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Full text of "The American Catalog 1908 1910"

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American Catalog 


Curtaining a ream! under author, title, subject mid series of the published 
in the United States^ recorded from January I, 1908 to Dtcwtbtr 31, 

1910, together with a directory of publishers* 




By K R, WiVKKR 0MI'A\Y, 


Preface ,....,..,.. v-vi 

Directory of Publishers . . , * . * vii-lxxxvi 

American Catalog, 1908-1911), by author, title, subject and series 1-1541 


THE present work is the third main volume of the AMERICAN CATALOG 
series of the twentieth century. 

The period of the first main volume covered the five years from January 
I, 1900, to January i, 1905, including only those books of 1905 imprint which 
were actually published within 1904. The period of the second main volume 
povered the three years from January i, 1905, through December 3 i f 1907, 
inclusive. It was originally purposed, as stated in the preface to the first 
volume, to make the second period inclusive of the five years from January 
i f 1905, to January i, 1910, or possibly through the end of 1910, the latter 
modification with the intent of making five-year periods beginning with the 
calendar year 1911, and to print an intermediary three-year cumulation, not 
in permanent binding but to be superseded later. It proved, however, that 
the cumulative catalog for the three years 1905, 1906, 1907- -would be prac- 
tically of the same bulk as for the five years preceding, and it was therefore 
decided to make the three-year volume the permanent form of the AMERICAN 
CATALOG, covering these three calendar years. This is now succeeded by the 
present volume covering the three calendar years 1908, 1909, 1910. The 
change of plan is sufficiently justified by the fact that the first five year 
volume contained I.KH) pages in its main alphabet, the second three year 
volume i tcq pages* and this thin! three year volume 1540 pages, or a 
fourth inure than either of its predecessors. This change offers a volume of 
mom convenient sixe and the plan has other advantages. 

The present; catalog embraces reprints, importations in editions and the 
law reports of United States and State courts, but it does not attempt to 
Include local directories* periodicals, musical .scores, books chiefly blank, 
unbound maps, tracts and other low-priced pamphlets, Nor dors it now 
cover Government and State publications and publications of societies and 
Institutions (except those publishing through the book trade), for the most 
part now covered by special bibliographies, with the exception of some 
works of general rather than of official bearing. 

The material of this volume is directly that of The /*uMi$ftm' HM/jt 
monthly and cumulated Reference Lists an preserved by the linotype system, 
edited into a consistent alphabet and filled out with additional titles not 
duly recorded in the year of publication, Its typographical scheme em- 
braces; author entries, doHignated by Clarendon WWLace type, which type is 
used also for the first word of anonymous books; title entries in Roman 
lower case; subject entries* designated by SMALL <*AI*S; and scries entries, 
designated by i/ri/iVx Huts the advantages of the dictionary catalog, or one- 
place method* are combined with the advantages of separate* alphabet*! of 
each class of entry. While the subject entries are thus* included In the gen* 
eral alphabet, in place of the second alphabet of the old system* the arrange- 
ment of subject entries i an in the previous system, by specific subjects, not 



by general classes. Each book is placed under the particular subject of 
which it treats, and entries under general headings are confined to book* of 
a general rather than of a specific character. As the endeavor has* been not 
to repeat entries, cognate subjects should be looked up in searching for books 
on a given subject, In which the Index to Subject Headings Issued by the 
American Library Association will be found a useful help. As far as prac- 
ticable the indications given by words in the title of a book have been 
followed in the assignment to subject headings* 

The Directory of Publishers, whose books have been recorded in the 
present volume, includes 5184 names as against 3876 names in the tc>oo ic/)S 
five-year volume, and 3789 in the 1905-1907 three-year volume. It remain* 
true that nine-tenths of American publishing is done by km than one-tenth of 
this number. The imprint is the name of publisher given on the title-page 
of the book, changes of firm name or of publisher being indicated, as 
information was obtained in the list of publishers* Of course, many 
of publishers indicate merely printers or designate authors publishing 
own books only* 

It was intended to continue the system of supplementing tliin 
volume, as in the case of the first and second main volumes, with the full 
title and descriptive note of each work, as preserved in linotype Hlug*s and 
printed in a separate alphabet each year and combined into a mipplcmentury 
second volume for each period, This plan has been reluctantly 
as the support from libraries and the book trade for this volume did not 
return its cost and justify its continuance, 

R R. 
July, 1911. 


i\w///if />WX\y from January i 19085 /V December 31, lyio 


Issuing Books from* January i. 1908- to December 31, 1910. 

A. L. A. American Library Association Pub. Board. .1 Washington St., Chicago. 

Abbatt. Abbatt, William 410 E. 22d St., New York. 

Abbey Co. Abbey Co Hinsdale, Chicago. 

Abbey Sttident, Abbey Student Press St. Benedict's College, Atchison, Kan. 

Abbott, A. Abbott, A Box 808, Sulphur Springs, Okla. 

Abbott, C. L. Abbott, C. L., St. Paul, Minn. 

Abbott, PL Abbott, Holker, Tavern Club Chicago. 

Abbott, L. A. Abbott, Lemuel Abijah Williamstown, Vt 

Abbott, T, 0. Abbott, Twyrnan Osmand Chicago. 

Abel, 4. PL Abel, Annie Heloise Woman's College, Baltimore, Md. 

Abcr, W: IP. A her, William W Kansas City, Mo. 

Aberdeen. Aberdeen Publishing Co Masonic Hall, 71 W, 23d St., New York. 

Aitranis, A. Abrams, Albert, Philopolis Press San Francisco. 

Absolute /Vm. Absolute Press P 0. Box 55, Stapleton, N. Y. 

Abt, I: A. Abt, Isaac A 4326 Vincennes Ave., Chicago. 

//( ad. ttk, Room. Academy Book Room Bryn Athyn, Pa. 

Acad. Nat. ScL, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (E. J. Nolan, Sec'y), 

/V//7. i Qth and Rose Sts M Philadelphia. 

Accountancy. Accountancy Publishing Co 32 Waverly PL, New York. 

Acme. Acme Publishing Co 223-227 Pleasant St., Morgantown, W. Va. 

Acme Pub. Acme Publishing Co 1413 Williamson Bldg., Cleveland, 0. 

Acont Press. Acorn Press Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Adams, /I. A: Adams, Albert Augustus 519 Union St., Council Bluffs, la. 

Adams, A. M. Adams, A. M. & M. L Humboldt, la. 

Adams, fl Adams, Brooks 23 Court St., Boston. 

Adams, B. S, Adams, Byron S 512 nth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Adams, C: P., jr. Adams, Charles Francis, Jr 84 State St., Boston. 

Adams, /t; /). Adams, Kdward Dean 71 Broadway, New York. 

Adams, E. PL Adams, Edgar H 40 Fourth Ave,, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Adams, (/; M, Adams, George Matthew People's Gas Bldg., Chicago. 

Adams, ./. ./. Adams, Julia J 5544 Page Ave., St. Louis. 

, tdams, J. 0. Adams, J. Orville Spokane, Wash. 

-Mams M l ) Adams, Matthew Prior New Britain, Ct. 

Adama] If, C Adams, W. C & Co n E. i6th St., New York. 

Adams, IF. P. Adams, W, F, Springfield, Mass. 

AdcocL Adcock Publishing Co Hampton, Ky. 

. Idriaans, /: II: Adriaans, John Henry Washington, D. C 

Adt>. Cyclo. Advertiser's Cyclopedia Co 310 Broadway, New York. 

Advance. * Advance Printing Co Liberty, Mo* 

Advance Pub, Co. Advance Publishing Co 700 R. 40th St., Chicago. 

. Idvanccd Thought Advanced Thought Publishing Co Masonic Temple, Chicago. 


,'/</<" anccment, Advancement Co Rutherford, N. J. 

Advocate /'&. Advocate Publishing Co 301 N. nth St., St, Joseph, Mo. 

li'ufhin O. Aoolian Co,, Educational Dcpt,, Music L >ver' Library, 

362 Fifth Ave,, New York. 

//<'///</ Life. JEtiu'i Life Insurance Co..... Hartford, Ct 

I etna /*;, ' Aotna Printing Co, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Agnus, R AKUUH, J^elix, care Baltimore American Baltimore, Md. 

Ainswortk Ainsworth & Co 378-388 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 

Akron Bd. Educ. Akron Board of Education Akron, 0. 

Ala. ( lumber of Alabama Chamber of Commerce Birmingham, Ala. 

Com* .- 

Ala. Snt>1. Educ. Alabama Superintendent of Education Montgomery, Ala. 

Alaskan Yukon Alaskan- Yukon-Pacific Exposition Publishing Co Seattle, Wash. 

Albany First Presb, Albany First Presbyterian Church Albany, N. Y. 


Albmht, P : C, Albrecht, Frederick Conrad Rowayton, Ct. 

Albright, L D. Albright, Jacob Dissinger, M.D 3228 No. Broad St., Philadelphia. 

Alden, P. W. Alden, Frank Wesley , Delaware, 0. 

Aldcn, G: W. Alden, George W Brockton, Mass. 



Alden Bros. Alclen Bros. Neshantzc, K J. 

Alden Pub. Alden Publishing Co - Chicago. 

Alderbrink Press. See Seymour, Ralph Fletcher. ^ t 

Alderson, J. C. Alderson, Joseph Coleman Charleston, W, \ a, 

Aldine Bk. Aldine Book Co 32-34 Lafayette Si, New \Wk, 

Aldine Pr. Aldine Printing Co 307 Market St , Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Alert Pub. Alert Publishing Co .Chicago. 

Alexander Hamil- Alexander Hamilton Institute Astor PL. New York. 


Alexander, J. B. Alexander, James Bradun Minneapolis, Mmn* 

Alexander, J: B. Alexander, John Brevard Charlotte, N. i '. 

Alexandria-Wash- Alexandria- Washington Lodge, No. 229, F. and A. J\I. , Alexandria, \'a. 


Allaben. Allaben, Frank, Genealogical Co 3 W. 4Jd St., NVw \nrk, 

Allen, A. M. Allen, Arthur M 454-456 Fit lion St., Troy, K. V. 

Allen,, C. $.' Allen, Caroline Stetson 432 Waltham St. West Me \\fon, Mass. 

Allen, E. W. Allen, E. W., & Co ..... Atlanta, ( Ja. 

Allen, F: /. Allen, Frederick James 2 Park Stjuare, Boston, 

Allen, G: H. Alien, George Hoyt Clinton, N, V. 

Allen, J: K. Allen, John Kermott , , .Chicago 

Allen, L. & S. Allen, Lane & Scott 1211-1213 Clover St, Philadelphia, 

Allen, M. E. L Allen, M. E. L 509 Security Blclg,, Los Angeles* Gil 

Allen, 0. P. ' Allen, Ornn Peer Palmer, Mass. 

Allen', W. A. Allen, W. A 4542 Evans Avc M St. Louis, 

Allen, W: F: Allen, William Frederick 24 Park Place, New York, 

Allen, W: H. Allen, William Harvey. .Care of Atlantic Monthly, 4 Park St., Boston, 

Alliance Press. Alliance Press Co Bought by Roger Bros. 

Alloway, C: R. Alloway, Charles Rozell 427 Jackson St., Milwaukee, Wi$. 

Allyn, A. B. Allyn, Mrs. Adeline Bartlett, 

Care of H. C Wells, Warcliiis<' Point, it, 

Allyn & B. Allyn & Bacon 172 Tremoui SU Bustun, 

Alpha Portland. Alpha Portland Cement Co , , Kuslon, Pa. 

Altemus. Altemus, Henry, Co 507-513 Cherry St., Philadelphia 

Altrurians. Altrurians (The)...., 12 Mt. Morris Park W,, New York, 

Alteheler, W: B. Altsheler, William Brent , . , . 1 ,miis vilh\ Ky, 

Alvord 9 S: M. Alvord, Samuel Morgan 254 Ashley St., Hartford, (*f, 

Am. Aberdeen-A. American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association Chicago, 

Am. Acad. Med. American Academy of Medicine 52 N, 4th St, Kuston, Pa, 

Am. Acad. Pol Sci. American Acad, of Pol. and Social Science Station B, Philadelphia* 

Am. Adjusters. American Adjusters Co ....Union Trust BlcJpf,, Cincinnati. 

Am. Aero. Soc. American Aeronautical Society. 1950 Worth St,, C Inea^n, 

Am. Anthropologi- American Anthropological Association, (B. Talbot Hyde, Treas,), 

cal 542 Fifth Aye.. New York 

Am. Anti-Boycott. American Anti-Boycott Association 27 William Si,, NVw York 

Am. Antiquarian. American Antiquarian Society .Worcester, Mass. 

Am. Art. American Art Annual, Inc 215 W, S7th St,, New York, 

Am, Art Assoc. American Art Association 6 E. 23$ St, New Tori, 

Am Assoc. Freight. American Assoc. of Local Freight Agents' Assoca. (G* AV, IVnniKtw. 

Sec'y) " .,,,., ,/roI^ls CK 

Am. Assoc. Int. American, Association of International Conciliation, 

Conciliation. 501 W, n6th St, New Y*rk. 

Am. Banker. American Banker '.....,; 5 Beekman St,, New York 

Am. Bankers 3 Assoc. American Bankers' Association, 

Hanover Bank 4 Building, n Pine St,, New York 

Am. Bapt. American Baptist Publication Society, 1701-03 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 

Am. Bible. American Bible Society 6 Bible House, New York* 

Am. Bd. For. Miss. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 

14 Beacon fit, Bontoti, 

Am. Bk. American Book Co 100 Washington Sq M E,, New York 

Am. Bk, and Pr. American Book and Printing Co. , .Mexico City, Hex, 

Am. Burtomzing. American Burtonmng Co 105 E, Qist St New York 

Am. Business. American Business Bureau , . .29 Broadway, New York,, 

Am. Business Man, American Business Man.. . , ,",..,, CMtaga 

Am. Calk. Pub. American Catholic Publication Society 34 Union Sq M New Yfirk* 

Am. Ceramic. ' American Ceramic Society ,.,.,,,,,,. Columhtis, O, 

American Economic Association. Se Macmillan Co, 

Am. Chess. American Chess Bulletin Co *.. 150 Nassau St. New York, 

Am. Chr. Miss. American Christian Missionary Society , , . , .Cincinnati. 

Am. Civic League. American Civic League, John Horace McFarland, Prc M 

Box 655, Harrliiburg. Pa* 



Am. Coll. Dress- American College of Dressmaking, 

making. I33O chestnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

slm. Coll. Mechano- American College of Mechano-Therapy Chicago. 

/ licrcipy, 

Am. Corr. Sch. American Correspondence School of Law Chicago, 


Am. Economic As- American Economic Association Cambridge, Mass. 

SO C. 

Am. Educ. Alliance. American Educational Alliance 18 W 27th St New York- 

Am. Encyclopedic. American Encyclopedic Library Association, 22 Thames St, New York 

Am. bntomol American Entomological Society Logan Sq., Philadelphia, 

Am. hsperantut. American Esperantist Co 700 E. 4oth St., Chicago. 

Am. Exporter. American Exporter 135 William St., New York. 

Am. fashion. American Fashion Co 853 Broadway, New York 

Am. Fed. Labor. American Federation of Labor. .801 G St., N. W., Washington D. C 

Am. Pork, American Fork & Hoe Company .Cleveland, O. 

4 1;;/. Free Trade. American Free Trade League .Boston] 

Am. Gcog. Soc. American Geographical Society 15 W. 8ist St., New York! 

Am. Gymnasia. American Gymnasia Co 221 Columbus Ave., Boston. 

Am. Ihst. American Historical Association, 

.,,. 500 Bond Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

Am. Hist. Kcmew. American Historical Review 66 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Am. Home Eco- American Home Economics Association, 

iwinicji Assoc. 525 West i2oth St, New York. 

Am. Motel American Hotel Register Co 51-53 W. Washington St., Chicago. 

Aw. Humane. American Humane Education Society 45 Milk St, Boston. 

Am. Inst. Archi- American Institute of Architects The Octagon, Washington, D. C. 


Am. Inst. Elec. Eng. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. .25 W. 39th St., New York. 

Am. Inst. Law. American Institute of Law. . . ; 60 Wall St., New York, 

Am. Inst, Min t Eng. American Institute of Mining Engineers.. .25 W. 39th St., New York. 

Am. Inst. Social American Institute of Social Service, 

Service. Bible House, Astor PL, New York. 

Am. Iron and Steel American Iron and Steel Association. . .261 S. 4th St., Philadelphia. 

Aw, Jersey* American Jersey Cattle Club 8 W. i7th St., New York. 

Am. /MW Bk. American Law Book Co 60 Wall St., New York. 

Am. Lumberman. American Lumberman 315 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Am. Luth. American Lutheran Publication Board. .1349 Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

'Am. Math, American Mathematical Society 501 W. n6th St., New York. 

Ant. Medical, American Medical Association, Press of... 535 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Am. Museum. American Museum of Natural History, 

77th St. and Columbus Ave., New York. 

Am. Negro, American Negro Academy 1439 Pierce PL, Washington, D. C. 

Am. News. American News Co 9-15 Park PL, New York. 

Am. Nut 6* Fruit American Nut & Fruit Co Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia 


Am. Peony Soc. American Peony Society (A. H. Fewkes, Sec.) 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Am, Philosophical American Philosophical Society 104 S. 5th St., Philadelphia. 


Am, Phys, Educ. American Physical Education Review, 

93 Westford Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Am. Piimanic, American Pitmanic Shorthand Co Lansing, Mich. 

Am. Play, American Play Co 1402 Broadway, New York. 

Am. Press. American Press Co Baltimore. Md. 

//w, /Vm W, F.) .American Press 32 Washington Sq., West, New York. 

Am. Protective. 'American Protective Tariff League 399 Broadway, New York. 

Am. Pub. Assoc. American Publishers' Association 511 Lakeside Bldg., Chicago. 

Am* Pub! Co, (Co.) American Publishing Co Atlanta, Ga. 

Am, Pub, Co*, (Vt.) American Publishing Co Middlebury, Vt. 

Aw* Railway, American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association, 

962 Monadnock Block, Chicago. 

Am Railway Guide, American Railway Guide Co Chicago. 

Am* $ S. American Sunday-school Union 1816 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 

Am. Sabbath Tr. American Sabbath Tract Soc. (Seventh Day Baptist) . . Plainfield, N. J, 

Am.'Seh. American School Board Journal. ..129 Michigan St, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Am. $&h Aft* American School of Art and Photography... .. ; Scranton, Pa. 

Am Seh. Corf, American School of .Correspondence Armour Institute, Chicago. 

Am $ch Dtaf, American School for the Deaf Hartford, Ct. 

Am, Sch, Home American School oi Some Economics... .500 West 69th St., Chicago. 



Aw, Scenic. American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, 

Tribune Bldg., New York, 
Am. Seamen's American Seamen's Friend Society 76 Wall St., New York. 


Am. Sheep. American Sheep Breeder Co Chicago. 

Am. Soc. Civil En- American Society of Civil Engineers 220 W. 57th St., New York, 


Am. Soc. Mech. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. .29 W. 39th St., New York. 


Am. Sports. American Sports Publishing Co 1521 Warren St., New York. 

Am Steam Gauge. American Steam Gauge and Valve Mfg. Co . Boston. 

Am. Sivcdenborg. American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society, 

3 W. 29th St., New York. 

Am. Te.i"t~Bk. American Text-Book Co Philadelphia. 

Am. Tr. American Tract Society. . . 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Am. Unitarian, American Unitarian Association 25 Beacon St , Boston, 

Americana German- Americana Germanica Press, 

ica. Box 10, College Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

Americus. Americus Book Co Amcncus, Ga. 

Amcrika Pub. Amerika Publishing Co Madison, Wis. 

Ames, E. M. E, Ames, Mrs, Eleanor Maria Easterbrook. . .235 W. 75th St., New York. 

Analyses. Analyses Publishing Co 35 Nassau St., New York. 

Anchor. Anchor Press Waterville, Ct 

Anderson. Anderson Bros Charlottesville, Va. 

Anderson, G: S. Anderson, George Smith Little Rock, Ark, 

Anderson, I. S. Anderson, Jacob S Minneapolis, Minn, 

Anderson, f; Anderson, John, Publishing Co 183-187 N. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Anderson, I: A. Anderson, John A., & Co P. 0. box 158, Denver, Colo, 

Anderson, f: R. Anderson, John R., & Co 76 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Anderson', I: W Anderson, John Wesley Addicks, Tex. 

Anderson, L. H. " Anderson, Lewis H Chicago. 

Anderson, S. W. Anderson, Selden W Akron, O. 

Anderson, W. H. Anderson, W. H., Co 524 Main St., Cincinnati. 

Anderson Pub. Co. Anderson Publishing Co Akron, O. 

Andover. Andover Press Andover, Mass, 

Andover, N. H., Andover, New Hampshire, Committee on Town History, 

Com. Hist, " Andover, N. H, 

'Andrews, B. A. Andrews, Mrs. Bessie Avars Vineland, N. J. 

Andrews'., F. D* Andrews, Frank D Vineland, N. J. 

Andrews, H. B. Andrews, Hiram Bertrand 166 Devonshire St., Boston, 

Andrews, T: S. Andrews, Thomas Stora, The Evening Wisconsin. . .Milwaukee, Wis, 

Andriessen, 'H. Andriessen, Hugo Beaver, Pa. 

Andnts. Andrus & Church Ithaca, N. Y. 

Angel Press. Angel Guardian Press 92 Ruggles St., Boston. 

AngelL F. C. Angell, Frank Capron Centerclale, R. I. 

Angelus Univ. Angelus University Los Angeles, Gil. 

Ant*lo-Ain. Au~ Anglo-American Authors' Association 225 Fifth Ave., New York, 

Anncrs. Aimers, Henry R, Press 1229 Arch St, Philadelphia, 

Anraku. Anraku Publishing Co Room 1125, 154 Nassau St., New York, 

^Anstadi. Anstadt, P., & Sons York, Pa, 

Anthony, A. L. Anthony, Albert L Room i, 3 Weybosset St, Providence, R.^I. 

Antigo.~ ' * " Antigo Publishing Co Antigo, Wis. 

Antiquarian. Antiquarian Co 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Antiquarian Soc. Antiquarian Society Art Institute^ Chicago, 

Apgar, C: E. Apgar, Charles E . . . 5138 Locust St,, Philadelphia. 

Apostolaie, " Apostolate Publishing Co Cleveland, O, 

Apothecary. Apothecary Publishing Co 145 High St, Boston. 

Appeal * Appeal to Reason Box 27, Girard, Kan. 

Applet on. Appleton, D., & Co 29-35" W. 32d St,, New York. 

Applet on, R. Appleton, Robert, & Co 39 W, 38th St., New York, 

Arakclyan. Arakelyan Press 368 Congress St. Boston. 

Arcadia. * Arcadia Press 310 Broadway, New York, 

Arcane ' Arcane Book Concern Lock Box 769, Chicago, 

Archive. Archive Publishing Co P. O. Box 1282, Providence, R, 1, 

Arden. ' Arden Press 122 E. 2$th St, New York, 

Ardrey, R. L. Ardrey, R, L 1116 E. 64th St., Chicago, 

Argonaut. Argonaut Publishing Co , San Francisco. 

Ariel. Ariel Press Westwood, Mass, 

Arkansas. Aikansas, State of Little Rock, Ark, 

Arkansas Church- Arkansas Churchman Publishing Co Little Rock, Ark. 



Arkansas DcpL Pub, Arkansas Department of Public Instruction ....... Little Rock, Ark, 


Arkansas Geol. Arkansas Geological Survey (A. H. Purdue, State Geologist), 

/^'0; ; A Fayetteville, Ark. 

-' l nn > f ': , Armes, Ethel .................. 1410 St Charles St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Arms and the Man. Arms and the Man Publishing 00.1502 H St., N W Washington, D C 

AnnstKMft. Armstrong, A. C, & Son. See Geo H. Doran Co. 

. Irmsinnig, t. Armstrong, Collin .......................... 25 Broad St. New York 

Armstrong,]. R. Armstrong, James E .............. Englewood High School, Chicago." 

- Irmstnnijr, 1}' : C. Armstrong, William Clinton .................. New Brunswick, N. J. 

Armstrong Cork. Armstrong Cork Co ................................. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

- Innstrong^K. Armstrong-Kcyser ..................................... Philadelphia. 

Army Service. Army Service Schools, Book Department ..... Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

-y w/ /; l ~ Arnett, Lizzie ............................... Lecta, Barren Co., Ky. 

A " w \ d ; r Arnold & Co ........................ 418-422 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Arnuld. L. F. Arnold, Leon Vance .............. 15 Arnold Ave., Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Arnold, T, B, Arnold, T. B ........................................ Glen Ellen, 111. 

Arroyo Guild. Arroyo Guild Press ................. 212 Thorne St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Art Assoc. Indian- Art Association of Indianapolis, 

spoils. John Herron Art Institute, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Art. Com. of N. Y. Art Commission of the City of New York ..... . .City Hall, New York. 

Art fnsL of Chic. Art Institute of Chicago .................................. Chicago. 

Art Pub : Art Publishing Co. . ......................... . . ........ Scranton, Pa. 

Artemcsian. Artemesian Bindery ............................... Los Angeles Cal. 

Artil Co. Artil Co ................................ 422 Eddy St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Arts and Crafts. Arts and Crafts Book Shop ..................... . .......... Chicago. 

Aryan, Aryan Theosophical Press .......................... Point Loma, Cal. 

Ashburn, /. N. Ashlmrn, Joseph Nelson ........ 3859 Cedar Ave., S. E., Cleveland, O. 

Ashen fdler, /. G* Ashen fclter, Ida Goodman ............................... Covina, Cai 

Ashley, Ashley House-Sewage Disposal Co. ..6515 Normal Boulevard, Chicago. 

. tshman, G: C. Ashman, George Cromwell ............... . ................ Peoria, 111. 

Ashnwrc, D: JV. Ashmore, David Newton ......................... . ...... Decatur, 111. 

.'1 static ILr elusion. Asiatic Exclusion League ...................... .... San Francisco, 

Assoc. Am. Port- Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers, Philadelphia. 

land Cement. 

Assoe. Architects. Associated Architects ...................... 257 Main St., Dallas, Tex. 

slsstic. ttk. Association Book Co. (Now Jas. F. Drake, Inc.), 

4 W. 40th St., New York. 

Assor, Charities. Associated Charities ............................... Washington, D. C. 

Assoc. Harvard Associated Harvard Clubs. .. .Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 


Assoc. Imp. Con, Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, 

Poor. 105 E 22d St., New York. 

A<$s<n\ hit, Concilia/" Association for International Conciliation (Amer, Branch), 

tunt, Sub- Station 84, New York. 

Assoc. Life, Association of Life Insurance Presidents, 

i Madison Ave., R. 4203, New York. 

Assoc, Military Association of Military Surgeons .................. Washington, D. C. 

Association Press. Sec Young Men's Christian Association Press 

A war. Pah, Associated Publishers of American Records ......... New Haven, Ct. 

v'/MW. AY/?. Horn. Associated Schools of Domestic Science. 2715 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 


Astra rub. Astro Publishing Co ................... Hodges BIdg., Detroit. Mich. 

AstrophysicaL Astrophysical Journal, University of Chicago Press .......... Chicago. 

Athenld Pub. Athenia Publishing Co ................................. Athenia, N. J. 

Athens Pr, Athens Printery .......................................... Athens, O. 

Atkins, G* G, Atkins, Gains Glenn ................................ Providence, R. I. 

A f kin son, M., $* G. Atkinson, Mentzer & Grover, 

223-225 Washington St., Chicago; 24 W. 39th St., New York. 

Atkinson, W, Atkinson, Wilmer, Co ............ ; ....... 1024 Race St, Philadelphia. 

Atlantic Deeper Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association ............. ....Philadelphia. 

f / 'at' j rwctys. 

Atkniis Press, Atlantis Press ....................................... *; -Boston. 

Atlantis Pub, Atlantis Publishing Co .................. 113 W. 3ist St., New ^ork. 

Atlanta UMV. Atlanta University .................................. , ---- Atlanta Ga. 

Atlas Portland Ce- Atlas Portland Cement Co ................. 30 Broad St., New York 

went. _ . T11 

Atwatcr. Atwater Publishing House ................................ Peona 111. 

Auburn Puk Auburn Publishing Co ..................... . . . . . . - .Auburn, N Y. 

Awlel Axtdel, Theodore, & Co ..................... 63 Fifth Ave, New York. 

Audit Co Audit Co. of New York ................... 165 Broadway, New York. 



Augsburg. Augsburg Publishing House, , .223-225 Cedar A\e., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Augnstana, Augustana Book Concern Rock Island, 111 

Augiistin, G: Augustin, George , [40 Elk PL, New Orleans, La, 

Augustine, W : A. Augustine, William Azariah , Box 263, Carey, O, 

Auringer, 0. C. Auringer, Rev. Obadiah Cyrus , .Forestport, N. Y. 

Aurora Grata. Aurora Grata Consistory, 

Bedford Ave. and Madison St., Brooklyn, N, Y, 

- [ustcn, 7. /. Austen, J. I, Co 549 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Austin. Austin Publishing Co 10 Arlington St., Rochester, N, Y, 

Austin Pr, Austin Printing Co Austin, Tex, 

Authors' Pub. Authors' Publishing Association f P. 0. Box 1579, Boston. 

Auto Review. Auto Review Publishing Co '.312 Chestnut St., St. Louis. 

Automobile Blue Automobile Blue Book Pub. Co. .... .231-241 W. 39th St, Ne\\ York. 


Automobile Club. Automobile Club of Southern California, 

So. Cal 402-6 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal 

Automobile Topics. Automobile Topics 103 Park Ave., New York. 

Ave Maria. Ave Maria Press Notre Dame, lud. 

Avenel, P. Avenel, Paul Avon-by-the-Seu, N. J, 

Averill A. B. Averill, Anna Boynton R. F. D. No. I, Poxcroft Mo. 

Axtell-R. Axtell-Rush Publishing Co 203 Shady Ave,, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Aycr, Ayer, N. W,, & Son 306 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 

Ayres f M. M. Ayres, Mary Morgan 138 S. Grant St, Wilkcs Barre, Pa. 

Ayres, R. C. Ayres, Rollin C 130 Kearny St, San Francisco, 

Ayrshire Breeders. Ayrshire Breeders' Association Brandon, Vt 

Babcock, W: E. Babcock, William Emerson Mishawaka, Ind. 

Babsom. Babsom Bros Chicago. 

Babson. R. W. Babson, Roger Ward Wellesley Hills Station, Boston, 

Bacharach. Bacharach, S 224 E. ;th St., Cincinnati. 

Bachelor Pub. Bachelor Publishing Co 25 W. Broadway, Mew York, 

Bacon, A. S. Bacon, Alexander S '.37 Liberty St, New York. 

Bacon, D. G. Bacon, Mrs. Daniel G Robinson Cottage, Newport, R. I. 

Bacon, E. H. Bacon, E. H., & Co 249 Washington St., Boston. 

Bacon, F. E. Bacon, F. E., & Co., Printers Boston, 

Bacon # B. Bacon & Brown 47 Lang-don St, Cambridge, Mass. 

Badger. Badger, Richard G 194 Boylston St., Boston, 

Badger, I: C. Badger, John Cogswell 191 Sagamore St., Manchester, N. H. 

Badgley, N. E. Badgley, Nathan Eddy, M.D 126 E. i28th St., New York, 

Bahnson, P. H. Bahnson, Frederic H Box 73-SaIem, Winston-Salcm, N. C, 

Bailey, B. & B. Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co Philadelphia, 

Bailey-T. Bailey-Tripp Co Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bair, J: F. Bair, Rev. John Franklin Greenslmrg, Pa* 

Baird. Baird, Henry Carey, & Co. 810 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Baker, H: M. Baker, Henry M 141:1 F St., N. W., Washington, D. C, 

Baker, V. & Co. Baker, Voorhis & Co 45 John St., New York, 

Baker, W. Baker, Walter, St Co., Ltd Dorchester Mass. 

Baker, W. H. Baker, Walter H., & Co 5 Hamilton PL, Boston, 

Baker, W: H:, Baker, William Henry P, O. Box 160, Cleveland, CX 


Baker & B. Baker & Bryon Co 8th and Sycamore Sts M Cincinnati 

Baker 6* T. Baker & Taylor Co 33 E. i;th St, New York 

Baker Pr. Baker Printing Co 251 Market St, Newark, N, J, 

Baker Pub. t Baker Publishing Co St Louis, 

Balance. * Balance Publishing Co 1700 Welton St, Denver, Colo, 

Balbach, J. A. Balbach, Julia A Hotel Savoy, sth Ave. and 59th St, New York 

Balch, E. S. Balch, Edwin Swift Philadelphia, 

Balch, T: W. Balch, Thomas Willing Philadelphia. 

Baldwin. Baldwin, H. L., Co 522 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Baldwin, F: C. Baldwin, Frederick Clare 287 Williams St., East Orange, N. J. 

Baldiuin, G: f. Baldwin, George J Savannah, Ga. 

Baldwin, T. & B. Baldwin, Tuthill & Bolton Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Baldwin, T: W. Baldwin, Thomas Williams Western Rd. Wellesley, Mass, 

Baldwin, W: 7. S. Baldwin, William James St John World Bldg., New York 

Ball, A. Ball, Alwyn, Jr 395 Broadway, New York 

Ball Pub. Co. Ball Publishing Co 683 Atlantic Ave., Boston, 

Balliett. L. D. Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow, 

Virginia St. and Atlantic Ave,, Atlantic City, N, J, 

Ballou, G: D. Ballon, George D'Estin 707 W, 53d St, Los Angeles, Cal 

B aimer, E. Balmer, Edwin 1045 Hollywood Ave. Chicago, 

Baltimore Bk. Baltimore Book Co 1369 N. Carey St, Baltimore, Md. 

Balto. Pr. Baltimore City Printing and Bindery Co Baltimore, Md. 





Bancroft Training School for Mentally Subnormal Children 

Haddonfield, N. J. 

Bancroft, Edgar Allison 184 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Bancroft- Whitney Co 200-214 McAllister St., San Francisco. 

Bancroft, E. 

Bankers t Mag. Banker's Magazine ~7. 7. Too" William St7*New ' York.' 

Bankers^ Law Pub. Bankers' Law Publishing Co Sedalia, Mo. 

Banker^ Pub. Bankers' Publishing Co 253 Broadway, New York" 

Bankers Pub. (O.) Bankers' Publishing Co Toledo, 0. 

Banking /.<m*. Banking Law Journal 27 Thames St,' New York! 

"ttnks. Banks Law Publishing Co. (Supplies books of Banks & Co.), 

, ,, r, i r, 2 3 Park PL > New York. 

Banks, /:. /:. Hanks, Emory E, . . Pembroke, N. Y. 

Bunks, J. /.. Banks, James Lenox 27 William St, New York. 

Banks & cV, Banks & Co. (Books supplied by Banks Law Publishing Co.) 

ft'*/*'. Bk. Baptist Book Concern 636-638 Fourth A\e., Louis\ille, Ky. 

ttal>t. S. X. Bd. Baptist Sunday School Board 710 Church St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Unfit. JTtnid. Baptist World Publishing Co.' 660 So. 4th St., Louisville, Ky. 

Bui her Asphalt. Barber Asphalt Co 90 West St. New York. 

Harbour, S. Harbour, Sylvester 863 Main St., Hartford, Ct 

Baidccn. Batdcen, C. W 317 E. Washington St, Syracuse, N, Y. 

Bankvell P. I , Barrlwell, Fred Leslie. ..Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. 

/?/'/<w, 7: R; Barlow, John Richard 1726 Whitney Ave , Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

MM HCS. ' Barnes, A. S., & Co 381 4th Ave., New York. 

Panics, 0, P. ^ Barnes, Orange Perry 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Barnes Mfg, O>. Barnes Manufacturing Co Susquehanna, Pa. 

Barnes Bitl\ Barnes, Arthur J., Publishing Co 2201 Locust St., St. Louis, 

Banntin, I!. M. Uarntim, Edmund Maginness 204 6th Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Barnuin, K. C* Barnum, R, C M Co 5712 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Man-, J: IF; Barr, John William Sta. G, Cincinnati. 

Barrett, C; S, Barrett, Charles Simon Union City, Ga. 

Barrett, PL D t Barrett, Harrison D R. F. D. No. i, Murphy, Ore. 

Barrett, /, A. Barrett, J- A Box 384, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Barrett Mfg. Co. Barrett Manufacturing Co Boston. 

Barric. Barrie, George, & Sons 1313 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Harry, Barry, James H., Co 1124 Mission St., San Francisco. 

Barse <* H, Barse & Hopkins (Successors to Brewer, Barse & Co., Chicago), 

526 W. 26th St., New York. 

Barsucttc. Barsuette, B ' Williamson Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Bartets. Bartels, J, M., Co Boston. 

Bartholomew* E, L Bartholomew, Elmer Jefferson 134 Mentor Bldg., Chicago. 

Bartlett. Bartlett, C. II, Co Cuba, Wis. 

Bartltit, A. Dartlelt, AJfred 69 Cornhill, Boston. 

WiD'tlrtt, p.. /, Bartlett l^iwin Julius Hanover, N. H. 

jtarttt'tt, N, /. Barttctt, N. J., & Co 28 Cornhill, Boston. 

M; //<>//, c ', /. IT, Barton, Mrs, Catherine Josephine Wigginton, 

332 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Barton, l\ Af. Barton, F. M. Co 706-712 Caxton Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Barton, $; G, Barton, Samuel Goodwin Potsdam, N. Y. 

Baruch Bros 42 Broadway, New York. 

. Baslcy, Mrs. A,. .Room 626, Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles, CaL 

; /['. Bass, William Wallace Grand Canyon, Ariz., 

finssctic. Hassctte, F. A., Co Germona Bldg., Springfield, Mass. 

Rat. Bates Publishing Co Rochester, N. Y, 

Bates, . I, T. Bates, Albert Carlos : Hartford, Ct. 

Bales (^ tf. Bates & Guild Co 144 Congress St., Boston. 

Batten Batten, George, Co -ir E. 24th St, New York. 

flatten. J: M, Batten, Jolm'Mullin Downingtown, Pa. 

Battle, /, M, Battle, Jesse M 2001 Locust St., St. Louis 

Ktiu Rinnan. Battghmau, Cluirks H,, & Sons Frederick City, Md. 

Ihntjihmtin, AT. R. B. Baughman, Mrs. Nanny R. Ball 523 Division St., Burlington, la. 

thmghman Sta, f P. Baughman Stationery Co Richmond, Va, 

/?ww, (\ L Battm, Mrs. C L. 1325 East Colfax St, Denver, Colo. 

fttiumttttrdt. "Batwigardt Publishing Co 116 N. Brordway, Los Angeles, CaL 

/?</r Baitr, R., & Son Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

M. #f /*Vw\. Board of Education Berkeley, CaL 

;vr/*v/ t \v, rcvn ../-, i. r 

/le/ Fcr, J/LW Board of Foreign Missions of the United Presbyterian Church of 

N. A 921 Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Bd lft>tne Miss. Board of Home Missions and Church Extension of the M. E. Church, 

1026 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

/?/ X V M R f/i. Board of Sunday Schools of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Chicago, 

ffiw//, > ; , // : Bead), Elmer Henry Detroit, Mich. 



Beadle, M. L. S. Beadle, Maude Lenna Streeter. Marccllus, Mich. 

Bcal, J. B. Beal, James Hartley Scio, O. 

Beattys. Beattys, Frank D., & Co 225 5th Ave., New York. 

Beaver, I. M. Beaver, I. M 123 N 6th St., Reading, Pa, 

Beater Pr. (N. Y.) Beaver Printing Co .52 E. 59th St , New York. 

Beaver Pr. (Pa.*). Beaver Printing Co Greenville, Pa. 

Beaslcy, C : H. Beazley, Charles Howell. .Leesburg, Ga, 

Becker, W. C. Becker, W. C 688 Cass St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Becktold. Becktold Printing and Book Mfg. Co St. Louis. 

Beede, C: G. Beede, Mrs. Charles Gould Ames, la. 

Beers, C. W. Beers, Clifford Whittingham 30 Trumbull St., New Haven, Ct 

Beesley, C: N. Beesley, Charles Norbury Charleston, S. C. 

Beggs, W; N. Beggs, William N., M.D I4th and Delaware St., Denver, Colo. 

Bcirly, A. Beirly, Alfred 310 Lakeside Bldg., Chicago 

Belgravia. Belgravia Press 722 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Belisle Pr. Behsle Printing & Publishing Co 112 Front St , Worcester, Mass. 

Bell, C: E. Bell, Charles Erie 313 Equitable Bldg , Atlanta, Ga. 

Bell, C. L Bell Claude J v , Nashville, Term. 

Bell, J. D. & F. R. Bell, J. D. & F. R., Co 96 Broadway, New York, 

Bell, J. P. Bell, J. P., Co., Inc " Lynchburg, Vn 

Bell Bk. Bell Book and Stationer* Co 914 E. Main St., Richmond, Va. 

Bell Telephone. Bell Telephone Co. of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, 

Bellows, W. C. Bellows, Walter Clarke 315 W. H3th St., New York, 

Bemidji Pioneer, Bemidji Pioneer Publishing Co Bemidji, Mich,, 

Bender, M. Bender, Matthew, & Co 511-513 Broadway, Albany, N. Y 

Bender-M. Bender-Moss Co. (formerly Bender-Chaquette Co.), 

54 McAllister St., San Francisco, 

B endure & A. Bendure & Arthurs 709 Pine St., P. H, Steubenville, 0. 

Benedictine. Benedictine Convent Clyde, Mo. 

Benjamin, W: H. Benjamin, William Howard 457 Western Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Bcnkcndorfj G. H : Benkendorf, Gustavus Henry William Madison, Wis. 


Bennett. Bennett, Dana T., Co 324 E. 23d St., New York. 

Bennett, F. P. Bennett, F. P., & Co 530 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Bennett Pub. Bennett Publishing Co 437 Franklin Ave , Pittsburgh, Pa, 

Benton. Benton Publishing Co , Fowler, liul 

Bent on, H. 0. Benton, Harwood Otis Oberlin, Kan. 

Benton, /. H: Benton, Josiah Henry Ames Bldg., Boston. 

Benton f J : C. Benton, John Clemens Santa Barbara, Cul. 

Bensiger. Benziger Bros 36 Barclay St., New York. 

Berea. Berea Publishing Co Rerea, Ky 

Berger. Berger Publishing Co 265 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bergling, J: M. Bergling, John Mauritz 3739 Herndon St., Chicago. 

Berko, G. D. Berko, Geza D 108 E. loth St., New York, 

Berlage t H. /. Berlage, Herman Joseph, care of James Coston, 

7 Arcade, Hotel Emery, Cincinnati, 

Bcrlinicke cS 1 A. Berlinicke & Adams Room isM, 220 Broadway, New York, 

Berry. Berry, Stephen, Co *. . . .37 Plum St., Portland, Me. 

Bersford, T: Bersford, Thomas 7oa Sanchez St., San Francisco. 

Bertron, G: W. Bertron, George W., 

National Publishing Co., 241 S American St., Philadelphia. 

Beshshure. Beshshure, Beshshure Michael P. CX Box 450, West Newton, Pa, 

Besse, H: T. Besse, Henry T 44 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, Cal. 

Best, J. B. Best, J. B., & Co Everett, Wash, 

Bethel Pub. Bethel Publishing Co Dayton, 0, 

Beits, C. L. Betts, Craven Langstroth Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. 

Bey, T. Bey, Theophilus Williumsport, Pa. 

Bexell, I: A. Bexell, John Andrew Corvnllis, ( )re. 

Bible Educ. Bible Educational Society St, Louis, 

Bible House. Bible House 323 Dearborn Si., Chicago. 

Bible Inst. Bible Institute Colportage Association. .. .826 La Salle Ave., Chicago 

Bible League. Bible League Book Co 86 Bible House, New York. 

Bible Study. Bible Study Publishing Co 250 Devonshire St., Boston. 

Bible Training, Bible Training School South Lancaster, Mass. 

Bibliophile. " Bibliophile Society , mf Boston* 

Bibliotheca Sacra. Bibliotheca Sacra "Co Oberlin, O, 

Bicknett, T: W. Bicknell, Thomas W Central Falls, R. T, 

Bicycling World. Bicycling World Co 254 Nassau St., New 'York. 

Biddle Press. Biddle Press 1010 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

BigeloWjJ: Bigelow, John 21 Gramercy Park, New York. 

Bigelow, M. A. Bigelow, Maurice Alpheus Columbia University, New York, 

mgelow, M. E. Bigelow, Mary Emeline Parsons, Kan. 



ow, S. Bigelow, Smith & Co n Cliff St., New York. 

Bilhorn. Bf Ihorn Bros Chicago. 

Bill IL L. Bill, . L i Madison Ave., New York. 

Blnghamton Bk. Binghatnton Book Mfg. Co Blnghamton, N. Y. 

Mini Bird, J. A. & W., & Co 34 India St., Boston. 

Hh'khoti, G: D: Birkhoff, George David 1214 W. Johnson St , Chicago. 

Bisrt. Bisel, Gtorge T., Co 724 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Hislio^ I, P. Bishop, Irving Prescott 109 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

liisfwp Museum. Bishop Museum Press Honolulu, H. I. 

Hirby, //' A'. Bixby, William K St. Louis. 

Black Diamond. Black Diamond Co 112 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago. 

Wach Lion. Black Lion Box 1798, Boston. 

Wat kmcr, /*. FF. Blackmer, Percy W Oak Park, 111. 

incfaell II: Blackwcll, Henry 56 University PI., New York 

Blair, R G. Blair. Francis G,, Supt of Public Instruction Springfield 111. 

WaiMl, F. Blaisdell, Frank Manchester, N. H. 

Make, G: TL Blake, George Herbert P O. Box 1484, New York 

Make, L F. Blake, James Vila Chicago. 

WaMv. Blakely Printing Co 184-186 Monroe St., Chicago, 

MaMy, S. B. Blakely, Stuart Banyar 435 W. 59th St., New York. 

tflakt>!y-O. Hlakely-Oswald Printing Co 126-132 Market St., Chicago. 

filakiston. Blaldston's, P., Sons & Co 1012 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Mancliard. Blancharcl, Isaac H 268-270 Canal St. New York. 

Blanchard, P, \Q. Blanchard, F Q 92 Sussex Ave., East Orange, N. J. 

Blaiichard, P. 5. Blanchard, F. S., & Co Worcester, Mass. 

Bhtler, G: J: Blatter, Rev. George John 2940 gist St., Chicago.' 

Block, Bloch Publishing Co 40 E. itfh St., New Yorfci 

M<r/i t .V; A. Bloch, Samuel A 681 N. Oakley Ave , Chicago,, 

jttom, A, Worn, Ada 303 E. 7*st St., New York. 

fUossow Mt. Blossom Book Bourse Care of Barrett O'Hara, Chicago. 

Mvllicbouinc Pub. Blythchonrne Publishing Co. .Blythebourne Station, Long Island, N. Y. 

/?mm/;/w//, H. L. Boartlman, E. L Olympia, Wash. 

/{<//// /. P. Hobbitt, John Franklin Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 

/.V/./IA- ,U, Bobbs-Mcnill Co 9 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

A',.</mn, Bodmer, R. J, Co : 7 W. 22d St., New \ork. 

Htn'ckinttHn /'. u Bocckmann, Paul von 103 Park Ave., New \ork. 

Hamckt* fr K. Boericke & Runyon n W. 4^d St., New \ork. 

KocricfH- & T. Bucricke & Tafel ion Arch St., Philadelphia. . 

BtnHirlc, P)0gartc. M. E., Book Co Valparaiso, Ind. 

//,/iyr, roftcr, Frederick, Publishing Co i Maiden Lane, New \ orK. 

Hnhcmhnt ,Vur. Bohemian Society Norfolk, Va. 

Holler Maker. Boiler Maker 17 Battery PL, New \ ork. 

nollon, C: K P>olton, Mrs. Charles Knowles Brookhne, Mass. 

/^>//( A'. l\ Bolton, Reginald Pelham 5^7 Eifth Ave , New \ ork. 

W*A\ /*:: T>ok, Edward ..Mtnoii, Pa. 

naname, i, C. rename, Louise Catharine 1930 Chestnut St , Philadelphia. 

lloml Bond Co A Philadelph^ 

i^ntes II. :\L B(mes, Mrs. IT. M 131 Michigan Ave., Watertown, N. Y. 

litniltam, A. N. Bonham, Alfred N 2812 Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Htwn'IL P>nnnell, Silver & Co. Books bought ly Madison Ave, Bookstore 

587 Madison Ave, New \ork. 

lionm'll, J. II Bonnell, J. D., & Son 152 Purchase St.. Boston. 

limner. Bonncr & Co ^'^""\ M v ?' 

//!/ fo Art. Book & Art Exchange Room 7, i Madison Ave., New \ ork. 

[!<n>k rr. Hook Print (The) Crozer Bldg., PhUac elphia. 

Book Supply Co 331 W. Monroe St , Chicago. 

B<K!klover^ Association un f,^* 

Bookstore (The) East Northfield, Mass. 

ev, Hooscy&Co - 9 K I 7 th St, New York. 

'& fflwc. Boot & Shoe Recorder Pub. Co - - : - .Boston, Mass. 

r. Booth, Walter S., & Son.. 403-405 Nicolette Ave, Minneapolis, Mum. 

I T: IL Booth, Charles Edwin, 

1 National Arts dub, 14 Gramercy Park S., New York. 

Boss Publishing Co 87 Madison St, Brooklyn NY. 

ft l/a/r. Boston & Maine Railroad. , ^ . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . - . - - - - - - - ;: COSTOn ' 

*)j/ii Aswc. T*- Boston Association for the Relief and Control of Tubeiculosis. 

if* 4 J^y ^t.f roston. 

It^hmsT Boston Bank Co 83-91 Francis St., Fenway, Boston. 

Br*.. /ww. Boston Law Book Co. - - v st "- 

*,,st,w Musrum. Boston Museum of Fine Arts. - . - J popley Sq.. Bos on- 

/if/r.u JI/W.V. Boston Music Co. (G. Schirmer, Jr.) 26-28 West St.. Bn o . 

Boston Pub. Lib. Borton Public Library I.OSTOU. 



Boston Sch. Com. Boston School Committee. !! (>S i l! ' 

Boston Soc. of Ar- Boston Society of Architects .boston. 


Bottomc, U\ B. Bottome, Willard Bodme 5 Beekinan St., Neu \ ink 

Boulder Pub. Boulder Publishing Co , 1}( ^ ( \ VV : 1 o /!- 

Bo niton. Boulton Publishing Co 128 N. Front bt, Philadelphia 

Bowdoin, W: G. Boudom, William Goodrich 430 Fulton St., Brookljii N. V 

Bowdoin College. Bowdoin College Library Bruns\uek, M*. 

Bowcn. B. F. Bowen, B. F., & Co. .523-525 Meridian Life Bldg., Indianapolis, ln<l 

Bowcn, G: O. Bowen, George Oscar, 

Institute of Music Pedagogy, Northampton, Mu-^ 

Bowker ir H Bowker, William H 43 Chatham St , Boston, 

Bowie* ' ' Bowles, J. M 15 K 34th St., Ni*\v \ <>rk. 

Bowman. Bowman, Charles L., & Co 225 Fifth Ave., New \ ork. 

Bowman & C Bowman & Cro&sley Care of Iowa State Collet-^ Amos, la. 

Bowron PI' $ Bowron, Mrs. Henry S 19^5 Seventh Ave., Ne\\ \< , 

Boyd I S Boyd, Rev. James Shields Court IMI;I\, N. 1 >. 

brace, G: If. Brace, George Marshall 5<>5 Wilson Ave., Mcnomoiuo. \\ is. 

Bradbury A R Bradbury, Mrs. Anna Rossman 620 Union St., Hudson, N V 

Bradford*, G! * Bradford, Gershom, 2d Washington, I >. < 

Bradford Record Bradford Record Publishing Co BrudionU 1 ;i 

Bradley M. - Bradley, Milton, Co 49 Willow St, SpriiiRhdd^ Mass, 

Bradley Polytechnic. Bradley Polytechnic Institute v , ' nm .V t 

Bradt' ~ Bradt Publishing Co Jackson, Midi. 

Brainard. Brainard, C. T., Publishing Co 225 Fifth Ave,, New \ ork, 

Biainard, L. A. Brainard, Lucy Abigail 4 At \\ood St, Hartford, l't. 

3 ranch. Branch Publishing Co. Chicago. 

Branch, E W. Branch, Ernest W 513 Tremont Blclg,, 73 Tremuut St, Boston, 

Brandeis, L: D. Brandeis, Louis D ior Devonshire St , Boston, 

Brandon Pr. Brandon Printing Co Nashville, Tctm, 

Brandt C: E' Brandt, Charles Edward Box 330, Cumberland, M<1. 

Brandit's Brandu's 7<>7 Lexington Ave,, Ne\\ V^irk. 

Branson / R Branson, Isaac Reichelderfer Aurora, N^n. 

Biant, S, A. ' Brant, Selwyn A Madison, Wis, 

Brashen\ 0. M. Brashere, Ora M Salt Lake rity, I; tan, 

Bmubach, A L. Braubach, Anna Louise 214 Madison St., San Antonio, 'IY\, 

Firauer, H: L Brauer, Henry J., Co., Ltd 724 Perrlido St., Nc\\ OrU'im*, La. 

Brawlev, B: G. Brawley, Benjamin Griffith Atlanta, < la. 

Breeder's Gazette, Breeder's Gazette 35^ Dearborn St., 1,'hicaRo 

Bl'entano T. Brentano, Judge Theodore Court House, Hucago. 

Brtfitano f s. Brentano's Fifth Ave, and 27th St., New York, 

gre'siow. Breslow, M. M., Co 8 Bible House, Kc\v York. 

Brethren Pub. Ho. Brethren Publishing House 10-24 S. State St., Kl^ni, 111 

Brewer, B. Brewer, Barse & Co.^ See Barse & Hopkins. 

BreK*r\ 0. Brewer, Orville, Publishing Co., 

* Auditorium Bldg., Wabash Ave. and Congress St., Onra^o, 

s Pub. Brewers Publishing Company of America, 

1718 Republic Bldg., Chicago; 420 Mint Arcade, Pliiladolfthia, 

Bre-vfoglc, F. H. Breyfogle, Frank H P, 0, "Box 483, C-indntjati. 

Bridge\ G. Bridge, Rev. Gerard St Vincent College, B catty, Pa, 

'Briggs', JJ T : Bnggs, William 29 Richmond St., W., Toronto, Can, 

Brizham, F. H, Brigham, Frank Hartwell 1356 E. Vernon Ave., Los Angeles, (Vil 

Bristol, S. A. Bristol, S. A., Co Cheyenne, Wya 

Broadway Publishing Co. See B'\\ay Pub, 

Brock, C. C. Brock, Claude Cornelius 542-544 Kltieott Sq,, BuffaU), N, Y, 

Brockton Hospital. Brockton Hospital Ladies' Aid Assoc Brockton, Mass, 

Bromley, G: W. Bromley, George W 34 Pine St, New York, 

Bromwett, H. E, Bromwell, Henrietta E Denver, Colo, 

Brookline Pub. Lib. Brookline Public Library , Brookline, Mass. 

Brooklyn Eagle, Brooklyn Daily Eagle Eagle Bldg,, Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Brooklyn Inst. Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences Brooklyn, N, Y, 

Brooklyn Lib. Brooklyn Public Library 26 Brevoort PL, Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Brooks, A. P. Brooks, Asa Passavant Comfrcy, Minn. 

Brooks, E. D, Brooks, E. D , 89 xotb, St., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Brooks j F. L. Brooks, Rev. Frank Lester Hyannis, Mass, 

Brooks Bros, Brooks Brothers 946 Broadway, New York 

Brouw-G< Brour Green Co 48 John St v New York, 

Brown, A. Brown, Addison 45 W. Bgth St. Neu' York 

Brown, C: G. Brown, Charles Gardner , Ithaca, N, Y, 

Brown, E. E, Brown, Elmer Ellsworth Bureau of Education, Washington, D, C 

Brown, G. Brown, Goodwin 192 Broadway, New York, 

Brown, G: G. Brown, George G.,. , . .Louis ville, Ky, 




Brown, G: W. Brown, George W Youngsville Pa 

Brown, Glenn. Brown, Glenn The Octagon, Washington, D. C 

Brown, H C, Brown, H. C, Co 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Brown, H. R. Brown, Hubert R 320 Broadway, New York. 

Brown, J. M. Brown, Jennie Marie v . Acton, Ind. 

J3rozvn, Af. B. Brown, Martin B 49 Park PL, New York. 

Bnmm,W;B. Brown, William B 1027 Fleming- Bldg., Des Moines, la. 

Brown, T: F. ^ Brown, William Findlay Philadelphia. 

Brown AlumnL Brown Alumni Magazine Co Providence, R I. 

Brown & Co. Brown & Co Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Brown & P. Brown & Page 184 Summer St., Boston. 

Brown & S. Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co Providence, R. I. 

Brown Bros. Brown Brothers Fifth and Pine Sts., Philadelphia. 

Brotmi Bros. Co. Brown Brothers Co Rochester, N. Y. 

Brown Bros. 6* Co. Brown Bros. & Co 59 Wall St., New York. 

BrownPr.Co. Brown Printing Co 10 N. Lawrence St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Brown Press. Brown Press Co Lima, O. 

Brown Univ. Brown University Providence, R. I. 

Browne-Smith, M. Browne-Smith, Mary A Richmond, Va. 


Browne's Bookstore. Browne's Bookstore Fine Arts Bldg., Michigan Blvd., Chicago. 

Browne's Business Browne's Brooklyn Business College, 28 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Browning f E: F. Browning, Edward Franklin tS W. 75th St.. New York. 

Hrowningi G: W. Browning, George W Clinton, N. Y. 

Browning, 0. A. Browning, Otis A., Publishing Co Toledo. O. 

Bruce, J: E: Bruce, John Edward 228 New Main St., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Bntmlcy, 0. F 7 . Brumley, O'scar Victor 1806 N. High St., Columbus, O. 

Brunei, J t D. Bruner, James D Chapelhill, N. C. 

Bmncr , /,* W. Brtmcr, Jane Woodworth 475 Ocean Ave., Long Beach. L. I. 

Brunswick. Brtmswick-Balke-Collencier Co 29 W. 32d St., New York, 

Rntsic, r. 7 ; . Brusie, C. F " Ossining, N. Y. 

Bryan, K. L Bryan, R. L., Co 1425 Main St., Columbia, S. C. 

/f/'Vfltt, JF; A* Bryan, William Alanson v Chicago. 

JBryant, C. L. Bryant, C. L Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bryant, P, A : Bryant, Frank Augustus 62 W. 4Oth St., New York. 

ttrynui, li\ F, Bryant, Wilbur F Hartington, Neb. 

flryant* Union. Bryant Union Co 8r Fulton St., New York. 

Jhi. Information Bureau of Information Temple Block, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Sail Lake. 

Iht. Municipal. Bureau of Municipal Research i>6r Broadway. New York, 

.f?K, /'///< / V. Bureau of Public Printing Manila, P. I. 

Bit. Unit*. Travel, Bureau of University Travel Trinity PL, Boston. 

J9u/nV, * Bubier Publishing Co 130 Market St., Lynn, Mass. 

Buchanan. Buchanan, G. H., Co Philadelphia. 

Buchanan, F, G. Buchanan, Frances Grant Denver, Colo. 

nitchanmi, f, B, Buchanan, J. Barr P. O. Box 521, Los Angeles, Cal. 

ttitchanan] R." Buchanan, Roberdeau 2015 Q St.; N W., Washington, D. C. 

/?wrA% A. II: Buck, Albert Henry, M.D Garden City, Long Island, N. Y. 

Buck B: F. Buck, Benjamin R, & Co 160 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Buck\ H. C. ftttck, Edith Cora Cedar Falls, la. 

'jRitck, E: AT, Buck, Edward N Tonopah, Nev. 

/fi/rAvH/ww, /. ft* B, Buckenham, J. E. Burnett Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

nucke v, M! 'C. " Buckey, Mervin Chanclos Fort Worden, Wash. 

Bttckham M, H: Buckham, Rev. Mathew Henry Burlington, Vt. 

ftucklcv M G. Buckley, M, G Newport, R. I. 

Bucgcfnscn, H. D. Bttegeleisen, H. D 4&) Fifth Ave., New York. 

Rncttncr * Bttettner, T., & Co., Tnc Chicago; 465 Broadway, New York. 

Buffalo Hut Soc. Buffalo Historical Society Historical Bldg,, Buffalo, N. Y, 

Ruffah Pub! lib. Buffalo Public Library Buffalo, N. Y. 

Buffwn B f, Buffum, Burt C Worland, Big Horn Co., Wyo. 

fiull C P ^uH, Clark E 1551 W. Bayaud St., Denver, Colo. 

^ t( // f p Bull Coatea P Minneapolis, Minn. 

Bullh c^ H BulHs & Holden Cleveland, 0. 

Bullock, A. N, Bullock, A. N - Sacramento, Cal. 

Runealowcraft Bungalowcraft Co. .403 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Los Angeles. Cal. 

Bmn, Bunn Bros Oklahoma City Okla. 

Mmse, P: / Btmse, Frederick Joseph Buffalo N. Y. 

ff wrfow*. A. S. Burbank, Alfred Stevens Plymouth, Mass 

Wwr/$ A, E S Burch, Mrs. Aclelc R, Shoemaker. ..719 Village St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

mtrdlck, ' " Burdick & Allen Milwaukee, Wis. 

Burford Burford, William B Indianapolis, Ind. 



Burgess. Burgess, Mary Abigail Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va. 

Burgess, C : F. Burgess, Charles F. Moosup, Ct 

Burgess, L, & Co, Burgess, Lang & Co 50 State St., Boston. 

Burk, A. B. Burk, Addison B 815 Crozer Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Burk, W: H. Burk, William Herbert All Saints 1 Rectory, Morristown, Pa. 

Burke, J. F Burke, James F French Bldg, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Burke, J. W. Burke, J. W., Co , 508 Cherry St , Macon, Ga. 

Burlington Pub. Lib. Burlington Public Library Burlington, la. 

Burnham, E. Burnham, E 70 State St., Chicago. 

Burnham, W : H: Burnham, William Henry Clark University, Worcester, Mass 

Burns Club. Burns Club St. Louis. 

Burpee Burpee, W. Atlee, & Co Philadelphia, 

BurriSj M. Burris, Martin Hutchinson, Kan, 

Burroughs, W, & Burroughs, Wellcome & Co ^5-39 W. 3}d St., New York, 

Co. * 

Burr owes, K. Burrow es, Katharine I>tr< il, Mich" 

Burrows. Burrows Ilrothers Co 133 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O, 

Burt. Burt, A. L.. Co 52 Duane St., Nt w York 

Burt Pub. Burt, Emerson E., Publishing Co Williamsport, Pa, 

Burton, A. J. Burton, Alonzo J 686 Prospect PI, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Burton, C: J. Pnirton, Charles J Iowa Christian College, Oskaloosa, la. 

Burton, G: W, Burton, George Ward, 

Care of Times Mirror Printing and Binding House, Los Angeles, Oil, 

Burton, T: IV : Burton, Thomas William Springfield, ( ), 

Burton Co. Burton Publishing Co 709 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Burtscher, W : J : Pmrtscher, William John Ruskin* Trim. 

Bushnell, C. C, Bushnell, Curtis Clark, 

Hall of Languages, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. V. 

Bushnell f J. Bushnell, Joseph Jackson, Jackson Co., Minn. 

Business Aid. Business Aid Co Detroit, Mich, 

Business Bk. Business Book Bureau 13 Astor PL, New York, 

Business Code. Business Code Co 929 West End Avc., New York. 

Business Laiv. Business Law Publishing Co... Room 1022, 3^0 Broadway, New York, 

Business Man's Pub. Business Man's Publishing Co Pclinii, Mich 

Business Men's. Business Men's Association, 

5342 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Itxl. 

Business Monthly. Business Monthly Publishing Co Peoria, III. 

Business Press. Business Press 26 City Hall PL, New York. 

Business Pub. Business Publishing Co I Yoria, 111. 

Butcher, M. H. M, Butcher, Maclge Hortcnse Myers Lanhatn, Kid, 

Butchers Advocate. Butchers Advocate Co 203 Broadway, New York. 

Butler Bros Butler Bros 49^ Broadway, New York. 

Butt, L L. Butt, Israel L V ". Rastv illo, Va. 

Butter-field, W. A. Butterfield, W. A 59 Bromfield St., Boston. 

Butterick. Buttenck Publishing Co., 

Butterick Bldg., Spring & MacDougal Sts,, Nt k w York. 

Butts, E: Butts, Edward 1800 K. i6th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Butts, W: H: Butts, William Henry 919 Oakland Ave., Ann Arbor,* Mich. 

Buyers* Index. Buyers' Index Co 47 Plymouth PL, Chicago. 

Bussacott, F. H. Buzzacott, Francis H 822 74th St., ( 'hicagf *. 

B'way Pub. Broadway Publishing Co 835 Broadway, New York, 

Bylsma, R: Bylsma, Richard V, . . Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Byrd. Byrd Printing & Publishing Co .Atlanta, Ga, 

Byrne. Byrne, John, & Co 1322 F St , N. W., Washington, D. C 

Byrne Pub. Byrne Publishing Co Tyler, Tex, 

Byxbee Pub, Byxbee Publishing Co 3^4 Dearborn St, Chicago, 

Cadle, C: F. Cadle, Mrs. Charles F '. Muscntiiu*, TJU 

Cahn } /. Calm, Julius Empire Theatre Blclg',, New York* 

Cam, W: S. Cain, William Stephen 1403-140=; Main St., Atkinson, Kan, 

Caine,W:R.H. Caine t "William Ralph Hall ] Buffalo, N. V. 

Cal Assoc. Tuber- California Association for the Study and Prevention of Tubt-rctiKsk 

culosis, L os Angeles, Oil 

CalDept.Pub.In- California Department of Public Instruction . .. .Sacramento Oil, 

struction. ' 

Ceil. L, A. California Library Association Los Angeles Oil 

Cal. Promotion. California Promotion Co San FranVistv*! 

Cal. Sec'y State. California Secretary of State ".V.VSacratnento Gil' 

Cal State Lib. California State Library. * , Sacramento' Gil 

Cal State Mining. California State Mining Bureau Ferry" Blclg., San Francisco! 

r*7* wl n j a H we !!' ? M., Co 208-218 Summer St., Boston. 

r ?,' u'7 ' r aCwe ' v' B \V,:,;: &*-&<> T TIe Court Bldg,, Atlanta, (!. 

Caldwell, W: Caldwell, Rev: William 605 W. 5th St M Fort Worth, TYx. 



Caledonian Press, Caledonian Press St. Johnsbury, Vt 

Caledonian Pub. Caledonian Publishing Co 83 Bible House, New York 

Calkins cS- Co. Calkins & Co formerly 27 E. 22d St., New York 

Callaghan. Callaghan & Co 401-409 E Ohio St, Chicago. 

Caloric. Caloric Fireless Cookstove Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Camann, II: B. Camann, Henry Bauer 2341 Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Cambria Steel Cambria Steel Co 165 Broadway, New York. 

Cambridge Pub. Lib. Cambridge Public Library Cambridge, Mass. 

Cambridge University Press; books formerly handled by Macmillan, 
now by Putnam. 

Campbell, F. Campbell, Rev. Frederic ^o First PL, Brooklyn N. Y. 

Campbell, II. W. Campbell, Hardy Webster " Lincoln Neb. 

Campbell, J. Campbell, Jane, care of Civic Club 1615 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Campbell, W: /. Campbell, William J 1623 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Campbell Co. Campbell Company Chicago. 

Campion. Campion & Co 1316 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Canada, /: W: Canada, John Wdlliam Houston, Tex. 

Canada Law f Canada Law Book Co., Ltd 3-2-34 Toronto St., Toronto, Can. 

Canadian t Pacts. Canadian Facts Publishing Co 667 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Can. 

Canon City Record. Canon City Record Canon City, ' Colo. 

Canterbury Co. Canterbury Co. 328 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Cantwell, IL I, Cuntwell, Henry James St. Louis. 

Cape, H, P. Cape, Kmily Palmer 410 West End Ave., New York. 

Capital City Press. Capital City Press Montpelier, Vt 

Carbona. Carbona Products Co 3-5 Burnet St., Newark, N. J. 

Card ash iari, V. Cunlashian, Vahan 995 Yale Station, New Haven, Ct. 

Carey. Carey, Thomas J., & Co T 63 Fifth Ave., New York. 

( Vm\y, IL Carey, Berlin, Co Chicago-. 

CargilL Cargill Co Houston, Tex. 

Carleton, W. Carlcton, Will 444 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Carlisle. Carlisle, A., & Co 251-253 Bush St., San Francisco. 

Carlson, G; L, Carlson, George L Norfolk, Neb. 

Caniahctn. Carnahan Press 1404 H St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Carnegie. Carnegie Institute of Washington Washington, D. C 

Carnegie Found* Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 

576 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Carnegie, H, F, Carnegie Hero Fund Commission Carnegie BIclg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Co mm. 

Carnegie Lib. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, Pa 

Carnegie Museum. Carnegie Museum Pittsburgh, Pa. 

( \u nelL Carnoll & Hoit , Albany, N Y. 

Carpenter, D. Carpenter, DeWitt Homer, N. Y. 

Car potter, H. M. Carpenter, Helen McCowen Ukiah, Cal. 

( 'an\ IL Carr, Horace Cleveland, O. 

Carr,' $. Carr, Sadie Edgar, Neb. 

Carrcll Carroll, Robert R., & Co Chicago. 

Carroll, Carroll Record Co Taneytown, Md. 

Carroll, C: C. Carroll, Charles Chauncey 426 E. 4th St., Owensboro, Ky. 

Carroll, E: Carroll, Edward, Jr 64 Church St , New York. 

Carroll, J: .L Carroll, John J 5478 Kimbark Aye., Chicago. 

Carroll, IF: Carroll, William 131 Tockwotton St., Providence, R. I. 

Carson, n.L Carson, Dr. D. I Atlanta, Ga. 

C 'arson, IT. L. Carson, 1 Tnmpton Lawrence Philadelphia. 

Carson-It, Carson-Harper Denver, Colo. 

Carter et Carteret Book Club Newark, N. J. 

Cartmetl T: 1C Cartmell, Thomas Kemp Winchester, Va. 

Carver, W. Carver, Willard 322^ W, Broadway, Oklahoma, Olda. 

Caw, C: P t dry, Charles Preston State Superintendent, Madison, Wis. 

Carv vV. C Cary, Rev. Setli Cooley Dorchester Centre, Boston. 

Caryl T: /. Cary, Thomas J 103 Park Ave., New York. 

Casff ' Case, Lockwootl & Brainard Co Hartford, Ct. 

Case, C. S. Case, C. S,, Co .Chicago. 

Case G: A, Case, CJeorRe A.... Jophn, Mo. 

Count* Casino Ptiblishinjar Co tt6 W. 39th St., New York. 

Caspar. Caspar, C N., Co 431 E - Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Casscll. Cnssell & Co., Ltd 43 B. igih St, New York. 

Castdlo 7? Cast olio, Bernice 566 W. T73d St, New York. 

Cataract * Cataract Printing Co Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Cales C. D Catcs, Cliff Donahue Decatur, Tex. 

Cath. * Church Ex- Catholic Church Extension 73 The Rookery, Chicago. 

lens-ion, ,,, ~ .. ~, , 

Cath. Editing. Calhclic Editing Co r W. 34th St., New York. 



Cath. Educ* Catholic Education Press, 

1026 'Quincy St., Brookland Station, Washington, D, C 
Cath. Standard and Catholic Standard and Times Pub. Co 211 S, 6th St., Philadelphia. 


Cath. Summer $ch. Catholic Summer School Press no W. 74th St., New York. 

Cath. Univ. Catholic University of America Washington, D. C. 

Cathedral Cathedral Library Mt. St. Alban, Washington, D. C. 

Cathedral Lib. Cathedral Library Assoc =!34-S36 Amsterdam Ave., New York. 

Caulk. Caulk, L. D., Co Milford, Del 

Caxton Club. ^ Caxton Club Chicago* 

Cement & Engineer- Cement & Engineering News 22 Fifth Ave., Chicago. 


Cement Era. Cement Era Publishing Co 842 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago. 

Cen. Me. Central Maine Publishing Co Waterville, Me, 

Cen. Pr. Central Printing Co Little Rock, Ark 

Cen. Pr. & Pub, Central Printing & Publishing House. '. Harrisburg, Pa. 

Cen. Real Estate. Central Real Estate Dealers 5 Association . 625 Jackson St., Topeka, Kan. 

Central. Central Publishing House Cleveland, C). 

Central Pub. Central Publishing House 519 Main St., Cincinnati, 

Central Pub. Co. Central Publishing Co 80 Wabash Ave,, Chicago*. 

Century Assoc. Century Association 7 W. 43d St., New York, 

Century Co. Century Co 33 E. I7th St., New York. 

Century Code. Century Code Co 2 Stone St., New York. 

Century Hist. Century History Co 54-56 Dey St., New York 

Century Map. Century Map Co 2219 Green "St., Philadelphia, 

Chadtvick, E. L. Chad wick, Earl Leslie Hartford, Ct 

Chaff ee. Chaffee Studio 6 E. 37th St., New York. 

Chalmers, C: 0. Chalmers, Charles 512 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

Chaniberlin, M. C. Cl'amberlirj, Mac C., Co Dowagiac, Mich. 

Chambers, W. L. Chambers, W. Lee Santa Monica, Cal. 

Chambon, C. M. Chambpn, Celestin M St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, La, 

Champion, D. B. Champion, Dorothy B., 

Todt Hill Road, West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Champion Chemical Champion Chemical Co Springfield, O. 

Chandler, A. D. Chandler, Alfred Dupont Brookline, Mass. 

Chandler. F. W. Chandler, F. W., & Son .Brunswick, Me. 

Chapin, G. W. Chapin, Gilbert W Hartford, Ct 

C ha pin, H. L, Chapin, Harry Lorenzo R, D. No. 3, Huron, O. 

Chapin News. Chapin News Co Hartford, Ct. 

Chapman, C. Chapman, dowry 282 Manhattan Ave., New York. 

Chappie Pub. Chappie Publishing Co., Ltd 944 Dorchester Ave, Boston, 

Character Develop- Character Development League 31 E. 22cl St., New York 


Charities Pub. Chanties Publication Committee 105 E. 22d St., New York 

Charity Organ. Charity Organization Society 105 E. 22d St., New York 

Charnock, $. Charnock, Singleton, 

Belcastle Chambers, S. Common St., Lynn, Mass. 

Charter Oak. Charter Oak Publishing House Marshalltown, la. 

Chartier t E: M. Chartier, Edward Morris ...Paris, Tex. 

Chase, F. N. Chase, Fessenden N Bath, Me. 

Chase, W. I.. Chase, W. L., & Co P. O. Box 1384, Boston. 

Chatterton, Chatterton, A. L., Co 81 Duane St., New York. 

Chatterton~P. Chatterton Peck Co. Now A. L. Chatterton Co. 

Chautauqua Pr. Chautauqua Press Chatttauqua, N. Y. 

Chavers, P. W: Chavers, Pearl William Columbus, O. 

Cheadje, C, M. Cheadle, Clarence McKee Ashton, 111 

Check, S. Check, Rabbi Sabath 62 E. 7th St., New York 

Cheek, P. Cheek, Philip Baraboo, Wis. 

Chelston Press. Chelston Press P. O. Box 566, Atlantic City, N. J, 

Cheltenham Press. Cheltenham Press 150 Fifth Ave,, New York. 

Chemical Chemical Publishing Co Easton, Pa. 

Chemical Engineer. Chemical Engineer Publishing Co 355 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Chenoweth, C. V. Chenoweth, Mrs. Caroline Van Dusen.P. O. Box 125, Leicester, Mass. 

Chesman. Chesman, Nelson, & Co 1127-1128 Pine St., St. Louis. 

, Chester & B. Chester & Bergman 124 R 4ist St., Chicago, 

Chic. Art. Chicago Art Institute Chicago. 

Chic. Assoc. Com- Chicago Association of Commerce , Chicago. 


Chic. Automobile. Chicago Automobile Club Chicago. 

Chic. City Council Chicago City Council .....I.'!...' Chicago. 

Chic. Commercial Chicago Commercial Publishing Co .P. 6. 'BOX "sVsV Chicago. 



Chu . / 't///.v Join n. Chicago Daily Journal .................. ... ....... Chicago. 

t, hie. Daity News. Chicago Daily News ........................... ... ........ . . Chicago. 

Chic. Directory. Chicago Directory Co.. .................. 49 Plymouth Ct, Chicago. 

( hie, Harbor Com. Chicago Elarbor Commission ............................... Chicago. 

( hie. Hebrew hist. Chicago Hebrew Institute ................. 485 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

{ hie. Hist. Chicago Historical Society. . .Dearborn Ave. and Ontario St., Chicago. 

( 7nV. t.e-gal News. Chicago Legal News Co ..................... 87 Clark St., Chicago. 

i hh . Lit. Club. L hicago Literary Club ...................................... Chicago. 

("hie. Med. Bk. Chicago Medical Book Co. ..Cor Congress and Honore Sts, Chicago. 

( Ym ., Milwaukee & Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Railway .................... Chicago. 

st. r. 

( hie. I '/. Lib. Chicago Public Library ..................................... Chicago. 

Chieo Record. Chico Record Press ...................................... Clnco, Cal. 

Chief. Chief Publishing Co ................... 45 Centre St., New York. 

( 'hileott, ].. S. Chilcott, Langdon S ................. 116 Hammond St , Bangor, Me. 

Child?, If. Childe, Mrs. Hubert ................................. Wichita, Kan. 

Children's Pub, Children's Publishing Co. 

Now L. D Jones, 5413 Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, 

Child ress t R. /. Chiklrcss, Rufus Jackson .............. 950 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

China Inland. China Inland Mission ....... 235 School Lane, Germantown, Pa. 

('hintltigiuil Coll Clrirological College. .Inspiration Point, Echo Park, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Choate* . 1 Choate, Augusta .................. Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

(7ir. Herald. Christian Herald ................... Room 92, Bible House, New York. 

("In. /V(\s\v. Christian Press Association Publishing Co. .26 Barclay St., New York. 

< Yir. /*///>. Christian Publishing Co ............................ Dayton, O. 

Chr. /*/>. Assoc. Christian Publishing Association .......................... Dayton, O. 

Chr, Pub. Co. Christian Publishing Co ..................... 2712 Pine St., St. Louis. 

( V/r. .SV/, Chnstian Science Publishing Co. . ........ 250 Huntington Ave,, Boston. 

f !n\ $ci Pub. Christian Science Publishing Society, 

Falmouth and St. Paul Sts., Boston. 

Cju\ l?n, ('hristian Union Publishing Co ...................... Des Moines, la. 

Chr. I'Pitncss. C'hristian Witness Co ................... 151 Washington St , Chicago. 

Christ Ch, Christ CImrch .................................... Williamsport, Pa. 

Christian,./: T. Christian, John Taylor, D.D ....... 1604 Spring St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Christian Liberty. (hristian Liberty Bureau .............. 222 Lawn Ave., Norwood, O. 

Christian's S\ h~ Christian's School of Applied Food Chemistry, 

7 E. 4ist St., New York. 

C 'hristie,. Christie Publishing Co ..................... 171 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Chronicle Co. Chronicle Co., Ltd ........................ 90 William St., New York. 

Chronicle Pnh. Chronicle Publishing Co ............................... Orange, N. J. 

< Y/rw/n- C. B, Chrysler, Charles Byron .................................... Chicago. 

Church 1 " " Church, John, Co ..................... 4th and Elm Sts., Cincinnati, 

Church Advocate. Church Advocate Print ................... 1133 Park Ave., New York. 

CImrch Lih, ' ( 'htirch Library Association ........................ Cambridge, Mass 

Church Missions. CImrch Missions Publishing Co ........... 211 State St, Hartford, Ct. 

Churchill C. N, Churchill, Mrs. C. N ......... 834 E. High St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Cm. Medical ' Cincinnati Medical Book Co ................. 905 Race St., Cincinnati. 

Cincinnati fr 5. Cincinnati and Springfield Publishing Co ................... Cincinnati. 

( 'j (ic j a i r t Ciocia, Vincent ............................ 89 Centre St., New York. 

(foclc! Circle Publishing Co ..................... 15 W. 26th St., New York. 

Circular Adv. Circular Advertising Co .................................. Cincinnati. 

Cj<f CO j (7 Cisco, Jay Guy .............. Vanclcrbilt Law Bldg., Nashville, Term. 

Citcr-riisesi. Citer-Digest Co ....................................... Detroit, Mich. 

Citizens Pr. Citizens Printing Shop ............................ Los Angeles, Cal. 

H/v Club 'Chicago. City Club of Chicago ................... 228 S. Clark Ct, Chicago. 

fjYv Hist, Phil City History Society of Philadelphia. .1623 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

n/v / ib 'Assoc, City Library Association ............... . ........... Springfield, Mass. 

fjfa porum, Civic Forum ... ......................... 23 W. 44th St., New York. 

Civic League. Civic League of St. Louis ..................... ........... . . St. Louis. 

Claflin Claflin, H. B., Co ................ - ........ 224 Church St, New York. 

Clmrmml, A de Clairmont, Adolfo do .................. 10 Gardner Bldg., Toledo, a 

da** ' Clapp, David, & Son ........................................ Boston. 

Clara Vista, Clara Vista Press .................................... Pasadena, Cal. 

Clarion. Clarion Publishing Co ............................... Swathmpre, Pa. 

Clarion Democrat. Clarion Democrat ........................ . . ...... ...... .Clarion, Pa. 

Clark A H, Clark, Arthur H., Co ..................... Caxton Bldg. Cleveland O. 

Clark C; E Clark, Charles Eugene ............................... Covmgton, Ky 

ClarL C M\ Clark, C. M,. Publishing Co ............. . r .211 Tremont St., Boston. 

Clark, D. S. Clark, Daniel S ......................... Pioneer Bldg, Denver, Colo. _ 

Clark, G, Clark, Galen ...... . ............ . ............... Yoseimte Valley Cal, 

Clark PI * S Clark, Henry Spencer .............. 100 N. 4th St., Paterson, N. J. 

Clark J B Clark, T R, Supt of Public Instruction ............ Santa Fe, N. M. 



Clark M C Clark, Myron C, Publishing Co 537 So. Dearborn Su (Inca^, 

Claik W' Clark, William Carnegie Library, Forbes St., I tttsburgh, la 

Clark Pub. Clark' Publishing Co ^!^\\^ 

Clark Univ. Clark University Press VVou :cs i; \ , ss. 

Clarke Clarke, Robert, Co. Government Su , UIK j. 

Clarke E C Clarke, Mrs E. C Vi NjtI , C ?* M*' 

C/ark E: H. Clarke, E. H., & Brother ........ .Memplns, i ,tm. 

Clarke / M. Clarke, John Mason State Hall, Albany N. \ . 

Clarke] W: B. Clarke, William B., Co >6 TreniKmt St. hoston, 

Clarkson, D: B. Clarkson, David B 338 Wabash Ave Um^o, 

C/aw 7oW Class Journal Co L< latiron Bldg., NV\v \ ark, 

C/ffwic Classic Publishing Co. Luxley < *a, 

Ciavton & C. Clayton & Craig Lynn, Mass. 

Clement E H' Clement, Edward Henry 10 Concord Ave., Cambridge, Mass, 

Clements F' E Clements, Frederick E. (State Botanist) ..Minneapolis, Minn, 

Clerk Agency. Clerk Agency Providence, k. I. 

Cleveland R. Cleveland, Robert San I'nuieisoo. 

Cleveland' Homeo- Cleveland Homeopathic Publishing Co., 

path 668 Rose Bldg., Cleveland, O, 

Cleveland News. Cleveland News Co 1552 W. 3d St., Cleveland, ( ). 

Cleveland Press. Cleveland Press (Clinical Review Publishing Co,), 

346 Ogden Ave,, Uncng'o. 

Cleveland Pub. Co. Cleveland Publishing Co. (now Gardner Printing Co.).. Cleveland, 

Cleveland Pub. Lib. Cleveland Public Library u* ' ' " * v C1< ^ cl *; ?' 

Clews PI ' Clews, Henry 15 Broad St., N ew \ ork, 

Clifford & L Clifford & Lawton i E. aSth St., New York. 

Chne G P ' Cline, George Polk Lamed, Kan. 

Clinic. ' ' Clinic Publishing Co Ravenswood Station, Chicago, 

Clinical Clinical Review Publishing Co, Sec Cleveland Press. 

Clode. Clode, Edward J 156 Fifth Ave,, NV\\ t Y rk. 

Cloister. Cloister Press, ." Penria, 111. 

Cloueh' $. D. Clough, S. DeWitt .Hm-ago, 

Clover. Clover Press 48 Cliff St., NVu York, 

Club for Colonial Club for Colonial Reprints Providence, R, I. 


Club Odd Vol. Club of Odd Volumes Boston, 

Clynier, R. C. Clymer, Reuben Swinburne Allcniown, I*u. 

Coats M C ' Coats, Mack Colvin 23 Montgomery St., San KnuuM^-fo. 

Cobb'E.L.' Cobb, E. L South Branch, N. 11. D, V. S., Ya. 

Cobbey, J. ' E. Cobbey, J. E. Beatrice, Neb, 

Cobden. Cobden Publishing Co Colorado Bldg M Washington, 1). (\ 

Coburn Press Coburn Press ; ^., : , Boston. 

Cochran, J : S. Cochran, Judge John Salesbtiry St. ClairsviJIr, < ). 

Cochrane. Cochrane Publishing Co., Inc. . .Tribune Bldg., Park Ro\v t New York, 

Cockayne, E. 0. Cockayne, E. O an Tn k mont St., BoMot 

Cocke Co. ' ' Cocke Co Sun Antonio, 1Y\ 

Cody, S. Cody, Sherwin 1411 Security Bld.t**,, lliit^ago, 

Coe-M. ' Coe-Mortimer Co 24 Stone St., Nfcw York, 

Coffin, G. B. Coffin, Gorham B 124 S, Park Ave,, ("fiicago, 

Col Tool Steel. Columbia Tool Steel Co , , , , . Chicago, 

Coldwater, C: H: Coldwater, Charles Henry 1411 Ryan St., Lake Charles, La, 

Cole. * ' Cole, A. L, & Co .Boston, 

Cole, A. S. Cole, Arthur Stanley .' t .Manasqitan, N* J. 

Cole, L. E. Cole, L. E., Music Publishing Co Port Angeles, Wash. 

Cole grove. Colegrove, E. H., Co 67 Wabash Ave,, Chicago, 

Cole. man, W: M. Coleman, William Magruder 52 William Si, New York, 

Colgrove, C. P: Colgrove, Chauncey Peter 2422 Normal St., CV<Iar I r alls, la. 

College Assoc. Pub. College Association Publishing Co. , Los Angeles, Cal 

College Pub. Co. College Publishing Co , . 1721 Quincy St., (1ii*ag(K 

Collier. Collier, P. R, & Son .116-424 W, 13th St., New York. 

Collier, A. L. Collier, Arthur Luke Beverly, Kfash. 

Collins, H. C. Collins, Hilda C , . . . San Antonio, Tex, 

Collins, H. & Co. Collins, Hauser & Co 623 tsth St., N, W., Washington, I), f 4 , 

Collins, ) : M. Collins, John, M , ChirritfO. 

Colo. Manuf. Colorado Manufacturers' Association Denver, Colo, 

Colo. Set. Soc. Colorado Scientific Society , Denver, Colo* 

Colo. State Normal Colorado State Normal School Greeky, Colo, 

Colo. Supt. Sch. Colorado Superintendent of Schools 4 . . .Denver, Coin, 

Colonial Press (Ct.) Colonial Press Mt. Carmd, Ct 

Colonial Press, Colonial Press , . . , . Fort Wayne, Tnd, 


Colonial Soc. of Colonial Society of Massachusetts 28 State St., Boston 





Columbia fr Columbia Printing Co 

f Pub Columbia Publishing House 

1 Sch Poul- Columbia School of Poultry 


Watenille, N Y 

Columbia Unn 1 


C o in mb us c ittztiis' 

Coin Brazil 

Com of One Hun- 

di cd 

Cum Kaihwv 
Com 1 awn Hitfoty 

CommcfCial Pr Co 
( a m wet mi! P> Ho 

( ommcnml 

( omttotk /r 7 
( om\tot ^ Pub 
Ctwitcllntt o 
Cotuotd Comm 






Com ret i* 
Confedtintc Wit- 

Cook, C C 

Cook] .9* A/ 

Coolie\ H ( f 
Cooke, r T 
Ci*tl?v J H 
C*<h**r A C 
F L 

Columbia University Pi ess Mornmgside Heights, New Yoik 

Lemcke & Buechner, Agents, 30-32 West s;th St, New York 

Columbus Press Iao W 6oth St, New York 

Columbus Citizens' Telephone Co Columbus, O 

Commission for the Economic Expansion of Brazil, U S Organiza- 
tion Office Room 1781, 50 Church St, New York 
Committee of One Hundred on National Health, 

69 Church St, New Ha\en ? Ct 
Committee on Railway Mail Pay " ~ 

Committee on Town History 
Combe Printing Co 
Commercial Printing Co 
Commercial Printing House, 

Grand Central Station, Chicago 

Cohas^et, Mass 

St Joseph, Mo 

Raleigh, N C 

Commercial Science System 

S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, Cal 
Scranton, Pa 

Commercial Wot Id Publishing Co ,164-172 Gnswold St , Detroit, Mich 

Common Sense Pub Cc St Louis 

( ommomvoallh Press Worcester, Mass 

Commonwealth Publishing Co 318 W 45th St , New York 

Compton, F E t & Co 200 Monroe St, Chicago 

C nmsmck, \\ilbam T, G> 23 \Varien St , New York 

Comstoek Publishing: Co 43 .East Ave,, Ithaca, N Y. 

Comtcvtlntro, Ltd 16 Beaver St, New York 

Cmicoid Commercial Club , Concord, N H 

Gmeonlia Publishing House 
Coticteie Engineering 

COIR rote Publishing Co 
C nnfodciate Museum 

Confederated South- 

CMigdon* C H 

Conger, C* B, 

C inigwgatioii Mikve 

Conjuror Va/r 

Con khn A, 

Conn Com Tiib&r* 

< lllti$l$ 

Conn J/n/ t 
Conn I ib 
Conn Vn\) Lib. 
Conncctu ut 
Conncllc\\ ir ^ H 

Connot , R P W 
Connie! , II C 
Con&o? Pub 
Consolidated Safety 
Conftwt. C f * C 
Content pot at v Club* 
Contnntor Pub 
Con frm fort and 

St Louis 

Detioit, Mich 
Richmond, Ya 

Southcin Memorial \Sbociation New Orleans, La 

Congddii, C H , ,- Chicago 

Conger, Clinton Barker 224 So Prospect St, Grand Rapids, Mich 
Congregation Mikve Israel . Bioad and York Sts , Philadelphia 

tonjureis' Magazine Publishing Co 278 W H3th St, New York 

Conkc>, W B , Co . Hammond, Ind 

Conkhn, Arthur . . * Grant's Pass, Ore 

Connecticut Commission to Investigate Tuberculosis Hartford, Ct 

Connecticut Historical Society 

Connecticut State Library 

Connecticut Public Library Committee 

Connecticut, State of 

Conncllcy, William Elsey 

Connoisseurs' Pi ess 

Connor, Robert Diggs Wimberly 

Conrad, Hcnrj C 

Consolidated Publishing Co 

Consolidated Safety Valve Co 

Contant, George C 

Contcmpoiaiy Club 

( oniractor Publish jne; Co 

Contractors' & Dealers' Exchange 

Hartford, Ct 
Hartfoid, Ct 
Hartford, Ct 
Hartford, Ct, 

816 Lincoln St , Topeka, Kan 

Jersey City, N J 

Raleiph, N C 

Wilmington, Del 

St Louis 

85 Liberty St , New York 

San Bernardino, Cal 

Davenport, la 

318 Security Bldg, Chicago 
New Orleans, La 


David C, Publishing Co 
Charles Cyrus 
Ifowaid M 

Samuel Newton 
Robert Grier, Tnc 

Elgin, 111 

R 926, ISO Nassau St, N<*w York 
Route 2, Concord, N H 
88 K Towns St, Columbus, O 
25 Broad St , Room 612, New York 
542 Fifth Ave, New York 

V T State Director of Dry Fanning, Cheyenne, W>o 

, Jame-, H Rogers, O 

Anmath Carver 1025 Wablimgton St , Watcrtown, N Y 
Kmclyn Lincoln,, . . 7 West Q2d St, New York 



Cooney, P. J. Cooney, Patrick Joseph 142 Frank St, Bridgeport, O. 

Cooper, IV: P. Cooper, William Funk Km ' 

Co-operative Fn Co-operative Printery 344 Sixth St, Milwat* 

Co-operative Pr. Co. Co-operative Printing Co 5623 Drexel Ave M 

Co-operative Press. Cooperative Press Room 303, 203 Broadway, NY 

Co-operative Pub. Co-operative Publishing Co CoIumUus, (I 


Copeland, L. A. Copeland, Lydia A .Charitoiu la. 

Cornell Unir. Cornell University Ithaca, N. Y. 

Cornish, L, C, Cornish, L. C II itigham, Muss. 

Corona Pub. Corona Publishing Co ' 05 West Broadway, New York, 

Corp, Manual^ Corporation Manual Co ...34 Nassau St.. NV\\ York. 

Corf. Trust Co. Corporation Trust Co .'.43 Wall St, No\\ York. 

Corporations, Corporations Organization. HK> Broadway, NV\\ York, 

Corr* Inst. Correspondence Institute of America. .,.....,...,. Sn antw. f *a. 

Corwin, R, W, Corwin, R. W. PmI*lo. ( olr. 

Cosmo. Cosmo Studio Co 437 Fiftb A\c, XY\\ York. 

Cotter, J* S. Cotter, Joseph Seamon ^<* Alaga/inc St., Louisville, Ky, 

Courtright. Ccmrtright, W. H ............. I ><*nvor, i *<*lo, 

Countryman, C, C. Countryman, Carl Chapin. . , , .617 Steinwny Hall, Chicago. 

Courier*]' ourn. Courier-Journal Job Printing Co. ,...,, . . , . , . Loutaville, Ky. 

Courier Press, Courier Press ...."... ........,....,,.,,... WinfieM, Kail, 

Couts, C: 0, Gouts, Charles O .............. Newco?w*rsto\vn, C K 

Cowell, A. T. Cowell, Alexander Tyng. ............ , , .Washington, t>. C, 

CotMHtf, f'F, # JF, Cowing, White & Wait ......... .49 Wall St., New York. 

Cowles, W: L, Covvlcs, William Lyinan ... ......, /. * Amhcrst, 

Co#t R. L, Cox, Robert Lynn. ....*,...** .1 Madison Avt% R, 2107^ New York. 

Coxc, A/, Coxc, Macgrane. , .....63 Wall St., Nnv York, 

Coy/r. Coylc, W. H. f & Co. !I<vuston. Trx. 

CM'^rl, fF. F. Winfield Forrest .,.,.. .Atlantic On \ , X. .1. 

Cr<i, f tjtman*s Home Craftsman's Home Study Schools. , Pnvf'nirt III 


Crflm, (; /*\ Cram, George F. .55-61 Market St., Chicago; 130 Fulton St., NVu \ mk, 

Crand&ll R. R, N, CrandalU Mrs. Rosa Ruth Neil Jjuwstm\ , K. \* 

C randan, W, D* Crandall, Capt Warren Daniel. ....*...,... .St, Lmiis 

Crandall P& Crandall Publishing Co. 510 Srourity iHclg , c 'hiraj* <>. 

Crane. Crane & Co. no F, 8th Avo., Top^ka, Kan. 

Crane, J. E. Crnnc, Julia Ettic. ..60 Main St., PotMlattt. X Y, 

Crane, R. T. Crane, R, T ,,, t ui4 So t (\inal St , (1iir,iF*, 

Crane, U. E. Crane, Utley K .....501 Commonwealth Tru$t lUdff.. PhiIn(U*!phi;t. 

Cmen^D, Craven-Dean ("o. , 140 N, nth St., lMuln<iMplti;i, 

Crawford, L 5*. Crawford, Jamen Shannon (*hi*rnl<c\ U. 

Credit Corporation. Credit Corporation of America . . . . . ..,,,....,..,,,,.. St, f ,t >uji, 

Off. Crec Piiblisliiiig Co, . ............. ?** S, 6tli St., Mimtt*i|iotis Mi, 

Cweent P/;. Crescent Publishing A^Hociatinn. 

Care of A, Chittkk, 1546 \VieIatul St , < Incuv:* *. 

Crisis A. H, Oist Arthur H*, Co. ,,....,.,,.., .< ^juTstciwit, N, Y. 

CnVr/if //, I?, 5, Critqhell, Rob, Siderfin ..,.. .,..., ,......,,, C'hicAffa 

Critehett, R E. Criteiuit, R E. Wiitr flow n, 

CrltchMd, N. B. Critchfield, N, B n Sce/y of ARrintltim*. ......... ....HarrMmrit. !*a. 

Criterion. Criterion Publishing Co .,.,..,..,..,.,... , , , CliicM^rt 

Oi/iV c^ f;. Critic & Gnidt* Co... ...13 Mt, Morris Park W., Mem York. 

Cro/l, />. C Croll, Rev, Philip ColumbuA. HennUtown, III 

(>iw/j?> t^V Co, Cronthie, Robert J M & Co Hnklvtii H, Y, 

Cntmarty. Cronuirty Law Book Co., .............. r jt ( *fi*Htnut St., PfuUwIHpiiht, 

C/w*v/i.v, /. ^ Crosby, J. A. * , , . . Jafiialni Plain. Nl;iw, 

C*> IKW, ("; A'. < Voss, Charles Robert. . , , .......,*...,....,, , . . Hrwittw. 

( *fcixv (Tn. CfoKS Co. . * ........*....*...........,............,< *hi* w* 

Cnwdl Crowt'11, Thotiias V M (H. , . . . ..;.*( W, Hroadway, N<*\\ York, 

r/r//iv;.r, f , R rulhuw, F. B.. . , .,..,.....,,.....,..,...,... .' ,>/ark. \la, 

Cultirntar /*/>. Cultivator Pnhiihing: Co , .1*. (X Drawer ?A \t!;ntft. <ia 

Crmnmer, ff, f. Cruminer. W. F..., ,1^4 S. Kenilworth Aw,, Ojtk f*.iti\ III 

Cumberland Press, CtnnherlatKl Press, * . . , . ............................ Nathville, T^im, 

ft M* A* Cumtiig, Marl A..... . . *y f) Hleecker St., N*w Yrtk, 

W; L, Cnmmings, William Leon, fry McBri<le St.. SyraciiM', N. Y, 

Ctineo, John F, Co. .,.,,,,,,,..,,.,,,. . . t 'hii-at.^*. 

t C 6* Cunningham t Ctirtiss & Welch. , ,565-567 Market St,, San I'Vawisto, 

^H: W* Cunninghnm, Henry Winchester. ,..,....,....,. .He> Stair St , HrNt<m, 

L Cwpples & Leon Co 30th St. and 41!) Avis, New Y^rk. 

CurJattcler, M. .-joR N, ( divert St,, Baifinir** \!d. 

Current Lit. Current Literature Publishing Co. ..,.,..,. 134 W. lotfi St , Nmv Y*rk. 



Cnrricr Pub. Currier Publishing Co 107 S. Clinton St., Chicago. 

Curry, J. Curry, Rev, James Newark, CaL 

Curtis, E: S. Curtis, Edward S * Seattle, Wash. 

Curtis, H. G: Curtis, Harris George Appleion, Wis. 

Curtis, JV. C. Curtis, Nathaniel Cortlandt Auburn, Ala. 

Curtis Adit. Curtis Advertising Co Detroit, Mich. 

Curtis & (7. Curtis & Cameron 75 Pierce Bldg., Boston. 

Curtiss. Curtiss Book Co Box 607 Denver, Colo. 

Cui'twtw, I. Curtman, Ida 3933 Lexington Ave., St. Louis. 

Cushing, //. C\, jr. Cti.shing, Harry C, Jr 220 Broadway, New York. 

Cutter, E, Cutter, Ephraim 251 W. 8ist St., New York. 

Cycle Press. Cycle Press 421 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

/>. J. R.< 'German- Daughters of the American Revolution Germantown, Pa. 

town Chap. 

I). /I, K., Hannah Daughters of the American Revolution (Hannah Winthrop Chapter), 

Wlnthrop Chap. Cambridge, Mass. 

D. A* R. Saranac Daughters of American Revolution (Saranac Chapter), 

Chap, Pittsburgh. N. Y. 

D. C L. A District of Columbia Library Association Washington, D. C. 

D. D\ Pub. * H. D. Publishing Co 4630 Grand Boulevard, Chicago. 

Dadant* Dadant & Sons .Hamilton, 111. 

Dttggy, A/ L. Daggy, Maynard Lee Care Democrat Printing Co., Madison, Wis, 

Daily Oklahoman Daily" O'klahoman Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Daily Record. ' Hjiily Record Co Baltimore, Md. 

Dale, L G. I Hik\ James Gary Troy, S. C 

Dah. Daly & Co P. O. Box 137, Philadelphia. 

Damon /* -I Damon, Fannie A Harris and Chase Sts., Clinton, Mass. 

D&moit, //; B. Damon, Henry B .Katonah, N Y. 

Dana. Dana, William B,, Co 138 Front St., New York. 

Dandridgc, A S, Damlridge, Mrs, A, S Shepherdstown, W. Va. 

Daniel* P Darnels, Percy R. R. No. 4, Carthage, Mo. 

Dawtcr " Damier Publishing Co 1508 Polk St., San Francisco. 

Dauner T. J t I >annor, Thomas Jefferson Pittsburgh Pa. 

Damsiwr G t Da.izigcT, Oustave Adolphe 30 E. I27th St., New York. 

Darling //. >, Darling, IT. B - .Washington D. C. 

Darling > /. T. Darling, Jasper T 79 Dearborn St Chicago. 

l) m ** Dait Publishing Co. . . , 40 W. 33^ St., New York. 

/tow</w/ A. Davenport Allen P. 0. Box 1341, Boston. 

Dwcnlwri E Davenport, Eugene College of Agriculture, Urbana, III. 

/) at r r /;' " Davcy, John ; " Ke ^ $ 

1) a A C '. li\ Davidson, C, W Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Davidson IL A Davidson, Mrs. Hannah Amelia Cambndge Mass. 

, ' Davis, P. A., Co 1914-1916 Cherry St Philadelphia. 

' A. McP. Davi, Andrew McFarland Cambridge, Mass. 

i^ J: A Havis, John A Lestersmre, IM. x . 

)' ^ Havis, John McCan - Springfield 111. 

> n P 1 ^avis P ^ 20 ^^ St., Denver, Coio. 

R S\ >alSJ; H; f5. & Co..... 441 Wood St, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

) ' ,V; /. Davis, Snnnicl Ishbeyre - - - - - - ^ an ^ cokc ( rA ? 1 a ; 

, % r r n I )IVIH Walter B *<$ Fulton St., New York. 

' //' F- av ', William Edwarci.-Jr i Nassau St., New York. 


: u 

A. H. "* Arthur' W 420' Winson St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Dayton Pub. Lib. Dayton Pobhc Library - - - - 


Ma De La Mare, A. T., Printing and & New York , 

L^rcnce, S. T^Scott & Co .5*4 Masonic 

. Coll9&. Delaware College 



Delaware Hist. Soc. Delaware Historical Society. ...... .924 Market St., Wilmington, Del, 

Delbridge. Delbridg Co 104 N. 6th St M St. Louis, Ah). 

De Long, J: E. De Long, John Edmund Kirkland, III. 

Dell, S. Dell, Sidney .Los Angeles, Cal 

Dclmarter Pub. Delmarter Publishing Co. Care of I anus i'Ik\\orth Delmarter, Chicago. 

Dclp, /. D. Drip, J. I) ". Springtu'Idj Mo. 

Dement Pub. Dement Publishing Co .325 Dearborn Sf , ; Chicago. 

Democracy and Democracy and Civil Service News *j Duane St., New York, 

OV/7 Service. 

Democracy Pr, Democracy Priming Co .23 Duanc St., No\\ York, 

Democrat" Pr. and Democrat" Printing and Lithographing' Co,. ........ .Little Rock, Arlc 

Lit ho. 

Democrat Pr, Co, Democrat Printing Co , , ..,..,. .Madison, Win* 

Democratic. Democratic National Committee, Text-book Dcpt., 

Auditorium Annex, Chicago, 

DenJwhit. Denholm, McKay Co..,.. ................. .Woree.ster, Mass, 

Denison, T: S, Denlson, Thomas Stewart 163 Randolph St., Chii-at^o. 

Dennett* E, J. Dennen, Rev. Krnest Joseph., .Ho S, Common St., L.xnn, Ma**** 

Dcnrich. Denrtch Press. / . v .. . .. .("hula Visu, Cil 

Denver <S* Rio Homer $c Rio Grande Railroad, Passenger Department, Denver, Colo, 


Denver Int Corr. Denver International Correspondence School of Money, 

Sch* Care of John A. Anderson & Co,, Bo\ 158* IVnver. Coin, 

De Pay, De Puy, Clarence C, , ...~4<> W. Kayrttt! St., Syracuw, M Y. 

Demn-Sniith* E, Demi-Smith, Mr*, Rdna. ..,.....,.,...,...., . , . . ,Kniama?<to, Midi, 

Dewrrt ATrttv. Deseret News Co, , . ......,...,,..,, .Salt Ll* C *ity, l f iak 

S, S, Un, Deserct Sunday School Union, 

Union Book Store, 44 K, S. Temple St, Salt Lulw City, t f tati, 

s* A, V. Desjardms t Arthur Uldcric. ........ , % ut Uofttmm St., Ualiini*rf\ Ml 

H* /, t Desmond^ TTxjmphrcjr Joseph, P, O, Dra\\er ^(, Milwaukee^ \Vi<, 

Dei mil Bm< f/mV, Detroit Business University, ..,......,, ...,..,..., I >etroit, Midi, 

Dcttner-Travers Press. ,.....,.,...,..,....,,.,,,,.,. San I'Y.iticiHCi*, 
Deuther t Charles George. ...... , 4 u7 Washington St., fluftali*, X V, 

IV Vinne Press. ....,..,......,.,. .,;o5 t-afay-tle St , N*e\\ Yi*tk 

Dcvncy, /?, .9. Devney, Raymond Smith. .,,,,,,,, . . ,..,.,,, J'ouIitH* < i ren, K> 

De Waters, L, S, De Waters, *Mrs, Lillian Stiphenson . ..X,4 I 1 Main St. Stamt'onl, ( ; t 

Dewey /*!//>, Dexvey Publishing Co,. . . , . , , ,,........., San I'Vatii'iseo. 

/V lPitt< C: 7f. De Witt, Charles Howard, ,,,,, . ... , , ,, ,,.,,, .Valparaiso I ml 

/)tf Witt tV .9. IVWitt & SnelHng. . , ...,..) T^trKiMfth \\ r , * aUlaiI.' ( ";tl 

De Wolfe. DrWoltV & Fi^ke Co. , , , ........ ,..,..,.. . jo 1-VanKliii St , PH^tmt 

f)iVA\ Dick* FinwraW , . , .. , , -. ,,,! Ann St , \%nv V/k, 

DM, ,9: M. Dfck, Uev. Samuel Medary, . , , . . , , , ,.,,,,. MiiMnvpoli % Minn, 

nickcrsm, P* B Dickerncm, II,, Co. ,,.,.,,.,,,,., , ,, ,,,,,, I^fint, Midi, 

Dicker!, T: FF* Oickert, Rev* Tli^jtm \VilMn . . , , , ,,.,,,, . . , Ri\nltim, P,i 

fiickey, Dickey, L, S n & Co, ,.,..,,..,...,,.,,., ,7*1 I Vailrn St . t Itira^t* 

f)iVto?n Dick.<on J, A,, Pul4is!iing Co. , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, , J IJMMI^O, 

Didwn. Pidion* L, & Co, ,,.... ,,,,,,,,,, . , , . , k |it \V, 5t>tli St . N?n% N ork 

7>iVte Pr, Diete Printing Co,, ...,.,....,,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,',, , Rirlunoiul, \'a, 

Pietexen. /?. Diet/Kcn, Ku^efie Co,, 

*i4'vi**o K, *3d St t New York; tHi Mnurtie St*, Chu'ajwcu, 

Dill^f. Dilley, Arthur Urlana t & Co,, Inc. .,,,.,,,,,,, ,5 Park St,, lUwtmi, 

Diilin^htm, G: W t)i)lin^lmni, (Jec>r^e W., O*, ..,.,..,,,,.,!** ill F, ;Ml St,, Mru Yirk. 

f)hikins t J, I>inklnH JnmeN,,,,. -hU5 Colimnuu St., Ntn\ Origan?*, I f a, 

Dilwvrth, II, F, Djlworth, Hirmit POWCTH, .....,.,,,>,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,..,,,., ,CliirnrK 

Ih^fmlch Pub. Dispateli PuhliHljiiig (*,,....,.,,,.,,..,,,,,.... , .Clay CViiti'r, Kail, 

Mw//. DjsSi'l! P^hlnhiiig Co .....,.,,,!' < ). Pax ,7J, ^ Unit foul, Ct 

Distribution Lcagttt. nistrihtition League* ,,,,.21 Union Trust !)!<(&, frtftiattatHttts, lii*I, 

nitttnw<C:A* DjltnaH, Chark k s Andrew, ......... ^50 ! ; ulfo$i St., f!r*Hk!yti N, Y, 

Ditstw. nitron, Oliver, Co, t , ,,,,,, . , . , , 150 Tretnont St,, flo^tfHt 

Dt,\\ /, ,S\ IHx Irving Sidney, ,...,,..., * , ,., ttt .,...,,. , Slu'ia\\ kins, !*L 

DinY, Dixie Publishing (*o, ....,..,..,, . , .... , . , , .Mttavian I';tll^ X C. 

/.^LnV 7U*. Dixie 'Book Shop, .,.,.......,,,,,,, it I.ibertv Si , NV\\ York, 

/liViV Miller. Dixie Miller Co.. ,,,,,....,, . .,,.,,,.,,, , , ,, Na !i\ illis IVtw 

/^\vrw. DiKon-llanMrn C'o, ..... ,.,..,,,,,,.,,,,,, u^ neathnrn St. Clti^i* 

, Dtdd, Mead ft Co. ....,.,.,,... ,,,^4-W 4th Avf,, ,Vr\\ Vrle, 

f, IVrlge Pnhllshing Co......... . . *!4 -vo R, 23d St, f Nw York, 

f , M. /, f )<dge A, Johnston. . . . , ....,.,.,,,,,,,,,,&> wsihon St., Itciston, 

rr, Diuige, ii w. & Co, 

Now Win. RKki*> -v CM, i' W i;ilt Si, New York, 

: M* l)udgi\ Heorgt* M, ,,....,,. , , , , . , , , ,,.,,, < V?i1jaraiHo, Iwt, 

.v* nn!^e City Kansas Journal , ,....,,. , ,.,,.. , , , , , J )odt* i ("ity, Krtii, 

r t C: If, Dtt<*rfl$ngt*r Charl*H II ,,,.,,, ?,*$ ),|tli St,, Milwaukee*, \Vis 



Dogdom Pub. Dogdom Publishing Co Battle Creek Mich. 

Doherty, I. /. Doherty, James Joseph 7^0 Main St., Riverside, CaL 

Doherty Op. Doherty Operating Co 60 Wall St., New York. 

Dolbey. Dolbey, Edward P., & Co 3607 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia. 

Dole, N. H. Dole, Nathan Haskell Jamaica Plain, Boston. 

Doll, W: F: Doll, William Frederick Liberty N Y. 

Dolphin, Dolphin Press 1305 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Dam. ana For. Mis- Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal 

sion. Church 281 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Domestic Engineer- Domestic Engineering 49-53 N. Jefferson St., Chicago. 


Don Coronado, Don Coronado Co Seneca, Kan. 

Donlan, T: J. Donlan, Thomas J Colonial Bldg., Boston. 

Donnelley, Donnelley, R. R., & Sons Co Plymouth Court, Chicago. 

Donahue. Donohue, M. A., & Co 407-429 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Donovan, /. M. Donovan, Joseph Mitchell 121 W. pth St., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Dony. Dony, J. H Washington, D. C. 

Doolittle 6- K. Doolittle & Kulling, Inc Philadelphia. 

Doran. Doran, George H., Co. (Supplies books of Life Pub. Co. Pur- 
chased books of A. C. Armstrong & Son) .35 W. 32d St., New York. 

Doreinus, P. Doremus, Philip Montclair, N. J. 

D orris, C; E. W. Dorris, Charles Elias Webb West Nashville, Tenn. 

Doscher. Doscher, C. H., & Co. 

Books now supplied by T. D. Newton, 156 5th Ave., New York. 

Donb, Doub & Co * 717 Market St., San Francisco, 

Donbleday, P. Double-day, Page & Co. (purchased books of McClure Co.), 

Garden City, N Y. 

Dougherty, C: A. Dougherty, Charles A Bristol, Pa, 

Douglas Co. Abs. Douglas County Abstract and Loan Co Tuscola, 111. 

Douglas Pr, Douglas Printing Co Omaha, Neb. 

ftouglassviUc. I )ouglassville Squab Co Douglassville, Pa, 

Douthat, R. W: Dcmthat, Robert William Morgantown, W. Va. 

Dow, G: F. Dow, George Francis Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. 

Dowlcr, J. S. Dowler, J. S., & Co St. Louis. 

Dowling, G: Dowling, George 2<So Dolores St., San Francisco. 

DowltJtg, E. S. Dowling E. S Los Angeles, CaL 

Do.rcy Bk. Doxcy Book Shop Co formerly Baltimore, Md. 

Doyle, J: Doyle, John Fayetteville, N, Y. 

Downey. Downey & Co., Inc Mint Arcade Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Downing. ' Downing 1 , R, F,, & Co 13 William St., New York. 

Dovle G. Doyle^ Gregory 307 W. Gcnesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Doyle] W: S. Doyle, William S Asbury Park, N. J. 

Drake. Drake, Frederick J., & Co 1323-1325 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

Drake Law Bk. Drake Law Book Co 407 Wayne Co., Bank Bldg., Detroit, Midi. 

Dramatic. Dramatic Publishing Co. (C. H. Sergei, Pres.), 

358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Draper, A, S, Draper, Andrew Sloan Albany, N. Y. 

Drait^hon's. Draughon's Practical Business College Co Nashville, Tenn. 

Drew & L. Drew & Lewis 95 Cliff St., New York. 

Dreamers" Press. Dreamers' Press 132 E. 23d St., New York. 

/triggers. Driggcrs, James E ,, Shawnee, Okla. 

Druekcnnan. Druckerman, S 50 Canal St., New York. 

Duffidd. Duffield & Co 36 W. 37th St., New York. 

fluggan. F. /. Duggan, F. J., M.D Grand Forks, N. D. 

Dittany. D-ulany, William J. C., Co. Now Dukmy-Vcrncy Co. 

Jenifer Pr. Dulfer, Alexander, Printing Co San Francisco. 

Duwont IL R Dumont, Earl Royce 18 W. 27th St., New York, 

Dumont & H." Dumont & Hayward 18 W. 27th St., New York. 

Dunbar, H. M* Dunbar, E. M 53 State St., Boston. 

Ditngan, D. k R, Dungan, David Roberts 1362 26th St, Des Moines, la. 

DunlafiJ C: E* Dunlap, Charles Eugene Tower Hill, 111. 

Dunlap Pony Co. Dunlap Pony Co Greenfield, G. 

Du Pont d Ne~ Du Pont de Nemours, E. I., Powder Co Wilmington, Del. 

mours. . TY -n i ir -tr 

Dupuy B' H. Dttpuy, Benjamin Hunter Beverly, W. Va. 

DvPuv'H. ^ u Ptl y Herbert Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dnrani *S. H, Dtirand, Silas H Southampton, Pa. 

Durkee / H Durkee, Rcv % Jacob Hilton Rochester, N. Y. 

Dutton' " ' Button, E, P., & Co- 3* W. 23d St., New York. 

Dwieht F: D wight, Frederick 52 William St, New York. 

Dvkc. A L. Dyke, Andrew Lee 3947 Washington St., St. Louis. 

ffvrsen ' * Dyrsen & Pfeiffer. (Books purchased by William R. Jenkins Co.) 

JB C 'E E., C. E Dewey House, 4th and Hanover Sts., San Francisco. 


Eagle. Eagle Printing and Binding Co. ..... . . Pittstleld, Mass, 

Eagle Pub. Eagle Publishing Co Reading, Pa. 

/fttto, /. / Bales, Irving James, M.D Main and Spring St., Bdlo\itli% III 

Earlcy, G : G Barley, George G Newton, la, 

Earh. Earle, James H., & Co 05 Summer St., Huston, 

liarlham ColL Earlham College. , ..................... Richmond, Ind, 

Early. Early Printing" and Publishing 1 O>.,... , Memphis, IVnn, 

Jiastcrday, L. F. Af, Easterclay, Lcvi Fast M , . , . .Lincoln, Nob, 

Eastern III State Eastern Illinois State Normal School, C'hurlostotu HI. 

Normal $ch* 

Eastman ColL Eastman College. , . Poughkocpsi^ N. V, 

Eastman Kodak. Eastman Kodak Co ........ .KcHrlu^t^r, N. Y, 

Raston, P. A. Eastern* P. A , , , . . Box 243. Worcester, Nfass. 

Jtofon, f , 6; P. Eaton, Crane & Pike Co .^5 5th Arc., NV\\ York, 

Ha ton fc Co, Eaton & Co , , ,(,^ S. \Va!ash A\ * t'hiratfo, 

Hat on fr M. Eaton & Mains, . .... 150 Fifth Avo , NVw York 

Eau Cluire Bk. Kau Claire Book <fe Stationery Co ................. Man Ilair\ \Vis. 

ttbbcrt & R. Kbbert & Richardson .,....,..,..,.,,,,....,.,,,, C 'momtut i, 

Hhy, It: //. Rhy, Henry Harrison., ....,,..,... ,, ,...>.,,.,, \lrtviota. III. 

Kcclfs< L. F, Keek's, Lewis Franklin ..,.,,.,.....,,,., Pullman, \Vs\h. 

llcho Press, Echo Press Shortrid^o Iligli School Indianapolis, 1ml, 

/*>Ji/w, ErlijKse Publishing Co ...,..,.,.. , *.,.,.,. t ............ St Linds, 

Fro- Eddy County Provost. ...... . . * , New Rock ford, K T I>, 

P/rw, Eddy Pres j Corporation ,....,... ,.,..,...,..,.,. \Vir!u*st^r V f a. 

TII^. Eden Publishing House, **....,.,... 1716 iH Chontfaii Avt*., St, !/nii, 

M. L <le, Ivlarcia Josephine. ....,......,..., Newport. N', H, 

J: R. Eclgan John R. f & Co., ................................. -Manila, F, f 

Hdgwlfv, A. S. Eclgerky, Asa Sanborn. .....I.......,,,..,,...*.,. , . , , I'Yo-itio, I 4 :d 

PJitor C(h Editor Co .KtU'\\itui, X J 

s, F* J?, Edmonds, Franklin S. , . . . . , . . ,6t,j I'Vanklin HJ<I?., Pluladf*lpht.'i, 

, C. H* Edmnndson* Charles HcnuircK,,.. . Washhttrti O>Iloi-t\ T'*|u*l;a, K;iti 

s* A. / Ednnnida f Albert Jfosepli ...,,,... Mtx> I.ontst St.. Philadolptiia 

tidu rational Aid. Educational Aid Society, c>.jf> I ; irsf National Bank Blilq,, ('hii'tfifo 

Educ, Co* Edncatioiial Co ..,,..,.....,...., .,t:j I Jrarhni n M < 11 

Bthn\ P.fhihit. Educational Kxhihition ( '*. ....,.,. .,..,., ....... l*mvMlr<u-, H f 

Kduc. /*r*w. iCtlucntional Press, Inr, .,,.,,.....,... 17 \V<nf \vnrtli H1*U! <*!UMH** 

Pub, KducaftniHil PrJ)IifiMng Co. ...,,.,., , ,, . . 50 flrotnfi^Itl St. Honf'n 

Rnn^w, Kclucational Review Publishing Co., 

W. Ii6th St., nc;u' \nv*tt*f<l^in , l \\^, \^ v\ Vt*tU 
M<hicator School Supply O> ; .., v ,,.,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,,,, Mli^tifll S, I * 
MthvanN ife Brmighton Printing Co, , , , , ,,,,...,,,,. kah'tajt, N C* 

f, /?; IJ: lulward^, Rioburti Henry. .,,,....,. ,4,17 faitglot Sf MahMn Wt* 

IF, H. lulwards, Ward Hampton ,,.,, 1 ,,,.,.,,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,. J *itwn ty \t 

Rdwerfa. IV. ^ KcJwanls. W. S., Co. ,., .......... .. .ui !i Stwia St, fUitt;t!n/ M. V 

Rk, K<hvar<lH Bookstore, .,,,,...,...,..,,.,,,..,...,.,. Riwh^Mt^r, M V 

. /, IF/ l^fan, J?itm*H William. .,..........,.,,,..,,..,,,,..,,..,,,,,< litiitnti, 

J'h HK*' Alcxanfler I! ..........,,,.,,,...,..,,..,,,. Mrffiatij^ituruj, 1*4 

Iu>x*r Alexaiiclrr. , . , ...,..,,, ,,,*,,.., ,4,3 fn Satl % St, t.IUic^K^ 

Knt*,rtfii Press .........,.,.,,..,..... .034 nth St. PhiUU*ltihtJi 

!*4Rt*rth, W^rntT. .,.,,.,.... 1014 iVloiitgont<*rv Av<*. S|Hik*tfii% W;^lt 

H; M, L Rhl^rs, Inlward M, l,..M^mo. Hailed St, and tith Avt*. York 
Kiehrlbergrr Hnok (*o. .....,,. ...,, , < , t ,,.,,,,..,,, flalttmprr* Mt 

r* C lMck<'m'y^r, (Virl, , ...... ......Substation 11, !*oui,fhkv**|HM* N, V 

H, W* Kii'kniaitfu Walter. ,,,.,,, ....,.,., t;u, \dam*j Sf , Now York 

% /: /I, F.u^lund, John A, , , , . AVes-t Viinhiiii University, MorKHtttttntt, W, V*i 

n R Rider, Paul, & ("< ,.,,..,,.., , t , '3<i C Jraiif A \r ., San Kram-i ,en 

FWrr, T: L Klcien/rhonw L, ....... .,,.....,,.,,,. ,.<,! K, -,vl St t , XV \\ Y^ik- 

f/|ff, /f*wrn, Elfc'trk Journal ... ..........*......,...,...... FittHhnrgli, !*u 

Plw Mn& Klectricity Ma^a/ine (*orpt>rattri. ,. , ., M*nafhinc*k HUltf., <'hi'av* 

EJ>v, Pub, KltTtrif.'il PtiWkhing (to,..,,,, <)o West St., Htm t4H. New Y*irk 

nif*ctri*ik@micat FJrftrwhtinical IHilili^hing Co. ,,.,,, ,.,.,$*> W, *jlh St , K^w Yil< 


/{//*//, F, (7. Ellett. Frank Oatuji, ..,..,,.,,.,...,,..,,.,....,,,,,,. Maon, Mrti 

fi/Ho/, r. A/. A FJHot, Marietta M. S, ,......,...,,., t ..,.,..,. .TuftV C'tillf*i, Mii'*, 

////*//, /, Elliott, Jaunt*. . . . , ......,.,..,,,. ,,..,,,, ....,,. 4 .Klliott^m. Pa, 

Hilh\C: R: Ellis, Charles Edward. .... ,, ...... ,1% E Wfwtiiftgfw! St., (1iwM|t 

W/fe, <T. ff. Kllw, fi. If., Co. ................. ,..,,, , . , *37J rongrt*.'* St., li^m. 

RHi> PF), Ellis Publishing Co, ,...,.,...,. .5* W, Main St., CV<ffc, Mich 

H/w Trff Prrw, Elm Tree Frew, ,,,.,. v ,....., ,.,.,.. . WtHKl^rnrk, Vt 

Rttncroft, Ehncroft IHihiixhtntr CV>,, .....,.*..,... 1 ,,., ,.,,.,, ,Cir**eiiwiicicl I4 

A7mrrr, X B, Ehimrc, James Buchanan. ...I.......................... , Alamo, Itul 



Elrod, M. /. Elrod, Morton J Missoula, Mont 

Elwcll, J. P. Elwell, J. R, Publishing Co 247 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Ely, A. D. Ely, Anson Doner Birdinhand, Pa. 

ElsaSj B. A, Elzas, Barnett Abraham Charleston, S. C. 

Einbrec Pr. Embree Printing Co Belton, Tex. 

Emerson, C: W. Emerson, Mrs. Charles Wesley Millis, Mass. 

Emerson, B, Emerson, Edwin 30 Church St., New York. 

Emerson, G: D. Emerson, George D 99 West Genesee St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Eiiuriwn, G. D, Emerson, Gilbert D 1200 N. Broad St., Philadelphia. 


Empire Bk\ Empire Book Co 68 Murray St., New York. 

Umpire Pub. Empire Publishing Co 60 Wall St., New York. 

Ejigberg-H. Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Co 358 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Engelhardt, Z. Engelhardt, Fr. Zephyrin Watsonville, Cal. 

Rngdkc, G; Engdke, George 855 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

Engineer Sch. Engineer School, 

United States Army, Washington Barracks, Washington, D. D. 

Engineering Mag. Engineering Magazine 140 Nassau St., New York. 

Engineering News. Engineering News Publishing Co 220 Broadway, New York. 

Englewocd Pub. Engle wood Publishing House Chicago 

English Lea-Ret. English Leaflet Co 1570 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Enterprise Pr. Enterprise Printing Co , Milwaukee, Wis. 

Enterprise Pub, Enterprise Publishing Co Tony, Wis. 

Eppendorf, L. Eppendorf, Lina Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Et/idlable Life. Equitable Life Assurance Society 120 Broadway, New York. 

Equltist. Equitist Publishing House Olive, Orange Co., Cal. 

Erie Pr, Erie Printing Co 1314-16 Peach St., Erie, Pa. 

Erwood, W: J. Erwood, William J., Co 717 E. 22d St., Baltimore, Md. 

EshUman, H: R Eshleman, Henry F Lancaster, Pa. 

Esoteric Esoteric Publishing Co Applegate, Cal. 

Essex Bk. Essex Book and Print Club Salem, Mass. 

Essex Inst, Essex Institute Salem, Mass. 

Estabrook, J: D. Estabrook, John Davis.. R. D. Route No. i, Box 47, Westboro, Mass. 

Bstes. Estes, Dana, & Co 208-218 Summer St., Boston. 

Esther C. Mack In- Csther C. Mack Industrial School Salem, Mass. 

Eternal Progress. Fternal Progress Fourth National Bank Bldg., Cincinnati. 

Etsenhouser, R. Etzcnhouser, Rudolph Detroit, Mich. 

Eureka. Eureka Publishing Co Sligler, Okla, 

Ruiver.J: fl. lutwer, John Hays New York. 

Evangel Evangel Publishing House Chicago. 

Evans, C. E. Evuns, C E .Austin Tex. 

Rvans C: Evans, Charles 1413 Pratt Ave., Chicago. 

Evans fl Evans, Mrs, Dudley Englewood, N. J. 

fivans, M. G. Evans, May Garrettson .Baltimore, Md. 

Evans P Evans, Powell Philadelphia. 

Evans 'Music. Evans Music Co. 26 Cortlandt St., New York. 

'nvanston Pub, Lib. Evanston Public Library Evanston, 111. 

fivarts, L. Evarts, Mrs, Lulu Box 333, Capital Hill, Okla. 

'livening Capital Evening Capital -Annapolis, Md. 

ffwrett Everett Press Co 74 India St., Boston. 

fivergree* Press. Evergreen Press . Montrose Pa. 

Fverwtiere Everywhere Publishing Co 150 Nassau St., New York. 

7{WfiVw Pub. Evolution Publishing Co -Park^ Ridge III 

!<Wnx T G. Kwing, Joseph Grant Wilmington Del. 

I'vcelsior Excelsior Publishing House 27 E. 2ist St., New York 

Kxrehior Pub. Excelsior Punching Co Milwaukee, Ww. 

Fveter Bk ICxcter Book Publishing Co Exeter, N. H. 

Fvoduv * Kxodus PtiblJshinff Co 203 Michigan Ave Chicago. 

Extorierf Enc. Kxpc.rlcrs' Rncydopodia Co 80 Broad St., New York 

pj bo ** Expose Publishing Co Roxbury, Mass. 

Fvbrw "Express Publishing Co 74 Weybosset St., Providence, H- L 

Erires^n Expression Co 308 Pierce Bldg, Copley Sq., Boston. 

Wdncr G : M. Fadncr, George M 3226 Indiana Ave, Chicago. 

Pair Pub Fair Publication House .... Philadelphia. 

T AT Fairbanks, Thomas Nast 34 Union Sq., E., New York 

' Fairchild Co 4 2 E - 2Ist St., New York 

sSSS^iiifag Co.' ." . - : : 358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

ParMd FairfieldCo 

PaMdd Hist Fairficld Historical Society 

Pairlic T: A. Fairlie, John Archibald w;VWij'w t.- * n n 

'Fafkne r, R .P. Falkner, Roland Post 53 Maltby Bldg., Washington, D. C 



Faribault /'//of, 

l<arh>w, A. 
Farm Inipl, News* 
Fanner Co. 
1'jtxrmm* Nat. 
fanners Trust Co. 
I'arqithar, A. B, 

l'\ut!k\ J: II, 

/ ; atm>f<\ F, L. 

Federal /'M/\ Co. 

Feldmeycr, C: G. 


f'ellowcrafi Shop. 

Fclltws C/w. 


/'Yr#MjffW Pub, Co. 

Ferguson- A. 

/ ; rr/d, (,*; 

, (,":/(; 
Fmmltl, C: H: 
/ ; (rn*', /, /i 

/ ; /i>w//iV, C *; ,V, 
Fidelity < 
Fidtar $f C 
Field and Stream. 
Field A/iwww. 

Financial Calendar, 
Financial Pub. 
/'///'/ wcw, C; /I, 
I'itnii'y* l : : AT. 
First Chunk of 

( 7/m/. 
/ ; i/^/ / ; i//:, /rr<w. 

Fisher, F, 

/ ; i>/tf*r, /* / 
/ v ;Wi/'/^/;, If, T. 
FiAiv (^ (7o. 
Ht^ < ? r (> f /If^ 
Fitwnthl /U-. 
rittmntti, d. 
Flanders, /I II, 
f*hnng(m t D: W, 

, M, C; 

/7ri /*nl^ 
Fleming, G: H 

Fallon Law Book Co ................... 83 Nassau St.. NV\\ York. 

Funbault Pilot ................. , , . , . ......* ...... F,u if until, Minn. 

Farhnv, Alfred .................. . .................. .... , . , Huston, 

l ; ann Implement News Co .................. . , ........ t . . .Chicago. 

Farm- Poultry Publishing Co.. ......................... , . . ... Boston. 

Farmer Co. ." ............ . ....... , ............ .,.!..!.. Philadelphia! 

Farmers 1 National Congress ..... .... .............. . , . , Madison, Wiv 

Fanners Trust Co. of Lancaster .......... ........... , Lancaster, Pa. 

Farquhar, Arthur B ....................... ....... ........ York, Pa, 

Farrdl, Clinton P. ...... . .......... , ..... 117 K, 2ist St., New York. 

Fanvell, C. () ...... , .................. 134 \V. n^th St., Mew York, 

Faulk, Mrs. John II ........................ . ...... .... , hover, Mass, 

Faurote, Pay Leone ......... ...... ................. , , I .ausing' Mich. 

Federal Publishing Co ........ . ....... ... ....... * ....... Madison, Wis! 

Feldmeyer, Charles G ................ Maryland Au%. \nnapolis. Mil 

Fell, William P., & Co.. ........... uvj" Satisom St. Philadelphia 

Fellmvcraft Shop ........... ..... .............. . , , Kind't ii<>< k. X Y 

Fellows Gear Simper Co ...... , . .................. SprinKticid, ' Yt 

Fenno, R, F., & Co ................ . ........ 18 K. ifth St., New Yoilc 

Ferguson Publishing Co .......... . . ................. Sherman, IV x. 

Ferguson- Allen Co., ........ ...... ..,...,,,.,.,.,., . , . , < 'incinnati. 

l ; erina, Rev. Charles. t , ......... ,....,,. ,^5 F, i,|5th St., NV\v York, 

Kernald, I'Ynlorick Atherton. ....... .1^5 Lc\ington \\i\, Ni\\ York, 

Fernalcl, Charles A. t M,I>. ......,., . /. 1 18^ \\Vf titbit m St., lUHf^n, 

PVrnald, Charles Henry, ........,.,.,,.,..,,,.,..,., Amlu i r?tt, Mass, 

Ferree, James Harr ---- ,... ..... 7 Warrrn St., Rfiom jt>j. Now York, 

Ferris & Loach.... ................. ..,,*7 S. 7th St M Philadelphia 

Ferro Machine and Foundry Co. .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,. .Clevrhiiul^ () t 

FewkeA A. II, ,Yff American Peony Society, 

Ffoittke, Charles Mathew, .,.,....,/,..,.,,.',...., .Waslun^tmt, I >, C, 

Fidelity & Casualty Co ____ ......,.,,.,.. ,n; < Vdar St., Xn\ ' York, 

Fidlar & Chambers, . . , . ...... ........... .. t ....,,.,., I M\ nipt ni la. 

Field and Stream Puhlishing C<. ..... ,,..,..( K ,,nst St. Xo\v V*rk 

Field Museum of Natural History (fVniieriy I'ivld ( 'nltinth.m Mu 


, . 

Financial Calendar Co ............... , . . . j.s; \V Prathui t v, Nnv York, 

Financial Publishing Co. , ...... ..... , jHr, "K Stat St., i 'nlnisl>tiH, ( >. 

iMllrbrown, Charles Howd<in. ...,......,'.... ,7;* Sunt-niM ^t , Hn.mis 

Finney, Frederifk Norton, . . ,*fif Oaklaun \\e, Sutl' P, -adi'na, < al 
First Church of Christ. *......,...,,..,....,,,,,,.,,,,. 1 Luiionl, ( 't, 

I'lrst Fnglinh 

Lutheran Clntrrli, 

Put . 

!'lH*her CarL ,.... 

Fischer. J t , & Bro, 

Fish. naiuVL... .,.....,.,....,.,. ^o^ ^ct Avr S, MtMitr.tMnli s \iiuti 

P*, Stuvvosaut. ...... .,....,....,. , 4 , ,.^14 Hrrmihviti, \v\ v YrK, 

I-lslirr, IVank. . ............. Fayrtlr and LihtTty Sts , lUltimnr*', M! 

I' 4 i*.hfr. Jnhn Irvine. Puhli^IiiiiK < 4 n. ,.,.,,..,..',,.,,,. I .MIII .\ ill\ Kv 
f'ishlcigh. Walter Turner, ...,.,,.,.,.,.,,...,,,, \ttii \rl^t% if t It 
iMskc & < V ..... ....... .......,,,,.....,,.,,.,..,,, ,S|i wtttoM, 111 

I'jske r C n, ,.,,..,.. ..... ...,......,....,, . . , . , , J5 Aivli St., Hmtcai 

Fit/Gerald, 1 Jesmtnid. Inc. ........ ..... , , t.Ut Fifth \vt*,, NYw YiK, 

fMt/pera!d Hook (*<, ................ , , . , , "5.! Urarlriiii Hi , (liir.iKO 

rianinia, Arm, .,,.,< 'art' <f A L. (ir'jjjiriri/7Ht nth \vr \%nv York, 
1'hiiM^an, V, Cu,,,,, ....... ..... ,,, ,5/1 S. Wuhasli Av*, t Otiigi, 

Handors, Fnvin Hixhy, .,,... ,,|j| X, ^;th St , K;HI St. I tusw, 111 

, t 'a! 

, , , 

Flanigan, havid Willis. ...,,..,...., .Court lfnus<\ I 

....,.,. , ,,, ..... 

........ i.;< H. c)th St., 

tintt, W, L 
Fletcher, If: R 
?'tetelter t /, rr. 
Ftctttrides. ,. /I, 

/ ; li$^/, F/, 
/ ; /iif F, Af. 
/ ; fom, <?: T, 

Mt*H\\t|, f fntry. ...... 

I'li'Kfhniiinrt, Maxiintlinn ,,,,,.....,. 

Flrtshrr, S. U, * H. \V. ..,,,,,. ..,.,. 
Firm PtilillHliisin Cn t ..,,,,,..,,.,. 1507 I'orh*^ St 
Flritiing, CJwffir K!Jiitt, ,,....,,, 170 Hra<Uav, kont 

Fkntkig, Hc'nry Snmrt, ,,..,,.,,,..,.,. . , ,, I Hn*Jic 
Finning, Walter Lyttwwd, ..........,,., ...... , , . , 

Fletcher, Henry K .,,,..,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,..,,,, . 
Fletcher, J, W ...,..,,.,..,.....,,,, 4 ..,... 

Flettrif!es, Nicholas A,, , ____ ____ , , . , , , 

!, II,, 

f*.altutitv t MI, 

-, Xn^rlr-., I \tt 
, .<'iiu'ttujiiti 


,% \Vw Vr.rk 
X*\\ York, 
, , . , Maton Riitinr, La 
,,,, . lfa/anvil!i Ct 
,,...,,,,,, l* 4f , mHi Kan. 
Thirii ' Ave., NVw ' VrK,' 
St., ttaftimure. Md 

MeMe!, II,, & ro....,.., >i ..,.,,.j56j MfCtilk* St., ttaftimure. Md 
Flinic* Frrd, Morrow. .,.,,..,,...,..,,. it ,, .Station A, Liiu*nl, Neb. 

Mom, (k-orgr TobiaH.,.. ____ . ....... /$n W. (Jrern St , tVbana, 111, 



TJ7 - I ood > T - H-, & Co 201 E. Madison St., Chicago. 

F]owers W: T: Flowers, William Thomas Rt 2, Box 37, Tolbert, Tex. 

Floyd F: C. Floyd, Frederick Clark P. O. Box 1531, Boston. 

Moyd-b. Floyd-Genther Press 35 Exchange St., Buffalo N Y. 

rr UCg ' , - ??i ueg r^' Maurice, Co Baltimore, *Md. 

My, H. A. My, H. K., Co.. .Pennsylvania Bldg., 5th Ave. and 2Qth St. New York. 

Flynn, P- V- Flynn, Paul Vincent Newark N 1 

Flynn, T: L Flynn, Thomas ]., & Co 62-64 Essex St , Boston. 

Foglc. Fogle Publishing Co .Lock Box 583, Columbus, O. 

I'ohlin E. V Fohlin, Ernest V 232 W. 2d St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

holey t J, W: Folcy, James William Bismarck, N D. 

Polk, D: H: Folk, David Henry Teague, Tex. 

Folsom, C: F. Folspm, Charles Follen 15 Marlborottgh St., Boston. 

Fonic, Fonic Publishing House Ringoz, N. J. 

Foote. Foote, G. H., Publishing Co Detroit, Mich. 

Foote, A. R. Foote, Allen Ripley Madison Wis. 

Foote, W f Y. Foote, W. Y:, Co 212 So. Warren St, Syracuse, N. Y. 

For. Miss. Soc. of Foreign Missionary Society of United Brethren in Christ. .Dayton, O. 

Un. B. 

Forbes. Forbes & Co 325 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Forbes, C: $. Forbes, Charles S St. Albans, N. Y. 

Ford, F. C. Ford, Francis Chipman Cicero, 111. 

Ford, H: Ford, Henry Brownwood, Tex. 

Ford, H. M. Ford, H. M Syracuse, N. Y. 

Fordhani Univ. Fordham University Press no W. 74th St., New York. 

Forensic. Forensic League Iowa City, la. 

Forest Forest and Stream Publishing Co 346 Broadway, New York. 

Forest Press. Forest Press 15 E. 34th St., New York. 

Forestry Quarterly, Forestry Quarterly 396 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Forgan, J. B. Forgan, James Berwick First National Bank, Chicago. 

Pornaro, C. de. Fornaro, Carlo de 9 W. 45th St., New York. 

Fort Hill Fort Hill Press 176 High St., Boston. 

Fort Wayne Sch. Fort Wayne School Board Fort Wayne, Ind. 


Fortnightly Club Fortnightly Club for the Study of Anthropology, Dr. C. P. G. Scott, 

Anthropology. Pres Yonkers, N. Y. 

Fortune, W: H: Fortune, William Henry 61 Worth St., New York. 

Forum of Con- Forum of Conscience and Love Concord, N. H. 


Foster, C: Foster, Charles Publishing Co 716 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Foster, L t G, Foster, Leonard Gttrley 3007 Archwood Ave., Cleveland, 0. 

Foster, R, 0. Foster, Robert Ithaca, N. Y. 

Poster .<$* R. Foster & Reynolds i Madison Ave., New York; St. Augustine, Fla. 

Fourtner, S: Fourtner, Samuel P. 0'. Box 877, Seattle, Wash. 

Fowler &* f'F. Fowler & Wells Co. 18 E. 22d St., New York. 

Fowlar-Chumos. Fowler-Chumos Publishing Co., 

312 Fulton St., Station F,, Seattle, Wash. 

Po.\\ R: K, Fox, Richard K 340 Pearl St, New York. 

Frame, A. /. Frame, Andrew Jay Waukesha, Wis. 

Pranchot. C. P. Fraiichot, C. P 8 College St., New Haven, Ct 

Franciscan Fathers Franciscan Fathers St. Michaels, Ariz. 


Franciscan Sisurs, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, 

St. Rose Convent, La Crosse, Wis. 
Francisco Fei rer Francisco Ferrer Association 241 Fifth Ave , New York. 


Frank, M, M. Frank, M, M 147 N. Front St., Philadelphia. 

Franklin. Franklin Co St. Louis. 

Franklin, C: G. Franklin, Charles Goodwin Ontario, Cal. 

Franklin, J: H. Franklin, John Henderson 1216 Howard St., Omaha, Neb. 

Franklin, M. Franklin, Moses Grand Junction, Colo. 

Franklin Inst. Franklin Institute , 15 S. 7th St., Philadelphia, 

Franklin Press Franklin Press 1310 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Franklin Press Co Franklin Press Co. Petersburg, Va. 

Franklin Fn and * Franklin Printing and Engraving Co.... 321 Superior St., Toledo, O. 


Franklin Pub, Franklin Publishing Co 1216 Howard St, Omaha, Neb. 

Franklin-T. Franklin-Turner Co 65 Ivy St Atlanta. Ga. 

Fraternal Monitor. Fraternal Monitor Rochester, N. Y. 

Fice Church, Free Church Book Concern 322 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 


I'm Hispcnsary. Free Dispensary ................... 506 S, \Vat i on St., Sxraouxo, X. \ , 

I" we Lance-Star, Free Lance-Star Publishing Co ........ , ... , . . Pmleriekstmrg, Vn 

I : ree Mtth. Free Methodist Publishing House ......... 1 4 N. May St., Chicago 

Free Tress. Free Press Printing Co ....... .................. .Burlington, Vt. 

/Ytv ..SVfc'/Jitf. Free Sewing Alachine Co ............. , ................. . . . . ( 'hicago, 

Free Speech. Free Speech League,,... ............. 1.20 Lexington Ave. t New York. 

Freeee, II, /'. Frcece, Hans P..... ........ * ...... Columbia University, New York. 

Freeman, E. L, Freeman, K, L,, Co ............. , ........ . .......... Providence, R. L 

Freese, N, L Frecse, Nettie Isabel ..... ........ ..... 22 Fra/ee St., Auburn, N, Y. 

/'/v/i'/'.% 11 : L. Freking, i lenry L ....... ........ . ................. , , , Louisville, Ky. 

PremaiL Fremad Publishing Co ..... ........................ ,Kau Claire, WR 

I'rench, C: $* French, Charles Sheldon, . . ........... , . ,35 John St., Daltotu Mass, 

French* II. B, French, Howard Barclay ....... 4th and Callowhill Sts,, Philadelphia, 

Freitch,S: French, Samuel, Ltd ................ . .*.8,*o \V. jM\ St., NV\\ York, 

F.'t'tz, A. J. Fretz, Rev. Abraham James. ....... ........... ...Oak Kid^e, X, Jf, 

Friedenwald, JL Friedeiiwald, I larry. . , . .............. , .......... ....... Philadelphia, 

Friich, tr\ M, Fritch, G, M. ... . ................ , , ., . ..... ........ ...... Si, Louis 

I'nwtio f' rests* Frontier Press ............. , . ,800 Mutual Life Bidg,. Buffalo, N Y. 

Fnist t JL Frost, Harwond, . . . . ................. . , , , , .jo Hn>ad\\ay, X*n\ Yil\. 

/Vrnvl, /. 11. fM-ost, Jonathan 11...* ......... ........,,,,.,........,/, Atlanta, (ia. 

/><wf, H\ II Frost, Walter ft, & Co,... ..... 48 Custom House St, Provirleiux R. I, 

Fruit -Grower, I ; ruit ( Grower. ...... ............ ...,.,,..,..., ...... , St. Joseph, M< i. 

/ ; M//V, /I. IF Fuller, Arthur W.. ....... ................ ...... East Ilanip<kn, M. 

/ ; M//c'r, //, /I, Fuller. Harvey Austin., ..... ...... .,...,....,,.4., ,HiIl*dak\ Mich, 

Fuller, K, Intller, Rufus." ...... ..*........ , ,41 Mattoon St,+ Springft*ltl, Mass, 

Fuller, 1l f : IL Fuller, William Hynlop ..... . ........ . ...A* School St., IVilttuT, Mass, 

/'a//rr, If + : t>. Fuller, William Oliwr, .............. ........ ........ .Rc^kland, M, 

Fttlttw Trust Co. 1'ulton Tnit Co. ........*.......... ..... 30 Na$au St., Ntn\ York, 

Funk, Ftm'k & Wagnslh Co ........ . ..... ..... .44-^) M -s^d St M NV\\ Yrk 

/"it/ ,V<tt^. Fur Hewn Publishing Co. ............... .46 W. .tffh Si,, X*v\ Yrk 

Unm Furman University ..... ....... ...... ............... .( irrein $!!% S < * 

Fitrst J. II , Co, .................. .23 S. IfmunTf St., Bahimme, Ml 

(fit hies > ( \ (\ (ifljtK's, Clenient ( 'arrington. ........ , ......... F*ntg!jkrrp !, N V 

(rallies, F, II*, (isiines, I'Vanklin Wtlks, ..,,........,,..,.,.,,....,.. .M<ltnr<l. < >r i . 

(.iitines, ,V. X ( Jaiiu*N Mts. Nettie Stewart... ...... ,. ..... .,.....,, ,Stk*KtMit, Cal 

(titlhrenlh, C: IL (albrejtth Charles II, ........... .., . ...... , , . . , .Colunihtts, (>, 

(YfWfV/, /, ( Jancel, Joseph, .,,,,..,... ........ ,,,., 10,1 \\ , 64th St Ntnv Yrk< 

(rnpen, /, /C. (lapotu J, K. . ......... , . .<"aro of I )r, Strtu, Saratoga Spring's N. Y 

<i(inten rress* < Jardcn Press. ..... .....,.......,,,.,,...,. tf Arlington St , Boitoii, 

uVi/NtT, F: (kuxlner. Frwlerifk, , . . . .,..,,,,, .Stf X Cuylrr Avc,, Oak l*ark, III 

init'ttnet. ,!/, - 1, <iardner, Margaret A, ..,.,..,.,.,/. 14 f irdi St., lYtnitltwr, R, f, 

iitirdner <*> 7\ (lardncr & Taplin, .....,,.,*,..,,..,. ,.,..,,,.,,.,.,..... Hn-ittm, 

(iiiriiner f*r, (Inrtluer IMtitin^ (V>, f fcmiif r!y <ianrlwr l*iibll?sliing OiJ, 

C;i \toit Illdic,, (If \vtatul, tt, 

inttnett. Harnett, Porter, ......... .,.,.,,,,, ,Ht>huwa (luh, Sail Fraiiflsf^ 

(\irnett t ,L If, < tarsietf, James McrctT. .*.......,...,.....<...,,... ll;ilitt!it'i% Mil 

( MM '/.', .V. /i CJarrott, Sannul Bond. .,,,.,,.. ...jr^i 1 ! S, \Vtimit St., Mmirif*. Itiri, 

(nn'rixiw, If 1 *, (.". (JarriMW, \V, C, ................. Jlutrait of Stati'itii*^ Ttfnttu^ N, f 

c '/ /{</MI*. / ; KW./. Ua- IMttoational Iniud TrtMw^, .....,, , , , , , " , > ^'<* tt Yii1%, 

<MM- Tract fan* t *'*s Tra^ti*n Co ..,.,.........,,,...,...,....,., fVliftfi^a|)r)lk, Minn 

(iiis Ftiftinf. fiasKnKiiii* Publishing Co,,,.,.,,, .,..,. 4i) 1%, 7th St., nfii*iiiiiatl, 

<iV//imi/M, /f, (intlnnan. H. t fart* of C, N", t Caspar Cfi,4j; Wafer Sf , Mttwnukoi 1 , WIJ. 

r ,.^v, /, A*. Gay, Jm R ,,.,.,. ; ................ ..... , i ji Plymouth l*l, C1ii s an*i 

(iti'y, A** /.. ^*av. Richard Le\vif, , .....,..,..., , , . . . , ,f> {U % ?tcon St Ut^t*n 

titiwtt? Cr, (JaA'tt* (!t. ................................ .,...,, J^wwnw*, Kan, 

(jetiihftrt, L t L, (ttvirliart. Lynn L ____ . ,. ............ .54 ICi*ldii PI, Buffalo, M. Y, 

I ;M<tnt, /{, / . Gt'Uliard, Klwabf 111 Lrmisa ,.,...,..,....,..,,.,,.,,,..! !mlson. N, Y, 

dV</e/f\ff ( /, fit<1d4% Janifs, Jr. ....... ..... ,,..,..,., ftosttm t ! nivf*Itv iliiHttui, 

(.ietHiiniter, A. <i(*mtind*r, Aui*tist i% Sonn, ...,,,...,, , , . .4** K /,<*! St., N f *\\ York 

6%*w (VwnV, CiertiTfil Cotusril IHiblkatinii Houst? (Lutheran), 

15,!-! Aivli St,, f1iil;if|t*l|ilti4, 

(it'ncttlng l and /ftft tn*tt'iilt>icicnl ami HiHtori<*al !*ubHshititf Cu,," 1 ;.! Mnnro*" St tlilraiff*, 

A^ociaiioiu .*,..*..,,,. , , . . , ,,-,., M*nv York 

y, X, Y 
N, Y. 
Society of Plillmlflfihia , ..,,,,. ..... , , . Phihulrlttfiia. 

/n Krhub. Ckeirgt* Junior Ri*|mWIc* .....,.,..........,,,,,..., Frin*ilk N, Y. 

H'ashwgtflH Cf^m* 1 Washiiigtmt Uiitwwity, ,.,.,.,,,,....,., , Wi^fiitigtun, I), C* 



Uwymity, ... ...... .*..,,....,..,.., , WaHlittii|t*ii IX C* 

Statt* library. ....,...,,....., ,.,..,,,.,,,, , Allntia, <h 

A ..... , ..... ..... ............ ,Uj W, tjllt Si, Nft*w YnrL 



Gerhard W; P. Oerhard, William Paul 39 Strong PI, New York. 

Lrerm. tiapt. German Baptist Publication Society 3804 Payne Ave., Cleveland O 

Germ. V/. German Kali Works 99 Nassau St., New York* 

Germ. Lit. J3a. German Literary Board Burlington la 

Germantown Germantown Friends School. .. .Coulter St., Germantown, Philadelphia.* 

Pncnds 6c/. 

Gcrnsback, H. Gernsback, Hugo 82 W. Broadway, Ne\v York. 

Genwise Press. Gervaise Press Rochester N Y." 

Gessncr, Gessner Co ."..'.".' .*New Orleans La 

Gtsundkeit, M. Gesundheit, Maurice 29 Diamond" Sq., Pittsburgh' Pa" 

Gciiner, F. L Gettner, Florence I Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gher, A. M. Gher, Alphonse Moser Carlisle ' Pa." 

Gibb Bros & M. Gibb Bros. & Moran 45 Rose St., New York." 

Gibbons, P. C. H. Gibbons, F. C H Springfield, Mass. 

Gibbons, S. Gibbons, Stanley, Inc Room 803, 198 Broadway, New York. 

Gibbs, W. M. Gibbs, Walter M 643 Central Ave., Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Gibson. Gibson Brothers 1238 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Gibson, C. B, Gibson, Clarence B Panora, la. 

Gibson, C: Gibson, Charles 209 Washington St., Boston. 

Gibson, P: Gibson, Peter 320 W. io6th St., New York. 

Gibson, T: Gibson, Thomas Corn Exchange Bank Bldg., New York. 

Gibson Pub. Gibson Publishing Co 15 William St., New York. 

Gietl, P. A. Gietl, P. A Collegeville, Ind. 

Gift Bk. Gift Book Publishing Co Columbus O 

Gilbert, C, B. Gilbert, Charles Benajah, & Co 37 R 28th St., New York. 

Gilbert BL Gilbert Book Co 205 N. 4th St., St. Louis. 

Gill Gill, J. K, Co 133-135 3d St., Portland, Ore. 

Gillcspic 6- P. Gillespie & Phillips Lincoln, Neb. 

Gilliss Press, Gilliss Press 141 E. 2Sth St., New York. 

Gilwartin* Gjlmartin Co , San Francisco. 

Gilliam*'S. Gjlliam's Sons Co Juniper and Cherry Sts., Philadelphia. 

Oilman, W: C. Gilman, William C. Norwich Town, Ct 

Gilson, Gilson, F. H., Co Boston. 

Ginn. Ginn & Co 29 Beacon St., Boston. 

Gist, E. Gist, Elizabeth Albert Lea, Minn. 

Givcn$, R : T t Givens^ Robert T 1431 Broadway, New York. 

Glad Tidings. Glad Tidings Publishing Co 602 Lakeside Bldg., Chicago. 

Glass. Glass, Charles H., & Co Bangor, Me. 

Glass, A, W, Glass, Arthur Wellington 441 Stark Ave., Sycamore, 111. 

Glass, D: R. Glass, David Rose, 

San Bernardino Business College, San Bernardino, Cal. 

Glasson, W: H; Glasson, William Henry Durham, N. C. 

Gicason, /. T, Gleason, J. T 150 Nassau St , New York. 

Gtemiick. Glennicfc Co Hartford, Ct 

Glens Fails Pub. Glens Falls Publishing Co Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Ghbf Pr, (Wash., Globe Printing- Co Washington, D. C 

D, C) 

Globe Sc/i. Bk. Globe School Book Co 148 W. 23d St., New York. 

tilolr F'F. Globc-Wernicke Co ' Cincinnati. 

(joddard, //. C. Goddard, Earold Clarke Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. 

