged his family in every luxury known to 
that day. 

When I was reading law with the Honorable William 
Eaton, Jr., who was a distinguished lawyer, I was told by 
him that his grandfather, Nathaniel Macon, would fre- 
quently go down to see his nephew, Gideon Alston, during 
his vacations from Congress and carry him with him, and 
he would hear them discussing the public matters of that 
day, and his grandfather told him *'that his nephew, 
Gideon Alston, was the most sensible man that he ever 
knew, and that he never voted upon any important public 
question in Congress until he had first consulted him and 
gotten his views upon the subject. " He delighted in all 
kinds of sport and owned the finest game chickens ot that 
day (the same breed being now in our family), and was the 
•champion cock fighter of all the country. The following 
is a copy of one of his articles of a " cock-main, " the 
original of which I have in my possession, viz : " Articles 
of a Cock-main made by Gid. Alston of the one part and 


114 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

Augustus Wyche, of the other part, to be fought at Hock 
Landing, in the county of Halifax and State of North 
Carolina, on the second Tuesday in May, 1820, showing 
on each side twenty-five cocks, giving and taking two 
ounces in each match, to fight for one hundred dollars a 
battle and five thousand dollars the main ; it is agreed by 
the parties to this cock main, that it shall be conducted 
upon the most honorable and fair principles of the cock-pit 
law, which is, in all matters of dispute to be left to judges 
chosen by the parties, whose duty it shall be to hold the 
money which is to be staked, and decide which party is 
entitled to receive the same and deliver it accordingly. 
Signed this day of in the presence of 

^GiD Alston, Se." 

He was also fond of fine horses, and delighted in fox and 
deer hunting, and boasted of having the finest packs of 
fox and deer hounds in the state. He died at his home on 
the 10th day of November, 1831, after the death of his 
wife which occurred on the 28th day of October, 1830. 

I shall next give a sketch of Gideon Alston, my grand- 
father, son of the aforesaid Gideon, and Frances Athertou 

He was born at the home of his father on the 9th day 
of October, 1795, and was married to Eliza Ann Branch, 
daughter of Col. John Branch and Betsy Branch, nee Nor- 
wood, of Franklin county, and settled upon his father's- 
land in Warren county, which was afterwards given to him 
as a part of his patrimony. 

He had only two children, viz. : Havana Lenoir Alston 
(my mother) and Gideon Branch Alston. He died at an 
early age, having been thrown from the stage by the run- 
ning away of the stage horses upon his return from 
Raleigh, where he had been attending the session of the 
General Assembly, of which he was a member, and badly 

AND His Descendants. 115 

injured in the hip and spine, and from which he finally 
died. In 1824 and 1825 he represented his (Warren) 
county in the Legislature, and would have been returned 
again had he not been disabled. 

He was highly educated and a cultured gentleman. In 
mathematics he was especially proficient. While a boy in 
1810 he began a work of his own and finished it on the 
15th day of April, 1812, containing 271 pages written in 
his own handwriting, beginning with numeration and end- 
ing with the Double Rule of False Position ; which book 
I now have in my possession. He died on the 21st day of 
March, 1828, and is buried in the old family graveyard 
only a few feet from his father's grave. His son, Gid. 
Branch Alston, never married — died in February, 1894, in 
the old homestead of his grandfather, Gid. While in Eng- 
land in 1865 he made a thorough search of the Alston his- 

"Alston," as you doubtless know, is of Saxon origin, and 
"Odell Castle," formerly the property of the Alstons, is a 
corruption of "Woodhill," and the name is still kept in the 
family — my Uncle Gid. Branch Alston's place in this coun- 
ty bearing the name of "Odell." 

His daughter, Havana Lenoir, on the 23d day of Sep- 
tember, 1847, married Charles Marshall Cook, and they 
had only two children, viz. : Charles Alston Cook (myself) 
and Alfred Lenoir Cook. My mother died on the 6th day 
of December, 1878, and was buried in her garden under 
''the peachtree," the place of her selection, at her home in 
Warren county — being that part of her father's tract of 
land which was allotted to her in the partition between her 
and her brother, Gideon Branch Alston ; leaving her, sur- 
viving myself and her husband. Rev. Charles Marshall 
Cook (my father). 

I was born in this place (Warrenton) at the old "Cook 
Homestead " on the 7th day of October, 1848. My broth- 

116 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

er, Alfred, was born at my mother's couutry place on the 
28th day of June, 1850, and there died February 25th, 
1854, and was buried in the garden, where my mother has 
since been buried. 

I Captain John Alston^ Ann Hunt Macon, (q. v.)"- 

(daughter of Gideon Macon=Priscilla Jones, q. v.) 
Issue : 

9 I. Col. Joseph John A lston= Esther Wright, sister 

of Col. Willis Alston's wife. He was in the Rev. 
Service (q.v.), also a member of State Senate 

10 II. Gideon Alston, b. Sept. 17th, 1765, d. 1831, m. 

1789 to Frances Atherton (b. Nov. 6th, 1770, d. 
1830), dau. of Col. Jephtha Atherton, of North- 
ampton, N. C, and Elisabeth, his wife. 

Issue [q. v.). 

II III. Willis (Congress) Alston d. Apr. 13th, 1837; mar- 

1st. Pattie Moore and had no issue. 
2nd. On May 29th, 1817, at Wilmington, N. C, to 
Sallie Madaline Potts, daughter of Joshua Potts, 
of Smithville, N. C, who was Custom House of- 
ficer or Revenue Collector for the post, and was 
called among his friends and acquaintances the 
Socrates of America. Issue {q. v.). 
12 IV. Robert West Alston, b. 1781i= Henrietta Green, 
daughter of Wm. Green, his step-father. Issue 
{q. v.). 
V. Priscilla Jones Alston died young and unm. 
VI. Ann Hunt Alston died young and unm. 

Extract from Pension Office Record. 

Joseph John Alston, private of cavalry in troop com- 
manded by Capt. Joseph Hawkins in the North Carolina 

AND His Descendants. 117 

line from Feb. 16th, 1781, to Nov., 1781, nine months, and 
was present at the battle of Guilford. Re-entered the 
service in March, 1782, and was in service four months, 
also in the cavalry. He was born in Halifax county, N. 
C, June 13th, 1763, and lived there and in Franklin coun- 
ty until 1831, when he removed to Tennessee. In 1835 he 
returned to Halifax county, N. C. He was a brother of 
Willis Alston, Member of Congress. Pension of $54.16 
per annum granted and paid to February, 1848. File No. 
6498. Index Vol. A, Page 6. 

Extract from Letter of Frank C. Cosby, Washington, D. C. 

" In regard to Jos. John Alston, I remember that in all 
the affidavits, etc., he was colloquially styled Colonel, and 
I remember his brother, Willis, being referred to as a Mem- 
ber of Congress. 

"Col. Alston also stated himself that for many years he 
had refused to apply for a pension, but that loss of prop- 
erty and other misfortunes compelled him to do so in his 
old age. He was evidently a man of education and high 

9 Col. Joseph John Alston= Esther Wright, issue: 
I. John Alston^ Bettie Wilcox, issue: 

1 William Alston, who m, Delia Green, issue 1 
dau., Rena, who m. Ridley Brown and have 2 

2 Joseph Alston, m. Jennie Davis. 

3 Esther, ra. Joseph Anderson and have no issue. 

4 Susan, ra. Jenkins and left issue. 

13 II. Joseph Alston^ Louisa Thomas, issue (9'. v.). 

III. Nancy Alston^ 1st, Hill and had one 

dau., Ann Hill, who m. Skinner. 2nd, Dr. 

GooDLOE, and bore him two children, Camilla 
Goodloe and Harwell Goodloe. 

118 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

IV. Fannie Alston= Freeman and went to 

. Texas. Have not been able to obtain her de- 

13 Joseph Alston=Louisa Thomas, issue 1 daughter, 
Saeah Joseph Alston, who married John Her- 
bert Claiborne, of Petersburg, Va., a direct 
lineal descendant of Wm. Claiborne, Secretary of 
State and Treasurer for Virginia, under Charles I. 
1626-1642. Issue 

I. Maria Louisa Cl a iborne=:Herbert 

Harry Page, son of Dr. Matthew Page, of 
Edenton, N. C, descendant of the Pages of 
Rosewell, Va. Their children are 

1. Herbert Claiborne Page. 

2. Byrd Alston Page. 

3. AVeldon Bathurst Page. 

4. Matthew Page. 

5. Randolph Rosewell Page. 

II. Anna Augusta Claiborne=:Dr. Philip How- 
ell Lightfoot, of Port Royal, Caroline Co., 
Va., a relative of the learned Bishop Lightfoot, 
of England. Their children are 

1. Herbert Claiborne Lightfoot. 

2. Philip Howell Lightfoot. 

III. Sarah Joseph Claiborne=Hon. Wm. B. 
McIlw^ain, of Scotch-Irish descent on father's 
side. His mother was a descendant of Col. John 
Bolling=Mary Kennon. He is a nephew of 
Judge Roger A. Pryor, of New York, and in- 
herits the legal and forensic ability that has 
marked his mother's family. Member of the 
Virginia Senate and of Board of Visitors of Uni- 
versity of Virginia. A graceful orator, deep 

AND His Descendants. 119 

thinker, and a man of wide popularity and in- 
flaence in his State. Their children are 

1. Joseph Claiborne Mcllwain. 

2. Wm. B. Mcllwain, Jr. 

3. Lucy Atkinson. 

4. Anna Augusta. 

IV. Elisabeth Weldon Claiborne =: Bernard 
/I|(\ann, of Virginia, a descendant on the Spindle 
side of Oliver Cromwell. A learned and pro- 
found lawyer. Their children are 

1. Elisabeth Weldon Claiborne J^ann. 

2. Catherine Bernard liVj^nn. 

V. Dr. 'John Herbert Claiborne, of New York, 

unra. Oculist and Aurist. Lecturer in the 
Columbia University, New York, and formerly 
Adjunct Professor of Eye diseases at the New 
York Polyclinic College. Author of two 
works on diseases of the eye and of numerous 
medical articles relating to his specialty. In 
the war with Spain he went out with the 12th 
New York Volunteers as 2d. lieutenant in the 
line, resigned his commission and was honor- 
ably discharged from the service on October 
15th, 1898, after the peace protocol was signed, 
with the rank of captain. He was formerly a 
member of Squadron A, the crack cavalry or- 
ganization of the New York Guard, with 
which he saw service in the Buffalo and 
Brooklyn riots. 

^Gideon Alstons Frances Atherton, issue:-'' 

I. Elisabeth Chauncey, b. July 12th, 1790; d. Feb. 
21st, 1833, unm. 

120 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

li II. JoHxb. Feb. 26th, 1792,d. Oct. 1843=Dorothy 
Miriam Crowell, of Halifax. Her family 
name in England was Cromwell, but owing to 
the persecution against all bearing that name,, 
her ancestor in coming to America dropped the 
letter M, thus making the name Crowell. Issue 
(g. v.). 
III. Dorothy Atherton, b. Jany. 10th, 1794; d. Sept. 
25th, 1797. 

15 IV. Gideon Jr., b. Oct. 9th, 1795; d. March 27, 

1828. = Sept. 24, 1822, to Eliza Ann Branch, 
(g. V.) a sister of John Branch, who was Gover- 
nor of North Carolina 1817-1820. Democratic 
U. S. Senator, 1823-1829. Secretary of the 
Navy in Jackson's Cabinet 1829-1831, and Gov- 
ernor of Florida 1844-1845. 

16 V. Temperance Dawson, b. Oct. 14th, 1797 ; d. 

1829 = 1st. Willis Harris, and 2d. Jack 
BoBBiTT, and left issue (g. v.). 

17 VI. Mary Ann Atherton, b. Aug. 2, 1799 = 

Charles Bobbitt and left issue. 
VII. Frances Atherton, b. June 1st, 1801 ; d. 1875, 

18 VIII. Arabella Atherton, b. August 13, 1803; d. 

1864=Dr. Henry J. Macon, son of Gid Hunt 

Macon and left issue (9, u). 
IX. Amaryllis Atherton, b. May 5, 1805 ; d. Dec. 

23, 1884, unm. 
X. Jesse Atherton Alston, b. May 8th, 1807 = 

Widow Newell, and d. s. p. in Mexico. 
XL Erasmus Gallatin Alston, b. Feb. 11th, 1809; d. 

Aug. 29th, 1834, unm. 
XII. Matilda, b. Aug. 10th, 1810; d. Aug. 7th, 183T 

^^Wm. Harris; no issue. 

AND llis Descendants. 121 

19 XIII. Dolly Exum, b. Dec. 7, 1812 ; d. 1876== Feb. 

16, 1832, to W. W. Daniel, aud left issue {q. v.). 

14. John Alston =Dorothy Miriam Ceo well, issue : 
I. Benjamin Alston, was killed in early man- 
II. Anna Maria =rrWM. Arrington, and had issue : 
1. Nannie Arringtonrr^Henderson, of Miss- 
issippi, and had one dau., Jane. 

20 2. Dolly Arrington = James Leonidas Dunn 

and have issue {q. v.). 

21 3. Maria Arriugton=Hon. W. H. Kitchen 

and have issue {q. v.). 

4. John, unm. 

5. Samuel, unm. 

22 III. Miriam Bradford Alston:=Christopher 

Allen of North Carolina, and have issue [q. v.). 
IV. Frances Atherton=:James Faulcon. 
XX V. John Crowell Alston z=Eli8abeth Montford, of 

A^irginia, and have issue ((/, v.). 
VI. Gideon Alston (Big Gid)== Annie Selby and 

have issue : 

1. Annie Fort=Neal and have dau. 

2. Selby ALSTON=and had dau. Coral, and 
son, Gideon. 

3. Robert Alston = Hines and have 

issue : 
1. Robert Lee. 2. Crowell Hines. 
3. Annie Ellen. 4. Harvey Claude. 
5. Lula Miriam. 

4. Miriam Allen= Crawley and 

have issue: 
1. Esthelyn Crawley. 2. Howard 

Crawley. 3. Willis Crawley. 

122 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

VII. Thomas C. M. Alston= Margaret T. Mont- 
ford, sister of his brother John Crowell Alston's 
wife, and have issue : 

1. Dolly=Linville Allen, her cousin, and 
have no issue. 
/ 2. Eugene Alston =Cora Lipsey and have 
four children. 
3. James Alston=:Occie Doub, no issue. 
y/'4. Mary=Paul Allen, her cousin, they 
have two children. 

5. Elisabeth=Thomas Allen, her cousin, y 

they have three children. 

6. Thos. Alston, unm. 

7. Gertbude=John Burges ; they have four 


8. Josephine, unm. 

9. Lula Macon, unm. 

10. Gideon Alston, unm. 

11. John Alston=Mollie Tillery. 

12. Daniel Alston, d. s. p. 

13. Pattie Alston, d. unm. 

^0 2. Dorothy (Dollie) Miriam Arrington, b. in 
Brinkleyville, N. C, Aug. 2d, 1841, married 
Feb. 14th, 1856, James Leonidas Dunn, son 

of Burrell Dunn and Draughan, his wife. 

They now reside in Halifax county, N. C, issue: 

1. W. A. Dunn, b. 1856, married 1879, issue: 

1. Lucy S. 2. Albion. 3. Kate. 4. Ash- 
ley W, and 5 Sallie S. Dunn. 

2. C. W. Dunn, b. 1858, m. 1882; issue: 

1. Ethel. 2. Charles, and 3 Dorothy. 

3. J. B. Dunn, b. 1860, m. 1886. 

4. Balfour Dunn, b. 1862, m. 1884, issue : 

AND IIis Descendants. 123 

1. Leonidas. 2. Surry. 3. William, and 
4 Susan Dunn. 

5. James Lee Dunn, b. 1864, d. 1880. 

6. Annie E. Dunn, b. 1866, unm. 

7. Walter Dunn, b. 1868, ra. 1890; issue 

Carrie Lee. 

8. Pattie Hardee Dunn, b. 1871, m. 

1893 — — Lee, issue : Rowland Lee. 
They reside in Dallas, Missouri. 

9. Minnie K. Dunn, b. 1873, unm. 

10. Jane H. Dunn, b. 1877. 

11. Julia Dunn, b. 1878. 

12. Samuel A. Dunn, b. 1880. 

13. Raymond Crowell Dunn, b. 1882. 

^1 3. Maria Arrington.^1864 to Hon. Wm. H. 
Kitchen, issue : 

1. Samuel A. Kitchen, born 1865 at Scot- 

land Neck, N. C, married. 

2. W. \y. Kitchen, b. 1867 at Scotland 

Neck, married. 

3. Claud Kitchen, b. 1869 at Scotland Neck, 


4. Arrington Kitchen, b. 1871 at Scotland 

Neck, unm. 

5. Paul Kitchen, b. 1873 at Scotland Neck, 


6. Gertrude, b. 1875 at Scotland Neck, m. 


7. Anne Kitchen, b. 1877, at Scotland Neck, 


8. R. V. Kitchen, b. 1879 at Scotland Neck, 


9. Thurman Kitchen, b. 1885 at Scotland 

Neck, unm. 

124 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

10. Lelaud Kitchen. 

11. Teddy Kitcheu. 

4. John Arrington, aud 5, Samuel Arriugton, without 
issue : 

22 Miriam Bradford Alston=: Christopher Allen, V 
issue : 
I. Daniel Allen, no issue. / 
II. Annie B=lst. Si Lemay and 2d. Louis Goodloe, 
(s. p.). 

III. LucEETiA=lst. Robert Jones, issue five children, 

2d. Mark Perry Alston, (s.^.). 

IV. John Allen, (d. s. p.). y 

V. Charles Allen=: Annie Murray, i/^ 
VI. Thomas Allen=^Bettie Alston, his cousin; 
they have three children. 
VII. Maria, unm. 
VIII. Paul Allen:^Mary M. Alston, his cousin, and 
have two children. 
IX. Linville Allen=Dollie Alston, his cousin, {s. p.). 

XX John Cro WELL Alston=Elisabeth Montford, of 
Virginia. Issue : 
I. Robert Alston=Bettie Johnson Alston, dau. 
of Saml. Wms. Alston=Adeline Perry, issue, 
seven children (no record). 
II. Benjamin Cro well Alston= Charlotte E. 
Hooper, issue : 

1. Bettie. 2. Charlie Cook. 3. Lucy. 
4. Robert, and 5, John, twins. 6. Berna- 
dine. 7. Josephine. 8. DeBernie. 

III. Mary M.=John Cook, issue, two children. 

IV. Lucie C.= Robert Overstreet, issue, one child. 

AND Ills Descendants. 125 

V. Mark Perry Alston =Mrs. Lucretia Jones, nee 
Allen, (s. p.). -' 
VI. John Allen Alston=Adeline Bobbitt, issue, 
five children. 
VII. Bettie. 
VIII. Ida Douglas. 
IX. Jacquilina. 

X. Wm. A. Alston. (All d. s, j).) 
XI. Mary Ellen= J. H. Overstreet, issue three children. 
XII. Guy Courtland Alston ==:Bertha Barton, of Indiana; 
they have no living issue. 

15 Gideon Alston, Jr., = Eliza Ann Branch ; issue : 
Gideon Branch Alston, b. April 26th, 1827; d. 
Feb. 4th, 1894, {s. p.). 

Havana Lenoir Alston, b. Aug. 21st, 1824; d. 
Dec. 6th, 1878.=Sept. 23d, 1847, Rev. 
Charles Marshall Cook, who was Master 
in Court of Equity for Warren Co., from 
April 15, 1846, to 1868, when the system of 
the courts was changed under the new Consti- 
tution, and whose parents were Benj. Edward 
Cook, Probate Judge of Warren Co. for 48 
years=Sallie Hawkins Marshall. Issue : 
Alfred Lenoir Cook, b. 1850, and died in 

Charles Alston Cook, b.'Oct. 7th, 1848 
=Marina Williams Jones, dau. of Jo- 
seph Speed Jones=Lucy Pettway, dau. of 
Mark H. Pettway=Marina C. Williams, 

1. Gideon Branch Alston Cook ; d. in 

126 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

2. Lenoir Alston Cook=:George Egbert 

McLaurine, Dec. 27th, 1899. 
(One son, C. A. Cook McLaurine, 
I). April, 1901.) 

3. Bignoll Speed Cook. 

4. Josephine Henry Cook. 

5. Barker Pettway Cook. 

6. Charles Alston Cook, Jr. 

7. Marshall Edwards Cook. 

8. William Jones Cook. 

9. Marina Williams'; d. in early child- 


10. Benjamin Edwards Cook. 

11. Mary Speed Mercer Cook. 

Col. Cook graduated at Princeton in June, 1870, and was 
admitted to the bar in 1872, since which time he has re- 
sided in Warrenton. In 1874-5 he was Assistant District 
Solicitor, and in 1878 was Solicitor of the Criminal Court 
of the County. In October, 1889, he was appointed by 
President Harrison, Attorney for the U. S. for the Eastern 
District of North Carolina. He is a member of the M. E. 
Church, South, and has been a steward of the church for 
fifteen years and recording steward for ten years; four times 
elected secretary of the district conference, and four times a 
delegate to the annual conference ; is one of the trustees to 
the State LTniversity and was State Senator from the 19th 
District in 1886-8, and is now Associate Justice of the 
Supreme Court of North Carolina. 

16 Temperance Dawson Alston == Willis Harris ; issue : 
I. Gideon Alston Harris=Lizzie Cook, (dau. of 
B. E. Cook=Sallie Hawkins Marshall), issue : 

1. Willis Harris, lives in Mississippi. 

2. Charles Harris, was killed in C. S. Army. 

AND His Descendants. 127 

After the death of Willis Harris, Sr., his widow mar- 
ried Jack Bobbitt and bore him : 

II. One son, Stephen Bobbitt, who was in the C. S. 
Army. He married Ophelia Shearin. 

17 Mary Ann Atherton Alston=Charles Bob- 

bitt, issue: 

I. Frank Bobbitt=Adeline Allen, issue three 


II. Gideon Chauncey Bobbitt, unm. 

III. Nathaniel Macon Bobbitt. unm. Was in C. S. 


IV. Dorothy Frances=Jeff Hamlin and had 

two sons. 

V. Elisabeth Chauncy, unm. 

VI. Eveline Winnifred, unm. 

VII. William Burge Bobbitt, num. 

18 Arabella Atherton Alston=Dr. Henry J. 

Macon, issue : 

I. GiD Hunt Macon Jr.=Lou Jenkins, b. 
1832 ; issue : 

1. Philip J. Macon=Georgia Tarwater; 

issue : 
1. Gid Hunt Macon the 3d ; and 2. Joe Tar- 
water Macon. 

2. Henry Thomas Macon=Kate Thomas, 

issue : 
1. Willie Grey. 2. Alexander Macon. 

3. Hunt Sheltou Macon. 4. Philena. 

3. Jesse Alston Macon, unm. 

4. Gid. Hunt Macon, unm. 

5. Mattie Bell Macon=011ie Shell, Jr.; for 

issue (g. t?. ). 

128 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780- 


6. LuLA Jenkins Macon= Frank Allen; 

issue : 
1. Lucile Allen. / 2. Phil Macon AUenY 

7. Feancis Atherton Macon=Carrie 

LiTCHFORD, issue : 
Francis Atherton Macon and Nathaniel 

8. Lizzie Holman Macon, unm. 

9. Sarah Jenkins Macon, unm. 
II. Jesse Macon, d. in C. S. Army. 

III. Hal Macon, (d. s. p.) was in C. S. Army. 

IV. Thomas Hawkins Macon, [d. s. p.). 

V. Frankie= Littleton Upshur and moved to 
Mississippi. Issue : 

Thomas Upshur m. and had two children, 

Lula and Littleton. 
Henry Macon Upshur, died. 
Littleton Upshur, died. 
Nellie=:Robert Portwood. 
Mamie=N. D.Johnson, 
yi. Jennie Florence Macon= Francis Marion 
Johnson, of Littleton, N. C, who served in 
C. S. Army. Issue : 

1. Hunt Johnson, was in Spanish war. 

2. Minnie. 3. Atherton Johnson. 
4. Arline. 5. Bertie. 6. Nora. 
7. Julian Marion Johnson. 

19 DoLLiE ExuM Alston = William Wilie Daniel, 
gr. son of Gen'l. Wilie Jones, of Halifax. Issue: 
I. Erasmus Alston Daniel=T£MPIE W. Nichol- 
son, June 27, 1878. Issue: 

1. Erasmus Alston Daniel. 

2. Blake Nicholson Daniel. 

3. Tempie Towns Daniel. 

AND Ills Descendants. 129 

4. Mary LongDauiel. 

5. John Graham Daaiel. 

6. Lucy Edward Daniel. 

24. II. Amaryllis Alston Daxiel==Oliver Perry 
Shell; no issue. After the death of his wife, 
Oliver P. Shell married agaiu to Mary Trum- 
bull, of Warreuton, and had issue (q. v.). (He 
was the only child of Dr. Shell z=Martha Tem- 
perance Alston (g. v.). 

III. Lizzie Daxiel=Thomas Holmax, of Tennes- 

see ; issue, one son, Thomas Ilolman ; uara. 

IV. Frances Gideon DANiELr^Joiix Graham, who 

with the assistance of his accomplished wife 
and daughters, is conducting a large and 
flourishing school in Warrenton, N. C. Issue: 
I. Anna David Graham. 

II. Flora Ma y=\Villiam]Henrv^ Horne 

June 30, 1897 ; issue, William Henry 
Home, Jr., b. Jany 2d, 1899. 

III. John Graham, Jr., died. 

IV. Maria Daniel Graham, 

V. Virginia Williams Graham. 
VI. William Archibald Graham. 

V. William DeLomont Daniel=Fannie Kings- 

land, August 28th, 1869. Issue : 
I. Sallie Kingsland Daniel. 
II. Dollie Alston Daniel. 

III. Eliza Thayer Daniel. 

IV. Erasmus Alston Daniel, died. 
V. Willie Wiley Daniel. 

VI. Richard Kingsland Daniel. 
VII, Fannie Graham Daniel. 
VIII. Ellen Junius Daniel. 
IX. Mary Caroline Daniel. 
X. Lilly Saulsbury Daniel. 

9 al 

130 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

yi. Beverley B. Daniel was in the Confederate 
army and married October 12th, 1775, to Ella 
May Bihm. Issue : 

I. Amma Lou Daniel^tLacy B. Jowett. 
Issue, Beverly Edward Jowett, b. March, 
II. Lizzie Holman Daniel. 

III. Maria Graham Daniel. 

IV. Frankie Graham Daniel. 
V. William Wiley Daniel. 

VI. Virginia W. Daniel. 
VII. George Holman Graham Daniel. 
VIII. Ella Loucindia Daniel. 
IX. Thomas Holman Daniel. 
VII. Maria Jones Daniel=George Graham, of 
Tennessee. Issue: 

I. George Graham, Jr. 
II. Frank Graham. 

III. Thomas Holman Graham. 

IV. William W^iley Graham. 

11 Hon. AVillis Alston=Sallie Madaline Potts. 
Willis Alston first appears upon record in 1790 as 
a member of the House of Commons from Hali- 
fax County, where he served for three successive 
terms. In 1794 he was elected to the State Sen- 
ate, where he served for three terms. In 1803 
he was elected to Congress, over Gov. William 
R. Davie, his opponent, and continued to serve 
there until 1815. In 1812 he was Chairman of 
the Committee of Ways and Means in Congress, 
a position of high responsibility and difficulty at 
any period, but particularly so at that time. 
He was again member of the House of Com- 
mons 1819-20-21 and in Congress 1825-1831. 

AND His Descendants. 131 

He died Ap. 10th, 1837. He was a man of 
great tact, and distinguished as a consistent, uni- 
form and decided politician. From his long ser- 
vice in Congress he has been called Congress 
Willis, to distinguish him from Col. Willis and 
others having the same name. As a master he 
was very kind and indulgent to his servants, and 
was universally popular wherever known. Be- 
ing possessed of wealth, he always kept his own 
carriage and horses while attending the sessions 
of Congress. He left three sous and two daugh- 
25 I. Charles Julian Poydroas Alston, born March 
12th, 1818=Mary Janet Clark. Issue (q. v.). 

II. Ariellah Adela Alston, b. Jan'y 26th, 1821 

z=CoL. James B.Hawkins, and have two liv- 
ing children, viz.: Frank Hawkins and Jennie, 
who m. Edmund Brodie of Henderson, and has 
one son, James Brodie. 

III. Leonidas Alston, b. 1823 and d. Jan'y 27th, 
1849, married Emma Foster and had one 
son, Foster Alston, who d. unm. 

IV. Missouri F. Alston, b. Nov. 2d, 1824= 
Archibald Davis Alston (son of Nicholas 
Faulcon Alston =Elizabeth Crawford Davis) 
{q. v.). 
V. EdgarAlston, b. Ap. 20th, 1827 ; d. Sep. 8th, 
1848, at Galveston, after the Mexican war, 
(s. p.). 

25 Charles J. P. Alston=:Mary Janet Clark. 

I. Issue, Dr. Willis Alston, of Littleton, N. C, 
who m. Lucie Skinner, dau. of Dr. Charles 
Skinner=Susan Little. 

Dr. Alston is quite a distinguished physi- 

132 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

cian and his family is noted for their hospitality, 
as he is for his personal popularity. Their chil- 
dren are : 

I. Howard Alston (attorney at law)^ 
Weldon, N. C. 
II. Charles Skinner Alston, insurance 
agent at Wilmington, N, C. 

III. Margaret Janet Alston. 

IV. Willis Alston, Jr. 
V. Annie May Alston. 

VI. Lucie Douglas, died youug. 
II. Samuel Clark Alston. 
III. Charles Urquhart Alston. 
IV. Leonidas Alston, b. 1861; m. 1882 Aline 
Wiggins (dau. of William H. Wiggins and Bet- 
tie Burton, a gr. dau. of Gov. Burton. She is a 
descendant of Willie Jones, of the Revolution). 
They have seven children, viz. : 

I. John Patterson Alston, b. 1884. 
II. Jessie Gordon Alston, b. 1886. 

III. William Wiggins Alston, b. 1888. 

IV. Edgar Leonidas Alston, b. 1890. 
V. Mary Elizabeth Alston, b. 1892. 

VI. Roberta Harris Alston, b. 1895. 
VII. Harriet Lucy Alston, b. 1898. 
V. Edgar Alston died young. 

12 Robert West Alston, b. March 2d, 1781, in Hali- 
fax county, N. C, and died Dec. 25th, 1859 ; re- 
moved from Halifax county to Hancock county, 
Ga., and thence to Florida. He married Hen- 
rietta Green on Sept. 24th, 1800. She was 
born in Warren county May 24, 1784, and d. 
March, 1844, and was the youngest child of 
Willian Green and Mary Christmas, his wiie. 

AND His Descendants. 133 

(For \Vm. Green's family see elsewhere). Their 
children : 
I. William Green, b. 1801, in Warren county, d. 
II. Daniel, b. 1802, Hancock county, Ga.; d. 1803. 

26 III. Willis W., b. Nov. 17th, 1803, Hancock 

county, Ga.; d. Dec. 12th, 1840, (5. v.). 

27 IV. Augustus, b. Oct. 6th, 1805, Hancock county, 

Ga.;d. Dec, 12th, 1838, {q.v.). 

28 V. Henrietta Green, b. Aug. 23d, 1807, Hancock 

county, Ga.; d. Jan'y, 1888, [q. v.). 
VI. Robert West, b. 1809, Hancock county, Ga.; 
d. 1809. 

29 VII. Ann Hunt Macon, b. June 30th, 1811, Han- 

cock county, Ga.; d. February, 1879, {q. v.). 
VIII. Gideon ; b. 1813, killed through accident in 
early manhood. Born in Hancock county, Ga. 

oO IX. Caroline Ransom, b. Aug. 22d, 1815, in War- 
ren county, N. C; d. March, 1897, {q. v.). 

i)l X. Angelica Chauncey, b. Oct. 12th, 1816, in 
Sparta, Ga., [q. v.). 

32 XI. Sarah Clementina, b. March 2d, 1818, Sparta, 

Ga.; d. October., 1842, (9. v.). 

33 XII. Philoclea Edgeworth, b. May 23d, 1820, 

Sparta, Ga.; d. 1868, (g. v.). 
34. XIII. Florida, b. June 21st, 1822, Sparta, Ga.; d. 
1849, {q.v.). 

26 Willis W. Alston= Elisabeth Howard on December 
18th, 1828. (She was the daughter of Rev. Thomas 
Coke Howard and Mariana Hall, dau. of John Hall 
and Julia Hill, of Wilmington.) Their children 
were : 
1. John Howard, and 2. John Floyd ; d. in infancy. 

3. Robert A. Alston. 

4. Sue Willis Alston. 

134 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

Col, Robert A. Alston = Mary Charlotte Mc- 
GiLL. Issue : 

1. Bessie, m. Trotter and has 5 children; lives in 
Madison, Ga. 

2. Robert, Jr., died in Washington, D. C, 1886. 

3. Daniel, in R,. R. business in Florida; uum. 

4. Minnie, m. Bratton ; no issue. South Carolina. 

Sue Willis ALST0N=lst. Edwin L. Anderson. Issue : 

Mary, d. (s. p.). 

Edward Anderson, m. Ne- 

ta Walker, of Florida. 

^2d. Judge Robert Brown, of 

Decatur, Ga. Issue: Ina Gertrude Alston Brown. 

27 Augustus Alston, m. Mary Helen Hawkins (dau. 
of Col. Jos. Hawkins and Mary Alston) Nov. 19th, 
1829. Issue: 

1. Robert West, died. 

2. Joseph Hawkins Alston, m. Miss Berry, of 
Tallahassee, Fla., and have one dau. married 
and living in Florida. 

3. Henrietta, m. Capt. William Fisher, of 
Tallahassee. Issue : 

1. Alston Fisher, unm. Pensacola. 

2. William Fisher, attorney in Pensacola, mar- 
ried Miss Armstrong, of Alabama, and have 
5 children. 

3. Helen Fisher, unm. 

4. Kempa Fisher, m. De La Motta Sheftall. 

Col. Augustus Alston served through the Indian war in 
Florida, and was afterwards killed by General Reed, who 
in turn was killed by Willis Alston, who was afterwards 
killed in Texas, by a mob, after having first killed Dr. 

AND Ills Descendants. 135 

28 Henrietta Green Alston==:Augustus Kenan, 

June 19, 1828. Issue: 

1. Henrietta Kenau, m. Thomas White, of Mil- 
ledgevilie, Ga., attorney, and have one child, 
Lula, who m. Riley, Washington, D. 0. 

2. Lewis Kenan, m. Miss Davidson, of New 
York, and was killed in Milledgeville, in 1874. 
No issue. 

3. Ella Kenan, m. Benj. White, of Ma- 
rietta, Ga., d.; 2 sous and 2 daughters — all 
living in Marietta; one dau. is ni. to Mr. 

4. Martha Owen Kenan, m. Dr. Hartley 
Hall, of Milledgeville; d. and left 3 children, 
one of whom is Augustus Hall (R. R. man), 
Waycross, Ga. 

5. Dr. Thomas Kenan, m. Miss Kirtland, of 
New York, and have 4 childreu : 

1. Lewis Kirtland, 2. Lucy, 3. Henrietta, 
unm. and living with parents in Atlauta. 

4. Carolina, m. Charles Anderson, of Way- 
cross, Ga. (s. p. ) . 

29 Ann Hunt Macon Alston, m. December 3d, 1829, 

Major Floyd, of Darien, Ga., who was killed six 
weeks afterwards. She then, on October 2, 1837, 
m. D. A. Gaillaud, of Charleston, S. C. He was 
accidentally killed on a camp hunt in Florida, in 
1847. She then married General Edw^ard D. 
King, of Marion, Ala., and was again left a widow. 
She died iu Milledgeville, in 1879, leaving no chil- 

30 Carolina Ransom Alston=Col. Samuel Reid, of 

Georgia, January 7th, 1835. She lived iu Thorn 
asville, Ga., and left two childreu : Henrietta, who 

136 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

lives in Thomasville, Ga., aud Samuel Keid, who 
m. Miss Lowry, of Thomas Co. lie lives in South 
Florida, and has 5 children. 

31 Angelica Chauncey Alston (died Aug. 29, 1900)= 
Colonel Joseph L. Cooper, of Meriwether Co., 
Ga., February 25th, 1834, and had 5 daughters. 

1. Roberta Henrietta Cooper=Dr. Burwell 
A. BoEO, of South Carolina, who served 
through the Confederate war as surgeon. He 
volunteered to attend yellow fever sufferers in 
Xew Orleans, aud was taken with the disease 
himself and died October 4th, 1878. She lives 
in Atlanta, and has 4 children : 

1. Annie m. a Son of Judge Brown, of De- 
catur, Ga., aud has two daughters, viz.: 
Annie Alston and Roberta. They live in 

2. Cora m. Jewell, of Boston, Ver- 
mont. They have three children, viz.: Carl 
Henry, Robert Cooper, aud Alvin. 

3. Clareuce Bobo — Mo. 

4. Edward Simpson Bobo, Birmingham, Ala. 

2. Annie Gaillard Cooper^ Col. Edward Tat- 
nall, of Savannah, Ga., solicitor-general of 
Southern Circuit at time of his death, 1864. 
Had 3 sons. Edward Tatnall and Cooper both 
now live in Gadsden, Fla., and are extensive 
tobacco raisers. Third son, De La Motta, m. 
Miss Fisher, of Pensacola, Fla., and are now 
living in Atlanta, Ga. 

3. Joseph Lewis Coopee=:Dr. Wragg, of 
Charleston, S. C.,and were residents of Qnincy, 
Fla., until his death in April, 1889. They 
had 3 children, viz. : 1. Penelo]e;2. Thomas, 

AND Ills Descendants. 137 

and 3. Samuel Alston Wragg, wlio is an 
Episcopal minister, and all are residents now 
of Charleston, S. C. 
4. Martha and, 5, Sophia Clementina, died young. 

3'2 Sarah Clementina Alston=:Dr. John Bacon, of 
Decatur, Ala., May 24th, 1837, and died several 
years ago. Of their three children, John — , Henri- 
etta and Robert Alston Bacon. Robert never mar- 
ried, and is known as Major Bacon through the 
South. Henrietta Alston Bacon married — 
Mcdonald, of Decatur, Ala., and has four chil- 
dren grown, 

33 Philoclea Edgeworth Alston^Gov. D. S. 
Walker, of Tallahassee, Fla., May24th, 1839, and 
had four children. 

1. Philip Walker, lives in Tallahassee ; unm. 

2. David Walker, Attorney in Tallahassee; d. 
unm. -891. 

3. Florida Walker m. Col. Cockrell, a law- 
yer of Jacksonville, Fla., and have two chil- 
dren, a son and a daughter. 

4. Augustus Alston Walker alter completing his 
Jaw studies in New York, located in Jackson- 
ville, Fla., and died in 1895. 

3^ Florida Alston=zCol. Hugh Fisher, of Tallahassee, 
Fla., on the 8th of Dec, 1843, and had three chil- 

1. Elisabeth ra. Mr. Herring, of Thomasville, 

Ga., and lives in Tallahassee, Fla. He is a 
prosperous farmer. 

2. Henrietta m. Augustus Brooks, of Thomas- 

ville, Ga., and have three children. 

138 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

3. Philoclea m. Captain Hollister, of Michi- 
gan. She has three children and lives in 

The above records of the family of Robert West Alston 
have been obtained through Mrs. A. A. Cooler, of 
Florida, who has since died. 

S Col. Philip Alston resided in that portion of Cumber- 
land county which afterwards went to form Moore. He also 
held property in Chatham. He was appointed 2d Major for 
Cumberland Co. in 1776 and subsequently became Colonel. 
He was very active in his hostility to the Tories, and was 
antagonized by Col. David Fanning, an equally brave, dar- 
ing, zealous and relentless Tory partisan leader. On one 
occasion, Alston, when pursued by Fanning, leaped his 
horse from a bluff into the river and swam across, thus 
making his escape. His being finally entrapped and cap- 
tured while on a visit to his home at Horse Shoe Bend, on 
Deep river, in Chatham county, by Col. Fanning in 1781, 
having been betrayed by a neighbor to whom he had pre- 
viously shown many acts of kindness, illustrates the bitter- 
ness of partisan warfare. After his capture he was hur- 
riedly sent to Wilmington and placed on board a prison 
ship, from which, with one other companion, in a half- 
starved condition, he finally escaped at night by swimming 
several miles to laud. There they found a sheep in the 
marsh which had died from being mired. This they 
dragged out and ate of the raw flesh to satisfy the cravings 
of hunger. They being too nearly dead from exhaustion 
and starvation to travel, went to a house which proved to 
be the home of a tory. He not only refused them food or 
comfort, but threatened to send them back to the prison 
ship. His kind-hearted wife pitied them in their starved, 
destitute condition, and despite her husband's prohibi- 

AND His Descendants. 139 

tion, and without his knowledge, supplied them liber- 
ally with food, and thus hasteued their escape. In 1785 
and 1786, he was a member of the State Senate from 
Moore county. In 1784 when that county was formed, 
in organizing the courts, he was one of the justices 
and became clerk. In the following year he was re- 
lieved of the clerkship and elected to the State Senate 
and George Glascock was made clerk. Glascock was killed 
by a negro belonging to Col. Alston. The negro fled to 
Georgia and was followed by his master who was there 
killed by the same negro. The following record of his 
descent, has been obtained mostly from Mrs. Michael L. 
Woods, of Montgomery, (a dau. of Albert James Pickett), 
and Samuel S. Harris, of Detroit, Mich, (son of Bishop 
Samuel S. Harris of the P. E. church), also Mrs. Chas. 
Hooks Harris, of Cedartown. Ga. 

3 Col. Philip Alston married Mary Drew Temple. Issue : 
35, I. John Alston to whom a special bequest was made 

by his gr. father in 1778. {q. v.). 
36 II. James Alston=Mary Wilcox, {q. v.). 

37 III. Philip Alstons {q. v.). 

IV. Drew Alston ; no farther record of him. 
38N . Mary Drew Alston, b. 1784 in North Carolina, and 
d. 1841, Montgomery Co., Ala. She was 1st mar- 
ried to Carroll and had no issue. 2d to William 
Harris in 1811 in Telfair Co. Ga.; issue (g. y.). 
This William Harris was born in Craven Co., N. C, 
1774. He first m. Julia Fulcher, of New Berne, N. 
C, who died 1801, s. p. In 1803 he m. Sarah Coffee, 
in Hancock Co., Ga., who died in 1807, leaving two 
children, viz. : 

1. Julia Harris, who m. Judge Field, 

2. Peter Coffee Harris who m. Narcissa Hooks in 

1827. (For history of her ^ family see 

140 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780 — 

Wheeler's History of N. C, Vol. 1, p. 457.) 
Their children were 

I. Dr. Charles Hooks Harris (Cedartown, 
II. Dr. William Stephen Harris (Union 
Springs, Ala.), d. 1896. 
III. Peter Coffee Harris. 

The followiu.g is copied from a letter written by Col. 
Joseph K. Alston, of Columbia, S. C, some years ago, 
that is now in the possession of Rev. Benj. Allston. 

S5 John Alston died in Fairfield Dist., S. C, about 
1790, leaving three sons and one dau. viz.: 

1. Samuel Alston, d. unm. 

2. Mary Alston, d. unm. 

3. James Alston=Frances Kirkland and had 

one son, William John = wife unknown 
and one dau. Elisabeth =Dr. George B. 
Pearson. William John had a son, Jos. K. 
Alston, Esq., of Columbia, S. C. 

4. David Alston=Susanna Strother; issue: 

1. William L. Alston, was killed in the 

battle of St. Jacinto, Texas. His brother, 

2. James, went to Texas with the avowed 

intention of going into the Mexican 
lines and avenging his brother's death 
by killing General Santa Anna. He 
died unm. 

3. John A. Alston= ; had issue, viz.: 

1. Robert. 2. Gadsden. 3. Peter 
4. Butler. 5. Mary. 

36 James Alston represented Chatham county in the 
legislature of North Carolina in 1801, and married 
Mary Wilcox, of Fayetteville, N. C. He removed 

AND Ills Descendants. 141 

from Chatham coimty to Telfair county, Ga., and 
about 1837 he removed to Wyatt, Miss. His brother, 
Philip, went to Jackson, Tenn., where his descend- 
ants still reside. The following were their chil- 
dren, viz. : 

I. John. VII. Margaret. 

II. James. VIII. Ann. 

III. Rebecca. IX. Willis. - 

IV. Elisabeth m.Thos. G.Mitchell. X. Drew. 
V. Philip IX. Henry. 

VI. William Alston=Miss Somerville and re- 
moved from Telfair county Ga., to Wyatr, 
Miss., about 1842. They had a sou, Philip 
Somerville Alston, whose dau., Pauline 
Alston, married Walter Clark and lives at 
Clarkesdale, Miss., from whom we have 
obtained the above meagre account of James 
Alston's descent. 

(Mrs. C. A. Stegall, of Montgomery, Ala., states that 
her mother, Elisabeth Alston, married Thomas G. Mitchell 
and removed from near Thomasville, Ga., to Mississippi 
while she was an infant. That all of James Alston's chil- 
dren were church members, one of the sons being a minis- 
ter. Her uncles, Philip and Henry, died in Texas, near 
Iron Bridge. One of her mother's sisters married Gill is 
and died in California. The other two married Feather - 
stone and Wyche whose descendants are in Mississippi and 

37 From a letter written in January, 1899, by Mrs. 
Nannie V. Alston, of Jackson, Tenn., we gather 
the following: 

Philip Alston removed to Jackson, Tenn., 
where he died, leaving three sons, viz.: James, 

142 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780 — 

John and Philip; also some daughters, among 
whom were Mrs, Louisa Fussell, of Arkansas. 
John died many years ago leaving a daughter. 
Philip died about four years since leaving a son, 
James Blakemore Alston, now living in Madison 
county. James died many years ago, leaving an 
only son, John (my husband), who died in 
October, 1885, aged 37, leaving two sons, Louis 
and John, who are now living in Jackson. 

There was an emigration of the entire family of Col. 
Philip Alston from North Carolina after the Revolution, 
and the county records of Chatham and Moore offer noth- 
ing in the way of wills or deeds, as to his descent or where 
they removed to. 

It is most probable the John Alston who died in Fair- 
field Dist., S.C., about 1790, was the eldest son. The 
other children went to Telfair Co., Ga., and from there to 
Alabama and Mississippi. 

38 William Harris = Mary Drew Carroll ne.c 
Alston ; 3 children, viz.: I. "William Gindrat. 
II. Mary = John H. Gindrat (s. p.) and III. 
Sarah Smith Harris, who married March 20th, 
1832, at Montgomery, Ala., to Albert James 
Pickett, of North Carolina (the historian of Al- 
abama). They had 12 children, viz.: 

70 I. William Raiford, b. Ap. 2d, 1833, m. July 

26th, 1859, Laura Holt of Montgomery, 
Ala. ((/. v.). 
II. Mary Frances, b. Dec. 23, 1835,'d. in infancy. 

71 IIL Martha Raiford, b. January 18th, 1837; m. 

June 12th, 1855, to Col. Michael L. 
Woods of Tennessee. She died Aug. 24, 
1898 ((/. V). 

AND His Descendants. 143 

IV. CoRiNNE Albert, b. Feb. 15th, 1839, mar- 
ried Dec. 14th, 1858, to Edward Booth 
Randolph of Montgomery, and had one 
child, Coriune Pickett, who m. Nov. 6th, 
1889, to Loderick W. Dimick of Sheffield, 
Ala., and died March 25th, 1890. 
72 V. Mary Gindrat, and VI., Eliza Ward, twin 

sisters, b. Apr. 29th, 1841 (q.v.). Mary 
Gindrat m. Dec. 19th, 1861, Bishop Samuel 
Smith Harris of P. E. Ghurch, Michigan. 

73. Eliza Ward m. Dec. 20th, 1859, Edwin A. 

VII. Sarah Julia, b. July 13th, 1843; m. July 

74. 14tb, 1863, to Robert Carter Randolph of 
Greensboro, Ala. {q. v.). 

VIII. Joseph Alston d. in infancy. 
IX. Fannie Dickson d. in infancy. 

75. X. Albert James b. Sep. 10th, 1850; m. Dec, 

1876, to Eugenia Durden (q. v.). 

76. XI. Alston Harri.s, b. Nov. 1st, 1853; m. Feb., 

1877, to Elizabeth C. Jackson. ((/. v.). 
XII. John Gindrat Pickett, b. Sep. 26th, 1856, 

and unm. 

10 William Raiford Pickett = Laura Holt; 3 ch., 

I. Mary Alston =: Josiah Morris Davidson; 
issue (1) William Pickett, (2) James 
Armstrong, and (3) Florence J. David- 
II. Samuel Holt died in infancy, and III, 
Albert James Pickett. 

71 Col. Michael L. Woods = Martha Raiford 
Pickett; 3 ch., viz.: 

144 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

I. Albert Pickett Woods d. iu 1884. 
II. Corinne Pickett, and III, Martha Ilarle. 

Col. Michael L.Woods was placed in com- 
mand of the 46th Alabama regt. May 
20th, 1862; was captured at Baker's 
creek, Miss., May 23d, 1863, and im- 
prisoned at Johnson's Island, Lake 
Erie, 19 months, being released Dec. 
25th, 1864. Wm. J. Saraford, the pres- 
ent governor of Alabama, was appointed 
sergeant-major of the same regiment 
May 20th, 1862; was elected 1st lieu- 
tenant Co. G July 11th, 1862; pro- 
moted to rank of captain of that com- 
pany in March, 1864. 

72 Bishop Samuel Smith Harris = Mary Gix- 

DRAT Pickett; 7 ch., viz. : 

I. Eliza Pickett Harris died in infancy. 
II. Sallie Pickett = Charles M. Gayley 
and have 1 ch., viz. : Mary Harris 
Gayley. ^ 

III. Corinne Pickett d. in infancy. 

IV. William Pickett Harris z= Sara Ed- 

mer McGraw, and have 1 ch., viz. : 
William Pickett Harris. 
V. Samuel Smith Harris. 
VI. Joseph Buckner Harris d. at 12 yrs. of 
VII. Julian Hartwell Harris. 

73 Edavin A. Banks ^ Eliza Ward Pickett; 3 ch., 


I. Mary Pickett Banks = Francis B. 
Clark, Jr., of Mobile, Ala., and d. 
1891. Her children were : 

AND His Descendants. 145 

(1) Willis Gaylord Clark. 

(2) Francis B. Clark. 

(3.) Edward A. d, in infancy, and 
(4.) Fairfax Clark. 
II. Matilda Downs d. in infiancy. 
III. Richard Griffin Banks = Elizabeth Pat- 
rick Iliilman, and have one child, Mary 
Downs Banks. 

74- Robert Carter Eandolph = Sarah Julia Pick- 
ett; 4 ch., viz.: 

I. Jane Beverly Randolph = Herbert Paschal 

Candler of Montgomery, on Nov. *20th, 

1889, and have one child, Albert Randolph 


II. George Coster. III. Sarah Pickett — and 

IV. Robert Carter Randolph. 

75 Albert James Pickett =: Eugenia Durden; 6 ch., 


I. Charles Alston. II. William Gindrat. 

III. Martha Durden. IV George Bibb. 

V. Eugene Albert. VI. Sarah Harris Pickett. 

76 Alston Harris Pickett = Elizabeth C. Jack- 

son; 7 ch., viz.: 
I. Fannie Jackson. II. Sarah Alberta. 
III. Mary Ellen. IV. ^\ alter Jackson. 

V. Alston Harris. VI. Lizzie Baoks, 
and VII. Edna Ilardaway. 

■ S (Pattie) Martha AlstoNz^Meroney. 

Her will was dated Sept. 9th, 1814, Book 2, p. 93. 
Probated Gates Co., Feb. Court, 1815. 
^^'itnesses Edwin Ballard and John Cranberry. 

10 al 

146 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

39 Devisees : Daughters, I. Elisabeth Barnes, issue 

{q. v.). 
II. Peggy (Margaret) =W.. 
W. Steadman. 

40 III. Elisabeth=Robert Rid- 

dick ; issue (g. v.). 

TV. Nancy z=z Fergusson, (of 
Sufifolk in all proba- 
V. Rachel = Morgan and 
probably has descend- 
ants in Gates Co. Dr. 
H. A. Morgan, of 
Suffolk, and James 
Morgan, of Gates, may 
be of same family. 

VI. FaDny=Benton. Prob- 
ably have descendants 
in Gates Co. 

41 YII. Cynthia=Jacob S. Pow- 

ell ; issue (g. v. ). 

39 Elisabeth Barnes, Will Book 2, p. 246, dated 
March 17th, 1824. Proved Feby. Court, 1826,. 
Execrs. Joseph Gordon and son, Joseph. 
Devisees : I. Son, Joseph J. Barnes. 

II. Daughter, Elisabeth Barnes. 
III. Daughter, Martha P. Harvey. 

4.0 Robert Riddick's holograph will, Book 3, p. 62;- 
dated June 27th, 1840. Proved Feby. Court 1845;, 
son, James A. Riddick, executor. 
Devisees : (1.) Wife Elisabeth. 

(2.) Son, Henry, issue (q. v.). 
(3.) Son, Benjamin F. Riddick. 

AND His Descendants. 147 

(4.) Daughter, Emily McGwin. 
(5.) David, (issue; see will.). 
(6.) Louisa Hunter. 
(7.) Son, Rev. James A. Riddick, 
died 1899 at Petersburg, Va., 
aged 91 years. 
Son Henry had issue; among others were Rev. Jos. H . 
Riddick, of the Virginia Annual Conference, and Rev. C. 
B. Riddick, D.D., of California. The three above men- 
tioned clergymen were gentlemen of high character and 
fine attainments. 

Son, David's will, Book 3, p. Ill, was dated Sept. 
2d, 1848, and proved May term 1849. Witnesses, 
Nathaniel Doughtie and David F. Felton. Devi- 
sees : Wife, Mary; son, Elbert H. Riddick, de- 
ceased; his three sons, viz.: 
William Henry Riddick, 
Wilie Goodman Riddick and 
David Elbert Riddick. 

Son, Wilie Riddick had one son, viz. : 
C. O. Riddick, Esq., of Norfolk, Va. 

I,.! Jacob S. Powell's will, Book 2, p. 134, dated Nov. 
3, 1816. Proved November Court, 1816. Devisees: 
Wile, CY^'THIA, and four children, viz. : 
Gordon, Catherine and two others. 

Wife, Charles W. Harvey, William W. 
Steadman and Benj. Ballard, executors ; 
John Poison and Robert Powell, witnesses. 

It is not known if the following Daniel Powell is the 
brother or father of Jacob S. Powell. 

Daniel Powell's will. Book 2, p. 250, was dated Aug. 
27th, 1825, and proved Feb. Court, 1826. John Walton, 
executor. Witnesses, Starkey Trotman and James Hinton. 

148 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

Devisees : Sod, Kedar. dan. Mary Powell. 

Daughter, Christian Hofler. Son, Jacob. 
Son, James. Daughter, Salley. 

4 William, Alston, youngest sou of Joseph John Alston 
and Elisabeth Chancy, his first wife, was County 
Clerk of Chatham Co. from May 1774, to August 
1776. His wnl! is there on record dated Aug. 2d, 
1789. His executors were 

Joseph John Alston (Chatham Jack), 
Ann Hunt Alston, 
Wyllis Alston, (Congress Willis). 
In his will he leaves his daughters, Ann Alston and Mary 
Ann Alston, in charge of Ann Hunt Alston. 

He married Sarah, daughter of Samuel Yeargau, who 
willed property to his grandson, Samuel Yeargan Alston. 
Their children were : 
76 I. John Josejih, for whom a special legacy was 

left ; issue [q. v.). 
II. William Chancy Alston, d. s. p. 

III. Samuel Yeargan Alston, died young. 

IV. Oroondates (Oriu) Alston^ — Medley and left 

no issue. 
V. Maky Ann Alston^ — Rives and had issue : 

1. William Hives. 5. Nancy Rives. 

2. Robert Rives. 6. Patsy (Martha) Rives. 

3. Joseph Rives. 7. Mary Rives. 

4. James Rives. 

VI. Nancy (Ann) Alston=Robert Palmer. No 
record Ol the abitve named children. 

76 John Joseph ALSTONr=:BETSY Jones, dau. of 
Nathaniel Jones, of White Plains, and had issue : 
I. Nancy Alstonz:=Dr. John DeGraaffenreidt, 

and had one son and one daughter. 

AND IIis Descendants. 149 

1. John DeGraafifenreidt who married 
Delia, daii. of John Joues Alston= 
Adeline Williams, {q. v.). 

2. Parmelee DeGraaffenreidt who married 

Joseph John Alston the 3d. s. p. 
II. Mary Ann Alston=Dr. Thomas DeGraaffenreidt, 
and had one sou who d. s. p. 

After the death of Dr. Thomas DeGraaffenreidt, 
she married James Taylor, and had one dau. Ann 
Elisabeth who died unm., and one son, Joe Taylor, 
who married Anna Alston, dau. of John Jones 

J Col. Willis Alston, the eldest child of Joseph John 
Alston by his 2d wife Euphan Wilson, was member 
of Assembly at Halifax, April 4th, 1776 and ap- 
pointed Colonel of Halifax district. He was also a mem- 
ber of the Coustitutional Couveution at Halifax, Nov. 12th, 
1776. He married Elisabeth Wright, whose sister, Esther 
Wright, afterwards married Col. Joseph John, son of John 
Alston = Ann Hunt Macon. Their issue were four sons and 
three daughters, viz.: 

42 I. Joseph John, (General Jack) Alston, died April 

1st., 1831 = Margaret B. Thomas who died 
June 9th, 1866, issue (q. v.). 

43 II. James Wright Alston=Temperance Thomas, 

sister of Margaret B. Thomas, {q- v.). These 
sisters were granddaughters of Mrs. Nancy 

44 III. Henry A]stonz= Long, of Halifax, and 

their children went to Georgia and the west, 
^.q. v.). 

45 IV. Thomas Alston = Chambliss, (q. v.). 

He went to Autauga Co., Ala., where he died. 

46 V. Jaue Alston=:Littleberry Wilcox, issue {q. v.). 


150 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

VI. Fannie Alston, twin sister of Jane Wilcox, mar- 
ried Robert Wood Hamlin, (father of Dr. 
William Hamlin, of Halifax, who married 
Emeline Euphauie, dau. of Chatham Jack 
Alston, also of a dau. Fannie, who married a 
son of Judge Baker, of North Carolina, half- 
uncle to wife of M. T. J. Alston), and their de- 
scendants live near Columbus in Tennessee. 
VII. Elisabeth Alston^ Arthur Arrington, of Nash 
Co., N. C. 

Jf2 Joseph John (General Jack) Alston=Marga- 
EET B. Thomas, issue: 

I. Dr. William Alston, lived at Weldon=Mary 
Joyner, and left family of children which we 
have been unable to trace. 
11. Dr. James Wright Alston, b. April 18, 
1818 ; d. April 18, 1892, (Raleigh); gradu- 
ated at the University of Pennsylvania, 
1839 or 1840; married Laura Cornells 
Terrell (still living). They had eight 
children — two sons and six daughters. 
One son and one daughter died in childhood. 
The third and oldest living child lives in 
Asheville, N. C, viz. : 

1. Edward Marion Alston=Hanua 

Thomas Lukens, of Hoopeston, Illi- 
nois. Had one son who died in 

2. Annie Laura Alston=Charles H. 

BuRGEN, of Oldfort, McDowell Co., 
N. C, and have two sons and two 
daughters living and one daughter 

3. Bessie Lulene=George M. McDowell, 

AND His Descendants. 151 

of Asheville, N. C, and had two 
daughters who died in infancy. 

4. Sarah Margaret Alston=:Chas. 

R. Dennis, of Durham, N. C, and 
have three daughters and one son. 

5. Lucy Grissom Alston, unra. 

III. Dr. Kemp Alston =Bettie , and went to 

Jackson, Miss. He died Sept. 17, 1857. 
No issue. 

IV. CoE. Thomas Peterson Alston= Sarah 

Newell. He lived in Warren Co., and 
died Nov. 3d, 1872, leaving five children, 

1. Helen James Alston, unm. 

2. Mary Margaret=Sa m uel K. 

Clark, issue four children. 

1. Minerva Clark. 2. Roberta 
Clark. 3. Samuel M. Clark. 
4. Buford Clark. 

3. Major Blake Alston, b. Sept. 23d, 

1860, married Emma James New- 
some and have four children. 

1. Ava Parham Alston, 2. Philip 
Hunter Alston. 3. Jack McGee 
Alston. 4. Kate Polk Alston. 

4. Sarah Lemuel Alston= Sidney 

Williams, issue : 

1. Luther Williams and 2. Arline 

5. James Lindsay Alston, unm. 

V. Blake B. Alston, d. April 25, 1858, s. p. 
VI. Major W. Alston, d. July 10, 1852, s. p. 
VII. Sallie N. Alston, d. in South Carolina. 
She married Marion Sanders and lef 

152 ■ Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

I. Elisabeth Jaue Sanders. 
II. Margaret Thomas Sanders. 
III. William Alston Sanders.=Mary E.. 
Eraser, [q. v.). 
IV. Mary. V. Epsey. VI. Helen. 
VII. Eunice. VIIL Clara. 
IX. Marion Sanders. X. Sarah N. 
XI. Pauline. XII. James W. Sanders. 
XIII. George Sanders. XIV. Elisabeth. 

William Alston Sandees=Mary E. Feaser^, 
issue : 

I. Sarah Elisabeth Sanders, d. in infancy. 
II. Helen Leroy Sanders =T h o m a s. 
Lynch Alston, issue : 
William Leroy Alston. 
Helen Alston. 

III. Marshall Eraser Sanders. 

IV. Ella S. Sanders. 

V. William S, Sanders. 
VI. Emma Alston Sanders. 
VII. Luther Irving Sanders. 
VIII. Royall S. Sanders. 
VIII. Eliza Ann Alston, d. in South Carolina. She- 
married William Boddie, of Nash Co., and 
left children. 
IX. Margaret T. Alston==Ben Lavender, of 
Washington, N. C, issue : 

1. Alston Lavender and 2. Mrs. Florence 
Curtin. Florence Lavender m. 1st., 
Wm. Tule, and 2d she married Cur- 
tin. She has one son, Dockery Tule 
who m. Kate Pippin, WashingtoUj. 
D. C. 

AND IIis Descendakts. 15S 

X. Caroline Alston d. iu Halifax Co. She mar- 
ried Johu Murphy and left no children. 
XI. Lucy Alston =Xat Green, of Warren Co., and 
went to Tennessee. She d. June 30, 1879* 

^3 James Wright Alston ^ Temperance Thomas. 
47 Issue: I. Willis Alston :== Mary Gordon of 
Louisiana. He died 12 years ago in 
Leesburg, Fla., over 70 years of age; 
11 children (5. v^. 
II. Spencer Alston=Mrs. David Sills of 
Nash Co., who had 3 daughters by 
her first marriage. He died in DeSota 
parish, La., Sep., 1859, leaviugone son. 

48 III. Dr. John H. Alston = Virginia Hebecca 

Sills, step-dau. of his brother Spencer. 
They lived near Starksville, Miss. ; 7 
children (7.1;.). 

49 IV. Julia Alston = Dr. Samuel Norton of 

Montgomery, Ala. She married iu Hal- 
ifax about 1838 and died in 1872; had 
numerous children {q. y.). 

50 V. Col. Micajah Thomas Joseph Alston b. 

Feb. 4th, 1818, d. Aug. 21, 1865; was 
colonel of the Home Guards, C. S. A., 
during the war. VHe married Nov. 14th, 
1839, Martha Elizabeth Allen, ^dau. of 
^ Daniel B. andLucretiaAllen'^ issue (g. r.). 
24 VI. Martha T. ALSTON=lst Dr. Shell and 
had one sou {q. v.). 2d, she married 
Eev. Thomas Wilcox and had issue 

(ry. ..). 

VII. Nancy Alston == John Sanders of South 
Carolina ; issue: 
L Virginia Sanders = Baxter. 

154 Joseph John Alston — 1666-1719 — 

2. John Sauders was killed in Virginia 

in 1861 in C. S. A. 

3. Napoleon Sanders was killed at 

Richmond during the war. 

4. and 5 were twin sisters; they live in 

kSumpter Co., S. C. 

^7 Willis Alston=Maiiy Gordon. Issue: 

I. Gordon Alston= Spier of Columbus, 


II. Ella Alston = Allen of Kosciusko, 

Miss., and left 2 children. 

III. Laura Alston=Ed. Perkins and have one 

daughter, Mrs. Mathewson of Leesburg, 

IV. James Alston=Miss Mathewson of Noxubee 

Co., Miss. 
V-VI. Edward and Charles Alston live near Ma- 
con, Miuss. 

VII. Fannie Alston = Perkins and died 

soon after. 

VIII. Clara Alston = Perkins and live in 

Ciarkesville, Tex. 
IX, Willis Alston killed in r. r. accident soon 
after the war ; two children, died in in- 

4.8 Dr. John H. Alston = Virginia Rebecca Sills. 
Issue : 

I. John Alston, b. Nov. 17th, 1845; has 
been a resident of Mobile for 30 years, 
located at 323 Spring Hill avenue ; mar- 
ried — and has issue : 

1. Alma i^ Iston. 3. Gray Alston. 

2. Muse Alston. 4, Virginia Alston. 

AND His Descendants. 155 

11. Theodore Adolpbus, b. Feb. 29th, 1848, d. 
Nov. 7th, 1894. 
III. Gray Sills Alston, b. Dec. 4th, 1849; 
issue 9 children : 

1. Lillian Alston. 6. Joseph Alston. 

2. Kobert Alston. 7. Harry Alston. 

3. Musa Alston. 8. Pressley Alston. 

4. John Alston. 9. Parke Alston. 

5. Wallace Alston. 

They live in Starkvilie, Miss. 
IV. Spencer Hinton Alston, b. Feb. 22d, 1852, 
Woodburn, Miss., and left two sons, viz.: 
Dr. Alexander G. Alston, Leake county. 
Miss., and Geo. Dallas Alston, who left 
one sou, Paul W. Alston. 
V. Willie Willis Alston, b. Dec," 1854, d. Ap. 
28th, 1897. 
YI. Bragg Alston, b. April 1st, 1861, Starks- 

ville, M'ss. 
VII. Bessie Lee Alston, b. March 23d, 1864; 

married 1885, to McCreight and have 

issue : 

1. Clyde McCreight. 

2. Tmcile McCreight. 

3. Walter McCreight. 

1,9 Dr Samuel Edwin NoRTON= Julia Justina Alston 
of Halifax county, N. C. ; b. Jan. 16th, 1821 ; d. 
1872; married 1838; 11 ch., viz.: 
1 L Julia Reese Norton, b. Sep. 22d, 1840, in 

South Carolina. = Capt. Charles Wash- 
ington Norton ; issue 6 ch. (g. v.). 
II. Samuel Edwin Norton, Jr., b. May 8th, 
1842, in South Caroliua.= Janie Burch ; 

156 Joseph John Alston — 1673-1758 — 

issue Augustus Hudson Norton, b. 
Dec. 26, 1869. 
III. James Hudson Norton, b. Sep. 6, 1844, 
in South Carolina, m. Allie L. Green- 
wood in Montgomery ; issue, 3 sons> 
viz. : 

1. Eldridge Greenwood Norton, b. 

Nov., 1873. 

2. James Hudson Norton, Jr., b- 

Jan., 1876. 

3. Joseph Bibb Norton died in in- 

IV. John Alston Norton, b. Oct. 19, 1846. 
m. Leonora Greenwood in Mont- 
gomery ; issue, 4 children, viz.: 

1. Carrie Louise, b. Oct. 15, 1870; 

d. unm. 

2. Grace, b. June, 1873. 

3. John Alston Norton, b. Nov. 1st, 


4. Ida Sewall, b. 1877. 

V. Walter Elliot Norton, d. in childhood. 
VI. Katherine Norton, b. in Montgomery, 

1850, d. 1873, unm. 
VII. Mary Ellen Norton, b. Feb. 28, 1853, 
in Montgomery = George Honour 
Beckman of Charleston, S. C, 85 Smith 
St.; issue, 5 children : 

1. Ida, d. in childhood. 

2. Julia Reese Beckman, b. 1876, in 


3. George. 4. John, and 5 Pelzer, all 

b. in Charleston. 
VIII. Ida Deming Norton, b. March 4, 1855, 
in Montgomery, Ala., = James Will- 

AND His Descendants. 157 

LiAM McGuiRE, 147 Rose Park, Ma- 
con, Ga. Issue, Aune Alston McGuire. 

IX. Charles Willis Norton, b. 1857, d. 1888, 

X. Annie Maud Norton, b. Jan. 26, 1862, 
in Montgomery = Col. J. G. Bat- 
TELLE, Feb. 10, 1881, of Memphis, 
Tenn. Issue: Gordon Battelle, b. Aug. 
10, 1883, in Covington, Ky. 

XI. Leila Honour Norton, b. June 27, 1862, 
in Montgomery = Robert Lee Honour 
of Charleston, S. C, 37 Vanderhorst 

St. {s.p.y 

1 Julia Reese Norton = Cart. Charles Washing- 
ton Norton. Six ch., viz. : 

1. Martha Lee, b. Jan. 8, 1865, in Mont'y; unm. 

2. Julia Alston, b. Feb. 27, 1868, in Mont.; unm. 

3. Ruth Norton, b. Oct. 31, 1870 = George W. 

Jones ; issue, Roger Alston Jones. 

4. Mary Hudson Norton, b. Sep. 11, 1873. 

5. Charles Edwin Norton, b. June 28, 1876. 

6. Harry Walter Norton, b. Oct. 1, 1878. 

SO Mkajah Thomas Joseph Alston = Martha Eliz- 
abeth Allen.'/ Issue: 

I. Temperance Alston, b. Feb. 14, 1841, in 
North Carolina. 
II. Emma Alston, b. Jan. 15, 1842, in North 
Carolina; married Nov. 14, 1866, to Sam- 
uel Beckwith of Augusta, Ga., and has 1 
son, born March 17, 1870. 
III. Spencer Alston, b. June 19, 1843, in North 
Carolina; Druggist in Marshall, Tex. 

158 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

ly. Christopher Alston, b. Aug. 21, 1845^ 
in Noxubee county, Miss. Married Aug. 
20, 1878, to Lucie Gooch. Issue : 

1. Mattie Lee Alston, b. July 20, 1881. 

2. Claude Alston, b. Oct. 20, 1886. 

3. Ruby Alston, b. June 9, 1891. 

He is engaged in the cotton business; was 
a private in Co. I, 27th La. Reg., 
C. S. A. His brother Spencer was also 
in the same command, and wounded in 
the arm. They were in Vicksburg 
during the siege. 

V. Joseph D. Alston, b. Nov. 19, 1848, in Dallas 
Co., Ala., and d. Aug. 29, 1886; married July 
14, 1872, to Eliza Talley, issue: 

1. Spencer A. Alston, b. Dec. 29, 1877, at 


2. Jossie Alston, b. Aug. 7, 1879, at Shreve- 


3. Mary Ella Alston, b. July 80, 1881, at 

Fulton, Ark. 

4. Joe Atlee Alston, b. March 12, 1883, at 

VI. James Alston, b. July 20, 1850, at Mansfield, 
La., and married Feb. 9, 1880, to Belle 
Wright. Three children. 

1. Ella Alston. 2. Floyd Alston, b. 1888. 
3. Gladys Alston, b. 1895. 
James is a druggist, but now engaged in mining 
in Arizona. 
VII. Ella Alston, b. Sept. 21, 1853, at Mansfield, La., 
and d. Sept. 20, 1884. 
VIII. Willis C. Alston, b. April 6, 1855, at Shreve- 
port, married Nov. 10, 1893, at Durant, Miss., 

AND His Descendants. 159 

to Annie Gooch; issue one son, Alfred C. 
Alston, b. Nov. 5, 1895. 
Willis C. Alston is in the cotton business. 
IX. Jessie Fauleon Alston, b. Feb. 14, 1857, at 
Sbreveport; died in infancy. 
X. Adelaide Alston, b. Aug. 21, 1859, at Sbreveport; 
died in infancy. 

2If. Dr. Shell= Martha Temperance Alston; issue one son, 

viz : 
I. Oliver Perry Shell=lst, Amaryllis Alston Daniel; 

no issue, and his 2d. wife was Mary Trumbull, of 

Warrenton, and had 7 children, viz. : 

1. Pattie Shell=Neander Perkinson. 7 ch., viz. : 

1. George Levi Perkinson. 

2. Mary Alice. 
8. Pattie Shell. 

4. f Laura 
twins I and 

5. l^Luoy. 

6. Ruth. 

7. Otis Judson Perkinson. 

2. Oliver Perry Shell, Jr.=Mattie Bell Macon, 

(dau. ot GidHuDt Macon, Jr.=Lou Jenkins.) 
4 ch., viz. : 

1. Lula Macon. 2. Mary Olive. 

3. Sarah Elisabeth. 4. Fanny Parker Shell. 

3. Otis Prentiss Shell =Callie Avery, and have one 

son, viz.: William Oliver Shell. 

4. Willis Alston Shell. 

5. Mary Lou Shell. 

6. Laura Maelin Shell. 

7. Fabius Busbee Shell. 

Martha T. Alston by 2d husband. Rev. Thomas Wil- 
cox, son of Jane Alston =Littleberry Willis Wil- 
cox, ((/. 15.), issue, viz. : 

160 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

II, Rev. Alfred G. Wilcox, Brinkleyville, Halifax, 
Co., N. C. 

III. Mrs. John Allen, Louisburg, Franklin Co., IST. C. 

IV. LAURAWiLCox=rARTHURL. J. Ai.sTOX, her cousin," 
' (son of Henry Alston^ I^o^gj ^^ Halifax) 

and lives at Jackson, Tenn. Have issue, Lee 
Alston and Blanche Alston. 

Ji.If Henry Alston==Mis& Long, of Halifax. 
I. Eliza Alston. 
II. Euphan Wilson Alston. 

III. James Alston. 

IV. Willis, died ia infancy. 

V. Willis Alston the 2d, d. in California. 
VI. Henry Alston. 
VII. Matthew C. W. Alston. 
VIII. Charles B. Alston. 

IX. Dr. Thomas M. Alston, lived near Dahlonega. 

X. Andrew Alston. 
XI. Arthur L. J. Alston=his cousin, Laura Wilcox. 
It is to be rearretted that the records of this 
large family could not be completed. 

45 Thomas Alston ra. Chambliss; issue, 1 son. 

Thomas Alston who moved to Wilcox Co., where 

he married Mary Crum, who bore him: 
I. John Henry Alston^zSallie Moorer, and 
have three children. 
IL Caddie Alston^ Hp:nry Godwin, and have 
twelve children. 
IH. MoLLiE A lston= Robert Godwin, and have 

nine children. 
IV. Viola Alston=: James McCrary, and have four 
V. Minnie Alston^tAndrew Lovett, and have six 

AND His Descendants. 161 

VI. Mattie Alston=Snowden Bender, and have 
two children. 

46 Jane Alston=:Littl,eberry Willis Wilcox ; 
issue : 
I. Dr. Micajah L. B. Wilcox married in Halifax 
Co., N. C. 
21 II. Rev. Thomas Wilcox= Martha T. Alston (his 
cousin) for issue (q. v.). 

III. Robert Wilcox died in 1850, at Mansfield, La. 

His descendants live in Arkadelphia. 

IV. James Wright Wilcox z=Margaret Mosely, 

of Ala., and d. in 1870, at Mansfield, La., 
leaving two daughters and lour sons in DeSoto 
V. Hannah, died in North Carolina. 
VI. Betsey Wilcox=Joe Green Alston (a cousin), 
of North Carolina. 
VII. Susan Wilcox :=Con Tom Watts, of North 
Carolina, and died a few years back in Barnes, 
I^a., at her daughter's. Issue : 
. 1. Tom Watts. 2. Mrs. Walker. 3. Mrs. 
Neeley, who resides in St. Louis. 4. Mrs., 
David DeMoss, of Barnes, La., is the mother 
of triplets, ten or twelve years old. 5. A son, 
died at Delhi, La., where his Avidow still lives. 

6 Henry (Harry) Alston, the 2d. son of Joseph John 
Alston and Euphan Wilson, his second wife, 
lived in Warren Co., upon a tract of 4,000 acres 
of laud which his father bought of Solomon Alston 
Jr., and left to him. 

He married Sarah Hill, also of Warren Co., at 
the home of her aunt, Mrs. Martha Hill, in Frank- 
lin County. Issue, 3 children. 

11 al 

162 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1 780— 

(This Henry Alston is to be distinguished from 
another one of the same name and who was the son 
of Solomon, Jr., and likewise married a Sarah Hill 
and had three children.) 

51 I. Sarah Mason Alston, born at Shocco Springs, 

N. C, about 1*789, on the 20th Dec, and died in 
Demopolis, Ala., 21st. Feb'y., 1864. She mar- 
ried on Dec. 7, 1809, to RoBEET EivERS Har- 
well, (born 1788 and died 1833) of Virginia, 
but who was living in North Carolina at time of 
marriage. Issue (q. v.). 

52 II. Elisabeth Thomas Wade Alston, also born 

in Warren Co., died at Jackson, Clarke Co., 
Ala., Feb. 2, 1819. She married Ishmael 
Pettway Harwell, brother of Robert Rivers 
Harwell. Issue (q. v.). 
III. Thomas Alston, born in Warren Co. There is no 
record of his birth or death. He was the only 
son and was called Maj. Tom Alston. 

51 Robert Rivers Harwell^ Sarah Mason Alston;. 
9 ch., viz. : 

I. Emily T. Harwell, b. Oct. 31st, 1810, in Hali- 
fax, N. C; uum. 

53 II. Mark W., b. July 24, 1812, in Mississippi Ter- 

.ritory, (Clarke Co,. Ala. )^ 1st. Sarah Olivia 
Howze. 2d. Mary Lyons. Issue (g. v.). 
III. Harriet H.,b. Nov. 17, 1814; d. 1848=Judge 
Wm. J. Alston, (q. v.). 

54 IV. Evalina Thomas, b. Feb. 15, 1817; d. Sept. 13, 

1894= John W. Henley; issue (q. v.). 
V. Edward Jones, b. 1819; m. 1839, to Maria 
Mathesou and killed within a year afterwards. 

55 VI. Robert Rivers, Jr., b. 1822; m. 1844, to Mary 

O. Barnes and lives in Louisiana. Issue (g. v.).. 

AND His Descendants. 163 

56 VII. Sarah Elisabeth, b. 1824; ra. 1846; John Bachman 
Lee, and lives in Lonisiaua at Keatchi, issue 

(q. v.). 

YIII. Thomas Hill Alston Harwell, b. 1827; d. in 
57 IX. Ishmael Stirling, b. 1829; d. Oct. 1892; m. ]853 
to Mary Evelyn Vaughan. Issue : (g. v.). 

52 Ishmael Pettway Harwell= Elisabeth Thomas 
Wade Alston; 4 ch., viz. : 

I. Sallie Thomas Harwell, b. Nov. 1, 1814; 
d. May 12, 1852, at Demopolis. She mar- 
ried April 26, 1832, to Ben.j. Glover 
Shields, who had served as member of 
Congress from Mobile district and after- 
wards sent as minister to Venezuela under 
Mr. Polk's administration. They had two 
children, viz. : 

(1). Harriett Evelina Shields, b. Sept. 24, 

1836; d. early in life. 
(2). Samuel Robert Shields, b. Nov. 
2, 1837, and died in Galveston 
about 1862-3, while serving in 
Confederate Army as 1st. lieu- 
II. Thomas Alston Harwell, b. May 25, 1816; 
d. 1828. 

III. Ishmael Gains Dean Harwell, b. Oct. 31, 

1817; d. s. p. 

IV. Infant b. 1819 ; d. in infancy. 

53 Mark W, Har\vell := 1st Sarah Olivia How ze ; 
issue 1 son. 

2d Mary Lyons; issue, 3 ciiildren: 
He was a soldier in the Seminole war, but on ac- 

164 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

count of his age aud bad health did not enlist in 
the Caufederate array, although he was true to the 
Confederacy. His children were : 

I. Edward James Harwell, b. 1844. He 
served nearly 4 years in the Confederate 
army. He married Elizabeth Boykin 
WiTHERSPOON ; b. 1844, and had 3 chil- 
dren, viz.: 

(1) Elizabeth Edwards Harwell, b. 1869. 
(3) Jane Witherspoou Harwell, b. 1878. 

(2) Sarah Olivia Harw^ell, b. 1872 ; 

married LoRRAiN Screven Eri- 
erson and has 2 ch., viz. : Bessie 
Harwell Erierson, born 1891, and 
George Archer Erierson, born 
II. Mark W. Harwell, Jr., b. 1852r= Willie 
DeGraffenreid, and have 2 ch., viz. : 
(1) Yernou Harwell and (2) Sarah Har- 

III. Sarah Olivia Harwell, b. 1855 = 

Thomas Gaither, aud have 2 ch., viz. : 
(1) Mark Harwell Gaither and (2) Ethel 

IV. Mary Glover Harwell, b. 1858 = Thomas 

Wilson ; issue 3 ch,, viz. : (1) Anne Wil- 
son. (2) Thomas Wilson. (3) Erank 

5!). John Woodson Henley, b. Oct. 16th, 1811, in Erank- 
lin Co., N. C, and died in Demopolis, Ala., Ap. 27, 
1853. He married in Clarke Co., Ala., Eeb. 18th, 
1840, to Evelina Thomas Harwell. They had 7 
children, viz.: 

AND His Descendants. 165 

58 I. Alice, b. Feb. 28tb, 1841 ; died Aug. 12tb, 

1894 ; married May 5tb, 1861, to George Fred- 
erick Glover ; issue (g. t?.). 
11. Robert Harwell, b. Jan. 20tb, 1843; died Ap. 
22d, 1873 ; m. May 22d, 1866, in Selraa, to 
Amelia Peters. He was a lawyer by profes- 
sion and had 2 children, viz. : 

(1) Evelina Harwell Henley; d. in infancy. 

(2) Tom Peters Henley, b. March 29th, 

1872; unm. 
Wallace C. Butler of St. Louis, Mo., married Oct. 10th, 
1866, to: 

59 III. Evelina Harwell Henly, b. Dec. 12th, 1844, and 

died May, 1893, in Montana. Issue (g. -y.). 
IV. John Woodson Henly, Jr., b. Dec. 20th, 1846. 
Lawyer unm. ; was killed Jan. 4th, 1868. 

60 V. Dr. Albert Thomas Henley, b. Nov. 29th, 1848; 

m. Nov. 27th, 1872, to Nannie Randolph 
Tayloe. They live in Birmingham; issue 

VL Sarah Elizabeth Henley, b. Ap. 20th, 1850; 
married 1st, Sep. 27th, 1870, to Frank G. 
Lyon, and 2d, to Judge Samuel G. Woolf of 
Marengo, Co. They have no children and 
their home is in Demopolis. 
YII. Grace Alston Henley, b. July 20th, 1852. She 
lives in Demopolis, and is engaged in 

58 George Frederick Glover=: Alice Henley; 3 children, 
viz. : 

I. Mary Diven Glover, b. March 29th, 1865; 
unm., Demopolis. 
IL Evelina Henly Glover, b. Dec, 1868 = 
Rev. William D. Spurlin of Camden, Ala., 

166 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

and lives at Gloster, Miss. They have 4 
III. Georgia Glover, b. May 17th, 1871; m. 
Henry W. Hayden and lives in Deraop- 
olis ; no issue. 

59 Wallace C. Butlers Evelina Harwell Henley; 4 chil- 

dren, viz. : 

I. Evelina Henly Butler, b. Sep. 10th, 1867; 
m. Dr. Casey Withersj^oon and lives in 
St. Louis. 
II. Grace Butler, d. when young. 
III. Wallace C. Butler, Jr., b. March 17th, 

1873, in Montana. 
lY. Sadie Lyon Butler, b. 1882. 

60 Dr. Albert Thomas Henley =Nannie liandolph Tayloe ; 

3 ch., viz.: 

L William Tayloe Henley, b. Sep. 8th, 1873; 
d. Apr. 4th, 1884. 
II. John Woodson Henley, b. Sep. 16th, 1876. 
Has graduated at the University of Ala- 
bama with the degree of A.B. He lives 
with his father in Birmingham. 
III. Son who died in infancy. 

65 Robert Rivers Harwell^c=Mary O. Barnes; 3 ch., viz.: 
I. Mark W. Harwell, d. s. p. 
II. Olivia Harwell, d. unm. 
III. Samuel Thomas Harwell, unm. 

Robert Rivers Harwell served iu the Con- 
federate army. 

56 John Bachman Lee=Sarah Elizabeth Harwell ; 8 ch., 

AND Ills Descendants. 167 

I. Sarah Harwell Lee=Jacob J. Hollins- 
worth ; 6 ch., viz.: 

(1) Lee Holliagsworth, d. 

(2) Jacob J. Holliagsworth. 

(3) Lindsay Hollingsworth = Buena 

Wells, and have one daughter. 

(4) Sarah and (5) Elizabeth, twins. 
(6) James Madison Hollingsworth= 

Fairy Birch, and have 1 child. 
II. Jacob Martin Lee m. Exmma Rochelle ; 
6 ch., viz. : 

1. Eveline Lee ; 2. Rngeby Lee ; 3. 
Virginia Lee ; 4. Harwell Lee ; 5. 
J, Bachraan Lee, and 6. Martin Lee. 

III. Harwell Lee m. Anna Chance ; 2 ch., 

viz.: 1. Elizabeth Lee and 2. Anne Lee. 