Goddard, E, Goddard, Oscar Elmo Muskogee, I. T. 

Godlowr, H. B. Godlover, Hugh Bliss 1925 Home St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Gflerck. Gocrck Art Press 925 Sixth Ave., New York 

Goctchiu$> N: R. Goetchius, Henry R Columbus, Ga. 

Gulden, M, Golden, Rev. Melctios Rutland, Mass. 

Golden Press, Golden Press 220 N. Hancock St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Golden Rule. Golden Rule Co .Tremont Temple, Boston. 

Goldsmith, W: M. Goldsmith, William M Campbell, Mo. 

Goldsmith Bk. Goldsmith Book and Stationery Co. 122 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita, Kan. 
Goldsmith-W. Goklsmith-Woolarcl Publishing Co.. 122 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita, Kan. 
Good Health* Gr-od Health Publishing Co. (Successors to Modern Medicine Publish- 
ing Co.) Battle Creek, Mick 

Good Thoughts. Good Thoughts Press Aurora, 111. 

Good Tidings, Good Tidings Co Pittsburg, Pa. 

Goad Will Good Will Publishing Co Hinckley, Me. 

Goodcnough & W. Goodenough & Woglom Co 122 Nassau St, New York. 

Goodman, H, M. Goodman, Herbert Marcus 4533 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

Goodmann. G. Gc odmann, Gustav 345 Broadway, New York. 

Goodman's Goodman's Sons & Co 4" Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Goodrich, k /. Goodrich, E. J .Oberlin, O. 

Goodsdl, A, T. Goodsell, Alfred Taylor 1143 Iramstan Ave., Bridgeport, Ct 

Goodfon, G; A. Goodson, George Arthur 1030 Andrus Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Goodspeed, C: E. Gcodspeed, Charles E. 5a Park St., Boston. 

Goodspeed, F. L. Goc-dspeed, Frank Lincoln Oakland, Cal. 

Goodspeed W A. Goodspeed, Weston Arthur .Chicago. 

Goodspeed, W. R. Goodspeed, W. R ..Hartford, Cl. 

Goodwin, I. B. Goodwin, I. B.... 4041 Jefferson Ave. 3 Sioux City, la. 

Goodwin J H: Goodwin, Joseph Henry 1215 Broadway, New York. 

Goodwin W: A. R. Goodwin, Rev. William A. R Williamsburg, Va. 

Goodvcar, W: H: Goodyear, William Henry. .Museum. Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Good\ear-M. Goodyear-Marshall Publishing Co .Cedar Rapids, la. 

Gorbach A B. Gorbach, August Bernhard Cincinnati. 

Gordon 7. ' Goidon, Col. James Okolona, Mi<-s. 

Gordon S S. Gordon, S. S., Co Huntington, N. Y. 

Go'i don, J'/: A. Gordon, William A v . .Austin, Tex. 

Gorham Gorham, Edwin S. (Supplies books of the S P. C 1C), 

37 E. 23th St., Ni'\\ Vork. 

Gorham, C. W. Gorham, C. W Olympia, Wash. 

Gorrill, T. B. Gornll, T. E IM Air. liar ford Co., Md. 

Gospel Pub. Gospel Publishing House ....54 W. 22d St, New York 

Gospel Trumpet Co. Gospel Trumpet Co Anderson, Ini 

Gotham Press. Gotham Press 129-131 W. 3ist St., New York, 

Gottschall, A. H, Gottschall, Amos H Harrihburg; f 'a. 

Gould I Gould, Joseph '. . . . Mt. Cannel, Pa. 

Gould] f. P. Gould, J. Porter P. O. Box 225, Topsfield, Mass 

Gould, W. R. Gould, W. Reid 139 Nassau St., New York, 

Gowley, S: B. Gourlev, Samuel Birch 9117 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago. 

Gov. Pr Off. Government Printing Office Washington, D, C. 

Grady B F. Grady, Benjamin Franklin Goldsboro, N, C, 

Grafton Press. Graf ton Press 105 W. 40th St., New York. 

Graf ton Pub. Grafton Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cul, 

Graham, A. B. Graham, Albert B Columbus, ( ). 

Graham, H. J. Graham, Harry Jefferson 616 W. Chestnut St., Louisville, Ivy, 

Graham] T: W. * Graham, Thomas W Dubuque, la. 

Cramer cy. Gramercy Publishing Co 30- 32 E. 20th St., New York. 

Grand Army. Grand Army Hall and Memorial Association Chicago. 

Grand Lodge. Grand Lodge of Minnesota St. Paul, Minn. 

Grand gent, Grandgent, C. H 107 Walker St., Cambridge, Mass, 

Granger, L P. Granger, I, P Canamlui.uua, N. Y, 

Grats.H. Gralz, Hermann 2420 S. i6th St., PhihidelpliKi, 

Graves, H. T. Graves, Mrs. H. T Room 300, Bond Bldg., Washington, I) C. 

Graves] W: E. Graves, William E St, Louis, 

Gray, A. C. Gray, A, C uo]/ 2 Main St,, Houston, Tex, 

Gray, G A. Gray, George Arthur 51 Botolph St., Atlantic, Mass, 

Gray, H. W. Gray, H. W., Co 2r E, i;th St., NVw York. 

Graysell Grayzell & Co. 134 Watkins St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Great Western Pr. Great Western Printing Co Minneapolis, Minn, 

Greaves. Greaves Publishing Co Tribune Bldg,, Mew York. 

Green, A. Green, Rev. Andrew St Benedict's College, Atchison, FCaiu 

Green, H. 6- A. Green, Hinckley & Allen Providence, K, I. 

Green, H. L. Green, Hans L Room 210, 170 Summer St., Boston. 

Green t J: A, Green, John Albert Mobile, Ala. 

Green, S: A. Green, Samuel Abbott, 1154 Boylston St., Boston, 

Green, S: S. Green, Samuel Swett Worcester, Mass, 

Green Leaf. Green Leaf Publishing Co 450 Monon Blclft,, Chicago. 

Greendlinger, L. Greendlingcr, Leo 32 Waverly PL, New York. 

Greene, P. V. Greene, Francis Vinton 816 Fidelity Bldg., Buffalo, N, Y. 

Greene Co. Home. Greene County Home Coming Association Xcnia, O. 

Greenman, A. A. Greenman, A. A. (University Bookstore) Boulder, Colo. 

Greenstone, f. H. Greenstone, Julius H Philadelphia, 

Greenwood, W, Greenwood, Rev, William DCS Moincs, la. 

Greer, 7. H. Greer, Jos. H Chicago, 

Greer Pr, Greer Print, Press of the Beaumont, Tex, 

Gregg Pub. Gregg Publishing Co,, 

151 Wabasb Avc (f Chicago; 1123 Broadway, New York 

Gregory, A. A. Gregory, Alva Adam Oklahoma City, Okla, 

Gregory, H, Gregory, II Providence, R, L 

Gregory, J. /. H. Gregory, James J. H,, & Son Marblehead, Mass 

Gresham, 0. Gresham, Otto loo Washington St, Chicago, 

Gribben, D: S. Gnbben, David Sharpe 2328 N. Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, Irid, 

Griffin, C: E. Griffin, Charles E., Care of Van Fleet.... 47 W. 28th St, New York 

Griffin M. L L Griffin Martin Ignatius Joseph .1935 N. nth St., Philadelphia! 

n $^' ~ G r $! th & Rowland Press 1701-3 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

GnMtkS. Gnftth-Stillings Press 3&I-373 Congress St., Boston. 




Grffiths, T: L Griffiths, Thomas J Liberty and Hotel Sts., Utica, N. Y. 

Grills, M. W. Grills,. Merton W " Hagerstown, Md. 

Grimes, E. L. Grimes, E. L., Co Boston. 

Grimes. W. B. Grimes, Rev. Walter B 'The Water Wagon," Moore's Hill, Ind. 

Grinikc, F. J. Grimkc, Rev. Francis James. .. .1415 Corcoran St., Washington, D. C. 

Gritman. Gritman & Sullivan Chicago. 

Grohusko, J. A. Giohusko, Jacob Abraham 204 W. 4Oth St., New York. 

Grollcr Club. Grolier Club 29 E. 32d St , New York. 

Grose, E: P. Grose, Edward Fabrique 36 Church Ave., Ballston Spa, N. Y. 

Gross, C. Gross, Rev. Carl ! . . Kurtzville, Ontario, Can. 

Grosscnp, P: S. Grosscup, Peter S Federal Bldg., Chicago. 

Grossct. Grosset & Dunlap 518-534 W. 26th St., New York. 

Grosvcnor Lib. Grosvenor Library Buffalo, N. Y. 

Grossmann. Groszmann, Maximilian P. E., 

"Watchung Crest/' Johnston Drive, Plainfield, N. J. 

Groton Sch. Groton School Press Groton, Mass. 

Grovcr & W. Grover & Wellman 405 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Boston. 

Grubcr, C. L. Grubei, Calvin Luther Kutztown, Pa. 

Guarantee. Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Co Philadelphia. 

Guarantee Pub. Guarantee Publishing Co 99 Madison Ave,, New York. 

Guest, E. A. Guest, Edgar A Detroit, Mich. 

GnctJi, 0. Gueth, Oswald 5504 Fifteenth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Guide Pr. and Pub. Guide Printing and Publishing Co 15 Spruce St, New York. 

Guiding Star. Guiding Star Publishing House Estero, Fla. 

Guilford Battle. Guilford Battle Ground Co Greensboro, N. C. 

Gulf States Med. Gulf States Medical Journal Mobile, Ala, 

Gulling, H, M. Gulling, H. M Reno, Nev. 

Gurlcy* W. <$ L. E. Gurley, W. & L. E Troy, N. Y. 

Gttthru', IF: A. Outline, William A Durham, N C. 

Hackney. Hackney & Moale Co Arclen Park, Asheville, N. C. 

lladdcn, 7. Hadden, James Uniontown, Pa. 

Hadlcy, L. D. Hadlcy, Louis D Los Angeles, Cal 

Haedrich. Hacdrich, William, & Sons 311 Jay St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ffagerling. P: 7. Hagerling, Frederick J Belleville, III 

ffahn. Hahn & Harmon Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

flahn, n> E. Halm, E. E nth and Locust Sts., Kansas City, Mo. 

Haixht. Haight, A. V., Co Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

H unman. Hailman Printing Co Kansas City, Mo. 

1 falbcntadt B, Halberstadt, Baird Pottsville, Pa. 

flak, A, " Hale, Albert Boston. 

Hale, A. R. Hale, Mrs. Annie Riley 579 W. i2ist St., New York 

FIale,().F. Hale, Oscar Fitzalan League City, Tex 

Hate Tub. Hale Publishing Co 3550 Vista Ave., St Louis. 

Haley L: C. Haley, Louis Coleman Madison, Wis 

Hall' k E, Hall, Elmer Edgar 1501 Le Roy Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Hall, II, J. Hall, E, J., Publishing Co - Boston, Mass. 

Hall, If: Hall, Henry 52 Broadway, New York. 

Hall J* A: Hall, Tames Augustus Watsonville, Cal. 

Hall 7. N Hull, "Mrs. J. N Fulton, Ky. 

Hall, J; M\ I tall, John Manley 165 Boston Block, Detroit, Mich. 

Hall & KfcC. Hall & McChesney Syracuse, N. Y. 

Hall $ IF. Hall & Williams 1942 Stout St., Denver, Colo. 

Halloivell J. M. Hallowcll, James M Boston. 

Wakey* M* D. Halsey, Mina Deane 712 W. Hellman Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Haltigan. Haltigan, Patrick J 614 Louisiana Ave., Washington, D. C 

Hamburg-American Hamburg- American Line 43 Broadway, New York. 


Hamcrsty. Hamersly, Lewis R., & Co T W. 34th St., New York. 

Hawcniy >& Co. Hamersly & Co T W. 34th St., New York. 

Hamilton, C: H. Hamilton, Charles H Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hamilton G. P, Hamilton, Green Polonius 119 Kimbroueh St., Memphis, Term. 

Hamilton, J. Hamilton, 1 201 E. i2th St., New York 

Hamilton, f. G. R. Hamilton, Joseph Gr6goire de Roulhac Raleigh, N. C. 

Hamilton fik. Hamilton Book Co 44 E 23d St, New York. 

Hamlin, C: TTamlin, Charles P. 0. Box 494, Bangor, Me.- 

Hamlin, C: S. Hamlin, Charles S Boston. 

Hawmcrting, L: JV. Hammerling, Louis N World Bldg., New York. 

Hammett, 7. L. Hammett, J. L., Co 116 Summer St, Boston, 

Hamming, Hamming, Andrew Chicago. 

Hammond, C S. Hammond, Caleb S., & Co 142 Fulton St, New York. 

Hammond Pr Co. Hammond Printing Co Fremont, Neb. 

Hammond Pub. Hammond Publishing Co Lansing, Mich. 



Hammond Pub. Co, Hammond Publishing Co Milwaukee, Wis, 

Hampden Pub. Hampden Publishing Co .Springfield, Mass 

Hampton, C. E. Hampton, Celwyn Emerson, Capt. Jist Intantry. .Fort Bayard, N. M. 

Hampton Inst Hampton Institute Press , ! 1 lamp! on, Va. 

Hancock Press. Hancock Press .P. O. Box 2780, Boston. 

Hand Made Fumi- Hand Made Furniture Shop Spokane, Wash. 


Han ford <S* H. Hanford & Horton Co Middlctown, N. Y, 

Hanks, A. AT, Hanks, Austin Kimhall .cXn St. Nicholas Ave , No\\ York, 

Hann. Hann & Adair Printing Co .Columbus, (), 

Haunti, M, It, I lanna, -Matthew Kiting Fort I.t'avonvvorth, Kan. 

Hannahs, li, IL Hannahs, H, Helen., ...N. \, State Normal College. Albany, N. Y. 

Hanstn'(>u$h t L, J/. HanMiroimh, Mrx Luanda Victoria Blair., K. F, I), IA BmvhcL Kv, 


IhwselL Hansel], F, K M <!<: Brother, Ltd. . 537-530 Baronne SU Xeu Orleans. la, 

Hattscn, IL C. Ihmscn, II. C, Type Foundry ..,,,,,43 Centre St., New York. 

Hanstnn & F. f I unjoin & Van Winkle Co, , Xeuark, X, j. 

HansseJtc* I iunxsolu 1 & Co.. . . . . . . .-t^V 1 Si. Paul St., B.dtnnot e, Aid. 

Harbi$<*n-lt'\ Harlnson AYalker Refractories Co . ... . . Pitt>hnrg, Pa. 

Harden, E: W. 1 lanlen, Kdward Walker. , 137 Adams St., t liieago, 

Ilardse, (/; K t * I lardio, (ieor^e kt>her| ,,...... ,Catt*n. X \ 

Harding. llanling, Robert. Co. .10-14 S. nth St., Richmond, Va 

Harding^ -*"/, A*. Harding. A. R. % tHihlishing Co, . , , , , ,^jf K. liroad St, Coltiititws, U 

Harding Press. Hardinjt Press .,.*...,... Rtehttifiiul* Via. 

Hantman. Hnrdmau Press,,.,, ,...... .St jfiHrpii, Mo 

Record, ^ lard\\ ood Record Co. . , , JJ4 Monroo St., Chicago, 

i/v/v, C, wS* i Iar<ly f Carles S .*..*.....,..* .,..,,..,...... Chicago. 

Mm/v, /,. />/ I Iardy L, I*,, Co, South BemL fuel 

//on\ W: IL I Jwts Bishop William ilobart. *...,................ .Sinux l*alls t S, I > 

Hargtr, C: M* % larger, Charles Morcatu ..,......,., , \hileiie, Ka? j. 

Harunn. I tarihtm t Homer, & Co. ................ ,37 S, \\ ate; St.. C liirano 

Harhw, fF. J?. Harlow, \V. K. . i t| . .SprmKtii*lI. M, 

^ larper ^ Bros, ..,..,......,.,..........,, Frnttklin Sq Xr\\ Yt^rk, 

F, P. Harper. Frances P. & Lathrop I*.,,.,.,,,, ,437 Fiflh AM*,. Xm\ \ ork. 

r H: H, I larpei% I lenry IlowarcL . , . , . . , soo Ho\'Ktn St.. H*stu. 

r, f t /I. H. 1 larjier, Mrs, Ida A. Hunted. .............. Kvereft "l lon^e, X*\\ York 

r* Adwns, 1 larpjT-Adams ^ Co . .< Mntha X* 4 ti 

HarriMan, A, Ilarritnan, Alice. , . . ,54** Fifth A\ c , \%n\ York 

Ifarnwan t S. F. I larriman, S, f 1 * ....,.,,...,.. i So Iltgh Si,, Culuitihttx O, 

Harrington, /; /,. HarrinKttm, John I.yle. .,..,.,,. . NVv\ XtKnu P.Icl^ K.n-..^ Citv, MM 

ftarm, C: A: 1 larris, Charlr.s Augustus. .........,,.,., , . , , , , Uolli^on, MUSH. 

I/arris, G. /> Harris^ (Gilbert I H'unison. ....,.,,.. ,(*orne II l^nivt'i'sity, Ithaca, N, Y. 

Harris, /, K. IK'trris, Mrs. Jane Yanccy. ,, , . . hrcckcnridifc Street. H*nd<*rstt, N C. 

Harris. 0, T. I larrls, ( VrsaiuuK Turner, ,.,....,......,. t.r W. ^*ul St , Nt*% York. 

ffttrrisli'urff /*nd. I!ni^lurg Puhlir.hing Co. ....... <,. . . .!...... .Ilarrinlntrg, l**t 

Hurriwn* " iiarristn Safety HoifcT Wt>rk. ......,,,,,...... . . .,,, ,l l lii!*i!i i IjiiiL 

Harriiwn, H: Harrison, Henry, (*<..,,........../< Linden Avf. Ih'ooUyn, N, Y, 

Htirriwn tV. I larri.son C?o. ..................... ,50 i\, f Iniiter St,, VtlanM, Gn. 

Harrison Pr* 1 larrKon Printing and Advertising Co. ..,.,,.,.,,, . i'nton C 4 it> 4 ItnL 

Harris tin Puh. I larristm Pulilinhing Co, , Alaska Hldtf,, S%ittU\ VVa^h, 

Httrtt C: If; Hart, Charles Henry, .............. ,4717 Chester Av'. ! f tiiUtdi*ltihta. 

//rt, H: C, Hart Henry C,,,,.. .'jto Do Lanoy PL. i'hitattatphia. 

Hartford Seminary Press, ,SVi' Scribner. 

tlnrtford, f: L I lartford, Naac j.. .............. ....... .,.,..,.,.,. PaxMn, Hi 

Pub* Hartniati Publishing IUm*e too \V. 441 h St., Nm% York, 

, .9. Hnrtmamj, Kadnkichtis, .,......., ,.,,^r M. I75th St , Xew York. 

Hartranft* F, !}.,,.,.,,.....,.,.,..,,.',. .40 IVarl Si . Hartford, t 

Hartshorn, W: JV, Hartshorn. William NVwton H>*ttrn. 

llartunx, IL H HnrtmtK* Harry Hall, MI)...................,...,... Ituston. 

Ifarwra Rk, Harvard lttU (',,.. .^. . , t ,,,.,,,,,,, , ...if*4 Lak* \\r, ( 'hst^ign, 

Harvard Cu~uper(i Harvard Co-fifn'mlivr Society, ....,.,,,..,...,.....( ';imtinli<i*. Ma*fl. 


Harvard Dramatic, f farvard Hramatic Club* .......................... .< "umlu jdwe. Ma**. 

Hazard L&mfwm* f larva rd t^utipnoii Sodet.v .........,.,.............< *ambridg', M*t*"\ 

H award Law* Harvard Law Review Puhltahintf AsMviatic'ift. , ,. ,C)tiiiliifI*\ Mi**, 

Harvard Monthly. I larvard Monthly, .,.....,..,,....,, ...,..,...,, ,(' atiilii idi'. MH K ?A. 

Harvard lhm\ * Harvard I f i \frnity . .........,....,...,.........*. , Cambridge Maisti, 

Harwy, F, I lam\v, 1'Vrtl .............. .Hth and I ^rkuuirr St*,, Kansas C 'it> , Mn. 

Howry, N* A. Harvey, iSfathan A... ....... ..State* Nortfi.ii C4i!!f*g*% YpHttauti. M'irk 

Han*py t 0* 7, Harv>\ OK- sir J. .,,,...,.. 1 ] Nurthautpttm St,* Wilkr'4larr% PII* 

Harvey, T, L t Harvry, Tlit'cidorc l.t/r, ................ -P. O, Hux **u, Motiru, M<, 

Hanvv, W* P. Harvey, W, P.. ............................... ..,.,. .l,iiti*\ill\ Kv 




Harvey Pub, Harvey Publishing Co. (Otto Juettner),. .. .130 Opera PL, Cincinnati 

Harwood H: H. Harwood, Henry H 505 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 

Haskel, C. A. Haskel, C. A Baltimore, Md. 

Haskins & S. Haskins & Sells 30 Broad St., New York. 

Hastain E. Hastain, E Muskogee, Okla. 

Hatch. Hatch Music Co Philadelphia. 

Hatch, W, If. Hatch, Willis Marion Decatur, Ga. 

Hatfield, M. L. Hatfield, Montraville Lawson Oakland/ Cal". 

Hatfield, R: Hatfield, Richard 1310 Green Court, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hathaway, J. T. Hathaway, James T 297 Crown St., New Haven, Ct. 

Hauenstein, M. F. Hauenstein, Minnie Ferris 725 W. Ferry St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Haupt, W: G: Haupt, William George Chicago. 

Hauser, L L. Mauser, I. L., & Co Chicago. 

Hauskins, T. E. Hauskins, J. E Tacoma, Wash. 

Haven, C. Haven, Curtis 1526 W|. Ontario St., Philadelphia. 

Haverford Coll. Haverford College Haverford, Pa. 

Hawaiian Gazette. Hawaiian Gazette Co Honolulu, H. I. 

Hawes, A. F. Hawes, Austin F Burlington, Vt. 

Hawes, C. H. Hawes, Mrs. C. H Madison, Wis. 

Hawk-Eye. Hawk-Eye Press Mount Vernon, la. 

Hawks, E. B. Hawks, Earl Bedford Clinton, Wis. 

Hawkins, G: H: E: Hawkins, George Henry Edward care of Fairbanks Co., Chicago. 

Hawlcy, W, A: Hawley, Walter Augustus Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Hawn t W: Hawn, William 442 Classon Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hawthorne, J. Hawthorne, J 234 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Hay, H: /. Hay, Henry J -. Meeker, Colo. 

Hayden, W. L. Tiayden, Warren Luce 14 N. Bolton St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hayen, E. Hayen, Eberhard Baltimore, Md. 

Hayes, E. Hayes, Ellen Care of G. H. Ellis Co., Boston. 

Hayes, M. D, Hayes, Milton D., & Co 439 Sixth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Havne, J, E. Hayne, Jos. Elias 319 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ha'ynes. Haynes, D, 0., & Co 90 William St., New York 

Hay ncs, /. B. Haynes, James B 630 Brandeis Theatre Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

Hoynes, /. E. Haynes, Jack E St. Paul Minn. 

Hays, G. A. Hays, Gilbert Adams Sewickley, Pa. 

Wayward, W. C. Haywarcl, W. C Des Moines, la. 

Huocldine. N F.W. Haxeldine, Norton F. W 067 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, Cal." 

Hazard, L, B. Haz/.ard, Linda Burfield 422 Northern Bk. Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Hcacoek, W: A. Heacock, William A Lockport, N. Y. 

Hcad,J,W, Head, James William Barcroft, Va. 

ITcald, E: P. 1 lealcl, Edward P San Francisco, Cal. 

Health, Health Publishing Co Dayton, O. 

Health-Culture. Health-Culture Co 45 Ascension St., Passaic, N. J. 

Health-Wealth. Health- Wealth Publishing Co Lawrence, Mass. 

Hcarti, E: C. I learn, Rev. Edward C Mem a, McLean Co., 111. 

Heath. Heath, D. C, & Co V ..i2o Bolyston St., Boston. 

HebrewChr Hebrew-Christian Publishing and Trading Co., 

138 Bible House, New York. 

Hebrew Pub, Hebrew Publishing Co 85 Canal St., New York. 

Hebrew Standard, Hebrew Standard Press 87 Nassau St., New York. 

Htck, P. Heck, Frank ; Chicago. 

Hccoff, C\ W. Mecox, Clarence W Washington, D. C. 

ffecr, Hecr, F. J., Printing Co 57 E. Main St., Columbus, O. 

Hcgvcssy, J. Hegyessy, James San Francisco. 

Heidelberg, Heidelberg Press 15th and Race Sts., Philadelphia. 

Hcidingsfeld, /. Heiclingsfeld, J New Brunswick, N. J. 

ffcilbron, W: C. Heilbron, W. C 104 Dispatch Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Heilbroncr, L: Heilbron er, Louis. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Hcindrl, J' E, "Heintlel, Rev. John Elmer 39 Warner Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Heindel M. Heindel, Max Seattle, Wash. 

Hnnemann, jff. B, Heincmann, H. E. O 145 Lasalle St., Chicago. 

Hcinriri M. Heinrici, Max Philadelphia. 

Hcisler, E. F. Hcisler, E. F Kansas City, Kan. 

Heistand F* S. Heistand, Henry Olcot Sheldon.. War Department, Washington, D. C 

HelbumJ " Helburn, William 10 E. i6th St., New York. 

Hdlcr, B., 6* Co. Heller, B., & Co 251 S. Jefferson St., Chicago. 

Hemfnway Heminway, M,, & Sons Silk Co 74 Greene St., New York. 

Hcminp. " Hemiup Publishing Co Geneva, N. Y. 

Hcmfistead P. Hempstead, Fay. .Masonic Temple, Main and 5th St., Little Rock, Ark 

Henderson' H. H. Henderson, H. H Columbus O. 

Henderson, P: Henderson, Peter, & Co 35 Cortlandt St., New York. 




, 7 , r r Hendler C 1 . .... ...1107 Betz Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Kfe L J E. G. HeSdS ^Elizabeth Graves roop Olive St., Mexicc , Mo. 

Henkcls* Henkels, Stan V., Co ......... Philadelphia. 

Hcnhv Henley/Norman W, Publishing Co 132 Nassau St, New \ ork. 

H* u /;,;; v Hennebcrry Co. 55-3-556 Wabash Ave C Incago 

Hwcbqw Henncbiquc Construction Co 1170 Broadway, New \ ork. 

#ry IF' A. Henry, William Arnon .Madison VV is. 

Henn Phipps Ins*. Henry Phipps Institute - . ....... . Philaclclp hia. 

Hcnscl H C. Hensel, Harry C 3*7 Dearborn b (J w. 

#*/</, PF: tf. Hensel, William U . . . . LancasU , la. 

#/s / P. Hentz, Fohn P - .Dayton, O. 

Herald Pr. Herald Printing and Publishing Co .Beaver bprmys la 

He-aid Pr (N. Herald Printing Co Grand I'orks, N. D. 

H^/V P&. (7WU) Herald Publishing Co . - . Hap'n>lo* n, Md. 

Herbert, E. Herbert, Ewing. . .Hiawatha K at . 

Herder Herder, B '7 S. Broadway, St. Louis, 

#*nHfl, P. Herman, Poole & Co Docatur, 1 11. 

Hm-, P. /. Herr, P. J, Printing Co - - .Columlms, ( ). 

Herr T W Herr, Theodore Witner 49 N. Duke St., Lancaster, ^ Pa. 

Hemck Herrick Book and Stationery Co 934 I5th St., Denver, Colo, 

Herrick,M.T. Herrick, Myron T. Cleveland, ( ). 

Hertel Hertel, Tonkins & Co. Now John A. Hertle Co. 

Hcrtcl J: A. Hertel, John A, Co no W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago. 

Hertv. C: H. Herty, Charles H Chapel Hill N. C, 

Hess] H. M. Hess, Harold Miner 125 Monroe St, Uiieago. 

Hess T - Hess, Thomas Millville, N. J. 

Hessclercn. Hesselgren, G. C, Publishing Co 146 Worth St., New \ork, 

Hesslwe. Hessling, Bruno, Co 64 E 12th St., New \ork, 

Hewitt W. P. H. Hewitt, W. P. H Syracuse, N. V. 

Hevdcckcr, C. D. Heydecker, Mrs. Catherine Darlington, r 

137 Franklin Avc., Mount Vernon, N. \. 

Hcvdcckcr, C. T. Heydecker, Christian T Waukegan, 111. 

Heywood, H. Heywood, Herbert Los Angeles, C al 

Hickman Hickman, F. S West Chester, Pa. 

Hiiks F- C- Hicks Frederick Charles. .. .U S Naval War College, Ann.'ipohs, TV-Id. 

Hicks J' S S Hicks' John Solomon Soules South Haven, Mich, 

Hicks-Chattcn Hicks-Chatten Engraving Co 671 Schuylcr St, Portland, Ore, 

Hicks-J. ' Hicks-Judd Co San Francisco, 

Hish School Teach- High School Teachers' Association of New York, 

e rs 2$ Jefferson Avc., Brooklyn, N. i . 

Higher Life. Higher Life Publishing Co 709 Maple St., Pasadena Oil, 

Highlands Highlands, John 1106 Arch St., Philadelphia, 

Hightowr I. Hightower, James Colorado Spunks, Colo. 

Hildrcth, C. Hildreth, Carson Franklin, NVb, 

Hill E. B Hill, Edwin B Lakeland, Midi, 

Hill E. C. Hill, Edwin C T W. 34th St., New York, 

Hill F. C. ' Hill, Francis C 150 Nassau St., New Vmk. 

Hill J I Hill, James J Great Northern Ry. Bldg,, St. Paul, Minn. 

//;"//, /. 5". Hill, J. Stacy. Cincinnati. 

Hill L Hill, Lysander 1463 Monadnock Block, Chicago, 

Hilt', W, M. Hill, Walter M 823 Marshall Field Bldg., Chicago, 

Hill-K -P. Co. Hill-Kellner-Frost Co Waco, Tex. 

Hill Pub Hill Publishing Co. See McGraw-Hill Book Co. 

Hills 6* H. Hills & Hafely Co 27 E. asd St., New York 

Hillside. ' Hillside Press Englewood, N. J. 

Hind,W D. Hind, W. D Amhcrst, Mass, 

Hinds. Hinds, Noble & Eldredge 31-35 W, T$th St., New York. 

Hine f C:C. Hine, C C., Sons Co 100 William St., N<>w York. 

Hine, J. S. Hine, James Stewart Ohio State University, Columbus, O. 

Hinc Bros Hine Bros 46 Cedar St, New York. 

H inkle, F:' W. Hinkle, Frederick W Cincinnati. 

Hintee, L : Hintze, Louis Ada, Norman Co., Minn, 

Hippie. Hippie Printing Co Pierre, S. D, 

Hirshberg. Hirshberg- Art Co 418 N. Howard St, Baltimore, Md, 

Hisgcn, T: L. Hisgen, Thomas L., Nomination Club Boston. 

Hispanic Soc. Hispanic Society of America. .is6th St., W. of Broadway, New York. 
Hist, and Phil Soc. Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio. .Station E, Cincinnati. 


Jlisf, Dept. of la. Historical Department of Iowa Des Homes, la. 

Hist Pub. Co. Historical Publishing Co .3 Boyd Ave,, Jersey City, N, J, 

(N /) 




Hist. Pub. Co. (Pa.) Historical Publishing Co .1336 Cherry St Philadelphia. 

Hist. Review. Historical Review Publishing Co Baltimore. 

Hist. Soc. Penn. Historical Society of Pennsylvania 1300 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Hist.Soc. (So. Historical, Natural History and Library Society of South Natick, 

Natick.) South Natick, Mass. 

Hite, M. H. Hite, Maxwell H .Harrisburg, Pa, 

Hitlofi, L Hitlofi, Iven Chicago. 

Hobart, B. L. Hobart, Edwin L., 

2223 W. 3ist Ave., Highland Station P. O., Denver, Colo. 

tlockenbcrry, J: C. Hockenberry, J: Coulter 515 W. isad St., New York. 

Hocking. Hocking Publishing Co Lau Bldg., Norfolk, Va. 

Hodgart. Hodgart, A., Co Chicago. 

Hodges, A. D. Hodges, Almon Dauforth, jr Union Club, Park St., Boston. 

If edges, G: Hodges, Rev. George 3 Mason St., Cambridge, Mass. 

JJodgman. Hodgman, Francis Co ' Climax, Mich. 

Hodgson, E. F. Hodgson, Ernest Franklin Do\ er, Mass. 

Hoe, R. Hoe, Robert 504 Grand St., New York. 

Hocber. Hoeber, Paul B 69 E. sgth St., New York. 

Hoenshel, E. U. Hcxnshel, Elmer Ulysses Dayton, Va. 

Hoffer, C. M. Hoffer, Cora M Emporia, Kan. 

Hoffert, F. P. Hoffert, Franklin Pierce. . .3522 W. Michigan Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hoffman, E: J 7 , Hoffman, Edward Fenno, 

509 Harrison Bldg., Fifteenth and Market Sts., Philadelphia. 

Hoffman, J. D: Hoffman, James David Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. 

Hoffman, 0. S. Hoffman, Otto Sichel 21 University A\e., Battle Creek, Mich. 

Hofmeister, C. W. Hofmeister, Christopher W Buffalo, Okla. 

Ilogan, W. F. Hogan, Wilbur Fisk 1109 Eleventh Ave., N., Birmingham, Ala. 

Holtien* TTolden Patent Book Cover Co Springfield, Mass. 

Holeproof. Holcproof Hosiery Co. .Milwaukee, Wis. 

Holland, J. P. I folland, Josephine Park Box 62, Onset, Mass. 

Hollenbeck Press. Hollenbeck Press Indianapolis, Ind. 

If alley i C: D. Hollcy, Rev. Charles D 6112 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Hollingcr, L. L HoJljnger, Mrs. L, Israel Densmore Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. 

Hollistvood. 1 Jollis wood Press Hollis, Long Island, N. Y, 

Hohnan. Holman, A. J., & Co 1222 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Holman, E. B* llolman, Emily Elizabeth 1020 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Holmes, E. B, Holmes, E. B.". Philadelphia. 

I foist. Hoist Publishing Co Boone, la. 

Holt. Holt, Henry, Co 34 W. 33d St., New York. 

Holt, F* Holt, Frank, & Co 739 Broad St , Newark, N. J. 

Home Candy, Home Candy Makers , / Canton, O. 

Home Corr* Sch, Home Correspondence School Springfield, Mass. 

Home Educ. Home Educational Society Philadelphia. 

Home Manual Home Manual Publishing Cc Chicago. 

Home Market Home Market Club Boston. 

Home Pub. Co. f Home Publishing Co Station B, Topeka.. Kan. 


tfomewood. Home wood Publishing; Co Chicago. 

Homingwood. Honiingwood Publishing Co South Bend, Ind, 

Honcyman. Honeyman's Publishing House - Plainfield, N. J. 

Hood, G: f. Hood, G: Jussen Lawrence, Kan. 

Hood, H. P. Hood, H. P., & Sons 494 Rutherford Ave., Charlestown, Mass. 

Hooker, M. H. Hooker, Margaret Huntington., 

Care of E. R, Andrews Printing Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

Wohcwell Press. Hopewell ' Press 150 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

TTnpkins L. W. Hopkins, Luther W 833 Calvert Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 

Ttorn6r\'j. Homer, Dr. Joseph 524 Perm Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Horseless "Age. Horseless Age Co. 250 W. 5 4th St., New York. 

ff first Ilorst, E. Clemens, Co San Francisro. 

Hos'kim TToskius, R. D Bismarck, N. D. 

ff owner /; G. 1 fpsmer, John G 14 Beacon St., Boston. 

H overman. ' Hceterman Publishing Co Springfield, Ot, 

Tfotehkiss S: Hotchkiss, Samuel Downsville, N. Y. 

Hotel Monthly. Hotel Monthly. 3^5 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Hotfl "Red hook. Hotel Red Book & Directory Co 103 Park Ave., New York. 

Houdlett E L Houdlette, Edith Laura Melrose Highlands, Mass. 

HMghtaling. C:'E. Houglitaling, Charles E Albany, N. Y. 

Ifowihton H 0. Houghton, H. O., & Co Cambridge, Mass. 

H might on M. Houghton MifHin Co .4 Park St., Boston. 

House of Pun. House of Fun 429 6th Ave., New York. 

Housekcrfier Corp Housekeeper Coiporation Minneapolis, M inn. 

Houser, W: W, Houser, William Wesley Lincoln, 111. 



Howy, B. 0. Hovey, Edmund Otis, 

American Museum of Natural I list or}. New York. 

How Pub. How Publishing Co Dccatur, Ga. 

Howard 1 1 ownrd Publishing Co Detroit, Mich. 

Howard, ZX I toward, Daniel , Witksor Locks Ct 

Howard. G: 22. Howard, George K 714 Twelfth St., N. W., Washington, D. C 

Howard Pub, Co, Howard Publishing Co. ...714 Twelfth St., N. W,, Washington, D. C. 

Howard Pub. Co. 1 inward Publishing Co Rochester* N, H. 

W #} 

Hward-S* Howard-Severance Co... 173-175 Fifth Avc. Chicago, 

Howe, /i, F, Howe, Edgar R, & Sons ........ Imperial, Cat 

fiowc, J: D. Howe, John Dicks 1704 (Jeary St., San Francisco, 

How 6* B* ! Io\vo & Barren , , .Chicago. 

Howerton, I). C., Press, ...Washington, 1). C. 

/s. '//. I lowland, Mrs. Emma TI Aeuxlmot, Mass, 

Hubbard, S: P. Hubbard, Samuel F. JO Paniu'nter Si , Hosion, 

Ylubbeli 1 Inbbell Publishing Co , , 3<xj Hroaduay, Xo\\ York, 

//IH/<//C\ IT: /: Huddle, Rev, William Peter . .,,, : /. Madison, Va. 

Hudson. Hudson, Franklin, Publishing Co,.jjd and Oak Sis,, illy, Mo. 

Hudson Press. HndMHi Press, (Hooks supplied by William Rick^v *K Co, j 

Hudson Pub. Hudson Publishing Co 404 Kasota BUlg,, Minneapolis, Minn, 

lIntljit*u*Fultfln, Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission, 

Tribune Bldg, t 154 Na^^au St., N*v\ Vrk. 

llufbjich* ft: IF. Ihtebsch, Benjamin W .......',. ,;u5 Fifth Ave, New Y*rk* 

Hughs, it: ,V, Hughs, (Jeorge Shelley. , . . , , .,......,. Cliicago 

Hunhes, G: W* Hughes, t Je<irge Washington ,,.,......,....,..,. Clinton^ 111 

Hughes, /, H, Hvghes James K ..,.,..*.. , , .Lexington, Ky. 

//Mif/iw 6* Ca Hughes & Co....... ,..... ; ., ......... .St. t^mJfi. 

Hugo, G: fi Hugo, George II,, Cu. ................. .147 Shaunnit Ave BoMmu 

If M^ ( T. W. I IUKO, T, W. J hilnth, Mhjn. 

Hiihntr* /*. Huhnt*r, Leon ........*.. .......,, .5 Ik-rknijin St.. New Vrk. 

litlif, IT; (7, Hitie, William (reen. UiuKtf<>M* f lVx. 

Hulburd, E. W. Hulhurd, iShenerer Wallace, , I H*MMIJHO, ( *ai 

Hull I: If, Hull, John Wellington. Xinn City, Hi 

Human Life, Human Life Publishing Co. ........... .5^0 \tUntie \\e., !!o*tojt 

IlHMfi, JL 11. Hume, Harold Harclnicla .(1en Saint Mary, Ma. 

Humphrey, G: P Humphrey, George P ....,..,.....(*> Spring St. Rudte^ter, N. Y* 

fIun$erfflrdH. Hungerford-Holbroofc Co., ...................... . Watei to\\ n, N. Y. 

Hunt, A, W. Hunt, A, W............. 48 Ablmtf Gmt-*, Cliicngo. 

f, C, W7. Hunt, C. W,, Co, . v ......*.. AVtst Nnv Brigiilnn, N, ' Y. 

t, jlf. /I. I lunt, Kfary Amelia. . * ^. ............................... .\urora, lit 

7'; F, Hunt, Thomas F, (President of Sue, for Promotion of \grieultural 

Science) ,,..,..,... .Stair < 'otlrgr, Pa, 

/JiffiT $f Cch lluntrr ^ Co., Ine , , , , . Ki^lnnoiul, Ya, 

7/nw/tT, *?."/.* Hunter, Samuel John ,.,,.....,.....,,.,., ,t,;i \uvniv. Kan, 

iIuntingtGn f A* 0* ilnntington, Amur ()ak<s 31 (JI<*n Houcl, J;unau*a Plain, Masv 

tfuntington, A, T, Huntittgtun, Al!urt T .....1^05 Brclforcl Avt*,, HriUhn, \\ Y,, 

llunilln^ Ihntttjng:. H, R,. <*(.. .............. ,,117 Main St., Sprinu<t*"ll. Mas** 

Hunttlng, T. D. Huntting. Tt'imiH l)im<m. ................ .**jt> Uroadvvav, Xrw York, 

f/imf, /X JJ* .7. Html, Mr, t^na I), Svklan<l. .........,.,...,.., .C'otlfRTi^uli Tr\, 

//unff. Ifnrst & Co....*. .......,,. ,3*15 jt<)<> flniadwiiy, Xr w YrU. 

//:;t II. /; Af. Hurtt, Jrihn Milton .,....,.,.......,,.,.,.,.,,.,, /Pmna t < al. 

Hitnvitet (* : Hurwtt/, C'U*cw. .................................. .Mivncui C *it>' t til 

!, E Ihislmml. A, IV. ,.,.,,.. J ,Uw^ivl* f Pit 

tnit A, L f lustcnt, A. J. ...,.,...,.,.....,....... lui Middle Sf , Porttutut, Mr, 

hinstm 6* II, I futchitwoit & Hrcwlftent. .,..,. , Mt*Kv*$iort, F*i. 

, IF,' FI. Hutt. William If,, . ......,,....,.,, , tx Fuirmont \v* . l*lIwifl|*ltk* 

Ilvatt-Fciwdln School........ .Ptm* sind I!nailw;u. Suttlr, Wanli. 

f, IF: //; ll>dc% William Henry, & Co, .....,,.,....,, , . . ... ,Milu;uUr, Wii, 

Ilyhtid, J, S (| & Co. ........*,....*,, ,^5 Denilirii St , Cltifa^t. 

/f. (?; Ih^ f George, ...................... ,5 Hnifmvtck St M*tfu;ii, Can. 

///, Bk, IHintH Rook Exchange, ...,..,....,.,.,... Liike^klr I!ld , C liuitF.M, 

///. ( Viifrcil R. jK, IlHnote Central Railroad Co. ......... . . . , , ......... , ( ..... , Chu'afJttt 

III. Kduc, Camm* Uljnois Educational Cottifttitskm. .......... ,...,., .Sjtiiiinlw'Id, f!L 

///. /a//'v A r *. H/ flluuns State 1 laboratory of Natural Htatnry, S, A* Fi*rltt*i tlirrt*f, 

(Trhafu, III 

//I. Lciw Rnriew. Illinois Law Review, .,..*....,.**...*,.. ,37 E l^iki* Si 1 1ikifi, 

///. /V. nijnots Printing Co. ...........*........,..,.. .,.,..... Danvitlf III. 

///. State Hist. Lib. Illinois State Historical Library, ... ...... .. ....... ,, ,Spdgfid4 Hi* 

III State Jtwrn* Illinois Statr Journal Co. .........*,. ...4. .,.,.,* Sc>rt!igfi?M I1L 

///. Stttte .Vfl/'Wtf/. Illinois State Mortnal School, (liirlf*tiiii Hi 




Illuminating Engi- Illuminating Engineering Publishing Co 201 E. i6th St., New York. 


Imperial Pub. Imperial Publishing Co 27 E. 226. St., New York. 

Independent, Independent Publishing Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Independent Pub. Independent Publishing Co Chicago. 

Independent Relig- Independent Religious Society 140 Dearborn St., Chicago. 


India Rubber. India Rubber Publishing Co 395 Broadway, New York. 

India RubberWorld. India Rubber World 15 W. 38th St., New York. 

Indian Rights Indian Rights Association 708-9 Provident Bldg., Philadelphia. 


Indiana Lib. Indiana Public Library Commission Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ind 0- Am. Bk. Indo-Araerican Book Co 218 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago. 

Indust. Industrial Publication Co. (Supply publications of G. Gottsberger 
Peck.) Now Industrial Book Co. 

Indust. Bk. Industrial Book Co 178 Fulton St., New York. 

Indust. Educ. Co. Industrial Education Co Boston. 

Indust. Press. Industrial Press 49 Lafayette St.., New York. 

Industry. Industry Publishing Co. ...1607 Commonwealth Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Informant. Informant Publishing- Co 1730 W. 25th St., Cleveland, O. 

Inger, A. J. Inger, Archie J Oakland, Cal. 

Iiigcrsoll, A. N. Ingersoll, A. N South Orange, N. J. 

Jn'gcrsoll, H: H* Ingersoll, Henry H Knoxville, Tenn. 

Inghctm, W: A. Ingham, William Armstrong 333 S. i6th St., Philadelphia. 

Ingram, T: D. Ingram, Thomas Darlington, M.D.. .P. 0. Box 2503, Washington, D. C. 

Inland. Inland Publishing Co Emporium, Kan. 

Inland /V. Inland Printer Co 130 Sherman St., Chicago, 

Inland Press. Inland Press Asheville, N. C. 

Inland Printing Co. Inland Printing Co Spokane, Wash. 

Inland Pnb. Inland Publishing Co Terre Haute, Ind, 

hnnan t B. R. Inman, B. R Middletown, Ind. 

Innes. Innes & Son 1311 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Inquirer. Inquirer and Mirror Press .Nantucket, Mass. 

fust. Colored Youth. Institute for Colored Youth Cheyney, Pa. 

Insurance Field. Insurance Field P. O. Box 617, Louisville, Ky. 

Insurance Press. Insurance Press 120 Liberty St., New York. 

Int. Banking* International Banking Corporation 60 Wall St., New York. 

Int. Bit, Am, Re- International Bureau of the American Republics, 

publics. 2 Jackson PL, Washington, D. C. 

Int. Cnble. International Cable Directory Co 17 State St., New York. 

Int. Claim. , International Claim Agency Pittsburg, Pa. 

International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association. See 
Y. M, C, A. 

fnt. Code. International Code Co 155 W. 6ist St., New York. 

Int. Correspondence. International Correspondence Schools Scranton, Pa. 

hit. Exchange, International Exchange P. O. Box 177, Chicago, 

Int. Independent^ International Independent Telephone Associations, 

339 Monadnock Block, Chicago. 

Int. Law* International Law and Business Institute, 

234 Hennepin Aye., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Int Master Boiler. International Master Boiler Makers' Association, 

95 Liberty St., New York. 

Int. Medical International Medical Book Co Milwaukee, Wis. 

Int Motor International Motor Cyclopaedia, 

313-314 Terminal Bldg., Park Ave. and Forty-first St., New York. 

Int. Press. International Press 136 William St., New York. 

Int. Pr, International Printing Co 236 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Int, Pub. Co. International Publishing Co 394 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

hit. Rcf< Bu, International Reform Bureau, 

206 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Int. Sch, of Peace, International School of Peace 2pa Beacon St. ,^ Boston. 

Int, Silver International Silver Co Meriden, Ct 

Int S S, 'Assoc. International Sunday School Association. .805 Hartford BMg, Chicago. 

Int. Tax International Tax Association. .417 Bd. of Trade Bldg., Columbus, 0. 

Int. Tcx'tbk. International Textbook Co Scranton, Pa. 

Int Union United International Union of United Brewery Workmen of America, 

Brewery. Vine an( * Cahoun St., Cincinnati. 

Inter Aid.* Inter Aid Bureau Streator, 111. 

lntercoll*&at* Pro- Intercollegiate Prohibition Association Chicago. 

hitntion. ~ r 

Interstate Pr. Interstate Printing Co b t. .Louis. 


Interstate Prohibi* 



Interstate Prohibition Publishing Association, 

477 Eliicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y, 

Interstate School of Correspondence, .378-388 Wabash Ave,, Chicago. 
Inventors & Investors Corporation ____ 1114 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 

interstate $ch. Com 

Inventors 5* tnvcs- 


Iowa /*?>. Iowa Publishing Co ............................ . . . . I )es Moines, la, 

Ipswich Hist* Ipawich Historical Society ............ , ............ . . .Ipswich, Mass, 

trish Hand-Woven. Irish Hand- Woven Linen Damask Co.. ......... . . . ......... Chicago. 

Italian Am. Italian American Printing Co,,., ...... 17 Chatham Sq, New York. 

Italian Sell. Italian School of Languages ............ ,U5 Fifth Ave,, New York, 

Ithaca laurn, Ithaca^ Journal Press .................... ! , \ ............ Ithaca, N, V, 

Ithomites, -1. Ithomites, Apostle, ....... ...................... .... Raymond/ Wash. 

Item Pub, Item Publishing Co, ... ........... ... ........ .... ____ sVllersville, Pa, 

/vy* Ivy Press,,,. ............ . ....... . ........... .... . , . , .Se;ittii\ Wash. 

Jaekson, A. D, Jackson ? Alma Drayer ..... , ..... . ..... ........ ..... I hirham, N. f !. 

A/r/wem, E M. Jackson, E, M., , .............. . .......... . . ...... Vtnehmd. N T J, 

Jd< kstni, f\ E, Jackson, Fred. R ............... ...... ........ ........ . JetYerson, Mo, 

Jacksvn, G. A, Jackson, G. A ............ .. ........ ....... S iVmherton S<| . n<Mnn, 

Jackson. G: Jackson, George .............. .... ...... 1005 Bryan St., Dallas, Tex, 

Jackson, /.. Jackson, Loulia ...... ...,.....,..,.....,..,'.....,.,.. Bkickfmrit, Mo, 

Jackson Print Jackson Print Shop... ......... Room 2> 27 K. sad St., Now York. 

Jacobs* Jacobs, George W,, & Co, , , , . . .208 \V. Washington SK Philadelphia, 

Jacobs G. E, Jacobs, G. TV. .......... ..... ist National Bank BId>*, t (Jettyshwg, Pa, 

Jacobs,!!: Jacobs, Henry. .,..,,...,.., . .....scx* Prospect Ave., New York 

Jacobs fr Holmes, jnatbs & Holmes. ............ , t ........... .167 Aclam** St., Cliii%tpo 

Jwr. T. R Jager, Theodore F. . . . ... ......,,. . , ................ PlttHford, N, Y, 

r^r, G, James, Gorton,,,.. ...... ...... w Buckininntrr Rd M Br<x>klint k , 

cjf, CV": IF, t /n Jamas l George Watson* Jr. ...... .......15 N. 4th St Riclitmmd, Va. 

/, 6\ James, Mrs, M. C*. ..... .......... ,^)o8 Regent St Berkolcy, Cat. 

? 9 P. James, U. P.. . . . , ..... ...,,..... , . .... 127 W. 7th St., (Inriitmiti, 

James, IF: G. James, William Grant, ..... ...... , , , ____ ....,.... Box j,t;;,|, Bttstoit, 

Jamison, /, C. Jamison, James C, , ....... ...................... ____ < JtWirio, Okhi. 

Jaros Cti Jaros Co,,.. ...... , .... ......... , ____ . ..i,u Massatt St.. Now York, 

Jeffords. S, C7 JtifForda, Sydney G ..... ....,.,.,...,;......,....,.. ..... ivria, III 

Jefferson* Ji'ftVrson Publishing (*> ...... .............. , , ........ X 4 nta, III 

Jefferson Co, Mfd, JclTcr.son Coimty Medirnl Sncirtj ......... , .......... I ,.tii-.\ illr Kv. 


Jcnekes. Jonokes & Co.. .......... ......... ,,,,io t ; H<Hv St., t'r.nnlnrd, X, .f. 

Jtnison, S. A, Jenlsoii, Sarah A. ..... ........... ,-8 f If'nry St, (ran<l Hapiih, Midi, 

Jenkins, L, t"L jonkins, ! 11,, ,..,,..,,.,.,.,.,,....,.,. , ,'.,,...,,... Hii'htttii;d, Vn 

Jenkins* U': R* JVnkio\ WillLiin li, (\K, , .... ,. ,%i Sixth \vo. t Xmv York 

Jenner t W; A. Jcnor William A, ,,.,,,,..,.,.,, . .... \ ,,i| Psnr St , \%-u Y'tik 

Jftwess, It, T* JottiicKs, Herbert Thoodorv . ... , .. .,,*<* < 'Id Smth lUc|., BoHtoa. 

fcnninfis, JvinungH & <rah;uu. . ... . ,,,.14 \\ ! WaHlutiKtnu St,, * 'tm'wiMti 

Jennings. L JotuiinKH, Janet, . ..... , ...... ........... MrKiiiky II , MnMrnr, \\ t i 

n t G: //. Jenaan, G : IL, ..........,..,....,,.,,.,..,.,,..'., Nutchttoctio^, la, 

,J,C. J k notu J, C. .......... . .........105 (liarks Ilkl^, I)i*iui*r, <ViIo, 

. 6': Jrf)n, Oargr, ..............,...,.,,,,.,...,,.., . .Ht>it!m!al<% Mass. 

City Lib, Joroy Hty I'^iw fublir Libnry.... ,.,,.,., ....Joi'O 1 "'t % N f 

PK ^ k w'I Piil>lihinp; Co, .....,.....,..,.,.,...., ..,,,'. ,Sp'tim*Md. \fi 

JVw/f", X. /?. JcuHt, Albert tVwry. .......... ---- iocu Flatinni IIW^, NVm YK 

/iwi'll. C; J**\\ott, Charley M.n.,...,.. ...... 300 C ltnt<iii \v^ Brtn*klvti f N ^ 

Jrwvli P6. Jottisb Pultliratbn Stioirty of America, .6tt CltoHtnut St. Phiitidftjtn,i 

ological Jowish lliinilogiral Snwnury of Atmnca,.5.o W, I3 % |4 St , Mw Vrk, 

ln ,4, E, Jfwb, Albert t R, I^juitalile llldg, % nth and l*aetfu* Ave.. IVimui, Wa^h, 

t IV": Johanseii, Nieholas, car** of Jimrnat cf ("oinnt<*nv, .....,, Mew Ytrk, 

Crf rar f Jfr. Jdm C V'rar I .ibrary . . . . . ,.,.,,.,,,..,.......,.......,,,,., (liit^nH, 

Hflpkins. Johns I fopkins !*n^s, .............,,,......,.,.,,... naltiiuor**, Mil 

fw, A. L JohttMin, Mrs. Mta Leonanl. ,408 Srrotid St.. M. W,, WasbiiiKton. H (', 

lohnson, B, F. Johnjjwu B, l'\, Publishing Ox, 

Rooms 317-^(0 Miitmtl Ilklg,, Riohui*md, V,i 

Jttlwson, C: /- JttliiiMiii, Charles L,, ,..,.. . . . . . , ..,,,, J 1 , C ), Box 141, Seattle, Wa-^b 

Johnson, D> Jfnlinsotu I>. .,.,.......,,..........,.,....,...,,., , ,f a Gnigi\ M<. 

Johnson, R, B, Johiwoiu K. Bird. ...... . ,,,,, ,^i Seymour Ave, MiuneajntliH, Minn. 

Johnson, R. C, Jo!iMn. E, C. ................. .707 \lallry Hldw., NVw ||;U.MI, <*t 

Johnson, R R, JdiiHon, Kd\vin Ro^siter. ..,.......,., . ., ,j| Union Sij., N*n\ York, 

Johnson, fl: ff. Johnson, Henry Herbert, ,......,.....,..,!,..,,..,.,.,., llii*"oii, C^i! 

/r/r.vrM. /. M. Jf^lmson, Jeremiah Monroe. ,.,,.,,,,,,....,.,,,.,,.., Frank ltt. Ky 

7n/iw.. K*. <^* 0. Jolmsnn, Koch Quin. .................. ,,.^7 La Salle St, rtiiear 

Johtisvn, L: f). Johnson, Lotus Diffcndorf * .,.,..,,.,,. ..... ......... Dos rait w. Oil* 

f(thnx<m t M. /I. Johnson, M. Alice . .*,...,...,,.....,..., ..... .,....,...,, Ctf*>% 'ill. 

JohnsMt M. J: Johnson, Martin W., School of Art..,,,,! Madtnon Ave.V New York* 



Johnson, T. &J.W. Johnson, T. & J. W., Co 535 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Johnson, T: M. Johnson, Thomas M -.Osceola, Mo. 

Johnson, W: M. Johnson, William Mindred Hackensack, N. J. 

Johnson & G. Johnson & Galston 49 Wall St., New York. 

Johnston, C. T. Johnston, C T Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Johnston, C: Johnston, Charles 511 W. I22d St., New. York. 

Johnston, J. N. Johnston, James Nicoll 383 Pennsylvania Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Johnston, R. W. Johnston, Ralph W., Studios, Inc Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Johnston Export. Johnston Export Publishing Co 135 William St., New York. 

Joline, A. H. Joline, Adrian Hoffman ....i W. /2d St., New York. 

Jones, A. T, Jones, Alonzo Trevier The Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Jones, B : W. Jones, Benjamin Washington Spottsville, Va. 

Jones, C. M. Jones, Clarence Miller Columbus, O. 

Jones, C: E. Jones, Charles Edgeworth Augusta, Ga. 

Jones,C: H: Jones, Charles Henry Stephen Girard Bldg,, Philadelphia. 

Jones, E. A. Jones, Edmund A Care Heer Printing Co., Columbus, O, 

Jones, E: R: Jones, Edward Richard Madison, Wis. 

Jones, F. L. Jones, F. L Buffalo, N. Y. 

Jones, G: 7. Jones, George 1 216 Clark St., Chicago*. 

Jones, G: W. Jones, George W Jacksonville, 111. 

Jones, H: Jones, Henry, M.D Preston, Minn. 

Jones, Ia f Jones, James Chicago. 

Jones, J: C. Jones, Rev. John Cooper Leaf River, 111. 

Jones, L. Jones, Lynds '. Oberlin, o! 

Jones, M. Jones, Marshall, Co 212 Summer St., Boston. 

Jones, M. 0. Jones, Milton Osman Bergenfield, N." J. 

Jones, W. B. Jones, W, B 185 Franklin St., Boston. 

Jones W. E,, Balti- Jones, W, E Baltimore, Md. 

more. i 

Jones, W. F. - Jones, Mrs. W. F 202 Mission St., San Rafael, Cal. 

Jones, W : B, Jones, William Boucher 95 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

Jones, W: . Jones, William Ellis Richmond, Va. 

Jones & Lamson* Jones & Lamson Machine Co Springfield, Vt. 

Jones & Laughlin's. Jones & Laughlin's Steel Co., 

American Iron & Steel Works, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jones' Bk t Store. Jones' Book Store ., Los Angeles, Cat. 

Jones Bros. Jones Brothers Publishing Co Cincinnati. 

Journal Cutaneous. Journal of Cutaneous Diseases. .Room 614, 105 W. 4Oth St., New York. 

Journal Infectious Journal of Infectious Diseases Chicago. 


Journal Mental Journal of Mental Pathology P. O. Box 1023, New York. 

Journal Nervous Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Co., 

Disease. ' 64 W. 56th St., New York. 

Journal of Co fit- Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin New York. 

Journal o. c Oste- Journal of Osteopathy Publishing Co .Kirksville, Mo. 


Journal Tress. (O.) Journal Press Lakeville, Ct. 

Journal Pr. ( III.) Journal Printing Co Freeport, 111. 

Journal U. S. Journal U, S. Artillery Fort Monroe, Ya. 


Joyce, J: A. Joyce, John A 226 Maryland Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Judtf. Judd, Orange Co 315 4th Ave., New York. 

Judd & D, Jucld & Detweiler 420 nth St., Washington, D. C 

Judge, Judge Co 225 Fifth Ave., New York. 

fudsoit, P: AT. Juclson, Frederick Newton Rialto Bldg., St. Louis. 

7w/fV, M. C. Julian, Matthew C New Bedford, Mass. 

Jni f nile Bk Juvenile Book Co Chicago. 

Kagey, C; t. Kagey, Charles Claudius Tuscola, 111. 

Kohlenberg, L: Kahlenberg, Louis University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

Kahn, A. N; Kahti, Alexander Nicholas 140 Nassau St., New York. 

Kaiser, Kaiser, Fcrdmand P 407 N. Broadway, St. Louis. 

Kaiser, H. W. Kaiser, H. W 317 Henncn Bldg., New Orleans. 

Kalbfus, /. Kalbfus, Joseph Harrisburg, Pa. 

Kaler t 7. 0. Kaler, James Otis, 

City of South Portland, School Department, South Portland, Me. 

Kalhnev^C: Kallmeyer, Charles 205 E. 45* St., New York 

Kam\ P. K. Kane, F. K 129 W. spth St., New York. 

Kansas City Pub. Kansas City Public Library Kansas City, Mo. 

Kansas Prohibition- Kansas Prohibitionist Kansas City, Kan. 




Kate, B. Katz, Elizabeth 3 \V. 9*! St.. New York. 

Kaufmann, E. Kaufmann, ErneM 22 24 X, William St., NV\\ York, 

Kauftnan, H. Kaufman, Herbert Chicago. 

Kauser* Kauscr, A 1402 H roadway, New York. 

Keating, IL T. Kealing, llinhlo\\er T -oo Tub. Sq., Nashville, Tenn. 

Kearney* Kearney, John E 43 W. 27th St> New York, 

Kecfe. Kt efe Bros Ihttte, Mont. 

Ketfc-D. Kcefe-Davidson Law Book Co St. Paul, Minn. 

Kcelcr, C. 0, Keeler, Mrs. Clarissa Olde..7is Rhode Island Ave., Washington* D. C 

Keclcr, L. E. Kceler, Lucy Elliot .417 Hirclmrd Ave,* Fremont, O. 

Keener, Keener, W. T., & Co, (purchased by the Chicago Medical Book Co,), 

Keith, M. L* Keith, Max L Minneapolis, Minn. 

Keith & G, Keith & Ginter , Belleville, (). 

Kelkcr, F. Kclkcr, F I larrushurg. Pa. 

Keller, C: E. Keller, Charles E. . v . % Mallet ( 'reek. ( >, 

Ktllcr*C* Keller-Crescent Printing" and Kngraving Co. Kvansville, Iml. 

KcllcrstrasSf B, Kellerstrass, Ernest ... Kaunas ( *ity, Mo, 

AVI/r.v, P: Kelley, Frederick, ., , ,, . iloiton/ Miih, 

Kellogg, -L IL Kellogg, Andrew If., Co 409-415 ^ r * St.* New York, 

Kellogg, J. Kellogg, J.......... .300 W. 2d St. Little Rock. Ark. 

KfUogg-B. Kellf.j^g- Baxter Publi.shing Co ,.n W, 9th St., Kansas City, Mo 

Kelly. Kelly Publishing Co. . 5 Bedcman St., New York 

Kciscy, P, W. Kclsey, Francis Willey .,,,.. .Ann Arbor, Mich 

Ketnf <5 H. Kemp & Hubert. Spnkatu*, Wash. 

KemptoH. Kempton, George .........*.,....,, Sharon, Mass, 

Kwdy. Ktnedy, P. J,, & Sons, , , .5 Barclay St., New York. 

AVrt/iOH, T: L, Kennan, Thomas L,,, ... ,170 Prospect Ave, Milwaukir. Wis. 

Ktnnebtck. Kennebeck Journal Print* AiiKi^ta, Me. 

Kennerley, M. Kenncrley, mitchell. ,,,.2 E, j*th St.. New York. 

Kent, C, E, Kent, Mrs, C E, , jf> T St.. X. W.. \Yasbint.Mj, 1 <', 

G: H. Kent, (Joorgc IL. .t*;unbrilKo. M;IM. 

cky / V//, Kentucky DvpftrtinuU of Mducation, , FuwKt'ott,, Kv 


Kentucky Statt* Lib, Krntucky Slate Librarian. iManM'ni i, K> , 

Ktofth A Krc^h, Ainlrow . , , . < 'hiaigo, 

Ktfpel, Pub. Kcppcl f*ublishinK Co .....,,., .Tiflitu O. 

Keramic* Kcramic Sttulu* Fuhlisbin^ ('> , ,,,,,,, ,S\rat 4 u^t\ X Y, 

KerHoile, P: J, KenuxlJe, I'vter JcfiriMis ,, , . ....Mttm i'HiK\ N*. ^ > - 

J^rff. Kerr, Charles I ! $k Co ,,.....,...., nN \\', Ktu/ir St ('hit'avto 

Kerr, R> Kerr, Robert, Frew .,,..,,, ,,j K, jt^th ^l , NV\v York. 

Kttcham* A". ?, Ketcham* Rev, Knelan<i I'latt... .. ., , . ..U7 W. -8^1 St. Nrw Yurk, 

Ketltr* H. B. Ketter, Horace B* ,,, ..,, Ontilni, K, J, 

JCwffpl Keuffel & Esaer Co. .1-17 Fulton St, Nrw York, 

Keystone Puh Keystone Publishing Co..,*,.,. . .ftx) N ioth St., Phtatktphia. 

Kibbr. Kibler & Co ..,..,...,... . .. , , , .Sprtfirld, Mi, 

KM, L ft. Kidd, James Harvey,,,.,, .14 N, jti St.. tmtia, Mich, 

ITtW, /, J\T, Kidd, Josiah Nicholas, \Y wiu<li Kan. 

Kittwurn. Kilbourn, Dwight C, , . , Knt I .itohtirlfl. Ct. 

/frr. Kjlner, H. L, & Co ,824 Arch St., I'hilmiriphift. 

Kimball Pms. Kimball Prrss , Kvaiwi*n lit 

Rin$ t King, Franklin ff train, .......... 1540 University Ave,, MiulUon, Wi. 

KtttR* C ^ ; King, Cardenio F. Journal ttktg*, Hoiton. 

King* F; /l t King, Frederick Ahvin ....jf Tlir Komaitu*, Cliftctu. Cittcinnatt. 

Kittftiti.G, King, Georgian:* (, Hryn Mawr OIIt k gf Hryn Msiwr, Pt, 

King, G: W, King, George W,. Printing Co, ...... ^ S Howard St, Raltimor*, Md. 

King, J, L, King, Joseph L* , Room 7, MO Bwah St., San Frandaoo* 

King, L /, King. I., J.. tKi Cora Ave., St, Louli. 

King t 5, / King, Sidney J. ,,,.,,, 126 Market St., Chicago. 

King, IF,* X. King, William A., Union and Tinu^ I're^, 

St, Stephen's Mall. Hnflf.iln. N* N. 

Jffwj? l?rw, King Hn>H H3 t ; - l*exii|ti*n St-, ttoltwunv, M*l. 

King Pn King Printing Co fmj Shelhy St., Hrintol. Tenn, 

King'K. King*Riehar<lAon Co r^-S State St.. SpringfieW, Man. 

King's BustntM, King f Rtisinens Publishing (*o, ,.501 Treniont Temple, Helton, 

Kingxlfy t ff: R t Ktngaley, Henry Ross, , , , . . . jj James St., Newark, N. J. 

Kinnalrit P* Kinnatrd k Percy. , . , , , ju 1 ^ Third Ave* ttftihviile Tnn. 

Kinnty, A, S, Kinney, Asa Stephen , , , , So, Htdley, Mats* 

Kinsty K. B, Kisy ( Rohfrt Baldwin. ............. 62J Court St., Rraning. Pa. 

Ktrkfatric* H. Kirkpatric, Howard l^iiM'iM'iy Sehofl of Munie, IJnailn. Nrli, 

G: R, Kirkpatrick, George Rons. , . .West la Payette, O 




Kirsch, W: Kitsch, William Newark N T 

$**!*' r , ! Stler ' W ' H " Stationery Co Y.V.Y .'.'.'. Denver,' Cola 

Kitchen,!. W. Kitchen, Mrs. James W 313 East St., Warren, Pa. 

Kitchen, R. Kitchen, Mrs. R 341 West Sixth St., Bloomsburg, Pa 

Ktttochtwny Kittochtinny Press Chambersburg, Pa 

Dredge J: H. Kittredge, John Herbert Chillicothe, Mo] 

Klaber, W: Klaber, William Columbia University, New York. 

\Klein, /. Klein, Jacob 36 Fox St., Poughkeepsie, N Y. 

Klopp, Klopp & Bartlett Omaha Neb. 

Klump Klump, C M 1208 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Knappenberger, LB. Knapppenberger, James Buchanan .. 707 Midland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Knaus, H: Knaus, Henry Chicago. 

Knega. Knega Co Washington, D. C, 

Knickerbocker Knickerbocker Press : 2 W. 45th St., New York. 


Knight, L. Knight, L 16 Cortlandt St., New York. 

Knights King Knights of King Arthur Taylor and 3d Aves., Detroit, Mich. 


Knowlson & M. Knowlson & Muller Room 4, Eagle Bldg., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Knox, P. C. Knox, Philander Chase 1527 K St., Washington, D. C, 

Knox, R. L. Knox, Robert L Fredericksburg, Va, 

Koeckert. Koeckert, E. C 702 Rose Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Kohl Technical Kohl Technical Publishing Co 346 Broadway, New York. 

Kohlsaat, A. M. Kohlsaat, Amy M 25 E. 73d St, New York. 

Kohn 6* P. Kohn & Pollock, Inc Baltimore. Md. 

Kolb, C: B. Kolb, Charles B Columbus O. 

Kolcsch. Kclesch & Co. 138 Fulton St., New York. 

Koday, C: M. Kozlay, Charles Meeker 339 Adams St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Kraft, M. J. Kraft, Mary Jane, M.D 313 N. Greenleaf Ave., Whitticr, CaL 

KrehbieL Krehbiel, C. J., & Co Cincinnati. 

Kr eider, G: N. Kreider, George N., M.D 522 Capitol Ave., Springfield, 111. 

Krohn, J": A, Krohn, John Albert Newburyport, Mass. 

Krull V. H, Krull, Rev. Virgilius Herman Collegeville, Ind. 

Krumrcig, B: L, Krumreig, E : Ludwig 37 High St, Somerset, Mass. 

Krusc, C: H: Kruse, Charles Henry Petersburg, Va. 

Kuehl, G: W. Kuehl, George W. . . : Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kullmcr, C. J. Kullmer, C. J 505 University PL, Syracuse, N. Y. 

\Kummcl, H: B. Kummel, Henry Barnard 917 Edgewood Ave., Trenton, N. J. 

Kuyahora Press. Kuyahora Press Newport, N. Y. 

La' Free* B: La Bree, Benjamin, Jr Louisville, Ky. 

La. DistHb. Co, Louisiana Distributing Co, of "Unveiling Tributes/' Woodmen of the 

World P. O. Box 533, Shreveport, La. 

La Pollia. La Fpllia di New York 190 Grand St., New York. 

La, Geol. Survey. Louisiana Geological Survey Baton Rouge, La. 

La. Meadow. Louisiana Meadow Co New Orleans, La. 

La. Pub, Co, Louisiana Publishing Co.. 137 Carondalet St., New Orleans, La. 

La, State Uniy, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, La. 

Laboratory Co. Laboratory Co Norway Lake, Me. 

Lafoviawc, /. R. Lafontaine, J. R San Francisco. 

Laing. Laing, L. L, Co 5734 Kimbark Ave., Chicago. 

Laird, Laird & Lee 1732 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

Lamb, E. G. Lamb, Edwin Gifford Norwalk, Ct. 

Lamb, H: G. Lamb, Henry Grant. Matawan, N. J. 

Lamb, J. H. See Publishing House of the Evangelical Association. 

Lamb Pub. Lamb Publishing Co 225 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Lambert, W: H. Lambert, William Harrison Mutual Life Bldg., Philadelphia. 

TMmbournc, A, Larnbourne, Alfred * 531 6th Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Lamp Pub! " Lamp Publishing Co Graymoor, Garrison, N. Y. 

Lanahan. Lanahan, J 220 N. Howard St., Baltimore, Md. 

Landcs, S. W, Landes Sarah W Box 504, Stillwater, Okla. 

J t anc> ' Lane, John, Co. (Bodley Head) 110-114 W. 32d St., New York. 

Lane L P Lane, Leasure Porter Box 293, Zanesville, 0. 

Lanel W. A Lane, W. D., & Co n Cliff St., New York. 

Langdow, E! F. Langdon, Mrs. Emma Florence. .1395 Lowell Boulevard, Denver, Colo. 

Lanqe ' * * Lange, Louis, Publishing Co St. Louis. 

Lan'ier, J: /, Lanier, John Jabez Washington, Ga. 

AffHttr*. Laning Printing Co ^^H' -P' 

Lanston. Lanston Monotype Machine Co Philadelphia. 

Lanthorne. Lanthorne Press Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Lantit, L L Lanzit, Joseph J .Chicago. 

Laramie Repub. Laramic Republican Co ^ r n j ie 3P 7 

Larkin, Larkin Co ; Buffalo, N. Y. 




Larkin, E: Larkin, Edward, Sec'y Chicago Chapter, Knights of Columbus, 

R. A. 12, Great Northern Hotel Chicag- 

Larson* /. H: Lar.son, James 3 lenry 1 lnilcyhur>, ( )n 

jLVJrf de la Mode. UArt de la Mode .8 W. 38th St.. "New Yorl 

La Salte Bureau. La Salle Bureau of Supplies 50* 2d St., New YorJ 

La Salic Extension. La Salle Extension University. 2715-271^ Michigan Ave, t Cluaigt 

LfltfA'flttwA'/, /*: B, Laskowski, Peter E, ..,.*. Los Angeles, Ca 

Lathbury, A. A; Lathbury, Albert Augustus East Norwich, L, I. M. V 

Latkrop, L C, Lathrop, Lester Cassius 911 At wood Ave,. Madison, \Vi- 

Laughlm* A. Laughhn, Annie Mark West, Cal 

Lava rack, F: C: Lavaraek, Frederick Charles ...114 Park St.. Orange, M, J 

Lazv f E, AT. Law, Mrs. Emma N Detroit, Midi 

Lim\ jr.- //, Law, William FTainstock 135 Pine St., Detroit, Mich 

Law Acad. Law Academy of Philadelphia ....*. Philadelphia 

Law Journ. Law Journal Publishing Co PlaintieUU N. J, 

Law Reporting. Law Reporting Co .(17 Wall St , New York. 

Law Stamps. Law Stamps Co , Detroit, Mich. 

Lawrence, R: H, Lawrence, Richard Hoe 15 Wall St., New York, 

Lawrence Cetncnl. Lawrence Cement Co .Room I, I Broadway, New York. 

Lawrence fourn. Lawrence Journal Co , , ,L;uv rener, Kan, 

/.<mv, (", A 1 . Laws, Clarence R St, LouK 

Lawyers" Co-op. Lawyers 1 Co-operative Publishing Co. ......,,,...., .Rodicsaer, N*. Y, 

Lay. W: A. Lay, William August ." Cincinnati. 

Lta. Lea & Febiger.^ ; 700-708 Sansont St., Philadelphia, 

Leach J. ff. Leach, Col J[o?iah Granvllk. .......... .7^3 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 

Leader Pi\ Leader Printing Co. ...... . t (Suthrie, Okla. 

League ,-fw. Muni- League of American Municipalities,.,,* 95 Dearborn St , Owvgo. 

i* ifnilit I c$. 

League Lib. Com, League of Library Commissions The Capitol, St Paul Mum. 

Leahy, G: T Leahy, George V. , St, John's Seminary, Brighton, Ma**. 

Lfrt/r, C: A: Letlc, Charles Augustus .,..,,604 Madison Av<?, New York, 

Lt#t A* Lee% Ambrose, Publishing Co .,,....,.. . Willtauishritlge, V. Y. 

Lee, A. ,9. Lee, Albert Sherman .....,,,...., Riplry, W, Va, 

Lee, E. B, L*e, Elizabeth Ratta FlusiiiiMK, N* Y. 

Lrr, /. L. Lee, Ivy Ledbettet . . . . . , , m Broad St, New York 

Lee,J: H, Lee, John H,,,.,,. ; *...,.......... Poitwitu, Cal 

Iff, /,. W, Le L, W locx) Trotnont St , Boston 

Lee t R. IL Lee. R. E, Co .formerly (187 Boytattw St., lio.Htoii 

Lee <% r^. Lee & Co , ,....". I ta\s thtrnr, N- j 

Ltcch t $: F. Leech, Rev, Samuel Vanderlip, .WaHhittKt<tt D C 

Lfffman, H: Ltffnmn Henry. 1830 N, tyth St , Philadelphia 

Legal* Legal Advertising Co. .^. , , , . t t'inriuiati 

Legal Adv. Legal Adviser Publishing Co. .......... .<u La SatU- St., OiintfftK 

AM, Legal Aid Society,*., ...Room 23* -IJQ Broadway. Mrw York. 

i H: E, Lt*gler, Henry K , , PtihHr Library, i'hinticn. 

Co. Hist. Lehigh County Historical Society. , Allniim\i. Pa 

Coal, Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co it*8 S<, 4th St , PtitUtlctphut 

Lehman, H> H. Lehmsun Henry Harvey, * , , , . Athtamt, <), 

, / ; A* Lchmann, John Albert , , , , . , Thompson, O. 

Lehmcn Printing Co, ... ......,....,.....,... iiftlttntorc, Mel. 

//, AT. Leiclin^. Harriette Kersbaw .Clmrlrtin. S, (*, 

Lelteti, /L M. Lritch, H, M Wawoiui, Cal, 

I .eland , ,V; /*, Lclaiui, Samuel Phelps. ..,.,....,.,.....,. Senhrrcyr, FU* 

l.chmd Stanford 7r. Leland Stanford Jr. University. Stanford Universtitv, Cal, 

Untv t 

Lrwrkr, Leincke & Buerhner , % v- % u W, 27th St., NVw York, 

/.rw^.r ColL Lrnux (^allege. ,...,,..,,,,,,, ! iopkiutnit. In,<.v /'/. I-onox Pwhlinhing C!o. ., , , NVw York, 

Lent fr (t. . Lent & Graft 4 Co. . , , ..... 137 K. 25th St . \Vu Yot k 

Lrtwr flw. Lt*oer Hrm. & GUnmre. ..78 Broad St , \%n\ York, 

Lr.HiiihCkmkl Co,... ., , .....,.,,. , , St Loui* 

Lwlie-Judne Co,, 

Brunswick Bklg,, Fifth Avt*. and J7th St. Xvw N ork. 

Lester Book Co , Atlanta. U. 

Lft$on t .9; R Leton Samuel Briahin,... ... ,^ .327 S, Olive St., Lo* Angffr\ Cat, 

Levey Bros, & Co , , * . , . .Indiannpolift, Ind. 

, B. 7, Levey, Edgar J.. .Room aon, L15 Broadway, Nrw York. 

*f t L: B. Levi, Louis EmanueL ...*................ Milwaukee, Wit. 

t>, (T: I?: Lewis, George Edward* , , Bryant ville , 

Lewis* H. A SUCCCIM ( < MI E, JJ*I St , NV\\ Y*rk, 

Lewis t L J: Lewis, James Joftn, , .,....**......,.. Chicago, 

Lewis < /&$. l f ttn**f, Lewis, Joseph Vance. .................. . . , ! !oHt. Trx 




Lewis, S. A. Lewis, Spenser A., Co ............. 1731 Euclid St., Washington, D C. 

Lewis, W: Z>. Lewis, William Draper .......... 34th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. 

Lewis & W. Lewis & White ..................................... Kosciusko, Miss. 

Lewis Pub. Co. Lewis Publishing Co., 

265 Broadway, New York, and 358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Lewiston Journ. Lewiston Journal Co., Press of ........................ Lewiston, Me. 

Lex. Lex Publishing Co .................................... Jackson, Miss. 

Lexington Hist. Soc. Lexington Historical Society ...................... Lexington, Mass. 

Libbty, C: T. Libbey, Charles Thornton .............. P. 0. Box 465, Portland, Me. 

Lib. Bu. Library Bureau .......................... 215 Madison St., Chicago, 

Lib. Shelf. Library Shelf ....................... 850-854 McClurg Bldg., Chicago. 

Liberty Pub. Liberty Publishing Co ................. 852 Simpson St., New York. 

Lichtenstein, G. Lichtenstein, Gaston ............... . , 1419 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Life Pub. Co. Life Publishing Co ....................... 17 W. 3ist St., New York. 

Light and Hope Light and Hope Publishing Co ....................... Birmingham, 0. 

Liljengren, A. " Liljengren, Adolph ............... 670 No. High St., Middletown, Ct. 

Lilley. Lilley, M. C., & Co ..................................... Columbus, 0. 

Lincoln. Lincoln Publishing Co ..... ........ 270 North St., Springfield, Mass. 

Lincoln Business. Lincoln Business College ............................... Lincoln, Neb. 

Lincoln Fellowship. Lincoln Fellowship. . ...................... 38 W. 2ist St., New York. 

Lincoln Pub. Co. Lincoln Publishing Co ....................... .56 Lincoln ^St, Boston. 

Lincoln Sentinel. Lincoln Sentinel Print ................................. Lincoln, Kan. 

Lincoln Temperance. Lincoln Temperance Press ............................. ---- Chicago. 

Lindsay. Lindsay Publishing Co., 

412-414 People's Bank Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Lindsay N: V. Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel ............. 223 So. 6th St., Springfield, 111. 

Linn A. D Linn, Allen Dawson ................ 32 loth St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Linn, S: Linn, Rev. Samuel ................................ .... . Axtcll, Neb. 

Linnaean. Linnaean Society of New York .......... 153 W. 73<* St., New York. 

Lippincott Lippincott, J. B,, Co .............. E. Washington Sq., Philadelphia. 

Liquid Carbonic. Liquid Carbonic Co .......................... 44 Wells St., Chicago. 

LitMcld, W. J. Litchfield, Wilford J .................... 455 Columbus Ave., Boston. 

Little B. 6- Co. Little, Brown & Co .......................... 34 Beacon St., Boston. 

little > W C Little, Weare C, & Co ................. 5^5 Broadway, Albany, N. Y. 

little & L Little, J. J., & Ives Co ................. 435 E. 24th St., New York. 

Little Chronicle. Little Chronicle Co ...................... 35$ Dearborn St., Chicago. 

little Journeys. Little Journeys Publishing Co ............. 79 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Littlcfield. Lntleneld, George Emery ............... . . ..... . . 67 Cornhill, Boston. 

littleficld C: W". Littlefield, Charles Wentworth ..... 442-3 Central Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

/fe, r / v ' Lively, Rev. William Irven .................. . ........ .Greenville, 111. 

Livi^stov, J: H: Livingston, John Henry, Esq,. . ."Clermont," Tivoli P. 0., New York. 

Lloyd J.A. Lloyd, Julius A ...................................... / ' I* I^'XT T 

I llld J-W- Uoyd, John William ................................. Westfield, N. J. 

Lloyd Bros " Lloyd Bros ......................... Court and Plum Sts., Columbus. 

J loyd I ib * Lloyd Library of Botany, Pharmacy and Matena Medica, 

i^ioya i*w. j j 309 W. Court St., Cincinnati. 

Locw F: Loeser, Frederick, Co ....... .....482 Fulton St., Brooklyn NY. 

loma I inda Coll Loma Linda College Press ........... .......... .Loma Linda, Cal. 

II ill- E I Lomax, E, L .......... G. P. A. Union Pacific RR. Co Omaha, Neb. 

Keytar Lone Star Publishers .................. 136 S. Mam St., Pans, Tex. 

Y ^ K T one- Clarence E ......................... Sturgeon, Wis. 

K? G E T Lon| Ge^eThieli: :::::.:: ....... 400 Manhattan Ave., New York. 

Loll' IS Long, Joseph Schuyler .............. 201 Logan St., Council Plurf s la. 

Loll' / ' / T Long John Ignatius Theodore ........................ Frmtland, Md. 

iZe MB Lon| Maxwell Budd .................... ;;" '^V ' M am ' n' n 

Jonl SP : Long, Rev. Simon Peter .............. 49 Park Ave W. Mansfield 0. 

Loll' Branch Press. Long Branch Press. ........................ ih" It New Yort 

Long Island R. R. Long Island Railroad Co ....................... 34& St New York. 

Co . . .443-440 Fourth Ave., New York. 






Los Angeles Pub* Los Angeles Publishing Co... Los Angeles, Cat. 

Lothrop. G: E, Lothrop, George Kdwin Boston. 

Lothrvp, L. cV 6\ Lothrop, Lee & Shepard 93 Federal St., Boston, 

Lougce, C. R. Lottgee, C R , % Winterport Me. 

Louisville Pub. Lib. Louisville Free Public Library , Louisville, Ivy. 

Love, I : L. Love, John I Langston, ( )kla. 

LwelL Lovell, Frank, & Co (>H Murray St., New York. 

Lowderwtfk* Lowclermilk, W. H., & Co 1424-1426 F St., Washington, D. C. 

Lowe, F. Lowe, Frank Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Lowell A. IF. Lowell, Abner W Portland, Me. 

Lowell Lib. Lowell City Library. Lowell, Mass. 

Lowman. Lowman & llanford Co 616-620 First Ave,. Seattle, Wash, 

Lovtridge, R, T, Loveridge, Rose Taylor , Marcellm, Mich, 

Lmvrie, .-L W; Lowrie, Alfred William 7 Pliny St., Hartford, t 't 

Luce, /: IF, Luce, John W,, & Co 143 "Federal St.. Boston, 

Lumbermen's Pr. Lumberman's Printing Co , , , .St. 1 ,uis. 

Lumbermen's Pub. Lumbermen's Publishing: Co.* 

Bank of Commerce Bldg , oth iloor. Xurt'olk. Va, 

Lunn, A. C, Lunn, Arthur Constant 55,^7 Drexol Ave, tlm*ago, 

Luther Press, Ltrther Press , P. C). Box 253. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lutheran Jltk, Lutheran Book Concern 505 F. Main St. Columbus, ( ). 

Lutheran Pub* Lutheran Publication Society,. ...,1424 Arch St., Philadelphia, 

Lutherans, Lutherans in all Lands Publishing Co.* 

1*. O. Box 253, Minneapolis, Minn, 

Lyal Hk, I *yal Book Concern ....,..,,.,,.,,..,,.,*..,... Chicago, 

Lycfutuite* Lyceum ite Press, .. v , ; ...... 617 Stdm\av Hall Chicago. 

Lyttian* ft; S, Lyinan, Benjamin Smith. , 708 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Lynwn Bros. ' Lyman Bros. , 108 Pearl St., Syracuse, N, Y, 

Lynch, ft. P. Lynch, Mrs, Harriet Powc . . . . . .Vheraw. S, C 

Lyon. Lyon, James B., Co.*.. .^o\v IH.\T Su Albany X Y 

Lyon c^* A. Lyon & Armor, PhiLirlf iphia, 

I'ytm fr IL Lyon & Hcaly. Cor, Adams St. ami Wabaah Ave, % ilucsigo, 

Lyons , J* A. Lyons, J, A. & Co ...........*...... .378 Wab.inb AVI*-. ( "hicago, 

/If. /. ft /, M. L. & I. Co....... J.iikeport, Cal 

/If. O, /., L. (!ll) Military Order of the Loyal Legion. .... .3 Jo Ashland Blvd , tltsc;igo, 

M, (>. /,, /,, (A r , Y.} Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, ,No\v York, 

A/, f * /. /.., (Pa,) Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U, S. Commnmlcry of the 

State of Pennsylvania, ..,..'. . . , Philadelphia,, 

/I/, ,S\ t*ith. M. S. Publishing Co ,,.,,,,328 Wahaah Avr,. Chicago, 

KfcAfeer, G: McAloer* George, M.D 155 Main St., Worcrstt* r, Mais, 

Me. l///.v/('r ,/. T McAllister* Joseph Thompson.,* * .SaU*ttt, Va. 

/i/<YJ//wf,'A P.' McAIpine. J, D , ,<*olfmwo**d, O. 

McAnfle F, McArdle, Fred., ,,,,..,., .uyj Ittglrside \\ t., ( ImMg** 

Mc.-inl!/ & H, MoArdle & Helmholtx. . . , ^4 % U Inglf^idr Ave . t 'hirawo 

Afff<vjtt/v, " \Taeanlay r*o. . , 15 \V \M\ Si , Xr\v N M k 

Mctt<tin''fL /., Mrliaiin llouard Lee 1016 Fourteenth St., Washington. I) c" 

MeRride. Mcflride, John, Co. , ......,,..,....,.,,,,,, Rector St, Ne\\ York- 

/lft7?nWr, IF, MeBHde, Winston <*u , ,f> W, ***nh St. Ne\v York 

MeCahe, /?, /., Me(*ahe. Robert L(rrn/o, , , , lta\tott, ( >, 

MacCnlla. Miu-CalLi ^ <\i. . Phtindetplmi. 

McCallw* S: IF. Mc("*:tlljc Samuel Wahbnigtfn , .Atlanta. (Ja 

McCain d C McCiun, tliarles C 4 , 14.1 Liberty St , New York 

McCrtL N. L Mi-Call, ManettJi I , .,,.,",,,,,,,, .Chkago, 

McCann> Jlf. A. McCann, Sinter Mary Agnes.. . . , , , , Mt. St, ,foHr|tb % HantiltMi ('**,, O. 

A/cCtfrfy Mc(*arty Louis Philippe ..U.^H Tunit) tir-nt St.. San FrnnctHCtt. 

. l$\* A: MrClendoiu WiHinm ARsts. ...... ,H- F, U N'o, 4. AhbfviHe, Ala. 

. G. M. Mcdititock, (?, M . . ...,...,..,.. ......... ....... Hn>okUnr . Mti*. 

/ ; . /I. MeOoakey, Francis A.,,.,,.,, jf7 Fulton St. HrtMklyn. X, Y. 

. MeClttre C, ,SVt DimlilHny. P;w .X? (o 

r S. S, McCiurr, S, S,, Co. .,..,.,.., , , . , H K .*,^1 St. N'ew York 

f , T, /I. McChirc, T, A,.., l'lnl,tlelplu;i 

MeClurg, A. CM & Co,. ,,,,,,,,.,,,..,,.,. ,.Mti F.. t )ht< St , t 'hu'ago 

, A, /. McCoIIum, A< J. ,..,,.,....,,,..,., Atkins Ark, 

3fi*if. MeCornm* Medical Bf>ok Ci. - .< 'hu'HK 

Jt, /: //; McCormiek, John Nicholas, .,.,... ...... ..,,,,, . ,lf*oreto\\ n, III 

?i T MacCowtt, Townwnd. ..................... jj,? Fifth Avf . Mew Y*fk, 

MeCourt, Robert Sheparcl tftA0 Prinrrton Avr, St. Paid, Minn. 

r/, FF. E, McOurt, W, K.. ....,...'... .......... .Trrntnn. N. 1, 

F. //; McCitnt*, Frank Henry., 2036 Riverside* Ave., Sp<ikatn\ Wiwti, 

y. P. R MeCwrcly, 1), II, , ...... .Chie:a 

MeCurrv, /, ff. McCurry, J. I f . , , . , , < irutib ( Ark. 

MeCutchrtw t G: I?, McCuteheon. CJeorge Burr. , , . , t W fifth St , New York 

Mr AiifiW, T." F, Mel)ntel Charles Foster. Cedar RnpitK fft. 



MacDonald, A. MacDonald, Arthur 127 'A" t , N. E., Washington, D C 

McDonald, D. W: McDonald, Donald William Tampa, Fla 

McDonald, K. S. McDonald, Mrs. Kate S Berry ville, Va! 

McDonald, W: J. McDonald, William Jesse 824 Brozas St., Austin, ' Tex! 

McDonald & Co. McDonald & Co Canadian,' Tex. 

McDonough, /. McDonough, Joseph 98 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

Macdonough, R. Macdonough, Rodney 5 Bromfield St., Boston. 

MacDowell, T. L. MacDowell, Theodore L 2125 Uber PL, Philadelphia. 

McElroy, J: McElroy, John Washington, D. C 

McEvoy, T: 7. McEvoy, Thomas Jefferson 306 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

McFadden. McFadden, Elizabeth A 7 Ware St., Cambridge, Mass, 

McGee, G. C. McGee, Guy C Caldwell, Id. 

MacGerald. MacGerald, Willis, & Co Chicago. 

M cGill, M. R. McGill, Mary Robson 55 E. Main St., Columbus, O. 

McGraw, McGraw Publishing Co. See McGraw-Hill Book Co. 

McGraw- H, McGraw-Hill Book Co. (Successors to Book Depts. of Hill Pub- 
lishing Co. and McGraw Publishing Co.), 239 W, 39th St., New York. 

McGregor Co. McGregor Co Athens, Ga. 

Mcllwalne, H: R. Mcllwaine, Henry Reed, 

State Librarian, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va. 

Mcllwaine, R: Mcllwaine, Rev. Richard 608 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 

Mclntosh. Mclntosh Battery & Optical Co 227-229 Washington St., Chicago. 

Mclntyre, L. L. Mclntyre, Mrs. Louise Leverenz Dan.sville, HI. 

Maclntyre, W: I. Maclntyre, William Irwin Thomasville, Ga. 

McKay. McKay, David 604-608 Washington Sq., Philadelphia. 

McKccver, W: A. McKeever, William Archibald, 

Kansas State Agricultural College, Topeka, Kan. 

McKcnnan. McKennan Publishing Co Durley Bldg., Bloomingion, ill. 

McKenney, M. M. McKenney, Mrs. Marie M.. Highland Terrace, North St. Paul, Minn. 

McKenxic, P. A. McKenzie, Fayette Avery 83 Sixteenth Ave., Columbus, O. 

Mackcwsie-K. ' Mackenzie-Klink Publishing Co Chicago. 

Me Kiwi? v Pub* McKinley Publishing Co 5805 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia. 

McKnight, I. A. McKnight, L. A Fowler, Ind. 

Maclachlan, A. ?. Maclachlan, A. D 502 Boylston St., Boston. 

McLaughlin, J. C. McLaughlin, J, Candor, M.D 308 Junction Bldg. t Kansas City, Mo. 

McLaughlin, W. McLaughlin, Wendell 1043 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Cal 

McLean, A.'W. McLean, A. W Lumberton, N. C. 

McLoughlin, McLoughlin Bros 890 Broadway, New York. 

Macwifian. Macmillan Co 64-66 Fifth Ave., New York. 

MacwMan Co. Macniillan Company of Canada, Ltd Toronto, Canada. 

McMillan, H. McMillan, Hamilton Red Springs, N. C 

MacMnrray, A. MacMurray, Arthur Ames, la. 

McNair, * McNair Publishing Co 40 Williston Rd., Auburndale, Mass. 

MacNraL MacNeal Printing Co Baltimore. 

McNeill, G: E. McNcill, George Edwin Washington, D. C. 

Macoy Pub. Macov Publishing and Masonic Supply Co:... .45 John St., New York. 

McPfkf, E. F. McPike, Eugene Fairfield, 

Care of William Abbatt, 141 E. 2$th St., New York. 

McOniddy. MdQ'uiddy Printing Co Nashville, Term. 

McFcy. * McVey, John Joseph 1229 Arch St., Philadelphia, 

Madeira, L. Madeira, Lucy 1326 Nineteenth St., Washington, D. C. 

Madison. Madison Publishing Co New York. 

Maqath, J. Magath, Julius Oxford, Ga. 

Ma'glathlin, E. B. Maglathlin, Rev. E. B West Bridgewater, Mass. 

Magnum Bonum. Magnum Bonum Co ..4665 Lake A\ e,, Chicago. 

MagotWt H. W, Magoun, Herbert W 70 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Mahin Adv. Mahin Advertising Co 873 American Trust Bldg., Chicago. 

Mail Order " Mail Order News Fordham, New York. 

Main, A* E. Main, Arthur Elwin Alfred Theological Seminary, Alfred, N. Y. 

Main', I. ' Main, Josiah .University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Maine Farmer. Maine Farmer Press Augusta, Me. 

Maltbie M. R. Maltbie, Milo R 154 Nassau St., New York. 

Malkan, ' ' Malkan, Henry 42 Broadway, New York. 

Malktt, Mallett, Daniel T 253 Broadway, New York. 

Manas Press. Manas Press 860 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Manhattan Bh Manhattan Book Co 196 E. Broadway, New York 

Manhattan Trade. Manhattan Trade School 209 E. 23d St., New York. 

Manila Merchants'. Manila Merchants' Association Manila, P. I 

Manitou Manitou Clifr" Dwellers' Ruins Co Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Manns. W. H, Manns, W, H Waynesborp, Pa. 

Manual Arts. Manual Arts Press Peona 111. 

Mamal of Statistics. Manual of Statistics Co 20 Vesey St., New York. 




Manual Pub. Manual Publishing Co , Philadelphia. 

Manual Training Manual Training School Washington University, St, Louis. 


Manufacturers' Manufacturers' Association of New York, 

Awor. Manufacturers' Bldg., 198 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Manufacturers' Manufacturers' Record ." Baltimore, Mel. 


March. March Brothers 208- ju Wright Ave., Lebanon, O. 

Marigald-F* Marigold- Foster Printing Co Bridgeport, Ct, 

Marine BioL Marine Biological Association of San Diego San Diego, Oal. 

Marian /Vc\. Marion Press . . . , Jamaica, N. Y. 

Mwkens, I: Markens, Isaac , , ,02 Beaver St., New York, 

Marktw, R, /, Markoe, Ralston Joshua <jj \\* Suniinii A\e., St. Paul, Minn, 

Marlbonwgh, Marlhoroujjh, City of Mnssa Imsetts. 

Marhy, F.' E. Marley, F, K. ...". .. \ WiKon St., Bnuuia, K. Y. 

Marohnic, /. Marohnic, Josip 14^0 F. ( )hio St.. Allegheny, Pa. 

Marquis. Marquis, A. N., & Co 440 S, Dearborn St., Chicago, 

Marrs, JS\ At. N. Marrs, S. M, X . . . . ,401 Johnson St., Terrell, Tex. 

Marsh, B: C. Marsh, Heuiamin Clarke . , ...... 165 Broadway, N. Y. 

Marsh, I: P. Marsh. John I*., & Co *. . . . . . Chicago. 

Marshall Marshall & Bruce Co, Nashville Tenn. 

Marshall t P. Marshall. Park , , . , Nashville, Trim 

Marshall Print Marshall Print Shop,., , Huntington, \V, Va, 

Marskall.R. Marshall, Ruth.,.,, ......... Rook ford. Ill 

Martin, G: Martin, George , .. ... State Historical Society, Tojieka, Kan. 

A/ff/'/w, G: H. Martin, George H * .Room 303* Ford BldR,, Boston, 

Martin, (/; IF. Martin, George Washington. ....... . , , .Topeka, Kan, 

Martin, H: D 9 Martin, Henry Desires, Clinton, Mass. 

Martin, L S. Martin, Mrs. Ida Shaw , < Koxhnn Mass, 

Martin, L 1, Martin* James Lee , , , .1 lale. Mo 

Martin, /* Martin, John....... .,uo Sansomc St , I^raucisco, 

Jlfartiu fr A. Martin & Allardyoe, Fries' \\\*\a , I'VanKford. Philadelphia. 

hfwtin & H. Martin & Ilpyt Co........ .Atlanta, Ga, 

Martindalf, Mnrtindale, (. B , . ,^15 Hi'oaflua>, New York. 

Martin > T, R. Marvin, T. K,, & Son. , , . .73 Federal St , Boston 

Maryland, Geoi Mar.vland Survey..., Haltimotr. Md 

4/im)ii, A: L, Mascm, Atigustus Lynch...,. 5*'^ I sic Bl<lg,. lndian;t|Hils^ 4 Incl, 

MtiMH, C: /., Masun, Charles L, , . - , , . North < iram ille, X Y. 

,l/fw>. /:. /.. Mason, Mrs. Hvdeen Laura ., .4 Sf, Paul St., HnwKtw , Mass. 

,W//.vrw, K t F Mason, Rosalind Kay. ......... . fr.t Lincoln Pk, Hl\d, ChtcaK<t 

*l/<wi*w-//. Mason Henry Press , , tc* Si Stair St, Syraninr, N, Y, 

,l//Aw/f ( 'hrvniclf r. Masonic Chronicler IHihlishing Co ,, jjs; !>rarlu>rn Sf Chi* a. 

Mttsprth. Masjieth Publishing House, . .,, . ^ ;e. Nfilton St,, Ma^jeth, N. Y, 

1/iiA.v, Adjutant Massachusetts Adjutant General's C >fViv'*- ,.....,, . lUmton 

f*V *'**(!/, 

;l/ii,v.v, . l.wrn*. P/IIWI^* Massachusetts A.ssociatitm of Plunilnii^ lu^iH'rtor.H, , , , , , Ht^intt 


f/.v.v. 7*f/ t f*r, Massachusetts Board of !*.diuMtin , , , ,,F(rd Bldg Huitnn, 

i/.w, /?ff, Health, Massachnsetis State Board of Heaitli J<HJM 51 w, State HOUM\ JtuNtM 

t CtwtMdjgf Massachusetts Cainlrid^< Pridgr rtiuntus^toti .,.,,.., fUtitoit 


(W.f, COM* Blind, Massachusetts (\nunissiir* fur the Blind, 

Runj J<M>, ! ; u!l Mld , 15 ;Vshhnrtnn PI, Boston. 

fi.w, Cr*m, Inland Massachusetts Commissioners <*tt Inland I ; sslierir*4 and (tamr k 

t 158 State Ifcntsr, Boston, 
Massachusetts Hospital,, ,..,,.,,, Honton, 

w. Wt'^, v9or, MawachiiMrtts Histnrical Stcietv 1154 tiovisttui St , IJustdti 

Mass Nnt**Ck. VH, Massachusetts Xrw-Church I'nin'i tc ArlmtMu St. histt* 

Mttsseek, F. /, Mu^jtcck, l*ritnlc IJncotn PoHdani, K, Y. 

Mussey, Niamey fhtninrBft t*ollf gr , , , , , , , , Hinnmhaw. Ala. 

Master Sheet Mftal Master Shfft Metal Workers' J*iurtul, .* * Chrstnut St. Philadelphia 

Masiun* /?, T, Manton, Ray Thnmaji, ,.,,.,,,, 4,414 <nttral Avr n MaltHn\$Ilf% O 

Mattattick Prt$& Mattatuok Prrs t Inc ,,..., , ' , , Water hnr\, Ct. 

Mtttthaw. A, Matthews, Albert, ,...,.,,,...,,,,, . . . , llotrl Oxford, Hdstim, 

M nt f hews, S. C. Maithcws, Schuylrr Colfax, ,, Kntn ^7 5 Fifth Ave, New Y*rk 

A/ci/l/!i*?cv-,V, Matthews- Northrup Works,,,., . . i;i i^i Washin(ttm St , lUtffido 

Matthiett, S. A. Mutthieu, S. A,. ,.,,.,,,., . f , , , IVmghkcrpsir, N. Y, 

Mtiulf. C#; H. Maulr, fteorgc 1 RdnwncL .,.,,.,....,, . . . , ,Clgdfii, Utah, 

Muufiin, B: F, Maupin. Benjamin Franklin, 

Curr of John Lane Co, tin 114 W ;ud Si Nru York, 
Maver Puhlisliing Co, ,..,,..,.,..., i;|6 Liherty St , Nrw York, 




Maw, y. M. Maw, Jessie Maud Columbus Neb. 

May, C E. May, Clarence Earl Bloomington, Ind. 

Mayer, E, Mayer, Eli 222 Hamilton Ave., Paterson, N. J. 

Mayhcw. Mayhew Publishing Co 92-100 Ruggles St., Boston. 

Mayminl, C: J. Maynard, Charles Johnson 447 Crafts St., West Newton Mass. 

Mazda. Mazda Publishing Co., 

P. O. Box 83, Merchants' Station, St. Louis. 

Masdasnan. Mazdaznan Associates of God Chicago. 

Me. Hist. Maine Historical Society Portland, Me! 

Mead, W. W. Mead, Willis Waldo 195 Broadway, New York! 

Meadcr's, Meader's Book Store Rochester, N. H. 

Meakin, J: P. Meakin, John Phillips 468 First Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Med. Pr. Medical Printing Co Danbury, Ct. 

Medical Abstract. Medical Abstract Publishing Co 219 6th St., Pittsburgh, Pa! 

Medical Science. Medical S-cience Press St. Louis. 

Medico-Dental. Medico-Dental Publishing Co Chicago. 

Medico-Legal Medico-Legal Publishing Co Room 21, 29 Broadway, New York. 

Medico-Legal Pub. Medico-Legal Publishing Co 201 Market St., St. Louis. 

Meehan, M. Median, Michael Concord, N. H. 

Meese, W : A : Meese, William Augustus Moline, 111. 

Meier L. W. Meier, Mrs, Lina Wachtelborn, 

German Cooking School, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Meinert, I: H. Meinert, John H Toledo O. 

Melberg, P: L. Melberg, Peter L 912 N. W. Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Melick, C: W. Melick, Charles W College Park, Md. 

Mell, C. D. Mell, Clayton Dissinger Forest Service, Washington, D. C. 

Mellen, E. B. Mellen, E. B 106 Main St, Brockton, Mass. 

MeMn, /. C. Melvin, James C 88 Clinton St., Boston. 

Men of Mark. Men of Mark Publishing Co .Washington, D. C. 

Mendelssohn Club. Mendelssohn Club ' Rockford, 111. 

Mcndota. * Mendota Book Co .Madison, Wis. 

Mennonitc Pub. Ho. Mennonite Publishing House Scottdale, Pa. 

Mercer, /. K Mercer, James Kazerta 55 E. Main St., Columbus, O. 

Merchants Assoc. Merchants' Association of New York. ...54 Lafayette St., New York. 

Merchants' Friend. Merchants' Friend Stock Calculator, 

1 122 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Merchants' Pub. Merchants' Publishing Co Denver, Colo. 

Merchants' Record. Merchants' Record Co 315 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Mercy. Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Md. 

Meredith, E, T. Meredith, E. T 209 Tenth St., Des Moines, la. 

Merriam, G. 6* C, Merriam, G. & C., Co 499 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

Merrill, C: E. Merrill, Charles E., Co '..44-60 E. 23d St, New York. 

Merrill <$ W. Merrill & Webber Co 92 Main St., Auburn, Me. 

Merril1~S Merrill-Soul e Co Syracuse, N. Y. 

Merritt, Af. L L, Merritt, Mrs. Magdalene Isadora La Grange Voorheesville, N. Y. 

Merryinount. Merrymount Press (D. P. Updike) . % 232 Summer St., Boston. 

Metallurgical. Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering. .239 W. 39th St., New York. 

Metaphysical, Metaphysical Publishing Co 500 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Metcalf, H: H. Mctcalf, Henry Harrison Concord, N. H. 

Mctcalf* J. / Mctcalf, Jeannettc J Hampden, Mass. 

Mctcalfr<R: L. Metcalfe, Richard Lee Box 28, Lincoln, Neb. 

Methodist Book Concern. See Eaton & Mains. 

Mcth, Episcopal Methodist Episcopal Book Room Philadelphia. 

Mrth Protestant* Methodist Protestant Book Concern, 

316 N. Charles St, Baltimore, Md. 

Metropolitan Adv* Metropolitan Advertising Co.. 6 Wall St., New York. 

Metropolitan Ch, Metropolitan Church Association, 

ds$oc t Fountain Spring House, Waukesha, Wis. 

Metropolitan Mu- Metropolitan Museum of Art Fifth Ave. and 82d St., New York. 

Metropolitan Pr, Metropolitan Printing Co 147 First St., Portland, Ore. 

Metropolitan Press Metropolitan Press. (Books supplied by William Rickey & Co.) 

(N F.) 

Metropolitan Press, Metropolitan Press Portland, Ore. 

Metropolitan Sewer- Metropolitan Sewerage Commission of New York, 

3 ' 17 Battery PL, New York. 

Metuchrn Bunga- Mctuchen Bungalow Co 160 Broadway, New York. 

Mft~ear Metzgar Publishing Co Chicago, 

Mttsler 'R Metzler, Reed Ruggery Bldg., Columbus, O. 

Me wean Year Bk Mexican Year Book Publishing Co 32 Broadway, New York. 




Meyer, M. H. * Meyer, Martin H C. Hanson's Laboratory, Little Falls, N. > 

Meyer <$r T. Meyer & Thalheimer Baltimore, M< 

Miami Pr Miami Printing Co Miami, F1; 

Mich. Agricultural Michigan State Agricultural College Lansing, MJel 


Mick Chr. Herald. Michigan Christian Herald 83 Park PL, Detroit, Mid 

Mich. GeoL Michigan Geological Survey P. (). Box 535, Lansing, Mich 

Mick Law RV Michigan Law Review ,\ Ann Arbor, Midi 

Mich. State Normal Michigan State Normal College .Ypsilanti, Mich 

Mich. Supt. Pub. Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction Laming* Mich 


Micheh, /; Michels, John West Raleigh, K Y . C 

MicfciV. Michie Co Charlottes\ il!\ \"a 

Mieou, R: W* Micou, Richard Wilde, care of Brewer's Printing To., Louisville, Ky, 

Middlebraoki L: R Middlebrook, Louis Frank Hartford, Ct 

Middleton, G. M. Middleton, (Justavus M -*8 Lamlmll St., Charleston, S. C 

Middktm, /, C. Middleton, Mrs, J. C 400 K. San Salvador St.. San Jos6, Cal. 

Atiddhton.T: C Mjddleton, Rev. ^ Thomas C. .. .Villanova College, Delaware Co., Pa. 

Midland Pub. Co. Midland Publishing Co , , , St, Louis. 

Midshipmen's Store* Midshipmen's Storekeeper . . , . , Annapolis, Md. 


Mieir. W: 0. Mieir, William O. . . . . . . .Westminster, Colo. 

Mierow* C: C. Mjerow, Charles C*.a Brick House, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. 

Mitans. M jlans, J, D, & Sons , . . , Washington, D. C 

Mildren, N. L Mildrvn, Nan Langdon , , . , .Den ton, Md 

Milk Om, Assoc* Milk Commissions Association, Otto P, Getcr, See'y* 

134 Garfield PL Cincinnati. 

Military Hist, $oe Military Historical Society of Massachusetts* 

Cadet Armory, Ferdinand St., Bmtw> 

Hfilfar, A, F. Millar, Adam Vause a-u Charter St.. Mathson, Wis, 

Miller, C, H. Miller, Clara Huston Ocrnmntwvn, Pa. 

Miller, C /. Miller, Celeste J.. Kims Hotel, $#t St and Cortifll Avo,. Chicago, 

Miller, C; Miller, Charles. . , Franklin* Pt. 

Miller, C: C, Miller, Charles C, M. IX. . . , , 70 State St., cliinigo, 

Miilcr, 77, C. * Miller, Dayton Clarence * ... Cleveland, O. 

Miller, E: T, Miller, Edward T.... , ('<himlwi, O, 

Miller L H: Miller, James Henry , , ,. , .Hinton. W. Va. 

Miller /.. IF. Miller, L. W. .^-K) So. Broa<l St , Philwlr Iphia. 

Miller P R Miller, Peyton Farrell , Hmtonn, K, Y 

'Miller, 7\ S* Miller, T, S. . , Mat, Trx, 

Miller, ff' f : //. Miller, William Harris, ...,..,....,,. , Kichtnnmi, Ky. 

Miller Svsteiu* Miller System Co flinghantton, K t V. 

Millet, ' Millet, J. B., Co ,,.,.... ,uo HoyNton Si, B*tun. 

Milttnet'v Twdt\ Millinery Trade Publishing Co... Room 4* in Aptor 1*1, Nrw Yurk, 

,V///jp. //. /{. Mills, Herbert Elmer ,,Vsmir College, Poghkepir, N, Y, 

Mills, M, M\ MilK Mary WUda.,.. ,. .Marv Iiwtitntr, St. Lntiiii, 

Mills fr (L Mills* & Ci!l>. , , ...,.,.., Broadway and Gram! St . Xrw Ynrk, 

Mills Pub, f r, Mills Publishing Co, ...,,,, , Dr in en Colo, 

Milwaukee 7'wfr, 7.f7. Mihvattkce Public Lihrary. ........*..... .Milwaukee, Wi. 

Mintr H: C. Miner, 1 lenrv Clay, ....,......,,..,,., Bowery Theatre, New York. 

Miner, IF; H Miner, W, it. ...,,,,.,.,,..,.. , Cedar Rapids, la, 

\fines fllreelfiry. MjnrH Directory Co IX F. Wnlkrr Wdg.. Salt lake City, Utah. 

Mining md Snm- Mining and Scientific Press,, 6^*7 Howard St. San !'Vanrii*n. 


News* Mining Nf wi Co, .,,..,... ,.,,..,,... Jopttn. Mo. 

Science, Mining Science Publishing Co.. ....... ,502 Club Hldg., Drnver. Colo, 

r,' C. R. 5* Minklcr, Mr^, Carrie Ruth Stillwrll , ,..,,, Atthlarid, Off, 

/itfw. Por'i^r^ Minnesota Forestry Committiiion , .St Paul, Minn, 

Minn, /fill. Soc* Minnesota Historical Society* . ** * St. Paul, Minn. 

Minn. Lmv* Minnesota law Book Co, ..*...,.....*.... ,(Uuttnim. Minn 

Minn. Pub, Sc Minneiota, Publishing Society of, 

1010 Pioneer l*rrs^ Bltl,, St Paul, Mints, 

If inn, St&tt JJrf. /fit" Minnesota Sute Board of Immigration,. .......... .St. P;ul Mhm. 

Minn, TM Com- Minnesota Tax Commission * ...St. Paul, Minn. 

mfarfoft, , ^ ** i * t% 

Mmier Minter Co..................................... Harrtabtirg, Pa. 

Miragiia~G*IMtit Miraglla-Gullotd, Paolo Vescovo jo Cornelia St., New York, 

P. F, 

Mirror Mirror Printing Co... ............**............ Marceline, Mo* 

Mis* HW ?c*. Mia Hills* School for Girls Alumnie Astoc. Phltidlphii* 




Miss. Geol. Survey. Mississippi Geological Survey Jackson, Miss. 

Missouri Bapt. San. Missouri Baptist Sanitarium 919 N. Taylor Ave., St. Lou'is Mo." 

Missouri Bu. Geol. Missouri, Bureau of Geology and Mines, H : A. Buehler, Director, 

Rolla, Mo. 
Missouri Dept. Missouri Department of Education Jefferson City, Mo. 


Missouri Hist. Missouri Historical Society 1600 Locust St., St. Louis. 

Missouri Pr. Missouri Printing and Publishing Co Mexico, Mo. 

Missouri State Bd. Missouri State Board of Agriculture Columbia Mo 

Mitchell, J, J. Mitchell, J, J 41 w. 25th St., New York 

Mitchell S. W. Mitchell, Silas Weir, M.D 1524 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Mitchell ,<$ Co. Mitchell & Co 1504-8 Rockefeller Blag., Cleveland, O. 

Mixer, M. E. K Mixer, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Knowlton, 

313 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Modern Dyer. Modern Dyer and Cleaner Publishing Co - Philadelphia. 

Modern Electrics, Modern Electrics 233 Fulton St., New York 

Modern Lang. , Modern Language Association of America, 

Assoc. 107 Walker St., Cambridge, Mass, 
Modern Medicine Publishing Co., Ltd. See Good-Health Publishing Co. 

'Modern Mercantile. Modern Mercantile Co Bucyrus, O. 

Modern Methods. Modern Methods Publishing Co Detroit, Mich. 

Modern Miller. Modern Miller Co 1032 Pierce Bldg., $t Louis, Mo. 

tc Modern View" "Modern View" Publishing Co 210 Olive St., St. Louis. 

Modern Woodmen. Modern Woodman of America Rock Island, III. 

Moffat. Moffat, Yard & Co 31 E. ijth St., New York. 

M off at, R. B. Moffat, Reuben Burnham 63 Wall St., New York. 

Moffctt, S: E. Moffett, Samuel Erasmus Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Molitor, D: A. Molitor, David Albert Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Monarch, Monarch Book Co 121-127 Plymouth PL, Chicago. 

Monarch Pr. Monarch Printing Co 'Quincy, 111. 

Monetary. Monetary Publishing Co 15 William St., New York. 

Money and Stamp, Money and Stamp Brokerage Co 150 Nassau St., New York. 

M on fort. Monfort & Co 422 Elm St, Cincinnati. 

Moninger, J: C. Moninger, John C 111-125 E. Blackhawk St., Chicago. 

Monsalvat. Monsalvat Press 1501 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia. 

Montagu, G. Montagu, Gordon St. Louis. 

Monterey. Monterey County Democrat Print Salinas, Cal. 

Montgomery, C: A. Montgomery, Charles Alexander P. O. Box 888, New York. 

Moods. Moods Publishing Co 20 E. 42d St., New York. 

Moody Corporation. Moody Corporation (now Analyses Publishing Co., John Moody, 

President) 35 Nassau St., New York. 

Moodtfs Mag. Moody's Magazine 35 Nassau St., New York. 

Moon, /. H. Moon, J. H ..Fallsington, Pa. 

Moon, R. C. Moon, Robert C 618 Witherspoon Blag., Philadelphia. 

Moore, C. B. Moore, Clarence B 1321 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Moore, P. M. Moore, Francis Marion Hot Springs, S. D. 

Moore, J, H. Moore, Joseph Hampton Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Moore, J. V. Moore, James Vernon Royal Oak, Md. 

Moore, P. B. Moore, P. E., & Co 829 Marquette Bldg., Chicago. 

Moore, R, L. Moore, Roy Lewis Benson, 111. 

Moore. W: W. Moore, William Walker Gary, Miss. 

Morang. Morang & Co., Ltd 90 Wellington St, W., Toronto, Can. 

Moras, E, R. Moras, Edmond Raymond .Highland Park, 111. 

Moray, J: Moray, John Berkeley Springs, W. Va, 

Mordecai, S: F. Mordecai, Samuel Fox Durham, N. C. 

Morden, R, 0. * Morden, R. O .20 Palace Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Morehcad, /. M, Morehead, Joseph M Greensboro, N. C. 

M or eland, G: M. Moreland, George Matthew Monterey, Cal. 

Morgan, C: C. Morgan, Charles Carroll Nashua, N. H. 

Morgan, I: P. Morgan, J : Pierpont , 23 Wall St, New York. 

Morgan, W: S. Morgan, Rev. William S 150 S. Knox St., Albany, N. Y, 

Morgenstern, J. Morgenstern, Dr. Julius, Sec'y Central Conference, 

3450 Highland PL, Avondale, Cincinnati. 

Morning Journ. Morning Journal, Press of the Albuquerque, N. M. 

Morris / D Morris, John D., & Co 1201 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Morris R, P. Morris, Roy P. Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Morrison G.' B Morrison, . Gilbert Burnet McKinley High School, St. Louis. 

Morrison /; JF. Morrison, John Frank. Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

Morrison, M. L. Morrison, M. L Peterboro, N. H. 

Morrison .6" Jfef. Morrison & Martin Sharon, Fa. 

Mow, Art. Morse Art Co Quincy, III 

Morse H. H. Morse, Howard Holdridge larrytown, M. Y. 




Mnrtenscn, A. C Mortensen, Arthon Christian 1326 L St., N. W, Washington, D. C 

Miorfmt. Morton, John P., & Co., Inc 440-446 Main St., Louisville, Ky, 

JI/W/OM fiiclnnan Morton Kichman Co Lebanon, Ind. 


.Uw/oH, (I i : . Morton, Oren Frederic Franklin, W, Va. 

M or/<>JK P. Morton, Paul 120 Broadway, New York. 

Mushy. Mosby, C. V., Medical Book Co.. Grand Ave. and Olive Sts., St. Louis, 

Mo.?(\v, /.. Moses, Zebina Washington, D. C, 

!dosha\ T: B. Mosher, Thomas B 45 Exchange St, Portland, Me. 

hf other fiarth. Mother Earth Publishing Association, /. .210 E. 13th St.. New York, 

Af o//V.v /'vw. Motley Press 144 Pearl St., New York, 

Motor. Motor 2 buane, St., New York. 

Kfolor ft (tat Pub. Motor Boat Publishing Co 1 133 Broadway* New York. 

Motor Craft. Motor Craft Encyclopedia Publishing Co. . , , ! ! , . . , .Cleveland, 0, 

Af OM/foM, A* W* Moulton, Arthur Wheelock Lawrence, Mass. 

Mi, Tow Press, Mount Tom Press Northampton, Mash. 

Mt t Holyokc ColL Mount Holyoke College. . . .South 1 fadley. Mass. 

I'crnoH Mount Vernon Ladies* Association of the Cnion.. Mount \Vrnon. Va, 
1 /f.Ot\ 

/, A, Mudd, Joseph Aloysius . . . , . , Hyattsville, Md 

Mud%c. Mudgc, Alfred & Sou 24 Franklin St., Boston. 

Mueller /!': C," Mueller, William Charks 247 Avtsnue A, New York, 

Mttlertt* II. Mulcrtt, Hugo Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Mufli'mT, 0", .?. MulHner, Gabrielk Stewart Room SoB 320 $th Ave., New York, 

Miiw/vr /. /. ^ Mumper, J, I, and Miller, Robert C. ,41 Baltimore St, Gettysburg* Pa, 

Municipal Art Com, Municipal Art Commission . . . , .Los Angelas. Cat, 

(t.vs. A.} 

AftwiYiV(i/ Art Soc Municipal Art Society of Hartford ,..,......,.,... Hartford, Ct 

Municipal Informa* Municipal Information Bureau .....*.. ,05 Denrhorn St , Cluea( 


Municipal J (turn* Municipal Journal and Engineer 231 -,241 W, #)th St. X'u >*nrk 

Municipal Owner* Municipal OwncrRhip Publishing Co. .,.,,, n<> NasHutt St , \V\v York 


, /. /f. Muuk, Joseph Amasa 819 Security Bldg, f Los Atigrks* Cid, 

Munti & Co,, Inc 301 Bro,idvv;i.\ New Ynrk, 

, C: C* Munn, Charles Clark, , , , , , . ., .SpriitRnVId, MUSH, 

Munroe. /, P, Muuroe, James Phinny, . , , . ,70 Summer St,, Huston. 

Afwiw.v, ' Munaey, Frank A., Co ........,.,,., 157 Fifth Ave, New York, 

AftM-smi, ,1f, H. Munson, M, K. 77 Bible House, New York 

Hfurnfa. Muralo Co.. New Brighton, N, Y , 

Munh*i"h l.ttw Murdoch Law Book Co., ........................ .Eiwt Orange, N. J, 

(A', .M 

C /!. Nturduck. C*. A. & O>...... 'H^ l''ntnuu St,. San l ; ranriM* 

k, II": (7. Murdock, William G, Milton, Pa. 

*- /Vrjfjr. Murdock Press , ...*.., San FrancUco. 

Afwf/Av. Murphy, John, Co ^<x> W. Lonitmrd St., Ka1tiniore Met 

Murpiiv G; Murphy, George, Inc. ................... .57 K. gth St., NJW York. 

Mir/li v /'ci/nV*, Murphy, Rev, Patrick .,....,,,, Ptjette, Id. 

Iliirmv. C fiT. Murray, C. I! .Hlghi, HI. 

Murray /.. IF, Murray, Mrs, Louisr Welles , 735 S. Main Si.* Athfnu, Pt. 

Murm.v* /'. //, Murray, P. If,, ft O> ..............* JoHet, III. 

,Uw*[v, .^. I 7 ' Murray! Sara Van Alcn. t Madison Ave., New York, 

A/wm/v, T: E: Murray. Thomas KI\\anl. 55 Dnime St., N*w York. 

Mitrrtiv [trw. Press. Murray Brothers Pross 17x1 7th St., N, W,, Wthington. D C, 

Pnb* Mhrocin PiihlinlunK C'o., ...... ..!<> Schnt/ Hide, Co!umbu, O, 

Mwskogee Printing C V , . . . Mukogee Oklt, 

Mtisgmvr Printing !fmis*. Hrintol, N, H, 

Music Teacher if Mnsie Tcaclirrs 1 National A.^MK'ijitn*n. 

.V/. ASMC* Care of Waldo S, Pratt. Ho Uilltit St , Hartfonl, Ct. 

,1/wwf/w^M, D. 1. Muuelmnn, DC fjRfayt'tte. Qutncry, lit, 

,1/w/im/. Mutual Pubfinhing C<., . . . 187 Mdgi\\ul Avr,, C 'hicago. 

Hhttml Bk. Mutual Book Co. .70 Franklin St., Boston, 

Mutual /*/. Mutual Ptibtishirig Co, . . . , ..,..., , , . . Ralrigh N C" 

Mtttmtt F*ub Co. Mutual Publishing Co ..67 K Aiabania St., Atlanta, Ga 

Mussey. f>: ,9. Murrey, David Saviile, ., .. , % y Ontral I*ark West. New York, 

.Uym.* Af . (,*, Myers, Minard C, . . . , Boston. 

Mvcrs, P M, Myers, Mrs. Peter M . . . , B-edford, O. 

,lf,wr,\ 5, H. Myers, Stella Evelyn , , , . , Kansas City. Kan. 

fifyrtle. Myrtle Publishing Co ,......! W. J4th St, New York 

AC r. fV//, /'if/*. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. .... .Raleigh, N. C. 

/V, (", Gcttfag, 5"wr- North Carolina Oolt^gical Survey. ..,,..,, C*hapet I lilt, N. C, 




A r . C, Hist, North Carolina Historical Commission Raleigh, N. C. 

A r . E. Assoc. Sch. New England Association of School Superintendents, 

Supts. Care of R. S. Peck & Co., Hartford, Ct. 

N. E. Druggist. New England Druggist Publishing Co 145 High St., Boston, 

A r . E. Hist. New England Historic Genealogical Soc-. 18 Somerset St., Boston. 

N. E. Pub. Co. New England Publishing Co , Boston. 

N. /. Adj. -Gen. New Jersey Adjutant-General's Office Trenton, N. J. 

N. J. Forest. New Jersey Forest Park Reservation Commission, 

State House, Trenton, N. J. 

A*. /. Hist. Soc. New Jersey Historical Society Newark, N. J. 

N". M. Bu. Immi- New Mexico Bureau of Immigration Albuquerque, N. M. 


N, M. Cattle. New Mexico Cattle Sanitary Board East Las Vegas, N. M". 

N. M. Pr. New Mexican Printing Co Santa Fe, N. M. 

N. Y. Age New York Age Publishing Co 7 Chatham Sq., New York. 

N, Y. Anti-Vivisec- New York Anti- Vivisection Society 2025 Broadway, New York. 


N. Y. Assoc. for N T ew York Association for the Blind 118 E. spth St., N. Y. 


W. y. Rtlting 6 New York Belting & Packing Co... 91-93 Chambers St., New York. 


N. Y Botanical. New York Botanical Garden Bronx Park, New York. 

N. Y. City. New York City City Hall, New York 

N. Y. Dept Agri New York State, Department of Agriculture Albany, N. Y. 

JV. Y. Dept. Health. New York Department of Health. .. .6th Ave. and 55th St., New York. 

N Y Dept. Labor. New York State, Department of Labor Albany, N. Y. 

A r . r. Educ. Co. New York Education Co..... 50 State St., New York. 

A r . Y. Eve. Post. New York Evening Post Co 20 Vesey St., New York. 

A r . Y. Herald. New York Herald Herald Square, New York. 

A r . Y. hist. Deaf New York Institute for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, 

and Dumb. Ft Washington Ave. and i63d St., New York. 

N. Y. Tnst. Mcrcan- New York Institute of Mercantile Training. .36 W. 37* St., New York. 


AT Y Insurance. New York Insurance School 8r E. I25th St., New York. 

N. Y' Labor News. New York Labor News Co..' 28 City Hall PL, New York. 

IV", y. Law. New York Law Book Co 45 John St., New York. 

N" Y. Medical New York Medical Book Co 45 E. 4^d St., New York. 

N. Y. Pub. Lib. New York Public Library 425 Lafayette St., New York, 

* N[ Y. Pub. Service New York Public Service Commission Albany, N. Y. 


N Y Sch Autovno- New York School of Automobile Engineers, 

]nle FMff X 46 w * 56th St., New York. 

A" V State Educ. New York State Education Dept Albany, N. Y. 

N Y State Hist New York State Historical Association Albany, N. Y. 

A r , Y, State Library. New York State Library ! Albany, N. Y. 

N. y. State Phar- New York, State Board of Pharmacy Albany, N. Y. 

N. 7." 'State Proba- New York State Probation Commission Albany, N. Y. 

N U Y' Unir New York University New York, N. Y. 

N y World New York World 63 Park Row, New York 

N. F. Zoological New York Zoological Society .Roorn 35. n Wall St., New York. 

Nafatco 1" Nabtico, Joaquim Brazilian Embassy, Washington, D. C. 

Naetl, 0.' Nagel, Osfcar P. 0. Box 385, New 'York. 

Ntxgel W> J< Nagel, William J 6 Ashburton PL, Boston. 

Navh V H 'H Nash, Clarissa Hosmer Hapgood West Acton, Mass. 

NaxhmUe Bk Nashville Book Co.... Nashville, Tenn. 

Minon 4 H Nason, Arthur Huntington, < 

212 Gould Hall, University Heights, New York. 

Mwnw, E. H, Nason, Mrs, Emma Huntington ,. ....... ..... Augusta, Me. 

Nassau Press Nassau Press Richmond Hill, L. I, N. Y. 

Nat. Am. Womtn'* National American Woman Suffrage Association .Warren, U. 

Nat Uff Amol National Annotating Co Crawf rdSV rhi c ^ 

Mat Art Soc. National Art Society ;: Chicago. 

"X/iKSf fffi Nati llal ASSOCiati n f EnSinC an<1 "u Son Ave, New York. 

Nat, Assoc. Li'th- National Association of Employing Lithographers.. .Rochester, N. Y. 

National Association for the Promotion J, ^jJJ^ 1 !^ 1 ^ York . 

i/-**'*.-. Station- National Association of Stationary Engineers of *n*d**, 
ary /-IWIKW. 3IS Dearborn st " 




Net. Assoc. Tan- National Association of Tanners Chicagt 


Nat. Assoc. Tuber- National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, 

culosts. ' 105 E. 22d St., New Yorl 

Nat. Bapt. Pub, National Baptist Publishing Board.. 5^3 2d Ave,, N., Nashville, Teni 

Nat. Bd. Fire. National Board of Fire Underwriters.. 34 Nassau St., New Yorl 

Nat, Bible. National Bible Institute 156 Fifth Avt\, New Yorl 

Nat, /f A*. Ct*. National Book Co Detroit, Miel 

Nat, Hk, (Mo.} National Book Concern St. Louis, Mi 

Nat. fU\ ( ( i.) National Book Co Coilinwoocl, C 

Nat. Bridge. National Bridge Co Indianapolis, Inc 

Nat, Business. National Business League of America, 

507 Stock Exchange BldR,, Chicago 

Nat. Child Labor. National Child Labor Committee, Inc 105 E. 22(1 St., New Yorl 

Nat. City Bank. National City Bank , 55 Wall St., New Yorl 

Nat Coll. Electro* National College of Electro-Therapeutics, Liurary Department, Lima, < 


Nat, Congress National Congress of Mothers, 

Mothers. t 806 Loan and Trust BIdg., Washington, U. I 

Nat, Cvrr. Sch.R. R. National Correspondence School of Railroading, ........... .Chicagt 

Nat. Druggist, National Druggist* , St. Louis 

Nat. liduc. Assoc* National Educational Association , . . . .Winotui, Mini 

Nat. Elec. National Electric Light Association -29 W, jjgth St New Yorl 

Nat. E/tV. Lamp. National Electric Lamp Association, 

4411 Hough Ave,, N. K,, Cleveland, ( 

Nat. Fed. Rel. Lib- National Federation of Religions Liberals, ,, ,25 Hoacuti St., Uofttor 


Nat, /'*m Proofing. National Fire Proofing Co , . , . Flutiron Itldjt, New Yuri 

Nat. Gixme. National Game Publishing Co.... . ..,. ( . ,.St. I-ouii 

Nat. (*eog. National Geographic Maga/inc Washington, D. C 

Nat. Geographic National Geographical Society. . , , , . . .Washington, D. C 


Nat, Gunrd. National Guard Magazine , , , Cnltimtmii, C 

JVal, Hospital. National Hospital Record Co, Octroit, Mid 

Nat. I,QMtdry. National Laundry Journal, Ann St,. ( 'hicaw 

Nat, Law. National Law Book Co ,.,..,.... Srattto, Waul 

Nat, Lead. National Letd Co,.., t .,....,.. m Hronlway. NVw Yorl 

Nat. /**af*f. National f*ftgue for the Civic KtUtcation tf Wnnn'it, 

jjj Msutton A\r, Xru Y*rt 

Nat. Lithographers, National Lithographer. , 150 Mamma St.* Nv\\ Yorl 

Nat. Lumber* National Lumlicr Exportrra* Auciitiii .,.,.,, Baltimore, M< 

Nat. Municipal. National Municipal League. . . ,703 North American BIdg., Philitdrlphi 

Nat, Pmhibmm* National Prohlbtion Frew. , , , , . . ,<>j La Sail? St., Chicagc 

JVal. / w ft t National Publishing Co, ,,.,,,, WaNlungton, I>, C 

Nat, Pub. Co. National Publishing Co ,,235-243 American St., So Philaiieiphii 

Nat. SM. &f Fine National Society of the Fine Arts , . . , .WttfliringtoM. I), C 


Nat, AW, Promotion National Society lor the Promotion of industrial Education. 

tnduxt. Ktlue. 18 W, 44th St., Nrw Yuri 

Nat. Tti.v dssoc. National Tax Afnoclation *....... .Columbu C 

Nat, 7V,rf ttk. National Text Book Co. ............... .3641 Michigan Ave., Chicago 

Nat, Tribune. National Tribune Co .Washington. I>, C 

Natcbitothrs Times, Natrhitochea Times Print Natchitoches, !j 

Nation, Nation (The ) , . Veiey St. New Yorl 

Navy ftlue, Navy Blue Co, . , .Greenlawn, Long filancl, N, \ 

Navy Pub. Navy Pubiiahing Co ijjoi I! St., N* W, f Waihington, D. C 

Natareth Trade Sch< Nn/arcth Trade Schtwd Printing Office,... , Farmtngclik, N. 1 

Neale. N*U' Ptihli^hing Co. Matiron Buitdinu. Nt*w Y*rt 

/". /., Neall, Frank L. .....,.,...., Phttacir InhSi 

, f. Nerl>% Flora, , .419 Main St.. New Roehrlir , N, \ 

G: 0. Nc-ff, Georgf Oliver. ,'iHBist Sloan Ave., Clrvrland, C 

S Nelmei, S , ^ W, iswth St., New Yort 

Nelson* Thomas, & Sons... ,4th Ave. and apth St., New Yorl 

J: M, Nelson, John Maurice, care of Columbia University. .... .New Yort 

L H. L H., Co , Portland, M; 

Nelson, O. S. M. Nelton, Osctr Battling Matthew, .,,,,,, , . . Hegewtuch, II 

Nikon, W: Nelson, William, . . . , Patersott. N, ; 

Nelson Pnb. Ntlmn Pblihing Co,,,. I 1 . (> Box 185. Savannah, Gi 

N^therland Cham- Ncthcdtnd Chsunocr of Commerce, , 136 Water St., New Yorl 

ber of Com. _ 

Niumr. Neuner Co, ,..,,,. ,,,,,, , . . . . . .I.os Angeles, Ca 

JVw. Stat* Bdnc* Nevada State EducttSon Department. ,Carn City, Mm 




New Age. New Age Publishing Co Westerville, O. 

New Church. New Church Board of Publication 3 W. 29th St., New York. 

New Columbia. New Columbia Publishing Co ." Findlay O. 

New Eden New Eden Publishing Co 55 E. Main St., Columbus', O. 

New Em Print. New Era Printing Co Lancaster, Pa. 

New Humanity. New Humanity Publishing Society 1746 Geneva Ave., Aurora, Col. 

New Med. New Medicine Publishing Co 72 Madison St., Chicago. 

New Reading. New Reading Publishing Co 1717 Carroll Ave., Chicago. 

New Talmud. New Talmud Publishing Co 100 Boylston St., Boston. 

New Thought. New Thought Publishers no W. 34th St., New York. 

New Way. New Way Publishing Co. (Books bought bv Roger Bros.) 

New York. New York State...". Albany, N Y. 

Newbegin, I: J. Newbegin, John J 315 Sutter St., San Francisco. 

Ncwberry, A. S. Newberry, Arthur St. John. 1010-1014 Rockefeller Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Newcomb. Newcomb & Grauss Salem, Mass. 

Newcomb, G: T: Newcomb, George Thomas Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Newcomb, H. T. Newcomb, Harry Turner. .Metropolitan Bank Bldg., Washington, D. C 

Newman, S. B. Newman, S. B., & Co Rnoxville, Tenn. 

Neivold. Newold Publishing Co 225 Fifth Ave,, New York. 

Newport Pub. Newport Publishing Co Ames, la. 

News-Mail Co. News-Mail Co Charleston, W. Va. 

News Pr. Co News Printing Co ....143 Ellison St., Paterson, N. J. 

(N. /.) 

News Pr. Ho. News Printing House Thomasville, N. C. 

News Print. News Printing Co Aberdeen, S. D. 

Newson. Newson & Co 27 W. 23d St., New York. 

Newson, J: H: Newson, John Henry, Co Cleveland, O. 

Newton, A. H. Newton, Alexander Herritage Camden, N. J, 

Newton, D. W. Ne\\lon, Donald W, (purchased books of C H. Doscher Co.), 

156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Newton, N. B. Newton, N. B., Co Toledo, O. 

Newton Co. Ncv\ ton Co 385 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Newton & C. Newton & Cartwright 156 Fifth Ave., New York 

A/# Poon Chew. Ng Poon Chew 809-811 Sacramento St., San Francisco. 

Nichols C. A. Nichols, C. A., Co Springfield, Mass. 

Nichols, J. L. Nichols, J. L., & Co Kailer Block, Naperville, Du Page Co., 111. 

Nichols, L. A. Nichols, Lucy Adda Box 102, Nashville, Mich. 

Nichols, T: P. Nichols, Thomas P Lynn, Mass. 

Nichols Print. Nichols Print, Press of Haverhill, Mass. 

Nickerson <$*" C. Nickerson & Collins 315 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Nicoletti. Nicolletti Bros 242 Lafayette St., New York. 

NMa, A' Nicla, August 182 William St., New York. 

Nighttseh* Niglutsch, Francis R* 29 E. 22d St., New York. 

Niles Pub. Niles Publishing Co Bridgeport, Ct. 

Nimmo,D: C. Njnimo, David Chalmers 1285 24th St., Detroit, Mich. 

Nimsgern, E: G. Nimsgern, Edward Gray Brown Station, New York. 

Ninth Infantry, Tex. Ninth Infantry Fort Sam Houston, Tex. 

NLron-J, " Nixon-Jones Printing Co St. Louis. 

Noble, G: W. v Noble, George W Lakeside Bldg., 214-220 Clark St., Chicago. 

Noble, I: C. Noble, Isaac C 1649 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass. 

Noblest Roman. Noblest Roman Publishing Co Austin, Tex. 

NoMc, J: T Nolde, John T., Mfg. Co St. Louis. 

Nolcn, J: " Nolen, John Abbot Bldg., Harvard Sq., Cambridge, Mass. 

NoiH'iuck. Nonotuck Press Northampton, Mass. 

Normalist Normalist Publishing Co Elgin, 111. 

North, E. D. North, Ernest Dressel. .., 4 E. 39th St., New York, 

North American. North American Review 325 Pearl St., New York. 

North American, North American Co Franklin Sq., Philadelphia. 

North Am Civic North American Civil League 173 State St., Boston. 

North-West Mills. North-West Mills Co f Winona, Minn, 

Northern Pub. Northern Publishing Co 1017 Jefferson Ave., Petoskey, Mich. 

Northfold Press. Northfield Press Northfield, Mass. 

Northwest Mining. Northwest Mining News v Spokane, Wash. 

Northwest Miller, Northwestern Miller .Minneapolis, Mum, 

Northwestern Pub, Northwestern Publishing House Milwaukee, Wis. 

Northwestern Sch, Northwestern School Supply Co., 

329 Fourteenth Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Northwestern Univ. Northwestern University . ... v ........ . . . Chicago. 

Norton D Norton, Dora Miriam Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Norton, G'. W. Norton, Oliver Willcox -Chicago. 

Norton W H Norton, William Harrison Fort Valley, Ga. 




Novelty Novelty Book Concern. .Birmingham, Ala. 

Novelty News. Novelty News Press 171 Washington St., Chicago 

Noyes, I: P. Noyes, Isaac Pitman 409 Fourth St., S. K, Washington, 1). (. 

Nunc Licet. Nunc Licet Press ^ W. Coulter St., Plrladi-lplua. 

Nuneviller. Nuneviller, W., Co 7" Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Nunn Nunn & Co 535 N. Howard St., Baltimore, Mel. 

Nutshell Nutshell Publishing Co .Houston, Tex, 

Nwceya, S: K. Nweeya, Samuel Kasha Philadelphia 

Nye Nve Family of American Association (care of George Hyatt Nye), 

Cleveland, ( t. 

Nyitray. Nyitray, Emil 77 First Avc., New York. 

Oak Leaves. Oak Leaves Co 105 Warren St., Oak Park, TIL 

Oakleaf, I. B. Oakleaf, Joseph B . Molinc, III. 

Oberlin Coll. Oberlin College . .Oberlin, ( ). 

O'Brien, F. G. O'Brien, Frank George Minneapolis, Minn. 

O'Brien, I: E. O'Brien, John E no Washington Ave., Senmton, Pa 

Observer. Observer Publishing Co Greensbmg, Fnd. 

Occidental Pub. Occidental Publishing Co 5810 i6th Ave, N. K., Seattle', Wash. 

Occult. Occult Publishing- Co S3 Randolph Si , Chicago, 

Occult Pub. Co. Occult Publishing Co 553 Maple St., Battle Creek, Mich. 

Ogilvic, G: W. Ogilvie, George W., & Co. Sec list of David McKay or Saalfield Pub. Co, 

Ogilvic, /. S\ Ogilvie, J S., Publishing Co 57 Rose St., New York, 

Ogle. Ogle, George A., & Co 134 Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Ohio Archffolog. Ohio Archaeological ?nd Historical Society. .Page Hall, Columbus, (). 

Ohio Gcolog Stir- Ohio Geological Survey Columbus, ( ). 

'fy. i . * J 

Ohio Law. Ohio Law Reporter Co 806 Main St., Cincinnati. 

Ohio Lib. Co. Ohio Library Co Columbus, (). 

Ohio State Acad. Ohio State Academy of Science Columbus, O. 

Ohio State Fire Ohio, State Fire Marshal Columbus, O, 


Ohio State Univ. Ohio State University Columbus, 0, 

Oklahoma Bk. Oklahoma Book Co Oklahoma City, Okla, 

Oklahoma Dcpt. Oklahoma Department of Education Guthrie, Okla. 


Ohlander, M. Ohlander, Marcus Box 405, Little Rock, Ark. 

Olcott, Olcott Publishing Co Charlestown, W, Va. 

Old Corner Old Corner Book Store 27~rQ Bromtiehi Si , Boston, 

Old Greek Pr. Old Greek Press 141 r Security Blclg., Chicago. 

Old South Ch. Old South Church : . Boston, 

Old South Work. Old South Work, Directors of Old South Meeting House, Boston. 

Old Virginia. Old Virginia Publishing Co... 524 Atlantic Trust Bldg , Norfolk, Va, 

Oldach. Oldach Co 5r N. 7th St., Philadelphia, 

Oldroyd, 0. H. Oldroyd, Osborn Hamilme =;i6 roth St., Washington, {), (', 

Ohphant, /. H. Oliphant, James H,, Co 20 Broad St., New York. 

OUphant, S: G. Oliphant, Samuel Green Olivet, Mich. 

Oliver, F. E. Oliver, French Earl 4330 Harrison St., Kansas City, Mo, 

Oliver, I: Oliver, John Palmer, Colo. 

Onderdonk, A. 7. Onderdonk, Andrew J 71 Wall St., New York, 

I55th Regimental issth Regimental Association Pittsburgh, Pa, 


Oneal J. Oneal, James 831 N. 3d St., Torre Haute, Tad. 

2^/ 7 '<H; O'Neil, A. B Oshkosh, Wis, 

Neil, R. K. O'Neil, Robert Kingsley. .Care of San Jose Printing Co., San Jose, Cat 

O'Neill F. 7. O'Neill, Rev. Felix J T, B, 42, Stafford Springs, Ct. 

Ontario Poiver. Ontario Power Co Niagara Falls N Y 

Ontario Pub. Ontario Publishing Co Oswego' N* Y' 

Open Court Open Court Publishing Co 378-388 Wabash Ave., Chicago! 

Oppenheim, S: Oppenheim, Samuel 8n Oawson St., Bronx Borough N Y 

Opportunity. Opportunity Publishing Co 4 Northampton St M Boston, 

Orange Journ. Orange Journal . Orange N J 

Oratorio Soc. Oratorio Society 176 W. 86th St.. New' York 

Order Eastern Star. Order of the Eastern Star 25 W. 42d St New York 

Order of White Order of the White Rose 24 Strathmore Rd., Brookline, Mass! 

Rose (Mass.) 

Order Transfigures Order o the Transfiguration Cincinnati 


Oriental Esoteric. Oriental Esoteric Publishing Co. .7 u 3 Q St., N. W., Washington, D. C 

OnonPub. Orion Publishing Co Nashville/ Tenn, 

Ormenl ^ enl C< ? Caxton Bldg., Cleveland, 0, 

Osborn S Osborn, Solomon Oliver Kansas City, Mo, 

Osgood, C: G., Jr. Osgood, Charles G., Tr Princeton N J 




O'Sheridan, M. G. O'Sheridan, JUary Grant, care of Henneberry Co., 

552 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Oswald. Oswald Publishing Co 25 City Hall PL, New York. 

OJtenheimer* Ottenheimer, I. & M 321 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. 

Otterbein* Otterbein Press Dayton, O. 

Our Hope. Our Hope Pub. Co " Mendota, 111. 

Our ^ Hope Office. Our Hope Office 80 Second Ave., New York. 

Outing. Outing Publishing Co 315 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Outing Press. Outing Press Deposit, N. Y. 

Outlook. Outlook Co 287 Fourth Ave., New York, 

Overlook, M. G. Overlook, Melvin G. Worcester, Mass. 

Owen, P. A. Owen, F. A., Publishing Co Dansville, N. Y. 

Owen, N. H. Owen, Mrs. Nellie H 1210 Park Ave,, Richmond, Va. 

Owens, C. A. Owens, Clifford A De Land, Fla. 

Oxford Pub. Oxford Publishing Co Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Oxford Univ, O'xford University Press (Am, Branch). . .29 W. 32d St, New York. 

Pacific Coast. Pacific Coast Law Publishing Co Tacoma, Wash. 

Pacific Improve- Pacific Improvement Co 401 Crocker Bldg., San Francisco. 


Pacific Press. Pacific Press Publishing Association. . .Villa St, Mountain View, ^Cal. 

Pacific Rural, Pacific Rural Press 667 Howard St., San Francisco. 

Packard, S. S. Packard, S. S 101 E. 23d St, New York. 

Pafracts. ' Pafraets Book Co Troy, N. Y. 

Pagan, W. D. Pagan, W. D 18 Wall St, New York. 

Page, H. W. Page, Howard W Philadelphia. 

Page, L. C. Page, L. C, & Co Hathaway Bldg., 53 Beacon St., Boston. 

Page, F. F. Page, Villa Faulkner 34 Gramercy Park, New York. 

Paine. Paine Publishing Co Dayton, O. 

I'aine Nat, Hist. Paine National Historical Association. .120 Lexington Ave, New York. 


Pain ters' Mag. Painters' Magazine 100 William St., New York. 

Palisades Press. ' Palisades Press Edgewater, N. J. 

Palmer, C. A. Palmer, Clarence A 507 Virginia Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Palmer, C, P. ! Palmer, Clayton F So. Pasadena, Cal. 

Palmer. II. K. Palmer, Harry K Philadelphia. 

Palmer, M. R. Palmer, Mary E., care of Ruffner Hotel Charleston, W. Va. 

Palmer, W: C. Palmer, William C Winona Lake, Ind. 

Palmer CV>, Palmer Co 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Palmer Mi. Palmer School of Chiropractic Davenport, la. 

1'almetio Press. Palmetto Press , Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Pummel, L: H. Pammcl, L: Hermann Ames, la. 

f*tin. //w. Law. Pan American Law Book Co., 

Calumet Bldg,, 189 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Pan-l*anfic. Pan-Pacific Press Los Angeles, Cal. 

Pander ' Panclex Co 30 E. 53d St.. Chicago. 

Ptnttttgrafh. Pantagraph Printing & Stationery Co Blopmington, 111. 

Panmisio C M Panunzio, CM .Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct 

Panzer L. * Panzer, Otto L P, O. Box 186, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

/'(/TMTW.V. Papyrus Publishing Co East Orange, N, J. 

/Vrrtfffw, ' Paragon Press Montgomery, Ala. 

J'ttniiiuuuindn. Paramananda, Swami, 

Care of Vedanta Society, 135 W. 8oth St, New York. 

Park Park Publishers Des Moines, la. 

Parke. Parke, Vincent, & Co 32 Union Sq., New York. 

Parke, P, & Co. Parke, Davis & Co Detroit, Mich 

l*nrkcr G: L Parker, Rev, George Lawrence 203 Lafayette St., Salem, Mass. 

Parker] G: W, Parker, George Warren 30 Smith St., Concord, N. H, 

Parker, P. A. Parker, Prescott Alphonso Volanta, Ala. 

r<irkri\ W. A Parker, Mrs. W. P 8 Chestnut St., Salem, Mass. 

/' rkinsmi S W. Parkinson, Sarah Woods Carlisle, Pa, 

Air/ ( /? L. Parks, E. L 335 Fourth Ave., New York 

Parks, F* S Parks, Frank Sylvester 2104 H St., N., Washington, D. C 

/'anwfr, "/f/R Parrock, II. P Buffalo, N. Y. 

Priwm /,B Parsons, Lillian B., 

"The Buckingham," cor. Manner and Allen Sts., Buffalo, N. Y 

Parsons L L. Parsons, Lillian I "The Castle," Tarrytown, K Y 

/*rtm;i ? Pr, Parsons Printcry 7 Chatham Sq,, New York 

Partridge, P, E, Partridge, F. E Wmsted, Ct 

Patchel G: Patchel, George 9*3 Betz Bldg., Philadelphia 

Patersrw /ttrf. Patcrson History Club P ^ ter t S ? n ',, N Vii 

Pat ft F f I'atet, Francois Joseph .Rockfpra, 111 

Patriot. * Patriot Publishing Co . Springfield, Mass 

Pattce A R Pattec, AHda Frances 134 S. isl Ave,, Mount Vernon, N Y 




Patterson, C; E. Patterson, Charles Lvl \\in 516 Michigan Avr., duuid Rapids, Midi. 

Patterson 6* W. Patterson & White Co Philadelphia. 

PaUison, R^W. Pattison, Mrs. Everett \V 4254 Olive St., St. Louis. 

Patton,J: S. Patton, John Shelton University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

Pathnt, A. A. Pattern, Auge Albert Philadelphia. 

1'wL Paul Peter, & Son 136 N. Pearl St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Paul, H. A. C Paul, Rev. H. A. C 1926 South (i St., Tacoina, Wash. 

Pa.vton, A. /. Paxton, Amelia J First Presbyterian Church, Princeton, Iml. 

Payne, B. R, Payne, Bruce R University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

Feabod$\ C, H, Peabody, Cecil Hobart, care of Mass, institute of Technology. . Boston, 

Peab&dy, F t G, Peabody, Francis Greenwood. .Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

Peabody ]\!useum. Peabody Museum Cambridge, Mass, 

Peacm Soc* Peace Society 507 Fifth Ave., New York, 

Pearson, /, L, Pearson, James Larkin Moravian Falls, N. C. 

Pearson, P. Pearson, P Ponca City, Okla. 

Pearson, P: H; Pearson, Peter Henry Lindsburg, Kan, 

Pearson Bros t Pearson Brothers 29 S. 7th St., Philadelphia. 

Pearson Pub. Co. Pearson Publishing Co 435 M 24th St., New York. 

Pease & D. Pease & Denison , . . * . Klgin, III. 

Pick f 7. S. Peck, Mrs. James Sidney 5 Waverley PL, Milwaukee, Wis, 

Peebles. Peebles Publishing Co Battle Creek, Mich. 

Peeler, A, J. Peeler, A. J. Standard Blue Book Co, of Texas, 

2209 La Branch St., Houston, Tex. 

PeMey, D. F. PetHey, D, Frank Crestdn, Wash. 

Pegratti, H: Pegram, Henry 4 Hanover St.New York. 

Peirce Sch, Peirce School Philadelphia. 

Peloubet. Peloubet & Hill (formerly S. S. Pcloubet) , , 133 Nassau St., New York. 

Pendergastt E. W* Pendergast, Mrs. Ella Worth 374 Broadway, Winter Hill, Boston, 

Peudleton. Pcudleton Printcry Pendleton. Ore, 

Penfifld, F. C. Penfield, Frederic Courtland, 

Care of The DeVinnc Press, 305 Lafayette St., Ncu Vork. 
Penn. Dept. of Agri- Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. . , . HiuTislnu'K, P*i. 


Pcnn. Deft* Health Pennsylvania State Department of Health ll;m .htirg, P;t 

/VMM, 7*Uf. Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, 

Mt Airy, !Miila<Ic!phia. 

jpt*wi, hist. Blind. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind, 

()verbrook Philadelphia. 

Pmn Mu$. andSch* Pennsylvania *Museum and School of Industrial Art (Edwin A, Barker, 

of /ndf. Art* Curator) ,*........, Philadelphia, 

Penn Pub. Co* Penn 'Publishing Co ,,.,,,, pj Arch St, Philadelphia, 

/Vfi/i S0e. t A/*. Pennsylvania Society of Hew York (Barr Ferree, Sre*yK 

Ji8 Fulton St., New York, 

Pwn* Slat Coll. Pennsylvania State College , State College, Pa, 

Pfnnyb&cker, F. 7. Pennybacker, Mrs, Percy V.. , , , , ,., / . , ., . ; ,., Atwtitu Tex. 

r, S: W* Pcnnypackcr Samuel' Whitakcr, Historical Society of t Pennsyl- 
vania . . . . . . ; ... Philadelphia. 

IVntecostal Publishing Co .......,, , Lottie ville, Ky, 

Pentecostal Union, Pentecostal Union , , Hound Brook, N, If, 

Ptttt on, Penton Pttblmhing Co , , ,,,,.. Cleveland, 0. 

Peoples JVftw, Peoph's News Co , ; .,...,, .Laucaatcr, Pa, 

t'* ^'^' People's Publication Society ,,.,., ...,*. .Chicago, 

t'jt Univ* Poople's t^niversity Extension Society .,,, 105 E. fjth St, New York. 

* Popper Pttblishing and Printing Co,..** , Gainesville, Fla, 

Pub. Percy Publishing Co.. 

1905 Termon Ave. North Side, Pittuburgh, Pa- 

ins C, J9 Porkiiis t'luulton P.., Co!,, , ,, . ... ,|0'\ f Yatnhill St,, P>rtland, Ore. 

Ptrkins, G: H. Perkins, Prof, George H . , , Burlington. Vt. 

Perkins JnsL Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind, ., , Boston, 

Perkhmen Prnw* Perkiomcn Press , Pf rkiomen, Pit 

Prrlty, J. A. Perley, J, A , 614 Diamond Hank Bklg. t Pittskjrgh Pi, 

Pemn, B* Pcrrin, B , 191 Yale Station, New Haven, O, 

/Vmwe, H. D. Pcrrine, Howlawl Delano. , 76 William St New York, 

Prrry, Q. Perry, Adjutant-General Oran,. State House, Indianapolis, 1ml, 

I'crwttal Hfflp* Personal Help Puhlislung Co 700 Ohserver Blclg,. J>e MniiU'**. la 

Peters, J: P, Peters, Rev, John Pumiett, 237 W, 99th St,, New York, 

/V/w, /. W. S t Peters, James W, S .Kama* City, Mo, 

/'r<t*^jrw, /, C, Peteraen. Jena Chrtstiiin , Trnvera City, Mich, 

Peterson > E, Peterson, Ephraim. Independence, Mo, 

Pharmaceutical Re* Pharmaceutical Review Publishing Co Milwaukee, Wit, 

Phclps Publishing Co. ,,,,,.,..,. Springfield, 




P helps, E : B. Phelps, Edward Bunnell 141 Broadway N Y. 

Phila. Bk. Philadelphia Book Co 17 S. gth St, Philadelphia. 

Phila. Free Lib. Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia. 

Phila. Pr. Philadelphia Printing & Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Phil. Trades Sch. Philadelphia Trades School Philadelphia. 

Philbrookj H: B. Philbrook, Henry B 23 Park Row, New York. 

Philippine Educ. Philippine Education (care of Frank R. Lutz) Manila, P. I. 

Philip ps, M. Philipps, Martin 1107 Main St., Buffalo, N Y. 

Phillips, C. Phillips, Cropley, Co. (Successors to World Railway Publishing Co.), 

1412 Tribune Bldg., Chicago. 

Phillips, P. F. Phillips, Mrs. Fannie Frank 122 Stedman St., Brookline, Mass. 

Phillips, I: N. Phillips, Isaac Newton Springfield, 111. 

Phillips,!: B. Phillips, John B Boulder Colo. 

Phillips, W: H. Phillips, William H .Amherst, Mass. 

Phillips 6* E, Phillips & Erickson Cameron, Wis. 

Phillips Bros. Phillips Bros Springfield, 111. 

Phillips Pr. Phillips Printing and Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal 

Philopolis Press, Philopolis Press San Francisco. 

Philosophical Philosophical Publishing Co Box 64, Allentown, Pa. 

Philosophical Soc. Philosophical Society of Washington Washington, D. C. 

Phoenix. Phoenix Publishing Co 823 Lexington Ave., New York. 

Phonograph. Phonographic Institute Co 224 W. 4th St, Cincinnati. 

Physical Culture. Physical Culture Extension Society, .,.. .57 Washington St., Chicago, 

Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy Library Publishing Co 59 A/[arket St., Chicago. 

Physicians Drug. Physicians' Drug News Co .' Newark, N. J. 

Pickcns, W: Pickens, William Talladega, Ala. 

Pickering, E: C: Pickering, Prof. Edward Charles Cambridge, Mass. 

Pickett, C. A. Pickett, Cora A Talcott Hall, Oberlin, O. 

Pierce. Pierce, Norman, Co 1129 Broadway, New York. 

Pierce, D : R, Pierce, David Rand. . , Fitchburg, Mass. 

Pierce, G. H. Pierce, Grace Howard Salem, Mass. 

Pierce, J: A. Pierce, J : Alfred Yellville, Ark. 

Pierce, W. H, Pierce, Mrs. Willard H Bernardston, Mass. 

Piggott t C: H: Piggotl, Charles Henry 4-6 Mulkey Bldg,, Portland, Ore. 

Pilger, ' Pilger Publishing' House Reading, Pa, 

Pilgrim Press. Pilgrim Press 14 Beacon St., Boston. 

Pillar of Fire. Pillar of Fire 1845 Champa St , Denver, Colo, 

Pillot, T. Pillot, T Houston, Tex. 

Pilot Co. Pilot Co Marquette, Mich. 

Pimbley, A, P. Pimbley, Arthur Francis Baltimore, Md. 

Pioneer Pub. Co. Pioneer Publishing Co 358 Dearborn St, Chicago. 

Pioneers Farmers' Pioneers of the Farmers' Republic Sdmerville, N. J. 


Pip@sR. Pipes-Reed Book Co 725 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Pitblado. Htblado, Rev. Edwy Guthrie. . ... .2459 Lawrence Ave., Toledo, O. 

Pitkin Pitkin, J. M., & Co Newark, N. Y. 

Pitman, Pitman, Isaac, & Son 2-6 W. 45th St, New York. 

Pi*/, S, W. "Pitt, Sammie Wall Clarksville, Tenn. 

Piliman, R. H, Pittman, Reden Herbert Luray, Va. 

Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Printing Co Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wttslwgh ( Inttnher Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce Pittsburgh, Pa. 

of Com. 

Pittsburgh Civic Pittsburgh Civic Commission Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Piti$bnrRh-W. ' Pittsburgh- Westmoreland Coal Co Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Plait '<$* P, P latt & Peck '. . .395 Broadway, New York 

Plimpton, " Plimpton Press, .Norwood, Mass. 

Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock Squab Co 287 Atlantic Aye., Boston. 

Poe, IL A,< Memo- P e ' Edgar Allan, Memorial Association Baltimore, Md, 

Poet Lore Co. See Badger. 

Point of Vim Point of View Nyack, N. Y. 

Police Chronicle Police Chronicle and Civil Service Journal.. 33 Park Row, New York. 

p lfe * Polk, R. L, & Co Detroit, Mich. 

pflMev Policy, George H., & Co ,...6r Court St, Boston. 

Pomfr'&t Pomfret Press Pomfret Center, Ct 

Pomrov' G Pomroy, George National Military Home, Danville, III 

Pond F f Pond, Francis Jones ....Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J. 

p ao l * " ' Pool Publishing Co Mason City, la. 

Pool B F Pool, Bettie Freshwater 207 Dyer St., Elizabeth City, N. C. 

' Poole, Arthur, & Co 129 Confederation Life Bldg,, Toronto^ Can. 

P* Pooley, Peter - Chicago. 

' Poor's Railway Manual Co 68 William St., New York. 




Pope, C: H: Pope, Charles Henry.. Pope Bldg., Boston. 

Pop ham, W : L. Popham, William Lee Louisville, Ivy. 

Popp. Popp & Hogan San Jose, Oil 

Popper. Popper, William C., & Co Pearl and Kim Sis., New Ynrk 

Popular, Popular Publishing Co... J<J4 i>oa<hva>, New York. 

Popular" Astronomy. Popular Astronomy. Nmlhiield^ Mum 

Popular Electricity. Popular Electricity Publishing Co. v . .Chicago. 

Popular Mechanics. Popular Mechanics' Co 225 Washington St., Chicago, 

Porter G: F a Porter, George F 143 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Porter, I. W. Porter, Ira W.... 403 W. O. W. Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

Porter, W. L Porter, W. J 210 Blanchard Bldg., Lo8 Angeles, Cal. 

Portland. l j ortland Printing House .388 Taylor St , Portland, Ore. 

Portland (Ore.) L. Portland Library Association Portland, Ore. 

Portland (Ore.) Portland School of Astrology Portland, Ore. 

Sc/i. Astrology. 

Porter D Porter D wight Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. 

Post, C. W. Post, C. W Battle Creek, Mich, 

Post, L. D. Post, Lyman D 154 Nassau St., New York, 

Post, L: F. Post, Louis F 357 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Potomac Press. Potomac Press Mnnsey Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

Pott Pott, James, & Co 214-220 E. 23d St, New York. 

Potter, A. Potter, Alexander % 116 Liberty St., New York. 

Potter, $ L. Potter, Samuel L ' Shelby, Mont, 

Potter, T. F. Potter, T. F., & Co Downers Grove, 111. 

Potierdon, C. M. Potterdon, C. M , Haw thorne, N. J. 

Poultry Culture. Poultry Culture Publishing Co v Topeka, Kan. 

Poultry Monthly. Poultry Monthly Publishing Co Syracuse, N. Y, 

Poultry Review. Poultry Review Elmira, N. Y. 

Poultry Trib. Poultry Tribune Mount JM orris, 111. 

Powell. L. D. Powell, L. D., Co Los Angeles, CaJ. 

Powell Pub. Powell Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal 

Power-Bk. Power-Book Library 304 Central St , Auburndalc, Mass. 

Power Pub, Power Publishing Co 730 I7th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Powers. Powers & Lyons 337 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Powers, J. C. Powers, J. C. & W. E 65 Duane St., New York. 

Powers, L., Sch. Powers, Leland, School of the Spoken Word, 

177 Huntington Ave., Boston. 

Powers, W. F. Powers, W. F., Co 30 Ferry St , Now York. 

Practical Text-book Practical Text-Book Co Cle\ eland, O, 


Practitioners 1 Pub. Practitioners' Publishing Co 55 W. uOth St., New York 

Praise Pub. Praise Publishing Co 1530 % Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 

Prang. Piang Co i n Unix er.sitv PI., Nk-\\ York. 

Pratt, A. S. Pratt, A. S., & Sons., National Bank Agents Washington, I). C 

Pratt, J. R. Pratt, James Randall llion, N.* Y. 

Pratt, L W. Pratt, J. W., Co 52 Duane St., New York. 

Pratt Inst. Pratt Institute Free Library Ryerson St., Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Preetorius, C, Preetorms, Carl P. O. Box 168, Rumston, 111. 

Prentis, C. Prentis, C Topeka, Kan. 

Prcsb. Bd. Presbyterian Board of Publication. ... 1319 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Prcsb. Bk. Presbyterian Bookstore 712 Pennsylvania Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Presb. Pub. Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 

212-216 N. 6th St., Richmond, Va. 

Presbrey. Presbrey, F., Co 3 W. 29th St., New York. 

Prescott. Prescott Co Menominee, Mich. 

President's Home President's Home Commission Washington, D. C. 


Press Pub. Press Publishing Co New York World, Pulitzer Bldg., New York. 

Presser,T. Presser, Theodore, Co 1708 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Preston. Preston & Rounds q8 Westminster St., Providence, R. L 

Price, B: L. Price, Benjamin Lincoln Valparaiso, Ind. 

Price, W: T. Price, William T 144 Broadway, New York, 

Prince Soc. Prince Society ., Boston, 

Princeton Unw. Princeton University Library Princeton, N. J. 

Priscilla. Priscilla Publishing Co 85 Broad St., Boston. 

Prison Reform. Prison Reform League 443 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Professional Professional Publishing Co 923-925 Spruce St., Philadelphia. 

"Professional Me- "Professional Memoirs" Washington Barracks, D. C. 


Progress Club. Progress Club .50 Bromfield St., Boston, 

Progress Co. Progress Co 5*5-519 Rand-McNally Bldg., Chicago. 




Progressive Literature Co. (Bought by Roger Bros.) 

Progressive Thinker Publishing House 106 Loomis St., Chicago. 

Progressive Woman Publishing Co Girard, Kan. 

Progressive Lit. 



Prophet Pub. Prophet Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Prosch, T: W* Prosch, Thomas Wickham Seattle, Wash. 

Prude, A. M. Prude, Alfred Marion Birmingham, Ala. 

Prudential. Prudential Insurance Co Newark, N. J. 

Psychic World, - Psychic World Publishing Co... 1119 Washington St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Psychological Clinic. Psychological Clinic Press. -36th St. and Woodland Ave., Philadelphia. 

Psychological Re- Psychological Review Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 


Pub. Assoc. Friends. Publishing Association of Friends Plainfield, Ind. 

Pub. Ed. Assoc. Public Education Assoc 281 Fourth Ave., New York 

Pub. Ho. of Evan- Publishing House of the Evangelical Association (C. Hauser, Agt), 

gelical Assoc. 1903-1923 Woodland A\e., S. E., Cleveland, O. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Publishing House of the Methodist Enwopal Church, South (Smith 

Ch. f So. & Lamar, Agts.) Nashville, Tenn. 

Pub. Pr. Publishers Printing Co Enid, Okla. 

Pub. Pr. Co. Publishers Printing Co 419-421 Lafayette St., New York. 

Pub. Sch. Pub. Public School Publishing Co Bloomington, 111. 

Pub. Syndicate Publishers' Syndicate. . , Cincinnati. 

Pub, Weekly. ' Publishers' Weekly 298 Broadway, New York. 

Public. Public, The Ellsworth Bldg., 357 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Public Pub. Public Publishing Co .First National Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

Public Sch. Pub Public School Publishing Co Bloomington, 111. 

Publicity. ' Publicity Publishing Co 88-90 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Pueblo Pub. Pueblo Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

rugsley, R: M. Pugsley, Richard Marriotte New York. 

Puritan Press. ' Puritan Press Oak Park, 111. 

Puritan Pub. Puritan Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Purity Pub. Purity Publishing Co 367 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Pustet. Pustet, Frederick, & Co 52 Barclay St., New York. 

Futcrbaugh, L. P. Puterbaugh, Lewis Prather N. Yakima, Wash. 

Putnam. Putnam, G. P., & Sons 2-6 W. 45th St., New York. 

Putnam, E. Putnam, Eber 26 Broad St., Boston. 

Quaker' Hill. Quaker Hill Conference Association Quaker Hill, N. Y. 

'Queen's Shop. 'Queen's Shop 7 Devon Road, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Mass. 

Quick News 'Quick News Publishing Co... .Room 1803, 27 William St., New York. 

Quikntc Pub. Quikrite Publishing Co., 

124 Erie Co. Savings Bank Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Qninn, D Quinn, Daniel Yellow Springs, O. 

K. & 'S. Pub. K- & S. Publishing Co Superior, Wis. 

R. L ColL * Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts., 

Kingston, R. I. 

]?. /. Debt. Rduc. Rhode Island Department of Education Providence, R. L 

R, A Hm. Rhode Island Citizens' Historical Association Providence, R. I. 

R. I. Normal Rhode Island Normal School Providence, R. I. 

R. I, State Lib. Rhode Island State Library Providence, R. I. 

Radford Architcc- Radford Architectural Co Medinah Bldg., Chicago. 

Raiblel M. Raible, Marie St. Louis. 

Raidabaugh-y. Raidabaugh- Voorhees Co Plainfield, Ind. 

Railroad Gazette, Railroad Gazette 81 Fulton St., New York. 

Railway Age Ga- Railway Age Gazette 81 Fulton St., New V <^rk, 


Railway Rduc Railway Educational Association' 227 Monroe St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Railway World Railway World Publishing Co Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Rainier Pr * Rainier Printing Co., Inc .'..116 Third Ave., So., Seattle, Wash. 

Ralston Health. Ralston Health Qub... Washington, D. C 

Rahton Unto. Ralston University Publishing Co, > 

1307-1329 1 5th St., Washington, D. C. 

Ramsay / P Ramsay, James P Lowell, Mass. 

Rammv R I * Ramsay, Robert Lee Columbia, Mo. 

.ivwrrKM* y, 4v* ** ,_ i ii/r -XT ti o r> 

Rand McN fr Co Rand McNally & Co., 

42 R. 22cl St., New York; 160-174 Adams St., Chicago, 

RmidaU I A * Randall, James A., 

nanaau, J. A. R R cor Gfand Boulevard and Brush St., Detroit, Mich. 

Randall T. A Randall, T. A., & Co. Indianapolis Ind. 

Randolfih C F Randolph, Corliss F ",;/ -Newark, N. J. 

Randolph] 1L S. F. Randolph. Howard Stelle Fitz 1730 Broadway, New York. 




Randolph, F. C. Randolph, Vern Curtis ................. 8 Perrj St., Salamanca, N. V. 

Ranc,P.W. Rane, Frank William ......................... 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

Rangei', W, E, Ranger, Walter Eugene ............................ Providence, R. I. 

Ransom. /. H. Ransom, J. H ..................................... W. Lafayette, I mi. 

Ratcliffe, F. A. Ratcliffe, Rev. Francis Asbury .......................... . Pdham, Ga. 

Rational Cult. Rational Cult Co .............................. Box 323, Freepprt, 111, 

Ratner, H: l, Ratner, Henry Wolf ...................................... .Chicago, 

R aub, A. D. * Raub, Adams Danforth ............................ , . , Lafayette, Ind. 

Raudabaugh, /. F, Rauclabaugh, Israel Franklin ............................... Cclina, O. 

Rotum, U, A. Raum, Harry Anglo.... ........ 1500 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, N* T. 

Rawu\ H: Rawie, Henry ...... . ................... Harrison Bklg 1 ., Columbus* O. 

Rawlry, J. P. Rawley, Joseph P ........................... .... 57 Broadway, N. V. 

Rawlins, /; A. t Post, Rawlins, John A.. Post 43 ..... . .................. . .Marlboro, Mass, 

Raymer, C. D. Raymer. C D., & Co ................. 15^2 First Av M Seattle, Wash. 

Read. H. P. Read, Harmon Pumpelly ............................ . Albany, N, Y. 

Head & W, Read & White. ..................................... Bioomington, 111. 

Rcade, P, Reacle, Philip ........ . ............. 871 Lake View Ave., Lotvcll. Mass. 

Readc, W, Reade, Willoughby ...................... Drawer 148, Alexandria, Va. 

Relief, T: Reber, Thomas ....................... .... ........... . . Natchc/, Miss. 

Rcbnittn. Rebtuan Co ............................... 1123 Broadway* New York, 

Record Co, Record Co ........ , ............ . . ........ .....,.,* St Augustine* Fla. 

Record Pr t (Mich.) Record Printing Co ........................ , . , ......... Detroit, Mich, 

Rector. Rector, J. Logan ....................... , . Pleasant Hill, Maine Co,, O. 

Red Diamond. Red Diamond Press ...................... 137 E, asth St., New York, 

Red field. Redfield Bros. , , . .................... 311-319 W. 43d St., New York. 

Reed, C: i/C. Reed, Charles K ................... 75 Thomas St., Worcester, Mais. 

Reed, P, A, Reed, Mrs, Frank A. . . ........................ , ..... . . Detroit Mich. 

Reed, G: M. Reed, George Matthew ..... . ............... , ..... . . . , , Columbia* Mo, 

Reed, JT. /*, Reed, W. B, , . . ................ , ...... . .......... White (loud, Mich, 

Reed, If; B. Reed, William B ...................... 7V Thames St , Nowport. R. I 

Reed Press. Reed Press ................. , . ........ . . ........... Kovistrn. M*, 

Reedy, W": M. Reedy, William Marion ........ . ........ loth and Pinr Sis,, St 1 ,i win 

Rees s H Rees, Herntan, Press of . . ........................ . . , , Syracuse, X \ 

Rfwe< ft. Reeve, Budd. .............. . ,., ..................... , Buxtuit. X, f) 

Reerc, J. ,9, Reeve, J. Stanley. ...... ............ * ....... . ...... . . , , . Philttdclphia* 

Rcf. (!L Pub. Reformed Church Publication Bd,.*5th and Race Sts., Ptuiattrtphtii, 
Hef. (Vi., X 9, Bd. Reformed Church, S. S. Hoard. , Fiftmtth and Race Sis, Philadelphia 

Reform. Club, Reform Club ................... , ....... ... ,42 Broadway, New Ynrk, 

NefflrmcA. Reformed (Dutch) Church in America, Board of Pub., 

as E, aad St, New York, 

AVsji///. Regan Printing House. , , .............. ,.,,,,,....,...,,,,. .ClhintKo, 

Regan, T, RcRan, T ...... . . . ......... .,,,..,,,..,,., ...... ... ---- Hoist, Idaho, 

AV/r/, /' C. Kc-icI, Rev^Pavicl C. , , ...... , ............... ,,,,,, .Stockbridgc*, Mnn^ 

A'c'/f/ Pub. Koi<l Publishing Co ............ . ..... ... .^o I luutingtoti Avr,, Itusftm, 

Reilly fr /?, Riilly Kr Hritton Co........ ........... 3 to S. \\ahnsh \vr, Ums'ivn 

Reilfy, P; Roillv, Peter ....... . ......... . ..... . ...t.w N, i^th St,, Phtlwlrl|thia, 

Hniilwrdt, r. Reinhardt, Victor ...... .,.,,,,,,,, ..... ,,,, ...... , . , . /f>ffftt* IVx. 

Rtl. liduc. RtliK r iHiH Education Association ....... ya S. !Uir1*igtm Avi., ("tuVaKu. 

Rel Pub. Religious Publishing Co ........... ,,,..., 193 Michigan Avr,, Chicago, 

Reliable fneubator* Reliable [ticubator and Brooder Co ...... *............. *Ouimry III. 

Reliable Poultry Reliatile Poultry Journal Ihihlishing Co, ,,,,, ....... , . , , .yttinry. Ill, 

Reliance Trading Co ...... ,, .......... tao W, I4th St New York, 

Rcnuek, Schilling & Co. , . . ............ ,M Warren St, New York, 

Remirk, Jerome I ! A C V . , . , ..... ,,.,1,11 W, 4111 St., Nrw York, 

Remington, Charles H .......... , ....... , ...... . , . Providence, R. I. 

Renn. George II ................. . ...... . , , 1341 Oikin ( St,, C*hktia 

Renshaw, Rnrnier Rex,,., ...... Wrsleyan University, Middletiwit, Ct. 

Republic Rank Note Co.. ....... ........ . ...... ,,,.,.. Pitwlmrgh, Pt, 

Republican-Courir r Print ...*.........., ......... , . . , Boxentan, Mont, 

Republican Printing Co... ............. ............ ,Dowagiac' t Mich. 

Republican Publishing Co, .,.......*......, .,....., Hiitnltnii, O. 

Reporter- Journal Prcsn ......................... ...... .Gardiner, M*, 

Rcicr, Alv* O ......... . . . . . ............ ............. .Iafyttf . Ind. 

Restitution Publishing House. . ......... . . .,,,., - , ..... Anhiatui, O. 

Revclt, Fleming H,, & Co, . , . . . ---- . ...... 158 Fifth Ave,, New York, 

Revel!, Alexander Hamilton.... ..... ; ...,iejR Waltash Ave, Chicago. 

Review and Herald Publishing Association ...... , .Wafthington. D, C. 

Review of Reviews Co ......... ...... ....... 13 Antor P! , New York, 

Review Preis. . . ...... . ........ ....... ...... , ...... , . fVcutur, 111 

Review Publishing Co. ...... .............. Ji K. f 7th St.. Hew York, 


Rcmick, /, H, 
Remington C: H 
Rftm, G; )? 
Remhmt't kl R, 
Rep. Bank Not*. 

Rep Pr. Co. 

R*p\ Pub. 
RM*r t A. 0, 

Retell, A. TL 

Review and Herald 

of Rewimts. 
Press (//I.) 
Review Pub. ' 




Review Pub. Co. Review Publishing Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Reybttrn, S: W. Reyburn, Samuel W Union Trust Co., Little Rock, Ark 

Reynwrshoffer, C: Reymershoffer, Charles Galveston, Tex. 

Reynolds, J: P. Reynolds, John Phillips , 50 State St., Boston. 

Reynolds, P, R. Reynolds, Paul R 70 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Reynolds, R. G. Reynolds, R. G Hanover, N. H. 

Reynolds Lib. Reynolds Library Rochester, N. Y. 

Rhoades, S: N. Rhoades, Samuel N 920 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Rhodes, E. S, Rhodes, Edwin S 118 So, $th St., New Philadelphia, 0. 

Rhodes, J': C. Rhodes, John C Valley Junction, la. 

Rhodes, JL R. Rhodes, Ledru Rollin Fort Collins, Colo. 

Rhodes <S* M. Rhodes & McClure Publishing Co Chicago. 

Rice, F. P. Rice, Franklin P 17 Abbott St., Worcester, Mass. 

Rice, G, Rice, Grantland Nashville, Tenn. 

Richards t E. G. Richards, Edwin Gilmore, Co Sharon, Mass. 

Richards, R. C. R^hards, Ralph Coffin Geneva, 111. 

Richardson, H H. Richardson, Hugh Hudson Jacksonville, Fla 

Richardson, M* T. Richardson, M. T., Co 27 Park PL, New York. 

Richmond, E. Richmond, E 219 Mint Arcade, Philadelphia. 

Richmond-A. Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co 1411 Masonic Temple, Chicago. 

Richmond Dept. of Richmond Department of Health Richmond, Va. 


Richmond 1'ress. Richmond Press Richmond, Va. 

Rickcv, IT; 6* Co. Rickey, William, & Co 43 W. 27th St., New York. 

Ricks. J. Ricks, Joel 193 E. 2d St., Logan, Utah. 

Kiddelt-llnston, E. Riddeil-Huston, Mrs, Evelyn H . . Qintondale, Pa. 


Riddell Pub. Rid'lell Publishing Co 5240 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

Rider CT" D. Rider and Driver Publishing Co 1123 Broadway, New York. 

Rideway. Ridgway Co Spring and Macdougal Sts., New York. 

Ritaweer. L, R, Riedinger. Mrs. Laura Rhodes R. F. D. No. 2, Alliance, 0." 

Ries, W. F. Ries, W. F Toledo, O. 

Ri&by, W. 0. Rigby, Will O Topeka, Kan. 

Rig&s, J: P. Riggs, John Franklin Des Moines, la. 

Riu:y t B: F, Riley, Benjamin F Birmingham, Ala. 

Riley, 1\ T. Riley, Frank T., Publishing Co Kansas City, Mo. 

Riley W: B* Riley, William B 1006 Harmon PL, Minneapolis, Minn. 

RiUy <& C Riley & Chandler Richmond, Va. 

RinaMo, A Rinaldo, Joel 206 W. 4ist St., New York. 

Ritchie. Ritchie & Co 37 & Randolph St., Chicago. 

tiitzmam, B, t 6* Co, Ritzmann, Brooks & Co Wells and Illinois Sts., Chicago, 

Rivcrdale Press. Riverdale Press Brookline, Mass. 

Riverside 1 Vm, Riverside Press Cambridge, Mass. 

Ro Co. Ro Co 15 E, 7th St., Cincinnati. 

Road town. Roadtown Press 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Rabarts, H Robarts, Hcber, M.D 5%9 Cater Ave., St. Louis. 

Kohh t D; IL Robb, David B Rose Farm, 0. 

Ktthhiujf, R, C\ Robbins, Reginald Chauncey Boston. 

Kttherls, C, M. Roberts, Mrs. C. M 109 S. 38th St., Philadelphia. 

Roberts, J: G. Roberts, folm Gray 418^ E. Adams St., Springfield, 111. 

Roberts ( ) Roberts, Philip Box 32, Yale Station, New Haven, Ct 

Roberts W P. Roberts, W. I?., Co., Inc 1413 New York Ave., Washington D. C. 

Robtrts, IF: W. Roberts, Willliam W., Co Portland, Me. 

Roberts & K, Roberts & Roberts 512 Abington Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Roberts Bros, Roberts Bros. Co Lockport, N. Y, 

Robertson, A M. Robertson, A. M 222 Stockton St, San Francisco. 

Kttbertson, G Robertson, Georgia 74 The Kensesaw, Washington, D. u 

Robertson, S: L* Robertson, Samuel 1 1324 Ina St, Birmingham Ala. 

Robinson. A, /. Robinson, Arthur J - . ' Spokane Wash, 

Robinson, C: An Robinson, Charles Asbttry , Greenfield Ind. 

Robinson. K, Robinson, R, & Co 49 Liberty St., New York. 

Robinson, ll Robinson, Humphrey Xouisville, Ky. 

Kabinson, /. W. Robinson, James Watts Brookline, Mass, 

Robinson, Leigh, Robinson, Leigh .Washington, D C. 

Rotoon. Robsotj & Adee 309 State St Schenectady, N Y. 

Robson R H, Rohson, Frank H 79 William St, Worcester, Mass. 

Kick*!* /!. Rockefeller Instittrte for Medical 

RoJefftr, J: D: godeffer, John David 

Roger * S Roger & Smith Co.. r, 

RowBrot Roger Bros,,,,. 4*9 Sixth Ave. New York. 

A S. Rogers, Allen E Orono, Me. 

s, C H, Rogers, Corydon Eugene .382 Second Ave., New York. 




Roeers & M Rogers & Manson v ';;:, **Bo$tO!iu 

RohMng Rohlfing Sons Music Co .90 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Rollins M Rollms, Montgomery 6 Hancock Avc, LuM on. 

jtoiiin*, **i* -D^r-r ral<ah Wvflnd Geetinff Lauraville, M<I. 

Rohrer, C, W . G. Kohrer, Laieb Wyana ueennt Sorinsfield II! 

W Rokker, H. W ^ ;; V^V *? r ^T v 

" Rolling Stone Club Bell Bldg Medina N Y. 

Rollins, Montgomery 6 Hancock Ave, Boston. 

Romance Press 156 Fifth Ave., New \ork. 

RZ^ p ^eiiuy A: s 

Ronald Press Co 

Rooks Press . 

T Roose, Thomas Walter 28 Green St., Charlcslown Mass. 

Root A 'I Root ' A. I., Co ; ' ' ' V ' .^ Me<lnla A S >- 

J?oof : T Root, Rev. Edward Tallmadge 141 Chester Ave., Providence,, R. 1. 

RoTkc T S Rorke, T. Scott -'2.3 A St., N R, tt asluiigloii, 1 ). I . 

Rosary (ill} Rosary Publishing Co - - Chu-.-ifio, 11. 

Ro S a,y (O.) Rosary Press Co jL 01 " 1 ''*.' ' ' 

S Rose Publishing Co U .'^\ n . <l O- 

Role J A Rose, James A bpnu8fio1(l. III. 


R OS en sarte n, J. G: Rosengarten, Joseph ^ 

Rwmwttr F. Rosewater, Victor Omaha Nek 

RoS^rS Rosicrucian Fellowship Seattle, Wash. 

Ross C Ross, Clinton Binghamton, N. Y. 

Rosi' R R Ross ' Ril y R 2 35 N - Fulton Avc " Mt Vcrnou, N. Y. 

Rrw' IF V Ross, Will Monroe Stevens Point, Wis. 

Rotc'h A'i Rotch, Abbott Lawrence.... Blue Hill Observatory, Hyde Park Mass. 

R (A R oth, Edward i J3S ^ne St., Pliiladcli.hia. 

Rcuoh Notes Rough Notes Co 220 E. Ohio St., Indianapolis, hid. 

Rol P I Co. Row? Peterson & Co 625 S. Wabash Avo ChuaKo. 

Rw S B Row, S. B Plnhpsbm-K, 1'a. 

Rr-^ F L Rowe, Frederick Louis 422 Elrn St., C .innnmiti. 

Rn-vr S- M Rowe, Samuel McMath 3<34 Monaduock, Chicago. 

Ke W ' H Rowe, William H., Jr Hartford N. N'. 

/?c>eK S ' W Rowell, Benjamin Winslow Iwftcm. 

' ' Roxburgh Publishing Co., Inc 61 Court St., Boston. 

Baling Royal Baking Powder Co : New York. 

c C H B Royce Mrs. Caroline Halstead Barton Astor Library, New \<,.rk. 

r'ofic"- Roycrofters (The) Eart Auronj, N. Y. 

Row C D Roys, Cyrus D Llkhart, ma. 

Rudder' ' Rudder Publishing Co I Hudson St. Nc\\ \<rk, 

Riidc A D Rude, A. D., & Son. H33-3S Broadway, New York. 

Rudolph f'FS Rudolph, Johannes F. S 606 Garden St, Hohokcn, N J. 

Rucbush-E ' * Ruebush-Elkins Co : .....Dayton, Ya. 

Ruggles, F. A. Ruggles, FrankA...... S3 State St, Boston. 

Rulcdge Rulege Playing Card Co Port Huron, Mich. 

Rwnford Press. Rumford Press, Concord, N. H. 

Runvon &> H. Runyon & Hams, Press of CincmnatK 

Rural Rural Publishing Co 409 Pearl St, New York. 

Rural Pub Rural Publishing Co - Columbus, O. 

Russell E Russell, Edgar Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

Russell H. L. Russell, Harry L Madison, Wis. 

Russell M. C. Russell, M. C..... Lake Uly, Mnni. 

Russell Pr Russell Printing Co Buffalo, N. \ . 

Ruit-Crafi. Rust-Craft Shop 410 E. nth St, Kansas City, Mo. 

Riiiher F: Ruther, Frederick Hickville, L. L 

Rutherford F. E. Rutherford, Frank Emory Dallas, Tex. 

Ru i-ton } ' Ruxton, Philip, Inc 290 Broadway, New York, 

Rvan / B Ryan, John Barry 18 W. loth St, New York 

Ryder Bros. Ryder Bros ....,,. Bate City, Ore, 

S. A. R. Me. Soc. Sons of the American Revolution, Maine Society Portland, Me. 

S. A R^ N. J. $oc. Sons of the American Revolution, New Jersey Society of, 

312 Belleville Ave,, Newark, N, J, 

5". C. Hist. South Carolina Historical Commission Columbia, S C 

9* S Bd *So Bafit Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 

K " " " ' 167 N. Cherry St, Nashville, Term. 

.9 S Times. Sunday School Times Co 1031 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Saaifield Saalfield Publishing Co Akron, O. 

Sachse., /. F Sachse, Julius F, Masonic Temple, Philadelphia, 



Sadter-K. Sadler-Rowe Co 12 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 

Saginazv. Saginaw Printing and Publishing Co., 

216 N. Franklin St., Saginaw, E. S., Mich. 

Salettt Co. Hist. Salem County Historical Society Salem, N. J. 


Salem Press. Salem Press Co Salem, Mass. 

Salem Pub. t Lib. Salem Public Library Salem, Mass. 

Salesmanship. Salesmanship Co 200 Monroe St., Chicago! 

Sames, C: M. Sanies, Charles MacCaughey. . .542 Bramhall Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Salt Lake Trib. Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Salter. Salter, Nelson L Yosemite Valley, Cal. 

Samets. Sametz, William R, & Co 540 Pearl St., New Fork. 

Sampson. Sampson Publishing Co 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

San. P. Lib. San Francisco Public Library San Francisco. 

San F. Motor, San Francisco Motor Club... 568 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco. 

San F. St, Normal San Francisco State Normal School, 

Buchanan and Waller Sts., San Francisco. 

Sanborn, B: H. Sanborn, Benjamin H., & Co 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Sanders. H. F. Sanders, Helen Fitzgerald 514 N. Henry Ave., Butte, Mont 

Sanders, P: J. Sanders, Peter James Murray City, Utah. 

Sanders Pub. Sanders Publishing Co 358 Dearborn St, Chicago. 

Sandison, PI. Sandison, Howard 404 N. Center St., Terre Haute, Ind. 

San ford, J: L San ford, John Ithiel 444 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Sargent, C. 5". Sargent, C. S Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plains, Mass. 

Sangstcr, i r . N. Sangster, Urania N 97 Bird Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Saratogiau. Sarutogian Co Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Saturday A T rvr. Saturday News Watertown, S. D. 

Sattlt. Sault News Printing Co Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Saumcnii*, J: //. Saumenig, John H., & Co 229 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Saundcrs. Satmders, W. B,, Co 925 Walnut St., Philadelphia 

Sattrusaitis, P: Saurusaitis, Rev. Peter 36' James St., Waterbury, Ct 

Sauter, B, Sauter, Edwin St. Louis. 

Sau'vcttr, A, Sauveur, Albert Retch Bldg., Cambridge, Mass. 

Saward, P: P.: Saward, Frederick Edward 20 Vesey St., New York. 

Sawyer, C: IF. Sawyer, Charles W 41 Humphreys St., Boston. 

Sa.vion, H. Saxton, Edmund 41 Bladensburg Rd., Washington, D. C, 

Scaifc. Scaife, William B., & Sons, Co Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Scenic America. Scenic America Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Sch. Liberal Arts. School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Sc fa. Methods. School Methods Co 380 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Sch* of Eng* School of English 1411 Security Bldg., Chicago. 

Sch, of R. R. Sift- School of Railway Signaling Utica, N. Y. 


Sch, Pcdawgy. School of Pedagogy, N. Y. University.. Washington Sa, E., New York. 

Schaad, /.* A', Schaaci, Rev. Julius A .415 W. i3th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Schaefcr &* K. Schaefcr & Koracli 4th and Wood Sts., Philadelphia. 

Schaffiw, J : H: Schaffner, John Columbus, O. 

Schapiro, B, A t Af. Schapiro, B. A. M 138 Bible House, New York. 

Schattji, IF: ' Schaus, William 415 sth Ave,, New York. 

Schechter, S. Schcchter, Solomon 535 W. T23d St., New York. 

Schciwan* W: H". Schoiman, William H Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Schenck, C, A. ScWnck, Carl Alvin Pisgah Forest, N. C. 

Schenck F. /. Schenck, Frank Joseph 7<S State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Schilling H, K. Sclnlling, HURO K 2316 Le Conte Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Schilling, W; P. Schilling, William Paul ....131 W. 2$d St, New York. 

Schinner, Schirmer, G 35 Union Sq., W., New York. 

Schirmcr, R: C, Schirmer, Richard C 822 N. Broad St., Philadelphia. 

ScliMf, 0, Schteif, Oscar Philadelphia. 

SV/j/f//u f v B. B. Schleppey, Mrs. Blanche Bloor 634 E. nth St., Indianapolis, Ind, 

Schmals* Schnialz Publication Co '. .31 Ames Bldg., Boston. 

Schmidt, A. P. Schmidt, Arthur P 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Schnell A. P. Sclmcll Albert Frederick Ridgefield, N. J. 

Schoenhof. Schocnhof Book Co 128 Tremont St, Boston. 

Scholes* T: Scholes, Thomas, & Co 333 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Schomer, A. S, Schomer, Abraham S. -5 Beekman St, New York. 

Schoti, C: J, Schott, Charles Joseph Seattle, Wash. 

Schubtrth. Schuberth, Edward, & Co n E. 22d St., New York. 

Sehuctle, H, G; Schuettc, H, G Rox 19, Manitowoc, Wis. 

Schultc. Schttlte, Theodore E 132 E. 23d St, New York. 

Schults, l<: W. Schultz* Frederick Walter P. 0. Box 515, Baltimore, Md. 

Sclmmakcr, E; Schumaker, Rclwarcl & Son Hibert, Wis. 

Sehwartjs, /; R. Sch wart/, John Robley Camp Hill, Pa. 




Schwartz, K. & F. Schwartz, Kirwin & Fauss 42 Barclay St., No\\ York. 

Set. Authors'. Scientific Authors' Publishing Co 329 W. 57th St., Ne\\ York. 

Science Pr., (N. F.) Science Press Sub-Station 84, New York. 

Scientific American. Scientific American 361 Broadway, New York. 

Scientific Press. Scientific Press 135 Johnson St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sea-field, W: 7. Scofield William J 436 Murphy Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 

Scott, JS*. * Scott, Elwood ". Marion, Jnd. 

Scott, /'. & Co. Scott. Forcsman & Co 623 S. Wabash Ave,, Chicago. 

Scott, Jennie. Scott, Jennie Armour, S. Dak. 

Scott, JF 4 /-, Scott, Walter L Tivoli, N. Y. 

Seott-M. ' Scott-Miller Co Indianapolis, I ml, 

Scranton. Scrnnton, S. S., & Co jHi Asylum St., I lartford, Ct, 

Scribncr, Serilmer, Charles, Sons..,.. 153-157 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Seriven, G: P. Scrivcn, George P <*o\ ernor's Island, N, Y, 

Scruby, /, /. Scruby, J. J 1 >aytnn f O 

Scuddcr. Snulcler, Bros. Co .030 W. fth St., Cwnnnnti. 

Scitlliu /'.//. Seulliu, P. II 701 Fillnmre St., San Kram'isea 

Searcy. Searcy Publishing Co. . . < JriiVin, ( la. 

Sfarrs, P: H. Scares, Frederick Hanley, 

Mount Wilson Solar Observatory, Pasadena, CI. 

Searjs Invest. Sears Investment Co. . Huston. 

Sears Roebuck. Sears RoHmck ft Co ..........,,,. .Chicago, 

Seattle Pub. Lib. Seattle F'uhlic Library ......,.,,, .Seattle, Wash, 

Sewer* /, H\ Seaver, Jay W , . .25 Lynwood PL, New Haven, Ct, 

Secord. L ' Af. Secorcl, L, M, 1303 Clark Avc., Cleveland, O, 

Sedlasky, P. /. Secllasky, Ferdinand James , . Fort Dodge, la, 

Secdn t R. S*. Seeds, Robert S Birmingham, Pa, 

Seeman. Seeman Printery Durham, N, C, 

Stnoif. Seewir, Charles C ,c>i7 Mass, St.. Lawrence, Kau. 

Segal, /. Segal, Josephine. Majestic Hotel, Second and Broad Sts.. Pbiladelpbia, 

Seidfi /, A/". Seide f Joseph N. San \nt<mi, Trx 

Seller. Seiler, Atlolph (5 1224 AmsttTdam ,\\ * , X<n\ N nrk. 

SV// Mastery. Self Mastery Press , , t "rr> t !*a, 

Setiffwan, H. JR. *4. Seligman, KcKvin Robert Anderson. . , , 3^4 \V. Kdtli St . \Vu N"trk, 

Sellers. E. L Sellers, Edwin Jaquett .H<JO Brt/ BldK, Phil.ulrlphta, 

.SV//,y, /{, W. Sells, Elijah W Haskins X Sells, 3< Umnd St , Xru virk. 

Srlls'tcdt, /,. (7, Sellstedt* Lars (histaf..,, ...78 \\", ,\hhawk St , Hutl'a!, M Y, 

Sewsck, 0. l\ Srnisrlu Otto Francis. * v .,.,,..,. 35 Wall St , NV\\ Vork, 

Setwur! C\ S* Senmir, Mrs. Caro Smith ,,, ,,.,,..,.. JlnUywinnl, c\il, 

Sentinel* Sentinel Co ...,,.,,,.,... North St, Paul* Minn, 

Sentinel ( A f . //,) Sentinel Printing Co..,. , Krriir, X I! 

Sentinel Pr. Sentinel Printing ( 4 ci, . ... ,123-125 \V, Market Rt t ItutuutatutltH, Intl. 

Sentinel Pnb> Sentinrl Publishing Co ,.,,,, . , , Poiituu-, III, 

Sentinel Pub, (Col) Sentinel Publishing Co, ...,,.,,.,,,,,.,,,,. , .Santu t *rtt/ C 'itl, 

Sentinel Pub, Co, Sentinel Publishing Co.. ....*. ,,,.,,,.,.., , ttKUnna|i!in, Inf, 

Sergei Sergei, Charles I!,, ft Co ,,.,,,,, .358 Dearborn St,, C*hi f ao 

Servants fwrnQCM* Servants tf the Immaculate Heart of Mary, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,St*ranittn, PR. 
late Hmrt 

Severance, Jf, S 1 , Severance, 1 1 mvard S , . , ,,.,.,..,,,,.,,,,, Nm i, Mich. 

Sewrn River, Severn River Press .,.....,,,,...*,,,,,.,, Atifni|iiiif, Md, 

Sexton, if. S, Sexton, Marian I J. , , ,,.,,.. ,,,,,,, M<intitnith t 111. 

Seymour* Seymour, Ralph Metcbrr, , , , , Fine Arts Bldg,, Chtcago, 

Shakespeare Press, Shakespeare Press. , , , , ,,,.,,.,..,,.,. WestfirUI, N. J, 

Shallcross. Shallcross Printing (*<,, 4U) N, 4th St., St. Lcmk 

Shamburger, R. L. Shamhurger, Mrs. R, L. ,.,, Pittsburgh, Trx, 

Shanley* Shtnley, Hobart J,, Co .......,.,,.,.,.,, Burlington, Vt 

Shannon >IV. W Shannon, W, W, (State SuperinteiKlrnt of Printing). Sacramento, Cti 

SharmaHi I : T: Sharman, John Thomas , ,...,,,. KertUtutrg, WIi, 

Sfuiron Hhl> Soc. Sharon Historical Society, , ,, Shwron, Maw, 

Sharp* A. G, Sharp, Mrs, Abigail Ciarciner, .. . , ArmIl\ i'ark, I,akr* Oktthoji, la, 

Sharp, /, R. Sharp, James Roi>ert, , . - , , ..... . XiHlnillt*. Trim, 

Sharp, R, W, Sharp, Robert W, jcty Market St , XV u ark, N. J. 

Sharp & A, Sharp ft AHcrnan Co ....,,... urn S. <Xh Si , Plnlaflelphm, 

Skarpe, W: C. Sharpc, William C , Seymour, O, 

Shatv, C, B, Shaw, Clement B. .74 Auditorium BM , < Im-ngo, 

Shmt\ C: R, Shaw, Charles Edgar, Jr. . ,,....,...,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,, , i 'hicago. 

Shaw, L* Shaw, Luella I totcltkisii, Colo. 

Shaw, R, H Shaw, Ralph H , , ,69 Burtt St., Lowell, 

Shwn* Rros. Shaw Bros, ,....,,... Ikwcl Bldg,, Washington, D. C. 

Shaw Pub, Shaw Publishing Co . . , , .Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Xhayler, H, F. Shaykr, Rev. Ernest Vincent ....,,.,.,,,. .Oak Park, III 

Sheehy, /, Shrrhy, Jerry , , .447 Minna St., Sun 




Sheer. Sheer, H. M., Co Qwncy, -111. 

Sheffey, J: P. Sheffey, John P Marion, Va. 

Shelby Co. Leader. Shelby County Leader Shelbyville, 111. 

Sheldon, A. E. Sheldon, Addison Erwin State University, Lincoln, Neb. 

Sheldon Univ. Sheldon University Press Libertyville, 111. 

Shepard, F. Shepard, Frank, Co 190-194 W. Broadway, New York. 

Shepherd, J. W. Shepherd, J. W 317-319 5th Ave., No,, Nashville, Tenn. 

Sheppard, M. Sheppard, Morris Texarkana, Tex. 

Shepperson, A. B. Shepperson, Alfred B 65 Cotton Exchange Bldg., New York. 

Sherman. Sherman & Co 7 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

Sherman, E. E. Sherman, E. E., & Co Boston. 

Sherman, E. J. Sherman, Edgar Jay Boston. 

Sherman, P. Sherman, French & Co 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

Sherman, P. P. Sherman, Frederic Fairchild 42 W. 3pth St., New York. 

Sherman, f: D. Sherman, Mrs. John D , 73 E. 47th St., Chicago. 

Sherman, M. J. M. Sherman, Mrs. Margaret Jane McMurphy Brodhead, Wis. 

Sherrill, C. 0. Sherrill, Clarence Osborne Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

Sherwn-W. Sherwin-Williams Co Cleveland, O. 

Shiel, R. R. Shiel, Roger R Shiel Apartment House, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Shippers' Freight, Shippers' Freight Service First National Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

Shockley Bros. - Shockley Brothers & Cook Oskaloosa, la. 

Shoenfeld, G. Schoenfeld, Mrs. Gabrielle New Orleans, La. 

Shoop, M. P. Shoop, Max Pardoe Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

Shores, R. J. Shores, Robert J East Orange, N. J. 

Shorter, R. G. Shorter, Robert Graves Nashville, Tenn. 

Showalter, L. P. Showalter, Lewis Pendleton Eaton, O. 

$howalter-P. Showalter-Patton Co Dallas, Tex. 

Shrcvc. W: P. Shreve, William P Boston. 

Shrh'cr, C. H. Shriver, C. H 84 State St., Boston. 

Shuman. Shuman, G. L., & Co Chicago. 

Sibley. Sibley & Co 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Sickfcs, D. E. Sickles, General D. E 23 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Sieger, P. G: Sieger, Rev. P. George Lancaster, Pa. 

Sigma. " Sigma Publishing Co .210 Pine St., St. Louis. 

Silk, R. A. Silk, Reeve A I Madison Ave., New York. 

Silver. Silver, Burdett & Co 239 W. 39th St., New York. 

Silver Lotus. Silver Lotus Shop : Pittsfield, Mass. 

Silver Manufactur- Silver Manufacturing Co Salem, O. 


Simmons. Simmons, Parker P 3 E, i4th St., New York, 

Simmons. H. A. Simmons, H. A., & Co 20 Broad St., New York. 

Simmons] M, & D, Simmons, Manning & Dawson 74 Lafayette St., New York. 

Simmons, R. /, H. Simmons, Robert Jasper Hogue Hartford, Ala. 

Simon, A. Simon, Abram 2802 Cathedral Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Simon, P, P: Simon, Ferdinand Peter 132 Hill St., New Haven, Ct 

Simon, L, C Simon, Lemuel C Philadelphia. 

Simplified Spell Bel* Simplified Spelling Board i Madison Ave., New York. 

Simpson. Simpson Bros/ Corporation Boston. 

Simpson, /, Simpson, Mrs. Jerry. Wichita, Kan. 

Simpson, T: /, Simpson, Thomas Jefferson Clarksburg, Mo. 

Sims, Af, H. Sims, Mrs. Mamie Hunt 216 E. 53d St., Chicago. 

Sinclair, A. Sinclair, Angus Co , 116 Liberty St., New York. 

Singcn Singer Co 55 E. 2Oth St., New York. 

Singer, 7, Singer, Jacob Philadelphia. 

Singleton, T, W, Singleton, Terrell Wingfield. e Cincinnati. 

Slnnett, C: N. Sinnett, Charles Nelson Carthage, Miner Co., S. D. 

Sinnicksan. Sinnickson, Clew & Sons Camden, N. J. 

Sisters of Charity. Sisters of Charity Cincinnati. 

Sisters of St Joseph. Sisters of St. Joseph ; Wichita, Kan. 

Site and Relic. ' Site and Relic Society of Germantown Germantown, Pa. 

Skal G. von Skal, Georg von, 5 Beekman St., New York. 

Skelton. * Skelton Publishing- Co 235 Edison St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Skelton, H, 0, Skelton, Edward Oliver Boston. 

Sketch Bk. Sketch Book Press Little Rock, Ark. 

Skrainka. P, Skrainka, Philip St. Louis. 

Skinner 6* K> Skinner & Kennedy St. Louis. 

Slaught, H B* Slaught, H. E American Mathematical Society, Chicago. 

JS700H, E. B. Sloan, Emily Eva Belle Fourche, S. Dak. 

Sloane, /, R, Sloane, James Robinson 2715 Bryant Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Slocum, G: E Slocum, George Engs ,,... Scottsville, N. Y. 

Slocum Pub. Slocum Publishing Co. ..." * 218 I3th St., Toledo, O. 

Slovak Press, Slovak Press 188 Ave A, New York. 




Small, Small, Maynard & Co 15 Heaoon St., Boston 

Small, C: W. Small, Charles Vyilder 105' Summer St., Boston. 

Smallwood, W: M. Smallwood, William Martin .' Syracuse, ft. V 

Smcltscr, /. R, Smeltzer, Jeannie Ringland Fort Hodge, la 

Smilty, A* /, Smiley, Amanda Jane \V. Lafayette, hnl 

Smiley, A. JF. Smiley, Alfred Wilson Foklmrg, Pa, 

Smiley, P. T. Smiley, Frank T., Printing and Publishing Co., 

5 Beekman St., New York 

Smiley, /. L. Smiley, Rev. James Lawrenson Annapolis, Md, 

Smith. Smith Printing Co , Pine Bluff, Ark, 

Smith, A, H. Smith, Albert Herman Lowville, N. V, 

Smith, B. D Smith, B. D., & Bro Pulaski, Va, 

Smith, C: A. Smith, Charles Alphonso Chapel Hill N, C, 

Smith, C: H. Smith, Charles H 5701 Kuclid Ave., Cleveland, O, 

Smith* C* S, Smith, Caroline Sprague, 

Care of Cheltenham Press, 150 "Fifth Ave., New York 

Smith, D: E. Smith, Prof. David Kugenc 5-25 U". ijoth St.. Xe\\ York 

Smith, !L A. F. Smith, Emma A. F., 

Washington Headquarters Soe. Morris Mansion. \Y\\ York 

Smith. E. B. Smith, Egbert Bull, , Port Jefferson, X, V, 

Smith, /. R (Pa.) Smith, Earl B. . . Philadelphia 

Smith. E. ft. Smith, RIsie Rhea , . , Marshal!, Tex, 

Smith F. Smith, Frank . . . . Dover, Mass 

Smith, F, /, Smith, Frank J. , PUftftantnn, Kan, 

Smith, G: K Smith, George K., . , , 606 S. Saliwa Ave., Syracuse, NT. Y. 

Synth. J t A. Smith, J, Augustine (Ideal Concrete Manufacturing Co) 

South Bnd, Ind, 

Smith, /: P., Pn Smith, John P., Printing Co , Rochester. N. Y, 

Smith, J. f r. Smith James Washington , , , Dceatur, Mi**, 

Smith, /.. K. Smith, Leonard Kingsley 417 Kansas St. Huron. S, !> 

Smith, L: P, Smith, Louis P Tolfil,., < > 

Smith, 0. C, Smith, Oliver Cromwell ! )|KI\ ill<\ \\ H 

Smith, P, ' Smith, Payson (State StJj>erintenlent of Pttllir SrhnU>, \nKtjst.i, Me 

Smith, R, Smith* Robert, Printing Co ...,,. ,,.,,,,, I,ansifi. Mu'h 

Sniilh t tl':C. Smith, Willmm Cadid, ,,, Height. 1ml 

Smith, IP; C. Smith, William ChristopIuT , . . , . , . ,< "hatlwtn, M*m 


Smith FF, H, Smith, W, E,.. Cor\iit!t.. Otv 

Smith'. 11' R. C Smith, W, R, C, PuhlWunw C (ir;mi IU! , \il,jit.. <i,t 

Vm//// fr B, Smith & ButterficW. , . , ,..,... Kvannyillp, Intl 

Smith & L t Smith & Lamar.^. .,.,..,,.,, , , N;H!H ilU'. Trim 

SVi* also Publishing lioitse of the MrthinlKi Fpi<i'o|tu! Cituirlt. Simth 

Smith t^ /IfrC. Smith & McCance , ..,.,.,..,..,, .38 BrowtirM St , HuHton 

Smith ^ S. Smith & Sale, 45 Exclwtfig St . Portland, M* 

Smith /?rw. Smith Bros , 816 Fourth St. N, W. \ViHhitijit<in O <* 

Smith, hist, Smithsonian Institution, Wsi^htiigton, I) C 

Smith- ft. Smith-Brooks Printing Co. .Dnivrr. Colo 

SnnthL* Sttiith-Linsley Co I fart ford, < *t 

Smyth, /'. (7. Smyth. P. G " Merchants* Building, Chicago. 

Stnvth. S <7, Smyth Samuel Gordon , West Crn*hohockrtt, ru 

i', /L // Sniythe A. II , 41 S. High St., Columlnu. O 

t^ 1 C*. Sncad Co, .................... Foot of Pine St, Jemcy City, N. }, 

, /, E, Snow, Jane KUiott , . , . , ,.^oi Clinfoti Ave,, Clcvrland, < > 

A* F, Snow & Farnham ....15 Custom Housr St., Providence, R. I 

rr, S, F. Snydcr, Sherwood Terry. .....!.,... Box <8, Dayton. C > 

.SV! (7m ir Pr, Southern Clinic Print f H, Clay St., Rfchmoud Va. 

5V*. .SV/i, l?i\ Southern 5khool Book Co. ,,,,,, ,* , . Dallas, Tx 

S(n\ slwtHeana, Society Americana ....,...,, ,f Bfacon St., Boston, 

Society for the Promotion of Agricultural Scinicc. AVi* ffutit, Ti F, 

Sot\ Col, PiVniffw, Society of California Ptoucers of \Va$hingttn. D, C .Washington, I). C 

5Yf, Cnhii, Wars, Society oif Colonial Wars, District of Cnlumhia. ,, .Wa*ihingttn, f"^ < 
D, C 

,9nr, Cr>/r, fffliM Society of Colonial Warn, Ohio - . , Cincinnati 


AW, PtVw IFonf, Society of the Divine Word .,,,..,.,...,. , , , .Techny, 111 

KM* Do fobs, Society of Dofoba. .................. ,Care of Ro^well Field. Chicago 

S(w\ 'or 1 Prfipttga Society for the Propagation ff the Faith, 46j Madison Ave,, New York 
lion o/ Faith. 

Indt*.r, Social Indejc Publishing Co. , , , , 4 . Newport, R I- 

Social Justice* Publishing C'o. ,2f'^o Fifth Ave.. S,, Minneapolis, Minn, 
Social Register Association. ............... ,20 Broadway, New York, 

Socialist Party, National Headtittarters. . 180 Washington Fit. Chicago. 




Socialist Lit, Co. Socialist Literature Co 15 Spruce St., New York. 

Solar Lit. Solar Literary and Musical Bureau, 

Care of Arthur Franklin Fuller, Fort Worth, Tex. 

Somerville. Somerville, Ivan, & Co 225 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Soncy. Soney & ,Sage 42 Clinton St., Newark, N. J, 

Sonneck, 0. G: T. Sonneck, Oscar George Theodore 1732 2Oth St., Washington, D. C. 

Sopor, G: A. Soper, George Albert 29 Broadway, Room 259, New York, 

Sorley, L. $. Sorley, Lewis Stone, Capt i4th Infantry, U. S. A... Baton Rouge, La. 

South- West Pub. South- West Publishing Co Box F, Unnersity Station, Austin, Tex. 

Southern California Southern California Printing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Southern Church- Southern Churchman Co Richmond, Va. 


Southern Engineer. Southern Engineer Atlanta, Ga. 

Southern Hist. Pub. Southern Historical Publication Society Richmond, Va. 

Southern Med. Southern Medical Publishing Co.. 3026 W. Worth Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Southern Mission- Southern Missionary Society Nashville, Tenn. 


Southern Planter. Southern Planter Publishing Co Richmond, Va. 

Southern Pub. Southern Publishing Assoc., 

. 24th Ave,, N., and Hyde St., Nashville, Tenn, 

Southern Pub. Southern Publishing Co Mobile, Ala. 


Southern Pub. Southern Publishing Co .Dallas, Tex. 


Southern Ruralist. Southern Ruralist Co Atlanta, Ga. 

Southern Sch. Southern Schools of Railway Science Chicago. 

R'way Sci. 

Southern Sch. Sup- Southern School Supply Company Knoxville, Tenn. 


Southwest Pub. Southwest Publishing Co Pulaski, Va. 

Southwestern Co. Southwestern Publishing Co 150 Fourth Ave., Nashville. Tenn. 


Southwick, I. E. Southwick, Mrs. Jessie Elclriclge, 

Emerson College of Oratory, Chickering Hall, Boston, 

Sower. Sower, Christopher, Co i.?4 N. i8th St., Philadelphia. 

Sower, L W. Sower, John William Atlanta, Ga, 

Spaldfag. Spalding, A. G., & Bros 126 Nassau St, New York. 

Spalding, /. A, Spalding, James Alfred 627 Congress St., Portland, Me, 

Spanlding, W. Spanieling, Rev. Wayland 411 W. usth St., New York, 

Spear, W: E. Spear, William E Kimball Bldg., Boston. 

Spectator. Spectator Co 135 William St., New York. 

Sf>cncc!ey. Spenceley, Frederick 56 W. 3Qth St., New York. 

Spencer, E. Spencer, Enos Spencerian Commercial School, Louisville, Ky. 

Spencer, K. S. Spencer, Mrs. Katherine Smith 1530 Main St., Racine, Wis. 

Sperlc, C: H. Sperle, Charles H Somerville, N. J. 

Spier Mill Spice Mill Publishing Co 97 Water St., New York. 

Spiegel, M,,S.,>Co. Spiegel, May, Stern Co Chicago. 

Spoil, Spon & Chamberlain 123 Liberty St., New York, 

Spooncr, I: C. Spooner, John Coit 32 Liberty St., New York. 

Spragtte. Sprague Publishing Co Detroit, Mich. 

S Prague, C: E. Sprague, Charles Ezra 701 Sixth Ave., New York. 

Spring, L. W. Spring, Leverett W Williams College, Williamstown, Mass, 

Springhorn, W; J; Springborn, William John Cleveland, O. 

Spring-field Lib. Springfield City Library Association Springfield, Mass, 


Springfield Lib. Pub. Springfield Library Publishing Co Springfield, 111. 

Springfield Mu. Springfield Museum of Natural History Springfield, Mass, 

Nat. Hist 

Sproul t Sproul, George D Room 408, 150 5th Ave,, New York. 

Squire, E. Squire, Edwin Claremont, Cal, 

Squire-C Squire-Cooley Co Toledo, O. 

Srygley, F, B. Srygley, F, B Nashville, Tenn. 

St. Andrew's Soc. St Andrew's Society Philadelphia. 

St. Boniface's. St Boniface's Industrial School Banning, Cal. 

St. Huberts Guild. St, Hubert's Guild of Art Craftsmen Akron, O. 

St. John, T: M. St. John, Thomas M 848 Ninth Ave., New York. 

St. Johnsbury Re- St. Johnsbury Republican Co St, Johnsbury, Vt 

St. Joseph's Pr, St Joseph's Printing Office Collegeville Ind. 

St. L, Centennial St. Louis Centennial Association St. Louis. 

St. L Com. Tuber- St. Louis Municipal Commission on Tuberculosis St. Louis, 




St* L. Lumberman. St. Louis Lumberman St. Louis. 

St. L. Republic. St. Louis Republic St. Louis, 

St. L. Univ. St. Louis University St 1 ,ouLs. 

St. Ltntis & San St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Co 71 Broadv\u>, N. V. 

P ran cisco R. R, 

St. .Mary's Coll. St Mary's College St. Marys, Kan. 

St. Mary's Indust, St. Mary's Industrial School Odunah, Wis. 

St. Paid rub. Lib. St. Paul Public Library St. Paul, Minn. 

St. Thomas Church. St. Thomas Church New York. 

Stackpole, E. $. Stackpole, Everett Schermerhorn Bradford, Mass, 

Staff ColL Staff College Press Fort Leavensworth, Kan, 

Stafford. Stafford Publishing Co no K. Main St., Marion, 111. 

Stafford I'jigrai'ing. StalTord Engraving Co .Indianapolis, Ind, 

Standard Cotton t Standard Cotton Grading School Dallas, Tex, 

Standard Diary. Standard Diary Co 2(> Blackstonc St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Standard Pr. Co. Standard Printing Co Providence, H. I. 

Standard Pub, Standard Publishing Co U> K. <jth St.. Cincinnati 

Standard Pub. Co. Standard Publishing Co Boston, 

Standard Sanitary Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co. .Bessemer Bklg. t Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stanford Unw, " Stanford, Leland, Junior University Press, . .Stanford University, Cal, 

Stanford Unto Stanford University Bookstore Stanford University, Cal, 


Stanley <S* W, Stanley & Wagner...... Room 703, 45 W, 34th St., New York 

Stanley hist. Stanley Institute. / Philadelphia. 

StanleyT. Stanley-Taylor Co * . , . , San Francisco. 

Stanton, IL /- Stanton, H, L., Co*,. ,,Los Angeles, Cal 

Stanyan, E: M. Stanyan, Edward M .Milford, N. H. 

Stapleton, A. Stapleton, Rev, Ammon. . * York, Pa, 

Star-Gasttte. Star-Gazette Co , Elinira, New York, 

Starbucks R, M. Starbitek, Robert Macy, & Sons 284 Asylum St., Hartford, Ct. 

Starkry, L, C, Starkey, L Chest on , I Mriladrlphia 

Starrctt, D. W. Starrett, D. W, 43-55 View St., Oakland. Cal, 

State Cap. State Capital Printing Co ...... ,Unthn<\ Okla. 

State Co t State Co Columbia. S, C, 

State Ctnisol. State Consolidated Publishing Co. , , Ttu*MMi t AH/. 

State Gazette. State Gazette. . . , , , . , Point Pleasant, W. Vn, 

State ///>/., fa. State Historical Society of Io\\a .joua City, la, 

State //7,v/ v /I/. State Historical Society of Illinois , SprmmnVSfl, Ill, 

State Hist,, /ww. State Historical Society of Kansas , , , . I'oprka, Kan, 

State Hist., N. D. State Historical Society of North Dakota,,,., BtHmarek, N, 1>. 

State ///.?/ /r/.r. State Historical Society of Wisconsin, .....,,,,,....., Madison, Win, 

Staff Horticultural. State Horticultural Commission .Saeramrnto, Cnl 

State Hospital In* State Hospital for the Inatne ,..,.,,,,,,,.,, .Norri^wn, l*;t 


State Jtwrn. Co. Stats Journal Co. . . , . , , , , , , . , Lincoln. Nrb. 

Staff Pr, (Kan.) State Printing Office. .Tojwka, Kan, 

Staff Ke$*titi>f, State Register Co SprwujftHd, III 

State Si. Trust Co. State Street Trust Co , ; . . , , Ilontcm. 

Statt Tempefana t State Tempenuicc Uuion ...,.,...,... ,To|H*ku, Kan. 

Staffs Pub, * States Publishing Co 17 Van Burnt St,, 1'bkago, 

Statin Rws. Staton Bros. , 5402 ( rrrntantowit Aw, PltiladflphtB. 

Steams, /: ft* Stearns Isinao N 115 K, Illinois St., Kirk\ilU\ Mo. 

Stearns, 1,< M Stearns, Lyman Marshall i,y,i Khn St., Mancheater, N. H, 

Stebbws. " Stebbins & Co , . . , 1427 I 'mot* St, Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Stebbins. C, A. St*bbtn, C A *x>4 1 H 1 la ware St., Kf rke ley, Cal. 

Steckert, Stechert, G, E., & Co 151 155 \V. J5th St,, Kcw York, 

Steel t H. T. Steel, Kstetle Thomas ..,.,' Asbluntl, Pt, 

Steifier. Stetger, E. & Co,,,., ...... in Munay St., N'rw York, 

Stein, fl, Stein Block Co. HochrMcr. N, Y. 

Stein rub. Stein Publishing Co* . . . , . ,.,... PhilwMnhia. 

Steinff fr Cth Steincr & Co , . . Box -W, Toledo, d 

Stfinbiss, H* t t Steinbiw, H. W*. .*..... Room j/ Panama Bldg , St. I.otiiH. 

StHnman $* P. * Stcinman & Foltx. *.,......'astrr, Pa. 

Sttpanek, W* H, Stepanek, W. H ,.,..* , tVdar RaptcU. la, 

Sttpkens. Stephens, E, W , . , , ,C*o!mhia Mn, 

Sttpkens* I: R. Stephens* John Rittenhouse.. Keith and Perry Bidga., Kttisas City, Mo, 

Stephens Coll, Stephens College Press, , , , . , ....,.,,.,...,,..., .Columbia. Mn, 

Steppes, /: /*. Steppes* John P , , ,f/u Qwim*y St,, Brimklyn, N, Y. 

Sterling, Sterling Publishers, The,.., ,,...,3634 Michigan Ave,, Chletgo, 

Stern. Stern, Ivlwarcl, & Co. (book* turn -tipuliwi ly llarw & Hopkins). 

p, Stern, Daniel, . . . , , . .355 Dearborn St., Chicago. 




Stetson, A. E. Stetson, Augusta Emma 7 W. Q6th St , New York 

Stettmcr. Stettiner Bros 52-58 Duane St., New York. 

Stevens, A. L. Stevens, Agnes L 343^ Yamhill St., Portland, Ore. 

Stevens, F. Stevens, Frank 55 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N. J. 

Stevens, H. I. Stevens, Horace Jared Houghton, Mich. 

Stevens, I. Stevens, J., Arms and Tool Co Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

Stevens, J: F. Stevens, John Frank..,. N. Y. & N. H. H. R.R. Co., New Haven. Ct 

Stevens, M. B. Stevens, Milo B., & Co Washington, D C 

Stevens, N. E. Stevens, N. E., & Son Paxton 111. 

Stevens, W. L. Stevens, Walter Le Conte Lexington/ Va. 

Stewart, A. V. Stewart, A. V Boston. 

Stewart, J. Stewart, Judd 165 Broadway, New York. 

Stewart, J. S. Stewart, Joseph Spencer Athens, Ga. 

Stewart, R. A. Stewart, Robert Armistead 320 E. Franklin St, Richmond, Va. 

Stewart, W, K. Stewart, W. K., Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Stickley, G. Stickley, Gustav 29 W 34th St., New York. 

Still, A. T. Still, Andrew Taylor Kirksville, Mo. 

Stillman. Stillman Publishing Co 313 Forty-first St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Stilwell & R. Stilwell & Ross Dryden, N. Y. 

Stinson, J. C. Stinson, James Cyrus Greenville, Tex. 

Stoddard, E. J. Stoddard, Eliot Joseph 28 Warren Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. 

Stokes. Stokes, Frederick A., Co 443 Fourth Ave , New York 

Stollnits, H: S. Stollnitz, Henry Sande .Tampa, Fla. 

Stone, C: J Stone, Charles J Security Bldg., Chicago. 

Stone, G: H. Stone, George H Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Stone, J. I. Stone, J. J., & Co Greensboro, N. C 

StonCj }} r : 7. Stone, William Jasper Tecumseh, Okla. 

Stone <fr B. Stone & Barringer 22 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C 

Stone 6- W, Stone & Webster 147 Milk St., Boston. 

Stone Pr. Stone Printing & Manufacturing Co Roanoke, Va. 

Stoneman. Stoneman Press Co Columbus, O. 

Storey, M. Storey, Morfield Care of Storey, Thorndike, Palmer & Thayer. 

735 Exchange Bldg., Boston, 

Storey, T: A. Storey, Thomas Andrew, M.D., 

College of the City of New York, New York. 

Storrs, E. P. Storrs, E, P. (Dartmouth College Bookstore) Hanover, N. H. 

Stott, W: T. Stott, William Taylor Knightstown, Ind. 

Stout enburgh, H: A. Stoutenburgh, Henry A 23 Broad St, New York. 

Stow, M. C. Stow, Marion Cook 710 Washington St., Portland, Ore. 

Stradlfag. Slnulling, J. M., & Co Beverley, N. J. 

Strange. Strange Co San Francisco. 

Street, C: S. Street, Charles Stuart 240 E. sist St, New York. 

StrawMdge <$* C. Strawbridge & Clothier Market and Eighth Sts., Philadelphia. 

Strt>hcckcr< C. Strohecker, Clifford Zelienople, Pa. 

Strombcrg, A. <$* Co. Stromberg, Allen & Co Chicago. 

Stromberg-C. Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. Co ' Rochester, N. Y, 

S trout, C: H: Strout, Charles Henry St. Luke's School, Wayne, Pa, 

Student l f {>L Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, 

J25 E. 27th St., New York. 

Students ftk. Students Book Store Baltimore, Md. 

Stumpf, A. Stumpf, Anthony, Publishing Co 22 Pine St., New York, 

Sturgis <fr W, Sturgis & Walton Co 31-33 E. 27th St., New York, 

Stunner, /. W: Sturmer, Prof. Julius William 107 Fowler Ave., Lafayette, Ind, 

Stitrtwant. Sturtevant, John L., & Co Albany, N. Y. 

Stutaman, L. W. Stutzman, Mrs. Luella Walden McPherson, Kan, 

Stnyvesant Press. Stuyvesant Press. (Books supplied by William Rickey & Co.) 

Sufi-Target. Sub-Target Gun Co Boston. 

Success Co, Success Co 29 E. 22d St, New York. 

Swhvarth Co, Sudwarth Printing Co 510 Twelfth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Suggestion. Suggestion Publishing House 1511 Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 

Sngrcaies* R, Sugranes, Eugene San Gabriel, Cat. 

SMimn, J. W: Sullivan, James William 1937 Stillwell Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y, 

Swnmtrhayes, M, Sumnierhayes, Mrs, Martha Nantucket, Masa. 

Sammy, C, F. f Co, Summy, Clayton F., Co 220 Wabash Ave., Chicagd 

Sun. " Sun Publishing Co Paducah, Ky, 

Sun Dial Sun Dial Classics Co 201 E. I2th St., New York. 

San Pr, Sun Printing Office Baltimore, Md. 

Sun Press. Sun Press Spring Valley, Wis, 

Surdus. Surdtts Publishing Co 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Surgery. Surgery Publishing Co 92 William St., New York, 

Sitt cliff? A, C, Sutcliffe, Mrs. Alice C 177 Lexington Ave., New York. 




Sutherland , D, F, Sutherland, Daniel Francis Quitinan, Tex. 

Sutlifi, S: M. Sutliff, Samuel Milton 1515 Masonic Temple, Chicago. 

Sutton* Button, A, D., & Co ' Fort Smith, Ark. 

Svovoda. Svovoda's Print Yottngstown, ( ). 

Swadener, E. E. Swadener, E. E 131 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Swan, JL X Swan, Mrs, Laura Prentice ion Beacon St., Brookline, Mass, 

Sivank, L M. Swank, James Moore -tfu S. 4th St., Philadelphia. 

Swanson, C. A. Swanson, Governor Claude A Richmond, Va, 

Sweet Sweet, JL S., Publishing Co Santa Rosa, Oil. 

Sweet, L. Sweet, Lacroix, Co 4~ >( > Sixth Ave., New York, 

Sweet, M. P. Sweet, M. P Unadiila, N. Y. 

Swenk, M. H. Swenk, Myron Harmon 318 N. 27th St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Sweny, H. R. S \veny, I larry Roy Albany, N, Y. 

Swetland. Swctland Publishing Co *& W. 39th St, New York, 

Swift, E. G. Swift, E. G P. <>. Box 4 ;H, 1 >etroit, Mich. 

Swing, P: F, Swing, Peter F Cincinnati, 

Swinncrton, H: U. Swinnerton, Henry U Cherry Valley. Now York. 

Sylvan Press. Sylvan Press. 034 1 iornhcck Ct,. Kalama/no, M ich. 

Sylvester, //. M. Sylvester, Herbert Milton , , Harrison. Me. 

Syms-York. Syms-York Co , Boise, Idaho, 

Syndicate Pub. Syndicate Publishing Co . . , 12-14 W, 32d St., New York. 

Syracuse Chamber Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Syracuse, N, Y. 

of Commerce. 

System. System Co 151-153 Wabash Ave,, Chicago. 

Sxytnanowskit S, K* Szymanowski, Stephen Korwin..849 W. 34tn St.* Los Angeles* Cal. 

Tab&r, C: A t M. Taber, Charles Austin MendelL , Wakefield. Mast, 

Taber> S. JR. Taber, S. R, ...... 532 Monadnock Block, Chicago* 

W. H. Taft William Howard Washington* IX C 

a, M, T, Tagliapietrt, Mrs. Margaret Townsend. . .343 W. 34th St., New York, 

C: W. Taintor, Charles W ....8 Congress St., Boston. 

Takahim, K, Takahira, Baron Kogoro, 

Japanese Legation, 1310 N St., WuslmiKton, I> C 

Talbtrt* D t H. Talbert, Daniel H. ,,.616 Traction Terminal Bldgx huli,'iiiajjilis, Ini, 

7W/O'. / M. Talley, Jos. M,,. 5U Westtninstrr St.. Pr>\ilrnrr% R. L 

Tallman, M. C. Tallman, Myrtle C < IOHIM, Nrt, 

Tandy, R D. Tandy, Francis D. Co, See Tntuly-Thcima< Co. 

Tandy-T, Tamlv-Thomas Co, (now Tandy l r uhlishniK C % >.). ,u \\ j;th St , 

Mr* York, 

Tanner, H: S: Tanner, Henry Samuel, M.D.. , , , Long ticach, t 'al 

Tax Reform. Tax Reform Association,., , 56 Pint 1 St,. New Ycirk, 

Taylor, B, F, Taylor, B, F ., Columhitt, S i', 

Tayhr, C t W, Taylor, Carr White * ... . f futrhinaon, Kan- 

Taylor, H", Taylor, Haimis 1415 If St.. N, W,, Wiinhingttnt, I), C 

Tayhr, H* L. Taylor, Herbert L.. ......... ,1036 University Avt. St, l*aul, Mitni. 

Tayhr, H,, 6* Co. Taylor, II., & Co ....,,......,, Chicagn, 

Taylor, J: E. Taylor, John Edwin Skawhrgan, M r, 

Taylor, W; J, Taylor, William J. ,59 Bnmd Si,, Nrw Ytirk. 

Taylor & C t J R y] or ^ Ciupenter,, ..Ithacn. N, Y. 

Taylor Instrument. Taylor I^atntmt-nt Companies. .Rochester, N, Y, 

Tayhr*H* Taylor-Holdcn Co. Springfipkl* Ma*i. 

Tayfar*7\ Taylor-Trotwood Puhlinhing (\. Nathvitlr, Trim. 

Teachers' ColL Teachers* College (L l<\ Snn\ Publication Bureau). 

5^5 W, taoth St., ^lrw York, 

Teachers Crt-of*, Teiichers Co-operative C^......uu> Stahlmnn Blclg., N*HtivilIr T^nn, 

Tiach&r^ Subtly* Teachers* Suppiv Co, .Gray ion, Ky, 

Ttagar, M, M, Teagar, Michael Moorea, , , Plemingifnirg, Ky. 

Technical High Sch. Technical High School Printshop, .("Irvelnnd. O. 

Technical Lit, Technical Literature Co,. jjo Br<>,vl\vny> New York, 

Technical Press. Techtucul Press* , Brattirlmro, V f t, 

Technical Puh, Technical Publishing Co. *...........,. . .Caxton Bldg , (leveiaiul, O, 

Technical Pulh Co. Technical Publishing Co, .,,.,...,. , , . , Sn Franrtiiti, 

Technical Supply. Technical Supply Co. Serantoti, Pa, 

Trw^lr Seminary Temple Seminary Press, ......... .537 N, Fulton Avf,, IliiltiniMrr, Md, 

T/mpltton t F. Templeton, Frank .,,.,.,847 Spitr 111%,, Tolrdo, Cl 

Ttnatiy Presb. Ch. Tenafly Presbyterian Church,, .Tfimfly, N. j. 

Tmgg. Tengg, Nicholas ....ajo W, Commerce St, Sim Antonio, Trie, 

Tenant Tennant & Ward,...,..,* E 95th St, New York, 

TtuKty, E: P. Tenney, Edward P. Box R, Nihant; Man. 

Ttnny Pw$, Tenny Press...,. .11^3 Broadway* New York* 

Terrell, E, H. Terrell, Edwin Holland , . . San Antonio, Tex, 

T*rry t Terry, Stewart Bruce, & Co.. , . . , , , .Kansa* City, Kan, 




Terry, : S. Terry, Edward S 309 Broadway, New York. 

Texarkanian. Texarkanian, The Texarkana, Ark. 

Texas. Texas, State of Austin, Tex. 

Theo. Pub. Co, Theosophical Publishing Co 253 W. 720!. St., New York. 

Theosophical Bk. Theosophical Book Co Ridgewood, N. J, 

Theosophical Soc. Theosophical Society, American Section 103 State St., Chicago. 

Therapeutic. Therapeutic Publishing Co., 

703 Washington St., Dorchester Center, Boston. 

Thomas, F> H. Thomas, F. H., Law Book Co 14 S. Broadway, St. Louis. 

Thomas t G: C. Thomas, George Clifford Philadelphia. 

Thomas, J. D. Thomas, Joseph D Pawhuska, Okla. 

Thomas, J. M. Thomas, J. Morriston 169 Tenth St., Newark, O, 

Thomas, T. G: Thomas, Theodore George Houston, Tex, 

Thomas, W: H. Thomas, William Holcombe, Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas-W. Thomas- Wilson Publishing Co Houston, Tex. 

Thompson. Thompson Reporting Co ro Tremont St., Boston. 

Thompson, A. Thompson, Alonzo 307 Commonwealth Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Thompson B. Thompson Brown Co. (now Jchnson, Blagden & McTurnan), 

I Madison Ave., New York. 

Thompson, C. C. Thompson, Charles C., Co 1226 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Thompson, C. W. Thompson, C. W., & Co A. and B. Park St., Boston. 

Thompson, E. F. Thompson, E. F Worcester, Mass. 

Thompson, E: Thompson, Edward, & Co . Northport, L. I. 

Thompson, G. A, Thompson, G. A White Plains, N. Y, 

Thompson, J. W. Thompson, J. Walter, Co 44 E. 23d St., New York. 

Thompson, J: Thompson, John Glasgow Junction, Ky. 

Thompson, JV. D, Thompson, N. D., Publishing Co 2d and Olive Sts., St. Louis. 

Thompson, P. L Thompson, Priscilla Jane Rossmoyne, O. 

Thompson, S. Thompson, Slason, Bu. of Railway News and Statistics.. Chicago. 

Thompson, W: A. Thompson, William Alexander Pontiac, Mich. 

Thompson, W: B. Thompson, William B 808 Perido St., New Orleans, La. 

Thompson <5" Co. Thompson & Co Chicago. 

Thompson <^ T. Thompson & Thomas. Sec Charles C. Thompson Co. 

Thompson Pub. Thompson Publishing Co Thompson Bldg., St. Louis. 

Thompson Pub. Co. Thompson Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Thompson Pub, Co. Thompson Publishing Co., Chicago (N. Y. Agts., J. F. Taylor & Co., 

(Chic.) 18 E. I7th St.). 

Thorburn, J. M. Thorburn, J. M., & Co 33 Barclay St., New York. 

Thornton, A : W. Thornton, Augustus Willoughby Ferndale, Wash. 

Thorpe, D* Thorpe, Durrant 332 Washington St., Boston. 

Thrall, W. R. Thrall, W. R Cincinnati. 

Throop Poly. Inst. Throop Polytechnic Institute Pasadena, Cal. 

Thrum. Thrum, Thomas G Honolulu, H. I. 

Thurb^r, 0. E. Thurber, Orray E 90 West St., New York. 

Tlce & L Tice & Lynch 16 Beaver St., New York. 

Tich0nor, H: D. Tichenor, Henry Dodge Washington, D. C. 

Ticker Pub. Ticker Publishing Co 2 Rector St., New York. 

Tiffany Studios. Tiffany Studios Madison Ave, and 45th St., New York. 

Tillinghast, I: A. Tillinghast, John A 1039 Banigan Bldg., Providence, R, I. 

Tilyou, G: C. Tilyou, George C Steeplechase Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Timayenis, T. T: Timayenis, Telemachus Thomas 77 Bedford St., Boston. 

T\mb$< Timby, H. H AshtabuJa, O. 

Ttwdtf-AtewM, Times-News Co Connersyille, Ind. 

Times Pub. Co. Times Publishing Co New Brunswick, N". J. 

Times Pub. Co., Times Publishing Co *, Bethlehem, Pa. 

Times' Pub. Co., Times Publishing Co De Forest, Wis 

(Wis ) 

Tinkham, E. A. Tinkham, E. A Duluth, Minn. 

Tinus-H. Tinus-Harmon Publishing Co Chicago. 

Titus Pub. Co. Titus Publishing Co Cor. 3d and Pine Sts., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Tobacco Leaf, Tobacco Leaf Publishing Co 82 Beaver St., New York. 

Toed, F, Toed, Francesco 520 Broadway, New York. 

Toch. Toch Brothers 320 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Todd D: Todd, Mrs. David Amherst, Mass. 

Todd, M. /, Todd, Mary Ives .656 Eighth Ave., New York. 

Tontbo, R. Tombo, Ruclolf T Jr., t 

Germanistic Society of America, Columbia University, New York. 

T />/! Sch, Tome School for Boys , Port Deposit, Md. 

7W, M", D. Toof, M. D Red Oak, la. 

"Tapsfidd Hist Sac, Topsfield Historical Society Topsfietd, Mass. 

Torch Press. * Torch Press 1424-1426 F St., Cedar Rapids, la. 




Torr&y. Torrey Botanical Club...N. V. Botanical Garden, Bronx Park, N, Y. 

Torrey, D: C. Torrey, David Clarence Bedford, Mass. 

Tptten, M. B. Totten, Mrs. Martha Barr Crawfordsvillc, Iml 

Tourgle t E. \K. Tourg^e, Emma K Mayville, N. Y. 

Tousey, S. Tousey, Sinclair 59 \V. 46th St., New York. 

Tower \ Tower (The ) I lagers town, Md 

Tower, F. W. Tower, Frank Warren 8 Municipal Bltlg., Springfield, Mass. 

Tower Press. Tower Press. First National Bank Bldg., Cincinnati. 

Tmvle Mfg. Towle Manufacturing Co ^ Ncwburyport, Mass. 

Town?, E: , Towne, Rev. Edward Cornelius. .124 West Main St., Westboro, Mass. 

7 owne, JL /. Towne, Mrs. Elizabeth J Holyokc, Mass. 

S, D. Towne, Rev. Salern D 203 Sudbury Bldg, f Boston. 

II" : E, Towne, William E ! lolyoke, Mass. 

, F. H Townsend, F. H Providence, R, I. 

Townscndf L, T. Townsend, Luther Tracy. Brookline, Mass. 

Tracy, G. 6- Co, Tracy, Gibbs & Co Madison, \Vis. 

Tracy, S t Tracy, Suzanne H)J2 Sacramento St., San {''ranci,sc< >. 

Trade Journ. Trade Journal Advertiser .315 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Trade Periodical Trade Periodical Co. 355 Dearborn St.. Chicago, 

Trades Unionists, Trades Unionists' Publishing Co Washington, I). C. 

Tradesman, Tradesman Co. ( irami Rapids. Mich, 

Ttain I>isf>tttcher$'. Train Dispatchers'^ Bulletin Toledo O. 

Transcript, Transcript Publishing Co , i lolyoke, Alas**, 

Transylvania. Transylvania Printing Co , Lexington, Ky, 

Traugcr* 1'rauger, J. L, Printing Co , Columbus, O, 

Travis, J: C. Travis, John Coleridge . 171 W, 7(>th St.* Xew York. 

Trcadwcllt A: Treatlwell, Augustus ,204 Montagu St., Brooklyn, N. Y, 

Treat. Treat, K. fl, & Co , 241 W. w\ St., Mew York. 

Trenton Lib. Trenton Free Public Library Trenton, N, J. 

Trenton Iron Co. Trenton Iron Co. v . . : .Trenton, N, j, 

Trevor t /. . Trevor, Joseph Ellis., Care of Day & Ueaton, 80 Broadway, Hew York 

Tr ftwf, P. /, Tre/ise, F. J, " .,,,,( 'hivai4< 

Tribun Assoc, Tribune Association .Tribune Bld , \V\\ York 

Tribune Pr* Co,, Tribune Printing Co,. Tampa, Ft,t, 

Tribune Pr. Co.> Tribune Priming Co. Uisiu.m-k, N, I) 

(N. Dak.) 
Tribune Pr. Co, Tribune Printing Co. * , t h.u'{',tn, W. \'a 

(W, Fa.) 

Tricoche* G: JV. Trieoehe, George Nestler, ,,,,1', S, Hotel. MornMmut, X J. 

Tridon, A> Tridon Andre......... ... ^cii W. UKitli St , Xr\\ Ymk, 

Trigger, T, C. Trigger, Theodore Cltrk. .sB0 Talbot St St TIunmH. Om.irm, ('.in 

Trinity Coll Trinity College^ Dept of Education. .,,,,,.,, Ihtuluun, X, C \ 

Triune Order. Triune Order .,,..,.,... , . , . , tjl Spring St Xe\\ Yrk, 

Trolley Press. Trolley Press, ,,...., I tat tt'unl. c 't, 

Trtnwillan, M. W. TrouviHon, H. W. .,,....., 1 Irrritt, 111 

Trmv Press. Trow Press, .,.,........,,,.,.. JDI-JIJ E. utb St , Xrw York 

Tmvbridge, F, B, Trowbridge^ Francis Bacon. , , , , , , New I liivm, C 4 t 

Trufhltwa, /?: F, Trucblood, Benjamin Franklin * .ji Itencon St,, HeM<m, 

Tritt'dstw, N* F* Truedaon, Nik Peter .(trantiy, Mnin. 

Trttra, Truro Publishing Co .....Care nf Henry Tntrn Hrmly, riiusiw 11 

Tntwd Concrete. Trussed Concrete Steel Co , . .1 )rtnit, Mu-lt 

Trust, F*; Trust Edward. , . ; . , , , 1452 Mafttrr St % Phiiiitlrltihia, 

Trustee, Trustee Printing 1 Co, Seattle, Wash, 

Truth Seeker, Truth Seeker Publishing Co. 62 Vrsry St,, New York. 

7i///i,v, (t. O. Tubby* Gertrude O.,.,,.. ,...,7 W, .jjd St., New York, 

Tttbrrcb Press. Tubercle Press Bureau , . . Chicago. 

Turk. Tuck, Raphael, & Sons Co ,,,ujt-?4 Infth Avr New Ycrk, 

Tucker, B: R, I'ucker, Benjamin R.,,, ,,.,,502 Sixth A\*. t Nrw Yrk. 

Tur/v'ff. G, B. Tucker, Guv B ....,., Little*. Rock, Ark, 

Tucker, G* If, Tucker, Gilbert Milligan, ..,^04 State St. Alhany, N. Y. 

Tucker, I!: ff, 7r, Tucker, Henry Harrison, Jr, (Post Office rcftiHCM to dcli\T wail), 

Kama* City, Kn, 

Tucker, J: -4. Tucker, John Atherton... ........ .954 Canton Avc., Nfnttapan. Mum, 

Tucker, W t G. Tucker, Willis G, M.D Albany Medical College, Albany, N, Y, 

Tucker, 6* F, Tucker & Vinton... Park Avr, ami 4if St,, New York, 

Tuckcr~y, Tucker- Vernon Co. , . 4 * Lamed, Kan, 

Tw/rr Press* Tudor Press, ,...,. sao E. !4th St., Nf w York. 

Tttfts, J. H, Tttfts, James Hayden , University of Chicago, Chicago, 

Tufts' Colt. Tufts* College Press. , , .Tuft*' college. MUM. 

Tttrberg. Turbcrjf, Philip, , 116 Walker St, New York, 

Twxwrr, C. A. F. Turner, Claude Allen Porter... .816 Phcvtiix Bidg., Minneapolis, Minn. 




Tutt, R. G. 
Tunic, C: R: 
Tunic, M. 6- T. 
Tuttle < P. 
1 Uttle Co. 
Tuttle Pub. 
Tweedy, J : 
Twentieth Century. 
Twentieth Century 


Twining, H. L, 
Twitchell, R. E. 
Tyler L. G. 
Tyler Pub. 
Tyrell's Hygiene 

U. P. & S. P. R. R. 

Tutt, R. G Box 1076, St. Louis. 

Tuttle, Charles Richard 358 Arcade Annex, Seattle, Wash. 

Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co 125 Temple St., New Haven, Ct 

Tuttle & Pike Shubert Theatre Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Tuttle Co Rutland, Vt 

Tuttle Publishing Co Berlin Heights, O. 

Tweedy, John DanburyrCt 

Twentieth Century Club 5 Park Sq., Boston. 

Twentieth Century Publishing Co 2 W. i6th St., New York. 

Twining, Harry Le Verne 1308 Calumet St. Los Angeles, CaL 

Twitchell, Ralph Emerson East Las Vegas, N. M. 

Tyler, Lyon Gardner Williamsburg, Va. 

Tyler Publishing Co Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Tyrrell's Hygienic Institute 321 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads, 

120 Broadway, New York, 
United States Brewers' Association. .109-111 E. I5th St., New York. 

U. S. Brewers' 


U. S. Cath. United States Catholic Historical Society 29 Reade St., New York. 

U. S, Cavalry. United States Cavalry Association Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

U. S. Fidelity. United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co Baltimore, Md. 

U. S. Infantry. United States Infantry Association Washington, D. C, 

U. S. Military Pub. United States Military Publishing Co Washington, D. C. 

U. S. Mortgage. United States Mortgage & Trust Co 55 Cedar St., New York. 

[7. S. Mushroom. U. S. Mushroom & Spawn Co.... 550 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

[7. S. Naval Inst. United States Naval Institute Annapolis, Md. 

[/. S. Playing Card. United States Playing Card Co Cincinnati. 

U. v9. Revolver. United States Revolver Association, 

Room 1901, Flatiron Bldg.,* New York. 

U. .S\, Supt. of United States, Office of the Superintendent of Documents, 

Docs. Washington, D. C. 

Ulbrich. Ulbrich, Otto, & Co 386 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

UUman, B. L: Ullman, Berthold Louis University of Chicago, Chicago, 

Umbcndcnstock- Umbendenstock-Frisky-Porter Co Chicago. 


Un. B. Pub, United Brethren Publishing House. .Fourth and Main Sts., Dayton, 0. 

Un. Editors. United Editors' Association 225 Fifth Ave,, New York. 

Un. Evangelical United Evangelical Publishing House Harrisburg, Pa. 

( ni. Pacific R. R, Union Pacific Railroad Co Omaha, Neb. 

Un. Prcsb, 3d. United Presbyterian Board of Publication . .207 9th St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Un. Press, United Press Syndicate San Francisco. 

Un. Pub "Assoc, United Publishers' Association. .5 Beekman St., Room 314, New York. 

Un. Soc.' C, B.* United Society of Christian Endeavor. .. .600 Tremont Temple, Boston. 

Undfrhillf J. E. Underbill, Mrs. Jennie E New London, Ct. 

Underwood, Underwood & Underwood 5 W. I9th St., cor. 5th Ave., New York. 

Underwood Type- Underwood Typewriter Co 241 Broadway, New York, 

Union Bk. Union Book and Publishing Co 356 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Union Press, Union Press 1816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Union Pub. Co,, Union Publishing Co 832 Meridian St., Nashville, Tenn. 

(Nashville.') .,.. XT XT T 

Union Times, Union Times Pnnt Netcong, N. J. 

Union Trust Co. Union Trust Company Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Unitarian Club. ' Unitarian Club Washington, D. C. 

Unitarian S. S. Unitarian Sunday School Society 25 Beacon St., Boston. 

United R, R t of United Railroads of San Francisco, 

$ p * Wells Fargo Bldg., San Francisco. 

Unity. " Unity Publishing Co 209 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago. 

r/wfV TV. Unity Tract Society Kansas City, Mo. 

Univ. Alliance, University Alliance, Inc 43 W. 27th St., New York. 

Un w, Bk. Store. University Book Store $?^> ^? T s . h ' 

llmv Co-op University Co-operative Co Madison, Wis. 

Unh. Extension. University Extension Association Chicago. 

r/mU Extension University Extension Dept., University of the South. .Sewanee, Tenn. 

Unfa of Aris. University of Arizona .Tucson, Ariz. 

Univ of Ark University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Ark. 

Unfa, of CaL University of California Press Berkeley, Cal. 

Univ of Chic University of Chicago Press Sth St. and Ellis Ave., Chicago. 




Univ> of Cm, University of Cincinnati Press Cincinnati. 

Univ. of Col University of Colorado , Boulder, Colo. 

Unk\ of la. University of Iowa Iowa City, la 

Univ. of 111. University of Illinois Urhana, III. 

I J ni'i\ of Kan, University of Kansas Lawrence, Kan, 

Univ. of Mich. University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Univ. of Minn. University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. 

Univ. of Mo* University of Missouri Columbia* Mo. 

Univ of MonL University of Montana Missoula, Mont. 

Unk\ of N. C. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, N. C 

Univ t of Neb, University of Nebraska, , , Lincoln, Neb, 

Univ. of Nov. University of Nevada Reno, Nev, 

Univ. of 0, University of Ohio Columbus, 0. 

Univ. of Oftf. University of Oregon Kugcne, Ore, 

Univ. of jfVnn, University of Pennsylvania 34th and Chestnut Sts,, Philadelphia. 

Univ. of Pcnn. University of Pennsylvania Care of 1), Appleton t'o., Nc\\ York. 


Univ. of Tc.v. University of Texas \ustin, Tex. 

Univ. of Toronto. University of Toronto Library , Toronto. Can, 

1/mV. of Va. ^ n ^ ersjty of Virginia , Charlotte sville, Va, 

Univ. of W. Fa, University o* West Virginia Morgantown, W, Va, 

Univ. of Wash. University of Washington Seattle, Wash, 

Univ. of Wis. * University of Wisconsin Madison, Wis, 

Univ. Press. University Press , , Cambridge, Mass, 

Univ. Press (Notrt University Press Notre Dame, Ind, 

Vniv. Press (SV- University Press, University of the South .Sewanec, Tenn. 


Univ. Pub. University Publishing Co 134 N. Eleventh St., Lincoln, Neb, 

Unh\ Pub, Co. ' University Publishing Co, , , Chicago. 

Univ. Soc. University Society, Inc ,44-60 E, ajd St., Nfc\\ York, 

Universal Business. Universal Business Institute, Inc 27 E, aad St., NV\\ York, 

Universal-Good. Universal-Good Publishing Society, Im\,i Madison Ave,, New York, 

Universal Portland Universal Portland Cement Co .Chicago, 

Cement. , 

Uiriwrsalist. universahst Publishing llou*-e 350 Royhton St., Hostnn, 

University AftfA University Medical Society 45 W. 34th St New York. 

Updike, EX B. 5V* Merrymount Press, 

Uplift. Uplift Publishing Co , Philadelphia, 

Uplfwk Pub. Uplook Publishing Co 1204 Sharp Ave,, Spokane, wash, 

Upstm Memorial Upson Memorial CommitUv n8 S, 6th St., MinneapnlK Minn, 

Upton, C: E, Upton, Charles Elmer , , , Plaeervillf , Cal 

Urban Univ. Urbana University , . Urhnnn, O, 

Unitthuri. /F. ff, Urquhart, W, W.. , 14^ flicks St., Itrooklyn, N. Y, 

Ursfnbach 0. F, Urnrnbach, Octave F .,,562 ririvfK** \vo, Salt Lako i'ity Utah. 

Usher. E:P, Usher, Edward Preston , , , .Grnftoii, Ma^s 

Usher. ,9, * Usher, S , , , floMnn, 

p^iftf, Uhrtna Bcok Cc^ .,.,..,,......,... C Chicago. 

Utiea Lib. Utka Public Library , * Utioa, N, Y, 

tfweli V/M\l E, M, & Co , Raleigh, N, C, 

Vail, M. H, \'ajl, Morrison Huggins, , ,,,....,,..,.. , , Dixon. Ill, 

Vail, W. H, ^ A ^ W, H t , , 141 Second Avcu Newirk N 4 J, 

Valletta, /, C Vallette, J C , ,,,,,, N, Franklin, Ct> 

Van* American. Van-Amcrioan Press.. ,,.,oa Kimball Hall, Chicago, 

Vanct. * Vance, Wilson J...^ , .^ ,,,,,,164 Market St.. Newark N, J. 

Vancouver. Vancouver Columbian Print, Vancouver, B, C,, Canada, 

Vandegrift. Vamlfgrift, F, B, & Co 15-25 Whitehall St ( New York, 

Van DiMSgn <5* B, Vfir. Drws<n & Elms $33 So, Figueroa St., I, OH AngoU^, CI, 

l'anderhoofG* VancIcrhnof-CJunn Cn .,,1502 Marquette Bldg, Clucaga, 

Van Dw*nt*r t H.R. Van Devtmter, II. R, , , , , Sumter, S, C, 

Van Dyk /, 5. Van Dyk, Joseph Smith Hightstown, N, T, 

P<?w Kirkjj. W: Van Kirk, James William , 1314 Shcly Si, Youngitown, O, 

] *nn Lmn t /, A, Van Loan, Ida A , 75 John St., New York, 

Van Mrttr, H, F, Van Meter, Harriet F,,,,,, ui West Broadway, Salem, N, J, 

Van AT^pf. Van Noppcn, Charles I, ..,..., , . Greenjihoro, N C, 

Van N&strand, Van Nostrand, D,, Co 23 Murray and 27 Warren Sts, f New York. 

1'anwnt. Vnnant, William R,, & Co,,,, ,,,,,121 Plymouth PL, Chicago, 

Van rtwrhiSiJ: S, Van Voorhta, John S. , . - . .310 N, 6th St., Reading, Pn. 

Varsity Supply. Varsity Supply Co, , . , , ..,...,.., Columbus, O. 

Vasjwr Bros. Vasstr Brotners Institute ,.,.,,,,..,, .Poughkeepsle, N, Y. 

Vaugimn Pn&, Vaughan Publishing Co 3S Demrborn St. Chicago. 

Vcdantt Society. ... , 135 W, Both St., New York 




Velasco, S. F. de Velasco, S. Fabiar de 128 Water St., New York. 

Vermont Lib. Vermont ' State Library Montpelier, Vt 

Vernon Law Bk, Vernon Law Book Co Kansas City, Mo. 

Verplanck, W: E, Verplanck, William, E 16 Central Fark West, New York. 

yiai'i. Viavi Co., Inc San Francisco. 

Village Press. Village Press (Frederic W. and Bertha M. Goudy), 

225 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Vinson. Vinson, M. A Caxton Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Vir. t Vii Publishing Co 200 N. isth St., Philadelphia. 

Virginia State Lib. Virginia State Library Richmond, Va. 

Visschcr, U 7 : L. Visscher, William Lightfoot, 

Care of Atwell Printing & Binding Co., Chicago. 

Volkcningf R, Volkening, Rudolph St. Louis. 

Volland. Volland, P. F., & Co 24 Adams St., Chicago, 

Volsfreund Press. Volksf reund Press Buffalo, N, Y. 

Volt a. Volta Bureau 1525 3$th St., Washington, D. C. 

Volunteer. Volunteer Press Print 38 Cooper Sq.., New York. 

Von Boeckmann-J. Von Bo eckmann- Jones Co Austin, Tex. 

Vorbeck, J. C. Vorbeck, Joseph Chester ro^A Main St., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Vreeland. Vreeland Publishing Co 113-117 3ist St., New York. 

Waddell C: W. Waddell, Charles Wesley Rogers, Ark. 

Waddell W: Waddell, William 271154 Armand PL, St. Louis. 

Waddy. Waddy, Everett, Co 1105 Main St., Richmond, Va. 

Wadsworth, /. W. Wadsworth, James Wolcott, Jr Geneseo, N. Y. 

Wagner. Wagner, Joseph F 9-11 Barclay St., New York. 

Wagner, C: P. Wagner, Charles Philip 1021 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Wagner t L B. Wagner, Joseph Bernard Yonkers, N. Y. 

Wagner, P. M. Wagner, Philip Matthew Canal Dover, O 

Wagner, W: H: Wagner, William Henry Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wagner & H, Wagner & Hanson Co 170 South Clinton St., Chicago. 

Wagoner. Wagoner Printing Co Galesburg, 111. 

Wwhl-H cnnis. Wahl-Henius Institute 327 Fullerton Ave., Chicago. 

Wahr. Wahr, George 103-5 N. Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Waite. Waite, C. V., Co 479 Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

Wakeham, R. Wakeham, Robert Lagrange, O'. 

Walden. Walden Press 64 Fulton St., New York. 

Walden & M. Walden & Mowry P. O. Box 43, Madison, Wis. 

Waldin, W. Waldin, Walter Miami, Fla. 

Walker, A. H: Walker, Albert Henry Park Row Bldg., New York. 

Walker, C. L Walker, Gen. Cornelius Ivins Charleston, S. C. 

Walker, E C, Walker, Edwin C 244 W. i43d St., New York. 

Walker* E* <5 C. Walker, Evans, & Cogswell, 

3-5 Broad and 117 East Bay Sts., Charleston, S. C. 

Walker, H. D. Walker, H, D 454 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Walker, J. G. Walker, Rev. James Garfield, 

St, James' Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, N. C. 

Walker* S\ G. Walker, Rev. S. G Burlington, N. C. 

Walker, T M. Walker, T, M "The Builder," Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wall, /: P Wall, John * Patrick , New Brunswick, N. J. 

Wall, W. C. Wall, W. C Stockton, Cal. 

Wall, W: E. Wall, William Edmund. Somerville, Mass. 

Wallace C" W: Wallace, Charles William 1539 S. aist St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Waller, E. Waller, Elbert Viola, III. 

Walsh. J: Walsh, Rev. John Troy, N. Y. 

Walsh R. Walsh, Ralph, M.D 1807 H St., Washington, D. C. 

Walter. Walter, L. W,, Co 121-127 Plymouth St., Chicago. 

Walter W: W. Walter, William Wilfrid 326 New York St, Aurora, 111. 

Walters, C. Jt. Walters,' Clarence Lambert Bedford, Ind. 

W' alt on M. A. Walton, Mary Alice Baltimore Md, 

Walton, S. Walton, Stokes Montgomery, Ala. 

Wanamakcr Wanamaker, John Philadelphia. 

Ward A, S Ward, Agnes Snow.. Dept. of Public Charities, New York 

Ward**n-R. " Warden-Ebright Oklahoma City, OkJa. 

Ware. Ware Bros, Co 1010 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Ware, H. P, Ware, Eugene Fitch Kansas City, Kan. 

Ware H E Ware, Horace Everett MIO Summer St., Boston. 

Ware <$> Co. Ware & Co Box 158, Denver, Colo. 

Warficld,E D Warfield, Ethelbert Dudley Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 

Waring L W. Waring, J, W 27 W. 3Oth St., New York. 

Waring L H Waring, Luther Hess 1503 3Oth St., N. W., Washington, D, C. 

Waring R L Waring, Robert L 609 F St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Warlick C W, Warlick, Rev, C. W Martinsburg, Pa. 




Warn*. Wanie, Frederick, & Co 12 E. 331! St., Now Vurk. 

Warren, E: H: Warren, Edward Henry 84 State St., Boston. 

Warren, W> Warren, Winslow Boston. 

\Varwick-\\ Warwick- York, Inc Baltimore, Md 

iraMurn. Washburn Publishing Co 1103 N. i8th St, Omaha, Neb. 

Washburn, H. E. Washburn, Howard E Ann Arbor, Mich. 

H'as/t. Bk. \ Washington Book and Art Shop, 

819 Colorado Bldg. Washington, D. C. 

Wash. CMl Service. Washington Civil Service. School Washington, D. C 

Wash. Co. Hist, Washington County Historical Society Washington, Pa. 

fr<w/i." l*ub. Lib. Washington Public Library Washington, D. C 

Wash. R. R. Com. Washington Railroad Commission Olympia, Wash. 

I l f ash. State Lib. Washington State Library Olympia, Wash. 

Wash. Svpt. Seh. Washington Superintendent of Schools Olympia, Wash. 

Washington L. Washington Lee, 

604 Colorado Bldg., Fourteenth and (J Sis, \\ashmntou. I), 1. 

Washington, W: D, Washington, William D'Hcrtburn i Madison Avc, f New York. 

Waterloo, Waterloo Systems Co Waterloo, fa. 

Waters J. K., Co. Waters, J. K., Co JU * Atlantic Avtv Boston, 

WatkinsJ.L. Watkins, J. L, & Sons .Nw York, 

Watkins, L. B. Watkins, Lucian B Fort D. A. Russell Wyo. 

Watkins R, L. Watkins, Robert Lincoln .20 W, 34th St. New \ork. 

Watkins, S. G. Watkins, Solomon Glen .,...., , . . Topcka, Kan. 

IVatson' A. W. R* Watson, Mrs, Annah Walker Robinson, 

132 Montgomery St., Memphis, ! cm*. 

WatsM* C B. Watson, Chandler Timer, . . Ashland, Ore. 

ll'atson, 11 Watson, Donald Watvrvliet, N. \ - 

il'at wJi, T: H: Watson* Thomas Kdwarcl. . .Thomson, G&. 

Wtilwn ]]' J. Watsoiu Wilbur Tay 1328 Citizens' Bklg, Cleveland, O. 

Wan, IV. L Watt, W. JL & Co 43 W. -tfth St., New York, 

Waiter^ $1; E Walters, I fcnry K.. . . . . , Martin, Trim 

Wans, R, L ' Watts, R. J . . Amh*ntt. M^s 

Watts, T: T. Watts, Thomas T HighUmb, K J, 

Wavland I; W, Waylaiul, John Walter , (liurlottsxillr, \a 

IPavlaMl^Mith, Wayland-Stnith, Francis Kenwood, \, Y. 

U* raver t A Weaver, Anderson Kuthrrford ( 'nl!**g\ N < 

ircbh * Webb Publishing Co*., 47 5* K. -47th St , St Paul, Muni. 

//>/>/>, R. G: Webb, Eugene George ,,...,,,..318 Main Sr, Sjiiufii"!l, M.i*^ 

lt f M>, /. A/. Webb, James Morris , .Seattle. \\JIMI 

// V/'/, M. P. Webb, Mabelk Philips , .Wanvmhitrtf. M- 

irebhcr, }l. !l Webber, Harry Rndicott......... *...3 Ocean Aw,, Salvin, Mn^s. 

tl'ehber t 7, P. Wct)l)r r James Plaisted I'lv'trr, N 1 1 

nV/'rr, F. C; Weber, Fred Charles 2217 Btutkwg Avr,, I .us An<lrh. t al. 

Wcb$ia\ H: .9. Webster, Henry Sewall ...,,...*.,.. < J i;r4inr r, Mr 

H'eMer, 11': P. Webster, William Franklin .,,.. .MiimraiMili*. Minn. 

ff\vW, (\ //, Wvdcl, Curnelitts H , NVututn Kan. 

n'<v(/-/'(i;w.t Wcctl-Parsons Printing Co, ,,...,.. ,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Albiuiy, K, Y 

II '<v/^Iv /*//*'//. Weekly FUillotin Puhliahing Co. , . , HOOM, 

IFivA% R s, Weeks, Frank Edgar , CtnrkMirhl, O, 

ll'egelin* 0. Wcgrtin, Oscar, , .ao W, 4JI St., Nf w York, 

rPVifffW. VVrginart Press , Rochester* N. Y. 

fjf VW. Weiclel * Welmtr r AiS Olive St.. St LnuU. 

Weimar* Weimar Press, 3015 S Main St.. \*t* Angrie*. Cul. 

jfVfjfj, Weiss, Loui.H ( & Co,, nfi Fulton St., New York, 

Weitecl, /,. A, Weit^el, Louise A,. .I ; jt, Pa, 

rKf/r/i, T,' f/. Welch, Charles H .Mount Union, Ft, 

ffVIMi, Welles Brothers & Co 421 Kasota Blclg,, MinneanoH, Minn, 

If Vtfj, E. M. Wells, Rbcnexer Miller Dalian. Tex, 

Wf V//JP, F; Jf. Wells, Frederick Howard. , . wH Partridge St . AJlwwy, N f "\ - 

Welsh. Wt-Isih, Rrcs, & Co -, ........ .001 Sim<*m St , I'hHali<lul". 

h I, Welsh, Lilian, M.D, - Hahiuiorr. Ml, 

Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics, 

ao6 S, Ash St , Nevada. Mo, 

Pms. Welt* Prew... 9 CHn ' S . NVw V'rk. 

l J: A, Wendel, Dr, John Adolph....67a Twcnty-rixth St, Milwaukee, wm, 

: WcrtRlick, William ..iao6 Ltwrcricr Ave.. Chiraieo, 

Werner. Werner. Edgar S. & Co. .41 E. igth St., New York, 

/f Vrwrr O>. Werner Co Akron, O. 

Wertfnbaker. Wertenbaker, Thomas J. ..,..,......* .Charlotteville, Va. 

Wescott* M. B, Weatcott, Morgsn Ebene^er Mora, Minn 

Weslevan Univ. Wesleyan University, ................................ Mlddtatown, Ct. 




Wessch. Wessels, A. (Publications sold by Wessels & Bissell ) 

Wessels. E. 7. Wessels, Edwin J 2 Rector St., New York 

Wessels & B. Wessels & Bissell 225 Fifth Ave., New York. 

West, A. C. West, Andrew Cassius * Boston! 

West, J, H. West, James H., Co 93 Milton Ave.", "Boston! 

West Point. W T est Point Military Academy West Point N Y 

West Pub. West Publishing Co 52-58 W. 3d St., St. Paul/ Minn! 

West Chester Press. Westchester Press Rye, N Y. 

Westermann. Westerman, L. A., Co 41 Union Sq., New York! 

Western Corr. Sch. Western Correspondence School of Mining Engineering, 

Des Monies, la. 

Western Hist. Western Historical Publishing Co. 311 Jamieson Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Western Methodist Book Concern. See Jennings & Graham. 

Western Press. Western Press 1323 Commerce St., Dallas, Tex. 

Westinghoust. Westinghouse Air Brake Co Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Westinghouse, G: Westinghouse, George Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Westminster. Westminster Press. See also Presb. Rd. of Publication. 

1319 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Westminster Westminster Press Chicago. 


Weston, $. B. Weston, S. B 1415 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Whaples, E: S. Whaples, Edward S West Haven, Ct. 

Wheat, W. V. Wheat, W. V., Co 315 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Wheeler, G. Wheeler, Giles Concord, N. H. 

Wheeler, M. P. Wheeler, Marcus Pratt De Forest, Wis. 

Wheehek. L S. Wheelock, Mrs. Ida S St. Paul, Minn. 

Whelan N. J. Whelan, Nicholas Joseph Holland, Mich. 

Whipplc J'. R Whipple, J. R., Co Boston. 

Whist Club. Whist Club 13 W. 3 6th St., New York 

W hi faker & R Whitaker & Ray-Wiggin Co ..... 770-776 Mission St., San Francisco. 

Whitcher, W: F: Whitcher, William Frederick Woodsville, N. H. 

Whit comb. Whitcomb & Barrows Huntington Chambers, Boston. 

White, A. L. White, Ahnirn L 73 Broadway, Havcrhill, Mass. 

White, C: R White, Charles Frecl Box 1006, Easthampton, Mass. 

While. E: White, Edward 1607 Commonwealth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

White, G: R. White, George Ransom Nashville, Tenn. 

rr/it/c, H. White, Hervey Woodstock, N. Y. 

Jf 7nV<', /.- /?, White, John Barber Kansas City, Mo. 

White, /. y., # Co. White, James T., & Co 29 E. 22d St., New York. 

White Dental. White, S. S., Dental Mfg. Co Chestnut St. cor. I2th, Philadelphia. 

White Peril White Peril Co Danbury, Ct. 

U r hl1c Rats. White Rats of America 1553 Broadway, New York. 

White-S, White-Smith Music Publishing Co Boston. 

Whitehead, J. B, Whitchead, Prof. J. B Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

irhlichy, L. 'C. Whiteley, Lillian C Philadelphia. 

Whitesicte, G. K. Whiteside, Guv Kenneth White Hall, 111. 

irhMcldi E W Whitfield, Erie W..... 220 Broadway, New York. 

JT hillock. C\ H. PL Whitlock, C E. H 154 Elm St., New Haven, Ct. 

iriiihmm, W: Whitman, William, & Co 78 Chauncey St., Boston. 

Jf'7f//;;nr, P Whitney, Frecl 262 Kingsley Ave., Palo Alto, Cal. 

Whitney', /.' R. Whitney, J. R., State Printer Salem, Ore. 

JVIrilstni] //. R. Whitson, Andrew R Madison, Wis. 

11 hiliakcr. * ' Whittaker, Thomas, Inc 2 Bible House, New York. 

WhltfeL ' Wliittct & Shepperson 1001 Main St., Richmond, Va. 

irhlitlcr C C Whittier, Charles Collyer 374 Blue Hills Ave., Roxbury, Mass. 

Whittle, 'w': C. Whittle, William C Norfolk, Va. 

l] f icht'lm<w t F.' A Wichelman, Frederick Augustus 202 West St., New York. 

JHfM/tf. * " " Wichita Publishing Co Wichita, Kan. 

Wicker sham Wkkersham Co Lancaster, Pa. 

Wickliffc 1L L, Wickliffc, Elizabeth Lockhart Wickliffe, Ky. 

Wickwire A M, Wickwirc, Arthur Manley Room 1412, 5 Nassau St., New YorK. 

Widnev R. M. WWncy, Robert M Los Angeles, Cal. 

JF/im * ' R Wiers, Charles Robert Buffalo, N. Y. 

Wight C" A. Wight Rev. Charles Albert. .... ..128 Court St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

Wilbur Pub. Wilbur Publishing Co Pasadena, Cal. 

Wile**, M. B, Wilcox, M. B 28 Spruce St., New York. 

Wilco* Bks Wilcox Books Concern 163 Randolph St., Chicago. 

IWIcoxon,M. H. Wilcoxon, M. H Hot Springs, Ark. 

Wildt Wilde, W. A., Co 120 Boylstpn St., Boston. 

Wilde A G Wilde, Ada Godfrey Vicksburg, Miss. 

Wile ? ' F " / Wiles F. L 8 Femberton Sq.., Boston. 

' " "" Wiley, John, & Sons 41-45 "E. TQtli St., New York. 


;? T. Wiley, Richard Taylor Elizabeth Pa. 

&W. Wiley & Wright ..Guymon, Okla. 

I W J: Wilgus, William John K>5 Broadway, New \ ork. 

Wiikie & C Wilkie & Coan 924 Real Estate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia. 

WilMns T Wilkins, Dr. T 40 Loomis St. Chicago- 

11/ifen.son E. H. Wilkinson, Elizabeth Hays s-*> N. Ne K le y Ave., Pitts mrKh, Pa. 

Wilkinson, H. S. Wilkinson, Herbert Swan .Mitchell, S D. 

s M A Willers, Mrs. M. A ;;"; -j- om ^ us ' 

' Press: Willett Press 5 W. zoth St, New York. 

s , A. Williams, Alfred, & Co - - - -Raleigh, N. C. 

/ C S. Williams, C. S Room 34. <x*> Broadway, New York. 

/ D: Williams, David ~>.W ^ - *>&* N . l ' w \''. r . k 

iv tutamt /. M. Williams, J. M,, & Son Waunakee Wis. 

rv K' / ' H. Williams, John Harvey T ^ c ?"} a> Wa ? h> 

KSm* L- M. Williams Lewis Milton - - . - .Okaloosa. Ta. 

W a m*' T A Williams Tom A 1 7S K St.. VVashmRton, D. L. 

K a m W L Williams, Walter Lon* 115 \alcntn,o PL, Ithaca N Y. 

Wimms WC. Williams, William Carlos MI I'amte Ave.. Rutlwrf.n1. N 1. 

Sm'T'rF Williams's Wilkins Co W*> York Road, Ba Itojuor^ M.L 

**^^ n r Williams Pnnttng Co rucnruoiiu, \ **, 

Vr. (N". Williams Printing Co 437 Eleventh Ave,, New \ ork. 

r !& Low Bk. * Law Book Co ............... 41 State St. 

Will'n ! /. M. Willis J. L. M 

& & rr. V wiiiis, w. H., Co 

H' ' Mwff. Willis Music Co ................................. - <" 

!;,. pill willows ^hoo .......................... Cuntonvtlle, Mich. 



Wflahire Book Co ..................... . .aoo William St., New \ nrk. 

Wilson, Edward L. . . . . ............ .... - - taa E. asth St.. Nnv ^ ork. 

Wilson, Edward Slansbury... ..... 1043 Franklin Ave, inlnnmi^ O, 

' F r" Wilson Fra,er Klls ......................... . .......... (trmmlte ( . 

I? Wilson, George Robert ..... . ............ ... ....... ..... , Jasp*r t Im . 

' ' 

, ..... . 

/j! //': /.'. Wilson, T Icnry Lawrence ........ . . , . ... . ..... -Los Awlc<, Cat, 

Wilson, 1L II. ' ison, . ,. t ^^ |4<)5 Univc , rH j ty ,\ vei| S P , t Minncapplis, Minn, 

/, c^r ^, Wilson, J M r Son ....,..:.. ..................... - . . .Cambridge, M 

, cr , , M ....,.... 

/ ? Wtluon T F ................ . .KnoKvIIle, 1 enn. 

J i WiSon' J L'fe'SnnV.'.V.V.'.V,..,'...... ....... ,.. .ColHnsvffle, Tex. 

J R Wilson! Joseph RnUcrt. . JvMnr Coninumwtsnlth Bldg, t Philadelphia. 

T W/ Wilson, Thomas W, ....... . ........... ................ .Eureka, Cat. 

F T. Wilson, Victor Tyson ............. . ......... . . . . v . , . Tans ng, Mich, 

fl m c4 '.U Wilson ft McMa^ter, . . . . .......... , . . ..... . . . . . .Kant I.anmng, Mirk 

FtV^fi p w fc. Co. Wilson Puhltshing Co,,.. 710 Trinity Bhiu, in nr.wh\;iy. No\\ Vnrk, 
Wilt /?, n, Wilt, Abraham Durst ......................... . ...... ' J i ytot vr V " 

f4 h jV, Wilt. Dorah W...,. ..... ..... ............. ......... .Bra<Mww, Nfh. 

rri7/*iiM Wiltmw, M, R, Co. (now Dirclrnoh Sf infer Co.), 

' l " < "" li% 411-417 Broadway, Milniitikrr, Wm 

Winkelman, G. W. ......... . . ....... '..... ..... - -- Rochester, N Y, 

Winn ft Hammond. ... ...................... ..........Detroit, Mich, 

WiiKwm PublMting Co. (aligned Jan., tmo), 

24-26 Adtm St. < htrnira 
lww I? H Winsett, Robert Emmet, . . ............... ............. .Dpxey, Okln. 

/'i?/ii> V C7 Winnhip, Mary Gray . , . . 2730 Church Avc., Fktbush, Brooklyn, N, Y, 

J W Aw. '-<' /. Win1ow, Mrs. Anna J, Frawr .......... . ..... . ....... Modern), CM, 

// Winslow, Horatio, , . ...... . ............. ............. ,Mad!0rj . wtj, 

Winsor, Thomas. . . ............. . ......... ......... . . .Swttte , Wwih. 

Winston, John C, Co ........... . ........ 1006 Arch ., Philadelphia. 

I7f/>t Wiwonw'n, D^pi of Public Instruction ..... . ...... ....Maafion, w. 

Ff'/Wfrt/ii Fw Wft. WN'cinSii Kree Library Commtmicm. ... . . ...... ,...MacHvn t Wit. 

ff r fero.f/ Hist. Wisconsin 1 1 istory ConimiMion ,.......,,..... ...... . . . Mndtijon, WIs, 

W'fe. Stotf RarbtrJ Wi^eoiwin Sfatr Barbers* Board of KxamintT* . ..... Milwank^, WH, 


Wiiconnin State Historical Society, $*t State Hist,, Win. 

FF*V r-F, 7f Wlie, W. H,, A Co ................. . . . . . ..... rfit State St., Chicajo. 

f iV PuK Wise Publishing House. , , . ..... . ...... . , ....... Newport Newt, V*. 

WiihtrA S> E Wishtrd, Samuel Ellis, D.D.. ...... .135 R. Aye, 53, IM AW*;*; ^f l 

MX Wiitar Institute ........ . ,l6th St. an^ Woodland A ve. Philadelphia, 

, Z Withers, Tlnchary . . . ........ Bakfr Ave., P. O. Hox t l W^jJ 1 ""*- * ' 

C; V/. Witter, Charles A ......... ..... ....................... Rfd |?^\t 

& K Witter & Kintner .......... .......... ..... ,503 ^* h Ave., Hew York, 




Woerncr, W: F, Woerner, William F St. Louis. 

Wolf, B. , Wolf, Blair Winterset, la. 

Wolfe, A. J: Wolfe, Archibald John 170 Broadway, New York. 

Wolfe, /. M. Wolfe, J. M., Co Omaha, Neb. 

Wolfe 6- M. Wolfe & McKenzie San Jose, Cal. 

Wolverine. Wolverine Book Publishing Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Woman's For. Miss. Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal 

Church in America 150 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Woman's Nat Prog. Wfcman's National Progressive League 200 William St. New York. 


Women's Educ. Women's Educational and Industrial Union Boston. 

Wood. Wood, William, & Co 51 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Wood, A. A. Wood, Arthur A Slocum, R. I. 

Wood, F. A. , Wood, Frances A Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Wood, H. Wood, H Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo. 

Wood, H. A. Wood, Howard Athens Burlington, Wis. 

Wood, H. G. Wood, Rev. Hermon Gaylord 6 Lyndhurst St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Wood, 7. G. Wood, Joshua Gibson U. S. Land Office, Topeka, Kan. 

Wood, R M. Wood, R. M 127 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Wood, S. G. Wood, Sumner Gilbert Blandford, Mass. 

Wood-B. Wood-Brownlee Printing Co San Antonio, Tex. 

Woodbury, S. E. Wcodbury, Sarah Eliza 2931 Kansas Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Woodman, H. R. Woodman, Hannah Rea i Franklin St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Woodruff Pub. Woodruff Publishing Co Boston. 

Woodrvff-C. Woodruff-Collins Co 217 N. nth St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Woods. Woods Publishing Co 27 E. 22d St., New York. 

Woods, C. E. Woods, Clinton E., & Co Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Woods f E. Woods, Dr. E., Jr Charlottesville, Va. 

Woods H: E. Woods, Henry E P. O. Box: 3372, Boston. 

Woods, P. T, Woods, Prince T Middleton, Mass. 

Woodward, /. T. Woodward, Joseph T Augusta, Me. 

Woodward & L Woodward & Lothrop 1013 F St., Washington, D. C 

Woolbridge, C. R. Woolbridge, Clifton Rodman 3031 Michigan Aye., Chicago. 

Woolsey, C. M. Woolsey, C. M Milton, N. Y. 

Woolsey t J: M. Woolsey, John Martin 40 S. isth Ave., Mt Vernon, N. Y. 

Worcester. Worcester, City of, W. Henry Towne, City Clerk. .Worcester, Mass. 

Worcester Bd. Worcester Board of Trade Worcester, Mass. 

Trade. , ., 

Worcester Nat. Worcester Natural History Society > Worcester, Mass. 

Worcester Press. Worcester Press Old South Bldg., Boston. 

Worcester Pub. Lib. Worcester Public Library Worcester, Mass. 

Worcester Sch. Worcester School Committee Worcester, Mass. 

/*"* ~ -.. 
Worcester Soc. An- Worcester Society of Antiquity Worcester, Mass. 

Word*$ign. Word Sign Publishing Co 627 Bartlett Bldg., Atlantic City, N. J. 

Workman* F. Workman, Florence - Mansfield, O. 

Workman, H. C. Workman, Mrs. Helen Chaffee . . . . . - .Detroit, Mich. 

World Bk World Book Co Park Hill, Yonkers N. Y. 

World Corporation. World Corporation. 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

World R'way World Railway Pub. Co. See Phillips, Cropley, Co. p 

World Supply. World Supply Co Louisville, Ky. 

World To-day, World To-day Co -Chic ago. 

World's Dispensary. World's Dispensary Medical Assoc. ........ VAV. Bu <E ri ' 

Worlfs Events Co, World's Events Co La Salic Ave. and Ohio St., Chicago. 

Worrall T W. Worrall, Mrs, T. Worcester, 

Flag House Chapel, D. A. R,, Tacony St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Worth P W Worth, Pauline Wilson IS39A Cambria St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wright, B: C." Wright, Benjamin C San Francisco. 

Wright C: W. Wright Capt Charles W., . 

* J U. S. Steamboat Inspection Service, Baltimore, Md. 

Wrisht L I. Wright, L, L., State Supt of Public Instruction, Lansing, Mich. 

WrigM T A. Wright, Tobias A 150 Bleecker St. N. Y. 

Wrfghf <$*" P. Wright & Potter Printing Co Boston. 

Wv*Co. Public Wyoming Commissioner of Public Lands Cheyenne, Wyo. 

WyD*pt. of Irnmi** Wyoming Dept. of Immigration Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Dry Wyoming State Dry Farming Commission Cheyenne, Wyo. 

C Wyand, E, Clayton .1242 Morton St., Mattapan, Mass. 




Wyatt, I 1 : F. Wyatt, Frederick Fuller San Angelo, Tex. 

n'ycil. Wycil & Co H} Nassjiu St., New York. 

h, M, 5. Wycth, Marion Sims, & Co 244 Lexington Ave,, Now York. 

wrland. Wyllys-Overlund Co .Toledo, < > 

, L. Wyman, Mrs. Lloyd 418 Walnut Ave., Puinesville, ( V. 

11'vnkoofii *H. Wynkoop, Hallenbeck, Crawford Co 407 IVarl St., Xow York. 

X-ray. X-ray Publishing Co v . Butte, M mtana. 

y. M, C. A. Young Men's Christian Association, International Committee of, 

124 E. 28th St., New York. 
F. W. C A, Young Women's Christian Association National Board, 

125 K. 27th St., Now York. 

Yale, R, H. Yale, Rodney Horace Beatrice, Nob. 

Yale Co-op. Yale Co-operative Corporation New Haven, Ct. 

Yale Courant, Yale Courant New 1 laven, Ct 

Vale Pub. Yale Publishing Association, Tnc 135 Kim St., New Haven, Ct. 

Yale Umv Yale University Press Nc\\ 1 ia\ en. t 't 

Yale Univ. Lib. Yale University Library New 1 luveiu C"t 

Yatcs, K. M. Yates, Katherine Meriette, Co 5340 Cornell AM'.. Chicago. 

Ye Planrv. Ye E^lanry Publishing Co ..,,,I,os Angeles, Cal. 

year Bk. " Year Book Publishers 40 Dearborn St., ( liieago. 

yellow Jacket. Yellow Jacket Press IVf <>nu tan Kails, N , ( '. 

Yellowstone Yellowstone Park Publishing Co.. .(Incago. 

fergin H A. Yergin, H, A., M.D 446 (SarfieW Avc., Chicago. 

Yogi Pub. Yogi Publication Society 14^ Masonic Temple* Chicago. 

y ankers Pub Yonkers Publishing Co 13 Main St., Yonkers, N. \ . 

Yordy. ' Yordy, K, B. Co 41 W. Market St.. Wilkelmrrv, Pa. 

YttuManJt, II /V. Yoiuuans. H. M Wsuikesha, Wis. 

Young P * R. Young. Frederick R Metropofin, In. 

y<Mng G. A. Young, Gilbert Amos . West Lafayette, hid. 

Young Churchman. Young Churchman Co .4^4 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee. \\ is. 

Young Israels, Young Israels 224 JJh K. ?th St. ( 'itiiMnn.iti. 

Young Lady Across Young Lady Across the Way Co Cohnnbus, ( >. 

Y<wng People's Young Ptc.plc*s M?sionary Movcnuntt ...150 Kifth Avc , NYu Yoik. 
Af to. t 

Youth's Companion. Youth's Companion : . HuMmt. 

Yttma County. Yuma County Commercial Hub . > unun. }HA 

VunttbMh, A. / Yungbluth, A, J UhpcniiiK, Mirh. 

Zartmann* P. E. Xartmann, Parley E . - . . - - VV * I .aK% JJ f 

Zcugkr.J; W. Zcagler, John Wesley,,,,, ...55** IVnnsylumta St., Donvrr, Colo, 

Zirgler. 7-icgIcr, P. W., Co, - *7 S. 4h St , !*hilaMihi.i 

Zlgsag. Zigig Publishing Co ,,,.....,,... .Colorado Spriituft, < nln. 

Zimmerman, L. M. Zimmerman, L. M,, D.I)... .4-^ Hanover St., Haltwion', Nf't. 

7iV, /?, L. 2iv R. L. ..15 W. i.ioth St , Xr\\ N "tk 

ZurieL Zitriel Publishing Co , , , , ,250 Colonial AfVtuir, t lo\r!;wl, ( , 



By Author, Title^ Subject omd Series 

NO 7"A' 

In Mis catalog the bat>M$ are rfe&rdfd under (l) author, in Clarendon //<*; am'Mvwrtuj took* 
ktimng Clarendon type for the first word; (SL) tit If in Roman ; (3) suttjeet-hetttttHg ** SMALL CAPS* ; (4) 
narttf &f series in fta/tfs, "l^he figures in jfwrenthexff arc not the imprint {/<//<% butt refer /> the 4/m/tt* 
of ^ The Publishers' Wee&ly" in which full title entry will bt found tind not to tht /*p >/'/***MVn 
tion* for which information sh&uitf be nought in the full title entry thus indicated* When wont A 
onfy is &iven in parentheses this is the original entry and title will not be found in Weeltty ttenwm* 
Wktre not spieiji^ti^ tkf binding is elotk* 

t/p t& April i6/^ 19x0*, th* prices &f 'net faohs published under tke rmlex ^f the Atnerhitn Pub- 
lishers* Ajtstmzifttwn are pmeedifd in this list by at etowbfa tfs/^rltA* **, ant/ thf wont net /tf/fvft** if he /r iV**. 
n/ prices of fiction {n&t net} published wnffor thf ruler *re preceded by a dttgger f 1 * '/*hr ftttts vf 
n<6t $&kx n&t covered by th$ ruls* whether published 1 by members of the Am*r*t'ti*t /**iA/ii4/r.** Aix&<* 
eiation &r n$t % &re prettdtd by & singtf ast*riith< n$t the we*t*$ if et folfows the price* A'i"w<* Apt */ i6M, 
r 9 to, n// net &&&k$ are s& indie&tetf* but f*o fttr ther distinttwtt /t&x been mti/ f 

Th* afabreviain$ are ttsuwlfy stlf*tjeplanatorY* A f&lim after initial t/esi9ttttex the #tMf t*jt**it/ 
given name t as ; A: Augustus ; J&f Menjamint CV Charles; D: /Jttriat; /Ss JSdwartt; /*, />*/ tith; 
Os George ;&; J^Tenr^ ; / /jar* J: John; fa fouis ; A r : tfieholax ; JP: Peters #: mehttnt ; 
3V.VwwW; 7V Thomas} W: VTUUam* 

Sims are designated* a* jfollews f JF*(Jliei mn*fr 30 ftHttmettrx high); (*, {4/* untier 30 tm t )f 
O (Bvff: as <.); ^ (taw*.' m*m.); S.(i6mts 17!^ <,); r* (%4m& / 15 em*); 7V. (jawi* isg r,}; 
/y, (480**.* o <r/w f ), *% f ^/, t nan, Afw// xa*ar4 % M&t$$" t narrow faoh* **/ ///* height** /m 
easts where tht rte&rd it not m&tff direftfy /r&m the ^W^ljr, th* tie $i$ MM titans 4/*, ?*, ta/* 4 </*,, *f*-r 

Prites tir? adttiot except when not supplied iy pm^lisher or &itttximaMi? only on /w#>* r/f w/,i/, 
&fvnt&S(tre$$remafafa$f&Mw$ s J January ; JP JFe&rwury ; Mr Marth ; Af April : My May ; 
Je June ; Jl July ; A g August ; $ September ; Otto**r ; Ji* Nwemltr ; D fteetmhet* 

Th t full nttm e of publisher and address win be fonrnd in the Dirtft^rv of Awerit'tin /***<$/* M/ri 1 * 


CUMULATED, 1908-1910 

Of books recorded January i, 1908, to December 31, 1910, by Author, Title, 

SUBJECT, and Series entry. 

ABC about collecting. Yoxall, J. H: $2 

net. Jacobs. 

ABC and X' Y Z of bee culture. Root, A. I. 

$i.5o-$ A. I. Root. 

ABC book for good boys and girls. Lewin, 

F. G. $1.50. Stokes. 

ABC des Skat in Deutsch und English. 

Liedtke, F. W. 50 c. Schaefer & K. 

ABC guide to sensible horseshoeing. Mag- 

ner, D. $i. Saalfield. 

A B C of bookkeeping. Dicksee, L. R. 80 c. 


A B C of collecting old English pottery. $2 
net. * Jacobs. 

A B C of five-figure logarithms. Wood- 
ward, C. J. $1.25. Spon. 
A B C of good hearing. Barrett, J. A. 
25 c. J. A. Barrett. 
A B C of philosophy. Landsberg, G. F. 75 c. 


A B C of railroad signaling, Elliott, W. H. 

$x. Mackenzie-K. 

A B C of taxation. Fillebrown, C: B. $1.20. 

Doubleday, P. 

A B C of the motor cycle. Jackman, W, J. 

$i; $1.50, C: C. Thompson. 

ABC of the steam engine. Lisk, J, P. 50 c. 


A B C of the steel square arid its uses. Hodg- 
son, F : T : 50 c.^ Drake. 
A B C of vocalization. Panseron, A. M. $i. 

'A. L. A. Library handbooks. See American 

Library Association. 

A-roving he would go. Reed, M. *$i.25 

net. Sherman, F. 

A to Z horoscope delineator. George, L. $2. 

Portland (Ore.) Sch. Astrology. 

A vol d* oiseau. Jallade, E. J. $x. 

W: R. Jenkins. 
Aaron, Bug. Murray-, 

See Murray-Aaron, Eug. 
Aaron Burr. O'Brien, W: L. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) Review Pub. Co. 

Aarons, S. Jervois, M.D. 

Gynaecological therapeutics. 'io(D) 12, $2 
net. Wood. 

Aaronsohn, Aaron. 

Agricultural and botanical explorations in 
Palestine. 'io(S) 64 p. il. 8, (U. S., 
Dept, of Agriculture; Bu. of Plant In- 
dustry, bull.) 

Ab vrbe condita. See Livy. 

Abaft the funnel. Kipling, R. t$i-5o. 

B. W. Dodge. 

Abandoned. See Verne, Jules. 
Abarbanell, Jacob Ralph. 

Heart of the people. f o8(Di2) il. 12, 
$1.50. C. M. Clark. 

Ayling, R. S. Public abattoirs. $3.501^ 


Abba, Father. Hyde, W: DeW. *5o c. net. 

Abba, Father. Lowrie, W. *$i net. 

Abbatial crosier. Sue, M. J. E. 50 c. 

N. Y. Labor News. 
Abbe, Cleveland. 

Mechanics of the earth's atmosphere; col- 
lection of translations; 3d collection. '10 
(Je) 4+617 p. figs. O. pap. Smith. Inst. 
, and Nichols, Mrs. Josephine Genung. 
Town send genealogy: record of the de- 
scendants of John Townsend, 1743-1821, 
and of his wife, Jemima Travis, 1746- 
1832. '69(Api7) c. 12, (Allaben geneal- 
ogical ser.) $2, Allaben. 
Abbey, Edn. Austin. 

Quest of the Holy Grail : portfolio of paint- 
ings. *69(Mr27) 4, $5; subjects sold sep- 
arately, ea., 50 c. Curtis & C 
Abbey, G: 

Balance f nature and modern conditions 
of cultivation. *og(Api7) 8, *$2 net 

Abbey, H: 

Dream of love : a mystery : [poems.] '10 
(Jai) c. D. 75 c. Riverside Press, 

Abbey, Myron Jay. 

Normal school instruction in agriculture, 
'to (Mrs) 8, (U. S., Dept. of Agricul- 
ture, Office' of Experiment Stations, cir- 

Abbey classics. 16, pap., 25 c.; bds., 50 c.; 
leath., $i. Abbey Co. 

Burns. Cotter's Saturday night. 
Longfellow. Building of the ship. 
Lowell. Vision of Sir Lattnfal. 
Milton. Ode on the morning of Christ's 


Whittier. Snow-bound. 
Abbey ser. 2 v. f io(D) 12, ea., Jeath., $i; 
.pap., 50 c. Dodge. 




Dixon, C Abbeys of Great Britain. *$ 
net Scribner. 

Gascmet, F. A. Greater abbeys of England. 
**$3-50 net. Dodcf. 

Lang, E. M. Some old English abbeys. 
^ 60 c. ; $i. Stokes. 

Sec also Cathedrals; France; aho names of ab- 

Abbot, Allax^ 

See Baker, "Franklin T: 
Abbot, C; Gwley, and Fowle, P. E,, jr. 
Annals of the Astrophysical Observatory 
of the Smithsonian Inst. v, 2. *o8 
(Ag22) tables, figs. Q. gratis. 

U. S., Supt of Docs, 
Abbot, H: Larcom. 

Regulation of rivers in the interest of navi- 
gation, and modes of gauging the flow 
of water, '09, [iQia] (F) 2 p. 8, $1.25- 
" Professional Memoirs/* 
Abbot, Willis J: 

Story of our navy for young Americans, 
from colonial days to the present time, 
'io(OiS) c. ii 0. $2. Dodd. 

Abbott, A, J,, rep* 

See New Mexico Territory. ,/>. rf, Repts. 
Abbott, Arthu J. 

Individual singing exercises; 4th grade. 

'ro(Myat) ; Sth grade (S) ; 6th grade 

(0) ; 7th grade, Sth grade (N) c. 0. 

pap, ca, 10 c, Am, Bk. 

Music manual for teachers of rural schools, 

to accompany Short course in music by 

Frederic H* Ripley and T : Tapper. *io 

(Qaa) c. D, pap., 15 c. Am* Bk. 

Abbott, Alex Crew, JMLJX 

Principles of bacteriology. Sth ed. rev, *09 
(Ag) 631 p, il ia ft , *$3.7$ net. Lea. 
Abbott, C. L. 

Common sense Bible teacher, *og(N) c, 
64 p. il 25 c C L. Abbott. 

Abbott, C: Conrad. 

Arelwologia nova destret; [New Jersey*] 
'07, 'oS(Je) a v., ii. 8*. (Add. author 
for price,) C: C Abbott 

Abbott, D; Phelps, 

History of a strange case: study In occult- 
ism, 'oB(Agaa) 8', pap. (Add* pubs, for 
price.) Open Court, 

Marvelous creations of Joseffy, *o8(D$) 
c, II O, pap,, 15 c. Open Court 

Abbott, Edith. 

Women in industry; study in American 
economic hist,; with an intrml, note by 
Sophonisba P. Breckenridg^, 'og(Dn) c. 
D, **$a net, Appleton. 

Abbott, Rev. Bdn. Abbott. 
Indices to Diatessarica : (harmony of the 
four GoHpelij] with a specimen of re- 
Kirch, 'oS(Apn) 8*. *$i.a$ net, 


MwRage of the Son of Man, *o^(Ag7) 
8* *$L75 net, Macmillan. 

A"bbott Eleanor HallowtlL 
Molly Make-Believe, f io(0i) c. II S, 
$i net, Century Co, 

Abbott, Eratit Hamlin. 
On the training of parents, 'oSCApiH) c, 
D. **$t net, Howghton* M, & Co. 

What they dld^witfj theme1vet. *09<Si8) 
c, D, (what h worth while *r) leather* : 
ette, **30 c, net. Crowell ; 

Abbott, Frances Matilda. 
The simple single. '09, [1910.] (Ap) c. 
48 p, 16, 50 c. Rumford Press. 

Abbott, Fk. Frost. 

Society and politics in ancient Rome. '09- 
(Sn) c. D. **$i.2S net. Scribner, 

Abbott, G: F: 

Turkey in transition. *O9(N20) il. pors. 

O. *$4.2S net. Longmans, 

, ed. Greece in evolution; stmlio.s prep. 

under the auspices of the French League 

for the Defence of the Rights of Hellenism. 

J io(JcTi) O. $1.50 net. \\YsseK & B, 

Abbott, G: Knapp, M.D., comp. 

Technique of hydrothcrapy and Swedish 

massage as employed at the Loma Linda. 

Sanitarium, [ad ed,] '09, [1910.] (F) 

c. 40 p. 8, 25 c. Loma Linda Coll, 

Abbott, Herbert Vatighan, 

See Baker, Franklin T: 
Abbott, Holker. 

Silver wedding of the Bear; memorial of 
the celebration of the a$th anniversary 
of the Tavern Club, f$ Jan, f 1909* '10- 
(Je) c. 53 p. front. 8. (Priv. pr.) 

H* Abbott. 

Abbott, Howard StrickUmd. 
Summary of the law of public corporations. 
'oS(N) c, 24+7^ p, O. (Add. nubs, for 
price,) Kccfc-D, 

Abbott, J. H. M. 

Letters from Queer Street: sorfle of the 

correspondence of the late John Mason. 

*o8(Jcf>} 8*, *$r,7S net, Macmillan, 

South s*-a, (Melanesia, ViKCSif)) il, map, 

I2 ( Peeps at many lantls sr r, > ^75 c. 

net. * Macmiltan. 

Abbott, Jacob. 

Rollo at work, anci Rollo at play; in trod, bv 
Lucy Crump. $ o8(Faa) 16*. ( Everyman"* 
hb) *35 c, net; leath, *70 c. net, IHtttnn, 
ABBOTT, I-am*renc, 

Green* S : A. Memoir of Abbott Lawrence, 
3S c. S: A, Grm, 

Abbott, temiel Abijah. 
PersontJ recollections and Civil War diary* 
1864, *oa [1909.) (Mr) 10+^96 p. por.fl', 
(Add. ftwthor for price.) L, A, Abbott, 
Abbott* Leonard Daldon. 
Ernest Howard Croiby the Puritan anar- 
chist: a valuation and i tribute, 'oR(F) 
pors, *, 50 c, ; pap, 25 c, Ariel, 

Abbott, Luther Jewett. 
Hit. and civics of Oklahoma, f ic(N) 84- 
220 p, il. fold, map, $i net. Ginn, 

Abbott, Lymaw, D.D* 

Home builder, *oB(Ni4) c, I), **7s c, net, 

Ifouglitrin M, 
Seeking after God, *io(Af6) c. I), $i, 


Spirit of democracy, *io(Dj) e, D, $r,af. 
net. limighfrm M, 

The temple, '09(N*3) c, D. ^^ net 


"ptttd McFadyau, J; Bdg* 
Interpreter*! commenttry on the New Tti 
ment v. x-6. *O9(Api7) ea, $1.50, 

Stt ate King, H ; Churchill. 



Abbott, Nat Thurston. 

Cases on the law of equity jurisprudence 
and trusts; sel. from Am. and Eng. deci- 
sions. 'op(D) c. O. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Flood. 

Abbott, Stanley Warde. 

That same old lover. '09 (Jl) 12 p. front. 
8, 50 c. B. Castello. 

Abbott, Twyman Osmand. 

Automobile law for motorists. 'opQlio) 
c. D. flex, leath., $2.50. Reilly & B. 

Primer of the law of negligence ior con- 
ductors and motormen, and rules for 
their guidance in their relations with the 
public. [New ed.] '09 (Jl) c. 42 p. Tt. 
pap. (Add. author for price.) 

T. O. Abbott. 

Road rights of motorists ; cont. rules of the 
road and automobile laws of all states. 
'io(Jl2) c. D. $1.50 net. Outing. 


Weaver, A. B. Abbreviated longhand. $2. 

Quickrite Pub. 

See Afghanistan. 
Abderhalden, Emil. 

Text-book of physiological chemistry. In 
30 lectures. 'o8(Ag29) c. 8, **$5 net. 


Barnard, H. L. Contributions to abdomi- 
nal surgery. $4.20 net. " Longmans, 
Douglas, R : Surgical diseases of the abdo- 
men. *$6 net. Blakiston. 
Kelly, H. A., and Noble, C: P., eds. Gyne- 
cology and abdominal surgery, v. 2. *$8 
net ; *$p.5O net. Satmders. 
Sawyer, J. E. H. Physical signs of dis- 
eases of thorax and abdomen. *$2 net. 


Sec also Digestion; Hernia; Intestines; 'Stora- 

ach; -Tuberculosis. 

Abdominal tuberculosis. Maylard, A. E. *$4 
net. Blakiston, 

Abdu'1-Baha. , 

Some answered questions: [doctrines of 
Bahaism:] collected and tr. from the 
Persian by Laura Clifford Barney. '08 
(Oi7) O, *$T.SO net Lippincott. 

Abel, Annie Heloise. 

Indians in the Civil War; [repr. from the 
American Historical Review, Jan., 1910.] 
[TOJO.] (Je) 281-296 p, 4. (Not for 
sale.) Am. Hist. Review. 

Proposals for an Indian state, 1778-1878. 
'09, [19 to.] (Jl) 89-104 P- 8. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 
, and Lord, Eleanor Louisa, comps. 

Brief guide to points of historical interest 
in Baltimore city, '08 (Ap.) c. 12 p. il 
8, 20 c. A. H. Abel 

Abel, Mrs. Mary W. Hrnman, 
Care of food in the home. '09, [1910.] 
(F) 46 p. il 8, (U. S., Dept. of Agri- 
culture; farmers' bull.) pap. 
Aber, W: W, 

Dawn of another life. 'io(Ag2o) c. por. 
8, $1.50, W: W. Aber. 

Abercrombie, Lascelles. 
Interludes and poems. 'o8(Ap2$) D. *$i.25 
net. Lane, 

Abercrombie-Miller, Edith. 
See Miller, Edith Abercrombie-. 

Aberdeen, Ishbel Maria, Countess of. 

Edward Marj oribanks, Lord Tweedmouth, 
1849-1909. 'io(Jl9) il. pors. 8, $2 net 


Our Lady of the Sunshine and her inter- 
national visitors ; facet, of visit of Inter- 
national Council of Women to Canada.] 
'io(Je4) 8, bds., 50 c. net. Button. 


See Cattle. 
Abernethy, Artli. Talmage. 

The Jew a negro: study of the Jewish 
ancestry. *io(Ap9) 12, 50 c. Dixie. 
AberriSthy, Larkin S : 

Shorthand. Rev. ed. 'o8(Jaii) 12, bds.,. 
$1.50. Driggers. 


Townsend, J. A. Hist, of Abingdon. $3 
net Oxford Univ. 


See Children. 
Abnormal psychology. Coriat, I. $2 net. 


Abolished rites. Gottschall, A. H., com^ 
7 c. A. H. Gottschall, 


See Slavery. 

Taussig, F: J. Prevention and treatment 

of abortion. $2. Mosby. 

About, Edmond Frangois Valentin. 

La mere de la marquise; with explanatory 

notes in English by Prof. C. Fontaine. 

J io(Mr26) c. 16, (Contes choisis.) 25 c. 

W: R. Jenkins. 

Les jumeaux de THotel Corneille; ed. by 
S. Tindall. '09(016) S. (Shorter French 
texts.) *2S c. net. CrowelL 

About Dickens, Leffman, H : *so c. net. 

H: Leffman. 

About panics. Kohler, J. P. ^ 15 c. Outing. 
About the farm; il. description of the New 
Boston dairy and other industries at Val- 
ley View, Muzzey, and Hutchinson farms, 
which are a part of the supply department 
of Young's Hotel, Parker House, and Ho- 
tel Touraine. [1910.] (N) c. 62 p. il. 8, 
bds., boxed, gratis. J. R. Whipple. 

Above life's turmoil. Allen, J. $i. Putnam. 
Abraham, Ashley Perry. 
Rock-climbing in Skye. *o8(Jei3) il. map, 
0. *$7 net Longmans, 

Abraham, 0: D. 

Complete mountaineer. 'o8(Mr2i) il. O, 
(Geographical lib.) *$4.8o net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Mountain adventures. *io(08) il. O. $3.80 
net. * Doubleday, P. 

Abrahams, Israel. 

Judaism, '07, [1909.] (Ap) 8, (Religions: 
ancient and modern.) *4O c, net. 

Open Court. 
Abram, Annie. 

Social England in the xvth century; study- 
of the effects of economic conditions. '00- 
(Di8) 12, (Research lib.) *$i net. 


Abrams, Albert. 

Diagnostic therapeutics; guide for practi- 
tioners in diagnosis by aid of drugs and 
methods other than drug giving. 'io(F) 
c. 18+1039 p. il. 8, $5. RebmaiK 

Bibliography (9 p.). 



Abrams, Albert Continued. 

Spondylotherapy ; spinal concussion and the 
application of other methods to the spine 
in the treatment of disease. 'io(F) c. 
17+400 p, il. 8, $3.50. A. Abrams. 

Bibliography (3 p.). 
Abrams, Duff And. 

See Talbot, Arth. Newell 

S** Italy. 

Absente rep; by the author of "Pro Christo 

et ecclesia," *io(Jh6) 12, $1.60 net 

Absentee (The). See Edgeworth, Maria. 

Castle Rackrent. 
Absolute idealism and immortality. Ball, J. 

W. (Add. pubs, for price.) WoodrufF-C. 
Absolute necessity of baptism. Johnson, S; 

L. *io c. net. Revell. 


Stt Confession. 

Absolution. Viebig, C. t$i5Q* Lane. 


$*t Philosophy. 

Stt Spectrum, 

Abstractors and title insurance, 1908, Nib- 
lack, \V : C *$2 net, Ctllaghan, 
Abstract ers of title. Niblack, W : C. *$2 net 



5** Psychology. 
Abt, I: Arth, 

Inquiry into the status of the kindergarten, 
K '09, [1910,] (My) c. 23 p. 8* so c. 

I: A. Abt 
,and Ridlon, J:. eds. 

Pediatrics; [and] Orthopedic surgery; with 
the collaboration of A, Steindler. '08, 

[1909.] (F) 239 p. il. (Practical medicine 

ser. of year books.) $1.25, Year Bk. 

Aba '1-MahAsin Jamil ad-Din Yftatif iton 

Taghrl Bird! 
MY Yiuwf ibn Taffhri Rirdl 

ABUNDANCE, Jean d*. 

Carnahan, D: H. jean d'Abundanee* $x. 

Univ. of III 

Alms*' of the singing and speaking voice. 
Moure, J. G.JL $1 net Scribfter, 


Stipend, C, II. To Abyssinia through an 
unknown land, $3.50 net, Lippincott. 

Academic algebra, Bradbury, W: R $1,08. 

Thompson B, 

Academic and industrial efficiency, Cookc, 
M. L, Carnegie. 

Academic dictionary, Worcester, J, JEL ^$1.50. 


Acmltmy of Pacific Coast History pubs. 8 . 

Univ, of Cal, 

Breen, Diary of Patrick ttreen, we of the 
Dormer party. 15 c. 

Costanso. Narrative of the Portola ex- 
pedition 50 c. 

-KeNry, United States consulate in Cal- 
ifornia, (Free- to Fellows of the Academy.) 

Plehn, San Francisco clearing house certi- 
ficates of 1007-1908, 10 c. 

San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 
1851. Papers, 50 c. 

Smith and Teggart Diary of Caspar de 
Portola, 50 r. 

Teggart, Official account of the Portola 

Academy ser. of English classics. 12. 40 c. 

Allyn & B. 

Macattlay. Essay on Warren Hastings. 
See Mites. 


Fitzhugh, T : Prolegomena to history of 
Italico-Romanic rhythm. 25 c. Anderson. 
See also Prosody, 


Crawford, M. M., and Welton, T. S. Be- 

fore the doctor comes. $i. Chr. Herald, 

Dulles, C: W, Accidents and emergencies, 

*$i net. Blakiston. 

Eastman, C. Work-accidents and the law. 

$1.50. Cliarities Pub. 

Fidelity and Casualty Co., New York. The 

prevention of industrial accidents. *09 

(D) il. 12, 25 c. Fidelity & Casualty. 

Hall, C, Coal-mine accidents ; their causes 

and preventions. 15 c, 

U. S. f Supt, of Docs. 

Hartung, H. H. First aid to the injured. 

50 c. H, H, Hartung. 

Gulick, Mrs. C E. . Emergencies, 40 c. 


Lawrence, J. B. Accidents and emergen- 

cies, *7S c. net W; E. Jenkins, 

Lyneh C: American Red Croat ahrgd. 

text book on first aid, Central ed, 30' c. 


Lynch, C: f and Shields, M. Jf. American 
Red Cross abridged text-book. 30 c. net. 


Magruder, W: E; Claims arising from re- 
sults of personal injuries, $-1.50, 


Quick helps to the Injured; felwt,| ^5 c, 

W; R, Jrnkitn, 

Richards, R, C. Conservation of iti*n, 

50 c. R, C, Kit'lmrds, 

Van Sclmack, D: irf, Safeutpnls for the 

prevention of industrial accidents, 50 c, 

JEtnt Life, 

Warwick, R JL and Tunstall. A. C, First 
tid to the Injured and sick, $? net. 

W: R, Jenkins, 

$W olw Dimftgj*:*- Oriwtiino. Yttmtrittirr, 
HtgHffttnee; Rallnwdis Strrvt iiJlwy; 

Surgery j "fer namrt of itttt 


.SV# Insurance. 