IV. Evelina Lee d. unra. 

V. Mary Morris Lee m. James McIIenrv 
Nabors ; 6 ch., viz.: 1. Emma Nabors, 
2. James Nabors; 3. J. Bachraan Na- 
bors ; 4. J. McHenry Nabors ; 5. Susan ; 
6. Morris. 
VI. Virginia Lestrappes Lee m. James 
Greer; 5 ch., viz.: 1. Lillian Lee 
Greer ; 2. Genevieve Greer ; 3. Louij^a' 
Greer; 4. James Greer ; 5. J. Bachman 
VII. Lillian Lee m. Richard H, Spell; 3 
ch., viz. : 1. Robert Edwards Spell; 
2. Coralie Spell ; 3. Sarah Elizabeth 
VIII. John Bachman Lee, Jr., m. Etta Lee 
Jenkins; 3ch., viz.: 1. Norma Lee; 
2. B. Frank Lee ; 3. John Bachman 

168 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

57 IsHMAEL Stirling Harwell^ b. March 27, 1829, d. 
Aug. 21, 1893; m. June 15, 1853, to Mary Eve- 
LEEN Vauqhan, daughter of Dr. Alfred Goode 
Yaughan and Mary Ophelia (Walton) his wife. 

I. S. Harwell entered the Confederate service in 1862, 
as sergeant in Co. A, 43d Ala. Reg. (Col. Moody) Gen'l. 
Grade's brigade. He was twice wounded, first at Jones- 
boro and then badly at Chickamauga in his leg, from which 
he never recovered. He was transferred to the 38th Reg. 
(Col. Langford) in Gracie's brigade, where he was 
appointed adjutant to General Gracie, and served to the end 
of the war. His name was on the bulletin for bravery and 
good service. Issue 5 children. 
I. Eveleen Harwell, d. unm. 
II. Mary Walton Harwell, d. unm. 

III. Alfred Vaughan Harwell, d. s. p. 

IV. Sallie Alston Harwell m Dr. A. C. Thomas, of 

Rembert, Ala. Issue : 

1. Alfred Harwell Thomas. 

2. John Thomas. 

3. Sarah Alston Thomas. 

V. Robert Henley Thomas, just 21, joined the 2d Ala. 
Vol. in April 1898, while at college, and has 
been in service ever since (Oct. 1898). 

Children of Reuben Vaughan*= Alice Goode Watkins- 
I. Evelina E., b. 1799; married Dr. Luke White, of 
Petersburg, Va. 

* From Mecords of the Ooode Family : — Reuben Vaughan was 
captain in the Provincial Army, and his commission was signed 
by Patrick Henry, governor of Virginia, Oct. 29, 1776. His son, Reu- 
ben Vaughan, of Lunenburg Co., Va., was married in 1798 to Alice 
Goode Watkins, (dau. of Samuel Watkins=Elisabeth Goode), born 
in Nottaway Co. Va., and died in Marengo Co., Ala., June 9, 1885. 
Elisabeth Goode was the daughter of Bennet Goode, of Powhat 

AND His Descendants. 169 

II. Emily Garland m. Robert V. Montague. 

III. Martha Jefferson m. William A. Gasqiiet, of New 


IV. Virginia m. Albert J. Kidd. 

V. Alice Goode, born 1825, m. Henry Duggar. 
VI. Susan Vaughan died unm. 
VII. Dr. Alfred Goode Vaughn born about 1799-1800, 
m. Mary Octavia Walton. They both died in 
Marengo Co., Ala., where they had resided for 
many years. Their children were : 
I. Mary, who m. Ishmael Stirling Harweli ^ 
(q. V. for issue.). 
II. Henry Clay died young. 

III. Ada B. m. Hon. James T. Jones, M. C. 

IV. Susan A. m. Rev. H. A. M. Henderson, of 

V. Plutarch. VI. Theodosia. VII. Tacitus. 
VIII. Robert. 

IX. Ida m. George Michael. 
X. Cecilia m. J. Martin. 

VIII. Dr. Samuel Watkins Vaughan, of Summerfield, 
Ala., was born Dec. 31, 1800, and died in Selma, 
Ala., Dec. 20, 1876. He studied medicine with 
Dr. Luke White, of Petersburg, Va., received 
his medical degree in Philadelphia, and after 
spending several years in hospitals in New York 
and Philadelphia, settled in Denmark, Tenn. 
From thence he moved to Marengo Co., Ala., and 
afterwards to Summerfield. He was 1st mar- 
tan Co., who married in 1740 Martha Jeflferson, of Osbornes, aunt 
of Thomas Jefferson. Her husband, Samuel Watkins, of Peters- 
burg, Va., was the son of Samuel and Susan (Hancock) Watkins, 
and brother of Henry AYatkins, the stepfather of Henry Clay, 
of Kentucky. 

170 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

ried to Martha Turner, of Kaleigh, N. C, by 
whom he had 11 children and 2d to Mrs. 
Thyrza Jane Jones, (dau. of Judge William J. 
Alston, of Marengo, Co., Ala.), who bore him 1 
dan. and 1 son. Issue : 
I. Evelyn died unra. 
II. Samuel Watkius, Jr., lives at Hot Springs, 

III. Reuben ra. and died in Louisiana. 

IV. Dr. Frederick Barbie ra. Pauline Smith and 

their eldest dau. Evelyn m. John Court- 
ENAY, son of Dr, Jos. A. Groyi-:s, and 
Elizabeth Royali Robertson, his wife. 
V. Paul Turner married Annie Gholsou and 
lives in Selraa. 
VI. Henry White d. s. p. 

VII. Susan Alice married Rev. Robert Walker. 
VIII. Virginia m. Dr. R. H. Pludson (of England), 
and lived in Suramerfield. 
IX. David Alfred m. Susan Kennon. 

X. Bettie unm. 
XI. George Septimus m. 
By second wife : 
XII. Eva May Vaughan unm. 
XIII. William Watkins Vaughn m. Helen 

7 John Cooper ra. Euphan Wilson Alston in 1779. 
Family tradition makes John Cooper's father to have 
been a first (;ousin to Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, first 
earl of Shaftesbury ; also that his brother James became a 
priest of the Roman Catholic church. His mother's maiden 
name was Sutherland. She was also the mother of 
Commodore Dale, and as widow Dale married the father 
of John Cooper. John Cooper himself was of a roving 

i\XD IIis Descendants. 171 

spirit and took his family to France, Avhere his sous and 
daughters were educated. Oa his return to America with 
three of his children, himself, wife and two children were 
drowned on Charleston bar in 1810, the third child having 
died and been buried at sea. His eldest son, JohnBatts, men- 
tioned in his grandfather's will, was sent to France when 
about 10 years old and educated under the care of General 
Kilmaine at the court of Napoleon, became a naturalized 
citizen and was a midshipman in the French navy. In 
consequence of impaired health he resigned and returned 
to this country. In the war of 1812 he served as pay- 
master and commanded the troops in defence of Hampton, 
Virginia. In 1803 he was married to Mary Ann Wray, 
of Hamj)ton, the daughter of George Ashton Wray, and 
Diana Mallory, whose father, (Col.) Francis Mallory, was 
a colonel of Virginia militia during the llevolution, and was 
killed in a skirmish with the British under Col. Dundas, at 
Tompkins' bridge, near Big Bethel, on March 8th, 1781. 
George Ashton Wray was born June 4th, 1762 and 
died February, 1810. He was the eldest son of Jacob 
Wray and Mary Ashton, of King George county, Vir- 
ginia, who died December 9th, 1773. They were married 
May loth, 1761, and Jacob Wray died in 1800. He con- 
tributed financial aid to the American cause during the 
Revolution. Jacob Wray was the sou of George Wray 
and Helen V/alker. George Wray was born in England 
and lies buried in Hampton, Va., his tomb bearing the 
<3oat of arms and the date, April 19th, 1758, aged 61 years. 
He was the only son of George (d 1724) and Rachel 
Wray, of Poplars, Loudon, and in coming to this country 
brought with him the coat of arms which is the same as 
that which was borne by Sir Christopher Wray, who was 
lord chief justice in the reign of Queen Elizabeth; viz.: 
Azure on a chief argent, three martletts gules. Crest an 
ostrich or. Motto " Et juste et verai.'' 

172 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

Their children were, viz : 
58 I. John Batte Cooper, born February 29th, 1780r 
died in New Orleans, September, 18B4, married 
in 1803 to Mary Ann Wray, born March 1st, 
1787; died 1852, {q. v). 
II. Henry Batte Cooper = Miss Baptiste, of Vir- 
ginia; no issue. 

III. James Cooper, drowned on Charleston bar, 1810. 

IV. Mary Cooper, born in Ireland 1st Chapper- 

nell of French army; 2d husband unknown. 
She died in France; no issue. 
V. Susan Cooper, drowned on Charleston bar, 1810. 
VI. Euphan Cooper, died on the voyage to this coun- 
try, and buried at sea. 

5S John Batte Coopee= Mary Ann Wray. Issue 1 1 
ch., viz.: 

I. Euphan died in infancy. 
59 II. George, b. 1808, d. 1851 = Eliza- 
beth Cary of Virginia; 7 ch. (g. v.), 
60 III. Euphan Wilson Alston, b. Feb, 8th, 
1810; d. Dec, 20, 1891. = Will- 
iam Phillips Bainbridge of Ken- 
tucky, U. S. army; issue 7 ch. (q. v). 

IV. Mary, b. 1812, d. 1891; unm. 

V. Susan Ann Stith ; unm. 

VI. Anna Maria=John Cary of Vir- 
ginia ; issue 2 daughters. 
VII. John, d. in New Orleans of yellow 
fever, contracted in Texan army. 
VIII. James, and IX. Joseph, died in youth. 
X. Charles Henry died of wound received 
at Chancellorsville in C. S. army ; 
not married. 

AND His Descendants. 173 

XI. Josephine John James, b. 1822 =: 
Everise Guzman of Louisiana. 

59 George Cooperz= Elizabeth Gary ; 7 ch., viz.: 

I. Fannie ; II, Jane, unm. 
III. John, IV George, and V. Lizzie; all married 

in Louisiana. 
VI. Letitia, unm. 
VII. Georgiana=Martin Guzman of Louisiana. 

60 William Phillips Bainbridge= Euphan Wilson 

Alston Cooper. William Phillips Bainbridge 
was the son of Dr. Absalom Bainbridge (and Eliza- 
beth Taylor) who was a cousin to Commodore 
Bainbridge and descendant of the 5th generation 
irom Sir Arthur Bainbridge of Durham, England. 
He was appointed (from Kentucky) a cadet at the 
West Point Military Academy July 1st, 1820; 
Brevet 2d Lieut, of 3d Artillery July 1st, 1824; 
1st Lieut. May 30th, 1832; Captain March 19th, 
1842; Brevet Major April 18th, 1847 for gallant 
and meritorious conduct at the battle of Cerro 
Gordo, Mexico. He also saw active service in the 
Florida wars. He died Sep. 16th, 1850. His 
children were, 7, viz.: 

61 L Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 19th, 1827 

m. Dec. od, 1846, to Joseph Jones 
Reynolds of Kentucky, U. S. A. 
issue {q. v.). 
II. Edmund Cooper, b. March 29, 1898 
married 1866 to Aspasia Poulli- 
AULT of Louisiana, and have one 
daughter, viz.: Maria Palmyr Eu- 
phan Bainbridge, b. Sep., 1889. 
III. William Phillips, b. April 2d, 1842, 

174 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

IV. Enphan, b. July 25th, 1843 ; unra. 
62 ' y. Juliet BlantoD, b. July 29tb, 1845 ; 
married July 29th, 18G5, to Jules 
Catlin Webber of Illinois, whose 
ancestors came from Holland ; issue 
{q. V.) 

VI. Elisabeth Taylor, b. June 28th, 1848. 
VII. Juliet, born Oct. 26th, 1850; mar- 
ried Nov. 16th, 1868, to Charles 
Edward Morse of England ; b. 
Jan. 16th, 1842 ; issue, viz. : 

(1) Charles Bainbridge, b. Sep. 

26th, 1869; d. Sep 11th, 

(2) Ethel rjphan Mary, b. Oct. 

23d, 1871. 

(3) Maud Mary Bainbridge, b. 

April 5th, 1874. 

(4) Edith Reynolds, b. Oct. 23d, 


(5) Edmund Cooper, b. March 

14th, 1890. 

61 Joseph Jones Reyxolds= Mary Ellsabeth Bain- 
bridge. (Joseph Jones Reynolds was born in 
Kentucky and appointed from Indiana, cadet U. S. 
Military Acauemy 1st July, 1839. 
Brevt. 2d Lieutenant 4th Artillery 1st July, 1843. 
2d Lieutenant 3d Artillery 11th May, 1846. 
1st Lieutenant 3d Artillery, 3d March, 1847. 
Resigned 28th Feb., 1857. 
Colonel 26th Infantry 28th July, 1866. 
Unassigned 15th March, 1869. 
Assigned to 25th Infantry 8th Jan., 1870. 
Transferred to 3d Cavalry 15th Dec, 1870. 

AND His Descendants. 175 

Retired from active service for disability contracted 
in line of duty June 25th, 1877. 

Died Feb. 25th, 1899, at Washington, D. C. 

He was breveted Brigadier-General U. S. Army 
March 2d, 1867, for gallant and meritorious ser- 
vices at the battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, and 
Major-General U. S. Army, March 2d, 1867, for 
gallant and meritorious services at the battle of 
Mission Ridge.) 

They had 5 children, viz. : 

I. Sarah, b. Oct. 7th, 1847, and II. Bain- 
bridge, b. Sep. 15th, 1819 ; unm. 

63 III. Alfred, born Sep. 1st, 1853 ; married 

April 28th, 1881, Louise S. Xortonr 
issue (q. v.). 

64 IV. Kate, born March 24th, 1859; married 

Dec. 12th, 1882, to Edward E. 

Haydeu, U. S. Navy; issue {q. v.). 

V. Euphan, born Nov. 4th, 1868 ; died 
July 28th, 1869. 

63 Alfred Reynolds=Lottise S. Norton, 3 ch., viz.: 
I. Ethel Barbour, b. April 26, 1883. 
11. John Norton, b. Dec. 26, 1885. 
III. Bainbridge, b. Oct. 30, 1891. 

64- Edward E. HAVDENr^KATE Reynolds, 6 ch., viz. : 
I. Reynolds, b. Sept. 30, 1883. 
II. Herbert, b. Sept. 25, 1885. 

III. William, b. Dec. 19, 1887 and d. July 23, 1889. 

IV. Dorothy, b. March 5, 1892. 
V. Alfred, b. April 4,1894. 

VI. Mary Bainbridge, b. Oct. 28, 1895. 

63 Jules Catlin Webbek^Juliet Blanton Bain- 
bridge, 2 ch., viz : 

176 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

I. Mary Reynolds, b. May 26, 1866. Married 
Oct. 3, 1883, to Rev. Charles James Stoviu 
Mayo, of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
(son of John Campbell Mayo=Mary Lewis 
Sfcovin), 3 ch., viz : 

(1) Robert William Bainbridge Mayo, b. 

Dec. 23, 1883. 

(2) Edmund Cooper Mayo, b. Jan. 8, 1885. 

(3) Lucy Stovin Mayo, b. July 12, 1886. 
II. Juliet Laura, b. Feb. 11, 1871; married July, 

1889, to Jessee L. DePriest, of Louisiana; 4 
ch., viz. : 

(1) Jessamine Blanton DePriest, b. March 

5, 1991 ; d. July, 1891. 

(2) Jules Webber DePriest. 

(3) Annie Euphan DePriest. 

(4) Mary Bainbridge DePriest. 

S Joseph John Alston (Chatham Jack)=MARTHA 
Kearney, issue : 

65 I. John Jones Alston, b. March 17, 1792; d. 

1842. Married Adeline Williams, dan. of 
Maj. Wm. Williams and 2d wife, Elisabeth 
Kearney; issue [q. v.). 

66 IL Elisabeth Kinchen Alston, b. Oct. 19, 1793; 

m. March 18, J 813, to Samuel Spencer 
Jackson, of Wadesboro, N. C; born March 
10, 1789, and died in Pittsboro, N. C, Dec. 
14, 1856. He was a lay reader in the P. E. 
Church, and gr. son of Judge Samuel Spen- 
cer, who was Colonel in the Revolutionary 
Army and bore a conspicuous part in the 
history of North Carolina during that period. 
«7 IIL Margaret W., b. Nov. 26, 1795; m. Car- 
ney Cotton, of Chatham Co., N. C, who 
was captain in the war of 1812. [q. v.). 

AND IIis Descendants. 177 

IV. Martha A., b. Dec. 4, 1797; ra. Jack Mebane, 
Chatham Co. 
V. George Washington Alston, b. Nov. 13, 1709. 
VI. Nathaniel Macon Alston, b. Dec. 15, 1801; d. 
June 2, 1856; m. Patsy K. Williams, gr. dan. 
of Ca])t. Sol Williams and T e m p i e 
Boddie, and dau. of Maj, Wm. Williams- 
and Elisabeth Kearney, s. p. 
VII. Emiliue Euphan, b. Jan. 8, 1804; m. Dr. 
Wm. Hamlin, of Ashboro, N. C. 4 ch. 

68 VIII. Gideon Alston, b. Sept. 9, 1806; m. Evelyn 

Alston, of Warren Co., dau. of Philip Gus- 
ton Alston and Mary Williams Harris, his 
wife. [q. v.). 
IX. Robt. Wm. P. Alston, b. Aug. 24, 1809; m. 
Ann Maria Alston, of Yv'arren, sister to his 
brother Gid's wife; d. s. p. June, 1852. 

69 X, Philip Kearney Dawson Alston, b. Dec. 25, 

1811; d. 1852; m. Ann Harwell, of Halifax, 
a ward of (Congress) Willis Alston, [q. v.). 
XL Joseph John Alston, b. Feb. 14, 1814; d. May 
28, 1845; m. 1st. Parraelia DeGraeffenreidt, 
2d. Decimus Palmer, d. s. p. 

65 JcmN Jones Alstox=Adalixe Williams. Issue : 
I. John Jones Alston = Mary M. Clark, of Vir- 
ginia, and have 3 children: 

1. Mary Adaline (Mollie) Alston. 

2. Robert P. (Bob) Alston. 

3. J. W. Nathaniel Alston. 

II. Elizabeth Kinchen = 1st, Alston A. Jones, 
son of Seth Jones = Sallie Alston and bore 5 
children, viz, : 

12 al 

178 Joseph John Alston — 1702-1780 — 

1. Blanch Jones, 4 John Jones, 

2. Nat Macon Jones, 5 Seth Jones, in Texas. 

3. Aurelia Jones ^= John Taylor. 

Her 2d husband was John Gunter to whom 
she bore 1 son, William Gunter. 
III. William Williams Alston died unm. 
ly. Delia Alston = John DeGraeffeneeidt and 

had 1 dau., Pattie DeGraeffenreidt, who 

married Thomas Peay, of Durham, N. C: 

and have 4 children, viz. : 

1. Annie Peay, 8. Mamie Peay. 

2. Ella Peay, 4. Lessie Peay. 

y. Lavinia Alston =: Rev. William Barringer, 
and have issue : 

1. John Alston Barringer. 

2. Paul Barringer. 

3. yictor Barringer. 

4. Ella Barringer = Ogden. 

5. Charles Barringer. 

6. William Barringer. 

yi. Anna Alston = Joe Taylor, whose mother, 
Mary Alston, married 1st Dr. Thomas De- 
Graeffenreidt, and 2d James Taylor, father of 
Joe Taylor. (See Wm. Alston = Sarah Year- 
gau for issue.) 
yil. Marina Tunstall Alston = Dr. John S. Mc- 
Clenehan. Issue : 

1. Pattie McCleneban= Ware. 

2. William McCleueban. 

3. Adaline Williams McClenehanz=Thomas Cal- 


4. James McClenehan= Minnie Rothrock. 
VIII. Eugenia Alston = Benjamin R. Bryan, and 

have issue, viz. : 

AND His Descendants. 179 

1. Marina Bryan. 4. Elizabeth Bryan. 

2. Benjamin Bryan (died young). 5. Elias Bryan. 

3. Anna Bryan. 6. Aurelia Bryan. 

IX. Nathaniel Macon ALSTON=lst Zilpha Hill, 
who bore 1 child. He married 2d Rouina 
Brodie and have issue : 

1. Hattie Alston. 

2. Lavinia Alston= Rice. 

3. Charles Brodie Alston. 

4. Nat Macon Alston. 

5. Joseph T. Alston (died young.) 

66 Elizabeth Kinchen Alston=Samuel Spencer 
Jackson. Issue : 
I. Emma Jackson, b. 1814. 

70 II. Joseph John Jackson (Gen'l. J. J. Jackson), b. 
March 22d, 1817, married Nov. 27th, 1849, to 
Lucy Worth, daughter of Gov. Jonathan Worth. 
She is a lady of fine attainments and artistic 
ability, and is aunt of Worth Bagley, the first 
hero to fall in the Spanish-American war. On 
the 27th Nov., 1899, their 50th wedding anni- 
versary was celebrated in Pittsboro, of which a 
very interesting account was given in the Chat- 
ham Record. It was made the occasion of family 
reunion, many congratulations and much enjoy- 
ment. (For issue see elsewhere.) 

III. Mary Jackson, b. Feb. 17th, 1824= 1st Dr. Wil- 

liam Hamlin, 2d Dr. Charles Alston Hamlin. 

IV. Martha Kearney Jackson, b. 1820, d. 1887, uura. 
Y. Dr. Isaac Jackson lives in Columbus Co., N. C, 

and practices medicine. He was born 1826, 
and married, 1st Susan Worsham in 1850, and 
2d ^[aggie Baldwin 

180 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

VI. Fannie Wilson Jackson, b. March 18th, 1828, tL 
May 15th, 1841. 
^'^II. Samuel Spexcer Jackson, a lawyer of ability, 
was born Sept. 6th, 1832, and died March 
18th, 1875. He was married Dec. 25th, 1856, 
to Elvira Worth, dau. of Gov. Jonathan 
Worth. They had one sou, Herbert Worth 
Jackson, who married Annie Phillips, dau. 
of Judge Fred Phillips, of Tarboro, N. C, 
and reside in Kaleigh. They have 1 dau. and 
1 son, viz.: 

1. Evelyn Hyman Jackson, b. July 12th, 1892. 

2. Herbert Worth Jackson, Jr., b. Sept. 28th, 1897. 
Mrs. Elvira Jackson again married and is now 
Mrs. E. E. Moffitt and lives in Raleigh. SLe 
also is a lady of marked artistic ability and at- 

VIII. Elisabeth Kinchen Jackson, b. Sept. 16th, 1834, 
and d. June 18lh, 1853. 
IX. Dr. Hamilton Calhoun Jackson, born 1836, and 
died July 15th, 1887,married Corinne Worth, 
another dau. of Gov. Jonathan Worth. They 
had one dau., Elisabeth Jackson, who m. 
Haywood White, of Louisburg, and resides 
in Raleigh, who has two children, viz.: Hay- 
wood White, Jr., and Josephine White. Mrs. 
Corinne Worth Jackson's 1st husband was Dr. 
Roberts, of Edenton, N. C. By this marriage 
she bad one son, Willie Roberts, of Wilming- 
ton, N. C, who married Miss Dudley. 

71 Joseph John Jackson =:LucY Worth. Issue: 

12 I. Bettie Louise Jackson, b. Apr. 24th, 1853, m. 
June 22(1, 1875, to Henry Armand London, 

AND His Descendants. 181 

Esq., of Pittsboro, N. C. They have 7 children 

{q. v.). 

II. Carolina M. Jackson, unm. 

III. Jonathan Worth Jackson= Saline Childress, of 

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a niece of Mrs. James 

K. Polk, and lives in Chicago. 

73 IV. Lucy Murphy Jackson=John H. Currie, of 

Fayetteville, N. C,,and have 8 children [q. v.). 

Y. Samuel Spencer Jackson also lives in Chicago. 

7^ Bettie Louise Jackson=Henry Arm and Lon- 

Mr. London is the editor of The Chatham 
Record and a practicing attorney in Pittsboro,N.C. 
He is an uncompromising Democrat, and during 
the campaign of 1900 canvassed the State in be- 
half of the proposed constitutional amendments, 
and his efforts contributed very materially to- 
wards the successful issue. In the following 
election he was chosen State Senator, and filled 
the office of President of that body. He is a 
lay-reader in the Episcopal church, and a promi- 
nent and very useful member of the community 
in which be lives. Of his ancestral lines the fol- 
lowing is submitted : 

His gr. father, John London, was private sec- 
retary to Gov. Tryon, and afterwards secretary to 
the Colony of North Carolina. father. 
Sir Robert Loudon, was knighted by Charles II. 
for services rendered his father. Also the fol- 
lowing lines, viz. : 

William Swann (1585-1637), Swann's Point, 
Va.=Judith Swann. 

Col. Thomas Swann (b. 1616)=Sarah Cod. 

182 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780— 

Hon. Samuel Swann (1 653-1 707)=Elizabetb' 

Fendall, nee Lillington. 
Samuel Swann = Jane Jones, of Virginia. 
Jean Swann ^Frederick Jones (1st cousin). 
Elisabeth Jones=Jobn Hill (2d husband). 
Eliza Hill = WilIiam C. Lord. 
Sallie Lord=Henry A. London. 
Henry Armaud Loudon, Jr. (born 1846)=Bet- 

tie Louisa Jackson. 
Issue : 
I. Lucy Worth London, married Dec. 14th^ 
1898, to John Huske Anderson, of Fayette- 
ville, N. C, a grandson of James Dobbin, Sec- 
retary of the Navy under President Pierce. 
II. Henry Manger London. 

III. Sallie Lord London. 

IV. John Jackson London. 
V. Isaac Spencer Loudon. 

VI. Bettie Louise London. 
VII. Cornelia R, London. 

73 Lucy Murphy Jackson = John H. Currie. Issue : 
I. John Henry Currie died. 
II. David Worth Currie. 

III. Jackson Spencer Currie. 

IV. Edward Smith Currie. 
V. Lucy Worth Currie. 

VI. Archibald Murphy Currie. 
VII. Jonathan Elliot Currie. 
VIII. Armand London Currie. 

67 Captain Carney Cotton=Margaret Williams 
Alston. Issue : 
I. Elisabeth K. Cotton=Dr. Davis. Issue : 
1. Ann Davis= Cooper. 

AND His Descendants. 183 

2. AVilliani Davis, d. s. p. 

3. Roderick Davis, d. s. p. 
II. Margaret Cotton =Tom Long. 

III. Emily Cotton^: Crump. Issue: 

1. Pattie Crump=Hamiltou Long and their 
dau. Mary= Heilig. 

2. John Crump. 

3. Oriana Crump= Williams. 

IV. Carney C<)TT()N=Adelaide PoE. Issue: 

1. Paul Cotton, died young. 

2. Ella Cotton =Middieton Williams. Issue: 
1. Fred Williams — 2. Anna and Elsie. 

G<S Gideon Alston =Evelyn Alston. Issue : 

I. Junius A. ALSTON=lst, Fannie Hamlin (dau. 
of Dr. William and Emiline Hamlin), 3 ch. 
m. 2, Ida Loyd, of Bladou county, N. 
C, 5 ch., viz. : 

1. Maria Alston = Joseph Fraser, of White- 
ville, N. C, and removed to Georgia. She 
died in 189G, leaving 3 small children. 

2. Nellie Alston "Dr. J. H. Durham (den- 
tist), of Wilmington, N. C. Issue : Nellie 
and James Durham. 

3. Victor Junius Alston died in infancy. 

4. Robert Alston. 

5. Junius Alston, Jr. 

6. Loyd . 

7. Lacy and 

8 Lida (Eliza) Alston. 
II. Joseph John Alston^Sue Hunt, 10 children, 
viz. : 

1. Sallie Bullock Alston. 6. Susan H Alston. 

2. Junius Alston. 7. Emma. 

3. Dr. James B. Alston. 8. Joseph Alston. 

184 Joseph John Alston— 1702-1780. 

4. Eveline. 9. John Gideon Al- 


5. Fannie. 10. Maria Alston. 

III. Sallie Alston, born Aug. 15th, 1840, died Feb. 
22d, 1862; married Roger Gregory, of Gran- 
ville, N. C. Their only child, William Greg- 
ory, died num. 

IV. Gideon Alston =Kebecca Lloyd. 

69 Phillip Kearney Dawson Alston = Ann Har- 
well. Issue : 
I. Norman Alston=Sallie Watson, of Bertie Co., 
and their only child, Pattie, is unmarried. 
II. Charles Alston died in the Confederate war. 
III. Augustus Alston =Mollie Brodie, sister of 
Macon Alston's wife. Issue : 

1. Phillip Alston. 4. Helen. 

2. Henry Alston. 5. Norman Alston. 

3. Mary Moore. 6. Harwell Alston. 

7. Lucy Alston. 
They live in Chatham county. 

Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston. 185 

Copy of Solomon Alston'' s Will. 

In the name of God, Ameu. I, Solomon Alston, of the 
County of Warren in the State of North Carolina, being 
in health and sound memory, thanks l)e to Almighty God 
for the same, do make this my last Will and Testament. 
Principally and first of all I recommend my soul into the 
hands of Almighty God that gave it me, trusting in and 
through the merits of my Saviour Jesus Christ to receive 
iull pardon and forgiveness of all my sins ; as for what 
worldly goods it has pleased God to bestow on me, I give 
and bequeath of it in the following manner. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son James Alston the 
tract of land and plantation whereon I now live, the same 
being purchased by me from William Hurst by deed bear- 
ing date the twentieth day of September in the year of our 
Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four, for six 
hundred and forty four acres more or less out of which 
tract I have formerly given to my son, Solomon Alston, 
now deceased, two hundred acres more or less at the upper 
end thereof according to the bounds already made by me 
which said piece or tract of laud and plantation, I do give 
to my said son James Alston and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son James Alston 
one piece or parcel of land, being sixty seven acres more 
or less, lying and adjoining the land before bequeathed to 
him on the south side thereof, the same being purchased 
by me from William Hurst by deed bearing date the eigh- 
teenth day of September in in the year of our Lord one 
thousand seven Hundred and fifty six, and bounded for the 
same as follows, and according to the courses mentioned in 
the said deed which said sixty seven acres of land more or 

186 Solomom and Akn (Hinton) Alston 

less I do give uuto my said sou James Alston and his beirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item. I do give and bequeatli to my son James Alston 
one piece or parcel of land containing two hundred and 
thirteen acres be the same more or less lyiug north east ot" 
the land I now live on, the same being purchased by me 
from my son Solomon Alston now deceased by deed bear- 
ing date the thirteenth day of July one thousand seven hun- 
dred and sixty five and bounded for the same according to 
the courses mentioned in the said deed, which said two 
hundred and thirteen acres of land more or less I do give 
to my said son James Alston and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my said son James Alston 
one piece or parcel of land out of the tract of twelve hun- 
dred acres purchased by me of Joseph Moutford Esqr. (be- 
ginning for the same at a white oak ray old 
corner and running by my line south fifty degrees 
east to a branch called Pitchers to a poplar, Isaac 
Hunter's corner, thence on Isaac Hunter's line to 
a red oak Corner thence north 70 degrees east 118 
poles to the corner of three black oaks thence north 88 de- 
grees east 224 poles to a poplar standing on the cabin 
branch, No. 51 East 280 poles to the road, thence up the 
road to the Lower Richueck next to where Robinson's path 
turned out of said road, thence down the said branch to 
McCulloch line, thence on McCulIoch's line to the head of 
the Great Branch, thence down the said Great Branch to 
my corner, and from thence along my line to the beginning 
which piece or parcel of land I give to my said son James 
Alston and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Grand-son Solomon 
Hunter, son of Isaac Hunter a piece or parcel of land out 
of the tract of twelve hundred acres purchased by me 
of Joseph Montford, Esq., beginning for the same, 
to wit at the head of lower richneck, where my sou James 

AND Their Descendants. 187 

Alston's line leaves the road, thence keej)ing down the 
road to where my line crosses the same, thence by my line 
fifty one degrees east to a black oak corner, thence north 
140 poles to a white oak, thence north 42 degrees west 58 
poles to a Spanish oak in poor creek, thence up the creek 
south 60 degrees west 46 poles to the mouth of Zacharies 
branch, thence np the said branch north 70 degrees west to 
the head of said branch, thence the same course continued 
to McCulloch's line to a post oak 132 poles thence by his 
line to James Alston's line, then up his line to the place of 
beginning to him my grand son Solomon Hunter and his 
heirs forever. 

Item. It is my will and desire that if my sou James 
Alston should die without heir lawfully begotten out of 
his body that all and every part of the land hereby given 
to him descend and go to my son William Alston and to 
his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Martlia 
Hunter, wife of Isaac Hunter, my negro woman Esther 
with her future increase to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my grand son James 
Alston Hunter one negro boy named Tom — born of the 
body of the said Esther to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my grand son Jacob 
Hunter one negro boy named Essex born of the body of 
the said Esther to him and his heirs forever. 

Item, it is my will and desire that Avhat estate that I 
have already put into the possession of my daughter Mary 
Kimbrough together with five pounds, I now leave her to 
be paid by my Executors hereinafter named be all the 
estate I intend for my said daughter Mary out of my estate. 

Item. I give to my sou John Alston one negro fellow 
named Little Dick to be delivered to him after my decease 
by my executors, to him and his heirs forever besides what 
I have already put into his possession out of my estate. 

188 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son William Alston 
wliat I have already given him in his possession, also one 
negro man Ned the younger and one negro boy named 
Daniel now in his possession to him and his heirs and as- 
signs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Hunter 
wife of Jesse Hunter one negro woman named Dinah and 
her increase now in her possession to her and her heirs and 
assigns forever and that my full interest and meaning 
is that she nor her heirs claiming under her have any part 
of my estate except five pounds current money, svhich I 
also desire my Executors to pay to her at my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved son Philip Al- 
ston what of my estate that I have already put in his pos- 
session, also forty pounds current money to be paid him 
when demanded from my executors, which is all I in- 
tend for my said sou out of my estate. 

Item. I give and bequeath to ray grand son John Mc- 
Coy Alston son of ray son Philip Alston one negro boy 
named Arch to him and his heirs forever, 

I give and beqeath to ray daughter Charity what estate I 
have already put into her possession, also five pounds cur- 
rent money to be paid to her by my executors which is all 
I intend for my said daughter out of my estate. 

I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Priscilla 
Jones, daughter of James Jones, deceased one negro girl 
named Violet with all her increase to her and her heirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Martha Hun- 
ter, wife of Isaac Hunter the increase of a negro woman 
named Aggie, now deed, the said increase being now in her 
possession to her and her heirs forever. 

I give and bequeath to my grand son, Alston Jones son of 
my daughter Rachel Jones one negro named MInga, born 

AND Their Descendants. 189- 

of the body of negro Rose to him my said grand son and 
his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I bequeath to my daughter Rachel Jones, wife of 
Edmoud Jones one negro woman named Gate with her in- 
crease now in her possession together with five pounds cur- 
rent money which I desire to be paid out of ray estate by 
my executors. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Morgan 
two negro girls Jane and Pretty with their increase to her 
and her heirs and assigns forever which is all I intend for 
ray said daughter Sarah out of ray estate. 

Item. I give and bequeath to ray grand son Lerauel 
Jaraes Alston son of ray deceased son Soloraon Alston five 
pounds current money to be paid by my executors when he 
attains to lawful age. 

Item. It is ray will and desire that my two sons in law 
Isaac Hunter and Jesse Hunter have the use of my still in 
distilling the brandy made by thera on their plantation. 

Item. It is ray desire that if my son Jaraes Alston die 
without issue lawfully begotten of his body, that what ne- 
groes he has of my estate at the time of his death with 
their increase shall be equally divided between William 
Alston Isaac Hunter Jesse Hunter & Edraond Jones to 
them and their heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath all ray estate of the personal 
property of what nature or kind soever not before in this 
my will and testament bequeathed, to James Alston and his 
heirs forever. 

Lastly, I constitute my loving sons James Alston Wil- 
liam Alston & and my son in law Jesse Hunter executors 
to this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof 
I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of Sep- 
tember A. D. 1780. Solomon Alston. (Seal.) 
Witnesses : William Myrick, Francis Myrick, 

Thos. Maclen. 

190 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

A Codicil to the Afore Wi'itten Will. 

It is ray will aud desire that a certain piece or parcel of 
land given in my last will and testament to my grand son 
Solomon Hunter son of Isaac Hunter and Martha his wife, 
since the making of my said will, I have given to the said 
Solomon Hunter the said land by deed dated on the 18th. 
day of April 1781. Therefore it is' my desire that the 
said legacy given in my said will be noil and void as if 
never made. 

Item. It is my will and desire that if my son James 
Alston should die betore his son John Alston attain to the 
age of eighteen years, that then and in such case it is 
ray will and desire that none of ray land shall be cleared 
until my said grandson attain to his said eighteen years 
of age or till the same shall be claimed by my heirs accord- 
ing to my said will. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal this 18th. day of AprH A. D. 1784. 

Solomon Alston. (Seal.) 

Witnesses: Thos. Maclen, Richard Revear, 
Solomon Hunter, William Myrick, Francis Myrick. 
Probated January Court 1785. 

S Solomon Alston = Ann (Nancy) Hinton (about 
1729). Issue: 
I. Mary, b. June 4th, 1730i= Nathaniel Kira- 
brough (q. v.). 

3 II. Solomon, b. Oct. 24, 1733=Sarah [q. v.). 

4. III. John, b. Ap. 18th, 1735= Elizabeth Hyues, 
or Hines {q. v.). 

5 IV. William, Lt. Col., b. Dec. 25, 1736=Charity 

Alston (f/. v.). 

6 y. Anne,b. March 29th, 1738= JesseHunter(5. 1-.). 

\ <W'^ "^ND Their Descendants. 191 

yi. Phillip, b. Feb. 18th, 1741 = and had one son, 
John McCoy Alston, mentioned in will of" 
Solomon Alston, in 1784. This family- 
very early removed to the Natchez District, 
and are mentioned as being there in 1776- 
1781, by Pickett in his "History of Ala- 
bama." His wife was among the refugees 
who fled from the Spaniards in 1781. 
7 VII. Charity, b. Jan. 19th, 1743=Capt. James 
Jones {q. v.). 

2 VIII. Martha, b. May 25th, 1745=:Isaac Hun- 

ter {q. l\\. 
IX. Rachel, b. Sept. 27th, 1747:i=Edmund Jones 
{q. v.). Had one son, A.lston Jones, of whom 
there is no farther record. 
X. Sarah, b. June 27th, 1752=:Morgan, of whom 
there is no farther record. 
1 XI. James, b. Feb. 1st, 1754— d. Feb. 27th, 1805, 
ra. 1st, Sarah Kearney, b. Mar. 26ih, 1758, 
m. 2d, Sarah Hawkins, n^e Macon, who d. 
Ap. 11th, 1808 {q. v.). 

As there are so many intermarriages with the Warren 
county family of Jones, there will be added a brief sketch 
of them, also of the family of Evan Jones of White Plains, 
and of the family of Banks, so intimately connected with 
Alston and Jones. 

3 Solomon Alston, Jii.=Sarah . 

Solomon Alston sold 4,000 acres of laud in Bute, now 
Warren county, to his uncle Joseph John Alston, who 
willed it to his sou Henry. He is also recorded as hav- 
ing been a grand juror in 1769, from Granville Co. In 
Col. Records of N. C, Vol. VIII, page 201, we find, 
"ordered that Solomon Alston, Jr., and Robert Dick- 

192 Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston 

ens be added to the "Commission of the Peace & 
. Dedimus" for the county of Granville, and that the 
chairman of said court be directed to insert their 
names in the Commission & Dedimus accordingly. 
Ap. 7th, 1770. [Signed] Wm. Tryon. His will 
was probated at August court 1771. His widow mar- 
ried Captain John Henderson, June 4th, 1772. In 
1776, there is record of a petition from Wm. Alston 
and Joseph John Williams to Supreme Court, praying 
that John Henderson who had married the widow of 
Solomon Alston, now deceased, late of Granville 
county, be restrained from leaving the Province to the 
prejudice of the children of the said Solomon Alston. 
Names of said children : 
11 I. Lemuel James, born 1760 (q, v.). 

II. Henry^zSarah Hill, dau. of Thomas Hill, of 

Halifax County (q. v.). 
III. Charity Alston. There is no record of her 
ever having married. Robert Lewis was 
also a devisee in the v/ill of Solomon Alston, 
but there is found no other record of him. 
Of Henry Alston, above mentioned, there 
is a record, July 27fh, 1784, leaving prop- 
erty to his wife, Sarah Hill, and their chil- 
dren : 
I. Willis Alston. 
II. Fanny Foster Alston, probably married to 
John Kimbrough, son of Nathaniel. 

III. Thomas Alston, of whom there is no further 

record or history. 

This family is to be distinguished from that of Henry 
Alston, son of Joseph John, who also m. Sarah Hill and 
left three children, and has been mentioned elsewhere. 

AND Their Descendants. 193 

11 Judge Lemuel James Alston married Elisabeth, 
dan. of Colonel Joseph John Williams and Elisabeth, 
dau. o^ Phillip Alston and Winnifred Whitmel. After 
the death of his wife, he married Elisabeth, widow 
of Joseph John Williams, Jr., the half brother of 
his first wife, but had no children by this second 
marriage. We find him living in South Carolina, 
on a place which is now the site of the city of Green- 
ville, and representing that district in Congress, 
1807-1811. From there he removed to what is 
now Clarke county, Ala., in 1816. There as Chiet 
Justice he presided over the Orphans Court and 
County Court from November, 1816, to May, 1821. 
He was noted for his intellectual attainments, as well 
as for his uniformly dignified, gentlemanly, courte- 
ous bearing. He died in 1836, on what was known 
as the Alston place. Of his six sous and two daugh- 
ters, only one son survived him and left issue. We 
have record of only 4 of his children, viz.: 
I. Lemuel Alston died of yellow fever in Peusa- 
cola, Fla., and at time of his death was en- 
gaged to a Spanish lady. 
II. James Madison Alston married a Widow Wil- 
liams and died without issue. 

III. Melissa d. unm. 

IV. Col. William Williams Alston was born 

in Greenville, S. C, March 27th, 1799, and 
died in 1860 in Louisiana of pneumonia 
while on a visit. He married June 22d, 1720, 
Mary Haywood Burges, of North Caro- 
lina, born 1803, died Sept. 21st, 1841. 
Their children were : 
I. Sarah Elizabeth Carolina, b. June 23d, 1821, 
d. Nov. 3d, 1879; married Samuel Alston 
Fitts {q. v.). 

194 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

12 II. Mary Melissa Jane, b. March 27th, 1824 =: 

James A. Howze. Issue {q. v,). 
III. William Henry Alston, b. January 31st, 1726 
= Virginia Jones. No issue. Died in La- 
mar Co., Texas. 

13 IV. Lemuel Lovatt^ =1854, Sarah French Jack- 

sou. Issue [q. v.). 
1^ twins b. Sept. 16,1827. 

... I 
14- V. Laura Virginia J =AV. J. Howze. Issue {q.v.)> 

VI. Cornelia Caroline, b. May 27th, 1829 = Col. 

J. J. Pegues and d. 1852. No surviving 


VII. Thos. Burges~] died num. in Lamar Co., Te^:. 


)> twins b. Aug. 25th, 1832. 

15 VIIL Anna Olivia | died Nov. 3, 1897= L.B. Brown 

j of Enterprise, Miss. Issue (q-v.)^ 

16 IX. Joseph John, b. May 15th, 1835= Louise 

Josephine Jones. Issue [q. v.). 
X. Emma Haywood, b. June 3d, 1837= Nathaniel 
Alston Williams. Issue {q. v.). 

17 XL Dr. Alfred Augustus Alston, born January 

24th, 1839, died Feb. 25th, 1892, at San 
Augustine, Florida. He married Margaret 
A. Ulraer. They had 3 daughters (5. v.). 

1^ James A. Howze=Mary Melissa Jane Alston, 

5 children, viz.: 
B I. James Alexander Howze married twice (5. v.). 

Resides in Palmetto, Fla. 
II. Clara Cornelia Howzer=A. J. Ulmer, Paris^ 

Texas, 3 children, viz.: 

1. Lizzie=: — Wier, of" Galveston, Texas. 

2. Clara= — Henley, cashier of City National 
Bank, Paris, Texas. 

3. Creagh, unm. 

AND Their Descendants. 195 

III. Mary Alston Howze=Col. Melancthon Smith 

[d. s. p.), 
IV. Thomas Falconer Howze=Pattie Strudwick, 
Demopolis. 4 children, viz. : 
1. Sam Howze. 2. James Howze. 
3. Helen. 4. Clara. 

V. Annie DeWitt Howze, unm., Paris, Texas. 

B James Alexander Howze=lst in 1871, Mary 

S.Jones. Issue 4 children; 2d in 1889, 
Frankie A. McKay, of Chicago. Issue 3 
children, viz. : 

1. Mary V. m. Guy Moseley, who died in 

2. Daisy Howze died in infancy. 

3. Thomas A. m. Edith Bacon. 

4. Anna m. Dr. J. L. Ulmer and resides at 
Tampa, Fla. 

5. James A. Howze, Jr., unm. 

6. Wm. D. Howze, uura. 

7. Julius D. Ilowze, unm. 

14. W. J. HowzE= Laura Virginia Alston, 5 chil- 
dren, viz. : 
I. Sidney Alston Howze died unm. 
A II. Mary Virgiuia=James W. Loper. Issue 

{q. v.). 

III. William Harris Howze= — Ward. Issue 3 

or 4 children. 

IV. Emma Cornelia died in early life. 
V. Tiiomas Wilds died in childhood. 

A James W. Loper=Mary Virgioia Howze, 9 children, 
viz. : 

196 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

I. Thomas riowze. II. Laura Edwina. 

III. William Alston. IV. Sallie Robinson. 
V. James Sidney, VI. Erasmus Clayton. 

VII. Annie AHrginia. VIII. Francis Wilds. 
IX. John, j 

13 Dr. Lemuel Lovatt Alston, 1827-1892, graduated at 
the medical college of South Carolina, in Charleston, 
1857, and after the war settled in Orrville, Ala., 
where he attained to considerable distinction in his 
profession. His death was the result of pneumonia. 
His wife, Sarah French Jackson, was the dau. of 
James M. Jackson, ot Gainestown, Ala. They had 
3 children, viz. : 

I. Mary, who married Dr. Richard P. Huger, of 
Anuiston, Ala., and died leaving 1 son, 
Richard Huger, Jr., and 1 dau., Mary Al- 
ston Huger. Alter the death of his wife. 
Dr. Huger again married Miss Noble, of 
Auniston and has issue 
11. Lemuel James Alston == — Frobel, who died 
without children. He has been a traveling 
salesman, spending much of his time in At- 
lanta, Ga., where his mother also has been. 
11. William Williams Alston was killed in Tusca- 
loosa, Ala., while attending college. 

15 L. B. Brown =Anne Olivia Alston; have 1 son, Alfred 
Alston Brown, who m. Aimee A. Baldwin 
(whose mother was a sister of John H. 
Wheeler, the historian of North Carolina), 
and have 3 children, viz. : 
I. Aimee Clifton Brown. 
II. L. B. Brown, Jr. 
III. Annie Alston Brown. 

AND Their Descendants. 197 

16 Joseph John Ai.stox=Louisa Josephine Jones. 

After residing some years in Paris, Texas, he 
returned to Alabama, and has been engaged in mercantile 
pursuits in Tuscaloosa. They have six children, viz : 
I. Caroline Haywood, b. Nov. 4, 1856 ; unm. 
II. Samuel Fitts Alston, b. Jan. 6, 1859.=Fannie 
Fitts [q. v.). 

III. Louisa Josephine, b. Nov. 1, 1862=Chaeles 

N. Maxwell ; 5 ch., viz. : 

(1) George Neville Maxwell, b. May 4, 1884. 

(2) Charles Neville Maxwell, b. Feb. 22, 1886. 

(3) Joseph Alston Maxwell, b. Feb. 17, 1888. 

(4) Samuel Hamilton Maxwell, b. July 11, 

(5) Louise Neville Maxwell, b. July 15, 1892. 

IV. GiiORGE Alston, b. Jan. 4, 1867=Jennie Max- 

well, 2 ch. viz. : 

I. George Jones Alston, b. Sept. 1895. 
11. Eugene Hamilton Alston, b. Nov. 1897. 
V. Mary, b. Nov. 14, 1869=Ernest Pittman. 
VI. Henry Alston, b. Aug. 28, 1873=:Mabel Wiuni- 
fred Jones. 

17 Dr. Alfred Augustus Alston = Margaret A. 

Ulmer. Issue: 

L Julia E, born at Orrville, Ala., Feb. 9, 1868; 
m. Fred D. Waite at Bellview, Fla., May 
8, 1888. Issue 3 daughters: 

1. Margaret, b. at Homosassa, Fla., 

Sept. 4, 1889, and died in infancy. 

2. Edith Emiline, b. at Bellview, Fla., 

March 16, 1892. 

3. Ethel Alston, b. at Bellview, Fla., 

Nov. 12, 1898. 
II. Maggie U, b. at Orrville, Ala., April 14, 


1870, and married George R. Haile, in 
Kanapaha, Fla., Dec. 28, 1887. One sou 
and three daughters : 

1. Alston Reynolds Haile, b. in Ocala, 

Fla., Jan. 7, 1889. 

2. Esther Fenwick, b. at Leesburg, Fla., 

July 2, 1891. 

3. Miriam Penfield, b. at Leesburg, Fla., 

Nov. 30, 1892. 

4. Margaret Ulmer, b. at Leesburg, Fla., 

Oct. 5, 1895. 

III. Annie H, b. in Paris, Texas, Nov. 6, 1876 ; 

married James D. Clore, in Leesburg, Fla., 

March 4, 1896; 1 daughter, Annie Alston 

Clore, b. in Bellview, Fla., Dec. 4, 1898. 

Sketch of John Alston by his Grand- daughter. 

Agreeable to promise I have written tor you all that 
mama can now recall of the early history of our great- 
grand-father, John Alston. Mama says she has but an 
imperfect recollection ot him, as he died when she was 
quite a child ; so that we are indebted to our grand-mother 
(Lucy Alston) for the following facts : She often spoke to 
mama of her early lite and of the hardships encountered 
by her whole family. Before proceeding further let me 
ask your indulgence, for I can do no more than give you a 
general outline. Mama was unable to give me a single 
date, although, atter much trouble, I have succeeded in 
finding enough to satisfy me in the main, and hope you 
may feel sufficiently interested to search for yourself. 

The history of Louisiana, and more particularly that por- 
tion of it known as West Florida, would be interesting to 
all, but deeply so to us, it having been the home of our 
fore-fathers — the scenes of their struggles to throw off the 

AND Their Descendaists. 199 

Spanish yoke, and of their after happiness under that rule 
during the general amnesty, and finally of the possession 
of it by the United States in 1810. 

Our great grandfather was by birth a Carolinian, a true 
and loyal British subject — he lived and died an English- 
man at heart. 

In or about the year 1770, John Alston removed with 
his family — wife and four children — to the Natchez district 
of West Florida, and never participated in the struggle of 
the Americans for liberty, but remained firm in his attach- 
ment to the royal cause. His plantation was 10 miles 
east of Natchez. The maiden name of his wife was Elisa- 
beth Hynes. At the time of their emigration to Natchez, 
our grand-parents were wealthy, and their children were 
educated at home under the care of good and competent 
English teachers — indeed, I may say they were reared in 
the lap of luxury and refinement. The plantation on 
which they lived is about eight or nine miles from Natchez, 
and to which they gave the name of " La Grange " — a 
name it still retains. The names of their children were 
William, Lewis, Ann and Solomon. Lucretia, or Lucy, 
as she was afterward called (our grandmother), was born in 
1772 on the La Grange plantation. 

In 1779 Baton Rouge, Fort Bute at Manchac, Fort 
Panmure at Natchez were surrendered to Gen. Galvez. 
Thus that portion of West Florida came under the domin- 
ion of Spain, but it was not confirmed by a treaty until 
1783, when the whole of East and West Florida were 
ceded to the Spanish crown, and this terminated the last 
vestige of British power upon the lower Mississippi after 
an occupancy of nearly nineteen years. 

In the winter of 1781, when Gen. Galvez, the captain- 
general of Louisiana, was engaged in reducing Pensacola 
(an English fort), a revolt of the English colonies in the 
Natchez district, headed by Jno. Alston and six others, 

200 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

brought upon them the vengeance of their conquerors, the 
Spaniards of Louisiana. During the siege, hearing of the 
approach of a fleet, which had been mistaken for a British 
one, they considered the success of their sovereign's cause 
in West Florida so certain that they determined on giving 
him an evidence of their loyalty by dislodging the Span- 
iards irom the fort. They raised the British standard on 
the 22d of April, but it was not until the 29th that the 
evacuation of Fort Panmure by the Spanish took place, 
soon followed by the rumor that the report of the approach 
of the British fleet was unfounded, and afterward by that 
of Galvez's success at Pensacola. 

On the 29th of July of the same year (1781) Don Carlos 
De Grandpri, lieutenant-colonel of the regiment of Louis- 
iana, entered upon his duties of civil and military com- 
mandant of the port district of Natchez, when measures 
were immediately taken for the punishment of such of the 
late insurgents as were within the reach of the Spanish 
authorities. Arrests, seizures and confiscations commenced. 

The insurgents being mindlul of Spanish cruelty exer- 
cised by Gov. O'Reily ten years before, determined to 
elude the vigilance of the Spanish government by seeking 
the protection of the nearest British post in Georgia upon 
the Savannah river. 

Without loss of time, and in company with other fam- 
ilies, Mr. Alston started his wife and three younger chil- 
dren, with twenty-five young negro men as their protec- 
tion or body. guard ; he, with his two elder sons, remained 
at their post. Mrs. Alston had gone but two days' jour- 
ney when her horse stumbled and fell. She was thrown, 
and in the fall had several of her ribs broken ; her com- 
panions were obliged to hurry on, while she and her chil- 
dren returned to their home. Her sufierings were very 
great, and she was carried on a litter, the negroes taking 

AND Their Descendants. 201 

it in turn. From this accident she never recovered, lin- 
gered a few weeks and died. 

After the death of his wife Mr. Alston, with his sons, 
attempted to make their esca})e; the young men succeeded, 
but the leader of the revolt was too great a prize ; he was 
betrayed into the hands of the Spaniards, and after a trial 
in New Orleans he and six others were sentenced to close 
confinement for life in Moro Castle (Havana). 

Previous to his capture in the Indian Nation, Mr. Alston 
asked the protection of Dr. Farrar for his three younger 
children. After the confiscation of his projierty Dr. 
Farrar removed the three children to a cabin in the woods, 
on one of his ))lantations on " False River," in Pointe 
Coupee parish, La. 

Mammy Poll, an old negro woman who had belonged 
to Mr. Alston and who was permitted to remain with the 
children, was in this their hour of trial their only earthly 
friend and protector. There was but one room in the 
cabin and in that they all lived for more than a year. 
Solomon was only twelve years of age and, from having 
been alM'ays accustomed to every comfort, now was called 
upon to exert himself for the maintenance and support of 
his sisters. They were fortunately allowed to retain some 
few bedclothes and their own wearing apparel, of which 
they had a good supply. 

Mammy Poll had a little dog which was a great help to 
them. She, with Solomon and her dog, would hunt the 
small game of the country, such as the opossum, raccoon 
and rabbit. She also raised poultry, and as False river 
was near by, their table was often supplied with fish. 
Meat and meal were furnished them from the plantation. 

Can you imagine a more distressing situation for a 
young and beautiful girl of only fifteen (for such was 
Ann's age), the petted idol of her famUy, in a few short 
weeks to be deprived by death of an affectionate mother,^ 

202 Solomon a.nd Ann (Kintcn) Alston 

Ler beloved father a prisoner for life, her two brothers 
fugitives, and she the sole guardian of her younger brother 
and sister, without means, without friends, with a bare 
roof over her head and in sound of the terrible howling 
of wolves and other wild animals, living in constant terror, 
for she was without protection and at the mercy of any or 
all who might feel so disposed to molest her? But they 
had a friend — ihese poor children of the wilderness. Our 
Heavenly Father protected them and gave Ann strength 
to bear her heavy burdens (I say Ann, for the others were 
younger and did not feel as she did), and in time sent her 
an earthly friend, who proved himself indeed a true and 
kind one. Mr. Alexander Stirling, a young Scotchman 
who had left his home in the mother country to seek his 
fortune in the new world, at that time was living at Dr. 
Farrar's place managing for him, and his kind, manly 
heart led him to pity and assist these poor, helpless chil- 
dren. From repeated acts of kindness and sympathy they 
learned to look upon him as their friend. He became de- 
votedly attached to Ann and she in time returned his atfiec- 
tions. In the fall or winter of 1782 they were married, 
and in January, 1783, they removed to their own home, 
on Thompson's creek, near Murdock's ford. West Feliciana 
parish, and commenced merchandising. They were for- 
tunate in business and soon became independent. 

Grandma, in speaking of her home on "False River," 
said the mosquitoes were so bad they were obliged to sleep 
on a sort of scaffold outside the cabin and make a smoke 
under it, and then tliey would build a large fire to scare 
the wolves, and although she was but nine years of age 
she remembered distinctly her nightly terror ot them, and 
to her dying day she considered the meat of the opossum a 

Mammy Poll was a good and faithful friend ; she tried 
to sell her poultry and extra game, which enabled them to 

AND Their Descendants. 203 

buy an occasioual pair of shoes or some little extra. In 
after years she was emancipated and lived in New Orleans 
to a ripe old age in comfort and inde])endence, having the 
love and respect of every member ot the family, ^v■ho al- 
ways treated her with great deference. 

I iiave heard my own huhbaud s])eak of visiting her 
when he was a child. Soon aiter Mr. and Mrs. Stirling 
settled in their own home, her brothers, William and 
Lewis, in consequence of their youth, were }>ardoned, and 
came to visit their sisters and brother. 

After consultation they determined to place Lucy in the 
Ursuliue Convent in New Orleans, which William did in 
the following fall, and there she remained for five years. 
Her education was altogether in French, and when she left 
the convent she had almost forgotten her mother tongue. 

Solomon remained with his sister and attended the school 
of the neighborhood. William and Lewis Alston entered 
land on the Bayou Tunica (West Feliciana Parish) and 
soon became independent. 

Until the winter of 1783 John Alston remained a close 
prisoner in Moro Castle. At that time Prince William 
Henry (afterward William the 4th of England) went to 
Havana as mid.^hipman, and then an opportunity was of- 
fered him of exercising his humanity for the deliverance of 
the unfortunate. Some of his countrymen were in danger 
of suffering under sentence of death in Moro Castle; at his 
royal highness' intercession they were liberated, but Gen. 
Oalvez, then Governor of Louisiana, was fearful these 
leaders of the revolt might again give trouble to the gov- 
ernment and offered a reward of five thousand dollars for 
the head of John Alston if found within the Spanish do- 
minion of Louisiana. 

Here is a copy of the letter which Prince William wrote 
to Gen. Galvez : 

Sir — I want words to express to your excellency my just 

204 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

sense of your polite letter, of the delicate manner in which 
you caused it to be delivered and of your generous conduct 
towards the unfortunate men in your power. Their pardon, 
which you have been pleased to grant on ray account, is 
the most agreeable present you could have offered me, and 
it is strongly characteristic of the bravery and gallantry of 
the Spanish nation. This instance increases, if possible, 
my opinion of your excellency's humanity, which has ap- 
peared on so many occasions in the course of the late war. 
Admiral Rowley is to dispatch a vessel to Louisiana with 
the prisoners. I am convinced they will ever think of your 
excellency's clemency with gratitude ; and I have sent a 
copy of your letter to the King, my father, who will be 
fully sensible of your excellency's attention to me. 

I request my compliments to Mme. Galvez, and that you 
will be assured that actions so noble as those of your ex- 
cellency will ever be remembered by, yours sincerely, 

William, P. 

Another kind act of Prince William was to save the life 
of a brother midshipman, Benjamin Lee, who had been 
sentenced to death for disrespect to a superior officer. 

In 1784 John Alston presented himself before the Gov- 
ernor and declared his name and claimed the reward for 
his impoverished children. 

The Governor was struck with his manly bearing, offered 
him his hand, and said, " Give me your word never to 
again interfere with the Government, and go home and 
take care of your children." 

From the time of his departure from New Orleans in 
1781 Mr. Alston had never heard of his children, but now 
on his release he heard from friends in the city that his 
sons had been pardoned and that his youngest daughter 
was in the convent; he went to see her and learned from 
her that her sister was married and living on Thompson's 
Creek. Leaving Lucy in the convent he was in a few 

AND Their Descendants. 205 

days with the other members of his family. He found his 
lovely daughter a wife and mother. The feeling of deep 
gratitude to the kind protector of his helpless children was 
paramount to all others; he received Mr. Stirling as a son 
and soon after lo ved him as his own child. 

Finding his sons had settled on Bayou Tunica, he soon 
opened a plantation near them on the " Lake of the Cross," 
and being enabled to claim some of his former slaves in 
right of his children, he by persevering energy and indus- 
try soon became a wealthy planter. Mr. Alston was a 
large, handsome, well- formed man ; his height was six feet 
four inches. All of the family except grandma were large. 
Mrs. Stirling was tall and the brothers all over-size; one 
of them, Lewis, was six feet seven inches, and mama says 
decidedly the handsomest man she ever saw. 

After grandraama's return from the convent she lived 
with and kept house for her father until her marriage with 
Mr. Ruffiu Gray, a young Virginian, and brother of Mrs. 
Lewis Alston, who was married before grandma's return. 

William Alston married Miss Mildred Wells, of Rapides 
Parish ; his descendants live in Mississippi, but we have 
heard nothing of them for many years. 

Lewis Alston was twice married ; his first wife. Miss 
Mary Ann Gray, left no children ; his second wife was Miss 
Rebecca Kimball. 

About the time of grandma's marriage Mr. and Mrs. 
Stirling removed from Thompson's Creek and settled in 
West Feliciana on the plantation known for a long time as 
" Egypt," but which is now known as Rosale. 

Lucy Alston was twice married ; her first husband was 
Mr. Ruffin Gray. They had four children, the youngest 
of whom, Mary Ann, was born a few months before her 
father's death. He had opened the " Oakley Plantation," 
West Feliciana, and had made all his arrangements for 
moving when his health, which had been declining for some 

206 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

time previous, failed rapidly and he died at his residence 
on the Homachitta. As soon after his death as practica- 
ble grandmama removed to " Oakley," and there new 
trials awaited her. About that time her father died, very 
soon after her sister, and she had the care of her younger 
children. To add to her sorrow the smallpox, that terrible 
scourge, made its appearance in the neighborhood, and the 
whole family were inoculated. Grandma, in alluding to 
this period of her life, says her trials were greater and 
harder to bear than all the others. Besides the poignancy 
of grief at the loss of a kind husband, father and sister, 
she had this terrible disease to battle with ; six members 
of the family were ill with it, besides many of the negroes. 
Then it was that Lucretia, the youugest child of Mrs. Stir- 
ling, died, and for days the lives of her own two children 
were despaired of. But for her brother Solomon, who was 
with her through all that trying period, she must, even 
with her energy, have sunk, as it was the anxiety, distress 
and fatigue that nearly killed her, and it was a long time 
before she recovered from the effect. 

She was indebted to another kind friend. Miss Chis- 
holm (the grand aunt of Mrs. Lurly), who remained with 
her, and her kindness and sympathy were a great comfort. 

Grandmama married the second time Mr. James Perrie, 
a Scotchman, and friend of her brother-in-law, Mr. Stir- 
ling. They had three children — the first died in infancy — 
Sarah, who died at 14 years of age, and Eliza. 

Of grandmama, she was twice widow and died at the 
age of 60 in May, 1832, beloved by all who knew her. 
She was a woman of strong mind and great energy of 
character, and her life of vicissitudes was well calculated 
to bring out all her fiacufties. 

You will find the proofs of the dates herein mentioned 
in "Monette's Valley of the Mississippi" — "Warton's Lou- 
isiana," and Cratz's life of Geo. 4th. 


AND Their Descendants. 207 

The life of our grandmama is full of incideut, but I am 
totally inadequate to the task of writing it out. 
Affectionately your cousin, 

S. P. s. 

From the family Bible of Jonathan Rncker, and from 
family reminiscences, we have the following : 

The family of Rucker were Huguenots and left France 
in the 17th century, and settled near Fairfax, Va. Some- 
time jirevious to the Revolution they came southward, 
some even as far as Mississijapi. The vessel which brought 
them to America was wrecked and every one on board 
lost, except Riicker himself aud one companion. Among 
his descendants, about the beginning of tlie Revolution, 
Peter aud his wife Sarah Rucker came to the Mississippi 
country from Prince Edward Co., Va., and settled upou 
the river in liouisiana below Natchez. Among their 
children were Jonathan, Catherine, Susanna, and William. 

Here his wife Sarah died, and Peter married again. 
His 2d wife was disliked by the children, and little Cathe- 
rine, refusing to nurse her step-mother's infant, took her 
brother William with her and went off, crossing the river 
by night in a skiff, and wrapping up her little brother in 
a flannel skirt to make him comfortable, they concealed 
themselves on the opposite bank of the river, where they 
could see their father with neighbors, dogs and torches 
hunting for them all night. The children, when day 
came, went to .some of the neighbor's houses. Mrs. Philip 
Alston took pity upon the children, having been a friend 
of their mother, and offered to take little Catherine into her 
family aud send her to school with her own children. 
This the child enjoyed very much, and became strongly 
attached to Mrs. Alston and family. In 1781, when the 
English colonists of the Natchez District fled from the 
Spaniards, she took Catherine with her to the Indian 

208 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

uation, where they went for protection. There they met 
John Turnbull, the Indian agent, whom Catherine mar- 
ried (she being then 16 years old), and afterwards lived 
in East Baton Rouge at a place called Arlington, until 
some years subsequent to her husband's death. John 
Turnbull had previously married among the Indians, 
where he left a number of children. 

John Turnbull came to Mobile from Scotland with his 
father, mother, brother and sister. All of whom, except 
himself and brother, died of yellow fever the first summer 
after arrival. 

William, the youngest, a child of 11 or 12 years, was 
put with the greater part of their property in the store ot 
an English merchant. He moved with the merchant's 
family to the Bahamas, where he died, leaving a wife and 
two small children. 

John bought a mule and a peddler's pack and started 
out to trade with the Indians. In the course ot time he 
was made agent under Spanish rule and became very 
wealthy, owning quantities ot land in Mobile, on the Tom- 
bigbee, and in East Baton Rouge. 

Among the children of John Turnbull and his wife 
Catherine Rucker, their dau. Sarah married Lewis Stir- 
ling of West Feliciana Parish. Robert Semple Young, 
A. B., who served as a private in Co. A, Jeff Davis' Le- 
gion in Va., during the Confederate war, and resides in 
Natchez, is a gr-grandson. 

Among the English residents of the Natchez District 
who took an active part in therebellion against the Spanish 
government in 1781, and fled to the Indian Territory, was 
Philip Alston, a younger brother of John, and mentioned 
in "Pickett's History of Ahibama" as residing at Petit 
Gnlf in 1776. There is no record of his having left issue, 
except that his lather in his will in 1784 makes a special 

AND Their Descendants. 209 

bequest to his grandsou, John McCoy Alston, son of his 
}?on Philip, 

By consulting the Adams county records, we find that 
Owen Alston bought negroes about 1800-1810. He may 
also have been a son of this Philip who was still alive 
Oct. 1st, 1784. 

Subjoined we give the family descent of John Alston 
and Elisabeth Hines as far as we have obtained it : 

i John Alston, b. April 18th, 1735, d. 1802, married 
about 1761 to Elizabeth Hines; d. 1781. 
Both of North Carolina. Five children : 

I. William Alston b. 1762, d. April 12th, 

1812, married Mildred Wells, of Rapides 
Parish, La. Their children were: 1, Eliza- 
beth, who m. John Davis in 1818 ; 2, Wil- 
liam Alston, and 3, John Alston. 
IS II. Philip Lewis Alston, b. 1764, d. 181 9= 1st, 
Mary Ann Gray, s. p. = 2d, Rebecca Kim- 
ball. Issue 4 children (q. v.). 

19 III. Ann Alston, b. 1767, d. July 2d, 1802==in 

1782-3 to Alexander Stirling, of Scotland. 
Nine children ((/. v.). 
IV. Solomon Alston, 1768-1809, unm. 

The above 4 children were born in North 

20 V. Lucretia (Lucy) Alston, 1772— May 13th, 

1833, born at the LaGrange plantation near 
Natchez, Miss.==lst, Ruffin Gray; 2d, James 
Perrie of Scotland [q. v.). 

IS Philip Le\vis Alston=z Rebecca Kimball. Issue: 
I. Isaac Alston, d. s. p. 

II. Lewis Alston =Lydia Adams, and left one sou 

living in Point Coupee. 

14 al 

210 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

III. Elizabeth Alston = Arthur Adams, issue. 

IV. Ann Alston i=Sanuiel Wirabish,four children, 

viz. : 

1. Enffin Wimbish=Lucy Davis of Baton 
Rouge, one child. 

2. Mary Ann Wimbish= Abraham Gray, 

3. Charlotte Wimbish= Baker, issue. 

4. James Wimbish=Sarah Doherty and 
their descendants moved to Texas. 

19 Alexander Stirling:=Ann Alston, twelve chil- 
dren, viz. : 
(While the family records and connection have not been 
preserved, traditions all indicate Alexander Stirling tO; 
have descended from the ancient families of Stirling and 
Alexander of Scotland.) 

21 (1) Henry, b. June 5th, 1785, d. Sept. 1st, 

1827=: Mary Bowman, of Brownsville, 

22 (2) Lewis, b. Nov. 9th, 1786, d. April 5th, 

1858=Sarah Tnrnbull, of W. Feli- 
ciana, La. 

(3) Elizabeth, b. Oct. 9th, 1788, d. April 

17th, 1789. 

(4) Peter, b. May 4th, 1790, d. Aug. 16th, 


(5) Alexander, b. June 23d, 1791, d. Nov. 

3d, 181 9= Alice Lackie, of Wood- 
ville. Miss. (Records not given.) 

23 (6) William, b. Aug. 17th, 1792, d. 1842 

=Eppie Hall, of Attakapas, La, 
(7) Andrew, b. Oct. 2d, 1793, d. Nov. 1st. 
24. (8) Ruffin Gray, b. April 5th, 1795, d. July 

AND Their Descendants. 211 

17th, 1854= Mary C. Cobb, of W. 
Feliciana, La. 
(9) John, b. Aug. 2oth, 1796, d. Sept. 10th, 
SIO (10) Ann, b. Nov. 27th, 1797, d. March 3d, 

1888= 1st, Dr. Haynie, of Maryland, 
s. p.; 2d, Andrew Skillmau, of New 
Jersey. Issue {q. v.). 

(11) John, b. Sept. 19th, 1799, d, Aug. 

27th, 1821)=Edith Lilly, of E. Baton 
Rouge, La. (Records not given.) 

(12) Lucretia, b. Jan. 2d, 1801, d. Feb. 


SO Lucretia (Lucy) x\u.sTox=lst, Ruffix Gkay, four 
children ; 2d, James Perrie, three children, 

viz. : 
1. Edmund and 2 Elizabeth Gray died in 

3. Ruffin Gray, a young man of much prom- 

ise, died aged 21. 

4. Mary A nn Gr ay= 1 st, Jedidiah Siirni 

of Adams Co., Miss.=2d, Dr. Ira Smith 
, of New York. Issue : 

1. Eliza Smith died in infancy. 

2. Catherine Smith=Mathew Lyle of 
Virginia, s. p. 

3. Sarah Ferric Smith -:: Judge James 
L.Stirling. She was an infant at 
time of her father's death, s. p. 

5. Eliza Perrio d. in infancy. 

6. Sarah Perrie d. at 13 years. 

7. Eliza PERRiE^lst, Robert H. Bar- 

row of W. Feliciana {q. v.). 
^=2d, Rev. Wm. Robert Bowman, of 
Brownsville, Pa. [q. v.). 

212 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

=3d, Henry A. Lyon, of Philadelphia, 
two children. 
Eliza Pereie Smith^^Robeet Hii.liaPvD 
Barrow. Issue : 

Robert H. Barrow, Jr., who was 
colonel in the Confederate array and 
married his cousin, Mary Barrow, 
and had issue, viz. : 

1 . Sarah Herman Barrow, who by a former 
marriage to a cousin, Mary Glynn, of 
Point Coupee, has a dau., Louise, unra. 

2. Eliza=Eugene Barrow. They have 
a son, Eugene Barrow, Jr., and a dau., 
Yirgie Belle, who is married and lives in 
New York. 

3. Charles M. Barrow~=Mrs. Anna Reeve 
nee McNary, of Nashville. 

5. Robert H. Barrow-Carrie Reeve, 
dau. of his brother's wife. Issue : 

1. Ellison, aged 13. 2. Anna. 

3. Charlie. 4. Reeve, 7 years. 

5. Robert H. 6. Egerton (baby.) 

4. Bennett R. Barrow=:Miss Parks, of West 
Baton Rouge. Issue. 

6. Isabel Barroav Bennett L. Bae- 
ROAV, her cousin. Issue : 

1. Ruffin, 18 yrs., quite literary and a 

2. Isabel. 3. Hazel and 4 Eleanor. 

7. Samuel Linton Barrow, unm. 

Rev. William Robert Bowman=^^^Mrs. Eiiza 
Perrie Barrow. Issue : 
a I. James Perrie Bowman:^- Sarah Turnbull, 

niece of Mrs. Lewis Stirling ; issue 10 eh. 

[q. v.). 

AND Their Descendants. 213 

6 II. Isabel Bowman = Wilson W. Mathews, 

b-'iuker of New Orleans, 5 ch. [q. v.) 
a James Perrie Bowman=--:^Sarah Turnbull, 10 

ch. viz. : 
I. Martha T. = Willie Fort, a planter of West 
Feleciana. She d. 1898, leaving 1 ch., 
Willie Fort, Jr. After the death of his 
wife Mr. Fort married 
VI. Mary Bowman, sister of his former wife. 

They have one little dau. 
II. Eliza Perrie-- =George Shotwell of New Or- 
leans, and have 2 ch., Anna, about 10, and 
Bowman. The former is quite a violinist. 

III. Sarah Turnbull Bowman, unra. 

IV. Lieutenant Daniel Turnrull Bom^man 
died at Los Banos, Island of Luzon, Tues- 
day, Jany 9th, 1900. His remains were 
brought home and buried in Grace Church 
Cemetery on Friday, Feb. 23d, 1901, at 12 
m., with civil and military honors, where 
he now sleeps wrapped in a battle flag. 

V. Annie died uum. 
VII. Nina, twin of James, unm. 
VIII. James, Jr. (twin of Nina) :=Bessie Muse, and 
have 1 ch. 
IX. Caroline (Carrie), and 
X. Isabella, both umn. 

The old Daniel Turnbull residence in West Feliciana, 
called Rosedown, now occupied by the Bowmans, is 
one of the most noted in Louisiana. The family of Bow- 
man is noted for refinement and culture, their women for 

b Wilson W. Mathews=Isabel Bowman, 6 ch. 

They lived at Oakley (adjoining Rosedown), 

214 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

the plantation made by John Alston when he 
came back from Moro castle; 6 ch. viz.: 
I. Cora^Jas. Edward Keeler, of California, 
(the astronomer), 3 ch. 
II. R. Bowman Mathews, b. Oct. 3d, 1852, 
in New Orleans, and d. March 2d, 1901, 
in Washington City. He was an accom- 
plished and forcible writer, and was widely 
known ; he had been connected with The 
New Orleans Picayune for 28 years as a re- 
porter; his articles were always noted for 
being concise, clear and reliable, and among 
literary men very highly esteemed. 

He married Miss Rosalie Lloyd Brad- 
ford, dau. of the late Capt. Bradford, of 
the U. S. Coast Survey. He left 2 ch., 
Rosalie and Bowman. 

III. Dr. W. W. Mathews, of Washington, D. C. 

IV. Leonard Mathews, of New Orleans, con- 
nected with the Sun Insurance Co. 

V. Lucy L. lives on the old homestead with 
her sister. 
VI. Ida S. Mathews, who is a poetess of no 
mean ability. 

Note. — Mrs. James Edward Keeler has recently been 
left a widow. 

21 Henry Stieling=Mary Bowman, 6 ch., viz.: 
1. James A. Stirling, d. s. p. 
II. Harriet=Thos. McCrindle, issue 5 ch. 

1. Miss Isabel C. McCrindle, d. unra. 

2. Henry McCrindle. 

3. Louise=Dr. Charles Johnson, 2 
ch., viz : 

AND Theih Descendants. 215 

Lizzie Johnson =Dr. Stuart McGee, St. 
Louis, and Dr. Henry McCrindle Johnson, 
St. Louis. 

4. Thomas Butler McCrindle, unm., lives 
near St. Fraucisville. 

5. Dr. Lewis Stirling McCrindle, d. s. p. 
Til. Isabella Stirliug:z=Col. Micajah Courtney, s. p. 
ly. Louisa Stirling:^ Pierce Butler, of W. 

Feliciana Par., 3 ch, 

1. James BuTLER=living at Laurel Hill, 
near Natchez ; sons. Pierce Butler and 
James Butler. 

2. Judge Thomas Butler=Mary Fort 
of W. Feliciana Par., issue. 1. Dr. 
Thomas Butler, Jr.; 2. Sallie; 3. Anna; 
4. Laura; 5. Willie; 6. James Stir- 
ling, and 7. Samuel Lawrison Butler. 

8. AnneButler=IIon. Harry Minor; 
issue, John Minor and two daughters. 
Y. Wm. H. STiRLiNG=2d wife, Sallie Miller, 
of Mississippi, 4 ch., viz.: 

1. Mary, married and lives in Baltimore. 

2. Georgia lives in Dallas, Texas, and is 
widely known as a temperance lectu- 
rer and reformer. 

3. Sallie. 

4. Corinne, married and lives in Balti- 

Tl. J. Bowman Stirling^ Penelope J. Stew- 
art, dau. of a cotton and sugar planter 
in Mississippi. Issue : 
1. Julia Ann= William R. Stirling. 
Issue, viz.: 

1. Ida May, b. Jan. 25, 1878. 

216 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

2. Randolph, b. Feb. 15, 1879. 

3. Willie, b. July 16, 1880. 

4. Maclaline=:Garnett Youug, ot 
Memphis. After the death of 
her husband Mrs. Stirling m. 
L. 0. Breed, a merchant in 

2. Louisa ButIerz=Dr. Theoderic C. Lin- 
thicum, of Helena, Ark. They have 
one son, Dan. A. Linthicum. 

3. Mary (dead) == John H. Thompson. 
They have one living ch., Annie Lou. 

4. Bowman Stirling=:the only daughter 
of Dr. John S. Carter, Prest. of 1st 
National Bank of Jackson, Miss. 
They have one son, Carter Stirling. 

SS Lewis Stirling=Sarah Turnbull, who died Dec. 
19th, 1875. He was Quartermaster of a 
Regiment in New Orleans in 1814, and 
throughout his entire life was noted for love 
of truth and benevolence of character ; 6 
ch., viz.: 

OSO I. Catherine Mary=Dr. John B. Hereford, of 
Virginia, (q. v.). 

030 II. Anna M.=John L. Lobdell, of New York, 
{q. v.). 

III. Judge James L. Stirling died April, 1861 = 

Sarah Perrie Smith, s. p. 

IV. Col. Lewis Stirling (now 81 yrs of age), unm. 

Col. Lewis Stirling and his brother, Daniel 
Turnbull Stirling, during the war, were 
taken prisoners by the Federals and put on 
board a gun boat to be sent to prison. Dan- 
iel was an expert swimmer, and had sworii 

AND Their Descendants. 217 

that he would never go to a Yankee prison ; 
so he leaped overboard, hoping to escape by 
swimming. His mother continued lookingr 
and M'aitiog for him until her death in De- 
cember, 1875. 
V. Daniel Turubull Stirling, d. s. p. 
OJf.0 VI. Dr. Ruffin Gray Stirling=Catherine Leake, 
7 ch. 

0'20 1. Catherine Mai!y=:Dr. John Bronaugh 
Hereford, of Va., a friend of Audubon. 
She was quite a belle in New Orleans in 
early life, and died 7 or 8 years past, aged 
^i^. Their children were : 
(1.) Dr. Robert Francisz^: Julia Lecoque. Issue: 

1. Dr. John Bronaugh Hereford, ch. 

2. Ruffin Stirling Hereford, ch. 

3. Catherine Mary Leake, 2 boys. 

4. Josephine Julia Moise, Albany, Ga. 

5. Roberta Frances Loomis, 2 daughters. 

6. Robert Francis Hereford, ch. 

7. Louis Victor Hereford, unm. 

8. Addie Harris Uj)tou, no issue. 

9. William Chamberlain Hereford. 

10. Alfred Lecoque Hereford, dead. 

11. Marie Camille Hereford, unm. 

(2.) Sarah Turnbull Hereford, b. 1830, d. 1866, 

(3.) Lewis Stirling He reford= Elisabeth 
RowENA Percy (5 ch.); by 2d wife, Hettie 
Chamberlain, no issue. He was in the Con- 
federate army. His 2d wife is still living. 
His children : 

1. Elisabeth Hereford=Rev. J. J. Cor- 

218 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

nisb, Forest City, Ark.; (2 ch., Row- 
ina Stirling, age 9, and Joe Cornish 7.) 

2. Sarah Hereford is matron of Deaf and 
Dumb Asylum, Baton Rouge. 

3. Robert Fraucis Hereford is in the 
hardware business in Baton Rouge, 
and married Ethel Loucks. They have 
2 sons, Frank and Robert, and 1 dau., 
Ethel Hereford. 

4. Lewis Stirling Hereford was in the 
army at Miami. 

5. Peter Randolph Hereford was also in 
the army at Miami, and now lives at 
Baton Rouge. 

(4) Anna Matilda Hereford, b. Feb. 
1836; married Clarence Percy, b, Feb. 
1836, of Wakefild, La. Issue: 

1. Katherine Sarah = Mathew Gilmore 
(1895), and has 3 ch. Clarence Percy Gil- 
more, Catherine Hereford, and an infant 

2. Clarence Percy, Jr., unm. 

3. John Bronaugh Percy 1= Christian Howell, 
and have dau. Anna Matilda Hereford, 
(2 years). 

f 4. William Chaille Percy (lawyer) was in 
Twins, ■ the 2d La. Volunteers at Miami. 
h. 1873. ] 5. Robert Ryland Percy = Jan. 16, 1901, 
] Eugenia, dau. of E. J. McGee, Esq. 

(5) John Bronaugh Heref)rd, m. in 1862, 
Elizabeth J. Robertson, in West Baton 
Rouge, La., who is still living. Issue: 

(1) Mary Chevin. 

(2) John Bronaugh Hereford, Jr., m. Hattie 

AND Their Descendants. 219 

Ford. They have two children — John 
Robertson and Josephine Mason. 

(3) Anna Lobdell Hereford, m. Charles W. 
Gilmore, and have one ch. Charles Here- 

(4) James Stirling Hereford, m. Annie 
Reynolds, and have one ch. Isabelle. 

(5) Felix Senette, and (6.) Catherine Stirl- 
ing Hereford. 

(6) Jas. Stirling Hereford = 1st, Addie 
Harris, s. p. = 2d. Jennie Chichester, 
of Virginia, 1 ch, ^ 3d. Mary Brewer, 
1 ch. 

(7) Catherine Mary Hereford = An- 
thony DoHERTY. Issue, viz. : 

1. Anthony Doherty (29)= Estelle Spencer 

2. Isabel Hereford Doherty (27) = Wm. 
McCausland, 2 ch. 

3. Lewis Stirling Doherty (21). \ rp • 

4. Wm. Swayze Doherty (21). / -^^'^"^• 

5. Katherine TurnbuU Doherty (19). 

6. Percy Hereford Doherty (14), 

7. Gladys Garden Doherty (10). 

(8) Isabella Semple Hereford = 1st. 
Demaret Hawkins, and 1 daughter, 
Catherine Demaret Hawkins. 

She married 2d Rev. G. R. Upton, an Epis- 
copal clergyman, residing at Greenville, 
Ala., and have 2 living children, viz. : 
Georgine Hereford Upton. 
Isabella Hereford Upton. 

030 Ann Matilda Stirling = John Little Lobdell 
Descendants : 
1. Lewis Stirling Lobdell = Lucy S. Burton. 

220 Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston 

2. Mary died. 

3. Catherine Hereford died. 

4. Catherine Hereford =rDr. Irviu E. Lewis. 

5. Saeiah TuRNBrLL = Villexeuve F. 

(1) Lillie Marie — Robert H. Stirling. Is- 

1. Heleue Allaiu Stirling. 

2. Anna M. Lobdell Stirling. 

(2) Villeueuve Frank. 

(3) Annie Lobdell. 
(J) Aspasie Helene. 

(5) May Aline. 

(6) Sara Lewis. 

6. John Little Lobdell = Carrie L. Lobdell. 
Lssue : 

(1) Annie Matilda Lobdell. 

(2) Belle Lobdell. 

7. Annie Alston = James A. M'hoon. Issue: 

1. Catherine Lewis died. 

2. Mary Lobdell died. 

0^0 Dr. Ruffix Gray Stirling ■= Catherine H. 
Leake, 7 ch., viz. : 

1. Sarah Turnbull Stirling. Her mother 
died when she w^as but a child, leaving 
to her care six younger children, in the 
training of whom she manifested rare 
judgment, with a fidelity and devotion 
only found in the highest types of wo- 

2. Dr. Lewis G. Stirling = Alma Boatner 
Mansur, 2 ch. 

3. William Leake Stirling=:ElizabethMum- 
ford, 6 ch. 

AND Their Descendants. 221 

4. Robert Hereford Stirling = Lillie Al- 
lain, 2 ch. 

5. Mary Leake Stirling = Sidney H. 
Lemon, 4 ch. 

6. Daniel Tnrnbull Stirling, unra. 

7. Margaret Lacy Stirling, unna. 

Wm. Leake was born and lived in the Highlands of 
Scotland, and his son, James, was captured during the 
Monmouth Rebellion in 1685, but, making his escape, 
came to this country. From him have descended succes- 
sive generations bearing the name, James Leake. One of 
the family died in New York in 1827, leaving a very 
valuable estate, which is still in litigation. From this 
family is descended Catherine Leake, who married Dr. 
James Gray Stirling. 

23 William Stirling=Eppie Hall, 9 children. 

I. Alexander Ruffin Stirling, b. March I9th, 1826 
zi^Sarah Foster of St. Mary's Parish and d. 
March 19th, 1891. 
II. Katherine Ann Stirling, b. 1827, d. 1828. 
00 III. Elisabeth Hall Stirling^ James Parkerson (7. f). 
IV. Louisa Baker Stirling, b. 1831, d. 1812. 
V. Anne Stirling, b. 1838, d. 1838. 
02 YL Katherine Stirling, b. July 1st, 1835 = Dr. 
Charles Smith, of Winchester, Ya., issue 7 
ch. {(j.v.) 
05 YII. Eppie Stirling (twin of Katherine), b. July 1st, 
1835= John Cary, and lives in Atlanta, Ga. 
YIII. Lewis Stirling, b. March 18th, 1839, d. Jan. 
IX. Mary Frances Stirling, b. Jan. 23d, 1842 = 
Frederick Palfrey. She is now a widow, 
livinir in Houston. 

222 Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston 

00 Elizabeth Hall Stirling was born on Stirling planta- 
tion, St. Mary's Parish, Jany. 18th, 1829. She married 
James G. Parkerson, of the same Parish, son of a sugar 
planter, on the 29th of May, 1856. 

Of this marriage were lK)ru — 

William Stirling Parkerson, lawyer of New Orleans, 
who married Alice Palfrey Putnam, by whom he has three 
children, May Stirling, Godirey Putnam and Stirling. His 
first wife died, and he married her sister, Camilla Davis 
Putnam, by whom he has four children, Emmet, Alice, 
William and Elizabeth. 

James G. Parkerson, Jr., railroad clerk, was married to 
Willie Hite ; they have no children. 

Mary Catherine was married to Charles D. CafFery, law- 
yer, and has four children, Jefferson, Elizabeth, James and 

Eppie Louisa was married to Wallace Mills, railroad 
clerk, and has one child, William Parkerson Mills. 

Annie Lee was married to Dr. N. P. Moss, and has two 
children, Alice and Eppie. 

Samuel P. Parkerson, banker, married to Ada Moss, has 
no children. 

Elizabeth Stirling Parkerson, unmarried. 

Charles M. Parkerson, secretary for oil mill, married to 
Lee Mitchell, and has 2 children, Charles and James Drehr. 

02 Katherine Stirlingz=Dii. Charles Smith. Issue : 
1. Lewis Stirling Smith, b. Feb. I9th, 1859, in 
Franklin, La.=:ADDiE Coke. Issue: 1 
dau., Katharine Stirling Smith, b. June 16tli 
II. John Augustine Smith (lately appointed com- 
missioner of New Orleans' Bureau of Freight 
and Transportation), b. Nov. ITth, 1860^ 

AND Their Descendants. 22S; 

=EuLA Hare, and have one son, John 
Augustine Smith, b. Sept. 25th, 1898. 

III. Charles McGill Smith, b. Nov. 30th, 1863, d. 

July 12th, 1884. 

IV. Katharine Stirling Smith, b. Aug. 11th, 186i3, 

d. May 2Sth, 1885. 
V. Augustine Jacqueline Smith, b. March 1st, 1871 
= Maria Bouligny, and have one son, 
James Walton Smith, born Aug. lid, 1900. 
YL. James Walton Smith, b. Apr. 5 (Easter Sun- 
day), 1874, d. Aug. 20, 1899. 
VII. i^.rchibald McGill Smith, b. in Franklin, La., 
Feb. 10th, 1877. 

05 John Caeey=Eppie Stirling, 7 ch., viz.: 

I. Mary Ann, b. 1867=P. F. Clarke, of At- 
lanta, in the banking business. Has four 
daughters, viz. : 1, Penelope ; 2, Frances; 
3, Eppie Stirling ; 4, Joan Cary. 
II. Catherine Stirling, b. 18()8=zRobert Collins, 1 
child living, viz. : Lewis Collins, aged 10 

III. Paul Anthony Carey, b. 1870; is in Arizona. 

IV. Gertrude, b. 1872, uum, ; an accomplished mu- 

V. liOuisa Carey, b. 1874=zCharles Roberts, real 
estate agent ; have one dau., Marie Roberts. 
VI. Agnes Carey, b. 1875, unm. ; is a fine writer 
and musician. 
VII. Daniel John Carey, b. 1877 ; is a journalist and 
newspaper reporter of some note in Atlanta,. 
Ga. " 

06 Mary Frances Stirling. Born 1843, married 186K 

Frederick Conrad Palfrey, who died in 
1887. Issue: 

224 Solomon and Ann ([Iinton) Alston 

1. Frederick C. Palfrey, Jr., b. 1862, d. 

2. Lewis Stirling Palfrey, b. March lltli, 
1864, m. Jan. 12th, 1892, to Roberta 
Campbell, d. Feb. 14th, 1901. s. p. 

3. William Taylor Palfrey, b. Feb. 24tli, 

4. Sidney Ann Palfrey, b. Feb. 1st, 1870, 
ra. Feb. 25th, 1892, to Leouidas Polk 
Fitch, who d. Sept. 5th, 1901. Issue: 

1. Leonidas Polk Fitch, Jr., b. Jan. 
18th, 1893. 

2. Allen Fitch, b. Apr. 19th, 1894./ 

3. Gladys Louise, b. Aug. 9th, 1896. 

4. Harry Lee, b. Apr. 24th, 1898. 

5. Sidney Palfrey, b. May 12th, 1900. 

5. Elisabeth Stirling Palfrey, b. March 7th, v 
1872, married Joseph Gregg Dealy in 
May, 1892. Issue: 

1. Frederick Gregg Dealy, b. J uue 5th, 

2. Sarah Elisabeth, b. Oct. 15th, 1894. 

3. Marie Stirling, b. Apr., 1896. 

4. Joseph Gregg, b. May 30th, 1898. 

5. Lewis Palfrey, b. 

(Were living in Galveston during the 
storm of September, 1900.) 

(Jonathan Ditch married the dau. of Thomas Metcalf, 
Governor of Kentucky 1828-32. Their dau., Mary Jane 
Ditch, b. 1816, m. in Feb., 1833, to James Jolls, b. 1806 
and d. June 1868. Their dau., Louisa Maria, b. Dec. 2d, 
1833, m. John B. Fitch, b. 1825. Their son, Leouidas 
Polk Fitch (above) b. 1868, in Miss., died 1901, at Hous- 
ton, Texas.) 

AND Their Descendants. 225 

^4 RuFFiN Gray Stirling=Mary C. Cobb; 9 chil- 
dren, viz : 

(1) Lewis Gray, b. April 30, 1831 ; d. Oct. 1854. 

(2) Sarah M., b. July 4, 1833; d. April, 1878 

= W. D. Winter, St. Louis, Mo. Their son 
Francis Winter (M. D.) is with the 37th 
Regt., U. S. Army. 

(3) Clarence, b. Mar. G, 1836; d. July, 1849. 
(i) Ruffin Gray, Jr.,b. Feb. 1840; d. July, 1840. 

(5) Ruffin Gray 3d, b. July 16, 1842; d. July, 


(6) Mary A. b. April 27, 1845 ; d. Sept. 26, 

(7) Stephen C. b. Dec. 20, 1847 =Amanda P. 
Smith ; 6 ch. [q. v.) 

(8) William R. b. April 27, 1850 ; d. August, 

1886 =Julia Anna (dau. of J. Bowman 
Stirling) ; 4 ch. {q. v.) 

(9) Henry, b. Feb. 14, 1853=Zell, (dau. of 

Thos. Polk, of Tennessee.) Their daughter, 
Mary Ruffin Stirling, was b. Feb. 10, 1878. 

Stephen C. Stirling=Amanda P. Smith, issue, 
viz : 

(1) Nannie D. b. July, 1878. 

(2) Mary Maud Stirling, b. Sept. 1879 ; ra. Hon. 

Wm. Richards Percy. 

(3) John Bryson, b. April, 1881. 

(4) Francis W. b. Sept. 1884. 

(5) Jeiferson Davis, b. Sept. 1890. 

■010 Andrew Skillman = Ann Stirling (Widow 
Haynie). Issue : 

(1) Anne Elisabeth, m. Calvin Smith Routh ; 

15 al 

226 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

I. Andrew Skillman Eouth, b. Jan. 12^ 
1842, m. Susan Watkins Doughkriy,, 
of Georgia, and have li chiklreD, viz : 
1. William Dougherty. 2. Ann Ma- 
tilda. 3. Mary Henry Routh. 
II. Anne Matilda Routli, b. June 8, 1843; 
m. Captain Aelen Thomas Bowie, and 
have had 5 children, viz : 

1. Allen Thomas Bowie, Jr., b. 25th 
Sept., 1868; m. 7th June, 1898, in 
Catahoula Parish, La., to Myra A, 
Crot-sgrove, and have a daughter, 
Anne Matilda Bowie. 

2. Matilda Ruth Bowie, b. 30th Oct., 
1870, at Natchez; unm. 

3. Adam Smith BowJe, b. 13th A])ril 
1872; d. 18th May, 1873. 

4. Andrew Routh, b. 21st June, 1873; 
d. 13th Dec, 1878. 

5. Thomas Contee, b. 29th July, 1874 ; 
d. 1st August, 1874. 

III. John Calvin Routh died 27th July, 1863. 

IV. Matilda Jane Routh, d. Jan.. 27, 1861. 

(2) Judge J. J. Noah married a daughter, 

(name not known.). 

(3) Frank Skillman. (4) Sarah Skillman. 

(5) Louisa Isabella Skillman, m. Mr. Lea, 
issue : 

1. Annie Lea, m. Salisbury. 

2. Fannie Lea m. Col. Henry G.Hester, 

of New Orleans, who has been secre- 
tary of Cotton Exchange for 31 ycar,>^. 
: 3. Eunice Lea ra. Stafford. 

4. Isabel Lea m. > Snodgrass. 

5. Richard Henry Lea. 6. James Lea = 

AND Their Descendants. 227 

It is to be regretted that complete records of this family 
have not been obtained. 

Job Routh was one of the earliest American settlers at 
Natchez, and saw the stars and stripes float over the ram- 
parts of Fort Pan mure. His sous and daughters occu- 
pied prominent places in the business and social circles of 
Mississippi and Louisiana. His son, John Routh, known 
as one of the largest, most liberal and successful cotton 
planters of the South, in 1815, when the British menaced 
New Orleans, hastened to her defense, and was a member 
of the " Wilkinson Rifles, " a company raised in Natchez, 
Miss., and died at the age of 76. 

Calvin Smith Routh, who married Annie Elisabeth 
Skillman, was the son of John Routh, and his son, Andrew 
Skillman Routh, above mentioned, in 1861, enlisted iu the 
C. S. Army, as a private in Co. A., Wirt Adams' Cavalry 
Regt. Soon afterward he was captured and during the 
greater part of the war was kept a prisoner at Camp Mor- 
ton or Fort Delaware. After the war he followed the 
vocation of planter. 

John Bowie, Sr., an immigrant from Scotland, was the 
founder of the noted family of that name iu America. 
John Bowie was the fatlier of Allen Bowie, Sr., whose son. 
Judge (Captain) Fielder Bowie, was a member of the 
Maryland Convention that ratified the Constitution of the 
United States in 1788, and his son, Thomas Contee Bowie, 
was father of Dr. Allen Thomas Bowie, a native of Prince 
George County, Maryland, and died at Natchez Sept. 12, 
1872. This Dr. Bowie m. Matilda Jane Routh (sister of 
Calvin Smith Routh) and were the parents of Captain 
Alien Thomas Bowie, who is now Circuit Clerk of Adams 
County, Miss., and resides in Natchez with his two living 
children. Capt. Bowie is also a great-grandson of Rob- 
ert Bowie, governor of Maryland 1803-6, and 1811-1*2, 

228 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

whose father William, and his brother, Walter; were 
anioDg the signers of the Association of the Freemen of 
Maryland, in July, 26th, 1775, Walter being also a mem- 
ber of the Maryland convention of 1776, which framed 
the Constitution of the State. They were among the first 
to join " The Old Maryland Line " at the opening of the 
American Revolution. Captain Bowie (b. Aug. 17, 1840) 
wassentto college at Chapel Hill, N. C, and would have 
graduated in June, 1861, but when the war commenced be 
hastened to enlist as a private in Co. A, Wirt Adams' Cav- 
alry Regiment. By successive promotions he was at 
length assigned to duty as A. A. General with rank of 
Captain upon the staff of Brig, Geu'l Wirt Adams. 
After the suspension of hostilities he was paroled, and 
returning to his old home, Lake St. Joseph, engaged in 
planting. Ann Matilda Routh, whom he married, was the 
widow of Henry Jordan Marshall, to whom she had been 
married Dec. 20th, I860, by Rt. Rev. Leonidas Polk,D.D., 
Bishop of Mississippi and upon marrying Capt. Bowie 
the ceremony was performed by Rt. Rev. J. P. B.Wilmer, 
D. D., Bishop of Louisiana. 

John Stirling m. 1820 Edith Lilly. He died young 
and his widow afterwards married Senator Green, 
subsequently of California. Two children were 
born to them, viz : 

(1) Eunice Stirling, who 1st married Forster and 

2d Isaac Hudson Boatner; issue: 

Dr. Elias Stirling Boatner^zOliyia 

Berwick and removed to Texas where he 

died at Victoria in 1897-8, leaving issue: 

1. Olivia Boatner who m. Francis Mayo. 

2. Eunice, unm. 

3. Hudson Boatner, m., wife's name 


4. Burton Boatner. 5. Sadie Boatner. 

AND Their Descendants. 229 

Berwick's Bay in Louisiana, was named for the father of 
the above Olivia Berwick. 

(2) Sarah Edith Stirling m. Mark Boatner, 3 
ch. viz : 

1. Edith Lilly Boatner= Christopher V. 

Haile, of New Orleans^ who for 
many years was superintendent of 
the Carrollton R. R. Company, and 
one of the first promoters of the 
electric street car railway system of 
that city. He left a daughter Clarisse, 
living with her mother, and a sou, 
Hudson B. Haile, in Texas. 

2. Charles J. Boatner m. in 1870 Fannie 

Mayo, dau. of Judge O. Mayo, a 
prominent lawyer and jurist of Lou- 
isiana. He has been an active par- 
ticipant in Loui'^iana politics since 
the beginning of reconstruction. 
Served as State Senator in 1876-7 
and 12 years as congressman from 
the 5th Louisiana district. He is 
now living and practicing his pro- 
fession in New Orleans. Issue : 
I. Mark M. Boatner was a gradu- 
ate of the Virginia Military 
Institute. Held a commis- 
sion as Major in Artillery in 
Cuban war and is also a law- 
yer in New Orleans. 
IT. Stirling S. III. Orin Mayo. 
IV. Charles J. Boatner, Jr. 

3. John Stirling Boatner m. 1st. Deborah 

J. Mayo, dau, of Judge Mayo ; issue 
3 ch., viz : 

230 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

1. Jolm StirliDg. 2, Charles 
Mayo. 3. Deborah S. Boatncr. 
His wife d. in California August 1, 
1887, and he married March 14, 
1894, to Martha Dulant; issue: 
4, Dunbar Stirling. 5. Shir- 
ley Alston and 6. Sarah Stir- 
ling Boatner. 

John Stirling Boatner was left an orphan at 16 with 
nothing but his own unaided efforts to depend upon. He has 
served two terms as State Senator and is now practicing 
law in Vidalia, La. 

5 William Alston was a member of the Committee 
of Safety for Halifax county that met December '21, 1774. 
Afterwards we find him in Lincoln county (then Tryon), 
and was a member from that county of the Provincial 
Congress that met at Hillsboro August 21, 1775, and of 
the Constitutional Convention that met at Halifax Novem- 
ber 12, 1776. 

The Provincial Congress that met at Halifax in April, 
1776, appointed him lieutenant-colonel of the 3d regiment 
of Continental troops, with Jethro Sumner colonel and 
Samuel Lockhart major. In this capacity he served until 
October 25, 1777, when he resigned. After the Revolu- 
tion he removed with his family to Elbert county, Ga., 
where he died, 1810. He married, 1774, his cousin 
Charity, the daughter of James Alston and Christian 
Liliingtou(<2. i'.)., a woman of great personal beauty, whose 
courage was tested during the trying days of the Revolu- 
tion. The issue of this marriage were, viz.: 

25 I. James Alston = Catherine Hamilton. Issue, 

{q. v). 

AND Their Descendants. 231 

2G II. William Hinton = Elizabeth Eucker. Issue, 

(q. v.). 

III. Philip Henry=Mrs. Woolfolk nee Winn (s, ^3.). 

IV. Solomon Alston left home and was never after- 

wards heard from. 
V. George died early in life and unmarried. 
27 VI. Mary = Captain James O. Clark of Virginia. 
Issue {q. v.). 
VII. Elisabeth Alston= Thompson. 
A^III. Christian (Kittie) Alston d. unm. 

IX. Nancy Alston=J. Minor Tate of Georgia, and 
their daughter Charity Tate=John Alston, 
son of Nathaniel and Gilly (Yancey) Alston, 
and left large family (g. v.). 
X. Sallie Alston=:zThomas Chambers. 

James Alston, of Abbeville, S. C, was born November 
16, 1774, and died 1850. He served as major under Gen- 
eral Jackson in the Florida war, and was married in 1824 
to Catherine Hamilton, daughter of Major Andrew Ham- 
ilton, whose parents were Archibald and Frances (Cal- 
houn) Hamilton, both natives of Ireland. Major Hamil- 
ton's wife was born in Pennsylvania. 

I here subjoin the following from the pen of W. P. 
Calhoun : 

A Sketch of Major Andrew Hamilton, of the Revolution. 
[Correspondence of the DaUi/ Register.] 
Not long since I undertook to paention some of the 
famous men of Abbeville, past and present, and in doing 
so I failed to mention Major Andrew Hamilton. While 
he was not born here, we claim him as ours, since he de- 
voted his life to our county and the interests of South 
Carolina. Major Hamilton was born in Augusta county, 
Virginia, in 1741. He married Jane McGara of the 

232 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

same county and State. Shortly after his marriage he 
came to South Carolina with General Andrew Pickens,, 
and they cast their lot in this county together. By his 
energy, perseverance and pluck Major Hamilton did much 
toward the development of this section and the building 
up of our town. According to Rev. George Harris's his- 
tory of the Presbyterian Church of South Carolina, Gen- 
eral Pickens and Major Hamilton were about the first 
elders of Upper Long Cane Church, This is, I think, the 
oldest church in the county and has quite an interesting 

Major Hamilton enlisted in the service of his country 
in the Revolutionary war. He was first a lieutentant under 
General Pickens, afterwards a captain and then a major, 
and was in most of the important battles of South Caro- 
lina and Georgia. His life was a long and eventful one. 
He died on the 17th day of January, 1835, in the ninety- 
fifth year of his age. His wife died on April 20, 1826, 
in her eighty-sixth year. Both are buried in Upper Long 
Cane cemetery. On the tomb of Major Hamilton is the 
following inscription : 

" The name of Major Hamilton is connected with almost 
the whole of the Revolutionary history of the upper 
country of South Carolina." 

He left a large family, and among his descendants may 
be mentioned Dr. Andrew Simonds, of Charleston ; Mrs. 
Catherine Parker and Mrs. Waties, of Columbia ; Mrs. 
Harriet Ravenel, of Charleston ; Mrs. Edward Parker, of 
Abbeville ; Dr. A. B. Calhoun's wife, of Newnan, Ga. : 
Dr. A. W. Calhoun, of Atlanta, and the late Dr. Ephiram 
Calhoun, of Greenwood ; also the Alstons and Cabells and 

While Major Hamilton appears to have only a tradi- 
tional local fame, those here who remember him give him. 
a name for services to both Church and State that euti- 

AND Their Descendamts. 233^ 

ties him to a place ia history. He was the able assistant 
of General Pickens throughout the Revolutionary war. A 
patriot he was, and he risked his life for the benefit of his 
country. The memory of such men should not be allowed 
to die out, and it is nothing but justice that he be given a 
place in history among the patriots and defenders of our 
land in the days of the Revolutionary war. 
Great-grandfather of Andrew Simonds. 
Great-great-grandfather of: 
Andrew Simonds. 
John Calhoun Simonds. 
Louis De'Saussure Simonds. 
Sarah Simonds. 

Also the following taken from the Charleston News and 

The following memorial sketch of the life and character 
of Mrs. Catherine Alston, aunt of Andrew Simonds, Esq., 
the president of the First National Bank of Charleston, is 
taken from the Abbeville Medium : 

Died on the 18th of November, 18.77, at the residence 
of her son-in-law, Colonel H. Coalter Cabell, in the city of 
Richmond, Mrs. Catherine Alston, widow of the late Maj. 
Jas. Alston, of Abbeville, S. C, and daughter of Maj. 
Andrew Hamilton, of South Carolina, an officer of the 
Revolutionary War. Her remains, in obedience to her 
request, were brought to the town of Abbeville and on the 
23d of that month were interred in the Presbyterian cem- 
etery at Upper Long Cane Church. 

Mrs. Alston was born Nov. 25, 1786, in the vicinity of 
the town before it was established and resided here many 
years. After the marriage of her only child and the death 
of her husband, she removed to the city of Richmond and 
resided with her daughter, Mrs. Cabell. It was a beauti- 

234 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

fill tribute to this venerable lady by those who in former 
years were her friends and neighbors, that her remains 
were received and honored by impressive funeral services, 
and then interred with fitting reverence and respect by the 
whole community. 

Mrs. Alston was descended from two of the oldest and 
most honored families of Abbeville. Her father was a 
Hamilton and her grandmother a Calhoun, names identi- 
fied with that of South Carolina in all the eventful epochs 
of her history. Both these families were of Scotch-Irish 
descent, and possessed all their fierce patriotism, their tra- 
ditional courage, their stern love of liberty, and their 
grand religious convictions. These high qualities, toned 
and softened, and shaded and tinted, were deeply embedded 
in the character of Mrs. Alston. She was high-born, 
high-bred, accomplished and refined, with a majestic pres- 
ence and polished manners, a fine type of the old school of 
Carolina ladies. 

The marriage of her daughter in one of the most dis- 
tinguished families of Virginia drew around her the pol- 
ished and brilliant society of Richmond. But Abbeville 
was still the home of her afiections, and she never dis- 
po.sed of the old homestead in which her conjugal life was 
passed and her husband died. She reserved the spot by 
the grave of her husband for her own resting-place, and 
there she reposes. 

Her father, Major Andrew Hamilton, and her husband. 
Major James Alston, won their titles in the service of 
their country, and the former filled high civil office. 

The group in that peaceful abode in which Mrs. Alston 
lies consists of her father, her mother, her husband and 

^5 Major James Alston and Catherine, his wife, had 
an only child, Jane, who married Colonel 

AND Their Descendants. 235 

Henry Coaltek Cabell, of Richraoud, 
Va., who distinguished himself as an artil- 
lery officer in the Confederate army, and 
died January 31st, 1889, honored and be- 
loved by all who knew him. (For an ac- 
count of his distinguished services see " Ca- 
bell's and Their Kin" published by Alexan- 
der Brown, D.C.L., from which valuable 
work we make some extracts. ) They had 
the following children, viz.: 
I. Hon. James Alstcjn Cabell, an attorney in 
Richmond, who ra. Ethel Hoyt Scott, of 
New York, and had 3 children : 

(1) Ethel Alston. 

(2) Catherine Hamilton. 

(3) James Alston w4io died in infancy. 
Mr. Cabell graduated with distinction at 

the University of Virginia in 1878. Was 
chosen professor of chemistry in the Central 
University oi Kentucky, where he continued 
for two years. Resigning that position after 
two years, he subsequently applied himself 
to the study and practice of law. He has 
served as a member of the city council, as a 
Representative in the State Legislature, as 
W. Master of Metropolitan Lodge of A, F. 
and A. M., President of the Virginia So- 
ciety of the Cincinnati, and as Vestryman 
of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. 
II. Catherine Hamilton Cabell, who married 
Hon. Herbert Augustine Claiborne, of 
Richmond. Their children were : 

(1) Jeanie Alston Claiborn, who died 
in her ^th year. 

(2) Herbert Augustine Claiborne, Jr. 

(3) Hamilton Cabell Claiborne. 

236 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

Mrs. Claiborne, from her high social posi- 
tion, is well known for her interest in be^ 
nevolent enterprises. She has been Presi- 
dent of the Society of Colonial Dames of 
Virginia, and at this time is a Vice-Presi- 
dent of the National order for the same so- 
ciety. Her home in Richmond has many 
valuable souvenirs in the way of old family 
portraits and relics. 

Mr. Claiborne is a lawyer by profession, 
and was Captain in C. S. Army. He is a 
son of H. A. Claiborne of King William Co. 
and of Richmond, who was a member of the 
Virginia Legislature ; also a soldier in the 
war of 1812, and a lawyer. His great-great- 
grandfather, Augustine Claiborne, was a 
direct lineal descendant of William Clai- 
borne, who was appointed by Charles I. 
Secretary of State and Treasurer for Vir- 
ginia, 1626-1642. 

III. Henry Coalter Cabell graduated in 1883 at 

West Point and assigned to 14th Infantry U. 
S. A., Aide to Gen. John Gibbon; ap- 
pointed regimental quartermaster of 1 4th 
infantry in 1892; married at Portland, Ore- 
gon, Emily Corbett Failing, dau. of Henry 
Failing and Emily Corbett, a sister of U. S. 
Senator Corbett, and descended from Roger 
Corbett, a Norman, who went over to Eng- 
land at the conquest. 

IV. Julian Mayo Cabell completed his education 

at the University of Virginia, where he also 
graduated in medicine, 1886. He was ap- 
pointed 1st lieutenant and ass't surgeon U. 
S. A., April 14th, 1887, served in the field 

AND Their Descendants. 237 

throughout the Sioux campaign, 1890-1891; 
promoted captain and ass't surgeon U. S. A., 
April 14th, 1892. 
V. Clarence Cabell, a graduate of the University'^ 
of Virginia; a law student at Harvard Col- 
lege, Mass. ; a student at the Universities of 
Paris and Leipsic. 
'2C. II. William Hixton Alston was born in North 
Carolina and came with his father soon after 
the Revolution to Elbert Co., Ga., where he 
married January 25th, 1820, to Elizabeth 
RucKER. He afterwards removed to Co- 
lumbus, Ga., where he died. Their children 
were : 
1. Elizabeth=^=\Villiam E. Dubose, of Enon, 
Ala. Issue : 

(1) Edwin Dubose=Clara Horah. He 
was sergeant during the Confederate 
war, in the company of which his uncle 
Philip was captain, and in the battle 
near Marietta, Ga., he was severely 
wounded in the head, from the effects 
of which he never fully recovered. 

(2) Walter Dubose^- Howard. Issue 

1 child. 

(3) Mary Eleanor Dubose=Perry Spen- 
cer. Issue : 

1. Bessie Spencer=Richard Massie. 

2. Lillie Spencer=Leon Camp. 

3. Edna Spencer, unm. 

(4) Adelle Dubose=:Donaldson Huff, and 
have one son, Donaldson Huff. 

Mr. Wm. E. Dubose removed his family 
from Enon, Ala., to Columbus, Ga., some 
years before the Confederate war. 

238 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

2. Amanda Alston=Col. Edward S. Ott, oi 
Barbour Co., Ala. Issue : 

(1) Annie Ott^^Augustus H. Alston, of 

Barbour Co., Ala., brother to Col. Robt. 
A. Alston, and for a number of years pro- 
bate judge of that county. Issue : 

1. Gussie A]ston=Laurcnce Lee. 

2. Edward Ott Alston, (of Richmond, 

3. Robt. C. Alston, Att'y, (Atlanta, Ga.) 

4. Louise Alston, unm. 

5. Philip Alston. 

6. Lizzie Drake Alston. 

7. Wm. Ott Alston. 

8. Augustus Alston. 

(2) Lizzie Ott=James H. Drake, ot 

Richmond, Va., who is descended from 
the family of Jas, Drake, of Nash Co., 
whose fight with the Tories under Capt. 
Beard in 1778, is fullv described in 
Wheeler's History (p. 274). Issue : 

1. James Hodges Drake, Jr. 

2. Edward Ott Drake. 

3. Mary Flewellen Drake. 

4. John C. Drake. 

5. Amanda Alston Drake. 

6. Nicholas Drake. 

o. Mildred Alston=Dr. David Miller, of 
Barbour Co., and died s. p. 

4. Captain Philip James Alston, who served 
as captain in the Confederate army, lived in 
Columbus, Ga., and died s, p. 

5. Charity Alston=John Tarver of Russell Co., 
Ala., and died leaving no living issue. 

AND Their Descendants. 239 

27 Capt. James O. Clark, of Virgiuia.=MARY Alston. 
She died June 2d, 1871. They lived in El- 
bert county, Georgia, 
I. William Clark, d. s. p. 
II. James Clark, d. s. p., in 1896, aged 90. 
III. Charity Alston=John Tennant, of Abbe- 
ville county, S. C. Tissue 9 children, viz. : 
I. Mary Tennant^J. W. Caldwell, s. \>. 
II. O. T. Teunant, d. s. p. 

III. IIenryA.T£nnant=Janie Moore. 

Issue : 

1. W. C. Tennaut=Katie Kay. 

2. Roy Tennant, died. 

By 2d wife C. E. Blake. Issue. 

3. C. B. Tennant. 

4. M. C. Tennant. 

5. H. A. Tennant. 

6. L. E. Tennant. 

7. Cornelia Tennant. 

I V. John V.Tennant=: and has 1 child, 

V. W. C. Tennant, d. s. p. 

VI. Wm. Littleton Tennant. 
VII. Laura, d. unm. 
VIII. Charlie, d. unm. 

IX. Mattie, b. July 16th, 1845, d. Apr. 
20th, 1881=Oct. 17th, 1866, Capt. 
William Baker. Issue : 

1. James Oscar Baker, b. July 27th, 
1867, living in Savannah, Ga. 

2. John Tennant, b. Feb. 13^h, 1870, 
living in Brown county, Texa^. 

3. William Littleton, b. May 3d, 
1872. d. 

4. Warren Caldwell, b. March 6lh, 
1874, Marion, S. C. 

.240 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

5. Mary S., b. Apr. 1st, 1876, Mar- 
ion, S. C. 

6. Lillian Alston, b. Mch. 12th, 1878, 
Florence, S. C. 

7. Martha Lula Baker, b. March 13th, 
1881, died 1881. 

Capt. Wra. Baker m. 2d wife, Mrs. 
Sarah A. Cheney, Feb. 8th, 1883, 
who bore him : 

8. David Gordon Baker, b. Feb. 8th, 

lY. Elisabeth Wells Clark=Samuel L. Hill, ot 
Abbeville, S. C, and had six children. 

1. Laura M. Hill=W. H. Lock- 
wood, of Beaufort, S. C, and has 
seven children. 

2. Robert M. Hill=Mary Moore, 
and has six children. 

3. Ella Hill=Dr. Dula, and has 
three children. 

4. Preston H., 5. William H., and 6. 
James A. Hill, are dead. 

V. Catherine Linnington Clark == Charles 
|.^ Henry Allen, of Abbeville, S. C, and had 
six children. 

1. Eliza Allen= McDowell, 

and has nine children. 

2. Dora Allen. 3. Mary Allen. 

4. William Allen, married and has 
two children. 

5. Edward Allen. 6. Eugene Allen, d. ]/ 

YI. Laura Clementine Clark=Rev. Henry M. 
Mood, of Charleston, S. C. (son of Rev. 
John Mood and Kittie McFarland). Issue: 

AND Their Descendants. 241 

1. Kate (Catherine) = Stubbs, 

and has three children. 

2. Dr. Julius A. Mood, of Sumter, S. 
C, m, and has four children. 

3. Lulah Mood= Ingraham, and 

has two children. 

4. Sallie Mood:= Badger, and 

has children. 

5. Preston Mood, died. 

VII. Mary Louisa Celestia Clark=James M. 
Carter, Elberton, Ga. Issue : 

1. Annie E. C artery Mc Alpine Ar- 
nold, a wealthy merchant of El- 
berton. She has recently died,^ 
leaving four children, viz. : 

1. Sarah Louisa, b. 1876= 


2. Julius Yancey, b. 1879. 

3. Edna, b. 1882. 

4. Carter Alston, b. 1886. 

2. Georgia E. Carter=S. A. Thorn- 
ton, Georgia. 

3. Catherine Carter=S. Grubbs, Tex. 

4. Leola Alston Carter= H. C. Mickle, 
New York. 

5. Florence Carter=iElla Speed, South 

6. Yancey Carter=E. Saunders, Geor- 

7. James Carter=M. Estes, Georgia. 
No family record of last six. 

VIII. Sarah Lavinia Virginia Clark= John Will- 
cox, of Marion, S. C, b. May 15th, 1815, d. 
May 1st, 1890. Issue : 

I. William Willcox, d. in infancy. 

16 al 

242 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

II. James Carter Willcox, b. Nov. 
21st 1857, d. Mch.Slst, 1895.— Dec. 
7th, 1882, Annie Milling. Issue : 

1. John Whitfield, b. Sep. 5th, 1883. 

2. Henry Edward, b. Apr. 16th, 1886, 
d. July 9th, 1888. 

3. Elisabeth Alston, b. Jany. 16th, 
1888. ■ 

4. James Haskell, b. Sep. 18th, 1889. 

III. Henry M. Willcox, b. Nov. 10th, 

1858, married Feb. 12th, 1890, 
Benie McIver Law, b. Mch. 2d, 
1868. He is a hardware merchant 
of Marion, S. C. Issue : 

1. Henry M., b. Nov. 18th, 1890, d. 
in infancy. 

2. Junius Law, b. Apr. 15th, 1892. 

3. James Carter, b. Jany. 13th, 1895. 

4. John McIver, b. Nov. 9th, 1898. 

IV. Clark Allen Willcox, b. June 9th, 

1861 = March 9th, 1877, Minnie A. 
Moore, b. Nov. 10th, 1860. Issue : 

1. Alston Willcox, b. Dec. 18th, 1887 

2. Genevieve, b. May 21st, 1890. 

3. Laurie, b. Nov. 7th, 1892. 

4. Clark A., b. Feb. 10th, 1896. 

5. William Cook, b. Aug. 27, 1898. 
V. Edward Tyson Willcox, b. Oct. 

10th, 1865=Oct. 27th, 1881, Alice, 
Buck, b. Apr. 5th, 1869. Issue : 

1. Alice Buck Willcox, b. Feb. 
18th, 1893. 

2. Infant, Apr. 7th, 1899. 

VI. Philip Alston Willcox, b. Dec. 8th 

AND Their Descendants. 243 

6 Jesse HuNTER= Ann Alston. (After the Revolution 
this family went to Georgia) . Issue : 
I. Phillip. 
11. Elisha. 
III. Alston, (and probably others — no further record 
of them.) 

IV. Ruth, b. Sept. 24th, 1764 ; d. 1826 ; m. June 

17th, 1784, to William Greene, b. Aug. 
3d, 1764; d. Dec. 13th, 1819. Will pro- 
bated Jan. 3d, 1820. He was Captain of a 
military company in Georgia. Issue : 

S9 I. Lemuel, b. March 29th, 1785 = 1st. Ann Mer- 
ritt. Issue : (q. v.) 
=2 2d. Eliza Coleman. 2 children. 

40 II. Sarah Hunter, b. June 12th, 1786 = 1st. Doug- 
las Watson. Issue {q. v.) 
— 2d. Drury Towns. 3d. Col. John Mer- 
cer. No record. 

4.1 III. Alston Hunter, b. March 31st, 1788 = Cynthia 
Clay. Issue : {q. v.) 

42 IV. Nancy, b. Oct. 14th, 1 790= William Fitzpatrick. 
Issue : (g. V.) 

V. Nathaniel, b. April 28th, 1793; d. Dec. 21st, 1798. 
VI. William, b. Sept. 22d, 1795. 

^<? VII. Augustine = 1st. Phoebe Burlse. Issue: (9. v.). 

= 2d. Mrs. Baldwin, and 3d. Miss Fisher. 

No record. 
VIII. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 17th, 1799 = Sledge. 

No records. 
44 IX. Phillip Hunter, b. Sep. 27th, 1800= 1825 to 

Mildred Washington Stanford. Issue: (9. v.). 
X. Ruth Hunter, b. Feb. 26th, 1804 = 

and her dau. Ruth Hunter Marlin (age 78) 

lives in Brunswick, Ga. 

244 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

39 Lemuel Greene = Ann Merritt. 6 ch. viz. ; 
(1) Benjamin. (2) Hamilton. (3) Augustin. 
(4) Emily. (5) Caroline. (6) Mary. 

4-0 Douglas Watson = Sarah Hunter Greene. 5 
ch. viz.: 
(1) Jessee. (2) Lemuel. (3) Oliver. 
(4) Sarah. (6) Ruth. 

^1 Alston Hunter Greene = Cynthia Barrett, nee 
Clay, sister to Gov. Clement Comer Clay, 
of Alabama. Issue: 4 ch. viz.: 

j^5 (1) Clement Comer Clay Greene = 

llch. (5. r.). (2) Mary. (3) Delia, and 
(4) William Greene. No records. 

^5 Clement Comer Clay Greene = Mary F. Good- 
win. 8 ch., m. 2d. Louisa Wilson. 3 ch., 
viz. : 

(1) Alston Hunter Greene=Mary L. Hun- 

nicutt. 3 ch. viz.: 

1. Edgar L. 2. Fannie L., and 3. Cal- 
vin C. Greene. 

(2) Wii-LiAM Daniel Greene = Mrs. Ed- 

MONiA L. Harney. 2 ch. viz. : 

1. Evelyn G., and 2. Carl Elkin Greene. 

(3) Julia E. 

(4) Clement C. Greene, Jr., = Mae Rhodes. 

(5) Allison N. 

(0) Anna B. = Forrest Adair (Atlanta). 4 
ch. viz. : 

1. Elizabeth. 2. Frank. 3. Forrest, 
and 4. Robin Adair. 
(7) Mary F. = George T. Rowland. 2 ch. 
viz. : 

1. Hugh, and 2. Mary F. Rowland. 

AND Their Descendants. 245 

(8) Robert Lee Greene. 

(9) Edna Earl. (10) Forrest, and 11. Hubert 


4^ William Fitzpatrick=::Nancy Greene. 5ch. viz.: 

(1) Ruth. (2) Elizabeth. (3) Mary. 

(4) Ben, and (5) Francis Fitzpatrick. 

4.3 Augustine Greene = Phcebe Burlse. 6 ch. viz. : 
(1) William. (2) Lemuel (3) Harriet. 

(4) Sarah. (5) Amoretta. (6) Anna Greene. 

4^ Philip Hunter Greene = Mildred Washing- 
ton Sandford. (5 ch. viz.: 

(1) Mary Elizabeth = Autrey. 4 ch. 

viz. : 

1. Philip. 2. Charles, and 3. Palmer 

4. Ada Autrey = Leary. 

(2) EuGENius JuDSON Greene = 4 chil- 

dren, viz.: 

1. Melvin, and 2. Philip Greene. 

3. Carrie =: Balser. 

4. Addie =:: Ward. 

(3) Ada Maria. 

(4) Sarah Caroline = Todd, of firm of 

Todd & Delameter, and have four children. 

(5) Lucius Sanford Greene. 

(6) Charles Mallory Greene. 

Descendants of 

Philip Hunter = Watson. 3 ch. 

1. Margarette = J. L. M. Curry. 

2. Ann Alston = Gen'l. Edwin Davie 

King, isi-v.) 

246 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

3. Ruth = Robert SMiTH, of South Caro- 
lioa. Issue : viz. : 

(1) Joseph Watson Smith = Charlotte 
Whitfield, and have 1 son, J. W. 
Smith, Jr. 

(2) Mary Ann E. Smith = Felix 
Noble Tarrant, and have 4 dau. 

(3) John Springs Smith, educated at 
Amherst College. Adjutant 20th 
Alabama Regiment, C. S. A d. s. p. 

(4.) Sarah Smith = Holman. 

Their children live in Mississippi 
and Texas. 

Felix Noble Tarrant = Mary Ann E. 
Smith. 4 dau. viz. : 

(1) Julia Ann Tarrant = J, C 
Willams. Issue: 6 sons (names 
not given) and 2 dau. Julia = Alfred 
Glover, 6 ch. ; and Mary Smith 
Williams, unm, 

(2) Mary Tarrant =-. Ware, and 

died without issue. 

(3) Ruth Smith Tarrant = Col. J. C. 
Bush. 6 ch. {q- V.) 

(4) Felix N. Tarrant=J. C. Reynolds, 
of Washington City. 3 ch. (q.v.). 

Col. J. C. Bush = Ruth Smith Tarrant. 
6 ch. viz. : 

(1) T. G. Bush (Wholesale Shoe Mer- 
chant). (2) Felix Tarrant Bush, 
d. num. 

AND Their Descendants. 247 

(3) Curtis Bush, Jr., Cotton Factor, 
with his father. 

(4) Miss S. A. Bush, (5) Ruth Bush, 
and (6) Marie Mcintosh Bush, 
are unra. 

J. C. Reynolds = Felix N. Tarrant. 3 ch. 
viz. : 

(1) Mary Felix Reynolds, a highly 
cultured vocalist ; unm. 

(2) Ruth Reynolds, d. unm. 

(3) Harriet Hosmer Reynolds, now at 
Judsou Female College. 

General Edwin Davie King was born at White Plains, 
Greene County, Ga. He served as general in the war of 
1812, and afterward removed to Marion, Ala., where he 
owned a large estate, and took a very active part in the 
organization and establishment of the Judson Female Col- 
lege (Baptist), and was first President of its Board of Trus- 
tees. He first married Nancy Alston Hunter and had 9 
ch. He married second Mrs. Ann Gaillard, dau. of 
Robert West and Henrietta (Greene) Alston, who bore 
him no children. His children were: 

1. Judge Porter King, who married, first, Jones, sec- 

ond, Gallic Lumpkin of Athens, Ga., dau. of 
Judge Josepii Henry Lumpkin. The late Hon. 
Porter King, of Atlanta, was their son. 

2. William Douglass King=: Miss Tait; issue. 

3. Sarah E. King=John Gorea, 7 ch., Marion, Ala. 

4. Margaret E. King= Joseph T. Lumpkin. Their 

son, Joseph H. Lumpkin, has been Sheriff of 
Dallas County, and is now Tax Assessor. 

Their dau. Judson = Bressie, and died, 

leaving a dau., Margaret. 

248 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

5. Mary Louisa King=W. W. Lumpkin. 

6. Annie Judson King=J. L. DeYamport of Ar- 


Elisha Hunter of Greene County, Ga.,= 

Children : 

1. Rebecca=Shackleford, and died in 1900 in 

Lexington, Ga. Her son is editor of Lexington 

2. Miriams Tom Randall and moved west. 

3. Nancyz^Fitzpatrick. 

4. Mary =: Lewis CaUaway. Their family lived near 

McDonough, Ga. 

5. Sparks Hunter=Ann Rawls. They lived in 

Greene County, Ga., and he died just before the 

6. Alston Hunter born in 1808 and d. 2d of Au- 

gust, 1848 in Coosa County, Ala. He was a 
Baptist preacher, and moved to Alabama in 

7. William A. Hunter was born 16th April, 1802, 

and died 13th Jauuary, 1885, in Chambers 
County, Ala. His first wife was a Miss Still- 
well. He also was a Baptist preacher, and re- 
moved to Alabama in 1834. He has a gr. son, 
Joseph Hunter, who is also a Baptist preacher, 
and lives in Lafayette, Ala. 

Edward Jones* = Abigail Shugan, who is said to 
have been the first white woman that ever crossed 
Shocco Creek, and how well qualified she was to act 
her part is clealy manifested in the character and 
record of her numerous descendants. Of her issue 
we have only a limited list. 

*The Warren county Jones came from King and Queen county, 
Va., and settled on Shocco Creek. 

AND Their Descendants. 249 

1. Shugan JoNES= Issue: 

Edmund Jones=Ilachel Alston {q. v.) 
James Joues=Charity Alston (g. v.) 

Drewry Jones=^ 

Samuel Joues= 

Nancy Jones and Molly Jones. 
*^2. Priscilla JoNEs=lst, Gideon Macon, 2d, 
James Ransom, both of Virginia. For issue 
see elsewhere. 

3. Sallie Jones= ^ Seawell. 

4. Obedience Jones. 

5. James Jones. 

6. Edward Jones=lst, Hill; 2d, widow ; 

d. 1720, Chowan county (see Gen'l Reg, p. 65.) 

7. Rebecca Jones:= -/ 

8. Daniel Jones=Mary Howze, gr. parents of Dan- 
iel R. Goodloe. 

9. Robert Jones=Widow Christmas, nee Nannie 
Duke. Issue : 

1. Nancy Jones=Bishop John Early, 

2. Sallie Jones=Rev. John Glenn. 

3. Betsy Jones=Robert Jones, of Halifax 

4. Dr. Thomas Jones =Tempie Boddie Wil- 
liams, who after his death=Dr. Calvin 
Jones (q. V.) 

5. William Duke Jones==Mary Speed, of Vir- 
ginia,* and of their children: 

1. Joseph Speed Jones=Lucy Pettway, 
2d child of Mark Harwell Pettway, 
and of their children : 

*Mary Speed is descended from a recorded line of ancestry both 
in America and England to John Speed, of England, who was 
born at Farrington in the county of Cheshire in the year 1552. He 
died in 1629, and is buried in the chancel of the Church of St. 
Giles, Cripplegate, London. A monument bearing an inscription 

250 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

Mark Pettway Jones and J. B. W. 
Jones successively married Nan- 
nie T. Jones, daughter of Alpheus 
Jones=Lizzie Price {q. v.) 
2. Howard F. Jones. 

Issue of 
7 Charity Alston^ James Jones. 

This James Jones, the son of Shugan Jones (War- 
ren county), was appointed Ap. 22d, 1776, Captain 
of Light Horse, Company 3d, with Cosimo Madacy, 
Lieutenant, and James Armstrong, Cornet. 

He was also a member of the State Senate from 
Wake county in 1777. He died prior to Septem- 
ber, 1777, as will appear from his will, which was 
written 10th Mar., 1775, but not probated until 
Sept., 1777. 

The witnesses were Major Pollard (Jurat) and 
Thomas Hines ; Executors, wf. Charity Jones, 
brother, Edmund Jones, and James Alston, son of 
Solomon Alstou. His children were : 

1. Mary Jones. 

2. Priscilla Jones, mentioned in Solomon Al- 
ston's will. 

3. Willis Jones. 

4. Rachel Jones, who afterwards married Ralph 

5. Thomas Jones. 

6. James Jones. 

in Latin was erected and still stands over his grave. In the same 
church the remains of John Milton were afterwards laid. John 
Speed was noted as a historian, geographer and antiquarian; his 
works are among the most valuable and reliable in their line in 
English literature. 

AND Their Descendants. 251 

7. Captain Solomon Jones, who was probably- 
born in 1777, after his father's death, as there 
is no mention of hira in will. He served as 
Captain under Gen'l Andrew Jackson and 
married Christian Charity Alston, daughter 
of John, the eldest son of James and Christian 
Alston. His daughter, Priscilla, m. John 
Stoddard, an extensive planter on Duck River 
in Maury county, Tenn.; for issue (</. v.) : 

Col. D. Jones, son of Solomon, was Colonel 
in the Mexican war, and State Senator in Ten- 
nessee. He had also a brother, Wm. Alston 
Jones, and 3 sisters, viz.: Priscilla, Martha 
and Mary Jones. 

Solomon Jones also had 3 half-sisters, viz.: 

Charity Alston, Betsy Alston and Rachel 


Note. — There has been an emigration of this entire 

family of Jones from North Carolina to Georgia, Tennessee 

and elsewhere, many of whom are now residing in Maury 


£9 Issue of Priscilla Jones=John Stoddard: 
I. Dr. William Johnson Stoddard q. v. issue. 
11. Joseph Stoddard. 

III. Felix Stoddard. 

IV. Alabama=: — Skelton. 

V. Mary, and VI. Martha, are unm. in Arkansas. 
Dr William Johnson Stoddard was colonel in the 
Confederate army and towards the close of the war served 
in the Commissary Department. He was from Maury 
county, Tenn., to which place his ancestors had emigrated 
from North Carolina, but was living at Huntsville at the 
breaking out of the war. He died in Selma, Ala., April 
30th, 1899, aged 77 years. Was three times married. 

252 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

1st. To Miss Hogan, who bore him one son, viz.: 

Dr. J. T. Stoddard, of Jonesboro, Arkansas, who 
married Annette Mathews and have 2 children. 
2d. To Mary Wooldridge, who bore him one 
daughter, Bettie, who married Dr. Cook, of 
Omaha, and has 1 daughter, Margie, who married 
— Harrison, of Selraa, Ala. 
3d. To Elisabeth Rebecca Meyers, of Lowndes 
county, Ala. 'Issue : 

I. Edward Stoddard. 
II. Pearl= — Dunklin, of Selma, and has 
1 son, 

III. Maud= — Rosser and has 3 children. 

IV. Manie, unm. 

The above notes of Solomon Jones and John Stoddard's 
family were furnished by Dr. Wm. Johnson Stoddard, of 
Selma, Ala. 


Miles and John Banks were members of the Virginia 
Company in 1620. 

In 1632 Charles I. issued a commission appointing a Coun- 
cil of Superintendence over Virginia, empowering them 
to ascertain the state and condition of the colony. Among 
the 23 names given, John Banks, Esq., is the 16th. 
Others came to Virginia afterwards, viz. : Henry, James, 
Thomas. We also find William and others in the 17th 
century. We are unable now to connect certainly the 
family of Thomas Banks of Granville county, N. C, with 
any of these, yet it is very probable that he was either a 
son or a grandson of William Banks of King and Queen 
-county, Va., who died 1709. 

Record from the family Bible of Ralph Banks — Chil- 

AND Their Descendants. 253 

dren of Thomas Banks by his 1st wife, Sarah Chandler 
Banks : 

I. Richard Banks, born August 23d, 1744. 
II. Thomas Banks, born November 25th, 1747. 
III. Sallie Chandler Banks, born June 4th, 1746. 
By his 2d wife, Bettie White, married August 
22d, 1748. 
28 IV. Ralph Banks, born October 21st, 1757; died 
August 24th, 1824. 
V. Betty Banks, born February 21st, 1761; died 
November 17th, 1764. 
VI. Dunstan Banks, born May 26th, 1763. 
VII. William Banks, born February 2d, 1769. 
30 VIII. James Banks, born August 4th, 1770. 
IX. John Banks, born April 7th, 1774. 

By his 3d wife, Susannah Pretty, married! 
March 12th, 1786. 
X. Thomas Banks, born December 23d, 1788. 

Thomas Banks, father of above children, died Sunday,- 
June 28th, 1789. 

Ralph Banks removed from Granville county, N.C., 
to Elbert county, Ga., with his father, December 25th,, 
1785. On November 27th, 1788, he married : 
28 Rachel Jones, dau. of James Jones=: Charity Alston, 

and grand-dau. of Solomon Alston, Sr. = Nancy 

Hinton. They had 14 children (q. v.) 
30 His brother, James Banks, married Charity Alston,. 

dau. ot James Alston=Grizel (Gilly) Yancy, dau. 

of Jeconias Yancey=Ann Alston, 7i€e Kimbrough.. 

They had 9 children {q. v.) 

28 Ralph Banks= Rachel Jones, 14 ch., viz: 
SI I. Thomas Alston, b. Dec. 19th, 1789=Mary- 

Chipman, {q. v.) 

254 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

31^ 11. Willis, b. Apr. 23d, 1791=Miss Oliver. They 
lived at Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Columbus, Miss. 

52 III. James Jones, b. Apr. 5th, 1792=Hannah 

Alston, [q. V.) 

53 IV. Sallie, b. June 5th, 1793=rEdward Sims, 

{q. V.) 
S4. y. Richard, b. Oct. 23d, 1791= Martha Butt, 

(q. V.) 
35 VI. Ralph, b. Apr. 6th, 1796= Elisabeth Max- 
well, {q. V.) 
S6 VII. John, b. Oct. 27th, 1797=Sarah Watkins, 

37 VIII. Mary J., b. Sept. 10th, 1799= 1st, Dr. Jones; 

2d, John Napier, (5. v.) 
a IX. Dunstan, b. Dec. 10th, 1800=Lucretia Webb, 

and lived and died at Columbus, Miss., [q. v.) 
88 X. Priscilla, b. Oct. 3d, 1802=Moses Butt, 

{q. V.) 
h XI. Henry, b. Nov. 2d, 1804= Miss Oliver of 

Elbert Co., and lived and died at Hernando, 

Miss., (5. V.) 
c XII. Lemuel, b. May 22, 1806=Louisa Tate {q. v.), 

and lived near Hernando, Miss. 

XIII. Elbert, b. Jan. 8th, 1810, died while young. 

XIV. Marion, b. June 23d, 1813, d. unm. 

The first annual Conference of the M. E. Church that 
was ever held in Georgia is said to have met in Elbert 
county at the house of Ralph Banks and his wife, Rachel, 
who carefully instilled into the minds of their children the 
true principles of a genuine Christianity. 

SO Charity Alston= James Banks (son of Thomas 
Banks=Bettie White). Issue : 
I. James Alston Banks=Milly Oliver. 
Issue, 1 son, William C. Banks, a lawyer, 

AND Their Descendants. 265 

d. s. p., resided iu Darieu, Ga. After the 
death of her husband, Milly Oliver Banks- = 
Charles Merriwether and moved to Missis- 
II. Nathaniel Banks= Caroline Hughes, of 
Abbeville. Their dau., Mary E. Banks= 
Charles Arnold and moved to Louisiana. 

III. Thomas Banks= Arnold and lived in 

Coweta county, Ga. 

IV. Caroline Banks= William Arnold and also 
lived in Coweta county. The Arnolds were 
a wealthy family and all farmers. 
V. GiLLY Yancey Banks= Bedford Harper, 
of Elbert county, Ga., and had 3 children, 

(1) William James Harper= Fannie 

DoRROUGH, dau. of Col. Dorrough, 
and gr. dau. of Joseph Rucker. They 
lived at Hartwell, Hart county, Ga. 
Their children were : 

1. Richard Harper. 

2. Anna Harper. 

3. William:Harper= Gene vie Dean. 

4. Lizzie Harper= Dendy. 

5. Thomas Harper=:Mattie Moon. 

6. Sallie Harper. 

7. Alston Calhoun Harper. 

(2) Charity Harper never married. 

(3) Martha Eleanor Harper^ George 

Erskine Heard, of Elberton, Ga., 
and left 3 children. 

1. Bedford Harper Heard=Ida 

Lanier McCalla. 

2. Thomas JejBTerson Heard= Willie 


266 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

3. Emma Banks Heard=Dr. N. G. 

After the death of his wife, Erskine Heard married 
Caroline Calhoun, of Abbeville. His father was Thomas 
Heard, whose 2d wife was Mrs. Elisabeth Yancey Arnold 
(nee Groves), s. p. 

VI. Hannah Banks=Florance M. Oliver. Their 
son James Oliver was major in the Confed- 
erate army, and lawyer in Tallapoosa co., 
VII. Francis Asbury Banks=:Sidney Skidmore,- 
and had several children. 
VIII. Martha Banks=Thomas Crawford (son of 
Thomas Crawford and Elisabeth Alston), 
her cousin, and lived in Greene county, Ga. ._ 
She died during the war, leaving a large 
family, {q. v.) (See Crawford family.) 
IX. Emily Sarah Banks =Colonel Dorrough. 
(See above), s. p. 

SI Thomas Alston Banks=Mary Chipman, lived 
and died in Elbert County, Ga. Their children 
were : 

I. Elbert =:Fannie Peurifoy, and their issue 
were : 

1. Thomas Caswell Banks=Eppie Blood- 

2. Geoege Banks= Fannie Rudisill.. 
Issue, Elbert and John. 

3. Mary= Walter Floyd. Issue, 1 
Bessie, 2 Lucy, 3 Fannie, 4 Jane Floyd. 

4. John Banks=: Alice White. Issue, 
1 Mary, 2 Elbert, 3 Effie Banks. 

11. Ralph BANKs=lst Miss Pritchard; issue, 
Thomas Banks and Pike Banks ;=2d MiSS 

AND Their Descendants. 257 

Davis ; issue, 1 Kate, 2 Ralph, and 3 John 
Banks; =3d Miss Stephens. 

III. Richard BAXKS=lst Fanxie Green; issue : 

1. Mary Ell,a=Ben Turner; issue, 1 
Banks Turner, 2 Lillie Turner, 3 Ben 
Milner Turner, 4 Charles Gainer Turner, 
and 5 Wm. Randolph Turner. 

2. William Alston Banks= Fannie 
White ; issue : 

1. James=Elsie Dumas; issue, 1 dau., 

2. Vallie=Fle\vellyn; issue, William 

3 Lula, 4 Oliver, 5 Ben, and 6 Mattie 
By 2d wf. Rebecca Horton: 

1. Lucy Frances=Henry Price. 

2. Richard Elbert Banks. 

IV. Mary Lou Banks:=John Stephens; issue : 

L Pearl Stephens. 

2. Ralph Stephens=:Mattie Alex- 
ander ; issue : John, Lemuel, Mattie, 

3. Elbert Stephens, 

4. William Stephens. 

-5/1 Willis Banks m. 1st Mary Winfrey Oliver; 2d 
Mary Gray ; issue : 

1. Mary Winfrey, who m. General Jephtha Y. Har- 
ris of Columbus, Miss. 

2. Thomas Gray Banks m. Mary Waldron. 

3. James Oliver Banks of Columbus, Miss., m. 1st 
Martha Coleman, 2d Lucy Young ; issue : 

1. Mary Gray m. 1st Fernandis Pope and 
had 1 son; 2d Hamden Osborne. 


258 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

2. Willis Banks m. Jennie Diinlap, have 1 ch. 

3. James O. Banks m. Julia Coleman of Eutaw? 
Ala., and have 6 children. 

4. Francis, died young. 

32 James Jones Bakns= Hannah Alston, lived in El- 
bert County and afterwards in Monroe County, Ga.. 
and lastly in Enon, Ala., where they both died. 

James J. Banks was a farmer by occupation, and accum- 
ulated a valuable estate. He was noted for his strict in- 
tegrity, uprightness of character and piety, in which re- 
spects his children all followed in the footsteps of their 
parents. After the death of his wife Hannah, James J. 
Banks married a second time, but had no issue by 2d wife. 
His children were : 

I. Jasper Galenius Banks, d. unm. at Enon in 
II. Jabez Benoni Banks r= Jane Harvey, dan. of 
William Harvey in 1840. They lived at Enon, 
and afterwards at Hurtsboro, Ala., where he 
died 189 — . Issue: 

1. William Harvey= Lou Rogers, 1867, 
and their daught. Nona= Leigh Andrews 
in 1895. 

2. Sarah Frances=Dr. C. H. Franklin 
in 1870, and have issue: 1. Charles and 
2. Loula Franklin. 

3. LouLA Jane=:Dr. C. H. Franklin after 
the death of her sister, Sarah Frances, and 
have issue, 3 John, 4 Jerome, 5 Jane, 6 
James, 7 Higgs, and 8 William Franklin. 
They reside at Union Springs. 

4. James Jones Banks= 1887 Lee Frazer^ 
and is now, 1897, Judge of the City Court 

AND Their Descendant?. 259 

of Birmingham, Ala. Their children are 
Frazer and James Joues Banks. 
III. Dr. Newton Paley Banks= Fannie Jernigan 
of Enon, Ala. 

Dr. Newton Paley Banks was born in Elbert County, 
Georgia, September 24, 1824, and died in Opelika, Ala., 
May 1, 1901. When quite small he removed to Cullodeu, 
Ga., in 1844 to Enon, Ala., thence in later life to Colum- 
bus, Ga., and then, in February, 1898, to Opelika, Ala. 

Strong, vigorous, energetic as a boy, he early developed 
a keen business perception, and often when only ten or 
twelve years old was sent to Macon, Ga,, to market cot- 
ton, returning with the proceeds of the sale in a belt tied 
around his waist, being compelled to camp at night, re- 
turning home the next day. 

The inflexible principles of upright living were early in- 
stilled into little Newton, which afterwards developed into 
the rounded Christian character of Dr. Banks. 

On the 16th of January, 1851, he married Frances A. Jer- 
nigan, who proved indeed a true helpmate. 

He was kind to his negroes, all of whom loved him, and 
up to a few years ago he provided, without remuneration, 
for one of his old servants, until he too passed to the 
heavenly home. 

After the close of the war he built a log school-house on 
his place for the negroes, probably the first built in Alabama 
after the war by an ex-slaveholder for the education of ne- 
groes. He made a careful study of the Bible, and mani- 
fested special interest in church work, being always con- 
nected with the Sunday-school either as superintendent or 
teacher, and ready to respond liberally to every call for 
benevolent and Christian enterprise or charity. 

Uncompromising honesty and faithful conscientious dis- 
charge of duty were the ruling principles that governed his 

260 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

In all matters of public concern he took deep interest, 
and never suffered himself to be led by the opinions of 
others, or to yield his own judgment to popular sentiment, 
but formed his own opinions, and having once formed them 
he had the courage to maintain them. 

He was a prohibitionist, but in all political measures, as 
elsewhere, he advocated undeviating honesty, the result 
being left to an all-wise God, who maketh even the evil 
designs of men to work out objects for His praise. 

Their children are : 

1. Henry Jernigan Banks = Sallie 
Kate Taever, 1873, dau. of Wesley 
Tarver, and had issue, Tarver Banks. 

2. Sallie Hannah=her cousin, James 
B. Tarver, in 1874, and have issue (g. v.) 

3. Jabez Banks, m. the widow of his 
brother, Henry Jernigan, in 1881, and 
have issue : Henry, Jasper and Ralph. 

4. Pearl in. Dr. Warren B. Watkins of 
Opelika in 1893. They have 3 dau., 1 
Sarah Alberta, 2 Dorothy, and 3 Mary 

IV. Rachel Jones Banks=James Monroe Tarver, 
October 9th, 1845, and lived at Enon, Ala. 
Issue : 

1. James Banks Tarver m. his cousin, 
Sallie Hannah Banks, and have issue : 
1 Banks, 2 Rosalie, 3 Monroe, 4 William, 
5 Clifford, 6 Fannie Belle. 

2. Rosa m. Clarence Caldwell in 1878, 
and have issue : 1 Rachel Banks, 2 Mary 
Lou, and 3 James Tarver Caldwell. 

3. Sarah Hannah m. Rev. D. C. Crook in 
in 1878, and have issue : 1 Rachel. 2 
John, and 3 Rosa Crook. 

AND Their Descendants. 261 

4. Milton Jasper Tarver m. Sallie Bass 

in 1879, and have issue : 1 Mary, 2 John 

Bass, 3 Berta Belle, and 4 James Tarver, 

V. Sarah Elisabeth Banks=Rev. Oscar Paul, 

Fitzgerald, Bishop of M. E. Church South. 

1. Paul Fitzgerald, d. unni. 

2. Genella m. John Hooper Nye in 
1884, and have issue : 1 Adolphe, 2 Paul, 
3 Oscar, and 4 John Hooper Nye. 

3. Lee Fitzgerald, d. s. p. 

4. Eleanor m. John B. Robertson in 

1888, and have one daughter, Sarah. 

5. Lillian m. Lem Banks in 1892. 

6 Oscar Penn, and 7 Wm. Stone Fitzgerald. 

Vr. Rev. Dunstan Marion Banks= Cordelia 

Allen. He resides at Opelika, and for many 

years was engaged in teaching school. He has 

issue : 

1. John James Banks m. Mattie Cotten, 
dau. of Rev. James Lawrence Cotten. Is- 
sue : John, Lucy and Mattie. 

2. Bettie Benona m. H. Crawford Jer- 
NiGANiul880. Issue: Charles, Marion, 
Cordelia, Marie, Cornelia, Henry Craw- 
ford and Kate Jernigan. 

3. Nettie m. Walter Hurt in 1887, and 
have issue : Mary, Nettie, Willie, Nona, 
Mittie, Cordelia and Edgar Crawford. 

4. Mary Hannah m. Albert BarnettId 

1889, and have issue : Mary, Albert, and 
Sara Antoinette Barnett. Mr. Barnett is 
Register in Chancery. 

33 Sallie Banks=Edward Sims, lived and died near 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. Issue : 

262 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

^ T. Jerusha= Reedy, of Wetupka, Ala. 

II. Mary= Hemphill, of Tuscaloosa, aud their 

daii. m. Prof. Benj. Meek, of Alabama Uni- 

III. Priscilla m. Hon. Wm. Crawford Bibb, Sr., 
of Montgomery. 

IV. JaQe=Judge Frank Moody, of Tuscaloosa. 
V. Nettie= Trimble, of Montgomery 

84- T)r. Eichaed Banks=Martha Butt. He was 
noted as a physician and surgeon. He lived and died 
at Gainesville, Ga. Issue : 
I. Joe. 
II. Philocl,ea=Blacksheae. Issue: 1. Zoe = 
McHenry; 2. Lucy=Mower; 3. A son. 
III. Dunstan. 

IV. SusAN=lst. - Brewster; issue, Georgia= 
Wilkes, m. 2d. Pledger; issue, (1) Banks 
Pledgeri= Jennie Ray. (2) May^ Free- 
man ; m. 3d. Becker. 

55 Ralph Baxks= Elizabeth Maxwell ; lived in 
Habersham and Banks counties, Ga. Issue : 

I. Russell Banks=Jane Yarbrough. 
11. Mary=Memory Grump. 

III. Jane^Fleming Moss. 

IV. Rachel=Augustus Moss. 

V. Marion BaDks=Martha Ressler. 

56 John Banks=Sarah Watkins, lived for a time at 
Lexington, Ga., and later moved to Columbus, Ga. 
Issue : 

I. John Troupe, d. young. 
II. Capt. Willis Dunstan Banks, C. S. A., 39th Ala. 
Regt., mortally wounded at Atlanta and died 
28th July, 1864. 

AND Their Descendants. 263 

III. George Young Banks was member of Georgia 
State Convention that passed the ordinance of 
Secession. He m. 1st Susan Mitchell. 

Issue : 

1. John. 2. Mattie. 3. Sallie. 4. Lizzie. 5. Eu- 
genia. 6. George. 7. Maynie. 

m. 2d Dolly Jeter; issue, 1 dau., 

IV. Daniel Watkins Banks killed near Atlanta while 
on picket duty. 

V. Edward Sim8=Pauline Delauney ; issue, 1 

daughter, Lucy = Andrew Shepherd. 
VI. Susan Martha, unm. 
VII. Gilmer Rockingham Banks:=Kate Burney ; is- 
sueless. Lives at Tallassee, Ala., State Senator 
and planter. 
VIII. Lieutenant Richard Eugene Banks, C. S. A., 
killed in battle of Resaca, Ga., May 15, 1864. 
rX. Elbert Augustine Banks, M.D., unmarried; lives 
in Columbus, Ga., is a noble type of his family. 
X. William Kelley Banks. 
XL Sarah Lucy=Edward Young. Issue : 
1. Banks. 2. Mary. 3. Sallie Watkins. 
XII. Josephine Anna=G. J. Peacock. Issue: 

1. Sallie=Kelly Dimoud ; issue, Josephine, 

2. Elberta. 

3. James Peacock. 

4. John Banks Peacock. 
XIII. Mary Priscilla. 

S7 Mary jANE=lst Dr. Jones, of Tuscaloosa, and 
had one child. 

2d. John Xapier, of Marengo county. Of their 
children, 1. Lemuel m. Mary Palmer Reedy, and 2. 
Rachel m. Frank Siddons, and had 2 daughters. 

264 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

a DuNSTAN Banks, one of the earliest residents of Co- 
lumbus, Miss., married Lucretia, daughter of 
Thomas and Martha (Dickens) Webb, of North 
Carolina. Thomas Webb was the son of William 
and gr.-son of James Webb (b. 1705), of Essex 
county, Va., who in 1734 m. Mary Edmund. Issue: 

(1) Martha ra. Capt. Davidson Cross and d. 
1867 s. p. 

(2) Henrietta m. Major David I. Armstrong 
and had 1 ch., Mrs. E. W. Carroll, of 
Beaumont, Texas. 

(3) Colonel Robert Webb Banks* m. in 1869 
to Alice Clay Sherrod, dau. of Col. 
Felix Sherrod, son of Col. Ben Sherrod. 

August 9, 1873. 

*NoTE. — The following lines taken from the New York Time^, 
were from the pen of M. J. Moses (late) Asst. Surgeon 37th Eegt. 
Miss. Vol., C. S. A., at the battle of Resaca, Ga., on the 9th May, 
1864, and was a tribute to his friend, Sergeant Banks : 

The storm of shot was flying fast, 

And through the marshalled host 
The wavering lines come swaying back, 

As though the day was lost. 
The hurrying aides were riding down 

From left flank and from right, 
And sulphurous clouds obscured the sun 

In blackness dark as night. 

On come the glittering battle line 

Upon the shattered band, 
Whose heroes held the crested hill 

Scarce touching hand to hand. 
On came the steady columns down, 

Like whirlwinds on the plain, 
AVhilst batteries from the distant heights 

Poured down their iron rain. 

Out dashed young Harry Chambers, 

With orders for the right, 
Out went the noble Elliott, 

(We buried him that night). 

AND Their DescendajSits. 265 

Felix Sherrod's wife (Sarah Parrisb) was 
cousin to Commodore Maury and gr.-dau. 
of Abram Maury, one of the founders of 
Franklin, Tenn. Their children : 

1. Sarah Felix. 2. Lucille Webb. 3. Rob- 
ert Webb. 4. James O., 5. Alice Sher- 
rod (two ch. died in infancy.) 
(4) Lucretia Banks, unm. 

Brave Waldrop takes the orders now, 

And as he turned to go, 
The hurtling shot comes plunging down. 

And lays our comrade low. 

The storm increased — the charging line 

Came onward with a cheer; 
The General quickly turned his eye 

Where Banks and I stood near. 
In vain he called upon his aides ; 

None but the dead were there ; 
" My God ! " he cried, ''who can I send " 

Those stout, brave hearts to cheer? 

I stepped to where the General stood 

And asked him if I'd do. 
And said that if I did not fall 

I'd take his orders through. 
Young Banks sprang up and seized the note, 

" I'll go,'' he cried, and smiled, 
And whispered as he rushed away, 

" He has a wife and child." 

Again the storm of battle surged, 

Again the lines advance, 
And now to save the liltle band 

Seemed but a thing of chance. 
" Tell Oharpentier to open now 

With every single gun." 
He scarce had turned to see who went 

Ere Oharpentier begun. 

From piece to piece the order went, 

And through the darkened air, 
The booming cannon thundered out, 

2,66 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

(5) Julia Banks m. 1874 to John B. Dilla- 
hunty. Isssue : 
1. Dunston Banks. 2. Mattie. 3. Lucy. 
4. Julia. 5. John and. 6. Lillian Dilla- 

SS Moses Butt^Priscilla Banks. They lived near 
Columbus, Ga., and had 8 children : 

While cheer re-echoed cheer ; 
And night came down with moon and stars 

And rested on the hill — 
Where high above its blood-stained crest 

Our banner floated still. 

From camp to camp, from post to post, 

I rode through all that night, 
To find who of my many friends, 

Had fallen in the fight. 
And every man I chanced to know 

In staff, or line, or ranks, 
I asked if he had seen or heard 

Of "little Sergeant Banks." 

Till when I came again to camp, 

And found my young friend there 
My heart leapt up to teach my lips 

To speak his name in prayer. 
And since that day, whene'ei: I hear 

Of heroes from the ranks, 
My mind will always head the list 

With little Sergeant Banks." 

Nearly thirty years afterwards the following lines were added 
by another friend and companion : 

This " little Banks " is now a Vet : 

And fat and stout has grown, 
The same old Grit is in him yet 

As when this deed was done. 
His face may seam, his hair grow white, 

His blood will ne'er grow cool, 
Just mention now that word " fight ! " 

He's still the same old fool. 

AND Their Descendants. 267 

( 1. John Henry ra. Johngeline Winter s. p. 
Twins. I 2 j)r^ Richard Lemuel married 3 times (q. v.) 

3. Sarah Alabama Butt m. Dr. William Har- 
vey King. Their children were : 

1. William. 2. Annie, and 3. Sallie King. 

4. Mary Virginia Butt m. Daniel Butler Bird, 
of Florida, and have 1. Priscilla, and 2. 
Samuel. Bird. 

5. Georgia Priscilla Butt=Thomas Ers- 
KiNE Young, son of Col. George and Susan 
(Watkins) Young, of ^'Waverly," Colum- 
bus, Miss. Their children are : 

(1) Priscilla Banks Young m. Thos. 
Blewitt Franklin, of Columbus, 
Miss. Issue : 1. Silla Young. 2. Sid- 
ney Cornell. 3. d. young. 

(2) Virginia Watkins m. Edward Ran- 

dolph Hopkins, of Columbus, Miss. 
Children : 1. Charles Beverly. 2. Ed- 
ward Erskine. 3. Annie Cabot, and 
4. Georgia Young Hopkins. 

(3) Lucy Woodsen m. Dr. Charles Cecil 

Stockard, of Atlanta, Ga. Issue : 
1. John Rupert, died young. 2. Charles 
Cecil, and 3. Lucy Vaughan Stock- 

(4) Sarah Vallie Young, unm., Colum- 
bus, Miss. 

(5) Anna Alyda m. Henry Marsden Wad- 

dell, of Columbus, Miss. Issue : 1. 
Marsden Young. 2. Hugh Brown- 

(6) Moselle Butt Young died young. 

(7) Thomas Erskine Young m. John Sid- 

ney White, of Birmingham, Ala. 
Issue : Erskine Vallie-Young White. 

268 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

6. Rev. Moses Edwakd Butt m. 1st Hen- 
rietta Allen. Issue: 1 dau. and 1 son. 
2d Jeeusha Reedy. Issue : 2 dau. 

(1) Johnnie m. Dr. George, (2) Edward 
Butt m. Miss Sanders, (3) Amelia ra. 
Aycock, (4) Ella Butt, unm. 

7. Willis Banks Butt m. Julia Treutlen s. p. 

8. James Eldridge Butt, killed in battle. 

Dr. Richard Lemuel Butt=Sarah Elisabeth, 
(dau. of Van Leonard and Janette (Harvie) his 
wife, of Columbus, Ga.) ; issue 6 ch., viz: 

(After the death of Sarah Elizabeth Leonard, 
he married Mrs. Gamewell (widow), and his 3d 
Avife, Mrs. Henderson (widow), is still living. 
His two last wives bore him no children.) 

1. Fannie P. Butt ra. 1st W. C. McCarty, (now 

deceased). 2d. W. E. Miller. 3d. W. C". 

2. Mary V. Butt-=M. L. Wood and have one dau, 

Helen, unm. They live in New Mexico. 

3. Nettie L. Butt=:G. W. Johnson, and had two 

sons and one daughter, viz.: 

1. James Eldridge Johnson=Lydia Watts 

and have one son, James Eldridge John- 

2. Gilbert D wight Johnson, and 3. Marie 

Johnson, unm. 

4. Sarah Elisabeth Butt=W. E. Love and 

had seven ch., viz. : 

1. Will. 2. Emma. 3. Mary. 4. Thomas. 
5. Lena. 6. Celeste. 7. Van. 

5. Richard Lemuel Butt, Jr,=zMary E. Jor- 

dan, May 19, 1881, and have 3ch,, viz: 

AND Their Descendants. 269 

1. Richard Lemuel Butt. 2. Arthur Jordan 
and 3. Howard Eldridge Butt. 
6. John Henry Butt, deceased. 

Dr. Butt was surgeon in the Confederate service. In 
early life he practiced his profession in Columbus, Ga., 
afterwards in Talbotton, but for many years past he has 
been in Midway, Bulloch Co., Ala., where he still pursues 
his profession. 

b Henry Banks, of Misissippi, m. Judith Oliver, 
daii. of James and Luciuda Oliver, of Elbert Co., 
Ga., and sister to wife of Willis Banks. Only 2 
children lived to adult age. 

(1) Sarah Banks m. Henry Scales. She is now a 

widow and lives at Clarkesville, Tenn., with 
her only son, Henry Scales. A dau., Lucy, 
died young. 

(2) Lucy Banks m. Thomas Wilkinson (now 

deceased), of Hernando, Miss. Lssue: 

1. Thomas Banks, d. s. p. 

2. Henry, b. 1855; of Memphis, Tenn., 

m. Sallie Johnson; issue: 

1. Lucy. 2. Rebecca, and 3, baby. 

3. Robert, b. 1857; of Memphis ; m. 
Connie White, dau. of Col. Thos. 
White, of Hernando, and had 

L Robert, 2, Thomas and 3. Bar- 

4. Charles, b. 1859; of Palestine, Ark.; 
m. Kate Taylor and have issue. 

5. Lucy, num. 

6. Edward, of Hernando ; m. and has 

270 Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston 

c Lemuel Banks, of DeSoto County Mississippi, mar- 
ried Louisa A. Tait dan. of Judge James Minor 
Tate and Jane Watkins of Elbert County Georgia. 
Mrs. Banks, after the death of her husband m. 2t1, 
Charles Meriwether ; issue: 

(1) Lemuel, d. s. p. 

(2) Elizabeth, d. s. p. 

(3) Ralph Banks moved to Lee county, Arkansas; 

was twice married but none of his children 
reached maturity. 

(4) George Thomas Banks, now living in White 

Haven, Shelby County, Tenn., m. Susan 
Love and had 

1. Lemuel (b. 1870) of law firm of 
Myers & Banks, of Memphis, m. Lil- 
lian, dau. of Bishop O. P. Fitzgerald. 
(s. p.). 

2. William Love, (b. 1872), of Becton, 
Ark., m. Lucy Hartsell and had 

1. Hartsell, 2. King and 8. David. 

3. George Thomas, Jr., (b. 1875), unm. 

4. David Goodman, died young. 

(5) Charles Banks, moved to Marianna, Lee Co., 

Ark., there married and is living; children, 

I. Myra,m. James P. Brown, of Marianna, 

Ark., and has 3 children. 2. Dolly, 

m. Mr. Ache, of Newport, Ark., and 

has issue. 3. Daisy, unm. 

(6) Mary Banks, m. Jordan Payne and d. s. p. 

(7) Richard McPherson Banks, of Hernando, 

Miss., m. 1st. Bettie Campbell and had 

1. Richard McP. m. Lulie Boone and has 

1 ch. 2. George, m. Mittie Bell, and 

has 1 ch. 3. Nicholas Campbell, m. 

Bettie Berdon. Mr, Banks m. 2d Mrs. 

AND Their Descendants. 271 

Ida Campbell, of Oxtord, Miss., and 

4. Harvey and 5. Charles. 
(8) HenryBanks, of Memphis, Teun., m. Sallie 
Dockery and had 

1. Henry, and 2. Love. 

2 ]\ At.ston=Isaac Hunter, died 1815 in 
Warren County. The following children are men- 
tioned by will. 

I. Solomon Hunter (mentioned in will of Sol- 
omon Alston, Sr.) 

XL James Alston Hunter, no records. 
10 III. Jacob HuNTER=Patience Williamson. Issue 

IV. Ann Alston=Kittrell, records wanting. 

V. Patsy H.= Williamson, records wanting. 
VI. Sackey=Nicholson, records wanting. 
VII. Sally Alston=Estis, records wanting. 

The above Isaac Hunter was son of Isaac 
Hunter who died in Chowan County and 
whose will was dated April 17, 1752, and 
proved April Court, 1753, and whose 
children were : 

Elisha Hunter. Jacob Hunter. 

Jessee Hunter. Isaac Hunter. 

David Hunter. Alee Perry. 

Hannah Riddick. Elisabeth Perry. 
Rachel Walton. Sarah Hunter. 
Jane Philips (dec.) and others. 

10 Jacob Hunter=Patience Williamson. Issue: 
I. William Hunter, no record. 
II. Mary Hunter, no record. 

272 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

III. Martha Green Hunter=John Dawson. Issue 

{q. V.) 

IV. Ann Alston, no record. 
V. Eliza Hinton, no record. 

See Wheeler's History, Vol. 2, 426, for sketch of Col. 
Benjamin Hawkins. 

Col. Philemon Hawkins, Sr., born in Gloucester co., 
Va., Sept. 28, 1717, removed to Butt co. 1737=Delia 
and had issue, 

12 1. Col. John Hawkins=Sallie Macon. Issue (g.-y). 

13 II. Col. Philemon Hawkins, Jr. Issue (q. v). 

III. Col. Benjamin Hawkins=; issue 1 son and 5 

IV. Col. Joseph Hawkins^; was in Continental ser- 
vice ; died 1785. 
V. Delia=L. Bulloch s. p. 

VI. Anu=:Gen. Micajah Thomas ; no living issue. 

12 Issue of Col. John Hawkins=Sallie Macon. 
-^, (1) Philemon Hawkins, of Louisburg= 

(2) Gen. John H. Hawkins, of Warren=z 

(3) Gen. Micajah Thomas Ha^vkins, of Warreurrr: 

Served some years in Congress. 
1^ (4) Col. Joseph H. W*fek4»S', Warren co.z=z(q. v.) 

These four repeatedly represented Warren 
county in the House of Commons. 
(5) Benjamin Hawkins. 
(G) Fannie Hawkins= Solomon Green. 

(7) Ann Hunt Fuller (Nancy) Hawkins=: 

Charles Marshall. 

(8) Priscilla Hawkins= Gotten. 

(9) Parthenia Hawkins^ John C. Green, 1st 

(10) Delia Martin Hawkins=:John C. Green, 2d 

AND Their Descendants. 273 

13 Issue of Col. Philemon Hawkins, Jr. : 

(1) William Hawkins; (2) John Davis Haw- 
(3) Joseph Warren Hawkins ; (4) Benjamin 

Franklin Hawkins. 
(5) Philemon Hawkins; (6) Frank Hawkins- 

(7) George W. Hawkins. 

(8) Eleanor=Sherwood Haywood, of Raleigh. 

(9) Ann = William P. Little, of Warren. 

(10) Delia=Stephen Haywood, of Raleigh. 

(11) Sarah=Col. William Polk, of Raleigh. 

(12) Lucy Davis Ruffin= Louis D. Henry, of 

Raleigh, 1st wife. 

J 4 Col. Joseph H. Haavkins— 1st Mary Al- 

ston in 1811, and 2d Martha Alston, 
her sister, daughters of Col. William and 
Martha Hardee Alston, and had issue, viz.: 
I. Sallie HawkinsrzrGen. Samuel A. Williams ; 
issue [q. v.). 
II. Mary Helen= Augustus Alston, son of Robert 
West Alston [q. v.). 
IIL Thomas Hawkins married and had 1 son, Thomas. 
Col, Hawkins died while filling the office of 
Comptroller of State. 

James Alston was one of the executors of his 
father, Solomon Alston, in 1784, and of Philip 
Kearney, 1794, of Thomas Kearney, 1797, 
and of Edmond Kearney, 1794, and of Joseph 
John Alston in 1781. He died in 1805. He 
was married Jan. 24, 1780, to Sarah Kearney, 
daughter of Edmond Kearney and Sarah 
Brothers, his wife, and had 9 children [q. v). 
After her death he married Sarah Hawkins 

18 al 

274 Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston 

(nee Macon), the widow of John Hawkins^ 
who had by her former marriage 10 children, 
which have been given elsewhere. She died 
April 11, 1808. 

1 James Alston:=Sarah Kearney; issue, viz.: 

8 I. John, b. April 3, 1781=Jane Hardaway Davis, 

from Roanoke, Ya., (5. v.). 
II. Mary Hinton, b. Oct. 22, 1782=Robert T. 

Cheek (5. v.). 

III. Solomon, b. Sept. 15, 1784, d. imm. Aug. 5, 1807. 

IV. Ann, b. Jan. 2, 1787=lst Harvey, 3d Webb, 

and has one son. Dr. Webb; 2d Sutherland,- 
and has one sou, Maclen Sutherland. 
V. Elizabeth J., b. Feb. 22, 1789=Dr. Ridley 
(Chapel Hill.). 

08 VI. James, Jan. 27, 1791, and VII. Guston, Feb. 

26, 1793, (d. s. p.). 

9 VIII. Sarah Brothers, b. Sept. 14, 1795=Seth Jones, 

son of Nathaniel Jones and M-rs. Miller^s&a 
Blanchard, who were married in Chowan co. 
June 17, 1772. 
IX. Charity Dawson, b. June 7, 1798=Wm. 
Green Macon, of Hancock county, Ga., son 
of Gid Hunt Macon. 

8 John Alston= Jane Hardaway Davis. Is- 

sue : 

01 1. Hardaway Alston, b. 1800= Rebecca Bradley. 

02 2. Elizabeth Davis, b. 1802=Hartwell Blount 


03 3. James, b. 1804= Elisabeth Pesy. 

04 4. Sarah Kearney Alston, b. 1807=Wm. Weakley 

Oo 5. Lucy Ann AlstouzzzJohn King. 

AND Their Descendants. 275 

06 6. Solomon, b. 1813z=Mary Peebles. 

07 7. Gustou, b. 1815i=Eliza Morton Scales.' 
8. Thomas, b. 1817. 