Accidents of an antiquary 1 ! life Hogmrth* 
D; G: $2,50 net, Kfacrnitlan 

Accomplished through sscrificc, Bvtrett, R, 
N. so c, Review Pres (III,) 

According to Maria, Line, Mrj. J: 

Account of the departure which the most 
serene Prince of Wales made from thin 
city of Madrid, on the cjth of Sept, of the 
present year of 1623, accompanied by our 
lore! the King, and by the infant Charles 
and the Cardinal his brother* to San Lo* 
re el Real of the Escurial. where Hi* 
Highness took leave of his Majesty ffae- 
sim,] oa, [I909J (N) 4% $A, s ^ 

Hispanic S0c, 

Account of the manners and customs of the 
modern Egyptians. Lane, R: W; *j$ c, 
net; *70 c, 'net, Dutton. 




Accounting ser. 8. Powers. 

Lyons. Modern corporation accounting. 

Accurate tool work. Goodrich, C. L. *$2 

net. Hill Pub. 

Accusative with infinitive and some kjndred 

constructions in English. Zeitlen, J. **$i 

net Lemcke. 


Leeds, F. H:, and Butterfield, \V. J. A. 
Acetylene. $2.75 net. Lippincott 


Set Lighting. 

Acharnians (The). See Aristophanes. 
Achievements of Luther Trant. Balmer, E. 
$1.50. Small. 

Achorn, J: Warren, M.D. 

Nature's help to happiness. *o9(Ap3) c. D. 
**50 c. net. Moffat. 

Some physical disorders having mental ori- 
gin. J o8(Di2) c. 12, (Religion and med- 
icine publications.) pap., *25 c. net. 

Ackermaim, Alfr. Seabold Eli. 

Popular fallacies. '08 (Mr/) il. O. *$I.SQ 
net. Lippincott 

Acolyte's companion ; ceremonial and prayer- 
book combined. 4th ed., rev. [1910] ,(My) 
13+360- p. 24, 35 c. net. Herder. 

Acorn ser. 29 v. 'o9(Ag28) 16, ea., 50 c. 


Acquisition of speed in shorthand. Cope, E: 
A. 20 c. Pitman. 

Acquisitions of Oregon territory. Schafer, 
J. pt. r. gratis. Univ. of Ore. 

Gwathrney, J. T. Tumbling for amateurs. 
10 c. Am. Sports. 

Worth, H ; W. Ground tumbling. TO c. 

Am. Sports. 

Acropolis of Athens. D'Qoge, M. L. *$4net 


Across Europe in a motor boat. Rowland, 

H : C. **$2 net. Appleton. 

Across Panama and around the Caribbean, 

Nicholas, F, C. $1.50. Caldwell. 

Across Papua. Mackay, J. A. K. *$2.5p net. 

Across the arid zone, Cramp, W. S. 

C. M. Clark. 

Across the Sahara. Vischer, H. $3.50 net. 


Sett Actors and actresses; Drama and dramatists; 

Plays ; Theatre 

Actions and reactions. See Kipling, Rudyard. 

Armstrong, T: Procedure in justice cases. 
Lord Balto. Press. 

Bates, C, L, Federal procedure at law. 
2 v, $12. Flood. 

New York [State.] Code of civil proced- 
ure by Amasa J. Parker, jr. $3.50. 

Banks & Co. 

New York [State.] Code of civil proced- 
ure prep, by J : C. Thomson. $4. 

M ; Bender. 

6V also Equity; Evidence: Forms (w law)', 
Jury; Pleading and practice; -Trials. 

Active footsteps. Churchill, Mrs. C. N. $1.25. 

C. N. Churchill. 
Acton, E. Hamilton. 
See Darwin, Fs. 

Acton, J: Emerich E: DaJberg-Acton, [Lord 


Cambridge modern history; ed. by Adolphus 
W: Ward, G: Wa. Prothero and Stanley 
Mordaunt Leathes. In 12 v. v. 5, The 
age of Louis xiv. J o8(F2g) ; v. 6, The 
eighteenth century. '09(025) ; v. n, The 
growth of nationalities. J oo,(Ja23) ; v. 
12, The latest age. *io(D3i) c. 8, ea., 
**$4 net. Macmillan. 

Historical essays and studies. 'o8(Jan) 8, 
*$3 net. Macmillan. 

History of freedom and other essays; ed., 
with an introd., by J : Neville Figgis and 
Reginald Vere Laurence. J o8(Jaii) por. 
8, *$3 net, Macmillan. 

Lectures on the French Revolution ed. by 
J: Neville Figgis and Reginald Vere 
Lawrence. *io(D24) 8, $3.25 net. 


Acton, Martin W:, ["Nocta W. Nitram."] 
Secret Bible hist of Adamic innocence. 
'09 (N6) c, D. $2. New Age. 

Actor's story. Williams, B. *$2 net. Scribner. 


American stage of to-day; biographies and 
photographs of one hundred leading ac- 
tors and actresses. $2.50. Collier. 

Briscoe, J. Actors' birthday book. **$2 
net Third ser. $2 net Moffat 

Catalogue of the American Play Co., with 
original casts. 50 c. Am. Play. 

Diary of a Daly dlbutante; being passages 
from the journal of a member of Augus- 
tin Daly's famous company of players. 
$1.25 net. Duffield. 

Fyvie, J : Tragedy queens of the Georgian 
era. *$4 net. Dutton. 

Golden, G: F. My Lady Vaudeville and 
her White Rats. $i. White Rats. 

Mantzins, K. History of theatrical art in 
ancient and modern times. In 5 v. v. 4, 5. 
ea., *$3.50 net. Lippincott. 

Q'Conner, J. B. Chapters in the history of 

actors and acting in ancient Greece. $i. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Rennert, H. A. Spanish stage in the time 
of Lope de Vega. *$3net. Hispanic Soc. 

Who's who on the stage, 1908. *$3 net; 
*$3-50' net B. W. Dodge. 

Winter, W: Other d'ays: memoirs of the 
stage. **$3 net. Moffat 

See also Theatre; also Jefferson, Joseph; Mans- 
field Richard; Siddons, Mrs. Sarah Kemble. 
Actress (The). Hale, Mrs. L. C. t$ 


See Bible. 

Acts of the apostles of the sea. American 
Seamen's Friend Society, gratis. 

Am. Seamen's Friend. 

Actual government as applied tinder Ameri- 
can conditions. Hart, A. B. $2.25. 


Howland, F. Hist of the town of Acnsh- 
net, Bristol County, Mass. $5. 

E. H Howland. 
Acworth, W: Mitchell. 
Relation of railroads to the state; an ad- 
dress del. as president of Economic Sci- 
ence and Statistics, at the annual meeting 
of the British Assoc. for the Advance- 



ment of Science, at Dublin, Ireland, Sept, 
2, 1908. '08 (N) 14 p. 0. pap., gratis. 

Allen, L. & S. 

Ad Miriam. Law, F: H. **$i net Putnam. 
Adair, W. W. 

Wrecks and heroes : [lessons on New Tes- 
tament heroes.] 'opCMria) pap,, ro c. 

Y. M. C. A. 
Adam, Fk. 

Clans, septs and regiments of the Scottish 
Highlands. '09(113) il fold, map, Q. *$6 
net. Scribner. 

Adam ; Ja. 

Religious teachers of Greece: Gifford lec- 
tures ; ed. with a memoir by his wife, 
Adela Marion Adam. 'o8(Je2o) 8 : *$4 
net. Scribner 

Adam Becle. See Eliot, G: 
Adami, J: G:, MJX 

Inflammation ; introd. to the study of pa- 
thology; being the repr. (rev. and enl.) 
of an article in Prof. Allbutt's "System 
of medicine.** 'ro(F) 18+254 p. if, ta*. 
*$TSO net, Macmillan. 


Principles of pathology. In 2 v. v. t* Gen- 
eral pathology, 'oS(Ag^2) ; v, -2, Sys- 
temic (incl, special) pathology, l>y J; (*: 
Adami, M.D., and Albert G. Nichnlls, 
M,D. 'oo(N); 2<I ed, 2 v, 'to(N) il 
&* t per V M *$o net. Lea, 


Bos-well C S, An Irish precursor of 
Dante, [St. Adamnan.j *$350 net 

Adam's dream, Corbin, A, 75 c* Scribner, 

Adams, Albert A: 
True love, 'oo(O) c. 3-93 P i6* 75 c 

A, A: Adams. 
Adams, Alice Dana. 

Neglected period of anti-slavery in Ameri- 
ca, (1808-1831.) 'QQ(Jliu) c. r (Rad- 
eliflfe College monographs.) **$i,so net. 

Adams, Arth. H, 

Galahad Jones, 'io(Fia) D. $1.50, lane, 
Adams, Braman B M and Hitt, Rodney, compa, 
Railroad signal dictionary, *o8(O) 473 p, 
il, 4 ft , $6. Railroad Gazette, 

Adams, C: Christopher, 
Ecolntfienl survey of Isle Royale* Lake Su- 
perior; prep, under the direction of C: C 
Adams; rcpt. from the University of Mich- 
igan Museum, pub. by the State Biolog- 
ical Survey, as a part of the rept, of the 
Board of the Geological Survey for tooB, 
'09, [1910,] (Mr) 14+468 p, 51. maps, 8, 
85 c. Mich, Ool, 

Tncladet "ReFwraeei 1 * and "Bltotiofraphy.* 1 
Ad&ma, C: Collard. 

Midclletcnvn Upper Houses: history >f the 
north sf'Cicty of Middlctown, Ointi, fr>m 
1650 tn tBoo, with genealogical ami bin- 
graphical chapters on w!y families and 
a full genealogy of the Ranney family, 
ViBfAgi) c, il, pors, facHini*,, H'\ **$io 
net. Graf ton Press, 

Adami C; Pollen. 

Yaooh Stra^^ and other poems. *io 
(Agjo) c. il por, D. $1* 

I^othrop L & S. 

Adams, C: Fs. 

Physical laboratory manual for secondary 

schools. Rev. ed. 'og(Ag7) c. il. tahs., 

D. 60 c. Am, Bk. 

Physics for secondary schools. '08(03) c - 

il, D. $1.20, Am. Bk. 

Teacher's manual to accompany Physics 

for secondary schools. '09(811) c. D, 

pap., 25 c. Am. Bk, 

Adams, : Fa., jr. 

"The Solid South" and the Afro-American 
race problem; speech at the Academy of 
Music, Richmond, Va., Oct. 24, 1908. '09 
(My) 8, pap. (Priv. pr,) 

C: F. Adams. 

Adams, C: Kendall, and Trent, W; Feterfield. 
History of the United States. Rev. od. \>Q 
(Jc5) c il- por. maps, 12, (Allyn & 
Bacon's ser. of school histories.) $1,50, 

Allyn & B. 

Adams, Cyrus CorneliUvS. 
Klrm. commercial geography. *cx>(Ja23) c. 
il. maps, 12% $r.!0, Appletnn. 

Text -hook of coninitrciftl geography, *o8 
(Dl2) c. il. maps* ia, (Twentieth eon- 
ttiry text-hooks.) **$r.3o net, Appleton, 
Adams, D. E., comp. 

5rr Missouri, index, 
Adams, E. J. 

Stt Washington, Adams* briefs, 
Adams, Edg. Holmes. 

Official premium list of United State** pri- 
vate ami territorial gold coin*. 'ooCHO 
c. il, D, $2; leath,, $2,50* tiovefl, 

K, H Adams, 
Adams, E: Bean, 

Hudson-Fulton me<Ial ; desigtifd under dt- 
rectioti of the American NumUmattc So 
ctety ; a<!opted an its one official m*<la! 
by the fhidaoii'- Fulton Celebration Com- 
mission* and issued under the seals of 
hoth rjrgatii/atious, \wj, [t<)to. I (ApJHp 
front, 4, (Add, author for price,) 

F.; I), Allans 
Adams, ICphriam Bouglail. 
British interests and activittrs in Texas. 
1838-1846; Albert Shaw lecture* on di- 
plomatic hist** 1909, ( to(Myat) c, D, 
. $1.50, John* flopkini, 

Adams, Ernest Owen. 

Diseases of the digestive jtyntern. f lo(JI) 
c* 349 p. ta*. $a. Qeveltnd Hotwieoptth, 
Adams, Fi. 

Songs of the army of the night find The 
mass of Christ. New and *rcv, ed. f io 
I2 rt $i net, M, Keitnerley. 

, R. 

Set Harding,): W. 
Adtma, F: t3TphAm 0mp. 
Waters Pierce case in Texas, 'oR(D) por, 
O, 25 c, Skinner & K, 

Adams, 0: Piimptoa, 

The mystical element in Hegel's early th<s 

ologkal writings. 'loCO) 67-10^ p, O. 

(Univ. of Cal. pub*,; Philosophy.) p*p 

35 c. Univ. of Cai 

Adam f H, Travers, 

Physical development in relation to perfect 
voice production, ? 09(N) 79 p* S 1 , ptp,, 
*7S c, net, Scribner. 



Adams, H: 

Building construction; notes on materials, 

processes, principles and practice. '08 

(N2i) il. 8, *$3 net. Cassell. 

Adams, Mrs. Hugh, and Browne, Edith A., eds. 

Social calendar, 1910. J io(Myi4) 12, 

$1.25. Macmillan. 

Adams, Ja. Orville. 

Cruiser; romance of the Idaho timber land 
frauds. J io(Ja2) c. il. D. J. O. Adams. 
Adams, Ja. Truslow. 

Some notes on the currency problem. '08, 
[1909.] (F) c. 35 P- 8, gratis. 

Broun- G. 
Adams, Rev. J: 

Israel's ideal; or, studies in Old Testament 
theology. *io(Je4) 12, $1.50 net t 


Sermons in accents; or, studies in -the He- 
brew text 'o8(Je2o) D. *$i.50 net. 

Adams, J: 

Exposition and illustration in teaching. '10 
(Ja22) c. D. **$i.25 net Macmillan. 
Adams, Jos. H: 

Harper's indoor book for boys. *o8(Api8) 

c, il. O, (Harper's practical books for 

boys.) $1.75. .- Harper. 

Harper's machinery book for boys. '09 

(Ap24) c. il. D. (Harper's practical books 

for boys.) $1.75. Harper. 

Adams, Josephine !. 

Character book [record book]. 'io(S) 12, 
75 c. ; ooze, $1.25. Barse & H. 

Adams, Julia J. 
Jimmy, 'to(D) 100 p. il. 75 c. 

J. J. Adams. 
Adams, Matthew Prior. 
Simple physics in every-day life. '07, [1908.] 
(Jl) c 197+12 p. 4. (Add. author for 
price.) M. P. Adams. 

Adams, Oscar Fay. 

Motley jest: Shapespearean diversions. '09 
(Mr6) c, D. *$i net Sherman, F. 

Adams, S: 

Writings of Samuel Adams; collected and 
ed, by Harry Alonzo Gushing. Limited 
ed. In 4 v. v, 4, 1778-1802. J o8(Ag8) c. 
8, hf. leath., subs., **$5 net. Putnam. 
Adams, S: Hopkins. 
Flying death. 'o8(F8) c. il, D. t$i-5O. 

Adams, T: 

Sermons; ed, by J: Brown. 'o9(Ag2i) 16, 
45 c. Putnam. 

Adams, W. Poynter. 

Motor car mechanism and management 
pt. 2, Electric and petrol electric vehicles. 
WDi9) il, 12, *$2 net. Lippincott 
Adams, Wa. Sydney. 

Investigation of the displacements of the 
spectrum lines at the sun's limb, 'io(Je) 
32 p, il, tabs,, 4, (Contributions from 
the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory.) 
(Not for sale.) Carnegie. 

Spectroscopic investigations of the rota- 
tion of the sun during the year 1908. '09 
(My) 36 p. il, 8. (Contributions from 
the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory.) 
pap* (Not for sale.) Carnegie. 

Summary of the results of a study of the 
Mount Wilson photographs of sun-spot 

spectra. 'o9(Dn) tabs., 4, (Contribs. 
from the Mount Wilson Solar Observa- 
'tory.) pap. (Add. Institution for price.) 


See also Hale, G: Ellery. 
Adams, Washington Irving Lincoln. 
Photographing in old England; with some 
snap shots in Scotland and Wales. ? io 
(324) c. il. 'Q. $2.50 net, boxed. 

Baker & T. 
Adams, W; Ja. 

Hints on amalgamation and the general care 
of gold mills. 2d ed, rev. and enl. '08 
(Jhr) ; 3d ed., rev. and enl. J io(Ja2Q) 
c. il. S. leath., ea., $2. 

Mining and Scientific. 
Adams, W: Taylor, ["Oliver Optic."] 
Brave old salt '08 (JU) 12, (Young 
America lib.) 50 c. Hurst 

Building himself up; or, the cruise of the 
' "Fish Hawk." 'io(Je4) il. 12, $i. 

Lothrop, L. & S. 

Fighting Joe. J o8(Jlil) 12, (Young 

America lib.) 50 c. Hurst 

Louis Chis wick's mission. 'io(O) il 12, 

$1. Lothrop, L. & S. 

Lyon Hart's heroism. 'io(O) il. 12, $i. 

Lothrop, L. & S. 
Professor's son. 'io(O) il. 12, $i. 

Lothrop, L. & S. 
Royal Tarr's pluck. 'io(O) il. 12, $i. 

Lothrop, L. & S, 
Striving for his own. 'io(O) il. 12, $i. 

Lothrop, L. & S. 

Yankee middy. *o8(Je27) 12, (Young 
America lib.) 50 c. Hurst 

Young lieutenant 'o8(Je6) 12, (Young 
America lib.) 50 c. Hurst 

Work and win. 'o8(Jli8) 12, (Young 
America lib.) 50 c. Hurst. 

Adams prize essay. See Brown, Ernest W. 
Adaptation of the schools to industry and 
efficiency. Draper, A. S. gratis. 

A. S. Draper. 
Adcock, Ja. Pringle. 

Wooing in rusticity. '09 (0) 288 p. 12, 
$1.50. Adcock. 

Addams, Jane. 

Spirit of youth in our city streets. '09 
(N6) c. D. **$i.25 net Macmillan. 

Twenty years in Hull House; with auto- 
biographical notes. '10(03) c. il. pors. 
O. $2.50 net. Macmillan. 

See also Stelzle, C: 

Added interest tables, 1909. Fisher, J : I. $5. 

J: I, Fisher. 
Addingley, Amy, comp. 
In friendship's meditation. 'io(Oi) c. S, 
75 c., boxed; ooze, $1.50, boxed. 

Platt & P. 

Addington, Keene H., ed. and rep. 
See Illinois. Appellate cts. Repts, Notes 

on the repts. 

Addison, Jos., and Steele, R: 

Coverley papers from the Spectator; ed., 

with introd. and notes, by O. M. Myers. 

'o8(Di2) facsim., D. 50 c. Oxford Univ. 

Selections from The Spectator; ed. by J. 

H. Lobban. 'io(Agia) 12, 40 c. net 





Addison, Jos., and Steele, R: Continued. 
Sir Roger de Coverley; ed. by T: Cart- 
wright 'c&CAgis) 16, (Every child's 
lib*) 50 c Dutton. 

Sir Roger de Coverley papers, from the 
Spectator; ed,, with introd. and notes, 
by J; Calvin Metcali [1910. J (Je) c. 
28+208 p. pors. map, 16, (Johnson ser. 
of English classics.) 25 c. 

B, K Johnson. 

Thi Spectator, 4 v. f o8(Oi7J 16, .(Best 

books ser.) leath., *$i net Dutton. 

The Spectator; ed. by G: Atherton Aitken, 

In 8 v, vs. 1-6. 'o8(Je6) 12, (New Uni- 

versal lib,) 50 c.; leath., 75 c. Dutton. 

The Spectator; essays 1-50; with an introd. 

and notes J: Morrison, *o8(N2i) 16, 

*50 c. net, Macmillan, 

,Stcele, Sir R;, and Budgell, Eustace* 

Sir Roger de Coverley papers in the Spec- 

tator; ed,, with notes, outline study and 

examination questions, by Maud Elma 

Kingsley and Fk. Herbert Palmer, 'to 

(My7) c. 16% (Kingsley English texts,) 

40 c, Palmer Co, 

ADDISQN, Joseph. 

Macaulay, 1' : B. Life and writings of Ad* 
dison; Samuel Johnson. **s c, net, 


5tt also Spectator (The). 
Adai&cm, MM. Julia Be Wolf Oibfos. 
Arts and crafts in the Middle Ages: with 
some account of special artisans in the 
early Renaissance. '08(03) c. II. <X $3* 
boxed. L, C Page, 

Boston Museum of Fine Arts; giving a de. 
scriptive and critical tcct. of its treasures, 
which represent the arts and crafts from 
remote antiquity to the present time "to 
(Jli6) 11 pors. plans* ia\ boxed, $3. 

L, C, Page 

Mr 5, John Yemen : a $twdy of i social tit- 
nation. f o8(Dia) c* front D. $1.50. 


iaaisliaw f W: Ptrcy. 

Sir Philip Sidney. '09(Dn) SI 0. ^.50 

net, Putnam. 

Addresses and letters of travel Nye 8. G, 

(Add, pub*, for price.) Stanh^T, 

Addresses from a Glasgow pulpit, Morrison, 

G, R *$ net. Armstrong, 

Addresses on notable occasions, Fowler. C: 

H: *$i,sonet Jennings. 

Addresses to teachers, Beale, D, 50 c 

ADELAIDE, Eugenie Louisa, Princess d*Gr- 


Arnaud, R. Louis-Philippe and his sister, 
[Adelaide of Orleans,] *$4,Q net 

AdelboTtf, Ottilia. 

Clean Peter and the children of Grubbylea; 
tr. by Ada Wtllai, {New ed.J '10(824} 
it in col. obi, D. $t,as Longmans, 

r. Max/* ppttfl* 
Clark, C:Hebcr 

, Wa* F; t DJ>. 

Greek and Eastern Churches, 'ooOa^) 0, 
(International theological lib,) *$2.$o net, 

Sf<r Twmors, 

Adiassewich, A. 

English prices with Russian equivalents, 
calculated at fourteen rates of exchange 
in roubles per pood; giving rate per Ib. 
and equivalents per ton, 'Q9(Ap3) 32, 
50 c. Spon. 


Hardie, G: R, Where to go in the Adi- 
rondacks. 25 c. G : R Hardie. 

Set also Fire. 

Adjusting and repairing violins, Broaaiey, 

A. 40 c. Scribner. 

Adler, Cyrus, and Casanowicz, Immanuel 

Collection of Jewish ceremonial objects in 

the United States National Museum. '08 

(Oio) il. O. pap, (Add. Stipt for price.) 

U. S , Supt. of Docs, 

Adler, Elkan Nathan, 

Auto de f< and Jew; [botnul with a pam- 
phlet on the Inquisition in Peru pub- 
lished in Baltimore.] WKat) tabs., 
facsims,, 0. bds, $1.75. Oxford Univ. 
Adler f Felix, 
Se Dewey, J : 

Herbert M, and 0avia Art**,, ds. 
Service of the synagogtse; new ed, of the 
festival prayers with an English tr. In 
prose and vtrse, 6 v, 'oo(N) 8*. $15. 

H. D. Buegol<?ien. 

Adler, Hermann, D t B, 

Anglo-Jewish memories* and other ser- 

mons. *o9(Agai) 8% *$ net, t Block 

Administration of estates In Texas. Stmkm*, 

W: S. $5.25, Von Uoeckmann-J. 

Administration of justice in the t United 

States, American Academy of Political and 

Social Science. $i. Ant, Acad, Pol Sci. 

Administration of public education m the 

United States. Dutton, S: T. *$i-7S net, 


Administrative and industrial orffani/ation. 
Griffith, J* B* s^ c. Am, Sch Corr, 


Administrative problem* of British India. 
haitley*Bert, J. $J.aS net, Macmillan 

Executors and 

Admirtble Btshville. Set Shtw, 0: Bernard, 
AdmirR)*s little hownckerper. Gould. K, L. 

|L Piit Pub, Co, 

Admiral's log. Evans, R. D. **|3 net 

Applet on, 
Ashhurner, W, Rhodian ica-ltw. $$75* 

Oxford Univ. 

Benedict* E C American admirtlty, lt 
jurisdiction and practice. $6,30. 

Btnki 4 Co, 

Admiralty of the Atlantic, Hhlim, P, A, 

*$a net, Longman*, 

Admission ol Chinese student! to America 

colleges. Fryer, J, (Add, Sptrintemtdtt 

for price,} U S. Supt a! Doct, 

Adonis, Attis, Osiris, Frixer, J. G; *$|J5 

net, Macinilian. 

Adopting of Rosa Mirie, Rtnkin, Mrs. C 

W, t$i.$a Holt. 

Adoption. Chtpin H. L. $1.25, 

H, L, Chapta, 

Adoption of the fourteenth amendment, 
Flack, H, K, $a. Johni Hopkina. 



Adriaans, J: H: 

Has a negro the right to vote?; or, the 
1 validity of the I4th amendment to the 
U. S. Constitution denied. 'o8(Di2) c. 
8. (Add. author for price.) 

J: H : Adriaans. 

See Austria-Hungary. 

Adrift on an ice-pan. Grenfell, Sir W. T. 
**75 c. net. H ought on M. 

Adrift on the Pacific. Rockwood, R. 60 c. 

Adult Bible class. Pearce, W : C. 25 c. 

Adult male alto. Stnbbs, G: E: 75 c. 

H. W. Gray. 

See Food adulteration. 
Advance agent. McCarthy, M. 75 c. 


See Second advent. 
Advent, Christmas, New Year. Easter, and 

other sermons. MacArthur, R. S. $i. 

Am. Bapt 
Advent of Arthur, Hunt, E. L. $2. 

Adventure in exile. Duffy, R: $1.50. 

B, W. Dodge. 
Adventure of Lady Ursula. Hawkins, A. H. 

50 c. S: French. 

Adventure ser. il. D. *$i.5o net. Lippincott 
Cody. On trail and rapid. $i net. 
Hyrst. Adventures among wild beasts. 

Adventures in the Arctic regions, 
Steacl. Adventures on the hiprb seas, 
Adventurers in America. MoncriefT, A. R. H. 

$1,75. Macmillan. 

Adventures among red Indians. Wright, S. 

H. $1.50 net. Lippincott. 

Adventures among the Arabs. Forder, A, 

$i. Gospel Pub. 

Adventures among wild beasts, Wright, S. 

H, *$i.50 net. Lippincott. 

Adventures at sea ; by F. H. Converse, J : R, 

Coryell, Rear-Admiral T. H. Stevens, Ma- 
ria Louise Pool, and others. 'o8(Ni4) c. 

il. D. (Young people ser.) f6o c. Harper. 
Adventures every child should know. See 

Lorenzini, Carlo. 
Adventures in field and forest; by Fk, H. 

Spearman, Harold Martin, F. S, Palmer, 

W: Drysdale* and others. *oo,(Mr2o) c. il, 

D. (Harpers young people ser.) 60 c. 

Adventures in friendship. Grayson, D :, 

pseud. $1.20, fixed, Doubleday, P. 

Adventures in home making, Shackleton, R. 

$1.75. Lane. 

Adventures in London. Douglas, J. **$i.75 

net, Cassell. 

Adventures in socialism, Cullen, A, $2 net 

Adventures in the Arctic regions, Hyrst, 

H. W. G, *$i-SO net Lippincott. 

Adventures of a brownie. See Craik, Mrs. 

Dinah Maria Mulock. 

Adventures of a dodo. Farrow, G ; E : $1.25. 

Adventures of a green dragon. Osborne, T : 

M, (Priv. pr.) Auburn Pub. 

Adventure* of n nice young man. Aix, psend. 

t$t,50. " Duffield, 

Adventures of an A. D. C. Bradley, S, 

$1.50. Lane. 

Adventures of Borbee and the Wisp Upton, 

F. K. *$i.50 net. Longmans. 
Adventures of -Charles Edward. Rhodes, H. 

G. t$i-50. Little, B. & Co. 
Adventures of Dumpy Dimple and his dog! 1 

Byron, M. 50 c. Stokes. 

Adventures of Gil Bias. See Le Sage, Alain 

Adventures of "Jack" Cribbs. Cribb*, J : W : 

3 v, ea., 50 c. Clarion Democrat, 

Adventures of John Johns. Carrel, F. $1.50. 

M. Kennerley. 
Adventures of Lady Susan. Brady, C. T. 

ft$i.50. Moffat 

Adventures of Little Knight Brave. Rees r 

F. B. t$i-50. Appleton. 

Adventures of Louis Blake. Becke, G: L: 

$1.50. Lippincott* 

Adventures of Pathfinder. Haight, M. N., 

comp. *3S c. , Am. Bk. 

Adventures of pirates and sea-rovers ; by 

Howard Pyle, Rear-Admiral J, H. Upshur, 

Paul Hull, Reginald Gourley, and others. 

'o8(Je2o) c. il. D. (Harper's young peo- 
ple ser.) 60 c. Harper, 
Adventures of Princess Sylvia. Williamson, 

Mrs. A. M. L. 

Metropolitan Press, (N. Y.) 
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. See Defoe, 

Adventures of the North. Parker, Sir G. 

$1.25. Harper. 

Adventures of the world's greatest detectives. 

Barton, G: 75 c. Winston. 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer. See Clemens* 

S: Langhorne. 
Adventures of Tommy Postoffice. Jackson, 

Mrs. G. E. $1.25. Button. 

Adventures of two ants. Hamrnerstrom, N. 

$i, Stokes. 

Adventures on the high seas. Stead, R r 

*$l.50 net. . Lippincott. 

Adventures with four-footed friends. Brain r 

B. M. *$i.25 net. RevelL 

Adventures with Indians; by Philip V. 

Mighels, W. O. Stoddard, Major G, B. 

Davis, Frances McElrath and others. '08 
(Ft) c. il. D. (Harper's young people 

ser.) 60 c. Harper. 

Advertisements of The Spectator. Lewis, L, 

$2, Hough ton M, 

Advertiser's hdbk; book of reference dealing 
with plans, copy, typography, illustration, 
mediums, management, and other details of 
advertising practice. *io(D3) c. T. $1,25; 
leath., $1.50. Int. Textbk. 


Ayer, N. W., & Son. 1869-1909; forty 
years of advertising. (Add, pubs, for 
price.) Ayer* 

Balmer, E, Science of advertising. 25 c. 

E. Balmer.. 

Balmer, E. and T. Science of advertising. 
50 c. net, Duffieid. 

Bellamy, F.. cd* Effective magazine adver- 
tising. *$5 net. M. Kennerley. 

TJorsodi, W:, td. Advertisers cyclopedia 
of selling phrases. $15. Financial ad- 
vertising. $2. Adv. Cyclo. 




ADVERTISING. Continued. 
Bridgewater, H. Advertising. 50 c. 

Bunting, H: S. Specialty advertising. 

Novelty News. 

Chapman, C. Law of advertising and sales. 

2 v. $10. C. Chapman. 

De Weese, T. A. Principles of practical 

publicity. **$2 net. Jacobs. 

Edgar, A. E. How to advertise a retail 

store. $3.50, Outing Press. 

Egan, J. W : Five practical chapters on re- 

tail advertising. (Add, pubs, for price.) 

J. W: Egan. 

Farrmgton, F. Retail advertising. $i. 

Byxbee Pub. 

French, G : Art and science of advertising, 

**$2 net.. Sherman, F. 

Griffith, J. B. .Advertising and sales or- 

ganization. 50 c. Am, Sch. Corr, 

Hawkins, G: IT: E: Poster advertising. 

$3. G; H: E; .Hawkins. 

Holeproof Hosiery Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 

New ideas in merchandising, for the re- 

tailers of America. [1910*] (F) c. '09. 

91 p, il. 12*, $i. Holeproof, 

Lewis, E. S. Financial advertising. $5. 


Lewis, H ; H., and Duff, 0. S., com/** How 
fortunes are made in advertising. $i. 


Lewis, L, Advertisements of The Spec- 
tator, $2. ^ Houghtpn M, 

MacGrcgor, T. D. Pushing your business; 
text-hook of advertising. $r. 

Bankers Pub, 
Mali in advertising d'ata book. $2, 

Mahin Adv. 

Murdoch, G: H. t Building a law business; 
how to advertise. $10. 

Murdoch Law* (N, JL) 
Pratt, W ; K, Advertising manual, $3,50, 

D, Stern, 

Scott, W, H. Psychology of advertising. 

**$2 net, Small 

Starch, T>, Principles of advertising, $f* 

Univ. Co-op, 

Stryker, A. M. Advertiser* hdfok, written 
and conip according to the latest adver- 
tising knowledge, $i Trade Jotirn, 
Thompson, J, Walter, Co. J, W. T, book; 
series of talks on advertising. 'oo(N) 
c, 63 p, il, 12**, (Add, pubs, for price,) 

J, W, Thompson, 

Thompson. W: A. Druggists* and dis- 
pensers practical ihow card, Si. 

W; A, Thompson, 

Westerrcmnn* L. A, Company, Drawings 
made for commercial use, gratis, 

5Vi aht> Bank** nnd hanking; -'Church (Thr); 

r,riirri; Window cireming, 
Aclvifc* to consumptive**, Hard* well. N D, 
75 c, net, MacmiHan. 

AdvisnhHity of electing United States wna- 
toffi^ by popular ballot, MTohn. E, T; 
(Priv. pri Georgetown Univ, 


, Mrs. ^ 
Sec Cartwrightt Julia, 

Aechte deutsche kochkunst. Meter* WVjv L 
W. $2,50. L W. Meter. 

Aegean echoes. Crew, H. C. $1.50. Badger. 
JSneid. See Virgil, Maro Publius, 
^Sncid for boys and girls. Church, A. J : 
t$ Macmillan. 


Alexander, J. H. Model balloons and fly- 
ing machines. $1,50. Henley. 

Berget, T: C. X. A. Conquest of the air, 
**$3*5<> net Putnam, 

Brackett, P. Bibliography of aeronautics. 
$2.25; $2. Smith. Inst. 

Brewer, R. W. A. Art of aviation. $3.50. 


Brooklyn Public Library. Aeronautics ; 
list of books and references to periodi- 
cals in the Library, gratis, 

Brooklyn Lib. 

Chatley, II. I low to design an aeroplane, 
50 c. Van Nnstrami. 

Collins, F. A. Boy's book of model aero- 
planes. $1.20 net. Century Co. 

Delacombe, H. Boys* book of air-ships. $2. 


Epitome of the /f<wmJH/tY<j/ dttnttal, $i, 

W; B, Clarke, 

Ferris, R; How it Hies, $1,20 net, 


Hatch, I). S. Aerial navigation $i, 

Am, Sch, Corr, 

Hearne, R. P, Airships in peace and wtr, 
*$3-5O net, Lte 

Hikkhrandt, A, Airships past and present 
*$3 net. Van NFoHtrnwf, 

Jackman, W. Jf. f and Russell, T: H, Fly- 
ing machines, construction awl operation. 
$t ; $1.50.^ C : C Thompson, 

Johnson, V, E. Theory ainl practirt* of 
nuxlel aeroplanning. $1,50. Spon, 

Kasinar, M. K. First taiuon* in aerotmu- 
tics. $a. Am, Aern. Soc, 

Kennedy, D. R* Aeroplane portfolio, 50 c, 
net. Span, 

Lanehestr t F. W, Aerial flight, a v. *$ft 
net, van Mont ram! 

Lnngicy. S: P. Researehen ant! exprrt< 
me'ntsjn aerial navigation. ^ (Add, puba, 
lor price,) U. S, Supt, of IWs, 

Lougheed, V, Vehicle* of the nir, *$J,50 
net Rrilly & H. 

Maxini* *SVr H, S. Artificial and natural 
flight, *$t7S *^*> Maemillan 

Morgan, A. P, How to build a so ft bi- 
plane glider, $ c, Spnn. 

Mowhray* J. H : Con<|tirtt of tlie air by 
airships and other flying maehhie^, $!.<jcj 

Nat, Pub 61, 

Petit, R, How to build ftn aeroplane, $1.50 
net, Van Noxtrand, 

Firrcy, P. Moitoptane-drawhig with <!<*- 
hcriptivc 1 matter. 15 c Spoil 

Rotch, A, I*, Benjamin Franklin ant! the 
first balloon*. (Not for k,) 

A, L, Rntch, 

Rotch, A, L Conquest of the air, **$i 
net Mofftt 

Squier, G: O. Preient statu* of miiittry 
aeronautic*. 80 c, 

Am, Soc, Meclt, Efigineeri, 

Turner, C: C, Aerial navigation of to* 
day. *$!.$& net Upptncott 





Twining, E. W. Model aeroplanes. Model 
gliders, birds, btitterflies and aeroplanes, 
ea., 50 c, Spon. 

See also Air; Kites; War; Wind. 


See Wire rope transportation. 
Aerial warfare. Hearne, R. P. *$2.5o net. 



See Aerial navigation. 

Aeroplane boys set. See Lamar, Ashtou. 
Aeroplane express. Lamar, A. 60 c, 

Reilly & B. 

Eunienides of ^schylus; with an introd., 
commentary and translation by Arth. 
Woollgar Verrall. 'o8(Myi6) 8, *$3 
net. Macmillan. 

Plays; tr. by Wa. Headlam and C. E. S. 
Headlam. '09(025) 12, (Bonn's libra- 
ries.) *$'i net. Macmillan. 
'Seven against Thebes; with introd., critical 
notes, commentary, translation and a re- 
cension of the Medicean Scholia by T. G. 
Tucker. *o8(N7) 8, *$3 net. Putnam. 
'Suppliant maidens; The Persians; The 
seven against Thebes; The Prometheus 
bound ; tr. in Eng. verse by Edmund 
Doidge Anderson Morshead. 'o8(Myp) 
< 16, (Golden treasury ser.) $i. 



Harry, J. E : Problems in the Prometheus. 
50 c, Univ. of Cin. 


Fables. 'io(Dio) col. il. 4, vel., $20 net 

(500 copies.) Doran. 

Fables. '08(85) il. 0. bds., 50 c. Stokes. 

Fables. '08(03) il. Q. (Dandelion classics 

- for children.) t$iSO. Stokes. 

Fables, told to children by Lena Dalkeith. 

>o8(Je6) il. 16, (Told to the children 

ser.) 50 c. Button. 

jEsopic fables in the Mireoir Historical of 

Jehan de Vignay. Snavely, G. E. gratis. 

Johns Hopkins. 


Balfour, A. J, Questionings on criticism 
and beauty. 70 c. Oxford Univ. 

Croce, B. JEsthetic as science of expres- 
sion and general linguistic. *$3 net 


Furry, W: D. JEsthetic experience: its na- 
ture and function, $i.6a Johns Hopkins, 

Gordon, K, Esthetics. $1.50. Holt. 

Hogarth, W: Analysis of beauty. *$i.5o 
not. Silver Lotus. 

Howard, W: G., ed. Laokoon. $1.50. 


$99 also Criticism ; Fine arts; Music. 

$49 Ether, 

Affair of dishonor. De Morgan, W: F. 

$1.75. Holt 

Affinities who never meet Verland, F. 25 c. 


Affinity, Ranrn, H. A. $1.50. H. A. Raum, 

Rrmillane de Lacoste, E. A. H. de 
Around Afghanistan. $3 special net. 


AFGHANISTAN. Continued. 
Martin, F: A. Under the absolute Amir. 
*$2.25 net. * Harper. 

Pennell, T. L. Among the wild tribes of 
the Afghan frontier. *$ net. 

Aflalo, F: G: 

Sunset playgrounds: fishing days and 
others in California and Canada. '09 
(Myis) il. O. *$2.25 net Scribner. 

Afloat and ashore. Cooper, J. F. 50 c. 


Afloat in freedom's cause. Kaler, J. O. -f$i. 

Afloat in the forest. See Reid', Captain 


Baird, J. B. Children of Africa. 60 c. net 


Brodhead, Mrs. C. A. S., ed. Our free 
Methodist missions in Africa. $i. 

Aldine Pr. 

Bronson, E. B. In closed territory. *$i.75 

net. McClurg. 

Burton, R : F. First footsteps in East 

Africa. 35 c. net; 70 c. net. Button. 

Camphor, A. P. Missionary story sketches, 

folk-lore frcm Africa. *$ net 


Chapman, A. On safari ; big game hunting 
in British East Africa. *$4-5o net. 


Churchill, W. S. My African journey. 
*$i.50 net Doran. 

Dearborn, N. Catalogue of a collection of 
birds from British East Africa. 50 c. 

Field Museum. 

Dickinson, F, A. Lake Victoria to Khar- 
toum. *$4 net Lane. 
Donaldson, S. A^. Church life and thought 
in North Africa. *$i.2S net. Putnam. 
Dugmore, A. R. Camera adventures in 
the African wilds. **$6 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Forbes, E. A. Land of the white helmet. 
$1.50 net. Revell. 

Guggisberg, Mrs. L. D. M. and F: G. 
We two in West Africa. *$3-5o net 


Heller, E. Five new rodents from British 
East Africa. Smith. Inst 

Kirkland, C. Some African highways. 
$1.50. Estes, 

Knox, T: W. In wild Africa: [fiction.] 
t$ Wilde. 

Lambert, J : C. Missionary heroes in Af- 
rica. *75 c. net. Lippincott 
Lang, J : Land of the golden trade (West 
Africa). $2 net Stokes. 
Lowe, F. J. Around Africa and across the 
Andes. 50 c. F. J. Lowe. 
Lundeberg, A., and Seymour, F: Great 
Roosevelt African hunt and the wild 
animals of Africa. $1.75- 

D. B. McCurdy. 
McCutcheon, J: T. In Africa. $3. 

MaoQueen, P: In wildest Africa. $3. 

L. C. Page. 

Mecklenburg-Strelitz, A. F., Duke of, Tn 
the heart of Africa. $5 net. CasselL 


A FRICA. Continued. 
Miller, G. S. New rodent of the genus 

Saccestbmus from British East Africa. 

Smith. Inst. 
Miller, J. M. Hunting big game in the 

wilds of Africa; cont. thrilling adven- 

tures of the famous Roosevelt expedition, 

$1,50, Nat. Pub. Co, 

* Milligan, R. H. Jungle folk of Africa. 

*$i.SO net Revell. 

Mowbray, J. H : Roosevelt's marvelous ex- 

ploits in the wilds of Africa, $i. 

G: W. Rertron. 
Neil, H : Roosevelt's thrilling experiences 

in the wilds of Africa. $2. 

Bible House. 
Patterson, J : H : In the grip of the Nyika. 

**$2 net, Man-caters of Tsavo, *$2 iu i t. 

Rainsford, W: S, Land of the lion. 

**$3.8o net. Doubleday, P, 

Roosevelt, T. African game trails, $4 

net, Scribner. 

Selous, F: C. African nature notes % and 

reminiscences. *$2 net, Macrnillan. 

Seymour, F: Roosevelt in Africa, $2; 

$2.75. Edwc Co. 

Shoemaker, M. M, Islam lands. $2,50 net* 

Springer, J: M. Heart of Central Af- 

rica ; mineral wealth and missionary op- 

portunity, *$i net, Jennings, 

Springer, Mrs. J: M, Snap shots from 

sunny Africa, *$i net. Revell, 

Strattom C R, Picturesque Asia and Af- 

rica, $i, t Nat, Pub, Co, 

Swarm, A, J. Fighting the slave-hunters 

in Central Africa, *$3-50 nei. t 

Tjader, R : Dig game of Africa, $j net, 

Vischer, H, Across the Sahara from Tri- 

poli to Bornu. $3.50 net* Longmans, 
Wewle, J, K, K. Native life In East Africa. 

*$4,$0 special net. Appleton. 

Wollnston, A. F. R*, From Ruwenxori to 

t the Congo. *$$ net. Dwtton, 

A'v fl/jf* AbyHsinluj '"AJicrla;" BnlcniJntj-- Congo 

Fret* Stntp;*"Kgyptj M*imwi*!i; Morocco; 

Nan4i; Nrffmcn; - Niger rivrrj -* Nublns-- 

Onmgiaj Hliodcsin; RuwcnxoH: Sahara 

drwrt ; -Siwft throne: - Souclnn;-*ft1nvery; 

South Africa; -Tripoli: -*- Tunis ; -II gandi;* 


African and European addresses. Roosevelt, 
T. $i,$o net, Putnam, i 

Butt, I. L History of African Methodism 
in Virginia. $i. I. L. Butt, 

African mimetic butterflies. Eltringham, H. 
$x> Oxford Univ. 

African nature notes, Selous, F; C, *$3 net, 



After big game In Arctic and tropic Fleitch- 
man M, C: (Priv, pr) 

M. C: Flehchmann, 

After care (The) of the Insane, Beer. C 
W. gratis, C W, Beers. 

After death what ? Lombroao, C **$a.?o 
net. Small 

After-dinner sleights and Docket trickc* 
Nril, C, L, 50 c. Lippincott 

After hour idyls. Steele, F: M. $3. 

Smith & S. 

After prison \\hat? Booth, A/;.v. M B. C. 
*$i.25 net. Revell. 

After sunrise. Wagner, P. M. $i. 

P, M. Wagner. 

After the cataclysm. Blanchard, H : P. $1.25. 


After the confession. Danziger* G. A, (Add. 
author for price.) G. A. Danziger. 

After the pardon. Serao, M. $1.50. 

Stttyvesant Press. 

After Waterloo. Fryc, W: E: (Add, puhs. 
for price.) P, R. Reynolds. 

Afternoons. Snow, Mrs. I. K. $1.20; $1.^5, 


Against the current. Steincr, fv A. $1,25 
net. RrvcIL 

Agar, T: Leyden-. 

lloinerica: emendations and elucidations of 
the Odyssey. > o8(024) O, $475- 

Oxford 1 Univ. 
AGASSXZ MUSEUM, Cambridge, Mass 

5>t Harvird University. 

Tillyard l II: J. W. Agathneff^, ^$1,50 
net. Putnam. 

Agathos. Wilberforce S: *45 c, net, 


Age (L*) d'or de la Httcrdtnre francaifie. 
90 c. Heath, 

Ag of fable. See Hulfinch, T: 
Age of gohl. Campbell, L, E, *$t,^5 net, 

Whitaker & R, 
Age of Louis xtv, .SYc 1 Acton. I : K K" f),-A, f 


Age of ttinrnniRlft. Otorn, II: F, $450 not, 


Age of mental virility, Borland, W ; A, N, 

**$i net. Century Co, 

Age of quickened conscience. Angeit, J, Fl, 

Untv, of Mich. 

Age of Shakespeare, Swinburne. A, C: 
**$2 net, Harper. 

Age of the earth, Beckrr, G ; I* , 5 ** 

Smith ltt*t. 

Age of truth and right Stenrn*. I : N $1,50, 

I : N Siearr?, 
Age to come, Lay, W; A, J5 c, 

W; A, Lay, 



Agr, Walfamar 
Hverdagsfolk* f o8(Jl) c, 

\ J5 c, 

Agnes Grey. Stt Bronti Anne, 
Agnetti, Utry Fdchard. 
Vinccnasa: the home of "The Silm 1 *; with 
a preface by Antonio Fogtzttro, '10 
(0i ) II. fin coLJ 8 t $3.50 net. Dortn. 
Agnew, Pawl 0* 

Approximate cxpertmcnti! method for the 
tnalysis of E, M, F, wave*, {April 5, 
1909,] '09, [I9W.J (Mr) Q5-I06 p it, 4 t 
pip, (Add, Superintendent for price*,) 

U, S,. Swpt of Dncn. 
Agnostic in medicine. Ward, J W 


Fitchett, W; H; Belief* of unbelief, *$l,as, 

net. Eaton M. 

Ingersoll, R, G, The ghoiti. The gcidi. 

ea. t as c. FarrelK 




Agnus, Felix. 

Woman of war, and other stories. '08 (My.) 
c. 209 p. il. 12. (Add. author for 
price.) F. Agnus. 

Agnus, Orme. 

Sarah Ttildon. '08 (My.) c. 12", (Popu- 
lar ed. of recent fiction.) f75 c. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Agricola (The). See Tacitus, Cains Cor- 

Agricultural bacteriology. Russell, H. L. 

$1.25. H. L. Russell. 

Agricultural Blue Book and the Live Stock 

Breeders' directory of the United States. 

'io(Ja22) c. 8, $i. Hale Pub. 


Hatch, K. L. Simple exercises illustrating 
some applications of chemistry to agri- 
culture. 15 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Ingle, H. Elem. agricultural chemistry. 
*$i.50 net. Lippincott. 
Jensen, C: A. Seasonal nitrification as in- 
fluenced by crops and tillage. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Lincoln^ A, T :, and Walton^ J. H., jr. 
Exercises in elem. quantitative analysis 
for students of agriculture, *$ net. 


United States. Dept, of Agriculture. Bu. 
of Soils. Reference list on the electric 
fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and the 
use of calcium cyanamid and calcium ni- 
trate on soils. 

Wiley, H. W. Principles and practice of 
agricultural analysis, v. 2. $4.50. 


See also Bacteria; Fertilizers ; Paris green; 


Casson, H. N. Romance of the reaper. 
**$i net. Doubleday, P. 

Davidson, J. B., and Chase, L. W. Farm 
machinery and farm motors. $2. Judd. 

Gas Traction Co., Minneapolis. Modern 
farming ; the passing of the horse, gratis, 

Gas Traction. 

Thwaites, R. G. Cyrus Hall McCormick 
and the reaper. 50 c. State Hist, Wis, 

United States. D'ept. of Commerce and 
Labor. American agricultural jmple- 
rnents in Europe, Asia, and Africa, by 
Roland R. Dennis. '09 (Jc) 88 p. il. 8, 
pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

Aaronsohn, A, Agricultural and botanical 

explorations in Palestine. Gov. Pr. Off. 
Abbey, G : Balance of nature and modern 

conditions of cultivation. *$2 net, 

Abbey, M. J. Normal school instruction in 

agriculture, (Add. Superintendent for 

price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Agricultural Blue Book and the Live Stock 

Breeders' Directory of the United States 

of America. $x, Hale Pub. 

American agriculturist handbook. 50 c. 

Bailey, L. H. College of agriculture and 

the state, gratis. L. H, Bailey. 

Bailey, L, KL On the training of persons 

to teach agriculture in the public schools. 

pap,, 15 c U. S., Supt of Docs. 

AGRICULTURE. Continued. 

Bailey, L. H. Principles of agriculture. 
**$i.25 net Macmillan. 

Bailey, L. H., ed. Cyclopedia of American 
agriculture. In 4 v. v. 3, 4. ea., **$5 
net; per set, **$2O net; **$32 net. 


Barto, D. O. Manual of agriculture for 
secondary schools. 50 c. Heath. 

Batten's agricultural directory. $i. Batten. 

Buckham, M. H: Agriculture in the 
high school, gratis. M. H. Buckham. 

Bull, C. P. Rural school agriculture. 60 c. 

C. P. Bull. 

Burkett, C : W : Farm crops. $1.50. Judd. 

Burritt, M. C. Agricultural conditions in 
southern New York. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Chilcott, E. C. Study of cultivation meth- 
ods and crop rotations for the Great 
Plains area. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Collins, T. B. New agriculture. $2. 


Cook, O. F. Vegetation affected by agri- 
culture in Central America. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Copeland, E. B. Elements of Philippine 
agriculture. 96 c. World Bk. 

Coulter, J: L. Organization among the 
farmers of the United States. TO c. 

Yale Pub. 

Coulter, J: M., and others. Pract nature 
study and elem. agriculture. $1.35. 


Crosby, D. J. School exercises in plant 
production. . Gov. Pr. Off. 

Curtler, W. H. R. Short history of Eng- 
lish agriculture. $2.15. Oxford Univ 

Davenport, E. Next step in agricultural 
education, gratis. E. Davenport. 

Draper, A. S. Agriculture and its educa- 
tional needs. 50 c. Bardeen. 

Duggar, J: F: Agriculture for southern 
schools. *75 c. net, Virginia supplement 
to Agriculture for southern schools. 
*I2 c. net Macmillan. 

Earle, F. S. Southern agriculture. **$i.25 
net. Macmillan. 

Ferguson, A. M., and Lewis, L. L. Ele- 
mentary principles of agriculture. $i. 

Ferguson Pub. Co. 

Fisher, M. L., and Cotton, F. A. Agricul- 
ture for common schools. $i. Scribner. 

Flowers, W: T: Farmer and his relation 
to the country. 50 c. W : T : Flowers. 

Hamilton, J: Address on better agricul- 
ture and how to get it (Add. pubs, 
for price.) N. B. Critchfield 

Hamilton, J: Progress in agricultural ed- 
ucation extension. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Hatch, K. L., and others. Elem. agricul- 
ture. 40 c. Row, P. & Co. 

Hays, W. M. Agriculture, industries, and 
home economics in our public schools, 
gratis. Nat Educ. Assoc. 

Hays, W. M, Co-operation in agriculture. 
U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Hays, W. M. Farm development. $1.50. 


HilRard, E. W., and Osterhout W. J. V. 
Agriculture for schools of the Pacific 
slope. **$i net. Macmillan. 




. Continued. 

Hill, J. J, Address del. before the Farm- 
ers' National Congress, Madison, Wis., 
Sept. 24, 1908. gratis. Farmers' Nat. 

Institutions in the United States giving in- 
struction in agriculture. 'io(Jl) 15 p. 
8, (U, S., Dept of Agri., Office of Ex- 
periment Stations, cir.) Gov. Pr. Off. 

International Institute of Agriculture. In- 
ternational crop -reporting service. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Ivins, L. S. Agriculture in the public 
schools. 35 c. March, 

Jackson, C. R., and Dangherty, A. C. Ag- 
riculture through the laboratory and 
school garden. *$i.$o net. Judd. 

Jewell, J. R. Agricultural education. 
U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Knapp, S, A, Demonstration work on 
southern farms, Gov. Pr. Off. 

List of periodicals currently received in 
the library of the U. S. Dept of Agri- 
culture; arr. by title and by subject. 09, 
[1910,] (Mr) 72 p. 8% (U, S., Dept of 
Agriculture. Library, bull) pap. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

Long, H. C M and Percival, J; Common 
weeds of the farm and garden, $a net, 


Macmillan standard agricultural library, g 
v, per set, $10 net. Macmillan, 

Main, J, Manual for high schools; with 
special reference to science and agricul- 
ture, gratis, J, Main, 

Massachusetts Agricultural College, Am- 
herst Short Course Dept List of 
books on agriculture* gratis, 

W. D^Hind. 

Nolan, A. W, One hundred lessons in ele- 
mentary agriculture. 65 c, Acme, 

Organization, work and publications of the 
Agricultural Education Service, (Add* 
Superintendent for price.) 

tf, S, Supt, of Dots, 

Ferry, S. P. Tariff and the farmer, 50 c, 
F. S, Blanchard 

Portland (Ore,) Library Association. List 
of books on agriculture, gratis. 

Portland (Ore.) L. A, 

Public school agriculture 1 * tw, gratis, 

R. J. Wafts, 

Smith, M. Agricultural graphics. 

Gov, Pr. Off, 

Snyclar f J, L, Agriculture and democracy 
Mich, Agricultural Coll. 

Senile, A, M,, and Tnrpin, R, H, I,, Agri- 
culture 75 c, B, R Johnson, 

Stockbridge H. E; Land teaching; hdbk, 

of soils, plants, gardens and grounds, $i . 

Southern Ruraliat, 

Taylor, C: M. Touring Alaska snd the 
Yellowstone* *$t,as net* Jacobs. 

Thomas, T, G: Modern guide for fruit 
and truck shippers and poultry ratters in 
the southern states, $a Thomas- W, 

True, A, C; Notes on the history of agri- 
cultural pedagogy in U* S* gratis, 

T: F, Hunt 

AGKUT i/rr RE. C 'ontimtctL 

True, A. C: Secondary education in agri* 
culture in the United States, (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

True, A. C:, and Crosby, D. J. American 
system of agricultural education. (Add* 
Superintendent for price,) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Tucker, G. M. American agricultural pe- 
riodicals. (Priv. pr.) G. M. Tucker* 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Agri- 
culture: list of publications of the United 
States Agriculture Department, gratis. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. 
Roys' and girls' agricultural clubs. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Kx- 
periment Station Office: bulletins, circu- 
lars. Experiment Station record, and re 
ports of colonial experiment stations; 
Agriculture Dept., U. S. A.; for sale hy 
Superintendent of Documents, 'OQ(N) 
32 p. 8*, gratis. U. S. t Supt of t>pcs. 

United States^ Dept. of Agriculture* Fed- 
eral legislation, regulations, and ruling* 
affecting agricultural colleges and exper- 
iment stations. (Acid, Superintendent for 
price.) U, S., Supt, of !><CH. 

United States, Dept. of Agriculture* /or- 
tst 5>wrf, Classified list of publica- 
tions available for distribution, April i* 
1900. *o9(Ag) 4 p. M*. pap,, rati, 

United States, Dept, of Agrieutture, Pub- 
lic documents issued by the eereury'.5 
office, Gov. Pr, Off. 

United States. Suptrinttndtnt of Docu- 
ments* Agriculture j Public documents is- 
sued from the Office of the Secretary of 
Agriculture, U, S, A.; for sale by the Su- 
perintendent of Document*. *op(O) M 
p. 8 tt . gratis, U. S,. Supt, of Hots, 

United States, Suptnnttnd/nt of J?0ru- 
mtttfa Bulletins* circulars, etc, gratis. 

United State, Superintends* of Doc* 
ments. Flant Industry Bureau; huUrtin*, 
circulars and misc, publication* rel, to 
plants, grstis, 

United States. Sufitrinttndtnt of f>i*rn 
mints* Plant Inawstry Bureau publica- 
tion, gratis. 

United State*. Suptrinttndtnt of /)<ni- 

m rit /jr. Public documents Untied by the 

Agriculture Dept grati*. 

United Staten % Suptrintfndtnt of Doeu 
mfttts* Statistics Bureau; bulletins, cir- 
cular^ foreign mtrketu, separates from 
yearbook and crop reporter, gratis, 

Upbam, A, A, !ntrod to agriculture. 
75 c. Appleton, 

Wtrrr G: F: Element* of s*rif % nlturc, 
**$i,io net.-- -Teacher's manual *u c, 
met, Marmillan. 

Welborn, W, C, Element* of itrrieuJtitre* 
southern and western, *7 c, nrt, 


Wilkinson, J; W. Practical agriculture, 
$1. Am, ilk 

Wilkinson, J; W. Institute hdbk, on ag- 
riculture and domestic science ; for tetcn- 
ers, 30 c. Oklahoma Bk, 




AGRICULTURE, Continued. 

Willers, D. New York state agricultural 

college at Ovid, and higher agricultural 

education, gratis. M. A. Willers. 

Willis, J: C. Agriculture in the tropics. 

$2.75. Putnam. 

Wyoming. State Board^ of Immigration. 

Agriculture in Wyoming. (Add. pubs. 

for price.) S. A. Bristol. 

See also Agricultural chemistry; Agricultural ma- 
chinery ; Alfalfa ; Bacteria ; Barley ; Bota- 
ny : Butter ; California ; Cereals ; -Clover ; 
Co-operation ; Corn ; Country life ; Dairy ; 
Domestic animals; Domestic economy; En- 
silage; Farms and farming: Fertilizers; For- 
ests and forestry ; 'Fruit ; fungi ; Gardens and 
gardening; Grain; Insects; International In- 
stitute of Agriculture; Irrigation; Milk; 
Milo ; Onions ; Plowing; Potatoes j- Poultry ; 
Rye; Seed; Sheep; Soils; Tobacco; 
Trees; Wheat; Zoology; also Columbia Riv- 
er Valley ; Long Island. 
Aguilar, Grace. 

Days of Bruce. 'oS(Oio) il. D. (Bowman's 
illustrated lib. of world-favorite books.) 
$i. Bowman. 

Tales from British history. In 2 v. v. i, 
Edmund the exiled prince; Wallace, the 
dauntless chief; v. 2, Macintosh, the 
Highland chief. f o8(N2i) 12, ea., $1.50. 

Ah Moy. Wheat, Mrs. L. **$i-5O net. 

Grafton Press. 
Aicard, Jean Prangois Victor. 

Diverting adventures of Maurin; tr. from 

the French by Alfr. Allinson. 'op(N2o) 

D. $1.50. Lane. 

Maurin, the Illustrious; tr. from the Fr. 

by Alfr. Allison. 'io(Ap9) D. $1.50. 


Aid to Kansas history. Benton, H. O, 25 c, 

H. O. Benton. 

Aid to materia medica. Dawborn, R. H. M, 

**$i.75 net. Macmillan. 

Aids in book selection. Kroeger, A. B. 15 c. 

A. L. A. 
Aids to medicine. Hudson, B. *$i,25 net" 

Aids to obstetrics. Nail, S: *$i net. 


Aids to ophthalmology. Harman, N. B. *$i 
net. Wood. 

Aids to osteology. Turner, P. *$i,25 net. 

Aids to surgery. Cunning, J. *$l.25 net. 


Aids to tropical medicine. Brooke, G. E. *$i 
net Wood. 

Aiken, Wa, H. 

Melody studies for primary grades, '10 

(Mr26) c. O. (Standard musical lib.) 

jpap., 15 c. Am. Bk. 

Music course; in one book, '08(03) c. 

O, 50 c. Am. Bk. 

jComp. and -el For high schools; part 

songs for mixed voices. 'o8(My2) c. 0. 

65 c. Am. Bk. 

Aikens, Charlotte Albina. 

Ginical studies for nurses; text-book for 

second and third year pupil nurses and 

a hand-book for all who are engaged in 

caring for the sick. '09 (N) c. 510 P* il 

8, $2. Saunders. 

Hospital housekeeping. 2d ed. 'io(O) 

162 p. il plan, 12, $1.25. Nat. Hospital 

Aikens, Charlotte Albina. Continued. 

Primary studies for nurses ; cent, courses of 
studies in anatomy, physiology, hygiene, 
bacteriology, therapeutics and materia 
medica, dietetics, and invalid cookery 
'09 (Ap) c. 5-428 p. il. 8, *$i.75 net. 


Aikin, W, A., M.D. 

The voice ; introd. to pract. phonology. [2(i 
ed.] 'io(Dio) fold, tab., O. $2.25 net. 

Ailsa Paige. Chambers, P. W: $1.50. 

Ailshie, Ja. F., comp. 

See Idaho. Sup. ct. Digest. 
Aimard, Gustave. 

Indian scout. *op(Ap2) 16, .(Everyman's 
lib.) 35 c. net; leath., 70 c. net. Dutton. 
Ainge, T: Styles. 

Sanitary sewerage of buildings. *o9(Ap24) 
c. il. tabs., 12, $1.50. 

Domestic Engineering. 
Ainslee, Rev. P: 

Among the Gospels and the Acts: being 
notes and comments covering the life ot 
Christ in the flesh, and the first thirty 
years' history of His church. 'o8(Oi7> 
O. $1.50. Temple Seminary, 

God and me: brief manual of the princi- 
ples that make for a closer relationship 
of the believer with God. '08 (Je) c. 
48 p. 12, 45 c. Temple Seminary. 

Ainslie, Kathleen. 

Votes for Catherine, Susan and me. '10 
(D) col. il. bds., 25 c. Stokes. 

Ainslie, P: 

Introd. to the study of the Bible; being 
the outline of a full course of Bible 
study, incl. system of marking the Bi- 
ble. '10(03) c. 12, 50 c. 

Temple Seminary. 

Ainslie booklets, il. S. 50 c. Stokes. 

Handler. Sea-scamps. 
Ainsworth, J: H., and Gansey, R. Johnston. 
Discussion of Telephone competition; with 
preface by Fk. L. Beam. '08 (Je) c. 37 p. 
8. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Columbus Citizens' Tel 
Ainsworth, Percy C. 

Heart of happiness. 'io(Jli6) c. 12, $i 
net, Revell 

Pilgrim church, and other sermons. f io 
(My7) 12, $1.25 net Revell. 

Ainsworth, W; Harrison. 
Crichton. 'o8(Jlu) 16, (New universal 
lib.) 50 c.; leath., 75 c. Dutton. 

Flitch of bacon. J o8(Jhi) 16, (New 
universal lib.) 50 c. ; leath,, 75 c. Dutton; 
Guy Fawkcs. 'o8(Je2o) 16, (New uni- 
versal lib.) 50 c. ; leath., 75 c. Dutton. 
Miser's daughter. 'o8(Je2o) 16, (New 
universal lib.) 50 c. ; leath., 75 c. Dutton. 
The spendthrift. 'o8(Je2o) 16, (New 
universal lib,) 50 c. ; leath., 75 c. Dutton. 
Tower of London, f io(Ap2) 16, (Every- 
man's lib.) 35 c. net; leath., 70 c. net 


AINS WORTH, William Harrison. 
Ellis, S. M. William Harrison Ainsworth 
and his friends. $10 net. Lane. 

Ain't it awful Lewis, E. C., comp. 50 c. 





Abbe, C. Mechanics of the earth's at- 

mosphere. Smith. Inst 

Barus, C Condensation of vapor as in- 

duced by nuclei and by ions. Report in. 

$1.25. Carnegie. 

Clayton, H: H., and Ferguson, S. P. Ex- 

ploration of the upper air with balon- 

sondes, $i. Harvard Univ. 

Cordeiro, F: J. B, The atmosphere, $2.50. 

Richards, E. H S,, and Woodman, A. G. 

Air, "water, and food from a sanitary 

standpoint. $2. Wiley, 

Woodbridge, S : H, Pure air as an invest 

ment. 15 c. A. D, Maclachlan 

$n also Atmosphere ; Chemistry; -ComiwaHci I 
air; Hygiene; Liquid air; Meteorology; - 

Air and health. MacFic, R. $2.50 net, Dutton 

Air and the hospital. Woodbridge, S: H, 

20 c. Maclachlan. 


Blackall, R : H. Air brake catechism, $a, 

Conger, C, B. Air brake catechism $L 

C B. Conger. 

Denehie, G; R. Motorman's practical air 
brake instructor, $1.50. Drake 

Dukesmith, F. H* Modem air-brake prac- 
tice. $1,50, Drake. 

Klrkman, M, M. Air brake. $6,Air 
brake portfolio. $5, C. Phillips, 

McArdle, F, and Helmholtr, H: jds. 
Westinghottse diagramattc and sectional 
views; air brake and air signal instruc- 
tion charts, $2, McArdle & H. 

National Correspondence School of Rail- 
roading, Air brake text for engineers 
and firemen, Nat, Corr, Sch, R, R, 

Randolph, V. C, Air brake catechism and 
instruction book, $1, V, C, Randolph, 

Turner, W. V, Brake operation and ma- 
nipulation. 50 c. Weftttnghouii. 

Wood, W; W,, and Wentinghotwe, E T. 
An air brake instruction pocket book, $a, 



5>f Fan*; Ventilation 

5*t Air*brtlte f 
Air vnlvos For steam heating systems. ,Wtke- 

man, W : H : as c. Domestic Engineering, 
Airnhip almanac. Allen, L, 75 c, J ; W. Luce. 
Amhip boys irer. Set Siyler, H. L, 


$** Atriil 

Airships in animal land, Bingham, C $1.50, 


Airy fairy Lilian, Hungerford, A/r*. M, H* 
50 c, Httrtt. 

Airy way, Dewar, G: A. B, $1,75 net 



See Muntiiicrlpts. 

Aitkjn f Robert, ["HuAion Douglas/ 1 ] 
Beyond the skyline: f short stones.] *09 
(Myt> I), $r.$o, B; W, HucbKli, 

Lantern of luck, *oo(D4) c. il D, $r,SO, 

W, J. Watt, 

The man in the mirror. *io(0) c. il. ia , 

$1.50. W. J, Watt, 

Million a minute, Y8(N3i) c, il, 8", $1,50, 

W, J, Watt. 

Alton's encyclop. ; pract. work of reference 

for the home, school and library. In 5 v, 

'io(Ag2o) c. il. (partly col) maps, 4, 

$20. Welles. 

Aix, pseud. 

Adventures of a nice young man ; a novel. 
'oS(Oio) c. 12, f$ Duffield. 

AJQX ser* 12. t$i.25. Dodd. 

Ro. Day of fate. 
AKBAR, Emperor of India, 
Garbe, R. Akbar, Emperor of India, *$o 
c. net. Open Court* 

Aked, C: Frederic, BJD. 
Lord's prayer; its meaning and message 
for to-day. *io(Ap23) c. 12, $r. Rcvcll. 
Old events and modern meanings, and other 
sermons. '08(624) c, 12, *$i.25 net, 


Wells and palm trees ; cool water and abun- 
dant rest on life's rough way. *o8(Ni4) 
c por, 16, $i ; Icath,, $2. Dodge. 

comp. One hundred responsive readings 
from the Scriptures, *o8(Jai8) u, */5 c. 
net Revdt 

Aker, J. W, 

Curse of Ham. '09(8) c 190 p, ia*, $1,25. 

B*wty Pub 
Akert, Floyd. 

Boy fortune hunters in China, *OQ(Dt8) 

c, front. I2 ft t oo c. RetUv & B, 

Boy fortune hunters in Egypt. *o(Ol7) 

c, il, D. (Boy fortune hunters ser) 60 c. 

Reilly & B. 

Bov fortune hunters in Yucatan, 'to(D) 
if, 12*, (Roy fortune hunter ser.) 60 c 

Retlly & B, 

Atoa O, Board of Education. Rules gnv- 
erning medical Inspection in Akron puhlie 
schools, *09(D) 7 p, S tt , (Add, pwlw, Inr 
price,) Akron Bet, Fdue 

AJabtmt, Chancery pleading and practice, 
with forms for pleading; being ait exam- 
ination of the procedure in chancery for- 
merly in line in England an affected hy 
statute* and supreme cteciwrn of the ttnte 
of Alahamt; by H: Upson Sinn*. "oo( AH) 
c* 68+5JNS p. 0, shp, $7,50, OtUaghatt 

AlatMtma. Code adopted by net tif tegUUture 
approved July 27^ 1007, fete,) In jj v, v, i, 
Political; v, a, Qvtlj v, 3, Criminal, pre 
p4rcd by Jt', J. Mayfielct "fl8(Ap ) r O 
buckram, $8, Marshall 

AlAbamt, Dtft. @f Education, Alabama li- 
brary day? program arid sflfctlonn fur the 
observance of library day, Nov. 4th, by the 
schools of Alabama. X39(D) M p, S*, 
(Not for sale) Ate, Supt Educ 

Alabama, Svprtmt rf, Repts, ; (Ltwrence 
H, Lee,) v, 147, 'oBCJi^ 5 v. 148 (Je); 
v, i4<M5t, *oB t [1009,] (Ja); v, 152 fAp); 
v, lp (Je); c, 0, hp,, ra <t $375; v, 154 
(Ag) $a,^* v, 155, 156 (N1 1 v, 157 CD) ; 
v, 158, *T0(Mr) j v, ISO (Apl ; v, 160 (Jf > ; 
v. 161 (Jl) ; v, i6a-f&| (D) c, 0. shp., rn, 
$3,50, Brown Fr, C, 

41abftntta, $wpr$mi> et, Rcpts, of caies, ad 
cd. f untbr, Bk. 19; containing a erbtllrn 
repr. of v. 19, ao of the Alt, repti, '08 
(Ta4} ; Bks, 18-17; repr, of v, 15, i6 17, 
18. *07, *oB(F) ; Bks, 16-15; repr, of v, 
it, o 13, 14. f oB(Ap) ; Bk, 14; repr, of v 
9, 10, f oo(My) Bk 13; repr, of vs. ; and S 




(N) ; Bk. 12; repr. of vs. 5 and 6 (D) ; 
Bk. ii, cent, a verbatim repr. of v. 3, 4 
of the Ala. repts. '09 (Jl) ; Bk. ro. J 09(N) ; 
Bk. 9. 'io(F) ; Bk. 8 (Mr) ; Bk. 7-4 (D) ; 
O. slip,, ea. 5 $6. (Sold only in sets.) (Repr. 
backwards,) West Pub. 


Armes, E. Story of coal and iron in Ala- 
bama. $5. Ala. Chamber of Com. 
Du Bose, J. C. Alabama history. 75 c. 

B. F. Johnson. 

McBain, H. L., and Hill, I: W: How we 

are governed in Alabama and the nation. 

65 c. Bell Bk. 

Thomas, W : H : Some educational hist, of 

Alabama methodism. (Add. author for 

price.) W: H. Thomas. 

United States. Dept. of the Interior. U. 

S. Geolog. Survey. Iron ores, fuels and 

fluxes of the Birmingham district, Ala. 

See also Baptist church; Cahaba; Mobile. 

Alabama student. Osier, W: *$2 net. 

Oxford Univ. 
Alabaster box. Wilkinson, H. S. 50 c. 

H. S. Wilkinson. 
Alain de Lille, [Alatms de Insulis.] 

Complaint of nature tr. from the Latin 
by Douglas Maxwell MofTat *09(Api7) 
8, (Yale studies in English.) pap., 75 c. 

Alanus de Insulis. 

See Alain de Lille. 
Alarm talks. Read, H. E. 30 c. 

Business Monthly. 

Altsheler, W : B., camp. Maladministration 
through the Alaska syndicate. 10 c. 


Birds and mammals of the 1907 Alexander 
Expedition to Southwestern Alaska. 75 c. 

Univ. of Cal. 

Brooks, A. H., and others. Mineral re- 
sources of Alaska, (Add. Superintend- 
ent for price,) U. S., Sttpt. of Docs. 
Callahan, J. M. t Alaskan purchase and 
Amerko-Canadian relations. 50 c. 

Univ. of W. Va. 

Covert, C C, and Ellsworth, C. E. Water- 
supply investigations in the Yukon- 
Tanana region, Alaska, I907-'o8. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Edwards, W': S. Into the Yukon. 

Everman, B. W. Fishes of Alaska. $r. 

U. S., Supt, of Docs. 
Gilmore, C; W: Smithsonian exploration 
in Alaska in 1907 in search of Pleisto- 
cene fossil vertebrates. (Add. Institution 
for price.) Smith. Inst. 

Government of Alaska: statements before 
the Committee on Territories, United 
States Senate, on the bill S. 5436, to 
create a legislative council in the district 
of Alaska, to confer legislative powers 
thereon, and for other purposes. [Jan. 
20 and 22, 1910.] 'xo(Mr) 72 p. 8. 
U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Gunnison, R, A. Condition of natives of 
Alaska. 10 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Greely, A. W. Hdbk. of Alaska. **$2 net 


ALASKA. Continued. 

Hallock, C: Peerless Alaska. $1.25. 

B'way Pub. 

Herbert, A., and A Shikari, pseud. Two 
Dianas in Alaska. *$4 net. Lane, 

Higginson, Mrs. E. R. Alaska, the great 
country. $2.50. Macmillan. 

Kellogg, R. S. Forests of Alaska. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Knopf, A. Geology of the Seward Penin- 
sula tin deposits. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Moffit, F. H. Mineral resources of the 
Kotsina-Chitina region, Alaska. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Moffit, F. H., and others. Mineral re- 
sources of the Nabesna- White River dis- 
trict, Alaska. ^ Gov. Pr. Off. 

Osgood. W. H. Biological investigations in 
Alaska and Yukon territory. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

t U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Our northern domain. $2, Estes. 

Powell, A. M. Trailing and camping in 
Alaska. *$2 net. Wessels. 

Prindle, S. M. Forty mile quadrangle, 
Yukon-Tanana region. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Rickard, T: A. Through the Yukon and 
Alaska. $2.50. Mining and Scientific. 

Schmitter, F. Upper Yukon native cus- 
toms and folk-lore. 12 c. Smith. Inst. 

Sullivan, M. K. Trail of a sourdough. 
$1.50. Badger. 

Tarr, R. S., and Butler, B. S. Yakutat 
Bay region, Alaska; physiography and 
glacial geography; areal geology. .(Add. 
Superintendent for price,) 

U, S., Supt of Docs. 

United States. Adjutant-General's Office. 
Military Information Division. Explora- 
tions in Alaska, 1899. pap., 20 c. 

United States. Dept. of the Interior. U. 
S. Geolog. Survey. Innoko gold-placer 
district, Alaska, with accounts of the cen- 
tral Kuskokwim Valley and the Ruby 
Creek and Gold Hill placers. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

Wright, F. E. and C: W. Ketchikan and 
Wrangell mining districts, Alaska. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S. Supt of Docs. 

See also Bear ; Coal ; Klondike ; Mammals ; 
Mt. McKimey; Yukon. 

Alaska repts. v. 3; cont, the decisions Jan. 
i, 1906, to Jan. i, 1910; ed., arr. and di- 
gested by Ja, Wickersham. 'io(N) c. O. 
$10. West Pub. 

Alaska- Yukon -Pacific Exposition, 1909. Of- 
ficial guide. '09(511) c, il. pors. plan, O. 
pap., 25 c. Alaskan- Yukon. 



Craig, D. B., comp. Catalogue of educa- 
tional exhibits in the Washington Educa- 
tional Building, A.-Y.-P. Exposition. 
Wash. Supt. Sch. 

Glimpses of the Alaska- Yukon- Pacific Ex- 
position, Seattle, Wash. 75 c.; 25 c. 





Smithsonian Institute. Exhibits of ^the 
Smithsonian Institution and United 
States National Museum at the Alaska- 
Yukon-Pacific Exposition. 50 c. 

Smith, Inst 

United States. Congress. House. Cow- 
mittee on Industrial Aits and Exposi- 
tions. Alaska- Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 
1008. gratis* U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Washington. Dept. of Education. A.-Y.- 
P, exposition as an educator, gratis. 

Wash. Supt. Sch. 
Seff ateo Education; Roads. 
Albanesi, Mrs, Effie Adelaide Maria. 
Forbidden road. >o8(Ap4) c, D. 75 c. 

Cttpples & L, 
Laughter of life. '08 (Ds) c. 12, 75 c. 

Cttpples Si L, 
ALBANIA, Turkey. 
Durham, M. E. High Albania. *$4 net 


ALBANY, Louisa von Stolberg, Countess of. 
Lee, V,, pseud. Countess of Albany, 
*$LSO net Lane. 


St* Vint Presbyterian Cfeurcti* 
Jwdd, W. W, Birds of Albany County, 
$2,50. A. M. Allen. 

Albe, Edmund B&ward Founxier d*. 
Electron theory; popular Introd, to the new 
theory of electricity and magnetism; with 
preface by G. Johnstone Stoney. 3d e<L 
*o(Je4) il. D, $1.25 net. Longmans. 
New light on immortality. *oS(N7) il. D, 
*$i,7S net, Longmans, 

Wonders of physical science, 'io(D) ra-f- 
204 p, maps, xa e (Readable books in nat- 
ural knowledge,) 50 c. net, Macmillan. 
Albee, Fred Houdlett. 

Set Taylor, H: Ling. 
Albee, Mrs. Helen Rickey. 
Hardy plants for cottage gardens. *io 
(Jeas) c, il, plan, D. (American nature 
ser.; group iv., Working with 'nature.) 
$r.(>o net Holt. 

Albee, J: 

Confessions of boyhood, *io(Jei8) c, D. 
$1.50 net, Badger. 

Woods. K, History of Albemtrle County, 
Va. $2, RWoodi, 

Albert, Allen D., Jr. 

Customs frauds in New York; article In 
the Washington Times of Sunday even- 
ing May 23, IQOO, entitled The enaw of 
the sugar wniders, 'oo(Aff) 13 p 
diagr,, 8 M , (Acid, Superintendent for 
price.) U, S,, Supt. of Does 

Albert, J; C. 

Rooievelt and 1 the money power: responsi- 
bility of dinhonest high finance for the 
panic of 1907, ^(Paa) c, nar, S, pap,, 
10 c. Sndwarth Co 

Alberta, pseud. 

Stt Robertson, Elbertlne, 
ALBERTA, Canada. 

vV*;r Rocky Mountains, 
Albert8on : C; Carroll. 

College sermons. 'io(JasO c, por ia* f 75 c, 


Albertson, Ralph, comp. 
Fellowship songs: [poems.] 'o8(Ag-22) c. 
pap,, 25 c. Public Pub. 

Albion scr, of Anglo-Saxon and Middle Eng- 
lish poetry, 8. Oinn. 

Riddles of the Exeter book. $2.50. 
Albrecht, F: Conrad, 

"World movement"; extract from Mr. 
Thdr. Roosevelt's suldress del, at Berlin, 
May 12, 1910; criticism and the "work! 
movement' from another point of view, 
% io(D3) c. 24, 50 c. F: C, Albreeht 
Albrecht, Johann Fnedrich Ernst, 

Primer of eye diseases and their treatment ; 

fr. the German of the 5th eel; tr, and 

notes by Otto G. Hau^mann. 'CKM.IO) c, 

78 p. 51. 8, 25 c. Ware, 

Albright, E: 

Early hist, of Middle Tennessee, '09, 
[1910.] (N) 307 p. H. u* 1 

Brandon Pr. 

Starke, J, Alcohol the sanction for its use 
scientifically established, $1.50 net. 


Wentf, A, (X and Tolnuui, I, M, Potato 
culls as a source of industrial alcohol 

Gov, Pr. Off. 

Albright, Jacob Blstingf r, M.D. 

Practical treatise on rectal dU*a*es 

diagnosis and treatment by atn 

methods, *Q9(Ag) it+7*435 P. . 

$4, J. O, Albright, 

Albright, Victor Eight 

Shakespearian stage, *cp(N6) it, 8* (Co- 

lumbia Univ. studies in Kngliih.) *$t.5O 

net. MacmilUn, 

Typical ShakeMjearcan Mar; thr miter 

stage; Third Chapter study of the Shake- 

spearean stage, *o8(Ap4* * #* 0"* 

vately pr,> Putnam. 

Albright $er* u*. 

Pub, Ho, of Kvanffcticftt A^m\ 

Boroman, Great a!vntinn. 50 e. 

GamertifelcFf r, Hihle study on prayer 4<* c 
Alcffttis. Montfntgrn* C. M, $t.^5 Hailgcr. 
Alchemist's secret, William**, L C % c, 


Alchcmv of htppineii, Al GhaxxnU. A, H 

M, oo c. net Dutton. 

Alcock, Deborah, 

Romance of Protestantism, 

8 f f $1.25 net 
A!e<H* t K, S. f fttt* Ellltott* F. O'B. 
Text-bonk of rxpcriincnia! jh>^iilmv ; 
with prefftce by R, If. SiarlitiK* M t>. 
*og(Di8) il. B* *$rso net, Hlakifftrm. 


American Aftnociatioii for the Study f Al- 

cohol tnd other Narcotie>, Rom? ncirn- 

tific conctttifonn conccniiiig the alcoholic 

problem and Its practical relation* to life, 

H S,, Supt, of Hnnu 

llorsley. Sir V, 'A, H, ( and Strt% M, D. 

Alconol and the human hotly, *$i.5o net 


Rivers, W. H, R, Influence of alcohn) and 
tther drags on fatigue, *$!7O net, 


Starke, J, Alcohol: the sanction for Its 
u<*e scientifically estiblishcrl, $1,50 net. 






ALCO MOL. Continued. 

United States. Treasury Dept. Office of 

Internal Revenue. Denatured alcohol at 

at home and abroad. 10 c. 
Wente, A. O., and Tolman, L. M. Potato 

culls as a source of industrial alcohol. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 
Wiley, H. W., and others. Manufacture 

of denatured alcohol. (Add. Superin- 

tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Williams, H: S. Alcohol: how it affects 

the individual, the community and the 

race. **$o c. net. Century Co. 

See also Fuel. 


See Alcohol ; Temperance. 
Alcono cook book. Neil, M. H., comp 50 c. 

Alcorn, Edg. Greenville. 

Duties and liabilities of bank directors. 
'og(Ap3) c. 12, $1.50. Financial Pub. 
ALCOTT, Amos Bronson. 

Sanborn, F. B : Bronson Alcott at Alcott 
House, England, and Fruitlands, New 
England. *fe net. Torch Press. 

Alcott, Louisa May. 

Flower fables. 'opCNis) il. Q. $i. 

Garland for girls. '08(819) c. il. D. (Spin- 

^ning-wheel sen) t$i-5o. Little, B. & Co. 

Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. 

'o8(Jli8) c. il. Q. price to the trade 

only, **6a c. net. Little, B. & Co. 

Louisa Alcott reader. 'o8(F22) c. il. 12, 

*5p c. net. Little, B. Co. 

Louisa Alcott story book; ed. for schools 

by Fanny E. Coe ; with biographical 

sketch of Miss Alcott. 'io(Sro) c. front. 

S. 50 c. net. Little, B. & Co, 

Modern Cinderella. 'oS(Agi) 12, (Home 

ser.) 50 c. Hurst. 

Proverb stones. 'oS(Sig) c. il. D. (Spin- 

ning- wheel ser.) t$*-5<>. Little, B. & Co. 

Silver pitchers and independence. '08(819) 

c. il. D. (Spinning-wheel ser.) f$i-50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Spinning-wheel stories. '08(819) c. il. D. 
(Spinning-wheel ser.) t$*-5Q- 

Little, B. & Co, 
ALCOTT, Louisa May. 

Cowing, C. Alcotts as I knew them. $1.25. 

C. M. Clark. 

Moses, B. Louisa May Alcott, dreamer 
and worker, **$t.25* net Appleton. 
Alcotts as I knew them. Gowing, C. $1,25. 

C. M. Clark. 

Page, R. B. Letters of Alcuin. $i : 50 c. 

Forest Press. 
Alcuin Glub collections. Q. Longmans. 

Atchley. Hist of the nse of incense in 
divine worship. *$r;.so net. Longmans. 

* Dearmer. Fifty pictures of Gothic altars. 

$6 net 
fc-Eeles. Traditional ceremonial and customs 

connected with the Scottish liturgy. $6 


Kennedy. "Interpretations" of the bishops 
and their influence on Elizabethan episcopal 
policy. 50 c, 

-Pontifical services, 4 v. ea,, *$6 net, 

Alden, Fk. Wesley, comp. 
John Alden of Ashfield, Mass., and Chau- 
tauqua County, New York, his Alden, 
ancestors and his descendants. '09, 
[1910.] (Je) 84 p. il. por. 8, $1.50. 

F. W. Alden. 
Alden, Mrs. G. R. 

See Alden, Mrs. Isabella Macdonald. 
Alden, G: W. 

Fifteen reasons why no-license is better 
than license; by a Brocton man. 'oS(D) 
c. 23 p. 0. pap., 10 c. G; W. Alden. 
Alden, H: Mills. 

Magazine writing and the new literature, 
'o8(Oio) c. por. O. **$2 net. Harper. 
,ed. Sec Howells, W: Dean. 
Alden, Mrs. Isabella Macdonald, [Mrs. G. R, 

Alden; "Pansy," pseud.] 
Browns at Mt. Hermon. *oS(Oi7) c. D. 
(Pansy books.) t$ Lothrop, L. & S. 
AJ den, Lucy Chaff ee. 

Songs of hope; il. by J. Jeannette Metcalf. 
'09 [1910.] (F) c."6o p. il. por. 8, $i. 

J. J. Metcalf. 
Alden, Percy, ed. 

Hungary of to-day by members of the 
Hungarian government etc. '09 (Jl) 
il. pors. 8, *$3 net. Brentano's. 

Alden, Raymond MacDonald. 

Introduction to poetry, for students of Eng- 
lish literature. 'og(Api7) c. D. $1.25. 


Palace made by music. *io(D3i) c. S. 

50 c. Bobbs-M. 

Why the chimes rang. New ed. of "The 

knights of the silver shield." '08(63) il. 

8, t$i.2S; *io(Ja22) c. S. 50 c.; leath., $i. 


Alden among the Indians, Ellis, E : S. $1 ; 
per set, $2. Winston. 


See Genealogies. 

Alden, the pony express rider. Ellis, E: S. 
$i; per set, $2. Winston. 

Alderman, Edn. Anderson. 
Classics old and new: ser. of school read- 
ers: ist reader. [Rev. ed.J 'oS(Fj) c. 
il. D. 25 c. 5th reader. '08 (I an) 40 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Growing South : address del before the 

Civic Forum, New York City, March 22, 

1908. '08 (Ds) por. 12, (Civic Forum 

addresses.) pap., 10 c. Civic Fortim. 

, Harris, Joel Chandler, ["Uncle Remus,"] 

Kent, C: W:, and others, eds. 
Library of southern literature. In 15 v. 
vs. 1-7. 'O9(je5) il. 8, per set, $So-$2OO. 

Martin & H. 
Alderson, Jos. Coleman. 
Hand book of southern West Virginia: the 
Kanawha or middle measures of coal; 
the Coal River basin; Alderson Land & 
Development Company's survey. '08 
(Jh8) il. 4, pap., 25 c. J. C. Alderson. 
Alderson, W: A., comp. 
Here's to you: [toasts.] 'o8(Je2o) il. D. 
$1.25; leath., $2, boxed. Dodge. 

Aldin, Cecil C: Windsor. 

Black puppy book. 'O9(D) bds., 75 c. 





Alain, Cecil C: WinfaOT. Continued. 

Farm babies : day in the life of a venture- 
some duckling, 'io(Dio) col. il. 4, bds., 
$1.25. Doran. 

Pickles : a day in the life of a naughty 
puppy. '09 (D) il. in col. *$2 net. Doran. 
The twins: the adventures of two trouble- 
some puppies, 'io(Dio) col. il. 4, bds., 
$2 net. Doran. 

White kitten book. 'io(D) il. (partly col.) 
4, bds., 75 c. Doran. 

White puppy book, '09 (D) bds,, 75 c, 


&ce rf/,vi Knmnucl, Wnltcr, /wm/. 
Aldinc readers. Sec Spaulding, Fk. Ells- 
worth, ami Bryce, Catherine T. 
Aldrich, Mrs. Flora L. S., MJX 
The one man, '10(022) c. D. $1.25, 

Aldrich, Mrs, Marg. Chanler, 

Sonnets for choice. *ro(Jc4) c, D, bcls., $i 
net, MofFat. 

Aldrich, Nelson Wilmarth. 
Address before the Economic Chifo of New 
York, Nov. 29, 1909, on the work of the 
National Monetary Commission, *io(JH 
20 p. S, Gov, Pr, Off, 

Aldrich, T: Bailey. 

Little violinist, and other prose sketches; 

in the nmanuen?is style of phonography, 

by Beim Pitman and Jerome B. Howard. 

'08 (Dip) S. pap,, 25 c. Phonograph, 

Marjoric Daw, '08(624) c. il, O, t$*. 

boxed, Houffhton M 

Poems. Astor eel, of poets. '08(85) c, 

pen", D. 60 c, Crowell. 

AI.DKICH, Thomas Bailey, 

Green. si et, F. Life of Thomas Bailey Al- 

ilrich. **$3 net ; **$5 net, Hanghton M. 

Alembic Clitl* refinnts, par, pis, 12 . 

Univ, of Chic. 
'Maynw. Medico-physical works, *$t.a$ 


A 1 era mo. Sibilla, pteud, 
Woman at hay, ^Una donna;) authorized 
tr, from the Italian by Maria II. Lnnsrtate. 
*o8(Ox|) c, front. D. t$t-5O, Putnam 
Alf'xandr, Alex. S. 

Hove M crels, *OQ(I c 64 ft, K rt , 25 c, 

W. Atkinson. 

Alexander* Archibald Browning Bryidale. 
KflnV. if St, Paul, *io(Jeii) 0, $2 net 


Short hist, of philosophy, ad edU rev. and 
enl 'to(Apg) 8*, $3,75 net. MacfnUlan, 
Ai.Kx'Axnn', Cbarlcs Me Gallon, 
Davis, : T, B, Twice around the world 
with Alexander, $i, Chr. Herald, 

Alexander, C: McCaUoiit comp. 
Gd*ipe*l wmgj*, *oB(O3) c, *3O c, net; pap., 
*i; e, not. Revel!. 

Alexander, JDn Alva Stanwood. 

Political Hit. of the state of New York, 
v., 3, i86n88j f oo(O9) c, O. **$2,jo 
nrt Holt, 

Alaxatider, E. W. 

Writings on practical bee culture; ed, and 
rump, hv If, H, Root *09(Jl3) O, pap., 
no i- , A. I Root, 

Alexander, F,, pseud. 
SVv <'!;indlfr, F, Alex 

Alexander, Georgia and Grace. 

Child classics. Primer; ist-stli readers. 
'o9(Ag2i) c. il. (partly col.) 12, primer, 
30 c. ; ist reader, 35 c. ; Jd reader, 40 r. ; 
3d reader, 50 .\ ; 4th reader, 55 c. ; 5th 
reader, 60 c. Hobbs-M. 

Spelling hook. New and enl. ed., syllabi- 
cated. *o8(Jli8) c. D. 25 c.; also in 
2 pts., pt. i f 14 c. ; pt. 2 f 18 c. Longmans. 
Alexander, Grace. 

See Alexander, Georgia. 
Alexander, Rev. Gross, ed. 

Doctrines and discipline of the Methodist 

Episcopal Church, South, 1010. 'mCDj) 

c, S, 40 c, not. Pnh. TIo. M. K. (li,. So. 

Alexander, Hartley Burr* 

Odes on the generations of man. 'io(FiQ) 

c. D, **$t net. Baker & T. 

Religions spirits of tlie Atncrtcan Indian 

as shown in the development of his re* 

ligious rites and oustoin**. *io(S % c. il. 

O. pap,, 30 c. Open Court. 

Alexander, H: Aaron. 

Mechanics* and matcriftlmcnV lien law* of 
the southeastern states, *O9(S) c, 7+ 
767 p. 8 *$6 net Harmon <"o, 

Altaundar, J. H, 

Mode! balloons and Hying machine* ; with 
short acct. of the progress of aviation. 
f io(Di7> il, $1,50. Henley. 

Alexander, J;i. 

Prisoner in holy orders; or, the til fate of 
Stephen Hdwyn, *oo, fioio.j (Ja) (Add, 
pubs for price ) Duiton 

Alexander, Ja, Bradun. 
Dynamic theory of life ami wind jd ed 
'oo(N) c, ift? p il H'\ $2,75 

J, II, Alex.indrr 

Foot prints on the sands of time, and other 
pieces, 'io(O) c, 125 p. If* 50 c, 

J, B, Alexander. 
Lunarian professor *og(MyH) i* IX $i 

j, H, Alexander 

Sow! and its bearing*. 'aQ(AjM) c, D, *$i 
f . A, Alexander 

A!xanidir y Ji* M. 

n of the Farifk, 2t! 1 , rev, ;ind enl, 
, il. por, maps* H\ $150, 

Am. Tr, 
Alexander* J: Breirird. 
Rfminisrences of the past sixty yer* *Bi 
[iwj,] (J!> c, 513 p, por. 8*, 9>- 

J: B, Alexander, <R C) 
Alexander, J; L. 

Sex instruction for boys, 'io(Je) 8 p, S. 
ptp, f $ c, Wetmlite,r, 

Alexander, Luci*nx Hugh* fid 
James Wilson, (f74-"J?^) signer of the 
Declaration of lndependenei rd, by Lu- 
den Hugh Alexander; with an lot roct by 
James Bryce; issued undn the auspice* 
of the St, Andrew 1 ! Society of Philitdcl* 
phia, the Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania, and the North Carolina Historical 
Association, Ed. de luxe, *o8(Mf7) il. 
B*, hf. rnor, or parchment, subs. (Acid, 
Society for price.) St, Andrew*i Soc* 
AIextnder Rev, H; W, r pteud* 
Set Gallagher, Antonia Merccdci. 




Alexander, S: 

Locke. 'O9(jl3i) 12, (Philosophies an- 
cient and modern from Pythagoras to 
Spencer.) *so c. net. Dodge. 

Alexander, Taylor. 

Itoma; forest romance. '09, [1910.] (Ap) 
c. I3.-I93 P- 12, $i. Kuyahora Press. 
Alexander, W: Hardy. 

Some textual criticisms on the eighth book 
of the De vita Caesarum of Suetonius. 
'o8(Di2) Q. (Univ. of Col. pubs., Clas- 
sical philology.) pap., 30 c. Univ. of Cal. 
ALEXANDER, Sir William, called Lord Stirling. 
Armstrong, W: C. Lord Stirling at the 
1 telescope. 50 c. W : C. Armstrong. 

ALEXANDER the Great. 
Kirkman, M. M. Romance of Alexander 
and Roxana. Romance of Alexander 
the king. Romance of Alexander the 
prince [fiction.! ea., $1.50. C. Phillips. 
ALEXANDER m.., Czar of Russia. 
Lothrop, A. S. Court of Alexander in. 
$1.50 net. Winston. 


See Alaska. 


See Genealogies: Boggs, M. A., ed. 
Alexandra, Arsene. 

See Utrillo, Don Miguel. 
Alexandrian romances. See Kirkman, Mar- 
shall Monroe. 

Alexandrian series. 10 v. '09 (O2) S. ea., 
$i, boxed; limp leath., $1,50. Caldwell. 
Alexandrian ser. of famous poems. Fraterni- 
ty eel 10 v. *io(D) 16, ea., $1.50. 


Brand, C: J :, and Waldron, L. R. Cold 
resistance of alfalfa and some factors in- 
fluencing it. Gov. Pr. Off. 
Brand, C: J :. and Westgate, J: M. Al- 
falfa in cultivated rows for seed produc- 
tion in semi-arid regions, pap., 5 c. 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Fortier, S: Irrigation of alfalfa. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Han sen, N. E. Wild alfalfas and clovers 
of Siberia, pap., 10 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs, 
Myers, A, 0. Alfalfa, "the grass, 1 ' in 
Ohio. $i, Heer. 

United States, Dept, of Agriculture. Bu. 
of Plant Industry. Westgate, J. M. Va- 
riegated alfalfa, U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Westgate, J ; M. Alfalfa. 5 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs, 

Wing, J. E. Alfalfa farming in America, 
$2 4 Sanders Pub. 

Stiff aho Seed. 

Alf ord, Rev. Bradley Hurt, 

Old Testament hist, and literature. '10 
(Fa6) D. *$T.SO net Longmans. 

Alford, Fremont, comp. 
Wit of Lincoln, the wisdom of Franklin, 
and 1 other bits of wit 'o8(Ja4) 12, 
25 c. Scott-M. 


See Seaweed, 


Barnard, S., and Child, J. M. New Alge- 
bra, v. i, containing pts* i, 2 ana 3; 
without answers, *6o c. net. Macmillan. 

ALGEBRA. Continued. 

Bocher, M. Introduction to higher algebra. 
*$i.90 net. Macmillan. 

Bradbury, W : F., and Emery, G. C. Acad- 
emic algebra. $1.08. Thompson B. 

Brenke, W : C : Text-book on advanced 
algebra and trigonometry. $2 net. 

Century Co. 

Brooks, E : Normal standard algebra, 
$1.22. C. Sower. 

Collins, J. V. Pract. algebra. 85 c. Pract. 
elem. algebra. $i; Answers. 10 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Davison, C : Algebra for secondary schools. 
*$2 net " Putnam. 

Davisson, S. C. College algebra. *$i.5O 
net. 'Macmillan. 

Eiesland, J: A. Advanced algebra for 
technical schools and colleges. $2. 

J. A. Eiesland. 

French, C. ' H., and Osborn, G. Elem. al- 
gebra *$i.5o net. Putnam. 

Gorse, F. 'School algebra. In 3 pts. ea., 
*25 c. net Putnam. 

Hawkes, H. E., Luby, W: A., and Touton. 
F. C. First course in algebra. $i. 


Hedrick, E. R. Algebra for secondary 
schools. $i. Am. Bk. 

Keller, S : S. Mathematics for engineer- 
ing students: algebra and trigonometry. 
*$i.75 net. Van Nostrand. 

Lubarsky, L : H :, ed. Elem. algebra. $1.50. 
Engineering News. 

Metzler, W: H;, and others. College al- 
gebra. $1.50. Longmans. 

Milne, W: J. Key to Standard algebra. 
Standard algebra, ea., $i. Am. Bk. 

Nicholson, J. W. School algebra. $i. 

Am. Bk. 

Paterson, W. E. School algebra. In 2 pts. 
ea., 60 c. ; complete, $i ; [with answers.] 
In 2 pts. ea., 75 c. ; complete, $1.25. 

Oxford Univ. 

Reid, L, W. Elements of the theory of 
algebraic numbers. $3.50 net. 


Rietz, H: L., and Crathorne, A. R. Col- 
lege algebra. **$i.4o net Holt, 

" Schultze, A. Elem, of algebra. 85 c. net. 
Graphic algebra. *8o c. net. Macmillan. 

Schultze, A., and Mangitse, W: P., comps. 
Answers to Elements of algebra., 20 c. 
net. Macmillan. 

Scoones, P., and Todd, L. Eton algebra, 
pt. i. *so c. net. Macmillan. 

Shaw, J. B. Synopsis of linear associative 
algebra. $1.50. Carnegie. 

Slaught, H. E. Suggestions on the teach- 
ing of algebra with special reference to 
Slaughter and Lennes's high school al- 
gebra, gratis. Allyn & B. 
"Slaught, H. E., and Lennes, N. J. High 
school algebra. 65 c. ; $1.20. Key to 
High school algebra, elementary course, 
[teachers only.] 75 c. Allyn & B. 

Somerville, F : H. Elementary algebra. $i. 
Answers. 10 c. Am. Bk. 

Tanner, J : H : Key to high school algebra. 
75 c. Am. Bk. 




Wells, W. First course in algebra. $!. 

Key to Wells 1 first course in algebra. $2. 

Second course in algebra. $i. Heath. 
Young, J: W: A. Elern. algebra. **$i.i2 

net Appleton. 

Young, J. W : A., and Jackson, L. L. First 

course in elem. algebra. 95 c. net 

Second course in elem. algebra, 70 c. 

net, Appleton. 

Si* ah& Equations. 

Alger, Ellice Murdoch. 

Refraction and motility of the eye, with 
chapters on color blindness and the field 
of vision, designed for students and prac- 
titioners. 'io(Jl) c. 11+380 p. 51. S> 
$1.50. Davis, 

Alger, Horatio, jr. 

Ben Logan's triumph ; or, the boys of Box- 
wood academy, 'oS(Agi) c. il. ta, 60 c. 
Cupples & I* 

Bertha's Christmas vision. f o8(Jei3) 12, 
(Home sen) 50 c. Hurst, 

Paul Prescotfs charge, 'oSQLO ia*, (Al- 
ger scr.) 50 c. Hurst. 
Telegraph boy. *o8(JIi8) ia*, (Alger scr.) 
50 c. Hurst, 
Watt and win : story of Jack Drummond's 
pluck. >08(Ap4) c, 12*, t$x. Bwt 
Young miner, *o8(Agi) ia*, (Alger scr.) 
50 c, Hurst 
Ar/iKuiA, Africa. 

Miltoun, F,, Mud. In the land of ^the 
mosques nnu minarets : [Algeria and Tu- 
nis.] $3; $7. L, C Page, 
Phillipps, L M. In the desert; the hinter- 
land of Algiers, $2. Longmans, 
Rivet, C, G, Souvenirs d' Alfltfric et nnu- 
vcaux pastels, prose etpolsie, [in French.] 
*$t net, Neale, 
Stt also Blskn, 

Al Ohazsftli, Abu Hamid Mohammed. 
Alchemy of happiness: tr, from the Hin* 
(Instance by Gaud Field* 'zo(OS) x6*, 
(Wisdom of the East scr.) 60 c. net 


Confessions of Al Gba7,a1i; tr. by Claud 

Field, Vx)fPf3) 16*, (Wisdom of the 

East "en) *,p c. net, Dutton. 

Algodoti MI niltixo. Burkeff, fs W; $1,50, 

S, F de Velasen, 

Alhnmbra (The), See Irving, Washington, 
AM, Syred Ameer. 

Islam, *o; [iw,] (Ap) 8P, (Religions 
ancient and modern.) *40 c. net, 

Open Court, 
Alice Brenton, Gale, M, J. $1,50, 

C M, Clark, 
Alice in Snmlerland. Torrey, J, A, $i, 

Alice In Wonderland. See Tiodgson, C: Lut- 


Alice Mansfield's sin, Thompson, J W, $t, 
Thompson Pub. Co 

Alice's adventures in Wonderland fin words 
of one syllable], Maybank, T: 50 c. 

Alice's adventures in Wonderland, SVf Dodg- 

snn, C; Ltitwidfcf, 

Aline nf the Grand WcHwh, ffrnshaw, N, G 
$1,50. Outing. 


Lunge, G: Manufacture of sulphuric acid 
and alkali, v. 2. *$I5 net. 

Van Nostrand. 


Set Medicine. 

Al-Kindi, Abu' Umar Muhammad Ibn Yusuf 
ibn Ya> qub. 

History of the governors of Egypt; cd, 

from a unique manuscript in the British 

Museum, by Nicholas Kocnig. pt. I, 't\S 

(I)j2) 8, (Columbia Univ. contrib. to 

Oriental history and philology.) pap., 

**{?! not. " * Lcnioko, 

-, comp. History nf the Kj^pti'm ^^ > uIi^; 

together with additions hy Abu Al Hawaii 

Ahmad il>n 'Abd Al-Ramnian ihn Htir<l ; od, 

from the unique ms, in the British Mtisouin 

by R: J, R Gotthoil. f m(jo5) U- nf. 

Icath., *if3,5o not. Sttvhrrt. 

All about poultry. Postell, J. G. 50 c. 

J. W, Burke, 
All about salads. Lucas, P, K.-S. 75 c, 

Cathedral Lib, 

All about the baby. Tooker, K. M. *$i.5t> 

net, " Rand, McN. * (". 

All about the primary. Sudlovv^ A/rjr, E, W, 

SO c, Htrnmond Puk Co, 

All among the loggers, Burlrigh, C, II 

t$i.50. ^ Lothrop, L, & S, 

All around Asia, Rcdway, J, W. 6p c, 

All-around athletics, White, M, C*. to c, 

Am Spntts 

All-around recitations. We**t K. K., <*im/, 

35 c, \Vrrnrr 

All around the Civil War, Ha\\n, \V ; 75 r 

W; Hftun 

All change here, f og(D) cI, 11. JU rl * bch , J5 c, 

"All His brnofits/* Oatrom. II: ^<> *, 

FraiHf Pub. 

All in the* same boat, Magg, I, M, b<U , 75 r. 

Life Pult <'n, 
All is well, Pcnningtnn, J, (,, **/. ^ r, 


All kiwis of gfins of prone and \rr*if, Ifctiii 
ley t W, II, IVway Puh 

AU-of*n-9udden Peggy, llonny, K 50 r, 

S: Fmtrh 

All MI the Irish short*, Sowrrviltf*. M, A, O 
$i net, f,uttgKMiH, 

All that man should be unto woman. Clark. 

S, C, $1.50, C. M, Clark, 

AH thmqs considered, Chesterton, G, K, 

*$i,5o tiff, lane 

AlUbn Fk. 

Ancentry of Leander Howard Crall ; won 
ograpbs on the Crall, Huff, llefttty. Ash- 

fordby, Hillesby, ftfnrag* I,atiKttt 
'Qnadrin^t Sandon, Fulnrthy, Nrnrcmirn, 
Wolley, Cracroft, GA^cnignr, Skijnvith, 
Plantajarenet, Meet, Van Ysirl<it*yn t Mid- 
dagh, Bfrgcii, and !)f Rupaljf fautilir^ 
with coat nrmor, pedigrrc*, rlmrts. urid 
documentary appendices, *oH(Api8> ', II 
pors, facsimft,, 8 tt **$so net, 

Graf ton Prs. 

John Watts de Peyster, *O(AKI) In 2 v, 
il. pors, D, (Allaberi biogriplncaf <rr.) 
per set* ^$2,50 net. Attatien. 




Allaben biographical ser. D. Allaben. 

Allaben. John Watts de Peyster. 2 v. 
*$2.5o net. 

Allaben genealogical ser. il. 12. Allaben. 
Abbe and Nichols, Townsend genealogy. 


Colver. Colver-Culver genealogy. 

Smith. Jesse Smith, his ancestors and 

descendants. $4; $6. 
HStevens,. Stephens-Stevens genealogy. 

Allan, H. Warner. 

See Wesseley, J. E, 

Allan, son of a gunmaker. Rowell, H. $1.50. 

Allan, Sidney, pseud. 

See Hartmann, Saclakichi. 
Allan, Rev. W: Temple. 
Council sermon preached in the Church of 
the Advent, Birmingham, Alabama, 1909. 
'09, [1910.] (Ja) c. 33 P. 24, 5 c. 

Clark Pub. 
Allbutt, Sir T; Clifford, M.D., and Rolleston, 

Humphry Davy, M.D., eds. 
System of medicine, by many writers. Rev. 
ed. in u v. v. 4, pi. i. 5 o8(N7) ; v. 4, 
pi. 2 (1)2(0 ; v. 5- 5 09(S) ; v. 6 (D) ; 
v. 7 (S) ; v. 8. '10(1)) il. 8, ca., $6 net; 
slip., $7 not ; hf. mor., $H not. (Sold in 
sets by subscription only.) JMacmillan. 
Alldridge, T: Joshua. 

Transformed colony; Sierra Leone. 7 io 

(Mr26) il. map, O. $3.50 net. Lippincott. 

Alie fitnf ! Sto'kl, Mrs. H. B. 30 c. Heath. 

Alleged structural defects in battleships of 

United States navy. United States. Navy 

Department. 15 c. U. S,, Supt of Docs. 

Sn Pittsburgh, 


Traver, H. Four daughters of God: study 
of the versions of this allegory. $i. 

Alleman, Herbert Christian, and Dunbar, 

W. H. 

Book and the message, pt. i, by Herbert 
C. Alleman, D.D. ; pt, 2, by W. H. Dun- 
bar, D.D. 'oo_(N) c, 4+158 p. il. 8 d , 
(Lutheran teacher-training ser. for the 
sunday-school.) 50 c. Lutheran Pub. 

Allen, A. M, 

Hist, of Verona; ed. by E: Armstrong. 
'io(Ol).iL maps, 0. (Historic states of 
Italy.) $3,50. Putnam. 

Allen, Alfr. H:, M.D. 
Commercial organic analysis; treatise on 
the properties, modes of assaying, and 
proximate analyt. examination of the va- 
rious organic chemicals and products em- 
ployed in the arts, manufactures, medi- 
cine, etc. ; with concise methods for the 
detection and estimation of their im- 
purities, adulterations, and products of 
decomposition, 4th ed., entirely rewrit- 
ten; ed. by H: Leffmarm and W!: A. 
Davis, v. i. '09, [1910,] (F) ; v. 2 (Je) ; 
v, 3 (JO ; v. 4 (S) fl. 8, ea, $5 net. 

IJ 1* ij-"e*/"vt"i 

Allen, Bernard Melzar, and Phillips, J: Lewis. 
Latin composition. '09 (My) c. 10+230 p. 
12, $r. Allyn & B. 

Allen, Caroline Stetson. 
Little old-time Sunday, and other stories. 
'o8(A P 4) il- O. 75 c. C. S. Allen. 

Allen, "Cedarine," -pseud. 

See Allen, G: Hoyt 
Allen, E: Ellis. 

Impressions of institutions for the blind in 
Germany and Austria. 'io(N) 20 p. il 
8, gratis. Perkins Inst 

Allen, E: Heron-. 

See fleron-Allen, E: 
Allen, Eldreth Gordon. 
Manual training for common schools; or- 
ganized course in wood-working; ed. by 
Fassett A. Cotton. 'io(Je4) c. il. 8, $i. 


Allen, Emory Adams. 

Gems of immortality; book of consolation 

and help. 'oq(Jl) c. 400 p. il. 8, $2.25; 

hf. mor., $2.75 ; mor., $3.75. Central Pub. 

Hist, of civilization. 8 v. 'm(Ap9) il. 

pors. maps, 4, $21. Ferguson-A. 

Allen, Florence Ellinwood. 

Paris: [poems.] 'o8(Je6) c. nar. D. 
bds., $i H. Carr. 

Allen, Fs. H: 

Bibliography of Henry David Thoreau. '08 
(D26) c. por. facsim., O. **$5 net, boxed. 
Houghton M. 
Allen, Fk. Waller. 

Golden road. 'io(Di7) c. il. O. $1.50 net, 
boxed. Wessels & B. 

Allen, Franklin W. 

Insurance enactments of 1909, [etc.] '10 
(Ap) c. 1496 p. -Q. $10. Law Reporting. 
Allen, Frederic Sturges. 
Noah Webster's place among English lexi- 
cographers : address del. before the Mod- 
ern Language "Club of Yale University, 
at the commemoration of the rsoth anni- 
versary of the birth of Noah Webster, 
October i6th, 1758. *09(Jei2) c. 0. pap., 
25 c. G. & C. Merriam. 

Allen, F: Ja. 

In crystal hills, North Conway, N. H. : 
[poems.] J o8(Ag) c. 56 p. il. sq. S. 
pap., 50 c. F: J. Allen. 

Allen, Gardner Weld, M.B. 
Our naval war with France. *09(Myis) 
c. il. pors. map, D. **$i.5o net 

Houghton M. 
Allen, G: 

Science of accounts made clear and simple ; 
text-book for use in the public schools; 
embracing single entry and double entry 
bookkeeping. High school ed. '09 (N) 
c. 136 p. 8, $i ; Graded sch. ed., 60 c. 


Allen, G: Hoyt, ["Cedarine" Allen.] 
"I am reminded." '09 (N) c. 31 p. il. 16*, 
pap., s c. G: H. Allen. 

Allen, Glover Morrill. 
See Tozzer, Alfr. Marston. 

Allen, Grant. 
Evolution in Italian art 'oS(Oio) il. O. 

*<&< rn iiAf 17ir*coAle 




Allen, H: C., 1836-1909. 

Materia medica of the nosodes with prov- 
ings of the X-ray, 'io(Mr) c. 8+583 p. 
por. 8 t $4. Boericke & T. 

Allen, H; Covert. 

See Colorado justice manual. 
Allen, Horace. 

Modern power gas producer ; treatise deal- 
ing with the gasification of various 
classes of fuels by the pressure and suc- 
tion system of producer. J o9(Jai6) 8, 
*$ net. Van Nostrand. 

Allen, Horace Newton, M.D. 
Things Korean : sketches missionary and 
diplomatic, J o8(Ds) c, 12, *$r.2S net 

Allen, J. C. 

Heroes of Indian hist, and stories of their 
times, 'io(Dro) il, maps, D. bds, 50 c. 


Narrative o* Indian history for high 
schools. f 09(Jl3> il. pors maps* D. go c, 


Aljen; J, W. 

Wheel magic: [cycling in England.! S. 
(fl3i) *$L25 net. Lane, 

Allen, Jit* 
Above life's turmoil* *io(Jei8) c. S, $x. 


As a man thinketk 'o9(Mrao) 33% (Ariel 
booklets.) leath., 75 c*, boxed, Putmun. 
As a man thinketh. 4th ed. *o8 

(My) 6x p* 16, 50 c,; P*P..i$ c, VT . 
Sheldon Univ, 

Entering the kingdom. *o8(D) 8a jx 12*, 
pap., 15 c. Fenno* 

From passion to peace* *io(Agi3) c. D, 
50 c, net, Crowell. 

Heavenly life, 'ogfjea;) D. 50 c.; pap* 
15 c. Fenno. 

Mastery of destiny, *og(N6) c* S. bds. 
**$t net Putnam, 

Allen, Ja. l*tt*. 

Bride of the mistletoe; *09(Jlj) c. D. 
t$ Mtemitlan. 

Doctors Christmas Eve, '10(017) c, D, 
$1,50, Macmillan. 

Allen, J; Kerxnott 

George Morton of Plymouth Colony ana 

some of his descendants* *o8Oe) a-H3+ 

3, 8, [privately pr.] J: K. Allen, 

,6ft. Hot water for domestic use; com- 

plete guide to the methods of supplying and 

heating wator for domestic purposes, giv- 

ing each step to foe taken and explaining 

why it w done. 'io(D) 7-im p. il 16, 

qo c. Domentic Engineering. 

Rnughing-in house drainn : a complete 
gttlde from the digging of the sewer to 
finishing length of the house drain, *o8 
f Agis) c. il, diagrs,, S, 50 c, 

Domestic Engineering. 

Sizes of flow and return steam mains, ad 
ed. '09(1019) c, It tabs., 16*, so c. 

Domestic Engineering, 
Alien, J: Robins, and Btirsley, Jos, Aldrich. 

Heat engines; steam, gas, steam turbines* 
and their auxiliaries, 'xo(Nia) c. fl. 8* 
$3, McGrtw-H, 

Allen f J: Romiily* 

Celtic art in Pagan and Ohriatian times. 
f o8(Di9) B\ *$a net, Jacobs, 

Allen, Lewis. 

Airship almanac ; little light literature on 
high life, telling how to get off the earth 
and how to gel on again. *O9(Di8) c. L). 
bds., 75 c, J : W, Luce. 

Allen, Lyman Whitney. 
Abraham Lincoln : a poem. Centennial 
(4th) ed. '09(Fi3) c. D. **$r.2$ net 


Parable of the rose, and other poems, '08 

(D5) c, D. **$t.2S net. Putnam. 

Triumph of love; poem. *io(Fi9) c. *2** f 

**$i.25 net. Putnam. 

Allen, Mrs. Mary Wood-. 

Making the best of our children ; ist ser, 

i to 8 years ; 2(1 ser., 8 to 16 years of 

age ; ed. by Rose Wood-Allen Chapman. 

*09(N6) c. R'ea, t *$t net, McClurg. 

Allen, Nellie Bwrnbam. 

Industrial studies, '10(1)31) c. il. D, 65 c. 


Allen, Orrin Peer. 

Allen memorial, second jcri^ . descendant* 
of Samuel Alltn of Windsor, Onn. 1640- 
1907. f 07 f [1908.] <Ap,) ,w P- il. por. 
8\ ?3-75. <>. I*. Allen, 

Descendants of Nicholas Cady of Water- 
town, Mass, 1645*1910, 'io(Ag) 546 p. 
pi. B\ $5, O. P, Allen 

xiy Philip Schnylr t d. 
Herein* first German readifigs, *m( Mra6> 
c, map, D. 70 c. Holt 

Allen, R: W. BCJD. 

OpBontc method of treatment and vaccine 

therapy. 3d ed., enl *m(S^ io4-77 P* 

$2, Ulaki*trtft, 

Vaccine therapy and the opsonic method of 

treatment *O9(J23) c, 8*. *$^ net, 


Allen, Rob. Cameron, 

Bible In otir public schools, *o$(My) c. 
60 p. i a* 1 , pap,, 25 c. Jenning*, 

Allea, T: Hewton. 

Chronirlen of Oldficld*. "cxXDif) c por. 
O, *$ net, A. llarfiiinn. 

Alkn f Cardinal W; 

Briefe historic of the glorioiH martyrdom 
of twelve reverend prieijti: Father^ Ed- 
mund Cnmpiott find hi^ rompAnitm 1 * ; 
with contemporary verses by the vener- 
able H: Wnlpole; repr, from the (prob- 
ably unique) copy in the British Mutcum. 
anc! ed, by the Rev, J If, !*olim, *tiK 
(D5) B s *$L5 net. Herder, 

Alton* W; Alc. 

Unclaimed millterts in England; cont, much 

of value and Interest to proni interested 

in chancery cases or lost tittles, f io 

(Jffi) -C!. T. pap, $i. W, A, Allen, 

Allm f W; F: 

Railway operating a$oclitfoni ; addreise* 
del, before the Graduate Schoci! of Bust - 
ness Administration of Harvard Univtr- 
tity, fan. n 10^ f oa(ll) 28 p, 8* 
(Priv. pr.) W: F: Alton. 

Atttn, W; Htrrty. 

Broader motive for school hygiene, '08, 
1909^1 (Mr) 16 p. n\ (Priv, pr,> 

W; H, Allen, 

Civics and health : with an introd by W : T, 
Sedffwick, f og(Ap3) c. il. D. (Bfktent 
citixen er.) $i.a$. Ginn. 

Stt a^G Snedden, D: S. 




Allen, Willis Boyd, comp. 

Violet book. '09(02) 2. front. O. **$i.8o 
net. Jacobs. 


See Genealogies. 

Allerton, Mark, and Browning, R. 

Golf made easy. 'io(S) il. 8, 35 c. net 


Allgemeine biicherkunde zur neueren deut- 
schen liter aturgeschichte. Arnold, R. S 
$2.25. Stechert. 


Reese, A. M. Development of the Ameri- 
can^ alligator. 50 c. Development of the 
brain of the American alligator. 10 c. 

Smith. Inst. 
Allinson, Alfr. 

Days of the Directoire. *og(N2o) il. 0. 
*$5 net. Lane. 

Allinson, Anne Crosby Emery. 
See All in son, Fs. Greenleaf. 
Allinson, Fs. Greenleaf and Anne Crosby 


Greek lands and letters. J 09(Dii) c il. 0. 
**$ net. Houghton M. 


See Botany. 

Allison, S: Smell, and Perdue, H. Avis, comps. 

Sixteen stories : supplementary reader for 

adv. first and second grades. *o8(ATgi) 

c. il. D. 25 c. Flanagan. 

Allison, T: Jefferson. 

Delia Dorn ; or, struggles of the Boers : [in 
verse,"] 'o8(D) 266 p. il. por. 12, $1.25. 


Allison, Young Ewing. 
Delicious vice, [novel reading;] pipe dreams 
and fond adventures of an habitual 'novel- 
reader among some great books and their 
people. J o8(F29) ; Second ser. 'og(Api7) 
c, S. (Bookish books.) ea,, *$$ c. net. 

Allison's lad. Dix, B. M. **$i-35 net. 


AHoway, C: Rozell. 

Ode to the memory of our country's Father. 
'o8(Je27) c. il. pors. S. 25 c. 

C : R. Alloway, 

Law, E: F. Alloys and their industrial 
application. *$4 net. Lippincott. 

All's lost by lust. See Middleton, T: / Span- 
ish gipsie. 
Allsop, F: C: 

Telephones, their construction and fitting. 
8th ed,, with addenda. ; O9(Jei9) il. 12, 
$1.25. Spon. 

AIMgliches. Lambert, M. B. 75 c. Heath. 
Allyn, Adeline Bartlett, comp. 
Black Hall traditions and reminiscences 
[Griswold family,] 'opCFia) c. map, D. 
bds,, $l. A, B. Allyn. 

Allyn, Eunice Gibbs. 

Cats 1 convention. '09, [1910.] (F) c. 225 p. 
il. 8, $1,50. Cochrane. 

Allyn <$* Bacon's college Latin ser. 16, 

Allyn & B. 
Cicero. Tusculan disputations. T., IT., v, 


Allyn & Bacon's ser. of German texts. 12, 
*5o c. net. Allyn & B. 

Zscliokke, Der zerbrochene krug: Das 
wirlshaus zu Cransac. 

Allyn & Bacon's ser. of school histories. iL 

12. Allyn & B. 

Adams and Trent. History of the United 

States. $1.50. 

Alma mater ser. 44 v. 'io(N) il. ea., $i, 
boxed. Caldwell 

Almack, E: 

Bookplates. 'o8(Oi7) il. S. (Little books 
on art.) *$i net McClurg. 

Almanacn de Gotha, 1909. 'o9(Jai6)" 8; 
1910. '09(025) pors. T. ea., $2.70. Lemcke. 

Annual register: review of public events 

at home and abroad, 1907; 1908; 1909. 

ea., $6. Longmans. 

Bo- Peep : treasury for the little ones. 

75 c. Cassell. 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle almanac, 1908; 1909; 

1910. ea., 50 c. Brooklyn Eagle. 

CasselFs annual for boys and girls. $1.75; 

$1.25. Cassell. 

Catholic home annual for 1909. 25 c. 


Father Tuck's annual. $2.50; $1.75. Tuck. 
Happenings of future years foretold in the 
Welsh almanacs. 25 c. H: BlackwelL 
Hazell's annual for 1910. *$ net. 


Hinkende (Der) bote ' am Mississippi- 
volkskalender, 1909. 5 c. ; per doz., 30 c.; 
per gross, $3. Herder. 

Laird & Lee's diary and time-saver, 1909; 
1910; 1911. ea., 25 c. Laird. 

Langland, J., cd. Chicago Daily News al- 
manac and year book, 1909. 40 c. 

Chic. Daily News. 

Living Church annual and Whittaker's 

Churchman's almanac; church cyclopedia 

and almanac, 1910; 1911. ea., 75 c. ; 50 c. 

Young Churchman. 

McKinney, I. S. T. Year book of English 

authors. $1.50; $3. Caldwell. 

New international year-book, 1907; iqo8; 

1909. ea., $5-$i2.50. Dodd. 

Oklahoma almanac industrial record, 50 c. 

Daily Oklahoman. 

Standard every man's memo-book. 50 c. ; 

25 c. Laird 

Statesman's year-book, 1908; 1:909; 1910. 

ea., *$3 net. Macrnillan, 

Tribune almanac and political register,. 

1908; 1909; 1910. ea., 25 c. 

Tribune Assoc 

Whitaker's almanack, 1909; 1910. ea. r 

*$i.25 net. Scribner. 

World almanac and encyclopedia, rgoS; 

1909; 1910. ea., 25 c. Press Pub. 

See also Calendars and year-books; also under 

special subjects. 

Almost fairy children, Lewis, C. $1.25. 

Al-moveth. Koplowitz, I. 75 c. Bloch. 

Along the Old Trail. Vernon, J. S. $i. 


Along the rivieras of France and Italy. 

Home, G. C. *$3 net. Macmillan. 

Along trie trail of the friendly years. Hatcher, 

W: E. $1.50 net ReveTl. 

Along the way. Canfield, W: W. ' $T.=;O 





Along the way, Hoople, C. M. *$i.5o net. 

Grafton Press. 

Along the western Brandywine. MacElree, 
W, W. $5. Hickman, 

Alongshore. Reynolds, S, $1.50. 

Alpens y Marquesa d'. 

Sec Savallo, Teresa de. 
Alpha. Grills, M. W. 25 c. M. W. Grills, 
Alpha and Omega. Hull, T; W. 50 c, 

J: W. Hull. 

Alplia Portland cement for eternity. '10 
(My) c, 48 p, il. 4, gratis. 

Alpha Portland. 
Alphabetical oddities. Krull, V, H. 

V. H. Krull 

Simon, S; A: Phyllanthography : [picto- 
rial alphabet of flowers and leaves.] $3. 


Dulac, E. Lyrics, pathetic and humorous, 
from A to Z. **$2 net. Warne, 

Holhrook, F. Hiawatha alphabet. 75 c. 

Rand* McN. & Co 

Irwin, W. A. Bird cage: [alphabet book in 
verse.] $1.50, ' B, W. Dodge. 
Shaylor, H. W, Book of alphabets for use 
in schools, to c, ; per doz. $i. Ginn, 
Stevens, W: 0. Another Annapolis alpha- 
bet, $0 c. Lord Balto. Pr, 
$*t also Inscriptions; -Lettering ;~ -Penmanship. 
Alpines and bog plants, Farrer, R. J. $4. 

ALPS (The). 
Baedeker, K. Eastern Alps, *$3 net, 


Con way, Sir W : M. The Alps, $1.50 net. 


Coolidge, W; A: B. Alps 5ft nature* and in 

history, *$a,5O net Out ton. 

Freeston, C: L, High roads of the Alps; 

motoring guide. $3, ^ Scrihner, 

Harrison, F, My Alpine jubilee, *$t.^5 net, 

McMttrry, C: A, The Alps, to c, 


Stephen, 5/> L. Playground of &tirop*. 
*$i,75 net, Putnam, 

SV* fl/.tM Flowers *, 'Switzerland* 
Al-Raichid, Mme. Bey 
See IWilau, Helene, 
ALSACE, France. 

Kaejvpelin, C: E, R, Alsace throughout 
the agrs, $1,50. C; Miller. 

Alston, Rev. E, A,, and Turton, Rev, 2. H. 
Originea euehnristicw, '08(03) ** P^P-* 
*,*5 r nrt Whittafcer, 

Alston, Leonard, 

Kducatinn and citixenslup in India. *io 

(Myai) D $1.25, net, Longmans, 

Modern eonfititttttons in outline; Introd, 

tiirly in political science, Rev, ed, 'to 

(F$) D, oo c, Longmans, 

AJSTDN, A/* 1 *, Theoclbsia Burr, 

Pidgin, C: F, Theodmit, the first gentle- 

\vomnn of her time, *$a,fio net : *$3 net, 

C M. dark. 

Altar devotions, Smith, C: K,, com/** **j5c, 
net; **jo c, net. Lnngtnann. 

Altar <tair, Lancaster, G, B, t$t,$o. 

Doubleday, P, 
5>if rhiirrh furniture. 

Altars of sacrifice. Teagar, M. M. $1.25. 

M. M. Teagar. 

Altars to mammon. Neff, E. t$i-So. Stokes. 
Altcmus* classic ser. 24, $i, boxed. Altemub. 
Hale. Man without a country, 
Altemus handbooks for animal owners. D. $t. 


Barton, Dog. Horse. 
Williams. Cat 
Altcnws 9 mother stones ser. 51. 8, 50 c. 


Mother animal stories. 
O'Donnell. Mother Santa Glaus stories. 
Alt emus one syllable ser. il. 12, 50 c. 


---Child's stoiy of the New Testament. 
- -Remy, Bible stories for little children. 

Story of Jesus. 
/I//IT/JIIU' popular manuals. S, bds., 50 c. 


Collins. Human nature in selling goods, 
Alten, Georg Karl Friedricli Viktor von, 
Studies in applied tactics; authori/ed tr. f 
(with substitution of American army or- 
ganisation,) by Major C, II, Barth, *oB 
(N) c, 261 p, fold, ma|>aH** $z Hmbon. 
Altera colloquia Latina, Erasmus, D, *4O c. 
net, Putnam. 

Avery A* II, Attto-trannformer df^igiw, 
$1.50. Spon. 

Bedell, F:, and Pierce, C, A, Direct and 
alternating currents. *$2 net 

Van Nostrind. 

ij and Srnith t C: F; Vcetornantl 
vector diagrams applied to alternating 
current circuit with examples of their 
use in the theory of transformer!*, *$^,so 
net, Longman* 

Crocker, F, B., and Torda^ T, Direct and 
alternatinK-current machine dwign, *$5 
net MeGriw 

Dryndale, C V, Foundationn of atternat* 
ing current theory^ $2,50 net, f f onffmsins, 
Esty, W: Alternating-current maoninerv 
$3 l\m, Sch Corr 

Franklin, W; S. Electric waves; advuncecl 
treatise, on altcrnafiitff*nirrrtit theory 
**$3 net Maemitlan. 

Gotdschmuit E, Alternatlrtg current com- 
mutator motor f and The leakage of in* 
duction motors, *$j net, 

Van Noitrind 

Kapp, (1 Transformer* for ^inglr ami 
multiphase currents, *$j net, \facniittun, 
McAllister, A, S, Alternttinf current 
motors, *$3 net. McGrtw-H, 

Marshall, A, W, Alternating currentt aim- 
ply explained, 25 c, Spon 
Shrklrw, S, Ma*m, I! mtl Ilmtnman, 
AltcrnathiK'Ourrcnt inufhittrH* hcitt^ the 
2cl v. of Dynamo elect tie machinery. 
**$2,5o net, Van Ko*trnrf, 
Steinmetx* C; P, Theory ami calculation 
of alternating current phenomena. *$s 
net, McGmw, 
Taylor. W: T, Stationary trtntformers 
*$iSO net. McGrmw, 
,VW also Oynamo* and mmort:- -Ekctrlc wires j 

Alternative (The), MfcCutcheon, G; B, 




Althea. Lee, V. $1.50 net. Lane. 

Althea. Nirdlinger, D. E. 60 c. Benziger. 

Hayford, J : F., and Pike, L. Hypsometry : 
precise leveling in the U. S., 1903-07. 
pap., 45 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

United States. Dept. of the Interior. U. 
S. Geolog. Survey. Results of spirit 
leveling in Illinois, 1896 to 1908. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 
Alton Locke. See Kingsley, Rev. C: 

See Ethics. 
Altsheler, Jos. Alex. 

Forest runners : story of the great war 

trail in early Kentucky. 'o8(S26) c. il. 

D. t$i-50, Appleton. 

Free Rangers: story of early days along 

the Mississippi. '09(09) c. col. il. D. 

t$i.50. Appleton. 

Horsemen of the plains. *io,(022) il. D. 

$1.50. Macmillan. 

Last of the chiefs : story of the great 

Sionx war. '09(09) c. col. il. D. $1.50. 


The recovery: story of Kentucky. '09 

(Apio) c, D, $1.50. Lovell. 

Riflemen of the Ohio. 'io(Oi) c. il. D. 

$1.50. Appleton. 

Altsheler, W: Brent, comp. 

Maladministration through the Alaska syn- 
dicate; extract from the official record; 
five years "Conservation" as set forth in 
the congressional investigation of the In- 
terior Department and Forestry Service; 
the Rallinger-Pinchot controversy. '10 
(Si7) c. 12, pap,, 10 c. 

W: B. Altsheler. 
Alvarez de Aill5n, Pedro, and Hurtado de 

Toledo, Luis, 

Comedia Tibalda; ahora por primera vez 
publicada segtin la forma original por 
Adolfo Bonilla y San Martin. '03 [1909.] 
(N) 77 p. (Bibliotheca hispanica.) $i. 

Hispanic Soc. 
"Alvidas," pseud, 

See Hodges, H: Clay. 
Alvord, C: H, 

Dairy industry in Texas. '09, [1910.] (N) 
105 p. il, 8, (Texas, Dept of Agricul- 
ture, bull) Von Boeckmann-J. 
Alvord, Clarence Walworth. 

British ministry and the treaty of Fort 
Stanwix, *09(Api7) O. pap., 25 c. 

State Hist, Wis. 

,-ed. See Illinois State Historical Library. 
Alvord, S: Morgan, comp. 
Genealogy of the descendants of Alexander 
Alvord, an early settler of Winsor, 
Coim., and Northampton, Mass. '08, 
1009,1 (S) 9-823 p. il. pors. 8, *$5 net 

S: M. Alvord. 
5" Genealogies. 
Alwood, W: Bradford. 
Enological studies, i, Experiments in cider 
making applicable to farm conditions; u, 
Notes on the rise of pure veasts in wine 
making, '09, [TQTO,] (Mr) 32 p il. tabs., 
8, (U. S,, Dept of Agriculture, Bu. of 
Chwii^trv. Mill.) pap. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs, 

Alwood, W: Bradford. Continued. 

Fermenting power of pure yeasts and some 
associated fungi. 'o8(Api8.) il. 8, (U. 
S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chem- 
istry, bull.) pap., 15 c. 
Alymer-Small, Sidney. 

See Small, Sidney Alymer-. 
Am anfang. Tuckerman, J. 50 c. Holt 


See Jews. 

Am I my brother's keeper? Deran-Srnith, 

Mrs. E. $1.10. E. Deran-Smith. 

Amabel Channice. Sedgwick, A. D. t$*-50. 

Century Co. 

A MADE:, General Albert Gerard L<o d j . 
Rankin, J. R. L. In Morocco with General 
d' Amade. ^$2.50 net. Longmans. 

AMADIS, of Gaul. 

Davidson, N. J., ed. Knight errant and his 
doughty deeds. $1.50. Lippincott 

AMALGAMATION (of metals). 

See Gold. 


Shambaugh, B. M. H. Amana: the com- 
munity of true inspiration. $3. 

State Hist, la. 
Amateur Angler, pseud. 

See Marston, E: 
Amateur art. Cosgrove, Mrs. H. C. J. $i. 


Amateur astronomer. Riegler, G. $1.25 net. 


Amateur Athletic Union of the United States. 
Official hdbk. ; constitution, by-laws, general 
and athletic rules. '09(025) c. 12 p. front 
12, (Spalding athletic lib.) pap., 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Amateur electrician's workshop. Bottone, S. 
R. 75 c. McKay. 


Se<* Journalism. 

Amateur motorist. Pemberton, M. **?3-75 
net, t McClurg. 

Amateur performance. Evinson, F. $i. 

B'way Pub. 

Amazing adventures of an inventor. Jones, 
A. G. t$i-5o, Winston. 

Amazing marriage. See Meredith, G: 

Bates, H, W. Naturalist on the Ama- 
zon. 3$ c. net; 70 c. net Dutton. 
Ambard, Eug. M. 

Tourist guide to the West Indies, Venezue- 
la and Isthmus of Panama. '09 (My) c. 
97 p. il. map, 16, pap., (gratis to pas- 
sengers). Hamburg- American Line. 

Turkish diplomatic life in Washington un- 
der the old*regime, by the wife of a diplo- 
mat. $i. Cochrane. 
Ambler, C: H: 

Sectionalism in Virginia from 1776 to 1861. 
'ro(JeiS) c. D. $1.50 net. Univ. of Chic. 

See Amphibia. 
Amdee's son. Smith, H. J. t$i-5o. 

Ho ughton M. 

Amen. Ryno, W. $i. B'way Pub. 


See Alaska; Canada; Central America; Ex- 
plorers ; Maps ; Mexico j North America ; 
Panama; South America; Spanish America; 
-Spanish colonies; Spanish dependencies; 
United States. 




America across the seas; our colonial em- 
pire, described by Hamilton Wright, C. H. 
Forbes-Lindsay, [and others,] J O9(Je5) c. 
il maps, Q. $i, C. S. Hammond. 

America and the Far Eastern question. Mil- 
lard, T: F. F. **$4 net Moffat 

America at home. Low, A. M. *$i.7S net. 


America ser. f, pap. Union Bk. 

Baxter. America. $12.50. 

American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders* Associ- 
ation. Supremacy of Aberdeen- Angus Cat- 
tle; results of leading fat stock shows 
during past decades in Great Britain t and 
America; classification of special premiums 
and American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders* 
Association sales for the year 1909; ed. 
by C: Gray, 'og(D) 3-105 p. il. fold, tab,, 
8". (Add, pubs, for price.) 

Am, Abercken-A, 

American Academy of Medicine. Prevention 
of infant mortality; papers and discussions 
at the conference at New Haven, Ct Nov. 
u-ia, 1909. 'io(Jl) 347 P. B $$. 

Am, Acad, Med. 

SM Barker* Jeremiah, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Administration of justice in the 
United States. 'io(Jl9) F, (Annals.) pap. 
$i Am, Acad, Pol Set 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, American business conditions, *09 
(I)i8) Q. (Annals of the American Acade- 
my of Political and Social Science,} $1*50; 
pap., $t. Am, Acad, Pol, Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. American waterways, 'oS(Fis) 

S, (Annals of the Am. Acad of Pol, and 
wial Science,) pap,,$r, Am, Acad, Pol, Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Banking problems, *to(D34) F. 
(Annals,) pap,, $t, Am, Acad. Pol Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Child employing industries; pro- 
ceedings of the 6th annual meeting ol the 
National Child Labor Committee, *to 
(Ap9> 0, (Annals of the Academy,} 
$1,50; pip,, $z, Am, Acad, Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Child labor and social progress; 
proceeding* of the fourth annual meeting 
of the National Child Labor Committee. 
'o8(Jlt8) c, Q. ^Annaja of the Am, Acad 
of Pol, and Social science. Supplement) 
pap., $f. Am.Acaa. Pol. Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Child labor legislation: schedules 
of exiting statutes and the standard child 
labor law ; camp, by Jospehine C. Goldmark, 
Handbook, 1908. *o8(Je6) Q, (Annals of 
the Am, Acad, of Pol and Soc, Science.) 
50 c, Am, Acad. Pol Sci 

Ammicm Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Child workers of the nation: 
proceedings of fifth annual meeting of the 
National Child Labor Committee, *oo(Ap3) 
Q, (Annals of the Am, Actd. of Foi and 
Social Science.) pap., |i. 

Am* Acad. Pot Sci. 

American Academy of Political ami Social 
Science. Chinese and Japanese in America. 
(62) Q. (Annals of the American Acad- 
emy of Political and Social Science,) pap., 
$i. Am, Acad, Pol, Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Commercial relations bet. the 
United States and Japan; [and] The sig- 
nificance of the awakening of China. 'to 
(Jig) c. F. (Supp. to the Annals.) pap. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Conservation of natural rc-ources. 
f cx)(Jei9) 4, (Annals of the Am, Acad, of 
Pol. and Soc. Science,) pap., $i ; $1.50, 

Am. Aoad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Consumer's control of produc- 
tion": the work of the National Consumers 1 
League. *cx)(ARi4) c. Q, (Supplement^ to 
Annals of American Academy of Political 
and Social Science.) pap., 75 c, 

Am, Acad, PoL Sci, 

American Academy of Political and ( Sociat 
Science* Control of municipal public ser- 
vice corporations. *o8(Je6> y, (Annuls of 
the Am, Acad, of Pol, and Soc, Science,) 
pap., $L Am, Acad. of Pol. Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Development of Germany as a 
world p0wer; introd, address, hy Hon. 
Charlemagne Tower; address, hy* Count 
JL H. von Rernstorff. *io(Api6) 4*. (Sup- 
plement to the Annalt of the Academy, ) 
50 c. Am, Acad, Pol, Sci. 

American Act demy of Political and 1 Social 
Science, Federal regulation of industry, 
*o8(JIi8) c, Q, (Annal* of the Am, Acad 
of Pol. and Social Science,) pap,, $i, 

Am, Acad, Pol, Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Industrial education *OQ( jao) Q. 
(Annals of the Am. Acad, of Pot tnd Sc> 
Science,) pap., $i. Am, Aeud. Pol Sci, 

American Academy 01 Political and Social 
Science, Labor and wages, 'oo(Apjj) 0. 
(Annals of the Am, Acid, of Pol, nd 
Social Science,) pap,, $i, 

Am, Acad, Pol, Sci 

Amtrlcan Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Lesson* of the financial crisis. 
*o8(Ap4) c, p, (Annah of the Am Acad. 
of Pol. and Social Science,) pap., $t< 

Am, Acad, Pot Sel 

Americans Acadnnv of Political ami Social 
Science, New South ; Supplement ; devel- 
opment of Germany i*4 a world power ; 
introd, address hy lion, Charlemagne 
Tower; address hy Count J, II, von Bern- 
stroff, 1910, 'to(Jat) Q, (Aiutnh of the 
Am, Acad, of Political and Social Science,) 
pap., $i. Am, Acid, Pol, Sci, 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Scltece, Public recreation facilities, "10 
(Ap$) Q (Annals of the Academy,) ffja 
pap. t $i. Am, Acad, Pol, Sci 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Race improvement in the United 
States, *0g(Ag7) <1 (Annuls of the Amer- 
ican Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence.) pap,, $i Am. Acad. Pol Sci* 




American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Regulation of the liquor traffic. 
'08 (Ds) Q. (Annals of the Am. Acad. of 
Pol. and Social Science.) pap., $i. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Settlement of labor disputes. '10 
(Oi) Q. (Annals.) pap., $i. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Significance of the woman suf- 
frage movement. J io(Jei8) c. Q. (Supp. 
to Annals.) pap., 50 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Stocks and the stock market. 
'io(Jeii) Q. (Annals.) pap., $i. 

Am, Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Tariff revision. '08(63) Q. (An- 
nals of the Am. Acad, of Pol. and Social 
Science.) pap., $i. Am. Acad. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Work of the Consumers' League 
during the year ending March I, 1910. '10 
(Oi) Q. (Supt to annals.) pap. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science publications, 8, pap. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Fouse. Recent developments in the life 
insurance business. 15 c. 

--Haney. Vocational training and trade 
teaching in the public schools. 15 c. 

Huebner. Five years of railroad regula- 
tion. 25 c. 

Johnson, Trend of governmental regula- 
tion of railroads. 15 c. 

Koler. Un-American character of race 
legislation. 25 c. 

Schaffner. Effect of the recent boycott de- 
cisions. 25 c. 

American accountants* lib. See American 
School of Correspondence. 

American addresses at the Second Hague 
Peace Conference. Choate, J. H. $1.50. 


American Adjusters Co. Directory of re- 
liable lawyers and banks in the United 
Slalo> and Canada, [etc.;] June, 1908. '09 
(Jeio) ; June, 1910. [1910.] (Je) c. 0. ea., 
$5.50. Am, Adjusters. 

American admiralty. Benedict, E. C $6.30. 

Banks &^Co, 

American agricultural periodicals. Tucker, 
G. M. (Priv. pr.) G. M. Tucker. 

American agriculturist hand book. 'opCApio) 
c. il, 8, 50 c. Jud'd. 

American and English annot cases; sel. from 
the current Am., Canadian and En}?, repts. ; 
(W ; M, McKinney, D ; S, Garland and H. 
Noycs Greene.) v. 8. *o8(Mr) ; v. 9 (Je) ; 
v. 10 (0) ; v. ii, '09 (Mr) ; v. 12 (Je) ; v. 
13-14, '09, [1910.] (F) ; v. 15 (My) ; v. 16 
(S) c. Q. Rhp,, ea., $5. Digest, vs. i-io, 
with tab, of cases. '09 (Mr) c. 679 P- O. 
gratis to subs, of Am. and Eng. Annot. 
cases, E: Thompson. 

American and English banking contrasted. 
Bnird, H : C (Add. pub. for price.) 


American and English encyclopaedia of law 
and practice. See McKinney, W: M., ed. 

American and English encyclopaedia of law. 
(2d ed.) Supp. ; ed. by D : Garland and C : 
Porterfield under the supervision of Ja. 
Cockcroft v. 5. J o8(N) c. O. shp., $7.50. 

E: Thompson. 

American and English genealogies in the Li- 
brary of Congress. $1.05. Gov. Pr. Off: 

American (The) annual of photography; ed. 
by J: A. Tennant, 1908. v. 22. *o8(Jai8) ; 
1909. v. 23. *o8(D5); 1910. v 24 J io 
(Jais) ; 1911. v. 25 (024) c. il. O. ea., 
$1.25; pap., 75 c. t G: Murphy. 

American "Anthropological Association me- 
moi^s. 8, pap. Am. Anthropological, 

Churchill. Weather words of Polynesia. 
80 <c. 

Pepper and Wilson. Hidatsa shrine. 50 c. 

Spinden. Nez Perce Indians. 95 c. 

Am&rican Antiquarian Society. Manuscript 
records of the French and Indian War in 
the library of the Society; prep, from the 
origs. under direction of the libiary com- 
mittee, by C: H: Lincoln. 'io(Jli6) fac- 
sims., 4, (Transactions and collections.) 
$2.50. Am. Antiquarian. 

American apple orchard. Waugh, F. A. $i. 


American Archaeological Expedition to Syria, 
pubs, il f. Century Co. 

Prentice. Greek and Latin inscriptions. 
**$io net 


See Painters and paintings. 
American art annual. Levy, F. v. 7. $1.50. 

Am. Art. 

American artisan manuals, il. 12. D. Stern. 
Pratt. Advertising manual. $3.50. 
American as he is. Butler, N : M. **$i net. 


American Association for Labor Legislation. 
Review of labor legislation of 1909. J io 
.(F5) 8, (Am. Assoc. for Labor Legisla- 
tion ; Legislative review.) gratis. 

Parsons Pr. 

American Association for the Study of Al- 
cohol and other Narcotics. Some scientific 
conclusions concerning the alcoholic prob- 
lem and its practical relations to life; pa- 
pers read at the semi-annual meeting at 
Washington, D. C., March 17, 18 and 19, 
1909. '09 (S) 179 P- 8. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

American Association of Foreign Language 
Newspapers. The unreached millions. 
'09, [1910.] (Ap) 58 p. por. 8, pap. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) L: N. Hammerling. 
Contains list of foreign newspapers published Sa 

U. S. 

American Association of International Con- 
ciliation pubs. 12. 

Am. International Conciliation. 

Kelly. American public school as^a factor 
in international conciliation, gratis. 

American Association of Local Freight 
Agents' Associations. Compilation of con- 
vention topics; comp. by order of the as- 
sociation by H. M. Waring, under direc- 
tion and supervision of J. J. Sherlock, 
T. L. Harrington and I. R. Van Tuyl. '09, 
[1910.] (My) c. 3-670 p, 8, $1.50. 

Am. Assoc. Freight. 




American Association of Medical Milk Com 
missions. Manual of working methods anc 
standards for the use of the Medical Mills 
Commission. '09, [1910.] (S) 24 p. 8 
gratis. Milk Com. Assoc 


See Authors. 

Americaii Automobile Association. AutomO' 
bile book, 1910 ed. In 4 v. v. i, New York 
state; v. 2, New England; v. 3, New Jer 
sey, Pennsylvania, and South ; v. 4, Middl< 
West. 'io(Je4> 8, leath., ea., $2.50. 

Automobile Blue Book 
American baby abroad. Crewdson, Mrs. L 
C $1.50. Little, B. & Co 

American Bankers' Association. Forms for 
trust companies; sel. and arr. by a com- 
mittee of the Trust Company Section 
American Bankers' Association, from form? 
in use by trust companies of the Unitec 
States. J io(Jl2) c. forms, 4, $20. 

Am. Bankers' Assoc 

American Bankers* Association. Rept. of the 
Currency Commission to the American 
Bankers' Association ; and remarks by Hon. 
Alonzo Barton Hepburn, chairman. '08 
(Je6) 8. (Add 1 . Association for price.) 

Am. Bankers* Assoc. 

Americ-an Bankers' Association. Savings 
Bank Section. Proceedings of the 7th an- 
nual meeting, held in Denver, Colo., Sept. 
28, 1908; ed. by W: Hanhart. 'og(Sn) 
pors. 0. M leath. (Add. Assoc. for price.) 

Am. Bankers' Assoc. 

American bankruptcy repts. ; annot. ; ed, by 
J: T. Cook v. 19. b8(Jl); v. 20. '08, 
[1909.] (Ja) ; v. 21 (Jl) ; v. 22, 'io(F) ; 
v. 23 (Jl) 0. slip., ea , $5. Digest of v. 15 
to 20, incl., (1906-1909,) [etc..] by Melvin 
T. Bender and Harold J. Hinman. v. 2. 
'09 (Je) c. 0. per set of 2 v,, $8.50. 

M. Bender. 

American Baptist year-book, 1908; ed. by J. 

G. Walker. J o8(*My23) ; 1909. J op(My8) il. 

pors. 0. pap, ea, *5o c. net. Am. Bapt. 

American bastiles. Keeler, Mrs. C. O. 25 c. 

C. O. Keeler. 

American battleship and life in the navy 
Beyer, T: $1.25. Laird! 

American beauties. Fisher, H. $3. Bobbs-M. 
Fox, J : Round the world for the American 
Bible Society, gratis. Am. Bible. 

American bibliography. Evans, C: In 6 v 
v. S : $15. C: Evans; fBlakely Press.] 
American biographical directories. 8. 

Potomac Press. 
District of Columbia: concise biographies 

of contemporary citizens. $6 ; $7.50. 

Strong, W: E. Story of the American 
Board. $1.75 net Pilgrim Press. 

American book prices current. See Living- 
ston, Luther S:, comp. 

American boy at Henley. Cannon, F. E. 
$i-50. ^ Little, B. & Co, 

American business and accounting encyclo- 
pedia; ed. by W. W, Thorne, In 6 v. v. 
i, 2. New ed., ( 3 d.) 'o8(D) c. il. forms, 
* > ea., $3. Business Man's Pub. 

American business conditions. American: 
Academy of Political and Social Science, 
$i. Am. Acacl. Pol. Sci. 

American business law. Sullivan, J : J. 
**$i.5o net. Appleton. 

American business methods, (clovui to the 

minute.) '08, [1909.] (S) c. 376 p. il. 4, $2. 

Business Man's Pub. 

American business woman. Cromwell, J : H. 
$2 net. Putnam. 

American campaigns. Stecle, Al F. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Snpt. of Docs. 

American case book scr.; ed. by Ja. Brown' 
Scott. O. West Pub. 

Costigan. Cases on wills, descent and ad- 
ministration. $4.50. 

Gilmore. Cases on the law of partnership. 
$3 75- 

Green. Cases of the law of carriers. $4. 

Lorenzen. Cases on the conflict of laws. 

Mechem and Gilbert. Cases on damages. 

Mikell. Cases on criminal law. $4. 

Smith and Moore. Cases on the law of 
bills and notes. $4.50. 

American catalog, 1905-1907. In 2 v, v, T, 
Record, under author, title, subject and se- 
ries of the books published in the U. S. re- 
corded in The Publishers' Weekly, "Weekly 
Record," from Jan., iQOS-Dec.,* 1907, to- 
gether with a directory of publishers. '08- 
(Je27) c. >Q. hf. tnor., ^$7.50 net; v, 2, Full- 
title entries with annotations, 'o8(Jet8) c. 
iQ. hf. mor., *$6 net; per set, *$T3 50 net. 

Pub. Weekly, 

American citizen. Brooks, J: G. $1.50 net. 

Houghton M. 

American citizen in Pennsylvania. Mai thy, 
A. E. $i. Am. Bk. 

American citizen ser.; cd. by Albert Hushneir 
Hart. 12. Longmans, 

Dewey. Financial history of the United' 
States. **$2 net. 

Hart ^ Actual government as applied under 

American conditions. $2.25. 
McClain. Constitutional law in the United/ 

States. $2.25. ^ _ 

Seligman. Principles, of economics. $2,50, 
Wright. Outline of practical sociology. $2. 
American Civic Association pubs. 8, pap, 
Am. Civic League, 

White house conference on the conserva- 
tion of natural resources. (Add. pub. for 

American Civic Association pubs. Depart 
ment of Nuisances, il. 12, gratis. 

Am. Civic League. 

Olmstead, and^ others. Smoke nuisance. 

Woodruff. Billboard nuisance. 

American civics. Clancy, J. $i. 

Democracy Pr. 

American civil government; outline study for 
secondary schools ; prep, by the Committee 
of the New England History Teachers* 
Association. '10(08) 12, bds., 50 c. net; 
teachers* ed., 60 c. net Macmillan, 


See Civil War {United Steles), 
American classics for seventh and eighth- 
grade reading. Webster, H. H., cd, **8o a 
net Houghton M* 




American college. Flexner, A. **$i net. 

Century Co. 

Brann, H : A. Hist, of the American Col- 
lege of the Roman Catholic Church of 
the United States. $2. Benziger. 

American college and private school direc- 
tory; [comp. and ed. by Harry J. Myers.] 
2d ed. *09(Mr) 204 p. 8, $2. 

Educational Aid. 

American college education and life. Tufts, 
J. H. (Add. author for price.) 

J. H. Tufts. 

American College of Mechano-Therapy, Chi- 
cago, 111. Text-book of chiropractic. '10 
(S) c. 94 p. il. 12, $2. 

Am. Coll. Mechano-Therapy. 
American College of Mechano-Therapy, Chi- 
cago, 111. Text book of osteopathy. '10 

(Jl) C. 96 P. il. 12, $2. 

Am. Coll. Mechano-Therapy. 
American commentary on the Old Testament. 
Book of Genesis, by Prof. Calvin Good- 
speed and Prof. D. M. Welton. [1910.] 
(Jl) c. '08, '09. 37+39-253 P. 8. $2 net. 

Am. Bapt. 
American commonwealth. See Bryce, Ja. 

American commonwealths ser,; ed. by Horace 
E. Scttdder. D. Houghton M. 

Folwell. Minnesota. **$i.2$ net. 
Thwaites. Wisconsin. **$i.25 net. 
American communities. Hinds, W : A. $1.50. 


American corporations. Sullivan, J : J. $2 
net. Appleton. 

American cotton system. Miller, T: S. 
$1.50. T. S, Miller. 