OS 9. John Alston, b. 1820, lived to be 60 years old. 

Robert Tines Cheek=Mary Hinton (Polly) Al- 
ston, 8 ch., viz.: 

1. Elbert Alston Cheek= Susan Hayes. Issue : 

1. A^irginia; 2. Bettie R., and 3. Hattie. 

All died. 
4. Mary married Dr. Hunter; 5. Robert. 

6. Hugh live in Mississippi. 

7. Col. W. C. Cheek d. in Henderson, 

N. C, in April, 1901. 

8. Elbert Alston, Jr., lives in Kentucky. 

2. John S. Cheek=Clementine Bagwell. 

3. James ; 4. Joseph. 

5. Dr. William Cheek=Miss Clanton ; lives in 


6. Emily M. Cheek, b. Aug. 11, 1808, d. Jan. 

12, 1876. Married in Warrenton, N. C, 
to John H. Burt, b. June 1, 1800, and d. 
March 27, 1845. (They resided near Ran- 
som's bridge, and he was the son of Wm. 
Burt=Sallie Ballard). Their dau., Mary 
Alston Burt, b. May 5, 1833, and married 
April 18, 1854, in Warren county, to Wil- 
liam J. Exum. 

7. Darian Cheek m. Montgomery. Their 

children all died except Judge Walter Mont- 
gomery, of Raleigh, who m. Miss Lizzie 
Wilson, and have two ch., viz.: 1. Walter 
Montgomery and 2. Betsy Montgomery,. 

8. Elizabeth Cheek = Ridley. 

276 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

X3 James Alston = Nancy SwANZY. 6ch. viz. : 
I. Charity Alston, untn. 

II. Elizabeth Alston, unm. 

III. William = 1st 1 son George. 

= 2d Miss Bell ; issue : 
1. Robert. 2. John. 
3. Davie. 4. Lanis. 
IV. Lurana = Henry Clay, of North Alabama. 
V. Audley Alston. James Alston. 
YI. Jane Alston == B. F. Martin. 

1. Ellen Augusta Martin, b. Feb. 15th, 
1842 = y. L. Harrison. 

2. Sallie Ann Martin, b. June 26th, 
1844 = Henry Clay, of North Alabama. 

3. Dr. Brice J. A. Martin, b. March 4th, 

4. Mary J. Martin, b. May 3d, 1851 == R. 
G. Moore, of North Alabama. 

5. William Jones Martin. 

6. Rebecca Arretta, b. Dec. 2d, 1848=Dr. 

7. James F. Martin, b. April 1st, 1846 
= MoUie Herndon, lives at 1403 Georgia 

St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Haedaway Alston = Rebecca Bradley. 6 ch. viz. : 

1. Jane Alston, m. William Dyer. 

2. Dr. John Alston. 3. Guston Alston. 

4. Thomas. 5. Voluey S. Alston, and 

6. Eugenia Alston. 

Elisabeth Davis ALSTON=rHARTWELL Blount Hyde. 
Issue : viz. : 
(1) Joseph Hyde m. Lizzie Jorden. 7 ch. viz. : 

AND TiiEiR Descendants. 277 

1. Bettie Jorden. 2. Henry. 3. Ewel]. 
4. Mattie. 5. Blouut. 6. Isaac, aud 
7. Deau Hyde. 

(2) Mary Hyde m. Samuel Thomas. 

(3) Henderson Hyde m. Hypasia Ann Nolen. 

9 ch. viz. : 

1. Perkins Hyde m. M. — Mary. 3 ch. 

Lizzie, Hervey and Susie. 

2. Addie m. John Ed Johnson. 5 ch, viz. : 

1. Eddie. 2. Frank 3. Laura. 
4. Ben. 5. Nolen. 

3. James Hyde m. Maggie Harvey, 1893. 

Issue, viz. : 
Leroy. Earl. 

4. Fannie m. Hardie Marvin. Issue : 


5. Isaac Hyde m. 1st Priscilla Joiiden. 

2d Mrs. Mary Bostic, nee King. 

1. Blount. 2. Freeman. 

3. Bettie m. Furguson. Ch. 

Mary and Sarah. 

4. Bunuie m. 1 ch. 5. Janie. 
6. Emma. 7. Samuel. 

8. Battle Hyde ra. Bennett. 

Have 1 ch. 

(4) Dr. Blount Hyde m. Aalissa Morton. Issue: \ 

1. Blount. 2. Robert. 

3. Wade Hyde, and 4. Lucy. 

(5) Samuel Hyde m. Miss Sanford. 1 dau. Sal lie. 

(6) Martha m. Rev. Jerre Cullnm. 

(7) Isaac Hyde m. Sallie P. Jorden. 

(8) Emma m. Thomas Basser. 

(9) Sarah Hyde m. Samuel Smothermau. 

278 Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston 

X3 James Alston := Elisabeth Pesy. 7 cL. viz.: 

I. Eliza Alston = Wood. 

II. Dr. Jack Alston. 

III. Willis Alston. 

IV. Thomas Alston. 

Y. Mary A.== Wood. 

\l. Susie A. Alston. 
VII. James Alston. 

X^ William Weakley Johnson = Sarah Kearney 

Alston. 5 ch. 

I. John Johnson = Melissa Pyron. 
XX^ II. William Weakley Johnson = Frances Van- 
derslice {q. v.). 

III. Columbus Johnson = Mary Logan. 

IV. William Calvin d. in infancy. 

V. Joseph Darius Johnson died during the war 
18—, 21 years. 

X5 LrcY Ann Alston = John King. 7 ch. viz. : 
I. John King, b. 1835; killed at Atlanta, Ga., 

II. James C. King, b. 1837; d. 1858. 
Oo III. Thomas S. King, b. 1840= Bettie B. Good- 
win, 1866 (g. v.). 
005 IV. William King, b.i842 = 1st Anna Massey, 

=2d (Dec. 1874) to Addie King. (g. v.). 
0005 V. Bettie King, b. 1844 = 1867 to Joseph Turner 

Jorden (g. i'.). 
00005 VI. Ann Eliza King, b. 1847 =Wilford E. Raines, 
1866 (g. i'.). 
VII. Laura J. King, b. 1849 = James T. Spark- 
man in 1876. Issue : 

1. Rebecca, b. Feb. 12th, 1887. 

2. Jane, b. Jan. 10th, 1890. 

AND Their Descendants. 279 

X(} Solomon Alston=Mary Peebles ; 4 ch., viz. : 
I. Joe Alston z=Sallie Fisher. 
II. Sallie Alston = Alexander Cochran. 

III. Fannie Alston=:Mr. Nesh. 

IV. Mae Peebles Alston, unm. 

GusTox Alston :=lst Eliza Morton Scales, 2 ch. 
=2d Maggie Westbrook, 2 ch. 
X 1. Mary Jane Alston = Joseph Carl (q. v.). 

2. Sallie B. Alston =Janies Anthony (g. v.). 

3. Minnie Alston, and 4, Fannie Alston. 

A Joseph Carl=Mary Jane Alston. Issue viz.: 

1. Jacob Carl m. Mary Moss, 5 ch., viz.: 1. Clarence. 
2. Joe. S.Will. 4. J. B., and 5. Susie May Carl. 

2. Eliza Carl m. Davis; 3 ch., viz.: 1. Wil- 
liam. 2. Carl, and 3, Luther Davis. 

3. John Carl. 

4. Lutie Carl m. Joseph Mays, of Nashville, Teun. 
o. Frank Carl m. LeeNeely; 1 son Frank, Franklin, 

<3. Thomas Carl, in Arkansas. 
7. Robert in Cincinnati. 

5. Hardie. 

9. James Carl m. Nannie Bond. 

10. J. B. Carl m. — Beasley. 

11. Henry, and 12, Gus Carl. 

X8 John Alston = 1st, Ann Tulles, 4 ch. 

By 2d, LuvENiA Martin, 2 ch. 
1. Robert. 2. Samuel. 4. William. 

3. Blount Alston m. Miss Jemmie Thompson. 

Issue: 1. Tulles. 2. Mary. 3. Atwell. 4. 
Samuel. 5. Terry, and 6. John. 

4. Fannie M. Alston m. — Hogan ; 2 daughters, 

Lina and Neva. 

280 Solomon and Ann (Hinton) Alston 

5. James Monroe Alston (Roe) m. Fred Orange ; 
2 sons. 

XX4. William Weakley Johnson married in 1861 ta 
Francis Ann Vanderslice, who died Decem- 
ber 2d, 1899 ; 8 ch., viz. : 
I. Joseph W. Johnson, b. 1863, d. 1884. 
II. James Kearney Johnson, b. Feb. 8th, 1866; 
married Nov. 24th, 1892, to Alice Brown Wil- 
liamson ; 5 ch., viz.: 

1. Charles Weakley Johnson, b.Deo. 3d, 1893. 

2. Zora Wilkes Johnson, b. Feb. 5th, 1896. 

3. Frances Cuthbert Johnson, b. Feb. 4th,. 


4. James Kearney, \^ ^ j^^ ^g ^^qq 

5. Alice Brown, j ' j y 

III. Nancy Vanderslice Johnson, b. July, 1867 ; m. 

Frederick J. Page ; 5 ch., viz.: 

1. William Stokely Page d. in infancy. 

2. Annie Louise, b. Feb. 4th, 1890. 

3. Ruth Page, b. Oct. 10th, 1893. 

4. Joseph Johnson Page, b. July 16th, 1896. 

5. Lela Abernathy Page, b. July 25th, 1899. 

IV. Mary DeGraffenreidt Johnson, b. Dec. 3d, 

1869 ; m. Robert Williams, who died 
a few years since, and in Feb., ]901, his 
widow= Daniel Adkixson. Issue: 

1. Bessie Lee Williams, b. Dec. 4th, 1888. 

2. Fannie Willie Williams, b. May 25th, 189K 

3. Robert Herman Williams, b. Aug. 10th,. 

V. Fannie Lou Johnson, b. March 12th, 1872; m. in 
1894 to Will T. Jorden ; 3 ch., viz. : 

1. James Weakley Jorden, b. Dec. 31st, 1895. 

AND Their Descendants. 281 

2. Fannie Lowe Jorden, b. May 20th, 1897. 

3. William T. Jorden, b. Oct. 8th, 1899. 
VI. Willie D. Johnson, b. Aug. 10, 1873 ; m. in Dec, 

1898, to Joseph Covington, and have 1 son, John 
Weakley Covington, b. April 24th, 1900. 
VII. John Weakley Johnson, b. Dec. 15th, 1878; m. 
in Nov., 1899, to Pearl Dobson. 
VIII. Alice Maxie Johnson, b. Oct. 25th, 1882. 

05 Thomas S. Kixg=Bettie B. Godwin, 8 ch., viz.: 
1. George King. 2. Floyd. 3. Jessie. 
4. Fannie. 5. Jack. 6. Forrester. 
7. Samuel, and 8, Phillip King. 

005 William KiNG==Anna Massey; issue 2 ch. 

by 2d wf., Addie King; 7 ch. 

1. Fannie Gray King, b. Sep. 19th, 1870 ; m. Nov. 

17th, 1891, to Dr. George Paschal. 

2. Wm. Eugene King, b. May 15th, 1873; m. 

Jan. 23d, 1894, to Etta McCrary, and have 
onech., Wm. M. King, b. Oct. 16th, 1896. 

3. Susie Mathews King, b. June 16th, 1876 ; m. 

Dec. 19th, 1900, to Ernest King. 

4. Lucy King, b. Sep. 1st, 1878 ; m. Nov. 7tb, 

1900, to Geo. McDonald. 

5. Walter Harris King, b. May 12th, 1880 ; m. 

Dec. 19th, 1900, to Beulah Hughey. 

6. Bessie King, b. Jan., 1883. 

7. Morton King, b. 1885 ; d. 1887. 

8. Ellis King, b. April, 1889, and 9, Ethel King, 

b. March 8th, 1891. 

0005 Bettie King= Joseph T. Jorden; 8 ch., viz. : 

1. Lucy Jorden m. Eli Sparkman. 

2. John Jorden in U. S. army in Manilla. 

282. Solomon and Ann (IIinton) Alston 

3. Mary Jordeu m. Wm. Tulles, and have one 

child, Joseph Tulles Jordeu. 

4. Sallie Jordeu. 

5. Nettie Jordeu ra. W. H. Bostic, and have two 

ch., viz. : Bettie Gary Bostic and Joseph 
Harden Bostic. 
* 6. Jotie Jordeu. 7. Bettie Jordeu, and, 
8. Jimmy Jordeu. 

00005 Ann Eliza KiNC4=WiLForvD R. Raines; 9 ch., 
viz, : 

1. James Raines . 2. Annie. 3, Mary. 

4. Lucy. 5. Baxter. 6. John. 

7. Tommie. 8. Aliens, and 9, Wilford Raines. 

9 Issue of Seth Jones^Sallie Brothers Alston. 

I. Ann Elisabeth =Moxtague; issue 10 chil- 
dren : 

1. Sallie Montague:=Dr. Hooker. 

2. Helen Montague= — Foster. 

3. Henry Montague died in C. S. army. 

4. Alexander Montague. 

5. Ann Elisabeth Montague = Dr. Law- 


6. Ben Franklin Montague=Miss — Lee. 

7. Seth Montague=Miss Starbuch, daugh. 

of Judge Starbuch. 

8. Latuey Montague=Hieronymus . 

9. Joe-Ella Montague d. unm. 
10. Mary Montague = — Hilliard. 

II. Alpheus Jones=Lizzie Price. Issue : 

1 . Needh AM Jones =Meta Jones, (daughter 
of Kimbrough Jones, Jr., and Mary 
Warren, his 3d wife). They live near 
Raleigh and have 2 children, viz.: 

AND Their Descendants. 283 

(1) Lizzie Jones. (2) Kimbrough 

2. Alfred Jones= Lizzie Cook. They re- 

side in Raleigh. 

1. Nannie Jones. 2. Fannie Jones. 
3. Mildred Jones. 4. Margaret Jones. 
5. Lizzie Cook Jones. 6. Alfred Jones. 
7. William Cook Jones. 

3. Nannie Jones = 1st, Mark Pettway 

Jones ; q. v. for issue. 2d, John Bux- 
ton Wms. Jones ; (j. v. for issue. 
IIL Alston A Jones =Elizap.eth Kinchex Al- 
ston (dau. of John Jones Alston and Ada- 
line Williams); q. v. for issue. 
IV. Helen Jones^^William A. Whitfield; issue. 
V. Seth Jones=and had issue. 
YI. Sarah Jones^Dr. Green. 
VIL Columbia Jones^Josiah Crudup, Esq. 

Evan Jones in Pasquotank {1711). 

In the will of Robert Palmer (Pasquotank court), w ho 
died in October, 1740, he mentions Evan Jones as his 
grandson. Richard Hill, of Bath, in his will, dated March 
LSth, 1723, bequeaths to his son-in-law, Evan Jones, and 
daughter Ann Jones, of Craven precinct. (This Evan 
Jone d. 1751 and left a son Evan Jones.) Evan Jones 
was appointed justice of the peace for Craven county in 
1739. The following also is furnished : 

Evan Jones married Elizabeth Wells, date not given. 
Their son, Nathaniel Jones i= Millicent Blanchard June 
17th, 1776. Their son, Seth Jones = Sallie Brothers Al- 
ston, and had 7 ch (</. v.). Nathaniel Jones also had by 
his 2d wife. Miss Perry, 9 ch., viz.: 
I. Joel Jones = Mrs. Cooper. 

11. BuRWELL Jones z= Fanny Hunter ; have issue. 

284 SoLOMO]si AND Ann (Hinton) Alston. 

III. Alfred Jones, s. p. 
TV. Tmothy Jones, d. 
V. Wesley Jones=Mary Cohts ; 2 children : 

1. Alfred Jones was minister to China. 

2. Rachel=Templetou, and had 2 sons. 
VI. Amelia JoneS:=Jack Pulliam. Issue : 

1. Joseph Pulliamz=Bettie Perry and left issue. 

2. Julius Pulliam ^. 

3. Alfred Pulliam d. unm. 

4. Temperance = Hobson. 

VII. Temperance Jones = Col. Willis Whitaker; 2 
wife. Issue : 

1. Byron Whitaker. 

2. Nathaniel Whitaker = Mitchner ; issue. 

3. George Whitaker = Hannah Whitaker, s.^. 
Col. Willis Whitaker by Lst wife, Lucy New- 
some, had 1 son, Willis Whitaker, = Amelia 

Ann Jones (g. v.). 
VIII. Martha Jones = Daniel Corts (« .p.). 
IX. Helen Jones = George Jeffreys. 

Frank and Betsy (Ridley) Jones. 285 


This family of Jones were from Virginia, most probably 
the eastern part, and settled in North Carolina on Crab 
Tree Creek, about 12 miles west of where Raleigh now 
stands. The following named were furnished by Mrs. A. A. 
Whitaker and Mrs. Kimbrough Jones, of Raleigh : 

Frank Jones=Betsy" Ridley. Issue were: 

I. Nathaniel^Ann Snickers, of Snickers Ferry, 
Va. - 
II. Tignal=Penny Cain 

III. John=Mary Cain ' Sisters. 

IV. Matthew= , lived in Halifax. 

'V. Britton= Hardy, and lived in lower part 

of Wake. 
VI. Frank =Frances Yancey, dau. of Jeconias 
Yancey^ Ann Alston, nee Kimbrough (<;. v.). 

VII. A daughter who= Brown, captain of a 

merchant vessel. They left no issue. Cap- 
tain Brown at his death willed a pair of 
drawers to some one. When the drawers were 
searched for, it was found that he had been 
buried in them. The body was exhumed, and 
$10,000 was found sewed in the waistband. 
VIII. A daughter= "— ^ — ■ McCullars, who was colonel 
in Revolutionary AVar. ^ 
IX. A daughter= Wilson, captain of a mer- 
chant vessel. 

Others of same family of Jones came to Southern Vir- 
ginia. See W. &. M. Quarterly 265, Vol. 7, No. 4. 

286 Frank and Betsy (Kidley) Jones 

Nathaniel Joues=Ann Snickers. Issue: 

I. Nathaniel Jones, b. Oct. 27th, 1758; died May 
17, 1828. 

lst=:May 16, 1782, Grizel Kimbrougb 
(dau of Nathaniel Kimbrough = Mary- 
Alston) ; for issue [q. v.). 
2d= April 11, 1797, Bettie Perry. 
II. Margaret (Peggy) Jones= James Kimbrough» 
Issue : 

1. Delafield= , issue. 

2. Jamesi=Guthrie. 

3. Emily^Stewart. 
And others. 

III. Ridley Jones died just as he was entering the 

Rev. Array. 

IV. Richard Jones died young. 

V. Henry Jones born January 29th, 1766, died 
October 10, 1840. 

lst=zSallie McCullars_Sraith. 
2dz=Ann Jones (dau. of Nathaniel, of 
White Plains); issue (q. v.). 
VI. Mathew Jones, J»orn August 29th, 1768, died 
November 9th7l843. = January 31st, 1797, 
^^ — Sarah Kimbrough (sister of Grizel). She d. 
September 16th, 1808. Issue {q. t?.).— 
VII. Britton Jones^ Katie Barks. Issue 3 children: 
1 Mathew Jones, 2 Mary, and 3 Margaret 
(Peggy) Jones. 
VIII. Gaskia Jones=: William Barbee. Issue [q. v.). 

IX. Polly Jones^lst, Pope; issue: 1 son, 

Henry Pope. 

= 2d Paxton; issue: 1 son, 

Milton Paxton. 
X. Anna JonesnzWooten ; have I dau., Anna. 

AND Their Descendants. 28T 

TiGNAi. Jonesz=Penxy Cain. Cbildreu: 

1. Frank. 5. Penny. 

2. Fanning. 6. Polly. 

3. Redding. 7. Betsey. 

4. Tignal. 8. A daughter^ West- 

wood Jones. 

John Jones^Maey Cain. Issue: 

1. Wiley Joues^ Penny Jones, dau. of Britten 

Jones, Sr. 

2. James Jones^Hixey Jeffreys. 

3. Lydia Ann Jones=:John Kimbrough. Among 

issue were : 

Emily=Sam Warren. 

Berkley r= . 

We cannot ascertain which John Kimbrough this was. 

4. Mary Jones^ Wiley Shaw. 

Britton Jones= Hardy. Issue : 

1. Penny Jones= Wiley Jones, son of John and 

Mary (Cain) Jones. 

2. Jemima Jones=:John Sanders. 

3. William Jonesr^ Turner. 

Frank Jones=Frances Yancey. Issue : 

1. Daughterizr: Daniel, brother of Judge 

Daniel. Issue : One child, Matilda Daniel. 

2. Daughterr:^ Hawkins. Issue : 1 son and 

1 dau. Maria, 

3. Daughter^: Turner, and had 1 dau., 


4. Daughter = Hardy, and had 1 son, Whit- 

mel Hardy, and 4 daughters. 

5. Daughter= Wheaton of Raleigh, s. p. 

288 Frank and Betsy (Ridley) Jones 

Nathaniel Jones^=Grizel Kimbrough. 
501 I. Kimbrough Jones, b. April 26, 1783; d. 
March 30, 1866 ; was 3 times married. 

1st wife, Anne Massenburg, m. April 27, 
1813; she d. April 13, 1815; issue, 1 son; 
d. in infancy. 
2d wife, Mary P. Hogan, ra. May 10, 1821 ; 
she d. June 18, 1833; issue: 

1. William Jones, b. 1820; d. 1865 ; mar- 

ried 1853 to Sarah Smith. 

2. Nathaniel Jones, d. uura. 

3. John Allen Jones, d. while quite a 

3d wife, Mary Warren, m. Sept. 19, 1837 
and d. March 25, 1891 ; issue 6 children : 

1. Mary Jones= William K. Davis. 

2. Kimbrough Jones, Jr.=Mary L. 
Green, (dau. of Mary Dawson Jef- 
frejs= Bryan Green), issue : 

1. William Jones. 2. Bryan Kim- 
brough Jones. 3. Elisabeth 

3. Henry Jones died unm. Sept. 7, 


4. Pattie Jones=: Willis Whitaker, gr. 

son of Henry and Ann Jones; no 
602 5. Penelope Jones=Thomas W. 

Davis, issue : 

1. Mary Davis. 

2. Archibald Davis, in the 


3. Cornelia Davis. 

4. Kimbrough Davis. 

5. Thomas Davis. 

AND Their Descendants. 289 

6. Pattie Davis. 

7. Penelope Davis. 

8. John Davis. 

9. Lulie Davis. 
10. William Davis. 

6. Meta Jo a es=— Need ham Jones, a gr. 

son of Sallie Alston and Seth 

Jones, {q. v.)^ ^..v. ,; 

II. Martha Jones = 1st. ^^^ Edwards; 2d. Harry 


III. Nancy Jones^Genl. Thomas Devine King, of 

Tuscaloosa, (brother of Ex- Vice President, 

Wra. R. King.). 

Their children (1 son and 1 daughter) were: 

1. William Thomas King, M. A. Univer- 

sity of Alabama; m. Eveline Hew- 
itt Collier, was killed at the 2d bat- 
tle of Manassas. Had 4 children. 

2. Margaret K. King m. William Augus- 

tine Jones. He died many years ago- 
She resides in Tuscaloosa, Ala. They 
had 6 children. 

Children of William Thomas King and 
Eveline Hewitt Collier ; 1. Eveline. 
2. Margaret. 3. Mary Eveline. 4. 
Alice Margaret. 

His widow resides in Paris, with Eve- 
line and Alice, the other two d. 

Children of Margaret K. King and 
William Augustine Jones were : 

1. Thomas King Jones, unm. lives in 
Greensboro, Ala. 

2. Anna Eveline, m. Charles Poelnitz 

I al 

290 Frank and Betsy (Ridley) Jones 

3. Henry Augustine Jones, lawyer, in» 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

4. James Jones, died young. 

5. Margaret King Jones m. Clifford L. 
Pullen, in New York. 

6. William Augustus, d. in 1894. 

Henry Jones — Sallie McCullaes Smith. 

Had 1 dau., EIisabeth,who married Dr. John Young,, 
of Granville county. By 2d wife, Ann Jones ,{ 

I. Sidney Jones=Elisabeth Merritt and lived in 
Mississippi. Issue: 

1. Henry=Betsey McLaurin and had a large 

2. Sallie Jones, d. 

3. Amelia=Adolphus Adkins and had issue. 

4. Nathaniel Jones, died in C. S. Army. 

5. Joseph Jones, d. s. p. 

6. Gary Jones married and had issue. 

7. Daniel Jones, unm. 

II. Amelia Ann Jones= Willis Whitaker, issue : 

1. Willis Whitaker, Jr.==Pattie Jones; s. p. 

2. Sallie Cornelia Whitaker. 

3. Joel Whitaker=lst, Helen Jones; issue 

one child, =2d, Willie Toxie and 
have three children . 

4. Lucy Whitaker. 

5. Annie Whitaker. 

III. Nathaniel Jones died. 

IV. Rufus Jones=Sarah Merritt and lives in Gary, 

N. C. They have 3 sons and 3 daughters. 
V. Adolphus Jones= Frances Hooks and have 1 
dau. They live in Gary, N. G. 

AND Their Descendants. 291 

Matthew Joxes=Sarah Kimbrough (dau. of 
Nathaniel Kimbrough and Mary Alston), issue : 

1. Nathaniel Jones = Jones and Hon. 

James Kimbrough Jones, of Arkansas, was 
their son. 

2. Kimbrough Jones married and had 1 sou, 

These brothers removed from Tennessee 
to Dallas County, Arkansas. 

3. Daniel Jones, no record of him. 

4. Mary Jones m. Hancock. 

5. Annie Jones, married — — Harper, of M-em- 

phis, Tenn. 
All of the above family moved from North 
Carolina to Hardi man County, Tenn. 

Gaskia Jones= William Barbee; 4 daughters: 

1. Delia Barbee m. Dr. Cave. 

2. Emily Barbee m. Early Nuun. 

3. Margaret Barbee m. James Hargraves. 

4. Caroline Barbee m. Patterson. 

292 The Kimbrough Family, 


All who bear this name in America are claimed to be of 
one family, and of Scotch descent. While there is no 
record to show when they came and where they first set- 
tled, we find them in North Carolina in 1742, and there is 
reason to believe that the family accompanied Governor 
Gabriel Johnson when he came over in 1734, first landing 
in New Hanover county, thence passing northward to 
where we find them near the head-waters of the Neuse 
and Cape Fear rivers. 

The first mention we have of the name is Buckley Kim- 
brough, Dec. 19th, 1736, in Edgecomb county, in the will 
of Philip Mulkey. 

Among the children are : 
Nathaniel Kimbrough, of Wake, who died 1781 {q. v.). 
Major John Kimbrough, who was member of the Assem- 
bly from Guilford in 1773, and died 1796. He removed 
to Great Pedee, S. C, just before or during the Revo- 
lution. He married Hannah Kolb, and they had an 
only dau., Elisabeth, who married Col. Lemuel Benton, 
and their dau., Gilly Hinton Benton, married Isaiah 
Dubose. (Bishop Greggs' old Cheraws.) 
Frances Kimbrough = Col. Samuel Benton, of Oxford, 

Granville county (g. v.). 
Grizel Kimbrough =rr Col. John Hinton, of Wake 

county (q.v-). 
Elisabeth Kimbrough = Col. Thomas Loyd. They re- 
moved to South Carolina before the Revolution, and 
had an only dau., who m. Wilson and d. leaving no 
Ann Kimbrough = 1st, William Alston. 

2d, Jeconias Yancey {q. v.). 

The Kimbrough Family, 293 

Besides the above there were others which we cannot 

locate, not being able to obtain the original family record. 

Among them we find a dan. of Nathaniel Kimbrough had 

also married a Kimbrough prior to 1780, whose first name 

we have not. 

William Kimbrough bought land from Earl Granville in 
1762, and his name is also upon the Revolutionary pay- 
roll, but we can find no family records on file. 

Thomas and Elisha Kimbrough also appear upon the 
Revolutionary pay-roll, but we cannot locate them. 

Leanah and Tabitha, also upon the pay-roll, were doubtless 
widows or orphans who drew the pay and signed the 

Marmaduke Kimbrough obtained a patent for land in 
1742, upon Enoh and Little rivers. 
Thus we find Kimbrough had at least five of the name 

in the Revolutionary army in North Carolina. 

William Kimbrough. 

The following is obtained from Mr. W. N. Kimbrough, 
a very old man living in Hills Dale, Guilford county, 
N. C. : 

William Kimbrough had 3 sons, viz. : William, James 
and John. William settled in the eastern part of the 
State. James went to Giles county, Tenn. John settled 
in Caswell county, and married Miss Turner, in Hillsboro. 
His son John married a Miss Miles and had 11 children ; 
of these John, the second son, died in Alabama, and the 
widow, with one dau. and three sons, came to Guilford, 
and the dau. married Martin Miles. One of the boys was 
named John Kimbrough. 

Marquis de Lafayette and Bob Carter went to Ohio. 

My oldest sister, Jane, m James Kimbrough and lived 
in Giles county, Tenn. They had 16 or 18 children, and 
after their death the children went to Texas. 

294 The Kimbrough Family. 

Marmaduke Kimbrough. 

We have not been able to trace the descendants of him, 
but among the records of deeds in Anson county, in 1796, 
are the following from James Pickett to Marmaduke 
Kimbrough, John, Nathaniel and James Kimbrough, in 
which he refers to them as brothers, and mentions Ann Kim- 
brough as a friend. These 4 may have been sons of Mar- 
maduke Kimbrough, Sr. 

Nathaniel Kimbrough=Mary Alston, (dau. of 
Solomon Alston, Sr.=Ann Hinton dau. of John 
Hinton, of Chowan) born about 1732. 

His will is recorded in Wake County, from which we 
make the following abstract: 

1st. To my loving wife, Mary, during her natural 
life or widowhood. 

2. My dau. Elisabeth Warren (wife of Henry War- 

3. My dau. Ann Moore (wife of Lewis Moore.). 

4. Grand-daughter Sarah Kimbrough, dau. of my 
dau. Charity. 

5. My son John Kimbrough. 

6. My son James Kimbrough (he afterwards married 
Margaret (Peggy) dau. of Nathaniel and Ann 
(Snickers) Jones (q. v.). 

7. To my children : dau. Charity. 

Dau. Gilly, (Grizel married in 1782 to Nathaniel, 
son of Nathaniel and Ann (Snickers) Jones.). 

Dau. Penny. 

Sons John and James. 

Daughters Polly and Sally .,r;,Vw«^' 

Executors : 

My brother John Kimbrough, my son Johu» 

The Ivimbrough Family. 295 

Henry Warren, John Hinton Jr. and Thomas 
Signed and sealed 12th July A. D., 1781. 
Witnesses : 
James x Mitchell (Jurat). 
Swanu X Thompson. 

Lewis Moore (Jurat). 

Mary (Polly) Kimbrough, in above will, married John 
Martin, founder of the school at Wake Forest. Their dau. 
Ann Martin = Willis Somerville, were the parents of wife 
of James K. Jones, Senator from Arkansas, and Sarah 
(Sally) Kimbrough^Matthew Jones, (brother of Nathaniel 
■who married her sister) and their sou Nathaniel was the 
father of Hon. James K. Jones. 

Sally Kimbrough married January 31st, 1797, and d. 
1808, and Matthew Jones died 1843. 

Frances Kimbrough :;= Col. Samuel Benton, of 
'Granville county. 

Samuel Benton was a [very prominent man and ap- 
pointed, together with Solomon Alston, Jr., justices of the 
peace for Granville by Gov. Tryon. 

His seat of 1,000 acres was called " Oxford " where the 
town of Oxford now stands. We are not informed as to 
his ancestry or where or when he married Frances Kim- 

His will was probated April court, 1770. 
Devisees : 

Frances, his wife. 

Samuel Benton, Jr., of Orange county, d. 1810. 

Jesse Benton. 

296 The Kimbrough Family. 

Bettie Bruce (wife of Charles Bruce). 



Augustine Benton. 
Executors : Jesse Benton and Charles Bruce. 

Broomfield Ridley. 

Samuel Henderson. 

Thomas Henderson. 

John Kimbrough := Widow (Amy) Pickett, whose 
maiden name was Alston (most probably Fanny Foster, 
dau. of Henry Alston (son of Solomon), Jr., and his wife, 
Sarah, dau. of Thomas Hill of Halifax). They had 2 sons,. 
viz. : 

(1) John Alston Kimbrough=:Ellen Dumas of 

North Carolina. 

(2) Henry T. Kimbrough, of whom there is no fur- 

ther record. 
John Alston Kimbrough married near Grassy Island, on 
Pedee river, in Anson County, and, together with his 
brother and parents, came to Alabama about 1832 and set- 
tled near Hampden, in Marengo County. His father died 
there about 1839, aged 70 years, and his mother about 
1835, aged 60 years. They had 6 sons, viz. : 

(1) Francis Henry, b. 1830, m. 1854 to Rebecca 

Gratville, and had 6 sons {q. v.). He was in 
the Confederate army, and wounded at Mur- 
fresboro January 1st, 1863. Also served in 
the State Legislature in 1884-5. 

(2) Julius A. was killed at Sharpsburg. 

(3) C. C. Kimbrough died 1864, on the Nashville 

& Franklin trip. 

(4) W. A. Kimbrough lives at Pine Hill. 

(5) F. F. Kimbrough lives at Arlington. 

(6) John Alston Kimbrough, Jr., died in 1845. 

The Kimbrough Family. 297 

Francis Henry Kimbrough = Rebecca Gratville. Issuer 

1. John Alston Kimbrough died. He had a daugh- 

ter, Mary Alston Kimbrough, who also died. 

2. Dr. W. L. Kimbrough lives at Linden, Ala. 

3. Dr. F. G. Kimbrough lives at Salado, Texas. 

4. Dr. Thomas G. Kimbough, Coatopa, Sumter 

County, Ala. 

5. C. C. Kimbrough, attorney at St. Stephens. 

6. Julius A., died. 

The above notes of John Kimbrough's family were fur- 
nished by Mr. F. H. Kimbrough. 

(Note. — Thus we find John Kimbrough, son of Mary, 
the oldest child of Solomon Alston =Nancy Hinton; mar- 
ried the gr.-dau. of his mother's brother, Solomon, Jr.) 

298 William and Ann (Kimbrough) Alston 

H William Alston lived and died in Edgecombe, 
now Halifax, county. He served at one time as 
Justice of the Peace. He married Ann Kim- 
brough about 1735, and died about 1743. 
Their children were : 

1 1. Mary = Benjamin Hardee of Eng- 


2 2. Elizabeth = Thomas Crawford of 

Great Pedee. After the death of 
William Alston, his widow m Jeconias 
Yancey of Halifax, and bore him 5 
daughters, viz.: 

3. Frances = Francis Jones. 

4. Grizf:l (Gilly)=James Alston. 

5. Sarah = Samuel Yeargan. 

6. Priscilla = William Hurt. 

7. Elisabeth == Rev. John Dickens. 

On account of frequent intermarriages, the families of 
Kimbrough, Yancey, Jones and Hinton are mentioned: 

1 Benjamin Hardee m. Mary Alston about 1754. 
They must have lived in Wake, as he represented that 
oounty together with Thomas Hines in 1773 in the General 
Assembly. He died in May, 1775, and his will is recorded 
in Book No. 1, p. 75. We only have record of their hav- 
ing one daughter, Martha, who married Lt. Col. Wm. 
Alston of Shocco Creek, and left large family (5. v.). 
After the death of Benjamin Hardee, his widow married 
Major Thomas Hines, who had represented the county in 
the General Assembly in 1773 in connection with him, 
and who had been sheriff of the county in 1774. But 
there was no issue by this marriage. 

2 It is not certainly known when Elisabeth Alston 

AND Their Descendants. 299 

married Thomas Crawford, but it was after 1756, as her 
grandfather in his will of that date mentions her as 
Elisabeth Alston. 

• (Of the family of Thomas Crawford we give the follow- 
ing sketch, furnished by Mr. E. A. Crawford, of Mid- 
way, Fla.) 

/ John Crawford was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 
1600, and came to this country in 1643, bringing his only 
child David, born in 1625, with him ; the wife and mother 
having died in Old Scotia. They settled in Jame's City Co., 
Va. John was killed during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676, 
of which he was one of the organizers. We do not know 
the name of David's wife, nor the date ot his marriage. 
But the Church and County Records of New Kent Co., Ya., 
show that his children were : 

Elisabeth = Nicholas Meriwether. 

Lucy = Lewis. 

Angelina =: McGuire. 

Captain David, born 1662 = Elisabeth Smith in 1684 
and died in Sept. 1762. 

John, who died Dec. 13th, 1689. 
Captain David's children were: 

David == Ann Anderson. 

Elisabeth = James Martin. 

John = Mary Duke. 

Mary = John Rhodes. 

Judith = Joseph Terry. 

Michael, born in 1707, came South when quite a 
young man, married we do not know whom, and 
settled on the Great Pedee, in South Carolina. 
The only child of whom we have any record was 
Thomas, who moved back to Virginia and set- 
tled in Brunswick Co., where he married and where 
some of his children were born. He removed later 
to the neighborhood of Raliegh and afterwards to 

300 William and Ann (Kimbrough) Alston 

Halifax, and thence about 1794 to Georgia, Greene 
Co., where he raised a large family of children. 

The following sketch of his descent was made by Miss 
Martha Alston, of Monroe Co., Georgia, in 1836 : 

I. Hardee. 2. Thomas:^ -Martha Banks (dau. 
of James Banks, Sr.,) and Charity (Alston) 
dau. of James Alston and Gilly (Yancey) 

(5. v.). 
3. John. 4. Mary = is now a widow living 
in Hall Co., Ga. 

5. William = has a son Hardee, and a dau. 
Mrs. Merritt, and a dau. Mrs. Owen, lived 
near McDonough, Henry Co. 

6. Elisabeth = and had 2 sons. 

7. Gilly = 1st Hawkins and had 3 sons. 

= 2d Boone and had ] son. Dr. 

John Boone, of Columbus, Ga., and 3 
daughters, viz. : Mrs. Guffingtou, of La- 
Grange, Ga.; Mrs. Robson, of Madison, 
and 1 unmarried, living near Madison, Ga. 

8. David ;= Fanny, sister of William Harris 
Crawford. Note, (and are the parents of 
Dr. John Lovick Crawford, the present 
Secretary of State of Florida.) 

9. Nancy == Bennett Crawford, a brother of 
AVra. H., and after her death he = 

10. Martha, her sister. 

II. Sarah = Boone, lives in Lee Co., and 
has a large family. 

The children of (2) Thomas Crawford and Martha 
Banks, his wife were : 

Elisabeth ^ Reese, of Madison, Ga., 

who had 1 son, Augustus Reese, and 7 

AND Their Descendants. 301 

daughters, 2 of whom married Dr. Stovall, 

of Greene Co., and 1 married Foster, 

and lived in Bibb Co., Ga. 

During tho Confederate War, 1860-1865, the members of 
this Crawford family were all loyal and brave Confederates, 
serving in various capacities from colonel to priv^ate; and 
for generations past have figured conspicuously in the 
political arena, furnishing a full quota of officers, County, 
State and United States, among them Cabinet officers. 
United States Senators, Members of Congress, Governors 
and Supreme Court Judges. 


The precise date of the marriage of Ann Alston, nee 
KiMBROUGH, with Jeconias Yancy is not known, but 
must have been about 1748-9. Before giving their chil- 
dren's descent, we will make a brief notice of the Yancey 
family, taken from a letter addressed to Asbury Dickens, 
March 22nd, 1853, and written by Major Charles Yancey 
of Buckingham County, Va., in the eighty-fourth year of 
his age, and was obtained from Francis Asbury Dickens, 
son of Asbury Dickens, living at Ossian Hall, near Alex- 
andria, Ya. : "Three brothers, viz. : Lewis, Richard and 
Henry, came to this country, and, as an intelligent uncle 
of Charles Yancey informs me, from England, but W. L. 
Yancey believes they came from Wales. Lewis Davis 
Yancey m. and settled in Louisa County. I descended 
from his stock, and my sister Miller and myself heired the 
place (400 acres) on which he lived and died. Henry ra. 
and settled in Culpepper County. Richard went to North 
Carolina and settled in that State, and all the Yanceys of 
the two Caroliuas, Georgia and Alabama, yourself among 
them, are descended from Richard Yancey, and my belief 

302 William and Ann (Kimbrough) Alston 

is that my father and your mother's father were first 
cousins. My father was a talented man, an Episcopal 
priest ordained by the Bishop of Canterbury about 1 764, 
and next day preached to the royal family. He was the 
first divine to preach universal redemption on this con- 

3 Frances Yaxcey= Francis Jones, son of Frank 

Jones and Betsy Ridley his wife [q. v.) for issue. 

4 Grizel (Gilly) Yancey, b. April 11th, 1752=:James 

Alston, of Neuse River, N. C, in 1774, and after 
her marriage lived in Orange County until after the 
Revolution. For further history see James Alston. 

5 Sarah Yancey'^Samuel Yeargan of Roanoke River, 

N. C. They had an only daughter, Sarah, who m. 
Thomas Alston, the son of William Alston and 
Martha (Hardee), his wife. They had no issue. This 
Samuel Yeargan was probably the son of Samuel 
Yeargau. Sr., and had a sister, Sarah Yeargan, who 
m. Wm Alston, son of Joseph John Alston, the 

6 Priscilla Yancey= William Hurt of Halifax, N. C- 

Her descendants in 1824 were in Georgia. 
I. Henry Hurt, a wndower, with 7 children. 
II. Joel Hurt was quite wealthy, having married au^^ 
heiress, and had a large family. 

III. Elisabeth married Samuel Reed. She died in 
in 1832 (at Monticello, Ga.), leaving 5 chil- 
dren, one of whom, Elizabeth Yancey, mar- 
ried Jordan of Monticello. Another married 
a distant relative, Charles Hurt, of Putnam. 
County, Ga., and resides near Eatonton. 

AND Their Descendants. ZOS 

7 Elisabeth Yancey=Rev. J(3hn Dickens of Eogland, 
and of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore. 

Of their descendants living in 1868, there was Miss 
Eloisa Baker of Baltimore, and the children and gr.- 
children of their eldest child, Asbury Dickens. Mrs. 
Elisabeth Dickens' home in Baltimore was the resting 
place of the venerable Bishop Asbury. Her son, Asburj'^ 
Dickens, was secretary ot the U. S. Senate for twenty 
years. During the whole period he drew nothing of the 
salary due him for services. In July, 1861, he was re- 
moved by the Republicans and denied all compensation. 
He died in October of the same year. 

He left 4 sons and 4 daughters. Three of the sous mar- 
ried and had families, James died in 1865, leaving a 
widow and 3 children, all young. Thomas was in del- 
icate health and had a wife and large family of small 
children. He was a clerk in his father's office, and was 
turned out the day after his father. He removed with 
his family to California, and resided at San Francisco. 
One of the daughters married Commodore MacCauley, 
U". S. Navy. 

Edward, the youngest son, never married. 

Francis Asbury Dickens married Miss M. Randolph 
of Virginia, in 1839, and resided upon his farm at 
Ossian Hall, in Fairfax County, near Alexandria, Va. In 
1868 he had five children and one gr.-child livings 
His eldest son Frank was at the North Carolina Mil- 
itary Institute w'hen the war broke out, went with Gen- 
eral Hill to Bethel, and served through the whole war 
in the Virginia Cavalry. He sent his two daughters 
South in October, 1861, and they did not return home 
until 1865. One of them married Henry T. Wright in 
1866, and resides in Goochland, on James river. 

Being an old man he attempted to remain at liome, 
but was imprisoned and persecuted, and after being 13 

304 William and Ann (Kimbrough) Alston 

times a prisoner or under arrest, and in various prisons, 
in 1863 he made liis escape and went South. 


In Vol. I. of Colonial Reports of JSorth Carolina, page 
39, we find reference to William Hinton with others from 
Barbadoes making exploration of the coast of North Car- 
olina and mentioning the Albemarle section. This was in 
August, 1660, and although we cannot determine his set- 
tlement there or trace his descent, we find in 1730 in 
Chowan (now Gates), Col. John Hinton, a man of prom- 
inence, wealth and widely-spread connection with many of 
the most influential families in the colony. The following 
abstract from his will is made. 

1st. Well beloved son Hardy Hinton. 

2d. Well beloved son John Hinton. 

3d. Well beloved son William Hinton. 

These sons not yet 18 years of age. 

His children in order, viz.: Ann Alston, Mary, Judah, 
Rachel, Rose, Sarah, Charity, Hardy, John, William and 
Malachia Hinton. 

His well beloved wife, Mary, and well beloved son Hardy 
Hinton and trusty and well beloved brother, William Hin- 
ton, executors, and brother William Hinton to be overseer 
and trustee for his 4 sons above mentioned. 

Witnesses, James Hinton, Joseph Ashley, Thomas 

Probated 25th April, 1732. 

After the death of John Hinton, his widow, Mary, mar- 
ried, in 1732, to Thomas Holliday. 

His daughter Ann, had (previous to 1730) married Sol- 
omon Alston, Sr. Sarah subsequently married Benjamin 
Blanchard, and John married Grizel Kimbrough (sister 
of Nathaniel). He settled on Neuse River, about 5 miles 
from Raleigh, where he patented several thousand acres of 

AND Their Descendants. 305 

land. He was a member of Provincial Congress at Hills- 
horo, Aug. 1775. In May, 1771, he commanded a 
detachment from Wake under Gov. Tryon against the 
Regulators. In October, 1773, he was appointed Colonel 
of militia for Wake, and his son, John Hinton, Jr., 
appointed Major of the same. Was appointed Col. of 
North Carolina militia Sept. 9, 1775, and John Hinton, Jr., 
Major of North Carolina militia at same date. Col. John 
Hinton was on Committee of Safety for Hillsboro district 
in Sept. ]775, and a member of the Provincial Congress 
of North Carolina at Halifax, in April, 1776. He d. 
1784 in Wake county ; his children were : 

I. Major John Hinton =Pherebee Smith, of Smith- 
field, N. C. 
IF. James Hinton=:Delilah Hunter, 
in. Sarah=Needhara (son of Col. Needham Bryan). 
IV. Mary=Col. Joel Lane, of Broombury. 

V. Alice=John James. 
A^I. Elisabeth=zThomas James, 
^"ir. Kimbrough Hinton. 
VIII. David Hinton=Jane Lewis. 

His numerous descendants continue to hold rank with 
the prominent and influential citizens of the State and 
deserve a separate and extended notice. 

20 al 

Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston. 307 

Copy of Phillip Alston^s Will. 

lu the name of God, amen. I, Phillip Alston, of 
Warren county, in the State of North Carolina, being 
weak in body but in perfect sound mind and memory, 
praise be given therefor to Almighty God, do make and 
ordain this, my last will and testament in manner and 
form following, that is to say, first and principally I com- 
mend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, hoping 
through the merits. Death and Passion of my Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ to have full and free par- 
don of all my sins and to inherit Everlasting Life, and my 
body I recommend to the earth, to be buried at the dis- 
cretion of my Executors herein after named ; and as 
touching the disposal of all such Temporal Estate as it has 
pleased God to bestow upon me, I give and dispose thereof 
as follows : 

Item. I give unto my son, William Alston, all the ne- 
groes and other things that I have already possessed him 
with, to him and his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto my son, Thomas W. Alston, all the 
negroes and other things that I have already possessed 
him with, to him, his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto my daughter, Elizabeth Williams, 
all the negroes and other things that I have already pos- 
sessed her with, to her and her heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto my son, Phillip G. Alston, part of a 
tract of laud I purchased of William Alston, known by 
the name of Ralls' place, beginning on Blanchett's Branch 
where a small Branch empties into it, then up the small 
Branch to Blanchett's Branch near the mill path; also 

308 Phillip and Winifked (Whitmel) Alston 

one other tract of land beginning on the Maple swamp at 
the mouth of Buck Branch, then up the Buck Branch to 
the head, then with my son Tommey's line to Ginney's 
Branch, then down Ginney's Branch to where it empties 
into the Maple, then down said Maple swamp to the be- 
ginning ; also two mares, one got by old Barneysides and 
the other a small bay, and also all the negroes, and other 
things that I have already possessed him with, to him and 
his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto my daughter, Winifred Cocke, all 
the negroes, and other things that I have already presented 
her with, to her heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto my beloved wife, "Winifred Alston, 
eight negroes, to-wit : Tom, David, Old Perry, Lucy, 
Phillis, Squire, Perry and Easter ; and one-half of my 
household and kitchen furniture, fifteen head of cattle, one 
horse by the name of Osborne ; two mares, one a bay and 
the other a sorrel with a blaze in her face, and five sows 
and pigs, during her natural life, and after her decease to 
be equally divided between my son William Alston, my 
sou Thomas W. Alston, my son Phillip G. Alston, my 
daughter Winifred Cocke, or to their heirs and assigns. 

Item. I give unto my son, Samuel Alston, all the re- 
mainder part of my estate, excepting what I have before 
given, both real and personal, to him, his heirs and assigns 
forever, and my desire is that my executors do with my 
son Samuel's part of my estate as they think will be most 
to the interest thereof until he comes of age. 

Lastly. I constitute and appoint my son William 
Alston, my son Thomas W. Alston, and my son Phillip 
G. Alston, Executors of this my last will and testament, 
and I do hereby revoke and make void all former wills 
and testaments by me heretofore made. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set ray hand and 

AND Their Descendants. 309 

seal this Eleventh day of November, in the year of our 
Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. 

Phillip Alston (Seal). 
Test. : 

Stephen Marshall. 
Samuel Marshall. 
John Harvey. 
Sally Crossland. 
Probated July Court, 1784, Warren County. 

P Phillip Alston married Winifred Whitmel, the 
daughter of Thomas Whitmel = Elisabeth Hunter 
Bryan, of Bertie county, in 1746. They lived in 
Warren county, N. C. (See will of Philip Alston.) 
He died 20th Nov., 1783, and his wife died in 1795. 
I^sue : 

1 I. William, born Oct. 7th, 1747; died July 

15th, 1795 {q. v.). 
II. Philip, b. January 10th, 1749; d. quite 

III. Mary, b. Dec. 5th, 1751 ; d. quite young. 

IV. Elisabeth, b. Nov. 3d, 1758. 

= Col. Joseph John Williams [q. v.). 

2 y. Thomas Whitmel, b. Aug. 17th, 1755; 

issue {q. v.). 
VI. Martha, b. Sep. 26th, 1757 ; d. uum. 
VII. Henry Guston, b. Sep. 17th, 1760. 

3 VIII. Philip Guston, b. Feb. 5th, 1762 ; issue 

(g. ..). 

4 IX. Winifred, b. Nov. 28th, 1764; m. twice. 

= 1st, Henry Hill ; issue (g. v.). 
= 2d, Joseph Cocke ; issue [q. v.). 

5 X. Samuel, b. July 5th, 1770; issue (g. v.). 

Died Nov., 1809. 
The genealogical and historical data for the families of 

310 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

VViuifred Cocke and Samuel Alston have been obtained 
through Mr. James H. Fitts, of Tuscaloosa. 

1 William Alston married in 1773 Martha Hardee, 
only child of Benjamin Hardee^ Mary, dau. of 
William Alston = Ann Kimbrough. He was a 
member of the Provincial Congress at Halifax 
April 4th, 1776, and was appointed Lt. Col. of the 
Bute Regt. Was on a committee with Thomas 
Eaton and Joseph John Williams to buy ammuni- 
tion. He was also one of a committee to regulate 
the militia and one of the executors of the will of 
Joseph John Alston. The house in which he lived 
on Shocco Creek is still standing. His children were: 
I. Benjamin, b. 1774; was killed when a young 
man and unm. 

6 II. Philip b. March 5, 1776; d. 1812; issue 


7 III. William, b. Dec. 29, 1777; d. 1810; issue 

((/. v.). 
IV. Whitmel Hardee Alston d. s. p. 
7| V. Thomas b. Feb. 16, 1781 ; d. 1850, s. p. 
S VI. Samuel Williams b. June 23, 1782 ; d. 1830; 
issue {q. v.). 
VII. Medicus Alston b. Feb. 4, 1784 ; d. unm. 
VIII. James Alston b. Nov. 21, 1785; died young. 
IX. Mary b. March 11, 1788; married Col. Jos. 
Hawkins who survived her and after her death 
married her sister. 
X. Martha Hardee b. Jan. 21, 1790; issue {q.v.). 
XL Elisabeth Matilda b. Dec. 29, 1791=Wi]liam 
Williams (Pretty Billy) {q. v.). 
XII. Benj. Hardee, James, Maria b. Dec. 25, 1793; 
d. July 15, 1883; m. William Kiuchen Kear- 
ney (</. v.). 

AND Their Descendants. 311 

^ Philip Alston= Elisabeth Whitmel Williams 
^ Johnson, dau. of John Johnson and Elisabeth 
Williams his wife, issue 6 oh. viz : 
I. John Johnson b. Aug. 1801. 
II. James Johnson Alston b. June, 1803 ; married 
Maria Soraerville who survived him and 
afterwards m. Hon. John Blair Hoge, s. p. 

III. Benj. Hardee Alston b. July 1806; graduated 

in 1824 at Chapel Hill. 

IV. Mary(PolIy) b. April 1808= Whitmel H. A. 

Kearney (q. v.). 
V. Medicus Alexander Johnson Alston b. Nov. 
VI. Rev. Philip Williams Whitmel Alston b. 
Feb. 1813. Married 1st, — Gary. 2d, 
Martha Booth, of Tennessee. 

7 William ALSTON=May, 1796, Elisabeth Whit- 

mel Williams, dau. of Samuel Williams 
of Martin County, and Charity Alston Daw- 
son, his wife. Their only child Charity 
Dawson Alstou=John Allen Williams, son 
of Samuel Williams:=Mary Eaton issue 

{q. v.). 

71 Thomas Alston=Sarah Yancey Yeargan (only 
child of Samuel Yeargan=: Sarah Yancey (s. p.). 
He was a man of much wealth and represented 
Franklin County in the legislature in 1808. 

8 Samuel Williams Alston, of Wake County, died 

about 1830. He had just passed through a politi- 
cal campaign in which he had been elected to the 
legislature, and died of fever contracted during the 
canvas, never having taken his seat. He married 

312 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

Sarah Dawson Williams, dau. of Samuel Wil- 
liams^ Charity Alston Dawson, of Martin County. 
They had 7 children, viz: 

I. William Medicus Alston died unm. in 1896, at 
his home near Wake Forest, North Carolina. 
9 II. Samuel Williams Alston, Jr. = Adeline Perry; 
issue (q. v.). (Dau. of Joshua Perry ^Elisa- 
beth Kearney, and gr. dau. of Burrell Perry 
(and Mary Massey, his wife,) of Franklin Co. 
A very wealthy and prominent citizen.). 

10 III. Sarah Yancey Yeargan Alston born 1813, died 

1870= Dr. Alexander H. Taylor, born 1805; 
died 1858 ; issue (q. v.). 

11 IV. Martha Hardee Alston, born 1820; died 1895; ni 

in 1838 James Grey Jeifreys, born 1814; died 
1854. A prominent and successful farmer of 
Wake County. Issue {q. v.). 

12 V. Charity Dawson Alston=Rev. William J. Lang- 

don, issue (q. v.). 

13 VI. Mary Clark Alston=Dr. Solomon G. Ward/^ 

issue {c[. v.). 
VII. Frances Ann, died at 13 years of age. 

9 Samuel Williams Alston, Jr. = Adeline Perry, 
Issue : 

I. Samuel Alston = — AVatkins, of Memphis^ 
Tenu. No record of this family. 
II. William Medicus Alston; no record. 

III. Thomas Alston ; no record. 

IV. GusTON Alston m. 1813 to Martha Ma- 

con, dau. of Gideon Hunt Macon, and 
his 2d wife, Mary Hartwell. Issue : 
I. Sarah = Edmund Green, of Hay- 
wood county, Tenn , and had 4 
children ; none are living. 

AND Their Descendants. 813 

II. GusTON or AuGusTON Alston, b. 
in Warren county, N. C, but 
engaged in the practice of medi- 
cine in Haywood county, Tenu., 
from 1847 until the close of the 
war, when he removed to Mem- 
phis and was made clerk and 
master in chancery, which posi- 
tion he held for seven years. 
He died 1889 in Haywood county, 
Tenn. In 1847 he married Mary 
B. Hay, of Haywood county, 
Tenn. They had a daughter, 
Medora, b. 1850 and m. in 1870 
to Tiff Smith, and again Oct.,. 
1892, to Nathaniel A. Flour- 
NOY ; no issue. 
V. Joseph William Alston ; no record. 
VI. Sarah Dawson Alston = Major Maclin,. 
of Detroit. 
VII. Bettie Johnson Alston = Rob't Alston, 
son of John Crowell. 
VIII. Evelyn Perry Alston, Jr. = Elisabeth Mont- 
ford, of Virginia ; have 7 children ; no 
family record. 

10 Sarah Yancey Yeargan Alston = Dr. Alexander 
Hamilton Taylor. Issue : 

I. Georgiana Virginia Taylor = John Spivey, a 
merchant of Memphis, Tenn. He was a 
colonel in the Confederate army. 
II. Rosa Frances Alston Taylor= Col. George 
. Henry Faribault (born 1834, died 1897, 
married 1850) of Raleigh, N. C. At the 
age of 22 he was elected State senator in 

314 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

the county where he lived. In 1861 he 
was captain of the Oak City Guards of 
Raleigh ; was elected lieut-col. of 47th 
N. C. regiment, and afterwards became 
colonel and commanded the brigade at 
Gettysburg, where he was wounded. Their 
children were : 

I. Claudia R. Faribault, b. 1851 = 

Thomas J. Floyd of Edentou, 

N. C, and have dau., Georgia 

II. Ada Faeibault, 1853-1899 = 

Gaston Rhodes : Issue: 

1. James Rhodes, 1882-1899. 

2. Sallie Rhodes, 1883. 

3. Rosa Alston Rhodes, 1887. 

4. Frank Rhodes, 1892. 

III. Sallie G. Faribault died while 


IV. Virginia Newsom Faribault, 

1856 = Silas Eugene Kitchen, 
of Johnson county ; have a dau., 
Claudia Leila Kitchen, 1880. 
V. Rosa Hamilton Faribault, 1857 
= George Cooper Kitchen, 
1855. They reside in Austin, 
Texas. Issue : 

1. Rosa Frances Kitchen, 1881. 

2. Charles Kitchen, 1883. 

3. Norma Kitchen, 1884. 

4. Alice Lucile Kitchen, 1886. 

5. Clara Kitchen, 1888. 

6. George Kitchen, 1890. 

7. May Yancey Kitchen, 1892. 

8. Samuel Kitchen, 1894. 

AND Their Descendants. 315 

9. Hudson Kitchen, 1895. 

10. Lewis Kitchen, 1897. 

11. "Baby," 1899. 

VI. Joseph Francis Faribault, 1863- 
1899 = Bessie Marshall. They 
resided in California. 
VII. Lizzie T. Faribault died young. 
Vin. MaryR. Faribault, 1867= Doth 
Johnson. They live in Corsi- 
cana, Texas. Issue : 

1. Elisabeth Douglas Johnson. 


2. Rosalie Johnson, 1893. 
IX. George Henry Faribault, Jr., 1869 

=r Clara Geyser. 
X. Ellen Faribault, 1871-1889. 
XL William Vannah Faribault, 1873. 
XIL Zuleika Faribault, 1876 = in 1896 
George Vernon. 

III. Nathaniel Alexander Taylor is a law- 
yer by profession and also has a wide repu- 
tation as a journalist. " The coming em- 
pire, or 2,000 miles in Texas on horse- 
back," is from his facile pen. He resides 
in Chapel Hill, Texas. His wife, Alice 
Grainger, has fine musical attainments, 
both natural and acquired. When quite a 
child she was selected to sing a solo, and 
present a flag, with a little speech, to Pres- 
ident Jefferson Davis, at the opera-house in 
Houston, Texas. This literary and musical 
talent has been transmitted to their chil- 
dren, viz. : 

I. Natalie Alston Taylor (who is quite 

316 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

a musiciau) was married in 1893 
to John Carlisle, of Franklin 
county, North Carolina, but now 
of Chapel Hill, Texas. They 
have one daughter, viz. : Zehrali 
Alston Carlisle, 1894. 
II. Grace Blanche Taylor has quite a 
literary turn of mind. Among 
other productions, at the age of 
17, she translated from the 
original Greek, " Anacreon's Ode 
to Cupid Benighted," and para- 
phrased it, which has been very 
highly commended, 

III. Kennith Alston Taylor has from 

early childhood shown marked 
musical ability. 

IV. Alston Douglas Taylor, 1880, has 

developed an unusual mechanical 
talent, and is quite successful as 
an electrician. 

V. Paul Grainger Taylor, 1887. 

IV. Dr. Samuel Alston Taylor^Annie 
Pierce, of Wilmington, N. C. They 
reside at East Point, Ga. Issue : 
I. Margaret Hill Taylor. 
II. Louise Abercrombie Taylor. 

III. Wentworth Hamilton Taylor. 

IV. Annie Pierce Taylor, died young. 
V. Sallie Alston Taylor. 

VI. Mary Faison Taylor. 

V. Matilda Maud Taylor=: Gilbert J. 
Green, of New York. Issue: 

AND Their Descendants. 317 

I. Wilmer Alexander Greene. 
II. Nellie Alston Greene=Capt. Lee 
Johnson, of Southern Railway 
Issue : 

1. Gladys Maud Johnson. 

2. Floy Lee Johnson. 

11 Martha Hardee Alston, b. 1820; m. 1838; d. 

1895=James Grey Jeffreys, b. 1814 ; d. 1854. 

A prominent and successful farmer of Wake Co. 

His father was a son of William Jeffreys=:Mary 

Grey, and had a sister Mary Grey Jeffreys who m. 

Nathaniel Alston, son of James and Gilly Alston. 
I. Pauline Sarah Jeffreys, 1839= 1st in 
1862, to Robert Kenan Williams, of 
Sampson Co. (merchant). He was 1st Lt. 
in a North Carolina regiment in 1862 and 
was killed the same year in the battle at 
Kingston. One sou was born to them, viz.: 
Robert Kenan Williams who m. Lucy 
Stith, of Raleigh, in 1893, and is a travel- 
ing salesman. They have 3 children, viz.: 

1. Robert Stith Williams, 1894. 

2. Lena Child, 1895. 

3. Benjamin Williams, 1895. 

After the death of her husband in 1862, Mrs. 
Williams remained a widow until 1877, 
when she again married. Mr. W. H. 
Mitchell, son of Jas. S. Mitchell, of Ber- 
tie Co., who was a merchant and farmer in 
Franklin Co. N. C. They had one daughter 
Ruth Alston Mitchell, who d. in infancy. 
IT. Homogenia Jeffreys, b. 1841 ; d. at 13 years 
of aere. 

318 Phillip and "Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

III. Thomas J. Jeffreys, b. 1843; d. a prisoner of 

war at Point Lookout, Md., 1864. 

IV. Mary Dawson Jeffreys, b. 1845= Bryan 

Whitfield Green, m. 1869; a successful 
iarmer of Wake Co. (His father Bryan Green, 
of Wayne Co.= Sallie Jeffreys, dau. of David 
Jeffreys, of Franklin Co. They hav€ 3 
children, viz. : 

Mary Lynn Green, b. 1870; m. 1894 
Kimbrough Jones, [q. v.). 

James Bryan Green, b. 1873 ; is a mer- 
chant in Raleigh. 

Leela Onita Green, b. 1881 ; is a student 

at the Peace Institute, Raleigh, N. C. 
V. Orien Gertrude Jeffreys b. 1847=in 1869 
Leonidas Macon Green (a brother of Bryan 
Green) a farmer of Wake Co., N. C. He 
served in the civil war under Gen. R. E. Lee, 
was captured at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, 
and held a prisoner of war for twenty-one 
months. They have 3 children, viz : 

1. Mattie Alston Greex,1870z= Walter 
Hunter in 1 895, a merchant in Raleigh and 
have one son, Walter Thomas Hunter. 

2. Annie Lee Green, 1871=Cicero Os- 
borne Ball, a grocer, of Raleigh, in 1893^ 
and have 3 children, viz : 

1. Gertrude Laura Ball, 1894. 

2. Emma Lynn Ball, 1896. 

3. Jenette Green Ball, 1897. 

3. Thomas Erastus Green, 1873, railroading 
and merchandising in Raleigh. 

VI. Lula Alston Jeffrey's, 1849 m. 1st Sim- 
eon Thorp, of Johnson Co., a farmer and 

AND Their Descendants. 319 

married 2d B. H. Cozart, a tobacconist, of 
Oxford, N. C. She has 3 childreD, viz. : 
Gertrude, aged 12 years. 
(1899) Jeffreys, aged 10 years. 
Sadie, aged 7 years. 
VII. Samuel Roberts JetTreys, 1852 ; farmer, uum. 
VIII. James Grey Jeffreys, 1854, farmer, uum. 

12 Charity Dawsox Alstox=:Rev. W. J. Langdox, 

of M. E. Church. Issue : 

I. Frances Alston Langdon^Goss, of South Caro- 
lina, who was at onetime member of Congress. 
II. Sallie Alston Langdon=Dr. J. A. Weber, of 
Yorkville, S. C. 

13 Mary Clark Alstox=Dr. Solomon G. Ward, of 

Warrenton, N. C. Issue: 

I. Medicus Ward, killed in Confederate Army. 
II. Samuel Alston Ward, killed in Confederate 
III. Plummer Ward, died young. 

The following, with a few corrections, is a copy of a 
letter written some years since by the late Dr. Solomon G. 
Ward, Warrenton, N. C. 

Editor 3IarshaU Messenger: 

I have read the communication submitted to me by you, 
and at your request will endeavor to correct the discrepan- 
cies published in relation to the genealogy and conduct of the^ 
Alston family. Having been the physician in the Alston 
family for nearly half a century ; a kinsman and the hus- 
band of Mary Clark Alston, of Wake Forest, North Caro- 
lina, of whom " Viator," in the Galveston Daily Netos, 
says : '' She was highly accomplished ; a perfect blonde, of 
commanding beauty, and famous throughout the State." 

^20 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmi-l) Alston 

The Alstons came from England ; as I have indubitable 
proof from wills, portraits, and heir-looms still in the 
family. William, Thomas and Samuel were brothers, and 
settled in Bute, now Warren county, and Willis in Halifax 
before the Revolution. They had cousins who went to 
South Carolina. 

The descendants of tbe above named, Thomas and Samuel, 
settled on the lands in Wake Co., North Carolina, which 
had been owned by the father of Thomas Hart Benton. 

Willis, Sr., was member of the Congress at Halifax 

Town, 1776, and was appointed colonel in the Continental 
army in April, and was re-elected in November, 1776, to 
form the Constitution of North Carolina. AU the family 
were patriotic, and amongst the first to declare for inde- 

Colonel Philip, another descendant from the Halifax 
stock, settled on Hickory Mountain, in Chatham Co., and 
was equally patriotic ; for which cause he was captured by 
David Faning, a loyal and bold Tory, and delivered to the 
Poyal Governor, Martin, at Wilmington. 

The aid and comfort afforded to Generals Marion and 
'Greene by the Alstons in South Carolina are historical 
facts. Two of that family descent, Joseph and Robert, 
were governors of that State. The first named married 
Aaron Burr's daughter, Theodosia, who was lost at sea ; 
and Col. William Alston, of Charleston, married a daughter 
of Mrs. Rebecca Motte, who cheerfully permitted Generals 
Marion and Lee to burn her palatial mansion with arrows, 
to capture the British commander in Fort Motte. 

Washington Allston, poet, artist, and painter, removed 
to Massachusetts, and one of her towns bears his name. 

Capt. John Alson, of Halifax, oldest brother of Willis, 
Sr., married a daughter of Gideon Macon, and the sister of 
Hon. Nathaniel Macon, of Warren Co., to whom was born 
.the Hon. Willis Alston, Jr., who was a member of the 

AND Their Descendants. 321 

Legislature for six years, and of Congress from 1803 to 
1831, and Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means 
during the War of 1812. 

His brothers were Joseph, Gideon and Robert. The 
last named was the father of Willis, Augustus and Gideon, 
of Georgia. He married Henrietta Green, of Warren Co., 
a sister of Solomon Green, one of the adopters of the Con- 
stitution of the United States, and of John C. Green, a 
colonel in the War of 1812. She was a lady of superior 
endowments of mind and person, and nearly every year 
visited her kin in North Carolina in a coach and four. The 
Hon. M. W. Ransom, of the United States Senate, and 
Maj. Gen. Robert Ransom, of the Confederate Army, were 
her nephews, and likewise was Gen. Thos. J. Green, one 
of the heroes of Texas independence and of the Mier ex- 
pedition into Mexico. 

Robert lived in Sparta, Ga., in regal splendor, and their 
children were educated at the first colleges. Gideon was 
accidentally killed. Augustus was one of the finest speci- 
mens of a gentleman in mind, manners and person I ever 
saw, and but for his sympathies, and devotion to his friends, 
his duels with Brown, of Georgia, and Reed, of Florida, 
would never have been fought. Willis was excitable and 
ungovernable when he conceived himself or his friends in- 
jured. A half century has elapsed since, and their conduct 
should not be judged by the present standard of morals, 
as duelling then was encouraged and practiced by the first 
men in and out of Congress. Willis married a Methodist 
minister's daughter, Miss Howard, celebrated for her beauty 
and accomplishments, who inculcated her religious prin- 
ciples in the heart of her son, Robert A. Alston, which 
governed his actions throughout life. He kept a diary of 
his conduct, and the occurrenoies of each day, and when he 
was captured with Gen. Morgan's cavalry, to which he be- 

21 al 

322 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

longed, this journal inspired his captors with so much sym- 
pathy and respect for his character, that he was soon released 
and amply provided for. He was a genius, noble, brave and 
handsome, and indefatigable in all that he undertook. 

1 have been long and intimately acquainted with the 
Alston family — save with the oldest ones, and can conscien- 
tiously affirm that I never knew so large and distinguished 
a family as theirs, more practical, more refined, civil and 
generous. They were provident ; rich, without ostenta- 
tion ; devotedly clannish to each other, and liberal to their 
friends and neighbors. By marriage they became associated 
with very many of the most intelligent and influential 
families throughout the Southern States, to wit: Thomas 
Hart Benton, Jefferson Davis, Col. William Polk, President 
Polk, Major Gen. Leonidas Polk, Geo. E. Badger, Stephen 
and Sherwood Haygood, Louis D. Henry, Gens. Blount 
and Branch, Williams, Dickens, Benton, Hawkins, Greens, 
Somervilles, Seawells, McLemores, J. G. Harris, Dukes, 
Jones, of Warren and Wake counties ; Raynors, Cannons, 
Barringers, Eatons, and ' last, but not least, the late Col. R. 
D. Ward, of your city, whose genius and energy organized 
and started the first railroad to the Pacific, and was its first" 

Hundreds of other families might be mentioned; 
amongst them were four United States senators, five gov- 
ernors, eight members of the House of Representatives, 
and several judges. 

A North Carolinian. 

(A Copy.) 

2 Thomas Whitmel Alston=Lucy Faulcon, (dau. 

of Nicholas Faulcon =Lucy Wyatt, of Surry Co., 
Va.). Lucy Faulcon was born Feb. 19, 1763 and 
m. June 28, 1786. They resided in Warren Co., 
N. C, and had 5 children. 

AND Their Descendants. 323 

1^ I. Nicholas Faulcon Alston, b. July 31, 17S7;d. in 
1818. His brother Alfred was his executor. 
He married July 20, 1812, to Elisabeth Craw- 
ford Davis, dau. of Archibald Davis r=Elisabeth 
Hilliard, whose mother was Leah Crawford and 

m. Hilliard, (rj'. v.). 

II. Hubbard W. Alston, b, 1789 ; d. 1816, s. p. 

15 III. Major Alfred Alston, b. Feb. 4, 1791=:Mary A. 

Plummer (dau. of Kemp Plummer=Susan Martin, 
(9. v.). He died November, 1850. 

16 IV. Edward Alston, b. Dec. 8, 1792— Martha Davis 

(dau. of Archibald Da vis= Elisabeth Hilliard) 
(f^. v.). Archibald Davis was cousin to Orooudates 

17 V. Martha Jane Alston, b. Nov. 28, 1802= July 28, 

1824, to John Burges (sou of Lovatt and Sallie 
Burges), [ji. y.) for issue. 

H. Nicholas Faulcon Alston=Elisabeth Craw- 
ford Davis. Issue : 

18 I. Thomas Nicholas Faulcon, b. Feb. 13, 1815. 

19 II. Archibald Davis, b. June 11, 1817. 

18 Thomas Nicholas Faulcon ALSTON=lst Ruina 

20 R. Brodie and had 1 dau. Lucy Faulcon who m. 
Julian V. Perkins, (^q. v.). 

His 2d wife was Elisabeth Boddie Perry, dau. 
of Bennet Perry. Issue 6 children, (5. v.). 

W Lucy Faulcos Alston=Julian V. Perkins, 8 
children : 

I. Maggie J. Perkins=Charles Tayloe. 
Issue 1 dau. 
II. Ruina Brodie. 
III. Churchill Perkins. 

324 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

ly. Florence T.= Webb. 

V. Alston. 
VI. David. 
VII. Faulcou. 
VIII. Valencourt Perkins'. 

(Children of Elisabeth Boddie Perry Alston.). 

21 I. Dr. Bennett Perry Alston =Carrie M. Williams, 

(dau. of Dr. P. E. Williams); issue 7 children, [q. v.) 

22 II. Bryant Grimes Alston, d. 1901 = Virginia I., dau. 

of liobert W. Arrington. Issue 4 children, (g. v.). 

III. Pattie B= James S. Yarborough. 

IV. Thomas Nicholas Faulcon Alston, Jr. 

V. ADAr=: Augustus S. Foster. Issue 1 dau. . 
VI. Walter Alston. 

21 Children of Dr. Bennett Perry Alston= Carrie 

M. Williams. 

I. Valeria Virginia Alston. 
11. Perry Alston. 

III. Walter J. 

IV. Carrie. 
V. Pattie. 

VI. Emma. 
VII. Bessie Lee Alston. 

22 Children of Bryant Grimes Alston = Virginia I. 

Arrington : 

I. William R. II. Elisabeth P. 

III. Tempie Lou and IV. Puina V. Alston. 

19 Archibald Davis Alston=Missouri F. Alston, 
dau. of Hon. Willis Alston =:Sallie Potts. Issue : 
I. Charles Julian. 
II. Elisabeth Crawford. 
III. Ellen Ann. 

AND Their Descendants. 325 

IV. Archibald Davis, d. s. p. 

V. Nicholas Faulcon. 
YI. Willis Walter. 
VII. Sallie Moddena. 
VIII. Edward. 

IX. William Thorne Alstox=Carrie Thorpe 
dan. of Benjamin Thorpe. Issue 3 children. 

1. Archibald Davis Alston. 

2. Willis Faulcon Alston. 

3. Benjamin Thorpe Alston. 
X. Frank A. Alston. 

XI. Missouri F. = William Henry Pleasants. 

15 Major Alfred Alston = Mary Plummer. 

Alfred Alston was educated at William and Mary 
College, Williamsburg, Va. He was inclined to be 
wild when he first grew up. Too honest for a gam- 
bler, he lost heavily at cards. After being most un- 
mercifully swindled by an unscrupulous and professed 
gambler (a citizen of Warreutou, N. C), he entirely 
reformed, settled down to a noble and energetic life 
and soon regained what he had lost, being the pos- 
sessor of a large share of this world's goods. He 
and his lovely wife dispensed a wide and generous 
hospitality at their beautiful home, a few miles from 
Warrenton. They were both earnest Christians, 
members of the Episcopal Church. He was looked 
up to as a model for sound judgment and high moral 
character, and his services as guardian for orphans 
was much sought after. Among the number whom 
he served in this capacity were Havana Lenoir and 
Gideon Branch Alston, his cousins. The former 
afterwards became the wife of the Rev. Charles Mar^ 
shall Cook, and mother of Hon. Charles A. Cook of 
- Warrenton, North Carolina. Their children were : 

326 Phillip and Winifred (AVhitmel) Alston 

23. I. Lucy Davis Alston = John C. Davis, 

son of Archibald Davis = Elisabeth 
Hilliard. Issue, 7 childreu, (q. v.) 

24. II. Kemp Plummer Alston = Mary E. 

Mabet Thorne. Issue five children, 
(q. v.). 

III. Martha Jane Alston = William Henry 

Thorne; issue, (q. v.). 

25. IV. Alfred Alston = O. Eudora Thorne; 

issue 4 childreu, (q. v.). 
£S Lucy Davis Alston = John C. Davis. Issue : 

I. Hodgin Davis = George Jones, s. p., 
died in Texas. 

26. II. Mollie = Eobert Speed ; issue 9 chil- 

dren, {q. v.). 

27. //III. A. H. Davis = Charlotte, dau. of Henry 

Harris; issue, 7 children (q. v.). 

IV. Pattie (Martha) Davis = Rob't W., son 

of Sam'l Thomas Alston ; 7 children, 

{q. v.). 

V. Plummer A. Davis =: Mary P. Al- 
ston, s. p. 
VI. Lucy Davis, d. young. 
VII. Alfred A. Davis, unm. 

^4- Kemp Plummer Alston = Mary E. Mabet 
Thorne, Issue : 

I. Alfred T. Alston. II. Annie C. Alston. 

III. Kemp Plu^lmer Alston married in Missis- 

sippi, and died leaving 3 children. 

IV. Duthile C. Alston. 
V. Frank Ballard Alston. 

^5 Alfred Alston = O. Eudora Thorne. Issue t 

AND Their Descendants. 327 

I. Mary Plummer Alston, born 1859 = Plumraer 

A. Davis, s. p. 
II. Emma P. Alston, 
30. III. Edward T. Alston = Rosa Speed ; issue 7 

IV. Eutlora Thorne Alston, nnm. 

£6 MoLLiE (Mary) Davisz=Robert Speed. Issue: 

I. Robert Speed = Annie Harris ; issue 2 chil- 
II. Johnnie Speed^Mary Harris; issue 2 chil- 

III. Annie Speed=Captain Clayton. 

IV. Lula Speed. 

V. Minnie= Robert Stewart. 

VI. Alfred Speed. VII. Henry Speed. VIII. Elmo 

SO. IX. Rosa Speed =Ed ward T. Alston ; issue 7 chil- 
dren, viz. : 

(!) Julian. (2) Eugenie. 
(3) Mary. (4) Merta. 
(5) Mattie Belle. (6) Edward. 
(7) Annie Lou Alston. 

27 A. H. Davis=:Charlotte Harris. Issue : 

I. Laura Davis=: Walter Daniel. Issue 1 
son, Archibald Daniel. 
II. Archibald Davis, in Washington, D. C. 

III. Lucy = Whitmel Kearney Williams; 

issue 2 children. - . 

IV. Bettie^Robert Edgar Williams ; issue 

2 children. 
V. Minnie Davis. VI. Estelle Davis. 
VII. Oscar Davis, unm., lives in New York. 

328 Phillip and Winifked (Whitmel) Alston 

16 Edwaed Alston = Martha Davis. Issue : 

I. William Thorne Alston == Laura Eaton, 

daii. of Hon. William Eaton, s. p. 
II. Elisabeth Alston. 
III. Nicholas Faulcon Alston. 

28. lY. Alfred=Mary (Polly) Kearney; issue {q. v.) 

29. V. Edward = Maria Davis, dau. of Archibald H. 

Davis = Caroline Cornelia Kearney. Issue 
{q. V.) 
VI. Mary Davis Alston. 

^8 Alfred Alston=Mary Daa^son Kearney. Issue: 
I. Maria K. Alston. 

II. Martha Edward Alston = Dr. Buxton 
BoDDiE Williams. For issue {q. v.) 

III. Nicholas Faulcon Alston. 

IV. Herbert Alston. V. Laura E. Alston. 
VI. Howard Alston. VII. Van Wyck Alston. 

29 Edward Alston=Maria Davis. Issue: 

I. Cornelia =z Frank Cheatham ; issue two 
II. Edward Alston. 


The family of Burges is here introduced because of the 

several intermarriages with the Alstons. 

John Burges was married on the 1st of October, 1707, 

in Staffordshire, England, and was the father of fourteen 

children. The third child was : 

Thomas Burges, b. Sept. 6, 1712, and d. 1779; married 

1st Miriam , and had six children ; m. 2d 

Mary Haywood, May 21, 1760, in North Carolina, 
by whom he had issue, Lovatt Burges, b. Jau. 31st, 
1762, d. Oct. 10th, 1807; and was married 3 times: 

AND Their Descendants. 329 

1st to Elisabeth Irwin, 3 children ; 2d to Priscilla 
Manny, July 11th, 1790, 1 child; 3d Mrs. Sallie 
Black, nee Lucas, Sept. 1st, 1793, iu Halifax county, 
N. C, and had children as follows : 

I. Elisabeth Ann, b. July 19, 1794. 
II. Melissa Jane, b. Jan. 25, 1797; d. Sept. 10, 
1823; married William Williams (Pretty 
Billy), {^q. V.) for issue. 

III. Augustine Willis Burges, b. Nov. 22, 1798 

= Harriet Terrell, niece of Fannie (Cocke) 

IV. John Burges, b. March 24th, 1801 ; m. Mar- 
tha Janie Alston, July 28th, 1824, in War- 
ren county, N. C, for issue [q. v.). 
V. Mary Haywood, b. March 8th, 1803; m. Wm. 
Williams Alston; for issue (q. v.). 

YI. Sallie, b. April 14th, 1805. 
VII. Samuel Lovatt Burges, b. March 19th, 1807; 
m. Fannie Cocke ; for issue, see lines of 
Philip Alston and Winifred Whitmel 

17 Martha Jane Alston = John Burges. (q. v.). 
Issue : 

31 I. Thomas Lovatt Burges = Harriet Burt. Is- 

sue: 4 sous. 

32 II. Lucy Elisabeth Burges=Dr. John R. Moore. 

Issue: 7 children. 

33 III. Mary Melissa Burges = Rev. Josias B. Solo- 

mon, D.D., a Baptist minister in Chicago. 
Issue : 5 children. 

IV. Martha Jane Burges = Octavius Austin, and 

d. 1859, s. p. 
3i V. Emily Matilda BgRGES=CHARLES Pear- 

son. Issue: 1 son and 1 dau. 

330 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

VI. Sallie Burges = Elijah Boddie Perry, of Hali- 
fax, N. C, {q. V.) for issue. 

SI Thomas Lovatt Burges=Harriet Burt. Issue; 
I. John Burges=:Tempie Battle. Issue : 

1. Harriet=Jose|)h Jenkins. 

2. Emily=:James Crinkley. 

3. Claude Burges. 

4. Bettie Burges. 
II. Thomas Burges. 

III. Alfred Burges. 

IV. Robert Burges. 

S3 Dr. John R. Moore=:Lucy Elisabeth Burges in 
1851. Issue: 

I. Dr. John Burges Moore, b. 1852= Florence 
McCann. Resides in Augusta, Ga., and has 
II. Thomas Richard Moore, b. 1854, unm. (Travel- 
ling salesman). 

III. Matthew Henry Moore, b. 1858, m. 1884^ 

Eugenia Thomas of North Carolina, is a 
Methodist minister in Columbia, Mo. Issue: 

1. OIin,b. 1885. 

2. Eugenia, b. 1889. 

3. John, b. 1891. 

4. Lucy Elisabeth, b. 1893. 

5. John Robert, b. 1896. 

IV. Mary Stewart, b. 1861, m. 1886, to Dr. 

Thomas Jay Burges, of Petersburg, Va. 
Issue: 1. Dean, b. 1887. 

2. Edward Alston, b. 1879. 
V. Wm. Liston Moore, b. 1863; an artist; unm» 

AND Their. Descendants. 331 

VI. Lucy Elisabeth Moore, b. 1868, m. 1893, to 
Wm. Moore, a naval officer, Washington, 
D. C, s. p. 
VII. Robert James Moore, b. 1871 ; photographer. 

33 Mary Melissa Burges=Josias B. Solomon, D.D. 
Issue : 
I. William Thomas Solomon^Miss Mulford, 
of Philadelphia, and have 1 son. 

II. John Burges Solomon= Margaret . 

Issue : Willie, Burges, and Mary Solomon. 

III. Mary Melissa Solomon =Prof. J. W. Welsh, 

of Kentucky, and have 2 daughters. 

IV. LouLA Solomon=John M. Reeves, of Ohio, 

and have 3 children. 
V. Joseph Bell Solomon = Miss Easton, of 

34- Emily Matilda Burges=Charley Pearson. Is- 
sue : 

I. Charles H. Pears(>n=Belle Goode. Issue: 

1. Lucy Pearson. 

2. Miuette Pearson. 

II. Emily Pearson=Rev. William J. Gay, a 
Methodist minister. Issue : 

1. Mary Gay. 

2. Charles Gay. 

3. James Gay. 

4. Edgar Gay. 

3 Philip Guston Alston =Mary Williams Harris. 
He died in 1819. Their children were: 

I. Temperance Williams Alston =^ Jesse Ather- 
ton Dawson, son of John Dawson=: Elisa- 
beth Dorothy Atherton. {q. v.) for issue. 

332 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

35 IL Winifred Whitmel Alstons 1st Heury Har- 

ris. (9, -y. ). 

=2d Thomas B. Creagh, of Alabama, s. p. 

III. Sarah Alston=Henry Dawson, brother of 

Jesse A. Dawson. They left no issue. 

IV. Mary (Polly) Alston=James Lewis. This 

family has not been traced. 
V. Elisabeth Norfleet Alston. 
YI. Charity Dawson Alston = Dr. Worsham. 
This family has not been traced. 
VII. Martha James Alston=Major Joseph John 
Williams, son of Major Wm. Williams 
= Elisabeth Kearney. (9'. v.) for issue. 
VIII. Eveline Alston=Gid. Alston, son of Chat- 
ham Jack. (5. v.) for issue. 4 children. 
IX. Eleanor Alston, unm. 