American criminal repts. ; cases determined 
in the federal and state cts. in the U. S., 
[etc.] v, 14; (J: F. and H: C Geeting.) 
'08, [1909.] (Mr); v. 15 (0) c. 0. shp., 
ea., *$5 net. Digest of cases and notes 
cont. in Amer, crim. repts. v. 1-15 ; to- 
gether with a table of cases alphabetically 
examined. 'io(Ag) c. O. slip., $6. 


American crisis biographies; ed. by Ellis Pax- 
son Oberholtzer. por, D. **$i.2S net. 


Dodd. Jefferson Davis. 

Du Bois, John Brown. 

Hale, jr. William H. Seward. 

Haynes. Charles Sumner. 

Hunt. John C. Calhoun. 

Penclleton. Alexander H. Stephens. 

White. Stonewall Jackson. 

American cyclopedia of the automobile, by 
T: H. Russell and C: P." Root assisted 
by a corps of experts. 6 v. 'o9(My22) 
c. il. 8, $18.50. Thompson & T. 

American decisions and American repts. ; di- 
gest of decisions cont. in the 160 vs. by 
Stewart Rapalje. 3 v. 'TO (Mr) c. O. $15. 
Bancroft-W. ; Lawyers' Co-op. 

American decisions; comp. and annot by J: 
Proffatt and A. C. Freeman. Extra anno- 
tated v. 1-20. 'io(Mr) c. O. $55; vs. 21-40. 
'01 (Ag) c. 0. ea., $2.75; per set, $55; '10 
(D) In 10 v. ea,, $5. 

Bancroft-W.; Lawyers* Co-op. 

American decisions; notes showing how each 
case in these repts. has been applied, de- 
veloped, strengthened^ limited, [etc.] v. l r 
incl. 1-7 Am,, dec. '09 (N) ; v. 2, incl. 8-14 
(D) ; v. 3, incl. 15-22 Am. dec. 'io(F) ; v. 
4 (My); v. 5, incl. 31-3? Am. dec. (Jl) ; 
v. 6, incl. 38-45 Am. dec. ; v 7, incl. 46-53, 
Am. dec. (N) ; c. O. ea., $6.50. 

Bancroft-W. ; Lawyers' Co-op. 

American digest, annot, 19078, [etc.] '08 
(Ap) ; 1008 A. J o8(O) ; 1908 B. 'op(Ap) 
c. 0. (Am. digest system.) ea, $6. 

West Pub. 

American digest. Decennial ed. 1906; com- 
plete d'igest of all reported cases from 1897 
to 1906. v. i. '08 (Je) ; v. 2, 3 (Ag) ; v. 4 
(N) ; v. 5 (D) ; v. 6. '08, [1909.] "(F) ; v. 
7 (Ap) ; v. 8 (Je) ; v. 9 (JO ; v. ro (S) ; v. 
ii (N) ; v. 12 (D) ; v. 13. 'io(Mr) ; v. 14 
(Ap) ; v. 15 (My) ; v. 16 (Je) ; v. 17 (Jl) ; 
v. 18 (S) ; v. 19, 20 (D) c. 0. (Am. digest 
system.) ea., $6. (Sold only in complete 
sets.) West Pub. 

American digest system , State ser. O'. 

West Pub. 

Kansas digest In 5 v. v. 1-5. ea., $6. 

Michigan digest 5 v. ea., $7.50. 

Oklahoma and Indian Territory. Digest 

2 V. $15. 

American Economic Association. Handbook,. 
1908. 'o8(Mr7) O. (Pub. of the Am. Eco- 
nomic Assoc.) pap., 25 c. Macmillan, 

American Ecotiomic Association pubs, (X 
pap. Macmillan, 

Watkins. Growth of large fortunes. $i. 

American Economic Association Quarterly. 0, 
pap. Am. Economic Assoc. 

Harriett. The Printers. $2; pap., $i. 

Price. Life insurance reform in New York, 
75 ?. 

Seligman. Progressive taxation. $1.75 p 

American education. Draper, A. S. **$2 net 

Houghton M. 

American educational list, 1908; 1909; 1910- 
See Publishers' Weekly. 

American Egypt. Arnold, C. *$3.8o net. 

Doubleday, P, 

American Episcopal church in China. Rich- 
mond, A. B, 75 c. ; 50 c. 

Dom. and For. Mission ; Sadler-R, 

American examination and review book. Pol- 
lock, H. M. $1.50. N. Y. Educ. Co. 

American executive. Finley, J: H. **$i.25, 
net. Century Co. 

American fairy tales. Baum, L. F. t$i-25. 

Bobbs M. 

American farmer's figurer. Atwater, J. 50 c. ; 
75 c.; $i. Atwater. 

American Federation of Labor, Wash., D. C. 
Buck's Stove and Range Co. injunction) 
suit and contempt proceedings. *io(Mr.) 
c. O. pap., 25 c. Trades Unionists. 

Bibliography (i p.). 

American Federation of Labor, Wash., D. C* 
Industrial education; consisting of an in- 
vestigation and rept. by a competent special 
committee; rept of officers and committees; 
action of A. F. of L. convention ; the atti- 
tude of organized labor and others toward 
the problem. *io(Api6) c. 8, 25 c. 

Am. Fed. Labor 





Trant, W: Trade unions, their origin and 
objects, influence and 1 efficacy; with an 
appendix showing^ hist and aims of the 
American Federation of Labor, to c. 

Am. Fed Labor, 
American Federation of Labor, Eight hour 

$er. 12. G; E. McNcilL 

McNeill. Eight hour primer. (Add. au- 
thor for price.) 
American fertilizer handbook: directory of 

the fertilizer industry and allied trades, 

K)o8, '08 (Mr); 1909. 'og(My) ; 1910. '10 

(A$) c, il. tabs., 4, ea,, $3. Ware. 

American "fights and -fighters sir. See Brady, 

Cyrus Townacnd. 
American flower pardon. Sec RIanrhan, 

American foreign policy; by a diplomatist 

Vx)(N6) c. D. **$i.2S net Hough ton M. 
American Fork & Hoe Company, Cleveland, 

0. Gardening for health and recreation ; 

booklet of information about gardening for 

busy men and women. [1910,] (N) c, a8p. 

il 8. Am. Fork, 

nihtiogntphy (3 p,), 

American garment cutter, Ardleigh, H. $15. 

Am, Fashion, 
American girl Fisher, H. *$ net 

American government Ashley, R. L, *$r,2S 

net, Macmillan, 

American grain computator. Atwater, J, 

$3.50. Atwater, 

American handy book of brewing. Waht R, 

2 v. $12, Wafal-Henitte, 

American hero stories. Tappan, II M, $1.50, 

Houghton M, 
American high school, Brown, J ; F, **$i.40 

net, Micniillan, 

American highways and byways $er, il, 0, 
**$2 net, ^ Macmillftn, 

~.Jnhmrw, Highways and byways of the 
Pacific coast 

American Historical Association, Study of 
history in the elementary fichooli ; rept by 
the Committee of Eight 'ogCMao) c. *, 
pap, f 50 c, Seribner, 

dmtricdn Historical Association ftnsff tssays, 
t-f" ^ Am. Hist. 

Carter, Great Britain and the Illinois coun- 
try, $1,50. 

KrehMfl, The interdict $1.50, 
American historical str t IL O. Hoh, 

-- 'Haaen. Europe since 1815, $3, 
5>i- United Stitci. 

American history arid encyclopedia of music, 
Hnbbard, W: L rA In to v, ea>, $3.50; 

$4 50 : $6, Sqtttre-C. 

American histvry /ro/fcfc; ccl, by A, B, Hart 

and H. Charming, 12, Simmons. 

Hart, ?d* Extracts from official papers re- 
luting to the Isthmian canal, isza-rqog. IDC. 

American hope, Cole, W: M. $1,50 net 


American house building in Messina. Bel- 
knap, $j net, Putnam, 

American Tloylc, Dick, W: B, $f.$o; 75 c,; 

50 c- Dick, 

American illustrated medical dictionary. 
Dorian, W: A. N. *$ net; *$s net. 


American in Paris. Savidge, E. C. $1.50. 


American in Spain. Cid, P. 50 c. McKay. 
American insects, Kellogg, V. L, **$5 net. 


American Institute of Architects. Matters 
rel. to competitions; extracts from the 
repts. of 1905-3. '08, [1909.] (My) 33^. 8, 
50 c. Am. Institute Architects. 

American Institute of Architects, Relations 
of railways to city development; papers 
read before the American Institute of Ar- 
chitects, Dec. 16, TOGO, New Willard 
Hotel, Washington, D. C. ; Glenn Brown, 
ed. 'ro(Ag20) il. plans, (i fold.,) &\ $1* 

Glenn Brown 

American Institute of Electrical Kn$inef 
Library. Catalogue of the Wheeler gift of 
hooks, pamphlets and periodicals; cd, by 
W: D. Weaver; with introd, descriptive 
and critical notes by f Brother Potainian. 
2 v. 'og(My) il, pars, 8, $8 

Am. fmt, Mice, Kng. 

American Institute of MiuutK Kngmrcfh (icu- 
eral alphabetical anl analytical indrx: 
Transactions; v. 1-35, {1871-1904,) *o8(Fi) 
O t $s : hi mor,, $6. Am, lust. Min. Kng. 
American Institute of Sacred Ltteiature ser* 
New ed, 10 v, 'op(Jl) Univ. of Chic 
Cnttnt*t Burton, Eiticit !>, Founding ot th 
Chnstiin rhurch, 54 c Four lettert oif I*tu1, ay c,; 
Life of Christ, $4 c,; ChtmbrrMn, Ckorgi* U % 
Orivin nnd relipous tewhlnj of the Old T*Umnt 
tHr.okfti 54 c.; Htrptr* W: K, Bwk of Job* or th* 
problem of fttiman ifferlnir ty ,j Forcshidowii 
of rhc Chrltt, (4 c,i Worl of the Old Tttnmnt 
priwtR, 54 c.{ Work of thr Old Trutitntrttt iei* 
54 c,; Mathewa, Shailrr, Social unii efhit'il tvac!iln|pi 
of Jesuit, 54 c, ; Smith, Jt M. !*. and CtitmbrUn 
(leorgia I*,, tlrtiverial tlrmeut In tht p*tttff 50 c* 
American institutions for the entimtinn ( 
the deaf, Ferreri, G, (Add, Inntitutr fw 
price,) Prim, Irwt, 

American Iron and Steel Association, Cana- 
dian supp, to the Directory to the iron 
and steel works of the United States ; cont* 
a complete list of the Want furnace** roll* 
ing mills, and steel works in Canada* cnrr, 
to 'Dec. i. 1908, "08, [TC09.I (My) 19 p, 
8 , (Add, pubs, for price,) 

Am, Iron and St**el 

American Iron ami Steel Awoeiaifon, Direc- 
tory to the Iron and aterl work of the 
If, S, 1 7th ed. corrected to March t* 1908. 
c, H 9 $12, Am, Iron nd Steel, 

Ameriean J[ercy Cattle Club, Jrracy *trei 
with their trted daughtrr<4 aba i com- 
plete alphabetical list of tented cow*; ill 
tenH accepted by the American Jersey Cat- 
tle Club to "March 31, 1909, *og(r>) t6+ 
294 p, iL 8, $3, Am, Jersey. 

American Jersey Cattle Guh, Heglfter of 
merit of Jersey cattle, eatabHuhed by the 
American Jerwy Cattle Cltib, May 6, 1003; 
individuil excellfncr and dairy perform- 
ance. *09 # ligto,] (Mr,) 7+3-211 p, il E* 
gratis, Am. Jersey* 

American Jewish yeir book t s66ca, September 
36, 1908, to September 15, 1909; ed, by 
Herbert Frtedenwald, '08(03) ; 5670, Sept 
16, trxx), to Oct. 3, 1910; 'oo(St8)j 5 




Oct. 4, 1910, to Sept 22, 1911; ed. by Her- 
bert Friedemvald. 'io(Oi) c. D. ea., 75 c. 

Jewish Pub. 

American law. Andrews, J. D. 2 v. *$I2 
net , Callaghan. 

American law and procedure. In 14 v. ; prep, 
under the editorial supervision of Ja. Par- 
ker Hall and Ja. DeWitt Andrews. '10 
(Jl) c. 0. hf. shp. La Salle Extension. 

American law digest and legal directory, 
[etc,,] 1908-09; ed. by W: F. Wernse. '08 
(D) c. 820+51 p. O. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Bankers 5 Pub. Co. 

American law directory. See Martindale, Ja. 

American leaders and heroes. Gordy, W. F. 
60 c. Scribner. 

American lectures on the history of religions. 
O. **$i.50 net Putnam, 

Bloomfield. Religion of the Veda. 

American Library Association catalog, [1908.] 
pap,, $i. U. S,, Stipt of Docs, 

Formerly published in 2 pts. See notice American 

catalog, 1900-1904, [1904.] 

American Library Association. Committee on 
Bookbinding. Binding for small libraries: 
suggestions prep, by the A. L. A. commit- 
tee on bookbinding. J io(F2Q~) 12, (A. L. 
A., Library hdbk.) 15 c. A. L. A. 

American Library Association Publishing 
Board foreign book list. 12, pap. A. L. A. 
Campbell, comp. Selected list of Hungarian 

books. 15 c, 
Gattiker, comp. Selected list of German 

books, 50 c. 
Kildal, comp. Selected list of Norwegian 

and Danish books, 25 c. 

American Library Association Publishing 

Board library hdbks. 12. A % L. A. 

A. L. A. Committee on Bookbinding. 

Rinding for small libraries. 15 c. 
Kroeger and Cattell. Aids in book selec- 
tion. 15 c. 

American Library Association Publishing 

Board, library tracts. 12. A. TL A, 

Brown, comp. Mending and repair of 

books. 15 c. 

Hadley. Why do we need a public li- 
brary? 5 c. 
Wyer. U. S. government documents in 

small libraries. 15 c. 
Alderman, E. A., and others, ads. Library 
of southern literature. In 15 v. v. 1-7. 
per set, $80-200. Martin & H. 

Bowen, E. W, Makers of American litera- 
ture. *$2.50 net Neale. 
Brevard, C, M. Literature of the South. 
$1.50, B'way Pub, 
Cairns, W: B., ed. Selections from early 
American writers, 1607-1800. **$i.25 net 


Hanscom, E. D., ed. Friendly craft: col- 
lection of American letters. **$i.25 net, 


Heydrick, B : A. One year course in Eng- 
lish and American literature. $i. Hinds. 
Howes, A. W. Primer of American lit- 
erature. **so c. net. Heath. 
Pattee, F. L. Hist, of American literature. 
$1,20 net. Silver. 


Pearson, P : H : Questions for interpretive 
and literary study. 16 v. ea., 7 c. 

P: H: Pearson. 

Raub, A. N. Studies in Eng. and Am. lit- 
erature from Chaucer to present time. 
$1.50. Stradling. 

Short stories and poems by American au- 
thors. $t. Cochrane. 

Simonds, W: E: Student's history of 
American literature. $1.10. Houghton M. 

Stanton, T., ed. Manual of American lit- 
erature. **$i.75 net. Putnam. 

Webster, H. H., ed. American classics 
for seventh and eighth grade reading, 
**8o c. net. Houghton M. 

See also Authors; Bibliographies; English liter- 
ature; Essays; Fiction; Poets; Poetry; 
Quotations; South (The); Wit and humor, 

American lithography. *io(Ja22) 16 o. p. 
^ Nat Assoc. Lithographers. 

American machinist gear book. Logue, C: 
H. $2.50 net * McGraw-H. 

American machinists' handbook. Colvin, F. 
H., comp. $3. Hill Pub. 

American madonna. Todd, Mrs. M. Van L. I. 
$1.25. Binghamton Bk. 

American Mathematical Society, New York. 
Catalogue of the library, January, 1910. 
'to(Ap) 35 p. 8, pap., gratis. 

Am. Math. 

American meat. Lefrmgwell, A. $1.25 net 


American Medical Association. Laws (ab- 
stract) regulating the practice of medicine 
in the United States and elsewhere; rev. 
to July 15, 1909. i$th ed, '09, [1910.] (F) 
c. 160 p. fold, tab., 12, pap., 30 c. 

Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. New and 
non-official remedies; cont. descriptions of 
the articles which have been accepted by 
the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry 
of the American Medical Association. '09 
(Je) 168 p. 12, *5O c. net Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. Papers to be 
presented before the Section on Laryngol- 
ogy and Otology, Chicago, June 2-5, 1908. 
'o8(Je27) il. 8, $1.50. Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. Papers to be 
presented before the Section on Laryngol- 
ogy and Otology of the American Medical 
Association, Atlantic City, June 8-n, 1909- 
'09 (Je) c. 214 p. il. 8. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. Papers to be 
presented before the Section on Ophthal- 
mology, Chicago, June 2-5, 1908. J o8(Je27) 
c. il. 8, pap., $1.50. Am. Medical. 

American Medical Association. Papers to be 
presented before the Section on Ophthal- 
mology of the American Medical Associa- 
tion, Atlantic City, June 8-n, 1909. '09 
Je) c. 13-336 p. il. 8. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Am. Medical. 

Strong, H : R. Machinations of the Amer- 
ican Medical Association. 25 c. 

Nat Druggist. 

American medicinal barks. Henkel, A. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 





Beard, A; F, Crusade of brotherhood: 
hist, of the American Missionary Associ- 
ation, *$i.25 net. Pilgrim Press, 
American Museum of Natural History bull, 

il. 8. Am. Museum. 

Gregory, Orders of mammals. $5, 
American Museum of Natural History, 

Memoirs, il. f. Am. Museum, 

Brown. Conarcl fissure. $2,50. 
Ernmons, Chilkat blanket. $2. 
American nation. See Hart, A. B., cd. 
American National Red Cross text-book. 

Lynch, C : *$i net. Blakiston, 

American nature ser.; group I, Natural his- 
tory, il. Q. Holt. 
Knowlton. Birds of the world. **$7 net. 
American nature jcrr.; &rntip ll " Classification 

Denature, il, Q. Holt 

Britten and Shafer. North American trees. 

**$7 net. 

-Kellogg, American insects. **$s net, 
American nature w,; group iv.. Working 

with nature, pis, D, Holt, 

Albee, Hardy plants for cottage gardens. 
, $1,60 net. 

Doane. Insects and disease. $1*50 net. 
Kggelinjf and Ehrenberg. Aquarium and 

its inhabitants, **$a net* 
Fernow, Care of trees in lawn, street and 

park, $2 net. 

^Kellogg, Shell-fish industries, **$1>7S net, 
--Sternberg, Life of a fossil hunter, **$i,6o 

American nature 4rr,; group v., Diversions 

from nature, si Q, Holt. 

Holder and Jordan. Fish stories. **$t.7S 


Kellogg. Insert stories. **$f,$0 net 
American negligence digest, from 1897 to 1907, 

[etc.;] by Wa, J. Eagle, *og(D) c. a-f 

1695 p. 0, $8.50, # Remick. 

Awffric&n Nfgro Academy occasional paptrs. 

8, pap. Am, Negro Acad, 

GrlmldL Modern industrialism and the 

negroes of the United States, 15 c, 
Moorland. Demand and the supply of in- 
creased efficiency in the negro ministry, 

XS c, 

American newspaper, Rogers, J. E; *$i net, 

univ, of Chic. 
American newspaper annual iooR, (a8th 

year.) 'n8(Air8>; IQC>. faoth year.] *o<) 

(Mr^o) nrnps, 4**, *$5 tut, Ayer, 

American normal readers, Harvey* M, L, 


Dickens, C: ^35 c. net; 

Matthews, Jf B, 
Shurter* E, Du B frf, 

Bk 3. Soc. 
American notes, 

"70 c. net. 
American of the future. 

**$i,a$ net 
American oratory. 

$1*6$ South-West Pub, 

American Osteopathic Association, O.itc- 
opathic directory and year book of the 
A, 0, A, f o8(My,) c il, per, 8*. $1, 

Journal of Osteopathy 

SM Palntern uml painting, 

American patrician, Lewis* A, H. **$2 net. 


American Patty* Thompson* A* E. was, 

Lothrop, L, & S* 

American pearl. Washburn, IL E, 50 c, 

II. E. Washburn. 

American people. Low, A, M. **$2.25 net. 

Houihton M. 

Am-erican Philosophical Society. Calendar 
of the papers of Benjamin Franklin in the 
library of the American Philosophical So- 
ciety; ed. by L Minis Hays. f 07 [1909.] 
(N) (Not for sale.) 

Am, Philosophical Soc. 


Rosengartcn, J. G: American Philosophi- 
cal Society. 25 c. 

Am. Philosophical Soc. 

American phonography. Anderson, W: L. 
$r.2p. (linn. 

American pilgrim's way in Kngland, Htnsh, 
M. B. $6; $15. W. M Jones, Baltimore. 

American Pitmanic shorthand, Gardner, E. 
E. $1.25. Am, Pitmanic. 

Amerfcan playgrounds ; pioneer book on pub- 
lic recreation; ed. by Everett B. Mere, 
with contrib, from 25 authorities, ad cd., 
rev. and cnl. *io(Myi4); 3d cd, (Dr?) c 
il. plans, O. eu. t $a net. Baker ft T. 

Amtrican p!ayground5 : their ennMnictiort, 
equipment, maintenance and utility; rd. by 
Evtrett B, Hero, *o8(Nat) c, il, O. *$ 
net Am, Gymnahta. 

American pocket medical dictionary. Dor- 
land, W: A* N, ed. *$i net; with thumb 
index, *$r,25 net, Saundrra* 


Sw Poetry, 

4roedoan Poniologica! Society, Fruits rec- 
ommended by the American Portm!ngicat 
Society for cultivation in the various sec- 
tions of U, S. and Canada ; rev, by a com- 
mittee. *og(Ag) 69 p. tab M map 8, (U, 
S, Dept, of Agriculture, Bu, of Flint In- 
dustry bull,) pap, 15 c, 

American poultry culture, Stndo, R. B, 
*$r,so net, ^ McClurg, 

American practice of eras pining:, Gerhard, 
W: P. *$3f*et McGrtw, 

American practice of surgery, SW Bryant, 
JOB, Decatur, 

American primitive music, Burton, F; R, 
**$S net, Moffttt 

American princess, Eldriclge, W: T, $1,50, 

Stttrgfi & W, 

American problems from the point of view 
of a psychologist, Mttnaterberg, H, $1*60 
net. Moffat. 

American producer gas practice and indus- 
trial gas engineering. Xatta, M. N-. *$d 
net, Van Noitrand, 

American probibition year book for loto; 
ed, C: R* Jones, Alonio E, Wilion, Fredl 
D. L, Squires* **0<Myt4) c. il pory. D, 
50 c, i pap., 25 c, Nat. Prohibition. 

American prose masters, Browne!!* W: C 
**$i.SO net Scribner, 

American Psychological Association. Cow* 
mittee on tht Ti&cMng of Psychology* 
Report on the teiching of psychology; 
presented to the Association Dec, ao, toog, 
{i^ral (Ag) 93 P. 4* (Psychological 
monographs*} $i. Psychotogictl Review* 




American public addresses. De Barrios, A. 
$i. Aberdeen. 

American public library. Bostwick, A. E. 
$1.50 net. Applet on. 

American public problems; ed. by Ralph Cur- 
tis Ringwalt. D. Holt. 
Coolidge. Chinese immigration. **$i-75 


American Railway Engineering and Mainte- 
nance of Way Association. Manual of rec- 
ommended practice for railway engineering 
and maintenance of way. *o8(Oio) il. 
tabs., 8, $3; hf. mor., $3.50. Am. Railway. 
American Railway Master Mechanics' Asso- 
ciation. Locomotive dictionary. 1909 ed. 
J 09(D25) c. il f, $6. Railroad Age. 

American railway transportation. Johnson, 
E. R. **$ net. Appleton. 

American ready reckoner. Ayres, E. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Popular. 

American Red Cross abridged text-book on 
first aid. Lynch, C: 30 c. net. Blakiston. 
Andrews, F. D. Tea-burners of Cumber- 
land County, [N. J.,] who showed their 
resistance to British tyranny by burning 
a cargo of East India tea. 30 c. 

F. D. Andrews. 

Banks, J. L. David Sproat and naval 

prisoners in the War of the Revolution; 

with mention of William Lenox of 

Charleston. (Priv. pr.) J. L. Banks. 

Burke, E. Speech on conciliation with the 

colonies. **25 c. net. Scribner. 

Chase, E. Beginnings of the American 

Revolution. 3 v. $7.50 net; $15 net. 

Baker & T. 

Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford. 
Lists and returns of Connecticut men in 
the Revolution, $3. Conn. Hist. 

Fisher, S. G: Struggle for American inde- 
pendence. 2 v. **?4 net. Lippincott. 
Gardner, F. A. Glover's Marblehead regi- 
ment in the war of the Revolution. 50 c. 

Salem Press. 

Griffin, M. L J. Catholics and the Ameri- 
can Revolution. In 2 v. v. 2. $3. 

M. I. J. Griffin. 

Haltigan, J. Irish in the American Revolu- 
tion. $2. Haltigan. 
Jeriks, T. When America won liberty. 
$1.25. Crowell. 
Johnston, A. Myths and facts of the 
American Revolution. $1.50 net. 

W: B. Clarke. 

Leflfmann, H : Notes on the secret service 
of the Revolutionary Army operating 
around Philadelphia. 25 c. 

City Hist., Phil. 

New York [State.] Commissioners for 
Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies. 
Minutes of the Commissioners in the 
State of New York. In 2 v. v. I, 1778- 
1779; v. 2, 1780-1781, (Distributed offi- 
cially and by exchange.) New York. 
Stark, J. H: Loyalists of Massachusetts 
and the other side of the American Rev- 
olution. $5. W: B. Clarke. 
Thwaites, R. G., and Kellogg, L. P., eds. 
Revolution on the upper Ohio, 1775-1777. 
$1,50. State Hist, Wis. 


Wall, J : P. New Brunswick [N. J.] in the 
critical period of the Revolution. (Priv. 
pr.) J: P. Wall 

See also Brandy wine (Battle of); Bunker Hill 
(Baltic of ) ;- Claverack, N. Y. ; Fredericks- 
burg, N, Y.; Georgia; Guilford Court House 
(Battle of); Indians; Lexington; Long Isl- 
and (Battle of); Lynn; Mecklenburg decla- 
ration of independence; Philadelphia; Presby- 
terian church; South Carolina; Valley Forge, 
Pa ; also Connolly, John; Dodge, John; 
Pulaski, Kazimierz. 

American rural school. Foght, H. W. $1.25 
net. Macmillan. 

American School of Correspondence. Archi- 
tectural drawing and lettering, pt. I, Archi- 
tectural drawing, by Fk. A. Bourne and 
H. V. von Hoist; pt. 2, Architectural let- 
tering, by Fk. Chouteau Brown. ' J io(FiQ} 
c. il. plan, 4, $i. Am. Sch. Corn 

American School of Correspondence. Bank 
bookkeeping; by C: A: Sweetland. '10 
(Jl3o) c. il. 8, (American accountants' 
lib.) $1.50. Am. Sch, Corr, 

American School of Correspondence. Busi- 
ness management; by Ja. Bray Griffith. 
2 v. 'io(Jl3o) c. il. 8, (American account. 
ants' lib.) $4 Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Com- 
mercial law; by J: Aldrich Chamberlain. 
'io(Jl3O) c. il. 8, (American accountants 1 
lib.) $3. Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cor- 
poration accounts and voucher system; by 
Ja. Bray Griffith. Pt. i, Corporation ac- 
counts. Pt 11, Voucher system-accounting 
charts, *io(Jl3o) c. il. 8, (American ac- 
countants 5 lib.) $i. Am. Sell. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclo- 
pedia of applied electricity: general refer- 
ence work on d'ynamo-electric machinery, 
generators, motors, storage batteries, elec- 
tric wiring, electrical measurements, [etc.] 
6 v. 'o8(Oio) c. il pors. 8, hi mor., $36. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclop, 
of automobile engineering. *OQ(Ag7) c. 
4 v., il. 8, $12. Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclop. 
of carpentry and contracting; prepared by 
a corps of architects, carpenters, contrac- 
tors, and building experts of the highest 
professional standing. In 4 v, *io(Api6) 
c. plans, 8*, $12. Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclo- 
pedia of civil engineering; editor-in-chief, 
F: R Turneaure. 8 v. J o9(Jai6) c. il. 
maps, charts, 8, $18.60. Am, Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclo- 
pedia of commerce, accountancy, business 
administration. 10 v. 'io(Ja2p) c. il. forms, 
8, $24. Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclop, 
of heating, plumbing and sanitation. 4 v. 
'oo(Ag28) il. tabs., 8, $12. Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Cyclo- 
pedia of mechanical engineering ; editor-in- 
chief f Howard Monroe Raymond. 7 v. '09 
(F20) c. il. 8, $18.60. Am. Sch. Corn 

American School of Correspondence. Depart- 
ment store accounts; by C: A: Sweetland. 
Pt i, Department store accounts; Pt. n, 




Retailers 1 accounts. 'roCJlao) c. il. 8, 
(American accountants' lib.) $1.50, 

Am. Sch. Cprr. 

American School of Correspondence. Fac- 
tory accounts. 'io(Jl3o) c. il. 8, (Amer- 
ican accountants' lib.) $1.50. 

Am, Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Gas 
producers; instruction paper prepared by 
S: S. Wyer. 'OQ(Jai6) c, il. 8, $i. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Heat- 
ing and ventilation, pt I ; instruction pa- 
pen prep, by C: L. Huhbard. *og(Ag7) c. 
il. 8* $1.50. Am. Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Insur- 
ance and real estate accounts; by C: A; 
Sweetland. Pt i t Insurance accounts; Pt 
n Real estate accounting. *io(Jl3o) c. 8, 
(American accountants' lib.) $1.50. 

Am, Sch. Corr. 

American School of Correspondence. Pract. 
bookkeeping ; by Ja. Bray Griffith. *io 
(J\p) c, il. 8, (American accountants* 
lib.) $2. Am. ScL Corr, 

Americtn School of Correspondence* Stair- 
building and the steel square* pt, i Stalr- 
huildtag, by Fred. T. Hodgson and Mor- 
ris Williams; pt a, The steel square, by 
Morris Williams. 'o9(Pa6> c. il 8*, $x. 
Am, Sch, Corr* 

American School of Carrtspondtnce pubs, il 
8. Am, Sch, Corr. 

Bacon, Forging. $t. 

Byrne and Phillips. Highway construction. 

Chamberlain. Commercial law, pt, i. 
50 c. 

roll in*. Woolen and worsted spinning. $3. 
- Crocker, Dynamo-electric machinery. $1,50. 
-~I)ick<rman and Boyer. Refrigeration, $1, 

Dickinson, Accounting practice. $G c 

Dinner. Automobiles. $1.50. 
-"Dufour Bridge engineering, $1. 

Ksty, Alternating current machinery. $3- 
Everrtt and Lawrence, Frffhand and per- 
spective drawing, $f. 
Gray and Ball Plumbing. $1.50. 
firiftin, Machine deign, $1,50, 
Griffith, Administrative and industrial or- 
ganr/atinn,'- Advertising and sales nrj^atn 
nation, Corporation accounts I'rrdit >r 
gaiti/ation.-' -Purchasing and store* drpart 
went,- Records of labor and manufacturing 
orders.- Shipping department, O*riv. pr.'i 
Single entry bookkee ping, Single pro ; 
prietnrs- 1 and partncra 1 account H. Voucher \ 
.system accounting chartv<-Whole*aK',oow ! 
missioner, and storage account, ca,, 50 c. 

Griffith and Sweetland. Trustees*, execu- 
tor's, and stock broker's accounts, 50 c. 

GitiMuilvK Modern engineering practice, 
1 2v- $2980. 

Hathaway and Griffith, Genera! expense 

and cost summaries, 50 c. 
Hedrick, Cotton spinning, $3, 
'Huhbard, Heating and ventilation, $1,50, 
Kenison. Mechanical drawjnp. 50 c, 
Knox and Shadd* Electric wiring and light- 
ing. $!, 

Inland, Bailer accessories, $!,- Steam 
turbine*, $1,50, l 

cnct* />w/.s\ 

.lini'rican School of (.'or'cs 
( 'on tinned. 

Lybrand, and^ others. Accounting for mod- 
ern corporations, 50 c. 

Marston. Sewers and drains, $i. 

Metcalf. Knitting^ $3. 

Metcalf, comp. Knit goods finishing, 50 c, 
Montgomery. Auditing. 3 v. ea., 50 c. 
Nelson. Weaving. $3, 

-Nelson, comp. Jacquard machines. 50 c, 

Neubecker. Sheet-metal work. $3. 
Newell and Dow. Steam boilers. $i. 
Nichols. Building superintendence. $1,50. 

Estimating. $T. 

Olncy, Textile chemistry and dyeing. $3, 
-"Phillips. Surveying. $1.50. 

- Plant, Contracts and specifications. $i, 
Plant and Zapf, Contracts and specifica- 

tions. $i, 

- .Stimpsnn. Foundry work, $!, 

Sweetland. Bank bookkeeping.* Brewers* 
accounts.- Publishers' and printers* ac- 
counts, ea., 50 c. 

- Thoin and Collins. Klrctnc telegraph, $t. 

Timnierniann, Woolen and worsted fin- 
ishing, $3, 

Timmcrman, comp* Felt 50 c. 
Tucker, Steel construction, $LSO 

Turneaitre. Water supply. $1.50, 

Turneaure and Black. Hydraulic engineer- 
ing. $t. 

Urnpleby, Textile design, $3, 

Webb and Gibson. Masonry and reinforced 
concrete, $3. 

Wightman, comp. Compressed air, $t. 
""-Wright. Contractors' accounts, 50 c. 
American ^School of Home Ke<nomu's, Chi- 

cago. Food values: pract. metbods tti dirt 
calculations. '09, JiQto.| (Mr,) 31 p, il, 
ta , (American Sch, of Hotter Fconnmies 
bull.) pap, % 10 c. 

Am, Sch, Home KeoiumucH. 

American science W M Advanced emtrsf* il 

8*. Holt, 

Hesaey, Botany for high sclwoR $** jo, 

Chamb*rlin and SaHfibury. College text- 
book ol geology, **$3-50 lift. 

--Dewey and Tufts, Ethtcn. $2, 

- Martin, Human body, **$a,so net, 
-Rermen, College text-book of chemistry 

Atneiii'an science ser* t Briefer CMW, II, 

kem^'n, Introfl, to the study of chemistry, 

Salisbury. Phyniogrjiphy f>r high 

n xeienee ser. t clew, eintrxc, il, 

1). Holt, 

- Sultahury. Klem, physiography, $3.50, 
nHdoan Seamen'it FHritcl Soeiety, Acti of 

the apostlei of the nea; att eighty years* 
record of the work of the American Sea- 
men's Friend Society, "ooCN) nB p, II 
pom, 8* gratis, Am. Seaitien'i Friend, 

American shotgun, Asking C: $J net, 


American shrines in England Story, A. T: 
^a^et. t t t Maemillan, 

American <ingw in Pari^, Workmart, M, C, 
S, $1,20. F, Workman. 




American soaps. Gathraan, H, $15. 

H. Gathman. 

American social progress ser.; ed. by S: 
McCune Lindsay, D. Macmillan. 

Dcvine. Misery and its causes, **$i.25 

Jenks. Governmental action for social wel- 
fare. $i net. 

Seager. Social insurance. $i net. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 
Transactions; v. 29, Indianapolis and New 
York meetings, 1907. '09 (F6) c. il. 8, hi 
mor., *$n net. Am. Soc. Mech. Engineers. 

American Sociological Society. Papers and 
proceedings, v. r, rst annual meeting, held 
at Providence, R. L, Dec. 27-29, rox>6; v. 2, 
2d annual meeting, Dec. 28-31, 1907; v, 3, 
3d annual meeting, held at Atlantic City, 
N. J., Dec. ^8-30, 1908; v. 4. 4th annual 
meeting, held at New York City. Dec. 27- 
31, 1909. 'io(Jeii) Q. pap., ea., $150 net 

Univ. of Chic. 

American sovereign. Merrill, J. M. $1.50 

C. M. Clark. 

American stage, Eaton, W. P. **$i.50 net. 


American stage of to-day ; biographies and 
photographs of too leading actors and ac- 
tresses; with introd. by W: Winter. '10 
(My7) il. pprs. 8. $2.50. Collier. 

American stallion register. Battell, J. $5. 
Am. Pub. Co,, (Vt.) 

American state repts. ; (A. C. Freeman.) v. 
117, Ti8. } o8(Ap) ; v, 119 (Jl) ; v. 120 (S) ; 
v. T2i (N) ; v. 122 (D) ; v. 123. 'opCMr) ; 
v. 124 (Je) ; v. 125 (Jl) ; v. 126 (S); v. 
127 (N) ; v. 128 (D) ; v. 129. 'io(Mr) ; 
v. 130 (My) ; v. 131 (Je) ; v. 132-133 (N) ; 
v. 134 (D) c. O. shp., ea., $4 net. Digest. 
v. 4, by E. S. Green. '09 (My) c. Q. slip., 
$6. " Bancrofl-W. 

American state ser.; ed. by W. W. Willough- 
by, D. **$i.25 net. ^ Century Co. 

Finlcy and Sanderson. American executive. 

American statesmen: second ser.; large pap. 
ed. pors. 8. Hough ton M, 

Stan wood. James Gillespie Elaine. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) 

American stationary engineering. Crane, W : 
E: $2. Henley. 

American street railway investments. i6th 
annual. '09, [1910.] 495 p. f. $5. 


American student in France. Klein, F. *$2.50 
net McClurg. 

The sugar trust: articles from the New 
York World of June 9, 1009, showing the 
settlement put of court of the case 
brought against the American Sugar Re- 
fining Company by the Pennsylvania 
Sugar Refining Company for $30,000,000. 
'09 (Jl) 2 p. 8. (Add. Superintendent 
lor price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

(American supremacy. Critchfield, G: W. 2 
v. **$6 net. Brentano's. 

American system of agricultural education. 
True, A. C. (Add, Superintendent for 
price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

American system of dressmaking. Merwin, 
P. $20. Am. Coll. Dressmaking. 

American system of shorthand. S. 


Pitman and Howard. Business letters, no. 
4, Instu ance correspondence. 25 c. Legal 
forms (Add. pubs, for price.) 

American teachers 3 ser.; ed. by Ja. Earl-Rus- 
sel. D. ^ Longmans. 

--Lloyd and Bigelow. Teaching of biology 

in the secondary schools. $1.50. 
\merican telegraphy. Maver, W:, jr. $5. 


American transportation conditions. Peyton, 
J : H. 50 c. Courier- Journ. 

American transportation system. Rankin, 
G: A. **$ net Putnam. 

American tropics. Corlett, W: T. $1.50. 


American verse, 1625-1807. Otis, W: B. 
**$i.75 net. Moffat. 

American waiter. Coins, J : B. $i. 

t Hotel Monthly. 

American waterways. American Academy of 
Political and Social Science. $i. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American waterways, il. O. **$3-5O net, 
boxed. Putnam. 

Chambers. Mississippi river and its won- 
derful valley. 

Curwood. Great Lakes. 

Lyman. Columbia river. 

'Quick. American inland waterways. 

American woman's cook book. Blackstone, 
E. M. $1.50. Laird. 

American writers of to-day. Vedder, H: C. 
$1.50. Silver. 

Americana (The) : universal reference library; 
comprising the arts and sciences, literature, 
history, biography, geography, commerce, 
etc., of the world. Editor-in-chief, F: Con- 
verse Beach; managing editor, G: Edn. 
Rines. *o8(My23) c. 16 v., il. pors. maps, 
plans, charts, 8. (Add. pubs, for price.) 
Scientific American. 

Americana Germanica. O. Univ. of Penn. 

MacLean. "Uncle Tom's cabin" in Ger- 
many. $1.50. 

Americana Germanica new ser.; ed. by Mari- 
on Dexter Learned. Q. Univ. of Penn. 

Seipt. Schwenkfelder hymnology. $2. 

Americanism in religion. Roosevelt, T. 35 c. 

E. E. Swadener. 


Clapin, S. New dictionary of American- 
isms. $i. Weiss, 

Americanization of Canada. MofTett S, E, 
[priv. pr.] S : E. Moffett 

Americans. Francis, A. *$i.5o net. Appleton. 

Americans of to-day and to-morrow. Bev- 
eridge, A. J. 50 c. Altemus. 

Ames, C: Gordon. 

Book of prayers. J o8(Di2) 12, *$ net; 
leath., *$2.50 net. Am. Unitarian. 

Ames, E: Scribner. 

Psychology of religious experience.. '10 
(O8) c. O, $2.50 net. Houghton M. 

Ames, Mrs. Eleanor Maria Easterbrook, 

["Eleanor Kirk."] 

The Christ of the red planet. '09 (D) c. 
18-1-138 p. "12, $i. E. M. E. Ames. 

Ames, Mrs. Ernest. 

Little red fox. '09, [1910.] (F) il. sq, 4, 
f6o c. Estes. 




Ames, F, W,, rep. 

See North Dakota, Sup. ct Repts. 
Ames, Fisher, jr. 

By reef and trail; Bob Leach's adventures 
in Florida. '09(Ni3) c. il. D. $1.50. 

Brown & P. 

B^ reef and trail; Bob Leach's adventures 
in Florida. 'io(Sio) c il. D. $1.50, 


Ames, Herman Vandenburg. 
Outlines of lectures on American political 
and institutional^ history during the colo- 
nial and revolutionary periods ,*' with ref- 
erences for collateral reading, 3d ed. '08 
(N?) c, Q. pap, $r. Longmans. 

Ames, Ja. Barr, and Smith, Jeremiah, 
Selection of cases on the law of torts, 3d 
ed, v, I, pt i 2, bv Ja. Barr Ames; v. 2, 
by Jeremiah Smitn, '09 (N) 619 p. O. 
ea M $6, Harvard Law. 

vSVr also Negotiable instrument* la\\. 
Ames, Jos. Bushnell. 

Pete, cow-puncher. 'o8(Ni4) c. il. D. 
t$i.5o. Holt. 

AMES, Joseph Sweetman. 
Benton, J : R. Problems in physics to ac- 
company Ames's Text-bk. of general 
physics, Am, Bk. 

Ames, Mrs. Mary Lesley, ed* 
Life and letters of Peter and Susan Les- 
ley, a v, *i0(Pw) c. pors, 8% $5, 


Ames, Percy W., ed, 

Milton memorial lectures, tQo8; read before 
the Royal Society of Literature ; ed., with 
an introd, ^(Jeto) il, O, $a, 

Oxford Univ, 
Amethyst cross. Hunie, F, W. $1.50. 


5"** Semitic Iinguftgei. 

AMHFUST COLLEGE, Aniherst, Mass, 
Shoop, M. P. Sabrina, the class goddess 
of Amhcrst College. $1,25, M. P, Shoop, 

S*t Amman!** 

Ammerman, Ada. 

Pro patria; il. patriotic recitation with 
lesson talk, f o0(J1) c, 24 p, it. D, pap, 
35 r, Werner. 


T.WIK<\ G : Coal tar and ammonia, a v. 

*$t$ net, Van Nostrantt. 

Renshaw, R, R, t 4*aminophthalic acid and 

some of its derivative s, (Add, author for 

price.) R. R, Renshaw. 

Amntontp E. M. 

Fnrcnt reservations; address del before 
the joint wasion of the Colorado legisla- 
ture. March, 1909. 'mCAg) 18 p. 8 . 

Gov. Pr, Off, 

Set Ounpowdfir. 

Amcmg friends, Crothers, S: M, $1,^5 net, 

Howghtnn M, 

Among many witnesiei. Williams, M, 8, 

80 c. Rcvell 

Among school gardens, Greene, M, L, $1.25, 

Charities Pub 

Among the Danes, Butlin, F. M, *$a,$0 net 

Among the giants, Nchcr, B, M. 40 c. 


Among the Gospels and the Acts. Atnslee, 

P: $1.50. Temple Seminary. 

Among the humorists. Patten, W :, comp. 

$2.25. Collier. 

Among the lighthouses of the Great Lakes. 

Law, W : H. 10 c. W. II. Law. 

Among the maples. Jackson, S: A, *QO c. 

net. Un. Presb, Bd, 

Among the meadow people, Pierson, C. D. 

40 c. Dtitton, 

Among the Sioux $cr. 0. McClurg. 

Hanson. With Sully into the Sioux land. 

Among the wild tribes of the Afghan frontier, 

Pcnncll, T. L. ^$3.50 net. Lippincott 
Amortization. Sprague, C: F.. 50 c. 

C: K. Sprague, 
AMORY, Augustine Heard. 

Moulton, A, W, Memoir of Augustine 
Fleard Amory, $1.25. A. W. Moulton. 
Amours of Henri <le Navarre and of Mar- 
guerite de Valois. Haggard, A. C: F. 

$4,50 net Brcntnno's. 


Powers, J, H. Morphological variation and 
its causes in Amblystvma tiiiimm, $L 
untv, of Neb* 


*S* Cruitaceftni. 

Ampler sky. Fallow, L, *$! net Macmilian. 
Amram, D: Werner. 

Makers of Hebrew books in Italy; being 
chapters in the hht of the Hebrew 
printing press. *io(Fio) c, !i porn, fac* 
sims,. $*\ *$.* nft, (500 copies.) 

J, !L Greenstone, 
Amrina, T; Himer. 

Comparative tests of carbon, metallirrr! <\tr 
boil ami tantalum filament lamps "07, 
Ii909,l (Ap> 44 p, if, 8* 1 , (Univ, nf III 
bull,; Kngmcenng experiment atnnnn.) 
pip. (Ad'cl Univ, for price,) Univ, of III 
Lighting country home* by private electric 
wants. *og(Jai6) il, plans, 8 4 (Univ of 
111 Engineering Experiment Station 
bull) gratis, Univ, of III 

" ,amt Quell, Antonio* 
Teats of tungsten lamps. 'to(My) 33 p. 
il p. (Umv. of III, Engineering Ex- 
periment Station bull) pap, gratis, 

Untv, of III. 
Am a bury, Walhice Bruce. 
French-Canadian in pro^c an<l v<*r?t*. f 1910.) 
(N) c. 24 P 8* 25 c. 

La Salte Extension. 

4 *Btkt recommended to bt cnniuittd and ftid M 
C* p.). 

AmstWtSB, H* S, 

Hind-book of t {>hoto-engravinff: enlarge- 
rocnt and revision of Jcnkini Manual of 
photo-engraving; with upp, rhaptrrs on 
the theory and practice of half-tone color 
work by F; K, tves and Stephen If, Hor- 
gan. jd ed, *oB(Ja4) il por, IX $J, 

Inland Pr. 

Amundsen* Koald Kngelbregt: Gravning. 
Northwest Passage: being the record of t 
voyage of exploration of the ship "Gjoa* 1 
in the years 1903-07; [with a xupplemcnt 
by Lieut Hanscn.) a v, *o8(Agi5) 11 
maps, O, *$B net Putton, 




Amurru, the home of the northern Semites. 

Clay, A. T. $1.25. S. S. Times. 

Amusement situation in the city of Boston; 

based on a study of the theatres for ten 

weeks, from' Nov. 28, 1909, to Feb. 5, 1910; 

rept prep, by the Drama Committee of the 

Twentieth Century Club. 'io(Jei8) 12, 

p'ap., 10 c. Twentieth Century Club 


Beard, L. and A. B. Little folks' handy 
book. 75 c. Scribner. 

Biederwolf, W: E: Christian and amuse- 
ments 15 c. Glad Tidings. 

Fowler, M. Morality of social pleasures. 
$1.25 net. Longmans. 

Glover, _E. H. "Dame Curtsey's" book of 
guessing contests. *5O c. net. McClurg. 

Hamilton, W: W. Worldly amusements. 
**TO c. net Am. Bapt 

Hartt, R. L. People at play. **$ net. 

Houghton M. 

Johnston, B. Home occupation for boys 
and girls. 50 c. Jacobs. 

Palm, Baroness L. von. Rainy day pas- 
times for children. $i. Estes. 

Reisner, C. F. Social plans for the young 
people. *75 c. net Jennings. 

Wells, C. Pleasant day diversions. **$i 
net. Moffat 

Sec also Athletics; Cards; Charades; Children; 
Circus; Conjuring, Dancing; Drills; 
Entertainments; Games; Music; Opera; 
Palmistry ; Playgrounds ; Plays ; Puzzles; 
Recitations ; Sports. 

Amy, the stolen wife. McCormick, C : N. 
$2. McCormick Med. 

Anabasis. See Xenophon. 

See Anesthetics. 


Sec Assaying; Chemistry; Food; Metals and 
metallurgy; Spectrum; also , names of sub- 
stances analyzed. 

Analysis of beauty, Hogarth, W: *$i.5o 

net. Silver Lotus. 

Analysis of plav construction. Price, W: T. 

$5. ' W: T. Price. 

Analysis of the evolution of musical form. 

Glyn, M. H. *$3-5o net. Longmans. 

Analysis of the Gettysburg address. Oakleaf, 

J. B., comp. gratis. J. B. Oakleaf. 

Analyzed Bible. See Morgan, G: Campbell, 


Anarchist woman, Hapgood, H. *$i,25 net 


Eltzbacher, P. Anarchism. $1.50. 

B: R. Tucker. 
Goldman, E. Anarchism. $i net, 

Mother Earth, 

Hebberd, S. S. Impending anarchy. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Maspeth. 

Sts also Socialism. 

Anastatic reprints, various sizes. Stechert. 
-Beesly. Catiline, Clod'ius, and Tiberius. *$3 

Dragondorff. Plant analysis. *$3-5Q net - 

Anathema. Andreyev, L. N. $1.25 net. 


Campbell, W; F. Text-book of surgical 
anatomy, *$5 net; *$6*so net. Saunders. 
Cunningham, D. J : Manual of pract, anat- 
omy. 2 v. ea., $2.50 net. Wood. 

ANATOMY. Continued, 

Cunningham, D. J., ed. Text-book of anat- 
omy. *$6 net; ^$7.50 net. Wood. 

Davis, G. G: Applied anatomy. $6. 


Eddy, W. H. Text-book in general phys- 
iology and anatomy. $1.20. Am. Bk. 
. Eecles, W: M. Elem. anatomy and surg- 
ery for nurses.. $i. W: R. Jenkins. 

Ford, F. C. Hdbk of regional anatomy. 
$1.50. F. C. Ford. 

Gray, H : Anatomy, descriptive and sur- 
gical *$6 net; *$7 net. Lea. 

Kimber, D. C. Text book of anatomy and 
physiology for nurses. *$2.5O net. 


Lewis, L. Anatomy and physiology for 
nurses. *$i-75 net. Saunders. 

Macewen, J: A. Surgical anatomy. *$3 
net Wood. 

McLachlan, J: Applied anatomy: surgical, 
medical and operative. In 2 v. *$6 net 


Pier sol, G: A., ed. Human anatomy. 2 v, 
$15. Lippincott 

Quain, J. and Sir R: Elements of anato- 
my. In 4 v. v. i, $3; v. 2, pt. I, $3.50; 

V. 2, pt. 2, $4.50; V. 3, Pt I, $4-5<>; pt. 2, 

$4.50. Longmans. 

Skillern, P.-G. Descriptive anatomy. $2. 


Sobotta, J. Atlas and text-book of human 
anatomy. In 3 v. vs. 2 and 3. ea., *$b 
net; *$ net Saunders. 

Streeter, G: L. Lab'y guide in anatomy. 
50 c. Wahr. 

Wiedersheim, R. Comparative anatomy of 
vertebrates. *$37S net Macmillan. 

Wilder, H. H. Hist, of the human body. 
$3. Holt. 

Witkowski's atlas of the human body. *$2 
net W: R. Jenkins. 

Woolsey, G : Applied surgical anatomy, re- 
gionally presented. ^$4.50 net Lea. 

Young, J. K. Hdbk. of anatomy. $i.75- 


See also Abdomen; Anatomy for artists; Ani- 
mals; Anthropometry; Arm; Blood; Bones; 
Brain; Domestic animals; - Ear; Eye; 
Foot; Generative organs; Head; Heart; 
Histology; Intestines; Mammalia; Muscles- 
Neck; Nervous system; Nose; Nurses and 
nursing; Pathology; Physiology; Rabbit; 
Spine; Surgery; Teeth; Thorax; also 
Vesalius, Andreas. 

Anatomy and some of the biological aspects 

of the "American mistletoe." York, H. H. 

50 c. Univ. of Tex. 


Fripp, Sir A. D. Human anatomy for the 

art student. $1.75 net Lippincott. 

Anatomy of the automobile. Dyke, A. L. 

$2. " A. L. Dyke. 

Anatomy of the central nervous system. 

Skillern, P., jr. *$i net. Dolbey. 


See Genealogies ; Heredity. 
Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. Lea, J. H: 

$ip, Houghton M. 

Ancient accepted Scottish rites. Breakaway, 

C: A, $i. Aurora Gratia. 

Ancient and modern imperialism. Cromer, 

Earl of. 90 c. net Longmans. 




Ancient and modern Sunday-school methods, 
Boyd, R. H. 25 c. Nat. Baptist Pub. 

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the 
Mystic Shrine, Montpelier, Vt. Mt. Sinai 
Temple. Mt. Sinai Temple nobles of the 
mystic shrine; its pioneers, organizers, offi- 
cers and nobles, Montpelier, Vt, 1876-1910. 
[Ed, cle luxe,] [1910.] (N) c. 388 p. il. 
pors, 4, $12.50. E. J. Hall. 

Ancient China simplified, Parker, E: H. 
*$3 net Button. 

Ancient cities scr. Sec Button's. 

Ancient English Christmas carols. Rickert, 
M. R, cowp. $3,25 net " Duffield. 

Ancient Greek historians. Bury, J : B. $2,25. 


Ancient Hawaiian house. Brigham, W: T. 
$3, Bishop Museum. 


Sft History. 
Ancient law. Glasgow, E. A. G. f$ 

Dotibleday, P. 

Ancient mariner. See Coleridge, S: Taylor. 

Ancient mysteries and modern masonry, 
Vail, C: H. $i. Macoy Pub. 

Ancient mysteries and modern revelation. 
Colvillc, W: W. J. $1 net. Fenno, 

Ancient myths and modern poets* Clarke, 

H. A. $a net Baker & T* 

Ancient Persian lexicon, Tolman, H, C. 

$1,25, Am, Bk. 

Ancient plants, Stopes, M, C $3 net 

Van Nostrond. 

Ancient ruins in the Southwest Hewett, E, 

IL ^ Denver $& Rio Grande. 

Ancient science of numbers. Clement, L, $L 

Roger Bros, 

Ancient tales and folk lore of Japan, Smith, 

R ; (t, *$6 net. Macmillan, 

And so they were married, Kingsloy, A, M, 

t$i. ' Dodd, 

And this is war. Dudley, C H, $r. 


Andean land. Oshorn, C. S. In a v. *$J net, 


Anders, J*. Meachter, 

Text -hook of the practice of medicine. 9th 
e<t,, thoroughly rev, '09(0) c. 1326 p. 
il partly col,, 8** $5.50, Sttmders. 

Andertten, Hans Christian, 
Fairy tales, 'ocjCAgaB) il, 8* *$i.$o net. 

Fairy talcs. '08 (N?) il, 1), $1.50. 


Fairy talcs ami stories, *o8(Oio) il, D. 
, (Howrnan 1 * illustrated lib, of world fav- 
orite hooks,) $i, Bowman, 
Fniry talcs; told in easy French by Kath- 
leen Fitzgerald. '09, {1910,] (Ja) il 
(Children's favorites,) *5oc, net, Jacobs, 
Fairy tales told to the children by Mary 
Macgrcgor, *oH(Jc6) il. i6 a f (Tolcl to the 
children ser.) 50 c. button. 
Fairy talcs; tr, bv W, Angeldorff; ed. by 
Wit, Jcrrold. % io(D) u*. (Children's 
classics,) $i,*5, Dwtton, 
Fairy tales; tr, by Mrs, F.clg, Lucas, *io 
(Ni2) il, 8 $3, Hutton, 
Three talcs of Hans Andersen, f ic>(l)3i) 
il, B\ $1,50. Macmillan, 

Andersen, Hans Christian, --(. 

Ugly duckling, and other stories : in the 

amanuensis style of phonography by Bonn 

Pitman and Jerome B. Howard, '08 

(Ap4) 16, 25 c. Phonograph. 

Anderson, A. J. 

Romance of a friar and a pun; being the 

romance of Fra Lippo Lippi. '09(025) 

il. 8, *$ net. Dodd. 

Anderson, Mrs, Ada Woodruff. 

Heart of the red firs. *o8(Apn) c. il, IX 

t$i.SO. Little, B. & Co. 

Strain of white. *op(My8) c. XI. D. f$i.$0. 

Little, B. & Co. 
Anderson, And. 

Game of draughts. 7th etl.. rev, and ex- 
tended, by Rob. M'Culloch. f io( fljo) O. 
$i. " ' McKay. 

Anderson, Archibald* 

Course of study in history and hdbk. to the 
State so r. advanced text, 'og(Mr) 4, 
(San Francisco State Normal School 
bulls,; new scr.) pap,, 30 c, 

San, F. St, Normal. 
Anderson, Asner, D.IX 
Congregational faith and practice, *io(D) 
2g p, pap, 5 c, Pilgrim Press, 

Anderson, Bp* C; PAlmenton. 
Confirmation or the laying on a! lands. 
*09(Jlio) c. 16*, pap , 10 c. McClwrg* 
Anderson E: LowU. 

Horses and riding, *O9(N) c, 6S p, it, B\ 

$i. U, S. Cavalry, 

Anderaon, Pk. Maloy, contp, 

Constitutions nnd other select doettment^ 

illustrative of the history of France, 1780. 

i<X>7. Rev. eel 'o8(D) 69^ p, ta , *$2,so 

net II W. Wilscm, 

Ariderscn, Rev. Galmhi. 

Hitherto untold. *io(Fi9) c, D, $t, 


Story of n lorder city [St, Lmtn 
the Civil War, W(0j) f il, iwri, O. 
**$i.SO net. Little, H. & Co, 

Anderson, 0; 0* 

Some aspects of irrigation development iti 

Colorado [from proceedings of the Col* 

orado Scientific Society.! "09, |tot<xl 

CAp) 273-314 p. 8* t 50 c, Colo, Sei, Pub 

Anderson, G; Smith. 

Adner Ward, the boy Christian ; the 
Christ-life in childhood, [iom| (Je) c. 
65 p. por, I2\ as c, G; S. Anderson 
Anderson, H: S, and Schatl, Sttnlty* 
Artistic work and gymnastic game*, Rev. 
and eni eel. *cx)(|eic)) c, il S, 75 c, 


Anderson, Ida Frances. 
In love's garden, and other verses, 

(F) c, '00, 95 p. xa*, $!, Arroyo 
Anderson, X8abe1 t [Mri. tarz Anderson,] 
Great sea horse. *OQ( DiB) c, ccl, il, C), 
**$2 net; vellum, *$!$ , Little, B 
Anderson, J. Wewysi* 
Refrigeration, f oB(Ap:f$) il, C), *$*,J5 net 

Anderson, Jacob Savtrt. 
Simple* creamery comptitator, *o8(Je6) c, 
8*, lenth., $5 J, S, 

Anderson! J: A: 
See Jone^, Harry Clary, 




Anderson, J: Wesley. 

From the plains to the pulpit. 

c. il. pors. D. $i. J: W. Anderson. 

Refrigeration. 'o8(Ap25) il. O. *$2.2S net 

Anderson, Jos. Ferguson. 

Methodist dictionary ; brief work on Meth- 
odist ^terminology ; prep, in the interest 
of ministers, members, and friends of 
the Methodist Episcopal church. '10 
.(Myi4) c. 16, 25 c. net. Eaton & M. 
Anderson, Mrs. Larz. 

See Anderson, Isabel. 
Anderson, Lewis F. 

History of common school education, 'oo 
(Myi) c D. $1.25. Holt 

Anderson, Lewis H. 

Mystery of love scientifically and philo- 
sophically considered. 3d ed.,, rev. and 
enl. 'io(Mrs) c. il. por. 8, $2. 

L. H. Anderson. 
Anderson, Melville Best. 

Happy teacher. 'io(D24) c. O. bds., 60 c. 
net B: W. Huebsch. 

Anderson, Rob. A. 

Fighting the Mill Creeks : being personal 

acct. of campaigns against Indians of 

the northern Sierras. 'io(Fip) c. pors. 

D. pap., 50 c. Chico Record. 

Anderson, W: 

Japanese wood engravings. *o8(0i7) 24, 
*75 c. net; leath., *$i net Dutton. 

Anderson, W: B., and Watson, C: R. 

Far north in India: survey of the mission 
field and work of the United Presbyte- 
rian church in the Punjab. '09 (My) c. 
9+17-312 p. il. pors. map, 12, 50 c. 

Bd. For. Miss. 

Bibliography (3 p). 

Anderson, W: J. 

Architecture of the Renaissance in Italy. 
4th ed., rev. and enl. > o9(Ag2i) il. 8, 
*$5 net. Scribner, 

, and Spiers, R. Phene. 
Architecture of Greece and Rome. %d ed., 
rev. and enl, by R. Phene Spiers. '08 
(My9) il. 8, *$7.5o net, Scribner. 

Anderson, W: Lincoln. 
American phonography. Rev. ed. '08 (Dig) 
12, $1.20 ; Graded exercises in phonog- 
raphy to accompany "American phonog- 
raphy." O. pap., 50 c. Ginn. 
Anderson & Goodwin Company. Standard 
historical atlas of Sioux County, Iowa ; 
cont. maps of villages, cities and townships 
of the county ; maps of state, United States 
and world. >o8(Jei3) c. f, $15. 

I. B. Goodwin. 


Bullard, K. C., comp* Over the dead-line ; 
or, who killed 'Toll Parrot": [incident 
in Andersonville prison.] *$i net 


Connecticut Andersonville Monument 
Commission. Dedication of the monu- 
ment at Andersonville, Ga. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) Connecticut. 

Page, J. M., and Haley, M. J. True story 
of Andersonville prison. $2. Neale. 

Andes, L: Edgar. 

Treatment of paper for special purposes ; 
tr. from the German by C: Salter. '08 
(Di2) il. 12. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Van Nostrand. 

Andes and the Amazon. Enock, C. R. $1.50 
net Scribner. 

Andom, R. 

Enchanted ship: a story. *o8(Myi6) D. 
$1.25. CasselL 


Perrin, L. J. My three years at Andover. 

$i. ' Mahew.. 

Robbins, Mrs. S. S. Old Andover days. *$i 

net. Pilgrim Press. 


Eastman, J : R. Hist, of the town of And- 
over, New Hampshire, 1751-1906. $3; 
$3.75. Andover, N. H., Com. Hist. 

Andreini, Jos. Manuel. 
J. Winfred Spenceley: his etchings and 
engravings in the form of book plates. 
'io(Jeii) 8, $4. Assoc. Bk. 

Andreiyeff, Leonidas. 

See Andreyev, Leonid Nikolaevich. 
Andrew, A"bram Piatt. 

Substitute for cash in the panic of 1907. 

'08. 497-516 p. il. fold, tab., 8. (Add. 

pub. for price.) Ellis. 

, oomp. Financial diagrams. 'io(O) 24 

col fold, diagrs., f. Gov. Pr. Off, 

An dr ewes, Amy G., ed. 

Story of Bayard ; [founded on the "His- 

toire dtt bon Chevalier Bayard," by the 

"Loyal Serviteur."] > io(My2i) il. D. 

$1.50 net. Lane. 

Andrews, Alb. H:, ed. 

Sec Wood, Casey Alb., ed. 
Andrews, Alice Ebba. 

See Newcomer, Alphonso Gerald. 
Andrews, Annulet, [Mrs. J. Kingsley Ohl.] 
Wife of Narcissus. 'o8(Fi5) c. D. t$i.25. 

Andrews, B: R: 

Museums of education; their history and 
use. '08, [1909.] (S) 98 p. (Teachers'" 
College record.) pap., 30 c. 

Teachers' Coll. 
Andrews, Mrs. Bessie Ayars. 

Colonial and old houses, -of Greenwich '08" 
(Apu) il. D. $i; pap., 50 c, 

B. A. Andrews. 
Andrews, C. D., pseud. 

New standard speller ; word-book of pro- 
gressive lessons in spelling, pronunciation- 
and word building"; for use in primary, 
intermediate and grammar grades. '08, 
[1909.] (Ap) 218 p. front 12, bd's., 25 c. 

Andrews, Rev. C. F. 

Christ in India; study in indigenous Chris- 
tian development 'io(D) 12, $1.50 net. 


Andrews, C: McLean. 

British committees, commissions, and coun- 
cils of trade and plantations, 1622-1675, 
J o8(Jei3) c. O. (Johns Hopkins Univ, 
studies in hist, and pol. science.) pap. r 
75 c. Johns Hopkins. 




Andrews, C: McLean, and Davenport, Frances 


Guide to the manuscript materials for the 
history of the United States to 1783, in 
the British Museum, in minor London 
archives, and in the libraries of Oxford 
and Cambridge. *o8(Fi3) Q. (Carnegie 
Institution of Washington pubs.) pap., $2. 


, Gambrill, J; Montgomery, and Tall, Lida 

Bibliography of history for schools^ and li- 
braries, with descriptive and critical an- 
notations; pub. under the auspices of the 
Association of History Teachers of the 
Middle States and Maryland. 'lofjlp) c, 
D. 60 c, net. Longmans. 

ANDREWS, /ty, Edward Gayer. 
McConncll, F, J. F.dward Gayer Andrews, 
[Methodist bishop,] *$r.5Q*net. 

Eaton & M, 

Andrews, E: lewis* 

Napoleon and America : outline of the rela- 
tions of the United States to the career 
and downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte. '09 
(Mrao) 4, *$2 net M. Kennerley, 

Stock Exchange and the public; reprinted 
from The BaiiktrJ Magmini, *O9(JXl) 
0, pap,, 25 c. Bankers* Magazine. 

Andrews^ Eliza Frances. 
War- time iottrnal of a Georgia girl, 1864- 
18*15;. *oH(S26) c, il. pom 0* **$2.5O net. 

Andrews, Fk, D. 

Tea-humors of Cumberland County, [N, 
J M ] who showed their resistance to Brit- 
ish tyranny and unjust taxation by burn- 
ing a cargo of Kast India tea. f o8 ( [1900,] 
(Mr) 5-41 p, il B a 30 c. 

F. D, Andrews, 

". oomp, Inscriptions on the unwe stones in 
tlu old "New England Town** burying 
Wound Fairton, New Jersey; with histori- 
cal sketch, list of the signers of the Co- 
hansey ('ompact, 1607, and the names of 
some "<f thf early settlers of Pnlrfield. *og, 
fioto.l I Agfa) 12, 25 c, F, D, Andrews, 
, ed, Husiness men of the city of, Hartford 
(CM in the year 1709, printed from the 
orijr. manuscript with notes. '09, fiQiaJ 
(f)) *?4 p. u, 35 c. F, D, Andrews, 

Andrews* G: Arth* 

What is essential? *io(Agt3) c. D, $i net 


Andrews, Bev, H, T, 

Acts of the Apostles. *o8(Ag!5) 16*, 
( Westminster N, T.) *7$ c, net. Revel!. 
Andrew*, H: Russell. 

Midwifery for nurses, ad ed. "09, fi^io,] 
(F) u43to P. il D, *$L25 net 

Hiram Bertran^i. 

fsiini of reinforced concrete slabs, beams 
ami columns* conforming to the rccom- 
memtationft of the Joint Committee on 
Concrete and Reinforced Concrete cpm- 
posrd of committees of the American 
Society of Civil Engineers, American 
Soriftv for Testing Materials, [etc] 
*mCAfn6) c, tabu,, H*, $*. 

H. B, Andrews. 

Andrews, Hiram Bertrand. Continued. 

Practical reinforced concrete standards. 
f o8(Agrs) c. il. 4, $2. Simpson. 

Andrews, Ja. De Witt. 
American law: a commentary on the juris- 
prudence, Constitution and laws of U. S. 
2d ed. 2 v. '08 (Mr.) c. 2100 p. 8, 
*$T2 net. Callaghan. 

Andrews, Ja. P. 

See Conn. Sup. ct. of errors. Repts. 
Andrews, L: Robins. 

White peril ; or, how I cured myself of con- 

sumption at home, Rev. ed., ed. and 

comp. by Athole Burnett Render. Yx) 

(84) c. por. D, $l. White Peril 

Andrews, Mrs* Mary Raymond Shipman, 

[Mrs, W; Shankland Andrews,] 
Better treasure. ! o8(N7) il G, $1.25. 


Enchanted forest. *09(023) il. u a , $1,50, 


Lifted bandage, 'uKMng) c, D. hds., 

**SO c. net, Scribner. 

Perfect tribute. [Centenary ed.] *o8(Dia) 

c. B e , t$i. Scribner. 

Andrews, F. J. p, 

Sec Connecticut, Sujtrfm ct. of emirs* 


ANDREWS^ Richard Snowden, 

Smith, T. f id. Richard Snowclen An- 

drews, lieutenant-colonel commanding the 

First Maryland Artillery, Confederate 

States Army, $1.50 net. Eichdbrrgcr. 

Andrewa, Rob. W, 

| Japan mission of the American church, 
I o8(J!) c. I2-M59 P & P^*< wP ^* 
I f Soldier and servant ser, ) $i : pap,, 50 c, 


! Andrews, T; Stpra, comp, 
I World's sporting annual rironl book, 

T ; S Ati*hr\\s, 

pap. 10 c, 


Old Rriglwh towns, "^(DiH) il, C), *$j net. 


W; Lorlf. 
Jacob Steendfim, Nochvtter; a memoir of 
the lint poet in j^few Nfethertamt** with 
translations of hit poems dc^riptive of 
the colony, % o8(Jca7) c, il ia*, **|7.50 
net, Docld, 

Andrews, Mrs. W: ShAnklniul. 
Stt Andrews* Aff*. Mary Raymond Ship- 

Attdrewi, W; Syme, 

Magir Mjunres and cubes; with cbantfrn by 
Paul CarjH, I,, S, Frimon ann C, A, 
Browne* jr, and introd, by Paul fiintst, 
'o8(AgO il. H a *$i,so net, Open Court, 
Andreyev, Leonid Nikolaevich. 
A dilemma; tr. from the Kuft*tan by J: 
Cournos. *OQ(Nao) $i* Brown ftro, 

Anathema; tragedy; auth. tr. by Herman 
Bernstein. *io(O29) c. D. $las net, 


Seven who were hanged: t story; Author. 
tr, from the Russian by llenran llfrn- 
^ttin, *<K)(Myn c, D, $i, F. S, Ogitvic. 

Silence, VB(S) 31 p, (Modern attflmrs* 
ser,1 Mn, t 25 c, Prrnvn Hro*. 




Andriessen, Hugo. 

Poetische auslese. 'io(O) 12, pap., 50 c. 

H. Andriessen. 

Andrornaque. See Racine, Jean Baptiste. 
ANDROS, Sir Edmund. 
Davis, A. McF. Was it Andros? [priv. 
pr.] A. McF. Davis. 

.Andujar, Manuel. 

Spain of to-day from within. 7 09(Api7) 

c. il. D. *$i.2S net. .Revell. 

Anecdota Oxoniensia f classical ser. O pap. 

Oxford Univ. 

Clark. Inventa Italorum. $3. 
Keith, ed. Aitareya Aranyaka. $7.75. 
Anecdota Oxoniensia; Mediaeval and mod- 
ern ser. 8. Oxford Univ. 
John, of Worcester. Chronicle. *$i.po net 
Anecdotes sur Napoleon. See Saint-Hilaire, 

Marco de. 

Hunter, W : Severest anaemias, v. I. 
*$3.25 net. Macmillan. 


See Marine zoology. 

Aneroid barometer. Plympton, G: W. 50 c, 

Van Nostrand. 

Collum, R. W., and Gray, H. M. M. Prac- 
tice of anaesthetics, and General surgical 
technique. v $3 net. Wood. 

De Ford, W : H. Lectures on general 
anaesthetics in dentistry. $3. J. T. Nolde. 
Eliot, C: W: Fruits of medical research 
with the aid or anaesthesia and asepti- 
cism. (Not for sale.) 

Mass. Gen. Hospital. 

^Gardner, H. B. Surgical anaesthesia. *$2.25 

net. Wood. 

Nee, F. E. Practical points in anesthesia. 

60 c. ; $1.50. Surgery. 

Probyn-Williams, R. J. Pract. guide to the 

administration of anesthetics. *$i.6o net 

Anet, Claude. 

Through Persia in a motor-car, by Russia 
and the Caucasus; tr. by M. Beresford 
Ryley, *o8(Oio) il. O. *$45 special net. 

Anfang und ende, Heyse, P. J. L. 35 c. 

Anfang und ende. Heyse, P. J. L. 40 c. 

Angel, Myron. 

La piedra pintada; the painted rock of 
California; legend. 'io(Dio) c. il. 8, 
$1,25. Grafton Pub. 

Angel (The). Thorne, G. t$i.5O. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Angel and the star. See Gordon, C: W: 
Angel Esquire. Wallace, E. t$i-So. Holt 
Angel of Lonesome Hill, Landis, F: 50 c, 
net, Scribner. 

Angel of thought Murphy, E. A. $i. 

Angela's quest Bell, L. L. $1.50. Duffield. 

Angelic Angelina. Paddock, M. 60 c. 

Cupples & L. 

Angelico, Pra, [Frate Giovanni da Fiesole.] 
Masterpieces. 'ogQlsr) il. 24", (Painters' 
ser.) pap., *25 c. net; leath., *75 c, net 


ANGELICO, Fra (Frate Giovanni da Fiesole). 
Mason, J. FraAngelico. *6sc. net. Stokes. 
Angell, Emmett Dunn. 
Play; comprising games for the kindergar- 
ten, playground, schoolroom, and col- 
lege; how to coach and play girb' 
basket-ball, etc. J io(Myi4) c. il. D. $1.50 
net Little, B. Co. 

Angell, Fk. Capron. 

Annals of Centerdale in the town of North 

Providence, Rhode Island, its past and 

present, 1636-1909. '09 (N) c. 15+196 p. 

il. map, 8, $2.50. F. C Angell. 

Angell, Ja. Btirrill. 

Age of quickened conscience; baccalaureate 
address. 'op(N) 10 p. O. pap. (Add. 
University for price.) Univ. of Mich. 
Angell, Ja. Rowland. 

Psychology: an introd. study of the struc- 
ture and function of human conscious-, 
ness. 4th ed., rev. 'o8(Oio; c. il, 8, 
$1.60. Holt. 

Angellier, Auguste. 

Pages choisies : prose et vers ; ed. by fimile 

Legoius; seule edition antorisee. '09 

(Mr6) por.- S. (Oxford higher French 

ser.) $1.15. Oxford Univ. 

Angels of Savonarola. Baird, E. S. 50 c. 

Am. Tr. 

Angelus (The) and the Regina Czeli; with a 

few short notes, explanatory and historical. 

'io(Mr5) S. pap., 25 c. Longmans. 

Angelus University text-books, course in the 

history of the world's greatest nations, il. 

8. t Angelus Univ. 

Morris. Historical tales. 15 v. (Sold by 

subs, only.) 
Angers, F. 

See Conan, Laure, pseud. 
Angier, A. Gordon. 

Far East revisited; with a preface by Sir 
Rob. Hart '08 (Dig) il. 8, *$4.2O net 

Angler's guide. Bradford, C: B. $i; 50 c. 

Nassau Press. 
Angler's guide. Held, R. J., ed. 50 c. 

Field and Stream. 

Angler's guide. Randall, W., ed. 60 c. ; 50 c. 
Field and Stream. 
Angler's secret Bradford, C: *$i net. 

Nassau Press. 

Angler's workshop, il. S. $i. Forest. 

Frazer. Rodmaking for beginners. 

See Church of England; Protestant Episcopal 

Anglican Church hdbks.; ed. by W. H. Grif- 
fith Thomas, D.D. D. 40 c. net. Longmans. 

Carter. English Church in the I7th cen- 
tury. English church in the i8th century- 

Chadwick. Social work. 
D'Arcy. Christianity and the supernatural. 
Girdlestone. Old Testament theology and 
modern ideas. 

Joynt. Pastoral work. 

Lees. Joy of Bible study. 

Spencer. Old Testament history. 

Stock. English church in the nineteenth 

Thomas. Christianity is Christ 

Tisdall. Comparative religion. 
-Warman. New Testament theology. 



Anglican liberalism; by twelve churchmen. 

J o8(Di2) D. (Crown theological lib.) 

*$i.50 net. Putnam. 


Lowndes, A, Vindication of Anglican or- 
ders. *$3.50 net. Gorham. 

$*t Church of England, 

6Vf Fish and fishing. 

Anglo- American legal hist. Sec Select es- 


Set South Africa. 

Anglo-Jewish memories. Adler, H. *$i.$o 

net. Bloch. 

An^lo-iSaron chronicle; tn by . E. C. 

Gomme. *09(Jh7) 12, *$2 net. 


Anglo-Saxon Congregationalism in the South, 
Jenkins, R E. (Add. pubs, for price.) 


Bale, C, K. Syntax of the genitive case in 
the Lindisfarne Gospels. 50 c. 

Univ. of la. 

Peloubet, S, S. Students' law diet, of words 
and phrases in law Latin, law French and 
Anglo-Saxon, $1*50; $2, Peloubet 

Ayres, H. M. Bibliographical sketch of 
Anglo-Saxon literature. 25 c. net. 


Riddles nf the Exeter hook, $2,50, Ginn, 


J.ME, Marie ThenSi* Charlotte, 
1 1 it chess <!'. 

Ciossvlin, L. L, T, (J, Daughter <>f Louis 
xvi,, Maric-Thtfresc-Charlotte clr France. 

*$4 net. Lane, 

Tnrqnan, J, Madame Royale, the last 

Ibuphine; Marie TMrlse Charlotte cle 
France, Duthesse d'Angouleme. $3-75 
net Brentano*. 

Angus, D, C. 

Japan ; the eastern wonderland, New and 

enl eel. 'io(Oi) il. B* $x net CasselL 

Anlwrmonie co-ordinates, Htme, H : W, L, 

$3 nrt, Longmans. 


Blanck, R C Nitration of aniline and 
certain of its derivatives* 40 c, 

Jfohni Hopkins. 

Aninutl analogues, Wood, R. W. **50 c, 

net. ^ ( P, Elder, 

slnitnttl (tutohitigraphifjt srr t Sef Macmil- 


Animal bchwitw $?r* 5Vf Mactni)latt*!t. 
Animal castration, Liatitanl, A, $z 

W; R Jenkins, 

Animal figures in the Maya codices. Tower, 
A, M. $L Pcahocly Museum. 

Animal life, Gamble, F. W, *$a net. Dution. 
Animal parasite*. Kaupp, B; R $2,25, 

A, Eger. 


Couj>in v I L E. V. and Lea, J ; Wonders of 
animal ingenuity* 75 c, Lippincott, 
Animal trainer, Guigou, P, $1,25. Ditfticltl. 

Beard, D, C, Animal book and camp-fire 
stories. $1,75 net Moffat 

ANIMALS.' Continued. 

Bourne, G. C. Comparative anatomy of 

animals, v. i. *$i.40 net. Macmillan. 
Brain, B. M., comp. Adventures with four- 

footed friends. *$i,2S net. Re veil. 

Bralliar, F. Elo, the eagle, and other sto- 

ries. $i. Pacific Press. 

Breck, E: Wilderness pets at Camp Buck- 

shaw. $1.50 net Houghton M. 

Ccsarcsco, Countess E. M. Place of ani- 

mals in human thought. *$3 net. 

Dale, J: T: Jlcnu's and Kroaiht-arts anti' 

their animal friends. $i. Fairfax. 

Daniel, J. F. Animal life of Malaysia, 

**$r,20 net. Bobbs-M, 

Darton, F. J, H, Wonder book of birds 

and beasts, $1.50, Stokes, 

Dugmore, A, R. Camera adventures in* 

the African wilds, **$6 net 

Douhleday, P, 
Dumas, A. My pets, *$L75 net, 

English, D, "Wee timVous bcastics"^ stud- 

ies in animal life, $1.50, Casaell 

Farrow, G: E: Zoo babies. $1,25, Stokes, 
Firm* F* Wild beasts of the world, a v, 

$8 net, Dodgt, 

Golding H., td. Book of animal* ; for 

boys and girls, $1,50, Striken, 

Grimm, J. L. K, and W. K Animal sto- 

nes. $1,50, DuflSeld. 

Gwi/ou, A, Animals in the Ark, $1,25, 

k, C. Beasts and wn ; bring 
( % arl I lagcnbrck*H rxprrinircs fnr half n* 
century among wild nntinnN, *$j 50 net. 

Haviland, M. D, Lives of the fur folk. 

$1,35 net Longmans. 

Uawkcs, C Black Bruin; [fiction | t$i,so, 

Kfllner r O, Scientific feeding of Animals. 

$1.90 net Macmtllftn. 

Knight, C: R. AnimaN *f tbo \\nrUl fcr 

young people. **$2 net. Stkrs. 

Knobel, K: Wild Attirmi!* nf Nojth Amrr 

!CA. $3,50, LnvrH, 

Long, W : J, Northern tr;uH ; [ Iifr itt 

the far north,] Bk*. f, j, rn,. 4; f (Jinn, 
McCrea, R, C, Humane movement, $J 

nt't, t,*ni*kf. 

Maclcod, M, td. Tiny true inks of sttti 

jals. 50 e, Stokes, 

Meier, W: H. D, Animal study, 75 c, 

Miller, G. S, />. Ntnv oarniv*rr from 

Chma, HMV, Pr, f>ff. 

Mitton^ G: E, cti* Animnt itutnbio^raphy 

scr, ? v ea,, $1,40 nrt, Mtcrtnillan. 
Morgan, C ! Animal behaviour, $-1,50, 

Mother animal stories. t5 c Altrnms, 

Pycraft, W, P. Animal wlty bmf, $2, 

Roberts, C: G: D, Kings in exile, $1.50. 

Setoii, E. T, Life In^tortcn nf northcrD 
animals. In 2 v, *$i8 net, ^Scrilinrr. 

Thayer, G.^H. Concetltng-colorttlon in the 
tnimal kingdom, $7. MacrntHtn. 




ANIMALS. Continued. 

Thomson, M. R. and J. A. Threads in the 

web of life. 50 c. net Macmillan. 

Washburn, M. F. Animal mind. *$i.6onet. 


White, F. E., comp. Animal lover's birth- 
day book. 50 c. Macmillan. 
Wilson, P. Nature round the house : [ani- 
mals.] $i. Longmans. 

Sec also Amphibia; Cattle; Domestic animals; 
Embryology; Evolution; Game preserving; 
Hunting; 'Mammals; Natural history; 
Parasites; Protozoa; Sports and sportsmen; 
Taxidermy; Theosophy; Vertebrates; Vet- 
erinary medicine and surgery; Vivisection; 
Zoology; also names of animals. 
Ann Veronica. Wells, H. G: t$i-5O. Harper. 
ANNA MONICA PIA, Duchess of Saxony. 
Kremer, Mrs. L Struggle for a royal child, 
Anna Monica Pia, Duchess of Saxony. 
$I'5Q. M. Kennerley. 

Annals of a parish. See Gait, J: 
Annals of Ann. Sharber, K. T. $1.50. 

Annals of Csesar. Sihler, E. G. $1.75 net 


Aimals of Fairyland; reign of King Cole; 

[ccl. by J. M. Gibbon.] 'ogCMrs;) 16, 

(Eveiyman's lib.) *35 c. net; leath., *7O c. 

ut. Button. 

Annals of Fairyland ; reign of King Oberon ; 

[ccl. by Wa. Copeland Jerrold.j 3 oo(Mr27) 

16, (Everyman's lib.) ^35 c. net; leath., 

*7o c. net. Button. 

Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of 

Harvard College, il. 4. Harvard Univ. 

Sampson. Biscussion of the eclipse of 

Jupiter's satellites. $i. 
ANNAND, James. 

Hodgson, G: B. From smithy to senate; 
the life story of James Annand. *$i.75 
net. Cassell. 

Annandale, Nelson. 

Fresh- water sponges collected in the Phil- 
ippines by the Albatross expedition. '09 
(N) 131-132 p, 8, pap. (Add, Supetin- 
tendent for price,) 

U. S., Stipt. of Bocs. 

See St. Stephen's College. 


Evening Capital, Annapolis, Md. Historical 

and industrial ed., portraying the glorious 

past and future posibilities of Annapolis. 

25 c. Evening Capital. 

Annapolis first classman. Beach, E : L. $1.25. 

Penn Pub. Co. 

Annapolis second classman. Beach, E: L. 
t$i.25. Penn Pub. Co. 

Annapolis youngster, Beach, E: L. f$i,25. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
ANNE, Queen of England. 
Ryan, P. F. W; Queen Anne and her 
court. 2 v, *$6 net. Bulton. 

Anne Kempburn. Bryant, M. $1.30 net 


Anne Nelson. Curtis, A. T. $1.2$. Fenno. 
Anne of Avonlea. Montgomery, L. M. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 

Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery, L. M. 

t$i.50. L- C. Page. 

Anne of Trgboul. Goetchius, Mrs, M. L. $i 

net. Century Co. 

Anne Page. Syrett, N. $1.50. Lane. 

Anneau (L J ) d'argent. See Bernard, Charles 

Annee (Une) de college a Paris. Laurie, A. 
35 c. net. Macmillan. 

Anne's terrible good nature. Lucas, E: V. 
$1.75- Macmillan. 

Annesley, C:, [pseud, of C: and Anna Titt- 


Standard opera glass ; detailed plots of one 
hundred and fifty-five celebrated operas. 
New ed., rev., with additions and por- 
traits. 'io(B3i) c. pors. I2 C , $1.50 net; 
leath., $2.50 net. Brentano's. 

Standard opera glass : hand-book for opera- 
goers, giving the details of the plots and 
characters of 120 operas. New special ed, 
'oS(ApiS) c. 12, $1.50; hf. mor., $3. 


Annesley, Mrs. Maude. 
Boor of darkness. > o8(Je2o) B.^i-SO. Lane. 
Wind along the waste. *io(Bi7) 12, $1.50. 


Anniversaries and holidays. Hazeltine, M. 
E., ed. 25 c. Wisconsin Free Lib. 

Annual American catalog, 1908; record, under 
author, title, subject and series; also the 
full titles, with descriptive notes, of all 
books recorded in The Publishers' Weekly; 
directory of publishers, etc.; (first supple- 
ment to the American Catalog, 1905-1907.) 
f 09(Api7) c. Q. $3. Pub. Weekly. 

Annual American catalog, 1909; cont record 
under author, title, subject, and series of 
all books recorded in The Publishers 1 
Weekly, 1909; with directory of publish- 
ers, authors, and printers issuing books 
during the year; and directory of book- 
sellers in the principal towns of the U. S. 
and Canada; [second supplement to the 
American catalog, 1905-1907.] f io(Api6) 
c. -Q. $3 net. Pub. Weekly, 

Annual library index. See Fletcher, W: I:, 

Annual magazine subject-index for 1908: a 
subject index to 120 Am. and Eng. period- 
icals and society publications, by F: Win- 
throp Faxon. J o9(My8) 8, $3. 

Boston Bk. 

Annual magazine subject-index, 1909; sub- 
ject-index to a selected list of American 
and English periodicals and society trans- 
actions not elsewhere indexed; the Bra- 
matic Index for 1909 is incl. as part 2. v. 3. 
'io(Je4) 8, $5.50 net Boston Bk. 

Annual register: review of public events at 
home and abroad for the year 1907. ; o8 
(Jeia) ; 1908. 'O9(jei9) ; 1909. J io(Jei8) 
O. ea., $6. Longmans. 


See Almanacs and annuals; Calendars and year- 


See Insurance. 


See Marriage. 
Another Annapolis alphabet. Stevens, W: O. 

50 c. Lord Balto. Pr. 

Another fairy reader. Baldwin, J. 35 c. 

Am. Bk 
Another mile. Chapman, J. W. *2$ c. net; 

*75 c. net. Revell. 




Another three weeks. Metcalfe, J. S. 25 c. 

Life Pub, 
AnscMtz, E: 

Gott uncl sein volk; das Alte Testament 
in predigten dargelegt; em schliissel zum 
selbst&ndigen forschen der einzelnen 
schriften. 'io(Ag) c. 304 p. per, 8, 
(Gottes botschaft an die menschleit; die 
Bibel in predigten dargelegt,) $1.50. 

Germ, Bapt. 

Ansell, Florence Jean, and Fraprie, Fk, Roy. 
Art of the Munich galleries; being a hist. 
of the progress of the art of painting, 
illuminated and demonstrated by critical 
descriptions of the great paintings in the 
Old Pinakothck, the New Pinakothek, 
and the Schack Gallery in Munich, '10 
(Da) c. iL D. (Art galleries of Europe 
sen) il. $2 net, boxed; ?4 leath,, $5 net, 
boxed. L. C. Page. 


Foley, G: C. AnselnVs theory of the atone- 
ment, **$i,so net, Longmans. 
Anstoptz, B: Pollcck* 

Guide to the twelve tissue remedies of bio- 
chemistry, the cell-salts, biochemic or 
Schuessler remedies. *09(Je) c 91 p. 
16, 75 c, Boericke & T. 

Sexual ills and diseases; popular manual 
based on the best homoeopathic practice 
and text-bks, ad ed. rev, and tnl, 'ID 
(N) 170 p, $i net Boerlekts & T. 

Anaon, Sir W: ReyntlL 
Law and custom of the constitution. In 
3 v, v, i, Parliament, 4th cd, 'op(D) ; 
v, 2 S The crown, nt, L r oH(Jai8) ea,, 
$3,40 net; pt, 2, *oft(Di9) O, $J,QO, 

Oxford Univ. 

Principles of the English law of contract 
and of its agency in its relation to con- 
tract, rath ed, f rev. by M, L, Gwyer, 
'io(S) '$3.25 net Oxford Univ. 

Attsoiij W, S, W, ed. 

Christmas hook of enrol? and song, 'TO 
(Dai) col il 8*, lambskin, $3, boxed; 
velvet cf,, $4, boxed. Barae & H. 

Ansiwia classics. 16*. 50 c, Hurst. 

Field, Sinter** cake* and other htorlc*. 
GelHbrand, J, Cole, 
Amtadt, P: 

RfcoKJution of otir friends in heaven, 4th 
e<l "07, fiooB) (Mr,) c, 336 p it 
ta*, $i; leaih,, $1,30, Anfttadt, 

^AnttiVj F, t w pseud. 

See Guthric, T: Anstey. 
Answer to the charge of railroad robbery. 
Washington, W: D'H, (Prlv. pr.) 

W: D, Wiishinfton, 

Answer to "Three years* in Arkansas.** 

Hughes, Mw. M. F, as c, Wiley $x W, 

Answers to questions prescribed by medical 

state boards, l.udy, R. R, rrf. $1.50, MeVey. 


Sharklrton, Sir E, II, Heart of tlie Ant- 
arctic. **$io net, Ltppincott, 
Antclifft,, H: 

Schubert, io(08) il i6* f (Belfs minia- 
ture sen of musicians.) 50 c net ; $i net. 


ff. H ! E. QrSbttoidet of Illinois, see, 
IIL Ltb'y Nat. Hilt 

Anthologie clti theatre frungais conlcniporain 
(prose ct verse). Pellissier, (I, J. M., <v>w/. 
$1.25. Lemrkc. 


See "Ballads; Christmas; - French litviutuif; 
Krtioh poetry;- Friendship; (ionnnn litrrn- 
turc; ^ Greek literatxire ; Irish pttetty; Italy; 
-Latin literature, Latin pcx'try; London ; 
Music; Nature; New York C'lty; Occnn; 
Poetry; --Treasury aer. ; United States, 


Flaubert, G. Temptation of St. Anthony. 
$1.25. A, llarriman. 

Anthony, Albert L, 

Hist of Cavalry Comrnandcry for fifty 
years, ending with Nov. 13, 1009. [I9IO.J 
(Mr) 650 p. il. $5, (300 copies.) 

A. L. Anthony, 
Anthony, Gardner Chace, 
Machine drawing, ' 10(1)54} c, iL tabs*, 
12, (Technical drawing scr, ) $1,50. 


, and Ashley, G. Ps. 

Descriptive geometry, '09 (My is) c, 
diagrs., obi. x6* (Technical drawing 
sen) $2, Heath. 

ANTHONY, Susan Browndl, 
Harper, Mrs. L A, H, Life and work of 
Susan B, Anthony, In 3 v, v. 3. 

Nat. Am. Woman Suffrage. 
Anthony, W: Arnold. 

Lecture-notes on the theory of electrical 
measurement*; prepared for the third- 
year rlaases of the Cooper Union night- 
school of science. 3d ed,, rev, by Albert 
Ball, '08(03) c, figs, i3*,$i. Wiley, 
Anthony Cttthbert Bagot R; *$iso net, 


Set Coal. 

Arebaollogyt Ethnology; ManiSrcrct 


Seaver J, W* Anthropometry tnd phyifctl 
examination, $1.50. J, W, Seiycr. 

United States. /ttt^tf*fcw Commission* 
Changes Jn bodily form of deseendnntt 
of immigrants, *io(JI) a+*^3 p. M 8*, 
ANTXRTAM (Battle of), 
Spear, W: E North and the South it 
Antietam and Gettysbwrg, $i, 

W: E, Spear, 

Hays, H, A, Antietam and It* bridges* 
$3,50, Putntm* 


Sit West !ti!!f. 

Anti-matrimony* Mucknye, P, XV, $i.2S net, 

Anti mtes. Walker, R J, $6,50 net, 

Wang, C. Y* Antimony, *$4 net, 


5 f* Baptist church- 

Anti-prtgmttism. Sehifix, A, $1.50, Small. 

Antiqitary*$ books, il. O, Scrlbntr, 

Unwin, Gilds and companies of London. 

*$a net, 

$** Certmle$;*-Colltct!ttg? Fiirnltwrt, 





See Archaeology; also names of countries and 

Antiquities of central and south-eastern Mis- 
souri. Fowke, G. 40 c. Smith Inst 

Antiquities of the Ouachita Valley. Moore, 
C. B. $3.75. C. B. Moore. 


See Genealogies: Wyman, Mrs, 'M. E. T, 


See Jews. 


Eliot, C: W: Fruits of medical research 
with the aid of anaesthesia and asepticism. 
(Not for sale.) Mass. Gen. Hospital. 

See Serum; Tetanus. 

Anton, the man who saw. Brownson, E. L. 
$i. Mayhew. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. 
Imperator ad se ipsvm ; recognovit breviqve 
adnotaticne critica instrvxit I. H. Leo- 
pold. '08(024) D. (Scriptorum classico- 
rum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis.) 75 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. 'oS(Oio) 
12, ("Best books" ser.) leath., *$i net. 


Thoughts; ed. by Dana Estes. J o8(Di9) c. 
pors. 12, (Noble thought ser.) bds., 
$1.50, boxed; parchment, $5, boxed. 


ANTONINUS, Marcus Aurelius. 
Bussell, F. W. Marcus Aurelius. $1.25. 

Antonio. Oldmeadow, E. **$i,30 net. 

Century Co, 
Antony and Hero. Simon, F. P: $i. 

F. P: Simon. 
Antremer, Jos. D*. 

See D'Antremer, Jos. 
Antrim, Bug. Marion. 
Greatest things in religion ; being studies in 
some of the Christian fundamentals with 
sidelights on the "new theologies." *io 
(Di7) c. 8, 75 c. Jennings. 

Antrim, Mrs, Minna Thomas. 
Don'ts for bachelors and old maids. '08 
(Ag2Q) c. T. 50 c. ; ooze cf., $i. Alt emus, 
Jester Life and his marionettes. '08, [1909.] 
(Mr) c. il. 24, ooze cf., $i. Altemus, 

Hammarstrom, N. Adventures of two 

ants. $i. Stokes. 

Bertelli, L, Prince and his ants. $1.35 net. 


McCook, H ; C. Ant communities and how 
they are governed. **$2 net. Harper. 
Wheeler, W: M. Ants; the structure, de- 
velopment and behavior of ants. $5. 



Albright, J. D, Practical treatise on rectal 

diseases. $4. J. D. Albright, 

Hirschman, L: J. Hdbk. of diseases of 

the rectum. $4. Mosby. 

Mason, R. D. OfHce treatment of rectal 

diseases explained and simplified. $2.50. 

Burton Co. 
Mummery, P. L. Diseases of the colon and 

their surgical treatment. $3.25 net. 


ANUS AND RECTUM. Continued.' 
Richardson, D. D. Treatise on diseases of 
the rectum, prostate and associate organs. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Campbell Co. 
Aawyl, E: 

Celtic religion. ^ '07, [1909.] CAp) 8% 
(Religions ancient and modern.) *4o c, 
net. Open Court. 

Anyam gila. Mason, 0. T. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs, 

See Heart. 


Ferrero, F. Valley of Aosta. $2 net. 

Apartment houses of the metropolis (New 

York City). 'o8(Agi5) c. il. plans, $16; 

leath., $18. Hesselgren. 


George, W: Law of apartments, flats and 
tenements, $4. Fallen. 

See aho Architecture; Tenement house. 


See Italy. 
Apgar, Austin Craig. 

Ornamental shrubs of the United States 
(hardy, cultivated). *io(Ag2o) c. il. D. 
$1.50. Am. Bk, 


See Flics. 


Fleckenstein, N. T. Widow's wisdom- 
75 c. CaldwelL 

Friend, J: W. Legal aphorisms. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Whittet. 

Glyn, Mrs. E. S. Sayings of grandmamma. 
$1.25. Duffield. 

Hunter, W: C. Brass tacks; "capsule op- 
timism." 50 c. net. Reilly & B, 

Huxley, T: H: Aphorisms and reflections. 
$i. Macmillan. 

Joyce, J: A. Truth: [axioms, proverbs, 
etc.] $i. J: A. Joyce. 

Macy, A. W: Short-cut philosophy. 75 c, 

Sturgis & W. 

Rowland, H. Reflections of a bachelor 
girl 75 c. Dodge. 

Sampter, J. E. Great adventurer: [apothe- 
osis of life and death.] 75 c. 

Kerr Press. 

See also Epigrams; Maxims; Mottoes. 

See Bees. 

See Bees. 

Apocalypse (The). See Bible. N. T. Rev- 

See Bible. 

Apogarny in the maize plant Collins, G. M. 
U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
APOLLO (god). 

See Greek literature. 

Apollo and the seaman. Trench, H. *$i. So- 
net Holt. 
Apollo song book. Chapman, F: E. $i. 


Apollonius of Rhodes. 
Apollonii Rhodii Argonaytica; recognovit 
brevique adnotatione critica instrvxit R. 
C. Seaton. 'ro(Mr26) D. (Scriptorum 
classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis.) $i, 

Oxford Unrw 





Campbell, F, W. G. Appolomus of Tyana. 

*$r net, M. Kennerley. 

Apologetic of modern missions. Murray, J. 

L. 15 c. Student Volunteer. 

Apologetic of the New Testament. Scott, E. 

F. *$i.5Q net. Putnam. 


S** Christianity. 

Apologia. Sec Apuleius, Lucius. 
Apologia diffidentis. Leith, W. C. *$ net. 


Apologie for poetrie. See Sidney, Sir Philip. 
Apologies for love. Myers, F, A. t$*-5<>. 


Apology of Socrates. See Plato, 
Apostle of Alaska. Arctandcr, K. J. L. \V. 
A, *$ net, kwcll. 

Apostle of the North. Cody, II. A. *$2.50 
net Dutton. 


Jones, J; 1). Glorious company of the 

apostles, *75 c. net. Doran. 

Stafford, E: R. Shop talks; ser. of ad- 

dresses on Jesus Christ and His disci- 

ples. 75 e, Jennings. 

Thompson, R. E, Apostles as every day 

men. 50 c. net, ^ S. 8, Times. 

Travel studies on the apostolic heroeR, ao c, 


Foster, J : M. To know and believe : stud- 
ies in "the Apostles* creed, **go c, net, 


,SVr dlw Creeds. 
Apostolic age, Von Dobsduitr. $t, Am, I'nit, 

AV* Church hlitory, 

Hall, A. C A. Apostolic ministry, 25 c. 

Longman i 

Thompson, R. K. Historic episcopate. $1,50, 


SVi* !<> Infallibility; - Popei. 

Apostrophe to the skylark. Stoddard, C: 

VV, $i, Arroyo Guild. 

Apostrophes Kreymborg, A. 50 c. 

Graf ton Press* 
Appeal to common setiM*. Hathaway, S,, 

coMp> 50 r, Common Se'tw Pub, 

Appeal to* Pharaoh, McKinley, C, 1C. $1. 

State Co. 
Appeal to the hoy, Peters* W: II. 10 c,; 

per too, $5, 4 Archive, 

Appearance awl reality, Bradley, F, If, *$j 

net, Macmillati. 

Appearances of our Lord after the Passion, 

Swctc, H: B. *8o c. net, Macmillan, 

fOIIy. II, A, Appendicitis and other din- 
casts of tlit* vermiform appendix, $6, 


TiUlcn, 1: II: Etiology of choi-rra infan- 
tmn, typhwd fever and appendicitis, $5, 
Merchant* 1 Pwb, 

Vale, I*. P, Has surgical treatment tea- 
scnctl the mortality from appendicitis? 
50 c, Snow & F, 

Apperley;, C; J*,, ["Wimio^. 11 ! 
C?ondition of hunters \ their choice antf man- 
agement ; the veterinary portions brought 
tin to elate by Fk Townsend Barton, *o8 
0. ^$4 net. Lane 

Appleborne, !: 

See Jacobs, Jos. 
Appier, A: C. 

Christian science exposed. '08 (Jl) c. 239 
p. D. pap., $i. Eclipse. 


Waugh, F. A. American appk orchard. $i. 


See also San Jos scale. 
Appleton, Lilla Estellc. 
Comparative study of the play activities of 
adult savages and civilized children; in- 
vestigation of the scientific basis ol edu- 
cation. *K>(Je2$) c. O, pap. s 54 c, 

Univ. of Chic. 
Appleton arithmetics. See Young, Jacob W: 


.SiV (tc'mMlngiV.i: \V,itot.i, T: I 1 '. 
.///>/<*/('* business ser. il. 0, **$f,5cs net. 


- Johnson. American railway transportation, 

- -Monde. Corporation finance, $2 net. 

.'I pplct fin's international scientific ser, D, 

$1,75 net, f Appleton. 

-Cornbarieu. Music. 
~- DepeVet, Transformation of the animal 


Gam-it. Periodic law. 
I.i? Hon. Evolution of forces, 
Macnamara. Evolution and function of 

living purposive nwtui* -Human jqu'trh. 
-'Makmvor, Radioactive Mil^tanci 1 *, 

Pnincan*. New physic*, 

H'J lib. of usiful stories, il. l> 

Smith. Story of iron and steel, **7S c, net. 

- Tower. Story of oil. **$l net. 
dpt>l*tvn*$ modern clinical medicine ser. il 

8, t Appleton. 

-Cabot, </. IH^ea^fH of mctahcilism of the 
blood, $5, 

Church* ed, Diseases of the nervouai sys- 
tem. $7 net; $8 net, 

JacobL Diseases of children. $6. 

Wilson, <?d Infectious diseases, $6, 


ppMtm* new pract cyclopedia; new work 
of reference based upon the best authori- 
ties, and systematically arranged for use 
in huint* HIK! school; t by Marcu^ Hnijn* 
inin [and others;] with intrcKl, by Khncr. 
Kllsworth Brown. 6 v, *io(0is) c, il 
(partly col) maps, 8* $18; hf, inor,, $34, 


^//*'/i*r.c railway $er. 8^, Appleton. 

Morris. Railroad ndrntnistratton. $2 net, 

App!cton f sriotuv IH. ai> v. filial <D) il. 
^ v. ra,, 40 r, ; ft v,, rn,, $n o, ; AJ tnor J 
v. ea., 75 r, ; * v., ea., ^K) i*.; 15 v., ra . ^K r, 

Furmtfly jnil!isliftl ty A$j>letcin 

tfifltton's scientific fntners; cd. by Reynold* 

Crrrn. il, if)'\ 50 e. net. Applrton. 

--Dyson, Astronomy, 
Ciilnon, Biology. 
Green. Botanv. 
Gregory, Geology, 

Tilden. * Chemistry. 
Appletree Cottage, Lane, Mrs. E, M, 50 c, 

net, Harper. 




Application of highly superheated steam loco- 
motives. Garbe, R: *$ net. Henley. 
Application of statistical methods to the prob- 
lems of psychophysics. Urban, F. M. $2.50. 
Psychological Clinic. 
Applied bronze work. Hessling, E. $8. 


Applied business English. Hagar, H. A. 

$1.25. Gregg Pub. 

Applied business punctuation and business 

forms. Hagar, H. A. 40 c. Gregg Pub, 

Applied ideals in work with boys, [by] C. 

Ward Crampton, Winfield S. Hall, [and 

others.] '10(022) c. 12, $i. Y. M. C. A. 

Applied mechanics for engineers. Hancock, 

E: L. **$2 net Macmillan. 

Applied surgical anatomy. Wools ey, G : *$4-SO 

net Lea. 

Applied vocalization. Kirkpatrick, H. 50 c. 

H. Kirkpatrick. 

Appreciation of music. Surette, T: W., and 
Mason, D. G. **$ net. Baker & T. 
Appreciation series, 6 v. New ed. '09 
(Api7) c. il. 12, ea., *$ net. 

Baker & T. 
Appreciation ser. il. O. **$i.50 net. 

Baker & T. 

Caffin. Appreciation of the drama. 
Surette and Mason. Appreciation of music. 
Appreciations with an essay on style. See 

Pater, Wa. 

Apprentice to truth. Huntington, Mrs. H. 
M. G. $1.50. Putnam. 

Apprentices' course in experimental physics. 
Maxim, J. L. 50 c. Longmans. 

See Useful arts. 

Apprenticeship in American trade unions. 

Motley, J. M. 50 c. Johns Hopkins. 

Apprenticeship of Washington. Hodges, G: 

**$i.2S net Moffat. 

Approach to the social question. Peabody, 

F. G. **$i,25 net. Macmillan. 

Approach to Walt Whitman. Noyes, C. E. 

$1.25. Houghton M. 

April fool doll. Gates, Mrs. J. S. t$i.25. 

April-fool twins. Timlow, E. W. t$i.25. 

Apt and meet. Nichols, W : F, *$i net 

Apuleius, Lucius. 

Apologia and Florida; tr. by H. E. Butler. 

'09 (D4) D. $i. Oxford Univ. 

Metamorphoses; or, the golden ass; tr. by 

H. E. Butler. In 2 v. 'io(Mr26) D. $2. 

Oxford Univ. 

Aquarian gospel of Jesus the Christ. "Leyi," 
pseud., comp. $2. E. S. Dowling. 

Aquarian philosophy. "Lcvi," pseud. $i. 

E. S. Dowling. 

Hggeling, O., and Ehrenberg, F: Fresh- 
water aquarium and its inhabitants. **$2 
net. Holt 

See Horse, 


Doughty, C : M. Wanderings in Arabia. 2 
v. $4.50. Scribner. 

ARABIA. Continued. 

Forder, A. Adventures among the Arabs 

in desert, tent, and town. $i. 

Gospel Pub. 
Hume-Griffith, Mrs. M. E. and A, Behind 

the veil in Persia and Turkish Arabia. 

*$3-50 net. Lippincott 

Young, J: C. Children of Arabia. 60 c. 

net. Revell. 

See also Arabic literature; Mohammed and Mo- 

ha mme danism. 

Arabian and Chinese classics; with biograph- 
ical and critical sketches by Epiphanius 
Wilson. *o8(Je27) c. 8, $1.75; hi mor., 
$3.50. Lamb Pub. 

Arabian nights; ed. by Anna Tweed. '10 
(D3) c. D. (Golden books for children.) 
$i. Baker & T. 

Arabian nights; their best-known tales; ed. 
by Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora A. 
Smith ; il. in color by Maxfield Parrish. '09 
(N2o) c. O. t$2.5o. Scribner. 

Arabian nights' entertainments; tr. from the 
Arabic by E: W: Lane. 'o8(Oio) il. 
('Bowman's illustrated lib. of world- favor- 
ite books.) $i. Bowman. 

Arabian nights' entertainments. [Expurgated 
ed.] 'op(Ag2i) il. 12, $1.50. Dodge. 

Arabian nights' entertainments; told in easy 
French by Kathleen Fitzgerald. '09, [1910.] 
(Ja) il. (Children's favorites.) *5O c. net 



See Blanchaud, R. de, ed. 


Baerlein, H: Singing caravan. 60 c. net 


Arabian wisdom ; tr. by Dr. J : Wortabet 
'o8(Je6) 16, (Wisdom of the East) *4O c. 
net. Dutton. 


English - Arabic conversation dictionary. 
$1.50. Lemcke. 

Green, A. O., comp. Pract. Arabic gram- 
mar. 2 V. V. I, $2.15; V. 2, $3. 

Oxford Univ. 
Nicholson, R. A. Elem. Arabic second 

reading-book. $2. Putnam. 

Weir, T. H. Arabic prose composition. 

$2 net. Putnam. 

See also Semitic languages. 


Green, A. O., comp. Modern Arabic sto- 
ries. In 2 pts. pt. I, $1.75; pt 2, $1.50. 

Oxford Univ. 

Nathaniel ibn al-Fayyumi. Bustan al-ukul: 
[account of the Jews of southern Arabia 
in the Middle Ages.] ^$2.50 net. Lemcke. 
Araby. Hutten, Baroness B. v. 50 c. 

B. W. Dodge. 
Aral, S. 

See Canada, J: W. 

Margolis, M. L. Manual of the Aramaic 
language of the Babylonian Talmud. $3 
net. Stechert. 


See Hebrew literature. 

Araminta. Snaith, J: C. t$*-5o. Moffat 
Arber*s English reprints. 16. Macmillan. 
Sidney. Apologie for poetrie. *35 c. net 




Arbib-Costa Alfonso, ['%. Arao."] 

Italian lessons. Yx)(F) $1. Tocci. 

Manual c di corrisponderiza commerciale c 
familiare italiana-Inglese ; contenente tin 
gran numero di modelli di lettere in 
italiano e in inglese, i regolamenti pps~ 
tali in use agli Stati Uniti, ed utili in- 
formazioni per chi vuol scrivere lettere 
in italiano e in inglese. '09, [1910.] (O) 
7-173 P. 8, 50 c. F. Tocci. 

ARBITRATION (International). 

Balch, T: W. L'Evolutson de Tarbitrage 
international, $2, Allen, L. & S, 

Griffin, A. P. C,, comp. List of references 
on international arbitration. 20 c. 

U. S.. Supt. of Docs. 

Hale, E: E., and Brewer, D; J. Mohonk 
addresses. $i. Int. Self, of Peace. 

Ralston, J. H. International arbitral law 
and procedure, $2. Ginn. 

RodefTer, J ; D : Pioneer in international 
arbitration. 40 c. | ; D : Rpdeffer. 

Trueblood, B : F. International arbitration 
at the opening of the twentieth century. 
S c. B : F, Trueblcxxl 

United States. Convention bet, the U. S* 

a and other powers for the pacific settle- 
ment of international disputes. *io(Il) 
50 p, 8', Gov. Pr Off. 

Stt aw Fish and fishing ;-HAgu6 Pcs Confer- 
ences j Peace ; -Reciprocity j* War. 

Arblay, Mm. Frances Burney 4*, [Fanny 


Evelina; hist, of a young lady's entrance 
into the world. 'io(Fig) II. w*, $1.95, 


Evelina; introd, by R, 11 Johnson. '09 
(Mra;) 16, (Everyman's lib ) *3S c, net; 
leath., *70 c net, Dutton, 


Ranger, W, E,, comp* Mlneteenth annual 

program for the observation of Arbor 

Day in the schools of Rhode Island 

i oio, gratis, W. E. Ranger. 

Revcll E, I., crimp, Arbor day exercit. 

as c, Educ. Pub. 

Schawffler, R, H., fd. Arbor Day, **$i 

net. Moffat. 

St atw Nutwrt! rttcwrcei* 

uml toreitry. 

t, Mrs, P. 
Sft Mary, Queen </ Scots. 

Arcadian calendar, HI1! V, **$!S0 net 


Arcana coclcwia, See Swedenborg, Emanuel. 
Arcana nf nature. Tuttlr, If, *$i-5O net. 

Arcane tetrliing, Atkinson, W: \V. $1* 

Arch-sattriit. Fenwick, F, de W, $1.50, 

Lothrop, L. & S. 

Arctucologia nova Cseiarca. Abbott, C; C 
a v, (Add, author for price.) 

C : f . Abbott 


Aatley, H. J : T>, Pre hi,stor k archtrnlogy 
and the Old Testament. *$^ ^* 


Dariufl i, Kittgff Fffm Behi*tait inscrip- 
tion : translation, 50 c. Lemckc, 

ARCH \M)i.o<;\ . Continued. 

Fairbanks, A. Athenian lekytluM : [ya^es 
for wine or oil.] $4. Macmillan. 

Johnson, W. Folk-memory; or, the contin- 
uity of British archaeology. $4.1=;. 

Oxford Univ. 

Michaelis, A. Century of archfeological dis- 
coveries. $4. " Dutton. 

Wheeler, J. R. Archaeology: f lecture. | 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Columbia Univ. 

Sec <its(t Asia Minor;- Btthylomn; - -Iiihlo; -Ihn^*' 
c; Cliff dweller*; Cnin*t ,inJ inni.iN; ^'"j 1 * 
("tmeiforni writing; l'',v\pt; l^ptLijih 1 -; Mth' 
ziolojtfy; -Kolk-I<r>rc; I! t uv.iiinn lstl.iHN; Ilrr* 
ciilancitm;-- History;- -Iiiili.iiH; lu^rt Jsti0ns; - 
Italy; Jerusalem;-^ -Man? Mnn.ibi; Manner** 
and customs; Middle Agrn; 'Miniunirnts 1 ,- 
IVlound ImildciH; MUMC; ()iatiKti; I*tt1c<tinr; 

Papvri: I*rir.i, (In to: Snilpttno; ScnN; 
Semitic ntcrature; Sicily; South .A.fricn;* 

Archer, F, M, 

Dog in health and disease, *io(0) I2 
50 c. Fenm 

Archer, Gleason Leonard* 

Ethical obligation* of tin 1 lawyer. f io(D!7) 
c. 8 ft $3 net, Litt If, B, & Co, 

Law office and court procedure. f io(F) 
c, O. *$3 net Little, B, & Co. 

Arcfeer, R; Lawr*et| LtwU, W, J., tui Chap- 
man, A. E* 

Teaching of geography in clem, schools. 
*io(Je4) TX $x,io net. Macmillan, 

Archer, W; 

Through A fro- America: an English read* 

ing of the race problem, 'io(Myi4> 8, 

$3 net Button, 

- ,an$ Barker, H. OnmviUe, 

Scheme and ejtimnte* foi n national tliratre 

WfFfS) c, 0. $2,50, Duffield 


Max4on !*: W, rom/ 1 . Officinl archery 

gnicle. 10 c, Am Sport H, 


Balft J. W. Analysis of rln^tic ;n*hr%, f $3 

net Enginfriiif Nfwn, 

Ctm, W: Theory of wild itmt braced elas- 
tic rchn. 50 c, Van Nontr and. 

Rcuterdahl, A, Theory and design of re 
inforced concrete arctics, $J 

M. C Clark, 

Archibald, And Wttotttf, DA 
Easter hope, *09(Jeia) c, por, O, $i. 

S, D, Towne, 
Archibald, Btymod Clan* 
Carlyle f 5 first Jove, Msrgaret Gordoii| Ltcly 
Bnnnerman ; in account of her Hit, sn* 
Cf<try and homey; her family and frlendi, 
*op(N6) II, facuim,, tab,, 0, *$3-SO net, 

I ine, 


Geometrical solutions derived from rut* 
chanks ; tr, from the Cireek by Or, J, L 
Heiberg; with an introd, by D: Ewgent 
Smith ; Engllsb vejr slon tr, from the Ger- 
man by Lydia G, Robinion, *09(Oad> 
pap,, 50 c, Optn Court, 


Chancellor, E, B, Livei of the Brltlih ar- 
chitects from William of Wykeham to 
Sir Wllliim Chambers, $J net, 





Architects' and builders' pocket book. Kid- 
der, R E. $5. Wiley. 

Architects' directory and specification in- 
dex for IQOQ; containing a complete list 
of the architects in the United States, 
Canada, Cuba and Porto Rico, classified by 
states and towns, gth ed. '09(62) c. Q. 
*$3 net. W: T. Comstock. 

Architects' lib.; ed. by R M. Simpson. O. 

Pite. Building construction. In 2 v. v. I. 

$5 net. 

American School of Correspondence. Ar- 
chitectural drawing and lettering. $i. 

Am. * Sch. Corr. 

Curtis, N. C. Elements of graphics, ortho- 
graphic projections, shades, shadows and 
perspective. $1.50. N. C. Curtis. 

Dana, W: S. B. Primer of architectural 
drawing for young students. $1.25. 

W: T. Comstock. 

Edminster, C. F. Structural drawing. $2.50. 

D: Williams. 

Hicks, I : P. Building plans and how to 
draw them. 50 c. Indust. 

Lawrence, W : H : Principles of architec- 
tural perspective. (Add. pubs, for price.) 
W: B. Clarke. 
Peker, C : G. Hew to read plans. 50 c. 

See also Perspective. 

Architectural history of the Christian church. 
Hill, A. G : *6o c. net. Young Churchman. 
Architectural lib. il. pis. plans, O. 

Int. Textbk. 
International library of technology. In 

10 v. ea., $5. 

Architectural New Orleans. '08 (Ap.) 92 p. 
il. pis, F. pap. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Contractors and Dealers 

American Institute of Architects. Matters 
rel. 10 competition. 50 c. 

Am. Inst, Architects. 

Anderson, W: J. Architecture of the 
Renaissance in Italy. *$5 net. Scribner. 
Anderson, W: J., and Spiers, R. P. Archi- 
tecture of Greece and Rome. *$ net. 


Architects' directory and specification in- 
dex for 1909. *$3 net, W : T. Comstock 
Ball, J. T. Detailed working drawings oi 
the five orders of architecture. $6.50; 
$7.50; $4. W: T. Comstock, 

Bloomfield, R. Mistress art : [architec- 
ture,] *$I40 net. Longmans, 
Bragdon, C. Beautiful necessity; seven 
essays on theosophy and architecture. $2. 

Manas Press. 

Browne, E. A. Greek architecture. 

Romanesque architecture, ea,, $1.75 net. 

! Macmillan. 

TVtic, W: G;, and others, comps. School 

architecture. 75 c. Am. Sch. 

Bungalows and cottages. 50 c. 

M. L. Keith. 

Bungalows, camps and mountain houses 
$2. W: 1. Comstock 


Bungalow plans. $i. Metuchen Bungalow. 

Chancellor, E. B. Private palaces of Lon- 
donpast and present. *$5 net 


Clay Products Assoc. of America. House 
of brick; plea for the greater use of 
brick in our domestic architecture. 50 c. 

Rogers & M. 

Construction of Association buildings. 15 c. 

Y. M. C. A. 

Crane, E. A., and Soderholtz, E. E. Ex- 
amples of colonial architecture in South 
Carolina and Georgia. $16. Hessling. 

Dan, H., and Wilmott, E. C. M. English 
shop-fronts old and new. $6. Helburn. 

Davison, T, R. Modern homes. *$5.25 
net. Macmillan. 

Delineator prize $3000 house. $i. 

B. W. Dodge. 

Desmond, H: W., and Frohne, H. W. 
Building a home. **$i,8o net. 

Baker & T. 

Detached dwellings ; country and suburban. 
$5. Swetland. 

Dictionary of terms used in architecture 
and building. 50 c. Indust Bk. 

Ditchfield, P. H. Manor houses of Eng- 
land. $3 net. Scribner. 

Du Cerceau, J. A. French chateaux and 
gardens in the xvn century. *$io net 


Embury, A., 2d. One hundred country 
houses. **$3 net. Century Co. 

Fifty house plans designed for home build- 
ers in the Southwest. 50 c. 

Assoc. Architects. 

Fletcher, B. F. and H. P. English home. 
$4 net. Scribner. 

Garner, T :, and Stratton, A, Domestic 
architecture of England during the Tudor 
period. In 3 pts. $48 net, Scribner. 

Gotch, J : A. Growth of the English house. 
*$3 net. Scribner. 

Gourlay, C : Construction of a house. 
$2.75 net. Lane. 

Green, W. C. Old cottages and farm- 
houses in Surrey. *$ net. 


Hawlin, A. D. F. Text-book of the history 
of architecture. $2. Longmans. 

Hayward, J. W. Essentials in a convenient, 
comfortable and healthy house $4. 


Hodgson, E. F. Wigwam portable houses. 
(Add. author for price.) E. F. Hod'gson. 

Hodgson, F: T:, ed. Treatise on the five 
orders of architecture. $2. Drake. 

Holman, E. E. Picturesque camps, cabins 
and shacks. Picturesque suburban 
houses, ea., $2. E. E. Holman. 

House of brick of moderate cost 50 c. 

Rogers & M. 

Kemp, O. Wilderness homes; book of the 
log cabin. *$T.2$ net. Outing. 

Lethaby, W: R: Greek buildings repre- 
sented by fragments in the British Mu- 
seum. *$4.2Q net. Scribner. 

Low cost suburban homes: [designs and 
pictures.] 25 c. Winston. 




Testing of Olive Vaughan. Brebner, P. J. 

$ I -SO. Doscher. 

Tests of coal and briquets as fuel for house- 

heating boilers. Randall, D. T: (Add. 

Superintendent for price.) 
m U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Tests of life. Law, R, *$3 net. Scribner. 

Tests on plain and reinforced concrete. 
Withey, M. O. 25 c. Univ. of Wis. 


Mohler, J:, and Eichhorn, A. Need of 
controlling and standardizing the manu- 
facture of veterinary tetanus antitoxin. 
^ , U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Tether (The). Brudno, E. S. t$i-So. 


See Games. 

Tcubncfs (B* G,) mathetnatlschc wisscn- 
schaften. 0. Stechert 

-Lorentz, Theory of electrons, ^$2.50 net. 

Texas. (7 of civil appeals. Repts.; (A. E. 
Wilkinson, B. R. Webb and J. A. Martin.) 
y.' 37- '08 (Jl) ; v. 38 (Aff) ; v. 39, 40, 41 
(O) ; v. .jiz-44 (D) ; v. 45, J 09(Jc) ; v. 46 
(O); v, 47 (D); v, 4 a WJe) v, 49-5<> 
(N) c, O, slip., ca M *$2 net. Flood. 

Texas, Ct. of criminal appeals. Repts. ; 
(Rudolph Klcberg.) v. 47-51. 'oS(Ag) ; 
v. 52 (N); v. 53, '08, [1909.1 ( ); v. 54 
<Atf>; v, 55 (l>); v. 56, '09, [1916.] 
( AI>) ; v. 57 (N) c. O. slip., ea., !lt $2 net. 


Texas, Mneyelopedie digest of repts. (civil 
cases); ed. by T: Johnson Michie, v, i, 
'io(N) c, 0. $7.50. Michie Co. 

Txm Instructions to juries in civil cases, 
including forms and approved precedents; 
by H, J. Passmore, '09, [1910,] (F) c, 0. 
shp., $d Gilbert Bk, 

Texas, Laws; compilation of the laws and 
legal forms for the convenience of farmers, 
mechanics, merchants, bankers and lawyers ; 
comp. by J, W. Fisher. 'io(Jl) c, D. pap., 
$i. J. L. Wilson. 

Texas, Notes on repts. ; by Wa. Malins 
Rose; rev. and .brought down to date by 
C; L. Thompson. Bk i, 'io(S) ; Bk. 2, 3 
(D) c* O. shp. ea., $7,50. Bancroft-W. 

Itatas, Supp. to Sayles' annot civil statutes ; 
by W, W, Uerron. *o8(0) ; J io(F) c. 0. 
slip,, ea,, $4. Gilbert Bk, 

Xtxas. Sttpp. to Willson's annot criminal 
statutes, by W. W. Herron. 'io(Je) c. 0, 
la. Gilbert Bk. 

twea. Supreme ct< Reptt,; (A. E. Wilkin- 
son.) v, 09, *o>8(Jl) ; v, xoo, lot. '09, 
fiQio,] (F) ; v, 102 (My) c. 0. shp. 4 ea., 
$2. * Flood, 

Adams, K, D. British interests and activ- 
ities in Texas, 1838-1846, $T*SO, 

Johns Hopkins. 

Alvord, C: H* Dairy industry in Texas* 
Von Boeckmann-J. 

Clark, R, C, Beginnings of Texas, 1684- 
1718, 7S c. Univ. of Tex, 

Da&an, K. Texas hero stories. 50 c. 
B; H, Sanborn. 

TEXAS. Continued. 

Honk, R. W. Authentication, acknowledg- 
ment and' proof of written instruments 
under the laws which have been in force 
in Texas. $5.50. Bancroft-W. 

Jackson, G: Sixty years in Texas. $1.50. 

G: Jackson. 

Kittrell, N. G. Primer of the government 
of Texas. 40 c. Southern Pub. (Tex.) 

Mally, F: W. Panhandle and Llano Es- 
tacado of Texas. Texas. 

Pennybacker, Mrs. A. J. H. History of 
Texas for schools. 65 c. 

P. V. Pennybacker. 

Phillips, W: B. -Mineral resources of 
Texas. Texas. 

Pioneer days in the Southwest from 1850 
to 1879. $1.50. State Cap. 

Policy, J. B: Hood's Texas Brigade. 
$3.50 net Neale. 

Potts, C: S. Railroad transportation in 
Texas, (Add. University for price.) 

Univ. of Tex. 

Ramsdell, C: W: Reconstruction in 
Texas. $4 net; $2.50 net. Longmans. 

Reese, R. A. Complete digest of Texas de- 
cisions. $25. Flood. 

Ries, H. Clays of Texas. $2. 

Univ. of Tex. 

Riley, B: F. Hist, of Baptists of Texas. 
**$i.50 net Am. Bapt 

Rye, E. Quirt and the spur; vanishing 
shadows of the Texas frontier. $r.50. 


Santleben, A, Texas pioneer. $2 net 


Simkins, W: S. Administration of estates 
in Texas. $5.25. Von Boeckmann-J. 

Snydcr, J. J. Texas school lands ; millions 
of acres to be sold by the state. 60 c. 
Von Boeckmann-J. 

Sullivan, W. J. L. Twelve years in the 
saddle for law and order on the fron- 
tiers of Texas. $1.50. 

Von Boeckmann-J. 

Udden, J. A. Report on a geological survey 
of the -lands belonging to the New York 
and Texas Land Co., Ltd., m the upper 
Rio Grande embayment in Texas. 50 c. 


United States. Dept. of Agriculture. 
Office of Experiment Stations. Irriga- 
tion in Texas. 

Van Demark, H. Texas in a nutshell. 
25 c. Nutshell. 

Sea also Corporations; also Beaumont; Dallas; 
San Antonio; South (The) ; Waters Pierce 
case: Wise County;- also Bailey, Joseph 
Wddon; McDonald, W: L. 

Texas Blue Bonnet. Jacobs, C. E. $1.50. 

L. C Page. 

Texas; DcpL of Agriculture bull 8. 

Texas; Von Boeckmann-J. 

Alvord, Dairy industry in Texas. 

Mally. Panhandle and Llano Estacado of 

, Texas. 

Phillips. Mineral resources of Texas. 

Savage^ Poultry culture in Texas. 

Texas Library and Historical Commission 
circular. 12. Von Boeckmann-J. 

Texas. Law governing the Texas State 
Library and the Texas Library and Histor- 
ical Commission. 35 c. 




Macartney, M. E, English houses and gar- 
dens in the I7th and i8th centuries. *$6 
nd.- Recent Knxlish domestic architec- 
ture, *$3.50 net. Scnbner, 

Marquancl, A. Greek architecture. **$2.2$ 
net. Macmillan. 

Masterpieces of Moorish architecture, 
Masterpieces of Spanish architecture, ea., 
25 c. Stokes. 

Mencken, H :, cd. Bungalowcraft ; hook on 
bungalow and cottage building. $i. Cal- 
ifornia bungalow homes, $i net. 


Nason, E. H. Old Colonial houses in 
Maine. (Add, author for price.) 

E, H. Nason, 

Newson, J : H : Homes of character* $L 
J : H ; Newton. 

Old houses of Rouen of the ijth and iBth 
century, $15. i t Hessling* 

Osborne, C; F., ed. Historic houses and 
their gardens, $6, Winston, 

Petersen, J. C. "Cream of a thousand 
plans. 1 ' 25 c, J, C. Petersen. 

Folk's architects^ engineers*, builders* and 
contractors 1 directory, a v $5, Polk. 

Policy, G: H: comp* Gothic architecture, 
furniture and ornament of England from 
the nth to the i6th century* a v, in i, 
$40, Policy. 

Porter, A, KL Medieval architecture; its 
origins and development, a v* $15, 

Baker & T, 

Pract. bungalows of southern California 

built at moderate cost; designed and 

erected by the Los Angeles Investment 

Co, [1910.] (Je) c, 128 p, il, ia f 50 c, 

Los Angeles Investment, 

Kndfnrd, W : A, Artistic bungalows, $f, 
Artistic he wiex-- Combined house and 
barn plan hook. $!,- Modern homo*. $t, 
- Portfolio plans. $j, 

Kndford Architcctitral, 

Richardson, C: J, Fragments and details 
of architecture* decoration and furniture 
of the Elizabethan period', $12; $15, 


Rivqira, G, T. Lombtrdic architecture. Its 
origin and derivation, $30. Helburn. 

Roberts' borne builder, $1, Roberts & R, 

Robinson, J : B, Architectural composition. 
*$2,so net, Vim Nostrand. 

Rogers, A, D, House of brick for ten 
thousand dollars, 25 c, Rogers & M. 

Ruskin J: Seven lamps of architecture. 
*$r net,- -Stones of Venice, A v. ea,, 
**$f net. fhWon, 

Sale, R. T. Manors of Virginia in Colo- 
^ nial times, *$s net, t Lippincott 

Snlvatore.S. Italian nrdiitecturi, $.% Policy 

Saylon H: H. frf. Distinctive homes of 
moderate cost, $a net. McBrjde! W. 

Shackleton, R, and E, Adventures in home 
making, $1,75, Lane, 

Simpson, F, M. History of architectural 
development. In 3 v. v, a. *$6 net, 


Smith, T. R., a<f Slater, J : Architectitre : 
classic and early Christian. -Architec- 
ture: Gothic and Renaissance, ea., $1,25, 


E. Continued. 
Spanish colonial architecture. $30. Policy. 
Sparrow, W. S. English house; how to 

judge its periods and styles. *$2.5Q net. 

Sternberg, G: M. Report of committee on 

model houses. (Add. Superintendent for 

price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Stickley, G. Craftsman homes. $2, 

G. SticMey, 
Strack, H. Brick architecture of the mid- 

dle ages and the renaissance in Italy, 

$i i ; $8. Helburn. 

Sturgis, R. Hist, of architecture. In 3 v, 

v. 2, **$S net ; **$ net. Baker & T. 
Sturgis, R, Short history of architecture: 

Europe. **$2.$o net. Macmillan, 

Two family and twin houses, $2. 

W; T. Cormtoclt 
Uhde, C. Architectural forms of the 

classic ages. $20. Hessling. 

Vallance, A., and Salaman, KL C: Art in 

England during Elizabethan and Stuart 

periods. *$2.$o net; *$3 net. t Lane, 
WalHs, F. E. How to know architecture, 

$3 net Harper, 

Wilson, H: L. Bungalow book $i. 

H; L Wilson, 

Wolfe & McKenzie, Book of designs. $2. 

Wolfe & M, 
Ye Planry Building Co. Bungalows, $i, 

Yf Planry, 
Young, C. and Brooks, S. M. Spon f s ar- 

chitect^ and builders* pocket price-hook, 

$1*50. Spon, 

,ViV tits* AlmttnlrHj- AWr>Hi *KtthriU^j Ajai 
mrntM; Arclu*i!y j Archr*; ~ ArrMln tn " 
AtthitiH'turitl ihA^ttm; tUti^j HtMliiri, 
Btil<liiii ttuilflinu Jaw; lluttiling nmUria!*; 
i'ipcntf> ; - OthriltrtU; t'rmrntj tlut 
uc*y; ChuJvl* rtii'liJtrfhtrri CintH'h ilrini 
iiott; Churcl'i'ii ('(titmtv; CntU'tttr; l'iil!t 
\\nrki - K)rvnti>t*t; I'litr nrli <stl;*gr; llnl 



; \UtttrU; Mni( 
Konfv, SAitKitrv 

of inntrttAUi Trit^^rs; VrttliUtltt: 
Wtiuilworki *" (I/AH Ari'ttitivtttiAit lib,; -" Nrw 
York CUy. 

drchwts of philosophy; eel by F: 1, E 

Woodbridge. Q* Ptp Science Pr, ( (if. Y,} 
-~Elktt8. Concept of control 40 c, 

$tettheiiner. Will to believe, $f, 
Archives of t*$ycklog$; ed. by R S, Wood* 

worth, il O, pap. Science Fr, (N. Y.I 
Brown, Time in Rng, verse rhythm, 70 c. 

Burner. Hearing of primitive pcopki, $t. 

Froeberg, Relation between the magnitude 
of fttimulus tnd the time of reaction. 35 c, 

Hamilton. Perceptual factort in retlfng, 
soc % 

Hollinnworth. Inaccuracy of movement, 
80 c. 

Jones, t Influence of bodily posture on men- 
tal activities 50 c, 

-Kirkpatrick, Studies in development and 
learning. $r, 

Norsworthy, Psychology of mentally de- 
ficcnt children, $i, 

PoincaM. Value of science, $1.95. 
Rtiger* Faycholcgy of efficiency, 
Wells. Statistical study of literary merit, 

to c, 

-Woodrow, Quantitttive study of rhythm, 
60 c* 




Arctander, Karl Johan Ludwig Wilhelm Au- 

Apostle of Alaska : story of William 
Duncan of Metlakahtla. 'oo,(My22) c. il. 
pors map, O. *$i.5o net Revell. 

Guilty? >io(Myi4) c. il. 12, $1.25. 


Bellot, J. R. Journal <Tun voyage anx mers 
polaires. 6b c. Oxford Univ. 

Brooklyn Public Library. Polar regions; 
list of books in library, gratis. 

Brooklyn Lib. 

Edwards, D. M. Toll of the Arctic seas. 
$2.50 net Holt. 

Franklin, Sir J: Narrative of a journey 
to the shore of the Polar Sea in the 
years 1819, 20, 21, 22. 35 c. net; 70 c. 
net Button. 

Greely, A. W. Hdbk. of polar discoveries. 
$1.50 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Harrison, A. H. In search of a polar con- 
tinent *$3-5O net. Longmans. 

Hobbs, W: H. Characteristics of the in- 
land-ice of the Arctic regions. $2. 

Am. Philosophical. 

Holmes, Mrs. B. F. Log of the "Laura" in 
polar seas. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Univ. Press, (Camb.) 

Maclean, J. K. Heroes of the polar seas. 
$1.50. Lippincptt 

Mikkelsen, E. Conquering the arctic ice. 
*$3.50 net. Jacobs. 

Mowbray, J. H. Discovery of North Pole 
by Cook and Peary. $1.50. 

G: W. Bertron. 

Neil, H: True story of the Cook and 
Peary discovery of the North Pole ; mcl, 
account of all other polar expeditions. 
$1.50. Educ. Co. 

Peary, R. E. North Pole ; its discovery in 
1909. $4.80; $5 net; Autographed ed., 
$15 net Stokes. 

Rasmttssen, K, People of the polar north. 
*$5 net. Lippincott 

Whitney, H. Hunting with the Eskimos. 
$3.50 net Century Co. 

Wright, Mrs, H. S. Great White North; 
story of polar exploration. $2.50 net. 


Wright, S. TT. Adventures in the Arc- 
tic regions. *$i.50 net Lippincott 

See alin Antarctic regions; Northwest passage; 
..^jyVil and humor; also Cook, Frederick Al- 
bert; -"Peary, Robert Edwin. 

Ardagh, W. M. 

The Magada. J io(Ap9) D, $1.50. Lane. 
ARDENNES (The), Belgium. 

See LiSge. 
Ardleigh, Hugh. 

Am. garment cutter; treatise on cutting of 
men's garments. 2d ed. 'oS(Agis) c. il. 
diagrs,, 4, $15. Am. Fashion. 

Ardrey, R. L. 

Railway capitalization: a review of the 
corporate history of ten leading western 
railroads. '09 (02) c. 8, $10. - 

R. L, Ardrey. 

Are bees reflex machines? Buttel-Reepen, H. 

v. 50 c, A. I. Root. 

Are our prayers heard? Egger, J. S. J. 

15 c. Herder. 

Are the dead alive? Rider, A. F. $.75, 
fixed. B. W. Dodge*. 

Are you my wife? Marcin, M. $1.25 net 

Arendt, Morton. 

See Crocker, Fs. Bacon. 

Hirst, W : A. Argentina. $3 net. Scribner. 
International Bureau of American Repub- 
lics. Argentine Republic; general de- 
scriptive data. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Int. Bu. Am, Republics. 
Pennington, A. S. Argentine Republic. $3 
net. Stokes. 

Argles, Mrs. 

See Hurigerford, Mrs. Marg. Hamilton. 
Argonovitica. See Apollonius of Rhodes* 

See Debating. 

Argyll, J:, Douglas Sutherland Campbell, 
Duke of. 

Intimate society letters of the eighteenth 

century. J io(D3) il. por. facsinis., O. 

$10. Lane. 

Life of 'Queen Victoria. New ed. 'op(D4) 

il. 12, (Bonn's libraries.) *$i net. 


Passages from the past *o8(Ag8) 2 v., il. 
8, *$6.5o net Dodd. 

Arid agriculture. Buffum, B. C. $1.50. 

B, C. Buffum. 
Ariel booklets. 32, leath., 75 c., boxed. 


Allen. As a man thinketh. 
Arnold. Light of Asia. 
Balzac. Maxims. Passion in the desert 
Browning. Shorter poems. 
De Quincy. Confessions of an English 

opium eater, 

Dickens. The chimes. 
Emerson. Essays. 
Goethe. Hermann and Dorothea. 
Heine. Songs and lyrics. 
Henton. Mystery of pain. 
Keats. Lyrics. 

Landor, Imaginary conversations. 
Longfellow. Courtship of Miles Standish. 
Lowell. Vision of Sir Launfal. 
Merimee. Carmen 
Mill. On liberty. 
Storm. Irnmensee. 
Story. Roman lawyer in Jerusalem. 
Tennyson. Enoch Arden and Maud, 

Idylls of the king. 2 v. 
Thackeray. Ballads. 
Thoreau. Friendship. 
WilcTe. Happy prince. 

See Indians. 

Arista-dilettante series. 21 v. '09(02) O. 
ea., bds., $1.50, boxed. Caldwell. 


The Acharnians, the knights and the birds ; 

Frere's translation. J O9(Mr27) 16, 

(Everyman's lib.) *35 c. net; leath., *7oc. 

net. Dutton. 

The Acharnians; with introd., critical 

notes and commentary by W. Rennie. '09 

(My8) D. *$i.7p net Longmans. 

Acharnians; with introd., English prose tr., 

critical notes and commentary by W. J. 

M. Starkie. 'io(Jais) 8, *$3 net. 

. Macmillan. 




Aristophanes Continued. 

Comedies; tr, by B: Bickley Rogers, pt. 
I, The knights; pt. 2, The Acharnians. 2 
pts. in T v. 'loylitf) 8, $5 net. 


The plays: a metrical version; with notes 

and an essay on Aristophanic comedy by 

J: Hookham Frere. '08(819) T2 (New 

universal lib.) 50 c. ; leath., 75 c. Dutton. 


Croi&et, M. Aristophanes and the political 
parties at Athens. *$2 net. Macmillan, 

Works; tr t into English tinder the editor- 
ship of J, A. Smith and W. D. Ross, v. 
l Parva naturalia, by J. L Beare and G, 
T, R. Ross. *p8(Apn) $1.15; v. 2, Do 
Lim-m imee.ibililnis, by IT. II. Joachim. 
'o8(Apn) 8; c. ; v, 3, Metaphysics (v, 
8), by W t> D. t Ross. WApn) $2,50; 
v, 4, De rnirabilibws auscullationibiis, by 
L, t C, Dowdall. l to(Mr26) 70 c, ; v, 5, 
Historia animalium (v. 6), by IVArcy 
Wcntwortli Thompson, 'ip(D) $3.40; v, 
6, De Keneratione animaliutn, by Arth, 
Platt. CD24) 13, $3,50, Oxford Univ. 

Aristotle on his predecessors ; tr, by A, B. 
Taylor. 'to(Je) 12% (Religion of sci- 
ence lib.) pap, 40 c. Open Court, 

Aristotle op the art of poetry j a rev. text, 
with critical introd., translation and com- 
mentary by Tngram By water, f o^(Sn) 
0, $5 ; 25, ' Oxford Univ, 

De anima : v ith translation* introd. and 
notes by R, D, Hicks, f o8(F2Q) 8, *$S.SO 
net, Putnam, 

Nicomachcan ethics* hk. 6; with cKHayit, 
note* and tr. by L, H, G, Greenwood, 
*oo(Mr) 7+214 p B d *$t,75 net, Putnam, 

Politics of Aristotle, SVf Plato. Dia- 


Rhetoric; tr, hy^Sir R: Oaverhoiwe Jebb; 
ed , \\ ith an introd, and supplementary 

notrs by J. Edn, Sandys, 'og(Mr) 37+ 
507 p 8*\ *$t,75 net. Putnam, 

Watson, J. M, Aristotle's criticisms of 
Plato, $i Oxford Univ. 

Arnold* ! V, Supplemental problems in 

arithmetic, 2,5 c. L, V. Arnold, 

Ayre\ F. American ready reckoner, (Add, 
pubs for price,) Popular 

Bailey, M. A,, and Hermann, G; B. Num- 
ber primer, 30 c. Am. Bk 

Hendure ft Arthur's practical and complete 
guide far tbe uae of auditors, agent* 
ami railroad men generally: [ready reck 
oner,] $3. Bendure & A. 

Byrnes, j, C, and Bikers. Pupils' aril hire- 
tic primary book, In 2 pt. pt. i *a6 c. 
net ; pt, a t ^30 c, net ; complete in i v, 
45 c. net, Macmillan, 

Calmerton, G, Primary arithmetie, (Not 
for sale,) Fort Wa.vne Scb, Id, 

Chancellor, W; E, Ekm, scbool mnthc- 
matien by ffradei. bk. 6 rev. and adant 
to graded 6A and 6B in tbe H. Y, Oty 
schooh, *28 c. net. Globe Scb, Ilk, 

Colaw, J: M> and otfam* Scbool arith- 
metic, 35 c B, R Johnson, 

ARITHMETIC Continued. 

Colvin, F. H. Machine shop arithmetic. 
50 c. Henley. 

Crelle, A. L. Calculating tables. $5. 


Curtis, U. Modern business arithmetic. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Robbs-M. 

Eby, P. G. Handy tables bj which cner 
509,000 problems of the bw^y mati arc 
already solved : [ready-reckoner.] $2.50. 

J[. F. Smith. 

KlHs Publishing Co. Model arithmetic for 
commercial colleges and department 
schools. 'og(N) c. 8+250 p. il. 8 U , 60 c. 

Ellis Pub. 

Gleason, C. II., and Gilbert, C: II Gilbert 
arithmetics. 3 v. hk. f, 36 c, net; bk. 2, 
40 c. net; bk, 3, 45 c, net. Macmillan, 

Gray, J : C. Number by development ; 
method of number instruction, **$t net, 


Gribben, D: S. Mathematics matte easy, 
v. L $!. D : S, Gribbcn. 

Hamilton, S. Complete arithmetic. 60 c. 
Klcmontary arithmetic, ^5 c, Koy tt> 
arithmetic. 80 c, Am. Bk, 

Harvey, L, D, Practical arithmetic, In 2 
bks. bk, l t 35 c,; bk, a, 50 r, Am* Ilk, 

Hopkins, J: W., and Underwood, P. H. 
New arithmetics : Advnteed book, *50 c. 
net, t Macmillnn. 

International Corrospontl^ncc 1 ScltooH. 
Tratado cle aritm^tica mrrcainil, 

Int, Tcxt-bk, 

Jone D: R, Course of htutly in primary 
arithmetic, 30 c, San F, St Normal, 

Jonc<, W, S. Pract. aritlnnrtic 50 ** 

\m Bk 

Kent, K, Manual of arithmetic ; outline of 
work in number for use in nchooN for th<* 
deaf, 65 c. Atktmnn, M. St G 

Lee, A. S, Ten weeki in arithmetic. $i 

A. S. Lee. 

Low, F. F. Hampton arithmetic, $f, 

Hamilton tmt 

Luman, J: A,, ^rf. Comprehensiive arith- 
metic, $1,50, Pfirce Sch, 

Lu*hy f J, W. Stocks anci hondi made easy. 
50 c. Teachers* Supply. 

MeQymondft* J. W,, and Jones, D, R. F.I- 
tentinlii of arithmetic, m c. Am, Bk, 

Mercer, G: E. and Boiwall, M. Complete 
arithmetic, pt, i, 54 c, Work! Bk, 

Myers, G : W : Arithmetic, grammar 
school, 60 c, Scott* K & Co, 

Nicholson, J, W, Kleni, arithmetic, .14 c, 
* 'Grammar school arithmetic. 45 c, 

Am. Bk, 

Nihfirt. B; F,, and Strykrr, W: Nfw ccn* 
tury arithmetics, 2 v (Add, pubn, tor 
price.) Silver, 

Patchel, G: Furcka rate table*, calculated 
for any given number of prtutuU at any 
given gfosi tonnage rate $50, 

G: Patchet, 

Payne, R, L, Pract, aritbnnetic for d 
vaiiced grtds, 65 c, Inland. 

Preston, D. F, A, and Stevenn, F, : L, Se- 
ries of arithmetics, bk, T, 35 c, net ; bk, 
2, 50 c, net, Maemillan, 

Sadler* W, H. New ewrttiah of biwinesi 
arithmetic, oo c, SadlerR. 




ARIT H M ETIC. Co n t inued. 

Smith, D: . Rara arithmetica. *$S.SO 
net. Rara arithmetical catalogue of the 
arithmetics written before the year MDCI, 
with description of those in library of G: 
Arth. Plimpton. 2 v. $20. Ginn. 

Smith, D: E Teaching of arithmetic. 
75 c. ; 30 c. Teachers' Coll. 

South worth, G. A:, and Stone, J: C: 
Arithmetic. In 3 bks. bk. i, 42 c, ; bk. 2, 
45 c. ; bk. 3, 50 c. B : H. Sanborn. 

Stevens, F. JL, and others. Practical arith- 
metic. **6s c. net Scribner. 

Stone, C. W. Arithmetical abilities and 
some factors determining them. $i. 

Teachers' Coll. 

Stone, J: C., and Millis, J. F. Secondary 
arithmetic, commercial and industrial. 
*75 c. net. B : H. Sanborn. 

Sweet, J. S. Modern business arithmetic. 
$1.25. Sweet 

Walsh. J : H : Arithmetic for upper 
grades. 50 c. ; with appendix, 55 c. 
Graded mental arithmetic. *50 c. net 


Walton, G : A :, and Holmes, S. H. Arith- 
metics; 2d bk. 40 c. ; 3d bk. 45 c. ; 4th 
bk. 50 c. Am. Bk. 

Watson, B. M., and White, C: E. Gram- 
mar school arithmetic. 60 c. Heath. 

Went worth, G : A. .New elementary arith- 
metic. 35 c. Ginn. 

Wentworth, G : A., and Smith, D : E. Com- 
plete arithmetic. 60 c. Oral arithmetic. 
35 c. % Ginn. 

Young, J. W: A., and Jackson, L. L. Ap- 
pleton arithmetics ; grammar-school book. 
55 c. Primary books. 35 c. Appleton. 

Sec rt/A'0 Bookkeeping; Engineering; Graphics; 
Interest; Mensuration; Numerals; Percen- 

Arithmetic of electricity. Sloane, T: O. $i. 


Arithmetical abilities and some factors de- 
termining them. Stone, C. W. $i. 

Teachers' Coll. 

Anaona ser. See Ellis, E: Sylvester. 
Arizona Territory. Supreme ct. Repts. ; (E. 

R. Lewis.) v. 9. 'oS(My) ; v. 10. '09(8) ; 

(Ja. R. Dunseath.) v. u. ? io(N) c. O. 

slip., ea,, $4.25. , Bancroft- W. 


Brewer, I : W. Treatment of tuberculosis 
in Arizona, gratis. Wood. 

Grey, Z, Last of the plainsmen: [record 
of a hunting trip across the Arizona 
desert with "Buffalo" Jones.] *$T.SO net. 


Griffiths, D : Protected stock range in Ari- 
zona. U. S., Sitpt. of Docs. 

Hornaday, W: T. Camp-fires on desert 
and lava. **$3 net. Scribner. 

Macdougal, D. T. Across Papaguerio. 
50 c. Am. Geog. Soc. 

Hunk, J. A. Arizona bibliography, gratis. 

J. A. Munk. 

Snmmerhayes, Mrs. M. Vanished Arizona. 

$1.60. M. Summerhayes. 

Swath, H. S. Two new owls from Arizona. 

10 c. Univ. of Cal. 

Se@ also Grand Canyon; Yuma. 

Ark that glue built. Williams, C. A. $i. 


Arkansas. ^ Bureau of Mines, Manufacture 
and Agriculture, Descriptive catalogue of 
the diamond bearing rock, by Philip F. 
Schneider; to accompany the exhibit of 
periodic rock. '07, [1909.] (Mr) 4 p. 8, 
pap., gratis. G. B. Tucker. 

Arkansas. Dept of Public Instruction. Sug- 
gestive program for the schools of Ar- 
kansas for use in celebration of Robert E. 
Lee day, Jan. 19. [1910] (My) 19 p. 
il. 8, gratis. 

Arkansas Dept. Pub. Instruct 

Arkansas. Supreme ct. Repts., v. 84; (T. D. 

Crawford.) 'oS(Ap) ; v. 85 (JO ; v. 86. 

'op(Ap) ; v. 87 (Je) ; v. 88 (Ag) ; v. 89 

(N) ; v. 90. 'io(F) ; v. 91, 92 (S) c. O. 

slip., ea., $1.50. Arkansas. 


Branner, J : C. Clays of Arkansas. (Add. 

Supt. for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Brown, B. Cpnard fissue, a Pleistocene 

bone deposit in northern Arkansas. $2.50. 

Am. Museum. 

Hinemon, J: H. Geography of Arkansas. 

50 c. Rand, McN. & Co. 

Hughes, Mrs. M. E. Answer to "Three 

years in Arkansas." 25 c. Wiley & W. 

M'cCollum, A. J. New Arkansas form 

book: pleadings and practice. $3.50. 

A. J. McCollum. 

McQuillin, E., and Campbell, W: S. 

Forms of code pleading for Missouri and 

Arkansas. $7.50. F. H. Thomas. 

Purdue, A. H., and Branner, J: C. Slates 

of Arkansas, gratis. 

Arkansas Geol. Survey. 

Schneider, P. F. Preliminary rept. on the 

Arkansas diamond field. (Add. pubs, for 

price.) Cen. Pr. 

Shinn, J. H. Pioneers and makers of 

Arkansas. (Add. pubs, for price. J 

Genealog. and Hist 

United Confederate Veterans, Arkansas Di- 
vision, Confederate women of Arkansas 
in the Civil War. $i. J. Kellogg. 

United States. of Agriculture. For- 
est Service. National forests of Arkan- 

See also Little Rock j St. Francis Valley; Uni- 
versity of Arkansas. 

Arkansas Diamond Co. Brief account of the 
discovery and investigation and the official 
repts. of geologist and mining engineer 
on the occurrence of diamonds in Pike Co., 
Arkansas. '08, [1909.] (My) c. 37 p. il. 
map, 8, pap. (Not for sale.) 

S : W. Reyburn. 
Arkansas Geological Survey pubs. il. 8. 

Arkansas Geol. Survey. 
Purdue and Branner, Slates of Arkansas. 


Arkansas overruled cases, [etc.] ist ed., 

1909; cornp. by H. H. Booth. '09 (N) c. 

65 p. S. $1.50. F. H. Thomas. 

Arkansas sharpshooter. Galloway, G: W. 

50 c. Smith. 

Arkinsaw cousins. Ellis, J : B. t$i.50. Holt. 


Ashhurst, A. P. C. Anatomical and sur- 
gical study of fractures of the lower end 
of the humerus. $2.75 net. Lea, 




Armagnat, H. 

Theory, design and construction of induc- 
tion coils ; tr. and ed. by Otis Allen Ken- 
yon. 'o8(Jei3) c. figs. O. *$2 net. 



Horstman, H: C: and Tousley, V. H. 
Practical armature. $1,50, Drake. 

Armbruster, C. H. 

Inltia^ Amharica; introd. to spoken Am- 
haric, pt. i, grammar ; pt. 2, English-Am- 
haric vocab., with phrases, *xo(08) 0. 
pt. i, $3.50 net; .pt 2, $5 net. Putnam. 

$>t War. 


Basmajian, EL H. Life in the Orient. $i 
net Am. Tr. 


Arpee, L. Armenian awakening. *$t.5. 
net, Univ. of Chic. 

Babylonian and Assyrian literature. {Also] 
Aimenian literature, $175; $3.50, 

Lamb Pub, 
Armas, Ethel. 

Midsummer in Whittier's country; a little 
study of Sandwich Center* *io(Ap) 73 p 
il. *, 75 c. E. Armes, 

Story of coal and iron In Alabama, f lo 
(Myai) c. 11. pors. 0, Sg. 

Ala* Chamber of Com* 

Armfield, Constance, 
Flower honk. 'ro(D3t) col il. 8 9 , $2 net, 

Arminel of the West. Trevena, Jf : $1.50. 

Armlngton. M, A, 

See Tel ford, Emma Paddock. 
Armistwtd, Wilson H. 

Trout waters: management and angling. 
* a% *$i,7$ net, Macnulian, 

Armitage, W. J* 

Church year; studies lor the Sunday*, sn- 

creel seasons and saints* days; with in- 

troductory note by Bp. W: Boyd Car- 

penter. f oa(Da6) 8, $1. Oxford Univ, 

Axmor aiul ships ; revision, Armor and ships, 

Jmtrnal IL *V, Artillery^ July-August, 1006. 

'io(O) 135 p, II tab., diagram, 0, pap., so c 

Jotinu U. S, Artillery, 

Armour, Frances J, 

Brotherhood of ntstlom. 'oK(Ss) O, t$i50, 


Armour, 0, Denbolm* 

British sport past and present, *OQ(I 
500 p, col il 4 d *$6 net, Dorati. 

Ami, Mary W. 

Italian vsgnettcs, *og(Oa3} c, il D. *$i,25 
net, M, Kennerley, 

ARMS (C&ate <?/). 