X. Ann Maria Alston^=Dr. Robt. Alston, son 
of Chatham Jack. s. p. 

36 XL George W. Alston, d. 1849=Marina Wil- 

liams, dau. of Major Wm. Williams=Elisa- 
beth Kearney. Issue : (g. y.). 
XII. Philip G. Alston. Xever married. 

Philip G. Alston's will, dated January 28th, 1850, and 
probated February court, 1852, (he was a brother of the 
above Geo. W. Alston), leaves his property to his 
nephews, P. G., VYra. H. and Geo. W. Alston ; sister, 
Elizabeth Alston, and sister. Charity D. Worsham; to 
Earnest Foster and Joseph John Williams. He disposes 
of his property in Alabama to his nephews, and describes 
it as follows : " Laud and negroes in Alabama given me 
under the will of my deceased mother, Mary Alston, which 
property she heired from her grand daughter, Mary Trip." 

3J WiNiFKED Whitmel Alstox=; 1st husband Henry 
Harris. Issue : 

AND Their Descendants. 333 

I. Sarah Harris=Hon. Mem. W. Creagh. No 

II. Mary Harris= Teippe, and d. s. p. 

Winifred Alston after the death of her husband, mar- 
ried Col. Thomas B, Creagh, who by a former wife, 

Miss Walthall, had the following children, 


I. Dr. Memorable Walthall Creagh, who m. Sarah 
II. Alex Creagh. 
III. Ann Creagh, who m. Howze, and others. 

36 George W. Alston=Marina Williams. Issue: 

I. Philip Guston (Gundy) ALST0N=lst Jennie 
Creighton. Issue : 

1. Philip G. Alston. 

2. Lucy = Archibald Williams. 

3. George Alston =Laura King. 

4. Hugh Alston, d. s. p. 

5. Ella, and 6. Lewis Alston, num. 
II. William H. Alston, unm. 

III. George W. Alston z= Elisabeth Faulcon 
Alston (dau. of Samuel Thomas Alston 
=RuinaT. Williams.) Issue: 

1. Marina=Edward Williams and have- 

1 daughter. 

2. Carrie, unm. 

3. Ruiua, died. 

4. Edward Faulcon. 

5. Garland. 

6. Jennie Creighton. 

7. Elisabeth Alston. 

8. Another son. 

334 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

Jf. WiNiFKED ALSTON=lst Hexry Hill, in Warren 

county, where she was born and educated. They 

had an only daughter, Elisabeth Hexry 

Hill, b. March 27, 1787, who married and 

had a family. 

Winifred Alston's 2d husband was Joseph Cocke, to 

whom she was married about 1789, in Warren county 

Issue : 

87 I. Martha Cocke, b. 1790, m. Halcott Terrell. 

38 II. James Cocke, b. 1792, m. , in Warren 

county N. C. 

39 III. Nancy Cocke, b. 1794, m Owens, 

Nashville, Tenn. 
ly. John Cocke, b. 1796, m. ■ , near Peters- 
burg, Va, 
V. Elisabeth Cocke, b. Feb. 2d, 1797, m. 
Tacitus Calvit, in Warren county, 
N. C, and d. s. p. in 1820. 
YI. Winifred Cocke, b. July 8, 1799, m. 3 
times ; 1st to Tacitus Calyit (her 
sister's widower) in 1822, to whom she 
bore an only child. 
j^O I. Tacitus Gaillard Calvit, who m. Janette 
Dent Wells, and had several children. 
Her 2d husband was George Blair and bore him 4 
children : 

1. Samuel Blair, who died in infancy. 

2. George Blair went to Nicaragua with 

Gen. Wm. Walker and has never been 
heard from since. 

3. William Blair was killed at the battle 

of Gettysburg, being a soldier in the 
Confederate States army. 

4. Elisabeth Blair died in infancy. 

AND Their Descendants. 335 

Her 3d husbaud was John A. Texada, to whom she 
bore no children. 

YII. Collin Cocke, Warren Co., N. C, June 
9, 1804. In 184— ,m a difficulty while 
drinking, he killed his brother-in-law, 
Lovatt S. Burges. He went to Texas, 
where he married a widow in Areola, 
Fort Bend Co. They had one child, a 
He was assassinated by his enemies. 

4.1 VIII. Fannie Cocke, b. Aug. 10, 1806, m. Lovatt 

S. Burges in 1824. She died 1862. 

4.2 IX. Mary Cocke, b. May 6, 1808 ; baptized Aug. 

8, 1808. Married John Adams Glaze. 

37 Martha. Cocke was born in Warren Co., and married 
Oct. 20, 1811, to Halcott Terrell. She died 
Aug. 16, 1824. He died January 9, 1839, in Rap- 
ides Parish, La., where they had lived many years. 
I. Henderson Terrell, b. Oct. 23, 1812, in Rap- 
ides Parish, La., and d. Nov. 9, 1828. 

43 II. Harriett Terrell, b. July 9, 1815; m. Austin 

Willis Burges. 
IIL Emily Mary Terrell, b. Sept. 16, 1817; m. 

Cjesar Archinard ; d. s. p. 
IV. Elisabeth Terrell, b. June 10, 1819 ; d. Jan. 9, 


44 V. Amanda Louisa Terrell, b. June 20, 1820, m. 

1st, James Anderson Crawford; 2d, John 
Hickman Ransdell. 
VI. Halcott Terrell, b. April 10, 1822 ; d. June 9, 

38 James Cocke = , and had 3 children. 

336 Phillip and "Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

I. Annie, m. Levy Tully; d. s. p. 
II. Winifred, m. Silas J. Wright; d. s. p. 
III. Joseph Addison Cocke m. Saeah Vernon 
(nee) Hoberts, was killed at Marksville, La., 
• s. p. 

S9 Nancy Cocke = Owen, had 3 children. 

Two sons, George and Joseph, d. unra. Dau. 
Nancy married and lives in Nashville and has one 
4.1 Fanny Cockei=Lovatt S. Burges. Were both 
raised and educated in Warren Co. N. C. They 
removed to Louisiana and for many years resided in 
Avoyelles and Rapides Parishes, La. He was an 
active, enterprising planter, and was killed in 
a difficulty by his brother-in-law, Collin Cocke, 
brought about by both being under the influence of 
liquor. She died Dec. 25, 1862, on Bayou Huff 
Power, La., where she had lived many years. They 
had four sons and two daughters. 
4.S I. Austin Willis Burges, b. June 16, 1829 ; m. 

II. Joseph Lovatt Burges, b. Dec. 7, 1830 ; d. 
Sept. 2, 1833. 
IIL Sallie Lucas Burges, b. Aug. 9, 1 832 ; d. Oct. 
10, 1833. 
4.8 IV. John Mortimer Burges, b. Oct. 18, 1834; m. 

46 V. Mary Elisabeth Burges, b. April 1, 1837 ; m. 

to James H. Fitts, Jr., 

47 VI. Lovatt Samuel Burges, b. Aug. 27, 1839 ; m. 

Feb. 12, 1861, to Mary Elisabeth Wells. 

4^ Mary Cocke was born in Warren County, N. C, 
where she was raised and educated. She married 

AND Their Descendants. 337 

John A. Glaze, a planter of Avoyelles Parish, 
La., ou the 11th of February, 1830. He was a 
man of much influence in his Parish, being gifted 
by nature with a strong mind, which he had im- 
proved by study and reading. He amassed a large 
estate. He died May 30, 1858, and she died Nov. 
27, 1863. They had six children. 

I. Frances Elisabeth Glaze, b. June 23, 1831 ; d. 
Oct. 19, 1831. 
4-9 II. Richard Henry Glaze, b. Nov. 12, 1833; m. 
Sarah Frances Tucker. 
III. Mary Louisa Glaze, b. March 15, 1835 ; d. 
Sept. 28,1842. 
oO IV. Middleton Glaze, b. Nov. 7,1836; m. Clarissa 

Eugenia Eldred. 
51 V. Alice Winifred Glaze, b. 1839; m. 1st to 

E. L. Tanner ; 2d to M. R. Marshall. 
VI. James Ward Murdock Glaze, b. Oct. 31, 1844 ; 
d. Aprils, 1845. 

4'i Harriet Terrell was born in Rapides Parish, La., 
and m. 15th of August, 1833, to Austin Willt« 
BuRGES, an influential planter of that Parish. She 
died Nov. 4, 1851. They had eleven children. 
I. Halcott Burges, b. Oct. 16, 1835 ; d. Feb. 22, 
5:3 II. Halcott Terrell Burges, b. Jany. 29, 1837. m. 
Mary E. Wells. 

III. Lovatt A. Burges, b. Feb. 10, 1839; d. Sept. 

29, 1840. 

IV. Henderson Burges, b. July 22, 1840; d. Sept. 

24, 1841. 
V. Mary M. Burges, b. January 9, 1842; d. 
March 4, 1843. 

22 al 

338 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

yi. Benjamin B. Barges, b. April 19, 1843; 

removed to Texas. 
VII. Lovatt Augustus Burges, b. Jan. 22d, 18-15; 

m. in Texas to Miss Morris, and d. leaving 

one sou. 
YIII. Sallie Lucas Burges, b. May 9th, 1847; d. 

April 30th, 1889. She was a devout Roman 

Catholic, oue of the Sisters of Charity, and 

died in the Convent of the Sacred Heart, 

Rapides, La. 
IX. Cgesar Archiuard Burges, b. Dec. 25th, 1849 ; 

was twice married to Misses Stinett. He 

died in Texas, leaving two children. 
X. Frances Xavia Burges, b. Sept. 10th, 1850 ; 

d. Dec. 31st, 1855. 
XI. Harriet T. Burges, b. Nov. 4th, 1851; d. 

July 4th, 1855. 

^4 Amanda Louisa Terrei. was born in Rapides Parish, 
La., and was married to James Anderson 
Crawford, April 12th, 1838. He died 
July lUh, 1840, leaving only oue sou, viz. : 

55 James Andrew Crawford, Jr., b. July 4th, 1839, 
and m. April 1st, 1869, to Mary V. Weems. 

Amanda Louisa Terrell's 2d husband, to whom s!ie 
was married on Feb. 20th, 1844, was John Hick- 
man Ransdell, au influential and wealthy sugar 
planter of Rapides. He died Nov. 27th, 1869. 
She bore him nine children. 

I. James Hunter Ransdell, b. Dec. 17th, 1844; 
m. Feb. 20ihj 1878, to Martha Jane Love- 
lace, s. p. 
53 II. Martha Lnuisa Ransdell, b. Sept. 14th, 1846 ; 

AND Their Descendants. 339 

m. June 7th, 1870, R. P. Hunter, and 
have 5 daughters and 2 sons. 
64 III. Emily Terrell Ransdell, b. Oct. 23d, 1848 ; 

m. March 2d, 1870, to Thomas F. Mont- 
gomery, and have 5 sons and 2 daughters. 

IV. John Rausdell,b. Oct. 6th, 1850; d. March 

15th, 1875. 
V. Halcott Terrell Ransdell, b. Dec. 5th, 1852; 
d. 1869. 

yi. Christopher Loyola Ransdell, b. June 1st, 
1855 ; m. Cordelia B. Hoey, and has 1 
living son, John H. Ransdell, b. Aug. 
21st, 1891. 
YII. Joseph Eugene Ransdell, b. Oct. 17th, 1858; 
m. Olivie J. Powell, s. p. 
VIII. Mary Isabella Ransdell, b. Oct. 19th, 1860; 
d. Sept. 8th, 1875. 

IX. Francis Xavier Ransdell, b. Feb. 11th, 1862; 
m. Kate Bruce Davis, and have one child, 
Katie Bruce Ransdell, b. Sept. 14th, 1892. 

4.0 Tacitus GaillardCalvitz=:Janette Dent Wells. 
He was born in Rapides Parish, La., was a 
gentleman of considerable means, and pos- 
sessed a good education. He was killed 
during the Confederate war (about 1863) by 
falling into the hold of a vessel upon which 
he had charge of some troops. Their chil- 
dren were, viz.: 
I. Tacitus Calvit. 

56 II. Montford Wells Calvit. 

57 III. William Tacitus Calvit. 
IV. George Blair Calvit, died. 

58 V. Janette Dent Calvit. 

YI. Elisabeth Winifred Calvit, died. 

59 VII. Alice W. Calvit. 

340 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

Jf.5 Austin Willis Bueges was born iu Avoyelles Parish, 
He was educated at Georgetown, Ky. His 
1st wife was Miss Sarah E. Tanner, who 
died s. p. His 2d wife was Mrs. Mary D. 
Rhodes inee) McCoy, after marrying whom 
he resided in Rapides Parish, where he farmed 
extensively, and died June 26th, 1870. His 
children by his 2d wife were 2 sons and 1 
dan. : 

1. Charles D. Burges, b. Oct. 2d, 1861; d. 
Aug. 7th, 1863. 
60 II. Lovatt Francis Burges, b. Aug. 17th, 1863, 

and m, April 10th, 1890, to Mrs. Annie 
Didlake (nee) Annie Grace. 
III. Judith Burges, b. Feb. 28th, 1866; d. 
Jan. 29th, 1867. 

If.8 John Mortimer Burges was educated in Avoyelles 
Parish, La., and in Danville, Ky. He served 
as 1st. Lieutenant in the Confederate array 
under Stonewall Jackson, and was subse- 
quently taken prisoner at Spottsylvania 
Court House, on the 12th of May, 1864, and 
was not released until after the war. He 
was married Jan. 25th, 1866, to Bettie D. 
Tanner. Their children were : 

I. Frances Alice, b. Nov. 15th, 1866; m. 
Middleton Glaze, Jr. {q. y.) 
IL Desire Wells, b. June 28th, J 868. 

III. Bettie Tanner, b. July 6th, 1870; d. Aug. 

27th, 1873. 

IV. Edward Lanier Burges, b. Feb. 3d, 1872. 
V. Eugene M. Burges, b. March 11th, 1874:. 

d June 9th, 1891. 

AND Their Descendants. 341 

J/) Mary Elisabeth Burges was educated iu New 
Orleans, and at the Methodist Female Col- 
lege in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and was married at 
Bayou HuiF Power, Avoyelles Parish, La., 
on May 2d, 1855, to James Harris Fitts, 
Jr. {(]. v.) for issue. 

47 Lovatt Samuel Burges, of Avoyelles paris. La., 
was educated iu Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Columbia, S. C. 
He m. Mary Elisabeth Wells, of Rapides parish, 
dau. of Montford Wells. He was a Confederate 
soldier and died at home with fever while on fur- 
lough, in 1863. Their children were: 

I. Martha Dent Burges, b, 1861, d. Aug. 27th, 
IL Frances Burges, b. Nov. 7th, 1862, and mar- 
ried F. Rogers, of Alexandria, La. 

49 Richard Henry Glaze, of St. Landry Parish, m. 
Sarah Frances Tucker Feb. 15th, 1855. He was 
a successful planter and ardent sympathiser with the 
South. He was shot by order of Gen. D wight, 
U. S. A., because he endeavored to protect himself 
and his property from the wanton outrages of the 
Federal soldiers, on May 7th, 1863. They had one 
child : 

I. Mary Elisabeth Glaze, b. April 4th, 1856 ; 

m. Jack Thompson, and d. 1889, without 


~50 Middleton Glaze, of St. Landry parish, La., is a 
planter and editor of the Bunkie Blade. He was 
married April 4th, 1860, to Clarissa Eugenia 
Eldred, dau. of Randal and Evelina Griffin 
Eldred. She d. January 28, 1891, leaving 10 
children : 

342 Phillip and Winifred (Wiiitmel) Alston 

I. Johu Adams Glaze, b. March 12th, 

1861 ; d. Sept. 3d, 1863. 
II. Evelina Glaze, b. March 27th, 1862; 
num., resides in Avoyelles parish. 

III. Clara Middleton Glaze, b. Oct. 

15th, 1863; m. Dec. 30th, 1891, to 
George C. Pearce, 

IV. Middleton Glaze, Jr., b. Oct. 4th, 

1865; m. Dec. 31st, 1891, to Frances 
A. BuRGES, dau. of John Mortimer 
Purges and Bettie D. Tanner. 
61 V. Mary Henrietta Glaze, b. Sept. 10th, 

1868; bap. May 6th, 1893; m. Ed- 
ward R. Tanner May 24th, 1891 ; 
have 2 children. 
VI. Alice Winifred Glaze, b. Dec. 27th, 

1869; d. Oct. 7th, 1874. 
VII. Bettersou Blakewood Glaze; b. July 20, 
1872. Vuhlishev of the Bunkie Blade. 
VIII. William Clopton Glaze, b. Nov. 22d, 
1874. Planter. 
IX. Bessie Murdock Glaze, b. Oct. 11th, 
X. Winnie Irene Glaze, b. May 27th, 1879. 

51 Alice Winifred Glaze, b. March 1st, 1839, in 
Avoyelles parish ; bap. May, 1861 ; was educated at 
the Tuscaloosa Female College, Ala. She was first 
married to Edward Livingston Tanner, a planter 
of Avoyelles, La., who was b. May 6th, 1835 ; bap. 
October 3d, 1871, and d. October 6th, 1871, leaving 
6 children : 

I. Ellen Mittie Tanner, b. August 6th, 1860; 
bap. April 1st, 1861. 
60 IL Mary Glaze Tanner, b. Dec. 26th, 1861; 

AND Their Descendants. 343 

bap. May, 1862; m. John T. Johnson Dec. 
29th, 1881. (Merchant.) 

III. Edward Randal Tanner, b. June 16th, 1864; 

bap. June, 1866; m. May 20th, 1891, to 
Mary H. Glaze ; d. March 6th, 1893. 

IV. Harry Alston Tanner, b. Jan. 29th, 1867 ; 

bap. March, 1867 ; d. April 10th, 1894. 
He was a surveyor and educated at West 
Point, N. Y. 
V. Lodowick Branch Tanner, b. Dec. 10th, 
1869 ; bap. May, 1870; d. Jan. 17th, 1879. 
VI. Randal Glaze, b. June 23, 1871 ; bap. Sept., 
1871. Lawyer, New Orleans. 
The second husband of Alice Winifred 
Glaze was Mark Richard Marshall, 
whom she m. Feb. 14th, 1876. He was 
born in Fredericksburg,. Va., May 29th, 
1825, and was the son of Horace Mar- 
shall = Elisabeth Heiskell. When m. he 
was a planter in Avoyelles Parish, La., 
where he now resides with his wife and 
children : 

I. Mark Richard Marshall, b. Dec. 
21st, 1876; bap. May, 1877. 
II. Stella Marshall, b. June 25th, 1878. 
III. Alston Heiskell Marshall, b. April 
1st, 1881; d. April 6th, 1881. 

52. Halcott Terrell Burges, of Rapides Parish, La.,, 
d. July 9th, 1880. His wife was Mary Eliza 
Wells, who bore him 9 children : 
I. John M. Burges. 
II. Halcott Terrell Burges. 
III. Harriet T. Burges m. Rollo Bowie 
Weems ; 1 son, Douglas Weems. 

344 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

ly. Sallie Lucas Burges = Robeet Leigh 

Sanford ; ] child. 
V. CoRRiNE Burg Es= Charles C, Hender- 
VI. Mary Loulette Burges^J, J. Scott. 
VII. Katie Burges. 
VIII. Maggie Gordou Burges. 
IX. Bessie Wells Burges. 

61 Mary H. Glaze= Edward R. Tanner. Issue: 

I. Edward Liviugstou Tanner, b. April 2d, 1892; 
bap. May 6tb, 1893. 

II. Alice Eugenia Tanner, b. Oct. 20th, 1893 ; bap. 

April 25th, 1894. 

60 Mary Guaze Tanner ^ John T. Johnson. Issue: 
I. Edward Livingston Johnson, b. Dec. 24tb, 

1882; d. 
II. Louis Hollingshed Johnson ; b. April 13th, 
1884; bap. October, 1884. 

III. Harry Alston Johnson, b. Aug. 4th, 1888; bap. 

June, 1889. 

IV. Roy Davidson Johnson, b. March 14th, 1890 ; 

bap. February, 1891. 
V. John Thomas Johnson, b. Nov. 2d, 1898; bap. 
June, 1899. 

53 Martha Louisa Ransdeli. = Robert Percifer 
Hunter. Issue : 

I. .Robert Alexander Hunter. 
II. John Ransdell Hunter. 

III. Sarah Jane Hunter m. Ambrose H. 


IV. Mary Stella Hunter. 
V. Martha Louisa Hunter. 

AND Their Descendants. 345 

VI. Amanda Louisa and ) , , 
yil. Nellie N. Hunter, ( ''^''^* 

5ff. Emily Terrell Ransdell ^^ Thomas Farrar 
Montgomery. Issue : 

I. John Ransdell Montgomery. 
II. Hugh Montgomery. 

III. Joseph Eugene Montgomery. 

IV. Thomas Farrar Montgomery. 
V. John K. Montgomery, dead. 

VI. Ethel Montgomery. 
VII. Isabella Montgomery. 

'55 James Andrew Crawford = Mary Violetta 
Weems. Issue : 

I. Mary Emily Crawford. 
II. Annie Chilton Crawford. 
III. Amanda Louisa Crawford, died. 

GO LovATT Francis Burges^^Mrs. Annie Didlake 
(nee) Annie Grace. Issue: 

I. Austin Earl Burges, b. Aug. 7th, 1891 ; 
bap. Nov. 25th, 1891. ~._^^ ^^^ ^ 

II. Mary Dunwoody Burges, b. Attg. 18^. 

Dr. Lovatt F. Burges, b. in Avoyelles Parish, on Bayou 
Boeuf, was educated in the University of the 
South, at Sewanee, Tenn., and Roanoke College, 
Va. ; graduated in medicine at Tulane University, 
La., and is now a practicing physician in Rapides 
Parish, La. _ (^\ ^ i S -^4 b ^ 

-56' MoNTFORD Wells Calvit=Louise Albert . 

Issue : 

I. Gordon Duncan Calvit. 

346 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

II. Eugene Willard Calvit. 

III. Alston Cocke, and 

IV. Winifred Alston, dead. 

57 William Tacitus Calvit=:Susie Duke. Issue : 

I. Harriet Duke Calvit. 

58 JanetteDent Calvit=James Murray Hetpier- 

wiCK. Issue : 

I. Robert Murray Hetherwick. 

II. Tacitus Gaillard Hetherwick. 

III. Fannie Burges Hetherwick. 

IV. Jannette Duncan Hetherwick. 

59 Alice W. Calvit = EdWxVrd John Sullivan. 

Issue : 
I. John Sullivan. 
II. Elleanor O'Connor Sullivan. 

Edward Sullivan and Martha Edward died. 

5 Samuel Alston = Elisabeth Faulcon, dau. ot 
^ Nicholas Faulcon =Lucy Wyatt, of Surry 
county, Va. Issue : 
I. Elisabeth Alston=William Williams(Pretty 
Billy) 1st wife 1 son. [q. v.) 

62 II. Rebecca Emily Alston :;= James Harris 

Fitts, Sr. She was b. Feb. 15th, 1797; 
d. March 29th, 1858; married June 
10th, 1814. 

III. Caroline Matilda Alston, b. 1800=^Dr. Solo- 

mon Williams, s. p. 

IV. William Faulcon Alston ^ ; d. 

Jan. 1851. 

63 V. Samuel Thomas Alston (known as Tom 

AND TiiEiR Descendants. 347 

Thumper Alston) b. Oct. 5th, 1806; m. 
Sept. 1st, 1831, to RiiiuaT. Williams. His 
widow survived him many years, being- 
able to write a long and interesting letter 
without spectacles in 189G. She has re- 
cently died. Issue (q. v.) 

62 Rebecca Emily Alstox=James Harris Fitts, Sr. 
Issue : 10 children, viz.: 

6.i I. Samuel Alston Fitls, b. May 15th, 1815; 

d. April 2d, 1869. {q. v.) 
II. Oliver Henry Fitts, b. Nov. 8th, 1816; 
d. 1821. 
III. Sarah Harris Fitts, b. Feb. 26th, 1819; 
d. June 7th 1835. 
6T) IV. Elizabeth Fauleon Fitts, b. Jan. 23d, 1821 ; 

m. Sewall Jones Leach. 
V. Rebecca Emily Fitts, b. Nov. 29th, 1822; 
d. Feb. 2d, 1838. 

66 VI. Caroline Medora Fitts, b. Dec. 28th, 1824 ; 

m. Col. J. J. Pegues. [q. y.) 
VII. John Henry Fitts, b. Feb. 20th, 1827; d. 
Jan. 21st, 1851. 

67 VIII. William Fauleon Fitts, b. Feb. 14th, 1829; 

was killed in the Confederate war; m. 

Annie Foster, and left 3 children. 
4.6 IX. James Harris Fitts, Jr., b. Oct. 12th, 1830. 

6^^" X. Susan Virginia Fitts, b. Oct. 13th, 1832 ; 

=Col. Lucieu Van Buren Martin. 

64- Samuel Alston Fitts= Sarah Elisabeth Alston, 
dan. of Col. William Williams Alston = Mary 
Haywood Burges. They were both born in 
North Carolina, their parents coming to 
Alabama while they were quite young. Soon 

348 Phillip and "Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

after their marriage, on the 29th of Nov. 
1838, he settled in Marengo county, not far 
from Unioutown ; where they raised their 
family, and where they both died. In his 
life and character he was a remarkable man, 
exhibiting to a marked degree the strictest 
integrity, fidelity to every trust, consistency 
as a Christian, and sincerity as a friend, win- 
ning the love and esteem of all who knew 
him. He was a successful farmer, and such 
was his skill in managing his affairs, that he 
accumulated a large estate for his family. 
They had 11 children, viz.: 

I. Mary Elisabeth Fitts, b. Feb. 28, 1840; 
Faunsdale, Ala. 
II. Sarah Olivia Fitts, b. Jan. 17, 1842; d. 
Sept. 17, 1845. 

III. Samuel Thomas Fitts, b. Sept. 14, 1844; 

d. Sept. 9, 1846. 

IV. James Oliver Fitts, b. Dec. 19, 1846; d. 

Feb. 25, 1892. 
V. Edward Alston Fitts, b. Aug. 23, 1849; 
Uniontown, Ala. 
YI. John Henry Fitts, b. Oct. 5, 1852; d. 
Aug. 23, 1883. 
yil. Cornelia Fitts, b. Dec. 24, 1854, m. 
Frank Wharton Gaines (a descendant 
of the families of Wharton, Pendleton 
and Gaines, of Virginia) Dec. 29, 1885. 
They live in Selma, Ala., and have 1 son, 
Frank Wharton Gaines, Jr., b. June 23, 
VIII. Walter Emmet Fitts, b. Jan. 19, 1858; d 
Dec. 26, 1872. 

AND Their Descendamts. 349 

IX. Waverly Fitts, b. Feb. 16, 1861 ; Fauns- 
dale, Ala. 
X. Haywood Fitts, b. March 28, 1863; Fauns- 
dale, Ala. 

XI. Herbert Fitts, b. May 29, 1865 ; Faunsdale, 

65 Elisabeth Faulcon Fitts was born at St. Stephens, 
Ala., January 23,1821, and educated at Tuscaloosa, 
where she now resides. She was married to Sewall 
Jones Leach, Oct. 10, 1839. He died Aug. 6, 

Sewall Jones Leach was born Nov. 28, 1812, in 
the city of New York and was the oldest sou of 
Ephraini Leach^Sophia Jones. His educational 
advantages were very limited, yet such was his 
energy and aptitude for learning, that at the age of 
18, he had prepared himself as a teacher and suc- 
cessfully conducted a school in the State of New 
York. At an early age he exhibited two predomi- 
nant characteristics, — love of mechanics and music. 
Having selected the profession of dentistry he 
located in Mobile Ala., in 1837 and in 1.838 he 
removed to Tuscaloosa. After his marriage he 
lived in Uniontown, Ala., for awhile, but subse- 
quently returned to Tuscaloosa, where he was 
engaged in several mechanical and industrial enter- 
prises. He was universally beloved and honored 
by all who knew him. Of his children 

I. James Harris Leach, b. Aug. 7, 1840; d. in 

early infancy. 
II. Sidney Fitts Leach, b. Nov. 14, 1841 ; m. 

Nov. 14, 1869 to Mary Lee Peck who d. 

Nov. 21, 1883, and have one son, Sidney 

Peck Leach, b. January 25, 1875. 

350 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

III. Emily Alston Leach, b. Dec. 1, 1843 ; bap- 

tized April 28, 1844; m. April 3, 1865 to 
James Slaughter Carpenter, of L^juis- 
ville, Ky. Their ohildreu were : 

1. Lizzie Leach Carpenter, b. Oct. 12, 
1867; m. January 12, 1888 to George 
RoosA James and their children are 

1. Eniilic Carpenter James, b. Sept. 21, 


2. Edith Whitaker James, b. July 21, 


2. James Slaughter Carpenter, b. Feb. 15, 


3. Samuel Sidney Carpenter, b. Aug. 


4. Emily Alston Carpenter, b. April 17, 


5. John Darwin Carpenter, b. March 29, 


6. Norma Snow Carpenter, b. Sept. 6, 


IV. Samuel Thomas Leach, b. July 1, 1846. 
Norma Leda Leach, b. Sept. 23, 1848 ; ra. 

April 28, 1868, to John Snow. Their chil- 
dren are, 

1. Lizzie Fitts Snow, b. Feb. 1, 1869. 

2. Virginia Peun Snow, b. Nov. 7, 1874. 

3. Charles B. Snow, b. Feb. 22, 1877, and 

d. Oct. 17, 1884. 

4. John Adams Snow, b. Jan. 31, 1879. 
VI. Caroline Medora Leach, b. Sept. 15, 1850 ; 

ra. April 16, 1872, to Edward Earnest 
Kirkham, who d. Nov. 20, 1879 ; children : 
1. Edward Earnest Kirkham, b. Jan. 26, 

AND Their Descendants, 351 

2. Elisabeth Faulcon Fitts Kirkham, b. 
Nov. 11, 1879. 
VII. Susan Virginia Leach, b. July 29, 1852; d. 
Aug. 2, 1855. 
VIII. Lelia Leach, b. Feb. 19, 1855 ; d. Oct. 9, 1856: 
Sewall Jones Leach, b. March 30, 1857; ra. 
Dec. 16, 1880 to Kate Brantley Warren. 
Their children are 

1. Willis Warren Leach, b. Sept. 15, 


2. Edward Faulcon Leach, b. Feb. 17, 

1884; d. May 5, 1881. 

3. Bessie Warren Leach, b. March 12, 


4. Sewall Sidney Leach, b. July 27, 1887, 

5. Earnest Kirkham Leach, b. Oct. 14. 


6. John Wanen I^each, b. July 17, 1893. 

7. Emily Carpenter Leach. 

X. Edward Faulcon Leach, b. July 29, 1859. 
XL William Fitts Leacii, b. July 20, 1862; d. 
March 29, 1861. 

6'^iCAROLiNE Medoka Fitts=Col. Josiah James 
Pecjues, Tuscaloosa. Col. Pegues was born in South 
Carolina July 19, 1825, and came with his parents to 
Alabama in his infancy. By occupation he was a 
farmer and cultivated lands both in Marengo and 
Dallas counties. At the outbreak of the war he 
joined the "Warrior Guards," the first company 
that left Tuscaloosa, and as a private in the ranks 
j.articipated in the first battle ot Manassas. He 
continued in the Confederate service during the 
four years of the war and at the close of hostili- 
ties, acted as an escort, with his regiment, to Presi- 

352 Phillip and Winifred (Wiiitmel) Alston 

dent Davis, on his retreat from Richmond, as far 
as Greensboro, N. C, being at that time the Lt. 
Col. of the 2d Alabama Cavalry Regt. At the 
close of the war he accepted the office of sheriff, 
when the position was one of grave responsibility 
and great danger, and by his energy, coolness and 
courage, soon subdued the lawless and restored or- 
der. In March 1882 he was appointed clerk of 
the Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa county by the 
Governor of the State, and in 1886 elected to the 
same office by the people. He is a zealous member 
of the Episcopal church, was vestryman for many 
years and senior warden in 1875. Their children 
are : 

70 I. Joe Evans Pegues, b. Dec. 13, 1854. 

71 II. Samuel Fitts Pegues, b, Dec. 8, 1858. 

13 III. Ida Pegues, b. Oct. 2, 1860 ; baptized April 21, 
1861. " 

70 Joe Evans Pegues = Rosa Rowan ; married Dec. 

13th, 1881. He was baptized by Rev. R. D. Nevius. 
Issue : 

I. Carolyn Medora Pegues, b. June 3d, 
II. Annie Rowan Pegues, b. October 16th, 
1884;, bap. December 18th, 1884. 

III. Harry Harrington Pegues, b. December 

5th, 1887; bap. April 8th, 1888. 

IV. Ida Eaton Pegues, b. February 2d, 1891 ; 

bap. July 19th, 1891. 
V. Rosa Rowan Pegues, b. September 9th, 
1892 ; bap. March 25th, 1893. 

71 Samuel Fitts Pegues = Mattie Alexander of Chi- 

cago ; bap. May 21st, 1860; married 1881. Issue- 

AND Their Descendants. 353 

I. Hooper Alexander Pegues, b. Nov. 20th, 

1884; bap. April 18th, 1888. 
II. Josiah James Pegues, b. Feb. 11th, 1887; 
bap. Dec. 8th, 1890. 

7i? Ida Pegues =^ Eugene G. Eaton of Rock Spring, 
Ala. ; were married January 4th, 1883. Issue : 

I. Eugene Fitz Eaton, b. January 4th, 1884; 

bap. March 4th, 1884. 

II. Josiah Pegues Eaton, b. August 24th, 1889 ; 

bap. January 5th, 1890. 
III. Mary Eaton, b. January 13th, 1894; bap. 
May 3d, 1897. 

07 William Faulcon Fjtts=Jeesey Annie Foster 

were married Oct. 13th, 1857 ; bap. August 19th, 

1862. He died Dec. 27th, 1862; she died N-ov. 

30th, 1894. Issue : 

73. I. Charles Fitts, b. July 2d, 1858; bap. July 

2d, 1859. 
74 II. Lizzie Faulcon Fitts, b. Nov. 21st, 1861. 

III. William Faulcon Fitts, b. March 12th, 
1863 ; m. Helen McEachin February 
6th, 1884; bap. May 15th, 1863. 

73 Charles Fitts=Flora Damer January 5th, 1887. 

Issue, 1 son, Charles Middleton Fitts, b. Jan'y 6th, 
1895; bap. Feb, 21st, 1895. 

74 Lizzie Faulcon Fitts = Benjamin F. Flinn of 

Montgomery, January 25, 1881. Issue : 

I. Annie Fitts Flinn, b. December 24th, 1884; 
bap. May 4th, 1884. 

II. Frank Flinn, b. Nov. 6th, 1883; bap. May 

4th, 1884. 

III. Charles Foster Flinn, b. June 2d, 1886. 

-23 al 

354 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

IV. William Faulcon Flinn, b. May 19th, 1891 ;; 

bap. March 20th, 1893. 
V. Lula Glaze Fliuu, b. May 2d, 1894. 

4.6 James Harris Fitts, Jr. = Mary Elizabeth 
BuRGES (g. v.). Mr. Fitts was a lawyer and planter 
and has subsequently become a banker and manu- 
facturer of cotton goods. He resides at Tusca- 
loosa and is one of the trustees of the State Uni- 
versity. They have had 8 children, viz. : 

75 I. William Faulcon Fitts, b. Feb. 18th, 

1856; m. Annie Spiller. 
II. James Harris Fitts, b. Oct. 18th, 1857 ; 
d. Aug. 2d, 1858. 

76 III. Festus Fitts, b. Feb. 15th, 1859 ; m 

Annalee Taylor on Oct. 18th, 1883,, 
and d. Aug. 6th, 1896. 

77 IV. Fannie Fitts, b. Aug. 10th, 1860; m. 

Samuel F. Alston. 
V. Arthur Fitts, b. Oct. 8th, 1862; d. July 
29th, 1889. 

78 VI. Alice Fitts, b. March 2d, 1865 ; ra. 

Walton W. Hill. 
VII. Alston Fitts, b. March 10th, 1867. 
VIII. Mary Fitts, b. April 29th, 1871; d. 
Jan'ry 26th, 1888. 

7S Wjlliam Faulcon Fitts, b. in Tuscaloosa, was edu- 
cated at the University of the South, and the Uni- 
versity of Alabama. He is cashier in the bank of 
J. II. Fitts & Co., and resides in Tuscaloosa. Pie 
Avas bap. May 30th, 1867, by Rev. John D. Easter 
and m. Annie Spiller Sep. 13th, 1876, and have 
had 3 children : 

I. James Harris Fitts, b. Dec. 25th, 1879; bap.. 
Dec. 26th, and d. Dec. 29th. 

AND Their Descendants. 355 

II. Frank Fitts, b. May 8th, 1881; bap. July 
22d, 1881. 
III. Mary Emily Fitts, b. June 22(1, 1886 ; bap. 
Sept., 1886. 

76 Festus Fitts was born in Tuscaloosa and educated at 

the University of Alabama, graduating with the de- 
gree of A.M. in 1878. He was captain of the 
" Warrior Guards," and carried that company to 
Birmingham to suppress the Posey riot. At the 
time of his death, in 1896, he was secretary and 
treasurer of the Tuscaloosa Cotton Mills and assist- 
ant cashier in the bank of J. H. Fitts & Co. He 
was bap. May 30th, 1867 ; confirmed June 1st, 1873. 
On the 18th October, 1883, he was m. to Annalee 
Tayeor of Mobile, Ala., and left 3 children : 

I. Arthur Leonard Fitts, b. Sep. 18th, 1884; 

bap. Oct. 28th, 1884. 
II. Annalee Leslie Fitts, b. June 30th, 1886 ; 

bap. Oct. 31st, 1886. 
III. James Harris Fitts, b. Aug. 16th, 1887; bap. 

Aug. 5th, 1894. 

77 Fannie Fitt.s, b. in Tuscaloosa and bap. May 30th, 

1867 ; was graduated at the Tuscaloosa Female Col- 
lege in 1878. On the 2d of August, 1883, was m. 
to Samuel Fitts Alston: Issue : 

I. James Fitts Alston, b. May 21st, 1884; 
bap. July 13th, 1884. 
II. Marilou Alston, b. March 14th, 1887; bap. 
on Whit-Sunday, 1887. 

78 Alice Fitts, b. at Castle Hill, in Tuscaloosa county, 

educated at the Tuscaloosa Female College, and m. 
Jan'y 6th, 1885, to Walton W. Hill, of Mont- 
gomery, Ala. lie was educated at Sewanee, and 

356 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

graduated with the degree of LL.B., at the Univer- 
sity of Virginia. He is a lawyer, planter and mem- 
ber of the Alabama Legislature. They have two 
children : 

I. Walton Harris Hill, b. Sept. 11th, 1886 ; bap. 
Oct. 31st, 1886. 
II. James Fitts Hill, b. Jan'y 26th, 1886; bap. 

€8 Susan Virginia Fitts=Col. Lucien Van Buren 
Martin. Col. Martin was born in Frank- 
lin county, Ala., in 1829, and was the son of 
Judge Peter Martin. When quite small he 
was brought by his parents to Tuscaloosa, 
I where he was educated, and had the degree 
of A.M., conferred upon him in 1852 by 
the University of Alabama. In 1856 he 
was elected Solicitor of the 3d Judicial Dis- 
trict by the Legislature of Alabama. In 
1867 President Johnson appointed him U. S. 
District Attorney for the Southern District 
of Alabama. He was also a planter, and 
supervised his cotton plantation when he 
was practicing law, both before and after the 
war. He died in Tuscaloosa, March 22d, 
1873, and was buried in Evergreen Ceme- 
tery. Susan Virginia Fitts was born in 
Clark county, and taken to Tuscaloosa, Ala., 
by her mother when she was 4 years old, 
where she was educated. She was baptized 
March 16th, 1870, and confirmed by Bishop 
Wihuer. She was married to Col. Martin, 
Oct. 16th, 1850. Their children were : 
79 I. Emily Lee Martin, b. Feb. 6th, 1852; 

m. Dec. nth, 1877, to George Woolsey 
Van Hoose. Issue, [q. v.). 

AND Their Descendants. 357 

II. Harriette Martin, b. June 21st, 1853; 

d. June 29th, 1855. 
80 III. Sallie Bell Martin, b. Dec. 5th, 1854; 

bap. May 7th, 1871 ; married March 

2d, 1874, to Gideon Frederick Martin, 

of Little Rock, Ark. Issue, [q. v.). 
lY. Susan Fitts Martin, b. April 30th, 

1859 ; d. April 16th, 1860. 
y. Lucia Martin, b. Oct. 17th, 1863; 

bap. March 16th, 1878; m. June 1st, 

1897, to James William Erwin, of 

Washiuton, D. C. 
VI. Harry Pegues Martin, b. Sept. 6th,. 

1869; bap. May 22d, 1870, and died 

Sept. 26th, 1871. 

79 Emily Lee Martin = George Woolsey A^an 

HoosE. (Mr. Van Hoose is a lawyer of 
prominence in Tuscaloosa, and Register of 
the Chancery Court.) Issue : 

I. George Woolsey Van Hoose, b. Oct. 
15th, 1883, and bap. March 2d, 1884. 
II. Lucia Van Hoose, b. Sept. 11th, 1885; 
bap. May 30th, 1886. 

80 Sallie Bell Martin=zGideon Frederick Mar- 

tin. Issue. 

I. Susie Fitts Martin, b. Jan, 16thj 
1876; married June, 1897, to James 
Jefferson Mayfield. 
II. Narcissa Pillow Martin, b. Sept. 12th^ 

III. Lallie Bell Burnley Martin, b. Nov. 
24th, 1883; died Feb. 12th, 1888. 

IV. Fredrika Alston Martin, b. Oct. 22d^ 

358 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston 

63 Samuel Thomas Alston = Ruina Tempie Will- 
iams, tlau. of Robert Webb Williams 
= Harty Hodge Davis. Issue : 

I. Edward Faulcon Alston, b. Sept. 1st, 
1833; m. Ellen Hendrix. d. s. p. 
II. Samuel Thomas Alston, Jr., killed in 
C. S. Army. • , j ^ 

III, Caroline Mo d ora Alston=Wm. Keai- 
ney Alston Williams, son of Lewis 
Alston Williams^ Priscilla Kearney, 
[q. V.) for issue. 
81 IV. Major Robert Williams Alston was 

wounded 16 times in C. S. Army 
==Martha (Pattie) Davis, dau. of John 
C. Davis=Lucy Davis Alston. Issue, 


V. Solomon Williams Alston, Surgeon C. 
S. A., died in army. 
VI. John Davis Alston, b. Sept. 3d, 1841; 
was wounded in the Confederate ser- 
vice=TEMPiE Davis. 
VII. Captain Philip Guston Alston, b. 
Aug. 12th, 1843, and was wounded 
in battle in the Confederate service 
=Elisabeth Williams (daughter of 
Capt. Archibald Davis Williams, C. S. 
A. = Lucy Ann Lewis.) 
VIII. Susan Luella Alston, b. Oct. 23d, 1845; 
— - Lewis Alston Thompson, son of 
Thomas Bond Thompson = Tempie 
Maria Williams, (r/. v.) for issue. 
IX. Elisabeth Faulcon Alston (Bettie)= 
George W. Alston. ((/. v.) for issue. 

X. Ruina T. Alston, b. 1851= Philip 
Kearney W^il Haras, son of Solomon 

AND Their Descendants. 359 

Williams = Maria Alston Kearney. 
(7. V.) for issue. 

■^1 Major Robert Williams Alston^^-Martha (Pattie) 
Davis. Issue : 

I. Elisabeth=John Hayes, and have 6 
II. Lula=Lewis Alston Thompson, Jr., 
and have 2 children. 

III. Mattie. 

IV. Samuel. 
V. Sarah G. 

YI. Robert 
VII. Annie Bell Alston, unra. 

The following extract from Major Alston's obituary is 
given : 

Major Robert W. Alston. 

" At his home in Warren county, N. C, April 29th, 1901 , 
there passed from the sorrows and troubles of this world 
to a life of joy and peace above. Major Robert W. Alston 
in the 64th year of his life. He was one of God's noblest 
creations, a man of whom naught but good could be said. 
Hi? life as a boy was all a fond father and mother could 
wish. As a young man, he was noble, true and brave. As 
an older man he was all of these combined. 

"In 1862, he raised Company K, 12th North Carolina 
Regiment, and as Captain led the Franklin and Warren 
boys in many a hard fought battle. He led his men, never 
saying go, but always follow me, boys. At the death of 
the Major of the regiment, he was promoted to Major. 
Like his noble leader, Stonewall Jackson, Major Alston 
knew no such thing as fear. He led his regiment in per- 
haps a hundred battles. He was wounded sixteen times, 

360 Phillip and Winifred (Whitmel) Alston. 

one ball striking him in the mouth taking out all the teeth 
on one side; and another in the shoulder, causing the par- 
tial loss of the use of his right arm the balance of his life, 
and many other wounds that would have killed most men. 
He had three horses killed under him, captured two 
soon after, and rode one of them home, which he kept for 
many years after the war. His men loved him, and would 
have followed him into the very cannon's mouth. 

" 'Twas in the day of greatest need, 
He came the South's brave sons to lead 

On fields of battle gory. 
His lofty courage did inspire 
The boys in gray with souls on fire, 

To fight for home and glory." 

"His old comrades will shed bitter tears of grief at his^ 
leaving them. His life since the war has been as pure and 
as simple as our Savior has laid down, when he said: * Love 
thy neighbor as thyself,' for if ever a man lived that way,. 
Major Alston did." 

James and Christian (LiIi-ington) Alston. 361 

A James Alston settled in Craven county, at or near 
New Berne, where he married Christian 
LiLLiNGTON, daughter of George and Han- 
nah Lillington. The date of this marriage 
is not known, but it was after 1741, and on 
the 7th of May, 1745, he purchased an island 
called Troy, on Bennett's creek, near his 
father, and in_1147^he^sold 640 acres of land 
near New Berne, which George Lillington 
bequeathed to his daughter Christian, now 
the wife of James Alston. He also wit- 
nessed the signing of the will of Samuel 
Williams in 1751. He is next mentioned 
as being appointed on the Commission of 
Peace and Dedimus, as Justice for Chowan 
county, Dec. 5th, 1757. After his father's^ 
death, which occurred in 1758, he removed 
from Chowan to Orange county, where he 
died on Elebye creek, in 1761. His father^ 
in his will in 1758, made him sole executor. 
The following were his children : 

1 I. John Alston= wife not known, (q. v.)^ 
II. Mary, died prior to 1764. 

2 III. James Alston =Grizel (Gilly) Yan- 

cey, {q. v.). 
IV. Charity=Lieutenant Colonel William 
Alston. (q. v.). (Son of Solomon 
Alston, Sr.=Nancy Hinton.) 
S ' V. Sarah=lst Sir Thomas Dudley, (q.v.). 

= 2d William Cain. {q'V.). 

The belief is prevalent among his descendants that the 

362 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

above mentioned George Lillington was a colonel in the 
British army, and came to Carolina from Barbadoes, but 
the proof is wanting. The first mention we find of him 
and his father, Edward, in the Colonial Reports, is about 
1724. The following abstracts are here annexed with the 
will of George Lillington, and a sketch of the family In 
the Colonial Records the name is variously given as Lil- 
Jiugton, Lunnington, and Linnington or Liuington. 

Edavard Lillington died on the Neuse river, in Craven 
county, in 1736. His devisees were: George 
Lillington, Christian Malone, Mary Sherlock, 
Edward Lillington, and grandson, Francis Sher- 
lock. His executors were : Edward Moseley, 
Captain Joseph Hannis, and son-in-law, Dennis 

■George Lillington, son of the above Edward, lived 
on the Neuse river, in Craven county; was appoint- 
ed Justice of the Peace in 1739, and died in 
January, 1741. From his will we learn that he 
was twice married. By his first wife (name un- 
known) he had 2 daughters, Ann Hutchinson 
Lillington and Elisabeth Lillington ; and by his 
second wife (Hannah) also 2, viz.: Christian 
and Mary Elisabeth Lillington, not yet 17 years 
old. This Christian Lillington married 
James Alston a few years afterwards, and sur- 
vived her husband. 

In The Name of God Amen : I George Linington of 
ye province of N. Carolina & County of Craven Being 
Low & Weak But thanks be to Almighty God Am In 
Perfect Memory of mind. Do constitute, ordain and Ap- 
point This to Be my Last will and Testament makeing By 
These Presents voyd and of no Effect all former wills, &c. : 

AND Their Descendants. 363 

That mite have Baiu made and Ratefied By me Before 
This Date Voide and of non Effect In all or any manner 
of ways or forms Whatever. 

First. 1 will and Bequeath my Body to ye Earth from 
whence it was taken to be By my after mentd Excts : 
affter a deacent manner Hoping and Being well Assured 
that it will be Raised up to Glory at ye General Reserec- 
tion of ye Just Into Eternal Life Through ye merits and 
mediation of my dear Redemer — Jesus Christ. 

Secondly. I desier That all my Just & Lawfull Debts 
may be paid without any cost or Lawsute &c. And as 
Touching what worldly goods the Lord hath endowed me 
with : I Will tt Bequeath as follows etc. 

Thirdly. I will & Bequeath To my dear wife Hanah 
Linington one negro man called Jack and one negro woman 
Called Bess & all my Stock of Cattle Except what I shall 
Bequt to my Two Daughters (obliterated) of one negro 
man called Bricke to my wife afsd. During her naturall life 
& then to Return as Shall Be herein Expressed : I give to 
my sd wife one Black hors Called Ranger & one Black 
Brooding mair & One father Bed wt was her one with firni- 
ture & one third part of all my puter & Iron pots & all 
other of my household goods : Beds excepted : I also 
give to my afsd. wife my now dwelling plantation During 
her naturall Life yt. is if she shall continue on ye said 
})lantation. But if not yt it may Be for ye Iraediate use 
of my Daughter Christian. 

Fourthly. I give & Bequeath to my Eldest daughter 
Ann Hutchinson Linington fifty Pound Curnt money of 
N. Carolina. 

Fifthly. I give & Bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth 
Linington fifty pounds of like Curnt. 

Sixthly. I give and bequeath to my daughter Christian 
Linington my now dwelling plantation after ye death of 
my Espoused wife and one negro man called John & one 

364 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

negro woman called Chatt & Ten Cows and Calves witb 
there Increase they being in ye possession of Patrick Fer- 
rill att So. Wt. creek — d' one young raair Being the mair 
Rabits Increase and ye one third part of all my puter and 
iron pots and all other of my household goods: and one 
father bed and firniture I give to my afd Daughter one 
Large gold ring & four silver Tea Spoons and Tongues. I 
give to my daughter Christian my Church Bible. 

Seventhly. I Give & Bequeath to my Daughter Mary 
Elizabeth Linington One tract of Land Lying and Being 
on ye East side of ye mouth of Coar Creek And two negro 
men named Cuffee and Waxford & two negro women 
named Moll and Diana and two negro boys named Simeon 
and St. Citts with all ther Increase and Ten Cows and 
Calves Being on ye No. Shore in possession of Jacol> 
Sherrod And one Bay mair & her Increase Being ye Black 
mairs Increase: & one Stone Ring And one plain Gold 
Ring & one father bed and firniture and ye third part of 
all my puter & iron pots and of all my other household 
goods — 

Eightly. It is my will and desier That if Eyther of my 
Daughters Christian or Mary Elizabeth Linington should 
dye before ye age of seventeen years or day of marege 
That Then The Surviving Daughter here Shall have the 
Deceaseds legacy for ye use of her and her heirs and as- 
signs they only paying one hundred pound Curnt money 
of No. Carolina To Each of my daughters Ann Hutchin- 
son and Elizabeth Linington or there heirs or assigns 

Ninthly. I Give & Bequeath To my Nephew Francis 
Shearlock Six hundred & Thirty Two acres of Land Lying 
and being on ye No. side (obliterated -'^ * ) & Binding 
(obliterated) No side of White Branch only Excepting 
One Hundred Acres of sd tract of Land being ye part that 
Jacob Sherod Settled & Built on The sed Hundred acres of 
Land I Give & Bequeath to the afsd. Jacob Sherods Sec- 

AND Their Descendants. 365 

■ond Son and his heirs or assigns &c. I also give to ray 
afsd. Nephew Francis Sherlock one negro man named 
Brikke to Be Reed, at ye death of my present wife &c. I 
also give to my Nephw afsd : Two Cows and Calves — 

Teuthly, I will and desier That my negroes That I 
have Given to my Daughters may not Be separated By any 
means untill they are devided to Them at The age of Sev- 
enteen years or day of marige: and That my work horses 
and oxen Be continued in ye service with ye Slaves yt I 
have given to my wife & two Daughters & that the pro- 
duce of all there Labour be equally devided Between my 
wife and Two children: During ye time from ye date 
hereof & my daughters arriving to ye age of Seventeen 
years : or date of marige wt shall first Be. 

Eleventh. I will and Desier that the one negro man 
Sampson & a negro Garl Nann now in posession of Col. 
AYm. Wilson May be sold and ye money Apployed Toward 
paying my Lawful Debts & the Two Tarrkills now on 
hand may be finished & that ye produce thereof may Be 
applied to the same use of paying my debts as afsd : 

Twelfly. I will and desier That my heirs Excts Admiu- 
strs. or assigns may make over a tract of Land on Turkey 
Quarter to Thos. Smith his heirs or assigns Att his or 
there paying one hundred and sixty pounds Curnt money 
of No Carolina or ye value thereof in The (obliterated) of 
the Country and the Sd money To be paid Toward paying 
my debts if need requiers & if not itt To Bee for ye use of 
my children. And as to a bond of Paul Thwarps of Three 
Hundred and fifty pound I desire may be applied after ve 
same Nature As afsd. Note The quantety of land I will 
to Thos Smith is patent Six hundred & forty acres more 
or less — 

Thirteenthly. I give & Bequeath my horse frolick to 
Mary Nixsou 

Fourteenthly. Itt is my will and desier & likewise I do 
make constitute and appoint my well Beloved friends 

366 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Willni. Brice and Richard Nixon Excts. of this my last 
will and Testament In Testimony hereof I have sett my 
hand and fixed my seal this 24th day ot January Anno 
Domini 1741. G. Lixington. (SEAL) 

Signed Sealed & Acknowledged 
In ye presents of uss 
Thos Smith 
Nathn Smith 


The following sketch of this family is taken from letters 
written by Mr. George W. Kirke of New York, who has 
repeatedly visited the manorial seat in England, and was 
well informed of their history : 

" Lillington was an ancient and honorable family in 
Warwickshire, England. The manorial home was at Lil- 
lington, a rural hamlet near Leamington, Spa., where a 
church was erected, and dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen, 
in 1190. It was served by the Seculars of Kenil worth 
Priory (four miles ofi) until the religious houses were sup- 
pressed by Henry VIII. Near by is Leicester Hospital, 
founded in 1571 by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, pre- 
viously a monastic house, and confiscated by Henry VIII. 

There have been successive generations of clergymen iu 
the Lillington family, and Wadham College, Oxford, has 
been the family channel of education. These held as a 
living St. Mary's Church, and also Leicester Hospital." 
This church, somewhat remodeled, is still standing and 
known as Lillington Church. Theee brothers of this 
family came to Massachusetts in early colonial days and 
were men of enterprise and means, and went from thence 
to the island of Barbadoes. They purchased land near 
Philadelphia, and later sold it to Mr. Parmer, who called 
it Kensington, which is now a part of the city of Phila- 
delphia; also Treaty Island, in the Delaware river just 

AND Their Descendants. 36? 

above Philadelphia. They also went to the North Caro- 
lina colony. George was in Barbadoes in 1685. George 
Lillington, Esq., was President of the Council in 1709 as 
governor and commander in chief of Barbadoes. He sub- 
sequently returned to England." 

From the Genealogical Register of Massachusetts, vol. 
30, page 235, is obtained the following: 

" I, Alexander Lillington, of Albemarle county, in the 
province of Carolina, planter, and now present in Salem, 
in New England, being the husband of Sara James, the 
daughter of Thomas James, dec'd, etc. This deed was 
signed and sealed 3d August, 1675. Essex Co. Deeds, 
B-4, p. 379." 

From the North Carolina Register of Genealogy it is 
ascertained that Alex. Lillington was born 1643, so he 
must have been about 25 when he immigrated to Carolina. 
His subsequent visit to Salem, Mass., in 1775, may have 
been to dispose of property inherited by his wife from her 
father, who had recently died in the province of Carolina. 
His will, dated September 9th, 1697, gives his wife's name 
as Ann, who unquestionably is the widow who died Jan'y, 
1724, leaving a dau., Elizabeth Lillington; a grandson, 
John Simons, and was not the mother of Alexander Lil- 
lington's children, but a widow with a family of her own, 
at tiine of her marriage to him, and her widow's name or 
maiden name are unknown. Her grandson, John Simons, 
was appointed justice of the peace for Craven county, in 
1739. Her daughter, Elizabeth Lillington, was the widow 
of William Barrow (whose will was dated January 8th, 
1715; proved April 27th, 1717) before she married Lil- 
lington. In her w'ill, proved Dec, 1741, she enumerates 
her children by name of Barrrow, but none of Lillington. 
There was Sam Lillington in Albermarle in 1702, and 
William Lillington, of Bath, in 1701, as well as Edward 
Lillington, all of whom were doubtless of the same family 

368 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

as Major Alexander. There was also an Eleazer Lilliug- 
ton, juryman in 1723 in New Hanover county. These 
several parties may have come from Barbadoes subse- 
quently to Major Alex, and been sons of George or the 3d 
brother mentioned by Mr. Kirke. Records are wanting 
and there is no proof. Major Alexander Lillington died 
in Perquimans. On the 3d Dec, 1679, he, together with 
George Durant, Halph Fletcher and Caleb Calloway were 
appointed associate justices for holding court. He was 
judge of Precinct Court 1690, and deputy governor of 
North Carolina, appointed 1693. His will enumerates 
sons John and George, wife Ann, dau. Anne, Elisabeth, 
Mary and Sarah. 

1. John Lillington =Sarah Porter. He was vestry- 

man of St. Paul's Parish, Edenton, from 1705 to 
1715, when he became custodian of goods for Bath 
precinct, Pamlico Sound, where he died in 1723. 
He left issue: General Alexander Lillington and 
daughters, Elisabeth, Sarah and Anne. His execu- 
tors were his wife Sarah, Maurice Moore, John Porter 
and John Baptista Ashe. His widow afterwards mar- 
ried — Pilkinton. 

2. George Lillington died 1706, aged 13 years, and 

his tomb is to be seen in the graveyard at Edenton, 
North Carolina. 

3. Anne, his oldest dau., born 1677, married Henderson 

Walker, Esq., President of the Council and com- 
mander-in-chief of North Carolina. He died 1704. 
His widow subsequently married Edward Moseley, 
Esq. She died 1732 and is also buried at Edenton. 

4. Elisabeth, his 2d dau., was born 1679. She married 

John Fend all, who died Dec, 1695, without issue. 
She then married May, 1698, to Hon. Samuel 
SwANN, who died 1707, leaving issue. She subie- 

AND Their Descendants. 369 

quently married, about 1712, Maurice Moore, who 
survived her and afterwards married Miss Porter. 

5. Mary, the 3d daughter. We are not informed as to 

whom she married. 

6. Sarah, the 4th daughter, married John Porter, brother 

of Johu Lilliugtou's wife. 

The following will of James Alston is here given : 
North Carolina, Orange County. 

I, James Alston now of Elebye Creek and the County 
and province aforesaid, being in a low state of health, but 
in perfect sound mind and memeory, do make this my last 
Will and Testament, making null and void all other wills 
made by me. First, I resign my soul up to God that give 
it me and my body to be decently interred, as to my 
worldly substance I give and bequeath as follows: 

Item, my Will is, that Warham Glenn make my son 
John Alston a Deed for the lower half of the land whereon 
the said Warham Glenn and Ann Downs Lived and Run- 
ning down to John Woods line for Compliment, & that 
the said Warham Glenn make my son Jas. Alston a Deed 
for the other half running up the River to Wm. Roberts 
line for Compliment & to Wm. Glenn for so doing I give 
and Bequeath the Plantation whereon he now lives, two 
hundred acres of land be the same more or less, to him, 
his heirs and assigns forever. Also I give to Warham 
Glenn forty pounds Virginia Money, to be paid next winter 
only Reduction to be made of what he has already received 
towards that forty pounds. 

Item, my Will is that Josiah Sumner pay my executor 
or Executors Two Hundred & thirty five pounds proclama- 
tion money, or Virginia Money according to a bargain. 
Arid for so doing I give and bequeath unto the said Josiah 
Sumner my land in Hertford Co. Beginning at the Mouth 
of Anthony Swamp, Running up Swamp by line of marked 

24 al 

370 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

trees to William Sharps line, then along William Sharps 
line to Mocason Creek then the Various Cours of Goos 
Creek to the first station, to him & heirs & Assigns 

Item, I mean the use of the plantation whereon I now 
live to my Loving wife Christian Alston, During her 
Widowhood, but at her death or marriage then to return 
to my son John Alston, to him & his heirs & assigns for- 
ever. Also I give to my son John Alston all my land 
Down Neuse River & two Lotts in Newbern Town & the 
land & plantation in Chowan Co. on Bints Creeks whereon 
my Father formerly lived to him and his heirs & assigns 

Item, I give and bequeath to my son James Alston all 
my lands in Halifax Co. & Granville Co. lying between 
Milton's Creek and Heedy Creek to him & his heirs and 
assigns forever. Excepting a small piece of land surveyed 
by Edward Young, that I give and bequeath unto my 
brother Joseph John Alston, to him & his heirs & assigns 
forever, also I give my son Jas. Alston my Land on Elebye 
Creek whereon Indian Ben now lives to him & his heirs & 
assigns forever. I mean that Indian Ben shall have the 
use of the place for four years, paying an equal part of the 
expenses and dividing the profits equally with my son Jas. 
Alston. My will is that my son John Alston puts in his 
three Negroes which his grandfather gave him in my estate 
of Negroes & at a Division to come for an equal part. My 
Will is furthermore that my Negroes shall not be distributed 
any great distance and no division of my negroes until one 
of my children comes of age or Marries. My Will is 
furthermore, that if my wife Christian Alston should marry 
before any of my children comes of age or Marries that she 
shall take an equal sixth part of my Negroes, Stock & house- 
hold Goods & my childrens part to remain together without 
any division, till one of my children comes of age or Mar- 
ries. This to be equally divided amongst them & if my wife 

AND Their Descendants. 371 

should remain a widow till either one of my children comes 
of age or Marries then all my negroes, stock & household 
goods to be equally Divided to my Wife Christian Alston 
& my son John Alston & my daughter Marye Alston & 
my son Jas. Alston & my daughter Charity Alston & my 
daughter Sarah Alston & my Will is that if my wife or 
either or any of my children should die unmarried or not 
of Age then the survivors shall have the deceasedst Part or 
Parts equally Divided amongst them & every one of these 
parts I give to them & their heirs & assigns forever. 

My will is furthermore that my wife and family shall 
have a Sufficient Maintenance out of the income of my 
estate so long as they remain together, and the overplus of 
the income of my estate if any let out on interest or laid 
out on Consignment Lands or on any young negro wenches 
for the benefit of my children and to be equally divided 
among them. Also my will is that two tracts or parcels of 
land both in Hertford Co. one known by the name of 
Slawsons on the South side of the Chowan river & the 
other Troy on Binetts Creek on the North side of Chowan 
River should be sold at publick Sale at Six months credit 
with Bond and Security. Also I do auomiuate & appoint 
my Good & well Brothers, John Dawson & Philip Alston 
& Solomon Alston .Jun. & John Alston, son of Solomon 
Alston Executors of this my last Will and Testament. In 
Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this 
the twenty eighth Day of Feb. One Thousand Seven 
hundred and Sixty one. 

James Alston. [Seal.] 

Warham Glenn, 
James Boyd, 
Thomas Hines. 

Proved in Court by Thomas Ilines second Tuesday in 
May 1761. 


James Watson, C. C. 

372 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

1 John Alston, the oldest child of Jas. Alston and 

Christian (Lillington), we find living in 
Wake county, in 1774, and disposing of 
property in New Berne and Craven county. 
He died in 1814 in Orange county, where 
his will was probated. It has not been as- 
certained whom he married, but more than 
probably he married twice. By reference to 
his will and that of his 4th son, Lemuel, we 
gather the following as his children : 

I. John Alston. Nothing known. 
II. George L. Alston. Nothing known. 

III. Philip Alston. Nothing known. 

IV. Lemuel Alston, d. s. p. 1818. ^ > 
V. Alfred Alston. Nothing known, 

YI. Mary K. (Polly) m. Robert Scott. - 
' VII. Martha (Patsy.) 
VIII. Sarah (Sallie)=Mathew Picket. 

IX. James Alston, m. and had a son, Lemuel. 

X. Absalom Alston, m. and had a son, Cal- 

— ^~^ vin J., who had a son, J. W. Alston 

in Texas. 

XL Christian Charity = Solomon Jones, 

(son of James Jones=: Charity Alston, 

dau. of Solomon Alston == Nancy 

Hinton.) (^. v.) 

It is very much regretted that no regular history of this 
large family has been obtained. 

The above is probably the John T. Alston mentioned in 
N. C. Colonial Reports, Vol. X, p. 615. 1776. 

2 James Al.5TON, the second son of James Alston and 

Christian (Lillington) his wife, was born most 
probably in Chowan county, near his grand- 

AND Their Descendants. 373 

father, about 1746-1748. After his grandfather 
died iu 1758, his father removed with his 
family (date not known) to Orange county. 
Here he married Grizel (Gili.y) Yancey, 
and lived until soon after the Revolutionary 
war, when he removed with his family to Elbert 
county, Ga., together with his cousin Lieut. 
Col. William Alston, who had married his 
sister Charity; and settled near each other on 
the Savannah river and Beaver Dam creek, 
where they both died at an advanced age — 
William in 1810, and James in 1815. In 
the same section and nearly about the same 
time, the family of Ralph Banks, who was 
a near relative, settled. (This family has 
been noticed elsewhere). Sometime after 
the death of James Alston, his widow re- 
moved to Monroe county, Ga., and settled 
about two miles from Culloden, where she died, 
Nov. 8th, 1845. From their settling in Monroe 
county, this family has been sometimes alluded 
to as " the Monroe Alstons." Mrs. James 
Alston, in her character and widely spread in- 
fluence, was a most remarkable woman. I 
will insert an obituary notice, written soon after 
her death, also a little sketch of her family, as 
there have been several intermarriages with 
the families of Alston and Yancey. (See line 
of Williiam Alston = Ann Kimbrough.) 

Mrs. Gilly {Yancey) Alston. 

" Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." 

Died on the 8th of Nov. 1845, near Culloden, Ga., Mrs. 

Gilly Alston, relict of Mr. James Alston, in the 94th year 

of her age. She became religious iu early life in North 

374 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Carolina, and was some of the first fruits ot the Methodist 
ministry in that State. She and her husband cast their 
lots with them at a church twenty miles distant, but shortly 
afterwards their house became a place for preaching, and 
a society was formed there. When they removed to 
Georgia, they brought their religion with them, and were 
among the first Methodists in Elbert county. The venerable 
Bishop Asbury, in traveling through the South, used to 
find a home in their hospitable dwelling. About thirty 
years ago did this venerable matron became a widow, but 
Providence seems to have kindly alleviated her bereavement 
by the assiduity and warm affection of a maiden daughter, 
who took upon herself all the burdens and cares of the 
household, and was a truly excellent nurse. 

Her last affliction was of seven weeks' duration and ex- 
tremely painful, yet she bore it with fortitude, and died as 
she had lived — a Christian. Some of her last stammering 
accents were uttered in a soliloquy which bespoke the 
triumph of her faith. Just before her departure she said: 
" O, the joy, the glory, the richness of the inheritance of 
the saints!" She has gone to join the companion of her 
youth, and some of her children and grand children at 
God's right hand ; and leaving behind her upwards of a 
hundred of her descendants, down to the fourth generation, 
most of whom that are come to years of maturity, are 
members of the Methodist church, and are trying to follow 
the footsteps of this veteran of the Cross. " Verily, the 
generation of the upright shall be blessed." 

Her daughter, Mrs. Banks, of Alabama, was permitted to 
visit her in her last illness, and remained with her until 
she died. This visit she esteemed as a boon of kind Provi- 
dence toward her in her last affliction. 

John Joseph Groves. 

The following incident of James Alston occurred during 

AND Their Descendants. 375 

the Revolution. At the time he was an officer in the 
militia, and in au engagement with the Tories, was cap- 
tured, together with the horse he was riding, which was a 
fine animal. Being fond of horses, he had taught this one, 
which was a favorite with him, a number of pranks. Among 
which was, "by placing his hand upon a certain part of the 
horse he would limp very badly ; then by changing the 
hand and placing it elsewhere, he would instantly spring 
to the utmost and run at the top of his speed." After 
having been captured, as above stated, he was tried by 
court-martial and sentenced to be shot sitting upon his 
horse, being required to ride a certain distance to a desig- 
nated spot to be executed. As he was riding the distance 
he made the horse limp most wretchedly, and upon reach- 
ing the place, he changed his hand, when suddenly he sprang 
as for life, and ran at the top of his speed, with his would- 
be executioners in pursuit. The race was lively, but his 
horse saved him. 

Children of 
2 James Alston = Grizel (Gilly) Yancey. 

4 I. Nathaniel Alston, b. in Orange county, 

. N. C, 1775, d. in Marengo county, Ala., 
in 1852. He married in March, 1800, 
Mary Grey Jeffreys, of North Carolina, 
(dau. of William Jeffreys=Mary Grey) 
who died June, 1846. He removed from 
Elbert county, Ga., to St. Stephens, Ala., 
with his faraiy in 1818, and died at the 
residence of his son, Judge Wm. Jeffreys 
Alston, (g. V.) 

II. Charity Alston, b. in Orange county, 
N. C, 1777, and died in 1828 in Elbert 
county, Ga., ra. James Banks, b. Aug. 4th, 

376 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

3770, son of Thomas Banks = Bettie 
White. He died in Elbert county, Ga. 
(For issue see Banks.) 

5 III. Sarah Alston, b. March 21st, 1779, in 

Orange county, N. C, and died June 18th, 
1861, in Abbeville district, S. C; m. in 
Elbert Co., Ga., to Joseph Groves, (g. r.). 
IV. Martha Alston, b, Dec. 14th, 1781 ; d. 
July 2d, 1854, unm., at Culloden, Ga. 

6 V. John Alston, b. 1783; died in Texas 1835; 

m. Oct. 4th, 1810. Charity, daughter 
of J. Minor Tate=Nancy (Alston) Tate, 
dau. of Lieut. Col. Wm. Alston (son of 
Solomon Alston = Nancy Hintou) and 
Charity Alston, (dau. of James Alston, 
Sr.) 2d wife was Miss McGinty. 

yi. Hannah Alson, b. 1785; d. 1853, in 
Enon, Ala.; m. James Jones Banks, of 
Elbert county, Ga., son of Ralph Bauks 
=Rachel Jones, his wife. (For issue, see 

7 VII. Elisabeth Alston, b. 1787; m. John O. 

Glover, of Abbeville, S. C. (5. v.) 

If. Nathaniel Alston==Mary Grey Jeffreys. Issue: 
8 I. Wm. Jeffreys Alston, born in Elbert Co., Ga., 
Dec. 31, 1800. He was educated by that cel- 
ebrated teacher. Dr. Moses Waddell, in South 
Carolina ; came with his father to St. Stephens, 
where he taught school and studied law. In 
1821 he began to practice in Linden, Mar- 
engo Co., and became Judge of the County 
Court. He died 1876. 

AND Their Descendants. 377 

The following taken from "Public Men of 
Alabama," will not be inappropriate. 

William Jeffreys Alston first appeared in 
the Legislature of Alabama as a representa- 
tive from Marengo County in 1837. In 1839 
he was elected to the Senate, and after serving 
his term of three years, he retired until 1849, 
M'hen he was elected representative to Con- 
gress over his able competitor, Calvin C. Sellars, 
of Wilcox. After his term in Congress ex- 
pired, he was again elected to public life and 
still resides in Marengo, highly respected by 
all parties. While he figured in the political 
arena he displayed great activity and zeal as a 
Whig, before that party was absorbed by an- 
other organization in 1855, when he was again 
elected to the State Legislature. He was a 
gentleman of fine talents and culture, of en- 
gaging address and pleasant delivery in debate. 
No man had stronger convictions in the line of 
duty and none was more courteous in discus- 
sion. The same measure of respect which he 
required from others, he cheerfully accorded to 
his opponents on all occasions. 

He was 4 times married. 

Aug. 26, 1824, 1st Martha Cade, b. May 18, 
1809 ; d. May 28, 1846. 7 children. 

Second, Harriet Harwell, in 1847; 1 son. 

Third, Mrs. Cheney; no issue. 

Fourth, Mrs. Mary Glover Shields Lovvery; 
2 sons. 

II. Mary Grey, b. Jany. 8, 1803; m. John 
Gilmore ; 7 children. 

378 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

10 III. James Yancey, b. Sept. 20, 1805 ; d. 

April 3, 1884-; m. twice; 2d wife was^ 
Martha Wooten; 4 ch. 

11 IV. Nathaniel Kirabrough, b. Feb. 9, 1808 ; 

d. Sept. 7, 1886 ; m. Nov. 8, 1832. 
Winifred May, b. Oct. 9, 1815 ;d. April 
1, 1876. 
V. Gilly Yancey, m. twice; 1st — Moore; 
2d — McMillan. 
VI. John Wesley, d, s. p. 

12 VII. Sarah Amanda, b. Feb. 24, 1816 ; m. 

Spinks ; 4 children. 

13 VIII. Arabella Atalauta, b. April 4, 1821; 

m. Willard Freeman and lives in New 
York. Issue 5 children. 
H IX. Leonidas, b. Jany. 17,1823; m. Cecilia 

Seabrook ; 5 children. 

8 Judge William Jeffreys ALSTON=rMARTHA Cade. 
Issue : 
I. William Jeffreys Cade, b. Sept. 24, 1825 ; d. 
Dec. 1857 s. p. at Indianola, Texas. 

15 II. Nathaniel Yancey, b. May 12, 1830 ; m. May 

16, 1850 to Sarah A. Shields, dau. of The- 
odore Shields and had 8 children. 

16 III. Thyrza Jane b. Jan. 24. 1935; d. Jany. 27, 

1871; m. 1st Jan., 1853 to Dr. Thos. W. 
Jones. Issue : 2 daughters. Married 2d 
Dr. Samuel Watkins Vaughn. Issue 1 son 
and 1 daughter. 

17 IV. Mary Grey, b. Aug. 26, 1837; m. March 1, 

1855, to Dr. James Kent ; issue 2 daughters. 
V. Joseph Erwin, b. Jan. 28, 1840; d. July 6, 
VI. Emma Augusta, b. Sept. 24, 1842 ; married 

AND Their Descendants. 379' 

1st Dr. B. F. May ; 2d Reuben H. Roberts; 
3d C. S. Morton ; no issue. 
VII. Waldemar, b. Sept. 18,1844; ra. Agnes 
Lewis ; issue 4 children. 

1. Willie Jeifreys=Levin Hildreth. 

2. Waldemar Alston. 

8. Agnes and 4. Sears Alston. They re- 
side in Marengo Co. Ala. 
By 2d wife, Harriet Harwell, issue 1 son. 

VIII. Robert Harwell, b. Sept. 21, 1848 ; m. Dec. 
19, 1871 to Della Cannon (dau. of Wm. 
Cannon, Probate Judge of Calhoun Co.,, 
Ala., and Obedience (Sides) his wife.). They 
have 1 son. 

Thomas Cannon Alston who m. Mar- 
garet Bromey, of Dublin, Ga., and have 
a daughter, Sarah. 

Robert H. Alston and his son Thomas, 

are both operators in the Western 

Union Telegraph office, Atlanta, Ga. 

By 4th wife Mrs. Mary Glover Shields 

LowERY, issue 2 sons : 

IX. John Joseph Groves Alston b. Sept. 

28, 1869 ; m. twice; 1st Daisy Gkey,, 

issue 1 daughter, Thyrza ; 2d wife was 

Mary Gilmore; issue Joseph Gihnore. 

X. James Eugene Alston married Bonnie 

Bradford; issue Lillian Alston. 

15 Nathaniel Yancey Alston=Sarah A. Shields 
Issue : 
I. Martha Ann, b. Dec. 6, 1851; ra. Jany. 2, 
1872, to H. C. Burdin. 
II. Sarah Amanda, b. May 30, 1854 ; died young. 

380 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

III. Mary Grey, b. Jany. 12, 1857 ; m. Dec. 25, 

1873, Dr. H. Slade. 

IV. William Jeffreys, b. Sept. 30, 1860; m. Sept. 

29, 1882, InezGambell. 
V. Emma May, b. March 6, 1864 ; m. Oct. 7, 
1881, to A. H.Robiusou. 
VI. Jane Thomas, b. Dec. 28, 1867; died young. 
VII. Theodore Shields, b. Dec. 28, 1871 ; m. Feb. 
25, 1892, to Lela Williamson. 
VIII. Waldemar Nathaniel, b. Nov. 15, 1874 ; unm. 

16 TuYRZA jANE=lst husband, Dr. Thos. W. Jones. 

I. Mary, b. Dec. 1853 ; m. Winston H. Boykin. 
II. Grace Thomas, b. Sept. 6, 1855; unm. 

By 2d husband. Dr. Samuel Watkins 
Vaughan, (q. v.). 

III. Evelyn May m. Chas. W. Johnson of Cincinnatti, 

and have 1 dau. — Henrietta Kirby. 

IV. William Watkins m. Helen Maas. 

17 Mary Grey^=Dr. James Kent. 

The following- sketch has been furnished us. 

Dr. Jamp:s Kent was born in Petersburg, Va., 
Jan. 8, 1830, graduated at William and Mary Col- 
lege, Williamsburg, Va., at the age of eighteen. 
At twenty-one he graduated from the University of 
Pennsylvania and moved to Linden, Ala. He 
there married and afterwards settled in Selma, 
where he practiced his profession for twenty years. 
When the Civil War broke out he was captain of 
the "Independent Blues," of Selma. His com- 
pany was ordered by Gov. Moore to Fort Morgan, 
Jany., 1861, entered the Confederate service May 28, 
1861, and was assigned to the 8th Alabama Kegt. 
This company was the first in the State to volun- 

AND Their Descendants. 381 

teer for the war, that is, as long as it should last. 
Before this time the companies had volunteered for 
one year. In 1862 he was elected colonel of the 
"44th Regiment," which was assigned to "Law's 
Brigade," " Longstreet's Corps, Array of Northern 
Virginia. " Though devoted to the cause, he was 
forced to resign on account of ill health, and re- 
turned to Alabama. He served as surgeon when 
" Wilson's Division" raided Selma, April 2, 1865. 
About 1876, on account of failing health, he re- 
tired from the practice of his profession to his plan- 
tation near Birmingham, Jefferson County, Ala. In 
1880 he represented that county in the legislature? 
and died in 1881. They had but 2 daughters. 
I. Mary Rosaline Kent, b. March 1, 1856 ; 
m. Sept. 8, 1875, to Edavard Taylor 
FowLKES. He was a descendant of the 
Taylor- Wooteu-Bass and Jennings families 
of Virginia. Served in the Civil War at 
the age of 15 and died June 3d, 1886. 

Issue, Grace Byrd, b. Aug. 17, 1876; 
died young. 

Ethel Edward, b. Nov. 2, 1879. 
II. Mattie Byrd Kent, b. Oct. 8, 1858; d. 
Nov. 2, 1886 ; m. April 14, 1880, to Benja- 
min Harrison Wilkins, a lineal descend- 
ant of Benjamin Harrison, one of the sign- 
ers of the Declaration of Independence. 
Issue, Mary Grey Wilkins, b. Jany. 17, 

John Gilmore^Mary Grey Alston. Issue : 

(1) William J. Gilmore m. Isabel Cheney; issue 3 ch. 

(2) Melissa Gilmore m. Dr. James G. Forster; issue 5 


382 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

(3) John Giliuore was killed by accidental discharge of 

a pistol. 

(4) Sarah Ann Gilmore m. Mel-idith Patterson Collins; 

issue 10 ch. 

(5) Elisabeth E. Gilmore m. Dr. John Wallace Collins; 

issue 7 ch. 

(6) Nathaniel Alston Gilmore m. Mattie Hunter Heard; 

issue 3 ch. 

(7) Josephine Arabella Gilmore m. Benj'u Franklin 

Marshall, s. p. 

(1) Wm. J. Gilmore = Isabella Cheney; 'jssue: Will- 

iam J., Mary Grey, and Bessie. These children 
were left orphans at a very early age and reared 
by their aunt, Mrs. Marshall. The daughter, Mary 
Grey Gilmore m. John Groves Alston, son of 
Judge Wm. J. Alston. They have 2 ch. and live 
in Wilcox county, Ala. 
Wm. J. Gilmore served in the Confederate States 
army. He was a graduate of the University of 
Alabama, a lawyer and member of the Legislature ; 
died about 1870. 

(2) Melissa Gilmore=z=Dr. James G. Forster. Issue: 

1. Elisabeth E, Forster, unm. ; 2. Ida J., d. 
unm., 1884. 

3. Wm. Coudie Forster, M.D., m. Georgia West- 

cott. He graduated at the University of 
Georgia, and in medicine at the University of 
Louisville, and died s. p. in 1898. 

4. Sarah Blanche m, Samuel Ruffin, in Mt. Stirling, 

1879 ; of 3 children but one survives (Sam- 
uel). Mr. Kuflfin is a traveling salesman and 
his home is in Meridian. 
^. James Meigs Forster m. Bettie Tabb, of Thom- 
asville, where he now resides. They have 2 ch.. 

AND Their Descendants. 383 

(1) James G. and (2) Hattie Tabb. Dr. James 
G. Forster did a very extensive practice at 
Mt. Stirling, where he also had a most com- 
fortable home, from which was dispensed a 
bountiful hospitality. After the death of his 
wife, Melissa Gilmore, he married Mrs. Lide, 
and died about 1888. 

(4) Sarah Ann Gilmore=Meridith Patterson Collins, 
at Gaston, Ala. Issue. 1. John Floyd. 2. Wil- 
liam Bruce. 3. Willard Freeman. 4. Mary Maria. 
5. Infant. 6. Fannie Elisabeth. 7. Josiline. 8. 
James Milton. 9. Sarah Ann. 10. Meridith Pat- 
terson. Mr. Collins is a farmer, and since his mar- 
riage has lived on Bon Secour Bay; also at Shubuta, 
Miss., and now lives near Norwood, Madison Co., 
Tenn. His wife, Sarah, who died 1876, was a wo- 
man of rare judgment, discretion, taste, and force 
of character, and withal a sincere Christian. 

1. John Floyd Coli-ins was educated at West 

Tennessee College, and the Southwestern 
Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. ; has 
been a professional teacher for 21 years, and 
is now principal of the High School at Shu- 
buta, Miss. June 30, 1896, he married 
KuBY EsTELLE PuRCELL, of Columbia, Ala., 
who was an A.B. graduate of the Alabama 
Conference Female College. Previous and 
subsequent to her marriage she has been 
teaching music, also in the literary depart- 
ment. They have 3 children, viz. : John 
Floyd Collins, Jr., Meredith Purcell and 
Milton Massey Collins. 

2. William Bruce Collins, of Norwood, Mad- 

ison county, Tenn., graduated in medicine 

384 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

and practiced for some years, when in con- 
sequence of failing healtia he withdrew from 
active practice. 

3. Willard Freeman Collins is a locomotive en- 

gineer and resides in Paducah, Ky. About 
1880 he married Lizzie Greer, of Norwood, 
Tenn., and have had 3 children, viz. : Tate, 
Ina Lee and Henrietta. 

4. Mary Maria Collins, d. unm. Nov. 16th, 

1891. She was a graduate of the Memphis 
Conference Female College at Jackson, 
Tenn., and throughout life excelled in what- 
ever she undertook, her life being a 
beautiful exemplification of Christian char- 
acter. Her mother dying when she was 
but a girl entailed upon her the housekeep- 
ing as well as the care and rearing of the 
younger children, trusts which she dis- 
charged with rare judgment and fidelity. 

5. Fannie Elisabeth Collins was married, 1889, 

to Dr. Rush A. Jones, a graduate of Van- 
derbilt Medical College, and resides at Jack- 
son, Tenn. They have had four children, 
Alston Hunter Jones, Estelle, Rush Gilmore, 
and Elisabeth Grace Jones. 

7. Josiline Collins, unmarried. 

8. James Milton Collins, died 1895, aged 24. 

9. Sarah Ann Collins, unmarried. 

10. Meredith Patterson Collins, farmer, of Nor- 
wood, Tenn., married January, 1900, to 
Sarah Meriwether, of Carroll, Tenn. 

V. Elisabeth E. Gilmore = Dr. John Wallace Col- 
lins (1860). Dr. Collins served as surgeon 
through the war and has lived in Mississippi,. 