Ashclown, C ; H ; Arms and armour, $4* 


IFoulkes, C: Armour and weapons, $2,15, 

Oxford Univ, 

Av /<rt Hfriitdry, 

Arms and the maid. Sabatini, R. $1.25 net. 


Armsby, H: Prentiss. 

Feeding for meat production. 'o9(Mr6> 
8, (U. S., Supt. of Agriculture, Bu. of 
Animal Industry, bull.) pap., ip c. 
Principles of animal nutrition; with special 
reference to the nutrition of farm ani- 
mals. 3d ed., rev. '09 (F6) c. tabs., 8, $4. 


, and Fries, J. August. 
Available energy of red clover hay : investi- 
gations with the respiration calorimeter, 
o8(Api8) il tabs., 8, (U, S, Dept. of 
Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, 
bull.) pap., xo c, U. S, Supt. of Docs. 
Armstrong, C: Wicksteed. 
Mystery of existence in the light of an op- 
timistic philosophy. 'opCJeta) D. *oo c. 
net Longmans, 

Armstrong, Collin, 

Relation of speculation to business. f oS 
(Je*3) c. O. pap,, gratia, C Armstrong. 
Armstrong E, Frankland* 
Simple carbohydrates and the gtucoMdes, 
*xo(Mri6) O. (Monographs on biochem- 
istry*) *$iao net, Longmans, 

Armstrong, E: Coolce. 

Syntax of the French verbj with exerciser 
by DC la Warr B, Haitter. *oo(Jeu) c, 
D, 90 c Holt 

Armstrong, Emma Kate. 
Chat?aubrinnd*!i America. *07, [1009,} <Ja> 
345-37O p. B ft , $l, Graiutgent. 

Annstrong, H; E: M 

Teaching of scientific tnctiuui, ami other 
papers on education. 2cl cd, *io(Ag!3) 
i-f $i.7S net. Macinillan. 

Armstrong, H: Hrbert 
Autobiographic element* in Latin inscrip- 
tions. *io(O8) 8* (Univ. of Michigan 
studies* Humanistic scr.) pap,, 40 c. 

Armttronf , Ja. E. 

Advantages of limited sex frfg;iti>n in 
the high school, *to(Ag) .UO-^fo |>. 
dingrs,, 8*, pap,, 15 c, J. H, Artist rcing, 
Armitrong f Mtric McNtlll. 
In the sitndow of San Juan. 'to(JIio) c, 
II 8 f *, $i, Purhln Pub, 

Anuitrongi Rob. Allu 
HiAtorieai nnd literary outlines of thr OI<I 
Testament; with intrnd. in which JUT prr 
sentfd dUeiiHiiiomi of materhdH, maim 
scripts, versions* etc *o8(Aj(t) f. t Jt" $t, 


Armstrong, S: Chapman. 
Ideas on education. *o8, fiOO^.l I My) 37 
p. B**, (Add, pub, for price,) 

Hampton Innt, 
Armstrong, Sir W*. 

Art in Great !triti!n and Ireland, *oc> 
(Da) c, il, D. (Ars rm: spfcie,*i rnille; 
general history of art) **$*,$ net, 

Arrastrong, W: Clinton, 
Lord Stirling at the tcleaeone, *o8<Je6) 

S p, diagj 7 4*, 50 c. W: C ArntMtrong, 

,M, Patriotic poems of Mew Jersey, W 
(Je6) il. $1,50, A, R, N, j, Scxs. 

Annttwng Cork Co., Pittsburg. Nonpareil 
corkboard insulation for coldi storage ware- 
houses, abattoirs, breweries, ice plant!, fur 




storage vaults, dairies, creameries, candy 
factories, bakeries, fish freezers, canneries, 
refrigerators, freezing tanks, and generally 
wherever refrigeration is employed. [1910.] 
(Ja) c. '09. 7-118 p. il. 8, gratis. 

Armstrong Cork. 

See Military art and science; also names of 

Army horses. Wolcott, E. F., cowp. $i. 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Army letters from an officer's wife. Roe, 
Mrs. F. M. A. M. **$2 net. Appleton. 
Army mule. Thompsoin, C: M. $i net. 

Houghton M. 

Army rifles. Hinkle, F: W. (Not for sale.) 

F: W. Hinkle. 
Arnaud, Rapul. 

Lonis-Philippe and his sister; Adelaide of 
Orleans, (1777-1847;) tr. by E. L. Sharl- 
wood'. '08 (Dip) pors. 8, *$4-50 net 


Arndt, Ernst Moritz. 

Deutsche patrioten in Ruszland zur zeit 
Napoleons; ed., with introd., notes, and 
vocab., by W: Arnold Colwell. '09 (N6) 
c. map, S. (Heath's modern language 
ser.) 30 c. Heath. 

Arner, Ezra Emerson. 

Truth : [government ; politics ; trusts ; pros- 
perity; panics.] 7 o8(Je27) c. 12, pap., 
25 c. Faribault Pilot. 

Arner, G: Byron L: 

Consanguineous marriages in the American 

population. 'oSQlii) c. O. (Columbia 

Univ. studies in hist, economics and 

public law.) pap., 75 c. Longmans. 

Arnett, Lizzie. 

'Mongst the hills of Kentucky. '09 (Ap) c. 
258 p. 8, $i ; pap., 50 c. L. Arnett. 

Arnim, Mary Annette Beattchamp Grafin von. 
The caravaners. *io(08) c. il. D. $1.50. 

Doubleday, P. 
Arnold, Bion Joe., 'Freeman, J: Ripley, and 

Olmsted, F: Law. 

City planning for Pittsburgh ; outline and 
procedure; rept. ; adopted by the Com- 
mission December, 1909. 'io(Nig) c. 8, 
gratis. Pittsburg Civic. 

Arnold, Channing, and Frost, F: J. 
American Egypt; record of travel in 
Yucatan. '09(016) il. maps, plans, Q. 
*$3.8o net. Doubleday, P. 

Arnold, E: Vernon. 

Cothvrnvlvs: three short Latin historical 
plays for beginners, with vocab. 'o8(F22) 
12, *35 c. net. Macmillan. 

Arnold, Sir Edn. 

Light of Asia. 'opfApio) front 32, (Ariel 
booklets.) leath., 75 c., boxed. Putnam. 
Light of the world; or, the great con- 
summation. Pocket ed. '09(02) front. 
S. (Longmans' pocket lib.) *75 c. net. 

Arnold, Felix, 

Attention and interest; study in psychology 
and education. 'io(Mri2) c. figs. D. **$i 
net Macmillan. 

Text-book of school and class manage- 
ment. In 2 v. v. T, Theory and prac- 
tice. J o8(D5) ; *$i,25 net; v. 2, Admin- 
istration and hygiene. 'io(Jl3o) c. il. D. 
$i net. Macmillan. 

Arnold, Mrs. Gertrude Weld, comp. 
Mother's list of books for children, 'oo 
(030) c. S. $i. McClurg. 

Arnold, Hans, [pseud, for Fran Babette Eberty 

von Billow.] 

Fritz auf ferien ; ed., with notes and vocab. y 
by Mary Thomas. 'o&(O'3) c. S. 25 c. 

Am. Bk. 
Arnold, Jesse Oglevee. 

See Galley, Henrietta. 
Arnold, Jos. Alfr. 

Guid'e for business corporations in the state 
of New York; with notes and forms. 2d 
ed., rev. and enl. 'o8(Ja4) O. $1.50; 
pap., $1.25. Baker, V. Co. 

Sec also New York [State.] Business cor- 

Arnold, Leon Vance. 

Supplemental problems in arithmetic. [2df 
ed.] 'O9(jai6) c. S. pap., 25 c. 

L. V. Arnold, 
Arnold, Lucy Edith, ed. 

Graded memory work for schools. ''07,, 
[1908.] (Je.) c. '03. 2 v, 16. (Add. 
pub. for price.) T. Pillot. 

Arnold, Marie. 

Handbook of German construction and 
complete verb scheme. J 09(Ja23) c. D. 
60 c. Flanagan. 

Arnold, Matthew. 

Essays in criticism; 3d series; with an 
introd. by E. J. O'Brien. 'io(Oi) c. D. 
$1.25 net. Ball Pub. 

On the study of Celtic literature and other 
critical essays; with introd. by Ernest 
Rhys and supp. by Lord Strangford, and 
reprints from Nash's Taliesin. 'io(Dio) 
16, (Everyman's lib.) 35 c. net; leath. y 
70 c. net. Dutton. 

Poems, 1840-1866. *o8(Si9) 16, (Every- 
man's lib.) *35 c. net; leath., *7o c. net. 


Select poems; ed., with introd. and notes,. 
by E: Everett Hale, jr. 'o8(N2i) c. 16% 
(Belles-lettres sen; Section vi., Nine- 
teenth century poets.) 60 c. Heath. 
Selected poems; ed., with introd. and notes, 
by Hereford 1 B. George and A. M. Leigh. 
*09(Ap3) map, D. 50 c. Oxford Univ. 
Sohrab and Rustum, and other poems ; ed., 
with notes and an introd., by Ashley H. 
Thorndike. J io(My2i) D. .(Longmans* 
English classics.) 25 c. Longmans. 
Thy r sis and The scholar gipsy. 'io(D) 
16, (Golden text ser.) pap., 40 c. ; bds. r 
60 c. ; Japan vel., $i, boxed. 

T: B. Mosher. 
See also Macaulay, T: Babington, Lord. 

Lays of ancient Rome. 
Arnold, Paul, and Steele, Marshall, comps. 
Nursery rhymes. Bks. i and 2. *o8(Myr6) 
il. obi. S. pap., 20 c. Cassell, 

Arnold, Ralph, and Anderson, Rob. 
Preliminary report on the Coalinga oil dis- 
trict, Fresno and Kings counties, Cali- 
fornia. '09(F6) il. fold, maps, O. (U. S. 
Dept. of the Interior, U. S. Geol. Survey- 
bull.) pap., 20 c. U. S., Supt of Docs, 
Arnold, Rob. S. 

Allegemeine biicherkunde zur neueren 
deutschen liter aturgeschichte. *io(Ni2) 
O. $2.25. ' Stechert 




Arnold, Sarah Louise, and Kittredge, G: 


Mother tongue. Rev. ed. 2 bks, '08 (Sip) 
c. il. D. bk. i, 45 c. ; bk. 2, 60 c. ; with 
composition, 70 c. Giun. 

Arnold, Mrs. T, B., ed. 

Pract. Sabbath-school commentary on the 
International lessons; ed. by Rev. D: B. 
Warner. *io(Ni2) c. 12, 50 c. net. 

Armld Arboretum pubs, il. f. 

C S. Sargent. 

Shaw, Pines of Mexico. *$25 net. 
Araold-Porster, Hugh Oakeley, 

English Socialism of to-day. '<>B(Api8) 
12, *$i.25 net. 1 Hilton. 

Hist, of England, New ed. 2 v. 'io(S) 
il, per set, $2 net. Cashcll. 

ARNOLD- FORSTER, Hugh Oakeley. 
Arnold- For ster, M, S.-M. Right Honour- 
able Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster. $4,20 
net. Longmans. 

Araold-Forstw, Mrs, Hugh Oakeley. 

5V<? Arnold-Forster, Mary Story-Maskclyne. 
Axnold-FoiBtar, Mary Story-Maskelyne, (Mrs, 

Htigli Oakeley Araold-For&ter, 1 
Right Honourable Hugh Oakeley Arnold- 
Forstcr; memoir by his wife. *io(l)io) 
pors, O, $4,20 net, Longmans. 

ARNOLD of Brescia. 

Set Church history. 

Arnold's geological w.; ed, by J, E. Marr, 

il. D, Longmans. 

Gibson, Geology of coal and coal-mining, 

Lake ad RastalL Text-book of geology, 

$1,50 net. 
Thomas and MacAlister. Geology of ore 

deposits. $a,$o, 

Woodward, Geology of water-supply $-8.50. 
Arnold's practical Sabbath-school commen- 
tary, AVr Olmstead, Rev, W; B, p and 
\VanuT, AVr. D, S,, fds, 
Arnold's tempter, Comfort, B: F, $1,50, 

C. M. Clark, 

Arnott, Ja. A. and Wilson, J: 
Petit-Trianon Versailles: II by t sen of 
measured drawings andf photpgraphs of 
the entire building, exterior ana interior. 
In 3 pts, pt, 2. 'oR(MyQ) f*, in prt- 
folios per ^ft, *$27-5o net. Scriuner, 
Arnott, S. 

OiirdHiinjaf in the north; with chapters on 
the cultivation of fruits and vegetables 
and plant* under glass by R, P, 'Thtirs- 
ton, *oo(JI;0 il, D. *$t net Casseli 

Arnoul, the Englishman, Avciing, F, $1.50, 

Arny. H: Yinecoxne. 

Prineiplrft of pharmacy, *09(0) c, 9-1179 

p, il, 8** *$5 net, Saunden, 

Around Afghanistan, BpuilUne de Ltcote 

K A, II, elf, $j special net* Appleton, 
Around Afrien and across the Anden, I, owe, 

F, J. International Pr<***, 

A round the Emerald hie. O f Donnell W; 

C;, ;> $L Roxfourgli* 

Around the farm* *09(0a) (Playtime er. of 

toy books.) bck 40 c,j pap., 25 c, Warn* 

Around the world, Stephens, E, W; $5, 


Around the world. See Tolman, Mrs. S. 
W. C. 

Around the world in a year. Carlisle, G : L, 

**$2 net. Raker & T. 

Around the world in seven clays. Strung, H, 

$1.25 net. Doran. 

Around the world readers. Sec Tolman, 

Atrs. Stella Webster Carroll. 
Around the world with a business man. Big- 
ger, L. A. 4 v. $12. Winston. 
Around the world with the battleships. Mil- 
ler, R. J; $1.25. McCIurg, 
Around town boys. Oeland, P : J. $1.5' 

Walker, E. & C. 

A-roving he would go, Reed M. *$ net. 

Sherman, F, 
Arpee, Leon. 

Armenian awakening; hist of the Arme- 
nian church, 18201860, '09(69) c. nor. 
D. *$i.25 net B Univ. p! Chic 

Arrangement of finger points indcntification. 
Brayley, R A ; $2. Worcester Press, 

Arrhenius f Svante August 
Worlds in the making: evolution of the uni- 
verse; tr. by II, Horns, 'oH(MrJT) c, il, 
O, **$i.6onet Harper, 

Life of the universe as conceived by man 
from the earliest ages to the present 
time; tr, by Dr. H. Bornn, f io(JftJ9) 
a v, ia e (Harper's lib, of living thought) 
ea. v *7$ c net. Harper, 

i| JehUi 1 * pseud* 
Harriman J: Emery, ;>. 
Arrom die Ayala, Ctcilin FrtBctitA Jostfa 
von Pabtr y Lama, ("Ftrnan 

Un servtton y un liberalito 5 tres almas de 
dlos; gd., with introd.* notes and voctb,, 
by Carlos Brtnsby. *0g(Cb) c, S, 
(Heath's modern language aer.) 50 c. 


Axa nmricndi; [facsim,] *oa 11909,] (N) il 
4 s ** $5. (icp copies, } Hjspanlc Soc, 

Ar& utiti : jf/i*4*iVjr willi*; jf*Mi*rfi/ histttty tif ttrt, 
II, 12*. Scrihnrr, 

Armstrong, Art in Great Britain and Ire- 
land, **$i,5o net, 

Ricci, Art of northern Italy, $1.50 net 
Ars&ne Lupin, Jepson, E t$t50 

Doublediiy* P, 
Ar6no T.upitt gcnlletnan hurnlitr, $w Le- 

hlanc, Maurice, 

Arnine Lupin versus Shertctck H^ltnr^, AV$* 
Lehlanc, Man rice, 


Hradden, W: P, Oeeurrence of arsenic in 
soils, plnnts t fruits and animals, 511 r, 

Colo, Set Soc. 

S"** ^Rsthrtlci: Fl trttj'PiIftfctri n| p.lnt 

ing; Hi* In! arts, 
Art and craft of the author* Hirsch, , E, 

**$i,$0 net, Graf ton Press, 

Art and cur so fnl!ectar f guide to Ijindcm, 

Jerningham, C: E; W, 35 c, net, Casseli. 
Art and economy in home decoration, Priest- 

man, M. T. **$ net, lane. 

An and Ittttrs lib, H 8* *$j net, Duffield. 
*-F>a vies and Hunt, Stories of English tr 
Francis of Assist, $L Little flowers, 




Art and letters lib, Continued. 

Reynolds. Stones from the Flemish and 
Dutch artists. 

Seeley, Artists of the Italian Renaissance. 
Stories of the Italian artists from Vasari. 

Stirling-Maxwell. Stories of the Spanish 

Turner and Baker, eds. Stories of the 
French artists. 

Art and practice of typography. Gress, E. G. 
$5. Oswald. 

Art and science of advertising. French, G: 
**$2 net. Sherman, F. 

Art and the human spirit. Griggs, E: H. 
*50 c. net ; *25 c. net. B : W. Huebsch. 

Art Association of Indianapolis. John Her- 
ron Art Institute. Catalogue of sculptured 
works of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, with 
biographical sketch; memorial exhibition 
opening Dec., 1909, and extending through 
Jan. and Feb., 1910. [1910.] (N) 95 p. il. 
por. 8. Art Assoc. Indianapolis. 

Bibliography (3 p.). 

Art collections of Europe ser. 16. Dutton. 

Cruttwell. Guide to the paintings in the 
churches and minor museums of Florence. 
*$i.25 net, 

Art crafting in metal for amateurs. Chandler, 
F. A. $1.50. Fort Hill. 

Art-crafts booklets, il. O. pap., 25 c. 


Hopkins, cd. Decorating fabrics by sten- 

Art craftsman ser. il. 12. Spon. 

Jewelry enamelling. 25 c. 


See Fine arts. 


See Fine arts. 
Art galleries of Europe, il. D, $2 net; 34 

rnor., $5 net. L. C. Page. 

An sell and Fraprie. Art of the Munich 


Preyer. Art of the Netherland galleries. 
Art in Buffalo. Sellstedt, L. G. $1.50. 

L. G. Sellstedt, 
Art in England during the Elizabethan and 

Stuart periods. Variance, A. *$2.5o net; 

*$3 net. Lane. 

Art in Great Britain and Ireland. Arm- 
strong, Sir W. **$i.$o net Scribner. 
Art in needlework. Day, L. F. *$2 net 

Art monograms and lettering. Bergling, J: 

M. 3 v. ea,, $1.50; v. i, 2, $3; 3 vs. in 

same cover, $4.25. J: M. Bergling. 

Art needlework ser. See Heminway's. 
Art of accompanying plain chant. Springer, 

M, $1.50, J. Fischer. 

Art of aviation, Brewer, R. W, A. $3.50- 

Art of baking. Laskowski, P : E. $i. 

P: E. Laskowski. 
Art of business college soliciting. Haupt, 

W: G: $2. W: G: Haupt 

Art of chess. Mason, J. $1.25. McKay. 
Art of decorating show windows. Tracy, 

C: A., comp. $3-50. Merchants' Record. 
Art of expression. Atkinson, W: W. $i. 

Progress Co. 

Art of handling men. Collins, J. H. so c. 


Art of home candy making. Home Candy 
Makers, Canton, O. Home Candy. 

Art of lecturing. Lewis, A. M. 25 c. Kerr. 
Art of life ser.; ed, by E: Howard Griggs. 
D. *so c. net B : W. Huebsch. 

Griggs. Human equipment. 
Higginson. Things worth while. 
Hyde. Self-measurement. 
Patten. Product and climax. 
Ross. Latter day sinners and saints. 
Art of living. Creighton, Mrs. L. *so c. net. 


Art of logical thinking. Atkinson, W : W. 
$i. Progress Co. 

Art of magic. Downs, T: N. $5. 

W. S. Edwards. 
Art of massage. Hale, A. C. $2. 

W: R. Jenkins. 

Art of millinery. Ben Yusiif, Mme. A. $2. 

Millinery Trade. 

Art of modern bookkeeping. Spencer, E. 

$3. E. Spencer. 

Art of modern conjuring and drawing room 

entertainment; by a modern magician. 7 io 

(D24) il. D. $1.25. Reilly & B. 

Art of natural sleep. Powell, L. P. **9O c. 

net. Putnam. 

Art of northern Italy. Ricci, C. $1.50 net. 


Art of painting in the nineteenth * century. 
Mach, E. R. O. v. *$i.25 net. Ginn. 

Art of paper-making. Watt, A. $3. 

Van Nostrand. 
Art of retail selling. Hirschler, D. $i. 

N. Y. Inst. Mercantile, 

Art of roadmaking. Frost, H. $3. H.Frost 
Art of securing better teaching positions. 
Lincoln, E. B. 60 c. Progress Club. 

Art of self-control. Ingalese, R: $i. 


Art of sermon illustration. Jeffs, A. *$i net 


Art of short story writing. Chester, G: R. 

$3.50. Pub. Syndicate. 

Art of singing. Lieber, F. 50 c. Ditsoa 

Art of singing. Santley, Sir C : **$i.25 net 

Art of singing. Shakespeare, W: $2. 

Art of skating. Brokaw, I. $5 net. 


Art of speech and deportment. Morgan, A. 
*$i.5o net McClurg. 

Art of sympathy. Knowlson, T: S. $i. 

Art of tatting. Hoare, Lady K. L. $7 net 


Art of the Belgian galleries. Singleton, E. 

**$2 net. L. C Page. 

Art of the Netherland galleries. Preyer, D: 

C. *$2 net ; *$s net. L. C. Page. 

Art of the plasterer. Bankart, G: P. *$io 

net. Scribner. 

Art of the short story. Gerwig, G: W: 

*75 c. net. Percy Pub. 

Art of theatrical make-up. Morton, C. 

*$2.5o net. Macmillan. 

Art of vocalization. See Marzo, Kduardo. 

Art of voice production. Pattou, A. A. 50 c. 

A. A. Pattou. 

Art of writing and speaking the English 
language. Cody, S. 50 c. Old Greek Pr. 




Art prices current, 1908-9; record of sale 

prices at Christie's during the season, with 

an index to artists' and engravers' names. 

[1910.] (Jl) 4*4 P. $3-25 net Dodd. 

Art songs for high schools. Earhart, W. 

80 c. Am. Bk. 

Art talks with young folks. Collmann, S. M. 

$1.50. Young Israels. 

ARTAXERXES in., OCHUS, King of Persia. 

Hirschy, N. C. Artaxerxes m^Ochus and 

his reign. *7S c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

Arte of rhetorique. Wilson, Sir T: $1.75. 

Oxford Univ. 
Arteaga y Pereira, F. de, comp. 

Nine Spanish poems. 'opCMyiS) pap., 

*4O c. net. Oxford Univ. 

Artemis to Action. Wharton, Mrs. E. N. J. 

**$i net, Scribner. 

Artemision. Hewlett, M. H: *$i net 


Warfield, L. M. Arterio-sclerosis, etiology, 
diagnosis, prognosis, prophylaxis and 
treatment. $2. Mosby. 


Jones, R. L. Arthritis defprmans; com- 
prising rhtimatoid arthritis, osteo-arth- 
ritis, and spondylitns deformans. *$4net 


Arthrosteopedic surgery. McCurdy, S. L. 

$i. Medical Abstract. 

ARTHUR, Duke of Brittany. 

Jeanrenaud, H. Duke of Brittany. *6o c. 

net. McClurg. 

ARTHUR, King. 

Baldwin, J. Stories of the king. 50 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Children's King Arthur. 75 c. Doran. 

Cox, J: H. Knighthood in germ and 
flower; Anglo-Saxon epic, Beowulf, and 
Arthurian tale, Sir Gawein and the Green 
Knight $1.25. Little, B. & Co. 

Haydon, A. L. Stories of King Arthur. 
50 c. Cassell. 

Lang, A., comfy. Tales of King Arthur and 
the round table. 30 c. Longmans. 

Malory, Sir T : Boy's King Arthur. $2. 


Malory, Sir T : King Arthur stories. 
**40 c. net. Houghton M 

Malory, Sir T: Le morte d'Arthur. *$7.$o 
net. Lc niortc d' Arthur. 2 v. ca., *$r 
net Dull on. 

Malory, Sir T: Selections from Le Morte 
d'Arthur. **25 c net. Macmjllan. 

Morn's. C : King Arthur and the Knights 
of the Round 1 Table. $1.25. Lippincott 

Pyle, H. Story of the Grail and The pass- 
ing of Arthur. $2.50 net. Scribner. 

Senior, D. King who never died. $i.qo. 


Sommer, H. 0., ed. Vulgate version of 
the Arthurian romances, v i, 2, ea., 
$5; v. 3, pt i, $5. Carnegie. 

Arthur, Ja. 

Time and its measurement; |Vepr, from 
Popular Mechanics Magazine.*] 'io(Jais) 
c. il, por. 4, $1.50. Popular Mechanics. 
Arthur, W: 

New building estimator; guide to estimat- 
ing the cost of labor and material in 

building construction, from excavation? 
to finish. J o9(Myi) c. il. tabs,, 16% 
$2.50. D: Williams. 

New building estimator; pract. guide to es- 
timating the cost of labor and material 
in building construction, from excavation 
to finish. 3d ed., rev. and enl 'io(Jei8) 
il. tabs., 16, $2.50. . D : Williams. 

Arthur's. Lyons, A. N. $1.50. Lane. 

Article in Theocritus. Leutner, W. G: 
gratis. Johns Hopkins. 

Artificial and natural flight. Maxim, Sir EL 
S. *$i.7S net. Macmillan. 

Artificial manures. Ville, G. *$3 net. 


Artificial water-ways. Hepburn, A. B. **$i 
net. Macmillan. 


Hines, F. T :, and Ward, F. W. Service of 
coast artillery. $3.50 net. 

Goodenough & W. 

Spaulding, O. L., jr. Notes on field artil- 
lery. $i ; with maps, $1.25. 

U. S, Cavalry. 

See aho Explosives; Firearms. 
Artillery of Nathan Bedford Forrest's cav- 
alry. Morton, J: W. $2.50. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch. So. 
Artist songs. Richardson, E. *$ net. 


Artistic crafts scr. of technical hdbks.: eel 
by W. R. Lethaby. D. Macmillan. 

Hooper, Hand-loom weaving. $2,25 net 
Artistic entertainments. Jackson, M. M. 25 c. 


Artistic homes. Priestman, Mrs. M. T. $2 

net, McClurg, 

Artistic tone production. Brouillet, G, A. $2. 

F. E. Bacon, 

Artistic work and gymnastic games. Ander- 
son, H: S, 75 c. Werner, 
Artist's way of working, Sturt*i$, R. $=; net. 

I ).idd. 

Bnnton, C. Modern artists. $6, Baker & T. 
Cary, K L. Artists past and present 
**$ net. Moffat 

Collmann, S. M. Jews in art. $1,50, 


Cyr, Mrs, E. M. Story of three great ar- 
tists : Raphael, Michael Angelo, Leonardo 
da Vinci. 50 c. Gum, 

Dayies, R., and Hunt, C. Stories of Eng- 
lish artists from Vandyck to Turner. *$3 
net Duffieki 

Huncker, J. G. Promenades of an im- 
pressionist. $1.50 net Scribner, 
Knight, W ; A. Six lectures on some nine- 
teenth century artists, English and 
French, $2. Art Inst of Chic. 
Reynolds, V. Stones of the Flemish and 
Dutch artists from the Van Eycks to the 
end of the xvnth century, *$3 net, 


Seeley, E. L., comp. Artists of the Italian 
Renaissance.- Stories of the Italian ar- 
tists from Vasari. ea., *$3 net DuffielcL 
Turner, P. M., and Baker, C. H. C, cds. 
Stories of the French artists. *$3 net, 


See also Anatomy for artists;^ Architects; En- 
gravers and engravings; Musicians; Painters 
and painting. 




Altaian, S: R. 

Legalized outlaw: [liquor traffic,] '08 (JU) 

c. D. $i. Business Men's. 

Arts and' crafts in the Middle Ages. Addi- 

son, Mrs. J. DeW. G. $3. L. C. Page. 
Arts and crafts of older Spain. Williams, L. 

3 v. *$4-50 net. McClurg. 

Arts connected with building. Schultz, R. W. 

*$2 net. Scribner. 

Arts course at medieval universities. Pae- 

tow, L: J: $i. Univ. of 111. 

Arts of Japan. Dillon, E. *$i net. 


See Boston Public Library. 

Arundell, J: Fs., Baron Arundell of Wardour. 
Some papers of Lord Arundell of Wardour, 
I2th Baron, Count of the Holy Roman 
Empire, etc., with a preface by the dow- 
ager Lady Arundell of Wardour. '09 
(Jl3) por. 0. *$3 net. Longmans. 

Arvat. Myers, L. H. *$i.25 net. Longmans. 

Denison, T: S. Mexican- Aryan compara- 
tive vocab. $2. T: S. Denison. 
Holbrooke, G: O. Aryan word-building. 
$2. Knickerbocker Press. 
Sec aho Language. 

Denison, T: S. Primitive Aryans of Amer- 
ica. $3.25; $2.50. t T: S. Denison. 
As a man lives. Oppenheirn, E. P. t$**5Q- 

Little, B. & Co. 

As a man thinketh. See Allen, Ja 
As far as the East is from the West. Bid- 
well, D. D. $1.50; $2.25. Scranton. 
As gold in a furnace. Copus, J : E. 85 c, 

As it happened. Hilliers, A. *$i-35 net. 


As old as the moon. Stoddard, F. J. **$i 

net. Doubleday, P. 

As others see us. Brooks, J: G. **$i.75 net. 

As others see us. Hill, J: L. 75 c. 

Standard Pub. 
As the gods decree. Morris, D. H: 

B'way Pub. 
As they came to me. Elliot, M. M. S, $i. 

M. M. S. Elliot. 
As we see it, Waring, R, L. $1.50. 

R. L. Waring. 
'"As ye will." Leavitt, S. $1.50. 

Magnum Bonurn. 

As you like it See Shakespeare, W : 
ASBURY, Bp. Francis. 

Du Bose, H. M. Francis Asbury. $i. 

Pub. Ho. M. E. Ch., So. 
Mains, G: P. Francis Asbury. *2S c. net. 

Eaton & M. 
Ascanio. See Dumas, Alexandre. 

Ascending effort. Bourne, G: $1.50 net 

"Ascott, Rob. Hope," pseud. 

See Moncrieff, Ascott Rob. Hope. 

Asendi. Strouse, Mrs. G: H. $1.50. 

Asfordby family. See Genealogies. Turk, 

W, A. C, 
Ash, E:, M.D. 

Mind and health; the mental factor and 
suggestion in treatment, with special ref- 

erence to neurasthenia and other com- 
mon nervous disorders, [1910.] (Je) 
12, $1.50 net. Wood. 

Ash, Fenton. 
Trip to Mars. 'ro(Jai) il. 12, $1.50. 


Ash, Mark and W:, eds. 
See New York [City.] Greater N. Y. City 


Ashburn, Jos. Nelson. 
Hist, of the Eighty-sixth Regiment, Ohio 
Volunteer Infantry. '09, [1910.] 149 p. 
il. pors. 8, $1.50. J. N. Ashburn. 

Ashburn, Percy Moreau. 
Elements of military hygiene, especially 
arranged for officers and men of the line. 
J 09(Agi4) c. D. **$2 net. Houghton M. 
Ashburner, Wa. 

Rhodian sea-law; ed. from the manuscripts. 
'o9(Su) O. $5.75. Oxford Univ. 


Vital records of Ashburnham, Mass., to the 
end of the year 1849. $2.70. F. P. Rice. 
Ashby, H: 

Notes on physiology. 8th ed.; rev. by 
Hugh T. Ashby. 'io(OiS) il. D. $1.50. 


McDonald, W: N. Hist, of the Laurel 

brigade, originally Ashby cavalry of the 

Army of No. Va. and Chew's battery. $3- 

K. S. McDonald. 

Ashcroft, Edg. A. 

Study of electrothermal and electrolytic in- 
dustries ; statistics by I. J. Moltkehansen. 
In 3 pts. pt I, Introductory. 'o9(My22) 
c. figs. fold. fig. O. *$2 net. McGraw. 
Ashdown, C: H: 
Arms and armour. J 09(Jei9) il. O. $4. 


Ashdown, Mrs. C: H: 

British costume during 19 centuries (civil 
and ecclesiastical). '10(629) il. O. $1.50 
net. Stokes. 

Ashe, S: A'Court. 

History of North Carolina. In 2 y. v. I, 
From 1584 to 1783. '08 (Ds) c. il. pors. 
maps, O. $5 ; M mor., $6. Van Noppen. 
Ashe, Sydney Whitmore. 
Electricity experimentally and practically 
applied. 'io(Agi3) il. $2 net 

Van Nostrand. 
Ashe, W: Willard. 

Shade trees for North Carolina. '08 (D) 
74 p. il. 4, .(N. C. Geological and eco- 
nomic survey bull.) 8 c. Uzzell. 
Terracing of farm lands. '08 (D) 38 p. 
diagrs. 4, (N. C. geological and economic 
survey bull.) 6 c. Uzzell. 
Ashenfelter, Ida Goodman. 
The truth. 'oS(Ag) c. 134 P- 16, $* 

I. G. Ashenfelter. 

Ashenhurst, Rev. Ja. Oliver. 

Day of the country church. 'io(OS) c. 

D. $i net. Funk 

Ashes. Deledda, G. t$l-SO. Lane. 

Ashes of love. Garvice, C: 25 c. 

J. S. Ogilvie, 


See Methodist Episcopal church. 




Ashford, C, E., and Kempstm, E. W. E. 

Elem. theory of direct current dynamo elec- 
tric machinery. '08 (Ds) 8> *$i net 

Ashhtirst, Astley Pastern Cooper, MIX 

Anatomical and surgical study of fractures 
of the lower end of the humerus; Sam- 
uel D. Gross prize essay of the Philadel- 
phia Academy of Surgery, 1910, *io(D) 
c 77-163 p, il. 4, $2,75 net." Lea, 

See aha Deaver, J: Blair, 
Ashleman, Lorley Ada. 
Dramatic French reader : 12 ( historical 
French plays designed for high school 
use; resume* of French grammar required 
in first year high school course, *o8(Fi) 
c. front. D, 75 c. Flanagan 

Ashley, Burton J; 

Cesspool and its dangers. ^ fi^io.] (F) c, 

'09. 12 p, 0, pap., gratis. Ashley. 

Principles of decay as applied to biologic 

sewage purification. 2d ed. [IQIO,] (F) 

c. 'OQ. 15 p. Q pap., gratis, Ashley. 

Ashley, G: Fa. 

See Anthony, Gardner Chace, 
Ashley, G: Hall, and Fisher, Casaius Asa, 
Valuation of public coal lands; the value 
of coal land, by G; H. Ashley; Depth 
and minimum thickness of beds as limit- 
ing factors in valuation* by Cassius A, 
Fisher, 'io(Mm) 8, (U. S., Geolog. 
Survey bull) (Add. Superintendent for 
price.) U S. Supt, of Docs. 

Ashley, Roacoe Lewis* 

American government : a text-book for sec- 
ondary schools; (al*o] t Hendrick** Eldo 
Lewis, Hist, and civil government of 
Indiana, 'o8(Ag^2) c, r/\ *$os net, 
Rev. and rewritten, 'iQ(Apg) c, il. map* 
IX $r nd, Macmillan, 

Aihley, W: Ja,, ed. 

British industries ; series of general reviews 
for business men and students, 2d ed, 
*o8(Ffs) D. *$x.8o net. Longmans 

Ashman, G; Cromwell. 
Studies in radio-activity, f oB ftoio.] (Ap> 
24 p, il, S e , G : C, Ashman. 

AahmeaA-Bartlttt, Ellis, 
Passing: of the Shereefian Kmpire, *rn 
(Nii)c, il. maps, 8** $4 net, Dodcl, 
Aahmore, D: Newton, 

This, that and the other, *00(N) e, 124 p, 
por, 12, $i ; pap., 75 c, 

D: H, Ashniore, 
Asfimtm, Marg. 

Composition in the high school, *0g(Api7) 

rj (Univ. of Wis, bulletin.) pap, 10 c, 

Univ. of Wis, 

,Hl Pros? literature' for wondary <tehooK 

with Mnnt* suKKf^tinus for correlation and 

composition; with introd, by Willarcl G, 

lllryrr, *wf N.i) c, I), Bc> c, 'floughton M, 

ASHOKAN RRHXRVOIR, Brown Station, N, Y, 

Nimsgern, E: G. Illustrated and cleserip" 

tlve account of the main clams ind dike$ 

of the Aihokin reservoir. Brown Sttt!on 

N, Y, 50 c, E: G, Nimsgern, 

Aihton* W; Eatttrly, 

Text-hook on the practice of gynecology, 

for practitioners and atudcnt*. 4lh eel., 

rev, and enl. *oo(N) c, 11-1090 p, il. 8*, 

$6.50. Sitmcfers, 

Ashton-Kirk, investigator. Mclntyro, J : T : 
$1.20 net. Peim Pub. Co. 

Bates, L. W., jr. Russian road to China. 

$3 net. Hough ton M. 

Bcnn, Mrs. E. A. F. P. < hot-land trek 

from India by side~sa<ltlK\ ontnol ami 

rail. *$5 net. Longman^. 

De Lesdafn, Count. From Pekin to Sik- 

kim T through the Ordos, the Gobi Desert 

and Thibet, *$4 net. t Dutton. 

Frasor, D: Short cut to India: journey 

along; the route of the Baghdad railway. 

*$5 net. Scribner, 

Grant, P. S, Observations in Asia. **$t,a$, 

net, Brentano's* 

Hcdin, S. A, Overland tn India, 2 v. 

$7,50 net. Macmillan. 

Johnston, R F. From PckitiR t Mamla* 

lay: journey from north China to Burma, 

*$S net, Dutton. 

Lambert, J : C. Missionary heroes ^ Asia, 

*75 c. net. IJppincott. 

Redway, J. W. All around Asia, 60 c, 

Stratton, C R. Picturesque A*ia and Af- 

rica. $L Nat, Pub, Co, 

Williama, A, Wonders of Asiatic explora- 

tion. 75 c. LlppincGtt 

S"ff <tfa> Afghanlttan ; Amhln'-'-AruwnUj An- 

itvriii; Babyloniiht * BntufhUfnui Bnrtna;* 

China j Par Kant; Geology ;- HinmtAyii Mt.; 

ftidla; 'Japan;* Mongotikt;* -M*$^t*l Kitngc. 

Pe rmni" -Sihrrlaj -Tllvt ; *Turk**titn, 


Garstang, J: The land of the fltttitei; 
nccount ^of ^the recent exphirntinnH and 
discoveries In Asia Minor $4 net. 


Ramsay, A'lr W: M, Cttirs nf Si, Paul 
*$3 net, Anii^iti'iiK 

Ramsey, .SVr W: M,, mil Brli, ci L, Tlr 
thousand ancl one chttfvhr% $^ mt, 

I loritn 

Sff FHcs, 

f Mrs, Allci J, -it C, Ltike, tnd Claud*, 
Arth. Cary* 
Plains of silence, *o8(Apt8) fnmt T. 

Rod of justice. f io(Jli6) D, $t,;o, 

Tempting of Pawl Chester, *io(Fia) D, 
$1,50, Fenno. 

Testimony, *oo(Nao) IX $1,50 Lane. 
Askew t Ckd Arth, City, 

5Vr Askew, Alice J, de C Lrake 
A,skin, f C; 

American shotgun, "ion*,?!* il S\ $j net. 


A^kwith, 1; Harrinon, D.D, 
Analytical geometry of the conir wfiom. 
'08(03) C 13% *|a,6o net Mncmlllan, 
Asoka, or Piyadasi, Emjxmn 01 Inaia, 
Edict !i of Asokt; ed. in Englhh, with ar 
introd, and commfntary h Vincent A. 
Smith, *9(Myis) front, Q, bdf., 16.75- 

Oxford Univ. 

ASOKA, (tr PIVA&ASI, Hm/fn^ */ India, 
Smith, V* A. Aaoka: BuddhUt mperor 
of India* $1.15- Oxford unlv. 





Herrman, H. French method of intensive 
cultivation and asparagus forcing. $i. 

H: L. Freking. 

Aspects of Anglicanism. Moves, J. *$i net. 


Aspects of Christ. Selbie, Wl B. $1.50 net. 


Aspects of George Meredith. Curie, R : H. 

P. *$i.75 net Dutton. 

Aspects of modern opera. Gilman, L. **$i.25 

net. Lane. 

Aspects of recent Russian literature. Wolfe, 

A. J: (Not for sale.) ^ A. J: Wolfe. 

Aspects of the Hebrew genius. Simon, L., 

ed. $i. Bloch, 

Aspects of the speech in the later Roman 

epic. Lipscomb, H. C. $i. Furst. 

Aspects of the spiritual. Brierley, J. *$i.4O 

net. Whittaker. 


Boorman, T: H. Asphalts: their sources 
and utilizations. $3. W: T. Comstock. 
Peckham, S. F: Solid bitumens. $5. 

M. C. Clark. 

See also Pavements; also Venezuela, 

5V* San Jose* scale. 
Aspinwall, Mrs. Alicia. 
Can you believe me stories. '09 (N) 8+ 
374 p. il. 8, $1.50. Dutton. 

Listen to me stories. J io(Ni2) il. 8, 
$1.50. Dutton. 

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Dewitt, 
D: M. $2.25. Macmillan. 


Furman, H. Van F. Manual of practical 

assaying. $3. Wiley. 

Seamon, W: H: Manual for assayers and 

chemists. $2.50 net. Wiley. 

Smith, J. R. Modern assaying. $1,50 net. 


See also Metals and metallurgy; Mineralogy. 
Assembly song book. Rix, F. R. *5o c. net, 


Assertio septum sacramentornm. Henry vm. 
*$2 net. Benziger. 


See Taxation. 
Assessor's manual for Iowa. Toof, M. D. 

25 c. M. D. Toof. 

Assessors' land valuations. Chandler, F. R., 

ed. $5. Donnelley. 


See Digestion; Metabolism. 

ASSIST, Italy. 

Goff, Mrs, R. Assisi of St. Francis. *$6 
net. ' Dodd. 

Assisting the boy in the choice of a vocation, 
* McKeever, W: A. gratis. 

W: A. McKeever. 

See Psychology. 

Association for Improving 1 the Condition of 
the Poor. New York Milk Committee. 
Infants' milk depots and their relation to 
infant mortality. 'O9(jai6) il. tabs., maps, 
50 c. Assoc. Imp. Con. Poor. 

Association of American Portland Cement 
Manufacturers, Plans for suburban con- 
crete dwellings; prize competition. '09 (F6) 
il. plans, 4, $i. 

Assoc. Am. Portland Cement. 

Associatidn of Collegiate Alumnje. Washing- 
ton Branch, comp. List of poems chosen- 
from standard Eng. poets, suitable to be 
learned by children between the ages of 
five and fourteen. J o8(Ag22) c. 8, pap., 
25 c. L. Madeira, 


King, L. W: Hist, of Babylonia and As- 
syria. In 3 v. v. I. $4.80 net. Stokes. 
Rogers, R. W: Religion of Babylonia and 
Assyria, especially in its relation to Is- 
rael. *$2 net. Eaton M. 
Toffteen, O. A. Researches in Assyrian 
and Babylonian geography, pt. i. *$i 
net. Univ. of Chic. 
See also Babylonia; Semitic language; also Sar- 

See Oriental religions. 


Harper, R. F. Assyrian and Babylonian 
letters belonging to the Kbuyunjik col- 
lections of the British Museum, v. 9. $6 
net Univ. of Chic. 

Prince, J: D. Assyrian primer. $i net. 



Babylonian and Assyrian literature. $1.75; 
$3.50. Lamb Pub. 

Astir. Thayer, J: A. $1.20 net. Small. 
Astley, Rev. Hugh J: Dukinfield. 
Pre-historic archaeology and the Old Testa- 
ment : Donellan lectures, 1906-1907. 'oS 
(Je2o) O. *$2 net. Scribner. 

Astolat classics. 8 v. [1910.] (D) sq. 16,. 
ea., leath., 75 c. net; cf., $1.25 net. Jacobs. 
Aston, W: G: 

Shinto: ancient religion of Japan. '07, 
[1909.1 (Ap) 8, (Religions ancient and? 
modern.) *4O c. net Open Court. 

Astor ed. of poets. 98 v. J o8(D) ea., 60 c. 


Astor prose ser. D. Crowell. 

Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. 60 c. 
Astounding revelations. Buzzacott, F. H. $2.. 

F. H. Buzzacott. 
Astral world. Tiffany, J. $2. 

De Laurence, S. 

Dalton, J. G. Spherical basis of astrology. 
$2.50. Spenceley. 

George, L. The A to Z horoscope delin- 
eator. $2. 

Portland (Ore.) Sch. Astrology. 
Hodges, H: C. Science and key of life. 
In 6 v. v. 4-6. ea., $2. Astro Pub. 
Merton, H. W. Heliocentric astrology. 
$1.50. j McKay. 

Phelps, J. R. Birthday horoscopes, charac- 
ter readings. 50 c. Brewer, B. 
Ruyl, B. B. Zodiac birthday book. $i net 

Baker & T. 

Sepharial, pseud. Astrology how to 
make your own horoscope. 50 c. 


Towne, Mrs. E. J., and Twing, C. S., comps. 

Character delineation and inspiration for 

those born under the sign of Capricorn.. 

75 c. E. J. Towne. 

Astronomer's wife. Hall, A. $i. Nunn. 





Armstrong, W. C: Lord Stirling at the 

telescope: [transit of Venus, 1769.] 50 c. 

W : C Armstrong. 

Ball, Sir R. S. Treatise on spherical astron- 
omy. *$3.7S net. Putnam. 

Bartcn, S: G. Halley's comet, gratis. 

S: G. Barton. 

Borgmeyer, C: J. Halley's comet (Priv. 
pr.) St. Louis Univ. 

Burton, C: J. Astronomy and the Bible. 
$i. C: J. Burton. 

Chambers, G: F: Halley's comet. 25 c, 
Story of the comets simply told. $2. 

Oxford Univ, 

Clarke, E. C. Astronomy from a dipper. 
**6o c, net. Hotif{hton M. 

Clerke, A, M, Popular history of astrono- 
my. *$2,6o net Macmillan. 

Comstock, G. C Text book of field t as- 
tronomy for engineers. $2.50, Wiley. 

Dolmage, C. G, Astronomy of to-day. 
*$L5o net. Lippincott. 

Dyson, F, W. Astronomy. 50 c, net, 


Elson, H: W: Comets, their origin, nature 
and history, "Star-ga/.cr*s htlhk, ea, 
*5o c, net. Stiirgis & W. 

Emerson, E. Comet lore; Halle/s comet 
in hist and astronomy. 25 c. 

E, Emerson, 

Forbes, G: Hist, of astronomy* **75 c. 
net, Putnam. 

Hale, G : E. Study of stellar evolution, *$4 
net Univ, of Chic. 

Hollis, II, P. Chats about astronomy* 
*$t,25 net. Lippincott. 

Ttosmer, 0: L. Text-book on praet. as- 
tronomy, $2 net, Wiley, 

Howe, H. A, Elements of descriptive 
astronomy. ${.35* Silver, 

Jacoby, H. Astronomy: [lecture.) 25 c, 


Kulhner, C. J. Star maps and star facts. 
15 r, net, C J. Kttllmer. 

Leahy, G: V, Astronomical essays. $L 

G; V. Leahy. 

Lowell, P, Evolution of worlds, **$aso 
net, Macmillan. 

hfacPherson, H, ;V. Romance of modern 
astronomy. $1,50 net. Lippincott 

Maunder, E; W. Astronomy of the Bible, 
*$2 net. M, Kennerley. 

Olcott, W. T. In SUrland with a three- 
inch telescope, **$i net, Putnam. 

Ferrinf, C: D, t and othtr& Determination 
of the solar parallax from photographs 
of Eros made with the Crossley reflec- 
tor of the Lick Observatory, University 
of California. Carnegie. 

Philippine Islands. Weather Bu t Return 
of Halley f s comet and popular appre- 
hensions: by G; M, Zwack. 

Bu, Public Pr, 

Pickering, E: C: Future of astronomy. 
E: C: Pickering, 

Pickering, W: H: Researches of the Boy- 
rim dc-partnu'iit 'Search fr a planet be 
yoml Neptune. t*a.. $i. Harvard Univ. 

Richards, t. A. Comets. Eddy Preas, 

RieRler, G, Amateur astronomer. $i,aj$ 
net, D0dcL 

ASTRONOMY. Continued. 
Rogers, J. E. Earth and sky every child 
should know. $1,20 net. Doubleday, P. 
Rudaux, L, How to study the stars. *$2 
net. Stokes. 

Schnell, A, F: Astronomy. $1.50. 

A. FrSchncll 

Schurig, R: Tabulae caelestes continentes 
Stellas caeli borealis. $i. Lemcke 

Seares, F: H. Pract astronomy for en- 
gineers. *$2.25 net. F: H, Seares. 
See, T: J. J. Researches on the evolution 
of the slellcr systems, v. -2. $10. 

T: P. Nichols. 

Serviss, G. P. Astronomy with the naked 

eye, Curios-it iis >f the sky, en M **$r 40 

net. -Round the year \\ith the stars. $i 

net. Harper. 

Todd, D: P. Halley's comet gratis. 

Am. Bk, 
Turner, H. H, Halley's comet. 35 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Wilde, W. Celestial ejectammta, $to, 

Oxford Univ, 
Set fltffo Almanact and annuala; Aatrotottyj " 

Jvlf, Wilxont Mnon;-* Nivigtini *Smithiini 
an In*tittiticm;~-Sotaf> ayntnti; -Stnrn; SMII; 
Tide; Time?- Univmt, 

"ASTRONOMY AN Astio-PiiTSics.* 1 

See Indexes. 

S"ff Smithsonian Institution. 

Sit Astronomy. 

Asymptotic properties of tho *<>UttinnH of 

ordinary linear differential equations, Birk- 
IwtT, G: 1): (Add, author for price, ) 

G: D: Birkltoff, 
At Cloudy Pass, Hurlburt. R, F. Si.sp. 

C M, tlark. 
At Cornell. Engeln, O, D, v, $1.50, 

Artil Co, 

At Flower Farm, HoIJoway, J, $t, Stern, 
At home in the water, Corsan, G; II, 75 c * 
50 c. Y. M, C A, 

At home with God, Russell, M, $t,JS net, 

At large, Benson, A, C, **$i,$o net, 


At last. Kingsley, C; 50 c, net. Macmillan, 
At Molofctl Shores, R. J, 50 c, 

R. J, Shores, 

At school in the Cannibal Islwitk Hmtitcin, 
E. J. t$r,35. Griffith. 

At sound of the gavel Cuming* M, A. 35 c, 

M. A. Cnming, 
At sunnet. Howe, Mrs, J, W, $ net, 

! tough ton M, 

At the back of the North Wind, Mncdpnald, 

G: $1,50. Lippirtcott 

At the feet of Jesus, Gretchen, /irwdf, wmfa 

*asc. net Hilh & H. 

At t!u* foot of the rainbow, l*cirt**r (J, S-. 

$1,50. Doubleday, P, 

At the home plate, Dudley. A. T, $1.25, 

Lothrop, L, & S. 
At the library table* Joline, A* H. $1.50. 


At the New Theatre. Eaton, W, P. $t.$o 

net. Small. 

At the root of socialism, Power, M, *io c. 

net, Herder* 




At the shrine of song. Bashford, H. *$i.25 

net. Whitaker & R. 

At the sign of the Blue Anchor. Osgood, 

G. R. $1.50. C. M. Clark. 

At the sign of the burning bush. Little, M. 

$1.50. Holt. 

At the Sign of the Hobby Horse. Bisland, 

E. $1.25 net Houghton M. 

At the Villa Rose. Mason, A. E: W. $1.50. 

Atchison, Clyde Shepherd. 

Curves with a diretrix. '08, [1909.] (S) 

25 p. diagrs., 4. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Johns Hopkins. 

Atchley, E: Godfrey Cuthbert Frederic. 
Hist of the use of incense in divine wor- 
ship. 'io(Fs) il. Q. (Alcuin Club collec- 
tions.) *$I7.50 net. Longmans. 

Legg, J. W. Popular use of the Athanasian 
creed. *6o c. net; *40 c. net. Longmans. 
See also Creeds. 
Athenian lekythoi. Fairbanks, A. $4. 

ATHENS, Greece. 

D'Ooge, M. L. Acropolis of Athens. *$4 
net. Macmillan. 

Savage, C: A. Athenian family: sociolog- 
ical and legal study. *$i-50 net; *$i.25 
net. Lord Balto. Pr. 

Sec also Aristophanes. 


Murray, Mrs. L. W. Hist, of old Tioga 
Point and early Athens, Pa. *$5 net. 

L. W. Murray. 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude Franklin Horn, 
The Californians. New ed. 'o8(Mr2i) c. 
12, t$i.SO. . Macmillan. 

Gorgeous isle: a romance; scene, Nevis, 
B. W. L, 1842. '08(024) c. D. **oo c. 
special net. Doubleday, P. 

Patience Sparhawk and her times. '08 
(Myp) c, '05, '07, '08. D. t$i-So. 

Tower of ivory. 'io(MrS) c. D. ^$1.50. 


Athletic boys' lib, 2 v. 'io(D) il. 12, ea., 
$1,25. Estes. 

Contents: Ellis, Our Jim; Eustace, Substitute 
quarter-back, or, the quality of mercy. 

Amateur Athletic Union of the United 
States. Official hdbk. 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Dudley, G., and Kellor, F. A. Athletic 
games in the education of women. **$i.25 
net. Holt 

Gardiner, E, N. Greek athletic sports and 
festivals. $2.50 net Macmillan. 

Graham, J :, and Clark, E. H. Pract. track 
and field athletics. $i. Duffield. 

Inter-Collegiate Association of Amateur 
Athletes of America. Constitution, by- 
laws and laws of athletics. 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Inter-Scholastic Athletic Association of the 
Middle Atlantic States. Official hdbk, 
[ipio.l gratis. Am. Sports. 

Lamed, C : W : Athletics from a historical 
and educational standpoint. (Add. pubs, 
for price.) Am. Phys. Educ. 

Mitchel, J. S. Weight throwing. 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

ATHLETICS. Continued. 

Official athletic rules and official hdbk. of 
the Amateur Athletic Union of the United 
States. 10 c. Am. Sports. 

On track and on diamond: [fiction.] 60 c. 


Orton, G: W., ed. Athletic training for 
school boys. 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Public Schools Athletic League. Official 
handbook. 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Ruhl, A. B. Athletics in accounting: being 
an account of the organization and ex- 
ploits of the Haskins & Sells Athletic 
Association. (Not for sale.) Haskins & S. 

Spalding's official athletic almanac, 1908- 
1910. ea., 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Sullivan, J. E. Athletes' guide. School- 
yard athletics, ea., 10 c. Am. Sports. 

White, E. C, and Clark, E. H. All-around 
athletics. 10 c. Am. Sports. 

See also Acrobats and acrobatismj Archery; 
Baseball; Bowling; Boxing; Cricket; 
Dumb-bells ; Football ; Games; Golf ; Gym- 
nastics and physical culture; liockey; Indian 
clubs: Jiu-jitsu; Lacrosse; Quoits; Row- 
ing 1 ; Running; Skating; Swimming; Ten- 
nis ; Wrestling. 

ATHOL, Mass. 

Vital records of Athol. $3. F. P. Rice. 
Athonia. Schuette, H. G: $1.50. 

H. G: Schuette. 
Atkey, Bertram. 
Easy money. 'ogQeip) il. D. f$i-So. 


Atkins, Arth. 

Extracts from the letters of Arth. Atkins, 

with notes on painting and landscape 

written during the period of his work as 

a painter in the last two years of his life, 

1896-98. *o9(F2o) c. 12, bds., *$i.25 net. 

A. M. Robertson. 

Atkins, Evan A. 

Practical sheet and plate metal work. '08 

(D26) 12, *$2 net. Macmillan. 

Atkins, Gains Glenn, DJX 

Things that remain; some sermons given 

in the First Congregational Church in 

Detroit 'io(My) c. 127 p, por. 8, $1.25. 

G. G. Atkins. 
Atkins, G: Sargent 

Business getters; series of commercial, so- 
cial and pract. letters. *io(0i5) c. 12, 
75 c. Cochrane. 

Atkins, Smith Dykins. 
Abraham Lincoln; [an address] at the 
Opera House, Streator, Illinois, Feb. 12, 
1909, at invitation of G. A. R., Woman's 
Relief Corps, Spanish-American Veter- 
ans, and the Daughters of the American 
Revolution. *io(Ap23) O. pap., gratis. 

Journal Pr., (Ill) 
Atkinson, Christopher T: 
Hist of Germany, 1715-1815. 'io(F26) 
map, plans, 8, *$4 net Jacobs. 

Atkinson, E: 

Views on the occupations in their relation 
to the tariff published in the Quarterly 
Journal of Economics for Feb., 1903. '09 
(Jl) 10 p. 8, pap. (Add. Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Atkinson, Eleanor. 

Boyhood of Lincoln. '08 (N7) c. il. D. 
**5O c. net. McClure. 




Atkinson, Eleanor, Continued, 

Lincoln's love story. > og(F6) c. il. D. 

**5QC net. Doubleday, P. 

Story of Chicago and national develop- 

ment, 1534-1910; ed, and extended by the 

editorial staff of the Little Chronicle Co. 

[1910.] (Ja) c, '09. 5-6+122 p. il. 8, 

85 c. Little Chronicle. 

Atkinson, Mrs. Frances Antoinette Bridges. 

Frances Bridges Atkinson ; a record of her 

life prepared by her friends ; foreword t>y 

Marg. E. Sangster, '08, [1909.] (F) c. 

148 p, pors. 12, 90 c, Y. W. C A. 

Atkinson, Fk, BL 

Atkinson sign painting up to^ now ;^ com 
plete manual of the art of sign painting. 
f 09(D25) c. il. 8, $3. Urake. 

Atkinson, G: Fs. 

Botany for high schools, *io(0i) c. il. 
D. $1.25. Holt 

Atfcinson, H: A, 

St* Jenkins, Fk, E 
Atkinson, Louise Warren* 
Story of Paul of Tarsus ; home work book. 
*ro(Ja29) c, D. (Constructive Bible 
" studies*) pap,, *s c. net Note book 
for pupils, with maps and pictures to b* 
pasted in. Q. 50 c* nei~-Manual for 
teachers, *$i net, Univ. of Chic, 

Atkinson, Mary JosepMne. 
Chiteau in Brittany, f io(Nca) c. il. 8* 
$2.50, Pott. 

Atkinson, X; 6, 

Functional diagnosis: application of physi- 

ology to diagnosis. *09(D) 213 p. 8*> 

$1.50. Chic. MecL Bk, 

Atkinson. Timothy It 

Irrigation in North Dakota, *09(D) 39 p. 

fold, magj 8% (U* S. pept. of Agricul- 

ture; Office of Experimental Stations; 

bull) pap. (Add* Superintendent for 

price,} IL S, Swpt of Docs, 

Atkinton, W: Walker, ['TTogtRaiw^araka.''! 

Araine teaching ; or, secret doctrine of the 

ancient Atlantis. Egypt, Chaldea and 

Greece, ad ed Q9(Ag) c. 336 p, ta*, $x. 


Art of expression and the principles of 
discourse *m(Ap) 9-X99 p. 8*, f f. 

Progress Co. 

Art of logical thinking; or, the laws of 
reasoning, *io(Api6) c* u\ $i, 

Progress Co, 

Hindu- Yogi science of bretth; complete 
manual of the Oriental breathing philos- 
ophy of physical, mental psychic and 
spiritual development *io(Fia) ta*, 

Human nature Its Inner states ana outer 
forms. *!0(Nia) c* il. ia\ $i, 

Progress Co. 

Inner consciousness; course of fastens on 
the inner planes of the mind, intuition, 
inntincf, automatic mentation and other 
wonderful phases of mental phenomena, 
'oB(Oto) c, xa*, 50 c. 

Advanced Thought. 

Inner teaching* of the philosophies and re- 
ligions of India, *09<Ap3> c 8*. *$i net, 

Yogi Pub, 

Atkinson, W: Walker. Continued, 

Memory; how to develop, train and use it. 
*O9(Myi) (New psychology ser) $i. 

Progress Co. 

Mind and body; or, mental ^tntrs and* 
physical conditions. '10(83) c. i2'\ $1. 

Progress Co. 

Mind-power; or, the law of dynamic menta- 
tion, 'o9(Fi3) c. O. $2. Progress Co. 
Mystic Christianity; or, the inner teachings 
of the Master. 'oS(N) c. 2(>g p. 12, $i. 

Yogi Pub. 

New psychology. f o9(Myi) (New psy- 
chology ser.) $i. Progress Co. 
Practical mental influence: le^snns on men- 
tal vibrations, psychic influence, [etc.J 
'o8(Je27) c, ia, (Lyal ser.) 500, 

Lyal Bk 

Practical psychomancy and crystal gaxing, 
'o8(Jea7) c. ta*. (Lyal ser,) 50 c, 

f.yal Bk, 

Psychology of salesmanship, 'io(Ap) 9- 

246 p. 8, $x. Progress Co. 

Psychology of success; or, mental paths ta 

power/ '10(83) c, w $i. Progrens Co. 

Reincarnation and the law of Karma, *o8 

(Oio) $LIO. ^ Advanced Thought, 

Science of psychic healing; sequel to- 

"Hatha Yoga.** '09, tigia'l (J!) 190 p. 

12**, $i. Yogi Pwk 

Secret of success, 'oS(Oio) c, ia* 50 *\ 

Advanced Thought, 

Subconscious and the auperconneiotn plane* 
of mind. f io(Api6) c, u, $1. 

Progresi Co, 

Suggestion and auto-suggeation, oo(Myi) 
(New psychology ?er.) $1, ProgrfSH Co 
Thought -cult itre; or, pract. mental training, 
*to(Api6) ta* t $i, Progreis Co. 

The will : its nature, power and develop 
ment, 'o^(D) c, 205 p, ia*, fi. 

ProgrfM Co, 
Atlanta Uniwrsity pubs 8* t pap, 

Atlanta Univ, 
Du Bois. Economic coopfrntiitt among 

negro Americans, $z. 
On Bols, td, Efforts for noeiai bettf rment 

among negro Americans, 75 c. 

Lichtenstein G, VMt to Youitff't Pirr at 
Atlantic City, N. J, (Add, author for 
price.) G, Urh 


5* Vtchts nml yachting. 

Atkmt&c Dtt'per Waters ny<t A^ 
Conference held at Phiiadclplita Niv, iH 

!Q jo, 1907; rept of the prncrec!iiig ; comp. 

by Addixon B, Burk, *oH(AptH) porn, tnap 

O, pap. gratis. Hook Pr, 

Atlantic Deeper Waterway! Asioelatbn, ist 

annual convention, held at Baltimore, Nov. 

17, 18, 19, 1908; report of the proceeding*; 

comp, and ed, by Addiaon B. Burk. 09 

(Mr) front O. pap. t gratis, 

Atlantic Deeper Waterways, 

Ferry, B. Park-Street papers. **$ net, 

Houghton M, 
Atkatic reporter, v. 67, 6R Permanent ed, 

'o8<Je> ; v, 69 (O) ; v, 70, *o8 [1909,] (F) ; 

v. 71 (Je); v, 72 (N); v, 73- f og [ 




(F) ; v. 74 (My) ; v. 75 (Ag) ; v. 76 (N) 

c. 0. (National reporter system, state ser.) 

ea., $4. West Pub. 

Atlas of absorption spectra. Mees, C. E. K. 

*$2 net. Longmans. 

Atlas of clinical surgery. Bockenheimer, P. 

3 v. $24. Lippincott. 

Atlas of external diseases of the eye. Greeff, 

R : $10. Rebman. 

Atlas of literary and historical geography. 

v. i, Europe. 'io(Dio) c. il. maps, 16, 

(Everyman's lib.) 35 c. net; leath., 70 c. net 


Atlas Portland Cement Co., New York. Con- 
crete houses and cottages. 2 v. *io(Ja22) 
v. '09. il. plans, f, ea., $i. 

Atlas Portland Cement. 
Atlas Portland Cement Co., New York. ^ Con- 
crete in railroad construction; treatise on 
concrete for railroad engineers and con- 
tractors. '09 (N6) c. il. 8, $i. 

Atlas Portland Cement. 

Bartholemew, J : G : Handy reference at- 
las of the world. *$2.5o net. Dutton. 
Bartholomew, J : G : School economic at- 
las. 85 c. Oxford Univ. 
Cassell's atlas. **$4 net Cassell. 
Cram, G: F. Atlas of the world, ancient 
and modern. $12.50; $15 ; $17.50. Stand- 
ard American railway system atlas of the 
world. $io.5o-$20. Superior reference at- 
las of North and South Dakota and the 
world. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

G: F. Cram. 

Hammond's handy atlas of the world. $i ; 

$1.50; 50 c. Pictorial atlas of the world. 

$5. C. S. Hammond. 

Patten, W:, and Homans, J. E., eds. New 

encyclopedic atlas and gazetteer of the 

world. 50 c. Collier. 

Rand, McNally & Co. Enlarged business 

atlas and shipper's guide. $10.50; $12.50. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 

Reich, E. Atlas antiquus. *$3 net. 


Stieler, A. Atlas of modern geography. 

*$I5 net Lemcke. 

United States. Library of Congress. List 

of geographical atlases in the Library of 

Congress. 2 v. (Add, Superintendent 

for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs 

See aho Gazetteers; Geography; also names of 

countries and places; also special subjects. 

Atlay, J, B. 

Victorian chancellors. In 2 v. v. 2, Lord 
St. Leonards, Lord Cranworth, Lord 
Chelmsford, Lord Campbell, Lord West- 
bury, Lord Cairns, Lord Hatherly, Lord 
Selborne, Lord Halsbury, and Lord 
Herschell. 'o8(Jli8) il. 8. *$4 net 

Little, B. & Co. 

Houston, E. J. Wonder book of the at- 
mosphere. **$i,50 net. Stokes. 

See also Air; Meteorology. 


See Chemistry; Weights and measures. 
Atoned, adpt from the German by the Rev. 
L. A. Rendter, [and] The two Christmas 
eves. 'io(Mr26) S. 50 c. 

Soc. Divine Word. 


Burton, E. D., and others. Biblical ideas of 
atonement. $i. Univ. of Chic. 

Champion, J : B : Living atonement. $1.25. 

Griffith & R. 

Foley, G: C. Ansemfs theory of the atone- 
ment. **$i.5o net. Longmans. 

Forsythe, P : T. Cruciality of the cross. 
*$r.5o net. Doran. 

Mabie, H: C. How does the death of 
Christ save us? **50 c. net. Am. Bapt 

Morgan, C: C. Lawyer's brief on the 
atonement. 75 c. C: C. Morgan.. 

Nash, H : S. Atoning life. **$i net. 


Randolph, B. W: Precious blood of Christ: 
being thoughts on the doctrine of the 
atonement. *75 c. net. Longmans. 

Stalker, J. The atonement. *$i net 


Walker, W : L. Gospel of reconciliation or 
at-one-ment *$2 net. Scribner. 

See also Jesus Christ 

Atonement. Young, F. E. M. $1.50. Lane. 
Atoning life. Nash, H: S. **$i net. % 


Van Deman, E. B. t Atrium Vestse. (Add. 
Institution for price.) Carnegie. 


See Names of states. 

Attack upon Cartagena by the French in 

1697, Hart, F. R. 50 c. Assoc. Pub. 

Attacks upon the Spain Main by Admiral 

Vernon. Hart, F. R. 50 c. Assoc. Pub. 

Attainment of efficiency. Latson, W. R. C. 

$i. Health-Culture. 

Attention. Pillsbury, W. B. ^$2.75 net. 


Attention and interest. Arnold, F. **$i net 


Atteridge, And. Billiard. 
Napoleon's brothers. 'ooXJlsi) il. 8, *$5 
net. Brentano's. 

Attic and Elizabethan tragedy. Watt, L. M. 
*$2 net. Dutton. 

Attic boarders. Jacberns,R. $1.50. Lippincott 
Attic guest. Knowles, R. E: *$i.20 net. 


Attic orators from Antiphon to Jsaeus, Jebb, 
Sir R : C. 2 v, *$5.50 net. Macmillan. 
Attica (The). See Pausanias. 
Attitudes and avowals. Le Gallienne, R; 
$1.50 net. Lane. 

Atton, H:, and Holland, H: Hurst. 
King's customs: account of maritime rev- 
enue and contraband traffic in England, 
Scotland and Ireland, from the earliest 
times to the year 1800; with a preface by 
F S. Parry, 'oSQhi) por. 8, *$3-50 net 


See Lawyers. 
Attwood, E: Lewis. 

Text-book of theoretical naval architecture. 
5th ed., rev. and enl. 'o9(S:ci) figs, tabs., 
D. $2.50. Longmans. 

War-ships: text-book on the construction, 
protection, stability, turning, etc., of war 
vessels, 3d ed. J o8(My2) ; 4th ed. '10 
(Jig) il. O. ea., *$3 net Longmans. 




Atwater, Helen Woodard. 
Bread and bread making, f io(Je) 47 p il. 
8, (U. S., Dept of Agriculture, farmers 1 
bull) U. S., Snpt. of Docs. 

Atwater, Joshua. 

American farmer's figurer, enl. 'io(Mr26) 

c, por, 12, 50 c.; hi leath., 75 c,; leath., 

$r. Atwater. 

American grain computator. '09 (N) c. 

151 P- 8 $3-50. Atwater. 

Atwater, Wallace Wa. 

See Salisbury, Rollin D. 
Atwood, Alice Cary, comp. 
Catalogue of the botanical lib. of J ; Don- 
nell Smith presented to the Smithsonian 
Institution, 'oS(AgTS) 8, (Smithsonian 
Inst., U, S, National Museum.) pap., 25 c. 
U. S., Supt. of Docs, 
AtwooS, F: Jtilius. 

Kansas rhymes and other lyrics, * 

[1009,1 (Ap) g6 p, 8, ?L Crane, 

Atys, a Grecian idyl Wagstaff, Mrs, B. S, 

$1.35, M. Kennerley. 

Anbury, I*ewis . 

Copper resources of California, 'opCfeS) 
ii, fold, maps, &\ (Cal State Mining 
Bureau bull,) pap. *$I net, 

Cal. State Mining, 

Aucaadn and Nicolette: the lovers of Prov- 
ence; ms. song-story of the twelfth cen- 
tury rendered into modern French by Alc- 
andre Bida; tr. into English verse ana 
prose by A. Rodney MtcDonough, '09 
(Oa) c, ii 75 c.; Hmp. leatb, $x. 


Aucwiln and Nicolettc, and 15 other media* 
val romances and legends; sel, and newly 
tr. hv Kug. Mason. 'io(Dio) 16, (Every* 
nm r s lik) 35 e, net; leath,, 70 c, net. 


Amchinclota, W: Stuart 
Chronology of the Holy Bible; introd, by 
A, It, Suyce, *8U>5); ^cl cd. ml f n> 
(Jt-4 c, fnl<l, main fold, tab,, 8", ea. $t. 
Van Notrftnd. 
AUCTION (tard gamff*)* 

5ff BrWge <cr<* fam*), 

Auidel't RSV^ engine tttatiunl : treatise rcl. to the 
theory and management of gas f gasoline 
and oil engines, including chapters on pro- 
ducer na i^httt^ tnarin motor** and iito 
mgincn. 'o8(Apt8) c. il. 12", $a, 


d, W: Gratta^ Jr. 

Irrigation, W(Je6) c. il 8 s . (Acid, pubs 
far price.) Hep, Hank Note. 

Audit Company of New York, <vwi/, Trmt 
cnmfwnie* of the U, S,, 1907, WJatR) il, 
0, bfli, (Not lor sak.) U, S, Mortgage, 



Auerbach, BerthoW. 

Hrigitta: rr/ltiltmg ; \vitb itifr*d, noi*s, 

fxcreiscH and vocab. by J, Howard Gore. 

'u8(Stf)) c, S. (hiternat, modern laitg, 

Hff.) 40 c, Giun. 

Auerbach, MitiWK* 

Klcmcntary course in graphic mathematics. 
f to(S> c. 54 P* diagra., u\ 35 c, 

Allyn & B, 
Ati^rbachet , L : J : 

Electrical contracting; shop ^*y*tem, esti- 
mating* wiring* construction methods, 

and hints on getting hu^iiu'-.s. \#( \gi ) ; 
jd ed,, cnrr. and slightly rov, *to(M.v/) 
c. il. 8'\ ca., !pj not. Mo(ira\\ 11. 

Auf clcr universitat, Storm, T. 350. Holt. 
Set William n v of <?trwawy. 
gustana library pubs. 4, pap. 


Rydberg. Scandinavians who have contri- 
buted to the knowledge of the flora of North 
America. $r. 

Udden. Report on a geological survey of 
the lands belonging to the New York and 
Texas Co., Ltd. 50 c* 

ugtifltana synod; hriof review of its hint,, 
x86o-ioio. [ioro.1 (Jl) c. 267 p. il pors. 
8, $1.50; in Swedish, $2,50. Augustana. 
ugtjstin, G: 

Hist, of yellow fever. '09, [1910,"! (Mr) c, 
14+094 p, por, plan, charts* 8*, $6, 

G: Augtifttin. 

Contain! t>ibl5ographic. 

Atiguttine. St. 

Confessions; tr. and arr* by E. B, Pitaey. 
f 08(Oa4) front ia*, *$a net, Duttnn, 
Confessions; tr. by E. B. Puscy. f o8lOt7) 
i6 tt (Rest books ser.) Icath., *$l net, 

Confessions; tr, by E: Bouvcric Pttsey; 
ed, by Temple Scott; with introd. Hy Alic* 
Mytiell. 'io(Sio) it O. $. nrt. Stkcs*. 

Soliloquies of St, Aiigtistine; tr, wto Eng^ 
lish by Eoie Elix. Cleveland; with notes 
and introd. by the translator. *io(O^) 

c, IX $1.50 net. LittK R St C', 

* . 

Simpson, W: J; S, St Auguntinr and 
African church divisions. $t,J5 net. 


W; Asarfah. f w 4iaiitli FrtJoJny/*! 
Itinerary of Axarian Frcjolhy; w v what 
becomes of old barbers, *oft* IIVKI/) U ; ) 
c. 232 p, 13** (Add, author for price.) 
W: A, Augustine, 

Augustus Jersey, M, K. I*. V, t Cvtttttrxs <C. 

50 c. Sttikf*. 

Aulard, Francois Victor Al^honnf. 

The French Revolution; politic! hht , 

I7>t8p$; tr, from th French n! thc^i! 

ed,; with {srcfacc, notei nnd htMtorieal 

summary by Bernard Miall. In 4 v, v, 

T. The revolution under the jnotiarchy. 

1780-1795; v, a The democratic republic, 

1793*1795; v, 3, The revolutionary KOV 

crnment* S7Q.Vt797i v, 4, Ttie In'rti 

rctniblic and the conHutate, 1797-1804, '10 

(St7) O, $>er set* $8 net, boxed. Scribncr, 

friends, *og(Apj) c. D, S c 

Hrowttie and L *to(My7) c, D, 85 r, 

Aunt Amity 1 ! silvr wedding, Stuart* Afrj. 

R, N, t$i, Century Co. 

Ant Csirrif's poems, Pot, A/M C*, L, $!, 

C, W, Ptwt. 
Aunt Janr'ji niece* at Miltvill. Vmi ))yn f 

Mrs, E, 60 c, Reiliy & Ii 

Aunt Jane's nieces at work. Van Dyne, Mrs, 

E. 60 c. Reftty & R. 

Aunt fane's niece* In society, Vnn !>ync H. 

60 c, Retlly & H, 




\unt Maud, Oldmeadow, E. t$i-5<>. McClure. 
"Aunt Naomi," pseud. 

Jewish faiiy tales and fables. 'oS(Ds) il. 
8, *$i net. Bloch. 

Aunt Tirzah. Van Steinburg, D. F. 

B'way Pub. 

See Ear. 

Auringer, Rev. Obadiah Cyrus. 
Death of Maid McCrea. *io(Mrs) c. D. 
$i. Badger. 

Twin poems of the Revolution : The death j 
of Maid McCrea, and The lover's trag- 
edy. 'og(Jai6) $i. O. C. Auringer. 

Birkeland, K. Norwegian Aurora Polaris | 
Expedition, 1902-1903. v. i, On the cause 
of magnetic storms and the origin of ter- j 
restrial magnetism, ist section. $T. ' 

Longmans. ! 

Aurora of Poverty Hill. Walton, E. 50 c. ! 

B'way Pub 


See Aurora borealis 

Aus Amerika. Fritsch, W. A. 40 c. 


Ausgewahlte march en uncl geclichte. Baum- 
bach, R. 45 c. Ginn. 

Ausmus, Irvin. 

Poems. '09, [1910.] (D) c. 72 P- Pr. 8, $i. 

D. Johnson. 
Austen, Jane. 

Works. St. Martin's ed. ; text revised and 
with summary, bibliographical and bio- 
graphical notes by R. Brimley Johnson. 
In 10 v. vs. I, 2, Pride and prejudice; 
vs. 3, 4, Sense and sensibility. J o8(N2i) ; 
v, 5, Northanger Abbey; v. 6, Persua- 
sion; vs. 7, 8, Emma; vs. 9, TO, Mans- 
field Park. 'oS(Ds) 8, ea., *$i.25 net; 
per set, *$I2 net. Duffield. 

Works. De luxe cd. 2 v. 'io(D) 16 , 
ea,, mor., $1.50 net. (Sets only.) Nelson. 
Novels and letters. In TS v. : ed. by R. 
Brimley Johnson; with introd. by Prof. 
W: Lyon Phelps. Chawton cd. '08 
(Je27) c. il. $21. Lamb Pub. 

Emma. J o8(Oi7) 16, (Best books ser.) 
leath., *$i net. Button. 

Emma. '09(023) il. 12, $2, Button. 
Emma; with an introd. by E. V. Lucas. 
Pocket ed. 'oQ(Mr6) por. S. (Worlds 
classics.) 35 c. ** ord P n \*' 

Mansfield Park '08 (Oi;) i6 D , (Best books 
ser.) leath., *$i net. Button. 

Mansfield Park. 'o8(Nsi) il. 12, (English 
idylls ser.) $2. Duttotj, 

Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion. 08 
(Oi7) 16, (Best books ser.) leath., *$i 
net Button. 

Persuasion, '09(023) il. 12, $2. Button. 
Pride and prejudice. 'oS(Oio) 12, (Best 
books ser.) "leath., *$i net. Button. 

Pride and prejudice ; ed. by Josephine 
Woodbury Heermans. J o8(N2i) 24 , 
l(Pocket Am. and Eng. classics.) *2$ c. 
net. Macrnillan. 

Pride and prejudice. 'io(Te4) 12, 40 c. 


Sense and sensibility. : o8(Ol7) 16, (Best 
books ser.) leath.. *$i net. Button. 

Sense and sensibility. 'o8(N2i) il. 12 
(English idylls ser.) $2. Button. 

AUSTEN, Jane. 

Helm, W : H : Jane Austen and her coun- 
try-house comed}\ *$ net. Lane. 
Austen, Sir W: Chandler Roberts-. 

See Roberts-Austen, Sir W: Chandler. 
Austin, Alfr. 

Bridling of Pegasus; prose papers on poe- 
try. *io(Api6) 0. $2.40 net. Macrnillan. 
Haunts of ancient peace. '07(024) il. 8, 
(Color books.) *$2 net. Macrnillan. 

Sacred and profane love, and othei poems. 
'o8(Je6) 12, *$i.40 net. Macmillan. 

Austin, B: Fish, ["Benjamin Nitsua."] 
Mystery of Ashton Hall. 5 io(D3) plan, 8, 
$1.25. Austin. 

Austin, Herb. H: 

Scamper through the Far East; incl. visit 
to Manchurian battlefields. '09 (N6) il. 
maps, O. $5. Longmans. 

Austin, Leonard Strong. 

Metallurgy of common metals, gold, silver, 
iron, copper, lead, and zinc. 2d ed., rev. 
and enl. J O9(N20) c. il. O. $4- 

Mining and Scientific. 
Austin, Mrs. Mary Hunter. 
The basket woman; book of Indian tales 
foi children. School ed. [1910.] (S) c. 
u+222 p. il. 12, 60 c. Houghton M. 

Lost borders. '09 (N6) c. il. B. t$i-25- 


Santa Lucia. 'oS(Apii) c. B. f$r.5o. 


Austin, Stanley Elston. 

History of engraving from its inception to 
the time of Thomas Bewick. 'oo.(Fi3) il. 
pors. B. *$i.50 net. Scribner. 


Fraser, J : F. Australia. $1.75. Cassell. 

Glasson, W: H: Australian voting sys- 
tem. 20 c. W: H: Glasson. 

Lan#, W. H. Australia. *$2 net. 

* Stokes. 

Mathews, C. H. S. Parson in the Austra- 
lian bush. $2. Longmans. 

Nixon-Roulet, M. F. Our little Australian 
cousin. 60 c. L. C. Page. 

St. Ledger, A. Australian socialism. *$i.5O 
YJ^ Macmillan. 

Thomas, N. W. Kinship organ {rations and 
group marriage in Australia *$2 net. 


Wise B R. Commonwealth of Australia. 
*$ 3 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Sec also New South Wales; Papua; Queens- 
land ; Tasmania. 

Bartlett, F. Christmas in Austria. 50 c. 


Drage, G. Austria-Hungary. $6. Dutton. 
Jackson, F: H. Shores of the Adriatic: 
the Austrian side. *$6 net. Dullon. 
See also Blind (The); Bohemia ^Bosnia ; Croa- 
tian language; ~~ Dalmatia; Dolomite Moun- 
ta i ns; Franco-Austrian campaign; Herzego- 
vina; Hungary; Tyrol; Vienna; fliro Eliz- 
abeth, Empress;^ Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of 
Bohemia; Francis Joseph i.; Gnllparzer, 

Austrian diplomatist in the fifties, Satow, 

Sir E. M. 50 c. Putnam. 

Auswalil deutscher prosa der gegenwart. 

Hein, G. 70 c. Oxford Univ. 

See Liberty. 



Authority and person of our Lord. Hutton, 
J; A, 50 c. net. Revell. 

Authority and the light within. Grubb, E: 

*So c. net. Winston. 

Authority in religion. Leckie, J. H. *$2 net, 

Authority of law in language. Krapp, G : P. 

50 c. Univ. of Cin. 


Brownell, W : C American prose masters ; 
Cooper, Hawthorne, Emerson, Poe t Low- 
ell, Henry James* **$r,5o net. Scribner, 

Burton. R : Masters of the English novel, 
$1,25. Holt 

Chubb, E. W. Stories of authors, $1.25 
net. Sturgis & W. 

Darmesteter, Mme, A. M. F. French pro- 
cession; pageant of great writers. 
**$3,50 net, ^ Duffield. 

Daxvson, W : J, and Coningsby W :, eds. 
Great English novelists, $T net, Harper. 

Erskine, J: Leading American novelists, 
$1.75 net. Holt 

Graham, H : G. Scottish men of letters of 
the eighteenth century* *$2 net. 


Grihble. F, H; Passions of the French 
Romantics. $375 net Scribner, 

HaaHtt, W : Comic writers of Great Brit- 
ain. 35 c* net j 70 c net Button. 

Hinchman, W, S. nd Gummere> F, B, 
Lives of great English writers, from 
Chaucer to Browning, **$i,$o net. 

Houghton M. & Co 

Jackson, H. Great English novelists, 
**$i.SO net, Jacobs, 

Johnson, E. R, t ed Author's digest ; the 
world's great stories in brJei (Add, 
author for price,) E. R. Johnson, 

Moore, F, F. Georgian pageant ; [stories 
of xvitt, century writers,! $3*50, 


Orgauit K, A. Southern author** in poetry 
and prose, *$a net, Heafe. 

Payne, W; M. Leading American essay- 
ists, $1.75 net Holt 

Phelps, W: L Essays on modem novel- 
ists, **$K,SO net. Macmlltan, 

Phillips, M, E, Laureled leaders for tittle 
folk, $i, Lothrop, L, & S. 

Ro\vlotham f P, J, Story-lives of great 
authors, $1,50, Stokes* 

Scott, Sir W, Lives of the novelists. 35 c. 
net ; 70 c* net, Dutton, 

Shelley, H: C: Literary by-paths in old 
England, **$tso net, Little, B, & Co, 

Strachey, L, erf. Lov letters of famous 
poet** and novelists, *$a net. ^McBride. 

ThoroW, A, L, Six masters in disillusion: 
FFontenelle, Prosper M^rimfe, Ferdinand 
Fabre, Huysman*, Maeterlinck and Ant- 
tote France.! *$t.$o net. Dutton. 

Vedder, H : C. American writers of to- 
day, $1,50, Silver, 

Vlsneher, W: L, Ten wise men, and some 
more; f writers,! (Not for sale,] 

W: L. Viwher. 

Wauehope, G : A,, cowfi, Writers of South 
Carolina, $2, State Co. 

Winchester, C T: Group of English es 
*nvNn of thr early nineteenth century. 
**$r,5o net, Macmillan, 

AUTHORS. Continued. 

Winter, W" : Old friends; being literary 
recollections of other days. **$3 net. 


See also Almanacs and annuals; Authorship;- 
Bibliographies; Copyright;- Drama and drama- 
tists ; Fiction ; Historians ; Literature ; also 
Days with great writers;- -names of literatures. 

Authors* and printers* dictionary. Collins. F: 
H. 35 c, Oxford Univ. 

Coehrane, C; H. Mow and \vherc to sell 

mss, 50 c. Coehrane. 

Davies, R Pract. story writing* Walden. 
Esenwcin, J^ B, Writing the short-story. 

$1.25. Hinds. 

Gcrwiff, CJ: W : Art of the short story, 

*75 c. not. Percy i*ub. 

Hadlock, E. H. Profitable authorship. $3. 

Un, Press. 
Hirach, C. E, t*% and craft of the author, 

**$i,5O net. Grafton Press. 

Reeve, J. K. Pract. authorship, $1.50. 

Editor Co, 
Rickard, T: A. Guide to technical writing, 

$i. Mining and Scientific, 

Writer's book fa ; $<>. Editor Co, 

Yotmg D* F, Fiction writer's workshop, 

50 c Editor Co. 

SW 0/j9 Bottry$^RIietorte$HSonpS' Vertlfteft- 


Authorship of Timon of Athens. Wright* 
E. H, $1.25 net. Lemcke. 

Auto boys, Braden* J. A, $1, SnalfK^M. 
Auto boys* outing. Brtden l J, A, $t. 

Auto boys* quet. Bradcn. J, A, $f 

Auto de fv and jew Adler, K. N, $f 75 

Oxford l-niv 
Autnhiogrnphir elemrnM in latin in^rnp- 

Arnwtrortg. H: H, 40 c. 


Burr, 1/r,T, A. H. H. The autnhingrafihy j 

critical and comparative study, **$a net, 

ffoughfcm hf, 

Trenton^ N. J, Free Public Library, LN 
of entertaining autobiographies, gratis 

Trenton Lib, 
Autobiography of a clown, Tumour, J, **$i 

net Moffat 

Autobioff raphy of i diiembodiftd soul Carle- 

ton. u, M. $1*50 Vrecland* 

Autobiography of I neurftsthcnt, Oeave M, 

A. $1,50. Badger, 

Autobiography of an electron, Gibucm, C : R. 

$1.50 net. Lippincott. 

Autobiography of Ithuriel. Ware, E* F, (Not 

for sale.) E. P. Ware 

Autobiography of Jeremy L, the actor dog, 

Whstcotnb, C. G, N. 50 c. net, Hauwttc. 
Autobiography of Methuselah, Bangs. J ; K. 

$i. B, W, bidge. 

Autocrat of the breakfast table, Sfi Holmes, 

Oliver Wendell 
Autogenous welding of metals. Bernler, L; 

L. $L Boiler Mtker. 

Autograph letters and fttitogriph* of the 

srigners of the Declaration 01 Independence, 

Thomas, G; C f privately pr.J 

G : C, Thomas, 




Autograph poets. 12, $i; hf. leath., $1.50. 

Houghton M. 
Emerson. Poems. 
Harte. Poems. 
Holmes. Poems. 
Longfellow. Poems. 
Lowell. Poems. 
Tennyson. Poems. 
Whittier. Poems, 

Broadley, A. M. Chats on autographs. 

$2 net. Stokes. 

Fethcrston. Sir G: R. Secret signatures 

of my friends. [Autograph book] 50 c. 

net Stokes. 

Williams, H. My chums in caricature. 

*50 c.^net McClurg. 

Your hidden skeleton; novel autograph 

book. 30 c. Winston. 


Combe, A. Intestinal auto-intoxication. 
*$4 net Rebman. 

See also Milk. 

Autology (study thyself) and autopathy 
(cure thyself). Moras, E. R. $2. 

E. R. Moras. 

Automatic block signals and signal circuits. 
Scott, R, *$ - net. McGraw. 

Automatic capitalists. Payne, W. f$i- 


Automatic screw machines. Goodrich, C. L. 
*$2 net Hill Pub. 

Automatic system, Clark, I. C. $i ; 50 c. 

D, S. Clark. 

Automatic telegraphy. Hitchcock, R. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Automobile blue book of Wisconsin. 2d ed. 

'io(Fip) c. 12, *$2 net Caspar. 

Automobile boys of Lakeport Stratemeyer, 

E: $1.25. Lothrop, L. & S. 

Automobile Club of Southern California 

Tonr Book. 'og(Ap3) c. il. maps, 8, pap., 

$1,50; leath., $2.50. 

Automobile Club So. Cal. 
Automobile girls ser. See Crane, Laura Dent 
Automobile (The) in Munsey's Magazine; 
series of special articles that trace the 
growth of the motor car industry in Amer- 
ica. 'ro(N) 96 p. 16, pap. (Priv. pr.) 


Automobile laws of the New England states, 
New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania; 
comp. by Arth. Crawford Wyman. '08 
(Jei3) 0, (Rhode Island State Library, 
Legislative reference bull,) pap. (Add. 
pub, for price.) R. L State Lib. 

AutoLobite official 1908 blue book: touring 
guide to the best and most popular routes. 
In 4 v. '08 (JU) c. maps, 8, leath., ea., 
$2,50. Class Journ. 


Abbott, T. O. Automobile law for motor- 
ists, $2,50, Reilly & B. 

Abbott, T. 0. Road rights of motorists. 
$1,50 net. Outing. 

Adams, W. P. Motor car mechanism and 
management. *$2 net. a Lippincott 

American Automobile Association. Auto- 
mobile book, 1910 ed, In 4 v. ea., $2.50. 
Automobile Blue Book. 

AUTOMOBILES. Continued. 

American cyclopedia of the automobile, 6 
v, $18.50. Thomson T. 

American School of Correspondence. Cy- 
clopedia of automobile engineering. 4 v. 
$12. Am. Sch. Corr. 

Batey, J: Motor car and its engine. *$i.50 
net Jacobs. 

Becker, N. D. Road rules and the law of 
automobiles. $r. E. W. Whitfield. 

Berry, C. P. Treatise on the law rel. to 
automobiles. *$3 net. Callaghan. 

Bottone, S, R. Magnetos for automobiles, 
*$i net. Van Nostrand. 

Boyance, J. Chauffeur hdbk. 50 c. 

Beaver Pr. 

Brewer, R. W. A. Motor car. **$2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 

Caspar's automobile road maps of Wiscon- 
sin. $1.25. Caspar. 

Chase, J. C. Motor car operation, $i. 


Chauffeur question and the answer. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) 

N. Y. Sch. Automobile Eng. 

Chicago Automobile Club. Official motor 
guide. $1.50; $2. Chic, Automobile. 

Clough, A. L. ed. Operation, care and re- 
pair of automobiles. $i. Horseless Age. 

Craig, A. E. S. Motor driving for a 
living. 50 c. Spon. 

Diemer, H. Automobiles. $1.50. 

Am. Sch. Corr. 

Button, A. L, ed. How to sell an Over- 
land; selling points for the benefit of 
dealers selling Overland automobiles. $2. 

Dyke, A. L. Anatomy of the automobile. 
$2. Automobile and gasoline engine en- 
cyclop. $3. Course of automobile engi- 
neering. $10. Troubles, remedies and 
repairs of the automobile and gasoline en- 
gine. $2. A. L. Dyke. 

Dyke, A. L., and Dorris, G. P. Diseases of 
of a gasolene automobile. $i. A. L. Dyke. 

Fitch, G: The automobile, 35 c. Collier. 

Freeston, C: L. High roads of the Alps; 
a motoring guide. $3. Scribner. 

Gunn, J. Pract design of motor cars. 
$3 net. Longmans. 

Hamilton, C : H. Chart of the law of auto- 
mobiles. $i. C: H. Hamilton. 

Hearne, R. R Motoring. 5 c - Button, 

Homans, J, E : Self-propelled vehicles. $2, 


Home, G. C. Motor routes of France. $2 
net; $2.25 net Chr. Press, 

Huddy, X. P. Law of automobiles. $3.50. 

M. Bender. 

International motor cyclopaedia: year book. 
$10. Int. Motor. 

Irwin, S: P. Auto roads from Chicago 
to points in central 111. and St. Louis. 
$1.50, Pantagraph. 

King, S. J., comp. Official rotate guide. 
$2. > S. J. King. 

Knight, J. H. Motor repairing for ama- 
teurs. *$i net, Spon. 

Kuehl, G: W. Automobile blue book of 
Wisconsin. *$2 net. G: W. Kuehl. 

Kuehl, G: W. Automobile guide book of 
Illinois. $2 net. Caspar. 



AxrroMomi.F.s. 'Continued. 

Leechman, D. Making of a motor car. 
SO c. Spon. 

Levitt, D. Woman and the car. *$i net. 


Longest, W : II Whys and wherefores of 
the modem motor car. 50 c. 

W": B. Longest. 

Machines, tools and methods of automo- 
bile manufacture. 25 c. Indust. Press. 

Marshall's handy automobile record. $i 
net. Winston. 

Massachusetts, New motor vehicle law ; 
arr. for the use of owners, dealers, gar- 
ages, operators and chauffeurs by C: J. 
Babbitt **$i net. Little, B. & Co. 

Metropolitan automobile guide. $2.50. 

Automobile Blue Book. 

Michales, H. S. Principal automobile 
routes of the United States and Cana- 
da, 1910. $2. Henneberry. 

Missouri state automobile blue book $. 

Auto Review. 

Montagu, Lord. Motor cars and how to 
drive them* $1.50. Spon. 

New York Herald. National highway 
route book; N. Y. City to Atlanta. (Add 
pubs, for price.) R Y. Herald. 

New York [State,] Automobile law, $1. 


New York State. New York automobile 
law. Banks & Co* 

Nichols, C t G. comp* Automobiles' ready 
legal adviser, 50 c. Glennick 

*W year book. $6, Automobile Topics, 

Official year book and directory of golf and 
automobiHng, 1909, $5. Stefctiner, 

PariK, B, J. Care of automobiles, $i, 

Oowbteday, P* 

Peclley, G* F Motor car mechanics, 50 c, 


Penn Jersey automobile road guide and 

rotate list, $x. wunevttler, 

Pulitzer, W ; My auto book. $i. Outing, 

RawI-MeNally photo-auto guide, (Arid, 

pubs, for price,) Rand McN. & Co, 

"Re*! book" interstate automobile* guidr, 

NjoK, UKK), en., $2,50, F, S, Hlnncharci, 

Root, C: P, Automobile troubles and 

hmv t*> remedy them, $1 ; $1.50, 

C; C, Thompson, 

Russell* T: II. Automobile driving self 
taught.-~Igmtion timing and valve set- 
ting, ea. $* ; $1,50, Automobile motors 
and mechanism, $1.50, 

C; C Thompson, 

St, John, T : M, Study of electric motors 

by experiment. 35 c, T: M, St. John, 

San Franchco motor club tour book, $1.50, 

Sin F, Motor, 

Scarfoglio, A. Round the world in a motor 

car, *$5 net, M, Kennerley, 

Schmidt, 0, C., rdf. Pract. treatise on auto- 

mobiles $12, Am. Text-Rk, 

Slots R ; T. The automobile. $1,25 net. 


Standard road-book of New York state, 
$L$0. W, L. Chase 

Street J, L, My enemy the motor; [fie*- 
tkm.J t$L lane, ; 

At'TOMOiui FS. Continued. 

Ward, II. Girl and the motor: | story] 

$i. Gas Fn^me. 

Welsh, C:, cd. Chauffeur chaff: anecdotes, 

[etc.] 50 c. Oild well. 

White, T. H. Petrol motors and motor 

cars. $1.40 net Longmans. 

Whitman, R. R. Motor car principles : the 

gasoline automobile. **$i.;o net. 


Wyman, A. C, comp, Atitomobile laws 

of the New England states, New York, 

New Jersey and Pennsylvania, ( Add. 

^ pubs, for price.) R, I, State Lib. 

,SY* /,vt> Air-hrnkt';- Hioyclrs; But < *; <"aragc* ;* 

HamMVIcNnlly photo-auto gtudrs. 

$** Suggestion (Mental), 
Autumn leaves. Ellis, Mrs. C). $x. 

Times Pub. Co, 
Autumn leaves. Winship, M. G. 50 c, 

M. G Winship, 

Autumnal sprays, Princeton l*nivcrsity 
II: W, Sttimterton. 

Castles of England. *o8(0io) il, 8% *$t 
net ; fy levant, *$4 net. Pott, 

Ixtla Montcx. 'ot)(Jl3> O. *$4 nci. Kane, 
A queen at bay; the story of Cristitm and 
Don Carlos, '10(08) pors, O. $5 net, 


Auxitiarium, Gross, C 45 c, C GTOMS, 

Aitxiliiim. Greenwood, W; *4ar, net ; * t ioc. 

net W: CtferinvncKl, 

AuxiHum infirmorum. Eaton t R. *$* c, net. 

Auzas, A., ed. 

Poemes Napo!4onienn, *o<)(Oi6) S, 
(Shorter Fr. trxN.) *J5 ^ nrt i'tnu-l! 
Availftble energy of red clover hay, Arrmhy, 
II : P, 10 c, U. S., Supt, of Docs. 

Avaro CL f ), Sft Molifie, J, II P, ilr 
Ave atque vale, Jones, T: S., /r -'5 c, 

G: W: Br*nvrng, 
Avebury, Lord, 

Set Kubbocki Sir J : 
Aveling, Fi, D,D, 

Anunil, tin* FitfjlKhtmm, 'oHd 1 )^) H\ $t 50. 

I Irrrlrr, 

5rr /,** Sharpr, AVt\ Alfr. Huwyrr 
ATeIitnu t Arcidlun. 

Palafstra; bring thr prinuT of thr T\\** 
ciilan ^5tem of learning, ami of trarh- 
ing latin to^penk fcr class uc and fcir 
flf mntntctinn, 3d, tuntly \\rittni, rd, 
In 3 pti. t in Hbowt 35 IHH ' \i8(I) c. Q 
pap., ea,, as c, A, Avrltaiim, 

Avenger (The). Oppcnheim, K: P, t$t,5o, 

Little, !$. * To, 
Avengers (The). Grtingcr, F, K, o c, 

B, W. Dodge, 
AveriH, Anna Boynton, 
Birch stream* and othr poemn, f oS(JI) 
c. 13+3^7 p. it. por, ur*,$(,$o, A, 11, Avcrtll 
Airtry, Alfr. H. 

Autotrniwforfttfr design; pract< hdlik, for 

manufacturers and cnntrartr* and wire* 

men, 'oo(OiB) 8 f t $1,50. Spon, 

Avary, Elroy McK0adrt, 

Hist, of the United State* ami it people. 

In 15 v, v. 4, 'ofldUyto); v. s. *tx> 

(Mr^o); v, 4 *io(Jat5); v, 7 




Brueys, D. A, de. 

il. pors. maps, subs., per v., *$6.25 net; 
hf. lev., *$I2.50 net; lev., ^$17.50 net. 

Avery, Mabel Allen. 

Mother Goose on bridge. J op(J]3) c. il. 

D. $i. Lyman Bros. 

Avery-Stuttle, Mrs. Lilla Dale, Mann, Mina, 

and Robinson, Ella M., comps. and eds. 

Selections for our little folks, especially 

adapted as a reciter for use in church 

schools, missionary societies, temperance 

societies, etc. 'opQe) c. 12+13-260 p. 

12, 60 c. Pacific Press. 


Index verborum of the fragments of the 
Avesta, by Montgomery Schuyler. '09 
(F6) 8, (Columbia Univ. Indo-Iranian 
ser.) price reduced from $2 to $1.50. 

AVILA, Spain. 
See Spain. 


See Fruit. 

Avocat (U) Patelin. 

*25 c. net. 
AVON RIVER, England. 

Bradley, A. G. The Avon and Shakes- 
peare's country. $3.50 net. Dutton. 


See Seaweeds 

Awakening of China. Wu Ting Fang. 10 c. 

Civic Forum. 

Awakening of Helena Richie. Deland, Mts. 
M. W C t$i-5<x 4 Harper. 

Awakening of Helena Ritchie : a play. 
Thompson, C. (Add. pub. for price.) 


Awakening of spring. Wedekind, F. *$i.2S 

net. Brown Bros. 

Aw.ak&ning of the soul ; tr. fr. the Arabic by 

Dr. Paul Bronnle. 'o8(Je6) 16, (Wisdom 

of the East.) *40 c. net. Dutton. 

Awakening of Turkey. Knight, E: F: *$3 

net. Lippincott 

Awakening of Zojas. Mich el son, M. $i, 

"fixed. Doubleday, P. 

A-wearying for you. Stevens, E., comp. 

75 c. ; $1.50. Platt & P. 

Axel. Tegner, E. $i. Cochrane. 

Axenfeld, Theodor. 

Bacteriology of the eye ; tr. by Angus Mac- 
nab. J o8(N2i) il. 8, *$6 net. Wood. 
Axioms of religion. Mullins, E. Y. **$T net. 

Am. Bapt. 
Axtell, E: 

Boston terrier and all about it; breeding 
of the American dog. 'io(Api6) c. il. 
pors. 12, $1.50. Dogdom Pub. 

Axtell, Ja. Wickleff. 

Superintendent's hdbk. for 1909. 'oS(O) ; 
1910; cont the lesson text, golden text, 
review suggestions, [etc.,] outline pro- 
gram and statistical blanks for every 
Sunday in the year; also list of lessons 
for 1911. '09 (Ag) T. leath., ea., 35 c. 

Cumberland Press. 

Teacher's hdbk. for 1909. 'oS(O) ; 1910; 
cont lesson text, golden ^ text, definitions, 
[etc.,] for every Sunday in the year; with 
teaching suggestions, and the list of les- 
sons for 1911. J 09(Ag) T. leath., ea., 35 c, 
Cumberland Press. 

Ayars, J: E. 

People's hand-book of the Bible: introd. 
to the study of the Holy Scriptures, on 
the plan of J. Angus. 7th ed'., rev. 'o& 
(Oi7) c. por. map, S. 85 c. 

Meth. Episcopal, 
Aye, Olive, and Spangler, Martha. 
Freddie and Santa Claus in circus land. 
'08(63) c. il. Q. pap., 30 c. Laird & L. 
Ayer, Mary Allette, ed. 
Keep up your courage; key-notes to suc- 
cess ; with introd. by Rev. J. R. Miller. 
'o8(Ni4) c. D. **$i net, boxed; ed. de 
luxe, mor., **$2 net, boxed. 

Lothrop, L. & S. 
Ayer, Mary Farwell. 

Early days on Boston Common. 'io(Je4> 
il. $4 net. (250 copies.) 

C: E. Goodspeed. 

, comp. Check-list of Boston newspapers,, 
1704-1780; with bibliographical notes by Al- 
bert Matthews. J o8(Jei3) 8, (Pubs, of the 
Colonial Soc. of Mass., Collections.) $3.50. 
Colonial Soc. of Mass. 
Ayer, N. W., & Son. 

1869-1909; forty years of advertising; a 
collection of somewhat intimate talks on< 
certain phases of advertising by the larg- 
est and leading agency. '09 (S) c. 9-60 p. 
12, leath. (Add. pubs, for price.) 


Ayers, S: H:, and Johnson, W: Trimble, jr. 
Bacteriology of commercially pasteurized! 
and raw market milk. 'io(D) 98 p. il. 
tabs., 8, (U S., Dept of Agriculture, 
Bu. of Animal Industry bull.) 
"References to literature" (2 p.). 
Ayling, R, Stephen. 

Public abattoirs : their planning, design and' 
equipment. '09 (Mr 13) il. 4, $3.50. 

Ay liner-Small, C: Sidney. 

See Small, C : Sidney Aylrner. 
Aylwin's friends. Smith, Mrs. E. T. $1.50, 

Ayres, E. 

American ready reckoner. '08 (Mr.) c. 
160 p. 24. (Add. pubs, for price.) 


Ayres, Harry Morgan. 
Bibliographical sketch of Anglo-Saxon lit- 
erature. 'io(Dio) O. pap., 25 c. net. 


Ayres, Leonard Porter. 
Laggards in our schools : study of retarda- 
tion and elimination in city school sys- 
tems. 'O9(jei2) c. O. (Russell Sage 
Foundation pubs.) $1.50. Charities Pub. 
Open air schools. 'io(Jl3o) c. il. D. $1.20- 
net. Doubleday, P. 

Some factors affecting grade distribution. 
'o9(F2o) 8, pap., 10 c. 

Psychological Clinic. 
Ayres, Mary Morgan. 

Four Christmases. *o8(Ja4) D. pap., 50 c. 

M. M. Ayres 

Playing house in kindergarten. ft9iojf 
(F) c. '09. 8 p. il. obi 8, pap., 50 c. 

M, M. Ayres. 
Ayres, Philip Wheelock. 
Commercial importance of the White- 
Mountain forests. '09 (D) 32 p. fold. 




map, tabs., 8, (U. S,, Dept. of Agricul- 

ture; Forest Service; circular.) pap. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Ayres, Stephen Cooper. 

Sketch of the life and services of Vice Ad- 

rriral Stephen C Rowan, U. S. Navy; 

read before the Ohio Commandery of the 

Loyal Legion, April 6, 1910. J io(Jh6) 

it por. 8, gratis. W, R. Thrall. 

Ayres, Steven B. 

Bridge. *09(Mr2o) c. D. (Dunwoodie 
books of games.) *$i net. Brentano's. 

Sg Cow. 
Ayrton, W; E: 

Tract, electricity. New ed. 'xoCD) il. $2,50 
net, Cassell, 

Ayscough, J:, pseud. 

Dronm M Apio) c. D t$*.SQ. Putnam, 

Marotz, 'oB(AgfS) D, t$*SO. Putnam. 

San Celestino, *09(D4> c, D. f$r.5JO. 

AT: Amerikat magyar n^pszava jubileumi dis- 

salbuma, Berko, G. D, $5. G. D. Berko. 


Stt Navigation, 


Diven, T; J. Aztecs sand Mayts, In a v. 
v. I, $i. Antiquarian, 

Stt &Uo Aryans. 

B., A, 

Travels of a lady's maid, >o8(Gi7) c. D, 
$1.50, L, C Page. 

B,, C. S, 

Modernism : what it is and why ii was con- 
demned. *o8(Paa) B* pap, f *io c, net 

B E, V, 

The peacock's pleasaunce; 8 full-page il. 

f oS(Ag8) D, *$ net, Lane, 

"B* W patud. 
,Vr i* Rncrley, Rw. J : 

B., T,, pseud, 
AVr Benson, Arth, Christopher, 

Baar, Gustay. 

Modern view of syphilis and its treatment 
'io(D) c. 12+285 P M. 8*, $a. Appleton, 
Bibliography (8 p,) 

Babbitt, Irving, 

Literature nnd the Americin college; es- 
"ays in defense of the humanities, *o8 
(MwH) c, D. **$ net 

Houghton, M. & Co- 

New Laokorm; ewav on the confusion of 
the arts, f i0(Jen) c, D. $1,25 net, 

Hough ton M. 
Babbitt, J*. Bradford, 

Physical histc*ry of the earth tn outline*. '< 
(J?2^) ; Rev, cd, ; with Appendix. *<io 
cSiH t\ IL O, ca,,$i.5n, T?, K, Sherman, 
Bibcock, Bltndint B. 

ChiklrrnN daily service. *08{D?2) c, 16*, 
*5 e, rift. Whittiker. 

Btbcock, Ip, C: Ed&. 

FVrsrrution of Stephen Strong, f 08 [1909,] 
f F) c, ia+145 P> front I2 $i. 

B*wty Pub, 
Bab cork, Brxitat B. 

Sugvfrvtionh for garclei work in Ciliforuia 
whool*. f 1910,1 (S) 48 p. I!, O, (Univ. 

of California Agricultural Experiment 
Station, circular.) pap. Univ. of Cal. 
, Bibliography (a p.). 

Babcock, Ta. Woods. 

See Lavindcr, Claude H. 
Babcock, Maltbie Davenport, D.D, 

Joy of work; repr. chapters from *' Frag- 

ments that remain"; cornp. by Jessie S. 

Goetchius. '10(817) c. 16*, (Right living 

ser.) bds., 35 c. net. RevelL 

BABCOCK, Maltbie Davenport. 

Stone, J : T. Footsteps in a parish : appre- 

ciation of Maltbie Davenport Rahcock 

**7S c, net. Scribncr. 

Babcock, Pbtllp S, comp. 

^(r (<\ u-<1 States. Compilation of laws 

Babcock, W: Emerson, comjx 

Hess-Higbce genealogy. f 09, ItOio.) (F) 
c. 3C7S p. il. 8% $2,60. W ; E. Babcock. 
Btbcock, Mrs* Wianifred Eaton, 

See Watanna, Onoto. 
BaJ>c of l^ctlilcliem. Price, C, F, per IOQ 

$2,50, F\atnn & M. 

Babew* book : mediaeval manners for the 

young ; done into modern English from Dr. 

Fjirntvnirs text* by Edith Rickert *o8 

(024) it. !J n (New medieval lib,) |>ig<kin, 

*$2 net, ' I'htflielcl, 

Babc and hircb, Pope, J, 75 c?. CaUfacH. 
Babes and bloswww, Jcrrolti, \\' (', 75 c, 


Babes in the wood, Morel* W, 35 c. $tok. 

$*t Childrtn, 

Btbim of other countrifn, '<o(D) col il, 
bds, $i, Doran. 


Abd'u'1-Baha. Some answered qu<itions: 
[doctrines of Babism.J *$t,so nct. t 


Hammond, &> wmf. Splendor of Ami: ex- 

tracts from the sacred wrltinp of the 

Ftahats. **6o c, net, Dutton* 

Stenstrand, A, 1 Gil! of Attention to the 

Behatstft or fiabisti of America. (Add, 

author for price,) A, J, StciHtrnnd, 

Babaon, Roger Ward* 

Business otrontetcrs uned i the accunitili* 

lion of money: a text -hook on funda- 

v mental statisticn for Inventor* and mer- 

chants, > 09(Agf4); [-id rd.J 'to(Jlr6) 

c. il S, ea $2; leath., $j R. W, ltahM>n. 

Investments; t what and when to buy; the 

use of statistics in accumulating i for* 

tune, 'ojv ligA] (Mr,) c, iE-io8 p, 

forms, i a*, flexible Icath,, $a, 

R. W. Bbon, 

MiHeellaiifous stocks and how to find their 

market, [1908,! (Mr.) flexible leath., $5. 

R, W. Babton. 

Printed bankers* directory for England. 

$7,50, For Germany, $5, For Holland. 

$3.50. [90R.l ^Mr.> R, W, Ilabson, 

Special bond circulars : [issued every six 

month*,] [1908,1 (Mr.) hf, leath,, $10, 

R, W, Bataon. 

Stock brokers and bond dealers of Lon- 
don, with names especially intereitcd In 
American securities capitalized. [too&] 
(Mr.) $5, R, W, 




Baby. Nesbit, W. D., comp. and ed. 50 c. 


Baby (The). Brown, D. R. *$i net 


Baby Bob. Whitaker, E. $1.50. Lippincott 
iBaby Bunting & Co. Payne, I. 50 c Jacobs. 
Baby days. Corbett, B. L. $1.50. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 

Baby Goose book. Ostrander, F. E. 3 v. 
ea., 50 c. Laird. 

Baby ser. See Howie, H. M. Stokes. 


Harper, R. F. Assyrian and Babylonian 
letters belonging to the Kouyunjik col- 
lections of the British Museum, v. 9. 
$6 net. Univ. of Chic. 

Hilprecht, H. V. Earliest version of the 
Babylonian deluge story, and The temple 
library at Nippur. So-called Peters-Hil- 
precht controversy [over Babylonian ex- 
cavations.] ea., *75 c. net. Holman. 
Hinke, W: J: New boundary stone of 
Nebuchadrezzar i. from Nippur. $3.50. 
Univ. of Penn. 

King, L. W: Hist, of Babylonia and As- 
syria. In 3 v. v. i. $4.80 net Stokes. 
Langdon, S., ed. Sumerian and Baby- 
lonian psalms. $6. Stechert. 
Myhrman. D : W. Sumerian administrative 
documents, dated in the reigns of the 
kings of the second dynasty of Ur, from 
the archives of Nippur preserved in Phil- 
adelphia. $6. Univ. of Penn, 
Poeble, A. Babylonian legal and business 
documents from the time of the 1st dy- 
nasty. $6. Univ. of Penn. 
Radau, H., ed, and tr. Letters to Cassite 
kings from the Temple archives of Nip- 
pur. $6. Univ. of Penn. 
Rogers, R. W : Religion of Babylonia and 
Assyria, especially in its relation to Is- 
rael. *$2 net. Eaton & M. 
Toflftecn, O. A. Researches in Assyrian 
and Babylonian geography, pt. i. *$i 
net. Univ. of Chic. 
See also Aramaic language; Bel (04); Bible; 
S argon, King of Assyria; Sumerian lan- 

Babylonian and Assyrian literature: compris- 
ing the Epic of Izdubar, Hymns, Tablets 
and Cuneiform inscriptions ; with introd, by 
Epiphanius Wilson ; [Also] Armenian lit- 
erature, comprising poetry, drama, folk- 
lore and classic traditions; tr. into English. 
*o8(Je27) c. 8, $1.75; hf, mor., $3.50. 

Lamb Pub. 

Babylonian Expedition of the University of 
Pennsylvania, series A, Cuneiform texts; 
ed. by H. V. Hilprecht. Univ. of Penn. 
Myhrman. Sumerian administrative docu- 
ments. $6. 

Poebel. Babylonian legal and business doc- 
uments. $6. 
Radau. ed, and tr. Letters to Cassite kings, 


Babylonian Talmud; complete in 10 v. ; tr. 

from the original text into Eng, by Dr. 

Michael L. Rodkinson. 'o8(My23) royal 8, 

$30: hf, mor., $75; mor.. $100, New Talmud. 

Baby's book. Weyburn, C, M. $1.50; $3; $4. 

Barse & H. 

Baby's childhood days : ["book for the record 

of the events in a baby's life.] J o8(Oi7) 

c. D. bds., 20 c.; ed. de luxe, 50 c. boxed; 

Persian ooze, $i, boxed. Reilly & B. 

Baby's day. Wiederseim, G. G. 60 c. Stokes. 
Baby's grandmother. Walford, Mrs. L. B. 

50 c. Hurst. 

Baby's history. Fritch, G. M., ed. 60 c. 

G. M. Fritch. 
Baby's history. Runyon, S. D. $3; $4; 

$7.50; $2. Stokes. 

Baby's own book. 'io(D24) c. Q. $1.50; gift 

ed., $3, boxed; Ed. de luxe, $6, boxed. 

Reilly & B. 

Baccalaufeate sermon. Hodges, G: gratis. 

G: Hodges. 

Bacchse (The). See Euripides. 
BACCIOCCHI, Elisa Bonaparte, Princess of 

See Bonaparte family. 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. 

Piano composition; ed. by Ebenezer Prout. 
v. 2, Larger compositions. '08 (D$) c. 
por. 4, (Musician's lib.) $2.50; pap., 
$1.50. Ditson. 

BACH, Johann Sebastian. 
Parry, Sir C: H. H. Johann Sebastian 
Bach. **$3-50 net. Putnam. 

Bachelle, Cecil von, ed. 

See Dudley, Ernilius Clark. 
Bacheller, Dora, comp. 

Housekeeper pudding book. *o9(Ja23) c. 
D. pap., 50 c. Housekeeper Corp. 

Bacheller, Irving Addison. 

Hand-made gentleman. 'op(Ap24) c. D. 

t$i.5p. Harper. 

In various moods; poems and verses. '10 

(O8) c. front. D. $i net. Harper. 

The master; being in part copied from the 

minutes of the school for novelists; a 

round table of good fellows who, long 

since, dined every Saturday at the Sign 

o' the Lanthorne, on Golden Hill, in New 

York City. '09 (N6) c. D, **$i.2O, fixed. 

Doubleday, P. 

"Bachelor, Billy," pseud. 

See Shea, Christopher Ambrose. 
Bachelor and the baby. Cameron, M. tSO c. 


Bachelor belles; with il. by Harrison Fisher; 
decorations by Thdr. B. Hapgood. '08(024) 
c. Q. **$3 net, boxed. ^ . Dodd. 

Bachelors. See Irving, Washington. 
Bacher, Otto H: 

With Whistler in Venice. '08(03) c. il. 
Q. bds., **$4 net, boxed. Century Co. 
Bachraan, Nathan, D.D. 
Light in dark places; or, lectures on the 
Epistle to the Philippians. *io(Ap9) c. 
por. D. 60 c. net. Presb. Pub. 

Bachmann, Philipp. 

New message in the teaching of Jesus. '08 
(Mri4) c. S, (Foreign religious ser.) 
*4O c. net. Eaton & M. 

Bachye, Rabbi. 

Duties of the heart; tr. by Edn. Collins. '08 
(Je6) 16, (Wisdom of the East.) *40 c. 
net ' Button. 


See Tuberculosis. 

Back in the harness. Farrington, F.' 50 c. 
Merchants' Helps. 




Back to Hampton Roads. Matthews, A. F. 

$1.50. B: W. Huebsch, 

Back to Holy Church. Von Ruville, A. $1.20 

net. Longmans. 

Back to slavery. Teitsworth, G: W., ed. 

75 c, Craven-D. 

Back to the land. "C," pseud. $1.50 net. 


Background of the Gospels. Fairweather, 
W ; *$3 net. Scribner. 

Backhouse, E. 

See Bland, J: Otway Percy. 
Backward children. Cornell, W. S. 25 c % 


Backwoods surgery. Moody, C: S. 75 c. 
net. Outing. 

Backwoodsmen. Roberts, C : G : D. t$i-50. 

Bacon, Alex. S: 

Illegal trial of Christ. 2d ed. 'cx)(Ap24) 

per. 0. pap., 25 c. B A. S. Bacon. 

Woolly horse: [papers on timely topics.) 

*09(Ap24) por. 0. pap., $i. A. S. Bacon. 

Bacon, Mrs. Anna Tildtn, 

See Sandwick, R : Lanning, 
Bacon, A: Octavius. 

The Democrats and the tariff; article from 
the Saturday Evening Post of Dec. a$ 
1909. regarding the attitude of the Demo- 
cratic senators to the present tariff law. 
f io(Mri2) 8. (Add, Superintendent for 
price.) II S., Supt of Docs. 

Bacon, B: Wisnr, DJX 
Founding of the church, *OQ(Ni3) c. S. 
(Modern religious problems.) 50 c, 

Houghton M. 

Fourth Gospel in research and debate; se- 
ries of essays on problems concerning the 
origin and value of anonymous writings 
attributed to the apostle John. *ot (Pi2) 
c. 0, **$4 net. Moffat, 

Introduction to the New Testament, '09 
(Ap3) I2 (New Testament handbooks.) 
Price raised from *7S c, net to *$i net 


Modern commentary; the beginnings of 
Gospel story; htetorico-critical inquiry 
into the sources and structure of the 
Gospel according to Mark; with expos- 
itory notes upon the text. *oo,(Mr2o) c. 
0. *$Z2$ net. Yale Univ. 

Bacon, Mrs, Dolores Marbotxrg, [paeud, for 

Mrs. Mary Scholl Hokt Bacon, ) 
Pictures that every child should know, '08 
(S) c, D, ("Every child should know 11 
ser.) **$i,ao net, Doubleday, P. 

Bacon, E: 

last hurdle, f o$(Jl) c. 272 p. ta". (Not 
for sale,) D. G, Bacon, 

Bacon, Edn. Munroe, 

Boy's Hakluyt; English voyages of adven- 
ture and discovery, *io(Je4) c it por*, 
maps, facsims., 8*, $1.50. Scrioncr. 

Boys 1 Drake, 'xo(Oaa) c, il, pors, fac- 
sims., 0, $1.50 net Scribner. 

English voyages of adventure and discov- 
ery retold from^ Hakluyt, "oR(Sa6) c, il, 
pors, map, facsim,, O, fi,$o, Scribner, 
, comp, See Weeks* Lyman 'Horace, 
Bacon, Mrs* Eugenia Jones, 
Red moon, r ro(Je4) c. 8', $t.2$. Neale. ; 

Bacon, Fs., Lord. 

Advancement of learning; and Novuni or- 
ganum ; with introd. by Ja. E: Crcigliton. 
'o8(Je27) c. il. 8, $i./5 ; hf. mor., $3 50. 

Lamb Pub. 

Essays. '08(010) 12, (Best books ser.> 
leath., *$i net. Button. 

Essays; or, counsels civil and moral; ed. 
by Fred Allison Howe. '08, [1909.] (Ja> 
c. 37+250 p. 16, (English classics,) 
*35 c, net. f Heath. 

Essays; ed., with introd. and notes, by 
Clark Sutherland Northrup, 'oS(Mr7> 
c. por. D. (Riverside literature ser.)- 
^40 c, net ; pap., *^o c. net. 

lloughton, M. & Co. 

Essays; ed., with introd. and notrs by Mary 
Augusta Scott, 'o8(Fi5> c. D.^ t *$i.25 
net, Scribner. 

Essays and Wisdom of the ancients, '09, 
[1910,] (F) 12% *40 c net 

Little, B. & Co. 
BACON, Francis, Lord. 

Booth* W ; S. Hidden signatures of Fran- 
cesco Colonna and Francis Rarun, $1,50 
net W, A. Butterocld. 

Gallup, Mrs, E W, BI-literal cypher of 

Sir Francis Bacon ^ discover^ in his 

works, $2, -Concerning the In-literal cy- 

pher of Francis Bacon, 75 c. Howard, 

Bacon, Oorham, M.B, 

Manual of otology; with an introd, chapter 

by Clarence J: Blake, M.D. sjth cd t 

thoroughly rev, f o<)(O) 500 p. il. I2 ( 

*$2,2.s net, Lea, 

Bacon, J: Lord, 

Rletn. forge practice. *o8(Nt.j) r, li^s, u 1 *, 
$1.50, Wiley. 

Forging. *09(F2o) c. IL B , (Amrrican- 
School of Correspondence puhs.^ $i, 

Am, Sclt, Corr. 

Bacon, Mrs. Josephine Dodge Dtakam, |**In 
graham LovelL") 

Biography of a boy, *KO(Ja32) c, IL D, 
t$x.SO, Harper, 

Idyll of All fools 1 day, 'oS<Nt4> c. il, D, 

t$!.25, |)tclcl, 

In the border country, '09(0^) i\ iL D, 

**$i, fixed. Douhledav, P, 

Mar^arifa\ soul, *<W)(<)ffi t*. il, I >. t$i 50, 



Ten to sevrnteert : a boarding ^ 

*o8(Fi) c, il, F), t$i.5o 
Bacon, Mra, Mary Schell Iok& 

$ff Bacon, 'Urjr. n<l>rrn Mitrlitniric, />.f<*w(/. 
Bicon f Pawl VlentJ. 

Im vaterland. *io( Mr5) c. il. f**f, iniip, 
ia\ $1,25, AHyn & B, 

Bncpn, Roger, 

I.ihrr prinnw^ commttnium uaturaUntu l ; ra- 
trin Rogrri purl e % prinia rt ^nniiicin ; 
ecltdit Roller! Stcele, '09(1)^5) O, (Op- 
era huctenu* inediti Rogi*ri Ilitcotu fnf, 
n.) pap., $3,40, Oxford Univ. 

NU ( taph)Mca Frjitri* Hnm-ri riliniH frai* 
rum minorum dc viciis cor*trncli Irt itmliO' 
theologif ; omnia quae siiper^Wit mine- ftri- 
mum; ecliclit Robert Stcele, "ood")^) O, 
(Opera hacfentw inrdita Rogeri Raconi 
fac, r.) pap,. $1,75, Oxford UnJv, 




Bacon, Victor V., and Booth, F: 

Refraction: essentials of systematized, 
condensed and elucidated. J O9(Ag) 61 p. 
il. 24, leatherette, $i ; pap., 75 c. 

Chic. Med. Bk. 

Abbott, A. C. Principles of bacteriology. 
*$2.75 net. Lea. 

Axenfcld, T. Bacteriology of the eye. *$6 
net. Wood. 

Ball, M, V. Essentials of^bacteriology. *$i 
net. * Saunders. 

Burnet, E. Campaigns against microbes. 
*$2.5o net. Wood. 

Conn, H. W: Agricultural bacteriology. 
$2. f Blakiston. 

Dieudonne, A. Bacterial food poisoning: 
ptomaine poisoning. *$i net. Treat. 

Elliott, S. M. Household bacteriology. 
$1.50. Am. Sch. Home Economics. 

Ellis, D : Outlines of bacteriology. ^$2.50 
net Longmans. 

Frost, W: D., and McCampbell, E, F. 
Textbk. of general bacteriology. $1.60 
net. Macmillan. 

Herzog, M. J. Text-bk. on disease pro- 
ducing microorganisms, especially in- 
tended for the use of veterinary students 
and practitioners. $4.75. Lea. 

Hiss, P, H., ;>., and Zinsser, H. Text- 
book of bacteriology. $3.75. Appleton. 

Iowa University, College of Medicine. Con- 
tributions from the Dept of Pathology 
and Bacteriology, v. i, 25 c. 

Univ. of la. 

Jordan, E. O. Text-book of general bac- 
teriology. $3. Saunders. 

La far, F. Technical mycology, v. 2, pt. 2. 
$4 net. Lippincott 

Lipman, J. G, Bacteria and country life, 
*$i.So net. Macmillan. 

McFarland, J. Text -book upon the path- 
ogenic bacteria. $3,50. Saunders, 

Mclsaac, T. Bacteriology for nurses. 
**$T.25 net. Macmillan. 

Palmer/ W: C. Farm bacteriology. 15 c. 

W : C Palmer. 

Park, W : H., and Williams, A. W. Patho- 
genic micro-organisms, mcl. bacteria and 
protozoa. $3.75 net. Lea. 

Prucldcn, T. M. Dust and its dangers. 
Storv of the bacteria and their relation 
to health and disease, ea., 75 c, Putnam. 

Russell, H, L., and Hastings, E. G: Agri- 
cultural bacteriology. $1.25. -Outlines of 
dairy bacteriology. $i. H. L. Russell. 

Stitt, E : R, Pract. bacteriology, blood 
work and animal parisitology. *$i.5pnet 


Stoney, E, M. A, Bacteriology and surgical 
technic for nurses, $1.50. Saunders. 

Williams, H. U. Manual of bacteriology. 
*$2 net, Blakiston. 

Wimlow, C: E: A, Systematic relation- 
ship of the coccacc; with discussion of 
principles of bacterial classification. $2.50. 


S&ff alM Attto-lntoxicatlonjDatryj Diagnosis; 
Dlffention ; Diphtheria ; -Fermentation ; Food ; 
Fttmijarntfon ; Infectious diseases;-- Kissing; 
Milk; FnniHJles; Tuberculosis ; Water; 


See Bacteria. 
Bacuez, Nicolas Louis. 

Priestly vocations and tonsure; tr. from 
the French. '08(85) *$i net. 

Cathedral Lib. 
Baddeley, J: F. 

Russian conquest of the Caucasus. J o8 
(Ds) Q. *$5 net. Longmans. 


See Brucksales, Castle of. 

Baden-Powell, Lieutenant General Sir Rob. 
Stephenson Smyth. 

See Seton, Ernest Thompson. 
Badger, J: Cogswell, 

Giles Badger and his descendants, first 
four generations and a portion of the 
fifth, sixth, and seventh generations, by 
a descendant. '09, [1910.] (My) 64 p. 
por. O. pap., $i. J: C. Badger. 

See Genealogies. 

Badgley, Nathan Eddy, M.D. 

Equitable Union: life and its duties briefly 
explained, pt. I, Spiritual, religious and 
ethical conclusions ; p.t. 2, Political, eco- 
nomic and philosophic conclusions. '08 
(My2) c. por. D. $1.50. N. E. Badgley. 
"Badsworth," pseud. 

See Lister, A. Lindsay. 
Baedeker, Karl. 

Belgium and Holland. 'io(Je4) il. maps, 
plans, 16, $1,80 net. Scribner. 

Berlin and its environs. 3d ed. 5 o8(Ds) ; 
4th cd. *To(D3) maps, plans, 16, ea., 
90 c. net. Scribner. 

Central Italy and Rome. i$th ed. '09 
(My22) il. maps, plans, 16, $2.25. 


Eastern Alps, including the Bavarian 
Highlands, Tyrol, Salzburg, Upper and 
Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia, and 
Carniola. nth ed., rev. and augmented. 
; o8(D5) il. maps, plans, 16, *$3 net 


Egypt and the Sudan. 6th remodelled ed. 
J o8(Ds) il, maps, plans, 16, *$4-5o net 


Greece. New ed. *o8(Di9) il. maps, 16, 
*$2.4o net. Scribner. 

Hdbk, of Great Britain, 7th ed., rev. and 
enl. 'io(Je4) maps, plans, 16, $3 net. 


Italy from the Alps to Naples. 2d ed. '09 
(Fi3) il, maps, plans, S. *$2.40 net 


London and its environs. i5th ed., rev. 
'o8(D5) maps, plans, 16, *$i.8o net. 


Northern France, from Belgium and ihe 
English Channel to the Loire, excluding 
Paris and its environs. 5th ed. '09 
(Je26) plans, fold, maps, S. *$2.25 net. 


Northern Germany as far as the Bavarian 
and Austrian frontiers; hdbk. for trav- 
ellers, isth rev. ed. 38+430 p. il. maps, 
*$2.40 net Scribner. 

Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with ex- 
cursions to Iceland and Spitsbergen. 9th 
ed., rev. and enl. '09(1131) maps, plans, 
16, $2.40. Scribner. 




Baedeker, Karl, Con tinned. 

Paris and its environs, with routes from 

London to Paris. I7th rev. ed. } io(D3) 

maps, plans, 16, $1,80 net. Scribner. 
The Rhine, 'io(Je4) il- maps, plans, 16, 

$2.10 net Scribner. 

Southern Germany. *io(Je4) il. maps, 

plans, 16, $1.80 net Scribner. 

Southern Italy and Sicily; with excursions 

to Malta, Sardinia, Tunis and Corfu. 

New and rev. ed., (isth.) 'oS(Ds) maps, 

plans, 12, *$i.8o net. Scribner. 

Spain and Portugal 3d ed. > o8(Je2o) 

maps, plans, S. *$4.8o net. Scribner. 

United States; with excursions to Mexico, 

Cuba, Porto Rico and Alaska. 4th rev. 

ed, l op(My22) maps, plans, 16, *$ 

net. Scribner. 


S>- Genealogies: Bare, I). M. 
Baerlein, H: 

The singing caravan some echoes of Ara- 
bian poetry, 'io(OS) 16, (Wisdom of 
the East ser.) 60 c. net* Button. 

Bagby, Alfr., DJX 

King and Queen County, Virginia. 'oSGU) 
c. il pors, map, 0. *$3-SO net Neale. 
Baffoy, 0: W: 

Old Virginia gentleman and other sketches ; 
ed, with introd, by T: Nelson Page, 
f i0(Qi) c. por, D. $1,50 net Scribner, 
Bagehot, Wa, 

Lombard Street; description of the money 

market New ed. ; with introd, and cor- 

rections by Hartley Withers, 'io(Dio) 

12, $1.25 net. Putton, 

Bag;, Helen F. 

His model wife: a comedy* '08 (N7) c. D. 

pap, 15 c, Ptnn Pub, Co. 

Untangling Tony; a comedy, f o8(N7) c. 

H. pap,, 25 c. renn Pub, Co, 


SW Ail*. 

Bagley, W: Chandler. 
Education and utility. *OQ [1910,] (S) 
20 p. 8 n (Normal School Imll) pap. 
gratis. Eastern 111, State Normal 

Bagot, Jotceline Fit* Rojr. 
George Canning and his friends, *09(Api7) 
2 V M il. 8, *$9 net Button, 

Bagot, R: 

Anthony Cnthhert, WJe:26) D, *$i.sonet. 

Bagwell, R: 

Ireland under th* Stuarts ami during the 
interregnum, In 2 v, 'OQ( Mr6) mps 
0, $10,50, Longman*. 


Bahama Hill. Haim, T, J, $1,50, L, C. Page 

Milfopaught C; F; Prstnunciic Rnhamen*cs 

pt, 2, 50 c. Field Museum 

Northrop, J; L Naturalist in the Baha- 
mas, $2,50 net l.enickc', 

Bltnr H. A. comf, 

St* Ptttcl, GJ 
Baikic, Hair. Ja. 

Sea-kings of Crete, f io(Dio) il, fold, plan* 

0. $a net Macmilttn. 

Story of the Pharaohs. # o8(0i;) il. maps, 

8, $2 net, Micmlllan, 

Bailes, G: Mitcheson. 

Modern mining practice. 5 v. 'o9(My> 
il. 8, ea., $3. Van Nostrand. 

Bailey, Mrs. A. G. 

See Bailey, Mrs. Alice Ward. 
Bailey, Mrs. Alice Ward, [Mrs. A, G. Bailey^ 

"A. B. Ward."] 

Sage brush parson. *oS(Ap4) c. D. (Popu- 
lar eds. of recent fiction.) t75 c, 

Little, B, & Co. 
Sec also Morgan, Anna. 
Bailey, Carolyn Sherwm. 
Stories and rhymes for a child. YK)(N2o) 
il. 12, $i. M. Bradley. 

Bailey, Cyril. 

Religion of ancient Rome. '07, [1909.! 

(Ap) 8, (Religions ancient and mod- 

ern.) *40 c, net. Open Court 

Bailey, Edg. H; Summerfield, and Cady r 

Hamilton Perkins. 

Lab'y guide to the study of qualitative 
analysis, based upon the application of 
the theory of electrolytic dissociation and 
the law of mass action. 6th ed., enL 
'io(OB) c. il fold, tabs., 8% $L2$. 


Bailey, Bttia It, and Manly, J; Matthewi. 
Spelling book. *o8(Fi) c, D. *ao c. net, 

Houghton, M, & Co, 
4l Ba!Iey, Fie,, 1 * ptfiC 

Set Millard, Fk. Bailey. 
Bailey, F: Randolph, MD. 
Text-hook of histology, 3d rev, ed. *to 
(N) c. 18+589 p. il. tab., fold, ditgr t| 8% 
$3.50 net. Wood. 

"General references for further study** t tttd 
of most of the chaptcri, 

* and Miller, Adam Marion, MJX 

Text-Book of embryology. '09 (Ap) 686 p. 
il 8, *$4,so net; kath, *$s-S> **. 


Bailey^ H; Chrlstophir* 
Colonel Greatheart. '08(017) c. il D. 
t$t.$o. HobhM[. 

God of clay. *o8(Ni4) c. il. D, t$, 

Storm and treature, f io(Agi3) D, $1,50, 

Brentino 1 !, 
Bailey, H: Turner. 

When little sowls awakts. f io(Ns) c, D, 
pap. t 25 c. net. In envelope, 

Pilgrim Frew, 

, dd, Nature drawing from various points 
of view, 'ro(Jen) c, 11. in col 0. $1,50. 

Dtvlt Press. 
Bailey, Hollis RusselL 
Attorneys and their ndmtaftion to the bar of 
Massachusetts* *o8(F) c, 167 p. O, $i,p, 

W: J, Naget 
Biiley r J: CABH. 

Claims of French poetry; nine *tudir* In 
the greater French poets: [stwclirs of the 
work of Marot, Ronsir^ f Le I ? falc 
Andri Chanter, Victor Hugo, Leronte de 
IJ*jlf and Hercdlt,] *oo(JI|i) S , $21,50. 

M, Kennertey. 
Bailey, J: Rtad. 

* fonrrly Mtchittmacklnac ; hJit. 
and guide hook. Tourists* ed, 6th rev,* 
J) c 248 p. il, 



BAILEY, Joseph Weldon. 

Cocke, W : A. Bailey controversy in Texas. 
$3.90; $4.90. Cocke Co. 

Bailey, Jos. Whitman. 

First impressions of Europe. 'o8(Je2o) c. 
il. D. **$i.25 net. Grafton Press. 

Bailey, Liberty Hyde. 

Beginners* botany. '09 (Mr 13) c. il. D. 
**6o c. net. Macmillan. 

College of agriculture and the state: ad- 
dress del, on the occasion of Farmers' 
Week at Cornell University, Feb. 26, 
'o9(My22) O. pap., gratis. L. H. Bailey. 

Forcing- book: manual of the cultivation o-f 
vegetables in glass houses. 7th ed. '08 
(Myp) c. il. 12, (Rural science ser.) 
**$i.2S net. Macmillan. 

Garden making. I2th ed. J o8(My2) c. il. 
12, (Rural science ser.) **$ net. 


Horticulturist's rule-book. New and rev. 
ed. 'o9(Jei9)' 12, (Garden-craft ser.) 
75 c. ' Macmillan. 

Manual of gardening; pract. guide to the 
making of home grounds and the grow- 
ing of flowers, fruits and vegetables for 
home use. 'io(Mr26) c. D. **$2 net. 


Nature-study idea, sd ed., rev. '09(030) 
*$i.25 net. Macmillan. 

On the training of persons to teach agricul- 
ture in the public schools. 'o8(Je6) (U, 
S. Bureau of Ediication bull) pap., 15 c. 

Practical garden book. '08 (F) il. 12, 75 c. 


Principles of agriculture. [Rev. ed.] '09 
(O'2) c. il. 12, (Rural science ser.) 
*$i.25 net. Macmillan. 

Principles of fruit-growing. loth ed. '08 
(F8) il. 12, (Rural science ser.) **$T.SO 
net. Macmillan. 

Principles of vegetable gardening. 6th ed. 
'o8(F22) c. il. 12, (Rural science ser.) 
**$i.5O net Macmillan. 

State and 1 the farmer. 'o8(Agrs) c. 12, 
**$i.2S net. Macmillan, 

Training of farmers. '09(09) c. D. **$i 
net. Century Co. 

and Coleman, Wa. 

First course in biology, pt. i, Plant biolo- 
gy, by L. H. Bailey; pt. 2, Animal bi- 
ology; pt. 3, Human biology, by Wa. 
M. Coleman. 'oS(Agi) c. il. 12, *$t.25 
net, Macmillan. 

, ed, Cyclopedia of American agriculture. 

In 4 v. v. 3, Animals. 'oS(Jln) ; v. 4, 

Farm and the community, J OQ(Ap3) c, Q. 

subs,, **$5 net, boxed; per set, **$20 net; 

hi mor., **$32 net. Macmillan. 

Bailey, Middlesex Alfr., and Germann, G: B. 

Number primer. '09, [19*0.] (Ja22) 176 p- 
30 c. Am. Bk 

Bailey, Pearce. 

Diseases of the nervous system resulting 
from accident and injury. 2d ed. '08 

(Ap25) c il. 8, $5; hi leath., $6. 

Bailey, S: E, 

See Ritter, W ; Emerson. 
Bailey, S: Willson, and Osbome, Harold Allen. 

Wrinkles; -few suggestions and innovations. 
'io(jei) c, il. B\ 50 c. ' Bailey-T, 

Bailey, Solon Irving. 

Peruvian meteorology. *o8(My23) 4, (An- 
nals of Astronomical Observatory of 
Harvard University.) pap., $1.50. 

Harvard Univ. 
Bailey, Vernon. 

Key to animals on which wolf and coyote 
bounties are often paid, '09 (Jl) 3 p. il. 
8, (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bu. 
of Biological Survey circular.) (Add, 
Superintendent for price.) 
Bailey, W: Whitman. 
Poems. J io(Fi2) c. O. *$i.25 net 

Preston R 
Baillie, D: GemmelL 

Swiftsure phonetic shorthand system ; in- 
trod, by Ervin Wardmati ; note by G : 
Harvey. WJaiS) 8, $i. Phillips Pr. 
Baillie-Grohman, W: Adolphe. 
Tyrol. *o8(Jln) il. 12, (Color books,) 
*$2 net. Macmillan. 

Bailly, Auguste. 

Divine minstrels; narrative of the life of 
Saint Francis of Assisi with his com- 
panions; tr. by Ernest Barnes. 'TO- 
(Mr26) front. D. *$i.2$ net. Scribner. 
Baily, Ja. T:, and Pollitt, S. 
Woodwork for schools on scientific lines, 
'o9(Di8) 75 c. Manual Arts, 

Baily, W: L. 

Trees, plants and flowers; where and how 
they grow; a familiar hist, of the veg- 
etable kingdom. *io(Ap2) il. D. 60 c. 

Bain, Fs. W: 

Incarnation of the snow ; tr. from the orig- 
inal manuscript 'o8(S26) o. front. O, 
t$i,25. Putnam. 

Mine of faults; tr. from the orig. ms. by 
F. W. Bain. 'io(Fi9) c. O. **$i.2S net. 

Bain, Harry Foster, ed. 

More recent cyanide practice. '10(015} c - 
il. figs. O. $2. Mining and Scientific. 

Bain, Rob. Nisbet, 

Last king of Poland and Ms contempora- 
ries. '09(02) O. *$3 net. Putnam. 
Slavonic Europe: political hist, of Poland 
and Russia, 1447 to 1796. '08 (Mm) 8 r 
(Cambridge historical ser.) *$2 net, 


Bainbridge, Oliver. 
Devil's note book. 'o8(N7) c. il. D. $i. 


Bainbridge, W: Seaman, M.D. 
Life's day: ^uide-posts and danger-signals 
in health. ~'c9(Apl7) c. D. **$i.3S net 


Bainbridge mystery. Pratt, G. T. $1.20 net, 

Sherman," F. 
Baines, C. E. 

Short hist, of English literature. 'io(Fi9> 
D. *$i net. Longmans, 

Bair, Rev. J: Franklin. 
Complete poetical works. '08 (Fi) c. il, 
pors. 8% $1.50; $1.75- J: F. Bair, 

Baird, Annie L. A. 

Daybreak in Korea. V)9(Apio) c, 12, *6o c. 
net. RevelL 

Baird, Eliza Strang. 

Angels of Savonarola. 'io(Ni2) c, it. 
pors. 12, 50 c. Am. Tr- 




Baird, H: Carey. 

American and English banking contrasted: 
an issue for Mr. Carnegie; together with 
an attempt to explain the very simple 
cause of the New York City bank crisis 
of 1907. *o8(0io) 8, pap. (Add. pub 
for price.) Baird. 

"Fiat": the sign and token of real money; 
Mexico's fatal blunder; the gold stand- 
arc! ; economic law governing prices of 
raw materials and finished commodities. 
>o8(D) 8, pap. (Priv. pr.) Baird. 

John Sherman : critical examination of his 
claims to statesmanship, in a letter ad- 
dressed to TheoA E. Burton. J oS(D) 
8, pap. (priv. pr.) Baird. 

Practical dry cleaner, scourer, and garment 
dyer ; comprising dry, chemical, or French 
cleaning; purification of benzine ^removal 
of stains or spotting; wet cleaning; fin- 
ishing cleaned fabrics ; cleaning and dye- 
ing furs, skin rugs and mats; cleaning 
and dyeing feathers, [etc.;] ed. by W: T. 
Brannt. 3^ d. rev, and enl. *09(Mr27) 
c. il, 12, *$ net Baird. 

The South : shall it ever become so far civ 
ilizecl as to he fit for a Republican form 
of government ? at* shall we for another 
seventy-five VcmrS be subject to its vic- 
ious legislation, its turbulence ^ and its 
wars ? Answer : the Dingley tariff, ^caus- 
ing the development of the vast mineral 
and other resources of the southern 
states, through work and wages, nearer 
and greater markets, wealth and power, is 
solving tlw supreme national problem; 
addressed in criticism of his economic 
views and recommendations to President 
Roosevelt. *o8(Ds) O, pap*, gratis, 

Baird, Ja, B, 

Children of Africa. 'xo(Nw) ia, 60 c. 
net. Revell, 

Baird, Jean Katharine. 

Boy next door. 'io(Nw) c, il. *a% 50 c. 
net. Am. Tr, 

Coming of Hester, '09(811) c, D, (Hes- 
ter sen) t$*.2$, Lothrop, L. & S. 

Heater's counterpart *io(Agao) c, il. D. 
(Hester hooks.) $1,2$. 

Lothrop, L. Si S. 

Sixty-five cm time. 'op(Ni3) c, 0. $1,25. 

'Baird, J: Cranmer, 

Traveler and the grapes. *o$(Fa9) c, il. D, 
$1,30, B'way Pub. 

Baird, Lewis C, 

Hist, nf Clark County, Ind., by Captain 

Lewis C, Baird, asmnted by well known 

local talent. '09, fiQio,] (Jl) 17-919 p, 

il. pors. maps, 4, $15, B, F. Bowen. 

Baker, Alfr. 

Life of Sir Isaac Pitman, ^ (Inventor of 
phonography.) *o8(Di9) il tabs., pors. 
0, *$2 net. Pitman, 

Baker, Mrs, Amelia Louisa Svenson. 

Sec Svcnson, Emily, 
Baker, Arth. 

Introcl to Esperanto ; with a short story 
and vocabulary. '09(^23) c, r6* pap,, 
to c. Am. Esperantist 

Baker, Austin H. 

Theory and practice of veterinary medi- 
cine. 2d ed. *09(F) c. 265 p. 8, $3.50. 

A. Eger. 
Baker, B, Granville. 

Walls of Constantinople. 'io(D) 202 p. il. 
8, $4 net ' Pott. 

Baker, C. H. Collins, ed. 

Sec Turner, Percy 3VL, ed. 
Baker, C. S, 

What Sheila did; the adventures of an 
only child. '09(69) ii. S. 50 c. Stokes. 
Baker, C: McCoy, and laglia, Alex Ja. 
High school course in Latin composition. 
*oq( F(>) c, I). $ . \, ami ^ |>K 
[ NV\v fd. | \X)(O<)) u\ \. i. pl>. i j, 
*(H> c. not ; v. A pt & **55 c, lut, 


Baker, Charlotte Alice, 
Books as tools for children. f o<){N) 7 p, 
16, o, p Carson -H. 

Baker, Mrs, Cornelia McGhcc. 
Magic image from India. r o^(N6) c, col 
il.' Q. $ boxed. Stern. 

Baker, B: C; 

Lincoln vs. liquor, *o8(D) c. 35 p. por, 13, 
(Acid, pubs, for price.) Baker Pub, 

Baker, El wood X:, com p. 
Genealogy of Eocr and Lydit Smith Baker 
of Marion, Oh^ and their descendants; 
rev, to Oct., 1909, *09 [1910.] (Ja) c, 3- 
87 p. pors, forms, 8*, 50 c, 

L A, Copeland. 
Baker, Ernest Albert, 

Voices of nature; a sequel to "Praise of n 
simple life, 1 * *o8(D) 124^02 p, t6'\ 
(Wayfaring books,) *$t not, Dutton, 
j^d* Praise of a simple life: [an anthol- 
ogy,] *o8(F8) 16, (Wayfaring Ixiok**.) 
*$r net. Duttit, 

Baker, Mrs* Etta Anthony, 
Frolics at Fairmount *u(OO c it D, 
(Fair mount girl a scr) $1,50. 

Little* B, & Co. 

Girls of Fairmount og-(Og) c ii D, 
( Kail mount girN w. ) f$(.5<>. 

utti<% ii & o 

Baker, Fk. Collins* 

Ecology of the Skokie Marxh ares*, with 
special reference to the molluaca. f io 
(Je) 58 p. il. figs. 4** (III State Ub f y 

of Natural Hit, bull) pap., 60 c, 

III. Lfth'y Nat, Hist, 
Baker* Franklin T:, comp. 
Bibliography of children's reading: [ahcl 
The use of the school library* oy Allau 
Abbot *08(Ag29) 8*. pan,, 60 c. 

Teachers* Coll 
*~,ft&d Abbott, Herbert Taughim, 
English composition, *o8(C)io) c, D, fb r, 


-- , Carpenter, G; Kice, and Dulon, Julie T. 
Primer, 'ogfjlt?) c. il D, (Language read- 
er ser.) **25 c. net, MacmiJlan. 
Baker, Fred Abbott, 

Duration of municipal afreet granta, '10 
(Ap) c. $2,50. Record Pr., (Mich,) 
Baker, 0; H; 

Brakeman'a preparatory instruction. 3 v, 

JiofFu) c, il. por. 8', $&>. R'way Ecltte* 

Fireman's preparatory inatruction. 3 v, *io 

(Kra) c. il. par. $*\ $jcx R'way Ktlitc, 




Baker, G: H: -Continued. 

Locomotive fuel economy; economical fir- 
ing, economical boiler feeding, econom- 
ical use of steam. oo_(Ag7) c. il. D. $1. 

R'way Educ. 
Baker, G: Melville, ed. 

Pieces people ask for; serious, humorous, 
pathetic, patriotic, and dramatic selec- 
tions in prose and poetry for readings 
and recitations. '09 (Mr) c. '08. 127 p. 
12, 25 c. W. H. Baker. 

Baker, G: Merrick, comp. and ed. 

German stories ; ed., with notes and vocab- 
ulary. '69(Ap3) c. S. 40 c. Holt. 
Baker, H: F: 

Introduction to the theory of multiply pe- 
riodic functions. 'o8(Fi) 8, *$375 net 


Baker, H: Moore. 

First siege of Louisburg, 1745 : address del. 

before the New Hampshire Society of 

Colonial Wars, Sept. 2, 1909. 'io(Ap2) 

O. pap. (Priv. pr.) H: M. Baker. 

Baker, Ira Osborn. 

Treatise on masonry construction, xoth 
ed., entirely rewritten and enl. 7 O9(Si8) 
c. il. tabs., 8, $5- Wiley. 

Voids, settlement and weight of crushed 
stone. 5 p8(N) 29 p. 8, (Univ. of 111. 
engineering experiment station, bull.) 
gratis, Univ. of TIL 

Sec also Rolfe, C: Wesley. 
Baker, Ja. Heaton. 

Lives of the governors of Minnesota. '08, 
[1909.] (Ap) c. 12+480 p. por. 8, .(Col- 
lections of the Minnesota Historical So- 
ciety.) $2,50. Minn. Hist. Soc. 
Baker, Ja. Hutchins. 

Educational aims and t civic needs. 'oS(D) 
31 p. 12, (Univ. of Colorado bull.) 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Univ. of Col. 
Baker, Ja, W: 

Reference book; 20th century bookkeeping 
and office practice; designed for use in 
all schools that teach bookkeeping. 7th 
ed., rev. '09 (N6) il. form, 4, $T. 

Southwestern Co,, (Nashville.) 
Baker, Jos* Black. 

Sec Onkcn, W : H :, jr. 
Baker, Julia Wethexill. 

Wandering joy. 'io(O) $i. B f way Pub. 
Baker, Kay Stannaxd. 

Following the color line; account of negro 
citizenship in the American democracy. 
f o8(Dro) c. il. pors. O. **$2 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

New ideals in healing; [Emmanuel Move- 
ment.! 'cK>(Mr2o) c. il. pors. 12, **8s c. 
net. Stokes. 

Spiritual unrest l io(Apl6) c. D, $1.35 net. 


Baker, Smith, B,B. 

See Jenkins, Fk, E 
, and Jenkins, Fk. &., B.D, 

Master profession : challenge to the young 
men of the twentieth century. '08(812) 
c, 12 , 50 c. Franklin-T. 

Baker, T, Thome. 

The spetroscope : its uses in general analyt- 

H. Baker (Cleveland). 

ical chemistry. '08 (Fi) il. 8, *$i.75 net. 


Telegraphic transmission of photographs. 
'io(Agi3) il. 12, $1.25 net 

Van Nostrand. 
Baker, Tarkington. 

Yard and garden : pract. information for the 
amateur gardener. 'o8(My9) c. D. **$2 
net. Bobbs-M. 

Baker, T: R. 

New physics. '09 (Mr) $i. Stradling, 

Baker, T: Stockham. 

Preparatory school question. 'io(O) 10 p. 
O. (Tome School for Boys bull.) pap. 

Tome Sch, 
Baker, W: H: 

Dictionary of engraving. J o8(Ni4) c. il. 
tabs., T. bds., 75 c. 

W: H. Baker, (Cleveland.) 

Dictionary of men's wear. *o8(Agi5) 8, 

$2 hf..mor v $3. 


See Genealogies. 

Bakewell, C: Montague. 

Source book in ancient philosophy. '08 
(Mr28) c. 8, **$i net Scribner. 


See Cake; Cookery. 


Foot, F: N. Baking powder and other 
leavening agents. $1.50. Spice Mill. 
Balance of nature. Abbey, G: *$2 net. 


See India rubber. 
Balfoach, Mrs. E: 

See Balbach, Julia A. Nenninger. 
Balbach, Julia A. Nenninger, [Mrs. E: Bal- 
Cupid intelligent. *io(My7) c. il. D. $i. 

J, A. Balbach. 
Balcarres, Lord. 

Evolution of Italian sculpture. *io(Fi9) 
8, *$6 net. Dutton. 

Balch, Edn. Swift. 

Art in America before the Revolution : ad- 
dress del. before the Society of Colonial 
Wars in the commonwealth of Pennsyl- 
vania, March 12, 1908. '08 (Je) c. 22 p, 
8. (Add. author for price.) 

E. S. Balch. 
Balch, Emily Greene. 

Our Slavic fellow citizens. 'io(Je4) c. il. 
pors. maps, O. $2.50. Charities Pub. 

Balch, Lewis, 

Manual for boards of health and health 
officers; also the public health law, con- 
stituting chap. . 25 of the general law, 
with all amendatory and supplemental 
statutes, incl. those of 1908 . '08 (O) c. 
3-242 p. D. *$i.5o net. Banks & Co. 

See also New York [Slate.] Public health 


Balch, T: 

Calvinism and American independence, 
1876. 'OQ(D) 18 p. 4, $i. Allen, L. & S. 
BALCH, Thomas. 

Edmonds, F. S. Thomas Balch and the 
Geneva tribunal. (Add. author for 
price.) F. S. Edmonds. 





Balch, T: Willing. 

Free coinage and a self-adjusting ratio: 
paper read before the Philadelphia So- 
cial Science Association, February 23, 
1877. *o8(Agi) 4,, (Not for sale.) 

T: W. Balch. 

La question des pecheries de rAtlaniique; 
un diff<rend entre les Etats-Unis et 
1'Empire Britannique. *io(Fi9) 8, $1.25. 
(50 copies.) Allen, L. & S. 