AND Their Descendants. S85-^ 

Tenuessee, and Colorado, where he was for a 
time professor of gynecology in the Medical De- 
partment of the University of Denver. His present 
home is in Carson City. His wife, a conscientious 
Christian woman, bore him seven children (died 
1882). 1. India, d. in childhood. 2. Eugene, d. 
unm. 3. Mary Grey, d. 188-4. 4. Dr. John Wal- 
lace Collins, Jr., m. Nellie Rhodes, of Denver, and 
has one child. They live in Colorado. 5. Fred- 
erick Ernest Collins married and died s. p. (farmer)., 
6. Hattie, and 7. Lizzie Collins, d. in early child- 
VI. Dr. Nathaniel Alston Gilmore:=:Mattie Hunter. 
Heard, dau. of Rev. James A. Heard, D.D., 1872. 
Issue : Heard, Mattie and Nathaniel Alston, the 
two last being twins. None of the children are 
married. Dr. N. A. Gilmore lived and died iu 
1878, at Carroll, Tenn. His friends were almost 
as numerous as his acquaintances. 
YII. Josephine Arabella Gilmore = Benj. F. Mar- 
shall, son of Matthew A. Marshall, of Gaston,. 
Ala. Mr. Marshall had enjoyed fine educational 
advantages, to which were added natural ability 
and a captivating personality. He died Sept. 
22d, 1898. 

10 James Yancey Alston, m. 1st wife (unknown.) and 
has 1 daughter in Texas, m. 2d wife, Mar- 
tha WoOTEN, and have 4 children, viz. : 

I. James Yancey, Jr.=Josie Perkins, and have 
6 children, viz. : 

1. Sarah Wooten Alston. 

2. Woodie Emmet. 

3. Josie Perkins. 

25 al 

386 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

4. Harry Kirabrough Alston. 

5. Barbara Ola Alston, and 

6. Bella Bass Alston. 

II. Ola Alston=J. A. Neece, and have 1 child, 
Milton Ernest Neece. 


1. Arnoldus Beerie Hinson. 

2. Clara Belle Hinson. 

3. Cecil Rudolph Hinson. 

IV. Arabella Freeman Alston=John George 

Bass; 1 dau. Ethel Ruteria Bass. 

11 Nathaniel KiMBROuGH Alston= Winifred May, 
daughter of William May (son of John 
May) and Matilda Wattley, his wife. This 
family removed from Marengo county, 
Ala., to Grimes county, Texas, about 1840. 
Issue : 

I. Martha Evelina, born Feb. 6, 1834, in 
Marengo county, Ala. ; d. June 25, 

18 II. Thomas Franklin Alston, b. Aug. 22, 

1836, in Marengo county, Ala.; m. 1st, 
Emma Kellum, in 1860; 2d Laura 
Moore, in 1867. Issue, (g. v.) 

III. Josephine, b. Aug. 28, 1838, in Marengo 
county, Ala.; d. Sept. 3, 1838. 

lY. George Washington Alston, b. Aug. 24, 
1839, in Marengo county; d. July 1, 
1881 ; m. Lula K. Loggins, Jan. 1876. 
v. Eugenia Arabella, b. April 18, 1842, 
Montgomery, Texas; m. 1st Reuben 
Norris, Nov. 28, 1866, s. p. 2d A. J. 
Polk, Dec. 24, 1882. 

19 VI. Lydia Antoinette, b. Nov. 15, 1844, 

AND Their Descendants. 387 

Montgomery, Texas ; m. Dr. James C. 
Loggius, Nov. 28, 1866. Issue, (q. v.) 

W VII. GillyAlston,b.Sept. 5, 1847, Montgomery 

county, Texas ; d. June 13, 1888; m. 
1st Thomas Loggins, Dec. 12, 1868. 
2d Drewry May, July 1885. Issue, 
{q. V.) 

21 YIII. Nathaniel Kimbrough Alston, Jr., b. 

July 21, 1850, Montgomery county, 
Texas; m. Alice M. White, April 28, 
1887. Issue, {q. v.) 

M IX. Matilda Winifred, b. May 4, 1857, at 

Huntsville, Texas; m. William Whit- 
worth, Nov. 28,1878. Issue, (g. v.). 

18 Thomas Franklin k lston==Emma Kellum. Issue : 

1 Thomas Alston, 2 Arabella, 3 Samuel, 
4 Wilcox, 5 Kimbrough, and 6 Sarah 
=Laura Moore. Issue : 1 Otis Alston, 2 Durer 
Alston, 3 Seth, 4 Armid, 5 Alma, 6 Deetta. 
and 7 Evvart Alston. 

19 Lydia Antoinette Al9ton=Dr. James C. Log- 

gins. Issue : 

1. Winifred May Loggins. 

2. John Morris Loggins. 

3. Asenath Clements. 

4. Lee Alston Loggins. 

5. Patrick Henry Loggins. 

6. Bell Hood Loggings. 

7. Jackson Calhoun Loggins. 

W GiLLY Alston=:Thomas Loggins. Issuc : 
1. Nathaniel Reuben Loggins. 

388 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

2. Mary Adella. 

3. Gilly Helena. 

4. Thomas. 

5. Elbiu Logglns. 

=Drewry May. Issue : 1 son, Drewry May. 

21 Nathaniel Kimbrough Alston= Alice M. White. 

Issue : 

1. Winifred Alston. 

2. Pinckney Alston. 

3. John Wesley Alston. 

4. George Alston. 

5. Lucy Alston. 

22 Matilda Wixifred Alston= William Whit- 

worth. Issue : 

1. Lela Whitworth. 

2. Alston Whitworth. 

3. William Whitworth. 

4. Matilda Whitworth. 

5. Antoinette Whitworth. 

12 Sarah Amanda Alston z=z Spinks. 4 ch. 

I. Mary Spinks, m. Robert Yuille. 3 ch. 

1 Alston Yuille, 2 Robert Yuille, and 3 
Annie. They live in Mobile, Ala. 
II. Leonidas was killed in the war; unm. 

III. Nathaniel, died; unm. 

IV. Pauline Spinks m. Charles Johnson, and 

have children. They live at Whistler. 

13 Arabella Atalanta Alston=Willard Free- 

man. They live in New York. Issue : 
I. Willard, died young. 
II. Frank Fieeraan. 
III. Gindrat Freeman and others. 

AND Their Descendants. 389 

llf. Leonidas Alston=iCecii.ia Seabrook. His widow 
is still living at State Line, Ala. Issue : 
I. Thomas Alston, m. and has children; a dau. 
is named Winifred. 
II. Pauline, ra. Richardson, and have 1 daughter, 

III. James Alston, m. Josie Burden. 

IV. JeflFreys. 
V. Waldemar. 

5 Sarah Alston married Sept., 1797, Joseph Groves, 
a merchant of Petersburg, Ga. He was born in 1768, 
in Prince George county, Maryland, ot Solomon 
and Elizabeth (Nicholson) Groves, both of Mary- 
land, and died in 1850, in Abbeville, S. 0. They 
had 8 children, viz, : 

I. James Alston Groves b. Sept. 29th, 1798, in 
Elbert county, Ga. He was a lawyer by pro- 
fes3ion,and removed from Georgia to Kosciusko, 
Miss., where he lived many years. From 
there he went to Opelousas, La. He was 3 
times married, viz.: 
1st. Mrs. Tabitha Beale, who bore him one son, 

Bolivar, who died in early childhood. 
2ud. Mrs. Ann Mitchell, of Kosciusko, Miss. 
3rd. Mrs. Mary Ann Atwood, of Louisiana. He 
died in 1890, at Browns, Ala., vdthout issue. 
23 II. John Joseph Groves=:Mary Louisa Harvie. 
Issue (</. ?'.). 
III. Elizabeth Yancey Groves, born 1802, married 
1st, Dr. A. B. Arnold, and 2ud Thomas 
Heard. She died a few years since. Issue- 
2If. IV. Pignul Nicholson Groves^ Elisabeth Sarah 
Sanders. Issue (^. r.). 
V. Martha Hanuah=Nelson Carter, a druggist of 

390 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Augusta, Ga., and afterwards of Charleston. 
They left no children. 

25 YI. Sarah Joseph==Williani T. Hackett. Issue 

(g. v.). 

26 VII. Frances Emma=Thomas Wilding Gantt. Is- 

sue {q. v^. 
VIII. Sylvanus Nathaniel Joshua Groves, b. 1822. 
Died in early manhood. 

23 Rev. John Joseph Groves, together with his 
brother James went to Franklin College, 
Ga,, and afterwards to Columbia, S. C, 
where they graduated in the same class and 
then qualified themselves to practice law. 

The following obituary is taken from the Wesleyan 
Ch7'istian Advocate : 

Groves. — Rev. John Joseph Groves was born in Abbe- 
ville District, S. C, April 4th, 1800, and born again at 
Abbeville Court House in the law office of Noble & Ward- 
law, July 20th, 1820. 

He sought the Lord deliberately and earnestly in the 
room when a law student, and was blessed with a bright, 
clear, and unmistakable change of heart, with the "joy 
unspeakable and full of glory." 

He practiced law in Monroe, Walton county, Ga., and 
Elbert county, from 1822 to 1831, was leader of the first 
class formed in Monroe, and continued in that office to the 
end of his life. Was licensed to preach 1829, and taught 
school for many years in Middle and Southern Georgia and 

Before leaving home on a visit to his son, at whose 
house he died, he spoke to his pastor of a presentiment 
that " his end was nigh," but said he, " I have set my 
house in order." Few men ever reach to within twenty 

AND Their Descendants. 391 

days of their eighty-sixth birthday in every way so well 
preserved. Time and care and trouble did not rob him 
of his natural force, his unfailing cheerfulness, kindliness 
and bouyancy of spirits. With the exception of his de- 
voted and cherished wife, (whose rare excellencies made 
her a fit companion for such an husband) I suppose that 
no one of his contemporaries remain. 

In his later years, when shut out from regular secular 
pursuits, he received a cordial welcome to the home of his 
son-in-law, John Harris, Esq., and his only daughter, 
whose delight was to comfort and cheer the declining years 
of her venerable parents. Here brother Groves exhibited 
a trait which strikingly marked his character as a Christian 
worker. He would eat no idle bread. If he could not 
find one thing that would serve the needs and comfort of 
his family, he would seek another. His whole life showed 
that he was busy about his Master's business. To every 
good work he desired, he would, if possible, in some way 
lend a helping hand. To this he was moved not simply 
by conscience, but by love to God and love to man. He 
recognized the fact that if there was one body, there are 
many members and that all the members have not the same 
office, "of one spirit a diversity of gifts." 

Although a licensed preacher and ordained elder for 
fifty-sixty years, most of his work was done well, and 
cheerfully done out of the pulpit, not that he refused to 
occupy the sacred desk, when circumstances required, but 
he did regard not this relationship as an exemption from 
any kind of work which his hands found to do. He illus- 
trated that a local preacher could, in his place, perform the 
functions of a pastor without the slightest obtrusiveness or 
infringement of the prerogatives of the one officially in 
charge — that there are gleanings in every harvest-field, rich 
and remunerative to all "who have a mind to work." He 
manifested a zeal and consecration for the prosperity of 

S92 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Zion not a whit behind that of the best pastors I have met. 
Wherever duty or probable usefulness called, he was to be 
found. Who ever knew him, when able, absent from the 
house of God, as a devout worshiper, an encouraging, elo- 
quent hearer, from the class or prayer-meeting, from the 
chamber of sickness, or presence of affliction, what widow 
or fatherless one complained of his neglect? 

I venture that none along the line of his long journey 
through life, will say to him, I was hungry and you fed me 
not, I was naked and you clothed me not, sick and in prison 
and you visited me not, except when inability prevented. 
As nearly as any man I have known, "he did what he could," 
and surely none would have rejoiced more in removing the 
last vestige of suffering from the face of the earth. Fre- 
quently, at camp and other large religious meetings there 
is a surplus of preachers, and occasionally I have met with 
those who if not demanded for the pulpit, seem to find 
nothing to do — not so with our honored brother. If he 
found no ''altar work," he could find groups on the grounds 
or in the congregation or in the front of the tents, or 
isolated individuals, to whom he could commend his Mas- 
ter. ''Instant in season, out of season, always abounding 
in the M'ork of the Lord." Affable, kind, courteous in man- 
ner, tasting deeply '-'of the good word of the Lord and the 
powers of the world to come," he consecrated all hisgifts and 
graces to "wooing men to heaven and led the way." Such 
a life cannot be studied without profit, such an example 
cannot be emulated without usefulness. 

W. R. Branham. 

He died in 1885 at Browns, Ala., and was buried at 
Covington, Ga., the sun being in partial eclipse at the time 
of the burial service. He was married in 1825at Asbury 
Hulls, Athens, Ga., to Mary Louisa Harvie, (born 1807 
and died 1888) (dau. of William Harvie and Judith Cosby, 

AND Their Descendants. 393 

his wife, both from \^irgiuia. He, a private soldier in the 
Revolution, and son of John Harvie, Sr., of Scotland 
and Martha Gaines, his wife, and sJ>e descended from 
Charles Cosby and Elizabeth Sydnor, both of Vir- 

Their children were : 

I. Mary Judith, b. March 1st, 1828, died 1848 at. 
Columbus, Ga. Unm. 
38 II. Joseph Asbury, =: Elizabeth Royall Robertson. 
{q. v.). 
III. Sarah Margaret,!). 1832,d. 1852 in Talbotton, Ga. 
W. William Harvie, b. 1834, d. 1857 in Dallas 
county, Ala.; buried in Talbotton. 
V. James Alston, b. 1837, d. 1863, unm. He vol- 
unteered as a private in the Wilkinson Rifles, 
16th Regt. Miss. Volunteers, and was afterwards 
appointed Ass't Surgeon P. A. C. S., left at 
Gettysburg to attend the sick and wounded Con- 
federate soldiers, and died in the faithful dis- 
charge of his duties. He was buried at Balti- 
more in a private lot in cemetery. 
VI. Elizabeth Arnold, b. 1840 at Culloden,Ga., mar- 
ried John P. Harris, d. 1886, and is buried at 
Covington, Ga. 

29 VII. John Henry=:Julia Mann Walker, {q. v,). 

30 VIII. Jasper I3anks=Mollie Jordan, {q. v.). 

28 Joseph Asbury Groves, M.D., was b. June 5th, 
1830; graduated in medicine at Charleston, 
S. C.,'in March, 1854. In 1855 he settled in 
Dallas county, Ala. He was commissioned as 
Surgeon, P. A. C. S., and served in the Depart- 
ment of Tennessee. He now resides at Sel- 
ma, Ala. On the 3d of April, 1856, he 
married in Dayton, Ala., Elisabeth Royall 

394 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Robertson, dan. of John Royall Robert- 
son and Eliza Edmunds Cocke, his wife, 
both from Virginia. He descended from the 
families of Royall, Dennis, Archer, Eppes, and 
she from Ruffin, Murray, Boiling, Yates, Ran- 
dolph, Bland. Elisabeth Royall, the wife of 
Dr. Groves, is a woman of rare artistic attain- 
ments. Her maternal ancestors, also, through 
a succession of generations, have been noted 
for their social and intellectual endowments. 
Their Issue : 

1. John Courtenay Groves, b. Aug. 17, 
1857; in 1882, he married Evelyn 
Vaughan, dau. of Dr. Fred Barbie 
Vaughan and Pauline Smith, his 
wiiie. He is now a druggist in Selma, 
Ala. They have 1 son, Joseph Court- 
enay, b. Fed. 22d, 1883. Dr. F. B.. 
Vaughan was son of Dr. Sara'l Wat- 
kins Vaughan, a grandson of Reuben 
Vaughan, captain in the Provincial 
army, whose commission was signed by 
Patrick Henry, Governor of A^irginia, 
October 29, 1776. 

2. Joseph Asbury Groves, b. July 21, 1859, 

and died 1894, in Selma, Ala. He 
married in 1890, Drusa Maryman, of 
Washington, D. C, who died in 1892. 
They left no issue and are buried in the 
same grave at Georgetown, D. C. 

3. Royall Robertson Groves, b. Sept. 17th, 

1860, and d. Oct. 29th 1881, at Hous- 
ton, Texas, and is buried at Selma, Ala. 

4. Wm. Harvie Groves d. in Selma, Ala.,. 

Jan. 26th, 1885. 

AND Their Descendants. 395- 

5. Elisabeth Royall (Bessie) Groves. 

6. Mary Louisa Harvie Groves married 

Charles H. Hopson, of Ecgland, who 
is an architect, and resides now at Hali- 
fax, Nova Scotia. They have a daii. 
Bessie, born in 1895, and another born 
1897, named Mary Evelyn. 

7. Rev. James Alston Groves. 

The above 7 children were all pious Christians. 

29 John Henry Groves, b. 1842, at Fort Valley, Ga.; 

, married Julia Mann Walker, of Savannah, 
Ga., where they now live (she is the daughter 
of Robert Walker, and her mother was the 
dau. of Rev. Reddick Pierce, brother to Rev. 
Lovick Pierce, M. E. Church, South.) He 
early enlisted in the Confederate service as a 
private in Company C, 14th Georgia Regiment,. 
Thomas' Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, 
serving until the surrender. They have one 
son, Robert Walker Groves, who is a member 
of the Chatham Artillery, of Savannah, Ga. 

30 Jasper Banks Groves, b. Oct. 10th, 1845, and has 

recently died of smallpox in Mexico. He m. 
MoLLiE Jordan, of Monticello, Ga., who bore 
him one daughter, Mary Harvie, now married, 
and one sou, William Hope Groves, both now 
living in Fort Worth, Texas. He enlisted in 
1862, as a private in the Fulton Dragoons, 
Cavalry Legion, Army of Virginia. 

24 RiGNUL Nicholson Groves, b, April 4th, 1806; d. 
March 30th, 1874 ; married July 4th, 1837, 
Elisabeth Sarah Sanders, b. July 27th, 1816,, 

396 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

in Charleston, S. C, and d. in 1853, in Talbot 
county, Ga. (She was a dau. of Capt. William 
and Martha (Ditmar) Sanders, who were m. 
Nov. 28th, 1811. Martha was a daughter of 
John Ditmar, of Huguenot descent, and Abigail 
Holmes, his wife. Capt. William Sanders was 
son pf Roger Sanders and grandson of Peter 
Sanders, an officer in the Continental army dur- 
ing the Revolution, whose name is also recorded 
among other voters holding the first municipal 
election in Charleston, 1765-6. Gsn, J. C. C. 
Sanders, of the Confederate army, was a grand- 
son of Capt. Wm. Sanders. He was pro- 
moted on the battlefield for gallantry, and was 
in the " blow-up " at Petersburg.) Nine 
children, viz.: 
tfi I. Elisabeth Yancey Arnold^z James Yan- 

cey Lockhart. Issue, ^q. v.) 

32 - II. Martha Anna ■=^ William S. Simpson. 

Issue, [q. V.) 
III. Rignul Nicholson, Jr., b. Jan. 17th, 1842 ; 
d. Sept. 6th, 1872; unm. 

33 TV. Sarah Alston = Massilon Bell. Issue, 

{q V.) 
V. Emily Caroline, b. Feb. 16th, 1845; 
m. Oct. 16th, 1892, to Wm. G Webb, 

34. VI. Louisa Catherine = Dr. Richard Edwin 

Thompson. Issue, (9. v.) 
VII. Joseph Nathaniel Joshua, b. Nov. 1st, 
1847; d. Aug. 18th, 1862. 
VIII. James Alston, b. Aug. 19th, 1849; m. 
Joy Foster, of Ojielousas, La., and 
have one child, Annie Joy Groves. 
They now reside in Sebastian, Florida. 

AND Their Descendants, ' 397 

IX. Charles Peek Groves, b. Jau. 19tb, 1852; 
unm. He lives in Abbeville county. 

Affidavit of James Lockett, made January 1st, 1833, in 
Elbert County, Ga. 


Enlisted in Feb. 177G, for two years with Lieut. Wm. 
Mosely and 2d Lieut. Mayho Carriugton ; served 
in the 7th Regiment of the Line, under the follow- 
ing named officers: Capt. Charles Fleming, Col. 
Andrew Lewis, Col. MeLenahan, and Col. Dan- 
gerfield, and left the service in Feb. 1778, at 
Valley Forge, on expiration of term of enlist- 
ment. Resided in Cumberland county, Va., at 
time of enlistment. Fought in the following 
named battles : 

Battle of Brandy wine, Sept. 11th, 1777. 

Battle of Germantowu, Oct. 4th, 1777. 

Encamped at Valley Forge with Washington's army, 
Dec. 19th, 1777. 

Enlisted in 1781, for three months in North Carolina 
Militia, in Johnson county, N. C, under Capt. 
Hardy, regiment commanded by Col. Bryant; 
joined Gen'l. Greene's army at Salisbury, N. C, 
fought in the battle of Guilford Court, 
March, 1781 — British commanded by Lord Curn- 
wallis ; fought in the battle of Camden, N. C, 
April 25th, 1781 — British commanded by Lord 

Entered service again as substitute for his brother, for 
3 months, under Capt. Whitney, regiment com- 
manded by Col. Seawell, and fought in battle of 
Wilmington, N. C. Date not given. 

Entered service again for 3 months. No battle. 

398 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Entered service again for 3 months, in 1782. No 

Entered service again for 3 months, under Capt. John- 
son, making in all two years' service in Conti- 
nental army, and one year and three months in 
North Carolina Militia, and serving six months 
of that time in Continental army, under General 
Greene. Born in Cumberland county, Virginia, 
Nov. 30th, 1755 ; moved to Johnson county, 
N. C, at expiration of first term of enlistment 
in Virginia; removed to Wilkes county, Ga., 
now Elbert, in 1794. 

■ 31 Elisabeth Yancey Arnold Groves, b. May 22d, 
1839 ; m. Oct. 29th, 1855, to James Yancey 
LocKHART, who died June 26th, 1862. Their 
son. Rev. John Buuyan Lockhart, b. 1861; d. 
1886, unra., at Hayneville, La., where he was 
engaged in teaching. He was noted for his 
piety and religious zeal. Their daughter, Sarah 
Margaret Lockhart, b. Dec. 3d, 1859 ; m. 
Aug. 2d, 1877, to Luther Bowman, of Abbe- 
ville. Issue: 

1. James Yancey Bowman, b. Sept. 8th, 


2. Mary Catherine, b. Dec. 31st, 1879. 

3. Emma Estelle, b. March 3d, 1883. 

4. Leila Elisabeth, b. May 23d, 1885. . 

5. Nellie Latimer, b. June 28th, 1888. 

6. William Luther Bowman, b. May 29th, 


7. Edith Ruth, b. Nov. 21st, 1896. 

The above James Yancey Lockhart was son of 
Joel Lockhart, and grandson of James Lock-' 
hart, who served as a private in the Continental 

AND Their Descendants. 399 

army, 1776-1781. While in the army on one 
occasion, they had to make a retreat, the ground 
being covered with snow. Many of the sol- 
diers had no shoes and their feet were bleeding 
from cold and frost. The army could have 
been traced by the blood on the snow. He 
died in Abbeville District, South Carolina, 
June 12th, 1843. lie made application for 
pension Jan. 21st, 1833. His wife, Mary Lock- 
hart, died Jan. 24th, 1840. 

32 Martha Anna Groves, b. Aug. 31st, 1840; d. Sept. 

15th, 1857; m. July 2d, 1855, to Wm. S. 
Simpson. Their daughter, Martha, m. J. D. 
Stonecypher, and has G children. 

33 Sarah Alston Groves, b. Sept. 12th, 1843; m. 

Feb. 22d, 1866, to Massilon Bell. Their 
children are : 

1. Janie Ward Bell. 

2. Mary Elisabeth Bell. 

3. Emma Louisa Bell. 

4. John James Bell. 

5. Willie Massilon Bell. 

6. Martha Anna (Mattie) Bell. 

31^ Louisa Catherine Groves, b. May 9ih, 1846 ; ra. 
Oct. 27th, 1868, to Dr Richard Edwin Thomp- 
son. Their children : 

1. Jane Norris, b. May 7th, 1870; ra. May 8th, 

1887, to Alonzo Butler Herron and 
have 2 children, viz.: Claudia Thompson 
Herron, b. May 27th, 1893, and Edna 
Alvine Herron, b. April 1st, 1897. 

2. Carrie Elsabeth, b. Dec. 17th, 1871. 

400 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

3. Addison Edwin Thompson, b. August 18th, 


4. Wade Hampton Thompson, b. Nov. 18th, 


5. Alston Groves Thompson, b. August 23, 1879. 

6. Jessie Lucile, b. Oct. 17th, 1881. 

7. Wm. Calhoun Thompson, b. Dec. 16th, 1883. 

8. DeWitt Talmage Thompson, b. Sept. 12th, 

9. Paul Francis Thompson, b. Feb. 26th, 1889. 

(Dr. Richard Edwin Thompson was the son of Dr. Ad- 
dison C. Thompson and Jane Swain Norris, who were m. 
in 1840 and had 5 daughters and 4 sons. The parents of 
Dr. Addison C. Thompson were Richard Thompson= 
Susan, dau. of Ephraim Harris. 

Jane Swain Norris was dau. of Ezekiel Norris and Lu- 
ceriah Keys, his wife, and he was son of John Norris and 
Jane Swaiu, his wife. Luceriah Keys was dau. of Peter 
Keys and Letitia Moore, his wife, who were married in Ire- 

Richard Thompson was one of 9 brothers who came to 
South Carolina frooi Pennsylvania during the Revolu- 
tionary war. When a little boy, plowing, the Tories 
wanted to take his horse. He mounted it to save it, and 
when they took him oft they whipped him almost to death. 
He carried the scars to his grave. His father, John 
Thompson, on old man, refused to take the oath of allegi- 
ance to the British government and was kept in prison 
until his death.) 

25 Saeah Joseph Groves married Wm. T. Hackett, 
son of Robert and Drucilla (Taylor) Hackett, 
of Clarksville, Ga. Issue : 

I. Mattie Nelson Hackett, uum. 

And Their Descendants. 401 

II. Drucilla, m. 1st, Ira F. Nesbit. 

2(1, Dr. Moses Richardson, s. p. 

They reside at Norcross, Ga. 

III. Sarah Alston Hackett, b. 1851, at 

Clarksville, Ga. ; m. in 1876 to William 

H. Dooly, son of Thomas J. Dooly. 

Their children are : 

1. Oscar Earle Dooly, b. 1878; m. in 

1898, to Ada Belle Luraraus, and 
lives at Talbotton, Ga. Have one 
son, Oscar Earle Dooly, Jr. 

2. Sarah Alston Dooly, b. 1882 ; unm. 

Thomas J. Dooly enlisted early in the War 1861-5^ 
and served faithfully until the close; was in 
nearly all of the principal battles in A^irginia. 
During bis 4 years' service, he never received 
even a wound, nor did he have a furlough. His 
two little sons remained at home with their 
mother and took care of her during his absence. 

:36 Frances Emma Groves=Thomas Wilding Gantt 
(the oldest son of Col. Thomas John Gantt, 
of Charleston, S. C, (by his 1st wife, Miss Fell) 
and he was the oldest son of Judge Richard Gantt, 
of South Carolina.) Their children : 

I. Dr. Richard Groves Gantt, b. in Green- 
ville, S. C, Dec. 12th, 1837, and died in 
Haynesville, La., Oct. 23d, 1894. He 
served as a private in a South Carolina 
regiment during the Confederate war, and 
after the war removed to Kosciusko, Miss., 
and thence to Louisiana. He married 
Martha Groves Sales, of Antioch, 
Troup county, Ga.; b. April 7th, 1842. 
They had 5 children. 

.26 al 

402 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

1. Dr. Halbert Alston Gantt, b. in 

Kosciusko, Miss., Nov. 10th, 1869, 
and resides at Hayneville, La. 

2. Emma Neva, b. in Kosciusko, Miss., 
/ ~ July 14th, 1873, and m. J. L. 

Nix, of Buckner, Ark. 
/ 3. Richard Groves Gantt, b. April 

11th, 1876, in Kosciusko, Miss. 

4. Martha Helen, born July 13th, 

1878, at Kosciusko, Miss.; m. 
Charles Harold Beardsley, of Gibbs 
Landing, La., and has one son. 

5. Drayton Fletcher Gantt, b. Jan'y 

21st, 1881, at Haynesville, La. 

(The grandparents of Martha Groves (Sales) Gantt 
were John Groves, of Prince George county, Md., and his 
second wife, Letitia Winn. They had an only child, Eliza 
Groves, who married Mr. Sales, of Lincoln county, Ga., 
and were parents of Martha Groves Sales. John Groves 
by his 1st wife, Miss Ball, had 2 sons, viz. : John and Syl- 
vanus. John died of yellow fever in Savannah, Ga., and 
was editor of the Savannah Gazette. Sylvanus was a mer- 
chant in Augusta, Ga., and died there. They were both 
Christian men, honored and respected in the communities 
in which they lived.) 

II. Sarah Josephine, b. in Abbeville, S. C, 
and d. in Elbert county, Ga. ; m. — Ridg- 
way; left no issue. 

II L Elisabeth Yancey, b. in Abbeville, S. C; 
m. Lew^ellyn Blackwell. She has 
been engaged in editorial work and now 
lives in Elbertou, Ga., and has one child. 


AND Their Descendants. 403 

Lizzie Arnold, who m. Thomas Toombs 
Plodges, and have 1 dau., Sarah Brannon. 

IV. Thomas Laurens Gantt, b. iu Abbeville, 
S. C. ; ra. Anna Johnson ; resides at 
Spartanburg, S. C, and is editor of the 
Piedmont Headlight. Their children are : 

1. Jesse Thomas Gantt, m. Addrene 

2. Robert Joseph Gantt. 3. Yancey 
Laurens Gantt. 

4. Mark Willinghara Gantt. 5. Helen 
Louisa Gantt. 

John Alston=lst wife, Charity Tate; 6 children — 

(= 2d wife. Miss McGiuty ; 1 daughter.) 
35 I. James Asbury = Rebecca Jane 

Norwood ; issue (</. v.). 
Sfj II. Joseph Edwin :::=: Bethel Harvey ; 

issue (g. v.). 
■ 37 III. Nathaniel Charles = Catherine 

Jordan ; issue (g. i'.). 

38 IV. John Theodore = Emma Cobb ; 

issue (r^. y.). 
V. William Samuel, d. s. p. 
VI. Rebecca Caroline married Dr. 
Ryalls. They lived in Mis- 
sissippi, and had one son, who 
died unmarried. 

39 VII. Susan Eans = Alpheus M. Chad- 

wick ; issue (9'. y.). 

35 James Asbury Alston, born in Elbert county, Ga., in 
1818 and died in Monroe county, 1856; was in 
Creek war in Captain Flewellyn's company, and re- 

404 James and Cheistian (Lillington) Alston 

ceived injuries from which he afterwards died. The 
extract from his obituary will serve to illustrate his 
character. He married in 1840, Rebecca Jane, 
dau. of Caleb and Jane (Manson) Norwood, who 
bore him 5 children, and is still living. 

Children of Caleb Norwood = Jane Manson : 

William Anderson Norwood, Culloden, Ga. 

Polly Ann Echols, Columbus, Neb. 

Oscar Alexander Norwood, Navasota, Tex. 

Rebecca Jane Alston, Barbour county, Ala. 

Thomas Manson Norwood (ex~U. S. senator), 
Savannah, Ga. 

Elisabeth Askins, Culloden, Ga. 

" Died on the 9th of June, near Culloden, James A. 
Alston, aged 38 years and 6 months. The M. E. Church 
has sustained a serious loss in the removal of our deceased 
brother. He was emphatically a strong member, and this 
was manifested in his uniform meekness, his proverbial 
humility and in his daily endeavors to exemplify in a cor- 
responding course of action the blessed doctrines and prin- 
ciples of Bible Methodism. He loved oar Church and was 
always ready when called upon to furnish pecuniary aid 
up to the measure of his ability. His charity descended 
in liberal relief upon the objects of distress whenever he 
found them." 

Their children were : 

I. Mary Jane Alston, born 1840 = Benj. F. 
Jordan, of Culloden. She died 1874. They 
had 4 children, viz.: 

1. Lida Gaei>and=Griffin Dauhtrie, of 
Butts county. They reside at Macon, 
Ga., and have 3 children : 

1. J. G. Daughtrie. 2. Kathleen. 
3. Nell. 

AND Their Descendants. 405 

2. James Mathew Jordan, num., lives iu 

British Columbia. 

3. Jennie Roberson =: Judge Jas. A. An- 

derson, city attorney, Atlanta, Ga.; 
have 1 son, b. Oct., 1899, John Alston 

4. Penelope = Walter Bailey, of Monroe 

county, and have one daughter, Jennie 
Garland Bailey. They reside at Pu- 
eblo, Colorado. 
II. Joseph Alexander Alston, b. 1842 = Ida 
Smith, of Columbus, Ga. He enlisted in the 
Confederate army, in company B, 2d Georgia 
battalion, at the beginning of the war and 
served throughout, being with Gen. Lee at the 
surrender, and was wounded in the face and 
arm. He was accidentally killed in Eufaula 
in Nov., 1887. They had 1 sou, John Aber- 
crombie Alston, who died in Columbus, Ga., 
in 1883. 
III. James Merriman Alston, b. Jan. 13th, 1844 
was in company B, 2d Georgia battalion, with 
his brother, from March, 1862, until April 
9th, 1865. On Feb'y 3d, 1876, he married 
Mary Eugenia Turman, of Midway, Ala. 
She was the dau. of James M. Turman = 
Martha Pruett. Their children are : 

1. James M'^arwick, b. Jan. 31st, 1877; d. 

March 23d, 1890. 

2. Edward Turman, b. Nov. 6th, 1879. 

3. Mattie Urline, b. Aug. 24th, 1882. 

4. Eugenia Norwood, b. June 8th, 1886. 

5. William Henry, b. Sept. 30th, 1889. 

6. Annie Alma, b. May 2d, 1893. 

7. Joseph John, b. Aug. 31st, 1896, and d. 

Sept. nth, 1899. 

4'06 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

IV. John Manson Alston,. b. 1848; d. 1899. Was 
iu the Georgia State Militia at the winding up of 
the war. Married Willie B. Beiggs, daughter 
Uev. A. J. Briggs, of the Alabama Conference 
M. E. Church, South, and Martha Brewer his 
wife. She died 1897. Issue : 

1. Daisy McFarland. 

2. Willie Bennett. 

3. Jane Norwood. 

4. Martha Brewer.^ 

5. John Manson. 

V. William Augustus Alston, b. 1852 ; married 
Florence Hudson, who died in Sumter 
county, Ga., leaving issue : 

1. RobertNorwood Alston. Enlisted in Com- 

pany G, 2d Alabama Regiment, Spanish 
War, and died at Miami of fever. 

2. Mary Jane, and 

3. Martha Hudson. 

He afterwards married Lula Plowder, a cousin to 
his first wife, who bore: 

4. Fannie Florence. 

5. AVilliam Augustus. 

6. John Manson. 
7 Edwin James. 

■ 8. Ina, and 

9. Eunice Alston. 
They reside at Hawkinsville, Barbour county, Ala. 

S6 Joseph Edwin Alston, b. 1820; died 1892; mar- 
ried Bethel Harvey. Issue : 

1. John Alston, married Oxford, and 

have issue. 

AND Their Descendants. 407 

2. William Alston, M.D., died in Texas. 

s. p. 

3. Mattie, m. Martin Witt, and have issue. 

4. Bethel Harvey. 

S7 Dr. Nathaniel Charles Alston, b. 1822 ; m. 1840, 
to Catherine Jordan, of Gainesville, Ga. 
She died leaving 3 children, viz. : 

1. Geraldine. 

2. Warren Jordan, 

3. Dr. Nathaniel Charles, Jr. 

He settled at Enon, Ala., and afterwards removed to 

Richland, Ga., where they both died. 
2d wife — Wilson, s. p. 
Of his issue 

I. Geraldi-ne:=JohnSnellings, and had 
issue, 1 son and 2 daughters. 

II. Warren Jordan Alston^^ Lizzie Rus- 
sell, of Stevenson, Ala., and died at 
Arkadelphia, Ark., in 1875, leaving 3 
children, viz. : 

1. Russell. 

2. Charlie, and 

3. Katie. 

They now reside at Bridgeport, Ala. 

III. Dr. Nathaniel Charles Alston, Jr., 
b. 1755. Married twice. By first 
wife, issue : 

1. Grover Cleveland, b. 1874. 
By 2d wife. Bertha Clegg, of Colum- 
bus, Ga. Issue : 

2. Blanche, b. 1891. 

408 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

3. Catherine, b. 1893. 

4. Nathaniel Charles, b. 1896. 
They reside at Richland, Stewart county, Ga. 

38 Dr. John Theodore Alston, b. 1824 ;m. Emma 

Cobb. Issue : 

I. John T. Alston. 

II. Joseph. 

III. William A. 

IV. Robert L. 
V. Edgar L. 

VI. Charles. 

VII. Ella .= Bush. 

A^III. Irene = Montgomery. 

IX. Emma. 

They reside in Webster county, Ga. 

39 Susan Eanes u^lston, was the daughter of John 

Alston by his second wife. Miss McGinty. 
She married Alpheus M. Chadwick, and 
lives at Kenton, Tenn. They have five 
children, viz. : 

1. Joseph Alpheus. 

2. Frank Lee. 

3. Charles Jesse. 

4. James Alston. \ rp • 

5. Mattie Alice. / 

7 John Oliver Glover married Elisabeth Yancey 
Alston in Marengo county, Ala., Wednes- 
day, Sept. 6, 1815. Mr. Glover died there, 
Oct. 18, 1843. Mrs. Glover died in Holmes 
county. Miss., May 8, 1851. Children who 
lived to maturity : 

AND Their Descendants. 409 

I. Mary married Dr. Hobsox, of Greens- 
boro, Ala. I think moved to Mississippi^ 
from there to Hot Springs, Ark., where 
they both died, leaving several children, 
of whose fate I am ignorant, except one. 
Dr. John llobson, who at his death was 
a very prominent physician of Hot 
Springs. He left one daughter, Mary, 
who I presume is still there, think 
married, however. Mrs. Hobson was 
considered one of the most beautiful 
women in three States, and was so up 
to her death. 
II. GiLLY married twice, first Mr. Jackson, 
a planter ; died early ; no children. 
Second time, Capt. Floyd, of Monroe, 
La., who died during the Confederate 
War, his wife having died a few years 
before. He left two children, Rosa, 
married Mr. Din kg rave, of Monroe, 
La., both dead; leaving three children, 
Ethel, and two boys, just grown. Floyd 
is the elder; they live in St. Louis, Mo. 
Aunt Gilly's second daughter, Willie, 
has never married, she lives at Stone- 
wall, Miss., one of the queenliest look- 
ing women I ever knew. 
III. Carrie Olivia, born April 27, 1827, in 
Marengo county, Ala.; married A. M. 
West, in Marengo county, Ala., August 
7, 1845, T. C. Lowery, being the min- 
ister. General A. M. W^est was from 
Perry county, Ala. He moved to 
Mississippi and located in Holmes 
county ; after the war between the 

410 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

States he moved to Oxford, Miss.; in 
1870 he moved to Holly Springs, Miss., 
where he died in 1893, three years after 
his wife. His life was full of useful- 
ness and activity, three times member 
of the Mississippi Legislature ; nomin- 
ated for governor twice; elected to the 
United States Senate, but was refused 
his seat by carpet-baggers, it being dur- 
ing the Reconstruction period ; organ- 
ized the first regiment in this State for 
war in 1860, in which he was Adjutant- 
General, then Commissary-General; was 
President of the Illinois Central Rail- 
road for a number of years, resigned 
because he thought his State needed him 
in other work ; was nominated for Vice- 
President on the Greenback ticket in 
1875. He was a very staunch Whig, 
although he was one of the electors 
in the Tilden campaign, and it was 
largely due to his influence that the 
State went Democratic. He wouldn't 
accept a single office from that party, 
saying always, "I'm no Democrat." He 
amassed quite a large fortune, but poor 
investments left him at death a poor 
man. The old family homestead at 
Holly Springs, still in the family, is 
one of the handsomest in the State. 
His wife was a most brilliant woman, 
and was recognized as such by all who 
knew her. The children are as fol- 
lows : 
1. Alston Madden West, born March 5th, 

AND Their Descendants. 411 

1849, in Holmes county, at West-Home ; 
graduated at University of Mississippi 
with honors, member of Delta Kappa 
Epsilon fraternity ; from there he went to 
the University of Virginia, where he again 
finished with honors; he then attended 
the University of Pennsylvania, finishing 
in medicine, and also carrying off the 
honors ; is now a practicing physician in 
Memphis, Tenn., address 110 St. Paul 
street, Memphis, Tenn. Married the 
daughter of Judge Jere Clapp, of Memphis, 
who was a member of the Confederate 
Congress, and since the war has been 
j)rominent in legal circles. Dr. ^Yest's 
wife's maiden name was Eva Walton 
Clapp, married Dec. 5, 1877. Have 3 
children, viz. : 

1. Evelyn Lucas, just grown. 

2. Alston Madden, who bids fair to 

be a successful writer. 

3. Jere Clapp, yet a school boy. 
2. Cell\ Olivia West, married Capt. Wil- 
liam Thaddeus McCarty, in Oxford, 

Miss., Oct. 22, 1867 ; moved to Kansas 
where they still reside. Mr. McCarty is a 
lawyer, served through the war on Gen- 
Lee's staff; is a Virginian, born at Kich- 
mond. The children are as follows : 
L Mason West McCarty, b. at Oxford, 
Miss., in 1868, now in Emporia, 
Kan. A merchant. 
2. William Cecil, b. at Emporia, Kan., 
in 1870. Still there. A dentist. 

412 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

3. Brooks, b. at Emporia, Kau., in 

Jan. 1872. 

4. Carrie Hannah, b. at Emporia, Kan., 

in March, 1876. 

5. Eva Clapp, b. at Emporia, Kan., 

in May, 1878. 

6. Wert, b, at Emporia, Kan., in 

Sept., 1880. 

7. Keith, b. at Emporia, Kan., in 

Oct., 1882. 

8. Fay, b. at Emporia, Kan., in Sept., 


9. Alston, b. at Emporia, Kan., iu' 

June, 1886. 
All reside in Emporia, Kansas. 

3. Frederick Edgar West, born in Holme* 
county, Miss., at West-Home, Nov. 1850; 
married Rosa Donnelly Leflore, at 
Grenada, Miss., 1880. His wife is de- 
scended from Count Louis DeLefleur,. 
who led the French in the French and 
Indian war; fell in love with an Indian 
princess of the Choctaw tribe, married 
her, and afterwards became c'lief himself. 
At his death, Greenwood Lefleur, his son, 
became chief (Mrs. West's grandfather). 
His controversy with President Jackson 
over the Indian reservation has become 
historical. His home, Malmaison, is owe 
of the historical landm^arks of Mississippi. 
It stands as in ante-bellum days, undis- 
turbed by war; he was not a citizen of the 
United States, so he was undisturbed by 
either side. Col. Jack Leflore (her father) 
not caring to move to the Indian Territory 

AND Their Descendants. 413 

became a citizen of the United States, and 
died a few years ago on bis plantation, 
" Ivors," adjoining bis father's. Mr. 
West is a graduate of the University of 
Mississippi, D. K. E. fraternity, winner 
of first medal in oratory, anniversarian, 
twice member of State Senate. He is con- 
sidered one of the most scientific planters 
in the State. He has five children, as 
follows : 

1. Fannie Newman, born in Holly 
Springs, March, 1881. 

2. Louie Leflore, born in Holly Springs, 
October, 1883. 

3. Carrie Glover, born April, 1887, in 
Durant, Miss. 

4. Frederick Edgar, born March, 1892, 

in Durant, Miss. 

5. Rosa Leflore, born July, J 897, in 

Durant, Miss. 
Their present address is Durant, Holmes county, 


4. Benjamin Glover West, born in Holmes 
county, Miss., at West-Home, Nov., 1855; 
married Mary Brodie Crump, at Holly 
Springs, 1882. Mrs. West's father was 
Major Brodie Strachan Crump, born in 
Spottsylvania county, Va., 1833; moved 
to Mississippi, and was educated at the 
University of Mississippi, member of 
D. K. E. fraternity, studied civil engineer- 
ing, but the Confederate War broke out 
and he went to the front ; at the close 
was a major on Chalmer's staff. He then 
became a merchant and banker in Holly 

414 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Springs, dying there in 1878 of yellow 
fever, a victim to loyalty to friends. He 
was descended from the Hulls, Maurys 
and Herndons of Virginia. Mr. West 
was educated at the Kentucky Military 
Institute ; has been a prominent Populist 
and president of several farmers' alliances ; 
ran for Congress last year, and is now a 
broker in Memphis. His address is lOD 
Polk St., Memphis, Tenn. Has 5 children : 

1. Sidney Yancey, born July, 1885, in 

Holmes county, at Greylands. 

2. Benjamin Glover, born April, 1888, 

in Holmes county, at Greylands. 

3. Mary Brodie, born April, 1893, at 


4. Martha Alston, born April 28th,. 

1896, at Memphis. 

5. Louise Keuner, born April, 1899,, 
at Memphis. 

5. Carkie Minerva West, born at West- 
Home in Holmes county, 1858 ; married 
Lemuel Augustus Smith, at Holly 
Springs, Miss., November 1877. Mr. 
Smith died the next year in the epidemic 
of yellow fever. He was a druggist, and 
felt it his duty to remain. Mr. Smith was 
a member of a prominent Tennessee 
family, his father a planter and commission 
merchant of Memphis, his uncle Chief 
Justice of Tennessee, Nicholas Smith. 
Mr. Smith himself was only twenty-two 
at his death. Mrs. Smith graduated at 
the M. C. I. of Tennessee, as valedictorian; 
she has been State Superintendent of the 

AND Their Descendants. 415 

Flower Mission Department of the \W 
C. T. U.; for years had charge of the 
Children's Department of the Christian 
Advocate, Memphis; has been connected 
as teacher with some of the most promi- 
nent schools of the State, is now teacher 
of English in Woman's College, Oxford, 
Miss. She has one child. 

Lemuel Augustus West Smith, born 
in Holly Springs, Nov. 19, 1878 ; 
graduated at University of Missis- 
sippi, B.A., D. K. E. fraternity ; 
U. M. A. A.; licentiate instructor in 
Latin and Greek ; associate editor 
Record; associate editor of Ole il/js-v 
tutor in French at University of 
Mississippi; and is now studying 

6. Charles Floyd West, born at West- 

Home, in Duraut, Holmes county, Miss., 
1859; married Laurea Carson, at Duraut, 
1894, Mrs. West's father graduated from 
the University of Mississippi with honors, 
was a member of S. A. E. fraternity, died 
in Holmes county, in 1897. Mr West is 
a planter, the most beloved of the chil- 
dren — friends in all classes. They have 
two children. 

1. Sidney Yancey, born June, 1895, at 
Durant, Miss. 

2. Floyd Elizabeth, born 1897, at Du- 

rant, Miss. 

7. Sidney Yancey^ West, born Sept., 1863 ; 

died early, just twenty-three; was en- 
gaged to L. Q. C. Lamar's younge'^t 

416 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

daughter. He was the most talented 
member of the family, making the highest 
grade ever made in the university up to 
that time ; was a D. K. E., and a born 
IV. Elizabeth John Hannah Glover married W. L. 

Byrd, in Holmes county, October, 1849. Mr. 

Byrd was a merchant ; died just before the war, in 

18G0, leaving two children, viz.: 

1. Grace, born February, 1854 ; married Capt. 

Stafford, proprietor of Stafford's Well ; her 
address is Stafford's Mineral Springs, Voss- 
burge, Miss,, via Meridian. 

2. Jessie, born February 9, 1858, at Goodman, 

Miss. ; married E. A. Hamblin, 1878. He 
was a lawyer and died a few years ago, leav- 
ing three children, namely: 

1 . Nellie Byrd, married Dr. J. L. Har- 

bour, 1899; born Nov. 19, 1879. 

2. Emma Elizabeth, born February 22d, 


3. Mary Grace, born March, 1886. Their 

address is Vossburg, Miss. 
Y. Sarah Alston Glover, b. Oct. 8th, 1836, in Marengo 
county, Ala.; married Oct., 1856, in Holmes county. 
Miss., to Major Joseph Mofield Roberts, b. April 
24th, 1819, in Hancock county, Ga. Major Roberts 
fought in the Seminole war; and in the Confederate 
war served as captain of Commissary Department in 
Lowery's Mississippi regiment. His widow survives 
him, and lives at Biloxi. They had 4 children, viz.: 
^S (1) Pauline Glover, b. May 20th, 1865 = R. L. 

Prophit, Monroe, La.; issue (g. v.). 
U (2) Patrick Henry, b. May 10th, 1867 ^Maggie 
Champlin, Biloxi, Miss. ; issue {q. v.). 

AND Their Descendants. 417 

45 (3) Pearl, b. July 16th, 1869= Lyman Bradford; 
issue (g. v.). 
(4) Daisy, b. Sept. 18th, 1877; unm. 

43 R. L. Prophit = Pauline Glover Roberts ; issue 6 

children, viz. : 

1. Ella. 2. Robert. 3. Evelyn. 
4. Pauline. 5. Alston. 6. Lucile. 

Mr. Prophit is secretary of Monroe Building and Loan 

44 Patrick Henry Roberts = Maggie Champlin ; 4 

children, viz. : 

1. Harry. 2. Percy. 3. Joseph. 4. Effie. 
P. H. Roberts is a traveling salesman, and his home is 
in Indianapolis. 

4.5 L. Bradford=Pearl Roberts; have 3 boys, viz.: 
1. Lyman. 2. Floyd. 3. Paul. 
They live in Biloxi, Miss. 

The above notes of the family descent of Elisabeth 
Alston and John O. Glover were furnished principally by 
Lemuel Augustus West Smith. 

S Sarah Alston married, 1st, Thomas Dudley; issue 
{q. v.). 2d, William Cain ; issue {q. v.). 

Sir Thomas Dudley came from England to America 
about the beginning of hostilities that culminated in the 
Revolution, first landing in Virginia, and from thence 
went to North Carolina where he married and enlisted in 
the cause of the Colonists. 

The following is copied from "Heitman's Historical Reg- 
ister '' of officers of the Continental army, 1775-1783 : 

" Thomas Dudley, musician 6th North Carolina in 1776. 

27 al 

418 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

Ensign 10th N. C, 1778; lieutenant 20th June, 1779; 
wounded at Eutaw Springs 8th Sept., 1781 ; retired 1st 
January, 1783." The regiment was commanded by Col. 
Abraham Shepherd 17th April, 1777. It is not known 
when he died, but family tradition states that he was 
drowned in attempting to cross a river with his command. 

For services rendered by him a land- warrant was issued 
to his assignee or executor, Amos Johnson, Esq. 

He was very decided in his hostility to English rule, 
and his estates in England were accordingly confiscated. 
His wife Sarah bore him one sou and three daughters, viz.: 

1. John Alston Dudley, who married Mary, daugh- 

ter of Cornelius and Elisabeth (Pickett) Robinson, 
and had issue [q. v.). 

2. One dau. married Collier. ^ ^.r ,i ^i 

„ ^ , -IT- Of these there is no 

6. One dau. married Eewis. Y r n i 

. ^ T • 1 TVT I larther record. 

4, One dau. married Moore. ) 

The following account of the Robinson family will be 
of interest to many : Cornelius Robinson, a man of 
wealth in Anson county. North Carolina, married Elisa- 
beth, daughter of James Pickett, Sr. In 1797 ^he devised 
land to James Kirabrough, son of John Kimbrouglu 
William Pickett, of Anson, was delegate to the Provisional 
Congress at Hillboro, 20th Aug. 1775; was captain in 1st 
regiment of North Carolina Continentals, commanded by 
James Moore ; was also member of House of Commons, 
1777. There was a James Pickett, sheriff of Anson 
county prior to 1795, and member of the Legislature 
1791-4-5; and there was a James Pickett, Jr. In 1795 
James Pickett conveyed property to Joseph, Martin and 
Wm. R., sons, and to Frankey Hanes Pickett, daughter. 
In Sept. 5th, 1796, James Pickett devised negroes to 
brothers Marmaduke, John, Nathaniel, and James Kim- 
brough, also to Ann Kimbrough. After this the name of 

AND Their Descendants. 419 

James Pickett disappears from the county records. Joseph 
Pickett died April, 1825. Martin Pickett died Oct., 1834. 
Flora Pickett died April, 1835. William R. Pickett be- 
came sheriff, and in 1818 removed to Alabama and settled 
in Autauga county. His son Albert James, born 1810, was 
the historian of Alabama, and married Mary Harris, 
granddaughter of Col. Philip Alston, of Moore county. 

Note. — Of Wm. Raiford's sisters, one m. Robinson, 
one m. Pickett, one m. Terry, and one m. DeJarnette. 

Cornelius and Elizabeth (Pickett) Robinson both 
died in North Carolina and had issue, viz. : 
1 (1) Todd Robinson=Miss Terry and came from 
North Carolina to Alabama with his cousin, Col- 
onel Wm. R. Pickett and had issue, (9. v.). 
^ (2) Mary Robinson=John Alston Dudley and re- 
moved from North Carolina to Greensboro, 
Ala., and afterwards to Lowudesboro, where 
they both died. Issue (5. v.), 

1 Todd Robinson= Terry ; 6 ch. viz. : 

(1) Major William Robinson=Eliza Ware, 

sister to Dr. Ware and had one sou and one 
dau. viz. : 

Mary Robinson who m. Capt. Brown, 

(Lowndesboro, Ala). 
Eli Robinson married and has children, and 

lives at Lowndesboro. 
He is considered very wealthy. 

(2) Gen. Cornelius Robinson = and had 4 

children, viz.: 

1. Byron Robinson =Cora Wyatt, s. p. 

2. John Robinson. 

3. Eli Robinson. 

4. Fanny, married. 

420 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

(3) Capt. Eli Terry Robinson =his cousin Mary- 

Alston Dudley; 5 ch., (g-. v.). 

(4) Todd Robinson, Jk. =Mary Crittenden, of 

Kentucky, neice of Gen. Crittenden and 

1. Todd. 2. Robert. 

3. Martha Ann=Geu. Fair, Minister to 

(5) Hannah Robinson =Colonel Caldwell. 

Their son, Todd R. Caldwell was Governor 
of North Carolina 1871-1874, and married 
Mary Rufiin Cain, {q. v.), 

(6) Ann Robinson=Col. "William Wyatt, 

whose son Todd Wyatt, married his cousin, 
Sallie Dudley, {q. v.). 

2 John Alston Dudley=Mary Robinson, 7 ch. viz.: 

(1) Eliza Lillington^ 1st McKenzie in North 

Carolina and had one dau., Cornelia, who 
m. Col. Robert Wyatt, of Lowndesboro. 

2d husband, Wilson, had one sou, 

Alexander Wilson, now living in Bulloch 
county, Ala. 

(2) Guilford Dudley, died aged 16. 

"S (3) Mary Alston =Capt. Eli Terry Robinson, is- 
sue {q. v.). 
4. ^ (4) Martha Robinson = James Napier Torrence, 
issue [q. v.). 

(5) Amanda=Winter Gordon and had 3 ch. 

viz. : 1. Edgar. 2. Winter. 3. Ida. 

(6) SALLY=her consin, Todd Wyatt and had 2 

ch. viz. : Fair Wyatt, and Percy Wyatt, 
who was cashier of the Western Railroad at 
Montgomery for 12 or 15 years. 

AND Their Descendants. 421 

(7) Cornelia Dudley; uura. and lives at Mont- 

3 Captain Eli Terry Robinson=Mary Dudley, 

5 ch. viz. : 

(1) Dr. Dudley Robinson =:Addie Yerdee, s. p. 

Robinson Springs, Ala. 

(2) Charles Cornelius Robinson= Lizzie Wilson, 

s. p. 

(3) Mary Robinson= James Allen, and have 

a son, Clem Allen, now in Birmingham. 

(4) Eli Robinson, Jr., died aged 19 years. 

(5) Kate Robinson^Captain Thomas Gate- 

wood Williamson, of Virginia, in Gen. 
Lane's Brigade, C. S. A., (and son of Ga- 
briel Gait Williamson, Captain in U. S. 
Navy, and his wife Elizabeth Ann Gate- 
wood, and gr. son of Thomas Williamson, 
cashier of the Bank of Virginia, at Norfolk 
42 years and his wife Elizabeth Gait. 4 
sous viz. : 

1. John Gait Williamson was Sergeant 
Co. A. 2d Ala. Volunteers in Spanish- 
American war. 

2. Dudley C. Williamson was Sergeant 
Co. A, 2d Ala. Volunteers in Spanish- 
American war and is now Captain of 
the Montgomery Greys. 

3. Thomas Gatewood Williamson. 

4. Gabriel Alston Williamson. 

4 James Napier Torrence (was the son of Samuel 

Torrence, of Georgia, and wife Mary Scott, of 
North Carolina, and gr. son of John Torrence) = 
Martha Robinson Dudley, issue viz. : 

422 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

(1) William H. Torreuce=Susau Henderson, 

issue ((/. v.). 

(2) James Napier Torrence, Jr., of Florida, no 


(3) Victoria Alston=rrank W. Broward, of 

Florida, issue (q. v.). 

(4) John Earl Torrence, of Atlanta, Ga., 
born January 14, 1853, in Lowndes Co., Ala.; 
married October 18, 1881, to Kate Winter 

Clayton (dau. of Hon. William WirtClay- 
ton=Caroline Maria Serames, sou of Judge 
Augustin Smith Clayton= Julia Carnes, son of 
Major Philip Clayton=: Mildred Dixon, son of 
Samuel Clayton, Jr.,r=Ann Coleman, son of 
Philip Claytou=Ann Coleman), and have 
three living children, viz. : 

I. William Wirt Clayton Torrence, b. June 

7, 1884. 
II. John Earl Torrence, Jr., b. Jan'y 27, 

III. Paul Semmes Torrence, b. May 25, 1891. 

William H. Torrence^ Susan Henderson, issue 
5 ch. 

I. Sherwood Torrence = issue 

Emma & Esther. 
II. Arthur Alston Torrence, unm. 

III. Roland Torrence, = 

IV. Birdie Torrence = 

V. Charlie Torrence, unm. 
Frank Broward =ViCT0Ri A Alston Torrence, is- 
sue 5 ch. 

I. Maud Dudley Torrence = 
II. Airee Torrence = 
III. A daughter. 

AND Their Descendants. 423 

IV. Frank Broward, Jr. 
V. Ada Broward. 

The records of James Napier Torrance were furnished 
by Mr. W. C. Torreuce. 

Sarah (Alston) Dudley's 2d husband, Wm. Cain,'!' 
was born in Baltimore and of Irish descent. 
He was a wealthy merchant in Orange county; 
was elected to House of Commons in 1785, 
and to State Senate in 1794-5-6 and 1802. 
He was very public-spirited, and had much 
energy of character. Their children were as 
follows : 

iO I. William Cain Jr.:== Mary Ruffin. 9 chil- 

dren, (5. u.) 
If-l II. Charity z= Willie Person Mangum. 4 

children, (g. v.) 
III. Mary (Polly) :=lst Sutherland, and 
had 1 son, William Sutherland, who 
died at maturity. She married 2d, 
Dr. White, s. p. 
4^ IV. Ann Linington = Edward Davis. 10 ch. 

(g. V.) 
V. James Alston Cain, d. unm. 
VI. Sarah Cain. 
VII. Martha Cain, d. unm. 

If-O Stirling Ruffinz= Alice Roane. Removed from 
Virginia to North Carolina. Among their chil- 
dren were : 

*Note.— Wm. Cain, Sr. Will probated May 2d, 1734. Wife Elisa- 
beth. Sons— Hardy, Wm. James. Daughters— Patience, Unis, 
Sarah, Rachel. 

424 James and Caristian (Lillington) Alston 

Thomas Ruffin, Chief Justice of Nortb 
Carolina, and Maey Ruffin, who mar- 
ried William Cain, Jr. Their children 
were : 

I. Minerva Ruffin Cain=Todd R. 
Caldwell, afterwards Governor 
of North Carolina. 
II. William Cain, M.D.,=Sarah T. 
Bailey, dauughter of Judge John 
L. Bailey. 

III. Martha Ann Cainz=Dr Pride 

Jones, of Hillsboro ; b. Dec. 25th, 

IV. Stirling Ruffin Cain, died on at- 

taining maturity. 
V. Mary Clack Cain, b. Feb. 12th, 
1827=JuDGE Thomas Ruffin,, 
the younger son of Chief Justice 
Ruffin. At one time Judge of the 
Superior, afterwards of the Su- 
preme Court ; served through- 
out the Confederate War, first as 
private, then colonel. His health 
failing, he was appointed military 
judge. He was in the last engage- 
ment that took place between the 
Confederate and Union soldiers. 
VI. James Frederick Cain, M.D.=Ju- 
LIA Tate, daughter of Dr. Samuel 
Tate, of Morganton, N. C. 
VII. Thomas Ruffin Cain, d. in 1883. 
VIII. Sarah Margaret, 1 Both died ia 
IX. Sallie Magdalen, j infancy. 

AND Their Descendants. 425- 

If.1 Charity Cain=: Willie Person Mangum, born in 
Orange county, in 1792 ; graduated at Uni- 
versity in 1815; member of House of Com- 
mons in 1818; elected Judge of Superior Court 
of Law and Equity in 1819 ; Representative in 
Congress 1823-3 826, when he was again ap- 
pointed Judge of the Superior Court ; Senator 
in Congress 1831-1837 and from 1841-1848. 
In 1837, he received 7 electoral votes (South 
Carolina) for President of the United States,, 
and on the accession of Mr. Tyler to the 
Presidency, was elected President of the Sen- 
ate. Their children were : 

1 T> **• TVT ^ Still living at the 

1. Pattie Mangum, , -, n.^ ^ 

® ' I old Mangum seat in 

2. Mary Mangum, | Orange, now Durham 

^ J county, N. C. 

3. Sallie Mangum, m. Col. Martin W. Leach, 

of Randolph county, N. C. Their 2d 
daughter, Sallie, m. Stephen B. Weeks, 
and have one son, Willie Person Man- 
gum Weeks, 
r- 4. William Preston Mangum, killed at the 

battle of Manassas. 

If.'2 Ann Lillington Cain, born March 17th, 1797, died 
Nov. 7th, 1877, in Oakland, California. =Ed- 
WARD Davis, of Mecklenburg county, Ya» 
The following sketch of his family is given: 

Dr. James Paine, an Englishman, educated in Lon- 
don as a physician, landed in New England 
about 1699 ; stayed there a short time, and 
finally settled in Person county, N. C. He- 
was a man of aifairs, and erected the first brick 

426 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston 

house in Person county. Among his children 
were : 

1. Dr. Egbert Paine. 

2. John Paine. 

Dr. Robert Paine=Elisabeth Miller in 1772. He 
commanded a company in the Revolution ; was 
elected to the Legislature; died in 1808. 

His son, James Paine, born March 18th, 
1776 ; married Nancy A. Williams, 
Jan. 7th, 1799; served as Clerk of 
Court ; Judge of County Court ; re- 
moved to Tennessee, 1814. 
Robert Paine, sou of James and Nancy 
Paine, was born in Person county, 
N. C, Nov. 12th, 1799; removed to 
Tennessee, and became a Bishop of 
the M. E. Church, South. He died 
Oct. 19th, 1882. 
John Paine, son of Dr. James Paine, married Susannah 

(maiden name unknown). Was appointed 

1st. Major in 1 776, for Orange county, N. C; he 
was also elected member of the Constitutional 
Convention that assembled at Halifax, Nov. 
12th, 1776, at which, however, he failed to take 
his seat ; he was a member of the House of 
Commons for Person county in 1808. 

Mary Paine, dau. of John Paine = Susannah ; 

born January 13th, 1772 ; married Thomas 
Miller May 12th, 1791. (Thomas Miller 
died July 2d, 1792). She afterwards married 
Edward Davis June 11th, 1795, who was 
born Dec. 11th, 1747, and died Aug. 8th, 
1799. His father also was Edward Davis and 
his mother Lucy (maiden name unknown). 

ANT) Their Descendants. 427 

Edward Davis = Mary Miller nee Paine, left one 
son, Edward Davis, Jr.; born in Mecklen- 
burg, Va., Dec. 3cl, 1776 ; married Ann Lin- 
IXGTON Cain April 27th, 1815. Moved to 
Orange county, N. C; thence to Madison 
county, Tenn., in 1834; thence to LaGrange, 
Tenn.; thence, in 1841, to Panola, Miss. In 
1849 he emigrated to California and settled 
at Oakland, where he died. Their children 
were : 

I. Dr. Jas. Paine Miller Davis, born 
Aug. 8, 1817, in Orange, N. C; 
married Martha Raglaxd ; died 
in Oakland, Cal. 
II. Mary Paine Davis, born Sept. 9, 
1819, in Orange, N. C; married 
Sam'l B. Dickpns; died Jan. 20, 
III. William Cain Davis, born Sept. 

27, 1821; died Dec. 9, 1856. 
IV. Sarah Alston Davis, born in 

Orange, N. C, June 22, 1823; 
died Sept. 5, 1835. 
V. Martha Alston Davis, born Jan. 
13, 1825, in Orange, K C. ; mar- 
ried Samuel Bell McKee Jan. 

28, 1847; died Nov. 26, 1855, 
when he married her sister, Sarah 
Ann Davis, {q. v.). 

VI. Susan Edward Davis, born June 1, 

1827, in Orange, N. C. ; married 

Jas. C. Armstrong ; died April 

13, 1859, in Panola, Miss. 

VII. Lucy Ann Davis, born Sept. 5, 

428 James and Christian (Lillington) Alston, 

1830, in Orange, N. C. ; died 
Sept. 24, 1835. 
VIII. Edward Linington Davis, born 
April 23, 1833, in Rutherford 
City, N. C, on Mead river ; died 
in Oakland, Cal. 
IX. Robert Williamson Davis, died in 

X. Sarah Ann Davis, born March 16^ 
1839, at Lagrange, Tenn. ; mar- 
ried Samuel Bell McKee July 
14, 1859. Samuel Bell McKee 
was Associate Justice of the Su- 
preme Court of California, and 
died March 2, 1887. 

Samuel Bell McKee and Martha Alston Davis 
left three children: 1. Robert Linington 
McKee. 2. Annie Bell McKee, who mar- 
ried John Bell M'hoon, and died Sept. 27, 
1887; and 3, Edward Davis McKee, who 
married Fanny Vorhees Armstrong. 

Samuel Bell McKee and Sarah Ann Davis have 
the following children : 

4. Sam. Bell McKee. 

5. James Cain McKee. 

6. Sally Banks McKee, who married 

Orestes Pierce. 

7. Nellie A. McKee, who married Nor- 

man R. Lang. 

8. Amy Margaret McKee. 

All of Oakland, California. 

Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) "Williams. 429 

North Carolina, In the name of God Amen. 

The twenty-fourth day of October one thousand 
seven hundred and fifty-three, I, samuel williams of the 
county of Edgeeomb in the province aforesaid being of 

-do make &c. this my last will and testament 

in manner and form following, 

1. First I give and bequeath to my son William 


2. Second, to my son Solomon Williams 

Third, to Grandson Samuel Williams-- 

Fourth, to my son Samuel Williams a part of 

mush Island 

Fifth, to my loving wife, Elizabeth Williams 

3. Sixth, to son Joseph John Williams 

Lastly, Executors : my son William Williams and 

my son Solomon Williams and [|my trusty and well be- 
loved friend Philip Alston. 

Witnesses : Thomas Kearney, 
Edmond Kearney, 
James Alston. 

Probated at the February court, 1754 (1754) of Edge- 
combe County upn the probate of Honorable Matthew 
Rowan, President and Commander in Chief in and over 
His Majesties' Province of North Carolina, 

And there is a deed from Hardy Hinton to the said 
Samuel Williams recorded in Edgeeomb County dated in 
May, 1744. 

In the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical 
Register, No 1, page 84, is found the following abstract of 
a will now on file in the office of the Secretary of State at 

430 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 


" William Williams. Dec. 9, ^©^ ; wife Mary, sole 
executrix, sous, Samuel, John and Stephen, each of my 
daughters, " 

The tradition is universally prevalent among his de- 
scendants, that the first American ancestor was William 
Williams and came from Wales, and there is a strong prob- 
ability that this William Williams came to the colony at 
the same time with John Alston, and that it was his son 
Samuel, quite young at the time of his father's death, who 
subsequently married Elisabeth, daughter of John Alston, 
not in 1715 as has been claimed, but more probably about 

Thos. Whitmel Esq.=: Elisabeth Hunter Bryan, daugh- 
ter of Lewis and Elisabeth Bryan, removed together with 
her family from Surry Co. Va., to Bertie Co. North Caro- 
lina in 1713. Of their 11 children 5 died in childhood, 
viz. : 

William, Lewis, Mary, Janet, Anne, and six left fami- 
lies, viz, : 

L Col, Thos, Whitmel, b. 1713; m. Mary Blount; 
2d Elisabeth West, 
II, Elisabeth, b. 1717; m. 1st Geoege Pollock, 
sou of Gov, Thomas Pollock in 1734, but af- 
ter living with him one month she returned ta 
her father's house. No issue came of this mar- 
riage and Pollock died Feb. 24, 1736. On 
the 27th Oct. 1736, she married Captain 
Thomas Blount, by whom she had 2 children, 
a daughter Winifred who m. Whitmel Hill (a 
cousin), and a son Whitmel Blount. 

Capt. Thomas Blount d. Sept 1st 1745, and 
on Oct. 2, 1746, she was married at her fath- 
er's house by Needham Bryan to Col. Wil- 
liam Williams to whom she bore 3 children,, 
{q. v.). 

AND Their Descendants. 431 

III. Sarah= Henry Hunter, and bad issue. 

IV. WiuifrednnPhilip Alston, and had issue, [q. v.). 
V. Mary = 1st Francis Pugh, and had issue, {q. v.). 

2d Hezekiah Thompson, and had issue, (q. v.). 
VI. MARTHA=lst Henry Lawrence Bate, and had 
issue, {q. v.). 2d Col. John Hill, and had 
issue, viz. : 

Whitmel Hill=Winifred Blount, issue: 
1. Joseph and 2. John, d. s. p. 

3. Thomas Blount Hill, left large family. 

4. Elisabethi^ John Anthony and left 

large family. 

1 Col. William Williams was appointed Col. for Martin 
Co., with Whitmel Hill for Lt. Col., Thomas Wiggins 
Major and Kennith McKenzie, 2d Major, and was ap- 
pointed Adjutant of 1st Regiment, Aug., 1775. He was a 
member of the Provincial Congress at Halifax, April 4, 
1776, and of the Constitutional Convention at the same 
]dace in Oct., 1776. He married Elisabeth, daughter of 
Thomas Whitmel, Esq., and widow of Captain Thomas 
Blount, who bore him three children, viz. : 

4 I. Samuel Williaras, born Feb. 10, 1753, who ni. 

June 13, 1670, Charity Alston Dawson, b. 1756, 
dau. of John Dawson and Charity (Alston),^ 
his wife. They had 9 children, (q.v.). 
II. Elisabeth Williams, who m. John Johnson, bro- 
ther of Gov. Samuel Johnson. Their dau., 
Elisabeth Whitmel Williams Johnson, m. 
Philip, sou of Lt. Col. Wm. Alston (Philip's 
son) and Martha Hardee, his wife [q. v.). 

5 III. Genl. Wm. Williams, of Martin Co., who ra. 1st 

Mrs. Smith, nee Irwin, no issue; 2d Elisabeth, 
dau. of Capt. Solomon Williams and Tenipie 
(Boddie) , his wife, and had large family, (</. y.).. 

432 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

^ Samuel Williams and Charity Alston Dawson, 
his wife : 

I. William Williams, b. Dec. 11, 1773; d. 

Oct. 13, 1774. 
11. Elisabeth Whitrael, b. Dec. 9,. 1775 ; m. 
May 26, 1796, to William Alston, son of 
Lieut. Col. William and Martha (Hardee) 
Alston, for issue [q. v.) 
III. John Dawson Williams, b. July 29, 1778; 
m. July, 1798, to his cousin, Elisabeth 
Taylor, who bore him 2 sons, John Daw- 
son Williams and Joseph John Williams. 
S IV. Lewis Alston Williams, b. Jan. 26, 1782; 

m. Priscilla, daughter of Philip Kearney 
and Elisabeth (Kiuchen), his wife. Had 
large issue, [q. v.) 
V. Charity Alston, b. Sept. 22, 1785; m. 

Rev. Hall, of M. E. Church. No 

7 VI. Samuel Williams, b. Oct. 17, 1787, and d. 

1850 ; m. Mary Whitmel Thompson. Is- 
sue, (g. V.) 
VIL Sarah Dawson, b. March 12, 1791 ; m. 
Samuel Williams Alston, son of Col. 
William and Martha (Hardee), his wife, 
for issue [q. v.) 
VIII. Col. Joseph John Williams, b. June 6, 
1793 ; d. 1866 ; m. 1818, to Mary Har- 
riett Collins. Issue : 

1. Thomas Edward Collins Williams. 

2. Caroline Elvira Williams. 

•8 ' 3. Charity Dawson Williams, married 

Joseph James Pugh. Issue, (g. v.) 

IX. Mary Clark Williams, b. March 16, 

1796; m. Jephtha Athekton Barnes, 

AND Their Descendants. 433 

b. Aug. 15, 1790; d. Sept. 27, 1818. 
Their daughter, Charity Dawson Barnes, 
married Col. Whitmel Hill Anthony. 
Issue : 

1. James Anthony, d. s. p. 

2. Mary E., m. Major Whitaker, C. 

S. Army. 

3. Whitmel Hill Anthony, Jr., m. 

Miss Lawrence. 

4. Henrietta, ra. Dr. William R. Wood. 

6 Lewis Alston Williams and Priscilla (Kearney) 
his wife : 

I. Elvira, b. 1803 ; m. Henry Williams, of 
Williamstou, N. C. Issue : 

1. Erailine, who died quite young. 

2. Anabella, who m. Dr. Samuel D. 

Young, of Oxford, N. C, and have 
1 dau., Anabella Young. 
IL Tempie Maria, b. 1809; m. 1st, Thomas 
Bond Thompson. Issue : 

1. Lewis Alston Thompson, of Martin 
county=Eleauor Dawson, and had 
issue : 

1. Thomas John Thompson, who 

m. Lucy Hill Anthony, and 
have issue. 

2. Tempie Jane, who m. Heze- 

kiah Griffin, and have a dau., 
Eleanor, and one other child. 

3. Eleanor, d. unm. 

:=2d, Susan L. Alston, and had issue : 

1. Lewis Alston Thompson. 

2. Coke Thompson. 

28 al 

434 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

3. Hezekiah Thompson, who d. 
1869, s. p. 
Tempie Maria's 2d husband was Thomas Jones. 
Issue : 

1. William Pitt Jones, who m. Annie 

E. Lovejoy, of Raliegh, N. C, and 
have children. 

2. Thomas Whi^mel Jones, d. iinm. 

in 1873. 

3. John Jones, who d. unra. in 1864. 

III. Emiline Williams, m. Dr. George Cobb, and 

bore him 1 dan., Emiline Cobb, who died 
while young. Dr. George Cobb after- 
wards married Miss Julia Watson, and 
left a family. He died near Orrville, 

IV. Martha Kearney Williams ra. William 

Clark Eborn. Issue : 

1. Lewis Alston Zachery, Eborn, d.unm. 

2. John Philip Eborn, went West. 

3. Wm. Kearney Williams, was a Meth- 

odist minister, and m. Elisabeth 
Andrew, and had issue. 

4. Charles Carrol Eborn^ unm. 

5. Samuel Williams Eborn, d. unm. , 
y. Wm. Kearney Alston Williams m. 1st, 

Barbara Arrington, no issue. 

2d, Caroline M. Alston, and had issue: 

1. Wm. Kearney Alston Williams, Jr.-- 

2. Samuel Thomas Alston Williams. 
VI. John Philip Williams m. Elisabeth 

Whitmel Williams, his 2d cousin. Issue : 

1. Ella Tuustall Williams, m. James 

Henry Gayles and had 1 child. 

2. Eugenia Kearney Williams,m. Zach- 

AND Their Descendants. 435 

ary Taylor Vincent, of Ga., and 
had issue: John Vincent, Cora 
Carson, and Lucy. 

3. Lewis David Williams, ra. Eth- 


4. John Philip Williams, Jr., d. unm. 

5. Minnie Priseilla Williams, unm. 
VII. Mary ^Dawson Williams, m. Whitmel Al- 
ston Hardee Kearney, 1st cousin. No 

7 Samuel Williams and Mary Whitmel Thompson : 
I. William Alston Williams, d. y. 
11. Hezekiah Thompson Williams, d. unm. 

III. Sarah Elisabeth Bond Williams, m. 

John Bennet Griffin, and had issue: 

1. Dr. John Samuel Griffin, m. Mary 

Lockett Smallwood, and had issue: 
Sarah, Janet, Charles Smallwood, 
and Thomas Whitme^l Thompson 

2. Virginia Ann Griffin, m. William 

Clark Thompson, her cousin. Is- 
sue : John Griffin Thompson ,Wm. 
Thompson and another ch. 

3. Hezekiah Griffin, m. Tempie Jean 

Thompson, and had issue. 

4. Thomas Williams Griffin, d. unm. 

6. Mary Whitmel Griffin, m. Thomas 

Bog Slade. Issue. 
6. Cora Bennet Griffin, m. Alfred T. 
Eason. Issue: Sarah Griffin Ea- 

IV. Mary Whitmel Wiilliams, m. Dr. Hamp- 

den Sidney Williams (cousins). Issue : 

436 'Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

1. Lucy Thompson Williams, d. unm. 

2. Sarah Rebecca Williams, m. Samuel 

David Williams, her cousin. No 

3. ElisabethWhitmel Williams, d. unm. 

4. Charity Ann, m. Dr. Lucius Gary 

Coke, of Martin Co., brother of 
Senator Coke of Texas (s. p.). 
V. ThOxMas Thompson Williams, m. Mary 
Tunstall Williams. Cousins. Issue: 

1. Samuel David Williams, m. Sarah 

Rebecca Williams (s. p.). 

2. Mary Thompson Williams, unm. 

3. Aurelia Lillington Williams, m. 

Henry Harrington and have issue. 

4. Virginia Whitmel Williams, unm. 
6. Catherine LockhartWilliams,d. unm. 
6. Helen Dawson Williams, num. 

VI. John Dawson Williams, d. unm. 1875. 

VII. Charity Dawson Williams, m. Wil- 

liam Whitmel Anthony. Issue : 

1. Charity Hampden Anthony, m. 

Thomas H. Pritchard. Issue. 

2. Joseph William Anthony, unm. 

3. Lucy Hill Anthony, m. Thomas 

John Thompson. Issue (q. v.). 

4. Mary Anthony, d. unm. 

5. Hezekiah Anthony, d. unm. 

6. Peyton Tunstall Anthony, unm. 

7. Ann Lewis Anthony, unm. 

8. George Garrison Anthony, unm. 

VIII. Ann Maria Williams, m. Dr. Daniel W.. 

Lewis (s. p.). 

AND Their Descendants. 437 

Charity Dawson Williams = Joseph James Pugh. 
Issue : 

I. William, died in infancy. 
II. Henry Percy Pugh (attorney), unmarried, 
and resides at Windsor, N. C. 
III. Dr Thomas Edward Williams Pugh, born 
1850=Sarah Wood Harllee, of South 
Carolina, who bore: 

1. Willie Harllee Pugh, b. Feb. 25, 


2. Francis, died young. 

3. Edward Stewart Pugh, b. Sep. 7, 


4. Alston Glendower, d. in infancy. 
Dr. Pugh resides at Windsor, N. C, and in 

bis section holds a deservedly high rank, 
both as a physician and surgeon. He 
has quite an appreciation for literature 
and art, and is a zealous member of the 
Episcopal Church. 
IV. Laura Slade Pugh = Richard Urqu- 


1. Julian. 2. Donald. 3. Margaret, 
4. Ethel (died). 5. Catherine. 6. Elis- 
abeth. 7. Joseph Pugh ; and 8. 
Richard Norfleet. 
V. Julian Dawson Pugh, d. s. p.^ 1878. 
VI. Joseph Williams Pugh=: Capitol a Mc- 
Rea. Issue : 

1. Joseph Norton. 2. Lucile. 3. Philip. 
4. James. 5. Martin. 6. Mildred. 7. 
Mary Urquhart Pugh, and others. 
VII. Mary Collins Pugh— Reginald Heber 
NoRFLEET (cousins). Issue: 

438 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

1. J. Urquhart Norfleet. 2. Stephen, d. 
3. Sarah Goode Norfleet. 
VIII. Alice Whitmel Pugh = Wm. Eutledge 
MoxBY. Issue : 

1. Wm. Pugh McKenzie Moxby. 

2. Laura Pugh Moxby. 

3. Richard Norfleet Moxby. 

IX. Francis Slade Pugh, in city of Mexico. 
X. Caroline Walton Pugh = Marmaduke 
Norfleet (1st cousins). Issue: Charity, 
Francis, and others. 

Thomas J. Pugh, cousin to Joseph James Pugh, was the 
son of John Hill Pugh=Elisabeth Lockhart, daughter of 
James Lockhart ^. 

The family of Pugh is among the oldest in the colony. 
It is Welsh, and originally was ap-Hugh. They had their 
coat of arms. 

5 Gen'l Wm. Williams=iElisabeth Williams. 

9 I. Martha Boddie Williams m. Wm. McKinzie 

Clark, Sr., and bore 9 children, (g. v.). 
II. Henrj Guston Williams m. Louisa James, and had 
1 son, Blake Baker Williams, and 1 daughter. 

10 III. Elisabeth Williams m. Reuben Carnall, and had 

issue, (g. v.^ . 

11 IV. Tempie Williams m. Col. Andrew Joyner (whose 

2d wife was Mrs. Hutchins G. Burton, widow 
of Gov. Burton, and dau. of Willie Jones) , and 
had issue (g. -y.). 

12 V. Samuel David Williams m. Mary Catherine 

Lockhart Tunstall, daughter of Peyton Ran- 
dolph Tunstall and Mrs. Rebecca Bryan 
Barnes, his wife, and had issue, (g. v.). 

13 VI. Rev. Wm. Whitmel Williams, M. E. Church, 

AND Their Descendants. 439 

ra. Nancy Bryan Pugb, and had issue. 2d 
wife, Elisabeth Harvey, issue, {q. v.). 

9 Martha Boddie Williams and Wm. McKenzie 
Clark, Sr. Issue: 

I. Martha Ann Cathcart Clark m. Hon. 
Lewis Thompson. Issue : 

1. Thomas Whitmel Thompson, m. 

Helen McKenzie Clark, s. p. 

2. Wm. Clark Thompson m. Virginia 

Ann Griffin. 

3. Mary Bond Thompson m. Burges 

Urquhart. Issue : 

(1) Lewis Thompson Urquhart, 

d. unm. 

(2) Martha Thompson Urqu- 

hart, unm. 

(3) Mary Norfleet. 4. Marga- 

ret McKenzie. 
(5) Louisa Hill. (6) Burges, 

all unm. 
(7) Annie "Whitmel Urquhart, 

died young. 

4. Martha Clark Thompson, d. 1867 at 

18 years. 
14. II. Mary Janet Clark m. Charles J. P. Alston, 

sou of (Congress) Willis Alston ; q. v. 
for issue. 
30 III. Dr. William McKenzie Clark, Jr., m. Mar- 
tha Pettway, dau. of Mark H. Pettway 
and Marina C. Williams, {q. v.). 
IV. Martha Clark m. Ansel B. Urquhart,, 
of Isle of Wight county, Va. Issue : 

I. Henry, died unm. II. Major 

440 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

Charles Fox Urquhart, killed 
in C. S. A. 

III. Kennith Clark Urquhart m. 

Mary Boy kin. 

IV. Wm. Clark Urquhart, d. 1878. 
V. Dr. Richard Urquhart, U. S. 

VI. James B. Urquhart. VII. Dr. 
Francis Urquhart. 
VIII. Reuben Carnall Urquhart. IX. 
Martha Clark Urquhart. 
X. Nannie Urquhart = Richard 
Boykin, and have issue. 
XL Samuel Clark Urquhart, d. s. p. 
XII. Mary Virginia Urquhart, died 

XIII. Margaret Urquhart, d. unm. 

XIV. Walter Urquhart, d. s. p. 

V. Harriet Joyner Clark and Dr. Charles 
Smallwood. Issue : 

(1) Mary Lockett, m. Dr. John Samuel 

Griffin. Issue [q. v.) 

(2) Martha AVilliams Smallwood, d. 


(3) Rebecca Brehan, d. young. 

(4) Sarah Thomas, d. young. 

(5) Lewis Thompson Swallwood, ra. 

Mady Hardy. 

(6) Dr. John Pugh Smallwood, m. An- 

toinette Norfleet. 

(7) Frances Whitmel Smallwood, m. 

Dr. Alanson Capehart, and have 1 
VI. Col. David Carnall Clark, m. Elisabeth 
Harris, and have issue, viz. : 

AND Their Descendants. 441 

(1) Alice Maria Clark, m. Dr. David 

Lucas, and have 1 son, Carnall 
Clark Lucas. 

(2) Samuel Johnson Clark, Jr., m. 

Mary E. Nicholson. 

(3) Thomas Harris Clark, killed on 


(4) Margaret Ann Clark, m. Samuel 

J. Harris. 

(5) \Vm. McKenzie Clark, d. at 5 years. 

(6) James Harris, uum. 

(7) Nena Elisabeth, unm. 

(8) Mary T., unm. 

(y) David Carnall Clark, Jr., unm. 

(10) Whitrael McKenzie, d. in infancy. 

(11) Estelle Ferdinand, unm, 

(12) Joseph John, unm. 

VII. Samuel Johnson Clark, m. Tempie Thorne, 
who survived him and afterwards married as 
his 2d wife, John Buxton Williams. No 

YIII. Dr. Kenneth McKenzie Clark, m. Mar- 
tha Carnall. Issue : 

(1) Elisabeth. 

(2) Rosa. 

(3) Clara. 

IX. Gavin Hogg Clark, m. Rebecca Hilliard, 
of Nash county. Issue: 

(1) Martha Rebecca, m. — Drake. 

(2) Kenneth McKenzie Clark. 

(3) Harriet Janet, m. — Drake, of 

Nash county. 

(4) Collin McKenzie, and 

(5) Gavin Hogg Clark, Jr. 

442 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

(6) Lucy Hilliard, and 

(7) Jesse Hilliard Clark, are all unm. 

10 Elisabeth Williams and Reuben Caexall. Is 

sue : 

(1) Dr. Reuben Carnall, m. — Sprague, 
and have issue. 

(2) Mary Emily, m. Dr. — Smith, of 


(3) Martha Caruall, m. Dr. Kenneth 

McKenzie Clark, {q. V,) 

(4) Wm. Williams Carnall, ra. Mar- 

garette Wyche. 

11 Tempie Williams and Col. Andeew Joyner. 

Issue : 
I. Elisabeth Harriet Joyner, m. Rev. 
Robert Oswald Burton. Issue : 

(1) John Oswald Burton. 

(2) Andrew Joyner Burton. 

(3) Robert Oswald Burton, Jr., m» 

Mary Carroll, issue. 

(4) Henry Joyner Burton, unm. 

II. Martha Wms. Joyner=Archb'd Alex'r 
Austin. 3 ch. 

(1) Sarah Bridgemau Austin = 1st 

Stirling H. Gee, Jr. [q. v.) who 
served in the C. S. Army. She 
married 2d, Matthew Allen Hamil- 
ton, and has 6 children, [q. v.) 

(2) Tempie AVilliams Austin = Hon. 

Chas. J. Gee, M.D. {q. v.) He was 
a member of the convention that 
separated North Carolina from the 

AND Their Descendants. 443- 

Union, and signed the Articles of 

(3) Elisabeth Austin=Richard Hay- 

wood Badger. 
After the death of Arch'd. Alex. Austin, his 
widow married Frank Haywood, and had 
2 ch., viz.: 

(4) M. Haywood, and 

(5) Frank Haywood. 

III. Dr. Henry Joynek, m. Anne Pope. Issue: 

(1) Tempie Williams Joyner. 

(2) Nannie, m. Dr. Zollicoffer. 

(3) Andrew Joyner, 

(4) William. 

(5) Sarah, d. young. 

IV. TEMriE Williams Joyner, m. Willie Jones 

Eppes, of Virginia. Issue: 

(1) Martha Eppes, m. Col. Gauntt. 

(2) Tempie Eppes, m. — Gauntt. 

(3) Nellie Eppes, m. John Gary Page^ 

(4) Andrew Joyner Eppes, and 

(5) Sarah Eppes. 

V. Mary Camilla Joyner, m. Wni. E. Daniel. 
Issue : 

(1) Sarah, died, and 

(2) John Jones Daniel, unm. 

12 Samuel David Williams aud Mary C. Lockhart 
Tun stall. Issue: 
I. Dr. Hampden Sidney Williams married Mary 
Whitmel Williams, dau. of Sam'l Williams 
and Mary Whitmel Thompson, for issue {q.v.y 
6 II. Elisabeth Whitmel, m. John Philip, son of 

Lewis Alston Williams and Priscilla Kear- 
ney {q. V.) issue. 

444 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

III. Ben Ashley Atkinson Williams, d. of yellow 

fever in Louisiana. 

IV. Rebecca Bryan Williams, m. James H. Tyler. 

s. p. 
V. Mary Tanstall Williams, m. Thomas Thomp- 
son Williams, son of Sam'l Williams and 
Mary Whitmel Thompson, [q. v.) for issue. 
13 VI. Rev. Wm. Whitmel Williams, of M. E. 
Church, and = 1st wife, Nancy Bryan 
Pugh: Issue: 

(1) Wra. Whitmel Williams, Jr., m. 1st, 

Cornelia Webb. Issue: 1. Charles 
Cornelius Williams, killed at 
Vicksburg. 2d wife : Emeline 
LaMotte ; issue : 2. Samuel David 
Williams. 3. Austin Bryan. 4. 
Pugh LaMotte, and others. 

(2) Solomon Pugh Williams m. 

Bourke, of Louisiana. 

(3) Winifred Tempie m. Rev. Benj. 

Watson, of M. E. C, S. Issue: 

1. Annie Watson. 2. Willis Som- 
erville Watson, and others. 

(4) Jane Bryan m. John Armstead 

Miller, of Halifax county, Va. 
Issue: 1. Wm. Armstead Miller. 

2. John Emory Miller. 3. Annie. 
4. Richard Thomas. 5. Edward 
Barbee. 6. Wesley Watson. 

(5) Dr. Henry Fletcher Williams m. 

Laura Slade Pugh. Issue: 1. 

Henry Augustus Williams m. 

Helen . 2. Frances Helen 

Slade Williams m. Timothy Iredell 
Phelps ; have large family. 

AND Their Descendants. 445' 

(6) Anu Eliza Williams m. John Dever- 

eux and went to Texas. Rev. 
Wra. Whitmel Williams, by 2d 
wife = Elisabeth Harvey, had 

(7) Simmons Baker Williams. (8) Mary. 

(9) Martha. (10) Caroline; and 
(11) Ann. 

'2 Captain Solomon Williams married, 1764= Tempie 
BoDDiE, and died Aug. 23, 1794. Issue: 

15 I. Henry Guston Williams b. May 24, 1765; 

married Aug. 15, 1793, to Lucy Tunstall, 
born May 22, 1775, daughter of Wm. Tun- 
stall= Betsy Barker, half-sister to Colonel 
Thomas Pugh, Sr., [q-v.). 

16 II. Major William Williams=lst, Ruina Webb; 

= 2d wife, Elisabeth Kearney, daughter of 
Philip Kearney=Elisabeth Kinchen, {q. v.). 

17 III. Samuel Williaras^-lst, Mary Person ; = 2d 

wife, Mary Eaton, (g. v.). 
5 IV. Elisabeth Williams = Gen'l Wm. Williams 

(1st cousins), son of Col. Wm. Williams 

and Elisabeth Whitmel, {q. v.). 
IS V. Mary \Villiams= William Eaton, (g. v.). 
19 VI. Tempie Boddie Williams = George Tunstall, 

son ofWm.Tunstall=Betsy Barker,* {q. v.). 

* Thomas Barker, son of Thomas Barker and Bethia Little, 
of Edenton, N. C. Married 1st, Mrs. Pugh, nee Ferabee Savage ; 
2d, Mrs. Craven nee Penelope Pagett. 

Elizabeth, only child of Thomas Barker and Ferabee Savage, 
married Col. William Tunstall. 
Their children: 

Peyton Randolph. 
Nathaniel, died young. 
Thomas, died young. 
Ann, married Edmund V. Tunstall. 
Lucy, married Henry G. Williams. 
George, married Tempe Williams. 
Elizabeth, married Frank Pugh. 
William, married Sarah Pugh. 

446 Samuel and Elisabeth (Adston) Williams 

15 Henry Guston Williams^Lucy Tuxstall. Issue: 

I. Dr. Solomon Williams, b. Aug. 23, 1794 == 

Caroline, dan. of Samuel Alston =Elisabetli 
Faulcou, s. ]>. 

II. William Tunstall Williams, b. July 25, 1796; 

d. s. p. Nov. 30, 1828. 

20 III. Lucy Barker Williams, b. Nov. 30, 1798 — 

Elijah Boddie Perry ; issue, (g. v.). Elijah 
Boddie Perry and Samuel Perry were 
brothers, and married two sisters. 

21 IV. Elisabeth Williams, b. Feb. 4, 1800 = Samuel 

Perry; issue, (g. v). 
,22 V. Henry Guston Williams, Jr., b. April 22, 1802 

=Elisabeth Arrington ; issue, (5. v.). 
23 VI. Mary Tempie Williams; b. July 2, 1804= 

Stirling Harwell Gee ; issue, (g. y.). Stirl- 
ing Harwell Gee and Charles J. Gee were 

brothers, and sons of Neville GeG=:Betsy 

Harwell, and married sisters. 
2\ VII. Marina Caroline Williams, b. July 16, 1806= 

Mark Harwell Pettway; issue, (g. v.). 
25 VIII. Harriet R. Williams, b. Feb. 5, 1809; d. Nov. 

3, 1851=Dr. Landon Clanton; issue (</. v.). 
.26. IX. Martha Louisa Williams, b. Feb. 22d, 1811 ; 

d. Jan'y 13, 1833 ■=. Charles J. Gee ; issue, 

(5. v.). 
X. Samuel Tunstall Williams, b. April 22, 1813; 

d. s. p. 
27. XL John Buxton Williams, b. July 23, 1815=1 st, 

Mary Tempie Hilliard ; issue, ((7. v."). 

=2d wife, Mrs. Sam'l Johnston Clark nee 

Tempie Thorne, s. p. 

20 Issue of Elijah Boddie Perry and Lucy Barker 
Williams, his wife. 

AND Their Descendants. 447 

I. Elijah Perry, d. s. p. 
II. Lucy, ni. William Henry Williams whose 1st 
wife had been Aphia Taylor, and after the 
death of Williams she ra. Clanton. 

III. Dr. Sam Perry m. Bettie Pettway Gee, 

(dau. of Stirling Harwell Gee=Mary Tem- 
ple Williams) and had 3 daughters, viz.: 

1. Mary Boddie Perry, who m. John Al- 
exander Burt and bore 3 children, (q. v.). 
After the death of his wife, John A.Burt 
m. Mary Louisa Gee, dau. of Stirling 
Harwell Gee and aunt of his 1st wife. 

2. Lucy Perry, b. 1854; never married. 

3. Georgie Taylor Perry, b. 1856; m. 
William Willis Boddie, 9 ch. (q, v.). 

IV. Joshua Perrv m. Elisabeth HARWEiiL 

Gee (dau. of Martha Louisa Williams = 
Charles J. Gee), and had 4 ch. viz. : 

1. Louisa Perry m. S. B. Alexander, of 
Charlotte, N. C. 

2. Elijah Perry and 3. Oliver Perry, unm. 

4. Elisabeth Joshua Perry m. — Pleasants. 
Y. Mary Perry m. Archibald Taylor, issue : 

(!) Lucy, m. Dr. Charles Fort and had is- 

1. Frank Fitzhugh. 2. Mary Perry. 
3. AVilliam Edwin. 4. Charles D. H. 

(2) Mildred, m. Taylor and have 

(3'^ Robert Taylor, unm. 

Mary Boddie Perry = John Alexander Burt, 
3 ch. viz.: 

1 . Dr. Samuel Perry Burt m. Viola Lee Davis, 
have 1 dau. Mary Exum Burt, b. 1899. 

448 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

2. Bettie Lee Burt, m. Kemp Plummer Hill, 2 
ch,, John Burt Hill, b. 1896 and Kemp Plum- 
mer Hill, b. 1898. 

3. Emily McKenzie Burt m. William Edmund 
Harrison, 2 ch., Mary Burt Harrison, b. 1894. 
Willie Edmund Harrison, b. 1897. 

Georgia Taylor Perry ^Wm. Willis Boddie, 
9 ch. viz. : 

1. Wm. Willis Boddie, b. Nov. 25, 1877. 

2. Samuel Perry Boddie, b. June 24, 1880. 

3. John Buchanan Boddie, d. in infancy. 

4. Mary Burt, died in infancy. 

5. Stirling Gee, b. April 8, 1886. 

6. Fannie Ricks, b. July 26, 1888. 

7. Betsey Barker, b. Sept. 30, 1890. 

8. Thomas George, b. Dec. 26, 1893. 

9. Lucy Williams, d, in infancy. 

21 Issue of Dr. Samuel Perry= Elisabeth Wil-' 


J. -II. William and Green were twins, Green 
d. and William m. Josephine Yar- 
BORO and have one child, Agnes, who 
ra. William Montfort, and have issue. 

III. Mary, m. Augustus Perry. 

IV. Marina m. Edward Lewis, and have 
issue : 

Sarah, Mary, Edward and Susan. 

V. Caroline, m. Boddie. 

VI. Elisabeth, m. Dr. John H. Reid and 

had no issue, and after the death of his 

wife. Dr. Reid m. her sister. 

VII. Ann, who bore 1 son John H. Reid. 

Afterwards her husband died and she 

AND Their Descendants. 449 

then married Samuel H. Fowlkes, 
June, 1853, and bore him 6 sous and 
2 daughters. 

I. Carrie B. Fowlkes=Joiin B. 
HoGUE, 1878, issue : 

1. J. Herbert Hogue. 

2. Anne Fowlkes Hogue. 

II. S. Perry Fowlkes = Sallie 
Harrison Wilkins, issue : 

1. Samuel H. Fowlkes. 

2. Mattie Kent Fowlkes. 

III. E. Oliver Fowlkes=Mary C. 

Harrison, issue : 

1. Agnes Fowlkes. 

2. Helen Fowlkes. 

IV. Henry W. Fowlkes. 

V. Frank B. Fowlkes =Lillian 
Stratton, Issue : 

Henry Stratton Fowlkes. 
, VI. William M. Fowlkes — Ludie 
Seawell, issue : 

1. Louise Fowlkes. 

2. Anne Fowlkes. 
VII. Walter B. Fowlkes. 

VIII. Lucy m. Kit Irby, and had issue, 
Sam, Tom and Kit. 

I. Sam Irby" m. 1st Sallie 
Reed, dau. of Col. John 
C. Reed, and had 1 son, 
John Irby and 1 dau. 
Sallie Irby. He mar- 
ried 2d wife, Julia 
Shields, dau. of Wm. 
Bryan Shields = Elisa- 

29 al 

450 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

beth Cochran, and have 
several children. 
III. Kit Irby, Jr., m. Mary 
Pegues, dau. of Capt. 
Samuel W. Pegues= An- 
nie Saunders, and they 
have several children. 
IX. Tempie Perry m. Capt. Thomas 
E. Irby, of Gee's Bend, bro- 
ther of her sister's husband. 
They had 4 daughters and 1 son, 
Joseph, who was accidentally 
killed at the age of 17. 

I. Lizzie P. Irby=Abram 
L. Pope, Esq., and they 
have issue : 

1. Tempie A. Pope. 

2. Thomas Irby Pope. 

3. Virginia Pope. 

4. Rebecca E. Pope. 

5. Abram L. Pope. 
II. Lucy Irby=N. J. Davis 

and they have issue. 

1. ThaddeusJ. Da- 


2. Nathanie 1 J. 


III. Rebecca Irby, unm. 

IV. Virginia Irby, din 1883. 
Capt. Thos. E. Irby was 

killed at the battle of Wil- 
liamsburg, Va., in 1862. 
'28 X. Elijah Boddie Perry, Jr., married 

in 1853 to Sallie Barges. They 

AND Their Descendants. 451 

reside in Littleton, N". C, and 
have issue, {q. v.). 
29 XI. Dr. Sam Perry married Salina 

Watkins Jones, and have issue, 
{q. v.). They now reside at 
Birmingham, Ala. 
XII. Henry Perry. 

XIII. Dr. Mark Perry, married Annie 

XI^^. Dr. Sol Perry, married Sallie 


28 Children of Elijah Boddie Perry, Jr., ^Sallie 
BuRGES, his wife, of Littleton, N. C. 

I. Dr. Mark Pettway Perry, born 1858, mar- 
ried in 1884 to Florence Brame, and re- 
sides at Macon, N. C. Their children are: 

1. Sallie Burges, b. 1885. 

2. John Brame, b. 1887. 

3. Elisabeth, b. 1890. 

4. Rosa Govan, b. 189.3. 

5. Florence, b. 1896. 

6. Pattie Burges, b. 1899. 

II. Pattie Burges, born 1861. Lives in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
III. Fannie McKerall, born 1863, m. 1892 to 
James L. Harper, of Elberton, Ga., s. p. 
They reside in Washington, D. C. 

IV. Lucy Tunstal, b. 1866 ; m. in 1887 to L. D. 
Johnson, of Littleton, N. C, and have a 
dau. Rebecca, b. 1892. 
Y. Elijah Boddie Perry, b. 1869; unm. ; drug- 
gist in Littleton. 

452 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

VI. Edward Alston Perry, b. 1875; unm.; den- 
tist in Littleton. 
VII. Sallie Burges, b. 1877 ; unm. 

29 Children of Dr. Sam Perry=Salina Watkins 
Jones. His wife, Salina Jones, was dau. to Wm. 
Albert Jones and Frances Anderson (Lockett), his 
wife, of Marion, Ala. 

I. Albert Jones Perry m. Lizzie Armour, of 
Mobile. Issue : 

1. Samuel Watkins. 

2. Albert J. Jr. 

3. Kate and 4. Bessie Perry. 
II. Henry Watkins Perry, unm. 

III. Fanny Watkins Perry m. John Howze. 

Issue : 

1. Laurence Pettway Howze. 

2. Augusta Cayton Howze. 

3. Fanny Perry. 

4. Samuel Perry. 

5. John, and 6. Charles Perry Howze. 

IV. Anne Pauline Perry m. Rev. Hugh Mc- 

CoRMiCK, Missionary to Mexico and Porto 
Rico. Issue : 

L Kate McCormick, 2. Hugh and 
3. Charles McCormick. 
T. Samuel Perry, Jr. m. Juliette Jolly. 
Issue : 

1. Henry Watkins Perry, Jr . 2. Susie 
Watkins, and 3. Selina Perry. 
VI. Mary Jones Perry m. Guiton Boavers. 
Issue : 

\. Loyd Bowers, 2. Mary Perry and 
3. Fanny Howze Bowers. 
VII. Charles Jones Perry, unm. 

AND Their Descendants. 453 

VIII. Patty Pearl Perry m. James Robinson, 

1. Selina Robiuson. 

2. Oliver Gordon Robinson. 
IX. Tunstal Barker Perry. 

Dr. Sam Perry, father of the above family, graduated in 
medicine in 1854, in Charleston, and settled in Marion, 
Ala., where he practiced his profession for many years and 
attained quite a distinction. lie afterwards removed to 

22 Children of Henry Guston Williams, Jr., and his 

wife, Elisabeth Arrington, issue: 

I. Henry Guston Williams, the 3d,m. — Watson. 
II. Elisabeth m. John Mills, and have 1 dau. 
Martha Mills. 

III. Col. Sol Williams, killed in C. S. Army. 

IV. John Williams, m. Hettie Grandy. 

V. Lucy m. Crawford Cooper and have issue: 

1. Janet, m. — Elliot, of Norfolk. 

2. Lizzie, m. — Biggs, and have issue: 

1. William, 2. Lula and 3. Craword 

3. Henry Cooper. 4. Solomon and 5. 

Crawford Cooper. 
VI. Samuel Williams is an editor, and 
VII. Archibald Williams. 

23 Stirling Harwell Gee=Mary Temperance 

Williams. 4 ch. viz : 

I. Bettie Pettway Gee, b. 1834=Dr. Sam Perry, 

II. Mary Louisa Gee, b. 1836= John Alexander 
Burt, {q. t\). s. p. 

454 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

III. Hon. Charles James Gee^Tempie Wil- 

liams Austin, (dau. of Archibald Alexan- 
der Austin^Martba Williams Joyner), and 
had 2 daughters, viz^: 

Pattie Williams Gee, now in New York, 
and Tempie Williams Gee. 

IV. Capt. Stirling Harwell Gee, Jr.^Sarah 

Bridgman Austin (sister of his brother 
Charles' wife), who bore him no issue. He 
was killed during the civil war. After his 
death his widow married Matthew Allen 
Hamilton, of Baltimore, (but born in Ire- 
land), and has 6 living children, viz. : 

1. Tempie Austin Hamilton. 

2. Matthew Allen Hamilton. 

3. Marion Ewing Hamilton. 

4. Mrs. Dr. James Jones Phillips. 

5. Wm. Howard Hamilton. 

6. Sallie Hamilton. 

^4 Mark Haravell Pettway and his wife, Marina 
Caroline Williams. Children : 

SO I. Martha Harwell Pettway, m. Dr. William Mc- 

Kenzie Clark. 12 children, (g. v.). 

31 II. Lucy Barker Pettway, m. Joseph Speed Jones. 

Issue : 

III. Marina Williams, m.^John Edward Jones. Is- 


IV. Willie Caroline, m. John Edward Jones, (2d 

wife) and had 1 dau., Willie, d. early. 

32 V. Elisabeth Williams, m. William Irby, and had 

11 children, {q. v.) 
VI. Mark Harwell Pettway, Jr. d. s. p. 
S3 VII. Emma Harriet Pettway, m. Charles Osmond 
Jones, {q. v.) 5 children 

AND Their Descendants. 455 

VIII. Sarah Tempie Pettway, m. Richard Armstead 
Davis. 7 children. (No record of them.) 
54 IX. Laura Tunstall, m. Wm. Henry Burwell. 3 

children, {q. v.) 

35 X. Rosa Lee, m. Edward Pegues. 3 ch., (ry. v.) 

36 XI. John Henry Pettway, m. Laura Jones, dau. 

of Wm. Albert and Frances Anderson Jones. 
7 children, ((/. i\) 
XII. Solomon Pettway, died in infancy. 

Mark Harwell Pettway was sheriff of Warren 
county, N. C, for many years, and after- 
wards removed to Gee's Bend, in Wilcox 
county, Ala., where he owned a very large 
landed estate, and where he died. 

SO Martha Harwell Pettway=Dr. Wm. McKen- 
ziE Clark. Issue : 

(1) Helen McKenzie Clark, m. Thomas 

Whitmel Thompson. No issue. 

(2) Wm. McKenzie Clark. 

(3) Marina Temperance Clark. 

(4) Lucy Jones, and 

(5) Samuel, all died unm. 

(6) Dr. Mark Pettway Clark, m. — ^- 


(7) Lizzie Irby. 

(8) Dr. Kenneth McKenzie Clark. 

(9) Patti Clark, all died unm. 

31 Lucy Barker P ett w a Y:=: Joseph Speed Jones. 
Children, viz. : 

1. Mary Speed Jones, died in childhood. 

2. Mark Pettway Joxes, m. NaniNie 
Price Jones, daughter of Alpheus and 

456 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

Lizzie Price Jones, and had 5 children. 
After his death, his widow married his 
younger brother, 

6. John Buxton Williams Jones, and 
bore him 3 children. Her issue : 

1. Alfred Speed. 

2. Mark Harwell. 

3. William Duke. 

4. Lizzie Price. 

5. Lucy Pettway. 

6. Nancy Peters Sanders. 

7. Alpheus. 

8. Joseph Speed. 

She resides in Warrenton, N. C. 

3. Marina Williams Jones, m. Judge Charles 
Alston Cook, of Warrenton, N. C. {q. v.) 

4. William Robert Jones, unm. 

5. Pattie Clark Jones, m. Jonas C. Williams, 
(g. V.) tor issue. 

7. Lucy Barker Jones, m. Samuel Kicks, 
and have 2 children, viz. : 

1. Samuel Soule Ricks. 

2. Josephine Speed Ricks. 

8. Joseph Speed Jones, m. Esther Mc- 
KiNNEY. Issue : 

1. Mattie Nobles. 

2. Lucy Pettway. 

3. Willie Estelle. 

4. Helen Jones. 

9. Dr. Edwin Early Jones, unm., lives in 

10. Tempie Williams Jones, died young. 
After the death of his wife, Lucy Barker Pett- 
way, Joseph Speed Jones married again and 

AND Their Descendants. 457 

had other children. He resides in Warren 
county, N. C. 

S2 Elisabeth Williams Pettuay and Wm Irby. 
Issue : 

I. Charles, m. . 

II. Harriet, m. Beck, had 1 child and then 

III. Marina Caroline, died unm. 

IV. Lizzie, m. 

V. Mary, m. — Mathison, and had 1 sou, 
Alex Mathison. After her husband's 
death, she again married — Jones, by 
whom she bore no issue. 
VI. Thomas. 
VII. William. 
VIII. John. 
IX. Cora, and 
X. Julia, All unm. 

Emma Harriet Pettway and Charles O. Jones. 
Children : 

I. Marina Pettway, m. Andrew Jack- 
son Evans, of Marion, Ala., and have 
issue : 

1. Mary I'rances. 

2. James Gilliland Evans. 

3. Charles Jones Evans. 

4. Emma Pettway Evans. 
II. Laura. 

III. Mary. 

IV. Emma, and 

V. Arthur Albert Jones, are all unm. 

458 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

The above Charles Osmond Jones is the- 
son of Wm. Albert and Frances Ander- 
son (Lockett) Jones. The father of 
Wm. Albert was Thomas Anderson 
Jones, a brother of Dr. Tignall Jones,, 
of Mecklenburg county, Va. 

34. Laura Tunstall Pettway and Wm. H. Buravell's 
children : 

I. William Armstead Burwell, m. Olivia 
Burton, and have 3 children. 
II. Mark Pettway Burwell, ra. Annie Taylor, 
and have 2 children. 
III. Tempie Pettway Burwell, m. Richard 
Blair Boyd, and have 4 children. 

So Rosa Lee Pettavay and Edward Pegues. Children: 

I. Harriet, m. Royal Miree. 
II. Bowles, and 
III. Lee, unm. 

Edward Pegues was the sou of James and 
Harriet E. (Irby) Pegues. He was in 

the C. S. Army ; was captured at 

and imprisoned at Johnson's Island 18 

36 John Henry Pettway and Laura (Jones). 
Children : 

I. Mark Harwell Pettway, m. and has 2 
II. Frank, d. s. p. 

III. John Pettway, Jr. 

IV. Julian. 
V. McDaniel. 

AND Their Descendants. 459 

VI. Marina, and 
VII. Laura, are all unmarried. 

He died at his father's old homestead in 
Gee's Bend, Sept. 8th, 1899. 

Tempie Hilliard Williams=John a. Dameron, 
9 children, viz.: 

(1) Buxton Williams Dameron. 

(2) Julia Mangum Dameron. 

(3) William Henry Dameron. 

(4) John Alexander Dameron. 

(5) Tempie Hilliard Dameron. 

(6) Josephine Leah Dameron. 

(7) Thomas Barker Dameron. 

(8) Lula May Dameron. 

(9) Lillie Bell Dameron. 

Jonas Carr Williams= Martha Clarke Jones, 
(1st wife) 10 children, viz. : 

(1) Eva Thornton Williams m. Cleasy 

Thariugton. Issue : 1 son, viz. : 
Marion Speed Tharington. 

(2) Joseph Speed Williams. 

(3) Lucy Pettway Williams. 

(4) Mary Ann Williams m. Benjamin Thar- 

ington, and have 1 child. 

(5) Tempie Dameron Williams. 

(6) John Buxton Williams m. Marie 


(7) Marina Cook Williams. 

(8) Mark Pettway Williams. 

(9) Francis Graham Williams. 

(10) Pattie Jonas Williams. 

460 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

16 Major' Wm. WiLLiAMS=lst Ruina Webb, Deo. 8, 
1785. Issue : 3 children {q. v.) 
Sept. 1798 = 2d Elisabeth Kearney, (daughter 
of Wra, K.Ivearney=Maria Alston,) issue {q-i\) 
I. Ruina J. Williams d. unra., set. 17. 
S7 II. Robert Webb Williams=Harty Hodge 

Davis, issue {q. v.) 

38 III. Solomon Williams= Maria Alston Kear- 

ney, issue (9. v.) 
By 2d marriage: 

IV. Adaliue Williams=:Johu Jones Alston, 
of Chatham, son of Chatham Jack 
Alston, issue [q. v.) 

39 Y. Tempie Boddie A\'illiams=Dr. Thomas 

Jones, issue [q. v.) 
^2d husband, Dr. Calvin Jones, issue, (q. v.) 
VI. Mary Williams=Robert Bliek. No issue. 

4.0 VII. Margaret Dawson Williams := Horace 

Burton, issue [q. v.) 

4.1 VIII. Elisabeth Williams=Nathau Perry, is- 

sue [q. V.) 

42 IX. Major Joseph John Williamsz=Martha 

James, daughter of Philip Guston 
Alston, issue (9. v.) 

43 X. William Henry Williams = 1st Aphia 

Taylor, issue (q. v.) 
=2d wife, Lucy Perry. 
XL Marina Williams=George W. Alston, 
son of Philip Guston Alston (5. v.) 
XII. Martha Kearney Williams=Nat Macon 
Alston (s. p.) 

37 Robert Webb Williams=Harty Hodge Davts. 
Issue : 

I. Dr. Robert Edgar Williams= Virginia 

AND Their Descendants. 461 

Valeria Kearney (daughter of William 
K. Kearaey=Maria Alston), Issue : 
I. Emma Priscilla Williams=:Joseph 
John Jones, of Warren. 
II. Whitmel Kearney Williams=Lucy 

III. Nicholas Alston Williams = 

Boyce, of Texas. 

IV. Caroline Matilda Williams = Dr. 

Bennett Perry Alston [q. v.) 
V. Laura Eaton \Villiams= James Wil- 
liams Jones, of Warren. 
VI. James Williams, unm. 
VII. Robert Edgar Williams = Bettie 

VIII. William Williams = in Texas. 

IX. Virginia Valeria (Minna) Williams 
=Robert Sutherland. 
X. Robert Lee Williams, unm. 
11. Capt. Archd. Davis Williams, C. S. 
Army, m. Lucy Ann Lewis. Issue : 

1. Elisabeth, m. Capt. Philip Gustou 


2. Robert Edgar Williams d, unm. 

3. Harty Hodge Williams m. Charles 

Ponder, of Edgecomb county. 

4. Eloise Williams m. Dr. Nicholas 


5. Archibald Davis Williams, Jr., unm. 

6. Rosa Williams m. Henry Bryan. 

7. Edward Williams. 

8. Louis Napoleon Williams. 

III. Ruina Temperance Williams m. Samuel 
Thomas Alston (Tom Thumper) for issue- 
(g. V.) 

462 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

IV. Elisabeth Williams m. James Yar- 
BOROUGH. Issue : 

1. Robert Yarborough. 

2. Ruina Yarborough. 

3. James Williams Yarborough. 

y. Martha Williams m. Benjamin 
Thorne Ballard. Issue : 

I. Robert Edgar Ballard ra. Agnes 
Branch. Issue : 

Branch, Annie, Jones, Hodge, 
Nicholas, Robert, Lewis, and 
Van A. 
II. William Henry Ballard m. Mary 
Elisabeth Green. Issue : 

Robert, Wyley, William, 
Victor, Bessie, Thorne, Laura, 

III. Junius Ballard m. Laura Burwell, 

and had 1 child, Junius, Jr. 

IV. Frank S. Ballard m. L. Mabbett 

Clarke. Issue : 

David Clarke Ballard. 
V. Eliza Ballard m. Hugh Egerton. 
VI. Benjamin Walter Ballard m. 
Eleanor Parker, daughter of 
Col. Frank Parker, of Enfield. 
Issue : 

1. Eleanor. 2. Kate. 3. Walter. 
4. Nena. 5. Martha. 
VII. Nicholas Massenburg Ballard. 
VIII. Martha R. Ballard m. Joseph 
Barrow. Issue : 

William and Julia. 

AND Their Descendants. 463 

S8 Solomon Williams =Maria Alston Kearney, dau. 
of Wm. K. Kearney and Maria Alston. 
Issue : 

I. Nathaniel Alston WiLLrAMs=: 
Emma Haywood Alston (dau. 
of Wra. Wms. Alston, of Clarke 
county, Ala., and Mary Haywood 
Burges, his wife). They removed 
to Paris, Tex., and have 6 children. 
ll. Pattie Williams. 

III. Bettie Williams. 

IV. Dallas Williams. 

V. Philip Kearney Williams m. Ruiua 
Alston, of Warren county. 
VI. Sallie Williams m. Nathan Perrv. 
VII. Thomas Williams m. Fannie Lassiter. 
VIII. Walter Williams, unm. 
IX. Solomon Williams m. Kate White, 
uf Warreuton. 

X. Willie Williams m. Eay, of 

Greensboro, N. C. 
XI. Aphia Williams m. John White, of 

^P^Tempie Boddie Williams, and 1st husband. Dr. 
Thomas Jones ; issue, 1 sou, Montezuma Jones, who 
married Elisabeth Wood. 

By 2d husband, Dr. Calvin Jones, 2 daughters 
and 2 sons. 

I. Temperance Octavia m. Edwin Polk and 
have 1 daughter, Octavia Polk. 
II. Mary m. Trion. 

III. Thomas Calvin Jones m. . 

IV. Paul Tudor Jones m. 1st, Jennie Wood ; 2d 

Mary Kirkraan, and have 2 children, Paul 
Tudor and Calvin Jones. 

464 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

Ji.0 Margaret Dawson Williams =: Horace Burton. 
Issue : 

I. Robert Biirtou, d. s. p. II. Martha Burton 

m. Tignal Bratne. 

III. Paul d. unna. IV. Tempie Burton m. 

V. Margarette m. Alston Estes. VI. Octavia, 
VIL Elisabeth ra. Charles Perry (cousins), 
and had 1 son, Nathaniel, who m. Sallie 
Thomas Williams. 
VIII. Adaline, unm. 

Jf.1 Elisabeth Williams ^ Nathan Pery. Children : 
I. William Perry, killed in C. S. army. 
II. Charles Perry m. Elisabeth Burton ; issue, see 
III. Mary Perry m. Dr. Wm W. Green; issue, 1 dau. 
and 1 son ; Elisabeth, who m. Wm. Henry 
Ballard ; Wm. W. Green, Jr., who m. Eliza 
IV. Lavinia m. Dr. Wm. W. Green after her sister 
died, and had 1 dau., Mary Green. 

4^ Major Joseph John Williams = Martha James 

Alston. Issue : 
44 !• Matilda Williams^ Dr. Peter Foster; issue 

II. William Williams. 

Ii.5 III. Margaret Williams=: Whitfield; issue 

(g. tj.). 
IV. Robert Williams. 
V. Anne Eliza Williams, married and issue. 

44 Matilda Williams=Dr. Peter Foster. 
I. Augustus Foster. 

AND Their Descendants. 465 

II. De. Ernest Foster = Mary Cook (1st 
cousins) . Issue : 

1. Lucie Keeble Foster, 

2. Matilda Kearney Foster. 

3. Virginia Donaldson Foster. 

III. Martha Williams Foster=Rev. Paul 

J. Carraway. Issue : 

1. Lola Williams Carraway. 

2. Daisy Foster Carraway. 

IV. Peter Foster = Lutie Cook. Issue: 

1. Mary Louisa Foster. 

2. Peter Stapleton Foster. 

3. Ernest Blacknall Foster. 

V. Matilda Foster = George Brown. 
Issue : 

1. Mamie Ozella Brown. 

2. Peter Foster Brown. 

3. Matilda Turner Brown. 

4. Peyton Brown. 

5. Ernest Wilmot Brown. 
VI. Mary Foster=Eugene Cook. 

VII. Joseph Foster. 
VIII. Frank Reddick Foster. IX. Edward 
X. Junius Foster= Bessie Mathews. Issue: 

1. Hardin Foster. 

2. Kate Foster. 

3. Matilda Foster. 

4. William Foster. 
XI. Lucie Foster. 

^5 Margaret Williams = Whitfield. Issue: 

I. Mary Whitfield. II. Joseph John Whitfield. 
III. Nereston G. Whitfield. 

30 al 

466 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

25 Harriet R. Williams=Dr. L an don Clanton. 

1. Jerome Clanton, m. and d. s. p. 

2. Solomon, and 3. Mark Clanton, unm. 

4. Lucy Clanton m. Adams and had ] dau., 


5. Mary Clanton, m. 

S6 Martha Louisa Williams= Charles James Gee. 

1. Elisabeth Harwell Gee m. Joshua Perry, son of 

Elijah Boddie Perrj=Lucy Barker Williams, 

2. Tempie Hilliard Gee m. Wm. H. H, Hill, 

5 ch., viz. : 

1. Kemp Plummer Hill, b. Sept. 2, 1868 ; 

m. Oct. 2, 1895, to Bettie G. Burt, 
issue 3 ch. 

1. John Burt, b. Sept. 8, 1896. 

2. Kemp Plummer, b. Aug. 5, 1898. 

3. Pattie Gee, b. April 13, 1901. 

2. Charles Gee Hill, b. July 1, 1871. 

3. Joshua Perry Hill, b. Dec. 18, 1873. 

4. Eloise Hill Nov. 29, 1876; m. June 18, 

1900, to William Henry Yarborough, 

5. Elisabeth Gee Hill, b. Jan. 5, 1880 ; m. 

Aug. 3, 1900, to Peter Augustus 
Reavis, son of George James and 
Martha Reavis, and have a son, Peter 
Augustus, Jr., b. July 6, 1901. 

3. Willie Douglas Gee m. James Clanton. 

4. Lucy Henry m. Green Wood, of Arkansas. 

5. Mary Tunstall. 

6. Harriet Loudon. 

7. Archibald Taylor Gee. 

8. Charles James Gee. 

AND Their Descendants. 467 

^7 John Buxton Williams=Mary Tempie Bil- 
liard, 10 ch. viz. : 

1. James Hilliard Williams m. Susan E. Lyon, 

of Alabama {q. v.). 

2. Lucy Tunstall Williams d. unin. 

3. Harry Guston Williams, killed at Malvern 

Hill, in C. S. Army. 

4. Dr. John Buxton Williams (Dr. Buck, of 

Oxford, Granville Co., N. C), m. Carrie 
Peters of Va., {q. v.). 

5. Solomon Buxton Williams m. Eva Thornton, 

of Suffolk, Va. {q. v.). 

6. Tempie Hilliard Williams m. John A. Dam- 

erou, of Va. (9. v.). 

7. Jonas Carr Williams m. 1st, Pattie Clark 

Jones {q. v.). for issue ; m. 2d, Mrs. Wil- 
liams, nee Egertou, and had 1 son, Harry 
Malvern Williams. 

8. Romeo Williams. 

9. Thomas Barker Williams m. Lucy 

Thweatt Jerman (dau. of Dr. T. P. 
Jerman, of Ridgeway, N. C. (7. v.). 
Issue : 

1. Palmer Jerman Williams. 

2. Buxton Barker Williams. 

3. Lucy Sydnor Williams. 

4. Thomas Barker d. young. 

5. Tempie Hilliard died young. 

6. Julia Borden Williams. 

10, Dr. Buxton BoDDiEWrLLiAMS,m. Martha 
Edward Alston (dau. of Alfred Alston = 
Mary Dawson Kearney, 5 ch. 

1. Van Wyck Williams. 

2. Maria Alston. 

3. Henry Buxton. 

468 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

4, Alfred Alston & 

5. Fauny Somerville Williams. 

James Hilliard Willi ams= Susan E. Lyon, 9 cb.^ 
viz. : 

1. John Buxton Williams. 

2. Andrew Lyon Williams m. Lizzie Adams, of 

Alabama, and have 2 cb., Talbot and Susan. 

3. Henry Guston Williams ra. Lizzie McDutfy, 

and have 3 cb., viz. : 

Henry Gaston, Lyle and Lillian Lacy. 

4. Major Lyon Williams. 

5. Virginia Lyon Williams m. Dr. S. Voorhees, 

of New Jersey, and have 2 cb., viz. : 
Lamar and Loyd. 

6. George Clanton Williams m. Mary Campbell. 

7. Tempie Hilliard Williams. 

8. Clanton Jerome Williams and 9. Thomas Bar- 

ker Williams. 

Dr. John Buxton Wjlliams=Carrie Peters. 
1. Tempie Hilliard Williams; 2. William Peters 
Williams; 3. Dr. John Buxton Williams, 
lives in Washington, D. C; 4. Harry Guston; 
5. Mary Peters; 6. Virginia Reed, and 7. 
Laura Williams, all unm. 

Solomon Buxton Williams=Eva Thornton, 8 
ch., viz. : 

(1) Cornelia, m. John L. Henderson and died. 

Her younger sister (4), Daisy Douglass then 
married him. No issue. 

(2) John Buxton Williams m. Emma Ward, 

and have 1 son, viz. : Willard Thornton. 

(3) Percy Thornton Williams. 

AND Their Descendants. 469 

(5) Jouas Carr Williams. 

(6) Susau Garnett. 

(7) Hettie Grandy and 

(8) Alice Vaiden Williams. 

If.3 William Henry Williams = 1st wife, Aphia 
Taylor. Issue : 

1. Dau. Aphia, who married, 1st, — Young, and 
have issue. Married 2d, — Palmer, and 
have issue. 
2d wife, Lucy Perry, had no children. 

17 Samuel WiLLiAMS= Mary Person, 1st wife. = 2d 
wife, Mary Eaton. Issue : 

I. Mary Person Williams=Henry Blount 
Hunter, of Martin county. Issue : 

1. Samuel Hunter. 

2. Asia Hunter=Thomas G. Plum- 

mer. Issue. 

3. Wm. Blount Hunter married, and 

d. s. p. 

4. Henry Blount Hunter, Jr.^^Car- 

oline M. Patterson, and have 
II. Martha Eaton Williams = Dr. John 
Brodie. Issue : 

I. Sam'l Wms. Brodie = Evelina 
Perry. Issue : 

1. Elisabeth Brodie = Dr. 

— Webb. 

2. Caroline Brodie := Jo- 

seph Green. 
II. John H. Brodie = Harriet 
Ligon. Issue : 

1. Charles Brodie = 


470 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

2. John Brodie== Tis- 


3. Rowena R. Brodie, Jr., 

Nat Macon Alston. 

4. Harriet=Charles Reed. 

5. Martha=David Benja- 

min Ballard. 

6. Sarah=: Robert Yarbor- 


7. Mary=Aluston Alston. 

8. Lucy=M. Peurifoy. 

III. Rowena R. Brodie, Sr. = 

Thomas Nicholas Faulcon 
Alston, issue {q. v.). 

IV. Martha A. R. Brodie= Captain 

Charles Kennedy, C. S. army. 
Issue : 1. Tripoli Kennedy. 
2. Charles Kennedy, Jr. 
V. Major Wm. L. Brodie, C. S. A. 
= Drucilla Green, and have 1 
sou, Wm. Green Brodie. 
VI. Charles Edward Brodie d. at 12. 
III. Wm. Person Williams = 1st, Louisa 
Toole, of Edgecomb county. Issue : 
Samuel GeraldusWilliams= Mary Hay- 
wood Ruffin, and had 1 son. 
= 2d wife, Hannah Martin, and had 
issue : 

1 dau., Louisa =i Wm. Barham, of 
Louisburg, and had 3 children : 
1. Louisa, died. 2. William, un- 
married. 3. Hannah = William 
Jones Davis, and have issue : 1. 
William. 2. Martin Jones. 3. Elis- 

AND Their Descendants. 471 

abeth. 4. Richard. 5. Walter. 
6. Edward. 
= 3d wife, Emma Curtis, and had Fraak 
Williams, unm., and Wm. Haywood 
Williams (d. s. p.) 
Sam'l Williams, by 2d wife, Mary Eaton ; 
IV. Rebecca Williams =Dr. Francis Inge 
and bore : 

1. Sam'l W. Inge (M. C), of Ala- 

bama = Hill. He fought 

duel with Stanley, moved to 
California, and was attorney- 

2. Francis Inge, Jr. 

V. John Allen Williams and 1st wife. 

Charity Dawson Alston. Issue : 

I. Dr. Samuel Asbury Williams 

(Buffalo Sam) m. 1st Anna 

Baker. M. 2d, Anna Eger- 

TON. Issue : 

1. John Thomas Williams d. 


2. Mabel m. Keith. 3. 

Samuel, unm. 
4. Maria, unm. 5. Anna, and 
6. Joseph. 
II. Matilda^B. D. Mann. Issue: 

1. Oliver D. Mann= Green. 


2. B. D. Mann, Jr.= —Parker, 

at Enfield. 

3. Wra. R. Mann, unm. 

4. Lilla Maun = Peter 

Eleanor, at Battleboro. 


5. Lizzy Mannm Joseph Carter. 

III. Thomas A. Williams = Rowena 

Radwell, s. p. 

IV. Johu A. Williams, Jr., unra. 

V. Martha = 1st, John Pierce; 
issue 1 dau., Alice, d. 

=:2d husband, Richards ; 

issue, 4 sons. 
VI. Elisabeth = 1st, Peter D. Powell. 
Issue, John C. Powell== Betty Cheek; 2 
sous and 1 dau. 

2d husband, Mark Duke, s. p. 
VII. Mary = Thomas W. Avent, Jr. Issue: 

James W. Avent = Wright ; have 

6 children : 

1. Varana = Jas, Terrill ; issue. 

2. Mary Nich Avent. 3. Hetty 


4. Sarah Arthena. 5. Charles. 
6. Jonas Carr Avent. 

VIII. William Alston Williams = Jane E. 
Twittv; 1 son, Wm. Alston Wil- 
liams, Jr. = 1st, Sallie P. Wright. 
Issue : 

1. John Allen=Matilda Pitts, s. p. 

2. Stella Ann=John T. Duke, two 


3. Aurelia Jane, d. 4. Wade Hamp- 

ton, d. 

5. John Paul Wms. 

=r2d wife, Mrs. Olizenza W. Cooper 
(who had by former marriage 1 dau., 
Mary E. Cooper). Issue: I.Daisy 
Bell Williams. 2. Mary Franklin. 

AND Their Descendants. 473 

3. Thomas Alston Williams, d. 4. 
Harriet E., d. 5. Matilda Roberts. 
After the death of his wife, Charity, 
John Allen Williams again mar- 
ried Mrs. — Barclay, nee Jones, and 
had issue : 

1. Robert G. Williams, killed in 

C. S. A. 

2. Wm. Amos Williams, killed in 

C. S. A. 

3. Rebecca Cooke. 

He married 3d, Mrs. Caroline Irwin. 

18 Mary WilliamSz=:Wm. Eaton. Issue : 

I. Tempie Eaton=Lunsford L. Alsabrook, and 
had 1 son, Jacob E. Alsabrook. 
II. Minerva Eaton d. num. 
III. Mary Harriet Eaton=Alexander H. 
Falconer, 1828. (Clerk of Circuit Court, 
Greene county, Ala., for several successive 
terms) and had issue : 

I. William Falconer, and 
11. Robert Falconer, never married. 

III. Alexander H. Falconer, jR.=lst, 

Emma Lewis. Issue : 

1. J Lewis Falconer, and 

2. Alex. H. Faloner. 

=2d wife, Mary Proctor. Issue : 
L Carrie M. 2. Lula Alston, and 

3. James S. Falconer. 

IV. Minerva=Rev. J. M. Patton, M. E. 

Church, South. Issue: 

1. James M. Patton, and 

2. Joseph E. Patton, d. unm. 

3. Mamie Eaton = Wm. R. Lee, 

474 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

1877, and d. leaving 2 sous, 
Murphy and Marshall Lee. 

4. Sallie Murphy =Dr.D.S. Brock- 

way, 1885, and d. s. p. 
V. Mary Williams=Rev. James M. 
Patton, as 2d wife ; issue : 

5. Mittie E.=Wm. A. Scales, and 

died Oct. 1898, leaving 4 
small children, viz.: Nettie,, 
Patton, Willie T. and John. 

6. Estelle R. died, set. 19. 

7. Emma Nannie. 

8. Carrie Hamilton. 

9. Ernest Williams Patton. 

10. Mattie Lee. 

11. Annie Brockway. 

VI. Bettie Falconer=:W. E. Apple- 
gate. Issue : 

1. Willie married 

2. Mamie Kate. 

3. Hamilton. 

4. Bessie, and 

5. Eddie Perry. 

VII. Samuel E. Falconer died unm. in 1891. 
VIII. John Falconer died unm. 
IV. William, and 
V. Maria Eaton, died unm. 
VL Dr. Samuel W. Eaton^Lucy Brown, and had 

1 son, Lafayette Brown. 
VII. Elisabeth Eaton= Dr. Edward Fa ulcon, 
and have 3 daughters, viz. : Eugenia,, 
Mary and Bettie. 
VIII. Catherine Eaton^Col. Charles Eaton. No 
IX. Bejamiu, and 

AND Their Descendants. 475 

X. Henry Eaton, d, unm. 
XI. Rebecca Eaton, nnm. 

19 Tempie Boddie Williams = George Tunstall. 
I. Samuel Wms Tunstall==Annie Tunstall 
(1st cousins.) Issue: 

1. Ella Tunstall = Hon. Lindsay 
Shoemaker, of Danville, Va. Issue : 

(1) Anna W. Shoemaker. 

(2) Ella Lea Shoemaker. 

(3) Tunstall Shoemaker. 

II. Nathaniel Richard Tunstall=Martha 
Harrison. Issue : 2 daughters. 

III. Mary Emily Tunstall=:zJohn "W. Hunt. 

Issue : 

(1) John Hunt, and 

(2) Lavalett Hunt. 

IV. George Tunstall, Jr. = Mrs. Frances 

Russell, nee Clanton. Issue : 

(1) Mary died young. 

(2) George W. Tunstall, killed in 

C. S. Army. 

(3) Laudon Clanton Tunstall died 

num., 1883. 

(4) Martha Frances Tunstall =Elijah 

Petit, s. p. 

(5) Nathaniel Richard Tunstall=An- 

nie M. Hudgins. Issue : 

(1) Frances Clanton Tunstall, 

b. 1873. 

(2) John Randolph Tunstall, 

b. 1875; d. 1878. 

(3) Whitmel Pugh Tunstall, 

b. 1879. 
V. Elisabeth Barker Tunstall=Nathan Pat- 

476 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

TERSON, of Franklin county, N. C. Issue : 

(1) Dr. Francis Pugh Patterson, of 

Petersburg, Va. = Mrs. Mary 

(2) Caroline M. Patterson=Henry 

Blount Hunter. 

(3) Marianne S. Patterson=lst, Pey- 

ton Randolph Tunstall. 
=2d, James T. Pope. 

(4) Elisabeth Barker Patterson = 

James Turner. 
VI. Lucy H. Tunstall=:Hugh Creighton, of 
Brunswick county, Va. Issue : 

1. Sarah Creighton = James Dent. 


2. Virginia Creighton= Philip Gus- 

ton Alston, of Warren county. 

3. Hugh Randolph Creighton. 
VII.'Tempie Wms. Tunstall was 1st wife of Dr. 

Wm. R. King, of Louisburg ; and his 2d 
wife was Mrs. Jones Fuller, mother of Ed- 
win W. Fuller (the author). Issue: 

1. Mary Tunstall King. 

2. Wm. J. King=PattieS. Sills. 

Issue : 

1. Terapie Lou King. 

2. Gray Richmond King. 

3. Martha Long King. 

3. Dr. Joel E. King=Bettie D. 

Massenburg. Issue : 

1. Laura Jane King. 

2. Marion Norwood King. 

3. Nora Lillingtun King. 

4. Dr. Robert Edward King= 

Della Pope Hunter (cousins). 
Issue : 

AND Their Descendants. 477 

1. Robert Edward King, Jr. 

2. Mary Tuiistall King, 
yill. Peyton Randolph Tunstall (attorney) d. unm. 

S Col. Joseph John Williams, youngest son of Sam- 
uel Williaras= Elisabeth Alston (dau. of John 
Alston, of England), was a member of the Provis- 
ional Congress that met at Halifax, April 4th, 
1776, and May 11th, 1776, appointed one of the 
committee of safety for the State and was member 
of the legislature from Halifax Co., in 1777. He 
died 1818. His will was dated Feb. 15, 1816. 
Was 1st married to Rosannah Connor who 
bore him 
4^ I. Martha Williams=lst, Henry Hill ; 2d, Dr. 

Samuel Thorne. Issue (g. v.). 
4.7 II. Joseph John Williams, Jr.=Elisabeth Nor- 
fleet Hunter Williams. Issue [q. v.). 

III. Henry Williams (no other record). 

IV. Elisabeth Williams (no other record). 

4.S Y. Rosannah Connor \Villiams=Dr. Jessee N. 

Faulcon, issue, {q. v.). 

He married as 2d wife, Elisabeth Al- 
ston, dau. of Philip Alston=Elisabeth 
Whitmel, who bore him 

4.9 VI. Winifred Whitmel Williams=lst, James 
Harris, d. s. p.; 2d, James Harris, (cousin of 
above), son of Eli Harris=Alice Bell, 
issue {q. v.). 

VII. Catherine Williams= Heath (no farther 


SO VIII. William Williams (Pretty Billy) =4 times 
and issue [q. v.). 

61 IX. Elisabeth Williams=Hon. Lemuel Jamea 

478 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

Alston (1st wife), son of Solomon Alston, 
Jr.=Sarah, issue (9. v.). 

His son, William Williams, was his execu- 

■utT-i. f Gideon Alston, 

Witnesses: I j^j^^^^^^^^j 

4.6 Martha WiLLiAMS=lst, Henry Hill; 2d, Dr. Sam- 
uel Thorne. 

I. Joseph John Hill, killed by fall from horse 
in early mauhocd. 
II. Henry Hill Thorne = Elisabeth Williams 
(first cousins), s. p., and after his death his 
widow married Dr. Joseph Drake and had 
1 ch. who died iu infancy. 

III. Samuel Thorne, Jr., d. unm. 

IV. William Williams Thorne=Tempie Wil- 

liams Davis. Issue: 

I. Wm. Henry Thorne=Martha 
Jane Alston, dau. of Major Al- 
fred Alston and Mary A. Plummer. 
Issue : 

1. Mabbett Thorne d. y. ; 2. 
Lucy Davis Thorne ; 3. Mar- 
tha Davis Thorne ; 4. Anna ; 
5. Samuel ; 6. Wm. Henry 
Thorue, Jr.; 7. Eudora ; 8. 
Mary W. T. 9. Tempie Leila ; 
10. Susan L. 
11. Martha E. Thorne = Thomas W. 
Nicholson, 11 children: 

1. Henry W. Nicholson, killed in 

C. S. A., 1865, at Petersburg. 

2. Guilford Nicholson = B e tti e 

Winter, of Miss. 

AND Their Descendants. 479 

3. Ed Thorue Nicholson, C. S. A., 

killed at Petersburg. 

4. Thomas W. Nicholson, Jr., 

drowned in youth. , . y 

5. Edmund P. N. d, s. p. '■ * ■ '-'*'^- 

6. Sarah M.=John M. Hobson, 

and have 1 dau., Martha 
Thomas Hobson. 

7. Samuel Thorne Nicholson. 

8. Joseph W. Nicholson = Alice 

Eudora Clark (1st cousin). 

9. Mason Wiggins Nicholson. 

10. James M. Nicholson, drowned 

after leaving college. 

11. Anna Thorne Nicholson. 

III. Anna Maria Thorne=Gen. David 
Clark, of Halifax Co. Issue : 

1. Col. Walter Clark, C. S. A. 

Susan Washington Gra- 
ham, dau. of Hon. W. A. 
Graham, and have issue: 

1. Susan Washington Clark. 

2. David Clark. 

3. Wm. Alexander Graham 

4. Anna Thorne Clark, (d). 

2. David Clark, Jr., and 3. Sam- 

uel Thorne Clark, d. y. 

4. L. Mabbit Clark=Frank C. 

Ballard, and have 1 son, Da- 
vid Clark Ballard. 

5. Anne L. Clark. 

6. Ed Thorne Clark=Margaret 

Lillington, and have 1 son, 
Edward Lillington Clark. 

480 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

7. Alice Eudora Clark^Joseph 

W. Nicholson, [q. v.). 

8. Henry Norfleet Clark. 

9. Martha Thorne Clark=Robert 

B. Patterson, and have 1 son, 
Henry N. Patterson. 

10. Lucy Nicholson Clark. 

11. Sarah L. H. Clark. 

12. David, and 13. Mary White, 

ly. Mary E. Mabbett Thorne=Kemp 
Plummer Alston, {q. v.), son of 
Major Alfred AlstoD and Mary A. 
V. Samuel T. Thorne=Mary Whit- 
mel Harris. Issue : 

1. Tempie W. Thorne. 

2. Silas Owens Thorne. 

3. Annie B. 

4. Nina B. 

5. Samuel T. and 6. Thomas 

Whitmel Harris Thorne. 
VI. Edward Alston Thorne= Alice M. 
Harris. Issue : 

1. Tempie Thorne, 2d wife of Jo- 

seph Towns, whose 1st wife 
was Caroline Branch, s. p. 

2. William Henry Thorne, and 

3. James Harris Thorne, d. y. 

4. Martha Helen Thorne^Capt. 

Silas Owens, of Oxford, Miss. 

5. Elisabeth Harris Thorne. 

6. Edward Alston Thorne, Jr» 

7. Thomas Harris Thorne. 

8. Mary Thorne. 

9. Buxton Thorne. 

AND Their Descendants. 481 

VII. Tempie Davis Thorue == 1st, Samuel 
Johuson Clark. 

2d, Hon. John Buxton Williams 

VIII. Lucy E. Thorne = Blake Baker 
Nicholson. Issue: 

(1) Tempie=Erasmus A. Daniel, 

and have 2 sons : 

Erasmus A. Daniel, Jr., 
and Blake Baker Daniel. 

(2) Dk. Samuel Thorne Nichol- 

son = Anne Lucas, of 
Beaufort, N. C. Issue: 

1. David Lucas Nichol- 

son, d. y. 

2. John Nicholson. 

3. Blake Baker N., d. y. 

4. Lucile. 

(3) Dr. John T. Nicholson. (4) 

Ida Mabbett Nicholson. 
(5) Thomas. (G) Blake Baker N., 

Jr. (7) Plummer N. 

(8) Mary B. (9) Willie N. (10) 

Lucile E. (11) Kate N. 

IX. John Davis Thorne = Kate M. 

Thompson, of Louisiana. Issue: 

(1) Samuel Thorne, d. y. (2) 

Henry Hill Thorue. 
(3) Addie Thorne. (4) William. 
(5) Frank. (6) John Davis 
Thorne, Jr. 
X. EudoraThorne, bornDec. 4, 1838, 
Alfred Alston, son of Major 
Alfred Alston ; for issue, (/. i\ 
XL Archibald Davis Thorne, d. y. 

31 al 

482 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

Children of 

V. Elisabeth Williams Thorne = Dr. Benj. 
Ballard : 

(1) Beni.T».orue Ballard=Martha Wil- 
liams ; 8 children. 
2) Dr. Wm. Henry Ballard = Mary 
Whitmel Piigh ; 5 children. 

4.7 I. Joseph John Williams, Jr. = Elisabeth 
NoRFLEET Hunter Wms. 
Elisha Williams, of Roanoke = Sarah Josie. 
Issue : William, Josiah, Elisha, and 
Elisabeth who m. the above Joseph John 
Williams, Jr., and bore 3 children: (1) 
Jas. Connor Wras. d. in boyhood. (2) Jo- 
seph John (3d). (3) Elisabeth Alston Wms. 
who m. 1st Henry Thorne, s. p., and 2d m. 
Dr. Nicholas J. Drake, and had 1 ch. who 
died in infancy. 
After the death of Joseph John Williams, Jr., 
his widow, Elisabeth, ra. Hon. Lem'l James 
Alston as 2d wife, but had no issue by this 
second marriage. 
The children of Joseph John (3d) and Mary 
Kearney Davis his wife (the daughter of 
Archibald Davis and Elisabeth Hilliard), 
were : 
I. Jos. John Williams, 4th, who died unm. while 
at college. 
II. Dr. Thomas Calvin Williams = Virginia 
Pryor Boyd. Issue : 

(1) Mary Boyd=Tho'mas Tillery. (2) Lucy 
Ellen Williams. (3) Thomas C. Wil- 

AND Their Descendants. 483 

Dr. Thos. C \¥illiams=lst Alice Faiil- 

con. Issue one ch., Jessie Faulcon. 
M. 2nd, Sallie Gillam, of Bertie, s. p. 
III. Mary Elisabeth m. Dr. Peter B. Hawkins. 
Issue : 

(1) Mary Davis. (2) Lucy Wms. (3) Elis- 
abeth. (4) Maud. (5) Annie. (6) 
Joseph Warren. (7) Peter B. (8) 
Thomas W. m. Sallie Yaughan, of 
Murfreesboro, N. C, and have 4 chil- 
dren. (9) Rufus. 
ly. Lucy Eugenia m. Col. Wm. H. Polk, of Ten- 
nessee (brother of President James K. Polk). 
Issue : 

(1) Wm. H. Polk, Jr., who m. Miss Mara- 

ble, and d. s. p. 

(2) Tasker Polk m. Lilia Tannahill 

Jones, and have 2 children, Wm. 
Tannahill Polk and Mary Tasker 

This most excellent matron, now living at Warrenton, 
has quite a collection of old family portraits and other 
souvenirs of the past. Among them is the military hat 
worn by Gen'I Sauta Anna during the Mexican war; also 
the scarlet cap and cloak of Padre Jarauta (a Roman Cath- 
olic Cardinal). This Padre was a guerilla chief, who upon 
being pursued by the U. S. soldiers, cast away his cap and 
cloak, which rendered him very conspicuous, so as to facil- 
itate his escape. These were taken by Col. Polk, who was 
in pursuit at the time, and brought home as a trophy of 
the war, together with Sauta Anna's hat. 

4.8 Rosa Connor Williams = Dr. Jesse N". Faulcon. 
I. Lucretia Faulcon = Col. Daniel B. 
Allen. Issue : 

484 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

(1) Christopher Blake Alleii:= — Alston; 

10 children ; went South. Their 
daughter, Pattie, ra. Tillery. 

(2) Martha Allen = Alston, s. p. ; 

went South. 

(3) Anne Allen = John Laueence, 

of Scotland Neck, N. C. Issue, 
Mamie and Willie Laurence. 
II. Elisabeth Williams Faulcon d. unm. at 20 yrs. 
III. John Faulcon = 1st, Nancy Parke Eaton. 
= 2d,. Mary Jenkins, half sisters, s. p. 
ly. Isaac Faulcon = 1st, Martha Falconer. 
= 2d, Mrs. Fannie Clanton. Issue : 

(1) James A. Faulcon = — Alston ; issue. 

(2) Robert Faulcon = Owens and 

have 1 dan., who m. Hines. 

(3) Jesse Faulcon = Maria Vesuvia 

Brown. Issue: 

1. Walter Faulcon. 

2. Alice = Thomas C. Williams 


3. Jessie Faulcon. 

4-9 Winifred W^hitmel Williams=James Harris. 
Issue : 

I. William Henry HARRis=lst, Matilda 
Alston, daughter of Gideon Alston and 
Frances Atherton. No issue. 
2d wife, Margaret Scales, of Tennessee. 
Issue : 

1. Thomas Whitmel Harris. 

2. Sarah Harris=Col. Conner. 

II. Jos. John Harris d. unm., 21 years of age. 

III. Thomas Whitmel Harris, of Panacea 

Springs, = Martha Helen Hardee 

AND Their Descendants. 485 

Kearney, dau. of Wm. Kiucben Kear- 
ney and Maria (Alstou) bis wife. Issue : 

(1) Alice M. Harris = Edward A. 

Thorne, of Halifax. 

(2) Elisabeth Matilda =David Clarke, 

of Enfield, N. C. 

(3) James \yras. Harris, unra. 

(4) Ozella^^Capt. A. B. Bartlett, of 


(5) Cornelia = Col. Silas Owens, of 


(6) Heury Ferdinand Harris =: 1st, 

Anne Foule, of Washington, 
D. C. 
=2d, Minnie Wiggins, of North 
Carolina, issue, 1 son, Willis 
Blount Hill Harris. 

(7) Mary Whitmel Harris = Sam'l 

T. Thorne, of North Carolina. 

(8) Jos. John Williams Harris=Ro- 

berta Wiggins, and lives in 

(9) Thomas Whitmel Harris, unm. 

(10) William Kearney Harris, d. s. p. 

(11) James Norfleet Harris = Linda 

Roach, of Mississippi. 

Eli Harris = Alice Bell, Issue : 

1. Mildred, b. Oct. 9, 1773. 

2. James, b. Nov. 13, 1775= Winifred Whitmel, dau. of Jos. 

Jno. Williams = Elisabetli Alston.* 

3. West, b. April 7, 1777. 

4. Blount, b. Jan. 6, 1779. 

5. Thomas, b. — , 1782. 

6. Rowe, b. April 3, 1785. 

7. Mary, b. Nov. 23, 1787. 

8. Henry, b. Dec. 9, 1789. 

9. Ins, b. April 7, 1792. 

10. John, b. March 15, 1795. 

486 Samuel and Elisabeth (Alston) Williams 

IV. EosA \Villia:ms Harris = William 
Branch, half brother to Gov. Branch. 
Issue : 

(1) Norwood Branch. 

(2) Caroline Branch. 

(3) Thomas Branch. 

(4) Julia Branch, and 

(5) Mary Branch. 

60 William Williams (Pretty Billy) =Elisabeth Alston 
(dau. of Samuel Alston ^Elisabeth Faulcon). 
Issue : 

I. Gen'l Samuel A. Williams=Sallie Haw- 
kins (dau. of Col. Joseph" Hawkinsr=: 
Martha Hardee Alston) and have 1 dau., 
Sallie Williams, who married Nicholas 
Long, Jr., and their son, William Williams 
Long, married 1st, Sallie Mason, of North- 
ampton, and 2d, s, p. 

WMlliam Williams' 2d wife was Elisabeth Matilda 
Alston (dan. of Lt. Col. William Alston r=Mar- 
tha Hardee) s. p. 
=3d wife, Malissa Burges. Issue : 

Malissa E. M. WilliamsrriJohn Joseph 
Long, and have 

(1) Ellen Williams=Gen'l Junius 
Daniel, C. S. A. s. p. 

(2) Emily=: — Conningland, s. p. 

(3) John Joseph Longr=Sallie Rid- 
ley, of Virginia. Issue: 

1. Nannie Williams Long. 

2. John Joseph Long, Jr. 

3. Robert Ridley Long. 

4. AVillie Williams Long= 
' — Faucett, and has 1 dau. 

AND Their Descendants. 487 

Ellen Daniel Faucett, who 
married and has 1 daughter. 

= 4th wife, Delia Bryan, who 1st married — Hay- 
wood, and had no issue, and whose 2d 
husband was Wm. Williams, to whom 
she bore 2 children : 1. Col. Jos. John 
Williams, of Tallahassee, Fla., who m. 
Eliza Helen Thompson, and 2. Eleanor 
Elisabeth, who died in 1844. 

Delia Bryan surviving her 2d husband, afterward mar- 
ried Hon. George E. Badger. 

Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney. 489 

la Thy Name Armen, This sixteenth day of Aug. one 
thousand seven Hundred & Sixty-Four. 

I, Thomas Kearney, of Halifax Co., in the Province of 
North Carolina, being sick, in low body, though in perfect 
mind & memory, thanks be to God for same, re-calling to 
mind the mortality of my body, & the knowledge that it 
is appointed for all men to die, Do make & ordain this 
my last Will, ct Testament, is to say principally first of all, 
I commend my soul to the mighty God who gave me ray 
body, the last to be buried in a christiau-like manner. 

I give & bequeath to my loving Wife Sarah Kearney, 
three negroes, that is Sharper Ducken, & his two sons ; 
Two of the old work horses ; & half of all my Furniture. 

2d. I give & bequeath to my loving Son Edmond Kear- 
ney, Four negroes fellows, Sampson, Cato, Pompi, Lowus, 
which he has now in his possession, Hariet. 

3d. I give & bequeath to my loving Son Phillip Kearney, 
the plantation, whereon I now live, with all the land ad- 
joining same, belonging in principle to his heirs forever, 
leaving the use of the Maunor Plantation, with the land 
adjoining it on the north side, Beaver Dam swamp, & east 
side Mill swamp, to my Wife Sarah Kearney during her 
natural life. 

I also give, to my aforesaid son Phillip Kearney, six ne- 
groes. Jack, Brutus, Kiugley, Cyrus, Auakee, Gee, that is 
now in his quarters, in his possession, also all the negroes, 
at the home plantation, that is not already bequeathed, to 
my son Phillip, his heirs & assigns. 

I also give & bequeath to my son Phillip Kearney, his 
Heirs & Assignees, all ray stock, cattle, horses, hogs, &c., 
the one-half of all my household goods, after my just debts 
are paid. 

490 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

I also bequeath to my son Phillip Kearney, all the residue 
of my estate, real or personal, in whatsome ever it may be 
found, to him, his heirs & assignees forever. I do by these 
present, appoint my sou Phillip Kearney to be sole Executor 
of this my last Will & Testament. I do hereby revoke 
all & every other Will by me tormally made, certifying, 
confirming this & no other to be my last Will. Witnessed 
whereunto I set my Lord's seal, the day and year before 

Thomas Kearney. 

Signed, Sealed, Probated this Thomas Kearney, last 
Will & Testament in presence of us the subscribed, that is 
to say Will book No. 1, P. 146. 

Joseph Williams Hannly. 

James Kilpateick, 

Archibald Huston. 

This indenture, made the Twenty-fifth day of March, in 
the year of our Lord, one thousand, seven hundred and 
iorty-nine, & in the twenty-second year of the reign of our 
Loving Lord, George, the second, By the Grace of God, 
of great Britain, &c. 

Between the right Honorable John Earl Granville, Vis- 
count, &c., of the one part, & Thomas Kearney, of Edge- 
combe County, in the Province of JSTorth Carolina, of the 
other part, whereas &c., This indenture witnesseth. That 
as well for & in consideration, of the sum of three shillings 
proclamation money, to the said John Earl Granville, in 
hand paid, by the said Thomas Kearney, at or before the 
ensealing & delivering of these present, the receipt whereof 
the said Earl doth hereby acknowledge, &c., he the said 
Earl hath given, granted, bargained, sold, & confirmed, & 
by these present, Doth give, grant, bargain, sell & confirm 
unto said Thomas Kearney, his heirs & assigns for ever, all 
that piece & parcel of land, situated, lying ct being in the 

AND Their Descendants. 491 

Parish of & county of Edgecomb, in the province of North 
Carolina, in America, on the east side the Beaver Dam 
Swamp, beginning at a Pine, Joseph John Alston's corner, 
then along his line N. 50et, one hundred & twenty-seven 
poles, to a red oak, then N. SOivt Eighty to a red oak, in 
Edmond Kearney's line, then along his line South 4i0wt 
one hundred & forty-eight poles to a Sweet Gum, Kearney's 
Corner on the swamp, then down the swamp to the first 
station two hundred acres, of land, all which premises, are 
more particularly described & set forth in the plan or map 
thereof, Have & to hold, &c., Be it remembered, &c. 

Signed E. Moseley & Seal. 

Benj. Wyxns, 

John Alston. 

Edgecombe Co., Feby. Court, 1756. This deed of sale, 
was in open-Court duly proven by the oath of Benj. Wynns, 
Gent., & on motion ordered to be registered. 

Test Jos. Montfort, 

Clerk Court. 

State of North Carolina, 
Halifax Co. 

I, Frank Brinkley, Reg. of Deeds in and for the County 
of Halifax, State of North Carolina, do hereby certify, that 
the above deed is a true and correct as appears on records 
in this office. 

Recorded by order of the Court, Feb'y, 1756. Book 
No. 2. Page 385. 
This May 31st, 1893. 

Sig. Frank Brinkley, 

Reg. Deeds. 

k Thomas Kearney =Saeah Alston. 

It is not known when these parties were married, 
although it was most probably not later than 
1730-2. Nor is it known when he came to 

492 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

the coloDy, or whether he came alone or with 
others of the name. We find at Hampton, in 
1713, a merchant named Edmond Kearney, con- 
tributius: to the relief and maintenance of a 
clegyman in Albemarle county, and whose 
brother, Micheal Kearney, had obtained a pat- 
ent for 640 acres of laud at Cassia in 1717. 
Thomas Kearney naming his eldest son Ed- 
mond would seem to indicate that there might 
be a near connection between them. Family 
tradition states that he was a youuger son of an 
Irish earl, educated for the ministry, and was 
an Episcopal clergyman. Of this we are lack- 
ing in positive proof. The family have their 
coat of arms. The first public record we have 
of Thomas Kearney was as grand juror in 
Chowan, April 1st, 1731, at the same time 
with Henry Guston. In June, 1739, he was 
appointed Justice of the Peace for his county, 
and then made Sheriff, at the same time with 
John Dawson. In April, 1745, he obtained a 
patent for land in Edgecombe. In April, 1752, 
he was member of the Assembly and appointed 
on a committee to examine and settle public 
accounts, John Dawson being on the committee 
with him. In 1753, he witnessed* the signing 
of the will of Samuel Williams, and March, 
1764, appointed one of the executors of will 
of Charity Dawson, and in August, 1764, he 
died. Of their issue : 
1 I. Edmond Keaeney=Sarah Brothers. 

We have not been able to trace her 

family ancestry. Issue, [q. v.) 
S II. Philip Kearney=Elisabeth Kinchen, 

dau. of William Kinchen, Jr.=Mary 


AMD Their Descendants. 493 

Edmond Keaexey (will dated June 29th, 1794; 
probated Nov. 1794)=Sarah Brothers (will 
dated Sept. 22d, 1806; probated Nov. 1814). 
Issue : 

I. Mary= — Harris, and had 2 children : 

1. Edward Harris. 

2. Sarah, who m. — Williams. 

II. Sarah ra. James Alston^ son of Solomon, Sr. 
(ry. v.) After the death of his wife, 
James Alston m. Sally Hawkins, nee Ma- 
con, {q. l\) 
III. James Kearney = — Mayfield (?) and 
had issue : 

(]) Edmond Kearney =Mary Davis. 
Issue : 

1. Henderson Kearney, unm. 

2. Betsy=John P. Searin, Issue: 
Zachariah, Peter, Mollie, Pattie 
and Ophelia. 

3. Ann Kebecca=Buckner Eaton, 

{q. V.) 

4. Amanda=Samuel Davis. Issue: 
Robert and Minnie Davis. 

5. Thomas Kearney, unm. 

6. Jane=Dr. William Hooper. Is- 
sue : Edward, Louisa, Florence 
and James Hooper, 

7. Martha=Henry Egerton, Is- 
sue : 2 children. 

8. Matilda = Lindsey Price, and 
had issue : Mary, Matilda and 
Hugh Davis Price. 

(2) Polly Kearney=Z. Snow, and 
had issue : 

1. James Snow=Mary Davis. 

494 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

2. John Snow = — Palmer, and 
had issue. 

3. Martha^John Smith, and had 

4. Frankie = — Shields, and had 

(3) Patsy Kearxey'=Wm. Clanton, 
and had issue : 

1. Robert Clanton = Anna Day, 
and had issue. 

2. Susan^Joyner, and had issue. 

3. Isabel = Wm. Thornton, and 
had issue. 

(4) Emily Kearney==Nicholas Long, 
Sr., and had issue : 

1. Nicholas Long, Jr. = Sallie 
Williams, and have 1 one son, 

2. Junius Long=:Bettie Tucker, 
issue, 2 daughters. 

3. Mary married — , issueless. 

4. Sallie=Aaron Preston, s. p. 

5. Emily=James Gooch, issue. 

(5) Richard Kearney' = — Buch- 
ANNON, of Georgia, and had 1 sou 
and 1 daughter. 

(6) Philip Kearney, unra. 

2 Philip Kearney' m. Nov. 30, 1763, to Elisabeth 
Kinchen; died Oct 28, 1794 Will probated 
Nov. 1794. Issue. (After his death his widow 
married John Jones, s. p.) 

I. Thomas Kearney, b. Dec. 1765; m. 
Mary- Smith, 1790; died Feb. 1797. 
His will was probated May Court, 1797. 

AND Their Descendants. 495 

Executors: James Alston, Joshua Perry, 
Thomas Mayfield and John Lindsey, of 
Halifax county. Issue : 

Guston Kearney. 

Philip Kearney. 

Kinchen Kearney. 

Elisabeth Kearney. 
His widow married again. 
II. Mary Kearney, b. Aug. 9, 1767; d. 
June 20,1771. 

III. Elisabeth, born May 20, 1769 ; died May 

22, 1863; m. Dec. 1, 1790, to Major 
Wm. Williams, son of Capt. Solomon 
Williams and Tempie (Boddie) [q. v.) 

IV. Martha, b. Feb. 22, 1771, and died April 

1852; m. June 1, 1791, to Joseph 

John Alston (Chatham Jack), {q. v.) 
V. Sarah, born March 21, 1774; m. April 

30, 1796, to Rev. John Lindsay. (No 

VI. Temperance, born Sept. 27, 1777, and 

died April 1, 1780. 
VII. Henry Guston Kearney, b. Feb. 28, 1779; 

married Lucy Grey, went to Arkansas, 

and left 1 sou. 
VIII. Peiscilla, b. April 30, 1781; m. Lewis 

Alston Williams, sou of Samuel and 

Charity Alston (Dawson) Williams. 

{q. V.) 
IX. Polly Dawson, b. May 9, 1783; m. — 

X. Wm. Kinchen Kearney, b. Aug. 1, 1785; 

d. Jan. 25, 1869 ; m. July 16, 1810, to 

Benjamin Hardee James Maria Alston, 

daughter of Lt. Col. Wm. Alston and 

496 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

Martha (Hardee) his wife ; born Dec. 
25, 1793 ; died July 15, 1883. Issue, 
(ry. V.) 

3 William Kinchen Kearney = Benj. Hardee 
Jas. Maria Alston. Issue : 

I. Whitmel H. A. Kearney = Polly Alston, 
daughter of Philip Alston= Elisabeth 
Whitmel Williams Johnson, issue, one 
child, who died in infancy. 
II. Mary Ann Eliza Kinchen Kearney 
=lst, Conrad Boyd. Issue : 
Conrad and Virginia Boyd. 
= 2d husband, — Arrington. Issue : 

1. Virginia Arrington = Thomas 

Williams, of Warrenton, N. C. 

2. Mary Arrington=Thomas Til- 


3. Ellen Arrington. 

4. Thomas Arrington =: 1st, — 

==2d, — Gilliam. 
III. Elisabeth Matilda Alston Kearney, 
born Feb. 27th, 1815; died Nov. 6th, 
1867 ; z= John Somerville, and had 
7 children. 

The following remarks written after her death will serve 
to illustrate the character of this most estimable matron : 

*' The good and great in heart and mind, wherever born or bred, 
are the true nobility of our race." 

The extraordinary position which Mrs. Somerville 
filled in the community in which she lived, claims for her 
a record to which few of her sex, in this or any other 
country, were ever entitled. Possessing in an eminent de- 

AND Their Descendants. 497 

gree those qualities and virtues which have ever been the 
distinguishing characteristics in the nobility of woman, she 
had an influence in society, which was known and felt by 
all save herself. . Indeed, one of her most remarkable 
traits was a modesty and humility that caused her to be 
always undervaluing herself, for, though her judgment 
Avas of the best, and she had good experience of persons 
and things, yet she seemed to know nothing of it, and like 
a fair taper, while she shiued to all the room, she cast a 
shadow and a cloud round her own actions. But the per- 
fectness of her prudence and excellent parts could not be 
hid, and all her humility and acts of concealment but 
served to make her virtues more amiable and illustrious. 
One of Mrs. Somerville's school teachers in a letter of 
condolence to her daughters, after paying their deceased 
mother many high compliments, concluded by say- 
ing that she had known her as a child, as a school girl, 
w'hen she had grown up to womanhood, that she had after- 
wards been with her in her own home, when she was wife, 
mother, and mistress, and that she had never known her 
to do an imprudent act, or be guilty of an impropriety. 
This amiability and respectability entitle her to rank 
first among the female worthies of this or any other 

Her house was a school of Christian goodness in which 
piety, virtue, and all the liberal offices of hospitality were 
studied by every individual of the family. No wrang- 
ling or intemperate language was ever heard there, each 
performed his duty with cheerfulness and alacrity. In 
short, the discipline of the whole household was courtesy 
and benevolence. 

Mrs. Somerville died leaving seven children, six daugh- 
ters and one son, all grown. In the family circle they 
form a delight and an ornament, and by universal con- 
sent they have been assigned a position in society never 

32 al 

498 Thomas and Sakah (Alston) Kearney 

perhaps rivaled as an example of domestic harmony and 

Mrs. Somerville possessed a command over her passions 
and a constant sweetness and serenity of temper which 
neither age nor misfortune could ruffle or sour. Her face, 
her actions, her gait, seemed somewhat more than mortal. 
She was full of graces, nothing was so soft as her look, 
so modest as her carriage, so touching as the sound of 
her voice. An air of tenderness and of gaiety breathed 
around her, but so pure, and so happily tempered, as to 
inspire every beholder with the sentiments of virtue. She 
was as chaste as the spangled dewdrop of the morn. From 
all malice and personal prejudices she was entirely free, 
and on all occasions expressed an aversion to satire. In- 
deed, it is very much to be doubted whether the oldest and 
most intimate of her friends ever knew her to make an 
envious or ill-natured reflection on any person upon earth. 
Detraction seemed to her an inhuman vice for which no 
wit could atone. She delighted in the praise of others, 
and took pleasure in doing justice to merit. If com- 
pelled to reprove, gentleness and delicacy softened her 
reprehension. She never dictated to others, or arrogated 
to her own sentiments any deference or respect. 

Mrs. Somerville was a managing woman ; a managing 
woman is a pearl among women. She was one of the prizes 
in the lottery of life, and the man who draws such a wo- 
man may rejoice the balance of his days. Better than 
riches, she is a fortune in herself; a gold mine never fail- 
ing in its yield, a spring of pleasant waters whose banks 
are fringed with moss and flowers when all around is dry 
and sterile sand. 

But that which we wish to notice more particularly in 
Mrs. Somerville, and in which she was an example to all 
women, is this. She had a love so great for her husband, 
and was entirely given up to a dear affection for him that 

AND Their Descendants. 499 

she thought the same thing, loved the same thiug, breathed 
in his soul, lived in his presence, and languished in his 
absence. All that she was or did was for him and to 
make him happy. He was the light of her eyes and the 
cordial of her spirits ; the guide of all her actions and the 
measure of her affections, until her love for him rose and 
grew into a religion, and was confederate with those other 
duties which made it dear to her Maker, a rare com- 
bination of duty and religion, and we will express in the 
words of Solomon, *' She forsook not the guide of her 
youth nor broke the covenant of her God." 

As she was a rare wife, so also was she an excellent 
mother, for her spirit was so tender, her kindness to her 
children so great, that there hath seldom been seen a 
stricter and more evident care of their persons, their de- 
portment, their nature, their disposition, their learning, 
and their customs. She had little of the form and out- 
side of godliness, but she was greatly careful of the power 
of it, the moral, essential, and useful parts. Such made 
her be, not seem to be, religious. 

Mrs. Somerville's munificence was not confined to the 
place in which she lived, or to any sect or party. She 
was most noble and charitable, a great lover of honorable 
actions, and a great despiser of base things ; loving to 
oblige others, and always unwilling to be in the arrear as 
regards courtesy and liberality ; so free in all her acts of 
favor that she would never stay to hear herself thanked, 
being unwilling that what good went from her to a need- 
ful or obliged person, should ever return to her again. 

She was a true friend, and dear to many, especially to 
the best and deserving persons, to all that conversed with 
her and could understand her great worth, and the sweet- 
ness of her disposition. 

If we look on her as a wife, she was discreet, loving, 
humble, pleasant and compliant, and wanted nothing to 

500 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

make her principal and precedent to the best wives of the 

If we regard her as a mother, she was kind, careful and 
prudent, very tender, a greater lover of children's souls 
than of their bodies, and one who would value them more 
by the strict rules of honor and worth, than by their re- 
lations to herself. 

Her servants found her wise and fit to govern, yet 
open-handed and apt to reward; a just exactor of duty, 
and a great rewarder of diligence. 

She was in her house a comfort to her husband, a guide 
o her children, a rule to her servants, and an example 
to all. 

Here in addition to what we have already said of Mrs. 
Somerville's great qualities in discharging all the domestic 
and social relations of life, we must be permitted to intro- 
duce the description of the character of a perfect woman, 
as deliniated by the great Chinese philosopher : 

" Who is she that winneth the heart of man, that sub- 
dueth to love, and reigueth in his breast." 

" ho, yonder she walketh in maiden sweetness, with in- 
nocence in her mind and modesty on her cheek. Her 
hand seeketh employment, her foot delighteth not in gad- 
ding abroad. She is clothed with neatness, she is fed with 
temperance, humility and meekness are as a crown circling 
her head. On her tongue dwelleth music, the sweetness 
of honor flows from her lips. Decency is in all her words, 
in her answers are mildness and truth. Submission and 
obedience are the lessons of her life, and peace and happi- 
ness are her reward. Before her step walketh Prudence, 
and Virtue attendeth at her right hand. Her eyes speak- 
eth softness and love, but Discretion with a scepter sitteth 
on her brow. The tongue of the licentious is dumb in 
her presence, the awe of her virtue keepeth him silent. 
When scandal is busy, and the fame of her neighbor is 

AND Their Descendants. 501 

tossed from tongue to tongue, charity and good nature 
open not her mouth, the finger of silence resteth on her 
lips. Her breast is the mansion of goodness, and there- 
fore she suspecteth no evil in others. Happy the man 
that shall make her his wife, happy the child that shall 
call her mother. She presideth in the house, and there is 
peace; she commandeth with judgment, and is obeyed. 
She ariseth in the morning, she considereth her affairs, 
and apj)ointeth unto every one his proper business. The 
care of her family is her whole delight; to that alone she 
applieth her study, and elegance and frugality are seen in 
her mansion. The prudence of her management is honor 
to her husband, and he heareth her praise with secret de- 
light. She informeth the minds of her children with wis- 
dom, she fashioueth their manners after the example of 
her own goodness. The word of her mouth is the law of 
their youth. The motion of her eye commandeth obedi- 
ence. She speaketh and her servants fly, she pointeth and 
the thing is done ; for the law of love is in their hearts, 
and her kindness addeth wings to their feet. In prosperity 
she is not puffed up, in adversity she healeth the wounds 
of fortune with patience. The troubles of her husband 
are alleviated by her counsels, and sweetened by her en- 
dearments; he putteth his heart in her bosom and receiveth 

All who were acquainted with Mrs. Somerville must see 
the exact similarity between her character and that of the 
Philosopher's Perfect Woman. Then may it well be said, 
" Happy the man who made her wife, happy the child who 
called her mother." 