Law of OrCsSmc, Copernicus, and Gresharn: 
paper read before the American Philo- 
sophical Society, April 23, 1908. '08 
(024) 4, $i. ' t Allen, L. & S. 

L'Evolution de ^arbitrage international. 
'og(Jai6) 8, $2. Allen, L. & S. 

Bald knobbcrs. Ttick, C, K. $i. B. F. Ho won. 
Balderston, Calefc Canby* 

See Sharpless, I: Philips. 
Balderston, Lloyd. 

Elern, physics: a text-book. 'oS(O) c. 8+ 

9-352 p. il. pors. 12, $1.22, Sower. 

Baldness and grayness, Robinson^ T, *$i 

net. W; R, Jenkins. 

Baldiy, Alfr. Lys. 

Biirnes-Jones. '09(ApX7) il 0. (Master- 
pieces in colour.) bds., *6s c. net Stokes. 
Sir Joshua Reynolds. f og(D) various pag- 
ing, il, Q t (Great artist sen) *$a net, 


Leighton, 'oSCDig) ii 0, (Masterpieces 

in colour,) bds,, *6s c. net, Stokes. 

Millais. 'oSCDip) il. 0. (Masterpieces in 

colour.) bds,, *6s c. net. Stokes. 

Balclur, the beautiful. Litchfiel<I, 0. D. $x 

net. Putnam. 

Baldwin, A* le S. 

See Hayford, J : F, 
Baldwin, C; Sears. 

Composition, oral and written. f 09(Ni3) 
c, D. $1,20. Longmans, 

Summary of punctuation. *o8(F8) u. pap,, 
5 c, ^ Longmans, 

Writing and speaking: text-book of rhet- 
oric, *Q9(Jes) c. D, $i 20. Longmans. 
Baldwin, C: W. 

Geography of the Hawaiian Islands. *o8 

(812) il. maps, 0, 60 c, Am, Bk, 

Baldwin, E: Cfeauneey, and Paul, Harry 0., 

English poems, *o8(My33) c, D, $i, 

Ant Bk, 

Baldwin, F; Clare. 

Life melodious; [poems,] 'xo(Fio) c, per. 
D t $, F. C. Baldwin. 

Baldwin, Ja, 

Another fairy reader, *o8(Fi) c, il D, 

(Eclectic readings.) 35 c. Am, Bk, 

Stories of the king, 'io(Myi4> c. it. D. 

(Eclectic readings.) 50 c. Arn. 4 Bk, 

, oomp, Stories of Don Quixote written 

anew fur young people. 'mCNic)) c. il. 

D. (Eclectic readings,) 50 c. Am, Bk, 

Baldwin, Ja M&rk, 

Darwin and the humanities, > io(Fi9) 12, 
(Lib, of genetic science and philosophy,) 
$1.50. ' Psychological Review, 

Thought and things: study of the develop- 
ment and meaning of thought or genetje 
logic, v. a, Experimental logic, or genetic 
theory of thought f o8(Mr2i) 8*, *$2.7$ 
net. Macmillan, 

Baldwin, Josephine L. 

Record of credits; prep, for use in the 
junior department of the Sunday sciiool. 
'ro(S) 100 p. 16, 35 c. net. Eaton <!<: M. 
Baldwin, May. 

Barbara Bellamy, a public-school girl. '10 

(Ap2) il. 8, $1.50. Button. 

Golden Square High School. f o8(D26) 1). 

$1.25. Lippincoit. 

Holly House and Ridges Row. *oS(N7) il. 

D. f $1.50. Lippineott. 

Muriel and her Aunt Lee; or, school and 

art life in Paris. 'io(Jai) 12, $1.50. 


Sarah's school friend. 'lOtH^t) il. 12*, 

^$1.50. t Lippineott, 

Two school-girls of Florence. 'io(OS) 

col. il. 12, $1.50. Dutton. 

Baldwin, Ralph L. 

Progressive melodies for sight sinking. '10 
(My2l) c. 0, 35 c. Ginn, 

Baldwin, T: Williams. 
Patten genealogy; William Patten of Cant- 
bridge, 1635, &nd his descendants, *o8 
(N) c. 200 p. map, fold, facsinx, 8 s , $5. 

T: W, Baldwin, 

, oomp. Vital records of Wrcnthnm, Mnu 
to the year 1850, In 2 v, 'ro(JlT6) S'\ 
$5,50. (ilhon 

Baldwin, W: Alplieiis. 
High school: its weaknesses and Auggesttd 
modifications, 'io(My7) ia, 5 c, 

N, E. Pub, Co, 

Mrs. W: Alphetis, and others. 

Industrial-social education. *o8(Api8) !I. 

B $1.50, M. ftrdly. 

BALDWIN, William Henry, ;>, 

Brooks, J: G, An American citimt; the 

life of William Henry Baldwin, jr, $1,50 

net. v iloughton M. 

Baldwin, W: Ja St. John* 

Hot water heating and fitting; modern hot 

water apparatus, the methods of their 

construction and the principles Involved. 

4th ed, rev, and enl *o8, [rw1 c. 15+ 

306 p. il, tabs. 8 *$4 net, McGraw, 

On heating; or, steam heating for tmlhlirtgjs, 

revised, i6th ed,, rev. and nl. *oH 

(Jcjfo) il, figs, u e $2,50, Wiley. 

Vent ilat inn of our court rooms and halls 

of justice, frgro.] (Je) c, aa p, S, pap., 

gratis, W; J, S, Baldwin, 

Baldwin, g WiIIit. 

Stt Michigan, Law of taxation, 
--,*& See Michigan. Law of personal in- 

Baldwin lectures, Ste Wenley, Roh, Mark, 
Bale, Christian Emil. 

Syntax of the genitive IM* in thr LintIN 
fame Gospels, 1907, [1908,] (O} 51 jt, 8 B 
(Univ. of It, bull,; studies in Intt^uage 
and literature.) 50 c. I'niv, nf fa, 


Calvert, A, F: Catalonit and Balearic 
Isles, $1,50 net Lane, 

BALER (Siege of). 

Orexo, S, M. Under the red and gold; 
heing notes and recollections of the siege 
of Baler. $1,25, Hudion. 

Bulestier, C: Wolcott, 
See Kfpling, Rttdyard, 



Balet, Jos. W. 

Analysis of elastic arches; two-hinged, 
three-hinged and hingeless, of steel, ma- 
sonry and concrete. *o8(Ja4) il. tabs., 8, 
*$3 net. Engineering News. 

Balfour, Arth. JSL. 

Decadence: Henry Sidgwick memorial lec- 
ture. 'o8(Ag2g) D. *so c. net. Putnam, 

Questionings on criticism and beauty. '10 
(Ja22) O. pap., 70 c. Oxiord Univ. 

BalifFs maid. John, . 50 c. Hurst. 


Cowen, J. "Speeches on the Near Eastern 
question. $i. , Longmans. 

Henderson, P. E. British officer in the 
Balkans. *$3.50 net. Lippincott. 

Hutchinson, F. K. Motoring in the Bal- 
kans. *$2.75 net. McClurg. 

Jaekel, F. B. Lands of the tamed Turk. 
$2.50. L. C. Page. 

Miller, W : The Balkans : Roumania, Bul- 
garia, SerVia and Montenegro. $1.50; 
$1.75. Putnam. 

Murray, VV: S. Making of the Balkan 
states. $1.50. Longmans. 

Singleton, E., comp. and cd. Turkey and 
the Balkan states, as described by great 
writers. **$i.6o net. m Dodcl. 

Sec also Bosnia; Herzegovina; Servia; Turkey. 

Ball, Carleton Roy. 

Three much-misrepresented sorghums. '10 
(My) 14 p. il. 8, (U. S. Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Bu. of Plant Industry, circular.) 
, and Letdigh, Arth. H. 

Milo as a dry-land grain crop. J o9(F2o) 8, 
(U. S., Dept. of Agriculture; farmers' 
bulletin.) pap., 5 c. 
Ball, C: Backus. 

See Gray, W : Beall 
-, and Slierriff, H. T. 

Plumbing catechism. 2d ed. o8(Jlii) c. 
12, $i. Domestic Engineering. 

Ball, C: E. 

Brokerage questions and problems. '10 
(Ag) c. s-55 p. 8, (with course) $20. 

Universal Business. 
Ball, Eustace Alfr. Reynolds-. 

See Reynolds-Ball, Eustace Alfr, 
Ball, Mrs. Eva Blanche Allen, comp. 

See Porter, Mrs. Arina Louelah Abbott. 
Ball, Ja, Moores, M.0. 
Andreas Vesalius, the reformer of anato- 
my. 'io(D3) c. il. por. F. pap., $5. 

Medical Science. 

Modern ophthalmology: anatomy, physiolo- 
ogy, and diseases of the eye. 2d ed. 
'o8(My23) c, 4, *$7 net; *$ net. 


Ball, Ja. Turner, 

Detailed working drawings of the five or- 
ders of architecture: [5 charts.] '08 
(Ap4) mounted on muslin, $6,50; on 
cardboard, $7.50; aLo Portfolio ed., con- 
taining 17 pis., $4. W: T. Comstock, 
Ball, Jessie Winecoffe. 

Absolute idealism and immortality. '08 
(D) 12+76 p. 8. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Woodruff -C. 
Ball, Mar&. 

Principles of outlining, for colleges and ad- 
vanced classes in secondary schools. '10 
( J130) c. 12, 65 c. B : H. Sanborn. 

Ball, Marg. Continued. 

Sir Walter Scott as a critic of literature. 
'o8(F22) 8, (Columbia Univ. studies in 
English.) pap , *$i net. Lemcke. 

Ball, Michael Valentine. 

Essentials of bacteriology; being a concise 

and systematic introd. to the study of 

bacteria and allied microorganisms. 6th 

ed., thoroughly rev. 'oS(D) c. 290 p. il. 

12, (Saunders' question-compends. ) *$i 

net. Saunders. 

Ball, Sir Rob. Stawell. 

Treatise on spherical astronomy. '08 (Dig) 

8, *$37S net. Putnam. 

Ball, Rob. Steele. 

Natural sources of power. '08 (Ds) il 8, 
(Westminster ser.) *$2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 
Ball, W. V. 

Law affecting engineers. '09, [1910.] (F) 
300 p. 8, (Westminster ser,) *$2 net. 

Van Nostrand. 

See Baseball j Basket ball ; Bat-ball ; Cricket ; 
Drills (fancy) ; - Football; Gymnastics and 
physical culture; Lacrosse. 

Ball and the cross. Chesterton, G. K. t$i-5O. 


See Genealogies, Deas, A. S. 
Ballad of Reading Gaol. See Wilde, Oscar. 

Cameron, C. Stories of the ballads 50 c. 


Couch, Sir A. T: Quiller-, comp. and ed. 
Oxford book of ballads. $1.90. 

Oxford Univ. 

Ker, W: P. On the hist, of the ballads, 

1100-1500. v. 4. 60 c. Oxford Univ. 

Lothrop, G: E. Historical, dramatic and 

romantic ballads. (Add. author for 

price.) G: E. Lothrop. 

Macgregor, M. Stories from the ballads. 

50 c. Dutton. 

Sidgwick, F., ed. Ballads and lyrics of 

love. Legendary ballads, ea., *$2 net. 


Sidgwick, F., ed. Old ballads. *so c. net. 


Skotlands rimur: Icelandic ballads on the 
Gowrie conspiracy. $1.15. Oxford Univ. 
Tappan, E. M. Old ballads in prose. 40 'c. 
net. Houghton M. 

Tileston, Mrs. M. W. F., comp. Chil- 
dren's book of ballads. $1.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Witham, R. A,, comp, English and Scot- 
tish popular ballad's. 40 c. Houghton M. 
See also Poetry; Songs; Spanish poetry. 
Ballads and barrack room ballads, Kipling, 
R. **$ net Donbleday, P. 

Ballads of a Chccchako. Service, R. W : $i. 


Ballads of Irish chivalry. Joyce, R. D. 90 c. 

Ballads of the plains. Sloan, E. E. $i. 

E. E, Sloan. 

Ballads of the season. Johnson, G: S. $1.50. 


Ballads of the western mines. Fitch, A. 75 c. 





Ballance, C: Alfr, 

Some points in the surgery of the brain 
and its membranes. 2d ed. *o8(My2) il. 
8, *$s net. Macmillan. 

Ballantyne, J. W"., M.D., ed. 
JS> Kncyclopedia and dictionary of medi- 
Ballantyne, Rob. Michael. 

Dog Crusoe and his master. 'oS(Oio) il. 
I), (Bowman's illustrated lib. of world- 
favorite books.) $1. Bowman, 
Ungava; introd. by Ernest Rhys. > o8(F22) 
16, (Everyman's lib.) *35 e net; lealh., 
*70 c. net. Dutton, 
Ballard, Addison, DJD. 
From text to talk. 'ro(Ag6) c. 0. $1.20 
net, Sherman, F. 
Ballard, Emerson Etheridge. 
Complete index to Ballard's Law of real 
property, v. 1-12; rev, and repr. with 
each new v. of the ser. [etc.] 09 (Ap) 
c. 231 p. 0. $6.50, Flood, 
Law of real property, v. 12; ed. by Arth, 
W. Rlackmore. *09(Ap) c. O. shp., 
$6,50 Flood. 
, ed, Index-digest of Mallard's Law of real 
property, vs. r-u, r io(Mr) c, C). $4. 


Ballard, Fk., DJX 

Christian essentials, *o8(Apn) O, * 
net Eaton & M. 

The true God; a modern summary of f the 
relations of theism to naturalism, monism, 
pluralism, and pantheism. 'o8(Affis) XX 
*$i net, Eaton & M, 

Ballard, 3Rev. J; Hudson. 
Spirit, soul and body. 'io(Si7) ti C, ia $t, 

Alliance Press. 
Balleine, G; Reginald. 
History of the Evangelical party in the 
Church of England. 'o8(jeao) il. D, 
*$i net. Longmans. 

Ballenger, Ed^ Oarrison. 
Genitourinary diseases and syphilis, '08 
(D) 12+276 p, il. 8, *$3 net. 

E. W. Allen, 

Ballanger, W: Lincoln, MJX 
Treatise on medical and surgical diseases 
of the nose, throat awl ear, *oH( Mv-M ; 
2<1 fd, \x>( N } il. H r ' en,, *$5,5<> not. Li-a. 
Ballentine, Ja* A. 
*SVf California, Sufi, cf, and district ct$ t af 

appeals. Complete supp. digest* 
Ballet, Gilbert 

Neurasthenia; tr. from the 3d French eel, 
hy P, Campbell Smith, M.D. *oo(Ag) 
436 p, ftgH. 8, $2.50 not, I1(rlrr. 

Balliet, M H 

Some of nature's antics. 'io(Jeir) c. D. 

$t. Roxburgh* 

Balliett, Sarah Joanna Dennis, [Mrs. L. D, 


Philosophy of numbers, *oS(F) c 8 d , $1,50, 

L. D, Balliett. 
Ballinger, R; Achlllea, 
Ste Washington, Remington & Baitinffer's 

annot codes, 

Ballinger, Wa. F. and Perrot, Emile 0: 
Inspector's hdbk. of reinforced concrete, 
'To(F5) c. il , $i. Engineering News, 

See Rifles. 


See Aerial navigation. 

Ballou, Mrs. Amelia Anna, and Cooper, W: 


The Dobyns-Cooper and allied families of 
Ballon, Bramble, Coulter, Credit, Duval, 
Henry, Kemp, Larew, Lyon, Norwood, 
Perry, Pierce and Taylor. '08, [1910.] 
(Mr) 31 P- 8, 50 c. W: F. Cooper. 
Ballou, G: D'Estin. 

Seven essentials to life and health; pract 
primary treatise on hygiene. 'io(Ap2) il 
por. D. $1.50 net G; D. Ballou. 


Grose, E: F. Centennial history of the vil- 
lage of Ballston Spa, including 1 towns of 
Rallston and Milton. $2. E: F. Grose. 
Balmer, Edn. 

Science of advertising. f O9(Agf4) S, 25 c. 

E, Balmer, 

Waylaid by wireless. 'o9(Jei9) c il IX 
t$i.50. Small 

, and Balmer, X: 

Science of advertising; force of advertis- 
ing as a business influence, its place m 
the national development and the public 
result of its pract, operation* *i0(Afp?) 
c, S. 50 c. net, Duffieid 

- ,*nd MacHarg, W; 

Achievements of Luther Trant. *to(Api6) 
c. il D^ Small 

BALSA MO, Giuseppe. 

AVr CagHoitro Count Aktsandro <U. 
Baltasar. Gomez de Avellancda, G. 65 c 

Am. Bk, 

Btlthasar, Sec France, Anatolc, 
Baltimore, Nfd. Public tcrvuv corpoiatn 
of the oiiy; a compilation of tht* public 
and private grants of rights, francliiHos, 
easements, privileges ui<t immttnihes t< tin,- 
various public service corporation** rng*igfi 
in the puhHc utilities of llnhimore city. 
romp hv C; Fietrri. 'oK, [HJHJ. | (Jai e 
shp,, $R O: W. King, 

Abel \. !!, and Lord^E, L,, c&mpf* Brief 

guide to points of hint, interest in Balti- 
more city, pap,, 20 c, A, H, Abel 

Fassig, O, L, Climate and weather of Balti- 
more, *$ net, Maryland Gcol 

Prilk f 5 vest pocket street directory and car 
line guide of Baltimore 35 c, Polk, 

,S'iv fj/,m JTrw^, 


Tate, G, P. Frontiers of Baluchistan, *$5 
net. Scribncr. 

Balzac, Honors de* 

Works. De luxe ed, 18 v, *io(N) il. le- 

vant, $54, Crnwrll, 

Works. 18 v, New imperial Ilk eel 'to 

(D) il 8* f ea., $1.35; hf. cf., $; New 

il sterling ed., ea., $i. (Set on!y,1 


[Works,} 1 Conieclle humainc 1 , Onteiiary 
eel ; tr, hy Katharine Prescott Wormcley, 
a , ea. f $1,50, Little, II, & Co. 

Ctnttnts; v $4. Lettr to Mme, Hinsktj v, si* 

A woman of thirty and other stuellftj tr. hy O< 

Brbm Zvct: v, 36^ The muM f tht dtptrtttwftt 

and other storks tr, by G, Brnh#m tvct. 

Cat and Racket, etc, ; introd by G : Saints- 

bury, r o9(Mr27) i6* t (Everyman*! lib,) 

**35 c. net; leath., *7O c. net Dutton. 




Balzac, Honore de. Continued. 

Catherine de Medici; with introd. by G. 
Saintsbnry. 'io(Ap2) 16, (Everyman's 
lib.) 35 c. net; leath., 70 c. net. Button. 

Cesar Birotteau; ed. by Wilhelmine E. 
Delp. '09 (My 15) D. (Oxford modern 
French ser.) 60 <L Oxford Univ. 

Les Chouans ou Le Bretagne en 1799; 
preface de Gustave Lanson. 'oS(Agi) il. 
12, (Les classiques Frangais illustres.) 
*$i.4O net. Macmillan. 

The Chouans; introd. by G: Saintsbury. 
'o8(F22) 16, (Everyman's lib.) *35 c. 
net; leath., *7O c. net. Dutton. 

Christ in Flanders, and other stories ; in 
trod, by G: Saintsbury. 'o8(F22) 16, 
(Everyman's lib.) *35 c. net; leath,, *7O c. 
net. Dutton. 

Cousin Pons ; with introd. by G : Saints- 
bury. 'io(Dio) ,c. 16, (Everyman's lib.) 
35 c. net; leath,, 70 c. net. Dutton, 

Eugenie Grandet; ed. by H. E. Berthon, 
*09(Mr6) il. por. S. (Oxford higher 
French ser.) 85 c. Oxford Univ. 

Le medecin de campagne; ed., with introd. 
and notes, by de Payen-Payne. '09 (Mr) 
20+310 p. 16, (Pitt Press ser.) *ox> c. 
net Putnam. 

Maxims. 'o9(Apio) front. 32, (Ariel 
, booklets.) leath., 75 c. net. Putnam, 

Passion in the desert and other stories. '10 
(D) front 32, (Ariel booklets.) 75 c. 
boxed. Putnam. 

Quest of the absolute ; introd. by G : Saints- 
bury. 'o8(F22) 16, (Everyman's lib.) 
*35 c. net; leath., *7o c. net. Dutton. 

Stories by Balzac. 'o9(Jli7) 12, (World's 
story tellers ser.) *4O c. net. Dutton. 

Talcs. '09(04) c. S. (Wayside lib.) leath., 
$i. Brentano's. 

Une t^n&breuse affaire; ed. by Marie A. 
P6chinet. 'o9(Mr6) S. (Oxford modern 
French ser.) 60 c. Oxford Univ. 

BALZAC. Honorg de. 

Gillette, F. B., camp. Title index to the 
works of Honore" de Balzac, 25 c. 

Boston Bk. 

Lawton, F : Balzac. $4 net. Wessels & B. 
Bamford, Harry. 

Moving loads on railway underbridges. '08 
(Ja2S) il. 8, *$i.25 net. Macmillan. 

Bampton lectures. See Liddon, H: Parry. 
Bancroft, Edg. Addison, 

Destruction or regulation ! ; address [on 
trusts.] '07, [1908.] (S) 20 p. 4. (priv. 
pr.) E. A. Bancroft. 

Bancroft, G: 

Abraham Lincoln : a tribute. '08(0x7) c. 
D. **6o c. net. Wessels. 

BANCROFT, George. 

Howe, M. A. DeW. Life and letters of 
George Bancroft. In 2 v. **$4 net 

Bancroft, Jessie Hubbell. 

Games for the playground, home, school 

and gymnasium. '09(018) c. il. O. 

**$i.50 net Macmillan. 

Bancroft, Marg., and Farington, E. A., comps. 

Manual of the course of study, Bancroft 
Training School for Mentally Subnormal 
Children, Haddonfield, N. J. '09 (My) 
120 p. 12. (Not for sale.) Bancroft. 

Bancroft, Marie Effie Wilton, Lady and Sir 
Squire Bancroft. 

The Bancrofts: recollections of sixty years. 
J 09(Jei2) il. 8, $5. Dutton. 

Bancroft, Sir Squire Bancroft. 

See Bancroft, Marie Effie Wilton, Lady. 

See Surgery. 
Bandana days. Cook, J. M. 60 c. 

B'way Pub. 
Bandelier, Adolph Fs. Alphonse. 

Islands of Titicaca and Koati 'io(Mr5) c. 
il fold, maps, 8, $5. Hispanic Soc. 

Bandelier, , and Roepke, Otto. 
Tuberculin in diathesis and treatment: text 
book of the specific diagnosis and therapy 
of tuberculosis; tr. from the 2d Germain 
ed. by Egbert C. Morland. 'oa_(Jl) il. 
fold, charts, 8, *$3 net. Wood. 

Banderet, P., and Reinhard, Ph. 

First lessons in French : adpt by Grace 
Sandwith. 'og(Jeip) D. (Modern lang. 
ser.) *5o c. net. CrowelL 

Bandini, Helen Elliott. 
History of California. '08(812) c. map, D. 
75 c. Am. Bk. 

Handler, S: Wyllis, M.D. 
Medical gynecology; 135 original il. J o8 
( Ag8) c. 8, *$s net ; hf. mor., ^$6.50 net. 

Banerjea, S. B. 

Tales of Bengal: ed. by Fs. H: Skrine. 
*io(Ap23) D. $i net. Longmans. 

Banfield, E. J. 

Confessions of a beachcomber; scenes and 
incidents in the career of an unprofes- 
sional beachcomber in tropical Queens- 
land. J io(Myi4) c. il. map, O. $4 special 
net. Appleton. 

Bang, Ole, ed. 

Good-luck book: extracts from famous 
American, English, German and Scandi- 
navian poets. s io(Di7) 16, $i. 


Bangs, Ella Matthews. 

The king's mark : story of early Portland. 
'o8(Ni4) c. il. D. $1.50. C. M. Clark. 

Bangs, Hal Crumpton, ed. 

See Illinois. Courts. Repts. 
Bangs, J: Kendrick. 

Autobiography of Methuselah ; ed. by J : 

Kendrick Bangs. '09(025) c. il. 12, $i. 

B. W. Dodge. 

Genial idiot: his views and reviews. '08 

(Oi7) c. D. t$i.2?5. Harper. 

Mollie and the Unwiseman abroad. 'io(Oi) 

c, col. il. O. $1.50. Lippincott 

Potted fiction being a series of extracts 

from the world's best sellers, put up in 

thin slices for hurried consumers ; The 

United State k s Literary Canning Co. '08 

(819) c. D. tso c. ; pap., f25 c. 

Doubleday, P. 

Real thing, and three other farces. '09 
(Oi6) c. il. S. t$i- Harper. 

Songs of cheer. J io(Je4) c. D. $i net. 

Sherman, F. 

See also Briscoe, Marg. Sutton. 
Bangs, Mary Rogers. 

Jeanne D'Arc; the Maid of France. '10 
(Ns) c, D. $1.25 net Houghton M. 




BANGS, Nathan, D.D. 
Tuttlc, A. H. Nathan Bangs. *25 c. net. 

Eaton & M. 

Set? Banks and banking. 
Bankart, G: P. 

Art of the plasterer: account of the decora- 
tive development of the craft chiefly in 
England from the xviith to the xvmth 
century; with chapters on the stucco of 
the classic period and of the Italian 
Renaissance; also on sgraffito pargetting, 
Scottish, Irish, and modern piaster work. 
'o$(Ap3) il. >Q. *$io net. Scribner. 

Banker's encyclopedia for 1909, [1910.] 
(Mr) c, r686 p. $6. t A. Stutnpf. 

Banker's green book: directory of financial 
institutions. '08 (Jl) c 12, $t. Banker. 
Banker's views on religious and other im- 
portant subjects, Harris, T. (Add, pub, 
for price.) W, P. Harvev. 

[Bankers and merchants perpetual maturity 
guide for the purpose of quickly deter- 
mining the accurate number of days ^be- 
tween any two given dates both inclusive. 
'roCNip/c, 8, $5. Bankers Pub. 

Bankers' handy $$r. 24, 50 c. 

Bankers' Pub, 

Crawford, Bank directors and their pow- 

Gardner. Moneys of the world. 
Herrick, How to increase the business of 

a trust company, 
Roberts and Sprague. Central bank of 

issue. 50 c. 

Bankers* telegraph and cable rode. 'oo(D) 
c, 44-328 p. *6\ $3,50, Business Code, 

Si* Hank* and hanking. 


St* Banks and tanking. 

American bankruptcy repts,, annot. v. 19- 

-M. ca,, $5, Digest, v, 15-20. j>er set of 
2 v,, $8.50, M. Bender. 

Collier, W : M, Law and practice of bank- 
ruptcy, $7,50, M. Bender, 

Hagar, M, $., and A, T: Forms, rules and 
general orders in bankruptcy, $6,50, 

M, Binder. 

New York [Slate.] Court nil OH and bank- 
ruptcy rules and orders, $4,50. Banks, 

Remington, H Treatise on the bankruptcy 
law of the United States, v, r 3, ea, 
*$6 net. Mir hie, 

Staples, A. Suit in bankruptcy (Add. 
pubi, for price,) Michie, 

Woodman, A, S Treatise on the law of 
trustee* ni bankruptcy. $6,50, 

Little, B, & Co 

AVr rt/.w> RcTflvffn; Salr; aLw nnmm of tntrH. 

Bankruptcy of Bryan Kane, Vane, V, $1.20, 

Banks, Emory IL 

Twentieth century poultry buildings and 
hmv to build them. 'loCOO c, il f>!ani 
O. pap., 50 c, E, E, Banks. 

Banks, ja. Ltnoar, 

Davicf Sproat and naval prisoners in the 
war of the Revolution, with mention of 
William Lenox, of Charlestown, *og 
[total (F) 127 p. 12*. (Priv, pr.) 

J, L. Banks, 

Banks, L: Albert, D.D. 

Problems of youth; series of discourses for 
young people on themes from the book of 
Proverbs. 'op(N2o) c. D. **$i.3o net 


Sermons which have won souls. *o8(Je27) 
c. D. **$i.4o net. 3 Funk. 

World's childhood; sermons from the first 
three chapters of Genesis. 'io(O22) c. 
D. $1.30 net. Funk. 

Banks, Nathan. 

Catalogue of the nearctic Hcmiptera-Ucicr- 
optera. r io(N) 103+8 p. 8, $i. 

Am. Kntoniol 

Directions for collecting and preserving 
insects; by Nathan Hanks in collobora- 
tion with various members of the Bureau 
of Entomology, Dept of Agriculture, 
'09(023) il. O, (Smithsonian Institution, 
U. S. National Museum bull) pap, 
(Add. Superintendent for price,} 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

List of works on North American entom- 
ology; compiled for me of student* and 
other workers, 'io(Mrs) H t (U. S, 
Dept, of Agriculture, Bti. of Entnmol^ny, 
Banks, Col. Rob* Webb, 

Battle of Franklin* Nov. 30, 1864. *oft(O34) 
c. D. $1,25. Nfetle. 


Akprn, E, G. Duties and HahiUtir* of bank 
directors, $1,50, Financial Pl), 

Aldrich, N. W. Address hefrr the Eco- 
nomic Clitb of New York, Nov. Jt) igoci, 
on the work of the National Monetary 
Commission. Gov, Pr. Off, 

American Academy of Political and Socta! 
Science, Banking problems, $!, 

Am, Acatl Pol. Set. 

American Adjuster*? Co, Oin-ctorv nl re- 
liable lawyers and hanta in Ihr u, S, ami 
Canada, $5,50. Am. Adjusters, 

American Bankep* AititociatifMi I ; nrrn** for 
trust c<mtiunii*H, $20,- S.'uinu** Hank 
Kectiari. IVocecdinn^ of' tltr /fh annttat 
tuccting, Denver, Colo,, icjo8, { Att*L 
Assoc. for price,) Am, Banker*** ASMIU*. 

American School of Correspondrttcf 1 , Bank 
bookkeeping $1.50, Ann, Sch, dorr, 

Audit Company of New York, com ft, Truit 
ctJTnpanies of the United State*, 1007 *tl 
(Not For sale.) U, S, Mortgage, 

HabMn. R W. Printed bnnkrfu* dirrctory 
for England. $7,50, For Germany. $5, 
-For Holland, $.1,50 R, W, Bnhfinn. 

Haird. II: C, American and English hank- 
ing contrasted, (Add, pub, for Drier,) 


Bankers* encyclopedia for 1909, $6 

A Stttmpf. 

Bankers' green book: directory of financial 
institutions, $1. Banker, 

Brerkinrtdge, R. M. HIM, of bftnkin^ In 
Canada, (Add, Superintendent for price,) 
U, S,, Supt of Docs. 
Brigham, J. Banker in literature. $a, 

Bankers Pub. 





California and Nevada. Attorneys and 
bankers directory, 1908-09. $2. 

C. A. Murdock. 

Cannon, Ja. Graham, Clearing houses. '01 
(JD 8+335 P- facsims., tabs., 8. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Caswell, L. B. Postal savings bank: paper 

entitled "Do we want the postal savings 

bank." (Add. Superintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Clearing-house systems of the world. $i. 

Banking Law. 

Cleveland, F: A. Bank and the treasury. 
**$2 net. Longmans. 

Clews, H : No government guarantee of 
bank deposits and no ownership of rail- 
roads by the government. (Add. author 
for price.) H: Clews. 

Conant C: A. Banking system of Mexico. 
National bank of Belgium. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Conant, C : A. History of modern banks of 
issue. **$3-So net. Putnam. 

Conant, C: A. Principles of banking. 
**$i.7S net Harper. 

Crawford, J : J. Bank directors, their pow- 
ers, duties and liabilities. 50 c. 

^Bankers' Pub. 

Credit corporation of America. Law and 
bank list. $2. Credit Corporation. 

Davis, A. M. Origin of the national bank- 
ing system. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Davis, J. F. Bank organization, manage- 
ment "and accounts. $2. Pitman. 

Devine, H : C. Peoples' co-operative 
banks. #35 c. net. Cassell. 

Dewcy, D. R,, and Chaddock, R. E. State 
banking before the Civil War, and The 
safety fund banking system in New York. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Evening Post book of bank reports at the 

close of business, February 14, 1908. 15 c. 

N. Y. Eve. Post 

Flux, A. W: Swedish banking system. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Forgan, J. B. . Should national bank de- 
posits be guaranteed by the government 
(Add. pubs, for price.) J. B. Forgan, 

Frame, A. J. Insuring bank deposits is 
purely theoretical, unpractical, revolution- 
ary and fatal to conservatism. 15 c. 

A. J. Frame, 

Gaudy, J. P. Elements of banking. 50 c. 


Germany. Benkenquete-kommission. Ger- 
man bank inquiry of 1908: stenographic 
reports. 'io(Je) 1162 p. fold, tab., 8. 
U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

. Gookin, F: W: Our defective American 
banking system. (Priv. pr.) 

Chic. Lit. Club. 

Griffin, A. P. C., comp. Library of Con- 
gress list of works rel. to the first and 
second banks of the U, S. 25 c. Library 
of Congress sel. list of books rel. to cur- 
rency and banking. 25 c. Library of 
Congress list of books rel, to postal sav- 
ings banks. 15 c. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Hague, G: Banking and commerce.- 
Practical treatise on banking and com- 
merce, ea., $3. Bankers Pub. 


Hale, A. Savings bank investments. $1.50. 

A. Hale. 

Herrick, C. How to increase the business 
of a trust company. 50 c. Trust com- 
panies; their organization, growth and 
management. *$4 net. Bankers' Pub. 

Herrick, M. T. Guarantee of bank de- 
posits, gratis. M. T. Herrick. 

Holdsworth, J : T., and Dewey, D. R. First 
and second banks of the United States. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Holland, R. W., and Nixon, A. Banking 
law. $1.75. Longmans. 

How to increase a bank's deposits; tried 
out plans that attract commercial ac- 
counts and saving deposits advertising 
campaigns and ideas that pull soliciting 
schemes and follow-up systems that pro- 
duce results selling talks that create 
business, as used and proved successful 
in twenty-six banks. 5th rev. ed. '09, 
[1910.] (N) c. 128 p. il 12, (System 
"how-books.") System. 

Ireton, R. E. Central bank. $1.6*0. 

A. Stumpf. 

Jacobs, L. M. " Bank acceptances. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Johnson, J. F. Canadian banking system. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Kniffin, W. H., jr. f comp. New York Sav- 
ings Bank cases. $5. Haedrich. 

Koch, R: German imperial banking laws. 

Gov. Pr. Off. 

Landmann, J. Swiss banking law. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Laughlin, J. L. Guaranty of bank deposits. 
Johnson, K. & Q. 

McCabe, R. L. Central bank of issue in 
the United States. 10 c. R. L. McCabe. 

MacGregor, T. D, Pushing your business : 
advice on advertising for banks, trust 
companies, [etc.] *$i net Bankers Pub. 

Manley, W. D,, comp. and ed. Georgia 
country banker. $1.25. Mutual Pub. Co. 

Margraff, A. W. International exchange. 
$5. Int. Exchange. 

Morawetz, V. Banking and currency prob- 
lem in the United States. *$i net. 

North American. 

Morgan, A. T., and Ridpath, J: C. Bank 
of the beast. 25 c. Ware & Co. 

Muhleman, M. L: Monetary and banking 
systems, 1908. *$2 net. Monetary. 

Murray, L. O. Co-operation as a factor in 

effective bank supervision. (Priv. pr.) 

Nat. City Bank. 

New York [State*] Banking law; with 
notes, [etc.,] by Amasa J. Parker. $3. 


New York [State.] Banking taw; with 
annots., [etc.,] by C: J. Hailes. $2.50. 

Banks & Co. 

New York [State.] Laws of the state rel. 
to banks, banking, trust companies, etc., 
by W. S. Paine. $6. M. Bender. 

Patron, M., and Neymarck, A. Bank ^of 
France in its relation to national and in- 
ternational credit. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Ferine, E: T. American trust companies, 
gratis. Am. Bankers' Assoc, 





Pitman's banking phrase book. 25 c. 


Postal savings banks, gratis. 

Univ. of Wis. 

Pratfs digest; laws rel. to banks. $2. 

A. S. Pratt 

Reichsbank, 1876-1900. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Revell, A. H. Guaranty of bank deposits. 
(Acid, author for price.) A. II. Revell. 

Robbins, E. A., comp. Sel. articles on a 
central bank of the United States. $i 
net. H. W, Wilson. 

Roberts, G: E., and Sprague, O. M. W. 
Central bank of issue. Bankers' Pub, 

Robinson, H. Simple explanation of mod- 
ern banking customs. (Add. author for 
price.) H. Robinson. 

Robinson, H. Simple explanation of mod- 
ern banking customs. 25 c. net. Small. 

Scott, W: A. Money and banking. $2. 


Sharp & Alleman Co/s lawyers* and bank- 
ers* directory for icxxS, uxx), KHO, ion, 
Jan. cd.Jnfy od, t-a,, $5. Sharp & A. 

Sherwood, G. M. comp. Summary of the 
general banking laws of the commercial 
states, gratis. R. L State Lib. 

Sweetland, C: A: Bank book keeping. 
50 c. Am, Sch. Corr, 

Taylor* W: G: L, Financial legislation 
in principle and history. $t, 

Univ. of Neb, 

Thomas, K W, Cost accounting in a bank 
$z Bankers* Pub., (O.) 

Trust companies of the United States, 
gratis, ^ 4 U, S, Mortgage. 

Twlane University of Louisiana, Triangu- 
lar debate bet, Tulane Univ. of La. f Univ. 
of N. C., and Univ, of Va, : resolved, 
that postal savings banks should be es- 
tablished. $L H. W. Kaiser, 

United States, Compilation of laws rel. to 

trust companies, (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Am. Bankers* Assoc, 

United States, Comptroller of tki Currency* 
Digest of national bank decisions, $j. 

U. S., Supt of Docs, 

United States, Congress^ Senate, Ctm* 
mittce on Finance. Statistic* on hanking 
and currency in the U, S, and other 
countries. 25 c, U, S., Supt. of Docs, 

United States. Instructions and sugges- 
tion^ of the Comptroller of the Currency 
relative to the organization, etc., of na- 
tional banks, 1909, *OQ [1910.] (Je) 47 p, 
8 tt , 

United States, National Monetary Cmn- 
mission. Interviews on the banking and 
currency systems of England, Scotland, 
France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, 
under the direction of Hnn, Nelson w. 
Aldrich. (Jl) 54; p. fold, tabs., B\ 

United States. National Monetary Cow- 
mission. Miscellaneous articles on Ger- 
man banking. 'io(Ag) 478 p. 8*. 

United^ States. National Monetary Com* 
mission. Publications in course of prep- 
aration for the National Monetary Com- 
mission. Nov. T, 1009. *og f 1910* ] (Mr) 


United States. National Monetary Com- 
mission. Publications issued by and in 
preparation for the National Monetary 

United States. National Monetary Commis- 
sion. Replies to circular letter of inquiry 
of Sept. 26, 1909, on suggested changes in 
administrative features of the national 
hanking laws. '08, [1909.] (O) c, 8. 

United States, National Monetary Com- 
mission, Special rept. from the banks of 
the United States, April 28, tgog '09, 
[1910.] (Je) 65 p. tabs., P. 

United States, Treasury Dept* Comp- 
troller of Currency, Instructions and 
suggestions of the compt roller ^>f the cur- 
rency relative to the orgam/ation, etc., of 
national hanks. *og(Je) 47 p, H*' pap. 

United States, t Treasury DcM* Informa- 
tion concerning national banks; letter 
from the Sec'y of the Treasury, trans- 
mitting a response to jhe resolution of 
the House making inquiry a$ to numbers, 
capital, circulation, deposits, etc , of the 
national banks. '08, [1909,] (My) 238 p. 

Warburg, Paul M, Discount system in 
Europe, 'io(JI) 43 p, 8 a , Guv. Pr. Off, 

Weitzcl, R W: Law of deposits. $i ; 

Milan H, 

Welldon, S; A,, comfi. Digest of state 
banking statutes, U. S,, Supt, of Docs, 

White, H, Money and banking, illustrated 
by American history. *$f,Kc> net; *$i,$o 
net, Ginn, 

Wtdney, H. M. National ntrrewy ;m<! 
banks, ( Add", author for price. ) 

R. M. Widnoy. 

Wilt* A, I). Hanking stnd the currency 
problem. (Add, author for pricr, ) 

A. 1), Wilt, 

Withers, !!, wwrf nlhcrs, KtiKlisli tiaiikiitK 
system, * <!MV Pr C)ff. 

Wright, B; C, Banking in California. $4, 

B : C Wright. 

AVi* i/,tri Ailvrrtwingi -<*m|r%j ("rnlif; \'\\ 
chnngej - FurmrrV Truti C*untpAttx "f l*ftfin'** 
trr; I'inniUTj '<to!t| (fljf ww.yi; Iit< rrt; " 
Money; > Nritatifihlr Itwtrmnrnti; t'ani* ; !' 
liticrtl r?nmtm;> St'<'k t'fUrr; Sl*nk^; ttlw 
AmttoH, S'iV Ktlmtuttl^'-ltfimn Hr & <** ; 
Nntionat flunk of thr Norlhrrtt l.thrriir^ n( 
!*hil.;'-ii/jK mtnim <f 'ttittirw .UP! *i;Uri 

Btntes* New York state lawyers 1 diary. ivA 
*o8(Ja4) ; lew, VxxlM; toio 'KM t ; *i i- 
O, hi, ruain on,, $J. Hanks vHt CM 

Banner, 0, A. 

Practical engrivtng on metal, ad rd, '09 
(Ap24> ii 16*, $1,25, Van Moitmnd. 
Bannerman, Hrten, 

Story of Little Black Bobtail. 'io(I>t7> 

c, il., in ceil T. hd, 50 c, Strikes* 

Sfnry of Uttlf Black Ouantta, '08(85) c, 

il. T, (Dumpy books for rhildrrn 1 *bdi,, 

50 c, Stokes, 

$** aim Potter, Beatrix, 

HANNRRMAK. Margaret Gordon. Lady. 

Archihald, R, C Carlyle 1 * fir^t lovr, Mar* 
garet Gordon, Lady Bannerman. *$3.5O 




Banners of the coast. Rutledge, A. H. $i. 

State Co., (S. C.) 
Bannon, Alice. 

Letter writing and' model letters. f o8(MyQ) 
c. 1 6, 50 c. Bardeen. 


See Banks and banking. 


See Banks and banking. 
Banquet (The). See Plato. 
Banquet songs and ballads. 'opQeip) 12, 

bds,, 25 c., in envelope. Reilly & B. 


See Poultry. 

Banzai!. Grautoff, F. H. t$i 50. 

Baker & T. 

Boston, S. L. Baptism. 5 c. Presb. Bd. 

Christian, J : T. Form of baptism in sculp- 
ture and art $i. J: T. Christian. 

Dayton, A. C. Theodosia Ernest: [con- 
versation between two children and their 
mother on the subject of baptism.] *75 c. 
net Baptist Bk. 

Grime, J. H. Hist, of alien immersion and 
valid baptism. *is c. net. Baptist Bk. 

Johnson, J. M. Hdbk. on infant baptism. 
25 c. J. M. Johnson. 

Johnson, S : L. Absolute necessity of bap- 
tism. *io c. net. Revell. 

Mozley, J. B. Review of the baptismal 
controversy. $1.25. Longmans. 

Ratcliffe, F. A., and Smith, H. T. Baptism. 
30 c. F. A. Ratcliffe. 

See also Friends (.Society of). 


American Baptist year-book, 1908, 1909. 
ea. t *5o c. net Am. Bapt. 

Baptist Congress. Proceedings of the 27th 
annual session of the Baptist Congress 
held in the Madison Ave. Baptist Church, 
New York City, Nov. 9, 10 and IT, 1909. 
[1910,] (Ap) 224 p. 8, pap., 50 c. net.^ 
Univ. of Chic. 

Centennial celebration of the Baptists of 
Alabama, by the Alabama Baptist State 
Convention and the Baptist Woman's 
Missionary Union. '08, [1909.] (S) 20 p. 
8, pap., gratis. Paragon. 

Church clerk; hdbk. for clerks of Baptist 
churches. 25 c. Am. Bapt, 

Collins worth, J. R. Pseudo church doc- 
trine of anti-Pedo-Baptists defined and 
refuted. $2.50. Hudson 

Daniel, J. C. Hist, of the Baptists of Hill 
Co., Texas. $i. g Hill-K-F. Co. 

Fiery, J : S : Literary activity of the Ger- 
man Baptist Brethren in the eighteenth 
century. $1,25. Brethren Pub. Ho. 

Folk, E. E. Baptist principles. $i. 

S. S. Bd., So. Bapt. 

Frost, J. M. Our church life ; vServing God 
on God's plan. 90 c. S. S. Bd. So. Bapt. 

Griffith, E. C. Epochs in Baptist history- 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Advance. 

Jones, P. L. Restatement of Baptist prin- 
ciples. **50 c. net. Am, Bapt. 

Mullins, E. Y. Axioms of religion : inter- 
pretation of Baptist faith. **$i net. 

Am. Bapt, 

Pittman, R. H., ed. Biographical hist, of 
primitive or old school Baptist ministers 
of the United States. $2. R. H. Pittman 


Riley, B: F. Hist, of Baptists of Texas, 

**$i.50 net. Am. Bapt, 

Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and 

America. 2 v. $5. Am. Sabbath Tr. Soc. 

Stott, W : T. Indiana Baptist history. $2, 

W : L. Stott. 

Van Ness, I : J., ed. Training in church 
membership : text book in study courses- 
with the individual, with the church B. 
Y. P. U., [etc.] soc.; 30 c.. 

S. S. Bd. So. Bapt 

See also Sunday-school; also Craig, Lewis. 

Baptist handbook for 1909. '09 (Mr) 85 p. 

T. p&p., 10 c. Am. Bapt. 

Baptist Young People's Union of America, 

Christian culture courses. D. Am. Bapt 

-Conley. Young Christian and the early 

church. **5O c. net. 

See Lawyers. 

3ar B. boys. Sabin, E. L. f$ Crowell, 
r 20. Mulford, C. E: $1.50. McClurg, 
Barahona, Diego. 

Glosa a la obra de Don Jorge Manrrique ; 
hecha por Diego Barahona dirigida at 
muy yllu stre Sefior Dom Caspar des- 
tufiiga de auellaneda abad de Castro, 
[facsim.] '02, [1909.] (N) front 4, $4- 
Hispanic Soc, 
Barahona de Soto, Luis. 
Primera parte de la Angelica de Lvys; a! 
excelentissimo Senor Duque de Offuna. 
[facsim.] "03, [1909.] (N) 251 p. 8, $8.50, 
(zoo copies.) Hispanic Soc. 

Barany, Robert. 

Physiology and pathology of the semicir- 
cular canals; being an excerpt of the 
clinical studies of Dr. Robert Barany 
with notes and addenda gathered from 
the Vienna clinics; by Adolph E. Iber- 
shoff, M.D., and a foreword by Royal S, 
Copeland. 'io(Je) 64 p. il. 12. $i. 


BARBADOS, West Indies. 
Davis, N. D. Notes on the hist of the 
Jews in Barbados. $i. Bloch. 

Barbara, See Root, E: T. Redemption of 

Paradise Pond. 
"Barbara," pseud. 

See Wright, Mrs. Mabel Osgood. 
Barbara, a woman of the West Whitson, J : 
H. f7S c. Little, B. & Co. 

Barbara and the five little Purrs, Gould, E. 
L. 75 c. CaldwelL 

Barbara Bellamy. Baldwin, M. $1.50. 


Barbara Rebcll. Belloc-Lownclcs, Mrs. M. A. 
50 c. B. W. Dodge. 

Barbarelli, Giorgio. 

See Carpaccio, Vittore and Giorgione. 
Barbarians of Morocco. Sternberg, Count 
**$2 net. Duffield, 

Barbarous Mexico. Turner, J: K. $1.50. 


See Rodgers, John. 
Barbe, Waitman. 

Famous poems explained; with biographi- 
cal notes of the authors represented; 
with an introd. by R: G. Boone. 'og 
(My8) c. 12, $i. Hinds. 




Barber, Amzi Lorenzi. 

Best road and the right \vay to make it 
'o9(Mri3) c. il, 0. pap. (Not for sale,) 

Barber Asphalt. 
Barber, Edn. Atlee. 

Lead glazed pottery. ?t. I, (common 
clays:) plain glazed, sgraffito and slip- 
decorated wares. *o8(Mri4) c. il, 0, 
(Primers of art.) bds., **ox> c. net. 

Donbleday, P 

Maiolica of Mexico* '08, [1909.] (F) c. 
115 P. il. & (Art hdbks. of the Pa. Mu- 
seum and School of Industrial Art.) 

Penn. Mus, and Sch. of Ind. Art. 
Pottery and porcelain of the United States, 
to which is appended a chapter on the 
pottery of Mexico. 3d ed., rev. and en 
f o9(Je2<5) c. il. 0. **$5 net. Putnam, 

Barber, Eli. 
Home memories. *o8(F29) c. D, $1,50, 


Barber, Marcfn. 

Britz, of headquarters. f ro(J>4) D. $1.50. 


Barber, Marion Louise, comp, 
The mother-heart *io(I}3) c, il. D, pap. 
50 c.,, boxed, G: W. Parker, 


See Gcncftlogiea: Wilson, L, M, t ed. 


Drexel, A. Progressive barber ; a hook for 
the apprentice and for barbers, $1. 

Wis. State Barbers* Be! 
Barbery bushes and wheat. Davis* A. McF. 
(Not for sale.) A, McR Davis 


Faulkner* IL W, Homes of the men of 
1830 ; [ paintings,] (Priv. pr,) 

W : Scbau* 

La Farge, J: Higher life in art, fBarbi- 
/on school] **p.50 net, Douhleday, l\ 
Btrbotar, Mrs. Fannie Coolty Wllliami. 
Spclman ^enenlogy; English ancestry and 
American descendants of Richard Spel- 
njan of Mkldletown, Connecticut, 1700, 
[1910.] (N) c. 5S9 p. il. pors, map, plans, 
facMtm,, 8", $5. Alfaben. 

Barbour, J; 

Tlie Bruce ; ed, by W. M Mackenzie, 'oo 
(84) 12*, *$t,Q0 net, Macinillnn 

Barbour t Lev! I. 

Pder White a* titan and citizen: addrrns 
at joint scsMnp of the ClapHica) and His- 
torical Conferences at Ann Arbor, Mich,, 
Mar, 3t IQDO, Vx)(N) 23 p.^S , (Add. 
Univ, for price) Univ. of Mich, 

Barbour, Rilpli H: 

Captain Chub. *09(O2) c. il. D, t$*SO. 

Century Co, 

Double play; story of school and base- 
ball og(O9) col il, D, t$L50, 


Forward pass: ?*tory of the "new football," 
*o8(O;0 c, il. D. t$i.50, Applcton, 

(tcUU'ii Ifrart. 'to(Nta) c, col, 51. C), $A 
hoxrcl. Lippincott. | 

HnrryV Island, '08 (03) c, il. D. t$ 

Century Co 

Kinjfsford, quarter, *io(0l) c, II. D. $1.50. 

Century Co. 

Barbour, Ralph H: Continued. 

Lilac girl. J 09(N6) c. col. il. O. $2, boxed. 


My lady of the fog. J o8(N7) c. il. O. t$2, 

boxed. Lippinoott. 

New boy at Hilltop, and other stories. 

' 'io(OS) c. il. D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Winning his "Y." 'io(Oi) c. il, D. $1.50. 


Bsrbour, Sylvester. 

Reminihccr.ccs, by Sylvester Harbour, a na- 
tive of Canton, Conn, f o$(O) c. 11-166 p. 
il. pors. 8, $i. S. Harbour. 

SYt* (Genealogies. 

Barca, Mme. Calderon de la, 

Life in Mexico during a residence of two 
years in that country; with preface by 
W. H, Prcscott. 3<f ed. 'loCftyrt O, 

$2.25. Am, New, 

Rarchester Towers. Sr<* Trollops, Anthony. 
Barclay, Cornelia Barclay, 
Our American Barclays, J o8(ApiS) c. 12*, 
[privately pr.] Graf ton Press. 

Barclay, Mrs, Florence Louisa Charliworth 
Mistress of Shcnatone. *io(Oaa) r, D, 
$1.35 net Putnam, 

Tht rnsnry, Vx>(I>4) c, I), **$r,j5 net, 
Holiday c<l * tot Dry) II, H", $2,50 nrt, 


Wheels of time, 'oR(O3) c, D, (What in 
worth wliile set,} leatherette, *jo o, net, 


Wheels of time. "10(817) c, i!, D. 50 c, 
net, Crowrll. 

Barclay, Sir T: 

Problems of iftternational practice and di- 

plomacy, with special reference to the 

Hague conferences atid convention*, '08 

(Ff } 8*, $6 50, Boston Bk, 

Barclay* W, C, 

Set Ki*clen, F; C 

Barclay, C. B, Our American Barclays, 

f privately pr.J Grifton Pre**. 

Barclay of the gulden, Stranjf, II, *$f 7n n^t 


Bar4 f Harry Erwln 
The city school district ; atfttutoryprnv 
far organixattnn and fkcal affair*, 
(HaS) c, 8* : (Teachers* College. 
bin tfntversity ; Contribi, to rtlucation.^ 
$i, * Tfachrrn* (Vill 

Seilhamer* G: O, Burd family, $10, 

Bard of Mary Redcllfe, Lacy, R f $s, 

Brdttm L C; W; 

John Brady* astral body, and other *tnrie 
about schools *o9(Jta3) c, D. $i, 


Little fifer*8 war diary; with IntrcxL by N: 

Murray Butler. *io(Das) c. II |ior, 

maps, O. $3 net Baraeen, 

New York school officers* hrtbk. ; manual 

of common ncbool law, qth ed, *io 

(Jt22) c, O. *$ net Btrdcttt. 

-^oomp. Fifty fables for teaeheri. *io 

(Myai) c, II. D, $i, Bardeen, 

-~,6& Fundamental facts of elementtry 

physics; consisting of full answers to all 





the examinations in that subject given by 
the regents of the University of the State 
of New York, 1896-1905. 'O9(ja23) c. il. 
figs. D. $i. Bardeen. 

Bardenhewer, Otto. 

Patrology : the lives and works of the fath- 
ers of the chuai:; tr, from the 2d ed. by 
T: J. Shahan. ^^3$) 8, *$3-75 net. 

Bardswell, Noel Dean, M.D. 

Advice to consumptives. 'io(Agi3) 12, 

75 c. net. Macmillan. 

Expectation of life of the consumptive after 

sanatorium treatment. 'io(D) 5+130 p. 

tabs., 8, (Oxford medical pubs.) $1.50 

net. Oxford Univ. 

Bardwell, Fred Leslie, and Speer, Elwood B., 


Lab'y experiments in inorganic chemistry; 
comp. from various sources for the use 
of students of the Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology. '09, [1910.] (F) c. 
So p. 8, 75 c. F. L. Bardwell. 

Bare, Dan. Mathias and Rob. Bruce, camps. 
Genealogy of Johannes Baer, 1749-1910. '10 
(N) 288 p. pors. map, 8, $2 net. 

Cen. Pr. & Pub. 

Barefoot days. Williams, B. $1.50. Conkey. 
Barfield, T. C. 

Longmans' historical illustrations. In 6 
portfolios, no. I, The xi century; no, 2, 
The xn century; no. 3, The xnr century; 
no. 4, The xvi century. 'io(Jeii) ; no. 5, 
England in the Middle Ages; no. 6, 
England in the Middle Ages. J io(D3) 
F, ea., 90 c, net. Longmans. 

Bargain book. Jerningham, C: E: W. $3.50 
net. Warne. 

Barine, Arvede, pseud. 
See Vincens, Cecile. 
Baring, Evelyn. 

See Cromer, Earl of. 
Baring, Maurice. 
Dead letters. 'io(Je4) D. $1.25 net. 

Houghton M. 

Landmarks in Russian literature. 'io(Jeii) 
D. $1.75 net. Macmillan. 

Baring- Gould, Rev. Sabine. 

Cornish characters and strange events. '08 

(Ds) il. 8, *$5 net. Lane. 

Family names and their story. 'io(Jai) 

8, *$3 net. Lippincott 

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. New and 

cheaper ed. '08(03) il. pors. 0. *$3-5<> 

net, boxed. Stokes. 

Bark, Don Hurdxnan. 

Irrigation in Kansas. '09 (Jl) 28 p. maps, 
8, (U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Office of 
Experiment Stations bull.) pap. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 
Barker, Adrian. 

Pocket hand-book of checkers. 'io(S) 12, 
60 c. net, Ball Pnh, Co. 

Barker, E: Harrison. 

France of the French. 'o9(Fi3) il. pors. D. 
*$i.5O net Scribner. 

Barker, Elsa. 

Frozen &rai1 and other poems. 'io(My7^ 

c. D. $1.25 net Duffield. 

Son of Mary Bethel. '09(84) c. 12, $1.50. 


Barker, Ethel Ross. 

Buried Herculaneum. 'o8(N2i) il. plans, 
8. *$3 net. Macmillan. 

Barker, H. Granville. 

See Archer, W: 
Barker, J. Ellis. 

British socialism : examination of its doc- 
trines, policy, aims, and practical pro- 
posals. 'oS(Ds) 8, *$3 net. Scribner. 
Great and greater Britain. 'io(Fi9) 12, 
*$3 net. . Dutton. 

Modern Germany: her political and eco- 
nomic problems, her foreign and domestk 
policy. 2d and enl. ed., completely rev. 
and brought up to date. 'o8(F22) 8, 
*$3 net. Button. 

101 points against free trade; article by 
J. Ellis Barker, with letters by Jos. Cham- 
berlain and others. '09, [1910.] (Mr) 
67 p. 8. Gov. Pr. Off. 

Barker, J. S. 

Games for the playground; with preface 
by Dr. Alfr. A. Mumford. 'ro(Oi) il. 
D. 60 c. net. Longmans. 

BARKER, Jeremiah. 

Spalding, J. A. Jeremiah Barker, M.D. 
(Add. author for price.) J. A. Spalding. 
Barker, Perry. 

See Parr, S: Wilson. 
Barker, W. M., and Hall, Lillian J. Smith, 

[Mrs. J. N. Hall.] 

Memoirs of Elder J. N. Hall, the peerless 
defender of the Baptist faith. '08 (O) 
4+7-349 P- pors. 8, $1.50. J. N. Hall. 

Carleton, M. A. Barley culture in the 
northern great plains. 15 c. 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Clark, C. C, comp. Barley crops of the 
United States, 1866-1906. 5 c. 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 

Le Clerc, J. A., and Wahl, R. Chemical 

studies of American barleys and malts. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Barlow, Jane. 

Irish idylls ; il. by photographs taken from 
life by Clifton Johnson. [New ed.] 'ro 
(D) 8, $2 net. Dodd. 

Barlow, J: R: 

Maiden of the mist: Indian legend of 
Niagara; origin of the great paintings, 
the red man's fact and the white man's 
fancy, ; o9(Ja2) c. O. pap,, 25 c. 

J: R: Barlow. 
Barlow, Madge. 

Cairn of the badger: [a novel.] J o8(Di2) 
front. D. $1.50. Cassell. 

Barnaby, Horace T: 

The decade: a story. 'o8(Ds) c. front. D. 
$1.25, Wolverine. 

Barnaby, Sydney W. 

Marine propellers. 5th ed., rev. '09 

(Mri3) 8, $4.50 net Spon. 

Barnaby Bright 2 v. Bearne, D : *<So c. net. 

Barnard, Annie E. 

My first cousin or myself. '09 (D) c. 86 p. 
T2, 75 c, Cochrane. 

Barnard, Clive H. 

British Empire in pictures. 'io(D3i) col. 
il. 8, (World in pictures ser.) bds., 75 c. 
net. Macmillan. 




Barnard, Clive H. Continued. 

British Isles in pictures. J io(D3i) col, il. 
maps, 8, (World in picture scr.) bds., 
75 c. net, Macrnillan. 

Barnard, Ella Kent. 

Early Maltby with some Roades history 
and that of the Maulsby family in Amer- 
ica, descendants of William and Mary 
Maltby, emigrants from Nottinghamshire, 
England, to Pennsylvania. 'o9(Jei2) c. 
il. por, f acsirns., 8, $6.25. S : N. Rhoades. 
Barnard, Harold Leslie. 
Contributions to abdominal surgery; ed. by 
Ja, Sherren. 'io(Ap) 19+39* P- H. O. 
$4,20 net, Longmans. 

Barnard, Ja. Underwood. 
Missouri. *o8(Ap4) il. map, sq, 8, (Tarr 
and McMttrry geographies, supplemen- 
tary v.) pap., *2Q c. net Macrnillan, 
Barnard, Melville Clemens* 
Mystery of the sandal-wood box: being an 
adventure of Harlan Nims, the amateur 
American detective, "07, [1908,] (My.) 
c. 6+n6 p, il. 12, $1. Mayhew. 
Barnard, S,, and Child, J. M, 
New algebra, v. i cont. pts. I, 2 and 3; 
without answers. *o8(034) 12, *6o c. 
net Macmillan, 
Barnes, Annie Maria. 

Little lady at the fall of Quebec, *oc>(Ni3) 
c il D. t$i.25' Penn Pub, Co, 

Barnes, Mrs. Arthu J* 

Sec Barnes, Louisa Ellen, 
Barnes, Burt. 
Scissors book. *io(Dj4) il. 4, 75 c. 


Scissors Mother Goose, '10(024) il. 4, 
75 c. Dock!, 

Barnes, C. I. 

Lessons in elementary practical physics, 
v. 3, pt. i. Practical acoustics, *o(Ap3) 
il, u, (Stewart and Gee sen) *$MO net 


Barnes, Rev. C; Randall* ed, 
People's Bible encvclop, ; biographical* geo- 
graphical, historical, and doctrinal. 2 v. 
f io(Nu)) c, il, 8, $9, People's Pub. 

Barnes, C: Reid. 

See Coulter, J: Merle, 
Barnes, Earl. 

Child Mudy in relation to elementary art 
education Vi8, [1900,] (F) c. ao p. 8*. 
(Add, pubs, for price.) Am, Art 

Barnes, Everett 

Short American history for intermediate 
grades ; navigator* and explorers, early 
inhabitants of North America, the col- 
onies to tin* clo>f uf tlit* French and In- 
dian War, 2 v, '08, (IOOQ.} (F) c. il. 
fold, map, 12% v, i, 70 c, ; v, 2, 75 c. ; com- 
plete, $i, Heath, 
Barnes, Frtd Am. 

.SVr Crandall, C: Lee, 
Barnei, G: Owen, 

Berayshefth* or, in the beginning ; l, by 

Mary B. Craig, [1910,] (S) c, 5-142 p. 

12, $r. J, J, Scruby, 

Barnes, Harold Edg n arid Milncr, Byron Alb, 

Set cases on constitutional law, 'io(D) 

c, (). pap,, $1.50, Lyon & A, 

Barnes, Harry Cleveland. 

Interstate transportation; treatise on the 
federal regulation of interstate transpor- 
tation and common carriers; revised to 
date. 'io(D) c. 39+1378 p. O. $6. 

Barnes, Ja. 

Clutch of circumstance. *o8(Apn) il. D. 
t$i.5Q. Appleton. 

.Y<v also Hoys on tho railroad. 
Barnes, Louisa" Ellen, [Mrs. Arth. J. Barnes.] 
J^arnes* business letters in shorthand ; 
with explanatory notes, designed espe- 
cially for students of Benn Pitman pho- 
nography. '!O(Ag20) 12, $1, 

A. J. Barnes. 

Heald's Pitman-Graham shorthand, '10* 

(F) c. \72 p. T^, $1,25, E: P. Hcald. 

Modern Graham shorthand. *io(Ag2o) c. 

12, $1,25, A. J. Barnes. 

Practical course in shorthand, 'ooCNH c, 

17-j p, 12", $1.*% A. J, Ilantcs. 

Shorthand diet, ant! phrase book; Barnes- 

Pitmanic shorthand; cont. i8,ocx> words 

and 3,500 phrases; easy words omitted 

'io(Mrs) c. nar, D. $1.25; lenth., $1,40; 

Indexed* 15 c. extra. A, J. Barnes. 

Shorthand lesions by the sentence 1 method; 

American Pitman phonography. *o8(N> 

c, 4+151 p, ta, $1.35, A, J, Barnes, 

Barnes. Ortng Perryv ["Kllaiiowy*,*'! 

Fly fishing in wonderland, *fo(Jl^o> c, il 

(partly col.) obi. 16* $r. O, \\ Barnes, 

Btrnea, Parker T. 

House plants and how to grow them, *to 
(Ja22) c. il. D, (Garden lib.) $ 

Doubteday, P, 
Barnes, Stephen Goodyear, 
Voices of faith and love: [poems, | '<$ 
(My.) c. 103 p. por, u* $i, 

Caledonian f*re*t, 
Barney W. Imory, D,D, 
I*ex in corde (the law in the heart) ; 
studies in the psalter, 'io(Qi) D $1.50 
net, Longmiins, 

BstmaSfr W: 

Selected poems; chosen and ed, by T: 
Hardy, with i preface and fllo<*arial 
notes. f 09(J9) 16*, (Oxford lib, of 
prow and poetry,) 90 c, Oxford Univ, 
Alden Publishing Co, Standard atlas of 
Barne$ County, N. D,, incl a plat hook 
of the villages, cities and tawn*htn< of 
the county; map of the utate, united 
States and world ; patrons directory, ref- 
erence business directory and departments 
devoted to general information; inttyiin 
of the system of U, S, land Mirvryu, <H- 
gest of the system of civil government. 
*io{Mr) 7-143 p, il, map*, P, $15, 

Alden Pub, 

Barnes- Grtmdy* Mr, Mabel Strafe* 
Gwenda. ^icfApo) c front D, $1.50, 

Bike'r & T, 

Hilary on her own, 'oft (S to) t>, t$t.^o, 

Baker & T, 
Barnes* first year book, Kihn A, 30 c, net, 

Bameijby, Norman, 

Medical chaos and crime, *io(Di7) u** 

$1,50 net, M, Kenncrley, 




.Barnett, Evelyn Snead. 

The dragnet. 'o9(N2o) c, D. $1.50. 

B : W. Huebsch. 
Barnett, G: Ernest. 

The printers; a study in American trade 
unionism. '09(N) c. 7+387 p. 0. (Amer- 
ican Economic Association quarterly.) 
$2; pap., $i. Am. Economic Assoc. 

Barnett, Mrs. Henrietta Octavia Rowland. 

See Barnett, Canon S : A : 
Barnett, Ja. Duff. 

Indirect central administration of Wiscon- 
sin. J o8, [1909.] (D) in p. 8, (Univ. 
of Wis. bull. ; Economics and political sci- 
ence series.) pap., 25 c. Univ. of Wis. 
Barnett, J: Morrison. 

Annals of the early Protestant churches 
at Superior. 'oS(Ag) 217-243 p. por. 8, 
35 c. State Hist, Wis. 

Barnett, L. D. 

Heart of India: sketches in the hist, of 
Hindu religion and morals. '08(624) 
16, (Wisdom of the East ser.) *6o c. 
net. Dutton. 

Hinduism. '07, [1909.] (Ap) 8, (Religions 
ancient and modern.) *4O c. net 

Open Court. 

, comp. Golden town, and other tales from 

Soma Deva's Ocean of romance rivers. '09 

(Jli7) 12, (Romance of the East ser.) 

*$i net. Button, 

Barnett, Mrs. Percy" Arth., and another. 

Drifting thistledown. 'io(Jeii) D. 90 c. 

net, Longmans. 

Barnett, Canon Si A: and Mrs. Henrietta 

Octavia Rowland. 

Towards social reform. *09(F2o) 12, 
*$i.$o net. Macmilkn. 

Barney, Laura Clifford. 

God's heroes: drama in five acts. 'io(Ds) 

c. 8, $3 net. Lippincott 

Barnham Beach : poem. Young, Mrs. J. E. 

D. $1.50. Floyd-G. 


Raclforel, W: A., cd. Combined house and 
barn plan book. Pract. barn plans, ca., 
$i. Radford Architectural. 

Barnum, Edni. Maginness, 

Weasels, trapping, raising and preparing 
skins for market 'io(Je) c. 16 p. 16, 
25 c, E. M. Barnum. 

Barnum, Madelene D. 

See Maxwell, W: H: 

Barnyard ballads for children. Terhune, A. 
$1.25 net. Schirmer. 

Barnyard manure. Minns, E: R. gratis. 

Sears Roebuck. 
Baroggio, Alex., comp. 
Two hundred seating furniture in histori- 
cal styles, photographic reproductions 
from rare and characteristic specimens of 
chkflv English, French, Italian, Flem- 
ish, Spanish, and partly Oriental origin, 
from original photographs. '09 (O) il 
f, $12. A. Gerbel. 


Marvin, C: F: Barometers and the meas- 
urement of atmospheric pressure, 

U. S., Supt. of Docs, 

Plympton, G: W. Aneroid barometter, 

50 c. Van Nostrand. 

Baron (The), pseud. 

See Ronzone, B: Anthony. 
Baron, E: D: 

Inscrutable woman, an autobiography, 

1896-1910. 'io(Ag) c. 339 p. D. $i; 

$1.50. B'way Pub. 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia Edith Huddleston. 

Hands of compulsion. 'o9(Apio) c. front. 

D. t$i-5o. Dodd. 

House on Cherry Street. '09(04) c. front 

D. f$i-5o. Dodd. 

Reconstructed marriage. J io(Oi5) c. front 

D. $1.25 net. Dodd. 

Strawberry handkerchief: romance of the 

Stamp Act. 'oS(Oio) c. D. f$ Dodd. 

Barr, J. Stoddart. 

See Barr, T: 
Barr, Ja. A. 

Testing for metallurgical processes. J io 
.(031) c. il. 12, $2. 

Mining and Scientific. 
Barr, Ja. R. 

Principles of direct ctirrent electrical engi- 
neering. 'o8(Je6) 8, *$3.25 net. 

Barr, J: H: 

Kirernatics of machinery. 2d ed. 'io(N) 
8, $2.50. Wiley. 

See Kimball, Dexter Simpson. 

Barr, J: W: 

Inductive method of learning stonework; 
simplified system for acquiring the art of 
preparing forms for letter-press printing, 
based on the folded signature as an ele- 
mentary and infallible guide for imposi- 
tion. '09 (N) c. 16 p. 8, $3.50. 

J: W: Barr. 

Barr, Rob., ["Luke Sharpe."] 
Cardillac. '09(09) c. col. front. D. f$, 


Measure of the rule. 'oS(Mr7) D. f$i.5o. 

The sword maker. '10(524) c. D. $1.25. 


Young Lord Stranleigh. *o8(My23) c. il. 
D. t$i*5o. Appleton. 

Barr, T:, M.D., and J. Stoddart. 
Manual of diseases of the ear; incl. those of 
the nose and throat in relation to the ear. 
4th ed., entirely rev. and largely rewrit- 
ten. '09 (Ap) 40+477 P- il. 8, *$4.$o 
net. Macmillan. 


Barr, W: Miller. 

Pumping machinery. 2d ed. 'o8(Je2o) c. 
il. diagrs., 8, $5. Lippincott. 

Barraca (La) Blasco. Ibfiez, V. 90 c. 

Barradall, E: 

See Virginia Colony. General ct. 
Barranco, Mariano. 

See Carrion, Miguel Ramos. 
Barratt, WoiTis S., and Sachae, Julius Fried- 

ricn, comps. 

Freemasonry in Pennsylvania, 1727-1907. 
'08 (D) c. 23+477 P- il. 8, *$5 net. 

J. R Sachse. 
Barre", Rev. Frangois TfcSopMle. 

English accentuation. 'io(F) c. '09. 16+ 
78 p. 8, 60 c. Kenedy. 


Barrett, Byron 'Simeon. 

Book of homonyms ; with copious exercises 
on homogeneous and homophonous 
words, and chapters on compound and 
hyphenated words, use of the apostrophe, 
use of figures, rules for spelling, the for- 
mation of plurals and contractions, with 
extended exercises. *o9(Mr6) c. D. *75c. 
net Pitman. 

Barrett, C: J. 

Poems and addresses. '08, [1909.) (F) c. 
227 p. por. 8. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Orange Journ. 
Barrett, C: Simon. 

Mission, hist, and times of the Farmers* 
Union: narrative of the greatest indus- 
trial-agricultural organization in history, 
and its makers. *09(Je) 419 p. pors, 8, 
(Add. author for price.) C: S. Barrett, 
Barrett, Eaton Standard. 
The heroine; with an introd. by Wa. Ral- 
eigh. 'oo(Myis) S. (Oxford lib. of 
prose and poetry.) 90 c, Oxford Univ. 
Barrett, Edm. 

Family doctor ; diet, of dotnestic medicine 
and surgery especially adapted for fami- 
ly use. 'io(D) 4+330 p, il. 13, $1-25 
net Button, 

Barrett, Fk, W: 2elptes. 
Mourning for Lincoln, *og(My23) c, D. 
**$i net, Winston, 

Barrett, Harrison D, 

Pantheistic idealism. 'io(Je) c. 54 p, por. 
16, $1. H, D, Barrett, 

Barrett, J. A. 

A-B-C of good hearing. *og [1910.] (Ap) 
16 p. il, nar, 16, 25 c, J. A. Barrett, 
Barrett, J: 

Latin America, the land of opportunity; a 
reprint of official reports and .special ar- 
ticles. '09(818) il. 8, pap,, gratis. 

Tnt Bu, Am. Republics, 
United States and Latin America, *o8(Faa) 
8, pap % gratis. Int. Bu. Am, Republics. 
Barrett, S: Alfr. 

Rthno-geography of the Porno and neigh* 
boring Indians, *o8(Mr7> maps, 0, 
(Univ. of Cal, pub,, Am, archeology and 
ethnology,) pap,, $3,35. Univ. of Cai 
Material culture of the Klamath Lake and 
Modoc Indians of northwestern Call for* 
ma and southern Oregon, *xo(Jli6) Q, 
(Univ. of Cal, pubs,/ Archaeology and 
ethnology,) pap,, 75 c. Univ. of Cal. 
Porno Indian basketry, *<X)(Ja9) il. figs, *Q, 
(Univ, of Cal. pubs,; American archied- 
ogy and ethnology.) pap,, $1.75., 

Univ. of Cal, 
>and Kroebtr, Alfr. L: 
Geography and dialects of the Miwok In- 
dians, by S: Alfred Barrett, [Aluoj On 
the evidences of the occupation of certain 
regions by the Miwok Indians, by A, L, 
Krocber. *o8(Mr7) map, Q. (Univ, of 
Cal, pub,. Am, archaeology and ethnol- 
ogy.) pap., 50 c* Univ, of Cal, 
Barrett, Stephen Mfthril. 
Practical pedagogy, f o8 (1909.) (Ji) c, 
137 P. , $i. Heath, 
Bmrett Manufacturing Co. Tarvia and pitch 
filler* digest of the^ proceedings of the 
tarvtii meeting^ held In Chicago, Dec, 8th 

and gth, 1908. '09 (Ap) c. 20 p. il. 8. (Not 
for sale.) Barrett Mfg. Co. 

Barri, Odoardo. 

The Flower Queen : cantata for unchanged, 
voices; ed. by Wa. H. Aiken. 'io(ApQ) 
c. O. (Standard musical lib.) pap., 20 c. 

Am. Bk. 
Barrie, G:, jr. 

See Barrie, Rob. 
Barrie, Ja. Matthew. 

Neither Dorking nor the Abbey, *io( Ap23) 
S, pap., 50 c. Browne's Bookstore. 

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens ; with* 
drawings by Arth. Rackham. 'ro(Ns) 
c. O, $1.50 net. Scribner. 

Barrie, Rob. and G: jr. 
Cruises, mainly in the Ray of the Chesa- 
peake, *ro(Ja8) c. il. map, O, bcK, $-2, 

Franklin Pre*s, (Pa.) 
Barrier (The). Beach, R. E. t$i.5<>. 


Barrier (The). See Basin, Rene. 
Barron, E: 

Lost goddess. *o8(F29) c. D. t$i.5<>, Holt, 
Barton, S: Benton. 

Lone Star defenders; chronicle of the third* 
Texas cavalry, Ross 1 brigade. 'OQ(Jft33) 
c. O, *$a net. Neale. 

Barrows, B: H. 

Colwrabia river; issued by Pasaenccr Dept. 
Union Pucific Railroad Co, [wo.j (Je) 
c, 3-94 I>. il mapH* ia*, pap,, cram. 

H, L, Lomax. 
Burrows, C: H: t 

Hist of Springfield in Mass, ; for the 
young; being also in ome part the 
hist, of other towns and citiw in the 
county of Harnpden, *09(My) c. 166 p, 
il, is*, 80 c. W, F, Adams 

Barrows, B; P. 

History of the Philippines, *o8(Apu) c, 
il, maps, D, $i. ttahbftM< 

BarrowSy H.irlan H* 

Geography of the middle Illhtnis Vallry. 
*io( t N) u+wB p. il, map, dia*tr*. 8'\ 
(Illinois State Geolofrical Stirvry Inill) 
10 c Univ, of 111, 

Borrows, Mary Minerva, cd. 
Value of hippiiiesi: introd, bv Marg, E, 
Stngster, f ogi(0b) c, 0, (value sen) 
$1,50; $a; chamois. $2.50; Irath, $4; ci* 
|$. Caldwell. 

Btrrows, W3m Owm* 
Law of the range. 'ogCHM) c, il, D, $i,s, 

C M, Ork, 
Barrows, W: 1; 

Electrical illuminating engineer inq, *o8 
(NaO c, figs, 0. *$2 rift, McG raw- 

Barrows lectures. 5?r Hill, C: Cuthbert, 
Barms, Clara, M.D. 

Nursing the insane. *Q8(Myg) r H* **$2 
net, Maf?im1lan 

Barry, C; . 

Lake and nil transportation, 'io(Ns) c, 
8 I 25 c, Lt Salic Extension. 

Barry, J. C. 

Ideals and principles of church reform. 
*io(Ag27) ia* $1.35 net, Scribnr. 

Btrry t Rev, J. 0, H. 

Christian's day book, 'io(D) c, 12, $1.50 




BARRY, John. 

Griffin, M. I. J. Story of Commodore John 
Barry. $i ; 50 c. M. i. J. Griffin. 

Barry, J: Dan. 

Julia Marlowe. New ed. 'oS(Jaii) il. 
pors. D. (Sock and buskin biographies.) 
$i. E. H. Bacon. 

Barry, Jos. Gayle Kurd. 
Meditations on the office and work of the 
Holy Spirit 'o8(Di2) c. D. *$ net. 
Young Churchman. 
Barry, W: D.D. 

Tradition of scripture: its origin, authority 

and interpretation. 2d ed., rev. J o8 

.(Ag22) D. (Westminster lib.) **$i.20 

net. Longmans. 

Barry, W: Fs. 

Hygiene of the schoolroom. Rev. ed. '09 
(Oi6) c. 12, $1.50. Silver. 

Barry Gordon. Payson, W: F. f$i.5o 

Barse, Mrs. Mary Emma Salisbury, ["Mary 

E. Blain."] 

Games for all occasions. '09 (Jl) c. n- 
208 p. 8, 60 c. Barse & H. 

Barselma's kiss. Lee, M. B. $1.50. 

C. M. Clark. 
Barss, J: Edm. 

Writing Latin. Bk. i.; rev. ed., based 
on Lodge's vocab. of high school Latin. 
*io(D24) c. 12, (Gildersleeve-Lodge 
Latin ser.) 50 c. net. Heath. 

Barstow, Mrs. Montague. 
See Orczy, Emma Magdalena Rosalia Ma- 
ria Josefa Barbara, Baroness. 
Bartels, J: Murray, comp. 

See Randall, W. W. 
Barth, Fritz. 

Gospel of St. John and the synoptic gospels. 
'oo(Ja4) S. (Foreign religions ser.) *4oc. 
net. Eaton & M. 

Barthel, Christopher, flSO. 
Methods used in the examination of milk 
and dairy products; tr. by W. jGoodwin. 
'io(Jeii) il. tabs., 0. $1.90 net. 


Bartholomew, Elmer Jefferson. 
Man, woman, know thyself!: illustrated 
treatise on practical psychology. '09 
(Ja2) c. il. charts, por. 8, $2. 

E. J. Bartholomew, 
Bartholomew, Ethel. 

House book to the hostess. '10(024) 8, 
$1.50 net; ooze, $2,50 net. Dodge. 

Bartholomew, J: G: 

Handy reference atlas of the world. New 
ed. ; with general index and geographic 
statistics. f o8(Di2) il. 12, leath., *$ 
net. Duttori. 

School economic atlas; with introd. by L. 
W. Lycle. *io(Myi4) maps, <Q. 85 c. 

Oxford Univ. 
Bartlett, Clarence. 

Text-book of clinical medicine: treatment 
'o8(Api8) c, il. 4, $8; hi mor., $IQ. 

Boericke & T. 
Bartlett, Eda. Julius. 

Calculations of the quantitative chemical 
laboratory with problems. '09 (N) c. 47 
12, 75 c. E. J. Bartlett. 

Bartlett, Ellis Ashmead-. 
Sec Ashmead-Barllett, Ellis. 

Bartlett, Frances 

Christmas in Austria; or, FritzPs friends, 
New ed. 'io(Ag2o) c. il. D. (Christmas in> 
many lands ser.) 50 c. Estes. 

Bartlett, Fk. W., and Johnson, Thdr. W. 
Engineering descriptive geometry. 'io(S) 
6+159 p. figs. 8, $1.50 net. Wiley. 

Bartlett, F: Orin. 

Prodigal pro tern. 'io(Ns) c. il. D. $1.50. 

Seventh noon. 'io(F5) c. il D. t$ 


Web of the Golden Spider. '09(^27) c. il. 
D. t$i-5o. SmalL 

Bartlett, Ja. L. 

Frosts in Wisconsin: occurrence, predic- 
tion, and methods of prevention, '09 
(Jl3) O. (Univ. of Wis. bull. ; University 
extension ser.) pap., 25 c. 

Univ. of Wis 
Bartlett, W: H. 

Handy book of American government. '08- 
(Dip) c. pi. 12, (Handy information 
ser.) 50 c. Crowell. 

Bartley, Ellas Hudson. 
Text-book of medical and pharmaceutical 
chemistry. ;th rev, ed. '09, [1910.] (F) 
c. 15+734 P- il. 8, $3- Blakiston. 

Barto, B. 0. 

Manual of agriculture for secondary 

schools ; studies in soils and crop produc- 

tion ; with introd. by E. Davenport. '10* 

(Je^) c. 16, 50 c. net Heath. 

Bartoli, Giorgio. 

Primitive church and the primacy of Rome. 
[ipio.l (My) 8, $1.50 net Doran, 

Barton, Mrs. Catherine Josephine Wigginton. 
An interlude. '08 (N) pap., 50 c. ; silk 
velvet, $1.50. C. J. W.* Barton. 

Mother of the living. 

$1.50; pap., 50 c. 
Barton, Edn, H: 
Text-book on sound. 


B.arfcon, Fk. Town-end. 

Dog in health, accident, and disease,. 'o& 
(Je27) c, D. (Altemus' handbooks for 
animal owners.) $i. Altemus. 

Non-sporting dogs. f io(D3i) $1.75. 

W: R. Jenkins. 
Sporting dogs. 'io(D3i) 12, $2.50. 

W: R. Jenkins. 

Terriers : their points and management. 'o& 

(Jai8) il. 8, *$i.6o net. M. Kcnnerley. 

The cat; its points and management J io 

(Dai) 12, $i. W: R. Jenkins. 

The horse: ailments and accidents. '08- 

(Je27) c. D. (Altemus' handbooks for 

animal owners.) $i. Altemus, 

The horse: its selection and purchase; to- 

gether with the law of warranty, sale, 

etc. y o8(Mr28) il. 8, *$2.50 net, 

Chic. Med. Bk. 
Toy dogs. 'io(D3i) 12, $i. 

W: R. Jenkins. 

Vet book : account of the Bailments of and 
accidents to domestic animals. J o8(0io) 
il. S, (Country handbook ser.) *$i net 

Barton, G: 

AdVentures of the world's greatest detec- 
tives. 'op(Ap3) c. il. D. 75 c, Winston. 


'08 (N) c. 79 p. 8,. 
C. J. W. Barton. 

'o8(Jln) il. 8, *$s 




Barton, G:, Guilday, P: K., Taggart, Marion 

Ames, and others. 

Lady of the tower, and other stories. '09 
(MyS) c, D. $1.25 Benziger. 

Barton, G: Aaron, 

Sec International critical commentary. 
, ed. 1 Taverf orcl [College! Library collec- 
tion of cuneiform tablets, or (hxniments 
from the tempi c archives of Telloh. Tn 2 
pts, pt. 2. [TQTO.I (D) il. P\ ea., $5. net. 


Barton, Ja. Levi, D.D. 
Daybreak in Turkey. 'oo(Jar6) c. bds., 
*$I.$Q net Pilgrim Press, 

Unfinished task of the Christian church: 
studies in the problem of the world's 
evangelization. *o8(Api8) c. D. 50 c. ; 
pap. 35 c. Student Vol. 

Barton, Llewellyn, comp, 
Maine official index and court directory. 
'og(Je) c. 160 p. 0. $i. Smith & 3. 

Barton, S: Goodwin, 

Halley's comet [1:910.] (N) 5-23 p, il. 8, 
gratis. S; G* Barton, 

Barton, Rev. W: Blea%ar, 
Congregational manual; theory and prac- 
tice, for the use of ministers, churches 
and deliberative assemblies governed by 
Congregational usage. 'io(Jei8) c, 16 , 
$i. Puritan Press, 

Bartow, E: 

Chemical and biological survey of the wa- 
ters of Illinois; rept. for year ending Aug. 
31, TQ06. *o8(Ja25) 51. tabs,, O. (Univ. of 
111. bull., Water survey sen) pap. gratis. 

Univ. of III 

Municipal water supplies of Illinois, '07, 
[1909,1 (Ap) 123 p. map, 8* f (UmV, of 
Ill.^brtil; water survey ser*) pap. (Add,, 
University for price,) Univ. of 111 

, Udden, Johan August and ottort. 
Thr mineral content of Illinois waters. '09 
(D) 8+IQ2 p. iL 8, (Illinois, State Geo- 
logical Survey; bull) pap. gratis, 

Univ, of III 
Bartram, J. W. 

Longmans' illustrated first conversational 
German reader. "09(030) D, 80 c 

Bartsch, Paul, 

See Hall, W: Healey, 

Barty Crusot* and hi** man Saturday, Bur- 
nett, Mrs. F, II, **$* net. Moffat. 
Baruch, Simon, BID. 

Principles artd practice of hydrotherapy ; ap- 
plication of water in disease. 3d ed, rev. 
and eni. f o8(Apa$) il. 8, *$4 net. 

Bams, Carl. 

Condensations of vapor as induced by 

nitt'li'i and by II*H,V, ,^1 tvpt, 'iiSthuO 

$i,-5; 4th rejlt, 'lo(Jt'lH) c, %H tab.,,O. 

pap,, 75 r, ('anu^ie, 

Barwetl, J. W, 

Science, the mind, revelation* the heart, of 

God ; outcome of all the crvedn, 'o$ 

(Jcu) S. pap., 25 c. Jacobs & IL 

Harwell, NoeL 

Someone pays, *09(Api?) D, $1*50, Lane. 

Barwick, Allen J. 

Manual of physiology and hygiene in pri- 
mary grades, suggested outlines of oral 
instruction to be given by public school 
teachers. '09, [1910.] (My) 38 p. il. 8, 
(North Carolina, Dept of Public In- 
struction; educational bull.) gratis. 

N. C, Dept. of Pub. Instruct. 
Opening exercises for public schools in 
North Carolina, '09, [1910.] (Ap) 32 p. 
8, (North Carolina, Dept of Public In- 
struction; educational bull.) gratis. 

N. C M Dept. of Pub. Instruct. 
Bascom, Elva Lucile. 

Selected books on nature study for schools 
and libraries. 'io(JIi6) 8, (N. Y. State 
Educ. Dept, bull.) gratis. 

N. Y. State Educ. 

Chaclwick, H :, cd, Spalding's official base 
ball guide, 1908. 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Evens, J: J.> and Fullerton, H, S. t Touch- 
ing second. $1.25, Reilly & B. 
Foster, J: B., ed. Spaldiniafs official base 
ball guide. Spalding*s official hasels'tl! 
record, 1009. ea, it) c, Atn, Sports. 
Hfilbroner, f-:, comp. Baseball blue book, 
$L L: Heilbroner* 
Howe baseball scoring record. 10 c. 

Howe & B, 

McGillicuckly, C. How to play base-hall, 
pap., 25 c. Rarse & H. 

McGraw, J ; T, Scientific baseball, 10 c, 

R : K, Fox, 

Murnanc, T. H. How to play base ball. 
to c. Ani, Sports, 

National Amateur Playgnnnul Hall Asso- 
ciation of the United States. Official 
handbook. 10 c. Atn, Sports, 

Spalding f s official metropolitan baseball 
book, 10 c, Spaldtng. 

Spink, A, If: National game, $1,50, 

Sullivan, J, E; How to catch, to c, 

Am. Sf 

Who's who snd whtt*s what in bavhall, 

35 c, Klump. 

Wray, J, E; *d. How to play first bi*e. 

10 c, How to play nhortstop, to c. 

How to play third base, to c. 

Am. SportH, 

Base-hall ballads. Rice, G. $i. G, Rice. 
Busehall boys of Lakeport. Stratemeyer. E: 
t$, Lothrop, L. S. 

Basel, Edrn. 
Poems, 'o8(Jci3) T, 75 c. 

Naxareth Trade Sch. 

Songs and ballads; Walter and Lilian. *oo 
(AgsS) S, pap, {Add. pubs, for price,) 

Naxareth Trade Sch, 
Baahford, H; Howtrtli, 
Pilffrim's march. *oo(Mr6) c, D, f$i,50 


Btihford, Herbert* 

At the shrine of songj with introd, by G: 
Wharton James, 09 (Jl) c, 128 p, por, 

T2*, *$r.35 net, 

Whitaker & R, 

Baahford, Bp, Ja, Whitford. 
(1na centennial ^document*, v, I, Tht 
awnkrnitm of China ; v. 2 The* healing 
art in China, *o8(l)tp) v. L D.: v, a, O. 
( N'nt for silo.) lid. 'For, Miss. M. K, Ch. 




Bashore, Harvey Brown, MJX 

Sanitation of recreation camps and parks. 
'oSQeso) c. il. 12, $i. Wiley. 

Basil, the page. Whitham, G. F. t$*-25. 


Basily-Callimaki, Mme. de. 

J.-B. Isabey, sa vie son temps, 1767-1855; 

snivi du catalogue de I'ceuvre gravee par 

et d'apres Isabey, *o9(Di8) il. pors. fac- 

sims., F. pap., *$8o net. Lemcke. 

Basis of ascendancy. Murphy, E. G. **$i.5o 

net. Longmans. 

Basis of musical pleasure. Gehring, A. $1.50. 

Baskerville, C: 

General inorganic chemistry. *09(Di8) 12, 
$1.50. Heath. 

, and Curtis, Rob. W. 
Lab'y exercises to be used in conjunction 
with General inorganic chemistry. '09 
(Di8) c. il. 12, 40 c. Heath. 

, and Ctjrtman, L: J. 

Course in qualitative chemical analysis. *io 
(D3i) 8, $1.40 net Macmillan. 

, and Estabrooke, W: Ltidlow. 

Progressive problems in general chemistry. 
*io(D3) c. 12, 90 c. Heath. 


Berensen, S., ed. Spaulding's official 
women's basket ball guide. 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Clapp, A. B. Collegiate basket ball rules. 

15 c. Univ. Pub. 

Smith, T: H. Official basket ball guide 

and Protective Association rules for 

igoS-'og. 10 c. R : K. Fox. 

Basket willow culture. Mell, C. D. 25 c. 

C. D. Mell. 
Basket woman. Austin, Mrs. M. H. 60 c. 

Houghton M. 

Barrett, S : A. Pomo Indian basketry. 
$1.75. Univ. of Cal. 

Mason, p. T. Any am gila (mad weave) : 
Malaysian type of basket work. Vocab. 
of Malaysian basket- work. (Add. Su- 
perintendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt of Docs. 
Turner, L. W. Basket maker. 75 c. 

Davis Press. 
Baskett, G: T. 

Sec Bedichek, Una. 
Basley, Mrs. A. 

Poultry book; tells you what to do and 
how to do it. '08, [1909.] (F) 192 p. il. 
por. 8, $i. A. Basley, 

Western poultry book. *io(Je4) c, il. por. 
8, $i. " A. Basley. 

Basmajian, Krikor Hagop. 
Life in the Orient 'io(JeiS) c. il. pors, 8, 
$i net. Am. Tr. 

Basore, J: W; 

Scholia on hypokrisis in the Commentary 
of Donatus. '08(85) 8, pap. gratis. 

Johns Hopkins. 

See Language. 
Bass, C: Cassedy. 

Sec Dock, G; 
Bass, E: Cary. 

Miss Marshall's boys. 'io(Mr^) c. D. $i. 


Bass, F. H. 

Outlines of the hist, of medicine. [1910.] 
(Mr) *$6 net W: R. Jenkins. 

Formerly published by E. R. Pelton. 
Bass, W: L: 

Dutch standard in the U. S. tariff law, 1909, 
H. R. 1438; to the Hon. Sen. Reed 
Smoot, from W. C. Bass, July i, 1909. 
J 09(O) 16 p. 8, pap. (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price.) 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 
Bass, W: Wallace. 

Rhymes and jingles. '09, [1910.] (Ap) c. 
48 p. 8, 50 c. W : W. Bass. 


Harris, W: C, and Bean, T. H. The 
basses, fresh-water and marine. $3 net 


Jordan, D: S., and Richardson, R. E. Re- 
view of the surranidse. Gov. Pr. Off, 
Sassier, Anthony. 

Diseases of the stomach and upper ali- 
mentary tract. 'io(O) c. 18+3-836 p. il. 
8, $6. Davis, 

References at end of chapters. 
Bassler, Ray Smith. 

Cement resources of Virginia, west of the 
Blue Ridge; with an introd. chapter on 
the materials and manufacture of hydrau- 
lic cements, by Edn. C. Eckel. '09, 
[1910.3 (Ap) 12+309 p. il. map, 4, (Vir- 
ginia, Geological Survey, bull.) (Add. 
pubs, for price.) Univ. of Va. 

Bibliography (3 P-). , 

Rass'wiood (tiha Americana). O9(Je) 3 p. 8 , 
(U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, forest service, 
forest planting leaflet,) pap. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 
Bastiat, Frederic. 

Fallacies of protection; being the Soph- 
isrnes economiques of Frederic Bastiat; 
tr. from the 5th ed. of the French by 
Patrick Ja. Stirling; with introd. note 
by H. H. Asquith. 'og(Ag2i) 8, *$i net. 


Bastile ser. D. Lippincott 

Stevenson. Path of honor. $1.50. 
Bastin, Edsen Sunderland, and Davis, C: 


Peat deposits of Maine, prep, in co-opera- 
tion with the Maine State Survey Com- 
mission. '09 (My) 127 p. figs. tl. O. pap. 
U, S,, Supt of Docs. 
BASUTQLAND, South Africa. 
Lagden, Sir G. Y. The Basutos, In 2 v. 
$6 special net Appleton. 


Pertuch, R. German schlagball ( German 
bat-ball). 15 c. McVey. 

Bataille de dames. Scribe, A. E. 30 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Bataille (La) de Waterloo. See Hugo, Vic- 

Batailles de terre et de mer. Bouet-Willau- 
mez, Comte L. E. 60 c. Oxford Univ. 
Batchelder, Ernest Allen. 
Design in theory and practice. '10(817) c. 
il. O. $1.75 net. Macmillan, 

Principles of design. 3d ed. 'oS(Agi) c. 
il. O. $3. Inland Pr. 

Batchelor, D: Often. 

Unstrung bow; story of conquest '10 
(O22) c. 286 p. $1.20 net Sherman, F. 



Batdorf, J: W, 

Why pay tribute? The limitation of ^ in- 
come, remedy for watered capitalization, 
progressive income tax, with tabulation. 
'08 (Ag) c. 112 p. 8, 25 c. Volunteer, 
Bate, Herbert N. 

Healthful spirit; with introd. by the Bp. 
of London, 'io(Fi9) D. *QO c. net. 


BATE, William Brimage. 
Marshall, P. Life of William B. Bate, cit- 
izen, soldier and statesman. $1.25. 

P % Marshall 

Bateraan, Matilda Eugenie Shea* 
Light that never fails. *io(Myi4) c. 12, 
60 c. Cochrane. 

Baterden, J. R. 

Timber. 'oo(JeiO,) il. 8, (Westminster 
sen) *$2 net, Van Nostrand. 

Bates, Arlo. 

Intoxicated ghost, and other stories. *oS 
(My2) c, D, t?i'5<> 

HouglJton, M. & Co. 
Bates, C. L. 

Federal procedure at law ; a treatise on the 

procedure in suits at common law in the 

circuit courts of the United States, 3 v. 

f o8(0) c. 0. shp., $12, Flood, 

Bates, Clement 

Pleading, practice parties and forms tinder 
the code; with full authorities from all 
states using a code, together with deci- 
sions from the common law practice. 
3 v. 'oB(F) c. 8 s , per set, $x& 

W, H. Anderson. 
Bates, Emily Katharine. 
Do the dead depart ?, ft&d other questions, 
'o9(Myi) c. D. $1,50, Dodgt, 

Psychical science and Christianity, *io 
(Ja8) c* xa* t $1*50. Dodge. 

Bates, Ernest Sutherland, 
Study of Shelley's drama! 'The Cent!.* *o8 
(Apxi) 8* (Columbia Univ. studies in 
English,) pap t| *$i net Lcmckc. 

Bates, Esther W, 

Engaging Janet; a farce, *o8(N7) D, pap,, 
15 c, Penn Pub, Co. 

BattS, Fk, Amasa, ["Matasiso."] 
Camping and cooking, *09(My8) c* II S. 
*73 c net, Ball Pub, 

Bates, H, W, 

Naturalist on the Amazon, *io(Apa) IL 
i6 (Everyman's lib,) 35 c. net; ieathu, 
70 c. net, Dutton. 

Bates, Ja H; 

Miller's guide book. 'xo(Jl) c. 64 p. 8, $x, 

Dixie Miller. 
BATES, Lewis Benton, 
Harvey, Mr** E. M. B, My wonder book; 
pages from the life of Lewis Benton 
Bates. $i. Chappie Pub. 

Bates, Linden Wallace. 
Retrieval at Panama: [Panama canal,] f o8 
(Mr,) 554 p. il, mapft, B\ $5* 

Technical Lit* 
Bates, kindon Wallace, jr. 
Russian **oad to China, f io(Je4) c. il, fold, 
mtp, 0. $3 net. Hotsghton M. 

Bates, Lois. 

Fairy tale of a dog and an old dame by the 
*ea, *o8(Jhx) S, (Longmans* infant 
fairy-readers,) is c. Longmans, 

Bates, Mrs. Marg. Holmes Ernsperger, 

Paying the piper. J io(D3i) c, front. D. 

$1.50. B'way Pub. 

Silas Kirkcnclown's sons. *o8(ni^) il, u, 

$1.50. C. M. (lark. 

Bates, Putnam A. 

Equipment of country house* with elec- 

tricity repr. ; from the Journal of the 

Franklin Institute. F 09(Jh7) il. 8, pap., 

25 c. Franklin inst. 

Bates, Ralph Orr 

Billy and Dick from Andcrsonville prison 
to the White House. 'io(Jl) c. 09~f 3 p. 
il. pors. 12, pap. so c. 

Sentinel Pub,, (Cal.) 
Bates, Mrs. Virginia Breckinridge. 
How may I know the voice of God in my 
soul? "'oB(Fi) c, D. 35 c. Preab, Bd. 
Bateson, W: 

Mendel's principles of heredity. 'og(Myis) 

il. pors. figs. 8, *$ net Putnam. 

Methods and scope of genetics : inaugural 

lecture del, Oct. 23, 1908, *09(My) ia\ 

50 c, Putnam. 

Batey, J; 

Motor car and its engine; pract treatise 
for motor engineers, incl. owners and 
chauffeurs. *io(Mra6) t6 *$ net 


Sei Virginia, 


Gerhard, W; P. Modern baths and hath 
houses. *$3 net, Wiley, 

Batifol, Louis, 

Marie <!e Mdiri* attcl the French court in 
the xvuth century; tr. from the French 
by Mary King; cd. by II, W Carles 
Davis Ball, *o8(Je) pnr. C), *$j net. 



Grinnll t J* Two heretofore unnamed 

wrens ; Savannah sparrow ; con<l record 

of the spotted tat (Rudtrma mar/a>* 

htm,) i| c, URIV, of Ctl. 

Batson, Henrietta M 7 [Mrs. Sttpliin BAtnonJ 

Summer garden of pttiwre, f og(Apio) II. 

O. $3,50. McQitrg, 

Bataon, Mra. Stephen. 

Stt Batson, Henrietta M. 
Butttll, Jot. 

Ellen ; or the whisperings of an old pine ; 

t talks about science,} v, 3, ad ed., r*v, 

and ml *o8(Myi6) c. it If, f^; mor,, $4, 

Am, Pub, Co, (VU 

New physics: icund* *oo(0a) c, figs, O* 

$X4S* , Am. Pt>. Co, (Vt.) 

ownp* American stallion r*gtatr, incLtll 

stallions prominent in the breeding of the 

American roadster, trotter and pacer from 

the earliest records to 1901 i arid thh in- 

cludes nearly tl! Imported Englplt thor- 

oughbreds, and their more diHKtii$hed 

get; together with nnany of the Engliih 

Ktallionn from which they arc ckuceftded* 

f oo(My) c. il. 4% $5* Am, Pub, Co., (Vt,) 

Batten, J; Mtallin. 

Over the waters to Edinburgh to wit, *io 
(D) c, 246 p. per. ia\ $a, J: M Batten, 




Batten, S: Zane, D.D. 

Christian state; the state, democracy and 
Christianity, *O9(Jli7) c. D. *$i.5O net. 

Am. Bapt. 

Working temperance programme; pub- 
lished for the Social Service Commission 
of the Northern Baptist Convention. '10 
(Mrs) c. 12, (Social service ser.) 15 c. 

Am. Bapt 

Batten's agricultural directory: directory of 
the agricultural press of the U. S. and Can- 
ada, together with detailed repts. of farm 
products and values by states and prov- 
inces. 'oS(N) c. 5-271 p. 8, $i. Batten. 

See Electric batteries. 
Battershall, Fletcher Williams. 

See New York. Law of domestic relations. 
Battle, Herbert B., and Gascoyne, W: J: 
Chemical conversion tables for use in the 
analysis of commercial fertilizers, cotton 
seed, iron and food products, etc. '09 
(D) c. 78 p. 12, $2.50. Williams & W. 
Battle, Jesse M. 

Why I arn not a Roman Catholic, an answer 
to a letter received from the Rev. Father 

. , SJ. '09 (D) c. 294 p. 12, 

$1.50. J. M. Battle. 

Battle, Mrs. Laura Eliz. Lee, 
Forget-me-nots of the Civil War; ro- 
mance containing reminiscences and 
original letters of two Confederate sol- 
diers. '09(0) c. il. por.. 8, $1.50. 

J. M. Battle. 
Battle (The). Moffetr, C t$i-5o> 

G; W. Dillingham. 

Battle Creek Sanitarium diet list. Kellogg, 
J: H. 25 c. Modern Medicine. 

Battle for the Pacific. Stevens, R, f$i.25. 


Battle of the microbes: nature's fight for 
pure water; clear description of the meth- 
ods of sewage disposal. *o8(Di9) il. O. 
pap., gratis. Merchants' Assoc. 

Battle of the strong. Parker, Sir G. $1.50. 


5>e Wilderness, Battle of the. 
Battle ship's order book. . Ho, A, B. $i. 

U. S. Naval Inst 

Creasy, Sir E: S. Decisive battles of the 

world. $1.75; $3-5 o - Lamb Pub. 

Creasy, Sir E: S. Fifteen decisive battles 

of the world, 35 c. net ; 70 c. net. Dutlon. 

Dawson, L, H, Book of battles and sieges. 

50 c. Dutton. 

Hart, A. B., and others. Decisive battles 

of America. $1.50. Harper. 

Steele, M. F, American campaigns. (Add. 

Superintendent for price.) 

tX S., Supt of Docs. 

St* aljto Antietam; -Brandywine; "Bull Run; 
Btmker Hill; Gettysburg; Guilford Court 
House; Leipzig campaign; Long Island (Bat- 
tle of)j Louisburg (Siege of); Point Pleas- 
ant (Battle of); Waterloo; Wilderness, Bat- 
tle of the. 
Baty, T: 

International law. '09(030) 0. *$2.75 net. 

BATZ, Baron de. 

Gosselin, L. L. T. Gascon royalist in revo- 
lutionary Paris. 3.50 net Dodd. 

Baudelaire, Charles. 

Poems in prose; tr. by Arth. Symons. '09 
(D) 32, (Ideal ser. of little master- 
pieces.) *50 c. net; *$i net. 

T: B. Mosher. 
Baudot, Jules. 

Lectionary, its sources and history; tr, 
from the French by Ambrose Cator. *io 
(D) 8+214 p. 8, $i net Herder. 

Roman breviary, its sources and history; 
tr. from the French by a priest of the 
diocese of Westminster. J op(A7) 8, *$r 
net Herder. 

Baugh, F: H:, and Schmeisser, W: Christian. 
Theory and practice of estate accounting 
for accountants, lawyers, [etc.] 'io(Mr) 
O. $4. Curlander. 

Baughman, M-rs. Nanny Randolph Ball. 
True way of life: [talks on true marriage,] 
'07, '08 (Je) c. 108 p. pors. $i. 

N. R. B. Baughman. 
Baum, Lyman Fk. 

American fairy talcs. '08(624) c. O. t$i.25. 


Dorothy and the wizard in Oz. '08(819) 

c. O. $1.25. Reilly & B. 

Emerald city of Oz. 'io(D3i) c. il 8, 

bds., $1.25. Reilly & B. 

Juvenile speaker. 'io(Dio) il. 8, $1.25. 

Reilly & B. 
Road to Oz. J 09(Ag7) c. il. D. $1,25, 

Reilly & B. 

Baum, Mary Eliza Davis, [Mrs. C. L. Baum.] 
Studies in divine science. '09(62) c. D. 
*$i net. C. L. Baum. 

Baum, Millie ent. 

Little helper: supplementary primer to ac- 
company "The rational method in read- 
ing." 'oS(ApiT) c. il. D. 28 c. Bk. 2 
(Agi) 32 c. Silver. 

Baum, W: L., MJX, and Moyer, Harold N:, 

M.D., eds. 

Skin and venereal diseases; miscellaneous 
topics. '08, [1909.] (Mr) 248 p. il. 12, 
(Pract. medicine ser.) $1.25. Year Bk. 
Baumann, F:, M.D. 

Gonorrhea, its diagnosis and treatment, r o8 
(Fi) ; 2d ed., rev. 'io(Mr) c. il, 8, ea., 
$1.50. Appleton. 

Baumbach, Rudolph. 

Auspew&hlte m'archen und gedichte; ed., 
with introd., notes, exercises and vocab., 
by Edn. Manley. 'io(Ag20) c. por. S. 
45 c. Ginn, 

Das Habichtsfraulein : dorfgeschichte aus 
dem Thuringer wald; with introd., notes, 
vocab, and composition exercises, by Dr. 
Morton C. Stewart. *09(Jei2) c. front. 
S. 40 c. Holt. 

Der schwiegersohn : eine schneiderge- 
schickte; with notes, vocab., and illustra- 
tive exercises, by Otto Heller. 'o8(Jhi) 
c. S. 40 c. Holt 

Der schwiegersohn ; nouvelle ; with introd., 
notes, exercises, and vocab. by Hedwig 
Hulme. '09(623) c, por. (International 
modern language ser.) 40 c. Ginn. 

Baumgarten, Paul Maria. 
Henry Charles Lea's historical writings: 
critical inquiry into their method and 
merit. *O9(Jai6) c. D. *ox>c, net, Wagner. 




Bavinck, Herman. 

Philosophy of revelation: the Stone lec- 
tures for 1908-1909, Princeton Theolog- 
ical Seminary, '<>9(F2o) c. O. **$2 net. 

Bawden, H: Heath. 
Principles of pragmatism. 'io(Mri9) c. 
**$i.So net Houghton M. 

Baw, Sophie de Champgrand, Baroness de. 
Michel Perrin ; ed, by F. G. Harriman. '09 
(Oi6) S. (Shorter French texts.) *25 c. 
net Crowell, 

Bax, Ernest Belfort 

Roots of reality: being sugKestions for a 
philosophical reconstruction. 'o8(Mri4) 
O. *$2 net. B. W. Dodge. 

Sec tthti Morris, \V : 
Baxter, Gregory Paul, and others, 

Researches upon the atomic weights of 
cadmium, manganese, bromine, lead, ar- 
senic, iodine, silver, chromium, mid phos- 
phorus, f ro(l)r7) il. O. (Carnegie Inst. 
of Washington pubs.) pap., $2, 

Baxter, J. S. 

America: her grandeur and her beauty. 
J5lh ed, '08, (1909,1 (Ja) c. 420 p. il P, 
(America sen) pap,, $1:2,50* Union Bk. 
Baxter, R: 

Kxoerpt from Rcliquisc Baxteriann* ; or, Mr. 
Richard Baxter's narrative of the most 
memorable passages of his life and times, 
also an essay by Sir Ja, Stephen on Rich- 
ard Baxter; ed., with preface, notes and 
appendices, by Fs, John, Bishop of Ches- 
ter, 'io(l)to) pors. 0* $175 net. 


Saints' everlasting rest, Mew ed,, ed. by 
\V: Young;. 'og(Mrt3) por, O, *$2.$o 
nd. IJppincott. 

Baxter, W: jr. 

Hydraulic elevators; their design* con- 
st ruction, operation, care and manage- 
ment, *io(Je4> c, il 0. $3,50, net 

McGraw- H, 

S uitclihoardh for power, light and railway 

service, direct and alternating currents, 

high and low tension, *io(Je4) c, il* 8 @ 

$1,50, ^ ^ Henley. 

BAYAKU, Chwaliw <ic t (Pierre cle Tcrrail.) 

Andrews, A. G,, ed. Story of Bayard 

$1,50 net, Lane. 

Ttnvanl of India, Trotter, L. *3$ e, net; 

**7o o, net. Duttott. 

Baylee, J: Tyrrell. 

Garettcerof the world, WF8) 32*. (Dut- 
ton's miniature reference lib,) leatli,, 50 c, 


Baylay, Pk Tapping D.D. 

Can the modern man pray? *cx}(Mrf3) 

I>Hp,, 10 c, V. M, C, A, 

"Little ten-minuics'*; or, a pastor's talks 

witb bis children, act ed., rev, and en!. 

'09(0 n) c. por, D f *$i net, Kcvell 

Biyley, Harold. 

Mew light on the Renaissance: displayed 
in contemporary emblems, *o9(Myaa) 
il 8 , *$4 net, Dutton, 

Baylies, E: 

Sn Nrw York JStatc.] t Bender's justices' 
manual of civil and criminal law. 

Baylies, Edn. 

Test questions for law students on law, 
equity, practice, pleadings, and evidence, 
with answers and references; also, rules 
for admission of attorneys in the state of 
New York. J o8(O) c. 6+444 p. O. (Add. 
pubs, for price.) M. Bender. 

Bayliss, Mrs. Clara Kern. 
Little cliff dweller. *o9(Ag7) 51. 16, 35 r. 

Pub. Seh. Pub. 
Old man Coyote. 'oS(Oio) c. il. D. t$t. 


Two little Algonkin lads. '07, [IQO<).| (O) 
c. il. fold map, 12, 50 r. luluc. Pub. 

Bayliss, W: Haddock, 

Nature of en/ynie art ion: [treatise on the 
chemical compound^ that CIUIM* iVrntm- 
tation.j *oS(Nji) i}^. O, (Mon 
on biochemistry.) hds,, *$r n<t, 

Bayne, Mrs. Mary 

Hhtegrass and wattle; or, the msin fnnn 
Australia. '09(Di8) c, il T2 f $1,35, 

Standard Pub, 
Bayne, S: Gamble. 

fantasy of Mediterranean travel '00(023) 

c. il. por, 0. **$!.a$ net Harper, 

Quicksteps through Scandinavia ; with a 

retreat from Moscow, *o8(Je,20) c, II 

sq. 0, **$r,25 net, Harper, 

5*t* Indians. 

Baancort f Baron dc. 
Secrets of the ;.\\ord; tr, frm the ri^. 
i ; rrnch In' C\ F, Clay, f <K(l>ui il t2 ft , 
*$i,J5 not. MntMuiHan, 

Baxin, Ronl. 

Coming harv\s( (f,e hlt ; <|tti levr;) ft by 

Kilna K. lloyt, f oR(Sio) !), 

Contcs choish; scl and ccl with noirn juid 

vocnh,, by Victor E, Francois, *o8(JaiH) 

S, (Modern Inng, wr.) 35 c, llfath, 

Italians of today; tr. by W : Matvhant, 

V^CN-si) c, I). '**$!, 25 net. Unit 

La barrkVc, f io(Jl3o) I2 tt , pap,, $t, 

The? Imrrirr (la harricrr) ; tr. by Mary IX 
Froht, * 10(817) c. D, $f net, Srrihnrr, 

The fittn, (//^i*;) from the French. *<i8 
(Myt6) O. $t. Scrihurr, 

Rfdemptiorn (*T)e toute ion tme; 11 ] tr, 
by A. S, Rftppaport. f o8(Agi) D, f$i,5<>, 


M 'I*his. my son." (Le Nocllet*;) tr by Dr. 
A, S. Rappoport, *<x>(Mr6) c, I"), t$f.*$. 


l\c J5o<wl to ycmrsclf, Marclrn, O, S, $i net 

"Be of good cheer.** Van Dyk*\ J, S, $f, 

j, S, Van Dyke. 
Be strnnjr- PcnninRtoti, J, G,, t*</. 50 c. 

y Chandler B, 

See Cornyn, Juan Humberto, 

and McMurry, Fk, Morton, Ms. 

Hew student's rrfcrencf work for 

students and families, *oo(N) c, 4 v, 11 

{'partly col) pors. maps, B w , sub*,, $x6,$o. 





Beach, Rev. C: Fisk. 

Individual evangelism, Christian witness- 
ing and work, the call of Christ to the 
laity. } o8(My23) por. 8, *$i net 

Allen, L. & S. 
Beach, C: Worth, and Preston, P. J. 

Irrigation in Colorado. 'io(S) 48 p. fold. 
map, 8, (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, 
Office of Experiment Stations, bull.; 
Beach, E: Latimer. 

Annapolis first classman. ; io(D3) c, il. D. 

$1.25. Penn Pub. Co 

Annapolis second classman. J o9(Ni3) c. 

il. D. t$i.25- Penn Pub. Co. 

Annapolis youngster; il. by Fk. T. Merrill. 

'o8(Ag8) c. 12, t$i-25. Penn Pub. Co. 

Midshipman Ralph Osborn at sea; story 

of the U. S. navy. J io(N5) c. il. D. 

$1.50. Wilde. 

Ralph O'sborn midshipman at Annapolis; 

story of life at the U. S. Naval Acad- 

emy. '09(09) c. il. D. t$i-5<>. Wilde. 

Beach, Rex Ellingwood. 

Going some; romance of strenuous affec- 

tion suggested by the play b} Rex Beach 

and Paul Armstrong. *io(Myi4) c. il. 

D. $1.25. Harper. 

Silver horde. '09(825) c. il. D. t$*-5o. 

The barrier. 'o8(Mr28) c. il. D. i$i.5o. 


Beach, Elmer H:, and Thome, W. W., eds. 

International business encyclop. ; up-to-date, 

clown-to-the-minute business dictionary. 

J io(Jlao) c. il. pors. $4. E. H: Beach. 

Beach patrol. Drysdale, W: t$i-5o. Wilde. 

Beacon biographies; ed, by M. A. DeWolfe 

Howe. T. 50 c. net Small. 

Ford. George Washington. 

Macy, Edgar Allan Poe. 

Swift. Benjamin Franklin. 

Whillock. Abraham Lincoln. 

Beacon scr.; a graded course of study for 
the Sunday-School. 8. Unitarian's. S. 

Billings. Movements and men of Christian 
history. 45 c. ; 35 c. ; 65 c. 

Fail-field. Stories from the New Testa- 
ment. 35 c. ; 25 c. ; 65 c. 

Lane. First book of religion, 35 c. ; 25 c. ; 
60 c. 

Park. Jesus of Nazareth. 40 c. ; 30 c. ; 
65 c. 

Parker. Stories from the Old Testament. 
35 c. ; 25 c. ; 65 c. 

Secrist. Comparative studies in religion. 
45 c. J 35 c. ; 65 c. 

Sunclerlancl. Bible and the Bible country. 
60 c. 

Wilson. Bible as literature. 45 c. ; 35 c. 
Beaconsfield, Earl of. 

See Disraeli, B: 
Beadle, Maude Lenna Streeter, [Mrs. W, M. 


Frogville wheelman. '09, [1910,] (Ap) 
39 p. il. 8, $i. M. L. S. Beadle. 

Beadle, Mrs. W. M. 

Sec Beadle, Maude Lenna Streeter. 
Beadnell, H. J. Llewellyn. 

Egyptian oasis: an account of the oasis of 
Kharga, in the Lybian Desert, with spe- 
cial reference to its history, physical 

geography, and water supply. 
il. maps, 8, $3.50. 


Beadnell, Maria. 

See Winter, Mrs. Maria Beadnell. 
Beahan, Willard. 

Field practice of railway location. [2d ed.] 
J io(Ap9) c. il. plans, 8, $3. 

Engineering News. 
Beak, G. B. 

Indexing and precis writing. J o8(Ag8) 16, 
*5o c. net; [also] A key to indexing 
and prcis writing. *5O c. net. 

Beal, Ja. Hartley. 

Prescription practice and general dispens- 
ing. J o8(Mri4) c. il. O. $1.50. 

J. H. Beal; Harper. 
Beal, Leonard Hathaway. 
Poems, by L. H. Beal, with a few choice 
selections by other authors. '09, [1910.] 
c. 225 p. por. 12, $i. Merrill & W. 

Bealby, J: T. 

Canada. '09 (D4) il. in col. 12, (Peeps at 
many lands sen) 75 c. Macmillan. 

Fruit ranching in British Columbia. '09 
(D4) il. 12, *$i.5o net. Macmillan. 
Beale, Dorothea. 
Addresses to teachers. J io(Fi9) D. 50 c. 

Beale, J. Fk. 

Abraham Lincoln; a brief biography. '09 
(S) 48 p. il. por. 16, $i. 

Strawbridge & C. 
Beale, Jos. H: 

Collection of cases on the measure of dam- 
ages. 2d ed. '09 (O) c. O. $3.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Selection of cases on carriers and other 
bailment and quasi-bailment services. '09 
(N) c. 8+634 P- 8, hi shp, $4. 

Harvard Law. 
Beale-Demy, S. Sophia, ed. 
Recollections of a spinster aunt. '09(3131) 
8. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

P. R. Reynolds. 
Beall, Dorothy Landers. 

Poems. *io(Je) 131 p. 8, $1.50 net 

M. Kennerley. 
Beall, Mrs. Mary Stevens. 

Story of the Washington coachee and of 

the Powel coach which is now at Mount 

Vernon. J o8, [1909.] (Mr) c. 74 p. il. 

8. (Priv. pr.) Neale. 

Beall, Col. Ninian. 

Sec Moses, Zebina. 
Beam, Ella. 

A family history [Hycler family.] 'Q9(D) 
c, 44 p. 8, 50 c. Carroll Record Co, 


See Strength of materials. 
Bean, Burt Clifford, [C. A. Biirt] 

Making the business pay. '09 (Jeig) c. i?, 
$i. Domestic Engineering. 

Bean, C. E. W. 

On the wool track. 'io(Ni9) il. D. $1.50 
net. Lane. 

Bean, ROD. Bennett, M.D. 
Racial anatomy of the Philippine Islanders. 
J io(D3i) c. il. 8, $2 net. Lippincott. 
Bean, Tarleton H. 

See Harris, W: C 
Bean, W: Jos. 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; with introd. 
by Sir W: Thiselton Dyer. 'oS(Ds) il. 
*$7.5o net. Cassell. 





Wait, C: E. Studies on the digestibility 
and nutritive value of legumes. 25 c, 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Osgood, W, H. Peculiar bear from Alaska. 
SO c, Field Museum. 

WYifcht, W : II : The black hear. $r net. 
Gristly hear; narrative nf a hunter-nat- 
uralist, **$T.50 not. Scribner, 

*SVr Genealogies: Bare, I). M. 

Beard, Amelia Belle. 

Sec Beard, Lina. 
Beard, A: Field, 

Crusade of brotherhood ; hist of the Amer- 
ican Missionary Association. f o$(N6) c. 
pors. O. *$i,25 net. Pilgrim Press, 

Story of John Frederic Oberlin. 'og(Ni3) 

c. por. O. *$i,25 net. Pilgrim Press. 

Beard, C: Austin, 

American government and politics. '10 
(Tl2) c. D. $2.10 net, Macmillan. 

Politics; [a lecture.] ^ *o8(N2i) c. 8, pap. 
(Add. pubs, for price.) Columbia Univ. 
See rt/j?{ Robinson, Ja, Harvey. 
, coanp. Readings in American government 
and politics. '09(02) c. O. **$i.oo net 

Beard, C; Heady, 

Ophthalmic surgery; treatise on surgical 
operations pertaining to the eye and its 
appendages, with chapters on para-oper- 
ative technic and management of instru- 
ments. *io(P) c, 9+674 p, il. B\ $$, 

Beard, Ban. Carter. 

Animal book and camp-fire stories; il* by 
the author, New and em*, ed, *io(Jl30) 
8, $1.75 net, Moffat. 

Boy pioneers; sons of Daniel Boone, '09 
(023) c. 0, **$2 net, Scribner, 

,-ed, .SYf Browne, flellmore II, 
Baard, Ta, Carter, 

Billy Possum, '09(030) c, it. (X bds,, t$*. 


Beard, Ja, Thorn, 

Mine gases and explosions, 'oS(Jan) H, 
12\ **$a net, Wiley. 

Beard, Lina and Adelia Belle. 
Little folks' handy book. *io(Je4) c il. 
8*, 75 c. Scribner, 

Beard. T; Fa, 

Biblischc ?ymbole; oder, die Bibel in bil- 
clern fur jimg imd alt; am dem eng 
Iwbrn ulH'ractiKt von Rev. W, A. 
Schtitte*; vorwort von J. L, Nuelsen, '09 
(Jl) c, 182 p. il, 8, $1.75; $3.455 $*-S0. 

J, A, Hcrtel, 
BKARiwaKY, Aubrey, 
Ross, R, Atibrey Beardsley* *$J.3S net. 

Beardsley, 1; I; CKUtpi. 

Sn Hare, Hobart Amory, 
B^nrinp, *o8(Mya3) c, il, 8*, ( Machinery's 
reference ser.) pap,. 25 c, Indmt Press, 
Bearne, Mrs. Catherittt Mary Charlton. 
Four fascinating French women; the Com- 
te,w cle Flahaut, the Dttchesae de Duras, 
the Duchessc de Berry, the Princess 
Bonaparte* 'io(Dio) il, 8, $3.50 net 


Bearnie-, QVErs. Catberinie Maty Ch&rlbcMi. ('>/. 
Royal quartette. 'O9(jl3) pors. 8, *$3 net. 

Bearne, Rev. B: 

Barnaby Bright 2 v. '08, [1909.] (S) il. 

ea., *8o c. net Benziger. 

Claud Denvil, artist: [12 short novels.] '09 

(Jai6) 12, *$i net Herder. 

Jack South and some other Jacks. '09 

(Mr27) 8, $i. t Herder. 

Our Laay's httcnist, and other stories. 

'io(O22) c. D. 65 c. Benzigcr. 

Romance of the silver phoon; story of the 

sixteenth century. ^(DTT") c. P. 85 c, 

Sheer pluck, and other stones of the bright 

ases. '08 (F8) c. D. 85 c. Benziger. 

Beary, Harriet Rebecca, 
Individual development of man : discussion 

of the influence ol labor on the evolution 

of the individual, *09(Ag7> u $r. 

Hartman Pub. 
Beasley, H: 
Book of prescriptions; with an index of 

diseases and remedies; with an introd, by 

Aith. Latham, pth ea., rewritten by E. 

W, Latham, '08 [1909,] (Mr) i6f^66p, 

t6 *$2 net Blakiston, 

Beapley's Christmas party, Tarkington, N. B, 

f$i.25. Harper, 

Beast (The). Lindsey, B: B. $1.50 net. 

Doubleclay, P, 
Beasts and men, Hagenbeck, C *$3-50 mt, 

Beasts of business, Moncrieff, A, R, If, 
$1.50, Macmillan, 

Sfe Sermon on the Mount. 

Beatrice. Gordon, G: A, 50 c. 

Pilgrim Press, 
Beatrice, Stcllwagen, C F. (Priv* pr.) 

W, F, Roberts Co, 

Beatrice; legend of our Lady; written in the 

Netherlands in the fourteenth century; tr, 

by Harold De Wolf Fuller. f ro(FM> c, 

T. bda. *so c. net. Harvard Co-op. 

Beatrice Sumpter. Qieatham, C, V, $1,50, 

C M, Clark. 
Beatrice the Sixteenth, Clyde* I. $1,50, 

Beattle, Ja, Martini, MJ>. f ta !eki0n f W, E, 

Carnegie, M. 
Text-book of pa 
pathology, ^08, [19 

i, General 

pathology, *09(Je 

(Mr); v, a, Spe- 

n u M* * *%&* 

, ea., *w net, 

Beattle, W: Ifcenwiclc* 
Onion culture. '09 (Je) 36 p, It 8*, (U, S., 

Dcpt* of Agriculture* farmers' bull) pap, 
Peanuts^ 'optfe) 40 p. 11 8*, (U, S., Dept, 

of Agricwfture, farmers* bull) pip. (Add, 

Superint^ndenl for price,) 
Sweet potatoes, '09(Fao) il, 8*, (0, S. 

Dept. of Agriculture j farmer*' bulletin,) 

pap. t S ^ U* S. Supt of Doci 

See Genealogies (Turk, W. A. C,). 

Beau Brwmmel Fitch, W; C **$i,$o net, 


Beau Sabreur, Trowbridge, W : R. H. *$4. jo 
net. Brentinoi, 




Beauchamp, Harvey. 

Graded Sunday school; text book on Sun- 
day school organization and manage- 
ment. [1910.] (D) c. 222 p. il. plans, 12, 
75 c. S. S. Bd. So. Bapt 

Beaulieta, Paul Leroy-. 

Collectivism; tr. and abr. by Sir Arth. 
Gay. '08(019) 8, *$3 net. Button. 
Beaumont, Fs. 

Knight of the burning pestle, and A king 

and no king; ed. by Raymond M. Alden. 

'loQlp) c. por. 16, (Belles-lettres sen, 

Section 3.) 60 c. Heath. 

,and Fletcher, J: 

Works ; the text ed. by A. R. Waller. In 

10 v. v. 5. 'oS(Jaii); v. 6. 'og(F27) ; 

v. 7. 'io(Ja29) ; v. 8 (J18) ; v. 9 (Di7) 

c, D. (Cambridge Eng. classics.) ea., 

$1.50 net. Putnam. 

Works. Variorum ed. 12 v. v. 2. *o8 

(D) ; v. 3, The faithful shepherdess, The 

mad lover, The loyal subject, Rule a wife 

and have a wife, The laws of Candy. '09 

(Ja) il. 8, ea., ^$3.50 net. Macmillan. 

Knight of the burning pestle; ed., with in- 

trod., notes and glossary, by Herbert S. 

Murch. 'o8(Jl4) O. (Yale studies in 

English.) $2.50; pap., $2. Holt. 


Standard blue book of Texas, 1908-09. Ed. 

de luxe of Beaumont $5, A. J. Peeler. 

Beauties of friendship. Woolard, S. F., ed. 

*50 c. net; *$i.25 net. Goldsmith- W. 

Beauties of the gloaming. Fuller, H. A. $i ; 

30 c. H. A. Fuller. 

Beautiful Bermuda. Bell, Mrs. E. Y. $i; 

50 c. J. D. & F. R. Bell. 

Beautiful children. McFall, C. H. **$5 net. 


Beautiful England ser. il. O. $1.25. Estes. 
Bradley. English lakes. 
Danks. Canterbury 
How, Oxford 
Jerrold. Shakespeareland, 
Mitton. The Thames. 
Thomas. Windsor Castle. 
Beautiful flowers and how to grow them. 
Wright, H. J. $8 net. Dodge. 

Beautiful necessity. Bragdon, C. $2. 

Manas Press. 

Bcaiiliful queen. Steele, F. M. F. $3.50 net, 


Beautiful rebel. Campbell, W: W. $1.50. 

Dor an. 

Beautiful thoughts from John Ruskin. Rus- 
kin, J: $i. Pott. 

BEAUTY (in art}. 
See ^Esthetics, 

BEAUTY (personal)* 

Burnhani, E. Colored charts of the E. 
Burnham system of beauty culture. $1.50. 

E. Burnham. 

Henrich, H. C Types of California beau- 
ties. $50. H. Heywood. 
Hubbard, Mrs. S. A. Duty of being beau- 
tiful. 50 c. McClurg. 
Max, J. H'dbk. of cosmetics. $i net. 


BEAUTY (personal) Continued. 
Mixter, M. Health and beauty hints. $i. 

Cupples & L. 

Potter, Mrs, C. U. Secrets of beauty and 
mysteries of health. **$i.75 net. 

P. Elder. 

Saalfeld, E. Lectures on cosmetic treat- 
ment. $1.75 net. Hoeber. 
See also Costume; Girls; Gymnastics and physi- 
cal culture; Hygiene. 

Beauty (The). Woodrow. N. M. W. $1.50. 


Beauty and the barge. Jacobs, W: W. 50 c. 

S: French. 

Beauty and the Beast. See Lang, Andrew, ed. 
Beauty of every day. Miller, J, R. 65 c. net. 


Beauty of God. Hood, J : *$i,25 net. 


Beaux and the dandies. Jerrold, C. $5 net 



Roberts, C: G: D. House in the water: 
[story of the beaver.] $1.50. 

Doubleday, P. 
Beavers, Ja. Claudius. 

Farm practice in the use of commercial fer- 
tilizers in the south Atlantic states. *io 
(Jl) 24 p. tabs., 8, (U. S., Dept of Agri- 
culture; farmers' bull.) Gov. Fr, Off. 
Beazeley, C: Howell. 

Crackerlings and caramels. 'io(Mr26) c. 
por. S. $i; pap,, 50 c. C. H. Beazley. 

Bebbly. Walker, T: H. B. 60 c. 

Pepper Pub. 

Bechdolt, F: Ritchie. 
Hard rock man. '10(83) c. D- $* net. 


See also Hopper, Ja. Marie. 
Beck y Amanda Katbryn. 
Reference hand-book for nurses. 2d ed., 
rev. 'oS(D) c. 7-IQ9 p. tt. *6, flex, leath., 
*$r.25 net. Saunders. 

Beck, Carl R: 

Nature of ore deposits ; tr. and rev. by Wa. 
Harvey Weed. 'oo.(Je5) il. 8, $6. 

Hill Pub. 
Beck, Christopher. 

Strong-hand Saxon, 'io(D3i) il. 12, $i. 


Back, Emil G., 3VT..D. 

Bismuth paste in chromic suppurations ; its 
diagnostic importance and therapeutic 
value ; with introd. by Carl^ Beck, M.D., 
and a chapter on its application in sinuses 
and diseases of the nose, by Jos. C. Beck, 
M.D. 'io(O) 200 p. il. 8, $2. Mosby. 

Becke, G: L: 

Adventures of Louis Blake. '08 (NjO D. 
$1.50. Lippincott. 

Call of the south. '08 (Mr/) D. t$i-5p. 

'Neath Austral skies. 'ooXJeip) D. $1.50. 


Becker, Carl Heinrich. 

Christianity and Islam. J io(Ja2p) 12, 
(Harper's lib. of living thought.) *75 c. 
net. Harper. 




Becker, Carl Lotus. 

Hist, of political parties in the province 
of New York, 1760-1776, } io(Myi4) 8, 
(Univ. of Wis,, bull.; Hist, sen) 75 c. 

Univ. of Wis. 
Becker, Felix, ed. 

See Thiexne, Ulrich. 
Becker, Fk. S, 

Bender's cod'e citations analyzed, 1907. '08 
(Ja4) obi. Tt. pap., $i. " M. Bender. 
>ea. See New York [Slate.] Village laws. 
Beckei, G: Ferdinand. 

Age of the earth. 'io(Jl) 28 p. 0. (Smith- 
sonian miscellaneous collections.) pap.5<x 

Smith. Inst. 

Relations between local magnetic disturb- 
ances and the genesis of petroleum. '09 
(N) 24 p. map, 8, (U S. Geolog. Survey; 
bull.) (Add, Superintendent for price.) 
, and Van Orstrand, C. B., comps. 
Hyperbolic functions. I p9(jh7) il. O. 
(Smithsonian mathematical tables,) $4. 

Smith. Inst. 
Becker, Henrietta Katherme, and Rhoadea, 

Lewis AdCi&on. 

Becker-Rhoacles elements of German ; 
pract, course for beginners in German. 
Rev. ed. *oo(I)ii); [Rev. eel,] f oc)(Otf>) 
c. I). (Lake Gentian ser.) ea. $i, 

Scott, R, t Co, 
Becker, Neal Bow* 

Road rales ^and the law of automobiles* 

with special reference to the laws of 

N, Y., N, J., Conn, and Mass, 'io(D) 

c. 5-fBt p. S. $i, E. W. Whitfidd. 

Becker, Otto Mattliew. 

High-speed steel; development, nature, 

treatment, and use of high-speed steels, 

together with some suggestions as to the 

problems involved in their use. *io(08) 

c. il. 8, $4. McGraw-H. 

Becker, Tracy CbatJteld, M.XX 

Set Witthau f Rudolph August, M.D. 
Becker, W: C, 
Der Nietzschekultxts, '09(8) 7$ c. 

W. C Becker, 
BF.CKFORD, William, 

Melville. L, Life and letters of William 
Heekford, $3*50 net Duffietd. 

Becktagsale, JennU. 

Pomegranate: story of a Chineae school 
girl 'oft ftQio.] (F) 192 P. M* , $. 

Northfield Press, 
Beckoning heights, Lecky, P, F, $1.50, 

Beckoning of the wand, Dease, A. SL 

B@ckwitfe Carmelit*. 

Set Shaw, Adel Marie, 
Beckwith, Mary Helen, 
Story telling with the scissors. I o8(jcx3> 
il. obi ia% 50 c, M. Bradley. 

Becky Compton. Jaeberns, R. $1.50. 


Becquer, GustAto Adolfo Bomingnez, 
Legends, tales and poems ; ed., with introd., 
notes, and vocab., by Everett Ward Olm- 
ted. f o8(Fi) c, por, D, (Internal, mod- 
ern lang. sen) $i Ginn, 
The "rimas**; tr. ffrom the Spanish) by 
Jules RenarcL F o8(F29) c. D. bds. $1,95. 


iBecquer, Gustavo Adolf o Dominguez. (*<>///. 

Romantic legends of Spain; tr. by Cornelia 

Frances Bates and Katherine Lee Bates. 

'09(811) c. il. O. **$i-50 net. Cro\\ell 

Bed-time ser. 3 v. 'io(D) ea., bcls., 25 c. 


Bed-time stories. Sec Garis, Howard Roger. 
Beddard, Arth. Philip, M.D., Edkins, J. S., 

Hill, Leonard, and others. 
Pract physiology; ed. by M. S. Pembrey. 
3d ed. 'ro(l)To) il. O. $j not. 


Bede, The V enera .bl e * 

Keclesiastical hist, .of the Knj^lish nation, 

and the lives of the Holy Abbots of 

Wcremouth and Jarrow ; with introd. by 

Vida D. Scuddor and notes to the his- 

tory. 'io(Dio) 16, (Kveryman*s lib.) 

35 e. net ; loath., 70 c, net. Button, 

Bedell, Edn, A., rep. 

5V New York [State.) Ct* of appals. 


Bedell, F;, and Pierce, Clarence A. 
Direct and alternating current tostinx. '09 
[1910,] (F) 275 P. & H"\ *$2 not. 

Van Nostrand. 
Bedell, W: Lyon B: 

Practical electro-plating, *09(Ap3) c. u*\ 
$2. Hansotn & V. 

Bedford, E; J. 

Introductory mechanics, '08 (Qw) il. S. 
50 c. Longmans. 

Bedford, Jessie. 

See Godfrey, Eliz., pseud, 
Bedichek, Una, ana Baskett, G; Terrftll 
Consolidation of rural schools with and 
without transportation, ad ed , rrv, by 
A. Caswell Ellis. 'oSCPi) il. O, (Univ, 
of Tex. bull) pap,, 25 c- Univ of Tex, 
B$dier, Joseph, 

Kotnano< k of Tristram and Iseult; tr, from 
the French by Florence Sinimnnds 'to 
col il 4 n , $3,75 net, linx'(l 

, George Nfichacl 
Dtnclriclge, M, I), B, Ckt^rge Michael 
Btdingtr: a Kentucky pioneer, 
A. S, 


Lees, G: R. Witness of the wilil 

the Bedawin of the desert, $1,25, 

Bee Martin, king of the birds, Lang, O, 
30 c. Flanagan. 

Beebe, C: W: 

Ste Bcebc* Mary Blair. 
Beebe, Ella M. 

Picture primer; with an introd, by C; L, 
Spain. *io(Ja29) c, II, D, 35 c, Am, Bk, 
Beebe, Mary Blair Rice t&6 C; W: 
Our searcb for a wilderness*, aeet, of two 
ornithological expedition* to Venr/urln 
and to British Guiana, *xoiMy!4) c, tl 
O, $2,75 net. Holt, 

Beebe, W. L, 

See Reynolds, M. IL 
Beech, Mtrwyn Worcester Howard. 
TidonK dialects of Borneo; with prefar* 
and notes by Abraham Anthony Fokker, 
il. S, $1.75- Oxford Univ, 





Maury, Mrs. S. W. The beech. 25 c. net. 


Beecher, Franklin A. 

Law of contracts in Michigan; exhaustively 
treating of internal structure, with forms. 
'io(S) 446 p. O. Drake Law Bk 

Beecher, Willis Judson, D.D. 
Dated events of the Old Testament: pre- 
sentation of Old Testament chronology. 
'08 (F8) c. O. *$i.5o net. S. S. Times. 
Beecher (Lyman) lectures. See Faunce, 

W : Herbert Perry. 
Beecher-Ktrauner, Clare. 

See Kummer, Clare Beecher-. 
Seeching, Canon H: C: 
William Shakespeare: player, playmaker, 
and poet; reply to Mr. George Green- 
wood, M.P, J o9(My8) facsims., D. *$i 
net. Lane. 

Beechy. Hutten, Baroness B. v. t$*-5O. 


Beeckman, Ross. 
Last woman. '09 (D4) c. il D. $1.50. 

W, J. Watt. 
Princess Zara. *og(Apio) c. il. D. $1.50. 

W. J. Watt. 

Beecroft, Willey Ingraham, comp. 
Who's who among the ferns. l io(Mr26) 
c. il. D. *$i net. Moflfat. 

Who's who among the wild flowers. J io 
(Ja22) c. il. D. **$i.20 net Moffat. 
Beede, C: Gould. 
Reincarnated: [poem,] 'og(Ja) $1.25. 

Newport Pub. 

Soul shadows: [poems.) '08 (F) c. 54 p., 
O, 75 c. C : G. Beede. 


Russell, C : E : Greatest trust in the world : 

[beef trust.] 50 c. B. W. Dodge. 

Shiel, R. "R. Twenty years in hell with the 

beef trust. 60 c. ; 50 c. R. R. Shiel. 

Bceman versus Jackman. Spooncr, J: C. 

(Add. author for price.) J: C. Spooner. 

Beer, G: L: 

Origins of the British Colonial system, 
1578-1660. J o8(O24) c. O. **$3 net. 


Thomann, G, American beer; glimpses of 
its hist, and description of its manufac- 
ture. 5>o c. U. S. Brewers' Assoc. 
Sec filsc Liquors. 

Beerbohm, Max. 

Yet again. J to(Fr9) D. *$i-5o net. Lane. 
Beers, Clifford Whittingham. 

The after care of the insane: hist ^ of its 
development and a discussion of its na- 
ture and value as an agency in the pre- 
vention of mental disorders, t together 
with a plan for its pract. application in 
Connecticut and other chosen fields. '09, 
[1910,1 (Mr) c. 45 p. 8, pap. gratis. 

C W. Beers. 

Bibliography (a p.). 

Mind Hint found itself; autobiography . '08 
(MrsS) ; 2cl eel 'To(Jlso) c. 0. ea,, $1.50 
net. Longmans. 

Beers, H: Augustin. 

Milton's tercentenary; address del. before 
the Modern Language Club of Yale Uni- 
versity on Milton's three hundredth birth- 
day. 'loQlp) D. bds., 50 c. Yale Univ. 

Beers, H: Augustin, Continued. 

Ways of Yale in the consulship of Plancus. 
New and further enl. ed. 'io(Jl2) c. il. 
S. $1.20 net Holt 


Alexander, E. W. Writings on practical 
bee culture. 50 c. A. L Root 

Buttel-Reepen, H. r. Are bees reflex ma- 
chines ? 50 c. A. I. Root 

Doolittle, G. M. Year's work in an out- 
apiary. 50 c. A. I. Root 

Edwardes, T, Lore of the honey bee. ^$2.40 
net Scribner. 

Gates, B. N. Miscellaneous papers on api- 
culture; bee keeping in Massachusetts. 
5 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs, 

Jones, H: Radical cure for the swarming 
of bees. 25 c. H: Jones. 

Langstroth, L. L. On the hive and honey 
bee. $1.20. Dadant 

Lockard, J : R. Bee hunting. 25 c. 

A. R. Harding. 

Lyon, D. E. How to keep bees for profit 
$i net. Macmillan. 

Potter, T. C. Bee-keeping for sedentary 
folk, gratis. A. I. Root. 

Root, A. I. and E. R. A B C and X Y Z 
of bee culture. $1.50; $2.25; $2.50. 

A. I. _ Root. 

Swenk, M. H. Specific characters in the 
bee genus 'collet es. 50 c. M. H. Swenk. 
Beesley, C: Norbury, 

Illustrated guide to St. Michael's church, 
Charleston, S. C '08 (Dip) c. il. obi T. 
pap,, 50 c. C. N. Beesley. 

Beesly, E: Spencer. 

Catiline, Clodins, and Tiberius. 'o8(Jai8) 
O. (Anastatic reprint) *$3 net Stechert. 
Beeson, C: H: 

See Hale, W: Gardner. 

See Sugar. 

Beethoven, Ludwig v. 

Letters. Critical ed. ; with explanatory 

notes by Dr. Alfr. C. Kalischer; ir. with 

preface by J. S. Shedlock, 2 v. *o8(Ds) 

8, *$7.5p net. Dutton. 

Piano compositions; ed., [with introd.,] by 

Eugen d' Albert. In 2 v. v. i. '09(04) 

por. 4, (Musicians* lib.) $2.50; pap., 

.$1.50. Ditson. 

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig v. 

Diehl, A. M. Life of Beethoven, $3. 


Diehl, A. M. Life of Beethoven. *$3 net. 


Rau, H. Beethoven: a biographical ro- 
mance. $1.50. Ditson. 
Beetle (The). Marsh, R : $1.50. Brentano's. 


Pierce, W: D. On the biologies of the 

phynch&phora of North America. (Not 

for sale.) Univ. of Neb. 

Wolcott, A. B. Notes on some deridae 

of Middle and North America. 50 c. 

Field Museum. 

See also Tmects. 

Before and after Waterloo. Stanley, E: 
*$375 special net Appleton. 

Before marriage. Homan, Mrs, A. L, R. 
**35 c. net Vir Pub. 




Before the doctor comes. Crawford. M. M. 
$i. Chr. Herald. 

Before the war. Neall, W. H. 15 c. 

Perm Pub, Co. 
Begbie, Harold. 
Tables of stone. '08(819) D. t$i-5o. 

Doubleday, P. 

Twice-born men; clinic in regeneration; 
footnote in narrative to Prof. W: 
James's "The varieties of religious ex- 
perience," 'io((Fi2) c, 12, *$i.25 net. 


Published in England with title "Broken earth- 

The Vigil, 'oB(Apn) c, D. t$**So. Dodd. 

Beggar in evening dress, Fleming, G: E, 

(Add. author for price.) G: E. Fleming. 

Beggar in the heart Rickert, M, E. t$i-S<>. 

Beggar or a king, Read, H. E. 30 c. 

, Business Pub, 

Beginner's botany, Bailey, L. II. **6o c. 

net Macmillan. 

Beginner's (The) primer. '08 (Fi) <x il D, 

*a$ c. net. Houghton, M. & Co, 

Beginnings at Jerusalem, Lacey, T; J, 6bc. 


Beginnings in industrial education, Hanus, 

P. H, **$i net Houghton M 

Beginnings of English America. Connor, R 

D. W. gratis. N. C Hist, 

Beginnings of independent life, Clarke, J : M. 

50 c, J; M, Clarke. 

Beginnings of New York. Forsythe, M* I. 

25 c Badger* 

Beginnings of Texas. Clark, R, C. 75 c 

Univ. of Tex. 

Sea Bcbiswu 

Behind the veil in Persia and Turkish Arabia, 
Hume-Griffith, Mrs* M, E, *$3,5<> net, 


Behind the world and beyond. Stimson, H; 
A. $1,25 net Eaton & M. 


, Blanche, 

Hist, of some French kings, *xo(D3ii 8* 
$j net. Macmillan, 

Behnke, Kato Emit, and Henalowe, E, Colin. 

Broadlands cookery book; comprehensive 
guide to the principles and practice of 
food reform. *io(Jli6) ta, $i net, 


Behold the Lamb of God; Lententide sermons 
by eminent servants of God; tr. from the 
German by Fk, Carroll Longaker and Rob. 
Neumann, *o8(Mr) c. icon, ta*, 8$ c. 

Germ, Lit, Bd. 
Behrens, C, 

Louis xvi, painting; designs in a modern 
treatment after old original designs of 
the second hall of the lath century, text 
by Bruno Hessling, *09(Agai) il. port- 
folio, $8. Heading. 

Beibiti, Km J* H. 

Gloria crack: tddreites del in Liehfield 

Cathedral Holy Week and Good Friday, 

1907. 'o8(Jaas) D* $i, Longmans. 

Beiden (Die) fretindt. Moltke, Count H, K. 

B. v. *js c. net. . Holt, 

Beirly, Alfr. 

New harbor for Chicago : plans and sugges- 
tions; paper written at the request of the 
Harbor Commission appointed by His 
Honor Frederic A. Busse. *o8(Jl4) c. 
plan, 8, pap., gratis. A. Beirly. 

Beissel, Stephan. 

Lord's prayer and the Hail Mary; points 
for meditation. '08, [1909,] (Mr) c. 6+ 
227 p. 12, *QO c. net. Herder. 

Beith, Ian Hay, 

See I lay, Ian, pseud. 
BEL (god). 

Radati, H, Bel, the Christ of ancient times* 
*7S c. net. Open Court 

Belabre, Baron de. 

Rhodes of the knights; (description of the 

existing monuments of the Knights of St. 

John of Jerusalem.] *OQ(Ja2^) il. figs. 

$975- ' Oxford Univ. 

Belasco, D: 

*9cv Klein, C :-- CVHiNfRins Harvey Jrrmlcl, 
Belasco, Rev, G; S* 

God of our fathers, and other sermons, 

*o8(Ag8) 8, *$ net. Bloch. 

Beiden, A. W,, Delamater, 0. R.| T( and Groves, 

J. W, 

Washing and coking tests of coal, at ;he 
f it %!* testing* plant Denver, Colo,, July i, 
1907, to June 30, 1908, f 09(My) 54 p. 
il, figs, tabs,, O. pap, to c. 

u, S., Supt, of Docs. 

Baedeker, K, Belgium and Holland. $t.8o 

net, Scribner* 

Bumpus T: R Cathedrals and churches 

of Belgium. $2 net. Pott, 

Conant, C: A, National bank of Belgium, 

U. S. Supt, of Docs, 

Guide to Belgium, $i. Pratt & P 

Higinhotham, J : U Three weeks in Hol- 

land and Belgium, $1,50, Reilly & B, 

Omond, G: W; T, Belgium. *$6 rt, 

Omond, G: W; T, Belgium. *ys c, net, 


Ro-wntree, B, S. Land and labor; lesiont 
from Belgium. $3.50 net, Mtcmltltn, 
Singleton* E. Art of the Belgian gnilrri^, 

I*, C Page, 

Btfaravia art monograph. $1.50 net ; $1,75 
net, Caldwdl 

-Mather, R : Rembrandt, 

Schaeffen Sandro Botticelli 

St* Faith. 

Belief in a personal God, Huizingt, A, v, 

C P, *$o c. net, Sherman, F, 

Beliefs of unbelief Pitchett, W: H; *$!, 
net, Eaton & M 

Belkmap! RtflnW Rowan* 
American lioiise building in Messina tnd 
Rfggio; acct. of the American Naval and 
Red Cross combined expedition, to pro- 
vide shelter for the survivors of the 
great earthquake of Dec 38, tooR, '10 
(Nia) c. ii O. $a net Putnam, 

Bell, Acton pseud, 
5#^ Bronte, Anne 




Bell, Adelaide Fuller. 

The vassalage. '09, [1910.] (F) c. 318 p. 
il. 12, $1.50. C. M. Clark. 

Bell, Alex. Graham. 

Few thoughts concerning eugenics. '08 
(My.) c. 119-123 p. tab., 8, 25 c. 

Nat Geog. 

Mechanism of speech. 2d ed. 'o8(F2p) c. 
O. **$i.2o net. Funk. 

BELL, Alexander Melville. 
Curry, S : S. ^ Alexander Melville Bell ; 
some memories, with fragments from a 
pupil's note book $i. Expression. 
Bell, Archie. 
The Clyde Fitch I knew. 'og(D) $i. 

B'way Pub. 
Bell, Rev. C. C. 

Children's round of fast and festival. '09 
(Apio) il. bds., *40 c. net. 

Young Churchman. 

Story of the promise ; being simple readings 
on the Old Testament. 'O9(Apio) il. bds, 
*6o c. net. Young Churchman. 

Bell, C: Erie, comp. 

Everyday freight rules and tariff manual 
applicable to interstate traffic. *io(Jl2) 
c. 4, $i. C: E. Bell. 

"Bell, Ourrer," ps>eud. 

See Bronte, Charlotte 
Bell, Ellis, pseud. 

Sec Bronte, Emily Jane. 
Bell, Ernest Albert, ed. 
War on the white slave trade. *io(Ja29) 
c. il. pors, 12, $1.50. C: C. Thompson, 
Also issued under title "Fighting the traffic in 
young girls." 
Bell, Mrs. Euphemia Young. 

Beautiful Bermuda, from different view- 
points. [3d ed., rev, and enl.] 'o9(Jes) 
c. il. fold, maps, fold, plans, 12, $i ; pap., 
50 c. I. D. & F. R. Bell 

Bell, Lady Florence Eveleen Olliffe, [Mrs. 

Hugh Bell.] 

Fairy tale plays and how to act them. '09 
(Jl3i) il. $1.50. Longmans. 

Bell, Rev. G: Milner, ed. 

Social service; hdbk. for workers and 
visitors in London and other large 
towns ; with appendix of local charitable 
agencies; with a preface by the Bishop 
of Stepney. 'o8(Di2) D. 60 c. 

Bell, Gertrude I/iowthian. 

Desert and the sown: [travel in Syria.] 
New cheaper ed. 'o8(Jai8) il. map, 12, 
*$3 net. Button, 

Sec also Ramsay, Sir W. M, 
Bell, Mrs. Hugh. 

See Bell, Lady Florence Eveleen Olliffe. 
Bell, Ja., comp. 

"The Teacher" guide to the) certificate 
exams, of the 3d. of Educ. (England), 
1908-9; with questions set in 1907 and 
solutions to papers in math. 'o8.(Ag) 
il. diagrs, 12, *so c. net Pitman. 

Bell, Ja. Mackintosh. 

See Brown, Abbie Farwell. 
Bell, Ja. Munro, comp. 
Furniture designs of Thomas Chippendale; 
with an introd. and critical estimate by 
Arth. Hayden. 'io(D24) il. 4, $6" net 


Bell, Ja. MUMO, conrp.-- C0nh"n<?d 
Furniture designs of George Hepplewhite; 
with an introd. and critical estimate by 
Arth. Hayden. 'io(D24) il. 4, $6 net 

Bell, J: Joy. 

Oh! Christina! 'oo(Ap24> c. il. D. *6o c. 
net. Revell. 

Thou fool! 'o8(Ag29) c. il. D. t$i-SO. 

Baker & T. 

Whither thou goest: a romance of the 

Clyde. 'op(F27) c. D. *$i.2o net. Revell. 

Wullie McWattie's master. 'io(Jeii) c. 

D. 60 c. net. Revell. 

Bell, Lettice. 

Go-to-becl stones. *oo.(Agi4) c. il. plan, 
8, $i. Gospel Pub. 

Lost garden : stories of familiar Old Tes- 
tament characters. 'io(D) il. 12, (Nev- 
er-old stories sen) $1.25 net Doran. 
Never-old stories: some stones of Old 
Testament kings, 'io(D) il. 12, (Nev- 
er-old stones ser.) $1.25 net. Doran. 
Bell, Lilian Lida, [Mrs. Arth. Hoyt Bogue.] 
Angela's quest. 'io(Dio) c. il. D. $1.50. 


Concentrations of Bee. '09 (N6) c. front 
D. $1.50. L. C. Page, 

Bell, Lucia Chase. 

Obil, keeper of camels; being the parable 
of the man whom the disciple saw casting 
out devils. J io(Ap23) c. 12, 50 c. 

P. Elder. 
, and James, Rita Bell. 

Slumber Sea chanteys; music by Carrie 
Stone Freeman. *io(Oi5) F. pap,, $i. 

Bell, Malcolm. 

Drawings of Rembrandt. '08 (Ds) il. 4 

(Drawings by the great masters.) *$2.5o 

net. Scribner. 

Sir Edward Burne-Jones. 'oo.(D) various 

paging, il. Q. (Great artist ser.) *$2 net. 


Bell, Mowry. 

Weeds and wild flowers: [poems.] '08 
(Fi) c. D. bds., $1,25. Badger. 

Bell, Ralcy Husted. 

Changing values of English speech. '09 
(Mr6) 12, $1,25. Hinds. 

Bell, Rob., ed. 

Songs of the great dramatists. Cabinet ed. 
J o8(Di9) 12, (British poets ser.) $1.50. 


Bell, W. Blair. 

Principles of gynaecology. 'io(S) 27+ 
551 p. col. il. 0. $6 net. Longmans. 