To a spotless soul like hers, death is nothing more than 
deliverance, a passing sigh, a passage from one life to an- 
other. Her soul has returned to its native heaven. 

To retrace the melancholy remembrance of such a loss 
was a task so overwhelming, it was truly difficult to ac- 

502 Thomas and Sarah (Alstok) Kearney 

coiiiplish. The svriter is conscious that he was not equal 
to the undertaking, but this short and simple sketch, he 
dedicates to Mrs. Somerville's posterity with the hope 
that whenever any of the family may look on these pages 
they may be proud of a mother of qualities so exalted that 
she was an honor to her children, to her sex, to her coun- 
try, and to the community in which she lived. 

Issue : 
I. Maria Somerville= 1st, James Johnston 
Alston, of Tennessee. = 2d husband. 
Judge John Blair Hoge, of Martiusburg, 
Va. They lived in Washington, D. C. 
II. Martha Helen Somerville= John Wil- 
son Cunningham. Issue : 

1. John So:merville Cunningham mar- 

ried Ophelia M. Carrington, of 
West Florida. Issue: 1. John Wil- 
son Cunningham. 2. Lottie. 3. 
Helen. 4. Ophelia, and 5. Sue Cun- 

2. Sue Somerville Cunningham. 

10 3. Mattie Cunningham=:Rev. Thomas 

Jones Packard, of Virginia. Issue: 

1. John Cunningham Packard. 

2. Joseph Packard. 

3. Helen. 

4. Catherine Lee, and 

5. Mattie Packard. 

4. Maud Somerville Cunningham. 

5. Alexander Cunningham. 

6. William Murray Cunningham. 

7. Bella Cunningham. 

8. James Wilson Cunningham. 

9. Herbert Ban\iatine, and 

10. George Lumpkin Cunningham. 

AND Their Descendants. 503 

3. James BrehaDSomerville=FanuieGreen, 

of North Carolina. 

4. Mary Somerville, uu married, lives iu 
Warrentou. She has in her possession 
an heir-loom in a gold ring, upon which 
although much worn, the Alston coat of 
arras is still plainly recognized. 

6. Alice Brehan Somerville = Rev. Benj. 
Swann Bronson, of Augusta, Me. Issue, 
one son, Benj. Swann Bronson, Jr. 

6. Juliet Agnes Somerville never married. 

7. JoHXANNA Josephine Somerville= 

James Smith Battle, of Rocky Mount, 
N. C. Issue: 

1. William Smith Battle. 

"2. John Somerville Battle, in U. S. 
Army in Porto Rico. 

3. James Smith Battle, dead. 

4. Mary Dancy Battle ==:Lieut. Wm. 

Cannon Rivers, of U. S. Army. 

5. Julian Somerville Battle, lives in 


6. Francis Marion Somerville Battle, 
in U. S. Army at Manila. 

7. Maud Alston Battle. 

IV. Martha Helen llardee Kearney =^ Thomas 
Whitmel Harris, son of James Harris^ Wini. 
fred Whitmel Williams, [q-v.) 
Y. Maria Alston Kearney = Solomon Williams, 
son of Major Wm. Williams, [q. v.) 

VI. Caroline Cornelia Kearney = Archi- 
bald (Baldie) H. Davis, of Louisburg, 
son of Archibald Davis = Leah Hilliard. 
Issue : 

504 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

1. William K. Davis = Mary Kim- 
brougb Joues, and 

2. Thomas W. Davis=Penelope Kim- 

brough Jones. (Sisters, and daugh- 
ters of Kimbrough Jones and 
Mary Warren). 

3. Maria Davis^Edward Alston, of 

4. Lucy Davis=William Yarboro, of 


5. Bettie Davis=Richard Respass. 

6. Rebecca Davis = Marmaduke J. 

VII. Valeria Virginia Kearney=Dr. Robert Edgar 
W'illiams. {q. v.) 
VIII. Sarah Thomas Kearney, died while young. 
IX. Delia Haywood Kearney=Robert Clem- 
ents. Issue: 

1. Julian Clements=Nannie Hender- 
son. Issue, 3 children: 

1. Delia. 

2. Julia, and 

3. Erskine Clements. 

2. Sarah, and 

3. Robert Clements, uum. 

4. Maria Clements= Richard Suther- 


5. Whitmel Clements. 

6. Elisabeth Matilda Clements. 

X, Elisabeth Kinchen Kearney = Jacob 
Parker, of Hertford. Issue: 

1. Eleanor Parker = Benjamin W. 
Ballard, of Louisburg. Issue: 

1. Eleanor. 

2. W^alter Ballard. 

AND Their Descendants. 605 

3. Mattie. 

4. Kate, and .^ 

5. Cornelia Ballard, ^r* o f^ ^ 
2. Walter C.T.Parker=Salli^ Faulk- 
ner, of Warreu. Issue: 

1. Jacob Parker. 

2. Walter. 

3. Gilmore. 

4. Annie Kearney. 

5. Henrjj and 

6. Mary Gilmore Parker. 
XI. Margarette Kearney, and 

XII. William Kearney, died while young. 

XIII. Mary (Polly) Dawson Kearney = Alfred Als- 
ton. (</. V.) 

XIY. Anna Jackson Kearney = Henry Wil- 
liams. Issue : 

1. Lena, 

2. Harry, and 

3. William Kearney Williams, all 

4. Ben. H. Jas. Maria AYilliams= 

John Davis, and have one son, 
Henry Davis. 
XV. AVilliam Eleanor Kearney=:Gov. Elias 
Carr, of Edgecomb. Issue: 

1. William Kearney Carr = Marina 
Van Piswick, of Washington, D. C. 

2. John Buxton Carr. 

3. Elias Carr, Jr. 

4. Eleanor, and 

5. Annie Bruce Carr, all unm. 

506 Thomas and Sarah (A.lston) Kearney 

From the Records of the Green Family of Warren 
County, N. C. 

The ancestors of El ward Greeu removed from Culpep- 
per county and settled in Brunswick county, Va. Edward 
married a Miss Hough. She died leaving him 10 children. 
He then married a widow Turner, who had 10 children by 
her former marriage. Her maiden name was Henrietta 
Powell. Of her marriage with Edward Green, one child, 
William Green, Sr., was born before they left A^'irginia, 
and he had neither brother nor sister. The family settled 
one and a half miles northeast of the town of Warrentou. 
Edward Green died most probably about 1780. 

We have the following: 

William Green, born Nov. 2fi, 1739 ; married Sept. 
25, 1760, to Mary Cheistmas, born July 14, 
1745. Issue: 

1. Ann Green, b. Nov. 22, 1761, m. John 


2. Mary Greeu, b. June 8, 1763, m. Gideon 

Hunt Macon, 1779. 

3. Solomon Green, b. May 30, 1765, m. 

Fannie Hawkins. 

4. Burchett Green, b. Jan. 19, 1767, m. 

Seymour Ransom. 

5. Betsy Green, b. May 26, 1769, d. uum. 

6. Susanna Green, b. March 19, 1771, d. 


7. William Green, b. Aug. 22, 1772, m. 

Judith Anthony. 

8. Sally Green, b. Sept. 26, 1774, m. Hugh 


AND Their Descendants. 507 

9. JohnC.Greeu.b. Oct. 22,1777, 

ra. 1st. Partbeuia Hawkins. 1 ^j. 

2d. Delia Martin Hawkins. / ^'^^^^^• 

10. Lucy Green, b. Jan. 17, 1782, m. Ham- 

bleton Bonner. 

11. Henrietta Green, b. May 24, 1784, m. 

Robert West Alston. 

After the death of bis wife, William Green again mar- 
ried on the 7th of June, 1790, to Ann Hunt Alston, nee 
Macon, who also died in April, 1798. He then married 

the 3d time to Mary (a widow) who survived him 

and died Feb., 1825. William Green died 1799. 

Will of Gideon Macon: 
(A Copy.) 

In the name of God, Amen. I, Gideon Macon, of county 
of Granville, and province of North Carolina, being sick 
and weak, but of a sound and disposing mind and mem- 
ory, thanks be to Almighty God for the same. Calling to 
mind the uncertain time of certain death, Do make this 
my last Will and Testament, in manner and form follow- 
ing : That is to say. First, I bequeath my soul to God that 
gave it, trusting in the Advocacy and Mediatorship of my 
ever blessed Lord and Savior Christ for remission of all 
ray past offenses, and my body I commit to the earth, to 
be decently interred at the direction of my Exo's, herein- 
after mentioned. And as to such worldly estate which 
hath pleased Almighty God to bestow on me, I give and 
dispose thereof as follows, to wit : 

Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my Son, Harrison 
Macon, four hundred acres of laud, lying and being on the 
North side of Tarr Puver, to him and his heirs forever. 

508 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

Item. I give aud bequeath to my Sou, John Macoo, all 
that part of my tract of land lying and being on both 
sides of Shocko Creek, below the Court house road, to him 
and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son, Nathaniel Macon, 
all the remainder part of the above said tract of land, lyiug 
and being on both sides of Shocko Creek and above the 
said Court House road. I likewise give to my said son 
five hundred acres of land, lyiug and being on both sides 
of Hobquarter Creek. I likewise give to my said Sou 
my black smith's tools at the decease of my loving Wife, 
Priscilla Macon, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son, Gideon Macon, 
all ray land and plantation whereon I now dwell, to him 
and his heirs forever. 

Item. My Will and desire is that in case either of my 
above mentioned sons, Harrison, John, Nathaniel, or Gid- 
eon, should die without issue, lawfully begotten of their 
bodies, that then my desire is that the afore mentioned 
tract or tracts of land shall be equally divided between 
my said sons that shall be then living. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter, Anne All- 
stone, the four Negroes that she has already in her posses- 
sion, to wit. : Will, Randle, Joe, Amey, and Frederick 
that now sucks Aggey, to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Sallie 
Macon, the following Negroes, to wit: Will, Ben and 
Dinah, to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Martha 
Macon, the three following Negroes, to-wit : Jacob, Jemmy, 
and Tabb, to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to ray daughter, Mary Macon, 

AND Their Descendants. 509 

three Negroes, to wit : Harry, Robeu and Darcus, to her 
and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son, Harrison Macon, 
two negro boys, to wit : Stephen and Terry, and one Ne- 
gro Wench named Gate, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son, John Macon, two 
Negro boys, named Peter and Gioster, and one Negro girl 
named Lydea, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son, Nathaniel Macon, 
two Negro boys named George and Bobb, and one Negro 
girl named Lucy, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son, Gideon Macon, 
two Negro boys named Sam and Toney, and one Negro 
girl named Phebe, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my loving Wife, Priscilla 
Macon, during her natural life, the use of my Mannor 
plantation, with the following Negroes, to wit : Tom, 
Mingo, Bell, Jenuey, Patt, and Aggey, and after her de- 
cease, the sd. Negroes to be equally divided in quantity 
and quality between my seven youngest children. 

Item. My Will and desire is that each of my said seven 
Children, as fast as they shall arrive at lawful age, that 
then they receive the one eighth part of all ray stock and 
household furniture, of what nature or kind soever. 

Item. My Will and desire is that ray loving Wife shall 
have and receive the profits of each of ray said Children's 
Legacies, until they arrive at lawful age, to receive them 
towards the support and Maintai nance of my said Chil- 

Item. I constitute and appoint my loving Wife, Pris- 
cilla Macon, Executrix, and my Son in Law John Allston, 
with my friend William Johnson Exor., this my last will 
and testament. 

510 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal, this twentieth day of December, One thousand seven 
hundred and Sixty one. Gideon Macon. (Seal.) 

Signed, sealed, published 
and declared by the sd. Gid- 
eon Macon to be his last will 
and testament, in presence of 
us the subscribers. ^ 
John Claek. 
J. Parham. 
Joseph x J. King. 

Granville Co., S. S., Feb'y Court, 1762. 

This Will was proved by the Oath of James Parham 
and Joseph King, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto 
and ordered to be recorded. Then Priscilla Macon, John 
Alston and William Johnson, the Exors. therein named, 
qualified as such, which was ordered to be certified. 

Teste., Sam'l McDowell. 

JuvAT, Exrs. 

Gideon Macon:= Martha — , of N"ew Kent county. 
Issue : 

Gideon Macon, b. June 20th, 1682 = Pris- 
cilla Jones (dau. of Edward and Abigail 
(Shugan) Jones, of King and Queen county, 
Va.) {fl- V.) He died Dec. 1761, in Gran- 
ville county, N. C. (See will.) 

(Martha Macon = Orlando Jones, and was 
grand mother of Martha Custis, wife of 
George Washington). 

Priscilla Jones bore to Gideon Macon 8 chil- 
dren, and after his death she married James 

AND Their Descendants. 511 

Ransom, of Virginia, to whom she bore 6 
children, as follows: 

I. Ann Hunt Macon=lst, Capt. John 

Alston, son of Joseph John Alston. 
= 2d, William Green (widower), (q.v.) 
12 II- Sallie Macon = Col. John Hawkins, 

son of Col. Philemon Hawkins, [q. v.) 
1 III. Patty (Martha) Macon = Joseph Sea- 

well. Issue {q. V.) 
^ IV. Harrison Macon=Hannah Glenn. Is- 

sue {q. V.) 
3 V. John Macon=lst, Joanna Tabb. Is- 

sue {q. V.) 
= 2d, Betsy Williams. 
^ VI. Nathaniel Macon =Hannah Plummer. 

Issue {(J. u.) 

5 VII, Mary Macon^ James Johnson. Issue 

(ry. v) 

6 VIII. Gideon Hunt Macon= 1st, Mary Green. 

=2d, Mary Hartwell. {q. v.) 

7 IX. William Ransom = Rebecca Tabb. Is- 

sue [q. V.) 
X. Abigail Ransom= Joseph Parsons, s. p. 

8 XI. Hixie Ransom^Marmaduke Johnson. 

Issue [q. v.) 

9 XII. Betsy Ransom = William Plummer. 

Issue {q. V.) 

10 XIII. Drusilla Ransom = lst, Frank Thorn- 

ton . 
= 2d, Plummer Willis. Issue {q. v.) 

11 XIV. Seymour Ransom = Burchett Greene. 

Issue {q. V.) 


512 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

1 Joseph Seawell = Martha Macon. 7 children, 
viz. : 

(1) Macon. 

(2) Henry. 

(3) Betsy Jones. 

(4) Gordon. 

(5) Nancy Henrietta. 

(6) James, and 

(7) Gideon Seawell. 

.2 Haerison Macon=Hannah Glenn. 5 children, 
viz. : 

(1) Gideon. 

(2) Polk Fuller. 

(3) Nathaniel Macon. 

(4) Priscilla Macon= — McKee. 

(5) Nancy Macon= — Jones. 

8 John Macon^ Joanna Tabb. 7 children, viz.: 

(1) George W. 

(2) Priscilla J. 

(3) William H. 

(4) Mary Macon=Jst, — Hunt, and 2d, 

Thomas Craighead. 

(5) John Tabb. 

(6) Sophronia, and 

(7) Gabriel Long Macon. 

By 2d wife, Betsy Williams, 2 children, viz. . 

(8) Thomas J. Macon. 

(9) Nathaniel Macon. 

By 3d wife, Mrs. Joyce, there was no issue. 

4. Nathaniel Macon, b. 1757, d. 1837. For an ac- 
count of his long and valuable services in the Legis- 
lature and in Congress, the reader is referred to 


AND Their Descendants. 513 

Wheeler's History of North Carolina, Vol. 2, page 
432. He married Hannah Plummer, the sister 
of Kemp Plummer, and had issue, 1 son, Plummer 
Macon, who died unmarried, and 1 daughter, Betsy 
Kemp Macon, who married William John Mar- 
tin, the son of Wm. Martin, of Halifax county = 
Nancy Long. This Wra. and Nancy Martin had 
one other son who died s. p. and 3 daughters, of 
whom 1 married Kemp Plummer, 1 married Col. 
Henry Lyue, and 1 married Richard Bullock. Na- 
thaniel and Hannah Macon also had a daughter, 
Seigniora Donald Macon=William Eaton, Sr. 

1. Thomas Eaton, d. unm. 

2. Edward, d. unm. 

3. Nathaniel Macon m. Virginia Stith, of 

Virginia, and had 1 dau. Seigniora, who m. 
Frank Lockhart, and had large family ; 
three of whom got killed in C. S. A. 

4. Wm. Eaton, Jr., Esqr., m. Rosa Gilmore. 

Issue : 

1. Laura m. Wm. T. Alston, s. p. [q. v.) 

2. Susan Eaton m. Sam'l P. Arring- 

tou. s. p. 

5. Bettie Macon Eaton m. 1st, Eaton Field. 
s. p. 2d, Col. H. L. Hopkins, s. p. 

6. Buckner Eatonz=Anna Rebecca Kearney. 
Issue : 

1. Bettie Macon Eaton = Capt. John 

Turnbull, C. S. A., 1866. Issue: 

1. Charles Eaton Turnbull. 

2. Bettie Macon Turnbull. 

3. Wm. Madalin Turnbull. 

4. Irene Turnbull. 

2. Thomas Mayfield Eaton, unm. 

514 Thomas and Sarah (Alston) Kearney 

7. Charles Eaton, num., died in C. S. A. 

8. Ella Rieves Eaton=Ex-Gov. Peter H. Bell, 
of Texas. 

5 James Johxson=Maey Macon. 8 children, viz: 

(1) Harry. 

(2) Shugan. 

(3) Polly Johnson = — Williams. 

(4) Maria Johnson = — Arrington. 

(5) Gideon Johnson. 

(6) John Johnson=:Sallie White. 

(7) Charles, and 

(8) Nathaniel Johnson. 

6 Gideon Hunt Macon = 1st, Maey Green, dau. of 

William and Mary (Christmas) Green ; 4 ch., viz. : 
(1) Nathaniel Green Macon. (2) William Green 
Maconz= Charity Dawson Alston. 

(3) Ann Hunt Macon. 

(4) Priscilla Mary = 1st, Morse, and 2d Micajah 


And by 2d wife, Mary Hartwell, there 
were 7 ch., viz.: 

(5) Lucy =Haugh ton (near Wetumpka, Ala.). 

(6) Martha Macon=Guston Alston, sou of Sam'l 

Williams Alston, Jr., and Adaline Perry, 
(g. v.). 

(7) Harriet H. Macon. (8) Elizabeth Green 

(9) Albert Gallatin. (10) Arthur Macon. 
(11) Dr. Henry J. Macon = Arabella Atherton 
Alston (g. y.). 

7 Wii.LiAM Ransom=Rebecca Tabb ; 5 ch., viz.: 

(1) Edward. (2) Henry. (3) William Ransom. 
(4) Seymour. (5) Diaiia Ransom= — Hall. 

AND Their Descendants. 515 

S Marmaduke JoHNSox=HixiE Ransom; 3 ch., viz.: 
(1) Robert Johnson. (2) William R. Johnson. 
(3) Fanny Johnson^ 1st, Slade ; 2d, Ray. 

9 William Plummer = Betsy Ransom, 5 ch., viz. : 

(1) John PlUxMMER. (2) Hixie. (3) Kemp Plum- 
mer. (4) Betsy. (5) James Plummer. 

10 Frank Th() Ransom ; 3 ch., viz. : 

(1) Francis Thornton. (2) Milly Thornton=: — 
Kiriipatrick. (8) Betsy Mann Thornton. 
Drusilla Ransom bore to her 2d husband, 
Plummer Willis, 5 ch., viz : 

(4) Nancy Willis == Green. (5) Mary Willis = 

(6) Austin Willis. (7) Plummer. (8) John Willis. 

11 Seymour Ransom=Burchett Green, dan. of Wm. 

Green and Mary Christmas ; 6 ch., viz.: 

(1) Robert. (2) Polly Ransom = Duke. (3) 
Priscilla. (4) Betsy. (5) James. (6) Wil- 
liam Ransom. 

The above records of Green and Macon have been fur- 
nished by Mrs. Fanny Green Somerville, granddaughter 
of Solomon Greeu=:Fannie Hawkins, 22d June, 1899. 

Warrentou, N. C. 

John and Charity (Alston) Dawson. 517 

As there have been conflicting opinions arising from 
there being 3 persons of the name of John Dawson in the 
Albermarle country from 1740 to 1760, I make the fol- 
lowing statements, furnished by Mr. J. R. B. Hathaway, 
and extracted from Wheeler's Reminiscences, Moore's 
History, McRae's Life of Iredell, and Colonial Records 
and Wills : 

Penelope Gollaud, step-daughter of Gov. Charles Eden, 
married, 1. William Cathcart. 

2. John Lovick. 

3. George Phenny. 

4. Gov. Gabriel Johnson, in 1740, to whom she 
bore one dau., Penelope, who was about 10 or 12 years 
old at her father's death. Gov. Johnson in his. adminis- 
tration had a private secretary, John Dawson (son of Com- 
missary William Dawson, of Virginia, who died 1752, and 
his wife Mary Stith.) 

In 1758 this John Dawson and Penelope Johnson 
w^ere married. She bore him 1 son, William Johnson 
Dawson, who represented Bertie in the Legislature in 
1791, and d. unm., 1796. He had 2 sisters, Penelope, 
who m. in 1786 to Tristram Lowther, and bore 1 son and 
1 dau., and Mary, who m. Col. Nathaniel Allen, in 1779, 
(his 1st wf.), and died without offspring. 

John Dawson himself died in 1770, and Penelope his 
wife died 1797 (?). 

There was a land grant of 150 acres in Isle of Wight 
county, Va., to William Dawson, Nov. 20th 1635. 

W^m. and M. Quar, Vol. YII, No. 4, p. 284. 

Capt. Anthony Dawson appears in Perquimans precinct 
in 1687 and 1693-1694 as Gr. Juror, also as Assistant 

Col. Rec, Vol. 1, p. 396. 

518 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

(Thoma.s Dawson appears Nov. 20, 1711. Col. Rec, 
Vol. 1, p. 820.) 

There was also a John Dawson who died in Edgecomb, 
and whose will was proved in Court May, 1749. He be- 
queaths to wife Mary, children, Martha, Patience, John, 
Demsy and Solomon. We have no other record "of this 
John Dawson or his family than the above will. 

Then there was Col. John Dawson, of Northampton 
county, who 1st married Mary Thomas, and after her 
death Charity Alston, of whom we will now make special 

Will of John Dmvson, of Northampton Co., N. C, 1762. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, John Dawson, of the 
County of Northampton, in the Province of North Caro- 
lina, am in perfect health, and in sound and disposing 
mind and memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of 
this transitory life, am willing to make ray last will and 
testament in manner and form following, that is to say 1st, 
I bequeath my soul to Almighty God that gave it me, and 
my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executors, 
and after my just debts are paid, I give and bequeath the 
rest of my estate as followeth, viz. : 

Item. First and foremost my will and desire is that out 
of my store of goods and debts due to me, and what gold and 
silver I have by me, and my stock of cattle at Tar River, 
my wife's and my marriage contract may be made good, 
and the surplusage, if any, to be equally divided between 
my three small children, Charity Dawson, Elisabeth Daw- 
son and John Dawson. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son, Henry Daw- 
son, the plantation whereon I now live, and the land ad- 
joining })ounded thus. Beginning at the centre of the 
Crooked Meadow at Alexander Stevenson's line that divides 

AND Their Descendants. 519 

his lautl and mine, so along the said Crooked Meadow round 
Mrs. Saraonie's, otherwise William Burns, till it comes to 
the line that crosses the said meadow over in the Neck, 
called Braswell's Neck, the said land and plantation for 
three hundred acres, be it more or less, to him and his 
heirs forever. Also give to my said sou, Henry Dawson, 
my laud and plantation I bought of Maurice Moore, as by 
his deed to me will appear. Also my Island plantation 
and the land thereto belonging, for six hundred and forty 
acres, as by the West's deeds to me, and their patent will 

Also one hundred acres of laud in Bertie County, 
which I bought of John Wilson. All my laud on Tar 
River, near Conetoe, it beiug in three paroles and in the 
whole about seven hundred (700) acres, as by patent and 
two deed will appear. All the above said lauds I give to 
my son, Henry Dawson, to him and his heirs forever. 
Also I give to my son, Henry, my young horse called Exum, 
and Maurice Moore's debt to me by boud. 

Item. I give unto my son, John Dawson, my planta- 
tion whereon I now live, with all the laud on the plantation 
side of the Crooked Meadow (viz.) that I bought of John 
Revitt and Richard Braswell ; also one hundred and forty 
acres on the north side Bridges Creek, joining Mr. George 
Pollock's laud, as per Earl of Granville deed will appear, 
aud my laud on Urahaw Swamp, as by Matthew Williams' 
deed to me will appear, aud my land on Potecasi Creek, as 
per patent. All aud every part of the aforesaid lands and 
all the appurtenances and improvements of any kind to 
the same or to any part thereof anywise belonging to him, 
the said John Dawson, and his heirs forever. Also ray 
will and desire is that my loving Wife, Charity Dawson, 
live on my manor plantation during her natural life aud 
keep the house aud other valuable improvements in reason- 
able repair. Also I give to my son John, ray Clock aud 

520 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

Chest upon a Chest with drawers, and two ov^al tables, and 
one Chamber table which stands in the Room, called the 
Green Room, and my Cargo Looking Glass, which stands 
in the Hall. 

Item. I give all my right, title and interest to a girl 
called Dinah, she and her increase forever to my daughter, 
Elisabeth Dawson. 

Item. I give to my loving ^yife, Charity Dawson, the 
negro wench, called Fanny, which was given to her by her 
deceased father. My Will and desire is that my said Wife 
have a negro boy, named Rumford, if she will accept of 
him in lieu of a negro fellow called Peter, belonging to her 
Estate, which she joined in the sale for forty-five pounds 
Virginia money. If she will not accept of the said boy 
for that fellow, my further Will and desire is, the said boy 
be sold to make out the sum of forty-five pounds Virginia 
money, for which the said fellow was sold for. 

Item. I give to my son, Henry Dawson, the following 
negroes: Tim, York, Glascow, and Sam, at Island, and 
Mingo, Jacob, George, Jim, Phillls, the daughter of Leah, 
Young Larry and Ben, to him, the said Henry, and his 
heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath all the rest of my negroes 
and their future increase, to my three young children, 
Charity Dawson, Elizabeth Dawson and John Dawson, to 
them and their heirs forever, to be equally divided when 
the first of the three said children shall arrive to lawful age 
or be married, and the profits of their labor, if any, to be 
equally divided likewise. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Grand-daughters, 
Martha Kiuchen, Elizabeth Kinchen, Mary Kinchen and 
Temperance Kinchen, Thirty pounds Virginia money each, 
to be paid out of my Estate, when they shall arrive at law- 
ful age or be married. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my two Grand-sons, John 

AND Their Descendants. 521 

Kincben and William Kinchen, Ten shillings Virginia 
money each. 

Item. I give all the residue of my Estate, after the lega- 
gies are paid, and my Wife's contract is complied with, to 
my three children, Charity Dawson, Elisabeth Dawson and 
John Dawson, to them and their heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving Wife, 
Charity Dawson, my riding chair and harness, and also do 
nominate and appoint my said loving wife, Charity Daw- 
son, Executrix of this my will, and this I own to be my 
last will and testament, revoking and disallowing all former 
or other will or wills by me made. In Witness whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this — day 
of Nov. One thousand and fifty (Error of date in copying). 

John Daavson. [Seal.] 
Signed, sealed and delivered 
in presence of 

Samuel Cottox, 
Wm. Stevenson, 
James Josey. 

Northampton County, 
February Court, 1762. 
The preceding will of Col. John Dawson, Deceased, was 
exhited in open court and proved on the oath of James 
Josey, one of the Witnesses thereto subscribing. At the 
same time, Charity Dawson, the Executrix therein named, 
qualified lawfully to execute the same, which on motion was 
ordered to be certified and recorded. 

Test. J. Edwards. 


William Kinchen, Jr.'s, Will. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, William Kinchen, 
Junr., of the County of Edgecombe and province of 
North Carolina, calling to mind the mortality of man and 

522 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

being at this present of sound and disposing mind & mem- 
ory, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testa- 
ment, hereby revoking and annulling all former' Wills, 

Arp XfC >fC ^ ^jC >]< >f; 

Item. I give, Devise and Bequeath to ray Son John 
Kinchen, all ray land in Edgecombe County, above the 
Craighill's line, beginning on the River above the Planta- 
tion whereon I now live, at the said Craighill's line. Run- 
ning thence by his line, &c., * ;i« * 
and also one half of my land in Northampton County, to 
be divided in the middle, beginning at the River and run- 
ning a line through the middle so as to make both parts 
equal, the upper part thereof to my Son John, and also 
one Negroe man named Sam, that is to say the upper part 
of my land on both sides Roanoke River (to be divided as 
afore said), and the said Negroe to ray Son John And his 
Heirs forever. 

Itera. I give, Devise and Bequeath to my Son William 
Kinchen, all the residue of my land and plantation in 
Edgecombe County whereon I now live, and the lower 
half of my land in Northampton County, after my Sou 
John's part on both sides of the River is laid off, I say to 
my Son William and his Heirs forever. 

Item. My Will and Desire is that all the residue of 
my personal Estate, of what kind or nature soever it be 
(after my just Debts and all charges are paid), shall be 
equally divided amongst my Children, John, William, 
Martha, Elizabeth, Mary and Temperance, to them and 
their heirs forever. Separately. But my Will and desire 
further is, that there be no division made thereof untill 
one of my Children should arrive to the age of twenty-one 
years, or marrys, but the Negroes may be continued on the 
Lauds or hired out, at the discretion of my Executors 
hereafter named, and the profits of their labor to be ap- 
plied towards the support of the maintenance and school- 

AND Their Descendants. 523 

ing of ray Children; and my farther Will and desire is, 
that my two Sons, John and William, may be educated as 
my Extrs. shall think proper, and that the expense thereof 
be paid out of the Profits of my estate or, otherwise as 
my executors shall think most proper. ;i< * * 

And I do hereby constitute and appoint my brothers 
Blake Baker and Henry Dawson, and my Son John, Ex- 
ecutors of this my last Will and Testament. In Testi- 
mony whereof I have hereunto set my band and affixed 
my seal, this sixth day of November In the year of our 
Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and fifty eight. 

W. KiNCHEN, Junr. (Seal.) 
Signed, Sealed, published. Pronounced 
and Declared to be the last Will and 
Testament of Wm. Kinchen, in pres- 
ence of us. Henry Campbell, Peter Jones, Wm. Moore. 
Edgecombe County, ss. 

The within Will was exhibited in open Court by the 
Extrs., and proved by the Oaths of Peter Jones & Wm. 
Moore, Evidences thereto, and at the same time Blake 
Baker was qualified as Extr., which on motion is ordered 
to be certified. Test., Jos. Montfort, C. C. 

Cojjij of Last Will and Testament of Charity Dawson, 
Xee Alston. 

"In the name of God, Amen. I, Charity Dawson, of the 
County of Northampton, in the province of North Caro- 
lina, do make and ordain this present writing my testament 
and last will, in manner and form following, that is to say: 

First of all, it is my will and desire that all my just 
debts be paid and satisfied. 

Secondly. I give and bequeath to my brother, Solo- 
mon Alston, one negro man slave named Harry, to him 
and his heirs forever. 

524 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

Thirdly. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Charity 
Dawson, my plantation & tract of laud lying on Tar 
River, near the falls of said river, in Edgecombe County, 
The said tract of land containing about five hundred (500) 
acres, be the same more or less, to her and her heirs and 
assigns forever. 

Fourthly. I giv^e and devise to ray son, John Dawson, 
all my lands and teuameuts lying and being in Halifax 
County, in said Province of North Carolina, with five (5) 
plantations therein, to him and his heirs and assigns for- 

Fifthly. I give and bequeath and devise to my daugh- 
ter, Charity Dawson, & my son, John Dawson, all the rest 
of my lands and tenaments, goods and chattels, monies & 
other estate whatsoever, not hereinbefore mentioned, given, 
bequeathed or devised, to be equally divided in value be- 
tween my said children, to hold the moiety or half thereof 
which to each of them shall be allotted to them and their 
heirs and assigns forever. 

Sixthly. It is my will and desire that if both of my 
said children shall die before they become or arrive at the 
age of twenty-one years, and not married, that then all 
the personal estate herein & hereby to them given & be- 
queathed, should be equally divided between and among 
my kins folk and relations herein mentioned, that is to 
say. My deceased brother James Alston's four children, to 
wit : John, James, Charity & Sarah and my sister, 
Elizabeth Williams, & my nephews Edward* Kearney, 
William Williams, Solomon Williams, & James Alston & 
William Alston, the sons of my brother Solomon Alston, 
and each of them to hold the part or share which to them 
shall be allotted, to them and their heirs and assigns f)r- 

Seventhly & Lastly. I do nominate and appoint ray 
■•■■ Edmond, in his father's will. 

AND Their Descendants. 525 

true and trusty friends, Thomas Kearney and William 
Williams, Executors of this my testament and last will. 
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
affixed ray seal, this twenty-fourth day of March, in the 
year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and sixty- 
four (1764). 

Charity Dawson. (Seal) 
Signed, sealed and published 

in the presence of John 

Jones, Mary Granbery and 

James Josey and Wm. 



Lastly. I give and bequeath unto my negro, Csesar, 
seven pounds, Virginia currency, yearly, & his wearing 
clothes. And he to continue at this plantation he now 
lives on." 

Proven May Court, 1764, on the oath of Wm. Alston 
and John Jones. And Thomas Kearney and William 
Williams qualifies as Exrs. 

It is not known certainly when John Dawson came 
to North Carolina. But we find in April, 1698, at 
Perquiman's Precinct, he proved his transportation 
to the Colony, and in the April Court, 1707, he 
makes an assignment deed to Frances Cambridge, 
with consent of his wife, Mary; and Dec. 11th, 1735, 
Barnaby Thomas, in his Avill refers to him as his 
brother-in-law. From these it seems evident that 
he married Mary, sister of Barnaby and Philip 
Thomas, who bore him children, viz.: 

I. Henry Dawson, who represented North- 
ampton county in the General Assembly 
in 1766, and died in 1770. His will 
mentions : Wife, Patience, and children, 

526 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

John DawsoD, Henry Dawson, Stephen 
Dawson, Mary Dawson and Patty Dawson. 
II. Daughter (Mary?) who married Wii;- 
liam Kinchen, Jr.* He was mem- 
ber of General Assembly at New Berne 
in December, 1754, and died 1758. Their 
children were, viz.: Martha, Elisabeth, 
Mary, Temperance, John Kinchen, and 
William Kinchen. 

(Of these, Elisabeth married Philip Kearney {q. v.) 

One daughter m. Blake Baker, and was the mother of 
Judge Blake Baker. 

Another dan. m. — Campbell. 

The remaining dati. m. — Lane. 

John Kinchen was a member of the Provincial Council 
which first metat the court-house in Johnson county, 1775. 
Together with AbnerNash, in February, 1776, he was sent 
to Charleston to confer with the ^Committee of Safety for 
South Carolina. He was also a member of the Provincial 
Congress from Orange, that met at Halifax, 4th April, 
1776. He died in 1793. 

William Kinchen married Sarah , 

We take the following from Caruther's History of North 
Carolina, p. 62, '3, etc.: 

" David Fanning made a raid on Hillsboro and captured 
among others, Gov. Burke and William Kinchen, and took 
them to the prison ships at Charleston, by way of Wil- 

* In Wm. & M. Quarterly, Vol. VII., No. 4, Page 2G8, W. Wm. 
Kinchen is mentioned as Vestryman in the Upper Parish, July 
13th, 1724, Isle of Wight county, Va. Also Wm. Byrd, in survey- 
ing the boundary line in 172U, mentions Mr. Kinchen a worthy 
Magistrate in North Carolina, living in much affluence. Likewise, 
Wm. Kinchen was Sheriff of Northampton in 1745-8, and was in 
Edgecombe in 1751. The above mentioned parties were doubtless 
all the same individual, and the father of Wm. Kinchen, Jr., who 
died in 1758, besides other children. 

AND Their Descendants. 527 

mingtou. Ou bis way home, Mr. Kinchen sickened aud 
died After his death, Sarah his widow, mar- 
ried Col. James Mebaue." 

D After his wife's death John Dawson married Charity 
Alston (whose 1st child was born 1756, and who 
died in March, 1764, in Northampton). 

In Chowan connty, Sept. 25th, 1706, he purchased land 
on Stopping Creek. In March and August, 1732, he was 
a witness to sales of land in Gates county ; also in 1733 
he sold land in same county. In 1738 and '40 was a 
member of Assembly from Bertie, and in 1739 he was ap- 
pointed Justice of the Peace for the county, and then 
Sheriff. In March, 1743, he proved rights in Northampton 
county (cut off from Bertie in 1741). In 1752, he and 
Thomas Kearney, both members of Assembly, were on a 
committee to examine and settle public accounts. His name 
continues with intervals as memder of the Assembly until 
1754, after which he became one of Gov. Dobbs' Council 
until April 22d, 1761, when it disappears from the records- 
His will, which had been written some years before, was 
proven in Court February, 1762, in Northampton county. 

The children of John DAwsoxr^CHARiTY Alston 
were : 

4.8 I. Chaeity Alston Dawson, b. 1756; m. June 

13th, 1770, to Samuel Williams, son of Col. 
William Williams and his wife, Elisabeth 
(Blount Pollock) Whitmel, and had large 
family, {q. v.) 
II. Elisabeth Dawson, mentioned in will of father, 
but omitted in will of mother, March, 1764, 
(probably died in the interval.) 

4.9 III. John Dawson, b. about 1759, and married Elisa- 

beth Dorothy Atherton, daughter of Col. 

628 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

Jephtha Atherton and his 2d wife, Elisabeth. 
This Johu Dawsou represented Northampton 
county in the Legislature in 1780-1782. He 
then removed to Halifax, and represented that 
county in the Legislature in 1787-1790. The 
following were their children : 

I. John DawsoD, who died in infancy. 
11. Jesse Atherton Dawson = Temper- 
ance Williams Alston, (dau. of Philip 
Guston Alston =Mary Williams Harris). 
Was member of Legislature from Halifax 
county, 1816-1821. Issue: 

I. John Alston Dawson, who died early. 

II. Mary Dawson, of whom we have no 

further record. 

III. John Henry Dawson, who married 

Harriet Jane Taylor, and had 2 

daughters : 

1st. Eleanor Dawson, who married 
Lewis Alston Thompson, of Mar- 
tin county, son of Thomas Bond 
Thompson =: Tempie Maria 
AVilliams, (q. v.) 
2d, Jessie Atherton Dawson, 
who married Robert Randolph 
BuRAVELi, of Granville. Issue: 
I. Walter Dawson Burwell, 
b. 1860. 
II. Lewis Dandridge Burwell, 
b. 1861. 

III. Jessie Atherton Burwell, 

b. 1864. 

IV. Robert Randolph Burwell, 

Jr., b. 1866. 

AND Their Descendants. 629 

V. Elnora Spottswood Bur- 
well, b. 1868. 
YI. Dawson Alston Biirwell, b. 
Yll. Temple Williams Burwell, 
b. 1873. 
YIII. Spottswood Burwell, b. 
IX. John Henry Burwell, b. 

X. William Pettigrew Bur- 
well, b. 1880. 
XI. Mary Eveline Burwell, b. 
III. Sarah Dawson =z Joshua Belt, and had 
1 son, Jesse Atherton Bell, who died 
lY. William Williams Dawson emigrated to 

Texas, s. p. 
Y. Alston Dawson died young. 
YI. Henry Dawson =Sarah, dau. of Philip Gus- 
ton Alston and sister of his brother Jesse's 
wife, s. p. 
YII. Charity Alston Dawson, unra. 
YIII. John Da wson= Martha Green Hunter. 
Daughter of Jacob Hunter = Patience 

The following account is copied from the Dawson family 
records, compiled by Chas. C. Dawson, of New York, and 
published 1874 by Joel Munsel, of Albany, N. Y. John 
Dawson was born in North Carolina, where he married 
Martha Green Hunter. They emigrated to Tennessee 
about 1822, where he died in Maury county, 1843. His 

34 al 

530 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

widow is still living (1874) at Mt. Pleasant. They had 
11 children : 

I. John Dawson, imm. 
II. Henry, imm., a physician. 

III. William Leon, b. 1820 in Warren county N. C, 

and died 1844 in Maury county, Teun. Mar- 
ried, {q. v.). 

IV. Martha Green ra. — Frierson, Columbia, Tenn. 
V. Jesse Atherton, m. wf. unknown, Okolona, 

VI. Temperance Alston m. — Barrow. 
• VII. Jacob Hunter m. and has family in Forest City, 
VIII. Mary P. m. — Dobbins, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 
IX. Elisabeth T. m. — J^ong, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 

X. Charity Alston m. — Kittrell. 
XI. Mann Dawson, unm., Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 

William Leon Dawson was educated at LaGrange 
College, Franklin county, Ala., and m. Jan., 1841, 
Ala F. Winter, b. at Tuscumbia, Ala., 1825. 
They removed to Madison county, Miss., in 1843, 
where he engaged in business as a cotton planter. 
He d. in Oct., 1844, while on a visit to his parents 
in Maury county, Tenn. Mrs. Dawson res. (1873) 
at Canton, Miss. They had two sons, viz. : 

I. John Dawson, b. in Maury county, Tenn., 
Dec, 1841. He entered the State Uni- 
versity of Mississippi at 14, and after a 
year spent there went to the Jesuit Col- 
lege at Georgetown, D. C, where he re- 
mained a year. In Sept., 1859, he en- 
tered the Junior class at Princeton, N. J., 
where he was graduated in June, 1861 ; 
but left to join the Confederate army be- 

AND Their Descendants. 531 

fore his diploma was awarded. He en- 
tered what was called the Army of Ten- 
nessee as a private, and gradually rose in 
position to a captaincy, and though in 
many battles passed unhurt through the 
war, until near its close. In August, 
1864, while sitting in the trenches, near 
Atlanta, he was struck by a fragment of 
shell, and received injuries which were 
supposed to be mortal, the lower part of 
his face being torn away and the chin 
and chest bones fractured. He, however, 
recovered sufficiently to return to Missis- 
sippi in 1865, and for a time he edited a 
country newspaper, until elected clerk of 
the Circuit Court. After serving one 
term in this office he was re-elected with- 
out an opposing vote. He was afterwards 
displaced to make room for an appointee 
of the military authority, and became as- 
sociated with Oliver S. Luckett, Esq., in 
the practice of law. Failing health, how- 
ever, constrained a cessation of all labor, 
and after an unavailing visit to the me- 
diciual springs of northern Alabama he 
returned to Canton, where he d. in Oct., 
1872, unm. He was talented and highly 
accomplished, brave, modest and refined 
in character. He d. in the faith of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church, to which he 
II. William Leon Dawson, Jr., b. at Tuscum- 
bia, Ala., Oct., 1842 ; entered the Jesuit 
College, at Georgetown, D. C, in 1858, 
and in 1860 removed to Princeton to re- 

532 John and Chaeity (Alston) Daavson 

ceive private lessons and be near his 
brottier, then a student at the University. 
After the commencement of the civil 
war he returned to Mississippi, and after 
the passage of the Confederate conscript 
law, compelling all youths of his age to 
enlist in the army, he chose the cavalry 
service, and during the siege of Vicks- 
burg acted as the private secretary of 
Gen. Pemberton, for whom he entertained 
great affection. After the surrender of 
that city, and his exchange, he was at- 
tached to the brigade of Gen. Wirt 
Adams. In consequence of exposure 
during the war he contracted rheumatism, 
from which, after a lingering illness, he 
died in Yazoo county. Miss., in June, 
1871, unm. 

Jephtha Atherton came to North Carolina from Ber- 
muda prior to 1735 and settled in Northampton county, 
where he died, 1787. 

Copy of Will of Jepthn. Atherton, Recorded in Will Book, 
1760 to 1792, pages 2-3-^-5, and also on page 378-9, 
in Clerk's Office, Northampton County, N. C. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, Jephtha Atherton, of 
ye State of North Carolina, Northampton Co., being in 
low state of health, but of sound disposing mind and 
memory, thanks be given unto God for ye same, do make 
and ordain this my last will and testament, in manner and 
form following : 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Penelope 
Brunson, one Negro man named Tom, one Negro Wench 
named Patience, also one named Jude, another named 

AND Their Descendants. 533 

Kitt, and another negro girl named Dinah, one horse by 
ye name of Hassard, and one Bed and furniture. 

I also give unto her the profits of a half share of land, 
lying and being in ye Island of Bermuda, Which land I 
rented to Mr. Sara'l Bascuni in the year 1761, for which I 
have not received one farthing ye said lands. She being 
ye true and only heir to the same, being descended from 
Peter Pruden of the aforesaid Island. Ye aforesaid arti- 
cles, I give to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to Jessee Atherton Dawson 
one negro girl named Temp, and one negro boy named 
Sam, being a child of Smith's, to him and his heirs for- 

Item. I give and becjueath to Charity Dawson, one 
negro girl named Vining, to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to John Dawson, one negro 
girl and child by ye name of Lender, a child of Lifts ; 
another by ye name Anthony, from said Wench, to him 
and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give unto ray daughter, Dorothy Dawson, one 
negro fellow named Will, which she have received, one 
negro boy by ye name of Rufus ; one negro Wench by ye 
name of Litt ; and such articles as she have heretofore re- 
ceived of me, to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give unto Francis Atherton Bynum, one negro 
fellow named Jacob, one negro girl named Amy, a daugh- 
ter of Sarah's, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto Drewry Bynum, son 
of my daughter Mary Bynum, one negro girl named Lidia, 
child of Vileto, and one negro girl named Easter, a 
daughter of Amy's, to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary 
Bynum, one negro Wench named Vilet, one, do., named 
Mary; also one Jeames have named Prince, saddle and 
bridle, bed and furniture, to her and her heirs forever. 

534 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Temper- 
ance Atherton, one negro fellow named Henry, and one 
negro Wench named Balinda, one girl named Crease, and 
one do. Cealah, one do. named Hischer ; also one boy by 
the name of Isaiah. I also give to my daughter Temper- 
ance, one feather-bed and furniture and saddle and bridle 
that she have now ye command of it ; also it is my desire 
that she have a sponsible horse of about twenty-five 
Value, the same to be paid in gold or silver. The hereto- 
fore articles, I give to her and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to ray daughter, Frances 
Atherton, one negro lad named Nelson, one, do. named 
Little Arthur, one negro Wench named Sylvy, one do., 
named Mirma, one negro boy named Stephen, one do., 
named Anthony. Also it is my desire that she may have 
a horse, bridle and saddle at about twenty-five pounds 
value in gold or silver ; also one bed and furniture, the 
same to be delivered When she comes of lawful age or 
marries. Also I give the aforesaid to her and her heirs 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son, Jessee Ather- 
ton, all the lands that I am possessed with, containing one 
tract I bought of Barnaba Thomas [Barnaby Thomas 
was brother-in-law to John Dawson and died 1735. His 
Will being dated Oct. 5, 1735 and probated Dec. 11th, 
1735. (N. C. Geneological Register, No. 1.)], one do., I 
bought of Wm. Cowper, joining said tract, Which said 
tract ye Court-house now stands on ; also one tract I 
bought of Bennet Hill, lying in ye meadows ; also one 
tract I bought of Gen'l Allen Jones, lying in ye Occonee- 
chee Neck, containing three Hundred and fifty acres, and 
also all ye negroes that I am possessed with, excepting 
them that I have heretofore given away, viz.: Isham, 
Mary, Artis, James that I bought of Turner Bynum, Jim, 
George, Bob, Auston, Jeffrey, Andrew, Lazarus that I 

AND Their Descendants. 535 

bought of Mr. Wm. Kincheu, aud Will that I bought of 
Wm. Vaughan, Grace, Lucy, Jiuue, do. Jinne, Sinth, 
Amy, Cherry, Cato, Nau, Charlotte, and all ye rest of my 
whole estate, stock of all kinds, bonds, notes, debts, dues 
and demands of any kind whatsoever. It is also my de- 
sire that my debts be paid out of the Estate left in said 
clause, and further desire is that my wife should be hand- 
somely maintained out of the remaining part of ray son 
Jessee Atherton's Estate, during her natural life. The 
above said legacies I give to my Son Jessee Atherton, his 
heirs and assigns forever. And I do hereby appoint ray 
Wife, Betty Atherton, aud John Dawson, ray whole and 
sole Executors of this ray last will and testaraent. 

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us, this 
19th day of Jan'y, A. D., 1787. 

Jeph. Atherton. (Seal) 
Teste : 

J. Dawson. 
Nancy Gibes. 
Ja]\ies Cotton. 

Celia X Bryant. 

raark. Proved by oath of John Dawson aud 
James Cotton, and Betty Atherton 
qualified as Executrix. Certified 
and recorded June Court, 1787, 
Northampton Co. 

E. Haynes, C. Ct. 

Of his children, we have no records of the daughter, 
Penelope Brunson, by his 1st wife. 

Of his 2d wife, Elisabeth, we have no certain knowl- 
edge, though it is believed that she was a Dawson, or 
more probably a sister of Wm. Kincheu, Jr. Of her issue : 
Jesse Atherton d. s. p. 

536 John and Charity (Alston) Dawson. 

Elisabeth Dorothy= John Dawson, [q. v.). . ij 

Mary=:Byuum ; 1 son, Jesse Atherton Bynum. 
Teraperance^James Barnes. 
Frances^ Gideon Alston, (q. v.). 

Children of 

Temperance = J AMES Barnes : 

I. Jephtha Atherton Barnes=Mary Clark Williams 
and had 1 dau., Charity Dawson Barnes = 
Whitmel Hill Anthony; issue, [q. v.). 
II. Lavinia Dorothy Barnes = Whitmel John Hill. 
Issue : 

1. James Charles Hill, unm. 

2. Nannie Hill= — Elliott. 

3. Thomas Norfleet Hill= 

1st. Elisabeth Hall. I j 
2d. Mary Long. \ '''^''®- 

4. Louisa Hill = Benj. Gordon Smith; issue. 

5. Rebecca Norfleet Hill== Peter Evans Smith; 


6. Atherton Barnes Hill=Elisabath Hyman ; 




Ache 270 

Adair, Forest 244 

Adams, Arth 209-10 

Adkins 290 

Adkinson 280 

Akehurst 97-9 

Alexander 39, 352, 447 

Allaine 220 

Allen, Chris 121-8 

" 45, 154, 240, 261, 421, 480, 513 

Alsabrook 473 

Alstan IS 

Alston, Absalom . ^. _372 

" Alex. G T.' 155 

" Alfred 323-6-8, 372 

" Alfred A 194-7 

" Aluston 470 

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" Anne 83, 132, 141 

" Archibald 131, 32S-4 

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" Augustus, 133-4, 288, 273, 313 

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Alston, Benj 310-11 

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Alston, George 14, 197 

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183, 325 

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♦' John T 372, 403 

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149-50, 176-7, 183, 194-7 

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A listen, Joseph. 44, 56,67-8, 75, 89 

" Joseph B 61 

" Joseph N 61 

" Joseph W 60-1 

Alston, Joseph A 405 

" Joseph D 158 

" Joseph E 403-5 

" Joseph G 161 

" Joseph H 134 

" Joseph K 140 

" Joseph W 177 

Allston, Josias 41-4-5 

Alston, Junius 183 

" Kemp P 151,326, 477 

'• Lemuel J. . . .192-3-4-6, 372 

" Leonidas 132, 378, 389 

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" Mary 40-4,51,64-7, 86 

Alston, Margaret 132-141 

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" Nathaniel Chas 403-4 

" Nathaniel Kimb 378 

" Nathaniel Macon. 177-9, 460 
" Nathaniel Yancey . . . .378-9 

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" Philip Somerville 141 



Alston, Philip W. W 311 

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Andrews 258, 434 

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Anthony 279, 502 

" AA^hitmelH 433, 532 

" AVm. AVhitmel 436 

Applegate 474 

Arbury 303 

Archinard 335 

Armour ■452 

Armstrong 250, 264, 427 

Arnold 241, 255, 389 

Arrington....l21, 150, 324, 434-6 
492, 509-10 

Ashcomb 21 

Ashe 76, 368 

Ashley 306 

Askins •■• "^04 

Atchinson 51 , 68 



Atherton 120, 523 

Atwood 389 

Austin 329, 442, 454 

Autrey 245 

Avent 469 

Axtell 39 

Aycock 268 

Ayres 97 


Bachman 84 

Bacon 137 

Bacot 88-9 

Badger 241, 322, 4-13, 486 

Bailey 109, 405, 424 

Bainbridge 1 72-3 

Baker. . .109, 210, 289, 303, 468, 522 

Baldwin 60, 179, 243 

Ball 318 

Ballard . .147, 275,462-7,476-8, 500 

Banks 143-4, 252-271, 375-6 

Eaptiste 172 

Barbee 286, 291 

Barclay 470 

Barham 467 

Barkes 286 

Barnes 146, 162, 432, 532 

Barnett 261 

Barnwell 87 

Barrett 244 

Barringer 17S, 322 

Barrow 211-12, 462. 526 

Bartlett 482 

Bartow'b 125 

Bascom 529 

Bass 261, 386 

Basser 277 

Battle 503 

Battelle 157 

Beal 389 

Beardsley 402 

Beasley 279 

Beaumont ... 71 

Beck 457 

Beckwith 157 

Beckman 156 

Belin 41, 89 

Bell 276, 396-9, 510, 525 

Bender. 161 

Bennett 98 

Benton 146, 292-5-6, 320-2 

Berry 134 

Berwick 228 

Biddis 40 

Bihm 130 

Bill 662 

Bindloss 20 

Bird 97, 267 

Byrd 94, 416 

Blackshear 262 

Blackwell 402 

Blair 334 

Blake 39, 239 

Blanchard 274 

Blick 460 

Bloodworth 256 

Bloomfield 25 

Blount 279,322, 430 

Blyth 70 

Boatner 228-10 

Bobbitt 120-7 

Bobo 136 

Boddie 152,448 

Bond 279 

Bonner 503 

Bonneau 89 

Boone 39, 380 

Boothe 20,311 

Borden 47 

Borey 22 

Bostic 277-82 

Bouligny 23 

Bowers 452 

Bowie 226-7-8 

Bowman 73, 211-13, 398 

Boyd 109,371,458, 492 

Bradford 214, 379, 417 

Bradley 274 

Brame 451 

Branch 114-20, 322, 483 



Bratton 134 

Bressie 247 

Brewer 219 

Brewster 262 

Brewton 76, 85 

Briggs 406 

Brinkley 487 

Broadwell 109 

Brockway 473 

Brodie 179, 323, 466-7 

Bomey 379 

Bronson 499 

Brooke 25, 134 

Brothers 485 

Broward 422 

Brown 270, 419, 465, 481 

" Anne Bobo 136 

" Alfred A -.' 196 

" Esther 43 

" L. B 194-6 

" Eidley 117 

" Kobert 134 

Browning 15 

Bruce 296 

Brunson 528 

Bryan 68-9, 178, 461 

Bryant 309,430-84,531 

Buchannon 490 

Bullock 43 

Burdon 389 

Burgen 150 

Surges 88, 122, 323-9, 336-7 

340, 486 


Burlse 243 

Burnby 110 

Burney 263 

Burnett 49-50 

--Burr 80 

Burrington Ill 

Burt 275,447, 453 

Burton 438,460-4 

Burwell 455-8, 462, 528 

Bush 246,408 

Butler 166,215 

Butt 215,262-7-8 

Bynum . 529, 532 


Cabell 15, 232-6 

Cafey 100 

Cade 377 

Cain 361, 371, -120-3 

Caldwell 239, 260, 424 

Calhoun 48, 232 

Calloway 248, 368 

Calvert 178 

Calvet 334-9, 345-6 

Camp 237 

Campbell 73, 224-70, 522 

Candler 145 

Cannon 322, 379 

Capeheart 440 

Carl 279 

Carlisle 316 

Carnall 438, 441 

Carpenter 350 

Carr 501 

Carraway 465 

Carrington 498 

Carroll 139-42, 264 

Carstarphan 112 

Carter 216-41, 389, 468 

Cary 98, 172-3, 221-3, 311 

Cathcart 513 

Cave ■ 291 

Chadwick 403-8 

Chambers 231 

Chambless 160 

Champlin 416-7 

Chance 167 

Chancey 109 

Channing 51 

Cheatham 328 

Cheek 240, 274-5 

Cheney 377 

Chicester 219 

Childress 181 

Chipman 256 

Chisholm 58 



Christian 86 

Christmas 132, 249, 502 

Claiborne 118-9, 235 

Clanton 275, 446, 484, 494 

Clapp 411 

Claris 91, 131, 241 

Clarkson ... 71 

Clay 243, 276 

Clayton 24, 327, 422 

Clegg 407 

Cleiland 86 

Clements 500 

Clore 198 

Coachman 46, 60, 89 

Cobb 225, 408, 434 

Cochran 279 

Cochrell 137 

Cocke 308, 331-5-6, 394 

Codd 181 

Coke 222, 436 

Coleman 72, 243, 258 

Collier 289, 418 

Collins 883-5, 432 

Colman 19 

Commander 109 

Compton 21 

Conningland 486 

Connor 307 

Cook 46, 115, 124-5, 283, 325 

456, 465 
Cooper.. .84, 110, 135, 170-2, 236 


Corbett 236 

Corts 284 

Cosby 117, 392 

Cotton 176, 182-3, 517, 531 

Coupland 102-3-6, 261 

Courtney 215 

Covington 281 

Cozart 319 

Crawford. .256, 298-9, 300-1-23-35 

Crawley 121 

Creagh 332-3 

Creighton 333, 473 

Cripps 45 

Crittenden 4i20 

Crofts 21 

Crowell 119-20 

Crook 260 

Crookenbury 23 

Cross 264 

Crossland 309 

Crudup 283 

Crum 160 

Crump .' 183 

Cullum 277 

Culpepper 109-10 

Cunningham 498 

Currie 99, 181, 246 

Curtin 152 

Dale 170 

Darner 353 

Dameron 469 

Dana 51 

Daniel. .121-8-9-130, 287, 443, 478 


Dargan 47 

Daughtrie 404 

Davidson 143 

Davie 130 

Davis 117, 182, 274-9, 288, 339 

447, 450-5 

" Archibald 326-7, 493 

" Ed 423-5-7 

" Jennie 117 

" John 209,326, 358 

" Plummer 326 

" Samuel 493 

Dawson 93, 517-531 

Day 490 

Dealy 224 

Dean 255 

DeJarnett 419 

DeGraffenriedt 148-9, 178 

DeGrandpre 200 

DeLauney 109, 164, 263 

DeLepline 44-5 



DeMoss 161 

Dendy 255 

Dennis 151 

Dent 72 

DePriest 176 

DeRousserye 39 

Devereux 445 

DeYampert 248 

Dickens 29S, 301-3-22, 427 

Didlake 340-5 

Dillahunty 266 

Dimick 143 

Dismukes 73 

Ditch 224 

Ditmar 396 

Divison 97 

Dobbins 526 

Dobbs 95, 523 

Dobson 281 

Dockery 271 

Doherty or Dougherty . . .219, 226 

Dooley 401 

Dorrough 255 

Doub 122 

Doughtie 147 

Downe 369 

Downey 14 

Downing 91 

Drake 238,441,475-9 

Dubose 237, 292 

Dudley 361-6, 417-19 

Duke 299, 322, 346 

Dula 240 

Dulant 230 

Dumas 296 

Duncan 49 

Dundee 171 

Dunkin 85 

Dunklin 252 

Dunlap 258 

Dunn 121-2-3 

Dupre 44-50 

Durant 75, 368 

Darden 145 

Durham 183 

Durnford 22 

Dwight 68-9, 88, 341 


Early 349 

Eason 435 

Easter 354 

Easton 331 

Eaton 113, 322, 328, 351, 445 

470-1, 509 ^1^- 

Eborn 434 

Echols 404 

Eden 513 

Edwards 289 

Egerton 467, 493 

Eldred 337, 341 

Eleanor 468 

Ellery 51 

Elliott 71 

Eppes 443 

Erwin 357 

Estes 241, 271 

Ethridge 435 

Evans 457 

Evelyn 24 

Exum 275 


Failing 236 

Fair 420 

Fairwell 40 

Falconer 470, 481 

Faulkner 501 

Fanning 138, 330 

Faribault 313-4 

Farrar 59, 200 

Faulcon 121, 322, 346, 471-4 


Fawcett 486 

Fell 401 

Fendall 368 

Fergusson 146-277 

Field 139, 508 

Fisher 134-7, 279 

Fitch 224 



Pitts 336, 341-9, 353-6 

Fitzgerald 260 

Fitzpatrick 245 

Fitzsimmons 84 

Flagg 52 

Fletcher SBS 

Flewellyn 238 

Flinn 353 

Flournoy 813 

Floyd 135,256,314, 409 

Foster.. .20, 282, 824, 353,382, 396 


Fouchereaud 75 

Fowle 482 

Fowlkes 381, 449 

Franklin 101, 258, 267 

Fraser 82, 152, 183, 258 

Freeman 118, 262, 378 

Frierson 164, 526 

Frobel 196 

Fulcher 139 

Fussell 142 

Gadsden 140 

Gaillard 135 

Gaines 348 

Gaither , 164 

Galvez 200 

Gait 421 

Gamble 380 

Gamewell 268 

Gantt 389,401-2-3 

Gaunt 443 

Garden 43, 51 

Garvin 84 

GateAvood 421 

Gay 331 

Gayles 434 

Gay ley 144 

Gee 442-6-7, 453-4 

George 466 

Geycer 315 

Gibbes .51-3-7-8, 531 

Gibbons 236 

Gilliam 492 

Gilmore 377-9, 381-2-5, 509 

Gindrat 142 

Girardeau 48 

Glaister 98 

Olasscock 139 

Glaze 335-7, 341-2-3-4 

Glenn 249, 369-71, 507-8 

Glennie 85 

Glover ,166, 246, 408-17 

Godwin !....97, 160, 281 

Gogarza 86 

Golland 513 

Golson 170 

Gooche 158, 490 

Goode 124 

Goodloe 117 

Goodman 86-7 

Goodwin 244, 278 

Gordon 153, 420 

Gorea 246 

Goss 319 

Gourdine 44 

Grace 340 

Graham 129, 130, 476 

Grainger 315 

Granberry 145 

Grandy 453 

Granville 486 

Gratville 296 

Gray 209-10-11 

Green. .86, 109, 116, 153, 243-4-5-6 

312-16-18, 322, 462-4-6-7 


Greer 167, 384 

Gregory 184 

Grey 379 

Griffin 433-5, 440 

Grimstone 20 

Grindley 14 

Groves 376-402 

Grubbs 241 

Grump 262 

Guerry 87 

Guffington 300 



Gunter 178 

Guston 95 

Guthrie 286 

Guzman 173 

Hackett 389, 400 

Haige 61 

Haile 198, 229 

Hall 135,221, 432, 510 

Hamlin. . .127, 150, 177-9, 183, 416 

Hamilton 73, 231-2, 442, 454 

Hampstead 20 

Hancock 291 

Handson 26 

Hannis 862 

Hannley 486 

Hardee 298 

Hardy 287, 440 

Hare 24 

Harllee 437 

Hargraves 291 

Harney 244 

Harper 255, 291, 451 

Harrington 436 

Harris 219,322-32-89, 419-41 

" Elisabeth 39 

" Gideon 126 

" Gendrat 140 

" James 474, 481 

" Jephtha 257 

" John 39 

" Rebecca 40 

" Sam'l S 139, 143 

" Wm. Whit 482, 499 

'• Wm 120, 139, 142, 481 

" Willis 120-6 

Harrison 276, 448-9, 472 

Hartsell 270 

Hartwell 507-10 

Harvey. .14, 146, 277, 309, 403, 445 

Harvie 268, 389 

Harwell 162-6, 184 

Hatch 98 

Hathaway 513 

35 al 

Haughton 510 

Havard 149 

Hawkins. . .219, 272-3, 287, 300-22 


" James 131 

" John 112 

" Joseph 116, 310 

" Philemon 502-3-7 

Hay 313 

Hayden 166, 173-5 

Hayne, S 80, 631 

Haynie 225-6 

Hayes 88,275, 359 

Haywood 273, 322, 443, 487 

Heard 255,385-9 

Heath 475 

Heilig 183 

Heins 58 

Heiskill 343 

Hemminger 69 

Hemphill 262 

Henderson . . 169, 192, 268, 296, 344 


Hendrix 358, 422 

Henley 162-4-6 

Henry 194, 273, 322 

Hereford .2*6-7 

Herndon 276 

Herron 399 

Hertzog 344 

Hester 225 

Hetherwicke 346 

Heyward 46 

Hibben 48 

Hildreth 379 

Hill 91, 110, 117, 192, 240-9 

354-6, 431, 448, 5H6 

" Henry 309, 334, 474 

" Samuel 210 

" Thomas 110, 161 

" Whit. John 536 

Hilliard... 282,323, 441 

Bines 190, 250, 295-8, 371 

Hinson. 386 

Hinton 147, 292-5, 304-5 



Hobson 284,409, 476 

Hodges 403 

Hoey 339 

Hogan ....279, 288 

Hogge 449, 492 

Holland 49-50 

Holliday 304 

Hollingsworth 167 

Hollister 138 

Holman 129 

Holmes 96 

Honour 157 

Hooker 282 

Hooks 290 

Hooper 124, 489 

Hopkins 267, 509 

Hopson 395 

Horah 237 

Home 129 

Howard 133, 237 

Howze 163, 194-5, 249, 452 

Hudgins 472 

Hudson 19, 170, 406 

Huff 237 

Huger 68, 75, 85-8, 196 

Hughes 255 

Hughey 281 

Hunt 100, 183, 473 

Hunter. ..190-1, 243-5-8, 271, 318 
339-344, 466, 473 

Hurt 261, 298, 302 

Huston 486 

Hyde 274-6 

Hyman 532 


Inge 471 

Ingraham 45, 241 

Irby 449, 450-4-6 

Irvine 470 


Jackson 176-181 

James 367 

Jarauta Padre 480 

Jaudon 241 

Jeffreys 284-7, 312-17-75 

Jenkins 117, 167, 481 

Jernian 47-8 

Jernigan 258-9, 260 

Jervey 48 

Jewell 136 

Johnson... 112, 128, 145, 214, 269 

274-8, 280, 315-343-4 

380-8, 408, 432, 517 

Johnstone. . . .68, 70-1-2, 268, 289 \ 

502-7-10-1 1 J 

Jolly 452 

Jones, Alpheus 250, 282 I 

" Alfred 283 

" Alston 283 

" Britton 285-6-7 

" Burwell 288 

" Calvin 463 

" Charles 454 

' ' Edward 248 

" Edmund 191 

" Evan 283 

" Frank 285-7, 298, 302 

" George 326> 

" Henry 286, 290 

" James 191, 250, 461 

" James K 295 

" John 282-7 

" Joseph 454 

" Kimbrough 288, 291 

" Mark P 283 

" Mathew.. 102,285-6,290-5 

" Nath'l 274, 285-6 

" Needham 282-9 

" Ridley 286 

" Robert ..." 124 

*' Rush A 384 

" Seth 274, 282 

" Shugun 249 

" Sidney 290 

" Solomon 2-51,272^7^ 

" Thomas.... 60, 289, 378, 434 

460 I 

" Tignal 285-7 J 



Jones, Wm. A 289 

Jordan 109, 268, 277-8, 280-1 

302, 393, 404 

Jowett 130 

Joyner 438, 442-3, 490 

Joyce 508 

Kay 239 

Kearney Ill, 491-505 

Keeler '. 214 

Keith 70, 468 

Kellum 386 

Kenan 135 

Kennedy 49, 467 

Kennon 170 

Kent 80, 378 

Kilpatrick 486 

Kimball 209 

Kimbrough . 190, 286-7, 292-7, 418 

Kinchen 516,522 

King. .69, 91, 135, 246-7, 269, 274-8 
281-9, 473, 506 

Kingsland 129 

Kirchham 350-1 

Kirchland 135, 140 

Kirchman 69, 463 

Kitchen 121-3, 314 

Kittrell 271, 526 

Klepstein 48 

Kolb 292 

LaBas 39 

LaBruce 67-90 

Lackie 210 

Ladson 84 

Lane 522 

Langdon 312, 319 

Langham 20 

Langhorn 97 

Lassiter 463 

Lawrence 282, 433, 481 

Lavender 152 

Leake 221 

Leach 347, 351 

Lee 163-6-7, 226, 282 

LeFleur 204, 238 

Leland 48-9 

Lemay 124 

Lemon 21, 86, 221 

Lenox 72 

TiConard 268 

Lepline 45 

Lespeyre 43 

Lewis. ... 58, 35, 192, 299, 370, 418 
436, 448 

Lide 383 

Lightfoot 118 

Ligon 466 

Lillington 361-9, 476 

Lilly 211, 228 

Lindley ,. .^;.'. 59 

Lindsay 491 

Lin^thicum 216 

Lipscomb 49 

Lips-y 122 

Litchford 128 

Little 273 

Littlejohn 14 

Lobdell 216,219-20 

Locke 70 

Lockett 452 

Lockhart 230, 396-8, 509 

Lockwood 240 

Logan 278 

Loggins 386-7 

London 181 

Long. . . .160, 183, 256, 486, 494, 536 

Loper 195 

Loucks 218 

Love 268, 270 

Lovett 160 

Loveless 338 

Lovick 513 

Lowery 379, 409 

Lowndes 64 

Louther 523 

Loyd 69,91, 183, 282 

Lucas 71, 441, 478 



Ludwell 97 

Lukens 150 

Lummus 401 

Lumpkin 247 

Lupton 41 

Lynch 68, 73 

Lyle 211 

Lyon 163-5,212, 468 

Maclin 189,313 

Macon. . . .110, 112. 116. 120, 127-8 
249, 274, 503-8 

McBryde 14 

McOalla 255 

McCann 330 

McCarty 268, 411-12 

McOauly 303 

McClelland 48 

McClenehan 178 

McCormick 452 

McCoy 340 

McCrady 74-5 

McCrary 160,281 

McCreight 155 

McCrindle 214 

McCullars 285 

McDonald 68, 281 

McDowell 150,506 

McEachin 353 

McGara 231 

McGill 134 

McGinty 408 

McGraw 144 

McGwin 148 

McGuire 156, 299 

Mcllwain 118 

Mcintosh 61 

McLemore . . . 322 

McLeroy 14 

McMillan 378 

McPherson 79 

McRea 437 

Madacy 251 

Mallory 171 

Malone 362 

Mangum 423-5 

Mann 20, 468 

Manson 404 

Marable 480 

Marion 41,42, 68 

Marlin 243 

Marshall . . .309, 315, 325, 337, 348 

382, 385 

Martin . . .14, 40, 169, 276, 279, 299 

320, 323, 347, 356, 357, 509 

Marvin 277 

Maryman 394 

Mason 82 

Mass 170 

Massenburg 288, 473 

Massie 237, 278 

Matheson 154, 162, 457 

Mathews 213, 465 

Maxwell 71, 197, 262 

Mays 279,379, 388 

Mayfield 357, 489 

Mayrant 58 

Mayo 101, 176, 229 

Meade 22, 61, 104 

Mebane 177 

Medley 148 

Mercer 243 

Meroney, Henry.. 94, 103, 110, 145 

Merritt 290, 300 

Meriwether 384 

Metcalf 224, 299 

M'hoon 220,255, 428 

Michael 169 

Mickle 241 

Middleton 82 

Miller. .49,215,238,268,426-7, 444 

Milling 242 

Mills 72, 105, 222, 453 

Minor 215 

Miree 458 

Mitchell 40, 42, 263, 295, 317 

Mitchener 284 

Monk 45 

Montague 282 



Montford ,121, 313, 448, 487, 519 

Montgomery 275, 339, 345, 408 

Mood 240 

Moody 262 

Moore. . 42, 51-2, 64, 104, 239, 240 
276, 294, 329, 330 
331,368,369, 418 

Moorer 160 

Morgan :.146, 191 

Morrall 45 

Morris 338 

Morse ^ . . . . 174 

Morton 59^ 277( 380' 

Moseley 362-8, 487 

Moss 222, 262 

Motte 73, 76, 320 

Moxby 438 

Mulford 331 

Murphy 153 

Murray 124 

Mustin 85 

Mutter 14 

Myers 252 

Myrick 189 


Nabors 167 

Napier 263 

Neal 121 

Neece 386 

Neely 279 

Nesh 279 

Neuce 20 

Newbold 69 

Newell 120, 151 

Newsome 151, 284 

Nichols 87-9 

Nicholson .20,61,271,441,478-481 

Nisbet 79, 401 

Nix 402 

Nixon 366 

Noah 226 

Nolen 277 

Norfleet 437-8, 440 

Norris 386, 400 

North 61 

Norton 158-5-7, 175 

Norwood 114, 404 

Nowell 46 

Nunkin 40 

Nunn 291 

Nye 261 


Ogden 178 

Oliver 256-7, 269, 301 

O'Reily 200 

Osborne 257 

Ott 238 

Overstreet 124-5 

Owens 300, 334, 484-5 

Oxford 477 


Packard '. . . 498 

Page 118, 280, 443 

Paine 270, 425-6 

Palfrey 221-4 

Palin 98, 100 

Palmer 89, 90, 110, 148, 490 

Pamor 39 

Parham 506 

Parker 16, 94, 232, 462, 500-1 

Parkerson 22J-2 

Parkes 212 

Parmer 366 

Parsons 507 

Paschal 281 

Patterson 291, 466, 472-7 

Patton 473 

Pawley 40, 68 

Paxton 286 

Percival 40 

Peacock 263 

Pearce 342, 469 

Pearson 32^331 

Peay 178 

Peck 349 

Peebles 275 

Pegues 194, 347, 351-2-3, 450 

455, 458 



Pemberton 85 

Penning 19 

Percy 218 

Perkins 154,323, 385 

Perkinson J 59 

Perrie 209 

Perry, Elijah 330, 446, 450-1 

" Joshua 447 

" Nathan 460-3 

" Samuel . . .284, 440-7-8, 450-3 

Person 445 

Pesy 274 

Peters 468 

Pettit 59, 472 

Petigru 60 

Pettway 249, 416, 454-8 

Petty 47 

Peurifoy 256, 467 

Phenny 513 

Philips 180 

Pickens 232 

Pickering 22 

Pickett. . . .142-3-5, 294, 372,418-9 

Pierce 316 

Pilkinton 368 

Pinckney 70 

Pippin 152 

Pitman 20, 197 

Platen 100 

Pleasants 325 

Pledger 262, 447 

Plowder 406 

Plummer. . .112, 323, 466, 507, 509 


Poe 183 

Polk 273,322, 463, 480 

Pollard 250 

Pollock 91, 430 

Ponder 461 

Poole 67 

Pope 286,443, 450 

Porcher 87, 257 

Porter 368-9 

Potts 116 



Powell ' 147, 339, 469 

Preston 490 

Pretty 253 

Prewitt 50 

Price 282, 489 

Pringle 64,72, 80 

Prioleau 73 

Prior 61 

Pritchard 256, 436 

Proctor. 43, 470 

Prophit 416-7 

Pruden 533 

Pugh 432,437-8, 444 

Pullen 290 

Pulliam 284 

Purcell 383 

Pyatt .44, 46 

Pye 22 

Pyron 278 


Radwell 468 

Raiford 419 

Ragland 427 

Rainey 278-281 

Randall 248 

Randolph 143 

Ransdell 335-8-9, 345 

Ransom. . . 249, 321, 502, 510, 511 

Ravenel 68, 232 

Ralls 248 

Ray 463 

Raynor 322 

Read 43, 84, 448-9 

Reavis 466 

Reedy 262 

Reeks 456 

Reese 300 

Reeves 72, 331 

Reid 135, 467 

Respass 504 

Ressler 262 

Revear 190 

Reynes 22 

Reynolds 21, 173-4, 246-7 



Ehodeg. ...2-44, 299, 314, 340, 385 

Richards 469 

Eice 179 

Richardson 389, 401 

Riddick 146-7-8 

Ridgeway 402 

Ridley 274-5, 296, 486 

Rives 148, 473 

Rivers 499 

Roach 485 

Roche 42 

Roberts 369, 379, 417 

Robertson 261, 393 

Robinson. . . .64, 100, 380, 418, 419 
421, 453 

Robson 300 

Rochelle 167 

Rogers 51, 341 

Rosser 252 

Rothmaller 68 

Roundtree 304 

Routh 226 

Rowland 244 

Rucker 207, 237 

Rudisill 256 

Ruffin 382, 423-4 

Russell 408, 472 

Rutledge 86 

Ryalls 403 

St. John 21 


Saddler 100 

Sales 401 

Salisbury 226 

Sanders 49, 82, 151-2-3, 268 

389, 395, 450 

Saunders 39, 241 

Sanford 277, 344 

Scales 269, 279, 471, 481 

Scott 235, 344, 372, 421 

Seabrook 378 

Searin 493 

Seawell 249, 322, 400, 507-8 

Seile - 23 

Selby 22, 121 

Sellars 377 

Seward 93 

Shackelford' 248 

Sharp 370 

Shearin 127 

Sheftal 134 

Shell 127-9, 153-9 

Shepard 4I8 

Sherlock 352 

Sherrod 264, 364 

Sherwood lOO 

Shields ....... .163, 378, 449, 490 

Shoemaker 472 

Shubrick 73 

Shugun 249 

Siddons 263 

Sills 154, 461, 473 

Simons 40, 42, 43, 51 

Simonton 86 

Sims 261 

Simpson 396-9 

Singleton 46 

Skelton 251 

Skidmore 256 

Skillman 225-6 

Skinner 117, 131 

Slade 435 

Sledge 243 

Smallwood 440 

Smith 39, 50, 76, 83-5, 86, 99 

129,195,221-2-3, 246, 414 
415, 417, 442, 490, 532 

Smotherman 277 

Snellings 407 

Snickers 286 

Snodgrass 226 

Snow 493 

Soame 24 

Solomon 329, 331 

Somerville.295, 311, 322, 492, 498-9 


Sondidge 255 

Sparkman 278 

Speed 241, 249, 326-7 



Spell 167 

Spencer 237 

Spier 154 

Spiller 354 

Spinks 378, 888 

Spivey 313 

Sprague 442 

Springer 502 

Spurlin 165 

Stafford 226, 416 

Stamper 450 

Stanford 243 

Stanley 460 

Starbuch 282 

Steadman 146 

Stegall 141 

Steiner ° 84 

Stephens 257 

tevens 49 

Stewart 215, 286, 327, 330 

Stillwell 248 

Stinnett 338 

Stirling, Alex 202-9-10 

" Jas 211 

" John 211 

" Lewis 210,216, 220 

" RuffinG....211,217,220, 225 

" Stephen 225 

" Wm 210, 221 

Stith 172 

Stockard 267 

Stoddard 251 

Stone 106 

Stonecypher 399 

Story 69 

Stovall 301 

Stratton 449 

Strother 140 

Stubbs 241 

Stunecken 59 

Sullivan 346 

Sumner 369, 230 

Sunderland 12 

Sutherland 170, 274, 423, 461 

Sutton 109 

Swann 368 

Swanzy 276 

Sydnoe 47, 48, 49 

Symes 109 

Symons 25,97, 233 


Tabb 382-3, 507-8, 510 

Talley 158 

Tanner 337, 340-1-2-3-4 

Tarrent 246 

Tarver 238, 260 

Tarwater 127 

Tate 231, 247, 270, 376, 424 

Tatnall 136 

Tayloe 166, 269,323 

Taylor. .149, 178, 312-3-5-6, 354, 524 

Temple 21, 110, 139 

Tennant 239 

Terrell 334-5-7-8 

Terry 299, 419 

Texada 335 

Tharrington 459 

Thayer 58 

Thomas 117, 127, 150-3, 168 

277, 330 

Thompson . 24, 42, 72, 81, 216, 231 

295, 341, 358-9, 396-9, 400 

432-3-5-6-8, 478, 484, 524 

Thome 326, 474-5-7-8-480 

Thornton 241, 490, 507, 511 

Thorpe 318, 325 

Thweatt 47 

Tillery 122, 482 

Tilling 496 

Todd 419 

Toole 470 

Torrence 420-2 

Townes 243, 477 

Toxie 290 

Trapier 46, 84 

Trimble 262 

Trippe 333 

Trotman 144 

Trotter 137 

B D 1 0. 9 



Treutlen 268 

Trumbull 24 

Tucker 60, 268, 337, 341, 490 

Tule 152 

Tulles 279, 282 

Tunstall . . .438, 445, 472, 473, 474 

Turges 39 

Turman 405 

Turnbull 268, 509 

Turner 90, 170, 287, 473 

Twitty 469 

Tyler 444 

Tyrrell 107 


Ulmer 194 

Upshur 128 

Upton 219, 439, 440 

Urquhart 437-9 


Vanderhorst 52, 64 

Vanderslice 278 

VanHoose 356-7 

Vaughan. . . .103-8-9, 378, 380, 394 

Vedder 85 

Verdee 421 

Vernon 315, 336 

Videau 43 

Vincent 435 

Villeponteaux 52 


Waddell 267, 376 

Waite 197 

Walker . . . .137, 170, 368, 393, 395 

Wallis 26, 95, 97 

Walthall 333 

Walton 147 

Wann 119 

Ward 195,302, 312, 319 

Ware 178 

Waring 85-6 

Warnock 88-9, 90 

Warren 288-9, 294-5 351 

Waties 69,232 

Watkins 169, 262 

Watson 243, 371 , 444 

Watts 161 

Webber 174-5-6 

Webb 71, 274, 324, 396, 466 

Weber 819 

Weems 338, 343-5 

Weir 194 

Wells. 21, 24, 48, 203-9, 337, 341-3 

AVelsh 331 

Wescomb 20 

West 19, 99, 276, 409, 412, 413 

414, 415 

Westbrook 279 

Westcott 382 

Weston 61 

Wetmore 46 

Wheaton 287 

Wheeler 15 

Whitaker 284, 288, 290, 433 

White .... 44, 45, 47, 135, 169, 180 
267-9, 387, 423, 463, 510 

Whitehouse 42 

Whitfield 283, 464-5 

Whitlock 27 

Whitmel 430 

Whitt 406 

Whitworth 387-8 

Wiggins 132, 431, 482 

Wilcox. .117, 149, 153, 160-1,241-2 

Wilkins 381,449 

Wilkinson 89, 269 

Williams, Arch'd. . . .358, 453, 461 

" Arthur 109 

" Austin B 444 

" Ben A. A 444 

" Buxton B 328, 467 

" Chas. 444 

" Dallas 463 

" Edward 461 

" Edwin :. 48 

'• Effie 49 

" Elisha 482 

'' Francis G 459 

" Hampden S 435, 443 

" Harry Guston 467 

" Henry 433,501 



Williams, Henry A 444 

" Henry F 444 

" Henry G. 438, 445-6, 453, 468 

" Hezekiah T 435 

" James .309, 461 

" James H 467 

" J. C 246 

" John 453 

" John A 311,408,470-3 

" John B. . .441-6, 459, 467, 481 

" John D 432 

" JohnP 434, 443, 472 

'' Jonas 459, 469 

" Jos. John 307-9,332,432 

460-4, 477, 482 

" Lewis A 432-3,491 

" Lewis D 435 

" Lewis N 461 

' ' Mark L 459 

'■ Nathaniel A 194, 463 

" Nicholas A 461 

" Philip K 858,463 

" Pugh L.M 444 

" Robert 281,464 

" Robert E 461, 504 

" Roberta 473 

" Robert K 317 

" Romeo 467 

" Robert L ... 461 

" Robert W 358, 460 

, " Samuel 95,311, 429 

431-2-5, 445, 453, 469 

" Samuel A 273, 469, 486 

" Samuel D 436-8, 443 

" Sidney 151 

" Simmons B 445 

" Sol. Pugh 444 

" Solomon 346, 445-6, 453, 


" Thomas .492, 463 

" Thomas A '. 472 

" Thomas B 47, 467 

" Thomas 482-3. . 

" Thomas T 436,444 

" Walter 463 

Williams, Whitmel K 461 

' ' William .... 310, 329, 332, 346 
431-8, 445, 460-1, 477, 483, 491 

" William A 472-3 

' ' William H 447, 460-6 

" William K, A 358,434 

" William P 467, 470 

" WilliamT 446 

" William Whit 438, 444 

" Willie 463 

Williamson 271 , 380, 421 

Willis 511 

Wilson. . . .57, 58, 59, 60, 79, 92, 94 
95, 110, 164, 275, 285, 420 

AVimbish 210 

Wingate 455 

Winn 402-231 

Winter 268,525 

Wiseman 21 

Withers 71 

Witherspoon 164-6 

Woods 46, 139, 142-3. 268, 278 

369, 433, 463 

Woolfe 106 

Woolfork 231 

Wooten 383 

Workman 100 

Worth 179 

Worsham 179, 332 

Wolstenholme 22 

Wragg 136 

Wray 171 

Wright .... 110, 117, 149, 158, 303 

AVyatt 322, 346, 419, 420 

Wyche .~rrr:11:4r442 

Wynns 491 

Yancey 292, 373 

Yarboro. . . .262, 324, 447, 467, 500 

Yeadon 68 

Yeamans 52 

Yeargan [ *. ^ . 148, 298, 302 

Yonge 263 

Young 14, 42, 43, 51, 57, 208 

215, 267, 433 
Yuille 388 

Zollickofifer 443 




^^ .-. "v --- 

^"'''^, '. 



K^ ^^% 
/ v ^ 


-^-c^ .-. 



'-pj. A -,^m^' 





i,^^. J^^ * 






_\:^^'. % 

<■ <^, 

^:^^^\^ ^^^^:v%^-,^' -^ 


«■<}> DOBBS EROS. « - " a*-* <5> " ■ 

V LIBRAI^y BiNOINO ^V- ^ v « o , '^^ Y 


* t: ST. AUGUSTINE \^ 

"J _i^5^ FLA. ."^ ^ 


^^t^^ .C^' 

^ • is