Bell, Warren. 
Jim Mortimer. J o8(N2i) il. 12, $1.50. 


Bell, Bp. "W: Melvin. 

Social message of Our Lord '09(0) c. 
181 p. por. 12, *6o c. net. Otterbein. 

Bell, W: Temple. 

Various verses. 'og(Jl3) c. D. $i. 

Cochrane Pub. 
Bell cow. Sherman, B. E. $1.50. 

C. M. Clark. 




Bll Telephone Company of Pennsylvania. 
Specifications no. 3300; general specifica- 
tions for aerial cable construction; the 
Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania 
and controlled companies; Engineering De- 
partment. '09, [1910.] (Ap) c. 103 p. il. 
16. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Bell Telephone. 

Bella Donna. Hichens, R. S. t$i-SO. 


Bellamy, Fs., ed. 

Effective magazine advertising; ed., with 
an introd., The science of advertising 
copy. Vx)(Mri3) c. il, 4, *$S net. 

M. Kennerley. 
Bellamy, W; 

More charades. "09(02) c. D. **$i net. 

Houghton M. 

Bellamy, W; Woolsey. 
Shorthand construction. 'io(D^T) c. 16, 
25 c. VV: W. Bellamy. 

Bellcroft Priory. Cooke, W. B. $1.50. 


Belle (La) an hois dormant. See Fisher, 

Belle (La) San Antone. Bennett, J, $1.50. 

Belle Islets. Newman, R: B, t$i.$o. 

JLothrop, L, & S, 

Eraser, Kt "Bellcrophon," "the bravest of 
the brave," $2. Stokes. 

Belles, beaux and brains of the 6o*s. De Leon, 
T : C *$3 net. G : W. Dillingham, 

Belles-lettres ser. Section t, English litera- 
ture, 16. Heath. 
Caeclmon. Exodus and Daniel *6o c. net 
Belles-lettres ser,: Section 3, English drama; 
ed, by (J. P. Baker, il. if", <k> c. Heath, 
Beaumont. Knight of the burning pestle 

antl \ king and no king. 
D'Avenant. Lave and honour, and The 

siege of Rhodes. 
Middleton and Rowley, Spanish gipsie* and 

All's lost by lust. 

Otway. The orphan, and Venice preserved, 
Shelley. CeneL 

Belles-lettres ser.: Section (\ Nineteenth cen- 
tury ports cd. by R ; Burton. 16, 60 c, 

! leath. 

Arnold, Select poems. 
Shelley, Select poems. 
Tennyson, Select poems, 
Ballet, Louise Peccpet dw. 
Some prominent Virginia families : f Ed- 
ward Jaeiuelin Martha Carey.] *o8()a4) 
4 V M il pors, tabs., 8 n $10. J. P, Hell. 
RKt.UNt, Giovanni. 

Hay, G: Bellini, *6$ c net, Stokes. 

Belloc, t joi. Hilairt Plerr. 

Marie Antoinette, 'ocj(Nao) c, il (actinia,, 
C), **$2.7S net. ' Drniblrday, P, 

On atiythinjc. '10(1)10) u*, $1,25 net. 


On everything! [essays.] *io(Ap23) ia*, 

$1.25 net, Dutton, 

On untiling, and kindred subject*. 'oB(D) 

20 I 2fu p, i6* *$i,25 net, Dutton, 

Belloc-Lowndes, Mrs. Marie Adelaide. 
Barhara Rchcll. 'oS(ApTT) c. il. rj", ( Pop- 
ular priced copyrights) ^o c. 

'B. W. Dodge. 

Pulse of life: a story. 'o9(Fi3) c. D. 
f$i.5o, Dodd. 

Studies in wives. ^10(164) c. 12, $1.50. 

M. Kcnnerley. 

Uttermost farthing. '09(623) c. 8, $1.25. 

M. Kcnnerley. 
Bellot, Lieut Jos. Ren6. 
Journal d'un voyage aux mers polaires ; cd, 
by II. J. Chaytor. 'o8(Jai8) tmp, D, 
(Oxford mod. French ser.) (M c. 

Oxford Ihiiv. 
Bellows, Wa. Clarke. 

("ampcche: some notes on thr most tcinark* 
able postage .stamp ever i.sstiod [Mexi- 
can.] '09(JI) 8, $3.50. VV. c: Bellows, 
Hell's cathedral ser.; ed. by G: White and 
E; F, Strange, il. 12, 60 c. Macmillan. 
-VVoodhousc. Churches of Coventry, 
VVorlcy. Priory church of St. Bartholo- 


Bell's miniature ser. of grmt wnfcvx il, 16, 
*50 c net. Macmillan, 

"Btickland. Oliver Goldsmith. 
Bell's miniature ser, of musicians. II 16*, 
*5oc, > m i t; limp loath. > *$i net, Mannillan, 
AntcIillV. Schubert. t Grieg. 

kiiiieiman. Ifaydn.- Purcoll. 
Dell's miniature set\ of fiainters, il, t6*, 
50 c.; Hmpjeath., $i, Macmiltan. 

Cyst, Botticelli.- Leonardo Da Vim*i 
Konody. Brothers Van Kyck, 
Bells across the snow, llavcrgal, \<\ R, ?5 c, 


1Mb and pomegratiates, Farrar, F: VV; 
$1.50 not. VVhittaker 

Bells of Atcliisou, (rreen. A, 75 c, 

A Green, 

Helium ("atilinae, See SalhtNtiu** c 'ri^fnix C 9 , 
Belot^ Thdr. T; 

Scinto .speculation ntu! the French settle- 
ment at Gallipoiis. *o8(Je6) maps, O. 
(University stiulies.) pap,, 75 r, 

Univ, of Oin, 
BKLVOIR CASTLE, Grantham, Enff, 

AV* Gftrcleni incl gtrdentng. 

Bel Jacob Otto. 

*SVf liriggs, Lyman Ja, 

Beniidji Pioneer, Remidji the arkno\vl 
edged ''huh" of the (treat Nortluveat ; 
idealiHtic pleasure ancl henltli resort of 
the Great Northwest ; bread hiwkf t of 
the Great Northwest and center of thr 
pieturesque lakes of the Grrat North- 
west. IIQIO.J (Mr) 104 p, il pors, !" 
pap., 50 c. t lienncljt Pioneer, 

Ben Logan's triumph. <A)ger, HL ;>. 60 c, 

Cupplfit & L. 
Ben Yfisuf, Mmt. Anna. 
Art of millinery; complete ser. of pract 
lessons. *io(Api6) c. il, ia*, $j, 

Millinery Trade 
BK\ \i*rs t India. 

Cape, C, !i. IU*narcs; strfinuhntd f I tin 
tinism, $2 net, lia*lcr, 

Havell, K, B, Benans.the ^ar reel city, $3, 





Bench and bar of Litchfield County, Conn. 
Kilbourn, D. C. $5. Kilbourn. 

Bender, C. W. 

Electric train lighting hdbk. for railway 
electrical engineers; by Engineering 
Dept. of the National Electric Lamp 
Assoc. 'io(Jl) 342 p. il, tabs., 12. (Not 
for sale.) Nat. Elec. Lamp. 

Bender, Ida C. 

See Emerson, H: Pendexter. 
Bender, Melyin T. 
Sec American bankruptcy repts. Digest 

Street railway repts. 
Bender, Wilbur H. 

Iowa. '08(819) c. il. 4, (Tarr and Mc- 

Murry geographies, supplementary v.) 

pap., *2o c. net. Macmillan 

Bend'er's code citations analyzed. Becker, F. 

S. $i. M. Bender. 

Bender's Lawyers' diary and directory for the 

state of New York. 'io(F) c. 0. h. leath., 

$2. M. Bender. 

Bender's Lawyers' reference book and diary, 

1910. '09, [1910.] c. O. $2. M. Bender. 

Bender's national lawyers' diary and directory 

for the state of New York, 1908. 'o8(Ja4) ; 

Same. 1900. 6th year. 'oS(D) c. 0. hf. 

roan, ca., $2. M. Bender. 

Bender's practice time-table; consisting of the 

times required for each step in the practice 

of law in the state of N. Y. ; ed. by A. B. 

Griffin. 'io(S) c. 0. $2. M. Bender. 

Bender's selected statutes. See New York 

Bendture & Arthurs' practical and correct 

guide for the use of auditors, agents, and 

railroad men generally. '09 (Jl) c. 43 p. 12, 

$3, Bendure & A, 

Beneath the Star of Bethlehem. Wells, E. H, 

$r. Neale. 

Benedict, A, L. 

Golden rules of dietetics ; general prin- 
ciples and empiric knowledge of human 
nutrition ; analytic tables of foodstuffs ; 
diet lists and rules for infant feeding and 
for feeding in various diseases. '08, 
[T9Q9-] (Je) 5-407 p. tabs., 8, (Medical 
guide and monograph ser.) $3. Mosby. 
Benedict, Clare. 

A resemblance, and other stories. '09 
(Mr6) c, D. (-$1.50. Putnam. 

Benedict, Erastus Cornelius. 
American admiralty; its jurisdiction and 
practice, [etc.] 4th ed., rev. by E; Gren- 
ville Benedict 'io(Je) c O, $6,30. 

Banks & Co. 

Benedict, Fs. Gano, and Carpenter, Thome M, 
Influence of muscular and mental work on 
metabolism and the efficiency of the hu- 
man body as a machine. '09 (Je) 100 p* 
il. 8, (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, Office 
of Experiment Stations bull.) 15 c. 
Metabolism and energy transformations of 
healthy man during rest 'io(Ag) -Q. 
pap., $1.75. Carnegie. 

Respiration calorimeters for studying the 
respiratory exchange and energy trans- 
formations of man. *io(My7) il. Q. 
pap., 75 c. Carnegie. 

Benedict, Fa 'Gano, and Joslin, Elliott Procbor. 

Metabolism in diabetes mellitus. 'io(D) 

6+234 P- il- fold, chart, O. (Carnegie 

Institution of Washington pub,) pap., $2. 

Benedict, Rob. Russell. 

Mystery of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. 

*io(Ap2) c. D. $i net. Lippincott 

Benedict, Roswell Alphonzo. 

Malefactors of great wealth! *o8(F29) c. 

por. 0. $2. Am. Business. 

Benediction (The). Dolbeer, W: H. 75 c. 

Lutheran Pub. 
Benedix, Roderick J. 

Eigensinn: [a play.] 'o9(Ni3) S. pap., 15 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Beneficiary features of American trade 
unions. Kennedy, J. B. 50 c. 

Johns Hopkins. 

Benefit of the Hepburn law. Hanks, C: S. 
SO c. Authors* Pub. 

Fraternalism and the church, $r, 

M. C Chamberlin. 

Hardy, C. S. Fraternal society law. $10. 

R. Smith. 

Hardy, C. S., comp. Fraternal society law: 
digest of the laws concerning fraternal 
beneficiary societies. 12, *$io net. 

C S. Hardy. 

See also Freemasonry; Trade-unions; Woodmen 
of the world. 

Benett, W. 

Ethical aspects of evolution regarded as 
the parallel growth of opposite tenden- 
cies. J o8(N2i) O. $2. Oxford Univ. 
BENGAL, India. 

Banerjea, S. B. Tales of Bengal. $i net. 


Bengougli, J: Wilson. 

Whole hog book: being [Henry] George's 
thoro' going work "Protection or free 
trade ?" rendered into words of one sylla- 
ble, and ii. with pictures. J o8(Agi5) c. il. 
16, pap., 25 c. Free Trade. 

Benham, Allen, Rogers, ed. 

See Padelford, F: Morgan. 
Benjamin, C: T: 

Fall of David's tabernacle, rebuilt by 
Christ. '08 (Ag) c. 160 p. por. 12, 75 c. 


Benjamin, Marcus. 

John Bidwell, pioneer: address del. before 

the Society of California Pioneers of 

Washington, D. C. J o8(Apn) il. 12, 

pap., gratis. Soc. Cal. Pioneers, 

Benjamin, Ruthella. 

Echoes from Oak Street 'oS(D) 162 p. 

16, 50 c. Donohue. 

Benjamin, W: Howard. 

Biographies of celebrated organists of 

America. J o8(D) c. 155 p, il. 8, subs., 

$25. W: H. Benjamin. 

Benkendorf, Oustavus H: W:, and Hatch, 

Kirk Lester. 

Profitable dairying; a manual for farmers 

and dairymen. '08 (Ag) cl 64 p. il. 12*, 

gratis. Babsom. 

-, oomp. and <d. Catalogue of the postal 

dairy library. 'io(My) c. 64 p. obi. 24, 

gratis. G. H: W: Benkendorf. 



Benn, Alfr. W: 

Early ^ Greek philosophy. 'oQ(Jl3i) 12, 
(Philosophies ancient and modern from 
Pythagoras to Spencer.) *5o c, net. 


Benn, Mrs. Edith Annie Fraser Parker. 
Overland trek from India hy side-saddle, 
camel, and rail; the record of a journey 
from Beluchistan to Europe. 'o9(Ni3) 
il, map, 0. *$5 net. Longmans. 

Benn, H. P., and Bolwock, W. C. 

Characteristics of old furniture style in 
England, 1600-1800, '08 (Dig) 4, pap., 
*$i net. Scribner. 

Bennet, Rob. Ames. 

Into the primitive. *o8(Apn) c. il. $1.50, 


The Shogun's daughter. 'io(Ols) c, O, col 

il. $1.35 net. McClurg. 

Volunteer with Pike; the true narrative 

of one Dr. John Robinson and his love 

for the fair Sefiorita Vallois. *OQ(Q9) 

c. il. in col O. $1.50. McClurg, 

Bennett, C: Alpheus. 

Problems in mechanical drawing, "08 (D$) 
c. obi. S. pap, $i ; bds, $1,20, 

Manual Arts. 

Bennett, C: dn, 

First year Latin, '09, [1910,] (F) c, 288 p, 
il. 12, $L Allyn & B. 

Latin grammar. Rev. ed *o8(Jea7) c. 
ia & , (Bennett's Latin set,) 80 c. 

Allyn & B, 
Bennett, C: J. C, 

Formal discipline. *o8(P8) figs, tabs,, 0. 
pap,, 50 c. Teachers* Coll, 

Bennett, B; T, 

Psychic phenomena; with a foreword by 
Sir Oliver Lodge. ^(Jla) ia, *7S c. net, 

Bennett, Enoch Arnold. 

Buried alive: tale of these days, 'xo(JeaO 
S. $i. Brentano s, 

Clayhanger. f io(0is) c. D. $1.50 net. 


The glimpse: adventures of the soul 
'00(023) c. D. t$i.s<x Appleton, 

Helen with the high band; an idyllic di- 
version. '10(015) IX $ net. Doran, 

How to live on 24 hours a clay. *io(Da4) 

c. I), Ink, 50 c. net, Doran, 

Human machine: ser. of studies. *io(D) 

75 c. net. Doran, 

Literary taste; how to form it f m(D) 
75 c. net,, Doran, 

Old wives' tale, *oo(Je26) D. *$ net. 


The reasonable life; essays, 'to(D) Ms,, 
50 c, net* Doran, 

What the public wants: a play, 'io(D) $1 
net, Doran. 

See aiw PMHpotts Kdrn, 
Bennett, F. 

Story of W, T. E Bennett, founder of St. 
Barnabas', Pimlico and vicar of Froome- 
Selwcod, and of his part in the Oxford 
Church movement of the nineteenth cen- 
tury. *o$(Ni3) por. 0, *$3,85 net. 


Bennett, Homer Clark, M.D. 

Electro-therapeutic guide, 8th ed 1 ., rev, and 
condensed. 'o8(Jaii) il. por. O. $2. 

Nat. Coll Electro-Therapeutics. 
Bennett, Hugh Garner. 

Manufacture of leather. *ioCMyi5> il. 8'\ 
$4.50 net. Van Nostrand. 

Bennett, Ida D, 

Vegetable garden. T o8(Jl4) c. O. (Country 
home lib.) **$ net. McClure. 

Bennett, Ja. O'Donnell, ed, 
When good fellows get together, [verse 
and prose selections, j YvSfSio* c. C). 
bds., $i. Kfilly & B. 

Bennett, Ja. Rob. Sterndale. 

Life of William Sterndale Bennett, '08 
(Fi) 8, *$3-50 net Putnam. 

Bennett, Johannas. 

La belle San Antone. Vx)(Ni3>r H $, 


Bennett, J: W: , 

Roosevelt and the republic. 'oS(Jf*20} c. 
D. $1.50, B'way Pub. 

Bennett, Matirice Bug. 
Method in teaching writing, *o8K)) c 
129 p. 8, $1.25. liennrtt Pttb, 

Bennett, Rob. Jos., comp. 

Sffe Michigan, Law of negotiable paper. 
Bennett, Virginia. 

Old farm story box, 4 v. *o8, [tgoo,] (Jl) 
il. ia, per set, $1. Hutton. 

Bennett, ^W: Harper. 

Catholic footsteps in old New York, from 
1524 to 1808. 'OQ(Ap3) c, O, $JS, 

Schwartz, K, & P. 
Bennett, Sir W: H: 

Injuries and diseases of the krire joint, 
considered from the clinical aspect, *o^ 
(Mr2/) H. w . *$3 net. Wood. 

Lectures on the use* of niajwagc and enrly 
movements in recent fracttireH, am! cither 
common surgical injuries. spr.utH and 
their consequences, rigidity of the spine f 
and the management of stiff joints gen- 
erally. 4th ed.' f o0(fe5) H. O, ^$175 net, 

Bennfttt^ W; H; ed. 

Religion of the pant-exilic prophet H, 5^6* 
300 B.C. *o8(Myi6) ia* f (Literature and 
religion of Israel,) *$2 net. Scr inner, 
BENNETT, William James Early. 
Bennett R Story of W, J, E, Briwrtt. 
*$a,2S net, Longmans, 

BENTNETT, Sir William Sterndale. 
Bennett, J, R. S, Lilt of William Stern- 
dale Bennett, *$ net Putniim, 
Bensley, B; Arth, 

Pract, anatomy of the rabbit. 'io(Mr) 
6+303 p, IL 8*. *$a net, Hlakistan* 
Benson, Allan L: 

What help can any workingtnitn rxprct 

from Taft or Bryan? f o8(r)i<|) D piip., 

S c, Socialist, 

Benion, Arth. Chrlatoplitr, f f< J, T; w "T. B. w l 

Poems, 'og(F6) ia* *$i,5o net, lane, 

At large; [essays,] f o8(Oio) c, D. **$i.5O 

net, Putnam, 

The schoolmaster: commentary upon the 

aims and methods of an mwntant -mister 

in a public school ; with in introcS to the 

American ed. *oB(Myi6} D, *$r,as net 





Bi&nson, Arth. Christopher Continued 
Silent isle. 'io(Ni9) c. D. $1.50 net 


Until the evening. 'o9(Si8) c. D. (What is 
worth while ser.) leatherette, **30 c. net. 

Benson, Blackwood Ketcham. 

Who goes there?; the story of a spy in 
the Civil War. 'io(Oi) c. D. $1.50. 

Benson, E: Frederic. 
A reaping. '09(811) D. $1.25, fixed. 

Doubleday, P. 

Blotting book. *o8(Ag29) c. '07, '08. D. 

t$i. Doubleday, P. 

The climber. '09 (F6) c. front D. **$i.4<> 

net Doubleday, P. 

English figure skating 'O9(ja9) il. 12, 

*$2.50 net Macmillan. 

Fascinating Mrs. Halton. J io(Mr26) c. il. 

D. $1.20, fixed. Doubleday, P. 

Margery. 'io(Di7) c. 12, $1.20. 

Doubleday, P. 
The Osbornes. 'io(Sio) c. D. $1.20. 

Doubleday, P. 
Benson, Harrison X. 

Compendium on mines, mining, minerals, 
or,es, rocks, weights of metals and rocks, 
effect of heat on various substances, wa- 
ter measure, tanks and piping; atomic 
weights explained, chemical symbols, etc. 
J io(Jl3o) c. il. D. limp leath., $2. 

Hall & W. 

Benson, Irene Elliott. 

Yellow princess. '08, [1909.] (Ap) c. 8, 
25 c. McLoughlin. 

Benson, Marg. 

Venture of rational faith. 'opQaza) 8, *$2 
net. * Macmillan. 

Benson, Percival Ramsey. 
Lord of lands. J o8(Si2) c. D. $1.50. Holt 
Melchisedec. '09(825) c. D. t$i-5o. Holt. 
Benson, Rettel Allen. 

Nursery manual; the care and feeding of 
children in health and disease. '08 (D) c. 
184 p. 12, *$i net. Boericke & T. 

Benson, Father Rob, Hugh. 
A winnowing. 'io(Jl9) c. 12, $1.50. 


The conventionalists. *09(Mr6) c. D. $1.50. 


Cost of a crown; story of Douay and 
Durham; sacred drama in 3 acts. *io 
(Ns) D. bds., $i net Longmans. 

Lord of the world. 'oa(Ap25) c. D. t$i-5. 


Mystery play in honour of the nativity of 
our Lord. WDig) il- D, 900,; New ed., 
(text only.) '09(025) S, pap., 20 c. 


The necromancers. l oQ(N2o) 12, $1,50, 


Non-Catholic denominations. 'io(D24) D. 
(Westminster lib,) $1.20 net. Longmans. 
Bensusan, S: Levy. 

Holbein. 'o8(Api7) il. O. (Masterpieces 
in colour.) bds., *6$ c. net Stokes. 

iS : Levy. Continued. 
Home life in Spain. 'io(Dio) il. D. $1.75 
net. Macmillan. 

Lawrence. 'io(Jl3o) il. D. (Masterpieces 
in color.) bds., 65 c. net; leath., $1.50 net 


Murillo. 'io(Di7) col. il. O. (Masterpieces 

in colour.) bds., 65 c. net Stokes. 

Rubens. J og(Api7) il. O. (Masterpieces 

in colour.) bds., *6s c. net Stokes. 

Tintoretto. '08(63) O. (Masterpieces in 

colour.) bds., *6s c. net. Stokes. 

Titian. 'o8(Jl4) il. 0. (Masterpieces in 

colour.) bds,, *65 c. net Stokes. 

Bentalou, Paul. 

See Clarke, J: 
Bentley, Alys E. 

Song series: book one. 'o8(My2) c. il. O. 
35 c.; Bk. 2. 'io(My2i) c. "il. 8, 40 c. 
net. Barnes. 

, and Johnston, Geneva R. 
Child's world primer. J o8(My2) c. il. D. 
30 c. Barnes. 

Bentley, Artn. Fisher. 
Process of government. *o8(Apn) c. O. 
*$3 net. Univ. of Chic. 

B>entley, Harry Claris, and Conyngton, T : 
Corporate finance and accounting. '08 
(Mr2i) c. 8, $4. Ronald Press. 

Benton, Arth. Burnett 

The Mission inn; sketches by W: Alex, 

Sharp. '08 (Ag) c. 4, pap., $2; leath., 

$4. M. E. L. Allen. 

Benton, Caroline French, [pseud, for Caroline 

Benedict Burrell.] 
Living on a little. '08(85) c. D. $1.25. 


Benton, C: W: 

Pract bookkeeping; designed for use of 

high schools, normal schools, business 

colleges and private study. 'io(F) c. 6+ 

7-222 p. 4, $1.50. Bogarte. 

Benton, Elbert Jay. 

International law and diplomacy of the 
Spanish- American war. '08 (Mr 14) c. O. 
(Albert Shaw lectures on diplomatic his- 
tory.) $1.50. Johns Hopkins. 
Benton, Guy Potter, 
Real college. 'ogQeig) c. D, *75 c. net. 

Benton, Harwood Otis, and Bertram, J:, 

comps. and eels. 

Aid 1 to Kansas history, to be used in con- 
nection with Noble L. Prentis' "History 
of Kansas." 'o8(Ag22) c. D. pap., 25 c. 
H. O. Benton. 
Benton, Joel, 

Memories of the Twilight Club. '09 (D) 
$i; leath., $1.50. B'way Pub. 

Benton, J: Clemens. 

Legal aspect of prohibition. '09 (N) c. 45 p. 
8, 50 c. J: C. Benton. 

Benton, J: Rob. 

Problems in physics to accompany Ames's 
Text-bk. of general physics. '09, [1910.] 
(D) c. 2+46 p. il. 8". Am. Bk. 

Benton, Josiah H: 

Book of common prayer*; its origin and 

growth. 'io(O) 3-68 p. 8. (Priv. pr.) 

J: H: Benton. 




Be-nton, Josiah H: Ow//w<t rt. 

Lawyer's official oath and office. '09, 
[1910.] (F) c. 133 P. 8, $1.50. 

Boston Bk. 

Bibliography (6 p.). 

Story of the old Boston town house, 1658- 

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4. (Priv. pr.) Merrymoiint. 

Working of the Boston Public Library: 

address before the Beacon Society of 

Boston, Jan. 2, 1909. J o9(Mri3) O. (Not 

for sale.) J. H: Benton. 

Bentwich, Norman Be Mattos. 

Philo-Judseus of Alexandria. *io(Ap2) c, 

D. $1,25. Jewish Pub. 

Bentztown Bard, pseud. 

See McKinsey, Folger, 

Benziger's occlcsialical diary and note-book 
for the special use of the reverend clergy in 
the United States, 1909. '09 (F6) c. S. 
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B&nziger'& elementary geography for Catholic 
schuols, 'oo(N) c. 133 p. il. V, 54 c. 

Cox, J : IT. Knighthood, in ge rm and in 

flower; Anglo-Saxon epic* Beowulf and 
the Arthurian tale, Sir Gawein and the 
Own Knight, $1.25, Little. B. & Co. 
Deeds of Beowulf* $i, Oxford Univ. 

Marshall, H, E, Stones of Beowulf. 30 c, 


tkppa Cramp, W: H. 75 c. Small 

B6ran#*r, Pierre t Jean de, 
ChannmK choisies ; eel, by Jean Kdntoml 
Mansion. f o8(Nt4) por. S. (Oxford 
higher French scr.) $1.15. Oxford Univ. 
Bcrayslireth, Barnes, G : 0. $L J. J. Scruby. 
jit*! can .?<T, ; ed, by J, T, McKnrland, nan T, 

Eaton & M, 
~ International S. S, lessons, Lenson hand- 

book, H,XX), *2O c, net ; *25 c, net. 
- Meyer. Lesson hdhk, tcjto, K)fl, ca* 

***5 e, not. 
Berens0n t Barnhard 

Florentine painters of the Renaissance, jd 
e<L rev. and enl. '09 (Apt 7) c. front ta* 
**$T,5o net. Putnam* 

Sirm^e painter of the Franciscan legend. 
'loUais) O, *$2 net, Lane* 

Berenaon, Senda, ed. 

Spalcliuj^\ oflicial women's basket ball 
j5iiiclo, *o8(Dta) c. il, pors, ift, (Spald- 
ing's athletic lib, pap,, ID c. Am, Sports. 
Berg, Ernat Jialiui. 

ElfctrJcal energy, its generation, transmis- 
sion, and utilization, *o8(F29) c. il, O. 
*?2,5o net, ' McGraw, 

Brge Mme. 

Every woman ber own dressmaker. *09(D) 
il, *$ nt- Doran, 

Bergen> Jos Voting* 

Kssentials of botany. > OQ(Ja23) c, tl. D* 
$1.20, Ginn. 

Merger, Christian L; 

Handbook and illustrated catalogue of the 
engineers* and surveyors* Instruments of 
precision made by C L, Berger & Sons. 
'08 (Ap.) c. 212 p, it 8 W 60 c, 

C X* Berger, i 

Berget, Thomas Claude Xavier Alphonse. 
Conquest of the air; aeronautics, aviation; 
hist., theory and practice. 'io(Pi2) c. il. 
8, **$ net. Putnam. 

Bergey, D: Hendricks. 

Principles of hygiene; pract. manual for 
students, physicians, and health-officers, 
3d ed., thoroughly rev. and enl. '09, 
[1910.] (Ja) c. 7-355 P. il. 8, $3- 


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Safe building construction. New ccl, thor- 
oughly rev. r o8(Api8) c. il. tabs., 12, 
**$S net Macmillan. 

Bergin, Kev. Alfr. 

Swedish settlements in central Kansas; ad- 
dross del. before the Kansas State His- 
torical Society at its thirty- fourth annual 
meeting, December 7, NX*). lwo.| 0^ 
28 p. il. pors. fold, nap, H'\ gratis. 

State Hist., Kan, 
Bergling, J; Manrite. 

Art monograms and lettering: for the use 
of engravers, artists, designers and art 
workmen. In 3 v, v* I, Lettering; y. a 
Monograms and other designs; v, 3, Col- 
ored monograms, arts and craft, etc, *to 
(Jli6) c. il. f*, in portfolio, ea., $1.50; 
y, i 2 t in cl. bound portfolio, $3; 3 vs. 
in same cover, $4.2$. 1 : M. Bergllng, 
BerRold, Lilian Clara. 

Abraham Lincoln centennial; collection of 
authentic stories, with poems, SOUKS and 
prc grams. *09(Mr6) c, il, por. u*, 40 c. 

Kdtic. Pwh. 
Bergquist, Nils W, 
Swedish folk dances. *to(Myi4> 4*, $1,50, 

Bergson, Henri Lotiis, 

Time and free will ; wsay on the immediate 

data of conscioiisne ^ ; tr. by F, L. Pog 

ion, 'io(OS) 8, (Lib, of philosophy,) 

$2,75 net Macmillan, 


Niedieck^ R Cruises in Bering Sea. *$s 
net Scriliner, 

Beringtott, Jo. and KM* J:, compi. 

Faith of Catholics* confirmed by Scripture 
and attested by the father* of thr first 
five centuries of the church ; rev, it ml re- 
cast by Rev, Ja, Waterworth; with pref- 
ace, corrections and additions by Rt, Rev, 
Mgr, T, J, Capei 4th r<?v, nd rnl, l 
3 v. f iro(Jli6) c. fronts, 8 a $6 net. 

Berkeley, Frances GampbeU, d. 

Collect* course iu writing from mmli*K; 
arranged, with introil, aiul notes, 'to 
(Mrao) c. D. $1,25, IToIt. 

Berkeley, G: Bp. of Cloyn*. 

George Berkeley on several queries pro- 
posed to the public, 1735-37, "tofNi c, 
116 p. 8 t $i. Lord Halto. Pr, 

New theory of vision and other t*lrrt phi- 
losophical writings; (The principks of 
human knowledge and Three dialogue* 
between Hylas and Philonou*;) with In- 
trod. by A. D, Lindsay. 'io(Dio) c. 16*! 
(Everyman^ lib.) 35 c. net; Icatn M 70 c, 
net Dutton. 




Berkeley, O : Continu e d. 

The querist ; containing several queries pro- 
posed to the consideration of the public. 
pts. 1-3, Dublin, 1735-37- 'o8(F22) 8, 
(Reprints of economic tracts.) subs., per 
set of 4 tracts, pap., *$2 net 

Johns Hopkins. 

BERKELEY, George, Bishop of Cloyne. 
Fraser, A. C. Berkeley. *5O c. net Dodge. 
Mead, H. R., comp. Bibliography of George 
Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne. 

Univ. of Cal. 
Berkeley, H. 

Mysticism in modern mathematics. *io 
(Ag27) c. 0. $3.20. Oxford Univ. 

Berkeley, J:, pseud. 

Modern revolt from Rome. 'io(D24) 8, 
$1.25 net. Jennings. 

Berko, Geza D. 

Az Amerikai magyar nepszava jubileumi 
diszalbuma, 1899-1909. *io(Ap) 404 p. 
il. pors. 4, $5. G. D. Berko. 


Lamborn, E. A. G. School history of 
, Berkshire. 50 c. Stones from the his- 
tory of Berkshire. 25 c. Oxford Univ. 

Phillips, W: H. Pathfinder to Greylock 
Mountain, the Berkshire Hills, and his- 
toric Bennington. $i. W: H. Phillips. 
Smith, J. E. A. Taghconic: romance and 
beauty of the Berkshire Hills. $1.15. 

Berkwitz, W: Leonard. 

Encyclopedia of the mail order business. 
'08, [1909.] (Je) c. 270 p. il. 8, $5. 

Mail Order. 

The $500.000 course in mixing ; a course in 
mixing, preparing, originating and putting 
up preparations and specialties of all kinds 
suitable for mail order business. J o8, 
[1909.1 (S) c 103 p. 8. (Add. pubs, for 
price.) Mail Order. 

Reminiscences ; composed of actual mail or- 
der experiences. '08, [1909.] (Je) 50 p. 
8, $T. Mail Order. 

Ups and downs of a mail order aspirant, 
described in a series of ten letters, writ- 
ten by Andrew Morton, a young mail or- 
der aspirant, to his father on the old farm, 
>o8, [1909.] (Je) 44 P. 8, $i. 

Mail Order. 
Berlafee, Herman Jos. 

Incognito: Greek tragedy in four acts. 
J o8(Jli8) S. pap, (Add. author for price.) 
H. J. Berlage. 
BPJRLTN, Germany. 

Baedeker, K, Berlin and its environs. 
*90 c, net. Scribner. 

Dickie, J. F. In the Kaiser's capital. $2 
net. Dodd. 

Berlin discussion of the problem of evolu- 
tion. Wasmann, E. *$i.6o net. Herder. 
Bwlinicke, Harry R. 

Legal information. 'io(Jl) c. 0. pap., 25 c. 

Berlinicke & A. 
Berman, H: 

Tyrant in white, '09 (N) c. 320 p. 12, 
$1.50. Lovell, 


Bell, Mrs. E. Y. Beautiful Bermuda. $i; 
50 c. J. D. & F. R. Bell. 

Hayward, W. B. Bermuda, past and pres- 
ent. $1.25 net. Dodd. 
Ober, F : A. Guide to the West Indies and 
Bermudas. **$2.25 < net % Dodd. 
Shilling Bermuda guide and history 25 c. 

S. Nelmes. 

See also Moore, Thomas. 
Bermuda verse. Chittenden, W: L. **$i.50 
net. Putnam. 

Bernard, Auguste Joseph. 

Geofroy Tory; tr. by G: B. Ives. '09 
(Apio) il. 4, bds., *$37.50 net. 

Houghton M, 
Bernard, Charles de. 

L'anneau d'argent; ed. by L: Sers. J io 
(024) c. 16, (Macmillan's new ser. of 
French texts.) 35 c. net. Macmillan. 

Bernard de Clairvaux, St. 
On consideration; tr. by G: Lewis. '08 
(Nai) D. $i. Oxford Univ. 

Bernard of Climy. 

Source of "Jerusalem the golden" : together 
with other pieces _attributed to Bernard 
of Cluny; in English tr. by H: Preble; 
introd., notes and annotated bibliog. by 
S : Macaulay Jackson. J io(Ap9) fac- 
sims., 0. $1.25 net. Univ. of Chic. 

Bernays, Hermann Uhde-. 

See Uhde-Bernays, Hermann. 
Berner, Gottfried. 

Der pfarrherr von Silberburg. '08 (Fi) c. 
D. *$ net Ulbrich. 

Bernhardt, Christian. 

Indian raids in Lincoln County, Kansas, 
1864 and 1869. '10 (Ns) il. pors. fold." 
map, 8 Q , 50 c. Lincoln Sentinel. 

Bernhardt, Wilhelm, ed. 
Der weg zum gltick: zwei erzahlungen fur 
die jugend; sel. and ed., with exercises, 
notes and vocab., by Dr. Wilhelm Bern- 
hardt. ^(Apn) c. il. map, S. (Mod- 
ern lang, ser.) 40 c. Heath. 
Bernier, L: Leon. 

Autogenous welding of metals ; tr. from re- 
ports of the National School of Arts and 
Trades of France. 'o8(Jli8) c, il. 16, $i. 
Boiler Maker. 
Bernstein, E: 

Evolutionary socialism: criticism and af- 
firmation; tr. by Edith C. Harvey. '09 
(D4) (Socialist lib.) *$i net 

B: W. Huebsch. 
BERNSTORFF, Count Albrecht von. 
Ringhoffer, K. Bernstorff papers. *$6 net 

Card, F: W. Bush- fruits. **$i.5o net 


Berry, Abbe L. Claude. 
Favorite and favors of the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus; tr. by a Sister of Mercy. '08 
(Ap.) c. 243 p. 12, *75 c. net. 

Chr. Press. 

Berry, C: W: 

Temperature-entrophy diagram., 2d ed., 
rev. and enl. *o8(Ni4) c. figs. 12, $2. 






Berry, Claude Perrin. 

Treatise on the law rel. to automobiles. *og 
(JO c. 15+305 P- 0. *$3 net. Callaghan. 
Berry, 0; Ricker, DJ). 

Old Testament among the Semitic reli- 
gions. ' 10 (Mr 12) c. 0, *$i net. 

Griffiths & R. 
Berry, J; Beaton Nathaniel. 

Some assurances of immortality. '09 
(Apt/) c. nar. D. $i. Femm 

Berry, Mary Anne. 

Woman of uncertain age. '09 (Je) 293 p, 
front 12, $1*50, Stuyvesant Press, 

Berry, Rob. 

Germany of the Germans. *io(Je4) 12, 
$1.50 net Scribner. 

Berry, W. Grinton. 

Bishop Hannington and the story of the 
Uganda mission. 'oBCQio) 12, *$i net, 


France since Waterloo. 'o9(Ap3) il maps, 
D. *$i,5o net. Scribner. 

Berryman* J, R, ed, 

See Camp, Edg, W. 
Bersfordj T; 

Theories and facts for students of long- 
evity and health, *o8(Si9) c, 12*, $i. 

T; Bemord. 

Bertelli, Luigi, ["Tamfoa ] 
Prince and his ants (Ciondolino) ; tr. from 
the 4th Italian ed, by S. F. Woodruff, and 
ed, by Vernon L Kellogg. *io(Je4) c. il 
D, $1,35 net. Holt 

Bertha's Christmas vision, Alger, H,, /r, 
50 c, Hurst, 

Berthet, 'Bile. 

Le dottanier de mer; ed. by Rob. J R 
Bttl, >09(Ap3) D, (Oxford modern 
French sen) 60 c Oxford Univ. 

Bertholet, Alfr. 

Transmigration of sowls: tr, by Rev. H. J. 
Chtytor. 'teKJassa) w (Harper*! lib, of 
living thought) *7S c, net Harper, 

Berthon, H* E. and Starkty, V, Ck 
Tables synoptiques de phonologie de 1'ancien 
franpis. *09(Ap3) aq. F, pap., 85 c. 

Oxford Univ, 
Bcrtillon, Jacqiiea. 

International classification of causes of 
sickness and death; rev. by the Interna- 
tional Commiiwoii at the session of Paris, 
Jtily i to 3 1900. for use beginning Jan, 
i t 1910, and until Dec, 31, 1019. *ioyl) 
146 p, 4. Gov, Pr, Off, 

Bertram, J: 
Set Benton, Harwood Otis, 

Bertrand of Brittany, Deeping, G: W. 
t$i.5O, Casnell, 

Brtite y Moret f A, de. 
School of Madrid: fart and artists,] '09 
(Jea6) D, (Library of art) *$2 net, 


Berwick, Mary Hascll. 
Escapades of tn American youngster. *io 
(Myi4) 12 , $i, Brentano*s. 


Parnonsi, C: L, Chemistry and literature 

of beryllium. $2. Chemical. 

Bcsnnt, Mme. Annie Wood. 

Karma, once more. *i0(Mna) D, pap,, 

15 c Msnas Frew. 

BESANT, Mmc. Annie Wood. 
Bragdon, C. Brief life of Annio 1'rsant. 
15 c. Manas PK-^V 

Besant, Sir Wa, 

Early London : prehistoric, Roman, Saxon 
and Norman. 'o8(Je6) il. 4, *$7-5O net. 


London city. "10(024) il. maps, 12, $7.50 

net. Afa< % ntil!an. 

London in the ninctoontlt century. *CH^ 

(D2S) map, 4, *$7.$o net. Marwillan. 

,and others. 

Shortditoh and the I r ,ast luul f <xS(Nji> il. 
map, 16, (fascination (f London NCT.) 
*(X> o. net. Mannillan. 

Beshshure, Beshshure Michael, 

Rosaline. 'oS(Ag) c. 47 p. il. per. I2 f 
26 c. P. O, Box 450, West Newton, Pa. 

Besier, Rudolf. 

Don; comedy in three nets, *to(Ag2o) 
por, D, (Flays of to-day and to-mor- 
row.) $i net. Duffield, 

Bess of Hard wick, Stf Shrewsbury, Elizn- 

beth Hardwick, Counties of, 
Bess, l*v. H: True* ^, 
Church history, f o8(Je6) c. H. now, 8", $2, 

H : T. He. 
r C: E4n. k 

Botany for high schools and college** ?th 
ed rev. 'cftfOto) c, il. 8", f Atm*ru*an 
science jier.^ Advanced course*,) $** **o, 


Besaier, Fernand. 

Miss Peackle: a French cotnrdy, *<K^< N?) 
c, D, pap,, 15 c, Penti IMih (*o. 

Best, Fk* E. 

Sff Nye f G : Hyatt, 
Best, Lyman Austin. 

Teachers 1 retirement fund ; ntldre^^ iven 
at Wi^hsngton Jan, 16, icxv), hefftrr the 
College WomenN Chth, 'in(TI) t> p, T, 

Gov Pr Off, 
Bftstf Holan Rice* 

Beyond the natural ot tier: c"s.iy* mi ti.iyer 
miraeles and the incarnation >l r*i '>H 
(026) c, 1), *75 e, net. H'vrII, 

Batt W: Mawdely, 

Principles of the law of evitlrm'e; with 
clem* rule* for conducting the rxauiina* 
tion and cross-examination of 

8th Eng, ed,, by J, M. Lcly; Jd Am <<! 
by C: R Chambertayne, f o8{jn r ^ |- 

703 p, O. $3,50, Rojiton Bk, 

Best American essays, Howard, 1 : R 

comp, 35 e, Cmwell, 

Best American orations, Howard, J : R,, 

camp, cirf rrf. 35 c, net. Crowell. 

Btst book ser. Sw Ihittnn^, 
Best books for Ok! and New Testament 

study, McFadyen, J : E, 20 c 

Pub, Ho. of M, R, Ch,, S, 
Beit road and the right way to make it, Bar- 

ber, A. L. (Not for sale.) 

Rarforr Asphalt 
Beat Htoriesj by the foremont Catholic au- 

thors; with intrad, by Maurice Francli 

Eaan, In 10 v. *to(Ap30> c, S, 

with one $2 sub, to Btntigtfs 

and $i extra* or free with a 




Best type of canal for Panama. 'opQes) il, 
8, ap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 
U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Besuch (Der) im karzer. Eckstein, E. 50 c. 

Betelguese. Esque, J. L: de. $1.25. 

Connoisseurs' Press. 
Beth, Karl. 

Miracles of Jesus. J o8(Ja4) S. (Foreign re- 
ligious ser.) *4O c. net. Eaton & M. 
Betham-Edwards, Matilda iBarbara. 
French vignettes: series of dramatic epi- 
sodes, 1787-1871. '09(023) pors. 8, *$3 
net. Brentano's. 
Unfrequented France. 'io(Di7) il. O. $3 
net. Stokes. 

Sharpe, W: C., comp. Bethany sketches 
and records. $1.50. W: C. Sharpe. 

BETHLEHEM, Palestine. 
Burrell, D: J. In David's town. 50 c. 

Am. Tr. 

Bethlehem to Olivet. Miller, J. R. **$ 

net. Crowell. 

Bethlehem's star. Ebright, W. H., comp. *$2 

net per TOO. Eaton & M. 

Bethune, Maximllien de, Baron de Rosny. 

See Sully, Due de. 

Betrayal (The). Neale, W. $1.50. Neale. 
Betrothal of Ronald and Thusnelda. Cook, 
N. P. 60 c. Weimer. 

Betten, Rev. Fs. Sales. 

Roman index of forbidden books. '09 

(Mr20) 12, *35 c. net Herder. 

Better crop of boys and girls. McKeever, 

W: A, gratis. W: A. McKeever. 

Better man. Brady, C. T. $1.50. Dodd. 

Better part. Leavilt, S. $2.50. 

Magnum Bonum, 
Better limes. Lloyd-George, D: $i net, 


Better treasure. Andrews, Mrs. M. R, S. 
$1.25. Bobbs-M. 

Betterment briefs. Jacobs, H: W: $3.50. 

Bettex, FrSd^ric. 

First page of the Bible; tr. from the 2d 

German ed., with the former tr. compared 

and rev. by the Rev. F. C. Longaker. 

'08 (Fi) O, pap., 25 c. Germ. Lit. Bd. 


See Gambling. 
Betts, Anson Gardner. 
Lead refining by electrolysis. 5 o8(Mr7) il. 
figs. 8, $4. Wiley. 

Betts, G: Herbert, 

Distribution and functions of mental imag- 
ery. '09 (N) 99 p. 8, (Columbia Univ. 
Teachers' College, contributions to edu- 
cation.) $r ; pap., 75 c. Teachers 7 Coll, 
Betts, Harold Scofield, 
Properties and uses of the southern pines. 
'09(0) c. 30 p. il. 8, (U.. S., Dept of 
Agriculture. Forest Service; circular.) 
pap. (Add. Superintendent for price.) 
Betty, pseud. 

See Garity, Mary E. 

Betty Baird ser. See Weikel, Anna Hamlin. 

Betty Baird's golden year. Weikel, A. H. 

t$ Little, B. & Co. 

Betty Gaston. Taggart, M. A. $1.50. Wilde, 

Betty in Canada. McDonald, Mrs. E. G. B. 
60 c. Little, B. & Co. 

Betty of the rectory. Smith, Mrs. E. T. $i. 


Betty Vivian. See Smith, Mrs. E. T. 
Betty Wales, B.A. Warde, M. f$i.25. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
Betty Wales & Co, Warde, M. $1.25. 

Penn Pub. Co. 

Betty Wales on the campus. Warde, M., 
pseud. $1.25. Penn Pub. Co. 

Betty's happy days. Wells, C. $1.50. 

'Century Co. 
Between friends. Aumerle, R: 85 c. 


Between the Testaments. Grant, C. M. 
*75 c. net. Re veil. 

Between-time poems. Davies, O. *$i.25 net. 


Between two rebellions. Coolidge, A. C. $i. 

A. C. Coolidge. 
Betz, F:, ed, 

Die Schildbiirger, ihre weisheit und grosze 
torheit; sel. and ed., with notes, exer- 
cises and vocab. *io(08) c. S. (Heath's 
modern language ser.) 35 c. Heath. 
Beuve, Charles Atigustin, Sainte-. 

Sec Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin, 
Bevan, E: J: 

See Cross, C. F. 
Bevan, T: 

Stories from British history. *io(Jli6) 
12, 50 c. net. Little, B. & Co. 

Bevel gear tables. Engstrom, D. A. $i. 

Bevel gearing. Flanders, R. E. 25 c. 

Indust. Press. 

Emerson, E: R. Beverages, past and*pres- 

ent. 2 v. **$5 net. Putnam. 

Rigby, W. 0. Reliable candy teacher, 

[and summer drinks.] $2. W, 0. Rigby. 

Sec also Liquors; Soda water. 

Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah. 

Americans of to-day and to-morrow. J o8 

(Oi7) c. S. 50 c. Aitemus. 

Meaning of the times, and other speeches. 

'o8(Jhi) c. por. O. **$ net. Bobbs-M. 

Work and habit. '08 (JU) c. S, 50 c.; ooze 

cf., $i. Aitemus. 

Beveridge, Wilfred W: Ogilvie. 

See Wanhill, C. F 
Beveridge, W: H: 

Unemployment ; problem in industry. 2d 
ed. 'io(Mri2) 0. *$240 net. Longmans. 
Bevier, Isabel, and Usher, Susannah. 
Food and nutrition. Rev. ed. '08(024) c. 
D. *$i net. Whitcomb. 

, and Van Meter, Anna R. 

Selection and preparation of food, laVy 
guide. Rev. ed. 'io(Ns) c. 12, 75 c. 

Bewer, Julius A., ed. 

See Bible. 
Bexell, J: Andrew, 

The business side of farming : text-book for 
students in agriculture and a manual for 
home-study. *09(D) c. forms, 8, 50 c. . 

J: A. Bexell. 




Bey, Theophilus. 

Williamsport illustrated. 'io(Ag) 150 p. 
il pors. f, $1.50. T. Bey. 

Beyer, T: 

American battleship and 1 life in the navy; 
also humorous yarns as told by a blue- 
jacket: (American battleship in commis- 
sion;) pub. by special authority of IL S. 
Navy Department; endorsed by Admiral 
Dewey and Rear-Admiral Evans. '08 
(Ap4) c. por. tabs., map, D. $1.25. 


Life in the navy, (the American battle- 
ship;) also humorous yarns. J o9(Fi3) c. 
il. facsims., tabs., D. pap., 25 c. Laird. 
B-eyerle, Lincoln H&mlin. 
The quitters. '10(824) c. il. D, $1.50. 

Beygrau, F. R. 

Sec Hammond, H. W. 
Beynon, R: 

Drapery and drapers* accounts. *OQ(Ag28) 
tabs./D. (Pitman's traders' hdbks.) $1. 

Beyond the blue grass. Gill, G: C $1,50. 

Beyond the border. Rogers, L. W. 10 c. 

Theosophical Bk. 

Beyond the borderline of life. Myers, G. 

*$i net , Ball Pub. 

Beyond the marshes. Gordon, C: W: *25 c. 

net Rcvcll. 

Beyond the Mexican Sierras. Wallace, D. 

$2 net. " McClurg. 

Beyond the natural order. Best, N. R. *75 c, 

net. RevelL 

Beyond the rocks. Glyn, Mrs. E. S. t$i-So. 

Beyond the skyline. Aitken, R. $1.50. 

B : W. Huebsch. 

Beyond the sunset Dorr, Mrs. J. C. R. 
$1.25. ^ Scribner. 

Beyond these voices. O'Leary, A. M. $1.25. 

B'way Pub. 

Beyond this ignorant present D., L. S. T. 
$1.25. Cassell. 

Beza, Thdr. 

Life of John Calvin; tr. by H: Beveridge, 
'op(Jei2) D. 50 c. Westminster Press, 
Bezold, Friedrich, and Siebenmann, Friedrich. 
Text-book of otology for physicians and 
students, in 32 lectures. '08 (Mr.) c. 
314 p. il, 8, *$ net Colegrove, 

Bhagavad git a. See Mahabharata. 
BHUTAN, India. 

White, J. C Sikhim and Bhutan, *$6 net 

Biagi, Otaido. 

Men and manners of old Florence. '09 
(Oi6) il. O. *$ net; hi ci or hf, 
mor., *$6,50 net. McClttrg.. 

Bianca's daughter. Forman, J, M. $1.50. 


Bianclii, Mrs. Alex. 

See Bianchi. Mrs. Martha Gilbert Dickin- 

Bianchi, Mrs. Martha Gilbert Dickinson, [Mrs. 

Alex. BiancM.] 
Cuckoo's nest 'opQeip) 12, $1.50. 


Modern Prometheus. y o8(Mr4) c. front 
D. t$i-5o. Duffield. , 

Bianchi, IMirs. Martha 'Gilbert Dickinson, oomp. 

Russian lyrics, songs of Cossack, lovoi, pa 

Iriot and peasant clone into English verse, 

J io(My7) c. D. $1.25 net. DuflicM. 

Biart, Lncien. 

Monsieur Pinson; ed. by Otto Siqmiunn, 
'10(024) 16, (Macmillan's new sen of 
French texts.) 35 c. net. Macmillan. 

Bibelns gudomlighet Truedson, N. P. $i. 

N. P. Truedson. 

Bible. Authorized version of the English 
Bible 1611; cd. by W: Aldis Wright 5 v. 
'09. 23+495; 617; 77SJ 425; 575 P. tS > 
(Cambridge English classics.) ca., *$r.50 
net; per set, *$6.50 net Putnam, 

Bible. Bible and its story; cd. by Prnl. C; 
F. Home and Rev. Julius A. Hewer. *oS 
(D) c. il, map, 4. (Add. pub. for price.) 


Bible. Bible for home and school; ed. by 
Shailcr Mat hews. Acts: the second volume 
of Luke's work on the beginnings of Chris- 
tianity; with interpretative comment, by G; 
Holley Gilbert. 'oo(Jao) 16, 75 <*.-- Kpistle 
of Paul to the Gala'tians, by IJ: W. Bacon. 
'09(023) c. S. **50 c. not. Rpisilis In tlie 
Colossians and Kphosians; cd. by (Iras-* 
Alexander. J io(Ja22) c, S. **5<> c. net. 
Isaiah, by J: Edg. Mcl^adyen, '10(1)3) r. 
map, S. <x> c. net- -Hebrews; cd, l>y Cdg, 
Johnson Goodspccd, 'o8(Dt2) c. S, *5<> c, 
net Genesis, by Hinckley G. Mitchell VHJ 
(Nra) c, S. **oo c. net Macniillan, 

(Bible. Cambridge Bible for schools and col- 
leges: the Wisdom of Solomon, ed by J, 
A, F. Gregg. '09 (My 15) 16, 50 c. 


Bible. Cambridge Bible; revised version, 
Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Ephe- 
sians, Philippians, Colossians, and to Phile- 
mon ; eel. by W. K. Lowther Clarke. '09 
(My) 8+98 p. 16, *so c. net. Putnam. 

Bible. Christian worker's Holy Bible; in- 
dexed and marked in red on all subjects 
connected with the theme of salvation; 
with introd, by Rev, Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, 
D.D. Authorized version. 'io(Jai) c, il, 
O. limp leatk, $2,50. Winston, 

Bible. Companion Bible; being the author- 
ized version of 1611; with the struclwrcs 
and notes, critical, explanatory, and sug- 
gestive, pt. I, Genesis to Joshua; pt. 2, 
Joshua to Job ; with TO appendices. *TO 
(D4) 0. ca., $1.50; loath., $2,50, 

Oxford Univ. 

Bible. Happy Sunday hours. [Bible sto- 
ries.] '09, [1910,] (F) 3*3 p, il 4, $2. 


Bible, Helping hand: suggestions for win- 
ners of souls ; arr, by W: Wistar Hamilton, 
'o8(Ap25) c. 12, Icath., as c,; pap., 15 c. 

Am. Bapt 

Bible. Holy Bible ; marked on temporal bless- 
ings; auth. version marked on all subjects 
connected with the theme of temporal 
blessings; marked by J, G. Lawson; clear 
type, self-pronouncing ed. 'io(Ag27) c. il. 
O. (International sen) limp learh., $3.30, 
boxed; $7.50, boxed. Winston, 




Bible. Ideal Holy Bible, self -pronouncing, 
self-interpreting, self-explanatory; ed. and 
arr. by Arth. Robeits; 100 p. of half-tone 
il. 'o8(Agi5) c. pis. forms, 4, $5; hf. 
leath., $7.50; leath., $10. Spiegel, M, S. Co. 
Issued in 1906 under title "The analytical Holy 
Bible," by The Egyptian Publishing Co., Carbon- 
dale, 111. Sec "American catalog,"* 1905-07, [1906.] 

Bible. Key to the Bible : an encyclopedia of 
the persons, places and things of the Bible. 
'08 (Mr.) c. 447 p. il. 4- (Add. pub. for 
price.) Mutual. 

Bible. Marginal chain-reference Bible; con- 
taining Thompson's original and exhaus- 
tive system of topical chain references in 
which topics printed on the margins are so 
connected in series of chains as to enable 
the reader to trace with ease through the 
entire Scriptures any important subject se- 
lected; self-pronouncing text: comp. and 
ed. by Fk. C: Thompson. 'oS(D) c. maps, 
8. (Add. pubs, for price.) Eaton & M. 

Bible. Narrative Bible; ed. by Clifton John- 
son. J io(D3) c. il. D. $1.50 net. Baker & T. 

Bible. New indexed Bible; alphabetically in- 
dexes and combines the studies of Biblical 
biography, geography, history, theology, the 
cardinal virtues, moral philosophy and 
character building; rev. and enl. from the 
orig. ed. 'io(Jars) c. 3 pts. in t v,, il. maps, 
forms, 4, $8.75 ; Teachers' ed., $7-75- 

J. A. Dickson, 

Bible. Red letter holy Bible ; prophetic types 
and prophecies in the Old Testament re- 
ferring to Christ, also references to por- 
tions of the Old Testament quoted and re- 
ferred to by Jesus [and] words spoken by 
Jesus printed in red; tr. out of the orig. 
tongues. Author, version, self-pronouncing 
text 'io(Jai) maps, O. limp leath., $2.50. 


Bible. Scofield reference Bible; authorized 
version, with a new system of connected 
topical references to all the greater themes 
of Scripture, with annotations, revised 
marginal renderings, summaries, defini- 
tions, and index; ed. by Rev, Cyrus In- 
gerson Scofield. 'og(My8) c. maps, 8, *$2 
net; French mor., *$3.5o net; *$4 net; 
Alaska seal, *$s net ; Oxford India pap. ed., 
Alaska seal, *$ net; *$7 net; mor., *$8 
net ; sealskin, *$io net. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. [Selections.] Blessings; being Bible 
mosaics of blessings, promises, commands, 
admonitions and ar.swers ; comp. by Agness 
Greene Foster. 'og(Di8) c. il. 16, Re- 
liance ed,, flex. Florentine, *75 c. net; 
Fabriano ed., *$ net, boxed. P. Elder. 

Bible. [Selections.] Father and child; 
[comp.] by M. E. B., [Mrs. J: Crosby 
Brown,] 'io(Jai) c. S, 50 c. Am. Tract. 

Bible, [Selections.] Railway through the 
Word; or, the holy Bible analyzed; being 
an arrangement of the topics, persons, 
places, and things mentioned and discussed 
in the Old and New Testaments ; by Mont- 
gomery Ford Essig. J o8(O) c. 776 p. il. 4, 
$5-75- Southwestern Co., (Nashville.) 

Bible. Self-interpreting Bible, with com- 
mentaries, references, harmony of the Gos- 
, pels and the helps needed to understand 

and teach the text; introd. by Bp. J: H. 
Vincent; references, explanatory notes and 
tabulated statistics, ed. and rev. by Rev. 
Ja. W. Lee ; geographical, historical and 
explanatory comments by Josiah L. Porter ; 
expository notes, dissertations and side 
lights by H : Cooke ; references, reflections, 
tabulated statistics and comments by J: 
Brown. 4 v. 'oQ(JeJ2) c. il. maps, f, $26. 

Bible Educ. 

Bible. Textual concordance of the Holy 
Scriptures ; arr. especially for use in preach- 
ing. 'o8(Oi7) c. 8, *$3-5o net. Bftnziger. 

Bible. O. T. Coptic (Sahidic) version of 
certain books of the Old Testament from a 
papyrus in the British Museum; ed. by Sir 
Herbert Thompson. 'oo,(Ja23) facsim., O. 
$5. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. 0. T. Golden thoughts from the He- 
brew prophets ; ed., with a preface, by F. G. 
Montefiore. '08 (Ds) 16, (Golden thoughts 
lib.) *so c. net; leath., *75 c. net. Lane. 

Bible. O. T. Hebrew prophets for English 
readers in the language of the Revised Ver- 
sion of the English Bible, printed in their 
poetical form, with headings and brief 
annotation ; ed. by Fs. H. Woods and Fs. 
E. Powell. In 4 v. y. I, Amos, Hosea, 
Isaiah (1-39) and Micah. 'op(Ap3) D. 
85 c. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. 0. T. : Hebrew prophets for English 
readers in the language of the revised ver- 
sion of tne English Bible; printed in their 
poetical form, with headings and brief an- 
notation; ed. by Francis H. Woods and 
Francis E. Powell. In 4 v. v. 2, Zepha- 
niah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Jeremiah. *io 
(Mr26) D. 85 c. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. O. T. Heroes of Israel; with notes 
and questions for young students, by Thdr. 
Gerald Soares. 'op(Ja23) c. il. maps, 
Teacher's manual, D. (Constructive Bible 
studies; Elementary ser.) ea., $i. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Bible. ^ O. T. Interlinear Psalms : authorized 
version and the revised version with the 
marginal notes of the revised version. '08 
(Je6) T. *45 c. net. Putnam. 

Bible. O. T. Literary man's Bible : selection 
of passages from the^ Old Testament, his- 
toric, poetic and philosophic, illustrating 
Hebrew literature; arranged with introd. 
essays and annotations by W. L. Courtney, 
[4th ed.] f 09(Myi5) O. *$i.2S net 

Or o well. 

Bible. 0. T. Narrative episodes from the 
Old Testament; ed., with introd., notes and 
outline study, by Maud Elma Kingsley and 
Fk Herb. Palmer. 'io(Dio) c, 16, 
(Kingsley English texts.) 40 c. 

Palmer Co. 

Bible. Old Testament. 4 v. v. i and 2, Law 
and history; v. 3, Prophecy and poetry; v. 
4, Homiletic, wisdom and apocalyptic. J o8 
(Oio) 12, ("Best books" ser.) leath., ea., 
*$i net. Button. 

Bible. Old-Testament history; narrated for 
the most part in words of the Bible; sel. 
and arr. by G: Carter. '08(024) maps, D. 
50 c. Oxford Press. 




Bible. O. T, Old Testament in Greek, ac- 
cording to the text of Codex Vaticanus, 
supplemented frcni other uncial manu- 
scripts, with a critical apparatus containing 
the variants of the chief ancient authorities 
for the text of the Septuagint ; ed. by Alan 
England Brooke and Norman McLean, y. 
i, part I, Genesis; pt. 2, Exodus and Levi- 
ticus. 'og(My22) 4, bds., ea , *$4 net. 


OBible. O. T. Old Testament narratives, sel. 
and eel. by E: Chauncey Baldwin. 5 io(N5) 
c. vS. (Eclectic English classics ) 20 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Bible. O. T. Old Testament narratives; ?el. 
and eel. bv G: FT: Nettleton. 'oQ(Jei2) c. 
S. (English readings.) 60 c. Holt. 

Bible, O. T. Old Testament narrative sep- 
arated out, set in connected order and ed, 
by Alfr. Dwight Sheffield. J co(Di7) c, U. 
$1.50 net. Houghton M. 

Bible. O. T. Selections; ed., with introd. 
and notes, by Fred. Newton Scott *io 
(O8) 24, (Amcr. and Eng. pocket 
classics.) 25 c, net Macmillan. 

Bible. O, T. Book of Esther; critical edition 
of the Hebrew text, with notes by Paul 
IL-iupt 'o8(Je20) 8, pap., *$i net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Bible, 0. T. Deuteronomy. The Washing- 
ton manuscript of Deuteronomy and 
Joshua, by H: A. Sanders. 'io(OS) 
c. facsim. 4, (Univ. of Michigan stud- 
ies; Humanistic ser.) pap., $r. Macmillan 

Bible. O. T First book of Kings; rev. ver- 
sion by H. C. O. Lanclicster } K>(Jl9) c. 
12, 50 c. net ' Putnam, 

Bible, O. T, Isaiah ; tr. from a text rev. m 
accordance with the results of recent crit- 
icism; with introds., critical notes and ex- 
planations; together with a prefatory note 
by S. R. Driver, D.D. ; tr. by G : Herbert 
Box. 3 09(Si8) maps, 8, *$2.2S net. < 


Bible. O. T. Job: Book of Job; introd. by 
G. K. Chesterton. J og(Ap28) il. 16, ooze, 
*$2 net. Dodge, 

Bible, 0. T. Micah, by Max L. Margolis. 
} op(F2o) c. D. (Holy Scriptures, with com- 
mentary.) cl, 75 c. Jewish Pub. 

Bible. O. T. Psalms. Commentary on the 

Psalms; comp. from the theological works 

of Emamtel'Swedenborg by the Rev. Rob. 

S. Fischer, 'io(S) c. 7+520 p. 12, $1,25, 

Mass. New Ch. Un. 

Bible. O. T. Psalms. Ninety-first psalm, 
J io(D24) 16, ooze, 75 c. ; pap., 50 c. 


Bible. O. T. Psalms. Rhythmic psalter ; ed. 
by R H. Wales. } io(D24) D. $1.40. 

Oxford Univ. 

Bible. New Testament >o8(Oi7) 16, 
("Best books" ser,) leath.', *$i net Dtitton. 

Bible. N. T. : Bible in modem English; or, 
the modern English Bible (New Testa- 
ment) ,* rendering from the origs, by an 
American making use of the best scholar- 
ship and latest researches at home and 
abroad. *io(Ap23) c. D. $1.10^ net, 

Perkiomen Press. 

Bible. N. T. Compilation of the healings of 

Christ and his apostles as recorded iu the 

ISfeu Testament; comp. by Madge llorlense 

Myers Butcher. 1 o8(O) 13-71 p 12", 50 c. 

M. II. M. Butcher, 

Bible. N. T. Epitome tes Kaines Oia- 

thekes: an epitome of the Ne\v Teslament; 

by the Rev. N. I. SlofTel ; rev. by Midine! 

Fs. Oswald. |2d eel.) 'o8(N7) c. u", $i. 

Univ. Press, (Notre Dame.) 

Bible. N. T. Four Gospels and the Acts of 
the Apostles of the Nc k w Testament of 
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the 
Psalnis ; tr, (into Chamorro) out of the 
original tongues. '08, [1909.] (O) 462 p. 
T2, pap., 30 c. Am. Bible. 

Bible. N. T. Gospel according to St. Luke ; 
introd. and notes by A. S. Walpole. '10 
(Agso) c. O. 40 c. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. N. T. Gospel, according- to St. Mark ; 
with introd. and notes by Rev. A. S. Wnl- 
pole. 5 og(Ap3) S. 40 c, Oxford Univ. 

Bible. N. T. Life of Christ, told in word? of 
the gospels; arranged by Mary Lape Fogg, 
'09, [1910.] (Ja) c. 195 p, il. 8, 50 c. 

Angel Press. 

Bible. N. T. Life of our Lord ; chronologi- 
cally arr. by the Rev. J : F. Lawts. '08 
(F22) 16, *30 c. net; leath., *6o c. net. 


Bible, N. T. : Modern speech Now Testa- 
ment; idiomatic tr, into English from the 
resultant Greek Testament, by R: Fs. 
Wcymouth ; ed. and rev. by IL Harnp- 
den" Cook. r io(lVlyx4) 12, $1.25 net; 
leath., $2.25 net. Baker & T. 

Bible. N. T. New Testament in Greek; 
according to the authorized version, to- 
gether with the variations adopted 1 in the 
iwised version ; ed. by F. H. A. Scrivener. 
'o8(Je6) D. 5f( cx> c. net; *$I.TO net; Ttidia 

pap., *$i.4O net; 



Bible. N. T. New Testament in the revised 
version of i88r, with fuller references; ed. 
by A. W. Grcenup and J. II. Moulton, 'sco 
(I)i7) 8, $3; limp mor M $.1.550; Oxford 
India pap. eel, $7.50. Oxford Utiiv. 

Bible. N. T. The pictorial New Testament; 
with pictures and engravings from draw- 
ings made in Bible lands by J. Clark and 
the late H, A. Harper for the Scripture 
Gift Mission, *o8(Ag22) T. 65 c, ; smooth 
sheepskin, $1.25, Am. S* S, 

Bible. N. T, ; [Selections.]: What Jesus 
said; topical arrangement and analysis of 
all His words in the New Testament ; sep- 
arated from the context. ? io(Ap9) c. 12, 
$1.25 net. * RevelL 

Bible. N. T, Students' comprehensive top- 
ical Bible commentary; embracing the 27 
books of the New Testaments in both the 
authorized Cartel revised versions, arranged 
in alternating verses, elucidated with crit- 
ical and explanatory notes ; together with a 
complete hist, and biog. diet. ; the words 
and works of Jesus. [Standard compara- 
tive ed.] '09 (N) c. il, pors, maps, 4, $4.25 ; 
mor., $5.25, O, A, Browning. 

Bible, N. T, University New Testament in 
modern historical and literary form ; for 
the church, the school, and "the home; em- 




bracing the life of Jesus Christ in the words 
of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, and the 
church^ of the apostles according to Acts, 
the Epistles and Revelation historically har- 
monized by the Rev. S. Townsend Weaver. 
'OQ(D) c. 26+496 p. 12, $3.25. Winston. 

Bible. N. T. Works of Jesus; being the 
Bible narrative of His acts of healing and 
other deeds, in chronological order; with the 
Sermon on the Mount as His own sum- 
mary of His teachings; arranged by Edna 
S. Little. 'o9(Di8) il. 8, Bethlehem ed., 
flex, fabriano, *75 c. net; Olivet ed., fab- 
riano bds., *$i.25 net, boxed. P. Elder. 

Bible. N. T. Apocalypse of St. John i-ni: 
the Greek text; with introd., commentary, 
and additional notes by F. J. A. Hort. 
7 o8(Jei3) 8, **$i net. Macmillan. 

Bible. N, T. Apocryphal books. Parali- 
pomena; remains of gospels and sayings of 
Christ, by Rev. Bernhard Pick. 'oS(Agi) 
c. 11+158 p. facsim., 12, (Christianity of 
to-day ser.) bds., *75 c. net. Open Court. 

Bible. N, T. The four gospels, (American 
standard version.) 'o8(Mr2i) 4 v., Tt 
pap., ea., 5 c. Nelson. 

Bible. N. T. Galatians: Der brief Pauli an 
die Galater, ausgelegt von Joh. Ph. Koh- 
ler. 'io(Ap) 143 P. 8, 75 c. 

Northwestern Pub. 

Bible N. T. Galatians; ed. by A. L. Wil- 
liams. 'io(Jl9) c. 8, (Cambridge Greek 
Testament ser.) $T net Putnam. 

Bible. N. T. Gospels: Synoptic Gospels; 
eel, with introd. and commentary, by C G. 
Montefiore, together with a series of ad- 
ditional notes by I. Abrahams. In 3 v. 
v. T, 2, 'io(Ap9) 8, ea,, $2.50 net. 


Bible, N. T, : Gospels. Synoptic Gospels ar- 
ranged in parallel columns by J, M. Thomp- 
son. J io(Mr26) O, $2.50. Oxford Univ. 

Bible. N. T. Gospels : Walks and words of 
Je sits ; paragraph harmony of the four Gos- 
pels, originally camp, by Rev. M. N. Olm- 
sted. Rev. cd., to which is added "New 
sayings of Jesus," 'io(Di7) 12, $1.50. 

G. M. McClintock. 

Bible. N. T. James, Epistle of; the Greek 
text; with introd., notes and comments, by 
Jos. Bickesteth Mayor. 3d ed. 'io(Jli6) 
8, $4.50 net. Macmillan. 

Bible. N, T, John. Magical message ac- 
cording to ISannes, (To kata loannen 
Euangelion,) .commonly called the Gospel 
according to \St] John; verbatim tr. from 
the Greek done in modern English, with 
introd. essays and notes by Ja. M. Pryse. 
'00, [1910] (Fs) c. 8, $2. Theo. Pub. Co. 

Bible, N. T, Mark. Pronaunsing Baibl; 
Gospel acording tit M&rc; transliterated by 
permission from the American standard ed. 
of the rev, Bible, into a fonetic pronounc- 
ing print; by O. C Blackmer. '09, [1910.] 
(N) I4+5-49+I2 p. 12, 10 c. 

P, W. Blackmer. 

Bible, N. T. Matthew. Gospel of Mat- 
thew ; from the Twentieth Century New 
Testament 'io(O) 16, pap., 5 c. net. 


Bible. N. T. St > Luke. Rev. ed., by E. 

Wilton Smith ; with introd., notes and map. 

School ed. 'o8(Di9> 8, *5o c. net. 

Bible. N. T. St. Paul's epistles to Colossae 

and Laodicea; the epistle to the Colossians 

viewed in relation to the epistle to the 

Ephesians; with introd. and notes by J: 

Rutherfurd, 'o8(Di2) O. *$2.25 net. 

Bible. N, T. St. Paul's epistles to the Thes- 

salonians and to the Corinthians: new 

translation by the late W. G. Rutherford; 

with a prefatory note by Spenser Wilkin- 
son. 'oS(Agi) 8, *$i,io net Macmillan. 
Bible. N. T. Sermon on the Mount. '08 

(F29) c. nar. D. (Rubric ser.) **6o c. net. 


Abbott, C. L. Common sense Bible teacher. 
25 c. C. L. Abbott. 

Acton, M. W: Secret Bible hist of 
Adamic innocence. $2. New Age. 

Ainslie, P: Introd. to the study of the 
Bible. 50 c. Temple Seminary. 

Aked, C: F., comp. One hundred respon- 
sive readings from the Scriptures. *75 c. 
net. Revell. 

Allen, R. C. Bible in our public schools. 
25 c. Jennings. 

Auchincloss, W: S. Chronology of the 
Holy Bible. $i. Van Nostrand. 

Ayars, J : E. People's hand book of the 
Bible. 85 c. Meth. Episcopal. 

Barnes, C: R., ed. People's Bible encyclo- 
pedia. 2 v. $9. People's Pub. 

Barry, W : Tradition of scripture : ^ its 
origin, authority and interpretation. 
**$i.2o net. Longmans. 

Beard, T: F. Biblische symbole. $1.75; 
$2.25; $2.50. J: A. Hertle. 

Bosch, Mrs. H. Bible stories told to 
"Toddles." 80 c. net. Longmans. 

Boughton, L. G. Plain man and his Bible, 
**6o c. net. i t Am. Bapt 

Bowman, E. S. Bible doctrine of devotion. 
*20 c. net. . Un. B. Pub. 

Brown, G: G. f comp. Holy Bible repudi- 
ates "prohibition." $i ; 25 c. , 

G: G. Brown. 

Burton, C: J. Astronomy and the Bible. 
$i. C: J, Burton. 

Child, T: Bible: its rational principle of 
interpretation 50 c. Warne. 

Church pulpit commentary. In 12 v. v. 
1-8. ea. ? *$2 net. Gorham. 

Clarke, W: N. Sixty vears with the Bi- 
ble. **$i.25 net Scribner. 

Conley, J: W. - Educative value of the 
Bible. 5 c. ; per 100, $2.50. Am. Bapt 

Cook, A. S. Authorized version of the 
Bible and its influence. $i net. Putnam. 

De Laurence, L, W : God, the Bible, truth 
and Christian theology. $3.50. 

De Laurence, S. 

Dolin, S. Evolution of the spiritual world ; 
new discovery which reveals mysteries of 
the Bible. 15 c. C D. Raymer. 

Donaldson, 0; F. Workingman's view of 
the Bible. *$i.2O net. Sherman, F. 




BIBLE. Continued. 

Driver, S : R. Modern research as illus- 
trating the Bible. $1.20. Oxford Univ, 

Dummelow, J : R., ed. Commentary on the 
Holy Bible. **$ net. Macmillan. 

Egypt Exploration Fund, Grzeco-Roman 
Branch. Fragments of an uncanonica' 
gospel from Oxyrhynchus. 40 c, 

Oxford Univ, 

Ellicott, Bp. C: J : Bible commentary for 
English readers. In 12 v. ea., 75 c. net; 
$1.25 net. Cassell. 

Ei rett, I : Querists' drawer ; discussion of 
difficult subjects and passages of the 
Scriptures. $1.50. Standard Pub. 

Ewing, W., and Thompson, J. E. H. Tem- 
ple diet, of the Bible. $4 net. 


Fatince, D. W. Mature man's difficulties 
;with his Bible. **75 c. net. Am. Bapt. 

Figgis, J : N. Gospel and human need's. 
*$i.25 net. Longmans. 

Foster, C: Story of the Bible from Gen- 
esis to Revelation, told in simple lan- 
guage. $1.50. C: Foster. 

Foster, Mrs. M. J. C. Mother the child's 
first Bible teacher. ^25 c. net. Jennings. 

Gaffney, T: C., camp, and ed. Bible sym- 
bols. $2. J: A. Hertel. 

Gilbert, G: H. Interpretation of the Bible. 
**$l.25 net. Macmillan. 

Godbey, S: M. Bible and problem of pov- 
erty. *$i net Revell. 

Gray, C. E. Experimental object lessons; 
Bible truths simply taught. 75 c. net. 


Grover, N. W. Catechetical Bible lessons. 
10 c, Winona. 

Haldeman, I : M. Thinking above what is 
written. 10 c. C: C. Cook. 

Hale, H. G., and Hall, N. M., comps. Bib- 
lical dramas for use especially in young 
people's meetings and the evening ser- 
vices of the church. 12 v. ea., 15 c. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Harvey, E. L. Sermons on Bible charac- 
ters. 50 c. Metropolitan Ch. Assoc. 

Hastings, J., ed. Dictionary of the Bible. 
**$5 net. Scribner. 

Hentz, J: P. Hist, of the Lutheran ver- 
sion of the Bible. $1.25. J: P. Hentz. 

Hicks, W: Bible thoughts; with questions 
and answers. 25 c. Nat Bapt Pub. 

Houghtpn, Mrs. L. S. Telling Bible stories 
to children. **$i.2S net. Scribner. 

Huntington, G: Charms of the old Book. 
*oo c. net Am. S. S. 

Hurlburt, J. L. Bible atlas. $2.75. 

Rand, McN, & Co. 

Hurlbut, J. L, ed. Handy Bible encyclo- 
pedia. $1.50; $2; $3. Winston. 

Jackson, S : T. Lincoln's use of the Bible. 

*25 c. net Eaton & M. 

Jacobus, M, W., ed. Roman Catholic and 

Protestant Bibles compared 1 . **$t.25 net. 


Jacobus, M. W., and others, eds. Standard 
Bible dictionary. $6; $10; $12; indexed, 
50 c. extra. Funk, 

Jefferson Bible (The). 25 c. ; 50 c, 


B IBLE. Continued. 

Jordan, W. G. Hiblical criticism ami mod- 
ern thought *$3 net. Scnlmer. 
Kecht, Bp. F. J. Child's Bible hist J5 c. 
Pract. commentary on Holy Scripture, 
for the use of those who teach CibU* hist. 
$4.20 net. l-h'i-cler. 
Kceblc, S: E., ed. Social teaching nf the 
Bible. *$i net. Katon & M. 
Keeler, B. C. Short history of the Bible. 
75 c. ; 50 c. Fan-ell. 
Kcmble, D. Teachings of the holv Scrip- 
tures. *4o c. net. Am. S. S. 
Kennedy, Mrs. M. G. Our boys and girls ; 
how to interest and instruct them in 
Bible study, 75 c. Wilde. 
Keyser, L. S. Rational test; Bible doc- 
trine in the light of reason. 75 c, ; 60 c. 

Lutheran Pub. 

Knight, C: R,, and Hardcastle, E. Birds 
of the Bible for young people, $2. 

Lastinger, C. Key to the Bible. 

Tribune Pr, Co., (Fla.) 
Leayitt, J ; M. Bible League essays in 
Bible defence and exposition, $r. 

Bible League. 

Lee, F. T. Sidelights en the Bible. **$T 

net. Win si on, 

Lees, H. C. Joy of Bible study, *^o c. net. 


Lewis, T: H. Divine credentials of the 
Bible. $1.25. Meth. Protestant 

Limerick, D. T., cd. How to know the 
holy Bible. 20 c. Praise Pub. 

Lofthouse, W. F. Bible, its origin and au- 
thority. *$o c, net. Eaton & M. 
McComb, S : Making of the English Bible. 
**$i net. Mo fiat. 
McCormick, J : N. Bible holiness. 50 c. 

Pub, Assoc. Friends. 

McFadyen, J: E., and Votaw, C. W., camps. 
Best books for Old and New Testament 
study. 20 c. Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So, 
McFarland, J: T: The Book and the child. 
*5 c. net. Eaton & M. 

Maclaren, A. Expositions of the Holy 
Scriptures. In 30 v. sd and 4th scr,, in 
6 v, ca., per set, *$ net. Armstrong. 
MacPhail, M, L. Magnetism of the Bible, 
*75 c. net, Am. S. S. 

Magnus, Lady. Picture stories from the 
Bible. $2; $1.75. Tuck. 

Mamreov, A. F, Day with the Good Shep- 
herd ; [interpretation of texts referring to 
shepherds.] 50 c. net Eaton & M. 

Maunder, E: W. Astronomy of the Bible. 
*$i.25 net. Doran, 

Maunder, E : W, Astronomy of the Bible. 
*$s net. M. Kennerley. 

Mauro, P. Life in the Word, *SQ c. net 


Medaille, P. Meditations on the Gospels 
for every day In the year. *$i.$o net 


Messmer, S. G. Outlines of Bible knowl- 
edge. $1,80 net Herder. 
Miller, J, R. Devotional hours with the 
Bible, In 8 v. vs. i, 2, 3, 4. ea, *$r.2S 
net. Doran, 




BITJLE. Continued. 

Mills, L. H. Avesta e^chatology compared 
with the books of Daniel and Revela- 
tions. 50 c.; 75 c. Open Court 

Moninger, H. H. Standard commentary 
on the International Sunday-school les- 
sons. 75 c. Standard Pub. 

Monlefiore, C. G. Bible for home reading, 
pt. 2. $1.50 net Macinillan. 

Moody, D. L. Fulness of the gospejl. 
*50 c. net. Revell. 

Moore, W. W: Indispensable book. 75 c. 
net. Revell. 

Morel, W. Friends from the Book of 
books : twelve Bible stones. $1.50. 


Morgan, G: C. Analyzed Bible, v. 2, O. 
T., Job to Malachi ; v. 3, The New Testa- 
ment introduction, Matthew to Revela- 
tion ; v. 4, The Gospel according to John ; 
v. 5, Book of Job; v. 6, Romans; v. 7, 
Prophecy of Isaiah, v. i ; v. 8, Prophecy 
of Isaiah, v. 2. ea., $i net. Bible and 
the cross. *5o c. net Study "and teach- 
ing of the English Bible. 50 c. net. 


Mortimer, Mrs. M. New peep of day: 
Bible lessons for children.] 50 c. Doran. 

Mullany, J: F. Bible studies. $1.25. 


Murray, W: D. Bible stones to tell chil- 
dren. $i net. Revell. 

Nash, L. L. Early morning scenes in the 
Bible. $i net. Revell. 

Newman, A. Writing on the clouds, go c. 
net. Sherman, F. 

Norvell, P. A. Studies in Old Testament 
history. Studies in the apostolic age. 
Studies in the life of Christ, ea., *2O c. 
net. + Am. Bapt. 

Orr, J. Revelation and inspiration. *75 c. 
net. Scrlbner, 

Peake, A. S: Bible in the twentieth cen- 
tury. $1.25 net. Doran. 

Picton, J. A. Man and the Bible. **$2 net. 


Piercy, W: C, ed. Illustrated Bible dic- 
tionary. *$5 net. Duttpn. 

Pierson, A. T. Bible and spiritual life. 
$1.50. Gospel Pub. 

Porter, Mrs. G. S-. Birds of the Bible. $2. 


Potter, S : L. Bible stories as they are 
recorded in the Bible. $1.50. 

S: L. Potter. 

Ragg, L. Book of Books; story of the 
Bible. $1.40 net Longmans. 

Rand, J. L. Systematic supplementary^ Bible 
studies. In 3 pts. pt. i, **5 c. net ; pts. 
2 and 3, ea., **io c. net. Am. Bapt. 

Reimensvder, J : M. Ancient history and 
the Bible. 35 c. 20 c. Lutheran Pub. 

Remy, J, S. Bible stories for little children 
in words of one syllable, 50 c. Altemus, 

Rice, E. W. Orientalisms in Bible lands. 
$i net Am. S. S. 

Robertson, F: W: Sermons on Bible sub- 
jects. *$i net. Dutton. 

Schenck, F. S. Sociology of the Bible. 
*$T.5o net. Reformed. 

B IBLE . Co n tin ued. 

bcott, T. Pleasure of reading the Bible. 

50 c. ; $i. M. Kennerley. 

Seeberg, R. Revelation and inspiration. 

*75 c. net Harper. 

Seymour. R. G. Fresh water from old 

wells : being the wells of the Bible with 

their spiritual and moral lessons. **So c. 

net Am. Bapt 

Shearer, J. B. Scriptures, fundamental 

fact and features. 60 c. Presb. Pub. 

Sheldon, W. L. Story of the Bible from 

the standpoint of modern scholarship. $i. 

S. B. Weston. 
Smith, S : G. Religion in the making ; 

study in Biblical sociology. **$i.25 net. 

Mac mill an. 
Soulsby, L. H. M. Suggestions on Bible 

reading. 35 c. Longmans. 

Soulsby, L. H. M., comp. Year's Bible 

readings. 35 c. Longmans. 

Standard biblical atlas. 75 c. Funk. 

Stewart, M., ed, "Tell me a true story": 

tales of Bible heroes. *$i.25 net. Revell. 
Sunday stories for a year. 75 c. Nelson. 
Sunderland, J. T: Bible and the Bible 

country. 60 c, Unitarian S. S. 

Sunderland, J. T : Origin and character of 

the Bible, and its place among the sacred 

books. *$i.20 net Am. Unitarian. 

Swete, H: B., ed. Essays on some Biblical 

questions of the day, *$3.75 net. 

Temple treasury; a Biblical diary. $1.50. 

Am. Tr. 
Tilly, F: K, ed. God bless you; collection 

of Bible stories. 25 c. E. Kaufmann. 
Tqdd, J. Looking forward; or, Bible stud- 
ies into the future. 50 c. Highlands. 
Toffteen, O. A. Researches in Biblical 

archeology, v. i, Ancient chronology; 

v. 2, The historic Exodus, ea., ^$2.50 

net. Univ. of Chic. 

Townsend, L. T. Bible inspiration. 10 c 

L. T. Townsend. 

Watters, H : E. The Bible of superhuman 

origin. 50 c.; 25 c. H: E. Watters. 
Weaver, A. Lesson book for Bible study. 

$i. A. Weaver. 

Wells, A. R. Bible miniatures: character 

sketches of one hundred and fifty heroes 

and heroines of Holy Writ *$i.25 net. 


Wells, A. R. Introd. to Bible study. 30 c. 

Presb. Bd 

Wells, A. R. Living Bible: course of Bi- 
ble-reading. 75 c. Why we believe the 

Bible. $i, t Un. Soc. C E. 

Wiener, H. M. Origin of the Pentateuch. 

35 c. Bibliotheca Sacra. 

Williams, M. B. Among many witnesses; 

book for Bible students. 80 c. Revell. 
Williams, T. R. Shall we understand the 

Bible ? *4O c. net Macmillan. 

Wilson, J: M. Bible as literature. 45 c. ; 

35 c. Unitarian S, S. 

World's Bible auxiliary and beautiful 

teachings of the Bible. $8; $10; $12. 

J. R. Gay. 

Young, J. B. Charms of the Bible. $rnet 

Eaton & M. 




BIBLE. Continued. 

Zorn, C M. Hdbk. for the beginner's home 
study in the word of God. $i 25. 

Concordia Pub 

O. T. Acton, M. W: Secret Bible hist of 
Adamic innocence, $2. New Age 

O. T. : Adams, J : Israel's ideal ; or, stud- 
ies In Old Testament theology. $1.50 net 


O. T. : Alford, B. H. Old Testament hist 
and literature. *$i-5O net. Longmans 

O. T. : Anschiitz, E : Gott und sein volk ; 
das Alte Testament in predigten darge- 
legt $1.50. Germ. Bapt 

O. T. : Armstrong, R, A. Historical and 
literary outlines of the Old Testament, 
$i. Acme. 

O T. Beecher, W. J. Dated events of the 
Old Testament. *$i.5O net S. S. Times, 

O. T. Bell, C. C. Story of the promise: 
simple readings on the Old Testament. 
*6o c. net. Young Churchman. 

O. T. : Bell, L. Lost garden : stories of 
familiar Old Testament characters 
Never-old stories: some stones of Old 
Testament kings, ea., $1.25 net. Doran. 

O. T.: Berry, G: R. Old Testament among 
the Semitic religions. *$i net. Griffith. 

O. T. Brown, C: Birth of a nation: 
studies in Old Testament stories. *$i 
net. Revell 

O. T.: Cantrell, E: A, Bible and modern 
literature. 50 c. Los Angeles Liberal. 

O. T. Codex Taurinensis (Y) : [earliest 
known manuscript of the "Docleka- 
prophetorf' in the Lucianic recension of 
the Scptuagint] $r.6o. Oxford Univ. 

O. T, Coppens, C: Choice morsels of the 
bread of life; or, select readings from the 
Old Testament. *6o c. net Herder. 

O. T. Cornill, C. H. Music in the Old 
Testament. 50 c. Open Court 

O. T. : Cragin, L. E. Old Testament sto- 
ries for little children. $1.25 net 


O. T.: Driver, S: R. An introd. to the 
literature of the Old Testament. *$ 
net. Scribner. 

O, T. Duff, A. Hints on Old Testament 
theology *$i net. Macmillan, 

O. T. Duncan, J. G. Exploration of 
Egypt and the Old Testament. *$i.$o 
net Revell. 

O. T. Fluegel, M. Exodus, Moses and the 
Decalogue legislation. $2, Fluegel. 

O. T. Geden, A. S. Outlines of introduc- 
tion to the Hebrew Bible. *$3-50 net. 


O, T. Girdlestone, R. B. Old Testament 
theology and modern ideas. *4O c, net 


O. T. Goodrich, A, S. Normal class 
manual of Old 1 Testament history. *SO c. 
net. Revell. 

O. T. Harper, R. F., and others, eds. Old 

Testament and Semitic studies in memory 

of William Rainey Harper. 2 v, *$TO net 

Univ. of Cliic. 

O. T. Hodges, G: Garden of Eden; sto- 
ries from the first nine books of the Old 
Testament $1.50. Houghton M. 

IliiiLF ~ -Continued. 

O. T. Hoyt, W. Some of the reasons why 
I cannot accept the results of the destruc- 
tive criticism of the Old Testament. loc, 

Am. Bapt. 

O. T. Huffman, J. A. Old Testament 
messages of the Christ. 7> c. 

Bethel Pub. 

O. T. : Kennctt, R. II. Church's gain from 
modern thought as shown in Old Testa- 
ment study. 20 c. net. Longmans. 
O. T. : Kent, C: F. Founders and rulers 
of united Israel from the death of Moses 
to the division of the Hebrew kingdom. 
Heroes and crises nf early Ildnv\\ hU 
tory from the creation 1o 1lu v <U % ath <f 
Moses. Kings and prophets of Israel ainl 
Judah. ea., t!j! $r net- Sermons, fpisili's 
and apocalypses of Israel's prophets. 
$2.73 net. Scribner. 
O. T. Knudson, A. C Old Testament 
problem. *35 c. net. Jennings. 
O. T. : Macy, S. B. From slavery to free- 
dom. $1.25 net Longmans, 
O. T. : Mayer, E. Joslma to Kittli; n Sab 
bath-school hook. 30 e. 1C. Mayer, 
0. T. : Medbury, C : S. From the Jordan 
to the throne of Saul. 25 c. 

Standard Pub. 

O, T. Miller, M. K. Lttre of the Bnnk, 

$i. Winona. 

O. T, Modcy, J. B. Ruling ideas in early 

ages and their relation to Old Testament 

faith. *$i.25 net. Longmans 

O. T.: Parker, C. II, S. Stories from the 

Old Testament. 35 c. ; 25 c, ; 65 e. 

Unitarian S, S. 

O. T. Platt, S., camp. Stories from the 
Old Testament; retold. $1,50. Dodge. 
O. T. Robinson, C: % H: Human nature a 
revelation of the divine: argument for the 
Old Testament 2% c. ' Longmans, 
O. T.. Rule, U. Z, Old Testament institu- 
tions, $2 net. Gotham. 
O. T,: Sarapey, J: R: Heart of the Old 
Testament. 50 a S. S. Tkl. f So. Bapt, 
0. T. : Shearer, J : B. Selected Old Testa- 
ment studies. 60 e, net, Presb, Bel 
O. T. Smith, J: M. P. Books for Old 

Testament study. *5o c net, 
_ " Univ. of Chic. 

0. T, : Spencer, F. E, Old Testament his - 
tory. *4o c, net, Longmans. 

O. T.: Stebbins, E, W. H., and Saunder- 
son, H: H. Old Testament narratives, 
In 2 pts. ea., 40 c. ; 30 c. Unitarian S, S. 
O. T. Tappan, R M. An old, old story- 
book. $1.50. Houghton M, 
O.T.: Thackeray, H; Stl Grammar of 
the Old Testament in Greek according 
to the Septuagint v. I, ^$2,75 net 


O. T. Thomas, J. R Old Testament in 

the light of the religion of Babylonia and 

Assyria. ^$1.40 net Macmillan, 

O. T. Thomas, J: M. Christian faith and 

the Old Testament **$i net Crowelt 

O. T. Trtimbttll, C: G, Men who dared; 

, studies in Old' Testament manhood, 

(Add. pubs, for price.) Y. M. C A. 




iuLE. Continued. 

O. T. : Walker, R. H., and Miller, R. B : 
Studies in the prophets of Israel. 25 c. 

Eaton & M. 

O. T., Pentateuch : Fleugel, M. Humanity, 
benevolence and charity legislation of 
the Pentateuch and' Talmud. *$2 net. 

H.- Fleugel. 

O. T. Pentateuch : Midbury, C : S. From 
Eden to the Jordan : [lessons in the Pen- 
tateuch.] 50 c. ; 30 c. Standard Pub. 
O. T. Pentateuch: Wiener, H. M. Essays 
in Pentateuchal criticism. $1.50. 

Bibliotheca Sacra, 

O. T. Daniel: Haskell, S. N. Story of 
Daniel the prophet. $i-$i.75. 

Bible Training. 

O. T. Daniel: Hicks, J: S. S. Divine time 
table. 50 c. ; 30 c. J : S. S. Hicks. 
O. T. Daniel: Pettingill, W: L. Simple 
studies in Daniel. (Not for sale.) 

F. Kelker. 

O. T. Exodus: Caedmon. Exodus and 
Daniel : two old English poems, *6o c. 
net. Heath- 

CX T. Exodus : Gearhart, A. F. Story of 
Mose adapted for primary grades. loc, 


O. T. Exodus: Knox, E. M. Bible les- 
sons for schools : Exodus. *40 c. net. 


0. T. Ezra: Torrey, C: C Ezra studies. 
*$L5o net. Univ. of Chic. 

O. T. Genesis : American commentary on 
the Old Testament. Book of Genesis. 
$2 net. Am. Bapt, 

O. T. Genesis: Bettex, F. First page of 
the Bible. 25 c. Germ, Lit. Bd. 

O. T. Genesis : Goggin, T. E, Man's great 
charter: exposition of the first chapter of 
Genesis. *$I75 net. Gorham. 

O. T., Genesis : Gordon, A. R, Early tra- 
ditions of Genesis. *$2.25 net. Scribner. 

0. T. Genesis: Gray, J, M. Great epochs 
of sacred hist and the shadows they cast 
50 c. Revell. 

0, T, Genesis ; Macy, S. B. In the begin- 
ning; being the book of Genesis told to 
children. $1.25 net. Longmans 

O.'T. Genesis: Slinson, J, C. Tlie^search- 
lift'ht; a scientific review of Genesis. 25 c, 

J. C. Stinson. 

O. T, Genesis Williams, H: R. Blighted 
life of Methuselah. $i. Nat. Bapt. Pub. 

O. T. Genesis : Williams, L. M. Jacob the 
heel-grasper: [sermons.] $i. 

L. M. Williams. 

0, T, Isaiah: Exell, J. S. Biblical illus- 
trator. *$2 net. Revell 

0. T., Isaiah: Glazebrook, M. G: Studies 
in the book of Isaiah. $1.90. 

Oxford Univ. 

O. T,, Isaiah: Lazell, F: J: Isaiah as a 
nature-lover. 60 c. Torch Press. 

O T,, Isaiah: Robinson, G: L. Book of 
Isaiah. 75 c. Y. M. C. A. 

0. T. Isaiah: Rogers, A. Prophecy and 
poetry: studies in Isaiah and Browning, 
**$i.2$ net. Longmans. 

BIBLE. Continued. 

O. T., Job : Brown, C : R. Strange ways of 
God : study in the Book of Job. *75 c. 
net. Pilgrim Press. 

O. T. Job : Viffiers, H : M. Perfect through 
suffering; being thoughts on the Book 
of Job. *$i.5o net. Longmans. 

O. T. Joel: Gaebelein, A. C. Prophet 
Joel. 75 c. Our Hope Office. 

O. T. Jonah: Boyd, J. S. Story of Jonah: 
the truant prophet. ^75 c net. 

J. S. Boyd. 

O. T. Obadiah: Peckham, G: A. Introd. 
to the study of Obadiah. 25 c. net 

Univ. of Chic. 

O. T. Proverbs: Banks. L: A. Problems 
of youth ; series of discourses for young 
people on themes from the book of Prov- 
erbs. **$i.30 net Funk. 

O. T. Proverbs : Kosmos ; poem from the 
proverbs of Solomon. 50 c. MacCalla. 

O. T., Psalms-: Barnes, W. E. Lex in 
corde (the law in the heart) ; studies in 
the psalter. $1.50 net. Longmans. 

O. T. Psalms: Bonner, D: F. Psalmody 
question : an examination of the alleged 
divine appointment of the book of 
Psalms as the exclusive manual of praise. 
*50 c. net Han ford & H. 

O. T., Psalms : Boyd, F. L. Law and love : 
a study of "quomodo dilexi," (Psalm 
cxix, 97-104.) *9o c. net. Longmans. 

0. T., Psalms : Crane, F. Song of the In- 
finite. *5o c. net. Pilgrim Press. 

0. T., Psalms: Elliott, J: H: Brook in 
the pasture : [lesson drawn from twenty- 
third psalm.] 25 c. Un. Soc. Chr. E. 

0. T. Psalms : Gasquet, F. A., and Bishop, 
E. Bosworth psalter. *$4.$o net. 


O. T. Psalms: Prothero, R. E. Psalms 
in human life. *35 c. net; *7 c. net. 


O. T. Psalms : Ruutz-Rees, J. E. Reflec- 
tions on the Psalrns. 50 c. Newson. 

O. T. Psalms: Steps unto heaven; medita- 
tions and prayers on the Psalms. $1.50. 
Northfield Press. 

O. T. Psalms : Voices of prayer ; or, 
thoughts on Psalm eighty-six. $i. 


O. T. Ruth: Quayle, W: A. Book of 
Ruth. *$i,so net; *$2.5o net Dodge. 

O. T. Samuel : Spaulding, A. W. Man of 
valor: a story of the life of Jonathan, 
son of Saul. 75 c. 

Review and Herald Pub. 

O. T. Samuel: Willett, H. L. Studies in 
the first book of Samuel. $i.go. 

Univ. of Chic, 

0. T. : Song of Solomon: Brett, J. Gar- 
den of God; some characteristics of the 
spiritual life mainly from the Song of 
Solomon. *$i.2O net Longmans. 

0. T. : Song of Solomon: 'Quayle, W: A. 
Song of songs. 35 c. net Eaton & M. 

0, T. Zephaniah : Zandstra, S. -Witness of 
of the Vulgate, Peshitta and Septuagint 
to the text of Zephaniah. *$i net. 


Apocrypha: Wisdom of the Apocrypha. 
60 c. net. Dutton. 




BIULK. -Continued. 

N, T. Abbott, L., and McFadyen, J: E. 
Interpreter's commentary on the New 
Testament, v. i~6, ea., $1.50. Barnes. 

N. T, Adair, W. W. Wrecks and heroes : 
[lessotivS on New Testament heroes.] 
10 c. V. M. C. A. 

N. T, Ainslie, P : Among the Gospels and 
the Acts, $1.50. Temple Seminary. 

N. T. Bacon, R : W. Introd. to the New 
Testament, *$r net. Macmillan. 

N. T, BullinRcr, E. W: Criticanexicon 
and concordance to the English and 
Greek New Testament. $5.25, Longmans. 

N. T, : Butler, A. A: How to understand 
the words of Christ. *ox> c. net. 


N\ T. Child's story of the New Testament 
in words of one syllable, 50 c. Alt emus. 

N, T. : Clark, G. W, People's commentary. 
In 9 v. v, 9, i, ii and m John, Jude and 
Revelation. $1.25, Am. Bapt 

N. T, ; Craigin, L, E. Kindergarten stories 
for the Sunday-school and home. *$L20 
net, Dor an, 

N. T. : Doissmann, G. A, Light from the 
ancient East, $4 net. Donm, 

N, T, ; FairfkkL 0, J, Stories from the 
New Testament, 35 c, ; 25 c. ; 65 c. 

Unitarian S, S, 

N. T. Gould, E, P, Biblical theology of 
the Nw Testament *$i net. 


N, T, Greene, J. N. Gospel in literature. 
75 c. t Jennings, 

N. T, Gregory, C, R. Grieehisehen hand- 
schriften des Netten Testaments. $3,30, 


N. T, ITarnaek, C G. A, New Testament 
studies: ft,, sayings of Jesus, *$f,75 net. 


N. T, Historical and linguistic studies in 
literature related to the New Testament, 
Second ser, v, I, *$3 net; y. a, pt l 
*S0 e, net. Umv, of Chic, 

N, T. Hodge, R ; M, New Testament au- 
thors and their works. *^o c. net, Seller, 

N, T,, MncDowild, 11, L, and G, W. New 
Testament alphahet in rhyme for little 
people, $f net, Pott 

N, T, Maclaren, A, Expositions of Holy 
Scripture, In 30 v, 5th ser, i 8 v, 
$10, (Sold in series only,) 

A, C, Armstrong. 

N. T, : MathewH, S, Goapel sine! the mod- 
ern man. $1,50 net, MacmtHan, 

N, T,: Mathews, S. Social gospel, **5oc. 
net, Griffith & R. 

N. T, Moninger, H, II, New Totajwwt 

church, for advanced t?ac,ht*M ruining 

classes, 50 c, ; 30 c, -Studies in the 

Gospels and Acts, (Add, pubs, for price,) 

Standard Pub, 

N, T.; Moorehead, W: G, Outline stud- 
ies in the New Testament; Catholic 
epistles, 75 c. net Un. Presb, Bd, 

N, T, NJcolI, .?ir W: R,, fd. Expositor's 
Greek Testament, v, 4, 5, ea M $7.50, 


N, T.; Norton, F; 0, Htxicographical 
and historical study of Otatheke. *7 c, 
net, Univ, of Otic, i 

UIW.K - -Co; 

N. T.r Park, J: E. Wonder of His gra- 
cious \vorks. *$T net. P-il^rim Press. 
N. T. : Peake, A. S: Critical introd. to 
the New Testament. *75 c. net. 


N. T.: rhilhrook, II : K The Bible: inter- 
pretation of its parables, jo c 

H: B. Philhrook. 

N. T. Pick, B. Apocryphal acts. $1.25. 

Open Court. 
N. T. Pullan, L. Neu Testament criti- 

cism during the past century. "30 c, net, 

N. T. Ramsay, A. Revelation and the 

Joliannine epistles. 75 c. net. Re veil. 

N. T. Riddle, M, H. Story of the K<-\ised 

New Testament, */5 c, net, S, S. Times. 

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of the Greek New Testament. $i,*o, 

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nu'iit : ho\\ did \vo get it? **$t nrt 

Am Hapt. 
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in Acts, 75 e.: 50 c, 

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bks, I, 2. $1,25, 
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Univ, of h!c. 
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salonians and Cwmthiai, '75 c. net. 


Re veil, 
New stiutirH 
Y. M, C, A, 
Acts njf thr 




BIBLE. Con tinned. 

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BIBLE. Continued. 

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Hnti.F. -Continued. 

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First Epistle to the Thessaloniam. -St 
Paul's second Epistle to the Thesaatoni* 
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H, T, Thessalonians: Mackintosh, R. 
Thessalonians and Corinthians. *7S c. 
net. RevHI. 

N. T* Thessalonians, Milligan, G: St. 
Paul's Epistle to the Thfsalcmmns, 
*$2,6o net. Macmillan. 

SV" rt/.f> AifWtl f "H; "-Afuwtolie Huccrwdrm; * \tut\<N 
tiuMit ; IlVtluuiiw; CnttvhinuiiNi; C'hn**tinj* *ci- 
ctuv; ChriMttaitftv; (Munch hlMoryj OM- 
imuuiim'ftt*; ^'imKivuitltomit church; Ciuivrr 
MOII; (YcatintJ i; IVvntitntnl rxri* 
ci*e nul tnnlitntifttm; (Jol; Urhrrw litrrn 
ttirrj-* !lij|hrr criticiiiu; HIy Spirits H>!y 
urrkt DlnKtrntinnN (r/ii,ii*ifO; [fitrruntintmt 
crtticil conunrntnty; JrwtiK C"hiht; ,lr\VH 
Liw iLord 1 ! pnyeri -Miractm;- Palestine 
Panuilra -Pnwl, ,V/,; - l'roj*hrdr; PtujiJu't*. 
Hrlittlon;' 'Kflirtlon rutl ^rlptu't ; Ktvu.tK 
Snintij Serntun rn thr Mottttti Srrwnitt 
S nclity school; Ti'mptr; -ThMiluRv: / 
(tuttuii Mitrli** under Itihtr; Ontury ItiStlr- 
tll)k; ttl.ta Ttxts nnil sttsdirn; <I. by J. A- 

Bible and labor, Ilitcliens, E, L. 25 c. 

Baker & B, 

Bible application of Freemaacmry. Huie, W; 
G. $1.50. W: G. Huie. 


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t net, ^ Rcvell. 

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$1,25, Pacific Press, 

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25 c, Ft F. Wyatt, 

Bible readings and hymns for school use; 
prepared at the request of the Board of 
^duration, Ann Arbor, Michigan. *09 
(Myi) c, 0, 50 c, Wahr, 

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mcr, C, B, 75 c, net. Dodge. 

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30 c. Standard Pub. 

Bible studies for adult classes. Sec Norvcll, 
Philip A. 

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Carver. Missions in the plan of the ages. 
*$i.25 net. 

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40 c. Pub. Ho of Evangelical ASM^C. 

Bible study union (lUakcsIce) ^nnfett les- 

sons, il. T2. Iibh' Study. 

Gates. Heroes of the faith. 50 c. 
ftthle stitdv union lessons; senior grade, il, 

12. " ^ Bible Study. 

Boone. Conquering Christ. 50 e. 

Sfe ffygiene, 

!>iblical account of the creation, Safiiston, 

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Red Cross text-book on f*r*t aid and re- 
lief columns. *$i net. Blnkiston. 

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vertijjhjK. $5- Levey. 

Advertising! Scott W, I), l\\clin|tKy tf 
advertising, **$2 net, " Small, 

Advertising: Starch, 1), Prineiplri nf ad- 
vertising, $i. Univ, Co up, 

Advertising: Stryker, A. M, Adxrrtiser % 
hdhk. [Trade imirnnls and C!;HH publi- 
cations; advertising information I $i 
t IVadr Jourtt. 

Aerial navigation; Brockrtt P. B'ibliog. 
of aeronftutien. $a,a$; $2. Srnith, Innt, 

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brary. Aeronautics j list of bcwks ami 
references to periodicals in the Library, 
gratis, Brooklyn Lib, 

Aerial navigation: Turner. C; C. Aerial 
navigation of tn*day. *$i,50 net, 

Gordon, K. Kathetics, 


$1.50, Holt 

Agricultural chemistry; tJis$te<l States, 

Dtpt, of Agriculture. II u, </ ^t7i. 

Reference list on electric fixation of at- 
mospheric nitrogen uncJ tiw use of cal- 
cium eyanamkt and calcium nit rate on 
soils, (Add, Superintendent for fir ire, ) 

Agricultural education : United States, 
utpt. of Agriculture Boyi* and girls* 
agriculturtl clubs. (Add, Superintend- 
ent for price,) U. S. Supt of Docs. 

Agricultural machinery; Davidson, J- B. 
awrf Omse t L. W. Farm machinery and 
farm motors, $3. Jndd. 





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$i. Scribner. 
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received in the library of the U. S. De- 
partment of Agriculture. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

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schools, with special reference to science 
and agriculture, gratis. J. Main. 

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College, Amherst. Short Course Dept. 
List of books on agriculture, gratis. 

W. D. Hind. 

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Service. (Add. Superintendent for 
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tendent of Documents, gratis. 
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Classified list of publications available for 
distribution April i, 1909. gratis. 
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culture. Experiment Stations Office : 
bulletins, circulars, Experiment Station 
record, and reports of colonial experi- 
ment stations, gratis. 
Agriculture: United States. Dept. of Agri- 
cullurc. Public documents issued by the 
secretary's office, gratis. Gov. Pr. Off. 
Agriculture: United States. DcpL of Agri- 
culture. Publications, and how they are 
distrlbutc'l. gratis. 

Agriculture: United States. Superintend- 
ent of Documents. Bulletins, circulars, 
etc. gratis. 

Agriculture: United States. Superintend- 
ent of Documents, Plant Industry Bu- 
reau ; bulletins, circulars and misc. pub- 
lications rel. to plants, gratis. 
Agriculture: United States. Superintend- 
ent of Documents. Public documents is- 
sued by the Agriculture Dept. gratis. 
Agriculture: United States. Superintend- 
ent of Documents. Statistics Bureau; 
bulletins, circulars, .foreign markets, sep- 
arates from yearbook, and crop reporter, 
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Ainsxvorth, William Harrison : Ellis, S. M. 
William Harrison Ainsworth and his 
friends. $10 net. Lane. 

Alaska: Greely, A. W. Hdbk. of Alaska. 
**$2 net Scribner. 

Alaska survey publications: Wright, F. E. 
and C: W. Ketchikan and Wrangell 
mining districts, Alaska. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price.) 

U. S. Supt. of Docs. 
Alcohol: Stark, J. Alcohol. $1.50 net. 


Alcott, Louisa May: The Louisa Alcott 

story book, with biographical sketch. 

50 c. net. Little, B. & Co. 

Alcuin: Page, R. B. Letters of Alcuin. 

$i ; 50 c. Forest Press. 

Aldrich, T: B.: Greenslet, F. Life of 

Thomas Bailey Aldrich. **$3 net; **$5 

net. Houghtpn M. 

Alston, Mrs. Theodosia Burr: Pidgin, C: 

F. Theodosia, the first gentlewoman 

of her time. *$ net; *$3 net 

' C M. Clark. 

American literature: Bowen, E W. Mak- 
ers of American literature. ^$2.50 net: 


American literature: Pattee, F. L. Hist 
of American literature. $1.20 net ^Silver. 
American literature : Simonds, W : E : Stu- 
dent's history of American literature. 
$1.10. " Houghton M. 

American literature : Stanton, T., ed. Man- 
ual of American literature. **$i.75 net 


American poetry: Otis, W: B. American 

verse, 1625-1807. **$i.75 net Moffat 

Ammonia: Renshaw, R. R. ^-avninophthalic 

acid and some of its derivatives. (Add. 

author for price.) R. R- Renshaw. 

Anarchy and anarchism : Eltzbacher, P. 

Anarchism. $1.50. B : R. Tucker. 

Anatomy: Wicdersheim, R. Comparative 

anatomy of vertebrates. *$375 net. 


Anemia: Hunter, W: Severest ancemias. 
v. i. *$3.25 net. Macmillan. 

Angellier, A.: Page choisies. $1.15. 

Oxford Univ. 

Anglo-Saxon language : Bale, C. E. Syntax 
of the genitive case in the Lindisfarne 
Gospels. 50 c. Univ. of la. 

Anglo-Saxon literature : Ayres, H. M. 
Bibliographical sketch of Anglo-Saxon 
literature. 25 c. net. * Lemcke. 

Anglo Saxon literature : Riddles of the Ex- 
eter book. $2.50. Ginn. 
Anthropometry: Seaver, J. W. m Anthro- 
pometry and physical examination. $1.50. 
J. W. Seaver. 

Appendicitis: Vale, F, P. Has surgical 
treatment lessened the mortality from ap- 
pendicitis. 50 c. Snow & F. 
Arbitration : Griffin, A. P. C., comp. List of 
references on international arbitration. 
20 c. U. S., Supt of Docs. 





Arches: Retilerdahl, A. Theory and de- 
sign of reinforced concrete arches, $2. 

M, C. Clark. 

Architects : Chancellor, E. B. Lives of the 
British architects, $2 net. Scribner. 

Architecture: Gotch, J. A. Growth of the 
English house. *$3 net. Scribner. 

Arctic regions: Brooklyn Public Library, 
Polar regions; list of books in the Li- 
brary, gratis. Brooklyn Lib. 

Arctic regions: Grcely, A. W, Hdbk of 
polar discoveries, $1.50 net. 

Little, B. Si Co. 

Argentine Republic: Hirst, W: A, Ar- 
gentina. $3 net, Scribner. 

Aristophanes, Acharnians. $3 net. 


Arithmetic: Smith, D: E. Rara arith- 
metics, *$5*so net. Ginn. 

Arithmetic: Smith, D: E. Rara arith- 
metical catalogue of the arithmetics 
written before MDCI. $20,^ ^Gjnn. 

Ari/ona: Munk J. A. Arizona bibliog- 
raphy, gratis. J, A. Munk. 

Arkansas: Purdue, A. H, f and Branner, J: 
C Slates of Arkansas, with bibliog, of 
geology of Arkansas, gratis. 

Arkansas Geol. Survey. 

Armenian church : Arpee, L. s Armenian 
awakening, *$ net Univ, of Chic, 

Arnold-Forster, Hugh Oakeley : Arnold- 
Footer, M. S.-M. The Right Honourable 
Hugh Oakcley Arnold-Former, $4,50 net, 


Aryan language; Denison, T: S, Mexican- 
Aryan comparative vocab, $a 

T ; S. DcniHon. 

A sola: Smith, V. A, Asoka; Buddhist 
nttperor of India, $1.15. ^Oxford Univ, 

Agronomy: Forbes, G; Hist, of astron- 
omy, **7S c, net. Putnam, 

Athens, Greece ; D'Ooge, M, L. Acropolis 
of Athens. *$4 net, Macmilian. 

Athens Greece; Savage, C; A* Athenian 
family: sociological and legal study, 
*$i.50 net; *$i,as net, Lord Balto, Pr. 

Athens, Pa,* Murray, Mrs. L, W, History 
nf old Tiogn Point and early Athens, Pa, 
*$s net, g L. W, Murray, 

Atlases; United States. Library of Con* 
KWS& List of geographical itlauuss in the 
Library of Omgres.s. 2 v. (Acid, Syper- 
intendrnt F<r price,) 

Atigusttw*. .W,. % Simpson, W, J, ^S, ^ St. 
Augustine and Afnean church divisions, 
$fH5 net, Longman*, 

Austen, J, Works, St, Martin's ed. In 
10 v. ea, **$r,25 net; per set, **$ta net, 


Austen, J, ; Helm, W. H ; Jane Austen and 
her country-house comedy, *$3$Q net. 


Authors: Phclps, W; L* Essayn on mod- 
ern novelists, **$i,so net, Macmillan. 

Authorship: Gerwig, G: \V: Art of the 
*liort story. *7S c, net, Percy Pub, 

Autobiography; Burr, Mrs. A. R, The 
autobiography. **$a net, Hotighton M, 

Autobiography: Griggs, E:H. Great auto- 
biographies. *so c, net: *S c. net 

B: W, Hucbsch, 

iES. Continued. 

Autobiography: Trenton, N. J. Free 
Public Library. List of entertaining au- 
tobiographies, gratis. Trenton Lib, 

Aztecs: Diven, T: J. Aztecs and Mayas. 
In 2 v. v. i. $1. Antiquarian. 

Babylonian inscriptions: ITinkc, W: J: 
New boundry stone of Nebuchaclrc/zar i. 
from Nippur. $3.50, Univ. of Pcnn. 

Bacon. F. f Lord. Essays. *J5 c. net. 


Bacteria: Elliott, S. iM. Household bacte- 
riology. $1.501 

Am. Sch. Home Economics. 

Bacteria; Hiss, P. I!., ;>. Text-book of 
bacteriology. $3.75. Appleton. 

Bacteria: Park, W: II., and Williams, A, 
\V. Pathogenic micro-organisms. $3-75- 


Balkans (The'): Murray, W: S. Making 
of tlu* Balkan states. $1.50. Longmans. 

Ba1/a<\ Ilonore de: Gillette, F, B,, comf* 
Title index to the works of ifotu>r etc 
Balzac, 25 c, Boston Ilk, 

Bancroft, George: Howe* M, A DcW. 

Life and letters of George Bancroft In 
2 v, **$4 net. Scribner. 

Banks attd banking: Griffin, A. P, C\ a*mp, 
Libnuy of Congress list of books rrl. to 
postal savings hanks, 150, LiM f \\nrks 
rel, to the first an*! second banks of the 
V, S,- Sel. list of honks rel, to ntrwify 
and hanking, ra,, **5 c, 

U, S., Supt. of Docs, 

Banks and banking; Ireton, R, E, Central 
imnk, $1,60. ' A. Stump!. 

Hanks and banking: Johnson* J, F. Cana- 
dian banking system, dov. Pr. Off* 

Banks ancl banking: Rohbina, E C com}. 
Sel, articles on a central bank of the 
United States. $i net. 

H. W. Wilson. 

Banks ancl hanking: Scott, W: A, Monry 
and banking. $a. Holt 

Banks and banking: Taylor, W: G; L 
Financial legislation in principle and tn 
history. $i. Univ, csf Neb, 

Banks and banking: United^ States, W"a 
tionol Metn/tary Commission. Publica- 
tions in course of preparation for the 
National Monetary Commission, (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

Batiks and banking: United t States, Mi 
tional Mmfiary Commission* Publica- 
tions issued by and in preparation for 
the National Monetary Commission, 

Bannerman. Margaret Gordon, /.ndy; 
Archibald, R. C Carlyle'* first lovr, 
*$350 net. Lane. 

Baptism: Christian, J; T, Form of bap- 
tism in sculpture and art. St. 

J; T, Chriitian, 

Baxter, R : An excerpt from Reiiqttur 
Baxffri*in* with essay by Sir Ja, Stephen 
on Richard Baxter, $1,75 net. Longmans, 

Beaumont, F. Knight of the burning pes- 
tle, 60 c, rleith. 





Beet-sugar: United States. Dept. of Agri- 
culture. Beet-sugar industry in the 
United States. 15 c. 

Beetles: Pierce, W: D. On the biologies 
of the phynchophora: [beetles.] (Not 
for sale.) Univ. of Neb, 

Berkeley, G. : Mead, H. R., comp. Bib- 
liography of George Berkeley, Bishop of 
Cloyne. Univ. of Cal. 

Bernard of Cluny. Source of "Jerusalem 
the golden"; together with other pieces. 
$1.25 net. Univ. of Chic. 

Beryllium: Parsons, C: L. Chemistry and 
literature of beryllium. $2. Chemical. 

Bible: Auchincloss, W: S. Chronology of 
the Holy Bible. $r. Van Nostrand. 

Bible: Barnes, C: R., ed. People's Bible 
encyclopedia. 2 v. $9. People's Pub, 

Bible: Houghton, Mrs. L. S. Telling 
Bible stones. **$i.25 net. Scribner. 

Bible: Jacobus, M. W., ed. Roman Cath- 
olic and Protestant Bibles compared. 
**$I.2S net Scribner. 

Bible: McFadyen, J: E., and Votaw, C. W., 
comps. Best books for Old and New 
Testament study. 20 c. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Bible: MacPhail, M. L. Magnetism of the 
Bible. *75 c. net Am. S. S. 

Bible: Moninger, H. H. Standard com- 
mentary on the International Sunday- 
school lessons. 75 c. Standard Pub. 

Bible : Orr, J. Revelation and inspiration. 
*7S c. net. Scribner. 

Bible: Sheldon, W. L. Story of the Bible 
from the standpoint of modern scholar- 
ship. $i. S. B. Weston. 

Bible, O. T.: Alford, B. H. Old Testament 
hist, and literature. *$i,5o net. 


"Bible. O. T.: Berry, G: R. Old Testament 
and Semitic religions. *$i net. Griffith. 

Bible. O. T. : Bible for home and school; 
Isaiah. 90 c. net. Macmillan. 

IHblc. N, T.: ITodgc, R: M. New Testa- 
ment authors and their works. *3O c. 
net. Seiler. 

Bible. O. T.: Kent, C: F. Sermons, 
epistles and apocalypses of Israel's 
prophets. $2.75 net Scribner. 

Bible, 0. T.: Smith, J: M. P. Books for 
Old Testament study. *5o c. net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Bible, O. T. : Thackeray, H : S. Grammar 
of the Old Testament in Greek according 
to the Septuagint. v. i. *$2,75 net 


Bible. O. T. Isaiah: Robinson, G: L. 
Book of Isaiah. 75 c. Y, M. C, A, 

Bible. 0. T. Obadiah: Peckham, G: A. 

Introd. to study of Obadiah. 25 c. net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Bible Apocrypha: Pick, B. Apocryphal 
acts. $1.25. Open Court 

Bible. Apocryphal books. Paralipomena. 
>!< 7^ c. net. Open Court. 

Bible, N. T.: Mathews, S. Social gospel. 
**50 c. net. Griffith & R. 

Bible, N. T.: Peake, A. S: Critical in- 
trod. to the New Testament. *7S c. net. 


Bible, N. T., Gospels: Synoptic gospels. In 
3 v. v. i, 2. $3 net Macmillan. 

Bible. N. T. Matthew : Plummet, A. Exe- 
getical commentary on the Gospel ac- 
cording to St. Matthew. s| $3 net 


Bible, N. T., Revelation: Jowett, G: T: 
Apocalypse of St. John. 40 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Biography: Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh. 
Lives and letters. 10 c. Carnegie Lib. 

Biography: Faris, J: T. Winning their 
way; [short biographical sketches.] $1.50. 


Biography: McTurnan, L. Personal equa- 
tion. $1.25 net Moffat. 

Biography: Thackeray, W: M. English 
humorists. **25 c. net Macmillan. 

Biology: Johnstone, J. Conditions of life 
in sea. $3. Putnam. 

Biology : t Lloyd, F. E., and Bigelow, M. A. 
Teaching of biology in the secondary 
schools. $1.50. Longmans. 

Biology: Locy, W: A. Biology and its 
makers. *$2.75 net. Holt 

Biology: McFarland, J. Biology. $1.75. 


Biology: Pennsylvania University. Wistar 
Institute of Anatomy and Biology. List 
of biological serials, exclusive of botany, 
in the libraries of Philadelphia, gratis. 


Biology: RInaldo, J. Polygeneric theory. 
$1.50. J. Rinaldb. 

Biology: United States. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture. Bu. of Biological Survey. Bulle- 
tins, gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Biology: United States. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture. Bu. of Biological Survey. List of 
publications of the Biological Survey, 
gratis. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Birds : Cory, C : B. Birds of the Seeward 
Islands, Caribbean Sea, 50 c. 

Field Museum. 

Birds : Dearborn, N. Catalogue of a col- 
lection of birds from British East Africa. 
50 c. ^ Field Museum. 

Birds : Grinnell, J. Bibliography of Cali- 
fornia ornithology. $1.50. 

W. L. Chambers. 

Birds : Grosvenor Library, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Reading list on birds and bird study, 
gratis. Grosvenor Lib. 

Birds : Seattle, Wash. Public Library. List 
of books about birds in the Seattle Pub- 
lic Library, gratis. Seattle Pub. Lib. 

Bjornson, B.: Payne, W: M. Bjornstjcrne 
Bjornson. 50 c. net McClurg. 

Blake, William Phipps: Published writ- 
ings. 50 c. net. Univ. of Ariz. 

Blasco Ib&nez, V. La barraca, novela. 
90 c. Holt. 

Blind (The) : Perkins Institution and Mas- 
sachusetts School for the Blind. Circu- 
lating library. Perkins Inst 





Blind: Perkins Institutions and Massachu- 
setts School for the Blind. List of em- 
bossed books, maps, appliances and tan- 
gible apparatus for the use of the blind, 
gratis. Perkins Inst. 

Blood : Crawley, H. Studies on blood and 
blood parasites. (Add, Superintendent 
for price.) U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Blood: Meyer, W., and Schmieden, V, 
Bier's hyperemia treatment. *$3 net. 


Boccaccio, G. : Jones, F. N. Boccaccio and 
his imitators. 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Bolivar, S. : Petre, F. L. Simon Bolivar. 
$4 net. Lane. 

Bologna, Italy: James, E. E. C. Bologna, 
its hist., antiquity, and art. $4.80. 

Oxford Univ. 

Bonaparte, N. : Frerneaux, P. Drama of 
Saint Helena. $3 'net Appleton. 

Bones: Dickson, W. E. C Bone marrow. 
*$I2 net. Longmans. 

Book of common prayer: Dimock, N. 
Hist, of the Book of common prayer. 
75 c. net. Longmans. 

Book-plates : Alxnack, E : Bookplates. *$i 
net. McClurg. 

Bookbinders and bookbinding: Davenport, 
C. J, H. The book. *$a net. 

Van No strand. 

Books: A L. A. catalog. $i. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Books: American catalog, 1905-07; with 
directory of publishers. $7.50; v. 2 with 
notices, *$6 net. Pub, Weekly. 

Books : Annual American catalog. iQoS, 
1909. ea., $3 net. Pub. Weekly. 

Books : Betten, F. S. Roman index of for- 
bidden books. *35 c. net. Herder. 

Books: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. 
Classified catalogue, 1902-1906. In 2 v. 
$5. Carnegie Lib. 

Books: Cole, G: W., comp. Catalogue of 
books consisting of English literature 
and miscellanea. 2 v. $75. Dodd. 

Books: English catalogue of books for 
1907, 1908, 1909; directory of publishers, 
ea., $1.50 net. Pub. Weekly. 

Books: Evans, C: American bibliography, 
1639-1820. In 6 v. ea., $15. C: Evans. 

Books: Fletcher, W: I:, ed. Annual li- 
brary index, 1907-1909. ea., $5 net. 

Pub, Weekly. 

Books : Forbnsh, W : B. Broadening Path. 
2v. $5; $8. B. F. Boweu. 

BooEs": James, M. R. Descriptive cata- 
logue of the manuscript in the library of 
Gonville and Caius College. 2 v. *$3.$o 
net. Putnam. 

Books : Laneham, R, Letter : [Captain 
Cox's library.] *$i.75 net, Dufeeld, 

Books: List of books for college and high 
school libraries, (Add, pubs, for price,; 
Eau Claire Bk. 

Books : List of publications of the "Uni- 
versity of Texas, gratis, Univ. of Tex. 

Books : New York State Library. Cata- 
logue of Duncan Campbell collection, 
gratis. N. Y. State Library. 


Books : Nolhac, A. M. P. G. de. Petrarch 
and the ancient world, (with special 
account of his library.] $6. 


Hooks: North Carolina. /^7'/ : <>/ /'"Mr 
Instruction. Approved list <>f bonks fur 
rural libraries. N. C., Dcpt. Puk Instruct. 

Books: Philadelphia. Free Library. ^ Bulle- 
tin no. 8: a list of serials in principal t li- 
braries of Philadelphia and its vicinity. 
$2. Phila. Free Lib. 

Books: Publishers' trade list animal, i-inX, 
1909, 1910. ea., $2. Pub. \VivUy, 

Books : Publishers' Weekly. Am, educa- 
tional list, 1 008, TWO, rgio. <M., 50 o, 

J'llb Weekly. 

Books: Rutherford, M. W., cowf. Cata- 
logue of the library of C: Darwin, *30C, 
net. " Putnam. 

Books: Shorter, C. K. Immortal memo- 
ries. $1.50. ( ^ Harper. 

Books: Sonnenscliein, "W : S. ilest bonks; 
reader's guide, fn 3 pis. i>(, t. $3,5 
net. Pulnum. 

Books: Soulsby, L. II. M., <//>. Record 
of a year's reading. 30 c. Longmans. 

Books : United States. War Department. In- 
dex-catalogue of the lib. of the Surgeon- 
General's Office, v, 13. $2, 

U. S., Supt of Docs, 

Books: Virginia. Board of llditcation. 
List of books for rural school libraries 
in Virginia, gratis. W: E. Jones. 

Books, Whitaker's reference catalogue of 
current literature. 3 v. $6 net. 

Pub. Weekly. 

Books : World's best books : suggestions 
for selection of a home library, 500. 


Books: Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tions. Educational Dept Outlines of 
courses of study. 50 c. ; 35 c. 

* Y, M". C, A. 

See also Children's reading; 'Fiction; -- l f . S, 
JDept. of Agriculture pubH.; U. S. Drpt, of 
Commerce and Labor pubs; U S, Pub, Health 
and Marine Hospital pubs, 

Boston : Benton, J. H : Story of the old 
Boston town house, 1658-1711. (Priv, 
pr.) Merrymount 

Boston: Boston Public Library. Helps in 
the public library to the study of the 
hist of Boston in the public" schools. 
gratis, Boston Pub. Lib. 

Botany: Adams, C: C. Ecological survey 
of Isle Royale, Lake Superior, 85 c, 

Mich, GeoL 

Botany; Atwood, A. C, comp. Catalogue 
of botanical lib. of J: Donnell Smith 
presented to Smithsonian Institution. 
25 c U. S., Supt of Docs, 

Botany; Coulter, J: M,, and Chamberlain, 
C: J. Morphology of gyirmosperras, $4 
net Univ* of Chic. 

Botany: Elliot, G: F. S, Botany of to-day* 
*$i-5o net Lippjncott 

Botany: Gardner, N. L. Variations in nu- 
clear extrusion among the fucaceae. I 5 ? c, 

Univ. of Cal 

Botany: Graves, C: B., and others. Cata- 
logue of the flowering plants and ferns 
of Connecticut. 75 c. Conn. Lib, 





Botany: Stevens, F, L. Diseases of eco- 
nomic plants. $2 net. Macmillan. 

Botany: Strasbnrger, E., and others. Text- 
book of botany. *$5 net. Macmillan. 

Botany: United States. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture. Bu. of Plant Industry. Publica- 
tions of the Bu, of Plant Industry. (Add. 
Superintendent for price.) 

Boys : Jenks, J. W. Life questions of high 
school boys. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Y. M. C. A. 

Boys : Society for the Promotion of Social 
Service. Juvenile delinquent and the 
Young Men's Christian Association. 50 c. 

Y. M. C. A. 

Brahms, Johannes: Colles, H. C. Brahms. 
$i. Brentano's. 

Breathing: Benedict, F. G., and Carpenter, 
T. M. Respiration calorimeters, for 
studying the respiratory exchange and 
energy transformations of man. 75 c. 


Brewing : Wahl, R., and Henius, M. Amer- 
ican handy book of brewing. 2 v. $12. 


Bridges : Grimm, C. R. Secondary stresses 
in bridge trusses. $2.50. Wiley. 

Briquets: Wright, C: L. Enqueuing tests 
at the United States fuel testing plant, 
Norfolk, Va., 1907-8. 10 c. 

U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

Brown, John: Villard, O. G. John Brown, 
1800-1859. $5 net. Houghton M. 

Browning, R. Selection from poems and 
plays. 40 c. Scott, F. & Co. 

Browning, R. Shorter poems. **25 c. net. 


Building (construction) : Jacoby, H : S. 
Structural details. $2.25, Wiley. 

Building (construction) : Radford's cyclo- 
pedia of construction. 12 v. ea., $2, 

Radford Architectural Co. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E : G : E. L. Last days 
of Pompeii, *2$ c. net. Macmillan. 

Burgundy, Duchess of: Williams, H. N. 
Rose of Savoy. *$3.5o net. Scribner. 

Burke, E. Speech on conciliation with the 
colonies. **25 c. net Scribner. 

Burnet, Bp. Gilbert: Clarke, T. E. S., and 
Foxcroft, H. C. Life of Gilbert Burnet. 
*$4,$o net. Putnam. 

Burns, Robert: Carlyle, T: Essay on 
Burns. 25 c. C: E. Merrill. 

Business : Brookline, Mass. Public Library. 
Selected list of books on business and 
related subjects in the Public Library, 
Dec., 1909. gratis to public libraries. 

Riverdale Press. 

Butterflies: Eltringham, H. African mim- 
etic butterflies, $15. Oxford Univ. 

Gesar, Caius Julius: Sihler, E. G. Annals 
of Gesar. $1.75 net. Stechert. 

Calcium-lighting: Pond, G: G. Calcium 
carbide and acetylene, gratis. 

Perm, State Coll 

California: Engelhardt, Z. Missions and 
missionaries of California, v. I. ^$2.50 
net Barry. 

California, James, G : ,W. Heroes of Cali- 
fornia. $2 net Little, B. & Co. 

B i BLIOGR AP H IBS . Continu cd. 

Campbell, Alexander : Egbert, J : Alexan- 
der Campbell and Christian liberty. $1.50. 

Chr. Pub. Co. 

Campion, T : Works. $3.40. Oxford Univ. 

Canada: Amsbary, W. B. French-Cana- 
dian in prose and verse. 25 c. 

La Salle Extension. 

Canada: Griffin, G. G., conip. Writings on 
American history. [U. S. and Canada:] 
bibliography, 1907, 1008. ea,, ^$2.50 net 


Canada: Wrong, G: M., and Langton, H, 
H., eds. Review of historical publica- 
tions relating to Canada, v. 12, 13. ea., 
$1.50; $r. Morang, 

Capital punishment: -Fanning, C. E., comp. 
Select articles on capital punishment. 
$i. H. W. Wilson. 

Carlyle, T: Essay on Burns. **25 c. net. 


Carnegie Institution of Washington. Year 
book no. 7, 1908. $1.25 ; $i. Carnegie. 

Carnegie Library, Pittsburg. Index to sub- 
ject catalogue of the Technology Dept 

Carnegie Lib. 

Carver, J. : Lee, J : T : Bibliography of 
Carver's travels. 35 c. State Hist, Wis. 

Cathedrals: Pratt, H. M. Cathedral 
churches of England. $2.50 net. Duffield. 

Cathedrals: Rose, E. W, Cathedrals and 
cloisters of the Isle de France. In 2 v. 
$5 net. Putnam. 

Catherine of Siena, St. : Gardner, E. G. 
St. Catherine of Siena. *$4 net. Dutton. 

Catholic Church: Bennett, W: H. Catholic 
footsteps in old New York. $2,50. 

Schwartz, K. & F. 

Catholic Church : Complete catalogue' of 
Catholic literature. 15 c. T: J. Flynn. 

Catholic Church: Martin, C: A. Catholic 
religion. $L Apostolate. 

Catholic Church : Plummer, C : Vitae sanc- 
torum Hiberniae. In 2 v. $9.75. 

Oxford Univ. 

Catholic Church: Wolferstan, B. Catholic 
church in China. $1.30 net. Herder. 

Catholic literature : Chicago Public Library. 
Catholic reading list [Catholic authors.] 
25 c. E: Larkin. 

Catholic t periodicals : Middleton, T : C 
Catholic periodicals published in the 
United States, [1809-1892.] (Priv. pr.) 

T: C Middleton. 

Catholic schools: Burns, J. A. Catholic 
school system in the U. S. $1.25, 


Catholic theology : Scannell, T : B. Priesfs 
studies. $1.20 net Longmans. 

Cellini, Benvenuto: Life of Benvenuto 
Cellini. 2 v. per set, $9 net. Macmillan. 

Cells: Hertwig, O., and Campbell, Hi: J. 

The cl! *$2.25 net Macmillan. 

Cement: Bassler, R. S. Cement resources 

of Virginia. (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Univ. of Va. 
Census. United States. Lept< of Com~ 

merce and Labor. Publications, loth, 

nth and I2th censuses, gratis. 




Bnu.itK RAIHIES. Continued. 
Central America : Palmer, F, Central Amer- 
ica and its problems, **$ net. 


Ceramics : Branner, J : C Bibliog. of clays 
and -the ceramic arts. $2. Am. Ceramic. 

Ceramics: Burton, W: and! H. Hdbk. 
marks on pottery ancl porcelain. *$2.2S 
net. Macmillan. 

Ceramics : Hayden, A. Chats on old 
earthenware. $5. Stokes. 

Ceramics : Solon, L. M. E. Ceramic liter- 
ture. $15 net. Lippincolt. 

Cereals: Reed, G: M. Mildews of the 
cereals. (Not for sale.) G; M. Reed. 

Cervantes, S. M. do. Pon Quixote, *35 c. 
net ; *7o c. not, Dulton. 

Challoner, Bj>. Richard: Burton, E. H. 
Life and times of Bishop Challoner. In 
2 v. *$7 net, Longmans, 

fhambtTs, Jt)hn : Parish, J: (\ John 
Chambers, $-s. State Hist, la, 

Chancellorsville .(Campaign of) : Rigelow, 
J :, jr. Campaign of Chancellorsville, $10 
net. Yale Univ. 

Character: Sissoti, E: 0. Essentials of 
rharacter. $i net, Macmillan. 

Chaucer, (icoflfrey: Canterbury tales. 35 c. 
nt'l ; 70 e. net, Dulton. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey : Hammond, R, P. Chau- 
cer. *$3 net. Macmillan. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Hincklcy, H: B. Notes 
on Chaucer. $3. Nonotuck. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey, The prologue, and The, 
knight's tale. *75 c, net, Putnam, 

Checkers: Call, W: T. Literature of 
checkers, $t, C. M. Pottcrdon, 

Cheese: Thorn, C: Camembert cheese 
problems in the U. S, (Add. Superin- 
tendent for price,) IT. S. Supt. of Docs, 

Cheese : Van Slyke, L, L, and Publo C : A. 
Science and practice of cheese-making, 
*$t.75 net. Judd 

Chemistry; Armstrong* E. F. Simple car- 
bohydrates ancl glucoskles. *$r,2o net, 


Chemistry: Emery, F, B, Elementary 
chemistry. $1.50, Chemical 

Chemistry: Hawk, P, R. Pract. physio- 
Ingiearchemijitry. $2.50. Rlaki&ton. 

Clu'mistry: Lee, K, Textbook of experi- 
mental chemistry, *$r,$o net. Blakiston, 

Chemistry: Lincoln, A, T:, and Walton, J, 
fI M /r. Kxercises in clem, quantitative 

chemical analysis. *$i,$o net, Macmillan, 
Chemistry: Meadc, R: K, Chemists' pock- 
et manual, $3, Chemical 

Chemistry : Nelson, J : M, Some com- 
pounds derived from the ethyl ^-chimi- 
nosuccinylouccinate. (Add, author for 

price.) J. M, Nelson, 

Chemistry: Philip, J, C Physical chemis- 
try. $2,10 net, Longmans, 
Chemistry; Rogers, A. laboratory guide 
of industrial chemistry, $1,50, 

Van Nostrami 

Chrmistry; Smiles, S: Relations bet 
chemical constitution and some physical 
properties. $4 net, Longmans. 


Chemistry: Stewart, A. W. Recent ad- 
vances in organic chemistry. ^$2.50 net. 


Chemistry : Thorpe, Sir E : Hist, of chem- 
istry. In 2 v. v, I, 2. ea., **75 c. net. 


Chemistry: United States. Superintendent 
of Documents. Chemistry Bureau. Bul- 
letins, circulars, etc. gratis. 
Children ; Appleton, L. E. Comparative 
study of the play activities of adult sav- 
ages nnd civilized children. 54 c. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Children: Mangold, G: B: Child prob- 
lems. $1.25 net Macmillan. 
Children: Partridge, G. E. Outline of in- 
dividual study, $1,25 net. 

Sturgis Si W. 

Children : Willard De F. Surgery of child- 
hood, including orthopaedic surgery. $7. 


Children ; Wilson, L : N, rr>w/>. Bibliog- 
raphy of child study for the year 1907. 
25 c. Clark Univ. 

Chilt!ren*s reading; Arnold, ]i!rs t G. W. 
cotnp. Mother's list of books for chil- 
dren. $r. McQurg* 

Children's reading: Baker, R T: Bibliog. 
of children's reading, 60 c. 

Teachers' Coll 

Children's reading; Boston Public Library. 
Brief list of books for home reading for 
boys and girls in the Public Library. 
gratis, Boston Puh, Lib, 

Children's reading; Brook iitu\ Mass, i*uh 
lie Library, Sontctbittg to rrad for bovs 
and girls, o, j>, Brooklinc Pub, Lib. 

('hildivirs rcac!t!tg : BtifT;ibt Pnblu* Library 
Class ntotn libraries for public schools 
.5 c, P.utTalo Pub, Lib 

<'bil*1n*n*s nwlinj.* : t'arnt^if Libra? >. 
Pittsburgh, Cntalo^uc of lumks, annot, 
and arr. for the usi- of tin* Itrst riwbl 
grack's, 35 c, (*anirgi* Lib 

Children's reading; C*arnc*gir (,ibrar\, 
PiftsburMb. Catalog of bookn itt llw rltil 
(Iron's department. *$r net. 

C*armi4te Lib 

Children^ reading; Cary, f : !*, iv/, Li^i 
of books for free high school libraries in 
the state of Wisconsin, gratis, 

C: P. Cary, 

CliUdrenX rending: (lunrli Library Asso 
nation, Catalogue of books " rrcorn 
mended by the* (linreh Library ,Wofi,i 
tion fr Suiulay school and parish libra 
ries, 25 r, rimrcb Lib, 

Children^ reading; Connecticut Public Li- 
brary. llelp in library work with chil- 
dren, gratis. Conn, Pub. Lib, 

ChiMven's reading; Hazier, H, l! , r*w/, 
(Jra'lrd H*-t of stories for reading aloud. 
i{rati^^ Indiana Lib, 

Cliildren's roadiiiK : Illinois State Normal 
School, Charleston, Lint of booku In the 
sclmolroom libraries of the firnt six 
grades in the Eastern Illinois State Nor- 
mal School III, State Normal 





Children's reading: Kirkpatrick, E. A. 
Fundamentals of child study. *$i.25 net. 


Children's reading: Mabie, H. W., ed. 
Young folks 7 treasury. 12 v. Univ. Soc. 

Children 's reading: Missouri. Dcpt. of 
Educ. State course of study for the 
rural and graded schools and for ap- 
proved high schools in the State of 
Missouri, 1909; [with] list of library 
books from which school libraries must 
be selected, (Add. pubs, for price.) 

Missouri, Dept. Educ. 

Children's reading: Patter, M. E,, and 
others, comps. Children's catalog ; guide 
to the best reading for young people. 
$6 net. H. W. Wilson. 

Children's reading: Poucher, Mrs. F. H. 
Boy and the books. 75 c. Kimball Press. 

Children's reading: Power, E. L., convp. 
Selected list of children's books for 
school libraries, Mich, gratis. 

L. L. Wright. 

Children's reading: Public school libraries: 

500 books and how to buy them, gratis. 

t Mich, State Normal Coll. 

Children's reading: South Carolina State 
Board of Education, South Carolina list 
of library books, gratis. R. L. Bryan. 

Children's reading: Summer reading lor 
boys and girls. 15 c. net. 

Germantown Friends Sch. 

Children's reading: Wisconsin. Dept of 
Education. List of books for free high 
school libraries in the state of Wisconsin, 
gratis. C: P. Cary. 

China : Cecil, Lord R. W : E. G- and Lady 
F. M. B.-W. Changing China. $3 spe- 
cial net. Appleton. 

China: Morse, H. B. International rela- 
tions of the Chinese Empire. $6 net, 


Chinese question ; Cowan, R. E., and Dun- 
lap, B., comps. Bibliog. of the Chinese 
question. *$i.40 net. A. M. Robertson. 

Chopin, F. F. : Greater Chopin. $2.50; 
$1.50. Ditspn. 

Christian unity: Dirnock, N* Christian 
unity. 50 c, net. Longmans. 

Christianity: Hall, T: C. Hist, of ethics 
within organized Christianity. $3 net. 


Christianity; Hall, T: C Social solution 
in the light of Christian ethics. *$ 
net Eaton & M. 

Christianity: Schaff, P. Hist, of the 
Christian church, v. 2, pt 2. ^$3.25 
net. Scribner. 

Christianity: Thomas, W. H. G. Chris- 
tianity is Christ, *40 c. net. Longmans. 

Christmas : Pratt Institution, Brooklyn. 
Free Library. Books for Christmas for 
the children, gratis, Pratt Inst 

Church (The) : Dulles, A. M, True 
church *$T.2S net, Rcvcll. 

Church (The) : Foster, E. C. Boy and the 
church. 75 c. S. S. Times, 

Church (The) : Thompson, C. B. Churches 
and the wage earners. **$i net 



Church architecture: Bond, F. Screens 
and galleries in English churches. $2. 

Oxford Univ. 

Church history : Davison, E. S. Some fore- 
runners of St. Francis of Assisi. (Add. 
author for price.) E. S. Davison. 

Church history: Flick, A. C. Rise of the 
medieval church. **$ net Putnam.. 

Church history : Glover, T. R. Conflict of 
religions in the early Roman Empire. 
*$2.5o net. Scribner. 

Church history: Gulick, S. L. and E: L. 
Outline studies of the growth of the 
kingdom of God. 50 c, net. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Church history: Gwatkin, H: M. Early 
church hist. *$5.25 net. Macmillan. 

Church history : B Hutton, W: H. Age of 
revolution : being an outline of the church 
from 1648-1815. *$ net. Macmillan. 

Church history: Moncrief, J: W, Short 
history of the Christian church. *$ 
net Revell. 

Church history: Weber, N. A. History of 
simony in the Christian church. *$i.5o 
net. Furst 

Church music : Lutkin, P : C. Music in the 
church. $i net. Young Churchman. 

Church of England : Balleine, G. R. Hist 
of the evangelical party in the Church 
of England. *$i net. Longmans. 

Church of England : Dearmer, P. Every- 
man's history of the English church. 
*75 c, net; *$i net; *50 c, net. Warne. 

Church of England : Hole, C : Manual of 
English church hist $1.25 net 


Church of England: Lacey, T. A. Roman 
diary and other documents rel. to the 
papal inquiry into English ordinations. 
$3.50 net. Longmans. 

Church of England: Nelson, W: Contro- 
versy over the proposition for an Amer- 
ican episcopate. $2.50. Paterson Hist. 

Cicero, M. T. Carp Maior de senectvte. 
Laelivs de amicitia. ea,, 75 c. Heath. 

Cities: Marsh, B: C, and Ford, G: B. 
Introduction to city planning. $i. 

B: C. Marsh. 

Cities: Seattle, Wash. Public Library, 
Municipal plans; a list of books and 
references to periodicals in the Seattle 
Public Library, gratis, 

Seattle Pub. Lib. 

Cities : Strong, J. Challenge of the city. 
*$T net Young People's Miss. 

Civil War: Morton, J: W. Artillery of 

Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry. $2.50. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Civilization: Seignobos, M ; J. C History 
of contemporary civilization, v. 3. **$i.25 
net Scribner. 

Clay, Henry: Clay, T: H: Henry Clay. 
**$i.25 net. Jacobs. 

Clay: United States. Dept. of the Inte- 
rior. U. S. Geolog. Survey, Colloid 
matter of clay. 10 c. 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne: Bibliog, of 
the work of Mark Twain, Samuel Lang- 
horne Clemens. $5. Harper. 




s, Continued. 

Cleopatra, 'Queen of Egypt: Sergeant, P. 
W. Cleopatra of Egypt $4 net Dodd. 

Coal ; Burrows, J : S. Mine sampling and 
chemical analysis of coals. (Add. Super- 
intendent for price,) 

U. S M Supt. of Docs. 

Coal; Goss, W: F. M. Comparative tests 
cif lun-of-minc and hriquettcd coal on 
locomotives. 15 c. U. S., Supt. of Docs. 

O>al: Parr, S: W., and Barker, P. Oc- 
cluded gases in coal, gratis. 

Univ. of 111. 

Coins: Rawlins, G. B, Coins and how to 
know them. ^$1.50 net. Stokes. 

Coleridge, S ; T, Ancient mariner. **25 c. 
net. Scrihner. 

Colleges and universities: Paetow, L: J* 
Arts course at medieval universities. $i. 

Univ, of 111. 

Collins W: Poems. oo c, Oxford Univ. 

Colonial government : Keller, A, G. Col- 
on t rat ion, $3, Ginn. 

Columbia River Valley: Hunter, B!, and 
Jayiu\ S. O. Suggestions to settlers on 
the sanely soils of the Columbia River 
Valley. Gov. Pr, Off. 

Columbia University, University hihlio$. 
Columbia Univ. 

Commerce ; United States. SufrntttcHtlt'nt 
of Documents. Transportation ; list of 

Euhlications re!, to interstate commerce, 
etc,] t gratis. ^ Gov. Pr, Off, 

Composition: Sykes, K: H, English com- 
position, *n$ c, net ' Scribner, 
Concrete; Moisfteiff, L. S, Review of the 
literature of reinforced concrete. 5 c, 

Engineering News, 

Conduct of life; Jenks, J, W, Life ques- 
tion i of high school boya, 40 c, 

Y, M. C A, 

Conduct of life; Wright, 11; B, Will ol 
God and a man's life work, oo c, 

V. M, C A, 

Confederate publications : Freeman, D. 5, 
Calendar of Confederate papers, $a,$o. 
Confederate Museum, 
Cot^o languages; Starr, F; Bibliography 
of Congo languages, *$i net, 

Univ, of Chic, 

Congress: United States, Suptrimtndtnt 

of Documents Proceedings of Congress, 

gratis, U. S., Supt of Docs, 

Conneeticut : Pond, E. L, Tories of Chip- 

peny Hill, Connecticut. **$T net, 

Grafton Press. 

Consciousness; Bergaon. H, L Time arid 
free will; esaay on the Immediate data 
of consciousness, $2.75 net Macmillan, 
Consolation Sa^e, E. T. Pseudo-Cicero- 
nian Consolatio, 50 c, Univ. of Chic 
Constitution; Elliott, E; G, Biographical 
story of the Constitution (American). 
**$a net, Putnam. 

Cookery; ttndes, S, W, Elem. domestic 
science, pt t, Food and cookery, 50 c, 
S. W, Landes. 

CM < fr ration: Fay, C: R, Co-operation at 

home and abroad, *$3 net, Macmillan, 

Corra: Gale, J, S. Korea in transition, 

50 c ; 35 c. Young Peopled Miss 

liw int.KAi'HiRS. Continued. 
Corn : Bowman, M. L., and Crossley, B. W : 

Corn: growing, judging, breeding, feed- 

ing, marketing. $2,50. Bowman & C, 
Cost: Meyer, H. H: B., camp. Select list 

of references on the cost of living and 

prices. 15 c. Gov. Pr. Off, 

Costume : Brooklyn Public Library. Read 

ing and reference list on costume, gratis. 

Brooklyn Lib. 
Costume ; Saundcrs, C. Costume in Roman 

comedy. **$i net, Macmillan. 

Cotton: Bowman, F. II, Structure of the 

cotton fibre. *$2J5 net. Macmillan. 
Cotton : Watkins, J. L. King Cotton : 

historical and statistical review, $1.50. 

J. L. Watkin* 
Courts-martial: Davis, G: R. Treatise on 

the military law of the Umttd States; 

together with the practice and procedure 

of courts-martial, $7 net Wiley, 

Cox, T: Reid, H, Thomas Cox. 

State Hist la. 
Creation^: Caldwett, W: Idea of crea- 

tion : its origin and value. 50 c. 

Crete (Island of} : Baikif, J, Sfa-kiugs of 

Crete, $2 net. Macmillan, 

Crime and criminal* ; Mar Donald, A, Ju- 

venile crime and reformation. 50 r, 

U, S,! Supt, of Doc*. 
Crime and criminals ; Potts, C; S, Crime 

and the treatment of the criminal gratis. 

Univ, of Texat. 

Criminal Jaw : Wigmore, J; H: Prelim- 

inary bihliog, of modern criminal law and 

criminology. 65 c. Northwestern Univ. 
Cripple Creek, Col: Rafttatl, B: M, labor 

history of the Cripple Cretk district, 

50 c, Univ, of Wit, 

Criticism: Sfjlngarrt, J, E, Jltetory of lit- 

erary criticism in tlir rrnjUHMuvr. *$t.$o 

net Columbia Univ. 

Crystallography ; Wadsworth, M, K j Cryi- 

tallograpby, *$3 net, McVcy. 

Cuba: Peres% L t M, Bibliografia elf It 

RevoUicion cle Yara. In 3 pt*, pt, t, 

$1,35, Sterhert, 

Cyclops: Byrnes, E. R Frenh water 

Cycles of Long Inland, Bo c, 

Brooklyn Ittit 
Cyprus : Cnbham, C, I),, rrf. Lxecrpta 

Cypria. *$6,^o net Putnam, 

Dairy: Benkendorf, G. H: W:, camp* and 

ffd. Catalogue of tlie postal clairy library, 

gratis, G, H: W; 

Dairy: United States, D^t of 

turf, Bu, of Animal Industry. Publi- 

cations of interest to dairymen, gratis. 
Dairy; U. S. public document! re!, to 

the American dairy induntry, grati*. 

U. S., Supt, of Dm-'*. 
Dana, R: Ht, t /r. Richard flrtiry Dana, 

jr., speeches in stirring times and Irtter* 

to a son, $3 net Flotsghtofi M, 

Dana* R: I!:, ;>, Two years before the 

mast. *25 c, net MacmUtan. 

Dancing; Gulick, L H, Healthful art of 

dancing, $140 net* Doubfedty* P* 





Danish books : Kildal, A., comp* Selected 
list of Norwegian and Danish books. 
25 c. A. L. A. 

Dante Alighieri: Flamini, F. Introd. to 
the study of the Divine comedy. $1.25. 


Dante Alighieri. La divina commedia. v. 7, 
Inferno. $1.25. Heath. 

Dante Alighieri. Readings on the Paradise 
of Dante. $4 net. Macmillan. 

Davis, Jefferson: Dodd, W: E: Jefferson 
Davis. **$i.25 net. Jacobs. 

Debating: Iowa State University. Con- 
structive and rebuttal speeches. 2 v. 
ea., $i. Forensic. 

Debating: Phelps, E. M., comp. Selected 
articles on the initiative and referendum. 
$i. H. W. Wilson. 

Debussy, Claude Achille: Liebich, L. 
Claude- Achille Debussy. *$i net. Lane. 

Dewey, D, R., and Chaddock, R. E. State 
banking before the Civil War and The 
safety fund banking system in New 
York._ Gov. Pr. Off. 

Diagnosis : Abrams, A. D. Diagnostic 
therapeutics. $5. Rebman. 

Dickens, C : Christmas carol. 25 c. ; 15 c. 


Dickens, C: Posthumous papers of the 
Pickwick Club. 35 c. net; 70 c. net 


Digestion : Billings, F., ed> Diseases of the 
digestive system. $6. Appleton. 

Diphtheria : Goodman, H. M. Experimental 
studies on diphtheric immunity. 25 c. 

H. M. Goodman. 

Diphtheria: Nuttall, G: H:, and Graham- 
Smith, G: S., eds. Bacteriology of diph- 
theria. *$7 net. Putnam. 

Dissertations: Carnegie Institution of 
Washington. Dept. of Historical Re- 
search. List of doctoral dissertations in 
progress, Dec., 1909. Carnegie. 

District of Columbia : Dpdd, W. F. Gov- 
ernment of the District of Columbia. 
$1.50. Byrne, 

Divorce : Wilkins, H. J, Hist, of divorce 
and re-marriage for English churchmen. 
$1.25 net. Longmans. 

Domestic animals : United States. Super- 
intendent of Documents. Animal Indus- 
try Bureau ; repts., bulletins and circulars 
rel. to animal industry, gratis. 

Domestic economy: Dodd, M. E. Chemis- 
try of the household. $1.25. 

Am. Sch, Home Economics. 

Domestic economy: Langworthy, C: F. U